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K 1 1 'yw 'V .QU A .sn 4 L M 1 , f, , U Q 'Q Q 1 Y-W W X ... ' wwaw9,9mfv'-mfwg . A 'af 1 , , ' ,- 4 ,, N!-ffx Q4 flu 4 777 ' J- L 4 Umoga jf r r Ann Arbor High School Ann Arhor, Michigan , V1 , . - Q' LKX- 2 I I I V, ' g 4V f A, .C'?'7'7Nl ' , J'w 5 p 5.5 ' x ,Q ,fr If-1 '7 AL . I I J ' f J f .4 k ' P1 F ea Lf - "yr f i ""JW f M W lwvfx Kiln o .1 'V X Tj! .4 LIL :if gffj-If ',,. I , x ,x, RX 1' I 'ff kwin. C 4' 17 -7275! ,fo . if l ' -3 ' , 4' L of T " it 4 A I 1 . lf, '11, L f , I . 1 .af x V N x 'U' P s lv... 5 2 as l '50 '5- Q 5-,A L q F .7a5le af Contento, gxand old calvin..." 10 - 21 io, we oign af math..." 22 - 41 , af! chew..." 42 - 71 io, the oign of might..." 72 - 97 Hail, all Bali..." 98 - end fnfcvn .H addiuioionpage a cameo, fwdfi in gfedltg, .Twvple ww Hia, wieo, and white." EndSlweto, Smpf QD exam at Qwaalhg, JS Muss Paton tutors after school DOROTHY ELIZABETH PATON As representatrves of the student body the members of the I958 Omega Staff dedlcote thus book to Mass Dorothy Ellzabeth Paton one of the most outstandnng teachers nn Ann Arbor Hugh School She has been a guide and a fruend to hundreds of students who slncerely thank her for all of her help Remembernng Mass Paton s classes calls to mund the emphasus which she always placed on learnnng the basnc fundamentals of math or lute Thus attutude has been based upon practucal experlence un the fneld of mathematlcs She was a Junuor Accountant of the Federal Trade Commxssuon an honor seldom bestowed upon women durrng the war she was Ordinance Engineer In Detroit for which she re lContrnued on next pagel We rlw She ns also o good cook .K "- Aki Mass Paton exploms a problem 6 1 l l l , I N , 4- I El el' V 5' V - A I s 1 , - W ' Q to . I It DW- I , . "' fxgi W , A -'FE ll tr 'H ' 5 'Xu-A ' 1 v ff' ,J V 4 , U 7' I Q , H4 f :rf Ml, P l 'Q' 1. Q i I .fn 3 tbl: I-d:1Pf't:,lri . 'X 4 -5. Stal ceived a certificate ot commendation as recognition of her outstanding wfnrlq she was a research associate in the Bureau of Public Health Economics rt the School ot Public Health, University of Michigan, This led to the writing i t a book on The Hospitalization ofthe People of Two Counties which Miss Paton co-authored with Dr. Nathan Sinai. This Honethefjob experience" hOS helped her during the twenty-six years which she has taught at Ann Arbzr l-ligh School. ln addition to her regular teaching duties, Miss Paton has pursued many other activities, At various times she has been chairman ot the Junior and Senior High School Math Departments, the mathematics section of the Michi' 7 'Continued on next D099 L E7 f mnvumum-savanna gan Educotuon Association and the math sectron of the Muchlgan Schoolmas ter s Club She was also an actuve member ot the School Board for tour and one halt years An unterest and trannlng nn musuc encouraged her to direct glee clubs operettas mnnstrel shows and choruses an school and ln the communnty For her outstandlng musucnanshlp Mass Paton was made a member ofthe Mu Phu Epsnlon Soronty an organlzatlon ot professional musucnans ot which she was president for two years and rs now national tnnance chanrman She IS also a member of the pl Lambda Theta Sorority an honorary educational sorornty For relaxatnon she plays her lovely grand prano She has traveled throughout the Unuted States Alaska and Europe These wldely varyung expenences have added value to her teaching and lnterest to her classes maklng her un our opunlon a great teacher and a grand person of many glfts ond man talents 8 "V, 3. w , 4, , , E ' ' " QY' ' Y V I, .,, A. aff ,4 . ' l ' K ' ' I ,fi ,. .,.li?,'!G1"5lkE-ff-F 2 -qqyarb - - 1117 .Y 5- s- f4,5'-5f"'3f-9Ef,5.j-- ' , I - , , 1 I 1 I I I I I ' H I I V I X y , X M Tom Milhom listens carefully. Zen, 'o, S ' cmd Sets her clock, -2 IEED 2 2 ? i The is your life w Barbara Ho tmon H me om ni, ue r' Queens Court C Porter C Stemke J Fmgerle J Everhofdus S Bigby U Hdfltqlhf P Twmmg --1 fa. 1 all J HOMECOMING Amid the perils of frozen toes and fingers this year's homecoming queen was crowned among all the splendor of a royal caronation. The traditional crown and red roses were pre- sented to senior Barbara Hartman by the foot- ball captain of l956, Jim Baughn. The royal procession lead by floats made by organiza- tions of the student body and sports cars in- cluded the queen and all of her court, Sophoe mores-Carol Porter, Peg Twiningg Juniors- Carol Stinke, Sue Bigbyg Seniors L Judy Fingerle, Janet Everhardus and Queen Bar- bara Hartman. More homecoming splendor was displayed at the annual homecoming dance on October 26. During the dance intermission Barb was officially crowned Homecoming Queen of l957. Among all the lovely girls on the court Barb felt very honored at being elected queen. Local merchants expressed their happiness for the queen by presenting her with many beau- tiful gifts from their stores. Fun and excitement were had by all at this year's Homecoming. A c yr' in X A kiss for the Queen Nervous? st"-""'+s. .--.4 "Could you repeat h 7 GRAMERCY GHOST During the month of November, the Drama Worksltop class under the able direction of Mr, Donald Schultz, presented the all-school play, Gramercy Ghost. The leading characters, Joan Dolphin, who played the part ot Miss Nancy Willard, Dave Saunders, as Nathaniel Coombs, and .lim Flood, as Charley Stewart, were supported in their roles by Sara Weeks, Dick lrvine, Nancy French, John Barnes, Larry Perry, Chuck Mil- ler, JerifLynne l-laines, Diane Burt, and Linda Woodworth, The stagecratt classes, instructed by Mr. Ronald Dawson, constructed the entire set and helped backstage during the performance. Steve Norman and Danny Vokovich deserved the credit tor the lighting, as they helped de- cide which lights were to be used and oper- ated them each night that the play ran. According to the story, Nathaniel Coombs, a ghost dating back to the Revolutionary War, was ordered to haunt the house inhabited by Miss Nancy Vkfillard until he could find a mes- sage that he had hidden before he was killed by the British Only Nancy could see or hear him, and only Charley belseved her story about Nathaniel As a result a hilarious situation developed Mr Schultz stated that the play was ac, cepted better than any other comedy present- ed Ot the new high school af- Vnlj, ,VQ:.',j. L'5,,QT'fa. TQ "Tir" if 'S' - V X-111' "Am l interruptihg? 0111 'L I want to be evil LAURA "Laura" was a psychological murder mystery that built up to a tense climax The play opened with Laura l-lunt's death As the play progressed, the plot became more intri- cate and the play revolved around the discovf ery ot the murderer. The set was a unique one in itselt The design, color, and texture made the set very realistic. The lead role, Laura, was portrayed by Linda Kay Woodworth. Opposing her in the male lead was David Saunders playing Waldo Lydeelcer. Detective Mark McPherson was played by James Flood. Alexis Lahti played Shelby Carpenter, Charles Miller played Danf ny Dorgan, Sally Ann Brown played Mrs Dorf gan, Henrie Stewart played Bessie, and Larry Perry played Olsen. "One, two, three o'cloclc, four ocock, ROCKY" ALL SCHOOL TALENT SHOW The lights dimmed and the curtain rose on a stage set for action - the' l958 All School Talent Show. The many acts, chosen by Mr. Ronald Daw- son and the Assembly committee came from any interested groups in the stu- dent body. Rusty Balis who MC'd the show, introduced many fine acts which included: The Five Teens, or Doug Brown, John This, Rin Mosley, Tony Peters, and Don Barsantu, The Living Pupetts, Kay Clark, Sue Klassen, Jean Hammer, and Liz Fawcett, and the Cuban Dancer, Andy Navarro. The dance band also played for the affair, and it was considered a great success. "Beautiful Dreamer . . . " f I' , P ,Y .5 Q .f ,atv Y E if 7863615 - 5- fir N i I 1 Backstage preparations FOOTLIGHT SCANDALS Lights, music, and applause - we hopel That was what the four hundred students who put on the Footlight Scandals were thinking on the night of March l. The music department, headed by Mr. John Merrill, Mr. Clar- ence Roth, and Mr. Edward Morris, combined forces with the Dramatics department, headed by Mr. 'Donald Schultz and Mr. Ronald Dawson, to put on the show entitled Hi-Fi Frolics, The Mixed Ensemble, Male Chorus, and Girls' Chorus each did a number. "Barefoot," done by the Mixed En- semble, will long be remembered by all, The A Cappella Choir did a medley from "Oklahoma" and the Cantando Choir did a Vincent Newman medley. The band, dance band, and orchestra also did several numbers, and there were soloists and a barbershop quartet. The dramatics department had a great deal to do with making the show a success, as they put on skits between the musical numbers to tie the show together, Their skits also served to introduce the acts. All in all, the music department felt that the show was a great success. Yalent an Stage the result . . . I I SWIM SHOW With much splash and dash, the "Aquaneers" our Synchronized Swim- ming Club, put forth their most tal- ented efforts in the presentation of the Onnuol Spring show - "Ripples Of Reminiscencen. Over thirty mermaid misses floated into the acts, all of which were original numbers worked out by the pretty paddlers who per formed them l-li links inthe water included every thing from gridiron skirmishes to dreamy divers Rock n roll took to the tank in one of the more lymphatic parts of the show adding swing to the performance Mrs Nancy Grdjich was the Aqua neers advisor u1ftfwJ X Beoched ' aS,plcw X5 Who s peek ng? f A .ai of g""'s Ready Submerge I9 -rur- md G . 1 f ' Y 1 ' k I - O ,f , i ,, , N l 'A M , X8 XXX , M . , ,, A as rn.: , A1 'hjf' Ewa, k s ,ff ix l 4- fl ! X 1. y - I ' i , 1 . . fl K . A MTEAK , A i A M' . '-mfrs, ,-I .si ' N j, 1 ., "5 - ' if - V - A - 5 , - if , --s J ,wi 4,714 - "- - av' ' " -- ' P , I , 3 f .M YE: ri., 1 Xt 1 3' - A -gru- ' ,V X "K-"J ' " A 'J ,, Y ., -as .. f Qt" E. 71,3 .2-Alf' ' 'ji' l -i W , ,Q Z4 1 - --1 1. ' i x xii wth.: , Nl' ' A - " swf -Ju , I .736ue Mio! JUNIOR PROM OF 1958 Soft blue lights, fish nets, and floating fish mode a deep blue mist to engulf the Junior Prom dancers Carol Steinl4e's group dreamed up the decorations, and the mood was completed by the entertainment procured by Sally l-lanawalt's committee The hungry dancers were refreshed through the efforts of Kathy Burgess's helpers, Jim Wilkins and Diane Marsh also helped make the Prom a success "Good Grief l' F , 1' W. a A its 41235 1'-4 .1 . .Y ,Y Q4 S Y, .4 V,- rf X AWE pf 6 i ,li eng Ani" 1 . V15- inf fr !,V ,, , ,, 2 Nicholas Schreiber, Principal 5 - . 5 gy' . 1' , 'qt ii ' "4 5, 5 ,Lf Q f . Q -3 , -xx s N , is, Y ,K 5, 2 S3 1. fawqlf Q Any s f. CU Mr Ronollo Mrs Worner Mrs Tyler cmd Mrs Sovery LIBRARY The bock room of the lubrory IS somethnng thot as kept fomrly secret In It the books ore bound cotologed ond countless other necessary tasks ore completed The most umportont port of ony llbrory us the books Ours are corefully selected for their educotlonol volue and from uslng the lubrory we con honestly thonk the lnbroruons for o lob well done Mrs. Judson, Mrs. Toylor Mrs, Griggs, Judy Goetze Shirley Robinson. . 5 . ee ' , -.,,,....a 1 , wunwvf '-'Qi .. ' 26 L.,- Q "'- Sahara! ' 'lg Rowl Ms Smaley Mrs Truetner Mrs Wog Mrs Whltezel Mrs Barbuo Mrs Somes Mrs ner Mrs Prescorne Mrs Pratt Mrs Swanson Knoedler Mrs Wanderholt CUSTODIANS and COOKS Ann Arbor Hugh was extremely for tunate un havung an excellent staff of cooks and custoduans The cooking staff consisted of thlr teen women Sux cooks three women that set up the foods at the counter a baker a cashier a woman an charge of the soda bor and the manager The custoduan staff consisted of three women and twelve men They worked many long hours to keep the buuldlng clean and bright lnl CUSTODIANS Row li J, Washington W. Carr E Bornis, C. Bryant ROW 21 W, Dalton R, Weinmann, H, Mortensen, Le me at t9 , '47 ' I 1 ' Q , COOKS 1 r . ' , . , . - . ' , , , , , . s . 1 " r i , Y" - I 'r' Q 1 ,.-' ,t x ' ' ll 1 X I 4 . A 7 A N ' . f tv Q .X ' , l T A - x l k rt" K , 8. -LI '5 H' 'r-fr 1" .Q .'., ,W ' A A- Wl .-1 . Ai I X ' n 'Fi Fw 45, ' ' KL J W, rid. 411 RN . , KK 1 A Mrs, Chaffee Mrs Crait. Mrs. D3w lS Mr, Dawson Mr. Gary Mr, Granville ENGLISH DEPARTMENT The west end of "C" build- ing on the third floor was fa- miliar to almost all ofthe stu- dents at Ann Arbor High. lt was here that one found the English Department, Each student is required to take three years of English, or an approved substitute, in or- der to graduate. The approved substitutions are debate, jour- Ready, willing, and able? My . Q . 5 f-. Q ' ' - 1 -in K o x :J 1 f 5 , L A 11532, A Q A 7 I- l .C as U . ,rip 1 1 5 A Q nalism, public speaking, or radios During the three years of high school English, o stu- dent studies English literature, American literature, English grammar, and composition. This year an advanced place- ment English course was insti- tuted on an experimental basis for students with high l, Q.'s who showed exceptional ability in English. . .178-Awe' E. ,gn ' i 73 it " i' I I i . i i ' 'N ' ' if ui-er M KW- 9 x .f Q. 0 , Q, ,if ' ' i Cozy little group. i - Mrs, Hughes x 2 4' f" 'Q ff Miss Lundgren ' 'yi ' ff K 1' 'Fx 1 A ' 1' --' f 49? ' Mrs. Procaskey 3,3 ,ts Mr, Reed 57' ,f " Q .i Mn, I 1 J! Mr Taylor l ,.,. I G' A '- V: , - Mrs Walker A Q r ' nog' .A-9 Miss Zeller ' W I . 4 gf A 4' 1 'f 'i- "-+ Mrs, Gill T Mr. Henry - X ' 13 ' . ' 'vi V Y A- RG Mrs. Read Miss Rieger - I 'a 'V vzr T J Mr. Sonandres 1-455 s.. 1 When you can hear me, whistle "Colonel Boogie March." 3247 Se LANGUAGE French, German, Spanish, and Latin - these are the four languages taught at Ann Arbor High. The first two years of any language are devoted to grammar and pronunciation, and then in Latin and French, two more years are taught. These final years are spent reading the great literature of the language. This year, con- versational Russian was also added to the list of languages taught, This course is designed to give students a good back- ground in speaking everyday Russian. The language labora- tory is used by all students taking a language. This en- ables students to hear the sounds of the tongue. Both the two and tour year programs give students a good founda- tion in their chosen language, 'n 1 IZ . A? Z 4 if -is 1 I - 1. ...v ,,-u.. I 7? fi? 'T H V Q 1 ff A f M ' l L dy ,I 'VHF-""',y , X P' , . 1 M. M. A , ,fi 4 ff Mr. Brindman ft' fide E- Mrs Ees 5:1 Mr Ritter Mrs Canninghom Miss McLouth Miss Moyes Miss Paton Www, CEM? 311' ..--.4949 ....A.J' 1 1 And the next step is . . MATH DEPARTMENT Math is, in this advanced time, a necessary ingredient in the promotion of better living and peace. The Ann Arbor High School mathematics de- partment tried to show how to be the promoters of good living and peace through training in the process of mathematical thinking.. Under the direction of Miss Noyes, the department made allowances for the more gifted by offering an ad- vanced placement program. This pro- gram was open to all three classes. The sophomore class had two acceler- ated classes. In their senior year, they will start freshman math and if, at the end of their senior year, they success- fully pass the advanced placement exam, they will be able to omit as much as one year of college math. There was also one eleventh grade advanced moth class. Q 3 41. SCIENCE The stress on the science programs of public schools added something new to the science department at Ann Arbor High School this year, This was the new Saturday science program which was offered to all of the science students, who could choose their special projects from the fields of chemistry, physics, biology, and electronics. A lecture, given by a visiting scientist every Saturday morn- ing, was open to the general public, The lecture was fol- lowed by three hours of individual project work. Forty students participated in this program. The high school planetarium, which was donated by the Argus Corporation, proved useful and interesting to the students. A special Christmas program was inaugu- rated for the seniors this year and will be continued next year. Mr, Barclay, Mr. Buell, ,.....-Q ,J f W V! I ' Mr. Elles, I, ' - Mr, Meyers, ...L V I ""'Q ' Mr Rosemergy, an ' .5 Mr' Leech' . ,,, A 5 1' Mr, Schwab, fd li 32 S , .Txwpww fm nv I I .D 1 f-.1 iii Stand back! Look out for flying gloss! 1 , 'xx we-15 "Let me ot it?" 33 A . .r"l. I A C? .vb -. 4 - 1 ' 3, s J, -fs FI 4, RX y' I s - t i 1 X -4' l,.. 'ami -.H Mr. Clark Mr. Clemens Miss Golay Mrs, Kelley Mr. Klum Mr. Loluenesse Could you repeat thot? inte ' SOCIAL STUDIES Today it is very important that students have a gocd background in histcrv and other fields hav,ng tc do with mans prcb- lems. To take care ot the history section, Ann Arbor High offers World History, which traces the development ot man through the ages, and American History, which is a thorough study ot our nation. World Geography teaches students about trade, products, and the topography ot the world, Then, to take care ot man's prob- lems, Family Living, Social Problems, ln- ternational Relations, Modern History, and Economics are taught, and American His- tory, Through this vast program, students of Ann Arbor High have a chance to be- come well learned in any phase of history that they choose, .1 , 2 W Q s I XJ ' 35 Adi r A-,S J - Stre-e-e-et-c-h Mr. Brinkman, Mrs. Field Mr. Thompson Mrs. Peden Mr. Maple f X my fm rr QW!! Q Q!!-Fi ff 1- 'Q r ,,', ,IN F aqui rl: Vw! 152' 21 1-'X K ' 'v-rf' Q AY' r M, I 9 ' 1.- X X r L? uf! run CQ' ,Ill It Y ---........ .405 , M. Good form, in 1 ' " wlzfl-."g "Q-f":' S 'Ill ' fpxvzto, ew Budzik rl 'S I , -3 , Mr. Kulpinski - 5 pa. , X -nw., 4 Mr. Ryan - , ff: f.. fi, ia Mr. Clifford -. 4 Underwood f .Y .iv E is Mr. Van Orman , , 4 - 1 n f' , Mr. Poimef uf, ff f f i Mr. Pofthoff f 4-'X -Mrs. Grdjich V 6 1 I , J!! Miss Harney 'G lr: n IS Mrs, PrinS AA, " fwfr -4. A QS, , DRIVER EDUCATION Driver Education is taught throughout the school years and in summer school. lt may be elected as an "extra" by students who reoch the age of sixteen by the end of the semester in which the course is token. The students receive instruc- tion in driving skills, practice in courteous driving, and practice in care of the outomobile. g,fj?47i'f?ilfi?'5vi ' 1 xi f , 5 'lm ' ! it 5- . ,L Sfwfpn PHYSICAL EDUCATION The activities program of the physical educa- tion department covers many different areas. These consist of team games, individual games, rhythms, self-testing actiivties, tumbling, appar- atus, wrestling, track and field. Orientation in the large gym classes consists of lectures on health practices, activities program, intramural program, interscholastic program, and first aid. INDUSTRIAL ARTS At the end of the long tunnel is "E" building. Classes offered here are auto mechanics, me- chanical drawing, driver education, wood shop, metal shop, and courses in radio and electricity. One outstanding feature of this department is the model house, which is used to help students learn how to paint many different kinds of surfaces. Industrial Arts courses give many students prac- tical experience that will aid them in future careers. And the next step is Cook 34 H 4- aywood 1, Toogood Hoext ra Peden Welch Mr. Whiting I-'Q' l ...ue Lookung for somethung7 Muss Eberboch ss Peter on HOME ECONOMICS DEPARTMENT 1- Oooh look' lsnt ut beautuful9 Wush l could make somethung luke that' Admurung comments luke these were heard around the Home Economuc s showcase each tume a new skurt or dress was exhubuted Thus dusplay case gave every gurl un the sewung classes a chance to have her accomplushments dusplayed ln adclutuon to sewung the Home Economuc s de partment offered classes un foods These classes gave practucal experuence un the preparatuon of nu trutuous well balanced meals cookung on a budget and plannung meals around the basuc seven food groups Staffed by lvluss Petersen and Muss Eber bach the Home Economucs department offered gurls thus year as un the past valuable and enjoyable traunung un cookung and sewung A stutch un tume anti COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT The commercuol deportment hos o vornety of courses both for those students plonnzng to enter business upon groduotlon ond those who intend to go on to college So thot students moy decade nf they wnsh to toke ony business courses In the hugh school o course us offered In busxness ornen totzon In oddutuon to the tour semesters of typing required for stencgrophlc students th re us CI course which meets on olternotung doys ln per sonol typing Two semesters of occounts ore glven Begunnnng shorthond which Includes theory ond dnctotuon proctuce IS cz one yeor course Tronscrnp tnon from shorthond ns offered to odvonced sten ogrophuc students Trolnnng on business machines such os colculotors duphcotung mochunes comp tometers oddlng mochlnes dnctotung equnpment ond electric typewreters con be gouned In the offuce proctuce closs 'W Dohlberg M G ll -.4 'gif' at Mr Greer Mrs Molnk 1 Mr Schoch Mrs Strouqht 4-1 A4 43 J.. PM .93ette'L .73uouwoA Key clnppers take tume out Tronslohon9 an-will 1- Q 'SJ f A' A I xv. Mr. North ,,,,.psl-I all-Y!! "fK .h1x h X ' ,W ff - " ry . Two ports ?, ond two ,x,. 4 i 6- bg 5' A V ' - X '-011 ah ports ?, ond we have ?f S , Shaw The light is right ' fwm,Q.?,, .333 S 4.27634 h Z, ,Q ,Qwlqti KT Ip- Nd? Mr. Roth fl Mr Merril L 4 I ' TTT, 1 5 fb Mr. Morris as " X .T ' f ART AND MUSIC "Busy" was the word to describe the musical groups last year. The combined singing groups, un- der the direction of John Merrill, sang at the Pop Assembly, the Christmas Assembly, Footlight Scan- dals with the band and orchestra, and the May Fes- tival. ln addition to this, the individual choruses also participated in many extra programs. The band and orchestra groups were not idle either under the baton of Mr. Clarence Roth. Some ofthe big events ofthe year included the Christmas Assembly, Midwestern Band Conference where they received twenty-one tirsts out of a possible thirty, Bands in Reveiw, and graduation. The art department had its first Alumni Show on March lO and the Youth Show in May. .f 'X V1 , if f -' fic, VJ, .4 qcgvwzl I ., ' r , ' rf? -f ' How touching? ,3f'l'5X'V V kim 41 S 5 fi ' ' ' YY' 'Aff' v ?"5- X -Fl X g ,4's'.1 W ll 2 Q E . ss 1' S ,96adCl.T STUDENT COUNCIL Changes! Looking forward to the time when Ann Arbor High School will double its present enrollment, the Student Council this year worked out the changes necessary to main- tain the traditionally efficient student government. High on the list of accomplishments this year is the new school consti- tution. lt is completely different from the old existing one and different from the constitution of almost every other school in the nation. The method of electing senior class officers was also changed. The system of electing Student Council officers initiated by last year's Council was again carried out this year. ln the field of social activities, the council prepared and car- ried out successfully the annual homecoming, planned regular dances and after-game dances, and sponsored dance instruc- tions. Along the line of community projects, the Student Coun- cil sponsored fund drives, gathered food baskets for the needy at Thanksgiving time, and participated in the Cancer Tag Day put on by Tri-High Council. -Jen-Yeh -' 'I-FX . Q 0f""' -flsub Xiu Linda Legatski, Treasurer rn fWmf'lPo0 Whimg IK- I1 v utr' ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE - FIRST SEMESTER Row I: J. Fingerle, B Critendon, S. Ehnis, L. Hague, E. Kokoles, Row 3: B. Heller, D. Howell, K. Schwehmeyer, L. Wescot, K. L. Slenger, J. Davis, M. Niess, J. Kahn. Sikes, M. Smith, P. Hood, l. Vitkins, B. Dann, P. Pengelly, Row 2: J. Goetze, C. Sfonesfreet, S. Beckley, M. Bates, K. D. Burt, K. Peyton, R. Curry, G. Jackson, B. Ryan. Lovelace, S. Dilno, K. Knox, P. Ward, P. Leftridge, J. Hearn, Row 4: Mr. Dawson, D. Nutt, B. Hiscock, D. Hartsook, J. Sin- C. Jeppeson. Clair, M. Goldman, N. Kirby, T. Deosy, T. Pliske, B. Harvey, J. Wiley, R. Dieterle, J. Wernetter, P. Arnn, S. Hubbell. 'IU me ecided ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE - SECOND SEMESTER Row l: D. Howell, E. Kokales, N. Logan. Row 3: G. Gruan, J. Gesler, B. Cassell, K. Peyton, G. Jones, R. Row 2: B. Roeber, J. Hamel, J. Goetze, C. Conkey, P. Crawford, Parker, A. Navarro, K. Schwenkmeyer, K. Wilson, I. Vitins, C. Stonestreet, J. Krins, B. Marshall, M. Zill, N. Parker, N. M. Else, J. Kell, C. Sfiede, B. Hiscock, Markham, C. Bolt, B. Weber, J. Hearn, M. Niess, J. Fingerle. G 0 . ,,'f1 0.3 1 X. CD lf- El P OMEGA EDITORIAL STAFF Row l C Sinn, N French, P. Spurlin. Row 2' K Reynolds,J Fox,J Naehren, K Clark J Horan, L. Rutledge C Edt, K Knox,J Free- rnar, D Vedder, S Fuerstenou, P S'nith,C. Noftf grnger, B. Nichols, K Lindner, J Koldo, l'l Mcore, M Seeley J Foster. Row S E Ee'laire, T Eaersma M. Loftberg, F. l-loobler, M. Maver, J. Kitchenrnaster, S. Dilnc. N Eeckwith, A. Willoughby, B Baker, J. Flood, J. Peet, D. Littleiohn, l-l. Jackson, L. Winkelhaus S. Kerr, M. Kempe, S. Leonard, K Anderson, L Coburn, K. Blott. Row 4: C. Boys, G Bornes, D. Brown, K Peyton D. VVeiss, P. Leggett, S. Eddy, S, Roach, P. Pen- gelly, M, Miller, P. Blair, B, Bradley, L. Bush, P. Nelson, M. Miller, P. MacDonald, T. Rowe, C. MacDonald, C. Dick, L. Nelson, J. Wagner, S. Beck. OMEGA The l958 Omega appears to you as a result of a concerted effort among the members of the staff to meet the printer's final deadline. The articles were assigned, written, checked, and typed under the direction of Carol Sinn, the Copy Editor. The mock election, pictures, and copy which made up the Senior section were coordinated by its editor, Paula Spurlin. Under the direc- tion of the Art Editor, Ann Vidar, the layout or the blueprint of the book, the art work, and photography took shape. The Ad Staff under the direction of Judy Fingerle and her assist- ant Anne Colemon gathered Si ,256 of ads to decreose the cost of the book to you. Each of these people helped the Editor, Nancy French, with the piece work. lt was then her duty to coordinate their work to evolve this book. The faculty advisors, Mr. Granville and Mrs. Field, helped with an immeasurable amount of advice. Y 9 Y ' X im te Tx 'V Os Q- 4 Q p ,Y . 3' ' .., C: 'S 'T J Zvi 4 ' L V' Paula Spurlin, Senior ECJIYCV Carol Sinn, Copx Edite- O 'ru 'Nfl' I? gba W 'ind luv,- arr 4'-in Makin. fDfwp4ww, OMEGA BUSINESS STAFF Rgv. 1' A Cdemon, Mr. wife J, Frngene. Row Yzurd, L Bush, S Schneider, J. Moran, R Sclnoen, A Jones, E Lxrwdon, C Kernoch, J J. Kurtz Row 3: P Sronc T, Rowe, E. Brooki, P. Bauer, M, Bofer, J. Von Komperw L XN::dwQrth, K, Knox, C perle, H. Mcore, S Tuco ART ond PHOTO STAFF M. Fischer, S Coonrbs, J. Wowtz, A Vader, D. Brown, B, Bemrre, K Bbw, H, Moore. 0 n Gron- Schulz, N .f ..1' 4 rang. .ig',3,. Row l, E. Staebler, L. Hague, M. Lyons. Row 2: L. Powrie, G. Gleason. Clif .7 uw, .7laat'0, fht OPTIMIST "We've got a deadline to meetl" yelled business advisor, Harold Schocht at a hurried Optimist staff this year as they constantly tried to get news items in the paper on time. Under the able leadership of the editor-in- chief, Cathy Steffek, the paper always man- aged to be prompt and to provide enjoyable and interesting reading, Linda Hague as first page editor dashed madly around trying to gather in overdue stories. Lyn Powrie and Liz Staebler, second page editors, followed frantically in Linda's hurried footsteps. The third page editor, Mary Ann Lyons, although fully as busy as the others, somehow managed to get her page neatly arranged and ready for the printers. Jerry Gleason found himself extremely busy as fourth page editor. The photographers and all the rest of the staff did their part in making the Optimist a really top-notch publication. 50 09' " OPTIMIST EDITORIAL STAFF Raw l: J. Maybee, K. Fike, P. Blair L. Staebler, L. Powrie, Mrs- Field C. Steffek, D. Burt, M. Lyons, J Waitz, L. Hague, L. Blair. Row 2: B. Goodwin, R. Brazden, C Adams, M. Pope, K. Steiner, J Davis, J. Freeman, D. Vedder, S Furstenau, K. Jacoby, C. Bolt, J Noelwren, L. Mets, K. Reynolds, D Fox, M. Young, J. Fox. Row 3: L, Nelson, J. Flood, C Scania, D. Brown, D. Saunders, W Anderson, L. Michelfelder, M Schwartz, K. Payne, N. Bristol, P Spurlin 2 Row Row Row Row ROW Row 05033 V ,,l. O C5 V" r- xv Ad INTRAMURAL MANAGERS - li T. Wanzeck, J. Douglass, R. Potter, M. Meyers, M. Katana. 2: C. Peterson, E. Cornell, M. Folts, M. Boshaw, B. Roeber, A. Branson, J, Grab, P. Thompson, C. Ross, D. Littlejohn, Row M. Purdy, B. Oliver, J. Lamberson, K. Lau, B. Bancroft, J. Lewis, J. Hanke, H, Moore. 3: H, Patthoff, J. Wlson, R. Ebaugh, S. Clarkson, F. INTRAMURAL MANAGERS - l: T. Wanzeck, R. Potter, J. Douglass, M. B. Meyers, B. Earle. 21 L. Joseph, B. Maclnnes, L. Riley, A. Carpenter, S Munz, M. Hoseney, N. Haisc, P. Bauer, J. Hammer, M Haven, D. Row Egas, J. Rollins, M. Purdy, D. Walters, M. Toschofl, S Schumacher. 3: P. Patthalf, P. Beltz, D. Foster, R. Curry, C. Castor, FIRST SEMESTER Matzinger, B. Lichty, E. Senk, E. Fletcher, D. Britenwischer, D. Gregory, D. Deye, S. Roach, L. Gale, C. MacDonald, N. Hanks, K. Payne, M. Moyer. 4: S. Norman, D. Brown, B. Bellaire, F. Courte, J. Williams, J. Hedetniemi, E. Sl-iippey, N. Enns, I. Arnold, B. Earle, S. Smith, L. Marshall, R. Verdvin, J. Williams, P. Siano, E. Ebach, B. Peters, D. Foster, P. Beltz. Sfpimitl SECOND SEMESTER M. Burns, C. Gill, D. Jurnbard, E. Shank, B. Wessinger, Fletcher, S. Roach, M. Ueberhorst, C. Rohlif, M. Harris, J Odle. 4: N. Williams, T. Johnson, R. Meyers, J. Murphy, J Walker, J. Erwin, D. Hamlton, I. Arnold, J. Vanderburg, J D Plichta, P, Thelen, D. Pitman, D. Wenk, S. Bennett, Flechman. J rs Y 7 E. N 'fan .cs LQ w ! LIBRARY COMMITTEE 1 FIRST SEMESTER Raw I: B. Shade, H. Bowes, D Vedder, Mr. Ronallo. J. Pike, H. Hammonds, H, Jackson, S Beckman, B Hawkes Row 2: S. Bissell, D. Dickerson, M Robinson, B Human, M. M. Keniston Marsden, J. Pitts, J. Fosterrn, G Scott, M. Palrneter, J. Fox, Row 4: M. Allen, C. Miller, J. Hole, H Carnpbel' C Cape, C M. Hopkins. Cunningham, H Stockwell, J. Knott, J Woodside, R Ditt'r'er Row 32 J. Hyatt, J. Odle, A. Frisinger, S Schneider, J Haines T. Cody. Hkwt the .Tfaeoent io, Flew LIBRARY COMMITTEE - SECOND SEMESTER Row I: K. Gauthier, S. Smith, B. Shade, M Robinson, Mr. B. Scott, J. Rinesmitlw, J, Maybee, D. Dickerson Ranallo, N. Palmeter, J. Fox. Row 3: J. Morton, H Stockwell, J. Hvott, J. Gvlleland, P Row 2: R. Dittmer, S. Beckman, R Apple, C Bnegek K Lau, Manner, H Jackson J Pike, S. Bissell, N Colblck. P Gibion l . l GEO l 5--ggfg.. HOSTESS COMMITTEE Row l: Miss KOCH, Mrs. Wagner, C. Tiltord, C. Breining, J. Gorlick, M. Bunten, B. Hartman, S. Johnson, M. Brandess, Row 2: D. Metzner, W. Powell, D. Schrock, R. DeBorde, L N. Logan. Legofski, P. Glushyn, J. Fingerle, S. Frinkle, C. Corrigan, B. Row 4: P. Twining, J. Everhardus, J. Doltin, L. Prakken, P. Lyndon, J. Moybee, E. Fawcett. Chorron, K. Nielsen, L. Johnson, M. Lotberg, S. Bigby. Row 3: M. Kelly, B. Preketes, S. Klassen, K. Anderson, C. Bolt, teooeo, HOSTESS COMMITTEE One ot the highest honors that a girl can receive while in high school is to be elected to the Hostess committee. Girls are chosen with Core for they come in contact with many people, and represent Ann Arbor High. Therefore, girls on this committee must be well groomed and each girl must have a pleasant personality. The committee served at several banquets held for visitors at the school and for such affairs as the team banquets. ' Food anyone?" 3 Y X Lgtlng- Y 'i F- Lk... ' N'3" ,ss v x 0 5, . PFD .fapwan .Ap Row Row Row GIRLS' LEAGU E-FI RST l: K. Anderson, S. Asgarzadeh, S. Wild, J. Zahn, W. Powell 2: M. Mohler, M. Bell, K. Kannbas, C. Klemach, K. Berry K. Bordine, K. Kolander, G. Gerow, O. Purchase, A. Freeman A. Vwfilloughoy, B. Hopkins, P. Flynn, M. Sinclair, S. LaRue J. Kurtz, B. Shigerncsa. D. Gage. 3: K. Wanty, C. Rohlf, M. Lindenschfridt, G. Murphy, C Conkey, N. Roach, J Ferguson, B. Marshall, R. Phillips, K Siolew, Quay ROW Row Row GIRLS' LEAGUE lg C. Klernach, S. LaRue, J. Noehren, G. Ge-row, L. Felton B. Shigley. 2: K. Collica, M. Hopkins, S. Brown, S. Leonard, K. Clark K. Anderson, G. Murphy, A. Freeman, R. Phillips, C. Ross, A. Willoughby, H. Hall, S. Kruel, M. Harrington, J. Kahn. 3: E. Ror, R. Lolmaugh, S. Fuerstnau, J. Gatzke, J. Kurtz J. Mcllvaine, S. Kerr, K. Bordine, N. Roach, S. Sheldon, J 1 r Row SEMESTER Veiker, S. Bush, J. Mcllvaine, S. Frinkle, K. Clark, C. Bolt S. Morse, N. Hall. 4: P. Toms, D. Weiss, A. Peckham, S. Burt, M. Schlanderer M, Hass, C. Rushton, J. Douglas, M. Aitken, S. Kruel, S Noffsinger, S. Mynning, A. Browder, C. Farwig, C. lmus, P Charron, N. Bycrcft. C SECOND SEMESTER Row Hillegonds, D. Bank, D. LaRoe, M. Howell, N. Campbell l.. Fawcett, T. Huntwork. 4g K Meggison, J. Hatfield, S. Knott, J. Douglas, P. Blair P. Toms, S. Wheeler, C. Cunningham, L. Slenger, M. Ken- niston, L. Nelson, C. Eckoff, D. Shoudy, S. Mynning, P Langley, S. Hoff, R. Folk. nn one we ,l cf'- P40 NWI! 'Q-.. FUTURE TEACHERS Row I Mass Lewus N Ken-pf M Bennett D V dd r J Moyuee ow 2: J, Killidw, D, Strong, J Gruber, J, Freeman, R Phllllp L Gale A Peckham S Fuerstncu R Gray J. Kett, C. Rushton, K. Burgess, P, Blow, A. Garner P G 'J n J , and w, FUTURE NURSES ow I Blair R Lolmough Mrs Kyprue Row Z: J. Warren, J. Noehren, J. Wagner, M Hoob, E. Gehringer, N. Scurnonn, H. Jackson, Row l: M. Kenisfon, S. Asgarzadeh P. Nelson, J. Maybee, P, Skinner, L Slenger, M. Meyers, D. Metzner, J Dolfin, J. Garlick, N. Logan, C. Car- rigan, M. Montague, C. Burnham, J Woodside, C. Leach, L. Braun, M Kempe, M. Blake, M. Bell, S. Frinkle, J. Mummery, C. Simpson, C. Vree- land. .H7 Row 2: C. Cunningham, S. Nelson, S. Bigby, M. Haab, M. Wheeler, B Boehnke, L. Hague, P. Keller, O. Pur- chase, P. Bosch, M. Gallagher, J. Pike, L, Maurer, L. Sfaebler, M, Maier, J. Gray, K. Wanty, B. Warner, L, Legal' A CAPPELLA Ski, L. Winkelhaus, N. Lucas. Row 3: W. Eaton, M Baily, L. Hough, G. Eschelbach, D. Davis, B. Harju, G, Williams, A, Navarro, B. Pohnert, G Fitzgerald, J. Welch, J. Gardner, J, Jeh, J. Lederer, J. Wilkins, L. Prak- ken, J. Peterson. Row 4: T. Kolokithas, L. Abbot, J Waitz, L. Brown, P. Helber, B Pat Terson, J. Fortney, A. Paul, J. Plichta D. Burd, D Fisher, H. Kelly, D. Cole man, J. Gilbreath, D. Howell, A Weid ' CC ln, S JJ, xxx, f ,, ' 'N' '41 I .. U 'QL V, i Fi A I ll s - ... 1 Q if V 1 -o 2 ..- l Mr, Merril leads Cantando "Music, Nos Z A CAPPELLA The A Cappella Choir, under the direction of Mr, John Merrill began a year of fine performances when the choir sang at the META. convention. Before Christmas, the choir sang in Christmas perform- ances at Hill Auditorium, over WHRV, at the Christmas Assembly and at several men's clubs. They were an enjoyable part of "Footlight Scandals." They also presented "The Seven Last Words ot Christ," at the Easter Assembly, 1 1 59 l ROW Row Row Row Row l J Betzer V Feggos K Szegda G Scott D Vedder D Stwrm M Else N Roach G Gerow S Leonord A Branson S Sheldon J Warren P Leftrldge Mr Merrnll J Lentz P Rodde B Preketes M Bates Valentnne V Sctbar B Marshall P Spurhn L Bash T Hontwork C Klem N Hotsch S Wagner J Putts J Parkinson W Powell C Sinn 3 K Osborne J Vvarren M Netlly M Frollck Sayer C Bnegel C Smuth C Adams N Parker M Thrgpen M Mohler J Kazdo C Kerchoff S Tucay Mr Merrrll 2 J Jedele C Beknares V Borsenuck M Vmmg K Bomrs R Neff D Sager B Beck F Herbert P Herbert P Anderson B Carpenter E Brooks CANTANDO ENSIMILE Row Wdfner J Wlnkelha Mies C C OS Stockwell J Pet P MacDonald S Walz C Conkey W Wand L Nel on S Klassen P Hughes Lodrsh P Tooqo d I Wonthe M Ve er IS' S Love K Anderson l-leukklnen Mdckle J Morton G Matthews H Jackson J er D Weuss M Schwartz J Woods SCh0nSChack Morkeson ROW 3 D Robbtns P Toogood M Hand B Ryan Zahn D Lage P Radzvrclcas D Taylor J 0 P Noves L Grants S Mo se S Mu z A WOUGCE fs he 5 :fy ' -, P - M 5' f 1. ,. ,. ,. ,. D. . ' 'w,re.H r V ' 1 - r - 1 ' I ' e ' ' ' ' J' " 4: c.' ,J 'J be 2: , , . , . , S. he , A J A 5 J P- J L l A , . I , . I v 1- -I 1 I Hub I I I' I 1 I C l. S. Wild, S. Weeks, L. Fawcett, 8. Barlis, S. J. Hatfield, J. Andress, S. Kerr, J. Schulz, C. , , ', D. , . , ' , . , . 2 , , . ' , . ' , . ' ' , Off , . s , , . r , . n , J rw ' fx 0 I 0 Cl A , A. 1 . P 1 - .z .1 ' ' . ' x ' t -A-.f " 'Dx' ,X ' ,N ' '- J ' I f' A . D G ow Row Row f-fl-Fa' 9 GIRLS CHORUS l M Romme Mllner R To or, HI Evans S Beckman S Beckley K Megguson M Bosch S Mynnung E Bolotmony B Smith 2 l Vntkrns A Agar D Andrews D Egos N Polmeter J Runesmlth B Taylor B Roberts M Egeler M Seeley B Shrgernosa B Hayes J Larnberson J Hall S Cooper S Ellls M You g K Tedder 3 M Moyer B Buster F Perry R Murphy S Fredenck M Smnth N Frederlckson D Lonsberry Chfuo Row H ?-sr B Oliver C Notfsunger M Slnclolr B Dexter B Todd D Turner A Wulloughby P Word S Mornson P Pope N Seyfrred P Enans M Mad en M Merrl M Ant en S Bet: Douglas P Pengelly S Schneuder K Kambas F Hurley M Haven C Kaufman B Lovelace J Meyers M Horrmgton B Regent M McCleery M Mnchoel C Ladd M Hedlesmy L Felton L Koch M Zull R Brazda M Pope J Nowak MALE CHORUS Row I A Kaercher B Carpenter H Trapp J Morton Pegg-y W R9dfY1Of' D FVSY P Anderson R M05eleY1 B Row 3 L Schoawernar B Peters J Dlrkse B Reese L'Cl'lTY W Anderson C Lonsherry J Gulbreth C Ander ROW 2 E MUVPPOY D DUVWIOD C Ffelds V T60Sd0l8 scn L Grant Waslmngton D Scott W Truce P T Clemens R Offlcer J Stewart M Fowler G Zghner M Fowler ' . , , ',,-1 , gl ' id"i ,A ta :i,,.tg.,, f J 1 . ' A 1, - ..a Ar Img :A M . ' ft' Q ' A at 1 . l ' 321 ,4 1 l 1 4 -. , 14' A MODERN DANCE Rowl P Glushyn D Metzner M Snnclalr P Haaw OW Z Repf3ChIer M Me, 5 L Gm A J Nvvlof hom C Rahlf 5 Asgarzadah Jliegf .73 fffwq Bw and Fling Saw AUDIO VIS ROVIl C Llndblow, S Porter D DeMerrrI D Wenk T 80681 G Hunter, H Lambert T Kemnutz RCW 2 M Flidwf C Cohen B Lennox G Perry W Jones E Lwbler, B Tntuev D Brewer G Jackson L Hayes G Wargdahl UAL Row 3 J Mulner L Rrchards R Dunham L brant L Marshall R Calvert L Marshall A Moore D Doscola J Richards Row -1 Mrs Savery E Gebhardt T Barley P Arnn L Caltrans B Peters F Wvllus J Gnlbr th nhhm gc 4, IA' ' QIIQAT' L. IDF' 'il l QAUI QXXACII' Q 09 R AJ BOYS LEADER CORPS 'hr Row Brregel J Cross J Crowe B Bancroft Row 3 hulz e Luck J Wheeler B Sager D Deborde Brrwkowskr J Mlller J Warren H Pofthoff ow 2 x u n D Rowe Absent J Taylor S Stewart D HUTCLIIHS P Hosley Schouwenean J Rceburn Bewuwd SYNCHRONIZED SWIM CLUB Row Mrs Gr ,Ich M Schwartz S Wagner M Gallagher M Lyons M Autken P Hoobler P Boehnke J Hammer J Noehren Crawford Row J Kazda M Seeley J Cushnng A Stru e Row B Lotte M Lofberg J QIHSIEY K Payne Legatsku K Ryan J Moran C Klemach C Chase R Yourd L Woodworth L Larson, M Smclaur McMullen Row 3 K Anderson N Markham O Bolt M Blake Absent C Tnlford C Carrlgan P Males L f if -" fo Q ...- .1 . Row l: D. Junker, M. Purdy, S. Schumacher, J. Hert- BAND Hebbert, S. Wheeler, A. Jones, A. Freeman, D. ler, S. Noffsinger, M. Hass, L. Thompson, S. Odell, Bfewefi D, Blystone, L. Gale. Row 2: J. Wesley, D. Danforter, L. Michelfelder, F. "Bewitched, bothered, and bewildered" Row 3: S. Hazen, M. Wasner, T. Huntwork, H. Perer, .Ynte BAND With rolling drums and clashing cymbals, the A,A.H.S. Band, under the direction of Clarence Rath, spurred on school spirit at the football games. A select "pep" band played for home basketball games. March 22, fifteen soloists and en- sembles from the band and orchestra won first division ratings at the State Solo and Ensemble Festival. The annual Bands in Review was presented on April l8 with William D. Revelli as guest conductor The profits will be used to defray expenses for the band's trip to the National Music Camp in August, During this week, new members are taught and old members practice the art of march- ing for the coming season, 64 ,ni .r 0 ."' vi, f , ,W .,,,, ,W,,,, .....- . fum- - BAND R. Parker, P. Word, B. Bolgos, L. Judson, B. Hilber, E. von der Scholie, P. Pengelly, R. Edmonstow, D C. Cohenk, K. Lundlfil, J. Millier, R. Phillips, T, Gillen,S. Roach. Bailey, L. Rutledge, P. Lederle, K. Velker, P. Klinger, Row 4: L. Anderson, B. Boker, J. Chandler, L. Powrie D. Sheer, H. Benford, G. Wesferfield, S. Smith. ' - f3 f 1 J of ' H .fl . NN ,R V, I Y .. v . , fl D ' f J' '85 ff' , . 15,4 fig!! 'QW' "More, more, more!" "And the bflnd Dl0Y9d on - - - H 1 49' ' , M , .'. Row Row ORCHESTRA I C Pardon, M Blake, J. Kutcherwrrwader, P Cartwright, J Wagner, K. May, J Douglas, S, Beck, A. Lwlya 21 M. Smuth, G. Goodmg, D Robbms, J. Hemel, L, Thompson, G Kherw, J, Hertler, B Shade, A French, S. Roach, M. DcUev, D Foster, R. Farrar .7 , Qiocipline, eww'-J f 66 ORCHESTRA Row 3: M. David, B. Roeber, P. Toogoad, M. Arnow T Roth N Enns Trombone-S P Rimtz B Wyrrton P Withey A Aster L. Kleinschmidt, K. Peyton, P. Beltz, P, Smith, S Furstenau P Spring Bass Violins A Frisinger, C Dick C. Schumacher, J. Gilleland, Drums D Behlig B Ha gf Row 4: M. Atken, V. Von Voigtlander, C. Parr, B Roland S Hubbard Absent M Keniston D Allen D DGSCOIQ H. Cuttender. I ORCHESTRA "Those kids can really play" was often spoken of the orchestra this year as they performed successfully in event after event. Under the direction of Clarence Roth, the orchestra played at the pep assembly in the fall, forthe MEA., at the Christmas assembly, and at the Midwest- ern Conference on January l l. To add to their glory, thev also per- formed with the band in the District and the State Solo and Ensemble Festivals on February 8 and March 22 respectively, and at the Easter assembly on April 3. Winding up the year in triumph, they performed with the band and the choirs in the annual Music Festival held this year on May 7. si ,ff Clean up Fux up Pamt up DRAMA WORKSHOP AND STAGECRAFT Rowl Mr Dawson J Macllvame M Kennston L Hague K Clark M Lewus K Stoebler J Homes S Wned emeyer D Vokovlch B Taylor R Roach S Weeks D Vedder S Loroe H Moore J Kohn J Fox Row 2 Mr Schultz L Thomas B Perrlne G Sfelner L Perry F Dans J Flood N French J Dolfm L Dol fm M Wheeler, S Brown, D Burt L. Woodworth W Gfihdifdff B Preston H Stewart P Haoblar D Anglll P Spurlln Row 3 E Kelly C Gutakmnat D Warren J Richards P Favors, B Koch. C Miller D Saunders A Lah ti D Hausa! D lrvina,L.Andcnan T Kally D Barsantaa D Wank D cllffil, J QM. Stall S NDI' man. T Lodlsh, J Gllligon D Hol- sq:-L., Mirror mirror on the wall W 1-3 DEBATE SQUAD OW 1 T O Q Qf N rench C H o Ow 2 D Hart E Whlttlng ,l Wlllc ns T Troboft K r Wu s Mr crx DRAMA WORKSHOP AND STAGECRAFT October l2 the dromo workshop presented Best Foot Forword o modern comedy on college lute ln on ossembly under the dlrectuon of Mr Donold Schultz On the eyenrngs of November l9 Zl the fnrst of the semi onnuol ploys Gromercy Ghost wos presented The sem: onnuol ploy tor second semester wos presented Merch 27 29 ond wos o murder mystery entitled Louro These were olso under the durectuon of Mr Schultz The stogecrott crew on oble co operotlve group under the superylsuon of Mr Ronold Dowson built the scenery tor oll productlons dunng the yeor Eoch boy as reouured to hove some knowledge ot corpentry ond electronics to perform They seemed to hove somethlng specuol thus yeor busldnng very convuncung sets for Louro Gromercv Ghost ond Footllght Scondols . ll -'T I Nancy wlns ogom r K, .-2. 'TQ Tl ,f-Q. vlv. mrmvv A . 4 1 1 'I' .v"' gf- f 'fu' - 1 . 2 1 I fn mmf. . ' 1" 1 ll' T? 7 'ff' f r A . . A Hyip Y" 3 ,6 1 .iff ' A .5 A , T , A AA A-' , A . ' fr. pf ,4 I '-.4 - A 'W' f4ffw, f . A 573: .f?'igi9GiT"" ' :li -V A 'Qi V rl I 1 'X Q ' f- , f Av Q iii f' ' ' ' v V . V- . X 4? ,, fi x A ,- it 3- ,, :Eff Q," ' X "Aff, . :-9, y i, -A x , X, ' ' A "N f I 'Q' .- X .SAA , H is - ' V .1 ff, 1' ' . n A ' ',"i'.4 I7 M , .' ff . 'f ,lg ' 5 ': 3' 1 'T wi, 'YY' ' 1- -J ju ' 1-av , f A Q' vi M x QQ ' A .. .' - Q 2 Ab 4 ' A 4 'J wifi? f' A ' ' +- -L f , ai: .A ff .L 'Q ' .. . W .f -:M ug f "VI OD Row Row Rev. Row CC J 9 1953 WASHINGTON CLUB T: A STrub1Q,Q Yohr, Mrs Strcnghf, Mr GQQLQ J NGN M. Wdccx 2 P. Ingrcrv' N Ke?t,J Slmpscn A Spclnei M Kempe S VVcgnQr J GZFXICP W NVCwd, D 'Jefzner A Frevwgh 3 J Gardner, L Woodv-.crm A V.d:r, J Wzocs S Brown, S Ne-lwcn, NA Hosgl Lmfisax L Arcwc A Labor -1 R FP: T Czrhcci-., P RTV-vw nn D LONCICTQ N' M5- Kcnz1c,C Bus M Werner D 'Murphy 70 X f - , , , ,y iv - n 1- 5- r. ,. . ff?rfKf' -E" m ,-', ' ,QQ fb WASHINGTON CLUB peppy group of l77 seniors departed from Ann Arbor Friday, April 4, at 6f3O a.rn. for a memorable eight days in New York and Washington. The club members earned their money in various ways from selling malts to parking cars. They ran the soda bor and sold Christmas cards and wreaths, The girls also sold football programs, cakes, and blue books and they sold bakery goods at public funcf tions. Boys parked cars for football games and worked in the school checkroom, Leaving Ann Arbor at 6:30 in the morning the club arrived at Grand Central 9:00 that evening. Saturday they took a boat tour around Manhattan and attended "Don Gio- vanni" and "The Bells Are Ringing," The re- mainder of the trip was spent in Washington and Virginia where they toured the Capitol and visited Williamsburg. ffl Tired? One, two, three o'clock Tv? 'Avail' M D 1. 2 , mV' D '-err ""'K ,i H 1 ff MP3 5. ,A I -lb s . C 6-Cl Hide "Whoops" This year's team was more than a touchdown machine. lt was a group of fine young men with spirit, poise, and above oll, character, who worked to- gether toward a common goal. lt was composed of boys who could rise to a situation in spite of adversities. This was shown when the flu ridden Pio- neers, with their backs to the prover- biol wall and the 6A title riding on the outcome, came from behind in the fin- al rninutes of play to defeat the power- ful Big Reds of Lansing Sexton, or when they played through a blizzard with Jackson in the final game of the sea- son, These were boys who will go out into the world better men for having been a part of the fine group of coach- es and players that are the Ann Arbor High School Football team. -Jon Lopez He's to the left, boys Z' '94 1' B7 5713 '7 ' 1? s., wil' w','E',. , gs. ,Q E244 X 552' f "" 5 9. fa' ra' 0 31 31 I is -n diff fini' ,SN 2 581 fi' Q at ,- 1 Jv roo'raAu. , , Row I: A. Luck, I., Young, E. Mannard, D. Sokstrup, D. Taylor, Row 3: C. Gill, T. Rnllddl. B. Wacker. J- P0ff9". K- Mi'eYf L C. Cope, D. Irving. Moon, G. Shih. J - V ' ' Row 2: J. Williams, N. Vrotorie, L. Joseph, D. Rowe, D. Schnei- Row 4: B. HUB, J. HG00, R. Rosso, T. CGGSGV, B. MOCUUHGS, J der, R, Kenect, D. Dennison, J. Ingebrigtsen. Tice, V. ,Q LOST I WON 5 fb- A ,. Gone . . Mr. Hollwoy "" You bet WRESTLING mf, Ann Arbor welcomed Jerry Budzlk as Its x new wrestlung coach thus season Coach Budzlk attended college ln Bloom Townshup Chicago Heaghts lllnnons and Oklahoma State Um versuty at Stlllwater Budzlk received two let ters an wrestllng was assistant football coach and coached wrestllng at Sapulpa Oklahoma Al et The season was an unfortunate one for the Ann Arbor Grapplers Ann Arbor ended the Season with a 2 4 record But Ann Arbor S most unhappy moment came durung the Kala mazoo meet when Ploneer Claude Baker was Ia, . forced to forfeut has match Bake was a fav orlte for state champion WRESTLING Row I J Kruse R Curry D Davus K Harwood J Otto E Scott S St Claur K Mlley B Tasch D Cluckey Mr Budzak Kokales B Suits C Baker ow 3 ross R B Hao C Auken R Gessle Row 2 L Young W Rechman B Henderson D Hornmg R Slmms W Trlce Mr Vsctor 1, Lg f 1' 0 I 4,1 fy ' M , It mf? ' M , Cs . . I 5 . I . I . . in I956-l957. . f I ' f . D I . ' ' I . In In 'I R 1'J,'c',J.l 5llm5,'s' I f,Ff ,I .. I J I - 1 lb , V I H a o ' , Q AA . Q ' I g 27' I A , 1 C1 v 'J OP: CROSS COUNTRY ff?" ROW li J- G'lle'Gf1f1, J- COSSGII, R4 Coffmgo, M. Hon- Row 2: J. Wesley, R, Hagerman, Fr Colvin, R. wales HO T W9 R FOU0' J l- W' C Cohen B Flemung S Lowe H Hunter D Cebulskn I-'CMV Farrar S St Charles INK -'z"f M' funplzq J T1red9 ,A 'wr H ,Mk 'im' CROSS COUNTRY The story of the 1957 cross country team was one of potentnal not qurte achieved Led by co captains Make Hmuker and Bruce Huscock the team fnnushnng tutth nn the 6A League nevertheless showed real posslbulutues Coach Tum Ryan s runners harrled by unlurues unelugubrlsty and sickness ltor one meet eught key men were ou got off to a slow start and whsle making conslderable Improve ment they never dnd get unto hugh gear Next year s prospects are brughtened by several returnung lettermen unclud :ng co captauns elect Dave Flem ng and Steve Lowe Odue Askew Art Car penter and Klm DeKonnng Record t1,-RO,.,.eS,l,- o. ,L ,. ga, ,S 55 34 Y W ' 0 ' ',' Q7 I , 1 ..! . ,. 4 U V --L . . 6 . . C3 1 . . . 'har . - ar . . . I I ,.A" ' , . , . I I l are-H , fl, , , I , . I , ' A ' E evstlfv- Q -3 A rx' 3 f V - .ff lfy' Y I I ., 'J--.fs - - . . A 1 D 54. : wax , xtdhgg. Q ,-L5-4 -.'. ' W L L-mi! -Fw"-:L. ' 4 5 v K "" .7 'I a ,Q - . ' p a.. 'rs 4 1 , """' K t ' 'L w ut' fl-l .N i M Wu.. urn 'TL T 'QYY' s1yu,.91 , GYMNASTICS With a show of muscles and co- ordination, the Ann Arbor High School gymnastic team pushed on to victory this year in a relatively new sport, Coached by Howard Patthoff, the squad placed high in the Detroit and the AAU. meets. Captain John Buss, along with many other team members, saw their hard work rewarded as they placed in many individual events such as tumbling, parallel bars, trampoline, and other feats of skill. Other contests the boys entered were a practice meet with Jackson and a dual meet with lonia in April. ln addi- tion to this, they attended a fall clinic which was held in order to encourage more boys to participate in gymnastics. I T5 M l if . i' - 4, ,+ fggfzfzi, - f f. ff4,fzf,,5534:f ' . y " QQ,-7' ' f-M ., 44 5 534 - -,f-f y V ' A 1371 , f, ' f 'L' Il "'Look out" E. if i ' ' 1 "Stand back!" Concentration 8l Temporarnly suspended SWlMM'NG S ' , SWIMMING TEAM Paul Cllffords Ploneer Swnmmers led by co captanns Tom McMullen and Dave Slezak had a good season thus year They wan every dual meet and placed second In the 6 A and State swnmmnng meets After the season was fnnnshed the record board mn the pool was almost completely re wrntten every record ex cept the back stroke was broken Most of the new records set were made by yunuors so next year s team should be good The team next year will lose the services of Tom McMullen Dave Slezak Tom Carbeck Keuth Peyton and Bull Gilbert all freestylers Ted Norris and Jerry Gleason dnvers Pat Patterson a back stroker and Bull Whnttung a breast stroker Tom McMullen was elected most valu able swimmer and next year s co Captalns are Steve Thrasher and Owen Kleunschmndt Row l T Guldberg B Orr F Platt E Mannard C Muller K Row 3 B Markstone F Shelton J Snnclanr S Lnvnngston J Greer R Fvffof D C0099 Enns B Clark O Klein chmldt S Thrasher J Grlffuth B Row 2 B Galbert T Moms J Gleason B Whattlng D Slezak White E Shrppey B Peters T McMullen P Patterson T Carbeck K Peyton Mr Cluf Row 4 J Chandler F Herbert B Harju R Gesler B Clem Ofd rrtons L Katrona B Gustnne E Ebaugh J Whalen do 4 I SWA: H 1 i s-.,, Abu! - ' - I I I I I . .I . I I II - . ,, , - . f. ' , . , . , . , . '- I5 l,' 1 A, . I, ., .I In , - B 1",l' if .y ' -4 L -... O , .W B i V 1 -lx - R k 'Fil hh A 1. J l J FHA 5 H l 1 tl r to if ' V ..' uk I s at xl X T. , ' .Yu Quai The wait Airborne End of the line . 5 Az Q v- -at Y! . 'vis 5' F 'xx P I 7 l ' YA' ' xp ' ' -1, ' ?17 - J f' if . T. - ' I i be N fi, rf ' ", W ,N My . TRACK Row l: L. Fonville, A. Estes, D. Wills, G. Cobb, D. Row 3: J. Crow, D. Hortsook, D. Fischer, O. Askew, Cebulski, W, Hqywqrd, J. Buss, D. Coleman, R. M. Leven, B. Haywood, G. Niffen, T, Evans, A. Hodge, J, Tgfngr, Fischer, R. Ebaugh, D. Hamilton, B. Beck. Row 2: Mr. Ryon, H. Williams, F. Hunt, S. Lowe, J. Row 4: T, Rowe, B. Pochet, W. Meyers, A. Kikut, B, Murphy, J. Dixon, L. Moore, T. Johnson, D. Dieterle, Monohom, J. Torch, D. Taylor, J. Walker, B. Lennox, B, Hoffmgygr, G. Krause, G Gay. TRACK TEAM C' in, H Cl "Looking for something?" Ann Arbor's track chances for i958 are considerably better than last year's, not because they can't get worse - last year's team finished 6th in the 6-A - but because the team is definitely improved. The team is strengthened by such men as seniors John Buss, co-captain and pole vaulter, hurdler and field man Garland Cobb, distance runner Don Cebulski, and sprinter John Goetz. The other co-captain, all- around Willie Haywood, who adds strength in many events, is a junior, as are Steve Lowe, a distance man, high jumpers Lovell Moore and Jim Dixon, hurdler Fred Hunt, and sprinter Herb Williams. Coach Tim Ryan sums up the team's pros- pects in these words: "l think we'll be in contention if we don't lose any more key men through ineligibilityf' Hill and gully runners. l l l .,3'g. r I i - . ' - 3' A V g '1 rf' 4 . 13" K 'Q . y. ...A so Y 4 V . 1 Q ' -S. ' N .x -U--AM - -. M L Y .Q T A , - 1 ' - ,16 3' ' ' " "'- - . 'T . TENNIS Row lr J. Yeh, M. Malkin, B. Lichty, J. Burnarn, D, Gregory, Row 2: C. Boys, D. Lage, R. Hoobler, M. Peter, D. Ackley Jr., M, Hiniker, Capt. B. Hamel. B. Wyman, B. Haight, Mr, Wilson. TENNIS Coach Tom Wilson and Captain Bob Hamel had high hopes for the net men of Ann Arbor High School. With the aid ot the racqueteers behind them, "Scotty" and Bob made plans to take top honors in the 6-A this year. Four three-lettermen helped the team achieve their goal. They are Chris Boys, Jen Yeh, Bob Hamel and Mike Hiniker. Others on the team who also contributed to its success were, Juniors Don Lage, Bob Haight, Bob Wyman and David Ack-Iey, Sophomore Mike Peter, and Senior Ray Hoobler. Best players in the singles division were Jen Yeh, Don Lage, Bob Hamel and Bob Wyman. Best players in the doubles division were: Chris Boys and Bob Hamel. "Let's follow through." Xk... - fr Jr C Jw learn at .73wuw .Tank .9D'i41tcgfLapfLew, Wi X5 y. .rf is FH . ?4 R6 Suike V, , 'VW U? . Q Q Goget it ,... "Ready . , . Submerge X3 xsb-X "Yo' dorff soyf' Here's the way to do it. J, , X A n X x BASKETBALL Again in the i957-58 season, Ann Arbor's Bas- ketball team played the role of underdog much of the time, but there were still plenty of loyal stu- dents who were behind the team, win or lose. In trying to find "that" combination, Coach Klum used five different start- ing line-ups made up of Dick Adams, iWhit Chat- man, Pete Danovich, Bud Harvey, Lot Fonville, Dave Smith, Mike Hiniker, Joe Walker, and Captain Jack Ervin. Throughout this season there were many exciting games. One of the most breath taking was the 50- 48 double - overtime vic- tory over the"Maroon Gi- ants of Kalamazoo. An- other unforgetoble game which the home crowd loved was the 40-38 win over old-rival Jackson. All in all it was a satis- factory season, much cherished by members of the team. G get it, Rail" lr ' iv ls i- inn ir- if .. in 4210- - in-. i -ui- in 32 LM. JV BASKETBALL ow 1: Mr. Pofmer, S Demorr, T. Steffc, H. Wiilioms, J. Row 2: N. Enns, L. Worley, R. Ebough, A. FiSd"ler, R. Myers, Schenk, D, Sokstrup, D, Hardy, J. Potter. 3 'U o, fi Jn, B 'o, fi 5- Stre-9-9-efA:4h 90 He made gg WPA .hij- i' Wwe "5"lUbuu i ' f 4-fe ww 'Q' , v3gp1Qg5.3vf1 4-:ww 'ff ,, 'QQ-1-by ,L nal' f'+2Q1'i. '7 Fore Good form GOLF After walklng away with top honors last year hugh expectatlons are held for thus year s golfers Paul Clnfford who coaches the outstandung group stated that thus year s squad shows plenty of depth Returning to the ranks are four lettermen mclud :ng Captam Paul Rentschler In 57 Pnoneer golfers placed fnrst In the 6 A League fnrst In the state and then went on to make a clean sweep of wan nlng by placlng furst In the regnonal tournament 4 Let s follow through GOLF TEAM Ankenbrand Clagget Clark deKomng Dumond Enns Fulxpnok B Hallock P F Herbert T F Hoffman J J Huntzucker R G Jones R Joseph Lelbee McAdam McMullen Melecla Newton Ohlgren Rentschale Roth Tmnm Wessmger White 313' I' f , y r 0 ' ' 4 t I 'i .. 5 - . . .f , f - W 1 . . 1 , ' : . 4 l , . -' . , , ll. V ll x , f ll 4 5 , , 'f J, - x X 1 x , fi . V ' fi rl ll ' 'I 2 J X- ,. - Jig, " - '4 -mg.. - 1 ' fm' 'Q-,qyxc l I J ,zlnhfghiww , . I V fy-L , 9, ww , ' I i'wf', Q . . 4"7't-Ml iff' x l.Ll.g- 3, U: L-, ,L 3.-in .rv ,EI I. I It ,cg - . - N. 1, A . gl I -3 ...lf W 4 1... M AQQAL., ' -' '-' ' , "1 4.:.,.'3s .1, fgw gm 4 , f 4. V A V' 'L " A fr' 1255, my , . 1- 251'-Fa' 45 , , sf..-, M L, M W, JW , lap! Jap., V tiifvty.. , wg .I-RW, ,lm Q 58.13, V .:" M -, ,J ,, 4 . iv fy". '.' 1 A . , :"" .y . '. zf . l fsI54+Q.4i. 'J' ,, ,,, 1 if ,- 5, f ' 1 '.. , V. ,' 1 If .gr . fa- f" . .' X I K . V ' w, Q I ' X , H . , 2 I . . . , A , , J. fyw , 4 -W' ,.,, lf . I V , , . . , . . . - . . H I H I I ' E. L. D. A. ' T. K. K. ' T. R. ' F. ' J. C. J. ' ' ' T, 9 ' s - kv ,TKr r 1 v S .12 U .M nailz 1 A535 Row l: J. Potter, H. Lansky, D. Rowe, J, Hiser, B. D. Bacon, F. Colvin. Harvey, T. Milham D. Dennison, B. Orr, R. Knecht, Row 3: Mr. Palmer, T. Stetfe, D. Briegal, l, Sc D. Fleming. D. Stongner, J. Erwin, S. DeWar, J. Patanelli Raw 22 P. Danevitzh, G. Williams, D. Smith, R. Mannard, B. Maclnnes, R. Anderson, J. Hatto Schlecht, R. Gesler, L. Moon, D. Adams, C. Castor, BASEBALL Prospects look very good this year for Coach Pete Palmer's diamond squad, as he has nine returning lettermen on the i958 team. Captain Gerald Williams also feels that this year the Pioneers have an excellent chance of equalling, if not bettering last year's record. Last year the team won eight games out of the fourteen that they played, placing in the 6-A conference. With Captain Gerald Williams, Clint Castor, Jack Erwin, John Douglas, Russell l-larvey, Jerry Hearn, Tom Milham, Dave Smith, and Dan Stag- ner as a nucleus, Coach Palmer plans to build a Strong team that will do well in the 6-A race. ve . 1, ' . i f 3.. -fl f sig? uri Pi gig, U - 4... Qlx - ' T' ,' bl i M 'Y' N, , , Q 1 'di 1 919 K- V2 -.l - . 5 , . r .5 ' 5 , ,sv ,. .ls ya' a.. .t . .Ng .,,, Friendly persuasion ,yi -. A .LL-'Q S x- A ff ' f - " . ,. ' "' -1-of' .of ',-- - .."-sv , - ,,3'.'rA- I-Lf- .- " ' ' .ee 92 nu J4cfca.T,ecFg0,pgkp,p gy wi 'gh ,It C Q 4 Q' A , 2 my e -I z if ., .J Q Am 3 ,- ' A - ' 9 W wa? 4x . K+ X 2+ 6, , Z! ' f x 4,1 A U' 9 , ,J Y I 1 1 1 -1 , ,. J , J "1 N 5 f 1 in xml ,, Warp M J ,QQ M' . H , Q . ,W-5 " : ff I . 1' . X. -QW 1 Q 5 ,fl S ', 4'... . ,Q - ' T mf, ,Q .- ,-is-N ir fs . ' -"' 1-- "' In ' - ' . ." S I - '.-ig 5' 1 f i-.uf , - -4 ' . -, , , ,, -.. . . ' - - V G, - .. ., .vi 3,15 ir," . 4, - :2 M 1 -. ' - --:' ..- , 1. A -- - - .. f , I, -,Z , . , s Q , 'I . N X . Q " 2 2'4" Y-' '1,Y , - - .. ' IS. f , .M . . . . , A - - sqs - 1 - Q -I . 1 g 5 1 V .P - - . , - . by . , -, 4- i ...ol ' 4 x X 'ss . , N , -A - "1. 4 - .... "df Q ' 7 'lu . 0 Q s' ' V Q. , QNA""",,- , Q 1 -' .5 . Qin n A u, .3 45 ' - "4 " 'ir 'v '9 1' ' ' , . N... - B , , 5, ' , ."' ,V x s 'L ve at your oll, now! IT531Tf.l7C C fcudwdewr mama een, een... mb Au W . Fm P. Glushyn, M. Bunten, A. Coleman, B. Preketes, M. Wheeler, J. Everhardus, C. Steinke, D. Thomas, S. Wild. S. Bigby, C. Porter, S. l-larawalt, K, Ryan, P. Ratte, M. Palmer, J. Zahn, D. Steeb, M. Menifee. CHEERLEADERS "Let's go Ann Arbor, let's go!" The l958 Cheer- leaders, headed by Captain Mary Ann Bunton and coached by Mrs. Nancy Grdjich, cheered Ann Arbor's many athletic teams on to victory during the year. They also had a large part in promoting team spirit among the students and kept them aware of the sporting events that took place. The "Tramp Stamp," a hobo hop that took place during March, was also sponsored by the Cheerleaders and was a big success. 95 Y ., 417 GAC EXECUTIVE BOARD Row ll B, Blbehrllle M. Wheeler J. Gcrlxck, M. Blake. Row 2 L Mlqhelfelder M155 Harnex J Peet N Logon SENIOR G A C l: N. Logan, M. Blake, J. Garlick, Miss Harney, M Wheeler, J. Peet, L. Michelfelder, B. Boehnke. 2: J. Fingerle, D. Metzner, J. Kurtz, A. Struble, B. Nichols C. Calwell, J. Gainsley, M. Kempe, W. Powell, S Wagner B. Warner, L. Legatski, D. Thomas, L. Slenger M, Bamen A. Coleman, L. Maurer, M. Fralick, B. Hawkes, A. Vudor, C AA pm., il 7"r .Ls 'lpuvflmgmlw I . ..4. ,gmlluu j Agua:-l-if' 4 'X f ' L A4 J.-'30, Jim Turner I , 5 1 ,Q Judy Fingerle , w U3 sq, f I A3 3 7 , l l r' 1 ' J F x I a l Joon Dolphin Dove Sounders Most Talented ln Comributed Most to Class ,f0 va? fsfi' ' , A mat 190, I 'Ziff Q, 1 SQ, Music ond Dromc ssq' 1 'A , 5 ' f ,- , X J 'ir , , G I1 , u , e 'VVV -M fl- J fl s 1 YV I 'tai Fflaik Magm W 4 ' ' V33 I Mory Beth Meyers 3914 V jf' Class Comeduon Rob Dimond Sora Weeks Class Authors Cloude Boker Bonnie Boehnke Most Athletic Hbllo, Tom Mill-iam Class Comedian Lynn Prakl-een Pete Robinson Most Likely to Succeed 4. 1 Barb Hartman Tom McMullen Class Pin-Ups Janet Everhardus Evan Kokales Most Versatile Karen McKenzie Rick Potter Class Casanovas l James Turner Presudent Thomas McMullen Vuce presudent 'Q .93aafzd SENIOR EXECUTIVE BOARD Along wuth three years ot hard work vve have many happy memorues to look back on One man un partucular our class advusor Ben Reed helped make many of these memorues possuble Hts p esence around Ann Arbor Hugh School wull be greatly mussed when he leaves for lllunous A hast of memorues were made before that day un June when we all marched out onto Hallway Fueld un our caps and gowns Thus procedure was a furst un Ann Arbor Hugh School s hustory To refresh our memorues we are able to see snaps of the senuor assembly prom and ban quet The Executuve Board spent many hours for extra meetungs and careful plannung mak ung these events so memorable These and the rest ot our storehouse of memorues made our days at Ann Arbor Hugh School unvaluable SENIOR EXECUTIVE BOARD T McMullen M Bunten D Tomas Row 2 P Wheeler L Wunkelhaus T Waltz P Seevers J Tunnun D Cebulsku D Slezak R Patterson R Houghtalun Chuck Scanuo B Hamel BB 3 Gwen Bennett Secretary I I O , x g . I? V fl 3 , V -xl s - I' , ,A . I I . r . r . , I 1 I ' . . - 5 Row l: M. Fralick, L. Prakken, N. Clague, G. Bennett, J. Turner l .. 53. - - Q - Y' -- DUANE ACKERMAN Duane managed to successfully combine study and sports, for he earned a letter in JV baseball and served on Intramural Managers, as well as making the honor roll most of the time. Another one of "Ack's" extracurricular interests is elec- tronics. He will study business administra- tion in college. SHARON A. ALLEN Sharon's favorite activity while at Ann Arbor High was drama, and she could often be seen back stage "fooling around", Sharon also enioys skating and swimming. She worked on the COT plan and will probably continue to work after her grad- uation. SAMILEH ASGARZADEH "Everything is new, and it's wonderful," says Sammy who came from Persia last year. Here, she was vice-president of the Girls' League and she sings in A Cappella. Her hobbies include music, art, and read- ing. Next year Sammy plans ot attend the University. SUSAN J. BAIRD Sue was quite active during her high school years. She served as Washington club and Girls' League representative and was secretary of her homeroom. Being head of Rainbow Girls and DeMolay Chap- ter Sweetheart also took much of her vii-te. Sue plans to become a medical secretary. W1 I JANE R. AGAR '.'.'ho's Jane Agar? If someone is looking ic' the girl with a pleasing personality and a friendly "Hi" to everyone, it will be Janey. She was the Red Cross representa- tive for her homeroom and was a member of the Washington Club. In her spare time ".laney" enioys playing piano and swim- rning. LEE S. ARCURE There he goes! Cross Country kept him running. The Executive Board and Wash- ington club kept him busy, too. He was on the honor roll and president and vice- president of his homeroom and still found time for hockey and golf, Next he's headed for the U of M. .QQ 6 . 'K' rt Q, -'fi -aug T fx MARGARET M. BAKER Margaret's two main interests while at AAHS were music and sports. She was in Cantando and participated in GAV volley- ball and basketball. Margaret also served her homeroom on the Assembly committee. Interested in secretarial work, she plans to attend Cleary Business Colelge. GARY L. BARNES Coming to AAHS front Roosevelt High School in Ypsilanti in his senior year, Gary kept himself busy with studies, musicfclrama, and sports. Besides par- ticipating in all phases of music he ,was on the basketball team and in Junior Achievement. Gary plans to attend the U. of M. 103 MICHAEL E. BAILEY Mike made use of his gift of an ex- cellent voice by being in the A Cappella choir for two years and in the Boys' chorus for one. His consuming interest at present is working on automobiles. Upon graduation from AAHS, Mike plans to attend Eastern Michigan College. CLAUDE BAKER 41-23-36 HIKE - Look out! Here he comesl This, if people haven't guessed by now, is the astounded offense of any of AAHS's football opponents as they see this ,hulk of a man move towards them. In addition, Claude was a star on the Wres- tling team, receiving state honors. EDWARD l. BARNARD Athletics were a year-round interest for Ed, football through high school, track in the tenth grade, and JV baseball in the eleventh. He was active as president of his homeroom, on Intramural Managers' and Library committees. His interests in- clude his iob, house painting, hunting, and boat racing. LAURENCE G. BARNES In his sophomore year, Jerry was on JV football, for which he earned a letter and in Boys' Chorus. Besides being on Assembly committee and vice president of the Rifle club, .lorry had other vawed in terests-skin diving, hunting, and C5-5 Hg works at Nic-lsen's Flower Shep M FRANCES K. BEKIARES Strike! Well, if it isn't Fran, a member cf the all-star bowling team. This sport- minded girl was also a member of the GAC hockey team. A member of the Girls' Chorus, Fran served her homeroom as its Student Council representative. Her future plans include college. MARILYN J. BELL "Ding" or "Tinkerbelle" are Marilyix's aliases. She was in many actives such as Intramural Managers', Red Cross, and library cornmitteez. She earned a band letter, silver and gold pins, and best camper's avard, Her hobby is the clarinet 'Ding' plans to enter the field of ed.:- cation. GWENDOLKN M, BENNETT Even though "Tiny" was on honor roll student, this didn't seem to interfere with her other activities. She was Secretary of the Senior class and worked as a secretary at the Electric Service Company. "Tiny" was vice-president of GAC and received a GAC letter award. DONALD R. BENZINGER "Elvis" spends most of his time not singing, not making movies, not making girls screaml?l but bowling. He was on the homeroom bowling team and bowls as an outside hobby. He is employed at the Ann Arbor News, and after graduation he plans to work. 1 6- , Q X, av "C- 'D S ELEANOR R. BELL Secretarial work is right down Ellie's alley for she was secretary of her home- room and did office work for the Pittsheld Public Schools. Skating and miniature golf occupy some of her free time. She went to Washington with the club. Future plans include marriage and working. PHILIP R. BELTZ 'Jlusic in the form of Orchestra, and Maching Band was Phil's forte. He was also on the Intramural Managers' commit- tee. Phil's sophomore and iunior years were spent at Port Clinton High School. where he was on Student Council, in the Junior Class Play, and on the Debate Squad. T7 Q 1,7 WX, f., fxe .. f "5 T 5 ' .X 2 - K " iii' ' sv r ' ..,K k . V ' R X -KE'-Z tsl. 1, r',Qjsf'.ff iw -34:-, ROGER W. BETKE Splash! Another big fish iust got hooked -with Roger's bait. Roger, who spends his spare time working at the Commission of Professional and Hospital Activities Inc., enioys hunting and fishing. He also par- ticipated in Cross Country. The Air Force will be seeing a lot of Roger. DENE R. BILETI Clink, clink! The sound of coins was a familiar one to Dene, as she collected money for the Red Cross committee and was also treasurer of her homeroom. She was on the Assembly committee and the Omega business statt. Dene's favorite sport is ice skating. 4 104 f' 'V cz'- 'rf' STEPHEN T. BENNETT "Steve", as he is called by his friends. didn't let the fact that he was an honor roll student interfere with his activities at AAHS. He served his homeroom on Stu- dent Council of which he was chairman of the Student Directory Committee. He was a member of the Tri-Hi Council and went to Wolverine Boys' State. KITTY J. BERRY Band, Executive committee, and Girls' League had Kitty working hard at AAHS. She came to Ann Arbor from Brighton last year and is now working as waitress at the Union. Kitty hopes to attend college after graduation from high school, and Stevens is her choice. JUDY A. BETZER Judy . . . a native westerner, came tc AAHS from Denver, Colorado. Here she demonstrated her note-taking ability being secretary for both her homeroom and Audio-Visual. Besides writing minutes, she sang in Cantando. True to her home state, Judy is going to Colorado College. MARY E. BLAYE Tu-3 GAC ottice was Mary's most fre- quent hangout at AAHS, for she was point secretary for the GAC as well as earning her large and small letters. Intramural Managers and Assembly committee also took much of her time, in addition to her hobbies, swimming and music. 144 'JF C" I fi N5 i --1 CHARLES E. BOND Basketball is the big love of Chuck's life. At his old school, Gailor, he helped his team win the district championship. At AAHS, he was a member of the Audio- Visual Aids committee. He collects records for a hobby. Chuck is planning a career in economics. f 3 JOAN C. BLAND ln between school and her many outside activities, Joan enioys her favorite hobbies. which are swimming and horses. Her main school activity was singing in the Girls' Chorus. Joan's future plans center around a small college. She is presently employed at the Michigan Union. FREDERICK L. BOERSMA Ted, an honor student, was Student Council representative, vice-president, and Assembly committee representative for his homeroom. The Orchestra, Omega, and Debate team were outlets for Ted's talents. He was also a representative to the Mich- igan Model UN. His future plans include college in the East. 2 "'Q W Q Q fy' MARGARET E. BOSCH V ' Coming to AAHS from Indianapolis and ', V Kalamazoo Central, Peggy was engaged in many school activities. She was inter- I 6 0 ested in dramatics and singing. At AAHS , she was a member of GAC, Omega staff, W '35 y and Washington club. An honor roll stu- ,dent, she would like to attend college. '- CHRISTOPHER L. BOYS A letter, pin, and cup are only three symbols of Chris's participation in his favorite sport, tennis. Employed at Uni- versity Drug, Chris also found time to be on the Omega staff, swimming and cross country teams. ln addition to all this, he served as homeroom "veep" and chairman of the Washington club's football program committee. GEORGE R. BRAYI. Swish! The sound of a ball going through a net! George played on both the JV and Varsity Basketball teams. He also served as Student Council representative and secretary of his homeroom. George worked after school, and his future plans include college. .IUDIIH K. BODINE The epitome of activity, that's iudy! She is sure to be there, whether the occasion is a dance, a horseback ride, a swim, or a round of eighteen holes. She likes all kinds of active sports. Judy plans to attend Cleary College in Ypsilanti. BONNITHE J. BOEHNKE Bonnie actively participated in sports and student government while in high school. She served her homeroom as pres- ident and Student Council representative and was a member of the Synchronized Swimming clu, and GAC as well as A Cappella. Golf, and music are her hobbies. KAY .l. BORDINE Busy Kay represented her homeroom as Student Council alternate and served two semesters on the Assembly committee. Junior Executive Board took up some of Kay's time as well as Mixed Ensemble. Because she loves that combination of beauty and brains, Kay will go to Eastern College Beauty School. MARY BOSHAW Singing is one of Marys foremost in- terests. as she was a member of Girls' Chorus and then of Cantando for two semesters, Outside of school, Marys hob- bies include horseback riding and roller skating, She ended her senior year as president of her homeroom. BONNIE L. BRADLEY Bonnie, who was an honor student, plans to go to the U of M. She was on Student Council, Omega Editorial staff and Junior Executive Board. Being vice-pres- ident and secretary of her homeroom, and in Junior Achievement and GAC also helped keep her busy. H , ,. I.. + , ' "43l DALE E. BREITENWISCHER Dale was on the Cross Country team and in the Male Chorus, besides being president of his homeroom and working at Seyfried Jewelers - a varied list of activities to keep him busy! He is inter- ested in electronics and Hi-Fi equipment. College is in Dale's future. 105 ab QR' gs 1432? sa r,-Y , NANCY L. BRISTOL Before coming to AAHS in her senior year from Rantcal High School, Nancy participated in many activities such as the junior play, the Rantoal yearbook and GAC. Upon arriving at AAHS, she was promptly elected to represent her home- room on Red Cross committee. LARRY I. BROWN Liberace the second? Possibly-anyhow playing the piano is one of Larry's favorite diversions. Another is working on cars. Music seems to be l.arry's fore for he was also in Male Ensemble. His main extra- curricular activity was serving on Presi- dents' committee. Larry plans to attend college. SUSAN C. BROWN Brown-eyed Susan came to AAHS from Mt. Gallitzen Academy in Pittsburgh. In her homeroom, she was the Washington club and Girls' League representative. She did student teaching in swimming classes and spent her summers counseling in a camp in New York. MARGARET L. BURK Football! Yes! Football, tennis, water- skiing, basketball and swimming are some of the activities Margaret enjoys. Before coming to AAHS, she attended Graverett High School, and alter graduation she plans to go to college. Margaret is now employed at Greene Cleaners here in Ann Arbor. -3 E. PAUL BREON Paul was a behind-the-scenes worker at AAHS. As manager of the football team, he was one of the sideline supervisors so necessary to the Pioneers' success. He helped plan the Washington club trip as his homeroom's representative. Paul plans to attend Eastern Michigan College. THOMAS BRIGGS "T" participated in wrestling, Mixed Ensemble, and Male Chorus. He also enioys W7 ' .5 fishing, skiing, hunting, and camping. Tom .1 3 1 came to Ann Arbor from Missoula County ,..,, I High School in Missoula, Montana, and he plans to return to attend Montana State College after he graduates. 'gal 'S 6 P ll 'V "5- Q sw' e f ' ,,.. - N L. ' a 4 A ,. L. 'Cf' MARY A. BUNTON Pert and lively-these words aptly de- scribe Mary Ann. These qualities helped her as co-captain of the cheerleaders, as a member of Student Council and the Sen- ior Executive Board. Her enthusiasm: also included music and found an outlet in Voice and Ensemble. P. DIANE BURT Enthusiastic about many activities, Diane served as Secretary of the Assembly com- mittee, Busines Manager of the Optimist as well as a Hostess. She participated in girls' alter-school sports and Drama Work- shop also took up much of her time Diane works at the Michigan Union. 106 J xx , BRIAN R. BREWER Brian, when he wasn't busy bowling or working with cars, served as the vice- president and president of his homeroom, representative to the Intramural Managers' committee and a member of the Boys' Leader Corps. He was also an office runner. Brian has no future definite plans. DON F. BRIEGEL Don went all out for sports during high school. He played basketball and picked up a letter in wrestling. Intramural sports in which he participated included bowling. basketball, volleyball, softball, and wres- tling. After graduation he plans to go into the service or to settle down at a iob, BRUCE E. BROWN The team could always depend on Bruce during the two years he went out for baseball. Besides this sport, he was also an expert hunter and fisherman. As soon as he has graduated from AAHS, Bruce plans to beccme an apprentice carpenter C. WAYNE BROWN Zooml There goes "Ceo" in his '56 Chevie. ln addition to working on his car, Wayne enioyed hunting, fishing and water skiing. He served his homeroom as presi- dent and vice president and played foot- ball for two years. The service, then col- lege, are Cec's plans. x 4 Y - -J-93 C71 K , i NN 'Q 9 f ', I0- 3 Y. rn" ,ff JOHN F. BUSS Coordination was John's big asset. This was shown by his agility as a gymnast and his great help on the track squad as a pole vaulter. John was also known for his warm and friendly personality. He includes the U of M among his future plans. DORIS E. CAMP Doris planned a trip to Washington with the AAHS Washington club, of course! She worked hard for the trip, but still found time to enioy her best-likes hobbies, Two of her favorites are swmming and skating. Doris wants to attend a nursing school after graduation. CONSTANCE J. CARRIGAN Connie was certainly "in the swim" of things at AAHS. Besides teaching swim- ming and being a member of synchronized swimming, she managed to find time for Student Council, A Cappella, Executive Board, and homeroom secretary. Connie also enioyed horseback riding and water skiing. CAREN K. CLAGUE Many people knew Caren, because she was in so many different activities during her three years at high school. Music was her special favorite, as she participated in both Girls' Chorus and Mixed Ensemble. Her crystal ball sees Eastern Michigan College in Caren's future. -a. be JANET C. BYERS Being employed by the Pittsfield Public Schools during her senior year, along with her hobbies and actiivties, kept Jan very busy. She enioys skating and horseback riding, and in school she participated in Drama Workshop and was on the Red Cross committee. THOMAS D. CARBECK Tom participated in many of AAHS's activities. He earned letters in Band and swimming, and he also belonged to the Washington club. He was a member of the Sophomore Executive Board. Tom's hobby is radio, and he is employed at Gill Lumber Company. .4 'Q 1 X aah- its V . - N . . h w",'pi. . M' F Q . 5' , i 6 G Fr nv GARLAND COBB Everyone has seen Gar on the football field, as he worked hard at the sport and won a letter for his prowess. Sportsminded, he enioyed track too. Gar was also presi- dent of his homeroom. While in high school, he started a bricklaying apprentice- ship which he intends to continue. RICHARD A. COLEMAN "Poncho" is the man who won a letter in track for his shot putting ability. His athletc endeavors were well-rounded for he also played JV football. He sang with th A Cappella choir his senior year and plans to go into the service upon gradua- tion. 107 4. 'fl' f"f'ff.i DONALD R. CEBULSKI Don appears to be athletically inclined according to his record. He participated in cross country and track, receiving letters in both of these sports. Don must have proved to be a good homeroom president, for he served three terms. He would like to enter the U of M. NANCY S. CLAGUE On the affirmative or negative, Nancy so impressed her fellow debaters that she was named dean of the squad this year. ln addition, she took part in student government as a member of Student Council and the Class Executive Board. Plans for Nancy include college. ANNE M. COLEMAN To say the least, Anne was a very busy gal in AAHS. When our teams were in a tight spot, Anne was there with the cheer- leaders to cheer them on to victory. She represented her class in the Junior Execu- tive Board and on the Student Council in which she was co-chairman of the pep committee. ln her senior year Anne was business manager of the Omega. After graduation she plans to attend college. MARY l. COlEMAN Mary, who for her sophomore and junior years attended East Troy High in Wiscon- sin, was elected secretary o fher home- room after being here only six days. Her many hobbies include reading, writing letters, and collecting records. Business School and mariage are included in Lee's plans. CAROL J. COLWELL "Butch", sometimes known as Carol, was homeroom secretary, a hostess, 5 member of GAC and also a member of the Student Council. Most of the time, Carol was on the honor roll. She espe' cially enioys ice skating and art. Carol hopes to attend trte U of M. JOHN 0, CONKLIN Money! To most of us the tingle of money is a very welcome sound, but to .lack it was familiar as part of his hobby of coin collecting. Coming to AAHS iron' St. Thomas, Jack also counts hunting acd fshing among his hobbies. LLOYD R. CRABTREE Lloyd's interests and hobbies all seem to point toward a single goal-his future career as an aeronautical engineer. He enioys science and mechanics, and in his spare time likes to work on model planes and cars. Lloyd plans to study at the U of M. ELIZABETH A. CRITTENDEN Betty Ann was very busy throughout her stay at AAHS, for she represented her homeroom on the Red Cross and Assembly committees, plus being vice-president of her homeroom. She was a member of the orchestra and received a letter for it. Betty was also a messenger. 'RQ I. CAROL A, CONKEY Carol was active in many phases of high school life. She took part in the Stu- dent Council, Assembly committee, Can' tando, and various Girls' League affairs Carol also held the office of vicevpresident in her Methodist Youth Fellowship group She plans to be a cosmetologist. CLYDE H. CONNELL Accompanied by whistle blasts and the roll of drums, Clyde was an easy tigure to recognize in his white uniform putting the marching band through its paces. He was vice-president of the band, as well as drum major, and received a band letter. 6 "S vi, fa Q. . 111 'D . DAN CUMMENSKY Parliamentary procedure was familiar to Dan as he served the class as vice- president in his sophomore year, and was a member of the Student Council. He worked at the University Drug Store but still found time for athletics. The crystal ball sees the U of M ahead. ROY L. CURRY Wrestling, track and baseball interested Roy, and he participated in all of their. as would permit. Roy plans to con tinue his education, although he is not sure iust where at the present time He is .3 6 ro.v employed at the high school. 108 Wu. L i I QQ 5, i X 'X I, 5 N4 5 ' A ,N . .As . . 2? is 6 I Y jeg lx . l , PATRICIA K. CRAWFORD Pat was one who loved the great out- doors. Her hobbies include skiing, skating, swimming, and riding. She even carried this interest into her summer iob, where she taught swimming for the Girl Scouts. Pat helped her homeroom to claim the volleyball and bowling championship, also. LINDA C. CULP Linda was very interested in Junior Achievement, and in her iunior year was elected vice-president of her company. She works as a secretary at Kasurin 8 Kasurin-S. R. Bragg Architects. Her favorite hobbies are roller skating and collecting records. Linda also enioys traveling. CAROL F. CUNNINGHAM A few of Carol's many interests here at school were singing in the Cantando Choir for two years, representing C'llO in Washington club, taking part in girls' intramural sports, and working on the COT program in her senior year. Carol says her futcrc Q1.i,des Cill"l?l' college cr a secretarial career. MARY M. DALLEY Melinda was active in her homeroom, being their representative to the Library Committee and the Student Council. She also participated in the AAHS Band and Orchcsva. One of the scholastically better students in addition to her other actrivties, me plans to enter Oberlin College in Ohio 12 ' V -ri? Ts DQ JOLENE D. DENNIS "JoJo" was a Girls' League representa- tive for her homeroom, C-203. She worked in the attendance office for a year and was a member of GAC. Her favorite sports are swimming and horseback riding in the summer, and ice skating in the winter. "JoJo" plans to attend college. LAWRENCE W. DQWOLF Every boy has a favorite sport or hobby, and Larry's is football in both cases. Much of his remaining time was taken up with school, but Larry also worked at Carter's Dog Food Company at South Lyon. The Army is his choice for the future. JACK W. DIRKSE Say, here comes the ball! Whether it was a football, a softball, or a bowling ball, Jack was around in intramural sports. In his spare time he was employed at the Kroger store. His future plans are quite undecided at the present time. ALLEN D. DOADES Allen may be seen peering around piles of groccrrs at certain hours, for between school and his favorite sport, basketball, he Ends time to hold down a iob at Kroger's. Alien plans to ioin the service or continue working after graduation. Good luck, Allen 'Q Q is. , - 'H V9 WALTER l. DAMM An expert marksman, Walter has quite a few trophies he can show from his many hunting and trapping expeditions. Walter can remember many a breathless moment as he lined up his prey in his gun sight. fit present he is an active employee at Dey Studio. JERRY V. DAY The best place to look for Jerry was under the hood of his car If he was not there, he was undoubtedly under the car, for Jerry liked nothing better than tinker- ing with the mechanisms of science. His future plans revolve around the service of his country, V , s is . " I 'wg f A t V , .I 5 -r , X f . ,A ' 2 it '53 a fl RUTH A. DITTMER Books, books, books! Ruth served her homeroom as its Library committee repre- sentative for three years. She includes horseback riding and roller skating as her best liked hobbies. Her theme song after graduation may be "Anchors Aweigh", for she is considering ioining the Waves. JOAN E. DOLFIN Joan's ability in speech and drama made her a girl who could really move an audience. She was on the debate squad where she won honors and had the lead in two school plays. Other honors included being a delegate to Girls' Nation and serv- ing as a Hostess. 109 X . e. '- 2 PETER DANOVICH Pete, one of AAHS's star basketball players, came here from Ecorse High School where he was an honor roll stu- dent. There, he also served as a Student Council member, received football, basket- ball and baseball awards and was a choir member. Pete plans to become a chemical engineer. THOMAS M. DEASY Although Tom was here only a short time, his activities inculded being an Intra- mural Manager and planning school assem- blies on the Assembly committee. His hob- bies are cars and model aircraft. He was employed by Daniel's Jewelry and plans to go on to college. JO ANNE DeWOlF Jo Anne was an active music participant and was in both Cantando and Girls' Chorus. Her other activities included Li- brary committee and Red Cross committee. .lo Anne worked for the high school dur- ing her stay here. ROBERT L. DIMOND Rob, an honor student, was a hnalist in the National Merit Scholarship competi- tion. He was Vice-President and Junio' Class Executive Board representative for his homeroom. Rob was a member of the golf team for three years. He plans tc attend Cornell University upon gradua- tion. -4 4 s-.7 1, it Os . .x so F , t we gb t E' i WARREN C. EATON Warren was a leader in the sports Held. An Intramural Manager, he also won hon' ors in the Leader Corps. His homeroom thought enough to elect him its president. He worked on COT and spent his spare time with hobbies such as airplanes, guns, and cars. GLENN R. ESCHELBACH Glenn's activities were varied and inter- esting. He lived on a farm which takes up much of his time. However, this did not prevent him from earning a silver pin A Cappella award, serving his homeroom as Washington club and Intramural Managers' representative, and playing the accordion. JAMES G. EUBANK Jim developed his prowess during high school by participating in intramural foot- ball. Junior Achievement and tinkering with cars claimed much of his free time. During his sophomore and iunior years, he worked at Metzgers' Restaurant. Col- lege is Jim's goal after graduation. STUART B, EVERETT Stu was chosen to represent AAHS at Boys' State in East Lansing the summer of his ,umor yr-ar. He served his home room as Washington Club representative, in addition to playing in the band and participating in gymnastics. Stu plans to enter llti' School of Engineering at the U oi M. G' 'e"7 xx, l 2 Qqi JOHN l. DOUGlASS A real sports enthusiast, John earned a letter in baseball as well as enioying sports out of school. In addition, John served his homeroom on lntramural Man- agers Committee this year, and on Assem- bly Committee in his iunior year. WlLllAM G. EARLE Bill was really active at AAH5. He par- ticipated on the JV basketball and football teams, winning honors for his work. The honor roll included Bill's name. He was elected to Student Council and also was a representative to the Washington club. 42 'KV r 5? Y-.J 5 KAY EVANS Kay not only served her homeroom as vice'president but was active in her church youth group. Her favorite hobbies are sports, and she especially enjoys ice skat- ing and swimming. College is in Kay's future, although she doesn't yet know where. JANET M. EVERHARDUS "Fight! Fight! Fight!" Janet's smile was always evident as a cheerleader, and as a member of the homecoming court all three years. An honor student, she won a national essay contest. Janet was active in GAC and in the Synchronized Swimming club and was a Hostess. She plans to attenu college. ll0 RICHARD E. DRAPER Homerunl There goes Dick, a former Tappanite, running around the bases. He was very active in sports and played base- ball and football. He held the office of homeroom president, and was on the Junior Class Executive Board. Dick plans to attend a commercial art school after graduation. JOSEPH F. EISELE Although Joe came to AAHS in his iunior year, he still managed to take part in school affairs. He served his homeroom on Intramural Managers' committee. Joe's main hobby is cars, but he also likes ice skating and hockey. He plans to join the navy after graduation. JACK D. ERWIN As basketball captain Jack made many friends. Not only talented in one sport. .lack also won a letter for his ability in baseball, Fortunately his hobby of eating didn't affect him at all. Jack, well nick- named "Rail", promises to be an asset to any college he chooses. ALAN H. ESTES "Good evening fellow music lovers!" Al played in both the band and orchestra. Years of playing the tuba built up his wind enough and he did very well for himself with the Cross Country boys. ine Eastman School ot Music will be tne next big thing in his life. :cc 'it' of , '7 its .arg-3 1 ., 1 t QTL Y" hh' ROBERT H. FARRAR Bob's impressive list of activities while at AAHS included being on the Sophomore Executive Board, Assembly commtitee, Male Chorus, Orchestra and Band, in which he won a letter. He also went to Boy's State in Lansing this past year. Sports for Bob included intramural bowling and cross country. His future holds college. THOMAS P. FETTER5 Tom was especially active in sports at AAHS. He played football and baseball and was a representative to Intramural Managers', as well. Tom was also the president of his homeroom. To top all this, he made the honor roll most of the time. GERALD D. FINKBEINER Handling money was one of Jerry's main undertakings, for he worked at Ann Arbor Federal Savings and Loan Association dur- ing his three years at high school. In his spare time he enioyed working with cars. After graduation Jerry plans to attend the University of Michigan. GARY E. FITZGERALD Music held the key to Fritz's activities, for after coming from Tappan he sang in the mixed ensemble, male chorus, and A Cappella Choir. A good deal of Fritz's spare time was spent working at his hobby, photography. He plans to join the Navy. -UU' fa ia 'fs f' 53 .-., My ,- 9-6 i. lv JANET L. FERGUSON Janet was a busy gal while at AAHS. Representing her homeroom in Intramural Managers' and Girls' League, she also was active in drama workshop and GAC. For her skill in typing "Froggy" won a typing award. In her spare time Janet listens to popular music and collects records. Janet's future plans include college. JUDY A. FINGERLE Pretty, perky Judy was forever active at AAHS. Pen and pencil were often in her hand, being secretary of Student Council, Hostess committee and her sophomore, iunior and senior class. Judy reigned on the Queen's Courtt. Being on the Optimist and Omega staffs were among more of her many school activities. ai-IA. T1 '9' .iuov A. riowsizs "Little Tiger"? That's Judy! ln addition to acquiring original nicknames, Judy en- ioys other hobbies of swimming, ice skat- ing, and roller skating. She is preesntly employed at Fred Burton's Abstract Com- pany. After graduation Judy plans to attend college, although she is still un- decided as to which one. 1 LOT L. FONVILLE planes and fishing. 111 Lot's the fellow with lots of athletic ability-he demonstrated this in basketball, football, and track. He received letters in each for his fine efforts. He was president of his homeroom and was in the i958 Washington club. His hobbies are model 9 . "Pt ...Vg --x I 4515 5 'W DOUGLAS C. FISHER Doug's long list of varied activities in- cluded A Cappella, where he served as vice-president and received his silver pin, Student Council, and track, in which he earned a letter and a JV shield. He served his homeroom as vice-president, as well as on the Executive Board and Intramural Managers'. EMMA J. FLETCHER "Jean", who came to AAHS from Lawrenceville, Virginia, made many friends upon her arrival. She represented her homeroom on the Girls' League and on the Intramural Managers' committee. Her big interests are softball and listening to records. She plans to work in Baltimore in the future. MARJEAN R. FOLTS Acting and singing interested Mariean, so naturally she ioined the chorus and Drama Workshop and had a part in "Best Foot Forward." She enioyed sports which included GAC, softball and basketball games, horseback riding and bowling. Mar- fean intends to go on to college after graduation. MARILYN G. FOREST Sports are "Minnie's" hobby, she is a golfer and an ice skater. At AAHS she was on the COT program and was presi- dent of her homeroom. Modeling school is Minnie's goal after graduation. At present, she is doing general office work at the Hospital Activities Center. fx DAVID W. FOSTER Musically minded, Dave was a member of the band. He represented his homeroom on the Intramural Managers' committee. Among the awards Dave received were a letter and pin for his achievements in the orchestra and a certificate from the Boys' Leader Corps. Dave plans ot enter the National Guard. JUDITH A, FOX Much of Judy's leisure time at AAHS was spent working on the Optimist. She was also a member of Girls' Chorus and Drama Workshop. Along with these activ- ities, Judy finds time for swimming and reading. She plans to join the women's branch of the Navy. MARTHA JANE FRALICK Martha's soprano voice was often heard in solo parts as a member of Cantando for three years. She was both president and vice-president of this group as well as serving her homeroom on Executive Board for three years. Martha spent much time skating both summer and winter. Her future plans include college. JOSEPH V. FRAPPIER Joe, who came to AAHS from George Washington High School in Los Angeles, was an important personality on the Stu- dent Council, where he held forth both as Parliamentarian and Sergeant-at-Arms. His main hobbies are sports and radio. Joe plans to attend law school. avi 'YV GARY F. FOSTER Gary was busy with music during much of his high school career, He was in both the marching band, and concert band, and he won a letter. Gary also enjoys cars and swimming. He works at the A. 8. P. food market, and is planning to ioin the Navy after graduation. RICHARD FOX Cherry blossoms and warm tempera- tures! Dick was one of the lucky ones to go to Washington this spring. His name consistently appeared on the honor roll, but he still found time for Male Chorus and to enioy sports. Dick is considering attending the U of M. F ,. iq tg if L' ft ATOSSA N. FRENCH "Toppy's" main interest was music, though she was also in GAC and her homeroom's representative to the Red Cross committee. She played in both the orchestra and Band, where she received a letter and a pin. "Toppy" plans to attend thc Oberlin Conservatory of Music RALPH N. FREY Mechanical pursuits seem to hold the key to Ralph's activities at AAHS, because he enioys working on cars and was on the COT program as an employee of the Instrument Company. He also enioyed scouting. The future for Ralph includes working as a draftsman. Ill ff are ini'- 151' tu K, l U 3' an We rl 'Gr iv Q ' A Q Q X 'gr' ...... r Nd 9 -J H i rg , N CAROLE l. FRANCIS Pershing was the high school attended by Carole before she transferred in the middle of her junior year. Her hobbies are swimming, skating, horseback riding, and water skiing. Carole works at the Michigan Union and plans to attend beauty school after graduation. ARTHUR H. FRENCH Art had interests in many fields while attending FAHS. Cross Country took up its-xzlt of his fime as did Omega Business Staff. Art served his homeroom on Red Cross committee, too. Hunting season was always welcomed by Art, since hunting is his favorite hobby. NANCY K. FRENCH Voila the cause of it all, the Editor of the Omega, Nancy French. On considering all the things she did while here, one wonders how she had time for the Omega She was Student Council representative two semtsers, a GAC member, in Drama Workshop and in Girls' League. JUDY A. GAINSLEY Books? Judy was constantly around them as a member of the Library com- mittee. Judy was also known as a singer. for she participated in the Voice and Ensemble. She enioyed horseback riding in her spare time and has her own horse, i sz' ,Q nw 7 ,1 . " fr - . 2 444 1' ' 5 M I JAMES L. GERAGHTY Rough, tough and ready to go! That's ol' Jim who was a big, bad member of the football team. However his exploits along the romantic lines were no mean accomplishments in themselves. Jim will lea.-e AAHS "Abientot, ma chere." INA M. GEHRINGER Always friendly and smiling, lna greeted people at the clinic door, for she assisted the nurse there in her free hours. She was also in the Future Nurses' club. In her homeroom she held the position of Student Council representative and homeroom sec- retary. JAMES MITCHELL GIBSON I-2-3 pinnedl Jim showed lots of stamina as a member of the wrestling squad. Going in for rugged sports, Jim was also out for Cross Country. Known for his drawl and southern friendliness, Jim plans to work and serve his country in the Armed Forces. WILLIAM E. GILBERT Bill was very active in the music de- partment during his three years at AAHS. He was in both the marching band and regular band. His hobbies are custom cars and swimming. Bill is presently employed at Crandell's Drug Store. He plans to go into the Navy. MARY A. GALLAGHER "Mary Al" is a newcomer to AAHS this year as she attended Steubenville High prior to this time. Here she was secretary of her homeroom, a member of the Syn- chronized Swimming club, and of the Omega Staff. Her future plans include college. JUDITH A. GARLICK Activities? Manyl Judy had numerous responsibilities during her years at AAHS. She was president of GAC, member of A Cappella, of the Presidents' committee, anl also held an office in Girls' League. Judy was well known for her active work in Girl Scouts. w""' in fg Rn f .ll ' ,S I 1 hi' X. A I in ..g., A Q "1'5 1 T i JAMES M. GIBSON Money, Money, Money! That's what Jim is interested in since he is an avid coin collector. Coins aren't his only interest for he was also on the Cross Country and Wrestling teams. "Anchors Away" will soon be Jim's favorite song for he intends to join the Navy. CAROLYN GILLETTE As a majorette, Carol was tops. You can see why twirling, as well as tennis and swimming, is her hobby. The Future Teachers' Association also included Carol as a member of which she is treasurer. She's working at the Stop and Shop and plans to attend Western Michigan College H3 JOHN W. GARDNER John worked in COT and participated in the A Cappella Choir for two years. During thi stime he placed second in a Lansing vocal music contest. Also in the musical vein, John studies organ. By the way, he's a good cook too! JANET M. GATSKA Janet's homeroom would have been lost without her as she served them as Secre- tary, vice-president, Student Council al- ternate and Intramural Managers' repre- sentative. She is also interested in sports and was active in GAC. She plans to attend college after AAHS. EDWARD W. GEBHARDT Lights! Rollem! As a member of the audio-visual committee, these were familiar terms to Ed. He is also a numismatist, but don't run away-it means coin collector. Ed was on the honor roll most of the time. He worked at the Salem Lutheran Church Cemetery. EILENE GERSTLER Eilene centered her interests around music as a member of the Girls' Chorus. Outside of school, Eilene enioyed ice skating as a pastime. Career-wise, she wants to help others either as a nurse or as an airline hostess. This year she worked at Benz Insurance. Q , MY .gi xr ii 42 Q fin JAMES W. GOFORTH Jim, being interested in sports, not only played intramural softball and represented his homeroom as a member of the Intra- mural Managers' committee but partici- pated in AAHS baseball and wrestling squads. Working with cars is another of his many interests. RICHARD V. GRAF Dick was one of those hard working football players all three of his high school years. In his homeroom he held both the office of president and vice- president, but he also served it by being a member of their bowling and volleyball teams. JOAN D. GRAY Joan, coming from Menominee High in the "wilds" of Wisconsin, was a new- comer at AAHS this year. Here, Joan was a member of A Cappella, and her interests centered around swimming and sailing After high school Joan plans to attend a beautician school in Milwaukee. JAMES GROB "Uncle Sam" will be seeing "Skid" after graduation as he plans to join the Marines. He came to AAHS from Tappan. He was an Intramural Manager two times while here, and spends his spare time hunting, bowling, golfing, swimming, and playing football. -J GERALD GLEASON You name it! Jerry has clone it! Jerry, an honor student, was a National Merit Scholarship t7nalist, a delegate to Boys' State, an Optimist staff member, He was also a Band gold award winner, a diver. a gymnast, and a two-time state champ on the high bar. JOHN H. GOETZ Sports occupied much of John's time at AAHS as he went out for football, basket- ball, baseball, and track. Also taking part in student affairs, he held the office of president of his homeroom. After gradua- tion he wants to go to college, perhaps Wisconsin. Y. LYNN A. GRIFFITHS Wherever people find cars or engines they find Lynn, for tinkering with cars is his hobby. Lynn was manager of the foot- ball team in his first year at AAHS, and he was on his homeroom bowling team. Future plans for him include ioining the Air Force. ROBERT F. GUENTHER lf Bob wasn't spending his time earning letters in baseball, cross country, or Intra- mural football, he was holding offices such as homeroom president, assembly committee representative, and Intramural manager. Bob has many hobbies such as hunting, ice hockey, fishing, and boating. H4 PATRICIA GLUSHYN Students saw Pat many times cheering the teams on to victory, for she was both a JV and varsity cheerleader. Pat also spent much of her time with the Hostess committee. She was on the Student Council and served as president and secretary of her homeroom. JUDITH M. GOETZE Mixed ensemble, voice, GAC, Assembly committee, Girls' League representative, COT, Washington clubl Among these activities, Judy was certainly a busy girl at AAHS. She also earned honor roll grades, served as vice-president of her homeroom, and worked in the general office. .IEANETTE B. GOODING While at AAHS, Jeanette played the violin in the orchestra. She also was an Intramural manager and on the Library committee for her homeroom. Jeanette's interests range from wit to sports. Her future plans are to attend Cleary College and become a secretary. LARRY C. GRANT Slalo manyone? Skiing is only one sport that Larry enioys. Athletically inclined, he also showed dogged endurance as a mem- ber of the cross country team. To complete his activities, Larry was on the Audio- Visual committee. ln his spare time he worked at his father's market. Vs' 'QT .J Q l ALAN K. GUNNESCH "Gush" has a singular hobby of col- lecting foreign knives, as well as the more conventional ones. He enjoys hunting In the fall, fishing in the summer and working on cars at any free moment. Spare time is scarce since he works at the White- Haines Optical Company. HAROLD R. HAEUSSLER Harold is really an outdoor man as is shown by his hobbies, the favorites of which are hunting, fishing and ice skating. Also, along the outdoor line, he plans to work with his father on their farm after he graduates and serves his stint for "Uncle Sam". JUDY HAINES Service to others was Judy's primary activity at AAHS. She represented her homeroom on Student Council, and in service of another type waited on tables at the Michigan Union. Wedding bells will probably be heard in Judy's future for she plans marriage some time after grad- uation. NORMA HAISCH Work is a key word for Norma for she works in the Michigan Union dining room and also at the attendance office. For variety Norma sang in Cantando and played basketball, besides belonging to the 1958 Washington club. She plans to go to Eastern Michigan College. -aa -l ' 415 ' INN fi 4. wg- gg 1:9 'Q 'ws f qt g qi ""f vfv ii 'sim 4 MARILYN A. HAAS Music was one of Marilyn's favorite hobbies. She was a member of the band for three years and a member of the orchestra for two semesters. She won a letter in band. She also was in 4-H for several years. Marilyn plans to attend Capitol University. LINDA M. HAGUE lf anyone's looking for Linda try the Optimist office. She was First Page Editor. She was also, however, on Student Coun- cil, Assembly committee, GAC, participated in Cantando, Drama Workshop and was president and secretary of her homeroom, so locating her is quite a hopeless iob, and it's best to quit. va I 1 4 au. , -Q- 39' ,sr ROBERT E. HAMEL Sports claimed a good deal of Bob's time. He was captain of the tennis team and participated in football. He was also on the Class Executive Board. ln spite of these activities, Bob kept his grades on an honor roll level and plans to attend college. MARK H. HANNAH Tall, dark, and handsome Mark dis- tinguished himself at AAHS as an all- around citizen. His activities included Class Executive Board, Cross Country and Track teams, and driving his jeep. As a delegate to Boys' State, he was elected Auditor- General. College is in his future. ll5 1: QC, E? I V, . g get ' N f' E' I ,, 42, NANCY HAISCH Nancy saw an interesting variety of activities. She was a Washington club representative in her sophomore year, belonged to Girls' League, was a Student Council alternate, and sang in the Can- tando Choir. Nancy works at the Michigan Union and is planning to attend the U. of M. after graduation. CAROLYN M. HALL Carolyn worked on the COT program as a dental assistant. Before coming to AAHS, she attended Pinebrook School for Girls in Leelanau. One of her activities here was singing in the Girls' Chorus. She is also interested in copper enameling. Cleary Business College is in Carolyn's future. MARGARET S. HAND Harper's Bazaar or Vogue? Which will Marge be seen in after she goes to model- ing school? At AAHS singing was her principle activity as a member of the Girls' Chorus and Mixed Ensemble, al- though she also served on Red Cross. Marge includes butterfly collecting among her hobbies. DONNA J. HANSEN Donna's interest in music lead her to sing in Cantando for two years. Donna also enioys dancing and listening to rec- ords in her spare time. Working at the Michigan League prompted her to continue work after high school. Marriage is also a part of Donna's future. ELKE HANSEN That blue-eyed blonde seen around school might have been Elke. She original- ly came from Northern Germany and ioined the class in junior high school. Dancing is one of her hobbies. She would like to attend the U of M in the future. BARBARA A. HARTMAN The bigest event of Barb's senior year was her election as homecoming queen of 1957. While at AAHS, Barb was active on Student Council, GAC, where she earned a letter, and the Assembly, Execu- tive, and Hostess committees, as well as working with the Optimist Staff and the Washington club. BARBARA J. HAWKS Barb was an active homeroom member representing it on the Student Council, Presidents' committee, and Washington club. She enioys music which is quite obvious from her participation in Cantando and Girls' Chorus. Barb plans to attend e business college or enter a school of cosmetology. JOHN R. HEDETNIEMI John is a newcomer to AAHS as he attended George Mason High in Falls Church, Virginia. He was a member of the Key club in his former school. Al- though his hobby is golf he played foot- ball as well. His future plans are college and Naval ROTC. G- ' 1? r -Q Rl 96' '7'-3 LOIS HARDESTY Lois to the resuce! As Red Cross com- mittee representative from her homeroom Lois indirectly helped the needy, An out- door girl, she enioyed ice skating, swim- ming and horseback riding. Lois will make a career of marriage as she plans a June wedding. RUSSELL G. HARVEY Here comes the best dressed man ot' AAHS! In spite of his satorial splendor, he was elected to Student Council, and pres- ident of his homeroom. An all-around sports man, everyone will remember Bud playing football, basketball, and baseball. Next he'll join the Marines or attend college. its ' Gi V. 2' 35-,4 ,03'k,R TIT' ,,,,- . 4 Q 'fx PAMELA HEIKKINEN "Pammie" is the name by which her friends affectionately call her. She repre- sented her homeroom on the Intramural Managers' committee. Pam found an outlet for her vocal ability in Cantando, where she sang for three years. Horseback riding and swimming are her favorite hobbies. JACK I.. HISER "ming J' was one of those who made his audience shudder and gasp admiringly with his fancy, difficult dives. Jack re- ceived a letter in swimming for his prowess, Hu was also vice-president of his homeroom. Before Jack enters college he wants to fulfil. his naval obligations. llo slr 'W 10" to , fa-X.i4 lar' X .A sh' vw.,-f JERRY HEARN Sportsntinded Jerry found himself in- volved in many of the Ann Arbor High School athletic programs. He won acclaim for his pitching during the baseball sea- son. Jerry also enioyed hockey on the Side, playing on a City League team. He is as yet undecided as to his future plans. PAUL R. HELBER Providing entertainment seemed to be Paul's field, for he was president of A Cappella, chairman of the l957 Home- coming -and was in charge of securing music for Student Council dances. He was also president of his homeroom and took part in track and intramural football. Col- lege comes next. ' 4, , t 4 1 x I GARY L. HELLNER Gary was a helpful homeroom member as he was a Student Council representative fcr two semesters and on the Assembly Committee. During his leisure time he enjoys fishing and hunting. After gradua- tion, Gary plans to enroll in the College of Engineering at the U of M. DAVID HENTZ -Anon Dave wasnt busy representing his hottteroctn on Rivcl Cross committee or working as a trainer for the football or swimming teams lm' could probably be found working on sctentitfc experiments, Avftner of Dave s hobbies is photography, aid his future vciil pcbably include sci- ence at ccllc-ge. ff' QW, K' f A RAYMOND T. HOOBLER Ray was a fellow who could really express himself well, for he was a de- bater for two years. He was a National Merit Scholarship semi-finalist. Ray was also on the Tennis team. He plans to pursue his interest in science at Oberlin College in physics. ALFRED A. HONKE Al's main interests centered around hunting, fishing and bowling, all of which he enioyed very much. Al spent most of his free time helping out on the family farm and, when he graduates, he expects to go into a successful partnership with his father in farming. EARL A. HORNING One of Earl's main interests lies in the field of sports, especially basketball, foote ball, swimming, and skating. He is also an active member of the 4-H club and has completed many proiects. He plans to go into agriculture at MSU after grad- uation. LARRY R. HOUGH "Fats" is really not as merciless as his interests would make him seem. His hobby is rifles, and he is employed as a meat cutter at Knight's Market. He sang in Mixed Ensemble and A Cappella Choir. Engineering School is included among his future plans. a. BRUCE HISCOCK Bruce is the "outdoor type" in both hobbies and extracurricular activities-he liked to hunt and fish and really made a name for himself in track and cross coun- try. Bruce's track specialty is the half mile, and his speed won him a letter in addition to the cofaptaincy of the cross country team. RONALD L. HODGE Ron, tagged "Hail Baba" by his friends is currently employed at the A 8 P Grocery Store. His first love is motorcycles, and he also helped win the championship bowl- ing plaque for his homeroom. The Marines or the State Police force figure in Ron's future plans. A vs Img 65 Wm' l Q - , 1 -J 'Y in 'fit x MOLLIE M. HOSNEY Mollie, who was secretary and treasurer of her homeroom, was also an active member of GAC and a Washington club representative for her homeroom. She is now employed as an operator at the Michigan Bell Telephone Company and plans to go to college. RONALD HOUGHTALIN Ron's unusual experience at AAHS was being a delegate to the first Student Coun- cil nominating convention from his home- room, He was also its Student Council representative, vice-president and Intra- mural Managers' and Executive Board representative. He received a track letter. College is in Ron's future. ll7 JEAN L. HILLEGONDE Jean was a person who enioyed AAHS immensely. She was a member of the first Girls' Auto Shop class along with being on the Red Cross and intramural Man- agers' committee. Jean plans to work one year and then continue her education by attending a business school. MICHAEL HINIKER Mike is quite an accomplished athlete as exemplified by the eight letters he won. He was also co-captain of cross country, a representative on Student Council, and a member of the Presidents' Committee. Mike plans to go to the U of M after graduation. MARY F. HOLLIS Platters! Like most teenagers, Mary's hobby is collecting records. Mary, who was on the honor roll, also served on the Assembly committee representing her homeroom. Because of her great interest in her work at St. Joseph Mercy Hospital, Mary plans to continue working after graduation. MARGARET l. HOPKINS Out of school, Maggie is a devoted reader, She likes "about everything" teen- age and adventure stories, magazines, and so on. When Maggie isn't curled up with a book, she's likely to be found listening to her record collection, going swimming, or perhaps seeing a good movie. lfi Ii Q1 1 'C 'T' la-r ATTN' Qi llirx Z..-If '41 E. TERESA HUNTWORK High notes and low notesl Terri earned a letter and a silver pin in the band and also sang in Cantando. Her activities were not confined to the musical field, however, as she was president and secretary of her homeroom and was on the honor roll. PATRICIA A. INGRAM Pat represented her homeroom on Stuf dent Council and served as Secretary of Washington Club. While in high school she also sang in Cantando and participated in GAC. Ice skating took up much of Pat's spare time, as did working at Shipmans, Inc. Pat's future plans include college. NANCY E. JOHNS In her senior year Nancy transferred to AAHS from St. Thomas High. She is quite a girl for sports, enjoying horseback riidng, swimming, tennis, and skating when she isn't busy with sketching and art work. Nancy hopes to go to Cleary Business College and become a secretary. PATRICIA L. JONES Pat has many hobbies, especially in the field of sports. In winter she goes tobog- ganing and ice-skating. Warmer weather finds Pat roller skating and playing base- ball. She also likes to oil paint. Pat belongs to the group that plans to work in the wide, wide world. ,ffjty :-'ff , F' DON C. HOWELL Water skiing is one of the summer sports Don enioys. His varied interests include having sung in A Cappella choir for two years, representing his homeroom as President, and on the Assembly Com- mittee. Now he is employed as a clerk at Varsity Laundry. College will follow. EDMUND HUNT AAHS was only one in a series of stops for Ed, for he attended twelve schools in five states. Here he was a member of the JV Football squad. Ed did not have much spare time, however, for he worked at a gas station. 'N sf' nog 125' -of sq: MYRNA M. HOWELL Myrna, enioying music very much, was a member of Voice and Ensemble, and A Cappella choir. Collecting model horses and designing clothes are her hobbies. After high school Myrna plans to enter Michigan State College or some small business college. She also worked in the school library office. HARLEY HUNTER As one might expect, Harley, an expert hockey player and skater, came to AAHS from Montreal. Harley showed his interest in student affairs, as well, by serving as homeroom president, Student Council representative, and on Intramural Man- agers. Next, he expects to go to college. JOHN B. HUS5 John was a familiar sight hurrying out to the football squad's huddles since he was their student trainer. He was also busy during school as his homeroom's vice-president, secretary, and representa- tive to the Intramural Managers' and Assembly committees. He intends to enter the U of M. BERNICE JAMES "B.J." might be called the bookworm that turned, since she was a member of GAC, as well as the Library committee. She enioys swimming, horseback riding, and collecting magazine ads. Work or attend Wilson School in Chicago after graduation. SHARON A. JOHNSON Typing up minutes was a familiar task , for Sharon as secretary of the Intramural ' '- Managers' committee. In addition, she ,N ig. dx served as a Hostess, as Student Council 3' , representative and as president of her J.- is homeroom. ln her free moments Sharon Q Q Q3 enioys waterskiing. Her plans for the Y future include college. N' WILLIAM E. JONES Willie was a member of the wrestling and JV football teams. His homeroom enjoyed his efforts as he served on the Audio-Visual committee and on the volley- ball team. WilIie's big interests are col- lecting stamps and working on cars, and his future plans include a iob. ll8 I Fwd SANDRA J. KERR NANCY KETT JUDITH A. JUDSON .ludy's future plans are to be a secretary. In readying hersefl, during the past year, she worked on COT at the Michigan Municipal League Building as a secretary. She also enioys bowling and was on Girls' League. Her musical efforts landed her in Cantando. DEAN E. KAPP While at AAHS, Dean was a member of the Rie club and also participated in the Track team. Some of his hobbies include hunting, model boat building and stamp collecting. Dean came to AAHS from Tappan Junior High. Upon graduation Dean plans to enter the Navy. MICHAEL G. KATONA Before coming to AAHS, Mike played on many sports teams at St. Thomas High. He was also a member of the Pioneer football team and likes to play hockey. Mike is now employed at the Michigan Pharmacy and plans to go into the service after graduation. MARION I.. KEMPE Music, music, music! Marion was in both A Cappella and Cantando. She was in dramatics as a sophomore, a Student Coun- cil alternate, on Omega, and was a Wash- ington club representative. She held the homeroom office of secretary and made the honor roll in spite of her many activities. 1.4 'f7 MARLENE G. KAERCHEI Off to aid her iunior class was Marlene as she was a member of the Junior Executive committee. She splashed about for the Synchronized Swimming Club and was also one of the gang who worked at the Union. Marlene enioys sailing, riding. swimming and golf. MARY E. KAPP During her eight years as a 4-H club member, Mary kept busy with various service clubs and proiects. She also main- tained honor roll grades, during high school. Mary's favorite subject is account- ing, and she hopes someday to become a bookkeeper after attending Cleary Busi- ness College. - if ...iw r r 4 JFS , Q. U .R 5 J we GQ r 55, -Q A -Q7 "Q Y Sandy's activities at AAHS included Drama Workshop, Mixed Ensemble, GAC and Omega. She served as secretary and vice-president of her homeroom. As an honor student, Sandy's future plans in- clude the University of Wisconsin where she will study to be a physical therapist. RONALD M. KEVARI Bang! The sound of a gunl Hunting is one of Ronald's hobbies. Some of his other hobbies include swimming, fishing. and painting. Ron also played on the junior varsity football team for one year. He was employed at Al's Market and has no definite plans. 119 E7 N, f ..-:s Q 4.1 'sv ww Ctrl . HARRY l. KEll.Y Harry gave a good share of his time to various music groups. He was in Male Chorus, Mixed Ensemble, and A Cappella, where he received a silver pin. He was also on the Audio-Visual committee and took part in intramural baseball and bowl- ing. "Kelly" expects to attend Eastern Michigan. MARJORIE K. KENISTON Energetic is the word for Mimil She participated in Student Council, GAC, dra- matics, and the Omego, while maintaining an honor roll position. Mimi was also vice-president, secretary, and library com- mittee representative for her homeroom. She earned a letter and a pin in orchestra and was also its vice-president. "Nance's" breezy cheerfulness was a welcome part of Cantando Choir, GAC, and Washington Club, on which she served for three years. An example of perpetual motion, she also solicited ads for the Optif mist and served as a Student Council alter- nate. Nancy will go to Cleary College. SYLVIA KIKUT Quiet Sylvia originally came to the United States from Latvia. Her favorite sport is swimming, which she does very well. During her three years at high school, Sylvia has worked at Kline's Department Store and plans to work or go to college after graduation. MARLENE M. KINSLEY Marlene's homeroom actiivties included four semesters of Red Cross committee and the l958 Washington club. Besides being on the honor roll, Marlene found time to rollerskate and swim. Also much of her time was spent working as a bookkeeper. She plans to continue work- ing after graduation. ROY H. KNOEDl.ER Roy shows himself to be a true sports- man through his favorite hobbies, hunting and fishing. He also played football for AAHS in his iunior year. Roy is presently employed at the King Engineering Co. He plans to become a machinist after grad- uation. CAROL J. KOCH Class Executive Board duties were familiar to Carol, as she was on it for three years. She also sang with Girls' Chorus and was on COT. Carol is a secre- tary at Standish 8. Standish Real Estate Company. She will work and go to busi- 'ness college. BEVERLY KOERNKE Ge out the bandages! During Bc-v's twc years at AAHS she participated in the Red Cross representing her homeroom, He' favorite sports which she enjoyed during her stay here included basketball, Bev will be married after graduation, then plans to work. 1' who .IL C-7 as A'5""'i W,- CAROLYN J. KLOHS Carolyn served her homeroom as both vice-president and as a Student Council alternate. As a member of COT she was employed in Mr. Gree's office and plans to continue her education at Cleary Col- lege. Skating and swimming were Car- olyn's favorite hobbies. WILLIAM E. KOCH "Anchors Aweighl" Boating is only one of the many sports that Bill is interested in. He also showed an interest in other peoples' welfare as a member of the Red Cross committee. Bill was employed at Weber's Supper Club during his spare time. .1-5 A, Guzzi . -7'..'s' .flttfv EVAN KOKALES plans to attend the U of M. JAMES D. KRUSE Wrestling was a favorite sport of Jim at AAHS. He was co-captain of the team and received a letter for his work and was also on the football team. After school he plans either to ioin the armed services or go to college. 120 Active and popularl That's Evan. He was vice-president of the Student Council and president of his homeroom, For his excellence on the football and wrestling teams he was awarded two letters. He was also a member of the band. Evan C 'ar T f ' S. 57 1 . G E-' -A i 1. I W EX ROBERT T. KOEBLE A band letter was Bob's reward for participating in the band for three years. This explains his electing hi-fi as his chief hobby. He represented his homeroom, C-206, by attending the Red Cross and Audio-Visual committees. Bob is employed at Kroger's. THOMAS G. KOLOKITHAS Tom had a variety of interests while at AAHS. He was on the Assembly com- mittee, Participated in intramural bowling and added his low bass voice to the A Cappella Choir. Tom plan sto loin the Air Force, and he may attend college later. BERND A. KROGER Bernd, an exchange student from Stutt- gart, Germany, fitted right in at AAHS as a member of the swimming team and of Mixed Ensemble. Known for his sense of humor, Bernd was the editor of his school paper at his former school. Good luck and Auf Weidershein, Bernd. JUDITH A. KURTZ Judy's list of activities was a well- rounded one. She was a Girls' League representative twice and was a member of the Omega Ad staff. She also sang x-.ith the Girls' Chorus. Judy enioyed rid- wg as a hobby. She will go to college. i 2 V JOYCE P. LANSKY Wednesday morning means another as- sembly, and as a member of the Assembly committee, Joyce was concerned with their planning. Just like most other teen- agers, Joyce likes to cook land to eat the resultsj. She will probably major in Home Economics at Michigan State Uni- versity. CHARLES D. laROE As a devotee of sports, Dexter went out for the gymnastics squad. He also enjoyed wrestling and basketball. Dexter was a member of the Audio-Visual committee. He likes to work on cars, and after gradua- tion he wants to be a mechanic or ioin the army. CONSTANCE M. LEACH Connie took part in student politics by serving on Student Council and acting as president and vice-president of her home- room. ln addition, she put her vocal ability to good use as a member of A Cappella for two years. Connie works at the Linda Lee Shop. LINDA M. LEGATSKI Ambitious? That's it, Linda was treas- urer of the Student Council, vice presi- dent of the Presidents' committee, and a Hostess. She sang in A Cappella and Can- tando and showed an interest in sports by being a JV cheerleader, earning a GAC letter and participating in Swimming club. l ROBERT W. LACEY Bob came to AAHS from Rome Free Academy in Rome, New York. Having chosen the U of M as the college he hopes to attend, he would like to study there towards his goal of being an engineer. Bob is currently employed at the A 8. P. PATRICIA L. LANGLEY Pat was a busy girl with a variety of interests. Aside from being an honor roll student, she was a member of GAC, Washington club, homeroom bowling team, Red Cross, and Student Council alternate. Pat works as a receptionist for the Wash- tenaw Counity Medical Society. 5 5'-27' 7' 'fi :t 1' IQ 4 - 1 JERRY W. LEDERER A ver musical young man ierry par- Z Y f ticipated in Mixed Ensemble, A Cappella. the AAHS band and a small Dixieland band. He also served hi shomeroom as Student Council representative and home- room president. Jerry, an honor student, plans to attend Milwaukee Concordia Col- lege, a ministerial school. JON A. LEIBEE Alan was one of the hard workers who made the Washington club trip possible, as he was his homeroom's representative for three years. He demonstrated his interest in sports by playing on the Golf and Cross Country teams. An all-around guy, he was on the honor roll. 121 K m CAROL A. LADISH Carol was in Cantando for two years and was officer of robes during both years. She was also on the Girls' League Execu- tive Board. Carol is now employed at Perry Nursery School. She plans to attend school in Chicago for a year after gradua- tion. HENRY LANSKY "Hank," as he is called is especially interested in sports. l-le ents-,fs basebal. and hockey, and bowling also vies for nls attention, In addition to being sports- conscious Henry has also been vice-presi- dent of his homeroom and a Washington Club rep'esentati-Je. College is included in his future plans. JACQUELINE J. LARMEE Jackie's the active gal who was vice- president of E-lll and its Student Council representative for two semesters. She joined the Washington club, and her name was on the honor roll most of the time. Sports and record collecting are her hob- bies. College is in Jackie's future. TAMARA J. LAVENDAR Click! Click! The sound of typewriter keys! That's Tammy, typing Omega copy. She wasa busy girl at AAHS, representing her homeroom on Intramural Managers' and Girls' League and supporting Junior Achievement. Tammy's outside interests are ice skating, swimming, sewing, and working as a dental assistant. 5 -ra 1, 1:- SQ 'S 4, X 4' "1 'W 'I us -CQ 'SA .. it N, . A i MILDRED R. LOLMAUGH Jean was a faithful and tireless clinic worker during her three years at AAHS and undoubtedly this will help her greatly in her chosen profession, nursing. She was also her homeroom's representative to the Washington club, and during the summer greatly enioyed her hobby of swimming. RICHARD P. LOVELACE Ofter called "Jughead" for reasons obscure, Dick likes iust about all sports. He played JV baseball and was a member of the Boys' Leader Corps for two years. All this interest in sports didn't keep him from other things, as he was also a Washington club representative. PENELOPE C. MacDONAlD A good education was Penny's main obiective while attending AAHS. This is evidenced by her consistent appearance on the honor roll, and her desire to attend U-M. Penny was also Pres. of Red Cross. Her warm smile and friendly personality will be remembered by all her friends. LEO R. MCCLELLAN Leo enioys working with his hands, for he was in Junior Achievement and served as president and production manager. He was in Stagecraft, and likes to make things of wood and steel. Leo plans to ioin one of the services, then get a job. 5: ur, as, 'IT' JUDITH J. LENTZ JOHN R. LINDSAY worked at the State Theater. i ilk. ,359 Q' i' of W .l ETHEI. MCCLELLAN It looks as though Ethel has "chalk dust in her blood" for she was an enthusiastic member ofthe Future Teachers' club where she served as historian. She was also secre- tary of her homeroom and represented it on the Red Cross and Library committee. RONALD C. MCGARRY Ron found an outlet for his love of music as a member of the band. However, he is also quite the outdoor man, and when he could take time out from farm work, he enioyed going hunting or fishing. Ron plans to work as a repairman. 122 Judy was a girl whose interests ranged from swimming and ice skating to cooking unusual recipes. She served on Red Cross committee and was a member of Girls' League, Washington club and Cantando. After graduation Judy plans to begin work as a secretary or go to business college. Being a member of the U.S. Marine Corps Reserves took a lot of John's time, but he must have enioyed it, as he plans to join the Corps after graduation. Among other activities, John was also on the Audio-Visual and Library committees and CLAUDE R. IJHOSPITAI. Claude was active as a manager in cross country and track where he received his letter. He also participated in JV baseball. Claude had a summertime iob painting. After high school, he wants to attend the U of M where he plans to study medicine. NANCY E. LOGAN Forever in the swing of things was Nancy. Participating in A Cappella Choir, GAC, and intramural sports were amotg many of Nancy's outside activities. Nancy was active in her homeroom, being secre- tary and vice-president. Nancy was on Student Council, and the honor roll in- cluded her name. JON C. LOPEZ 'Bashful Lop" is what they called him, but he certainly isn't bashful with a foot- ball in his arms. As captain, Jon lead the team to another successful year. He also showed leadership on the Student Council and was a track letter winner. Jon's next stop is the U of M. DAVID P. LUMBARD Interest in the welfare of students was Dave's main concern while attending AAHS. This was widened by his hard and conscientious work on the Student Coun- cil. Outside of school, Dave made ice cream for his father's drug store. Among his future plans, Dave includes a U of M education. JULIANNE L. MclLVAlNE Well-known for her drawl, Julie came to AAHS from Tuscaloosa High in Tusca- loosa, Alabama. This Southern belle was interested in drama and took part in many plays in Alabama. Here she was her home room secretary and Girls' League repre- sentative. Julie plans to attend college. MICHAEL McKENZlE Michael, better known as "Mike", was very sports minded. During his stay at AAHS he participated in Intramural Man- agers', Cross Country, JV basketball and football. He also represented his home- room as a Washington club representative. After graduation Mike plans to attend the U of M. MARGARET A. MAIER At every performance of the A Cappella Choir, Margaret's alto voice was to be heard, for she was a member of the choir during her last two years at AAHS. Margaret's favorite hobby is that of sew- ing. After graduation she is planning to work. CAROL M. MANN Carol served her homeroom as secretary and was a member of the Assembly com- mittee for two years. Carol was also in GAC and says that her favorite sport is swimming, although she also was a mem- ber of her homeroom bowling team. Busi- ness college stands in Carol's future. R Q 'fam lla n t' - 1 -C7 , , ,ae iw wi cr? KAREN E. McKENZlE Karen was in so many activities that most everyone has heard of her. Some know her as president of her homeroom. Others came in contact with her at the Union where she works. liking sports, Karen was an active member of GAC and the synchronized Swimming team. THOMAS B. MCMULLEN Tom really didn't let any grass grow under his feet at AAHS, for he took an enthusiastic part in both sports and stu- dent government. Sportswise, he was an active member of the swimming and golf teams. Tom was vice-president of the Junior and Senior class. F' cr 1'-' ig . Gr 5- L 'Z' 7:-7 -'-P1 1 x. 0 1 f JBA xi? fi LINDA A. MAURER "Lin" really sang her way through high schooll She took voice lessons, sang in Mixed Ensemble and also in A Cappella Choir. She was active in Girls' League, Red Cross, and in GAC. Lin is presently employed at the Corner House. She plans to be a dental assistant. DORIS E. METZNER "Dodie" was in Girls' Chorus, a GAC member for three years, band maiorette for two years and on the Hostess com- mittee three years. She was vice-president and president of her homeroom. Her hob- bies are summer sports, and her future plans are to go into nursing. it x 123 CHARLES M. MALLEK Bang! Bang! That's Chuck pursuing his hobby of hunting, Chuck is also interested in cars and participated in intramural sports. He represented his homeroom on Assembly committee and served as home- room secretary. Chuck plans to continue his education at Western Michigan Uni- versity. LAWRENCE MARSHALL Larry likes sports and outdoor activities which he showed by serving his home- room on the Intramural Managers' commit- tee. Outside of school he followed up this interest too, for he likes to spend his time horseback riding and hunting. Best of luck, Larry. JUDY A. MERRILL La! la! la! lf, while walking down the hall, these melodious strains were heard, it might have been Judy practicing her singing, To make full use of her talent, Judy was a member of the Voice and Ensemble. Judy also enioyed camp at Ce- dar Lake while at AAHS. MARY B. MEYERS Whizz! Mary Beth iust went by in her red Thunderbird. She was president and secretary of Intramural Managers' and very active in all kinds of sports, Singing in A Cappella and being on Red Cross were her outside activities. She plans to attend Michigan State University, ROBERT R. MILEY Watch out for that pass! There's Bob running down the field. With varsity letters in football and baseball, he's really out for sports. Two semesters of homeroom president and Student Council are also to his credit. Bob is employed at Kroger's and plans to attend college. JOHN R. MILLER Jack's homeroom kept him busy repre- senting them. He was on the Sophomore Executive Board, Intramural Managers' committee, and the Audio-Visual commit- tee. He was also vice-president of his homeroom. Jack's spare time is spent working at the Washtenaw Dairy. He plans to ioin the Navy. JUDY A. MOON Boys? Just look for Judy - there are bound to be some around her. This con- gregation of boys about Judy might be due to her extremely pleasant personality. Her disposition also helped win a spot on the Student Council, where she served very well. ELOISE MURPHY "Tessie" served on the Intramural Man- agers' committee and was also a member of the Future Teachers' club. At one time she collected various kinds of stones. Now employed at Artway Cleaners, she plans tc attend Howard College in Washington, where she will prepare to teach ele' mentary school. ix' IL 14' TOM M. MILHAM Sports were the focal point of Yom's extra-curricular activities at AAHS. He played JV basketball and helped plan inter-homeroom sports as a member of lntramural Managers. Although Tom's inter- ests were varied, he still found time to keep a fairly high scholastic record, RALPH T. MONK Ralph, or "Monkey", left Ann Arbor in i955 to go to Riverside Military Academy. After staying there for two years he re- turned to AAHS for his senior year, where he was quick to make up for lost time. After graduation Ralph plans to go to Eastern. ,ua- .1 io ,.. w-e-. -4' rf:- l , ,Q H- 0 '15 f THOMAS W. MURREL Tom was vice-president and Assembly committee representative for his home- room, As a sophomore, he was a member of the JV basketball team, but his main hobby is skin diving, and he has pursued this interest off the coast of Florida and in Lake Michigan. Upon graduation Tom plans to attend M.S.U. CAROLE A. NEFF Class attairs commanded much of Car- ole's attention in her junior year as a member of the Executive Board. Although a lot of her valuable study time was lost while working at the Norwalk Truck Lines, her grades made her eligible for the honor roll most of the time. 124 JOANNA F. MORTON Music, music, music! Joanna was in Cantando for three years and collects records besides. She seems to have taken a liking to volleyball, for she played it constantly. Jo's crystal ball is bright with her future, She plans to go to business college. RICHARD A. MURPHY Football occupied much of Dick's time. as he was on the team three years and earned a letter in this sport. He was on the Wrestling team, a Student Council alternate and Washington club representa- tive. Now working at Murphy's Market, he plans to attend Georgia Teach. ARMANDO NAVARRO Andy is one of AAHS's several exchange students. He came here last August from Cuba. Andy likes to travel and also enioys swimming. His favorite indoor activities are dancing, at which ha excels, and tha movies. Andy plans to attend college. either at the U of M or in Cuba. JUDY K. NEFF The Washington trip was probably a relief as well as a reward for Judy, for she helped plan it as secretary and vice- president of the Washington Club. Out of school, she is proficient at dancing and ice skating. Judy plans to attend Eastern Michigan College. DOUGLAS F. NOLLAR Where people End cars or engines they just might Gnd Doug, for designing auto- mobiles as well as working on them interests him. Doug was on the Red Cross committee while at AAHS. Future plans Include going to college for two years. JAMES D. NUTT Dave was one of AAHS's swimmers and won a letter for this sport. He also served his homeroom as president and was a member of the Assembly committee. While in high school, Dave worked at Ann Arbor Instrument Works and plans to go to design school eventually. JAMES L. OLIVER "Ollie" was the Washington club repre- sentative for his homeroom for two years. He also was a member of the bowling club. Included in his many hobbies are hunting, fishing, and model airplanes. Ollie was employed at the Ann Arbor News. Ollie plans to work. JOHN J. O'RElLlY John enioyed wrestling so much that he was on the team for two years. He served his homeroom by representing them on the Intramural Managers' com mittee. His future plans include serving three years in the Navy and then going on to college. nh PAT A. NELSON Stroke! Pat has to do it in orchestra and sang in the Choir. Pat plans to teach. BARBARA J. NICHOLS two of her hobbies, swimming and painting. In her homeroom she served as secretary, Wash- ington club representative, and also on the Assembly committee. She played in the A Cappella "I move we vote on the previous mo- tion." This is a familiar sentence to Babs, as she was on Student Council two semes- ter. Babs works at the Michigan Scientific Company. By and large, her favorite hob- Babs plans to attend college. CR bies are rccord collecting and water skiing. Q4 Cat' 1'v.7 S' ly' rf' CHRISTOPHER C. OPPLE Chris's main interest was centered around the stage, He was in several school plays, among them, "The Man Who Came to Dinner" and "George Washington Slept Here". Chris held the office of president of his homeroom and was on the Student Council and the Class Executive Board. GERALD L. OTTO Being a sports enthusiast, like most boys, Jerry was on both the Cross Country team and the Wrestling team, where he was the proud receiver of a JV award. Hunting, fishing and shooting guns are his favorite hobbies. Jerry's future plans in- clude college after graduation. 125 SANDRA L. NELSON Doe Re Mi! Music is right down Salndy's alley. She was in Girls' Chorus, A Cappella, and she received a letter in band. Basket- ball and swimming are her hobbies. She also served as secertary of her homeroom. Her future plans include liberal arts col- lege and nursing school. WALTER A. NOFFSINGER Better known as "Aca" to everyone, he was a member of A Cappella Choir, and the concert and marching band. The Hobbies which Aca enioys are hunting, fishing, planes, and guns, He also spent time serving as homeroom treasurer. He was employed at Washtenaw Plumbing Company. THEODORE A. NORRIS Splashl There goes Ted after doing one of his fancy dives. In his iunior year here at AAHS, he received a letter in diving for his accomplishments. Not only did he dive for the Swimming team, but he was also a member of the Gymnastics team. CYNTHIA A. OFFICER Cynthia is interested in many forms of music. She plays the piano, and her favorite hobby is dancing. She enjoys both fox trot and rock and roll. Although Cynthia was not employed during the first semester, she was a member of COT during the second semester. x . -5' Q ROGER C PASSON Rogers main activity was playing the drums for the AAHS band His other interests were centered around his church where he played basketball and was active in the youth group Rogers future plans include training as a draftsman at Eastern Michigan College CURTIS P PATTERSON Pat was a Student Council alternate representative to the Senior Class Executive Board and Intramural Managers commit tee When he wasnt working with cars Pat received his letter and pin for being on the varsity swimming team He also played on the JV football and baseball teams JOHN PETERSON Ahoy' After graduation John will give up high scl-ool athletics and sail the ocean lor the Navy An tntramural manager he also wre tled for two ,ears and ea ned a er O COT JOltr1 worke fc nn Arbor lnstrcnent Coinrany Afte hours red tt a YEITH S PEYTON Most cf Keith s afternoons were taken up during swimming season as he was a member of the team for three years and won a letter He was also in the Orchestra and president of the Band An honor roll student engineering is in Keiths future 1' is DIANE M. OTTOSEN Ring-a-ling! That's the sound Di hears while working at the Bell Telephone Com- pany. Besides holding a iob, she was an honor student, sang in Cantando and re- ceived a short story commendation. Di is planning to attend college to ceome a court stenographer. CAROL A. PARDON Orchestra took up quite a bit of Carol's time, as she was a member in good stand- ing for three years and served the group as president and secretary Carol was also on the Student Council President's Com- mittee and participated in G A.C. An hon- or student she plans to attend U-M. 1:7 Z' MARILYN R PETERSON Marilyns record collection shows that she is interested in music and she also n in the G ls Chorus Her o r hobbies include collecting stamps and sewing Marilyns married name is Foster and after graduation she plans to follow her husband who is in the Air Force MARY J PIESKE An active member of her homeroom. Nlary served on Girls League and was a top notch member of the bowling team. She was also a member of Girls Chorus and participated in JA Mary will continue her rob at the Triple A after graduation. P6 if-M , I NANCY LEE PALMETER David Copperfield, Peyton Place or Dante's Inferno - Nancy would probably know where any book in the library was, since she not only worked there but served on the Library committee as well. For a change of pace, Nancy was a member of Girls' Chorus. FRANK E. PARDON Frank was one of those who helped to make classes more interesting through the media of movies, as a member of the Visual Aids committee. Outside of school, Frank works at Kroger's, Frank's detailed plans -for the future consist of working, then Armed Forces, then college. BOB I.. PATTERSON "B.P.", the song and dance man, was a member of A Cappella for three semes- ters, and enioyed dancing and singing on the side as well. Bob will have a flying future when he dons the Air Force blue. He plans on studying to be an accountant. GEORGE PERRY With that big grin, it's easy to see why they call him "Smiley", He spent two years on the wrestling team, and was on the Audio-Visual committee. "Smiley" likes to bowl, and his hobbies are model planes and woodworking. He plans to attend college. et: 1- I 1. JUDITH L. PIKE "Judee" didn't have to ioin the Navy to see the world. She lust went to school. Both of Ann Arbor's iunior high school's are on her list as well as schools in Peru, Mexico and California. She plans to con- tinue this list by entering the U of M. GARY A. POPE Gary received a band letter for his hard work during both his sophomore and iunior years. He was a member of the JV wrestling team, and he also played softball. When he got time off from paint- ing for his father, he might be making model planes or hunting. WZNIFRED J. POWELL Winnie didn't have any special interest, she had a part in everything. She was president and secretary of her homeroom, secretary of Girls' League and a member of GAC. Winnie also was a Hostess and a member of the Cantando Choir. DENNIS C. PRATT "Dennis the Menace" does a lot of swimming in his spare time, when he is not working at the Michigan Chandelier Co. He later plans to go "oH into the wild, blue wonder," as he feels that "nothing can beat the Army Air Corps." ' f' :SL 'hui 4 Y . of 10- "t - ' f in ' 'xv !"' Pte. MARSHA N. PILLSBURY Marsha came to AAHS from Hoagland High School in Hoagland, Indiana. She enioys skating, whether on ice or rollers, and she has the hobby of collecting miniature antique cups and saucers. In her spare time Marsha worked on the Optimist. Her future points toward attending college. V7 RICHARD J. POTTER Rick was well known to all who follow AAHS's athletic teams, for he played on the football, basketball and track squads. In these sports he piled up a grand total of seven letters. He was also president of Intramural Managers, and vice-president of his homeroom. 15? K K Wi?-7 M... E QS-7 LEE B. REED If there was a sport going on at school "Chicktha" was sure to be on it. Some of the many sports she participated in were baseball, volleyball and badminton. She was also interested in dancing, skating and swimming. She plans to be a nurse's aid. JUDY M. RINESMITH Judy's main interest and hobby is sew- ing, however she is also interested in music and was a member of the Girls' chorus. She worked at both Cunningham's and Kresge's during high school, and plans to continue work after graduation, al- though she's not sure where. 127 f i 'D' LYNNE PRAKKEN Lynn had had a busy time at AAHS since she was on the Girls' League Execu- tive Board, Hostess committee, Presidents' committee, and Senior Class Executive Board. She also won a silver pin a A Cappella Choir. This honor roll student will be quite an addition to the U of M. RUTH RAFELD Whether taking minutes for her home- room meetings or taking dictation as her future career will include, the life of a secretary is the one for Ruth. She was also an enthusiastic supporter of the Washing- ton club. Ruth's special interest was pho- tography, which took up much of her spare time. PAUI. G. RENTSCHLER Paul was obviously interested in golf more than any other sport. He was a member of the golf team for three years, was captain of the team and won two letters for the sport. Paul was a member of the Student Council. ln the winter he enjoys hockey. MARVIN G. RINESMITH Bill served his homeroom by being on the Assembly committee for one semester and on the Audio-Visual committee, also. He is very interested in building radios and plans to take a radio and television electronics course in the Air Force. He is currently employed at Wrigley's. NEOMA A. ROACH When she wasn't busy representing her homeroom on Assembly committee or Girls' League, Neoma might be found singing with Cantando. She served as president and secretary of her homeroom as well, and worked at Artway Cleaners. Neoma will attend Michigan Eastern to become a teacher. PETER D. ROBINSON An all around man, Pete was homeroom president, on the wrestling team and also participated in intramural sports. He was on the honor roll and plans to go to college. Because Pete is interested in flying, he got a iob at the Ann Arbor Airport. JACK I.. ROMAN "OkIahoma!" Back home in the wide open spaces, Jack was president of both his sophomore and iunior classes at Hydro High School. Known for his drawl and quick smile, he loves horses and is a tireless rider. After graduation, Jack plans to attend college. JAMES A. ROOT James' friends and family call him "Jim", which is, after all, not too unusual. His hobby is woodworking, and he enjoys the typical outdoor pastimes of boating and hunting. After he graduates from high school, Jim is planning to go to work. JOHN E. ROBERTS Wrestling was one of John's favorite sports, and he was an active member of the wrestling team. John has not decided, as of yet, whether he plans to go to college, work or ioin the Navy but is strongly thinking of the latter plan. JAYNE E. ROFFEE Jayne served her homeroom as secretary for a year and as Student Council member. Enioying music, she was a member of Cantando Choir. Her other hobbies are horseback riding and letter writing. Jayne is employed by the Ann Arbor Federal Savings and Loan Association. it ' fi? N tu t 'fe 'Elf , , M I gg Q 3 R f AL , as , i. 'S .A 5, W 1 Nv- Q si -, ftp, AQ vet.. g,'41.QQ. :ri-' ,,. , . A ...T-v.g?gA.y.-,X fl Q's.,'ssil' , v ,Ti-J" ,. Q fu- fc? "' ' x X.. R .I 1 . -CJ ROOSEVELT ROWRY "Rosie", as Mr. Fonde affectionately called him, was probably best known for his exploiits on the football team, where I he earned a letter. His proud homeroom elected him their president in his iunior year. After he graduates, Roosevelt plans to keep right on having a ball. '1 JAMES E. RUSHTON As a member of the Intramural Man- agers' :ommittee, Jim always got the in- side story on the bowling games in which he participated a great deal. When he wasn't in school, Jim could often be found working on cars or else rushing around the Ann Arbor News. 128 2: IFJ Y Q-'ESI -1 I PATRICIA ROMEO Dancing was Pat's favorite activity dur- ing high school. Music ran a close second, as exemplified by her participation in Girls' Chorus. Pat was also interested in swimming and making scrapbooks, two best-liked hobbies. At present she intends to work after graduation. LOUISE M. ROOT Louise's homeroom was the starting point for much of her activity at AAHS. She was on Intramural Managers' and the Library committee, and she was also secre- tary of her homeroom. Louise enioys all sports, especially swimming. She plans to attend North Central College in Illinois. WILLIAM A. ROYAL Zoom! BilI's off to the races, either on land or water. Still showing a love for speed, Bill's future plans to include the air force. Bill showed his school spirit by representing his homeroom on the Intra- mural Managers' and by playing on its bowling team. MARILYN R. RUSS While at AAHS, Marilyn served on the Sophomore and Junior Executive Boards and sang in the Cantando Choir. She was also a member of Girls' League where she served as a Big Sister. Marilyn's future plans include a job with the Bell Tele- phone Company. 'i -9-9 yt sz fra '- , JL ' Q7 MARIBETH SAKSTRUP Beth served her homeroom on the Class Executive Board and on the Student Coun- cil. Her favorite hobbies, dancing and horseback riding, also take up much of her time. After graduation from high school, she plans to work in California and eventually attend modeling school. DAVID SAUNDERS Dave, well known for his flaming hair and British accent, will be remembered for his parts in school dramatic productions, especially "Gramercy Ghost". Dave's ability to imitate accents, possibly due to his residence in China, was an asset to char- acter parts. He also enioys swimming and canoeing. LEONARD SCHAADT Lennie had a busy time at AAHS, His homeroom elected him to Student Council in his Senior year, and he was also home- room president and vice-president. He was in the Band for two years, where he earned a letter. Lennie plans to attend Michigan State. ROGER A. SCHLECI' First Rog marched onto the football Held in a band uniform, next, he came on in a football uniform, winning two letters. Pretty soon, he says, he may come on in a navy uniform. He was also one of the band members who went to Miami. -I as . 4' I I HELEN RUTLEDGE If you see a pretty policewoman walk- ing down the street, take a closer look as you may recognize Helen. She is plan- ning on going into police administrating work Helen also enioys all kinds of sports, especially bowling ln school, she has served as secretary of her homeroom. MARGUERITE RYSSE Marguerite, whose quiet reserve made her respected by all who knew her, was called "Birdie" by her closest friends. Born in Europe, Denmark, she traveled extens- ively through Europe. She was a member of the girls' Chorus and Washington club. Upon graduation, Marguerite plans to at- tend the U of M Nursing School. 'W ,gi 2 J 3 r- ' . ' ' cf- - y x if ix ,XM f Q, i I . ' ff lr--'ii' 'Y g.f .1 THOMAS SCHAIRER While at AAHS, Tom served his home- room on Student Council. His main interest is ice skating and during the winter months he can often be found playing hockey with the boys. After graduation Tom plans to rnaior in engineering at Eastern Mich- igan College. RICHARD D. SCHNEIDER Dick spent a great deal of time "on the iob" at MitcheIl's Service Station where besides waiting on customers, he did a little tinkering with cars. On his days off during hunting season, he took to the woods for his favorite sport. He intends to go into the service. 129 LILLIAN RUTLEDGE "Busy" is "Little Lil's" by-word. Band, Girls' League, Assembly Committee, speech, and hobbies such as swimming and skat- ing keep her going. Besides all this, her constant honor roll ratings show she's on the ball in her studies, too. After high school she'll enter the U of M. BARBARA K. ST. CLAIR Yea Washington Club, Barb was class representative all through high school. In her sophomore year she was in GAC, and as a senior the Omega Business Staff was one of her activities. Hobbies? Records and dancing! Barb hopes to attend Western Michigan University or Cleary Business College. DAVID H. SATTINGER If someone on the radio sounds familiar, it might be Dave, as his hobby is amateur radio station WBCFF. Still on the sound track, he worked for the Audio-Visual Equipment Repair of the Ann Arbor Public Schools. Dave expects to attend Oberlin College. CHARLES J. SCANIO A bachelorl That's Chuck. As a sopho- more, Student Council, homeroom presi- dent, and orchestra kept him busy. He was also a member of the senior executive board, the debating team, and Teen-Age Loan Board. Along with his many activities Chuck maintained honor roll standards and plans to attend college. 'V , -L' 4 J ,audi ag-' 2 .ff PAMELA A. SEEVERS v ..t JOHN M. SCHNUR John, sometimes referred to as "Junior", x x was usually an honorable member of the B fb . qt' 3 honor roll. When this accomplishment , didn't take up all his spare time, he ,, -A, showed an interest in outdoor activities, Qfy i. X especially hunting and fishing. John's Y ' future plans are the services. k 1 J. NANCY J. SCHUMANN Nancy earned a letter in band and also went to Miami with the AAHS band. Roller skating, ice skating, and playing the accordian are the recreations she enioys. Nancy represented her homeroom on the Library committee while at AAHS. After graduation she plans on getting married. MARGARET E. SCHWARTI A former Tappanite, Margaret was active in after school sports. She loves the water, for she participated in synchronized swim- ming and that was one of her favorite hobbies along with sailing and water skiing. After graduation Margaret plans to go to college. Pam spent some time at AAHS on the Assembly and Library committees. Being on the honor roll a majority of the time also took quite a few of her hours. Pam participated in school activities, being a Student Council alternate. She plans to attend the University of Wisconsin. BARBARA A. SHADE Music was the center of Barb's life for she held honors in many of the AAHS music groups. Barb, besides being a mem- ber of Band and Orchestra, found time to sing in Cantando and A Cappella, Youth Symphony and Band, as well as A.A. Civic Orchestra. Nr 5-L Mt ROSWITHA E. SCHULTZ That gal with the pencil behind her ear may be Rosie, who is considering secretarial school after graduation. She might also be found whizzing down a ski slope or cutting a fancy figure on skates, since she enjoys these sports. i' 'J' -is i 0' ' ei . if ,l , or te. . I 3 BOB SEMANSKI Bob's high school activities show a real enthusiasm for sports and the outdoor life. He played JV football, and during after- school hours enioyed riflery and horseback riding. For variety he served on the Libra- ry Committee. After graduation Bob will begin an electrical apprenticeship. SHIRLEY A. SHELDON Do-re-mi! That's the voice of Shirley. She sang in the Cantando Choir hor sopho- more and senior years and was in mixed ensemble in her iunior year. Being an all-around girl, Red Cross, Intramural Man- agers, swimming and riding, took much of her time. 130 13 -C! 'fi ' S. RUTH SCHOEN Ruth's well-rounded program at AAHS included classes and many extra-curricular actiivties such as Washington club, GAC and the Omega Ad staff. As far as Ruth's future plans are concerned, she plans to go to college. RONALD V. SCHULTZ Without Ron Homeroom C-ll2 would have had to find another president, vice- president, intramural manager, and Assema bly committee representative. Ron was also interested in sports and music and was on,the football team and in the band. The Marines are seen in Ron's near future. THOMAS P. SCHUON "Here is the bulletin for this morning." Tom's voice was heard daily over the P.A. in his iunior and senior years. Tom's interest in radio was also shown in his being a representative of the Radio Guild and Audio-Visual committee. Future plans for Tom are undecided. H. KRISTIN SCHWENKMEYER It's a basket! And it's Krissy, active in GAC on and off the court. Volleyball is another big interest. Besides sports, she likes collecting records and working on the Assembly committee. Krissy's future plans include the U of M. Best of luck to you, Krissy. 20- Q- YN" Ni. at ,' 'ik ii PAUL SIANO Paul, an avid homeroom supporter, was both its Intramural Managers' representa- tive and Student Council alternate in his iunior and senior years. During his out of school hours, he worked at John's Market. Paul plans to ioin the navy and see the world. ROBERT T. SINANIAN Zoom! Bob was carrying the ball down the field for a touchdown! He earned let- ters in both football and wrestling. H served his homeroom as president and Student Council representative Now em ployed at the Campus Theater Bob plans to attend the University of Michigan DAVID R SLEZAK An outstanding athlete Dave who was co captain of the swimming team was an All American swimmer while still a sopho more He was also a valuable member of the football team but despite his thusiastic participation in sports he found time to serve as president of his home room MARTHA I. SMALLEY Martha was a very busy girl in hgh school She was on the assembly commit tee Senior Executive Board and a member of the GAC while holding the office of president and secretary in her homeroom After school she plans to attend a business college in the East 'WT JUDITH A. SIMPSON Judy's interests were wide and varied. She was a member of the Student Council and Washington club. Enioying music, she was in the orchestra and played the piano. During her senior year she was on COT and was also on the honor roll the majority of the time. LINDSEY SLENGER Writing is l.indsey's forte, as she worked hard for the Optimist both as Third Page Editor and as a reporter. She likes to write as a hobby too An enthusiastic homeroom member Lindo Link was its president and secretary She also sang in A Cappella Choir - ft .- l is tx h 'Q 1 A 'Wh v"? n Sv,- l 2 li it .S ,,..- Os... Q 1 11 f"- tv--0 ELIZABETH A SPOKES Ann an ardent sportswoman was a articipant in the Synchronized Swimming club and other swimming activities She loves horses and taught riding in her spare time Ann was Washington club representative for her homeroom for two years She will go on to college PEIER D SPRING Music seems to be tne big interest in Petes life because during his three years at AAHS he received letters for his p formancs in both Band and Orchestra Furthermore he was elected vice president of the orchestra The U of M is in Petes tuture DAVID H SMITH Likung and knowing a lot about model airplanes Dave got third place in the National Model Airplane Championships He spent a great deal of his time playing in the orchestra Dave plans on going to college as he was one of the finaltsts an the National Merit Test BARBARA A SORRENTINO Barb attended Roosevelt High in Yonk ers New York before coming to AAHS Barb was May Queen at Tarrytown School president of the social committee at Edge wood and president of the Student Coun cal at Tarrytown Here Barb was a girls League representative Her future plans are aimed towards college and teching WILLIAM R SPOKES Bill served his homeroom well while at AAHS He was not only its Student Council representative but was also its president and served it on Assembly committee Bill also found time to work at the Armand Chemical Company H plans to attend college PAULA SPURLIN Deadline was a dreaded word for Paula as she was Senior Editor of the Omega and as a Junior Second Page Editor of the Optimist She was a Student Council and TriHi representative sang in Can tando and participated in Drama Workshop The future holds college JUDITH A. STAEBLER "Squirt" Staebler participated in many activities, one of which was Girls' Chorus. During the Cancer Tag days she was busy working for the cause. The Red Cross was another of her interests. Sports that Squirt enioys include horseback riding and swim- ming. She plans to work. SHERRY STASHEFF Music! Music! Music! Sherry earned e letter for her efforts in the band, and en- joyed listening to records on the side. She has been a member of the Radio Guild and recently directed a radio pro- gram. After graduation she plans to at' tend the University of Michigan. KRISTEN STEINER Kris was a member of the prom coron- ation committee at her former high school, Howard County High. Her hobbies reading, writing, travels, and cooking kept her busy there as well as at AAHS. Kris plans to go to college and take up iournalism upon graduation. HANS STEIN Hans was here this year as an exchange student from Stuttgart, Germany. He fitted right into things at AAHS by going out for the tennis team. A man of many in- terests, he enioys classical music and model cars. He plans to study physics at a university. '7 fiat Vg 1, . .f 4 A. X5' wx, DANIEL E. STAGNER For his outstanding performances on the baseball team Don earned a letter. In fact, he was interested in iust about all ath- letics-hockey, basketball, and football to name a few, Dan served as an Intramural Manager and was a member of the March- ing Band. DORIS STEEB Doris, known for her quiet smile, cen- tered her extracurricular interests around 4-H club activities. ln connection with this, she also enjoys sports. In school, Doris showed a concern for the welfare of others as a Red Cross representative. She plans to go on to college. ,,.. 41" ls. STEPHEN A. STEWART plans to attend Colorado A 8- M. JAMES R. STOCKARD That friendly voice heard over the PA in the morning was often Jim's for he was a member of the Daily Bulletin staff. His interest in electronics is evident, for he works at the Music Center and plans a career in electrical engineering. 132 -2 ""'? 1 , , T' cl F I , 4 ' if-11' 1 t fr Steve was vice-president of his home- room and enthusiastic about athletics, going out for football. Quite the Beau Brummel, Steve's consuming interest was pursuing the elusive femme fatale, at least, when he wasn't working at the Stadium Autowash. Upon graduation, he 5 sd . M X 2-139 'T f "" V! CATHERINE A. STEFFEK Moving here in September of 1956, Cathy certainly got around, being home- room president for two semesters, a Stu- dent Council representative, Optimist Edi- tor-in-chief, and in drama workshop. Cathy is something a lot of girls would like to be: a fashion model at Hudson's. JON P. STEWART Anchors aweighl Jon wants to ioin the Navy. ln high school, though, he worked hard at painting and decorating for three years. By this time he should really be able to wield a paint brush. Jon also worked at Wrigley's Supermarket this year. CHARLES M. STILLION Zooml There goes Chuck on his motor- cycle. Besides motorcycling, his hobbies are hunting and archery. Being on the honor roll took time, but still Chuck found time to park cars at football games and work at the Coca-Cola Company. He plans to be an apprentice. HELEN M. STOCKWELL Helen has decided in detail on her future. She plans to work a year then go to Madison College, Tennessee, for nursing, While at AAHS, Helen was in Cantando for three semesters and on the library committee for four semesters. Her hobbies include swimming and baseball. ti 4+ BILL SUITS Bill could be seen getting a quick pin and a long string of points many times in wrestling matches. Aside from his fine showing on the wrestling squad, where he won his letter, he played football and was an Intramural Manager. Bill is thinking of attending Kalamazoo Western. DIANNA I.. THOMAS Dianna was co-captain of the JV Cheer- leading team and a member of the Varsity Cheerleading team. For these efforts she was awarded a letter. She was president, secretary, Student Council alternate of her homeroom and a GAC representative. Dee plans to enter college. GEORGE D. THOMSON While here at AAHS George has cen- tered his interests around cars, his hobby. He is quite proficient on the subiect of "rods" and can give people much in- formation on most automobiles. His current plans include a "hitch" with the Army after graduation. ELIZABETH L. THORTON Betty is especially interested in music. She used her talent as organist for her church and sang in the church choir. She was in Girls' Chorus at school. Betty was a Washington club representative for her homeroom. After graduation, she plans to enter secretarial work. THOMAS E. STOLPER Boston, Massachusetts was Tom's former home. Before coming to AAHS he attended Browne and Nichols School. Tom, who makes high, high honor roll grades, is especially interested in math and physics and hopes to rnaior in science at the U of M. Table tennis is Tom's favorite pastime. GAIL STRUTZ Hearing ringing noises was a familiar occurrence to Gail, for she worked as a telephone operator at the Tower Hotel. Much of her spare time was spent ice skating or listening to her collection of popular records. Gail plans to head for business school. W - 1. ., 1 , 1 ff 'I 3 f, -V ie ANN STRUBLE Energy personified, that's Annl Student Council received much of her time, for she served it as corresponding secretary and chairman of the Pep and football programs committee. "Dimples" still found time to be treasurer of Tri-Hi A sports fan, Ann plans to major in physical education. WARREN G. STUCKMAN "Sailing over the bounding mainl" An outdoor man through and through, Jerry plans either a career on the high seas in the Merchant Marines or guarding Amer- ica's resources in conservation work. Right in line with his future plans are Jerry's hobbies, hunting and fishing. PATRICIA L. SULLIVAN Pat found an outlet for her over-flowing school spirit by being a maiorettte alter- nate. An active member of her homeroom, she served as secretary and Girls' League representative. While at AAHS, she worked in the Washington club office. Upon grad- uation, Pat plans to attend college. VONNELL THOMAS Better known as "Sonney" to all his friends, he took an active part in sports here at AAHS. He participated in football, wrestling and track, winning a letter for his efforts in the latter sport. Being em- ployed at the Michigan Union used up his spare time. PATRICIA A. THOMPSON "P.J." doesn't stand for pajamas. lt's the pretty blond you see here. She was Girls' League representative and Intramural Managers' representative. Her hobbies are swimming, records, dancing and horseback riding. Seh also enioys bowling. P..l. is employed at Slauson Junior High and in- tends to do secretarial work after gradua- tion. SUSAN E. TIBBETTS Although Sue moved to Orchard Park, New York, in October, she participated in many activities before she left AAHS. She .enioyed music and singing, and she re- ceived a silver pin in A Cappella. Swim- ming and figure skating are the particular hobbies that Sue likes. 133 ..,, I 455 I Q. if ,, ., fa is :Y ' if 'N 3' - " ...Q f J I Q-4 if I' Q ... 15 YR '5 'P Q9 l if Q, I: H ff' WT O .JN i Ur' fi 3' of - ' me tt , ' f A .AA ' "f JAMES J. TURNER Few people are ever class presidents at all, but Jim had the honor of serving his class in this office for three years. Jim also played basketball and was a letterman in both football and track. In his spare time, Jim collects stamps. 'x ANN P. VIDAR As Art Editor, Ann was primarily re- sponsible for the layout of the Omega. As if her artistic interests weren't enough, Ann was a Washington club representative, a GAC member, and on the honor roll all of the time. She plans to attend college. lx in if SHARON S. 'IILFORD Cheri's into everything and is usually at the head of it! She was chairman of several Student Council committees, vicee president of the Hostesses, and vice-presi- dent and president of her homeroom. She was also on the Atheltic Board as well as Swin club. LAWRENCE K. TOWER Larry worked tor Leon A, Tower, Painta ing Contractor. While working at this iob, he got to know the new high school very well. He painted many of the rooms here. His main interest is working on cars. Upon graduation, Larry plans to continue his work at painting and decorating. "Uno MARY l. VOGEL Active in school affairs, Mary Lou sang in A Cappella. She was also a member of GAC, Girls' League, the Assembly com- mittee, and the Omega Ad staff. After high school, Mary Lou plans to attend MSU. She is now employed part time at Shipman's lnc. SUSAN WAGNER "Variety isbthe spice ot life might well be Sue's motto. She was a member of Student Council, GAC, Washington club, Synchronized Swimming, and Cantando, and yet she still managed to make honor roll grades most of tne time. College is in Sue's future. CLAUDIA J. VREELAND "Claud" likes music, as you can se: for she was a member of Cantando and A Cappella. First on her list of hobbies is playing the piano. She also enioys water skiing and tobogganing. She was vice president of her homeroom and served cn Girls' League. SONJA G. WAHR Beauty will be "Sonny's" business, for she plans to attend beauticial school. At AAHS, Sonia served her homeroom as Student Council representative and as secretary. After school hours, she enjoyed sewing as a hobby and was employed at the Carter Bakery. 'Q JAMES B. TINNIN Jim's homeroom was the starting place for many of his activities. He held the offices of vice-president and treasurer and was on the Assembly committee and the Senior Executive Board. He likes bowling and is his homeroom's champion bowler. Jim plans to attend the U of M. JACK TRAVILLIAN Jack's interest during his three years at AAHS are certainly centered in one sport. This was noted when he played JV foot- ball and became a captain of an intramural team. Jack's hobbies are swimming, tishing, and hunting, which also shows his promi- nent interest - sports. Jack's plans include college. JACQUELINE VANKAMPEN "Jackie" was on the Omega Business staff and a representative to Washington club. She participated in GAC and Girls' League and was chosen to be secretary of her homeroom. Jackie was on the honor roll. She enjoys swimming and dancing very much. MARGARET E. VININO Feel swell? If not, maybe Peggy can help. Peggy helps to be a nurse and is currently employed at the U of M Hospital. At AAHS she participated in GAC, where she got her letter, Omega, Girls' League, and Intramural Managers. Peggy was in Girls' Chorus and Mixed Ensemble. ls' QS? V in 0 'oy .sf l3-3 ' wx WANDA J. WAID It was Washington for Wanda this springl She got a well-earned vacation after working on the club for three years. Wanda is an honor roll student but still found time to enioy stamp collecting, skating, and swimming. AUGUSTINE B. WALKER "Stine" was in Girls' Chorus, Drama Workshop, and girls' basketball. In addi- tion to this she served two years on the Assembly committee and was an alternate Intramural Manager. One of her favorite hobbies is writing short stories, which she does in her spare time. MICHAEL J. WALLACE Bang! Seven at one blow - well, not quite, but hunting and the Rifle club seem to have been Mike's principle interest at AAHS. An outdoor man, he also enjoyed fishing and hiking. Mike plans to join the navy after he graduates from high school. MATHILDE H. WALZ Sports, that's Tilly's hobby. She enjoys skating the rnost, but she was also an active member of GAC. Tilly served her homeroom on Senior Executive Board, Girls' League and held the office of vice- president. She is employed at John Leidy but plans to attend college. A 2 . i JON H. WAITZ Jon came to AAHS from Cooley High School in Detroit, where he participated in Audio-Visual, football and the Art club. Upon coming to AAHS, he plunged into many activities which included being Sports Editor of the Optimist, vice-presi- dent of his homeroom and Washington club member. BARBARA J. WALKER "Long, tall Sally", as she was called by some of her friends, works at St. Joseph's Hospital. She was a member of GAC and also of Girls' Chorus. Her favorite hobby is horseback riding. She even has her own horse. Barb plans to attend business col- lege. sr 4 "f7 5,3-:fi-p,'." " ' ,, 4-it We l -.Ii 2' 11 'if ,. 4,1 1 X 'z' . 32- ff 1' . 25:7 -M s-as 'Its- ,. . THOMAS I. WANZECK Tom's consuming interest, while at AAHS, was football, as he was on the team twice. He was also interested in dramatics from the wings as a member of the stage crew. In his spare time Tom could usually be found working on his car. JIM "8UTCH" WARREN Football took up a good deal of his time in his sophomore year. He also was a basketball manager in his sophomore and iunior years. After graduation, "Butch" is planning on attending Western Michigan College. 135 e0 "L ii 4 SANDRA D. WALZ Sports were a favorite of Sandy's. GAC, hockey, intramural managers and homeroom bowling team were iust a few. Her hobby is roller skating. She was vice- president of her homeroom and a member of Cantando, to round out her activities. Future plans include Cleary Business Col- lege. KAREN A. WANTY As she enjoys music, aKren was in A Cappella for two years and Mixed Ensemble for one year. She babysits reg- ularly and goes swimming when she finds time. After high school Karen plans to go to Eastern Michigan College. Before com- ing to AAHS, she went to Slauson. BONNIE WARNER Busy Bonnie was secretary of her home- room and took part in Drama Workshop, Her musical bent led her to singing in A Cappella and Cantando. Omega and Optimist were outlets for her journalistic spirit. One outside interest is hgure skat- ing. An honor student, she must have found time left for study. DIANE K. WARNER "Dee-Dee" was a busy girl while at AAHS. She was a member of the Sopho- more Executive Board, representative to the Washington club, and president of her homeroom. In addition, she sang in Can- tando, and participated in GAC. Dee-Dee hopes to attend Cleary College. DOLORES E. WEISS DOROTHY V. WEISS MICHAEL A. WARNER Mike's quiet dependability probably aided his election as president of his homeroom. Academically, he was depend- able too, for his name was usually in- cluded onthe Honor Roll. After graduation, Mike plans to go on to the college of his choice. Best of luck, Mike. JOHN WEBB John was one of the friendliest mem- bers of homeroom C-124. To his closest friends, has has always been known as "Junior". Since he is very fond of music, John's main hobby is collecting and listen- ing to records lwhile taking it easyl. He is as yet undecided about his future plans. SARA WEEKS "I speak for democracyl" These dra- matic words climaxed Sara's speech as the Ann Arbor winner of this contest. She has also won prizes for writing. Drama and music took much of Sara's time, for she had roles in several school plays and sang in Mixed Ensemble. MARGARET A WEID Sports and writing were Penny's special- ties. She participated in most GAC sports and received a large letter. As well as being in the Ann Arbor Figure Skating Club, she was the secretary of Girls' League, on the Omega Ad and Editorial staffs and on the Optimist. r t leg, A 23 0 - E -an , Q, AF? SHARON K. WATSON Sharon's hobby, oil painting, was just one of several actiivties which she enjoyed while at AAH5. She was a member of the Girls' Chorus and worked in the nurse's office for three years. Sharon's iob as a cashier at Stop and Shop kept her busy. KATHERINE R. WEBER Kathy, a skilled horsewoman, finds it convenient to ride, for she owns her own horse. She does office work at Tappan on the COT program. The stars in Kathy's eyes are probably due to her approaching marriage this summer. She will continue to work. 'Si J 'es AVF I' wwf s th Dolores's main interest is visual arts, and she plans to maior in this at the U of M. While in high school, Dolores was on Red Cross committee, Publicity committee chair- man of Girls' League, and in the Girls' Chorus. Interested in sports, she was also active in GAC. JOHN WELCH John centered his non-academic activities around music at AAHS. His voice was a part of both A Cappella and Mixed En- semble performances. Outside of school, he is an avid outdoor sports fan, and hunting and fishing are his favorites. John was a member of Washington club. 136 5 if RQ ta 'iz li ART WEID During his Ann Arbor High School years Art has given his services to the Presi- dents committee for three semesters. He is a well-known figure on the football held also. At present he is employed as a foreman at Bradson Manufacturing Com- pany. His immediate goal is Eastern Michi- gan College. MYRNA WEID Myrna's school activities centered around the Synchronized Swimming Club. She also served her homeroom as Washington Club representative. She participated in the activities of the Ann Arbor Rainbow Group. Her future plans include attending Eastern Michigan College and majoring in accounting. Music seemed to be Dotty's main inter- est, as she was in both Girls' Chorus and Centando. She was also very active in Girls' League, and participated in GAC and Junior Achievement. Cleary Business School looms ahead of Dotty upon grad- uation. DONALD N. WENK Putt! Puttl Puttl Those are familiar sounds to Don since his favorite hobby is boating. Don's spare time is spent working at Gillespie Standard Service. Future plans for Don include going to college, although he is not sure of which college he will attend. ir, ELG GERALD WILLIAMS Another homeroom! Gerald was the able captain of the Pioneer baseball team. Ex- celling in sports, he also contributed to the success of the football team on which he played for two years. Well-rounded, he sang in A Cappella too. He plans to attend Western or Central. JIM WILLIAMS War dance, anyone? Jim has the rather unconventional hobby of Indian dancing. In school, he was a Washington Club representative and also served on the Presidents committee. .lim was a member of the Cross Country team. Jim now works at the Michigan Union, and intends to ioin the Navy next fall. PHYLLIS A. WILLIAMS Music is PhiI's maior interest. She was in Cantando for three years and also did solo work, She hopes to minor in music at Eastern College. However, skating, skiing and dancing are also her favorites. Phil was really embarrassed when a button popped off her skirt in assembly. BARBARA J. WING Barb participated in many activities here at AAHS. She was vice-president and sec- retary of her homeroom, was in Girls' Chorus, a representative to GAC and also was a member of the Library committee. Barb's hobbies are winter sports. She is presently employed at Randall's Shoe Store and her future holds college and more fun like AAHSI SHERALYN WERNER or bookkeepper. A X ALBERT C. WHITLEY Sherry was one of the lucky ones to head for sunny climes during Spring vaca- tion as a member of Washington Club. She found a musical outlet in Girls' nhorus. Interested in business, she worked at the Rand Shoestcre and plans to be a secretary "Ace" likes sports. His letters in base- ball and participation in wrestling and football confirm this. He also makes a hobby of collecting records. AI is now employed at the William Goodyear Com- pany. College is one goal in his plans for the future. fl. ff' so -I Qs-'15 RICHARD F. WILLIS Drop into a Student Council meeting and Dick might be found - he was on Council twice. He was also president of his homeroom and went out for cross country. Dick works at the Michigan Scien- tific Company, and he is planning to attend the U of M. LINDA J. WINKELHAUS "Variety is the spice of life", as Linda realized. She discovered the field of music in Mixed Ensemble and received a silver pin in A Cappella. Among her varied activities were Omega staff, GAC, and the Senior Executive Board. To top it off, Linda worked at the Michigan Union. I37 PATRICIA J. WHEELER During her stay at AAHS Pat served her school and fellow students well, being on the Hostess committee and on the Stu- dent Council for three semesters. Writing must have agreed with her for she was secretary of her homeroom and Corres- ponding Secretary for the Student Council. Working at the Michigan Union now, the next few years will tind Pat in college. MILO E. WILCOX Milo was very active here at AAHS, for he represented his homeroom on the Stu- dent Council, Presidents' committee and as a Washington club representative. He also was a member of the JV football team. Milo plans to serve "active duty" in the Michigan Air National Guard. JUDITH L. WILLIAMS Judy served her homeroom on the Assembly committee and the Red Cross committee. Sports minded she rates roller skating and bowling as her favorite hob- bies, but she also likes to sew. June holds great plans for Judy, as she plans to be married then. PAT WILLIAMS Do you need someone to patch you up? lf so, Pat is just the girl to do it as she is planning to be a nurse. She is a member of the Future Nurses Club. Pat is also in- terested in sports, especially volleyball and basketball. ,eq-, ' ,I I N.. I X L ? 'lit 1 Q... wr NAZAA 41 2 1 'N 1 t' I 've I 7 C7 ., -.3 4 1 ' rs, , 4 5. . .2 gg .nw as 8 --J I-""' sq! 2"'? f S JANET WISEMAN ' Taking minutes was a familiar task for Janet, as she served as secretary of her homeroom. She was an enthusiastic mem- ber of Washington club. Janet is a great swimming fan and spends much time at this sport. She plans to attend college or beautician school. LYNNE I. WODKE Versatile is the word for Lynne. She enjoys swimming, stamp collecting, and basketball. During her three year stay she was active in Red Cross, Washington club, speech work, and served as Student Coun- cil alternate. She works at Wilkinson Luggage Shop. Law school is ahead for Lynne. LINDA K. WOODWORTH Drama Workshop took up much of Linda's time. She was in "Kind Lady", "Ge0rge Washington Slept Here" and "Gramercy Ghost". Active in her home- room, she served as its vice-president and Washington club representative. Linda plans to attend Duke University and major in surgical nursing. JEN YEH "Attention! Will the meeting please corne to order?" Jen was elected president of the Student Council after being here less than a year. He also participated in tennis and debate while in Ann Arbor. Jen received the Fisher Body Craftsman Award. His future plans include college. WALTER H. SCHAFF Even before graduation Walter had a long head start on his plans for the future. He belongs to and works for the U.S. Navy Reserve. Walter should be weli prepared for a career as an aviation elecr tronics technician. He enioys auto me chanics and likes the out-ofrdoors. WILLIAM C. WITTING Bill, famed for his knee socks on the Boys' Cheerleading team, was a Student Council representative, president of his homeroom and an Intramural Manager. He won a letter on the swimming team and was a member of the Debate squad, as well as participating actively in archery. JOYCE D. WOODS Joyce was especially active in sports and in vocal groups during her high school years. She sang in Cantando, A Cappella, Mixed Ensemble, and participated actively in GAC. Joyce also served as secretary to her homeroom. She plans to attend Howard University after graduation. Y' 1 l -anna, f J' sb ...- 1115 use if? f i 45 , x 'CX FREDERICK ZIMMER "Zornmer", as he was called by his rinse friends, played football for three years and received a letter for his efforts. Not content with this, he also went out for track. He represented his homeroom on the Sophomore Executive Board, and intramural Managers. "Zoinrner's" plans include either the army or the navy. BRIAN L. WOODWORTH Brian, better known as "Sticks' to his friends, was a drummer in the dance band He was also in both the Band and Or- chestra for three years and earned a letter. An honor he received in his senior year was honorable mention in Ford Industrial Arts Awards. I38 454 .. t P DONALD W. YAHR Ron was sure to see Washington this spring, as he was president of the 1958 Washington club. He was also president of his homeroom and played baseball. Hockey is another one of his favorite sports. After graduation college or the service is for Ron. DAN ZIEGLER Curtain! That might have been Dan at the other end, for stage-:raft activities took much of his time. Mechanics seem to be his big interest, for he was a mechanic on COT and enjoyed working with cars on the side. Dan's plans include a scholar- ship to GM Tech VIRGINIA R. ZWAAN Sports kept Ginny busy at AAHS. As if GAC and intramural Managers' weren't enough, she found time for swimming and golf. Girls' League also occupied some of her time. Besides all these activities she sang in the church choir. College can be seen in Ginny's future. STUART G ALLEN .I whose qutet manner proclamted htm typ: El Soc 'tern gentleman came to J ro C ral Cables Htgh Sc oo a A-I gtle atnlete Stu was on t e teafn t AAH Hts nobb s e I s Up n g aduatton he parts d c I9 FRANK C BALL DUTIDQ hIs stay at AAHS Frank partIcI paved In COT and found tIme for the Rtfle Club as well Hts outsIde Interests such as cars huntIng and flshtng kept hum busy throughout the past three years Upon graduatton Frank plans to enter the Untted States Martne Corps RICHARD l DAVIS lnstead of robbtng banks DIck works at the State Theater as an usher In hIs spare ttme to earn hIs spendmg money Has favortte hobby IS an IUYGYCST common to many boys cars Duck Isnt sure of what he IS gotng to do In the future JAMES R KNAPP Jayson the grease money' Jtm was very Interested In cars Hunttng and flshmg are among hns hobbtes too Even Wllh all these actIvItIes he managed to spend ttme worktng at the U of M Golf Course Jtm plans to enter the Marunes and later start a busnness for humself JOHN BAKER John showed an actIve Interest In sports and outdoor BCYIVITIES whIle IH hIgh school He played football for two years and constders horseback rtdtng and huntIng to be hIs favortte hobbtes After gradua ton from AAHS John plans to Iom the Urwted States Martnes HAROLD rl BRUELKNER Harold carne to AAHS ro'n Lou It HIgh Scho I Whtle att ncltng l.OUlSVlll9 l-A was treasurer c th Juntor H Y a o partt Ipated w Sem r HI Y for thre yea s He also belonged to the Rostrontar CII' the at ll u u cn attend colleg aft r g aduatwn GERALD R DAVIS Jerry entoyed huntIng swImmIng and musIc a really varted program of Interests Jerry was one of those people who en toyed doIng dtfterent thIngs all the ttme Currently he I5 employed at Wagner s Pure OII ServIce and In the future he plans to contInue work STEVE HAWLEY Black denIm trousers and motorcycle boots! Well not exactly although Steve does have a hobby of motorcycles He was an honor student and held the offtce of secretary of hIs homeroom HIS plans for the future are centered around mIlItary SEYVICC preferably the Marmes MARY L SCHNEIDER lt s a nurse s cap that Ggures promtnent ly IH Marys future for she plans to go to nursmg school after graduatton from htgh school However she hasnt let any grass grow under her feet whIle wattmg for the btg day She works at Cunnmg MICHAEL STOLL MIke was hard to find around school, for he worked early and late at hts Iob at the Whtte Spot Restaurant Here Mtke could be counted on to turn out the best possuble chocolate sundae or lemonade IH the least posstble amount of tIme H9 hams Drug Store 1 gy . EH, 1 . . . . . . the ":' ttf I " ' , Li-l.S f 'rt o ', h l, Fiore . I a ' ' I h ' ' ' ' gymxagfics a S. ' ' y i ' ' ' . - ax: frecr nc. o r I ' , l , Z , ' 7: ette' :'l ge. -' ' . I . l ' I ' " . f I .3 l'e - - , G' . I 5 . . , 4 , I . . . Y 6 3 N , il n, I I I 'C' It .IO - 8 r ' I and L I CI b. "B t "' plans to A ' . e e ' - ' . I I . I I I I . . I I . w I . , I , . 4 I I A , - - I I . I ' I , . , I ' . , , I - I 1 1 X.. Kenneth Tappe Presndenr si ,W Susan Bugby Vice presndent 3 if C r I Slenve D9 TES l-1 JUNIOR EXECUTIVE BOARD The board consustnng of one member from each homeroom plus the class officers planned the actuvutues undertaken by the class thus year Blue Must was the theme of the Junuor Prom whnch was the Junior Executsve Board s largest project of the year The committees for the prom were made up of members of e class and were durected by members of e board Johnny Harberds band played for e dance and talent was provided by the 1 Brothers for the untermnssuon show The Last M le .-:....anm.f'l. Lynn Abbott Davud Ackley Rrchard Adams Lewls Allen Gary Anderegg Kathryn Anderson Wlllns Anderson Joyce Andress Deanna Andrews Paul Arnn lrven Arnold Marcella Arnow Charlotte Aupperle Phyllis Austvn Barbara Back Ann Barker Davld Bacon Thomas Barley Judy Baker B Il Ballls Barbara Barens Ruth Bar' w John Barnes Bull Barnett Betty Barne Don Barsantee Marnan Bates Pat Bauer Russel Baylus Phrllp Beach Penny Beklares Barry Bellalre Margaret Bennett Robert Berkely Nlcholas Bertom Sue Blgby Tom Bnrtles Karen Busard Lots Blaar Pat Blau' f'Nf'Nf'Nf"'1f"'5 .M A Jlmill I 5-nf' Al. ' ,x fk " 'o-e " 4 dx JLQA P 9 WW" f' x 3 ft 45 J' Jie . f 1. A g 4 A A g r 5 C 4, A . , W . . .2 , - :Q ' N' f . l iii J ,l' lx . ' f , , l " i . Vg 3 W- I . ,' QQ 1: 'S I . ..' ' -u 1 f - .. q' A :4 V -1 -A J 'fr , J .SL y J 'Ar ta, , I Y I X' Q X I 'Q , - - , - -. 4' -7- 1. Q .. ,, KN . t 5. " "- pl ' " J l J t l 1 -L 'O .,, , :ij-2' ' ' , J, y J A Q, J - - V - ,J , 4 f A A -in X K ,I A I ,, .- v V ' - fs., .I N' -. - :lun in ,,,' 'T' W- ,N 0 K 5: fi, 3: M - A.. A A A A -'lf -' 2 " J A by . . t t Q ,, an ,. ' K 1 4, ...JH " -Y A " 'N 1 V V' r-A Barbara Bowens ' ' 'L ' -1' M v M, ' 5' ji g M' I " f , . A 4 f,. , 'J' .J ' .- 1 A A Q . Q. ,, ,, 5 , A 6 5 7 , "it T ", J -wr ,K 4 KW Q 5 - . ,QQ V -l 4 ' ., 5 if --L V, '---Q . ' LJ- , I at A ,., , 'Q 1- - - 'Q '17 A 4' - N ffx .v v- " 'N 0 Q :N Q an . S . ff AA - koi. I l ,I 'L , fs. A l W V, K .KJ n 7 .- lx 4' ul I F f, v V I A N C: 'Og A 'I gt 'Sf I 7 . . Q I' :J I -A , H A in I.-. l v .1 I , 1 1- A V - d J , . J f ff A ,- . ' ,IQ 54- J ! A . l ' :N ' 7, f- Z' :X ev ggi 4:3 K- "I .A .- .i , -f V77 .', vi-, 'Mg' . 'rv V yt V f...- - Q f I ' L1 ery 4145. -.ll C? -I 41, 90. .Adi 4 E7 tU""'f- Donna Bly tone Barbara Baddy Carol Bolt Ron Bolzm Henrv Bowes Maryorle Bowler Judlth B r-nharn Anne Bran on Llnda Braun Barbara Brown Doug Brown Janelle Brurnbaugh Ruchard Buck Ruchard Burd Kathleen Burgess Carolyn Burnham Make Burns Don Burns Ruth Burt Lots Bu h Ron Bush Bonnle Buster Curt Barnes James Caesar Judy Calhoun James Campbell Wnlllam Cantrell Arthur Carpenter Mary Carter Sandra Cassell Clmt Castor James Chandler Kay Clark Sue Clark Robert Clark Tom Clark James Collms Fred Colvin Judlth Connable 5465. ,z F" Beam C k MNC N Aran Cook Susan Copley EveNyn Cornell Larry Cramer Ann Crarwson Tom Crawford Zona Crawford Cc anne Crego VWI mam Crawley Ch rlE?S Cardiff Ra He! Curvdmff Rnchard Curwdrff David Currue R rv rd Da ner 'V N N 5 Y P P w K DQKCH rwq rw D V C V xfa Y En L DF' 'XX '1 -arf' A JL 14 fs F' 7fJ fx ,K -in 4A -v fu I 4'7" , A . fi, 1? 14 7 U M j5"I xx A 1 1' ' H 3 ra V 'rv ,'-T . .f TCT I- . - -- f j A- M- ,A -A ,J V fx d, W ,I I .-1 Jw- ..- .WI f uw f ' f ' J 'jf l 'J X' 4 A A VJ L A " ' 1 ' ' 0 vw- "' JA if 1- - y - dr, J Qi? 1 - -1 1 Li Y , Q Df,fra:.fa2 A I fr .1 A L. Fbfnja D, V QCEDCVT Dv. ws Tjfrwm ,3 Nan - FLRL' DGEWJQ , , -2 -tl fy , ,T - 'S 73 'v 1 7' " . V 5 C N - r . 1 . 1- .1 . ' - ' . C C 'xr 5 ,: ' ' " ' ' ' 4- r Q Them: D1 rcrxewe ' " K ' A V v EC'r' Q Di-lraugh -f' ll " t Eva Aa' Dr: f Di...f Den p Qffji D -,wiv .4 1 r p..L,.D, Z3 . , . fl- K- I I . ?, LEjf,f Cf , 47 4 '5. lf. A fi- 1 A fx . 1 Da' 4, , C1 fir -311 f Q f f ' 'Ng F5-' -qi . ff" na' p I 0 ' 'Q ,, Sffx fri if L, ,, , , - ,C p- ' .. K A . . , .J - D . C21 Han- 3 I 1 A' ' . ' ,.. 5-xgff Er -Q .I " A", . 7A , ' ri f 1 f V Ph lltp Fawcrs Ellzabeth Fawcett Judy Ftck Kathleen F e M rlen F her Rl hard Fl h Dave Flem oag hrnan John Flns James Flood Patrtcuo Flynn Joyce Folts Janet Ford Jam s Fortney Mtlton Fowler Donna Fox Harry Fox Colleen Freeman Janet Freeman Rebecca French Sally Frlnkle David Frutz Sally Furstenou Ann Garner Glenna Gerow Ralph Gesler James Grlbreoth Clem Gull John Gllleland James Gnllugan Peggy Goetz Raymond Golden Max Goldman Janet Goodlng JoAnn Gourley Nancy Greenhaw Don Grrffuth Jnm Griffith Wnllnam Grnndstcff ps i nl' -of nt 49 ,, ,Jw- '72 rv- I ? PQ 45 'U'- Z- -Q-1 any W7 W a fn an rv. 'no "fs I rg fu pg 'Pt rfb .lg .4 5 'x ,V ,.,, if if tr We -n 'D 4 L rv- -l ex fa vi fa Ai 'JF' ,A 'L rl W I Barbara Grob Judlth Gruber Mary Haab Paulme Hoab Ron Hagerman Jer: Lynne Hannes Bull Hallock Jean Hammer Helen Hammonds Jxm Handy Jay Hanke Evelyn H nsor Wnlllon- Haryu Marlon Harms Dovtd Hartsook Paul Hasley Judy Hatfueld Sandra Hawks Margaret Haynes Ben Haywood Wnlllam Haywood Jockne Helgren Fred Heller Fred Herbert Thomas Herndon Dtck Heusel Jam Hewett James Htxon Margaret Hood LaVerne Hoag Fred Hoffmann Robert Hoffmeyer Sharon Hogan Sharon Hague Jonlce Holcomb Douglas Ho comb Russell Hollenback Brenda Hapkuns Don Hormng Roberta Howe l ' . .2 , O 2 ls f- J 1: 'J f- fr- ,a fa- f' ff' J J 'C 2 ef ss . -' . :. - J ' Li Aa .i ng ' ' ,J K-1 "' 5 41 D ' '55 Flei . 4 4- Jxfc -JJ' - A x r J J -:g -3 uf ,ze ln Q 5 ,J 1- -72 as as ...F " x K " E' , Q: J FA- If, v 'E Qi 4: ' ,,,. J 5 f "' ' In l f '- -. - ' 'T y ". - T., A ri 1 U- , N I 1- M- ,- . . ff , , J A J ' v' ,5 " f ol , I - V - Y A7 V A ' f , ,,, it XI V Y f ' Y Jan A J, Q4 . If -I A , F: 1, , 1 . J Q.- -- ff- c- fe .S r, H, er, . . ji' ,. "' D " I fi: ,.1 t .- v . J - ,, J x, y , ,, fy. N David Gray v J. v- g gg 23 Jr, 2 .. I V J fl 'QXTV 4 5 5 iv fl 1 f1J AJ F -- J - ' - if . A . Q 1 A ' 1 f I ,Q if 74 ,- sr' ' A ff Q 1 t -.J s -J .-, .J ., X Q V-1 - - ' ' Q- ' " o 3 .Q J J l F- f Sf, - J y l K I ' " Jil ,' I '4 W I 1' f., i . . C . - ,A , -' J , V -3 J, ' - -45 - , -f eu, Y - I Y V7 W 'v tw' V W . ' J. 4 A .1 1 f ' , N . -ff x t rf H f 2+ ez. - A Q ' " ' 1: " y - ,.: ' - y ' A -fm " Y -..I . J ,f . Y 7 A Y A . I 1 f x L J I , Af J 1 0 -eg J . TT ... ,5J "' ni? ',, -J A -J l"' .J - 4 -'I ' ' S 4 r 3, J ' 4-v lf.-er .I . 1 -f f t A x l A. . x F- fs ,. K M A- -D - " 1-,' 'ia' 'A' A v"- l 'fb ,-3? i vw an YT 'J' Harold Kosmalskn Pat Kuohn Claudette Korskey Aleksus Lahtl Helen LaRose Susan LaRue Kathernne Lau Pat Laughna Pam Lederle Pat Leftrudge Pot Leggett Sue Leonard Karen Lesher Carolyn Lnndner Thomas Lnndner Karen Lurette Stan Luylngston Martha Lofberg Roger Losey Love Susan Steve Lowe Nnta Lucas Alfred Luck Chrlstlne Lu ilow Garv Lund Kathy Lylae Mary Ann Lyons Nancy McCleery Dons McGee Wrllne McUghy Lando Mackie Fred Maleclfl Leal Mallory Dlane Marsh Nan y Markham Brenda Marshall Kay Maschke Morgue IV ttern John Moxfxeld ,ff fix fs A-IR Ox og rv'-5 r.. l , A '- .ofis rv I -C' TJ' 'Y' hr 'q Y? fx ,445 ,Q pv'vs U' JJ4 if' 7 'Y' '7"s f' Q-Q gi, C7 'nt Stephen Hubbell Julie Huber Shirley Hunget Russell Hunt Ruby Hurt r Donald Hdtchrns Tam l'-lutchlns James Huwtlzlcker Jack Hyatt Beverly ls body Jon lngeb tsen Helen Jaofson Eleanor Jagow Judy Jahnke Davld Jesperson Jun' John on Manlyn Johnson Rnchard Johnson Terrv Johnson Ann Jone Davld Juncker Mnchael Kabat Allyn Kaercher Judrth Kazda Jam Keen Pat Keller Nancy Kemph Sandra Kullebrew Jo Ann Krlluch Barb Kurnball Jam Knrby Norman Klrby Judy Klttel Sue Klaasen Lee Klemschmldt Owen Klemschmudt Judlth Klohs Gary Knlffen Marllyn Knott Wlllnam Koernke 'lf' vw r "7 4' fi A A 4 u Q , 5 B l" " -- " I t '5 f 1 af: - J ' N 1 -as . -1 u ,.. S-1 pi J K ,f , ,A ' K f I A . - 1 Q I x S ' " l '- K . ,, V, ,J in 0 76 fd ,I 7, N ,, p , , , .... V -. rw lf, 1 7 Q-,A VM f 'A A, A in 1 .J 1 A X I? A' NA - Y 0 ' , 2 - 3. ' 4 'www J Z: J.. ,W Iii TQ if: 'gy . " If-,L th .,, K y 5 ,, ri ' ,J A , 5 Z V-A 0 0- A .,i , fx 7 ,, .9 li v 1, 'vp 1,1 A 4 A , If ' . 1 - -,j A V L A K JN .,, .. ' nv 'nl ' - - y A WJ ,, -. , ,l nj A .0 , "' tt' . ,. ' - -9- A Q' ' ' JK . . A J A ' 6 . . T. 1- 7.7, N 'f fm- f .5 ,, . . li If 1-5 ,Q va Q Q- .g'L'- at 1 . , ' J-W S 1 "' , ' r. .- ,fl a ,,,, J L11 . . - A 'Q , 1 . . Don La e l tl A ' g ' I 1 5: Q FLW' Q1 K- , fs '.. -.. i 71 -' . l A -.1 ,,, .,.4 -:J .J X .-' 5 'jf . , , , . "" 'X H 5 Q-Q 'T ll: ' , 4 X' f ' A X' ' K u fs ,- A ' r Q . "P S vw ,Uv vs 4. 'az 4 Q F- Q al ' r -45 L -1 - ' 7 -- 4 wi 'fb 1 eg . A " J ' I -J-4 J' l 4 X7 '7 I. . I lu J L it , .1 - RN " ' 3 TI . ' 'J 7: fs f - -3 -:J 'A - .1 1 ' .a ' - -- V W- . , - 5- ,Rv .,h . , x I y V . A A --J t ' I ' l s' f A -R .. Hr: .Q .. R f, r A ,R V 1 Qi ,fm r li 0 v , . A - I - w .Q 1 I r N -- ,'k ' .1 D. A A , ' ' 'S 'fe 1 k X . Q M C la 7s R 5 ,,.. ,- , ' K if , .ttf ,,..,,, ...., 4, get lf, ,Av 'T' It .,. .L .Q 6 9 x -A X , J-. - ' -' I ,.,,, f 1 v -v -Q. - , l . tc fl f V H' John Muxwe Judy Maybee Judy Moyers Lols Mnchef lder Pam Mules Kenneth Mlley Shlrly Mlley Bull Mn er Mary Montague Larry Moon Mark Moon Andrew Moore Helen Moore Lovell Moore Sue Morse Jxll Mueller Judy Mummery Eddie Murphy Gwendolyn Murphy James Murphy Elenor Myers Eric Nagler Mary Nellly Bruce Nel on Marnlyn Nelson Mary Ann Nelson Mlchele Newcomb Charles Newton Kay Nucho' Tom Nicholson Judlfh Noehren Sharon Noffsnnger Tom Nunn Muchal O Hare Thomas Ohlgrew Kay Osborne Ron Parker Lunlce Parham Judy Parkinson Vern Parks is fv- fa Ju for fs" ii- J i 'wr 'N obvi- rs C7 , T? 43 '- -ol -1 pn .fv- 149 L Sondra Passow John Patanellu Kendall Patterson Alfred Paul as af! "N "YN 0 4' Katherxne Payne Bull Pearse U cv '- Royal Peake Angela Peckham Marvin Pedlga Judlth Peet Judith Pell Lando Perry Anthony Peters Ja G Peterson Roberta Phll lps C5 'ff E36 James Rlchards Lynn Richards Vlrglnla R esenweber LeRoy Rlley Louise Roach Steve Robbuns Gayle Roberts Sharon Roberts Annette Robertson Mary Robin on Arden Rogers Emily Rohr Wesley Rohraff Madelyn Romme Jacquelnne Ross Rlchard Ross Dave Rowe Patrlcna Rowland Janet Ruby Wnllnam Ryan Richard Scttler Nancy Sanders Joe Sconlo Marne Schott Brent Schauer lrvln Scheel Ernest Schenk Mary Schlanderer Dove Schnevder Janet Schrelder Joan Scheenhals Carollne Schanschock Larry Schouwenaar Duane Schroch Baerbel Schuette Carolnne Schumacher Susan Schumacher Wtllnam Schutze Leonard Schwartz Sally Schwemmln 44? L vn- 1--' Allce Puehutrosl-cl Jane Putts John Pllchta Tom Plnske Dlana Podewll :X Ro allnd Padewlls Wnlllam Pohert Carolyn Pope Lee Prlnd' Geneva Psaros Ola Purchase Barba Purdo Phylus Radde Gary Radke ,, Peter Radzvuckas Bruce Roe James Rael:-urn Pete Raft Isaac Ramsey Reynold Redman Bernxce Reed Gerald Relslnger Ronald Rekewltz ffm . 'N "' Robert Rlce uq 34, 1 Q ov .5 1- Pi ,gli 'l A 11' '0- IT " A A S -' ri- G 3 ' , 7 u- of rv. V - , 1 -- ' A '- ' 1 , ' 3 xl 7 'ir H , -'J 'Z h. N: '-4 , 1 , J . A , S X x -J ,, N i b V - ,, rt 'S -5- we ,, 9 3 v. :F Q J 4 " ' 3 'S A " -Y v-v ' v ' 1 ...v ' ' ' ' , 3 ' 5, x . . ' p . l f 4 E R in fu Q ,g .v .. .12 ' , V Q A I , ' ' '21 .f ' 7- 2, 9 -nv " 'Y 1 'cf ' ' A , -J - . f A . 5 s . le N I N -' - fa V " 'I ' P 3 A . ll Y , A , ka V - . L- .. H R N, Q K J ' z '-' ' .Q Y- lf N ' 1 K t 1 ' . I . . J 'Q Q p 'Q ,Fi fi li a ' l 'A ik F -'Q i 1 1 iq n vs F I V X ,, -.5 wx ' . ,.g . Q ' r -I .,p I I ' . . " , - . A Y? we ' ' fi i Karolyn Reynolds ,J A 'V' . J I N -V x A M ' , 'J ,Q " N , -- 1' vw , Tr S ' y, ' r 'Z W fl A ' 7 fi ' Ll ,x I' , I ' 'sa ' ,- ' - x ,JF f gs nh 'Pu' ,, f., K I3 ' f' ' -3 J R . v ., 'Q f 4 . .4 ' Q -L S .a X, " I F-S I nn- I A 4 ,, .Q ,.,, l n v- y-J 0 . 'u. - 1: fl- is 1'0- f . " je J J 'L 'rg f " , U7 --,- 4- ' -. 7 T7 I , . , . I is Al- I - f 1' . . f fz vi l' 0 5 "" , I fl 0 , vo 8 W' A ,g is V 4, ' I .9 T, H -L ni V, ,, , -, N 7 Y . s t ' I 4 , . A J A H. A S l'3 'T P " I 'z FQ -o ,o .1 4 fi 0 ' 1 0 ,Y , 0 l nd . . - -. , - W- f ' A ' f V , K 1 I - F' rp tri' I""' '50 di F .P one Scott Louro Settles Stello Sexton Dtonno Show Ruchcrd Show Dove Showoker John Shelton Edwnn Shnppey Donna Shugg Koren Sukes Shorcn Suns Corotyn Stmpson Joseph Sunclotr 'HW X11 ,545 WP! G ,, w IZ.. 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L Gary Barr Rlchard Bancroft Albert Bartels Glen Blankenshup Bartley Boudrue James Brlnkley Douglas Brown Sally Brown Wllllam Brown Stephen Burpo Jerome Center Richard Casterlune What Chatrnan Duck Cody Emlls Damroze Douglas Danforth Jerry Day Wllllam Dean Dlan DeMerrnll Margaret Dereck Earl Flet her Carol Frederlck Jeanne Guerln Kurt Hcaxma Carl Hamfnond Sally Hanawalt Ronald Hart Kenneth Harwood Bradford Henderson Judy Henry Carole Hertsberg Lrndsey Hobbs Davud Hopp Pamela Hughes Fred Hunt Ernestlne James Wrllnarn James Donna lfarnes Robert Kay VICTIMS OF THE FLU JUNIORS 149 Douglas Kelsea Karen Lovelace Gary McCann Evalnne Mamtyk Bxll Marquis Carol Mastln Nancy Meeks Charles Musll Tom Newcomb Fred Nielson James Offrcer Jerry Pace Yvonne Parmlter Marrlyn Peterson Stephan e Pray Becky Preketes Clarence Radloff Joyce Ramsey Sharon Rehan Dorothy Plnesmrth Merle Rohraff Tom Rolfe Dean Rowe Ida Rowry Emmett Sotterla John Schenk Carl Schneeberger Rvchard Stern David Strerle Kathy Szegda Jock Taylor Karen Tedder Munnre Thlqpen Danny Vokovrch Bull Wecker John We ley Pat Wnllucms Jacqueline 7 chokke Lony Fumsworfh Margaret Roberts A s 1' Wllllam Orr Presndent 'Fi MA James Potter Vuce presudent Q anti w --1 sten Nielsen Secretary SOPHOMORE EXECUTIVE BOARD The Sophomore Class Executlve Board plans many of the actuvntes IH which sophomores take part Prob ably the most Important smgle actlvlty was the Fall Fun Nnght to whuch all students were nnvnted Besldes dancang to records students were able to swnm play badminton or volleyball try theur hand at pung pong or just slt and tolk Besldes the Fun Nught the sophomores under the dlrectlon of the executlve board made a float for the homecomung parade The Class Executive Board IS made up of repre sentatlves from each homeroom In addltlon to the three class officers These representatnves about 22 ln all ask advuce from theur homerooms and take these sugestuons to the meetung so that actually rt IS the entlre class which plans thelr actuvltues and voices their opmuon on student affairs Mr Meyers as class advlsor gaves suggestnons and assists the commlttees when they reach ultimatum Cozy lnttle Group ,f Lavone Ackerman Thomas Acree Carolyn Adams Sherrrl Agar Thomas Agler Marilyn Aitken Carl Allen Davld A Allen David N Allen Mrke Allen Carl Anderson Lesley Anderson Perry Anderson Bull Andress Darrel Angell Edward Ankenbrand Ruth A Apple Mary Arcure Janet Arn-bruster Frutz Arnold Thehodrs Aske w Mary Asprun Kenneth Atwood Thomas Bader Bonnie Barr Bonnle K Baker Dxanne Bank Tom Basso Thomas Baurngardner John Beard Robert Beck Susan Beck Shurley Beckley Susan Beckman Nancy Beckwrth Donald R Behlun Eileen Begole Cassandra Beklares Howard Benford Frances Brgelow gg 15 nw- nf' 'af' Q 4 uv'- -J' I 'Y ffl 'E NA rd! 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N 3 S- L x gpm li-1 Lando Koch Carol Koernke Lnllxan Kornexl Gary Krause Susan Kruel Nancy Kulblclu Bull Kulenkamp Mary Kurtz Sydney Ladd Thomas Ladush George Lage Joan Lamberson Harold Lambert Duane Lansberry Dnxue Laroe Evelyn LaRose Gary Leftrndge Sharon Lellrng Robert Lennox Mltchel Levm Jlm E Lewis Jxm H Lewus Myron Lewus Wxll:amJ Lrchty Sarah Llllya Martha Llndenschmldt Paul Lnonquust John Lnpson Diana Llttlejohn Kay London Gary Lorenz Betty Lovelace Judy Lovell Larry Lowe Barbara Loy Gary Lucas Marlene Luckhardt Kaye Lundahl Bull Lymangrover Barbara Lyndon Q 4 ,- f "".7 ,za-Q T? '-Q J liilxl If pf? 'pdl' I 2 -M--fi PN fx K fs. uni we-fn ,,,,.. 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A Q :-4 , ,X 4' Q 1"55' j Mad .Thuvtcgwphew Shake 162 DEDENDAIBLE YOU KNOW THESE SENIORS Rrchard Carbeck 'Q' Lmda Wunkelhaus Ruchard Draper You also know DEY Photographers over 25 years of tune relnable photography an Ann Arbor DEY STUDIO Clifton Dey Owner SamuelSturgls Assoclate NOrmandy3 5031 33250 State Lmda Legatsku Gs Janet Everhardus 163 1 9 O' Hr - ,C , jlt Q! it a t A , vsp ' ' 11 , ' l ' Ve I I WAY T0 BETTER LIVING th s 1r1tual and materlal rlches of the Learnmg provldes a key to e p d dustry have combmed to world Through learnmg sc1ence an 1n benefits and a new measure of lelsure brmg new convenlence new mto our hves In thls evolutlon eIect11c1ty has playe a IL In the yeaxs to come you WIII 11ve stlll bettel electucally fo1 grea 61 h hex etandalds of Iealnlng thlngs are 1n store But lt WIII take eve1 lg to w1n them Good luck to you 1n helpmg to make the d1eams of today the 1ea11t1es of tomorrow DETROIT EDISON ' 7 7 ' ' " ' d leading part. 4691401 !0f giver, KU, CBJ QF! ill 2481! .f4fL0l' H ANN ARBOR PUBLIC SCHOOLS Well Trained Teachers The foresight ond generosity of the cm Excellent Equipment Splendid School Burldrngs Fine Student Body zens of Arm Arbor hove mode possuble o Cnty school system for Ann Arbor which offers equol opportunity for every boy cmd gurl THE ANN ARBOR BOARD OF EDUCATION EVERYTHING FOR THE OFFICE Washtenaw County S Largest , Orce Ourlrre s and Amo CGVHGNY Statoners Phone NO 2 6503 IIA II6 EastWashlngton Sf ANN ARBOR MICHIGAN BROADWAY MARKET Bob Seeger and Dan Gray Telephone NO mcndy 3 5828 IO27 Broodwoy Ann Arbor Thirty Years ofFashlon Service to Ann ArborWomenl -Ho ppf 529 533 East Liberty Mnchlgan Theater Bunldmg THE MOUNT VERNON SHOP On Washnngton Headquarters for Hallmark Cards Ann Arbor Machlgan " I " NOW IN ADDITION TO OUR OTHER SERVICES 01127541567 bv dole Iisher ossociotes 3378 Woshienow I' NOrmondy 2-9698 fld II I66 QUALITY PRINTING BOOKS COLOR PRINTING CATALOGUES O PRINTING PUBLICATIONS SOCIAL PRINTING YEARBOOKS ADVERTISING PRINTING THE CRAFT PRESS M Y NO 8 8805 SINGER SEWING CENTER Cornpiete ltne at sewtng maclmne and vacuum cleaners Courtesy ot Singer tu 5 Mum NO 25569 CONGRATULATIONS CLASSofI958 GINGHAM INN M Washtenaw s Favorlte Spot For FINE FOODS Your Host Don Bnlett B E MUEHLIG INC The Largest and Most DRY GOODS STORE In Washtenaw County' T26 SOUTH MAIN STREET CORNER WASHINGTON STREET 167 J B . 330 a nord Street - O O O , O T H E ' 2755 Washtenaw Road Ypsilanti, ichigan Complefe O I ' a O O 'Y VAN BOVEN SHOES BLUE WIG BEAUTY SALON 103 E Liberty NOS-9771 PREMIER FURNACES COAL OIL GAS FURNACES INDUSTRIAL DOMESTlC SHEET METAL WORK COPPER WORK Fabrication - Installation Air Conditioning Business Phone NO rmandy 2-1451 Home Phone N0 rmandy 3-5582 B. H. GRAE 81 SON Edv. A. Graf 332 S. 'ith I ve been notlcm all ewenlng how But she was tralned lVltll other be L X Theres a gurl Q! Id luke to meet My 1' L K7 F f' 0 QQ xlxf X kk! f M "!"'lH Sow f pleasant and charmlng he 15 to ew eryone l m told her name IS Betty and she works for the telephone com pany Wlll you mtroduce me? Yes Betty throu h day to day trarnln on her telephone job has alned a reat deal of P0156 and confidence real assets to an attrac tlve sslnnlng personallty When she started her Job Betty had no CYPCFICIICC IH telephone work gmners hy Mlchl an Bell s frlendly understandmg superusors Todwy Betty s proud of her work enjoys a fine salary re ular wa e lncreases and many new frlends What more could any Ulfl 1sk IH a job? Why not et IH touch wlth us now? We ll be happy to tell you more about the varlety of lnterestm telephone jobs from whlch you can choose Well be lookmg for you' 323 E WclshnngtonSt MICHIGAN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY A Good Place to Work 169 etn' X . 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SON FABERS BAKERY 219 NORTH MAIN STREET Across from the Post Office Weddings Birthdays Anniversaries Pastries Bread Rolls Pies Every type 0 fabric or every sewmg need 341 S Mann NO 2 H32 is , If ri, L' " 1 in. R 2 XM . . lb A 1 s N ' ' , rf! A f M ,R Q I 1 1 , . 1 , f 171 it -it-,.,, I' 4 as Q,, Wbrsw O "wo ! CONGRATULATIONS THE GRADUATES' S C H E V E 81 K 0 C H Heatmg 8. Alr-Conditioning Contractors KOCH 8. SONS Shell Heatmg Oils e NO 8-6975 911 Brown N E Observatory Beauty Salon 1402 Wash rmgton Hts For PERSONALIZED Hairstyles NOrmandy 2 3413 Ann Arbor M ch go STEIN CLEANERS SINCE 1912 For those who care WE CALL AND DELIVER 204 East Washington Street NO rmandy 2-2567 SCHLANDERER 81 SONS Ycsrncroft Shop Jewelers and Sllb8FSmllhS Yarns KY Knlttlng Supplles NO Q 0306 NO 2 0303 IQ N cIceI A code CONGRATULATIONS ' GOOD LUCK ' N zelsen s Flower Shop and Greenhouses 1021 MAIDEN LANE o dy 23269 ANN ARBOR MICHIGAN E T Z G E R 9 S ANN ARBOR HIGH SCI-IOOI O d Is SI de Is III OUAIITY ATI-IIE IC EOUIPIVIENT Since I9I5 We Speclallze ln Award Sweaters MOE SPORT SHOPS 7II N Umversury Ave 902 S Store ST - I 5 f 208 S MOIU SI Arm ArbOrf IVIICIW U , . 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I r I 189 FASHION FUN All year round wonderful styles from Goodyears for ou Colorful sportswear for all four seasons dressy sheers all ored suits beautiful femmme fashions formals for the bng dance ol the season shoes to make your toes twmkle an treasure chests of lovely accessones all waltmg for yo 122-4 South Main Street 213 South State Street IN ANN ARBOR SINCE 7888 PAUL'S MUSICAL REPAIR MUSICAL SUPPLIES AND REPAIRING New, Used and Rebuilt Instruments FWS WHERE MUSICIANS MEET" wfwhf NO dy2I834 II3 seuw MAIN ANN ARBQR CLQTHING NG 2 BI87 as Y . Phone: II9 es as mg on Street r ' ., . i 4 3 I " 1 .I I 9 . , ,, lex". 4 'fy v' fn I I , , i , W . l9l LU WHEN A KING GOES l'ORlIi Vke have thought of thle headmg a g,reat deal thls yeal as we worked on your Omega We have had a real chance to 10 VIEW and to some extent evaluate our school for Wh1Ch the t1tle words were vvr1tten We are all convmced that we have a kmg,ly whlch trles through all of ltb departmentb md 1Qt1v1t1ee. to pro mote the kmgly VIFUIQS It has been very rewardmg to bu1ld th1e. book md hope some of thls satlsflotlon vs 1ll eome thloubh to you ul oul book lhe bt 111 1 7 1 1 rw . v ' , - o u . I E '. ' f T ,f ' . - . xi schoolg a school well fitted to wear the royal colors, 21 school . . T C . W w 1 Z I . . - ' ' " ' "' 'a 1 e we - ' . ' 1 1 ' . , 1 0- - 'Q V 1 Clwvffwfp 1 I 'J' fvn 42" C! ' A , I ,M fx i " f A V Q ' 2 ""' I' 'nf' ' ' 4. Y I I x 'Q 9- aff ,V pf f . ,H W - 4 V X A z , f f X' A fl -' 1, j x L", Q 5 f . !X - 'I R., . . ' . 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