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i zu.. y .f 4,4 . ',-me P.' ', V. ..-,.-E'-.L . . 4 , " 1 I -'.f'- - 1' ' . " ",',7., f . If 4 ...--.'1:.'-f', :-'.7.ff..Z'1?"-"' " I I " v:'.,.p,.:,,,-rl,...'..JF. , J I I -v . , .1' a,.1-'-','-'..1.- f I . ' '., , I -- ,. 10. ' - f f K x -,f, 'f , --.. ,-. 4. 1 , I. fx-i.-" ' - ,- - ..- '. ' I lo... ,. -- --Jn., .. l 1 x f 1 ' nfhtil - . -l.,' .gf D I x s , K '. '-.-.'..' L X , , . , N . 1 LN VNX4Xvx rx 4- f M 1 .-.uni-.::'L: L1 . -If Zi! J -, -bi ,W l, l I I- l r'Y'f,'., ANN AFQEUF-11 P-HEP-I ECI-HEEL ANN AFQEEIF IVIIEHIEAN UMEEA 1951 Eeclica fion Wnlham Sonandres Known for hrs crewcut and for the Interest and enthusiasm wuth whlch he teaches has classes Wnlllam Sonandres has also devoted much tame to other youth actlvlhes In addltlon to his partncnpatlon In the city R d Cross advlsor and for sax years worked to produce the Omega Mr Sonan res devoted much of hus time to nmprovmg language traumng an the hugh school both In has own pet course Spamsh and also by adding a course m conversational Spamsh It us a pnvnlege for the Omega staff to be able to dedicate this years book to a man of such hugh callbre as both a teacher and a fnend 2 AX 'N . recreation program, he is e ' ' . . d has . . . . ,, ,, . , . , . , . . John Roseme,-gy Paul Yambert C n0ulAClge'nen fa The staff wlshes to acknowledge the outstandnng services given to our school by John Rosemergy and Paul Yambert Mr Rosemergy has been connected wnth the scnence department for five years teachlng chemustry physical sctence and astronomy He has earned the reputatlon of being an nnterestlng teacher and a skillful hand tn the planetanum Hts ablllty to propagate Interest nn the planetarlum led an part to the excellent program whlch students engoyed at Chnstmas tume A real authentlc type woodsman Mr Yambert's ex cutmg tales of the Appalachtan tratl and bear escapes dad much to make biology enloyable A conservatuon specnallst Mr Yambert served as assistant dnrector of the camp program He has recently lomed the staff of the Conservatnon department of Wlsconsm State College 3 P l.lHl1WUl5llfJ Ann Arbor Highs new building has been occupied for more than a year now. Since fall the attitudes and feelings ot the students have changed. The school has become our school' instead of the new school. The numerous halls and rooms that once baffled students are now familiar. There was time to notice and appreciate the many such exceptional fea- tures as the planetarium the soda bar and the swimming pool. Other fine facilities such as the language laboratory and the library didnt receive as much attention but they were equally appreciated During these post months the glossy newness of the school has begun to mellow lt is no longer an impersonal strange building but o place filled with memo ries which are important now and in the years to come Thus the yearbook for i957 not only portays many of the events and personalities of the school as IS customary but is also an attempt to represent the spirit of progress which seems tc nave permeated the school to a greater degree than ever before in its recent history In education changes are not made over night but with its new facilities Ann Arbor should continue to be in the forefront of modern education The staff hopes it has been successful in telling the story pr sent the 1957 Omega Smfl f'f2-9-7 fXlJ Q V iw C-if S10 ot this "building for the future." lt is with pride that we n 'l . J' ' b X X -ft? Q its - Q . IQUNTENTE KALENUAQ AITNWWEE ATHLETEE UQRKULUN4 ETUUE ABE INDEX Q iI AUETTON 1 ,-My ALENDAR U u 3 m , N 4 ' x , 1 y 1 I I 1 x 59 g il W!-1 9-M JW 1 Be the first in your block to enroll 311 EWU!! S7 UA all'- gm gig ig...-satis "" An old book exchange with a new front 8 THE FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL Bewnldered sophomores scurrying lunlors and non chalant seniors bring the classrooms and corridors to life Whether it is a bright or gloomy day it is always recalled through a golden nostalgic haze Old friends are greeted and suntans are compared in homeroom There is always a shock when a student sees his schedule of classes The mad scramble of locating a room filling begins To the accompaniment of 'angling bells students hurry from class to class hoping that their legs will be strong enough for the dash from B building to E build ing Such comments as I dont know a person in that class impromptu theme tomorrow and Ill never pass algebra can be heard The weary wait at the book stores begins at noon After a person fights his way through the howhng mobs he discovers that his books weigh a total of mneteen pounds and cost seventeen dollars In spite of the confusion he first day of school is looked forward to and :Jndly re membered L 1 L 'Q Q -H, 4+ is K 2 e 0 if Ol' ee 1 . . ' KM out endless schedules, and receiving first assignments fm-W LA ugwfim t . . . . . I K A I . . . I ,A ll, ll' ll, ll I 5 . . . ,I . , ' ef W sf S aeeyjsbv 1,451 V T S Outdoor classroom rocluffion of fde ctgyllfated 'l ,, ejlllnej Students returning to classes faced two types of edu- cational programs. On the formal side of the picture were the class rooms in which sometimes unwilling students were drilled, lectured to, and tested on everyday subiects. An immense change took place for one week during the three years of high school, however, when each student had the chance to attend camp. The camp experience is a complete variation from regular school activities. Al- though there are classes, they are carried on outside and are related to conservation, woodcraft, and other outdoor interests. Campfires, skits, and games were also included in the program, which is directed by Charles Barclay with Paul Yambert as his assistant. Classroom subiects are important, but the camp program brings a gratifying change. 9 '-5" -sd is is Chemistry l """"""""" Wlwnmnm-.w-A-.,.,,.. W WW Y FALL brings sharp changes ln climate and the opportunny for students to gam first hand knowIedge of the weather vla the weather siahon W .WM uv- :- ' . ,:.f, . ' ',h.,:,ff-?'f'Zf Jubilee in the locker room ja!! in Wew egyclaoof prouiJe5 Wew x,9erience.4 A chapter in Ann Arbor High history started when students attended the first fall session in their new building. Soon certain things began to stand out.. There was the weather report on the daily bulletin. lt wasn't long before people found out that these weather reports had been taken from the school's own weather station. New sights such as this were seen, but there were also old familiar sights with a new twist. The some wondering faces of the sophomores were seen in the corridors as they had been in the past. This year, however, they seemed more puzzled than ever before, as there were more and larger corridors. Students attended the first football game played on Hollway Field. School spirit was the same and the new training room greeted the players after their hard- fought games. ll cgyfuzlenh C oo5e ian Lffe! Red-haired, blue-eyed Dian Littell, this year's homecoming queen, received her crown and kiss from Don Perigo, 1955-1956 basketball co-captain, during the traditional half-time homecoming cere- mony. Members of the queen's court were: seniors Mary Meadows and Linda Potter, juniors Judy Finger- le and Janet Everhardus,and sophomores Sue Bigby and Carol Steinke. The pre-game parade from Wines field to the high school was led by the band and cheerleaders and included the queen's car plus many other cars deco- rated by students. A pep rally with a bonfire behind Hollway Field followed the parade. The following night the annual homecoming dance was held climaxing this year's homecoming activi- ties. During the preesntation of the queen and her court, the queen received an autographed football from the 1956 football captain, .lim Baughn. HOMECOMING COURT Don Perngo crowns Homecoming Queen Dian Luttell who IS Everhardus Mary Meadows Linda Potter Judy Flngarle and Sue Bagby 12 surrounded by members of her court: Carol Stienke, Janet I I I I I Homecoming Queen Dian Llttell u een J Ceggra fe Nom ecom in g Whai do you mean, "crowded"? Royal promenade Slo mo shun ',g'l'?f4,f. ' ' "i .' A - 13 jg affsllaflj ealures L aneous aa! Darn this lighter The Drama Workshops fall play Kind Lady presented the flrst real opportunity to make use of new stage facllltles Not only were its members sublected to new surroundings but to a new dlrector as well The play Itself was of a dufterent type than those usually done by the class As o whole the November production was a success ful experlment The plot of the play concerned the troubles ot Mary Herrles fNancy Tobnasl an elderly woman llvmg an Boston The vxllaln was an artlst named Henry Abbott lDlck Bartelsl who by a few nasty ruses forced hlmself and has com patrnots Into Mlss Herrles house and nmpnsoned her there They convinced Phyllls Glennlng lllnda Woodworthl and Peter Santard fLarry Zahnl the only relatives In contact with Mary that she had left on a trip they got nd of the mald lNancy Frenchl and proceeded to llve oH Miss Herrles fortune All danger to their plan disappeared when Mary s only other frlend Lucy Weston lSue Welchl was kllled Mary Herrles tried unsuccesfully to get help from Gustav Rosenberg lGeoFfrey Krusel an art dealer who dudnt know the score Help finally arrlves In the form of an mcome tax adluster tChr1s Opplel whom she flnally manages to convmce of her plight The evnl forces were perhaps the weurdest collectlon of mdnvlduals ever seen wlthln one and one half hours The auduence was treated to Henry Abbotts wife fNancy Kackleyl Mr and Mrs Edwards fErlk Arnesen and Sue Pottl thenr daughter Aggne CLmda Haguel and thenr medlcal accomplice the doctor fLloyd Crabtreel A cool tfreezmgl stare Put her up there: what a nuisance The inside story pirafe5 ofpenzance pack flue youu The mood of the Pirates of Penzance is set by the rollicking tune sung by the Pirate King lWindy Landi. It is a gala day, for Frederick lEd Argersingeri has come of age. Ruth, his faithful nurse, Uoyce Hartwegi explains that a misunderstanding caused Frederick to become a pirate. Sixty girls, the daughters of General Stanley, arrive. The pirates attempt to kidnap the daughters. General Stanley informs them that he is an orphan, and the girls are freed, for the pirates have sworn never to harm an orphan. The General, not really an orphan at all, regrets his falsehood, forthe pirates swear to avenge it. For protection he employs Wallace Anderson as chief of police. Despite these happenings the ending is a happy one. lt was quite a different job working on a stage three times the size of the stage in the old auditorium. This gave the director an easier time working with the large cast of the operetta. I - 15, -- - -V ,- I5 Yo-ho-hal "You can't do this. It's illegal! game warms the spmi of both players and observers WINTER . . . and a hard-fought basketball 9' .,,, . 'NV Matters of finance wllfer jeafureb jogfanal gaff SCAOOXPFQPGPGJ !0I' NOAJGW Gay Christmas spirit was felt by Ann Arbor High students as the before Christmas preparations took place. The sight of students merrily trimming trees, and the sound of such scraps of conversation as "Watch out, don't drop itl", "Where did those lights go?", and "We need some more tinsel over here" were familiar. Finally, the merry trimmers finished their work, and it could be seen everywhere in the school. The gaily trimmed trees all over the building kept spirit high. Carrying out the idea of giving gifts at Christmas, students attended the Toyland Ball, sponsored by the Presidents' Committee. Here, instead of buying tickets for admission, students brought a toy apiece. These toys were later given to an agency who distributed them to various needy children throughout the city. Through both the decorations and the actual giving of gifts, Christmas spirit reigned high this year at Ann Arbor High. i7 M, MW 'X M J ,ff W Reception line Cfor basketball players? Whoops, bu? no slip-up unior rom iii An wnfer .f4cfiuifie.4 9 9 Late fall and the winter months brought with them the "dance season." The touchdown ball was the first maior dance of the year and provided a fitting climax for the successful football season. In the picture at right, football captain Jim Baughn investigates the punch bowl situation. The "big" dance, however, was the Junior Prom. Much preparation for the prom was undertaken by members of the junior class. In the picture below, a floral display is "in the works". The prom was a fitting climax to the winter's activities. Take two they re small Q- 5 . u., W-, X . t , an T 1 Maxx Arranging flowers for the Junior Prom X2 i xv ' T N M I if. ,V ,f , ff, -3- l diff- -'. I9 if .49 P--f' 4-5-C fo Q-v ,pw 1 Pnnclpal Ron Fullerton i 'f-Q Supervisor of Attendance Erik Arnesen checks records with his eagle-eyed staff. eI1l0I'5 el I1 Uel' C 00 Who dtd you have last hour? Say we couldnt get away much Brother' ls thus a punlc' Com ments such as these were the basls of many conversations among students on March nme teenth, the date of thus years Sensor Day Thus was the day that was chosen for those senlors who were qualltled to take over classes and those who were elected to take over the odmm lstratlve lobs an the school There was a great varuatuon rn the degree of enthuslasm for teachung whuch the semor teachers had at the end ofthe day They began to realuze some of the problems assoclated wnth teachung and the extensnve preparatuon requlred to make a class both mterestmg and unformatlve George Balas administrative us- sistant for o day 20 ,fy ff sf 'pf ,N wi L 59 1 -M 1: all WM Wir ""'Qw W' SPRING seemed to be the season at any hme of the year an the greenhouse, wuth flowers contmually opemng and n0UI'IShll'1Q vegetahon IH the background , K '-,tu of M 1' , f, , 1 ,Q -1 my G s In I ' " l , V Q A 5 "xo If 4 , +3314 ' "Darn it . . . I forgot my lines!" If i H eorge waJAingfon Sdvpf ilereu is jinaf 5cAoo! ag The curtain of George Washington Slept Here rose when Newton Fuller iDick Bartelsi told his wife, Anabel, CAlison Brownl, his daughter, Madge, lKathy Staebleri, and Steve Eldridge llarry Zahnl that he has bought a farm- house. Eldridge points out that George Washington slept there. Anabel is not impressed, and the cook CSally Browni announces that she is quitting. Various local people arrive. Leggett Frazer iDick Downeyl,Tommy Hughes Uohn Barnesi, Mr. Kimber iChris Opplei tells them that the only water is on Mrs. Prescott's CSue Himleri place. Mrs. Douglas iNancy Frenchi says that it wasn't George Washington but Benedict Arnold who slept in the house. lt starts to rain, and two actors, Rena Leslie CNancy Tobias? and Clayton Evans lDavid Saunders! stop for shelter. Hester fSunnie Thomasl announces that she wants the evening off. Anabel is expecting Uncle Stanley iErik Arneseni, Leggett Frazer Het? Crewsi, Tommy Hughes Uohn Barnesi, Sue Barrington lDiane Burtl, and Miss Wilcox Clinda Woodworthi for dinner. Newton says that they must give up the house because he has run out of money. All are at the point of dispair when Steve comes in with a map that Raymond VJim Flood! has been withholding. Sue Welch was student director. "Eek!! Watch your hand!" HH! jaknf ggnomst in farlng, .SJfuJenf5 Much spice was given the February twentieth All School Talent Show by two sisters, Kay and Connie Clark. Connie sang accompanied by Kathy Grau and the Malcolm Danforth Band. Kay did a record pantomime. Among the other excellent acts were: singer, Martha Fralick, the Malcolm Danforth Band, and the Chicken Scratchers CPat Glushyn, Karen McKenzie, Barb Wing, Mary Beth Myers, and Mark Hannahl. The Senior Talent Show, m'ceed by Bill Melvin, was started off with a bang by the rockettes. There was plenty of music provided by the Calverts and the Malcolm Danforth Band. Several singing groups also performed. Among the vocal soloists were Renee Preketes and Connie Clark assisted by Pete Reindell. Kathy Grau, Giles Peterson, and Jim Bailey played piano solos. Pantomimes were performed by Kirsten James and the Nirobe trio. Apres moi The inevitable 24 re5enf .f4fK5cAoo!, Senior .Mem Akai Sacked I 5 4 ? J - ' Monkeyshines from darkest Africa f, Q The MOSTI - Y 1... ....,., ...... ,np Prnnclpal Nrcholas Schrerber congratulates semors at graduatlon valldjl SACD! L55 I'aLlll6l,l0I1, ja 25 GCE I'he long awaited moment As the year draws to a close the sensors prepare for theur last school acttvlty Graduataon Thns as the cltmax of the three years spent at Ann Arbor Hugh The ceremony marks the end of a wonderful phase nn each student s lute Now they leave thelr old trlends and surroundings for colleges work or other actlvxtles Some wull never see thelr frtends agam but they wnll always remember thetr old school The ceremony ns shorter and more stream lmed this year Nevertheless t us no less moving than the ones precedmg at After graduatton the senuors wrll torn the long lane ot alumm from Ann Arbor Hugh 66 77 f of f ,Q - Lp . In 'i. . ' l l 26 'Ili-I 11,49 vqwwlmgfi '-N--. Lookmg ahead 27 5 , '32 . 5. ,4 K 1 , W' Jia .F u-. 7 Q R41 ,K , , 'K . Li . , .6 4 M 1 K , f i 4 1' V5 7 Q I 4 M f M gt A . '. A , 5 Y 'Q-. R4 -. fx , , .:"':' .Nui b fm., Q IN, v . W , s .9 -v Zfifix x X xx xi ' I -N f. Qu' 1. .,., ' 'el A X Yam " '- ' A Q' i 4 5 v ,gg-W . eg, V f N - . ' ii! . 8 . I v K I 1 4? , . 2 3 S 5 I' X . .V ,.,.AHv President Ron Fullerton Ounflf l Aeflf l'0Ul e OZIEGKIQPJALI9 A .sjtllfleflt 0UeI'l'llnellt There was never a dull moment in the small room off first floor corridor known as the Student Council OHICB This years council was busy with the problems and needs that come with the first full year ln a new hugh school They planned the new noon hour program consist Ing of tournaments a dlsc lockey show and television in the community room the first homecoming un Holloway Field and the blannual carnival The Student Council was also host to the Six A Conference for members of the counclls of all of the Six A League schools Here the representa tives exchanged Ideas to help the schools participating In the confer ence Also active In clvnc affairs the Student Council sponsored fund drives gathered food baskets for the needy at Christmas and par Vice president Duck Allen tlcipated In the Cancer Tag Day put on by the Tr1Hlgh Council This year for the first time the Council was In charge of dances after the malor home games ln the sports schedule Secretary Margaret Nlehuss FlllbUSfel' at' :B 30 'A C., 3 ..,4m-uns: Ama. 44 wa FIRST SEMESTER STUDENT COUNCIL wl B Nachos R Mchey J Chrlstne J Wessunger R Fuller M Nnehuss D Cummxskey S Turner C Newton Row 2 M Bennett N Logan L Legatskl A Anderson J Kuttel S Johnson A Struble GrnndstafT A Mast M Taylor S oud G S er Rw Thompson J Simpson B lnbocly J Ro5ee C Trlford J Steeb M Flls W Kabot D Zahn K Nnchals F Herbert S Palmer Row 4 M Wheeler Klaasen M Lofberg B Buster H Hunter R Houghtnadm J Lederer Mu ey B Harvey J Enns S Thrasher S Hubbell J Norton ow J Schwemmnn D Lumbard S Hanawolt D Bown D Wull J kms B Marquns J Schenk B Earle D Bacon H Wllluoms CSQMJQIII Ollllfl Qin 0125 Nnehuss A Ma Guenther M Lyons Bunten B Habel D Row 3 M Lofberg SECOND SEMESTER STUDENT COUNCIL t ru e r Brenh Row Bauer J Henry S Turner G Hellner D Brown B Mlley J Dnxan S Leonard J Homrnerl Hague B Boehnke B K Tappe M J Nenlly D Vedder S Honawalt L Perry P Wheeler Slromp S Pott D Steeb C Stel'Tek E Gehrnnger w 5 Mr de I e a er ez Fush Marsh D ranco Lo J Larme re J nk I T W Lan G Shear D Sem lift 31 bv Ig 5 'fr gg f . .A U ' - Y I u Q U f . 4' K' - A--Tr I I - - ' 1. - K - E Y y Q V 7 J I X 9 f ' I I " ' , ' ' . '-. A r A I . ' U ' . . . ' ,- . 5 f X . . w 'L 's ' X' f' Txn 'xx ' I A .mr J.. .Ls ...J I" .4 7 ,ji s .I f f .... , . . ,j"',1 ..,,,11,, Ro 1.'l,. ,. ',. mn, M. ,. ,, ,, . 1, , - I I - l I - , - . : . , S. , . , , , . , . ' ', , , - , - 'f - I - A I - , - . B. 'I , . , . , . , . , . .R M. ' , . , . , . Pr , . lot . o 3: J. 5: . ', . , . , . r , . 'is, . I - I 1 ' 1 - I - I , - 1 - ', il ' , , ', . , . , . , . ' ' . ' W L Row 'lp L. Bochmon, J. Copeland, N. Clague, D. Allen, R. Fullerton, Keniston, K. Burgess, J. Kazda, M. Bennett, J. Zschakke. Row 4: M. ' , . s, A. St bl, B. Kuse, D. 'olz. 2: M. P. , . , . , . , . , . ' , . ' , , . , . , . , . , . , . ' . Ro : . H. Fon , P. W'Id , J. Fr ppi , J. Lop , D. ' er, B. 1 . , D. , . B' , T. ehr, . e, M. Ea I , . Sche , B. Wlttlng, T. rue, - df - 1 4 f ' - J l i I ' 1 2 ' ' A f sf ,, f ' - A Y 5 ' -A J., , '-1 V, . - , 1 ' .L f 'H' 7 I .. . S 1 QL ' L - 4. v V. -- N X 4 - U ' 2 - 7 " '14 I .- " ,- ' k J ' L 1 '.,.l1f A .M .f'.. - ' 1 .I ' - Y as , - A Y . ' I . I I Y 'Q we-am FIRST SEMESTER INTRAMURAL MANAGERS ROW 'll D- l'l0fY1ll'l9, l-- CUbUl'l'l, J- FBTSUSOYM J- Wing- R- Preketes, D- F. Zimmer. Row 4 T Fetters J Rushton J lngebrxgtson J Ford D Geiger, M. Grindstaff, D. Stumm, H. Moore, M. Bell, Row 2: R. Parker, Mags, B, Suns . e M 519 en Jqhn 9 J Gofqn J- Kl"l9Yf l-- M0001 P- l'lU9lle5- S- WUQNSVI F- HOHMUHI M- Kabalt L- Barsantee, O. Kletnschmldt J Griffith B Kuhn Row 5 Mr Pattofl Dunlwm, J- Gfob, J- DFXOH, D- Fflllf D- HOPPI -l- Flood- ROW 31 -l- l. Scheel, J. Mnano E Fletcher P Coulter D Fisher J Etsele B el Westerman, D. Hayden, G. Swartout, G. Eschelbach, R. Wenk, J. Collins, T, Wqnseck, A Whnley C Leonard R Potter J Miller D. Alstrom, J. Yeh, D. Ackerman, J Huntzicker, L. Thiel, B. Thompson, .971 tfalnufaf CSDIQOVL5 ElI'2Ct0I'5 Football, basketball, bowling, baseball, and the other intramural sports the students of Ann Arbor High participated in this year were organized and super- vised by the Intramural Managers committee. Led by president Jose Castillo the first semester, Mary Beth Meyers the second, and advisor Howard Pathott, man- agers saw that everyone received a chance to take part in their favorite sports. This year the choice of intramural activities was widened by the addition of ice hockey, table tennis, and swimming to the yearly program. Other sports offered again as in past years included wrestling and volleyball. , fl-ig, Y SECOND SEMESTER INTRAMURAL MANAGERS Row 'l: D. Hopkins, C. Knickerbocker, N. Parker, R. Preketes, S. Johnson, M. Schlanderer J Collins B Holitmeyer Row 4 C White J Miano Meyers, B. Karr, J. Kerby, J. Hanice, A. Kaercher. Rowl2: D. Lage, D. Stagner, P Slano D Shaw J Rushton D Maas S Lum V Hoag Rowe, R. Baylis, B. Rice, S. Ellsworth, J. Goodings, J. Roftee, M. T. Pliske, D. Patterson D Nutt B Boudrie Row 5 Mr Patthoff D Vining, J. Schoenhals, D. Marsh, Row 3: C. Castor, T. Deasy, D. Foster, Cart, G. Cobb R Hoobler K Baker S Smith D Fletcher F Shtppey Settles, B. Kubly, G. Eschelbach, R. Wenk, E. Schenk, H. Rutledge, A. Whitley, R Potter J Eusele FIRST SEMESTER ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE w 1 S P y B e M now S ott Za n D Allen Woodworth R Weaver C Stonestreet C Mann M Hollus T Opple Wnlson S Guenther P Flynn B Weber Row2 C Korzuck W Powell Row 4 Mr Dawson B Hanght T Nucholson F Maleck T Deasy B M Burk S Hagan E Gehnnger B Underwood S Ellsworth J Ryan H Wnlluams J Lopez J Bolls W Anderson B Guenther Immel J Fowler S Schwemmm L Perry S Smalley S Wulde Row D Burt G deKomng B Benamxn P Harris K Peyton C Mallek R Losey l. Rlley Mem Lf, I9 annerj Laughter filled the audrtonum, but there was no sound commg from the stage A pantomnmlst was at work gnvlng one of the most unusual assemblles of the year Besides such assemblies as the pan tomlmlst students enloyed several other programs from the School Assembly Service, and such student assemblies as the talent shows drama workshop plays, and speech assembly All these programs were sponsored by the Assembly commuttee To find what type of program was enjoyed most, the committee had each program rated ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE SECOND SEMESTER ROW l R Dawson J Hanke P Radde D Allen D Burt L Zahn wood S Hanawalt A Walter ROW 4 B Hanght D Smrth J Thuel J Wessnnger W Anderson C Opple ROW 2 H Moore J Peterson C Eastman D Sprague T Trabandt B Ryan J Barnes L Grulfuths M Blake P Nelson T Bennett S Hogan C Freeman P lederle D C Mallek ROW5 B Adams J Huss T Nunn B Wyman D Brelholz Splntt M Markham ROW 3 T Sonandres J Benlamm K Peyton J Everhardus R Schulz G deKamng C Elder S Brown R Weaver B Guenther R Deborde M Weld C Callahan B Under 34 Ra 1 . ra,M. lak, .Ar , . P , L. h, . , S. , . , . , . , . ', . ' ,. ,. ,. . :. , . , : .,. l ,. l 1- 1. 1 . , . , . ' , . , . , . , . A. , . , . , . 1 . 1. ,. ',. ,. ,. ' . . , . '. 31. i', . ', . ,. , . ,. ' ,B. f 1 :. ,. ,. , . , . ,. , ,. , . . 2. ',. ',- If . ' ,. , . . :. ,. , . , . ,. ,- 1. ,- "1 . ,. ,. ,. ,. ,. , . . . :. ,. ,. ,. ,. ' , ', . . :. , . ' ', . , . ,. , . ', . 1- - . ,. ,. , . ',. ,. - LIBRARY COMITTEE Row'I L Reed D Andrews M Hopkuns M Johnston D Hams M Kenlston M Dalley J Woods M Robmson E McClellan Row 2 N Meeks P Leftrldge M Meadows J Holcomb .l Calhoun B Steeb Pomleter J Pnrce J Mummery D Baker A Fleese M w 3 S Hnmler R Duttmer H Stockwell J DeWolf K Wnson YT 1 L w Bo A Jon B Shade B Sorrenmo Goodmg J Ford S Smuth Row 4 N Schumann C Smuth S Roberts Desbrough C L: dner P Wllnam V Stree r E Barnard Lum D Blanco D Deye B Hudson Mr Ranallo all Vary and Q C1055 Olfllllltfeeif LIBRARY COMMITTEE Library rules, servlce, and tlnes concerned the Library commuttee thus year Composed of a representatlve from each homeroom the commnt tee was under the durectlon of Duck Harrrs pres :dent Changes nn rules and keepmg the Llbrary open longer hours was some of the busmess done by the commlttee R w I M Godfrey S Crews J Zschokke J Lentz M Pedngo M Kmsley A French J Noehren L Settles K Busord Row 2 P Hoad J Gatzka Gruber J Haines K Burgess J Fowler D Steeb Meyers B Warner V Stumm M Johnston A Jones J Mummery N Kempf Row 3 Mr Sonandres S Tlbbetts S Fassow L Hornlng IO JUNIOR RED CROSS One hundred per cent partnclpatnon as our goal' Thus cry was often heard by students durlng the Red Cross drive run by the Junior Red Cross commuttee Thus years commnttee also planned and carrued out the sendnng of cooknes to veterans and glft packages to the needy chnldren In Europe RED CROSS COMMITTEE S Sheldon J Hullegonds N Phelps D Blystone J Byers C Smth J DeWolf B Shade S West M Boshow D Audrutsh J Gleason w 4 B Melvun Curtls D Cummus ey R Potter V Rowe Marshall M Welch J Warren D Wenss K Wegner S Cassell P Laughna P Blair D Hentz P Arnn B Suits D Nollar D Curr: 1' Y - - if Marshall S Crews K Laubengayer D Tucker C Schlegel Row 3 N Fordyce We ch J Root S W stung Row 4 R Wenk L Kaufman J Holcomb R Hyden B Haaxma C Darley E lynch M Nommensen F Lewis W Stanfleld S Blnkowskl S Brrtles K Koch Row 5 L Bachman G Redford R Etzel B Sattler W Waterbury J Taylor L Reed J Babbltt P Koch R Bondrofchak B Weed C O 3 QM Sfuflmfj O,,,Wfun,f, fo ,Jus J S Loaf 'W sk fl Durmg the noon hour seventy students may be seen leavung the school Dont envy them however for they are headed toward their robs In the Cooperatlve Occupatlonal Trammg Program Thus IS a program for semors who plan a career ln buslness Those enrolled take courses that comclde with therr 'obs Retanlmg would be necessary to a salesman as typrng and office practice would be to a secretary COT students are employed at varmous officers around Ann Arbor Regular wages are paud by the employers the average pay being twenty dollars a week Students recelve grades for which school credit ns gnven Only work with an educational value can be done by the student Each apprentnce ns occasionally observed on the lob by a supervnsor The students are re quired to keep accurate records of thelr workmg hours After havmg been on the COT program for two semesters a certlfl cate IS given to each lndlvudual In acknowledgment of thus work The coordinators of thus program are Mr Dahlberg Mr Whmng and Mr Snlvertstone Your rotors shot too HOSTESS COMMITTEE Row 1 A Gulleland C Anderson Tulford S Brown S Dewar Gustune Raw 2 D Metzner Nuehuss E Faust L Legatsku Nesbut J Maybee C Colwell Meadows J Heldreth D Luttell Luchty J Fungerle Row 3 C Carrugan N l an C Bolt l Prakken J Dolfln S Dungman K James J Altenbernt S Proud S Bacon M Huschke Row 4 P Glushyn J Kuttel S Klaosen S Bugby P Kessler B Preketes J Everhardus M A Bunten M Brown P Wheeler S Turner N Tobuas D Hack WW? U 5 eye Wit eflflng pfattel' Ol' a Custer's last stand HOSTESS COMMITTEE The hughest honor a gurl can receuve us to be elected to the Hostess commuttee Earch gurl us chosen wuth specucl attentuon pcuud to her person aluty and good groomung as she represents the school to the many guests she meets Thus year the hostesses served many groups of vusutung guests gee 2 J 1 :ff FUTURE TEACHERS ROW 'l S Fuerstnau E McClellan D Vedder M Robinson B Tucay ROW 2 N Kempf J Maybee J Freeman S Passow A Peckham K Wegner K Frke P Laughna J Klllnch B Marshall K Burgess Miss Lewis lltllfe 006' eI'5 an CHILE' WOVLQI' pefellfe ,9eCla!.!gttentl0l1 Sick of School FUTURE TEACHERS Blackboard chalk and eraser were the equip ment of the Future Teachers club Made up of students interested ln teaching and sponsored by Mary Ellen Lewis this club met after school to learn the fundamentals of teaching Most of the members plan to make teaching their career and often have the opportunity to do some practice teaching in the elementary grades. F1 I . fxegfftsd f QL Q52 38 HA "K, '.f M ...Af inn! ,940 GIRLS LEAGUE REPRESENTATIVES Row T C Knickerbocker P Thompson C Vreeland L Bridges F Markham S Bacon L Rutledge L Koonstra S Strong G Garton Davis K James S Proud J Garlick P Weld J Hartweg Row 2 C w 3 N ucas Go z M Ha L Prakken S Brown Carrlgan J Kurtz T Walz M Vogel H Guarmd P Radde N Schlelcher D Skomp S Love K Lyke P Lederle P Miles L Maurer glib league el'UOJ H5 en Cl all' ell el' GIRLS LEAGUE One of the newer organizations Girls League was formed by Mary Ellen Lewis to help the gurls of the school be better acquainted Activities sponsored by the group this year included a school fashion show, a father daughter banquet a fancy dress party the Big Sister program and a speaker who discussed dating problems GIRLS LEAGUE REPRESENTATIVES We t 1 I 3 X V . . : . Ro : .IL , J. et, . ab, . l , I. , C W ' f I . . . , I - I ll ' ' ll I I Rowl J Peet K Elwell L Maurer L Brldges F. Davis, J. Heldreth, Powell, J. Ferguson, J. Zahn, S. Kerr, P. Spurlin, K. Lyke, C. Sinn S Bacon J Garllck S Proud E Collins Row 2: S. Strong, T. Wall, M. Stephen, J. McEndree, E. Leland, S. Dyer, M. Grindstaff, A. Lowery S Asgarzadeh N Lucas S Wild J Smith T Lavender, L. Rutledge, Row 4: .S. Schumacher, C. Clague, B. Boddy, C. Hertesberg, J. Warren K Velker D Strong D Sul ivan B Purdo Row 3: J. Williams, W. L. Bush, E. Fletcher, D. Weiss, M. Pieske, P. Hughes, P. Harris. , i w .1 f 'Tr 'Q Q -1 ' w I Q 4 y 5- . f f' I F 'I ' :I ' , - i l I L .Z ' 3 V Y x l T 1 l 4 l l Q near ,rv ' 1 39 iw 65514 caan 'fo '4' rang, xgntq 1 "O x XLKUIQ 'hours Leann, cn F5 4 C999 caan haul r ...q l ...l.....l-...A -KJ BOYS LEADER CORPS ROW1 R Har? B Royal P Sncmo R Allen D Deye G Duckerson C Pcmoff ROW Doadas D Rowe A Peters .l Muller R Heusel D Foster R Schulz W Harvey vlngpwvw' Swan Lake? X marks the spot 40 ,4fl.Lf,f CM, FMU. T MODERN DANCE Row 'I A Struble M Flus S Psaros M Nesbut E Colluns P Flynn Row 2 A Lowery P Glushyn T Opple R Preketes K Thompson S Welch C Knuckerbocker Row 3 S Carey A Peterson S West D Thomas M Meadows D Luttel S Brown D Marsh Row 4 Mrs Kent J Woods B Kuhn .I Sumon M A Grundstaff S Stehle D Steeb uf ein or .gfualenf ,9nfere5f.4 Row I C Carrugan D Carrugan M Fraluck K James C Lucas S D N Markham B Boehnke S Wagner M Nesbut S Dyer L Potter M Row 3 K McKenzue P Mules M Waterman C Elder L Flemung Tulford Row 4 Mrs Kent M Nuehuss J Woodburne M Lyons C M Lofberg MODERN DANCE CLUB ff fl The beat of a tom tom was one of the accompanuments used by the Modern Dance club thus year Made up of gurls who en uoyed composung and dancung theur own dances, these students met after school to practuce Sev eral of theur dances were performed un connectuon wuth the synchronuzed swummung show SYNCHRONIZE SWIMMING SYNCHRONIZED SWIMMING Splash' The Ann Arbor Hugh aquaneers were ol? and away on theur first swummung show Started by Carolyn Kent the aquaneers enuoyed much water fun Members of the club were gurls who were Interested un synchronuzed swummung and who could pass the tryouts ungman M H Taylor Row 2 Brown .I Naehren L Legatslu B Bengamun J Everhardus C Bolt J Henry J Hammer Wi' 41 ..'u i' l ir ., 7 r I I , K 1 1 . I I A 5 . , . , . , . , . , . . : . , . 1 , , , , . , , . . : . , . 1 - , . 1 . 1 - 1 - 1 - - 5 r - 1 - I . , . . 1 - 1 . . n ' I n ' I : , . , . , . , . , . , . . . : . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . . : . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . . : . , . , , , . , . , . 1 . 1 1? 1 1 Q 1 . 2' ,rail ' ,Y I Q ,A w 5 , c' 1 - 1 , -1 . Q 'f xs- -1. - " K 1 J ' 'Wu X' D ' 1 LLB W These are the times that try men s souls The house lnghts dimmed and the Drama Workshop started on one of the many plays produced In the class Each year two malor productrons such as Kmd Lady and George Washington Slept Here were given Also several one act plays were glven In assemblnes Through partlclpatlon an plays of all types, the student learns the fundamentals of actlng and stage makeup DRAMA WORKSHOP ROW 'I K Elwell K Clark N Tobias S Welch S Pott J Haines K Stcebler S LaRue ROW 2 D Schultz S Brown D Burt C Clark A Brown L Woodworth S Humler Miss Krltselus ROW3 C Opple G Kruse D Bartels E Arnesen B Kuhn J Connable N French S Thomas 42 l Klj 7 77 i Ile pay A fhe ming kr rama mrL5n0p em em DEBATE ROW I: S. Palmer, R Hoobler N Clague, R. Erbe, J. Copeland J Dolfin J. Yeh. ROW 2: D. Gary C Sclano J. Frappier, C. Gill, B Thompson C Thrall, B. Whiting. .ibedaferj Sad' c7!1eir ag fo Qzbidricf JJonor5 With three returning lettermen, the all-around strength of the debate squad this year was greater than it has been for some time. The season's record of debate was excellent with the team winning sixteen debates and losing six. in the State League alone, the squad won seven out of eight matches, which entitled Ann Arbor to participate in the district tournament. Ann Arbor emerged the winner from this contest, having defeated Redford Union, Flint Northern, and Birmingham, each time winning by a unanimous decision. In a very close quarter-final round, the squad was edged out on the iudges' split decision by Lansing Eastern. Debate was the primary activity of the first semester, but during the second semester the squad was engaged in spring speech. Representing Ann Arbor High were: humorous reading, Marilyn Bell and Lynne Woodke, oratorical declamation, Rebecca French and Phyllis Austin, original oratory, Jen Yeh and Nancy Claguep interpretive reading, Joan Doltin and Susan Himlerp and extemporaneous speaking, Richard Erbe and James Copeland. Dean Richard Erbe Couch Donald Gary Qi' 'F' tv -- ll ll Furthermore . . Lew Coburn o editor Joan Heldreth associate editor Enc Arnold co edntor ,niv- Mr Schultz ,peek ,OY Mr Granville Sally Proud buslness manager H1290 !!pl'06JLlCe5 ear 00 Prlmarlly composed of a few zany characters who had gravltatecl to a common center the 1957 Omega staff slowly gamed some momentum and finally completed the book at the expense of a mad rush to the flnlsh lnne Thus rush was co ordlnated by Adv: Donald Schultz and led by Co editors Ernc Arnold and Lew Coburn Photographer Fred Shnppey Copy Editor Nancy French and Art Edttor Gwen Chang An earller rush had occurred at Christmas vacation as staff members worked to flnlsh the student sectlons of the book The leadership for this rush was furnished by Joan Heldreth assoclate edltor and Sue Welch assistant editor for student pictures The one relatnvely calm spot nn an otherwnse hectuc realm the business staff advised by Robert Granvllle and dsrected by Busmess Manager Sally Proud and Renee Preketes assnstant business man ager quietly shot the moon The staff garnered over S1700 worth of ads la S700 lump over the prevuous hugh? Despite the hechc nature of the work or perhaps because of lt staff members enloyed the experlence of It was an expenence worth remembenng Nancy French copy edator QMS?- +G' Gwen Chang art editor putting out the yearbook Fred Shuppey photographer OMEGA EDITORIAL STAFF ROW 1: S. Strong, M. Kempe, N. French, A. Peierson, S. Welch. OMEGA AD STAFF ROW 1: G. Slater, S. Proud, J. Fingerle. ROW 2: S. Turner, M. Taylor, S. Dingmnn, G. deKoning. -1 1. Busy Us bees ART DEPARTMENT A. Vidar, G. Chong Q 'Z z 5 ? ' wi fr WV? 4 61' , ,Vg 1, , iv-. Q 7 'qu 4 is , E.-' A4 45 Delores Hack edItor In chuef Mary Ellen Kuddle assocrate edItor Sue Dyer busIness manager ,9tU7ll5f jaLe5 .Afleflfan The T956 57 OptImIst was rated All Amerlcan by the NatIonal Scholastlc Press AssocIatIon ThIs ratIng IS the hIghest offered to hIgh school newspapers and has been won four tImes In OptImIst hIstory Each member of the staff produced some part of thIs hlgh award through cooperatron and effort Every statt member, from the ad solIcItor to the edItors, found that workIng and learnIng together were contrIbutIng factors In puttIng a newspaper together The buslness manager dIscovered the ads were not Important to the merchants alone, but the thIrd and fourth page edITOfS were greatly concerned wlth the way the ads were placed and theIr number Reporters found that the smallest story was of great Import ance to the person who asslgned It The page edItors appreclated every story and realrzed Its Importance The edItor and assocrate edItor, workIng together produced a final product They knew the Importance of each lInk and worked to make every edu Ion "the best" Whether It was a reporter WYITIHQ an Intervlew or the edItor kllllng a story the final outcome was the product of many Each IndIvIdual was learnIng the art of co operatIon, and each was workIng toward the common goal of puttIng the newspaper In a place among the best afrng Buchanan we H-sr lr Schoch 1 l' '23 EDITORIAL STAFF W l F SpurlIn S Dyer Downey M Koddle M Moran ROW 2 S Thomas l Slenger Mr Buchanan S Pott 46 l I I u . Mr. T ' ' . u vw if A . ' .. . . . ,, . . ,, si 1 r ,V ' I fl 4 Mr. A , ,ATU , ,. p,,,,,mf I mn 1 Juni' 5 V T 1 jijf: I RO 1 . ', . ,D ffl A , .1 I I I I 'Q -I , I M, A I .as , , 1 X 4. WW A,.. A yi 1 5 Plhr l SPORTS STAFF PHOTOGRAPHERS ROWI S Leonard D Downey G Lewus ROW 2 J Huss F Shnppey J Gleason B Huscock OPTIMIST REPORTERS ROW Y J Noehren L Powrue M Nesbn S Earl L Hague ROW 2 weg J Zschokke J Maybee ROW K C Sfeffek J Gleason D. Vedder, L. Legavski, J. Harf- 3: L. Slaebler, L. Blair, . Fike, 0 1 LY f , M i - ' f Q 4 Y, r U V v I X1 k fx 7 12 w M . 'S 2 -fi 2- Q . , xx ,. 5' W N H Xi 5 5 H ' J 4 an' " X 'Y' ' 'ix " Y' "U YQUQ Q fu 'A Q' 'y mf. W Y wi 5 'Q M . 5 Lf ' Q -' 'K y 4 , f we M gf wg mf " wg gg: 5 Qbwfxx ,X 1 'fm f .M X ws' . 1 ' 'ii 3 'M ww ' X ,w ' 'Y' , if s .J www- """"'--- ' A W 2 W f f 'fm 'hw A K , -' V 'g fn X I W 'fqf 3 if 4'A', Q i:- ' Q ? 5 3 , QR 9 3, km 1 ,,,', , J AM A 5 HAH, 3.3: ,.,., l 2 f , Y f Aibl , Q W 3 W 1 '- ' -"' k, I 1 I 4 fi QW? 5 .AY 2 2 , Q fn-v.,,,....,W M. fb k4,.q2-.,, .- N W, QM, MZ K. W wr ,L - ,M , -Y 'Q ,. ,-Q . ,Of A .X v , 3 Q Y tv. I fg Q TF ,ff V 72:1 fi 'fan 4 A, F A - avj I ,I ' W 51 gp rl X' 4' A-Q Q Qyi ff W' by Q, x tjhgak- V.?ZaX , ' K' Ji Q ,3 V5 y ' 3' 'ff , 51451 L ' ' M Q 1 1 - - J W2 ihx, X A . XI ,ifxt . I rr, 'X Jai, Q . if 5 If Q 1 4' M W A -, "vxff - ' A ar' ga?" 6 . , - - ' 'z QS . ' ' ff f 3 I3 .,, 1 ,, il, Ai If Q ,1f'i.' X ' x N 1 .x MQW ' Bi in 3 f'N'f' w ,I ,.H' f if 3 '."- .5 , ' Q h' 2 79, " 4 '4 8 503 as 45' Z tr 2 2 'K by 5 ' K 1 A , A is , ' ' K g? 5. Q5 , .E ' , G 2 -'AVv L - ,ff 2 ,A,v-1- . AA"V 2, 42 ' -ls? .53 3' M 5 1 .IV Q ' , , , 'lj xi., , ' ' . Q -' if 1 5 3' . if a f f E 3' 'W , 7 Ll 5 1' L 1 I , Y ' Q , ,x,.-.,. , ,, - af W , I I M 5 'W-My .M , f W. . , 0-'91 1. 4 Q Q 3 if r Y 'w 5 5 f 1 55- z 3 9 ' fr? .ai , C., Q X 'bk Ml 1: A1 Q, ff , , SX' . Q , l,Ik, yi V ii N Y ,Z New f If ' ffsifa f ,if T, , f W -' a ,f 5 ,. V P if M r 5 fn ,.,1 ,A Q 1 -1 4 ' ' f f w l Raft P Wrllram M tzner P Ingram M Brown J Maybee S Asgarzaden P Skunner M Kempe l. Braun G Haywood Ottosen C H W Hawkes N Harsch P Hughes l catskl W Powell B Ol en N Luc Row 3 J Warren J Wlson M Fralrck L Hague M Waterman S Wagner B Boehnke M Haab 'ockwell mer r Artur M Russ B Warner B Shef? Row4 B Shade C Schleucher C Laduh P Mules P Wllluams J Woods D aWrner C Cunningham J Morton J DeWolf D Welss J Peterson A Jones W Arnold J Mummery OFC!! QFOUIOJ Je 0 5 g g CANTANDO Day nn day out Cantando could be heard prachcung lf anyone passed by dunng the Chrtstmas season they mnght have heard the cholr practlcmg for the Commumty Christ mas Sung During March, the Chour sang In the annual Dlstruct Choral Mustc Feshval where they recelved a superlor ratmg Members of Cantando sang at the Dlstrlct Solo and Ensemble Contest All groups recetved a superlor ratmg Musuc groups partlclpated tn the May Festtval too A num ber of assemblles were partucnpated In by the Cantando chonr These Included both the Thanksguvlng and Chrtstmas assemblles An Hour of Song rounded out the chotrs program Vox humane 4 6 ' ,5 5 , Q l f J f z f 2 5 5 l 5 if Y ' . ll? Q - 'll CANTANDO Ro 1 J. ee, . ' ' s, D. e , . , , , , A ' I , , , , . , , V . , f P 1 - I I - 1 V , 4 , H. S. , S. Tu , G. Slate , S. h , . , . , S. Strong, J. Reynolds, C. Vreeland. Row 2: J. Smith, K. Dixon, J. Lentz, , . : . , . ' , . ' , . ' , . ' ' , D. , . Ne , s. Qld, B. , . ' , , , , , , , , A ' , , , , , . - , l.eJ ', , . s , . as. : , , . 'l , . , . , . , . . Cl 0 , lil LII Cl. 7 4 J 7 ' ' l ' ll ll ' I Row 'I Mr Merrlll K Szegda G Scott C Burnham F Beklares S Klaasen C Clague S Sheldon C Snmpson J Gray Row 2 J Wood srde S Love C Ludlow L Staebler J Ford M Wheeler M Bowler I. Nelson K Anderson W Wand L Parham Row 3 L Mauer K ija An fa Row'I D Davrs J Gulles H 1 5 5 I in I 2 . E 3 L 1 1 f I I 'E Q 4 5 3.1, x ,mmwwfw A mwmwwte MIXED ENSEMBLE MIXED ENSEMBLE Musuc' Musmcl Musuc The Mixed Ensemble a small chonr dnrected by Mr Merrill has shown therr versatulnty and talent un many ways thus year In the sprung the Mxxed Ensemble partrcupated wnth both solos and the cholr as a whole In the Vocal and Ensemble Festival at Pontiac A performance In the sprung concert at school added further laurels to their llst MALE CHORUS Lansky J Lederer B Harlu L Warner L Moore Coleman B Pohnert D Sattler Row 3 R Bolzman G Frtzgerald al 53 53 I 4 ,, Q 1 E ' I s, l g , . c - A . ' . f ... Q .5 Q, . ' L' V V, 'x V ' .R Y ' ., . 1 6 . A ' fs ' - F Q - '. I T it 5 . v Y 1 iw V' 1 .n A l A W .. T c I ' NH' A 9 ,.. w I, 1' I 4 r , 1 ,- , ' , 1 11: X I ' 'f X . I ' , . ' t 2, I I 1' ' N: , 1 g 'W lk 1 ,, A 3 " 'I Q 1 ' 1 1 1 1 - 1 ' , . ' , 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 - ' 1 1 1 - ' 1 , . , . , . ' , . . : . - . , . , . , . , . . : . , . l 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 l 1 - 1 - l 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 , , , . , . . : . , . . , . A . . - 1 I ' I . II I I' ' ll - . 1 . I . . . I . . - , . , , . . . ' . , . A 1 1 '1 1 ' 1 1 1 - 1 1 ' 1 1 , . 1 . 1 1 ' 1 1 1 - 1 - ' 1 L. Moon. Row 2: J. Gilbreath, F. Radzvickas, L. Brown, B. Collins, R. F. Sheppard. , . , . . : . , . ' , 1 I ' . 3 . 'g M 0 Il - I I 5 , 'ax Q r , 4 T Q M I 'MHZ' F ' ,4 '11 Qu 1 - . I ' ' . .,"' U ' ' " ,in L. 1' ' 'ij ' , " 11151, Elf! 5 -c, ' ,g L " 7 , .1 1 -F' Y 1 1' , l 1 1 : I V' IT' T ' Q - , '- N -,J L I X J 1 I 1 1 , , I I I 'tl lu Bordme C Lrndner L Mackie M Fralnck B Preketes C Stemke J Zahn C Lucas K Strutz J Goetz I Rowry Row 4 L Warner D Davrs H lansky B Harlu L Abbott J Beck L Brown D Coleman J ledorer B Collrns, B Pohnert D MALE CHORUS The appearance of the Male Chorus In the Pop Assembly where they song a rendntnon of Theres Nothmg Luke a Dame was well re membered by the student body This group also partlcnpated un the May Festlval Male Chorus IS open to any boy who wishes to loin Students are instructed an the fundamentals of vocal musxc Under the dlrectson of Mr Merrlll the chonr re celved expernence that wall prepare them for the select cholrs ofthe school Dubose D Duckerson A Clapp J Fortney F Colvin ..-5 Oooh' That tlcklesl A CAPPELLA Ml, me ma mo mu sung by the A Cappella cholr, could be heard echoung through the corridors dally durmg fourth hour Under the dlrectlon of John Mernll the cholr partnclpated an a varlety of actlvmes The presentation of The Parates of Penzance was a mayor effort that was enloyed by both the cast and the audience The school Christmas assembly was recorded and played over radlo station WHRV Hugh pomts of the sprung actlvutles were when the cholr recenved a Rowl S Hodges C Knsckerbocker K Grau M Nesbut D Hack Vogel C Carrngan S Psaros E Collxns J Heldreth R Preketes James Row 2 J Burnham L Slenger M B Meyers P Nelson Proud C Bell J Garlnck N Logan M Howell C Clark M Mater Nelson 5 Mutchell B Clements K Brown S Earl A Peterson L Wnnkelhaus S Tnbbetts L Prakken Row 3 D Burns J Wesslnger flrst dlvlslon ratmg an the distract choral festival partlclpated In the performance of the St Matthew Passion and presented a concert at the May Festlval For the final performances, A Cappella sang at the Baccalaurate service and graduation The choir was gulded by Monte Nagler, president Kirsten James, vlce presrdent Judy Garllck, recording secretary So phna Psaros correspondmg secretary, and Joan Heldreth and Ed Argersmger, business managers CAPPELLA M Bailey W Eaton W Anderson H Pfabe L Hough W Barnard S Lum J Gnllues G Eschelbach L Rogers B Douglas M Nag er Streeter J Turner G Wullnams P Helber P Remdel B Patterson muth D er Ke A We R Fullerton D Hanra Argersnnger :nf V 4 2 ' CZ 1 6. 5 9 5 3 x fs H , ,, , . . . . . . . . . . I I I I f - 1 l . I . - I , . , . - . I . . I - . . D . - I - A ',. ,. , 1. 1- 1- l C. Leach, E. Bacon, R. Tucay, J, Hartweg, C. Lucas, S. Brandt, A. Vitins, J. Miano, J. Gardner. Row 4: J. Gidus, J. Beck, T. Kolokithas, V K, . : . 1 . , . . , . , , . , - I I 1 - 1 - I 1 1 1 5, , , , . ' , . , . , . , . ', B. S ' , .Fish , H. lly, . id, . , . th, E S. , . ' 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 1 V - ' - . ' K 1 l f 1 l , ' l V L I ' V V . Cal . 54 ,4 ,.,.ff .... .... The morning after - wa5AlIIgf0Il A gClLIl0 IQUIYI WASHINGTON CLUB REPRESENTATIVES If anyone wants questuons answered as to what the Washington Club IS planntng for their trap, the representa tlves are the people to go to They are the ones who declde X where the trap goes how they get there and how much each member of the club has to pay ""S1l The organlzotnon of the representatives IS simple Each homeroom elects two people to represent them These people meet on Tuesday mormngs luke the other com mlttees ln these meetmgs they dlvlde unto groups according to classes Each class has an odvusor Any suggeshons members have about the trlp are brought up and dlscussed In thelr meetmgs Thus makes sure that the actual trap wall be the way the malonty of the people want It Besides helping to plan the trap the representatnves are In charge of collectmg all of theur homerooms dues Whale servung In thas capaclty they keep a record of how much each member of thelr homeroom had pald SENIOR WASHINGTON CLUB REPRESENTATIVES Rowl J Lousma C Anms B Olsen E Arnesen M Forsythe M Nagler Row 2 Mrs Strarght C Darley S B owskl S larmee B Frey S Brtles M E Kddle C Kempe S Welch R Bellatre J Rey olds J y Row 3 A Vmns J Hartweg P Cox D Harwood D Burns B Sattler B Smnth C Carver E Argersmger Bachman C Crane M Stoll 55 sf . . 4 ll d I . , 'x . X .gh 1 . . . . - i x . . ,ff 1 y . - A .V Lf-ew I v 'EWG' f K , - I 'H 1 . . 1 1 1 I' . 1 1 . . eg, 1 . . , . . 3 - 1 - . 1 - 1 1 1 - 1 - - 3 4 l 1 - . 1 ink ', . , . , . I , . . i , . , . , . ' , . n , . Fr : . ' ' , . , , , . , . , . , . ' , , . ' l.. , . , . . 1 , ' f I ? 1, ' ' 52 I ' A 5 5 E I ' f 1 C f 1 5 ' v 5, 1 7 .' A , .. t I In J . - f ' 'Y 'it 'W VJZfQS'i wa AAD: gfon THE 1957 WASHINGTON CLUB The sleepiness was not quite out of our eyes from last minute packing and planning, but still our high spirits were not dampened in anticipation of traveling to the "Big City" and on to the capitol. The long-awaited day was Saturday, April 6. The hour was 7:00 for those going on the train, 9:55 for those flying. Those arriving by plane had time to spare in New York while waiting for the train carrying the rest of us. We were all together Saturday night. Sunday morning accommodated the church-goers, the sightseers, and the disabled victims whose first night away from Ann Arbor left quite a mark on them. By afternoon, all had recovered and we visited the U.N. and, later that evening, the famous Radio City Music Hall. We went on conducted tours and on shopping sprees on Monday. Seeing "L'l Abner" provided the wonderful entertainment that evening. N1 C7144 The next feature of our trip, which was something new in the history of the Washington Club trips, was our much looked forward to boat trip from Washington to Norfolk, Virginia. Spending Tuesday night on the boat, we awoke to a day of touring Yorktown, Jamestown, and Williamsburg, and seeing the quaint houses and interesting shops. Back on the boat Wednesday evening, we returned to Wash- ington where we visited th Washington Monument, Arling- ton Cemetery, and Mount Vernon after lunching at "The Old Club" in Alexandria Virginia. Before we knew it, April 12th was here and reluctantly we all boarded the train for home. Arriving in Ann Arbor on Saturday, April 13, we were a tired but happy group being met by our anxious parents. The trip was iust what we hoped it would be and everyone was glad he was one of the 271 members of the 1957 Washington Club. 59? ,PQ .Qs 'X ' 9: 'iii- A TH IEE "' -im if S. 'Z r Ks f 12 Clutch play j0Il 0-lllell ml! 6-A 35190911 The '56 football season was one of great decisions for AAHS students, local fans, and the players ,on the football squad. This was the year that saw Ann Arbor's string of 40 straight undefeated games shattered by a powerful, determined Flint Northern team. After experienced two decisive victoris over Wayne and Kalamazoo, the Pioneers headed for Flint for the great test of grid power they were to encounter all season.A victory here would certainly insure Ann Arbor of continued domi- nance over all other state football aggregations. Unfor- tunately, an air of complacency, which soon spells defeat for champions, reached the minds of the players. Ann Arbor suffered its first loss to a Michigan high school team since "Hank" Fonde began his coaching duties in '49. The decision now came, would local fans back a losing team with the same enthusiasm shown while lauding winners? Would the student body support their team even after it had suffered a humiliating defeat? Finally, would the players themselves realize their potential and play the traditional "Fonde brand" of football? The answer to one of these questions came as the squad reached Ann Arbor following the Flint Northern game. A mass of student supporters, who had witnessed the game, greeted the team with cheers of, "We're from Ann Arbor, who can be prouder?" The students exhibited school spirit which helped to bolster the team's sagging morale. The two remaining questions were answered in the span of the next five weeks. Local fans, undaunted by the loss to Flint, saw the Pioneers demonstrate grid power familiar to Fonde-coached teams of old in pushing past the remaining opponents on their schedule. Facing a challenge brought on by defeat, the Pioneer football men bounced back to capture the league cham- pionship. Thus, the Fonde-men proved themselves again. Mayhem at Kazoo ifhg Worfgerrl 110,95 Yftrclekafecl agpfring Squeeze play Look out, man! Six-the easy way -1,-1' -A FOOTBALL OPP 7 Wayne I2 Kalamazoo 33 Flint Northern 6 Lansing Sexton 7 Baffle Creek 24 Lansing Eastern 6 Ypsilanii 12 Jackson ,I Captain Jim Baughn K Intercept course Y'-is fu. 'V VARSITY FOOTBALL ROW l: F. Sheppard, K. Henkel, T. Jones, R. Smith, C. Carver, T. Kress, G. Williams, F. Zimmer, T. Kruse, E. Kokales, R. Potter, J. Turner, B. Miley J. Fox, D. Schumann, B. Harvey, L. Thiel, D. Holtz, G. Williams. ROW J. Goetz, R. Schlecht, C. Baker, P. Baldwin, J. Kulplnski. ROW 4: C. Ritter 2: J. Huss, L. Fonville, B. Sinanian, A. Hart, D. Downey, W. Roth, J. D. Heintz, D. Burns B. Smith, B. Harvey, H. Williams, D. Zahn, L. Moore Lopez, J. oBnin, D. Hanrath, J. Kenne, A. Sanlure, D. Allen, C. Kleinschmidl, D. Smith, C. Caslor, F. Hunt, E. Hunt, P. Coulter, J. Christie, P, Breen, B. Warren, R. Ellicot. ROW 3: H. Fonde, J. Johnson, E. Barnard, B. Hamel, 62 -- 'nf ww . ii JV FOOTBALL ROW 'l: D. Murphy, M. Wilcox, D. Rowe, J. Schenk, S. Allen, B. Patterson, Hunt, J. OHicer. ROW 4: T. Trabandt, J. Thiel, T. Fetters, B Pohnert J. Wilkens. ROW 2: H. Fox, F. Simms, C. Gill, S. Tucay, K. Miley, J. H. Lansky, P. Beach, J- lngfibflgfsefh B- 5'-'HSI fl- Heomf l- Moor' J Fontanna, J. Kruse, D. Davis, J. Dickson, R. Bateman. ROW 3: E. Klum, Herndon. J. Tice, D. Draper, J. Sinclair, R. Gressler, T. Crawford, J. Frappier, E. J lljagvciuacl 7Weef5 puggecf Oyayaojifion Mr. Hollway, director of athletics JV FOOTBALL The JV's record for the season was a win of two games and a loss of four, but out of the winning games, especially the one with Jackson, a great show of team work and coordination was displayed. The Jackson victory meant a great deal to the team. In the beginning of the season, eighty-five boys went out for JV football. Ed Klum and his co-workers, Chris Pagakis and Ross Bateman, had to cut down this number to fifty. They found this to be a difficult and trying task. The Junior Varsity football team of i956 demonstrated good athletic ability and should prove to be very valuable additions to next year's varsity squad. FOOTBALL COACHING STAFF Mr. Ritter, Mr. Pritula, Mr. Fonde, Mr. Baldwin, Dr. Pearson Mr. Clifford, Mr. Kulpinski. 63 arriem jalfe 6-.24 34041 pface Stop the clock, a 6-A League quiz show Coach Tum Ryan and Co Captaans Bull Yek and Bart Kruse A - - FQ CROSS COUNTRY Lead by co captams Mackey Smlth and Bull Yek and ably coached by A T Ryan Ann Arbor Highs harrlers bettered last years record by two places Achlevlng third place an the annual S1xA competltlon one of the team s best meets was with Jackson where they won 63 to 60 Next years fans should see a well coached team wlth enough expenence to shove them well ahead of other SlxA teams ANN ARBOR OPPONENT Kalamazoo 42 Sexton 52 Howell 30 Adrian 44 Dearborn 17 Jackson T5 Battle Creek Ypsilanti 26 wwww ct M5465 .aw A A95 CROSS COUNTRY ROW 'l R Houghtalun G Peterson D Cebulsks M Hnnuker B Yek B ROW 3 A Bartels B Wecker J Buss D Gaodwm R Burd M McKenzue Kruse B Hlgqogk D Williams A Carpenter ROW 2 B Marquls L Katz J Gulleland D Lage J Whalen D Schnelder A Capp L Grant M Hannah F Colvm J Otto J Wes ey H Hunter 64 l an, . 26 29 'I9 ' 40 63 60 . n . . 31 ' ' ll 1 2 J T 5 l LK A I ' A i Q 1 . 1 tt Q15 J 5 - l f A ' l .. ' A l 131.4 gig? 5 llfljfejlfgfj SAOIU I'7ll9I'0U0lflellt, CIC? Sidi? That aln't mce " The Pnoneer wrestlers fought their way to fifth place IH the annual state tournament Lead by co captaxns Jack Schwemmm and Floyd Sheppard the Pioneers made wins over Garden Crty Cranbrook Thurston Hazel Park St Thomas and Kalamazoo Next years team wnth several returnung lettermen should be able to capture a hxgher place In the state standings '43 fbfltl 4 rf" Coach Bell Smuth Co captazns Floyd Sheppard and Jack Schwemmnn Asst Coach Chrus Pagakns WRESTLING W 1 W Smtth C Boker F Sheppard J Kruse J Ke Gesler L Muller T Jones ROW 3 R Harwood F Schwartz W Henderson ROW 2 C Pagalus E Kokoles D DeMerrull R 8 Snnaman P Robmson S Bennett B Tosh D Dcvrs i in i ,, 1 fr Q " ' 'l 5,5 J' '1 Q- 5 2't',Q , I RO:.',. ,. ,. ,.Aen, ,,',. . :. ,-' 1 65 ,.,i?"' ioneer quamen gal, The Pnoneer swummnng team thus year carrted on the record of the T956 team which was the best In the school s history They lost only one of their dual meets to Battle Creek and won both the SIXA Champnonshlp and the State Championship Of Paul CllfTord's tankers ten swimmers and dnvers placed In the All Amencan ratings Next years team wlll lose the services of many outstanding semors lnclud mg co captam Ron Clark who set a nattonal record In the hundred yard breast stroke co captam Duck Ellls a free styler Tee Francis dlver who this year set a vorslty dual meet hugh total on the sprmgboard Terry Peyton Duck Grlffuth and John Benlamln all freestylers and Ed Argerslnger, a back stroker OPP Adrian East Grand Raplds 48V2 47V2 Plymouth 63V2 3'lV2 Lansmg Eastern Kalamazoo Bottle Creek Lansmg Sexton 49V2 46V2 Jackson Lnncoln Park Too bad he can t swrm " .,.,-4' SWIMMING TEAM ROW1 D Nutt D Slezak T McMullen P Patterson B Whnttmg T Carbeck J Hnser K Peyton ROW 2 J Chandler D Mackstone J Bengamm D Grnlinth A Gaxuola D Ellus R Clark T Francis Peyton E Argersxnger P Clnttord ROW 3 J Gnffuth 66 New Tranbandt S Allen B Harlu E Shlppey J Shelton S Livingston S Thrasher ROW 4 A Lahtu B Wmkler J Enns B Clark 0 Klemschmldt J Smclaur , . . I 'V - . . , . . , - . . - 11 11 - ' - 1 1 1 1 . I I . .. I 1 1 AA 59 37 ' 56 40 ' 65 31 43 53 64 32 4 69 27 ' 11 1 - ,,,,,n,..,,,....,,,..,1, .,,,,,.1a,. K A x'J 4 'ff 'lf . grw, ,. w X , . Qf""w'M ' A t A K 'L 1 I 7 , l , f we Nr l lx z li if 1. ,. " ' fafe 3 fi mm mf Coach Pcul Clifford and Co Cop toms Ron Clark and Duck Ellns A shll wet behind the ears Ron Clark demonstrates but ferfly form Jet propelled take off Basketball players are getting taller these days El .5LPfACl If-Ill QI! ,SQAOIU The 1956-57 basketball squad, although playing the role of underedog most of the year, gave its followers a season to be remembered. With the nucleus of last year's squad lost by graduation, Coach Ed Klum faced the task of rebuilding the team. The squad led by Captain George Balas, possessed "a never quit spirit" that carried them through many games where a less capable team would have failed. Coach Klum's starting aggregation was built around John Everhardus, Jack Erwin, Dick Allen, Ribert Jones and Captain George Balas. The squad this year possessed aver- age height and a balanced scoring attack that harrassed the opponent on more than one occasion. There were a number of memorable games this season that deserve rec- ognition. The first two were both with Lansing Sexton. Al- though Sexton was favored both times, Ann Arbor forced the game into overtime only to lose by four points on each occasion. Another exciting game was with the Vikings of Jackson. With the score see-sawing back and forth most of the game, Ann Arbor won the contest in the fourth quarter with a fine display of shooting accuracy. Although the game gave Kalamazoo the Six-A title, it also showed that Ann Arbor, the team not counted on at the first of the year, possessed enough drive and perseverance to capture third place in the standings. Swish-Double exposure ? ieferm in a fion, Aa rr! YMWA AA OPP 46 52 44 70 40 64 62 49 61 65 47 40 60 55 53 61 63 39 58 70 48 35 63 67 55 46 72 67 57 57 58 39 58 73 Saginaw Arthur Hill Catholic Central Battle Creek Dearborn Lansing Sexton Ypsilanti Jackson Kalamazoo Lansing Eastern Dearborn Fordson Battle Creek Lansing Sexton Ypsilanti Jackson Kaiamzoo Lansing Eastern Wyandotte "Whoops, missed!" Allen strikes again 4s ,. ...V quv. .,.. . ... .-.Qi . it Lf gf ff L ' KWNN Af , Qh,l2l Captain George Balas "Honest, ref, I didn'I touch him." ,xg F153 A 1 I1 i JM 1 .. fn! my K 4 , f Q 'Y v A ...-. . ,.-,,,1 1 A ,-,-, xy.,--4 -y vw- '-W W- o VARSITY BASKETBALL ROW I: J. Gates, M. Hiniker, G. Hirih, G. Balas, D. Allen, L. Fonville, R. Fullerton. ROW 2: B. Adams, J. Everhurdus, R. Power, J. Erwin Forsythe, B. Harvey, E. Klum. B2 x-s 2:31 fi-1-Rv' nv-uv nr Y' 1. P79599 1 Awww sw 4...-.. JV BASKETBALL ROWI C Rlller J Shank H Wullnams J Murphy R Rowery D Smllh D Bacon B Berkeley ROW 2 P Palmer R Adams W Chalman L Moore T Merrill B Wyman N Enns J Pa a nelh F Hoffman COACHES Mr. Klum, Mr. Palmer, Mr. Rllfer 71 Teamwork if ff' ' 1"'!2'l11' ROW1 J Lopez D Cebulskv F Summs W Haywood B Jones D nham F Sheppard J u s B Huscoc F Znmme Perry ROW 2 M Booth R Coleman J Murphy H Wulllarns W Chatman J Dixon M Hannah H Houghtalln L Noder S Lowe T Smnth ROW 3 D Duckerson C Baker N Thomas ---as '74, 'T' " .-4. TRACK L-pq i iii I "K7'iuf Dreterle J Beck D Kapp ROW 4 D Dunlap G Peterson urn D S omp D Sc neuder Johnson D Davis P r er R Redman A Bartels A T Ry lil erin ell 0,90 0 h'll9l'0U2l'YleI1 ll Coach B Smnh Co captam B Jones Coach A Ryan Co captann L Dunham Crossmg the Bar Last years hard work led Ann Arbor Highs Track team to wan fourth place In the Reguonal meets Co captomed by Lance Dunham and Bob Jones, thus years team had more depth ln every event The distance runners were especually strong Thus was due In part to the Indoor track provuded by the new school facllltles With returning upperclassmen Floyd Sheppard Bob Jones Bart Kruse Bruce Hlscock Don Cebulskl Bob Burns and Rack Potter Ann Arbor Hugh captured Important pomts IH the all sports trophy race 72 I v ' l I . T 5 . , l X ' -, T gf' ' ff f -A R urs, 2 r' l , fx '- ,A Y, - 5 --- A W' 1 s I , , it . , x . K , 0- . , A Q.. fi , Q M... V 1 IM N 4 J' 3 9 I 4 2 sq G Y snr A f 7 1 V " ' ,th ' ' Q . Y, 9 . 1 . . ', . ' , . , . , R. Hageiman, J. Goetz, B. Kruse, D. Burns, D, Fisher, R. L. U ,, , .Bs, .' k, , ' r,G. ' ,. ,- V 1- I' .'F' . ,. ,. csn',.k..h',T- 1- 'R- I I V - I I I A ' I I I ok ! . , . , , . an, Q C .J fr 1 - 1 . . , The daring young man off the flytng trapeze gfllllfljfj WGN! PO, Gymnastucs' Whats that?" Srmllar comments were overheard durmg the wmter as the flrst Pioneer gym nastlc team tumbled Its way toward state honors The team traveled to dlfferent Mnchngan hugh schools for Informal meets partrcrpated In the Detroxt Turners fo gymnastic socuetyl meet and the Muchlgan AAU meet Two team members wan three mdrvrdual state champion shnps whale the team took second place an the state to Alpena Gymnastrcs becommg nncreasrngly popular In the United States IS often fascunattng to watch It requires excellent physucal condrtron near perfect coordmatrcn and extensive tralnrng Ape man ,Z -2 11' GYMNASTICS uss D Alstrorn J Gleason g gb The Dust Bowl Coach Paul Clifford and Captain .lohn Everhardus 'aa f' 0 0125 life 0 0 fd! 5loorf5 .7olal1g Led by capable Captain John Everhardus and coached by Paul Clrflord the golf squad has the beneflt of several veterans returning to Its ranks Thus fact and the msparatlon provxded by last years outstandmg season which saw Pioneer golfers tue for first nn the 6A standmgs gave impetus to the expectatlon that thas year s squad would bolster Ann Arbors chances for wlnnmg the 6A league all sports trophy so-... GOLF ROWl C Newton F Rentschler B Hallock J Everhardus T McMullen R Dnmond D Breuholz ROW 2 J Tmmn, B Spokes, F Herbert, B Berkley, H Bowes,J Enns, S Thrasher R Yahr A Lenbee,J Huntzucker 74 I -U wi , 3, 4- ' ', f, X st , lu k l 1.575 'ff' fy rf Q7 f . gl' - I' E A 9 3 N or Y, Grand slam 3 lleteeI'5 TENNIS lmprovung on last years record of four wtns out of twelve games Coach Tom Wllson had a nucleus of several returmng lettermen augmented by some promlslng sophomore and tumor talent Lead by Captam Walter Roth the racketeers showed great Improvement over last years squad due partially to undoor practice facllltles The Ann Arbor clty summer tenms program also contributed much to gave experaence to thus years team Coach Tom Wilson observes Captam Walt Roths servlce TENNIS W1 J Flood B Wyman D Lage C Boys R Erbe ROW 2 B Hough? M Hnnnker W M Forsythe ROW 3 T Lyndon B Hamel J Yeh R Hoobler H Hunter D Downey T Wnlort 75 sf? ' if Rapid sequence photographs show batter as he prepares to swing . . . Camera catches beginning of swing as batter acliusts his aim . . . .0-rv ,mrqf QM f as-rw I "' M A-wa wwf "Got it!" Disappointed catcher and iub- ilant, successful batter shown as camera catches everything but the ba1I. 3 Q 1,2.,,,4f.ff5,t.f, Coach Pete Palmer and Capt. Allan Santure. ri -sv . 4. Y 45- Q v . . 1 t 2 f ' "' -' ""vV" ' -A--el... . -- bu' '- .,- A - s-- 5 I-.- . .U 4 f "' Q ' ' 'v - . Q. f ' - - Coaches Pete Palmer and John Kulpinski hope to better last year's baseball record both by building a strong team around a core of return- ing lettermen and by the added advantage ot pre-season practice in the activity room. This year, as in other years, the Ann Arbor High baseball team will host all visiting teams at West Park. Under the leadership of Allen San- ture, this could be a very good year. -Q- ' 3, ---I--1 ARSITY BASEBALL W1 E Boss Geuger G Hur D A K Henkel D Schumann P Palmer ROW 2 R core G Balas G Wnlnoms Ru se A Santure Schlecht J Curhs W Anderson D Macs ROW 3 D Adams D Flemung D Smuth Castor B Guenther T Mulhom A Whutley J Douglass J lplnsku ROW 4 D Bacon J Erwun D Bruegel D Stugner Hearn B Thompson B Mnley Two bots are better than one 78 '48 TK xv ... +M,w 42 1 ' V RO : . r , D. ' , . 'th, . Hen, . , C- , - I - ' f - ' I - I , , , , , . 1 , , , Ku ' . : . , - 1 - 1 - M , . , . 'I' , H. 5 ll, J. ', . J- , - f - ' f A . 2 A f - ' , . ', ,, v t ff , J' "NJ 4: f .Lf . - , r gg wh t'ff.x-.-v,1x- ' .MA 6. K W v.,i ,,' , . V ., A .:l...""T"'w54 -"arf y? me 4- :4 JN 'gL','f"-f.'.s..:Vw., 'M' gsm' -. . 'qui '21 'HWY' . - fi- A ,MQ 4' ... A M ,,.. 7. A JN' -f .Ar-of, ' "" K" . ' Tr' ""'- . - '- tif' 'W' f E ' Aff- A e ,eu . .,.,,5h.', ,A I .- Mmm-Ov . -N , '- , f , . 1 r A .L , . I W Meeung at the mound jnframurafgporfa program jeafure5 joofda INTRAMURAL SPORTS In order to enable students to partncrpate In thenr favonte sports on a competntnve basrs, the Intramural Managers com mrttee arranged tournaments rn the sports whnch were the most popular wrth the students For those who lrked the cllck-clack of prng pong balls tournaments In thus sport were set up For the skaters hockey playoffs were arranged Valley ball and bowlmg were two other sports that students could participate nn rn therr spare time INTRAMURAL FOOTBALL CHAMPIONS ROW1 J Moore E Arnesen G Balas ROW 2 W Anderson M Forsythe J Wessmger ROW 3 E Argersmger D GYIGITLT R Fuller ton ROW 4 A Gaxnolu P Wesslnger T Lyndon SENIOR INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL CHAMPIONS K Henkel W Anderson J Moore J Wessmger E Arnesen 80 :. , . , . . : . , . , . - :. ' , . " , . - . : . ' , . ' , . .. . , a I 1 ' v - I - , . . - I , . . A ,I L. W I A I, 1 K s, . f, gal Giga! COI'll,90lllll0ll SOPHOMORE INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL ROWI D Zahn C Casior D Jesperson ROW 2 S Tucay G Kmffen GIRLS VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS ROW 1 E Collms M H Taylor M Nnehuss ROW 2 C lucas S Dnngman M E Klddle L Potter ROW 3 R Prekefes S Poi? M Meadows K James ROW 4 S Proud G deKomng S Turner G Slater 'N ' ..AnQnr""1fl.f Crushed . Ia . ,Z fra! ' . lf- s if CJ GAC EXECUTIVE BOARD ROW 'l: B, Frey, J. Hartweg, J. Garlick. ROW 2: M. Nesbif, A. Mast, B. Beniamin, K. James, M. Wheeler, Miss Harney. gnc SENIOR GAC Row 'l: S. Williams, M. Niehuss, E. Collins, M. Nesbii, J. Harfweg S. Wilson, S. Guenlher, B. Olsen, B. Habel. Row 2: C. Slruhar, C. Annis, S. Dewar, A. Gilleland, S. Poli, M. Moran, M. Fralick, S. Welch, S Bacon, J. McEndree, M. Gueniher, B. Frey, M. Huschke. Row 3: C. Lucas, J. Bland, E. Lichry, C. Callahan, T. Opple, A. Masr, M, Taylor, B. Gusline, R. Prekeves, L. Pofler, M, Meadows, D. Litiell, S. Binlcawski, M. Marvin, Row 4: M. Johnston, J. Simon, M. GrindsIaH, L. Fleming D. Corrigan, A. Pererson, S. Dyer, N. Tobias, M. E. Kiddle, S. Turner K, James, G. deKoning, J. Cooper, M. Flis, J. Hum. Raw 5: Miss Harney B. Tucay, S. Earl, S. Birfles, S. Dingman, E. Leland, B. Kuhn, M Waterman, S, Proud, J. Walsworlh, G. Slaler, B. Beniamin, S. Brown A. Lowery. 'Q - ,.z .""'Lf'5m.' Y I B X W? JUNIOR GAC Raw 1: L. Legatski, D. Metzner, J. Fingerle, K. McKenzie, G. Bennett, A. Struble, M. Blake, N. Logan. Row 2: M. Smalley, B. Boehnke, L. Hague, B. Warner, C. Colwell, L. Winkelhaus, A. French, S. Carey, L. Maurer. Row 3: Miss E. Harney, J. Garlick, L. Kooistra, P. Spurlin, SOPHOMORE Raw l J Kazda L Fawcett J Noehren, C. Bolt, K. Velker, R. Deborde, P Flynn B Purdo S Schumacher, D. Vedder. Row 2: Miss L. Harney, eketes C telnke S id, J. Maybee, K. Nichols, L. Bush, B. Marshall M Bowler B Barney C. Pope, B. lnbody, J. Grueber. Row D. Thomas, B. Wing, M. Brown, A. Vidar, M. Keniston, M. Dalley, C. Tilford. Row 4: S. Wagner, B. Bradley, S. Tibbetts, M. Schwartz, J. Everhardus, M. Fralick, D, Burt, M. Meyers, M. Bunton, M. Vogel, P. Langley. GAC 3: K. Fike, M. Schlanderer, J. Zahn, M. Smith, S. Bigby, S. Efner, D. Splltt, M. Wheeler, P. Miles, M. Lofberg, L. Bridges, L. Nelson, S. Leonard. Row 4: K. Wegner, S. Cassell, A. Peckham, F. Davis, J. Freeman, J. Hammer, J. Henry, S. Klaasen, C. Chase, K. Anderson. l i 'T 'Kip' iv v-' GAC STARS W1 M aluck Po rMEKn e M Meadows ROW 2 S Turner K James M A Gnndstaff M Guenther M Nlehuss E Row 3 A Ma B Benlamln Frey J Hartweg -av Allez ...I Oop GAC The Girls Athletic Club ably headed by Mnss Ellse Harney, engaged In many GCllVlfI6S thus year Besides sponsor mg field hockey volleyball basketball and other gurls sports the club participated In local play days put on by varlous schools Ann Arbor also held a play day mvltlng several schools and usmg all the faculutles available In the new hugh school buvldmg Another GAC actlvnty was the Barn Dance, whuch was held In the recreatuon room Thus was the tradltlonal Sadne Hawkins square dance put on by the club 84 The 1956-57 Varsity cheerleaders, led by ' Captain Mary Meadows, kept the Pioneer spirit high this year. The eight girls led yells at all of the home football and bas- ketball games with both old and new cheers. The cheerleaders are divided into two squads of four girls each. Taking turns, one of these squads traveled to every away game. Also, during the school year, Ann Arbor High School's "Pepiest Pioneers" partici- ' pated in several pep assemblies leading cheers and songs and helping to generate interest and improve the backing of the minor sports ln addition to their other activities the Varsity cheerleaders spon sored a dance after the syncromzed swim ming show The "Little Pioneer cheerleaders have the lob of encouraging support for the JV teams This year captalned by Mary Ann Bunten they originated several new cheers of their own such as Put the Ball and Bas ketl Basket! i54ZI ARB00 X JV CHEERLEADERS ROW! M Wheeler M Bunten A Coleman ROW 2 S Bigby C Stemke J Zahn ROW 3 L Legatslu S Wild CAEQFLGJEVJ 5 NS7CAO0!.S7,9U'lt VARSITY CHEERLEADERS ROW! M Niehuss L Potter M Knddle M Meadow James D Thomas J Everhardus Missing P Glushyn s ROW2 K l0'9lr 85 A REO, . U. . ' . . . u iq . .. . QM .I . H 9 oo ul , A I7 3 ,A ,Af N-Lv . X. . ' L 1 I' -my Q I , 9 -- ' - l'T 'L , ,f' ' gygy y , ,,,,, ., x c . X UHRIII I WW xv 5.2- ' f H13 I 45, Dr Jack Elzay supermtendent of schools Seeing that Ann Arbor Hugh IS run nlng smoothly IS the lab of the admln lstratlon To do this gob efficiently this department as dlvlded unto three parts the ORICG of the prmclpol the assistant prmcnpal, and the attendance offlce The lob of the prunclpal covers every facet of the operatnon of Ann Arbor Hugh lt nncludes coordinating admlms tratlon counselmg and student actlvl tles serving as custodian of all school property and being In charge of public relatlons was RQ! lflLnl5tI'6ltl0I1 'Baumann 'Wh 1-ev Q ,,,.--an f ' Nucholas Schrenber prmcnpal Henry Fonde admmlstrohve assistant 6-nur BOARD OF EDUCATION Dr Bloomer Dr House Mr Wnlllams Mr Mann Mr Schulz Dr Katz Mr Hallowell Mrs Wnlluams Dr Marckwardt 88 .2 3 i fvfif' 7 ENGLISH DEPARTMENT ROW I: Mrs. Huges, Miss Jones, Mr. Granville, Mrs. Walker, Mr. Gary. ROW 2: Mrs. Procasky, Mrs. Chattee, Mr. Whittaker, Mr Reed Mr. Simon, Miss Lungren, Miss Zoller, Mr. Dawson. "And smale fowles maken melodye that stipen al the night in hir corages . . . " To many students who have studied English at Ann Arbor High, this is very well-known, for Chaucer is one of the many authors studied in English literature. In addition, English books and poems, American literature, English grammar, and composition are studied. If the student prefers to talk instead of write, he may substitute radio for regular English at full credit. This course is designed to give a working knowledge of how radio shows are pro- duced and acted. " good theme, but . ' ,.,A. The Pioneer Broadcasting System 89 .1 Como esta usted? Je ne sais pas ca. Machen Sie das Buch auf! Vale! These words are familiar to the many foreign language students at Ann Ar- bor High, for they represent the four languages taught. These include French, Spanish, German, and Latin. The stu- dent interested in French or Latin can take up to four years of these lang- uages. Spanish is offered for two years, as is German. The tirst two years of any of these languages are devoted to the study of basic grammar and vocab- ulary. After two years the student pro- gresses to the study of the literature of that tongue. Through movies and much conversation in the chosen language, the student can gain a thorough foun- dation. The language laboratory is also used and is of great help in improving pronunciation. an ua e e arfmenf 0 w jacihfied I9 f ? Llngulsts in the language lab V MATHEMATICS DEPARTMENT ROW 1: Miss Mclouth, Miss Noyes, Mrs. Beslock. ROW 2: Miss Paton, Mr. Ritter, Mrs. Cunningham. "So that.'s what I did wrong!" .7442 Queen ofgciencea MATHEMATICS 2X-2X:? Problems such as these are solved in beginning math classes at Ann Arbor High, but later on, they become more complicated. As math is the foundation for all exact sciences, many courses are offered students in this field. For the beginning student, first year algebra is the course to take. A second year course in algebra is also offered. Putting logical thoughts into words is stressed in plane and solid geometry. Trigonometry is probably the most advanced course offered. Because of its many uses, math will continue to play an important part in the lives of everyone. For this reason, the mathematics department oHers courses that will prepare students for further study in college and work in vocational fields. .Witt nu at lt!! ll I. i nm 'stew 'Q gui If .I SCIENCE DEPARTMENT ROW 1: M. Reed, Mr. Myers, Mr. Buell, Mr. Cole, Mr. Rosemergy. ROW 2: Mr. Yambert, Mr. Ellis, Mr. Newstead, Mr. Barclay. dence Kar a cienfihc war! and this is the digestive system Activating the cupric ions. "Gazing at the stars" has come to have a new mean- ing tor the Pioneers since coming to the new building, for the planetarium is now an important part of the broad sci- ence program. The daily weather report from the rooftop weather station has become a part of Ann Arbor High's traditions. The greenhouse also has opened new doors for students and is an integral part of the new horticulture class. The weather station, greenhouse, and planetarium are, however, only a special part of the basic science pro- gram. For the maiority of the students, the well-equipped chemistry, physics, and biology labs are more familiar. With these material things and our excellent stat? of teach- ers, the students of Ann Arbor High are well prepared for uture training in science. DRIVER EDUCATION ' ROW 1: Mr. Bateman, Mr. Underwood, Mr. Clifford. ROW 2: Mr. Ryan, Mr. lx 'X Kulpinski, Mr. Smith, Mr. Pagakis. gm, v river gclucafion anJ,9Lg.5icaf gzclucafion 6' ' 1-119 ' S3 1 1.15 A ga ., if 4 M11 "Get into the proper lone . PHYSICAL EDUCATION ROW 1: Mrs. Kem, Miss Harney, Mrs. Prins. ROW 2: Mr. Palmer, Mr. Clif- ford, Mr. Pntrhoff. S-..k, "The best way to a man's heart is through his stom- ach." This motto is one that the home economics' students can really accomplish as several courses in cooking and foods are offered to help students make appetizing meals. Besides cooking, students can also take several courses in sewing. "Do it yourself," reigns in these classes, for here students make everything from skirts to dresses and suits. These practical arts of cooking and sewing are put to good use in the model apartment, which is used for par- ties and demonstrations of good housekeeping methods. lf the home economics department of Ann Arbor High School has anything to say about it, the Pioneers are going to be the best homemakers yet. il om e F0 n om im Coftee break. ln. I I HOME ECONOMICS Miss Carstensen, Miss Eberbach, Miss Peterson. 94 1' ' "1 tv ROW 1: V. Cook, D. Schrniedeke, R .Underwood, L. Van Orman. ROW 2: R. Whiting, E. Toogood, C. North, A. Gallup, R. Silverstone, J. Peden. " ' ' '1's,'a+b' E, :B'hl'v1 1' I c v .fgrf anal .9nclu.4friaf j4rf5 5 . '41 Tom Sawyer's friends Tomorrow's engineers The saw-tooth building is the source of interesting classes for many students, for here the industrial arts courses are held. Auto mechanics, mechanical drawing, and driver education are some of the courses which afTord the student practical training. The boy or girl interested in decorating may take a painting and decorating course, which is held in a classroom containing the shell of a house. This shell is used to help students get practical experience in painting varied surfaces and textures. For those interested in painting in a smaller but perhaps more graceful manner, several courses in art are offered. To wind up the list of classes designed to suit nearly every- one's fancy, the industrial arts department offers a radio course, wood shop, and electricity class. ii ,te nm ff Q H ujir AMA Clzarm5 . MUSIC DEPARTMENT Mr. Merrill, Mr. Morris, Mr. Roth 77 The stralns of a liltnng piece of music could be heard at almost any time of the day near the music rooms, as there always was some practicing to be done The music might have been that of a group such as the band orchestra Cantando chorus A Cappella choir or even some hearty soul prachc mg scales All of this practicing was in preparation for some musical event the A Cappella practiced for the operetta The Pirates of Penzance while the band may have been practicing for a special program and the orchestra for an assembly All of these groups whether large or small practiced forthe regional and state contests ln another room there was little sound but students read and discussed such things as music theory and they listened to records to develop music appreciation These varied courses all helped to prepare our students for a more mterestnng and appreciative life Q9 ,f See no evil, hear no evil, speak ...., Trombraro "Thi5 is where Ike goes fishing." l SOCIAL STUDIES ROW I: Mrs. Kelly, Mrs. Procasky, Mrs. Hughes, Miss Golay, Miss Lewis. ROW 2: Mr. Hoag, Mr. LaJeunosse, Mr. Buchanan, Mr. Schultz, Mr. Klum, Mr. Clemens, Mr. March, Mr. Reed Mr. Wilson. Q -N.-ville i "You didn't study!" SOCIAL STUDIES Representing Lebanon at the model United Na- tions Assembly in Hillsdale College, Ann Arbor High students debated Middle East problems as one of the highlights of last year's social studies program. Besides interesting activities many courses are of- fered: all students are required to take American history. World history traces the development of many cultures. The trade, products, and topigraphi- cal features of foreign countries are studied in World Geography. Social living and American culture com- bine history and English. Subiects offered mainly to seniors include Family Living, Social Problems, Inter- national Relations, Modern History, and Economics. With the many courses offered, an Ann Arbor High graduate is able to have a thorough background in past and present problems. jk Science of Wan in ociefy E..- COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT Mr Dahlberg Mr Gull Mrs Stralght Mr Greer Mrs Malik Mr Schoch Ollllfleffe Cl 05 tAe ,W G Obln at 98 The sound of busy typewrsters could often be heard near the commercial classrooms Here stu dents learn how to be successful In busmess lf anyone was look mg for tramlng for a stenograph IC retalllng or general office career the commercual depart ment was the place to g Courses were offered un short hand typmg and retallmg to name a few Almost every type of office machine was available to help the student gain business experience In the future a store us planned an whnch students can practice sellmg under realistic condut 'wns nv- Bug lokel A 51 ,i x 1' fir' I' ROW1 M I-5 1 ,,. ' n - , -V .: GENERAL OFFICE STAFF Sto B Mayfield J Tleiz ROW 2 F Knson V Knrk l1lLl'll.'5l'l'al'lU0 el'50I'll'le ATTENDANCE OFFICE STAFF Mr Klnne Mrs Smith Mrs French i Ql'vf J' ff l Z? 99 : II, . , . ' . : . ' , . ' . i O I I U- fan x A 2 F 50 , ,I K , - " Wx ja N' S' ,,,.,.'fS! L- ' V 'z' ,,,'- , fr fv W 1 Z Z? fm- P CUSTODIANS ROW 1: W. Belles, C. Morris, J. Gully, C. Bryani, J. Woshingion, G. Pihs. ROW 2: W. Dallon, W. Shelion, B. Moody, R. Weinmann, A. Wilson, E. Carrington, W. Carr. Cu5foclian5 anal C0045 ROW 'l: M. Smiley, A, Wagner, R. Wing, M. Barbioux, V. Hague. ROW 2: l.. Weiizel, F Wursler, C. Knoedler, G. Somes, L. Swanson, E. Prieskorn, S. Baird. L 'Q LIBRARIANS ROW I: Mrs. Taylor, Mrs. Savery, Mr. Ranallo, Mrs. Warner Oli ra rg eruiced Constructed to allow maximum use of natural sunlight, the Ann Arbor High School Library is a pleasant place in which to study. Besides its un- usual construction, the library has a selection of books that treat almost every subiect from ro- mance to Zoology. Tape recorders, record play- ers, movie proiectors, films, and records are all available at this information center. "Bring it back on time The lecturing machine ww if ' ' M- 41 '. , 1. 'iw -A , 1, J 'Q' ' '..... il If f I f Z i ygfgzyx ff v W4 5 A ' Nz M is Q 1 fan in QAQM? A W 6 , V , f f','- pu 'ggi any 4 :ff v E ' 2 i A 4 ,A 4 1 K ...C-'F-...1 n,, , , 1 il MWC? 2 31 ,.....P .Mr M . .,.., I "Hx I' wi M "' 'MW' ' ' F " 3 1 ff? ' if 4' ww-8""' 4 ??g??'w K V Q iqbtf I W. ,W ..4. W, Q' 413 nh' ' 4 n ' 4 4 f ' ! Q K , ,, , 1' " -A 4 4 iv- K 1 3 4 ' 1 1 ' pw 3 ' W 2 u i' W,.4aaBvl0 wig, ,vw -f j W A wx My w, A - . . km 'w5 iL , yuvsggvg -I. +1547 r ., 43356 - ,iw um , W. Q M., Q., , ,. aff- Aa ww 1 5 was-.amy 1:2 X Lg I - 1 ,- R if , L . fn' - Q Y' 'wt ,ah-. A" W" I l HE Presudent Chuck Klemschmndt Vlce president Walt Roth ell l0I'5 SENIOR EXECUTIVE BOARD The hlstory of this year s Semor class was earmarked by a sernes of flrsts Thelrs was the first Semor Day held In the new school It was the first class to graduate from Hollway Stadvum and the flrst class that went a whole year In the new school Dlrectlng CCTIVITIBS such as the Semor Prom Assembly and Banquet kept this years board very busy Indeed pg, Secretary Mary Meadows 11' Mr Myers The splrut of party umty 104 K' 3, . . , . , T' . ' 1" X if t Y . - 3' x U v . "AH those in favor . . . of adiourning this meeting . . . say aye!" 1"'l'a' i , 013623 ffl l'rf??gg',t,,. 'Q' an he we 1 . xiao' on Q ,ti SENIOR EXECUTIVE BOARD v 5 v S B RO W I P eyers O I c ml t M 5 mu rown Downey S Dmgmarw K Thompson L Fleming Peterson K James ROW 3 Button J Myers T Peyton D Wullnc 5 105 RO 5 . M , B. Yek, K, Br wn, C. Kle'ns H 'd, . Ne bi , R. 'h, . , W 2: R. , . ' , . , ' , A, , . . : R. ' , , , . , , ' ' m . MOST ATHLETIC lf you followed the circuit of ath- letic events through the year, you were certain to see Joyce and Dick participating. Joyce was the pres- ident of GAC and took an active part in their tournament play. Fall was the time for field hockey and volleyball ln the winter basketball came up and finally to round out her busy schedule she played base ball in the spring Dick also par tlclpated in more than one sport The gridiron was his first stopping place His frame had spread and he was well known before h stepped onto the field His group of followers grew bigger as the season closed and carried over to the basketball season where he was also a celebrity On the baseball diamond the spotlight landed 0 Dick once more Yes Joyce and Dick can be called real sports 4-lf' -5, FRIENDLIEST As you walked through the halls you could always expect to see a cheery smile on the faces of Dian and Windy A friendly H was also a trademark of theirs which everyone knew and enloyed Dian s selection as homecoming queen was an outlet for her gracious manner of putting people at ease and her sparkling personality Windy also found outlets for his warm fnendli ness and easy going ways Everyone connected with the operetta which he held a lead role enloyed practicing and performing with hum Although you may not live near or be with them a great deal Dian and Windy can be considered two of your closest friends Happiness and concern for someone else are always first In their minds ' 1 1 f I - e l I ' n . i I ' ll ll WOCL 1 ' ' ll ill 5- . . , Q Q n Q . , I . ' , in J "" vt' I ' . D . v K . ' f ' v J ' l gf A -A 0Cfl0fl 5 MUSIC AND DRAMA Ann Arbor Hughs record f achuevement on the stage was up held un tradutuonal style but not wuthout the vutal help of Joan and Duck Joan asude from beung a soloust un A Cappella for two years held the lead un the operetta The Purates of Penzance She also won honors un the annual vocal musuc festuvals Duck concludung a three year hugh school actung career dud so un a burst of mauesty as he was leadung man un the last two all sc ool plays Kund Lady and George Washungton Slept Here after havung lesser roles un the pre cedung plays The outstandung con trubutuons un theur respectuve ways made by Joan and Duck added um mensely to the enuoyment of musucal and dramatical productions. DONE MOST FOR CLASS Two people who were really kept hoppung un our senuor year Ron Fullerton and Margaret Nuehuss were naturals un the Done Most For Class category Ron was pres udent of the student councul and Margaret served as councul secre tary Both were also enthusuastuc about other school actuvutues Ron un basketball and Margaret as a cheerleader Ron and Margaret con trubuted much of theur tume and eltort to make thus first year un our new school a successful one z , -1-x"' 3 .P!'-Z',.- . .- V ,ff 7, n,i,,,, l MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED The Bug Omega Questlon IS on the air and our contestants are challengnng each other Who wall emerge the vlctor IS hard to pre duct for both Rich and Marge were elected most lukely to succeed Both have accumulated a vast amount of knowledge on many sublects mak mg them able to dlscuss and solve most problems that arlse Marge whose work as flrst page semor edltor of the Optlmlst was excellent managing to keep an all A record during her hugh school career Rlch was also IH many tame consumnng octlvltles As dean of the debate squad and as an actlve par tlclpant un many other speech actlv mes he earned a great deal of recognition Thelr wlllmgness to ac cept responslblllty and to learn more IS shown by the grades and actlvmes of both Rlch and Marge fs '-4 CLASS COMEDlANS The zanlest by far Eruk Arnesen and Nancy Toblas didnt have to work hard to earn the tatle of class comeduans Both were active In dra matncs and thus gave them an outlet for their humorous natures They kept fellow students In various stages of mlrth wnth their actions and helped to llven up our school ex penences eCtL0fl .5 MOST VERSATILE A little but of anything and every thing seems to pop up In the school and extra curricular activities f Kirsten and Walt From sports to studies and from music to class offices they took part in many activ ities Kirsten was very active as a cheerleader a member of the syn chromzed swimming club a member of the A Cappella choir and a par ticipant in the GAC tournament sports Besides these varied activities and keeping her grades up she was an enthusiastic contributor to class activities Walt as vice president had a great deal to do with helping the class Among his other activities he played both football and tenms nevertheless keeping his grades in good standmg A summation of all these things made Kirsten and Wal ter the most versatile PIN-UPS A boy's low whistle or a girl's quiet sigh are what Linda and Jim might have heard as they walked past their admirers in the halls. Linda's chic appearance and bub- bling smile made her a real favorite among all her contempories. Her presence on the Homecoming Queen's court was another honor for her in connection with the beauty which she always radiated. Jim with that well groomed look and rugged handsomeness, made girls sit up and take notice. His self-assurance left no doubt in people's minds that he was a very strong willed and debo nanre person Let the pm ups come out of the movies and television' Around here Linda and Jim are fine' WILLIAM G ADAMS Wully who luved In Mussuon Kansas untul hus lunuor year was known as a real ham because of hus amateur raduo actuvutues He was actuve on the Student Councul and also on the Assembly commuttee Basketball was Bulls hobby and he belonged to the lunuor varsuty bas ketball team RICHARD F ALLEN Duck demonstrated hus leadershup abuluty by servung as vuce presudent of the Student Councul vuce presu dent of the uunuor class and on the Sophomore Executuve Board Actuve In athletucs he earned letters In football basketball and baseball In the future Duck an honor stu dent plans to become an enguneer JUDY M ALTENBERNT Judy represented her homeroom on the Student Councul and served as homeroom secretary A member of the Hostess commuttee her other school actuvutues Included Bowlung club and GAC Judy worked at Dorlerues Dress Shop and plans to attend Muchugan State Unuversuty HAROLD W APRILL Cars and farmung are Harolds maun Interests and he Intends to take up farmung as a professuon upon graduatuon from hugh school Harold came to AAHS from Slauson and resuded un homeroom C2l3 throughout hus stay here MARY .I ARGIERO Fond of pushmg a pencul Mary was a member of the Scrubblers club whule at hugh school Outsude of her school unterests she enuoyed collectung stamps Mary came to Ann Arbor Hugh from Tappan Jun uor Hugh School and whale here was a member of homeroom E IO2 She plans to work after graduatuon ANABEL ANDERSON Anabel partucupated In student government by beung a member of the Student Councul Presudents commuttee and also her home room s Washungton club representa tuve Other Interests Include the Record club and GAC The Meducal School at the Unuversuty of Much Anabel 'G' 'My WALLACE E ANDERSON Durung Andys stay at AAHS he played In the band partlcupated In the untramural sports program sang wuth the A Cappella chour and had a role In the operetta The Puratos of Penzance Andy also served as presudent and Assembly commuttee representatuve of hus homeroom EDWARD S ARGERSINGER Thus versatule young man was one of the hardest workung Wash ungton club members a letterman on the swummung team and the Student Councul alternate for hus homeroom Besudes these actuvutues Ed sang wuth A Cappella and had the male romantuc lead un The Purates of Penzance BETTY L ARMBRUSTER An actuve member of her home room Betty served as Its secretary Assembly commuttee representatuve and was on the Intramural Bowlung team She earned a letter for her work In the band Washungton and Scrubblers clubs also receuved her attentuon College us Included In Betty s future 'IIO ROBERT A AGAR Bob really enuoyed sports for he was a member of the varsuty foot ball squad Bob also enuoyed the sport of huntung As he IS Inter ested In travelung Bob louned the Washungton club whule at AAHS and hus future plans Include uounung the navy DAVID G ALSTROM Daves Interest In athletucs was shown by hus enuoyment of bowl Ing and golf ln thus field he also represented hus homeroom on the Intramural Managers commuttee Dave attended Tappan Junuor Hugh School prevuous to comung to AAHS ns, -.4 CAROL E ANNIS Carol centered her Interests around the Omega where she was a member of the ad staff She also was assocuated wuth the GAC Wash ungton club and Gurls League Carol was employed at the Corner House In the future she plans to attend college 9 ' 4 ' ,, . l,, ' . . . . I - I I I ll ll . ' , , . . . . . , .nr . I . - I I. . . I in , . . I . - .- . . . I S , . . I I 1, , y ry . l . , . I , . . ' . , . ' , , . . - I - I A . I .53 . s - I V ' - . . ' I . . , . 2 - I ' ,: ' , t - j- ,, - , ., , . . . . . I . 1 H , . , , 1' ,,Qg,lL, . . . . . . . . - ' '- ,. Q L, igan lies in the near future for . , , - Q , , , . K 6 I I ' . I I I I - , ,us .K I I 3 , l . . A .N . , . . H. I ,,. . , my :QV l Inf' , . 3 il K' .ua T ' ,N ,1.s,, 1 I . . I . t ,ti I I 1 11 , , av- ' I . . . V . . . . . . as ,Q Q r sy LS, . , I . guy! RICHARD H ARNST Sports were the center of many of Ducks BCTIVIIIGS whlle at AAHS for he partrclpated In the Rod and Reel club the Rnfle club and lntra mural bowlnng Duck was a repre mnttee and a member of the lntra mural Managers commnttee l ERIK R ARNESEN At almost any show Eruks face was surely seen for he was a member of Drama Workshop He also served as program chalrman of the fall football commrttee Inter ested rn sports Errk played JV base ball and participated In many lntra mural games To round out hrs actrvmes Ersk was presudent vuce president and Washmgton club representatuve of has homeroom MARCELLA I ARNOLD Mars as everyone called her engoyed baton twrrlung so she lomed the Baton club to contunue her hobby Sewmg and Gtrls chorus also took up a great deal of her tlme Attendmg buslness college as at the top of Marcellas lust of future plans SHARON L ARTHUR Sharon was secretary of her homeroom for two semesters and served on the Assembly commnttee Being Interested In music she was a member of the Cantando chorus terests whnch was shown by her membershup In the Red Cross club and her future nursmg plans 3 JOEL M BABBITT A vntal Interest an huntmg and also In skm dnvmg combine to prove that Joel IS a great out door man that ns when he was not busy workmg at the A8- P or at school After graduatron and a luttle more work Joel hopes to go into bus: ness for hnmself FLORENCE O BACON Florence who as known as Flossre by her frnends kept her homeroom meetmgs an good order when she acted as the parluamen tartan She also served as secretary for her homeroom C 320 Musuc I5 tops among her hobbnes Flossne came to Ann Arbor Hugh from Tappan .71 DONNA L AUDRITSH Donna IS employed at Braun and Brumheld Lnthoprlnters Whale attendmg school she represented her homeroom on the Red Cross club for two semesters Horseback rndmg bowllng and swnmmlng are recreattons that Donna enloys She plans to continue workmg after graduatlon LAWRENCE R BACHMAN Although Larry was the Wash mgton club representatnve for has homeroom durnng all three of has years at Ann Arbor Hugh School he stall found tume to engoy the rugged lufe he lnked Huntmg and fishmg are hrs favornte hobbves and has future plans Include college At present Larry IS employed at Haarer Br Goetz SALLY JO BACON Sally earned a sllver pm and a letter for her work as secretary and actnve member of the band A hostess she was on the Presndents Assembly Red Cross and Intramural Managers commrttees Sally also earned a GAC letter She works at the League Ill ERIC BRUCE ARNOLD Bruce put has hobby of photogra phy to good use whale at AAHS by lonnmg the Omega staff as a pho tographer Later he was made head photographer and then edltor of the Omega Because of has work Bruce receuved a certrflcate He was also presudent of the Radno club homeroom treasurer and Student Councul representatrve WALDORA E ARNOLD Cheerfulness and a happy smule were Waldora s trademarks Commg from Slauson she was mterested m cookmg Waldora found part tnme employment In the chnldrens part of Umversrty Hospntal As for future plans she wants to go Into nursmg 6 ,nv- CHARLES H AVSHARIAN Charlres bcggest nnterests were the band and the orchestra He was presudent of the orchestra for two years and was awarded a letter sulver and gold puns Charlue was an honor roll student and plans to attend the Unrverslty of Mlchlgan He was employed wuth the Toledo Orchestra 4:46. 4 if 51 1 I - , . - , . Q Q Y ' . f I . . , . - I Il ll . . N N l . . , . . I I . 6-, s - . , Q' V I , . I . . X- K ' ' I . I , . . I I . - . . . .I I tllq I.. sentative of the Presidents' com- Nursing is another of Sharon's in- ig , . ' ' . . . ' I x . ' - '- - ' I , , - : ' , ' f ' I . N i . . ' . 1 S ' ' I D ' . . I . 1 y ,nl 'Q' Bm RICHARD H BANDROFCHAK Duck had the opportunuty to serve as presudent of hus homeroom and belonged to the Rufle club un hus sophomore year He also worked un the COT program as an employee of the Sears Roebuck Co Ducks hobbues are huntung and flshung any JAMES F BAILEY Durung Jums hugh school days he partucupated un varuous actuvutues uncludlng the Conservatuon club Bowlung League and Optumust staff He served hus homeroom as both presudent and Intramural manager Jum s hobbues are collectung stamps couns and art An honor roll stu dent he plans to enter the school of enguneerung at the Unuversuty of Muchugan after graduatuon KENNETH P BAKER Huntung occupued a lot of Kens spare tume after school hours A member of homeroom C220 Ken attended Tappan Junuor Hugh be fore comung here to hugh school Hus plans for after graduatuon un clude beung a member of the Unuted States Coast Guard RICHARD HAROLD BARTELS Actuvuty was Ducks key word to success whule at AAHS ln dra matucs he receuved an award and was also dramatucs reporter for the Omega Servung as a representatuve of the German club and Washungton club also kept hum busy as dud hus the nuckname of Professor JAMES E BECK .Ium who was an acuve member of homeroom D 205 went to uunuor hugh at Slauson He was an enthus uastuc partucupant un all sports but he especually enloyed track Jam was a popular fellow wuth hus fel low homeroomutes , who elected hum as theur vuce presudent Attend ung Eastern Muchugan College us among Jums future plans ANN C BECKWITH Ann plans to be an archutectural enguneer and has proven her talent un thus field by beung a co wunner an a state wude model home buuld mg contest An actuve member of homeroom C 312 Ann was a mem ber of the l957 Washungton club 161 JAMES L BAUGHN Jum was the varsuty football cap taun un hus senuor year Along wuth the fact that he receuved two letters un football Jum was also on the Washungton club .lunuor Executive Board and presudent of his home room Hus maun hobbues are huntung and swummung Jum as plannung on goung to Muchugan State Unuversuty JUDITH S BECK Interested un musuc Judy was un the Cantando and A Cappella chours In contrast to her musucal abulutues Judy also enuoys swum mung She was a member of the Optumust staff servung as an sd solucutor Showung her extreme un terest un homeroom affaurs Judy was presudent of her homeroom She plans to attend the Unuversuty of Muchugan CAROLYN J BELL Judy showed her leadershup abul uty by beung sales manager for her Junuor Achuevement company and the vuce presudent of her church youth group She also was a mem ber of the Washungton and Modern Record clubs Judys unterest un musuc was shown by her two years un A Cappella She plans to attend the Unuversuty of Muchugan School of Musuc ll2 G' 1 JAMES R BAIRD Before enterung Ann Arbor Hugh Jum attended the Roosevelt School un Ypsulantu He was a member of the band and earned a letter for thus actuvuty Euther college or the navy wull occupy Jum after gradua IIOFI GEORGE R BALAS George was well known to most students as captaun of the AAHS basketball team A letterman George came from Tappan Junuor Hugh and plans to attend the Unu versuty of Muchugan after gradua tuon RONALD A BAYNTON Whule un Ann Arbor Hugh Ron was actuve un sports of all kunds whuch led hum to take part un both football and track However, thus dudnt prevent hum from beung ac tuve un stagecraft Interested un cars Ron plans to study automotuve desugnung un college mais . I . , . I - - , , 5 gt . , . . . 1 'Q ' ' ' 1 I I , 1 X I if . , , : ' ' ' ' H: M S C . . I . .- f Q Q ' 4? l . fu. x AI . - l n Il ' ' ll ' I . n a 1 I - I A I interest in science which earned him .HW Y I - tu ut . I l Q 5 VW' at 1 , f A . . . . , - - - I sf - .' . - - - A , ' ' I f 3 ,y . . . . . - , I , . . 1 . 1 ' 1 . . , . . I - - - I . . U A o 4 - ' I I n ' u - u ' ' ' - l . . . F . U - . . I . .I I . , . . - 1, 1 u I - I , , . . ' I'2'xA,,,,. ALICE M BENNETT Durung her three years at Ann Arbor Hugh Aluce was an honor student She was also actuve un the Square Dance club and a member of the 4H club for eught years whuch shows how wullung she was to serve her communuty and her school SHIRLEY A BIRTLES Blondue who was very actuve un her homeroom was on Red Cross commuttee Washungton Club and was also the captaun of her home room bowlung team Swummung and bowlung beung her favorute hobbues she took part un the GAC program ln the future Shurley plans t attend busuness college BRUCE L BOICE Bruce attended Portage Townshup School un Woodcounty Ohuo before comung to Ann Arbor He was presudent of hus homeroom and a member of the 1957 Washungton club Bruce was employed at the Natuonal Food Store Lookung ahead he plans to be a draftsman 6' RONALD BELLAIRE Whule at AAHS Ronny played un the band and earned a band letter Although thus took up much of hus tume Ronny was also on the uunuor varsuty football and swummung teams In hus homeroom Ronny was the Student Councul alternate Hus future plans unclude goung to the Unuversuty of Muchugan BERNICE E BENJAMIN Bernue was an actuve member of the Rufle club Presudents commut tee GAC and Washungton club She was the publucuty manager of GAC un whuch she earned the hughest award Bernue also served as her homeroom s presudent and secretary un her sophomore year and plans to attend the Unuversuty of Much ugan or Muchugan State Unuversuty PHYLLIS A BELOAT Phul was very unterested un Junuor A luuevement where she spent most of her tume workung on the varuous prouects She Iukes records and has a large collectuon In the future she plans to attend college and later on to work JOHN H BENJAMIN Wunter was the busuest tume of the year for John because he was very actuve on the swummung team John who attended Tappan Junuor Hugh prevuous to comung to Ann Arbor Hugh was a member of homeroom C 309 Whule at Tappan he developed the hobby of pho tography whuch he also enuoyed at Ann Arbor Hugh DAVID P BIANCO Dave came to Ann Arbor from Boston Massachusetts where h went to Medford Hugh School Whule he luved at Boston he was a member of the Italuan club and when he came to Ann Arbor Hugh he louned the Washungton club After he graduates Dave hopes to work for the government un an agrucultural field of some sort 'F x JUDITH BLAND BARBARA L BIEDERMAN Athletucs took up much of Beattue s spare tume as her hobbues are swummung uce skatung and roller skatung In Ann Arbor Hugh School she was actuve un Scrubblers club Red Cross and Washungton club Barb plans to work after graduatuon and was employed parttume at the Ann Arbor Credut Bureau Whule at AAHS Judy served her SHIRLEY A BINKOWSKI Quute a sports enthusuast Shurley was recordung secretary and re ceuved both small and large letters un GAC She was a member of the Washungton club and Junuor Achuevement where she agaun served as secretary To carry on her destuned career she plans to attend Western Muchugan College to take a secretarual course homeroom as Student Councul repre sentatuve and was a member of the Washungton club Some of Judys other actuvutues uncluded partucupa tuon un GAC and Gurls League where she served as a Bug Suster Judy was an honor student and plans to attend college un the future JAMES E BOLLS Jum came to Ann Arbor from Scott Hugh un Toledo Durung hus tume here he became well known and was elected to serve on the Assembly commuttee representung hus homeroom He had many unter estung experuences havung traveled throughout the US Jums spare tume was spent un workung and goung wuth a gurl named Sue 'II3 40 -af ., , F . , . - I 1 I , - x . t I 1 l I I 7 1 1 . . I I I - gk 4 Wil' , I . ' , l 'V ' . ' ' - I A F , . .' . . . ' , ' , , e , , . - I I Q I - . . . 'sf' B . , I ' 4 u. ' f f I - x , . . . , . . ,aw 1. b ' l . is ' , ' . ' ' I ' " V Q ' , , . ' i f we , , . ,, ' 'Q 2 . - . , S . . . . . ., I . . . 1 f V Ar A I . . . . . . . , , j ,I - ., . . W ' 4 1: , ' o . G , I ' ' ' I " l . . I . 9 .A s - . I - 'I - , , . , - - ,. - ,t ROBERT L BRITTON Red well known by his vivid hair was a member of the Rod and Reel and Washington clubs Red was a Washington club repre sentatnve Student Council alternate on the Senior Executive Board and vice president of his homeroom H s hobbies are hunting fishing and cars After graduation Red plans to attend college at Houston JUDY M. BOWER A secretarial career is in the offing for Judy, after graduation from high school While at AAHS she gained work experience from part time employment at the Lake Restaurant Listing bowling and baseball among her hobbies Judy was a member of homeroom C 3l2 LLOYD R BRAUN AH work interested Lloyd as he was a member of the State 4H Judging Team and the 4H Club Council While at high school, Lloyd was a member of and his homerooms representative to the Washington club His future plans include attending Michigan State University for some short courses ALISON J BROWN It s a far cry in many ways from Oahu Hawaii to Ann Arbor Much :gan but Alison had the unusual experience of attending high school in both places While here Alison was active in school government as a member of the Senior Executive Board and co chairman of the sen nor assembly She plans to attend the University of Michigan WRQ arg? ii S its ""' 'f-'J GARY L BUCHSCHACHER Buck spent most of his extra time on the football field In his Junior and Senior years he played on the varsity squad and won a football letter Buck likes hunting Gshmg and traveling Washington lub was another of his interests He plans to spend a few years in the navy after graduation DONAL D BURNS Don was a real sport He took part in JV football JV baseball and varsity track He was manager of a basektball team and a student trainer of our football team Don was on Student Council He plans to attend the University of Mich igan Engineering School after grad uatnon KATHLEEN A BROWN Kathleen better known as Kathy participated in a variety of actnv :ties including GAC Washington club French club band and A Cappella Kathy received a letter un band and a pin in A Cappella She also served as the recording secretary of A Cappella and on the executive board Attending college is included in Kathys plans JOYCE M BURNHAM Joyce was a member of the Girls League Executive Board and the A Cappella choir She received an honor from A is playing the organ lessons are to attend Illinois where a teacher Cappella Her hobby organ and she took Joyces future plans Elmhurst College in she will study to be its ALLEN D BYER5 Allens plans for the future in 5 clude going to a trade school to become a machinist He was em ployed in Pittsfield Al came to Ann Arbor High School from Tap pan Junior High School During his three years here at school he was a member of homeroom E l07 ll4 SUSAN G. BRANDT Sue's fine voice earned her mem- bership in the A Cappella choir during her iunior and senior years She could also parle francais as she took an active part in the French club Sue an honor student the magorlty of her time here plans to enroll at the University of Michigan DAVID C BRIEHOLTZ Swish' Swishl The sound of a basketball going through the basket was familiar to Dave as he was head manager of our basketball team Golf interested him and he won a letter for his excellence Dave served his homeroom as pres :dent Duke University and a career nn civil engineering can be seen In his future 4? SUZANNE L BROWN Her hobbies sailing and horses kept Sue busy enough but she also took part in several school activities at AAHS She was on Student Coun cal and the class executive board and her homeroom also elected Sue Assembly committee representative She was in the Band and Washing ton club College is in Sues future is Q---r QM JAMES L CARTTER The mauoruty of Jums actuvutnes un hugh school centered around hus homeroom whuch he served as presudent Jum also spent much of has tume playung football He plans to study enguneerung at the Unu versuty of Muchugan sg- CHERYL G CALLAHAN Beung an honor student dudnt keep Cheryl from other actuvutues She represented her homeroom on the Presudents and Assembly com muttees Dramatucs occupued her tume as a sophomore and durung her uunuor year Cheryl receuved an award un the Scholastuc Wrutung Contest She was also very unter ested un raduo work After gradua tuon Cheryl plans to attend college DONNA M CARRIGAN Donna served her homeroom on the Lubrary commuttee for two sem esters on the Student Councul and as secretary of homeroom meetungs but she also kept thungs luvely wuth her wonderful personaluty and smule Donna transferred from Unu versuty Hugh School to AAHS and plans to contunue her educatuon un college CHARLES A CARVER Dud someone yell fore 'P Better duck! That s probably Chuck teeung off Although golf football and beung a wrestlung manager kept hum busy whule at Ann Arbor Hugh Chuck stull had tume to serve hus homeroom on the Washungton club and Student Councul Busuness edu catuon us Chucks atm after grad uatuon H' JAMES R CHRISTIE Crucket was a manager of the football team and won a letter for hus efforts He also served as pres udent of has homeroom and was actuve on the Student Councul Jam plans to serve ln the navy after graduatuon from hugh school SAMUEL A CLAPP Doctorung up and nmprovnng hus car was a hobby wuth Art and he us plannung on attendung the Gen eral Motors lnstutute to turn thus hobby vnto a vocatuon Progressuve uazz was Arts favorute type of musuc He collects records as a hobby RICHARD H CARVER Among other thungs Duck was un the Rufle lub on the Lubrary commuttee and on the Electuon commuttee whule at Ann Arbor Hugh Hus many hobbues kept hum busy the rest of the tume such as swum mung golf and cars As far as the future us concerned Duck plans to work and then attend college PAUL H CHRISTMANN A first lnne duscuple of the camera and the movue prouector Paul could often be found debatmg the ad vantages of auduovusual auds to educatuon wuth reluctant conserva tuves Whule at Ann Arbor Hugh he was an actuve member of the Camera club Paul s hobby also helped hum at hus place of employ ment for he worked un the Auduo vusual Department of the U of M CONNIE J CLARK Connue came from Sagmaw Arthur Hull Hugh un her senuor year Musucally munded she was a mem ber of the A Cappella chour As a hobby Connue collected records As for the future you guessed ut' Connue wull attend the School of Muslc at the Unuversuty of Muchugan ll5 GERALD H CAMPBELL Transferrung from St Thomas Hugh un hus uunuor year Jerry was on the COT curruculum where he worked at the Ann Arbor News Whule at St Thomas he was a member of the chorus band foot ball team and basketball team Jerry lukes all sports but boat racung and swummung are lusted among hus favorute hobbues DAVID N CART Interested un the great outof doors D plans to attend the Unuversuty of Muchugan School of Natural Resources Hus hobbues wull help hum un hus future endeavors for they lnclude huntung flshung campung and photography Wood workung us another of Ds hob bues Davud also receuved a letter for hus outstandung work un football '-fn. GWENDOLYNNE CHANG Petute luttle Gwen was noted for her soft sweet vouce Possessung and usung an excellent artustuc abul lty she became art eclutor of the Omega un her senuor year Gwen was also a member of the French club An honor roll student she plans to attend the Unuversuty of Mlchugan nf' god 12" is s-4' ts? -2 . . . I . - 4 L 1 , . a Q f T . sf ' I ' I I . vi . . I . ' g T1 3 T C ' , l . l T ff l-1, -- - ' . . 5 Q - , 5- M 1 l 1 l l l ' I Tu: ,Q X E T U T- T I fl Q P A , Y N I . . . , . .. - l n u ,fum ' ' ' ' f ' A 't,t , ' . I , , e' qll T E T T - T- T T .1 ,I A A ss . . . - "" I nj' If f K T 1 V' C ' . . I l . . . .u'a A T ' ' ' - ' f , , ' IQ ,,,' 1 ' ' ' T u l ' l ' ' 'V rl ' , , - - 1 if . I . . . f , A . . ,' ! A so T l 1 T T ' - ' ,TAY ,, , ,, . . . . T . . , I T . l . 1 1 'ln i ll Zi I . . - U Y a 'W1' I ELAINE A COLLINS A short gurl with a long lust of actuvutues Elaine was a homeroom offucer member of the Assembly committee and actuve un the Bowl ing club GAC and Washungton club She also displayed an interest un publucatuons and musuc by bemg on the Omega staff and un A Cappella Mixed Ensemble and Cantando Elaine plans to attend the Unuversuty of Muchugan 'ir t MM iv? 2 HELEN J COOPER Jean represented her homeroom on the Intramural Managers com mittee and the Gurls League Other actuvutues uncluded the Omega edu torual staff Washungton club and GAC Jean attended Roosevelt Hugh un Ypsulantu before comung to Ann Arbor An honor student she plans to attend college after graduatuon PETER COULTER Pete could usually be found around a football game because of his posutuon as head football manager Besides spendung much of his time helpunu the team he stull showed a hugh unterest un home room atfaurs Pete served his home room as both president and Student Council representative He plans to attend college after graduatuon RONALD L. CLARK Swimming was Ron's main inter- est in sports at AAHS. This was shown by his record of two letters, cofaptaincy of the 1957 team, and membership on the 1956 All- American team. In activities other than sports, Ron represented his homeroom as Washington club representative. LEWIS A COBURN Deadline was a word of dire forebodungs to Lew but that he met a few of them us evident from the fact that the 1957 Omega DID get published Besides serving as edutor of the Omega Lew was actuve on the Assembly and lntra mural Managers committees An honor student he plans to attend UHIVETSITY IRALYNN M COLLINS Pugs mam interest at AAHS was baton twurlung and learning new trucks with the baton She also luked to collect different articles such as puns and rocks Pugs future plans are to work one vear after graduating and then to attend college ROBERT D COLLINS Durung Bobs spare time he could usually be found with hs main hobby cars He attended Slauson before comung to AAHS In hugh school Bobs actuvutues centered around his homeroom which was D205 In the future Bob plans to study enguneerung In college JAMES M COPELAND Talkung his head off was Jums favorite hobby as he was dean of the debate and speech squads and won two letters un speech actuvutues He also participated un the Student Council Bowling club and Red Cross club Enloymg sports Jim was a member of the hockey league He had an outstanding record un competitive speaking be mg Declamatuon champ PATRICK COX Saulung over the boundung mam us un Pats future for he plans on spendung sux years un the navy While at school Pat luked to play football and basketball and he be came so proficient un these sports that he was awarded a letter for each Pruor to has comung to AAHS Saginaw Arthur Hull was the hugh school Pat attended II6 BETTY Y. CLEMONS A beautiful, clear, contralto voice helped Betty enioy the hours that she spent singing in both the Girls' chorus and Cantando choir. She also enioyed Baton club very much. Betty plans to attend a business college after her graduation from AAHS. KENNETH C COLIJCA Working out his apprenticeship at the Ann Arbor News was Kens main aum for he was on COT He represented his homeroom, E107 on the Washungton club and lntra mural Managers committee Boys Ensemble took up some of Kens time too Hus hobbies are football basketball hunting, and fishing Ken plans to loin the navy 1-OVC' JUDY A COOK Variety us the spuce of lufe seemed to be Judy s motto for she was both Assembly committee representative and secretary of her homeroom Judy was Interested un the Future Nurses club and par tucupated un Drama Workshop Sports also kept her busy especially ice skatmg After graduatuon she plans on entering the Comptometer I ' ll ' . ' s s n - 1 1 , . ' 1 I . , . 1 , 1 . - , 1 1 . . . . . . , 1 1 - ' ' ' 11 1 11 - - Mi. V I , . ' ' .' E . . 1 A' ' lf' -1 .' . . . . ' . I 4 1 ' I - f I . . . . ,, ,,, 0 ,, ,,. 1 1 . . . . Q W . . . . . . M' ' . 15" 1 1 We I , ffwf' . ' , . ,, .' . . . ,, ' ., 1 1 . . . i , I gg 5.1.5, , . I ' g . , . .. . . , . . -XX . , , - 1 A , 1 - . , . A' . I xv . - 1 y I, f . ' yxfiysff 5 School in Detroit. . . 112. ., X 11 - - 11 - 1 'L " ' 1 . ' 1 - ' g Wir , I I . . . 3 2. x - 1 1 1, W , ' 1 'Z n , I 1451? , - X , , - 1 1 1 . . . I H I I - - 1 ,551 13 of LARRY A CROSS Whule un hugh school Larry par tucupated un many actuvutues such as Camera club Washungton club and A Cappella He served hus home room as both presudent and Student Councul representatuve Larry was employed by the Stop and Shop Super Market for several years After graduatuon he plans to attend the Unuversuty of Muchrgan 6 Neal 'r5Q?3?2' 3 2m5Q2'9.mwmg1" 3-:mo-cr am! ma. 3 m 2 -1-4 " rl-12.0--mi! nc-43 :"vv,..,H'l - -. gc- Bmw?-qu H135-suis 'D'-'Zo.43'mmmv-F Q f90"'3::-m E--,ll irq--4:-4 9,41 m3tD :S225'9-'53 D. 0253.29.27 was -am gF"'m3n3' S- 02 235000 0 on oroilg 32429 QQ no Q-ZR :S :"'7,"'3'm -.,,:m:u,Q2., O-1" 0.0 fn maids GARY M DENKINGER Gary enuoys the outdoor lufe and showed thus by beung presudent of the Rufle club He served hus home room as uts treasurer Whule un hugh school Gary worked at the Washte naw Independent Daury He plans to attend the Unuversuty of Much ugan as 'fm NANCY S CRAIG Red headed Nancy was often called Red or Carrot Top by her fruends She was actuve on the GAC Gurls League and demon strated an unterest un photography Nancy was also unterested un the meducal professuon and showed thus by beung on the Red Cross com muttee and workung for Dr Carrons JOYCE J CREGO Joyce represented her homeroom on the Washungton club The Square Dance club whuch she belonged to un the tenth grade was another actlvuty she enuoyed Joyce us handy wuth a needle and thread for sew ung us her favorute hobby WILLIE A CURRY Wullue plans to uoun the Aur Force after hus graduatuon from AAHS He also untends to take auto me chanucs whule he us un the servuce Although he enuoyed almost any sport wrestlung and football were Wullues favorutes Huntung was also one of hus maun hobbues JAMES C CURTIS u Jum as he was ca e partucupated un many sports at Ann Arbor Hugh A few of these were football basketball baseball track and cross country He receuved a letter un baseball ln the near fu ture Jum plans to attend college GRETCHEN G doKONING Gretchen was another of Ann Arbor Hugh s busy gurls Represent ung her homeroom on Washungton club and beung a Student Councul alternate dudnt take all her tume so she uouned the Bowlung club GAC and Optumust where she won awards The Sophomore Executuve Board and Junuor Achuevement filled up the rest of Gretchen s tume SANDRA B DEWAR Sandy was both presudent and vuce presudent of her homeroom and represented ut on the Student Councul and the Red Cross com muttee Whule she was presudent of her homeroom Sandy was also sec retary of the Presudents commuttee and later secretary of the Truhugh Councul She was a member of the Hostess commuttee II7 CAROL A CRANE One of the many transfer stu dents from Unuversuty Hugh Carol came to Ann Arbor Hugh un her uunuor year She represented her homeroom on the Washungton club and the Intramural Managers com muttee Commentung on her ex peruence here and the suze of the school Carol remarked There are so many new people to meetl SHIRLEY A CREWS Shurley was an actlve member of Ann Arbor Hugh s student body as well as an honor roll student Her homeroom elected her to the Red Cross commuttee and the Intra mural Managers commuttee One of Shurley s favorute hobbues was bowl ung, for bowlung was rught down her alley Q' 6? .52 WW rn Y CAROL J DAILEY Musuc us a specual unterest of Caroles Thus was shown by her membershup un the Cantando chour and the Orchestra Her hobbues are playung the puano and rausung pedugreed dogs Carol was also a member of the Washungton club An honor roll student she plans to be a stenographer '59 Q5 it .. 1,10 lx 1 if Il Il ll ll Q - v . 1 , I ' ' f . , . . ,, ' I V Z ' ' I I , f u, 4 ,4 , if 7 I - . . , ,E . . , . - I I l ,, ., A ., .. . I V " ' , ' 1 , . E Q A Ac 1 , 'M A , A 'Sufi It . . ' ' 1 r ' ,rx ' gfhziu A . - . . . . . . - V ,L,,V!?5Z: . 1 LQ' 4 f 3 ' ' ' ' . " 1 J' 5,194 l I f , . A . ' u f mnfffr .- 4 .ef 2-:ug-:,: magic . V , 1 - - ' ,ar 04:11 uf - - uf - - - - ,, ' A '59 '. " df . tf affi nr I, . ' . . I ' Jyffrgfl-'iff' ' V - 7 lf: " ,nfl ' ' fr,L'l5f':'f',' " ,l L miie f 4 I ' ' f Q If , ,, ,, I , TA , "' ,qw I , - - . , . . ,Q I . I . . 1 . K - , it J l l ' l . . J ' K ' 'Q 1 f , a I ' K 4' l a 4 N' 5 . . . . U . I . ' . . . ' . Q fc A , l ' l - l I -I Qu . I PATRICIA K DOUGAN Pats activities included Washing ton club Intramural Managers com mittee and working She was em ployed as an office worker at Greenes Cleaners On any bright and sunny summer day Pat could be found engoymg her favorite hob by water skiing College is the key to Pat s future SUSAN DYER 555 these dollar signs were very familiar to Sue as she was business manager of the Optimist Interested in sports she ioined GAC and the Synchronized Swimming club Stu dent Council alternate and lntra mural Managers committee were ways that Sue served her home room She plans to attend MSU Curt was a very active member of his homeroom at AAHS He held the offices of president vice prest dent and was homeroom repre sentative on the Intramural Mana gers committee Curts plans for the near future include enrolling at the University of Michigan EDITH A. DICKASON Edie, as her friends called her, was kept busy as both Student Council representative and Girls' League representative for her home- room. Interested in a career of medical service, the School of Nurs- ing at the University of Michigan holds the key to Edie's future. CATHERINE DIXON "Squeaky," as she is called by her friends, enioyed singing very much, which was shown by her active part in Cantando. Before coming to AAHS, she attended Tappan Junior High. For her future plans, "Squeaky" intends to spend a year at business college and then seek employment. ROBERT C DOUGLAS During his stay at AAHS Buck was on the Omega art. staff He also worked at the library and in the school cafeteria Horseback rid ing handicraft and drawing are Bobs hobbies After graduation he plans to study to be a naturalist or an animal artist RICHARD D DOWNEY Dick used his head all the way through school, both in classes and on the football team On the foot ball varsity team for three years, he plunged his way into opposition lines as a fullback Dick was also on the tennis squad sports editor of the Optimist and on the class executive board for three years College is in his future SANDRA L EARL Interested in music Sandy was a member of Cantando and then moved up to A Cappella choir where she was a member of the cast of Pirates of Penzance A re porter for the Optimist Sandy was also a member of the Washington club She participated in GAC activ ities and won a GAC letter Al was very busy at Ann Arbor High School keeping up with his many activities They included Washington Club Planning commit tee Boys Leader Corps and intra mural softball Archery is a favorite hobby of Al s and with his skill this field he participated in many tournaments Hunting is one of his favorite outdoor diversions ll8 X411 SALLY F. DINGMAN Sally really needed roller skates to get to her many activities. When she wasn't busy with Hostess com- mittee, Presidents' committee, or Student Council, she was sure to be doing something for the Omega or Optimist, where she won an award. Sports interested Sally too, as she was a member of GAC, where she won a letter. RONALD J. DOMAN Ron played football in his sopho- more year and, hunting being one of his hobbies, also participated in the Rifle club. Ron plans to be a mechanic and spends much of his time "fixing up" old cars. He started off his career well by work- ing at Gillespie's Service Station. har' our LANCE D DUNHAM An important person on Ann Arbor Highs athletic teams Lance won letters in track and was on the cross country team Two honors Lance received were being secretary of his homeroom and captain of the track team Our crystal ball sees college, work and Uncle Sam call I1 K fi f Aff , . . . . I . - . . , n 11 I . A 434 - I , ' . 'I .I I Q gait ,,,, 4 ' . . i g. ,T , H. cunns EASTMAN Atovslus J. Easnsasaeen I rsf' . . I . I .I I . . . l ' . ' V: I . . , . . . in E FREDERICK R ELLIS Duck dud many thungs whule at AAHS but he concentrated swummung He was on the team for three years and was a three year letterman and co-captain Duck us unterested un conservatuon and plans to go unto that field after college JOHN A EVERHARDUS John was captaun of the golf team as well as a letterman un golf and basketball He served hus home room as presudent and vuce presu dent and was a member of the 1957 Washungton club An honor student he plans to attend the Unuversuty of Muchugan after grad uatuon ROBERT L. FAUST During his high school years Bob was secretary of his homeroom and an alternate for Student Council. Much of his spare time was used selling shares and proiects as he was a participant in Junior Achieve- ment. Bob enioys the out-ofdoors and is very interested in boats and motors. He plans to attend college next fall. CAROL V ELDER Carol who came to Ann Arbor from Redford Hugh un Detrout sur rounded all her associates wuth her bubblung personality Besides beung on the Assembly commuttee she was an actuve member of the Raduo Guuld and served as a program durector Carol enuoys druvung dancung and boating The Unuver suty of Muchugan Busuness Admun ustratuon School s un her near future RICHARD H ELLICOTT Butch a manager of the Pioneer football team attended Tappan before he came to Ann Arbor Hugh One of hus favorite hobbues us bowlung and Butch spent quute a few of hus free hours at thus sport After graduatuon he plans to work SALLY A ELLSWORTH Sally was actuve un her homeroom where she was secretary for one semester She also served on the Assembly commuttee and was a member of the Washungton club Sally receuved valuable busuness ex peruence from beung a member of Junuor Achuevement As a hobby she enuoys lustenung to musuc from her record collection RICHARD W ERBE As dean of the debate squad where he won hus letter Ruch made humself famous for hus extempor aneous speakung He was an honor student and also won a key award for wrutung A few of the offuces that Ruch held presudent of the Presudents commuttee presudent of hus homeroom member of Student Councul and also representatuve to the Assembly commuttee JOEL C FARRAR Craug s vouce was a famuluar one to most Ann Arbor Hugh students because as a member of the Raduo Guuld he gave the PA bulletun every mornung Craug was also a member of the orchestra A Raduo ham he plans to enter the Um versuty of Muchugan School of Enguneerung ANDREA G. FEESE Andy was very active as a mem- ber of the Baton Twirling club and Library committee. She also held the honor of being secretary of her homeroom. Andy was employed at Pittsfield School. After graduation she plans to attend Spring Arbor Junior College and become a legal secretary. ll9 MARY E ELLICOTT Mare was really a sports fan and not the spectator varuety eutherl She was an actuve member of the GAC playing all the regular school sponsored sports She also enuoyed bowlung Besides all thus physucal actuvuty Mare was vuce presudent of her homeroom She plans to attend college BONNIE J ELLIS Bonnue worked at the Muchugan Pharmacy whule at Ann Arbor Hugh She was vuce presudent and secre tary of her homeroom Bonnue took unterest un several school actuvutues uncludung Gurls League and GAC Maybe Ill go to art school after AAHS Bonnue says WILLIAM M ETZEL Where there is an engune youll usually find Bull Hes very unter ested un hugh compression engines and auto racing Bill served hus homeroom as untramural manager vuce presudent and treasurer He was a member of the Rufie club and a former member of the AATA After graduatuon Bull plans to enter the aur force EV fa, ,-Q pk., 'Q RICHARD A FLETCHER Fletch on the Intramural Man agers committee and the Protection club was an active member of his homeroom Photography bowling and hunting are his hobbies Fletch was an employee of Wrtg leys food market for four years and plans to go to photography school or into the service JAMES L FORN Glassesl Glasses' Glassesl Jim sometimes dreams of them as he was employed at the White Haines Optical Company While at high school his main hobby was wood working In the band Jim played the baritone and won a letter for his work Attending Capitol Um versity at Columbus Ohio cluded in Jrms future plans JEAN A FOWLER Before coming to Ann Arbor High Jean was a student at Ed monson Jumor High School During homeroom period she could us ually be found in homeroom E 102 Jean spent most of her after school time taking pictures as this was her favorite hobby CLARICE R. FIELD Clarice was active in her church organization and served as its sec- retary and terasurer. Displaying a great interest in music, she enioys playing the piano as a hobby, and participated in Cantando. In the future, Clarice would like to teach elementary school after attending college. LILLIAN M. FISTER Louie served her homeroom as both secretary and treasurer. She participated in the Future Nurses club and was employed by the Finance Center ln her spare time she engoyed horseback riding roller skating and swimming In the future Louie plans to attend business college MARCIA A FLIS Two seems to be Marcia s lucky number as she served two sem esters on both the Student Council and as secretary of her homeroom Marcuas varied activities also in cluded Washington club Omega staff Junior Achievement and Girls League As Marcia enloyed snapping pictures she belonged to the Camera club After graduation Marcia plans to attend the Uni versity of Michigan PATRICIA L FOERSTER Pat came to Ann Arbor High after spending her freshman and sophomore years at Plymouth Mich :gan While at Plymouth she was on the school paper Here she also lomed the Washington club Pat was an honor student throughout her stay at AAHS J MICHAEL FORSYTHE Bones , participating in many after school sports received three letters in tennis and other awards in cross country and basketball Being President of Sophomore Washington club started Mikes presidential duties While serving as President of his homeroom ln his senior year Mike was also chair man of the Presidents committee JAMES E FOX Foxy as his friends called hum was very interested and active In sports playing both football and golf while at Ann Arbor High Jim was on the honor roll and also held the office of vice-president of his homeroom He plans to enter the University of Michigan tn the near future 120 DALE W. FISHER "The man with the measuring tape and the grey flannel suit," Dale was known for his part-time sales work at Fiegel's Clothing store. He also showed an interest in hockey, basketball, and baseball. A Washington club representative, Dale plans to attend the University of Michigan. C. LYNN FLEMING Lynn was an active member of the band, in which she earned a letter. In addition, she served her homeroom. as Vice-President and Secretary Lynn was also Student Council representative and a mem ber of GAC where she earned another letter Lynn plans to attend the University of Michigan after graduation X a NANCY A FORDYCE Nan was known best for her singing ability She was active in the Assembly and Library commit tees Nans future plans include going into some sort of selling business and later attending a col lege of music iff' '-2' A . . , . 1 Q, -, 1 ' f , ' . 1 1 1 0 - 11 1, - 1 , ' . , . . . Q 1 1 . , , . . . . . , . . . . A , ,, . - . . 1 , . , . , 1 e 1 'I Q I ' . 1 s D K I . . . . 1 - . 1 . - 1 . ,, ,, . . . . - 1 . . ...'. 9- 1 ' , ,. .5 s I J , , IS ln- K , - - In . . , . . . . I 2 5 i 1 1 t 1 ' g LQ . -Y " 1 1 I . - 1 as . - . F A , . . -PX.. 112 S ll if RONALD A FULLERTON President of the Student Council Ron was also vice president of his sophomore class and president of is lunior class Fillet sang in A Cappella for two years and re ceived a citizenship award when a sophomore ln between his water skiing exploits his plans include either college or the air force ALEJANDRO GAXIOLA ROBLES Alex was well known for his fine swimming record He was one of the outstanding members of our team and won a letter in this sport Alex went to the University of Mexico High School before AAHS and plans to attend the U of M after graduation JOHN E GIDOS John was very active in A Cap pella and during his senior year he held a lead roll in the operetta He served his homeroom on both Red Cross and Audio visual Aids committees In the future John plans to attend Western Michigan College MARION FRALICK Marion, an active member of GAC, also belonged to the Washing- ton and Rifle clubs. She ioined the Girls' League and was on the Omega staff. Marion served her homeroom as secretary, vice-presi- dent and president. Her future in- cludes Stephans College and an airline hostess career. BARBARA JEAN FREY Because of her interest and ability in athletics, Barb became vice-president of GAC and won her GAC letter. She was on the lntra- mural Managers' committee and plans to be a physical education teacher. In spite of all this, Barb still had enough energy to earn her band letter and silver and gold pins CAROL A FUQUA While at Ann Arbor High Carol was on the Intramural Managers committee for two semesters Hav ing a great outside interest in swimming she participated in this sport as much as her free time would allow She also worked part time at the Kay Jay Shop CARMEN M GARZA Carmela came to AAHS from Colegio Mexicano in Mexico While there she was on the honor roll the maporlty of the time Carmela s hobbies are practical as well as fun for she enloys sewing and knitting After graduation Carmela would like to work as an English secretary in Mexico DALE E GEIGER Da e was on the Assembly com mittee and participated in JV bas ketball intramural football and baseball for three years ln base- ball he earned three letters His hobbies are fishing and model rail roadmg He plans to go to college and study in the business admin istration field MARGARET A GILLELAND Anne was extremely active while at Ann Arbor High Spending much of her time on the Hostess com mittee she was also a member of GAC and Washington club Anne served her homeroom on the Pres idents committee Student Council and Assembly committee l2l THOMAS FRANCIS III Sports, especially diving, were where "T" made his mark. He re- ceived a letter, pin, and cup in diving. He also participated in gym- nastics, intramural baseball, and intramural football. His other serv- ices to AAHS included serving as Student Council representative, Washington club representative, and a member of the band. JANET F. FRY While at Ann Arbor High, Janet was on the party committee and went to Washington as a member of the Washington club. Besides school, horses and riding took up Janet's time. She was employed at Genovese's Electric Company and plans to continue working after graduation. DAVID I GATES The sea and the wide blue yonder both hold places in Daves future for he plans to enlist in the navy and then become an aviation medwanic In high school Dave was a member of homeroom C 302 His hobby perhaps not so incidentally is swimming f' fx! 'if' WM WZ? oo- t"f" l r 1 .. -.-. i . . . 1 .. I . - . . . ,I - H . . . . . I h . "sift t . . . . ' . ff A . v y H . , 1 . 2 ' .. . D Il ' . . . . . ,, . , f , G . . - l 1 I . . I . ' . , I I ' . I , r. ,V fig ,L r ff . .. . - 1 " A V 1 - f , , . , ' J ' 5 , , t y , ,W 1, U, X 27. 'lbw JAMES J GOULD lf anyone happened to tune un WHRV on a Saturday nught they mught hear Uncle .lum for he was the dusc uockey on the Gospel Cavalcade show Whule at hugh school Jum was a member of the Lubrary commuttee Playung country are hus hobbies Jum plans to be an enguneer GERALD C GROB Geology us one of Gerald s mauor unterests for hus hobby us collectung muneral specumens fossuls and lnduan arrowheads A member of homeroom C 205 he attended Tap pan before enterung Ann Arbor Hugh ln addutuon to attendung school he works at Swufts Drug Store SHARON K GUENTHER Dusplayung a great unterest un student government Sharon repre sented her homeroom twuce on the Student Councul twuce on the Pres udents commuttee and on the Assembly commuttee GAC and the Future Nurses club were other ac tuvutues After graduatuon Sharon plans to become an Xray tech ruucuan ,war ELIZABETH E GILLEN Beth was the Washungton club representatuve and secretary of her homeroom She also served as a member of GAC and played un the band where she earned a band letter and pun She plans to attend the Unuversuty of Muchugan and hopes to become an elementary school teacher MARY L GOETZ Shorty attended Bellevuew Hugh School before comung to AAHS There she was a lubrary assustant a study hall monitor a worker on the Tuger Trubune lBellevuew paper, and was on the honor roll most of the tume After graduatuon Shorty plans to go to college and take Dental Hyguene KATHLEEN J GRAU Known around school for her talent Kathleen was the puano player for many occasuon She was a member of the A Cappella Chour and went to Washungton wuth the club As for future plans Kathleen hopes to attend the Unuversuty of RICHARD G GRIFFITH Splash' There they gol And there went Duck Grlffuth out to break another swummung record Duck achueved one of the greatest honors possuble un swummung the tutle of AllAmerucan In the future Duck plans to attend the Unuversuty of Muchugan MARGUERITE A GUENTHER Marge served her homeroom as presudent and was consequently on the Presudents commuttee She was also on the Sophomore Executuve Board GAC receuved much of her attentuon too for Marge earned a GAC letter After graduatuon she plans to attend college BARBARA .I GUSTINE Barb was presudent of her home room secretary of the Assembly commuttee and a member of the Intramural Managers commuttee She was also a Hostess Band Cantando GAC and Washungton club are actuvutues that she partucu pated un Durung the summer Barb worked at the Ann Arbor Bank 122 MARY J GODFREY Mary was kept busy at Ann Arbor Hugh School for she was elected vuce presudent and secretary of her homeroom Besudes beung 6 member of GAC she louned the Bowlung club to further her unterest un sports Mary also served on the Presudents commuttee and was an actuve member on the Lubrary com mittee GEORGIAMAE GOULD Another of Ann Arbor Hugh s tray balancers GG was employed at the Muchugan Unuon She was actuve un the band and because of her outstandung work un ut made the trup to Muamu Georguamae also found tume to be a member of the Washungton club and the Square Dancung club She plans to attend college un the future MARY A GRINDSTAFF Mary Anns brught and cheerful dusposutuon earned her the appro pruate nuckname of Sunshune Her sunny personaluty led her to beung chosen as Washungton club repre sentatuve Student Councul repre sentatuve Intramural Managers representatuve and presudent of her homeroom Mary Ann also receuved an award for her work un drama sr QJQKVY 'Q-...A anvvdh Q f g , Au.. . . . . I . in el, , ' 51 1-. ll . ll ' ' 1 I ' , . . I I . I . I , M, g 'A Uiffaf., 923 f . I , . - ,. . H - , . . . . S' ' , . ' 1 M I - I I S 'V . music and flying model airplanes Michigan's School of Music. I f uf., lu. s ' lm 1 I X y . . I ' ,Sa in .... I . . - gy - . I I . I . - . . . , , . ' ' .L I ' . . y . . . . 4 . . . . , . , 1 . l . . as ' ' . ' I if 11. qu., 2 ' 4 iwiv' W 1 ' Q L l n , 5 ' ' ,4 A f MK! 1 - a 2 I ' 4 ug 7:5 I 3 . 1 l A ul 1 ' I , ' Y ' ff' l K . . - , . , . , . , A , . , . . Q L f - I X' 1, ae- fs ' in X SHERIDAN G HAARER Sparky who was a member of homeroom C320 came to Ann Arbor Hugh from Slauson He held the uob of treasurer for hus home- room Sparks maun hobby us col lectung stamps and he spent much of hus tume at ut For the future hus plans are undefinute MARY R HABEI. Arthur Hull Hugh un Sagunaw was Beckys hang out before she came to AAHS Whule at AAHS she was on the Omega staff Future Teach ers club GAC and Washungton club Swummung sungung and col lectung spoons are Beckys hobbues and she plans to go to Muchugan State Unuversuty to become HERWALT A HAERER An honor student Herwalt plans to attend the Unuversuty of Much ugan Whule at AAHS he was on the cross country team and a mem ber of the orchestra In addutuon Walt was Student Councul alternate for hus homeroom He spent some of hus spare tume workung for the Muchugan Scuentufic Company teacher GERALD I. HAINES Jerry s hobby us chemustry and un thus field he was an employee of the Muchugan Scuentufic Company In hus sophomore year he was a mem ber of the Rod and Reel club and as an honor roll student he plans to attend the Unuversuty of Much ugan after graduatuon ARLINE B HARMS x. DANNY R HANRATH One of the better known of the seven mules on the football for ward wall, Dan won two letters for hus efforts He also served as a member of the class executive board and was actuve un homeroom aHaurs Dan plans to enter the armed servuces and he later hopes to attend the Ford Trade School NANCY A HARRIS Much of Arlunes spare tume was spent wuth brush and palette un hand as she was on the Omega art staff and was also awarded an art certificate An honor student Arlune was a member of the Wash ungton club and the Gurls League and served as secretary of her homeroom RICHARD C HARRIS Books, books and more books kept Duck busy whule at hugh school, for he served as presudent of the Lubrary commuttee Employed at the Ann Arbor Publuc Lubrary, Duck plans to attend college to become a lubraruan As he has an honor roll standung of twelve pounts or over, college should be easy for hum A student on the honor roll a mauoruty of the tume Nancy was a former matruculant at Tappan Junuor Hugh She us a member of the Washungton club and her hob bues are roller skatung dancung and playung cards Currently employed at the Unuversuty Hosputal she plans to attend business school ARLINGTON B HART A transfer student, Arlue attended Howell Huoh School before comung to An Arbor Hugh Arlue spends a lot of hus snare tume huntung as thus us hus favorute sport He was on the college preparatory currucu lum and was a member of home room E 102 123 BEVERLY S HAAXMA Bev plans to get a uob wuth the Muchugan Bell Telephone Company after graduatuon Whule at AAHS she was a member of the Rufle club assembly commuttee GAC and the Drama Workshop B v s quute a water skuung and bowlung enthusuast and took part un untra mural bowlung DELORES C HACK Dee us a very actuve and peppy gal wuth her many interests such as GAC Hostess commuttee Student Councul the Party commuttee and A Cappella where she receuved an award and was a soloust She worked on the Optumust staff all three years workung her way up her senuor year RAYMOND F HANSELMAN Sungung unterests R y a lot as he was a member of the Boys chorus He was also a member of the cross country team where he won a letter Rays maun hobby us guns and to umprove hus marksman shup he uouned the Rufle club He plans to attend Muchugan State Unu versuty to become a draftsman Ig! 9?Xux A f' ' . u u . ' . . , , ' , A ' ' y . e i A' ,.,iw-f' - ' 1 . , ' .1 I' I I : . . , ' if ' 4, ' ' 3 to Editor, the position held during . I I . . . ' V, J ' Q 1 1 1 : Q X 4 R ' I . A- . V A W - ' ' ' a , A H H - f . , - . . -. .- . - . , . . . . ' ' . . I . Q . - ' , 1 I I s - a . , , . . . I RICHARD M HAYDEN Comung to us from Tappan Junuor Hugh Duck was employed by the Coca Cola Bottlung Company whule spendung hus three years here Hus maun unterest us cars and he plans to attend a technucal school after servung hus hutch un the marines if 'W' 1? JEROME P HARTWEG Jerry was actuve un Washungton club Aur Age club and receuved a band letter for hus partucupatuon un the orchestra marchung band and concert band He was elected both presudent and Washungton club representative of hus home room In the future he plans to enter the School of Enguneerung at the Unuversuty of Muchugan WILLIAM M HARVEY lf you walked down the hall after school and were blunded by a flash of color hurryung along ut was probably Bull Harvey on his way to varsuty football practuce Unusual clothes was one of Bulls favorute hobbues After graduatuon he plans to enter the Merchant Marines GEORGIANNA HAYWOOD Wumsey enuoyed musuc and she contrubuted greatly to he Cantando group Whule un gh school her homeroom receuved much of her attentuon on the Assembly commuttee and the Red Cross commuttee For a successful future she plans on attendung Hamulton Busuness College MARY A HICKS Durung her hugh school life Mary Ann partucupated ln the Scrubblers club Washungton club, and Gurls chorus She was employed on a parttume basus at Tappan Junuor Hugh School through the COT pro- gram and she plans to contunue un secretarial work SUSAN E HIMLER Susan was on the Optumust staff dramatucs Gurls League Washung ton club and belonged to the bowlung club She has reecuved honors for her raduo scrupt and un dramatucs and her hobbues also un clude dramatucs and travelung She plans to go on to college I JOAN M HELDRETH Enuoyung musuc very much .loan held the romantuc lead un the oper etta and was gurls busuness man ager of A Cappella However thus dudnt prevent her from beung assocuate edutor of the Omega a Hostess presudent of her home room and a representatuve to the Assembly commuttee and Student Councul CHARLENE D HIGGINS Interested un publucatuons and homeroom actuvutues Charlene was a member of the Omega s edutorual staff and served her homeroom as presudent and vuce presudent durung her three years here ln her spare tame she enloyed horses as a hob by After graduatuon Charlene plans to enter Eastern Muchugan College GLEN R HIRTH Glen was actuve un sports play Ing JV basketball Intramural foot ball and varsuty baseball for three years where he earned two letters He served as presudent and repre sentatuve to the Intramural Man agers commuttee for hus homeroom The Unuversuty of Muchugan us un cluded among hus future plans l24 JOYCE K HARTWEG Beany us especually known for Interest un sports Thus helped her gaun the secretaryshup and presudency of GAC She represented her homeroom on Presudents com muttee Assembly commuttee Stu dent Councul and Washungton club Joyce was also un band orchestra and A Cappella where she held a lead un the operetta RICHARD J HARWOOD Duck served as vuce presudent of the Rod and Reel club and was the Washungton club representaluve for hus homeroom He Iukes to hunt flsh and work on cars Duck plans to enter the College of Enguneerung at the Unuverstty of Muchugan after graduatuon 5 KARL P HENKEL Athletucs claumed a good share of Karls tume un hugh school He re ceuved letters un both football and baseball Karl also served the school un the Hu Y club He was a member of the Washungton club ' . . . ,, 2, . . I ' ' I I g I ' 1 . , ef l ' l ' v X' ' I I . Egkqtyfg, ' I. . 1 . -. KL- as ff W ' ' I s ' I II ' ll ' ' ' . 1 ' " I is:-f - . . . . . hi :.. .A ' , .'., I ' ' J H lglff' sc. I fx A ls I W S I as A y , ' I I 1 - . 1 . '34 , , . I . , W' , V ,u,..V I . . . I . 1 :EP .... , a ' I a Z A ll ' ' Eli I I . I u ' 'ls I P N N, Su SUSAN I HODGES Sue a member of the Washungton club Bowlung club GAC and Omega edutorual staff was a very busy gal Enuoyung musuc a great deal she sang un the A Cappella chour as well as Cantando and the Muxed Ensemble Sue took part un the bug suster program of the Gurls League and was an alternate for the Intramural Managers commut ee BEVERLY HOLLEY In Bevs spare tume she enuoyed horseback rudung swummung and cookung She come to Ann Arbor Hugh School from Tappan Junuor Hugh School and whule here home room C211 was the center of the varuous BCTIVITIES After graduation ROBERT R HOOKER Presudent of the band Bob has earned a letter of servuce to us organuzatuon An unterest un a letucs us also shown by hus ar tucupatuon un untramural sports an hus hobbues of water skuung an speedboatung Engune school at the Unuversuty of Muchugan us Bobs future destunatuon Bev plans to work DENNIS H HOPKINS The lufe of a sportsman appeals to Dennus for he enuoys huntung flshung and campung He plans to become a conservatuon offucer and has pursued thus unterest by be longung to the Conservatuon club Dennus represented hus homeroom on the Intramural Managers com muttee ,ai LENORA M HORNING Len sang un the Gurls chorus and was a member of the Gurls League and the Future Nurses club Home room C 220 was her haunt whule at AAHS and her hobbues are collect mg records roller skatung and Ice skatung To become an occupatuonal therapust us Lenora s ambutuon JERRY P HUNGET The aurways fascunate Jerry for raduo us hus hobby and he plans to enter the f1eld of raduo un the future Jerry was a graduate of Tappan and a member of homeroom C211 Whule at AAHS he was a member of the Prouectuon club MARLENE J HUSCHKE Enthusuastuc about many actuvutues Marlene served as presudent of Cantando vuce presudent and secre tary of her homeroom and as Stu dent Councul representatuve Hostess comrnuttee and the Gurls League rounded out her school actuvutues As for the future, Marlene plans to attend college JANE A HUNT Whule attendung Ann Arbor Hugh Jane was a member of the GAC the Scuence club and the Washung ton club As a sophomore she re ceuved a Key Award un poetry Much of Janes free tume us taken up by the 4H club Her favorute hobbues are ballroom and square dancung Jane plans to attend the Unuversuty of Muchugan DOUGLAS G IMMEL By means of hard work Doug achueved a place on the scholastuc honor roll He exhubuted the natural unterest of many of hus classmates un hus hobby of tunkerung wuth cars Doug us aumung hugh for the future as he untends to uoun the aur force 125 JERRY G HOLCOMB Nothung was more fun for Jerry than to take-off and do a luttle huntung when that tume of year rolled around Except durmg hunt ung season he could usually be found at homeroom C211 Jerry attended Slauson Jumor Hugh School before comung to Ann Arbor Hugh DOUGLAS E HOLTZ Boom! There goes the football and there goes Doug for he was a member of the varsuty football team whule at hugh school Just un case he wasnt kept busy enough at football practuce Doug louned the band too Huntung horses and guns are uncluded among hus hob bues and he plans to attend college WILLIAM J HUDSON lf anyone has trouble wuth a movue prouector lust call Bull for he was a member of the Prouectuon usts commuttee Besudes runnung movues he lukes to collect stamps The Delta Drug Store was where Bull was employed College us un cluded un Bull s future plans " 'W I - . ' ru u - , i I . . I I . ,, . ,, 1 lg' W V. , X I ' . I f. ,N , B A , A t . x X u ' . . . I 1 ' . . . . ' . .. . -' X ' eff I I ' M 532 u . th. . . . , . . i . . Th- . . I . . . P - . . Q . .... d . . - A Q . , . . I . . I . I . , . . . I . . . I I . . , - . , . . ' . . , . . ' 4 pf f I ' If jf V, J f f A uf ff!! fl, ' N? . . . .. I I ' 1 BRUCE L KARR LARRY E KATZ THOMAS N JONES A sports enthusiast Tom went out for wrestling tennis and re ceived his letter in football During his sophomore year Tom was a member of the band Although he was active an extra-curricular fields Tom was also an honor student After graduation he plans to at tend college ue' 0 KIRSTEN B. JAMES "Yea team!" Whose team? Kir- sten's teaml Kirsten was known for her enthusiasm as a .IV and varsity cheerleader, but was also president of the Girls' League and a hostess. She served as president of her homeroom and was president of the Synchronized Swimming club Kirsten received honors in Can tando dramatlcs and GAC Sh plans to attend a university ADDIE B JONES Music played a bg pat Addies three years at high school This was demonstrated by her mem bership in Cantando and her enloy ment of playing the piano When not doing something with her mus ical activities Addie served as secretary of her homeroom and Library committee representative Attending Kalamazoo College is among Addies future plans NANCY A KACKLEY During her stay at AAHS Nancy was known for her participation In dramatrcs She was also on the Executive committee Nancy held the office of head of the Ann Arbor Assembly of Rainbows for girls She tells us that she would like to become a nurse 'ta it LAWRENCE R KAUFMAN The sound of running feet was what Larry was noted for, as he was a member of the cross-country team Basketball also interested htm The intricacies of a movie protector didnt bother Larry for he was a member of the Audio Visual com mittee The air force will zoom into Larrys future GARY P KEENE Gary who was known by his friends as Fuzzy was a great sports enthusiast while at the high school He was an active member of the Rifle club Football and especially track were his favorite sports so he went out for both of them While at AAHS Bruce took part in intramural sports and was a member of the Washington club In the summer before his lumor year Bruce and his brother had the experience of bicycling through Eur ope Bruce plans to go into the navy and after discharge to go to college NANCY J KAIMIERZAK While in school GAC and Wash mgton club were the activities that interested Nancy Also profficlent in cooking and sewing she was very enthusiastic about the great outdoors After graduation Nancy hopes to attend the School of Hortl culture In Pennsylvania JOHN H KENNE John s mam interest centered around athletics During has football career he received two football letters For his fine performance In wrestling he received three letters John s homeroom elected him as its Intramural Manager After gradua tion he plans to attend college and to spend two years tn the navy 6 MARJORY A. JOHNSON Mariory was treasurer of her homeroom and served on the Red Cross committee. Also interested in music, she was in both band and orchestra. Marge was an active member of the GAC basketball being her favorite sport She also likes horses After graduation Marlory plans to attend college ROBERT L JONES An outstanding athlete Bob was co-captain of the track team an the winner of five medals in is sport He was on the football an basketball teams Bob was vice pres :dent and Assembly committee representative for his homeroom After graduation he plans to enter college or the service Skating skating and more skat mg ts Larrys hobby He played hockey for five years in the amateur hockey league and also coached for a year Larry participated tn track in his senior year Besides a future on the ice his plans Include college Q if 3 iz' ' v fini vs-we 4 DAYLE L KNAPF This seniors hobbies are ce skating and horseback riding Dayle came from Tappan Junior High and is a member of homeroom C305 While at AAHS her grades have been of honor roll caliber An employee of Saint Joseph Mercy Hospital she plans to enter nursmg school wi girl '- -tv MARY E KOCHENDORFER Mary especially engoys horseback rldmg and devotes much of her spare time to this hobby This didnt prevent her from being ac tive onthe Bowling and Washington clubs She was also a member of the Omega staff and Junior Achievement After graduation she plans to attend college KAREN KORZUCK Korky was always busy as a bee Her activities included Intra mural Managers band orchestra Washington club Presidents com mittee Student Council and Assem bly committee She received honors In band a letter silver pun and gold pin To top It off she served as homeroom president and vice president 3 f 'if' GV gnu- mlb PATRICIA A. KELLY Pat was very active on the 1956- 1957 Washington club, as she was in charge of the check-room. Other activities included Cantando and chairman of the ticket committee for the Junior Prom Pat attended Uni versity Hugh before commg t AAHS Her hobbies Include paint ing horseback riding and tennis MARY E KIDDLE Mary Ellens energy and versa tllnty were shown through her con trlbutnons to diverse organizations Student Council cheerleading Pres idents committee and Cantando are lust a few examples of her activities at AAHS Mary Ellen served as associate editor of the Optlmcst received an Optimist certificate and earned letters in cheerleading and GAC CARMEN L KNICKERBOCKER Music music music was some thing that Carmen enloyed for she was a member of the A Cappella Choir Cantando and Mixed En semble She plans to attend the University of Mlchlgans School of Music Carmen represented her homeroom on the Presidents com mittee and the Assembly committee French club was also included in KENNETH A KOCH Ken enloyed club activities as his membership in the Conservation and Washington clubs clearly show An active member of the band Ken won a band letter During his spare time he enloys hunting The future for Ken Includes a college education at Western Michigan Col lege and service In Uncle Sam s army GEORGLYN K KOLANDER On a Sunday morning Kay can be found singing an her church choir A Slausomte she belongs to homeroom C 207 She went to New York and Washington as a member of the 1957 Washington club After graduation Kay plans to attend the Vogue School an Chicago THOMAS L. KRESS Athletics were a year round activ ity for Tom as he was a guard on the varsity football team and a member of the wrestling and tennis teams He represented D 205 on the Student Council and Presidents committee Engineering School at the University of Michigan will fol low his graduation from AAHS l27 if Q61 CAROL A. KEMPE Carol Ann served her homeroom in many ways. She was Student Council alternate, on the Presidents' committee, and Washington club representative. Carol claims that she loves dancing While in school she worked part time at Folletts Bookstore As for the future Carol plans to enter college CHARLES A KLEINSCHMIDT Chuck guided his Sophomore Class so successfully that he was also elected president of the Senior Class Some of his other activities were the Student Council and Ath letlc Board Chuck earned a letter for his work on the varsity football team An honor student college is included in his future plans "Q" C PAUL C KOCH Paul was a COT student em ployed by Webers Supper Club He served as a representative to the Red Cross committee for his homerpom Tappan Junior High was his former alma mater Paul engoys out of doors hobbies like boating and hunting 1 CECII. W. I.AND Windy was extremely active during his high school career He participated In the Visual Aids committee Rod and Reel club and Assembly committee He was pres :dent of A Cappella where he held the lead of Pirate King In the operetta Pirates of Penzance He was also president vice president and treasurer of his homeroom RICHARD LELAND Richard enloys athletics as well as his hobbies of photography as tronomy and model airplanes He was a member of the Camera club An employee of the Kay Jay Shop he plans to enter Eastern Michigan Normal College after graduation ELIZABETH ANN LICHTY very active on the Student Council She was a member of GAC and the German club Much f Snookys free time was spent in playmg her viola She was a mem ber of the orchestra and received an orchestra letter Snookys future plans are centered around the University of Michigan EVELYN B. KRUEGER After graduation from high school, Beth plans to enroll at Michigan State University. While at Ann Arbor High, she was active in Drama Workshop. She was also an Intramural Manager for her home- room, besides being on the Assem- bly committee and Washington club. BRUCE E. KUBLY The "ol' swimmin' hoIe" is one of Bruce's favorite hang-outs in the summer time, for swimming is his favorite recreation. A member of homeroom D-205, he is a graduate of Tappan Junior High. Looking ahead, he plans to become a mechanic. SUZANNE L. LARMEE Sue kept the minutes for her homeroom C305 as well as being a representative to the Washington club and Assembly committee Coming from Tappan Jumor High she earned honor roll grades Sue is going to New York and Wash lngton with the club CARLYN A LEHMAN By being secretary of her home room Carlie showed her interest In school affairs She was also a mem ber of the Assembly committee Among her long list of hobbies are piano playmg writing and learn ing languages Carlue was on the honor roll most of the time and plans on attending Mount Holyoke College after graduation FRANCES l LEWIS Fran is one of those people who lust plain likes music She was on Cantando in both her Junior and Senior years and her hobby i records Frans interest In school activities placed her on the assem bly committee and the bowling cub DIAN M LITTELI. sensor year as the year she was chosen homecoming queen but AAHS also held many other memor les She was on the Hostess com mittee Student Council and the Class Executive Board To make her high schol lite more Interesting she rounded it out by participating in the Rifle club and Washington club 128 PETER BART KRUSE Bart held the office of homeroom president and Student Council representative. He was also on the Athletic Board and Intramural Man- agers' committee. This past fall, he was the co-captain of the cross country team. He earned letters in cross country and wrestling. Bart plans to attend Hillsdale College. BARBARA J. KUHN Barb was busy with a variety of activities at AAHS. She represented her homeroom by being secretary of it, a representative on the Assembly committee, Intramural Managers' committee, and on the Red Cross committee. An honor student, Barb was also in the French club, GAC, and on the Omega staff. ELEANOR J LELAND Communications Yes ITS Eleanor agaml She was well known around school for this welcome class Interruption over the public address system This was not Eleanors only interest She was also a member of GAC on the Optimist and was active an dra matics for which she received two honor certificates ,, ., - 1 ' I l I I 1 ' - . . . I . I 1 ,, . . ,, . . . - I I I I . I - ,, I. - n - 1 . . . , , , , - - , I . . I . W ,A D V . . 1 c . . . I , I . . . . ' I 5 K I s I . . I . L-N154 ggi, While at AAHS, "Snooky" was Dian will always remember her ' , .. MMV . 0 - - - 1 I 1, 1 H . . .' . 5 Qt? Q, lc -1 23? 4 AX x X t CAROLYN W LUCAS Luke was president and vice pres :dent of her homeroom She was a member of the Omega staff GAC Washington club and the Bowling club Her hobby is swimming and she was a member of the Ann Arbor Swimming Association Her future plans include attending the U of M THOMAS M. LOEHR Mowing down pins was Tom's favorite hobby as bowling was right down his alley. His other hobby was stamp collecting which took up the remainder of his spare time. Some of Tom's school activ- ities included being homeroom treasurer, a member of the Rifle club, and Student Council repre- sentative. Attending the University is among his future plans. JUDY ELAINE LOUSMA Judy was a very active member of the band where she earned a letter. She was also in the or- chestra. Judy was on the Assembly committee and was the Washington club representative for her home- room. Her future plans include attending the University of Mich- 'my igan. 0 L . . Q. . SING G LUM Sing contributed to many differ ent activities for he won a letter as a member of the track team sang in the A Cappella Choir and was a Student Council member He also participated in the Assembly and Library committees He is em ployed at Leo Pings Restaurant His future plans are for a career in architecture 13-is 0-w 12' md' GLENDA S McADAM Glenda s spare hours were spent enloymg her hobbies sewing and records ln Ann Arbor High School she was a member of A Cappella and on the Intramural Managers committee She is now employed at the Perry Nursery and plans to attend college in the future She was an active participant in her homeroom as she was vice president of it on the Assembly committee and on the Library com mittee Mickey was also in the orchestra Baton club and a mem ber of GAC For relaxation and good exercise Mickey enloys bike riding ESTHER M LYNCH Es was very Interested in bus: ness activities She participated an the Junior Achievement program as secretary of her company In high school she hailed from homeroom D205 and was on the Scrtbblers club Her future plans include marriage .IUDITH F MCCALLIE Record collecting is Judys fav ortte hobby for during her stay at Ann Arbor High she was a mem ber of the modern record club Interested in travel Judy went with the club to Washington An honor roll student she plans to attend the University of Michigan and hopes to become a teacher A great deal of McFud s spare time out of school was spent work :ng with hot rods and going hunt mg which was one of his favorite hobbies Taking part in the Wash ington club gave Stan the oppor tunity of seeing New York and Washington A member of the US Naval Reserve he plans to go into active duty after high school l29 f GEORGE W. LOEPKE As George is interested in trav- eling combined with good working experience, he plans to join the nav yafter graduation. He came to high school from Slauson Junior High, and found part-time employ- ment at Wahr's Book Store. While in high school, George was a mem- ber of homeroom C-302. ANNE M. LOWERY Zooming through the sky is in Anne's future, as she plans to be- come an airline stewardess. While at AAHS, she was a "Big Sister", on GAC, and Washington club. The Omega staff received her attention too. Anne served her homeroom as both president and Student Council representative. The Union was her place of employment. THOMAS J LYNDON JR Tom served his homeroom on the executive board and on the Intra mural Managers committee He was also a member of the Conservation club Things that were of Interest to Tom included the field of sports, where he participated In football swimming and golf His plans for the future center around college we hwy . U . . . I I I 1 , , . . , I ' - ll 41 0 u 5 Il ll I I I- ' i-'I x Q -1 I ' . Q, ' . ' i 1 - I C' ' , . I . . , - 4 s, A - , , , 'V . ' , -ff i , . Q yf 7 I J JUDITH A. McFENDREE STANLEY McFADDEN if . - - - ,, , ,. . A , BONNIE A McGREGOR While in AAHS Bonnie repre sented her homeroom on the Girls League and was President of the Red Cross committee Bonnie also worked at St Joseph s Hospital and after graduation plans to become an Xray technician WAYNE M MAHAN Skipper was most frequently found in the visual aids room or working on his hobby aviation Skipper came to AAHS from Tap pan and his future plans include going into the navy for eight years and then attending a college of 6VI8ll0I'1 DIANE L MAPES As a member of A Cappella Choir Diane had one of the female leads in the group s presentation of The Pirates of Penzance Other activities included in Dianes busy schedule were Student Council Junior Executive Board Washington club Girls League and Cantando After graduation Diane plans to work Wt? ff L. MARY K. MARTIN Mary was very interested in music and her activities centered around the AAHS band where she won a band letter. Also a sports enthusiast she was active in GAC. Mary was a member of the Wash- ington club. Her plan for a career is to be come a medical secretary. RALPH E. MATEN Ralph enioys hunting, so while at Ann Arbor High he ioined the Rifle club to improve his aim. Treasurer of his homeroom was one office he filled. He also was on the Intramural Managers' committee. College in Ypsilanti is included in Ralph's plans for the future. KATHLEEN G MARCHESE Active in school Kathy worked hard in Drama Workshop and was a member of the Bowling club At present her activities include col lectnng her favorite records and horseback riding Kathy was an active member of homeroom C 320 and will soon be a member of the womens marine corps in which she plans to enlist E PATRICIA A MARSHALL Very active in homeroom affairs while at AAHS Pat served her homeroom as both vice president and Junior Red Cross representative During her senior year she was associated with the COT program in which she worked at the ap prenticeship offce at the high school ANDREA J. MAST Dea as you know was always on the go. lf she couldnt be found working on GAC Assembly com- mittee Rifle club Intramural Man- agers committee or Mixed En- semble she could be found work- ing on Tri-Hi as she was president of the council in her senior year. Cheerleading and taking care of the GAC volleyball tournaments were other interests. FRANK A. MATUS Pancho is a Latin American stu- dent from Nicaragua. After attend- ing AAHS, Pancho plans to attend the U of M Engineering School. ln Nicaragua, Pancho was president of his senior class. Also he was a member of the soccer team, base- ball team, secretary of Youth club, and secretary of Young Conserva- tives. 130 DAVID L MAAS Having served his homeroom as intramural manager vice president and Student Council alternate Dave too an active part in all of its affairs He also participated in ir? tramural sports as captain of a football team An honor student Dave plans to attend college ROGER L MAHEY Student Council was one of Ann Arbor High s organizations that re ceived a lot of Rogs time CHe was on it for three semestersl Be ing a president kept Ron busy too for he was both president of his homeroom and chairman of his youth fellowship group Rogs future plans include being a dentist GWENDOLYN M MARTIN Gwen was a member of the band and a representative to the Library committee She lourneyed to New York and Washington with the I957 Washington club Looking ahead Gwen plans to work at the U of M hospital and then become a nurse E ? .S E l wW',2W1?3t'Y+" 19 MQ' JOSEPH B MIANO Because Joe enuoyed most sports he took part un football wrestlung Intramural Manager for hus home room at two dufferent tumes In hus spare tume Joe enuoys workung on cars After graduatuon he plans to uoun the navy -3 MARJORIE L MORAN Marge was really busy whule at AAHS She was on the Student Councul Presudents commuttee and un GAC A reporter for the Optu must Marge moved up to be first page edutor She dud okay scho lastucally too for she was on the honor roll all of the tume and won the Scholastuc Wrutung Award for poetry CAROL A MUELLER Carol partucupated un many school actuvutues uncludung GAC Bowlung club Jumor Achuevement Washung ton club, and Intramural Managers commuttee She was on the staff of both of our school publucatuons, the Omega and Optumust Carol spent most of her spare tume horseback rudung She plans to attend Albuon College next year .5 JEAN M MAYERS Attendung Cleary Busuness College wull be the next step un Jeans educatuon At AAHS she was a member of the Washmgton club Cantando and Raduo class Because Jean luves at Whutmore Lake she has plenty of opportunutues for uce- skatmg her favorute hobby MARY E MEADOWS Mary was very actuve un leadung school spurut beung first a JV and then a varsuty cheerleader She earned two cheerleadung letters and a GAC letter Mary was secertary of the Senuor Class Student Councul representatuve and a member of the Executuve Board ln her sopho more year Besudes bemg a Hostess she was a member of the home comung court three tumes LAUREN R MILLER Durung hus stay at AAHS Lauren was an actuve member of the band He was elected to the Intramural Managers commuttee and also par tucupated un the Conservatuon com muttee and the Washungton club Lauren plans to attend a unuversuty after graduatuon ELEANOR E MISNER Ellues face was famuluar to many students for she worked un the school lubrary lce skatung swum mung and horseback rudung are the favorute hobbues of thus senuor In the future Ellue plans to attend Cleary College and become a secre tary CLARENCE B MORTON Workung on cars and bowlung are two of thus young man s favor ute hobbues Clarence who lusts Tappan Junuor Hugh as hus prevuous alma mater has been a member of homeroom C207 durung hus three years at Ann Arbor Hugh School SHIRLEY A MULLISON Shurley played a cool clarunet un the band and won a letter for thus actuvuty She was also secretary of her homeroom and served her homeroom un the capacuty of lntra mural Manager In the future, Shur ley plans to enter Eastern Muchugan College T31 MABEL MEADOWS Mabellune , as her fruends call her enuoys cookung takung puctures and wrutung letters She came to Ann Arbor Hugh from Mulan Hugh and whule here her homeroom was E lO2 Mabel plans to attend col lege next year although she us undecuded as to whuch one BARBARA L MEEK Secretary of her church youth fellowshup Barb also found tume to take part un Junuor Achuevement Square Dance club Washmgton club and Red Cross commuttee actuvutues She lusts puano and tennus as her hobbues Barb plans to at tend college and expects to mauor un psychology DAVID W MOORE Davud or Dave as most of hus fruends call hum was very aur munded for hus favorute hobby was makung model aurplanes A former student of Tappan Junuor Hugh Daves homeroom whule here t hugh school was C224 The aur force us un Daves plans for the future mt :Gary 4 T w15eVrfGue,2y1 p.a I u ' - lu . U - ' . I . . I . . I , .' I l ' . 1 - , A -x f ' ' , - . - . , . I . . . ,' , , . . I . . I . 2 Ar ,. in . b . . . . I A A av ' . ff ' ' V' . 1 - . ' ' I - I I , and bowling, and held the office of and was on the wrestling team. u ug' . - Q 3 . . ' . , . - 4 h I if 1 . , . , . ' . . sb r 4 sz , l L . fjewffl ' I 5 . , .. . I . ' A ii . I . . . I - . ' J V' 4 , Vi I . . . . . , , . ' ' - ' 3, ' fx ' Q , . I V, Z . , . . . . V . ' ' . .' . ' . . M' 1 rg U I , U l 1 . . it A ' ' ' ' - . u n - I BONNIE M NICHOLSON BONNIE an BCTIVC member of her homeroom served as Its secretary for two years and was elected to the Washington club and to the Red Cross committee Bonnie was employed at Awreys Bakery and plans to continue workIng after graduation JAMES D NOTTLE MusIc was JIm s favorIte activity While at Ann Arbor Hugh School he persued thIs Interest by playing In both the orchestra and the band earnIng a letter for his excellence Building model airplanes and ships occupies JIm s spare tIme He plans to use thIs Interest In airplanes In the air force after graduation CATHERINE C OPPLE Known for her cheery smile and friendly hello Tina represented her homeroom on the Assembly and lntramural Managers commnttees She was also a member of GAC Cantando Washington club and Modern Dance club and oh yes dont forget the Omega staff As for the future TIna IS planning to attend college YT? JACK M. MYERS If the tramp, tramp of feet is heard after graduation, it is prob- ably Jack, for he plans to enter the armed forces. While at Ann Arbor High School, he served his homeroom on the Senior Executive committee and was a member of the Boys' Leader Corps. .lack was employed part time at Krogers. MARGARET E NEIHUSS Cheerleading wIll never be the same without Margarets pep and VIVBCIIY She won letters IH cheer leading and GAC and was on the Hostess committee Omega Student Council where she was secretary and Girls League Margaret was an honor student and also secretary of her sophomore and rumor classes Her future plans Include college MARGARET A NOMMENSEN Washington club and Modern Record club were Margies mam Interests while at Ann Arbor High Slauson Junior High School was her prevIous alma mater Margie has been workung at the CollIns Shoppe as a member of the Cooperative Occupational TraInIng program g ft DAVID J NORTHRUP Daves Interests centered In the great outofdoors as he engoys golfnng hockey and baseball Dur Ing his stay at Ann Arbor High Dave was a member of the Rod and Reel club ln addItIon he found time for part time employment at Wesley s Market ELIZABETH I OLSEN Spending much of her time wIth the band Beth went to both New York and Mlaml with It In addI tIon she attended band camp at Interlochen for four years ln the eleventh grade she was elected to represent her homeroom as Wash Ington club representative and was elected by thIs committee to be Its president DONALD L OSBORN Because he prefers the open Blf, Don s favorite hobbies are camping huntIng fishmg, and boating At AAHS he was a member of the RIfle club and participated In Intra mural football and bowling Don plans to attend La Guardia Technical Institute after graduation l32 MONTE J. NAGLER Monte participated in many school activities, particularly stu- dent government. He served the Student Council as both representa- tive and alternate, he was also president of his homeroom and Washington club representative. Monte, an honor roll student, sang in the A Cappella. He plans to at- tend a university. MABELAN NESBIT If anyone wants to know about fashions rust ask Mabelan for she spent her entire sophomore year In Paris When she got back she really made up for lost tIme Mabelan was president of Modern Record club on the SenIor Execu tive Board GAC Synchronized Swimming club and secretary of her homeroom She plans to attend college ri 3' JERRY L NORTON SendIng a ball Speedlng down a bowling alley was Jerry s favonte sport so he loined the BowlIng club Next to bowling wrestling and baseball rate tops on his list of sports A member of homeroom C320 Jerry represented It on the Student Council The air force IS In his future Us ffl " ' . ' , ' - . - . . . U X ' ky .IJ A lf , I I. n .' a 1: . Q . m f ' . I If . I . , , " , - , if I c if' Q' f . ' , , , , ' I --.. ' 1. ' C i 4 . I. . l . ' I I , 'gay . . U . . . A ' , yi' ,gy 4 f' 3, I' H 6 ' i E , I ' i,4a".4l , . . ' I It Q . . . . . l , 1 I . ' ' . I he , ' 0 ,- .I . :tl QQ afi- 15" if ANN L PETERSON Gee' The A Cappella choir is on fire' No its lust Ann Anns d hair was her trade mark and it could be seen in many activities She was a member of Cantando Omega Party committee and GAC She was also on the Senior Execu tive Board Drama Workshop and the Washington club Ann plans to attend the University of Michigan ADRIAN S. PALMER Buzzy, an active member of the Student Council and president of his homeroom, was also on the Assembly committee and the tennis team. ln tennis, he earned a letter in both his iunior and senior years. Buzzy was on the honor roll the majority of the time, and plans to attend college after graduation. CLARA JO PAYNE Jos cheerful disposition is one of the things about her which her friends admire most While attend ing AAHS she served her home room as secretary and represented it on the Assembly committee She also sang with the Cantando choir for two years Cleary College wll be included in Jos future GILES G PETERSON Ann Arbor High s own Lrberace Giles was well known for his piano playing But the piano was not his onl yinterest Giles also went out for track and cross country where he earned a letter un each sport In his homeroom Giles served as president and vice president Music and art are two of Nancy s main interests especially music Nancy was a prominent fiutlst In both the band and orchestra and won letters in each Besides her musical activities at AAHS she played with the Ann Arbor Civic Symphony and the Michigan Youth Symphony JOYCE M PIERCE Joyce displayed an Interest in school affairs by her service to the Library and Washington club Also interested in dramahcs Joyce lists as her hobbies puppetry and col lectnng figurines Service to her country is among Joyces future plans for she plans to loin the Waves STEVEN S. PALMER During his three years at AAHS, Steve served his homeroom by representing it on the Presidents' committee and the Student Council. As a member of the Student Coun- cil, he headed the Student Directory committee. He also was a member of the Debating squad and in the Rifle club. DAVID A PENNINGTON Dave was especially Interested in dramatlcs but another of his favorite activities is water skiing and during the summer he spent much of his time at this sport He us planning to become an engineer and he looks forward to enrolling at the University of Michigan next year FLOYD TERRY PEYTON Terry was called the fish by his friends As you may have guessed by this Terry was on the swimming team and he earned his letter in this sport Representing his home room on Presidents committee and on the Senior Executive Board took up much of the rest of Terrys time Meetings of the Harmony club are what LeRoy enloyed most Next to that hunting and fishing occupied a lot of his spare time While at hugh school he was a member of homeroom C304 and was employed at the Bolgos Farms He plans to loan the paratroopers WILLIAM D PITTS Bill transferred to Ann Arbor High from Lincoln Consolidated High School where he earned let ters in both football and baseball At AAHS Bill was a member of homeroom D205 and a welcome participant in their Intramural bowl ang activities l33 ,www HERBERT G PFABE Singing was an activity in which Herb excelled He was a member of the A Cappella choir and had a roll in the operetta Pirates of Penzance Coming to Ann Arbor High from Slauson Junior High Herb was a member of homeroom C220 .1 fi X . .5 W . A ' - 1 - ' 1 re . . . ' ! WM. l l fx ' '. Q . . ' up ,- 1 - 1 I- 1 'N ff' ., , . E .Q .,. l 5 s 9. ' NANCY E. PI-IELPS LEROY J. Plsuurxosxl S V ' . f' In A' . - ' . gy I f ' .'- ', .. 5. W 3'+',.., A . . . . .. ' , i fi' . f i ' I . , A if f . ' Nl I sf 'on SALLY L PROUD Ac uve s the only way to Sal was a member of the Hostess commuttee A Cappella and GAC She also served as busuness man ager of the 1957 Omega and was a member of the Homecomung Queens court un her sophomore and uunuor years Sallys future plans include attendung the Unu versuty of Muchugan SUSAN K POTT The one word to descrubed Sue was busy She was a member of the Art club, GAC and Washungton club She represented her home- room on the Junuor Executuve Board and Gurls League Sandwuched among all these actuvutues she man aged to wrute for the Optumust and was a Hostess for the school RENEE F PREKETES Renee served the school as asso cuate busuness manager of the Omega and helped to create musuc un A Cappella where she held a lead un the operetta She was secre tary of her homeroom and also was a member of the Junuor Execu tuve committee After graduation she plans to attend the School of Educatuon at the Unuversuty of Much LINDA J POTTER Actuve us rather an unadequate word to use when descrubung Lundas many actuvutues un AAHS Her talents seemed to be centered around cheerleading for she was a Varsuty cheerleader a JV cheer leader and assistant captain of the cheerleaders She was also on the Presudents commuttee and the Stu dent Councul Her next stop college maybe un the East ROBERT E PRESTON Playung un the band was one of Bobs favorite acutuvutues whule at Ann Arbor Hugh Interested ln all phases of raduo work he was also a member of the Raduo club To fill un hus spare tume Bob repre sented has homeroom on the Wash ungton club planning commuttee He expects to attend the Unuversuty of Muchugan ugan SOPHIA J PSAROS Whule at AAHS Sophue had her uzatuons She was correspondung secretary of A Cappella recording secretary of the Modern Dance club and secretary of her homeroom Sophue also represented her home room on the Washungton club and was Student Councul alternate In spute of all these actuuvtues Sophue found tume to be on both the Omega and Optumust staffs JON F RADDE Jon was a member of homeroom C 2ll and belonged to the Leader s Corps at AAHS He was employed at Wrugley Stores Inc where he worked after school as a cashuer After graduatuon he plans to at tend Aruzona State College to study aw LARRY W REED Larry who was an actuve mem ber of C 224 attended Tappan Jun uor Hugh before he came here to Ann Arbor Hugh He found part tume employment at the A 8- P store, and plans to go unto the servuce after school Larry's hobby us col lectung couns JERRY T QUIGG Jerry plans to enroll at the Um versuty of Muchugan un euther the Busuness Admunustratuon or Meducal Schools next September Because of has honor roll grades he should be successful un euther field In hs spare tume Jerry enloys bowlung cars and playung golf RICHARD W QUINSEY Duck attended Tappan before he came to AAHS and us an actuve member of homeroom C205 He was employed part tume at the Coca Cola Company After gradua tuon Duck plans to attend the Unu versuty of Muchugan where he will study t become a mechanucal engineer GEORGE E REDFORD Bang' Bangl The shots from Georges rufle could be heard at almost any meeting of the Rufle club of whuch he was a member He was also a member of the cross country team On a part tume basus George was employed at Clunkner s Standard Servuce Hus hobby us cars, and he plans to loun the Aur Force PETER D REINDEL As a lumor un AAHS Pete was a member of the Male Chorus He then progressed as a senior to A Cappella Pete also represented hus homeroom as an Intramural Manager Washungton club and the Rufle club were the clubs that Pete enuoyed After he graduates, Pete plans to attend Wayne Unuversuty 134 512.4 Q... an aw . . . ' . s , ,, H. - - S ajax' H I . ' is . ,. is - -:J - I ' 1 Y- In - I I - E V describe Sal's activities at AAHS. share of being secretary of organ- fl ' I ' ' L 2 S , . . A ' sms? MA' t ' ' . . at , 4 . . . . . - I W' 4' . -- u - I . E . I . I :- I , Q 1 f 0 , I . I 7 . h . . , 0 ' . A I I I . . . . P y . ' ,, " I 5 Y ' I' u X, . . I . I , A u . . ' . I Z 5' .1 5 to uoun the Nav and then work RQ 'mn cfm' JAMES L ROCCO Rock partucupated un varuous actuvutues uncludung Drama Work shop Art club and untramural bowlung and wrestlung He also was on the Assembly commuttee Camp ung flshung huntung and pauntung Y after graduatuon FREDERICK R ROTH Fred an actuve member of the orchestra also has an unterestung hobby of electronucs and mechan ucal devuces Fred enuoys figure skatung an has beer a member of the Ann Arbor Fugure Skatung club for sux years VIVIAN K ROWE Vuvuan was very unterested un the 4H actuvutues near her home She was a member of the Junuor Farm Bureau and also the Puttsfleld Grange Assocuatuon Vuvuan worked parttume un the Munucupal Court buuldung at the ' vuce Bureau and plans to contunue workung after hugh school JUDY K REYNOLDS Judy known to her fruends as Teddy Bear was a member of Washungton club and was the Wash ungton club representatuve from her homeroom Her hobbues unclude record collectung and sungung for whuch she receuved honors Cantando Her summer vacatuons have been spent as a dental assust an SANDRA J RICHMOND Home Nursung club occupued most of Sandys tume durung her sophomore year Durung the rest of her tume un hugh school Sandy was a member of the Washungton club Pauntung us one of her favorute hobbues She was employed t Woolworths and plans to attend a busuness college to become a secretary LYNN H ROGERS Comung from Tappan Lynn en uoyed sports at Ann Arbor Hugh One of hus favorutes was football un whuch he took an actuve part After graduatuon plenty of hard work us un store for Lynn because College un Napervulle lllunous Q-19? JUDY J ROOT Judy who was un the Future Teachers club was also employed at St Joseph Mercy Hosptual where she worked at the Blue Cross offuce She was un the band for a year and a half and us on the COT pro gram Judy plans to get a rob and work for a whule after graduatuon WALTER J ROTH An unterest un student affaurs played a large part un Walters three years un hugh school for he served as vuce presudent of the senuor class Walter also enuoyed sports as he was a member of the football team where he earned two letters and captaun of the tennus team where he earned three letters In the future Walter hopes to attend Annapolus DAVID H SAGER Sag was a member of the Wash ungton club and was also un the band un whuch he earned a letter Bowlung boats and archery are some of Daves many hobbues He plans to attend a college after graduatuon and us now employed at Fuegel s Clothung Store 135 AE ig 451 fn-sa. 4 FAYE F RICHARDS Faye was very unterested un stu dent affaurs durung her three years at AAHS She served her homeroom as uts secretary un her uunuor year and as representatuve to the Wash ungton club plannung commuttee Actuve un musuc Faye was a mem ber of the Cantando chour She plans to attend a busuness college SHIRLEY J ROBINSON Shurleys school actuvutues cen tered around her future career for she was a COT student employed at the attendance offuce She also belonged to the Scrubblers club Shurley uourneyed to New York and Washungton wuth the Washungton club Busuness college us uncluded un her future plans .1 ELKE M ROSS Some f Schneckes favorute pastumes are musuc books dancung and needlework Comung to Ann Arbor from Slauson Junuor Hugh School she was a member of home room C309 Schneckes name can usually be found on the honor roll She plans to work un an offuce or on a passenger boat after gradua tuon K 2 - vi I s ' I A 1 u I if Qu? A S . . '. in . . . I u Q if ' - . n . - ' J' u. l 6 g , . . . I , ' N V A , ' . - , . llgfqgff '. l ' ' ' ' . ' . . y T V7 N' ' , 8 . . . 1 1 . . ' ' 'Ne ' ' -. , . ' ' . ' - tl, reuru h -J . i . I . I . . . . I Q 62 are his favorite hobbies. Jim plans he plans. to attend North Central 55' -'P' . I Q llt 1 as-O V . , ' I . l ' I. I I I 1 Iv In A ' . A ' - I . 2 . u . J . ' I. -l . ' ' I If 1. ' I 2 ' K u uf ' -Q 4 '- W f f CHRISTINE A SCHLEICHER Modern Record club was one of Chris favorite activities while at high school Interested in learning how business works she loaned Junior Achievement and was em ployed at Kline s Girls League and Drama Workshop also interested Chris She hopes to teach math and plans to attend the University of Michigan ALLAN D. SANTURE Al, also known as "Horse", showed proficiency in his hobby, sports, by being most valuable player on the football team and captaining the baseball team. He served on the Junior Executive Board, lntramural Managers' com- mittee and was vice-president of his homeroom. His future plans in- clude college. BRENDA K. SCHITTENHELM Because of her proficiency in roller skating and ice skating, Brenda decided to become a pro- fessional skater. She was an al- ternate to the Red Cross committee and the lntramural Managers' com- mittee. Brenda was an employee of BRUCE D SCHLEMMER Being employed at Vanity Supply didnt leave Bruce much time for many extra-curricular activities but he found time to serve his home room as an Intramural Manaqer Bruces hobbies are making model aircraft and ships He also likes hunting and fishing Bruce hopes to become a tool and die maker Cunningham's Drug Store. HAROLD J SETTLES Skip who went to Roseville High School before Ann Arbor High was a member of the Wash mgton club among other things Camping is one of his favorite hobbies Another hobby which goes along with camping IS cooking Skip plans to work and then go on to a school of higher education GARY G SHEAR Gary says that he likes ll sports especially skiing hunting hockey and boat racing He en loyed sports at Ann Arbor High for he was very active in intra mural games and served on the Intramural Managers committee He was also president of his home room The University of Michigan can be seen in Garys future mfr DOUGLAS H SCHUMAN Doug was active in two malor sports namely the varsity football and varsity baseball teams He re- ceived a letter in each of these sports and also a band letter One of Dougs hobbies was to partici pate in the dance band He plans to attend college after graduation ffi CARY F SHEAR Cary alias Sam was in many activities at AAHS Some of them were the Rifle club and the Assem bly committee Sam also was elected Student Council alternate Much of his spare time was spent bowling as Sam enloys the sport very much Looking into the future he plans to go to college BRENDA L SHEFF Brenda attended Mackenzie High in Detroit before entering Ann Arbor High School She was a repre sentative to the i957 Washington club for her homeroom Brenda is employed by the Woolworth Com pany and plans to continue her edu cation by attending college 136 ROBERT SATTLER Roars of laughter often followed Bob, for he was known for his wonderful sense of humor. Cars were what he enioyed most. While at Ann Arbor High, Bob was em- ployed at the Food and Drug Mart. The army is in his future. CHARLENE K. SCHLEGEL Charlene was active in COT and was employed at Doctors Williams and Banghart office while in high school. She would like to learn more about business, so she plans to go to business college after she graduates. Charlene was a Wash- ington club representative and on the honor roll most of the time. FRANKLIN L SCHWARTZ Wrestling was one of Franks favorite activities while at Ann Arbor High but he also enloyed many outside sports such as sailing and water skiing Frank was good at his studies as they were high enough to maintain his honor roll standing di T 'N' ang AC., BRUCE A SMITH JAMES C SMITH ,ne MQL Dum DONNA I. SKOMP Besudes beung on the honor roll the mauoruty of the tume Donna partucupated un many school actuv utues Square Dance club Gurls Chorus and Washungton club are some of these In her homeroom Donna was elected presudent secre tary and also representatuve to the Student Councul She sees busuness school un her future ,ftw 'gil FLOYD M SHEPPARD 'Tuger seems to be a rather athletuc gentleman Besudes partucu patung un football wrestlung and track wunnung four letters, one un football and three un track beung co captaun of the wrestlung team reguonal and state champuon un hus weught class he lukes golf and swummung He plans to be a raduo technucuan after he finushes school DIANE M SIElOFF Duane has unterestung plans for the future among them her hope to work for a large corporatuon as an accountant She prepared for thus career whule un AAHS However, besudes lust work Duane enuoyed oul pauntung and other hobbues Also a member of the Scrubblers club, Duane enuoys wrutung GAII. I. SI.ATER Actuvuty was Gauls password whule at AAHS In her homeroom she was Student Councul repre sentatuve secretary and Intramural Manager Gaul was a member of the band and on uts executuve commuttee Among the clubs that she uouned are the Washungton club and GAC As for the future Gaul plans to attend Brugham Young Unuversuty un Utah RAYMOND A SMITH Football football and more foot ball was Ray s bugestg unterest but between practuce and games Ray represented hus homeroom on the Student Councul and was vuce pres udent of hus homeroom Ray was a member of the naval reserve on Grosse Ile After graduatuon, he wull flnush hus naval career and then atten dcollege JAMES H SOMERS Jum, who was a member of homeroom C2ll, could be found on the honor roll a mauoruty of the tume Hus maun hobby us cars Jum was employed on a part tume basus at Fenn's Drug Store and plans to attend a technucal school to become a let mechanuc Bruce was well known for hus uob as manager of the football team and hus baseball playung for whuch he receuved a letter and a shueld respectuvely Bruce was also a member of A Cappella receuvung a sulver pun and represented hus homeroom on the Washungton club Among hus other actuvutues h served hus homeroom as presudent RICHARD G SMITH Servung hus homeroom as vuce- presudent for two semesters Duck partucupated un uts protects and ac tuvutues wuth enthusuasm To get unto the swung of thungs wuth the malor uty of hus class he also took part un the Washungton club after trans ferrung from St Thomas Hugh School where he could be found prevuous to enterung here College seems un the near future for Duck, but ut us a tossup between the U of M or MMSU KAREN K SPOELSTRA Kncwn around school for her parts un school plays, "Spoely" was unterested un dramatucs She was also a member of Cantando, the German club and Washungton club Karen represented her homeroom on the Gurls' League ln plannung for the future, Karen hopes to attend the Unuversutv of Muchugan 137 FREDERICK L SHIPPEY Durung hus hugh school career Fred was on the staff of both the Omega and Optumust He was actuve un the band for whuch he receuved a letter Photography raduo and scuence take up most of Freds spare tume In the future he plans to attend the Unuversuty of Much ugan .IANIS H SIMON Jan was on GAC Gurls League and an actuve member of the Drama Workshop class un her sophomore year She goes for water un a bug way two of her hobbues beung swummung and water skuung Ill probably go to the Unuversuty of Muchugan after hugh school, says an If anyone sees any ashbulbs go mg off un theur faces uts probably Smutty for photography was hus favorute hobby The tensuon of the football games was famuluar to hum to because he was a football man ager Smutty was on the Senuor Guft commuttee He plans to attend Muchugan State nuversuty to mauor un hotel management 1 u 47 4 , , f I Wf I 2' fr ' Z iff JUDITH A STEEB Judy was an active member her homeroom and served it on both the Assembly committee and the Junior Executive Board In her sophomore year she was vice president of her homeroom Judy engoyed the Chefs club which she enloyed very much Her main hob bles are swimming and ice skating MYRNA E STOLI. Writing was one of Myrna s pas times, so she loaned the Scribblers club They elected her its secretary and she put this practice to good use by working in the general office of the high school Myrna plans to attend Western Michigan College or become a secretary VICTOR J STREETER Vic was active in the Washington club the Rifle club and as both president and vice president of his homeroom Even at work Vic did not seem to be able to get away from school the worked tn the chemistry laboratoryl An honor student he plans to enroll an the University of Michigan ' 1 wk 0. is DAVID L. SPRAGUE Dave served his homeroom as president, vice-president, Student Council alternate, and during his iunior and senior years, as Wash- ington club representative He was also a member of the Sophomore Bowling club Employed at Krogers, he plans to attend college after graduation JERRY A STAUDENMAIER Jerry who came from Tappan was Interested in football while at Ann Arbor High He played on the JV team He plans to attend Much :gan State University after graclua tion Jerrys favorite hobbies are hunting and fishing so he should enloy Forestry School there SHARON L STEHLE Shaz s interest In school affairs was shown by her participation in Student Council Assembly commit tee and her membership on the Omega Staff She also had the in terestmg experience of working as a part time dental assistant Shaz includes college among her future plans MARGARET A STEPHEN A band letter was Maggies re ward for her diligent service to the band She also was a member of the Bowling club and partnci pated in the COT program by work ang at the Collins Shop Maggie represented her homeroom on the Washington club and the lntra mural Managers committee SHEILA I STRANG Sheila served her homeroom as vice president and secretary She was also on the Assembly com mittee and a Student Council al ternate To vary her activities from student government Sheila sang in the Cantando cholr participated in the Future Teachers club and worked on the Omega staff CARYL J STUHAR Caryl was given an award for her reporting on the Optimist staff While at Ann Arbor High she was on the Red Cross club and a mem ber of GAC To attend the New York School of Art and Design is her future ambition 138 WILLA M. STANFIELD After graduation, Willie plans to be a typist, and she has already shown interest in this field by working at McMullin Real Estate and Insurance Willie also has sev- eral hobbnes one of them being horseback riding She was a mem ber of homeroom E 102 while at AAHS BARBARA J STEEB Barbara spent most of her extra time nn AH work She plans to continue this type of work at Michigan State University after her graduation She represented her homeroom on the Library committee and was also its secretary Barbara was a member of the Square Dance c ub SALLY M STEWART Sal represented her homeroom on the Student Council Intramural Managers committee and on the Junior Executive Board She also served it directly as both secretary and vice president While in hugh school Sally participated in both the Washington club and Drama Workshop After school she worked at the Pittsfield Drug Mart -ti' 9 , ls , . 3 1 1 P xx le Avi . .l , . . . ' , . . 1 g 1 - ' I . ' - of 11 1 11.- ' - . . I . - ' I 1 ' - ' . , .l . - 11 11 , - . Q N I t . I - ' . V x X . . . . 1 . . . I of ' ' f .,,.,. ff ' . , ' A We-. . ' . . . ' . ' Y Qlm I . I . ' ' I n A ' ' 1 'LE X 1 . H LEONARD W THIEL .IR A varsity letter was Len s reward for the many hours which he spent playmg football During school he served his homeroom as vice president and Intramural manager Outside of school his hobbies were fishing hunting and practicing with the marine rifle team Len plans to go into the Marines and then to college WILLIAM N THOMPSON Bill was quite interested in speech activities while at Ann Arbor Hugh School He was on the Debate team and won a letter for his work Also interested in sports he was on the Baseball team Bull plans to attend the University of llllnols and study medicine NANCY L TOBIAS Toby was president of her home room on Student Council and Hostess committee Interested In dramatncs she won the lead in Kind Lady and also an award Toby was an honor roll student After graduation she plans to at tend a drama school If if T iq 'QF' 13 'Uh VIRGINIA E. STUMM "Ginny", as a first violinist, earned two orchestra letters and participated in a great number of ensembles. In her iunior year, she won a commendation award for her short story in a Detroit News contest To contmue her hobby of music Ginny plans on attending some music school MARY HELEN TAYLOR Mary Helen was very actlve while at Ann Arbor High Besides being an honor student she was a member of GAC Omega staff Rifle club Cantando and Washmgton club She represented her home room on the Student Council and Presidents committee Mary Helen plans to enter the University of Michigan next fall SUNNIE U THOMAS Sunme was busy as her home rooms representative on the Pres idents committee and the Junior Executive Board She was also homeroom secretary Second page Senior Editor for the Optimist took much of Sunmes time but she still seemed to find some for French club Washmgton club and 4H activities JANE E THOMPSON Jane who was known for her saxophone playmg put this talent to good use by participating in the band She was also In the Baton club Jane was employed at the Michigan League on a parttime basis and she plans to attend col lege after graduation INA MAE THOMSEN As secretary of her homeroom for two semesters Ina Mae practiced the type of work which she engoys and consequently contmued by working rn the hugh school library on the COT program After gradua tion Ina Mae plans to attend a business school While at AAHS she participated in the Bowlmg cu MARIANNE TRAMONTIN Marianne was the type that liked to have fun with people Dancing swimming and roller skating are some of the ways she accomplishes this She was also ln Drama Work shop Red Cross committee and on the class Executive Board After she graduates Marianne would like to go to Comptometer School rn Lansing I39 ELVIS G. SUTFIN Elvis, who- plans to ioin the armed forces after his graduation from high school, enioys playing the guitar and has a wide interest in cars of all makes. While attend- ing high school he was employed on a part time basis at the Mercy wood Sanltaruum CHRISTINE A TEPPO Constantly on the go during her three years at AAHS Chris was kept busy by the band GAC and Washmgton club She was also active In her homeroom as pres :dent vice president and secretary In her spare time Chris loves to rude horses wp' KATHLEEN E THOMPSON Do thmgsl was Kathles motto while at AAHS For instance she represented her homeroom on Stu dent Council Party committee and Red Cross committee She was also a member of the Washmgton club Rifle club and GAC During her rumor year Kathie went to Scot land She says she had a marvelous time 'R 1 Pu 1 , - - , I 4 ' I ' 4 s . 1 A an ' l 'G' f ,452 ARC' , , - 'fm or 'si . . . I '. 4, 7' ' 1 . 1 1 , A 1 1 ' - . ' , 1 xx I - . . - . . an Afynw l I . . ' . , 3 V . . I . . I l . A - , . - Q . . . I . , . . A W . . Q . vw' 0 1 'ZF' : I , . I A . . , . - . ll ' . ll ' I ., . gl 3 . ' l 1 . G 1 1' .. f'--l . ' ' . ' . .ar I V I . . . . Q A V I b. W I I 'I I I . ' . I - 1 ' s-B ll - I Il ' ' - . , ' 1 1 ' ' - I 1 . . ' . I 'L SANDRA S TURNER Sandy was an ultra busy member of AAHS She busted herself as corresponding secretary of the Stu dent Council and secretary of the Teen age Loan Board She was a member of the band Hostess com mittee Omega staff Presidents committee and many others Sandy won a GAC letter and was an honor roll student Her future IR cludes college JOYCE WALKER Brewing up unusual dishes was Joyces hobby while at Ann Arbor Hugh School Music also occupied her spare time and she was a mem ber of Girls Chorus On the steno graphic curriculum Joyce followed up her training with practical ex penence JOHN G WARREN Coming to AAHS from Cranbrook in his rumor year John ioined the wrestlmg squad where he earned his letter John was also a member of the Boys chorus and vice pres :dent of his homeroom Has next year s plans Include attending West ern Michigan College JAMES N. TROMETER Jim came to AAHS from Flint Central High School. While here, he was active in his homeroom and has enioyed athletics which by the way are his hobbies Besides this Jim has held a lob at the Union After high school Jim plans to go on to college BARBARA R TUCAY Barb was in the A Cappella choir and received a gold pm for out standing work In this group She was also on the Optimist staff in the Future Teachers club Washing ton club and in the Girls League Eastern Michigan College is Barbs future plans when she grad uates from AAHS ELIZABETH J UNDERWOOD Herbie whose hobby is rec ords was active in the Washington club and the French club She also won an honor In drama and was a Student Council alternate She was on the honor roll a magorlty of the time and hopes to attend Michigan State University 636 f"GZ"" ARNOLD E VANDERSCHALIE Arnold lists several outdoor ac tivmes among his favorite hobbies Two of these to which he deovted a good part of has spare time were was a stamp collecting devotee and displayed an interest in stagecraft while at Ann Arbor Hugh JANE M WALSWORTH A member of the band for three years Jane won a letter a silver and a gold pm She also was on the honor roll a malorrty of the time Jane engoys sports and out door activities She plans to go to Eastern Michigan College to pre pare for a teacholng career DUANE WATERBURY The man who knows all about nuts and bolts is Duane Waterbury for he worked at the Hamburg Hard ware Store on the COT program Prolectlon club and Male chorus were two of the varied activities which interested hum After a sum mer vacation of working and fish ing Duane plans to attend a trade school 140 TERRY K. TRUE A member of the marching band for three years, Terry won a letter in music. He also was on the Pres- idents' committee, the Band Execu' tive Board and the Intramural Managers committee The pres ndency of the Klgn Kraft Junior Achievement Company held a malor place in Terrys extra-curricular activities SANDRA S TUCKER An honor roll student Sandy was interested in singing She was in Cantando A Cappella the Girls chorus and won a first award In the Pontiac Solo and Ensemble Festival Her hobbies Include play mg the piano Sandys plans after hugh school are undecided AIJA VITINS During her stay at AAHS Alla was a member of several clubs including Nurses club GAC and Washington club Having a good and A Cappella She represented her homeroom on the Junior Execu tive Board and in Washington club As for the future Alla plans to enter the University of Michigan Dentistry School 1 2. 5 . . , . . . . . in . . u , . Af ' - - 1-A. l ' I t 1 f al . ' . I . 5 r 'K ' . . . i 5 ' , hunting and fishing. Arnold also voice, Aiia also ioined Girls' chorus . . . . . . n - xy, +- . . D l, V. if Y - 2 . ' ' ra - - 1 - . . . . rv, M SUSAN K WELCH She kept busy un her many actuv school These uncluded Gurls League Omega GAC and Washungton club She was Washungton club repre sentatuve Student Councul and Jun uor Eexecutuve Board representatuve and secretary of her homeroom In her spare tume she was a waitress un the Unuon clan JAMES G WESTERMAN Water seems to be one of Jums favorutes whether ut us Iuquud or solud for he was a member of the Amateur Hockey League and hus hobbues are boating and boat buuld ung He plans to put thus to good use when he toms the coast guard Jum was an intramural manager and presudent of Jumor Achuevement twuce PETER H WILDE Pete wull be remembered by many students for the progress whuch he gave un the Planetaruum on the star of Bethlehem Pete came to AAHS from Frontuer Hugh School un New Orleans where he was a member of the Natuonal Honor Socuety and the Key Club Internatuonal After graduatuon, he plans on goung unto physucs after an educatuon at Princeton or MIT WESLEY S WATERBURY He was a very actuve member of homeroom E 102 In hus sophomore year he played JV football Wes lakes to hunt and trap and he also Iukes to play baseball and football Wes plans to become a state poluce man after hugh school BYRON E WEED Barny who was a member of the Socual commuttee also repre sented hus homeroom C 207 on the Assembly commuttee Hus outside actuvutues included both Drama Workshop and a busy schedule wuth the Male chorus After graduatuon Byron plans to attend college RICHARD E WENK Ruchard who us quute an outdoor COT program on the Ralph Gensley farm As an outdoor man Ruchard also enuoys huntung as a hobby To serve hus homeroom C305 he was a member of the Intramural Managers commuttee 'f' x at FRANK P WESSINGER To earn a luttle spendung money Pete was employed at Slaters Bookstore Durung his three years at Ann Arbor Hugh he served hs homeroom as the Assembly com muttee representatuve Pete was un the Touch Football League and thus was one of hus favorute sports Being un the Leader Corps was another of hus actuvutues MARILYN E WEAVER A gurl of many varued interests Marulyn was an actuve club mem ber whule at AAHS Her lust of ac tuvutues uncluded the Square Dance club Conservatuon club and the Washungton club Volleyball swum mung cookung and sewung kept Marulyn busy un her spare time She was an honor roll student and plans to attend the Unuversuty of Machu gan DAVID .I WILLIAMS Dave s unterest un sports lead hum to uoun the track team and the cross country team, where he earned a letter Another sude of hus busy lufe at AAHS was the governmental one, for he was Stu dent Councul representatuve of hus homeroom, and chairman of the Pep commuttee 'l4I I MARY H WATERMAN On almost any homeroom meet ung day Mary could be found tak ung notes for she served her home room as uts secretary If she wasn t takung notes she could be found presudung over the meetung as the presudent The Junuor Executuve Board was another of Mary s actuv utues As she enuoys takung care of people Mary plans to be a nurse MARY LOU WELCH Mary an honor roll student served her homeroom as secretary She Iukes to square dance and was un the Square Dance club Horseback rudung and bowlung are also cluded among her hobbues Her future plans unclude beung a med ucal secretary and then gettung marrued later JAMES B WESSINGER Jum says I am the very model of a modern malor general Thus may be true but whule at AAHS Jum was un many varued actuvutues He uourued the A Cappella chour where he played the mauor general un the operetta and the wrestlung team He represented hus homeroom on Assembly commuttee Washung ton club Student Councul and was also uts vuce presudent . l - ' I - . ' f , , . 1 ' I - I , . . . . ' l I Q , . ,A , 3:1 1, HI I I 5. In y . . Q I ., Y A . I - I . 1 V . . . . m, ug A I f . 'uf . -V , - uuvljff ' . ities and offices while in high man, worked as a member of the . ' F ' - ' - fi' ' -Q - Q E1 5 ' ' , ' ' . . ' 1 ' . ' 3 .4325 fb Cu . I . I . ' I I V- V , as 7 f' ' A. I - 'iZ. ' II" V . . ' A h, ,Vu , iff xt I L 1 fi 1 1 A 'ftw ' . 4 , ,A . M ' NK lu It u that 1 X - . . . ' L ll I' ' . 1 ,, . 1 I ' ' 1 1 , . I . . ' ' ' I ' . . . . . - I - I . , . . . , I ' - . . . - , . I 4 . . , ' ' I I 'ua ' . 1 L- - - , he JOYCE E WING As vice president of Cantando, Joyce really had to work but she still seemed to find time for that and Washington club Bowling club, and her favorite hobby of ice skat ing She also represented her home room as Girls League representa tive Joyce worked at Van Boven s on a part time basis After gradua tion she plans to attend college JACK S WYMAN Band in which he earned a letter was one of Jacks many Interests during hrs high school career One of the other highlights of .lacks stay at AAHS was his nomination to Boys State After graduation he plans to attend the University of Michigan Engineering School LAUREN R ZAHN Larry as a homeroom pres: dent member of the Student Coun cil and member of the Executive Board had a great deal of expert ence participating in student administration He plans to use thas experience rn his future studies In the school of Business Admlnlstra tion at the University of Michigan SALLY L. WILLIAMS Included in the list of Sally's activities while at AAHS are repre- senting her homeroom on the Stu- dent Councll and on Presidents committee Sally went to Washing ton with the club and was a mem ber of GAC She plans to attend college and was employed part time at the Machagan League JUNE M WILSON Jume enloys music very much so she signed up for Girls chorus and from there she progressed to Cantando She also belonged to the Baton Twlrlmg club While attend mg school June worked at the First National Building She plans to attend the University of Michigan and hopes to become an x-ray technician AGNES M WOLLENHAUPT Marty as she was called worked at Morrllls under COT and plans to further her business career after graduation by attending a business college in Lansing Representing her homeroom on the Red Cross and Library committees plus being an Washington club kept Marty busy in school DONALD E WOLSKI Don who was well known as an outdoorsman spent much of has leisure time hunting or fishing To capitalize on his interest In the great outdoors Don plans to om the navy soon after graduation was employed parttlme at Kmg Engineering WILLIAM J YEK Sports especially cross country, in which he earned three letters and was co captain during both his rumor and senior years was but one of the extra-curricular areas in which Bill partrctpated He was also president of his homeroom and on the Student Council and Athletlc Board during his tumor year KAREN L LAUBENGAYER Karen participated in the bowling club Washington club Party com mittee GAC and Assembly com mxttee She served her homeroom as secretary treasurer During Kar ens spare time she enloys sports of all kinds particularly swimming and skin diving She plans to attend Cleary Business College in the future 142 'Fw VERN G. WILLIAMS Garland was on the varsity football and wrestling teams. An alumnus of Slauson Junior High, he was a member of homeroom C 312 After hegraduates from Ann Arbor High School Garland plans to do a two year stint in the army SANDRA E WILSON Sandy could be found at all of the football and basketball games because she was a cheerleader She was also a Hostess a Bug Sister a member of GAC and served as secretary of her homeroom After graduation Sandy plans to attend Northwestern as SQ: JEAN S WOODBURNE Active an student government Jean capably represented her home room on the Presidents committee Junior Executive Board and Stu dent Council On the Omega Edt torial Staff Jean was also a member of the 1957 Washington club An honor student she will attend the University of Michigan at BURCELL M. DEMALINE Interested in student government, "Burr" was a member of the Assem- bly committee for two semesters. He also served as president and treasurer of his homeroom. "Burr's" favorite hobby is archery. He was employed part-time at National Food Stores, but his future plans are to attend college. JEN EGAS Coming to the United States from Holland, .len had many new things to see and learn while at Ann Arbor High School. In Holland, Jen attended a technical school. While here at high school, he was a mem- ber of homeroom E-109. ROSE M. HONECK Rosie was on the Assembly com- mittee and the Girls' chorus, each for a semester. Sue has many hob- bies, including sewing, reading, roller skating, ice skating, and rec- ords. Now employed at Marti Walker's doing office work, she plans to keep on working after graduation. JUDlTH A. IMMEL Judy's athletic ability showed up in her active participation in GAC, where she was on basketball, vol- leyball, and bowling teams. Judy served on the Red Cross committee for two semesters and was a mem- ber of the Assembly committee. After graduation, she would like to attend Cleary College. KI JUDITH M. KRUEGER Judy served C-224 as vice-presi- dent, secretary, and Student Council representative. Her hobbies are sports and music, as shown by her participation in Intramural athletics, Cantando, and Modern Record club. She was a member of the 1957 Washington club. After graduation, Judy plans to attend business school. BYRL McCORMlCK Byrl comes from Richmond High School in California. He was in C-224 and his main hobby is running machines. Byrl's future plan, at the present time, is becom- ing a tool and die maker. EARL McCORMICK Coming to Ann Arbor High School from the state of California, Carl was in homeroom C-302. While he lived in California, Earl attended El Cerrito High School. He was a member of the high school's COT program, where he received on-the-iob training. NORMAN .l. NESBITT A real darkroom haunter, Nor- man's favorite hobby is photogra- phy. Coming from Tappan Junior High, he was a member of. home- room C-125 while at Ann Arbor High School. Seeing his name on the honor roll was a familiar sight to Norman, and he plans to attend the University of Michigan after graduation. NEIL D. PAGE As he wanted to get his service in Uncle Sam's Marine Corps out of the way before going to high school, Neil joined the marines. His hobby, which is cars by the way, occupies much of his time after school. Neil plans to work after his graduation from Ann Arbor High School. JACK J. SCHWEMMIN A "grunt-and-groan" man with the honors of a letter and the co- captaincy of the wrestling team in his senior year, Jack also repre- sented his homeroom on the lntra- mural Managers' committee and Student Council. Jack was an honor roll student and plans to attend the University of Michigan. WAYNE A. WRIGHTMAN A "smooth" trombone was what Wayne was noted for while at Ann Arbor High School. He put this to good use in both the band, in which he earned three letters, and the orchestra. Outside of school, he was a member of the Dixie Land Band and worked at the Liberty Record Shop. iv? AU im Turner president uniord JUNIOR EXECUTIVE BOARD The board, consisting of one member from each iunior homeroom plus the class officers, planned the activities undertaken by the class this year. Almost Paradise was the theme of the Junior Prom which was h Junior Executive Boards largest protect of the year The committees for the prom were made up of members of the class and were directed by the members of the board Red Johnson s band played for the dance and talent from the class provided the entertainment for the intermission show JUNIOR EXECUTIVE BOARD ROW1 J Dennis J Turner J Fingerle T McMullen M Hannah ROW 2 M Sakstrup A Coleman B Hartman ram N ague M Frolick od ey err W 3 imond o ol Suits D Draper ll ll I ' e . . , . . 5 1 - 1 Y .X J. I . P. Ing , . Cl , . ' , B. Br I , K. B y. RO : R. D' , B. R y , B. ' , . , J. ffm Y Q ff L I , Z we U , I 5 Xi Y 1 4 Erwin B Hamel A Weid B Reed Tom McMullen vice president Judy Fingerle secretary Mr Ben Reed nw 14 ACKERMAN, DUANE V. AGAR, JANE R. ALLEN, SHARON A , ffl l E .Q L RQ 3' +L f- A E, . YS :M Q 1. mo 2 2 2 J , , L xx U, rr ual- on lf- avg. avg- Y M , 0 .-m ,,,.- ,X ' 3-, 'G A A vw, U'-41 wb: wr-' w "' V "' -I-.N ' I ,Quay wgx- U,2l"m mba? r, 'N mignf ,.Ozf"U mmgzg ,,,b2?"n ,z x UU H1 Z- 3, Iac,-I' ua mm,'5""Ig mO-- ZZ mmzxbz mfr-' or ,Nl- ' fr M N - - 7U2':42p Ogz Pm rnzmfnf Jan' gIC u-nm 1+ - W :L 1 A Alf? mmm uw mr11cn""""7J U'ZZ" PO Wmz-n U WQCI4 - .' .I 5 4 'K A . af , :UO Qc:-47' O1 - 04x rn m-4 -41' X- bz.1T'Zm If W . .1 xxx W ,Wi , nf Lv, 3222300-45225,-,m.:zE:bgZ 31,531.33 g,:gI"x, x' '42 A Y . , L ' ' - Z-n ,'7gx CZ. -1.4 ' 2, xzm, Z . -rnN B Xww ' . A f,5,2rM,q6g: 951330 5:32332 559342 65555 lf-'E' 1. mm Z: . 30-fa zz n ' FSSEP f"z3U -3022 gg,5,5'f'S- 7 L -2' Q UPI-" 71 Z 5 Om -nmu' ' 'AIU' X , , . O Z s. Z -4 bm . ., X, , X na , .1 . Z U Jr - -4. Z so ,, ,P I. Rx, 5 , 2 L 'Ha QL? A ZF 5 4 "' zu Z ' zmf xxx' ',' XX ix' 1 ww fn : ' E E-' Fl ,, 4, M A X. Q.. M 5, .5 . , X V, ,Il 9 9 J ,S- g 9 ' 4, K. -.. ,ME + , 1 E Q f L f .I , .v 4 ,X a ,1 fly 'A W5 K 4, 51, N fx , 'ff K U ,i A Mu? ix L. xx-M Ns ' X M KW, 4 1, '5 U ' QW' in 1.4 Z5 X '1 ai X 4 A NL X ' x'gVv' ' K Aviv Nl 1' 2' -' , ' W2 L:-"1 ' ' X ! mi' .1 X --wgg.. , 'ww' " 5 'X ' L ,Mal I a lg, ,, 1 . x, ' ,, a X 1 N11 L A w ff I xxx. X kgxwxqiw ,ffggg 'I ,V ' i 2 34 3 .H X x 9 -, 1 v A U ,qw ,5 3 K, ,il x,7 V FCA ' ' " 1 x"', .f J' " Liv 1 ' asm V! H A , ,Q ,. . , jx 11 M 5 I, N. N . ' wg G . A , -' ,,' Q . :Q 1 Q' Q L3 4 V "vb We ' Ez . , 1 f sk W A M- ' 4, ' - a ' as LQ 11 ' I , , , gg. - , vi ha - 1 Q yn gs L , ln, My XX' if f . : E m. I 1 5 4 -'itz gm gh A x - 1 hz, A M - We if E Lmff v 2 1 fx A fm' 12 n f' I ' -' 1 I ' , xv , N ' 4- ' " L, '-V. 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Sgr! 'fa ,sw fi if' DANFORTH, ROBERT W. DAVIS, GERALD R. DAVIS, RICHARD L. DAVISON, ROSE J. DEASY, THOMAS M. DENNIS, JOLENE D. DE WOLF, JO ANNE DE WOLF, LARRY W. DICKERSON DION DIMOND ROBERT L DITTMER RUTH A DOADES ALLAN D DOUGLASS JOHN EARLE BILL G EATON WARREN EISELE JOSEPH ELWELL KATHERINE R ELWOOD TERRY ERWIN JACK D ESCHEBACH GLENN ESTES ALAN H EUBANK JAMES EVANS KAY G EVERETT STUART EVERHARDUS JANET M FARRAR ROBERT H FERGUSON JANET L FETTERS THOMAS P FINGERLE JUDY A FISHER DOUGLAS C FITZGERALD GARY E FLETCHER EMMA J FLOWERS JUDY A FOLTS MARJEAN R FONVILLE LOT L FOREST MARILYN G FOSTER DAVE W FOSTER GARY FOX JUDITH A FOX RICHARD J.. ,- If Aw Q, HAMEL ROBERT E HAND MARGARET L jk 9' .Q-if Y" HAwKEs BARBARA J I 46 HAWLEY STEVE A .JJ if . A ' , , A , , x ' I l A- 'K ,g V.. 4 V f ,,. 1 ' ' B- fm Q -, - V- - V .. 17 f:-R 1 '- - ,fn ' 3 I VV A , -Q . fi ,, ".,, , V f ' ' ,, . , M ' ' ,, I I--' 4 .. W' , QL , L. f 'f I if I T , . ' K I . N , ' , I X A 1 ' .. ...fy Q ff. ,Z tx ' G' V . F. V , R , . . ,. V , E ,Jw 9 'fa' VI VV 5 .: Vg-. 'V In .. . V..V V V AW. -1 A T, V Q1 lil' 1' VVVV . ' ' ' V , R. ' J , X ' 3 S RV f I , , . f 1 , . A 1 I W ' G' , I V , E. ,V 1'-. 2 F VA, ann I VR A' V ' V: V 'J V ' V ' 27 I ' F7 , ' . . , ' f V V gg .J 1 - V I - , , . V , , .V V , V V R F qw - C . ,M , B, 21. A- A ,B B . , . W f- , if ,Y I' 'g ., 9 . 2 .,-B , . V . - , . V VV MV .,V VV V A J V VV . V V -KW f S 6 .W V j A- .11 1 ' A :I ' V V , . , , . 1 G. , . , . I - A sf ' f A my A , . '-rf: "3-1 .5 ,ya ,.-I -ff"f A- ,wg .1 VB 3 VM, 1 M ,,.,. 3 ,A A .A , . . M .V , . . V fn, ,-.B . B V ' .s ., 3 R 7 f' 1. -fx ' ', . "F Q If Darin, if A B A 'ff' f.-f wi 'ff V 1. .' .R f.. 9 1 , 4+ ' If Y' A X' 'gf 1 , f Q ir ' , J, 4 - H I , 1 . ' ' 1 A3 ' ' f I I ,f li 'Q f , . , - V ' ' ,. f. V VV, -Vj-.. -f Mg.. V ,. - f . 1 - ,Y - Vg, . .. V VM f fr V 4 A, . , . V VVVVVVVVEQ ,Av V V dv. V1 f V BE, ff V , . . , V f , , - f I ff , . 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HELLNER GARY L HILLEGONDS JEAN L HINES SHIRLEY A HINIKER MIKE J HISCOCK BRUCE F HISER JACK L HODGE RON L HOGG BEVERLY A HOLLIS MARY F HONKE ALFRED A HOOBLER RAYMOND T HOPKINS MARGARET L HORNING EARL A HOSENEY MOLLIE M HOUGH LARRY R HOUGHTALIN RONALD C HOWELL DON C HUNTER HARLEY HUNTWORK E RY HUSS JOHN INGRAM PAT A JOHNSON SHARON A 14, JONES PATTY JONES WILLIE E JUDSON JUDY A KAPP DEAN E KAPP MARY E KATONA MICHAEL G KAUCHER MARLENE G KELLY HARRY H KEMPE MARION L KERR SONDRA J KETT NANCY A KEVARI RONALD M KIKUT SILVA KINSLEY MARLENE M ,- vor- ff' gfw- Qs H 43 Y 11' fs? as ,Ayn-5571! cz- 4? hi KLOTHS CAROLYN J KNAPP JAMES R KNOEDLER ROY M KOCH BILL E KOCH CAROL J KOEBLE ROBERT T KOKALES EVAN P KOLOKITHAS TOM KOOISTRA LORRAINE A KRUSE TONY R KURTZ JUDY A LADISH CAROL A LANGLEY PAT L LANSKY HENRY LANSKY JOYCE P LARMEE JACKIE LA ROE DEXTER C LAVENDER TAMARA J LEACH CONNIE M LEDERER JERRY W LEGATSKI LINDA M LENTZ JUDY J LEONARD CAROL LHOSPITAL CLAUDE LINDSAY JOHN R LOGAN NANCY E LOLMAUGH MILDRED LOPEZ JON C LOVELACE RICHARD P LOVELY NANCY M LUMBARD DAVID P MocDONALD PENN McCLELLAN ETHEL MAE McCLELLAN LEO RAY M:GARRY RON C M:GEE EDWARD K McILVAINE JULIANNE L McKENZIE KAREN E McKENZIE MICHAEL McMULLEN TOM B MAIER MARGARET A MALLEK CHARLES M MANN CAROL M MARCHESE BENJAMIN A MARSHALL LAWRENCE E MAURER LINDA A MERRILL JUDY A MEREDITH ROSLYN ' Vx , . K J- I ,,.4 9 " ""' 'S' 5 " "' , - ' ,A ,A - fi - f 3 . ,., Q Q fn? 1 w r 5 ,ir -I I U j I X W Y 4 X Y ' . 1 - - ' ' 1 1 A , . , . , I ' er 1 - 1 w- - . '- -f' : 'r I 5' V , . 'O 5. Lg '44 " A 5, I' gf ' I . X. . AJ j YV ,. P - , ' I , - ' I ,Q rff ' A ff' , , , X fpff ,..' . I . is ,eb 1. 4- " ia. .. ': . "Af, " ff ,, - ,3 :, . -- 4 .. -. , 9 if , - -y -3- " 3 -- 'J , . K J ' If ,A , . 1 ff , '- ,g ,I ' I 1 I G. 2 1 4 I' , . TER f B- - -. 1 - S., 1 . , , , z - ,. 4' 2 .:. ' " T ... ' ' . I - to ., 3 M- I.: I 'N R, 1 + X f ' " ' .' .4 ' I I J 1, l I f I ' ' 1 . 1 I f ' f I , - 3' , . - Q ,. . , , A , .T F A 4.x J-.f-. rt, fv 1-Q. t.. ' ' - ,A E- 37 3' .i ff, ,I IX ' ' ' ' As 55 'A '6 1 A I I v M4 , . , . , . . , , - .A ,R K bba A , - .A I fi Q. T 'Iii' A.-S ,455 In? I , I G. V gif' " 5 1 ,Ji "TY , . uf ' W . , I iffy V I f I . ,I , , ff: , - . 12" ' , A , g , , 1 1 I 1 , . 'Ag' .. 1 a fi Z. A ,J 5. ,M " 2 ' I, I 'cr .:s :W -5 ,f ' .f - . ., ,- , . . .., A . . f . - np? , 1 v ,fx rr 'L T V4 , !I 'ov' 1 - ' ,Z re- 2 . . 1 ,ff f, -'R Ni I I , 1. I 4 1 ' D L 1 - 5 Y ,fx , 'Qi I .ff 7. ' ., , ' H' .I AL - f. ,:'I.f ' R' , . 4 Q , W F , , ,1 M. 3? i' , R. ,, , -S 2 .s . 1 9 ,- .A , , . . , f N ,J . . .7 J A x hz- , . I I L A , , ,VI :Y 1 - - X TER ' A .. 1' I . - , Y C. :gp ,Q .417 .. - -,: '-" ff, '..,.. , , 1 ' I4 -x , 3 9 . J, 0.1 " , . ,A K 4' A , . , 4 , ' I " 1 - I ix 36 f f , . QQ. 4- ,iv A ,. A rv ' ' 2 M - 4: , 5 " 3' ' D , - ' 7 .'f , 1 I ,, ' ' . ,f ' V - ' l , J A 3 . , , . - , I J , I , I .1 , . , . , V. 'If' 1 A .7 Qi PRATT DENNIC C PRUITT MICHAEL E RAFELD RUTH ANN REED LEE BERTHA RENTSCHLER PAUL G RICKERSON CURLY RINESMITH MARVIN ROACH NEOMA A ROBERTS JOHN E ROBERTS MARGARET L ROFFEE JAYNE E ROLPE TOM M ROMEO JOE H ROMEO PAT Q ROOT LOUISE ROSS RICHARD H ROWRY ROOSEVELT ROYAL BILL A RUSHTON JAMES E RUSS MARILYN R RUTLEDGE JACQUELINE RUTLEDGE HELEN R RUTLEDGE LILLIAN RYSSE MARGUERITA M SATTLER EMMETT SATTINGER DAVID H SAUNDERS DAVID A SCANIO CHARLES J V Q SCHAADT LEONARD C SCHAFF WALTER H SCHAIRER TOM G SCHLECHT ROGER A SCHNEIDER RICHARD D SCHNUR JOHN M SCHOEN RUTH M SCHUETTE BAERBEL L SCHULDT ROSWHITE E SCHULZ RONALD V SCHUMANN NANCY SCHUON TOM P SCHWARTZ MARGARET E SCHWENKMEYER, KRISTIN H SCOTT, PHYLLIS J SEEVERS, PAMELA SEMANSKE, ROBERT SHADE, BARBARA SHELDON, SHIRLEY A A-.JW will I o 'vim I fry ...en 4 METZNER DORIS E MEYERS MARY B MILDNEY MICHAEL R MILEY ROBERT R MILHAM TOM M MILLER JACK R MOON JUDY A MORTON JOANNA FAVE MULETT FLOYD JR f' ' MURPHY ELOISE -C MURPHY RICHARD 2 MURRELL THOMAS WILLIAM NEFF JUDY NELSON SANDRA L NICHOLS BARBARA J NILES ZOA J NOFFSINGER WALTER ASA NOLLAR DOUGLAS F NORRIS THEODORE ALTON NUTT JAMES DAVID OLIVER JIM L OPPLE CHRIS C O REILLY JOHN J OTTO JERRY L OTTSEN DIANE M PALMETER NANCY L FAPANDREOU VICKY N PARDON CAROL A PARDON FRANK E PASSON ROGER C PATTERSON CURTIS PATTERSON ROBERT L PERRY GEORGE G PETERSON MARILYN R PEYTON KEITH S PILLSBURY MARSHA POPE GARY A ikffr 'Q' . ,Q x POTTER RICK J POWELL WINIFRED PRAKKEN LYNNE I 4 I in I W W A 1 -5, M - , . V ' -3 .xx .L A, , jj ', ' I -, ' ' , JRC' ' ' f' y 1 "' I f - ,I ,' I I rv, I4 ,J ' f - ' 'V ' I ' .I 'I A If ' . gy F I. I I -I '- , 5- .. I :K -.. I 2. I ' if 71' If 2-1. ' 'lf-If 'S ':- I1 I ff, A I ,. 5' T' A T J, 1 I ff. I f ' 1 ,M X , V , ' ' "" ' - A ,, use If m g , - 5 -L ,fu If' ff 4 ', 1 ,, ,Q X x Tv 'T' , I I - Q ,vb 421. R .1 ' I lt. 1, XP , I 4 ,J ' I gift , Ji . j I --f"I .H f' 'I f' 1' ff ' ' ' ' ' t, , Ja Q. - 1 gr, ' ' . I M ' I ,I Q ' I , . ff? ' , H I J l' " J I , , ' ' ' .4 I S 2 ,gb W is Y ' , , f-I . -n '+ " ' 1. 4 4-, ' N W f ,M 27, xy , . ,, iff 4 J I I , ' A E if , - 35:2-. - '. fn I . ' ' , . , N. I , I J. I , IC. , RINESMITH, JUDY M. . -v -'4 I ,, LJ' fi' ' , . - ' A ,W r' I ' x , I I ' I V 5 . , I 'I' f -A Rf' A N 1- 5 1: I I I t, , , - .ff ,Q ' rv -' 14 .- I M. , ' .. I X 3-: ,.., I I N I ' ,.,. 1 I jxx y Q , . ,ai 4' Ian. 3,2 ,sr 5 H Q.: 1 , . an 5 W Q: , 1,4 ,N if , A 7 p ,Q I , - , Q I J' - M- 7 ' , I I" 1 ' I . - lv - F , A I . ,A -R , . .Q ' Q- , ,. ,' T' T S' G: W f 'S- uv K .-I , f 4 J ld o-v it I I I I f ' I , , f T-1, 1 ' , I ' I I , - ' f' 5 ' eg Q, I , - 6 YK, 1 - 'T -" I Q . Nw T ' iz, , is 'Q 6- f 14' I 'W A V . MI . 6 . , 4 ..s + , . M, I J X , N' ,H A, 1, . . '. 3 iff -,J ' In 5 I , I J. F I ls IN A rg , ., ., ,Lk A .. - , "S 5 If , " 4' a . ,, sk- !, ' ' I ll!! , "X M ' I W. A. , I 8 SIANO PAUL M SIMPSON JUDITH E SINANIAN ROBERT SLENGER LINDSEY C SLEZAK DAVE R SMALLY MARTHA L SMITH DAVID H SMITH JUDITH E SORRENTINO BARBARA A SPOKES ANN SPOKES WILLIAM R SPRING PETER B SPURLIN PAULA STAEBLER JUDY M STAGNER DAN STASHEFF SHERRY E STEEB DORIS .I STEFFE AMELIA V STEFFEK AMELIA A STENTZEL CHARLES STEWARD ROBERT R STEWART JON P STILLION CHARLES M STOCKARD JAMES STOCKWELL HELEN M STOLL MICHAEL W STRUBLE ANN A STRUTZ GAIL A SUITS WILLIAM SULLIVAN PATTY SZALAY JOHN TAYLOR JACK TENNANT CAROLYN A THOMAS DIANNA L THOMSON GEORGE D THOMPSON PAT A THOMPSON ROLAND THORNTON BETTY L THURSTON BEVERLYJ TIBBETTS SUE E A V7 an C7 ,- Q f' I -:Y ,1- Jian if I X F -6 1' FAO sfj MIA 44 3 ps 1 fs F is -fb! -a TILFORD CHERI S TINNIN JAMES B TITUS MICHAEL O TOWER LARRY K TRAVILLIAN JACK W TREASTER NELSON L TURNER JAMES J VANKAMPEN JACKIE VIDAR ANN P VOGEI. MARY J VOGEL MARY L VREELAND CLAUDIA J WAGNER CHARLENE A WAGNER SUSAN WAHR SONJA WAID WANDA J WALKER AUGUSTINE B WALLACE MIKE WALZ SANDRA K WALZ TILLY H WANTY KAREN A WANZECK TOM WARD EURSHALL D WARNER BONNIE WARNER DIANE K WARNER MIKE A WARREN JAMES C WEBB DAVID F WEBB JOHN WEBER KATHY R WEBER PATRICIA WEID ART J WEID MARGARET A WEISS DOLORES E WEISS DOROTHY V WELCH JOHN B WENZEL DONALD P WERNER SHARALYN WEST SHEILA C WHEELER PATRICIA WHITLEY ALBERT C WILCOX MILO E WILLIAMS GERALD J A 4, wnuAMs Jmss s WILLIAMS JEAN M WILLIAMS JUDY L WILLIAMS PATRICIA A I4 wlLuAMs Puvlus A , , . ,.,i Jax . . -, 1 , fam I ' I , , , . Q F ,L -'S' ,f - 3 .3-T J LQ' J a 1 9 If , I 1 I A J M " A ' V: T , . T X' , ' , ' , , X I If x, f I 1 A , . ' ,. -1- :Q fy 5 raw: if N ,I J- V ig: 1: I J A I I 'L I 1 P L- 'ff w A I ' 4, .I A I 31 If K- . 4 ITE I, ' ' ' . I 3.5 :T ' " 2' ' ' gil E- I Q K ij Q il jf, , nf I ' """ -X. I , R. ' . 2 T fi 5: , ,Q T ' A K. - : T, , - 3 , ' . - . - ' 1 if , I "' cr '3 5 H ' - N , ,I is ' ' : .. , D. f -6' 1 A . Q , Il 4 I I ,Q 1 J D V, 1 I -, , . fn K , g'-4 E- A I J' .. '- a , - ' , . A I - I Lf- I ,, 1 Tw.. fi , A X I ' 'LT ' ' A x. f 'B , . 6 .. 'x 3 A r r l 7: ' f 75 fd ' Q T... T , 'f . 1 ' -'L 1 - . H fr my . I I - . .. '. ff . ., T I ' ,Q if if M Q' 3 , , 11 ' , C f ik: , K. , , ,, A f V . , . , , !' 'r , , 1 r I If ,4 I I . I I A jg ', 'a' F: ,An - 4- ' 5 I , J . 'f , I . I - ' ' ' . , A , . ' , ' 1. cgrf ,Ji lr- A- . A Ja fi -5 I . 1 ' - T ' ' 'f A ,J T7 X7 ' - 4- f , g , . 1 I V. I 4 I I - 9 ' , ', BETKE ROGER W CLARK FREDERIC DAY CAROL A DAY JERRY V DIRKSE JACK W DOLFIN JOAN E DORSEY KIM M DRAPER RICHARD E FINKBEINER GERALD D GILLIGAN JAMES R GLUSHYN PAT HAEUSSLER HAROLD R HANSEN DONNA J HARVEY BONNIE M HENTZ DAVID L HOLLEY, BEVERLY J HOWELL, MYRNA HUNT, EDMUND L JAMES, BERNICE JONES, BETTY J KELLER, HAROLD V KENISTON, MARJOIRE R KRUSE, JAMES D THOMAS CAMERA SHY JUNIORS 150 WILLIS RICHARD F WILLOUGHBY GARY L WING BARBARA J WINKELHAUS LINDA WINNICK RICHARD D WISEMAN JANET WITTING WILLIAM C WODKE LYNNE I woons Jovcs gk wooowonm LINDE my .. A wmcm REBECCA YAHR RONALD N, YEH JEN ZIMMER FRED ZWAAN VIRGINIA BETHKE ROGER DIRKSE JACK HAEUSSLER HAROLD LA FAVE THOMAS J LEIBEE JON A MILLER DAVE MOORE JIM NEFF JUDY K O HARE MIKE D PATTERSON PAT C PIESKE MARY J PITCHER DAVID L ROBINSON PETER D ROSENTRETER NANCY J ST CLAIR BARBARA K SAKSTRUP MARIBETH SEEGER KAY A SPRAGUE DAVID L STEWART, STEVE A STOLPER, THOMAS E TERRY, ELWOOD E WATSON, SHARON K WENK, DONALD N WEST, DUANE M WOLLENHAUPT, ROBERT H HENTZ DAVID HOWELL MYRNA KRUSE JAMES ST CLAIR BARBARA , . 1 . 1 1 ' A f-A , ,, , " 5' R 1-n 0 I f. fi fl 'E' ' 1 1 1 . , 1 ,-- -7 11, 4 ' ml' .7 , L. 1 I Q U , L 1 ,M J, I I ' f 1 ' ,W , ' K I " ." ' H- 'G f- , ' T - - ' . ,,. 1 f l 4. 1 .J 1 'V h, I T 6 'T ' - if fi ' 1 .1 46 ' ' " Mm ' f, ZIEGLER, DANNY J! I , 1 f Q -eh., s ,-1 V1 1 ' .U S . -1 wr-7, ' " 'T 'II .nkr J E9 E3 31 I 1 L, I 1- ,Q . , , . , -1 I f I I ,Q ,' 5 I1 I ' 1 . 1 I ' I ' I I ' I ' I I ' I I ' I ' I 1 - 1 - I ' I ' 1 - 1 - , . , . 1 - 1 . 1 1 . 1 - - 1 . 1 - 1 , . , . , . , . 50,9 0l7l0l'25 SOPHOMORE EXECUTIVE BOARD Early In October the machmery of the Sophomore Executive Board was put rn motion by the elected ofhcers Doug Zahn presndent Sue Blgby vlce president and Judy Maybee secretary Prepormg and dnstnbutrng programs for the lunlor varslty football games and sellmg tickets for the all school plays were the prolects accomplrshed by thus commuttee m the fall Hlghlughts of the sprung centered around planmng for the sophomore booth In the Carnival and sponsorlng the May Fun Nnght which nncluded dancing games and swummmg Doug Zahn presudent SOPHOMORE EXECUTIVE BOARD ROWl l Stacbler P lrggett J Maybee D Zahn S Blgby C Bolt G Lewis ROW 2 S Tucay G KHIHEI1 M Smlth C Taggart K Flke B Back S l.aRue P Keller Sue Brgby vrce presrdent JUClY M0Yl9ee 59C'e'0'Y Mr Barclay nv- x " l5l ,Z X 3 bf BOLZMAN RON BOUDRIE BARTLEY BOWES HENRY BOWLER MARJORIE BRANHAM JUDITH BRANSON ANNE E BAUN LINDA A BRIDGES LUCY BRIEGEL GAIL E BRINKLEY JAMES M BROWN BARBARA A BROWN BILL L BROWN SALLY ANNE BRUMBAUGH JANELLE BURD ROBERT M BURGESS KATHLEEN BURKE CHUCK L BURNHAM CAROLYN M BURNS MIKE JAY BURNSTRUM NANCY BURRIS DON A BURT RUTH J BUSH LOIS J BUSH RON JAMES BUSS RAYMOND L BUSTER CONNIE J CAESAR ANTHONY JAMES CALHOUN JUDY M CAMPBELL JAMES CANTRELL WILLIAM R CARPENTER ARTHUR C CASSELL SANDRA J CASTERLINE RICHARD L CASTOR CLINT E CAVANAUGH JUDITH A CHANDLER JAMES LYNN CHASE CAROLYN ALICE CHATMAN WHIT ELLIS CLARK KAY FRANCIS CLARK ROBERT E CODY, DICK W COLE, JACKIE R COLLINS, JAMES E COLVIN, FRED H CONNABLE, JUDITH C COOK, BENNY A COOK, MARY A COPLEY, SUSAN F L ABBOTT LYNN E ADAMS RICHARD E ANDERSON KATIIRYN K ANDRESS JOYCE E ANDREWS DEANNA ARNN PAUL L ARNOLD IRvEN ASKEW ELMIRA AUPPERLE CHARLOTTE E AusTIN PHYLLIS A BACK BARBARA J N BACON DAVID R BAILEY THOMAS E BAKER JUDY A BANCROFT RICHARD D BAREIs BARBARA E BARLow RUTH A BARNETT BILL I BARNEY BETTY L BARSANTEE DON E BARTELS ALBERT L BAUER PAT L BAYLIS RUSSELL D ,. BEACH PHILIP C BEKIARES PENELDPE BENNETT MARGARET BERKELEY ROBERT BERNARDO5 cEsAR BERTONI NICHOLAS C BIGBY sus L W BIRTLEs Tom L BISARD KAREN BLAIR Lols A BLAIR PATRICIA L BLoucI-I RON E Mn , iq, bf! BLUE BONNIE I BLYSTONE DONNA BODDY BARBARA BOLT CAROL BOLZMAN CAROLE 'I' Q Q? 'Sv as RF' ...Cy ', 3 .-Q JMB 415, '3"N C.: 7 f-. R y '13 f . L' I I52 , . , . is' 1' I for Q A-I iv -4 ' ' R-.7 L C, 1 If: f I- rll7' Q I . I I L X I rag V XM J I . 5 ' . . Y .J ' ' ' A Y ,.--X f -, I Rf . I , T. . 3 h' ' ' 1 Q' J g xi -2 I' I Q V nl K 1 . ,A VL Q1 ,.., F , ,, , . . -f V X1 I V , . - f :ft A I ' ' I 1 , . ., I H . , R is '-A z ,E 5 4 ' ' ' 'fi RS 'A "J 7- If' A sf ' ' f I A r 4' AT" EP, f - , . I T . ,B I - I .- ' - , . '43 ' . P- 1- t 1- A '72 'R " T ' ' ..- ,Q M , , V I LX ' I A 1 , ' , , ,lf I , , . . - A Q V , . ... , B 3' . L F SF A LE , ' I .3 ff, 1 L , M. ' V 'LI A ' 1 f Dwi!!! vi 'FT 1' 5 , . , . , , . , , , , - N. , - f-P A f- ,ia ,I T, . B N A P , T. 'S ,, 5 -3. a .3 ,j A 0 A I M .. M ,,, b , an ,, , . ,R K I , - , 1 M-JW? Sf ' ' , ' , . ,I Ja .L , , I , V.- ,, Q , 1: ,.. 1 - I l A I . 1 ' I , ,If , ' fi ' sf .3 . - X , 'Iii 'S '-' I . 1 - YL: Q ' Q 2 " L' Yi ,. if' .1 A I , ' " L " LI ' I F I ' 1 ' f A 4, Q 3 A V' J"-A 1: 1. 9 " . - ,Q - fa Lv, -- '5 Y. S A- A 7 'V "' 79' A , T' . ' L P I, I , . IV rx' ! j , TQ.-LA l, I , , , . I 4 X ' I ' ' ', 7 4 f ' ' - .. A A I , - .yn Y f - f- ,A -f , fc ,. - I - 5, I.-E -I 4'- T' si +1 i ' , U 'fjdff IK ' A 8 1, .f,:7,-egg: 4, A - Y ' A -- , .3 .,. 5 3. f- - L'-TL V. - . Lf' v- F-L I . , A i , ,Bi 'Q "r CRAWFORD ZONA G CREGO CAROLINE K CROWLEY WILLIAM CURRIE DAVID ,., DANFORTH DOUGLAS DANNER RICHARD W DAVIS DANNY D DAVIS FLORIDA M DeMERRIL DION W DeMICHELE THOMAS A DICKERSON GEORGE N DIETERLE RICARD V DIXON JAMES DOUGLASS ROBERT EDMONSON REBECCA J EHNIS CAROL A ENNS NELSON ,wp r- rw -v-. .ll -4 'I 1 1 ' .x .ff v1 r Q ? 'NJETXQ' ' X 21215 .QQ li A71 Iv- N- .K C3 I, 71 1 Af -5 5, ,- .--r 'J ,, 'F' , 3 rm " 7' CRAWFORD TOM v. g, , . ui ,i . 5 . ' I s..." Q V 'A If xx ' . I 4 .u ' W 'Wd A 4 -v '15 1,3 2 za ' 5,5 .. , I f" 1 7 , . V' f, , 4 I . 1' I ii, 1 . f Q - A f. 2- I' f ' ff 'f in 1 Q 02' 'J If iff, , , 7, x I ny-, I E, ,gf , , 4? '45 gf I ti Q . Q A , an 1 , -2 A I M If 6 I FA: Q: Q' 2' fC 2 A A F '-'C , ' 2- f A ,,,, R ' A . A rf 1 f , , F. ss ff! . ' M 4 ' If fit , 1 , , gg M W 'A fir .L-. 'LLM' J , A : , I 1 A X ' 'lf I JI I I A I 2 I' S , " 6 4- 4 V 5 L ff J Q 1 ,ff i J J Q 4, 5929: f if 'U' u ,ff C! AZ if N n " , rv -, N Y , .. pl j W I 2 , 2 a J 'f Af J 1 I ' X ' L I I 4 'Q ,- - , 0 f. g , g I ' I f 1 A 1 I' NT' 76 Sf ' A, MJ , 3 M' A I if-1' ' 'i .13 I A I QL .. xy 41 4 ,J 4 ' J ..j..v"f, ' APL L ' ' 'I I. QP 'NR ,JE 3 Jimlz Mm HOGAN SHARON M HOGAN SHIRLEY M HOGUE SHARON A HOLCOMB DOUGLAS J HOLCOMB JANICE E HOLLENBACK RUSSELL L HONECK FRANCIS .I HOPKINS BRENDA C HOPP DAVE J HORNING DON E HOWE ROBERTA L HUBBELL STEPHEN P HUBER JULIE M HUELSBERG BUD J HUNGET SHIRLEY A HUNT RUSSELL W HUNTER RUBY L HUTCHINS DONALD R HUTCHINS TOM W HUNTZICKER JAMES J INBODY BEVERLY E INGEBRIGTSEN JON JACKSON HELEN L JAGOW ELEANOR M JAHNKE JUDITH A JESPERSEN DAVID P JOHNSON JIM A JOHNSON MARILYN C JOHNSON RICHARD F JOHNSON TERRY W JONES ANN JUNCKER DAVID F KABAT MICHAEL W KAERCHER ALLYN J KARNES DONNA J KAY ROBERT C KAZDA JUDITH A KELLER PATRICIA KEMPF NANCY KESSLER PAT A KILLEBREW SANDRA KILLICH JoANN A KIRBY JAMES E KITTEL JUDY A KLAASEN SUE A KLEINSCHMIDT FREDERICK L KLEINSCHMIDT OWEN H . lv, fl isa I QW 9 I IIAMNJ 'N A ff' 235, RW-v G11 M .-9 nv 43 E+ I I54 HAAIJ, PAULINE L. HAAKMA, KURT K. I-IAGERMAN, KARL R. HAIGHT, ROBERT c. HAIGI-IT, WILSON c. HAINES, JERI-LYNNE HALLOCK, BILL w. HAMMER, JEAN M. HAMMOND, CARL r. HAMMOND5, HELEN o. HANAWALT SALLY H HANDY JIM c HANKE JAY HANSOR EVELYN M HARJU WILLIAM A HARMS MARION K HARRIS PATRICIA s HART RONALD R HARTSOOK DAVID M HARWOOD KENNETH A HASLEY PAUL R HATFIELD Juov L HAwEs ROBERT R HAwKEs SANDRA HAYNES MARGARET J HAYWOOD WILLIAM J HELGREN JACKIE u HELLER FRED w HENDERSON BRADFORD w HENRY Juov E HERBERT FREDERICK A HERNDON THOMAS HERTSBERG CAROLE B HEUSEL DICK R HEWETT JIM C HIXSON JAMES N HOAG LAVERNE L HOBBS LINDSEY M HOFFMAN FRED K HOFFMEYER ROBERT V' 'zzz' 'El' 5 xvi E" 'wr an A R W W " ' J "' ' " J 'I " 'W 3 Jw A ' in . A 3 .R , , . R A f , - w . K I y . A. -1 I 8 I U A4 in ' V I, r A , ff?-'lv R- . .- f ff, ' ' , . , . ,W . I if 'Z '- 4. ., , wJ? I -3 ,T 5 A ' ' ' L.. .2 Y .IN 47 . 11 X J' I I wk I -M ' N. R' .v ' . A .J I J I K f r J f" X I : J P I 'Ni' 1 I - I , ff' - ' f , Q I , . , . , I - ' : 'A .N , A f - L. I .- 3 ,I A E TJ' Tit' J ' ' ' ,J A M ' A' V5.1 '1' 'J' 53 .f ' ' -in ' ff L ' 'I I - , J v . 'Lg R , I , , l A+ ' I? 7 I L " ' , . ' au. ' ' 'fb' ,5 ' .3 , L. fa- " g- 5 f 3 F ,xr ' I Q j. A -Q I 'A ,J Q 2,4 ny ' ' X if LA A . K K I f ' A R Q W, , ,Q X I f 5 I I X. 1 . 1 I J f L ' " ' D x ' ' L , f' 4A I ' ' , . , . , . , . , . , , . , . , . , . ' ' ,, , . 5 . .T 2 M. ,,:'1, 'ff www I. ' I 5 'Z ' 45 I 5 RH' A f , . , -. W, H , A H Au , ' ' , I Q W A I I RL' , - A I ' L A 4 . 4. 1 3 .2 ' ' gas' I J. A , r "1 A - I wa P 'JJ , ' ' ,gg I gs:-,L Q7 L , ,QW TL 2 I - 1 , - ' W A fr , I HUNT, EREDDIE A f K 71- Q X J A I - E A :U J in A FP' ' :JJ Q' , . r - A A ., , . Y H s,,,.. I ' QQ LQ M, Z R .. I A I ' 33 . ' u Q 112+ li 2 35 I lg I . , V' A gf. Y 'V .Q T J . If ' , , ' I 'W A I I , . I 1 .ai f F if-fi 1 W , . , - . , . 5 , W M' K . Y' , Q , fa 5,743 ' J JA ,., W., .4 A IA . W, , ' ' . . WI if M lf. 4 1, - , ' I A 4' 4 ' fx - Q ,ff HW f , 'gif , , , . . .In A A ' I ' gf flf ,Q iff " R A' I l I l l A 5451 73 5" A " F Q' M I 5 , '? J bf' ff. 4 'J .- - ' , . 2. , H .. , ' ' .bla W I pw, i' -.,. A -I. f V , . , H. V L A Q . ' ' J 4' 7' ' If it fs- an ' M' Y . -j - I 2' 'tv 3 , - . V K il I R , . Rfk I I X, , , . , . , . , . KLOHS, JUDITH D KNIFFEN GARY J KNOX KAREN C KOERNKE WILLIAM T KOSMALSKI HAROLD J X7 KRUSE GEOFREY KUOHN PATRICIAL LAHTI AARRE A 3' LA RUE, SUSAN A LAUGHNA PATRICIAJ LEDERLE PAMELA J LEFTRIDGE PATRICIA A LEGGETT PAT A LEONARD SUE G LESHER KAREN LEWIS VIRGINIA LINDNER CAROLYN R PR LINDNER THOMAS E LIPPITT LARRY L LIRETTE KAREN E LIVINGSTON STAN C LOFBERG MARTHA G LOSEY ROGER H LOVE SUSAN A LOVELACE KAREN a V LOVELL ANN J LOWE STEVE w LowELL RUTH M LUCAS NITA A Lucx ALFRED Lumow CHRISTINE LUND GARY c M LUTEN BERNA JEAN LYKE KATHY LOUISE LYONS MARY ANN MECAIN GARY M MECLEERY NANCY c MEGEE moms R MEUGHY wnus MALAIN LYNN o SVN 'VP v f -J' I55 in 'N -1' MALECKI FRED J MANTYK EVALINE W MARKHAM GEORGIA MARKHAM NANCY L MARKS KEITH R MARQUIS BILL J MARSH DIANE J MARSHALL BRENDA MASTIN CAROLE S MATTERN MARGIE A MAXFIELD JOHN F MAYBEE JUDY A MAYERS JUDY A MEAD BILL D MEEKS NANCY MICHELFELDER LOIS E MILES PAMELA A MILEY KENNETH A MILEY SHIRLEY A MILLER BILL I. MOHL KENNETH E MONTAGUE MARY MOON LARRY G MOON MARK E MOORE HELEN M MOORE LAVELL MOORED ALLEN W MORSE SUE MARIE MUELLER JILL FRANCES MUMMERY JUDY KAY MURPHEY EDDIE S MURPHY GWENDOLYN YVONNE MUSIL CHUCK LOUIS NAGLER ERIC PAUL NEILLY MARY JANE NELSON MARILYN NELSON MARY ANN NEWCOMB MICHELE A NEWTON CHARLES W NICHOLS KAY J NICHOLSON RAY E NICHOLSON TOM D NIELSEN FRED J NOEHREN JUDITH NOFFSINGER SHARON JEAN NUNN TOM E OFFICER JIM R ' ' A 1, E F 4 ' , I . . wx - -. ,Q it - V J ,,, I R - 1- - 1' -IK I , 1-Z, K K . I A . I I I 4- ,ag ' 'I ,. 7 . .Ji -v V it I ' I I -1 r , , X ,. J .. . all f , A. x 'A A ' - -J 6 1 'A j In 1, I. . Z3 : - ,1, f - ,3 W.: -- 1,1 4 -V L. , 3 , . 'fi V rf .1 , , A ' . , . . . ,'- 1' , A 'K r - I' , . ,Q ,, A I . . A . f , ' 1-E ' " . , - , 1 - f' -4 -1 I, 14 1 1 -. ., J , . 1 I d I E, , if ' ' .Y , f ' Y, f ' , . f A , ff: X. 4. . L. ' ji ff Dj-H' ' 0' A f. ' .- ,- I ' ' fl MZ . 'f ' 7, 'E E39 'Z f A ff I 1' , B. ' , I G, as 'E If N 4 ,fi N 1, 79, f- V1 , . ,lf4 A ,, , ' - 3 "Q - 4 xy 1 Q , I., " N' , 7 ' Y I ' fy .f MASCHKE, SANDRA K. X, II' I I Y f , ' , ' . mpg- 3 fir R ah ,.:vg.vf 011.-1 f ' . I " A Q F 5' f-4' f W ' I M A' . -4 . ' " M 1' v , '. ' A 5 --Y - A- - ' I I 1 f i ' iv " W x 4 f, ., , f ,P - - 1 91' f - '9' an 5, ' .i 1 :f K J' ' ' ' MJ I , X' , if .44 I , I J. I! , I I Y' ' F' I ' , . IF" ' ' ,, 1 r' ' i f: 1 ' " " - - If ' Q7 I- fi - 3,14 'Q L3 . ' 1 ' n in I 1'. :T 1 ' L 1. I U I , .J ' ' . I A f- - Y- . E - . - , Q ' 3 T' ,r , f 1" ' ' ' .154 , I , Is fl J ,I I ' R f , A f E4 .fj X , , 1 Y 1 ' 'E 'FY V: TN . af: W' R'-' ' ' .AT if' , ' ' , " ' J I". -in , - " 4 - f Y: I ' Q xc. , . ' 4 J , . I , f - .5 ' Vw, N 1 M ,,, is M J, 'cr 1 . I -3 f: KP ,,, , Q: .i J, , uf, M V iw W 1 " A V27 P7 v I T f , V 'WL 4. I .. i- ,,.,,g,, if -MQ ' -2 .4 .3 gi. ff , I I ...vhs fi x 'XMI 8 RAE BRUCE ARTHUR RAEBURG JAMES LEWIS RAFT PETER A RAGLE GEORGE H REDMAN REYNOLD C REED BERNICE REEVES JOHN H REHAN SHARON REISINGER GERALD E REKEWITZ RONALD B RENTZ PHILLIP G REYNOLDS KAROLYN A RICE ROBERT W RICHARDS JAMES L RICHARDS LYNN C RICHTER MARY ,yf RILEY LEROY R RINESMITH DOROTHY M ROACH LOUISE R ROBBINS STEVE J ROBERTS GAYLE L ROBERTS SHARON N ROBERTSON ANNETTE ROBINSON MARY E ROGERS ARDEN s ROHR EMILY A ROHRAFF MERLE E ROHROFF wEsl.EY E ROMINE MADELYN I , ROSS JACQUELINE Rows DAVE w ROWE DEAN E ROWRY IDA B ROW AND PATRICIA A 3 RUBY JANET L x I A RYAN WILLIAM E SAKSTRUP KNUD ai T J M SANDERS NANCY K SATTLER RICHARD C SCANIO JOE J G SCHAFF MARIE SCHAUER BRENT J SCHEEL IRVEN J SCHENK ERNEST E SCHENK JOHN E SCHLANDERER MARY F SCHNEEBERGER KARL E T56 OSBORN, KAY PACE, JERRY L. PAGE, DREWERY In PAPPANASTOS, ERNEST J. 9, PARKER, ELEANOR A. PARKER, DONALD E. PARHAM, LUNICE PARKINSON, JUDY R. PARKS, VERN J. I PASSOW, SANDRA A. " PATANELLI, JOHN M. PATTERSON, JOHN B. PATTERSON, KENDALL C. PAUL ALFRED J. PEARSE BILL J. PECKHAM ANGELA i PEDIGO MARVIN E PEET JUDITH L PELZ JUDITH L PERRY LINDA l PETERS ANTHONY H PETERSON JO H PHILLIPS ROBERTA J PLICHTA JOHN R PLISKE TOM E PODEWIL DIANE L PODEWILS ROSALIND L PONG VIRGINIA POPE CAROLYN A POWRIE GWENDOLYN E PRAY STEPHANIE PREKETES BECKY H PRINDLE LEE GEORGE PSAROS GENEVA B PURCHASE OLA JEANNE PURDO BARBARA JEAN RADDE PHYLLIS ANN RADKE GARY W RADLOFF CLARENCE H RADZVICKAS PETER GERAR 'f 7' J rv 'T' N5 3. p 1, Q f , ,fl I A V I 'f5T:1'? Af ' 'ff' .L T I I , z. A 1 1 gg, 25' Ri, ,A .- V ' ' fa ,I fi lk I , :ZA I - xfh. I ' ' 'f-fr-' If' K3 I ' 'fb "H: ,' A ' . ' ' , ' JL JL 7 27. Q1 , . Li - s 1 J , , I 1' Y Z ' ' , . ' f - ,fl 1 , , I G ls 1 ' , x - , 4 ,as 13 A-I A ,V A . , ' ' 4 lx L I A 'Q 'T ' ' Imrsrliy f ' . . I ' l Y, -E' ' -'R 'T . I - A if , I ' 1 x ,' . ' " I L , 'L 11 I R , ' .v W" 3 2 is 3' I5 "3 0 ' S' L- f - L .L , gm , 7.-K -5. ,, 4 ' I . AM. , v , L M ... M , E. A I Q If RIESENWEBER, vmolNuA F. lax I V . I - -If I I ', ' . fm - 22 A A' ,.,... I, ., V fr.. V W 4 W Vi 1 . A H, ct - K., ft '-5 ' A ,I .7 ,' A in If Il I mf-. if , . . ' A T fs 'f' if gf' 5 if 'I ' 1' f QQ? 1 I I I M,f' 'SZ' 'jk I ' ', . ' f ' I .Y '17 A Aff' 'H ' 9 SCHNEIDER JANET M SCHOENHALS JOAN SCHouwENAAR LARRY A SCHUMACHER CAROLINE A SCHUMACHER SUSAN SCHUTZE WILLIAM R SCHWARTZ LEONARD G SCHWEMMIN SALLYJ I SELL RALPH E SERRANO FRANCISCO SETTLES LAURA M SHAW DIANNA L SHAw RICHARD E SHAWAKER DAVID R 1 SHELTON JOHN L .I SHIPPEY EDWIN D SHUGG DONNA M SIMPSON CAROLYN N SINCLAIR JOSEPH T SINN CAROL M bl' of? SKINNEK PAULINE SKOMP CAROLYN A SLOVER WILLIAM ALDEN SMITH CARRIE ANN SMITH DAVID M SMITH MARGIE A SMITH SHERMAN R .P SMITH SUSANI A' A 5' 4 SNOW TONY D SONANDRES TOM W UWIWY SPERRY DONNA J SPLITT DIANE F STAEBLER ELIZABETH S STAEBLER KATHERINE C STANGER JOHN R STAPLES KEN W STEEB DOROTHY M STEELE BARBARA STEIN RICHARD A STEINKE CAROL J nf' ,.. .4 .l 0 I "N I V I57 1103 inf XM n 7 STENTZEL DAVE T STIERLE DAVID C STILLON DORIS STILLON RICHARD C STIMPSON GERALD STRONG DOROTHY J STRUTZ KAY A SWARTOUT GERALD C SZEGDA KATHY G SCOTT GLORIA TAGGART CRAIG J TAPPE KENNETH C TASCH BILL R TAYLOR RICHARD TEDDER KAREN J THIEL JAMES A THIGPEN MINNIE E THOMPSON JAMES W THOMPSON RICHARD W THOMPSON SARAH THOMPSON SHARON J THORNBERRY PAT G THRALL CHARLES A TICE JERRY L TINDALL DENNIS B TITIEV BOB J TOLLES BOB K TOMS PEGGY H TOSHCOFF MARGARET TRABANDT CHARLES A TRAVIS PERRY L TROJAN WILLIAM TRUBEY RUSSELL D TUCAY BERNARDO S VALENTINE SUSAN VANDERBERG JOANN E VEDDER DOROTHY A VELKER KAY L VISEL DAVID C VISEL GERALD VOGEL DAVID H VOKOVICH DANNY L VORGE JUDY L WALZ MARCIA J WARNER LLOYD J WARREN JACQUELYN WARREN JANET K M ' ' : 1 " X' A 1 : 4: ww .fi 0 51, il' ' ,L . 1 gf S' .3 I L 2 S , ff, f - A .J f Jv EQIP ,ff ' ' I ' 2 I ' ' A 1 f , . I f J A J x ff If , ' ' 1 . ev: ' - - Y 'I' I4-' ' ' - .A 1 . gr '. 3' -A , 5, '- Parry, T "- fs Q ' 1 - ,. , . I , M . i J .2 V! tgilgyy ' ' I I , ' I". ' I , . I I A ' wail' L I J . '1 ,L j ,ij N, "A V, fl 4 f . - J. L LW I .,,I Q' I , Ram 1 ' I I , +P ' ' . f 2 fiL fi R+A 'J' ISA in as I A ' A V ' I 5 RT. Diff, , . if A A I . I , . , - Q 'S .. : 1' N 1: 1 I I 'R 7, 1 - V, jp' " if "JI, , I' g., QB, -qw? V' S '- f.: N- ,.,., ,L ' - D, ai- -f Pdf, ' , UJ. I , -D. I , l N. ,ww A fs- ,gg if , A fr VM 3 1' ,W t my I I, . I W ,R Ji 5 4 "J, ,, Q5 wi STUMM, DIANA D. 4 I f Ii ' ' in ' J . f . ' .3 ' 1 - L II Ihr If 'fa ifgfgiff , ' ' ,.C .g - I, ., - ' ' Q: I A . , 4 "j I ",., ' ' ' L ,,, ' ' C ' ' I I I . be A D A I A ,J M R J., . . L 9 , V 'W I R3 ' ' 275' ,fd 'Q Q ff' f PVT R . EAW I , E.. I 1- 4, 4 ' -'Lf ,L , I, 3 7 s , f J ,Q , - f wel I 5 ,, 1 , I JQWW, , - . 'fi' 'A' I 'FL I if LJ If ' f ' ' Cf R I PM -f 1 fm In ' ' E fl it 'T' ' ' , , , , 13 1, 7' 7: -7 -,gg , , . 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'27 1,2 U2 E ABBEG DAVID D ALLEN LEWIS N ANDERSON WILLISL ARNOW MARCELLA J BOWENS BARBARA BROWN DOUGLAS F BUCK RICHARD W DAMROZE EMILS DOLAN DONALD P DUFORD JOHN E ELLICOTT EDWARD R HOAD MARGARET L HUGHES PAMELA S HYATT JOHN N KIRBY NORMAN W KUEBLER GEORGE W LAGE DON W LAU KATHERINE LONDON, JACK WEAVER RICHARD L WEBER BARBARA J WECKER BILL EARL WEGNER KARLA F WENK RICHARD I WENTZ ROY F WESTENFELD GARY WHALEN JOHN WHEELER MARILYN WHITE COLEN JR WILD SHARON M WILKINS JAMES WILLIAMS DOUGLAS H WILLIAMS JACK F WILLIAMS MARYHELEN WILLINGS SUZANNE WILSON JOHN V WILSON JUDY A WILSON KAREN A WINKELHAUS JEAN A WINKLER WILLIAM F WITHEY PETER WOLFF NORMAN R WOODS JUDITH WOODSIDE JUDITH v,f WURSTER DOUGLAS WYMAN ROBERT YENNER BARBARA YOUNG JIM ZAHN DOUGLAS ZAHN JUDY ANN ZAHNER PAUL D ZSCHOKKE JACQUELINE V FICK JUDY HARRISON MARGARET KEENE JIM PITTS JANE L POHNERT WILLIAM A4-lg CAMERA SHY SOPHOMORES MACKIE LINDA G MALLORY LEHL MAXWELL JOHN C MURPHY JAMES PAUL NELSON BRUCE PRATT FLOYD E SCHNEIDER DAVID W SCOTT GLORIAJ SKOMP DEXTER L SMITH KIM C STEPP TOM J STOCKWELL LYLE STONESTREET CAROLYN S STUHLMANN JAN P THRASHER STEVE D WESLEY JOHN R WRIGHT CHARLES WURSTER RUTH ZAVITS, GORDON I58 , . , . M1 1 C3 3.1 , Q-.1 , Q 1- 1 - Q I 31 I fx .' W4 'L ' ' 'x ' V, 1 4 I - W 1 ' as ,WA 'f Vx 'I X I 1 1 1 L2 ,fm , If , ., - r ' .6 .I : . ' ' 1- '11 -1 I ' ,. f- 2 w. ar I., - . V ' fr, Vff.. I I W "" Af' I J ' I , F4 Q-:f j I t A I . ' X 1 1 , . C? ,W I 0 ' 3 vu ' I 'Q I 45 ' fi I 5' ' ' I ' f fs XM A A I ' - , 5 3. 3 4 ,. 41 f 1 - ' ,f 5 - U ' 'fi 5 1, ' I . Hr ' , . . .51 I . C, 3 w.:1 .5 . . ' f , -A . ff' I r . A .111 ff? ' ' .5 I 1 , ,. I' ' 'J nf X t I I. Q, 'Q' , . I 1-1 ' .fi 1 ' 1 - fi ' I , 1 L' P ' 1 1 1 , . 1 I ' I 0 1 - 1 , . , . I ' I I I , . , . 1 . , . I I ' 1 . , . , . , . 1 . , . 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Qggy jyf .. :Ai fe, V :iff -1 - 1 5557, ? ,,f., 2515, , Q KL, ' ' wm a , , Ah X gggggggqgfgfgvf 4' 'gg -4, ,, ,, E, ' ' ' 2, , ,, in M44 , nf ,,h,MH ff , t, f, - ,. im, w I My Q fl, x A " V 7 ,yi af Zggzwifwf gm, . ' ,- ,,1:12,ei,,ff 'W ' np ,lgmzg mf- , 1 -f Q Q5 R , . Y 333' V: ' " X' " x :nga V? .f ' ' A , .Mgt ' ywwif ?!5g!,,9'7 ' . LZ. in '5?31?fy' . xg ,MM ,1 x A 1 ,a8w5,Z'lf , ,,, EEN? V3 -. , ,A f NNE 'aw A :Mai ,Q ag5+.Z4g,Qe,.5 Wg f 22vff3Qg.zgfgf 5 ? ,anyway A ff: KW wfm, ,, I K M WH-,E I III!! 'sf E555 - ' ANN ARBOR PUBLIC SCHOOLS The foresaght ond generosuty of the cut: zens of Arm Arbor hove mode possible o city school system for Ann Arbor which offers equol opportunity for every boy ond gurl Well Tramed Teachers Excellent Equipment Splendid School Buildings Flne Student Body THE ANN ARBOR BOARD OF EDUCATION 'Zquaf Ofvporfunily for gun? gay ans! gh! in .Ann .fdrdor H 162 D If I3 If N DA I3 LE You KNOW THESE SENIORS SA Y l PROUD 9 CHARLES A KLEINSCHMIDT RENEE F PREKETES CECIL W LAND You also know DEY Photographers known for over 25 years of fine relnable photography un Ann Arbor DEY STIJDIU L, ,,ElL NO 3 5031 STATE STREET LL . QA I I ? VN Q 163 ANDERSON PAINT COMPANY CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORSI 300 E Wash ngfon N0 2 1350 A. C. BARTH CUSTOM TAILORS 61 E IWII' Fme Tarlored C loflles OWS Cao! Clan Clwfcofn CHELSEA rlowin sHoP HARDWARE 3010 PACKARD RD Cut Flowers Corsages Potted Plants Qpen Evenings tal 8 00 P M Na Parking Problems FRANK AGAR SHELL SERVICE SHI """"'1" 'i Lubrncatnan Tune ups ll Bralcevvorlq Tanlpupes 81 Mulllers Installed 1 V Stamps 1200 PACKARD N0 8 9367 9 as i rams . 1 - l F L 203 ost Liberty Street - I .EYQIXJ "' r A "' W R I ' ' , - . A- . .Y A XV . f lf, fi 55 ,ss I 47 164 iwwwii MMNANN Anson cLon-nNo N02 Sw B k Ph BROADWAY MARKET ec er armacy Prescrlptlons f111ed Bob Seeger and Dan Gray prgmptly Telephone NOrmondy 3 5828 Ovned and Operated by 1027 Broodwoy Ann Arbor FFOSW BGCKGI' 2424 W Stad1um Blvd NO 8 6363 CLOVERLEAF DAIRY COMPANY our lower level Sports Shop Quality Darry Products C O L L I N S TELEPHONE 34193 1015 Broadway Ann Arbor M ch O L b 165 I ' 1. 71 YV For the Finest in Sportsweor visit II ' ' ll , i . Sta e at i erty '1 223315 5 sms J' Y CE'Jf.'a'iCS 595 coNuN AND wnusnm TROLLS 'KX of.-.nes 4' 'nas Y 'Q-e:?gl'i2 "The finest in men's clothes" DISHE5 CHDPSTICKS J' TeAPo1s J' OF ABllllllrgZDgi?JTl-I PHONE: NO 3-7550 118 Eost Woshangto Ur-nvereSITY i J H Serving Luncheons QQ Dlnners THE CORNER HCUSE Chlldren s Apparel Closed Mondays College Fashwns 307 309 5 were NG 2 6198 202 S Thayer NO 8 6056 awww xr... 1117, 'H J' gal, 'Q 'JN ESTE F - 9 , Q im: ,V 1 ' 5.0 , X 1 531' T f . ff "" , 4 Q - 'L , - me 'ffl W... L 3 4. .- i.,l , 5 I I ug V mg ' Q l l i, J, 4 , I.1.TLL'W. J X i ,-Lil . ll KA' ., QA Q ' w,:Q'l' -' l l :Jeff 'ml .. n A , - 'Qi Q: Vf'f'l , if fm-: 1-HQ. .QL A55 awgliiglfgg l 166 . aerial architectural PHoTooRAPHIC SPECIALISTS ' commercial . industrial professionol color division ektoclwrome ond onscochrome processing dale 'sher new location 3378 WASHTENAW AVENUE Ann Arbor s only complete Color pnotogropnuc loborotory Compliments of Crandell Drug Store Drugs Prescr pf ons Fountain Service 1102 BROADWAY dY 34909 DIETZEL S SHOE STORE 109 E Wosnlngton NG 2 02311 WE FEATURE NATIONALLY ADVERTISED BRANDS OF SMART FEMININE APPAREL GI TS EVELYN'S Electric opplnonces SMART A"A"L Dunnervvore Cookware n so M MMM ond Qenerol House lurnas ings ANN Anson omzoir 221 E VVASHINGTGN NC 2 3295 167 A S S Q C I A T E S o , i i , ' ' NOrmon - , ' 'l Phone: NO 3-2552 Phone VI l-9l85 I I - 205 . Qin St. ichigon Ave. CARLSON S CASEY 5 PHARMACY Heodq 0 te s fo the DQAMATIC NEVV I lescrlptlons Fllled MQTQRQLA T V Soda Bar lomplete Lme of Drugs MOTOROLA RADIOS A perfect gl t or any occaswn llth ot HU on NCD 2 -411189 WAHR S School books QQ Supplles 316 S Store IOS N M0 rw ' 9 U r r r , ' O I I N Sl J cc f ' 99 W2 S University NO 3-5533 If - 7 j . i J we FILECCIA BROTHERS SHOE STORE 1109 S Umversnty NC 3 40711 BLUE WIG BEAUTY SALON 103 E Lnberty N08 9771 coafdCksFo EeyO cxson BAKERY 219 NORTH MAIN STREET Across 1 o The Post OFF ce Weddings Blrthdays Annlversarues Pclsfrles Bread Ro s Pses 169 Dere ce rvr cci CAMPBELL 1 ll Salutes Your Good Taste Smart seniors select therr lashuons lrorn Goodyear s Ready to Wear on the third floor Dernure or sophtstrcat ed they ye learned to x pect and trnd the rust rtght Costume lor all their dress up or casual occasions. Sizes lor Juniors Misses Petites. 7 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1957 ANN ARBOR FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION LIOI EAST LIBERTY STREET ANN ARBOR TRUST COMPANY 100 SQUTH MAIN STREET THE STATE SAVINGS BANK of ANN ARBOR ISOI EAST STADIUM BOULEVARD T25 SQUTI-I MAIN STREET 3500 VVASHTENAW FABER'S Every type 0 fa rzc or every sewing need 3111 S Mom NO 2 H32 QUALITY PRINTING BOOKS COLOR PRINTING CATALOGUES OB PRINTING PUBLICATIONS SOCIAL PRINTING YEARBOOKS ADVERTISING PRINTING THE CRAFT PRESS NO 8 8805 U ER CO J 330 Maynard Street - I, , l . I . :yn--WW -- ,, y . M W V , ' I 1 I72 1 Sclaallla or-n Studia PORTRAIT PHOTOGRAPHERS Tel NOrmandy 2 3035 1418 MAXWELL IOFF some BLVDI Most Convement locotnon to Hrgh School ex 'ff Mzcroclean X er Au unnsn THE mcnoscors FLETCHER MACK D Dry Clecmmg Shirt Laundernng Three Ann Arbor Plonfs 3211 S Store NO 3 4287 516 EAST LIBERTY T213 SCUTH UNIVERSITY 3033 PACKARD ROAD For Free Pick up and Delivery Call NOrmcndy 2 3231 .J ' I 2 f XX ' ,rid . e 7 Compllments of WN- X2 .. NI I xm E - 41-47 R I73 Flowers by ISCII Ll 1' "' 1 CAROLYN We I-Iove FIlIed Qver 300 O00 P'eSC"P"O'I5 109 W Liberty N0 2 1615 THE GAGE LINEN AMQOFGQQ sHoP L- 1 qmmnwaxw I Dust cts e Lane s and I'IoncIIce chiefs 20114 5 ' 'YA ANN ARBOR MICHIGAN ANN ARBOR MICHIGAN FIEGEL'S Fore FINE MENS at BQYS WEAR I74 HALLER S JEWELERS Duamonds Watch Repamng Speclal Orders Rmg Repalrs NO 8 9211 NO 2 4645 HOWELL S LIBERTY 6 DIVISION d SOUTH UNIVERSITY AT CHURCH ANN ARBOR MICH GULF TIRES ALL TYPES OF GULF GASOLINE 81 QLLS LUBRICANTS H P Johnson Co THE GENERAL ELECTRIC STORE 34124 211 So th F rth A KESSEL 'S Formals Coats Dresses Sportswear 217 SOUTH MAIN 9 NICKELS ARCADE L 9 - 0 I l I cm 717 North University NOrmandy 8-6114 Phone - u ou vl. 175 ANN ARBO Twenty Nme Years of Fashion Servrce to Ann Arbor Women! 75 mg, fri TY AR f woppr H I G 529 533 East liberty Mlchlgan Theater Bulldmg ulse DCUGLAS H HARRIS Registered jewelers Amencan Gem Society Flowers and Gifts H13 S Untverstty Ave NG 2 3773 PHONE NO a dy 8 5049 Q 334 So th State St Ann A bo M h UAL1 TY VAL UE SERVICE nw' of course' For your tovortte Nontucket ond Anne Fogorty tosnuons tor your most cosuol ploy togs ond your most elegont eventng otttre tor everywhere you go ond eyerytlrttng you do from need to toe for the teel ond look goodness thot you wont MAIN AT UBERTY ANN ARBQR Only the Fmest uallty at Prlces that are Farr 176 e or iff ' " Khilllf 'lh' I X5 601 n -'il ANt ' ln ' 2 fmn ' u . r r, ic. , , .il TICE 81 WREN Clothes for Men NO 3 40116 H07 SOUTH UNIVERSITY AVE MAST S SHOES Men s Women s Chlldren Two Stores Do nto n Compus T21 S Mo n 619 E Lberty CONGRATULATIONS ' GOOD LUCK ' METZGEIPS UNIVERSITY DRUG 1225 SOUTH UNIVERSITY THE MOUNT VERNON SHOP Headq rfe s fo Hallma k Cards soousn on urea Youn M h-svn FAVORITE DRUG STORE I T T . 7 9 9 - 9 ' ' 1 1 S ma vv W . i . i "On Washington" ua r r r Ann Arbor ic i 177 There s a gurl fi Id luke to know '5 -2 Z'- She has so much P0156 and con fldence Ill bet she works for the telephone company Those glrls are so attractne and have such frlendly pleasant manners They re talkln about Lucy who started working for M1Ch1 an Bell rrght out of h1 h school She was tralned wlth other beglnners by friendly understandmg supervlsors Today she s proud of her work en Joys a fine salary regular wage ln creases and many new friends Lucy was clellghted from the very first by the clean pleasant surround lngs by the regularly scheduled mxd mornmg and mldafternoon breaks for relaxlng ln the company s com fortable lounge rooms and by the opportumtles for advancement Isnt that the kmd of Job you want? Then why not get ln touch Wllh us now? We ll be happy to tell you more about the varlety of 1nter estm jobs from whlch you can choose after graduation 323 E. WASHINGTON ANN ARBOR MICHIGAN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY A Good Place fo Work 178 E KIllINS GRAVEL COMPANY SPECIFICATION AGGREGATES Produced by Heavy Media Separation PREMIUM TRANSIT MIXED CONCRETE Ann Arbor Mlchlgan 3305 W. Liberty Rd. Phone N0 2-2515 7 NATIONAL PHOTO SERVICE 34.'2Bood oy Loon Cho SPEED F st n Good Toste McDONALD QUALITY CHECKD ICE CREAM O P Ompi Co teo s ond Speedy fllflmlu' C J Resch Mg Q CH... MARTI WALKER'S SMART COLLEGE FASHIONS 218 SOUTH STATE STREET ir I r vv r i , i ee 99 ur r , ur U , Service Will Pleose You" ,,,.. ICECIEAI A I I r' Compliments of PORTRAIT STUDIU BIII 81 Barloara Toland 521 EAST LIBERTY N0 2 2072 ANN ARBQR MICHIGAN HOBBS 84 SCHMIDT REALTQ RS Your Favorite Shoes at A Sans led Customer BIIICGYITIGI1 S SI10e Salon RESIDENTIAL 8. COMMERCIAL RANDALL S REAL ESTATE Q.. 1, APPRAISALS INSLRANC ra ,ugmrqgxb Custome Pa In QA Camaro ed CII ce 726 PACKARD N0 3 A132 8 :I cc ' as ' ' V J AT 9 I 4 ' I N " N I 1 1 N -. f s 'FINANLING X, 'Av . - A mi nw T R I x6.L:! -Y r r in - ir- ii m I I I Ann Arbor S Unly Preketes Brothers A Cond f oned 5l!.,EiA,!i.N'?o2Wl Excluswe Camera Shop Home Made Candles PURCHASE CAMERA SHOP Us M DOWNTOWN ANN ARBOR and I ce Cream Purchase CHICKEN IN THE sAsKEr CONGRATULATIONS ' From Purchase 50019 LUCKY 3 Q ANN ARBOR HIGH SCHOOL Q d 15 Swde 15 rh OUALI Y ATHLE IC EQUIPMENT Since 1915 We Speclallze ln Award Sweaters MOE SPORT SHOPS 711 N Um e Ty e 9023 State St 9 , ir- i i O 109-I oufh cin Street Phone: NOrmondy 2-1414 I ll 11 . ervirw rw i rw Wi - - iv rsi Av . . I 3' uve Expert Barbers speclallsts ln Crewcuts, Prlncetons Cool R egular Cuts by Red Q Grady Patromze your Arm Arbor I-Ilgb Alumm 0 GRADY S BARBER SHOP IIIO S Umversnty Next To Broncb Bank SINGER SEWING CENTER STUDIO Complete Ime of sewmg macbmes F1118 Ph0t0g7'aPhy and vacuum cleaners for 66 years Courtesy of Sanger 319 EAST HURON STREET PHONE NORMA NDY 3 5541 H11 S Mom NO 2 5569 I83 I J I ' 'I W 6. Qyyned 81 Qperated Ii , , B E MUEHLIG INC SAUNDERS FRAMES EXCEPTIONAL PICTURE FRAMING Dry Goods U1 W :D I S MGID Sffeef NOfI'Y'IOFldy 2 NICKELS ARCADE dy 2 6I5I N1elsen,s Flower Shop Congratulations and Greenhouses THE PARR01- I02I MAIDEN I.ANE NOrmondy 23269 ANN ARBOR MICHIGAN 338 S Stote St Phone 3 4636 THE MUSIC CENTER soo souTH THAYER NORMANDY 2 2500 4 Q C Q is - anzou f 'zunziscu!.1IlolLI:l' I - , Q01 bgssfgigilz Ebiflfonzai . ' - 229 Ph 1 NO - O I SAM'S STORE Q 315 " We Sell or Less NC 3 8611 122 E Woshrmgtom SCHLANDERER CONGRATULATIONS 8K MUEHLIG 8c LANPHEAR Hardware and Sheet Metal Work Jewelers and Sllversmlths NOrmc1ndy 2 3277 311 S Mom Sf NO 2 0306 208 8 Mom 81 Ann Arbor MIC11 SCHEVE 8. KOCH Complete Heotmg Servrce 111205 Stodlum Blvd YOV14AIVCiOV1dI11OV'IIF1Q NCD 8 88611 185 5 , f 99 3 f ' ,X U 3, . Merchondrsers of Indoor Comfort Since 1921 - NO .. d ,-69qF 911B S Established 1904 SCRAP METAL PAPER IRON 1042 11ooN Mann NO88814 LHHSHU'S XX . l g Mx feta lllu lr Iut Courtesy 5 Fulton bllfphon Dzzzamv Robrrt han Fulton Control I There s satlstactlon ln meeting a challenge Workmg at lLllH0ll there 5 ehallenve ln the were alr you breathe It Q logical Thls IS a growmg company lll a growlng lndustry And growth alwaxs creates probleme This ts also a pioneering compans conetantls challengmg the accepted vsaws of domg thmgs Challenge, opportumtx, progress they re llke steps The Gte ps that lead to a Qatmfaf-tors earner Xnel ads aneement Mlllllll the eompam IN the Standard praetlne rather than the exception W e ham heard It sald that l tllSOI'l is a good plate to work True' Une of the reabonw that makes II eo partncularlx for hwh school Graduate entering the lJllqlIltSS world for the fir-it time 15 that l dl'i0Il people are lrxendlw ssmpathetu and helpful If you reelde lll metropolitan Detroit we mute xou to Nlill our l Illpllh ment Department 7000 Seeonel Menue l In-ewhene Job applleatlon nas are a uable ll ant dl-.on eu tolner o lee THE DETROIT EDISON COMPANY 187 f ! 5 , V l 1 A'.Y ev . .N ui 1 ' of , . I K '- ' V .Y ll, , . . . . , , U 'V . , . .. . , . ' 1 1 4 l 1 ' 54 1 , I 'I 'l . I I ' l' e A5 . . e 5. K , . , U, D . C . . lg e lf. ' . - . 2 . f ' ' .v, li.. I . I ' H. X . . 1 I . V . . g V vl - ' , w - ' , . .- . .. . . . . A , for .' ' ' 'ul ' 1 ' li - S fll' . STEIN 81 GOETZ Qtowtetas, HATTERS, Ftmtxttsnetas Sporting Goods STADEL QQ: SONS 206 E. Washington Street NG 2-500l 302 S. Main St. "Your Friendly Dealer" Congratulations Seniors! STEINsmE:.E:NERS SMITHS FLOOR COVERINGS For those who care WE CALL AND DELIVER E tW h gt 207 E Washington 205 N Motn toe 5 Mem R 8, S SHQES NG 8 7006 188 Nilf 204 as as in on Street t 3 , 5 A L mums 4 'W99 E ll 'WJ ik. , I, 'x Dil J, N,t..,M--'W' PAUl'S MUSICAL REPAIR MUSICAL SUPPLIES AND REPAIRING New, Used and Rebullt Instruments EWR WHERE MUSICIANS MEET' 119 West Washington Street Phone NOrmandy 2 1834 Thrasher Sc Company Eeyth g fo the OH o Sales Servnce and Rentals of TYPEWRITERS 114 East W sh gton NOrmandy 2 6503 UNIVERSITY MOTOR SALES INC 907 N Mom NCD 3 0507 Esqurre styles an men s fme apparel H572 Eff IN Bl 48 ATE TR T LIBER Wllkmson Luggage Shop Luggage Handbags Gifts 327 South Ma n Street Phone NOrmandy34013 WNTOWN ANN ARBOR 189 66 9 "Yr in r ic" a in - I H ' H CONGRATULATIONS! e l n 0 9 , I S C 8 1- I - ST s EE AT TY D0 UNIVERSITY MUSIC HOUSE Instrumental 84 vocal sIweet music Mtntature 81 vocal scores Importers oI Neupert I-Iarostcord Adler recorders Ine Itnest tn recorded 81 orlnted mustc 3110 MAYNARD NC 8 75I5 W S Bufterflelcl Theatres M F Gowfhorpe President STATE MICHIGAN ORPHEUM I9 JD 0 Complete Iines oI IP. records g D . 0 Boord of Directors of Teen Age Loon Fd ANN ARBOR BANK IGANS AVAILABLE AT ANN ARBOR BANK FQR VVORTI-IVVI-IIIE PURPCDSES Men s Clothmg ls our Buswess' CLAGUE GROCERY WILD S AND MARKET FIRST IN Sportswear Lelsure Wear Quallty Grocerles Stote Street on the Compus Yorncroft Shop Prompt and Frlendly Servlce ulck D6llVCPy I-Iome oI NotIonoIIy Advertised Bronds oI Cormed Goods Yarns CQ Kmttmg Supplws Rlchelleu Sweetheart N0 2 0303 IO NucI4eIs Arcode I2OOPocIcord N0 2 553I 191 I , u 1 Business Wear . . 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