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VOLUME THIRTY FOUR NINETEEN HUNDRED AND FORTY TWO PUBLISHED ANNUALLY BY THE STUDENTS OF THE HH Illu LII M Illllll, BERKELEY CALIFORNIA NUDE HD BEUKT 4,f4ii 4gi4yt. 4114411 ivtffxf 411'lf44f itil!! id-lf4i1f 1+w+++:+ 'W fix , 344 '.. an , .. H, . - f . I 42' 'Q .ew M A 1 'f .f .,gQ-Ww..-.....-...---m-- .....,..... ..-. -X -1- vs t, I E 4. A 3 sw . 'BHIAAQ-'bum N- ' '- 'fiflnnuv-c1, uA . . .'f h, .gf f, 'Q Thus has been a year to be alnve an It has been a tame of portent of change and thnnkung that If we could step asnde and look at thus year oblectnvely there would doubtless be thmgs to surpruse us we applned ourselve watched our school puvot from a lnfe patterned on peace to one patterned on war though the change has been slow and at times :mperceptuble and w have trued to duscover that change to detach It and to Interpret It on the followung pages that they mught an some measure serve as a record of our small part un the hustory benng made today to that task. And we have been surprised. We have . . . I e Mr. and Mrs. T. R. Hyde, Principals Eugenia Cross, Tennis Mildred Davidson, Fifth and Sixth Grades Pauline Gagnebin, Art Joyce Gordon, Latin Andre LeBre1on Hull, Playschool, French Marie Moralh, Chemislry Augusta Morse, Mathematics, Physics Eleana B, Neal, Spanish Jecnno?Ra1hbun, French Margaref Srnifh Allen, Tennis Jane Badenhausen, English Milda Nixon Bainbridge, Piano Janine Cahen, French ine' 1 s-.4 .L my . FALILTY Kathryn Schneider, History Margeret Suter, English, History Molly Thomas, German, Latin Alice Thompson, Seventh and Eighth Grades Patricia Tudbury, Biology, Science Betina Noyes Tracy, Dancing, Dramatics TAFF Leslie Underhill, Physical Education Claire Upshur, Singing, Lower School Jeanne LaCoste Wallace, Primary Betty Whitehead, English Ruth Greenlaw, House Dean Helen Black, Dormitory Supervisor Moy Bell Truit, Financial Secretary Barbara Cross, Registrar Priscilla Wilson, Secretary - ALICE ANN WRIGHT JANE RISTENPART BARBARA HYDE ELISE PERRAULT HATHERLY BLISS KATHLEEN GREENLAW PATSY GRIFFIN MILDRED RAE HUSSER DIANNE REINLE IIIIIIII It0l Democracy ns on trtal an the world today on a more colossal scale than ever before A war ns belng fought to perpetuate and to protect our :deals of self government and again we reallze our relation to It In that our governing body ts one elected by the students from the students Though we have had dtftlculttes our essentlally snmple form of democracy has proved successful and tanguble enough to stand In some measure as a concrete symbol of that for whach we are lighting Our Student Councnl functnonung as a governung body and as a clearing house between fac ulty and students thus year has endeavored to ellmunate trnvnal offenses and petty rules that we mnght concentrate to more advantage on the larger questnons at hand And our records ofthe Student Court prove that the endeavor has taken effect for the lust of oHenders has conslstently decreased whsle honorable men tton an cttnzenshup has been awarded by the Councul to several gurls Thus award III I'I I 3 . I.J denotes a particularly fine spirit of cooperation and responsibility, and, in several instances, a good share of voluntary work on some school proiect. Receiving such distinction were the following: Frances Amonette, Georgia Flye, Jane Greenwood, Cornelia Levis, Kathryn Lipman, Beatrice Moorhead, Constance Morshead, Patsy Okell, Betsy Roth, Patricia Schneider, and Helene Shafer. With the able assistance of Mrs. Hyde, the following girls have worked as Council members under Elise Perrault, our Student Body President: Barbara Hyde, Vice-President of the Student Body, Kathleen Greenlaw, Secretary of the Student Body, Jane Ristenpart, Senior Class President, Patricia Griffin, Junior Class Presi- dent, Hatherly Bliss, Sophomore Class President, Dianne Reinle, Freshman Class President, Mildred Rae Husser, Judge of the Court, and Alice Ann Wright, Presi- dent of the Athletic Council. ! -2+ gf-in-mn -, . 1 f' lwmifff vm 2 A 'A+ fs- wh 2 -, lm 54 , H ,xanax ML. Q, f fm- ft Pm., w 'M :QV gf . 2, . ' TS, Q. 's 13 K' S 4. .,, LJ1.,gvI . I at 4 ' f 4, r ff .lone Rnstenpurf Patsy Grnffin Hctherly Bllss Duanne Relnle NtOR CLA Pvesldent Jane Rustenpart Vtce Presadent Betty Fowler Secretary Treasurer Mary Hepner UNIOR CLA President Patsy Grumn Vnce Presudent Jane Bennett Secretary Treasurer Jeannette Blaur SOPHOMORE CLASS President Hatherly Bltss Vuce President Constance Hyde Secretary Treasurer Patructa Lunforth FRESHMAN CLASS Presudent Duanne Relnle Vrce Presudent Jean Hawley Secretary Treasurer Marlon Peterson SE' ss J ss tl If F I tt It It C PEGGY ALLISON MARY JANE BOLES AGNES BORLAND ANNETTA BRENDEL ELIZABETH CAMPBELL PATRICIA CLOSE VIRGINIA COLLINS DORIS CONN NONA DEDMON PATRICIA EVERINGHAM JATRICIA FARRAR JOYCE FINLAY IIIIAII ATI ll BETTY FOWLER KATHLEEN GREENLAW PATRICIA GWYNN MARY HEPNER BEVERLY HILL MILDRED RAE HUSSER BARBARA HYDE MARY JANNEY ALICE VICTORIA JOHNSON ALON KLEIN CORNELIA LEVIS KATHRYN LIPMAN Ifblf gf' IIIIAII ATIN KATHRYN LLOYD MARGERY MAKER MONA MARX LUCILE MICHEL JEANNE MILLS BEVERLY MORSE CONSTANCE MORSHEAD PRISCILLA NOBLE PATRICIA PARKER JOAN PEACOCK ELISE PERRAULT VIRINDA RANDALL MARGERY RIEGER JANE RISTENPART PATRICIA ROECKNER BETSY ROTH MARY JANE STEPHENS MARY STEVENS LOIS STUTT HELEN SWEETSER ALICE ANN WRIGHT JUDEAN YOUNG ALSO: SALLY O'HARA FRANCES AMONETTE CAROLYN BALSDON BECKY BALYEAT JANE BENNETT JEANNETTE BLAIR BARBARA BLISS MARILYN CATHCART MARY LOUISE DAILY ROBERTA DE VELBISS PEGGY DUFFY MARTHA ERDMAN GEORGIA FLYE BETTIE GREENE JANE GREENWOOD PATSY GRIFFIN BEVERLY JOHNSON CARROLL KALES LAURA LEE KNOX MADELAINE LE PROTTI FLORENCE MERRITT BEATRICE MOORHEAD POLLY PARSONS LAURA PICCIRILLO SUSAN PILLSBURY DORIS RYDEEN PATTY SAYRE PATRICIA SCHNEIDER SHIELA SEAGRAVE JUNE SEIFERT SONYA SHAFER JACQUELINE SHAW NANCY SHEAN HARRIET WEBSTER Also: BETH NOEL GRETE UNGER CWITHDRAWNJ CAROL AGNEW DIANA BELL HATHERLY BLISS MARTHA BUTLER PEGGY DYGERT IWITHDRAWNJ ROMALIE HOBSON IWITHDRAWND JOYANNE HULL CONSTANCE HYDE KATHERINE IRWIN EVELYN KANT PATRICIA KINNEY PATRICIA LINFORTH RITA MARRIOTT DORIS PETTERSON JOY RUDOLPH HELEN srsele MARY LEE mom HARRIETT wesnmc ALSO: sfrsv BAER ELIZABETH BROWN BARBARA BARR JEAN HAWLEY LOUISE LAKE QWITHDRAWNJ SUZANNE IMRIE HELEN HEARD PHYLLIS LINDBLOOM MARY MARTIN PATSY OKELL MARION PETERSON DIANNE RELNLE HELENE SHAFER MARGERY TUTTLE MARGARET WINSTON ALSO: CAROL CUTTER V ' v s in - , . , -A '- .' 5 , 4 v ' ' J ! . V ' W I v I l 5 . :Wh Z , 'f ., A , h Q, C .s?rfi?3 F5 ' 1 ' A f .ws a, 4. hf ' X 5 ,fr Eg S 5- 2 NL? In . I f HX .Fa A ,, M X' Hel ffff' x 5 r I Q KV 1532A 9' K-, W 'S' Q ' , W Y g I , , T x ' W V . - 4 QR? 5 ' qs 1 f' - I 'W y . , x , ' ' all Y' X H X J I R ff 5 h-I , 'gi-1, I 2' i I V J- S: A - x . ' , f A v ' i 1 f , Q 3 '. 7 A fag ' 5,,. ,, ,N 'L up A. ,X , gg' x, X I 1'-A' H,- -5'!2f1 '. ,- ,lr?f,f . Q QF:'.?'.g MVS. 3-,GTI 0,-an ' , - A - S '354'31f. , 15,33 ., lt'- , . 1 K-15 T? fi' Seventh and Eighth Grades: First Row: Dowrene Hahn, Eleanor Harris, Phyllis Barr, Sally Marsh, Clare Breuner, Wendy Joseph. Second Ron: Georgia Ann Vlfeston, Marie Kohlhoas, Senwone Wallace, Marlon Eva, Norma Berry, Virginia Traynor Third Rolf: Jean Deylncenzi, Alison Shand, Ann Prev1tiss,louise Rodgers. Also: Rosalie Barringer, Anna Bozhius, Patricia Boshell Maurine Bourne, Mary Colby, Jodiann Eckoft, Mary Loulse Erdman Barbara Holmes Jannce Lornbrecht Fifth and Srxth Grades Frrst Row Mary Leone Rach Elrzabeth Deanesly Karen Bliss Adelande Herman Valla Ramny Sncond Row Susan McClfaye Shrrlry Maclfarlanr Katharmg Marshall Elnzabeth Mllar Katharwns Hunt Joanne Wright Also Brllre Jean Harrls Carol Holmes Anne Thunen Primary Fnrst Row Margaret Deancsly Frorlta French Paulo Rlordan Second Row Nancy Wcnrd Marlorle Colby Sully lensen Alison Dlbble Patrtcra Crum Nancy Schwaner Anne Thunen Roxanne Haug Margaret Hughes Also Carol Loyd Play School First Row Jayne Cross Jeannune Hull Amerlgo Franchettr Bobble Rice Second Row Fredrllca Powell Mum: Gardmer John Barchhelcl Nancy Page Alrce London Also Wrlllarn Hartt lll Kathryn Hughes Peter Prentlss A U ll II ll ll L n , 9 f m 'r 4 ,gr if fy , 4, 9 x MAH V '1 rf 5 ca!! S, Fran? Row: Ty Roth, Joyce Finlay, Mary Janney, Mary Srevens. Rear Row: Alice Victoria Johnson, Mary Joyce Finlay Hepner, Alon Klein, Anneffa Brendel, Pafricia Parker. M, ia sr Q Nllll N BEUK. .Q i !Z' 'F'??' 71' V rr!- iw fig' V Wav www ' .r 'fx an ? Mary Jane Boles First Row: Susan Pillsbury, June Seifert. Second Row: Peggy Allison, Consiance Morshead, Elizabeth Campbell, Mary Jane Boles, Parricia Gwynn, Joan Peacock, Jean Hawley. Third Row: Peggy Duffy, Georgia Flye, Jane Benneii, Nancy Shean. Probably publlshnng the yearbook IS the most dlvertnng and stumulatlng pur sult our Organizations have to offer Certamly we have found lt so The an nual Nods and Becks Dance held the evemng of the eighth of November adopted a cnrcus motuf and was clumaxed by the sudden appearance of some two hundred balloons needless to say they disappeared quute as rapndly At the Country Fair Nods and Becks took charge of the Coca Cola booth In all our work thus year we have received mvaluable asslstance from Mlss Jane Badenhausen and Muss Pauline Gagnebnn and we should like to extend an expression of our appreclatlon The following gurls constltute the T942 staff Joyce Finlay Edntor In chlef Mary Janney Asslstant Editor Pat Parker Business Manager Alon Kleun Assistant Buslness Manager Prlscolla Noble Literary Editor Mary Hepner Dramatlcs Editor Patrlcua Everungham Athletlcs Editor Annetta Brendel Soctety Editor Allce Vlctorua Johnson Alumnae Editor Betsy Roth Calendar Editor and Mary Stevens Snapshot Editor The Qulps and Cranks staff this year has Improved the paper immensely One Important move was lolnung the Natlonal Scholastic Press Assoclatlon which offers to nts members crltlcal servlce and glves them new Ideas Many lower classmen have been added to the staff nn order that they will be pre pared to carry onthe paper and more feature artlcles a series of ullustratlons and cartoons and the publucatnon of twelve nssues rather than seven have all served to enlarge the scope of the paper At the Country Falr the Qulps and Cranks staff managed the Coffee and Doughnut booth and nn Novem ber ut orgamzed and presented nts annual Fashnon Tea In place of the tradu tnonal dance two barbecues were held thus year Mnss Betty Whutehead as Qunps and Cranks faculty advnsor and the staff nncludes Editor In Chief Mary Boles Assnstant Edltor Georgua Flye Busnness Manager Eluzabeth Campbell and Nancy Shean Joan Peacock Jean Hawley Peggy Duffy Constance Morshead Susan Pillsbury Harriet Webster Patrlc1aLnnforth Jeannette Blaur Patrucua Gwynn Duana Bell Jane Bennett Peggy Allison Joyanne Hull and Patrucua Close I . . I - I . . .- . I I . .7 I . I .l. . I.. I . .i I . .5 .. . I . .Z I . .:. .. I ': , 'J , '- T T T l T t t l 1 t.l l I. . - I S - , , . .. .-.-. , , z' ', ' 2' ,' : I I I I I ' I l I O.. I .I .I I. I I . I I The Cast of H,M.S. Pinafore First Row: Eleanor Harris, louise Rodgers, Becky Balyeat, Maurine Bourne, Patricia Close, Phyllis Burr, Sally Marsh, Lois Stutt, Dowririe Hahn, Alison Shand, Jeannette Blair, Harriet Westling. Second Row: Kathy Greenlaw, Joyce Finlay, Elizabeth Campbell, Peggy Duffy, Shiela Seograve, Mary Louise Daily, Constance Morshead, Jane Bennett, Patricia Farrar. Third Row: Mary Stevens, Helene Shafer, Alice Victoria Johnson, Marie Kohlhaas, Jodiann Eckhofif, Anna Bockius, Georgia Ann Weston, Suzanne Imrie, Judean Young, Joy Rudolph, .loyanne Hull, Kay Lloyd, Constance Morshead Patricia Everingham. Patricia Gwynn Left to right: Ty Roth, Jane Bennett, Joyanne Hull, Elizabeth Campbell, Peggy Dufty, Nancy Shean, Mary louise Daily, Georgia Flye, June Seifert, Kathleen Greenlaw, Beatrice Moorhead. Muslc floats from out the audltoruum and we know that the Glee Club ns un sesslon Thus actnve organuzatuon under the able leadershlp of tts President Connie Morshead and nts director Mrs Upshur has this year absorbed many new members At the Country Farr the Glee Club sang danced and provided uproarlous entertaunment and at the Christmas Program a complete cast contributed to the Chrnstmas splrlt by stnglng carols between scenes of the Dramatuc presentatlon Each sprung the Glee Club presents an operetta and thus year on AprnI1O Gulbert and Sulltvon s H M S Pnnafore was given be fore a delughted auduence The principals were Sur Joseph Porter Joyce Ftnlay Captain Corcoran Jane Bennett Ralph Rackstraw Shlela Seagravc Duck Deadeye Peggy Duffy Josephine Mary Louise Dally Hebe Elnzabeth Greenlaw To close the year the Glee Club sang at the Baccalaureate servnce at the Alumnae dinner and at the graduatlon exerctses Illltllltllllt LLIIB The Dramatlc Club gave three very excellent performances thts year Pat Gwynne an able presldent and Mrs Tracy comblned therr efforts wtth those of the cast to turn outa splendid performance of Street of Dreams on May fifteenth The play slmllar to Stage Door had a strong cast In Nancy Shean Peggy Duffy Jane Bennett Barbara Bliss Betsy Roth Rtta Marrlott Elnzabeth Campbell Mary Loulse Dally Joyanne Hull and Jeanne Mllls There was an added attractlon to the play un the fact that for the first tame In the history ofthe Dramatic Club boys were nn the cast and everybody was also thrilled to dlscover the Identity of the much advertised Mystery Man Besudes the play the Dramatic Club performed In the Chrtstmas Pageant and gave a version of the wntches scene In Macbeth for Halloween whtch was notable for tts artistry color and rhythm - , f . I . . I G I . ' ' I I I I I . . . . . I ' ' - - 1 11 - 11 ' , , . . . ' ' : ' , 2 , ' ': ' f 2 ' , ' ' 2 , ' Campbellg Little Buttercup, Connie Morsheadg and the Boatswain, Kathleen ' I I , . I I ' ' II II ' ' ll II ' - , , , I I A I I . ' I ' I l l I I . ' , , , , . . , . . , , , - Front Row: Barbara Hyde, Bettie Greene, Harriet Webster, Constance Morshead. Back Row: Kathryn Lipman, Cornelia Levis Barbara Bliss, Jeanette Blair, Cornelia Levis, Patty Sayre. I Q T llUl1lL iElllllUE UL Betty Fowler First Row: Judean Young, Polly Parsons, Patricia Parker, Alice Victoria Johnson. Second Row: Lois Stutt, Joan Peacock, Betty Fowler. Third Row: Patricia Close, Patricia Everingham, Patricia Schneider. The Socual Servuce Club us one ofthe most actuve school organuzatuons During thus year ut has sponsored the Country Faur the Chrustmas Prouect the Easter Party and the Furst Aud classes Its members have knutted sweaters for the Red Cross made bandages for the Brutush War Reluef collected books for the U S O and adopted two small English children Proceeds from the Faur were donated to varuous charutues and used to finance other school prouects thus by the Chrustmas Prolect the Club was enabled to collect food toys and clothung and to turn them over to the Salvatuon Army and by the Easter Party to entertaun about twenty Oakland orphans Under the supervusuon of Mr Hyde the Social Servuce Club organuzed two Furst Aud courses forthe gurls of the hugh school Thus year the club has functuoned under the very able durectuon Bluss Secretary Treasurer llll0ll The aum of the Book Club us to guve gurls who are unterested un books an opor tunuty to duscuss wuth each other any sublect pertaunung to books As war has made everything un school lute more seruous ut was decuded that perhaps ut would be wuse for the Book Club to try to duscover what books and theur authors had to say about lute un a more deflnute way A plan was finally devused whereby one author would be duscussed for two weeks or a month as the need arose The members would not only read the books of an author and duscuss theur luterary merut but they would also learn exactly what sort of man produced those partucular works Thus year has been a transutuonal one for the club It us hoped that upon the findungs of thus year wull be founded a club which wull be charged wuth vutal meanung The plan affords an oppor tunuty for unterestung duscussuons un many fields wuth the excellent advuce of Muss Margaret Suter ll ll ' ' I of Cornelia Levis, Presidentg Kathryn Lipman, Vice-Presidentg and Barbara D EM ,-Y' Q-'sf 4 9 - A-ff -.J w ' Ji, ' fi . A 'QQ' 5' ' ., if 'Zinn' f fffzawiff' ,. ,Q -. fu -'fx .55 . f , - ' , 1 -f Juv H ' ' 4 t V 'Sk fav T 1 fvffuf ' ,ff . 1 ,U , -.4 . 715- .1 0 PATRICIA SCHNEIDER HARRIET WEBSTER ALICE ANN WRIGHT PEGGY DUFFY GEORGIA FLYE The Athletnc Councul of 1941 42 has been presuded over by Aluce Ann Wrught who has won the pennant for two thousand ponnts The mam purposes of the Council as stated nn nts Constltutnon are as 'Follows To promote efflcnency IH athletnc actlvn tres to uphold a hugh standard of sportsmanship and to develop a spnrnt of co attended Domnnncan playday on October 'llth at whlch Georgia Flye won a cup for tennls srngles and on November 23 the new rldlng club organized by Ty Roth the KTanga partlcnpated un an excellent horse show at Mnlls College At the Country Farr the Athletnc Councul challenged everyone to a dart thrownng con test whale the Block H Society sold tickets for the concessions The Annacade tea turung the upper school swnmmnng classes staged a beautnful performance set to music and scenery Though for some tnme after the outbreak of war nnterschool games were cancelled they were later resumed Basketball matches were held wnth Mass Burke s to whom we lost and with Mass Hamlin s whom we conquered The Tennns team tied Mass Burkes and the Douglas School where they spent a O O I I I J ATHLETIC Illll ICII peration among the classes. During the first sports period, fifty-seven Headites weekend, and won from Miss Wallace's and from Castilleia. We did not partici- pate in the Ojai competitions this year, but at the Tennis Luncheon, which took place in May according to custom, Mary Jane Boles won the second singles cup, while both our doubles teams reached the finals. The Senior class acquired the Basketball and Volleyball pennants, and Nona Dedmon won the Badminton pen- nant. The Nips and Tucks fought with spirit, only to divide the honors between them-the Nips winning in Basketball, and the Tucks in Volleyball. Alice in Water- land, a swimming show by the lower school and Mills Playday on April 25th helped to complete a full program. A Block H party and a Hyde-Out weekend re' warded the Athletic Council for its contribution of splendid athletic activities to the school throughout the year. The Council this year included the following girls: President, Alice Ann Wright, Vice-President, Peggy Dufty, Secretary-Treasurer, Harriet Webster, Block H President, Georgia Flye, Recorder of Points, Patricia Schneider, and Managers Margaret Bechtel, Jane Bennett, Elizabeth Campbell, Mary Janney, Alon Klein, Kathryn Lloyd, Constance Morshead, Patricia Parker, Ty Roth, and Nancy Shean. All Star Hockey Joyann Hull Peggy Duffy Elnse Perrault Jane Bennett Aluce Vucforla Johnson Also Constance All Star Volleyball Jane Ben nel? .loan Peacock Nancy Shean Karhleen Greenlaw Alon Klein Also Margaret Bechrel Grefe Unger Alice Ann Wright Smce Nods and Becks had lo be sent to press earlner thus year than ns usual we were unable to Include the All Star teams whnch had not at the time been made up Badminton Outstandnng players Frances Amonette, Becky Balyeat, Nona Dedmon Patrucua Parker l0LLEl'IlALL llAIlllIl'l'lIl lllllllilll' UAILIN' Hyde, Alice flnln lwfzglle. l ICE .KATING RAiKET Sailing . . . Outstanding sailors: Jane Bennett, Mary Janney, Jeanne Mills, Nancy Shean, Alice Ann Wright. Swimming . . . Outstanding swimmers: Beverly Hill, Joan Peacock, Nancy Shean, Alice Ann Wright. Riding . . . Outstanding riders: Anna Bockius, Ty Roth, Alison Shand. R ID ll I Tlll N N First Row: Constance Mors- head, Georgia Flye. Second Row: Elsie Perrault, Elizabeth Campbell, Jane Ristenpart, Mary Jane Boles, Margery Rieger, Hatherly Bliss. All-Star Basketball: Elise Per- rault, Peggy Duffy, Alon Klein, Joan Peacock, Nancy Shean. Also: Margaret Bech- tel. Mm 'M , Q 2 Q? I div , A f YM 1 ' , f is Y, Sf Q, W 1 Q 1 'K Z 'S ? 'll!' r JJ ,tx-fu e , f - 548:5- f -vs. 'ii , 5 I ' I 575 is U . ,,,-f f f 'IQ,T, ,,,, Y Q ff V 'fi I ' 1? 1 V ' Y. , .0..f ,ax S 5. fi 4 .., gf ululllTl The fall season was opened thus year by a lunuor class party whuch was held on Fruday September twelfth at the Duablo Country Club The party was held un order that the new lunuors mught become more acquaunted wuth the old lunuors On Fruday evenung September nuneteenth a group of gurls from Mass Cohen s classes un French ll IV and V went to San Francusco to see o French play Les Plaudeurs meanung The Suutors or Pleaders Everyone went to a French restau rant before the play Over the week end of September twentueth and twenty flrst Peggy Duffy enter tauned the lunuors ata house party un Brookdale The sophomores gathered for a barbecued lunch followed by a movue at the home of Joyanne Hull on Saturday September twenty seventh On Fruday the thurd of October the senuor class was guven a delughtful buffet dunner by Beverly Morse un her home After dunner the gurls went to a movue On October the twenty flfth the lunuor class dressed up un theur new fall outflts and went to Ruchmond for cu lovely luncheon guven by Harruet Webster un her at tractuve home Before goung to the Country Faur the lunuors were entertanned wuth a delucuous dunner guven by Bebe Moorhead The annual Quups and Cranks fashuon show tea was held on November flrst and was o great success The fall fashuons whuch were from The Mademouselle Shop were modeled by Pat Lunforth Harruet Webster Jeannette Blaur Aluce Ann Wrught Gruffln Eluse Perrault and Pat Gwynn The commentator was Eluzabeth Campbell Many curcus anumals adorned the walls of the audutoruum on the nught of Novem ber eughth The occasuon was the Nods and Becks Curcus Dance wuth the musuc of Jack Lux and hus orchestra Mr and Mrs T R Hyde Mr and Mrs W A Funlay Mrs Ruth Greenlaw and Muss Jane Badenhausen assusted the edutor un chuef Joyce Funlay un receuvung the guests Beverly Hull who luved for a year un Chuna entertauned a group of her class mates at a Chunese Chow dunner un Chunatown on the evenung of November twen ty flrst Patrucua Hyde who graduated from Anna Head un forty one was entertauned durung the Thanksguvung holudays by her famuly ata luncheon at the Claremont Country Club on Saturday November the twenty second Many of thus year s sen uors as well as last year s graduates attended A luncheon was guven by Pat Everungham for a group of her senuor fruends at the Claremont Country Club on December suxth After the luncheon the gurls played brudge whuch really turned out to be Rummy Hearts Slap and l Doubt lt Those adorable heart shaped lapel puns that a few of the uunuors are wearung were the favors of a perfect luncheon party guven by Sonia Shafer The event was held at the Women s Athletuc Club on Satuuday December the suxth and was at tended by many lunuor classmen l l ' I . . . . . , , , - - lu I I I t ll ' ll ' II I I ' - - ' . I - I I , , , ' . I . . I Barbara Hyde, Alon Klein, Bebe Moorhead, Pat Roeckner, Florence Merrit, Pat - , ' . . . . . , . . . . I , . , . I I - I - I . ' I I T ' - . , I I ' . I . I I I ' h . . . . I sllllllfl At the sunsor sensor Chrsstmas Formal held December twelfth the couples danced to the mussc of Buds MacDonald and hss orchestra The patrons and patron esses were Mr and Mrs T R Hyde Mr and Mrs C W Grsft7n Js Mr and Mrs C H Rsstenpart Msss Jane Badenhausen and Msss Betty Whstehead Joyce Fsnlay and Mary Janney were hostesses at a lovely luncheon honorsng Jane Rsstenpart whsch was held at the Women s Athletsc Club on Saturday December thsrteenth Several partses took place dursng the Chrsstmas holsdays On December twenty thsrd Jeanette Blasr entertasned a group of sensors and lunsors wsth a tea at her home Patsy Grsffln gave a brsdge luncheon at her home for some sensorsand sunsors on the twenty seventh On December twenty esghth Bebe Moorhead snvsted several lunsors and thesr escorts for dancsng at the Palace Hotel On the thsrty flrst Dsana Bell entertasned several Anna Head frsends at a brsdge luncheon at the Women s Athletsc Club On New Year s Eve Jean Hawley snvsted several of her classmates to her home where they welcomed sn the New Year wsth a msdnsght supper On the twenty fourth of January Helen Sweetser snvsted the sensor class to a tea at her lovely home sn Alameda The occasson was her esghteenth bsrthday Valentsnes Day afforded the opportunsty for several partses On Valentsne Eve Dsana Bell entertasned some of her school frsends and thesr escorts wsth a dsnner dance at the Hotel Claremont On February the fourteenth Barbara Barr snvsted a few of her frsends to her home sn San Leandro for lunch and tennss Agnes Borland took three of her frsends to the csty for lunch at the Town and Country Club afterwards the gsrls went to see My Ssster Esleen Pat Sayre gave a luncheon at her home sn Alameda for a group of sensors and sunsors A brsdge luncheon was gsven by Susan Psllsbury at her home for a group of both sensor and lunsor frsends on Saturday March fourteenth Attractsve clothes from the Sather Gate Apparel Shop were modeled by equally attractsve Anna Head gsrls at the Socsal Servsce Club fashson show and brsdge tea on the twenty first of March The sensor class gave the sunsors a barbecue pscnsc thss year snstead of the tra dstsonal Sensor Junsor Dance The gsrls from the two classes went out to the Dsablo Country Club for swsmmsng on the afternoon of Frsday May flrst After swsmmsng the gsrls had dsnner under the forest trees followed by the readsng of the Sensor Wsll The party was a spectacular success The tradstsonal Alumnae Dsnner a memorable and thrsllsng occasson took place sn the Alumnae Hall on the evensng precedsng graduatson On Frsday afternoon May twenty nsnth the members of the graduatsg class were gsven thesr long awasted dsplomas and were escorted by the lunsors to the garden where they sang thesr farewell song As the yearbook goes to press plans are stsll besng made for the celebratson whsch always follows graduatson an event to whsch all the sensors are looksng forward wsth great expectatsons l l l ' I ' ' - 11 ' 11 1 1 . . . . , . . . . , ., . . . . , , . . . , . 1 1 1 . ' . I . ' , . . . , . , . . ' 1 ' 1 . , . . ,, . ,, . . . . . 1 . ' I 7 - 11 - - 11 , . . . I ' ' 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 1 1 YE 1 We J I' , x f X X Q Q an Ill ll I nu ' 1719 .z'3 'f .-a. 4.15 C MX i Aww, W ez 36,1 3 5 x ,wx QA . 'gigs' as , . Af N ' 'r S 1 Tm ZIWW' ' px L S 1 k-Q. ' ' fi' Sept Y ,Vx Sept 8 Sept 14 Sept 19 Oct O 11 O 15 Oc 17 Oct Oct 29 Nov Nov Nov Nov 9 us summer stull warm languud lught and soft sea aur the cool of mountaun born nughts ond valley warmed days the country sude rolls to a dup and ues stul a good summer but gone we begun agaun ut s all fresh books and a clean puece of paper eager faces and new ones and a crusp begunnung short rolled long pants and a good deal of nouse straun the sudes of the statuon wagon Just board ers Headung ut for a Hyde out pucnuc mostly water melon brungs the f1rst Student Body meetung and the whys of our varuous organuzatuons the lntermezzo Truo makes us know and feel the pueces of theur program Domunucan Playday And we ll all come back uf you let us To see what can be done' Mrs Tracy s dancung classes do some be ututul work un patterned rhythm KN-K Us and oh the lughts the laughter the mystery man the reams of crepe paper the rattled puppy and the hot dogs the stage show and the faculty s headless couple remember the Country Four? La Fuesta' Pan Amerucan Aurlunes tantaluze us wuth puctured Hawauu and the old order changeth Mrs Happer brungs us Pekung untouched un lantern sludes Quups and Franks hold a Fashuon Tea fashuons f1owers and food all good we goto Alaska wuth the Glacuer Pruest and see the salmon run Nods and Becks Dance a curcus gone hugh hat wuth formals and punk lemonade we rude un the rung Mulls College Horse Show ,V . . . ' 1 1 997 u' 'I . . . , . Xu .1 ' ' ct. ' ' f ' Q -a Cl. I . AQ-A . X ., '22 A . . . . . . .1 ' - ' . . . ' , .aw 4 v Q fy ,P on ,..!Q, J ,. 5- . ff i- N 'H a 'f3 ' 4 ' 11 EY ii- QA I nk Q, D Nov Nov Nov Nov Dec Dec Mademolselle Cahen s French classes take us to the vuneyards of the Garonne valley the valley of the Charente nn wooden shoes puppets untold for us the history ot coFfee romance us Thanksgnvung week end enough sand the K Tanga Club Horse Show a blackout falls to dampen the splrlts ot the couples attendnng the Junnor Sensor Formal carols and the Chrnstmas play are the prelude to va cation 1 ls.JK-3 5 . ! Durung the wlnter months ownng to the seriousness and the de mands ofthe exlstlng conclltlons our actnvutnes aside from school work and sports were reduced to a munlmum ln the t1nal term however we returned to our tradntuonal events In order that as normal a program as passable might be pursued and malntauned March 21 March 29 Aprll1O A nl1819 April 21 Aprll 25 May 1 May11 May 15 May 24 May 28 May 29 The Social Servnce Club Fashion Bridge Tea nounced by llttle garlanded clothes horses H M S Plnafore has an excellent effect on the au dlence and IS lots of fun forthe cast Jr. the Athletlc Councul dnsappears to Hyde out reap pears wnth mumps nomnnatnons electrons appolntments beginnings of another year Malls Play Day helps to clumax the sports year the Senior class entertalns the Junlor class at Diablo pucnlcknng the Tennns team f1nds cornpetltlon at the Berkeley Ten nls Club and we flnd the AnnualTennls Luncheon at the Claremont Hotel as good as ever and more fun Street of Dreams presented by the Dramatic Club an excellent performance Baccalaureate Service IS held for the Sensor Class Alumnae Dlnner thetradltlonalSenlor ceremony and so we graduate . 12 ' ' .17 ' . . . in .19-23 ' ' ' - . . . ' . .30 ' . .12 ' ' ' .19 ' - ' ' ' ' . . . an- Easter egg hunt on the front lawn for 30 children. 1lLllll E NllTll l94l graduates of A H S Umversuty of Calnforma Elalne Alkus Betty Anne Austun Frances Balsdon Audrey Beresford Vlrglnua Breed Sally Clement Jacquelune Cooley Patrlcla Cousins Betsy Dunnlngton Mary Jane Ellicott Eleanor Hoobler Phyllus Lundley Phyllus McCarter Martha Parce Stanford Marne Dodge Sylvua Llsberger Sally Stevens Nancy Lee Tllden Marlon Weller Stephens College Amelia Ann Barry Marlon Sheehan Malls College Mary Jane Hammerland Beatrice Steele Scrlpps College Eluzabeth Hueter Patrncua Hyde Barbara Stetson Grace Ball Secretarxal School Betty Browne June Stugen Reed College Jeanne Creech Pomona College Dorns Jane Taylor Wellesley College Edith Bushop P W t bus. oqifmncf San Francisco College for Women Nadlne Jackson Smnth College Cnssy Madden Armstrong Business College Barbara Parker Pune Manor Junuor College Myra Anne Knox Unlverslty of Southern Callforma Dorotea Montenegro Wllluams College Patrucla Parller Barbara Brauncl was married to Glenn E Collins Jr after attending the University of Calnfornua Barbara Brookman attended the Unlversuty of Calufornla but us now employed Barbara de Juluo as now starring un East Bay Ice Shows Madelune Irvnng attended the Unnversuty of Calufornla for the flrst semester her father was transferred wnth the Army she ns now luvung nn Everett Washington Shnrley Rodgers us engaged to George C Haas Helen Snegfrued ns employed at Merrntt Hospital Oakland as an X ray techmclan Peggy Swift as contnnuung her study of the dance In San Francisco along wnth aca demlc sublects V 1 A . , ., , . Q' I J I ' - 1 1 ' - ,. I , I' R 0 E i Y Il Y F R ' ll K 1 . J L ?q,,.B - ,.,,Qf-Ks gYJ9 P:.nj:ov-.aL -,bling y-gospywgj CLS xxvi If Luke a bombshell out of the blue or a shot out of the dark we were nn war' War came to us so suddenly so unexpectedly that the speed of nts comlng was breath takung and seemed unbelievable The first months of an all out program for de fense have passed and now we are all aware of the seruousness of the sttuatnon the perulous dangers that surround us and the uncertainty of our very exustence from day to day Thus nn us should be formed stronger phnlosophles deeper con ceptuons of the values of llfe new adlustments and above all a wnllnngness for self sacruhce We all doubtless have token many thungs for granted that we are fortunate nn havmg the love and unterest our famulues glve us the many loys that each day brungs to us good health our excellent schools our friends and neighbors our beautsful surroundnngs the wonderful opportunutues our country offers us our freedom of speech freedom of the press freedom of relnglon and above all the mere fact of benng alnve Let us take nothnng for granted from thus moment on rememberung what a pruvn lege tt as to be an American and the truth and worth for whnch our nation stands Let us work whule we work and play whule we play always conscnenttously Ltve smule work and serve for today can never be caught and relnved When ut ns spent ut us flnushed but nf luved to nts full mstead of benng a wasted day ut wall prove a vuc toruous day If we pass the torch of love and kundness onto all wnth whom we come In contact the fire of courage and hope that as krndlecl at home wull spread to our men at the front and lught thenr way guvung them the power to bring Peace on Earth to thus war torn world .Jeanette Blaur 43 PEACE One day a young musslonary was standung quuetly outsude a Chlnese temple Has attentnon was attracted by an old woman who was buyung several prayers from a priest Her poor bent body was covered only wuth tatters of clothung That she had worked un the rtce flelds all her life could be duscerned from her gnarled hands on whnch there were many gapung cracks As she turned to go In to the altar the young man saw In her eyes the longnng for freedom of the spurut Her eyes so full of grief hope despaur rebellton Through her eyes alone could he see what went on nn the soul The rest of her face was merely a mask of wrnnkled leather which hld every emotton By burmng the prayers whuch had cost her last small coins she belneved she would be set free He felt the nrony of It The woman gropung after somethung whuch was so near and easy to attann and whtch she would probably never flnd She was pourung out her soul to a bruck wall As he stood there he thought of all the luves that had been spent ID the some blund way The Nordic trnbes the Egypttans the Babylonnans all wnth theur heathen gods of nature the Greeks trynng to explom llfe through phnlosophlc dtssertatuons the Oruentals trying to rnd themselves of thenr burdens by nnfluctung upon themselves the most terrible tortures Stull they all lay down at nnght wnth the same gnawlng at theur Inner being that had been there before Among all these depressung plctures he saw one that was lughted wnth hope It was a snmple pncture lackung un grandeur nt was of a man wnth a knnd earnest face stttnng tn a meadow among some chnldren He felt a peace steal over htm He knew where he was goung He would reach has goal by the grace of God Patrncna Schnender 43 1 ' T 1 J , . I . - - 11 11 1 1 1 . , ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 3 1 1 1 1 1 I v 1 I 'T 1 1 I . 1 ' 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 - 1 . , . 1 - 1 ' 1 1 1 1 ' - 1 1 - 1 1 1 I - I 1 I 1 . . . , Just at dusk the corn stood stlhouetted agaunst a multicolored sky It seemed s If the corn fassels were the plumes of the helmets the leaves the banners the broken stalks the s pears of forgotten knughts I looked out once and saw them Not as soldners But as ragged chtldren lean Wnth theur hands outstretched And thenr hatr tangled by the wnnd Then agaun they ve been luke young women Crushed nn the prtme of lute By some great sorrow Or lake children happy Or luke aged men greyed and bent They change wnth the weather Wuth the wand wath change of mnnd Ive seen them Young valnant and brave Thenr proud heads flung hugh Looknng upward ever on Or like kntghts nn retreat Theur pennants tattered Swords broken and plumes los They seem to know how one sl My pennant ns lost No battle won And yet even so As they ll turn again Charge agaun and flght agatn So wllll And so do we all For never forget Woman has an nnner love Every chtld an Inner toy And every man Though he be beaten back And trampled upon Has an Inner strength And so do I So do we all I e IS flowung Ty Roth 4? . I t 1 t lllll'll'l Ill' 'llllll llllllx Yet hungry for loveg , t. ' 'f ' ' . IIY 'IIII CHE TY LIFE My lufe before I was pucked was spent pleasantly un the fields of Indua But as all good tumes wull come to an end I was packed unto a chest and sent to England There I saw many haughty government offlcuals who I am sure felt very umportant and dugnufled My comrades thought them very handsome and stylush but I luked the lnduan people better They were sumple and looked comfortable un theur few clothes whule these Englushmen had so many extras that they looked luke too much stuffed unto a very small chest Whule I was un England I learned about a new world called Ameruca I seemed to hear more about ut as I stayed longer un England One day we were moved from Wunchester to Southampton where the gossup of the town was of nothung but the New World Saulors would talk excutedly of ut and the New World was the place for me' My comrades agaun duffered from me for most of them wanted to go back to Indua and the others luked to explore wuthun known boundarues They saud there were always new thungs to unvestugate un one cellar and why then goto the New World? But I luke to go to far lands Luck seemed to go my way for the very next day we were hurled on a shup and heard All aboard' All aboard' And even more we heard excuted chuldren cry ung We re off to the New World' We re off to Ameruca' But wuth all thus pleasant excutement and gauety there was a good deal of angry talk The thung that troubled me so much was that thus gossup was mostly expressed by the government offlcers After a week I began to make out what I thought was foolush talk It seemed as though Ameruca was backung out of the Englush laws but I dudnt know why for some tume After what seemed luke years I found out what ut all meant There was a great deal of excutement Ameruca was to be seen' When we landed a hugh Amrucan oFfIcuaI came on deck and seemed very cross He saud the govern ment had no rught to tax the people and that Ameruca should uf anythung tax England Then I knew what ut was all about and whule I was thunkung ut all over a strange thung happened Many men dressed un queer clothes came on board and began throwung my comrades unto the bay' They shrueked but I was the only one that heard them and these so called Amerucan Induans went on throwung them un At last all of them had gone but alas' A man had come and had thrown me overboard too' Thus paper us gettung wet so I must stop but I do hope that some day people wull have more respect for a wonderful chest of tea luke me Karen Bluss 5th Grade , , ' I L I I ' , . I I I I ' I , . I ' I I , . I I I I II ll ' ' I ' ' I I ' ll I I ' ll ' ' , . . , . . . . . , I . , . . . , I I I ' I I ' I I , . ' I I , . Have you seen the tender crescent Sllppnng In stardust and blue to black sky I have watched It Above the dark pnnes and scraggly apples I have smelt dew And ID the Net breeze grass and damp d bark I have felt aged And of chuldhood un thus tame Ty Roth 2 FEAR Hence craven fear' Wnth thee tus always nught Ever the cl ad :mage of the past stands mockung thee Get thee gone' I say what s done no crungtng will ettace And the echo of the crime a mere transient shadow casts Begone' thy bony fingers shake with ague Thy twutchlng sockets rust with rnvers of thy sweat Thy very Image conlures up thyself Wlth all thy hosts of panic and of pestllence Mud mnldewed hollow bones l see thee crouching shake Which had by velvet sllks or flery duadems Stull show theur hndeous forms all naked tothe eye Thy fellowshup as not for me cold corpse I would be free and bold defy and laugh But yet however I may scorn thy dark My bloody mind returns to the turret by the starr Barbara Blnss 4 l0lhl k Homework :sn t so much fun You have to bother everyone Luke Daddy what are two and two? And Sas who fought at Waterloo? lffwmf sux and nnne are twenty four or then Or say Mom IS at only ten? I ut Q my homework ns O K bu W fry pale at on so anyway? Katharlne Marshall oth Grade I K 1 l'KED UF - - ? I X I I , '4 . e ' l ' . I , . . . , . . . Of those that know, and knowing see thee still. ' ,' 3. , , l ll UH' l ' I ' ll i ll H - ,, Il 'Q' ' 4- ll I I ' 3 'L . . fi I am going to her house today I have been invited to lunch She will be playing the piano in her room when l arrive and her mother will usher me to her door I am the only outsider she ever sees My hostess lives In a large rambling house with bare cold walls and plain furniture and the brilliant chords of Chopin or meloduous themes of Bach fugues resound through the house unresisted by heavy draperues or rugs in the spacious rooms When I open the door I find not a robust healthy woman for surely such a touch could come from no other but a small ethereal girl young for her eighteen years It seems that she has no knowledge of my presence for she continues improvising There is no hesitation as she plays Rather she becomes more enrapt with every phrase as she brings to life something that an instant before had come into her mind Coming face to face wnth such a person a feeling of shame creeps over me I feel small and unimportant Ashamed for the moments I have capitalized on my minor abilities Dwarfed by the extent of her ability which overshadows mine as would a liner towering over a rowboat would suspect but of everyday things The cat caught a mouse today or I took some pictures of our view from the front porch After lunch there is more talk of trivial things lt is good for her resting a brain forever overworked by such cre atlve energy I can t stay long A basketball game calls me back to school It is good to get back I engoy my game ever so much and I wonder at what I have lust seen I am re freshed Jane Bennett 43 IlIIIIhHIt Thoughts travel far into the realms of light Unhundered by cold distance and vast space By gray confusion inthe gathering clouds And early darkness coming from the west Unseen they leap beyond the farthest star The earth can find to stars invisible Lost in perpetual darkness to our sight Farther than fear and higher than contempt They soar above the world more free than air Nothing can stop them only their own strength Betrays them and they falter till at length They rest among their kindred on the shore None can ever return again to creep Into the mind of Man where it was born And yet its children follow at afar To step beyond into a greater light Where brightness breaks in waves about their feet And rolls before them like the open sea Alice Victoria Johnson 42 I v I I I lr 1 I , . , , I I . rv . t , . , , . - , At last she notices me, and we lunch. The conversation is not of music as one I ' Z Il Ill ll . . ,, . , . r - ' I I I I I I I I I , I , , . I . , , 1 , . Have you ever stopped to consider the pllght of the Dentlsts Daughter? Reflect and puty her you who shudder at the very thought of the dentnst and keep procrastn natrng untul you are forced to go There can be no procrastlnatlon for the dentist s daughter Dentists daughters lnvarlably have crooked prominent and cavlty fllled teeth The only reason I can thunk of to explaln thus phenomenon IS that dentists must keep nn practuce some way so convemently there as provnded a daughter on whom to try out new methods Having vlsated my father professionally for many years I have a fearful sense of awe for hum deeply nngrauned from many hours of wantnng In the ante rooms of has offlces All those people gomg un and out must have had some plece of tor ture wreaked upon them yet as they come out they smule as nf nt had been enloy able and my father grlns affably back It ns my turn Beung a mere daughter the nurse favors me wuth only a Grade B me quickly and bends over my mouth wlth a frown Thus frown as always an all knowmg one and worrues me I hope that those two pneces of candy I ate yesterday left no traces Here as that mean looklng drlll agann Why does my nose always Itch at a crucual moment luke thus? Now the chnsel I repeat the Gettysburg Address to myself Beads of perspiration break out on my forehead Everythnng IS qulet except for the occasuonal rumble of the drlll .lust when I have completed the Address for the thlrd time the drlll stops I feel weak wuth relief The ordeal ns over and I know Daddy us lust as glad as I am I totter out unto the wantlng room An old frrend of the family as waltnng I smlle hero :cally at her My she says arent you lucky to have a dentist for a father' Prnscnlla Noble 42 I ILO.IIO 0000. There as a flnaluty That I hate About shuttlng doors Always Something us shut ID Somethnng out Somethlng lovely lost Somethung that was there There no more But excluded From our Itttle cnrcle Round and round Of thoughts And days And thnngs to see Therefore My house shall be Always Open Come wnnd come weather Storms do not due down by beung shut out Joyce Finlay 42 I I I I . , I T00 0FITI'0' 0IIO T00 smile. She saves the flash of her back mlolars for the regular patients. Daddy seats NI I I ' I I Peggy Alluson Entered 1939 Men granted that hls speech was wlse House President Sergeant at arms Soclal Service Club Qulps and Cranks staff Mary Jane Boles Entered 1938 Laugh and the world laughs wlth you Edutor In chlet of Qulps and Cranks Cheer leader 1941 Vlce Presldent of Social Servlce Club All Star Tennis Team Agnes Borland Entered 1935 I agree with no man s opmlon I have some of my own Treasurer of Sophomore Class Treasurer of Jumor Class Manager of Swlmmlng In Junlor year Glee Club Annetta Brendel Entered 1940 I ll not budge an unch Society Editor ot Nods and Becks All Star Rldmg In Junior Year Ellzabeth Campbell Entered 1940 Much Ado About Nothing Business Manager of Qulps and Cranks Hebe S Plnafore lngrld Street of Dreams Manager of Baseball Patrlcla Close Entered 1940 He s a very devil Glee Club Book Club Vnrgmua Collins Entered 1941 There IS a history In all men s llves Nona Dedmon Entered 1941 Men of few words are the best men Glee Club Senior Badminton captann All Star Badminton Doris Conn Entered 1940 Give every man thlne ear but few thy vonce Patrlcla Everlngham Entered 1936 Hts very foot has muslc an at Athletic Edltor of Nods and Becks Sergeant of Polnce In The Purates of Penzance Junior representative of Qulps and Cranks Tennis squad Patrlcla Farrar Entered 1940 Gave me that man who IS not passuon s slave Sensor representatuve of Nods and Becks Secretary Treasurer of Glee Club Joyce Finlay Entered 1940 Why should the devnl have all the good times? Edttor In chief of Nods and Becksgmchard the Purate Kmgxnn The Plrates af Penzance Sur Joseph Porter K C B In H M S Plnafore Tennis squad Betty Fowler Entered 1938 My heart was wnth the Navy men who went abroad to due Vlce President of Sensor Class President of Book Club Socxal Servlce Club All Star Ice skating un Fresh man year Kathleen Greenlaw Entered 1939 He travels fastest who travels alone Secretary of Student Councll Presldent of Junior Class Socual Servuce Club Badminton manager In Junuor year Patrlcna Gwynn Entered 1940 Age cannot with er nor custom stale her ll'1f1l'tIlE variety Pres: dent of Dramatic Club Exchange Editor of Qulps and Cranks Society Edltor of Qulps and Cranks In Junuor year Stage crew Mary Hepner Entered 1940 Merry as the day I5 long Dramotlc Edntor of Nods and Becks Secre tary of Senior Class Sensor Volleyball captaln Beverly Hull Entered 1934 My man s as true as steel Chairman of Sergeants at arms Clttzen shnp Commlttee Sensor Swnmmnng captann Sensor Basketball captain Muldred Rae Husser Entered 1934 I do not un derstand I pause I examlne Judge of Student Court Vlce President of Junior Class Cltlzenshlp Commnttee Glee Club Barbara Hyde Entered 1936 The world belongs to the enthuslast who keeps cool Vnce Presldent of the Student Body Presudent of Sophomore Class Treasurer of Glee Club In Junnor year All Star Basketball ln Junior year Mary Janney Entered 1939 Who walks wlth beauty has no need to fear President of Glee Club In .lunlor year Samuel nn The Pirates of Penzance Asslstant Editor of Nods and Becks Manager of Solllng Alice Victoria Johnson Entered 1927 Endued wtth the sanctnty of reason Alumnae Edltor of Nods and Becks Secretary Treasurer of Book Club Glee Club All Star Hockey team . ,, II - . II - . . , , . ., . . . . . ,, . - II - - . . II - . - II - H . . . . ,, . . . . I - - I . - . II II I II , .. A ,, . . . . . , , . . . . . . ,, . II I - - - II - - A , I l . . ,, . . . . . . ,, . . - II - - II - . ,, . ,, . . ,, . . . on H,M. . . In . . - II II - - - I - II I - II - II I ,, . . . . ,. . ,, . . . . . , . ,, . - II II - . . ' II - - I I I . ,, . . 1 ll ' ll D ' . ,, . . . . . ,, . . . . . ,, . . . . . , ,, . ,, . . II - II - . . ,, . . . . ,, . . . , ,, . . ,, , . . . . . ,, . ,, . . . ,, . . ,, . . . . . . . ,, . . , , . - . Alon Klem Entered 1941 A good thlng for a good cause Asslstant Business Manager at Nods and Becks Manager of Volleyball All Star Bas ketball Tennls squad Cornelia Levss Entered 1939 Nemo me umpune lacesslt President of Socxal Servuce Club Head of Red Cross Knlttung for Gurl Reserves In Jumor year Dramatic Club Kathryn Lipman Entered 1940 He looks qulte through the deeds of men Cltnzenshlp Committee Socual Servnce Club Kathryn Lloyd Entered 1941 Laugh yourself Into stutches Manager of lce Skating Glee Club Margery Maker Entered 1941 What should man do but be merry? Mona Marx Entered 1941 Good a pl y lucule Mnchel Entered 1939 And then the whln mg schoolboy with hls satchel and shunlng morn mg face creeping like a snail unwillingly to school Snapshot Editor of Nods and Becks In Junlor year Rudmg manager un Junuor year Production Mana ger of Dramatuc Club Glee Club Beverly Morse Entered 1939 She that was ever fair and never proud had tongue at will and yet was never loud Treasurer of K Tonga Club Book Club Constance Morshead Entered 1940 They that stand hugh have many blasts ta shake them President of Glee Club Manager of Tennis As slstant Sports Edntor of Qunps and Cranks Tennis team un Junlor and Senior years Priscilla Noble Entered 1940 He sand lnttle but to the purpose literary Editor of Nods and Becks Qulps and Cranks staff un Junior year Social Service Club Dramatnc Club Sally OHara Entered 1942 So wlll he speak perhaps whale men applaud Patrlcla Parker Entered 1940 You run about my lxttle mold your lambs they are alive Busnness Manager of Nods and Becks Badmmton Manager Book Club Social Servnce Club Joan Peacock Entered 1939 Not peace but a sword Manager of Lufe Savung All Star Basket ball Tennxs squad Ellse Perrault Entered 1936 Who bears the palm deserves nt Presudent of Student Body Secretary of Court ln Junlor year President of Block H In Junior year Tennis team In Junlor and Sensor years Vurnnda Randall Entered 1938 And thereby hangs a tale Sergeant at arms Glee Club Margery Rleger Entered 1941 The women par doned all except her face Tennus team Jane Rlstenpart Entered 1940 They say best men are molded out of faults and for the most become much more the better for bemg a ltttle bad Presvdent of Sensor Class Qulps and Cranks staff Tennus team nn Junior and Senior years Soclal Service Club Patrncta Roeckner Entered 1941 An unforgiving eye and a damned dlsmherltlng countenance Sensor representative of House Council Sergeant at arms Glee Club Soclal Service Club Betsy Roth Entered 1941 Who would be a man Club Calendar Edxtor of Nods and Backs Dra matuc Club Mary Jane Stephens Entered 1940 I strove wuth none for none was worth my strife Dramatic Club Glee Club Mary Stevens Entered 1935 I shall devise some thmg Snapshot Edutor of Nods and Becks Glee Club Dramatic Club Lols Stutt Entered 1940 Her halr was thuck wlth many o curl that clustered round her head Ser geant at arms Llbrarnan of Glee Club Book Club Socnal Service Club Helen Sweetser Entered 1941 Stull you keep o the windy side of the law Anna Head Horse Show Glee Club Socual Servuce Club Alnce Ann Wrnght Entered 1936 like a knight ln gllttermg armor laughter stood up at hrs side Presndent of Athletlc Assoclatnon Presldent of Freshman Class Vuce Presndent of Athletlc Assoclo tlon un Junnor year Soclal Servlce Club Judean Young Born wcth the glft of laughter Entered 1940 Glee Club Book Club Soclal Servlce Club Dramatic Club - - 11 - - 11 11 - 1 11 - - - . . . 11 . ,, . , , H . . . . ,, . . . - . . 11 ' - ' 11 ,, . . . . . . , - 11 . . 11 - , . . - H . . - l 11 . ,, . , . , , 1 1 11 - . a 11 - - - 11 - . as a . ' . . 11 - - . . - ,, , , l . A I H , . 1 ' ' ' ' , - 1 . I ' ' , 11 ' T Il . - 11 - 1 Jeanne Mills-Entered 1938, Hsmnd by yo C,-ash, must be a nonconformnst. President of KTanga . ,, . . ,, . u- 11 ' ' . I . ll I ' . ll . ' . ,, . - 11 I , 5 ,y 1 1 1 ' Il D 11 - 11 - 1 . . ,, , , T ' 1 ' ' ll 11 1 1 ' . . ,, . . . A ' A - - - 11 , . 1 11 - . . . . . i ' I 1 - 11 . . . . , . , . . ' ' ll U . . . l I 1 - . , - - - - 11 - -11 - - 11 , , . -N Name Peggy Allison Mary Jane Boles Agnes Borland Annetta Brendel Elizabeth Campbell Patricia Clase Vnrgnnua Collins Doris Conn Nona Dedmon Patricia Everingham Patricia Farrar Joyce Finlay Betty Fowler Kathleen Greenlaw Patricia Gwynne Mary Hepner Beverly Hull Mildred Hussar Barbara Hyde Mary Janney Alice Victoria Johnson Alon Kleln Kathryn Lipman Kathryn Lloyd Margery Maker Mona Marx Lucille Michel Jeanne Mills Beverly Morse Constance Morshead Priscilla Noble Sally O Hara Patricia Parker Joan Peacock Elise Perrault Vnrindo Randall Jane Rnstenpart Margery Raeger Patricia Roeckner Betsy Roth Mary Jane Stephens Mary Stevens Lois Stutt Helen Sweetser Alice Ann Wright Judean Young As Called GQ Chuck Bag iz a Collins Nona at Putty Lawless e Kathy Patty ee ev Mildred Bobble Ponky Honey Alon Crossley Kay Marge Mona Jeanne ev Connie rrs Scarlett a Bugs Jerry Slots 'za Rieger Rockie Steve Sweets Buddy Butch Pet Saying This lipstick is a new kin Are you kidding? Mon Dieu' What o maroon' Says here Well now What s the big idear Oh dear But Miss Morse We I l l Uh uh uh Vile are not amused I never sand that Say now l like t t Oh Go hosh Sacramento California' l feel the same way d by E Arden look a peep' a peep' a peep' Ill be so glad when this is over l was watching the birds yesterday Good good' Oh Mercy' Oh hey that s swe ' That s no lie' Its a bore such a bore Oh ba ruther That lust sent me Dunno? Oh Honestly Oh gleeps' It was lush' Stop talking lStampm I wont Well I thought Oh really Oh Coblna Wel golly' Gosh' Well Gee I hate you and all your kind' Merry Chrrstmas' S dont tell anyone Nothing but a circus' Get me out of here' Oh Baruther' Golly' That does Idiosyncrasy Red glasses Krmmer Symphonies Coblestltch knitting Tans Homemade cartoons Fl ing Silence Understanding of Physics Hay Fever Sin ing Things'-British Ensigns Student Council College Boards Vacatl ns Court The Army Timberline Lodge Long Curls Navy Friday night Oakland High English Studying Going Steady Driving Ice Skating Knitting Absent from school Crossword puzzles Ski trip acquaintances Baby talk hocolate milk shakes Alpha Delta Phi Diablo Saturday nught Talking Slowly Riding Club The Avenue Trouble Coats S60 riding breeches Ski Trips Musplacing Books 'E1lllIl'l'lll'E L . l I 1. ' .. .,., P .. .... ' . .. 3. .,.,,.,... '. ....,. .. ' .. .. 4. ......AB . .............. . i 'A 5,' ..L' .,....,...... . .. .. 6. ,Pt. ...... .. ..... , .. 7. ' .... .. ' ............... ' . .,...,. . .... y' B. ' ........... Do .,.,.......,,..... , .... 9, ,.,..... ....... ..,..... , ' . ' ' 10. ' ...P ............,.... l-- ...... ...,.... . .. 11. ........ ..,.,.......... - - .,,............,... .....,.. ' g' -12. ' .... ,.....,....... 13. .......... Bt ................. ' . .... .. .. ' pl-4. .... .....,......... , ,,,....,......... . 15. ..,... .....,.......... ' ha ,..,............ . ...... S.F. ........... 16. ........, L ................. , - .,.,...,... .. 17. ' ........... B ....,,.,....,.... , ' ...,., .... . 1e.' ........ ' .........,..,, ' . .....,............ .....,......, . .. 19. . ...... ' ....,....,.... -... . 20. ......... ...,.,.....,.,. ' ..... ' ' 21.' ' ' .. ..,............ ' ' ...... ..., . 22. ' ..,......... ........,....... - . ........,...,.......,.... ..........., , 23. Cornelia Levis ......... Cornie ....,.......... Hello, ole thing ............... ....., C anadian Flyer ........ 24. ' ....... ........,.,.. , , ....,..................... ' ' 25. ......... ......,.......... , , ' ll. ......,........... ' ..... 26. ....... ............... ' '. ........,........ .. .. ' 27, ........... ................ ' - .. ' . 28. ' ' ......... Lu .................. ,- ....... .... .. ' 29. ' ........,. .............. ' .... . .. 30. ......... B .......... , ............ ...... ,.., .-'. .... . . . , .. 31. ' ..,,.,...,..,. , ,...... ....,. 32 ....,... P' ,..,....,.,...... , , 33. ' ......... .............. ' ,.,..,. . 34. ........ Pt.. .............. ' ..... ,..... . . ' .. 35. ....,.... ............,... , .... . 36.' .,....... .. ...,...,..... , ? .....,., . .... , ..C ' . 37. ....... ............... , ' ...,... . . 38. ' ....... L' . .............,, I, . ........ ..... ' 39. ' ..,.... ' ............... , . ..................... , ' 40. '. .......... ', ' .. .. 41. ......... .Ty. ........ ...... ' .. . .. 42. ..MJ.. .....,........, hh... ' .. . . 43. .. ,... .,....... ' ' . .. 44.' ...... ..Lo... ...... . . . 45. .. . ..,.. ........ , . .. 46. ' ' ...., A .,......,...... , ..... . . .. . .. it! ' i v-1 47 Redeeming Feature Eye rows Candor Deterrn nation Good Cheer Vltallty Humor Broad A Quletness Hair Music Modesty None Ensrgns Consnderatlon ldeas Amuabnlrty Eyes Judgment lnutlatrve Loyalty lntellect Galety Cooperatnon Wlt Figure Accent Vuolrn Spnrnts Dlrnunutnveness Personalnty Wrntlng Vance Legs Activity Tact Camaradarte Laugh Glamour Sophlstlcatlon Varied Talents Equannmlty Enthusiasm Jovnalnty Frlendllness Sportsmanshlp .lolllty Arnbltuon Sknp college Sportswornan Anesthetust lndlvlduallty A second Judy Canova Cartoonust Buyer Secretary Swnm the Golden Gate Concert Puanest Entomologlst Marry an Ensign Own a Station Wagon Cornrnlssuon In the Navy Research Chemtst Belong to Caterpillar Club To Graduate from College Psychologist ln the Navy Anthropolognst Avtatrlx Dr tor an Idaho Phu Beta Kappa 5 2 shoe Mathematlclan Concert Vlollnlst Writer Grow 5 rnches Tennis Star Forengn Correspondent Woman ot the Year 1980 Blond Hour All American R ght Guard 5 chnldren Run a soda fountarn Brown Eyes Unknown First Lady To get where she ann Diplomat To get mto trouble To get a goozl tan e a M F Rancher To Meet Yehudn Probable End A Master s Degree Cripple Balloon lntlater Katherine Hepburn Luz Campbell Funeral Decorator Shop Latter Secretary The Hellespont Street Accorduomst Bedbugs ANW O L Gonng wrth a Gob Model T Buck Private Explosion Expert From Experience 4 H Club Cum Laude Anything but Lost at Sea Grave Digger The Usual One Broken Leg Agaun Flunked Out 9'2 Shoe ac too many Mathematlclan Marrred blrss A brick wall French Heels Boll boy Vagabond Wufe of Vnce Presndcn o U S Blond Hair State Patrol An orphanage ar Blue Eyes Fairly certain Society Colurnnust Censored Concentration Camp l rtrou Lnly Whnte Dog catcher Vuctory garden Dusappomted l F l l ll It ' C ll ll E l 1 . l L 1 b ' . . , .. ' 7 ,,.. . .. ' 8 ..,,... ., , ' , , ,. .. ,. ,. . 10, .. ', . . ..,. .. ll ,. . . .. ' . .,,..,, ., '-K2 . . R.C.A.F.,. ,. .. . , I6 .... .. .,,.,.. 'H .. . ,.......... A ....... ..., . ' l l9.... ....,. . , . ' .. .. ' 20... . ,. .. ..,..., . . 21 ,.....,.., ..,....,. ......,...,., ' .........,..... . ' 22 ,... .. .,.. .. ' .,..,, ....... ...... 23... ., . ' . .. ,.. skitrip.....,...,.. ' 24 ....,. ,... ' ..,,,. ,, ' 25... . .,,. . . .,.. ..' . 26.. .. ..,Masculinity. , ,. ..5lbs.lost... . .,............Onehottudgcsund 27... ,.., .. ,. ..,.. .,.. , .. 28.. . .. . ..,. . ...,,. ' ' 29 ..,,. .... . l' ...,,,. .. . ' ........ A 3l., ...... ' . , ' . .. 32 ...., .. ,,.. .. , . . ., .. ' 33.. ' ,... ., - ' '- ' 34.. .. . ......, . .... ' ...... A 35.. ., ,...,.. .. . ., .. ., - ' 3 36. . .. , ...,. .. .. ' 37.. ., ....... .. ' .. ,, ., ..... ' 38.. . . ...,. 1 ,. .. , ,, .,,. . 39., .. . , . . . ....... ' ' Al., . . .. , ' , . 42.. ........ , .. ,.., . ..... ' ......,,..... ' 43. .. ...... ' . . .... . .,.. ' ...,....... ,.., . F. B. . blew 45.. ,. , ' ' .,.., . ,... Tob ..H. .... - 46 .,.. ' .. . .,.. ,. ..,. .. .. .' Z NAM! I . , ' rn. x- N I nv f 5 P f q

Suggestions in the Anna Head School - Nods and Becks Yearbook (Berkeley, CA) collection:

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