Ann Arbor High School - Omega Yearbook (Ann Arbor, MI)

 - Class of 1968

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F""": ,.Q.,4-.-.,gv..:,,',L..-N,x-...,x- 5-.-.. X A x...- Q-X --- - - - - - - - -.natii iff fai-fa:a" '1 Nr ? .i:1SA1:.s , 1 S ANN ARBOR HIGH SCHOOL ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN A member of the Michigan Interscholastic Press Associatzon and the Columbia Scholastic Press Association Volume LXXIX FURE WORD This is the last year that Ann Arbor High School will exist as such. Next year it will become Pioneer High, and the new Huron High will become Ann Arbor's second high school. In presenting this yearbook, we thought it appropriate to recapture some of the earlier activities of Ann Arbor High, in addition to providing a permanent record of this year. We found the experience to be both entertaining and enlightening, and we hope you will enjoy it with us. Sights and sounds of the future are here, too, as the Huron High School teams fight valiantly for their school, backed by enthusiastic supporters from both schools. And so we give you the 1968 Omega: remnants of the past, your record of the present, and a glimpse of the future, to aid in making our total endeavor more meaningful. Nancy Craik, Editor-in-Chief Barbara Burnes, Business Manager Maggie Pittman, Art Editor Margaret Otto, Senior Editor Deborah Bailey, Faculty Editor Ted Carman, Curriculum Editor Ann Roth and Chris Cares, Organizations Editors Rowe Lee and jon Wilson, Undergraduate Editors Scott Oliver, Sports Editor Kathy Schurz, Activities Editor Walter Hill, Index Editor Hank Schoch, Proofreader jeff Serme and Matt Lampe, Photography Coordinators DEDICATIO The Omega staff wishes to dedicate the 1968 yearbook to the last and finest graduating class of Ann Arbor High School. The class of '68 has upheld not only the fine academic standards set by previous graduating classes, but also has sur- passed them in many ways. There were twelve Ann Arbor seniors in the top 92 in the state in the Michigan Math Prize Competition. There were five in the top 300 in the nation in the VVestinghouse Science Talent Search, and one in the top forty. There were four winners in the tenth annual National Council of Teachers of English Awards program. The Class of '68 was not only intellectual in its activities, but also had a great class spirit. In three years at Ann Arbor High they won the purple jug twice-in their sophomore and senior years-showing spirit both coming in and going out. Senior VVeek was the result of a special committee in the Executive Board formed to help people get better acquainted. The Senior Class sponsored the Senior Ban- quet, the Senior Prom and the Senior Talent Show, and a variety of other functions. Omega extends its congratulations to the 1968 graduates. "VVhere's the class of ,68?', ' 5 .v ' 1 ' H ' , - jf, HE M nt, f 7 .' .' . 1 ' I , nu . ' ' ' 'I J 'P 1 : ' . 4 ' ' 1 ,, ' 4 . ...,. 1, I R ,, . 4 . . .. . . -, . . . l . ' . . Q . 1 ' 1 . f . . . .. ,AL Q W C... .l . ' ' sp.. t v. x 'Q X , ' ' 775' A ' ' . if ED, - gf .Li '31 1 U-'F-U3 'A ' ' , A -4 .,. X , L-,x pf-'Q 'QT' fjxffm , -.b f"'1Tl ""f i-if I. I H , K-N, mv .n UQ 4. KQU-i ii? w i U 4 A QPR! iff V 'f f3'Y" " 'N 'N LN' Y- "I -L L ' ii LJ LL f 3XQff,ff if-T5 my 11 H XX - if X-AL,-2' L7 Lv-in " . j fi: fm . ff-Qfpxl H HVIM 'TI N' my 4 , wid, -we: Jqslk I .9 .IC Mr. Schreiber, Principal of Pioneer High Mr. Rokicki, Ass't Principal Mr. Laleunesse, Comptroller Dr. Eastwood, Administrative Assistant Mr. Meyers, Principal of Huron High Mr. Gallup, Ass't Principal 3 Q CREAl Seated, left to right, Mr. Lee, Mrs. Felbeck, Mr. Schumacher, Dr. Doerr, Mr. Iulin Standing, left to right, Dr. Lockett, Dr. Westerman, Superintendant, Mr. Good, Mr. Godfrey, Mr. johnson NOW THENf1911D "NVe are the PIONEERS of the world, the advance guard sent on through the wilderness of untried things to break a new path in the New VVorld that is ours. In our youth is our strength, in our in- experience, our wisdom." Herman Melville Executive Board Officers: Phil Bursley, Vice-President, Pat Koen, Finance Chairman, Dave Bishop, President, Sue Schonberger, Sec- retary, Scott Oliver, Treasurer. f ........l.i. ,Q -- 1 . 5- . Q s ,,,.. XL: ,, .. ,.... .., .,,.,, T. f . 1, . , ,.,,, .1 -ggggfggqvw ,f1Wgs3..,, f A .fx ' . . ' ,w ' " ' " -' '- 1 1, .p, s 1.1 , - 4-1" ,eaiqgff-r ,,:':',- 'ME ff: " 'Mini . in ,'.' . :' N --, '. J ,jg ,M-'I-. v.- ' 9. -1 6 ,ov .gt vu 11:-"' 1 ... g , , ., B .3 .,- eg'-,il lf- ,sm .,I .QQ , ,, -i':.,Q2Y .: -. 1: . j:.,.'. ,jg gr: l,-By' 5: - 6- 1 1 53 J 1:1 jg' '-':,'n-1 1' '22 51 ' ' '. ' - 1 N. . 1: vw- i 9. 1' fr: .,, - . . f. a .. n 4 , . wg L , .m 1 " 'fu if :T mf' i-X531 71 31-7 W", '. .. ,5 - -3 - . .. 759- .1 r V ,Jr 9, --.ww-, -- ' -1 .-1 .22 9-If -.iff af,....v.-..1u-' JU- "-Q., .- t-,. I - :'. -. .' ' f 4- -, J .: rw :.. 'fl-,.f...,,g.-' -.rf fi'-"fa . -, JI., 5511 - -L.- ' ' If sf iq Lis, ?::.oiLunQ9u '-' " 'Hip' ,,., ' .1 -. .', '.- 1f. -3 -. ' A . . i-, L., , 5 2 -1- ,-pf g.- I.: L 5. l. 5, Q, Af, ?- 5:3 gc- L1 f . ,Q 5. fl 2. - gn 4.1, 15 :gr gat ,qui :5 , . : :A .-- 2-5 s- -2 rl .-, - :Tex 5 Lg. ' ,gl ',:'f. JL' iii li 4-iv -.r ,fJ.g- " if ..' '- 'iz -Y. fr- ,f:'.o' C1 f , -11 L'- .'1' ls'-Xifw, "F l-----fi I J I .1 Hifi' . -Ig? Zfffe-H iJJli4'7 'vfvi ' ,- :AL 'L' ' , 5 1.-.,.5,g,,,.--,sf ga -. .-. , ,. . ,.- ,F .-1 .,f,,.. I 1-.'3g,..:a rf.: 5-.,g:,y ,, 1.46 4,2-.3-', 5... A., 5, A ,.a- ,, ,.,,.'.,,,. L-,, ,.. .:...-j V LL -...Ji I ,, .9 .x,5,,. srhlr fl, K ,W M, Senior Executive Board. Left to right, Row 1: Pat Koen, Mrs. Straight, class principal, Scott Oliver, Sue Schonberger, Dave Bishop, Phil Bursley, Mr. McEwen and Mr. Bradley, class advisers. Row 2: Ricki Ingber, Ginger Steinman, jean Dixon, Peggy McKeague, Linda Arbogast, Sharon Hagopian, Debbie Zahn, Cindy Kabza, Paula Hauser, Sue Cillen, jane Borchardt. Row 3: jim Reed, jeff Clark, Herb Ellis, Phil Anderson, Keven Marr, Steve Cates, Craig Finnegan, john Crispin, Mike Phillips, Nancy juvinall. Row 4: Shari Sellers, Linda johnson, jan Conlin, Margaret Otto, Marti Fuhrman, Pat Bucalo, Joanne Kurtz, Penny Anderson, jane Hinerman, Lois Haessler, Linda Fink. Pat Alex a :XY Knut Akerlund - .-QS? Richard Amick Penny Anderson Doug Allen Phil Anderson Nancy Amerman Bonnie Andrews Jennie Andrews! Penny Apostoleris janice Apostolou ,rf Gary Arbogast f' A 1 Linda Arbogastf Make Arnold Marjorie Aseltine john Ashford Doug Atkins If his X E Corluss Atwood Sylvia Ausharzan Connie Bachman Charles Bagnell Deborah Bailey A Donna Bain jo Am, Bakey .J Deniz Balta William Barth Terry Basom 1 , Karen Beal 10 N11 Dave Banghart Hnlly Barrie Brenda Bauer XE' Barbara Beach Pamela Beaty Anne Becker Linda Bell Robert Benford Alison Benjamin Lisa Benson Denise BerryX Janice Benzinger Karen Bergren Al Bethke john Bzrchmezer Cindy Birdx David Bishop jim Bittman Mike Bodine mayb X X1 WE. we as sg? as 55 Jacqueline Booker Pat Blakemoorx Brad Boblitt X Patty Bland Bill Bodley Sandy Boettger Kathleen Bond Linda Bonta jane Borchardt Xl" Deborah Boggess Martha Botch Carol Bott Bonnie Boychuck Ken Bowling ' J0hfl Brandberry Jerold Braun janet Brauer Marlene Braun Rose Bredernitz Beisie Bree janie Brown x Anthony Brown X' Cindi Brown Ophelia Brown Terry Brown Lorre Brownson Pat Bucalo john Bullard Dave Bundy jim Burck Robert Burckhalter Steve Burd Bonnie Burgess Doug Burk Kent Burkhart Barb Barnes Phzl Bursley Doug Butler Martha Capps Chrzs Cares Charles Carey Michael Carey Terry Carnes Carol Carruth Elame Cash Patricia Chamberlaz Randy Charbeneau Dale Chriscinske Joyce Coffey joel Cohen jan Conlirizif 16 Rick Clark jeff Clark jennifer Cole Charles Compton Diane Conner Mike Cooch . Mt. S Becky Cook Carole Cook f. Amy Cooper Fred Cooprider David Corsa 4' C J i Mark Cooperrider Elizabeth Copley Steve Cottrell Nancy Craikl - , , ' Q . :Z"lw5i' -r ' 1: 1 .L . r k Tif Crandall john Crispin Brad Cross Bruce Crouch Bern Cunningham Karen Cummings Mike Curtis Debbie Dailey Sam Damren Mike Dale Diane Dancer Pete Darrow Pam Date 1 Don Davis James Davis Linda Davis Lynn Davis joe De Fors Bob Dennis Indy Dettling I, I I, David Dessecker Margo DeVine jay DeVries Mark Diana Barb Dewafd Bill Diesenroth Trudy Dieterle ,YJ Kenneth Dill n n .L1, Q Tom Ditto Larry Diuble jean Dixon Peter Dobson jennifer Dodge Harold Domke Diane Drury Betty Doughtery Dean Downie julie Dresner Barb Eastman Jane Dziewaitkowski w 3 Marilyn Eaton Sharon Edwardsx Diane Ehnis Marie Ehnis Steve Ehnis Herbert Ellis Rodney Ellns Cheryle Elslager Sharyl Elzay Dan Enos Kathy Evaldson Ron Ervin Ruth Eveland julie Eschelbach David Esch Elizabeth F aircloth Pete F ajans jackie Farish Al Faust David Farrington Leonard Fawcett Greg Fletcher Laura F idler Linda Fink David Fisher Barbara Fleischman Lynn Flick Craig Finnegan Connie Floyd X Bruce Folske Geflfge F007 Chuck Fonde Erika Fox Pam Fransted Carolyn Fox .QW ' Rick Frederick Caryl Freeman Penny Frey Glenna Fraser Tom Freeman RN- Charles Fritz vi , Mary Fuerstnau Marti Fuhrman Richard Ganzhorn Ernie Gardner X Robert Gardner Steve Gardner Ted Garman Shirley Garrison Ken Gan-ott Steve Gates Ioan Geddes Beth Geen jim Genova H Bruce Gerlach I. B. Gesler Bill Gibson Charles Gibson Tom Gieryn Marcia Gilbert Paul Gillen Sue Gillen 5 Dennis Gingras Cathy Gingles David Glass janie Glushyn jim Goodsell Nancy Goodwin Susan Gould 28 Y :gl G au . , 5 Paula Golden Mary Goode Richard Goodwin Lynn Gould s f 1.12 :L YS Tom Gourley Peter Graham 3 Tony Gmmmafico Bruce Gray A J Mike Gray Daun Green Robin Gregory Mike Green Paula Greenburg Gail Griffin Dave Gross 1 Laurie Groves A Greg Grinnell Roger Haag Bonnie Haas Lois Haessler Ronald Haas Betty Haft X Sharon Hagopian Margaret Hairston Mary Ann Hall Lois Hamm Sue Hansen Debbie Harberd Larry Har-bison john Hardesty Kathy Harrell Dennis Haarer Beth Harris Penny Harris jim Hartwig Krzs Hartman Nancy Haskell Cheryl Hatchet! Linda Havens Donna Hatfield Phil Havice Brent Hawkins T0m H Bald Chris Heilman jay Heininger Sue Helfrich jf Ralph H ellner Sharon Henry Pat Hergott David Hesson Dennis Herkimer Brigida H errer 1 'V Nancy Heroux Raymond High Bob High Barb Higman Richard Hill Victoria Himes i Sue Hinderer jane Hinerman Pete Hirth Diane Hitt David Hoag Bill Hoffman Pat Hgefle Matthew Hogan Diana Holden Jean Holland Dan Holly 'H - 3 , ,uf fs' Dan Hobbie C. Holcomb 5 QQ! 5- do -ldo H Tom Holt Tim Holtfreter Diane Hopper p Lisey Hoseney Paula Houser 36 I Theresa H olzap fel Ruth Hooper Brad Houghtalin Mary lean Houghtalin XJ Pam Howard Peggy Hoyt Mike Hubbard Vicki Hughes Sharon Huizenga Larry Hultcher Thoirman Hunter N !,,,r , Scott H umedfg ' Kay H unsicker Priscilla Hurst john Huston Florence Hylkema Nora Ibsen Mark Ingber Carolyn jabs Ricky Ingber David Innes Scott Ingles Al jacquez janet Jagztsch Laurel jahnke Roger Iahnke james jagow Nancy jaslow John Jarvis Steve jaynes Barbara johnson joan Jewell Marilee Johns john johns Janice Johnson Linda johnsonfji David Iolmston Ellen jones Mimi jones Mark Johnson Jeff Jones Roger jones Daniel Ioyce Nancy Iuvinall Cindy Kabza john Kainlauri Steve Kalisz jim Kalmbach Linda Kalmbach,X' Anita Kalousdian Arlene Kampas Rosemarie Karp Brad Keebler Nancy Keeton Nancy Kelly Allen Kennedy Diane Kennedy Robert Kennedy Pete Kentes Barb Kessler Mary Kight Carl Kikuchi Dave Kimball Dennis Kimberly john Kang Sandy Kzmyra Liz King Thermond Kirkland Susan Kingsbury Carrie Klein Nancy Klein Karen Klohs Sandy Kleinschmidt Terry Knapp Don, Koeble Doug Kollewehe Robert Konarske Tim Koons Pete Koste Leslie Kraker X Ruth Kramer Angus Krezel Kathie Kroll Martha Krezel Ken Kruger Karol Kuehn Joanne Kurtz Terry Kuhn Paul Kyprie N Tom Labutzky Mary Laird Ellen Lamerson Matt Lampe Sue Landsfsif Stephanie Lang X Sieve Larmee William La Vacque Don Le Brasse Michael Lee Tim Lehmann r julie Layher 1021 Leach Rowe Lee Tom Lee John Leidy Sue Lemble 46 w Rob Leutheuser Marsha Levinson V" janet Lewis David Lillie Gail Lobbestael Tom Lztow Cathy Lwmgston Charlene Lanskey Phzllzp Lottsg ,, 1 Ellin Louis jane Loup Bob Lovell Ian Lowry Nancy Loy Scott Lowe Lonnie Loy iii? Joyce L1 Betty Lum , L , 3 - Loraine Luckhardt SY Madeline Lumbard Steve Lutz Steve Lutz Nancy Lyke Arturo Mack Susan Mackey Patricia Madigan Cindy Mackmiller Paula Madison,,.NQ Jana Mallett Edna Mamarow Lmda Maple Catherine Marchant Kevin Marr Rick Marr johnnye Martin jon Martin M anlyn Maurer Iudy McCalla Sharon Mayfield john McCalla Steve McCleery joyce McCollum Paula McCormick Paula McCracken Diane McGinty Trudie Mclnroy Peggy Mckeague Roy Mckenna X X im-, Kathy Mckenzie Tom Mckenzie Buzz McOmber Richard Mc Taggert james M eunier Vera Meyer Eric Mellencamp Nancy Meyer ,lim Michaelis Chris Miller Pam Miller Bill Mitchell w Connie Mitchell Bob Mollison Sandy Moore Dennis Morgan 52 Liz Mitchell Virginia Mitchell Gary Moore Dave Morgan Doug Morningstar jay Morningstar I, Pat Morton N Donna Mulligan Chris Murtaugh Pam Newberry Joseph Newton Maija Numminer Janice Nimke Marcia North Anne O'Brien Scott Oliver we Fred Olsen Garry Olsen Peter Olsen Margaret Otto john Onderdonk Leo Otto Stephame Ortmo Alex Owen Roger Paley Dave Palmiere Mark Pardon Carla Parks Mary Etta Palmer Mary Pardon Jack parks Julie Paxton Steve Pastorino Ellen Patten David Patrick Keith Peden Jennifer Peng Dave Perrin Guy Perry 4 Sally Perry Kary Peterik Ti .55 Maryellen Pengelly Sharon Pettiford Cynthia Pettit Cindy Phillips Mike Phillips Terry Piers X Joel Pilcher Brian Piper Maggie Pittman Lorraine Ponta Nancy Pope Sue Post Becky Price Bonnie Prieskomx Russ Procasszm Judy Pryor Peter Quzroz Charles Raab james Ramson Shirley Rauschenberger Pam Raymond Laura Read Arm Reading Sue Rebeck james Reed Nolan Reed Ian Reinhart Mark Renfrew Jeffrey Rewoldt Shelly Richardson 58 Dana Remaley Eric Rendel f Carol Reynoldsyk Pat Rice 5 Juliette Richter Bruce Rikli Pam Bidenour Frank Robinson Jackie Robinson Colby 1303075 Ralph Root Wendy Rogers Doug Roos f Tracy Root Elesa Rosascobf Kathleen Ross Ann Roth Joanne Busch Eric Rustm Pamela Ryan Jerome Rush Debbie Ruzaka Imogene Rybo Jerry Saalfeld Jay Sabrepena Robert Sage Marcia Salow Brian Sapsford Larry Sauter Sally Sawyer fi Sue Sayers Richard Schaat David Schanklinx A Mark Scharbat Donald Scherdt Martha Scherdt jane Schieve 5 Mike Schlansker Vicki Schleyer fggfff Bob Schmid jim Schneider janet Schneider Hank School, Sue Schonbergevl lf", jim Schroeder Terry Schlecht Sue Shroeder Ricky Shrope Terry Sghultz Sue Schuonyc Madeleine Schwab Charles Schultz Kathy Schurz Gary Schwind Car-line Scott Mike Sekaros Cathy Scott X Mzckz Segal Kristen Sells Darwin Sell Shari Sellersifffi Debbie Senick Jeff Senne Dave Seyfriedi Marti Serfontein Elsie Marie Seyfried Fran Seymour janet Shaffer X julie Shanklandx Doren Shaw Pattie Shelton Bonnie Sheppard Doug Sheppard 1 , 1 Sharon Shepard jenny Shipley Tom Shoemaker Simone Siemon Steve Smclmr fi Sue Sinclair james Sisley Tom Skye: Bonnie Smith joe Smzth Mike Smith Sheldon Smith Steve Smith Connie Snow Ruta Sodt Ron Sokolow Sally Sorenson M ary Sorter Gus Stager Jim Stamadranos Sarah S tegath 66 5313: Kurt Spangler Sandra Spears Alan Sldflley Richard Steeb John Stein Perry Steinhoff Jeff!! Sfefnke Ginger Steinman jim Stevens 10,111 Sffme Carol Stratos Chris Stornant Julie Strack Buck Straub Jan Siriie Mary Struble Carol Stuckey Steve Stull Donna Talbot EU!! Tan ,hm Talley Beverly Tanabe Ronald Tart Nelson Taylor Anthony Taylor Carole Thayer Drew Thompson Mary Ellen Tieman Steve Tolen Ann Tonsor Gwen Toombs Judy Tordoff V, Mike Tracy Fred Trader Cindy Tucker Sue Tracy Edward Tripp Sheila Tucker Patty Turner Ruth Twmmg james Tyler 106 Tyner Mike Umpleby Carol Underhill Randy Underhill sf" Paul Valentine Greg Van Gasse Larry Van Buren Danny Vinsant V to-f l Tim Vogel Hans Von Wachenfelt Byron Vivian! Kenneth Vogel Alan Voorhees Chuck Vukin Dennis Wadhams Debby Wadleigh Sandy Wahl Pat Wall Kam Walda jerry Walters Debbie Wanzeck Teffy Wlllief Ricki Ward Greg Warshaw David Waterman I V1 X V N ., - HN Bruce Webster lxl Mike Weber xlib Clayton Weeks lim Weid X Ron Weinman Susan Weidenbaclc Eddie Welch Dave Wells Bill Wier Andy Westervelt l Dale West Janice West Connie White ,Pi Ron Wenk Leslie Whitesel Richard Whiting Bruce Wild Beatrice Williams George Williams 74 Kathy Whitlock Charles Whitman Brenda Williams David Williams Carol Willis Lynn Willis Doug Willits Bruce Wilson Debby Wilson jon Wilson Marjorie Winful Rick Wilson Robin Wilson Charles Winkelhaus John Winkelhaus Lynn Wintermeyer Janet Withers George Wohlweml M ary Wol ter Margo Wrey Bill Wright Don Wright Jana Wright N amon Wright Ron Wuerth julie Ymger Mark Youngdahl Debra Zahn Sandy Zahn Iam Zahner y John Zarafonetxs Marlene Zeeb Bob Zaza john Ziegler Susan Zzesemer Marianne Zoller Camera Shy Abbott, joel Adelson, Larry Alexander, Alfred Anthony, Paul Apsitis, Ausma Arndt, Nancy Asgar, Alex Barnes, John Bartlett, Dennis Bassil, jon Bergman, Sandra Boersma, Mark Fred Zrmack Larry Parker Bostian, Lisa Boudrie, Keith Brustmaker, Debra Burton, Nelson Carnes, Richard Carras, Dennis Casto, Carolyn Catford, Lorna Chappell, Robert Churchill, Bruce Clavier, jim Conn, Jerome Contos, Paul Conway, Julian Cook, Linda Copi, Bill Crawford, Peter Crawley, Cynthia Curtis, Jim Curtiss, Dewitt Dames, john Daniel, Floyd Deboer, Richard Delp, Mike Camera Shy Ccon't.J Derr, Steven Deubel, William Drake, Carol Drewery, Theodore Drye, Terry Duff, Frank Dyer, Peter Eads, Nlary Eddy, john Edholm, Philip Engholm, Rodger Eskin, Richard Everett, joseph Farah, William Foley, Art Fornes, joseph Foster, William Fox, Gregory Q Fox, Ronald Franzblau, Dave Fritzsche, Horace Fusfeld, Robert Gannon, Daniel Gordon, Dave Green, Claudette Gross, Erha Haag, Roger Haarer, Dennis Hall, Craig Harrison, Marvin Hauser, Gregg Hawkins, Bill Hayes, Maryellen Haynes, Pamela Heavener, Arling Hill, Richard Hogan, Chris Hogan, john Holbrook, Esther Howe, Peggy Hoy, Stephen jackson, Virgil james, Victoria jones, Robert jones, George jordan, George Kett, Tom Kimball, Laurie Kindshoven, Otto Klein, Charles Koen, Pat Koski, Robert Kreski, john Kuhn, Dorothy Lamoreaux, Dave Laperriere, Lyn Layne, Michael Legrand, Cleta Lommel, john Lucas, Kathy Luckhardt, Wesley Laker, jonathan Lum, Edward Lutz, Gary Martin, Edward Martin, Mary Martin, Shawn McClure, Thomas McCoy, Kathryn McCreary, Brian McDaniels, David McGuire, Carolyn McRoberts, Alan M edaugh, Michael Metty, Steve Meyers, Larry Michelsen, Britt Michot, Ingrid Nlickelson, Robert Miller, Gregory Montgomery, john Moore, Steve Mordy, Roy Nlosher, Bonnie Nloulton, Cherlyn Munson, Isaiah Nasjleti, Susana Navidzadeh, Lala Noonan, Mike Nunneley, james Oberg, Michael Oliver, Rick 0'Neal, William Orr, Bruce Page, Victoria Pannell, Marva Parsons, Geoffrey Paul, Robert Payne, Ronald Peciura, Auste Poland, William Rathburn, Lois Reimold, Fred Rendel, Mark Reuter, Craig Ring, Steve Rutherford, Doug St. Clair, Gerald Sayre, Richard Scharbat, Carol Schenk, Elke Schroen, Dan Selenis, Donald Serrano, Fanny Shaw, judy Shippey, David Shriver, Roxanna Sieg, Ben Slocum, Tom Smith, Carolyn Smith, Shelia Snyder, Ren Socolovitch, Darlene Staebler, Mike Stambaugh, Russell Stanger, Erica Stewart, Thom-as Styan, Day Swaney, William Taylor, Michael Thompson, Paul Tiffany, Kathryn Trachet, Ronald Travis, Susan Trisuvan, Suravit Uecker, Christine Uren, David Vanderveer, Mark Vontom, David Vuolo, john Walden, Gregory Walker, jeffrey Our Illustrious Faculty: June, 1894 ::m'49n'. H. - i 2" Y 'S xii? , , X f 'fyn fi-Eg A-2, 5551 rip- X--L-' VY L " H 1 el if ' 52? Q 5 5 . f- I1 il lg! V. ,- 1.1, L " , ai. : r ,,,' U. - E IL jj X " ,ja 'ILA :M fm ia -5' if :jx 'Ea 5 ifpvf sfs 5,,. Ja WX 5 Ya. ' ,Q Egx ., v 'till' lavfwfi galaxy . 2 fzm rm sj 5:54-ag .4 ra ,W T 5 Chemistry Laboratory: February, 1911 Manual Training Class, Miss Osterholm, Teacher First row, left to right, Mrs. Crowfoot, Mrs. Div- ver. Second rowg Mrs. Nimroth, Mrs. Procaslcey, NGLI H First row, left to right: Miss Taber, student teacher, Mrs. Dorr, Mr. Stringer. Second rowg Mrs. Child- ress, Mrs. Hoag. First row, left to right, Mrs. Schrager, Mrs. East- wood, Department Chairman. Second row, Mr. La Coe, Mr. George, Dr. Eastwood. First row, left to right, Mrs. Hinterman, Miss Muma student teacher. Second row, Mrs. Ansorge, Mrs. Ensign, Mrs. Walker. Row l, left to right, Miss Creenslit, student teacher, Mrs. Lineg Row 2, Miss Mayer, Mrs. Foster, Miss Duffy iq Left to right, Mrs. johnson, Mr. Tablet, Mrs. Field M iss Rey nolds l w Mr. Davis 1 V Mrs, Stringer Mrs. Shubel SOCIAL STUDIES Row l, left to right, Mr. Stielstra, Mr. Sloan, Mr. D. Ryan, Mr. Armstrong, Mrs. Farmer. Bow 2, Mr. T. Wilson, Mr. Gillett, Mr. Healy, Mr. Harrell, Mrs. Chen. Row 3, Mr. March, Mr. Gray, Mrs. Sonntag, Mr. Cuthbertson, Miss Golay. Row 4, Mr. Edmonds, Mr. Rogers, Mr. Otto. Row 5, Mr. Peacock, Mr. White, Department Chairman, Mrs. Lifson, Mr. Nordlinger. Mr. Klum Mr. Lott History 1968 Marsha North, Tif Crandall, Mrs. Lourie, Teacher, Miss Zack, student teacher ASIC EDUCATIO Left to rightg Mr. MacDonald, Mrs. Huelsberg, Mr, Elliott, Mrs. Hansen, Department Chairman. PERSONALIZED CURRICULU Left to rightg Mr. Westfield, Mrs, Ellis, Mr. Ca- galis. SPEECH Standing, left to rightg Mr. Fatchett, Mr. Miller, Mr Dawson, Department Chairman, Seatedg Mrs. Mulac, Mrs. Ansorge, Miss Zoller. ATI-IEMATICS Standing, left to rightg Mr. Kline, Mr. Ritter, Mrs. Kiesling, Mr. Newsted, Miss Bergmann, Mr Kauffman, Mr. B. Wilson, Miss Parsons Seated, Mrs. Bozdech, Mrs. Cunningham, Mrs, S. Smith, Mrs. Koen, Miss I. Smith, Miss Noyes Department Chairman Mr, Blanchard Mrs. Dean K i, wg, ,. QF N .Q s S. S c ll m Mr. Ellis and friend i 0 cl e li SCIE CE 6 Row 1, left to right: Mrs. Kovan, Mrs. Erdreich, Mrs. Segur, Row 2, Mr. D. Ryan, Mr, Sooby, Mr. Casello, Mr. Pogirski. Row 3, Mr, Crouch, Mr. Rondell, Mr Hunter, Mr. jablin. RSM' 4, Mr. Kiesling, Mr. Scruggs, Mr. Kettlehut, Mr. Dasse, Department Chairman. FGREIG AN UAGE Seated, left to right, Mrs. Harrell, Mrs. Graff, Mrs. Keene, Miss Na- varro, Miss Slade, Mrs. Safer, Mrs. Marshall, Mrs. Vogel, Miss Murphy, Mrs. Craik, Standing, left to right, Mr. Ambrazevich, Mr. Gottlieb, Mr. DeNicolo, Mr. Swanson, Department Chairman Mr. Dozauer Mrs. Davis USIC Standing, left to right, Mr. Bordo, Mr. Cabrion, Miss Datz, MTS- PiS0f Seated, Mr. Pratt, Department Chairman. ART Left to right, Mr. Robison, Mr. Shields, Mrs. Schmiedeke, Mrs. VVhitman, Mr, Hicks, Mr, North, Department Chairman. Standing, Miss Moore, Miss Bort, Mrs. Boik Seated, Mrs. Budd, Miss Peterson, department chairman: Mrs. llling. I-IO ECCN MICS Teacher, Mrs. Budd Teacher, Mrs. Illing BUSIN SS EDUCATIO AND C.O.T. Standingg Mr, Keller, Mr. Kerns, Mr. Ochs, Sealedg Mrs. Saalfeld, Mrs. Van Liere Mrs. VVilliams, Mrs. Gustafson, Mrs. Watt, Mr. Schoch, department chairman. Left: Coleen Hallis receives advice from Mrs. Williams Physical Education First rowg Mrs. Sprague, Mrs. Creiner, Mrs. Kollen, Mr. Wallace, Mr. Nordlinger Mr. Kellum, secondg Miss Harney, Mr. Steilstra, Mr. Palmer "Watch It" MARVELOUSl First rowg Mr. Pederson fdepartment chairmanl, Mr. Cillum, Mr. D. Horning, Mr. Kellum, second rowg Mr. Hirth, Mr. Read, Mr. Miles, Mr. Kulpinski, Mr. Buczilc, Mr. Matcheck, Mr. Rogers, third rowg Mr. Don Horning, Mr. Henson, Mr. Ritter, Mr. Coash, Mr, Scruggs, Mr. Dyer Drivers' Education Whafs that again? Life is fun-while it lasts! Standing, left to right: Mr. Daehler, Mr. Haight, Mr. Lande. Sealed, left to right, Mr. Silverstone, Department Chairman, Mr. Bachman, Mr. VVhiting, Mr. Dell-Anno. I DUSTRIAL RT "'-1. , :tx r. Under wood Mr. Peden LIBRARIANS Mrs. Mr. LIBRARY CLERKS Left J Mrs. GIRLS, COUNSELOR BOYS' COUNSELOR Mrs. Burgess Mr. Rosen CAFETERIA STAFF Rightg Mrs. Kyprie, nurse, Mrs. Figg, secretary CLINIC Top row, left to right: Mrs. Dun- can, Mrs. Snyder, Mrs. VVerk, Mrs. Knecht, Mrs. Lederer, Mrs. Lawrence, Mrs. Beer, Mrs. Jahnkr Center row: Mrs. London, Mrs. Lowenberg, Mrs. Psaros, Mrs. Larson, Mrs. Conn, Mrs. Tomita, Mrs. Casterline, Mrs. Williams. Front row: Mrs. jacobus, Mrs. Weitzel, Mrs. Fike, Mrs. Stenke, Mrs. Wurster POLICE 4, ,. .... ,N .. Left Officer Ulnits Right, Sgt. Carter ATTENDANCE Left to right, Mrs. McKee, Mrs. Turner, Mrs. Fink, Diane Hopper, COT assistant. Left to right, Mr, Morton, Mrs. Rush, Mr. lannelli, Mr. Loy, Mr. Harris. MAINTENANCE Standing, left to right, Mr. Zwick, Mr. Dalton, Mr. Jackson, Mr. Zeller Seated, Mr. Boland, Head Custodian. 95 ECRET RIE Xe. Standing, left to right: Mrs. Lutz, Mrs. Griggs, Mrs. Philips, Mrs. Houlihan, Mrs. Hill, Mrs. Hubbard, Mrs. Baylis, Mrs. Lillie, Mrs. Rappuhn, Mrs. Gifford, Mrs. Kirk, Mrs. Karsian fpermanent substitute teacherl. Seated, left to right: Mrs. Hall, Miss Schneider, Mrs. Cary, Mrs. Cougeon, office manager. Mrs. Judson, Secretary to Mr. Schreiber. ..'-r x, -.NX AQ fiff' ' A K A 1-..rf.ff'1 -an .-4x+!!f?r Wi-A hs' A'-' X-Fai, - . ' - --.------ -.rr J." I-" R214 "-' 'l' LW ,--SU' 9 X" PF- 97" X' ' ...X ,-asian .Qqqf bmw ff, 537 if fc? ' -X? ff :M X351 .siiflgx jsp! -1'4A'Q.7' ' lg' 21 ' in gyxqx 11' -3 IP Xazfragiqggx ' f for .xv - A 4. - f-I f -' ' - ' rw :-1 -. -N. . gc: E Yvalo -J ik E1 47 lg ff-,EX IE, P iq Eh X68 if -- L' Q, - '1 1- : ,',:.z:v1i 2- - ,r- - ' rl' if 1:1142 VI' -1-V ffnlfifr W. EY- ,' ff'f fff A' EN 151 ' if' X533 55' -v -'- 1- Q2-. Rx' wr: -2?-4-"'. " if- H' '+ W r xl fo fir" J-Q-4-wf'f X2 jj! I N, .14 ,111 -38 it 40522 -4......-J NX, 1 fl - mf: 2353" ' ' Q 'V A, , A , it J, . f :I in h WL I, Lg, U .,,. .. N., . E 1, ,H ., Q. t ix. A. X - f '-- V-' -, g' we Q X' - EX ER CI FORM Row One: Margaret Hairston tvice pres.J, Julie Strack ttreasj, Peggy Mclieague Cpres.J, Sue Cares Csecj. Row Two: Andy Lommel, Karen VVicks, Ellen Bishop, jan Saalfeld, Holly Barrie, judy Borchardt. Robin Stull. Row Three: Vicki Schleyer, jane Borchardt, Genii Cazier, Cindy Lamb, Barb Bolle. Beppie van den Bosch, jane Drury, Sue Cillen, Row Four: Sue Sawyer, Betsy Lovell, jane Dibble, Mary Ann Hall, Martha Buss, Mary Graham, Sue Serfontein, Sue Lundberg, Kathy Har- rell. Absent: jane Dziewiatkowski, Row One: C, Sinclair, M. Fitts, N. Lunn, F. Anthony. Row Two: G. Steinman, R. Lee, E. Fox, L. Ludlow. Row Three: P, Etzorn, M. Furh- man, K. Lands, J. McDowell. Row Four: C. VVilson, P. Davis, P. Pollack, J. Foster. during the year. 98 Marcia Fitts QV. Presj, Ginger Steinman CPres.J This year the Aquaneers, our syn- chronized swim club, was sponsored by Mrs. Kollen. The officers were elect- ed in the spring of '67 and along with several other judges they chose the club's members at tryouts in the fall. This year the club sponsored a clinic for the junior Highs, and hosted the state AAU synchronized finals. The title of this years animal show was "The Art of Living". L. to R. Sue Cares, julie Straclt, Peggy Mclieague, Margaret Hairston. The Modern Dance Club provides interested girls the oppor- tunity to work on the techniques and variations in dance by dancing to drums and music. ln March, they present a Modern Dance Show to exhibit the skill and knowledge they acquire The club members end their year with a traditional spring picnic where the officers for the coming year are announced. ERVICE ORIE TED TUDEN S .1 :X 1..J2mmme Row l: Nancy Beer, Lila Skjei, Bob Olberg, Vicky Naylor. Row 2: Debbie Chance, Sue Talbot, Lucy Whitfield, Norma Lucas, Debbie Mielke, Kevin Maslin, Janet Trotter. Row 3: Ed Lum, Sid Peterson, Steve Solowczuk, Charlene Weir, Polly Houchk, jennifer Peng, Mrs. Fruehling. Row 4: Dave Burley, Dave McCargar, Tom Fox, Milton Andrews, Bruce Bayha, john Pringle, Dennis Herkimer, Dave Arndt. Absent: Sue Grayum, Liang Tien, Sue Weidenbach, jack Etsweiler, Sherry Williams, Rhae Bain, Linda Andre, jane Giery, Mary Ellen Hayes. Lambda is a school service club which is composed of student assistants from the two divisions of the Learning Resource Center: library and audiovisual. The students check out and shelve books, prepare materials for circulation, file and fill requests for magazines, pamphlets, and college catalogs. Other students are taught to operate the various machines and then deliver this equipment to classrooms. Additional activities such as Saturday "workdays" provide group fun outside of school hours. The offi- cers are Vicki Naylor, president, Bob Olberg and Lila Skjer, co-vice presidents, and Nancy Beer, secretary. Mr. MacPherson, Audio-visual Consultant, and Mrs. Smith The Conservation Club is a new organization whose main interest is in preservation of our natural resources and wild- life. The club has taken several field trips, including some as far away as northern Michigan. On the trips the study of conservation practices is stressed so that each member can gain a better understanding of management of the outdoors. The Conservation Club offers a firsthand opportunity to gain a better understanding of nature through conservation. Row One: Mark Comstock, David Esch, Mark Rondell. Row Two: Steve Bohannon, joseph Everett, Steven Hoy. Row Three: Brian Krebes, Hank Schoch, Darryl Andrews, David Braithwaite. Not Pictured: Douglas Allen, Bruce Hollbrock, Mike Ager. Aiming A Conservation The Rifle Club is open to all students, and members receive instruc- tion in shooting and gun safety under the direction of Mr. Barclay. Shooting begins several weeks after the beginning of school. Shooters earn National Rifle Association marksmanship awards and try out for positions on the Rifle Team. The team competes in several leagues and attends both the Indoor and Outdoor junior Rifle Champion- ships. llow One: Ken Ulrey, Wendy Aldrich, Richard Sturm, Dan Shankland, Doug ,-Willits, David McMullen. Row Two: Madeleine Brown, Eric Mann, Jim Tieman, Roger Williams, Marcia Fitch, Steve Raymond, Harold Holden. Row Three: Beth Geen, Gregg Napier, Terry Weaver, Roger Cross, Dan Mclntire, Steve Tag- gart, Mark McCollum. Row Four: Mr. Barclay, Bruce Fulton, Mike Butler, Andrew Thompson, jim Huff, jim Tordoff, Hans Peinemann, Richard Blake. 100 Whee-e-e-e .... Ski ! Officers: Craig Robinson CPresidentJ, Steve Matthews fVice- President J, Patty Johannes QSecretaryJ, Louie Weir CTreasurerJ The Ski Club took ski trips to Mount Holly every Friday night during the winter Qweather permittingj. Kids did not have to have their own equipment to be able to go. One of the Ski Club's projects for this year was to start a ski team. The club sponsor was Mr. Stringer. 101 HURO HIGH, CUP L. to R.: Co-Capt. Liz King, Mary Donner, Chris Eschman, Phyllis Pollack, Marysia Ostafin, Kim Nlargeson, Chris Roberts, Anne Scdlander, Capt. Sally Sawyer. 1,2,3,and. . All Huron High teams recieved great support form the Huron High cheerleaders. The Varsity cheerleaders cheered at Varsity football and basketball, and the jr. Varsity girls cheered at the jr. Varsity games. Both Squads teamed up to back all of the other sports. Varsity cheerleaders, Seniors Liz King and Sally Sawyer, juniors Mary Donner, Chris Eschman, Phyllis Pollack, Marysia Ostafin, Kim Margeson, Chris Roberts and Anne Sed- lander were chosen in tryouts last spring, while jr. Varsity mem- bers, Juniors jane Martin, Kathy Knobel, Pam Ruzicka, jane Schulte, Stephanie Millsg Sophomores Gretchen Schrock, Sue Porter, Kay Katzenmeyer and Carol Stewart were chosen tryouts last fall. Both teams got Huron High pep off to a bright start. i C C . C H wow!!! OF GOOD CHEER Front Row: Co-Capt. Kathy Knobcl Capt jane Martm Carol Stewart Middle Row Kay Katzen meyer, jane Schulte, Stephanie Mills Last Row Pam RllZlClC3 Cretchen Schrock Sue Porter U: l. iq. Y wwf?-if QNQQ "'lu....,Q - ' A " " 9? L Q, . --7 :fT3i,. l liiifxiifachwfw. - x H gg.wrSsa:fM M ' - " ' X .Q . x xfeiiff' mfg THEY,VE GOT THE SPIRIT ,,,,,,,..,.i,,,...,..aanHvx-aLii'w+-'-ww'-sM'- YEOWWWH!!! The peppy Pioneer cheerleaders led the Pioneer fans at all major and minor sports. Varsity cheerleaders were Seniors Sarah Stegath, Sue Schonberger, Nancy Haskell, jane Schieve and juniors Connie Goldsmith, Debbie Hoffman, Suzy Huntzicker, Susie Crayum, and Betty Lum. They led the cheers at the Var- sity football and basketball games. The jr. Varsity cheerleaders were juniors Cathy Abell, Nan Hutchings, Patty Johannes, Karen Nye, Patty Cazier, Diane Thomas and Sophomores Kathy VVhite, Robyn Scollard, and Sue Tracy who led the cheers at the major jr. Varsity sports. The squads shared cheering duties at all of the other sports. Vfithout their enthusiastic leadership school spirit would have lost much of its sparkle. LE T'S GO.'!!!! itz., ,, , 104 L. to B.: Betty Lu, ,Debbie Hoffman, Connie Goldsmith, jane Schieve, Co-Capt. Sue Schonberger Capt. Sarah Stegath, Suzy Huntzicker, Susie Crayum, Nancy Haskell. ...PIO EER PIRIT . 4QnyA' ,JL "AK 411. 7 I .Q ' a 1 Front Row: Sue Tracy, Robyn Scollard, Capt, Cathy Abell, Kathy VVhite, Diane Thomas. Back Row: Patty Johannes, Nan Hutchings, Karen Nye, Patty Cazier. The G.A.C. Officers, ROW 1: A, McEwen, M. Laird, P. Turner, N. Lyke, I. Lamb, ROW 2: S. Tracy, L. Laird, S. Coates, T. Yahr. The Girl's Athletic Club added badminton to their usual major sports: field hockey, volley ball, basketball and softball. In jan- uary the Brighton High School was invited to play volley ball with the G.A.C. Our team won two out of the three games. GAC: GIRLS, ACTICN, COMPETITIO G.A.C. ROW 1: M. jones, S. Olsen, J. Bandrofchak, N. Brown, J. McCalla, J. Hagen, B. Sweet, S. Tracy, J. Lamb, P. Johnston, I. Delay, N. Lyke, A. McEwen, B. Bums, P. Scollard, K. Crouch, E. Bishop, S. Hayes, D. Krupp, D. McLean, ROW 2: K. Tilt, M. Demski, L. Skjei, D. Thomas, C. Thayer, B. Morley, A. McCalla, L. Ludlow, P. Beatty, M. Otto, K. Boblitt, P. Bush, C. Delf, J, jackson, j. Pretzfelder, M. Murray, j. Sauders, S. Fellman, M. Hubbard, C. NVilson, T. Yahr, K. Braizer. BOW 3: E. Thayer, M. Pressel, L. Laird, K. Frisinger, L. Thieme, A. Lommel, L. Takeshita, D. Mielke, T. Conner, D, Treaster, P. Armstrong, A. Kostishak, S. Wenk, M. Laird, P. Tuner, M. Beal, M. Han- kamp, K. Lands, N. Darrow, I. Elzay, K. Brinkman, J. Beamer, S. johnson, A. Steinicke, N. Inge- brightsen, M. Stevens. ROW 4: S. Edwards, B. Vaughn, C. johnson, C. Carr, S. Lands, B. Eastman, D. Conard, B. Davison, P. Harrell, N. Scott, D. Doerr, K. Cooley, T. Cooley, D. Hoefle, P. Davis, P. Lewis, P. Spencer, P. Roger, D. Schroen, L. Webster, K. Summer, N. Agler, T. Mclnroy, S. Coates. 106 A Cappella Choir is organized to give musi- and for Cflmmencement. cal training to talented singers. Each year the choir press nts several assemblies for the student bodx and concerts for the public. The group sings for the annual All-City music programs and PfiV-ale gf0l1PS- OUT TA DI G PERFURMA CES' A Cappella Choir, Seated: "M. E. Palmer, 'T. Crandall, "D, Scherclt, 'D. Patrick, "A. Kalousdian, Mr. Pratt. Row l: M. Santaro, M. Scherclt, 'B. johnsmiller, D. VValker, S. Zahn, 'C. Murtaugh, T Skjei, 'D. VVarren, M. Pester, R. Goodwin, C. Laubengayer, T. Cotz, M. Halman, 'C. Richert, P. Bucalo, C. Fox, R. Solvith, M. Maurer, J. Schulte, 'j. Schneider. Row 2: S. Rebeck, 'S. Shepherd, j. Iistep, M. Lombard, J. Lamb, M. Ostafin, 1. Fenton, B. Copi, R. Hakala, R. Helmrich, R. Frauman, D. Farrington, C. Lonsberry, 'T. Vogel, 'D. McCargar, P. Burns, B. Burnes, 'C. Wesenberg, L. Smith C. McArt0r, 'K. Hilbish. Row 3: B. Bree, P. Meyers, L. Hutzel, S. Elzay, C. Bird, T. A. Miller, D. Colvin, 'B. McOmber, A. Stanley, T. T. Tayler, S. Burd, L. Gable, 'T. Litow, C. Fine, 'C. Williams 'C. Crippen, D. WVadleigh, 'C. Griffin, 'B. Palmer, K. Bergren, L. Mitchell, Row 4: L. Suits K VVillis, 'P. McCracken, S. Avsharian, C. Moulton, N. Iuvinall, H. Cooper, S. Trippe, j. VVilson, 'D Kast. 'B. Cunningham, C. Cares, "D. Enos, R. Carnes, G. Perry, 'A. Kooi, M. Mclnroy, "E. Lamer- son, P. Hoefle, M. Levinson, 'N. Meyer. 'Denotes members of choraleers. The Choraleers, specially selected from A Cappella, sing "chamber music" suitable for a small choir for assemblies, service clubs Cantando Choir. ROW l: "M. Fitts, P. Carrmv, 1. Tasleie, S. Perry, C. Stornant, J. jackson, L. Baylis, S. Hoefle, E. NVard, L. Bonta, K. Rupert, 'B. Harris, 'A. Sedlander, "-I. Clushyn. ROVV 2: L. Bowers, "K. Colvin, "C. Coldie, N. Merchant, BC. Bennett, B. Schweitzer, D. Drury, L. Adams, S. Feller, C. Stucky, 1. Shaffer, P. Scollard. M. Baker. ROW 3: N. Lyke, C. Escheman, D. Dailey, 'D. Stoll, T. Tefft, A. Eschelbach, 'C. Cutrona, "j. Brauer, P. Anderson, j. Layher, 'S. Gillies, Miss. Datz. ROW 4: M. Lutz, 'D. Brown, M. Tieman, S. Mayfield, 'R. Karp, C. Smith, K. Collins, "M. Bush, "L. Brownson, "j. Heine, N. Rhodes, N. Bare, 'B. Lowell, A. Becker, "M. Youngdahl. f'Denotcs members of Girls' Ensemblej Mixed Ensemble: Row 1: T. Fagin, C. jones, M. Clark, K. jones, M. Durant, D. Christman, R. Ingram Miss. Datz, C. Kirkland, B. Storm, K. White, K. Woods, R. Scollard, D. Kaiser, C. Royal, K. Stoliker. Row 2: K, Huxley, K. Waterman, P. Custine, A, Bishop, L. Martin, S. Harmon, K. Young, S. Suther- land, D. johnson, R. Pickut, j. Sayre, j. Fox, N. Agilvie, K. Barnes, P. Folles, E. Bowler, N. Wendel K. Boblitt, V. Smith, S. VVellman. Row 3: P. Shepperd, P. Baker, P. Martin, P. Clark, S. Sawyer, j Crandall, K. Cooley, D. Finkbeiner, R. Williams, D. Schultz, D. VanderKooy, B. Fulton, G, Webber j. Chaconas, S. Woodward, j. Class, K. judson, R. Cates, K. Ward, D. McCreary, T. Brooks. Row 4: B. johnson, C. Stoll, S. Coon, K. Tilt, j. Richert, K. Fox, D. Procassini, D. Schroen, j. Elzay, M. Butler D. Fry, C. Perry, M. Fink, R. Andres, P. Shipley, T. Roth, L.. Doud, M. Fisher, B. Cook, M. Brown s s K. Sunner, S. Warner, C. Wilson, M. Hubbard. USICAL TALE T IS 0 RS. Cantando Choir is a select group of junior and senior girls who work on mus- ic of a more difficult nature to gain and improve their understanding of vocal music. The Girls' Ensemble is comprised of girls who are in Cantando and show an interest in working in a small group. Both the Mixed Chorus and Mixed Ensemble are designed to give interested students the chance to improve their abilities and knowledge of vocal music. They are primarily a training groups, many try out for the advance groups. All groups perform at school assem- blies throughout the year. Mixed Chorus, Row 1: C. johnson, M. Broadhead, S. Wilson, R. Terry, V. Hurt M. Winful, j. Galloway, N. Stofflet, L. Tanabe, J. Lum, L. Cummins. Row 2: Miss Datz, B. Rupert, N. Dorow, S. Tuttle, D. Eddy, D. Newkirk, P. Paige, E Turner, C. Clisham, L. Navidzedah, M. Sherrfelt. Row 3: C. Kooperman, K. Ander- son, C. Wood, B. Cozart, K. Toms, j. Cartwright, K. Holzapfel, C. Phibbs,vC Soures, S. johnson, j. Beamer, C. Hartman, j. Trotter. Row 4: E. Hart, C. Craig L. McConnell, C. Bush, j. Harrington, A. Helmers, C. judson, j. Sobrepina, M jaeger, K. Renz, P. Ellison, D. Brown, T. Stabler, N. Heroux, V. Austin. ART ..... STAGE CRE Art Club: Row 1: S. Smith, D. Weaver, D. Longworth, P. VVinters, S. Glickman, S. Shipman, M. Hodges, M. VVilfulg Row 2: J. Mariouw, P. Bush, B. Bertolaet, N. Carter, H. Fritzche, C. Holly, D. Emmons, V. Stenning, D. Arndt, Row 3: L. Barenze, VV. Freg, M. Fitch, D. Bergren, R. Graves, I. Renfrew, D. Zeilman, Mr. Nerht. The Stage Crew was responsible for the scenery for the many assemblies presented this year. They did an excellent job on the senior talent show. Not only did they build and design all the scenery, but they were also responsible for moving the scenery off stage and on during scene changes. SYMPHONY BA -ALWAY TIME Row l: jay deVries, Roger jones, Mark Cooperrider, Carol Willis, Sandy Moore, Karen Brazer, Paula Datsko, Clare Comstock, Sue Tracy, Cathy McClatchy, Ann Reading. Row 2: Greg Fox, Martha Buss, Cindy Philips, julie Hall, Debbie Wilson, Erica Fox, David VVestin, Marcia North, Daun Green, Karen Rice, Nonie Steinhoff, jill VVashington, Margaret Otto, jane Hinerman, Brenda VVilliams, Mary Laird. Row 3: Rick Wilson, Nancy Craik, Dave Corsa, Roger Reynolds, Scott Oliver, Dave Snyder, Faith Mithcell, janet Polaskey, Ted Evans, Alan McRoberts, jackie Smith, Charles Teachout, Sue Schonberger, john jacobson, jay Heininger, Dave Hesson, Matt Lampe, Louis Stout, Carol Rulfs, judy Kemph, Patty Dickinson. Row 4: jon Cohen, Tim Wilson, Octy Owen, jean 'vVong, Linda Laird, Elizabeth Rupert, Richard Ganzhorn, Kyl Green, Dave VVheelock, Mary Ann Hess, john Kainlauri, Sam Damren, Larry Adelson, jerry Saalfield, Richard Sturm, David Hurst, Dave Bishop, Roger Paley, Brad Williams, Bob VVillmarth, Dan VVagner, Chris Barr, Peter Trezise, Nancy Haskell, Tim Holtfreter, Eric jones, Dave Palmiere, Nell Perrault, Tony Brown. Row 5: Mike Burt, Dick Colvin, Doug Carpenter, Ed Kalousdian, Mike Vaal, Pete Koste, john Hay, Dwight Smith, Barbara Higman, Tom Shoemaker, Dan Enos, Dennis Bartlett, Larry Wall, Bill Van Der Schalie, Brent Hawkins, Dwight johnston, Rick Platte, Andy Westervelt, jon Holtfreter, Richard jahns, john Delancy. Row 6: jean Holland, Dan Bender, jon Franzblau, Bill Harris, Robert Benford. The Ann Arbor High School Sym- phony Band represents the finest wind instrument players in the school. These students are auditioned from a total of two hundred and ninety players. They perform the fin- est in band music at concerts, as- semblies and band festivals. Row One: Linda Muehlig, Barb Lowther, Becky Kincaid, Lucy Binder, Linda Dally, Lynn Toshack, Alice Askins, Cathy Bach, Pam Ridenour, Pam Davis. Row Two: Charlie Child, Margie Hobbie, Kathie Higman, Debbie Thrane, Carolyn Mayne, Dexter Perkins, Pam Rayan, Debbie Wilson, Peg Iohston, Susan Lunk, Chris Wilson, Holly Husted, Barb Sweet, Marsha MacDonald. Row Three: Charles Miller, Phillippa Greathouse, Bob Doezma, Sue Weiland, Bob Culbertson, Ed Robinson, Connie Frederick, Mike Arnold, Sumner Maule, Seth Powsner, David Innes, Peter Dehart, Lincoln Sehoch, jay DeVries, Bob Dewolf, Ann Miller, Sue Emerson, Rickie Field. Row Four: Tom Weber, Greg Napier, jeff Barbour, Mark Weber, Larry Harbison, Gary Dabich, Rhys Williams, Elaine Collins, Mike Herkimer, jim Cockrell, Steve Adams, Steve Miller, Richard Demuth, David Braithwaite, Rolf Wucher- er, Steve Moss, Tom Gourley, jim Bernard, Ralph Smith, Bill Kistler, Doug Ballard, Steve Pardon, Tim Whitmer, Dave Robbins, Fred Metzger. Row Five: Gary Lutz, Richard Blake, MUSIC MAKER LED BY A HS' MUSIC M MR. BORDO Tom Williams, Burt Levenson, Palmer Schoch, Paul Angel, Steve Keppler, Paul Valentine. The Concert Bands have earned the right to compete in the first division at the State Festival. They also give concerts during the year. 112 Row One: Walter Hill, David Clark, Carol Stewart, jan Saalfeld, Linda Beaulieu, Carol Coppola, jackie Farish, Thea Blaess, Peggy Bailey. Row Two: Pete Taylor, Norma Line- baugh, Gerry Kennedy, Debbie Tappe, Lisbeth Thieme, Barb Kahn, Nan Ingebrigtsen, Carol Judson, Carol Carr, Mary Millard, Debby Conard, Bonnie Burgess, Sue Alorum, Dar- leen DeMason, Sarah Smith. Row Three: Becky Podewil, Kathy Riordan, Doug Boynton, Bill Robbins, David Luther, Kathy Hellner, Michael Wright, Paul Fairman, Fred Patriardhe, Dave Snyder, Dave Allen, Sherry White, Chris Witte, Steve Taggart, Lisa Davey, Judy Ped- erson, jay DeVries. Row Four: Dan Wise, Alan Voorhees, Mark Rondell, Roger Crawford, Dave Corsa, Alan Campbell, Bill Kainlauri, Mark Comstock, Karl Davis, john Schneider, Harold Kirshen, Bob Olberg, Bill Sanders, Dave Bruden, Bob Barrie, Chris Selvig, Doug Wanty, Geoff Lowrey, Dennis Birgel, jim Levenick, Glen McDowell, McClain Smith, Steve Daly, Martha Churchill. Row Five: Carl Hueter, Randy Brewer, Dennis Ludwig, Gob Ganz- horn, Tom Enos, Al Alexamder, Chris Diana, Steve Mason, Charlie Kennedy. UST FIDDLI ' 'ROU Row One: Richard Evans, Tom Adamson, Susan Garner, Linda Waite, Margaret VVu, Carl VanVal- kenburg, Peggy Howe, Steven Doane. Row Two: Tom McKenzie, Sherri Meyers, Leslie Hirth, Nancy Haynes, Karen Brazer, Ann Reading, Cathy McClatchy, Karen Rice, Jane Lehmann, Rowe Lee, Chris Murtaugh, Charles Raab. Row Three: jane Brown, Doug Rutherford, David Dale, Ruth Twining, Lindsay Chaney, Pat Rector, Roger jones, Jay deVries, David Snyder, Scott Oliver, Diane Ford, Betsy Robertson, VVendy Bassett, Eileen Harris. Row Four: joan Geddes, David Rogers, Ellen Bishop, Karen Wicks, Diane Hoefle, Mary Graham, judy Pryor, jackie Smith, john jacobson, David Hesson, Louis Stout, Pam Spencer, Brenda Bray, Darcey Lenz, Scott Lowe. Row Five: Colby Rogers, Ingrid Michot, jon F ranzblau, Gordon Stout, Robert Benford, john Kainlauri, Sam Damren, Richard Sturm, john DeLancey, jon Holtfreter, Dwight Johnston, Edward Kalousdian, Susan Lundborg, Vicki Stoll, David Glass, Sandra Bergmann, Ellen jones, Andrew Miller, JoAnn McCalla, David Yih. Row l: Patricia Phillips, Carolyn Ash, jon Hakken, Martin Chaney, Patricia Roeger, Susan Metzger, Susan Olsen, Robin Phillips. Row 2: janet Schnoor, Margaret Westrum, Catherine Marchant, David Partington, Linda Robson, Thea Blaess, Peggy Bailey, George Lonsberry, Miriam Pressel, Mark Schrager, Charlene Carr. Row 3: Fran Durner, James Blythe, Della Arndt, Judy Garfield, Esther Schiedel, Kathleen Hellner, Michael Wright, David Clark, Walter Hill, Howard Deal, Tim Pott, Paul Fairman, Connie White, Natalie Lewis. Row 4: William Goodwin, Cathy Tetzloff, Teresa Conner, Nancy Southwick, Tom Gala, Billy Bachman, Beverly Napier, Debby Napier, Debbie Ayers, Alan Campbell, james Corsa, Roger Crawford, jeffery Lowrie, Micky Smith, Martha Churchill, Robert Berry, Alfred Alexander, Charles Kennedy, Chris Diana. nfwewrnmocuo mzomwimw DPUUPSCDEIIICDWO HDUFJOZOQ SIGHT AND SOU RADIO GUILD The Radio Guild's many duties include telecasting the daily bulletin on both the P.A, and television, delivering the annual Veterans' Day radio assembly, and a radio assembly on Lincoln. They also telecast the Student Council Nominating Convention. Row 1: Bruce Wild, Rick Bray, Ginger Steinman, Mr. Dawson. Row 2: Betty Downie, john Beilock, Steve Taggart, Cliff Van Ittersum, Daryll Miller. Row 3: Neil Lau, VVill Hawkins, Byron Vivian, Dennis Downie, Mike Koste. THEATRE GUILD The Theatre Guild gives students the opportunity to show their talents on the stage. Besides acting, it concerns itself with costuming, make-up, stage sets, and the other duties associated with the Theatre. This year the Guild presented "The Diary Of Anne Frank," and "Tea- house Of The August Moon." THEATRE GUILD: Row One: Florence Anthony, Vera Meyer, Terry Renold, Laura Takeshita, Bonnie Carnes, Martha Heckencamp, Betty Downie, Diane Kennedy, Erika Fox, Larry Harbison, Ashraf S. Hashimi, Anne McEwen, Carol Flandyz. Row Two: Cathy Higgman, Cathy Evaldson, Dennis VVarren, Leigh Martin, Cindy Coon, Sue Coper, Amie Ford, Becky Dorrance, Laurette Spang, Stephanie Mills, Tom Manzi, Mike Pester, Becky Podwill, Linda Hertzog, Allison Helmers. Row Three: Sue Nevins, Anya Rappot, Juliet Richter, Ricki Ward, Ruth Crawford, Herb Ellis, Carla Hawkins, Steve Dryfus, Steve Smith, Susy- Feller, Mike Meyer, Jeff Fine, Marsha Levinson, Barrie Wicks, jan Lowry, Scott Nowland. Row Four: Ed Livingston, Eric Hansen, jon Beilock, jack Raeburn, Neil, Will Hawkins, Milton Andrews, Dennis Downey, Matt Lampe, Chuck Whitman, Byron Vivian, Gregg Walden, Dave Pollock, john Stephenson, Mike Costy, jim Bittman, Bruce Wild. 114 PARLEZ- VO US FRA CA IS? The French Club had a very active year. Besides regular meetings, the club went carol- ing and had a potluck at Christ- mas, saw a French play, and held their annual soiree in the spring. In addition, many mem- bers went to Paris on the trip sponsored by the French de- partment. French Club, row 1: Terese Lefevre, Marty Fuhrman, Patty Roeger, jennifer Dodge, Sharron Bender, Margie Clark, janice Bandrofchak, Madeline Schwab, jill Vlfashington, Pat Murphy, jan Schnoor, Kathy Wurster, Fran Seymour, Ellen Hoff, Sue Tracy, Mary Sugden, Carolyn Ash, Valerie Fletcher, joyce Karp, Nancy Mustard. Row 2: Peggy Hoyt, Candy Rosaen, Cindy Lamb, Roxanne Shriver, Mitty Lesstrang, jane Nach, Paula Lewis, Valorce Naag, Pam Davis, Debby Boggess, janet Polasky, Kathy Frisinger, janet Trotter, jan Hagen, Pat Gustine, Cathy Ogden, Sue Shipman, Lucy Binder, Chris Alexander, Sue Harmon, Kathy Boblitt. Row 3: Sharon Mayfield, Anne O'Brien, Cheryl Bennett, Dee Pengelly, Day Styan, Nancy Dorow, Diane Davis, Robin Rossland, Kathy McClatchey, Ann Kostishak, Barbie Fuller, janet Saunders, jane Fletcher, Wendy Gosling, Lisa Friedrichs, Rickie Field, Sue Weidenbach, Linda Arbogast, Sandy Arbogast, Shannon Edwards, Lou Ann Lenio, Lani Angell, Marsha MacDonald, Sandy Heiss, Wendy Bassett, TeDee Theofil, Susan Lunk. Row 4: Lynn Davis, Sarah Coates, Carolyn Mayne, Cathy Riordan, Pam Date, Linda Kalmbach, Kindra Cooley, Mary Hubbard, Denise Procassini, Ron Gardner, Anne Eschelbach, Debby Weber, Margie Westrum, jack Iktweiler, Barb Patton, jackie Foster, Cathy Bach, Clare Comstock, julie Carroll, Sue Stricklen, Ann Atkinson, Dave Glass, john Ludlow, Keith Laughlin, Lisa Dovey, Don Selenis, jane Thackrey, Mary Vontom. LA GUA GE CL UB Russian Club, Bow 1: Frank Slavik, Richard VVilson, Amy Ford, Susan McElroy, Victoria Page, Marjorie Kerman, Deborah Mielke, Theres Solowczuk, Day Styan, Deborah Moore, David Bender, Burton Levenson, Kent Kimball, Karen Rice, Sharon Speyer, james Henle. Row 2: Mr, Ambrazevich, Mary Wolter, Betsy Bree, Susan NVilder, Erica Goode, Christy VVilson, Richard Goodwin, Susan Kingsbury,Jam0S GOOT-lS6ll. Pat HOCHB, Shawn E-dW31'ClS, Laffy' Harbison, Michael Zahn, Elizabeth Fitts. Row 3: Anya Rapoport, jean Sussman, Stephen Adams, Sarah Brown, Gregory Fox, Martha Churchill, Phyllis Pollack, Peter Cunningham Tom Wehrer, Allison Parkes, Michael Bodine, Chris Diana, Anita Kalousdian, james Butler. Row 4: Hans Peinemann, David Kimball, Tom Litow, Eugene Hart, Eric Jones, David Westin, Milton Andrews, Margaret Sharemet, Rick Helmreich, Russell Dewey, Thomas Sell, Tom Lee, john Stephenson, Gregory VValden, Niki Kazarinoff, james Blow. The Russian Club is open to all students of Russian and their guests. Various aspects of Russian culture are presented through the use of slides, films, and talks. In addition members learn folk dances' and songs. A highlight of every year is the Russian banquet with authentic Russian food, dances and games. Mr. Ambrezevich is the-club's sponsor. The German Club is com- posed of all students with an interest in the German culture and people. Their activities this year have included an annual Christmas party in which all German classes presented an act spoken German, caroling in German to hospital patients, speakers on Germany and the affair with the largest atten- dance-the German banquet! German Club, Row 1: Evy Tan, Lynn Toshach, Marilyn Mauer, Kathy Higman. Row 2: Elke Schenk, Regina Fritzsche, Carolyn Fox, jane Hoch, jeff Potter. Row 3: Miss Murphy, Tom Manzi, john Barnes, Donna Hatfield, Sue Johnson, Ellen Leidy. Row 4: jim Goodsell, Greg Grinnell, Hans Peinemann, Larry Wall, Mike Butler, Eric Mellancamp, Chad Thompson. A FOREIG FLA IR The Classical Club is intended for students interested in the classics and related subjects. The club hears lectures by au- thorities in the fields of archae- ology, linguistics, and the classical languages. The high point of the year is the Cena R0m2rla, the Roman Banquet. Wearing togas and reclining on rugs, the students are served "Roman', food and "wine', by ' slaves. The sponsor of the club is Mrs. Craik. Classical Club, row 1: Debbie Ruzicka, Valerie Hellner, Pam Baker, Wendy Aldrich Row 2: Ellen jones, Linda Herzog, Linda Robson, Christine Mehlhorn. Row 3: Mrs. Craik Linda Cardone, Debbie W'ilson, Larry Harbison, Chris Coon. Row 4: Dave Burley, Dave Mar shall, Mark Doman, Tom Neely, Dave Taylor. The Spanish Club is open to anyone. Main Club activities include a Christmas party, the Spanish banquet, and participa- tion in the International Week- end. The Club sponsor is Mr. Spanish Club, row l: Kathy jones, Kay Hunsicker, Stephanie Ortino, Carol jones, Kathy Hoff- DeNicolo. man, Diane Kennedy, Beth Harris. Row 2: Mr. DeNicoIo, Linda Chapus, Jan McDowell, Patty Johannes, Margo Devine, Cindy Brown, Annie McEwen. Row 3: Mary Witting, Mike Phillips, Barb Kessler, Connie Frederick, Sharon Pettiford, Kary Petrick, Marilyn Mauer, Bonnie Carnes. Row 4: Greg Crinnel, jeff Clark, Mary Goode, Mary Adams, Alex Pentland, Larry Wiley, Jeff Fine, Ruth Crawford, Alice Steinicke, Absent: Art Mack 117 International Club: Row One: K. Akerlund, N. lbsen, P. Bersley, M. Zoeler. Row Two: N. jaslow H. Silver, M. Sborovsky, J. Kingsmith, J. Sobrepena, A. Osmena, R. Wuchere. Row Three: M. Troth P. McCracken, C Screuder, N. Heros, D. Lampel, L. Limpet, Paul Hages. Row Four: E Mellencamp, N. Meyers, D. Bogess, B. W'ilson, C. Fox, P. Graham, Miss Davis. Row Five: A. Owens S. Lutz, M. VVasserman, H. von Wachenfelt, M. Numinen. Missing: M. VVinful. CULTURE EXCHA G The International Club brings together the AAHS students and the exchange students. The club gives the opportunity for the exchange of cultures. During the meetings the members show slides and talk of their way of life and the differences in cultures. 118 F.T.A. ROW 1: Qofficersl N. Amerman, V. Naylor, S. Kleinschmidt, A. Kalousdian, D. Pengelly. ROW 2: S. Dute, M. Troth, L. Toshach, M. McGinty. ROW 3: D. Styan, P. Beaty, S. Lunk, C. Weir, ROW 4: M. Witting, C. Craig, P. Davis, K. Collins, C. johnson. The goal of the Future Teachers' Club is to explore teaching as a career through a wide range of programs and group activities. Guest speakers, movies, and discussions comprise the programs each Monday after school. Projects include visits to workshops and college campuses, a tea for the teachers during FTA week and during Christmas. They send dele- gates to the Delegate Assembly in the Spring. LEARN NG THRUUGH g EXPLORA TIO Asian Society ROW 1: L. Takeshita, S. Sinclair, S. Pen'y, D. Zahn, K. Brazer. ROW 2: Mrs. Chen, L. Copley, Y. Peng, A. The Asia Society was formed to study the life and culture of the Asian people. Hashmi, N. Meyer. ROW 3: C. Bird, E. Mellen- camp, P. Koste, M. Xoller, L. Herzog. Asian exchange students from the U. of M. were the most frequent guest speakers. The different aspects of the cultures were taught, such as Chinese writing and food. In the spring the Sec- ond Annual Banquet was held, at which Oriental customs were observed. 119 The Future Nurses Association is for people who are interest- ed in nursing and other medical careers. The Club meets every other Tuesday and they often have guest speakers. Their Christmas project for this year was to sell cards for the Michigan Association for Mentally Disturbed Children. They also cooperate with St. joseph Mercy Hospital in a volunteer program. Future Nurses Club, row 1: Mrs. Kyprie, Sandy Boettger, Lorraine Ponto, Judy Pryor, Marcia Watson. Row 2: Debby Chance, Sue Talbot, Natalie Lewis, Susan Emerson, Marilyn Backus. Row 3: Diane Dancer, Marsha Officer, Barb Burns, Alison Parker, Miriam Pressel. Row 4: Charlayne Hartman, Linda Dally, Ginger Austin, Anna Gibbons, Nancy Craik, Kathy Herter. C DEDICA TED -TO SER VICE The Social VVork Club's goals are to stimulate interest in social work and to find ways to help people in our community. They have been involved in many activities which show that they are working toward achieving their goals. They have worked at Ypsi State Hospital, visited the Maxey Boys' Training School and held a party for children at the Community Center. At their meetings they fre- quently have guest spcakers and movies. Social Work Club, row 1: Dianne Bray, Linda Cummins, Debbie Sandus, Carol Smith. Row 2: Fran Durner, Bobbi Ankney, Karen Hudson, Debbie Mielke, Sue McElroy, Nicki Lunn. Row 3: Mrs, Bur- gess, janice Cordon, Linda Maple, Cathy Griswold, Kathy Kenne, Karen Brazer. Row 4: Becky Pode- wil, Sharon Pettifore, Marian Kummer, Debbie Brown, Kathy Livingstone, Debbie Dickinson. CRE M OF THE CROP The Hostess Committee is a group of senior, junior and sophomore girls who, after being nominated by their homerooms and se- lected by a committee, serve as hostesses at school banquets. Other duties in- clude decorating the school at Christmas, acting as guides on Capsule Night, and holding a dance in the spring. The Committeels spon- sor is Mrs. Rosabel VValker. Hostess Club, Row l: Tif Crandall CSecretaryJ, julie Strack QPresidentJ, Denise Witcher Nice Presidentj. Row 2: Ruth Eveland, Ellen Hoff, Nancy Haskell, Leslie Whitsel, Nancy jaslow, Debby Walker, Pam Meyers. Row 3: Mrs. Walker, Sue Rebeck, jennie Andrews, Kathy Harrell, Jane Borchardt, Laurie Groves, Linda Arbogast, jennifer Dodge. Row Four: Lorre Brownson, Ian Lowry, jean Ford, Nan Hutchings, Cindy Lamb, Lois Haessler, Kary Peterik. Row Five: Betsy Lovell, Nancy Craik, Holly Cooper, Ann Roth, Mary Goode, Anne O'Brien, Nancy juvinall, Connie White, Lynn Groves, Hostesses making preparation for a banquet. President julie Strack 121 122 BJATTII ... Row 1: Marjorie Kerman, Barb Fuller, Dave Rogers, Judy Kingsmith, jim Levenick. Row 2: jim Henle, Bruce Wilson, Robert Albano, Doug VVilletts, Al Bethke. Row 3: Sandy Pentland, joel Cohen, Mike Bodine, jack Barnes, Bob Early. Row 4: Chuck Vukin, Bob Evans, Dexter Perkins, Mick Kazarinoff, Walter Hill, Bill Ullman. The Math Club, known as the Great Circle, is a club that gives the math- oriented student an opportunity to fur- ther his understanding of mathe- matics. The main activity of the club is the study and pursuit of advanced theories and principles. The Great Circle is a member of a selective state orga- nization of math clubs. .. .ALAGIC Alan Voorhees was president of the Magic Club this year. Activities centered in practicing their abilities as magicians, entertaining for pleasure and profit, and interesting others in magic as a hobby. Members gave benefit performances at the Sullivan School for Trainables and other area hospitals. Along with such charitable projects as these, mem- bers of the club also entertained for personal gain. L. to R.: Steve Davenport, Ken Dill, Mr. Mac Donald, Alan Voorhees MUSICAL .... Front Row: Margo VVray, Cheryl Moulton, Kathy Kenne, Donna Hatfield. Back Row: David Burley, Peter Trezisc, Dan Enos, Cary Robertson. The Organ Club was sponsored by Mr. Otto this year. Members of the club con- centrated mainly on playing and per- fecting playing techniques on the new Rodgers organ. The club also sponsored an organ concert featuring Virgil Fox. A ....MI Row 1: Diane Drury, Barbara Kessler fco-chairmanj, Ruth Eveland tco-chairmanj, Dianne Ford, janice Bandrofchak, Marjie Kerman, jean VVong, joan Shawaker, Carl Kikuchi, jancy jaslow. Row 2: Elke Schenk, Marilyn Maurer. Robin Stull, Darlene Denasson, Mary Wolter, Sue Coon, jim Goodsell, Sue Lands, Linda Her- zog, Pam Etzcorn, Ann Kostishak. Row 3: Cathy Livingstone, Miriam Pressel, Kent Kimball, Hans Peinemann, jim Telfer, Kathey Schurz, Mike Bodine, Lon Kelly, Bob Albano, Nancy Craik, Phyllis Morgan Row 4: Terry Brown, Daun Green, Blake Temple, Rudy Engholm, john Barnes, Chuck Vukin, Matt Lampe, Greg Fletcher, Alfred Taylor, Andy Goodrich, Dave Farrington. The Student Tutoring Service is a group of students who give their spare time in order to tutor other students in all sub- jects. They do this during study halls and after school on weekdays. Mrs. Fruehling is the sponsor. 123 DEBA TERS FIRST I 6-A Debate Team: Row 1: Miss Blumenstein L.-Xss't Coachj, Becky Podewil, Song Koh, Bruce Wilson. Row 2: john McKevitt, joel Cohen, Steve Miller, Mr. Fatchetl Ulead Coachl. Row 3: David VVestin, Tom Cieryn, Chuck Vukin, Sandy Pentland. This season has been a most successful one for Ann Arbor Highls Debate Team. In addition to posting and 8-2 record in the Six-A League, and capturing the first league title in school history, they took first in the Branch "A" League and the Novice League. The Pioneers also collected numerous individual speaker awards at various tournaments. The Forensics team, a springtime activity offering individual speaking competition, entered the Six-A Tournament as well as the State Eliminations. Forensics Team: Row 1: Sue Tracy, Kay VVaterman, Larry Varone, Nell Perraut. Row 2: Miss Blumenstein, jan McDowell, Candy Rosaen, Becky Podewil, Linda Herzog. Row 3: Kathy Sumner, Denise VVitcher, Marge Klammer, Paul Parvano, Bruce Wilson. Row 4: Fred Patriarche, Dave Westin, Tom Gieryn, Ralph Thompson, Dean of Debate, Bob Wittes, Chuck Vukin. 124 ATURDAY MORN NG MI DS The Science-Mathematics Sem- inar meets on Saturday morn- ings during the school year. The purpose of the Seminar is to provide the interested student the opportunity for enrichment through lectures presented by scientists and mathematicians, through study and discussion of topics ordinarily not covered in the high school courses, and through laboratory and individ- ual project work. The Seminar is affiliated with Science Clubs of America and the Michigan jr. Academy of Science. Partici- pants often enter their work in the Science Fair, the Future Scientists of America Competi- tion, the National Science Tal- ent Search and other competi- tions. Row l: Lucy Binder, Kathy Higman, Glenna Fraser, Tim Phelps, David Robbins. Row 2: Robert Albano, David Vinter, Nancy Craik, Kathy Livingstone, james Blythe, Duncan Cole. Row 3: Sue Lands, Mike Bodine, Blake Temple, Drew Thompson, jack Barnes, joel Cohen, jim Tordoff. Row 4: Tom Sell, Eric Mellencamp, William Ullman, Robert Greear, Douglas jones, Walter Hill, William Creear. ' XMI' . N, The Saturday Social Studies Seminar is a series of lectures and discussions conducted by various guest speakers six Sat- urdays each semester. Under the sponsorship of the Social Studies department, professors, political leaders, journalists and other persons with inter- esting ideas on various social issues are invited to speak at the Seminar. A question and answer session usually follows the guest speakeris lecture. Students hear lectures on such subjects as civil rights, con- scientious objection, youth, mass demonstrations, and Viet- nam and the draft. Row 1: Debbie Sandus, Nancy Jaslow, Rowe Lee, Barb Kessler. Row 2: David Luther, ,lean SUSSUIBH, 125 janet Polasky, Barb Eastman. Row 3: Bob Wittes, Greg Fletcher, Walter Hill, Phyllis Pollack, Beth Fitts. Washington Club, Row 1: Tom Gieryn, Ann Roth, Ann Reading, Randy Charbeneau. Row 2: julie Strack, Connie Snow, Nancy Haskell, Vera Meyers, Fran Seymour, jean Dixon, Robin Wilson, Sarah Stegath, Mimi Iones, Doug Willits, Mary Wolters, Sharon Edwards, Pam Raymond, Carol Thayer. Row 3: janet Strite, Sandy Kleinschmidt, Carolyn jabs, Peter Quiroz, Cindy Mackmiller, Brenda Bauer, Linda Maple, Rob Leutheuser, jane Loup, Debbie Wilson, Cindy Bird, Scott Ingles, Janice Apostolou, Vicki Schleyer. Row 4: Patty Turner, Frank Robinson, Mike Sekaros, Paul Vanentine, janet Brauer, Jay Heininger, Diane Ehnis, Nancy Craik, Rick Wilson, Connie White, Mary Laird, Dyann Hitt, Gary Moore, Kathy Schurz, Margot Devine. Row 5: Mr. Schwab, joe Newton, Bruce Crouch, Chris Cares, jim Ransom, Harold Domke, Tom Freeman, Dave Hesson, Mike Webber, Knut Akerlund, john johns, Ken Bowling, Ron Wenk, Bob Konarske. ,A full week of fun and excitement :greeted this year,s VVashington Club as they emerged from planes in New York City. After the traditional sightseeing jaunts, they still enjoyed loads of free time be- fore moving on to our capitol in VVashington. The 1968 club broke all records in their sales of candy and Christmas greens, under the direction of Mr, Schwab, Club chairman. Pic- ture below left: Mr. Schwab is also Senior class counselor and Summer School Principal. CAPITOL TRA VEL The purpose of the Bridge Club is to teach beginners how to play the game and also provide an opportunity for more experienced players to improve. The sponsor of this yearxs club is Miss Irene Smith, and Michael Schlansker and Barbara Kessler are the officers. CARD HARKS Bridge Club, Row 1: Barbara Kessler, Andy Miller, David DeVarti, Robert Weir, Martin Chaney, Row 2: jim Goodsell, Paul Cornell, Dexter Perkins, Peter DeHort, john Schneider, Linda Laird. 127 1 ITY I DI ERSITY I.C.C. ASSEMBLY L ---- xnxx, 5 x . 5. ., K ' K Row One: Stephanie Ortino, Peggy McKeague, Don Davis, Kent Burkhart, Steve Gates, Nancy Lyke, Craig Robinson, janie Glushyn, Sandy Kleinschmidt, Row Two: Pat Murphy, Bruce Rikli, Chuck Rabb, Brad Feinburg, Thermond Kirkland, Phil Bursley, Bruce Wilson, Doug Willits, Vicki Naylor, Louise Doud, Nancy Craik, Sue Schonberger, Marcia Watson, Liz King, Mr. Lajeunesse. Row Three: Luis Nasjleti, Pete Graham, Ken Cowing, Tom Gieryn, joe Newton, Matt Lampe, Barb Kummer, Steve Matthews, Mary Ann Hall, Margaret Hairston, TifCrandall. 129 MEETI G CALLED TO ORDER Student Council, seated: Karl Kikuchi, Barb Eastman, julie Yinger, Pete Graham. Bow l: Kathy VValters, Mike Smith, Pat Scollard, Neil Perraut, Becky Davis, Steve Carris, Cindy Kabza, Sue Hayes, Kathy Tootell, Cheryl Sinclair, jan McDowell, Mr, La jeunesse, jane Bartman, Elke Shenk, Teresc Lefevre, Pam Ruzicka, Dave Mysyk, Don Louwsma, Colleen Houlihan, Karen O'Conncr, Mari Struble, Sue Sinclair, Lorre Brownson, VVes Luckhardt. Row 2: Phil Bursley, jackie Howe, jane Martin, Sue Grayum, Rowe Lee, julie Putman, Dave Cook, Patty Harrell, Peggy Hoyt, Cam MacArthur, Lynn Suits, Barb VVright, Kathy Sehurz, Mike VVebbcr. Bow 3: Pat Blakemore, Margaret Bate- son, Ann Roth. Cary NVillits, Louis Nasjleti, Doug Defors, Kathy VVhitlock, Mary Graham, Blake Temple, Paula Green, Sue Ziesemer, Cheryle Elslager, Ruth Eveland, Pam Baublit, Debbie Baublit, jane Fleischman, Chris Eschman, judy Crandall, Kathy Ogden, Mitty Lestrang, Kathy Yard, Mike Bodine, Mike Ward, jackie Farish, Carol Cappola, Ann Stager, jim Sizeland, Paul Contos, Dave Corsa. Row 4: Steve Bohannan, Knut Aker- land, Andy Campbell, Keats McLaughlan, Pete Cunningham, Kim Givens, Tom Zimmerman, jim Teller, jim Hogan, Anne O'Brien, Tom Freeman, Austin Mackmullin, Dave Rossiter, Steve Taylor, Steve Froelich, jackie Booker, Roger Frauman, Ralph Thompson, Mark Diana, jan Brundage, Bill Ressler, Pete Nichols, Pete Shipley, Bob Streiter, john johns, Dave Ferguson, Roger Paley, Lips Darrow, Chris Cares. THEY SERVE OUR SCHUOL This year the Student Coun- cil worked on a number of acti- vities. They sponsored drives, and dances as well as promoting support for the athletic teams and arranging for buses to attend some uaway" events. One of the major highlights of this year was the hospital fund raising project, which donated the money earned through bake sales, the Student-Faculty bas- ketball game and the popular "hospital life-savers" sale. l Second Semester Student Council: Row 1: R. Lee, M. Weber, C. Houlihan, C. Kikuchi, B. Eastman, I. Yinger, P. Graham j. Telfer, S. Froelich, P. Johannes, Row 2: P. Bursley L. NVebster, B. Davis, C. Diana, D. McLaine, S. Cares, K. Schurz, M. Bachus, B. Fleishman, L. Angell, j. Bartman, P, Green, Row 3: S. Gregory, A. Mack, B, Doman, J. Dodge, F. Durner, D. DcFors, M. Diana, G. Goldie, N. Steinhoff, M. Dale, K. Hartman, D. Ransom, C. Ecker, R, Fraumann, Row 4: M. LeStrang, P. Anderson, P. Darrow, D. Wild, K Givans, M. Hall, j. Lawrence, R. Gardener, B. Fusfeld, M Klammer, T. Fagan, G. Fritzsclie, J. Karp, J. Elzay, Row 5 G. NVahshaw, L. Varone, P. Schindler, D, Krupp, S. Ortino, P. Mets, S. Krohn, C. Abell, L. Kalmbach, I. johns, A. Read- ing, N. Mattei, P. Ruzicka, L. Brownson, Row 6: C, Kabza, P. McVVilliams, A. Roth, M. Schwab, 1. Stephenson, D. Vlfeber, B. Sage, P. Schneeberger, K. McLaughlin, I. Reed, J. Kecley, C. Cares, S. Raymond, Row 7: P, Etzcorn, j. Croaker, K. Walters, B. Temple, D. Rossiter, M. Vanderveer, M, Teasdale, B. Ressler, M, Struble, D. Thomas, T. Rampy, S. Smith, C. Schreuder, Flow 8: N. Heroux, 1, Sussman, L, Orbits, T. Kelly, S, Taylor, M. Dabbs, B. Streiter, M. Young- dahl, K. Corving, S. Ziesmer, P. Yocum, S. Shalit, j, Winklehaus, Row 9: Mr. Lajeunesse, B. Cooper, C. Mac- Arthur, T. Freeman, P. Scollard, P. Harrell, S, VVenger, N. Akerland, H. Von Wachenfelt, j. Sobrepina, M. Zoller, D. Cook, j. VVitherspoon, G. Willits. WHERE CREATIVE LIGHT SHINES Owcrtones Row l Carolxn jabs Rick Wilson Xnn OBrien Robert Albano, Sue Smith, Pam Etzcorn, Larry Adelson, Mark Diana Xlark johnson Ann Tonsor Ron 2 Larl Thea Blaess Kathy YVhitlock, Iuliet Richter, Row 4: Betty Kikuchi Margie lxerman Rxclu VN ard klice Hlntcrman Rowe Fairclotli james Recd, Mike Bodine, Chris Diana, Bob VVittes, Lee Lorna Catford Valoree Hagg Row 3 Paula Houser Creg Fletcher Doug Allen. In every student in Ann Arbor High School there is some element of creati- vity. Ouertones, the high school's creative arts magazine, attempts to por- tray the variety and excellence of talent in the student body. It includes short stories, poetry, art work, musical com- positions, mathematical and scienti- fic papers, and photography. The magazine, published in the spring, is free to all students, and is one of the finest high school publications in the nation. Optimist Staff: Row 1: jancy Naslow, joan Shawaker, Victoria Page, Cathy Ogden, Sandy Hoefle, Amy Ford, Barb Kessler, Paula Houser, Carl Kikuchi, Micki Segel, Dave McMullen, Row 2: Pam Etzcorn, Becky Dorrance, Rhonda Katz, Eric Krupp, Marsha Levinson, Mary Wolter, co-editor, Sue Nevins, Lorna Catford, Lynn Wintermeyer, Lon Kelley, Chris Wilson. Row 3: Ashraf Hashmi, Louise Doud, Sue Rebeck, Dave Farrington, Ruth Crawford, Bill Copi, Rick Wilson, Steve Taggart, Betty Faircloth, jim Goodsell, Terry Carnes, Carol Rulfs. Row 4: Ron Flotz, Randy Pickut, joe Tyner, Dave Palmiere, co-editor, Peter Fuldberg, Rick Frederick, Matt Lampe, john Larsen, john Stephenson, Jim Bittman, Russ Dewey, Gene Laubengayer. EXTRA , EXTRA. The Optimist serves a very important function in the school. It keeps the students informed about what is happen- ing in the school and also, on a larger scale, it discusses issues pertinent to high school students today. This year's co- editors are Mary Wolter and Dave Palmiere. UMEGA RE-LIVES 196 Row 1: Beth Harris, Ruth Kramer, Charlotte Schroeder, Rowe Lee, Marcia VVatson, Linda Arbogast, Margaret Otto, Diane Dancer, Ann Reading. Bow 2: jo.-Xnn jackson, Duncan Cole, Clare Comstock, Kathy VVhitlock, jane Loup, Nancy Craik Qeditor-in-chiefj, janet Polasky, Linda Maple, Patty johannes, jennifer Cole. Row 3: jane Hinerman, Mary Laird, Barb Burns, Mary Ann Hall, Ann Roth, Carol Coppola, Kathy Schurz, Gwen Toombs, jan Conlin, Row 4: Lynn Davis, Scott Oliver, Mike Carey, Walt- er Hill, Chris Cares, Dave Corsa, jeff Senne, jackie Booker, john Zarafonctis, Debbie Bailey. Absent: Ted Carman, Penny Anderson, Debbie Boggess, jon NVilson, judy Tordoff, Hank Schooch, jane Bartman, Hester Pulling, Maggie Pittman. The 1968 Omega staff, headed by adviser Mr. Rupert Otto, has done it again! Through the piles of pictures, papers, kids, and deadlines, they saw the light, and produced another in the long tradition of outstanding yearbooks. Left to right, Row one: Randy Davis, Gary Chisem, Louis Nasjleti, Sue Tracy, Bill Doneth, Gary Taylor, Lynn Toshach. Row two: Dee Doerr, Debbie Conard, Dan Haner, Harriet jones, Terry Fagin, Paula Baker, Tim Pott. Row three: Mr. Zornes, Mrs. Hughes, Florence Anthony, Sandy Harris, Roberta jeannine, Sue Sawyer, Sue Lundburg, Mr. Clark. Row Four: Doug Wanty, Louise Doud, Roger Crawford, Kay Katzemeyer, Mark Bree, Peggy WVhipple, Chris Streiff, Leroy Albertini. - . -1. ' . - - , - ,ts X ' . A , -- - f " - -'ian - - N ,-222' , - 5 fn-:A-TN' ' ,t.'-55.2 -: - 'r-. ling' f'-I5 1452--'hx eq- 'LTA 'C 'TQR iii: -i ll '43"'f' ' -4. if YQ' 42' X-'o -1' Tr. i -F' -'V--A' 42" -GN. filt w '.- 'L' Q' ' 'LIT 'M 'ld iq Jw' QE tiff! 2214! fs gi I-L f-47' -DI Q list.,-il v -i 251 sf -M-ii za 5: iflit. fi - ge K ' , 1-1 ,-. .7 , 7,1 1. is 5'-. L- me ll "gf ill l-it lik .231 Wah' dill. , lf 1 1:55 11 f??g -fi!! '53 , s' ls' X . -I0 . L P-fy. - 41 S3 'vb-gf 107 lm V AK13- ' V. . ' fr 1 'Z A I' --'J' -:5w--f-f" Qfiaaf-'I-' Sf-23' UQ X--Rare uf-Q, Yin Li X el use V' 1,-:QQ 'gli'L1!1!:1l lg '-12'-H--' In the past, one new Sophomore class has entered Ann Arbor High School each year, but this year two Sophomore classes were initiated, Having both the Huron and Pioneer classes under the same roof presented a particular challenge to the Sopho- more Executive board. Under the leadership of Lou Nasjleti, Presidentg Charlie Kennedy, Vice President, and Sue Tracy: Secretary, they have met this challenge, and then some. They were the first class to collect dues this year, and almost every- one demonstrated his class spirit by contributing. This class spirit, created by the Board, carried over to the pep assembly, where the Sophomores rc- ceived the "Loudest Class" award. The song they used for the theme of their float was "Respect". The success of the Sophomore class Executive Board certainly warrants a great deal of respect. 135 B102-5L Mrs. M ulac Left to right, Row one: Barbara Wat- kins, Pat Calabro, Dan Yakley, john Johnsmiller, Sherry Klein. Row two: Carolyn Ash, George Lum, Don Louwsma, john Galloway, Eithne Malcomson. Row three: Debbie Morton, Teri Fagin, Vaughn DeMar, Paul Metzner, judy Marshall, Shannon Edwards, Sandy La- Roe. Row four: Patti Paige, Dennis Mam- mel, Mickey Smith, Greg jefford, jane Thackey, Chris Ross. C100-5L Mr. R. Ryan Left to right, Row one: Charlene Toris, Patricia Tolles, Cheryl Kooperman, Sharon Bender, jim Hanselman. Row two: Kathleen Tilt, David Bultman, Debbie Brown, Gary VVillets, Norma Linebaugh. Row three: Walter Harju, Margy West- rum, Debbie Ayers, Craig Rigan, Glenn Lease. Row four: William Goodwin, Randy Van Gasse, Davis Westin, Randy Klager, Dan Bertsos. C203-4L Mrs. Safer Left to right, Row one: janet Brown, Sue Dute, Stephen Taton, Dave Carron, George Cubberly. Row two: jane Cartwright, Elaine Thayer, Linda Laird, Diane Podesta, Christine VVood, KarenlBrundage. Row three: Carol Sutton, Barbara Low- ther, Anna Gibbons, Sue Nevins, Bob Culbertson, Cyn Foster. Row four: Don Paley, Robert Franklin, Robert Kowalczyk, George Bedard, Alice Steinicke, joseph Keeley, David Luther. Q C205-5L M r. DeNicolo Left to right, Row One: David Mc- Mullen, Deborah Sandus, Deborah VVeaver, Kathy Boblitt, Nancy VVilliams, Rita Terry. Row two: Alice Hinterman, Richard Ingram, Alan Cotter, Mark Schrager, Nancy Carter, john M iateck. Row three: Mr. DeNicolo, Linda Dally, Deane Mahler, Gail Trubey, Cary Shel- don, Mark Roos, David Wheelock. Row four: Nancy Scott, Patrick Holler- an, Chris VValker, John Harris, Bruce Miller, joe Garber, Leroy Albertini. C206-5L Mr. Ambrazevich Left to right, Row one: Ethel Bain, Shirley Smith, Edith Bowler, Kathryn Crouch, Kathleen Higman, Michael Fox, Sarah VVellman. Row two: Linda VVatkins, Leigh Martin, Mary jo Cellentoni, Nathon zill, Max- ine Foster, Marilyn Hinderer, Seth Powsner. Row three: Jeff Angus, Max Bryant, james Mosher, Gary Pilbeam, Luis Nasjleti, Tom Manzi. Row four: jeff Angus, Kathleen Nimz, Karl Pool, john Ludlow, Fred Basom, Ken Holzapfel, Mark Ulberg. C210-4L Mrs. Keene Left to right, Row one: Jean Wong, Randy Allington, Mary Brodhead, William Haskett, Dana Newkirk. Row two: Judy Arnold, Andrea Lommel, Dorothy McLean, Susan Wenk, Carol Flandyz. Row three: Pam Baublit, Robert Fox, Doug Krueger, Wendy Frey, Sue john- son. Row four: Venita Hurt, Roger Craw- ford, Tom Pardon, Ed Walsh, Howard Deal. C211--il. M rs. Vogel Left to right, Row one: Mary Krausse, Marisela Perez. Constance Frederick, jane Lehman, Regina Fritzsche, Row two: Sue Porter, Miriam Pressel, Cathy Ogden, Stephen Titus, Beatrice Davisson. Row three: Dave Nelson, Kathy Kem- pert, David Thall, Barbara Bolle. Fred- dy Collins. Row four: Cecilia Vincentelli, Chris Desmot, Larry Brooks. Mike Butler. Pete Kostishak. C220-41, M rs, Hoag Left to right, Row one: Margy Clark, Lucy Binder, Leslie Bundy, Deanna Kay, Xenobia Green, Linda Ritten- house. Row two: Allan Klapntch, jeff Bar- bour, julie Heger, Pam Davis, Nonie Steinhoff, Ray Huber. Row three: jackie Smith, Paulette Sample, jim Tieman, Paul Cornell, Bob Mann, Dan Raymond, Toni Green- wood. Row four: Carol Napier, Chris Barr, Dave Dale, Ron Draayer, Dick Fry, john Pringle, Mark Breitag. C222-41. Mr. Rogers Left to right, Row one: Sue Shipman, Pam Burdick, Amy Ford, Lynn White- house, Natalie Lewis. Row two: Karen Otto, Dave Loomis, Dave Drake, Dan Wise, Debbie Mc- Creary, Dale Leduc. How three: Mr. Rogers, Andy Campbell, Nick Kesslering, Charles Lighthall, Kim Latvala, Sue Lundberg, Esther Schiedel. Row four: Al Davis, Steve Daly, Cary Steinaway, Jon Kipfmiller, Brad D0- man, Steve Smith. C304-4L Mrs. Saalfeld Left to right, Row one: Marcia White, Susan Woodward, Ed Robinson, Sue Wanzeck, Kathy Clampit. Row two: Karen Brazer, Libby Mo Connel, Vince Colatruglio, Scott Men- gel, Carol Cooperrider. Row three: joan Soll, Rosemary Mona- gham, Debbie Krupp, Glen Dean, Mike Leonard. Row four: Al Rutledge, Charlie Child, Bowen Alpern, Dan Haner, Lon Telfer, Keith Weatherholt, jan Brundage. C307-4L Mrs. Williams Left to right, Row one: Karen Lu, janet Saunders, Chrkty Wilson, Pamela Cook, Valerie Pease. Row two: Bruce Klippenstein, Harold Holden, Patti Ellison, Sharon Larmee, Fred Talbot. Row three: Dan Wagner, Jeffrey Ellis, Mark Bree, Palmer Schoch, Doug Bal- lard. Row four: Charles Yourd, jack Zeller, Ron Francis, Don Newell, Mike Lindner. 139 C310-5L Mrs. Vanliere Left to right, Row one: Mary jane Beal, Carol Carr, jack Parsons, Nancy jones, Dianne Hartman. Row two: john Hay, Sherri Taylor, Jill Steinman, jon Cohen, Dennis Bingel, jim Ehnis. Row three: Diann Morgan, Marie Vin- cent, Martin Jaeger, Paul Leavit, Sue Serfontein, Rosemary Turner. Row four: Mark Warshaw, Karl Davis, Chad Thompson, Dave Korthals, Steve Shalit, Cheryl Gorton. C311-5L Mrs, Hinterman Left to right, Row one: jane Viery, Wendy Spaide, David Christman, Paula Baker, David Callihan, Cindy Read. Row two: Martin Brooks, Della Arndt, George Cook, Denise Procassini, Mike Abell, Sandy Arbogast. Row three: Tony Stevens, john Minor, Pam Dyer, Kathy Tetzloff, Ron Gardi- ner, Ann Stager, Diane Schroen. Row four: Sandy Turner, Bill -Ullman, Max NVilder, Steve Baker, Cary Street, Mike Navin, Bill Wentworth. C312-4L Nlrs. Shubel Left to right, Row one: Geof Lowrey, Susan Hayes, Kathleen Barness, Bar- bara Sweet, Katherine Jones. Row two: Phillip Winter, Karen Hud- son, Carolyn Mayne, Deborah Conard, Karenjudson. Row three: Ellen Leidy, Lisa Dovey, john Thayer, Randy Reets, Sandra Bird, Row four: Robert DeWolfe, Stephen Adams, Robert Montry, Carl Karjala, Deborah Hand. C3 17-5L Mr. Otto Left to right, Row one: Denise Walker, Veronica jablonski, Andy Miller, Ellen Bishop, Nancy Handler. Row two: Mr. Otto, Sylvia Taylor, Mike Pharand, Deborah Kuhn, Don Slocum, Terry Brooks. Row three: Doug Weber, Don johnson, Sally Wabner, Sally Bassett, Bill Mier- as, Eric Mann. Row four: Greg Napier, Doug Boynton Lan'y Wall, Bill Kainlauri, joel Miller, Tom Wehrer, Ed Kalousdian. 141 . ,. .. .1 Zig ,nigga -Q K' , D111-4L Mrs. Kiesling Left to right, Row one: Dianne Bray, Lynn Toshach, Chris Clisham, Debbie Tappe, jill Foster. Row two: Mrs. Kiesling, Pat Schindler, Esther Ullman, Leslie Hinh, Barbara Cook, julie Putman. Row three: Linda Chapus, Song Koh, Margy Hobbie, Lynn Minneboo, Bob Iverson, Sharon Meyers, Row four: Carl Graf, Bob Frost, jim Bredernitz, Steve Burkhart, Steve Merson. D111-5L Mrs. Cunningham Left to right, Row one: Connie Alexa, jean Morgan, Tina Mattei, Nancy Wen- del, Diane Treaster, Cronell Kirkland, Kathy Bozian. Row two: Debbie Thrane, Phil Medlin, Karen Rice, Dwight Smith, TeDee Theofil, Rick Billau. Row three: Rich Seyfried, jim Fox, Mark Osborne, Kathleen Herter, Alison Helmers, joyce Beamer, Allen Zill. Row four: Randy Pickut, Bill Stand- bridge, jon Holtfreter, Bruce Holbrook, Glen McDowell, Pete Cunningham, Mary Foster. D208-4L Miss Peterson Left to right, Row one: Leonard Scott, Sue Tracy, Mike VVest, Melanie Lin- goes, Lucy VVhitfield. Row two: Craig Atkins, Paul Hague, Thea Blaess, Vicky Stoll, Diann Paster- ino, Mary Yenner. Row three: Kyl Greene, Peter Taylor, Brad Snyder, Tom Carey, Allan Bower- man, Ron Foltz. Row four: Cheryl Poppenger, Helen Con- tos, Steve Taylor, Geoffrey Perry, jim Steinke, Bill Love. D205-5L Mrs. Boik Left to right, Row one: Sarah Smith, Kathy Stoliker, Laurie Radin, Bobbie Bertolaet. Row two: Debbie Gray, Dave Yih, Linda Robson, Kathy Maxwell. Row three: Steve Sutherland, Keats McLaughlin, Brenda McFadden, Dick VViarda, Bob Strange. Row four: Martin VVilliams0n, Eugene Hart, Peter Detlart, Chad VVeiss, Doug Freese. D113-5L Miss Smith Left to right, Row one: Michael Shank- land, Martha Hankamp, Kathleen Tootell, Wanda Kay Monroe. Row two: Shari Gregory, Katherine Ward, Forbes Dabney jr., Anthony Pydyn, Christopher Coon. Row three: Diane Doerr, Kindra Cooley, Clyde Schultes, james Chaconas, Cary Hurst. Row four: Russell VVeid, Karrick Mc- Kinney, Fred Patriarche, Roger Miller, Kenneth Houreholder. D207-4L Mr. Gillet Left to right, Row one: Lisa Fredericks, Cathy Bush, Ron McGill, Peggy johnston, Sue McElroy. Row two: Carol Aaron, Martha Dem- ski, Doug Defors, Pam Martin, Tim Wilson, Mike Ehrlinger. Row three: Tom VVeber, Scott Hauser, Steve Schindler, Chris White, Mike Hartwell, Gail Oldham, Row four: Steve Lanslty, Scott VVein- mann, Debbie Dyer, Rusty Andres, Roger Novick, Tom Gala, Cathy Wilson. D211-4L Mrs. Budd Left to right, Row one: Diane Davis, Kirsten Jensen, Polly Yocum, Nancy Snider, Xenona Green. Row two: Mrs. Budd, Linda Kooyers, Don jaegar, Bill March, Barb Glas, jim Wren, Row three: Mark Brahce, Maria Fitch, Tim Pott, Glyn Weber, jim McCon- ioughey. Row four: lim Hoff, Tom Roth, jim Murphy, Arnold Lelis, jim Sizeland. D212-5L Miss Pauley Left to right, Row one: Sharon Hickor- son, Judy Clark, Sue Hoffrichtcr, Allison Bishop, Joyce Rose. Row two: Theresa Farrell, Carl Kneiper, Eric lmmonen, Phyllis Shepherd, jaklyn Elzay. Row three: Sandra Harris. Lisa Perault, Roland Gillette, Allen Price, Theodore Huizinga, Virginia Austin. Row four: Dale Behnke, David Murphy, jim Tordoff, Bruce Sanderson, Steven Banghart, Austen MacMullen, Don Fouty. E107--IL Mr. Underwood Left to right, Row one: Linda Cummings, jim Cockrell, Richard Mysyk, Danna Zasa, Row two: john Dowson, Cris Walter, Mark Rondell, Doug White, Burton Levenson. Row three: Bill Sanders, Monica Sierp, Rhonda Katz, Kathie Anderson. Bow four: Alan Garrison, Pete Nichols, Carlyle Telfer, Tom Dickinson, jane Weeks. 145 E107-5L Mr. Dell'Anno Left to right, Row one: Andy Cappert, jim Levenick, Susan Clickman, Steve Pals, Erica Goode, Marjorie Kerman. Row two: Robert Canzhorn, Kathy Hell- ner, David Ingels, Dona Carr, Mike At- wood, janet Trotter, Row three: Ken Ulrey, Roy Kessler, Lillie Webster, Nancy Haynes, Joyce Amn, john Hennigan. Row four: Hyo Soo Chang, Lou Ann Lenio, Kathy Brinkman, Tom Alexander, Paul Fairman, Chris Lemble, David Finkbeiner. E108-4L Mrs. Koen Left to right. Row one: Sara Krohn, Laura Takeshita, janet Guest, Chris Delf, jan Schnoor. Row two: Steve Housewright, Lanita Smith, jan Scherer, Nick VVedberg, Mark Vartanian. Row three: Carolyn johnson, Margaret Bateson, Roger Williams, Kathy Sumner, Bill Robbins. Row four: Mrs.Koen, Rex Hauser, john Schneider, David Fuller, Paul Mamarow, Bruce Fulton. E113-4L Miss Parsons Left to right, Row one: Carol johnson, jan McDowell, Marilyn Backus, Donna Freeman, Ray Niemi. Row two: Carol Stewart, Chuck VVilson, Rick Gould, Tom Hammerstein, Tim Vachon. Row three: Kathy Fox, Mike Campbell, Anne Rae, Jeff Hamilton, Doug Coer- litz, Doug Wanty. Row four: Richard Blake, Mary Hubbard, Dan Bender, Tom Willis, Keith Aben- trocl, Dave Schultz. E113-5L Mr. Robison Left to right, Row one: Margaret Gavin, Gretchen Schrock, joy Steensma, Denise Pratt, Mary Grimes. Row two: Mr. Robison, Sue Sawyer, Judy Richert, Karen Hamson, joe Hoffman, Ken Young. Row three: Anya Rapoport, Nathan Gehman, Dave Cook, Nancy Ingebrigtsen, Brad Wright, Ken Carmen. Row four: Roger Gross, Steve Welch, Steve Wilson, Richard Demuth, Dave Crisovan, Charlie Katopodis, Wendy Gosling. gf . E114-41. Mrs. johnson Left to right, Row one: Martha Durant, Paul Gibson, Barbara Kurth, Nancy Brown, lean Lum. Row two: Suzanne Harmon, Nancy Dorow, Judith Crandall, Andy Stou, Mrs. johnson. Row three: Lisa Barense, Rob Ruffins, Stephen Solowcznlc, james Huizenga, julie Harrington. Row four: David Petit, David Marshall, Paul Angell, Eric jones, Frank Gold- schmidt. C108-4L Mrs. Crowfoot Left to right, Row one: Joanne VVilson, Elizabeth Orbits, Marylu Norman, Mark Comstock, Kathy Travis. Row two: Denise Bruneau, Scott Hub- bard, Carolyn Craig, Mike Burt, David Mysyk. Bow three: Martha VVandcr, Carl Kocis, jim LaPointe, David Carlile, Susan Drury. C106-4L Miss Bergmann Left to right, Row one: Patti Dicken- son, Kim Graff, Vickie Smith, Pam Baker, Mark Hodgson, Martha Monk. Row two: Kathy Lykins, Sandi Fellman, Sue Eberle, Debbie Mielke, Dennis Baggaley, David French, Kathy Conboy. Row three: Miss Bergman, Bob Mar- tin, Randy Brewer, Becky Dorrance, Debbie Dickenson, Billie Bachman, Bill Heckenkamp. Row four: Rich Foelber, Cordon Dryden, David Olsen, john Etsweiler, Dave Partington, Bill Ressler, Ron Shaw. C109-5L Mr. Wilson Left to right, Row one: Heavener, Wil- son, Wayne Abbott, Sherrill Snyder, Harriet Towery, Susan Olsen. Row two: Christine Souris, Greg Goetz, Janice Saalfeld, Eric Welch, Nancy Ogil- vie, Martin Chaney. Row three: Colleen Kapp, Theres Sol- owczuk, Jeanne Cazier, Mark Bowers, Thomas Heinz, Lane Angell. Row four: Paula Lewis, Glenn Miller, Mike Wedberg, Steve Knight, Don Adams, Ronald Starry, Valoree Haag. G1 10-5L Miss Craig Left to right, Row one: Linda Tanabe, Betsy Clark, Sue Wetland, Cheryl Coppa, Joann McCalla. Row two: Rita Gates, Roger Storm, Becky Podewil, Mitti LesStrang, julie Howe. Row three: Gary Zahn, Dave Emmons, Bill NVarner, Shawn Noonan, Chris Sel- vig, Alan Campbell. Row four: Chris Grinnel, Dan Vendcr- kooy, Ken Burke, Tom Neeley, Mike Fink, Dan McGuire, Sherry VVhite. G111-51. Mrs. Childress Left to right, Row one: Kathy Potter, Sara Raclke, Kevin Maslin, Deborah Eddy, Kristine Strieff, Row two: Patrice Cutler, Aleta Nickels, jim Hewitt, Mary Millard, Bonnie Carnes. Row three: Dennis Ludwig, janet Vllanty, Karen Renz, Mary Vontom, Gordon Stout, Tom Weher. Row four: Sheryl Sass, jim Croker, john Orcutt, Tom Pfaus, lim Roos, Robert Gray. - Q C112-4L Mrs. Ansorge Left to right, Row one: Randy Davis, Susan Talbot, Rebecca Kincaid, Paul Gutierrez, Barbara Darlington. Row two: Eileen Hart, Robert Weir, David DeVanti, Robin Phillips, Mary Cardone. Row three: Dana Ridenour, Mary VVit- ting, Madeline Brown, Dana Morgan, Michael Exinger, Deborah NVeber. Row four: Martin Brewer, Harold Kirchen, Pete Trezise, Budd Frye, john NVitherspoon, Ted Adelson. It M999 klein M :vin 'intro F YQ! C114-4L Mr. LaCoe Left to right, Row one: Kristi Durston, Pat Custine, joan Munster, Linda Frank, Beth Carter. Row two: Ray Romo, Steve Lindimore, Melvin Arnett, Teresa Conner. Row three: Mary Anne Carroll, jim Mc- Clure, Liz Thieme, Kay Katzenmeyer, Terry Quillen. Row four: Kathy Walters, Margaret Stevens, Charlie Smith, Dave Wolf, Rick Pink, Tom Gardner. C115-5L Mr. Crouch Left to right, Row one: Mary jones, Pat Sveska, Ed Munson, Marilyn Wohltjen, Dale Hendrickson. Row two: Paula Datsko, Danny Mitchell, Susan Lunk, Cynthia Coon, Sue Coon. Row three: Cary Dabich, Beth Sells, Kim Givens, Skip Burck, Ted Cannel, Rick Kendall. Row four: Kathy Riordan, Charles Ken- nedy, Eric Leinbach, Doug Haarer, Steve Miller. C1 16-41. Mrs. Erclreich Left to right, Row one: Tom Ford, Dick Emmons, Cathy Burns, Kathy Frisin- ger, Kathy Toms. Row two: Paula Clark, Jerry Coleman, Alice Askins, jane Hach, Louise Doud. Row three: Ann Miller, Charlie Phibbs, john Browden, Esther Bayha, Carl Hueter. G116-5L Mr. Kiesling Left to Right, Row one: Debbie Chance, Cheryl Sinclair, Julie Tai, Sharon Rice, Robin Scollard. Row two: Susan Harmon, Alan Cohen, Debbie Ferri, Ed Owens, Martha Briggs, Row three: Greg Willis, jerry Cummings, Doug Crist, Steve Taggart, Nancy Agler, Pat Roeger. Row four: Pam Finn, Bill Doneth, Mark Allen, Tom O'lencki, Ken Calcut, Mike Bowers. GI20-5L Mr. Harrell Left to right, Row one: jan Hagen, Linda Haels, jane Fleischman, Carol jones, Cindy Downs. Row two: jeff Potter, Suzy Greenough, Tom Kelly, Dave Taylor, Christine Mehlhorn, Dave Bender. Row three: Phyllis Morgan, Ellen Schel- kun, Rick Atwook, Carol Gutekunst, Bob Garrett, Gregory VV inokur. Row four: john Ideson, Alvin Baker, Brad Jones, Earl Crippin, Nancy South- wick, Gregory Balyeat, Kent Kimball. GI21-5L Mrs. Sonntag Left to right, Row one: Carol Judson, Cathy Acres, Florence Anthony, Karen Wicks, Sue Metzher. Row two: Ieanine DeLay, Kay Water- man, Karen Lands, jeff Mundus, Janice Keeton. Row three: Carol Smith, Patty Harrell, Kevin Kittleson, Scot Nowland, Mark Fonde, David Draper. Row four: Dennis Gibbs, David Bell, Greg Dinwiddie, john Macaulay, Terri Dawson. Left to right. Row one: Miss Hunt, Miss Eishenlohr, Nan Hutchings, Bob Cooper, Ted Kennedy, Myra Murray, Mr, Barclay, Mr. Roth. Row two: Marilyn Santoro, janice Band- rofchak, Sue Knorpp, Linda Baylis, Marian Atwell, Barb Patton, janet Polasky, Christy Gagalis, Sharon Kiehl, Carol McArtor, Ellen O'Neill, Mauri Wintermeyer, Linda johnson, Row three: Rick Bolhousc, Stew Bick, Scott Wenger, Tom VVarner, Rick Helmreich, jeff Klum, Charles Miller, john Sonntag. Tom Adamson, Doug Downs, VVayne Marshall. Row four: Nancy Scheilm, Carolyn Cutrona, Fred Arnold, Dave Brudon, jim VVood, Lynn Groves, Peggy Burns, Phyllis Pollack, Cindy Lamb. jennifer Kallenhacli, Betty Lu, Len Thiclk. , .. i ' f 1 f FM: will I fm, f ff+-.fefev -Q -DZFW ii-'ff av. ,.,,1.:,.,,,u A J 2.1 1 ., L..-.x,A1. V-Tu, ' nh A :Qt .PIN 'v?:,-- Iilfig . r-1 vi - 2- wt :fl mfr .:- 'GQ' in na- an 1-' A- i - , .fwf H. .,-. 'ag vu' .-a -" 1 J 'Ni D Ayer, -g lf: . asf' -A5 -.Q ,lf 1- Q .:e 5 , ,'.- 141 w ri ,.: P. ,, .-, .: . R3 .1 '15 -.N ., A ,. gf QQ Hy Ji' 65, Q' 2' I' V f fi if E," 15.4 V' we 'Z 'Q' -.' I - 'I .' " ve ' 71 J. "1 tx-f -i::.v"':-'- tg :Q jf gr -if fry ggi -1'-Li-N:.:1:,-c ' " 'ye ' ,, - Q , K IQ i A A - " 51 -' ,Z "'. E' EF- ':-' ' 4A. iv , ,fg . u if . -'-' '.f '20 '31 11 X 'L ' J' -- 1 ' -4. 3? -1 -. ' HJ x."- .fl . -.7 .- lu f, . ,' n, ',2'.' 7, ..' wg. ws, nf: 'fi ,fl 4: :55 1' l 1' iff. ,-, J 1' ,N 515 4 ' - .QQ ptr fl, , :M -1 3- is '55 355' 4 . ".v -' 'ff it , it 31' .Q -r 'gf 1. bg-'Qt J. '-'r- , :rf f:-'.- 445 . ,Jung zip.,-.. , in 1 ,J- .Gif ' HIEQYAIP' 15 -5 I F' ,' 53213, -l'jFQ.'L'- 'ufffi 'li' ' 5 R'f-1'1I1!,:Nf - - , - L.. . N5--We This years juniors are a unique group, Some of them will be the first seniors to graduate from the new Huron High School. As Sophomores one year ago they won the Purple jug, and their class spirit has continued to grow since then. This year's Board, lead hy Bob Cooper, Prcsidentg Ted Ken- nedy, Vice President, and Nan Hutchings, Secre- tary, reflected this spirit. The Homecoming float sponsored by the Board finished second, The Board also created class T-shirts in order to raise funds. The gala junior Prom was a fitting end to a success- ful year. 153 B106-4L Miss Blumenstein Left to right, Row one: Chris Holly, Cathy Mulky, Jim Mohler, Gail Goldie. Row two: Charlene Weir, Carol Rulfs, Betty Lu, Kay Binkowski. Row three: Mike Zahn, Pat Mayfield, Mike Staebler, John Stratos, Ricky Zies- mer. Row four: Dave Furgeson, Eric Erickson, Ron Coon, Mark Hodges, John Holland. C100-5E Mr. Henson Left to right, Row one: Judy Estep, Sue Poppenger, Connie Goldsmith, Cheri Jeffreys, Debby VValker. Row two: Linda Muelig, Martha Wher- er, Barb Switzer, Lucy Teate, Teresa Drewry, Dave Brundon. Row three: Bill Harris, Cam McArthur, Jim Robinson, Russ Dewey, Joe Lefever, Pam Zill. Row four: Roger Tripp, Dan Hendrix, Fred Nimke, Steve Daugnport, Kim Sprague, John Jadwin, John Bergrin. C104-4L Mr. Vllallace Left to right, Row one: Marcia Watson, Jenece Poree, Frank Slavik, Peter Mets, Theresa Metty, Christine Hughes. Row two: Tanis Cooley, Connie Berry, Sherry Williams, Mr. Wallace, Leaner Webster, Sandra Gibson. Row three: Julie Hall, Liz Capps, Jerry Emmitt, Mark McCollum, Alan Pang- burn, Betsey Robertson, Denise Witcher. Row four: Bill Ehrlinger, Jim Bernard, Volker Elste, Peter Jensen, John Sonntag, Tom Roumanes, Chuck Keaton, Dave Haaxma. C20l5L Miss Navarro Left to right, Row one: Mary Ann Mc- Ginty, Candie Hollowell, Doug Sell, Lark Ludlow, Mary Celenius. Row two: Debbie Fraser, Pam Pear- son, Anne Bokram, Dan Brodhead Brad Feinberg, Kathy Hilbish. Row three: Pete Banos, Diane Wild Bary Luchs, Mike Ward, Pat Sodt Chuck Lohr. Row four: Gary Robertson, Kent Jen- nings, Mark Pease, Chuck Miller, Rich- ard jahns, Chuckjudson, Robert Early. C204-5L Mrs. Slade Left to right, Row one: Dianne Dun- canson, Sherry Speyer, jane Drury, Daivia Kazlauskas, Sue Beal. Row two: Allison Parker, Larry Bates, Tim Cebulski, Julie Carroll, Cheryl Fanning, Elfriede Kelly. Row three: Craig Douglas, Chris Crip- pen, Steve Bohannon, Debbie Stoll, Ashraf Hashmi, Sue Stricklen, Robin Rossland. Row four: Tom Adamson, Tim Polk, Cary Colby, Steven Trippe, Dave King, Bill Creear, Jim Sullivan. Missing: Duane Williams, Keith Bor- des, Bonnie Alber. C205-5E Mr. Gottlieb Left to right, Row one: Beverly Hall, judy Kemph, Charlayn Hartman, Patty Tower, Ann Mark. Row two: Ronna Solvith, jane Schulte, Karen Koski, Elizabeth Dice, Sandy Kipfmiller. Row three: Mary Adams, james Blythe, Geoffrey Fine, jeffrey Winokur, David Broome, Lawrence Fatt. Row four: Richard Kulbicki, Richard Hakala, Alice Kooi, Roger Fraumann, jim Briggs, Richard Munger. y a a 5 C211-5E Mrs. Marshall Left to right, Row one: Ann Kostishak, Kristy Roos, Mike Link, jane Martin, Vicki Naylor. Row two: Annie McEwen, Cathy Bach, jean Ford, Bill Rolston, Karen Domino, Brenda Koernke. Row three: Bob Freeman, joel Heinecke Reid Parkinson, Pat Cervick, Ken Coning, Steve Orth. 1 Row four: David Edwards, jeff Klum, Mark VVinters, David Clark, judy Peter- son, David Swan, Cheri Scott. 156 C210-4E Miss Duffy Left to right, Row one: Margaret Wu, Kathy Colvin, jim Ehnis, Carol Boy- chuck, Nancy Hatch. Row two: jane Morton, Ann Atkinson, Harry Pool, VVayne Marshall, Colleen Houlihan. Row three: Cary Lutz, Bob Banolacci, Barb Schlecte, jay Oakley, Sue Rataj. Row four: Carion Campbell, Mark Hunt, Steve Ohl, jim Lesser, Craig Robinson. C213-4L Mr. Peacock Left to right, Row one: Linda Reed, Sue Grayum, Heidi Nimroth, Marsha MacDonald. Row two: Marian Atwell, Craig Jenks, Kathy Kenne, Scott Derr, Jackie Graves. Row three: David Hurst, Bob Heinon- en, Sue Knight, Sharon Redlin, Bruce Buster. Row four: Don Lewis, Rich Gockel, John Pmctor, Pete Jamison, Bill Van- derschalie. l C215-4L Mr. White Left to right, Row one: Judy King- smith, Keith Classpoole, Chris Roberts Anne Sedlander. Row two: Steve Hampel, Sue Barner, John M ikkelsen, Joan ne Larmee Richard Platte. Row three:' Bob Wittes, Marian Kum- mer, Keith Wenger, Douglas Downs jean Sussman. a C215-SL Mrs, Graff Left to right, Row one: Lajuene Mon- roe, Vicky Wurster, Colleen Fritts, jane Stadler, Maurie YVinte-rmeyer. Row two: Pat Kindshoven, Linda Rowe, Mary Bush, Eric Krupp, Debbie Hoff- man. Row three: Tom Tomasi, Mary Cra- ham, Larry Hunter, Andrew Kost, Kurt VVagner. Row four: Margy Mclnroy, Don Fabl- gren, james Coleman, Dave Kast, jerry Michelsen, Art Rooseau. C216--ll. Mr. Dozauer Left to right, Row one: Linda Schreen, Elain Collins, jacquelin Tasker. Row two: Mike Schindler, Pat Scol- lard, Kathy Sonntag, Linda Baylis. Row thrce: Pete Lawson, Phil Clevenger, john Scarbmugh, Bob Scheu. Row four: Richard Sturm, Dave Nich- ols, Andy Goodrich, john Becker, Mike Lachapelle. C2 17-4E Mr, Armstons Left to right, Row one: Dave Bauer, jill NVashington, joan Shawaker, Cherie Strickland. Row two: Steve Garris, Charlotte john- son, Kyle Roll, Sue Garner, Debbie Hoy. Row three: Karen Parker, Steve Ray- mond, Brian Holden, Randy Carr, Cathy Curby. Row four: john Rial, Ross Arnold, Dave Hall, Mike Ellison, Bill Bianco. C218-4L Mr. Ryan Left to right, Row one: Karen O'Con- ner, Nancy Burks, Dave Bankman, Shirley Harmon. Row two: Robbie Flowers, Tim Mullaly, Linda Galloway, Nevatte Bare, NVoody Vincenz. Row three: Tom Gebhardt, Stew Bick, Louis Stout, Tom Krasny, Pat Engle. Row four: Darcy Lenz, Mark Seitz, Tom Kneer, jeff Conover, Mike Dabbs. C220-4E M r. Scruggs Left to right, Row one: Karen Veigel, Steve Yeoman, Caml Levan, Linda Paslaski. Row two: Gary Cleveland, Polly Houck, Cathy Hartman, Claudia Stoll, jennifer Kallenbach. Row three:Don Adams, Bill Marken, Governor Robinson, jon Miller, Kathy Kosobud. C301-51. Mr. Ochs Left to right, Row one: Gail Woodard, Peggy Carrow, Jodi McDowell, Mar- garet Baker, Mike Guenther, Kay W'alsworth. Row two: Rikki Field, Mary Lou Greg- ory, Mary O'Neill, Krys Lindstrom, Mike Craig, Robert Senior, Diane Se- karos. Row three: Tom Mesnard, Carol Swain, john Seyfried, Don Selenis, Cary Harlacher, Steve Dames, Brian Behling, Row four: Tom Warner, Tom Vogel, Steve Froelich, Ron Bailey, George Lonsberry, john Delancey, jack Wil- son, Rick Santourian. Anime Q C308-5L Mrs. Williams Left to right, Row one: john Esch, Edna Morgan, Denise Atkins, Sandy Rose. Row two: Carol McArtor, Laurie Smith, joe Kramer, Beth Fitts. Row three: Marysha Ostafin, Ion Franzblau, john Baker, Mike Shock, jeff Hough. Row four: jim Hogan, Dennis Downie, Mark Deman, Chris Smith, Sue Cares. C313-5E Mrs. Dorr Left to right, Row one: Karen Crip- pen, Ellen O'Neill, Jane Mariouw, Nor- ma Lucas, Steve Noertker. Row two: jan Shankland, jane Fletch- er, Steve Bock, Judy Garfield, Anne Eschelbach. Row three: Peter Metzner, Steve Han- nah, David Burley, john Hieftje, Bill Pritula, David Ufer. Row four: Neil Lau, Davis Braithwaite, john Stephenson, David Class, Walter Hill, Steve Darr, Larry Gable. C313-4E M rs, Foster Left to right, Row one: Nancy Rich, Betsey Ring, Kathy Knobel, Anita Bar- rigar, jane Bartman. Row two: Curtis Reed, Sandy Terhune, Pam Bush, Kathy Titus. Row three: jo jackson, Larry Shipperd- son, Steve Moss, Rich Bolhouse, Sandy Crothers. Row four: Bob Klein, Jim Conklin, Bryce Parry, Steve Doene, Peter Dan- iels. C313-5L Mrs. Divver Left to right, Row one: Cathy Hoff- man, Sue Feller, Carol Mitchell, Pat Rector, Larry Varone. Row two: Diane Robinson, joie Tice, Kathy Yard, jack Brooks, Thersa Miller. Row three: Marty Critchell, Harry Ber- itz, Bill Olsen, Bill Kistler, Debbie Brown, Karen Collins. Row four: james Wood, julian Ford, Jon Hakken, Doug jones, john Mills, Rick Deller, Edna jones. C320-5L Mrs. Chen Left to right, Row one: Lila Skjei, Gail Teachout, Carol Price, Terese Lefevre, Micki VVright. Row two: Dee Fleischman, Steven Kep-I pler, Sharon Gillie, jackie Foster, Re- becca Palmer. Plow three: Barbara Foster, Teri Tefft, Marvin Taylor, Robert Barrie, Tom Gotz, Smith Atwood. Row four: VVilliam Elliot, Greg Barns- Clale, Lynn Stenke, Peet Schneeberger, Danny Mahler, Michael French. C318-4E Mrs. Procaskey Left to right, Row one: Cathy Abell, Coleen Hollis, Ellen Hoff, jo Trickett, Betty Bain. Row two: julie Whiting, Bev Morley, jan Pretzfelder, Chris Gagalis, Val Fletcher, Steve Robinson. Row three: Vicki Brown, Seba Remaley, Maija Numminen, Terry Weaver, Terri Yahr, Prudy Calado. Row four: Mike Preston, Gordon Ulrey, Keith Ellis, jerry Merril, Glen Alt, Bob Cooper. D111-4E Mr. Shields Left to right, Row one: Pam Ruzicka, Betty Downie, Virgina Stenning, Dar- lene Dcmason. Row two: Gale jaynes, Diane Ford, Paul Phillips, Nancy Merchant. Row three: Tom Leighton, Elizabeth Callaway, Fred Uhl, Carla Hawkins, jane Dibble. Row four: jim Reacler, Ron Bignall, Richard Graves, Dave Dotson, Scott VVenger. D203-4E Miss Bory Left to right, Row one: Sue Wikel, julie Budoff, Marjorie Burton, Mary Danner. Csilla Giclay. Row two: George Colna, jennifer Britt, Louise Eldredge, Arthur Frick, Har- mon Cole, Sara Beeman. Row three: Debbie Delwlaggio, Carolyn Cutrona, Eileen Harris, Sandy Salt- strup. Carl VanValkenburg, jeff Bru- neau, Richard Savage. Row four: Bob Strauch, Chris Diana, Ralph Thompson, Bill Dannemiller, David Pollock, Ted Clifton, Peter Pearson. 16 4 D210-4L Mr. Daehler Left to right, Row one: Sue Huntzieker, Becky Davis, Sue Martin, Marsan Ray- ment, Leslie Stegler. Row two: Laurette Spang, Mark Black, Ken Franz, Sue Lessels, Beverly Tope. Row three: Glen Lum, Martha Buss, joe Compton, Debra Snider, Steve Hirth. Row four: Cary Ross, Tim Solomon, Mohsen Ehya, Sarah Ann Coates, Erik Hansen. D210-4E Mrs. Segur Left to right, Row one: june Schlegela milch, Yeu-Ying Hing, Benny Lum, Fred Amold, Candy Rosaen. Row two: Ruth Von Fange, Leo Vogel, Rich Bailey, Mary O'Conner, Dave Lady. Row three: Faith Mitchell, Nick Scott, Joyce Reese, Tom Zimmerman, Alan Koralton, Jan Ceijerstam. Row four: john Dawson, Bruce Schlans- ker, Ralph Hayward, Larry Patrick, Mike VVright, Rick Harrington. D209-5L Mr. Lott - Left to right, Row one: Nell Perrault, Susan Sawyer, Pat Schiller, Karen VVcbh, Betsy johnsmiller, Row two: Lynn Bucholz, Fran Durner, Hilbert Koefoed, Barb Shehan, Chris Alexander. Row three: Cheryl Smith, Mila- Schall- hom, Nan Hutchings, Myra Murray, jay Morrison, Rodger Reynolds, Row four: Ed Klein, Ray Petit, Mike Nichols, Dexter Perkins, Craig McKin- non, Doug Carpenter. D210-5L Mr. Hicks Left to right, Row one: john Bonavia, Linda Bowers, Bob Olberg, Linda Bamhardt, Marilyn Santoro. Row two: Peggy Bailey, Lynn Hutzel, jeff Van Eyck, Lynn Fransway, Martha Mann. Row three: Dave Robhins, Patty Thompson, Frank Carey, Bob Gustaf- son, Bryan Clark, Karen Nye. Row four: Darryl Smith, Randy Cun- ningham, Rick Bray, Paul Diez, jerry Schneider, Tom Sell. Y 5 L 3 5 it f E107-AE Mr. Peden Left to right, Row one: Ronald Grams, Julie Howe, Sharon Kiehl, Pamela Etzcorn. Row two: Lois Von Fange, Noni Rhodes, Sally Bauer, Clare Comstock, Barry Wick. Row three: Robert Senseman, Brad Frederick, Darryl Andrews, Kevin Johnson, Robert Dye, David Deatrick. E108-4E M rs. Munro Left to right, Row one: Candy Note- stine, Sue Brooks, Barb Hoyt, Nicki Lunn. Row two: Ann DeVine, Barb NVright, Al Williams, Dwight johnston, Joyce Karp. Row three: Paul Rosser, Dan Melntire, Keith Laughlin, Mark Gaffney, Char- lotte Meyers. Row four: john Fraser, Judy Renfrew, Ed Fetters, Robert Steward, Bruce Macnee, Dan Shankland. C103-SL Mr. Stringer Left to right, Row one: Robin Stull, Dave Rogers, Oris Curry. Row two: Stephanie Mills, Guy Max- well, Tom Buttery, Kim Margcson, Pat Armstrong. Row three: Barrie Marchant, Steph Burke, Steve Carter, Bill Vvoods, Phyl- lis Pollack. Row four: Tom Williams, jim Sawusch, Tom Hancock, Robert Allen, Richard Armstrong. C107-4L Mr. Miller Left to right, Row one: Linda Beau- lieu, Diane Thomas, Pa! Mulligan, Pat Murphy, Mare McConnell. Row two: Connie VVesenberg, Katina Stamadianos, Beth Rupert, JoAnne Lamb, Debi Dean. Row three: Len Thielk, Ruth Craw- ford, Nancy Stojakovich, john Ulmer, Chuck Foster. Row four: Reece Lopucki, Tom Dona- hey, Dave NVillce, Steve Pardon, Larry W'iley, Bill Kerr. C112 4E Mr. Ritter Left to right, Row one: Sandi Mac- Donald, joanne Ticknor, Ellen Trapp Jane Burckhalter, Debbie Longworth. Row two: Sid Peterson, Paula Green Ed Hayes, janet Polasky, Sue Slocum, Row three: Jim Frisinger, Kevin Olson Sue Means, Dave Garter, Gary Wiseley Darryl Miller. y , C113-4E Mr. Karr Left to right, Row one: Kathy VVurster, Marsha Officer, Karen Grennan, Bev Napier, Cindy Doman. Row two: Debbie Kemp, Beppi Van- ClenBosch, Candy Dinger, Chris Eschman, Vicki Reynolds, Sandy Kidd. Row three: Nancy Schieb, Larry Ra- mey, Pete Culdberg, Brian Barton, Dave Snyder, Linda Fensch. Row four: Bruce Knoch, Lyn Latta, Doug Kimberly, Mark Leslie, Larry Goetz, Doug Zeilman, Mr. Karr. C113-4L Mr. Edmonds Left to right, Row one: Mari Scott, Wendy Bassett, Marjan Ciaravino, jan Gordon. Row two: Linda Herzog, Roy Hart, Sumner Maule, Barb Patton, Debbie Moore. Row three: Dave Bercu, jim Telfer, Dave Allen, Tom Somers, john Simonds. Row four: Doug Nelson, Bill Light- hall, Bruce Bayha, Charlie Teachout, jim Blow, Rudy Engholm. C113-5L Mr. Homing Left to right, Row one: Pat Marsden, Carol Harvey, Bev Aseltine, Doug Homing, Judy Borchardt, Marcia Troth. Row two: Karen Snyder, Alan West, Patty Johannes, Patti Williams, Louie Weir, David Vinter, Pam Meyers. Row three: Barb Saunders, Vicki Reu- ter, Gene Laubengeyer, jack Raeburn, Kathy Nicols, Bob ltami, Martha Wil- lis. Row four: Tim Maki, Mike Vaal, Mil- ton Andrews, Bill Wunsch, Pat McMul- lan, Robert Grear, Pat Bush. C117-4L Mrs. Harrell Left to right, Row one: Holly Hustell, Susan Schotten, Pam Sapsford, Brenda Bray. Row two: Carol Coppola, Bill Tharpe, Lynn Groves, Cheryl Harris. Row three: Marge Klammeng Ralph Utech, Al Kartesoja, Paul Stapler. Row four: Ted Evans, Eric Willekc, Fred Metzger, Dave Strack, Mark Aslcins. C120-4L Mr. Cray Left to right, Row one: Sarah Gillies Steve Swendsen, Linda johnson. Row two: Pat Phillips, Rostani Abadi Blake Temple, jon Beilock. Row three: Pam Brinkman, Bill Sargent Archie Brown, Russ NVatson, Bill Kehoe. 1 70 C121-5E M iss Datz Left to right, Row one: Suzanne NVil- son, Sue Carron, Nancy Baer, Mary Teesdale. Row two: Miss Datz, Al Sato, Nancy Carlile, Marc Halman, Annette Heb- beler, Cary Richert. Row three: Darlene Mastie, Richard Murphy, james Dailey, Richard Colvin, Donald Robey, Fred Aberdick. Row four: Mike Pester, Mohammed Fotuohi, Holly Cooper, Peggy Burns, Tim Grayson. C120-5E M rs. Farmer Left to right, Row one: Tim Phelps, Pat Cazier, Cheryl Bennett, Janice Hay- man, Greta Eckhardt. Row two: Pat Coleman, Kathy McClat- chey, Kyle Huxley, Adele Swope, Marcia Youngdahl, Nancy Mustard. Row three: Lynn Suits, jim Fenton, David Arndt, Paul Rose, Marty Church- ill, Lynne Pierce. Row four: George Chrhtman, Rick Helmrich, Tom Burkley, Bill Peet, Brian Krebs, Eric Quackenbush, Tom Banfield. C-:':i?: ' ff -Fmiiii 111' .1 K , .- 31'-. ' 1.355 ' ' :EN-1'- - f- ,' .w.1f,:jf,.E .5 'Jake 0 :G -X .QA - I .aah-Eh I 1: :L K ?,.T 1 A . . . 4 fi-ff X. fa:-:Lf f ' 1 ' i Y'w':112eff:e.:1s f . ,555 7 -ry' Vg' fi fl . 1+ - ' 15.17.-11:1 ' -' ,fan H 'fx' A v , L' 4 D . u, . 1 .L ' auf "ff :gil X- p ll ! ' 1.5-4. ll 'Vi +5 5- " X - . f -,- - - I 4 H, , f -.9 lg. ' . ,z.s',':,"7 ff! 'H' l I' A Q xl gif 'l A 5-'rr . N W . N - L' 32 l ll '3igf!l1':?::"'?3'iX102 ', ff f 3 fififf' 'li . 'K P4 ' XY .QQ Ali", . f f:-2-365. , 121.1,'.' -'.-2,f:-151122 -f,.gimLt - I . ggi, f 1:54 4' ia f.:'53,-f fs.. g Ai.,.u7,- ,ainzwy liiAf:,,.j .iiawglii ....:,n!':' ld. Aflzc. - V 1, Q, N' if li.. 5 'Nf' . 4 rf' iff' 4: X, l r , The Ann Arbor High School Athletic Department was split t,-, 1 " ' this Year into Pioneer and Huron High departments. Earlier, it "Vg was expected that Huron High would be open in 1967, so itls "' - school teams were committed to a full s orts schedule in the South fl P K , Central Conference. A summary of the first season by Mr. Klum, X 5. . K- A is a Commendation to the Huron High teams: 'A 91 M. fel .5 Q-.-'gig 'We chose to play, and I would say 1 , ' N W, . the problems have generally been over- ' Ah' come, and Huron High School will be 'J' xl G . . . U 'su' better off for our art1c1 ation. ll. J 1 -' 'T 5. XE Q. f l- Cl sl 2' 1 J. fg..Nv -. xx F J, FGOTBALL Varsity Squad: Row one: B. Bianco, 1. Wood, J. Telfer, L. S. Oliver, R. Bignall. Row three: Mr. Kaufman, D. Edwards Patrick, S. Single, j. Klum, R. Piepenbrink, Row two: B. E. Erikson, R. Etwood, T. Neely, Pi. Harrington, D. Strack Zaza, A. Campbell, J. Baker, A. Baker, B, Allen, D. Kast, C. Pratt, Mr. Stielstra, N. Lowe Cmgnj, B. Godwin. Inexperience hampered this yearis Huron team. The "River Rats", characterized by a tough fight- ing spirit, played with the motto "Never Give Up". Mr. Stielstra, after nine successful years with the Pioneers, coached the Huron football team through its first season. The tri-captains of next year's team will be Bill Bianco, Bob Godwin, and jim Wood. j. V. Squad: First Row:S. Pepper, R. LeDuc, M Arnett, S. Tremblay, D. Could: Second Row: D Foelber, D. Cook, D. Taylor, S, Welch, M. Camp- bell, B. Olsong Third Row: D. Hoy, B. Warner, L Crots: Fourth Row: Mr. Dyer, R. Parkinson, D Olson, j. Reader, R. Blake, M. Butler, E. Hart Mr. Kirby HURQ HARRIER B The Huron High cross country team made his- tory this year. The Harriers won thex first dual mect of any sport for Huron High by pacing Tecumseh to a 19-41 victory. The team voted Dick Munger as next year's captain. First row: R. Utel, C. Hueter, S. Hubburd, D. Mungur. Second row: D. Dotson, J. Hakken, J. Ford, 173 M. Askins. Third row: j. Conklin, M. Lobestall, T. Hancock, j. Kreski. Fourth row: D. Gibbs, Mr. Ryan, J. Blow Cmgrl, M. Fonde, R. Culbertson. X Qi ,x is 5 X' Q K - N Af?-Slew . 'xr P 3 Q -u,1fQj 'Q A Q k N . X - 4 ,, , -gg "TNT an K A K 1 K ' - fir: as 5 . ' -ef' 'L gi-ztggw -I . 6 F S 24, W 4 1 ll X I if Q xzi X Q. X I fs Q x JI 'AN- N X K -.ou 7' H my -5 as " I .' , X i W . -Q .5153 X.. ' wg is ' , 1 5 3 4 4 5 X. 'Y -sm' 1 . -Q. new wwf Mr, Dozauer, L. Fatt, B. Levinson, C. Pratt, j, Franzblau L Vogel E Krupp D Shepperdson GYMNASTICS Although unvictorious in their first year of competition, the AAHHS gymnastics team tied for seventh place out of nine in league championship. Captain jon Franzblau was the top scorer from this young team. Larry Shepperdson qualified for the finals in the league meet with a well executed ring routine. Other members of the team were Leo Vogel, Larry Fatt, Shawn Noonan, Burt Levenson, Garry Pratt, Eric Krupp and Charlie Smith. Gymnastics has been a major sport for many years in Europe and japan, and it is now a rapidly growing sport in this country. High school gymnastics consists of eight events: sidehorse, vaulting, free or floor exercise, parallel bars. high bar, rings, and two special events, tumbling, and trampoline. A typical gymnastics routine consists of a series of stunts during which the gymnasts must exhibit com- plete body control. Such a routine must give the appearance of elegance and ease while performing the most strenuous and difficult combinations of such stunts. The routine is judged by four judges with 10.00 being a perfect score. Gymnastics develops strength, balance, flexibility, and coordination. Though playing their first season, Coach Marty Reeds pucksters overcame inexpcrience with skillful skating, sharp shooting. and good goal- keeping in compiling a 5-8-3 regular season record. VVith the addition of two wins and two losses in the playoffs. the team placed unofficially fourth in the IHSHL. X Although losing several valuable seniors, most of Huron's team will be back next year. including Captain Bob Godwin and goalie jim LaPointe. Coach Reed is looking forward to a successful season next year. First Row: 1. Mundus, 1. Burnes, F. McOmber, M. Hogan, B. Godwin, B. NVaterman, R. Ross, J. LaPoints, Mr. Reed. Second Row: R. Blake, C. Lighthall, B. Marken, B. Gage, HURO HOCKEY VV. Kempfert, B. Lighthall, P. Sayre, C. Portman, S. Strange, C. Child, K. Kittleson, D. Schanklin fmgrj. WIMMI First Row: R. Hayward, D. Clark, H. Bcntz, D. Perrin, M. VanDerveer, B. VVebster, D. Lady, D. Deatrick, B. Cole. Second Row: R. Arnold, S. Hampel, K. Cowing, M. Crit- chell, R. Bignall, D. Bercu, I. Lawrence, J. Heinecke, B. Sensemen. Third Row: C. Waage, T. Neely, B. VVarner, B. Kowalczyk, D. Schultz, J. Dowson, N. Kessclering, C. Des- met, K. McLaughlin. Fourth Row: D. Nelson, B. Ressler, B. jones, C. Weiss, P. Kostishak, J. Keeley, D. Bender. Fifth Row: C. Steinway, T. Diesenroth, D. Emmons, S. Now- land, D. Emmons, Mr. VVallace. After a fantastic start against nonconference foes, the Huron swimmers found the competition tough in the South Central League, finishing with a 18-6 win-loss record. The three seniors, Bruce VVe-bster, Dave Perrin and Mark VanDerveer served as the team's tri-captains. VVith a strong group of junior and sophomore swimmers, Coach VVallace is looking forward to a strong showing next year. WRESTLERS PRODUCE CHAMPS First Row: E. Hays, D. LeDuc, R. Atwood, S. Tremblay, C. Reed. Second Row: S. Pepper, Taylor, B. Holston, D. Lillie, A. Baker, P. Parravano, Mr. Nordlinger. Third Row: Mr. Hur0n's fledgling season of wrestling was a mixture of happiness, frustration, and improvement. Happiness is having three Ann Arbor High letterrnen elect to dedicate their senior year to establishing at Huron. Captain Dave Lillie, Brad Gross, and Bob Gardner were respected for their wrestling and leadership ability. Their combined records were TS wins, 12 losses, and 4 draws. Gross and Gardner were South Central and Regional champions. But it was Gardner who earned a permanent place in Michigan wrestling history with a third place finish in the state class A 138 pound division. Frustration is never having Gillum, J. WVood, R. Harrington, B. lngber, B. Cross. B. Gardner, j. VValker, D. Kast, T. Grayson, T, Gardner. a full team, and therefore never having an honest chance in a dual meet. VVe never forfeited less than three weights due to insufficient number of Huron wrestling candidates. Improvement was best for Curt Reed, Marc Ingber, Dale LeDuc, Mark Hodgson, Rick Atwood, "T" Gardner, Tim Grayson, Rich Harrington, Dave Kast, Steve Pepper, and Bill Howison, as they grew and developed through- out the season. The future of Green and Gold wrestling depends upon our ability to train these young athletes in this most demanding but most rewarding of all sports. First Row: C. Hueter, I. Conklin, M. Fonde, R. Utech, 1. Kleinman, M. Comstock, M. Arnett, Second Row: A. Garrison Cmgr.D, B. Culbertson, T. Kelly, R. Gould, A. Campbell, D. Munger, D. Foelber, Coach Love, Third Row: K. Burke, C. Child, J. Sawsch, D. Cook. T. Cannell, D. Karjala, T. Dickinson, S. Oliver, Fourth Row: C. Hogan, T. Miller, M. Askins, M. Winters, S. Single, D. Bender, M. Campbell, R. Blake Coach Love, former track star at Michigan and presently a counselor in the high school, has resumed his coaching career as the track mentor of Huron High. He is hoping that the record book of the track team will have some fine entries this year, and he looks forward to the making and breaking of records in the future. This year's Huron golf team will be coached by Mr.. Case. As a letterman from last ye-ar's Pioneers, Bob Godwin will lead the team. The golf squad will play their matches at the Huron Hills Municipal Golf Course and will be participating in a tough South Central League. Letterman Bob Godwin 7 First Row: M. Hogan, D. Swan, R. Ross, L. Patrick, R. Paley, C. Smith Second Row: Mr. Kauffman, A. Rousseau, A. Baker, B. Allen, B, Allen, B. Bianco, B. Cage, j. Simonds, Mr. Lande Third Row: A. Hegwood, R. Atwood, B. Strange, L. Brooks, R. Deller, E. Ernst, B. Olsen, D. Struck The Huron High Baseball team expects to have a very interesting 1968 season. The team has good potential with such players as Roger Paley and John Baker, two who played Pioneer ball last year. The teanfs hopes this year ride on the success of the pitching staff which includes john Baker, brother Al, and Rick Deller. Besides Paley and Baker, Huron will begin the season as a very 'igreenu team. But coached by jess Kauffman, last yearis Pioneer coach, and Larry Lande, hopes are high for the first season. EWWUS Three of Coach VVallace's "boys": Ken Klippen, Tom Cieryn, Buzz McOmber BASEBALL Coach VVallace has the task of organiz- ing an entire tennis team this year. With all lettermen going to Pioneer, the team will be young and inexperienced. They will be in shape, the coach has promised. He expects the spirit of the boys to be good and eager. f W--2:23-as X, N2 gf ,, H Q M..qg-jialfilstwg 'x-.Pink -x ,M wi if N x Hxgfxfi - P N ' f W my 2 lid 5 Pxwsmnxi :L 1 'W' ,,, lg X 'wwu Lrg 'is Www 4. ax ,gli -wt: A I AA wifkelwifm 'ix' Q Q gs: 41453 , -u. N f'4x.n. i W R53 A J' Qi. S L af' F5553 " xl 1 if , , 4 X My - R 4 . Avila , - -4 3553 W ', U 5 If , :X 2 H 'QM :WN , , ., A , ya. 1. ' xtS.:3,,Q5.g 1. N 539,if5i.:i.5,,f:v:.-KAN .E ,g,,il,T1!. his X 2 .Q ,, JV 5L?,:, .FL Q! R A, A , . -'f':i3ff?9?if L.4...,15g1i.5 mp1f'GiQ5'iJ,',w3 My ,A n w f,g, ,:' N- -seam? H 'T if -D+.-1 inf vi X -' . -Nm ,f"":' Yi-f'?Yi..'-11,15 -.f .www-f.+' . L n f . sw ag -A: K' f' - . - ff '-31 ' wif . we 5534 - - fy., ' ' ' -. wi -1 - Ji: V - . wi- Mfr: Q, 'Q' 452 ' m Af' ' . ' - H ,, , Q. ga, Q .4 - lsx ' K - A L , " 5 L 13.5 'fwxf ff , Q-. x , - '11 - f ' 1 "' ' ' H., -X ' V ., i 4 . L , fix, K Q Nl A ,KH nk ' ni, I S? mg y K1 my M , V x N ix A H Q I .. Wi QR , ,E .M , I, ,y ' -F' ' , 1 .-. r 1, 131 , - 'x " W 1 sx1ex - 2 .4 ' 1 I W V 5 5 --1.'u"+f.-.., I, , , N Lg . , b -U Q l , kd ,. , ,. .33-51' . ,. :,j:-:EES . 'f:335?:5??n fir. l fvf-Q21 4 Zi55f'+4 -- 9 JN, . 5,,2'i2?S1'.SiE-!xg',ia.,M 5... -If QQ I, I rv -QA 1-.QA S, . Q 31,1 if-.2 1 . , 4 .ri 2:5 A u 4' nf.: I an .N , 6 4 .v ' 'fs ,LL 'TG h f l fra? - f '.- - I ' rift x .-'- F' ff Q-- 1:15 ' r"-' In ' fp A X' I ITN.. dsx N it , I I 5 ' vy 55,1 :.. ,gf - - 1: 1- h x V ,. . , V"?,-1:f:f:ne22S-- F, 'if L s 'Q 'fg , ' 9 'X "SHE - , 1" gil 1" n,....,.A - ,ax ,Q Y -.W : tr , my -" I 5 5 X . ,' . -11' - 55 Y, ., 4' .. W - 4' . ft: .. gf ' ' x- ll. '- ' . 'gi' fi-,if X-'M .. E45 A -..x, fs-7 , z Y XX 4 5:26 , QQ-,Q " i ggigt, . Sgr: A 1 'K r- ,, . 3 v 1 ' 5 p -' 2-Z ..'-,ga -., . rg..'4-4:.,,..,, - its A , , ,ptjgtj -,wr 57: , 1 .J Ile ' 5, QQQZ: .1--n:..Lx.n..-..nL:ffe. l-.'..g.,,,-4,-31,-5!,Q,,,g K i 9 , - . ... . gil' '..' . v. ,. Q ur. r .. - - .N r :A ' -fr, ' Qlsfg. 0 7 v .3 1 ' ,- A 'f:"'235?'bn, :1 .alii-"'X5"5?:gw,, ag'-5' 13 ,J :Q Ngiifvi. .ff 632,311 5 'ltkgfw L LQ f' 0 ' ': 5 5" Nfilas. .f 241.5 . ': 3' fn-fy.. l ' . ' if-,ab Wg. ' fm :rl 'V' ' '1 Pr 'vi M ' w Agn I . I. , Q i ' ,Tv V :I , r 1" ' I ,U 1-4 --. 1- .aj-"l 5 K ., .. ' A . jLq ..Q'.e, ' -49 1 .',- n y ' ' '-i ' , , .I an Q ,I c' -' . ',fQ3:zzA,:.v 'S ,J 'fra , , ,, " My . . 4 '- f, , , ' - ' , 1 ' if 532' ' " 4' A xl Y' 1 ' X MN - f H. .-. Q 1 ' ,4 Q -5. fx" -We-. 3- ' - N, Q1 ,Q S55 iff: , A . 'Wiz ,,.,p,-A ,Wh ,gr ' 5:2 as ,Kg gweiw..- W ' 3 Jw Q-W-new-' .HH V ," Z- ' 'za ta , , J . X , g x . ' 'iigixx . n . 2 f, ,L f . Q :ni , ' ' ' 1 - mg f.-fu..-'-QN , f . X 2 . . Wap' Q.lxX:.? 'Aw K. ff. ' l H -. is , Q +f,,'.4n A, f1 f" A 2'2" Z3 W X Q V.,-l .x lar' Q 58 . L if. L :HI A 7 '4xgf,x'2qQifj'?4l . 4 '-' H' . -. f 's...,'g ,,...f- ' K' iii, ' K Y LX. G1 FUOTBALL Varsity Squad: Row one: D. Bartlett, H. Bolhouse, B. Hunter, j. Genova, J. Weid, K. Burkhart, J. Rush, G. Moore, T. Kirtland, D. Kimberly, P. Rose. Second row: 1. Steinke, B. Elliot, L. Thielk, D. Barkman, I. Everett, T. Cebulok, W. Marshall, J. Sonntag, J, Schneider, T. Banfield, D. VVad- haus, R. NVeinman, S. Howe. Third row: A. Mack, B. Pritula, As Coach Ritter said, "This team is better than the win-loss record showsn. After victories over Grosse Pointe and East Lansing, the Pioneers fought hard against many tough teams, including Battle Creek, Walled Lake and Kalamazoo, all ranked in the Top Ten of the after-season state-wide poll. The team's choice for Most Valuable Player was Kent Burkhart, who co-captained the Pioneers with jim Weld. The Most Improved Player was jerry Steinke, and next year's co-captains will be Ted Kennedy and john Sonntag. J. Schneider, I. Holland, C. Fonde, N. Taylor, J. Clavier, 1. Curtis, D. Gardner, M. Rial, C. Cleaveland, D. Wells, R. Clevenger, Mr. Blanchard. Row four: P. Shipley Cmgrj, I. Munson, P. Eiez, M. Lesley, B. Buster, T. Tomasi, H. Ellis, J. Robinson, Mr. Fuehrer. Row five: Mr. Kellum. Mr. Ritter, S. Cates, T. Sullivan, T. Kennedy, R. Coon, E.. Han- sen, E. Fetters, P. Schneeberger, D. Franzblau, D. Haaxma, G. Pink fmgrj. I, V. Squad: First Row: M. Copeland, A. Cohen, M. Herkimer, R. Seyfried, D. Finkbeiner, T. Heinz, M. Bridges, M. Bryant, Second Row: C, Willits, B. Standbridge, D. johnson, M. Brewer, H. Holden, C. Rigan, D. Crist, D. Fuller, D. john- son, Third Row: C. Phibbs, D. Weber, B. Streiter, S. Burkhart Lcapt.D, C, Campbell, M. Klein, J. Fox, T. Phaus, M. Nairn, B. March: Fourth Row: W. Abbott fmgr.J, R. VanGasse, S. VVeinmann, S. Taylor, J. Harris, B. Mann, D. Toombs, B. Kainlauri, Mr. Palmer, Fifth Row: Mr. Leslie, M. Henson O. Owens, G. Miller, J. McComiughey, Snyder, T. Solo- mori R. WVeid, R. Bell, Mr. Iablin , Q X-CGU TRY REMAINS CHAMP ., I 11.17 Led by Captain john Stone, the Pioneer Cross Coun- try team took the 6-A title while maintaining a 6-1 record this year. They were runner-up at the XX-'est Bloomfield Invitational Meet out of a field of eighteen teams, and Came in third out of twenty at the Napoleon Invitational. The team selected john Stone as Most Valuable Run- ner, Rick Marr as Most Improved Runner, and Skip Burke as Most Promising Sophomore. Next year the squad will be eaptained by Brad Feinberg. First Row: D. Fisher, j. Winkelhaus, J, Stone, R. Marr, S. Burck, B. Feinbergg Second Row: L. VVilt Cmgnl, P, Kentes, R. Starry, C. McKinnon, C. Lonsbcrry, J. Ellis, Mr. Ryan: Third Bow: P. Leavitt, B. Heinonen, M. Smith, D. Herkimer, B. Cunningham. T. Roth, T. Olencki N-.-- 2 X R .. First Row: R. jahnke, T. Hunter Cmgrl, 1. Montgomery, D. Davis, B. Elliott, Mr. Karr, Mr. Van Colen, Second Row: I. Steinke. D. Berry, T. Kennedy, P. Jamison, A. Brown, P. DI TRICT CHAMPS! The Pioneer basketball team topped off a poor reeord by becoming district champs. From there they met the ser.-ond-rated team in the state, Ypsi- lanti, in the Regionals and lost by the elose score of T2-63. This year they were powered by Most Valuable Player, Captain Don Davis, with tremendous effort from everyone. The squad Voted Peter jami- son as next years captain. Sehneeburger, B. Cunningham, j. Michaelis. K. Spangler J. Kainlauri, S, Burkhart, The 1967-68 Ann Arbor Pioneer gymnastics team won seven meets, lost three, and tied one. In league champ- ionship, AAP placed third out of nine competing teams. Co-captain jolmnyc Martin is said to he on of the best all-round gymnasts in the history of .XA High gymnas- tics. He is one of the hest tumhlers in the state, Co- captain Mike Umplehy scored five first places in duo- meet competition on the sidehorse. Lon Kelley. Paul Kyprie, and Dan Hodgins are hy far the best trampoline team in the entire state. Mike Smith and his beautifully styled ring routines hrought in many first places. Dave Palmiere has come through on the parallel bars with some high scoring. jim Curtis, Karl Kikuchi, and Reece Lopueki worked hard all year and helped the team GYM A TICS Mr. Dozauer, 1. Curtis, M. Umpleby, P. Kypric, I, Martin, D. Palmiere. through a successful season. i'The Number One Trampoline Team in the Staten: I.. Kelly, P. Kyprie, D. Hodgins. Row one: F. Duff, M. Renfrew, j. Bittman, D. Balta, D. B- Slandbfidge. C- Rigafl, Dv LeBraSSe, D- Ni0h0lS, S- DMT, Banghart, B. Straub, j. NVeid, F. Zrmack, D. Vtfadhams, C. MacArthur, B. Pritula, D. Yakley, Mr. Armstrong. T. Carey. Row two: P. Shipley lmgrj, R. Davis, B. Love, P10 EER PUCK TERS Pioneer ice hockey team finished with a tie with Lakeview for first place in the Regular Season play of the first division with a 11-3-2 re- cord. Their total season record was a fine 1:2-G-2. This was fifth straight year they have won a regular or playoff title. Alternate Captain Deniz Balta led the Pioneers' scoring and defense continually throughout the season. He was hrilliant on defense and was an easy first team all-league selection. lt was the fourth year in a row that Ann Arbor had a first team all-league defenseman. Co-Captains Dave Banghart and Buck Straub were continuous leaders in team scoring. jim Bittman developed into a solid defenseman. Tom Carey and Frank Duff shared goal-tending duties. Highlight game of the year was Ann Arhor's 3-2 win over Lakeview to tie them for the regular season first place position. SWIMMERS SPLA H AWAY The "Super Swimmers" of Pioneer High won the 6-A League meet as well as all of their dual 6-A meets. They placed 3rd in the state meet and ended up thier dual meet season with a 12-1 record. Captained by Bruce Crouch and Pete Dobson, the team broke 4 var- sity. 3 pool, and 2 6-A records this year. For another year they securely held their 6-A Crown. Flrst Row G Christman, B. Atwood, S. Hauser, j. Garber, D. Ful- B. Onderdonlc V Elste M Noonan C Yourd I Roos R Evans lor D Schultz A, Krezcl. Second Row: D. Slocum, D. McCargar, j. Hieftje Fourth Row G Hauser E. Quackenhush P Fairman S Bohannon B, Cooper, B. Crouch, P. Dobson, 1. Orcutt, D. Ufer, j. Birchmeier D Fry C Cares F Nlmlte P Dlez R Gockel I S Pals Third Row: Mr. Lott, J. Wren, B. Doneth, R. Charbenean, Stephenson zz! N 'ivllmi 1- - . First Row: T, NVeber, D. DeFors, T. Tomasi, j. Kalmbaeh, R. Strieter, D. Finkbeiner, B. March, E. Mann. Sccond Row: Mr. Horning, j. Mohler, C. Knieper, j. Lcake, T. Scar- burough, D. Vinter, D. lngles, I. Vanliyclc, N. zill, VV, Has- kett, C, Kirkland, D. Christman. Third Row: S, Corris, H. Holden. J. Mann, P. Kentes, L. Hunter, j. Sonntag, A. Mack, R. Cunningham, S. Hume, R. Bolhouse, T. Cebulski, VV. Abbott. PIO EER QUALIFY THREE The first Ann Arbor Pioneer Wfrestling team qualified three of their wrestlers for State honors. ln finishing fifth in the Regional meet, the Pioneers wrestled their best of the season. junior heavy-weight Piiek Bolhouse became the first Pioneer to win a regional champion- ship. and junior Steve Garris, and senior Arturo Mack were runners-up. In the conference meet, the Pioneers werenit so for- tunate. XN'e finished in the basement, with no league champions. However, we did have some encouraging performances by Abbott, Bolhouse. Cebulski, Cunning- ham, Garris. and Kentes., ln dual meets, the Pioneers were able to come out on top twice, beating Adrian and Flint Northern. Senior Scott Hume turned in an excellent dual performance, i .T4.,.., ,, W, winning 10 times and losing only once. Hume suffered a shoulder injury and was unable to wrestle effectively in the tournaments. Also hit by a crippling injury was Captain Gary Moore. Gary was a tremendous leader, but had the misfortune of injuring a knee. This year's I. V. squad Came along very well during the year and they show tremendous potential. Some of the more outstanding prospects for next year from the -IX. squad are Haskett, Scarbrough, Ingels, Kirkland, Zill, E. Mann, B. Mann, Wleber, March, Holden, Leake, Tomasi, Strieter, and Knieper. Pioneer coaches Horning and Cross were extremely pleased with the effort of the squad and are looking for- ward to next year with great enthusiasm. First row: K. Peden, j. Rush, j. VVinkelhaus. j. Tyner, j. Ashford, T. Kirkland, S. Gates, B. Feinberg, D. Fisher, j. Goodsell, S. Larmee, S. Lutz. Second row: j. Levenick, D. Brudon, P. Banes, D. Crist, R. Kendall. C. Davis, P. Clevenger, C. Moore, B. Barrie. D. Barkman, K. Davis, R. Hague, C. Kirkland, l.. Wilt. Third row: Mr. Kellum, G. This yeans returning lettermen for the Pioneer golf team are captain joe Newton, Reese Lopucki, and Brad Houghtalin. Coaching the squad will be Mr. Toni VVilson. XVith the added potential of Steve Stull, Dave Dessecker, Toni Ditto, Bill L.aVacque, and Don Fahlgren, the team has a good chance to take the state cham- pionship. Lum, B. Heinonen, D. Bcrtsos, L. Schoch, S. Burek, D, Newman, M Lobbestael, L. Wiley, R. Kennedy, R. Helmreich, P. Schoch, R. Dewey, D. johnson, Mr. Blanchard. Fourth row: D. Herkimer,-j. Harris, M Vaal, j. Robinson, T. Olencki, R. Householder, E. Fetters, D. Glass, B. NViench, T. Kneer, M. Hunt, VV. Hill, F. Pink, M. Smith, D. Evans. TRA CK Making his debut as Pioneer track coach will be Mr Blanchard. The team under the new coach hopes to pro- vide good competition against last 5-'ear's 6-A champs Battle Creek, in spite ofthe school split. Along with track captains, long jumper Thermond Kirkland and hurdler Steve Cates, there is a strong nu- cleus of veteran talent as well as new talent, enough to challenge forthe 6-A title this year. Pioneer Golf Lettermen: Reese Lopucki, Captain joe Newton, Brad Houghtalin, BASEBALL The Pioneer Baseball team has four returning lettermen: Don Davis, Fred Zrmack, jerry Schneider, and jim VVeid. Pitchers Jamison, Arbogast, Banfield, and VanBuren, are expected to ripen into a great pitching staff this year. VVith a coaching staff which includes Mr. Peter Palmer Warsityl and Mr. VVarren Crouch QJVJ, as well as a previous three year record of 39 wins and 8 losses, the team of 1968 has good reason to continue the Pioneer tradition. First row: Mr. Oneil, B. Elliot, j, NVeid, R. Hellner. L. Gable, L. Bray, D. Haaxma, M. Blach, B. Farah. Fourth row: Van Casse, D. Van Buren. Second row: Mr. Crouch, P. Rose, j. Ehnis, I. Fraser, Nichols, P. Jamison, K. Spangler, K. Ellis, D. VVilke, N. Kazarin- D. Davis, F. Zrmack, C. Arbogast, J. Onderdank, M, Zahn. Third off, T, Donahey, I. Schneider, T. Banfield. 1 row: Mr. Palmer, L. Thielk, C, Robertson, j. Everett, S. Darr, R. TENN S Even with the loss of eight of last year's var- sity lettermen due to graduation, the Pioneer Tennis team promises to stand a good chance of gaining their third consecutive 6-A League title. Last yearis runner-up squad in the state tour- nament, it will be powered this year by Cap- tain john Zarafonetis, Lou Weir, Robin Gregory, Bill Pritula, Stewart Bick and Dave Hesson. The team will be coached by Mr. Karr, who is expect- ing mueh out of this year's squad. 192 Part of the Pioneer Powerhouse: First Row: R. Gregory, S. Bick, j. Zarafonetis Ccaptainl, D. Hesson, Second Row: P. Darrow, C. Cares, M. Lampe, K. Akerlund ,ff : .Jw . X- Mfg 'L " 1' im v x A, .. . .I New ,. SX. . F . x ' R 5' Q39-.Q l,w:l35i5'2-11: QA fs-gel Wi, ,cw nv: ks cz A va' .1 -2 ff In -g rfb - -79 5 H ff 1 2 Q 1- fx if V3 vu msg :izfa-mm-YS Lggxgmcg-,y , " " ' -Q.. M X 1' J 1.9 F1552 Y AA ff'+"f-Q 1- , N 3 N ,ww-ex! X 41 -nl ':v,gv isa!! eff-fa , -I - I tl 'I ,xi . ,. W, ,,, , -1. , I X ' N", .L xt, -,' ' b xi , . 'lr : H A K -.13 'k ' A 4' --Wg . ' A, , Q, b.: t. s ' :.,- , ' . N .Fl 1' . xfii , h -K .4 X b H . J l F : B Q . . , . H l, .. 'F i , 3, in! 7'f 6 .. gf ? X ,fr j,.',Q',i5- Y V-V X V., 'X a 45 -1 1, 'V-139 ' fffff-'fa'-"'1. ilii , 94? N 1 vi f' 1 X W.: ' b- H, Q x' 1 , , E JM ' .f I A I I if V ' IQ' A ww JU ' ' 1 " f' 4' 4 U 'HA E929 'J' "f1'3'1 X ' ., -aN,.Qi', . "The Bird ls The VVorcll" First place float-Senior Homerooms C320-5E, DZIIAE, Cl-09-5E, C115- 5E, was designed by jeff Clark. if -- iii! Tig V- 1. L- .f lvl. 'T 2: 2:1 VX life. l 'Q o gf pl rg BIZ- fr! 'ff lg .-33 'gi pg wg. if fi iff lf' 4-Na wif:-fu E 12, lf-ig, fqe- el li Fl .- iq in-,g .gf ul gk n f. 45' lgi Ql gix 1? 'af Fr W , . 1. N.- 'F-.- 42, 7'-vfif -Ts F , lieu. 'rbi I Le... .fe bfxl' rift, gfv 1 .'f'S-Ira: '-A1 f A Elf? gs, .1 ty l LQ' "Come Back VVhen You Grow Up!" 2nd place "Puff, The Magic-Dragon" 3rd place float-Senior float-junior Executive Board. Homerooms B102-5E, C308-5E, C310-5E. 196 The Queen And Her Court-Row One Ll to rl Laurie Groves, Seniorg Lorre Brown son, Seniorg Joanne Baker, Seniorg Queen Sue Gillen, Seniorg Row Two QI to rl Karen Lu, Sophomoreg Nan Hutchings, juniorg Betty Lu, juniorg Debbv Ixrupp Sophomore Y ur .-.....-..-g,,......--- ,gt Queen Sue Cillen parades around field with S. C. Pres. Pete Graham, after having been crowned by Tom Wood. BEFORE. . . AND AFTER! WT' A spotlight dance with foot- ball Capt. jim VVeid Kisses and a football from football captains. NIGHT FIT FUR QEE Her gift given out by Senior Class President, Dave Bishop 199 The Omega Staff wishes to congratulate julie Yinger and Liz Mitchell, the general chairmen of Homecoming '67, and Kathy Harrell and Pat Scollard, chairmen ofthe dance, for a very successful homecoming. Also, our congratulations to Queen Sue and her court. THE DIARY OF ANNE FRANK Anne Frank-Erika Fox Peter Van Daan-Mike Meyer Mr. Frank--Greg Walden Mrs. Frank--Ruth Crawford Mr. Van Daan-jack Raeburn Mrs. Van Daan-Lora Fidler Dussel-Larry Harbison Margot Frank-Carla Frank Mr. Kraler-Jim Bittman Miepe-Marsha Levinson 'Twas the day before vacation And all through the school The sounds ofthe Choir and Orchestra Filled it with Yule. Students and Teachers Slouched down in their seats And settled their minds To the melodic beat. 04 "PEP WEEK" Feb. 12-16 Monday-"Pin-it" day Tuesday-"Wet and Wild" day Wednesday-"Flip Over'em" day Thursday-"Check-it" day Friday-"Jump for Joy" day AT THE PEP ASSEMBLY SENIGRS WIN PURPLE JUG SOPHS SENIOR'S XVINNING BANNER WHERE IS THE CLASS OF 'E-38? . The Omega Staff would like to thank Rowe Lee, Mary Ann Hall, Maggie Pittman, and john VVinkell1aus for a very successful Pep VVeek. 7 TEAI-IOUSE OF THE AUGUST MOON ' THE LEA DS O s s Sakini-Larry Harbison 5 O O Captain Fisby-Greg Vtfalden , P Col. Purdy--Erik Hansen O Q b, g . Miss Higa jiga-jan Lowry O 'QB Lotus Blossom-Kathy Evaldson V O" X k Lady Astor-the Goat 21 O' u lst Place Team: Hellner, Burkhart, Arbogast, Phillips, Bishop, E. VVinkelhaus, Zahner, and Hoffman. 2nd Place Team: VVeber, Zarafone- tis, Saalfeld, Cieryn, Holtfreter, Everett, Kennedy, Schoch INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL FINAL STANDINGS Hellner VVeber Rose Stevens VVells Lotts Schneider Itami Burd Ditto Munson Williams -0 -1 2 -3 -4 -5 5 6 6 6 6 9 209 SENIOR TALENT SHOW 212 THE FINALE 5 PIONEERS EKE CUT VICTORY GVER I-IURON 45-42 .g GRRRR. . . KETBALL OR BALLET? SOCK IT TO EM, FANS!! THE GRADUATE NILIORUYY XVILD THINGU!!! U. F.O. FP? HI YALL! I 2 IN MEMORIAM - ' 2-' flxgieli - . -1. -me -N Paul Heldt 1950-1967 Paul Heldt was born in Ypsilanti on january 10, 1950. His family moved to Ann Arbor when he was eleven years old. He attended Haisley and Forsythe Schools before coming to Ann Arbor High School. Paul liked to play baseball and travel, and his hobby was collecting and making model cars. He had hoped to enlist in the Navy, and had said often that one should "Live for today." I nl 4- M -A 0 4 'ww -Q QQSEEE AA ,O The Ghequamegon Orchestra. -fi A A mwfwl-A , .?fij1N:g4"R v Q - - ' 5 FOURTEENTH YEAR. I Ln Q A Music Funrusnmn IN AN An'r1s'nc Mnxlnm Eon--- A BANQUETS. BALLS, It' Eff? E - ",f5E '-' ' S W DDIN S . y G D O55 LECTURE . E G , ETC r, :- - ' xi A.. , . . WITH FULL ORCHESTRA, OR LESS NUMBERS OF MEN IF DESIRED. vs, Y U X. fav, ' -.QTAL-.xvirf.Qffggix.,5i,!:fjfE J Tlv- Latest and Most Popular Music furnished fnr every ii iff' SHG Ocmilglssbrohestra is made up largely of Students and espec- ' "gf ,.Li4 ' :rx C, 1- - 1 '-'fg.I-w"'.i ially solicit, the students patronage. - - Q LEON M. JONES, Manager and Director. ' A .Fevf-Things that Carl be Found A91 5. sou'ri1gA3N STREET, - - - ANN Anson, mcnmAN X' ,g ,L X , -, ., f T - f""""""'- """" """ ""' ' 'w"""""'i W ""n'nff . ' Tl-IE LAEQCA1-:s' Nn musr comm.E'rE,!..1NEoF1 O. M. 1 'N lGC1:Z"iX7'9Q5:I 5 ' .' ' A ef 'xt " F l D' t nd Embalmer O 1, -- ' Amon!!hol.nIesl.Nnveluen uretzlneh k"v . unera 'rec or a ? - 14sbKepa1s,'A-Per1r1f-mtatallda-sllleczlzgg q ffl 1, .A .n A ' .:AlllhelaleutsliupeEln - - -. - ' Y , f -.- s' ' f,,,-f 1 1 F572 2: OPEN DA :L "l .BTBAW llA'l'::,EverySllnpe',P,l1lXllty1lll:,:Lo: ':::'YClaQNQlllli'laS.' .A J' 3 ' K aalnokeepn ul lneof .lu S. , fy- ---Q' 1 1, ll V ' GOODRICH 'az GU1'NANhq'iE3:-' f3Q'7?1Fi 1: .A TY E. - f ."'L..I ' . - B h Ph 16 South Mam Street. ,Ann Arbor,M1ch1gan1Q-9-Aft mme 209 S Fourth Avenue ot ones it . A - A - -... -- Ln- --- -ef -A--1 --- '-I--.iftiif :E Ambulance on Call J ' . GEORGE L- MOORE, 1 A :E RESIDENCE 302 FIFTH AVENUE Q 1 4' AAAAAAAA xi-iAi A A-i --AAA-AA-,A AA---AAAA - -::'A- BUD SELLER, STATIUNBH, ANUAIMPURTER WILLIAM mmm, . A 'FORNEROFBTATE WVU-I-IAM mm. -- ' , WATCHMAKEIQ AND J EWELDR ! A O' ANN ARBOR, " A 3NfICI'IIG'AFN'j ' as scum mann sr., Ann Arbor. Q . A A - , A e'P' - O W we ns.:sms::fl.:r.."sx,1f:m,::'.:::.::.Et:.e,s:ss- me--nf .SE Picture Oards and Novcmce G 'spedalgy' 'B-1 gg- REPAIRING DONE AND SATISFACTION GUARANTEED. ff-' 6:1 -1 'lf -'tg ' 25.3 '.I 'S A X Q A l -"SQ 1197, f. 1 f H EE V. 'X Aw Ali W 'EA ' lf in -D+ ' A A A eq up t1,fg9V if lNg.fpqfg, kjl LA? VgM4i3e,,g531 L.,4Q:a1Xy'iihsT:wfvql4 'iq, Vailgigfjiggw Lv pfgvz."'5,1s' Q11 X A-tw f-+37 ' L 5 155: 'nj' -5 ,:.. ...,,,. A A A A LCVEKS - - - A . l f -A-4 ' E----A Mrs. ANNA WARD FOSTER, OF Fine Jewelry should call at VVM. ARNOLD'S vwgw m::ofD "4m2 Tsar?- 'lfg .2 sing? coqglo 5V'g3 o :EES Gfagvfbg Z -1 v-Um OZ-H+: 5000 . 4215 cn E2-S eds msn Cm- "" 2 :Op Z"I": D4 W 39? We 5353 aft :ZF M25 Evfg M EV o"F' 05.1 EQO- S. CYCLE union scn SL ,, 'N Q v -.3 BBN' DANCING AND DELSARTE, UDL FURNITUREEECGQQ' 45 -f- JTATE JT., ANN ARBOR, MICH. e Greek, Mlchlgan, ' 'ffl' 'E 1 K -MArwrAc'runnm or -nm CsI.nnuA1'su- ' ' ' 'Q VET: viwfwr W A: WOWYWYWYYYYOYAYOY Y YAYA Y Y wAVA'A'A'AwAwA'-wY'A'A-A W E 'YYVYA Y Y 'V'Y'YYA'YvYYA'YfYfY YESEEE l m AUWGMATFIG SGHQEIIJ SERIES, -'0HN50N'5 OLD STAND E ...v-Kg I' EE E E E F 0 2 SE Aj 41. wif- l.'iE...," .5 np 1,1 I Hx fudge 5 5 Ideal Ploneer Cate - .. - A Y zgzzggi- .3 K X Eg - ' Q ' ""' ""'- Q' A Best Meal In the City for N0 HEADERS on DANGEROUS FALLS. ,. , , riffs-E ,M rf A -et 150 . -a:"is1 V I A- sr.-F: ., -- Tilhlllllllnl ITP BOW ll! dlny UIIETSZLTIIIYIS nl' H10 lllllllbll Sllllbl. SBIIII m' """"""97-"Y"W1?if lilff'-'?'Fl?J1-.TY'fn.2'Y5lf3'Ll1llZb.-3.5 i'li.'ln'l'f5lH'33' luffmifffcn-if-lG1m.ngn.ln1tue--valve..-E'An-P.-mp.mlm-nf!-vhylm! 214 E. Huron St., Ann Arbor, rllchlgan , lr?-f3'vfEEfYAQ?:E:'E'1RF fflglggoimiglxtif l'li:h"'e:'Z t'5':l:"' no In An., nu me pany. n o ua . -W w,.,,,,,,,,,,Y -,-,-,-,-,-5.1-.-, .-.-.-ve,-Y-. A-'I RENT ALL A We Rent Most Everything ULRICH'S For Home Improvement-For Auto Repair-For Lawn 8. Garden-For Sick Room-For Parties 8. Banquets-When Visitors Come. 2 FRIENDLY 2205 w. Labmy Ann Arbor Phone N0 3-0060 N Q HNGERLE Lumslsk 3 coMPANv V 3 617 South Fifth Ave. Ph. 663-0581 X,X,,f ff Best wishes to the graduating class of 7968 18 25' 492 0 O Z E 3 m Z -I in O T e ANN Anson BANK Ann Arbor - zlflnhgigfjiuke - D - Member: reae.-el Reserve Sysiem Federal o epee if Insurance cefpefenen Penneys Always First Quality Complete department store for every member ofthe family Latest in young modern fashions for teens located in Arborlund Center Compliments STEIN 8. GOETZ "Sporting Goods" "Your Friendly Dealers" 315 South Main Street 220 208 Schlanderer S Sons Iewelers and Silversmiths No. 2-0306 STADEL 8g SCNS Clothiers - l-letters Furnishers s. Main sf. Ann Arbor, Mich. 302 S. Main WiIkinson's Luggage Shop For all your travel needs """"-1-n..,,.fg f TN m NlELSEN'S " 1 ffffffg 'Q Q N 1 ' 'X :.,..,,,j..,' wi :: 1 , . ' ' ii ' Q 3 mx FLOWER SHOP AND GREENHOUSES NOrmandy 2-3269 B E M U e h Ii Q I n C I02l Maiden Lane Dry Goods Ann Arbor Observing our 57th anniversary in downiown Ann Arbor corner of Main and Washington Sis. on the promenade SMlTI'l'S FLOOR COVERING Walk on to luxury with the carpet that is right PURCHASE CAMERA SHOP ' l Best Wishes to the Class of l 1968 l l l l l for you. lll5 S. University L b , M' h' 207 E. wqshingfon 663-9353 Ann A' 0' 'C 'gan Phone 665-6101 , Chelsea Flower Shop Congratulatzofns Graduates from the HURUN VALLEY NATIUNAL BANK Washington at Fifth Ave. and Washtenaw at Huron Parkway Ann Arbor, Michigan no Flowers for all occasions 203 E. Liberty St. Ann Arbor No. 25616-7 Happy House Shop Hallmark - Norcross - Gibson Greeting Cards NTartha Washington Candies Available in box or bulk Variety of Gifts Westgate Shopping Center Celebrating 51 years as Ann Arbor's most fashionable corner on the promenade iw llll IT UIEIT T HEADQUARTERS FOR PARTY SUPPLIES Party Favors Napkins Decorations Table Covers Centerpieces Candles Gifts forthe graduates Large selection to choose from Ball Office Supply, Inc. "Your friendly Stationers" On the promenade 'I16 S. Main Street 3 TIARA Beauty Salon Featuring the Famous ESKA . Permanents "A visitor to our salon becomes a lasting friend. " STTLIJVG "' BLEACHING TINTING "' MANICURING Air Conditioned West Stadium Shopping Center 1904 W. Stadium 665-5031 2:2 Amy Joy Donut Shop 54 Varieties of delicious donuts "The best coffee in town" Stop in for a treat anytime Open 24 hours 2030 W. Stadium Blvd. 662-7944 Girls- Summer employment opportunities are available ses DA N l E l.'S wall of charms and pierced earrings You'll see what we believe to be Ann Arbor's largest and best charm and pierced earring selection DANIELS JEWELERS suv sc:-looL BGOKS eeee I AND surruss AT k if ' K STORE I I - BO K - .V HIGAN - " -e- fr-f' We ues STUDENT FJPPL ----P 'fl' BOOKS-A-I T Q, fy I I T AJ- A F 5 lf qi Q .T I .1315 ig I E . Z-tb . i 1 I Y . 1 . ,ig ' Q 'Li' . -- ALWAYS THE FAVORITE WITH - 1 A I ANN ARBOR HIGH STUDENTS RENTSCHLER PHOTOGRAPHERS Since 1890 320 S. Main Ann Arbor, Michigan .ii STATE AT NORTH UNIVERSITY DOWNTOWN H 0 N DA ANN Anson l i'i "'X5fCSg,,ff ei fzforlda' b4qq1as'l.s'nlfre1:' Sales-Service-Parts-Accessories WENK Sales and Service Inc. 31uE.wAsulma1nN sr. -lr 0 AN N Service entrance 2 lg sth AVE' off Fifth Avenue 5 Uh AVE, 3 MAINS11 227 Cleary College Training will insure your future M, IDUMTIDI !!ll!!!!! Classroom - Administration Building sPEclALlsTs IN SECRETARIAL, ACCOUNTING, AND MANAGEMENT PROGRAMS Earn a l year Diploma, a 2 year Associate Degree, or a 4 year Bachelors Degree STOP TO THINK! Most Cleary College graduates have positions before graduation Choice of many business courses A business training that will provide security and background Cleary training has been proven by thousands of graduates Classroom space is limited-To assure yourself ofa space- REGISTER NCW! For addiiional information, write or call the Dean of Admissions CLEARY COLLEGE A Collegiate School of Business Founded in 'I883 Ypsilanti, Michigan HUnter 3-4400 7 Our diploma opened the door to an interesting job at MBT. That's making an education go to work for you . . . and it does at Michigan Bell. We know, be- cause we started working at MBT after graduation. Michigan Bell trains you for interesting, full time work in the exciting field of telephone communica- tions. So stop by soon and start your education working for you. Michigan Bell Telephone Company 323 E. Washington Street, Ann Arbor Part of the Nationwide Bell System i "AN EQUAL OPPORTUNITY EMPLOYER" 228 Congratulations Seniors! LIBERTY MUSIC SHOP Best in Classical and Pop Music 417 E. Liberty 662-0675 CONGRATULATIONS GRADUATES lt was a pleasure serving you 1 968 531- i 5 S -Q . -'G .wi . ' r Q '-.4 'X' 2553? of N5 'Zvi ,r . ' Talbot Studios 668 7701 320 So. Mann St. 1 I l.I.Jl.l QA S A M S T U R G I S PHQTQGRAPHER 1112 South University Phone NO 8-6477 I. Compliments of FlEGEL'S Men's and Boys' Wear Congratulations Seniors! CHESTER ROBERTS FABEWS FABRK55 All the fabric and notions for knitting and sewing 326 S. Main Cards and Candy and atArborland 1203 S. University NO 3-7398 Z3 To the graduates who would like to enter the exciting and challenging world ot retailing GOODYEAR'S 2 offers many opportunities. Stop in and see us. 'S UNIVERSITY BOOKS TORE - M Serving Ann Arbor High A students since 1883 ' gqfff ' 316 s. stare 662-5669 157 6044 ' Congratulations Con9ff3fUl0li0f'S from to the Class of '68 Greene's Cleaners SlA1Ell'S Billlll STURE 516 E. Liberty 3033 Packard 1940 W. Stadium 1 213 S. University 662-4543 336 S. State SERVING YOU! STYLES FIRST T AT WILD'S 234 Aaron, Carolyn M. 144 Abbott, Joel A. 77 Abbott, VVayne H. 182,197 Abell, Cathy 105,162,131 Abell, Michael J. 140 Abentrod, Keith M. 146 Aberdick, Fred 170 Acres, Cathleen A. 152 Adams, Adams, Adams Adams Adams Don L. 159 Donnie 147 Linda L. 108,77 Mary C. 117,155 , Stephen VV. 116,141,113 Adamson, Thomas C. 155,153 Adelson, Edward 150 Adelson, Lawrence 111,77,132 Agilvie, N. 109 Agler, Nancy S. 106,152 Akerlund, Knut 131,8,130,126,192 Albano, Robert N. 123,125,122,1-'32 Albertini, Leroy 137,135 Aldrich, Vllendy 117,100 Alexa, Connie L. 142 Alexa, Patricia 1. 142,8 Alexander, Alfred l12,77,17-1, 113 Alexander, C. E. 164,115, Alexander, Tom VV. 146 Allen, David M. 112,168 Allen, Douglas R. 8,132 Allen, Mark 152 Allen, L. Robert 180,166 Allington, Randy 137 Alpern, Bowen 139 Alt, Glenn L. 162 Amerman, Nancy A. 119,8 Amick, Richard N. 8 Anderson, Kathie 109,145 Anderson, Penny G. 108,8,7 Anderson, Phil N. 8,7 Andre, Linda K. 99 Andres, Russell R. 109,144 Andrews, Bonnie L. 8 Andrews, Darryl 100,165 Andrews, Jennie 121,8 Andrews, Milton 116,99,168,113 Angell, Lani K. 115,147 Angell, Paul D. 147,112 Angus, Jeff 137 Ankney, Roberta J. 120 Anthony, Florence 98,152,113,135 Anthony, Paul F. 77 Apostoleris, P. C. 8 Apostolou, Janice 8,126 Apsitis, Ausma 77 Arbogast, Cary VV, 209,8,192 Arbogast, Linda S. 115,121,9,7 Arbogast, Sandra 115,140 Armstrong, Dick J. 166 Armstrong, Patric 106,166 Arndt, David 170,99 Arndt, Della 140,110,113 Arndt, Nancy 77 Arnett, Melvin B, l72,179,150,174 Arnn, Joyce E. 146 Arnold, Fred L. 164,153 Arnold, Judith L. 137 Arnold, Michael C. 112,9 Arnold, J. Ross 177,158 -VT., tffcffigz '1 U 515515 'Fri . 1' ." I3 . 492 lf' .315 . f- N, 1 ' Liiiilt -:z 1, it fn af: 13:1 N ti vpfig 25 In Af' XWQL. Aseltine, Beverly 168 Aseltine, Marjori 9 Asgar, Alex 77 Ash, Carolyn M. 115,112,136,113 Ashford, John R. 211,9,l91 Basom, Terence E. 10 Bassett, VVendy L. 115,168,113 Bassil, Jonathan 77 Bates, Larry D. 155 Bateson, Margaret 146,130 Baublit, Debbie A. 137,130 Askins, Alice 112,151 Askins, Mark E. 179,169,173 Atkins, Craig A. 143 Atkins, Douglas P. 9 Atkinson, Ann M. 115,156 Atwell, Marian L. 157,153 Atwood, Corliss A. 9 Atwood, Michael 146 Atwood, Richard O. 172,180,152,157 Atwood, Smith B. 162,189 Banblit, Pamela S. 130 Bauer, Brendaj. 10,127 Bauer, David 158 Bauer, Sally A. 165 Bayha, Bruce 99,168 Bayha, Esther A. 151 Baylis, Linda K. 108,153 Beach s Barbara J. 158,10 Beal, Karen A. 10 Austin, Virginia 109,145,120 Avsharian, Sylvia 107,9 Ayers, Deborah S. 136,113 Bach, Catherine E. 115,112,156 Bachman, Billie A. 148,113 Bachman, Connie M. 9 Backus, David A. 77 Backus, Marilyn M. 146,120,131 Baer, Nancey 170 Baggaley, Dennis 148 Bagnell, Charles 9 Bailey, Deborah 2,9 Bailey, Margaret 165,116 Bailey, Peggy 112 Bailey Richard R, 164 Bailey, Ronald L. 160 Bain, Betty J. 137,162 Bain, Donna 9 Bain, Ethel Rhae 99,137 Baker, Alvin R. 180,152,172 Baker, Jo Ann 197,198,9 Baker, John H. C. 160,172 Baker, Margaret C. 108,160 I Baker, Pamela S. 117.148 Baker, Baker, Paula Mary 109,140,135 Steven 140 Ballard, Doug N, 112,139 Balta, DenizJ. 10,188 Balyeat, Gregory 152 Bandrofchak, J. L. 123,115,106,123,153 Banes, P. 191 Banfield, Tom K. 170,192 Banghart, David A. 16,188 Banghart, Steven 145 Banos, Peter N, 155 Barbour, Jeff L, 138 Bare, Nevatte A. 108,159 Barense Lisa 147,110 Barkman, David A. 182,159,191 Barner, Susan D. 157 Barnes, John R. 123,125,116,122,77 Barness, Kathleen 109,141 Barnhardt, Linda 165 Barnsdale, Greg R. 162 Barr, Chris 111,138 Barrie, Ann H. 98,10 Barrie, Robert M. 112,162,191 Barrigar, Anita J. 161 Barth, William R. 10 Bartlett, Dennis 182,111,77 Bartman, Jane E. 161,130,131 Bartolacci, R. J. 156 Barton, Brian F. 168 Basom, M. Fred 137 Beal, Mary Jane 106,140 Beal, Susan J. 155 Beamer, Joyce E. 142,109,115 Beaty, Pamela K. 119,106,10 Beaulieu, Linda G. 167 Becker, Anne E. 108,10 Becker, John M. 158 Bedard Geo Jr. 136 Beeman, Sara E. 163 Beer, Nancy S. 99 Behling, Brian 160 Behnke, Dale R. 145 Beiloclc, John D. 169,113 Bell, David 152 Bell, Linda 1. 11 Bell, Richard A. 182 Bender, Daniel J. 177,111,179,146,174 Bender, David C. 116,152 Bender, Sharon L. 115,136 Benford, Robert J. 211,111,11,113 Benjamin, Alison 11 Bennett, Cheryl L. 170,115,108 Benson, Lisa Kay 11 Bentz, Harry G. 177,161 Benzinger, Janice 11 Bercu, C. David 177,168 Bergman, Sandra J, 77,113 Bergren, John D. 154,110 Bergren, Karen L. 107,11 Bernard, James H. 112,154 Berry, Connie l.. 154 Berry, Denise 11 Berry, Duane F. 186 Bersley, P. 131 Bertolaet, Bobbie 143,110 Bertsos, Daniel J. 136,191 Bethke, Albert D. 122,11 Bianco, YVil1iam N. 180,158 Bick, Stewart E. 159,192,153 Bignall, Ronald G. 177,163,172 Billau, Richard M. 142 Binder, Lucille B. 125,11-5,1 12,138 Bingel, Dennis C. 112,140 Binkowski, Kay F. 154 Birchmeier, John 11,189 Bird, Cynthia L. 119,107,11, 126 Bird, Marvin Russ 77 Bird, Sandra K. 141 Bishop, Allison A, 109,154 Bishop, David R. 111,199,209,11,7 Bishop, Ellen B. 1o6,9s,141,114 Bittrnan, James B. 201,11,188.133,113 Blach, M. 192 Black, Alex Mark 164 Blaess, Thea L. 112,148,132.113 Blake, Richard A. 100,176.112,179, 146,172 Blakemore, Pat 12,130 Bland, Patricia j. 12 Blow, james L. 173,116,168 Blythe, james L. 125,155,113 Boblitt, Brad A, 12 Boblitt, Kathleen 115,109,106,137 Bock, Steven C. 161 Bodine, Michael M. 123,125,116,122,12,132,130 Bodley, William A. 12 Boettger, Sandy K. 12,120 Boggess, Deborah 115,131.12 Bohannon, Steve VV. 100,155,130,1S9 Bolhouse, Rick A. 182,161,190,153 Bolle, Barbara 98,138 Bond, Kathleen A. 12 Bonta, Linda 108,12 Booker, jacquelyn 12,130,131 Borchardt, jane C. 12l.98,12.7 Borchardt. .ludi A. 98,168 Bostian, A. Eliz. 77 Boteh, Martha Ann 12 Bott, Carol S. 13 Bowerman, Allan 143 Bowers, Linda R. 108,165 Bowers, Mark 1-17 Bowers, Michael 152 Bowler , Edith A. 109,137 Bowling, Kenneth 13,126 Boychuck, Bonnie 13 Boychuck, Carol A. 152 Bozian, Kathleen 142 Boynton, Douglas 112,141 Brahee, Mark Z. 14-1 Braithwaite. Dave 100,112 Brandeberry, john 13 Brauer, janet E. 108,77, 126 Braun, jerold R. 13 Braun, Marlene K, 13 Bray, Brenda L. 169,113 Bray, C. Richard 165,113,192 Bray, Dianne K. 142,120 Brazer, Kaaren E. 119,1 11,1-39,120,113 Bredernitz, james 142 Bredernitz, Rose M. 113 Bree, Betsyj. 116,109, 13 Bree, Mark P. 139,135 Breitag, Mark E. 138 Brewer, Martin A. 182,150 Brewer, Randy 112,148 Bridges, Michael 182 Briggs, jimmy L. 155 Bri ggs, Martha E. 152 Brinkman, Kathyj. 106,146 Brinkman, Pamela 169 Britt, jennifer 1.. 163 Brodhead, Daniel 155 Brodhead, Mary A. 119,137 B rooks , Brooks , Brooks, Larry 180,138,174 Martin 1. 140 Sue E. 166 Brooks, T. jack 161 Brooks, Terry j. 109,141 Broome, C. David 155 Browder, john 151 Brow n , Brow n , Brow n , Brow n, Brown , Brow n, Anthony j. 111,13 Archie C. 169,186 Betty jane 13,113 Cynthia 1. 117,13 Deborah 161,120 Deborah E. 109,108,136 Brown, janet 136 Brown, janet C120-4L Brown, Madeleine 100,109,150 Brown, Nancy j. 147,106,147 Brown, Ophelia F. 14 Brown, Patricia E. C201-5L Brown, Russell B111-IE Brown, Sarah F, 116,C113-5E Brown, Terry N. 123,14 Brown, Vicki S. 162 Brownson, Lorrej. 121,l97,19S,108,14,130,131 Bruce, Karen A. E107-4E Brudon, David XY. 112,C113-512,153,191 Brundage, janice 139,130 Brundage, Karen j. 136 Bruneau, jeff S. D208-1E Brustmaker, Debra 77 Brustmaker, james E108-lL Bruneau, Denise M. 148 Bryant, jeanette C121-5L Bryant, Max M. 182,137 Buealo, Patricia 107,14,7 Bucholz, Lynn 164 Budoff, julie A. 163 Bullard, john A. 14 Bultman, David j. 136 Bundy David L. 14 Bundy, Leslie A. 138 Bnrck, E. james 14,191 Burek, Richard C. 183,151 Burckhalter, jane 167 Burekhalter, Robert 1-1 Burd, Stephan A. 209,47,14 Burdick, Pamela 139 Burgess, Bonnie C. 112,14 Burk, Doug 14 Burke, Kenneth M. 179,1-17 Burke, Stephani A. 166 Burkhart, Kent 182,209,14,129 Burkhart, Steven 142,182,1-12,186 Burks, Nancy A. 159 Burley, Alden D. 123,99,161,99 Burkley, Thad T. 170,117 Burnes, Barbara A. 2,106,15, 120 Burnes, james M. 176,C313-4E Burns, Catherine 151 Burns, Margaret A. 170,107 Bursley, Philip E. 15,129,130,1-31,7 Burt, Michael 111,148 Burns. Peggy 170,153 Burton, Marjorie 163 Burton. Nelson T. 77 Burtt, Alan B. D209-5L Bush, Catherine 109,144 Bush, Mary 108,158 Bush, Pamela K. 106,161,129 Bush, Theresa 168 Bus, Martha j. 164,538,111 Buster, Bruce E. 182,157 Butler, james D, 116,15 Butler, Michael A, 1'16,100,109,138,172 Buttery, Thomas j. 166 Butzin, Donnaj. 77 Calabro, Patricia 136 Calado, Prudencio 162 Caleut, Kenneth R. 152 Callaway, Elizabeth 163 Callihan, David 140 Callison, james C220-4E Campbell, Alan D, 112,179,1-47,172,113 Campbell, Andrew 139,130,174 Campbell, Garion 182,156 Campbell, Michael 146,174,142 Cannell, Edward 179,151 Cappaert, Andrea 146 Capps, Elizabeth A. 154 Capps, Martha R, 15 Cardone, Linda K. 117,G117-4L Cardone, Mary M, 150 Cares, Chris C. 2,107,15,130,1-31,189,126 192 Cares, Susan Y, 98,160,131 Carey, Charles M. 15 Carey, Diana L. C313-5E Carey, Frank NV. 165 Carey, Michael P, 15 Carey, Thomas F. 143,188 Carlile, Dave VV. 148 Carlile, Nancy j. 170 Carnes, Anne T. 117,15,133 Carnes, Richard C. 107 Carnes, Naomi 147 Carpenter, Doug B. 164,111 Carr, Carol A. 106,112,140 Carr, Dona C. 146 Carr, Randy L. 158 Carroll, julia 11,155 Carroll, Mary A, 150 Carron, David F. 136 Carron, Susan H. 170 Carruth, Carole 15 Carrow, Margaret 160 Carter, Beth E. 150 Carter, Charles M. D205-5L Carter, Nancy 137,110 Carter, Steven N. 166 Cartwright, jane 109,136 Case, Douglas C. C109-5L Casey, Al jerome C304-4L Cash, Elaine M. 15 Caste, Carolyn 77 Catford, Lorna R. 77,132,133 Cazier, jeanne M. 98,147 Cazier, Patricia 170,105 Cebulski, Timothy 182,155,190 Ccllentani, Mary 137 Chaconas, james H. 109.147 Chamberlain, P. C. 115 Chance, Deborah R. 99,152,120 Chaney, Lindsay D. 113 Chaney, Martin T. 147,127,113 Chang, Hyo Soo 146 Chappell, Robert 77 Chapus, Linda M. 142,117 Charbeneau, Randy 15,189,126 Charles, Linda M. 189,C-304-4L Chasteen, Colleen D204-4E Child, Charles A. 176,111,179,139 Chisolm, Cary D. C222-5L,135 Chizek, Robert N. C218-4L Chriscinske, Dale 60 Christman, David 109,140,190 Christman, George E. 170,189 Churchill, Bruce 77 Churchill, Harry D203-lL Churchill, Martha 170,116,112,113 Ciaravino, joe P. C318-4E Ciaravino, Marge 168 Clampit, Kathy j. 139 Clark, Bryan 165 Clark, Charles R. 16 - Clark, David W. 177,11,156,113 Clark, Elizabeth B. 147 Clark, jeffrey S. 196,1 17,16,7 Clark, judy B. 145 Clark, Margaret R. 115,109,1l5,1-38 Clark, Paula 109,151 Clavier, james R. 182,77 2 Cleaveland, Gary 182,159 Clegg, Robert D211-4E Clevenger, Phil 182,15E,191 Clifton, Ted 163 Clisham, Christine 142,109 Coates, Sarah Ann 164,106,115 Cochran, Steven V. C110-5L Cornell, Paul E. 138,127 Corona, Carlos j. C108-1L Corsa, David 111, 1 12, 17,130 Corsa, james P. 113 Cotter, Alan R. 137 Cottrell, Steve D. 17 Courdway, Dale R. C107-5L Cockrell, james L. 122,112,145 Coffe y, joyce A. 16 Cohen, Alan 182,152 Cohen, joel D. 124,125,122,16 Cohen, jonathan A. 111,140 Colat ruglio. Vince 139 Colby, Gary L. 155 Coldi Cole, Cole, Cole, Cole, e, C. 108 Charlene C210-4L Duncan I. 125,C203-4L Harmon A. 177,136 jennifer L. 16 Coleman, james A. 158 Coleman, jerry L. 151 Coleman, Patricia 170 Collier, David G121w5L Collins, Diana C218-4L. Collins, Elaine 112 Collins, Freddy D. 138 Collins. Karen L. 119,108,161 Collins, Marian E. C216-4L Colvin, Kathleen 108,156 Colvin, Richard 170,111,107 Cowing, Kenneth W. 177,156,129,131 Cozart, Betty C. l09,G111-5L Craig, Carolyn A. 119,109,148 Craig, Michael D. 160 Craik, Nancy A. 123,125,121,2,1 11,17,129,120,126 Crandall, judith 147,109,131 Crandall, Pamela 82,121,10T,17, 129 Crawford, Cathy E108-5L Crawford, james C. C109-5L Crawford, Lloyd VV. C116-IL Crawford, Peter C. 77 Crawford, Roger S. l12,137,l13,135 Crawford, Ruth A. 201,117,167 Crawley, Cynthia 77 Crippen, Christine 135,107 Crippin, Earl L. 152 Compton, Charles 16 Compton, joseph H. 164 Comstock, Clare M. 115,111,165 Comstock, Mark D. 100,112,179,1-18 Conard, Deborah j. 106,112,141, 135 Conboy, Kathleen 148 Conklin, james A. 173,179,161 Conlin. jan E, 16,7 Conn, jerome VV. 77 Conner, Diane C. 16 Conner, Teresa 106,150 Conover, jeff A. 159 Consiglio, Doreen C116-5L Crippin, Karon 161 Crise, Diane L. G113-1L Crisovan, David 147 Crispin, john R. 17,7 Cl'i5f. Douglas C. 182,152,191 Critchell, Marty 177,161 Croker, james VV. 1-17, 131 Cross, Bradley R. 17 Crothers, Sandy L. 161 Crots, Larry D. 172,C222-5L Crouch, Bruce YV. 18,189,126 Crouch, Kathryn G. 106,137 Cubberly, George 136 Culbertson, Robert 112,173,179,136 Cummings, Gerald 152 Cummings, Karen E. 18 Cummins, Linda j. 109,145,120 Cundiff. 1Vesley C318-SE Cunningham, B. H. 183,107,18,186 Cunningham, Peter 1-12,116, 130 Contos, Helen 143 Contos, Paul j. 77,130 Conway, julian 77 Cooch, Michael 16 Cook, Barbara A. 142,109 Cook, Carole j. 17 Cook, David E. 147,179,130,131,172 Cook, George D. 140 Cook, Linda L. 77 Cook, Mary Ann C205-5E Cook, Pamela A. 139 Cook, Rebecca 17 Cooley, Kindra L. 115,109,106,1-13 Cooley, Tanis G. 106,154 Coon, Christopher 117,143 Coon, Cynthia M. 151 Coon, Ronald j. 182,154 Coon. Susan L. 123,119,151 Cunningham, Randy 165,190 Curby, Catherine 158 Curry, Dorothy A. C103-5L Curry, Dwight D. G1201512 Curry, Oris 166 Curry, Robert G108-lL Curtis, james G. 187,77 Curtis. james M. G120Q5L Curtiss, DeNVitt 77 Curtiss, Robert P. D111-lL Cutler, Patrice 147 Cooper. Amelia A. 17 Cooper, Holly 170,121,107 Cooper, Robert 212,162,1S9,153 Cooper, Susan 113 Cooperrider, C. 139 Cooperrider, M. VV. 117 Cooprider, Fred 17 Copeland, Marv D. 182,E113-41 Copi, William A. 107,133 Copley, Elizabeth E. 119,17 Coppa, Cheryl Ann 147 Coppola, Carol 112 Curtrona, Carolyn 108,163,153 Czinski, Mary A. C110-5L Dabbs. Michael F. 159,131 Dabich, Gary L. 112,151 Dabney, Forbes jr. 143 Dailey. Debbie L. 18 Dailey. james H. 170,108,170 Dale, David H, 138,113 Dale, Michael D. 18,131 Daley, Chris G. D205-5L Daly, Steven F. 139 Daily. Linda S. 112,137,120 Dames, john P. 77 Dames, Steve R. 160 Damren, Samuel C. 1l1,18,113 Dancer, Diane E. 18,120 Daniel, Paul E. C211-4E Daniel. Peter O. 161 Dannemiller, XV. B. 163 Danner, Mary V. 102,163 Darr. Steve S. 161,188,192 Darrow, Peter V. 19,130,131,192 Date, Pamela A. 115,19 Datsko, Paula S. 151 Davenport, Steve 122,C113-5E Davis, Alphonso 139 Davis, Carlton D. 140 Davis, Diane P. 115,144 Davis, Donald R. 129,186,192 Davis, L. Gilbert C310-5L, 191 Davis, jack C. D111-4E Davis, james L. 19 DaviS, Karl F. 112,C201-4L,191 Davis Davis Linda 19 , Lynn C. 115,19 Davis, Pamelaj. 119,115,106,98,112 Davis, Randall W. 150,135 Davis, Rebecca A. 164,131,130 Davis, VVil1ie jr. C205-5E Dawson, john R. 164 Dawson, Terri Lyn 106,152 De St Aubin, Damien C313-4E Deal, Howard A. 137,113 Dean, Deborah L. 167 Dean, Glen C. 139 Dean, Leslie Neil C210-4E Deatrick. David 177,165 Deboer, Richard L. 77 De Fors, Douglas 144, 190,130,131 DeFors, joseph H. 212,19 Degnon, Richard P. E113-41.. DeHart, Peter D. 112,C205-5L, 127 DeLancey, john O. 111,160,113 DeLay, jeanine A. 106.152 Delf, Christina 106,46 Deller, Rick j. 180 Delp, Mike Steven 77 DeMar, Vaughn E. 136 DeMason, Darleen 123,112,163 Demski, Martha j. 106,144 DeMuth, Richard WV, 1-17,112,147 Dennis, Robert E. 20 Derr, Scott T. 157 Desmet, Christopher 177,138 Dessecker, David 20 Dettling, judy 20 Deubel, VVilliam B. 77 Devarti, David A. 150 Devine, Ann 166 Devine, Margaret l17,20,126 Devries, Gerritt 111,112,20,113 DeVVard, Barbara A. 20 Dewey, Russell A. 116,154,191 DeWolf, Robert jr. 112,141 Diana, Chris j. 116,112,163,132,131,113 Diana, Mark S. 20,132,130,13l Dibble, jane N. 98,136 Dice, Elizabeth A. 115 Dickinson, Debra 148,120 Dickinson, Patricia 111,148 Dickinson, Thomas 179,145 Diesenroth, Tim 177 Diesenroth, VV. M, 20 Dieterle, Trudy L. 21 Diez, Paul A. 182,165,189 Dill, Kenneth W, 122,20 DiMaggio, Deborah 163 Dinger, Candace 168 Dinwiddie, Greg D. 152 Ditto, Thomas E. 209,21 Diuble, Larry WV. 21 Dixon, jean Omer 2l,126,7 Doane, Steven P. 161,113 Dolnon, Peter M. 21.189 Dodge, jennifer A. 115,121,21, 131 Doerr, Diana B. 106,143,135 Doezema, Robert D. 112 Ehnis, jim H. 140,192 Ehnis, Steve L. 22 Ehrlinger, Mike P. 144 Ehrlinger, NVi11iam 154 Ehya. Mohsen 164 Doman, Brad N. 139,131 Doman, Cindy Sue 168 Doman, David Mark 117 Eldredge, Louise 163 Elliott, VVilliam 182,162,186, 192 Fink, Vlilliam C103-51. Fink, Linda 1. 24,7 Fink, Michael 109,147 Finltbeiner, David 182,109,1-16,190 Finn, Pamela K. 152 Finnegan, james C. 215.2-1,7 Fischer, Thomas S. D212-5L Ellis, Herbert O. 182,210,23,113,7 Fisher, David B. 183,241,191 Doman, Domino, Robin D. E108-lL Karen B. 156 Ellis Ellis , jeffrey 183,139 , Keith P. 162,192 Fisher, Paul C108--IL Fraker, Ron I C216-4L Domke, Harold 12,126 Donabedian, Bairj C216-4L Donahey, Thomas 167,192 Doncth, Bill 152,159,135,189 Dorow, Nancy j. 147,1l5,109,106 Dorrance, Rebecca 148,113,133 Dotimas, Michael 77 Dotson, David L. 173,163 Doud, Louise P. 109,151,129,133,135 Dougherty, Elizabeth 22 Douglas, D, Craig 155 Douglas, Thomas D113-5L Doyey, Lisa E. 115,112,141 Dowding, Denise A. 77 Downie, Betty M. 163,113 Downie, Dean 22 Downie. Dennis A. 160 Downs, Cynthia H. 152 Downs, Douglas T. 157,153 Dowson, john VV. 177,145 Draayer, Ronald L. 138 Drake, Carol A. 77 Drake, David L. 139 Draper, David C. 152,144 Dresner, julie S. 22 Drewery, Teresa 154 Dreyfuss, Steve C. D209-SL Drummond, Robert C113-5L Drury, L. Diane 123,108,22 Drury, jane E. 98,155 Drury, Susan j. 148 Dryden, Gordon 148 Drye, Terry M. 77 Duff, Frank N. 77,188 Duncanson, Dianne 155 Durant, Martha A. 147,109 Durner, Catherine 164,120,113 Durston, Kristi 150 Dute, Susan 119,136 Dye, Robert VV. 165 Dyer, Debra R. 144 Dyer, Pamela K. 140 Dyer, Peter Alan 77 Dziewiatkowski, j. 98,22 Early, Robert E. 122,155 Eastman, Barbara 125,106,22,131,130 Eastman. Richard D111-4L Eaton, Marilyn K. 22 Eberle, Susan M. 148 Eberts, Kristie L. C215-4L Eckhardt, Greta 170 Eddy, Deborah K. 147 Eddy, john D. 78 Eddy, Dianne 109,C135w5L Ellis, Rodney W. 23 Ellison, Mike j. 158 Ellison, Patricia 109,1N Elslager, Cheryl 23,130 Elste, Volker H. 154,189 E1zay,jaklyn A. 109,106,145,131 Elzay, Sharyl A. 107,23 Emerson, Susan l12,E114-4L,120 Emmitt, jerry L. 154 Emmons, David H, 177,147,100 Emmons, Richard j. 151 Engholm, Charles 123,168 Engholm, Roger D. 123,78 Engle, Patriciaj. 158 Enos, Daniel M. 107,123,111,23 Enos, Thomas M. 112,C220-4L Ensign, Thomas VV. E107-4E Ericksen, Stan C. 154 Ernst, Ed C. 180,C117-41. Erskine, Lynne A. C210-4L Ervin, Ron 23 Esch, David Louis 100,23 Esch, john M. 160 Eschelbach, Anne 115,108,161 Fschelbach, julie 23 Eschman, Christine l0S,102.168,130 Esiep, Julia 1.. 154,107 Etsweiler, john VV. 115,99,148 Etzcorn, Pamela E. 123,165,132,131,133 Evaldson, Kathy 208,255,113 Evans, Edward VV. 111,169 Evans, Richard P. C318-4E, 189,113,191 Evans, Bob 122 Eveland, Ruth A. 123,121,23,130 Everett, joseph R. 182,209,100,78,192 Exinger, Michael 150 Fadel, Ziad 78 Fagin, Teri S. 109,136,1-31,135 Fahlgren, Donj. 158 Fairclot h, Elizabeth 23,132,133 Faimian, Paul C. 112,146,113,189 Fajans, Peter S. 23.189 Fanning, Cheryl A. 155 Farah, 1A'il1iam T. 78,192 Farish, jacquelyn 112,24,130 Farrell, Theresa 145 Farrington, David 123,107,24,l33 Fatt, Lawrence A. 155,175 Faulkner, james F. G114-4L Faust, Allan j. 24 Fawcett, Leonard 24 Feinberg, Brad M. 183,155,191 Fisher, Mary Gail B102-5L Fisher, T. Robert D209-5L Fitch, Marcia 1tXJ,l09,110,1-44 Fitts, Elizabeth A. 125,116,160 Fitts, Marcia L. 108,98,C301-5L Flandyz, Carol A. 137,113 Flecman, Michael C111-5L Fleischmann, Dee 162 Fleischman, Barb 24,131 Fleischman, jane 152.130 Fletcher, jane L. 115,161 Fletcher, Greg P. 123,125,2-4,132 Fletcher, Valerie 115,162 Flick, Lynn M. 24 Flint, Kathy Ann C215-4L Flowers, Bobbie K. 159 Floyd, Connie S. 24 Foelber, Richard 172,179,148 " Foley, Arthur L. 78 Folles, P. 109 Folske, Bruce VV. 25 Folts, Donna C312-4L Foltz, Ronald E. 143,133 Fonde, Charles H. 182,25 Fonde, Mark 173,179,152 Foor, George Kenn 25 Ford , Amy K. 1l6,139,11-3,133 Ford, Cecelia j. 121,156 Ford, Diane L. 123,163,113 Ford ,julian D. 173.161 Ford, Thomas M. 151 Forn es, jose M. 78 Fortson, Theresa C213-4L Fos d ick, Roxanne E107-4E Foster, Barbara j. 162 Foster, Charles 167 Foster, Cynthia A. 136 Foster, jackie A. 115,538,162 Foster, jenny 162,142 Foster, jill L. 142 Foster, Mary M. 142 Foster, Maxine R. 137 Foster, VVilliam A. 78 Fotouhi. Mohammed 170 Fouty, Don N. 145 Fox, Carolyn G. 116,131,107,25 Fox, Erika A. 201,98,11l,25, 1 13 Fox, Gregory P. l16,1l1,78 Fox, james A, 142,182,109 Feller, Susan L. 108,16 Fellman, Sandra L. 106,148 Edel, Ellen L. C105-SL Edhnlm, R. Philip 212,78 Edwards, David M. 156,172 Edwards, Horace B. E107-1E Edwards, Mark C, C310-5L Edwards Shannon 115,136 Edwards, Sharon A. 116,l06,22,l26 Ehnis, Diane K. 22,126 Ehnis, james L. 156 Ehnis, jan Marie 22 Fensch. Linda M. 168 Fenton, jimmy 170,107 Ferguson, David H. B106-4L, 130 Ferri, Debra 152 Fetters, Edward H. 182,166,191 Fidler, Laura K. 201,74 Field, Rickie May 115,112,160 Fileccia, Nora M. C218-4L Fine, Geoffrey M. 117,155,107,113 Fox, Kathleen A. 109,146 Fox, Michael j. 137 Fox, Robert 137 Fox, Ronald R. 78 Fox, T, 99 Francis, Ron L. 139 Francisco, Charles Frank, Linda 150 Franklin, Robert 136 Fransted, David C216-4L Fransted, Pamela 25 Fransway, Lynn M. 165 Franz, Kenneth 164 F ranzblau, Dave R. 182,175,78 Frederick, Constance 117,1 12,138 Frit zsche 8 Fraser, Glenna j, 125,25 Frank, Carla 201 Franzblau, jon E. 111,160,113 Fraser, Debra 155 Fraser, john H. 166,192 Fraumann, Roger L. 155,107,130,13l irederick, Brad A. 165 Frederick, Rick D. 25,133 Fredricltson, judy D2 10-5L Freeman , Caryl M. 25 Freeman, Donna K. 1-16 Freeman, Robert C. 156 Freeman , Tom A. 25,130,131,126 Freese, Douglm E. 143 French, David G, 148 French, Michael 162 Frey, Penelope j. 25 Frey, WVendy j. 137 Frick, Arthur 163 Fricke, Gregory S, D113-5L Friedrichs, Lisa 1l5,C213-5L Frisinger, jim C. 167 Frisinger, Kathleen 115,106,151 Fritts, Charles VV. 25 Fritts, Colleen 158 , Horace 78,110 Fritzsche, Regina 116,138,131 Froelich, Stephan 160,130,131 Frost, Robert 142,150 Frye, Budd E. 138,189 Fry, Richard E. 109,26,189 Fuerstnau, Mary E. 26 Fuhrman, Martha L. 115,98,7,26 Fuller, Barbara A, 115,l22,C201-5L Fuller, Cathy E. C313-4E Fuller, David K. 182,146,189 Fulton, Bruce D. 100,109,146 Fusfeld, Robert 78,131 Gable, Larry H. 161,107,192 Gaffney. Mark A. 166 Gagalis, Christie 162,153 Gage, Robert G. 176,180,C215-4L Gala, Thomas G. 144,113 Galloway, john A. 109,136 Galloway, Linda A. 159 Ganger, Ralph D. C121-5E Ganzhorn, Rich W. 111,26 Ganzhorn, Robert 112,146 Garber, Donald j. 137,189 Gardner, Gardner, Kin C205-5L Ernest M. 26 Gardner, jock L. C220-4L Gardner, Kathy L. D113-5L Gardner, Robert A. 26 Gardner, Ronald D. 115,140 Gardner, Steven C. 26 Gardner, Thomas A. 150 Garfield, judy C. 161,113 Garman, Garman, Kenneth F. 147 Theodore 2,26 Garner, Susan A. 158,113 Garrett, Robert P. 152 Garris, St Garrison, Garrison, even Z. 158 Alan j. 179,145 Shirley 26 Garrott, Kenneth 26 Garter, G, David 167 Gates, Rita M, 109,147 Cates, Steve VV. 7,29,129, 191 Gebhardt, Tom A. 159 Geddes, joan M. 26,113 Gavin, M argaret 147 Geen, Maribeth R. 100,26 Gehman, Nathan R. 147 Geijerstam, jan G. 16-1 Genova, james R. 182,27 Gelenius, Mary A. 155 Gerlach, Bruce YV, 27 Gervick, Patrice 156 Gesler. j. B, 27 Gibbons, Anna Mae 136,120 Gibbs, Dennis A. 173,152 Gibson, Charles 27 Gibson, Paul R, 147 Gibson, Sandra 154 Gibson, VN'i1liam E. 27 Giday, Csilla 163 Giery, j. 99 Gieryn, Thomas F. 209,124,180,27,129,126 Gilbert, Marcia A. 27 Gillen, Paul G. 27 Gillen, Susan j. 27,200,l97,198,98,7 Gillen, Thomas G. G115-5L Gillespie, Peggy C312-4L Gillette, Roland 145 Gillie, Sharon A. 162 Gillies, Sarah M. 108,169 Gingles, Cathy A. 27 Gingras, Dennis F. 27 Givens, Keith B. 78 Givens, Kimberly 151,130,131 Glas, Barbara C. 144 Glas, David H. 161 Glass, David R. 115,27, 113,191 Glass, julie A. 1KB,E11S-5L Glasspoole, Keith 157 Glickman, Susan T. 146 Glushyn, Barbj. 108,28,129 Gochis, Peter jr. E114-5L Gockel, Richard R. 157,189 Godwin, Bob VV. 172,176,179,D203-4E Goerlitz, Douglas 146 Goetz, Gregory 147 Goetz, Larry 168 Golab, Henry F. C215-41. Golden, janice N, E108-4E Golden, Paula 28 Goldie, Gail 154 Goldschmidt, F. 147 Goldsmith, Constance 104,154 Golna, George L. 163 Goode, Erica E. 116,146 Goode, Mary Ann 117,121,213 Goodlow, E. Gail G120-41. Goodrich, Andrew 123,158 Goodsell, L. james l23,116,127,28,133,191 Goodwin, Nancy L. 28 Goodwin, Richard 116,107.28 Goodwin, William B. 136,113 Gordon, David 78 Gordon, janice H. 168,120 Gorton, Cheryl 140 Gosling, Nvendy j. 147,115 Goss, Roger A. C312-4L Gotz, Thomas A. 162,107 Gould, Lynn K. 28 Gould, Richard 172,179,146 Gould, Susan D. 28 Gourley, Thomas D. 28 Graf, Carl 142 Graff, Kimberly 148 Graham, Mary' L. 9S,158,130,113 Graham, Pete C. 197,131,28,129,l30,13l Graham, Thomas E114-4L Grammatico, Tony 29 Grams , Grams , Roberta L. 165 Ronald L. E107-4L Graves, Jacqueline M. 157 Graves, Richard M. 163,110 Gray, Bruce D. 29 Gray, Deborah 1-43 Gray, Michael 29 Gray, Robert C. 147 Grayson, Timothy 170 Grayum, Susan F. 157,10-4,99 Greathouse, P, D, 112,D113-5L Greear, Robert 125,168 Greear, NVilliam 125,155 Green, Green, Claudette 78 Daunella 123,111,29 Green, Ethel P. C210-4L Green, Kylanne 111,143 Green, Michael 29 Green, Paula 167,130,131 Green, Xenobiam 138 Green, Xenona M. 144 Greenberg, Paula 29 Greenough, Suzann 152 Greenwood, Toni L. 138 Gregory, Mary Lou 160 Gregory, Robin S. 29,192 Gregory, Shari K. 143 Gregory, Steven L. 131 Grendze, Andris G115-5L Grennan, Karen A. 168 Griffin, Gail B. 107,29 Griffith, Linda C220-4E Grimes, Mary K. 147, Grimes, Prudence E113-4L Grinnell, Chris 117,147 Grimord, David L. D205-51. Grinnell, Greg A. 116,117,29 Griswold, Katherine G120-5L, 120 Gross, David R, 29 Gross, Roger L. 147,100 Groves, Lauren M. 121,197, 198,29 Groves, M. Lynn 121,169,153 Grubaugh, Sandra C211-4L Gubachy, Kathy M. Gl03-5L Guenther, Michael 160 Guest, janet A. 146 Guldberg, Peter H. 168,133 Gurien, Dennis M. E107-4L Gustafson, Robert 165 Gustafson, Sandra D210-5L Guster, Gordon S. D113-5L Gustine, Patricia 115,109,150 Gutekunst, Carol 152 Guteltunst, Donald C117-4L Gutierrez, Gloria E108-4E Gutierrez, Paul 150 Haag, Roger B. 29 Haag, Valoree R. 115,147 Haarer, Dennis A, 31 Haarer, Douglas j. 151 Haas, Bonnie j. 30 Haas, Eveline M. D210-5L Haas, Ronald j. 30 Haaxma, David 182,154,192 Hach, jane j. 151 Haessler, Loisj. 121,'i',30 Haft, Betty A. 30 Haft, Edward R. G103-SL Hagen, jan E. 115,106,152 Hages, Paul 131 Hagopian Gary W. C105-5L Hagopian, Sharon 30,7 Hague, Paul Robert 143,191 1 t Haibel, Louis C318-4E Hairston, Marg E. 98,30,129 Hakala, Richard 155,107 Hakken, jon 173,161,113 Hall, Barbara D210-4E Hall, Beverly Lyn 155 Hall, David B. 158 Hall, julie A. 111,154 Hall, Mary Ann 98,30, 129,131 Hall, Theresa M. G103-5L Halman, Marc A. 170,107 Hammerstein, Thomas 146 Hamilton, jeffrey 146 Hamm, Lois K, 30 Hammitt, Frederic 78 Hampel, Steve M. 177,157 Hamson, Karen 147 Hancock, VV. Thomas 173,166 Hand, Deborah M. 141 Handler, Nancy 141 Henrickson, Dale 151 Haner, Dan L. 139,135 Hankamp, Martha L, 106,143 Hannah, Sieve 161 Hanselman, james 136 Hansen, Cheryl 31 Hansen, Erik j. 208,164,113 Hantula, Kathy A. C313-4E' Harberd, Deborah 31 Harbison, Larry R. 201,208,212,116,117,112,31,113 Hardesty, john jr. 31 Harju, VValter 136 Harlacher, Cary D. 160 Harless, Ann E107-5L Harless, Chris L, CICXS-4L Harmon, Shirley L. 159 Harmon, Suzanne B. 147,109 Harmon, Susan L. 115,152 Harper, Timothy 78 Harrell, Kathy R. 121,31,200 Harrell, Patricia 106,132,130,131 Harrington, julie 147,109 Harrington, Rick 164 Harris Cheryl A. 169 Harris, Eileen 163,113 Harris, john L. 182,137,191 Harris Mary Beth 117,31 Harris. Penny L. 108,32 Harris, Sandra j. 145,135 Harris, Queen E. C304-4L Harris, VVilliam R. 111, 154 Hart. Eileen C. 150 Hart, Eugene L, 116,109,143,172 Hart, Naomi A. C313-5E Hart. Roy L. 168 Hartman, Cathy S. 109,159,131 Hartman, Charlayn 155,120 Hartman, Diana K. 140 Hartman, Kristine 32 Hartwell, Mike L. 144 Hartwig, james NV. 32 Harvey, Carol L. 168 Haskett, Vlfilliam 116,137,190 Hatfield, Donna L. 116,123,723 Hashmi, Ashraf S. 119,155,113,133 Haskell, Nancy 1. 104,121,111,32,126 Hassan, james R. C215-4L Hassan, Kathyj. C215-5L Hatch, Nancy 156 Hatchett, Cheryl 78,32 Hatfield, Donna 123,32 Hauser, Gregg A. 78,189 Hauser, Paula 7 Hauser, Rex B. 146 Hauser, Scott L. 144,189 Havens, Linda 32 Havice, Philip S. 32 Hawkins, Brent T. 111,33,124,113 Hawkins, Carla j. 163,113 Hawkins, NVilliam 78,113 HawkS. Linda K. C120-5L Hay. john R. 111,140 Hayes, Edward j. 167 Hayes, Maryellen 99,78 Hayes, Susan A. 106,141,130 Hayes, Theresa C312-4L Hayman, janice M. 170 Haynes, Nancy j. 146,113 Hayward, Ralph D. 164,177 Heald, Tom R. 33 Heald, 1fVilliarn C308-5L Heavener, Arlington 78 Heavener, Wilson 147 Hebbeler, Annette 170 Heckenkamp, will 148,113 Heger, julie A. 138 Hegwood, Alan D. 180,C211-4L Heilmaun, Chris A. 33 Heimerdinger, William B102-5L Heine, julie A. 108,78 Heinccke, joel D. 177,156 Heininger, john 111,-'33, 126 Heinonen, Robert 183,157,191 Heinz, Thomas M. 182,147 Heiss, Sandy 115,C117-4L Hejna, Robert j. C220-4'E Helfrich, Carolyn C112-4L Helfrich, Suzanne 33 Helle, Teresa E114-4L Hellems, Deena j. E114-4L Hellner, Kathleen 117,112,146,1 13 Hellner, Ralph VV, 2IB,33,l92 Helm, Paul C121q5L Helmers, Alison E. 142,109,113 Helmreich, Walter 116,170,107, 153,191 Hendrix, Daniel 154 Henle, james 116,122,C313-5L Hennigan, john P. 146 Henry, Sharon K. 33 Hepburn, james A. D111-4E Hepner, Carol C105-SL Hergott, Patrick 34 Herkimer, Dennis 183,99,112,34,191 Herkimer, Michael 182,B102-5L Herrera, Brigida 34 Heroux, Nancy O. 109,131,34 Herter, Kathleen 142 Herzog, Linda R. 124,123,117,119,168,113 Hess, Mary Ann 111,C111-5L Hesson, David P. 111,34,126,113 Hewett, Vtlilliam C, C111w5L Heywood, Robin D210-4E Hickonbottom, Peg 145 Hickerson, Sharon D212-5L Hiefsje, John 161,189 High, Bob 34 High, Ram 34 Higman. Barbara j. 112,34 Higman, Kathleen l25,116,112, 137,113 Hilbish, Katherine 155,107 Hill, Richard E. 34 Hill, Richard M. 78 Hill, VValter VV. 125,2,122,112,161,113,191 Hillebrancl, S. C215-5L Himes, Victoria H. 34 Hinderer, Marilyn 137 Hinderer, Susan A. 34 Hinerman, jane E. 111,7,34 Hing, Yeuk Ying 164 Hinterman, Alice 137,132 Hirth. Cary 0. C220-5L Hirtll. Leslie 142,113 Hirth, Pcterj. 35 Hirth, Steve S. 164 Hitt, Diane L. 35,126 Hoag, David M. 35 Hobbie, Dan F. 112,35 Hobbie, Margaret 142 Hoch, jane 116 Hodges, Mark 154,129 Hodgins, Daniel T. 187,C201-5L Hodgson, Markj. 148 Hoefle, Diane S. 106,D113-5L, 113 Hoefle, Pat L. 116,107,535 Hoefle, Sandra 108,C201-5L,l33 Hoeft, Kenneth C. C210-4L Hoff, Ellen L. 115,121,162 Hoffman, Catherine 117,161 Hoffman, Deborah 104,158 Hoffman, joseph R. 147 Hoffman, Bill C. 209,35 Hoffrichter, Sue 145 Hogan, Charles 179,G108-4L Hogan, Chris P. 78 Hogan, james VV. 160,130 Hogan, john D. 78 Hogan, Matthew E. 176,180,135 Htrgg. Pete R. C201-5L Holbrook, Bruce E. 142 Holden, Brian E. 158 Holden, Diana L. 35 Holden, Harold E. 100,182,139,190 Holland, jean E. 111,35 Holland, john j. 182,154 Holleran, Patrick 137 Holleran, Tom H. C216-4L Hollis, K. Coleen 162 Hollowell, Candie 155 Holly, Chris E. 154,110 Holly, Daniel M. 35 Holt, Tom VV. 212,35 Holtfreter, jon M. 142,111,113 Holtfreter, Timothy 209,111,536 Holtz. Julie A. C120-5E Holzapfel, Ken O. 118,137 Holzapfel, Therese 36 H0l'l9Ck. Cary D. C118-5L Hooper, Ruth 1. 36 Hopper, M. Diane 95,36 Hargrow, Bessie E107-5L Hoseney, Les V. C31045L Hoseney, Lise R. 36 Houck, Polly L. 99,159 Hough, Carl C. C211-5L Hough, jeffrey L. 160 Houghtalin, Brad 36,191 Houghtalin, Mary 36 Houlihan, Colleen 156,131 Householder, Ken 143 Householder, Rona C301,191 Houser, Paula L. 36,132,133 Housewright, Steve 146 Howard, Leo E. C211-4E Howard, Pamela j, 78 Howe, Peggy A. 78,113 Howe, Vicky L. 147 Howison, William C215-4L Hoy, Deborah A. 158 Hoy, Stephen B. 100,78 Hoyt, Barbara 166 Hoyt, Margaret J. 115,36,130 Hubbard, Mary E. 115,106,146 Hubbard, Michael 109,37 Hubbard, Stevan S. 173,148 Huber, Raymond F. 138 Hudson, Karen L. 141,120 Hueter, Carl 112,173,179, 151 Huff, James L. 100,144 Hughes, Christine 154 Hughes, Vicki L. 37 Huizenga, James J. 147 Huizenga, Sharon 37 Huizenga , Theodore 145 Hulcher, Larry E. 37 Hume, Kenneth S. 215,37,190 Hunsicker, Kay 117,37 Hunt, Jeffrey E108-4L Hunt, Mark E. 156,191 Hunter, David Lee C113-5E Hunter, Dewane C217-4L Hunter, Larry T. 158,190 Hunter, Thoirman 182,37, 186 Huntzicker, Susan 164,104 Hurst, David L. 111,157 Hurst, Cary R. 143 Hurst, Priscilla 37 Hurt, Venita K. 109,137 Husted, Holly A. 112,169 Huston, John R. 37 Hutchings, Nan M. 164,147,198,121,105, 153 Hutzel, Lynn Anne 165,107 Huxley, Kyle A. 170,118 Hylkema, Florence 37 Ibsen, Nora B. 131,37 ldeson, John Bruce 152 lglehart, Austin C215-4L Jennings, Kent C201'5L Jensen, Peter V. 154 Jewell, Joan L. 39 Jimeno, Margarita 78 Johannes, Patricia 117, 11B,168,131,101 Johns, John S. 39,130,153-1,126 Johns, Marilee A. 39 Johnsmiller, B. L. 164,107 Johnsmiller, John 136 Johnson, Johnson, Barbara 39 Beverly 109,C115-5L Johnson, Carol S. 109,146 Johnson, Charlotte 119,106,158 Johnson, Carolyn 146 Johnson, Daniel C. 182,1,C205-5L, 191 Johnson, Donavan 182,109,141 Johnson, Janice C. 39 Johnson, Kevin L. 165 Jensen, Kirsten 144 Johnson, Linda M. 169,153 Johnson, Linda G. 7,39 Johnson, Mark J. 39,132 Johnson, Stephane 11B,E113-51. Johnson, Susan H. 116,106,137 Johnson, Valerie E107-4E Johnston, David B. 39 Johnston, Dwight 111,166,113 Johnston, Peggy A, 106,112,144 Jones, Bradley 177,152 Jones, Carol F. 117,119,152 Jones, Douglas W. 125.161 Jones, Ellen R. 117,39,113 Jones, Eric A. 1 16,1-47, 111,147 Jones, Harriet 135 Jones, Jeffrey M. 39 Jones, Katherine 117,109,141 Jones, Mary 106,151 Jones, Miriam A. 39,126 Kay, Deanna 138 Kazarinoff, Niki 116,122,G120-5E,192 Kazlauskas, Daiva 155 Keaton, Charles E. 154 Keebler, Brad J. 40 Keeley, Joseph J. 177,136,131 Keeton, Janice M. 152 Keeton, Nancy A. 40 Kehoe, VVilliam L. 169 Keil, Shawn 153 Keith, Linda S. D111-4E Kelley, VVilliam R. Jr. C217-4E Kelly Kelly Kelly.- Kelly, Kelly, Kelly, , Alonzo H. 123,187,C320-5L,133 Charlene D. C115-5L Eltriede 155 Nancy J. 41 Theodore M. 123,179,Cl03-5L Thomas 123,152 Kemp, Deborah Ann 168 Kempfert, Kathy 138 Kempfert, Walter 176,Cl5-4L Kemph, Judy E. 111,155 Kendall, Rich K. 151,191 Kenne, Kathy A, 123,157,120 Kennedy, Allen W. 211,41 Kennedy, Charles 112,151,113 Kennedy, Diane 117,-41,113 Kennedy, Gerry A. 112,G113-5E Kennedy, Kris C21Xia5L Kennedy, Robert J. 209,-11,191 Kennedy, Russ T. C201-5L Kennedy, Ted C107-5L.186,153 Kent, Valerie A. C205-5L Kentes, Peter S. 183,-11,190 Keppler, Steven D, 112,162 Kerman, Marjorie 123,116, 122,146,132 Kerr, VVilliam D. 167 Immonen, Eric M. 145 Ingber, Marc S. 37 lngber, Ricki S. 38,7 lngebrigtsen, Nan 147,106,112 lngeles, David L. 146,190 lngels, Robert Scott 38,126,7 Ingram, Richard E.. 119,136 lnnes, David A, 112,38 ltami, Robert M. 209,168 Iverson, Robert D. 142 Jablonski, Veronica 141 Jabs, Carolyn R. 38,132,126 Jackson, Jo Ann 106,11B,161 Jackson, Virgil J. 78 Jacobson, John 111,C220-4L,113 Jacquez, Albert R. 38 Jadwin,1ohn 154 Jaeger, Donald C. 144 Jaeger, Martin 109,140 Jagitsch, Janet L. 38 Jagow, Robert J. 38 Jahnke, Laurel A. 38 Jahnke, Roger F. 38,186 Jahns, Richard H. 111,156 James, Lucinda A. C218-4L Jamison, Peter L. 157,186,192 Japp, Donald C121-5E Jarvis, John M. 38 Jaslnw, Nancy L. 125,123,121,131,38,1-33 Jaynes, Gale L. 163 Jaynes, Stephen O. C121-512 Jefford, Gregory 136 Jeffreys, Cheri L. 154 Jelneck, N, Kathy C313-4E Jenks, Craig S. 157 Jenne, David A. 78 Jones, Nancy E. 140 Jones, Robert 0. 39 Jones, Roger T, 111,78,113 Jordan, George V. 78 Jordan, James C106-4L Joyce, Daniel 40 Judson, Carol D. 112,152 Judson, Charles 109,155 Judson, Karen Sue 109,141 Juvinall, Nancy J. l21,7,107,40 Kabza, Cynthia A. 40,130,131,7 Kahn, Barbara J. 112,C211-4E Kainlauri, Bill E. 182,112,141 Kainlauri, John 11l,40,186,113 Kaiser, Debra L. 109,E114-4L Kalisz, Steve T. 40 Kallenbach, Jennifer 159,153 Kalmbach, James R. 190,40 Kalmbach, Linda S. 115,40,l31 Kalousdian, Anita 116, 1 19,40, 107 Kalousdian, Ed 111,113 Kampas, Arlene G. 40 Kampas, Vickie L. C120-4L Kamrowski, Kirby D209-5L Kane, Hamid D. C112-4L Kapp, Colleen S. 147 Karjala, Carl E. 179,141 Karp, D. Joyce 115,166,131 Karp, Rosemarie T. 108,40 Kast, David R. 158,107,172 Kastanis, Anthony C121-5E Kasurin, John P. C104-4L Katopodis, Charles 147 Katz, Rhonda 145,133 Katzenmeyer, Kay 163,150,135 Kesserling, N. 177 Kessler, Barbara 125,l23,117,127,-41,133 Kessler, Paul C117-4L Kessler, Roy 146 Kesslering, Nick 139 Kett, Tom W. 78 Kidd, Sandra E. 168 Kiehl, Sharon Ann 165 Kikuchi, Carl H. 123,41,132,130,133 Kimball, Kent D. 123,116,152 Kimball, Spencer 116,41 Kimberly, Dennis 41 Kilbreth, Erma L. 78 Kimberly, Doug C. 182,168 Kimura, Sandra 41 Kincaid, Rebecca 112,150 Kindshoven, Otto 78 Kindshoven, Patricia 158 King, David A. 155 King, Lizbeth C. 102,112,129 King, John G. 41 Kingsbury, Susan 116,42 Kingsmith, Judith 122,131,157 Kipfmiller, John 139 Kiptmiller, Sandy 155 Kirchen, Harold K. 112,150 Kirkland, Cornell 142,109,190,191 Kirkland, T. R. 182,42,129,191 Kisly, Marilyn J. C211a5L Kistler, VVilliam B. 112,161 Kitchel, Todd M. C211-41. Kittleson, Kevin 176,152 Klager, Barbara A. C211-4L Klager, Randy 136 Klammer, Margaret 124,169 Klapatch, Bernard 138 Klapatch, Pamela C215-4L Klein, Carrie C. 42 Klein, Edward F. 164,D209-5L Klein, Marlc 182,164 Klein, Nancy 42 Klein Randi C205-5E Klein Robert C. 161 Klein, Sharon Lee 136 Kleinman, joseph 179,C203-4L Kleinschmidt, Sandra 119,-12,129,126 Klippen, Kathleen C108-4L Klippen, Kenneth 180,78 Klippenstein, B. A. 139 Klohs, Karen S, 42 Klum, jeff A. 153,1-55,174,172 Knapp, Terry 42 Kneer, Tom NV. 191,159 Knepper, Nancy B106-4L Knieper, Carl H, 145,190 Knieper, Steve W. G116-41. Kight, Mary E. 41 Knight, Robert S, 147 Knight, Susan L. 157 Knobel, Cathy E. 103,161 Knoch, Bruce H, 168 Knorpp, Susan j, 205-512,153 Kocis, Carl j. 148 Koeble, Don M. 43 Koefoed, Hilbert 164 Koen, Padraic 78,7 Koernke, Brenda K. 156 Koh, Song Won 142,124 Kollewehr, Doug, j, 43 Konarske, Robert 43,126 Kooi, Alice A. 155,107 Koons, Timothy E. 43 Kooperman, Cheryl 109,G1 17-5L Kooyers, Linda 144 Koraltan, Alan B. 164 Koren, Yohanan C203-4L Koraltan, Rick C113-5L Kortesoja, Alan A. 169 Korthals, David A. 140 Koslci, Karen S. 155 Koski, Robert j, 78 Kosobud, Kathleen 159 Kost, Andrew j. 158 Koste, Michael K. 113,C113-4E Koste, Peter 119,111,-13 Kostishali. Ann C. 123,115,106,156 Kostishak, Peter 177,138 Kowalczyk, Robert 177,136 Kralcer, Leslie R. 43 Kramer, joseph E. 160 Kramer, Ruth Anne 43 Krasny, Thomas L. 159 Krausse. Mary Ellen 138 Krebs, Brian S. 170,100 Kreslci, john M. 173 Krezel, Angus M. 78,189 Krezel, Martha A, 44 Krohn. Sara T. 146,131 Kroll, Kathie 44 Kruger, Douglas L. 137 Kruger, Kenneth A. 44 Krupp, Deborah 106.197,198, 139,131 Krupp, Eric j. 158,175,133 158,175,133 Kuchera, john G10551. Kuehn, Deborah L. G117-4L Kuehn, Karol L, 44 Kuhn, Deborah E. 141 Kuhn, Dorothy Ruth 78 Kuhn. Terence R. 44 Kulbiclci, Rich W. 155 Kummer, David T, C108-4L Kummer, Marian E, 157,129,120 Kurth, Barbara 147 Kurtz, joanne S. 7,44 Kyprie, Paul M. 187,44 Labatzltv. Denise C217-4E Labatzky, Thomas 45 LaChapelle, Michael 158 Lady, David R. 164,177,164 Lafever, Dennis A. B106-4L Laird, Linda 106,111,136 Laird, Mary 106,111,45 Lamb, Cynthia J, l15,121,98,126,153 Lamb, joanne M. 106,C320-5L Lamerson, Ellen G. 167,107 Lamoreaux, Dave T. 107,45 Lampe, Matthew M. 2,123,111,78,192 Lampel, Daniel l31,45,129,113, 133 Lands, Karen j. 98,C201-5L Lands, Susan K, 125,123,106,45 Lang, Stephanie VV. 45 Lansky, Steven A. 144 Laperriere, Lyn L. 78 La Pointe, F. james 176,148 Larmee, joanne E. 157 Lannee, Sharon A. 139 Larrnee, Steve M. 45,191 La Roe, Sandra L. 136 Laroue, Paulete L. C116-51. Larson, john M. G113-4E,1-33 Lassiter, jeff M. C206-5L Latta, Lyn C, 168 Latvala, Kim A. 139 Lau, Neil F. 161,113 Laubengayer, Gene 168 Laughlin, Keith E. 115,166 Lavacque, VVilliam 46 Lawrence, james B. 177,D210-412,131 Lawson, Peter 158 Layher, julie D. 108,46 Layne, Michael A. 78 Lazarus, Gary C210-4E Leach, joel W. 46 Leake, james E. C311-5L,190 Lease, Glenn 136 Leavitt, Paul A. 183,140 Lebrasse, Don E. 46,188 Leduc, Raymond D. 172,139 Lee, jane S. D209-5L Lee, Michael N. 46 Lee, Rowe Y. 125,2,98, 130, 1 13,46, 132,131 Lee, Tom Stearns 116,46 Lefevre, joseph F. 154 Lefevre, Terese M. 115,162,130 LeGrand, Cleta A. 78 Lehmann, jane 113 Lehmann, Tim j, 46 Leidy, Ellen F. 116,141 Leidy, john B. 46 Leighton, Tom V. 163 Leinbach, Eric T. 151 Lelis. Amnld 144 Lemble, George 146 Lemble, Susan A. 46 Levy, Lempert C208-SL Lenberg. Steve P. 78 Lenio, Lou Ann 115,146 Lenz, Darcy j. 159,113 Leonard, Michael 139 Leslie, Mark A. 168 Lessels, Susanne 164 Lexer, jim L. 156 Lesstrang, M. A. 115,147,130, 131 Leutheuser, Robert F. 47,126 Levan, Carol A. 159 Levenick, james 122,146,191 Levenson, Burton 116,112,145,175 Levenson, Rebecca C117-4L Leverett, Kris M. C215-4L Levinson, Marsha 201,212,107,-17,113,133 Lewis, Donald C. 154 Lewis, Gloria D209-5L Lewis, Gwendolyn G10743L Lewis, janet M. 47 Lewis, Linda L. C116-5L Lewis, Natalie G. 139,120,113 Lewis, Paula 115,106,147 Lewis, Thomas H. C217-4E Liggett, Cathy C120-5E Lighthall, Charles 176,139 Lighthall, 1Villiam C. 168 Lillie, David C. 47 Limper, L. 131 Linden, Peterj. C313-5L Lindimore, Steven 150 Lindner, Michael 139 Lindstrom, Krys 160 Linebaugh, Norma 112,136 Linlc, Donald M, 156 Lirene, chris J. C217-413 Litow, Thomas 116,107,47 Livingston, Ed L. 113 Livingstone, Catherine 125, 123,47, 120 Lobbestael, Gail 47 Lobbestael, Mark 173,E107-412,191 Lohr, Charles E, 155 Lommel, Andrea S. 106,538,137 Lommel, john A, 78 Longworth, Debbie 167,129 Lonsberry, George 160,107,113 Lonskey, Charlene 47 Loomis, David 139 Lopucki, Reece J. 191,167 Lens, Philip M. 209,47 Louis, Ellenj. 47 Loup, jane E. 47,126 Louwsma, Donald R. 136,130 Love, G. joseph E107-4E Love, VVilliam j. 143,188 Lovell, Betsy L. 121,98,C201-5L Lovell, Robert G. 108,47 Lowe, Donald S. 48,113 Lower, Barbara j. C315-5L Lowrey, Geof. Y. 112,141,113 Lowry, janet C. 208,121,48,ll3 Lowther, Barbara 112,136 Loy, Lonnie L, 48 Loy, Nancy j. 48 Lu, Betty 197,198,104,154,153 Lu, Karen L. 197,198,139 Lucas, Corey C216-4L Lucas, Kathy M. 78 Lucas, Norma L. 99,161 Luchs, Barry L. 155 Luckhardt, jones 48 Luckhardt, Lorain 48 Luckhardt, Wesley 78,130 Ludlow, john B. 115,137 Ludlow, Lark C. 106,198,155 Ludwig, Dennis W. 112,147 Lulcer, Calvin C112-4L Lum, Benny 164,169 Lum, Betty 48 Lum, Edward G. 99 Lum, George 191,136 241 Lum, Glen D. 164 Lum, Jean 147,109 Lumbard, Madeline 107 Lundborg, Susan 98.135, 139 Lunk, Susan D. 119,115,112, 151 Lunn, Nicola J. 98,166 Luther, Lutz, G Lutz, C G. David 125,112,186 ary C. 78 ary Lee 112,156 Lutz. Mary C. 108,B106-4L Lutz, Stephen M, 191,48 Lutz, Steven R, 131 Mastie, Darlene 170 Mattei, Jeannine 142 Mattei, Kathryn 78 Matthews, Earl M. C106-4L Matthews, Steven 129,Gl13-4E,101 Maule, Sumner VV. 112,168 Maurer, Marilyn F. 123,116,1l7,1U7,50 Maxwell, Guy R. 166 Maxwell, Kathryn 143 Mayfield, Patrica 154 Mayfield, Sharon 115,108,50 Mayne, Carolyn A. 115,112,141 Medlin, Philip J. 142 Mehlhorn, Christine 117,152 Mellencamp, Eric 125,116,119,131,51 Meltzer, Dona C220-4E Mengel, Scott H. 139 Merchant, Nancy A. 108,163 Merrill, Jerry L. 162 Merson, Stephen C. 142,112,D111-4L Mesnard, Tom 160.142 Mets, Peterj. 154,131 Metty, Steve 78 Metty, Theresa M. 154 Lyke, Nancy 106,108,48,129 Lykins, Kathern L. MacArthur, Cam M. G1 13-515,188,130 MacAulay, John 152 MacDonald, Marsha 115,112,157 MacDonald, Sandra 167 Mack, Arturo L. 182,11'T,l90,131 Mack, Kenneth J. G110-5L Mackey, Susan 49 Mackmiller, Cindy l01,49,126 Mac Mullan A. 145,130 MacNee, Bruce F. 166 Madigan, Patricia 49 Madison, Paula A. 49 Mahler, Danny J. 162 Mahler, Diane 137 Maier, Barbara C. C217-4E Maki, Tim J. 168 Makruclti, M, Margaret C103-5L Malanowski, Henry 78 Malcolm, Shirley E108-4E Malcolmson, Eithne 136 Mallett, Jana D, 49 Mamarow, Edna L. 49 Mamarow, Paul E. 146 Mammel, Dennis E. 136 Manchak, Richard C211-4E Mayzes, Francis J. C211-4L McArtor, McAninc Carol E. 153,160,107 h, Donell E108-4L MCCalla, Ann M, 106,C308-5L McCalla, Cheryl C220-4E McCalla, Cary C120-4L McCalla. Joann E. 106,147,113 McCalla, John 50 McCalla, Judy C. 50 Metzger, Fred William 112,169 Metzger, Susan E. 152,113 Metzner, Paul R. 136 Metzner, Peter H. 161 Meunier, James L. 51 Meyer, Michael A. 201,E106-4L,113 Meyer, Nancy E. 131,107,51 Meyer, Vera Ellen 119,51,l26,l1S Meyers, Charlotte 166 Ma nn, Mann, Mann, Mann, Manzi, Maple, March, Eric L. 100,141,190 Martha M. 165 Patricia L. 138 Robert E. 187,190,C220-41. Thomas M. 116,137,113 Linda C. 49,120,126 VV1lliam D, 182,144,190 McCargar, David F. 99,189,l07, 189 M cClatchey, Kathy 170,115,111,113 McCleery, G. Robert C220-1E McCleery, Steve G. 50 McClure, James R. 150 McClure, sandy L. C2520-51. McCollum, Joyce S. 50 McCollum, Mark A. 100,154 McConiughey, James 182,144 McConnell, Elizabeth 109,139 McConnell, Marc S, 167 McCormick, Paula 50 McCormick, NVilliam D111-4E McCoy, Kathryn T. 78 McCracken, Paula 131,107,50 M cCreary, Brian 78 McCreary, Deborah 109,134 McDaniel, David 78 McDonald, Janice C307-4L McDowell, Glen A. 142 McDowell, Jan E. 124,117,1-16,130 McDowell, Jodi A. 98,160 McElroy, Susan 116,144,120 McEwen, Annie R. 117,106,l56,1l3 McFadden, Brenda 143 Meyers, Larry E 78 Meyers, Pamela A, 121,168,107 Meyers, Sharon D. 142,113 M iatech, John 137 Michaelis, Jim B. 51,186 Michelsen, Jerry 212,158 Michot, Ingrid N. 78,113 Mickelson, Robert A. 78 Mielke, Deborah 116.99,106,148,120 M ieras, VVilliam 1. 141 Mikkelsen. John A. 157 Mikkelsen, Susan C222-5L Milhocker, Darlene C206-5L Millard. Mary 112,147 Miller, M iller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Miller, Alex C201-5L Andrew 141,127,113 Ann E. 112,151 Bruce 137 Charles E, 112,153,C201-5L Christine 51 Darryl S. 167,113 Francis E113-lL Glenn J. 147 Miller, Joel R. 141 Miller, Jon K. 159 Mcl nroy, Marchant, Barrie 166 Marchant, Catherine 49 Margeson, Kim G, 102,166 Mariouw, Jane 161,110 Mark, Ann 155 Marken, VVilliam 176,159 Marr, Kevin P. 7,49 Marr, Louis F. 183,49 McGill, Jerry C108-4L McGill, Ronald 144 McGinty, Maryann 119,155 McCinty, Diane M. 50 McGuire, YVilliam C114-4L McGuire. Daniel 147 Mclnroy, Gertrude 106,50 Margaret 158.107 Miller, Pamela J, 51 Miller, Roger 143 Miller, Stephen 124,112,151 Miller, Teresa A. 161,107 Miller, Thomas 179,C313-5L Mills, John C. 161 Mills, Stephanie 103,166,113 Mil lspaugh, Mark G112-4E Marsden, Patricia 168 Marshall, David L. 117,147 Marshall, Judy A, 136 Marsha Marsha ll, Naomi, 182,E317x5L ll, wayne 153,156 Martin, Edward C, 78 Martin, Jane E 103,156 Martin, Johnnye A. 187,49 Martin, Jonathan 49 Martin, Leigh C. 109,137,113 Martin, Mary L. 78 Martin, Pamela 109,144 Martin, Patricia C217-4E Martin, Robert A. 148 Martin, Sara C215-SL . Martin. Susan J. 164 Mashayekhi, Reza D111-4E Maslin, Kevin S. 99,1-17 Massey. Charlotte C112-4L 42 Mclntire, Daniel 100,166 McKeague, PeggyJ. 98,750,129 McKenna, Roy R. 50 McKenzie, J, Kathy51 McKenzie, Tom W. 51,113 McKevitt, John C. 12-LC216-4L McKinney, Karrick 142 McKinnon, Craig 183,164 McLaughlin, Keats 177,1-43,130,131 Mc Lean, Dorothy 106,137,131 McMullan, Pat R. 168 McMullen, David 100,137,133 McOmber, Fred N. 170, 180,107,51 McRoberts, Alan J. 111,78 McTaggart, Rich M. 51 McVVilliams, Pat L. C113-5L,131 Meagher, Peter G. C112-1-1L Means, Suzanne E. 167 Medaugh, Michael 78 Minnebod, Lynn A. 142 Minor, John 140 Mitchell, Billy R. 51 Mitchell, C. Carol 161 Mitchell, Connie 52 Mitchell, Danny 151 Mitchell, Elizabeth A. 107,200.52 Mitchell, Eric C. C117-5L Mitchell, Faith 164,111 Mitchell, Kenneth C213-5L Mitchell, Michael C116-4L Mitchell, Virginia 52 Mohler, James R. 154,190 Molliso n, Robert M. 52 Monaghan, Rose H. 139 Monk, Martha 148 Monroe, Lajuene 158 Monroe, Wanda Kay 143 Montgomery, John 78, 186 M ontry, Robert N. 141 Moon, janet M, C117-5L Moore, Alex M. Sandy 111,52 Moore, Deborah S. 116,168 Moore, Cary L. 182,191,52,126 Moore, Steven R. C201-5L Morgan, Dana Lee 150 Morgan, David E. 212,52 Morgan, Deborah S. D210-5L Morgan, Dennis 52 Morgan, Diann E. 140 Morgan, Edna M. 160 Morgan, jean V. 142 Morgan, Phyllis A. 152 Morley, Beverly A. ICB, 162 Morningstar, Doug 52 Morningstar, jay 52 Morrison, Byron j. 164,D209-5L Mortell, Michael 73 Morton, Debbie L. 136 Morton, jane 156 Morton, Pat K. 53 Mosher, Bonnie j. 78 M osher, james G. 137 Moss, Cheryl E107-4L Moss, Stephen P. 112,161 Moulton, Cherlyn 123,107 Muehlig, Linda D. 112,154 Mulkey, Mullaly, Kathy A. 154 Tim 1. 159 Mundus, jeffrey P. 176,152 Munger, Richard L. 173,179,155 Munson, Edward Gl15-5L Munson, lsaiah 182,209 Munster, joan E. 150 Murphey, David A. 145 Murphy, John j. C105 Murphy, Patricia 115,167 Murphy, Richard P. 178,170 Murphy, William j, C213-5L Murray, Myra A. 164,106,153 Murtaugh, Chris M. 113,107,53 Muse, Deborah Ann C120-4L Mustard, Nancy M. 170,115 Mysyk, David D. 148,130 M ysyk, Mary Ann D210-4E Mysyk, Richard E. 145 Nach, 1. 115 Nagy, joann C113-4E Nairn, M. 182 Napier, Beverly A. 168,113 Napier, Carol A. 138 Napier, Gregory P, 100,112,141 Nasjleti, Luis 135,137,130 Nasjleti, Susana 78,129 Navidzadeh, Lala 109,78 Naylor, Vicki S. 1 19,99,1-56.129 Neely, Thomas M. 1l7,177,147,l72 Nelson, David 138 Nelson, Douglas 177,168 Nelson, Douglas H. G117-5L Nevins, Susan K. 136,113,133 Newbury, Pamela F, 53 Newbury, Vllalter B. B102-5L Newell, Donald W. 139 N'ewkirk, Danaj. 109,137 Newman. Donald E. 191,B203-4L New1on,,joseph B. 191,53,129,126 Niccoli, Cynthia C307-4L Nichols, David A. 212,192,158,188 Nichols, Kathryn 168 Nichols, Michael 164 Nichols, Peter A. 145 Nickels, Aleta D. 147 Niemi, Raymondj. 146 Nimke, Fred W. 189,154 Nimke, janice A. 53 Nimroth, Carolyn 157,C213-4L Nimz, Kathleen L. 137 Nixon, Mary E. G114-4L Noertker, Stephan 161 Noonan, Mike B. 189,78 Noonan, Peter S. 147 Norman, Marylu L. 148 North, Marcia L. 82,111.53 Notestine, Candy 166 Novick, Roger B. 144 Nowland, Scott 177,152,113 Numminen, Maija 131,162 Nye, Karen M. 105,165 Oakley, j. jay 156 Oberdick, Fred A. 170 Oboyle, Suzanne C. G113-4L 0'Brien, Anne E. 115,121,53,132,130,l31 O'Brien, George T. C117-4L O'Brien, Michael F. 78 O'Cando, Teresita B203-4E O'Connor, Karen 159,130 O'Connor, Mary E. 164 Officer, Marsha j. 168,120 ogden, Cathy L. 115,138, 130,133 0'C-ilvie, Nancy L, 147 o'1ack, Bob P. C318-4E Olberg, Robert A. 99,112,165 Oldham, Gail S. 144 Olencki, Thomas 183,191,152 Oliver, Ralph S, 2,111,179,7,53,172,11-3,7 Olsen, David A. 148,174,172 Olsen, Fred B, 53 Olsen, Gary A. 53 Olsen, Peter M. 53 Olsen, Susan C. 106,147,113 Olsen, Vlfilliam C. 180,161,172 Olson, Kevin H. 167 Olsztyn, Peter jj C103-5L Onderdonk, john A. 192,54 Onderdonk, Robert A. 189,B210-412,189 O'Neill, Mary 160 O'Neill, Sarah E. 153,161 Orbits, Elizabeth 148,131 Orcutt, john 189,147 Orr, Bruce C. 78 Orth, Steve P. 156 Ortino, Stephanie 117,5-4,129,131 Osborne, Mark R. 142 Osmena, Annabelle 131,C210-4E Ostafin, Marysia 215,103,160,107 Otto, Karen 139 Otto, Leo E. 54 Otto, Margaret A. 2,106,111,7,54 Ottmar, john F, B212-5L Ottmar, Robert C215-5L Outcalt, janice A, B113-5L Owens, Alexander 131,54 Owens, Edward O. 111,152 Pace, Steven D. C210-4E Page, Victoria P, 116,78, 133 Paige, Patti L. 109,136 Paley, Roger 111,180.5-4,174,130 Palmer, Mary E. 54,107 Palmer, Rebecca 162,107 Palmiere, Paul D. 111,187,54,133 Pals, Stephan 189,146 Pangburn, Alan R. 154 Pannell, Dorothy C120-5E Pannell, Marva A. 78 Pardon, Mark D. 90,54 Pardon, Mary Beth 54 Pardon, Steve R. 112,167 Pardon, Thomas A. 137 Parker, Parker, Parker, Parkes, Parkes, Alison B. 155,120 Karen A. 158 Larry H. 77 Allison B. 116 Carla L. 54 Parkinson, W. Reid 156,172 Parks, j ack D. 54 Parravano, Paul 124 Parry, R. Bryce 161 Parsons ,jack L. 140 Parsons, Geoffrey 78 Parting ton, David 148,113 Paslaski, Linda L. 159 Pastorino, Dian K. 143 Pastorino, Steve 55 Patriarche, Fred 124,112,143 Patrick, David L. 107,55 Patrick, Larry C. 164,180,172 Patten, Ellen L. 55 Patton, Barbaraj, 115,153,168 Payne, Ronald E. 78 Peak, Dennis 78 Pearson, Pamela A. 155 Pearson, Peter M, 163 Pease, Valerie C. 139 Peciura, Auste A. 78 Peden, Keith j. 191,55 Peinemann, Hans 116,100,123 Pederson, judy A, 112 Peet, William S. 170 Peng Yh, jennifer 1 19,99,55 Pengelly, Maryellen 119,115,55 Pentland, Alex P. 124,117,122 Pepper, Steven R. 172 Perault, Lisa 145 Perez, Marisela 138 Perkins, Dexter 164,122,112 Perraut, Nell F. 124,16-4,111,130 Perrin, David VV. 177,55 Perry, Geoffrey M, 109,143 Perry, Kriste G. 107,55 Perry, Sally j. 119,108,55 Pester, William M. 170,107,113 Peterik, Kary A. 117,121,55 Peterson, Sidney 99,167 Pettiford, Sharon 117,55,120 Pettit, Cynthia L. 56 Pettit, David G. 147 Pettit, Raymond D. 164 Pfaus, Thomas R. 182,147 Pharand, Michel W. 141 Phelps, Timothy R. 170,125 Phibbs, Charles 182,109,151 Phillips, Cynthia 111,56 Phillips, Michael 209,117, 17,56 Phillips, Patricia 169,113 Phillips, Paul D. 163 Phillips, Robin 150,113 Pickut, lhindolph 142,109,113 Piepenbrink, Rich 174,172 Pierce, Lynne A. 170 Piers, Terri jean 56 Pilbeam, Gail A. 78 Pilbeam, Gary R. 137 Pilcher, joel H. 56 Pink, Frank E. 191,150 Piper, Brian S. 56 Pittman, Margaret 2,56 Platte, Richard'L. 111,157 243 Podesta, Diane L. 136 Podewil, Rebecca 124,112, 147, 120,113 Polasky, janet L. 125,11S,1 11,153,G112 Polk, Timothy E. 155 Pollack, Phyllis 125,116,98,102,153,166 Pollock, David 163,113 Ponto, Lorraine 56,120 Pool, Harry C. 156 Pool. Karl M. 137 Pope, Nancy L. 56 Poppenger, Cheryl 143 Poppenger, D. Sue 154 Poree, jenece E. 154 Porter, Susan VV. 103,138 Portman, Clifford 176 Post, Susan j. 56 Pott, Timothy C. 1-35,144,113 Potter, jeffrey L. 116,152 Potter, Kathleen 147 Powsner. Seth 112,137 Prakash, Amar 78 Pratt, Denise K. 147 Pratt, Cary 175,172 Pressel, Miriam 123,106,138.120,113 Preston, Michael 162 Pretzfelder, jan 106,162 Price, Allen C. 145 Price, Carol 162 Price, Rebecca 56 Prieskorn, Bonnie 56 Pringle, john L. 99,138 Pritula, VVilliam 182,161 Procassini, Denise 115,109,140 Procassini, Russ 210,215,57 Proctor, john 157 Pryor, judy L. 57 Pustay, Richard O. 78 Putman, julie A. 142,130 Pydyn, Anthony 143 Quackenbush, Eric 170,189 Quicksey, Garnett 57 Quillen, Terry 150 Quiroz, Peter B. 78,126 Raab, Charles E. 57,129,113 Radio, Laurie B, 143 Radke, Sara L. 147 Rae, Anne B. 146 Raeburn, john S. 201,168,113 Raley, Donn VV. 174 Ramey, Larry D. 168 Rampy, Thomas R. 131 Ransom, Donald R. 131 Ransom, james R. 57,126 Rapoport, Anya 116,147,113 Rataj, Susan M. 156 Rauschenberger, S. 57 Rayment, Marsana 164 Raymond, Daniel 138 Raymond, Pamela A. 57,126 Raymond, Steven L. 150,158 Read, Cynthia 140 Read. Laura 57 Reader, james D. 163,172 Reading, Ann E. 111,131,57, 126,113 Rebecll, Susan 121,107,57,133 Rector, Patricia 161,113 Redlin, Sharon K. 157 Reed, Curtis 161 Reed, james VV. 7,57,132,131 Reed, Linda j. 157 Reed, Nolan L. 57 Reese, joyce E. 164 Reets, Randy M. 141 -4 Reinhart, janet L. 58 Remaley, Dana 58 Remaley, Seba E. 162 Rendel, Eric 52 Rendel, Mark A. 78 Renfrew, judith A. 166,110 Renfrew, Mark A. 58,188 Renz, Karen A. 109,147 Ressler, W'illiam 177,1-18,130,131 Reuter, Victoria 168 Rewoldt, jeffrey 58 Reynolds. Carol L. 58 Reynolds, Roger L. 164,111 Reynolds, Vicki j. 168 Rhodes, Noni E. 108,165 Rial, john R. 182,158 Rice, Karen 142,116,111,113 Rice, Patricia A. 58 Rice, Sharon L. 152 Rich, Nancy C, 161 Richardson, Shelley 58 Richert, Cary 170,107 Richert, judy 109,147 Richter, Juliet E. 58,132,113 Ridenour, Dana C. 150 Ridenour, Pam E. 112,59 Rigan. Craig P. 182,136,188 Rikili, Bruce 58,129 Ring, Bettyj. 161 Ring, Steve F. 78 Riordan, Catherine 115,112,151 Rittenhouse, Linda 138 Robbins, David B. 125,112,165 Robbins, Linda L. 78 Robbins, Nvilliam 112,146 Roberts, Chris 103,157 Roberts, jeannine 135 Robertson, Elizabeth j. 154,113 Robertson, Gary T. 123,192,155 Robey, Donald 170 Robinson, Craig A. 156,129,101 Robinson, Dianne 161 Robinson, Edward 112,139 Robinson, Frank L. 59,126 Robinson, Ray 159 Robinson, j. D. 59 Robinson, james j. 182,191,154 Robinson, Stephen 162 Robson, Linda L. 117,112,143,113 Roeger, Patricia 1 15,152,113 Rogers, David S. 122,166,113 Rogers, Marion C. 59,113 Rogers, S. Pamela 106 Rogers, Wendy C. 59 Roll, Kyle A. 158 Rolston, VVilliam 156 Romo, Raymond A. 150 Rondell, Mark A. 100,112,145 Roos, Doug. R. 59 Roos, james 189,147 Roos, Kristy M. 156 Roos, Mark R. 137 Rousseau, Arthur 158 Root, Ralph A. 59 Root, Theresa A. 59 Rosaen, Candace L. 124,164,115 Rosasco, Elesa M. 59 Rose, joyce 145 Rose, Paul A. 182,170,209,192 Rose, Sandra K, 160 Ross, Gary W. 164 Ross, Glenn R. 136 Ross. Kathleen M. 59 l Ross, Roy K. 176,180 Rosser, Paul W. 166 Rowland, Robin L. 115,155 l Rossiter, David 130,131 Roth. Ann P, 121,2,59,130,131,126 Roth, Thomas H. 183,109,144 Rothfield. jeff 78 Roumanes, Tom 154 Rousseau, Art 180 Royal, Gayle M. 109 Ruffins, Robert 147 Rulfs, Carol A. 111,15-1,133 Rupert, Brenda j. 104 Rupert, Beth 111,167 Rupert. Kathy A, 108 Rusch, joanne F, 59 Rush, jerome Earl 1B2,212,191,60 Rusten, Eric P. 60 Rutherford, Doug 78,113 Rutledge, Alan P. 139 Ruzicka, Deborah 117,60 Ruzicka, Pamela 103,l63,130,131 Ryan, Pamela D. 60 Rybo, Imogene P. 60 Saal feld, Gerald 209,111,60 Saalfe1d.janice 98,112,147 Sage, Robert D. 60,131 Sakstrup, Sandy L. 163 St. Clair, Gerald 78 Salow, Marcia G. 60 Sample, Paulete D. 138 Sanders, William A. 112,145 Sanderson, Bruce 145 Sandus, Deborah S. 125,137,120 Santoro, Marilyn 153,165,107 Santourian, R. M. 160 Sapsford, Brian 60 Sapsford, Pamela 169 Sargent, William 169 Sass, Sheryl L. 147 Sato, Nobuyuki A. 170 Saunders, Barbara 168 Saunders, janet E. 115,106,139 Sauter, Larry j. 60 Savage, Richard j. 163 Sawusch, james R. 179,166 Sawyer, Sally 164,102,60 Sawyer, Susan C. 147,109,98,135 Sayer, john H, 109 Sayers, Susan L. 61 Sayre, Richard L. 176,78 Sborovsky, Mario 131,78 Scarbrough, j. M. 158 Scarbrough, Tim A. 190 Schaadt, Richard 61 Schallhorn, Mike 164, Schanltin, David O. 176,61 Scharbat, Carol j. 78 Scharbat, Mark A. 61 Schelkun, Ellen j. 152 Schenk, Elke E. 123,116,78 Scherdt, Donald E. 107,61 Scherdt, Martha 107,61 Scherer, janice E. 146 Scheu, Robert H. 158 Schieb, Nancy E. 153,168 Schiedel, Esther 139,113 Schieve, jane E. 104,61 Schiller, Patricia 164 Schindler, Mike S. 158 Schindler, Pat A. 142,131 Schindler, Steven 144 Schlansker, Bruce C. 164 Sh aw, Daniel A. 78 Schlansker, Mike 61 Schlecht, Terry D. 62 Schlecte, Barbara 156 Schlegelmilch, june 164 Schleyer, Vicki L. 98,61,126 Schmid, Robert L. 61 Sch neeberger, Peter 182,162,186,13l Schneider, Gerald 165 Schneider, james 182,209,192,61 Schneider, janet 107,61 Schneider, john H. 112,146,127 Schnoor, janet L. 115,146,113 Schoch, Henry K. 209,2,100,62 Schoch, Lincoln 112,191,137 Schoch, Palmer 112,191,139 Scholz, William Fred 109,139 Schonberger, Sue 104,111,7,62,l29,7 Schottin, Susan Y. 169 Schrager, Mark E. 137,113 Schreuder, Charlo 78,131 Schrock, Gretchen 117,103,147 Schroeder, james VV. 62 Schroeder, Susan 62 Schroen, Dan C. 109,106,189,140 Schulte, Marianj. 103,155,107 Schultz, Charles 62 Schultz, David 146 Schultz, Terry E. 62 Schuon, Sue M. 62 Schuri, Kathryn 123,2,62,130,1-31,126 Schwab, Madeleine 115,62,1-31 Schweitzer, Barb 108 Schwind, Gary 62 Scollard, Pat L. 106,200,215,108,158,130,131 Scollard, Roberta 109,105,152 Scott, Carolyn 63 Scott, Cathy S. 63 Scott, Cheri L. 156 Scott, Leonard 143 Scott, Nancy 106,137 Scott, Nicholas 1. 164 Sedlander, Anne 108,102,157 Segel, Micki 133 Segura, VVilliam J. 78 Seitz, Mark S. 159 Sekaros, Diane R. 160 Sekaros, Mikej. 63,126 Selenis, Donald E. 115,160 Sell, Darwin L. 63 Sell, Douglas E. 155 sell, Thomas L. 125,116,165 Senior, Robert Lee 160 Segel, Marilyn R. 63 Sellers, Sally A. 7 Sells, Elizabeth 151 Sellers, Sheri L. 63 Selvig, Chris D. 112,147 Senick, Deborah M. 63 Senne, jeffrey N. 2,63 Senseman, Robert 177,165 Serfontein, Marti 63 Serfontein, Sue 98,140 Serrano, Raquel F. 78 Seyfried, David A. 63 Seyfried, Elsie M. 63 Seyfried, john F. 160 Seyfried, Rich w. 142,182 Seymour, Frances 115,64,126 Shaffer, janice F. 108,64 Shalit, Steven 140 Shankland, Daniel 100,166 Shankland, janet 161 Shankland, julie 64 Shankland, Mike 143 Share met, Margaret 116 Shaw, Doren 64 Shaw, judy M. 78 Shaw, Ronald 148 Shawaker, joan L. 123,158 Shehan. Barbara A. 164 Sheld on, Gary VV. 137 Shelton, Patty I. 64 Shepherd, Phyllis 145 Shepherd, Sharon 107,64 Sheppard, Bon nie 64 Snyder, Snyder, Snyder, David W. 112,78 james C. 182 Karen 168 Sheppard, Doug. A. 109,64,175 Shepperdson, Larry 161 Sheufelt, Margaret 109 Shipley, jenny L. 64 Shipley, Peter R, 1s2,109,1ss, 130 Shipman, Susan M. 115,139,129 Shippey, David C. 78 Shock, Michael P. 160 Shoemaker, Tom H. 111,64 Shriver, R. 115 Shrope, Richard 62 Shultes, Clyde 177 Sieg, Ben G. 78 Siemon, Simone 64 Sierp, Monica M. 145 Sills, Richard 78 Silver, Harry 131 Simonds, john VV. 180,168 Sinclair, Cheryl 98,152 Sinclair, Steven 64 Sinclair, Suzanne 119,165,130 Single, Steven E. 179,172 Sisley, james F. 65 Sizeland, james P. 144,130 Skjei, Lila M. 99,106,162 Skjci, M. Thomas 107,65 Slavik, Frank C. 116,154 Sleet, Esther 78 Slocum, Donald H. 189,141 Slocum, Susan C. 112,167 Slocum, Tom A. 78 Snyder, Ren H. 78 Snyder, Sherrill 147 Sobrepena, Enrique 109,1-31,78 Socolovitch, Darl 78 Sodt, Patricia L. 155 Sodt, Rita L, 65 Sokolow, H, Ronald 65 Solomon, Timothy 164,182 Soll, joan L. 139 Solowczuk, Stephen 147,99 Solowczuk, Theresa 116,147 Solvith, Ronna C. 107 Somers, Thomas W. 168 sohhnag, John W. 182,153,154 Sonntag, Katherine 158 Sorenson, Sally S. 65 Sortor, Mary E. 66 Souris, Christine 109,147 Southwick, Nancy 152,113 Spaide, Wendy L. 140 Spang, Laurette 1. 164,113 Spangler, Kirk D. 192,136,186 Spears, Sandra 66 Spencer, Pamela D. 106,113 Speyer, Sharon S. 116,155 Sprague, Kim L. 154 Stadler, jane T. 158 Staebler, Mike E. 154 Staehler, Terry L, 109 Stager, Ann 140,130 Stager, Augustus 66 Stambaugh, Russell 78 Stamadianos, jim 66 Stamadianos, K. G. 167 Standbridge, VVilliam 142,182,188 Stanger, Erica 1. 78 Stanley, Alan Edward 107,66 Stapler, Paul 169 Starry, Ronald L. 183,147 Steeb. Richard P. 66 Steensma, joy 147 Stegath, Sarah M. 104,66,126 Smith, Annej. 78 Smith, Bonita j. 65 Smith, Cheryl 164 Smith, Carol 152,120 Smith, Carolyn 78 Smith, Charles NV. 180,150 Smith, Chris E. 108,160 Smith, Darryl A. 165 Smith, Dwight E. 142,111 Smith, jacqueln M. 111,138,113 Smith, Joseph E. 65 Smith, Laurie L. 160,107 Smith, Lanita 146 Smith, McClain B. 112,113,136 Smith, Michael C. 78 Smith, Michael K. 191,78 Smith, Ralph A. 112 Smith, Sarah L. 112,143 Smith, Sheldon F. 65 Smith, Shelia 78,131 Smith, Shirley C. 137 Smith, Steve D. 65,113 Smith, Stephen R. 139 Smith, Vickie Lynn 109,148 Snider, Debra S. 164 Snider, Nancy A. 144 Snow, Connie S. 65,126 Snyder, Bradford 143 Snyder, David A. 111,168 Stegler, Leslie 164 stein, John R. 66 Steinaway, Gary F. 139 Steinhoff, Nonie 111,138,131 Steinhoff, Perry 66 Steinicke, Alice 117,106,136 Steinke, Steinke, Jerry J. 1s2,ar,1s6 Jim E. 143 Steinman, Ginger 177,98,7,67,113 Steinman, jill 140 Stenke, Lynn D. 162 Stenning, Virginia 163 Stephenson, john 116,189,161,131 113 133 Stevens, Antoinette 140 Stevens, james E. 209,67 Stevens, Margaret 106,150 Steward, Robert G, 166 Stewart, Carol A. 103,146 Stewart, Stofflet, Thomas C. 78 Nancy j. 109 Stojakovich, N. 167 Stoliker, Kathleen 109,143 Stoll, Claudia L. 159 Stoll, Cynthia ICB Stoll, Deborah L. 108,155 Stoll, Cynthia 109 Stoll, Deborah L. 108,155 Stoll, Victoria 143,113 Stone, john S. 183,67 Storm, Roger 109,147 Stornant, Christi 108,67 Stout, Cordon B. 111,147,113 Stout, Louis jr. 111,159,113 Strack, David S. 180,169,174,172 Stl'ack,jud1th A. 121,9S,67,126 Strange, Robert j. 180,143 Strange, Steve 176 Stratos, Carol 67 Stratos, john William 154 Straub, Robert A. 67,188 Strauch, Bob E. 163 Street, Cary W. 140 Streiff, Kristin 135,147 Stou, Andy 147 Strickland, Cheri 158 Terhune, Sandra S. 161 Terry, Rita K. 109,137 Tetzloff, Kathryn 140,113 Thackrey, jane E. 115,136 Thall, David j. 138 Thayer, Carole L. 106,68,126 Thayer, Elaine 106,136 Thayer, john C. 141 Theofil, Tedee 142,115 Thielk, Len 182.192,153,167 Thieme, Lisbeth E. 106,112,150 Thomas, Diane L. 106,105,167,13l , Andrew 125,150,653 Thompson, Thompson Thompson Thompson Thompson, Chad L. 116,140 Patty A. 165 Paul F. 78 Ralph C. 124,163,130 Stricklen, Susan 115,155 Strieter, Robert 182,190,130, 131 Strite, janet S. 67,126 Struble, Mary 67,130,131 Stucky, Carol A. 108,67 Stull, Robin 123,9B, 166 Stull, Steve T. 67 Sturm, Richard E. 100,111,158,113 Styan, Day 116,119,115,78 Sugden, Mary E. 115 Suits, Lynn M. 170,107,130 Sullivan, james E. 155 Sumner, Kathleen 124,109,106,146 Sussman, jean C. 125,116, 157,131 Sutherland, Stephen 109,143 Sutton, Carol M. 136 Sveska, Patrice A. 151 Swain, cami D. 160 Swan, David H. 180,156 Sweet, Barbara A. 106,112,141 Swendsen, Stephen 169 Swope, Adele C. 170 Taggart, Stephen 100,112,152,113,13-3 Taher, Majdi A. Tai, julie M. 152 Takeshita, Laura 119,106, 146,113 Towery, Harriet Talbot, Donna 68 Talbot, Hampton F. 139 Talbot, Susan 99,150,120 Talley, jim R. 68 Tan, Evy 116,68 Fanabe, Beverly T. 68 Tanabe, Linda K. 109,147 Tappe, Debra 142,112 Tart, Ronald E. 68 Tasker, jacqueline 108,158 Tasker, james j. 108 Taton, Stephen E. 136 Taylor, Tay lor, Tay lor, Tay lor, Tay lor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Taylor, Anthony 123,212,107,6S David C. 117,152,172 Cary B. 135 Marvin R. 162 Michael 78 Nelson 182,68 Peter 112,143 Steven 182,14-3, 130,131 Sylvia 141 Teachout, Charles 111,168 Teachout, Gail L. 162 Teesdale, Mary E. 170,131 Teate, Lucy L. 154 Tefft, Teri 1. 108.162 Telfer, Carleton 139 Telfer, Carlyle H. 145 Telfer, james L. 123,168,130,131,172 Temple, john B. 123,125,169 Thorpe, William M. 169 Thrane. Deborah S. 142,112 Tice, joie L. 161 Ticknor, M. joanne 167 Tieman, james R. 100,138 Tieman, Maryellen 108,69 Tien, Liang 99 Tilt, Kathleen 109,136 Titus, Kathleen 161 Titus, Stephen 130 Tolen, Stephen E. 69 Tolles, Patricia 136 Tomasi, Thomas j. 182,158,190 Toms, Kathleen D. 109,151 Tonsor, Ann L. 69,132 Toombs, Gwenyth j. 69 Toombs, David E. 182 Tope, Beverly j. 164 Tootell, Kathleen 143 Tordoff, james S. 125,100,145 Tordoff, judith H. 69 Toris, Charlene 136 Toshach, Lynn 142,116,119, 112,135 Tower, Patty E. 155 Trachet, Ronald L. 78 Tracy, Mike A. 69 Tracy, Susan 124,106, 135,70 Tracy, Susan C. 115,106,105,1 11,143 Trader, Fred VV. 70 Trapp, Ellen C. 167 Travis, Kathyj. 148 Travis, Susan Cay 78 Treaster, Diane D. 142,106 Tremblay, Scott D. 172 Trezise, Peter B. 123,111,150 Trickett, jo Ann 162 Tripp, Edward C. 70 Tripp, Rodgerj. 154 Trippe, Stephen 155,107 Troth, Marcia A. 119,131,168 Trotter, janet L. 115,99,109,146 Trubey, Gail A. 137 Tucker, Cynthia S. 70 Tucker, Sheilaj. 70 Turner, Edward j. 109 Tumer, Patty A. 106,70,126 Turner, Rosemary 140 Tumer, Sandra j. 140 Tuttle, Sally jo 109 Twining, Ruth K. 70,113 Tyler, james M. 70 Tyner, Warren 191,70,133 Uecker, Christine 70,131,78 Ufer, David S. 189,161 Uhl, Fredrick P. 163 Ulberg, Mark C. 137 Ullman, Esther H. 142 Ullman, Bob 122 Ullman, William j. 125,140 Ulmer, john W. jr. 167 Ulrey, Cordon 162 Ulrey, Kenneth M. 100,146 Umpleby, Mike S. 187,70 Underhill, Carole 70 Underhill, Randy 70 Uren, David C. 78 Utech, Ralph A. 173,179,169 Vaal, Michael K. 111,191,168 Vachon, Timothy 146 Valentine, Paul L. 112,71,126 VanBuren, Larry 192,71 VandenBosch, Elizabeth 98,168 VanderKooy, Dan 109,147 VanderSchalie, William 111 Van Derveer, Mark 177,78,131 Van Eyck, jeffery 165,190 Van Casse, Greg j. 192,71 Van Casse, Randall 182,136 Van lttersum, Clif 113 Van Valkenburg, Carl 163,113 Varone, Lawrence 124,161,131 Vartanian, Mark 146 Vaughan, Barbara 106 Veigel, Karen j. 159 Viery, jane A. 140 Vincent, Marie 140 Vincentelli, Ceci 138 Vincenz, Woodrow 159 Vinsant, Danny j. 71 Vinter, David VV. 125,168,190 Vivian, Byron G. 71,113 Vogel, j. Timothy 107,71 Vogel, Kenneth 71 Vogel, Leo A. 164.175 Vogel, Tommy A. 160 Von Fange, Lois 165 Von Fange, Ruth 164 Vontom, David R. 78 Vontom, Mary L. 115,147 Von Wachenfelt H. 131,71 Voorhees, Alan 122,112.71 Vukin, Charles C. 124,123,122,71 Vuolo, john'78 Wadhams, Dennis 182,71,188 Wadleigh, Debby S. 107,71 Wage, C. 177 Wagner, Daniel C. 111,139 Wagner, Kurt E. 158 Wahl, Sandra 72 Waite, Linda Mary 113 Walda, Kim L. 72 Walden, Gregory B. 201,208,116,78,113 Walker, Christopher 137 Walker, Deborah K. 121,154,107 Walker, Denise 141 VValker, jeffrey M. 78 Wall, Lawrence A. 116,141 Wall, Patricia K. 72 Walsh, Edward VV. 137 Walsworth, Kay S. 160 Walter, Christine 145 VValter, Terry E. 72 Walters, jerry B. 72 YValters, Kathleen 150,130,131 Wander, Martha E. 148 VVanty, Douglas W. 112,135,146 VVanty, janet M. 147 VVanzeck, Debraj. 72 WVanzeck, Susan L. 139 Ward, Douglas A. 78 VVard, Erica A. 108,72,1-32 Ward, Katherine 109,143 11Vard, Michael F. 155,130 Warner, Sally A. 109,141 VVarner, Thomas L. 153,160 Williams, Brenda 111,74 Williams, Dana 78 Williams, David A. 74 VVi1liams, George 107,74 Warner, William 177,147,172 Warren, Dennis L. 107,113 Warshaw, Gregg A. 72,131 Vtlarshaw, Mark D. 140 VVashington, jill 115,111,158 VVasserman, Marc 131 Waterman, David 176,72 Waterman, Kay 124,119,152 VVaters, Sue 1. 78 VVatltins, Barbara 136 Xvatkins, Linda S. 137 Watson, Marcia D. 154,129,120 VVatson, Russell C. 169 Weatherholt, Keith 139 Weaver, Deborah L. 137 Weaver, Terence 100,162 VVebb, Karen L. 164 NVebber, Glyn H. 109 Vllebber, William VV. 150 Williams, Nancy L. 137 Williams, Khys D. 112 Williams, Roger L. 100,109,146 VVil1iams, Sherry 99,154 Williams, Thomas 166 Williams, Tom M. 112 Willis, Cami L. 111.74 VVillis, Gregory j. 152 Willis, Karen E. 107 Willis, Lynn K. 74 VVillis, Tom 146 Willils, Douglas 100,122,75,129,126 Willits. Cary E. 182,136,130,131 Willmarth, Robert 111 Wilson, Bruce 124,122,131,7-5,129 Vtfilson, Catherine 109,106,144 VVilson, Charles 146 VVilson, Christy 116,98,112,139, 133 Wilson, Deborah C. 117,111, 1 12,75, 126 Wilson, jacks 160 Weber, Deborah A. 115,144 VVeber, Douglas j. 182,141 Vtfeber, Mark G. 112 W'eber, Michael R. 209,72,130, 131,126 Wilson, joanne L. 148 VVils0n, jon R. 2,107,75 Wilson, Richard A. 116,1l1,78 Weber, Thomas 112,190 VVeber, Thomas F. 144 VVebster, Bruce C. 177,72 Webster, Leaner 106,154,131 Vllebster, Lillie B. 146 Wedberg, Mike B. 147 VVedberg, Nich L. 146 VVeeks, Clayton G. 72 W'eeks, jane C. 145 VVehrer, Thomas P. 116,147,141 VVeid, james R. 188,73,199.182,192 ' weid, Russell F. 182,143 VVeidenbaeh, Sue L. 115,99,73 Weiland, Susan j. 112,147 NVeinmann, Ron P. 182,73 VVeinmann, Scott 182,144 Xveir, C. 99 NVeir, Don 168 VVils0n, Rick VV. 75,132,133 Wilson, Robin A. 75 Wilson, Steve 147 Wilson, Suzanne E. 170,109 NVilson Timothy S. 111,144 VVilt, Larry W. 183,191 NVinful, Marjorie 109,131,75 Winkelhaus. Chas. 75 VVinl4elhauS, VV. 209,1S3,191,75, 131 W inokur, Gregory 152 NVinokur, jeffrey 155 NVeir, Robert C. 150 NVeir, Susan K. 119,78 VVeir, 1Villiam C. 73 Weiss, Charles S. 177,143 Welch, Eddie M. 73 VVelch, Eric L. 147 Vt'elch, Steven D. 147,172 VVeIlman, Sarah L. 118.137 VVells, David M. 182,209,733 Vlfendel, Nancy j. 142,109,142 Wenger, Keith R. 157 Wenger, Scott L. 153,163 XVcnk, Ronald j. 73,126 NVenk, Susan E. 106,137 NVescnberg, Connie 167,107 VVest, Alan E. 168 iNest, David L. 73 West. janice L. 73 NVest, Michael W. 143 Westervclt, Andy 11 1,73 W'estin, David L. l24,116,111,136 Vtfestrum, Margaret 115,136,113 VVestrum, Michael 78 , Wheelock, David R. 111.137 Whipple. Margaret 135 VVhite, Connie j. 121,73,l26,113 Williams, Bradlee 111 VVinter, Philip M. 141,110 VVintermeyer, Lynn 75,133 Wintermeyer, Mauri 153,158 XVinters, Mark D. 179,156 VVise, Danny 112,139 Wiseley, Gary 167 Witcher, Denise C. 124,121,154 Withers, janet L. 75 Witherspoon, john 150,131 Witte, Chris C. 112 Wittes, Robert C. 124,125, 157,132 NVitting, Mary 117,119,150 NVohltjen, Marilyn 151 Wohlwend, George 75 VVolf, David L. 150 Vlfolter, Mary V. 123,116,76,126,133 Wong, jean 123,1l1, 137 Wood. Christine A. 109.136 Vlfood, james P. 172,153,161 W'o0d, T0m 197 hvllDd8l'd, Gail E. 160 Woodard, Gary L. 78 VVoods, Kay L. 109 VVoods, W. Wilson 166 Nvoodward, Susan C. 109,139 Wray, Margo R. 123,76 Wren. james H. 189,144 wright, .alex J. E107-4L Wright, Barbara L. 166,130 Vliright C. Bradford 147 YVright, Cathy D203-4E Vlfright, Donald A. 76 VVright, jana H. 76 wright , joyce E. 78 VVright, Larry M. C307-4L Wright, Michael A. 164,112,113 Wright, Mieki L. 162 Wright, Namon jr. 76 Vllright, NVilliam N. 76 Wu, Margaret 156,113 VVucherer, Rolf M. 112,131,C205-5L Wuerth, Ron F. 76 Wurster, Kathleen 115,168 Wurster, Victoria 158 White, George 145 White, Katherine 109,105 White, Marcia M. 139 white, Sherry L. 112,147 White, Vtlilliam C. 145 NVhitehouse, Lynne 139 NVhitesel, Leslie 121,73 Whitfield, Lucile 99,143 NVhiting,julie L. 162 WVhiting, Richard 74 Whitlock. Kathryn 74,132,130 Whitman, Charles 74,113 Whitmer, Timothy 112 Vllhitney, Robert A. 78 Wim-da, Richard N. 143 NVicks, Barry C. 165.113 Vllicks, Karen 98,152,113 1rViench, VVilliam L. 191 Wikel, Susan E. 163 Wild, Bruce D. 74,113 Wild, Diane K. 155,131 Wilder, Max 140 Wilder, Susan M. 116,78 Wiley, Larry M. 117,191,167 Vllilke, David E. 192,167 Vllillelte, Erie M. 169 Williams, Allen 209,166 Williams, Beatrice 74 Yahr, Terry G. 106,162 Yakley, Daniel M. 136,188 Yard, Kathleen E. 161,130 Yenner, Mary K. 143 Yeoman, Steve F. 159 Yinger, julie C. 76,131,130,200 Yih, David 143,113 Yocum, Mary C. 144,131 Young, judy L. G113-5L Young, Kenneth A. 147,109,147 Young, Vesta C220-4L Youngdahl, Marcia 170,108,170 Youngdahl, Mark E. 76 Yourd, Charles 189,139 Zahn, Debra D. 119,7,76 Zahn, Gary G. 147 Zahn, Michael D. 116,192,154 Zahn, Sandra M. 107,76 Zahner, jim M. 209,76 Zarafonetis, john 209,192,77 Zasa, Donna L. 145 Zasa, Robert 77,172 Zeeb, Marlene S. 77 Zeilman, Doug F. 168,110 Zeller, jack G. 139 Ziegler, john E. 77 Ziesemer, Ricky H. 154 Ziesemer, Susan j. 77,130,131 Zill, Allen R. 142 Zill, Nathan A. 137,190 Zill, Pamela L. 154 Zimmerman, Tom P. 164,130 Zoller, Marianne 119,131,77 Zrmaclt, Fred E. 192,77,188 247 ACKNOWLEDGMENT The 1968 Omega sraff wishes to express our sincere thanks to all who aided in the production of this yearbook. VVe especially wish to acknowl- edge the following: Mr Nicholas Schreiber Mr Paul Meyers Mr. Theodore Rokicki Mr Ralph Lajeunesse Mr Rupert Otto M r . and Mrs. Roy Craik Palmer Studio Members of the Faculty E DWAR D S '3'f'QT'Z'.E'?f'-3 :Eco SOUTH STATE STREET :ANN ARBOR. MICHIGAN 4aIo4 SINCE vans

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