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EM ko '- 'fi f ' 5 X W r 'f -' 'Y K fzje :Gif .v:. A f A 19 F . ' 1-G' . ,A. . ,A 1. ,L V mf' . . J' Q 1 , .v Qi , ,- .f ,, i, I 3 E . X J 2 5 Y 3 .qi rf Z' 5 e f. Q .JL . .-Q 11. '57 A 9 1 1' 1 Q 1 .v.L is 1. 'T , . i 'H' - - L W... Qu.- fnc-ffviu-MW lug, -M, "I rv- xwfi , ., A' 51 394 L 'A . ' W . ,A e I N s. ' KMA P: 8 5, . fr 8 'fiffgfs ' .. F QNX si ,, K , I S- x + . k V fi . 'C : ' is . Zi? sfyw '-'Xe 'ft s 5,2 -5 xt - ms' A , . c ' 1 . 7 -, ' 'Wil 'N' i 'Q ,, .. ' b -b N 4-. QQW 'iff f , 'V .. , ' - " "mf Vi 'iA"'! 1 . ,,.,, is 'J W use Q Q 'P 'Q Q., .Q 1. ., D ' if X . , f ffrf. -1. A i Q '- , l-Q - ' ' 11 Q, if - A , wi f Q ., V V 7 A 4' . "' N . '- .fT?'3 ' - ' . , , 1, ffff . hi A, 4 jf' ., Q S 15 , gl W in 1 A A QE ,f - t ,, , , X V V X 1 , im in 'awe - ff " " " 4 f Sf ' - -'-- -. A Mgxl-A if' ,bi N x N Lx M, It ,ix , ff ' nf: -. gi 'Q ,al is ve -, 1 f ' x fl Q. . , ., 'Q 62. A 5- . S W K . , I "' ' 1553 . K 5? - S , af ' if E I E QW, -'I 'Q P sh ' -Q 5? A l iff ., I 'HF 11 4 A -' vi . Q A il W V Oh R sf jf, me A 3. rf? , ,V tg ' f 14 'lj " A F ' ,gf iii? , f , xy H , ,P -3' . lm iam-gk Y -' Qiaqza A' 4 z' . 'M '- ' ' ' 5 i A 15:31, 4 4, If 56. K s P 1 Qt, 5 J., , 1 , .xy A , Q .4 wg- ,.-, x A 4.-QI! fm U' 5'4:z, '! I tfh g . fq, ' 1 X 'f . is gif 41' 5 1 41 Q, 4. 1-M. I-J 1 i ,g F 3 x W' . Q, 5 , 5 " if U xx ,-.r .,. Qi 44. 4 I is -4 my Qc'- Q Z' r S j I 8 1' ff g' , Q , 1 Q, , f fu F 5 A- gf . 4 Q 3 5 4 ,, A ski if .b ,. , f if f km 2.9 f, .M 35 . S ,rf ff -x 'S 5 , 3 gs. 4 me 954415 Q 5. i 4 J 3 2' ,:, -5' ,. - af ' df! fu 5 'sg' s L sf' ' ' fi. . Y' , , ., , .-W9 f is if-2. ' r . , , 9x v I, fiwyif .gi 3 MW? Wm, W-nm V "iii-L.1'.......,,, iff-nr WK N.: nnf" lui, z-QMNK-Wdef ' ENTS SCHOOL CALENDAR 16 ,--il-u-1 . CURRICULUM 38 ACTIVITIES STUDENTS 120 ADS 178 INDEX 208 SPORTS 72 FACULTY 110 - .,-1-11-12 ll- s 1--1-1 .il--1-q 1--1-1-lu gl-1-1 LEVI WINES Teacher Wines Field HORATIO CHUTE ALICE PORTER HERBERT SLAUSON Teacher feacher Superinfendenf Citizenship Award Citizenship Award Slauson Jr. High School 6 54 arg THE PIUNEERS A NEW N T U R Y O F P R fcx kixf? WW N X RYKJQX . av! N ,ditty 5 Q . Il C .ann di n: i Ms 1 M IQ l' N'1XS,, . 11 ,pf r-4 K " ii 2' g", ,,....,1--1- 1 A HISTORY OF THE ANN ARBOR HIGH SCHOOL On October 5 1856 Ann Arbor Htgh School opened its doors to a little group of eleven young men and women In June 1956 the high school will graduate 410 seniors Much has happened between these two widely separated events The school was located on South State Street the site of the building which has gust been vacated The land was purchased from one Elllah W Morgan for 52 O00 and consisted of one and three quarters acres in the elevated and beautiful part of the city which had been used for pasture land and an occasional circus. The school has not always been known as the Ann Arbor High School but was called at first the Union School and later the Union High School, It was de- signed by its originators as a preparatory school for the University of Michigan. The building, constructed of brick and stone at a cost of S32,000, was intended to accommodate 200 students, but within ten years twice that number were in attendance. Consequently in 1871 an addition which doubled the original size was erected. This building burned in 1904, and in T906 it was replaced by the present structure on South State Street. Since that time three major changes have been made in the building: the modernization of the gymnasium and the extensive re-building of the audi- torium in 1936, and the large modern addition in 1939. When the building was vacated in March of this year, .5 'F ,,,g:-'-- Ann tive!- there were 1460 students in attendance The first courses offered by the school were pre paratory to college one of them entitled Mental and Moral Philosophy did not prove popular and was soon dropped In 1877 commercial courses were added Since then work In music Industrial arts home eco nomlcs physical education vocational training machine shop painting and decorating cooperative occupa tional training and driver education has been added as the growing needs of the community dictated. Now in 1956 the Ann Arbor High School can truthfully boast of one of the most inclusive and up-to-date curriculums in the state. The power and prestige which the high school e - ioys in state academic circles-and indeed throughout the nation-are due in large measure to a series of out- standing principals and a corps of teachers with su- perior abilities and attainments. The first principal was Theophilus Capen Abbott, who resigned in 1858 to become a professor of English at Michigan Agricultural College fnow Michigan State Universityig in 1863 he was made president of the college. Judge Claudius Buchanan Grant, who was principal from 1860 to 1862, established a long record in educational, legal, and military life, he became a regent of the Univer- sity and a iustice of the Supreme Court of Michigan, and when the Civil War broke out he was commissioned a colonel. i C T A . . X 5 -ffzp. ,. - "" X 1 .-t -. ' W X' ' 4' 1 'L-Apt.: 1 1' x 5 X I tx 'jig gi If .1 ki V .i 5 3 - i, r -E, A X f K h af 1 ' li ' ' . , -l l' Ll, , W i .- , '.N 41,-, . Li: ? c I " . C it , v :ff 1 N' t is . it J M , H if li ii' 15,0 fl ' 'L iii ui ' V ii h - ,gee-nfs.. K ,xx Qi ' 1 ' 1 1 g . 4 eu. ' --.X r 1 li IIA I . X, rr i ' c I wks' - I . , l 'f l it K I X' ' 1 ' ':i "6 1 dl in N ' A llifi f l if 1 4' ' A - X -- - xi. it . w ei: Af. .. 1 ' 7 an c , tg sl . - "1 ll 1 5 1.5 I ', ,El . Q OWEN , ,Q . ca' 5 l 0 ,l ,- la l if' izfjrmff .' I 'if' 5 i - i +G . i 1 -- ' if 4 ' i' :-,"i 2 fm s T it 4 " . It . 'J Q Dc, , I Y 1 L.. I I 4 . - .f X 'gm 5 iv - my - ll ' e N- 1 ' S i , . g. 1.1, , . 7 'f s ali 'vtrf' ' 'ii n Among the several outstandung pruncupals who have served the Ann Arbor Hugh School sunce then there are three who deserve specual mentuon One of them us Judson G Pattengull aftectuonately known as Pat He was pruncupal from 1877 to 1908 a peruod of thurty one years Several mauor extra currucular actuvutues had theur unceptuon under Mr Pattengulls leadershup the Omega the hugh school yearbook was f1rst publushed un 1884 and the f1rst football team dates back to 1885 At thus tume there were few other hugh school teams un the state and the squad spent most of uts tume as sparrung partner for the Unuversuty teams The second pruncupal who made a notable contru butuon was Lewus L Forsythe servung from 1917 to 1946 a peruad of twenty nune years Mr Forsythe started hus career as pruncupal at the begunnung of one world war and ended ut at the conclusuon of another Perhaps no statement personuf1es hum better than a quotatuon whuch appeared un the Student Handbook under the captuon The Spurut and Aums of the Ann Arbor Hugh School Ann Arbor Hugh School stull retauns the substantual characterustucs for whuch ut has always been noted It us progressuve but safely so ut unsusts on hugh standards of scholarshup and conduct but thus us done un the convuctuon that such qualutues 'lu ses. J..-.,.f3s,"'C -M'-A fvnsidl um... -gat' 1 were never more needed than today Indeed the same quotatuon mught well apply to the present pruncupal Nucholas Schreuber who wuth hus forward lookung progressuve leadershup yet seeks to mauntaun the hughest standards of scholarshup and conduct Mr Schreuber assumed hus dutues as pruncupal after the returement of Mr Forsythe un 1946 Durung hus ten year uncumbency he has been faced wuth the problem of uncreasungly crowded classes the multuple dutues connected wuth the buuldung of a new school and the staggerung task of movung from one buuldung to another Pruncupals cannot be effectuve un a vacuum how ever and wuthout the support of a loyal body f teachers theur efforts could not have produced the great unstututuon whuch we have today There were only eught teachers uncludung Pruncupal Abbott on the staff when the Unuon School opened un 1856 uncudentally the assustant pruncupal a woman was called a pre ceptress at that tume Today there are seventy nune on the faculty of the Ann Arbor Hugh School Through out the years th s constantly growung body of teachers comung from far and near have caught the spurut of the school and each un hus own way has added to uts greatness 3.93 .all ,-643.43 ...s -' a.1-ig 'M u5"E'5':f"'f,'fe 'fit --if-D -'-Q M-wht: -aww..-'- v" Obviously tribute cannot be paid to each one of these teachers by name, but even a brief history of this sort would not be complete without the mention of a few of them who gave their toil, their inspiration, and the best of their lives in the service of the school. There were Horatio N. Chute, physics teacher, Levi D. Wines, mathematics teacher, Sara O'Brien, history teacher, and Alice Porter, Latin teacher, all were great instructors who left the impress of their personalities on the pupils who were fortunate to study under them. The memory of at least two of these is preserved in the medals which are presented each June to the out- standing boy and the outstanding girl in the graduat- ing class: the Horatio N. Chute medal to the boy and the Alice Porter medal to the girl. As the curriculum grew and broadened through- out the years, so too did the program of extra-curri- cular activities which the school oftered its students. In the Pioneer Guide, a student handbook, is a state- ment of the philosophy of the Ann Arbor High School as formulated by its faculty. lt says in part: "We be- lieve that each student should be recognized as a personality entitled to all possible encouragement and help in order to enable him to adjust himself in this school and in society," Outside the classroom this be- lief has seen its embodiment in extra-curricular activi- ties almost too numerous to mention, For the develop- ment of the physical body there is an extensive pro- gram of sports, both intramural and interscholastic, for 1 .Aus 1 Q the development of leadership there is the Student Council, for experience in living with others in an en- vironment not restricted by the walls of the classroom there is an outdoor education program. Students who are interested in writing and iourna- Iism find an outlet in working on the staffs of the Omega, a yearbook, or the Optimist, the school news- paper, would-be orators can participate in many foren- sic activities, and budding actors find stimulation in the drama workshops and the stagecraft laboratories. Many of these activities have so proved their value that they have been incorporated into the curriculum, and credit towards graduation is now given for them. Recently some of the student clubs which formerly operated fo rthe most port after school hours were put into the regular daily program as courses meeting every other day. Ann Arbor High School has contributed its share of combatants in the six military conflicts in which our country engaged during the past one hundred years: the Civil War, the Mexican War, the Spanish-American War, the First World War, the Second World War, and the Korean War. In the main corridor of this building the names of those loyal students who died in the First and Second orld Wars in the defense of their country are inscribed on bronze tablets which will keep their memory green and serve as an inspira- tion to coming generations of students. In the field of athletucs Ann Arbor Hugh School has made a name for utself un state scholastuc curcles As early as 1898 the football team won uts first undisputed state champuonshup and sunce that tume uts teams un football basketball baseball tennus golf track and swummung have made envuable records throughout the years The name Puoneers whuch desugnates all teams sponsored by the Athletuc Assocuatuon was not adopted untul 1936 as the result of a contest conducted by the Ann Arbor News The name was accepted because Ann Arbor Hugh School us a pioneer un the true sense of the word beung one of the first schools In the state c have an organized athletuc program But asude from the war record and the athletic record umportant as they are they yueld un sugnuficance to the hugh level of scholarshup whuch the school has zealously and persustently mamtamed The tanguble proof of thus may be found un the many graduates who have gone from uts doors to make notable successes un such fields as art luterature auud scuence Nor must we forget the thousands of graduates who have found unspuratuon and guudance wuthun uts walls and have made for themselves happy and contented luves ln March of thus year the old school closed uts doors forever and the buuldung has become a part of the Unuverslty From the Carnegue Library has been taken the oul portrait of Pruncupal Emerutus Lewus L Forsythe paunted by a graduate of thus school and from the l'1CIll G bronze bust of Mr Forsythe whuch was presented to the school as a class memorual Wuth these tangible thungs go memorues memorues of work well done mem orues of student dances and homeroom partues mem orues of plays concerts and assemblues memorues of strong lastung fruendshups The new buuldung us the cumulatuve result of many many hours of thought and labor on the part of the pruncupal the superuntendent of schools the Board of Educatuon the Cutuzens Commuttee and the hugh school faculty It has entailed frequent trups to Inspect other schools much connung of books many conferences wuth archutects Because of thus plannung the buuldung has structuon but ut also antucupates the future un uts plane taruum weather station raduo and televusuon studuos and other unuque features It us a notable achievement to round out a cen tury of progress but un thus dynamuc age one cannot dwell nostalgucally un the past By a councudence we end our first one hundred years un one buuldung and begun the next un another What part wull the new Ann Arbor Hugh School play? What great strudes wull the world make un the humanutues technology scuence'P Such a world wull place everuncreasung responsubulutues upon uts cutuzens We look to the new school to play uts part un preparung uts students to assume a meanung ful and progressive role un thus world . .I . . . . Z I , . I I I ' I I I In - ru - 11 f - ' ' ' . ' ' , Q I . I ' ,, . . . . ' I ' ' I ' I ' , . . .,, I ' I ' - ' - ' incorporated within it the best in existing school con- , . . 1 ' 1 ' V , , , , - 2' 13 MR. HOLLWAY MR. BUELL MISS RIEGER Physics German, lafin Foofball and Basketball Coach Afhlelic Direclor MISS McLOUTH Mafhemahcs MR GRANVILLE English Head ol English Deparfme I MR DAHLBERG C O T MR RYAN Track Coach Dnver Educahon MISS EBERBACH Home Economics 14 ... , MISS LEWIS MR V J . . .COOK MISS PATON Girls' Advisor Mechanical Drawing Mathematics The Ann Arbor High School student body IS proud of the faculty members lasted on the following pages We wish to acknowledge their years of dedicated serv Ice to our high school and their Inspiration leadership and guidance given to us the future citizens of America -vQ" """'5' tt .J mi, J 'I' Av- rr-I - 5? 'L I 'j1's"v"' X PKQW4 l kfi F1 -I I 1 ,....----'-'-l lllllllllllllllllllllllll mmlim J.-.-f"" ,gl ,,-gif 4 r f 3- wr.- ..u. N... WM ut 1 5 , . : JY l p., 'f Q . 1 . . W p 'A' - 4 ' -' v' U A l r ., ,,., I C Z' I .1 if ' . f ll ', If ,r ' W . 1' l, VA' , a . " - ,,.,,. 7' 5 5 ttl ' .I nr! :x?' 1 4 .44 ' 4 If NN' A - ,X Q V " I ' wr - ' ' M4- i R . ' a t . X t r ,, Af 1 ' 'As' 4 r, : , , 'gn " " 4 fx R Q ' sr, , ll -ff fa W I 1 I III I I f ill, gr 1' fi i , Vx: M " Y Y 3- ' fn " " I llll - --:ra e '7 35252 E211 -' ' - .. ---'L"4"-'Q 'ff' "" .- -.?1f"g 1 - . . 1 - ' 13" " "' -in -Y A ' ' , W --.1 .A.. ,,..., JM. f -- -., 4,13 , -4--A++. - Q ' 77? ' - -. xi , ' 'P - is ' ' - ,V -- ":+1ig,,- 'w"" 'N' - - V614 --ff :gm i 3. 1'-"L"""' "'...-,' f, nun.. f ., 'ul c-,Y ..."f" - , Q uf 'MA' ' ANN MDAK ,u Z5 M Q W? ,,,,,,,,..,1 willftwldvi ,many 3 1 New ,gsdgx 'hx 11 sy, A--A . A-mn? Q, JV v ,fs pg Q- :-Wmgra f . 25, - yy , X , A' QE, ' ,K 15 . .i1,'i:'N,Q' "T X if ff' wk ' . '-uf X Q: 3 -X Q , xt ,, M. If f AEZQQH ffm Q Aff, 1 My ,Fifa wfv mf A - b95?'3".,2A.FQwYx' ik "isa 3 fx 2342 .F V, s 511553 ff Q o.fiw1bi4 i Q 5 ali 4 X433 3' Q, ,R 'fewf I - ii? NJ? wi .f 4, ,i,, lm 159554 ' .1 fi ff' Q! is Y The bookies of the stock exchange Scion! Dragan! S 2494! Once again the halls are filled with students. . . those who are happy to be starting a new adventure, their first year in high school, those to whom the schedule of Ann Arbor High will seem "old stuff," the Juniors, and those who will be returning for their final year, the Seniors. The Sophomores are eaxily recognized, for their excited and wondering faces can be found in almost every corner of the old building. The paying of fees, the twenty-minute classes, the book exchange, and lost students are all part of the first day at Ann Arbor High. As the week wears on the activities commence. Student Council goes into action, the Sophomore Reception dance is planned, and the fun begins. From this first week, the students fall into a regular daily pattern which is continued throughout their happy school year. Go! Man! Go! 19 ,901 'que A'i'W " Homecormng Queen Sandy Stoll Peppy Plonee rs' fem!! of Me Pa!! aww Sandy ta!! Blnnkung wnth modesty Sandy Stoll surrounded by her ottendlng court cnxlously OWOIYS The kuss and crown from Sfon Lcrmee foo1boH coprorn of 54 55 Left to rnght J Fnngerle M Meadows V Johnson S Dlngmun S Proud cndl Everhcrdus Stadleata :md 760414 ac6eaf ta tie 7ZaL'e4 Pushmg on to vuctory I fv- fflglf KJFN 5 fv l WX Xl IX 2 Q9-"5 Sandy Judson Lunda Potter and Sue Schuler energetically encourage the success of the conversion The "luck ol?" to Homecomnng was the Pep Rally led by the cheerleaders r 'I "D Q ix X 2-1' xxflll J ' 10' lx l , I 1 fi--N -Xie ' 'S I llpwx' 'Q ...- ', 5.5. of lie gaad The usually high-stepping band is at the moment ot- tentively awaiting commands from their drum maior, Chuck Steiner. The Touchdown Boll was cli- mixed by Bob Correll proudly escorting Sandy to her throne to reign over the dance. P f Daring charges as the one Walt now displays e the Pioneers another undefeated seo son llllal t lull Although these players did not ac i tively particrpate in the game they made their vnctories In the parade A D 23 EC Id ' to 2 I .3 4 , Q .1 I rg .I-1 l vii a ,- 1 4-Ain 1155 ly . .. U. H I ' . 1 -fd 70 en 4, img cameo ?afu!4 in glcvuf, 3 Left to right: Paul Smith, '55 Captain Bob Correll, '56 Captain Jim Baughn, Bob Lewis. The 1955 football season marked the fourth consecutive season without a defeat for Ann Arbor High School. We have had only one de- feat, in 1951, since Hank Fonde, the most popu- lar guy on "campus", ioined the faculty in l949. This past season was our greatest. Captain Bob Correll led our fighting eleven through eight straight victories, which made Ann Arbor the State champions and won for us the 6A League Trophy. The picture above shows the players cele- brating at the 1955 Championship Banquet. The other picture shows how elated our boys were by carrying Mr. Fonde oft the field when Ann Arbor came from behind to win from Battle Creek, T9- l3, in the last tive seconds of the game, and proved beyond any doubt our superiority. Bob Lewis was deservingly voted the most valu- able player of the season, and iunior Jim Baughn was elected to take over Bob Correll's iob as cap- tain for 1956. Long hours spent in the training room brought Paul Smith the Double "A" Bucket. Other awards were presented by the Detroit Times and Free Press, as well as recognition by the Associated Press. Happy team carries Coach "Hank" Fonde oft the field after the exciting Battle Creek game. 7444! and giaadm 7:21 eentczda dme ide '56 D "Vita Louise, what's wrong, girl?" "HARVEY" "I'd like to introduce you to a very good friend of mine. His name is 'Harveyf These familiar words mean trouble as the easy going Elwood P. Dowd, played by John Klein, introduces the six feet one and one-half inches high invisible rabbit to the distinge uished but startled Mrs. Chauvenet, portrayed by Susan Himler. Nancy Carroll, as the aggressive Myrtle Mae Simmons, is convinced that her uncle should be locked up in a sanitarium. Hilarious con- fusion results when Elwood's sister Veta Louise, por- trayed by Denise Miner, tries to commit her brother and finds herself locked up by the sanitarium strong man Wilson, played by Tom Lillard. The young psy- chiatrist Dr. Lyman Sanderson, portrayed by John Courte, and Ruth Kelly, the pretty nurse played by Judy Gilson, realize their mistake in committing the wrong person iust as the family lawyer, Judge Omar Gaffney, portrayed by Allan Schreiber, sues the sanitarium. Dick Bartels, as the authoritative head psychiatrist, Dr. William Chumley, disappears with Elwood and "Harvey," to the distress of Mrs. Chum- ley, played by Betsy Underwood. Others who ap- peared were Eleanor Leland as Miss Johnson, the maid, and Charlotte Davis as the crude and philo- sophic "cabbie", E. J. Lofgren. Elwood soon leaves the sanitarium to return home with Veta Louise and Myrtle Mae, and finally "Harvey" becomes an ac- cepted member of the family. Where did he go, Mrs. Chumley?" Wudcdap. THE MAN WHO CAME TO DINNER The Man Who Came To Dinner, the last major production done in the old high school, had one of the largest casts in the history of Drama Workshop. The play begins when Sheridan Whiteside lAllan Schreiber? slips on a piece of ice on the porch of Mr. and Mrs. Earnest Stanley lDick Bartels and Denise Mineri and broke his hip. Whiteside, a critic and lecturer noted for his sarcasm, is confined to the Stanley home under the care of Dr, Bradley lTom Lillardi and Nurse Preen lNancy Tobiasi. Dur- ing Whiteside's stay at the Stanley's, his secretary, Maggie Cutler Uudy Gilsonl falls in love with a town newspaperman, Bert Jefferson lEric Arnesonl, White- side, not wanting to lose a good secretary, calls in one of his friends from the theater-Lorraine Sheldon lHarriet Haughi, and proceeds to hatch a plot. Throughout the course of the play, many visitors plague the Stanley residence including tour pen- guins, 20 Chinese students, an octopus, a very British Beverly Carlton Uohn Kleini, and o very Hollywood Banjo Uim Copelandi. Sheridan Whiteside not only messes up his secreatry's love life, but also completely confuses the two Stanley children, Richard and Jane lBob Sawyer and Markay Franckel, by encouraging them to run away from home. The resulting action on the part of Mr. Stanley and the whole cast gave the audience one ot the funniest and most professional plays seen around Ann Arbor High in a long time. mental delinquent!" "Banio, that is my nurse, you ". . . and I wont to get to know you too, Mr. Jeffersomf' O V ...,.. ...f W- ww-0 ..- i WH? 'Sherry, Lord Bottomly is iust a very dear friend of fTtlt16. --e....,....., 4 acmdew' a lie em 7044 Atoms For Evefnlngl carried forward the outer space thought superbly an the Footllght Scandals review Taking place on a planet due to a space accident the actors found out what nt would be like to llve an outer space Every musical group participated In the review and several other ensembles performed As the lost curtain came down on the Footllght Scan dals one could easily see that the show was a great success Rooty toot toot' A llttle soft shoe? Hawauan beautues'7 746 maze, af, sm Stxclenta 7a -N Brill r O B A d eacdeu Oat December 8 1953 will be remembered by the class of 56 as the day the Seniors substituted for the teachers and took over all classes and administrative offices According to Mr Barcley senior class advisor about 90 percent of all qualified seniors took part in Senior Day Al though they did excellent 'obs most seniors will agree that there is more to teaching than meets the eye Many hours of preparation were put into this day by a the auspices of the Senior Executive Board The day as a whole went very well because of the coopera tion of the students and the senior teachers Members of the committee who supervised the activities of the day were Pat Wilkins Sandra Stoll Till MacCarthy Jim Tibbetts Paul Smith 31 JIM MCNAUGHTON Sophomore Class Advisor NUBBY TURNER Junior Class Advisor BOB CORRELL Senior Class Advisor committee headed by Jim Tibbetts and Pat Wilkins and under l l l My . . -.V , 7, X 1 wr! fl 5 4 1+ M 2 . s N S N 5 4: Q g 33532223 'Mi f' 5353564514- . ZLM97' ' pf' 5 7146! ab! Qafme OUTSTANDING IN MUSIC AND DRAMA The second acl and all goes well And Harrier! Haugh appears She speaks her lines yusl like a pro And hasnt any fears Oulslandmg always like opening mghls This girl is cerlam lo have her name in lighls The lighls are dim lhe sfage is sel And lhe play begins on lime We fried lo gel Marlon Brando Bul we couldnt for only a dime So we had fo depend an local lalenf and to the rescue came Tom Lillard wllh high greal hopes for lrghls around his name ,..r DONE MOST FOR CLASS Pal Wilkins, foo, did her share To make our class one of fhe besl. She worked real hard all of fhe lime And did mosi for lhe class, as you've guessed. This girl deserves a rouser and a cheering loasl from lhe class of 1956-for lhem, she did lhe mosi. Of lhe class of I956 Nubby Turner did lhe mosl To make our class what if is And give us reason to boasf As Sludenl Council presidenl he did all fha? he could To help us make our school everylhmg fhals good 1 1 - I 1 1 1 , . SUCCESS Orl fycoon college prof? Besl banker rn the Held? Or senafor or congressman? A polrfrcran wrfh a deal? John Woodruff rs on hrs wa non sfop Vofed mos! lrkely fo succeed He ll reach lhe fop Frrsl woman presrdenf or more? Rear Admrral or senafor'f' Mrllronarre rancher or sfeel fycoon'7 The first fo ever reach fhe moon? An all A sfudenl rfs all agreed Judy Goddard mos? lrlcely fo succeed -were S-LN AS Faoaeefz CLASS COMEDIANS A roar comes from lhe balcony Barb Thelen fakes a bow Her panfomrmes were rusf a rrof Shes our class comedrenne now TV may be her nexf sfop fhrs gal rs on her way Comedrennes should walch her close especrally Marlha Raye Everyday rf you feel blue Your lrfe can be more fun If rn your presence should happen fo be Brll Currre hes lhe one All day long he had fun rn every possrble way By dorng so you foo had fun through every gloomy day QQ!!! of came MOST VERSATILE The girl who was mosf alloround lm sure rs known by all She foo rs lops In all she does Shes really on the ball' Who? Jane Ffngerle' Why who else would If be? In sporfs and academic work shes besf as you could see Do you like sports like baskefball Or maybe football teams? Or how abouf a baseball game? Thals quite a lof If seems Bu! Bob Lewis played fhem all and really IS The best Mos! allaround, mosl versahle he really meefs the fest CLASS PIN UP Hollywood has Debbve Reynolds And all 48 are her fans Buf shll she will never compare Wrlh Ann Arbor Hfgh s Sue Dfngman She has lhe looks and personalrfy fo rnafch Was she vofed pm up of our senlor class? Nalch' Rock Hudson or Eddie Ffsher Are sure right fn siyle Buf fhey conf compare fo Dwlghi And his wnnnlng smile The gurls all go hazy when he comes In srghf Dwlghf Wahrs The besf looking IH school all rrghf 1 'xx I . . , - 1 x , . 1 . , . . 1 , . 1 I 1 - 1 f 1 - ' I . ,G Lazrfgz' S? Yi? sl- M W' g A: Z 4 is K 'G j g 3 :Sig X: 'Meg -Q lv X ! 5 1 ' z fxjw W Q .-.Y s s qw ,Mah A N ,-Nt' ,'Y5"W'53WW P S3 Q , 3 My k A fw'W"' ,,.ew.,, y 5 5 9 5 ' .4 wana-mm-.,.-.,. W My . X fx-NA e. we-91 g S f-Q .,J"""'1""" Q ffm: fiffzlaz Wag! Sedan! Fzzaacafec Wade Yr I X 151 lilllllll llulwlm ll Ill ME 55 L f""! dT"'T!"l:'-'1 999095 a 40 C I U e W .- .. , . -,. W . - - .A A Y I A47 4 X Q, I . Q .. Q - n ..- 1- - s ,. Y D ,.-., 'Q ' K Aruledhtfpp' 'kl' dpl An incl' d pl ' l p p A slo p p ' I d g. C pl' f f M. B II Mixing up the dope, or are the dopes mixed up The microbe hunters 1 . qezecui Et fu Brute' H ". . . and now the answer to the 564,000 ' ll ll e ' ll , . question All we wont or he focts mom Blackboard gumble 0 ,eafatanitdec We seem to have a few extra parts The abnlny to reconstruct squares as o talent that few people possess We we Welder M 42 4'- l " ' . II... ll... Xl 1 u, K 1 5' 754 .sludealfd ,ua "learn the new two finger method lhunl and peekl" Up ond over' Well' Well' Well' fffiq 'QQ X MJ,-if ii' .f 'H main 43 I : Alf q x'--U . 1'Y 1 a, . ,3 . f '.f -:-V .. A 3 1' A" . Jud, ' ,L-Y. ,- 'E , 4 ' X l ,yy A,, , ,ff 'A 7'f4L"Jv -W D Q 3 ll Jbxtl 4 ,rf . . . , P M . W A-,LU le?" N, W ' S? ,ff .' VA ,gf I ',?,i ak , .-'O iff, '57 ,-dy ll 'sf , .i . 4,1-ff' g x ' Hi 'ff' ' 1 'JH -"' F If 11 . fx' " I ' 5, A51 .MN l . f 19 ' I 'A . ' ..- '2.., f-f"'+ " ' Q sxw . 1 s. mn " X'5mx,,h K l f. 1 QNX ' x V' Xxx..--. - Fcmnly Iuvlng sn echo Hugh on a Windy Hull 754 emucalcvz and The brossnness of some people' These urhstuc nnspurotuons' YFNW dm awzccafczz wgmm Qi, much to my surprnse I discovered o right before my eyes These mud ple orhsisl For lessons on how to get 6 new muscles In 6 easy lessons coll NO31744 A rzght gurls up ond at em 45 C I '- j Q',D."'g,'s, Q 4 ', K H Q W- J X -4413 "I pulled if out and opened it up, and "'v- rw, 3- 5 - ,. fx , h ' 11 - ' - I 1 V----.A .N CCP Cf I , 1 9 A f 4 'xv 41 Amherst fNubbyl Turner presudent Comme Castor vnce presrdent 7 eaafzafcaalcan af lie Staafevufa :md STUDENT COUNCIL Stramung ears and vouces to be heard above the rattle and clmk of the cafeterla setttng up tables ln B corrldor for executive committee meetings all were a part of the actlvutues of thts years student councnl Re gardless of these lnconvemences however the councxl or ganuzed the btggest homecommg ever seen at Ann Arbor Hugh Many dtlugent hours were spent dtscussmg and rec ommendmg policies to be adopted at the new school We ftnally moved and ortentotnon programs noon hour actevmes and a host of other protects fllled the agenda of the Councul Thelr efforts were not hmnted however only to problems of thelr own sponsormg baskets of food at Chrnstmas and the Cancer Tag Day organlzed by the Tru School Council were examples of the Student Councll s Interest In clvuc aftorrs ffm as ,- Ltr 'QUE' Jane Fmgerle, secretary H Fonde X f' spa 'Q oy:-I EQ X ' - E y rg Vll H? ?cwaZa'y 5: 0 'vu Q , Killlilg . nllln N,i,.,. 2, 3' S 'fi ifizgiii ,515 'fm V -an if Xi va- V 1 Q if 'P 1.1 : , 3 Wi W 1 I 'inf' 1 l hi i EW C' FUTURE TEACHERS Future Teachers Club was organized with the main purpose of recruiting young people inter- ested in the teaching profession. Sponsored by Mary Ellen Lewis, the club has increased in its recognition, and many of the members are now participating in actual class rooms as cadet teachers. Each student selected a school in which to do her teaching. Those schools support- ing this program are: Perry, Mack, Angell, and Slauson. Other club activities included singing Christ- mas carols at the Home for the Aged, attending installation services at the Delta Kappa Gamma and taking part in meetings at St. Mary's Lake in October. Presiding over these functions were semester presidents, Sandy Stoll and Pat Wilkins. ROW l L. Reimart, C. Gillette, S. Stoll, P, Wilkinss, C. Doss, D. Thomas, E. Murphy. ROW 2. S. Thomas, P. Bergman, E, McClellan, P. Gerow, S. Strong, M. Dodge, M. E. Lewis. FUTURE NURSES Aspirin, heating pads, and an hour's rest were devices employed by the Future Nurses, super- vised by Miss Harding, to cure the aches and pains of the school-day blues. These students also doubled as receptionists and general all-around workers. Although this group was originally dis- organized last year with the change in schedules, the girls decided to continue working in an un- official capacity. A tribute goes to this organiza- tion for its service to the student body. ROW 1. J. Lentz, L. Suarez, W. Stillman, M. Stoll, D, Knapp, C. Peake, M. Corbin. ROW 2. D. Harding, Advisor, R. lolmbaugh, A. Vidar, E. Misner, L. Hardesty: E. Gehringer, M. A. Jenkins, C. Lusk, P. Koch. '7uZwze faawledge and ?' D64 4 ww- I:::rl.! nn? 2 A? Q1 55 I 0 .- I :B wg -rags?-. F- 5, f Q M533 F ' wz'7iZ me PRESIDENTS COMMITTEE Will the meeting please come to order! We will now have the minutes from last week's meeting. The members of the Presidents' Committee, under the supervision of Mr. Schreiber, discussed methods of parliamentary procedure and ways of making homeroom meetings more interesting for the student body. The presidents, however, didn't de- vote all their time to serious discussions. At Christmas time they sponsored the highly successful Toyland Ball. Stu- dents will particularly remember this dance because of the novel admission of a toy per person. All necessary re- pairs were made on dolls, tops, and teddy bears, and the reiuvenated toys were then distributed among children in Ann Arobr. INTRAMURAL MANAGERS The sound of falling pins and excited voices crying, "Oh, a strike!" heard in the bowling alleys after school tells us that the homerooms are making good use of their intramural bowling opportunities. The bowling program, based on home- room competition, is set up by the Intramural Managers's Committee. In the fall, homerooms have a chance to enter mixed teams in both volleyball and badminton. Among the other activities planned by the managers are the ping pong, wrestling and tree throw contests. Under the leadership of LeRoy Fox first semester and Norman Westphal second semes- ter, the intramural managers set up the intramural basketball tournament. Mr. PatthofT's first year as director was highly successful: INTRAMURAL MANAGERS ROW l. L. Clemes, H. Hunter, E. Kokales B. Kruse, T. Milham, S. Craig, S. Schuler, J. Haas N. Westphal, L. Fox, N. Steeb, R. Schulz, B. Demaline, D. Flower, J. Gatzka. ROW 2. R. Thompson, C. Hiser, H. Haugh, B. Sevebeck, S. Carey, M. Blake, T. Lavender, P. Williams, S. Wagner, A. Spokes, P. Heikkinan, T. Lyndon. ROW 3. J. Stienon, D. Slezak, D. Briegel, E. Hirshman, K. Wild, P. Rawry, P. Lovell, M. George, S. Tibbetts, S. Pellen, A. Mast, C. Murphy, E. Murphy, J. Woods, J. Fitzgerald. ROW '4, T. Nor: ris, R, Clark, B. Woodworth, L. Thiel, D. Cart, M. Stoll, K. Korzuck S. J. Bacon, J. Fowler, J. Schneider, D. Slater, S. Peckham. ROW 5 J. Huss, P. Patterson, J. Travillian, D. Roland, R. Nicholson, E Faust, C. Eastman, G. Shear, J. Miano, L. Dunham, J. Schwemmin L. Crabtree, D. Vogel. ROW 6. A. Walker, T. Wanzeck, B. Spokes W. Eaton, M. Katana, P. VanColen, B. Currie, G. Grimson, H Whitney, B. Witting, L. Walter, J. Westerman, T. True, R. Fletcher O. Reilly. .5 1 SCr PK RED CROSS ROW 1 L. Hawks, A Pie-hutkoski, B. Pruitt, J, Copeland, S Dingmon, L Marker, P Lovell, M Morton, ittenden, J. Moon, L. SchaH, W, Sanandres. ROW 2, S. Ghanner, M. Lockwood, J. Judson, F. Spurlin, D eti, B Koernke, S. Struhar, S Dewar, S'. Kikut, M Aloir. ROW 3. B Nicholson, J. lmmel, N. Craig, C, Day, Maynard. L Maurer, M. Schwartz, S. Icerman, A. French, ROW 4. C, Peake, E Zwann, S. Arthur, M Bell, M, Kinsley, aah ROW 5 W Waid D Esch, E Bell, -B Shade, P Longley,L 'Nodks-, K Spoolstra,J Hardesty, J. Gidas ed Zum aaemdlq 6 e'z!z'ee ROW l. T. Lillord M Burk, C. Pruitt, A Walker, M, Francke, S. Lum, C, Castor, A. Myers, S, Schuler, B. Demollne, L. Coburn, C. Knickerbocker, J Tinnln, R Dawson. ROW 2. M. Rinesmith, C. Doss, S. Larmee, B. Tlwelen, D. Bileti, J. Judson, K. Buss, B Arrnbruster, N. Roach, M. E Kiddle. ROW 3 B Underwood, S. Wil liarns,, S. J. Bacon, C. Conkey, B. Gage, C. Thurston, G. Bennett, R. Roby. ROW 4, D, Flower, M. Smith, J. Cook, M, Wells, W, Land, ASSEMBLY S. Daley, J. Lansky, P, Seevers B. Gustine. ROW 5, D. Slezak, K Peyton, C. Farrar, R, Erbe, N. Steeb, M. Vogel, J. Everhardus, T Boersma, B Palmer, C. Callahan, C, Elder, J. Heldreth, S. Ellsworvh ROW 6. D. Sounder, G. Bolgas, L. Nagel, T. Schuon, J. Stockard A, Schreiber, B. Currie, J Walters, A Weid, B. Adams, B. Downey B. Kett, B. Keely. Wand Um: RED CROSS The tantalizing aroma of freshly baked cookies filtered under the door iam of C-9. Within students were packing chocolate chip, peanut butter, and sugar cookies in boxes to be distributed among the men at the Veteran's Hospital. Red Cross members, sponsored by William Sonandres, conducted two such drives throughout the year. The student body's staunch support of the annual membership drive resulted in unanimous homeroom participation. ASSEMBLY COMMITTEE An earpiercing scream filled the auditorium , . . silence . . . then the students burst into applause as one of our most popular assemblies, "The Poe Theatre," ended. Through the eftorts, this year, of the Assembly committee, the Pioneers have enioyed many fine as- semblies. The committee, made up of one volunteer reprsentative fro meach homroom, chose the three out- side assemblies we have every yar along with the fine programs that are put on by school organizations. Another iob of the committee was to rate all the as- semblies we have had. This was carried out by each representative who took a vote of student opinion on each assembly in his homeroom. The number of assemblies that received high rat- ings shows that this year's Assembly committee has certainly provided entertainment that has been enioyed Wag Za Waadiaglm - ,755 v ' A w T N si t 5 .lf l li , bv I i l L ti I sbv'.. L y J WASHINGTON CLUB COMMITTEE Football programs! Get your football programs here! Only a dime! Students, bundled against the cold, tackled this first large project of the year with vigor in order to build up the kitty for the Washington trip. Later in the year the fresh aroma of cookies, cakes, and homemade bread filled the showroom of the Detroit Edison Company marking the beginning of the '56 bake sale. The Washington Club Committee, composed of representatives from each senior homeroom had the task of organizing all the proiects undertaken by the club. Proceeds from paper drives coke sales Christmas cards and wreath sales were the com mittee members' reward for their many hours of by all. planning. SENIOR WASHINGTON COMMITTEE ROW T. R. Straight, B. Schlanderer, P. Westman, S. Becker, M. Schulpe, .l. Haisch. ROW 3. D. Perigo, N. Turner S Korzuck G P. Gerow, B. McCallum, K. Marquis, D. Mast, D. Rathburn. C. Meyers, A. Woodworth, D, Cornish, C. Tinsley S Berarnan E Davis, R. Walker. ROW 2. G. Stentzel, J. Kelly, D. Fillinger, M. Ushiro. Erridge, K. Gerstler, J. Weimer, M. Trubey, M. Corbin, A. Warner, W T. A. Dohlberg, R. Audritsch, H. Hollister, K. Wild, McCleery, B. Braxton, J.-Thompson, N. Whitfield A. Rutledge, M. Greenhaw, B. Schwemmin, R. Silverstone. ROW 2. S. Craig, L. Karnes G. Steinman, P. Plumpton, J. Granger, E. Zwann, P. Powell, D Wacker, J-. Hodson, S. Wares, J. Haisch, L. Hoener. ROW 3. D. rnlsh, S. Bartolacci, J. Jahnke, P. Eastman, B. Stoll, P. Hollis Tletz C. Redlin, P. Kappler, J. Eberth, J. Aprill. ROW 4. H. Richard- O. T. san, B. Clements, P. Westman, J. Miller, L. Marker, K. Armbruster B. Yahr, A. Stump, C. Wood, S. Korzuck, E. Maser, ROW 5. S. Fiegel, B. Bennett, M. Erridge, B. Trudeau, C. Stretch J. Wallace, B. Kett, J. Wirth, ROW 6. l.. Nagel, B. Godfrey, l. Tower, J. Mummery, H. Hoseney, J. Lindner, L. Walter, C. Gilboe F. Frey, D. Rothfuss, P. Cox. Zaadneca Wimdea tie Wwdd ga 'Pound Qi Q' i L-' FE K .. K T, lu X- ri S6 . Ii l '-Kimi S6 C.O.T. The future of tomorrow depends on the youth of today. To help prepare students for the roles they will play in years to come, the merchants of Ann Arbor work in cooperation with the students and give them invaluable experience in their choice of work. This is called Cooperative Oc- cupational Training. The seventy-three students on C.O.T. attend regular classes in the morning and work at their jobs in the afternoon. Every other year the merchants visit the high school, make rounds of the classrooms, and make volu- able suggestions concerning the students' prepa- ration for their iobs. ln the alternating years part of the faculty visits the merchants. RIFLE CLUB Bulls-eye! Members of the Rifle Club experi- enced many perfect shots as the year progressed. Under the direction of Mr. Barcley and Mr. Reed, these sharpshooters learned how to handle arms safely and skillfully. Access to the rifle range on Monday afternoons and Wednesday nights gave the riflemen numerous opportunities to practice for the state wide matches in which they partcipate during the spring. LIBRARY COMMITTEE A new-comer to A.A.H.S.'s list of committees is the Library Committee. Organized to give the students representation in matters concerning library rules, service, and fines, this experi- mental organization was composed of volun- teers trom each homeroom. The members chief task was to plan how to spend accumulated "fine" money which amounted to three hundred dollars. After extensive discussion it was decided to buy a record player that could be played by groups or individuals using earphones. To give the library a good start on the collection of records, committees were created to investigate and buy popular, documentary and classical records. ROW I. H. Sayre, R. Hanselman, M. Niehuss, M. Fralick, K. James, B. Beniamin, A. Mast D. DenHouter, D. Biebighauser. ROW 2. B. Reed, R. Knapp, F. Ball, D. Downing, G. Denkinger J. Barnes, C. Farrar, C. Barclay. Zaficeqe 70664 cz Eifle cw cz " ate ae' Stamp LIBRARY ROW I. J. Gleason, J. Woods, Mrs. Savery, S. Speratos, G. B. Semanske, D. Corrigan, J. Goetz, S. Lum, W. Stillman, L. Martin, R. Dittmer, S. Hopkins, T. Watson, R. Harris, C. Maynard, Criss, A. Ferguson, S. Daley, C. Gillette, J. Gilbert, S. Crowell, B. Steeb, J. Haisch, N. Rickard, N. Falmeter. ROW 2. J. Lindsay, M. Hopkins. ROW 4. W. Mahan, B. Thompson, D. Hager, S. Nelson, S. Bennett, J. Fox, H. Haugh, J. Gainsley, N. Baromeo, O. Bauer, R. McKee, P. Seevers, B. Wing, M. Kenniston, L. Kooistra, P. Wil- E. Sasaki, K. Wanty, J. McEndree, M. Godfrey M. Harrison. ROW 3. liums, C. Culp, M. Greene. mi'S5'1': f ' 'sr fi M Judy Goddard, associate editor Nancy Hulslander, editor Jackie Haas, associate edltor Mr Wrlluam Sonandres Mr Robert Granvnlle Emma of '75 145 OMEGA EDITORIAL OMEGA All the students who helped to plan ond create the 56 centenmal Omega wall agree that It has been a valuable experience on lournalusm finances and publac relatlons The staff began work dunng the summer plannung layouts and lnvestugatxng the possxbnlutues of a larger book The ad staft collected over 51000 dollars and the other stafts worked busily at their various dutues of taking and developung pc tures drawlng cartoons and wretung copy but they all worked together towards the ultumate goal orngmaluty lt was ue however, to the cooperatlon and assistance receuved from you the admlmstratnon faculty and students that It became os suble to carry outa number of new features to make thus Issue an attractive book of your hugh school memories ow 1 aus u son er O ar eo! e ow Onan res 0 urn Faust mes N French M Franck S We 58 xv 1 s 1 . . . . . , i- , I . . . I d I .. . I . p - .J,H ,N.Hlld,J.Gddd,M.Gg.R 2.W.S d,l.,Cb,E, ,K. Ja , , , , l' , . lch S21 Nancy Funk art edltor Q 'fa Q gmviifg Ql Qx -L, E if G.C samba? wp TH' IN ROW M Caster M Sfuber S Schu er ROW ecker M end S Prou C Scomo C Casor Mudge F Shnppey B Arnold Siuber business monager EGrH Mary Sue Caster oss! busnness manager PHOTOGRAPHERS A R T ow'l A Vndar N Funk G Chang Row 2 C Trcuvns B Go e Mudge George copy edufor 59 Bruce Arnold phovogropher ,Q--1 1. . , , , . I , 2.S,B ,.W',, d,. ',.1. , ' , . , , a. R . . ' Y . ' , . . , . ', , g ,Q-7 ef Q M -, .ll , , ,, N nal Q9 alll: ISE or ur' PHOTOGPAPHERS SPORTS Jvleason L Walter W Marshall RQW D Howe, Mr Kenneth Greer Mr Ronald Schultz ROW 2 K Marquus M Farnsworth A Schreuber OPTIMIST On Friday afternoons durung last hour about every three weeks a famtluar rustltng echoed through the corridors and classrooms The Optnmmst was belng passed out by the enthusuastnc students who had helped put the ussue together Durlng the year the Optumxst ofhce was known for :ts lack of space usable typewnters glue and for Its generally messy appearance A typncal Optimist hour found advlsor Donald Schultz shoutlng Hurry up' whale second page edttors Dorothy Rathburn and Delores Hack sat tn the corner rewrutmg stones and first page edstors Martha Farnsworth and Pat Gerow raced madly through the halls lookung for typusts Thurd page edntor Mary Ellen Knddle could usually be found huntmg for the honor roll whale sports edutor Dean Flower his work flnushed a day beforehand sat typing a story for Martha and associate editor Barb Nagler sat on a corner desk muttermg wheres my coke? Judy Packard was perched bestde her exclaumlng Darn' l cant have e' Im on a duet" Comtng through wlth the right number of ads at the rrght time was bUSI ness manager Sue Dungman wnth the able assnstance of buslness advnsor Kenneth Greer EDITORIAL I 'Ma D Flower A Myers, P Gerow M Farnsworth 'f.fl'igTfg 4 'fits e , -v me-fs 'V r' Y N ' ,N ff , ,X f ' 1 . i K ' 4 ,K . 'V ' A K ' , 3: . f , QU E ' sf ' ' 15 I -.e1m . as we tysu M, a x f . X I I I iff vt I? ff gg is It r rr - . tt. ,. , .I M an , 2? N Y , A gi . Q., ls , s A , . . - 1. . . 7 "A , . . . . . -. 'fi P4 . , YN, - - H 11 - ' ' ' I' I ' - ' ' 11 11 ' , . I . . I A I I l I - ' - ,, 1 , h 11 l , . . . . I ,, I , on . ' ' . A I . I . . . . I ie' Q A ,S M 4 5 . - , - 1 ROW! B Nagler D Schultz J Packard ROW 2 M E Klddle D Hack D Rathburn f X- vi AD STAFF 'hr FW m M., ' 4 , NH ROW 1, G. de Koning, K. Greer, S. Dingmon, H. Koefoed ROW 2. S. Dingmcn, C. Tilford REPORTERS ROW1 G Cote J Marian N Carroll M Koloknhos ROW 2 P Spurlm L Slenger Moran A Schrenber N Rnckurd H Hough J Everhardus Judy Packard ednor M wr Barbara Ncgler ossoclcfe edrfor Sue Dungmcn business manager sf' wwf 'Q 61 161 . . , . , , , . . . ' I - I ' I - 1 - ' I . , . A ' fi 0 I , E W' i 5 K ,I Q L fi-ie v 1 ffi Q7 ,Qi 23? gi ,W 5 3 1 gkniii my ji is i Q12 lv, as 'YY Rv 31 'F ff x ,ff 2 Q A 5 ,W Q QM 7 3 ff ,si 3 ' 5 rv. 11 f Y? - Y? QQKAV JT, L x. . 13? if w 3 'f .-'QV , A 4, W- -f , f . We 9 - " 5 Q, . t" C 1 - 5, f M 2 5 f ' i 5 V. 3, x V ,, -msn N f ' ' 70e"ze Wldamd ?omwl ! BAND WOODWINDS ROW l. P. Hadcock, M. Danforth, A. French, S. J. Bacon, G. Wallenhut B Hooker S Mullnson L. Fleming, B. McCallum, V. Smith, K. Koch, M. Bell, C. Teppa, B. Armbruster K Rogers J Hunt M Waterman. ROW 2. T. Huntwork, D. Fisher, P. Bergman, S. Stasheft L Miller J Randall P Spring G. Bolgos, S. Breitsprecher, D. Sager, E. Kakales, C. Connell, R. Nicholson C Steiner l. Rutledge J. Martin, J. Thompson, G. Gould, C. Roth. ROW 3. J. Hartweg, C Kauper N Phelps B Shade J. Walsworth, S. Williams, N. Schumann, M. Haas, S. Turner, B. Gilbert J Stienon R Preston M Johnston, M. Stephen, G. Slater, M. Spring, B. Gillen, B. Gamer. With rolling drums and clashing cymbals the AAH S Band spurred on school spirit at the home basketball and football games. The achievements of the 80 member or ganization were rewarded at the district musical contest n Wayne, where they won a first division award The high light of the year is their trip to the Lions International convention at Miami, Florida Various activities such as a pancake dinner, were undertaken to raise the necessary Sl0,000. 6 3 ORCHESTRA WOODW I ND ROW T. P. Hadcock, A. French, M. Johnston, S. Garner. ROW 2. F. Roth, M. Haas, E. Dalley, B. Shade, N. Phelps, C. Kauper, C. Farrar. ORCHESTRA PERCUSSION G. Vining. 'LCP ORCHESTRA The strings, brasses, reeds, and percussion of the orchestra all blended into harmonious accompaniment for "Footlight Scandals," two maior plays, and graduation. On 'their own, they performed equally well, earning a "l" in the district contest. One of the highlights of the year was playing for the Michigan Educational Association con- vention. Uudeatm 77:46 4 manga and wma lat Ddacledm ORCHESTRA BRASS C. Roth, B. Farrar, W. Wrightmun, D. Harrell, V. Cole, F. Shippey. ORCHESTRA STRINGS ROW 'l. C. Avshorion, M. Morfon, L. Kooistru, P. Nelson, M. Kenlsion, E. Lichty, D. Fosier, M. Dolley, T. Boersmo, B. Boehnke. ROW 2. D. Seebcxck, V. Sfumm, C. Pardon, J. Dolfln, M. Blake, D. Smifh, S. Corey, J. Gooding, J. Gilbert. ROW 3. J. Simpson, P. Spring, J. McEndree, C. Sccmio. ROW 4. K. Korluck, B. Criffen- den. 65 ae gundam 0,4 14.4. nf. s. Win CANTANDO South sea maidens swaying to the strains of Bali-Hi ...., a purple robed choir singing Adoramus Te .... These and many other per- formances by the Cantando choir will be remem- bered by all as outstanding student entertakiment. The singers demonstrated their ability in the Ypsi- lanti Choral Festival by receiving a superior rating. Included in a busy agenda were school assemblies and trips to the Veteran's Hospital. Rehearsals dur- ing 2nd semester were largely devoted to learning new renditions for the annual Cantando concert. Choir activities terminated with the mass May Fes- tival. CANTANDO ROW T. J. Judson, C. Vreeland, J. Reynolds, J. Beck, S. Strong, B. Nicholson, C. Peake, M. Farnsworth, C. Dixon, P. Williams, D. Metzner, M. Weiss, M. O'Donnell, S. Mansour. ROW 2. C. Murphy, D. Jones, F. Lewis, A. Peterson, C. Field, S. Himler, M. George, V. Johnson, G. Acree, M. Fralick, J. Wing, J, Krueger, M. Baker. ROW 3. S. lcerman, J. Wilson, A. Vitins, M. Fralick, S. Earl, S. Fiegel, C. Dailey, C. Payne, B. McGregor, A. Jones. ROW 4. M, MIXED ENSEMBLE It anyone happened to be wandering down B corridor during fifth hour they would undoubtably have heard some different sounds issuing from the music rooms. The members of the Mixed Ensemble were at work. This group, directed by Mr. Merrill, was composed of boys and girls who were largely sopho- mores. They appeared in many of the fine music assem- blies of Ann Arbor High and sang primarily religious and classical music. The big project of the Mixed En- semble g'roup this year was to rehearse and perform the operetta, "Down In The Valley." MALE CHORUS E, a, ah, oh, oo: this and many other vocal exercises are employed in A.A.H.S.'s music depart- ment to train and develop students' vocal chords. Several classes have been initiated to prepare those musically inclined for the select choirs. Male Chorus, the school's only all male musical organization, has proven itself to be a popular performing group, as well as a vocal technique class. Directed by Mr. Merrill, the boys appeared in Footlight Scandals, the Solo and Ensemble Festival, and the Spring May Festival. Gardner, G, Haywood, S. Sheldon, C. Cunningham, M. Kett, C Opple, S. Wahr. ROW 5. P. Heiklxinen, F. Richards, C. Peck, S Arthur, M. Napier, B. Sheff, J. Clark, D. Warner, L, Reiman M. H. Taylor. ROW 6. D. Patterson, E. Eugene, G. Anderson, H Kambas, S. Tucker, S. Korzuck, C. Conkey, S. Wolf, M. Meadows K. James, S. Proud, E. Misner. VOICE AND ENSEMBLE ROW1 N Sfeeb K Waniy C Knickerbocker S Psaros E Collins M L Vogel M A Bunven J Gainsley M Howell J Bevzer B Remer N Carroll ROW 2 S Hodges J Haas N Baromeo A Mas? M E Kiddie J Woods S Tbbews N Logan J Garluck ROW 3 G Acree A Belser J GI n S W d K Rog Z Nils Harrison L Wlnkelhaus L Prakken ROW 4 T Kolalcullias H Lanslly D H well B ed U5 0 T rner D Fisher H Kelly J Welch D NUM G Flfzgerad Sedan! and ?a!Z6c ffoalczim 7fvwa94 MALE CHORUS ROW 1. D. Hager, G. Williams, R, Fox, F. Waits, S. Lum, H elly, G. Eschelbach, J. Barnes, Mr. Merrill. ROW 2. L. Rogers, W. Eavon, D. Gibson P. Helber, P. Reindel, J. Miano, M. Bailey. ROW 3. R. Coleman, A. Walker, J. Beck, B, Wiving, T. Kola kifl-mas, L. Cross, G. Rickerson. ROW 4. J. Rocco, L, Clemes, J. Gidos A. Cldpp, J. Warren. 5 L 9 ff. ,LM , r C, lst-1 'Q ROW 'l. J. Merrill, G McAdam, K. Grau, M. Farlas, C. Castor, N. Hulslander, M. Stuber, V. Smith, B. NagIer,, R. Preketes, B. Tucay, J. Pickard, N. Carroll, J. Wangdahl, H. Haugh. ROW 2. D Hack, C. Bell, J. Heldreth, K. Gerstler, M. Caster, A. Myers, N, Fink, J. Schneider, J. Fingerle, S, Brandt, C. Davis, S. Wares, J. Fitzgerald. ROW 3, M. Kalokithas, J. Burnham, N. Kulenkamp, J. Jahnke, J. McDougall, S. Becker, T. MacCarthy, K. Brown, l.. Oatalcwddag Peng A CAPPELLA Again this year the A Cappella choir, under the direc- tion of "Uncle John" Merrill, was one of the finest choral groups in Michigan. Last fall the group participated in Footlight Scandals, a musical review. During the Christmas season A Cappella gave a radio broadcast over WHRV, and for the first time in history sang in the Michigan Theater. The choir took part in both the District and State Choral Festivals, as well as the Tenth Annual Midwest Musical Conference. Dur- ing the Easter season they sang "The Seven Last Words" in a special assembly. On May l3, A Cappella appeared with the University of Michigan Singers. They also gave a spring concert at the West Park Shell. Steve Heald, president of the choir, and the executive board have drawn up a new constitution under which they hope the group will operate more smoothly and more efficiently next year. A CAPPELLA Katz, D. Mapes, C. Doss. ROW 4. B, Correll, W. Land, H, Ffabe, J. Wessinger, R. Fillinger, B. Godfrey, D. Barth, R, Fullerton, G. Myers, B. Douglas, M, Nagler, F. Bacon, B. Demaline, D. Patterson. ROW 5. B. Burd D, Wilke, D. Burns, B. Smith, L. Hough, D. Sarah, E. Argersinger, G. Grimston, R. Conkey, E. Sasaki, D. Hanrath, G. Vining, S. Bearman. DEBATE D. Gary, S. Palmer, J. Harrison, R. Erbe, J. Copeland, J. Woodruff, B. Thompson. Delcufefza 456 '74em4eZae4 data 6 -,4 fa' Donald Gary, coach lol .sf-H DEBATE The squad had a very successful season this year. Qualifying for the state finals debating tournnament, the team proceeded to gain the district debating championship. At this contest, held at Albion College, the af- firmative team defeated Romulus and Adrian, and the negative went on to secure the title by eliminating Albion High School which was, previous to that time, unbeaten in that contest. ln the quarter-finals the Ann Arbor de- bators defeated Northville High School and qualified to enter the semi-finals. lt was here that the squad was edged out by a split decision, yet it still placed among the four top teams in the state. Q ,L 5 Jm Copeland dean cpm QB ff? i I - O N 92 'Pd' :ox V K if 6.1 Q. X WASHINGTON CLUB Plane? Train? Bus? Pogo stick? The sponsors of the '56 Washington Club were left in a dither as they heard the announcement that all special trains had been discontinued. Smooth efficiency soon replaced the scene of bewilderment, however, as it became apparent that some regular plane and train reservations would be available. Final arrangements were made, and "by hook or by crook" small groups of us finally straggled into New York for a few glorious days. Upon our arrival a whirl of activities faced us: the China town tour, the Hayden Planetarium, Pajama Game and No Time for Sergeants, the conducted tours and the unconducted tours which often led to missed subway connections, shop- ping .... So much to do and not enough time was the general feeling as, boarding a train, we left the teeming Manhattan area. The quiet ousterity of the Capitol was a relief from the glittering world of blasting horns, New York City. Here we were surrounded by great spacious lawns, time cared land- scaping and architecture. The Capitol, the National Art Gal- l X Q0 -- 70 lery Jeffersons Memorial the quiet malesty of the Lincoln Monument and the eternal peace of Mount Vernon were en honced by the first touches of spring But time unaware of beauty and peace passed on heedlessly and again we boarded the tram this time for home As l sat In my seat looking around at the kids gaaly chatting and laughing about their wonderful experiences l was glad that l had had an opportunity to be with so many of my school chumsp for in a short time each of us would be going his separate way. My thoughts were suddenly inter- rupted as the train braked to a stop before a platform teem- ing with parents waiting to catch their bedraggled sons and daughters as they stumbled down the steps. Crooked stock- ings, crumpled hats, smudged faces, and scuffed shoes were forgotten as parents also began to realize that these seniors would soon be making their way in the world, that these young people would no longer be under the "protecting wing" of the familyg for the Washington Club trip had proved their ability to be independent individuals. 71 'XL' t ne:-5 as D F' 1 8 ll.l'1"?f!I 7 kd? Captain, Bob Correll We Wad Hanoi, eam VARSITY FOOTBALL When the T955 Ann Arbor High football team reported for its first proc' tice, it was a very green squad. There were but two starters back from the previous year's offensive team and three from the defensive platoon. For that reason much work needed to be done to formulate all the new players into a team. Of course we had the finest coaches, but we lacked the experience which only comes with game conditions. The games that we played against Wayne, Kalamazoo, Flint, and Lansing brought us the much needed experience and the players were enjoying the hours they were working with each other. The next game was the one with Battle Creek, and it will long be remem- bered by the fans as one of the closest games in recent Ann Arbor High football history. However, this game will be remembered by the players as the one in which they became a team in the true meaning of the word. With six minutes left to play in the game, Ann Arbor was behind by 5 points. We received the kick off at that time and in the huddle before the first play from scrimmage each player vowed vocally that he would give his all on each play. Every player had great poise when he was in there and it was something that can be admired under such circumstances. There wasn't a word spoken about defeat, but rather there was a feeling that nothing could stop us now. They didn't stop that final drive, and Ann Arbor scored with a mere five seconds left in the game. Thus Ann Arbor became a great team in six minutes against the toughest competition in the state. From then on, it was a question of being ready for each game. The team met the test and went on to win the Six-A League title plus four different honors as the mythical State Champions of Michigan. It was a very fine year and the credit can go to our coaches, the players, faculty, student body, and community of Ann Arbor. --"- Bob Correll Left: "This could be a close one!" 74 Pep, Steam. fi? ffk Ygwvsi ft vvuv """ if I! Q 1 'L- ? 1 "Mm 1 -7 Q ""' mn- "Laok, Mom, I caught him!i', is the expression on Dale Alexander's face as he is making a tackle in the Lansing Eastern game. Lower right: "My best tackle of the years," says Ron Waldo, No. 81. "Your only tackle of the year!" says Bob Correll. Below: "Grrrrrr Lower left: "I hope Louie gets him!" OPP 7 7 13 O 18 7 13 6 Wayne Kalamazoo Flint Northern Lansing Sexton Battle Creek Lansing Eastern Ypsilanti Jackson 75 r STEVE HEALD Center DALE BELL l. End ERNIE USHIRO Fullback 7' J 3 7 6 .5 O I 5 I I I I I I : I I I ' I I I I I I I ' : I : : 7 I I I ' I I ' I I I I II I I 5 I : : : I 1 5 I . . I - I g I II I I I I I I I I I . I I 5 . I I I I 1 ' . I I I ' I I I ' I I I I ' I I A I Ii I I III I I Ii I I I II II II I I I II I II I I.I I I I I ,gigg 1,055 fyg! IIQ5 mfg q II3 AQJ, I-I 4, I ,qu fi 14 my ff ...5 1.3.13 ,Ig .-9 fI94Q ,gy ,,I14Q,g4 I A944 fX94,'v 39464147 f.-1118 A945 19.671 fgifff 1.952 f.Q.'I,3 M54 Q65 -- will - - f- - -- .loaf ---I--I 7c'ed I ' I I I I . I I : I I I ' : ' : . - I . I ' I I ' I I I - ' I I I I I ' I I ' I I I I I I I I I : I I I 1 I I I I ' I I ' I ' : I - ' I: - - : - I : I ' I. I. . : : I - I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I A I . I I Ii I I: I :I Ii III II Ii :I I I : I I I : :I II: : I .I . II 39, Hg, O95 Iggy 153 I I I,I 1.902 ,903 1904 I-ICH IQCI .nor . "I-I www f9'f' ffv. In ,104 mfs A915 I91I' 1,916 ISA? 1920 I-2, uv? X924 Seewona ROW I - Mgr. J. Walters, D. Sarah, P. Smifh, R. Morlan, B. Williams, S. Heald, D. Downey. ROW 4- End coach F. Kline, B. Agar, J. Baughn, E. Ushiro, D. Perigo, G. Velker, Mgr. R. Ellicoll. ROW 2-Trainer P Clifford, Line coach C. Pagakis, D. Alexander, B. Schneeberger, M Brown, Capi. B. Correll, B. Lewis, D, Bell, L. Fox, D. Vogel, D. Down ing. ROW 3-Headcoach H. Fonde, linecoach C. River, D. Schumann W. Mason, B. Caesar, B. Schlanderer, R. Waldo, J. Tibbehs, J. Snot! 1 G. Buchschacher, W. Roth, C. Davis, D. Hanrath, D. Allen, A. Sanlure, J. Fox, C. Kleinschmidf. ROW 5-Mgrs. B. Smilh and M. Alair, F. Shep- pard, K. Henkle, R. Smith, C. Baker, J. McCoy, C. Carver, J. Kenne, B. Jones, Mgrs. J. Christie and P. Coulter. '7 '1 - fivfm 2 49342 1 5 Q 278- 62 I 67 64 66, J. V. FOOTBALL A ROW J- J- G9"U9l1'Y- P- Bfeon- B- Hamel. E- K0l10l9S- B- MllEYf R, Coleman, G. Williams T. Kruse, R. Schlect, B. Earl, J. Travi D- GYCLI L- ROQGYSI J- MLGHOI R- KGYUY, J- Bcllef- ROW 2- R- Row 5. L. Thiel D. Murphy, A. Whitley, F. Schwartz, J. Barnes Rowery, G. Williams, J. Goetz, E. Barnard, J. Turner, B. Sinanian, 5- Sqewcrgl BA Wane,-1 3, Suiqs' B, Pgnerson, Row 6. R, Bateman A. Weid, D. Slezak, F. Zimmer, M. Wilcox. Row 3. D. Henvz J. williams, E, Klum T, Jones J, Gidggl T, Fenefsl D, Dm J. Hearn, L. Fonville, R. Boynton, R. Potter, G. Keene, F. Schneider, W, Jones' J, Kruse . Huss, J. Douglas. Row 4. W. Brown, T. Wanzeck, J. Welch, AA OPP 31 13 Lqnsing Sexfon Row l: R. Bateman H. Fonde P. Clifford. Row 2: E. Klum 26 6 Mon,-oe F. Kline, C. Ritter, C. Pagakis 53 T9 Wayne 14 18 Jackson 19 19 Battle Creek 47 7 Ypsilanti J-V FOOTBALL A 4-1-l record capped the J-V season, and showed that many of this year's J-V's should prove valuable additions to next year's varsity squad. Their ability was dem- onstrated by their stalwart performances against the difficult gridiron foes. Team captains and co-captains ot this year's football team were: Bob Sinanian, Roosevelt Rowry, Lynn Rogers, Dick Graft, Rick Potter, Ed Barnard, Tom Jones, Milo Wilcox, Art Weid, and Jim Turner. These boys were chosen for their outstanding con- tributions to the team. l l 7 Q Bill ek place 5th place OPP OPP Battle Creek Lansnng Eastern Jackson 6A Meet Adrian Reguonal Meet Ypsulantl Kalamazoo Sexton MacNeuI Smuth 80 ' Y AA 60 35 27 50 23 66 ' 17 48 79 Howell Wayne 5th - 23 38 ' 22 36 ' ' 'ide Wcvvzdew cw cum! Em. . . CROSS COUNTRY The cross country team of the T955 season had the un- usual experience of being led by junior co-captains. Both Bill Yek and Mickey Smith did a fine iob of captaining the boys. The hard-running team capped several "wins" throughout the season. ln the 6A league tournament the harriers placed 5th and in the regional meets they achieved the 6th position. A T R The spectators viewing the T956 cross country meets will ' ' yon' see several fine runners, co-captained once again by Bill Yek and Mickey Smith and coached by A. T. Ryan. ROWI R Betlre D Breitenwischer R Dimond M Hannah T Mllham S Lum S Lowell B Huscock M McKenzie J Curtis D Williams G Peterson B Inbody C C M Smith C C B Y lm Guenther C Opple A Leibee J Davis l. Crabtree A French B Crawford M Hinilxer B Kruse R Hanselman ROW 3 D Fisher R Danforth F Boersma C l.HospitaI 81 - - . 4 ' ' , . ' , V f . T. A , - , . f . ' , - ' , - ' McMullen, J, Williams, L. Arcure, J. Otto. ROW 2 4 D. Cebulski, D. Willis, J. Bonin, R. Houghtalin, D. Scttinger. ROW 4 - B . ' ' , , , . , o- . . ' , oe . . e , , . , . ' , . ' , . , . VARSITY BASKETBALL AA Saginaw Arthur Hill 54 Detroit Catholic Central 43 Battle Creek Central 39 Dearborn 79 Lansing Sexton 44 Ypsilanti Central 64 Jackson Central 63 Kalamazoo Central 73 Lansing Eastern 74 Detroit Catholic Central 72 Battle Creek Central 53 Lansing Sexton 51 Ypsilanti Central 57 Jackson Central 42 Kalamazoo Central 46 Lansing Eastern OPP 59 46 34 39 48 39 51 68 59 77 48 47 35 64 45 ini' 74a Wecdooz' af tie acute 14 14 W S 6 14 Zdampa BASKETBALL The T955 56 basketball squad afforded its followers many surprises and thrills After losing their first two contests in the closing minutes the team realized its potential and began to win consistently This seasons starting five was comprised of co captains Don Perugo and Bob Lewis Jack McKenzie Dick Hutchison and Bill Burd Bill Halliday proved to be a reliable sixth man A notable characteristic of this years squad was its scoring balance No Pioneer opponent could concentrate its defense on stopping any one man because there would always be someone else to take up the slack Coach Klums aggregation won the SixA league title with a margin of two games over their nearest rival The highlight of the campaign for the league championship was a thrilling 47 46 victory over Kalamazoo on a basket by Bill Burd in the last three seconds The record for the regular season was 'll wins against 5 defeats The Pioneers then got underway in their effort to win the state championship Defending state champion Jackson went down before the Pioneers in the first tourney game Follow up victories over Monroe and Livonia Bentley gave Ann Arbor the regional championship After defeating Kalamazoo in quarter final play the squads tournament winning streak was finally snapped at the hands of the Cosmos of Ham tramck in the semifinals ln reaching the semifinals however the squad earned a place among the other great Pioneer basketball teams 65 47 0 - 5 1 1 0 0 8 2 A L BASKETBALL ROW1 B Hollndcy D Huvchuson D Perlgo B Lewns J McKenzue R Henry ROW 3 D Bneholz B Harvey K Gulhngham E Klum J Gonser ,,,.-4- -,,.1- 55" rs-5: rj: 83 1 ur NA 3 Q , W ' 2A V 2 ROW 22 B1 Schneebugrggr, D. Allerz, Balos: Pi Von eolgn, P. Hingkeg, B. Buird ' N1 x G r. l k H gg J X -all eff' ,gr ""' r rw flwf ' ax . I 5.1, Ria.. 1 " 1 W Q3 an is if 3, K? 5 ilm g n WN M , H ,..,.:" ll ff 'I'- K sw- H J 3 o"N- ,Q ,n Co-ccpfczin Bob L Hulchlson Halliday McKenzie Bill Burd XS! 1 J. V. BASKETBALL AA Saginaw Arthur Hill 48 Detroit Catholic Central 42 Battle Creek Central 34 Dearborn 45 Lansing Sexton 50 Ypsilanti Central 57 Jackson Central 32 Kalamazoo Central 54 Lansing Eastern 32 Detroit Catholic Central 37 Battle Creek Central 32 Lansing Sexton Ypsilanti Central Jackson Central Kalamazoo Central Lansing Eastern Opp 57 33 38 Al 52 26 65 43 50 38 52 Henry uf fee Coaches Ed Klum and Peter Palmer f ' , za Y A 7 'I ,P . -3- 'f' . fs 4 h . la '. f 1 - . ' ' L' I. .- 15 -I -. 'Q yy I. , 1 , .. .,g g ,gmfgiigyflf if . 7.99135 ' ' x 2 wr J.V. BASKETBALL Finishing the season with an eight-win and eight-loss record, the J.V. basketball squad had one of its best seasons in recent years. This record was achieved not so much by individual players as by the entire squad. An exam- ple of the depth of the team was the fact that instead of having one captain a team leader was chosen for every game. J J.v. BASKETBALL ROW I. B, Hamel, J. Gates, M. Hiniker, G. Hirth ROW 2. R. Halliday, T. Milham, L. Fonville, J. Turner, M. Warner ROW 3. R. Potter, T. Murrel, J. Everhardus, B. Adams, P. Palmer. QM Co ccptcnn Bull Cooper 75 an aw Co captcln Deon Flower SWIMMING Thus years swummung team was the best un the hustory of Ann Arbor Hugh School Puoneer tank teams have tlnushed hugh un 6A and State competutuon but never before have they achueved such a record as thus years aggregatuon The Puoneers won the Cereal Bowl Relays Champuonshup won nune of ten dual meets took the 6 A League champuonshup and truumphed agaun un the state ClassA meet Coach Paul Cluftords talented tankers placed eught swummers and duvers un the All Amerucan ratungs had two unduvudual wunners un the State meet and euther tued or broke nune of the ten varsuty records thus year The team loses eught senuors by graduatlon Pete Gale, Alvaro Gaxuola Bull Cooper Dean Flower Bert Root Craug Bachman Dan DenHouter and Dan Roland Next years co captauns elect Duck Ellus and Ron Clark, wull lead a strong group of eught returnung letter wunners wha are hopung to protect Ann Arbor s three champuonshups won thus season Ann Arbor Adruan Ann Arbor Cereal Bowl Champuonshup Ann Arbor Unuversuty Hugh Ann Arbor Pontuac Ann Arbor East Grand Ropuds Ann Arbor Plymouth Arun Arbor Lansung Eastern Ann Arbor Kalamazoo Ann Arbor Battle Creek Ann Arbor Lansung Sexton Ann Arbor Jackson Ann Arbor 6 A League Champnonshup Ann Arbor State Champuonshup Coaches Bud Hurd Paul Cluftord we f,-21,4715 zuegwfp SWIMMING ROWI T Peyton D Roland C Bachman J Whutaker T Alex Gaxuola R Clark D Ellus J Benuamun Coach P Clulford Francus D Slezak ROW2 J Kettlehut mgr D DenHouter B Root ROW 4 K Peyton T Carbeck T Norris P Patterson B T McMul Co Capt D Flower C Capt B Cooper P Gale A Gaxuola M D Nutt .I Hu Alaur mgr ROW 3 Asst Coach M Hurd E Argersunger D Gruftlth -...l :la 89 et V 'Me 775412: Wen Wad Ea: :de paid Co-captain Jim MacNaughton WRESTLING The 1956 Ann Arbor wrestlers, under the guid- ance of head coach Frank Kline, assistant-coach Chris Pagakis, and co-captains Jim McNaughton and Steve Heald, performed creditably with their available material. Finishing 5th in 6-A compet- tition, the improving Pioneers went on to gain 4th place in the state tournament ahead of Jackson and Battle Creek, both of whom had beaten the Ann Arborites earlier. Next year's team, co-captained by Jack Schwemmin and Floyd Sheppard has a fine potential with 7 re- turning lettermen and several other J.V. pros- pects l Coaches Kline, Pagakis WRESTLING AA Opp. Garden City 27 19 Co-captain Steve Heald Cranbrook 3l ll Ypsilanti Central 6 36 Hazel Park 22 19 Lansing Eastern O 48 Kalamazoo Central 32 13 Battle Creek Central 11 33 Lansing Sexton 11 33 Jackson 20 24 Ypsilanti Central 11 35 WRESTLING TEAM ROW 1. A. Moore: G. Bolgosg B. Kruseg J. McNaughtonp S. Healdp R. Brooksg J. Schwemming R rton ROW 2F She ard B Schlanderer J Warren' C Baker' D Vogel'J Kuenzel' T Jones- F wx' , Mo . - P 1 V : - . 4 T - . - , 4 , Schwartz. ROW 3. B. Sinaniang J. Tinning J. Kruseg G. Williamsg L, Millerg J. Norton: M. Chatman my T. Borsma. ROW 4. F. Klineg G. Perry: J. Petersong W. Jonesp G. Williamsg D. Mooreg T. Kress E. Kokalesp B. Suitsy A. Whitley. Q . ,ia so A 'Z ' X' .N x Q , X FN, xg ...v.., I TM fl!! I +1 pf Sliding gfe4dfc"z4L' dado .7 JV?" AV -'ag 'Qs' fs- 'mn place da 6-24 fi- , z 4, Q him was , s X fn Pay t ,, x 5 'E , 'iqfk w 4. -is x, 35' . 1 W N? xv 'B' mfs 1 ,Tr ,-X .V"' Q uf 4 in X was f I 1-ffg,,i2E5 w RQ x LY .JS-'SJ x . N- ,-1... 5 ' 5 57 44 rin.. . if f V. 'KX 4 , 1. was a gg ASQ was y"k'yh5QfFp 'gms 'J 'SM H5 Q Q rmsgi, Q ! ' .Fig ji,x,,m in 4 ,gt 4 5 if ,AWEQ - in is 6 K 2 'H ' js Q U JAQAK 5542:-' 'f"f 1 . 5 , lr. 14 f V 2 .- Wig F Q ' V as gk ' , . ,M I 3 ', gg Q33 - ' 4 'it iw' 4, q f v S3 A B' , x 1 ,gy i 5 'xi 'K if W t ,M Q ix, SMP ss ' QR MEL Agp.. ,W w-mm-, b hi? Y 13. 41' T221 it, mwspx fe -, f 'f3fi'3m, 252255 1 '1?.i3? 1521 n 2 'f fxvf' , ,- V, 4 .,q6!' . Q ififfifigf f w HEWUQQM W zVl""5Q,, 1 if Q 4 Q 0 'W A zaiffg SU Q Q Q SQ Qi in Q it , ,iw Q Q A 'six .. -.M v , S .,.L 5 it 3? nw " fx 5 gait 'rf 1 -ua 3 Wag? L.:-5.5-1 W Q if ? , pgs Q 4 5 A 4kV0f1f Ig , ., :, 4 a 1 wi 1 , 4 Q ., 1' T 7' I N , 3 ,, EM, Z, , ffnr 3:5 Q? - M, , 72 ' M, N 7, 33 w?"f"M, 2 ,Y 'JY I ""' 'ug 1 .G "" 3 1-V .Z M ar ' fl Tfl 1? -gr. 's W 52 i . . '---- -- "'- S- Z'-'Z-6-If-6-4 gage rf 1. . i i Q we as fx ik i f. is TRACK This year's track squad, captained by Bill Burd and Bruce Schneeberger, is comprised mostly of iuniors and sophomores. The ten returning lettermen from last year's squad will serve as the nucleus for the i956 team. The outlook for this year is much brighter, but Coach A. T. "Tim" Ryan is still in the rebuilding pro- cess. There are many outstanding sophomores who will help make this a successful season. The hard working boys are looking forward to bettering last year's record of a fifth place in the 6-A League. This fifth place may not be an exceptional standing, but competition last year in the league was tremendous. The boys gave it all they had, but the competition was iust too great. This was proven by the regional meet, in which Ann Arbor came on strong to finish second only to powerful Flint Northern who took second in the State. As far as individual events go, the field events and the dashes should be our strongest points, but we are weak in the distance races. Co captain Bruce Schneeberger mated .f Coaches Tim Ryan, Frank Kline f fi ' 1 I f Q Xhll 4' mL x f 4 I TRACK Row 1: F. Sheppard, B. Jones, R. Morton, B. Schneeberger, B, Burd, J. Turner, B. Hlscock, D. Cebuiski, H, Whitney. Row 4. S. Lum P. Hiniker, B. Correll. Row 2- D. Dickerson, L. Dunham, J. Buss, G. Rickerson, D. Burns, R. Potter, D. Fisher, J. Coleman, T. Ryan J. Beck, J. Scott, G. Keene. Row 31 F. Kline J. Lederer, B. Kruse, 99 ,Z Co-captain Bob Gustine w.i,.,,L 100 I Co-captain Duck Barth Coach Clifford GOLF TEAM This year's golf team is again looking forward to a very suc- ' cessful season. Coach Paul Clifford hopes to improve over last year's 6-A league second place finish with Co-captains Dick Barth and Bob Gustine and juniors John Everhardus and Chuck Carver who are the returning letter winners. This year, as last year, the matches will be played at Barton Hills Country Club. The Pioneers' toughest opposition will again be provided by Jackson. . ' 3 1. 'vi 5 . 1' T" f Li 1 fi. e GOLF Row 1: J. Fox, E. Argersinger, J. Everhardus, D. Barth, B. Gustine, Rentschler, T, Lyndon, M, Hanna, B. Spoker, B, Diamond, A. leibee C. Carver, T. McMullen, D. Breiholz. Row 2: P, Cliftoffi P. B. Sawyer, J. Cushing, B. Currie. 101 . 'Q- ,i w .4 gan Y Couch Tom Wilson game! TENNIS Five returning lettermen formed the nucleus of this year's tennis team. Under the direction of a new coach, Tom Wilson, the squad hoped for a prosperous season. Last year's team won five and lost eight matches, and this season's squad hopes to do as well. Returning lettermen were Dick Slater, Dean Flower, Jim McNaughton, Walt Roth, and Mike Forsythe. Coach Wilson, who was the tennis mentor at Saginaw High before coming to Ann Arbor as a social studies teacher last fall, is the first coach the Pioneers have had in many years whose main interest and knowledge are in tennis. lt is hoped that the combination of Ann Arbor's summer tennis pro- gram and the varsity team's new coach will provide the Pioneers with a better tennis team both this season and in the ones to come. Captain Dick Slater TENNIS owl W Roth J McNaughton D Slater D Flower Row 2 Woodruff R Erbe D Downey T Kress T Peyton C Kleins hmidt Alair ml ini w B Home B Pa mer Coulter K Gillingham C Boys J Randall R Hoobler M Forsythe 103 14.14. W S 'Mtwmwml ,eafufc INTRAMURAL SPORTS Blue Angels! Klum's Ex-Bums! Names similar to these boomed from the P.A, in the morn- ing signifying intramural sports' teams. During the year football and basketball tournaments were set up, and the fans rooted for their favorite teams after school and on Saturday mornings. The organization was ideal for boys who wanted to participate in athletics iust for 'the fun of it. INTRAMURAL BASKETBALL W 1 E. Ushiro, L. Fox, B. Gustine, T, Wight, D, Alexander, B. Correll, D Bar ROW 2 H Whitley, W. Anderson, R. Williams, F. Shaphard, R. Morton, C. Boker R Rowry ROW 3. Coaches J. MacKenzie, R. Jones, D. Hutchison. 1 111 104 L. xr VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS ROW 1, S. Swll, P. Wilkins: S. Becker. ROW 2. A. Belserg B. McCc1lIumg T. MacCorvhyg J. Goddard. GIRLS BASKETBALL WINNER ROW 1, P, Wilkins, J. Goddard, B. McCollum, T. Mc-cCorvhy. ROW 2 F Hogan, C. Kcuper, D. Rufhburn, J. Fingerle, A, Warner. in-w 2 105 3 G. A. C. Row 1: D. Rothburne. Row 2 J, Eyerhardus, A. Myers, L. Legaski, S. Judson, B. McCallum, C. Kuupe , E. Harney, H. Koefoed. SENIOR G.A.C ROW 1. E. Harney, S. Schuier, M. Farnsworth, S. Judson, H. FirQgerIe, M, George, J Pickcrd. ROW 3, M. Sprmg, P Gerow, J Koefoed, L. Legatski, J. Hartweg, D. Ruthburn, B. McCallum, C, Seippel, K .Buss, C. Castor, A. Belser, P. Wilkins, J. Tietz, J. Haisch Kauper, S. Becker, G. Acree, M. Stuber, N. Hulslander, ROW 2. M, J. Twining, H. Hough. ROW A S. Dingman, M. S. Caster, S. Wolf Kclokithas, J. Fitzgerald, K. Keene, A. Myers, K. Gerstler, V. John- J. McDougall, N. Rickard, R. Hatto, L. Marker, T MccCarthy, L son, K. Smith, B. Sevebeck V, Haisley, B. Nogler, S. Stoll, J. Katz, J. Haas, L, Suarez, A .Warner, J. Goddard. 549 ' 1. ,Q M E if 'Q Ei Q ? Mfg .' f. :P . Q .K W1 as 1 S559 fn P. cffi ef HH. I f iQf li TI C77 'Ili I4 fam!-14 5,6641 G. A. C. The delicious aroma of steaming, block coffee and hotdogs from the G. A. C. refreshment booth drifted over the stands as students sat on the sidelines watching A. A. H. S. roll on to victory. The profits from this booth helped to support the club and its activi- ties throughout the year. The girls participated in sports affairs at the school, played the U. of M. in volleyball, U. High, St. Thomas, and the U. of M. in basketball, attended a Michigan Normal Play- day and a Six-A League Playday in Kalamazoo. In the fall the members became rather noticeable feminine football players as they charged down State St. on the G. A. C. homecoming float. Social activities came to an end as the girls dos-a-dosed and alle- manded with their partners at the annual spring G. A. C. barn dance. 108 india 7060: CHEERLEADING Some of the Upeppiest pioneers" at Ann Arbor High are the cheerleaders Under the leadership of captain Helen Koefoed and advisor Miss Audrey Jones, the cheerleaders led the students in yells, participated in pep rallies, and cheered the football and basketball teams on to victory. In addition to their regular activities the cheerleaders sponsored a pep dance, The Pioneer Hop, as a climax to the fall sports and the beginning of the winter season. X93 v-M -W' J V CHEERLEADERS R wi D Thomas M Bunten P Glushyn Row 2 A Most D Rathburn J Eerhar us K James A Jones VARSITY CHEERLEADERS Row 1. S. Schuler, S. Judson, H. Koefoed, L. Potter. Row 2. M. Meadows, S. Becker Row 3. A. Jones, M, Stuber, S. Wilson, M, Niehuss. 06071104 09 n ww- ww f BOARD OF EDUCATION Durung the past year the Board ot Educataon has done an ex cellent 'ob rn solvnng the many problems that have come before t The S3 200 OOO bond Issue was passed by the Board for the buuldung of three new elementary schools Improvement of present bulldrngs purchase of addntuonal sntes and many other prolects It approved the movung of all busmess offices to the old Eberbach school and passed the extra operating levy for the teachers salaries This year marks the termlnatuon of the servlces of three board members Mr Ashley Clague flfteen years Mr George Schlecht twelve years and Mrs Mabel Nesbut thirteen years JACK Elzftl Sllpernntendent NICHOLAS SCHREIBER Principal 6 v LEFT TO RIGHT Albert Marckwardt Ruth Wnllrams Jack Elzay l to R John Hallowell, George Balas Sr LEFT TO RIGHT Frank House Mrs Mabel Nesblt Ashley Clugue, missing Donald Katz 112 i. , , ' . .lf 79' ow if we lv gf ' ' . 1 f ', 7 43,11 l '- l l F I 1 Q l 7 7a 77Zemcvzda Aa fz fauna 0 JL..-lil 1 GALLUP ALBERT Ind Arfs GOOD LAWRENCE HARDING DOROTHY School Nurse HOAG ELEANOR Coord Soc Liv GARY DONALD English Debafe In-1 GRANVILLE ROBERT HARNEY ELISE Girls Phys Ed HOLLWAY LOUIS Dir Phys Ed GILLETT WALTER Ass? Rec Direcfor GREEN MAVIS HAYWOOD FORREST P and D ,rw V12 JONES AUDREY Eng 115 GOLAY VIRGINIA Eng Soc Studies GREER KENNETH -3' HENRY ALFRED French 4? KELLY JANET Social Sludles I I . I ZQA I .Q , I: Egg - if-. 4 , , , I ,-: 2:2 ' ,I XA Commercial English Assf. Librarian Chrm. Com'l Depl. I ww , My .,,. .1... iw 'grim ' .. W, I V4 - . MM x ,fry A 4 33, . . ' . ' . . . lish ' ' if Q fi PATTHOFF, HOWARD Phy. Ed., lnfra. Sporfs A M kia -3' i' 5 :gn .., W 4 REED, BEN Fam. Liv , Soph. Adv HHS ,fx gi i . I ROSEMERGY, JOHN Chem., Phys. Sci. 4 . If m , ,L 4 E, E X fi: 7" SAVERY, MARGARET Librarian I is ii T J' . -1 SI I 3 S .X 'wars I X I' PEDEN, JAMES Woodshop gag. YMHIM. 5512355 25' , Qiiisfiie . ,av gm., Q' 3 . ,.- f. Ly, 1-N xg Tr 3 REED, FRANK Soc. Sfud., Eng., Coll. Con. ROTH, CLARENCE Band, Orch., Insir. SCHOCH, HAROLD Commercial 117 'rr 'QWQ PETERSON, MILDRED Home Ec. aw, REYNOLDS, JEAN Eng., Amer. Culfure sw 3 4. 4 1 . ig . .,,. V ? RYAN, TIM Driver Ed., Coach A. an zw ' gm,,4, ,W ' inf -' . Y . ky SCHULTZ, DONALD Soc. Stud., Opfimisf PHILLIPS, REGINALD El. Biol., Sr. Science RIEGER, LAVANCHE Lafin. German 'F ' E ..... ,. V 3, '1 1 SACQUETY, CHARLES, Jr. Cadet Band SILVERSTONE, RUDOLPH Chrm. Ind. Ads H 412 SIMON, ALBERTA Social Sfudies TOOGOOD EMERY Machine Shop WALLSCHLAEGER CHAS 4-0" Pifmw' WILSON THOMAS Social SfUdleS SONANDRES, WILLIAM Span., Omega UNDERWOOD ROY Woodshop Shop Mofh STRAIGHT, RUTH Commercial 9' 8' VAN ORMAN LANE Aufoshop Dnver Ed WARNEKING GLENN Science Alg WYMAN VIRGINIA Spamsh English WARNER JANE Ass! Llbranan YAMBERT PAUL Fam LIV Bnol Cons TAYLOR, WILLIAM Eng., Drama Wrlcs. l' WALKER ROSABEL Engllsh Lahn HQXLQ-'P WHITING RAYMOND Aufoshop ZOLLER PAULINE English I ' L- Q . . gin EQ Q "'II' .v in . 5, I A 'W Arr ' ' ' ,I . , -' - ' K .1 1,3 . fl 'I ' .- 'V A Q' ' . ' :. 1: I' . V I G .4 W :A 4 , , r I Q. I A ,.: ."lI A - I A 15- A Y 118 LEFT TO RIGHT Pai Kappler F Kuson B Cole L Shemnot sm? LEF TO RIGHT C Bryant N Neeblmg D Moody E Bomus 119 LEFT TO RIGHT Mrs Frudo Wursfer Mrs Mnnme Barbxaux Mrs Elnzcbeih Prneskorn Mrs Margaret Smuley .9 , . , . I . I 1 . 5 , 5 S' - I nf 7 LUV' W- W :Nm T : . , . 1 E.. f I . ..Q+f,.'-iw.. -- , ,lgyif , 7 L ., 'fm ,,f,:.',.fTwaf my '-wa .Q ' V - f VFX uw, ,zv . 'wir A JN ff' ,. Q- C " f 2 Z' A?-fc. Qu 2? 32 I 4 X 1 Z Q M wr ,gm 154, lg! .1 .4-5. lr W .f My I ma, I Bu rd president eadau SENIOR EXECUTIVE! BOARD Ticket sales! Senior Prom! Senior Banquet! Graduation! Class Gift! Senior Assembly! Homecoming float! These activities and many others confronted the Senior Executive Board at the beginning of the year. Meetings, how- ever, soon became smoothly running machines as committees were organized and chairmen were appointed to various positions. Due to the complete co- operation and assistance of the seniors, the extensive preparation for the class events became the base work for highly successful activities. The class can be proud of its achievements. ,S 1514 SENIOR EX BOARD Rowl J Kuenzel L McNc:ughton B Burd P Wilkins C Bcrcley Row 2 V Johnson D Hanks N Huis lan er M Caster S Stoll A Belser T MacCarthy S Bartolaccl R w 3 P Hmaker D Barth B LEWIS, P Smith J Tibbetts R Wamo J McNauahton vice president P Wllkms seg,-eqqfy Wssm ,s Mkt 1 i ,.,,-use ww Mr Charles Barclay 4' B'll , ' ' - 's A 'JN gy . I may 1 A if 3 - 1 - 1 - 1 - I I 1 - - - - , . , . - d,. ,.,- ,- ,- '.o..",. ,.' . , . , . . . 1 ' , ' . I , I 1 i7"ff . Y if I .X , VIRGINIA G. ACREE This little red-head whirled through three years at Ann Arbor Hugh She showed her musucal tal ent by sungung wuth the Cantando an Vouce and Ensemble groups Gan was a member of the Record cub and GAC In her spare tume s e wrote for the Optumust staff DALE M ALEXANDER Dales knack for blockung kucks helped put the football team on top of the 6A League He played baseball for two years and spent consuderable tume on the uce wuth the hockey stuck Alex was a Stu dent Councul and Presudents com muttee representatuve ROBERT T ANDERSON Andy wants to travel after grad uatuon from AAHS As he sees ut the best way to do ths us o travel wuth Uncle Sam Thus he plans to uoun the Navy Bowlung us a favorute sport of hus and Andy plans to contunue ut un the servuce DOROTHY J ARMBRUSTER Athletucs rated hugh wuth Dor othy therefore football baseball and basketball consumed much of her spare tume ln other fuelds Dorothy was unterested un the ac tuvutues of the Assembly commuttee Bowlung club and Future Nurses cub MEREDITH W. ALAIR Meredy, an important factor in the success of our football and swummung teams receuved letters for hus efforts as football traunung manager and swummung head man ager He was also a member of the Washungton club Red Cross commuttee and Junuor Achuevement GAIL F ANDERSON Wundy was a great supporter of Junuor Achuevement and dud a good uob of takung notes for her homeroom Musuc receuved her fore most attentuons Upon graduatuon she plans to enroll at the Unuversuty of Muchugan SWA ,xr SANDRA l ARTlEY Sandy could often be seen wear ung an old smock and holdung an artust s pallet sunce oul pauntung and drawung consumed much of her tme She was a member of the Washungton club Sandy plans to pursue her hobby art un college CRAIG BACHMAN Much of Craugs tume was spent un the swummung pool under the tutelage of Coach Clufford Craug was also actuve un the Table Tennus club Record club and the Presu dents and Red Cross commuttees In hus spare tume he collected records 123 JOYCE M APRILL .loyces Iuvely steppung un the Square Dance club characteruzed her u at AAHS Besudes beun presudent and secretary of her homeroom Joyce found tume for G A C Bowlung club Scrubblers club and Washungton club actuvutues KAREN L ARMBRUSTER Karen served her school as a member of the Assembly commuttee and as Student Councul alternate Her unterests ranged from the baton twurlung and Washungton c-lub actuvutues to teachung Sunday School classes After graduatuon her plans are to work a whule and then get marrued RICHARD C AUDRITSH Duck us a combunatuon of the outdoors man and mechanuc Work ung on cars was a favorute pastume of hus but huntung and fushung also ranked hugh un hus esteem Duck used hus mechanucal talents whule employed at Marquardts Garage SYLVIA J BAGCHI Because she was handy wuth a needle and thread Sylvua spent consuderable tume at the sewung machune At Unuversuty Hugh whuch she attended one year Sylvua was unterested un dramatucs At AAHS she was a member of the Square Dance club and was vuce presudent of her homeroom a ' . - ' . - 'I , i 1 1 ' ' ll ' ' H ' , i ' t . . I . . i I ' ' ' . tt. 'S V ' ., Vgr giuga . , , ', A ., M 1 f ' . . , L" ' I I ' I 1 A I 4 SANDRA F BARTOLACCI Pins could always be found fly ang when Sandy was in the bowling alley for bowling was a foremost ho by of hers GAC Stu ent Council and Senior Executive Board activities kept her busy S she found time for cu s Washington Chefs and Scribblers DAVID L BEACH Besides being a stamp collector from way back Dave also includes outdoor sports and scouting among his interests A transferee from Saint Thomas where he was treas urer of the Student Council and where he competed in basketball and golf Daves chief desire is to become doctor of medicine JOHN R BECK John s life tends to center around the mechanical and the technical He was on the JV football and track teams His greatest satisfac tion seemed to come from his hobbies radio and mechanics John was a member of the Radio club and was vice president f hi homeroom DALE G BELL A sportsman through a n d through Dale was kept busy o the gridiron and baseball diamond as end and outfielder respectively on the varsity squads Bowling and his duties as homeroom treasurer consumed many of hs leisure mornertts JERALD E. BARNETT Since Jerry's favorite hobby is gardening, it is not surprising that his future plan would be to become a farmer. He was president of the Canteen in Dixboro and a member of the Methodist Youth Fellowship. NANCY BAROMEO Nan loves the open air and as often as she could she went hunt ing swimming and horseback rid it n addition to servin as secretary of her homeroom Nan was an active member of GAC Record club and Cantando SALLYJO BECKER As a cheerleader Beck helped to spur our teams on to devoted some of her taking minutes for the club and singing with a choir She stu time to be an active e Bowling club victory She spare time Washington the A Cap had ample member of GAC an Assembly committee AMY L BELSER A busy and versatile girl Amy sang in Cantando and Mixed E semble was active on the Party Committee Omega and executive board and was in the Bowling and Ping Pong clubs Horses and ce skating kept much of her free time occupied 124 CHASE BAROMEO Chase spent part of his school life way out in those "wide open spaces" at Austin High in Texas. Chase played on the basketball team and earned a letter for h's efforts, In his spare time he worked on his car which was one of his more valued possessions RICHARD l BARTH Dick was known tn the AA HS circles for his humorous comments and for his participation on the golf team which he co captained He was lunior class president and was on the Athletic Board Sports especially golf and ice hockey were favorites of his OTIS W BAUER e lft a of fun an friendship every place he went He added laughs to the Student Coun cil and smiles to the Party com mittee Bowling was one of his favorite sports Otie plans to en roll at Michigan State University STEWART C BEARMAN The Beer Man as Stew was known to his associates was an outdoor man at heart Although he served his homeroom as Washing ton club representative and sang in the A Cappella choir his true love was the Great Out of Doors To substantiate this ardent pursuit Stew plans to do a bit of farming F BEVERLY J BENNETT Beverlys Interest archery made deer huntIng wIth bow and arrow her favorIte sport She was a member of the JunIor Red Cross commIttee and C OT In the crystal ball of the future Beverly can be seen workmg as a secretary LINDA A BERNING When she wasnt astrIde her favorIte horse Lynn could probably be found In a swImmIng pool or on the golf green She was In the RIfle and Square Dance clubs was a GAC member and an Intra mural manager GERALD L BOLGOS ln many BCTIVITISS at AAHS G rry was a grappler on he wrestltng team for two years pres Ident of hIs homeroom and a m nber of the Assembly commIt tee He was a band member and In the Prolectnon and Rtfle clubs HELEN K BOTCHEN A small POFTIOH of Helens tIme was spent collectIng odds and ends She was a member of the Future Nurses club at AAHS Although her future plans are presently In defInIte she IS consIderIng engag Ing In some type of work NORMAN W BENZINGER Norman IS another one of our pIoneer woodsmen He lukes to take up hIs rIfle and castIng rod and go huntmg and ftshtng He Improved hs marksmanshIp by supportIng the RIfle club Norman was employed at the Amertcan Auto Accessones NANCIE A BETHKE TwIrlIng the baton alongsIde the marchIng band was NancIe s Frlday nnght pastlme As a strutttng drum malorette she earned her band letter Her other BCLIVITIES Included Cantando Prestdents commIttee and Washmgton and Baton clubs III? BARBARA A BRAXTON Barbara came to Ann Arbor from PIketon Htgh In Ptketon, OhIo WhIle she was there, she was an actIve member of the school's pep clubs She was a cheerleader and won a letter In that fIeld Her plans are to become a telephone operator after graduatnon RONALD BROOKS ln the two years Ron spent at AAHS after comIng from Evans ton, Illtnots, he served as VICE prestdent of A Cappella and pres Ident of hIs homeroom He won a letter for his talents on the wrest lung squad Mechamcs played a large part In Rons lIfe, and he plans to attend etther YPSI Normal or the U of M 125 ld GREGORY A BOTCHEN Flashmg drumstIcks and a keen sense of rhythm earned Botch a letter In the Ann Arbor HIgh Band A good mechanIc he used much of hIs spare tIme workmg on cars Upon graduatIon he plans to work or enlIst IH the Army CARL D BRANDT Carl enloyed sprIntIng around the track for AA H S He was an actIve member of the track and cross country teams and dIsplayed hIs vocal talents both In Male chorus and A Cappella R5dlO and Pho tography clubs gave hIm a chance to expand hIs hobbIes LLOYD R BRENNAN Lloyd came to A A H S rom Adelphtan Academy At the acad emy, he was actIve In athletlcs and played hockey, baseball and basketball He was athletnc dIrector of the Academy Boys' club, and VICE presIdent of the French club Lloyds future plans are IndefInIte MICHAEL H BROWN WhIle MIke was a student at Ann Arbor HIgh, he was a member of the band and was out for varsuty football He IS fond of all sports but water skIIng IS hIs fBVOfIl9 In the future he would lIke to work as an auto mechanIc wt BENJAMIN B CAESAR Benny s fondness for science and m makes civil engineering a logical choice for his future voca tion Besides being a protectionist he was an assembly committeeman tamp co ecting and tis in rounded out his high school n terests WILLIAM E CAMELET s h nk ot' man was e mighty busy t AAHS He w a member of the Pre idents com mittee and Party committee He was very active in intramural foot ball basketball softball and bowl in His future plans include ment at the U of M or en ment in the service NANCY J. CARROLL Nancy's high school career was as busy as that of the proverbial bee. Her main interests centered around the stage A Cappella, drama, and ballet. She served the Optimist as a reporter and her homeroom as secretary and vicea president. CONNIE J. CASTOR Capable Connie was known for her short, short haircut and her work on the Student Council as vice-president, Connie was in A Cappella choir and was an active mademoiselle in the French club. She participated in G.A.C. and the Bowling club, 'Kpn- WILLIAM C BURD B nd blueeyed Bill was co captain of the AA HS speedsters was out for tte oss e n and varsity basketball teams and e the sen or class as pres: ei He was secretary of A Cappella and president of his homeroom HANNELORE T E BUSCH Hannelores free time was occu pie by rea ing pla in te accordion and working with var nous types of needles The rest of r tme t A A H S was spen in the activities of the French and Washington clubs The U of M will be her next stop 'MARY SUE CASTER Mary Sues activities were as varied as they were numerous. She sang in A Cappella, was Asso- ciate Business Manager for the Omega, and was the president of the French club. G-.A.C., class executive boards, and Washington club also received her attentions. VIRGINIA A. CATE "Versatile" and "active" describe Ginny. As president of the band, she received a letter and two pins. She was on Presidents' committee and Student Council and ioined the German, Bowling and Washington clubs. 126 .IOANNE J BURPEE Her avocation of square dancing anne to ion the Square ni club atAAHS Shew a member of thc Red Cross com mittee and workcd at the A A H S library and at the attendance office for one semester KAREN B BUSS Karen was known for her par ticipation in school activities and her good grades She enioyed pub lic speaking and won a speech award in this field Active in many clubs Washington GAC and Bowling e l maintaine her high scholastic rating JANICE M CAHILL With hobbies of bowling and anclng t to see w nice had so much fn in e Bowling and Square Dance clubs Horseback riding was another fav orie pastime of hers e former Slausonite ANNIE L CAMPBELL Maben High was Arinies last camping ground She was an active member of the school and served as Iunior class president She also got into the swing of things by be coming a member of the Tri High Y club JEAN E. CLARK Jean could be heard applying her vocal ability by warbling in the Cantando Girls choir. She dem- onstrated other talents while scrib bling in the Scribblers club and presiding over her homeroom D20 for one semester LANCE E CLEMES One of Lances favorite hobbies is to brave the elements and go hunting Hes also very Interested in cars and likes to bowl After two years of college he plans to n he ar force as a get I He was an intramural manager and was active in sports GARNETT B COLLINS Rudy s high school life was divided between Kimball High and Ann Arbor High At AAHS he was a member of the Camera club and he spent his free time working on bikes To become a brick mason is his future goal PATRICIA A COOCH Believing that a stitch in time saves nine Pat sewed away at her favorite hobby Spending three semesters in the Future Nurses club gave her some very valuable experience for she plans to make a career of nursing Pat broke into student government being elected vice president of her homeroom BARBARA J. CLEMENTS Barb is one who liked to put on her coonskin cap and go hunting in her spare time. While at A.A.H.S. she was on the Party committee for two semesters and was elected president of her homeroom for two semesters MARION E COLLIE Bub whose club activities in cluded photography and radio plans to become an appliance re pairman To gain experience this line of work he worked part time at Genoveses Appliance Ser vice while attending school Bub s hobby was working on his car 4 'E MARJORIE O CORBIN Marlories enthusiasm for actnv ities kept her busy at AAHS Secretary of her homeroom she was also in Mixed Ensemble Future Nurses club and Washington club Tennis roller skating and swimming are her favorite hobbies DAVID C CORNISH Woodworking and bowling occu pied many of Daves leisure hours He was a member of the Washing ton club and Intramural Managers committee After graduation he plans to enroll in college to malor either in mathematics or forestry 127 RONALD .I CONKEY Red s grin and flaming hair could be seen a mile away At AAHS he received an award A Cappella and sang in Male chor us Red was a cross country runner secretary of his homeroom Student Council alternate and a member of the Washington and Bowling clubs WILLIAM E COCPER Here at AA HS Bill has proved imself to be all wet By t is is meant that he has been an out standing member of the swimming team which he cocaptained H served his homeroom on the Stu dent Council and Presidents com mittee and spent two years beating the drums for the band EARL D CORKINS To reach the clouds by way of the Air Force is Earl s future plan At AAHS he was vice president of his homeroom in the Rod and Ree club and out for baseball Much of his free time was spent ln ntltg ROBERT D CORRELL One of the most active and versatile members of the class Cozy was president of his sopho more class captain of the football team and a Stud nt Council repre sentative Besides receiving a citi zenship award he went to Boys State and was on the track team SHARON A CROWELL we ac ryrtres f Crowlegs centc cl aror, wcl her homeroom ot whrch she was both secretary and ccp r She was the presr r o tl NI thoclrst Youth Fe o J l a member of the Lrbra CCnrmrttCQ For varrety she collects butterflres a d moths Show busr ness rs her future ambrtron JAMES B CUSHING Vrce presrdent of hrs homeroom ush s a so a v nber of te r e l b a stauncn supporter Jutror Achreyernent and member the golt team Tne School meerrrg at the U w have a place rn .lrms tut re ILZE DAMROZE There rs plenty of hard work rn storc for llzc bccausc after gradu ron e s plannrng to enter wool ot Mrclr a the U o Wtrlx at Ann Arbor Hrgh the Red Cross commrttcc and the Archery club re ervccl her attentron CHARLOTTE DAVIS Charlotte was well known for her musrcal abrlrty especrally vvrth we r o S e was secretary her homeroom sang wrth the A Cappclla chorr and was a Student Councrl representatrve To round out he school actrvrtres she was a nember of tue Rrtle and Bowlrng clubs AA JOHN P COURTE .lohn a transferee from Unryer r t C1 S actrye rrru5 C an crantatrcs TI C tvcrsrty Hrgh we won a e II J YCC clrestra After graduatron he plans to attend college JOSEPH N CRAWFORD The band recerved most of Joes cntron at Ann Arbor Hrgh an cceryed a letter and two ms He W a s rn Ukc ele club and secretary of hrs homeroom rn hrs sophomore year MALCOLM A DANFORTH Much ot Macs attention was grven to the musrc groups won trye letters rn the band and W s trrst charr clarrnet rn both e band 81 orchestra He has hrs own dance band Hrs future plans are attend the U M ne DANIEL L DEN HOUTER Sports took most ot Dan s atten trons at Ann Arbor Hrgh He was a letter wrnner rn both swrmmrng and baseball and he won three n als m rrtle meets The 1 e clulo was a tavorrte actrvrty and he was presrdent of rt m hrs lunror ar He also lrkes huntrng a trrg and wr attend the U 0 Nl ncxt 128 GERALD B CRAIG Skrps actrvrtres were centered o rr n He recerye s mg and spent man nr r B srclcs berng n u en un lc was pr r clcnt and vrcc presrdent ot C5 WILLIAM J CROSS B ll often combrned hrs hobbres ot motors and boats by spendrng hrs lcrsure trme trxrng up hrs motor boat He was elected yrce presrdent ot hrs homeroom Student Councrl rep csentatrye and Assembly com r r eeman Ice hockey Rrtle c and bowlrng kcpt hum busy WILLIAM D CURRIE rs a Creature Succes comeclran begaw to r m the momewt he was trrst spanked by the doctor Instead of crymg twrs r e bt ot protop asm hed Ot the serrous srde B was the vrce presrdent of hrs home room basketball manager and an Intramural manager SHARRON L DALEY Sharrons many and varred rnter ests ranged all the way from swrm mrng and skatrng to sprung speech ac ryrtres rn whrch she recerv honors from Ann Arbor Hrgh for her partrcrpatron Sharrons future asprratrons rnclude a college edu catron rn Ohro JOYCE A DE WOLF Making music on the keys of pianos and organs was a favorite pastime of Joyce At Ann Arbor High she was a member of the Chefs club and participated in Footlight Scandals Work and mar riage are in Joyces future plans MARSADA J DODGE The time Snooks spent in the Futue Teachers club was very worthwhile for she plans to be come a teacher She was also in the Bowling club was secretary of her homeroom and was a letter winner in the orchestra ROBERT W DOWNEY Bob could often be found down on the rifle range for guns were of great interest to him Being an active member of the Rifle club gave him an opportunity to improve his aim He was on Presiderts and Assembly committees and was n Junior Achievement MARGARET E EASTMAN All kinds of stamps from all parts of the world went into Peggvs stamp album While roving the country for stamps Peggy makes double use of her time by taking snapshots along the way Square Dance and Photography clubs kept her busy at AAHS SUE M DINGMAN Sues activities really kept her moving Besides being on the Stu dent Council Presidents committee and the Red Cross committee she was business manager fo the Optimist and a Rifle club member Swimming is her favorite hobby CURMALETA DOSS Tommie hails from Tuscaloosa Alabama Down yonder this South ern belle was president of Senior choir A future nurse she gained experience by working at St Josephs Hospital A Cappella and GAC kept Curmaleta busy here in Ann Arbor SANDRA L. EHNIS Creating images with pencil and paper is Sandys favorite way of passing the time. At Ann Arbor High she was in the Future Nurses club and Washington club. After graduation will come a career in marriage. RITA M. ELSIFOR A collector at heart, two of Rita's favorite hobbies are accumu- lating pictures of her friends and pennies of various dates. At Ann Arbor High she was a member of the Bowling club. A job and mar- riage are prominent in Rita's future plans. 129 DOUGLAS DOWNING With a hobby of hunting its easy to see why Doug spent three years in the Rifle club He played JV baseball and football ln h future he is planning to loin the Marine Corps JUDITH A EBERTH Taking notes for her homeroom was a worthwhile iob for Judy because she plans to work as a secretary after her education Ebe was vicepresident of her home room a member of the Rifle and Square Dance clubs and was on the Assembly committee GERALD E. EISEMANN erald s interest ' sports brought him in contact with the intramural softball and football homeroom bowling and volleyball. He was a Student Council alternate and Red Cross committeeman. Hunting and fishing are favorite hobbies of his. MARILYN M. ERRIDGE Michigan, the "water wonder- land" was Marilyn's paradise, be- cause swimming was her favorite pastime. ln the Scribblers' and Square Dancing clubs, Marilyn was also an Assembly committee alter- nate and a representative of the Washington club. AURA A FERGUSON Just as she swung from partner to partner un the Square Dance club Ann swung from year to year at AAHS wuth a smule on er fa e and a twunkle un her eye She was un the Future Nurses club and Aur Age club SHARON R FIKE Sharon l es to c rl up un a easy chaur wuth a good book un one hand and an apple to munch un the other Her excessuve readung has done a great deal to keep her on the honor roll frequently After graduatuon she plans to attend the U of M JANE l FINGERLE Jane was one who gave her all un everythung she dud Takung notes seemed to be her favorute pastume for she was secretary of the sopho more and Iunuor classes and Stu ent Councul She sang un e A Cappella chour and belonged to the Bowlung club PRILLA D FISHER ru a gal known fo er Tennessee accent was always ready for athletucs She was a staunch supporter of G A C played basket ball and rode horses Prull was also on the executuve board She plans o contunue her educatuon Tennessee after gracluatron graduatuon agenda NANCY H FINK Knowung Boo and her spurut ut was easy to see why she was unterested un sports She was art edutor of the Omega sang un A Cappella chour and represented her homeroom on the Student Councul un whuch she was very actuve JOYCE E FITZGERALD Shorty was a sports munded member of GAC for three years AAHS She was an ac uve partucupant un the Rufle club French Club Bowlung club Assembly com muttee Intramural Managers and Party commuttee As a member of the A Cappella chour she dusplayed her unterest un musuc 130 El.SlE EUGENE Elsue had a lot of fun provudung nourushmeut for the Chefs club a d scrubblung un the Scrub S club Ballroom dancung us a favorute hobley of Elsue and she plans to attend modelung school or take to the aur as an aurlune hostess after EDWARD H FAUST To travel and see the world us Eds ambutuon and after hus edu catuon hus plans are to do much sughtseeung Junuor Achuevement Washungton club Omega and Art club were part of hus vare MARTHA S FARNSWORTH Martu centered most of her hugh school lute around the Optumust wlueue she held the posutuon of a news edutor Actuve uru sports she earned a letter un GAC She sang un the Cantando chour and undulged un her hobby of fugure skatung ANNETTE FEATHERLY Annette was an actuve member of the Washungton club Her hob bues are horseback rudung and bowl ung She was employed at Super Alloy Forge lnc un Hamburg whule a student at AA H S She plans to attend M S U SARAH E FIEGEL Collectung cups and saucers and salt and pepper shakers are favorute hobbues of Sarah Thus does not occupy all her tume though She was a member of the Square Dance club secretary of her homeroom and an untramural sports manager RICHARD E FILLINGER Flungdungers unterest un auto mobules made hum a handy man to have around when someone had car trouble Duck sang wuth the A Cappella chour was presuclent of hus homeroom and served on the Presudents commuttee - - ' H -fu l if I I A I blel' l ' I I I - l ' - a ' i d . . . . ay , . I I I . . . .. ' ' h - , Yagi A fs ov u ' ru I 1 , . . . ' , A - . ul uf -- r , . 1 . I . d '. ' th ', ' M ' ' . M, . ?'i?T"h u A ., t'Ys?J?' tr P'll, a r h " " - ' ' 4 at . . .. T . . ,, ' I' I . . r V I t ' ' in - u ' S 2 5 DEAN S. FLOWER Dean could always be counted on to be among the leaders of his class, or to write a good sports article for the Optimist. He was co-captain of the swimming team, a racketeer on the varsity tennis team for three years, Student Council representative and a mem- ber of the Assembly committee. THOMAS W FOREST Tom hopes to be a veterinarian ln preparation for his future h indulges in taxidermy and hunting Because of his interest in nature he loined the Conservation club serving as its president He worked at the Kresge Medical Center where he helped take care of animals LeROY H FOX Foxeys ability with a baseball and bat helped him to win a letter in this sport Besides being treas urer secretary vice president and president of his homeroom he was also an intramural manager LeRoy plans to go to college MARKAY M FRANCKE Mike a member of the Pres: dents committee and the Red Cross committee was also active in dra matics She served as treasurer of her homeroom and was in the Spanish a d At clubs She lists her hobbies as art and basketball She hopes to enter a school of cosmetology next fall SHEILA J. FLYNN Sheila swung in the Square Dance club in both her iunior and sophomore years. She was a record collector and spent a lot of her time dancing. In the future, she would like to work at the Tele- phone Company. JOHN P FOX Participating In Intramural sports was one way that Pete kept busy at Ann Arbor High He was a Stu dent Council representative and alternate and a member of the i956 Washington club Before coming to Ann Arbor High he was a student at Culver Military Acad emy BEVERLY M GAGE Bev used her useful art talents by dabbling with paints in the free moments of her busy school life She managed to find time to work for the Washington club Party committee and Assembly commit tee She also participated in GAC sports DORIS M GARDNER O the C O T program Doris worked at her former educational institute Slauson Junior High At Ann Arbor High her activities cen tered around her homeroom C5 ln the future she plans to continue working 13 THOMAS .I FRANCIS Tom attended Cass Technical High School in Detroit before coming to Ann Arbor He spends most of his free time reading a good book or magazine Toms future plans at present are indefinite FREDRICK J FREY Jim was a sportsman through and through and as often as he could he took off to the woods for a little hunting and fishing H was a member of the Model and Bowling clubs at AAHS Next fall .lim plans to enroll at Western Michigan College PETER W GALE Pete could properly be classed with a fish as far as his attraction for water was concerned A a three letter winner in swimming he was voted the most valuable member of the team Pete was a Student Council representative and a member of the Bowling club MARY L GARDNER This is a little young lady who engoys reading and collecting rec or s In her spare time Lou :ned her :cr L. in Tappan J nior High At AAHS e was a nenb o tl Bow in club and Car She pai to attend college af r gradcati SYLVIA E GHAINER Sylvua could often be seen cruusung down the ruver or swummung and canoeung occupued most of her tume A transferee from Bay Cuty Central she managed gt off to a good start AAHS by workung on the Wash ungton club and Red Cross com muttee RONALD P GIBSON Ron s fondness for money prompted hm to go unto c collectung whuch turned out to be a worthwhule hobby Ron was an actuve member of the Bowlung cu future plans wull successful uf hus goal of beung a machunust us achueved CHARLES A GILBOE Gubby who receuved hus earluer educatuon at Tappan Junuor Hugh lusts baseball and football as hus mauor athletuc tnterests Upon grad uatuon he plans to serve hus coun try by takung to the aur by way of the Aur Force JUDITH A GILSON Judy attended both Oak Harbor and Unuversuty hugh schools Whule a student at these schools she was a cheerleader uunuor class presu dent a d held the lead un e uunuor class play At AAHS she was actuve wuth the Vouce and Ensemble and Drama Workshop groups ALVARO GAXIOLA Pancho was known around HS for hs furst class fan uvung re euved a letter n swummung was treasurer and pres udent of hus homeroom and was a member of the Table Tennus club aum after graduatuon us attend the U of M PATRICIA I. GEROW Never one to seek the spotlught Pat preferred to work quuetly but effucuently un the background She was a hard workung edutor on the Optumust staff a member of the Washungton club Student Councul representatuve and secretary of her homeroom C15 She plans to be come a teacher KENT K GILLINGHAM Kent attended Mudland Hugh School for two years Whule a stu dent there he was a uunuor varsuty cross country runner and a varsuty basketball and tennus player He s an a A student A ter graduatuon he plans to study med ucune at the U of M JUDY M GODDARD Durung her souourn at AAHS Judy became quute profucuent un her varued actuvutues She honored the queen s court un her sophomore year and served as assustant edutor of the Omega She partucupated un Student Councul Presudents com muttee Sophomore Executuve Board and GAC 132 MARGUERITA E. GEORGE Mudge was one of the school s ardent sports fans who Iuked rousung football or basketball game She was the Omega copy edutor member ofthe Vouce and Ensemble Student Councul representatuve and class executuve board and Washung ton club member She plans to be an X ray technucuan KAREN L GERSTLER Karens actuvutues were a muxture of sports polutucs and musuc She partucupated ID the sports program of the GAC was a member of the Intramural Managers commut tee Record club Student Councul and Washungton club Karen was also secretary of her homeroom ALAN M GIBSON Sunce he was unterested un the transmussuon of sound waves Alan devoted much of has tume at Ann Arbor Hugh School to the Raduo club After graduatuon Alan plans enroll at the U of M w he untends to study conservatuon JEAN M GILBERT Jeans hobby was pauntung whuch she applued all her artustuc talents She was a member of the Raduo club at AAHS She plans to go to Wuttenberg College to prepare for a career of teachung buology to hugh school students ORRIN B GODFREY When he wasnt busy keeprng hrs frrends laughrng Benny was erther srngrng rn he A Cappella chorr or competrng rn some sport He was presrdent and secretary of hrs homeroom After graduatron he ns to take up parntrng an decoratrng as a career EDWARD R GRAFF Ed never has to worry about forgettrng a specral event because wrth photography as hrs hobby he usually was on hand takrng prctures He was especrally actrve wrth the Prorectronrsts Camera club and Intramural Managers and he served as secretary of hrs home room He plans to study chemrstry at the U of M DOUGLAS E GRAY Doug found relaxatron rn the form of huntrng and arc ery Besrdes berng presrdent f hs homeroom he was actrve rn rntra mural basketball After graduatron he plans to attend college to study Conservatron GARY S GRIMSTON The wrde open spaces are what Ga y longs for so after hrs years at Ann Arbor Hrgh he plans to attend a college somewhere rn the West Prng Pong and Rrfle clubs ave been of rnterest to hrm along wrth the Assembly and Presrdents com mrttees SALLY A GORTE Sal uses up her excess energy rn the graceful sports of swrm mrng roller skatrng and rce skat rng She sang wrth the Cantando group and was a member of the Washrngton and Bowlrng clubs Her future looks very rosy for she plans to be marrred rn June JUDITH N GRANGER Judy used her lungs to useful advantage as she played rn the Ann Arbor Hrgh Band for three years recervrng a letter for her performance Berng secretary of her homeroom gave Judy good practrce rn takrng notes whrch wrll be of great help to her when she attends Cleary College next fall 1- Nw """v ROBERT D GUSTINE Flashrng hrs clubs and yelrng fore as he came down the farr way Wolfert cocaptarned the 56 golf team and recerved three letters rn thrs sport Bob was also out for .J V football and basketball an was on th NAB and e u ent Councrl he U O holds the key to Bobs future JACQUELINE V HAAS Thrs Wooster booster has a mrnd of her own but not a heart thats b en stolen by a guy named u S she was no only a representatrve of Student Councrl but she was assocrate edrtor of the Omega and presrdent of her homeroom 133 MARTHA A GREENHAW A archer at heart Martha rs an avrd fan of Robrn Hood and she lrkes to rrrrrtate hrm as often as possxble She was secretary and treasurer of her homeroom plaved rn the orchestra and was on the executrve board VICTOR M GUERRERA The mysterres of radro are longer mysterres to Vrc for most of hrs lersure trme was taken p wrth radro work Thrs experrence ought to be of great help to hrm rn the future when he starts hrs lrfes work rn the electronrcs freld GLENDA S GUTHRIE Sue was rn a socral whrrl durrng her three years at AAHS When the Assembly Red Cross lntra mural Managers and Presrdents commrttees werent keeprng her busy there were always GAC Bowlrng Square Dance and Wash rngton clubs plus Cantando chorr takrng her trme LEWIS E HAINES Bu chs actrvrtres at AAHS were centered around the Red Cross commrttee Assembly com mrttee and Party commrttee A former Tappanrte h enroyed orts rn hrs spare tr e Ater hrgh school he rs gorng rnto the armed forces WILLIAM G HARDEN An outdoor man as proved by us obbues ump was aso un terested un boats huntmg fushung and campung He was a former student of Dexter Hugh He also was out for football basketball track and band College and the armed servuces uru store for um ROSE A HATTO Albuon College wull be the next for thus luttle lady She was a member of the Record and Wash ungton clubs and the Party com muttee Wuth al kunds of spors for a hobby her letter un GAC was assured Slauson supporter She was a former LOIS J HAWKS Swummung occupued Louss spare tume for ut was a favorute hobby of hers At Ann Arbor Hugh she was a member of the Baton and Camera clubs and the Red Cross commuttee As of now her future plans are undecuded STEPHEN T HEAlD "Buddha played a rocksolud offensuve center posutuon for the varsuty eleven He was also co captaun of the wrestlung team and presudent of the A Cappella chour Vouce and Ensemble, Washungton club and class executuve boards were foremost un hus busy school agenda JOANNE N HAISCH JoJo was a member of the Washungton club and GAC She served as a Washungton club repre sentatuve and lubrary assus ant Among her hobbues are sports She plans to attend Muchugan State Unuversuty and eventually become an elementary school teacher DENNIS A HANKS Denny was presudent f ns homeroom member of he executuve board for three years and a representatuve on the Party commuttee He plans to e roll the School of Busuness Admunustra n t e M after e graduates from hugh school STEPHEN HAYES us uazz musucuan came AAHS from the corrudors f Cranbrook wherc he was a letter man un football hockey and base ball Steve quuckly aduusted to the pace of school lute at AAHS and soon became well known for hus expert banlo puckung Musuc wull play a large part un Steve s future RICHARD E HEILMANN 'Lubby" as he us known around school has no lumut but the sky as he aums for the Aur Force after graduatuon He then plans to con tunue hus educatuon at General Motors lnstutute 'Lubby was treas urer of hus homeroom and was unterested un bowlung 134 '93- VIRGINIA R HAISLEY Gunnues pep and enthusuasm were her trademarks for ttree years at AA H S She was a cheer leader for two years presudent of the lnter Church Youth Councul and secretary of Junuor Achuevement S e pl ns to go to Earlham or Swarthmore College after gradu atuon SHARON C HANSEN Collectung rnunuatures and watch ung movues were Sharons favorute hobbues but she also luke to dance and read Treasurer of her home room she also belonged to the C e s club Future Nurses and Washungton clubs DAVID R HARRELL Hugh brow low brow any type of musuc was Daves unterest H was a member of the orchestra for two years and the band for three receuvung the hughest award the gold pun He also served the school un the Prouectuon and Raduo cu s The U w hav part un Daves future HARRIETTE R HAUGH Harruet was known around school for her rare vocal talent She was an ardent supportor of th A Cappella chour and plans to con tunue un thus fuelcl by studyung vouce he U M Sh w as member of the Art club and the Assembly commuttee ff' ' . , . u Q 1 .,,, , I Q y A ' . I I I I s 1 . . y A t . , 1 V? is . O ri . I . . - 0 , u 5 I I I I I A '9 to A . n in u I- E: . .. Q bf, X u , ,,,,, , tio a th U. of . h ' . if T' -'-- - 'I 'lg Q D h u I .u I e uw ut ',"Pl' f' u '- I I ' ' lb. ,ofM.ilI ea ' 'are ' , ' . V e stop ' ' . . Q b 4 I 'I I A ' ' . at t . of . e as lo a ' . ' l ' t Ds. I 1 J 4 . . V r 1 V . . ' , ' ' ' . . .. ' o ' ' . A j he GEORGE A. HENRY A sportsman in every sense of the word, George's activities were centered mainly around athletics. Junior varsity basketball kept him on the go as did intramural basket- ball. ln the future, George plans to loin the U.S. Coast Guard. JOANNE S. HERTSBERG Joanne, who spent her iunior years at Tappan, was most active in athletics. She played basketball and volleyball and was a member of the Bowling club, Joanne plans to attend college in the future. JULIA J HICKS Swimming and dancing were favorite pastimes of this sen or She was a member of Junior Achievement th Rifle club and Record club Also on her list of special interests was Voice and Ensemble She plans to attend a business college PAULJ HINIKER Spider spun his web of suc s by using his long legs high turnptng and basketball He was a Student Council representa tive and a member of the Junior and Senior Class Executive Boards He was also vice president of his homeroom fig? ,f witty A1- RAY P. HENRY Owner of one of the flashiest wardrobes in town, Ray sported all the colors of the rainbow and then some. He was a varsity basketball man and homeroom treasurer as well as a Rifle and Camera club member and an intramural man- ager, He plans to attend the U, of M. Engineering School next fall. MARY L. HESSON Mary Lou interiected her gay and friendly spirit into every activ- ity she undertook. She served as president of her homeroom and was a member of Presidents' com- mittee. Some of Mary Lou's other interests at A.A.H.S. included Bowl- ing club, Party committee and Washington club. JOSEPHINE D HODGE Jo s friendly personality and love for flying ought to make her future as an airline stewardess very suc cessful She was a Student Council representative and a member of the Washington club She also en toys bowling and skating LORNA L HOENER L na s very active as member of the Junior Red Cross committee Washington club Scrub blers Cantando and Junior Achieve ment She was a member of the COT and worked tn the night school office Her hobbies are orts She plans to enroll n business college after graduation 135 SALLY A HIEFTJE Handy with a needle and thread Saly entoys making her own clothes Secretary and president of her homeroom she was also on Student Council Assembly com mittee and Junior Achievement as w as in the Bowling Square Dance and Record clubs EDWARD F HIRSHMAN M ch of Eds free time was spent tinkering with automobiles and taking pictures of the attractive subtects of Ann Arbor He par ttctpated in cross country and was a member of the Washington club After graduation he will either go ollege or om e U r Force JEANNINE A HODSON Dancing roller skating and piano playing kept Jeanie busy tn her leisure time She was an honor roll student Jeannine was also a member of the Bowling club After graduation she plans to become a secretary FLORENCE L HOGAN Florences friendliness was her trademark at Ann Arbor High Besides being president and vice president of her homeroom she played rt h orchestra was member of h G A C and Bowling clubs She 1 to be ome an elementar, vol teacher JOE H HOWELL The best place to look for Joe under the hood f his car he is not there hes indubitably under the car for Joe likes nothing be ter than tinkering with he mechanisms of science He enloyed bowling and volleyball immensely He plans to goin the US Air Force SCOTT G HUGHES Active in athletics Scott man aged the cross country and track teams winning several letters for his efforts He enioyed membership in Deutscher Verein Scott was em ployed parttime at Overbecks bookstore while attending school He plans to enter the U of M RICHARD L HUTCHISON Hutchs powerful throwing arm helped him earn a berth as catcher on the varsity baseball team His other sports interests centered around basketball He was a Stu dent Council representative and a member of the Chefs club Record club and Washington club MARGARET J JAGOW Peggy taking advantage of her green thumb plans a career floriculture working in a green house She is very handy with a needle and thread Peggy played in the orchestra and was a mem ber of the Bowling and Square Dance clubs Among her best loved sports is water skiing PATRICIA A. HOLLIS Collecting records is a favorite hobby of Pat. At A.A.H.S. she was a member of the Assembly com- mittee in her sophomore year, and was vice-president of her home- room in her iunior year, After graduation she plans to work. SIDNEY J. HOPKINS "Scottie" was well known as a member and letter winner of the swimming team and cross country team. ln other school activities he was a member of the Bowling and Archery clubs and twice president of his homeroom A-4. His hobbies are photography and, naturally, sports. ORRIN L INBODY Buddys long legs were of con siderable advantage to him when it came to competing in the cross country and track teams He enloys all sports particularly hunting and archery Buddy was twice president of his homeroom After graduation he plans to attend MSU where he intends to study agriculture JEAN E JAHNKE With singing as a hobby it was only natural for Jean to make a successful audition for the A Cap pella choir She counted bowling and square dancing among her favorite pastimes Jean was active member of the Scrlbblers cub 136 HAZEN G. HOLLISTER Looking into the future, Hazen can be seen executing his duties as a member of the U.S. Army. Looking back at his life at Ann Arbor High, he was a member of homeroom A-8, and an active bowl- er in the Bowling club. HARLAN R. HOSENEY Harlan kept himself busy by I taking over the duties of secretary of the Bowling club during both his sophomore and junior years. After graduation, Harlan plans to join the U.S. Army. ROBERT E. HUGER Bob's keen interest in airplanes prompted him to goin the Model Airplane club He was a member of the band in which he earned a letter He enioyed being a part of the track team and Square Dance c u NANCY A HULSLANDER Participating in many school ac tivities Huss was noted for her musical and publications interests She was a soloist with the A Cap pella choir and held a lead role in the operetta Huss served as editor of the Omega and was on her class executne board three years 'ie O10 LEON P JAHNKE Leon was busuest durung the fall season for then he could puck up hus rufle and pursue hus favorute pastnme huntung He also was deeply unterested un wood carvung He was a transfer student from Saunt Thomas Hugh School MARY A JENKINS Playung the accorduon consumed a consuderable portuon of Mary Anns tume She attended Tappan Jr Hugh before comung to Ann Arbor Hugh At AAHS she was a member of the Future Nurses club Work or Cleary College us un store for her un the future IRWANTA M JOHNSON Vonnue was a Student Councul alternate a representatuve to the class executuve board and a mem ber of the queens court un her senuor year She enuoys all sports but basketball swummung softball and tennus are her favorutes DELORES JONES Delores entered AAHS after completung her studues at Slauson Whule at AAHS she partucupated un the Bowlung and Camera clubs Delores us preparung herself for a course un busuness college next year DAVID H JEDELE Dave could be seen un a varuety of outfuts rangung from whutes for hus uob at St Josephs Hosputal to dungerees for workung on h green gem a 1951 Chevrolet After hugh school he plans to rom the Navy and then get a uob and work FREDERICK R JOHNSON Fred was very sports munded durung hus three years at Ann Arbor Hugh He partucupated un JV football and baseball He was also an actuve member of Junuor Achuevement After graduatuon Fred plans to attend Western Much ugan College COT 137 varsuty cheerleader for She also was presudent tary of her homeroom councul member, and GAC gurl She enuoys her free tume, and college wull be her next stop SANDRA L JUDSON Sandy's pep and spurut was used to good advantage, for she was a two years and secre a student an actuve readung un PATRICIA L KAPPLER Sports were Pat's favorute means of relaxatuon durung her days at AA H S She was a member of the Bowlung club, Red Cross commuttee and the Washungton club She was also un Footlughr Scandals and on MARY A JOHNSON Marys more enuoyable pastumes seemed to center around athletucs Bowlung basketball and volleyball were her favorutes Besudes beung a member of the Future Nurses club she was on the Red Cross commuttee She plans to be secretary MARJORIE C JONES Maruorue was a member of the photography class Durung her spare tume she loved to work on cars After she receuves her duploma she hopes to make a career un the Aur Force HELEN KAMBAS Lookung ahead, Helen us seen workung as an Xray technucuan at St Joseph's Hosputal Lookung back, she was a member of the Scrub blers', Chefs', and Washungton clubs and also served on the Assembly commuttee Her favorute hobby us pauntung LARRY R KARNES Durung hus spare tume, Larry turns "nature boy" and goes hunt ung and fushung Tunkerung with cars also rates tops wuth hum, and some day he hopes to go unto mechanucal traunung at General Motors lnstutute On COT, he worked at the Ann Arbor Instru ment Co I ,- . . . . . . , . 5 ' I ' - ' is 551 . . . ' 11 11, I ., E ' ' - ' ez "H ' ' . ' - Q , .... I 3 ri? xr , L .,., 1 - . . . . 1 . . 11 - 11 . 1 I - , . ' 1 , . , . 1 1 . 1 T 1 ' , a I KAY E KEENE Kay s vuvacuousness was exemplu by her broad interests un sports whuch helped reward her 1 a er un the GAC e was an actuve member of t e Washington club and was both president and secretary of her homeroom She plans to attend the U of M Collectung sport records and sc res kept Sparky b sy un hs are ume ut te also foun room for Camera club and baseball n hus varued agen a He was treasurer and vuce presudent of hus homeroom and was always on the honor roll The U of M wull be hus next stop next stop JOHN R KLEIN Johns actuvutues at Ann Arbor Hugh were centered around musuc and drama He played un the o chestra was a member of the male quartet The CordualAures and e ceuved awards un both A Cappella and dramatucs He us planning to attend the Speech School at USC WALTER KNICKERBOCKER rce s s a ma or unterest Hus athletuc favorutes are bowling basketball and volleyball Whule attendung school Arce was employed on a parttume basis t the Washtenaw Daury He plans to serve un the Army and then attend GRETCHEN L KNAPP Busuness college wull be Gretch en s traunung ground for the future At Ann Arbor Hugh she was kept busy by the actuvutues of the Mod ern Record club the Assembly commuttee and the Red Cross com mittee Homeroom C6T was the center of these varuous actuvutues ROBERT P KNIGHT Although thus knight wasnt seated at Kung Arthurs round table was t senior classs on Knu ht Instead of savung us tressed damsels un hus spare time Bob applied hus talents to cars and boats Hus future plans unc ude college work 13 8 LINDA M KATZ Linda s vocal talents were put to good use by her partucupatuon un Cantando and A Cappella She was vuce president of her homeroom on the Assembly commuttee and un the Bowlung and French clubs GAC and Washington club were also a part of her varued agenda CAROLYN A KAUPER Kaups actuvutues ranged from orchestra to GAC As well as a Student Councul representative vuce president of her homeroom and recording secretary of GAC she was also un the band and the German club College wull be her DUNCAN M KAUFMANN Duncan was a member of the Intramural Managers committee Hus hobbues were many and unter estung among them beung model raulroadung He was employed at the Campus Buke and Hobby Shop He plans to enroll at the Muchugan Technucal College and mauor un enguneerung WILLIAM M KEELY Bull was wudely known for his work as school prouectuonust and stage electrucuan He was a member of the Assembly commuttee and the Washington club Presudent of the a uo club Bull also won tree awards un stagecraft Electronucs w play a part un Bulls tu e JOHN .I KELLY John s hugh school lute was hugh lughted by the Washmgton club trup whuch asaclub representative he had helped to plan Intramural Managers commuttee and JV foot ball entered unto hus hugh school lute as dud other sports especially hurtung WILLIAM L KETT Bull found relaxatuon un the form fume He was the treasurer of hus homeroom and a member of the Model Aurplane club In the future he wull study un an automotive school I l A 'ilk ' A I I R d' , ' I h , I ill ' 'I ' tur . fied ' ' , 1 4 I I , Wuuu ueiu ' . . . Sh i V ' JOHN D. KE-I-ELHUT I ot hunting and fishing in his leisure o " " u ' I u 1 sp t' , b E d ' I - h i ' ' d . - I it . ' r- ' I I I ' I I r - r A "A " list car as i I ' ' ' ' I, , . he he A ' ly f , I 1 . . I a . . . I ' A . ' ' u HELEN L KOEFOED Besldes belng presldent of her homeroom and Student Councul representatnve Helen also was cheerleadlng captaun and the secre tary of the GAC She was an honor roll student Helen worked on the buslness staff of the Op tlmlst was a member of the Record club and Junuor Red Cross com mnttee SHARELYN B KORZUCK Sharelyn s mmble fnngers and toes were qulckly demonstrated when e was twlrlung the baton or square danclng She was vlce presldent of her homeroom and a representatlve of the Red Cross commuttee HAROLD C KUHN Model alrplanes were of tenslve Interest to Harold so he loaned the Model Alrplane club and was elected presldent He won a letter for has partucnpatlon In the band and was a swlngnng member of the Square Dance club GERALD W KURTZ Jerrys mayor mterest IS flylng wnth the help of a plane He IS earmng money for a flymg machlne of has own by worklng at Kroger s Super Market and he plans to spend has lute flymg the huge planes of some alrllne At AA HS he partucnpated un undoor track cross country and baseball MARY KOLOKITHAS Remembered for her beautiful long halr Mary was actlve In many school actlvmes She was a mem ber of Cantando A Cappella GAC and Washlngton club She enloyed partlcnpatnng In the Pho tography club and the Optnmlst staff Journalusm wlll play a part un her future JAMES A KUENZEL Jams hugh school llfe was fnlled wlth a varlety of actlvltues Besldes betng a wrestler for three years he was president of has homeroom and a staunch supporter of Wash nngton club Hts free tlme was spent horseback rldlng NANCY K laTENDRESSE Nancys actlvltles tend toward the academlc She has won a letter an the band and belongs to the Scuetce club ln her spare moments she mlght be seen hlkung whuch us her favonte means of relaxatlon She plans to go to the U of M Engnneernng School NANCY K LESSARD Nancys artustuc talents came to Inght as she blended paints un the Art club When she wasnt IU the saddle on her favonte horse Nancy was applymg her abnlltles tn the Washnngton club and the Red Cross commnttee actlvntnes 139 NANCY A KULENKAMP One of the hnghlughts of Nancy s hugh school lnfe was school camp In her lunlor year Other actlvltles nn whlch she partncnpated were GAC Jumor Achnevement and Washangton club Western Mlchngan at Kalamazoo wnll be her next stop BARBARA F LAND Babs used her abundant energy horseback rudmg an her spare moments She was Jumor Achlevement supporter a Student Councll representative and French club member She was also secre tary and treasurer of her home room NANCY C LEITH Nancy known for her petute manner and demure looks l planmng to goun the clan and be come a teacher She enloyed dood I n the Art club and was cashler for the Student Councll Nancy was also m Washmgton club and the Red Cross commlttee ROBERT E LEWIS Bob could full a bushel basket wuth all the letters Ceughtl he took home for has athletuc achlevements He co captatned the basketball team was a varsuty baseball man and quarterbacked the football team He also dud a fme 'ob of quarterbackmg hus tumor class as president BARBARA A LONDON Homeroom D22 was the center of Barbues varuous actuvutues She was a steady partucupant un the Bowlung club and saved her free tume for bowlung and swummung Marruage us un her future plans PATRICIA L LOVELL s g I us lookung ahead to four years un college Pat was actuve commuttees and cubs AAHS She states her unusual experuence at AAHS as beung chaurman of football programs for the 56 Washungton club MATILDA W MacCARTHY Tulls luveluness was an asset o all the actuvutues un whuch she took part She sang un A Cappella was a Washungton club representatuve an Assembly commutteeman and an executuve board member GAC and bowlung also kept her busy GAIL L MCCLEERY Gauls actuvutues were all energy consumers She was a member of the Square Dancung club and spent her tume outsude of school swum mung and bowlung After Ann Arbor Hugh she wull attend college BARBARA M MCCALLUM Peewee could usually be found around the GA C offuce for sports played an umportant part un her lfe She was vucepresudent f G A C and receuved the uh e award ths cub ln e band Barb receuved a letter and two puns She was In Bowlung German and Washungton clubs JOANNE A MCDOUGALL God guveth speech to all but song to few Thus descrubes Jo pretty well for she made a great contrubutuon un Vouce and Ensemble and A Cappella Secretary of home room B2 she was un the Bowlung club and on class executuve boards 140 TOM L LILLARD Blessed wth a guft for act ng Tom has shown hus talent through out hus hugh school career by tak ung part un almost every dramatuc productuon He receuved an award for hus achuevements and plans to take up actung as hus occupatuon He was also an assembly com mutteeman and un the Record club MARY O LOCKWOOD Marys club actuvutues took up much of her tume for she was a member of the Future Nurses Srubblers and Bowlung clubs She was a Student Councul alternate and member of the .lunuor Red Cross Her avocatuons unclude sew ung skatung and swummung JAMES F LINDNER Jum was a handy man to have around when there was car trouble cars as hus hobby he a the necessary knowledge to repaur e duffuculty Slauson w s us center of educatuon before comtng AAHS hg seas e bec onung Jum and h wull the Navy after graduatuon ALEX F LOMIK Alex formerly honored Brughton Hugh wuth hus presence before com ung here un hus uunuor year He has sunce taken part un the Conserva tuon club and untramural wrestlung He enuoys fushung and huntung and plans to enter the professuon f cuvul enguneerung JAMES J LOVELACE An outdoorsman from the start Jum luked nothung better than t get un a luttle huntung and fushung deep un the woods At Ann Arbor Hg the Rufle club Model Aur plane club and bowlung made hus a busy schedule CAROL M LUSK Bowlung and swummung stand out un Carols lust of hobbues A new comer from St Joseph Academy un Adnan she was a member of homeroom C8 and was secretary th re for one semester ln e future Carol us plannung to work JACK MCKENZIE Despute hus nuckname Rookue proved humeslf uust the opposute He was a twoyear man on the basketball squad manager for the baseball team and vuce presudent of hus homeroom Student Councul and Bowlung club added to has busy schedule JAMES L M:NAUGHTON Although small un stature Jums personaluty and abuluty enabled hum to reach great heughts ln athletucs JT reached the peak when he was state champuon un wrestlung as well as cocaptaun of the team VP of the senuor class Jum was also presudent of the 56 Washung ton club and sang un A Cappella LYNETTE A MARKER Beung vuce presudent of the Pres ndents commuttee was uust one of Lynns varuous actuvutues She was also presudent and vuce presudent of her homeroom a Student Coun cul representatuve a member of the executuve board and a letter wunner un G A C WILBERT B MARSHALL W M shutterbug of Ann Arbor Hugh could always be found where flashbulbs were poppung He work ed behund the scenes for school plays and receuved stagecraft and auduo vusual awards for these actuv utues He was photographer for the Optumust ir DONNA M McMULLEN Donna s future plan contaun three ses furst se woud uke work then to become a beauty parlor operator thurd to get mar rred She came to AAHS from Tappan She has the unusual hobby o collectung salt and pe er shakers BARBARA J MACOMBER Dancung un squares of eught was one of Barbs favorute ways of spendung her tume A worker n AH s was aso member of the Red Cross corn muttee and a cook un the Chefs club Secretarual work seems to be un Barbaras future ELLEN J MASER Ellens hobbues kept her busy the whole year round for un the summer she could glude through the water and un the wunter she c ud glude across th ce m ployed at the Duxue Shop Ellen us plannung to work after graduatuon DONALD J MAST Puns could always be seen flyung when Don was bowlung for bcwl ung was rught down hus alley H was homeroom presudent a Wash utgton club representatuve and Square Dance club member Hus future plans unclude the U of M School of Archutecture 14 KENT H MARQUIS Kent used the traunung he e ceuved on the cross country team to good advantage on the track team A certufucate wunner for the Optumust he was also on Student Councul Party commuttee and Wash ungton club More educatuon us Kents future plan JEAN E MARTIN A letter and two puns were .leans reward for her tume and work un the band She was a Stu dent Councul representatuve a Red Cross commutteeman and an Op turnust reporter The actuvutues of the orchestra and the Party com muttee also consumed much of her tume WENDELL 0 MASON Wendell receuved a letter un the nd as a reward for hus tume and hard work On the football and track teams he was also vuce presudent of hus homeroom As far as the future goes Wendell plannung on college ANNE E MAYER Sports seemed to rate hugh thus gurls lust Her favorute pastume was swummung a d at AAHS she was secretary for her home room Anne us lookung forward to G CBVSGF lf'l VTUVSIDQ 'Y' or Q A SWK LOUIS T MOORE Louue was known around Anr Arbor Hugh for hus fruendly grun a hus uolly manner He w s a member of homeroom D 22 and was a student at Tappan Junuor Hugh before comung to Ann Arbor Hugh He was unterested un paunt ung and decoratung RICHARD L MORTON A competutor from the word g Rucky left many an opponent far behund as he raced over the cun ers fr the track team Hu speed also made hum a valuable asset on the football team Be tween football and track Rucky was kept busy wrestlung CORA L MURPHY Dancung euther modern or bop was CoCos favorute pastume Collectung stones rated next At Ann Arbor Hugh she was un Nurs ung Dancung and Chefs clubs and was a member of the Intramural Managers commuttee GENE L MYERS Water skuung was Genes means of coolung off on those hot summer days Besudes beung on Student Councul and the Track team he sang un A Cappella and was un the Camera Record and Washungton clubs CLYDE R MAYNARD Barryton Hugh was Clydes last stompung ground Whule there h vas on the track team and out for JV baseball An able manager of as etball and baseball ce ved a letter for hus work e served as a Red Cross commuttee man One of hus spare tume hobbues us makung lamps DENISE A MINER Dee a peppy luttle blond from B 8 was kept busy bobbung around wuth her varued actuvutues Her flaur for drama earned her an award he lead un two allsc oo plays Presudent and secretary of her homeroom she w s also un the French and Bowlung clubs and un the orchestra ALISON MYERS Button receuved a certufucate award for her work on the Op tumust Besudes beung on the Stu dent Councul and Presudents com muttee she sang un A Cappella and was a member of the Record club and Washungton club Wellesley College wull be her next stop LUTHER M NAGEL Luthers tume and energy was spent supportung the Washungton club and servung as an Assembly commutteeman C O T kept hum actuve workung un Ann Arbor Hugh s woodshop 142 JOANN C MILLER Slauson Jr Hugh was thts busy luttle chuck s last roost Washungton Modern Record and Future Nurses cu s kept oann usy r spare tume along wuth the presu dency of her homeroom Central Muc ugan holds tl future or Joann LEON T MOON Tom spent hus furst year of hugh school at Battle Creek Central At Ann Arbor Hugh he was on the Red Cross commuttee d un th Prouectuon club and the band H us a collector of couns and stamps s p nng uon the ur Force un the future MARTHA F MORTON A member of the German club Martue had a chance to get some furst hand experuence by beung one of our exchange students to Ger many Pount secretary of the chestra Martue also was on GA C Red Cross commuttee and Future Nurses club JERRY P MUMMERY Mum scared many of hus pals off the road wuth the blast horns hus Merc Jerry was a staunch supporter of Intramural wrestlung Rufle club and Assembly commuttee He served hus homeroom as presudent Future plans unclude a career un automotuve enguneerung BARBARA M. NAGLER Barb's three years on the Op- timist were topped off by becom- ing associate editor in her senior year. She sang in A Cappella, was an Assembly committeeman, and a Student Council alternate. G.A.C. and Washington club added to her already varied agenda. RITCHA J. NELSON Ritchie's ability to twirl the baton earned her the position of drum malorette for the Ann Arbor High Marching Band and a band letter Her activities included the Assem bly committee Her future plans include college PAUL R NIELSEN Paul was a hot rodder during his free moments At AAHS he was an active member of the Bowling club and Rifle club After graduation he plans to enlist in the US Navy GERALD J NORTHRUP Jerry who was a participant of the Fly Tying club receives en loyment out of fishing While a student at AAHS Jerry was ern ployed part time an a grocery store He was an honor roll student Hts future plans are uncertain MONA L. NAPIER Mona played the piano with or without a candelabra. Girls' chorus was another outlet for her musical ability and even though these activities and the Assembly come mittee kept her busy, she was on the honor roll most of the time. ROY G. NICHOLSON An enthusiastic band member, Roy spent considerable time in the concert and marching bands re ceiving a letter and two pins for his achievements Roys favorite sport is swimming He was a mem ber of the Intramural Managers He plans to enroll at the U of M i " 4 f ,za .age t MARINA C PARLAS Marina s vivaciousness and friend liness helped to secure the positions of treasurer secretary president and vice president of her home rom She ws in GAC e Bowling and Record clubs and Washington club CLAUDIA R PEAKE Claudia can well be classed as Ann Arbor Highs Florence Night ingale since she centered her activities around her chosen career nursing She was a member of the Junior Red Cross committee and Future Nurses Claud helped in the school clinic Her hobbies are anything for which she has time 143 DONALD E NIMKE Don occupied himself by working on his car He was a member of the Rifle club and the Intramural Managers committee After gradu ation he would like to become an engineer or an auto mechanic MARILYN .I ODONNELL Marilyns school activities kept her occupied but she still found time for her hobbies of dancing listening to records and swimming She sang with Cantando was a member of the Washington club Square Dance club and Future Nurses club DORIS PATTERSON Doriss natural aptitude for rhythm and her talent for vocallz ing will come in handy in e future for she hopes to become a singer of popular songs Doris attended Tappan Junior High She was very active in her homeroom JOHN C PEARL Handy with a puck on ice John played hockey in the Ann Arbor Amateur Hockey League He was a member of the Junior Red Cross committee and Junior Achievement .lohns hobby is stamp collecting After graduation he plans to work on guided missiles NANCY M PEPPER r a tivities t AAHS c tered around her homeroom and e oriculture c ub e al season is Nancys favorite for it gives her a chance to watch foot ball games After graduation she plans to work and then become married GRANT L PETERS Pete takes after President Eisenhower at least in one respect for his hobbies are golfing and fishing He was a very active mem ber of the Bowling club and In tramural Managers After gradua tion he plans to enroll in col ege JUDIIH A PICKARD Editing the Optimist was almost a full time iob for Judy but s e d b on e onor roll She was an ac ive member of the Table Tennis club Mo ern Record club GAC A Cappella choir and the Washtng t n club Painting s listed as chief hobby PEGGY A PLUMPTON Taking notes for her homeroom kept Peggy very busy She also was a member of the Square Dancing club the Bowling club an G A C he spare time P gy likes to roller skate e ns t enroll in college a er graduation DAVID S. PEARSON To be a "watchdog of the coast" is Dave's ambition. His favorite sport is water skiing. Dave was a member of the Junior Red Cross committee and the Air Age club. STEPHEN W. PECKHAM Steve's voice could be heard every morning over the P.A. at A.A.H.S. For this service he re- ceived an award. He was also a member of the band and the ln- tramural Managers' committee. Steve spent most of his spare time with his hobbies, cars and model airplanes CHERIE L. PECK "Rusty" was president of Can- tando and secretary of her home- room for three semesters, She was a member ot' the G.A.C., Girls' chorus and Bowling club, Horseback riding, swimming and dancing are her favorite hobbies. After gradu- ation she plans to go to college. GERALD R. PEER Jerry's activities were centered around athletics. He earned letters in baseball, basketball and iunior varsity football. He was a repre- sentative of the Student Council and a member of the Junior Red Cross committee. Jerry plans to enroll in college. DONALD J PERIGO Every inch a man and lots of inches too can best describe this senior This quality helped im earn a permanent berth as end on the football team and forward on the basketball team which he captained Pogo also was a Stu dent Council representative and a member of the Presidents com mittee DONNAJ PHILLIPS Joys smiling face and friendly personality carried her through her years at AAHS She was secre tary of her homeroom and was a member of the clas execut e b ards Joy also played in e ban earning a letter and a pin for her hard work ELIZABETH A PIEHUTKOSKI S ating s Poosky s favori e outside interest and it received a lot of her spare time At AAHS she was treasurer of her homeroom and a member of the Bowling club After she finishes high school she plans to enroll in a business college PATRICIA A POWELL Although it would be hard to do at the same time Pat i to read and listen to popular rec ords She was a member of the Bowling club and the Square Dance club for two years Pat plans to work after receiving her diploma 144 4 3-A W i. K-.r nk .ans sd 'Q' JAMES A RANDALL Pratrue Vnew Hugh School Texas was Jam s last graznng ground b fore coming to AAHS Whtle there he was a Student Councll alternate and vrce presldent of the Engltsh club He also receuved a runner up tennus award rn mens doubles Jrm hopes to become a research sctentust CRYSTAL M REDLIN Crystal was secretary of her homeroom Thns was valuable ex peraence for her because she plans to work as a secretary after grad uatuon Crystal was also actuve un stagecraft Her hobbles are read mg and sewnng BARBARA F L REMER Barbara traveled all the way from Germany to enroll at A A H S Although she enloys lnfe here very much she rs plannxng to return to Germany to work In the Amerlcan musuc dancnng and sanglng DAN E RHODES According to Dan anythlng and everythmg could b Included among hrs hobbtes He was treas urer of hrs homeroom a repre sentattve of Student Councll and DOROTHY M Dottles lettc abllrty president of tan of e leaders She LINDA L REIMAN Llnda moved to Mlchugan from Florlda Through a natural mcltna tton she IS returning to the Um versrty of Floruda after graduation At AAHS she was vice prestdent and secretary of her homeroom and a member of the Future Nurses club besldes slngmg wxth Cantando mine leadershlp and ath helped her become the GAC and cap lunuor varsaty cheer w s also varslty cheerleader In addutuon to all this Dotue was a reporter and a page editor on the Optlmlst a member of the A Cappella choir from whnch he recelved an award To round out has actnvltles he enloyed beung a member of the Table Tenms club W. VALERIE l RICHARDSON As a pnoneer Val followed the trall of many actlvntles She was secretary and treasurer of her homeroom and a member f GAC the Camera club and the Intramural Managers commlttee Her favorute hobby as ransung Ger man Shepherds KAY A ROGERS Kay was secretary of her home room a member of the band for three years In the Washmgton club and on the Jumor Red Cross com muttee Kay enloys good muslc After graduatuon she hopes to be an archeologlst 145 -ar RENATE H P REXHAUSEN Crossmq the Atlantrc was neces Ann Arbor for she IS an exchange student from Cologne Germany She as deeply interested tn pho tography and swummrng Renate plans to return to Germany upon graduation HARRY T RICHARDSON Harry was a member of the Rnfle club He acquired some skulls as a backyard mechamc whnch wtll help hum considerably nn the future snnce he plans to enllst In the US Air Force He worked part tame at Montgomery Ward whsle attending school NANCY C RICKARD Nan s wrltung ablllty anded her In wlnnrng a cttarlon from the Op tumrst She was presldent and on the Intramural Managers commtt tee She hopes to be an occupa tronal therapust tn the future ERLENE A ROHLF Square dancvng was a favorite pastrme of Elene at A A H S She was a member of this club for two years Her favorute hobby s swnmmrng After graduation she plans to be a secretary . . ' . . in n - 1 11 I - - e ' . . . . ' ' . . . - , ' i th ' ' ' - ' - ' . a a ' - I . I I ll Y' Al I I , - . - - 1. , Q, - Wt. A . . . . , V . ! r . . Consulate. She is very fond of sary before Renate could come to I I ' I I , . , 3 X , as A if 1 , f . if is V , ff fs , -EE ., x ' e ' . . I I I . . - ' ' H - H - - I . I . I I , I - . , , o ' ' - . . ., , . ' , . . . . , I . . , . ' - . ' i DOROTHY J ROSS A swinging member f e Square Dance club Dorothy was also peppy in the Bowling cub and Red Cross committee She took notes for her homeroom and kept the books straight fo the Washington club and was COT Dorothys future plans clude workung JUDITH N ROWLAND Previous to coming to Ann Arbor Hugh Judy attended Tappan Jr Hugh At A A H S her interests were centered around her curricular and extracurricular activities Work will play an important part in Judys future MARGARET A RUTLEDGE Music occupied much of Anns time at AAHS A letterman orc estra her first y ar she e ce ved her sulver pin the n xt Ann was in the Scribblers club for one semester Record collecting and traveling are her hobbies EDWIN F J SASAKI Active in student religious affairs Ed served as president of the lnter Church Youth Council He sang un the Male chorus th Boys semble and the A Cappella choir Ed was a member of the Party committee He plans to attend the U of M and hopes to become a doctor 'Q- 1 DANIEL J. ROLAND Dan received a letter for his activities with the band. He was a proiectionist a member of the swimming team on the Intramural Managers committee and un the Science club Dan hopes to become a forester in the future BERT N ROOT Bert was a letter winner on the swimming team and a member of the Rufle club He plans to con tunue his hobbies of boats and automobiles by becoming a me chanuc un a Navy underwater dem olution squad un the future DAVID A SARAH Fishing and guns rated hugh on Daves hobby list Besudes being on the football team he was un the Rifle club Vouce and Ensemble and on the Assembly committee Work and college will be a part of Daves future ROBERT N SAWYER Bob attended Monroe Hugh b fore coming to AAHS Whule there he earned two letters in golf and was a member of the Varsuty Letter club His numerous hobbies include football basketball sailing and water skiing 146 'HQ JACK 0. ROMEO Jack likes to take off for the woods every now and then to relax in the form of hunting and fishing After graduation he plans to enlist un some branch of the service and then work LORETTA C ROPER Loretta was secretary of her homeroom for two semesters and a Student Council alternate for one Before coming to AAHS she at tended Sikeston Hugh in Missouri Since her marriage she has kept up her numerous activities RICHARD W ROTHFUSS Duck an upto date authority on dual carbs mulled heads and straight pipes likes to spend his spare time tinkering with his car But when hunting season rolls around he trots off to the wulder s f few da s to Davy Crockett Dick was in the Modern Record and Rifle clubs PEARLENE ROWRY Pearlene was an active member of homeroom C 20 During her stay at high school she had the unusual experience of serving o the Assembly committee during her After graduation Pearlene plans to attend Hamilton Busuness College , , . as 1 u , - A ' ,, H - . . I Q li . . - . . I X N .t ,, it - it , , t ' ' o th I - - 1 1 nes or a y play A it tu . . ' r '56 ' , on . . . ' in- ' ' ' 1 sophomore, iunior and senior years. xt ..,, . ' I E ' in , . I . . h ' e , r - , ' I e - , , . . , . . . . , . I . e- , e ' En- ' 4 3 , , t I l LOUISE M. SCHAFF Gliding across lakes of ice 's Louises favorite hobby An active member of her homeroom she was on the Red Cross committee for a semester Her future looks rosy for she is planning to get married MARTHA .I SCHLUPE Martha s activities were a mixture of clubs sports and committees Homeroom treasurer she was also a Washington club representative and in the Rifle and Bowling clubs Her hobbies include swimming ice skating and shooting JANE M SCHNEIDER Jane was secretary and treasurer of her homeroom She was very active in GAC Art club Junior Red Cross committee and lntra mural Managers committee Her hobbies are drawing swimming and horseback riding She plans to enter the Ray Vogue School of Art JUDITH A SCHROEN Ju ys activities at AAHS seemed to be centered around clubs and committees She was a very active member of the Junior Red Cross committee Washington club and Bowlrng club After graduation she plans to go t college WILLIAM A. SCHLANDERER Bill was an outstanding guard on the football team He also won a letter on the wrestling team Bill served as president of his home room was a Student Council repre sentatuve and a member of the Washington club BRUCE E SCHNEEBERGER Co captain of the track team Schnooz was a good up and over man in the pole vault event He also was a letterman In foot ball a Student Council representa tive secretary of his homeroom and an Athletic Board member BARBARA .I SCI-IWEMMIN Barbara engaged in numerous activities at AAHS She was a member of the Washington club GAC the Party committee and the Square Dance club After grad uation she plans to enroll in Cleary College JAMES D SEEBACK Dale came to AAHS rom Howe Military Academy where he received numerous awards for good conduct and for being an out standing cadet He was vice pres :dent of his homeroom and man ager of the basketball team He plans to attend the U of M Music School 14- ALLAN D SCHREIBER Allans flair for acting led him to the field of dramatlcs where he applied his talents in school plays and assemblies H ws in the Record and Camera clubs and was on the Optimist staff The U of will have a place in Alan future KARLENE S SCHULER One look at Sue was enough to catch the lat st an the world of used up lots of her energy but she still had plenty left for Stu dent Council Presidents committee Cantando and the Record club JAMES R SCOTT Goobers husky build came in handy during the football season for he was a member of the var sity squad In other school activ ities he was president of his home room a member of the Bowling club a Student Council representa tive and a Presidents committee ITIBTI JANICE E SEIPPEL Janice enloyed listening to rec ords and playing the piano in her free time She was a member of the Washington club Square Danc ing and Bowling clubs and an alternate to the Student Council After graduation she plans to en at the U o I , I ' . . - r 1 ' ' ' I l - . . Q l ' . ' ll Il ll l , . H - , . . . . . I I . - I I . I , . . . tm 2 I l . Q -I I I ' I ' , . . . . I I ' ' ' , ' . e a ' , M. ' ' I 's d ' ' " . . . . . . S . . 1 fashion. Cheerleading and G.A.C. 1 l ' o ' . . ' ' ' ' , , , , in . ' H . I H ' ' . . . . , ' l I . ' - - if r - ' , I . . D I . - ' ' I 1 I f ,Ziff ' l ' fr . . ' ron . f M. ., , JULIA A SHAW Julue went through her three years at AAHS wuth frnendly smsles and hellos for everyone She was vlce presndent and secretary of her homeroom sang nn Cantando and was a member of GAC LYNN D SHERMAN Horses and rodeos are of Interest to Lynn as are swnmmmg and :ce skatung Besudes bemg presndent of her homeroom and a Student Coun cnl representative she was a mem ber of the Future Nurses and Washmgton clubs She plans to be a nurse JACQUELINE G SINANIAN Musnc played an Important part m .lacquues school lufe for besldes smgang an Cantando and A Cap pella she enloyed lustenmg to opera ln dramatlcs and the German club she was also both presvdent and vuce presudent of her home room SANDRA L SINKE The actlvltles of GAC espe csally held hockey and volleyball were favontes of Sandy She was also a Washmgton club member She lakes to read and she IS plan nmg to attend college to become an mteraor decorator MARY A SELBY Marys hugh school lufe centered around homeroom B8 where her enthusiasm and constructive Ideas helped make nt an actnve group an Ann Arbor Hugh Business school after graduatnon IS uncluded an Mary s plans BARBARA L SEVEBECK Barbs fruendly smlle was her trademark around school She was presldent vvce presldent and treas urer of her homeroom a Student Councnl representatnve a member of the Presidents commnttee the Modern Record club and the Square Dance club X MARGARET M SINDLINGER Margarets spare tlme rob collectmg souvenlrs from other states and countries She lnkes to rause flowers which explams her membershnp In the Florlculture club As far as the future as concerned she wants to go Into general offlce work DONALD I. SKRZYPCZAK Most fellows are happy and con tent wmth thear drnvers lncenses but Don wont be satnsfled untll he obtams the pruvate pulot Incense that he ns workmg for He was In the Washmgton club and wants to become a machlnust 148 SUE J SETZEKORN Wuchuta Kansas was Sues last habntat Whnle there she was an the lumor class play on the Stu dent Councul and was a swnmmung leader At AAHS she was the Washmgton club as well as Junlor Achievement JAN W SEYFRIED Gomg rlght along wnth the pnoneer spnrlt Jans favornte hob bnes were hunting and fnshlng As an Assembly commntteeman he also kept the fmances stranght The College of Pharmacy at the U of M has a place nn Jans future ANNIE G SHELBY Anme would make a good baby sltter for takung care of ltle chnldren ns her hobby At AAHS she was a member of the Chefs club and the Red Cross commuttee Her future plans are mdefnmte FRANK L SHIRLEY Horses and model alrplanes kept Louae s free tame well occupued At school he was a Student Council representatvve and alternate pres ndent of hls homeroom and an Assembly commutteeman The Rrfle club and mtramural sports also kept hum busy ,. . .. , , , , . , . . m . , ' 1 ' ' ' , , , . , . . , , . . , It , , ,hm V . , . . . , ' f ' . , . x f us , , , , ...I ' ' , , I ' 4 RICHARD M. SLATER A "racketeer" of the best kind, Dick received three letters in tennis and captained the team in his sen- ior year. A manager for the basket- ball team he was also on the Intramural Managers committee and a member of the Chefs club DIANNE L SMITH A former Ypsilanti High student Dianne ws In GAC and the Spanish club there At Ann Arbor Hugh she was secretary of her homeroom an intramural manager and a Student Council alternate School camp highlighted her school i e KATHRYN B SMITH Katie was actnve un student gov ernment serving on the Student Council the Assembly committee and the Intramural Managers com mittee She participated In GAC actlvltles and also enloyed mem bershlp in the Record club and the Square Dance club ROBERT M SPEARS With hobbies of hunting fishing and trapping its easy to see why Bob enloyed the Rifle and Rod and Reel clubs He was active In track and wrestlmg and was an intra mural manager He plans to make ANTHONY E. SMITH Although guns and fishing usual- ly don't go together, Tony man- aged to find time for both. An intramural manager he was 'also a staunch supporter of the 56 Washington club Dental School at the U of M holds the future for Tony HENRY N SMITH Mickey as he was commonly known was an active member of homeroom C5 He was a member of the Male chorus Protection club an a cross country runner Fol lowing graduation he plans to at tend a forestry school MARJORIE L SPRING Marge s three years at AA H S were packed full of activities The band trnps were a great experience for her as was the Washington club trip The Bowling and Souare Dance clubs the Red Cross committee and GAC rounded out her other activities LYNNE C STAEBLER Lynne plans to continue her hobby of art at the U of M next fall Washington club and GAC kept her busy but she still found time for Cantando the Assembly committee and the Intramural Man agers committee 149 PAUL L SMITH Relaxed easy going Paul showed plenty of hustle on the baseball diamond where he captalned the varsity squad Varsity football and basketball rounded out his sports program and he was also in the Washington club and on class exec utlve boards STELLA M SPERATOS Stella has lived in several sec tions of the country She was born in New Mexico and before cornlng to Ann Arbor Hugh she attended Escuduto High in California Shor ty took part in Girls Chorus and was helpful to the school by serv mg as an office gurl CLARA A STAEB The Record and Rifle clubs re cenved some of Claras free time and energy as did Junior Achieve ment Among her hobbies swim ming and roller skatnng rate hugh Clara has chosen marriage a a life vocation following graduation NANCY A STEEB The life of a secretary seemed to sunt Nancy at AA H S for she took notes for the Party committee her homeroom and the Intramural Managers committee She was also in the Record Square Dance and Bowling clubs Records take up her spare time f , , , . . , I - - ' tt - .11 , , ' a ' . . . . ' . , . . f 1 Cl . - l'f . ! , .I . I ' . 1 1 1 e I . ' , . . . I . . I f ' ' , I . . . . f - a career with the Navy. . . . . . H - ,, - - , 5 X X I ' - 1 . .. I I S . I ' , Q . I . 1 I ' , I 5 M" .Q I .I - . I 1 1 1 I I . , - , . I ' - I , . . GEORGE F STENTZEL A Cappella was one of Georges favorite activities and he sang in it for three semesters On the sophomore executive board and the Assembly committee he was also an intramural manager and a Washington club representative Hunting ts his favorite hobby WILMA C STILLMAN Wilma sometimes known Mississippi came to Ann Arbor from Ypsilanti High Sewing and cooking occupy a lot of her spare time In the future Wilma plans to attend business college and then take a rob SANDRA S STOLL Sandys three years at AAHS were highlighted by her reign over the 55 homecoming as queen An able active girl Sandy was on the Student Council executive board and Presidents committee Her club activities included Future Teachers GAC and Washington MARJORIE N STUBER As a varsity cheerleader for two years Midge added pep and spirit to our athletic teams An athlete herself Midge earned her GAC letter and plans to go into physical education She was also on Pres idents committee in A Cappella and business manager of the Omega PAUL F. STEEB Paul's life centered around farm- ing, and during his spare time he liked to work with farm machinery. Dairy farming being his specialty, he would like to be a dairy farmer in the future. At A.A.H.S. he was in the '56 Washington club. CHARLES L. STEINER "Chuck" was especially interested in music. He played first saxophone in both the band and orchestra. He was also drum maior in the marching band Chuck was pres :dent of his homeroom president of the Methodist Youth Fellowship and sang in the choir He plans to go to college -'Qi Xl, ff BARBARA C. STEIN 4-H activities received a lot of attention from Barb, but when she wasn't busy with that, she enioyed watching athletic events. She was on the Red Cross committee, in the Square Dance club, Record club and the Washington club. GLEN J. STEINMAN While at A.A.H.S. Glen was a proiectionist for three years. His hobbies are electronics and auto mechanics At present he is m ployed at a service and auto shop He will goin the US Arr Fo ce after he receives his diploma .IULIAN P STIENON One of our aquatic friends Julian was on the swimming team for three years A member of the Radio club and the AAHS band he plans to go to the U of M School of Music His hobbies in clude tsnkering with car engines BETTY J STOLL Music was one of Bettys chief interests at Ann Arbor High Listen ing to hillbilly music took much of her time as did strumming her guitar Her future plans include attending business college upon graduation CAROL .I STRETCH rols bility a Juni Achievement worker helped her to gain the 'ob of sales manager for her corporation She always looks forward to winter for skating and tobogganing are her chief sports She plans to become a longdis tance telephone operator ARDIS J STUMP Collecting old colonial furniture gave Artie enioyment and satis faction Vice president of her home room she was also a member of the Baton Art and Washington clubs Work and college are ln her future plans 150 if mt. We 't WY UCILLE C SUAREZ The Future Nurses club gave ucy valuable experlence for she alans to attend Nurslng School at U o M nex fall At nn Arbor Hugh she was In the Wash ngton club the orchestra GAC and Junior Achnevement REDERICK H TANK Fred preslded over his homeroom 20 for three semesters He was Jn the Student Councnl Presidents ommnttee and Party commrttee I has lunuor year Fred was chosen to attend Wolverune Boys State Following graduatnon he plans to a end the U of M School f Dentnstry BARBARA A THElEN Barbs wut and Ioquacuousness helped to keep her classmates In good humor and earned her the trtle of class comedaenne In the Pnoneer Hall of Fame She was a member of the band Bowling and Square Dancung clubs the Assem bly commnttee and the Drama Workshop She pl ns t go to college CATHERINE J THOMPSON A cheery smile was always forth commg from Jeanne Her Interest In drama led to her partlclpatlon un stagecraft On COT she was employed at Stofflets News Com pany She plans to work after graduatuon MARY SZALAY Mary IS a collector of strung Not however the kmd used to wrap packages She collects yarn and thread for knlttlng crochetlng and embroldernng She IS not too defmnte about her future plans but she hopes to work after grad uatlon MICHAEL A TERRY Mnkes hobbies of hunting and archery were synonymous and he also llked to work on cars He was a member of the Record club dur hs lunlor year at AA Workung at General Motors Insta tute or enlrstung ID the Army are his future plans JAMES C TIBBETTS Rlcketts was a versatnle man at AAHS He was a letterman on the football team and a member of the track team In other school actlvntues he was a member of the Preszdents commuttee executnve boards Washmgton club and a Student Councll representatxve CHARLES M TINSLEY Tsnsmps receuved a managers letter and pun for has great efforts on the swummmg team He sang In A Cappella and was kept busy en goylng the actnvntnes of the Wash mgton and Square Danclng clubs He plans to enlust In the U S Coast Guard 151 SYLVIA B THOMAS Eatung good food and gonng to partles are Sylvuas favorute ways to spend her leisure time At Ann Arbor Hugh she was nn the Pang Pong club and she gauned valuable experuence for her future through her partuclpatuon In the Future Teachers club CAROL A THURSTON ctlve O wor t a descrubes Carols lnfe at AAHS On the Assembly commnttee an the Record club and on the Intramural Managers committee s e s found trme for dramatucs pantomnm mg art and skatlng In the future she hopes to become a fashlon desugner JANET A TIETZ Bubbles who served as vuce presldent of her homeroom was Interested ID athletlcs and poletucs She was In GAC Bowlung club and the Party and Assembly com muttees Along with her other In terests Janet engoys cookmg and sewmg KENNETH TONEY The experience that Ken s gann mg now by workmg on a farm will beageat set ohmun e future At AA H S he was a mem ber of the Rufle club Washlngton club and the rumor executuve board - , , f . 'he . f . I . A ' ' , ' ' ' ' . -.C f fm, 4 2 M I- . , . I . I - ' Q ' ' . n - ' ' ' , ing i ' ' . .H.S. tt . . o ' . . I - , . ' . I . . . a o , ' 12? . . . . Q s,-Q? f , lv f F I 1 ' ' ' ' " "A ' " is ne d h t ' Q1 ., ' ' ' . . . ., it . . . . ' - I , - I , ' ' , , ' . , 4" ' V , ' . . a I I V A ' 'I ' I I I I 1 1 I I A I H - . ul - 4 - I - - I ' ' , ' r as t i ' th MARGUERITE A TRUBEY Muxung paunts and cleanung brushes played an umpor ant part un Marguerutes Iufe for she plans lor n U o She was un the Record and Wash ur-gton clubs and was on the Omega staff AMHERST H TURNER Nubby partucupated un many actuvutues connected wuth student government He was presudent of the Student Councul un his senuor year He was also president of hus homeroom and a member of the Washungton club Hockey and golf are his favorite sports He plans to go to college RUTH J TWINING Whule at AAHS Jean partucu pated actively un the Junuor Red Cross commuttee and Chefs and Rifle clubs Naturally since sports are one of her favorute hobbues Jean was also very actuve un GA C and untramural sports Twink was vuce presudent of her homeroom PAUL R VAN COLEN Pauls experuences at AAHS were many and Interesting H played varsuty basketball and JV baseball and football Van was also on the Presidents commmrttee and un the Chefs and Bowling clubs HOWARD S TOPP Model shup and aurcraft buuldung rated hugh on Hard Top s hobby lust as did the study of naval his tory He was vuce presudent of the Aur Age club Hus future plans un clude mauorung un history at the U of M CYNTHIA A TRAVIS Cundys artustuc talents made her a valuable member of the Art club and the Omega Presudent and treasurer of her homeroom she was also on the Party commuttee and un Washungton club Her hob bues include sewung and readung LOYAL C TOWER The Rufle club gave Loyal ex peruence that came un handy when he found turne to do a luttle hunt ung Hus actuvutues at AAHS cen tered around hus specual interest un basketball and he served secretary of his homeroom Loyal has decuded to go unto pauntung after graduation DFMATTA L TRISVAN Dematta us a transferee from Roosevelt Hugh School Ypsilanti Her hobbues are dancung and skat ung At A A H S she was a member of the Future Nurses club BARBARA A TRUDEAU The life of a secretary seems to fut this gurl Barb started her prep aratuons for a career as a secretary un her homeroom and plans to continue thus training at a business college Square Dance and Wash ungton clubs kept her busy Her hobbues unclude ice skatung and bowlung GLENN M TURNER Glenn transferred to AAHS from the St Cloud Munn Technical Hugh School Included among hus hunting and swummung After he graduates he pl ns to e lust n some branch of the servuce ERNIE N USHIRO Ernie could best be descrubed as fuve feet four and one half unches of barrellung fullback When foot ball wasnt keeping hum busy he was on varsuty baseball and intra mural basketball teams He was also a Student Councul member and un the Square Dance and Chefs clubs GLEN G VELKER Racketeer splasher punt and blower are all wor s whuch could be used to descrube Glens actuvutues on the tennus swummung and football teams and un the band He was also a tuve on the Intramural Managers commit tee at AAHS Glens hobbues un clude boats and model aurplanes 152 u A ' i I , A I 'J . . . . - . . . . . , as , . , . . . .. . , . , I . to ma' i art at the . f M. . , - 1 I -1 q Il ll ' ' ' l ' ' ' " - numerous hobbies are fishing, . I A ' . I ' ' - - - , a n' i . - . .I ' I . I - l , - , . . u , y . ' ll ' ll. . I - . V . - . , , ' 5 ,Jiff- '. ' 11 A lr u fr u - . . . . , , h e ern' ,, U, d rr fr i I 1 A '- ' - , f , - , . . C. . , . GORDON O VINING Wrth a hobby of rufle marksman shup the Rrfle club was a natural chorce for Gordon to make at Ann Arluor Along wuth that he was a varsrty basketball manager un the band and orchestra and un the l956 Washrngton club DOROTHY L WACKER Dorothy who came to AAHS from Tappan Junuor Hugh lusts roller skatrng as her favorrte pas trme Her hugh school actrvrtres centered around her homeroom C15 After graduatron Dorothy plans to attend busuness college and then do secretarral work SHIRLEY A WAID Shrrleys enthusrastrc spurrt was put unto numerous club and com mrttee actuvutres A Student Coun crl alternate she was also un the Square Dance Future Nurses Washrngton and Bowlrng clubs as well as on the Red Cross com mrttee ARTEE H WALKER Artee was actuve on the Pres rdents commuttee for two semest ers He also served as an intra mural manager for hrs homeroom Extremely rnterested un the ac countung freld Artee plans to make rt hrs future vocatron He worked part trme at the Curtrs Restaurant DAVID A VOGEL Davud was a letter wrnner rn football makrng the varsrty team rn hrs lunror and senror years H was very actuve rn student govern ment servung as a representative to the Student Councrl and pres M rdent of hrs homeroom Dave rn cludes college rn hrs future plans W DWIGHT A WAHR Dwrght was very actrve pro motrng school sprrrt servung as presrdent of the Pep commrttee He was vrce president of hrs home room a Student Councrl repre sentatrve and a member of the Bowlrng and Record clubs H plans to attend college after grad uatuon LARRY W WALTER Larry's hobby of photography was put to good use when he worked as photographer for the Optumrst He recerved an award un stagecraft and was an Intramural manager ln the future he IS plan nung to take to the arr vra the Arr Force JANE M WANGDAHL Actuve rn vocal musrc actrvrtues, Jane was a member of the A Cappella chour for two years and sang rn the school operetta She was a member of the Art club and GAC Jane lusts art and Ice skat rng as her hobbres and plans on a nursrng career 153 RONALD F WALDO Assrstant Pruncrpal Waldo was a furst class end on the football team He also was a Student Coun crl representatrve presrdent of hrs homeroom and a member of the executrve board commrttee Sports and huntung rank hugh on hrs hob by lust JACK WALLACE Jacks three years at Ann Arbor Hugh were centered around hrs homeroom C20 Tappan Junror Hugh was hrs stomprng ground be fore he came to Ann Arbor Hugh He was employed at the A 8- P on Huron Street whule attendung hugh school JAMES WALTERS "Bug Jrm" recerved two letters for berng a student trarner for the football team He was a Raduo club member as well as an Assem bly commrtteeman ln the future, he rs gorng to attend the Enguneer ung School at the Unrversuty of Mrchugan SAUNDRA J WARES Secretary of her homeroom, an Intramural Manager and member of the GAC, Saundra also sang rn the A Cappella chour Among her hobbres are swummung, Ice skatrng and dancung Saundra, commonly known as "Fuzzy", plans to become an accountant rn the future . . . . . . . e 3 , S - I ' V, fra, f r Qgffff' ' ' . . . , - gr 3 4,5 , ,. t : :riff ' . A rltwgfauj wzzghglry . V at new L Q 5 , . . . . ' , , I . . . l e , ' rf V - - H , , . I . ' I f at ' . 1 JAMES D WEALCH JD was actuve in his home room servung as president and treasurer He was a member of the Rifle club and was a Student Coun cul representative He lusts huntung as hus hobby Don plans to enroll at the U of M and hopes to be come a conservation officer JEANNETTE C WEIMER Jeannette was the Washungton club representative for her home room She was also a member of the Washington club Junior Red Cross committee Future Nurses and Square Dancung clubs Her plans for the future are undefinute MARYLOUISE WELLS Marylouise was an actuve mem ber of the Junior Red Cross com mittee Future Nurses Modern Record club and Assembly com muttee Her hobbues unclude pho tography and phonograph records After graduation she plans to study nursing at MSU NORMAN F WESTPHAL Attending the University of Much ugan us included un Norman s future plans Whule attending Ann Arbor Hugh he served two terms on the Student Council was basketball manager for three years and played on the golf team for one year He received a managers letter and shield in basketball Company PENELOPE S WESTMAN Known for her luvely spurlt and friendliness Penny went through three fun filled years at AAHS A Washington club representative she also was secretary of her home room and in the Record club Busu ness school is her next stop DONNA L WHEELER Donnas fondness for photogra phy makes ut a natural vocational choice for her At Ann Arbor Hugh she was a supporter of the actuv ities of the Square Dance club Tappan Junior Hugh was her former unstutute of learnung 154 LINDA LOU WARNER Linda's activities centered around the various clubs at A.A.H.S. She was a member of the Floriculture Chefs' and Modern Record clubs. She is very fond of sewing, music, and cooking. Linda plans to work after she graduates. KENNETH D, WATSON Ken's friendly personality was a big asset in helping him to get the most out of his three years at Ann Arbor High Ken graduated from Tappan Junior Hugh He us employed by the Vernor Ginger Ale MARY A. WARNER If Ann ever finds herself getting into deep water, she won't need to worry, for as a swimmer she rates with the best. Student Court' cil and Presidents' committee kept her busy, but she still found time for G.A.C., Bowling, and Wash- ington clubs. JEANNE J. WATSON "Toni's" hobbies were varied and numerous at A,A.H.S. Secretary of her homeroom she was interested un art swummung golf and horse back rudung At her former hugh school un Allen Park she was a cheerleader Michigan State U will play a part un her future DANIEL E WEBER Dan was a lover of the outdoors so huntung and fushung were natural hobbies for hum as were other sports He was a graduate of Tap pan Junuor Hugh and was a mem ber of homeroom B8 He us plan ning to become a farmer un the future MARILYN L WEISS Trying out new recupes and making some of her own kept Marilyn busy un her free time President vice president and secre tary of her homeroom she was also actuve in Cantando and was a member of the Baton and Wash ungton clubs as well as the Stu dent Council else it 1 ' I I I . 1 1 1 11 11 - - - ' ' ' , I ' - I . . - - l . I . 1 I 1 . 1 . 1 I ,., -9 X ' , ., - 1 ' ' ' I.: , , - . . . . , -E.: , , I . I - ' ' au Y 'uw 1 - fiixrgaifft ,L , . 1 of fig, ,ky I -,.f ' Y ligne, Cf Ni . . . . , , . . . , . . . . , I . , . 1 - 1 JAMES T. WHITAKER Jim was out for the swimming team for three years. He swam for the varsity for two years, earning a letter for his efforts. In other school activities, he was an alter- nate intramural manager. Jim plans to attend the U. of M. NANCY J WHITFIELD Acttve IS one word that ade quately describes Nancys life t AAHS An honor roll stu ent Whit served two terms on the Student Council was secretary and treasurer of her homeroom and a member of GAC and the Baton club Swimming and bowling are favorites of hers THOMAS R WIGHT Intramural sport activities were Toms mann interests but he also made a mark for himself In many other fields He was a member of the varsity golf team Washington club Presidents committee and a Student Council representative To round out his hugh school career Tom received a certificate or spring speech activities DONALD J WILKE Sktrnming over the waves n a speed boat was Dons chief pas time ln addition he loved to work wi radios Don displayed his singing ability with the A Cappella choir 4-uw' K0 'W-1 'lv ERMA L. WHITE Erma was president of her home- room for one semester, vice-presi- dent for one semester, and secre- tary for two semesters. She was also a member of the Assembly committee, G.A.C. and a Student Council alternate. Bowling is her maior sport. HOUSTON E WHITNEY Tex is one who enloys tinker ing with carburetors exhaust pipes and most anything connected with lalopies Although working with cars is lust a pleasurable pastime now it will play an important part in his future work as a mechanic He was a member of the track team and worked with the stage craft crew CLARENCE WILLIAMS Clarence eagerly looked forward the pring sport season for n gave hum an opportunity to put his long legs into action running on the track tearn He was a mem ber of homeroom AI and was employed at the Michigan League KAREN WILLIAMSON Karen s dauntless spirit made her one of the most respected mem bers of the senior class She was a member of the Red Cross com mittee the Future Nurses club and the Washington club She likes sports and music and is planning to become a Physical Therapnst 155 KENNETH J WILD An automobile to Ken was more an us some hrng our w eels so as often as possible 1 worked on cars During is three y ars at AAHS he was a member of the Bowling club and the Intramural Managers commit ee PATRICIA A WILKINS ats ea ershtp a nity an friendly personality made her a e cass se retary well as sophomore class vice president She was a member of GAC and cor respondence secretary for the Stu ent Council ts lunior rninated with p to Irs State YVONNE M WILLIAMS Collecting records and pictures rated high for Yvonne as fa as hobbies go She was a member of Cantando Scrtbblers club and Assembly comrntttee After gradua tion Yvonne plans to launch her vocation as a secretary JEANNETTE L WILSON Janet whose hobbies are pho tcn aphy and singing was a mem r of the Camera club Ct s club and the Baton Twirlers club e sang the Girls chorus an was a member of the Cantando choir for two years Janet pans to work for a while after gradu ation JOHN E WOODRUFF Never be caught wrthout an argument was John s motto both on the debate squad and when he was cantpalgntng for the Ann A bor Juntor Dewtocrats league He aso worked ac tvey e Omega and served on the Student hers C llege and hopes to become a lawyer ALLAN T WOODWORTH e l936 W shngton club re tved r ost A a s tame a ete gy H+, was norneroorn repre ntattve of thus C .J Allan s v 0 te sport s sknng After gra a ns o etrol ID cole e SHERRON J YAX Q ron was ery e tn Baton Twlrlrng Club Future Teach s club stagecraft drantatlcs an Junior Achlevement She worked e atten an e o :ce e u e tg ns to become secretary DOUGLAS G ZILI. Doug enyoyed all krnds of sports but gymnastics was hrs favorrte The outdoor lrfe also appealed to w t ca np ou Lt e could H s future pans are endectded as of now SARAH A WINKLER S y s favortte pose was astt e C C L. p Q so Qnas po t Vt n Q VJ Vl llJg V QS W toyed the actuvtttes of the Bowlrng cub GAC the Record club t e resldents cornmuttee and e Assrntbly cornmrttee She plans to stu y dental hygtene after grad U1llOlJ JACK R WIRTH Cars espectally the hot rod varlety are Jacks hobby and rna or IH erest hobby he worked at an auto parts contpany In the future Jacks am lon w be reached when becontes a state policeman LORNA J YOST Lornas varlous actnvltles were centered around homeroom D22 She was enthusuastlc about horses anc palntltg as well as rea In and drawlng ln the future she r nnlng t attend college an come a eacher a ho trainer ELSIE M ZWAAN Bowrng was Elsnes favor: e pisttme and slnce she enloyed It so much she torned the Bowlnng cu to contrnue thts actlvuty e was a memker of the Assembly contntlttee After graduatnon she plans to enroll at Cleary Business College 156 SANDRA R WINTERS conwntrtres and youtt 2 ltportant nl s t L e s a nernber of the Junuor Cross connttttee Her pastrntes rn cluded photography and swlntnttng After graduatlon Sandy plans to bnconte ntarrled SUSAN C WOLF Su s frtends were luzky to know not only because o her fate personallty but also because she worked t Awrey Bakery HS she sang nn Cantan o r played ln Intramural sports She servnd her homeroom well beung a member of several com mtttees CONSTANCE R WOOD Connue could often be found tte skatrng rnrtks the rudmg stables for he hobbtes were both roller skattng and horseback ruclnng She graduated from Slauson Junlor Hugh After graduatzon she plans to work as a secretary BARBARA J YAHR Clubs and commlttees were the center f ar s actuvltues A A H S She was a rnernber of the Chefs club Scrnbblers Party com rnrttee and the Prestdents cornrnlt tee Presently employed at he Automoblle Club of Nhchugan she plans to continue worklng there after graduatlon att-J A K fd cms ' 't N l a galloptrg horse, anl she 'ae gwrtps all played an rw part tlrttl it'a ftt ssble 'v le ln Sa cy's hlgh cl ool lift. Sh sh- asnt cl' ho sr , she en- wa' r H ' Red J V I l, . . ., , lt 1 D ' ' . P ' ' ' , th ' ' , .V A i C' X 'H f l t lte', f 'r l ' t . ln line with his , , a . At , f Y AA . , ' d bit' III X he atd ' , Kg ' 4 X at l ' ' or ' ' l t' l on 'th Y Council. John plans to attend Am- 3k t 0 fs A o B b' ' A' at rn, ' a w - ' A I ' - r - ce" n of ll n' ' nd - V - J r -. se ' , ' I- b. ' fa - Q, - - V rl i " . du- - . ' tion he pla t r l ' l g . - Sher 'K v X agtiv ' the f L ' ' " or' , 4 '1 J I , d ' ' ' I ' '- . l ' 'r d' g in th- d C ff' , ln th ' , , 's f tar sl K pla a pla ' O d , be t or me , t ' ' I I' ' ' 'T hln and he l'ked to r t as l b ' ' ' ' . Sh of'fw as h , 5 I , . 1 , DALE W ALEXANDER Carlyle Mulutary Academy was the cent of Dales actuvutues before he came to AAHS Hus hobbues are skuung and baseball and he was on the varsuty baseball team Hus future plans are to become automotuve desugner JOSEPH HARRISON Joes comung from Lettug Hugh un Texas to AAHS was brought about by a beaded Kachuna doll whuch he carrues for luck Hus terests uncludung sungung un Ypsu lantus A Cappella chour and un the Bethel AME church He was a mem ber of the varsuty debate squad CHARLES W CART Charles was a Berea Hugh stu dent un Berea Kentucky before comung to AAHS Whule a tu dent there he played sux man oot ball Art and archery are hus chuef pastumes He spent some of hs spare tume after school workung WILLIAM MELVIN Intramural sports were the cen ter of Bull s actuvutues at Ann Arbor Hugh Hus maun outsude Interest auto mechanucs Slauson Junior Hugh was hus former unstutute of learnung ROBERT E WILLIAMS Sports played a bng part un Bob s hugh school lufe Baseball was hus favorute hobby and he was a mem ber of the football and track teams He was also a member of the HuY club College wull be hus next step after graduatuon CAMERA SHY SENIORS ROBERT CRAWFORD Bobs unterests un sports led hum to the cross country and golf teams When he wasnt workung on euther of these actuvutles he could usually be found pauntung huntung practucung wuth hus bow and arrow WILLIAM L LaROE ROBERT L WAGNER Bob s unterests unclude model aur plane buuldung and sports of all kunds He plans to attend college and hus ambutuon us to become an enguneer Bob came to Ann Arbor Hugh from Tappan Junuor Hugh JAMES E YAHR Jums tume and energy were cen tered around the noon hour com muttee of the Student Councul He headed thus commuttee Jum s hobby us coun collectung After graduatuon he plans to enlust un the Army cmdaw JUNIOR EXECUTIVE BOARD that characterized the planning of the prom Ron Fullerton president JUNIOR EXECUTIVE BOARD W1 S Pott D Allen M Nie uss R Fullerton P Meyers ROW 2 A Santure V Smith R Preketes Stewart ROW.4 D Hanrath L Zahn J Steeb N Kacllley B Gary J Baughn Dick Allan vice president Margaret Nlehuss secretary "5hangri' La", the iunior class's biggest production ot the year, initiated proms in the new school. A large portion ot the year was spent in the prep- aration of the big event, and its large attendance was proof of its success. Under the direction of Foul Meyers and Eleanor Hoag, the executive board executed the other duties of the year with the same enthusiasm and efficiency Mr Paul Myers -1. I is ii X ' 3 A . I Ai N Rr Ili RO . . , . , . ' h , . , . . . . , , ' , . , S. Welch, C. Lucas, D, Littell. ROW 3. R. Downey, J. Woodbmne, M. A. Grindstaff, A. Vitins, M, Waterman, fa if ADAMS, WILLIAM AGAR, ROBERT ALBERTS, RICHARD ALEXANDER, DALE W ALLEN RICHARD ALSTROM DAVE ALTENBERNT JUDY ANDERSON ANABEL ANDERSON, WALLACE ANNIS, CAROL APRILL HAROLD ARLJERSINGER ED ARGIERO MARY ARMBRUSTER BETTY ,cfs 'CT ver 'rf .ff -W-In V'-:xv W ,, 'ur ,V 1-sr 'ii' BODILY MARTHA BOICE BRUCE BOLOTNIANY MARIA BORJA SUSANA BOWER JUDY BRAUN LLOYD BRAY LAVERN ,gi MAH- BREIHOLZ DAVE BREITSPRECHER SHIRLEY BRENINGSTALL PAUL BRITTON ROBERT BROOKS RONALD BROWN KATHLEEN BROWN SUE 159 ,-f f,-4 nr'- war W? me ink ,wr ,ff f..LI -Q. In-J ARNESEN ERIK ARNOLD BRUCE ARNOLD WALDORA ARNST RICHARD ARTHUR SHARON AUDRITSH DONNA AVSHARIAN CHARLES BACHMAN LARRY BACON FLORENCE BACON SALLY JO BAILEY JAMES BAIRD JAMES BAKER DARLENE BAKER KENNETH BALAS GEORGE BANCROFT DOUGLAS BANDROFCHAK RICHARD BATER LUCILE BAUGHN JIM BEAMER PATRICIA BECK JIM BECK JUDY BECKWITH ANN BELLAIRE RONNY BELOAT PHYLLIS BENJAMIN BERNICE BENJAMIN JOHN BENNETT ALICE BENZINGER DICK BERGMAN PAT BIEDERMAN BARBARA BINKOWSKI SHIRLEY BIRTLES SHIRLEY BLAND JUDY .041 ,g U 2 :,, I I A ' ' A . . I I w ,5 Y r f - A Z, 1 - 4 A - -::EL.v wg. X L 1 t. K W A I , rv X A 25' X ' I , f A 1 f If I 1'f' E . I1 3. A C f I I I :A A Af , G19 'I A ig 'L V ng ' .IIZ Q, ' M: I,, I B W' 1 , A , iq -',, I ' I ""' ' J N W.. .- .5 L sq". 4? ,I 1' ni 4, 4. f ', D M. ,R 5 H A X x f XIX , I It V., A . W , X I . 1 - if X N Q r 4 . 3. lk 4 I YQ 3 gy it ' 4,4 A., 5- ' f , ' EW jg 3 an ' ' 1 5 I . gg f 'M TMI- U Y' A-siluwg-I .nl-T vw.. I7 L v I I .3 535 1 1 A , 1 'N fn, , I -"" ' , 4. 5. , .. I I LL Tw A FH 'C' " A V V BAYNTON, RONALD I f . H I ' :if , 1 1 , Q I 4 2 f if ,A Q 4 V V I : r 1 , -MV, 'EE S L -.-2. A I x' A W 4, 6 A '. 'Lf' Lu? 3, V Z... E ' ,L :EEL ' ' A ' if , A 7 Q i V ' I mx , . if EET: In ,gn I I My 'Ex .. A I I 175 4' .11 '.-- "0" .,,,. ' ' I Q K V y T I 4 A I I . 5 y -. up . I , A I I U x, VN E .. ' , ' 1 XX ' , I "4 in w W- , ' 'L ,- fi - ,f . , I Q ! r I ' I U ri I i I 37 A T I W f I .L X ' - x I I Y H Q , -- V 1 E 1 If 1 - -A 4 45? is 2 N U , , is , I , X ,X CARVER ROBERT CASTILLO JOSE CAVANAUGH BILL CHANG GWENDOLYNNE CHRISTIE JIM CHRISTMANN PAUL CLARK RON CLEMONS BETTY COBURN LEWIS COLLICA KENNETH COLLINS ELAINE COLLINS IRALYNN COLLINS ROBERT COOK JUDY COOPER JEAN COPELAND JIM COULTER PETER COX PATRICK CRABTREE DAVID CRAIG NANCY CRANE CAROL CREGO JOYCE CREWS SHIRLEY CROSS LARRY CURRY WILLIE DAILEY CAROL DAILEY MARY DAVIS CLARENCE deKONING GRETCHEN DEMALINE BURCELL DENKINGER GARY DEWAR SANDRA DeWOLF GERALD DINGMAN SALLY DIXON CATHERINE ,al- C -LJ 1 as I 'HB' V 'V .1 ,.. .pu ra.. vi 60 xv v6 6' BUCHSCHACHER GARY BURKE GORDON BURNHAM JOYCE BURTON MARSENA BUSH BELLE BYERS ALLEN CALLAHAN CHERYL CARRIGAN DONNA CART DAVID CARTTER JIM CARVER CHARLES CARVER RICHARD f-2? ia nh 1' QP 'N' 7 DOLAN DONALD DOMAN RONALD DOUGAN PATRICIA DOUGLAS ROBERT DOWNEY RICHARD DUNHAM LANCE DYER SUE EARL SANDRA EASTMAN CURTIS EBERSBERGER AL ELDER CAROL ELLICOTT MARY ELLEN ,.. wg' :J J W1 1 I If ' A ff" 1 ' 'A ' . 53' V' ,f ' x ' kay Y fu. ' fg .' 3 A , J -Q 1 K3 ' .M , g' - ' . " I My X K? X Ii . ., , , , A , - 1 J A . W ,Q J' iw 1 ' ' A 4 f ,J Mm I ,K 1 I Z. an 1 I W bi My , I . tj A ,gw gi, gr 5 It 'f 'gg , I ' tw ' J' -nk f k h , . .., ' I f, if I I , I ' f' , 2 7 I . L A 71 .B I , ...I,.. , ff' l I Vg' Q2 X if ' I-K W I ,gs I 'J ' Z. K " 2 'V 'I , I . Tx IK ,J ' K qw, , r 5 ' T ex f' x 5 mf" ' ' ' . f I ? ,af f' 1, ,z ..1 ..,, N K ,P A Ipi X i .. 5: 1 r ,I ,fr ,W , , ' vv,AA..- - ' A -W, ,. V Q f ' V f IM .N,--.,. -+ .3 A w C 'ig J R' ' 7' . M-' ' if - '74 K , 1 ff 4 - I " A A ,.,. . if- E ' j 5 Q, 4' I I - , ., .-,- LLICOTT RICHARD ELLIS BONNIE ELLIS FRED ELLSWORTH SALLY ERBE RICHARD EVERETTE ERNESTINE EVERHARDUS JOHN YAIRCLOIH JIM FARRAR camo FAus1 Rossm Feiss ANREA FIELD CLARICE FISHER DALE rlsmz LILLIAN we 'Ms ng,-v sk ,fn V7 9 A .L fr L' 4 -fn .-4 1.3 FLEMING LYNN FLETCHER RICHARD FLIS MARCIA FOERSTER PATRICIA FORDYCE NANCY FORN JAMES FORSYTHE MIKE FOSTER JOHN FOURNIER EDITH FOWLER JEANNE FOX JAMES FRALICK MARION FRANCIS THOMAS FREY BARBARA FRY JANET FUQUA CAROL FULLERTON RON GALINIS CHRISTINE ' 4 --4, ' W4 M5 L' it ,Q 2:6 fi ' , I M, if I ' MS ' J' 'Ji " 1 Qf'1Q"' ...M ! ' C- . K V' ff: in 'Sig x ,K 3 " if 3 4 .. 3E ' ' 4 ' -- , Q ., f if , "2 I' 'f "' f I 1" ' I 1 ' In J v X , K ,-, I - I I 1" 1 A I ' A ' "T, ai ' v ' E ' , B: 'M A I I3 S9 lj V, 5: it ,Q . , ' ,gg V .,.' f ' K V " I' I ix I 1 A' -X 1 J 5' ,, 1- -fs .35 ,Wm ' 1 5 M , if g A A . I , , -- .E VW. gn - 2' k, an - .,,. 5 , AL ' I 1 .Tim I I ' 1 sky V, ' V 7 Q 512. I I ' . ,f Ir' I 4-V ' If ' ' .wa is , 'lg' " 33, f7'L4Lg, pg.. , , . ' X H' 7 'T' .A A 7- ' I .T V,l, E ., VXA M If f ,ww , .Maggy , A I LA -E -0-wsu g' , '3 LJ f .. A I I frfv if ' 5 1 Y 4 1 I f -" " fC , ' 2 1 i , 1 Q A fi? I, J.. A I 3 if I ' ' IL: I H D fi MM I , A 5, I 4? A if KM? 53113 I, ,I I , L., - fx , , , M ,., f T? 21" I LW Q 'si I "J ' ' , ' T51 , ., ., I S, I We If - wig I ? 1 it I wt Ji, df , , JP f LC If J' f "" I ' JC -- A 7. f" 1' 5 6- v. J I , ' I was l ' "' f f Y " I . 4, 'MQ' ' VV Q I 13, AN T I f A A Id I mr gffw. I I avi' vw HAARER SHERIDAN HAAXMA BEVERLY HACK DELORES HAERER HERWALT HAGER DAVID HAINES GERALD HALL CAROLYN HAMM JOAN HANRATH DAN HANSELMAN RAYMOND HARMS ARLINE HARRIS NANCY HARRIS RICHARD HART ARLINGTON -an AR 'S V? ,1- rs' an -N 16 cs ,- ,.v 1 nil ,y ,fi nn ,-.. 12 GARNER BETTY GATES DAVE GAXIOLA ALEX GEIGER DALE GIBSON DON GILLELAND MARGARET GILLEN BETH GODFREY MARY GOULD GEORGIAMAE GOULD JIM GRAU KATHLEEN GRIFFITH RICHARD GRINDSTAFF MARY ANN GROB GERALD GUENTHER MARGE GUENTHER SHARON GUSTINE BARBARA N3-"x Q' HISER CONRAD HODGES SUSAN HOLCOMB JERRY HOLLEY BEVERLY HOLTZ DOUGLAS HONECK ROSE HOOKER BOB HOPKINS DENNIS HORNING LENORA HOTZEL JOAN HOUGH LARRY HUDSON BILL HUNGET JERRY HUSCHKE MARLENE ICERMAN SUE IMMEL JUDY JAMES KIRSTEN JOHNSON ROBERT JOHNSTON MARJORY JONES ADDIE JONES ROBERT JONES PERCY JONES TOM KACKLEY NANCY KATZ LARRY KAZMIERZAK NANCY KELLY PAT KEMPE CAROL ANN KENNE JOHN KIDDLE MARY ELLEN KLEINSCHMIDT CHARLES KNAPP DAYLE KNICKERBOCKER CARMEN KOCH KEN KOCH PAUL 'Y 162 CS? cn? 'WA we HARTW EG JERRY HARTWEG JOYCE HARVEY WILLIAM xg' Q HARWOOD RICHARD WWF' 4 .fm 3 J f G 1 I HAYDEN DICK HAYWOOD GEORGIANNA HELDRETH JOAN HENKEL KARL HICKS MARY ANN HIGGINS CHARLENE HIMLER SUE HIRTH GLEN av X I T1 KOCHENDORFER MARY KOLANDER KAY KOLLEN PIETER KORZUCK KAREN KRESS TOM KRUEGER BETH KRUEGER JUDITH KRUSE BART KUBLY BRUCE KUHN BARBARA LAND CECIL LANE, TED I l , .,AE 1 f . I 12, . -':- Q 'Q :VI if' ' -1- ' in :. 1 . .. , :fs " ,, I ' ' ' IE R 4 A I In x --.., G A?:. vi, -C -' V .f At , , I ,, I A v ,S A W I, .-,. x ::, 0 J' '2"ff 1 .1 f " ' ig a t if It fi 'N ' , . ' I I 4 A h ., V-.- f. ki 4, I , ' I Q A We A fas- ---:A C J' .4 I Q A. f , 1 . I I fn " ' I 5.4 Y I 'Sf ,"I , Q --- , I . 1 A I A PJ f I I S S I , I -3 -.,, -. H 5 J 'I Q at I A ' I C .-:-., f , T JJ C, AAAA a 12-4 Q A fm f A I I I .ASIJ , ' I f A N n S I If J 9 A -, 3 'Z . . E .- an 1 . w, ,, - ' , if V -..., I I I A , 'A'::'. A ':: W ff ' 4' ' , A Z I " L " J 3. W f gg ww 7' Af I ' up A - '-,' V A A . ' LARMEE SUZANNE LAUBENGAYER KAREN LEHMAN CARLYN LELAND ELEANOR LELAND RICHARD LEWIS FRANCES LICHTY ELIZABETH ITTTELL DIAN LOEHR THOMAS LOEPKE GEORGE LousMA JUDY LOVELAND Rossmnv LowELL STEVE LOWERY ANN C72 al MULLISON SHIRLEY MYERS JACK NAGLER MONTE NESBIT MABELAN NESBITT NORMAN NICHOLSON BONNIE NIEHUSS MARGARET NOMMENSEN MARGARET NORTHRUP DAVID NORTON GERALD NOTTLE JAMES OFFICER CYNTHIA OLSEN BETH OPPLE, CATHERINE ao' QV iii? nr nn 4-1-0 pm Q-wr or-o 163 ,ffm if sg? 'fl gpg wif use Ji LUCAS CAROLYN LUM SING LYNCH ESTHER LYNDON TOM MAAS DAVID MAHAN WAYNE MAHEY ROGER MAPES DIANE MARCHESE KATHLEEN MARSHALL PAT MARTIN GWENDOLYN MARTIN MARY MAST ANDREA MATEN RALPH MAYERS JEAN McADAM GLENDA McCALLIE JUDY McCLURE CLYDE McENDRES JUDY McFADDEN STANLEY McGREGOR BONNIE MCNUTT GORDON MEADOWS MARY MEEK BARBARA MIANO JOE MICOU BESSI MILLER DAVE MILLER LAUREN MISNER ELEANOR MOORE DAVID MOORE JIM MORAN MARJORIE MORLEY DENNIS ,, MORTON CLARENCE MUELLER CAROL '57 f""x "' i I , J JJ I ' A "N A 2' , I I 1 lg I ,',, ' gf I -' 61,1 ' gf, , I J If ,ff Q I ! A f 2 ,.4, I . 55' x g 'Dj I I 'I 4 xx ' I x 'N' ij 1 WM I , Q . A I " .. ff if L M V I A M ' "' I .Tw I - f V'i Fighir 1 1 A is ,il A fl' 'gy f It K J . ' I I f I A A1 I I- QW f Q: '. ' Q M1 gf. Ill? K 3 fm, f ' I Q 'I., 1 L7 g 'Iii E ,i , F? , 'w , -ie.. if '. 4 I I , f tif, I 'A I I I , as I ' I- I I I xi ' I - I 4, .f -I f I A ' , - .MI ' I 1fd,',,m ' I' ' IV v Y ' I D I I ,X 'IXVQE Ig? . ', M., PHELPS NANCY PIERCE JOYCE POTT SUE POTTER LINDA PRATT BUD FREKETES RENEE PRESTON BOB PROUD SALLY PSAROS SOPHIA QUIGG JERRY QUINSEY RICHARD RADDE JON REDFORD GEORGE REED LARRY REED BERTHA REYNOLDS JUDY RICHARDS FAYE RICHMOND SANDRA ROBINSON SHIRLEY ROCCO JIM ROEHM ROBERT ROGERS LYNN ROMEO JOE ROOT JAMES ROOT JUDY ROTH FRED ROTH WALTER ROWE VIVIAN SAGER DAVID SATTERFIELD DON SATTLER BOB SCHITTENHELM BRENDA ff ff' SCHLEGEL CHARLENE SCHLEICHER CHRIS SCHLEMMER BRUCE X --.... iN :fx E! A n ln, fa "NK 164 A OSBORN DON PAGE NEIL PALMER ADRIAN PARDON FRED PARISH DALE PAYNE CLAR PECK NORMA FENNINGTON DAVE PETERSON ANN PETERSON GILES PEYTON TERRY PFABE HERB 'R fi Q 'hm SCHNEIDER FRED SCHUMANN DOUG SCHWARTZ FRANK SCHWEMMIN JACK SELL RAY SETTLES HAROLD SHAVALIA FRANKLYN SHAVALIA SHIRLEY SHEAR CARY SHEAR GARY SHEFF BRENDA SHEPPARD FLOYD I. .. . wf- ,. .ir zz.-' -,: ..I -3' ' , 5 Qi --A I . vb ,S , ff f - Af I f W M C7 I K may A 1 . f f I , . 1 " In . 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' f 2 f A VL 7 ' C N, k., hifi vii' 12 f I ' R 1 I ' 4 jk Y I A WX Tm f K - :E 97 SHIFPEY, FRED SIMON JANIS ,- 13' SKOMP DONNA SLATER GAIL SMITH BRUCE SMITH JAMES SMITH JAMES IMITH, MacNEIL SMITH RAY SMITH RICHARD SMITH VIRGINIA soMERs JIM sPoELsIRA KAREN SPRAGUE DAVID af L 4- Wt 'D VITINS AIJA WALSWORTH JANE WARREN JOHN WATERBURY DUANE WATERBURY WESLEY WATERMAN MARY WEAVER MARILYN 'Y K -ZH .fr Mr in E? J 'Q A-wi n 'QM' STANFIELD WILLA STAUDENMAIR JERRY STEEB JUDY STEHLE SHARON STEPHEN MARGARET STEWART SALLY STIRLING NANCY STOLL MYRNA STRANG SHEILA STREETER VICTOR STRUHAR CARYL STUCKMAN WARREN STUMM VIRGINIA SUTFIN ELVIS TAYLOR JEANNETTE TAYLOR MARY HELEN TEPPO CHRISTINE THIEI. LEONARD THOMAS VONNELL THOMPSEN INA THOMPSON JANE THOMPSON KATHLEEN THOMPSON WILLIAM TOBIAS NANCY TRAMONTIN MARIANNE TRUE TERRY TUCAY BARBARA TUCKER SANDRA TURNER SANDRA UNDERWOOD BETSY VALENTINE DUANE VALENTINE JERRY VANDERSCHALIE ARNOLD VINCENT HARRIET III 2 P r- x ffl Z I. O -4 0 U11 1 R fx N f WEED BYRON A- WELCH MARY L WELCH SUE nf WENK RICHARD WESSEL THOMAS WESSINGER JIM 1 65 I 41:4 I I , We iv, u. nf if 'J 'Ag' 'Tlx K W W! ' I :J 'VA ' " ' sf QW ' I K J ER , l I gif N W t ,X-L h - an 13: ,V 1 if. K' ' X A-A., ES V ' , 5? I A f A "5 A K,Cf,h I A 3' R 'M A 'W ' 'vm A 'I I ' I A I. If A A I .4 Q5-., W P' ,ff ,Qi-IV I I I- . -. .L g W K I X ,A , H "' . 73 -- ,R-:I I ' K A Zi N 'J --V F I I 1 M A X? A J: K fri! I I I ' A -1' LI A . 55 fs ,Q 'gr ,P-3, M I, K5 5 g ,I if I .J , j. if, A 'E I 1115? THOMAS, SUNNIE , W I .I 4.I. my ,S I Af' 'iff : " A II A Lsiii -I , ' f-:hiv ' ' ' M' f , , M find! 4 ' I Rf I ' I 1 I J Y' I IJ I 'A f it ? Di, -4 l, may as I Q if.. , rf 5 4' ' fc? Q S Ep! .lk 1 A 1 495' k I ' I W 1 ML J' L wk , r A L KATE- . ...' Z. f' 7 ' ' fu 'N' 4 T4 '3' ' A Vg fa 'fi' I A A I , , AI S 4' ' 7' , I . A I .!' I ' ' . 1 A 'V f-4 ff u is n lb 4 n y v , f NZ. , ,U ', ff? 'R Tj, as I A723 A . I YJ I ,, 6 I ' 'A Ll A Y WOODWORTH BRIAN WRENCH RUDOLF WRIGHTMAN WAYNE WYMAN JACK A Ti' WESSINGER PETE WESTENFELD SHARON WESTERMAN JIM WILLIAMS DAVID WILLIAMS GARLAND WILLIAMS SALLY WILSON JUNE WILSON SANDRA WING JOYCE WOLSKI DON WOODBURNE JEAN YEK WILLIAM H ,,, ZAHN LAUREN ARNOLD MARCELLA BABBITT, JOEL BARTELS, RICHARD BELL, CAROLYN BRANDT, SUSAN BURNS, DONAL CAMPBELL, JERRY CARPENTER, CLIFTON CLAPP, ART CURTIS, JIM ETZEL, WILLIAM GIDOS, JOHN GILBERTSON, DOLORES CAMERA SHY JUNIORS GRAHAM TOM HERLING, HARVEY HOWARD, LOIS JANE HUNT, JANE IMMEL, DOUGLAS JOHNSON, JIM KARR, BRUCE KAUFMAN, DUNCAN KAUFMAN, LARRY KEENE, GARY MELVIN, BILL PALMER, STEVE PIEHUTKOSKI, LeROY 166 REINDEL PETE SAMUEL, GWEN SANTURE, ALLAN SIELOFF, DIANE STEEB, BARBARA STOCKWELL, HELEN SUTTON, WADE TAN, ENG TREASTER, NELSON WARREN, BOB WILLIAMS, ROBERT A ,ac L I . Q- 3 if 3 I .3 X-1, -AV 'S Q .::.Q.f ' ' '- L I Lx WOILENHAUPT, AGNES " 45 , , ,Ley 3 I If ' 'I I ' ' v N .L , n gv ly kr 2 ' Lia , ' T 'It If ' I It 'T f . '3' ' 1 'ff I "Sf " A X , , I KJ , 1:3 A. . f 'ng Wana 7a Da '75 BOYS LEADER CORPS ROW I. J. Lovelace, J. Buss, S. Bennett, J. Myers, W, Royal. ROW 2. R. Schulz, A. Ebersberger, D. Foster, B. Brewer. ROW 3. H. Patthoff, P. Helber, P. Wessinger, A. Moore, G. Wakenhut, H. Sayre. BOYS LEADER CORPS Sore muscles and aching heads were common about A.A.H.S. Wednesday mornings after the first few workouts of the Boys' Leader Corps. Each Tuesday morning these students practiced new tumbling and gymnastic techniques under the direction of physical education teacher, Howard Patthoff. These fellows, however, didn't spend all their time doing summersaults, head- stands, and building pyramids. They also learned different methods of teaching gym classes, and at times some of them acted in the capacity of assistant to the coach. DRAMA WORKSHOP ROW 'l. C. Opple, P Jones, T, Lillard, J. Courte, F. Crabtree. ROW 2. T. Francis, J. Gilson, N. Carroll, D. Miner, C. Davis, N. Kackley, D. Bartels, A. Schreiber, Mr. Taylor. ROW 3. N. Tobias, B. Underwood, S. Pott, J. Klein. ROW 4. E Arneson, B Haaxma, A, Mast, Crowell. ROW 5. S. Welch, M. Francine, M. Grindstaff. H. Hough. ROW 6. E. Leland, K. James, K. Spoelstra, S. Himler. DRAMA WORKSHOP "So you see this white rabbit, do you?" "No, doctor, it's my brother, Elwood, who sees Harvey," These lines are from a scene that many who attended the Ann Arbor High drama workshop's production of "Harvey" will long remember. The group also presented "The Man Who Came To Dinner," a comedy by Kaufman and Hart. Director William Taylor and students from the advanced group spent many long hours re- hearsing while Ronald Dawson and his stage craft crew constructed the sets. Drama Work- shop is an elective course and many students take three years of this theatrical training. Other activities of the organization included: four as- sembly productions of one-act plays and scenes from major productions which were presented to comminity clubs and the Ann Arbor Civic Theater group. Wm Sa nec SOPHOMORE EXECUTIVE BOARD The class of '58 launched their high school voyage with a spirit of antkipahon and eagerneu. The dudenm readHy adiuded themseNes to the ' new rounneg became an imrkate pan ofthe dudent body and chmaxed their hrm year vdth a very successfulfun night The class has proven because of ns enthuwasnc support of the ncket sales and class dues that H has the ability to perpetuate the hundred year traditions of AAHS in the new building lfaH down and go boom' Jim Turner president Q SOFHOMORE EXECUTIVE BOARD Koch M Sakstrup M Fralick D Warner ROW 3 F Zimmer L Slenger B Hamel P He er M uss W 4 J Miller D Fisher T Carbeck E McGee B Farrar Dan Cummiskey vice president -ll-'dy Flngefle 5eC"e'0'Y 'Q lx en Reed H , if f V' 1 at nb Ci f Q r , 1 y 9 Q R Q A, ,-. T v X S . , ,r 4 ,f . -si ' 1 , 'Y , ' . 7 L, 2, I jf. T 2 F' IQ, t Lf, by gf 5 , R' 5 E Mi , ' Q .... ROW l. B. Reed, C. Corrigan, N, Clague, D. Cummfskey, J, Fingerle, J. Turner. ROW 2. C. A. LGdiSh C,,, . ,, ,.Ib,.R. RO . , ' , . 4 , . , y V 4 A Mri B Q. ,ww f .fi 1 Ri 4, D., arf f ii is ACKERMAN, DUANE AGAR JANE ALLEN SHARON ANDERSON ROBERT ANDREWS PAT ANSLEY FAYE ANSLEY RICHARD 'ARCURE, LEE ASARITIS JOHN BAILEY MICHAEL BAIR GARY BAIRD SUSAN BAKER CLAUDE BAKER JOHN W1 as -or -S' if-zfstj ... .bg-1 sm lfx A lil Q58-"F it 'Wm va 42' BURK MARY LOU BURT DIANE BUSH REUBEN . BYERS JANET rv CAHILL ANGELA CAMPBELL KATTIE f'N CANTER JEROME CANTRELL MARTIN CARBECK TOM CARGILL ROBERT CARRIGAN CONNIE CARROLL NELLIE CARSTENS DAVID A n 16' 169 TP' r 11? as w Q9 A13 " BAKER MARGARET BAKER NANCY BALL FRANK BARNARD EDWARD BARNES JERRY BEKIARES FRANCES BELL ELEANOR BELL MARILYN BELLAIRE BARRY BENNETT GWEN BENNETT STEPHEN BENZINGER DONALD BETKE ROGER BIEBIGHAUSER DAVID BILETI DENE BLAKE MARY BLAND JOAN BODINE JUDY BOEHNKE BONNIE BOERSMA FREDERICK BONIN JIM BORDINE KAY BOSHAW MARY BOYS CHRISTOPHER BRADLEY BONNIE BREITENWISCHER DALE BREON EDWARD BREWER BRIAN BRIEGEL DON BROWN BRUCE BROWN CECIL BROWN MYRNA BROWN NORMA BUNTEN MARY BURK MARGARET O V , 1,1 in 5-K A3 , A ' - ' T' Q9 X B .... , X Y I I E M ft I ' , , fs f . . , I f rn N 5 . ' If A A A A gg' 4 ' if L A -, ? A ' . -.Q fax A! , 1 . I N N A S, I: ,'if,,:n 1 I -L . ,gg A, AJ! '.-, ' . ,E "E Z ' ' wh ' AM F M? ' if A I , BMV M 4 , Zn K 3 , 19 , ' . I 525 I f I gl Qi' 33 , A- Zz' 5 4 'J Q A ' fr 3 4' Q vw V wwf 5 gan MSW A - ' J H ' 7 'K .1 ,.,.- 1 , A A I ' - ' gm. ' if f I ' 1 1' - . . ie' , 'I f R ,L , A 4, gl f 'fig' I eg in I . 'Ag I 5-A , ' , x I K Ap ' V ' if I Q 4' 1' 1 " 4 ' ' ' fir 'V' V kj? f 3 W x I A Af ' 3 ' Ag, 'Q Q.. ...a W M, K A Q, . "' D, ff M742 l , :li BA , xii digg. , Sm, I ff ,. ' -:rv - , , 7 Aw ,. ' ' -- 4' 1' , I A X 1 ' f I ' I .. 1-I ,ag , 1- I, W ali , 3 fl V 6 " , ll, I , V. 71 If , . ' .YAP f fx ,. f ,, I CAREY: SHARON V r , I I A ' ff., V T' 'E' "f i 5' 55' A " 1, 'L zz ': is fn CRABTREE LLOYD CRAWFORD PATSY CREWS CHARLES CRITTENDEN BETTY CULP CHARLENE CULP LINDA CUMMISKEY DAN CUNNINGHAM CAROL CURRY ROY DALLEY ELAINE DALLEY MELINDA DAMBROSEO MIKE DAMM WALTER DANFORTH ROBERT DAVIS GERALD DAVIS RICHARD DAVISON ROSELLA DAY CAROL DAY JERRY DEMPSTER ALLISON DENNIS JOLENE DE WOLF JOANNE DE WOLF LARRY DICKERSON DION DIMOND ROBERT DIRKSE JACK DITTMER RUTHIE DOADES ALLEN DOLFIN JOAN DORSEY KIM DOUGLASS JOHN DRAPER RICHARD EARLE WILLIAM EATON WARREN ESCH DONNA .614 M1 W CEBULSKI DON CESSNA KAY CHATMAN MELVIN CHRISTLEY JOHN CLAGUE NANCY CLARK FREDERIC COATS CAROL COLEMAN RICHARD COLWELL CAROL CONKEY CAROL 5 f CONNELL CLYDE I CONNOR BOB A YR ff A' ,fi A f 170 3 ...A 1 l ESCHELBACH GLENN ESTES ALAN EUBANK JAMES EVANS KAY EVERETT STUART EVERHARDUS JANET FARRAR ROBERT FERGUSON JANET FETTERS THOMAS FINGERLE JUDY FISHER DOUGLAS FITZGERALD GARY A. mi ,,.,, , Ig-:,j' "" ., ' I 'V ' ' 1 I:-f I' A 7 LW I, ,IL:1-: Q ww. f .. .'II ,Q W k I I I H Y. 7 I R CC ,N I ' f , Am is j If Y ' 4 'IA ' L - ' ' 'A ,. ,... AEA ' L , -fQL 'I -L I ' A g I IWC i f X' ,C L- I -:'. A ff I-.Vv f 2 ' HEZ ITF- . Qs A: IIII 2: ' , ',,, if X M. ' ,f H 5. 31, -I , C 2 J . if :EQ +7 F' I . Z-is I 1 2 , :lln :IE -"I', I 'I I i-I A I , I A I .. W Pz' .is Q. in 2. ' . ifg 1 . I Ii Q i ' f Af? v A , , I ' I I 3 A f 5 . ,..., "'.5.M ' I gig 4 I, TF ' 4 5' ,C A I ' I 1 f'im9h I rx . 34 I ISI I' fl , It .. 9' - I - 1 Y , mx' 1 '.l- 1: 3 kk i I I 4 5 ,TX X . ' ' , I H 4,. I I I 3 ' I I ' . 1 ,,...I.. , ff --V- X " 'QU ' . y ,,'-- ,1 -"- if ff" , k . , :zz .,.-, f, H Walk W 5 k 'T' , 1 Ly Lf I if :Y I ' FLOWERS JUDY FOLTS MARJEAN FONVILLE LOT FOREST MARILYN FOSTER DAVID FOSTER GARY FOX JUDITH Rox RICHARD FRALICK MARTHA ERANCKE STEPHANIE FRENCH ART FRENCH ATOSSA RENCH NANCY EREY RALPH -C, vw- wi' V? Q1 HANSEN DONNA HANSEN ELKE HARDESTY LOIS HARRISON MARY HARTMAN BARBARA HARVEY RUSS HARVEY YVONNE HAWKES BARBARA HAWLEY STEVE HAYWOOD BEN HEARN JERRY gy 0 HECKMAN SUZY HEIKKINAN, PAMELA W nf ,-.A HELBER, PAUL My 1 ! ii Wa? vggfll Q fi 'fwn 9: Q GAINSLEY JUDY GARDNER JOHN GARLICK JUDITH GATZKA JANET GEHRINGER ENA GERAGHTY JIM GERSTLER EILINE GIBSON JAMES GIBSON JAMES M GILBERT WILLIAM GILLETT CAROLYN GILLIGAN CHARLES GLEASON GERALD GLUSHYN PAT GOETZ JOHN GOETZE JUDY GOFORTH JAMES GOODING JEANETTE GOSS KATHLEEN GRAF RICHARD , GMMLMH GROB JIM GUENTHER ROBERT GUNNESCH ALAN GURLEY NEIL HAAS MARILYN HADCOCK PETER HAEUSSLER HAROLD HAGUE LINDA HAINES JUDY HAISCH NANCY HAISCH NORMA 6- HAMEL ROBERT HAND MARGARET HANNAH MARK ' 1 J ' I --'. , , . ,I FI: A If 'v-, I X: , ' ' I H354 4 I A , I I . ' I ,f" - .-v"- I I ,Qs 6 I : I , 4 MRI T -"11 ,I JE IN ' ' ffl'-. T jf A -' I I I 'I A HAA AC I . ' CZ' .A g 1, ' I I " 'I Q 5292 I I IQQN gs 54 MQ. QI fy, 5 E Ji f. fC A fj an L, I .' 'P If ' - Nw. fg'I 3 I , - , J- , A I I- J fx ' I .J v.-- I II I II A 1 wg, Y W Av 'U? 5 Ei' ' . , . X I I .,.. I I I , A . I Al' AMI A I A .f ,...,,.I, ' ' ' 3 . ' ,C A I, swf , I ' . A 5 2 f I f--' ff- A I , Q A gy I :Q N xi X if 3 :MII ,Z ,,E . I 1, MI y!I f illk gy L A ' f., A' mia: gIIX 2 . . '. R M , N ' W . ni fi' J 1 I V' Aw- - MQ- ' ' Lflf - C I 7 .......,., f Qf 1 , , , T A I A A A Aw ' ' A fr? I S I if AI, QI , .I ..., f , II I -XII I . , 5 QM? ,Q ,A 'gi Ifi , V f Arr? I , - .34 If 0 , , 'X J ' 2' I3 A " I ' A 'AIfE I, I, If -A 1 , ' 3' 1. ' 'W -ff 1 7 1 .r HORNING EARL HOSENEY MOLLIE HOUGHTALIN RONALD HOWELL DON Q. HOWELL MYRNA HUNTWORK THERESA HUSS JOHN INGRAM PAT JAMES BERNICE JOHNSON SHARON JONES BETTY JONES LINDA JONES PATTY JONES WILLIE JUDSON .IUDITH KAERCHER MARLENE KAPP DEAN KAPP MARY KELLER HAROLD KEMPE MARION 1 KENISTON MARJORIE KERR SANDRA KETT NANCY KEVARI RONALD KIKUT SILVA KINSLEY MARLENE KLOHS CAROLYN KNAPP JIM KNIGHT DANIEL KNOEDLER ROY KNOP ROBERT KOCH CAROL KOEBLE ROBERT KOERNKE BEVERLY was A' :si 4 I Lv Q V7 rt "9 rv 72 747' -an HELLNER GARY HENTZ DAVID HERING JAMES HILLEGONDS JEAN HINIKER MIKE HISCOCK BRUCE HISER JOHN HODGE RON HOGG BEVERLY HOLLIS MARY HOOBLER RAYMOND HOPKINS MARGARET Jn. 1 ,az wtf KOKALES EVANS KOLOKITHAS TOM KOOISTRA LORRAINE KORNEXL EVELYN KRUSE JAMES KRUSE TONY KUEBLER GEORGE KURTZ JUDY LADISH CAROL LANDRY SHARON LANGLEY PAT LANSKY HENRY V' ' 4 'JT f'E7 K A L ,. P33 x ' V Y , L2 J 1 'ATI ' -4 ri M 3 , 7 'j S I, , I . L' I 1 .V -:: 2 I Rv 4 A m f 7. Jaw ,2 f", ffm, 4' . 'V , ' fy' 9 E '44 'Rv' It ' I , I I A fp A I 1 ' f , I "EI xi' ' , " ' I 7' 4' , FJ? t 4 5' 'MF' 5, Y KL ,Q sw. . Q1 M, - gr X. , , . I X I, , 0 1, . , fr I ? , A H 4 I fp . l ' I 'Hi 5- , I .- I. I 'U' . I A X l . , 1 -A - .L T . A' I 1- W R LL gg I I K I in X, 1 - , A ff , .H ' A A. A KELLY, HARRY wg I if 'lj Q M ! ' ,J kg S 15' ' ' f. ' 5 I Q A 2 7 S 7 S' S' Q ICT" A A ' J, . A 'wr W' L' I A M' ,Aw f Q 'ez' ' Q. fm I , RA 7 I if f I I .,1 '- ' b I I , f, I 1.9 J, ' 'L 3 A Y? . f .3 ' '3' I ' If A, ' . sj 1 T' . 3. - 'T7, , i 'Hi' as ' X ' Lf .J 2 A ASX . .fy f I r fi. , A f-A A ', 5 B f ,s Q, fo I fm V Q , , . Y ,vg ' Ji A JI fl 5? I W W K, V K ad I , 4 I , i n ASV, I W A - Y ' 1 ' I LANSKY, JOYCE LARAWAY, CARL LARMEE, JACQUELINE LOROE, DEXTER , 42 " 1' " i', " 'I " 'I LARSON, LINDA Twi I fl li J R -2 LAVENDER, TAMARA f .Af A LEACH, CONNIE 4, ,I t fi I A 4, ,- DERER, JERRY A' LEGATSKI, LINDA 4 LEIBEE, ALAN A 1 , A A LENTZ, JUDY ,W . 'F I' E' 4, A L'HOSPlTAL, CLAUDE 4 4 yi. L ' 45 A 244 VR LINDSAY, JOHN A LL:' jp 4 A 17 LOGAN, NANCY if I 4 4 4 4 I I LOLMALIGH, MILDRED LOVELACE, RICHARD f LLJMRARD, DAVID fs ,,-.ig 5, ,I Q, MOCDONALD, PENNY 51, A ,Q-4, LM , 4 MECLELLAN, ETHEL , . J " 4 . MCCLELLAN, LEO I QA ,X 4 A I X MECOY, JAMES MEGARRY, RONALD MEGEE, EDWARD MCKEE, ROBERTA 1 I "Q 4 If fax. 'S' 4 Iwi- MEKENZIE, KAREN H' ga 4 . pi -4 454. 4 MCKENZIE, MIKE 'Ig ,4 X 4 MCLEOD, ART . 4, A 4 444 ! 54 I 1 MEMULLEN, TOM Q "M ' MENAMARA, CONNIE MACOMIJER, HARRY , , , MAIER, MARGARET ",4"'E +5 ,ig 4 ,, A 1- '-T A MALLEK, CHARLES 4: 0 4 ff I 4, .gilflf QQ, 'XLR ' ,, MANN, CAROL ,W ' ' I 'Y 4 ..f-A -Aff MAURER, LINDA -- M 4: Q4 MARCHESE, BEN ' MARSHALL, LAWRENCE Ag MEREDITH, ROSLYN , A 4 ., ' . MERRILL, JUDITH 4 A , 'V' A 2 A Af :E ,gf gc-A , ,F W , METZNER, DORIS 'W my ,E A 5 .3 I MEYERS, MARY ' A RT 'T' MILDNER, MICHAEL A ,gf ' , 4 I. ' MILEY, ROBERT MILHAM, TOM MILLER, JACK , I L A k 4 .- " ' MILLER, KAREN 4 ? O f" g A "gf " MILLER, SHARON ', '-II 31 rv Q Q, , 44,4 MOON, JUDY 'J is '. A MOORE, ANDREW I XJ y 1' -,193 MOORED, GLENN MORTON, JOANNA MULLETT, FLOYD MURPHY, ELOISE .N A MURPHY, RICHARD ' i." W , 4 wr.. w . MURREL, THOMAS ' " A ,, .Ay 'ff' 'g,,R f, ,. ,ig NEFF, CAROLE A 4 , , fi 4 4 Nfff' JUDY IRT I A' Af If RA ,Ra NELSON, PAT NELSON, SANDRA 4 NICHOLS, BARBARA 6 , 4 44 NILES, zOA " ,454 " 55" A 'Y 'Q' QE J, NOFFSINGER, WALTER Iqf, ff f. 7 , 4 I A f NOLLAR, DOUGLAS .4 A ' , , NORRIS, TED W 43 173 ' A 4 PASSON ROGER PATTERSON CURTIS PATTERSON BOB PEGAN PETER PEPPER BEN PEPPER BILL PERRY GEORGE PETERS GERALD PETERSON JOHN PETERSON MARILYN PEYTON KEITH PIEHUTKOSKI ALICE PIESKE MARY PITCHER DAVID PLATTEN ANN PONG ALEX POPE GARY POTTER RICK POWELL WINFRED FRAKKEN LYNNE PRUITT CHARLOTTE PRUITT MIKE PULLEN CHRISTINA RAFELD RUTH REED BERTHA REED EVERETT RENTSCHLER PAUL RICKERSON GURLY RINESMITH JUDY RINESMITH MARVIN ROACH NEOMA ROBERTS JOHN ROBINSON PETER fi! If 'lbs' 'RaW naw I au. LA mwgig 9 NUTT JAMES OHARE MIKE OLIVER JIM OPPLE CHRIS OREILLY JOHN OTTO JERRY OTTOSEN DIANE PADDOCK MARGARET PALMETER NANCY S PAPANDREOU VICKY PARDON CAROL PARDON FRANK We U sq ISS' ROBY RUTH ROFFEE JAYNE ROLFE TOM ROMEO PAT ROOT LOUISE ROSENTRETER NANCY ROSS ELKE ROWRY ROOSEVELT ROYAL BILL RUSHTON JAMES RUSS MARILYN RUTLEDGE HELEN 1 i 'Il We 174 'RIA f EL I A ' f , E .l .:... j.: , L y .:.- :L K ,, Q. Z A I , A I - A I 1 I fIS If I is I I f L' ,,,, -' fr , I In A A 5 I H - sh A I" ' -L I, nr ff ' . i L ? ,Zi Q ,L I . - ,I .V K g K ' l 'I ' Q ' , ' . I I.,,., .- L' AK I f' I, I '79 f , I . . ' , ,f 7 ,, I ,.: X . V ' Q1 , L J '- .,-, T. f'A 1 'gt , .I , G x 5 . . If --',-l 3 -'Eff' ' 'I ' , , I I I ' . I ' I I I - fl ,,,'.' T 1 I I I, A- . I V A 1 .L . Q A 1 ' f',, 5,71 I .',' ::- V if ..---- 3 3 SW gi I A V I . , I, M ..., .,., -'-,v 1 Y ,:'- . -,fz el 5 xg PRATT, DENNIS , ., i WW WL- WMM NJA A , , eh W f 7 ' A A I L..' . ' ,. lf' I Q3 K, K , . ,Q K I- I .v f --,-,, :sa I -5 ::i-h E I , 1: , I , V sw Q Q R I i I, V A-S-Ei' ---- NV, N ' f A -P-- I ig T,T--S I A ' L J - -"- "'. ' L I I .... V . 21: ---: If . X - - .ff l f f I.J, I .- 1 A ' ' -- 1 " ' i,'.., I I ' fi ' ' I A ,"- I ' ' Q kf" ' Q 7, ,MNA ii ' I Y , P' "' if A I 1 I S-ve I ggi' K. L r' f gwj a l ,- Q 4 h IE A - f I RUTLEDGE, LILLIAN RYSSE, MARGUERITA SARGENT, PEGGY , . SAHERLA, EMMET1' W ., jf In SATTINOER, DAVID ' 1 ' ,I SAUNDERS, DAVID PM ' SAYRE, HERB f A CHUCK SCHAADT, LEONARD SCHAFF, WALTER ' SCHAIRER, TOM K SCHAUER, CAIHY , SCHLECHT, ROGER ,f 1 f SCHNEIDER, RICHARD HV jg, - If I A A uf' TAYLOR, JACK ' 1 A I A I if X , '5 y A ,ij 33, Q I' , 3, I , 13 I f wiv gm- M 'ax if " I 'X' 'Y if T 39: fi E I 4 ,n as i ,d ,-3:-' ' :-'14, :Z 1.54 5 L ., if-ff? '22 . is fy? - Q :L ,. M' Av I , ' I ' RH ,Ay IEA A' x, . hu I , - ' wk , ' .. A Q' w , . 'Q' 'S f T .,::1...f:'.,.,4,,,, I .,.. I A-1 I , A I If' ,cz-:.N ..-mi' STEWARD, ROBERT STEWART, JON STEWART, STEVE STILLION, CHARLES 4 'M STOCKARD, JIM ' " IW fl STOLL, MICHAEL 9, 451, srour, NORMA I s1rzusLE, ANN "" 'N' s1Ru1z, OAIL suns, BILL suLLIvAN, PATTY I Ig, SZALAY, JOHN -. I, , L FMS TENNANT, CAROLYN 175 1 I 9 I ri' J K I 4' Vx -I ,,. .:. E. K ...f I Ca Q Q mx.. I I f J' SCHNUR, .IOHN SCHOEN, RUTH SCHRADER, ERNEST SCHULDT, ROSWITHA SCHULZ, RONALD SCHUMANN, NANCY SCHUON, TOM SCHWARTZ, MARGARET SCHWENKMEYER, KRISTIN SCOTT, PHYLLIS SEEGER, KAY SEEVERS, PAM SEMANSKE, ROBERT SHADE, BARBARA SHELDON, SHIRLEY SHEPHARD, JUDITH SIANO, PAUL SIMPSON, JUDITH SINANIAN, ROBERT SKROCKI, DONNA SLENGER, LINDSEY SLEZAK, DAVE SMALLEY, MARTHA SMITH, DAVID SMITH, JUDITH SPOKES, ANN SPOKES, WILLIAM SPRING, PETER STAEBLER, JUDY STAGNER, DAN STASHEFF, SHERRY ST. CLAIR, BARBARA STEEB, DORIS STEFFE, AMELIA STENTZEL, CHARLES CS fv- A A IT- .gf if 'Y' TRAVIS Boa rRxsvAN MILDRED TURNER JIM A vc-MKAMPEN JACKIE 'V VIDAR ANN W VOGEL MARY JANE 'S' VOGEL MARY Lou VREELAND CLAUDIA WAGNER SUE WAHR SONJA WAID WANDA WAKENHUT GARY WALKER AUGUSTINE 'iid' WALKER BARBARA WALKER GERALD WALL MARGARET fn- WALLACE MIKE WALLACE PATRICIA WALZ SANDRA WALZ TILLY WANTY KAREN WANZECK TOM WARNER BONNIE Q, WARNER DIANE WARNER MIKE WARREN JAMES WATSON SHARON WEBB DAVE WEBB JOHN WEBER KATHLEEN WEBER PATRICIA WEID ARTHUR WEID MARGARET WEISS LJOLORES -4, rw AWN, 1 I' Pr, -gn A Q- 'gm .T 1 , .5 f L , A f 176 5'2" il TERPY ELWOOD THOMAS DIANNA THOMPSON PAT THOMPSON ROLAND THOMSON GEORGE THORNTON BETTY THURSTON BEVERLY .wi M3 ,pa TIBBETTS SUE TILFORD CHERI TINNIN JIM TOWER LARRY TRAVILLIAN JACK wwf!! av WEISS DOROTHY WELCH JOHN WENK DONALD WENZEL DON WERNER SHERALYN WEST DUANE WHEELER, PAT WHITE, DON WHITLEY ALBERT WILCOX MILO WILLIAMS, GERALD WILLIAMS, JAMES A 4 A MTI. fl, ,- QA ,xx I I if", af, , I , ,R ,Y Y Q ,A A . E f t gk v W X 4 Q N I: E . Ig, , -1 1,12 4 ' ,. f R. I , , I :,, , , W 5, I ' Q ,,-- ,E R Q Rf - Mfg , 1 4 I ' ,Q , ' I in J, as .Es ' I -.1 A G ' -P'-f ff- R, I.. A VITALE, PAT . 'A W, h A I , J A , if f-4 A 1-3 AR ' ' A w 6 ' A it ii . ' I' 5' M 5 f"' ff, - , , I , ' ". 1' 5' 5 I is wk W :V Thi I T ' E, . I . Y' . , N ,bw L V A' D 0 ,W k Q. Q J Sn ' 5 fi, p I Q, 52, 4' ' 9' 6, A . , A, V me H- A ' 7' . ' ..,- ' di I 4 2 . I , A... ' A , , in E, , 3 Q M I A , I - . ' 4- A R ,I ff' , , I ' ,, 5 ' J J' at A I I , E f . , A .1 "J , 1 Rn V. J 4 , A A WILLIAMS JEAN WILLIAMS JUDY WILLIAMS PATRICIA WILLIAMS PHYLLIS WILLIS RICHARD WILLOUGHBY GAPY M, WING BARBARA A WINKELHAUS LINDA WINNICK RICHARD WISEMAN JANET WITTING WILLIAM wooxe LYNNE Q. WOLLENHAUPT ROBERT Q' 'N SAKSTRUP MARIBETH A- WOODWORTH LINDA YAHR RONI ZIEGLER DANNY ZIMMER FRED ZWAAN VIRGINIA 11 A BARNARD WESLEY fum-v'17' CAMERA SHY SOPHOMORES ARNOLD WALDORA BETZER JUDITH BROWN CECIL BUCKLEY BARBARA BUSS JOHN CLAGUE CAREN COLEMAN ANNE CROSS JUDITH ELAM LOACHIA FLETCHER EMMA GILBREATH JAMES 177 GRIFFITHS LYNN HINES SHIRLEY HONKE ALFRED KAERCHER MARLENE KOCH WILLIAM MOYNIHAN CHRISTINE MYLES HAROLD SCHNEIDER MARY LOIS TURNER CHARLES VINING MARGARET GEBHARDT EDWARD 'P h f. '2 ' , -A 4 I Ji A ,Q-gf ,1 ,nl :B I xg? 5' n,.1+,'L ' A ,img .ii If , ., fy? ' , VM AJ' I , fa' I -If-I I it-R A fir I W I 5- ' 13 T' , ' I QS, 51 'aa' ff, f woons, Jovce X 1' I 5 ' ff 'fi T215 ' II' In . if 'vii 'J I ' , , 5 I Q 'X .ff ' I J 'I ff! MF' L . . , Q' is , fl , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , ...A 9 +.......... 1 f., -albums:-p-g--. -mugs----........, I!c1g5 hne of tions ANN ARBOR All Work Guaranteed. ANN ARBOR PUBLIC SCHGCDLS The foresnght cmd generosnty of the cnt: zens of Arm Arbor hove mode possible o Cnty school system for Ann Arbor whuch offers equol opportumty for every boy cmd gurl Well Tramed Teachers Excellent Equnpment Splendld School Buildings Flne Student Body THE ANN ARBOR BOARD OF EDUCATION 180 Kgquaf Opfrorfunif, for fuer? gay anal gif! in Jann .fdrlor D X J sf th ee samples of the Il t h f h e e p o og cp y wh ch you w II obtc n of u sfudo JUDY GILSON DWIGHT WAHR A WILKINS TALBOT STUDIO PHOTOGRAPHY 34-36 Wuerfh Theater N0 8"770T 8 1 5 T K, ' OF HNE I K' P T I' n Alexandra School of Cosmetology A complefe Beauty se-,me Q ST de Umde Supe so CAMPUS SMOKE SHOP CCor E Lberty 8. May crdl A fu e select on of domestuc and hc: ca a cgors Large csso tment of pipes Yobaccos cga ettes We carry pipe fobacco MIXTURE 79 Bay s Arcade Jewelry Shop 16 Nuckele Arcade NOrn andy 8 9727 A C BARTH CUSTOM TAILORS 619 East Williams Fine Tarlored Clothes 182 A r c l l ..i n GivnBy Semor u nts , , 'n i ' vn i . r rviin r ', ,ir . 338 SOUTH STATE STR ET l l U i ' - s l I 9 Women 0 dlstlnctwn purchase thezr urs at Nagler s 318 S Mann Phone NO 2 2619 KIDDIE KORNER Fmest Toys for Glrls and Boys 564 South Mcun St EARL STOLL CLAUDE STOLL OWERS OR EVERY OCCASION CHELSEA FLOWER SHOP 203 East L be ty St eet Cut Flowers Corsages Potted Plants 183 THE BERRY PATCH Gift Wrappmg and Malling E Luberty NO 2 2830 COUSINS Ready to Wear Sportswear 307 S State NOrmandy 2 6198 MW J, , 1 1 ' f 9 1 1 1 "" 1 FL F 1 headquarters for your favorite Anne Fogarty fashuons from head to toe earnngs bracelets puns to set of? a go every where dress for that wonder fu Y perfect look 152 MAIN AT LIBERTY ANN ARBOR Only the f' est quahty at prices that are fair BOOKS COLOR PRINTING CATALOGUES JOB PRINTING PUBLICATIONS SOCIAL PRINTING YEARBOOKS ADVERTISING PRINTING THE CRAFT PRESS Mm., .I sm' NO 8 8805 ANDERSON PAINT COMPANY CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS' 300 E Woshlngton NO 2 I35O Crandell Drug Store Drugs Prescnphons Fountam Service BROADWAY MARKET Bob Seeger and Dan Gray Telephone NOrmandy 3 5828 H02 BROADWAY NOrmandy 3 4909 IO27 Broadway Ann Arbor 184 QUALITY PRINTING aao f - - ' - Bowl for Health SHCP ANN Anson nscnumon Distinctive Lmens and Hondlcerclnels Phone 20114 11 N clcels Arcade NOVmCmdY 2 0103 605 E051 Huron ANN ARBOR MICHIGAN Becker Pharmacy 'In u I5 E Prescrlptxons fllled promptly Flowers and Gufts Ovned and operated by FFOSW Becker PHONE Normandy sso49 2424 W Stadlum Blvd 8 6363 334 Scum smm S' Ann Arbor Mmh N REL 18 Yak! - - ll I F Q . ' . NO - , , X5 s hp di 1 'K 2 ' f . , ' iii li ir' . M- ...WW .4,,, W ' fl E' M ,. . 5 HOBBS and SCHMIDT Realtors A Sahshed Cusfomer IS Our Fmesf Consrderahon 1 "K ff' Sponsors of Ann Arbor Hugh School Football Games on T V RESIDENTIAL AND COMMERCIAL PROPERTIES PROPERTY MANAGEMENT APPRAISALS FINANCING BUILDING Cusfomer Parkmg Arr conclrhonrng 726 Packard Ph. NO 3-4132 186 I ll v 0 . . - Q I, 1.1 4 ff: 'Q 41, 4 J n I If Y I 41- 1- ' f fl 'if , 'I fi I,-QI " -- ,I ., .- , or 'I . I .Ig 1 'll' 0 I' f 'V 0 1 I I fl 'ff' .ul r'O , . LL? 'S . H. A IA- f dl ' 1 I -jg A ' rf .I 1 . , . N 'f 'fx , "TW":'-4? PJ A H - A Ii I ff 1 ,I 'H u vi J L t if K ..: A ' K 1- , . 120 124 South Mom Street 213 217 South State Street IN ANN ARBOR SINCE 1888 187 CLOVERIEAF DAIRY COMPANY Quality Darry Products TELEPHONE 3 4193 1015 Broadway Ann Arbor MIch Complete Formal Rental Service TICE and WREN 1107 SOUTH UNIVERSITY For the Fmest In Sportswear VISIT our lower level Sports Shop COLLINS THE MOUNT VERNON SHOP On WashIngton Headquarters for Hallmark Cards Ann Arbor MIChIQGn XG ZH WAI A Mlcroclean Inyln UNDER THE Mlcnosco S Dry Cleanlng Shlrt LaunderIng Three Ann Arbor Plants 516 EAST LIBERTY 1213 SOUTH UNIVERSITY 3033 PACKARD ROA'D For Free Plck up and Dellvery Call NOrmandy 2 3231 P Preketes Brothers Arr C ondrhoned FINEST MEALS IN TOWN Home Made Candles and Ice Cream 109 111 South Maln Street DOWNTOWN ANN ARBOR Phone NOrmandy 2 1414 O CHICKEN IN THE BASKET CONGRATULATIUNS ' GOOD LUCK ' 188 df ll ' ' ll . , . . l l l ll ' II State at ierty u x ' , , . - .. Wir I sum Bowl ev - Q NL x lk to E - . u,,, - 91, 14,45 . - . . o - I COMPLIMENTS OF Aprill Insurance Agency Owned and Operated Since 7949 by R. C. "RAY" JOHNSTON K: Insurance of Every Kind 331 East Huron Street Ann Arbor Mrchrgan Decorated Cakes For Every Occasion CAMPBELL BAKER! 219 NORTH MAIN STREET Across from the Post Office Weddrngs - Brrthclays Annrversarres Pastrres Bread Rol s Pres PITTSFIELD DRUGS Prescrrptrons Toys WASHTENAW AT PITTSFIELD BOULEVARD WASHTENAW LANES The Best Place To Bowl 3400 WASHTENAW AVENUE Thrasher Sr Company Everythrng for the Office Sales Servrce and Rentals of TYPEWRITERS II4 East Washrngton NOrmandy 2 6503 UNIVERSITY DRUG 1225 SOUTH UNIVERSITY SOONER OR LATER YOUR FAVORITE DRUG STORE I 189 W , I I . . O . . . . . . . . ll Il I I II ' ' ll I I NATIUNAI. DHCTU SEIQVICE 342 BROADWAY LORAIN, QHIQ SPEED Our Prompt Courfeous and Speedy Service Will Please You C J Resch Mgr HURON LANES BOWLING D 0 R I. E N E S SIXTEEN MODERN ALLEYS W A I Open Bowling Tuesday Thursday Omefl S ppdfe Saturday and Sunday ALL DAY AND NIGHT ADDRESS 345 MAYNARD STREET Rese a o call N dy 3 2510 dy 3 4887 HALLER S .1 EWELERS Special Orders Rmg Repalrs East Liberty at Fifih Avenue 717 North University NOrmandy 8-6114 9 0 190 I I i n 4 I a i I 1 I - . , : For rv ti ns, Orman - Phone: NOrrnan - Y , 9 Diamonds - Watch Repairing "We llllllf' jillwl mv' -f 00 IHTYII'I-,Ill-llllbn A Phone Phone I T E I R d S 205 So. Main St. 7 26 Michigan Ave. I T A I "WE FEATURE NATIONALLY ADVERTISED BRANDS OF SMART FEMININE APPAREL. EVELYN'S Q SMART PPAREL T : NO 3-2552 V I-9 85 ' I NN ARBOR DETROIT WEST LIBERTY AND FIRST STREET O B' E' MUEHUG CHICKEN IN me sAsKEr CONGRATULATIONS ! Dry Goods GOOD LUCK! M SM dy23184 METZGER'S Congratulatlons Senlors' SMITH S FLOOR COVERING was 19 Y 207 East Washington 205 North Main 1 T Standard Products ou ervice r Ulun Q il"s "touch and go' these days There s httle lmgerlng 1n the laundry anymore The washmg 13 dlS posed of the automatlc electric way Set washer or dryer dlal and away you to other jobs even out of the house And the mterestlng th1n IS by the tlme you change from MISS to Mrs automatlc electrlc work savers w11l have made your llfe more than ever "touch and go." DETROIT EDISON 192 , , A, ' -A'1 J, - xv K .L fwvfefw- :ze 7 A Ma M c mfg s N RA, 4' ' ycA, ti fZf ce. V,r,, My X ' I ' . . . U . . . D 9 '9 WAHR S BOOKSTORE SCHOOL BOOKS and SUPPLIES mln 316 South State 105 North Maln CAMELET BROTHERS BRITISH IMPORTS TAILORS CLOTHIERS FURNISHERS NO 3 T920 III9 S UDIVSFSIIY Ann Arbor Michigan 5 The Shop with the Snozzy 5 Borbe s and the Coolest Clientele Ne I lo South Un Ann Arbor Branch Bank W. S. Butterfield Theatres M. F. Gowthorpe, President STATE MICHIGAN ORPHEUM '43-PU CD :YI 21 Z -TQ .4-+ IS Q1 x I W IX 1 9, Jumbo Burger E M A I 'I 'IO S Unlverslty No Buy, pure Beef 94 O Q Q J . ,YY . , Y' 1 'V ax X Q.- tl. sv Nl' If x Num ,Al- if Xl w xfl. It as W. .4 "1 A AM. I .A KVT: Q QA Rx ln ,v L I It Q I ,F ,kg 42' ex' Q Q QI I I 1 4 XXQNII 'MII' II ." 0 nl W IX V Q fx I N. ow' X . -I .- .og ',. 5 T- "Nw cow' dl., at Q ll ll 1 -w,::'5:',,... T' I 40 r T'-LT". b ,, ,, . x X IV. ' 65" I Q T H E L O N A B U N CLAGUE GROCERY AND MARKET QUALITY GROCERIES PROMPT AND FRIENDLY SERVICE QUICK DELIVERY Home of Na1'lonaIIy Ad e hsed Brands of RICHELIEU SWEETHEART 1200 Packard N0 2 5531 . V r . Canned Goods: CONLIN AND WETHERBEE "The finest in men's clothes" PHONE' NO S-7550 H8 East Washington TWENTIETH CENTURY BOWLING COMPLETELY MODERN A M F Automat1c P1n Spotters 214 West Huron Street Telephone NOrmor1dy 8 7470 Lf! - CHESTER ROBERTS GIFTS 312 SOUTH STATE The Fmest In Cards For All Occasions THE MUSIC CENTER 300 SOUTH THAYER SAUNDERS FRAMES EXCEPTIONAL PICTURE FRAMING UI' 9 1. I ,' .55 f. E' ' NICKELS ARCADE : dy 2-6151 NORMANDY 2 2500 Esqulre styles In men s flne apparel H IZZFI 5 smclz l545.. ATE STREET LIBER N1elsen's F lower Shop and Greenhouses :NO Ody8-8 JACOBSON S 1021 MAIDEN LANE NOrmandy 2-3269 Beauty Salon ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN ANN ARBOR SECOND FLOOR 197 '-. ,.,:,:5:gEa:a:a:s:a:a:-- f--'- W ..:5:5E5Z1E5E5E5E5E5E'1' ---- V , .:-:1:2:-:::g:::5:-:-" - '-:- t-. .51 5-12:-2:-:1-1-'A' 23522-In .- '. ., gs4::a::::, ., . N ,. N--A:-:L -' Q 1 E L RQ, J -'1'5':" ' 'H '2:Zsz::. . A- 5 ' ' fat 1 ,. 'Q 45' .,,, , ,.'. , . .....1, , ,.,, M Q, '47, 5 '22-Sr.,-. A' xo? 0' Q , 5,4 QA ' 4 a' 7 h W ' 43 ' ' qc Q . - , 1 I an excltlng career'-' Then we may have just what you re Iookung for because we have a wlde varlety of fasclnatung jobs for alert teen agers You II work wlth other young people In attractlve offices earn an excellent salary and meet new frlends to share your lelsure hours Youll be trained by friendly supervisors and earn full pay as you learn Wnth so rnuch to gain why not get In touch with us soon 323 E Washangton Ann Arbor r lvllcl-IIGAN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY 198 I I - E2 BEST WISHES TO THE CLASS OF 1956 from ANN ARBOR BANK 1923 packard 1 108 S. University 330 South State Street 101 South Main Street Whitmore Lake ANN ARBOR FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION 401 EAST LIBERTY STREET ANN ARBOR TRUST COMPANY loo sour:-I MAIN STREET THE STATE SAVINGS BANK of ANN ARBOR 1255 thM 35O0W ht 1501 East Stadium Boulevard ou ain Str t as enaw UNIVERSITY MUSIC HOUSE JIU S T U D I 0 Music for- HCME Fine Photography SCHOOL for 66 years STUDIES 319 EAST I-IURON STREET PHONE NORMANDY 3 554I 508 E I WII NO 8-7515 'PTEGELS as mam e V 'NN' J , . M. ,fix K: lj. 4. ' I r R Mews FINE weAR Congratulations - Class of T956 DALE FISHER ASSOCIATES Photographic Speclallsts TELEPHONE NORMANDY 2 9698 Your Favorite Shoes at Bull Carman's Shoe Salon RANDALL S CONNIE SPORTS Twenty Nme Years of Fashron Service to Ann Arbor Women! O68 OTR? We 529 533 East Luberty Muchngan Theater Bunldmg 0 AT I . 7 WILL Q, 1 M' VAN BOVEN SHOES CONGRATULATIONS 1 MUEHLIG sf LANPHEAR Hardware and Sheet Metal Work NOrmandy 2 3277 311 S Mann St Conorc1Tu1oTnons Se-mors1 WllklHSOD Luggage Shop Luggage Handbags Gifts 327 South Mann Street Phone NOrmandy34013 DOWNTOWN ANN ARBOR Your Gardon Center LANDSCAPE AND NURSERYMEN S ppl CALL N0 3 5616 215 S H 9902-G!-IG'-Is'1 H Qwnkgtmewqgp 1 1123 South Unlverslty Avenue ANN ARBOR MICHIGAN 202 1 , A . b 5 4 F 1 .- 2 , ' , ' . 1 . . 1 ,,f,,,,,,, , i I A W- fl C1 x 1 X X A f , X, 1 Q 2 2, . 2 A . . Tff1j",if13"f, '11 '?,NFfv'-,Q-xg-5 1 1 ku" i' l A-1 N- f A 1 .n , 1 " 3 WJ Complete Line of Garden and Lawn u ies 1 1 . . 5 - . ST AVE. , The Moyer Schcurer Co STATIONERS-PRINTERS Office Outfrtters PHONE: NORMANDY 2-3137 2-3138 KESSEUS Formols-Coats-Dresses 217 SOUTH MAIN 9 NICKELS ARCADE I I I I Sportswear OI' I Michigan Pharmacy Drugs-Prescriptions 727 North University Avenue Iformerly Alexander Drugl SCHUMANN ACCORDION STUDIO Ann Arbor Accordion Headquarters I22V EAST LIBERTY STREET PAUIS MUSICAL REPAIR MUSICAL SUPPLIES AND REPAIRING New, Used and Rebullt Instruments FWS 'GWHERE MUSICIANS MEET' 'II9 West Washmgton Street Phone Normandy 2 1834 203 ' 9 v KIllINS GRAVEL COMPANY SPECIFICATION AGGREGATES Produced by Heavy Medla Separation 3305 W Liberty Rd Phone 2 2515 Ann Arbor Mlchlgan TRANSIT - MIXED CONCRETE Established 1904 LHl1SHU'S Dealers I SCRAP METAL PAPER IRON n 1042-1100 N. Main NO 8-8814 D If I3 If N DA I3 LE You KNOW THESE sEN1oRs MIDGE STUBER BOB CORRELL MARY SUE CASTER RON WALDO You also know DEY Photographers known for over 25 years of fsne G reliable photography sn Ann Arbor D D I 0 SANDY s'roLL NO 3 5031 STATE STREET 206 sexi Q. R' gp om, THE STAFF WISHES TO THANK THE FOLLOWING ADVERTISERS GENEROUSLY PATRONIZED THE 1956 OMEGA Xlcs lllllfl School of Cosnulologx X1 1 uson P nnl Comp 1111 nn XIIJUI' Bmk llll XIDOI 1 111 IOIII nn Xrlmol Run IIIOII IIOMIIIIQ 1111 Xlbor Ilust Compmy Xp 1ll lllSllI'lllCi X cr y ll1 C lot ll B 1 s usclry Backer Pl1 1r1n1ry ll I Nluqhlx Dry Cootls Buxv P nch Bond of Educ mon Bro 11111 IX NI1rkLt C1n1LlLt Brothrrs C nnpbclls B1Lcrv Chrlsc 1 floucr Shop CIICSICI Robcrls Clfts C11 ue Crocus 1nd lNI1rket C lourlc 1f D lllV Comp my Coll111s Shoppr Conlln lllfl Hcllurbcc COUSIHS Cflfl Press Cr1n1l1ll Dru Store Dnrx nom D114 llSllLf Xssocrltes Duron Idlson Du Studlo Dorlc ne s Isclxn s Drcss Sl1op l'1c gal s F111 Ulf, Iumbcr COHIIJIIIY Fnschcr Hqrdxmre Fnschcr Phirmslcy Follelts Book Store Csge I men Shop Coodve ir s Crecn s Nhcroclean H1llrrs ewelrs Hobbs 1nd Schnndt Re'1lt0rs Hunur Bros C1s Stanon Huron Innes Bowlmg Hutiel s uobsons Bewuty S'1lon kessel s klclrlne Korner lslllms Cruel Company I lllSlxX s Sfrlp NILt'1l I UIIISC I lowcr S 1op Don 1ll C ror ll llllXll Sh me NI mfr Sch nur Comp mv mu mrs Rasrmr nt llIClll 111 Pull 'Iclcphonc Complny XI 1 1 111 PI1 ITHIICV XII Y Lrnon Shop Xlnchh md I IIIPIICII' H ITCIXXTTC XIIISIC' Center N1 lcrs Fur Shop N 1t1on1l Photo Seruce Xmlsen s Flourr Shop 1nd Creenhouses O C rfidy s B1rbushop PIIIIS 'Nluslfll Repurs Pnrsficld Druffs Rentsrhlcr s QIIICIIO Swunclers Frames Srhcxe incl Ixofh Schum Hill ACCOTCIIOH QIIICIIO Smnh Floor Courmgs QIIIC Snmffs Bink Su 'xr Bowl F1lhot s gllldlO Thrwshcr md Con1p'1nv 'l uc 1nd YVren Iucntlc th Centurx Boullnff IIITIXCTSIIX Drug Store I'1111crslt1 'Nlusxr House V1n Bonn Shoes TI 1 ners XX 1l1r s Book Store KX ISIIICTTITN Lslnps Boulmq Tl xlkmson I ugq 150 Shop TV S ButterhcldTl1e1tres Tour C1rden Center 20 - - - . 1 A1 IA. . 1,11 A : 1. Al . 1l 1' I 1 ' Xlml gx I 'Cry 1X 11 1 ' j .' oil' 1X 1 ' ' Fc1l'r11l Savings 1 cl 1 1 Assn. 1 -1 1 I 1 I .X . 1 - 11' f "1 ll 1X 1' I 1 ' 1' 'gz ' ' 1 1 1' ' 1 "1g'1C 1ilig1 1 11 Blllx I l 'er 1 1 " 1 11"'. " 1 - 'g 1 .1 11 - 1 . .. 1 6 1 15 1 1 1 ' P2 ' . ' '1 1 1 1 . ., , , , ' 1 ' , ,1 x 11 I x ' ' I ' . 11 , 1 4 1 I 1 1 1 'f 1 I f v 1 r ' ClllIlllJllS Smoke Shop Rnnclnll's Shoes l ' 4 1 , , . I " 5 I 1' I .1 1 1 1 I 1 fr x 1 - s v r 1 - x ' F I t Q I Im 1 11 1 f 1. I 1 ,' . .I g. ' ' 1 , ' 1 F . I 1 1 ff 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 5 1 1 f Q 1 '1 1 I u fl- 1 - -ll B 7 T v x F 1 I y v . , U 1 ' T '1 ' 1 ' 1 ay Al - I 1 1 ,-. I A , F 7 ., . '. , v, 0. v ' g" ' 1 ' 1 1 '1. 1 1 ' 1 ' ' ' 1 - 1 1. " ' 1- 1 :ff 1 .. I 1 4. K 1 - 1 l L . 1 , A 'L lltr 4' , 1 1 1 v ' If 1 ' 1 ' I y ' 1 . l , 4 ' 1. n. l K F1 A 1 ' 1 1 1 1 . Y. ' . Y 1 I A WHO HAVE SO A cappella 68 Ackerman Duane 169 Acree V1rg1n1a 123 106 6 Adams W1ll1am 159 54 8 Agar Jane 169 Agar Robert 159 78 Alalr Meredlth 123 54 89 78 Alberts Rnchard 159 Alexander Dale W 58 77 96 104 Alexander Dale W Allen Rnchard 159 78 83 96 Allen Sharon 169 Alstram Dave 159 Altenbern Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Anderson Andrews t Judy 159 107 Anabel 159 Gan 123 66 Robert 169 Robert 123 Wallace 159 62 4 Pat 169 Annls Carol 159 107 Ansley Faye 169 Ansley Richard 169 Apnll Harald 159 Aprull Joyce 123 52 56 Arcure l.ee169 81 99 Argersxnger Ed 159 89 Arglero Mary 159 Armbruster Betty 159 54 63 Armbruster Dorothy 123 54 Armbruster Karen 123 Ar11esen Erlk 159 53 Arnold Bruce 159 50 Arnold Marcella Arnold Waldora 159 Arnst Rnchard 159 Arthur Sharon 159 54 66 Artley Sandra 123 Asaratus John 169 Assembly Commuttee 54 Audrrtsh Donna 159 Audrltsh Richard 123 52 56 Avsharuan Charles 159 62 64 Babbntt Joel Bachman Cralg 123 52 Bachman Larry 159 Bacon Florence 159 Bacon Sally Jo 159 63 107 Bagchl Sylvua 123 Barley James 159 2 Balley Mxchael 169 67 wlez Baughn Jm 159 158 78 67 Boynton Ronald 159 79 Beach Davnd 124 Beamer Patrucua 159 Bearman Stewart 124 68 Beck Jum 159 Beck John 124 99 Beck Judy 159 66 Becker Sallylo 124 68 106 59 55 105 O9 Beckwnth Ann 159 Bekuares Frances 169 50 Bell Carolyn 68 B Dale 124 77 8 Bell Eleanor 169 Bell Manlyn 169 54 63 Bellalre Barry 169 Bellaure Ronald 159 62 Beloat Phyllxs 159 Be ser Amy 124 106 50 122 05 Benlamm Bern1ce159 57 107 Benlarnun John 159 89 Bennett Al1ce 159 Bennett Beverly 125 56 Bennett Gwen 169 107 54 Bennett Stephen 169 167 Benzmger Donald 169 Benznnger Norman 125 Benznnger Rtchard 159 Bargman Pat 159 51 63 Bernmg Lando 125 106 Bethke Nancue 125 53 56 Betke Roger 169 81 Betzer Judy 67 Buebughauser Davud 169 57 62 Buederman Barbara 159 B1let1 Dene 169 54 Blnkowskl Shlrley 159 54 Blake Bland Bland Board Bodnly Bodxne Mary 169 53 107 4 Joan 169 Judy 159 107 of Education 112 Martha 159 Judy 169 Brown Norma 169 Brown Sue 159 50 Brown Susan Buchschacher Gary 160 78 91 Buckley Barbara Bunten Mary 169 50 67 109 r Wnllnam 126 12 68 83 6 Burk Margaret Burk Mary Lou 169 Burke Gordon 160 Burnham Joyce 160 Burns Dona 168 50 Burpee Joanne 125 Burt Duane 169 Burton Marsena 160 Busch Hannelore 126 Bush Belle 160 Bush Reuben 169 Buss John 167 99 Buss Karen 126 Byers Allen 160 Byers Janet 169 Caesar Benny 126 78 Cahlll Angela Cahull Janlce 126 Callahan Cheryl 160 54 Camelet Bll 126 Campbel Annue 126 Campbell Jerry Campbell Kathre 169 Cantando 66 Canter Jerome 169 Cantrell Martln 169 Carbeck Tam 169 62 168 Carey Sharon 169 53 Cargull Robert 169 Carpenter Clrfton Carrngon Connle 169 50 168 Carrugan Donna 160 50 57 107 Carroll Nancy 126 68 6 7 Carroll Nellie 169 67 Carstens Davld 169 Barr Gary 169 Baird Baard Baker Baker Baker Baker Baker Baker Baker Balas James 159 Susan Claude 169 78 104 Darlene 159 John 169 79 Kenneth 159 Margaret 169 Marlene Nancy 66 George 159 83 Ball Frank 169 57 Bancroft Douglas 159 Band 62 63 Bandrofchak Rrchard 159 Barnard Edward 169 79 99 Barnard Wesley Boehnke Bonn1e169 107 50 64 Boersman Freder1ck169 81 91 Bo1ce Bruce 159 Bolgos Jerry 125 54 63 91 Bolls James Bolotmany Marla 159 Bonm J1m169 81 Bordune Kay 169 107 54 Borlo Susana 159 Boshaw Mary 169 Botchen Gregory 125 56 Botchen Helen 125 Bower Judy 159 Boys Chrlstopher 169 64 Bradley Bonnle 169 50 107 Brandt Carl 125 68 99 Brandt Susan 68 Braun lloyd 159 Braxton Barbara 125 54 56 Bray lavern 159 Brenholz Dave 159 83 Brentenwnscher Dale 169 81 52 Breltsprecher Shxrley 159 63 Brenlngstall Paul 159 Brennan Lloyd 125 Cart Charles 157 99 Cart Davld 160 Cartter Carver Carver Carver Caster J1m 160 Charles 160 78 101 Rnchard 160 Robert 160 Mary Sue 126 68 106 122 59 Castlllo Jose 160 Barnes Jerry 169 79 57 67 Barnett Jerry 124 Baromeo Chase 124 Baromeo Nancy 124 57 67 Bartels Ruchard 167 Barth R1cl1ard124 68 122 104 101 Bartolaccn Sandra124 122 56 Baseball 92 97 Basketball B2 87 Bater Luclle 159 Bauer Otus 124 57 30 Breon Edward 169 79 Brewer Brnegel Brltton Brooks Brooks Brown Brown Brown Brown Brown Brian 169 52 Don 169 53 91 Robert 159 Ronald 125 52 68 104 91 Ronald 159 Bruce 169 Cecll 79 Kathleen 159 Mlke 125 7B Myrna 169 208 1 E 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' " , 6 , ' 1 ", ,, , , Bud," 1 1 1,8 99 , ' , , , 169 Q . 123, , , 78, 1 ' , , , 1 , 1 , , 1 . ' , . 159, 52 ' 1 1 1 68 , - , 158, , , ' , , , , ,99, 87 l , ' , 91 ell. , , 7 1 ' , 'I , ' 1 ' ,O I , , , , , 1 , , we - ' , , ' , 169 1 ' ' ' f ' , , , 107 - ' 1 ' 1 i A I 56 1 ' 1 1 1 62 1 ' , ' , , 167 ' f ' ' ' 59 . . 1 . I - ' - , , , , 1 ev '. ' -, , , , , 107, 64 ' ' ', ' , , 107 ' 1 I Birtles, Shirley 159, 107 Carnival 36 . ' . ' '- , , , 1, 16 , ' , , 53, 89 I 1 ' f f ' ,A , I 68 I 1 1 1 1 I ' f f . I I 5 '., ' I ' 1 1 1 1 1 . ' ' ' I I , I o ' 1 1 1 1 1 , , , ,991 91 - , ' ' ' ' ' 1 ' , , , 160 A ,A '52 1 f. f A ' f I ' r 52 " 1 ' 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 'V . I' ' I l 56 ' ' . , . . 1 1 56 Castor C nnle 126 54 68 106 50 59 48 Cate V1rg1n1a 126 61 50 62 65 Cavanaugh Bull 160 Cebulsku Don 170 81 52 99 Cessna Kay 170 107 Chang Gwendolynne Chatman Melvln 170 91 Cheerleaders 109 Chrlstne Jlm 160 52 50 78 Chrnstley John 170 Chrnstmann Paul 160 Clague Nancy 170 107 168 Clague Caren Clapp Art 67 Clark Frederlc 170 Clark Jean 127 66 Clark Ron 54 89 Clements Barbara 127 53 Clemes Lance 127 67 Clemons Betty 160 Coats Carol 170 Coleman Anne 59 Coburn l.ew1s 160 54 58 Coleman R1chard170 79 67 99 Colltca Kenneth 160 Collle Marlon 127 56 Collnns Elaune 160 Colluns Colllns Colllns Colwell Conkey Conkey Conklm Connell Connor Garnett 127 Iralynn 160 Robert 160 Carol 170 50 107 Carol 170 54 Ronald 127 68 50 John Clyde 170 63 167 Bob 170 67 Cooch Patncra 127 51 Vadez Duckerson Duon 170 167 99 Dnmond Robert 170 81 Drngman Sally 160 50 107 Dnngman Sue 129 52 106 54 5 21 5 Drrkse Jack 170 Dnttmer Ruth1e17O 57 Drxon Cathernne 160 66 Doades Allen 170 Dodge Marsada 129 52 51 Cook Judy 160 54 Cooper Jean 160 107 Cooper W1ll1am127 52 89 88 104 Copeland J1m 160 69 54 167 Corbln Marlorne 127 50 55 51 Corluns Earl 127 Cornush Dovud 127 55 56 Correll Robert 127 52 74 31 32 78 104 99 O T Coulter Peter 160 50 78 83 Courte John 128 167 Cox Patruck 160 Crabtree Davud 160 Crabtree Lloyd 170 81 53 Crolg Gerald 128 56 167 91 Cralg Nancy 160 54 Crane Carol 160 53 Crawford Joseph 128 6 Crawford Fatsy 170 Dolan Donald 160 Doltin Joan 170 107 64 Doman Ronald 160 167 Dorsy Kum 170 Doss Curmaleta129 S8 Dougan Patrlcra 160 Douglas Robert 160 68 Douglass John 170 Downey Rnchard 76 Dow ney Robert 129 Downnng Doug 129 Draper Rnchard 170 Dunham Lance 160 Dyer Sue 160 79 53 52 99 Earl Sandra 160 107 66 Frsher Prulla 0 I el' ICU Fltzgerald Gary 170 67 Fntzgerald Joyce 130 52 53 68 06 Flemung Lynn 161 63 107 Fletcher Emma Fletcher R1chard161 53 167 1s Marcla 161 ower Dean 131 53 60 88 03 Flowers Judy 171 Fl nn Shella 1 1 Foerster Patrrcnd 161 Folts Marlean 17T F nvllle Lot 171 79 9 Football 74 79 Footlnght Scandals 28 Fordyce Nancy 161 Forest Marrlyn 171 53 Forest Tom 131 Forn James 161 62 Forsythe Mnke 161 52 O3 Foster Dav1d171 64 167 Foster G ry 171 62 Foster John 161 Fournler Ednth 161 Fowler Jeanne 16 3 Crawford Robert Crego Joyce 160 Crews Charles 170 Crews Shnrley 160 Crnttenden Betty 170 54 Cross Country 80 81 Cross Cross Judlth 53 Larry 160 52 67 Crowell Sharon 128 167 Culp Charlene 170 Culp Lrnda 170 Cummlskey Dan 170 50 Cunnnngham Carol 170 66 Currre W1ll1am 128 52 53 54 Curry Roy 170 Curry Wrlluam 160 Curtls Jnm 81 Cushmg Jlm 128 Dalley Darley Daley Dalley Dalley Carol 160 66 Mary 160 Sharron 128 54 Elaune 170 65 Melnnda 170 107 50 Dambroseo Muke 170 Damm Walter 170 Damroze llze 128 Danforth Malcolm 128 63 Danforth Robert 170 81 99 Daugherty Raymond Dovns Davls Davas Davns Chnrlotte 128 68 167 Clarence 160 78 99 Gerald 170 81 167 Rlchard 170 Davlson Rosella 170 Day Carol 170 Day Jerry 170 Debate 69 deKon1ng Gretchen 160 61 107 Demallne Burcell 160 53 54 68 Dempster Allrson 170 DenHouter Dannel 128 57 89 96 Denlunger Gary 160 57 Denms Dewar DeW0lf DeWolf DeWolf DeWolf Jolene 170 Sandra 160 52 54 107 Gerald 160 Joanne 170 Joyce 129 Larry 170 Earle W1ll1am 170 79 Eastman Curtrs 160 53 Eastman Peggy 129 Eaton Warren 170 53 67 Ebersberger Al 160 167 Eberth Judy 129 52 56 Ehnus Sandra 129 Ensemann Gerald 129 Elam Loachna Elder Carol 160 Ellncott Mary Ellen 160 Elms Bonme 161 7 ls Fr d 161 62 Ellsworth Sally 161 54 Elsrfor Ruta 129 Ensemble 67 Erbe Rlchard 161 50 69 54 Errudge Marrlyn 129 55 56 Esch Donna 170 54 Eschelbach Glenn 170 67 Estes Alon 170 62 Etzel Wnllnam Eubank James 170 Eugene Elsle 130 66 Evans Kay 170 Everett Stuart 170 62 Everette Ernestune 161 Everhardus Janet 170 52 61 107 21 09 Everhardus John 161 52 101 87 Faculty 113119 Falrcloth Jlm 161 Farnsworth Martha 130 106 60 66 Farrar Crang 161 57 65 Farrar Robert 170 62 65 168 Faust Edward 130 Faust Robert 161 Featherly, Annette 130 56 Feese Andrea 161 Ferguson Anne 130 56 Ferguson Janet 170 Fetters Thomas 170 79 52 Fuegel Sarah 130 56 d Clarnce 161 Fnke Sharon 130 Frllmger Rnchard 130 68 55 Fungerle Jane 130 68 6 5 35 48 05 Fmgerle Judy 170 50 107 168 21 Funk Nancy 130 68 59 Frs er Dale 161 Fnsher Douglas 170 209 ox James 161 ox Juduth 171 ox LeRoy 131 53 78 6 ox John 131 ox Rlchard 171 7 Fraluck Fralnck Francus Frances Franclle Franclxe French French Marron 57 107 Martha 1 107 Thomas 16 89 9 Thomas Markay 131 54 167 Stephanue 171 Atossa 171 107 Nancy 171 50 107 Frey Barbara 161 62 107 Y Jm 131 Frey Ralph 171 Fry Janet 161 Fuqua Carol 161 Fu lerton Ron161 53 68 Future Teachers 51 Future Nurses 51 GAC 105108 Gage Beverly 131 106 54 G lnsley Judy 171 57 7 G e Pete 131 53 9 Gannus Chrnstme 161 52 Gardner Darts 131 Gardner John 171 54 Gardner Mary 131 Gar lcll Judtth 171 52 7 Garner Betty 161 63 Gary Bruce Gates Dave 161 Gatzlca Janet 171 53 Gaxrola Alex 161 89 104 Gaxlola Alvaro 89 132 104 Gebhardt Edward 177 G rlnger Ena171 51 Gelger George Dae 161 96 Mldge 132 53 O6 50 Geraghty J m 17 Gerow Gerstler 132 06 51 me Gerstler K ren 132 68 106 55 58 Ghanner Sylvna 132 Glbson Gubson G1bson Gnbson Gndos Gllbert Alan 132 D n 161 7 James M Ron 132 John 79 67 54 Jean 132 64 ' 1 ' 1 ' 1 1 ' 1 ' 13 ' 1 ' 1 1 F'st , Lill' 161 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 611 A 1 ', , , 1 1 1 66 o, 1 3 - , , , 1 1 1 ' 1 ' 1 Fr, ' , 50' L 1 1 1 Fl 1 1 1 1 54, 89 1 4 I 1 1 1 y , ' l ' 1 ' ' 1 1 1 , 1 , 51, 54 1, ' , , , 9 , 87 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , 79 , 1 , ' , 78, 160, 50, 158, , A , c. . .56 99 I 1 1 1 1 , , 54 , 1 1 ' , , 57, 78 , A , , 1 1 V 1 1 1 , a , 1 1 1 1 167 , , ' 1 1 1 1 1 , 1, 5 ' 1 1 ' ' 1 1 87 F , , 78 1 1 2 1 ' 1 F , ' 1 ' 1 F , , , 9, 104 1 91 1 1 1 F , 1 1 F 1 ' , 6 1 1 1 1 ' , ' 161, , , 66 1 ' Q '1 ' , 71, , 66, 168 ' 1 1 1 64 ' 1 ' , 1, , 9 - 1 1 ' ', J. 131, 167 1 1 1 ,so ' 1 1 107 1 ' ' ' Cross, William 128, 167 Ellicott, Richard 161 French, Art 171, 81, 99 1 1 I' 1 ' 1 10 1 1 1 65 , Ell', e , , 89 , , , , 58 ' , , , 168 ' 1 ' F16 , 1 1 56 ' 1 ' ' 1 1 1 1 341 1' ' 1 1 1 1 104 ' 1 ' 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 , , , , 158 ' 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 159 ' 1 1 G' 1 1 1 6 1 , 1 1 al , , , 8 , ' , , , 64 1 1 1 1 1 , ' 1 56 1 ' 1 -1 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 66 1 1' 1 ' 1 1 101 67 '1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 99 I 1 1 eh ' , , 1 1 ' 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 661 1 58 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1, 79 ' 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 , P61 , 1 , , 55, 60 1 ' F181 , ' 1 66 , 511' 171 1 ' 1 1 1 V 1 1 a , , , , '1 ' 1 1 1 101 o, 1 1 ,' 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' , 0 , 6 1 ' 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 171 1 '11 1 1 81 - ,' , , Gilbert, William 171, 63 Gilbertson, Dolores Gilboe, Charles 132, 56 Gilbreath, James Gilleland, Margaret 161 Gillen, Beth 161, 63 Gillett, Carolyn 171, 57, 51 Gilligan, Charles 171 Gillingham, Kent 132, 83, 99 Gilson, Judy 132, 52, 50, 67 167 Gleason, Gerald 171, 57, 62, 60 Glushyn, Pat 171, 109 Goddard, Judy 132, 52, 106, 58, 34, 105 Godfrey, Ben 133, 68 Godfrey, Mary 161, 57, 107 Goetz, John 171, 78, 53, 87 Goetlke, Judy, 171, 57 Goforth, James 171 Golf 100-101 Gooding, Jeanette 171, 107 Gorte, Sally 133, 66 Goss, Kathleen 171 Gould, Georgiamae 161, 63 Gould, Jim 161 Graduation 37 Graf, Richard 171, 79, 52 Graff, Ed 133, 52, 59 Graham, Tom Granger, Judy 133, 56 Grant, Larry 171 Grau, Kathleen 161, 68 Gray, Doug 133 Greenhaw, Martha 133, 56 Griffith, Richard 161, 89 Griffiths, lynn Grimston, Gary 133, 53, 68 GrindstaH, Mary Ann 161, 52, 158, 107, 167 Grob, Gerald 161 Grob, Jim 17-1 Vndez Guenther, Marge 161, 52, 107 Guenther, Robert 171, 81, 52 Guenther, Sharon 161, 52, 50, 107 Guerrero, Victor 133 Gunnesch, Alon 171 Gurley, Neil 171 Gustine, Barbara 161, 107 Gustine, Robert 133, 104, 101 Guthrie, Sue 133 Haarer, Sheridan 161 Haas, Jackie 133, 52, 53, 106, 67, Haas, Marilyn 171, 63, 65 Haaxma, Beverly 161, 167 Hack, Delores 161, 68, 60 Hadcock, Peter 171, 63 Haerer, Herwalt 161 Haeussler, Harold 171 Hager, David 161, 67, 57 Hague, Linda 171, 107, 50, 54 Haines, Gerald 161 Haines, Judy 171 Haines, Lewis 133 Haisch, Joanne 134, 106, 55, 56 Haisch, Nancy 171 Haisch Norma 171 1 Haisley, Virginia 134, 106, 58 Hales, Mike Hall, Carolyn 161 Halliday, Bill 52, 83, 86 Halliday, Bob 87 Hamelfi Robert 171, 79, 168, 87 Hamm, Joan 161 Hand, Margaret 171 Hanks, Denny 134 122, 104 Hannah, Mark 171, 81 Hanrath, Danny 161, 68, 158, 78 Hanselman, Raymond 161, 81, 57 Hansen, Donna 171, 66 Hansen, Elke 171 Hansen, Sharon 134 Harden, Bill 134 Hardesty, Lois 171, 54, 51 Harms Arline 161 Harrell, Dave 134, 62, 65 Harris, Nancy 161 Harris, Richard 161, 57 Harrison, Joseph 157, 69 Harrison, Mary 171, 57, 67 Hart, Arlington 161 Hart, Patricia Hartman, Barbara 171, 52, 107, 50 Hartweg, Jerry 162 52 Hartweg, Joyce 162, 106, 107, 54, 62 Harvey, Russell 171 Harvey, William 162, B3 Harvey, Yvonne 171, 106 Harwood, Richard 162 Hatto, Rose 134, 106 Hough, Harriet 134, 53, 68, 57, 61, 33, 167 Hawkes, Barbara 171, 50, 107 Hawks, Lois 134, 54 Hawley, Steve 171 Hayden, Dick 162 Hayes, Steve 134 Haywood, Ben 171 Haywood, Georgianna 162, 66 Heald, Steve 134, 68, 77, 78, 91 Hearn, Jerry 171, 79 Heckman, Suzy 171 Heikkinan, Pamela 171, 53, 66 Heilmann, Richard 134 Helber, Paul 171, 67, 56, 168, 99 Heldreth, Jaan 162, 68, 59, 50, 54 Hellner, Gary 172 Henkel- Karl 162, 78 Henry, George 135 Henry, Ray 135, 83, 86 Hentz, David 172, 79 Hering, James 172 Herling, Harvey n ' -. Ab' 210 Hertsberg, Joanne 135 Hesson, Mary Lou 135, 57 Hicks, Julia 135, 56 Hicks, Mary Ann 162 Hieftie, Sally 135, 52 Higgins, Charlene 162 52 Hillegonds, Jean 172 Himler, Sue 162, 167 Hines, Shirley Hiniker, Mike 172, 81, 87 Hiniker, Paul 135, 122, 83, 103 99 H'rshman, Edward 135, 53 Hirth, Glen 162, 52 87 Hiscock, Bruce 172, 81, 99 Hiser, Conrad 162 Hiser, John 172, 89 Hodge, Josephine 135 Hodge, Ron 172 Hodges, Susan 162 Hodson, Jeannine 135, 56 Hoener, Lorna 135, 56 Hogan, Florence 135, 106, 105 Hogg, Beverly 172 Holcomb, Jerry 162 Holley, Beverly 162 Hollis, Mary 172 Hollis, Patricia 136 Hollister, Halen 136, 56 Holtz, Douglas 162, 62 Homecoming 20-23 Honeck, Rose 162, 54 Honke, Alfred Hoobler, Raymond 172 Hooker, Bob 162, 167, 62 Hopkins, Dennis 162, 53 Hopkins, Marbaret 172 57 Hopkins, Sidney 136, 57 Harning, Earl 172 Horning, Lenora 162 Haseney, Harland 136, 56 4, '7adez Hoseney, Mollie 172, 107 Hotzel, Joan 172 Hough, Larry 162 Houghtalin, Ronald 172, 81 Howard, Lois Howell, Don 172, 67 Howell, Joe 136 Howell, Myrna 172 67 Hudson, Bill 162 Huger, Robert 136 Hughes, Scott 136 Hulslander, Nancy 136, 68, 122, 106 58 Hunget, Jerry 162 Hunt, Jane 63, 107 Hunter, Harley 53 Huntwork, Theresa 172, 53, 63 Johnson Jim Johnson, Mary Ann 137 Johnson, Robert 162 Johnson, Sharon 172, 52 Johnston, Mariorie 162, 63, 65 Jones, Addie 162, 66 Janes, Betty 172 Janes, Cornelius 162, 53, 67, 167 Jones, Delores 137, 66 Jones, Katherine Jones, Linda 172 Jones Mariorie 137 Jones, Patty 172, 54 Jones, Robert 162, 53, 78, 104, 99 Jones, Tom 162, 79, 91 Jones, Willie 172, 79, 91 Judson, Judith 172, 54 Huschke, Marlene 162 Huss, John 172 79, 53 Hutchison, Richard 136, 55, 83, 96 86, 104 lcerman, Sue 162, 54 lmmel, Douglas 162 lmmel, Judy 162, 54 lnbody, Orrin 136, 81, 55, 99 Ingram, Pat 172 Intramural Managers 53 Intramural Sports 104 Jagow, Margaret 136 Jahnke, Jean 136, 68, 56 Jahnke, Leon 137 James, Bernice 172 James, Ernestine James, Kirsten 162, 57, 52, 66, 59 107, 109, 167 Jedele, David 137 Jenkins, Mary Ann 137, 51 Johnson, Fred 137 Johnson, Jrwanta 137, 106, 21 .wa .,. , .--U-T Judson, Sandra 137, 106, 55 66, 109 Kackley, Nancy 162, 158, 167 Kaercher, Marlene 172 Kambas, Helen 137 66 Kopp, Dean 172 Kopp, Mary 172 Kappler, Patricia 137, 56 Karnes, Larry 137, 56 Karr, Bruce Katona, George 53 Katz Larry 167 Katz, Linda 138, 68, 106 Kaufman, Jon Kaufman, Larry 162 Kaufmann, Duncan 138 Kauper, Carolyn 138, 106, 107, 63, 05 Kazmierzak, Nancy 162, 107 Keane, Sondra Keely, William 138, 54 Keene, Gary 79, 99 Keene Kay 138, 106 Keller, Harold 172 ..,. --rv , ,,-. 1 x S X ' Q X x K y Harry 172 7 K y John 138 5 K y Pat 162 7 Kempe Carol Ann 162 Kempe Marlon 172 Kenuston Marlorte172 57 107 Kenne John 162 53 78 91 Kerr Sandra 172 107 Ketelhut John 138 50 89 Kett Nancy 172 66 Kett Wtlltam 138 56 54 Kevaru Ronald 172 79 Kddle Mary Ellen 162 60 107 109 Klkut Silva 172 54 Kunsley Marlene 172 54 Kssel Paul Ken John 138 7 Kletnschmtdt Charles 162 50 76 78 Klahs Carolyn 172 Knapp Dayle 16 51 Knapp Gretchen 138 Knapp Jam 172 57 Knickerbocker Carmen 162 52 54 67 Knickerbocker Walter 138 Kntght Danlel 172 Knight Robert 138 Knoedler Roy 172 Knop Koch Koch Koch Koch Robert 172 Carol 172 168 Ken 162 63 Pau 162 54 Wnllnam Kochendorfer Mary Koeble Robert 172 Koefoed Helen 139 06 Mock Electrons 32 35 32 09 Koernke Beverly 172 54 Kokales Evans 172 79 52 63 91 Kolander Kay 162 Kollen Pieter 162 Kolokntchas Mary 139 68 61 106 Koloknthas Tom172 67 Koalstra Lorralne 172 57 107 64 Kornexl Evelyn 172 Korzuck Karen 162 52 53 62 64 66 Korzuck Sharelyn 139 55 56 Kress Tom 162 50 91 Krueger Beth 162 Krueger Juduth 162 Kruse Kruse Kruse Kubly rt 162 81 5 53 James 172 79 91 T ny 172 79 167 91 Bruce 162 Kuebler George 172 Kuenzel James 139 122 91 Kuhn Barbara 162 Kuhnfl Harold 139 Kulenkamp Nancy 139 68 Kurtz Gerald 139 Kurtz Judy 172 107 Ladnsh Carol 172 168 Land Barbara 39 57 Lan Cecil 162 52 68 54 Landry Sharon 172 Ted Lane 162 Langley Pat 172 54 Lansky Henry 172 Lansky Joyce 173 54 Laraway Carl 173 Larmee Jacqueline 173 50 Larmee Suzanne 163 La Roe Dexter 173 Larson Ltnda 173 La Tendresse Nancy 139 Laubengayer Karen 163 Lavender Tamara 173 53 Leach Connie 173 50 Lederer, Jerry 173, 52, Le atskn, Ltnda 173, 52 106 vwlez Lehman Carlyn 163 Letbee Alan 173 81 Lenth Nancy 139 Leland Eleanor 163 107 167 Leland Richard 163 Lentz Judy 173 51 Lessard Nancy 139 Lewns Frances 163 66 Lewus Robert 139 50 122 5 7 77 93 6 Lrlospltal Claude 173 B1 Ltbrary Commnttee 57 Ltchty Elizabeth 163 50 Ltllard Tom 140 54 33 67 Lundner James 140 56 Lindsay John 173 el D n 16 158 Lockwood Mary 140 52 Loehr Thomas 163 Loepke George 163 Lo an Nancy 173 107 Lolmaugh Mtldred 173 Lomlk Alex 140 London Barbara 140 Lousma Judy 163 62 65 Lovelace James 140 Lovelace Rxchard 173 Lovgland Rosemary 163 Lovell Patrtcta 140 53 54 Lowell Steve 163 B1 Lowery Ann 163 50 Lucas Carolyn 163 158 107 Lm Sung 163 81 54 67 7 Lumbard Davtd 173 Lus Carol 140 51 Lyndon Tom 163 53 MacCarthy 1:11140 68 106 122 105 MacDonald Penny 173 McAdam Glenda 163 68 McCaIlue Judy 163 McCallum Barbara 140 106 63 105 McCleery Gaul 140 56 McClel'on Ethel 143 51 McClellan Leo 173 McClure Clyde 163 McCoy James 143 78 McDougall Joanne 140 68 106 McEndree Judy 163 57 64 McFadden Stanley 163 McGarry Ronald 173 McGee Edward 173 168 167 McGregor Bonnte 163 66 54 McKee Roberta 173 57 McKenzue Jack 141 83 86 104 McKenzie Karen 173 52 107 McKenzie Make 173 81 McLeod Art 173 McMullen Donna 141 McMullen Tom 173 81 50 63 89 McNamara Connue 173 McNaughton James 141 1 31 3 91 0 McNutt Gordon 163 Maas Davld 163 Macomber Barbara 141 Macomber Harry 173 Mahan Wayne 163 57 Mohey Roger 163 50 Mater Margaret 173 Male Chorus 67 Mallek Charles 173 Mann Carol 173 Mapes Dlane 163 68 Marchese Ben Marchese Kathleen Marker, Lynn 141, 52, 106, 54 Marquts, Kent 141, 60, 50, 55 212 Marshall Lawrence 173 Marshall Pat 163 Marshall Wtlbert 141 60 Martnn Martm Martun Moser Mason Mast Gwendolyn 163 J an 141 61 3 Mary 62 107 Ellen 141 6 Wendell 141 62 Andrea 163 57 53 50 6 109 67 Mast Don 141 55 Maten Ralph 163 Maurer Linda 173 107 Mayer Anne 141 106 Mayers Jean 163 Maynard Clyde 142 57 Meadows Mary 163 107 21 109 Meek Barbara 163 Meredath Roslyn 173 M vtn Bll 57 Merrill Judith 173 67 Metzner Dons 173 52 57 66 107 Meyers Mary 173 Mnano Joe 163 79 67 Mtcou Besste 163 Mtldner Mnchael 173 Mlley Robert 173 79 Mllham Tom 173 53 87 Muller Mtller Muller Muller Maller Muller Miner Moon Moon Moore Moore Moore Moore Dave 163 50 Jack 173 Joann 142 56 Karen 173 Lauren 163 63 Sharon 173 Dennse 142 52 7 Judy 173 50 59 Leon 142 Andrew 173 167 Davtd 163 91 Jlm 163 Louis 142 Moored Glenn 173 Moran Morley Morton Morton Morton Morton Marlorue 163 61 Dennis 163 Clarence 163 Joanna 173 Martha 142 5 Rlchard 142 6 Moynlhan Chrlstlne Mueller Mullett Carol 163 61 Floyd 173 Mullrson Shirley 163 63 Mummery Jerry 142 Muliphy Cora 142 Murphy Elouse 173 51 Murphy Richard 173 81 Murrel Myers Myers Myers Myles Nagel Thomas 173 87 Altson142 52 68 54 60 06 Gene 142 68 55 Jack 163 167 Harold Luther 142 54 56 Nagler Barbara 143 68 60 106 61 Nagler Monte 163 52 68 50 167 Napier Mona 143 66 Net? Carole 173 Neff Judy 173 Nelson Nelson Nelson Nesbtt Nesbttt Pat 173 64 Rutcnte 143 62 Sandra 173 57 Mabelan 163 107 Norman 163 Nichols Barbara 173 107 Nicholson Bonnne 163 Ntcholson Roy 143 53 63 Nnehuss Margaret 163 57 158 107 Nlelsen Paul 143 ell , , 6 , 7 ell , , 5 ' , , I ell , , 5 A , , ' 7 , , , , ' , . 57 I - , ' ', e , ,o as ' , ' ' , , , 64 , , ' , , , ', , , , , 73 , , , ', , , , 8, 35, , , , , , 107, , , s, , , 9 7, , 1 z , ,54, 67, ' , ' , ,64 ,' , ,54 2 , Lite n, an 3, , 107 1 f f I x z , , 16 I I , I , , , , ,I II I I I I , 2, 3 , ,50, 67 ' f ' f , I ' I 51 , , , , , ' , , ' , 167 ' , , , 52 , I , , , ' f , ' ' u , ' , , , , 5 I 1 f '91 , '162 , ' I f I , . 62 k, , f 1 ' 16 I I 1 I 107I MI Lynch Esmer 163 Misner, EleIanor 163, 66, 51 , 1 , , ' , ,,,, , , I, , , I I IQI ' , , , , , 107, ss, ' ' , , , , I I , , I Im , , , , I I III 64 ' . ' ' I , ' , s, 78, 91, 99 , Bo , , 2, , 99 , , , ' ' ' ' , , , 107 , 0 , , , , ' , ' , , , 107 ' , , , ' . l ' , 62 ' , , , ' ' , , , 61 , , 22, , 10 , d, ' , , , 9 , , 7 , , 67 , , f , 54 ' ,' ' Z , , 62 , ' , , 163 ' , , , , 62 ,' 54, 109 3 ' -' , , 107 ' ' , Psaros N1 es Zoa 173 7 Nrrnke Don 143 167 Noflsmger Walter 173 Nollar Douglas 173 Nommensen Margaret 163 Norlhrup Davrd 163 Northrup Gerald 143 Norns Tecl 53 B9 Norton Gerald 163 91 Nottle James 163 62 Nutt James 174 67 89 ODonnell Manlyn 143 66 Ofhcer Cynthna 163 O Hare Mlke 174 O1ver J1m 174 Olsen Beth 163 62 107 Omega 58 59 Opple Cathertne 163 52 Opple Chrts 174 81 Opt1m1st 60 61 Orchestra 64 65 ORe1lly John 74 Osborn Don 164 O o Jerry 174 81 Ottosen Duane 174 Paddock Margaret 174 Page Neul 164 Palmer Adr1an 164 Palmer Steve 69 Palmeter Nancy 174 Papandreou Vucky 4 Pardo Rafael 174 Pardon Caral 174 Fardon Frank 174 Pardon Fred 164 Pansh Dale 164 Parlas Martna 143 Passon Roger 174 6 Patterson Bob174 67 89 Patterson Curtns 174 Patterson Dons 143 Payne Clara Jo 164 66 Peake Claudta 143 66 54 Pearl John 143 Pearson Dav1d 144 Peck Cherle 144 66 Peck Norma 164 Peckham Steve 144 Peer Gerald 144 53 96 10 Pegan Peter 174 Penmngton Dave 4 Pepper Ben 174 Pepper B 4 Pepper Nancy 144 Pengo n 144 55 84 30 33 96 Perry George 174 Peters Gerald 174 Peters Grant 144 Peterson Ann 164 66 7 Peterson Gnles 164 B1 52 eterson John 174 Peterson Mor1lyn 174 Peyton Kelth 89 62 54 174 Peyton Terry 164 52 89 Pfobe Herb 164 68 Phelps Nancy 164 63 65 P 1 1ps Joy 144 2 F1ckard Judy 144 68 10 61 P1ehutkoskt Allce 174 P1ehutkosk1 Ehzabeth 144 Plehulkoskt LeRoy P1erce Joyce 164 P1eske Mary 174 P1tcher Dav1d 174 Flatten Ann 174 Plumpton Peggy 144 56 Pong Alex 174 Pope Gary 174 62 Pott Sue 164 58 60 107 Potter Potter Powell Powell 'Wzdez a 164 52 0 10 74 9 5 99 Pat 144 W1n1fred 174 Prakken Lynne 174 Pratt Bud 164 Pratt Dennls 174 Preketes Renee 164 68 158 Presldents Comm1ttee 52 Preston Bob 164 63 Proud Pruntt Pruutt y 164 52 59 66 Charlotte 174 54 Mlke 174 Sophta 164 67 Russ Marnlyn 174 165 Rutledge Helen 174 Rutledge L1ll1an 175 63 Rutledge Margaret 146 Rysse Marguenta 175 Sajer Dav1d 164 63 Sakstrup Marubeth 177 150 6 Samuel Gwen Santure Allan 158 78 67 Sarah Davtcl 146 68 78 Sargent Peggy 175 Sasakl Edwtn 146 68 Satterheld Don 164 Fullen Chrtsltna 174 Qulgg Jerry 164 167 Quunsey Rnchard 164 Radde Jon 164 Rafeld Ruth 174 Randall James 145 63 Rathburn Dorothy 145 106 6 105 9 Red Cross Commnttee Redford George 164 Redln Crystal 145 56 Reed Bertha 174 Reed Berlha L 164 Reed Everett Reed Larry 164 y J Re1mar1 Ltnda 145 51 Re1ndel Pete 67 Remer Barbara 145 Rentschler Paul 174 Rexhausqt Renate 145 Reynolds Judy 164 Rhodes Damel 145 50 Rtchards Faye 164 Ruchardson Harry 145 56 R1chmond Sandra 164 R1c ard Nancy 145 58 6 6 R1ckerson Gurly 174 52 67 99 Rnfle Club 57 R1nesm1th Judy 174 R1nesm1th Marvln 174 54 Roach Neoma174 52 107 Roberts John 174 Robunson Peter 174 Robanson Sh1rley 164 Roby Ruth 174 54 Satterla Emmett 175 Sattmger Dav1d 175 81 Sctttler Bob 164 Saunders Dav1d 175 Sawyer Robert 146 50 Sawyer Robert 146 50 Sa re Herb 175 57 67 Scamo Chuck 175 52 59 Schaadt Leonard 175 62 Schofl Lou1se 147 Schoff Walter 175 Schalrer Tom 175 Schauer Cathy 175 Schntenhelm Brenda 4 Schlanderer 811147 50 Schlecht Roger 175 79 6 Schlegel Charlene 164 Schletcher Chrls 164 Schlemmer Bruce 164 Schlupe Martha 147 55 Schneeberger Bruce 147 83 99 Schnelder Fred 164 79 Schne1der Jane 147 68 Schne1der Mary Lo1s Schne1der R1chard 175 Schnur John 175 Schoen Ruth 175 School Talent Assembly 25 Schrader Ernest 175 S re1ber Allan 147 52 54 61 7 Schroen Judy 147 Schuldt Rosw1tha 175 c uler Sue 147 53 5 O 106 09 Schulz Ronald 175 53 62 Schumann Doug 164 78 Schumann Nancy 175 63 Schuon Tom 175 54 Rocco Roehm RoHee Po ers Rogers Rohlf Jtm 164 67 Robert 164 Jayne 174 Kay 145 5 61 Lynn 164 79 67 Erlene 145 6 Roland Don 146 53 89 Rolfe Tom 174 Romeo Jock 146 Romeo Joe 164 Romeo Pat 174 Root Albert 146 Root James 164 Root Judy 164 Root Roper Rosen? Lou1se 174 Loretta 146 reter Nancy 174 Ross Dorothy 146 56 Ross llke 74 Roth Fred 164 65 Roth Walter 164 50 77 78 Rothfuss Rtchard 146 56 Rowe V1v1an 164 Rowland Judy 146 Rowry Pearlene 146 Rowry Roosevelt 174 79 53 54 O4 Royal B1ll174 67 Rushton James 174 213 Schwartz Frank 164 79 91 Schwartz Margaret 175 107 54 Schwemmtn Barbara 147 Schwemmun Jack 164 5 91 Schwenkmeyer Kr1st1n 175 07 Scott James 147 52 78 99 Scott Phyllns 175 Seeback Dale 147 Seeger Kay 175 107 Seevers Pam 175 54 57 107 Senppel Jan1ce147 52 106 Selby Mary 148 56 Sel Ray 64 Semanske Robert 175 57 Semor Assembly 29 Semor Day 30 31 Settles Harold 164 Setzekorn Sue 148 Sevebeck Barbara 148 53 O6 Seyfr1ed Jan 148 Shaval1a Franklyn 164 Shaval1a Shlrley 164 Shade Barbara 175 63 Shaw Julte 148 50 Shear Cory 164 Shear Gary 164 Sheff Brenda 164 66 Shelby Annle 148 '1 , ,A ,Lind , ,s, 7,109 , ' , ' , , ,1z1ck1,7,3, ,a7 , 3 , , , , ' , ' , , 1 a r 1 , , I I I 1 , , , ,sou , , , , 107, 21 - I I 1- , - , 167 6 . ' . 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' . , - ' , , , 54, as ' , ' , 1 , , , , 1 , , , 167 ' ' Mary Jane 176 Sheldon Shurley 175 66 Shephard Juduth 175 Sheppard Floyd 164 78 104 91 Sherman Lynn 148 ShueloR Duane Shuppey Fred 165 62 59 Shurley Lewus 148 50 Suano Paul 175 Sumon Janus 165 Sumpson Juduth 175 Sunanuan Jacquue 148 Sunanuan Robert 179 79 52 Sundl nger Margaret 148 Sunke Sondra 148 Skomp Donna 165 52 50 Skrocku Donna 175 Skrzypczak Don 148 'Wwlex Stout Norma 175 Strong Sheula 165 51 Streeter Vuctor 165 Stretch Carol 150 56 Struble Ann 175 107 S uhar C ryl 165 61 54 07 Strutz Gaul 5 Stuber Mudge 150 68 50 59 106 Stuckman Warren 165 Student Councul 48 50 Stumm Vurgunua 165 64 Stump Ardls 150 56 uarez Luculle 151 106 I 5 9 Sulluvan Patty 175 Sutf1n Elvln 165 Sutton Wade 62 Slater Duck 149 60 103 Slater Gaul 165 63 107 Slenger Lundsey175 61 168 7 Slezak Dave 175 79 53 5 89 79 Smalley Martha 175 107 Smith Smuth Smuth Smuth Smuth Smuth Smuth Smith Smuth Smuth Smuth Smuth Smuth Smuth Anthony 149 Bruce 165 68 78 Davud 175 Duanne 149 Henry 149 James A 165 James L 165 Juduth 175 Kathryn 149 MacNeul165 81 53 P u 149 122 92 76 78 6 Ray 166 78 99 Richard 99 Vrgunla 165 68 158 3 Somers Jum 165 Spears Robert 149 Speratos Stella 149 Spoeltsra Karen 165 167 Spokes Ann 175 53 107 Spokes Wulllam 175 Sprague Davud 165 Sprung Maruory 149 63 Sprung Peter 175 63 64 Spurlun Paula 175 61 54 Staeb Clara 149 56 Staebler Judy 175 Staebler Lynne 149 Stagner Don 175 Swummung 88 89 Szalay John 175 Szalay Mary 151 Tn Eng Tank Fred 151 Taylor Jack 175 Taylor Jeannette 165 Taylor Mary Helen 165 50 107 Tennant Carolyn 175 Tennrs 102 103 Teppo Chrustune 165 63 Terry Elwood 175 Terry Michael 151 Thelen Barbara 151 52 54 62 34 Thuel Leonard 165 79 53 Thomas Danna 176 51 O9 Thomas Sunnue 165 Thomas Sylvua 51 Thomas Vonnell 165 91 Thompson Thompson Thompson Thompson Thompson Thomsen Thomson Thornton Thurston Thurston Tub etts Catherune 151 Jane Pat 175 Roland 176 Wulllam 165 57 lna 165 G orge 176 Betty 176 B ty 176 50 4 arol 151 54 James 151 122 76 8 ura Enue 52 7 78 Valentune Duane 165 Valentune Jerry 165 VonColen P ul 152 54 53 83 04 VanderSchalue Arnold 165 VanKampen Jackue 176 V er Glen 152 62 8 u ar Ann 176 59 107 Vuncent Harruet 165 Vunung Vunung Vutale Vutkuns Gordon 153 Margaret Pat 176 A a 165 66 58 Vogel Davud 153 53 76 78 91 Vogel Vogel Mary Lou 176 54 67 Vreeland Claudua 176 66 Wacker Dorothy 153 56 Wagner S e176 53 50 107 Wahr Dwlght153 50 35 Wahr Sonia 176 50 66 weud Shurley 153 67 Waud Wanda 176 Wakenhut Gary 176 63 Waldo Walker Walker Walker Walker Walker Ronald 153 122 30 77 Artee 153 Augustune Barbara 176 Gerald 176 Joyce 165 Wall Margaret 176 Wallace Jack 153 Wallace Muke 176 Wallace Patrucla 176 Water Larry 153 56 53 a ters J rn 153 54 Wolz Sandra 176 Wa z T lly 6 Wanen J 67 Wangdahl Jane 153 68 50 Wanty Karen 176 57 54 67 Wanzeck Tom 176 79 53 Wares Saudra 153 68 56 Stanheld Wullo Stashefl Sherry 175 57 63 Staudenmauer Jerry 165 St Claur Barbara 175 Steeb Steeb Steeb Steeb Steeb SteHe Stehle Steun Barbara 57 Dons 175 Ju y 165 53 58 Nancy 149 54 Foul 150 Amelua 175 Sharon 165 50 Barbara 150 Stemer Chuck 150 63 167 Steunman Glen 150 Stentzel Charles 175 Stentzel George 150 50 55 Stephen Margaret 165 63 Steward Robert 175 Stewart Jan 175 Stewart S y 165 B Stewart Steve 175 79 Stuenon Juluan 150 53 63 Stulluon Charles 175 167 Stullman W ma 150 57 51 Sturlung Nancy 165 Stockard Jum 175 54 Stockwell Helen Stoll Stoll Stall Stoll 20 Betty 150 56 Muchael 175 M rna 165 53 107 51 ndra 150 59 122 Tubbetts Sue 176 53 107 67 T tz Janet 151 6 ord Cheru 176 50 61 Tunnun Jum 176 54 Tunsley Charles 151 55 Tobuas Nancy 165 52 51 Toney Kenneth 151 Topp Howard 152 Tower Larry 176 Tower Loyal 152 Track 98 99 Tramontun Maruanne 165 Travulluan Jock 176 Travus Bob 176 Travls Cynthua 152 Treaster Nelson Trusvan Dematta 152 Trusvan Mildred 176 Trubey Marguerute 152 55 Trudeau Barbara 152 56 True Terry 165 52 62 Tucay Barbara 165 6B Tucker Sandra 165 66 Turner Am erst 152 50 55 31 Turner Charles Turner Glenn 152 Turner m 176 79 168 67 Turner Sandra 165 58 63 107 Twunung Jean 152 106 Underwood Betsy 165 54 167 214 Warner Warner Warner Nvarner X arner Warren Warren Warren ne 154 55 106 Bannue176 107 Duane 176 158 6 Lunda 154 Muke 176 James 176 John 165 9 Robert 79 Wash ngton Club 70 71 Washungton Club Commlttee 55 Waterbury Duane 165 Waterbury Wesley 165 Waterman Mary 165 52 158 63 1 Watson Watson Watson Watts Wealch Weaver Webb Webb Weber Weber Weber Weed Kenneth 154 Sharon 176 T nu 154 7 Frutz 67 James 154 Marulyn 165 Dave 176 John 176 Danuel 154 Kathleen 176 Patrucua 176 Byron 165 Weld Arthur 176 79 52 67 Weld Margaret 176 59 107 Weumer Weuss Weuss Weuss Welch Jeannette 154 55 Dolores 176 Dorothy 176 Marulyn 154 50 66 John 176 79 67 , A , , 107 , Ush' , r ' 1 , 55, 67, 7, , 96 , ' , ' , , 66 104 , , , . , 99 f 4 ' , , , tr , o , , 1 , 0 , , , , 'I ' , ' , , ' 17 4 , 1 , , A , , , , , 109 , 4 ' , ' , Elk , , , 7 4 . 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Suggestions in the Ann Arbor High School - Omega Yearbook (Ann Arbor, MI) collection:

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