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3-.. yr . , . -- .rv-, .A f' 5 P L gf 'x Sb A. P I' ii. ,r 'A , F.2- lr . 'g . 15' ' f 'll F44 :fa -I u if If K. H 5 r- -if I. at i :H 14 31 ? :Z Q ab slr gl I ,,,- x 3:1"'Z. 1682 N Z-Z' 49' ,L 7 r' Q .T lv' .EQ ' -.1 ' x lr! , , - , W, I h 14: . NAQJSJ' . 7 X 1' X AN ' v 54' .iff -A-fn, ww' h ff uf -: ' I ""f ,,,- , x X . "I" - ' W' f'fff f QW l'5,::,x f . flnlllgljlhlf V X XX Y M' I j' ' fl Xi 2 I-A, X, H . 5-JMMWI V If 1 Y XX N i l 14, ll, ,H iq' X 4-- ff ' "Hd W' ' x Q p aff ,M X ,' '4 . , , .,w, ,V ' , - X, I N ,f x 1 - "I 2 X N X x N K Lb E X -4 QNX N 1 - ' we fggb ' X Y' L 1-Q f Z , :Q ,A f 5 f in ' 3 ff! , - 1 l ,vi r ,4 Li aff f 'Q' I, ' t ffl Lg V I 1 'L if ir. fi .dr ,v nl 1 mf' , A I Jai X ' V 1 - 4 I 1 :V fW 4-O -1 4 X' :M Mfr gg ? f' ff Z2 41 ' E N ' Q S. S Y .S .3 ff N' "4-1-f""3! 1 -7 'VH 3711" ' VU" ,J X S S I 'khify as Y 7 ff' 4103.31 7' 9, :r,,:.f1a"1H 'Yr-gd: 7.33 'XI' I f A X ff X! J fc. V UH, E!W1Mf , www' X M W x W .NRM ix N , A W fffXTWTXX ,-'MM ww ' , .2 fi 35033 ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN ANN ARBOR HIGH SCHOOL 3 "Qian FF ? A- ,1 f "Y TU ,Q ' 'W I 1,1 .L ,-41' JN M. i IDEDICATION Acnvmes .A CURRICULUM ...,,.......... 'sPom'S oRGANuzAnoNs cuxssss 4 semons ...... Jumons .... . TABLE OF ' SOPHOMORES ..... . VApvERTrsEMENrs 5 Z L I 8 1 1 u ! Q! 0 M E 'ii 5. fx IJ! X! ff. 'Ili 5 Q :lf Hhfgwf-H f 4 x x wi V, fo Xl: M v I ,. g ' -f x ' ' . , 3,5 XT. :IW 9 ' ., 1 ! . "tbl 5 ff ffl I " ' . 3 E X V .L . 4 t 'L V :fr KW Aqvh ',fAq me 'x Ad 2 9 . ' U11 M 1 .1 I . 1 E. . 1 fi l I Q I tat.. v, Q-Q 1 bv ,,A.., . I , --an-v A salute to the 106th qnaos -- The staff dedicates the T959 OMEGA to the 100th class to be graduated from our school. From the handful of students who were graduated in 1859, enrollment has grown to over 500 seniors this year. From a narrow, restricted classical curriculum aimed at preparing students for college, a rich and varied curricu- lum has evolved, offering expeniences not only in the "classic" subiects but in business, mechanics, art, music, journalism, speech, dramatics, cooperative occupational training, home economics, and physical education. This 100th graduating class has participated in all of the above-mentioned activities, and has members who have been outstanding in all of them. More than fifty percent of this 100th class will go to college. Many of the others will go directly from high school into offices and local businesses. Others will go into the Services. All of them have had the rich and varied background which T00 years of experience has evolved. Their graduation marks a milestone of progress for a school and a community which for T00 years have been dedicated to the best in education. Good luck, Seniors! You are a fine beginning for another T00 years of progress at AAHS. Bart Bowdrie, Florida Davis and Ken Tappe Let's sing! V V F M ""-' dqtwgss 3 U , , ., ,iw-I 5 ..:V., , g - 'I V A ..l EJ . l- 1 l. ly 'Vq li x A , 5 Txf ..,.- i 4' F 1 I: l , . T wt gg 1 If , , sa ,R A - - V T ., f -ss" 1 .i-:If viii' . f , , , if J ,, l ,ilk m i.: '- - I' I-:se g'l'u-. -i 2"-iIEH...E"-14' .. 'E.l! n Q Jggahhd 1- ' U if XIX 4 'Na 1. 1,1 f- "'V,q-AFV" .M ws mon Oeblcatlon WE RGITIEITIBGR INR GAR The memory of Mr Donald Gary the late teacher of Englush and speech wull contunue to Iuve on wuth the many students fruends and assocuates who were pruvuleged to know hum durung hus twenty two years of servuce to the hugh school Mr Gary was born October 22 1907 un Jackson County Muchugan He was an alumnus of the Unu versuty of Muchugan where he receuved hus Bachelor s and Masters degrees un educatuon He began hus teachung career un Dowoguac Muchugan In 1936 he came to Ann Arbor Hugh School where he began producung champuonshup debate and forensuc teams Under hus guudance dustruct honors un debate were awarded to the school for sux years by the Unuversuty of Muchugan Forensuc Assocuatuon Besudes thus Ann Arbor Hugh debate teams won top Detrout Free Press awards sux tumes Mr Gary began Luttle League Baseball here un Ann Arbor He coached the Ann Arbor Hugh School baseball team and for nune years he was tucket sales manager for the football team He was also very unterested un gardenung The Gary Speech scholorshup was establushed through donatuons un memory and honor of Mr Donald Gory Thus grant us to be used to assust those hugh school students unterested un speech who need Funancual aud un order to attend summer speech workshops I . , - I I I I ' . . . . . - s , . . - I I - ' ' . . . . . , . . . , . , . . . - - I ' I ' , . . . . . . - o I . . . . WM' Gb 5? 'QW K XWMI wif Qi , wW-f .J ,Jfxsf ty'W A gt g 'il iywtr I X I ! X 1, gf -aw S f l 'Q5g. 957 I K ,Nz iff, ,g,, A1 X . HQ-LJ I Km. - l'y f W fYlw .F lx R I 5 T ACUVIUGS F7 C M C 5 Q! gp 3 W 5? I vaxx T, VQQQMQ f Q M QQlgQVg1 165 2 gy M N X N 15 REGISTRATION-DVGR U16 TOD , Lug! These attendance office blues Registration this year was even larger than last year's record en- rollment. Nearly 2,000 students registered at Ann Arbor High School on 12 subject areas. Present enrollment of Ann Ar- bor's two iunior high schools indi- cates maximum capacity for Ann Arbor High next year. Registration is a tough iob S Mr. Meyers counsels Steve Coombs. .JV Hope these elections odd up to graduation H . YN .x sell JN' . pe F1 ,Qi N" Q'44'f:',g, 1 Lf 2" , , nerves-7-.f gf' "' ' A I ff Q ag Q V 2 ff' ' ' 3 , My Q 0 1 1:2 fi- W 5 V gm- f ' B-asf 5112, Eiga- wifi Qi thi 40--v-1100 .up 1' 'T 3 f but .av -- ' M Q " s A! ff is 9 iinaff' .sits i Homecoming festivities, under the direction of Nancy Markham and Dick Burd, began with a parade. Student participation was the largest and most spirited it has ever been. The half time activities were climaxed by the crowning of this year's homecoming queen, Sharon Wild. Her attendants were: Sue Bigby and Carol Steinke, seniors, Mary Palmer and Carol Por- ter, iuniors, and Carol Anderson and Marty Sinn, sophomores. The following night the annual homecoming dance was held. The dance, which had a "Disneyland" theme, was under the co-chairman- ship of Martha Lofberg and Kathy Anderson. During the intermission Sharon Wild and her court were presented. The queen received a foot- ball autographed by the T958 varsity squad and gifts donated by Ann Arbor merchants. J ,z, AW lf-I X fT y 5 , S1f1.r f 51: 'fs Sue Bigby, Marty Sinn, Carol Steinke, Carol Anderson, Carol Porter, Sharon Wild, Mary Palmer homecoming was full of floats Ano fun Sharon Wild is soundly bussed! Will magic work? From the opening scene of Noel Coward's play, "Blithe Spirit", it quickly became evident that the evening was to be a great success. This proved to be true as the plot of the "improbable farce" thick- ened, keeping the audience in alternate stages of laughter and suspense. The action of the ploy takes place in the house of the Condo- mines, Charles fLarry Perryl and Ruth CMargaret Sinclairl. Charles' dead wife, Elvira fLynne Dolfinj, is brought back to life by a spir- itualist, Madame Arcati fMarian Batesl. Ruth and her dinner guests, the Bradmans CAleksis Lahti, Betsy Prestonl, are confused by Charles' conversation with Elvira. Elvira, attempting to kill Charles, kills Ruth instead. With the help of a psychic maid fKathy Staeblerl, Mme. Arcati succeeds in making the spirits of Ruth and Elvira in- visible, leaving Charles free. Congratulations to the cast and its director, Mr. Donald Schultz - the program was a tremendous success! Bl.l1Sl16 SDIRIIT BROUGHT ITIAH Lxuqhs . f 4:1- .-, 2,59 :Mm 25,14 V ff? ' fs 234 ,W fy ,ck 995,- She tainted! Q M V , . QA ,f!, ,513 sf' "' 5' 7'1f'5'V"' 'W iz tif fl fit 1 ? fx " 1 I fi - 3 'Eg , '55, lx - 1 f 3' ' K , 1 r f 3 s pf ,ll , f s I 1 Y Mi. H-fl aw J f' U If X F t I A ,fr gr' ,bi F fi? , .A Q , I ' J mil . A v The 1958 All School Talent Show was a fine representation of Ann Arbor High's talented students. Everything from a classical piano selection to an interpretive modern dance was featured. Junior Bill Lichty was the master of ceremonies. As the final curtain closed we were all looking forward to next year's display of AAHS talent. VX ff Akai 5 5 ,N ,A ef 'B a sf YW 'qw .239 A xg 4,1 ,A M W 5105 7 , A rf " ,f Q4 '4 . is 33 J a fi J, 35 1' f 5 'Y f Y 1 W 12,.' 9g3 3 up 1,4 fy", ' '- 1 ' . A vu , W 1 +5 . ,fasgfim , 5 if I ' 112 ' ,fs pi rj?- '01 1 - 'VPC' 'fe , " if-,Z '62'i'f " 1:3525 1' F J ' f if , si ,gl '1- .s -1-an ,si . lY 'l'q.'f .gs Fl?" O- - , 43 U J' ,sq , lla: A rf. D 0 O ' ' .. o - , , ' 1 ' '. . f ' Vw- 7"N5, f 1 V ,i ip wit X932 'f 'A . N Ha' 'qiifwf 15 up ,, , .h .:5i,I1'. 4, P' ., .I+ -- . ' 0 ' .sr 1 . if 4-" - , X A ',!1f . ' "5f?g. I Q . ' , , go 4'.1x,' I.: '. 'r j .. ., .7645 . 1-4 .' s 0 J, 1 ' " ' 'f , 'h Q51 ' , ' CA. V 4 if e .' ' ,Q iq: A , y 9 , gy, R sk' wp' ,Y if JAM ' ff V 1. 4 f 0.-if ii' f f xx' K O . O S ,y, w QM 1 V A I Q r Q. fi L M' Y Qvw-.ha Qifwvi--..., Q 1 1 x r .. S Wi'g' la-v -Q 1 Z 9 4.,,. I 4. 40. Q ,411 X. f! 9 v 'I Q 0 Iv rlilfjfxfgoffifly' 'tu' . -vnvp n ??F',,?-aff" nf I 2 . 5 ,M ggi ':. K '. JY. K " 6 p 'xi 0 A W 'V -A n ew . if xf 5 if ts Avtivm Q I H. . , "I , X ," 'WNM1 YQ' Q' " P 'UQ ' ,f 1 x W .1-.1 ',,f,l! Jia of I J I a S X Q gl n X x , ' 3 .tr5,, :,,..-- gf ,x N 15 'll Vx Wi X 1? 9 . , . , Q n A . ,E ,J 1 E 4 f 1 " 1' -f-ri" N H 9 Y l il t .444 ","g1 ffjazgf ' Z.. .., ,JM I' :,'.H.V f:-"IJ ' ffl ,. -N.. 1-:!A,,3fi41.. ...H-.0 .33,,w,,...xg.,v...4:: -.,..-, .t , ..,... ,p 'S-...-531'--.,.2....,u' 5 f,. ' "'gL.:'..-.......n.g " "" ,.4...4-...M QQ' '.....-....-....Z .fwf- ' .r64vQ.nv- rib. . . J, If .,.. wg f.'.-f--::::::::'- ,S-1. f' A-1-,:::::2:- ' 'I ..novoa .. , '.'-', V .v '- .nv N-:::5g mg: '--'......:-.,,, 'f The operetta, Brigadoon, pre- sented by the high school orchestra and A Cappella choir, was a smashing success! This bi-annual performance was preceded by the operetta, The Pirates of Penzance. As the production begins, two Americans, Jim Wilkins and Fred Herbert, are lost in a forest of Scot- land. Singing voices in the distance divert their attention to a small village called Brigadoon, which appears once every one-hundred years. The plot develops through the acquaintance ot the Americans with the gay townsfolk. A young girl, Fiona, especially attracts their attention. This part was played by a double cast, Carolyn Klein and Gretchen Pohnert. The effort and work put into this performance was under the direc- tion of John Merrill, A Cappella choir, Clarence Roth, orchestra, and Ronald Dawson, props and dramatics. The work put into two evening performances and one matinee performance was not only entertaining to the audience, but very satisfactory to all those who participated in its production. Grand finale! Watch that make-up, boys! IIT- ,,-f 75 .,, , X FP N - ' mm gg-K ,5 ix A4 X 5 fr: ,iii lg I , 179 ' 'W ,A msg X V I 'Q , A llxxgg o 1- 1 X xlfl Q 4 L... P9 ff A fl an , , , t J mx' ?' 2' X9 1 li 7 X I visln L , r..... Sl ,n. if I! A H -. 'jf fi,""'-1 'Q sophomone liun mqht The Sophomore Fun Night which was held on Fri- day, April 'IO, proved to be very enjoyable for all those who attended it. The program featured a talent show which was composed exclusively of sopho- mores. Dancing and games made up the rest of the entertainment for the night. This gala affair was spon- sored by the Sophomore Executive Board. Up and Over . . . , 'W ie. vs -f. - l'-Ilia!!! cl n-',,X nv fy- s 1' I. J xl X It -,wflv ,t,,. .ffvh T. ,r I X. . t . , y . - - 'aawfc-'titzk x"s-1. ', ',L,KQ,', .,'.',', fxzkxsk 'vi-,'fN'?X" v Done Most For Class the SGDIOIZS voteo Most Athleiic Jim Wilkins Kathy Anderson Most Versatile Judy Maybee Charles Thrall Dick Adams Lois Michelfelder Fred Herbert Sue Bigby Most Likely To Succeed Class Pin-U Class Comedians Doug Brown Kay Clark Outstanding In Music or Drama Becky Preketes Chuck Newton Friendliest Clint 'Casior Sue Morse Ma riar. Bote S John Wesley Sha ron Wild Pete Patterson Best Dancers they coul0 have Oanceb all nlqht as 'J' 5 1 Q, Q I M Av A lexx .f alflieg, J '54, , .f 1 ,ss 4 - fin 43 ' T 'K 'K , - .ji 3 Q 9 Y A wk ' - 5 iff' 7, "' ff-ig? J 5, . 3311 W ' ' ,Jgfi E ,1,, P, , 5 1 , 4 . J X., 1 wfli l X Questions toke their toll of teen- age nervous energy and pencil chewing during the period of final exams at Ann Arbor High School. We students, who are otherwise perfectly normal, get "test litters" about a week before exams, turn off our television and radio sets, and start burning the midnight oil. The Omega wishes to extend sym- pathy and best wishes to all you crcmming students! this IS the eno F-...-, ,1- par -me ....,....Y- .,..,. ti Carol Sinn and Marianne Lyons study for exams GRAOUAIIICD KB I1Z'S onl the Beqmnmq 1 A , 1 -. ng 5 - Q. . 1 Ny .. M 1 f ' 'V' Arty. 131. -, V f. I uj,,fwm ywil- in , ar Mttmwkyf - K , A ' 'Q . L ' ' ' . ifigigffd-Qqisffwky,""5i?fwfw.x qgsgsw, 1 A - M., ' -' E 'NW' ' 1' ffv1g,:.f. iyyyiit? ' 3 Fie- xfwz..-.2 . , .. pw, .,,, .. L wi ', ,id A N 'tv' fin N SY' ,'f:5 ,lff '. Xgffj , 0 'XSL 5 K fi QQHFL Cl1l2l2lCl1lUlT1 mX 'NM 'QNX X GE? EEE? H5575 s bg-f HISTORY, 9 'I SU E MCE RW 1- f -JAG f Z CW 4...-To-'QD N mx- V X J E fb ' ' X QR X 1"" Q Q I 'ff 4 I K x ff , ' - . f " T :-f f fl I X ' wg: In X , ' f X Jif' In tl U W r fl 'A X 1 X71 l ' 7? ll ,l A , X N 'X uf' f if Y 5.-'L K 'fx f'!!, Q N Y yi , Q4 f M K DX ff , 1 X7 'I X f NXC if q W y , If lqeq 7 fi f X ,ff my W. Y N -Xfj V Ro f"XX x bf, , 5 X fg y A K 0 9 R fl lb-. Wfiif -we Q Mr Freeman Vaughn assustant prun cupal came to Ann Arbor Hugh un September from Wullow Run Muchugan where he was pruncupal of Wullow Run Hugh School In addutuon to assustung the pruncupal, Mr Vaughn us the advusor of the student councul All who have come un contact wuth Mr Vaughn thus year wull agree that our school us very fortunate to have such a flne man as assustant pruncupal We all extend a welcome to you Mr Vaughn' aomunustlzatuon 34 Nucholas Schreuber pruncupal of Ann Arbor Hugh School us undoubtedly the busuest person un our school As chuef admunustrator, hus dutues cover every facet of the operatuon of AA H S co ordunatuon of admunustratuon, counselung student actuvutues and publuc relatuons The students of Ann Arbor Hugh have come to know and respect Mr Schreub er and they feel undebted to hum for hus hard work and wullung cooperatuon un theur actuvutues 'AEM 1' L LOUISE ODELL PAUL MEYERS Junior Advisers if , oi i A 5 C-1 ,gi ,M RQ fig if , gf: K. 1, 4' ig !! K f, 4 5, Q . V 1- WQQT1- . :Q N M' 3 s X- , . s- ggggg CHARLES BARCLAY 2323? fssssg S2255 -w'I- I . Q Senior Adviser J - FRANCES HUGHES ALBERT GALLUP Sophomore Advisers l or cuss aovisons 5 in Qu", I -5 .,. fl- 4 I u ' , - 1 1 gym- MR. FRANK MAPLE, Boys' Counselor A-4 if-+. MISS MARY ELLEN LEWIS, Girls' Counselor L! 1' f RAYMOND WHITING MR. RUDOLPH SILVERSTONE, Vocational Counselor V0CUfi0HCIl Advisers hu A' if lidf V il lu ll if A 5 l lf A -ly L. ' SPECIAL consultants WHLTKNG I 36 NTR- I' . . T' 1- - gm ' R ' 9 1 - V V- Htl 1 , -,., V .iv 1,.s 54:1 2 3 5 MRS. JEANNETTE SMITH, MRS. JOAN LQFOND, Attendance MRS. LULU KYPRIE, NURSE ,N MRS. ADELAIDE KARSIAN, Substitute I L1 MF, A in I 'Q ' B' . . The art department instructs stu- dents in beginning and advanced art skills. A technique introduced to Ann Arbor High School art classes this year was bronze casting. The A.A.H.S. Art Show, held at the public library, was one of three events in which the art department participated. Approximately forty paintings remained at the library for one month. A.A.H.S. Alumni and Youth Alumni Art shows completed the events of this year's art depart- ment program. Mrs. Schmiedeke 19? Mr. North Q5 , .A 'x l Ill ll ll!!! ll I ll! Kll Ill ll il Ml ll I "Something for everyone" might well be the motto of the commercial department. In addi- tion to a large program for over 700 students enrolled on the commercial curriculum, there were classes open to students who are on other curricula. Many of these students enrolled in typ- ing and shorthand courses which are helpful to future college students. A course in business machines was initiated this year. Mr. Dahlberg Mrs. Straight Mrs. Malik Mrs. Smith Mr. Schoch Miss Parker Mr. Greer C0mm6l2ClAl '2-. ,HQ Mr. Kulpinski -J Sf li, Mr. Van Orman .2 A,-,J l Driver education is a preparatory course to licensed driving. Michigan state law requires that students under eighteen years of age have instruction in driver training before obtaining their license to drive an automobile. Students in the classroom phase of driver training learn about automobile care and mechanisms and rules of the road. In dual control cars, the students receive instruction in the operation of automobiles. . TN .Ng W3-if 1 -fswa-49'f, ji, Mff. 5 i Mr. Budzick demonstrates a correct turn. 'R' 5 use ' f E a tx K 'Q omven eoucatlon V7 ' ' ' ' ,fi 'ft M - gin . .L .. A Q Miss Eberbach Miss PeterSOf1 The Home Economics Department instructs students in the homemaking skills - sewing, cooking, and child care. Through practical experience in the model home and kitchens, students prepare themselves to be- come efficient homemakers. Sewing students displayed their handiwork in the home economics showcase. Many of the clothes worn on the Washington Club trip were made by girls in their sewing classes. i . A i Ia is v B. -S 'WZ -- MM. ... 4?'ZPafP'7 ' HE Barb Hatto "cuts up" in sewing. -lr! home ECCNGITTICS aglilvw- A-wv"'f 41 -QW. 0 gl K' 4 4-" -npr Mrs Hanson '95 Mrs Chaffee --rf Mrs Davls Mr Dawson Mrs Fred tu, Mrs Hughes Mr Granville head of the English dept mstructlng one of hls many classes Mr Granvnlle The largest department both un number of teachers mvolved and students served IS the Englush Department Twenty one teachers instructed the students rn the communtcatuon skulls readlng wrntnng speakmg and llsten mg Four teachers were new to the depart ment Mrs Smlth Mrs Hanson Mrs Maluk and Mr Johnson Mrs Reed goes over an Englnsh paper wnth Sue Burgess anon n A notable achievement of the department was the development of accelerated and advanced placement Englrsh classes Classes nn developmental and remedual readmg were oltered to college bound semors A world llterature class was rnrtlated second semester Mrs Smith +R Mlss Lundg ren Mrs Procaskey Mr F Reed Johnson Mr Taylor Mrs Walker Mrss Zoller 'Bti' 4"'b 427' vf' is .X,..,, nm K' mise wx' 'W-any ,Q fo- , " 'f f'T Q 4 Q ,- 2: F i . Z 'T . x 1 A , - f I . 'rt 'airs g A , - x E .A , W ' " f ' W fu . -1 D tt ' ,V .. "L mt '41 ' ,sr fm a..- I Y fe-bv Y - : f' ' 4 . , . . I ,: cg, g . I . .. . . - , , kv ' I 1 1 ' . Q L: g . n - . . .. -.V 1 . ' , . , . ' , . . r ix . W .,x T yr 1 w fa: , ' fl .-1 2? ,ff ij if ' V , .L I ,Ii-if ig 'gifs fl , V Mr. 1 , N D - . r Ho l V I T A Q N. 'Y 6, .V I . - T T f .9 0 ' ha of exw '.5f"" X V p ' W fa -5 fr .gp- ff PQ1 A student pamter practices on the model house Industrial arts courses tram stu dents In the use of tools and teach home maintenance Mechamcal drawing and electrical shop are two courses of thas type Auto shop students are taught the funda mentals ln the repair and care of the automobile Two trade classes machine shop and palntrng and decoratmg offer speclflc tromnng An outstanding feature of the de partment ns the model house used nn the palntlng and decoratmg classes The old lolopy as grven a real tune up lf1OUSU2lAl ARIS swipe' ls i 1 ' JR.. L I ,Q N N : - " J' 4 - . I ' 4. , I WM, ,, s 'NS 1 .. ' ', ' Q .. ,-.U ' H. Q. mg l 4-4.-'-V. ' . . .V wx N in Q . ,,..,:::-v,-,,,-. A .. st. , . . . A l 4 'L 8 er-7 ' '. . g , 1 Mr ,1,, ,X N , , .,, , . . r , . .W ,1,:'C'.E:..j f 'N W3 , - f 1 Alf, we Z - ' .- - ,Qs , ,sew V n . ' ' , Mfzffi X if f -ff 5 - . - - . D L, 4 .,.f ,gZfwlf,m?t1i5gL:p E . N, ,,,.. twat V s..... , Q , ' ' X . ' V, ' ' 5'wr,Mfw,U,wI4.Ww,2o.m' N 'g',ww-+Qwlg,3,g M, 43 X - sl f .1 . . I . . i Bachman Gallup Welch pu-wr "" Mr Haywood Underwood Mr Peden Mr Toogood Mr Whltmg 3 I ,? 4 v ' .uw J wtf! This year the Language Department oftered courses in live languages: Spanish, Latin, German, French, and Russian. In view of world situations, the classes in Russian have grown this year. However, Spanish remains the most popular lan- guage with students. A Saturday laboratory was oftered this year for students who wished to increase their knowledge of Spanish. Advanced placement French was conducted on a college level. The total enrollment of language students this year was 762. .fad 4s 9 F JJ ' f 1.4 if sau 'X qv? 'X lift 1 f I' cv Mrs. Craik Mr. Henry Mr. Sonandres Mrs. Read Miss Rieger Miss Smith Students enioy magazines while practicing their French in , Mrs. Beslock in nw ini?" ,gs Mrs. Cunningham wo: r 4 -s. ,wx fi, . g Mr Fonde Bob Warzynskl proves that hrs solution rs correct vi IDAU1 ig, Mrs Cunnnngham shows Betsy Preston the solutlon to a problem In vlew of the technological progress of this era mathematics as essentual to many vocatuons The large program of the Math Department helps to prepare stu dents for life un an atomic age The Math Department IS duvld ed into three currlculums gen eral college preparatory and advanced placement Through the advanced placement pro gram talented students may take college math courses an theur sensor year of hugh school gh'-'N of' Mr Klme Mr LaFond Agn 4 .wwf l l l Mr. Osborn , F 7 Pot Fike, Jim Dewey, Connie Muezes, and Allen Erbe experiment with geometric figures. 'v f 0' Cf? f If ,f 4 f 4 Au if - 1 Miss McLouth Miss Noyes Margie Marsden develops a solution to on olgebrc problem ,g " 1 . , 2' Miss Pcilon if 1 4 vu -'b .. ,-M, S , Zi" ' ffl' 5 Mr. Ritter ' l , .ACD ir-.Q -liii-Q .-it-1-g ,,.,.p al-1-1 ug.. .T s ...- L-"' ,ig-'f.. ii-T" a-' ' 'T :- J' Ann Arbor High School songsters and musicians presented many enioyable programs during the year. The ninety-member march- ing band played at all home football and basket- ball games. The operetta, "Briga- doon", highlighted this year's activities of the A Cappella Choir. Ann Arbor High's orchestra accom- panied the choir in the operetta and presented several concerts. The Can- tando Girls' Choir sang for many civic affairs. Mixed ensemble, male chorus, and girls' chorus sang in several assemblies pre- sented by the music de- partment. Pat Smith, Sally Fuerstnau, a ' ' :fix .vs ' A U Chorus members Mary Jane Montague, Carolyn Burnham, Gretchen Pohnert Kathy Szegda, Pat Keller, and Linda Braun vocalize. ITTUSIC eff Jn , fl- Mr. Merrill s j 1 we . , we f - ,ii 95 , I Tae- ' f , 1 , vs'-.-. N a rx E 'ic-7' Mr. Roth I' in ni 5 'air-f K 3 3' uf I ll J 'Q -rv A . Y. 1,2,3 1 F Q .li 15 'PTY ' Kick Keeping in shape? Mr. Palmer Mr. Patthoff Mr. Clifford Miss Harney Mrs. Prins Physical fitness is today recognized as an important phase of each stu- dent's educational training. The phys- ical education department fills this requirement so necessary to the phys- ical development and well-being ofthe individual. Interscholastic and intramural sports, as well as physical education classes are under the direction of the physical education department. The Girls' Ath- letic Club is also a part of the depart- ment's program. Mrs. Grdiick helps a swimming student. physical eoucatlon 49 QQ OOO +36 J, , . t .,. .11 A 'Q.,'X A X f 'Rexx In , A' ' , ,fl 1 1-, f X e W ..,'A I K, 5 I If 8 4 L Uv C A , ff .lu F If --'i I ,ylnltr lf. mi" if ls 'SX P 5'0- ..n ty . I , , 7' 4 mn' ,pa : Vg! ' .Mai N -f':'8'f'fY"5' J rx, . rl' 5 ' ',.m:.Y' ""f'-'lf ' r , Auvffi , r 1 ,Q ,D ' f 1",.".k Q ' ' -4 x' '. , . KV' N2.9"'D Q' f is za' A' " I '-FS, ,A '62 f. iff X! X X 1. Q Q " Q . 1 , ,IA Practical experience in gqlence is gained by Liz Staebler, Ingrid Woithe, Denny q C 4 Davis, Barb Regent, and Judy Kahn. , - l'Y'A' , Y . ' v Q Y H'b7'1l " ' .K Q, ' B f 7 ' ..-4 Q 6' I ' 3 ., . , .. 1 ,. 4 .,,4- Msg, 3 , n A -,nvgf-e 4' -, f 1 1 f - s Q, Q I ' 111 . rv. .rx 1 V: 'A , .- ,,. ' X i I. V Y , . ' I Y , br A X , 0:15. I . . 'D - ' I3 '- 'L ' P X.'.r'1" ' 3' "f "' , X Y ,A X Al ' . M, j 'QW A J Q. . . A Wwe" is 'FA L A w A student for bxology jeff gh. fue fx 4... I .f ' JK, uses a microscope obtain Information 5 l I' 4,41 Mr. Schwab Barclay ns Knecht Leach Meyers Nnehaus Rees Rosemergy An Increase of students enrolled In scuence classes an the past few years us due to the growth of national Interest In sclence and the large program and tacllltles of he AAHS science department Several of the courses available are physics chemistry and physical science The science department also oFFers mmor credut courses such as conservatnon and meteorology The astronomy class made use ot the Argus Planetaruum Blology classes used the greenhouse and garden to supplement thenr classroom work Gifted students enrolled an the Saturday science program Through lectures and experiments of thelr cholce students furthered their sclentuflc knowledge and experuence Judy Howard and Patrlcla Smith work on an expernment together 2 Mr. Rees looks on as Doug Zahn, Dave Rowe and Tom Bailey set up a lab experiment. 46. . 4 s 1 E 1 Qt s 'E 1. S gg Q Q Lx m0,Af"'! I rbi -., E v F.- 12 4 , fig I M36 My ig. . kvgigqgaa 'ff' Z 1 X LALAA ,5 1 x. if Mr. Clark F? r , Nt Q I A , 9 Q, Mr. March P"-, f 'gy Q A wud, Mr. Peacock Mr. Schuhz Mr. Thompggn Mr. Wilson ,if , 'mx ,Q fi ! I Mrs Wuster Mrs Barbeaux, Mrs. Smiley Mrs Knoedler Mrs Prleskorn Mrs Guy Mrs Wagner Mrs Wletzel Mrs Pratt Mrs von der Hoff Mrs Somes Mrs Gochns ...ff Bomns Mortenson s.J?s,x R-rnfg,,,sP iw- fs M cooks ADO CUSIICOIAUS - n 4 X r K - ,. I rx -I . . , . .. -I 4 i":f 'Higgs General Office: Mrs. Shemiot, Mrs. Judson, Mrs. Kleinschmidf, Carolyn Klohs, Shirley Robinson, Mrs. Morse, Mrs. Kirk. NIGHT CREW Librarians: Mrs. Retzler, Mrs. Tyler, Mrs, Savery, Miss Angers. Row i: E. Quick, C. Morris, W. Bates, H. Bryan. Row 2: G. Pitts, W. Wilson, C. McFadden, L. P. Harry, Y. Pitts. Wqyk 3 office, UBQAQ , Ano CUSIOCIAHS 5909135 QQ! MII: XS x ' QQQQXCXX X mx W9 1 2 jig X f NN K WZ X Qs., f jp Q5 K 'Q 1 ,Mx ff , 1' jx 4 ---'NG 'Ns f -:Ti 6:9 if M. 7, f' dt A 1' In , ff , E Q- ',,,,,,fY 12 I I X 9 " -- X' , ff p fx ju , X , .JT AN X I f I ' f' 9 1 2 WM W ' QJW74! Mg X U U f Q . HX X -J 'gl i :R xl razxhx . Aq 44 X ' ' 1- . Nt? i?'-,-, -nf--+1 ' Q - 355 S, WNW 4 fi' X X 'xx ib fe, ' 1 m ' . 'S '2 Q X, 4 xiff' M ww 'A S -E f'QQ"x ,rv E33 ,A x M. gi I 0 2, f 'q , 'VEB X I - FA fg xg T Q v 1 -f as Q K WNW Q ' .br w , 9 . riff' A' 5,33 Q M S I 'fan 'sn Q 8 N' "gmail,- , ,811 is .3 1 X' V ff-.1 - -A '.'n.TF" ' . 4 , VIYQ.,-I . v- -1 . In V 4 K . . 4 , f Ia,g'I'9 95 Q 1.10 .3'f"l'5"' if gg:- '45 R I 'I-5. X '5 4 S2 , . of -fe- lg 1 ,g k L! , Q i 0 ,Yf', .5 ' :- Affp, L N . rf? wg.. : Q31 ri I . it A , R54 V 'f 'XY1 x 1' .1 5 Z ' 7+ I . 4 Sim!! r ,, V 1 ' 'HV ,uv- ra- 1.-L" .1 z-vu., . ,f .P 73,-. -.v ' . I 4 -Q A footsall The T958 football Pioneers ended the season with a mediocre record of four wins and four losses but showed promise for the future. The 32-6 defeat by Flint Central was hard to take, but the fact that the Indians were named state champions lessened Pioneer sorrows. The other three losses were all by one touchdown or less. Unfortunately this was Coach Hank Fonde's final season at Ann Arbor High. To his credit, though, is the fact that he turned a green and young team into a title contender. A maiority of the starters were iuniors. This is indicative of the promise for next year's success. Capt. Dick Adams set a new record for minutes played and was an inspiring leader even in the face of defeat. VARSITY FOOTBALL Row T: J. Plichta, T. Crawford, D. Davis, D. Jesperson, Mr. Fonde, D. Adams, R. Gesler, L. Moon, D. Williams, W. Haywood. Row 2: J. Tice, J. Thiel, T. Trabandt, L. Moore, J. Dixon, D. Rowe, J. Schenk, J. lngebrigtsen D. Zahn, F. Hunt. Row 3: J. Williams, L. Joseph, J. Gaidos, B. Reese, F. Matzinger, W. Myers, J. Potter, V. Bagchi B. Orr. Row 4: Mr. Schaab, M. Budzik, L. Fowler, R. Calvert, A. Kikut, E. Mannard, D. Taylor, J. Walker Mr. Ritter, Mr. Klum. Row 5: E. Ebaugh, D. Sakstrup, W. Thomas, D. Newton, D. Dennison, D. Taylor, J. Brinkerholi 1 1 Little Pioneer gridmen displayed fine potentiality while posting a good record. Although the team was made up ot mostly sophomores, it showed unusual first year polish and literally mowed down the opposition. Frank Kline took over the coaching reins after the season began and did a commendable job. His iob was made easier by one of the finest sophomore crops in many years. Guard Jasper Lillie, line- backer Ron Mortenson, and de- fensive back Bill Hogue stood out as outstanding varsity material. Dave Newton, a guard, and end Barry Brown wore the varsity blues a number of times, as did Walt Thomas who worked at the number one right half position. The purpose of J.V. football is to give varsity prospects a chance to gain experience while waiting to join the Big Blue. The team this year more than accomplished that purpose with its fine eftorts during the lost year. JV FOOTBALL Row 1, W, HU55, B. Westfield, J. Rupkee, B. Brown, R. Mortenson, J. Lillie, B. Murphy, A- J4 Phillips, T. Anderson. Row 2, D, Dyer, John Hatto, R. White, J. Warner, M. Gilson, B. Hogue, B. Hogue, W- Keck H. Lonsky. ROW 3. D. Kimberly, P, Kelly, B, Mayer, N. Vratoric, D. Turner, D. Simons, T. Pullen, D. Lederer B. Gallaher. I I Row A: C. Mitchell, R. Brown, B. Spaly, G. Miller, M. Fetters, D. Cartright, M. Dosey, H. Lipper? J. Gersler. h Row 5: Mr. May, L. Lowe, J. Vratoric, D. Cunningham, B. Fargher, J. Bilbie, Mr. Kl-ne. 'wif CROSS COUNTRY CROSS COUDIIR Ann Arbor Hugh School can well be proud of the 1958 cross country team Led by co captains Steve Lowe and Dave Flemlng they achleved first place In the 6A track meet whlch was held lost fall These two semors gave the team line leadership and spent Much of the teams success can also be accounted to Mr Tum Ryan s expert coach n Rowl M Levln O Askew F Wnllus D Flemnng S Lowe G Kmtten F Colvln B Koernke G Krause Row 2 J Johnson T Rowe C Thomas D Hamnlton K deKomng C Cohen A Carpenter Row 3 P Zahner S St Charles T Cody R Anms T Mnddlemuss W Truce M Staebler M Wesenburg K Vantkus 1-if if A an ? 9 3 1 ! 6 al 5, w 1 5 1 3, Q I' ,.J U Q 'kv if E-5 if N .. ,J Q. 'V A my Q x W , 11 4 , 3 , 5 ,yy Q-1 digg .f f J ,g my . ,ff 3,An'xwm,Q vi ., .4 v gf ,ff I 4 4. , I + sw., f5f1f- , , ,V .ing , mg: wifi., V W L " ' A A f V 3 BASKGITBALL Pioneer cagers presented their followers with a thrilling and eventful season this year. Many of the games were nip cmd tuck affairs with the final scores of the two teams being separated by a mere two points. Seniors John Patane Dave Bacon, Dick Adams, and Lavelle Moore shared four the five starting positions consistently during the season. addition, Dave Smith gave the team a needed third man the guard spots. These boys and underclassmen Joe Wall and Larry Fowler served as the nucleus of a team wh finished the regular season with a 'IO-6 record. Patanelli vs the leading scorer, although the team possessed a we balanced attack. Moore, Adams, and Walker were a valuable as rebounders as the Pioneers controlled the boat in most games. The team led the 6-A right to the final t games when Lansing Sexton forced us to settle for seco place. All in all, the hoopsters had a fine season. ROW 1- Bob Berkeley Dave Smith, Jim Murphy, Dave Bacon John Patanelli ROW 2 Fred Hoffman Dick Adams Aksu Knkut Nelson Enns Lovell Moore Julius Walker Larry Fowler Jim Dixon Bruce Holzhauer Mr Klum Coach 49 SI The varsity basketball team had a fine record but not quite as im- pressive as their younger proteges on the junior varsity team. In the best reserve season in the long 2 history of the high school, the Little Pioneers posted a 'l3-3 won-lost record. The team possessed a high ta speed oftense that was seldom matched by the opposition. Junior Denny Sakstrop and sophomore Mike Staebler were the most potent of the Little Pioneers' scorers. Many of the members of this team are destined for the varsity basketball squad, since a maiority of seniors constitute the varsity team. Junlotz vaizsit BASKGIBALL JV BASKETBALL Row I: D. Symons, J. Warner, L. Lande. Row 2: H. Myers, B. Brown, G. Gersler, Dave Claggett, J. Campbell. Row 3: Mr. Palmer, M. Staebler, D. Sakstrupt, M. Dosey, A. J. Phillips, J. Houltzaum. mnmenuqmvsggwwm F5 f .: '. 20 34' 1 V EAM" ' 'un s.. i X 'K wnesttinq Pioneer matmen opened their season with five straight, stunning victories. With the beginning of 6A competition, they found that the bottom fell from beneath them. A few bad breaks and tough opposi- tion combined to render the Pio- neers winless for the remainder of the season. Despite consistently fine performances by Larry Young, Co- Captain Bill Henderson, Jim Keen, Ken Harwood, and the other Co- Captain, Bill Tasch, the team failed to put together the right combina- tion of points to come out on top. Post season competition proved profitable, as the Pioneers placed third in the regionals. Henderson, Keen, Tasch, Ken Miley, Jett Cross, and Bob Spaly carried the school colors to the state meet and re- turned with a good share of the glory. Row 'la J. Westerman, L. Young, B. Henderson, J. Cross, J. Keen, D. Davis, K. Harwood, B. Tasch. Row 2: Mr. Budzik, O. Slee, W. Thomas, B. Wecker, W Tice, B. Spaly, G. Miller, V. Frappier, K. Miley, B Westfield. Row 3: Mr. Kline, D. Horning, F. Arnold, T. Jackson, C , Allen, D. Juncker, J. Hatto, J. Rollins, G. Karageorge D. Scott, J. Hewitt, R. Kolancler. Row 4: M. Beadle, R. Dyer, B. Paddock, F. Mann, C Von l'lofe,R. Morton, T. Pullen, D. Taylor, J. Wilson B. Hogue, R. Calvert. wiivvng Break that hold, Johnny! Amiable Frank Kline returned to his first love this past year and took over the job of coaching Little Pioneer wrestlers. He turned out a good group of first year grapplers. Bill Hoag, Doug Horning, Greg Miller, and Vince Frapier all adapted well to the muscle grind- ing sport and stood out in combat. A maiority of these boys and their fellow underclassmen will inherit varsity spots next year, due to the departure of most of this year's team. It is hoped thatlthe squad learned valuable lessons, so as to give Coach Budzik material to work with next season. Hold that lock! Ti' ,..... Tense moments before the match Row 'lz V. Vandenbelt, R. Boehnke, B. McClelland, K Kilborn, P. Axelrod, J. Rupke, J. Arthur, E. Freeman. Row 2: T. Cody, B. Greenlick, J. Gesler, G. Jones, B. Johannes, B. Taylor, B, Hnnrer. Row 3: Mr. Clifford, J. Enns, B. Clark, A. Kleinschmidt, S. Thrasher, J. Griffith, B. Winkler, S. Livingston. This season some of the best high school swimming in the country was shown at the Michigan 6A league meet. Michigan proved to be a highly competitive state in this sport with the fine swimming exhibited at the state meet in Lansing on March T3 and 'l4. lt was the Ann Arbor Pioneers, a team of champions, that came out on top in both of these meets. The accomplish- ments achieved by the undefeated swimmers were many, varsity, pool, 6A, and state records were often broken. A few national records and an impressive number of All-Amer- ican awards were the crowning monuments to a great swim- ming team. Satisfaction was attained from the expert coaching of Paul Clifford and his assistant, Fritz Meyers. Also, the out- standing swimming lead by co-captains Owen Kleinschmidt and Steve Thrasher was something that will not soon be forgotten. Row 4: B. Peters, B. Rae, E. Shippey, J. Sinclair,J. Shelton, J. Thompson, O. Peterson, J. Fortney. Row 5: K. Patterson, H. Maier, K. Greer, E. Mannard, T. Guldberg, C. Miller, B. Orr, R. Farrar, T. Clemons, D. Cooper, J. Chandler. .....-.-.- rnsck g He files through the air . . . Row T: A. Kikut, T. Johnson, J. Dixson, L. Moore, S. Lowe, W. Haywood, D. Dieterle, G. Kniffen, B. Hoffmeyer, K. Levin, F. Hunt. Row 2: M. Staebler, J. Stentzel, B. Westfield, B. Far- gher, J. Campbell, B. Porche, G. Krause, T. Rowe, G. Torch, F. Willis, D. Hartsook, E. Washington. 5 wiefs A V' it 5 5.9 Look at those knees! Pioneer thinclads look forward to the best season in a number of years. Coach Tim Ryan's charges possessed experience and depth in a number of events. Ann Arbor's outstanding performer, Willie Heywood, gave the team valuable points in the dashes and the shot put. Hurdlers Fred Hunt, Lavelle Moore, Dick Dieterle, and Terry Johnson added strength in their specialty. Another fine performer was miler Steve Lowe. All in all the team has done the high school proud. Row 3: D. Claggett, M. Wesenburg, L. Gibson, H Lippertt, B. Spaly, D. Hardy, J. Crowe, W. Mayers J. Rollins, J. Potter, P. Krause. Row 4: Coach MacQueen, G. Edsen, C. Thomas, B Malcomb, D. Simmons, A. Coone, W. Trice, V Frappier, T. Dewolfe, Coach Ryan. TZGHDIS Three years of bunldung yielded an exceptnonal tennis team thus year Built around a nucleus of three year veterans Bob Wyman Don Lage and Bob Hanght Coach Scotty Wulson fielded a fine team These three boys dommated play In the snngles competutnon Dave Ackley and Mnke Peters added swmg at playing snngles The team was untent on ralslng their standlng In the 6A to a hugher posmon that last year s team dnd Wlth the expected Improvement from the Ploneer stalwarts Ann Arbor stood as a formidable opponent to any challenger I I ' ll ll ' strength in the doubles and occasionally took a . .. , . I . ,wr R -ff' vnf"4'Z-"W M 9 pg? I 'WY' 1 -f, GOLF GGIF Year after year, Ann Arbor fields one of the finest golf teams in the state. This year's team was no exception to the rule, as it compiled a fine record during the spring season. As the snow blanket that covered Barton Hills dissipated, the nucleus of the team could be found practicing in preparation for the first match. Bill Hallock, Kim deKoning, Jim Filipiak, and Captain Chuck Newton provided punch that enabled the team to post another good season des- pite the competition from arch-rival, Jackson. Row l: D. Shawaker, J. Huntzinger, B. Baylis, B. Hal- lock, G. Dean, K. Dekoning, F. Herbert, F. Hoffman, C. Newton. Row 2: T. Dorow, J. Filipiak, D. Gregory, D. Noeh- ren, J. Peters, P. Wessinger, T. Winger, T. Clark, E. Ankenbrand. Row 3: K. McAdams, D. Hamilton, C. Estes. CG BASGBAU This year's edition of the baseball team started the season with a basically green group of boys. With the exception of Cap- tain Dave Smith, Don Horning, Larry Moon, and pitchers Enn Maynard and Bill Mac- Innes, a majority of the team had awaited their chance for action until this year. Coach Pete Palmer saw his task and accomplished it. He schooled his charges in the funda- mentals and then polished their play. The result was apparent as the Pioneers estab- lished themselves as a team to be respected and posted a better than average record. r- sup ,Vt -www' -""'eEv ,-gm 'T 1 'kip at vw 3 ln, 35' 4 .dwyqm 543' L "9" '91 1 'U' 'liamf Mqwlfi J.,- V! urns w. -ww-1Mm,q,"W3:m '-nq,,,,'q 6-1 .J A x. 1 'bg' ,fu-. XWYK. ""w'efw.'w am' CNGGIHEAOGRS Pioneer spirits Phyllis Rcdde, Carol Porter, Judy Zahn, Becky Preketes Sue Bigby, Carol Steinke, Mary Palmer, Sharon Wild Kbe hind Beckyi. Row Row Row Row 2. 3. .P. . L. 4: J. Cold hands? The many vlctorxes of the Little Pioneers can be greatly attnbuted to the school splrlt aroused by the lumor varsuty cheerleaders The gurls captamed by Mart: McMullen cheered at all home JV football and basketball games The lumor varsnty cheerleaders advlsor was Mlss Ellse Harney JUNIOR VARSITY . Morrnson P Reecl :sigma 21231221 J' C' cheelzleaaens Moran. A R801 MNA Careful there, Carol! li ElE f'3'E Z YZ 5f f UNNWRQE XC iff! LM fs Af f S Ill rj ...ll lf 'W Y Q N D f X I X jff x., ORGANIZATIONS X V 4 I X WW!! X ' X I f E H ' 1 V X 5 h 1' ,f'1 .. xyj' fl '54 df I X X X xx N ,,,, N i . W Q ' E P, ei-K -Q 1-' a ll 5 - 5 0 I K 1 f I JA X ' M , 3 6 J . r p . , Y A R if V 4, M X A , mr 5 ' f X' J H kj Lf- ' J ' f K' 4 v 1 ' ,ffg M 1', gl ,'g t: N. lm, 2 sr 1 x f M X .-'W ,I-fhftrazff f ,W Q! eg- T -11 X Y 1 I X fl" L-fl: V Wy H Q r'5'v 60:1 E? xg : I 2 , - 0.1. EI: I ll, 1" is '7 5 W, 1 Wy ! ! S11 -K VX' X Q M x i k 1 5 X 5 "xx I M5554 Xi g N W J M 4 f? Fi I IIIHIF in I Hilll X1 X X mm '1'Uf'fn'l'l'In'nr'l 'B wma- N 15 W-1:-,sk Hx I 1 1 I fl , nf? 0 Pzgtif-4llTl':l.L 0 W 77 X 'I .x W ,-- ,pl Q 'fZL'lLf.'Y." 5x ,ff NR ?Q,"j5 O Ei' if X 2- I QM: X X A . z'?+" IQ if A 0 f,1'22E?E'f,:e,s 1 f 4 . H Q 3 . + , K! -N , --- za fw ff JK . I , we . 0 +5 . 1 u Vggrgggjhl 'f X N O e.JTxne. .T-T1 I A M- X X ' N X' 0 BV . iiixa ,Q X i A carvmuq FROM f 4 .f ,,. if lfl'ff'f1'l'.3,.' M" M I 1' ' L 'X '- F K P ff w -- J I P H U fl 'Nw 1 X X 1 X N H " I I ,.KXX K I 'X ',f, ,X X , f Q 1 X X I X9 ' 1, x Q Iix w J! Carol Smn Judy Noehren Douq Brown Helen Moore Charlotte Aupperle Betty Quinsey OITIGGA The Omega bound In gold and white the senior class colors honors the one hundreclth graduating class of Ann Arbor High School It also marks nearly fifty annual yearbook productions There have been many changes In the character and format The early issues were devoted to the sensor class in the form of a memory book Today the Omega serves to honor the sensors record the many activities of the student body and picture many of the outstanding events of the year The publication IS produced and ednted entirely by the students Q-.4-v Lois Blair Mike Fisher John Lipson Marcia Pope OMEGA COPY STAFF Left to Right: G. Maynard, R. Brazda, D. Vreeland, M. Lofberg, and, sented, copy editor J. Noehren. Cherrie Bare Elizabeth Elving Eunice Hinz Rosemary Melton Julie Muller Diane Harcliman Sandy Ellis Liz Farmer Lucy Buster Sharon Sikes Dick Vreeland Nancy Kempf Anita Skodak OMEGA BUSINESS STAFF ROW 1: Nancy Lou Kempf, Karen Wenger Helen Moore Charlotte Aupperle, Margie Bowler Dorothy Vedder ROW 2: Louise Roach, Geneva Psaros Sue Leonard Lois Bush, Ann Jones, Dick Vreeland, Sue Beck Kay Velker Nancy Elder Sally Kett Bonnie Hellner Gale Maynard Ma ry Ann Lyons ODIIIIDISIT The Optumnst" prepared by a student staff has successfully completed another year of publncatlon It has appeared at approxnmately two week Intervals as a four page newspaper complete with current news sports stones edltornals features and comlng school events Once each year ut as publnshed as 'The Pessnmnst" tongue m cheek edltlon of llvely humor The stones appearmg In the publucatuons of 'The Optumust are wrntten by the student reporters and staff The publlshmg and dlstrlbutlon functions are Kay Fnke llkewnse a student actlvlty Pat Blanr if 90.02 Paste It up neatlY JUdY Lyn Powrie, Mary Moyer and Judy Mclybee discuss the Optimist 2 t :, sq. fo 5 I A A Tony ond Joe choose o picture for the sports page 710 ui wg. It happens rwice c month hm W"k"'S stuoent COLlnCll Fred Herbert Kathy Anderson Jlm Keen Student Councnl solves a problem Q J' 0 AV" " " if sy :J - 1 0 U sz 'N Q F 1 1 1 A 4 f ' X 5, U . w 4 ,t lv. C I 1 1 3 .f V Y 1 Q 5 5 'S Q ' , V f 5 9 I . , 1 5 f 'S Q s wwf " .Q VA S, f. ew -4, W 1? ki, ll' AA LUG a 3 4 fe ef f ,f Law! Q-- ... Q 'V mi , 1 x U q ' 1 ,3 ' T, 'E R 9 J ' 1 was I Q ' , QV 1 1 ff Q 9, 9, 5 NM 9g'Yi QZ'fiY f f gh' ' 1 A P, 5 3, , 5' 3- is 113 :Am Q' Y ZUWQIQ., Fr N 1 ' 19 A ' " 5 1' .- gh 1 f Q . A I I 1 Q' 'ff 2 1 . i' F' sr' fb 1, ' ' ' ' Q - 5 vw' mise? Vg, 1, T A W J- fiyg' una ,K an A+ ...+ H 4 -1 Or' " ri ' ' as fs W nf , j L- , -- 'S Jx. f y,NN 4 429 4001. BY? 42" gs '7 TE 41 f S Q Row12-J. Chandler, B. Kesling, D. Martin, A. Erbe, J. Wilson, D. Copi, D. Dciscola B. Hand R. Henry. w ll-R. Phillip L. Bellore L. c - erman B. Holzhauer D. Schumann . y J. Rollins C. Bihlme er T. Bailey. ow 'IO M Malkin Klin er Burgess L Thompson J Diethrich utzin A nn C Coh n Wesley Row 9 M Louis D Juncker J Schwa bland T Roth D Sheperd J Peters B Zwinck B McNew M Wagner Row 8 T Nunn L Jayne G Jones Korzuck M Buss F Bristol Miller D Gerstler R Vander Schalle Row 7 H Benford P Banclrofchak J Haas P Keating K McAdam S Osugi N Robb C Pepper S Smith Row 6 D Bock S Barels L S w J Melsenholder C Fleshman B Qumsey J Woodside MClapsaddle P Mayne Row Sc tze Peet K u Dieterle M Miller D Blystone Lassiter M Hood S Schumacher Row 4 P Lederle R Bolgos R Cripe Leeman P Rentz W Jahnke P Weiner L Gibson K Velker Row 3 G Marshall B Loukotka J ite J entzel i ie ournier J Warner P Root Edmonson Row 2 lMalorettesl C Crego E Cor nell S Bolls P Berklich w l R Scruggs K Vaitkus Sacquety S Clarkson M Peter Mr Roth H Bloomer J Peterson the BAl1O'S the thing! Rusty Baylls leads the band With rolling drums and clashing cymbals the Ann Arbor High School band spurred on school spirit at the basketball games football games and pep rallies. At all of the home football games the band exhibited their precision marching which came through many hours of hard work and the patience of its director Clarence Roth This year the band again had the privilege of working with Mr Ronald Sac quety who assists Mr Roth Ragtime band Practice practice practice' Close formation in brass I I ,..... vm. ' we hi x 1. 'S' V ORCNESUQA Mr. Roth "works out" the strings Row Row Row M. David, B. Raeburn, D. Robbins, S. Robinson J. Bock, B. Kimball, S. Hubbard, G. Fisher, J. Hensel, J. Warner, Mr. Roth, W. Jahnke, Fuerstnau, P. Smith. Dx 0 9 ll 138' me 4 , .5 'rr ' 'I W ff' . . J' X HRM! X Y A Q' N IQ 1 5, .ig f V e 5 Q' f , X , 045' ' vi' I f ,S X 'f J i 9 ' 4 r . v iq x H -fi ff my Q M , .,.,M,,,2 M: 1. I, w- ,ff N mg. .4 - k k - 'f - ff- Q- Q' f . f 3 4 'f m , - A -4. ' , ,iv ,4 i f ,... - 5- 3-1,3 ,4 -ff? ,,1'f5 -V f I K- xy, 3' -g h . ,xmllx Ag ! 'HQ EJ: W i f ,- wmv Q - 1 ' is-ff Z' I F J bu fd -.., Y diff, J' V, K ' 1 I -.. v 3. -:nw 1 'k V SSL, A '1'f 55 f X Ng , w 0 S"1v vm? 1 . I, . ,J A, 5 I v! , v QQ .0 9 'F vo 5 T ' I 71' ' 'A ,P vi " , 'N 'few i 9? Kit Jl !flq ff T' .,M W., 3 1 . if 4 , 1 if SJ "' v gf.,- I' iw ka 2 vi, W1 .I ,v 1 .. 'YAG V 5 vw'- f f Q2 'nxlxi if wr Wim 243' 'Rx A 1 4 f' .Q f. .... Q . we W ,, Q lm E5 Q ,.. 4-..,., W, mv: Y ,, 1 Af' If -..73 ,I 15531 ,S 5, - v . ,I A gg ' ,ggi - ! y,Qf?, f ,, , , 461 - K . QW' 1 xv' 'ij' V1 .- 7Q5'H,s'f,.wwww '!:l.f.' bt 1 QM 'ff 'xg' v 'W 'V v HM, V ,, ' fl ' WJ ' , 'fx S4 U 9 li? Life 4' Lv' .A Q ghm. ,W -4 we iv, ,,,. , ...M lj WN, ,1Q f - A.f. L.: df. ' .V --gh' Q... ' ' Q. ' 1353. 3El:1:g2Ei3:2::," . X71 fy ES-' if Q , x 1 i . Ke K- r V , f td . .as . .ziztxgfgfg ' gig Q96 4., ' ::E'::::g::g ' . :S :ggi . '. 1 ' 'L -7' x -" 'f K ' e f " Q " L.: f sq? Q' -fn... . ... 1. - . -.- , Y -4- ,ra f. 4.- 1 - SS WL H-, .W,,.,,, , 'Vai . .ll Qi? . TQ' av, W 1 T I Y , .4 'Q manua- Kagrp NM- Q Xi ' ..-......7.,,... 'srl .LFM .Vu-rw. ., as fr ' 4 f 45 .X V 'I' GIRLS AUWLGTIIC CLUB SENIOR G.A.C. 5 GAC EXECUTIVE BOARD ROW l: Dorothy Steeb, Lois Michelfelder, Karen Ryan. ROW 2: Marty McMullen, Pat Legett, Sally Odell, Carol Rushton, Jean Douglas, Miss Harney. Many activities of Ann Arbor High School girls are centered around the Girls' Athletic Club. The girls participate in many team sports ranging from field hockey in the fall to volleyball and basketball during the winter and softball in the spring. The GAC offers not only team sports but individual sports as well. Among these are ritlery, badminton, archery, and ping-pong. The GAC annually sponsors a barn dance. This year's Girls' Athletic Club president was Lois Michelfelder and its sponsor Miss Elise Harney. Row 'lz E. Harney, C. Rushton, J. Douglas, M. McMullen, A. Peckham, P. Miles, S. Klaasen, L. Fawcett, K. Nichols, K. Ryan, L. Michelfelder, D. Steeb, K. Velker, S. O'Dell, R. Deborde, J. Peet. P. Leggett. Row 4: H. Moore, J. Maybee, K. Fike, D. Vedder, M. Row 2: P. Radde, S. Wilde, S. Leonard, F. Davis, Bauer, P. Flynn, D. Schrock, M. Lofberg, C. A. Bolt, J. Noehren. P. Nelson, L. Braun, S. Love, P. Keller, L. Bush. Row 5: A. Garner, J. Gruber, M. Schaft, S. Furstenau, J. Freeman, D. Stumm, S. Shumacher, J. Winklehaus, Row 3: K. Anderson, N. Markham, S. Bigby, J. Zahn, M. Smith, M. Schlanderer. v J I uEA,gg,,,?'6 MQ H9 3 6 5 fa, G :G v if 1 a G 5 U in il. w. G., Qs ma E QA 23 Q QI. 5 U x 1 LU gy QU X Y, I 3 Q rl . -. I is 'I X K Rf-Y: 5 .-- . '22 n .f ,. F? ii? Q, ,M p--v-- ....,..,,...l., -Q-1-5,,7g,,' Q ,.. 1 1 5Nif.HA .MM-, wmwww f, ,,v- , 1 1 Mm.-awww 1-. , fi ,zz 'S k WM, x f mi f gf. ,- as ' '- f ' 'Mi' -.nv 16193, W'Il 4WW3' "" N. QQQQQ ,. ? ig 6 .ff 1, - -W A .W .M WV- ,, 5. ,....,..-,..,,.,.N, , ,,.,,,.,.,..,, .M , ,, my .fu 11 f W' ' -,.., - naman- 1 ' A :Q ,--nm , awpwwy Mmm-1 Mm. ,,-...,..mN.....x Q1'1'f'm11 A" Y 7 fr Y M ' ! " .4 'I Il' 1 4' , f' new 1, wi'...fi53 A Vila-. i l iinsx, Linn: .m.m,,f, , WWWWWM :nuns-sn-. lm, 1 , pmnynq- Qfkf A. 4,3 .0 , .. , N 5. 4 cw . lj 4' ' 'r., "' f' I W f 9:2 ZW. Qt R it :'i,x-'EK A . "fL,c4 ,gb 413 ixx E ii J 3 i I 1 3 WYiSiif? 'l111i??", . , i ' f f , i i We ix V K' I ' " 1' 1 I ' 3? J , EMM ' Us . A ' h 3 H gxaf , I - as ixixaw-. -Q31 mf. fi if b Q .111 1 T . "'4fli" f Q Riff M 13335 W R ' Q ' X 35? 3 Q "' ' . ,5 Q A L! D , an x ! 3 5: , t ,Z 1... fr an V N I 4, F, 74 .Q f rv U V 'f A , . E EXE , V593 2 2 W 31 4' ,, , 1 VA .,?3-3933. g V , A wg gg tif! gf- s!.e 5f aw Qlsffsfi aj' 5 , A . , X ' 2,1 ,f x f , 4 ' 5 A , , ' I' ' f t V- I V N.: I, xi, , , Q in L M . , Q iw L Q 3vX2xi 1ie2X 'Kf ? ,jifgw ' .f ' xyaf, 1 454 ef' N 'K ff? : Q 'Q N1 W w ""'fr"! rr ,v xi: W1 '1 'ii Q, " 3 3 7 'W a 5 . 4 .L 1 ' o .. , 'V . 4 ' , ,Z e f lvf- M1 'wg lf H W - Q swam M f 1 ' - .hx I fv- , - K u - ,Y ' 14 'X 1' I A -1 Q W . 4 'L Lf - gf, , 1 05- 1 f an , " f if 5' w i t . i if : 7' 5 15 3 '3 '13, 9 " W -Q 2 ' 53313 J? ha N Q -Y ,, fy Q Q , IH f-I sl 1 , f gif b 1 Q, I I ' K :Q K W In 'QV' -V A A 'A 1 lif'Q'.g1Q2 Y E Ny -0 u 2e, -1 u 1 ll 3,33 3 v f, V H , 1 nfaaglstivt ,Egfr .dfgagz we ' V Q , 1? ' V 2 . , g ga, L 'Vis 4 Q V ,, 1 fm . , -1, Q 1 5 " J 12 ff if ""a 'U Ms 54,5-' gs51fa Q Sli' 31 ' I 'T it If !',qlx"-aj 4, ' . E ii' . a V W ag" yx gggg,a, ,HH ,, J, A -sz ,fx M 3.75 I0-.f gf ' f. 5 Q 1 Q - w A51 N' hjxfv: V, I , 0- - EM H. . 'f v ew if Q H .g win in Q- 541 me if To li 'x' "f ! -1 sd-. linll u Q ' Y 'rf 3 'Y 5 5 5 'Z 5 - 'J . ' " pq 1 rx lp? 1 ' P I . G' ft it Y 1? ' 'X if sm' 'QQ -A 1. A, l J g , A l -7 5 g ff , 5 2 if as if 123 'f 'll 1 1 6 :fp ' r A ,tx V ll ll L- l 74 ffV lQ734Q' rj 55 11 -:J ez -' 1 :zu f' f gf, 3 i W' X W 2'-1 gk ff X 2' 2 - . 'fig 5 A X S Q , 5 K. ii , :ha W ,ffA I kip Qi W f 4,Ax f 5 ' 'L 2 ' - A J W rig? for f-f Q 'f :Q 'Q w f' - V 3 "3 Q IQ., 5' A VLNVIQJQ gi in I I Q Q ' ,A 'ff ' :V,? , 2 , f Y.: Q n 1 f, ' 4 1 w cab- if t V"'j I Qi i.,' L . QQ' X M H 1 K j , . f - , W Q 1 'K f 1 ., f X H gg x n. W 'V s 1 Q- 5 F ' G Us ujw-.4 4 - A Q T 'Q , , N 2. V94 'A 5 'f Q 'E .5 -1 ' , , 'A ,, 5 mf f ,P fe 1 fi " C" xg Li f- 2' Ala iii .- 5 X ,Q I W' W x T 1 A ig ' X 4 ef? ,t 'gf I 'Q . M, is: if V u 1 of Q 1 sv., I. Q. J' lg Q Q, Y ' '1 Q' 5 Q! 9 - as an-x W .bg A 3" xr!! 53 eva. , Q SM f i f ' A I g 1 - 7 vt-- Q 1? V J 5 , f' 3, 'W im 5, fa' fr i:A""i' QQ: ff' 51241 uf' V uf" . If Wu A ' -ff ' 4? cw e F gs H Q'?'isQ,5 5, . , ,, ., ,A K 1 , is My af' K K ' gf . ' rr r 4? fi-f , ,. "' In Q L X V A Mm. mg' ' , - ,, A' if '+ ' W" Mfg? - it f e W9 X 113 III I 3' ' Wx - A nn r. . , .- 1 gy . 6 sy V NH 0 'Z Q f 9 pgs S 0 x 5' s Q! J ff M ' 'W XM i T i aim? ..:' , " 'H HI ii? 1 4, 3, Z qv A 1,3 sry!!! Q E iv' 'P 7 1 ', N , 1 fo 4, ?,!'X,A 4' ll zlv I 1: I 4 . + if T'0,,gi 1 'I . I ,C Y xy ' . L X' if , 35 +. 4 5 ,f , yn: ,r .gr 1' . ' ff v Y ,H 2 T 'ze' ,P ' f ' 23235 213 :Q 1 wg 5 9, ' 5 3? 253 .A M rw. . , w Q ,,3f if x D ?,, 1' Waifinif' " ' 4 fb n fa ,gd ,A V. F .r-I'-10 f'-UA x if W IT.. X 1 if xf 4' if! Q55 7 f fs 1 15 54 J gf, G ', 1- ,us mul, x 'iw x Q sf' - Q2 5 ,. , - 72 f -L, ef 5 , K -1 f' QQ EA ffif '7 . V+ 179 ' "' xv its Wd, 'K f g .nh 1 Y uf 4' XA A ab ,D - ww - ka a- - g lv f . W " A uv ,' ' A 3 ' 'ww 4, f 0 if ""1' V. Z, X ff nf L MVK1 .L WA My 1 y ll g, , U il llgl 4 0 Q img' INK -gif v 4-Nr ,g,,2,,Qa2- 1, fb, E W, ,Nw .V UD B V if ww ."f T,,i Zu . 3 Q ,, Q4 T3 W? Pall 0 Q ef 1 W " 7.Q,w':"V Uni! . 4 . I 4 . ,444 -' 159525 A I W .13 vin. ,N -xv 1 fry 1 "f M t n 15. 1 J I I ' 1 fi? -E, wg L .. ij. 2.2. .. 'aft' ' .L Q J, 5 . li' if A Vx E1 flai? A , f " t . ' 5514 iflfwii 4 U ':,,f,f:b Ney . I 'Q I ,x,.a,5 ' 44 P N wa ., J A , - kd I Q' ,I 1 15 . X "'9f.,cf 1,51 Q . .1. M Alf ' ml' Q .Haw X n XX Q.. .:j, - :N .ii M' ,p 3' 'E' , A .NMA aff ' : . 1:10 .7 . -Q fi . 1, Qftlfl' 'N-.' Nz' gms: v " tv wi' .fp 'mga S ue Y .1 'I Q W i sr K " Q. ., 7 F 'J is f jx he . L ki A ' .7 t:."lA"3,. A -i 3, ' Q, fl. M 1, C XV V .z'UQ ii u v : 'if , 'f ' L 1 N . A A a I X' ix A Y sn 'i X -- 511: . , a 3 .,, ,tf-' n N U - 1 " v .. W f H 75 xgvu K i I M - ,. X v D - Q v' 1- L.: I F' r - ' 1 ' V Q' - .- ' a O - r Ma' V 1 : 5 :, 'P if 0 14, 'ff 4 'jf 'P X ' - ' 9 nuff I ..1' Q- 7 Q I1 Q 7 "fi ,A :E .gf fffv' I ' '10 1 . url. , , , A 'I , 4 5, ' V wr . X kiv -F' 1,54 4 1 1 'M' 4 'Wea nf' 'J' fr' ,A "' f' Yay V 'iz:LE' JE? Q.. N T N KW K wma, I A I H qw V If ,B ma , 4 ij 3 A ' 7 Q , ,, -- V' xx f if ""'M""' ' fig sw , 4 t f bs -f XE ,Q . 1 X 1 - g'f?Q 3' Tw gif-f ,ga , N' Zffxg! A L 5 w f 2 Q f , -uv-1 - vu. Q ' if M ' ' 1' al 5 A N'-f H, Ig io Jia I Mlyxrv E Q , iff i ,J 3 ,Q w "' K X Lblgefi 5 ix nl 1- ,a ,Aj-T L 77, V, 4 4 1, I ,, ,f .f'fL2 W V 5 , -I, J 2, . .f V - I . .. ,., A N ,K 3? 11- ' u 'Hf uw NY. u qw -..,,.Qs0' I ' satutzoay science YYN 3 t C31 sf Q 'ii 0 ez- T Here's that Saturday science brainy look! Math Seminar Mr. Kozarinofi, E. Shippey, B. Titiev, M, Fischer, J. Miller. Our nation's future scientists gathered Q each Saturday morning at Ann Arbor High School to perform experiments, many of which were original, and to enrich their scientific knowledge. One hour each Saturday was devoted to a lecture by a prominent scientist, either a university professor or a man work- ing in a field of science. Among the subiects discussed this year were phar- macology, electronics, and nuclear energy. Next, students worked on experi- ments in the field of science which most interested them. The teachers who assisted the fifty students who par- ticipated in the Saturday Science Pro- gram were: Paul Meyers, chemistry, Gerald Rees, physics, Charles Barclay, biologv, and Albert Gallup, electronics. Special recognition is extended to John Rosemergy, general chairman of the Saturday Science Program. ,Mn Under the tutelage of a university pro- fessor, the students in Advanced Mathematics have been meeting once a week during the past school year tor the Math Seminar. The group has for its objective the discussion of problems and topics in calculus and other college mathematics. math semlnatz washington ClUB f...., GH for Q greqg week! Now, where can we go ln New York 7 ROW l: John Whalen, John Enns, Lee Kleinschmidt, Olaf Peterson, Jim Peterson, Jim Thiel, Richard Sattler, Clint Castor, Kim deKoning, Ralph Gesler. ROW 2: Mike Kabot, Ardon Rogers, Brent Schauer, Dick Weaver, Alfred Paul, Allyn Kaergher, Larry Kramer, Jim Chandler. ROW 3: Joan Vandenberg, Pat Leggett, Marge Smith, 9-5 Carolyn Chase, Sally Frinkel, Sue Leonard, Becky Preketes, Sue Willings, Carolyn Simpson, Diane An- drews. ROW 4: Becky Edmonson, Carolyn Shoemaker, Don Lage, Tom Sonandres, Sue Morse, Charlotte Aupperle, Sue Smith, Donna Fox, Helen Moore. 'Ni 'Y Clxfljb Ffh x Q' Q-ffl 'di-:v f-f"f' M lizif X .ix- CIASSES K NW in 'K ZX L D J f,,! Ld,-X Z- Cill IIIEIFIIICIVTL .0 mmmmmmt ll W EMM H1 mlilmmmmi M WH 6 Z f ,2 X' G35 Z I N C:-Q2'Fg5J 5 v --1--1--- - E 5 5 ,m px Q R! V, 3 1 V lg? ft Rx! If C '. E5 Y 'Nm - , if el fx, W ef? x w N , .X :g M y, . M ,XX XX L' 4 'X ,i X ,gi 1 f ' xx W Q N YD ' A f K X Q i ' K M' by 5 5 ff 1. . M. 'n fq A f Q3 eff 3 5 ... . .. ,,'.v ,C 4 'MJ ,gf 'Ig '42 S','5' ' A ,W 5 f A ' , f M 2' a 4. ff - ,,, .X fx ffm V 5 .oh .Q 1 I' 4 I . F , 1 me Q. H WILLIS ANDERSON LYNN E. ABBOT Lynn played the piana. His other musical activities in- cluded dance band and A Cappella-music really played an important part in Lynn's school life. After graduation, he will attend the U. of M, School of Music. RICHARD E. ADAMS Dick was captain of the AAHS varsity football squad, He won athletic letters in basketball and baseball as well as football. Dick was president of his homeroom and wan a scholarship award. KATHRYN K. ANDERSON DAVID A. ACKLEY Dave had the privilege of attending the Oversea's School of Rome before AAHS. Here, he was active as home- room president and vice-pres- ident, Student Council repre- sentative, and a letterman in tennis. GARY H. ANDEREGG Gory's future plans include entering Eastern Michigan College. In high school, he was interested in baseball and received a letter for that sport in both his iunior and senior years. Kathy served as secretary of the Student Council, vice- president of her homeroom, and secretary of hostess corn- mittee. She was also a mem- ber of the Synchronized Swimming Club. Her future plans include college. DEANNA L. ANDREWS "Shorty" showed her mus- ical ability in mixed ensemble. She represented her home- room on the intramural man- agers' committee. Her future plans are uncertain as yet although she is now employed at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital. 7.2, f 4' .pf f' . .A 2' Q c .gi Q, V, f X G. lrh ' Many people knew Willis because of his active partici- pation in drama and music. He received awards for stage work and work for the Opti- mist. Willis plans to continue his schooling at the U. of M. .z..Wz, W .. , JOYCE E. ANDRESS ' Joyce's main interest was 1' Q. in the commercial department as she hopes to become a secretary. To help her in this, ' she wan several shorthand A - certificates. Her future plans ,. include going to M.S.U. sf I , i . fri:-g s ' if' E' 'Q-g,.W x - W.,- , Q dot.: A 'G' 1 -1 IRVEN S. ARNOLD lrven was in band for two years and served his home- room as a representative to intramural managers. His hobby is working with cars, and he plans to attend col- lege. CHARLOTTE E. AUPPERLE Charlotte was an officer of Washington Club, co-business manager of the Omega, and homeroom secretary, besides playing in the band. Winning an essay contest, she received a monetary prize. She plans on college. MARCELLA 1. ARNOW Marcella's activities have been varied, ranging from winning a recognition for her musical and iournalistic abil- ities to an avid interest in physics, which she intends to study in college. PHYLLIS A. AUSTIN Singing in groups appealed to Phyllis as she harmonized in girls' chorus. She also liked tennis. Although she hasn't chosen a definite school, Phyllis is planning to attend college. 'Ill dl Q77 WILLIAM A. BALLIS Roosevelt High in Seattle, Washington, was Bill's former alma mater. While there, he won a football award. He still loves sports, being on the AAHS golf team and swim- ming for recreation. RUTH ANN BARLOW Ruth Ann kept busy at AAHS in the band, on the assembly committee, and as a Washington Club represent- ative. She plays the piano and works at Kresges. Ruth Ann's future includes beauti- cian school. BETTY l.. BARNEY "Barney" was very active in extra-curricular activities, including G.A.C. and home- room bowling. She has been on the Omega stat? and was her homeroom's secretary. Next stop for Barney is Cleary College. PATRICIA I.. BAUER Pat was very active on Stu- dent Council, the sophomore and senior executive boards, Omega, and Girls' Chorus. She was elected president, vice-president, and secretary of her homeroom. Pat plans to attend college. by ,.,-s BARBARA J. BACK Barb served on executive board and was secretary of her homeroom. She enioys sports and records, between working in the high school general office and planning her entrance to the U. of M. nursing school. THOMAS G. BAILEY Tom was a member of the band all three years at AAHS, for which he received a band letter. He was on the library and audio-visual committees. After graduation, Tom plans to attend college. t ,,, f 1. ee DON BARSANTEE Don, an athletic type boy, was a member of the Ann Arbor hockey league. He was employed at the Kroger Store. After graduation, Don plans to work and then go into the army. MARIAN H. BATES Active in dramatics, Marian acted in drama workshop plays and a junior theatre group. Some of her other activities include G.A.C. and the Cantando choir. An honor student, she hopes to attend Antioch College. DAVID R. BACON Dave served on the Student Council and was active in athletics. He participated in basketball and baseball, win- ning letters in both, and played in the bond. Dave will attend the U. of M. Dental School. JUDY BAKER Judy was active as secre- tary of her homeroom, E-102, and received a library award. Her outside interests were horseback riding and swim- ming. Judy is planning to enter a business school. . .Q 2 BARBARA E. BAREIS Music! Music! Music! Barb was a member of both Girls' Chorus and mixed ensemble while at AAHS. She includes among her hobbies swimming and sewing. After graduation, she plans to work. CURT G. BARNES Curt received a letter in band while attending Ypsi- lanti Roosevelt High School. Coming to AAHS in his iunior year, he has served as stu- dent council representative. Curt plans to attend college. .arf -Q' ..-1 RUSSELL D. BAYLIS "Rusty's" face was a fa- miliar one to everyone who attended school dances as he was a disc iockey at the par- ties. He was also o member of marching band. Rusty plans to attend college. PENELOPE A. BEKIARES Penny served her home- room as vice-president, and was Girls' League representa- tive. Interested in sports, she has played G.A,C. hockey and basketball. Her plans for next year include Eastern Michigan College. JESSE .l. BENNET Jesse was on the intramural managers' committee for two semesters. His hobby is work- ing on cars. Jesse is employed at the Michigan Union and plans to attend a machine training school. ROBERT D. BERKLEY Bob has served on the Stu- dent Council and was presi- dent of his homeroom. He participated in basketball and golf and received a mana- ger's letter in basketball. Col- lege follows in Bob's immed- iate future. ,i we? A ... X X... . I PHILIP C. BEACH As a sophomore, Phil played baseball, but his main interests center around gar- dening. He is a landscape gardener at St. Francis of Assisi Church and plans on maioring in horticulture in college. BARRY BELLAIRE Photography was Barry's main interest as he took pic- tures for the Optimist. To further this hobby, he worked at Dey Studio. Upon gradua- tion, Barry plans to attend the U. of M. A 1 E ww 'if' .2 T' 4 . -, .44 620.-. . I? - -fa 3 N - s Y ar Q' . ,- SUE L. BIGBY For three years Sue was on the homecoming court. She was vice-president of her sophomore and iunior class, a cheerleader, hostess, presi- dent and secretary of her homeroom, and a Student Council representative. LOIS BLAIR Lois served the school as senior editor of the Omega, proof reader and typist on the Optimist, and Washington Club representative for her homeroom. An honor student, she received two scholastic awards. Q . R , 'C ,dy ,L MARGARET E, BENNETT Margaret has been on the honor roll and received two scholarship awards. With all this hard work, she has still found time for Student Coun- cil and Future Teacher's Club activities. DETLEF BERTRAM "Ted" come to AAHS as an exchange student from Germany. He was on the assembly committee and he enioys photography, youth work, and playing the cello in his spare time. Ted plans on attending college. THOMAS L. BIRTLES Bang! The sound of a gun and Tom is on the scene do- ing one of his favorite activ- ities - hunting. He is also interested in cars. Work is lined up for him after grad- uation. PATRICIA L. BLAIR Pat's ability enabled her to be on the Omega staff, busi- ness manager of the Optimist, and publicity manager for the Future Nurses Club. Pat's hob- bies are centered around her "ribbon winning dogs." 113 BARBARA M. BOWENS Barb was elected by her homeroom to the intramural managers committee. She en- ioys singing and was in girls' chorus. Skating and swimming are her hobbies. After grad- uation, Barb hopes to attend the U. of M. MARJORIE C. BOWLER Margie was vice-president of her homeroom, on the iun- ior class executive board, and on the Omega business staff. The Ann Arbor Figure Skating Club, mixed ensem- ble, and G.A.C. also occupied her time. ANNE E. BRANSON "Arbitrator of homeroom" -This unique office was held by Anne. Along with this she was in A Cappella and Wash- ington Club. Sports-minded Anne enioys, golf, ice skat- ing, and bowling. GAIL E. BRIEGAL Gail returned to AAHS this year after a semester in Rockford, Illinois. She was elected to intramural mana- gers and was also a member of drama workshop. Gail will return to Rockford after grad- uation. DONNA M. BLYSTONE Donna has been a member of the Red Cross, G.A.C., F.T.A. and band. Her hobby is collecting records. She is employed at the Michigan Theatre. Her future plans in- clude college. CAROL A. BOLT Carol Ann, usually in a semi-waterlogged state, was an ardent member of syn- chronized swimming for two years. When not submerged, she participated on hostess, assembly, and sophomore executive committees. LINDA A, BRAUN Singing her way through AAHS, Linda was in Can- tando, A Cappella, won an A Cappella pin. She enioys swimming and piano playing. Employed at the Michigan Union, Linda's future includes college and nursing. BARBARA A. BROWN Because of 8arb's interests in sports, she participated in after school volleyball and basketball, was a member of her homeroom's bowling team, and served as an intra- mural manager. Her future plans include marriage. K' ,T BARBARA J. BODDY Barb has been busy in Washington Club, the Girls' League, and working for her G.A.C. letter. During the sum- mer, she has been lab assist- ant at the East Medical Build- ing at the U. of M. KENNETH B. BOUDRIE "Bart's" ability to be a leader helped make him vice- president of his senior class and president of his home- room as well as Student Council representative. He is looking forward to college. HENRY BOWES Active in intramural sports, Henry was captain of his homeroom bowling team and on a basketball team. He was also president of the library committee. His hobbies in- clude all sports, bridge, and collecting records. .lUDlTH R. BRANHAM Judy was quite active here, being in Girls' Chorus, Wash- ington Club, and an alternate for the Red Cross Committee. She enioys all sports, espe- cially swimming, and intends to work after graduation. -ff 'Y 0 bf, 'v T'-C WILLIAM L. BROWN Willie's favorite hobbies are hunting and fishing. ln high school he was on the intra- mural bowling and archery teams, and in rifle club. Willie represented his home- room on the audio-visual com- mittee. SALLY-ANNE BROWN Sally-Anne has been a member af Student Council, homeroom secretary, and Girls' League representative. She was also a member of drama workshop. Sally-Anne plans to attend the University of Miami. RlCHARD W. BUCK Dick came from Slauson DOUGLAS F. BROWN Doug has served as an artist for bath Optimist and Omega, being art editor of this year's Omega. He has been vice-president and Stu- dent Council representative for his homeroom. He plans to study art in college. JANELLE BRUMBAUGH Janelle served her home- room as its Girls' League and Red Cross representative. Be- sides this, she found time to participate in G.A.C. activ- ities, Janelle plans to attend college. Junior High. While here, he studied hard to maintain an honor roll average a maiority of the time. His main hobby stems around radio. Dick plans to attend college. KATHLEEN L. BURGESS Kathy was on Student Council, the junior executive board, Red Cross committee, Contando choir, and F.T.A. An honor student, she won a scholarship award. Her future plans include college. ,.-s , . . lf. .4s,.3-Qg Q 'W 'L 2 V g o ,rw X L n MICHAEL J. BURNS Mike's activities and inter- ests are varied. Besides being a Washington Club and in- tramural representative, he was kept busy in stagecraft. His hobbies include hunting and sports. He will ioin the Navy. RUTH J. BURT Ruth served her homeroom well as its Washington Club and assembly committee rep- resentative. Besides her many activities in school, she en- ioyed swimming and listening to records. Her future plans include college. we: 1 RICHARD M. BURD Serving as president of A Cappella choir, head of the Student Council election com- mittee, co-chairman of home- coming, and homeroom pres- ident kept Dick on the go continually. Dick plans on college. CAROLYN BURNHAM Carolyn has earned a pin in A Cappella, a high honor, She was also Washington Club representative for her homeroom and was in G.A.C. College is next on her list. DONALD A. BURRIS Dan's school activities in- cluded class executive com- mittee, track, and radio. Like many seniors, the Armed Services are an ever present part of his plans for the future. LOIS J. BUSH Lois participated in many musical activities, including Contando and A Cappella. She was Girls' League and Washington Club representa- tive. Earning a letter in G.A.C., she plans on college. 115 0,24 l -1 6 ...ns- f -13 in ARTHUR C. CARPENTER Track was Arts sport and he received a letter for cross country. He was on intramural managers and enioys working on car engines. After he fin- ishes a term with the Navy he may attend college. MARY LOU CARTER Mary Lou is very enthusias- tic about her hobby of danc- ing and being a dancing in- structor. Employed at present by Greenes Cleaners she plans t enter business school. SANDRA J. CASSELL Sandy was in G.A.C. the Red Cross Club on the Op- timist and also did volunteer work at U. of M. Hospital the Public Library and Perry Nursery School. Sandy will attend college this fall. CLINT E. CASTOR JR. Sonny spent three years in varsity baseball and two years in varsity football These activities didnt stop him from being homeroom president and Washington Club representative. His fu ture plans point toward M.S.U. RONALDJ BUSH Ron o rough and tough sportsman played baseball and football at AAHS He was also on the Assembly Commit tee Rons future plans in clude entering the Coast Guard and then becoming a State Trooper JUDITH M CALHOUN Working In the library Judy received a silver pin award As a pastime she plays the accordion and raises animals She plans to work as a secre tary for a while and then go to a Bible college RICHARD CASTERLINE During his stay at AAHS Duck was on the senlor execu tive board and took part in intramural basketball E played at Stop and Shop Dick plans to attend college after graduation DIANE CATTRAN Dlanes interests and abil mes centered around swim ming and art Her hobbies in clude swimming roller skat Ing horseback nclnng art and animals After gradua hon Diane plans to go on t0 college BONNIEJ BUSTER was a Stu ent Council representative Girls League representative and secretary of her homeroom She sang in Cantando and girls chorus BJ will make a worthy addition to the col lege of her choice WILLIAM R CANTRELL Hunting and fishing are Bill s favorite sports although he also has many other pas times At the present time he as working at the Circle C Drive in but plans to loin the Army upon graduation DEBORAH A CARTER Debbnes mam Interests at school were languages ln which field she hopes to molar in college Debbie served as class executive board alter nate for her homeroom as well as a library representa we ROBERT E CARVER Bobby halls from Tappan Junior Hugh School Working on cars along with drawing are two af his favorite hob bnes He hasnt picked out a definite school yet but he does plan on college 'Y' -1. 4 JAMES L. CHANDLER Jim earned letters in swim- ming and band plus serving as president vice president and secretarv of his home roam He was a Washington Club representative and plans to enter the U of M School of Architecture ROBERT E CLARK Bob was a member of the swimming team earning two letters and an AllAmertcan award He also was a Wash mgton Club representatnve and was on the honor roll The U of M ts his next step CAROLYN S CLARK Sue was secretary of her homeroom and on the Red Cross committee as well as a member of Nurses Aid and JA She won a shorthand speed and accuracy award She will work after gradua ion JAMES E COLLINS Jim was called many nick names by his friends such as Chuck Willis Little Richard or Duke He served his home room as their intramural man ager In the near future he plans to become a br ck mason N 'ff-sc fx CAROLYN A. CHASE Carolyn's many activities, including Washington Club synchronized swimming luniar class board band and Can tando didnt keep her from being on the honor roll Her bright smile will be seen at the U of M KAY F CLARK Kay was vice president of Girls League homeroom sec retary and vice president be sides being an honor roll stu dent She also was active in dramatics talent shows and was a hostess and an Omega writer C1 vc, 1+ 41 .1 JUDITH C CONNABLE Judy was a sports minded girl who was very active in GAC Girls League and the Washington Club Besides extra-curricular sports she was consistently on the honor roll and plans to enter the U of M to study physical therapy SUSAN E COPLEY Sue proved an excellent student In high school as she won a bronze pun and was a semi finalist in the National Merit Scholarship This fall she hopes to attend Oberlin College X 34' ALEXANDER S CLARKE Al x was elected president of his homeroom after coming here this fall from H B Beal Technical and Commercial High School in Landon On tano He may either go to business college or goin the service FREDERIC H COLVIN Fred was on Student Coun cil and cross country After graduation Fred plans to at time though he works at the Artificial Ice Co Fred enloys all kinds of water sports SANDRA J COOK Sandy has attended eleven other schools all over the world including Egypt Ethl opna and France Her hob bles include swimming bad minton and tennis This honor roll student will attend the U of M EVELYNJ CORNELL Evelyns great vitality and athletic skill have made her a malorette and member of the field hockey volleyball and baseball teams She was secretary ol her homeroom and an intramural manager 1 I R i ' W . - . ', ' - l - t . ' I - - ' V ' l ' f 0 ' - l r I ll Il I S I . ' . . . . V f A ' I ' . I . t' . U l 1 ' , I . VI- ' " ,W X tend college. At the present I I sl - .' . ' ' . i W ' , . .a -.. -sw: 'll X . , . . . P I . . I. 4 ' . 1 , , 115:11 t ' - I if . ' ,' . . 9 if , , , ' , - -V . .' . . ' ' ll' A--6 ' 6 CAROLINE K. CREGO Carol, a marching band maiorette, has participated in such activities as Girls' League and the Washington Club. She enioys sewing as a hobby. After high school, Carol plans to work. RACHEL L. CUNDIFF This pretty redhead par- ticipated in many activities at AAHS. She served on intra- mural managers and took part in baseball, basketball, and field hockey. Rachel plans zouattend the U. of M. this a . LARRY E. CRAMER Larry's chief interest was band, his skill os a drummer earned him a band letter. He also served as a Wash- ington Club representative and homeroom president. Larry is looking forward ta college. THOMAS .l. CRAWFORD Tom was president of his homeroom and n Student Council alternate. He was also on the football team and received a letter. Tom, who works at the Kroger Store, will attend college. A. LEE CRANSON "Vivacious" partici- pated in the band and "all sports," particularly horseback riding. Lee has no college plans. Instead she hopes for a career as an airline hostess or perhaps a secretary. ZONA G. CRAWFORD Zona keeps herself busy collecting records and ice skating. As for future ambi- tions, she has decided to tackle the business world but is as yet undecided about her exact field. RICHARD S. CURTIS Dick attended Santa Monica High School in California dur- ing his sophomore and iunior years. He enioys working with cars and especially his own 1932 Ford. He plans to ioin the Air Force. DOUGLAS A. DANFORTH Doug was in band and or- chestra. His musical talents led to his getting a letter in band besides silver and gold pins. Doug plans to at- tend college after graduation from high school. Sk 2311 ,f . f DAVID R. CURRIE Dave sights the Air Force as his goal. Active in intra- mural managers, he prefers hunting and swimming over all other sports. He is cur- rently employed at the Mich- igan Pharmacy. RICHARD E. DANNER Dick was a member Of the audio visual, and 6f1i0YS stamp collecting and photog- raphy. Currently employed UI Paper Corners, Dick pl0f1S to go into the Army. 1 xt 6. I., -0' CHARLES CUNDIFF Chuck was a member of AAHS's rifle club which helped him pursue his hobby of hunting. When he has time, he also enioys swimming. Chuck has work in mind after graduation. RICHARD M. CUNDIFF "Rich" is one of those energetic youths who find time to hold a iob besides carry- ing on school activities. He will attend Eastern Michigan College after graduation. A5 DANNY D. DAVIS Dan could be called AAHS's best singing wrestler. Besides being in A Cappella for two years and earning three letters in wrestling, Dan received a football letter and was in Radio Guild. BOB A. DAVIS During Bob's high school days, he was busy working at Van's Market. When not doing this, he probably was playing football or baseball, which were his favorite hob- bies. Bob's future plans in- clude working. RUTH A. DEBORDE Ruth's activities included Student Council, assembly and Washington Club repre- sentative. She also received a G.A.C. letter, was home- room secretary, and president of the hostess committee. She plans to study dental hygiene. RONALD P. DEMARCO Wrestling, Ron's favorite sport, took up a good deal of his time in high school. His homeroom elected him vice-president for two years. Ron's future plans include the Armed Forces. FLORIDA M. DAVIS As secretary of the senior class, officer in Girls' League, a Student Council representa- tive, and president of her homeroom, Florida's life was always busy, She was also active in G.A.C. GILBERT O. DEAN Gil came to AAHS from Little Rock, Arkansas. There he was vice-president of the Science Club, a member of the Rocket Club, and the golf team. Gil plans to attend college. BONNIE J. DESBROUGH Bonnie was on the library committee and C.O.T. Al- though she was on the honor roll most of the time, Bonnie still found time for skating and swimming. She plans on college. DAVID A. DEYE Dave has left his mark on the library committee and participated on the intramural managers' committee and Washington Club. Dave's out- side interests are art and music. He will attend college. Yi KENDRIK J. deKONlNG Kim received letters in both golf and cross country. He was also vice-president of his homeroom and Washington Club representative. College is among Kim's future plans. THOMAS A. DeMlCHEI.E Tom spends a great deal of his time working under the hood of a car, as his favorite hobby is custom cars. At the present time, he is employed at St. Joseph's Hospital. BETH A. DEXTER Beth must have proved a very good assembly repre- sentative because she served on the committee in both her iunior and senior years. She also was in the girls' chorus. Beth plans to attend Cleary College. RICHARD V. DIETERLE Dick, labelled "Deets" by fellow members of the track team, received a letter in track and was president of his homeroom. He plans to enter the U. of M. to pre- pare for o career in medicine. Nb' -1' JAMES DIXON Jim was on Student Council and was his homeroom's vice- president. He participated in football, track, and basket- ball, receiving letters and pins in two of these sports. He plans to attend M.S.U. JOHN R. DUFORD John served his homeroom as president, and was on Stu- dent Council as well as being on the honor roll. Hockey is one of his favorite sports. John plans to go into the Navy. ORA DUBOSE, JR. Ora was a member of the male chorus and mixed en- semble as well as playing on the basketball and football teams. He also served his homeroom as assembly repre- sentative. Ora's plans include college. DAVID J. DUNLAP David participated in track in his sophomore year and is interested in stagecraft. He plans to attend an l.B.M. school after graduation. At present, he is employed at the hospital on the C.O.T. program. CLAUDIA I. ECKHOFF Although an honor roll student, Claudia has partici- pated in G.A.C., was a Girls' REBECCA J. EDMONSON A member of the marching and concert bands, "Becky" received a band letter and a silver pin. She was also a League representative, was in the Washington Club, and was a member of band, for which she received a letter. SANDRA K. EFNER Sandy was active as a Stu- dent Council member and secretary of her homeroom, Even though she was busy with G.A.C. and drama work- shop, she found time for swimming and horseback rid- mg. JOHN H. ENNS John served on the Student Council for three semesters. iv . f P . .P ' News. NELSON F. EN NS At AAHS Nelson has par- ticipated in band, orchestra, Washington Club representa tive. Interested in nursing she plans to attend the U of M EDWARD R. ELLIOT Ed's main interest Ites n audio-visual work He was a member of that committee and won a pin for his efforts At the present time he employed at the Ann Arbor 120 He participated in swimming and golf, receiving a letter in swimming for two years. He plans to attend the Uni- versity of Michigan. PHILLIP W. FAVERS Phil is employed at the A 8- P Store. After graduation, he will fulfill his military obligation by ioining the Navy. He hopes to enter col- lege after he is discharged from the Service. and basketball. In addition he's been on the honor roll, served as homeroom presi- ident, and been an intramural manager. College is in Nel- son's future. ELIZABETH A. FAWCETT "Liz" served as president and secretary of her home- room and vice-president of Cantando. She was also a member of the hostess com- mittee. She plans to attend the U. of M. to study dental hygiene, JUDY FICK If you browsed around the library you may have seen Judy, as she was a member of the library committee. Now employed at Tappan Junior High, she plans to attend Cleary Business College. RICHARD L. FISHER Dick's high school life was colored by serving as speak- ing delegate to the l958 Stu- dent Council convention and being his homeroom's presi- dent. He still found time for good grades and pursuing his hobby of golf. KATHLEEN FIKE Newspaper work is one of Kay's interests as she was both ad manager and cir- culation co-manager of the Optimist. She was also in G.A.C., where she received a letter. Her future plans in- clude college. MARLENE K. FISHER Marlene was honored with a shorthand award. She was also secretary and treasurer of her homeroom, and was a member of Washington Club. After graduation she plans to attend college. 'l-A1 DAVID L. FLEMING Co-captain this year of our cross country team, Dave also played basketball and base- ball, receiving three letters for his sports ability. He at- tended Boys' State and also served as homeroom presi- dent. JOHN J. FLIS John was a member of a "Rock N' Roll Combo." He is interested in cartoaning and enioys building model planes. He is now looking forward to attending the School of Den- tistry at the U. of M. 1 1 JOYCE D. FOLTS Joyce worked in drama workshop and was a repre- sentative to Red Cross and intramural managers. She was in G.A.C. and was a baton twirler. Joyce may work as a telephone operator. JUDITH A. FORNACA At Ann Arbor High School, Judy was elected to the Stu- dent Council from her home- room, and also participated in G.A.C. activities. Judy plans to get business training at Cleary College. DOUGLAS A. FLESHMAN What's the weather like? Well, ask Doug at the AAHS weather station. An active member of audio-visual, Washington Club, and an in- tramural manager, Doug found time for his hobby of model railroading. PATRICIA A. FLYNN Pat participated in intra- mural volleyball, hockey, soft- ball, and basketball. ln addi- tion, she was on assembly committee, in G.A.C. and Girls' League, and secretary of her homeroom. Pat plans to attend the U. of M. JOHN B. FONTANA John played on the J.V. football team in his sopho- more year. Currently he is employed at the Michigan Union. Future plans include the United States Coast Guard and then study at the U. of M. JAMES M. FORTNEY Jim was in A Cappella, on the iunior and senior execu- tive boards, and vice-presi- dent of his homeroom. Jim played basketball and J.V. football. Future plans include attending Wittenberg College in Ohio. DAVID D. FRITZ SALLY L. FUERSTNAU COLLEEN K. FEEMAN Colleen was in Cantando, active in dramatics, and was secretary as well as vice-pres- ident of her homeroom. She was also on the assembly committee and an intramural manager. She plans to attend E.M.C. REBECCA L. FRENCH Becky is proud of her scholarship pins and honor roll standing. She was a re- presentative in spring foren- sics and in debate. She served as homeroom secre- tary, and was in "Co-Y". Dave's long list of activi- ties includes tackle football, Washington Club, rifle club, audio visual committee, and intramural managers. Besides this, his hobbies are photog- raphy ond electricity. ANN M. GARNER Ann, a busy member of the Optimist and Omega staffs and G.A.C., was treasurer of the F.T.A. and was elected president of her homeroom. The next stop for this gal is Eastern Michigan. MILTON L. FOWLER Milt's plans for the future include going to college to study to become a teacher. Because of these plans, he was in F.T.A. Milt served his homeroom as Washington Club representative and was also in A Cappella. HARRY N. FOX HUVYY Pfoved his interest in sports by playing football and baseball. He works at Stanger Furniture, and, if the drqfr doesn't catch him first, plans to ga to college and then work. 13? .1 Playing bass in the orches- tra, Sally earned an orches- tra letter. She also worked on the Optimist and Omega and was active in G.A.C. A future teacher, Sally will at- tend Eastern Michigan Col- lege. GLENNA R. GEROW Glenna's friendly smile was known to everybody as she was very active in high school. Besides being presi- dent of Girls' League, She was a Student Council repre- sentative and in A Cappella. DONNA R. FOX Danna was a member and a representative of the Wash- ington Club and also partici- pated in G.A.C. An honor roll student, she should do well in the literature school at Albion College. JANET M. FORD Jan was a member of girls' chorus, mixed ensemble, Can- tando, and A Cappella. Va- riety is the word as she was also a representative of li- brary and intramural com- mittees. JANET J. FREEMAN Besides G.A.C., Girls' League, and Optimist, Janet was president in F.T.A. She did cadet teaching, received an award, and was president in F.T.A. Jan plans to study special education at the U. of M. SALLY M. FRINKLE "Frink" was in Cantando and A Cappella, in addition to being on the hostess com- mittee. She served her home- room as president and repre- sentotive to the Washington Club. She is looking forward to college. fra RALPH A. GESLER Ralph lettered in football and baseball, was on the wrestling squad, in band, on Student Council and in Wash- ington Club. He still main- tained a high scholastic av- erage. College is foremost in his plans. JAMES F. GlLBREATH Jim's interest in music is evidenced by his participation in A Cappella, mixed ensem- ble, male ensemble, and male chorus. He also served on audio-visual and in Junior Achievement. .5 we ,V CLEMENT C. GILL Clem was on the debate squad and served as assistant dean of this organization. He was a Student Council repre- sentative, president of his homeroom, and an intramural manager. Clem plans to at- tend law school. JAMES GILLIGAN Jim was an active member of Junior Achievement while a student at Ann Arbor High School. One of his many hob- bies includes cars and he plans to work after gradua- tion. JOHN R. GILLELAND John, an honor student, won three scholarship awards. Besides this, he was in cross country, orchestra, and was a representative to Washing- ton Club and the library com- mittee. John will attend the U. of M. RAYMOND V. GOLDEN Ray was kept busy iust staying on the honor roll, and through this he received a scholastic award. Still, he had time for his hobbies - cars and photography. Ray is planning on college. or , OP no-" 'v L gm, ' . 6. sit? 6 C ERIKA GRAF Erika, an exchange student, came from Obberrealschule Dinkelsbuhl School in Ger- many. She served her new school on the Washington Club. Erika will attend an interpreter school in Munich, Germany. DAN L. GRIFFITH Dan served his homeroom as president, vice-president and member of the class executive committee. Those who saw a "little maroon bomb" go flying by knew it was Dan and his lavorite hob- by-his car. Ag, . A fi if ,. ...Q -5 PEGGY J. GOETZ Peggy was in Cantando, G.A.C. and on the sophomore executive committee. An avid horse fan, she worked part time as counselor at Camp Cottonwood. Peggy's plans include schooling for a mod- elling career. MAX J. GOLDMAN Max was on the sophomore and junior executive boards and was on the assembly com- mittee during his senior year. Mcrx's hobby is Hi-Fi. He wishes to attend Hillsdale College. DAVID D. GRAY Dave was in and out of school most of the time be- cause he was a member of the C.O.T. program. After graduation, Dave will serve his country by ioining the United States Air Force. JAMES R. GRIFFITH As member of the varsity swimming team, Jim received three letters. Active in stu- dent government, he served as homeroom president and Student Council representa- tive. An honor student, he plans to attend college. J J ac: KURT K. HAAXMA Marching band and concert band, track, and football fig- ured in Kurt's high school days. Though a photography fan, he has other interests, fishing and hunting. He's look- ing toward college and the Navy. ROBERT C. HAIGHT Bob won three scholarship awards and three letters in tennis. Besides being presi- dent of his homeroom and on the assembly committee, he played in the band. Bob plans to attend an Eastern college. nexium ' 40 WILLIAM W. HALLOCK The golf club, the gavel, and good grades represent part of Bill's activities. He was homeroom president as well as a member of the Student Council. Bill hopes to attend the U. of M. this fall. CARL HAMMOND Ambition is a word that can be applied to Carl as he plans to work his way through college. Helping him on his way is the money he receives from working at the Washte- naw Dairy. WILLIAM J. GRINDSTAFF Jack was radio engineer during the Student Council convention. He did homeroom bowling. Because of his inter- est in cars, he was employed by the AAHS auto workshop. JUDITH A. GRUBER Judy, a former New York- er, was secretary of F.T.A. and homeroom. A member of G.A.C. and senior executive board, Judy is now taking flying lessons at the A.A. Air- port. She plans to attend the U. of M. Nursing School. K JEAN M. HAMMER Jean was active in politics as a member of both the Stu- dent Council and the presi- dents' committee. Another field she invaded was sports. She was active in G.A.C. and synchronized swimming. HELEN A. HAMMONDS Helen showed foresight in planning her future by be- longing to the future nurses club. She also likes to GXPFESS herself in art. She particip'-Tied in the library and assembly committees as well as WClSl'I- ington Club. BARBARA M. GROB Barbara was an athletic- minded girl since she played baseball and basketball at AAHS. She also enioyed swim- ming or skating during her after school hours. Barb was also a helpful member of the homeroom. MARY E. HAAB Mary, whose main interest is singing, was a member of the A Cappella Choir. She is employed at the controller's office at City Hall but plans to go on to nursing school. KARL R. HAGERMAN A letter for cross country and track will always recall fond school memories for Ron after his graduation. Ron's favorite pastime is tinkering with cars. He intends to ioin the Navy after graduation. JERI-LYNNE HAINES Jeri served as secretary of her homeroom, on the Red Cross committee, and was the Washington Club's chairman of football program sales. Her main interest was dra- matics. Her future plans in- clude college. My Q Y' ' f . f - 'F th SALLY H. HANAWALT Sally was very active in high school . . . J.V. cheer- leading, Student Council, iun- ior executive board, and G.A.C. were some of her activities. She plans to enter the field of nursing, JAY G. HANKE Sports seem to occupy much of Jay's time. He enioys hunt- ing and fishing and played intramural golf at AAHS. Joy was a member of intramural managers and Washington Club. Future plans include college. MARION H. HARMS Marion was so good at writing those funny little marks called shorthand that she was awarded a shorthand certificate. Her record collec- tion shows her interest in music. Marion plans on at- tending Cleary College. DAVID M, HARTSOOK Dave's activities included being on the track and cross country squads, as well as serving on the assembly com- mittee and participating in debate. He kept up honor roll grades and plans to at- tend college. sl v, 5,3 JAMES C. HANDY "Jim Dandy" found an in- terest in sports for his spare time activities. A member of the Ann Arbor League, he played hockey at the Colos- seum. He was also interested in baseball. His future plans include college. WILLIAM A. HARJU "Variety is the spice of life" and Bill believed this wholeheartedly, He partici- pated in three unrelated fields through the assembly commit- tee, the swimming team, and A Cappella. E.M.C. is in BiII's plans. J 'YJ' 4, f 3: i 3 3'-V.. K " "f 4 if I 6' Q W -X 5 le., i V ff Q .. PAUL R. HASLEY Paul was a member of the Boys' Leader Corps. Because of his interest in mechanics, he has been employed at the C 81 H Garage. He plans to go into the service. SANDRA L. HAWK5 Sandy served on the Red Cross committee, the assem- bly committee, and sang in the Cantando choir during her three years. She received two awards for Gregg short- hand. Sandy works ot the Public Library. 6 A Q V., ia Q! 1 f-S -- v-. 1 5 Ig., a 1' .. if- ,. 9 Q. K Z PATRICIA S. HARRIS Pat was very busy as vice- president of her homeroom, an assembly and library committee representative, and in the Girls' League. G.A.C. and her studies also took a lot of her time. KENNETH A. HARWOOD For three years Ken par- ticipated in wrestling and re- ceived a wrestling letter. Along the sports line, he's in- terested in hunting and water skiing. After leaving AAHS Ken is planning on college. 3 o-an JUDY l. HATFIELD Judy has sung in mixed en- semble and played field hock- ey after school. When work- ing at the public library leaves her time, she likes to swim or water ski. Judy is looking forward to college. MARGARET J. HAYNES Peggy's activities include Girls' Chorus, intramural bas- ketball, and G.A.C. She is also a roller skating and swimming enthusiast. Peggy plans to attend Cleary Cal- lege or work after gradua- tion. 'I25 fL?s BRADFORD W. HENDERSON "Brad" was the able co- captain of the wrestling team and received a letter in that sport. He also served as a Student Council representa- tive. His hobbies are radio and electronics. THOMAS W. HERNDON Tom, as he is called by everyone, came to Ann Arbor High from Tappan. Outside of school, Tom's interests cen- ter around sport cars. After graduation he plans to go to college. 1 -r BEN HAYWOOD Ben's spotlight is on sports, as he participated In track in which he a letter. His hobbies naturally are in the sporting field, also, for Ben went all out for foot- ball and basketball. JACQUELYN V. HELGREN Jackie found that sports occupied a great deal of her time after school. She likes swimming, skating, badmin- ton, ond volleyball. Jackie has decided to work after graduation. 'ff WILLIAM J. HAYWOOD Willie was really an out- standing runner, being elected track captain twice. He played football and was one of the star players of the team. Sev- eral letters accompanied his athletic success. WILLIAM F. HELLER As a recipient of a scholar- ship award and president and vice-president of the assem- bly committee, Bill's life was for from dull. He was also a student council alternate and in the Washington Club. RICHARD F. HEUSEL Away from school, you are very likely to find Dick hunt- ing or fishing because these are his favorite hobbies. On completion of high school, he plans to attend college and find himself a career. JAMES N. HIXSON A member of the band, Jim received a letter and a J.V. shield. He played tennis and iunior varsity baseball. Jim also served as a Washington Club representative. His fu- ture plans include college. JAMES C. HEWETT Jim's main extra curricular activity in AAHS was wres- tling, and his favorite hobby is working on cars. He plans on entering the Marines after his graduation from high school. MARGARET L. HOAD Peg is active in the Ann Arbor Jr. Theatre, and is an active member of the Science Club. She was a member of the accelerated English class for two years. Her future plans include attending the U. of M. FREDERICK A. HERBERT Fred served as vice-presi- dent of the Student Council and presidents' committee. A member of A Cappella, marching, and concert band, Fred also lent his athletic ability to the golf, swimming, and wrestling teams. CAROLE B. HERTSBERG Carole played girls' volley- ball, basketball, hockey, and softball. Besides being in Girls' League and intramural sports alternate. Carole en- ioys tennis and ice skating. She plans to attend the Uni- versity of lllinois. LA VERNE L. HOAG "Vern's" interest in sports while at AAHS included arch- ery ond riflery. He repre- sented his homeroom on the intramural managers' commit- tee and the Washington Club. Vern plans to attend the U. of M. College of Engineering. ROBERT W. HOFFMEYER Bob, though good in base- ball, found his best sport to be track. To complete his activities, he was president, vice-president and Student Council representative for his homeroom. Bob plans to con- tinue his schooling. FREDERICK K. HOFFMANN Fred was vice-president and president of his homeroom. Sports-minded, he was on the golf team, a bay cheerleader, and won a basketball man- ager's letter. He was also a disc jockey. He plans to be- come a dentist. SHARON M. HOGAN This peppy Pioneer lent her talents to the band for two years and participated in drama as well. College and becoming an airline steward- ess head her list for the future. gr 5 SHARON A. HOGUE Sharon participated in such sports as volleyball and field hockey. She was also a Washington Club representa- tive. Sharon's hobbies are swimming and ice skating. After graduation she will work. JANICE E. HOLCOMB Jan was on the Red Cross committee twice and was a Girls' League alternate dur- ing her iunior year. She en- ioys playing the piano and singing. After graduation, Jan plans to become a sec- retary. .,,. 4- 6 sf nb f Y? nn- BRENDA C. HOPKINS Brenda was in G.A.C., Girls' League, Washington Club, and modern dance. She also served on presidents' commit- tee. Brenda is working part time at Klines but plans to become a secretary after graduation. ROBERTA L. HOWE Roberta was in Cantando choir, drama workshop, and was secretary of her home- room. Her hobbies are hunt- ing and drafting. Roberta en- ioys being a Girl Scout. She plans to get married after graduation. DOUGLAS .l. HOLCOMB Douglas, called DJ. by most of his friends, is employed at the Food 8- Drug Mart. After graduation, he will ioin the Navy and later attend East- ern Michigan College. RUSSELL S. HOLLENBACK Russ is interested in many outside sports, such as golf and fishing. But he was a member of his homeroam's bowling team. Russ, who works for the Kroger Co., will enter the U. of M. this fall. DON E. HORNING Sports-minded Don received a letter in baseball and was on the wrestling squad. This busy little man was also pres- ident of his homeroom. Don plans to work after gradua- tion from high school. STEPHEN HUBBELL Winning a scholarship award was one of Steve's exciting moments. He was consistently on the T2 point honor roll. As homeroom pres- ident and Student Council representative, he served his school well. 'I27 JAMES J. HUNTZICKER Jim's interests seem to be in his studiesl He won honor- able mention in the Michigan Math Contest, a VFW essay award, and two scholarship pins. Jim plans a career in chemical engineering. JON INGEBRIGTSEN Jon played Junior Varsity football for two years and was on the varsity team as a senior. He also played bas- ketball and was an intra- mural manager. Jon's future plans are indefinite. ELEANOR M. JAGOW Eleanor's many enioyments lie in her manual dexterity. She likes to sew, textile paint, and picture tint. Eleanor was in G.A.C. and was an assist- ant swimming instructor. She plans to attend medical school. JULIA M. HUBER Julie was a representative to Student Council, iunlor ex- ecutive board, and Washing- ton Club. She also sang in girls' chorus and Cantando. She plans to attend nursing school at the U. of M. RUBY L. HUNTER As a member of G.A.C., Ruby played in many of our after school sports. She would like to attend nursing school after graduation from high school. JUDITH JAHNKE Student Council, class exec- utive board, drama, and marching band kept "Yanke" busy at AAHS. She also is employed at Van's Market. Judy will attend college and become an airline stewardess. DAVID P. JESPERSEN Dave played football all three of his high school years, two of which were on varsity. His favorite hobbies are cars and swimming. Dave plans to ioin the U. S. Navy after graduation. PAMELA S. HUGHES Pam was a member of the A Cappella choir and Can- tando. She was a member of the Radio Guild and also on the morning bulletin staff. Pam plans to attend the U. of M. to maior in speech. DONALD R. HUTCHINS ln addition to playing footl ball and basketball, Don was an intramural manager. He also enioys working on cars and flying airplanes. Don plans to attend college and then ioin the air force. BEVERLY E. INBODY Many knew Bev as repre- sentative to Girls' League and Student Council and as one of the girls working at the Michigan Union. She also found time for her hobby, sports. Bev's future includes college. HELEN JACKSON This active senior sang in the A Cappella and Cantando choirs and participated in modern dance and nurses club. To complete her activ- ities, she played on volley- ball and hockey teams. JAMES A. JOHNSON Jim was assistant manager and trainer of the varsity Pioneers and played intra- mural football. Jim was a member of the executive com- mittee and Washington Club. After the Air Force, Jim will attend college. RICHARD F. JOHNSON Dick served his homeroom and school as a representa- tive to the executive commit- tee. He is now uncertain as to whether he should attend college or enter the armed forces following graduation. MARILYN C. JOHNSON Marilyn was kept busy as vice-president and secretary of her homeroom and as o Student Council and assembly committee representative. She likes sports as her GAC mem- bership shows. ANN l. JONES Scholostically, Ann had many accomplishments: honor roll, honorable mention in an essay contest, and a bronze scholarship pin. She was a member of the band and F.T.A. Future plans include college. DAVID F. JUNCKER Dave participated in cross country, track, tennis, and marching band. He was a member of the executive com- mittee for two years as well as receiving awards in music. He plans to study engineering. ALLYN J. KAERCHER Hunting, fishing, and water skiing took up a great deal of Al's spare time. He was also very interested in ath- letics. As for future plans, he hopes to ioin the Navy. 'G-N1 ir' JUDITH A. KAZDA A keynote to Judy's person- ality is participation, for she served in a variety of activ- ities including Student Coun- cil, presidents' committee, class executive committee, Omega and G.A.C. PATRICIA H. KELLER Pat's interest in school af- fairs helped make her home- room president, besides being on the Student Council, soph- omore executive board, and intramural managers. She was also in A Cappella and G.A.C. MICHAEL KABAT Mike was on Student Coun- cil two semesters, heading several committees. He also worked with the Washington Club. Besides all of this, he was on the honor roll. Mike plans to attend the U. of M. ROBERT KAY A couple of Bob's hobbies are record collecting and photography. He was very active in the band, being a member for three years. Bob plans on attending college after graduation from high school. JAMES C. KEEN Jim's last year of high school found him treasurer of the Student Council. He was also president of his home- room and won several awards for wrestling. After gradua- tion he will attend college to study dentistry. NANCY LOU KEMPF Nancy was on the senior executive board, a Student Council alternate, and worked on the Omega and Optimist staffs. She was president and secretary of her homeroom and belonged to F.T.A. and G.A.C. . ...mfr ,1- tc -L-.Li, JUDY A. KITTEL Judy served on Student Council, G.A.C., and the class executive board. In addition, she found time to serve as her homeroom's secretary and vice-president. She is em- ployed at the Michigan Union. F. LEE KLEINSCHMIDT Lee was well known for his participation in music. He was a member of the march- ing band, but at the same time managed to be an honor roll student. He plans to at- tend the U. of M. JUDITH D. KLOHS Judy was a valuable mem- ber of her homeroom. She served as secretary and also was representative on Wash- ington Club for two semes- ters. Sewing and roller skat- ing fill up Judy's leisure time. MARILYN JEANNE KNOTT Jeanne was quite active in drama workshop and repre- sented her homeroom on Girls' League and intramural managers. She plans to ot- tend lndiana University and become a model. 130 CAMILLA M. KERKHOFF "Camie" came here from Indiana in her iunior year. She belonged to mixed en- semble and was, also, home- room president and a Girls' League alternate. ln her sen- ior year she ioined F.T.A. JOANN A. Kll.LlCH JoAnn participated in most sports including basketball, tennis, swimming, and ping- pong. Varying her activities, she was a member of F.T.A. JoAnn would like to attend college and become a mis- sionary. SANDRA M. KILLEBREW Business is Sandy's interest. She was secretary of her homeroom and participated in the C.O.T. program. She was in G.A.C., drama work- shop, and girls' chorus. Her future plans include Cleary or E.M.C. BARBARA KIMBALL Coming from West High School in Salt Lake City, Barb immediately started out by ioining the orchestra and F.T.A. To continue her love for music, she will attend the U. of M. music school. GARY J. KNlFFlN Gary devoted his athletic ability mainly to cross coun- try and track, and received letters in both. He was a representative to the sopho- more executive board and in- tramural managers. He plans to attend Northwestern. KAREN C. KNOX Karen was in Girls' Chorus, on the Omega and Optimist, and on the assembly commit- tee as well as the radio guild. She plans to go to GY? school to become a fashion designer. ua' SUE A. KLAASEN Sue served her homeroom on Student Council, Washing- ton Club, and iunior execu- tive board. She also be- longed to the A Cappella choir and the hostess commit- tee. She plans to attend the U. of M. School of Nursing. OWEN H. KLElNSCHMlDT An All-American swimmer, Owen was ca-captain of the team and received a letter in swimming. He was elected president of homeroom and intramural manager. Owen is among the college bound seniors. ..9. 'Qs-1. WILLIAM T. KOERNKE Bill is certainly an outdoor manl While not busy with school work, he likes to hunt, fish, and go camping. Bill was employed at Krogers for three years. GISELA KRISTEN Gisela, a German exchange student, belonged to G.A.C. and Washington Club. Her sports ability was shown by the many prizes she won in Germany. When she returns to Germany, she expects to attend college. HAROLD J. KOSMOLSKI Hal, the rugged outdoor type, lists hunting as a fav- orite hobby. He likes to work on cars and has a iob at Krogers. Dental technician and the Naval Service are among Hal's ambitions, UWE H. O. KRUGER "The whole school is un- usual to me," says Uwe, who came from Germany. At AAHS he sang in the choir. His interests range from stomp collecting and reading, to chess. Uwe plans to study law. PATRICIA L. KUOHN Pat came to AAHS from St. Mary's Academy. She enioys listening to popular music and reading novels. Though employed at Kuohn's Clothing Store, Pat hopes to go to Cleary Business College. A, ALEKSIS LAHTI Drama workshop took up much of Aleksis' time when he was in the plays, "Laura" and "Blithe Spirit." He was also on the swimming team. Alter graduation he will en- ter the U. of M. .1-,.. , 'ff' s. KATHERINE LAU By winning a scholarship award, Kathy brought honor to her homeroom, class, and school. She served on the library and intramural mana- gers' committees and was a member of the G.A.C. PATRICIA A. LEFTRIDGE Patsy was a member ol the A Cappella choir, Can- tando, and the girls' chorus. She was secretary of her homeroom and also on the assembly and library commit- tees. She plans to attend the U. of M. s E.'F'L!,'ru! ,. 'K DONALD W. LAGE Don received a letter for tennis in his sophomore and iuniors years. He was also president of his homeroom, on Student Council, co-chair- man of the Washington Club, and a member of A Cappella. SUSAN A. LaRUE Sue had a part in many school activities. She was on Student Council and was active in drama, radio guild, and Washington Club, besides being recording secretary of Girls' League. Sue plans on college. -R E- PAMELA J. LEDERLE Pam has been in Girls' League, assembly committee and band, in which she earned a letter. She kept up an honor roll record and was vice-president of her home- room. Pam is planning to at- tend the U. of M. PATRICIA A. LEGGETT Pat was busy in sports and won a letter in G.A.C. She participated in modern dance and Washington Club. She was on executive board and Omega. Pat will go to the U. of M. 131 SUSAN A. LOVE KAREN B. LOVELACE KAREN LIRETTE While at AAHS, Karen was on the honor roll, besides be- ing on C.O.T. Karen's hobbies are cooking and sewing which will come in handy as Karen plans on marriage after grad- uation. STANLEY C. LIVINGSTON Stan won a letter as a member of the swimming team. He also was president of his homeroom. Stan, whose hobby is mechanics, plans to enter the Air Farce or attend college. "TES-17's i in Sue was homeroom secre- tary, student council alternate, a member of Cantando, and A Cappella, as well as the G.A.C., where she received an athletic letter. She hopes to attend airline hostess school after graduation. NORITA A. LUCAS A Cappella and Cantando both played a maior role in Nita's AAHS life. Sports also attracted her with her hob- bies being swimming, skiing, and ice skating. Nita was also secretary of her homeroom. SUSAN G. LEONARD Sue was active as o mem- ber of Student Councll, Can- tando, A Cappella, hostess committee, and Optimlst. She was in the operetta and was a Washington Club represent- ative. Sue will attend the U. of M. CAROL R. LINDNER Carol sang in mixed en- semble and girls chorus as well as sewing on the library committee. She hopes to make telephone operating her career. Although she served on the sophomore executive board, assembly committee, Washing- ton Club, and as secretary of her homeroom, Karen had time to enioy many outdoor sports. She wishes to become a stewardess. ALFRED S. LUCK Al went all out for sporti. playing J.V. football for two years, intramural football. basketball and baseball. Be- sides this, he represented his homeroom in intramural man- agers. He will attend E.M.C. KAREN LESHER A5 a iunlor, Karen was nominated as a contestant for a national English prize and was also a semi-finalist in "l Spgqk for Democracy." Kar- en's plans include college, possibly in the East. THOMAS E. LINDNER Tom's main interest centers around cars. Repairing, re- modelling, and tinkering are fun for him. He also held iobs with the Coca-Cola and Arti- Hcial lce Company. The Navy is in Tom's future. LAWRENCE L. LIPPITT Larry spent his lumor year in sunny California He was president of his homeroom as well as a member on the football and track teams and intramural baseball He plans to attend college M. MARTHA G. LOFBERG Martha was busy as cor responding secretary of the Student Council, secretary and treasurer of the hostess committee, and homeroom president. She also played in many after-school sports Martha will attend the U of if ' GARY G. LUND Gary has found that his main interests during his after school hours center around cars and motorcycles. This former Tappan student plans to seek employment after graduation from high school. MARY ANN LYONS As if being editor-in-chief and third page editor of the Optimist weren't enough, Mary Ann still was a member of the Synchronized Swim- ming Club, Student Council and G.A.C. She will go to Albion. LINDA J. MACKIE Linda literally sang her way through high school as she was a member of mixed ensemble, Cantanda, and A Cappella. After graduation Linda plans to attend the Chicago Art School. LEAI. W. MALLORY Leal attended Las Vegas High School before coming to Ann Arbor. He was employed at Kline's Department Store, where he was assistant to the display manager. leal's future plans are to attend art school. -4' 17' KATHERINE L. LYKE Kathy's favorite sports are water skiin and ice skatin Q 9- She represented her home- room on Girls' League two semesters and was a member of G.A.C. After graduation she plans to work. WILLIE B. MCUGHY Willie represented his home- room on the Red Cross com- mittee. His hobbies include automobile remodelling. wil. lie is employed at the Kwik- N-Kleen Laundry and will continue working after grad- uation. WILLIAM J. MARQUIS Bill went out for basketball, cross country, and tennis. Active in student affairs, he was president of his home- room as a sophomore and senior. Despite his many ac- tivities, he kept up his grades. BRENDA L. MARSHALL Brenda served on the as- sembly committee, acted as Student Council alternate, and was in Cantanda and G.A.C. She was captain of field hockey and volleyball teams. After leaving AAHS, Brenda will attend Hillsdale College. s""" sb' 4? nr '39 gal . i, - - A, .0 . fs 't R . Z 2? Yr 1 i I . I FREDERICK J. MALECKI Fred served his homeroom as president and was the in- tramural golf champion of 1958. Fred, who works part time at the Food and Drug Mart, plans to attend Uni- versity of Michigan. NANCY L. MARKHAM Nancy was chairman of the 1958 homecoming. She worked on the Student Coun- cil, hostess committee, and assembly committee, and was active in the Synchronized Swimming Club, and G.A.C. Nancy plans to attend col- lege. DIANE J. MARSH Always busy, Diane served her homeroom as president, Student Council representa- tive, and on the iunior exec- utive board. An honor stu- dent, Diane's plans include college and being an airline hostess. DAVID S. MARTIN At AAHS, Dave has been a member of the orchestra and participated in baseball. His interests are widespread - ranging from cars to pianos. Dave's future plans include attending college. 133 vi 55 if l H A-gl ,5 , 5- ' ff . , , ' . arg? V .492-.Q . .ef 'H -H " as ' ' J f 7 wi 'l '- P JUDY A. MAYERS Judy was o member of G.A.C. and the Washington Club. Her hobbies include swimming and water skiing. She's employed at Klines De- partment Store and after graduation will attend a busi- ness college. PAMELA MILES Pam has been in Cantando, Student Council and Girls' League. For three years she belonged to the Synchronized Swimming Club. Pam has been vice-president and sec- retary of her homeroom. She plans on college. SHIRLEY A. MILEY Q 71.143511 SANDRA K. MASCHKE "Kay" took port in many activities in AAHS. She was on the assembly committee and also lent her voice to the girls' chorus. After graduation Kay will enter Central Mich- igan college ot Mt. Pleasant. JOHN C. MAXWELL This honor roll student was a member of the Science Club and the band. Since John's hobby is music, his band activities have fit in very well. College is in John's future. MARGIE A. MATTERN Marge enioys skating and water skiing, besides having participated in bowling and intramural managers on be- half of her homeroom. She also was her homeroam's sec- retary. Marge is undecided about her future. JUDITH A. MAYBEE Judy was very busy as evidenced by her work as sophomore class secretary, homeroom presidentand secre- tory, Optimist page editor, business manager for A Cap- pella, hostess committtee mem- ber and state F.T.A. president. is BQ A Shirley was active in her J.A. group as its treasurer. She was a member of intra- mural managers ond worked in the Tappan Junior High office on C.O.T. Shirley will attend Cleary Business Col- lege. KENNETH E. MOHL Ken played the trumpet in the band as a sophomore. ln his iunior year, he attended Spring Arbor Junior College. He likes to build model cars and plans to ioin the Navy. . if . f s -at LM., -.. 5. . . WILLIAM L. MlLLER Bill has been a member of the Student Council and also the baseball team. He was a delegate to the Student Coun- cil nominating convention. After his graduation he plans to go to Cleary Business Col- lege. MARY JANE MONTAGUE Mary Jane's main interests were in music. To PYOVB this, she was in A Cappella for two years, besides being a part-time accompdrliil- She also was an alternate for Girls' League. LOIS E. MICHELFELDER Lois received two scholar- ship awards, a band letter, o silver pin, and a small and large letter in G.A.C. Even though she was president of her homeroom and G.A.C., she always made the honor roll. KENNETH A. MILEY Ken was an active partici- pant in sports-playing foot- ball and earning a letter in wrestling. He enioys working on a farm during the sum- mer. He plans to ioin the Marines and then attend M.S.U. fr -fa H 4, 134 LARRY D. MOON Sports! That's where Larry's interests are centered. He was on the baseball team for three years and lettered-it-in for two years. He also played football and received a letter. ANDREW MOORE Andrew was a member of the wrestling team and the audiovisual committee. He was a football manager dur- ing his sophomore year. Fol- lowing graduation, he plans to join the Army. GWENDOLYN Y. MURPHY LAVEl.l B. MOORE Yea team! Those words ring clear in the ears of "Moose", member of the football, bas- ketball ,and track teams. He received letters in all three sports. Besides this he was interested in music and art. Jill F. MUELLER This C.O.T. student is em- ployed presently at Moroy's Jewelers and she plans to keep on working after grad- uation and then get married. As hobbies, Jill enioys horse- back riding and swimming. Q s- -1 xs- ,X-117 .W f ffl f .ffl 0 S' I MARK E. MOON Much of Mark's outside time was spent working at King Engineering. He will go on to Eastern Michigan College to study for a career in geology. He also plans to serve in the Navy. HELEN M. MOORE Helen served her home- room as its vice-president and assembly and Washington Club representative. Besides this, she was co-business man- ager for the Omega and kept her name regularly on the honor roll. -w Gwen was o representative for Girls' League and library committee. She was also in mixed ensemble and played baseball and basketball after school. As hobbies, she enioys dancing and reading. ERIC P. NAGlER Eric's activities include Washington Club representa- tive and table tennis cham- pion. Being constantly on the honor roll and winning a Michigan Mathematics Con- test award will give him a good start at the U. of M. f gf. K ff V in SUSAN M. MORSE Variety was the spice of Sue's life. President of Wash- ington Club, homeroom secre- tary, G.A.C. member, besides having a dance lead in the operetta, were iust a few of her many activities. JUDITH K. MUMMERY Judy was busy in high school with A Cappella, Can- tando, and G.A.C. occupying much of her time. Judy also enioyed J.A., swimming, and a record collection. A secre- tarial iob is in Judy's future. JAMES P. MURPHY Jim received letters in bas- ketball, baseball, ond track. He also represented his home- room on the intramural man- agers' commtitee and the class executive board. Jim's future plans include Central Mich- igan College. MARY JANE NEILLEY Member of the Student Council, Cantando, and GAC, as well as being vice-presi- dent of her homeroom, Mary Jane has participated in many ways at AAHS. She will at- tend the Nursing School at the U. of M. 13 'er -" .-fi 'fb 'nf . K X .1 se -z it ss. .. . tr KATHRYN NICHOLS Kay was interested in all phases of school life: drama, Student Council, publications, and sports. Water skiing and making metal iewelry are her favorite hobbies. She hopes to attend Central Michigan Col- lege. JUDITH NOEHREN Judy was active in syn- chronized swimming and Girls' League. She was copy editor of the Omega and president of her homeroom and Future Nurses' Club. Judy plans to attend Louisiana State Uni- versity. TOM E. NUNN Music was very important to Tom as he received a band letter. When not busy in band, he served on the as- sembly committee and his homeroom bowling team. The army is in Tom's future. THOMAS H. OHLGREN Tom's interest in music ranges from Boch to Count Basie. He represented his homeroom on intramural man- agers. Tom was an active member of Ann Arbor De- molay. His future plans in- clude the U. of M. 136 BRUCE A. NELSON Bruce's high school life consisted of such activities qs cross country and Student Council. His homeroom elected him secretary. Bruce also took an active interest in water skiing. MARILYNN R. NELSON Among Lynn's activities were Cantando, G.A.C., Optimist, and Omega. She acted as an assistant swimming instructor and lifeguard. Despite these activities, Lynn remained on the honor roll the maiority of the time. JAMES R. OFFICER Basketball took up a lot of Jim's time at AAHS as he played for the Varsity. He also played on the J.V. foot- ball team for a year. He hopes to attend college. KAY OSBORNE That Kay likes music is evidenced by her participa- tion in Cantando and mixed ensemble. Kay was also cl member of drama workshop and G.A.C. She plans to work after graduation. JOHN D. NELSON Jack hailed from Monroe High School before coming to AAHS for his senior year. He has participated in Hi-Y and enioys outdoor sports, espe- cially water skiing. He plans to attend college. CHARLES W. NEWTON As a member of the foot- ball and golf teams, Chuck received letters in both, be- sides being golf captain. Al- so, he was Student Council representative, class executive board member, and home- room president. THOMAS D. NlCHOLSON Tom centered most of his activities at AAHS around the band. ln fact, he received a letter for his efforts. As for the future, Tom plans to at- tend Eastern Michigan Col- lege. SHARON J. NOFFSINGER Sharon received a letter and silver pin in band, played in the orchestra and Youth Symphony, and won I and ll division awards in solo and ensemble. An honor roll stu- dent, Sharon plans to attend the U. of M. 5 FREDERICK W. PARDON Fred enioys, as his hobbies, swimming and working on cars. At school, he was a representative to the Red Cross committee. Now em- ployed at St. Joseph's Hos- pital, he plans to go to col- lege. RONALD E. PARKER Ron played in the band and was president of his homeroom while keeping his grades up to an honor roll level. He eniayed water ski- ing and hunting and is plan- ning to attend college. JUDY R. PARKINSON Whenever there was music, Judy was heard. She was in A Cappella and Cantanda choir. Besides this, she took an active part in after school sports. Judy's future plans are college and marriage. YVONNE l. PARMINTER Besides representing the Girls' League and Red Cross committees, Yvonne was in many outside activities. Among them were J.A,, and A.A. Figure Skating Club. Yvonne plans to attend college. ELEANOR A. PARKER Nan enioys music and is in A Cappella. Active also in other phases of school life, she represented her home- room as secretary, intramural manager, and on the assem- bly committee. Nan will at- tend college. LUNICE PARHAM Lunice participated in girls' field hockey, volleyball, and basketball. She was a mem- ber of mixed ensemble and enioys dancing, record col- lecting and sewing. Lunice's plans include business college and beautician school. 44 ,. X i 'Z . .1 JOHN M. PATANELLI John participated in both basketball and baseball and received a letter in baseball tor two years. John was pres- ident of his homeroom. After graduation, he plans ta at- tend college. KENDALL C. PATTERSON Ken kept busy after school working at Krogers. He did have time to serve on the senior executive board for his homeroom and he likes fishing and swimming. Ken hopes to attend E.M.C. Q- -if x 'C 5 VERN J. PARKS Vern was a member of the League champion bowling team. When not bowling, he might be found around cars, for they were his favorite hobby. Also, he was employed at the Ann Arbor Packing Company. SANDRA A. PASSOW "Sandy's" activities cen- tered mostly around the band where she was awarded a letter. In her extra time, she worked at the Michigan and State Theatres. Sandy will enter college after gradua- tion. JOHN BAYARD PATTERSON Peter is known throughout school as a terrific driver, having taken second place in the Roadeo. This all-around senior was homeroom presi- dent and participated in foot- ball and wrestling. ALFRED J. PAUL Music occupied much of Al's time. He was a member of male chorus and A Cap- pella. He served his home- room as vice-president and was a Washington Club re- presentative. Al will attend Elmhurst College. KATHERINE PAYNE Kathy was an active mem- ber of the Synchronized Swim- ming Club, modern dance, and F.T.A. She was in charge of reporters for Optimist. Kathy hopes to attend Albion College. ANGELA PECKHAM Angela was a member of F.T.A., modern dance, and the Washington Club. She also served on the Student Council and participated in G.A.C., receiving a letter. She plans to attend college. WILLIAM J. PEARSE Model airplanes are this boy's interest. Bill was em- ployed at Rider's Hobby Shop. He plans to attend college or a trade school upon graduation from Ann Arbor High. JUDITH L. PEET Judy loved sports and proved this as a member of G.A.C. and on intramural managers. Also, she was homeroom president and a Washington Club representa- tive. Judy has chosen nursing for a career. X J . P :VL 1 ws, . J' , 'F' me . ,U ZX! . ,, 5 0' I I. A .i f. .af I 'I C f f JG X f , ,gh 15, JUDITH L. PELZ Judy made friends wherever she went with her pleasing personality. She served her homeroom as vice-president and was on the library com- mittee. Judy is planning to attend Cleary College. ANTHONY H. PETERS "Tony" was an active par- ticipant on our football team in his sophomore and senior years. He also served his homeroom on the Washington Club. His future plans include barber school and then the Marines. .saw . .... 1- 5 .2 .of OLAF PETERSON Olaf came to AAHS as an exchange student from Ger- many. He started right out by ioining the swimming team and becoming a Washington Club representative. He will go back to Germany after graduation. ROBERTA J. PHILLIPS "Berta's" school days were very active. She was presi- dent and secretory of F.T.A., Girls' League secretary, be- sides receiving a bond letter and being an honor student. Albion College will be her next location. 'Xa 'X-' . . .zu 4' , fe' ,-ie:-V HI? 7,2 'ffl it if -t if ' 5 V ' Heels tw stil. if at .r 1 NANCY C. PHILP Nancy was especially in- terested in music and was a member of the mixed en- semble in addition to being a Red Cross executive. She enioys water skiing, photog- raphy, and traveling. Nancy will work after graduation. ALICE M. PIEHUTKOSKI Alice's friends gave her the unusual nickname of "Paski". She was an alumnus of Tappan Junior High School. Her future plans include work- ing and then going to 0 modeling school. LINDA PERRY Now interested in going to a beauty school, Linda has not been idle at high school. She was a Student Council representative, an the assem- bly committee, and in dra- matics. JO H. PETERSON Jo, who was a member of Cantando, A Cappella, and the assembly committee for two semesters, was also sec- retary of her homeroom. Her outside interests are tennis and ice skating. O S? XC'- JANE L. PITTS Janie was in Cantanda for two years, participated in Red Cross one semester, and was a member of the library and assembly committees. Janie plans to attend a cos- metolagy school. THOMAS E. PLISKE Tom was consistently an the honor roll and was given a scholarship award and a cer- tificate of merit in math. He was his homeroom's president and was on the debate squad. Tom plans to go to college. ROSAUND L. PODEWILS Lillie was busy as a mem- ber of marching band and serving on Girls' League and G.A.C. Winning an award in typing and shorthand will help her in becoming an ex- ecutive secretary. CAROLYN A. POPE Carolyn was active on the Student Council and also as a member of G.A.C. Her ac- tivities were highlighted by the Washington Club trip last March. Her future plans in- clude work. JOHN R. PLICHTA An all-around student, John was active on Student Coun- cil, as homeroom president, in football and he also took a lead in "Brigadaon". He received a certificate of merit in the National Math Contest. DIANE L. PODEWIL Diane eniays nearly every kind of sport and was on her homeraom's bowling team. Her lab at the University Golf Course keeps her very busy in her after school hours. She will work after graduation. fi" H. BECKY PREKETES Becky had a voice for var- sity cheerleading and one for singing in Contando, as well as one for cheering fellow teammates on in several after- school sports. This active homeroom member now plans on college. GENEVA B. PSAROS Genny served as Student Council representative, home- room secretary, G.A.C. mem- ber, and was in Girls' Chorus. She was also active on the Optimist and Omega. Genny plans to attend college after leaving AAHS. 9 -A ,avr i WSP WILLIAM H. POHNERT Music was one of Bill's chief interests, for he sang a supporting part in "Briga doon." Bill was president of his homeroom, on the Red Cross committee and on the football team. GWENDOLYN E. POWRIE Lyn was busy as editor of the first and second pages of the Optimist as well as being in F.T.A. Nevertheless she managed to keep up her marks. College is in Lyn's future plans. LEE G. PRINDLE Lee participated in wres- tling and was an intramural manager. ln addition, he en- ioys tinkering with cars, and has a iob at the Michigan Union. Lee plans to enter the Marine Corps and then attend college. STEPHANIE PRAY Steve's stay at AAHS was interrupted by a year of study at the Leelanau Schools. While here, however, she was active on G.A.C. and the assembly committee. Steve plans on marriage. PHILLIP G. RENTZ KAROLYN A. REYNOLDS BRUCE A. RAE Bruce is quite interested in conservation and he plans to attend Michigan State Uni- versity's School of Conserva- tion. His other interests in- clude hunting and gun col- lecting. While at school, Bruce was an the intramural wrestling team. BERNICE REED Her singing talents made "Bea" a helpful member of the Cantando choir. Her fav- orite hobby is sewing. After graduation she intends to en- ter the Women's Air Force. For his hard work as a member of both the march- ing and concert bands, Phil received a band letter. In his spare time, Phil works on model airplanes. He will at- tend the University of Mich- igan. JAMES RICHARDS Jim's interests are centered around electronics. He was on the audio-visual committee and enioys radio and tele- vision work and rocket re- search. Jim plans to attend an electronics institute. OLA .l. PURCHASE Ola was in A Cappella, Girls' League, Washington Club, and was president of her homeroom. She received an Interlochen scholarship award for music. Ola is plan- ning to go to the U. of M. GARY W. RADKE Gary was interested in such sports as swimming, football, cars and collecting foreign coins. Gary has been em- ployed at the Washtenaw Dairy but plans to ioin the Navy after graduation. PHYLLIS A. RADDE Phyllis was a peppy varsity and J.V. cheerleader. She was vice-president and secretary of her homeroom and was on several committees. Phyllis plans to enter cosmetology school or the field of model- ing. PETER G. RADZVICKAS Peter was a musician all the way, being in the male chorus, mixed ensemble, and A Cappella. He also worked at the Michigan Union. After graduation he plans to attend college or the Army. Karolyn served her home- room as secretary and as Girls' League representative. She was an Optimist reporter and a member of the Omega editorial staff. After gradua- tion, Karolyn plans to attend Albion college. LEROY R. RILEY Leroy served his homeroom as president and vice-presi- dent. He was also a member of the intramural managers and assembly committees- Leroy plans to attend college after graduation. PETER A. RAFT Pete was president of his homeroom, a Washin ton Club representative, ang in the radio guild. He is now employed at Ann Arbor ln- strument Works as a drafts- man and plans to attend col- lege after graduation. RONALD B. REKEWITZ Rifle Club and model build- ing are Ron's main interests and hobbies. At AAHS, he won a letter for his riflery. He plans to continue his edu- cation at an industrial school and become a draftsman. LOUISE R. ROACH Student Council, president and vice-president of home- room, and a member of the Omega staft were some of the activities that kept Louise busy. She was also in the Washington Club and G.A.C. SHARON ROBERTS Sherry served AAHS as a member of the library com- mittee. She works at the Uni- versity Hospital and is un- decided as to whether she should attend business school or designing school. GAYLE L. ROBERTS Gayle served on the Stu- dent Council, Iibrary commit- tee, and on her homeroom's bowling team. She still found time to be on the honor roll and spend much of her spare time ice skating. ANNETTE R. ROBERTSON Annette's homeroom elected her secretary as well as Washington Club representa- tive. She was also an active member of Girls' Chorus. Her outside activities include swimming, ice skating, and horseback riding. M- xi famed. MARY E. ROBINSON Mary is interested in li- brary work, as evidenced by her presidency of the library display committee and her work at the Public Library. She will major in either edu- cation or social work. WESLEY ROHRAFF Wesley is interested in con- tract work, this is what he intends to do when he grad- uates. His hobbies are sports, including football and swim- ming. Last year, Wesley was employed in a restaurant. 2 'Hin tt .- .. x RICHARD H. ROSS Other than sports, Dick's main interest, which he ob- tained from working on the committee, is audio-visual work. He plans to take up accounting in Business Ad- ministration School. DEAN E. ROWE While at AAHS, Dean was a member of the wrestling team. Varying his activities, he also likes to hunt and fish. Dean's future includes either work or college. ARDEN S. ROGERS Arden was vice-president of his homeroom. At the present time, he is employed at the Broadway Soda Bar. He was o member of the Washington Club and plans to go to E.M.C. MADELYN L. ROMINE "Midge" took part in many activities, including being sec- ietary of her homeroom, Girls' League representative, and also a member of girls' chorus. ln her spare time she likes to swim or go bowling. DAVID W. ROWE lt's sports for "Skid." He has shown it by receiving a football letter, participating in other sports, and being captain of J.V. football team. He plans to attend Central Michigan College. JAMES E. ROWLAND Jim's main interests cen- tered around lootball and drama. His interest ln speech helped him win first prize in a contest while attending Roosevelt High. Jim plans to go into the Service. bw st, l .fu ? 3 tt. tt' i 'g,,i "QD MARIE SCHAFF Outside of school time, Marie was especially inter- ested in sports, two of her favorites being swimming and ice skating. Her school activ- ities included Girls' League and G.A.C. College is in Marie's future plans. IRVIN SCHEEL Sports, especially baseball, held lrv's interest at AAHS. He was on the baseball team and won a letter. Also, he was on intramural managers. He will enter the Coast Guard after graduation. IDA B. ROWRY lda's pep gave her an active part in dancing and collecting albums. She was also a member of Cantanda. lda's plans for the future in- clude attending New State College to become a stenog- rapher. RICHARD C. SATTLER Dick, who works at the Michigan Union part time, was a football trainer, intra- mural manager, and a mem- ber of Washington Club. He will attend I.B.M. College in Detroit. WILLIAM E. RYAN Bill was seen mostly around "B" building, as he played in the band. He also won o letter in band and went to Interlochen every year. He served his homeroom on the assembly committee. NANCY KAY SANDERS Nancy was a representative of the Washington Club and also a member of the Modern Dance Club. She achieved the honor roll a number of times. Nancy plans to seek employment after graduation. az " ' 142 MARY F. SCHLANDERER Mary earned her small let- ter in G.A.C. and was on intramural manager. She was a Girls' League representa- tive and a member of the Washington Club. Mary, who enioys swimming, is looking forward to college. KARL E. SCHNEEBERGER Karl was an alternate to Student Council and he went out for track and cross coun- try. His hobbies include sports and mechanics. Though em- ployed now, his future plans are mechanical training in the Navy. nu- its JOHN E. SCHENK John was a member of Stu- dent Council and iunior exec- utive board. He won a letter for his efforts on the football team and was also a member of the basketball team. He plans on college. DAVID W. SCHNEIDER Athletics took much of Dave's time. He was a mem- ber of the cross country and football teams and partici- pated in intramural basket- ball and baseball. Dave hopes to enter the U. of M. BRENT J. SCHAUER Skin diving and photogra- phy are prominent among Brent's hobbies. He was also a member ofthe J.V. baseball team for which he received a shield. Brent is hoping to at- tend the U. of M. ERNEST E. SCHENK Hunting, fishing, and trop- ping are some of Ernest's hobbies. For three semesters he was an intramural man- ager, He is not quite sure whether to go on to college, into the Service, or go direct- ly to work. JANET M. SCHNEIDER While at AAHS, Janet was a member of library commit- tee. ln March Janet took the trip to New York and Wash- ington with many of her sen- ior classmates. She will work after graduation. CAROLAINE SCHONSCHACK Carolaine came from Wayne High where she was active in sports, Latin Club, and the choir. While here she sang in the A Cappella choir and was active in G.A.C. She plans to attend U. of M. JOAN SCHOENHALS Joan was presented with both a certificate and a pin for shorthand. She was also secretary of her homeroom, proving her definite ability. She is now employed at St. Joseph Hospital. DIANE M. SCHROCK "Di" served her school as a member of the Student Council, the Tri-Hi Council, hostess committee, and as homeroom president. Di will maior in education at col- lege. l if ZS. :EQ 'Pg F ,1 CAROLINE SCHUMACHER ln orchestra for three years, Caroline received a letter. She was secretary of her homeroom and, as a senior, she was a Washington Club representative. She wants to enroll in the U. of M. School of Nursing. WILLIAM R. SCHUTZE Bill was in both marching and concert bands for which he received a letter. He also was on the Red Cross and intramural managers commit- tees. The U. of M. is in his future plans. e. we ,yi - - .. -sq, L im 4:3 V hw 9,53 .f J gn 5 ., 'a X. f. 5.1,-4 Q-1 SALLY J. SCHWEMMIN An active member of her homeroom, Sally's activities included homeroom secretary, assembly, and Washington Club representative. An hon- or roll student, Sally has won several shorthand awards and will attend college. GERALD L. SHARP Jerry was very interested in such sports as basketball, football, baseball, and track, and received a letter in three of these. After high school, Jerry wants to join the Army, SUSAN M. SCHUMACHER Susie was an active band member as she was its secre- tary and vice-president and won a letter and a silver pin. Her personality led to her becoming Girls' League repre- sentative and homeroom vice- president, LEONARD G. SCHWARTZ Leonard participated in in- tramural wrestling and bas- ketball and was a member of Leader Corps. His hobbies are skiing, hunting, and working with cars. He is looking for- ward to the Army or else a iob. GLORIA J. SCOTT Some of the activities Gloria was in were mixed ensemble, Cantanda, Girls' League, library committee, and Red Cross. She received a Gregg shorthand certificate. Her plans include college. DIANNA L. SHAW Active in the G.A.C., Dianna participated in volleyball, basketball, and baseball. She also enioyed swimming and horseback riding out of school. Her future plans in- clude college in the fall. DONNA M. SHUGG KAREN L. SIKES L It Donna helped her home- room by representing it on both the assembly committee and Girls' League. She also was on the honor roll. Donna wants to be either a secretary or beautician. SHARON E. SIKES Sharon has been in girls' chorus and on the Red Cross Committee for two years since she entered in her iunior year. She works with her sister in Kresges and plans to at- tend college. 1 'ff ig. .-'fzfwfms 1 5 I JOSEPH SINCLAIR Joe was a member of the swimming team for two years. Besides this, he was co-sports editor of the Optimist and was on the honor roll a ma- iority of the time. Joe is plan- ning on college. PAULINE SKINNER Pauline belonged to Can- tando and the A Cappella Choir. Besides being home- room secretary, she was a member of G.A.C. and Wash- ington Club. ln the future, she hopes to attend the U. of M. 144 RICHARD B. SHAW Dick was a member of stagecraft and also was an intramural manager for his homeroom. His hobbies are hunting and working on cars. Dick is planning on attend- ing Eastern Michigan College. JOHN L. SHELTON Busy John found time iwith all his many activities! to be an honor student. He not only was president of his homeroom and served on Stu- dent Council, but also was awarded a swimming letter. DAVID R. SHAWAKER A good education and high academic standing were Dave's main goals at AAHS. He continually made the hon- or roll. He also was a mem- ber of the Science Club. Dave will enter the U. of M. EDWIN D. SHIPPEY Ed was a member of both marching and concert bands and the swimming team. He participated in the Saturday science program, accelerated moth class, and was an honor roll student. He plans to enter the U. of M. '? f rt 2 ' . :wi -f ", ,f.Q-551.12 7 B CAROL M. SINN Editor-in-chief of the "59" Omega, copy editor of the "58" Omega, singing in Con- tando and A Cappella kept Carol busy. She was also an honor student and won Quill and Scroll membership. DEXTER L. SKOMP Athletically inclined Dexter showed great endurance as a member of the track tedm- Working on cars is iust about his favorite hobby. ln l1lS spare time, Dexter works at Schlenker Hardware. E W Way., fs. Karen and her twin sister entered AAHS in their iunior year. Besides assembly com- mittee and rifle club, Karen enjoys collecting maps and horseback riding. Her future includes college. CAROLYN N. SIMPSON Anyone need a nurse? lf so, call on Carolyn as she plans to enter this profession. While in high school, she participated in A Cappella Choir and the Washington Club. 'Q .sw CARRIE A. SMITH Corrie song in the Girls' Chorus, mixed ensemble, and the Cantando choir. She also participated in G.A.C. base- ball and was on the library committee. She plans to ot- tend a business college. MARJORIE A. SMITH Mariorie was in the march- ing band, was president of the orchestra, and received silver pins and a letter. She was on the sophomore execu- tive board, assembly commit- tee, and served as secretary of her homeroom. DAVID M. SMITH Captain of the baseball team, Dave received letters in football and basketball as well as being president of his homeroom. Interested in all sports, he plans to attend Western Michigan University. SHERMAN SMITH Sherman, a very active person, was on the intramu- ral managers committee and was in band for three years, also going to band camp at lnterlochen. His future plans include a hitch in the Navy. ? 1, SUSAN A. SMITH "Titch" was our exchange student from Northern Ire- land. A tennis champion in lreland, she was also active in G.A.C. and the intramural managers' committee here. When she returns home, she plans to go to college. . ,,.. ,:?fzu.J Ps, A I 1' rf'-W DIANE F. SPLITT "Di" was found in many school activities such as G.A.C., Girls' Chorus, and assembly committee. She was also secretary of her home- room. Next year she would like to attend college. KATHERINE C. STAEBLER Drama workshop, G.A.C., and Washington Club took up much of Kathy's time. She served her homeroom as its secretary and class executive committee representative. Still, she managed to keep up her good grades. Q I ar" SUSAN I. SMITH Sue served as her home room's Washington Club rep resentative and also was sec retary of the club. Her other activities included library com mittee. Wedding bells are in store for her when autumn comes. THOMAS W. SONANDRES Student Council, Washing ton Club tennis team assem bly committee-these are the activities that occupied much of Tom's time. An honor stu dent, Tom is looking forward to the U. of M. this fall ELIZABETH S. STAEBLER Liz sang in the A Cappella and Cantando Choirs and had the supporting role of "Meg" in "Brigadoon". Liz was co-editor of the second page on the Optimist and was secretary of her home- room. JOHN R. STANGER Everyone knows John as the fellow with the great sense of humor and talent for drawing cartoons. He participated in intramural sports. John will attend the New York School of Visual Aids. 145 oz' -. ,Baie ' - R. .1 CAROL J. STEINKE Carol had the honor of being on the homecoming queen's court and was a spirited cheerleader. She was also secretary of her iunior class and Student Council. She plans to attend a "BlG TEN" university. RICHARD C. STILLION One of Dick's activities was bowling and he was a mem- ber of the championship team in his sophomore year. In his spare time Dick likes to hunt and fish. After graduating, he will enter the Army. fir hw is 'C"'A- CAROLYN S. STONESTREET Carolyn served on the assembly committee for three years. When not attending school, she likes to swim or roller skate. Upon graduation, Carolyn will work for two years and then be married. KAY A. STRUTZ While at AAHS, Kay was in mixed ensemble and sec- retary of her English class. Her hobbies include horseback riding and swimming. After high school, Kay would like to become an airline hostess. KEN W. STAPLES Ken whose interests range from working on his car to swimming, finds time to work as well as go to school. He is employed at a local res- taurant. After graduation, Ken will enter college. BARBARA J. STEELE Barb was active ln her homeroom serving as its pres- ident and also on Student Council. She enioyed playing field hockey and was a mem- ber of Girls' Chorus. Barb plans to work. :. 1. . in DOROTHY M. STEEB Dorothy lent much of her energy to Student Council and was vice-president of G.A.C. She was also a spirited J.V. cheerleader and served her homeroom as president and secretary. Dorothy will attend college. RlCHARD A. STEIN Twice being elected presi- dent of homeroom and serv- ing on Student Council con- sumed a lot of Dick's time. He was also on the J.V. foot- ball squad. He will continue his education in Tacoma, Washington. Kr wwf ,I WC" 'QS""! L I xxx ' H l . 'gui '-N ' X 'LX 1 DOROTHY J. STRONG Dorothy was an active member of the F.T.A. at AAHS, She enjoys skating and horseback riding as hob- bies, but is also a flying en- thusiast as she plans to be an airline stewordess. JAN P. STUHLMAN Jan greatly aided his home- 'oom l-'Y representing the as- 5e"'blY and intramural man- agers committee. He also Plf1Yed on the intramural bas- ketball team for a time. The U- of M. is Jan's future goal. DAVID STIERLE For two years, Dave was an his homeroom bowling team and for one semester on the audio visual aids commit- tee. ln addition to Washing! ton Club, he is employed at the Ann Arbor Instrument Works. GERALD N. STIMPSON Jerry loved bowling as he was a mlpmber of both an intramura team and the 1956-57 championship team. Besides athletics, Jerry took part in various homeroom af- fairs. After graduation he may enter college. A 3 Fu. R fv- M t DIANA STUMM Diana lent her voice to the girls' chorus, Cantando and A Cappella Choirs. She was also an intramural manager. After graduation, Diana is planning to attend the U. of M. KATHRYN G. SZEGDA Sports played a maior roll for Kathy as she had her own baseball team, and played basketball and field hockey. She was secretary of her homeroom and in A Cap- pella. Kathy plans to attend E.M.C. KENNETH C. TAPPE Besides boy cheerleading, Student Council, intramural basketball, and being home- room president, Ken was the president of his iunior and senior class. His plans are to enter the U. of M. CONRAD A. TAYLOR Conrad's favorite hobby is work and he proved this as a member of the Marine Corps and this year by work- ing at Hoover Ball and Bear- ing. His future plans are to attend college. GERALD C. SWARTOUT Gerald was on the intra- mural bowling team and was an intramural manager for a semester. Jerry, who went to Slauson Junior High School, enioys hunting. He plans to be an electrician after high school graduation. CRAIG G. TAGGART Craig served as president and vice-president of his homeroom as well as on the Executive Committee. Alter high school he plans to attend college. Craig works at the Michigan Floor Covering Com- pony. 'K JAMES A. THIEI. Receiving a football letter has increased ..lim's enioyment of the game. He was also a member of the assembly com- mittee and the Washington Club. College is included in his future plans. JAMES C. THOMPSON "Stub" was very active in high school as he was home- room president and vice-pres- ident, a Washington Club member, and has earned var- sity swimming and tennis awards. 1 WILLIAM R. TASCH Active in school affairs, Bill served on Student Council, as president of his homeroom, and on the intramural man- agers' committee. He was also co-captain of the wrestling team and went to Boys' State. KAREN .l. TEDDER Karen was a member of the C.O.T. program and worked at Klines. She also sang in Girls' chorus and was an honor roll student most of the time. Karen enioys roller- skating and plans to work after graduation ELISE M. THIGPEN Music is "Minnie's" main interest for she participated in girls' chorus, mixed en- semble and Cantando. Her hobbies include records, danc- ing, and reading. She is look- ing forward to attending the U. of M. JAMES W. THOMPSON The "out of doors" life is what Jim enioys, and hunting and fishing are his favorite activities. Attending the U. of M. this fall, is included in his future plans. QR ROBERT J. TITIEV Bob's interests range from tennis to philately lknown to some as stamp collectingl. He was secretary of his home- room and its representative to audio-visual. This honor roll student will attend college. MARGARET H. TOMS Peggy was a Girls' League representative for two semes- ters while in AAHS. She en- ioys water skiing, swimming, and skating as hobbies. Peg wants to be an airline hostess when she graduates. xx MARGARET TOSHCOFF "Mugget" was active in assembly committee, intra- mural managers, and G.A.C. She plans either to go to college or work after gradu- ation. Now she is working at the Ann Arbor Motor Sales. PERRY L. TRAVIS Perry, nicknamed "Butch" by his friends, came to AAHS from Slauson Junior High. He works at Travis Service Sta- tion and is looking forward to ioining the United States Marines after graduation. PAT G. THORNBERRY Pat found much of her time after school taken up in Junior Achievement. But she still managed to pursue her favorite hobby, drawing. Af- ter graduation Pat plans to get married. STEVEN D. THRASHER In addition to Steve's work on Student Council, pyesi. dents' committee and being chairman of the 195-59 stu- dent directory, he was an All- American swimmer. Steve was on the honor roll and plans to attend college. C. ANTHONY TRABANDT In addition to being sports editor of the Optimist and senior representative to the athletic board, Tony played varsity football. He served his homeroom as president and was on Student Council and the debate squad. SUSAN D. VALENTINE Sue was in Cantando for two years. She was also on the library committee and us- sembly committee. After grad- uation, Sue plans to go to Eastern Michigan College to maior in social work. CHARLES A. THRALL Chuck attended the Eagle Scout Jamboree in England. He also received a certificate of merit in math. Debate, audio visual and homeroom vice-president are among his activities. Chuck will attend college. DENNIS P. TINDALL Dennis served on the li- brary committee and was active in Junior Achievement while in AAHS. Other interests of his include collecting coins and stamps. He plans to at- tend college. MICHAEL O. TITUS Mike seems to enioy the outdoor life - hunting and flying model planes. He worked at Applied Dynamics making computers. Mike plans to study electrical engineer- ing in the Air Force R.O.T.C. program. HEIKE TOOREN Heike was an exchange student from Germany. She ioined the Washington Club and became alternate for in- tramural managers. When she returns to Germany, she will have two more years of high school. JOANNE E. VANDERBERG Strike up the band! Joann is sure to be there as she was in marching and concert band. Often on the honor roll, she was also a member of the Washington Club. DOROTHY A. VEDDER Dorothy took part in Stu- dent Council, Cantando, G.A.C., and was president and secretary of her home- room and F,T.A. She also managed to find time for J.A. and Junior-Senior High Notes. DAVID C. VISEL Dave was vice-president of his homeroom in his senior year. He was also a repre- sentative to the intramural managers' committee and to the election committee. Dave plans to study engineering after graduation. DAVID H. VOGEL Sports played an important part in Dave's high school years. Besides J.V. football and wrestling, he was a mem- ber of a champion bowling team. After graduation, Dave will enter the Navy. C0 s I F -ff :Ax A gg 4 'ik EVELYN K. VAUGHN "Katy" hails from Tennes- see and hopes to return to work there after graduation. She was interested in the Fu- ture Homemakers of America. She has the iunior and chop- ter degrees and was the group's treasurer. KAY L. VELKER Kay was an assistant in the G.A.C. office. Some of her many activities were presi- dent's committee, Washington Club, band and after school sports. Kay often made the honor roll. Y 'U e , 1-an I 1 fi' vi .1 1 re. '31 K 'P YQ- ""!-, , -6- ' 6 I .' H ' 'K I ' aiffg-. F- ,.. fs:-. nw 1' 5.-7: A' .- -sit: w-H X22 .,. I-.v--gift-.H 5 " 1. t - - V: JUDY L. VORCE Sports seem to be Judy's middle name as she was on hockey and baseball teams besides enioying horseback riding, swimming, and ice skating outside of school. She was also a member of girls' chorus. LLOYD J. WARNER A real sports enthusiast, Lloyd's favorite hobbies in- clude fishing, hunting, and boating. Now employed at Kroger's, Lloyd plans to be an apprentice carpenter and ioin the Armed Services. I . , ,z ge.-gg ye, l GERALD C. VISEL Gerry was on the Student Council, was a speaking dele- gate to the nominating con- vention, and was in the Wash- ington Club. He was home- room president and vice-pres- ident. He is employed at Yates Drug Store. DANIEL L. VOKOVICH Danny's hobby, electronics, was illustrated by his par- ticipation in Radio Guild, stagecraft, and being home- room representative to audio- visual aids. He also received an honors award for his stagecraft work. EARL J. FLETCHER Earl found sports to be his main interest in AAHS, among them were swimming, wrestling, and horseback rid- ing. The Navy is his next stop, and electronics is his ambition. JACQUELYN M. WARREN Jackie participated in many different activities. Cantondo, Red Cross, Optimist, and G.A.C. were iust a few of them. She also won a Red Cross award. She plans to attend nursing school. vu' 'Iv 1: f . slr I 149 JOHN R. WESLEY GARY C. WESTENFELD BARBARA J. WEBER Barb was on hostess com- mittee, assembly committee, Girls' League, o member of G.A.C., and she was also secretary of her homeroom. Barb enioys all sports. After graduation she will enter col- lege. RICHARD l. WENK Dick was especially inter- ested in audio visual work and received a special award in this area. He ran the P.A. system during study hall, besides being a member of the Radio Guild. John received o scholarship award and band letter. He was homeroom president and vice-president, also president of the band. John hopes to attend the U. of M. after graduation. DONALD P. WENZEL Don moved to Ann Arbor from New Mexico in his sophomore year. He found interest in a variety of hob- bles including sports, guns, and cars. Thls fall, he plans to attend college in the Southwest. JANET K. WARREN Jan's favorite hobby is drawing, and she would like to extend that hobby into the field of commercial art. Be- sides this, she was in Canton- do, G.A.C., the Girls' League, and Washington Club. JO ANN GOURLEY WATT Jo Ann received a Gregg shorthand certificate along with a typing award. She was treasurer of J.A. After grad- uation she plans on being o housewife. Jo Ann is now em- ployed at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital. EUGENE WASHINGTON Gene centered his activities at AAHS around music. He was in the A Cappella Choir as well as male chorus. Gene's hobby is building amateur radios. After graduation, he plans to enter the Air Force. RICHARD l.. WEAVER Dick's enthusiasm made him a good representative to as- sembly and audio visual com- mittees. He was on the honor roll most of the time and re- ceived a scholastic award. After graduation, comes col- lege. Gary played in the concert and marching band, receiving a letter in the latter. He works as o filing clerk at Ann Arbor Federal Savings. Gary will ioin the army and then at- tend college. JOHN E. WHALEN John was on Student Coun- cil and was a Washington Club representative. He also went out for swimming. An honor student, John plans to attend the U. of M. and study mechanical engineering. WILLIAM E. WECKER Bill enioyed sports for he was on both the football and wrestling teams, besides being a national archery champion An honor roll student he plans to attend the U of M and then M.I.T. ROY F. WENTZ This "out-of-doors boy en ioys the sports of hunting and fishing, and his hobby metal work. At present he is employed at the Hugh Coop er Realty Company MARILYN L. WHEELER Marilyn was a varsity and iunior varsity cheerleader and won two letters. She was sec- retary of G.A.C. and presi- dent of her homeroom. She plans to attend the U. of M. SHARON M. WILD Sharon was thrilled by be- ing elected our homecoming queen. Her many activities included being cheerleading captain, president of Girls' League, president of Can- tanda, and senior class ex- ecutive board. MARY E. WHITFIELD Skimming through a maga- zine in future years you may see a picture of Mary Ellen as she plans to become a model. She was secretary of her homeroom for two semes- ters. JAMES W. WILKINS Jim's wonderful personality made him president of the Student Council, dean of the Debate Squad, a member of the Michigan Chorale, A Cappella, and presidents' committee. He received letters in football, speech, debate, JUDY A. WILSON 'ww' DOUGLAS WILLIAMS "Herb" was on the varsity football and track teams, where he earned three letters, and played J.V. basketball. He represented his homeroom as president, Student Council representative, and on the assembly committee. SUZANNE H. WILLINGS Sue was active in student government, president of her homeroom, and Student Coun- cil alternate. Sue, who works at the U. of M. ticket office, will attend Stevens Jr. Col- lege this fall. . Q ..,W,.,v., 5 . 59. W - 1 341- ,- fi ' K. and A Cappella. Sports-minded Judy partici- pated in G.A.C. baseball and basketball. She was also sec- retary of her homeroom and a member of Girls' Chorus. Judy is looking forward to attending art school, JEAN A. WINKELHAUS Jean was a Student Council member, secretary of her homeroom, and also secretary of A Cappella. She earned a letter far her activity in G.A.C. When not busy with school affairs, she worked at the Michigan Union. MARYHELEN WILLIAMS Maryhelen attended Wol- verine Girls' State in 1958 and was also a Student Coun- cil alternate for her home- room. She has decided to seek employment after grad- uation from high school. JOHN V. WILSON When it comes to school government, you can count on seeing John. He was home- room president three semes- ters and served on Student Council and class executive board. He hopes to attend the U. of M. KAREN WILSON Karen was a busy girl while at AAHS. She was homeroom secretary, a mem- ber of Optimist and Omega staffs, F.T.A., and assembly committee. Karen will con- tinue her education in college. WILLIAM F. WINKLER Bill was a great swimmnig enthusiast and he was award- ed a letter for his abilities. Besides being vice-president of his homeroom, he was a delegate to the 1958 nomi- nating convention. JUDITH A. WOODSIDE Judy was a Student Coun- cil alternate, and during her iunior and senior years, she was in A Cappella. She was in 4-H for seven years. Judy plans on going to college and then work. RUTH WURSTER Ruth has found that her talents lie in her manual dexterity. She loves knitting and sewing and will continue these hobbies into her career as she plans to be a seam- stress. BARBARA A. YENNER Some of Barb's interests in high school were girls' chorus for two years, and G.A.C. She was also the secretary- treasurer of the Future Nurses Club. Nursing school and marriage are in Barb's future. JUDITH A. ZAHN .ludy will be remembered for her varsity and iunior vor- sity cheerleading. She was also secretary of her home- room, on the hostess commit- tee, girls' league representa- tive, and in G.A.C. She plans to attend a business college. PETER B. WITHEY Music caught Pete's atten- tion and held it through the tenth and eleventh grades. He was a member of both or- chestra and band for which he received a band letter. Pete plans to attend college. NORMAN R. WOLFF Norman is a former Slaus- on student. He works for the Ann Arbor Instrument Works and is interested in hunting, fishing and bowling. After high school he plans to enter the Army. NAOMI E. WOLFE Naomi's after school hours were token up by G.A.C. A member of F.T.A., she used this as a stepping stone to teaching which she plans to study in college. JACQUELINE A. WOODS With a sweet smile and guy personality, Jackie repre- sented her homeroom as their alternate to Student Council. She has had various iobs, and her future plans include col- lege. bn-le' -6' DOUGLAS L. ZAHN President of his sophomore class and homeroom, honor student, possessor of a foot- ball letter, and a Student Council member, Doug de- served his citizenship award. College and the Service fig- ure in Doug's future. PAUL ZAHNER Paul was vice-president of his homeroom, on the wres- tling team, as well as being president of mixed ensemble and mole chorus. He plans to ioin the Marines. DOUGLAS L. WURSTER Doug was interested in such extra-curricular activities as intramural softball, foot- ball, and also bowling. Doug plans to study engineering at the U. of M. ROBERT W. WYMAN Bob was elected president, vice-president, and assembly committee representative for his homeroom. As captain of his tennis team, he received a letter. He was also an honor student. PAUL L ARNN PGUI was on the assembly and audIo vlsual commIttees HIs hobbles are huntlng and flshlng Paul also has talent In the musIcal field as he was o member of the marchmg band DON R BENZINGER Don was often found pur sumg hIs favonte pastnme bowllng durlng hIS after school hours Though he was employed at the Ann Arbor News hls post graduatIon plans Include work and the Army JOHN M BAKER John spent a good deal of hIs tIme playIng football When he wasnt out on the grIdIron he was studymg to keep hIs grades on the honor roll He hopes to find a Iob after hIgh school NICHOLAS C BERTONI NIck served hrs homeroom as assembly commIttee and Intramural managers repre sentatlve He was also a member of stagecraft and audIo vlsual olds After grad uotlon NIck plans to Ioln the navy and then attend college ANKIE G BRAAM An exchange student from the Netherlands Ann fitted well belongIng to G A C and partlclpatlng In 5Wlmmlng and hockey Her hobby IS ballet her ambItIon learnlng French BENJAMIN COOK Sonny played Intramural football for two years T further hls Interest In me chanlcs he works at Ann Arbor Instrument He wIll go Into the Marmes as a tech nIcal machnnlst CAROL A DAY Sports were Carols mann Interests as she was a man ager of glrls softball and referee for volleyball In her spare tIme she enloys mak Ing lewelry Carol plans to work after graduatIon JANET F GOODING Jan has the Interestmg hobby of collectIng stuffed anImals At AAHS she was a member of GAC and the assembly commIttee Jan lIke horseback rIdIng and skatnng Jan wIll enter cos- metology school FRED HUNT Sports are Freds mam IH terests Whlle attendlng Ann Arbor HIgh he played foot ball and ran track for the glornous Purple and Whnte Hts efforts won hIm awards In both fields TERRY W JOHNSON Terry was In marchmg band and won a pln and letter In track He served hls homeroom as Student CouncIl alternate vnce presldent and on Intramural managers HIs future plans Include college JACKSON J JONES Jackson came to Ann Arbor HIgh after movIng here from Caluforma PlayIng basketball occupued some of hls free tIme when he was not work Ing at the MIchIgan UnIon NORMAN W KIRBY Norman was on the assem bly commIttee two semesters was also In the band and on the track team HIs hobbnes are huntung and campmg Norman s future plans Include college CARL LASSITER OUfSId8 of school Carl likes to play cards and swlm plans to go Into the Army for a short tIme ond then perhaps be an electrIcIan JONG OUK LIM John was schooled Seoul Korea At AAHS he was a member of male chor us He also belonged to the YMCA and the Ice skatlng club The U of M IS Johns next goal EDWIN S MURPHY Eddne spent n'any hours sIngIng In male chorus and A Cappella choIr and play Ing In the band He was a member of Red Cross com mlttee and Washmgton Club He wall attend LOUISIQHG State Unlverslty BERNAJ LUTEN Berna was Interested In snngmg as she was actIve In Cantando choIr She also represented her homeroom on Garls League Berno wIlI at tend college to become a tramed nurse JOHN MAXFIELD John was an achve member of the audIo vlsual commIttee and served on It for two years John s future plans lIe wIth the Bell Telephone Co as he hopes to become a toll man STEPHEN W LOWE As co-captam of both the cross country and track teams In hIs senIor year Steve dem onstrated hIs abIlIty In run nIng He was a lettermon In each Steves future plans In clude the Navy and then college MICHELE A NEWCOMB MIcheles GCIIVHICS were many and varIed She was a semIfInalIst In the NatIonal MerIt SchoIarshIp Contest BesIdes thIs MIchele also worked for GA C She plans to work after graduatIon FREDERICK J NIELSEN Fred was In marchmg bond and receIved o letter BesIdes servIng as homeroom presI dent and vuce presIdent he was a Washmgton Club re presentatIve and In J A Fred wIll Iom the Navy and then attend college VIRGINIA R RIESENWEBER GInny IS employed at Don s Coffee Shop at the present some busnness college thus fall She enloys all kmds of mustc and loves to sew BARBARA ROBERTS B0bbIe recently entered AAHS after an actlve school llfe In Torrance Hugh She was her freshman class pres Ident partIcIpated In gIrls athlehcs BobbIe has chosen El Camlno Jr College for further schoollng BAERBELL A SCHUETTE BObbI9 came to Ann Ar bor several years ago from Klppenberg Germany She greatly enloys competItIve sports car drIvIng workIng on englnes swlmmlng and horse back ndmg She plans to work after graduahon JERRY l. TICE Jerry IS malnly Interested In sports Because of thIs In terest he partIcIpated on the football and baseball teams He was also an Intramural manager Jerry plans IOIFIIDQ the Navy - ' , . . . I 1 . . , . - . . . ' . . . . I A I - . . ' . . . . . , - , . . - . E Q 1 . e u - 1 . . . s . I , ' I I . l ' . , . . , - . , - , ' ' ' I . . . 1 - I . l ' A ' . . . ' , , ,I I, - . , . into the pattern of AAHS very Right after graduation, he time but intends to attend , . . . . . I5 . ,I H - If 1, in ,I . If - . . ' 0 ' ' ' ' l. ' . ' . . . .. . . I . , . . ' f - ' I II - Il ' , . - I . . I - I ' ' . - I . - - .. I . ' - 1 1 ' . ' I . I , . . . . . on , ' ' I ' - 4 ' . ' ' . on -a e ' P, x in 6 iw Q 4 ? .. 7 ff' 'f ,. Q , ll- - F 0 , Q vv :,.- tf - ll ' V3 . 'ki M A M 95, 3' iv Dove Abbeg Lavone Ackerman Tom Acree Carolyn Adams Lloyd Adams Sheryl Agar Tom Agler Manlyn Autken Carl Allen Davnd A Allen Davld N Allen Mnke Allen Carl Anderson Lesley Anderson Perry Anderson Wrllnam Andress Darrel Angell Stewart Anger Ed Arkenbrand Ruthann Apple Mary Arcure Janet Armbruster Frntz Arnold Fandeh Asgarzadeh Theodus E Askew Mary Asprun Kent Atwood Don Bachman Tom Bader Vanu Bagchn Barb Baker Bonme Baker Dnanne Bank Tom Basso Tom Baumgardner John Beard Robert Beck Susan Beck Shirley Beckley Susan Beckman 'RN 9-1 1? -.lilpu 1? T7 fs rs at W in-5 'A vi Xa-.y I A ! F' fv ' bww Y' fn. A X 4 A 8? cv-c qu. 17 A,. AAN J J :Q f'? rv. P7 4-Q luv "' Q nm ,M GQ 1-fr rx Lk 'UI 3' 'UA' P'-n i hai Hwy' K' fsw pg no-I v-7 C7 'uni 'if 'L 12711 ' ' I I I Eileen Begole Don Behlmg Cassandra Beklares Howard Benford Fran Bugelow Carl Blhlmeyer Bob Bmkowskn Sandy Bissell Darell Boch Rebecca Bolgos Sue Bolls Karlls Bomls Joyce Borck Martha Bordlne Vrrgnma Borsemk Mnke Bozolan Manlyn Brandes Carol Braun Ruth Ann Brazda Carol Brelnlng Denms Brewer Douglas Brewer Ed Brooks Ann Browder Paul Bucholz Nncholas Burnham Colleen Burns Ted Burrows Suzanne Burt Nancy Bycraft Ruth Ann Caesar John Cahow Russell Calvert Jesse Campbell Nancy Campbell Earl Carter Marlon Cantrell Cleveland Carr :S 'T .J 3' "' C' .,. AJ .b .A , bw ., '1 A . Nr' H, .J v .V of . , I L ' J IM if A 12' " xx . nh., fs V A .E if - , , 5 K lu Q K A sl xxa 4 4 .f W :L L 52 .X . I I X If X wr H if , :M Q I . DA fl . 2 .- ' 1" n,F '.,s xl , I ,2 , ..a 4 . 'ix W Qi . A . ,. 1" J ' t , 'VCV if . , lk R sa Vg, , , , r A X xl r if i' ff "H , 1 l . 5 elk' C Aff X' S1 Q1 I 1 WMC Q , Q h :As .v .. i Tv -f X ...A f , 'A 'f gf, , -- "' -.:. -,,, xx, Xi an .5 sq 5 : viz- AV QLJEQ. W ky A ,y- , . t 4 ' ' ,f "' . ' I . l N ,vt ' Pat Berklich I 'v A . 1 4- L y 4 . sv ' - - .C A 'ef tv J' to A - S --X - . J ' J CJ X A lx 'ff ' ' - 8 I k 1 . ' , 5 'z . f - ' ' f , ,y A .ia A-A C fn -1- . . ,. N 'NIS 1 'RQ "" It l QA ' iff N 4' f " .4 A , 7" R- ' ' A A ' 3 ' Y , 'F ,yn . . . . 3 incur? 4 Lf ' - I ' . ' X - -n v ff T K 'B' -'W' l C0 U: . . . f 4: .Q 21 -H' 41? ' 3 e .iz - R, J. X .4 B' .3 'f .42 'A Q l' 1' l 5 -at , A A ,A J - ff' A- . ., J -It 'f. iff J . fc' ki' ' 'J , -Y A U 0 ., , 7 I F. I X J ' 'CV' :ik 13 K 4 Q' 'fha' nm If fl anet Cushing a ly Cushmg Louls Cutrona Robert Darley Van Damron Becky Dann Davld Dascola Mathew David James Davns Jo Davls Kathleen Davlson Gary Dean Wlllnam Dean Ron Deanhofer Dave Deborde Steve DeMar Robert DeVrles Duck Dennison Carol Duck Roger Dlckason Donna Dnckerson Barbara Dneterle Ray Dletrele Sally Dllno Lorna Doldge Lynn Dolfln Bull Dorow Jean Douglas Dennis Duke Rodney Dunham Lula Durham Eddie Ebach Ron Ebach Nancy Ebelke Sandra Eddy May Egler Dee Egas Sandy Ellls Sue Else Jean Engelke Yr vel 'wmv n Y? 1 I 3 I Nm J Ui -4--v ,Q- Q If 552 u. 4 v v 'U-'ba T11 7'1- on rt r' J' y-v r-r 'fm QQ. 0915. dw '93 P' 4- 4' I9 V? It A ,sex gl-24' W vi if 'Q-1 fv- 009 "?""' hs. tc- f-is ,own 391 .ary a -vm ,- v N. I., Cortland Carter Patrlcra Cartwright Bull Cassell Jam Cassell Terry Ceasar Pat Charron What Chatman Lengh Chlzek Haldan Chrrstenson Dave Claggett Kent Clark Tom Clark Stephen Clarkson Tom Clemons Dale Cluckey Judy Cobb Laura Coburn Margne Cochran Tom Cody Chrus Cohen Anne Collara Carl Colllca Kathy Colllca Steven Coombs Dave Cook Sandra Cook Davnd Cooper Janet Cooper Susan Cooper Charles Cope Dave Court Frank Courte Gordon Crawford Vlrgmla Crego Ronald Crnpe Bonny Crooks Bull Crosman Jeff Cross Jnm Crowe Ron CUHCJIH f' I QQ W1 Affrz Sis W., I Ig f ,I i Jig Vi JJ 1 Q J . 5 V.. 1 -L A V4 , ' -L Jw' J Y . 3, "IL ' , 5 I . 1. Kg. ' ' J A 'dll Y J Vktel 3 A JJ 'lsr x ' J A 'f A 2 4.3 f F. .R 4' W J " ' -'H ff 2 el E' E ' fr J f or 5, , , 'tv A N .L ' - -"" ' M 'W A , in I' V ,, Ara - , W ,V K- Q I ,. .f,. i n ,.,, , f U A ll if gil J' gli 53.3 5 lf' '74 ' L "-- M J X 'Iv' VT 4 4 Q ,J , "R, It ' , ll , x H' V .V..-.: V ,Q My Ay C L x, X Ex? 4 J 5 J, K I L R ' ze , f , fc e Av J . J . S ! 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Xl ft Diana Llttlelohn Fred Luzyness Danny Loepke Kay London Charles Lonsberry Duane Lonsberry Roger losey Bonnue Lotte Betty Lovelace Judy Lovell Larry Lowe Barb Loy Gary Lucas Marlene N Luckhardt Kaye Lundahl Bull Lymangrover Barb Lynden Carol McDonald Bull Maclnnes Mary Madden Lynda Maglll Hans Mater Judy Mames Muke Malkin Marsha Malone Fred Mann Enn Mannard Dave Mannor Douglas Manwarlng Carole Markeson Margaret Marsden Claudla Marshall Ferrell Martin Judy Martin Larry K Mortln Georgna Mathews Fred Metzmger Karen Maulbetsch Karen May 'rf-vu' '-sr nga' 7 1 dug W-4 .ibfim vufp, 'af' IK v" ,N ep QV? I' is v- AA, li 'av , 'E 'N 41 cf? ,--of 1- 3 ag, 4.5 Y? 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James Sexton Frances Seytrued Lee Shaw Dave Shear Bob Sheff Norma Shehan Bonnne Shlgmasa Bobbn Shngley Jam Slgler Margaret Slnclaur Ron Slnke Anlta Skodak Barbara Smlth Bull Smith Donna L Smith Jean Smuth Larry Smith Margaret Ann Smith Martha Smith Patrlcna Smith Patrick Smith Stephanne Smnth James Spears Walter Spnegelberg Terry Springer Barbara Stanfleld Shurley St Charles Stephen St Charles Tom Stelfe Randy Stehle Gary Steiner Duck Stemke Roberd Steward James Stewart John Stlckradt Carol Stlede Eddie Strang Llye Stockwell Danny Struble Almut Tantzen I ii., ll K I i V Q V 'fl 1' ' I s' my . ll 2 f' , ,KJ ll ., I H K - J . .- fm L: 1 f-f u fe r if r 14: A- "ft af! E" L' , K - N r ki " 5 xx"'g L N ,ffl ' A 1 1 'Q X In I .At I Q A A 4 ii L.. ' I 5, L7 I I 4 V, vi!! -. , an C ""' yn If 'V ' . . . -Q 'rl , n ,am A 5 f , - 5 . I -,. l I A r' gi .l J -'X S L'?f5 . . ,, 1. J 7,3 -N 'MW 'A I l . ,A v iw' A N 1 fl :f I 2 .gl 4 V .ami xr QV E' L0 'L 2 it George Seger .L Q ,,f , W J r ,AN EA! 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W v ' A ' . . l Q ,J I 0 K l ,A 7 W ft' u V f , , K . , v ' X-1 ..s C -- Q" V ' -3 NOT PICTURED Tom Barnett Carlene Brlegel Barry Carrlgan Arnold Deanhofer Earl Fletcher Sue Gauthier James Gulllgan Nancy Hanks Edsth Hansor Susan Hubbard Robert Hunter Pamela Hutte John Hyatt Marcla Zull Robert Zwmck Durcus Carrington Carol Imus George Jones Maxme Kelly Jo Ann Kett Marlon Klumo Ronnie Knecht Thomas Ladlsh Margaret LaRoe Vxvuan Lassiter Gay Lextrudge Carol Lmdmer Gary Lorens Carol Mathews Martha MacDonald Wayne Meyers John G Muller James Mltchell Barry Moulton Eleanor Myers Mary Palmer Elleen Parmlnter Davud Pnttman Lynn Ruchards Charlotte Ross Anme May Taylor Karen Teare Joanne Tnetz Gerry Torsch Russell Trubey Donna Turner Donald Valentune Elnzabeth Wallner Evan Walter Charles Wright Carole Yuhasz Duck Zahn Darrell Huschke .ge -,I Amr lj ,A ar. Row 'l: M. Louis, B, Quinsey, J. Kleinschmidt, B. Beck, Row 2: R. Deanhofer, P. Nelson, T. Sutton, C. Juncker K. Wenger, D. Newton, J. Stentzel, C. Maezes, J. P. Kelly, M. Gilson, B. Taylor, A. Noehren, T. Jones Ferguson, B. Bellaire, E. Bateman, J. Peterson, T. S. Buylis, B. Scott, J. Warner, D. Cunningham, M Draper, A. Huntzicker. Wesenberg, M. Haas, S. Koepke, Q. Warner. SODh0mOl26 EXGCUIIIVE BCAQO The sophomore class began its high school career with much enthusiasm exhibited during Pioneer Pride Week when they won the purple lug The executive board was under the leadership of the class advisors Mrs Francs Hughes and Mr Albert Gallup and the class officers In addition to its regular functions ot collecting dues and assisting ln the selection of class colors the board prepared a float for the homecoming parade The highlight of this years activities of the sophomore executive board was their sponsorship of the Spring Fun Night 64 lgtvz Sharon Albrecht Sheila Allan Carol Anderson Terry Anderson Vlrgmua Anlcka Ruchard Annls Mlllle Arnold Don Arthur Peter Axlerod Faye Ayotte Judy Babbitt Dlana Bally Duane Bally Jack Bally Jum Banrd Larry Baird Carolyn Baldwin Allen Bancroft Lmda Bandrofschak Phll Bandrofschak Joel Banks Cherrue Bare Susan Barels Charles Barnard Wnlma Barney Davud Barrett Don Bartolaccl Fred Barwlck Edlth Bateman Clalr Bauer Bull Baumgardner Bull Baylls Make Beadle Betsy Beck Elnzabeth Beecher John Beer Michael Bell Belmda Bellarre lynn Bellore .nr fp, any zlfw 4-P 3.7- ! - X ,..-- JUN .41 wav fy K ,J M Y-r '33 G1 as 1 "nn 2 0' sw 5 'Q 1. 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Pix Gary Davls Amy Dawson Margaret Dawson Nancy Dayton Nancy Dean Wnlluam Dean Ruth Deanhofer Jlm Dewey Tom DeWolfe Barbara Dleterle Jnm Dlethrlch Sandra Dxrkse Tom Dorow Dave Dorsey Bette Douglass Judy Douglass Davnd Doyen Terry Draper Davud Dubose Davnd Dunbar Carol Duncan Rlchard Dyer Sharon Easterlmg Janet Eaton Steven Eberbach George Edson Earl Ehley Klp Elsele Nancy Elder Martha Eldridge Elizabeth Elvmg Robert England Jnm Epple Allan Erbe Karen Erndge Pat Ervm Curtus Estes Mary Everhardus Tom Falls Bnan Fargher 1' rw 17? Sans ,f Wm W 423' .,.-.- Z- 5-. 'Y 'auf ith. ,rn 11, -0' 1-' --4 Margo Carruth Kathy Carstens Bull Cassell Ken Cassell Stanley Chadsey Sharon Chalmers Concetta Cnaravaano Connie Clague Mary Jo Clapsaddle Jum Clauson Judy Cobb Jane Colby Jam Colby Lewls Cole Ron Coleman Mary Ann Collins Phyllis Conn Margery Connable Douglas Connell Bonme Cook Lmda Cook Luana Cook Madellne Cook Dlana Cooper Davud Copa Robert Corman Don Cortnght Ruth Corwm Chris Craig Lmda Crandall Beth Crary Gerald Crawford Pat Crouch Norma Crowle Dale Cunningham Debbne Dabek Lmda Darley Jnm Dancer Elaine Davis 6 -S29 ID V0 'rr 'W '51 wt ,nw D -an f Q--, 5 2 'M 4 522 5 "" V' 4 H? 1 a -gr K ,, I All lv, .1 , ls l ,f Q f ,th V. I' -..: ul . . N ., , '4 ' 4 i W fig? L 4 fv fr, Z 'it --15:-2 N af, - - 553 A 'r- vs.: . C Ea. , I , E ,v,.A nl - -- V . J an . C g ff me J .Q ' iff ry if l . 1 W V '-,- 144' it 5 X if?-,Y,,:l ltf' f A fr' ,- 22. 1 riff- v Q F ,Q lg .as ,K . 'ii A f - f fe- J ' "' , , 1 l,. I V V M Q . A, F V 'Q' ll 'fri Y v 2, Tim Craine V. , , , J ,. ,, qkvi , ,, so 1, . ' wwf' ,l m l , "ff i xiii", - 1 l A F ' f D - A I Q: ' 27: in K 1' 5 h n . Y Q31 , -'.x 9 xxx-Q A wax . .. ,' ,tra ' - I D ' ' e y .L ,Q A J tt' J .Ji fi: X I ' , 'J -.W ' y Q ,M me sy -5-:J ,W J , K E ae get lsr. ,Qs J s e' 4 4,-if 1- f 4, jg I , X g r , r,t' A' f 1 l so If ' -A ' wk Xi -- fs , 'W , A 7' 6 ' ,J 4 -fax I, ' 1 3 QT- ' . l, ff A , - 7 4- . . 113 ' ' 1, L? 24: 1 ' 'f' 1 YQ ' N-' ' ., I - ll 12 : ,V W RX l . 4 qs' is ,1 , if-.V J rrr -' . L Mary Farnsworth Diana Favers Judy Ferguson Tom Ferrler Mark Fetters Donna Fields Patty Flke Mary Kay Frllmger George Flsher Andy Flenschman Cynthia Fleshman Susanne Ford Beverly Forsythe Shen Foster Elmer E Fourmer Wulllam Fox Judy Francisco Davld Franklm Vlncent Frappler Carole Freeman Elllot Freeman Tom French Bull rey Dorothea Frey Fred Fuerstnau Karol Fuller Marilyn Fullerton Marilyn Gale Grace Gamble Peggy Gardner Jan Geltgey Doug Gerstler Wullnam Goslee Larry L Glbson Larry W Glbson Marty Gldos Pam GIHOfd Davlcl Gllbertson U15 4 'Q 'ig--r if E 1-. "" Q' sv.. Y? 0- 'I-1 l fi pw .va 'S LQ4 'bn' 4. 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NH, if , 'ff 'M M 1 4' I t X ' ff' Pete Kentros Duck Kerr Bob Kesllng James Kles Eruka Knkut Keath Krlborn Sue Krllebrew Daryl Klnsley Marne Klnsley Carol Klrby Joanne Klelnschmldt Bob Klepace Judy Klelnschmldt Navyne Kllne Sandy Kloks Jerry Knapp Edward Kmeper Charles Knlght Sue Koepke Bob Koenke Robert Kolander Mary Kolm Carol Kooperman Dave Korzuch Karen Kotlarczyk Kathy Krenlch Manfred Kremkls Kanllyn Kuhn Steve Kruse Dlana Ladd Ahde Lahtn John LaMay Margaret LaMay Drana LaRoe Larry Lande Tom Lavendar Bull Lawrence George Lawrence Ra hard Lederer Steve Leeman rx 'W '37 fu 4 rev In 43 157 'agua .I ar "" wg' Ama XA A is .ds 3? rv- QS' .M 4 sa haf Q.-I "I 'v 'Un ny 'fm mi Per I 'u as vt! as -4 E' 4.4. C? .4-1 ""'7' i 4-r Q1- F ID "SP Sharen Leftrldge Lee Legatsku Gary Leslie David Lewls Jasper Llllle Howne Lnppert Charles London Duane Lorenz Jlm Love Lynda Lovelace May Louns Bob Loukotka Mark Lowry Ruta Loy Mary Lynn Mutch Maddock Conme Maezes Bull Mahan Bob Malcolm Elllot Molloy Chrrstme Mann Danny Marsh Barb Marshall Gloria Marshall Charlotte Martm Fred Martin Joe Martin Julla Martin Larry Martin Lussell Martin Som Martin Darrell Maschke Tom Mast Dennis Maynard Gale Maynard Bud McClelland Colleen McClure Catherme McConnell Joan McDonald Ollver McFadden '. . - .J J.. V - 1 1- 1- of - Q -Q ,, ,, ' I L' ,r K4 , B lf' A, fr.. R an .A W vrdqg- .2 W L - H Jy J D., ,. 5 Q D XJ 1 E- Q Q , l I ' A Bi I I "4 if , J x " ' mi., V ff' ii 5 422 'X -- 3 -l ,if 4 7 l T5 A x ' A A , , f, uf 'Z' W ff J 5 , l " J 46222 ' t J - X It ' 'JJ' " -0 . ' I Jil V V, .n -:inf -A Vw.. 1 E! lrlv . , ,V lx.-C , A eq! I '-, NY - A J J Y , x C - fi ' if ff to if Y " 'J' , Q . 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C' 'N so 9 1-Q Joan Nuchalos Judy Nlchals Patncua Nlchdson Art Noehren G Rlchard Noffsmger Pat Noll Rlck Notestme Nancy Odbert Jean O Neal June O Nell Pat O Really Gary Ostrander Janet Otto John Otto Linda Pace Ball Paddock Carolyn Palmer Ron Falmquust Kathy Pardon LeRoy Parham Joyce Parker Roger Parker Jam Parsons Janette Peterson John Peterson Judy Peake Lnnda Peet Shery Pelletler Julne Pelton Carol Pepper Barbara Perkins A J Phu s Ann Pnerpont Carol Plmer Geordue Poland Vurgmua Porter John Poszwak Goug Potter Morag Preston Beth Pnce bb. 'W Q QS' fv- lit I if '7 -.2 'Ov fi 1-Q. is -X LA wr AA IJ - 4' Q-.. N? Wd fr vm .l Larry McFall Phil McKee Elana McKinney Mary Ann McLaughlin Bruce McLeod Jim McMillin Bonnie McNew John Meadows Jnm Meek Joanne Melcnakos Rosemary Melton Ehzabeth Merrull Phyllis Metty Barbara Meyer Mary Lou Mlley Barbara Muller Ellen Muller Glen Muller Greg Muller Maralyn Muller Howard Monaghan Alan Moore Gloria Moore Jackue Moore Prlsculla Moore Karen Kaymorse Ron Mortensen Rnc Mueller Barbara Mulkey Mlke Mullaly Tom Munsell Elnzabeth Munson Bull Murphy Mnchele Murphy Richard Mye Carol Neeblmg Duane Nenlly Paula Nelson Gary Newman Dave Newton var 'DA if 'mi Ft Rf ,N om s""" 177 1'- 'T n'4lx.ANA . x "" vs 'zf' Q . . ft '. K " h -, K K f. .. .5 , V :E QE-is . M, 23 gl 'IT , V . l' Rav I, hkrfr ' - , I rv f vc ' 4, 'R at Q sf A. Z V ,Q l ITL J r - H - J ' , r J "' ' ,xg I X 5 I 31, -Q7 I My W , . 'V ,, J fir Nr-If W F Q . N 'Q . ' 1' or , is I h . A-.' i . . .,., 4. 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'llip . - ff P -A is 4, ' H my K ,l , , I ,- V X Q M-'A N h A I , Tom Pullen Betsy Qulnsey Thomas Paeburn Mae Randall Rosle Randle Marllyn Rash Ella Ratzloff Helmut Ratzloft T7 Emily Rathman Martma Rauer Jo Ann Reed Peggy Reed Dave Reud Betty Relford Eldon Rlce Carol Rlcha rd QW Carole Richard Ellen Sue Rlchardson Sharlene Rnchmond Margaret Richter Ellen Rldenour Charles Rlesenweber Danny Rngan Nell Robb Don Roberts James Robertson Sud Robinson Kay Root Roy Root Mark Roseman Rudy Ross Barbara Rowe Mary Rulfs Faith Rumler John Rupke Judy Russ W Dennls Salamm Ellen Sands Muchael Sattmger 'Y 'W Qt S YT! T'T vs. ML nfs l rv A' 7? NJ Q7 'x Q5 'T -41+ rs A Z! is QF' ,A Patrlcla Schatt Sandy Schlecht Jennufer Schmndt Jlm Schnearle Kate Schneider Dorothy Schnur Craig Schrock Tom Schroeder Don Schumann Shame Scotleld Bob Scott Judle Scott Wnlllam Scott Richard Schruggs Roberta Seeger Duane Shaffer Lynda Shaw Edward Shawaker Dave Shepercl Gerald Simon Don Simons Margaret Simpson Marty Smn Judy Sklar Dianne Skomp Suzanne Skomp Dan Slee Sue Slezak Mnke Slider Carolyn Small Claude Smedley Bull Smtley Jon Snowman Marvnn Snow John Solowzcak Bob Spaly Nancy Soper Ronn Spann Barbara Spence Pam Spurlln -, 4' . My 'H nr 1 " -ia -, - . -3 1 .gs " A , 'D Y 1 ,A - , Iv-r A ,J ' .3 . . - 3 , L ' ' V' - A fl ' . 7x l - 'I f A, M , ' , I? Z1 . I ,w ""l ll S ' - 14 . I . A .Q gg ' A' ja "' ,- t L . ,EW J 5 '21 .- 3 'f 15- J I P R f -f R one ' 1' g i , rf , .wif nf? 1 ' ' ",.f'R J f' 'af'-B . as sw' ' gp A ' , -1 -QQ 72.21 Y .fs R -a , ft J y 4. f A W C we A ' ' X 'Y 'HE ' 9' ,Q , . 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AMW fl 'Wm ef' Qs? ivwh .A i Judy Toogood Karen Towner Terry Townsend Don Turner Judy Turner Judy Tyler Ann Ulberg Claude Underhull Ken Valtkus Wllluam Vandenbelt Jan Van den Broek Gall Vnal Doug Vogel Richard Vogel Wayne Vonwold Jlm Vratarlc Sandue Wagner Tom Wagner Lynne Waste Barbara Waltz Edna Walker James Wallace Douglas Tarmanen James M Warner Jlm B Warner Sue Warner Jall Warren Robert Warzynskn Ronlca Waters Jack Weber Judy Weber Janetta Weld Debby Welss Esque Wells Bull Wenger Bonnue Wenger Karen Wenger Geraldlne Wenk Karen Wenk ,..r' ps. WF' n-as 9. AN ,1- f' FG? f ,A Shlrley Staeb Mnke Staebler Kathy Sfandbndge Chris Stasheftl Richard St Clair Jnm Stentzel Wystan Stevens Lynne Stewart Roberta Stullman Sue Stlmpson Jerry Stoll Marulyn Stoll Richard Stoll Tom Stretch Darlene Strutz Sylvia Suarez Anwer Sullelman Katue Sullelman Carl Suthn Palmer Sutton Kay Swanson Cheryl Sweatt Jlm Swlckerath Ed Szymchack Fran Tanner Bob Tappe Bull Taylor Susan Taylor Wayne Teachworth Cheryl Thomas Walter Thomas Gary Thompson Susan Thompson Roger Thornberry Beverly Thornburg James Thrall Sue Thrasher John Thumm Bob Tobias Tom Tolles -nl' V by msg 9.11 .W C M . ' 1 t 1 A Q .1 3 F M rl, X if 2 ,ff 4 I -I 4 Cd. by lf? 5 F' a-'lffw A5 S4 , ' A . ' 1 -1f- ,J 7 I .. S- rv rf- v. -- ,.. 'za Lf"'f Q - ' .Z 1 ,X -iz 5, ., ..A Z? -' ' "Qui ' Q ,KJX 1 4 4 Q ' X , , 4, ,T , ' S f lc A -- 4 ,Q-,f ' fa ,J xv fc. W 1 'N 337 5- ? . T A 5 fir ' 3 ,, .,3 Q. Vnfif! M 1 Q AW: ' -e iff I A: . iam ' ' rs .rf T we a ,. 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I I - f- ev' as Q: K ' - J - Q Q - uv , V z by '4 . i an' I f ' ,mf 735, ' LQ Make Wesenberg Phyllns Wesley Alice Wesslnger Bryan Westfield John Wnarda Lynne Wnederhoft Judy Waedmeyer Paul Werner Joe Whne Rlchard Whste Mlke Wuenert Pamela Wlstert Susan Wilde Jeff Wales Karen Wllke Carol Wilson Jaye Wllson John Wnlson Stuart Wllson Bull Wnmmer Marqo Wlnchell Bull Winkler Dorothy Wettrng Margaret Wohlwend Llnda Wolf Carol Wolff Jan Woodside Carolyn Yearnd Deanne Yek Mark Yenner Peter Zahner Charles Zezgler Margaret Znll John Zwaan Steve Anderson Q.-4 'Apu Iflhlx A fn "V ev '-Q X A Marllynn Banks Aros Boggs Jean Brothers Karen Carey John Carter Ken Cassell Sara Cohen Frances Cook Alfred Coone Peter Ehrllch Helen Fntch John Foote Wllllam Gallaher Sandra Grammatlco Albert Haab Don Hadley 'X 9? V' f-QYSK. SOPHOMORES NOT PICTURED Roland Hadley Sue Hanson John Hardeman larry Hayes Garry Holtz Wllllam Houston Dorothy Harnes Pot Kelley Anne Kung Sherry Kuhn Harvey Lansky Sharon Lansky Ralph McClelland Bonme Mmges Chuck Mitchell Joyce Myles 0"U- 6 Q9 v-. Elvis Mlchalsen Lots Ann Morton Gary Packer Hester Shlpp Allce Steeves Charles Thomas David Walker Audrey Wallace ' I - J X.: l ,r 3 It . ew- - . t,...f J ,' 'rl' IH 35 fs f . XX., A . . , , , , . I Q 74 . , +-fl - if Br. J We .N . P lf, 13 ' - 'A A .,. 2 wi l QW kg F' . V . ' 1 I V sv.. V . . I I . 6 A X ,. . my . Q U ,, gag- y ga ,.,.4 ,Q I - X -L Ki Y .v .x-.- L. 4 - l- A K , L A y , y J 4: A GE NE AL STOR Ti 17 1 'X Ji-V if iillzaa-4 XX ff XXXXX K Pl RANDALL l'll-Ill f AT E -1 5 Q ,fy "" XQXX 'Xxx XTA X W X Z Q xff I ww 'J N V C X Jig HS- l t , I N 3 ? V1 I ' 1.1, , Wgf3j 5 , I ' . , QX 1 5' ', f I W1 f ' jfj1 1 . y4Q1fag 1 f1 WW? xg4Q4 f 71 : f fff Q 5 1' ' ' R i lM 1 fi . .Q f! - ' ,',.. i w jf- Fgxxx ff fi X AAVA 5' XXX X A. fn? R J BOARD OF DIRECTORS OF TEEN-AGE LOAN FUND ANN ARBOR BANK The Mount Vernon Shop "On Washington" Headquarters for Hallmark Cards Ann Arbor Michigan SINGER SEWING CENTER Complete Line of Sewing Machines and Vacuum Cleaners II4 S. MAIN NO 2-5569 76 Compliments of DIETZEL'S SHOE STORE -ev 309 South Main NO 2-0234 cLoTHlERs, HATTERS, FURNISHERS STADEL 8. SONS 302 South Main Street D E P E N D A B I. E You KNOW THESE sENloRs You also know DEY Photographers over 35 years of fme reliable photography m Ann Arbor DEY ST D Chfton Dey Owner NOrmandy 3 5031 332 S State Samuel Sturgis, Associate 7 PAUL'S MUSICAL REPAIR MUSICAL SUPPLIES AND REPAIRING New, Used and Rebuilt Instruments EWR WHERE MUSICIANS MEET 119 West Washmgton Street NOrmandy 2 1834 BROADWAY MARKET Bob Seeger and Dan Gray Telephone NOrmondy 3 5828 1029 Broodwoy Ann Arbor YARNCRAFT SHOP Yarns and Kmttmg Supphes NO 2 0303 10 Nlckels Arcade Thnrty Yeors of Foshnon Servnce to Ann Arbor Women' The MARILYN Shoppe 529 533 Eost Llberty Mlchlgon Theatre Building coneamumtnons v Wllklnson Luggage Shop Luggage-Handbags-Gifts 327 S Mom St NOrmondy 3 4013 II ll O O 1 o 8 CHOOSE DISTINCTIVE GIFTS C O N G R A T U L AT I O N SI GOOD LUCK' THE BERRY PATCH 101 E Luberty sf N0 2 zsao METZGER S RESTAURANT Always be ln Style wnth Compliments of DRESSY CASUAL FORMAL or P 8 SPORTS WEAR D I I ea efS fl Scrap Metal Paper Iron Mann Floor ond Sportshop Lower Level 1042 1100 N Mcnn NO 8 8814 R 8. S SHOES 1085 Mann N0 87006 Gi' . QQ . - I State 6- Established 0 HEARTIEST CONGRATULATIONS To The GRADUATING CLASS and STUDENT BODY Gif We of McDonald s deeply apprecrafe the fme pafronage we have enloyed through the pasf year and we pledge fo conhnue fo serve you and your famrlres wrfh fme food lasf servrce and low prices. SAUNDERS FRAMES BLUE WIG BEAUTY SHOP EXCEPTIONAL PICTURE FRAMING 103 EUS' Ubeffv Sffee' Telephone NOrmondy 8 9771 The Famous Drumhead Mount For Sheepskm Drplomos P I 229 NIckeIs Arcode NOrmondy 2 6151 Gladys Smmke ropne or "RES LOUISE C A S E Y S Flowers and Glfts Fourth Avenue and East Huron Phone Normandy 8 5049 AUTO AND HUME RADIOS 334 South State St Ann Arbor li 10c French Fnes WE SERVE YOU WITH ELECTRONIC CURB SERVICE I EVERETT S DRIVE IN 'Tho Ho e of the Famous CALIFORNIA DELUX BURGER 2280 West Stadium Blvd NO 5 5864 O l T V ' I ' , E M 151: Milk Shakes I 3 ik F ' - 6 Best Dfycfeanng A N N A R B 0 R clown MICROLEAN Y! VCBILPA' X Mlcroclean emu unuen THE mcauscon H3 SOUTH MAIN STREET SME U' 'YS' Phone Nor 0 dy25I87 D NO2323T 82 NEW AND USED TEXTBOOKS AND STUDENT SUPPLIES for all Ann Arbor Hugh Courses Buy and Save at F 0 l LE T TS State Street at North University Th F Q i . . . i 5 Z YS 0 N 1 J Q f J 'I lx? X, . Q 3. YL K S w r' . i er . : m n - Free elivery - LATEST IN FASHION AND FINEST QUALITY at Huhe s MAIN at LIBERTY ANN ARBOR Only the Fmesf Quolnty of Prices Thor Are Four UNIVERSITY MUSIC HOUSE INC INSTRUMENTS MASTER INSTRUMENT REPAIR RECORDS AND BOOKS SHEET MUSIC AND SCORES 9 00 5 30 Dolly 340 Maynard Sf Monday hII 9 p m NO 8 7515 C OMPLIMENTS SERVICE 'I420 Stadium Boulevard NOrmandy 8 8864 CONGRATULATIONS' GOOD LUCK' I, . ' ' SCHIION'S ANIIW l'iiEnblf' i3'11Eilc" 'S Eh 60615 The foresight and generosity ot the Well Trained Teachers crtlzens ot Ann Arbor have made pos Excellent Equipment sible a clty school system for Ann Ar Splendid School Burldmgs Fme Student Body every boy and gurl THE ANN ARBOR BOARD OF EDUCATION 4 FISCHER HARDWARE KESSEL S Gifts Formals Coats Dresses Electric Appliances Dmnerware Cookware Sportswear and General House Furnishings 221 E WASHINGTON NO 2 3295 217 SOUTH MAIN 9 NICKELS ARCADE hm for a sooo LUCK' 5"e'Y' 9 Party Shower or Wedding INVITATIONS DECORATIONS TABLECLOTHS CENTERPIECES NAPKINS FAVORS PLATES GIFTS SAM S STORE 122 East Washmgton Street BALL OFFICE SUPPLY NOrmandy 3 8611 105 N Main Street N0 3-1161 ll ' ' ' II n bor which alters equal opportunity for 1 I I TALBOT STUDIOS Producers of Fine Natural Portraits NOW IN NEW SPACIOUS MODERN STUDIOS O O O O I I 6 TWO GREAT STORES C H DICK Class of T928 Pres dent MUSIC CENTER TV CENTER TO GIVE YOU THE FINEST IN TELEVISION STEREO HI Fl and RADIO SALES AND SERVICE Preketes Brothers best washes from Amr Cond honed SUGAR BOWL ENGIANDERS EXCELLENT FOOD 109 III South Mann Street ANN ARBOR Phone NOrmondy 2 1414 ladles casual wear CHICKEN IN me BASKET and accessorws FOR YOUR PRIVATE PARTIES MAKE RESERVATIONS AT OUR BANQUET ROOM T212 south umverslty OUR BEST WISHESI GOOD LUCK! campus theater building I I i I 300 S. Thayer-N0 2-2500 3430 Washtenaw-N0 8-7200, 8-8655 I O O ' I . - i . Q 'Q' ' 9 O . 'Q' O swmo B E MU HLIG Ann Arbor's Largest F me Photography Dry Goods Store for 68 years QUALITY SERVICE COURTESY 320 SOUTH MAIN STREET 'I26 S th Mu Sf eef PHONE NORMANDY 3 5541 Ne Styles F st 1Wld WILD 8. COMPANY 7 I l E - INC. O . - .. O ou in r Telephone: NOrmandy 2-3184 w ir a i 's lake tl11 1111 111111111 C 01111141111 f111 1xc1111ple X11111111 VN I111 v1111ks 1111 M11l11ga11l31ll111llt1ll111111ts 11111 l 11111 f 1 111111 11111 1111 thu 11111 and 1 llll a good 111111 111 111 lc-411111111 1111115 119 ll Qllldl and f11qu111t 11111 get 1111111111 1.1cat11111s 111111 11111 11115 1 host of 11tl1L1 adx 11111411111 'I88 X4-ASC f if WRX WW SQDME SGD ERE QDESTEE MEELQHNQ S Q Alldltllll 11111 H1111 1 11111111 1111111111111 1111111 IS tl1 11 11111 1ss11111t1 111tl1 111111111 Nlllll 111111 we 111st1111t 11 111111 t1111 11111 1111111 111 1 1 111 111ffl1t plc 111111 1111l111ffs X Ill 111 11111 stut IS 1 t1l1pl11111L 11111 I 11st 11111 dont 111111 my 11111111 11c1 Y1111 11.1111 1 t1ll11 111 1111111 11111 f1nd11pp111t1m1t11s 111 1111 1llCQIT1Ll1t 1 1111111 t11t H1 1111111 11111111 H1151 11111 11 111 111 st111qt1I111l111111 111 SI 1 1 MICHIGAN BELL TELEPHONL COMPANY F R A E TO W O 393 E. Hfashington St. JT feens know :fs fun fo shop where they hnd fabulous fashions fhe year round QUALITY PRINTING ANNARBOR PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING PRINTING BOOKS COLOR CATALOGUES JOB PUBLICATIONS SOCIAL YEARBOOKS ADV C ga et! Cases Ident B acelets Amer co lndlan Jewelry HIGH SCHOOL JEWELRY Watches Dnamonds R ngs LJ! Pms Much Jewelry QBNQZBE Lnghters THE CRAFT PRESS mer 330 Maynard Street NO 8 8805 I7I2 NORTH UNIVERSITY EAST OF STATE ST GAGE LINEN SHOP Drshnchve Lmens 8. Handkerchrefs Phone NO 2-0114 I I Nuckels Arcade Ann Arbor, Much ANN ARBOR af L . Vial? I' ..2f'If Tir f ' ' 51 Lf" A 'I 1 5' , I 'zu I ' IIN , N I -lx ' E -I . i 1 WIN in , ., 3, 1 U . . . rm Q7 Ai.: O O . . W-2 Q 0 I r 8 0 0 r ' . g . I' 0 I o ' I I1 gif '. sfo 6 90 SCHLANDERER 8. SONS Jewelers 81 Sllversmlths NO 2-0306 208 S Mann St Ann Arbor, Mach CONGRATULATIONS l MUEHLIG 8. LANPHEAR Hardware and Sheet Metal Work NOrmcndy 2 3277 311 S Main St ischcl' lllla1l'llla"lCll . Corner Liberty and Fifth Avenue We Have Filled Over 335,000 Prescriptions Cloverleaf Dairy Company "Quality Dairy Products" Telephone 3 4193 1015 Broadway Ann Arbor, Mich Sylvlu Studio of Dance Academrc Ballet Tap Acrobatrc Ballroom NO 8 8066 Phones NO 8 7227 Mnchngan Theater Bldg 525 E Liberty GIFTS CRAFTS JEWELRY CERAMICS TROLLS ZORIES CHINA CHOPSTICKS TIES by Rooste TEA POTS ll22Soth es ARTISANS says Congratulatlons Class of 1959 CONGRATULATIONS SENIOR5' 9 Phone NO 2 3211 107 Packard St Ann Arbor Much nowens Fon evsnv occAsloN CHELSEA FLOWER SHOP 203 East Luberty Street NOrmandy 2 5616 Cut Flowers Corsages Potted Plants O?a!04S"'a 460 Q 'I-4 11, f Osho Op sf ,v J' PXQQ, A I f I 'XXX V' I REQ R - f 'b 4.9, we , Q0 9 Garden Supplles I5 A B E R S Every type of fabnc for every GARDEN CENTER Swmenwd NO 3 5616 215 S 5th A 341 SOUTH MAIN STREET NO 5 5331 391 Waters Rd NORMANDY 2 1132 EIEGEl'S M dByWeur D t A Ab . , f Pet Supplies E' I YOUR ' E l ' . ' ve N Portrait Studies bf Youth Tots 'N Teens Studios 333 s. Main sf., NO 5-5064 Today s graduates are entering an excltlng new era where they wlll llve better electrlcally ln every way at home at work or at play For example lf you choose marrlage you can enjoy an all electrlc home Included wlll be electrlc heat bullt ln electric range and refrlgerator and a host of tame savlng economlcal electrlc appllances They wlll be the ultlmate ln modern llvlng comfort and convenlence Or lf you go lnto buslness efflclent electrlcally operated machlnes wlll asslst you In gettlng the job done swiftly and easlly agaln an lllustratlon of the versatlllty and dependablllty of electrlclty Or lf you go on to college perhaps you wlll become one of the sclentlsts or technlclans who help further mold the all electric world of the future No matter whlch path you may choose electrlclty wlll be there to lughten your load brlghten your way help you llve better electrically DETROIT EDISON 'Qi 5' X 1 I I ' l I l , , . Y l - ' 1 - - V - V l Y 1 1 V Congrafulahons Seniors! MOTHPROOHNG Observatory Beauty Salon CRAVENETTE SHOWERPROOFING GARMENT STQRAGE 1402 Washmgton Henghts SHIRT SERVICE NOrmandy 2 3413 1946 Packard 601 E Wllllam NO 8-6806 NO 2-0198 ANN ARBOR MICHIGAN MAST 5 SHUES Nielsen s Flower Shop Two Stores Downtown Campus NOrmandy 2 3269 121 S Mann 619 E Liberty IO21 Morden Lane Ann Arbor Much Home of BASS SANDLER an COBBLER FOOTWEAR VAN BOVEN SHOES 17 NICKELS ARCADE 19 I o I Men'8 - Women's - Children? and Greenhouses d O 96 Serving ANN ARBOR HIGH SCHOOL AND ITS STUDENTS WITH QUALITY ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT Smce 1915 We Speclallze ln Award Sweaters SPORT SH 711 NORTH UNIVERSITY 902 SOUTH STATE ST STEIN CLEANERS Slnce 1912 For Those Who Care WE CALI. AND DELIVER NORMANDY 2 2567 204 East Washmgton Street WAHR S UNIVERSITY BOOKSTORE Ann Arbor s Oldest and Most Complete Bookstore In Trodntnon and Servnce OVER 70 YEARS OF SERVICE 316 S State St NO 2 5669 SHIPMAN S INC COMPLETE CHILDRENS OUTFITTERS TOYS CLOTHING SHOES 329 333 South Mann Street Esquire styles rn young men s fme apparel Qi iff ATE BE O O I I II - II - 1 I c I o ST STREET AT LI RTY I ADVERTISERS ANN ARBOR BANK ANN ARBOR BOARD OF EDUCATION ANN ARBOR CLOTHING ARTISANS ARTWAY DRY CLEANERS BALL OFFICE SUPPLY INC BERRY PATCH BLUE WIG BEAUTY SHOP BROADWAY MARKET BUSH REAL ESTATE CO CASEYS CHELSEA FLOWER SHOP CLOVERLEAF DAIRY COLLINS SHOP INC CRAFT PRESS DETROIT EDISON COMPANY DEY STUDIO DIETZELS SHOE STORE EVERETT S DRIVE IN FABERS FABRICS FIEGELS MENS AND BOYS WEAR FINGERLE LUMBER COMPANY FISCHER HARDWARE FISCHERS PHARMACY FOLLETTS MICHIGAN BOOK STORE GAGE LINEN SHOP GOODYEARS GREENES CLEANERS AND FURRIERS HALLERS .IEWELERS HUTZEL SHOPS KESSELS FASHION SHOP LANSKY AND SONS LEIDYS LOUISE FLOWERS AND GIFTS INDEX MARILYN SHOPPE MAST SHOE STORE McDONALD S DRIVE IN METZGER S RESTAURANT MOE SPORT SHOPS MOUNT VERNON SHOP MUEHLIG B E INC MUEHLIG 8. LANPHEAR MICHIGAN BELL TELEPHONE CO MUSIC CENTER INC NIELSENS FLOWER SHOP OBSERVATORY BEAUTY SALON PAULS MUSICAL REPAIR R 8. S SHOE STORE RENTSCHLERS SAM S STORES SAUNDERS FRAMES SCHLANDERER 8. SONS SINGER SEWING MACHINE STADEL 81 SONS STEIN CLEANERS SUGAR BOWL SYLVIA STUDIO OF DANCE TALBOT STUDIOS TOTS N TEENS UNIVERSITY MUSIC HOUSE N VAN BOVEN SHOE STORE WAGNER 8. COMPANY WAHRS UNIVERSITY BOOK STORE WILD MENS SHOP WILKINSON LUGGAGE SHOP WILLARDS FOOTWEAR YARNCRAFT SHOP YOUR GARDEN CENTER 'I97 I ENGLANDERS SCHUON'S, INC. ' - CO. , I C. Abbott Lynn 92 Ackerman Lavone 86 Adams Carolyn 15 91 Adams Ruchard 26 60 Antken Sharon 85 94 Albrecht Sharon 85 102 Allen Carl 66 Allen Make 85 Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Carl 92 Carol 13 77 97 Kathy 84 85 91C 26 29 98 97 Perry 91B 92 Terrance 61 72 Andrews Deanna 107 94 106 Angell Darnel 91 97 Anms Rnchard 62 Armbruster Janet 95 Arnn Paul 86 100 Arnold Fredernc 66 91A 99 Arnold lrven 103 Arnold Marylou 97 Arthur Don 69 Blgby Susan 85 91C 26 92 Asgarzadeh Farodeh 94 Aspnn Mary 90 94 Atwood Kenneth 85 Aupperle Charlotte 80 81 106 Axelrod Peter 69 71 Babbitt Judy 95 Back Barbara 96 Badger Tom 103 Bagchn Barley Balley Banley Banley Vanu 60 Duane 99 Dnana 99 Jack 100 Thomas 86 Index Barrow Jull 85 91D 96 Barshantee Don 100 Bateman Edrth 91D 164 Bates Maruan 14 15 27 9 8 Bauer Patrucla 91C 110 Beadle Mnke 66 Beck Ellzabeth 164 91D Beck Robert 92 Beck Susan 91D 81 96 Beckley Shurley 94 Beckman Susan 95 Beecher Ellzabeth 99 Beunarowltsch Glsela 95 Bekuares Cassandra 91D 91B Bellaire Belnnda 91D 164 91B Bellore Benford Benlaml Bennett Bennett Berklnch Bertram Bethke Lynn 86 96 98 Howard 86 n Helen 85 90 91D Jesse 103 100 Margaret 102 PGYYICIG 86 Detlef 98 Judy 95 Blhlmeyer Carl 86 154 Bnlbre James 61 Blssell Sandra 91 97 Blair Lots 80 Blair Patrlcla 92 96 103 Bloomer Harlan 86 100 Blystone Donna 86 96 Bock Jlm 98 Boddy Barbara 96 Boegler Muke 72 Boehnke Ralph 69 85 65 Bolgos Rebecca 86 Banrd James 71 Baker Barbara 95 96 102 Baker Bonnle 85 91D 95 96 102 Baker Juduth 94 Baldwm Carolyn 95 Ballls Wslllam 98 Bandrofchak Ltnda 95 Bandorfchak Phll 86 Bare Cherne 102 98 Barels Barbara 94 Barels Sue 86 Barney Betty 103 Bolls Sue 86 94 95 Bolt Carol 91C 97 98 Bomas Karlls 92 Bordln Martha 91D 96 Borsemk Vurgmno 91 D 95 Boudrue Bart 110 Bowes Henry 100 BOWleI' Marlorne 81 Broom Ankle 96 Brandes Marulyn 91D 94 97 Brcmhcm Judnh 95 Branson Anne 85 92 Lnndo 91C 92 100 Ruth Ann 81 94 Braun Brazda Brewer Denms 97 Douglas 97 Gan 85 94 100 Brewer Brnegel Brundkerhoff James 60 94 99 Bristol Frederlc 86 Brooks Edward 72 92 Browder Ann 85 Brown BGTYY 61 Brown Douglas 15 80 91B 91 27 Brown Ruchard N 61 Brumbaugh Janette 99 Buettner Patrncna 96 Burgess Kathleen 85 102 Burgess Susan 91D 86 96 Burnham Beverly 100 Burnham Carolyn 92 Burns M Colleen Burns Mnke 91A Burt J Sue 91D 96 Bus Lons 91C 92 81 Bush Ron 103 Buss Mnchael 86 Buster Lucle 96 Butzm David 86 100 Bycraft Nancy 91D Byrd Richard 85 92 Calhoun Juduth 97 Calvert Russell 66 101 60 1 Campbell Jessne 94 95 Campbell Nancy 96 94 Cantrall Mary 98 Carpenter Arthur 62 100 Carr Cleveland 91A Carr Jennlfer 91 Carrugan Barry 95 98 Carruth Margo 99 94 Carstens Kathleen 98 Cartwrught Pat 94 Carver Bob 103 Cassell BnIl154 100 Cassell Kenneth 85 91 98 Casterlme Rachard 110 Castor Cllnt 27 110 106 Chalmers Sharon 95 Chandler Jlm 86 110 106 69 Chase Carolyn 110 27 106 -A- . - I I I ' I I ' , 1 1 I . 5 I I I f 1 f , ' , 1 , 1, Q 1 ' ' , I D 1 1 1 , ' I l I ' I A I I I I 1 ' 1 1 1 1 102 1 I I ' I 100 I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I . I l ' I . . I . I 1 1 " 1 1 1 95, 1 " 9 1 1 102 1 1 1 4 ' ' 02 1 1 1 1 1 129 1 1 1 11 1 I I I I I I I 'I I I I ' ' 92 - 1 1 1 1 129 1 - I I I I I . I 2 I I I I ' I 1 1 1 I I I ' , ' ' , , , , ,76, Buster, Bonnie 94 ', , 110, 97 , ' 1 1107 ' 1 1 ', ' 1 I I I 5 D I I I ' I I I . I -Ba .I . -C-. I 1 .I . I I I I . , 1 1 1 , 1 1 00 I I I I ' I .I I . I I . I . I I I I I . I . I I ' ' 95 I I I I I I ' , ,98 , 1 ' . I I I I . I I I I I I I I I I I 5 I I I I .I . I I ' . I 1 ' I .I .I . .. I I , l 1 1 1 1 I . I . . . I . I l I I I I I I I .1 I . 1 I I .I I . I . I I I 1 1 , 1 1 1 Clapsadle Mary Jo 91D Cork Kay 14 15 91 Clarx Robert 85 69 Clarkson Stephen 85 Clemons Tom 92 69 Cobb Judnth A 91D Cobb Judnth E 91D Coburn Laura 91A 97 Cody Tom 62 69 Cohen Chris 62 85 86 Colby James 85 Colby Jane 29 97 Collaro Anne 97 98 Collnca Kathleen 91D 9 9 Collms James 94 95 Collms Mary 95 Colvm Fred 85 Conn Phyllls 100 Connable Margery 91D Cook Lmda 91 97 Cook Luana 91 97 Cooper Davrd 154 Cooper Janet 91D 94 98 Cope Charles A 91A Copa Davud 86 99 Cornell Evelyn 86 103 Cortrught Don 72 85 101 Court Dave 100 Craig Crls 95 Cramer Larry 110 Crandall Lmda 95 Crawford Gerald 103 Crawford Gordon 103 Crawford Tom 60 Crego Caroline 86 Cnpe Ronald 86 Cross Jeffery 66 101 Crouch Patrncna 97 Crowe James 101 99 Cunduff Rachel 100 Cundlff Richard 100 Cundrff Ronald 100 Cunmngham Dale 61 164 Currle David 98 Dabek Deborah 102 99 Darley Robert 92 Dann Rebecca 102 98 Dascola Davrd 86 6 9 David Davis Davls Davls Matthew 88 Dan 66 60 94 67 Elaune 95 Florndo 91C 110 Dawson Margaret 91 102 Dayton Nancy 98 Dean Nancy 94 Dean Wllluam D 100 Dean WullnamJ 100 Deanhofer Ronald 101 Deanhofer Ruth Ann 85 Deborde Davld 100 Deborde Ruth 85 91C 164 deKomng Km 62 110 106 DeMar Steve 100 Dennuson Rnchard 60 Desbrough Bonnne 103 Dewey James 71 Deye Davrd 110 Duck Carol 91D 89 6 Dnckerson Donna 94 Dneterle Barbara 86 95 Drethrnch James 86 Dnrkse Sandra 95 Drxon James 60 Dordge Lorna 96 Dolfm Marulyn 14 91 Dorow Wrlloam 98 Dosey Mnchael 61 100 Douglas Jean 85 91C 91D Douglass Judy 95 Draper Terry 85 164 Dubose Ora 98 Duford John 71 95 Dunbar Davrd 100 Dunlap Davrd 103 Dyer Rnchard 61 66 Easterlrne Sharon 95 Eaton Janet 95 Ebach Eddie 91A Ebelke Nancy 96 Edmonson Rebecca 89 8 110 6 Efnar Sandra 85 Egas Dee 94 Eusele Kup 100 Elder Nancy 96 Eldndge Martha 97 Ellnott Edward 103 Else Martha 94 Engelke Jean 94 Enns John 85 110 06 Enns Nelson 100 Erbe Allan 86 Evans Carol 94 Evans Tom 91A 101 Everhardus Mary 85 95 97 Falls Tom 100 Fargher Brnan 61 Farnsworth Mary 95 Farrar Rodney 69 Farwng Carol 91D 154 Fawcett Elrzabeth 91C 110 94 Felton Lmda 91D Ferguson Judy 164 Fetters Mark 61 85 Fnelds Curt 95 Frelds Donna 95 Flke Kathleen 82 91C, 96 102 Fake Patncna 85 95 102 Frsher Karen 91B Fssher Marlene 103 Fasher Mnchael 80 Fleming Davrd 62 110 Fleshman Cynthia 86 Flood James 15 91 Flynn Patrrcra 91C 98 100 Folk Ruth Anne 102 Foote John 97 Ford Janet 103 Fornaca Judrth 85 95 Forsythe Beverly 91D 98 Fortney James 92 110 69 Fortune Nancy 91D Foster Judy 91D 96 Fourmer Elmer 86 Fowler Larry 60 Fowler Mrlton 82 Fox Donna 107 106 Francusco Judy 95 96 Frappuer Vrncent 66 Frederlckson Nancy 94 Freeman Aprul 96 Freeman Carole 94 Freeman Elluott 85 69 Freeman Janet 91C 96 102 French Rebecca 99 , , 86 - I , l , , , , 27, 96, 9 1 I I I , 1 I I , I . I , , 1 , 69 1 1 86 ' ' 1 1 1 1 1 I I 1 , ' . , 29, 95 I , 1 ' . , 29, 95 I , 1 1 1 I ' ' I 1 1 I I I I . . I -F1 , ' , , , 98 I I I I I . I l I I I I 1 1 , , , , 97 I 1 141 197 ',a , , -, , ,94,97 . , I . I I Q I I I I I . I . I , 1 I I ' I I I l I . I 5 F A I 1 1 - I I I 9 - I I I l I ' I I I I 1 ' , 65 - Q - - 1 1 1 1 1 Cooper' Dlana 102 Dieterle, Richard 110, 98 FiIIingerI Mark 95 I I I . . I I I 1 - ' I ' I 9' . I ' ' 4 I a I , I - I . I . I I I I . I . I I I I I I I . . I I , I - I I . . I I ' I , , , , 92, 102 I ' ' I I 1 ' 1 1 I I - I 1 I I I I I . I I l I I I I I ' I ' . . I ' l ' ' ' ' I TE-, ' I I ' ' ' , , 102 1 . I 1 I ' 4 I ' , ' , 60 1 1 1 I I ' ' ' I I, , , 5 I I 6I I 10 . I . 1 I 1 I ..D... I I . I I . I . I l , , 1 . 1 1 , 1 1 r 1 1 I . . I I Hneftle Davud 85 Frey Bull 86 Frey Doug 72 101 Frunkle Sally 92 107 106 97 Fnsmger Ann 98 Fuerstnaw Sally 91C 89 97 96 102 Fullerton Lotus 94 Gage Duana 29 Gandos Jeffrey 60 Gale Lmda 97 Gale Marllyn 102 Gallager Wlllnam 61 Gardner Corunne 85 Gardner Margaret 94 Garner Ann 91C 96 102 Gauss Suzanne 98 Gauthuer Kay 99 Greer Kam 69 100 Gregory Douglas 71 Grlfhn Louase 91 97 Gruftlth Dan 100 Grrfhth James 69 Grlftlth Peter 85 Gnndstatt Rebecca 85 Grmdstatf Wnlllam 91A 103 Gruber Jamce 110 102 Gruber Juduth 85 91C 110 Guldberg Tom 85 69 Gustnne Beverly 85 91D 95 97 Gustme Bruce 85 91 Haab Mary 92 Haab Paulnne 95 97 Haarer Cynthna 97 98 Haas Jamce 86 96 99 Hames Hoffman Fredrick 100 Gay Byron 100 Gentgey Jan 97 Gerow Glenna 92 96 Gersler Gersler Gesler Gnbson Gnbson Gubson Gndos Gnfford Douglas 86 Jerry 61 Ralph 60 107 Larry L 86 Larry W 86 Patrucna 96 99 Marty 91D 96 98 Pam 95 Haas Mary 164 Haaxma Kurt 91A Haught Hanght Hames Elnzabeth 91D 77 Robert 91B 71 98 Jeannette 91 96 99 Jen Lynne 99 Gulbreath James 92 Gall Clem 85 90 Gnlleland John 85 Gnllett Martha 91D Glllsgan James 103 Gnllungham Suzan 95 96 Gnlson Mark 61 85 164 Glrvan Grace 91D 96 Glushyn Peter 98 Goetz Peggy 94 98 Goldman Max 98 Goodwm Barbara 29 Gourley Jo Ann 97 Gourley Joyce 97 Grace Frank 85 Graves Pamela 95 Gray Dave 103 Gray Lmda 96 Green Gerald L 98 Green Gerald W 98 Greenlnck Gerald 69 Hallock Wnllnam 85 Hamel Judy 91D 77 100 Hamllton Douglas 62 Hamulton Margaret 95 Hammer Jean 110 Hammond Carl 100 Hand Robert 86 Hanke Jay 101 Hanks Nancy 85 91D Hanselman Jamce 95 Hanson Ronald 100 Hardxman Duane 95 Hardy Rnchard 90 Hargu Wlllvam 92 Harrungton Mary Jo 98 Hams Mlke 91A Hartsook Davnd 98 Harwood Kenneth 66 Hatheld Judy 94 Hatto John 61 66 Hawks Sandra Hayes Bernardene 95 100 Hayes Douglas 85 Haywood Ben 95 Haywood Lmda 97 Haywood Wnllue 60 Heady Judy 96 Hearn Joyce 154 Hedlesky Mnchele 9 D Helber Robert 92 Hellner Bonme 97 Henderson Bull 66 Hendruckson Jerry 9 A Henry Marsha 96 9 Henry Ralph 86 Hensel Jorg 88 Herbert Frederuck 23 84 92 98 Hermans Barbara 97 Herron Bonme 97 102 Hewitt James 66 Hnatt Robert 85 100 Hubbard Kathenne 96 Hull Janet 95 Hlnlker Mary 91D 154 Hnxon James 71 Hoad Margaret 86 Hogue Robert 61 72 Hogue Wulloam 61 66 Holzhauer Bruce 86 Hoobler Patrxcna Hood Patrlcta 96 99 Hopknns Brenda 96 103 Hoppe Anne 96 Hornmg Don 100 Hornmg Doug 66 100 Hoseney Joy 100 Hosler Joyce 94 House Mary 29 85 96 Howard Judnth 92 99 Howe Roberta 94 Hubbard Sue 91A 88 Hughes Pamela 92 91A Human Beverly 95 Hunt Freddne 60 Huntzscker Anne 164 Huss Warren 61 Huttner Rosemarie 94 lcerman Pamela 910 96 lmmel Joanne 96 Imus Carol 98 94 lnbody Beverly 98 8 . , I ' 1 I 1 I I , , , 98 D ' ' I I . . I I I 1 1 . . I I I I I I I I I I . I . . I I I ,G-. 1 I I , 1 I I . I . . I I I 4 a I I A I I I . I ' , , , 102 I 1 1 I I ' l ' ' 5 , a . 1 I I I I I , ' , 100 ' ' 1 I 1 1 1 1 I I I I ' 1 I I 1 ' ' . I I I I 4 I . I I ' I I . . I . - , I ' I I I I . . I I I . I . I I I 1 I ' ' ' ' Gesler, Jim 85, 69 I f 1 f HGH, SUSUY1 96 , , , ' 7 I I I I I . . I I I I I I I I I . . I . I . . I I I I I I I I I I . . I I I I . . I ' I , ' , , , too . I I I I s I I ' ' o I I I ' I I u 0 I I ' I . . I I I I I I I I . I . I I I I I I I . I . I I . I . . I 1 1 1 ' ' ' I . I . I I . I I ' I I 1 1 1 ' I ' , ' I 1 I , 103 , ' 1 ' ' 1'1- , I ' 1 1 , . ' 1 , . ' 1 1 1 I I I . . I lngebrlgtsen Jon 60 lngebngtsen Nona Jackson Anthony 66 Jackson George 94 95 Jackson Helen 92 97 99 Jahnke Judrth 90 91 Jahnke Wayne 86 Jayne Linda 86 Jedele Joanne 95 Jeppesen Carol 98 Jespersen Davrd 60 102 100 Ltpputt Larry 85 Johanne Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson Johnson S Wallnam 69 98 Emlly 95 James 62 110 James 110 Kathy 94 97 Lmda Lmda Jones Ann 81 15 95 97 L 154 95 97 8 Jones George 69 98 Jones Gordon 89 86 69 Jones Jackson Jones James Jones Judy 95 Jones Phrllrp 85 Joseph Larry 91A 101 60 Juncker Charles 164 Junclcer Charlotte 94 Juncker Davnd 66 86 110 Kabat Mrchael 110 106 Kaergher Allyn 110 106 Kagay Sue 95 Kambas Kathy 94 Kane Evaun 95 Karageorge George 66 Karnes Dorothy Kaufman Carol 92 Kazda Judy 110 29 97 Keatmg Pat 86 Keck Walter 61 Keen James 66 84 85 Keenan Phulup 154 Kehl Kathy 91D 98 97 Keller Pat 91C 92 Kelly Pat 91 164 29 Kelly Paul 61 Kempf, Nancy 81, 110, 102 Keslrng Bob 86 Kett Jo Ann 95 Kett Judlth 154 Knkut Aksl 60 Kukut Erika 96 Kllborn Keith 69 Knllebrew Sandra 95 103 Krlluch Joann 102 Krmberly Daryl 61 100 Knrby Norman 103 Krtchenmaster Janet 96 94 Klaasen Sue 85 91C 92 97 Klem Carolyn 23 82 Klemschmrdt Lee 107 106 Klemschmrdt Jeanne 91D Klennschmldt Judy 91D 4 Klernschmndt Owen 69 Klemach Chrnstme 9 D 29 97 Klrne Navyne 95 Klohs Judlth 103 Klose Mary 29 Kmffen Gary 62 Koch Lmda 100 Koepke Sue 164 95 102 Koernke Bob 62 Kolander Bob 66 Kooperman Carol Kornexl Lrllran Korzuck Dave 86 Kosmalskl Hal 103 Kramch Katherme 94 Kraus Paul 91A Krause Gary 62 Kreul Susan 91D Knns Joyce 95 Krnsten Gusela 95 97 Kruger Uwe 85 100 Kuhn Kanllyn 95 Kulbrclu Nancy 97 Kulenkamp Bull 95 Kuohn Pat 103 Ladd Dlana 85 102 Ladd Sydney 91D 94 Lage Don 92 107 106 71 Lahtr Aarre 14 15 91 'ambert Harold 98 Langley Mary Jo Lansky, Harvey 61, 98 Lansky Sharon 91 Lapornte Judy 91D 9 6 Laroe Margaret 94 1 Larue Sue 85 91A 91 6 Lau Katherune 103 Lederer Duck 61 Lederle Pamela 86 9 Leeman Steve 86 Leftndge Pat 92 98 eftndge Sharon 95 97 Legatsku Leo 71 eggett Pat 91C 91D 107 106 Leonard Sue 91C 92 81 107 106 Levrn Mrke 62 85 ty Bull 85 92 Lrllre Jasper 61 86 Lmllya Sarah 91B 89 91D Lundenschmndt Martha Lrppert Howle 61 100 Lrpson John 80 Lrrette Karen 103 Lnttlerohn Drana 85 91 Lnvnngston Stan 69 98 Lofberg Martha 85 81 91C Lonsberry Charles 94 95 Lotte Bonnne 29 97 Louns May 86 164 Loukotka Robert 86 Love Sue 91C 92 Lonelace Betty 94 Lovell Judrth 85 100 Lowe Larry 61 Lowe Steve 62 Loy Barbara 91B Loy Ruta 95 Lucas Gary 95 Lucas Nonta 82 91 96 Luck Alfred 91A 100 Lymangrover Wnlluam Lyndon Barbara 91D 918 97 Lynn Mary 91 Lyons Mary Ann 82 154 96 MacDonald Martha 95 Maclnnes Bull 91A McAdam Ken 86 McCarthy, Kathy 97 ' , 98 I ' I , 18, 9, 102 -J.. I ' , , 00 1 1 1 . ' ' ' ' 9 1 1 1 l 1 l I I 1 1 1 I I . ' ' 1 l I ' l' I ' , , , , L , 1 1 1 I I . . I I 97 I ' ' , , 16 Lich , ' , , 71, 99 , ' L. 4, , ,98 , ' ' 1 , , ' , , , , ' . , , , 9 ' , , 96 - ' , too Joinen Charles 99I 98 Klinger, Paul 91A, 86 Lindner, Carol 94, 95 , , , , 98 ' 1 1 95 ' 1 1 ' ' l I I I I , l I ' I I - - , , 97 , , , , 97 I I I , 98 , , I I . . 94 I . I 1 ' . I ' I A I I I' ' -K- ' , ' 1 , 99 , , I I I I I ' I I 1 I 7 , 5 I l I I I I . I I I 1 I l I I - I , , ' ' 154 , -1- 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . , ' Q. I , , , , , , , -M- I l I I, I , I I I I I I I . ' I 1 Moon Larry 60 Marsden Margaret 91D Mc Cleery Mona 95 97 McClure Colleen 91 McKmney Elama 95 McKmney Patncna 95 100 McMullen Marty 91C 91D 77 91B McNew Bonme 86 McUghy W1ll1e 103 Mackle Lrnda 92 Madden Mary Karen 102 94 Maezes Connle 85 91D 77 164 Malcolm Bob 71 Malkun Make 86 Mann Fredernck 66 Mannard Enn 85 60 Mannor Dave 101 Manwarnng Douglas 100 Markeson Carole 85 92 98 Markham Nancy 85 91C Marsh Duane 85 97 Marshall Barb 91 94 Marshall Brenda 91 94 Mrley Muller Muller Muller Muller Muller Mlller Muller Muller Shlrley 103 Barbara 29 94 Charles 69 Ellen 97 Glen 61 66 98 Gregory 61 66 98 John 86 Maralyn Mary Ellen 97 Mrtchell Charles 61 Mohler Margaret 96 Montague Mary Jane 92 Moore Moore Moore Moran Glorla 97 99 Helen 80 81 91C 15 Lavell 60 Judy 91D 77 29 100 Morgan B1II91A Mornson Leugh 91D 77 154 95 Marshall Claudla 94 97 102 Marshall Glona 91D 86 96 Marta n Martm Ma rt1 n Martl n Marta n Ma rt: n Davrd 86 Fred 85 Joe 71 Judy 91D 91 94 96 Julla 91 94 Sondra 98 Mast Carol 91D 918 94 95 Matznnger Fred 60 Matthews Georgna 85 99 94 Maulbetsch Karen 85 May Karrn 94 Maybee Judy 83 91C 26 92 102 Mayer Bull 61 Maynard Gale 81 Mayne Pat 86 96 102 Meusenholder Joan 86 Menefee Mane 100 Merrlll Ellzabeth 89 Mets Luna 91D 94 l.1nda Metty Phyllvs 98 Meyer Barb 99 Meyer Dave 60 Meyers Marsha 154 Mrchael Mary Ellen 94 Muchelfelder Lots 91C 91D 26 Mrddlemrss Thomas 62 Mules Pam 91C Mnley Ken 66 Morse Sue 27 92 107 106 95 Mortenson Catherme Mortenson Ron 61 100 98 Morton John 66 Moseley Ron 101 Muchmck Carol 91 154 Mueller J1lI94 103 Mummery Judy 96 103 Munn Martha 94 Munson Ellzabeth 95 Munz Sue 92 96 100 Murphey Eddue 92 97 Murphy Bull 61 Murphy Mrchele 85 100 Murphy Rosalmd 94 96 Myles Joyce 95 Mynnmg Sharon 95 Naylor Jackne 96 Neff Rnchard 92 Nelson Nelson Nelson Newton Bruce 100 Lynn 91C Paula 77 164 Chuck 27 Newton Dave 164 60 71 Nnchols Nrchols Judy 85 91D Kathryn 91C 91 15 98 Nvcholson Patncla 85 102 Nncholson Thomas 91A Nlelsen Fred 107 95 Nrelsen Karsten 97 Nuess Martha 85 N04-Iltfeh Arthur 164 Noehren Judy 80 81 91C 29 Noll Patrrcra 94 96 Norman Steve 91A Novess Phnlup 92 Nowak Judy 94 Nunn Tom 86 Obert Nancy 95 Odell Sally 91C 91D 102 Ohlgren Thomas 103 Olrver Barbara 94 ONeal Jean 91D 29 94 100 ONeal Joan 91D 29 95 100 Orr Wlllldm 154 60 69 Ostrander Gary 100 Osugu Stanley 86 Otto Janet 29 Paddock Wllllam Palmer Mary 85 Palmqurst Ronald Pardon Frederrck Pardon Kathy 98 Parker Joyce 95 Parker Roger 94 Parker Ronald 85 92 94 76 154 95 98 Patterson Kandall 110 Paul Alfred 92 107 106 Payne Kathy 29 102 100 Peckham Angela 91C 96 102 Peet Judy 91C 94 100 Peet Lnnda 86 98 Pelton Dale 91A 96 98 Pelton Julle 100 Pelz Judy 103 Pendorf Carole 91D Pengelly Patrncna 94 100 Pepper Carol 86 Perkuns Barbara 95 Perry Larry 14 15 Peter Mrke 86 101 Peters John 86 99 Peters Robert 92 69 100 Petersen Olaf 107 106 69 Peterson Jo 92 106 98 Peterson Janenne 91D 164 91B 98 Peterson John 86 98 Phnllnps A J 61 Phrllups Roberta 86 96 102 Prerpont Ann 96 Pntts James 94 Platt Fletcher 100 Pluchta John 92 60 110 Pllchta Tom 100 Plrner Carol 95 1 I 1 1 ' 1 I 1 1 I I 1 1 1 1 4 I 0 E I , .- Q I a u I I I I I I , , , 1 1 1 I 29 ' 1 1 1 -O- I - ' , , 98 , , 1 ' 1 I I I 1 . I 1 ' I I I I ' ' I I ' I I I 1 I I 1 1 1 1 I , ' 1 I 1 1 ' , ' I 1 1 1 1 1 I I I D I I I I 1 I I I I 911 1, 107, 106 , I . I ..P.. I , , , 1 1 1 1 , ' ' 66, 1oo , 1 I 1 I 1 1 131 I , ' 1 ' 1 1 1 ' , 99, , I ' , 1 1 1 1 1 , ' 99 I , I 1 , , 1 1 1 , , 1oo 1 I I I ' 1 I 1 , , 1 I I I Martin, Charlotte 95 MOYCY1 MGFY 831 910 Parkinson, Judy 92 1 I . ' I I I 1 I I 1 1 1 1 I ' I 1 1 1 1 1 ' I I , , 1 I I I . , l , I I I 1 1 . I I I I I D I I I I I I 1 1 1 I I 1 . I I - I . I ' I I I I I , 1 1 I I I 1 1 I 1 1 I I I I I I I ' I 97 ..N- ' 1 I ' . , , , 91 I 1 I . , , , 71 1 I 1 1 ' ' I . I I I I I 1 ' I I I I I I I I I I 1 I I I I I 1 1 1 I . 1 I 1 ' ' I . I I I I ' ' . 1 1 1 1 . 1 ' ' ' I I I . 1 1 ' I l I . I . I 1 ' . I 1 ' , I ' 1 1 1 1 , I . 1 I 1 I 1 I I 1 1 Plaske Thomas Podewul Duane 95 Pohnert Gretchen 91D 92 98 Pohnert Wulllam 85 918 92 100 Pope Marcla 80 91D 918 96 Pope Patncna 94 Porche Bernard 85 Porter Porter Porter Potter Potter Carol 85 91D 13 76 29 102 Stephen 90 91A Vurgnma 96 Doug 98 James 154 60 Powne Gwendolyn 83 102 Pratt Lora 96 Preketes Becky 27 76 107 Preston Preston Preston Prmdle Psaros Pullen 1 4 Betsy 14 91 98 Dolores 154 94 Morag 918 Lee 100 Geneva 81 Tom 61 66 Purchase Ola Jean 9 29 96 Roberts Sharon 95 103 Robertson James 100 Robinson Mary 97 102 Rogers Art 107 106 Rohlf Carol 91D 97 100 Rollms Jack 85 86 66 Romnne Madelyn 94 Roopas Pnsculla 96 94 Root Kay 100 Root Peggy 86 Ross Bonme 91D Roth Tom 89 86 Rowe Barb 85 96 98 Rowe Dave 60 Rowe Tom 90 62 Rowland James 91A Rulfs Mary 86 Rumler Fauth 98 Runyon Terrence 95 Rupke John 61 69 Rushton Carol 91C 91D 918 Ryan Karen 91C 91D 76 Ryan Wullram 92 Scott Robert 164 100 Scott Wnllnam 94 Scruggs Rachard 86 94 Seeley Martha 85 94 Shaw Lee 86 Shaw Lynda 86 Shelton John 85 69 Sheperd Davud 86 Shugemasa Bonme 94 Shugley Kathryn 91D Shlppey Edwnn 69 Shugg Donna 103 Slgler Jam 100 Snlces Karen 95 96 99 Snmons Donald 61 Sampson Carolyn 92 107 Sumpson Margaret 94 96 Smclaur Joe 83 918 69 Smclanr Margaret 14 91 29 9 Sunke Ronald 100 Smn Carol 80 92 Smn Marty 13 Skmner Paulme 96 Sklar Juduth 85 95 96 Purdy Martha 91D Qunnsey Betsy 91D Radde Phyllus 91C 76 Radzvuckas Peter 92 Rae Bruce 69 Randall Mac 95 Randall Tom 91A Ranger June 97 Rednes Wllllam 100 Redman Walter Reed JoAnn 85 Reed Peggy 85 Reese Bob 82 60 Regent Barbara 94 Rekewltz Ronald 101 86 164 1 St Charles Stephen 66 Sager Doug 72 Sakstrup Dennls60 Sands Ellen 91D 91B 96 Sattler Richard 92 107 106 Sayer Sandra 90 94 Schott Mane 96 Schauer Brent 106 Scheel lrven 100 Schenk John 85 60 100 Schlanderer Mary 91C 96 Schlect Sandra 95 Schlungensnepen Rosuta 95 97 Schnur Dorothy 91 95 Schoenhals Joan 103 Schonschack Carolme 92 101 9 4 Skomp Dnanne 95 96 Slee Dan 85 66 100 Slezak Sue 91D Small Smlth Smlth Smnth Smith Smnth Smith Smith Smlth Smith Smith Smnth Carolyn 96 Donna 91D 154 Jean 99 Larry 101 Margaret Ann 94 100 Marlone 91C 107 29 Patncla 89 Patrick 101 Sherman 107 106 Stephame 86 Sue Ann 91 95 103 Sue Irene 91 95 103 Snowman Jon 91 A Rentschler Ann 29 96 Reynolds Karolyn 98 Richard Carol 99 100 Richard Carole 99 100 Rnchards James 91A 95 Rrchmond Sharlene 95 Rldenour Ellen 95 Rngan Denms 100 Roach Louise 81 Roach Ray 72 101 Roach Sue 91D Robb Nerl 86 Robbms Dawn 91A 94 Roberts Betty 94 Schouwenaar Larry 95 Schrock Duane 85 91C 97 Schulz June 154 94 Schumacher Carolme 89 107 106 Schumacher Susan 85 91C 89 86 Schumann Donald 86 Schutze Wlllnam 86 Schwartz Leonard 94 Schwemmm Sally 96 Scnbor Vicky 94 Scofueld Shame 95 Scott Davnd 66 95 Scott Judle 95 Solowszak John 1 Sonandres Thomas 85 107 106 71 Spaly Robert 66 Spence Barbara 95 96 Spurlun Pam 91 Staebler Elizabeth 918 92 100 98 Steabler Katherine 91 110 Staebler Mlchael 66 Standbrudge Kathy 96 98 Stanfueld Barbara 94 Steeb Dorothy 91C 91D Steele Barbara 85 98 Steers Alice 97 Stem Rnchard 100 . 1 1 I 1 1 . I . I I . . 1 I I I I I 1 . I I . . I I I I I 1 I I . I I I I I I I I . . . I I I I I . I I I I I I I I I I . . I I . I I I . I . I . . . I . I I I . , I . I I I I I . I I I I I I . I . 1 I . I I I , , , , 06, 9 , 1 1 ' , 97 1 ' , , I I I I , I I , , 1 I . . 1 1 1 I I . . I I I I 8 L , 1 I . 1 I , , , , 102 ' I , 1 1 I I I L 1 I 2 I . . , I . 1 1 1 gsi I 1 I ' -Q.- , , , ' , . , , , 1 1 1 1 Quinsey, Betty 80, 96 Sager, Dudley 72, 101 , ' -R.. 1 ' . , ' , , 00 f f f ' 1 f ' I 1 ' I I 0 1 I I I I I I . ' I I I I . I . . I I I I 1 100 1 I a u , I I . I ' . , 100 1 , ' , ' I I . I I , , 77 ' ' , ' , , 6, 9 ' 1 ' I I I I . I I I I I . I I I . 1 I I I 1 I I I I I I I I I I I I ' , , 1 1 1 I , , , 1 . 1 1 1 1 . I I I I I I I - I - I 99 I ' I I I , I 1 . 1 , I , I . . I . I l I . I I I I I I . ' , . 1 . 1 1 , . ' 1 I 1 1 I 1 1 ' . I I ' I I , . I . Warner James M 86 61 4 Stemke Carol 13 76 85 Stentzel James 86 164 Stuede Carol 99 94 Stuerle David 103 Stnllnon Rlchard 102 Stnmpson Suzanne 95 96 Stretch Tom 100 Struble Danny 95 Strutz Darlenem 98 Stumm Diana 91C Suarez Sylvla 95 Suleuman Katue 91 Sutton Palmer 164 Sweant Cheryl 99 Szegdo Kathy 103 Taggert Craig 100 Tanner Frances 91D Tantzen Almut 95 102 Tappe Ken 110 Tappe Robert Tasch Wnllnam 66 Taylor Bruce 164 Taylor Dempsey 60 100 Taylor Richard 164 69 Teare Karen 102 Teasdale Vance 94 95 Tedder Karen 103 Thelen Peter 91A 99 Thnel James 60 110 Thngpen M Elnse 94 Turner Donna 94 Turner Lmda 97 102 Ueberhorst Mary 85 91D 92 Ulberg Ann 100 Underhull Claude 98 Valtkus Ken 86 62 Valentme Susan 94 Vandenbelt Marcna 91D 29 Vandenbelt Wullnam 100 Vandenberg Jaan 107 106 Vander Schalle Enc 86 Vedder Dorothy 81 91C 96 102 Velker Kay 81 91C 86 96 Vusel Gerald 85 Vokovuch Danny 91A Von Volgtlander Rosamond 91D Vratanc James 61 Vratanc Nrcholas 91A 61 Vreeland Rnchard 81 91A Wagner Joan 89 Wagner Mlchael 72 86 Wagner Thomas 99 Waite Lynne Ann 91 Walker Edna Mae 98 Walker Julius 60 Ward Anna Mary 94 Warner James B 86 61 4 Westfueld Bryan 61 66 98 Whalen John 107 106 Wheeler Marllyn 92 91 96 Whute Joe 86 100 Whnte Randolph 61 98 White Richard 61 Whutfueld Mary Ellen 103 Wuedmeyer Judcth 100 Wnedmeyer Stanley 100 Wld Sharon 91C 27 12 13 76 110 94 Wnlde Susan 97 Wlles Jeff 95 Wnley John 91A 95 Wnlkms James 84 85 90 26 92 Wulllams Wulluams Wnllnams Wnllnams Wnllnams Wnlluams Wlllmgs Davld 60 Doug 60 Henry 98 Janet 98 John 154 Mary 918 Sue 107 106 103 Wlllls Frank 90 62 Wnlsan Wllson Wnlson Wnlson Jaye John W 86 66 100 Judy 110 00 Karen 102 Wunkelhaus Jean 91C 92 98 Winkler Wllllam 85 Wnstert Pam 96 97 Wohlwend Margaret 96 Thomas Charles 62 Thomas Walter 66 60 Thompson James C 69 Thompson James W 69 Thompson Lynne 86 Thornberry Roger 94 100 Thornburg Beverly 95 Thrall Charles 26 Thrasher Steven 85 69 100 Thrasher Susae 100 Tnce Jerry 60 100 Tmdall Dennns 91A Tobias Robert 100 Todd Beverly 94 97 Toms Peggy 96 Toogood Judy 91D 92 94 Toogood Patncua 154 Townsley Kathleen 96 Trabandt Charles 83 60 Trapp Herbert 95 Tucay Altlma 94 Turner, Don 61 Warner Warren Warren Warren Sue 164 Jacquelyn 96 9 Janet 96 94 Jull 96 94 Washxngton Eugene 92 Weaver Richard 107 106 Weber Barbara Weber Judy 97 Wecker Wlllaam Werner Paul 86 Wenger Karan 164 81 29 Wenger Wllllam 98 Wenk Art 91A Wenk Ruchard 91A Wernette John 85 Wescott Lynn 90 Wesley John 86 27 98 Wessel Peggy 99 Wesenberg Mschael 62 Wessmger Alice 91D 96 Westenfeld Gary 103 Westerman, John 66 4 Wolfe Naomu 103 Woods Jacquelme 96 102 94 Woodsnde Janet 91D 86 96 Woodside Judy 91D 86 92 96 Worden Ruchard 85 Wurster Ruth 96 Wyman Bob 71 Yearnd Carolyn 102 100 Yek Deanne 85 91 95 98 Young Larry 66 Young Mary Ann 91D 154 Yourd Roxane 91D 154 29 Zahn Douglas 92 60 Zahn Judy 91C 76 96 Zahner Paul 62 Zahner Peter 62 Zander Constance 95 96 Zull Marsha 100 Zvll Margaret 100 Zwmck, Robert 86 li I-llllulli EDWARDS BROTHERS mc AnnA!b0llllGllp-Il ' 1 1 1 1 97 , ' , , , ' ' 1 l 1 1 1 1 1 -U- 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 ' I I n , 1 I Q 1 iv, I I , I . . I . 1 1 ' I ' I ' 92 ' . i 1 I 1 I I I 95' 1 1 1 1 1 I I ' ' I 1 I I Q I I 1 1 , 1 1 94 . . 1 0 I u I 1 1 1 1 1 , , I I I I I I I I 1 1 1 1 , , . ..T.. . , I a 1 I . I u s I 1 ' I I I I . - I . . I I 60 , 1 1 , , ' , , 100, 98 1 , ' ' ..w- 1 1 1 I I - ' I I - ' , 100 I I I I Taylor, Donnie 66, 100 Wagner, Sandra 100 Wulson, John W. 86, 66, 100 I . I I I I . I I 1 . 1 ' ' 1 II I I ' , I . I I I I I I I ' 1 1 1 106 1 - 1 1 16 ' ' ' , . ' , . , , 16 1 I I I 1 1 1 1 91 9 ' ' ' I I I I I I I I . I ' I I 1 1 1 1 I . I I I I I . I I , , 96, 97 ' . -y- I I I I I I Z ' I I I ' ' I 1 1 1 1 . I I I . I I I ' , ' , 95 , ' ' f f 1 94 . I I I I I . -1.- I I I I I 1 1 I I I I 1 1 1 I D . I I I , I I I I I I . I I I I I . I I 1 ' 1 j ff' U . , Q ,v 7 , , P E .J Q , ' h ' .' n i 1 Q 0 ' L' . ' . o I 4 Q, I . ' 0 I 0 9 0 . . 4 O , 0 . :J Q . ' 2' Yi I .1 Q .'T . A X Q 0 . 5 5 . 0,1 5 Q Q 1 . ' us 4, Q , .I ' v 'I O 0 O O 0 O Q 1 Q n .5 ,. 'i".. ' -9 'n Z", - . . - J ' ' 9 . '. 0. Q -lf' Q '.',-..::- 1 . '- ' . ',1 ' sl'0" , 0 . v ' A 5 . I . ' O 0 ' " O o , ' . 4 0 U v V .1 " I ' 3' ' Q. 5 , 0 I . . 1 a Q l.'x I C U '14 o 0 0 . . a 5 I ' s 5 ,I i ' 1 . . . .' , U. 7 I 0 Q U ' Q Q ' . v , U' I Auf- ' U Q A I ' ' "- . U r 1 ' 5 ' Q 4 v 'V 5 . ' , s . , , U K . ng. 4 ' ' . v ' ' ' . 'O v C . I v' , '.lJ . 5 . I n.I-A04 Q ' J . '. q1.9'1.' ' 1R.'k1,:,,. 5 . . G 1 , 0 ' ' ,T ' ' - - . 'Q' , ' "1 ' . r s ' O 61 'U 5 s x 0 ' s ' 1 9 Q . 4 1 O s u . 4 0 . 5 ' O 'Q .u I s Q O O ' 4 x u 5 . 1 4 If-X"-' u,, 57' KEY x if. qv. Q I Nga NH, l X vu. -Pm -. 5 4: ,- tum' vfn 4 . , o --. . ' v .1 5 u O U 1 4:1 Q Ir, n -as 4 es- . -0' " "au ,1. ' a 0 'ui m 1 . ,Q 5 A I .1 1 -. f .4

Suggestions in the Ann Arbor High School - Omega Yearbook (Ann Arbor, MI) collection:

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