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C lixxx lilmww Will ff -6: fl, if 5 .Ac ar iv-x Wa Q' i Q fa " Q . I ff I Q 5 ' - 'IV ,K- ." " "H I, O 'Y-151, ' Q .za vi l ' . 5 x 4 Q ' 'la -- X , 1 - I Q li". Q- Q xx ' v' s O 'W 1 8' 4 0' , "' an - 5 - - 4 9 1 . A " it , - ' A H 15:1 r 1' ' Q Y :nm wa-'fp 1, , 4 him ' "'Wf1C9n:r,,.,-, . Q .f ' . Mummy- . ,J wiv ' .. , . X 'Ou x- 1 1' +G mn- H. 3 a , 0 . ' A H. W ' . . ', 'i'p . ' g A A . ... I I -,S . - If-1 Q. 'IN ' r ' ' .QV ".:-- , . , - - .V 1 .ivv Q ,v K fy ,Q . ff? ,r I l L. ' .x QF' X' 1 Q . Lmii ' nl .W ' - 4 - '- Y,-"v""-.. Z' U f "V 9 f A Vq , Q -W 4 . Q .- M .Ns-1 ' ' A sm ' ' .L xv O , 'T- , . ' . ly' . 5 N ,. x - , , f n . -. .-v 'lv ' 1 JIS- l h".,. ff--' 5v-'4,o..g-- , . ., - mf .S-4-1, , , YQ' OA R r,- vw? .S mf- . . . an A . ' ax:-L.. fxgxiwT'+--sr Aw .f-mv-E 'W 0+-1 5 " - "u - ,Q W' in Q A 'li' X.: bf at . fn.-'x , ff 35,5 35-.-:Q 'vQf3f"3m .:- f.'0 Q I Q xi U ,VK 3' . , h N A--ft. wx .1137 "i"g""'a+. ,L in qyq' 5 ALXQX' ARBOR HIGH SCHOOL ANNUAL . GMEGA XXX JO XXX PIXIXIJI I1 LI I IX I RILSS IOXI lx Xl ILR lulll RULIXSOX ffm llll I1 limi: 1126 l Q . . , XIll1UIl.,XlIi.lll1.XX' . ' .' f Iffl' 'lui ELLIQN PRESS pl ssndfztff Iffljtfn 5 . ' ','.' .-Irt xlstfn F' A ', ' ' -' , HZIXI-7It',YY .Xfflllflgftl ' ,. 'ff .' ' fgzffz XS CI f f X Dquqh 9 ff-. QQGQ WTAE Ni f Q M ls- '1 an Clk migglflixfx Nm ANN ARBOR SENIOR HIGH T IJ ! CET-ff!! Y --. A R ,- ,fr AY QA -.xr gf ' v l , f- ff", - Af-lf 4 " 1 Q7 , X,f'v!XX"-If N ,X 1 4 I f , -. Xl M ' ' , W W, l 1. X ,f f' V X ' W WX J K fff 1 , J f .mf ,v" 'f -RR ' l f ff' X J 41 f , ' f ,ff ,gf 1 , ' f , N K " n M7 ,X . W A ff! RN X I can ., f E m , N 1 R Dm N N 'W f X A fix, in f . - . .fi . ' ' V , ' J' Rxfxx .gf XX 4 R K R " Q NI xxxx 4 R f A u. J! V R if ' M ., gl Y f ' Ni,.N' 5 rx ' sw!" u- , K 'I 'QQ-l : fi gi ' , Qilkxx ' ' ff ,y . N A 1 . -Tl id.-5' gf - E f X . - 'S I, I , Lx ' 4 X F W ' 1 , A A 1, N 1 Tkx x Yi f ,x K ' - Q ,EAA , - R 5 X X1 QV V! ,3, .X V CTV' 15 X!! ,,,J Q -JJ-X 7 X X uk ll f""' ff!! wx MWWM' ' we Nmf-4, rw' J I I ,ff ' 2 Chip! -VJ Z Z CHGOL, ANN ARBO? MICHIGAN 3 C7 Y XXX V x-X,A, ,f jfs" , 1 1 ff, . ' , fx--,,,ffH "' r 1 I ""'X"f QL x 1 A Q N 'Q f 'I 7 X df! ,f-, , 4 1 4 JJ 4534 K 1 A , ,, 1 lf! 'wa iz., 'X ' ' J-FL K QR 1 1 , f I- Fv , ' Nyxfl f , I agiizz 4 1 f . , N R, Y Fisiiiiis ig N K -:Sk , 7 ...leg . 'V . A nu . A I ,I I f V- ,N ' V V " s , . I ' A Q x L KA , , l ,K V M " k s "f -I Nxw A A 5 ' 5 ' U . V A 'x ' f f " , I Y' - " ' xx ' 3 ' . V -X ,- 'V ' X X v 'iff' , X1 '. ,fdi-f' K X! ' N X. N Q ' , -' 'V V . V A .. 2 T' ' . ,A .K f' . H- . K ,. " ' ' ' K, ' ' V .ff " . 1 1 f ' ' , - N ,,-f VA, , I 4 X 4 5 ,., rj 1, ,i'rLLQff' ' I fi I ff ' l ' f ' , ,Mylan , N A: I , ,X - f I I v. mp' E ' In g W . -'V' ,I I 1 'Af I K Y 1 ' aj K ' f 1 4 4 , , -l"""" , I q 14 "ww wp il 1' I P l . H 54 if :-- M' f - , H..--J f,-wr T 1 X - fi-' ff 1 ft! A ,gf 'xy Lei 1 1 If X 4 flmwi - f y O ' 1 Acknowled men We the class of rzzneteen hundred and hfty three would lthe to acknouledfre retmrzq SUPERIVTFINDFNT OTTO W HAISIEY Hts last thzrty years of untzrzng effort and unselzsh znterest to promote and l1'TlpT0'IfF the Inn 'ltlifll' school ssstem uzll be a lzzfzng memorzal and symbol to the followzng .generatzons of students The Communzty as well as the students has benehted under hzs admznzstratzon Emphaszzzng hzs mam objectwes he has developed the cztx s junzor hzgh school and mtra school health staff znto comprehensz we unzts C1 mg hzs undzvzded attention to the problems of the schools he placed them anmnv the top educatzonal znstztutzons zrz the countrv Wzth deepest gratztude and szncerest good uzshes for the future ue acknowledge and thank Mr Hazsles for his fine job w , .'., 'fe N V x. x , I It education Wxth smcerlty 'md appxeuttmn nc, the senlor tltss of nmetcen hunched and Hfty three tledlcttt this sxxtx nlnth Lillllilll ot the Otntgn to Nlr lotus Holluax Hrs llllltllllllg lnttlest Ill the stucltnts ol this lllffll sthoul xslll be lOIlU remembered Xs Dueetox of Pl1N5lill I'llllClll0ll he h ts promoted the hxgh standards of Sp0I'Ibll1lIl5l11lJ and hne C1lllt.llSlllIJ xshlth mll tlss us be ClllIZlClLf1S uc of Our school and nts student both Xs 1 lIlLIlLl md guxtle he his gnen lus tlme and llI1dClSldIlLllllU to 'nd mlm ot us ln mtetmv the problems ol toclav and those of the future Our class, IllLILl0lL, rushes to extend ns gI'lllllldC and heartfelt thanks to a mm uho h ts hun mote th an 1 teacher or an instructor In the COIHlIlg years me shall not lolget hrs unselhsh tlfor ts to prepare us IH facrng hfe ruth feeltngs ol eonhdenee and stll lsslll mee pix, , fiffgiifg-ff: 'j 1 fa w ,v , 1-A A 53? fe -k,', . N x Q- X, n X u- 'Q dk.. W? A' Kacult Time is said to leave its mark on all things. The held of education has cer- tainly not been free from its allect. XVC maintain, however, that our pre- sent school, though old and outmoded, has a modern and lar-reaching influ- ence on the student body through the outstanding personalities of the fac- ulty. Their guidance in helping us dis- cover the many rich treasures in the books of knowledge can not be praised enough. Their understanding and fel- lowship, always ready for student use has been, without a doubt, an import- ant factor in preparing each one of us for the role of a good citizen. As leaders and educators, these people have implanted hrmly the traditional beliefs and ideals of our society in our minds and have by their wisdom and encouraging words prepared each one of us for the future. XVe have, through them, been given the cour- age to dream of a better world and a desire to 'work for it. XVC, however, can not iindwords which adequately 5, express out appreciation and thanks, and we, therefore, can only hope our newer achievements will be worthy of their aspirations. ,Q . ', t an That Intent Look A Statue of Liberty Pose with a Wall Strcct Air. E-5 yn n 5.5, x t Y ' fi f 1 Important Conversation ,4 ,f JISEHLE ,MEI CU. '1 , 'V' A -M ,, l -fa l .Z 7 Money is always intcrtsting to look nt. Y Nr. Mcrrill's happy about something X 1 9 I 3. xchohs Schrubu' Prmcxpal I Iulxp Buch1nan r Class Aduxsor SOClllIL1Ul7lg rt Robert Daw IS Physxcal Educ Coach 4- Donald 'kndcrson Pl13s1c'aI Educ john Allxson Coath Amencan Hrstory sp mal Consultant 1-1 Mahlon Budl Physxcs Physical Sczuxce 00 Ronald Dawson Coach Dramatzcs Radm Slagecraft, Ass QQ Un. Thad Carr Admm Asst Student Council 'fr John Dudd Asst Band Dar 'T' Chwrh G Bwxchx Bmlogy Sr Clafsfldusor X x Iiluxn Carstcmnn Foods Lmda Eberbach Home Econ Tlcanor Butz 9or1alLl11ng Fngllsh Paul Clnfford SocxaIL1vmg Coach .5- Henry Fonde Math Coach ? Row Bateman Dm er Educ Asst Cond: W4 Taye Coney SocralSlud1cs -.nv Joxcc Bonk Lzbmrzan A J Dshlberg Coorzl Com Donild Gary Eng, Speech Rxchard I-'rcy Debate Ind Arts f X-15 VV ' X H! 5 '4 'f J ' G., J' ' C C W if . ' . C 4? , E1 I , o -so C do' ffcf, 1 '- . V. ' I X f"k I 'NA , : ' . , " , may f 'YL' 'V , 1- 1 ' 1 ,W f '4'Ef1f2g. . 5 ,A . Q N , s H, , . . ' . - 4- sith 1 ,. n 1 ! . F. r 'T' E W f ,Q , + V9 if Tw I, poi Q nt Q, ' If Q . , V - X ' ' ' T E , , xx 1. . H' , JA, 2 ? , ' fz X P1 ' I, gf? ...,,4 ff Jullc Glrctuga SOCllllSlllCl16S 'xli- E Fcrne Jensen Tylfmz fo 'C Y lrgmla Golas Sarml L11 mg Soc1aISlud1es ,av Robcrt Granulle Clzrmn Eng Dept Sa: Studzes Kenneth Greer Clzrmn Com Dept Dorothy Hardxng School N urse gl if Esther Koch Trank Klme Cainer a Mgr Karl Karslan D1r Communzty School Rec Audrey Joncs Coach English if ,.. ,Q Cccrl North 1' Olnc NIcLouth nlHlllB1IH1llL'S John Xlcrrxll Vocal Muszc Paul Nicurs Cl1ClIll5l7'5 T I -QA' ,CJ H3 E0 3'5- 3- E! to .-,-.- 'IAQ ill Elxse Harney Gzrls Plus Educ Soc Lzv , Eng Edna Parry Sor1alSlud1es Forrest I-hs rx oo Pamtmg Dec' fe-7 a Luclllc Lundfft English Dorothy P-non Vatlzemalzcs .1 -W' M l wg, ff Q K klf' ,,,y i,. Mal , , '24, V , 1 ' ff- 6 ' f 1 K-'iw , 1,2 l- 5, L 15 tt,. ' A ' ' Agn at 1,1 ' , N x Y' C? -"' 5 if ' C., 'Q . V l l ,- Q, ' " A A ' om J A L A , :.- IN A , , j. rr v 1 3 9V X 4 Z9 , Elma Long 4.-, At .., fy . X . A. . l l W t Q1 l ' h rf- H D j N lg ,,,V W In I V . . K o t nl 1 t VM, L , . . Y 47 41' f ,. rf f- is ff 1 Ny 4 " . 4 ' Lavnnchc Reiger Latin, German Juan Rqnolds . English P , f ll 1 Ben Recd Soph. Class Adv. Mildred Peterson lfamil L' ' y l'L'l!lg Home Econ. I1 Harold Schoch Commercial Study Hall Rudolph SllNLfSlOllC Shop Math Co orzlznalor Frank Recd Social Sludies English College Consultant Ruth Straight Commercial Xt m Sonandrcs French Spanish Omega 4- AN bl Emory Toogood Machine Shop Au f , 61 1 17, A H John Roscmcrgy Sr. Science Chemistry Lane V1n Orman Driver Educ Auto .Shop -f James Pcdcn II I I X unor Cook om S mp ,vi Pauline Zollnr English Nl1l'jOl'lClY0OdhOl'll Asst Librarian xx V Rzumond Hhmng A ulo Shop Rosabell H alkcr Englzsh U4 fh Dm i mg r 'las I 'll Clarence Roth Band Barbara X an Stncnburgh Eng Spanish X Personal I wing Spec Consultant Iary Ellen Lewis ,Z 2 .'. gr 5, J 4, V, , L ff L A f . E' 'Sz A Wi . .36 '41 1' L x . Q fre, 'W JA 3-wi ' L on p, E 1 Z' r E 9 l A ' N4 ' X ,h ' - 5' V ' ' N ' - '10,-v-5.1 ,. ' , L4 Gxe t. l0g1:dlallZ4T3fa 11I.i6g?g111s.7o1 121.76951 l1Z7.hlQyl4b.:14 , fg'BBa'ELa '.Hf ,Ta Efwwgllea -I3 91 .137.:s1s .133.sr2 'A V111-1.6 6 15111411 LIQLQW 1115.31 WADE Hgg nam, 'B1 "Po 97.2 200-6 1' 204.391 207.211 209.00 7 Ra 2 Ac ,Th ,Pa L EU ' Rn 22.12 1226.1 2221? 232. 2:11. 32.18.111 Aff F1-fil "Ci x 'A 'ff " fgzq' Lf 114013 5 140.92 144.27 14fs.111' Al50.43 . 152.0 ffi',:1.:g'Qg'1gy - 1 v Q 113531 .1532 316245 3 163.5 167.6-1 , 169.4 1173.111 1 115.0 1 rs bm ' I 191.5 193.1 i 195-23. GE 2 8 1 'B 4 5 1 vw' f x., 5 6 '32'8 8 22' GCUCAIIIDH Looking back over the years at each generation of young people, there is found the same fundamental charac- teristicsg curiosity, hopes, sentimen- tality, bright and often unpromising dreams. Each year brings new influ- ences into their lifes and outward ap- pearances will change according to society's and fashion's law. The youth has been prepared, however, in all ages, for future life by means of edu- cation. In no other institution of our soci ety could this need be filled as it is in the schools. The personality of every student is rounded and im- proved due to his exposure to the cur- ricular activities of the educational system. In the years to come the ma- turity he gained emotionally and in- telectually in his high school days will enable him to search and find a life of concrete values and important be- liefs. Q., . Ll Mm! That suntan. Strong Gal! Sleepy Maestro Such glamour! Don't get wet Handsome Brutes Class of I953 ff JOE BONE DUANE CALVERT CONNIE NEXVNIXN PT 651116721 Vzce Preszdent Secretary YVhen the Hnal stralns of the Purple and the Whnte have faded avs av and the last graduatxng senxor has Hled out ol H111 xllllllljfllllfl, the memornes of the class of 19.13 wxll hll all those who have come lnto contact wlth xt This lroup left deep unpresslons and unforgettable moments ol glory and happxness oelund them Undoubtedly, other classes tull break the records these SCl1lOI'S htue made or obtam greater honors but the spmt of good lellowshlp and eooperatxon exer present sslth these young people ulll be hard to replace fomorrow and the future wrll brrng valuable experxence and, perhaps many moments of hardshxp and problems 'Ioelay we graduates wish to store up our lugh school years ln oul box ot memorles and look lorward to the txme tw hen they can be drawn out and enjoyed Our lugh school hte IS now flmshed but to those classes wluch follow us we lease tlus 'nduce I ne etch one of your days to IIS utmost fullness and naake use of exery posslblllty 'Inne ls all too short, and the moments fly by net Cl to be recaptured except IH memory ROW 1 Duane Calvert joe Bone Conme Newman ROWV 2 Berky Blashfield Sue Prakken Marana C3339 jan Orwlg ROW 3 Mane Brumley Karl Pfnifner Bob Schultz Jim C856 ROW 4 john Kagay, Mr Barclay, Ellen Press M s Ne Q 363' ww v E 'Se-sw i w 4-- , W7 ,f , , hy, ,,,V 1 ' rf I W I ,, ,Wy , n rf f A A V ' H ' an I I , 1 1 V I 1 V . V v X . 1 . . , . 1 . . . . , , , 0 1 , ' . H ,' ,. , . - ' - V ' V s s - ' ' v l 1 v - ' ' 1 . , , Y 1 - . , r V- I ' ' J l I '- 4 . , . , . , , , 1 w r - y . V Y . . h . . . . 1 . K I . v - sf 1 v t r .: A 1 . .2 . Y 4 V V h . . . .. .i , . , . . Y 1 ' 1 ' - , . . . i I I , - - . I P k . , 5 . . , ' 7 , ' . - ' .sw K 'wif 6 LYLE ANDRESS opboinore: fi0lISl'IXllII0ll Club: Boys' Chorus. junior: Czunera Club: Rifle Club, Bork Chorus: Alunior Play: Foot- light Standals. Senior: A Cappella: Op eretta. Ifuture plans: attend U. 0 ji' fM BILL ADAMS Sophomore: Sophomore Ilraunatics: Intra- mural xIllII2Il..11'IN Committee: Varsity llaskelhall: junior Varsity lfootball. Jun- ior: Smit-nie Club: Student Council: Ilomerootn Pri-siilentz Varsity Basketball: Varsity lfootball. Senior: Varsity Basket- hzill Captain: Yzusity lfoothall. lfuture plans: Physital lilucation. KATHERINE ARGERSINGER Sopliomore: Conxeixation Club: Red Cross: tL.A.C. junior: V. Pres. of home- room: Conserxation Club: Optimist: C..'K.C. Senior: Y. Pres. of homeroom: Pres. ol ti.,-MC.: Business Manager of Optimist. Ifuture plans: attend college. ERIC M. AUPPERLE Sophomore: Li1lIIlL'l'1l Club: Projettionists' Committee: Oteliestra. junior: Camera Club: Projeftionists' Committee: Orches- tra. Senior: V. President of XYashington Club: Y. President of Camera Club: Or- chestra. Other honors: received Citilen Award in junior year: attended Bofs State at end of junior year. ROBERT V. AUSTIN Sophomore: Att Club: XX'restling. junior C.onsi-ixation Club: Wrestling. Senior .Kltl ietv Club: XYrestling. I'uture plans attend Nlithigan State Normal College. si "7 ' 'Q CQ , . 4 .. f .- JOYCE BABBITT Sopliomore: Interior Decorators' Club: lflorieulture Club: Red Cross Committee. junior: Stribblcrs' Club. Senior: XVash- ington Club. FREDERICK L. ARNET Il GEORGE RICHARD ARMAGOST Sthool attended before A.-XIIS: Heine I' Falls Senior High Sthool. Sophomore: Rifle Club: Honor roll two times. jun ior: Boy! Leader Corps: Rod and Ree I ...V Club: junior Varsity Football. Senior: ,ff Boy 's Leader Corps. MARVIN O. BAKER DALE BAKER Comes from Belleville. sophomore: Iilec- tronics club: Reserve baseball. Senior: Radio club: Student council. WILLIAM D. ARNST MARVIN O. BAKER Sophomore: Photograpliy dub: Band: Orchestra. junior: Assembly tonunilteeg Rifle Llub: Radio tlubg Band: junior play: Intramural bowling. benior: Radio club: Conservation club: Band: Intra- mural bowling. future plans: University of Miehigan Engineering Snhool. Sophomore: Yarsiti Basketball: Track. junior: President of homeroom: Varsity Football, Basketball and Track. Senior: V. President of homeroom: Varsity Foot- ball, Basketball, and Track. Honors: Captain of Football in senior rear. f- 'w t , 1, -45 'I' x 9 't r -.elm L ' tr V """g' 'Q' f. 'Q - -..A x his-nf I 2 E Sophomore: V. President of homeroom: Rifle Club: Projection Club: Intramural Basketball: Baseball. junior: Secretary of homeroom. Senior: President of home- room. Honor roll lite times. Future plans: attend General Motors Institute. Sophomore: Varsity Basketball: Track. junior: President of homeroom: Varsity Football, Basketball and Tratk. Senior: V. President ol homeroom: Varsity Fool- ball. Basketball, and Track. Honors: Captain of Football in senior year. NANCY L. BANK Sophomore: Rifle Club: Y-Teens: Am- erican Youth Hostel: Cantando. junior: Secretary of homeroom: Art Club: Can- tando. Senior: Secretary of homeroom: A Cappella: Co-chairman of Christmas Cards for XVashington Club. Future plans: to attend college and major in JAMES E. BENNETT Comes from Tapran. Sophomore: Pro- jection committer, Intramural wrestling: Cross country. junior: Intramural wrestl- ing. Senior: C.O.T.: Senior play publicity committee. Future plans: Work and Armed Forces. CHARLES BARCLAY, JR. ire: V. President of homeroom: Club: Band and Orchestra. jun- Camera Club. Senior: Camera Club: l an.l Orchestra: Varsity Foothall: iming. Honors: Went to Iloy's State. ure plans: attend L'. of M. music. GERALD E. BENZINGER Comes from jones junior High School. Future plans: to join the Navy. SUE K. BARLOW Sophomore: Setretary and treasurer of homeroom: Art Club: Y-Teens: Girl's Chorus. junior: Secretary of homeroom? Honor roll. Senior: Chef's Club: C.O.'I'. PATRICIA BILETI Sophomore: Scribblers' Club: G.A.C.: In- tramural Manager's Committee: Intra- mural Bowling. junior: Scribblers' Club: Assembly Committee. Senior: Treasurer of homeroom: Scrihblers' Club: Red Cross Committee: C.O.T. Future plans: To attend Cleary College. -r JOYCE R. BARR Came from Slauson junior High School. Sophomore: V. President of homeroom: Musical Groups. junior: Cantando. Sen- ior: Chet"s Club. ,X m . .J X- RICHARD D. BIRD Comes from Slauson Junior High School. Sophomore: Rod and Reel Club. junior: Rod and Reel Club: Intramural Mana- gers Committee: Stagecraft. Senior: In- tramural Bowling. JOHN J. BATSAKES President ot Sophomore Class. Sopho- more: Hi-Y: Varsity Football and Track. junior: Ili-Y: Varsity Football and Base- ball. Senior: Hi-Y: XVashington Club: Varsity Football and Baseball. Future plans: to attend college. BETTY A. BLAIR Sophomore: Red Cross Committee: Presi- dent of Y-Teens: Camera Club: Girl's Chorus: Cantando. junior: Rifle Club: Cantando: Y-Teens. Senior: IVasliington Club: Cantando. Future plans: To at- tend Michigan State Normal College. Q eg, MARTIN F. BELSER Sophomore and junior Cljnisersity High Schoolb: Student Council: Orchestra: Baskebtall: Golf: V. President of school: Secretary of homeroom: Pep Band: Bas- ketball: Tennis. Came to Ann Arbor High School for senior year: XVashington Club: Band. GERALDINE BLAKELY Sophomore: Sophomore Dramatics: Girl Scouts: G.A.C. junior: G.A.C.: Intra- mural Manager's Committee: Footlight Scandals. Senior: Co-President of Wash- ington Club: G.A.C.: Assembly Commit- tee: Operetta: A Cappella. BERKLEY E. BLASHFIELD Sophomore: Secretary of homeroom: Art Club: Sophomore Dramatics: C-irl's Chorus: G.A.C. junior: V. President and treasurer of homeroom: Art Club: Can- tando: G.A.C.: junior Varsity Cheer- leader. Senior: Senior Executive Board: Chef's Club: Student Council: Washing- ton Club: G.A.C.: Varsity Cheerleader. VIRGINIA A. BREWER Sophomore: Secretary, Homeroom: Fu ture Nurses Club: G.A.C. junior: Intra- mural Managers Committee: Scribblers' club. Senior: Scribblers Club. Future plans: XVork. 15" WILLIAM A. BLASHFIELD Comes from Tappan Junior High School. Sophomore: President of homeroom. Jun- ior: V. President of homeroom: Junior Varsity Football. Future plans: To at- tend Michigan State Normal College and Michigan State College. lauggn. E -.,, FRANK J. BROSNAN. JR. Came from Hastings High School, Hast- ings-on-Hudson, New York in his junior year: President of homeroom: junior Play. Future plans: To attend college- DOUGLAS R. BOCK Sophomore: Student Council: President of homeroom: Art Club: Sophomore Dra- maties: Varsity Basketball and Baseball. junior: junior Executive Board: Treas- urer of homeroom: Science Club: Varsity Football, Basketball, and Baseball. Sen- ior: Assembly Committee: V. Presidents' Committee: Varsity Football, and Base- ball: Co-Captain of Baseball. Future CAMERON BROWN Sophomore and junior fBrooklyn High Schooljz Athletic Association: Band: Var- sity Football and Baseball: junior Var- sity Basketball: Glee Club. Senior: V. President of homeroom. Other honors: Chosen for Wolverine Boys State. Future plans: To attend college. JOSEPH R BONE Sophomore: Student Council' President of homeroom: Athletic Board: junior Varsity Football and Basketball and Track. Junior: V. President of junior class: Reporter for the Optimist: Varsity Football and Track. Senior: President of senior class: Co-Captain of Track Team: Assistant Sports Editor of the Optimist: Varsity Football and Track plans: To attend college. CRAIG W. BROWN Sophomore: Treasure of homeroom Band: Junior Varsity Basketball. junior: Treasure of homeroom: Band: Orches tra: Golf: Christmas Play. Senior: Band Orchestra: Golf: Senior Play. Future plans: To attend the U. of M. Music School. VICTOR J. BOTCHEN Sophomore: Radio Club: Projection Com- mittee. junior: Radio Club: Stageeraft: Manager of IN'restling and Baseball. Sen- ior: Stagecraft: Manager of XVrestling and Baseball. Future plans: To attend Michi- gan State College. MARIE E. BRUMLEY Sophomore: Sophomore Dramaties Club: Conservation Club: Student Council: In- tramural Manager's Committee: G.A.C.: Girl's Intramural sports. junior: Sec- retary of G.A.C.: V. President of home- room: Conservation Club: Junior Play: Girl's intramural sports. Senior: W'ashing- ton Club: Senior Executive Board: A f BEVERLY J. BRAATZ Sophomore: Rifle Club: Special Trips Committee: Girl's Chorus: G.A.C.: Intra- mural Sports. junior: Rifle Club: Girl's Chorus. Senior: Rifle Club: Washington Club: C.O.T. Future plans: To attend Cleary Business College. PAT A. BUCHOLZ Comes from Slauson junior High School. Sophomore: Girl's Chorus. junior: Rifle Club: Cantando. Senior: Chef's Club. LeROY W. DARWIN nes from Tappan junior High Sthnol ior: Bowling Club: Washington Club. DONNA J. DALLY Sophonioie: 'lieasurer, Red Cross com- nnttt-e: luture Nurses club: Cantando: C..'l.C. junior: Secretary, Seribbler's club: Red Cross eommittee: Cantando. Senior: Seribbler's club: Ifuture Nurses club: A Cappella. I-'uture plans: Nurses training at Mount Carmel in Detroit. HILKE MARGA DUIS Sophomore and junior: Athletic Club: Swimmingtat Art School, Germanxb. Sen- ior: Art Club: Radio Class. Other hon- ors: Swimming and athletic medals. Fu- ture plans: Commercial Art. 1 K, . 125 111 M..-...- HAROLD H. DOWNEY Sophomore: Projt-uion Comtnittee. jun- ior: Treasurer of homeroom: Projection Committee: C.O.'I'.: Student Council. Senior: Washington Club. Future plans: To attend the U. of M. CARYL B. DUMOND CHARLES V. DAVIS Sophomore: Rifle Club: lntramurztl wrestling. junior: Projection Committee. Future plans: To attend college. REYNOLDS E. DENSMORE Comes front '1'app:in. Sophomore: Bowl' ing club: Intramural wrestling: j.V. l-ootball. junior: Intramural bowling: lnttamutal wrestling. Senior: C.0.'I'.: Senior play publicity committee. Ifuture plans: Work. RICHARD 0. DONNER Sophomore: Rifle Club. junior: Rifle Club: !Vrestling: Baseball. Senior: Rifle Club: lVrestling: Baseball. f-qv' Q-jd : ss' ERMA DON NER Comes front Kalamazoo. Music club. lfu- tute plans: XYotk at Michigan Union. Comes from Tuston Senior High Sthool in Tucson, Arilona. junior: Student Council: Treasurer of Homeroom: Con- servation Clubg Contantlo: Optimist re- porter: G.A.C.: junior Play: Footlight Scandals. Senior: Secretary of homeroom: A Cappella: Optimist reporter: G.A.C.: Operetta. Future plans: To attend the University of Colorado. J A ROBERT J. DUNDAS Comes lrotn Slauson. junior: l'r0.lCCll0n totnmittee. Senior: l't'ojeLli0n LOHIIIIIUUS- , V lutuie plans: XX ork at Ann Arbor bews. MARY E. DUNCAN Sophomore: Music Club: Rifle Club junior: Scribblers' Club. Senior Scrub blers' Club. 'rx is K 215 593. 4' Ag! Y' SUZANNE E. DUTIL Sophomore: Sophomore Dramatics Club: Future Teachers Club: Intramural Mana- ger's Committee: G..-LC.: Debating. jun- ior: Secretary-Treasurer of homeroom: German Club: Consenation Club: Intra- mural Managefs Committee: Optimist reporter: Debating: GAC.: junior Play. Senior: Omega Staff: Washington Club: Debating: Assembly Committee. ,, . WA'-as SAM P. EDWARDS Z Comes from Cmnwcll l'rt-parzitory School. junior: Golf. Scnior: A Cappclln: Golf 5 A Basketball: Opcrctta. 't 'il P v -J 3 V X.: :W sf MICHAEL F. EHNIS Sophomore: Rillc Club: Band: Student Council. junior: Rifle Club: Band: Boy's Chorus: Footlight Scandals. SL-nior: A Cappella: lN'a5hington Clubg Opcrctta. .sa in A DALE F. msn: ,A Sophomore: Hi-Y Club: Stzlgctlttfl. jun f gi W, K ior: Hi-Y Club: Youth Coumil. Senior: xvrfnfw J C.0.'l'.g YOlllll Council. Ifuturc plans V, 57 An :ippn-ntiu-sliip in printing. X "0 ,V 4: 'uv F 5 . 1 w SHIRLEY ELSIFOR A , Sophomore: Rifle Club: Rnd Crow: , l Girl's Chorus. junior: Rifle Clubg Red Q56 Cross: Girl's Chorus. . I nl 'X my ' Wx NANNETTE S. EMERICK Bundy Onln-strn. junior: llzlnd: Ortllcs lm. Sm-nior: V. l'rt-sinh-nt of homeroom plains: 'lo bcumlc a lcuillcr. E .. ' YT Sophomore: Sophomore llr:un:uiu Club: DELORES L. EVANS Sophomore: Prrsidcnt of homvroom: l'rvsitlc'nt of Sophomorr llflllllilllli Club: Debating: G,A.C. junior: l'rrsiilcnt ol homeroom: V. Prmwidcnt of .-Mwinlmly Committee: Ilnunzitifs Club: Music Club: l,Cb1llll!gQ G..-LC, Senior: Sclrv- tary of Student Council: Debating: G.A.C.: A Cappella: Opcruttxi. 1 'Q ln-vi? v ' r f RUTH C. FEHRLE Sophomorv: 5rsrt'lul'y ol hom:-room: l'lUllLllllLll'1' Club: Cirlk Lhoruw. junior: Sililiblurs' Club: lLirl'5 Chorus. Si-nior: Cillk Chorus. NL' 'i CARL A. FIEGEL Sophomorc: liillu Llub: lloyb Chorus: Bowling Club: lllll'.llIlllllll badminton und xollr-ybgill. junior: Rills- Club: ,X Cup- 'lirczisurcr of Hand: Artlwry Club. l-'uturc pc-llu: llouling Clluh. Scnior: .Xnllrry Llub: -'X C:1ppt-llu: Scnior Play. .Vi L I MAE M. EN NERS Comes from Slaubon junior High Sthool. Sophomore: Girl's Tumbling Club: In tramural Managcr's Committee. 3' ftfk Comes from Oik lurk High Sophomore Radio Club 'lrack Radio Club Track Stnior Radio Cl Sopliomoit Sopbomorg llialnatiu Cl 01 l'n islam ol homuoom C ll I lx, Sanxoi xuutixt on XX uhm I Ch S 'lxplsl lor tht KJIIIIIIHNI Xouth Count Comms hom Sliuson junior High 1 Sophomorg Couxui ilion Club 1 junot Bind Sunni Stutnnt Q 4 Co C h lllllldll ol llcllt xlidhlllllglull Club lutuir. plans I tcn tlL L u Xl bchoo ':.,,.1 ALllIllIllslI'..lll0Il -S-'fl' LOIS M. FRANK Sophomore: 0irl's Chorus. junior: Strib- blers' Club: Girl's Chorus, Senior: Bowl- ing Club: Cirl's Chorus. ,fa- 'vs PATRICK C. FISCHER Comes from Tappan junior High School Sophomore: V. President of homeroom Radio Club: Band. junior: Band: Or chestra. Senior: Washington Club: Band. Futureplans: To attend thc ll. of M. , :z DONALD R. FRANKLIN Comes lrom jones junior High Stliool. Sophomore: Chorus: 'l'ratk. junior: Chorus: 'l'ratk: junior Varsity Football. Senior: A Cappella: Operetta: Varsity Ifootball. BETTY LOU FREY Comes from 'lappan junior High Sthool. Sophomore: Camera Club: Cirl's Chorus. junior: Stribblers' Club: Senior: Severe- as 'T tary of the Stribblers' Club. I-'uture tv plans: 'Io attend Cleary Business College. ' a is ELAINE G. FRITZ Comes from Slauson junior High School. Sophomore: Future Nurses Club: C.A.C. junior: G..-LC. Senior: Red Cross Com- mittee: Bowling Club: Washington Club: Youth Council: Cirl's Chorus: G.A.C. Y'7' ,N . GERALDINE M. GAGE Comes lrom Slauson junior High Sehool. Sophomore: Interior Decorating Club. junior: Stribblers' Club. . 5' sf: .: J .-.: Future plans: Nursing. ROBERT M. FREELAND Comes from 'liappan junior High School. Sophomore: junior Varsity Football. jun- ior: Boy's Leader Corps. Future plans: Military service. 'Sp- DOROTHY M. GANZHORN Sophomore: Intramural 5Ianager's Com IIIIICICQ Rifle Club: Setretary of home room: G..K.C. junior: Seeretary of home room: Rifle Club: junior Varsity Cheer RICHARD B. FREEMAN Comes from jones junior High School. Sophomore: Rifle Club: junior Varsity Fooblall. junior: Rifle Club: C.0.'I'. Senior: Rifle Club. SUZANNE GARY Sophomore: Sophomore I'.Xl'LlIlIIl' Board: Secretary of homeroom: Assenibly Com- mittee: Sophomore Ilramatics Club: De- bate Team. junior: President of home- room: junior I-lxecutixc Board: Student Council: Debate Team. Senior: Conserva- tion Club: Debate Team. Future plans: To attend the lj. of M. leading. Senior: Typist for the mist: Varsity Cheerleading. Opti VERA E. FRENCH Sophomore: Secretary-Treasurer of home- room: Sophomore Dramatics Club: Can- tando: Red Cross. Junior: Wig and Masque: Copy Editor for the Optimist: A Cappella QFootIight Scandalsj. Senior: Washington Club: Circulation Manager for the Optimist: A Cappella QA Leading Role in the Operettaj. pr df SANDRA J. GAUSS Comesfrom Slauson junior High School. Sophomore: Florieulture Club: Orches- tra. junior: Orchestra. Senior: Washing- ton Club: C.O.T. RICHARD A. GIBBS Comes from Slauson junior High School. Sophomore: CAP.: junior Varsity Ifoot- ball. junior: Rifle Club: C.A.P. Senior: Rifle Club: C.A.I'.: C.O,T. Other hon- ors: Receitetl a letter in the Rifle Club. EDWIN A. GRIFFITH Comes from Slauson junior High Sthool. Sopllotnore: lli-Y: Cross Country. Senior: Rod and Reel Committee. ,1 WILLIAM C. GILBERT Sophomore: V. President of Radio Club: Secretary of lomeroom: Band: Assembly Committee: Golf. junior: Camera Club: Hi-Y: Band: Track. Senior: Ping-Pong Clt1b: A Cappella: Optimist Staff: Pro- jection Com.nittt-e: Operetta: Senior Play. Future plans: To attend the U. of M. Q , N Sr! 'Z.""' 5 NANCY A. GROSTICK Comes from jones junior High School. Sophomore: Colonnade Club. Senior: Fu- ture Nurszs Club: Student Council. Pu- ture plans: Nursing. x MARIALICE GOU LD Comes from Downers Grove High School. Sophomore: Y-Teens: Red Cross Com- mittee: G..-MC. junior: Girl's Chorus: G.A.C. Senior: Chef's Club: Cantando: Red Cross Committee: G.A.C. Future plans: To attend Michigan State Norma' College. HATHAWAY J. GU LLEY Comes from jones. Sophomore: Hi Y club: Boys' chorus: Track. junior: Hi Y club: Boys' chorus: j.V. Football: Var- sity track. Senior: Hi Y club: A Cappella: Varsity football: Varsity track. DOUG G. GRANT Comes from Tappan junior High School. Sophomore: Wrestling. junior: Wrestling. Senior: XVasbington Club: Intramural Manager's Committee: IYrestling: Cross Country. 14 'iff' . ,W NANCY A. HAARER Sophoniort-1 Student Council: Assembly Committee: Sopbotnore 1lI'2lIll1llll'S Club: G.A.C. junior: V. President of home- rootn: Consertation Club. Senior: Presi- dent of botneroont: Bowling Club: Hash- ington Club: Youth Council: Presidents' Committee. Future plans: 'I'o attend col- CQ1 S-1 I t g ,, xg ' rf WI LLARD H. GREEN Sophomore: Intramural Managers Com mittee: Assetnbly Committee: Conserva tion Club: Boy's Chorus: Operetta: jun ior Varsity Football: Baseball. junior: Rifle Club: Ifootliglit Scandals: A Cap pella: Projectiunists Committee: .fn '5 DAVID F. HAGEN Sophomore: Radio Club: Projectionists Committee: Boy's Chorus: Operetta. jun- ior: Radio Club: A Cappella: Ticket Committee for the junior Play: Footlight Scandals. Senior: Camera Club: A Cau- nella: Oocretta CA Leading Rolell lege. 'KH Y BILL W. GREEN Sophomore: President oi homeroom, junior Varsity I-'ootball and Basketball: Baseball. junior: Student Council: Var- sity Football and Baseball. Senior: Var- sity I-'ootball and Baseball. Future plans: To attend college. gt. 'ft is MARLENE A. HAINES Sophomore: Student Council: Scribblers' Club. junior: Student Council: Secretary of homeroom: Scribblers' Club. Senior: V. President of homeroom: Washington Club: Presidents' Committee. Future plans: To attend business college. LAURA A. HARDIN ROBERT L. HENSON . DAREL C. HARDESTY Comes Irom jones junior High Sth Future plans: Military serxice. RONALD D. HALE Sophomore: V. President of Radio Club: Youth Council. junior: President of Rai- tlio Club: BOYS Chorus: Footlight Scan- diils. Senior: Radio Club: Senior Fxecu- tiie Board. Other honors: Was chosen to attend Wolverine Boys' State. Ool. Sophomore: Sophomore Dramzitics: Col- onnzide Club: CirI's Chorus. junior: Art Club: Cuntundo. Senior: Wusliingtun Lluli: Bowling Club: A Cappella. l-u- llllk' plains: To :Attend Michigan Suite College. LUISE HEIDENLAIN Comes from Germany. lfuture plans: Work as a seamstress. i A 1-0" Q!" , , W SHIRLEY M. HENRY Comes from St. Thomas High School. Sophomore: V. President of homeroom: Rifle Club. junior: Student Council. Fu- ture plans: Secretarial work. J .. CAROL ANN HARRISON Sophomore: Art Club: Sophomore Dra- mzitirs: G.A.C. junior: Art Club: Can- tzintlo: KLULC.: XS'ig :intl Nlzisque. Senior: St-txt-tztrx of lionierootn: Art Club: Cunf lzintlo: UNMC. lutule plans: To attend Str-pliens College. 'ie 0? we WILLIE S. HAWKINS Comes from jones junior lligli mln Soplimtiolcl R.nlio Club. lunioi: fldllltll Club. Senioiz .Xrtliuiy Club. SHIRLEY JEAN HARRISON Comes from St. Marfs Academy. Fut- ture plans: Nursing. Sophomore: junior Varsity Football and Basketball: Track. junior: Hi-Y: Red Cross Committee: junior Varsity Foot- ball and Basketball: Track: Footlight Scandals. Senior: Hi-Y: Red Cross Com- mittee: Varsity Football: Truck: Oper- ettag A Cappella. Future plans: To at- tend Albion College. W. JAMES HER BERT Comes from Howe Military School. Sophomore: Band: Swimming: Golf, jun- ior: V. President of hotnerooin: Cani- era Club: Band: Swimming. Senior: Achery Club: Band: A Cappella: Op- eretta. MARGARET A. HEPBURN Comes from Slauson Junior High School. Sophomore: Assembly Committee: Rifle Club: Girl's Chorus. junior: Scribblers' Club. Senior: C.O.T. Future plans: Sec- retarial work. ,p . -J 'S' 1 Q 3 CONNIE M. HIEBER Comes from Slauson junior High School. Sophomore: Girl's Tumbling Club: Girl's Chorus. Senior: Washington Club. Fu- ture plans: Secretarial work. MARVIN D POTTER Band, Orchestra. Senior. Band, Oithts- ta' C.O.'I'. Future plans: Work. SANDRA HUGH ES Sophomore: Interior Decorating Club: Optimist reporter. Junior: Wig and Mas- que: First page editor of the Optimist. Senior: Associate Editor of the Optimist. Sophomore: Band, Ortliestra. junior: U 1 , 'Gr j 4. LD MEL J. HOAG Comes from Tappan Junior High School. Junior: Projeetionists Committee: Intra- I mural wrestling. Future plans: To attend the U. of M. I . it 'tl U Q " , W' 2 'T' ,f .,- DOROTHY ANN HUNTER Sophomore: Secretary-Treasurer of the Future Nurses Club: Orchestra: G.A.C. junior: V. President of homeroom: Con- servation Club: German Club: Chairman of the make-up committee for the Junior ,Play: Orchestra: Typist for the Optimist: G.A.C. Senior: V. President of Home- room: G.A.C.: Typist for the Optimist: Orchestra. Future plans: U. of M. JOHN H. KAGAY CATHERINE M. HOCK Comes from Milan High School. Sopho- more and junior: Future Homemaker's of America. 1 NANCY L. HUNTER Sophomore: Secretary of homeroom: Girl Scouts: Red Cross Committee: Cantando: G.A.C.: Intramural sports. Junior: Presi- dent of Red Cross Committee: Fixture Nurses Club: G.A.C.: Intramural sports. Senior: Secretary of Red Cross 1County-J: Bowling Club: Washington Club: C.O.T. BARBARA E. HUNTWORK Sophomore: President and V. President of homeroom: Junior Varsity Basketball and Football: Golf. junior: Secretary of homeroom: Assembly Committee: Varsity Football: Golf. Senior: Senior Class Ex- ecutive Board: Varsity Football: Golf. Future plans: U. of M. School of lin- Sophomore: Y-Teens: Orchestra: Debate Team: G.A.C. Junior: Square Dancing Club: G.A.C.: Junior Play. I gg' M f Q V : I WILLIAM JAMES HOLLIDAY Sophomore: President of homeroom: Boy's Leader Corps. IVrestling. junior: Boy's Leader Corps: Ann Arbor Amateur Hockey League: Baseball. Senior: Boy's Leader Corps: Ann Arbor Amateur Hoc- key League. VIVIAN R. HUTTON Sophomore: Secretary of homeroom: YA Teens: Debate Team: G.A.C. junior: Secretary of homeroom: Received a letter in Debating: G.A.C. Senior: President of homeroom: Archery Club: Debate: G.A.C. Other honors: Attended XVolrerine Girls State. Future plans: To attend Kalamaa '9' ti . . gineering. .,.., D 5 R , KATH RYN B. HORNING Sophomore: Y-Teens: Cantando: G.A.C. Junior: Cantando: Footlight Scandals. Senior: A Cappella: YVashington Club: C.O.T.: Operetta. Future plans: To at- tend business college. zoo College. if . .. 1 1 ' 1 MARY LOU HUTZEL Comes from ljniversity High School. Jun- ior: Secretary-Treasurer of homeroom: Conservation Club: G.A.C,: Intramural volleyball, basketball, and baseball. Sen- ior: G.A.C.: Intramural Cirl's hockey. Future plans: College. ANNE S. JAMES Sophomore: Secretary of Sophomore class: Wig and Masque Club: Art Club: Girl's Chorus: junior Varsity Cheerleader: G.A.C.: Girl's hockey, basketball, base- ball and volleyball. junior: Secretary of Junior Class: Art Club: Dramatics Club: Cantandol Intramural Manager's Com- mitteee: G.A.C. Senior: President of Stu- dent Council: Chefs Club: 153.9-. 1 , 4 MAURINE c. JAcKsoN la A Comes from Slauson junior High Sthool. ' ' Sophomore: Conservation Club. junior: Conservation Club: Square Danting Club. Senior: Square Dancing Club. Future plans: Secretarial work. di V MARVIN L. KATZ Sophomore: Band: Cross Country. jun- Future plans: To attend the ll. of M. RAYMOND R. KAUFFMAN Comes from ljnirersity High School. Sophomore: Assembly Committee. Senior: Q 1 Art Club. Future plans: To attend a university. If 4. '95 K1 i ,I 4 K 1 CAROL C. KAUFMAN Sophomore:C.A.C.: Noon-hour Commit Cantando. s. . ,. .X ., 5 Zi fl r.. Jr' .3 . I OCIE M. KAUFMAN Sophomore: Rifle Club: Arehen' Club. junior: Assembly Committee: Archery Club: Intramural Volleyball. Senior: As- sembly Committee: Archery Club. Comes from Tappan junior High School. ior: Rifle Club: Band. Senior: Band. tee: Girl's Chorus: Girl's hockey. junior: Rifle Club: Girls Chorus: Cantando. Senior: Student Council: Archery Club: THOMAS E. KAUPER h Sophomore: Rifle Club: Band. junior Band: Orchestra: Intramural Basketball Senior: Washington Club: Band: Orches lf tra: Business Manager of the Omega. Other honors: XVent to Boy's State. Fu ture plans: To attend the If. of M. JC PATRICIA JO KELLY Sophomore: Student Couneil: President's Committee: Conservation Club: Drama- tics Club: G.A.C. junior: President's Committee: Conservation Club: Can- tando: G..-LC.: junior Play: Footlight Scandals. Senior: Bowling Club: A Cap- Cstage managerj. elected Football pella: G.A.C.: Operetta Other Honors: Was Queen of 1952. v X ZA .. DOROTHY L. KAZMAI ER Sophomore: Setretziry of homeroom: Red Cross Committee: Dramatics Club: Youth Coun 'il: G.A.C.: Intramural sports. jun- ior: Intramural Managers Committee: Conservation Club: Youth Council: Can- tando: I-'ootlight Scandals: G.A.C.: In- tramural sports: junior Play. Senior: A Cappella: Bowling Club: President of Youth Couneil: XVashington Club: Oper- etta: G.A.C.: Intramural sports. f-.M I HARRY C. KERR Comes from Slauson. Sophomore: Band: .'xSSCllllJly committee: 1-V Baseball. jun- ior: Band: German Club: J-V Football: Tennis. Senior: Band: Cross country: Tennis. lfuture plans: College. BOB B. KIRKPATRICK Comes trom Slauson. Sophomore: Rille Llub. junior: C.O.T. Senior: C.O.'l. Future plans: Michigan State College. 1- PETER W. KLEG .Xtteutletl Otcupation Srhool in Germany Senior: Washington club: Camera club. 1-uture plans: Typesetter. J.. . TOM E. KNIGHT 'U'-L Comes from Slauson. junior: lli Y club: Senior: Force. DON H. KOCH Sophomore: Home room tice president: Rifle club: Band. junior: Assembly committee: Rifle club: Band: Track: Cross country. Senior: Home room treas- urer: Track: Cross country. I-'ulure plans: College. Hi Y club. Future plans: Air ml 1 Track: BILL P. KOKELAAR Comes from M.U.L.O. School, Amster- dam, Holland. Sophomore: Honor roll: Hi-Y club. Junior: Honor roll: Home room treasurer: Hi-Y club: Basketball: Senior: Honor roll: Hi-Y club. Future plans: College. Coines sembly X - t I . 1 MARLENE JOYCE KOLANDER Comes lrom Slauson. Sophomore: Honor roll: Rifle club. junior: Honor roll: '1'reasuier of Stribblers' club. Senior: 'I reasurei ol Stribblers' club: Home room secretary. l-ulure plans: Cleary College. Senior: Assembly committee' Hi Y club' Swimming BILL E. KOCH Sophomore: Home room treasurer: Rifle club: Cross country. junior: Home room treasurer: Track: Cross country. Senior: Cross country. Future plans: Michigan State College. NQUFQ 5 NK .. TED F. KOKENAKES from Slauson. Sophomore: As- eommittee: Radio club: Swim- ming. junior: Hi Y club: Swimming. it KAY LANSKY Came from Slauson. Scphonrorez Cam- era Club. junior: Camera Club. Senior: Camera Club. Future plans: College. WILMA R. LARMEE Sophomore: Secretary, Future Teachers Club: Girl Stout Club: G.A.C.: Orches- tra. Junior: G..-LC.: German Club: In- tramural Managers Committee. Senior: Bowling Club: G.A.C.: X1'ashington Club: lfirst page editor, Optimist. Future plans: College. CLARICE A. LARSEN Sophomore: Future Teachers Club: Soph- omore Dramatics. Junior: Secretary, Homeroom: Alt., Student Council: Wig K Masque: Spanish Club. Senior: Con- servation Club: Washington Club. Fu- ture plans: attend U. of M. MARIE I. LARSON Sophomore: President, Future Teachers Club: Rifle Club: Student Council: and G,A.C. junior: Conservation Club: Stu- dent Council: Intramural Managers Com- mittee: G.A.C.: Secretary, Athletic Board. Senior: G.A.C.: V. President, Girls Washington Club: Future Teachers Club: Student Council: Athletic Board. Q... Future plans: attend M.S.N.C. GERALDINE A. LATENDTESSE Sophomore: Student Council: Sophomore Dramatics Club: Red Cross Committee. junior: Rifle Club: Debate Squad: Red Cross Committee Senic r' Dean of Debate Squad Future plans attend U of M we .. t h -Ya si ws, A - SALLY A. LAU ER Sophomore: Student Council: Y-Teens: Intramural Managers Committee: C-.A.C. Junior: V. President, Y-Teens: Student Council: Intramural Managers Commit- tee: G.A.C. Senior: President, Homeroom: Bowling Club: Washington Club: G.A.C. Future plans: attend U. of M. PHYLLIS J. MOODY Sophomore: CAMS. junior: May tal: Footlight Scandals. Future plans: Nursing. MARY M. MINIER Sophomore: fColdwater High Schoolh- llancing Club: GAA.: Y-Teens. Junior: President of Wig and Masque Club: Con- st-riation Club: junior Play. Senior: Washington Club: Optimist staff. Future plans: to attend either the U. of M. Ol' Michigan State College. Festi- ANN M. MORLEY Sophomore: V. President of homeroom: Rifle Club: Assembly Committee: G.A.C. junior: Secretary of Wig and Masque: Student Council: G.A.C.: junior Play. Senior: Washington Club: Conservation Club: C.A.C.: Senior Play Ca leading rolej. Other honors: "I Speak for Dem- ocracy" contest winner in sophomore year. Future plans: to attend college. DOLORES I. NAGEL Comes from Slauson. Sophomore: Flori- culture club: Red Cross committee. jun- ior: Ilonor roll: Conserxation club: Red Cross committee. Senior: Honor lull: Scribbler's club: Red Cross committee. ,K I lv 'Qj' NANCY FAIR NAYLOR Sophomore: Sophomore Dramatics Club: C.A.C. junior: Dramatics Club. Senior: Chef's Club: Washington Club: Youth Council. Future plans: to attend college. CONNIE L. NEWMAN Sophomore: Secretary of homeroom: Sophomore Dramatics Club: Orchestra: Intratnural hockey. Senior: Secretary of Senior Class: President of homeroom: Bowling Club: A Cappella: XVashington Club: Omega staff: Intramural hockey. I-'uture plans: to attend college. 1 if il GORDON H. MORROW Sophomore: Secretary of homeroom: jun- ior Varsity Basketball: Baseball. junior: Spanish Club: Intratnural Manager's Committee: Varsity Basketball: junior Play. Senior: Intratnural Manager's Com- mittee: Basketball and Football. Future plans: to attend a preparatory school and then the U. of M. 'fs' -...J vp. K! .1 ' x PATRICIA A. NOFFSINGER Sophomore lC:nlord Iligh Schoolb: Band. junior: Band: Orchestra. Senior: Band: Orghestra. Future plans: to attend Grzcc- land College in Iowa. RR .. xiii-X X-. BETTY A. MU LL Comes from Slauson junior High School. Sophomore: Girl's Chorus. junior: Chef's Club: Cantando. Senior: Washington Club. JANICE A. ORWIG Sophomore: Secretary of homeroom: So- phomore Dramatits Club: Consenation Club: C.A.C.: Asst-mbly Committee: Stu- dent Council: GAC. Play Day. junior: Conseriation Club: Intramural Mana- gers' Committee: Student Council: G..-LC. Play Day. Senior: Treasurer of Student Council: Chairman of all school dances: hive i -.I uf' 3 DAVID F. MYERS Sophomore: Student Council: V. Presi- dentof homeroom: German Club: Rifle Club: Swimming: Tennis. junior: Presi- dent of homeroom: German Club: Op- timist staff: Swimming: Tennis Foot- light Scandals. Senior: Washington Club: Projectionists' Committee: Swimming: TCIIIIISS Operetta tThe Red Milly. :FPS FRANCES M. OSBORN Sophomore: Sophomore Dramatics: Rifle Club: G..-LC.: Assembly Committee: In- tramural hockey champs, basketball, vol,- leyball. bowling, and softball. Junior: Rifle Club: G..-LC.: Cantantlo: Assembly Committee: Intratnural hockey champs, softball, basketball, volleyball, bowling, and badminton. Senior: C.O.T.: Intra- mural hockey champs. ' na 5 69 - RONALD K. PACE KEITH W. PENPRAZE - A Soplrtutirwvz Y. l'rt-sitlcnt of Ilflllll'l'0UllII Soplmtnnrrz Cmm-rrzrllun Club! BSIINIA Y Q BUVN Ifl'IlfIl'l' ffrlrllv C1lIl9l'l'l1lllflIl Clulll ,luniurz Yitt--l'rt-xitlc-ti! of Irnnn-romn: ' Crow CUIIHYTY Nlilllililvfi ll'rt'wIlil1g. jun- llzrntll fll'lIlt'9Il'llI St-nior .Msn-rnblv. Svn- W ,AJ inr: Rml :intl Ru-l Club: Chef! Club: ior: Iiztntl. Ifuturt' plzini: Cnllcgc. ff Mrcilling. lfuturc plains: nrilitnrr scr- ' vice. :om A. mnoocrc I is Cznnt' from .Xslrlzintl High Sthmrl. Snphn- " " lnfurv: Rul Crow Cnn1mittt't'. junior: Rccl Crum l'mntnittt'c. Futura plains: 'lo .un-nd Niumly llihlu Inuituic. N + 'ii 5' ,six ' 50 f f '95 in ai PATRICIA J. PERIGO Clinic from Rirlzunzrmn Stzrtt- High Sth Snplimnnrv: Clgisx Y. I'l'l'iilIL'lll1 Prvsidc nf Y-'I'c'rns1 C.,K.C.1 Wzucr Bill Chet-rlczulvr. juniur: Clam 'I'rt-zmrrcr Wnlcr llnllt-I: Cgrptziin of Clit-crlvzitlt' St-niur: CULC.: llllllllllllflll Nlnnzigvr Cunnniltt-cg Stutlvnl Countil. Iiutu plans: To :mt-ntl lf. uf M. 1 unnott Soplrrnnmt Ili un nits Club: 'f jun- ' 1 vi' -1 's 'A " XV . A- i I ROBERT A. PARDON H ANN M. PERKINS " , Snplunnmcz lnlurnnlionzil Clubg Music NNI "3 -' " 'L 1 ' Club: 0,-ilu-gm: Asswnbly Committee. Spginixh Club: .XNNVIIIIJIX Cmnrnitvc. M -K junio,-3 lnwmmiolml Relations Club: inr: Spzinixh Club. Sunior: Iihxlringlorr F Q- I 'Xa Q Urtllcstrztg Asst-lnhly Cuinmillcc. Senior: muh' Vlllllfv l'I1U1V -UIVYIKI 5I.S.C. " N E Uttlu-strai. lfuturc plains: To attend U. ,di uf bf. It 5 ' , ' ' . . ' Q55 ' mix .49 ' f... .,i3xSfO, Milf? 1 -I Nfl ROBERT C. PARKER Strplintriotr: l'rt-witlcnt of lmnn-rnmn: junior Yztrsily I-iootbxrll :ind linxkt-ilnzrlli Coll. junior: President and Vit'c-I'rt-si- tlcnt of llUllll'l'00lll: Vnreity lfombzrllz Golf. St-ninr: Yzrrsitv Football. Iflllllfl' plains: 'lb nm-nd wllt-gc. ,gg ,,, SHIRLEY J. PETERS Sophomore: Interior Decorating Floriculture Clubg Red Cross Uommitt junior: Scribblers' Clubg Red Cross C0 mittee. Future plans: join VVomc Armed Forces, MALINDA A. PATTON ELWOOD PETERSON Snplrurrrun-1 .Nui-nrblx Crunnntttfcg Soplro- Citric from Rumtri-lt High Sthoul I nimt' llmrriartiuz C.,X.C. junior: .Kvcittlnly KQ Lmrriiiitlvr: lli: .intl Mat-rluc: A Cup- prllzi. Nniur: .Xrilu-ry Club: A Czippcllug Upvic-11.1. l-'uluic plum: Culltgc. 4 s. l GARY R. PENN Suplimmnt-: Rillt' Club: l'mit-tlirm funn ""'U'f'- .lunmrz Rml .intl Ru-I Clubg Pm' ji-tliun ciUlllIlllIll'l'. Senior: Projcttion EiUllllllIlIl'i'. luture plum: Collcgc. xv 'Of . YZ? DOLORES E PETERSON Sophomort C hah I lub Sophomorl. matics' G.A.C. junior: Wig :ind Student Countilg G.A.C. Senior Countilg Washington Club C-.A.C.g Intramural Sports. Future ,, Attend U. of M. MARY J. PETERSON Sophomore: Sophomore Dramatics: GAC: Girls Chorus. junior: Wig and Masque: G.A.C. Senior: Future Teachers Club: Cantando: G.A.C. Future plans: Attend Michigan State Normal College. Sophomore: German club: Presidents Committee: Swimming. junior: Student Council: Presidents Committee: Swim- ming. Senior: Washington Club: Senior Executive Board: Swimming. Other Honors: Two Citizen Awards. l-uture -.1 -'1 1, , Q . "V we ' 'Te -1 54 V 1-s. f ' Plans: attend college. 1 I LINDA F. PFIFFNER iophomore: Stuilent Couneil: Soplioinoie rznnaties Club: lntrznnurzil Nlaiizigt-r'1s ommittee: K-irls Chorus: C..X.C. junior: K'ClL'l1.ll'X oi' hoini-iooni: XYig and Slas- lue Club: .Xrt llnli: t...X.C.: ootlight Siantlgils. Sinior: .Kit Club: .X appella: ti..X.C.: Operetta. I-uture ilans: .Xttentl college. LARCE D. POSEY Sophomore: Boys Leader Corps: Basket- ball. junior: Boys Leader Corps: WVrestl- ing. President of Boys Leader Corps. Future plans: Electronics. Sophomore: President of homeroom: jun- ior Varsity Basketball. Senior: !Vashing- ton Club: Basketball. Future plans: At- tend Michigan State Normal College. SUE K. PRAKKEN Sophomore: Student Council: President of homeroom: President of Sophomore Dramatits Club: Rifle Club: Band. junior: President of homeroom: Sec- retary of Band. Senior: Senior Executive Board: Secretary of homeroom: Conser- mation Club: President of Washington Club. Future plans: To attend U of M. on :a S f- Y' 1 Sophomore: Student Council: President of homeroom: Sophomore Dramatics Club: Chefs Club: junior Varsity Foot- ball: Swimming: Intramural Sports. jun- ior: Student Council: V. President of homeroom: Chefs Club: Art Club: jun- '-ta. ior Varsity Football: Swimming: Intra- mural Sports: junior Play. i . CHARLES D. PRESLEY DEMETRA A. PREKETES Sophomore: V. President of homeroom: Sophomore Dramatics: Student Council: Girl's Chorus: G.A.C. junior: President of Red Cross Committee: Future Teachers Club: Wig and Masque: Student Council: Cantando: G.A.C. Senior: Future Teach- ers Club: A Cappella: G.A.C. Future plans: to attend college. Sophomore: Radio Club: Projectionists' Committee. junior: Projectionists' Com- mittee: Boys Chorus. JO A. PRINDLE Sophomore: Sophomore Dramatics Club: Orchestra: Student Council: G.A.C. jun- ior: V. President of homeroom: Conser- vation Club: German Club: Optimist staff: G.A.C. Senior: Omega Editor: G.A.C.: Washington Club. Future plans: to attend the U. of M. 6 C' F' bex ' 15" ELLEN J. PRESS Sophomore: President of homeroom: Sophomore Dramatics Club: G.A.C.: In- tramural sports. junior: Secretary of homeroom and V. President of home- room: Wig and Masque: Art Club: In- tramural Manager's Committee: G.A.C.: Intramural sports. Senior: Senior Execu- tive Board: Intramural Manager's Com- mittee: Chef's Club: Washington Club: Omega Staff: Youth Council: G.A.C. Fu- ture plans: to attend college. s-475' RITA M. PRYER Sophomore: Rifle Club: Y-Teens: C..X.C.: lntr.imur:il sports. junior: Rifle Club. Senior: llowling Club: intramural Slan- ager's Committee: G..-LC.: Szitgemnnnger of the Senior Play. Future plains: to nt- tend college. , --ef l.q 6 " , r MJ' -C57 . xy l , . 1 E: GEORGE JAMES PULLEN Sophomore: Hi-Y: Varsity I-'ootballz jun- ior Varsity liaskethall: 'lr:ttk. -lunior: Hi- Y: Varsiti Football: Baseball: 'ind x ing. Senior: Ping-pong Club: Varsity Football. l'uture plans: to attend a pre- haratori schol and then the l'. of M. DOUGLAS B. PRYOR Sophomore: Treasurer of Floriculture Club: junior: Art Club: Assembly Com- mittee: junior Play. Senior: Xkkisrliington Club: Hi-Y: A Cappella: Assembly Com- mittee: Tennis: Senior Play: Operettn. Future plans: to attend Michigan State Normal College fart, dancing, and sing- ingj. PAUL L. REIFF CIllllC from Slauson, l-'ulure plans: Work. :gs Q vrestl- MARY LYNN RAYER Sophomore: Sophomore Dramatics Club: G.A.C. junior: Art Club: Red Cross Committee. Future plans: Cosmetology. wg-.... J. F. RENTSCHLER Sophomore: Projeetionists' CommittCC2 Box's Leader Corps: junior Varsity foot- ball. junior: Boi's Lender Corps. fPresi- df-ntl: Projectionists' Committee! Jlllllflf Varsity Football. Senior: President Of homeroom: President of BOBJS I-l'1'dl"' Corps. 'K HARRY REMNANT Came from Slauson. Senior: Wrestling. Future plans: Work. JUNE M. READ Secretary. homeroom: Interior Decorating Club: Floral Culture Club, President: Red Cross Committee. junior: Student Council: Scribblers Club, President. Sen- ior: V. President, homeroom: Wasliing- ton Club. luture plans: XYork. 5 5... SALLY J. RENTSCHLER Sophomore CT:-cumseh High Stihooll: V, President of Band: Debate: Forensics: Student Council. junior: Music Club: Red Cross Committee: Band: Orchestra: Youth Symphony Ciiic Orchestra. Sen- ior: Band: Orchestra: Youth Symphony Chic Orchestra. Future plans: to attend the U. of M. Sthool of Music. y wr as PAU L D. REEVES Sophomore: Conseriation Club: Hi-Y. junior: V. President, homeroom: Sec- retary, Ili-Y: Bowling Club. Senior: Bowling Club: Y Council. Future Plans: 3 , ga I li W ' Rl XVork. '-if , " p f H! . I ROBERTA JO REEV ES Sophomore: Stutlent Council: Sophomore Dramatics Club: Orchestra: G..-MC. jun' LOU H. RICE Sophomore: V. President of homeroom: Sophomore Dramatics Club: Conseriation Club: G..-LC.: Girls Chorus: Intramural sports. junior: Conservation club: GA.C.: Cantando: Intramural sports: junior play. Senior: V. President oi C.A.C.: President of Cantando: G.A.C.: f nc' I - .af , 'W- 'Q 1 BEVERLY ANN RICHARDS Sophomore: Camera Club: Y-Teens Girl's Chorus: G.A.C. junior: G..-MC, ior: Prcsirlent. homeroom: CMLC. Sen- ior: Student Council: G.A.C.: Nltslting- ton 'Cluh. Future plans: Attend MSC, 6' A , f 78 3.5 .at .l : Z f .,.. gf! f 5 3' ' , 4. 1 ..: . 1, V A Wig and Nlasuue: Cantando: Intramural Manageik Committee. Senior: Washing- ton Club: Intrzrmural Mzimigefs Conv mittee: Senior Play la leading roleb. Future plans: Teaching. MARTHA J. RiENn5Au Anoop. St-niot. XX.tsIiun.,ton . . Inns: to bt- nn t'titt'tt.tim'r fxingtil WILLIAM H. ROBINSON Sophomore: Clzunvrzt Club. junior: C un Crit Club: I'Iioto5.5r:ipIicr for Unit-an und Optimist: junior Y.uNitt iootbqdl. it-nior: Wmhington Club: Czum-in tilubg Photo- grupllcr for tht' Optimixt :intl fllllfgll. MARY ANN ROGERS Snphomort-: Sophomore Drnmzttics Club: C..X.C,: Student Council: Intrrtmurztl Sports, junior: G.A.C.g Art Club: NYig and Nlgtxqtxcg Czintzmdo. St-nior: Sctrc- tnrv. Hoincroomg G.A.C.g N'nshington Club: Y4Count:il: A Cappella, Future plum: attcnd M.S.N.C. vs from jontw Iuniol Iliuh Stliool lor: St'1lt'I.lI'Y of honiriootni FLOYD D. RICHARDS Conuw from Slztuxon junior High Stliool. Sophomort-1 I'rojt-Ltionisla' CUIIIIIIIIIKT. junior: Radio Clubg Stutlcnt Countil. Senior: Trt':tsurt'r of IIUIIIQTOUIIIQ IYgi-li- inglon Club: Wrtwtiing. I'illlLll'C plgtnxz to uttt-nd tollt-gr. warg it 1 v LEE ROACH Conws from 'I uppdn junior lligh Stliool. Svniotz Xkltxliiitgtoli Club. BRUCE ROCKMAN Comes front oopliomort-1 Rillt' tlubg Boys' l.t'ttdct' Cotpxg j.Y, looth.tll junior: Crow CIOUHIIXQ 'lt1ttk. hrnlor' Senior play: Crow Countiyg 'I uultg Lap tain of Crow Country. JOYCE W. ROSS Sophomore: Student Councilg Rifle Club. junior: Student Countilg Rifle Club. Iutuit- plains: work as a secretary. MARGARET A. ROWE Lf.. DOROTHY E. ROSSWAG Sophomort-: Sophomore Ilrzunatiu Club: Gt-rinzm Club. junior: C.0.T. Senior: C2,0fIi. I-'uturc plans: work. Sophoinoitr: Clomvrxzxiton Club: Sopho- moit' IIIHIIIILIIIIS Club: GirI's Chorus, junior: fiiilk Lhorux. Sn-nior: Girlk Lliotuxz Wguliiiigtoti Club. Ifuturc plans: trox k. l I su IEC' I I 4 VIRGINIA L. ROWLAND '65 ' C. GARTH ROWLAND Nophomort-1 Cirll Chorus. junior: GirI's ,fm Lliorux. Nt-niot: XK'nxIiington Clubg f V, CO. I .1 Gul s Lliorus. I- uturc plans: work. 'EL' RACHEL C. RUBY Sophomore: Y-Teens. Senior: Future Nurws Club. Future plans: Nursing 1 I THOMAS E. SAU ER Conn-s from Slauaon junior High School. Sophomore Rifle Club: Band. junior: Rifle Club: Band: junior Play. Senior: llanrl. I-uture plans: to attend tollegc. WALTER H. RYAN Soplnnnore: Rifle Club: llaml, junior-5 Rifle Club: Band: Manager. Cross Country. Senior: Band. Future plans: lfiiist-ixiiy of West Virginia. HAROLD R. SCHENK, JR. Comes from lappzin. Sopliomore: Rod and Reel club. junior: Rod and Reel club: Senior: llotl and Rt-el dub. lutuic' plans: I-arming. JOHN E. SCHMITT Iloines fiom Slanson junior lligll Sthool. soplioinorez Rille Club. Future plans: to attt-ntl Michigan State Collegc. . GARY C. SANTU RE Sophomore: Hi-Y: junior Varsity ball: Track. junior: Rifle Club: ball. Senior: Archery Club: C.O.T. ANNA ROSE SATTERLA Sophomore: Art Club: Girl's Chorus. junior: Girl's Chorus. Senior: Girl's Chorus. Foot- Foot- . . JOAN R. SANFORD xopliomoie: Cznnera Club: Cantando. junior: Kilittfi Club: Rcd Cross Com- llllllvvl Cantantln: Foolhght ScandalS. Senior: Square Dante Club: Red Cross Kloniniittec: Washington Club. Future plans: to attend Nlithigan Stale Normal ROBERT F. SCHULZ Soplnnnoie: Prcaident of homeroom: Sophomore I-Ixecutire Board: Band: jun- ior Vanity Basketball. junior: Student Countilg Ili-Y: Consersation Club: Intra- mural football and bamketball: Baseball. Senior: President of homeroom: Hi-Y: Wanliington Club: Baseball: Intramural football. Future plans: to attend col- lege. 1 FRANK SEVCIK, JR. fonnw from Nlztrgztra-Torino, ltalr, jun- ior: International Association for cor- iwponding and change. South Iluropean Student Olimpiztol. Mt. Sertriere Slalom. Senior: 'I reasurer of homeroom. LINDSAY M. SEDWICK Sopluotnolci Prerident of homeroom Rifle Club: Golf. junior: junior Plat 0 , lnttne plans: to attend the lf. of NI WILLIAM R. SACHSE Sophomore: CZOIISQTNIIIIUII Club: lnlriv mural Manage-r's Cotnmitee. junior: Con- sertation Club: Intramural Managefs Committee: Swimming. Senior: Conserva- tion Club: Swimming. Future plans: to attend the lf. of M. or the U.S. Natal Academy. College. fi 'fl CAROL J. SEVEBECK Sopliomoit-: Y. Prewident of homeroom: Soplioniore llratnatirs Club: Orchestra: I...-XL. junior: Setn-tziiy' of homeroom: Uinseitation Club: Optimist 42nd page to-etlitoii: C..X.C. Senior: Student Coun- til: Optimist 12nd page eo-edilorj: C. LC. Future plans: the L'. of M. School of Xletlititl Tetllllology. ALAN E. SH EPERD s VELMA JEAN SEYFRIED Sophomore: V. President of homeroom: Student Council: Rifle Club: Scribblers' Club. junior: Student Council: Scribblers' Club: Intramural bowling. Senior: V. President of homeroom: Scribblers' Club' C.0.T. 1 VIRGINIA M. SIEBERT Comes from Harrison High Stliool. Har- rison, Mich. junior: Student Countil: Wig and Masque: Girl's Chorus: Foote light Scandals: Intramural badminton. Senior: Intramural 5Ianagei's Committee: Square Dance Club: Y-Teens: Girl's Chorus: Intramural Badminton. I-'uture plans: to attend college. wif f CARL T. SMITH Sophomore: Projettionists' Committee: Band: junior: Projectionists' Committee: Student Council: Band. Senior: Band. Future plans: to attend a business C01- lege. JANIS E. SILVERSTONE Sophomore: President oi lioim-iooiu: Sophomore Draniatits Club: Intiaiuuial hockey and tolleyball. junior: Art Club: COHSCTHIIIOII Club: Optimist staff: junior Play Committee. Senior: IX'asliington Club: Optimist staff: Senior l'Iav fa leading rolej. Ifuture plans: to attend the U. of M. NORMAN J. SHERBERT Sophomore: Chef's Club: Wrestling. jun- ior: lii-Y: Art Club. Senior. Washington Club: Art Club: Senior Assembly Coin- mittee. Other Honors: reeeixed an art award. lfuture plans: to attend an art school or go into military serxiee. Sophomore: Rod and Reel Club: Cross Country. Senior: President of homeroom. Future plans: Construttion worker. ft' BILL M. SHILLING Comes from Slauson junior High Stliool: Sophomore: Student Countil. .ILIIIIUII Camera Club. I-'uture plans: to attend 36? .1 college. ol ggi' A HARRY H. SHORE Sophomore: Y. l'it-sitlent of Soplioiiioii- Class: junior Yarsili lfootball and Basket- ball. President of junior C.l.lNsZ l'ies1dvnt of homeroom: Yarsitx Football and Bas. ketball. Senior Yarsitx I'ootli.ill. l'uture X3 plans: to attend the LI of M. THOMAS E. SIBERT Sophomore: Intramural Managers Com- mittee: Varsity Football: junior Varsity Basketball. junior: President of home' room: Varsity Football and Basketball. Senior: Yarsitx Football and Basketball. I-'uture plans: to attend Mithigan State College. JOHN L. SMITH CRAIG P. SMITH Sophomore: Student Council: Band: jun- ior Varsity Basketball: Varsity Basetball. Senior: Band: junior Varsity Football: Basketball and Baseball. Future plans: to attend Mithigan State Normal College Lphisital educationj. 9 Sopliomoie: l'i'esident of lioineiooin: I'roA jeetionists Committee: liootball. Junior: l'l'esidt-nt of homeroom: l'roiettionists Committee: Football. Senior: Football. 'f i t 5 1 X ROBERT A. SMITH Sophomore: Sophomore Dramaties Club: Boys Chorus: Operetta: junior Varsity Swimming: Iennis. junior: A Cappella: junior Varsity Swimming: Footlight Se:ind.1lsg Tennis. Senior: A Cappella: Varsity Tennis and Swimming: Oper- etta fa leading rolej. Other honors: a delegate to attend a model L'-N meet- ing at Hillsdale College: ,, lx ,, .L JOHN L. SNUVERINK ' 4,15 MW", ff Sophomore: Ilofs Chorus: l'roientimiixts' ' C0mll1lIlL'l'1 Crow Country. junior: Ilofs 1.1-.uler Colpxg Bnfn Cliorux: 'lrxuk: Op- '-J9 irelm. Senior: Xvlhlllllglflll Club: C.0.'I'. '- 125. I A 1 I' LARRY SNYDER Junior: Comerxzition C.lub3 junior l'l.1x. Senior: Cnnxerx.uion Club: Nlnxliiliggioxi Club. SHERILL W. SPARKS Sopliomore: Nluxic Club: Soplioinore Dru- Illllllts Club: Cnnlnmlo: Opereltn Com- miuecg C,.X.ll. Senior: .X Cnppellgig Up- s-rellng XY:ixliington Club: lntriimurgil xIllIIIlgClJS fl0ll'IlIIlIIL'L'I Costume xldllllgfl' for the Operelln. I-'ulure plans: to tend Miehignn State College. PAT A. SPER RY Sophomore: Sophomore Ilrannntiu Club, junior: V. l'1c-siclenl of hoineioomg Wig and Mzixque Club: Senior: Reel CIONS Committee: Washington Club: C.O.'I'. PHILIP O. SPLITT Soplmlnoxe: V. l'IL'NIlll'III of liomf-romn: Yuixily Wrestling: junior Yxirxiiy' Iiool- bxill. junior: V. I'1uir.lent of lmmeroomg An Club: Co-Cgnpmin of Wre-tling. Sen- ior: Co-Cuptziin ol XI're5Iling. lfuture plans: college. JUDIE R. STAEBLER Sophoinore: Ss-rretnrx of IIOIIIVIOUIIIZ CQ..'x.C,L:fJllSl'IXIIlIllIl Club: C..X.C.g Cliziir- man of Clnwtunie CUIIIIIIIIIUL' for the jun- ior Plan. Senior: XI':i-hington Club:- G..-LC. I-'ulurc plnnx: to :nlend Mielii- gnn Slate College. , ' .sz JACQU ELINE STAGE Cmnc-S from York High School. Sopho- more: Y-Teens. Senior: Secretary of lionleromn. TED C. STEI N BACH Comes from Slzinaon. Sophomore: Rifle club: Boy's chorus. junior: Square Dance club: Senior: Conseri ation club. Future plans: lfnrming. PATRICIA A. STILLION floines from 'I':ipp1in. Sophomore: Red Cross. junior: lntrnnnnrzrl Bowling. Sen- ior: Reel Cross. FRANCES M. STEFFE Sophomore: Cznnern Club: Red junior: Red Crow. Senior: Red Cross - Q FRANCIS M. STIENON Snphornore: Seeretnrr of homeroom sir Cllnhg Ilzmdg Oriheslrn. Junior: tilnhg Band: Orchestra: junior Committee: Croix Country: Swin Senior: Square Dunne Club: Band: cliexlrng A Cappella: Swimming: O elm: Senior Play. Future plans: at L2 ol M. VERNARD M. STILSON, Jr. Comes from Clenluid High School, Glen Ellyn, Ill. Sophomore: Sophomore dru- maliesg Boy Seoulag Baueballg Bziskelbull- junior: Hi Y dub: Boy Scouts: Swim. ming: Football. Senior: Ping Pong club: Rifle club: Senior Prom committee' Swimming. Future plans: Engineering. 1 f ... f ff., Z I 'G, ,, Mi? I .br ta is -I JAM ES R. STIMPSON Sophomore: Camera Club: Projection Cjmmnirtee: junior: Camera Club. Sen- ior: Cmnt-ra Club: Xlfashington Club. Future plans: attend General Motors Institute at Flint, Mithigan. SANDRA K. SUTTON Sophomore: Secretary of homeroom: Sophomore Dramaties Club: G.A.C. Jun- ior: Secretary of homeroom: Kvig and Masque Club: Square Dance Club: Stu- dent Council. Senior: Washington Club: Assembly Committee. Future plans: Michigan State Normal College. MARTHA J. STOCKARD Soplroumre: Sophomore Ilrarnzities Club, Const-rxution Club: CL..K.C.: Ordiestra. Ciintzuulo: Girls intramural sports. jun- ior: Xlusie Club: G..X.C.: Bantl: A Ciiippclla: junior Plav. Senior: Washing- ton Club: Band: G..X.C.: A Cappella: Operetta, Ca leading rolel. Future plans: Carleton. 'Auf RICHARD L. STRAITH Comes froru Sluuson. Sophomore: Club: Rod and Reel Club. Senior: Wash- ington Club. Future plans: Trade School. Rifle FREDERICK G. STOLL JIM W. TAYLOR Comes from Tappan junior High. Fu- Sophomore: V. President of homeroom: ture plans: Farming. junior Varsity Basketball. junior: Presi- dent of homeroom. Future plans: Michi- gan State College. JAMES TANNER Sophomore: Swimming. junior: Presi- dent of homeroom: Swimming: Golf. Senior: Camera Club: Washington Club: Swimming fCzlptainJ. Orher honors: was named most xaluable swimmer in Soph- omore year. Future plans: U. of M. School of Engineering. SETH L. TEACHOUT Sophomore: V. President of homeroom: Conservation Club: Cross Country. Jun- ior: Conserration Club: Square Dancing Club. DICK A. STRICKLAND Sophomore: Swimming Team. Junior: President of homeroom: Swimming Team. Senior: Swimming Team. Future plans: attend U. of M. KENNETH W. TEPPO Sophomore: Rod and Reel Club: Rifle Club: Band. Junior: Rifle Club: Band: Cross Country. Senior: Band. Future plans: to attend the U. of M. AUDREY A. STRUBLE Sophomore: Red Cross: Girls Chorus. Junior Square Dance Club: Cantando. Senior: Square Dance. Future plans: Secretarial work. 4 FREDERIC M THOMPSON Sophomore: Rifle Club: junior Varsity Football. Junior: Camera Club: junior Varsity Football' Golf. Senior: Camera Club' Golf. 12. , . 5 . I ,I F5 as RUBY R. TOMITA GUY B. THOMPSON Comes from University High School. Sophomore: Interior Decorator's Club. junior: Secretary of homeroom: Stu- dent Council: President of Scribhlers' Club. Senior: Scribblers' Club. N-an VIRGINIA M. TRIPP Sophomore: Rifle Club: G.A.C.g Intra- mural basketball and softball. Junior: Rifle Club: Intramural softball: G.A.C. Senior: Bowling Club: C.O.T. JOHN V. VOLAK Comes from Slausou. Senior: Ping Pong - ' club: Red Cross committee. I-'uture plans: ' Travel. X PAUL D. WACKER Came from Nlidiigan Lutheran Semin V ary, lfuture plans: Carpentty. . 5 4. 5 fe f ff V " f , JERRY F. WAGNER Sophomore: Rifle Club: Hi-Y: Projection Committee: .IV Football: Swimming. jun- ior: Hi-Y: Projection Committee: Swim- ming: junior Play. Senior: Bowling Club: Projection Committee: Swimming: Baseball, Future plans: Coast Guard. BETTY A. WARREN RAMONA J. TUCKER Sophomore: Y-Teens. Junior: Y-Teens. Senior: Future Nurses Club: Red Cross Committee. a f - - at 4 'U 0 C t. Q I fha. ft.. if 41 mei.-In J NORMAN E. WANTY Sophomore: Conservation Club. Junior: Couserxation Club. Future plans: trade work. JOHN E. VAN BLARCOM Sophomore: Sophomore Dramatics: Foot ball Manager. junior: Rifle Club. Sen ior: Archery Club: XVashiugton Club. lfuture plans: go to college. Sophomore: Sophomore Executive Board: Cautando: G.A.C.: Student Council: JV Cheerleading. junior: junior Executive Board. Cantando: G.A.C.: Varsity Cheer- leading. Senior: V. President, homeroom: Washington Club: A Cappella: G.A.C.: CHARLES C. VAN SICKLE Sophomore: Cousenation Club. Junior: Rifle Club. Senior: Student Council: Club: Arehery Club: Washington Golf. Rifle Club: ', vu e ,."' 4- iota Varsity Cheerleading. . MARGARET I. E. WEINERT Sophomore: Rifle Club: G.A.C. junior: V. President, homeroom: Intramural Managers Committee: Chefs Club: Con- serxation Club. Senior: V. President, homeroom: Washington Club: Bowling Club: Y-Couneil. Future plans: attend eollegc. ,z ' -vp 1 7" 7 NANCY ANN WENK Sophomore: Floratulture Club. junior: Scrihhlt-rs' Club. Senior: President, Scrib- blers' Club: lYashington Club: C.O.T. liuture plans: Secretarial work. BETTY J. WH ITCH URCH Sophomore: Secretary of homeroom: Sophomore Dramatics Club: Intramural Managefs Committee: G.A.C.: Intra- mural sports. Junior: Secretary of home- room: Art Club: Cantando: Footlight Scandals: G.A.C.: Intramural sports. Senior: YVashington Club: G.A.C.: In- tramural soorts. is 1' Nl ELIZABETH A. WENZEL Sophomore: St-tretarg, V. President, liotnt-room: Future 'l't-atliers Club: Intra- mural Nlanztgt-rs Committee: Cantando. junior: Secretary, bomerootn: Conserva- tion Club: Cantamlo. Senior: Corres- ponding Setrt-tarr, Student Council: Xtktsliitigton Club: .K Cappella: Opcretta: Optimist: Omega. Future plans: attend college. 3 f SALLY L. WHITFIELD Sophomore: Secretary of homeroom: Sophomore Dramatics Club: Intramural Manager's Committee: G.A.C.: Intra- mural sports. junior: G.A.C.: Girl's in- tramural sports. Senior: Assembly Com- mittee: G.A.C. is CLIFFORD J. WESTERMAN Sophomore: Conserxation Club: Pro- iettion Committee: .IV Ifoothall: Swim- ming. junior: Presitlent, homeroom: V. President, Conserxntion Club: Projection Committee: JV Football: Swimming: Baseball. Senior: President, Conservation Club: Washington Club: Varsity Foot- ball: Swimming. Future plans: attend U. of Maine. C. DOUGLAS WIEST BRENDA S. WICKETT Sophomore: Student Council: Cantando: G.A.C. Junior: Student Council: Con- servation Club: Reporter for the Opti- mist: Intratnural Manager's Committee: G.A.C. Senior: Student Council: Wash- ington Club: G.A.C. Other honors: at- tended Girl's State. Future plans: U. of M. BILL WESTERMAN Sophomore: Sophomore Dramatics Club. junior: Radio Club: Ili-Y: Swimming: junior l'lav. Senior: Hi-Y: Swimming: Operetta. I-'uturt' plans: attend U. of M. BARBARA J. WHIPPS Sfiplioniore: Rifle Club: G.A.C. junior: X. President. homeroom: Conservation Club: .Kssentblg Committee: G.A.C.: Jun- ior Play. Senior: G.A.C.: Washington Club: Asseinbly Committee: Senior play. Comes Sophomore and junior fFindIay Senior High School. Findlay. Ohioj: Ili-Y: Art Club: junior Prom Committee. Senior: I-li-Y: Optimist staff. Future plans: Michigan State College. Junior: BONNIE J. WICKS from University High School. Red Cross Committee. BARBARA J. WHITAKER Sophomore: Sophomore Dramatics Club: Girl's Chorus: G.A.C. junior: Tumbl- ing Club: Future Nurses Club: Art Club: Cantando: Intratnural Managefs Committee: Omega staff G.A.C. Senior: V. President of Washington Club: Can- tandoi G.A.C.: Intramural sports: Re- cording secretary of G.A.C. r. I, an ,,,. .. '91 JANET K. WINKELHAUS Sophomore: President and V. President of hotneroom: Sophomore Dramatics Club: G.A.C. Junior: 3rd page editor of Optimist: Conservation Club: A Cap- pella: G.A.C,: Footlight Scandals. Sen- ior: President of Archery Club: Optimist Editor: A Cappella: Washington Club: Student Council: G.A.C.: Operetta. DOUGLAS A. W0 LFE Comes from Slauson. junior: Wrestling. Future plans: Armed Forces. SHIRLEY Y. WORRELL Sophomore: Sophomore Dramalics Club: Band: Cantando. Junior: Conservation Club: Wig and Masque Club: Band. Senior: Secretary of Band: Washington Club: Band. Future plans: U. of M. BARBARA H. ZURAKOWSKI Comes from jones. Sophomore: Red Cross commitlee. junior: Floriculture club: Girls' Chorus. Senior: 5cribbler's club. Future plans: Business school. ROBERT L. SAMUEL Comes from Slauson. Future plans: Work. -1 Blu. PEER :,:,. ,, " ' . kx:ff,:'ff, 'ff Lx: ' :' .i5'9?:N.-. 'f"'.. ::.':F:71"Y-'A rf:-55 P ,. an if fl :Z 7 f ' E .. ' 4 is 37 ' ss-rf ji 2 xg? f I vig ., , A vii: 7 quiz ' , ,. 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V BILL RQYCE JOHN NIEHUSS NANCY COLWELL President Vice President Secretary Hard work, good management and enthusiastic school spirit characterize the coming seniors. Always eager to participate in school activities, they have gained the respect and support of their fellow classmates. Rarely has the high school had the good fortune to find such willingness and cooperation in an under class, however these students have pitched in and furnished the effort and patience needed to put many of the school functions across. Their own class sponsored affairs have not only been successful but memorable and inspira- tional to all onlookers. The junior class has one more year of high school and undoubtedly it will combine all of its talents and abilities to make it both rewarding and prosper- ous. We, the seniors, give to these able students our encouragement, good will, and best wishes. May your last year be all and more than what you have dreamed or hoped for. junior Class Executive Committee Sopho ores GR XCE MIOHNJSONI BOB PERRY B XRB XR X B XRCI XY Preszdent Vzce Preszdent Secretary It IS cxtruncly chfhcult to 1.lmu1bL thg S0pll0lll0lL cl 155 ol thu vcdr and me to xt 111 the cruht thu 15 due Ihuc suuluxts I1 un unuul und bccomg 1 llllpOfldIll part of the school lllill K.lL,LllliSS to lc 1111 md honcbt clfoxts ot h nd work l1 as bun dillllllLll by 1111 Iuullv lllll 11ppL1f.l1ss111L11 1l1Lc In thc f0ll0hllls yn IIS lhLll 0lllSllllllIllg 1lJ1l1t1Ls ol lLlLlUSlllp md utucn shlp ulll hue '1 glcatcr Lhmcg to clunlop 11111 LNLlllll'llly lnconxg lIlX.lllIllJlC contrxbuuons to thc school rlllclr 0lJllgdllOIlb nnxt yu xull 111111111 llllllll 111o1L lllllL md uolk but Lonung lmclus un SLIIIOIS Lxund Ulll UHlllllLlllll0llS lox 1 job ucll Stuucl .md good 11151105 lOl .1 succnsslul f11115l1 ROM l Crue Johnston Bdrlmra Barclay Conmc , oscph RON 9 Nlr Bcn Reed jerry Baker Rmhard Nhllxuns Bob lerry Nhss Rleger ROSS 3 B111 YS ennch Frank Nlueller 'v .5 Km.: -4' in Q . 2 . 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Merry Christmas Such grace 9 rf' Pick-Pocket Yr A thousand and one people C ass of IQ55 4 ,-. rf R' f " - fax . ,fx 'g .. viz! 'Q I 3 A :1', 0 Q U- ' I 1.1 . ' 1 f f G. Abbot D. Abvrlc - 'Z' f- ,I kk ,. v, ' V A ' ' I R. Amlcrsun ID. .Xnnis ra 63 1 S ri -. 1 y J - -fr XY. .Xuxlun l,lS.nl1m4m '-K? . .Arx ,V A CQ. llznhzxkrs. NI. B.u1m-r ,, H O '7 Y' S .a . 1 Q34 A. Bigbv YV. Blom ... Q Lf, L-v I A X 5 fb. A. 4-83 xa- D. Ihicf M, Brognn 'K .A n . 'V ' 'w , .G '-. fi 1 .-1 . Q H' V" 1 .A V 0 K". . , , 17 ,-ol ' . ,-, ' .1 4 ' ' 7,7 15' af I, Ag -ft H. .Mlunmndy B. Xnknmody N, Akcn C. Mlen J. Anderson, jr. Y T? f N V' -' V' " , "' h 1 -n ff' fd gl . w rf 7 ' 1' t j. .Kprmulqrkis B. Arm-tt M. Arm! 51. M1,m,.,,n fi "L ' C, ' Y' Ya' x - 1 - 3 4- 6 x , 0 V- ' , , 5 ' 7 ,V , 4.5 ' ' " X7 f J ' .ng ' 4' I .f-Q 1 I. . f 1 ' 1. I. lhku' B, Bgmlay N. Barr M. Bnrszlnu-c j. Bnlwon 'bv ' .4 'Q 73 n 0- - vy .S gt . 'is . ... "' A 'v . ' I I is v I ' T. Bcdolla B. Bghnke B. Bvndur II. Bn-nm-lt Nl. 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' i i Lf Ji 2 f . , 7 l l 3 U l f f Q J' l , X I , l J 3 ' '15 ' I . X 'tk B., V7 'J Q 4 'K , K 3, I Q V V,,,- V? , X ,.. y A, K Q Q ' A ' 4' . , -' 1? , ' . f A , wi?" All f -I . W. Staples S. Slasheif DA , ' : In j 'lgpn I Q '- JA f ' A , 1 ' Q , V , f' . We l A " " - W ' 4 -iff I 5 'fl Er fi '1' fl ctw? ' A , ,1 f-2 ' l - . x . 2 i ,N i G- B- l ' K. ' Bl. , ' I- D. A A x 5 A . jj 4 l 'f' l f M' df' 1 V LT, I A2 I A , iff: 3' le 'ka 'J , ' ' , x . ' ni- J A' M. . J. B. - . : BH ' B- ' S-' 2: . , P' l 6 A 'Z v,, '- 1 - Q , ,, , 'Qi 4 " -2' V Q .7 ' I I ' 1 A 1, f If ' . ' I f A 5 lf- I 1 '51 5' ' ' A X . A X.- 'Q I 2 '11 ' - 3. '- 'l-1' S. V- X cs. ' A -. ' 4 . ' . ' 'Z' D W .rldo jr T: 'N Hu ld I j N Illldllh Whrth XV Tlcglcr rr I. B N llku' pin lhrner Williams YN ncm nn lcmkx N0 I F Xt .mdel Y H .urner Walerbu ry N cssmgm r S Mhlllq NI H lllllllX SN nllmms 12' S Wolf ..4g ,f Y 71 r1k 1' Nnlh uns Harkin nn Treasler 'R XS llluughbv NX X lhr of xg 1 XI lc kc nv n CAMERA SHY SOPHOMORES Elmorm B'lyllSS Xknllrnn Blom jean Brown Beserly jean Burkett Lorena Goff Bob brob X611 Crob j1net Groomcs Cathcrmc Hcdlesky Marmni Keene Ono Xiorcly Thomis Neff kenneth Nelson Bob Noffblnv Dcwn RlHLSm1Il' NIJTX Sheldon m Twslor B1 la Thompson john XS enrlch K Haters C walls I R Nhldm NN llu 'SI N ulsun A Wire X 'nes R Yccb 'Q Xl Xldxlu 1 lllla . , 'J' Ji' 'T l 1' aff 'U' ' ' B' or '-f B ,fe e 1 I . X B A' V V A I I ,fx ', - V , V V0 K, M, 4 1 . ,, Q .S I . If -4 ' 'L I .a ' . I 1 ,vt B lf' H A be 1 PA , -L 'I . 'JI ' l i If rfulygl .: if and X uv. -gt, R' v. J. '- -.-' - " ' .. " 1 . " ' H, 'i 'anus '42 .1 il -. 51" '52 3 , . -- 4.14, f- . 41, 1-17 ,,, 2 ! ,Q ,V X u ' A l ffl ,fr 1 I A JL' K ii, tl ' If A 1' fy, 4 " 'V Q D. ' B. " ' . '. 'A x ,- s. " 5 . . "s . ' f l Fx ' , I L I ' 'Z , ' I 3 ,Q l ' if ' I f' 4 'er , L! , IE- Ll: 1 lk , K ' I 'f5i?'- 553 if A J. " G. 1 , ' lf. ' 1 J. 2 rl. '. . . 'xv A fr' . Q. k 1 1, K - W ' wg I A ,V -e ,Q ,SW h N f N n N A '1 'E' ' A, y K ll r .Xl 5 A .. V 5, , I .6 5 ng- -' E. M..1-- - Pri' ,' f' Der - A Ji MONTE CROSS DELORES EVANS LINDA PFIFFNER FRITZ MEYERS Wilfifif Wittiest Talks Most, Says Least Talks Nlost, Says Le Mock Election Most Likely to Succeed Most Likely to Succeed TOM KAUPER SUE PRAKKEN 1 ,ff 'W' Most Versatile MARIE BRU MLEY M ost Versatile DUANE CALVERT I: .A I , 'ov' JOE BONE Friendliest ost Courteous Boy Y SHORE ANNE JAMES Friendliest 49-": .395 Most Charming Girl PAT KELLY N Q,-1 -, BRENDA XVICKETT MARV BAKER Most Athletic Most Athletic ,vga-V4 of 2555 Most Intelligent -IO ANN PRINDLE Most Intelligent PAT FISHER L A M ,f-1 1 1 J A I f W, ACU IUE The student body of the present can, in truth, extend their gratitude :ind thanks to those students und lzlcul- ties of the past who instituted the systems of clubs and committees. In by-gone years it was evidently realized that the class nlembers needed or- ganizations which would give thein ll chance to develop ideas in improving educutionzil and governing methods. These organizations are now an in- tegral part of the school :ind at times of the connnunity. The undeveloped interests and hidden leadership gain the chances needed to Come to life. LYI'lLlCl'SU1IlLliIlg school problems :ind developing attitudes of responsibility and cooperation in working theni out gives the student the enlotionzil ina- turity so often lacking in young adults. These school activities, in reality, provide ll wealth ol' experience :ind knowledge, as well as recrezttion to all participants. ROYV ROW' RON' ROW ROM' ROW 1- 2 3- 4- 5 6 Mr. Dahlberg, Joyce Barr, Sue Barlow, Nancy H'enk, Audrey Struble, Sally YVhitfield, Kay Horning, Connie Hieber, Virginia Rowland, Pat Sperry, Mr. Silverstone. Gary Santure, Velma Seyfried, Pat Bileti, Ruby Tomita, Maureen jackson, Ocie Kauf- man, Virginia Brewer, Esther Maulbetsch, Marlene Haines, Seth Teachout, Ted Steinbach. Bob Kirkpatrick, Marv Potter, Fran McCalla, Norma Lovelace, Sandra Gauss, Mary Duncan, Ldith Lipstraw, Richard Schraner. Louie Smith, Roger Losey, Beverly Braatz, Mae linners, Eleanor Bc-eman, Mary jo Lantis, Pat Bucholz, jackie Stage, Dick Gibbs, George Mast, Ron Baker. Bill Kokalaar, jack Snuverink, Dale liisle, Larry Snyder, Nancy Hunter, Shirley June Read, Frances Osborn, Milborn Hoag, Garth Rowland. Marlene Kolander, Angela Maas, Betty lfry, Mary Rayer, Lee Roach, Dorothy Ross, Carl Ficgal, Bob Dundas, Virginia Tripp, Red Dcnsmore. The community is the afternoon "classroom" for the students on the C.O,T. program. These pupils spend half a day in school and half a day in on-the-job training. The school by means of Mr. Dahlberg and Mr. Rudolph Silverstone sets up the stu- dents in their jobs. Rowl-Lionel jackson, jim Hardy, Dick Cooper, Bill Green, Cliff Zill, Frank Mueller, Bob St. Clair, Connie joseph, Harry Shore, john Kagay, juanita Anderson, Carolyn Cummiskey. Row 2-Earl Crabtree, Vercilee Hay- wood, Pat Koch, Prudy Lippert, jean Harlberg, Harriette Schmid, Barbara Cope, Janice English, Mary Morley, Sue Butler, Mr. Schreiber. Row 3-Dick Clark, Kay Mangan, Angela Neebling, Maxine Bauer, Nancy Aken. Marjean Thompson. Ardys Sharp, Joyce Logerquist. Bernadene Calvert, Judy Har- berd, Berky Blashheld, Marlene Haynes. Bill Sachse. RGSIOGDIIS ROW l-Charlene Roth, Norm Katz. jim Cast Stue Ilihlherg Mr Sonandres RON' 2-Mary jane XVzittt-rworth, Ann Brosnan Nl irgit Hume Becky Collie jacky Balas Sandra Mlarncr, joann Stollsteimcr, Sylxn lfortc Ctorge Pullen RONV 3-Eleanor Guthrie, Susan -jahnke ean Hillhtrg Pit Mtllarhnd oann Early Marv jo Lantis, judy Harherd, Ida Harris ROW' 4-joyce Logerquist. Darlene Smith lynn Sufrltd I wscn Ftzcl Beth Schnetberger Anna XVire, Fran Schancr, Dave Dingmin ROXV 5-Allen jones. Mort llershman. Bob lfiscmmn I irw Wiseman RUYV 6-George Headly, jim Chapman, Clircntc Nltlrall 'loin Couper Bill H ood Fd Bottum Ray Fullerton, john Neihuss. RON' l-Richard jackson Bohhx Nliller lom knight K u Christensen Don Franklin RON' 2-Ted lsokinikes john Batsaltes C corgt lulltn john Bricgcl Kcn Ntlson Bob Schulz RON' 3-Tom I my Butch Stoddard Bob Broun Bill lhomis Don Butcher ROW 4-Doug Hitst lhirlts johnson K eorgt Batsiltcs lwldie Xlexcrs I irrx XIIIICIU Nlr Kan Orman ROV' 5-Gordon Dunhnn Robert llllllllIlS lxtn Swinson Doug Pryor Xlardell Cillespie Bob Ptrr Running a refreshment stand at the University of Michigan football gznnes was one of the important activities for the Hi-Y Club this past year. The money that the club made was used towards the pur- chase of uniforms, which the boys of the club were in competing bas- ketball games with Hi-Y Clubs in other towns. ff' X!! 5:'f55'2'7'Q3 g,gjp.hAliA DROJGCIIIOI1 COmm IIIIIGE We like to sing. , . . ' Q ' a Sadie Hawkins and Family - Row 4 Row 5-J Row ts Row 7 The Assembly Commit- tee this year, under the expert direction of Mr. Dawson, has been very active. The assemblies have been varied and nu- merous. Education and entertainment were the goals. Several professors from the University of- fered us some of each. There were also paid as- semblies, for example, Harley Hopwood, who portrayed characters in Dickens' novels. ROW l-janet Hammer, Sally Lauer, 1-ld Hahn, Miss jones. Hildegarde Maeder, Bob Benz, Virginia 'I ripp. ROW 2-Mr. Granville. Carlos Anderson. Marlene Kiehl. Nancy Pease. janite English, Barbara BMCISIB- Nancy Cook, Dolores liyans Mary Arnst. Mr. Buchanan. ROW 3-Sylvia Whitley, Yvonne Warren. Sue lfrisinger. Sue Riddle. joyte Logerquist, Loretta l,armee. Barbara Cope, joyte Braun Sylvia Fort-e, lilaine l'il'llI. Shirley Shankland, Marilyn Barsantee, Nancy Link, Diane Bnuin, Beverly Rapp, Page Hallett, Dolly judson. Mary lillen Athanson, Marlene Feldkamp. anet Milham, Maxine Bauer, Elaine Green. 'lena Williams, jo .Xnn Hansen, Rhoda Lewis, Kathy de Koning. Sue Pierce, Patty Moran. Ann Bigby. Wilma Larmee. john Yan Bteck, Milton Shelby. Leonard.QLral', Bill lioepp, George Pratt, Dave Herron, Tod jones. Fred Lapointe. Bill Robinsot Larry Arnet, Lee jarrett, Billy Dayis, Dave Parr. Stan Larmee, jim Williams, Bob Matton, Forest Becker, Fred lillicott, Dale Gatza. ROM ROM ROM ROM ROM' ROM ROM' l l l 2 3 4 5 6 T -jim Heald, .Xnn Morley. Hugh Cowan. Mr. Dawson. jean Conper. Sue Dutil. Penny King. Sandra l'lrit'h. Marilyn Fisher, janet Groomes. Millie Chamberlain. Bachman. Barbara Pedigo. 1 Connie joseph. Barbara Cole. Sandra Sutton, Sandra l.eSeur, Charlotte Sell, Lenore Dayis. Sandra Yan Doren. jacqnie jaqnes. jndy Kabot, julie Schnltl. Barbara Lewis. Frances Osborn, Sally M'hitelield. Sonny Stashell. ' .Xnne Morrow. Betty Adams, Harlene Harris. Barbara Whipps. Sue Kiddle, joyee Brann, Loretta Kempfert. Mary jane Watterworth. joan Taylor, Dick Roth. Harry Kerr. Bill Roth. lid Bottum. Tim Flower. Don Zemke. Arthur Clark. Max Crook, Clill Westerman. Doug Pryor, Herman XVelke, George Kempf, Sam Morgan. oil painting occupied some ol the time of the Art Club members. These "budding artists" also listened to musical comedy records such as HOkl2ll1OlHZl.H This club provided extra working time for the students who took nrt :is Z1 sub ject and il chance lor the non-students to try their hand at drawing and painting. ROM' RON ROW' RON' ROM' RON' Finger painting and ug ARTS C ROM ROM ROM ' Juli im K rant Doug Pri RUM Poislcr Bill Riddlc Eddie M'ilLes, l-lnnny Lou Sayers, Hildegurde Mueller, Delores Mtllunts, jamie Haight Annewurd Ashley, Kay Hunnuh, Mr. Meyers Caryl Bock, Kay Hutthison,Na1nty Huurer, lixelyn lreaister. Sue Dutil, Margaret M'a1rren jacky Balus. Charles johnson, Don Mkildo, jenn Williams, Cllizirlene Scliuzult, Minnie Volker, Rita Pryor, Maury Ellen Dukin. Nancy Buss, Barb Bunten, Cllill fill, Doug Ura Bob Bender, Dolores Peterson Sznulrgi lfox, Murthzn Olin l-.lznine Greene Bill Adams Ken Nelson, Fred l-Qllicott Cordan Dunham, Put Perigo. l-Qllen Press. Sherrill Sparks, Sullx l.:iuer Cui Christensen Bill Hazlurd, Dennis Loobex jim Spalding, Howard Reinilel, john M'essinger CO l26Cl2EAlIl0l1Al COITIIUIIIIIEE Xlbcrthl Rced Pc nlcnc Rouri N :nu C ook Pllcn l'rcss Birks Bl ishheld Cert M ente B C trol Hirrison nc llnbbs Dollx udson Mnxjcin lhompson Nh' North Sue Butlcr lxnc Pislicr Xlirtlm Crt nx lx nrcn Xldmlgc Donni Xruluoe X in ElTlCflClx Iottic Xliulcr c ohnson Cnol Stlnictherbtr Ptnnx hint, l'lnl Hirpsttr crry Plmmng home room tournwnunts for bmslinv b'1dniinton 'archery vollevbwll 'int pinff pong' too' u most of the Co-recrezitionzil Committees time. One project that it tried to put through is the award- ing of plaques to homerooms which are the winners of these tournaments. Picture 'I'il1lC H'l1z1t are you looking at? f-'La' Resting? Six o'clock in the morning. f' . I. C WVatch Twclvc dclock at night 'Qin .nn birdie. XVIIC-l'c's thc- food? Swing your partner. Pose! And he did. Kd Jw. ff fa 5 'N Q E3 G tupcn . ' , W Cr-95 Q I YAVW W ,. I X C rx I 3 un: . if-5' A 'M' 1E.'fff' 4 gnu! E SLAB!! A ' -" - "if , ,, L 'P "- soars, g t Q I "lil 'A' l ' i- D - wtwlgp i 4 f' N A N fa" GV' A - Q owes. F LUUEN 1 U Am? tgnhfp? Q LfU'5,.'5 , . cr-:sf 1 1 ,CUHPSA -V f corn-us K: .. Y 4 I Y t 4 l ' f . f 4 f f D 7 516 inf X .-'nts ll. z ' . - ' lk Q I l . L i I X A . ml D' .1 ,.,,annll- 1 ? 7 5 A 2 g X 5 a BO S l6AG6l2 COQ S, ' ' ROVV l: Frank Chesla, Ernie Delco, jell Rencliler, Dick Armagost, lloyd XVerner, Harry Kipl- miller, George Mast, Jim Holliday. ROXV 2: Scope Davis, Dick Payne, Hlayne hlllfllll, Bob Henson, Fred Karr, Dick Gibbs, jim Anderson, Ronald Wilde, Coach Anderson. The purpose of the Boys' Leader Corps is to take boys interested in athletics and give them a chance to lead other boys. The members help in the boys physical education classes by supervising and demonstrating. They also gave an exhibition of tumbl- ing between the halves of the basket- ball game on February 13. The ollicers for both semesters were: President, Jelf Rentschlerg Vice President, Ernie Delco: and Secretary, jim Holliday. Although the German Club did llOt meet during the Grst semester, did organize in January for an ac- tive semester with eleven members. The members took turns in pro- viding programs for the meetings or in bringing in friends who had re- cently traveled in Germany to speak to them. The programs consisted of reports by students of German mu- sic, science, and customsg and all were illustrated by pictures or mu- sical records whenever possible. RON' l-Elizabeth Wandel, Katherine Rt-mpp. judy lingelke. Beth Hammond. Mary -lane Francis. Elaine Shepard. Ruth hlCllgCl'. Miss Rieger. ROW 2-Margaret Melmer, Bill H2lIZ2lI'tl, Herman XVilke, lilsie Nonnemacher. '41 , 1 if , span: h cluts rfb XS l N is X1uStctnbug x Ru 1 Xllll Nluhlitncr N ' ng,cC css lim SIJCilxLlS and 1 Llll'lIlC1 fOl mcm bers :it the end of the second semes ter were both activities on the aff da of the Spanish Club this school year of l952-1953. Spanish dances and music also entertziined its mem bers this year. A booth at the bian nual .-XAHS czirnivzll was the ctlulfs mum project Nlembers ol the Archery Club II1CLl to proxc themsclxcs bettu th in XX ilh im e this ycu Hltll 111 then uct 1 Each club clay one could find thcm down on the rifle lllllgfl trxing to SCOIC th'1t elusive 54 RON N iss Hxrncx R t1 Prior X nu H tr Nlnx Xlinitr nlfhlll Mhipl s 1n1ic gl x stone C1rol lx uufm in Ot it lx mlm in Bill X4l'll'l19 RON C :rl Clrsttns Robtrli Rcexcs Xhlmu I mme met xxll1lxClll tus Birb Rumen Dorothx Hunttr Hugh Correll 1. x A ji Lnlhco - fxncheny cluts 'l S ' l Rifle Club as usual had a large membership Partici pants in this organi f1lfl0'l5llUt certain amounts 01' :uunmni tion on the rifle range, which is situated near the oiler room. Members also competed in shooting contests against schools in the region. SQUARE oance ClLlB RON ROV' ROM ROM' Purple and white plus many other colors swirled around the annex floor while the square dance club was inmotion. The members paired off into couples and danced to square dance records. Mr. Clifford , H VCYY good dancer, led the members through many dances. ,xii Mr. B. Reed, Dick Freeman, Yern Stilson, Patty Keene, jim Hardy, Dick Gobbs, Mr. Barclay. 'l om Nell. Wayne johnson. Beth Brousalis, Sara Schumacher, Ann Niacallister, Pam Magnon, Bill Daxis, Raymond Gralnn, Don XYaldo. Ron Mcillaren, Sandra Weich, Nancy 'lravis. Judy lingelke, Mary jane Francis, Nancy Colwell, Shirley Michelfelder, l-lllen Ciarow. Lyle Laidlaw, Rod Dick, lfred Nonneinatlu-r. Clarence Partin, Belly Ileger, Sam Morgan Gary Briegel, Halter Xowauk, l,c-on L-auss, llharles Yan Sinkel, Don Brown, Bob johnson, Ron Richard, Doug Brief, 'loin Engel. Food, food, and more food was the main project of the Chef's Club this year. Its mem- bers prepared a number of "delicious" meals for them- selves as part of the activities of this organization. The food might not have tasted like it came from Charles of the Ritl, but the members had fun pre- paring it. chefs clue Row Row Row Row Row Row 2- - Mary Ann Rogers, Nancy Naylor, Ellen Press, Betty Whitchurch, Linda Pfiflner, jan Orwig, jean Couper, Pat Perigo. joyce Barr, Berky Blashheld, Anne james, Sue Dutil, Marie Larson, Margaret Weinert, Marina Carras. -Sue Barlow, Margaret Cahill, Dorothy Kazmaier, Sherrill Sparks, Demetra Preketes, Sandra Le Seur. -Sandra Ulrich, Trenna 'Edmunson, Elaine Fritz, Marie Brumley, Marialice Could, Marilyn Cox. -Carol Young, jerry Butler, june johnson, jim Mayer. -Sylvia Whitley, Gertrude Wente, Shirley Draper, Bill Blashheld, Darlene Lewis, Mary jo Lantis, Pat Bucholz. ROY! l-Leroy RCl4'lll'lllJCl'gQ'T. Bob .xll1llllS, Ron Buddy. Vern Cook, XX 2-jim Shairer, Jim Grant, Otto Moehrlc, Lee Hirth, Klaus l--' " ians lVagner, George Abbot. ROYV 3-Ken McConnell, H'oody Ziegler, . .rnet, Fred- Foster, james RACIG "3'4S me Assisting members in theory and code so they may qualify for what is known as a novice radio amateur license was one of the main activi tics of the i iw I if ' WA, Radio Club this year. The purpose of the club is to pro- mote among students interest and provide necessary equipment lor advancement in radio communi cation, ClUB Forcing spring-blooming shrubs such as pussywillows and forsythia was a major activity of the Flori- culture Club this year. Its members planted seeds and bulbs, which later they transplanted to their own gardens at home. The Detroit Flow- er Show was also a big event this year. The club attended the Easter lily show at Neilson's greenhouses and visited Ann Arbor gardens and greenhouses during the semesters. ROW I-Pal Crawford, Miss jensen, Marv Rehan, Joyce Ruby. ROW 2-Barbara Zurakowski, Donna Waterbury, Barbara Behnke, Mary Richardson. The ten members led by Gai Nordman after school Hledne carried on many projects and activ- ities. Among the outstanding activi- ties are a recognition service, splash party, rumor clinic, holiday parties, and sending candy to Korea. The purpose of the Y-Teens is to radiate a spirit of friendliness, to be truth- ful, earnest, and to have high ideals at all times. Row l-Gail Nordman, Miss Bartz, Glenna Sunday Row 2-Dorothy Miller, Mary jo Kinsey Row 3-Emily Gordon I I' 5 The annual tea on St. Patrick's Day for the faculty, attending the regional meeting in Ypsilanti for luture teachers clubs all over the southeastern section of Michigan, and attending a baseball game: all were main events on the Future Teachers Club's agencla this year. A bake sale to earn money to go to St. Nlary's Lake to attend the state meeting was another important project. To learn about the teach- ing profession is the main purpose of the club. futune teachens cluts RON' I-llobbv Bracllex, Sxlxia Hzlisler. iulx XYart RON' L-'L ' ' . 1 1 - .1 . . ' I xiaNlill:ir4l.C1zirolxn llraullml RON' f- 'ax' I Y. IS Nlclllc RON' l--Ann fiUillL'y.NUl'Ill1l Cionklin, blozinn lflllll, Nliss Harcling. lilezmor Kui RON' 2AK:1ll1leen Sweet. Paula llracllwtiry, Virginia SIl'lJl'l'l. Xlillie cill2llIllll'l'llIl. I.Il1l Don l'lll'2lll0f llolcome. RON' 3-llzlrlmra Hodges. Gratis: SlllL'lllCl', Nlarfean l'urclx, I'al Seeq' . 'Q ' mstcm. l'hx Xlcrmlt, lf IZUIURS I mf: :- as 4 ? IYA NURSES ClUB T hc St ite Future Nutscs Rallx helcl at Flint on flCl0llCl '7 was one of thc mam nts on this xc it twenclt for the Future Nurses Club. Guest speakers :incl hlms on nursinff also kept the club members busv, The club's main project was raising money to buy smocks. Boxes for the over- seas needy was the main project of the Junior Red Cross committee this year. Homerooms hlled the boxes, which contain- ed articles that make life more pleasant. ROXV ROW' ROV' ROYV ROYV ROXV Conservation club is devoted to edu- cating its members in preserving the wild fauna and flora of the United States. Talks and movies helped put this idea across. Row l-Cliff Westerman, Karen Keller, Ann Morley, Larry Snyder. Row 2-Sue Prakken, Berta Miller, joan Hansen, joanne Bateson, Nancy Hague, Martha Crary. Row 3-Bill Raeburn, jim Hibbard, Mr. Rosemergy. Row 4-Elwood Hansen. RED CROSS -Dave Myers, Karen Aldrich, Elaine Fritz. jim Herbert. Earl Bryant. -Mr. Sonandras, Ethel Conner, Joanne llateson, Virginia Seibert, Donna Steeb, Stella Misner. -Melinda Patton, Patty Krale, Phyllis Vogel, Nlarialice Gould. Kathleen Koch. -Norma Conklin, Lucille Stilson, Marian Keene, Judy Kabot, joan Sanford, Tena Mae H'illiams. -Francis Steffy, Donna Dally, Pat Bileti, Sue Gay, Caryl Pryor, Elaine Green. -Nancy Hunter, Kent Howe, Bob Miller, Doug Pittman, Norma Lovelace. ROW' RON RON RON ilvl .BX visit to the Briggs Plant was one ol' the activities slated for the Scrib- blers Club this year. The club mem- bers also made a scrap book, which was a new project. As usual the or- ganization sold basketball schedule pencils. SCl2IBBl6I2S clue ROW l-Lou Richardson, Dolores Nagel, Nancy Wenk, Barbara Geiger, Dorothy lfisher, Velma Seylrietl. ROW 2-loyce Filkc-ns, Nanty Heusel, Marlene Kolantler, Virginia Brewer 'lheltna George, Donna Daily, Bexerly Nagel, Eleanor Sautter. ROW 3-Mrs. Straight, Ruby 'l'onnta, l.ona jayne, Sally Wheeler, joan Lambarth, Doris Fritz, Qgraldinq Zahn, ROW 4-Angela Maas, Betty Frey, Alice Close, Mary Taylor, Shirley Elsifor. CAMERA Cav ones Kay Lansky Eric Aupperle, jerry Barclay, jim Stimpson, Mr. Buell. Bob Lnesav Dan Shumaker Dase Nichols, Dorothy Wiese, Mayme YValker, Emily Gordon Donna Steeb Bill jackson Fred Thompson George Kempf, Kent Howe, john Ladish, Kelsey Ramey joe Loukotka Eldon Van Liere Peter Kleg. 'leaching its inexperienced members how to take and develop good pictures was the main objective of time Camera Club this year. Demonstrations were fc? given and hnished prints were shown to its members. The members' main pro- ject during the school year of '32 and '53 was the making of walletesized prints of the athletic teams, which were sold the students. CAITISRA Clll , f x 1 t, " " f " f li N If 1 X 'AM , .i 44 X 3 I x P- , 1 , 'Q , f lf , P I ft P5 V . 1 -f X Wat. Q IMA., ,wvxx-1,1 7, 4 A X' 1' f i-ga '-,C - w- ff?-RS-Y 1 ft'-gif' A J' V " V1 vf - " lzfbkf ' h A jiiff- :af AV, ' M ,EW-W fesffa. V, E A Q '34 U ov Q , - G - I W rv? "Wi ' u , .., . at , .as ,Civ so ' "' ' Geraldme Blakely, Sue Prakken ....... .,...... .... P r residents Mane I arson Barb WVhittaker... ....4.. ,,,,... I fice Presidenls Dorothy Hunter, Dolores Peterson .....,., ,.,. ..,,.,, S e cretarys ., , .....,.... President .. .. ...... Vice President Secretary I YQ 'T 3 I I l Once again the Girls' and Boys' NVashington Clubs started out at 6:30 a.m. for the city of New York. This time they left on April 4, however. After spending three days in the fair-sized "village," the "troop" traveled by the B. Pc O. Railroad to XVashington, D.C., where the members of the club viewed the historic and patriotic sites of the United States. "The King and I" and Radio City Music I'Iall's Easter pageant were seen by the seniors in New York. ,ff i f V" 1 f 'X I s Q A I ,X 1 , 1 az' S Y n.Nsf"ln. . , ,- Q l V ff". Xl-M A s Q 14145735 "T2i, 'l .f fy-'45 j- .QV T Vx 3 .give -5 ag , .Q ran, ORGANI- ZAUQHS Considering the swiltness ol time and the changes it has wrought, we leel deeply indebted to the school in providing outside activities in accord- ance with the frequent wishes. Iiach year has brought something new lor the student body to observe and in which to participate. 'lihe experiences and good tunes we have shared with our fellow students and laculty spon- sors are now lllCIllO!'lCS, but these ino- rnents will obviously relnain as cheer- lul reminders ol by-gone days. '1'he school publications, xnusical groups, Student Council, Speech .Xctivitics and all other outside organizations have provided us with valuable experience in group cooperation and responsi- bility. Being a part of a system which requires these two attributes has aided each of us in developing characteriss tics ol a mature and an open-minded adult. OITIGQA Tx Q' ,.4' "' 'l'his business of putting out an JO ANN PRINDI-E ELLEN PRESS Omega is hard work. Editor-in-chief Assoczate l'dzt0r ci- Q 'X r"4 if v, E 'U O I Q I '1- L --.A v ,L i, Q So far one has seen how this year book has again prospered under the guidance of Il dainty iron hand. This Omega can be attributed to the ingenuity and un- derstanding ol JoAnn Prindle and Ellen Press, Editor and Assistant Editor, respec- tively. Tom Kauper, Business Mztnager, regulated the "purse strings" in a grand manner. "Shutter Happy" Bill Robinson and Kent Howe polished up their lenses to produce one of the best shows ever developed for the Omega, for the pic- tures are the part of the book that is most scrutinized. There were other de- partments, however, nrt, literary, and , 1 any...- Q vi guess 'Q Wh0 ,Eg Q: ty' 3 TOXI lx -XUPER Busmess Illanager ff-at Xltmbtrs of the staff in one of their lighter nionients. clerical, which carried a good share of the load. Everyone on the stall, however, worked to help in any one of the depart- ments. Elizabeth Yllenzel, Connie New- man, Suzanne Dutil, Vivian Hutton, Betty YVarren, and Marv Katz were the seniors on the staff. Lauretta Atkisson was the junior Editor. The advisors, Mr. Sonandres and Mr. Granville were "jacks of all trades." They did anything from cutting and pasting to supplying taxi service. The staff has been a close and "enterf taining" group with the ambition to construct an interesting book of mem- ories. BILL ROBINSON Photographer . y I 5i "XVell, I think it should be done this way." .H S ie business staff confers. ef A S 1 F" B 3 'AVNCQ swf' xi W' Advisors R 0b on Cr ti X r an 1-me - KJ -I -... X SANDRA HUGHES KATHERINE. Associate Editor A-XRGERSINGE11 Business Alanager janet IVinkelhaus expertly guided the Optimist stalI this year in the gathering and writing of Ann Arbor news. Sandra Hughes has full credit due for her fine job as Associate Editor. Along with Philip Buchanan, advisor, these girls and the entire Optimist stalf gathered ina- terial for the extra edition ol the paper during the campaign for the new schools, These papers were distributed through- out the junior high and elementary schools as well as Ann Arbor High. Contributing to the success of this year, were the page-editors: IVihna Larinee, ANN ARBOR HIGH SCHOOL Ann Arbor. Michigan All-American N.S.P.A., 1935-48-A19 EDITOR ........,..... .,.. J anet Winkelhaus ASSOCIATE EDITOR ,... , . . .Sandra Hughes ADVISOR ............, .... P hilip Buchanan BUSINESS ADVISOR. , . . , . . Kenneth Greer BUSINESS MGR. ......,, Katherine Argersinger AD SOLICITORS ...,.......,.. Anne Morrow, Prudy Lippert, Page Hallett FIRST PACE EDITOR ......... XVHIIIII I.ar1nee SECOND PAGE EDITORS ,.,.. Carol Sevebcek, Anne jones THIRD PAGE EDITOR .... Caroline jackson SPORTS EDITOR .,.....,.....,.,. Bob Creal PHOTOGRAPHER .,,.,. ...... K ent Howe COPY EDITOR .,.,..... ..,. j anis Silverstone CIRCULATION MGR. .,., ...... I 'era French TYPIST ............... .... D orothy Hunter Carrol Scvclzt-ck, .Xnnc Alrnivs, :intl Clztrnl -Iztrkson. Huh Crm-:tl kt-pt thc sports pztgc' in topfnotch mntlitiun as dial Ku ROW I: Philip Bncltunzni, KC'IlllClil Gr:-cr ROW 2: Ann juries. Clantnl Sexe- hctk, Sttntlru Hughes, janet Winklt-hgnm. Kathy .Xt'gct'sittg,gu', , . . Xxlilllil l.iIl'lllCL', Huh fre-:tl ROW fi: Kin Hattninli. Margie llllllllh Nfznrqitrct X1tI.Qlllgiliill, Sonia Stzsslrcif, I.l'!l0lL' D.niS, YL-lat hc-nch, I,1ll'lf Anticxtu, jztniu- Silxcrstotlc- ROW Al: 'Im' Hom-. Hill Ilxulxml, Ann Nlurrmv, llrrnnzi Yrctit-nic, Page Hullctt, I-Qlztinc Green. Caroline Dictcrle, D u r 0 L h y Hunter .Xrgc-rsittgcr thc finztnciztl clt-pzn'tnit-nt. ' -il D The vxpvrt piiotogrxtpliy mn hc ztttrihut- -1, ctl to Bill Robinson and Kent Howe. 'L QQ , - Despite thc last niinntc rushing to 5 T I X thc printcrs :md hectic inc-cting of dcztd- fi igiwcxxwan K. GL Iincs, thc stuff agrees that this yt-:tr has X' MWKSO' Advlkoier ht-cn most proclnctivc and cnjoyzthlc. If any rczrtlcr oi' this :article clot-sn't think The hard-working sports editor working on thc Ontiniist ', ' , spvnding an eighth ' ' - " officcj hc editor gives :tn opinion. 'UM' X 1315 , I, X f 1 stuoent council 'Ernst e GSIGR, RUM' I-Nlr. Curr, jainice Orwig. ji111 lleailml. Xlllll' AIZIHICS, Delores l-111111s, l':liI2liJl'lil XYCIIICI. 2-Dolores Peterson, Nlzirie l.lll'40ll. Caryl Bork. jzlnice linglisli, janet Powers, Grace jolmslon. joyce I,0gCI'ljlllSl. Sully Fox. RON' 95-Rolwerlu Reexew. Xl:1ril111 Cox. Pruclx Liimperl. K2ll'Cll Ou-rlmeck. Pill Kmh. ROM' ROM' -1'l'1li2illl'L'S NIcC1z1ll:1. Berky Blzlslilielmll Gerlrumle Wenle. l'z111lz1 Brziclhury, Allll Bighy, jflllllll lizirly. llhilrlene Koch, Kirnlizi Smelller. ROXV 5-jerry XVhitc. Cari Vogel. lizirl Crabtree. lfrz111k Nlueller. Tom linglc, Chuck Zill, Bob Finkheiner. jack Lousmri. ROM' 6-Hzlrlan Haywood. Mike Scih111id. jlbllll NIcMilli11, jack Nelson. ROM' 7-Harold :ll'lxlll0OKlj'. jeff Hare. Bill XYClll'llill, Fred Karr. Pele Forsythe, Bill Darwin, jerry Baker, Charles Yun Sickle. stuoent council 'secono se esten RON' ROXV RON' ROXV ROXV ROV' Mr. Curr. Marie l,1ll'SUll. ji111 Hezllml, .Xime FIZIIIICS. Delores lixzniw. Kathy .Xl'gL'l'QlllgR'l'. Xlz1riI1n Cook, Crntiu Smelller. xl2ll'g2ll'Cl Weinerl. Nizirleiie Kcihl, ,Xllll Bighy. Clizirlene Koch, Hildegurrle Mnecler. jucly lingelkc, Nznicy Hziurer. Gail Primlle, l'ilC1lll0l' Guthrie, Sue Pierce. jzirquie jzrques, Peggy Schlechl, Kl2ll'gllTCl Welke. Dorothy Hunlwork, S:111clr:1 Fox, Clzirice Larsen. Frzinfes Mcflullzi, Ilizmc Butlin. joan Crzihxree, jozm Tziylor. Page Hallett. Vera Fl'CllC'il. janis Silverstone, lflllilllf l"l'lll. Pal Kelly, junicc Colmhnmi. Tim Flower, Ricky Phelps. Nuiuy Klolwell, Ruth xxllll Mulilitner. jllixllll Ellis. Ray Gross, Bill Hauarcl. Pele Forsythe, Tom Eglc, Bill XYe11ricl1. 9ff if NN JUIES JINI Hh Xl D DELORES LV ws Pfeslde VICE President Secrelmy 5111061112 COUl1Cll Though tl1ere was only one c1ll lm l11l1y sltters on electlon cl IV the counell l1ad otl1er 111e ms mth xx h1el1 to help the chne lox neu schools 11115 15 just o11e example of a sueeesslul llllllkllllxlllg ol hllll xllllll H11 hs student LOllllC,ll this year The Pxoneexs l10lllLL0llllllg eeleln 1t1o11 111 Nose111l1er 1lso scored wuth the spectaculir COIlllllJl1Il0I1 ol 1 queen llns 511111155 hehnnd the seennng COlllllSlOll produced by tl1e e 1rn1v1l tl1e1e ws lb lIlXllllllDlK Plllllllllg xshnh IS tl1e 5t111el11d and usu1l p1 1et1ee ol Xnn X1l1o1 H1 l1s student uel1111111st1 lll0ll RON 1 NIJTIC I lrson Xnnc .nnes nn llellcl Delorex PNIIIS fm , -1. ,..4.-,,..- v'--' ,, 1 'MYWM K U M .1-...H-.-.-W ROM l Sally Renlsrhler Cxn1h1a Allen Bewerly Smnh Caryl Prxor Cay Lnermore Iilxzabelh ll andel Noreen C usnne Dan Schumacher ROV 2 Pat Nflsmger Pal hseher Shuley Wvorrcll Nlarv Kill FI"lllClS Suenon P11 Duul Leonard Ford Boll Halloway Sandra Va11 Doren Sue Seruce RON' 3 erry XNJXIIIJII Ken lcppo Soma ilashelf Dunun Pnssou Xlm ones olm Heussler l-d K alagher Xlarx Potter Nuke Yvoodhurne Doug l 111111111 Dnryl Hunes 1m MLl'.uhern lloh johnson Harrw Kerr 10111 Kauper Crug Broun Playing a trombone is hard work or so it seems lor the hllh COIISLCIIIIXL xc 11 the bind 501 1 he 1d slut on the 1ct111t1es ol the school se 1r hx Slllllllllllf 1 meek lll Xuvust ll the 1111101111 11111s1c camp 1t Intu lochen XI1cl11g111 Il11s lllllSlC3l org'1111 llll0ll spent the 11111e 111 Pl 1ct1c111g lOl 111 lll0ll5 lllll steps The 111'11'cl1i11g lJ'illll lJCI'llOl'lllS llllllffl' -cli1'1-111011 1l lo 1 'terry " '111 ' -' I' ' - e Lewis 'mc Q ' 111 S1ollstei111er '11 '1ll ol' the fool 1' ya les. 'l'l1- hand IJ1ll'llCllJ1ll' i11 L'11i1'e1'sity of NllClllg2lll hand day, led the Hz1llowe'e11 parade, played at all of the pep rallies and at the basketball games. The EllgClllllill Visual EllllC2iIlOll Service asked the hand to provide a sound 11'z1c'k lor the lll0YlCS taken in Octo- ber i11 order Lo use the llllll for llClllOll- slrznlion p111'l1oses. fx-.fin ROXV 4: Beverly Gray, Dave Parr, Barbara Garner, Donna Yredexoe, Courtney Smith, Don Zemke, Cynthia Brown, 'Iom Chandler, l-'rank Crawford, Max Miller, llob Nollsinger. jim Herbert, WValter Ryan, Keith PCIIPTHIC, Don llrown, Ricky Phelps, Frank Nlueller, Nan Eneriek, jack Pelton, Alan Shephard, Otto Moehrly, Bob Geiser, jack Steiner. Werner W ietzel. joe Loultotka, Jim Anderson, Dan Lyons, 'lom Sauer, Martha Stockard, Marty Belser, Bob Miller, Patil Volz, Pat Barnes, jerry Barclay, jim Hardy, Chris Chase, Keith Campbell. RON' 5: This tuba is heavy! The concert band presented assembly programs at both Ann .-Xrbor High and Tappan junior High and made record- ings for use by the Ann Arbor figure skating Club. Other projects included receiving a first division rating at the district niusie festival, going to the state contest, and playing at graduation. The band worked particularly hard on the annual "Bands In Review" program held in Hill .'xllClll0l'llllll, in order to help raise money to go to Chicago in July in order to aid in representing Ann Arbor and the state of Michigan at the International Lions Club convention. Officers for this year were: Shirley lVor- rell, treasurer: Gay I.ix'ermore, President: Nan Eraerick, Treasurer: Pat Noffsinger and Sally Rentschler, librariansg Darryl Haynes, unifor'n manager. RO W ROWV ROW ROXV Kay Mangan. Janis English, julie Palmer. Martha Riendeau. Vercilee Haywood, Harriett Howard, joann Stollsteimer, Sandra Sutton, Carolyn Cummiskey, Charlene Koch, Sandra Warner, Mr. Merrill. Minnie Shelby, Angela Nubling, Barbara Barclay. Pat Clark, Beverly Richards. jean Couper, Sue Butler, Delores McCants, Cynthia Scott, Ruth Metzger, Anneward Ashley, Barbara Wvhitaker. Barbara Cope, janice Vantlerberg, Kay Hannah. Gratia Smeltzer. Mary Burgh, Marialice Gould, june johnson, Sandra Ulrich. Ann Copley. Bernadine Calvert, Nancy Colwell. Eleanor Kuhn, Sandy Fox, Ada Waterbury, Patty Keene. Mayme Walker, Barb XVhipps, Carol Kaufman, Cora Morton, Ann Perkins. jo Ann Ellis, Mary Alice Muhlitner, Gretchen Pegan, Sharron Mitchell, Margaret Welke. Charlene Schaadt, Lois Pratt, Ardys Sharp, Joyce Brann, Sandra Wietesh, Betty Adams. Joann Early, Lida Stark, Martha Olin. cantanoo Directed by Mr. John Merrill are the fifty-eight members of the Cantando choir. These female warblers have participated in many performances this year. The M. E. A. Golden jubilee meeting at Ypsilanti was one of the first out-of-town appearances. Among those in Ann Arbor the Midwest Conference before 1500 music educators of the north central United States was one of the most important. Its members were also honored with an invitation to accompany the U. of M.'s WVomen's Glee Club in the 'Passion According to St. Matthew" in conjunction with the combined U. of M. choruses and orchestra. In May the Cantando attended the state-wide musical festival in Lansing and was a part of the annual "Spring Sing." Aside from these "regulars", they were re- sponsible for a concession at the bi-ennial school carnival held in the spring. ROW 1-Mr. Merrill, Barbara Hodges, Nancy Bank, Laura Hardin. juanita Anderson, joyce Ruby, jackie Balas, Delores Evans, Catherine Horning, Hildegarde Maeder, Sylvia Haisley, judy Harberd. ROW 2-Connie Newman, Malinda Patton, Lauretta Atkisson. Mary Ann Rogers, jane Haight, Anne james, Marina Carras, Linda Pfiffner, Dorothy Kazmaier, Caroline jackson, Carol Bock. ROW 3-Elizabeth Wemel, Marilyn Kauffman, Vera French, Ann Frinkle, Ruth Ann Mulh- litner, joy Myers, Diane Chadsey, Dorothy Huntwork, Maribeth Riley, Mary jane Francis, Minerva Chizek. ROW 4-Gerri Blakely, Sherrill Sparks, Bessie Miller, Donna Dally, Virginia Brewer, Lou Rice, Demetra Preketes, Caryl Dumond, Barbara Bunten, Betty Warren, Martha Stockard, Pat Kelly. ROW 5-Don Franklin, Earl Bryant, jerry Waxman, Hugh Cowan, Sam Edwards, Ed Bottum, Dick Sleet, jim Weldon, jim Heald, Dick Couper, Bob Smith, jim Hardy, Bill Hall. ROW 6-jerry Baker, Tom Burd, Frances Stienon, Pete Gilbert, Dan Gulden, Pete Bailey, Doug Pryor, Lyle Andress, Bob Hensen, Gary Briegel. Bill Hazzard, Mike Ehnis. a Capella The members of the A Capella choir, num- bering approximately seventy-hve, opened the season with the operetta by Victor Hubert, "The Red Mill." From the successful perform- ances grew the proceeds which were combined with the contribution from the P-T.,-X. to pur- chase new choir robes. Besides attending the Midwest Conference in the All State Chorus and planning for numerous public appearances, the State Festi- val at Lansing increased in number with their participation. "lVords" by Dubois was pre- sented for our own enjoyment in the Easter Assembly. Because of our ideal location near the U. of M., there have been tremendous opportunities to take part in their musical productions. The exclusive "Passion According to St. Matthew" by Bach, which corresponds to the "Messiah" in musical grandeur, is one of the music school's productions in which A Capella, along with other high school choirs, took part. The boys. MQ' Hold still! anww if f iff N lf 1,1 ,.- f 1 K U W Camera shy J5- FOUI' pin ups. y . n Q 9' A 1 Him ir. 1 , ,u Q he ef ,sf A ' fl P' l fi Night of january 16th the unior Play of the class of 53 was something nets md diilcr ent Contrary to tradition the house lights were on at all times and there ins no or ehestra or band music 'lhe play takes place in a New Xoik Cm Superior Court It is a trial of karen Xnche accused of murdering a financial haion Bjorn Faulkner Many chruactei wsitncsscs 4 il led to the stands hy the mo lmxers idd ui dence and comedy to the IJIOCCLdlllES X ui 11 must hue a jury 'Ihe jury for the play ws is chosen from the audience lhcy actually h id to retire and decide on a verdict The cast rendered rem xrkable perform mccs in an adult play the night of Januatz 16th Dorothy Kazmaier. .... ........ lx aren Andre Sue Burris ..,.,.....,.. Larry Snyder .,.,.. .., Prison illatron ., zmfzfff Lindsay Sedwick A. ..,. . . ,,..,,...,....,.. full L Healh Bill lVCSiCI'I1l'lIl ..,r Pat Kelly ........... r... Douglas Pryor ..,. . Gordon Morrow ....r.. Dislrict Attorney Flint s,.......,,..,,. His Secretary ,Clerk of the Onrrt ..... Doctor Kirl'Iancl Barbara Huntwork ..,, ... .... .....,. i llrs. Holin 0 Tom Sauer ,....s,.. ,,..,,,.. Larry Arnet ,.,.... Mary Minier r,.... Ann Morley... Frank Brosnan s s Jerry lVagner, H Lois Maugh ..r......... Martha Stockard ., Sue Dutil ,.,,,,.,,,...., Frank Pope ..s. .. . . Marie Brumleyr, ., Homer Ian Iflcct ...wljlrner Sneency ., Nancy I"nz4Il'ncr , . . ...A .. Allllffdfl Sziensmz john fifflllfllll ll'l11'I ield Defense Atty. Stevens .,,. .,.. H is Secrelary . ,,,. jane Chandler Sigrid jznzgquist . ., Larry Regan Roberta Van Rensselaer Caryl Dummond r.,r ......r,.. .... s , ,Stenograplrer Paul Reeves ..... .,..,, ....,..... .....r . .,.... P 0 I iceman Lou Rice, Barbara Y Vhipps , ,.,. , Prompters "Arsenic and Old Lace," this year's Senior play, was presented by the class of in Pattengill Auditorium in December. Two old maids, Abbie and Martha Brew- ster, think it is their duty to poison all un- happy old nien. Teddy, their nephew, is a bit crazy and thinks he is Teddy Roosevelt. Ile digs the "Panama Canal" in the basement, and disposes of all the murdered gentlemen, whom he thinks are yellow fever victims, in the locks. Mortimer, the youngest nephew, discovers his aunts' idiosyneracy, but is de- terred from a solution by a business trip. XVhile he is away, jonathan, another nephew, returns home with the body of a man he has murdered. The hard work of the cast, Mr. Dawson, and the production crew, resulted in a very well- coordinated romantic comedy. ARSGUIC A110 olo lace Ann Morley Beverly Richards Janis Silverstone Dick Mayers .. Bill Robinson . Larry Arnet .,.,,.,, . Harold Downey Bruce Rockman Doug Pryor. .,,.....,.., . Carl Fiegel ..,...., . Francis Stienon Craig Brown Pete Gilbert ..,..., . . Martha Brewster ...Abby Brewster Elaine Harper Mortimer Brewster jonathan Iirezrsier Teddy Brezuster Brophy .. Einstein ........Mr. Gibbs . Dr. Rev. Harper ...................O'Hara ......KIein .. Dr. Witlzerspoorz Rita Pryor, Barbara XVhipps ......... .. Prmnpters E, luf.'LnlLffu: .1 'Ye ROWS' l-Sue Dutil, Ron Pollock, Geraldine LeTendresse, l-lil Bot- tinn, Sue Cary. ROV' 2ANfr. Cary, Happy Ilemp- hill, Delores Etans. AIN IGIIIC ADO nOl1'A1Ihl6IlC BOARDS The non-athletic board IHUSL ap- prove all class and school parties and new clubs, occasionally it finds it necessary to finance clubs which are bankrupt. All extra-curricular activities of the school, with the ex- ception of athletic activities, are the N.A.B. Board's charges. The board is composed of the principal, two faculty members, and three stu- dents. ,,.1..-- 7 f TPM ,f T 3 OGBA116 The 1952-1953 debate squad, accord- ing to its coach, Mr. Donald Gary, was the best the school has had in seven years. The team won dual matches from Jackson, Battle Creek, and Lansing Sexton, to give it the 5-A championship. In the Forensic League the squad qualified for the regionals, where it lost out in the first debate. 5'A CNAITIDS Row l- Xfr. Schreiber. Marie Larson, V11 Reed. Row 2' Bill lYenriqh, ,lt-fl Hare. Toni Iingle. .fd A' 1 lily.: 1 Lively bunch! Story Hour V yi-W Q Ml, ' Uck! Grease paint. AW Nlzm :md His Boat E xf TCI ' W, '-my 6.4 '20 'Y Comfy? 4 I . x f i qv 1 lim wzntclx out for thc tcuchcr in-. One of Hank's oratoricals Come along with us WU 1 f ' ' ' ani ,V f r., if 11+ GQ, SPORTS The importance of individuality has long been acceptedg but having the ability to become part of a team thus strengthening both the individual and a group, is a strong characteristic in any person. Through the years iX..X.ll,S. has tried to develop this spirit of shared cooperation in all ol' its students: however in no held has it been so successful as in sports. Com- petition, of course with a will to win, combined with a feeling of good sportsmanship, are prominent atti- tudes the athletic department imparts to its teams. So successful has this pro- gram been that the entire student body has become a part of it. School spirit developed along this line is above reproach, and A.A.H.S. can have a feeling of pride for both team and student spectator at a competitive event. Doubtlessly under the guidance of the athletic Coaches and faculty, as well as the student leaders, school spirit and sports will continue to re- present the high values and demo- cratic ideals our faculty and advisors have instilled within us. FWD QPEOF COFICZQPS Ann Ann Ann Ann Ann Ann Ann Ann Arbor Arbor Arbor Arbor Arbor Arbor Arbor Arbor , Chicago Fenger Bay City Handy Lincoln Ferndale . Lansing Sexton .. Battle Creek Lansing Eastern Ypsilanti Jackson , N i fx A X fffi,X 4'o state ano 5 a champ :gay yfv-1, K Row Row Row Row Row Bob Hensen, jerry Barclay, Clill XVesterman, Bob Parker, john Kagay, Hugh Corrcll. Bill Adams, Don Franklin, Gordie Morrow, Hathaway Gulley. Bill Green. jim Mayer, Harry Shore, 'l'om Sibert, Garth Rowland, Capt. Martin Baker, George Pullen, john Batsakes, jolm Smith, joe Bone. T.h, ratner laul Clifford, Line Coach Scope Davis. lirnie Delco, Doug Bock, I-'rank Mayfield, George Cress, Duane Calvert, Lionel jackson, Bill Hobbs, james Bancroft. Head Coach Hank Fonde, l-Ind Coach Frank Kline, Tom Couper, jerry Leith, loin Brooker, Stan Larmee. Stuart May, jack Lousma, lid Hahn, Tom Leith. john Nielinss. Mgr. Eddie XVinkler. Mgr. Bob Creal. john Hedlesl-ay, Dirk Sleet, Bill Royce, Dirk XYilliams, Bill llirkle, Kenny Nelson, Bob St. Clair, Mgr. Dick Ham, Mgr. john lVessinger. ARSIIZ l:OOtBAll By consensus of opinion Ann Arbor lligh was acclaimed "S'l'.X'l'l1 CHAXNIP- lONS" for 1952. Eight straight victories entitled the Pioneers to this recognition. For the fourth straight year the Pioneers won the 5-.X League championship, and in doing so extended their unbeaten string in the league play to seventeen games. In the four years that Hank Fonde has been coaching at .Xnn .-Xibor, the Pioneers have lost only one game and tied another. Leading this year's delegation was Captain Marv Baker. who played bril- liantl for the Pioneers all season. Amon-' the ulavers receixinw' state listings, 5 , 5 5 Baker, john Batsakes, and Ernie Delco were most prominent. .-Xlso mentioned were: Gordie Morrow, Bill Adams, George Pullen, 'l'om Seibert, john liagay, and Hugh Correll. It was a great season for everyone connected with the team. 415 L V, 'Dwi' .sv ,, wif H52 I r 0' I . -I A 93 'sr Q Q 'Jang ' v .F f 3 K fb? 2 43 ' 43, .5 , I r 2 .I .... f-' 'fl 4 L 1 W 4- L 0 ffl: . 1 kms . 1 Wm. 'ww' . Q 1 nw? " Q1 an i A pf Y Baker scores agamst Bay City Handy. A ,, A .14 , ff, , f . A ff A 'A ' ' U ' yi-1: 1,1 ' ' dfj , Egg f' . 1' 'fl 5 . s A J -w ' 1 'L 3 'CM o . . il ,ff ,R ,3 ihAk 5.1 , 3 ,ix Lf Lx 'i il ' 'Q C, If 3- 'S' ,P I A w Q. XX., 4 'V . if f' 4 63 M? f -V .pi 3 if 1 , HONIECONIIYG PARAD IXELL STONE FR XNR KLINE IX 4 'T N V , I I 1 X-'XXL ROM' l-Tod jones, Bill Riddle, Leonard Graf. jim Grant, Pete Lillya, Eugene Woods. Chuck O'Hara, jack Flowers, Bob Bender, Max Miller. Mgr. Bill Shaw. RON' 2-Bill Bailey, Elmer Rush, Bill Thomas, jerry Baker, Gary Vogel, jim Spaulding, Dale Gatzka, Tom Green, Gregg Austin. lVardell Gillespie. RON' 3-Don Anderson, Larry Rowland, Eddie lN'ilkes. George Batsakes, Bob Perry, Fred Ellicot, Bill lN'enrich, Eddie Meyers. Bob Brown. jim Yl'illiams, Robert lVilliatns. ROW 4-Charles Johnston, Howard Sherman, Leonard Frisk, Craig Smith, Pete Forsythe, Gary Briegel, john Laverty, jim Powers. Kick Kck, Ross Bateman, head couch. . . IIOOIIBAU Ann Arbor 25 ..... ..,, J ackson 0 Ann Arbor 20 ..,... ....... X Vayne 0 Ann Arbor 59 ..... ...,. Y psilanti 0 Ann Arbor 38 ..,.. ..,.., Y Vayne 0 Ann Arbor 30 ..,.. ...... lt 'psilanti 0 Ann Arbor 40 ....., .. .. Jackson 6 This year Ann Arbor High had the distinction of owning not one but two undefeated football squads. Following in the footsteps of the state champion varsity, the Little Pioneers steamrollered all opposition into submission. Never seriously challenged, the Ann Arborites swamped jackson, Ypsilanti, and lVayne, defeating each twice for a total record of six wins and no losses. The -I.V.'s were very ably coached in this perfect season by Ross Bateman and Don "Andy" Anderson. Operating with powerful efficiency, this junior varsity squad, composed mostly of sophomores, showed fine teamwork and smooth ball-handling. Running with the precision of a well-oiled machine, the Little Pioneers offense rolled over the opposing defense with amazing speed. No less sparkling was the J.V. defensive unit, which left few openings for opponents' ball-carriers. Next year's varsity squad will be helped no end in their state title defense by the sophomores from the 1952 Little Pioneers. L.: Row l-Coach Bill Bailey, Manager George Pratt, Bob XValker, Coach Scope Davis. Row 2-Harold Ackmoody, jim Anderson, Bob Perry, Dave Annis, jelT Hare, Tom Green, Odell Bullock, Fred Karr, jerry Baker, Ken Nelson, Leonard Frisk, Eddie Meyer, Ricky Phelps, Chuck O'Hara, Bill Ackmoody. . . BASKGIIBAU Ann Arbor 47 .... ......, ..,.... D e arborn Ann Arbor 56 ...,. Grand Rapids South Ann Arbor 59 ....,,. ...,...,,... S aginaw Ann Arbor 34 .,.... Lansing Eastern Ann Arbor 60 ...,. Battle Creek Ann Arbor 54 .,.,.. Ypsilanti Ann Arbor 28 .......,, . Jackson Ann Arbor 21 .... Lansing Sexton Ann Arbor 39 ,...,,. Lansing Eastern Ann Arbor 66 ..... Battle Creek Ann Arbor 53 .. ....,,. Ypsilanti Ann Arbor 52 .....,,,,.,.... Jackson Ann Arbor 36 ...... ..... I -ansing Sexton Scrappers! That is the best word to describe the l952-l953 -LV. Basketball squad. Playing before each varsity game, the Little Pioneers compiled the hrst winning record for J.V. play in several years at A..-X.H.S. Not a tall team, these little cagers made up for a lack of height with an abundance of fight. Often a little Pioneer would steal the ball and drive in for an easy lay-up. Ten to twenty points per game were racked up in this manner. Sporting an excellent fast break and a tight defense, these J.V. cagers never let up for a second, often tiring out their opponent early in the game. Coached bv "Scope" Davis and Bill Bailey, the -I.V.'s learned fast and applied this knowledge in compiling a line record. Here's hats off to the j.V. basketeers. Arbor Arbor Arbor Arbor Arbor Arbor Arbor Arbor Arbor Arbor Arbor Arbor Arbor Arbor Dearborn Grand Rapids South Saginaw Lansing Eastern Battle Creek Ypsilanti Jackson Lansing Sexton Lansing Eastern Battle Creek ........,..Ypsilanti Kalamazoo Jackson Lansing Sexton '2. , Qt I 3 1 Q '1 234 Row l-Dick Mason, Coach Andy Anderson, Bill Adams, Scope Davis, Bob Walker. Row 2-Bill Hobbs, Dick Sleet, Bill Royce, Milt Theros, Bill Birkle, Cary Harvey, Gordie Morrow, Duane Peterson, Marv Baker, Tom Sibert, Frank Mayfield, Duane Calvert, jim Case, john Niehuss, jerry Leith. VARSII BASKGIBAU This year's basketball squad was another good one. YVinners in 8 out of 15 starts, the Pioneers grabbed second place in the 5-A, finishing only behind powerful Lansing Sexton. Reaching peak form in mid-season, the basketeers at one time owned a five-game winning streak. After two season-opening setbacks, the Pioneers came back against Saginaw to set a new school scoring record of 75 points. Leading the cagers this year was Capt. Bill Adams, whose sparkplug type of play earned him a spot on the all-5A squad. Another Pioneer star, Marv Baker, was selected at a forward post on this all-star team. Baker paced the Ann Arborites in scoring with 208 points. Ably tutored by Coach Don "Andy" Anderson, the Pioneers showed spark and gameness throughout the season. Let us hope that the coming year's squad will equal the fine job turned in by this season's team! A x3 Q TIM! If Y gm . it Img,-4 Row l-Pat Barnes. Leonarrl C'oleman. Harold Xckmoody, 'lim Grant. lack Burhridge.. Row 2-Tom Hurd. Leroy Clemons. Ken Waters, jell Hare. llob Gnise. Bob Noflsinger, Herman WVelke. Row 3-Asst. Coach Roger Nlaugh. Bob Lewis. Don Koch, Howard Reindel, Bruce Rockman Bill Koch, Don Waldo. Dick Rockman, Larrv Antieau. Coach 'l'im Rvan. Row 4-Lyle Laidlaw, Gordon Dunham, David Dinginan, Harry Kerr, Edward Gallagher, Bill Aclunoody, Bob livesay. Morton Hirshman. CROSS COUDU2 Any afternoon at YVest Park last fall, one could see a group ol Ann .Xrbor cross country runners puffing around the tough, two-mile course. They worked hard under their great coach, Tim Ryan, to whip themselves into fine running shape: but the season wasn't long enough, and alter winning a majority ol their dual meets and taking third in the state meet, they Hnished third again in the 5-A, showing that they had come a long way since the season began. ln their bid for the title the Pioneers were led by Captain Bruce Rockman and Captain- elect Howard Reindel. Both Reindel and a fine group of sophomore letter- winners are looking forward to next year, for the season may well produce the best Pioneer team in many years. Ann Arbor .... ...... X 'psilanti 41 Ann Arbor Lansing Sexton 32 Ann Arbor ...,.. ..,,. . i. Kalamazoo 33 Ann Arbor . Battle Creek 50 Ann Arbor ,.... ,..... J ackson 28 Ann Arbor Lansing Eastern 38 Albion Invitation ,,..i, ...,........, 4 th Place State Meet ........ .A , ..... 4th Place 5-A Meet ,.., 3rd Place 7' if f N .. ...fx -V:-'f f . ifwwi f if f f f M, M+,.,..W I , fr, f V .fw. 'i . fN 'f ' ' iff . wmv ' ' ,,,, . , ., ,. V M V f A 1 f M 4 ff W M f, X ' 9 . I I I lk f.: ., It Q., 9 1 I I " W- WWF! "4 ' "' in ,fit i 'K Q N V f'w"i-: ' -1 0.40 'nm' , -JIHMN i HM'-Y' Neumann, Co-captain Bob Bang, Marv Baker, Prenty N'are, Bob Winder. ROW 2-Dave Dingman, jack Newmanj' Bob Henson, joe Bone, Don Koch, Art Preston, Bill Koch, Chuck Morton, Bruce Rockman, Hathaway Culley. ROW 3-Eddie Wvilkes, Coach Ryan, Bob Smith, Ron Rutledge, Eugene Wood, Hugh Correll, jim Ritchie, Al Jesperson, Mike Berg, Coach Fonde, Lee Nelson, jerry Wvaxman, manager. ROWV 4-Dick Sleet, jack Snuverink, Art Clark, Duane Calvert, Milton Theros, Hugh Cowan, Erwin Fister, Tom Leith, Tom johnson. ROYH l-Bob Wright, managerg Coleman jewett, Don Franklin, Dick Mayers, Co-captain Bill Q' IZRACK Ann Arbor's track team prepared for the 1953 season with good hopes. lt was looking for its fourth consecutive 5-A League championship and was conceded a good chance for high position in the State meet. Returning this year were quite a few members of last season's undefeated squad. The team was led by Co-Captains Don Koch and Joe Bone. Good performances were expected for other returning lettermen also. Hugh Correll, Marv Baker, Dick Sleet, B1 ucc Rockman, Dick Mayers, and Bob Hensen gave the Pioneers excellent depth. YVith several promising newcomers and abundant sophomore talent this was a prosperous year for the thinclads. , 4 ROW l-Co-captain Duane Cook, Co-captain Phil Splitt. ROW 2-Steve Dahlberg, Doug Grant, George Pullen, Charles Crawford, Richard Williams, jim Mayer, Howard Sherman. jim Taylor, Bruce Nliliken. ln, ROW 3-Stuart May, Dick Clark, Fred Foster, Wardell Gillespie, Harry Remnant, Floyd Richhrtls, Cai Christensen, Marty Belser, Don Butcher, Tom Leith. Coach Frank Kline. ROXV 4-Bill Riddle, Larry Rowland, Merlin Fox, jim Heald, Elmer Rush, Bill Koepp, Darrell Haines, john Hedlesky, Horace Williams. Coach Ross Bateman. wnestlmq This season was another successful one lor Pioneer wrestlers. .Xbly tutored by Coach Frank Kline, the grapplers duplicated last year's third place finish in the 5-A, losing only to powerful Lansing Eastern and Lansing Sexton. Sporting excellent team balance, the Pioneers improved steadily with each meet, each nran doing his utmost to achieve victory. All the way from little 95- pounder Tom Gray to heavyweight Dick Williams the Ann Arborites showed skill, endurance and aggressiveness throughout the season. Leading the wrestlers this year were co-captains Duane Cook and Phil Splitt, who paced the Pioneer squad to a record of six wins and lour losses: thus maintaining the line reputation Ann Arbor owns in wrestling circles. Ann Arbor 12 Lansing Eastern Ann Arbor 40 A... . Battle Creek Ann Arbor 25 ..,. Ypsilanti Ann Arbor 29 ,. jackson Ann Arbor 8 Lansing Sexton Ann Arbor I6 Lansing Eastern Ann Arbor 33 Battle Creek Ann Arbor 25 ...., Ypsilanti Ann Arbor 27 t.,., ........ J ackson Ann Arbor Lansing Sexton State Meet .. , ., ,,.,........., . 3rd Place 161 'AAU Q VA-': ROXV l-john Batsakes, Bill Green. ROW 2-Dick Koch, Garth Rowland, Bill Adams, john Harrison, jim Cartwright, Dave Den- houter, Chris McKenny, Bob Kalmbach, Doug Bock, Pano Bedolla. Don Hakala, ROW 3-Coach Scope Davis, Bob Maltis, Bill Hobbs, Dick Crawford, Craig Smith, jack Lousma, Bill Birkle, Bill Royce, Gary Harvey, Bob St. Clair, Bob Walker, Coach Don Dufek. BASEBAU At the end of the Current hot-stove session the hats will again ring out at lNest Park. Coach "Scope" Da-,-is faces the tough problem of fielding a nine that will better last ycar's 4th Place in the 5-A. VVith a big bundle of last year's talent gone "Scope's', job is doubly tough. If a few strong-armed, sharpeyed under- classmen come through, the Pioneer diamond men ought to be able to pitch, field and bingle their way to a sparkling record. With the usual Pioneer flash and hustle this year's diamond crew ought to do all right. figif' DIVING ROYV 1- ROWV 2- 1 BOARD-Max Crook, George MacDowell, Dave Robinson, Clarence Partin Trent Manausa, Ted Pong, jim Thomson, Francis Stienon, Bill Yvesterman, Bill Sachse, Pete Fries. Cliff Xvesterman, lVilbur Corwin, Capt. jim Tanner, Dave Meyers, Dick Strickland, Coach Paul Clifford. ROW 3-George Cress, Keith Campbell, Dick Cooper, Chuck Zill, Bill Hall, Bob Thompson, Kent YVater, Tom Riggs, Bill Shaw, John Heaustler. ROW 4-Managers Ron Body, john Kagay, Tom Chandler, Ray Fullerton, Bob Thomson, Peter Lillya, Ray Gross, Dan Smith, Frank Crawford, BOD Brown- llT1mll1Q The 1952-1953 Pioneer swimming team was the best one in many years at AAHS. Remaining undefeated in dual meet competition until late in the season, the natators finished with a hue record. They duplicated last year's second place finish in the 5-A, finishing behind only jackson. Pacing the swimmers in this great season was Capt. jim Tanner, who set two consecutive pool records in the 5-A meet. Ann Arbor boasted other fine swimmers, such as Dave Myers and Pete Fries, and excellent divers in Max Crook and Cliff lVesterman. XVe1l coached by Paul Clifford, the Pioneer paddlers made themselves a team to be reckoned with by all opponents during the past season. Ann Arbor 57 ....., ..., A drian 27 Ann Arbor 48 ....... ..... X 'psilanti 36 Ann Arbor 44 .,.... .. ...,.,..,,. Jackson 40 .I Ann Arbor 51 ....,,. ....,,...,. F lint Central 33 Ann Arbor 50 ,..... ..4.. U niversity High 34 Ann Arbor 57 ....... .,.....,....... P ontiac 26 Ann Arbor 44 ..4.. ,,........ E astern 40 Ann Arbor 61 ,.,. ,................. K alamazoo 23 Ann Arbor 38 ,....,. ...,..,.,.,.............., J ackson 43 Ann Arbor 35 ...... ...,. S aginaw Arthur Hill 49 Ann Arbor 43 .,..... .........,. Battle Creek 41 5-A Meet ,,........... . .....,.,...... 2nd Place State Meet .... ...... 3 rd Place Wm Q' I L Z GOI me . - Y' uv I s 4 -. . Mag 1 sky. . 1233? . fv- 5.43. I iff I IIzII'u Il I' ' 'WWII NIMINIII I Il I 1 I N I I UI I If XXIIf-1I'.-H:".I- II.I,f.Ix-I I X.w.' II II I I I II I+ II I I II.u:. I Ilwf. X IM' Im N II I I I II v I KEITH I S --4 I S. Y A, , ix ,qxvifw Q .1 J at u.,A.tyuj 1 1 ,- I 6 ,A R011 ss H1rn11 11 rl1 1 1 e f 1es 151118011 R111 1111111 xI'gL1S1IlgLI lirenm 1 111111 Rlllll Xnn Xllll11llllLl R011 1 s ' Ll on 1erl11 11 S1 L 1 1111 1 lf1ll1 111g Xnn Nlorlu Nl 111111 Sl flsllll lill R011 1 1 Nl letlcr 111 in 111111111 1 IL 1 er 1 1111 K 1rr1s l,lll1Ll1l Preketes NI1r1e ITSUII l11r1 npps I rlene e L Rolmer 1 R11 R011 ll e 111 11111 1 111111 1 L 111s 11 1rl1 111111 en 1rc11l11 111111111 1 111 1111111 Nunn R011 lfllll Sp 1r11s 11 1 11s IL llle ll The Girls -Xthletic Club h'1s been 21 very pop11l'1r org'1ni71tion tl1is ye'1r. The students elected as their leaders: President, Ivzthy .Xrge1'si11ger' Vice President, Iou Rice' Seeret1r1-Treasurer, Agnes Swanson. 111111 tl1e all-year-round sports activities, the members had many chances to earn points lOX1"lI'Cl their letters, pins, and highest awards. lXl'll1V things were accomplislied tl1is year, and tl1e G.A.C,. hopes to be as successful next yC'l!'. 7 R 11 1: Agnes Swanson, Kathy Argersinver, Iron Rice. 1 a1r1:1r:1 Xxvllillll r ROW 0: Carol1'n CllllllIllSkCy ll .- 1 x'lhlil1' Be1'11111lene C2111 erl, Noreen f'llSllI1C Brenda XVickel1 Miss Elise Harney o.a.c. champs i l Row I-Connie Newman, Sally Whitfield, Roberta Reeves, Lois Maugh, Betty Narren. Row 2-Nancy Haarer, Marlene Feldkamp, Wilma Larmee, Dorothy Hunter, Caryl Dnmond, Barbara Bunten, Frances Osborn. ROWV l: Barbara Whittaker, Pat Perigo, Marie Brnmley ROW 2: janice Orwig, Dorothy Kazmaier, Lou Rice, Pat Kelly ROW 3: Caryl Dumond, Kathy Argersinger 'mm ns.. ROWV l: Marie Larson, Lois Maugh, Carol Scvclneck. Connie Newman. Roberta Rcuvcs ROW 2: Frances Osborn, Brenda Wickett, Wilma Lzmncc, Nlnrlcnc lfcltlczunp, lfmrhgn Bunten, Betty Warren, Norma Carltor- I 0 1 I 'WT-.N qy. lf J 1 A, WNW' ,M ,, vsx "LQ 2 4 W E Si 'f. 43? M Uv. : 3,2-5. .V 31: M Y, LVM X . 3 Lay-pan ' f Q 1, si 4-rl f AC GRUS " m NIS The advertisements which will be seen in the following pages represent the help and encouragement the vari- ous business concerns in Ann Arbor have given this high school. Through the years these people have backed or supported many school projects, while giving the hnancial aid needed to hold athletic events and have such extras as school publications. In the follow- ing years we will realize more fully the wonderful part 'these people have played in our lives. They represent a way of life-the American way. Com- petitive good will shared with com- mon community problems have united these people into an organization of thinking and acting citizens. YVe, therefore, give these businesses our gratitude for their patronage and aid which has made this book possible. ANN ARBCDR PUBLIC SCHGOLS The foresight and generosnty of the cm zens of Ann Arbor have made possuble a cnty school system for Ann Arbor whuch as un keeping wuth the remarkable de velopment on the Umversnty Campus Well Trained Teachers Excellent Equipment Splendid School Bulldmgs Flne Student Body THE ANN ARBOR BOARD OF EDUCATION 'Z-'quaf Opporfunifg for Ever, gay anal girf in .Jann .fdrlor W Lee Draper's Pure Oll Lee Tires Batteries Accessories Lubrication Washing Phone 2 3724 Road Service Broadway at Moore Ax PX' Typewrrters Fountain Pens W C Tape and Ware Recorders Office Furniture Desks Files Chairs MORRILL S as-.Ss Since 'I908 314 S State St Phone 7177 Bowl or Health ANN ARBOR RECREATION BOWLING ALLEY Telephone 2 OI03 605 ECS' HUFOU B E T S Y R O S S S 1315 Nickels Arcade BREAKFAST LUNCHES FOUNTAIN SERVICE Where students meet to chat and eat DIAMONDS WATCHES ORANGE HAMILTON Blossom 5 AND LJ: WEDDING 1 ELGIN SI CE RINGS -QVELZV. wArcHEs 717 NORTH UNIVERSITY AVENUE NEAR HILL AUDITORIUM LIILIISE Flowers and Gifts TELEPHONE 5049 334 South State St. Ann Arbor, Mich Twenty-Five Years of Fashion Service to Ann Arbor Women! we MA ILYN shop F ' 5-352325 SeI'viCe Stationery o l Q X I . . 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Why not XISII Mlchlgan Bell's Employment OH'ice9 Welll be lookmg for you' MICHIGAN BELL TELEPHONE COMPANY NA Friendly Place to Workv 323 E WASHINGTON l , , I 4' , i , ff ' . V if " ' l ',, 3 ,f ' 4" I. A VZ' f A at y cpoe ta et fw t ' lr 31' V.. f It Q .,': ' A if . lf ".a-.l-' ' ' -.-- " li t ' H , 8 ' l " 'llqp .g-. . L. Y. . . .,... D Y I' V f .. , U ' C ' g .t U ' B ' I A V, . . . Y .. ' K Jen o 1 n ug o .D I . l , , -O . g . , , g , V v. , . I xx ff' C 5 nib, I' xg , QJ WXK 3:27 qw Mzcroclean ct N UNDERTHEMICRUSCUPE dm .Hm- 4"-'S 'x War ,x ff" I f I - vx 7 X . , X. .N A in II Q.. :ll 1 ew 5 4 V Vx Xix 1 is 7' vw . lm ' A X I 3 -s VU' . v s ,, , 4 4' 1 , ua: gs , , ' ' + V ,ff W N A ' y I , 1' V7 .-.,. K 'xl . ' 1 ,. . ,f va , - I ' I' CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL ANN ARBOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS Moy these pnctured memorues of your school ormuol refresh your memory ond dehght you for mony yeors thot ore to come NATIONAL DHUTD SERVICE 342 BROADWAY LoRA1N OHIO S P E E D Our Prompf Courfeous and Speedy Service Will Please You C J Resch, Mgr I 000 000 Il - 1 ll I I -'. . . 1 1 i ALWAYS AT YOUR SERVICE ron Books AND suPPuEs SLATERS BOOKSTORE TELEPHONE 2 0814 336 S STATE STREET YATES DRUG STORE D Saifell 8. Bush 6 SM S Ph 34345 .lf-555 CUNGRATULATIONS SENIURS' .L CHESTER ROBERT S GIFTS THE SHORTEST AND BEST IROUTE TO HIGH SCHOOL FASHION va o CASUAL SHOP A N ARBOR I ,419 I I . . N S I Let We have served Ann Arbor High School students for over 60 years. WMAM Z? A .Siam 105 N Main St. 316 S State St us continue this service after graduation. 1 ,1 Calkins- Flelcher Drug Company Headquarters for PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES iii! Serving M lchlgan and Her Students For 66 Years ' 'HW Photography rs a business with us NOT A SIDELINE' 0'Connor Super Servrce Goodyear Tires Battery Servrce Washing and Lubrication THE HOUSE OF QUALITY 1946 Packard Phone 9389 P lc d oc: ar at Stadium PHoNs g 6806 CONGRATULATIONS to the CLA SS of 1953 ElBlER'S Orange Blossom Dram and International Srlv ond Rings Lunt Wallace Watson Gorham Towle er Elgin Hamilton Gwen and Croton Watches I , U I C 00 Il ll I I 601 East William St. ' ROXV RUM' RON' ROM' ROXV RON' ROM' RON' l O 3 4 3 6 T 8 SOPHOMORE AND JUNIOR GAC -Patty Keene. Caryl llmtk, lieth llaunuuud, Marlene Keilil. Clharleue Koch. jflllllll Stoll- steiiner, jaeky Halas. llarlmara Garner. Miary Morley. julie Pahuer, judy Warren, 'lena Mae xvllli2lIIlS. joyee llorsinik. Nancy Calwell, MiQs Harney, llarh Whittaker. Agues Swanson. Lou Rice. Kathy Argersinger, Brenda Wieltett, Ruth .Kun Muhlitner, juan llaugh, Karen Oyerlmeek, juth Metzger. Mayiue Walker. jean XYilliatus. Kay Hannah. Nan KllClllL'l. .Kun lirusan, Marjorie Huule, .-Xnneward Ashley. jane Haight. Pat Brown, lilaine K-reeu, janet Millain, Pat Mel-iarland. Margaret Warren. Charlene Schaadt. Sylyia Haisley. Page Hallett. Sue Ifrisinger. Sandra Mltrner. Becky' Collie, jauiee liuglish. llarhara Barclay. llarlrara Hope, Lois Pratt, Rhoda Lewis. Mary lillen Daltin. judy' Klllllll, Patty' Moran. julie Schultz, joyne l.ogerquisl. Cnnnie joseph. lileanor Guthrie. joan 'l'ay'lur. Carolyn lliuntnisky. joy Myers. jo.Xnn lillis. Mary' .Xlite Muhlit- ner. Mary Ellen Xthauson. Peggy Sehleeht. .Xnne Morrow. Mary lieth Riley. jean Halllmerg. Mary jane Francis. Lauretta Atkinson. Lee llaclunan. Luretta Larinee. .Kuna Wire. lloruthy Iluntwork. Mary Arnst. Roberta Rutledge. Bernadine Calyert. Delores Mtflants. 'liena jackson. Betty Mlaius. juyee Braun. Shirley Miehelfelder, Margaret Heike. Diane lllllllll. jean Couper. Nancy Link. Sue Riddle. Martha Olin. Sandy Ifox. llorutliy XYiese. Gay jones. Sue Pierce. janet Hannner, llarbara Lewis. Kathy Deknning. Beyerly Rapp. llnnna Yredeyoe. llarlene Harris. OFFICIC STAFF High School Girls follow their mothers' flare for distinctive clothes ond shop ot C0 L L I NS Liberty at Moynord VAN BOVEN SHOES SANDLER SPORTSTERS BASS WEEJUNS 'I7 Nickels Arcode For BOYS AND GIRLS CONGRATULATIONS FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS to the Chelsea Flower Shop CLASS of 1953 Som and Evo Bell Phone 2 5616 STADIUM 203 Eost Lnberty St Ann Arbor CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS I COFFEE SHOP 'Sdn-I STADIUM BLVD at LIBERTY E 1.11, fyafsum e I I R so 0 . . plunrlnncq . 'er v. ROBERTA JO REEVES ID If I3 If N IDA I3 I. If You KNOW THESE sfrvloles MARTIN F BELSER JAMES TANNER You also know DEY Photographers known for over 25 years of fnne relnable photography un Ann Arbor DEV STUDIO KATHERINE ARGERSINGER DIAL 5031 STATE STREET 3:4 4. 5 9 fm I 3 I fs I 5- STATE SAVINGS BANK OF ANN ARBOR Main ond Washington Streets ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Uur Slxtleth Annwersary Year 1893 1953 Member of FEDERAL RESERVE SYSTEM FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION 25 years of servrce to Ann Arbor and vrcmrty THE QUARRY, INC Prescrrphons Cosmehcs 320 SOUTH STATE STREET COMPLIMENTS FROM A FRIEND J H COUSINS STATE STREET Featuring Braemar Cashmeres Imports ci from SCOTLAND CASHMERES . . . I , I 5 . Photographic Supplies I 9 AR Nm. S -K-,iv Q? R 01 Y TWC: 0111521 xkwl 2 100x115 xl smog Svep. 81 ac xo W b mu ,Xu Xxghx vi AWXWA et 1 0 ummm x er w6Xbe each -ami' me Wm kt-aoexexof vocvmg or DXX ebee decxucxvg 5 rvibege tx ewe go heme: xixw ee, Deg-row Ks 9 C0106 000 99 Ed Is 0 I1 we ev eq Ae-ex Congratulations to the Class of 1953 HUNTERS GAS STATIONS WIN 300 West Llberty 300 West Huron coNGRA1uLAnoNs ssrsuons I G N cAHow gl-'gp D ct eL d I'I dIcecI'1eI 213 soum MAIN STREET Yom ANN ARBOR MICHIGAN Men s Clothmg IS our Business c L E M ,S M A R K E 1- SPORTS WEAR if LEISURE WEAR CHOICE MEATS and GROCERIES BUSINESS WEAR s 1 r st fwldr PHONE 34918 w I L D S IIOO Broadway A00 Afbof P I 0 I istin iv inens on on r I s Phone 11 NicI4eIs Arcod I V 1 I O U O I P- I I Come o ' ir in Nw tyes ir o I ' ' ' 9 State Street on the Cam us CONGRATULATIONS ANN ARBOR NEW CAR DEALERS ASSOCIATION ANN ARBOR MOTOR SALES LINK MOTORS AND SERVICE IStucIebokerI ICodnIIacI U N IVERSITY MOTOR SALES ANN Anson sulclc ssnvlce I0'dSmOb"eI COMPANY IBulckI BENZ MOTOR SALES IDodge PIymouthI FITZGERALD JORDAN ILmcoIn Mercuryl H ERB ESTES INC IFordI + H URON MOTOR SALES IChevroIetI MILLER JAHNKE MOTORS ICI'1rysIer PIymoutI'1I NAYLOR MOTOR SALES INC NYE MOTOR SALES INQSIWI STEVE S AUTO SALES IWnIIys OverIondI KLINGLER PONTIAC IPontlocI + + . + + - + + IPIymouth, DeSotoI + + + + CONGRATULATIONS, SENIORSI CLOVERLEAF DAIRY COMPANY Home of Soft Curd Milk 340 SOUTH STATE STREET TELEPHONE 3-4193 R 1015 Broadway Ann Arbor, Mich. Prescriptions, Fountain Service School Supplies CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF I953 Portrait and Commercial Photography GEORGE I HANNAH AT Irs BEST' MICHIGAN THEATRE BUILDING Pamtmg NOW THE BIDS ARE OPEN rf W ' . Q I E I l I . I . f c 5, fs 'YJ . S G a ,, m i 537 A N N A R B 0 R H I C C ongrafulahons I Young's Texaco Service Blll ond Mnke Young Phone 2 0228 MENS and BOYS WEAR Lnberfy ot Ashley Phone 9582 DOWNTOWN ANN ARBOR 7 120 l24 South Mom Street 2l3 217 South Stole Street IN ANN ARBOR SINCE l888 Tl A N I r Washing-Lubrication-General Repair , Congratulations to the Class of 1953 ANN ARBOR BANK Member Federal Deposrt Insurance Corporatnon and Federal Reserve System MAIN STREET STATE STREET OFFICE at Huron 3305 State Street SOUTH UNIVERSITY OFFICE 1108 S Unlverslty Ave 5 14 ANN ARBOR, PUBI IC SCHOOI S ANSI ARBOR RECR A1 ION BOAV1 IINC AI LEY ARIAA AY CIE ANERS BETSA ROSS BIDAVEI I PH ARAI ACY C AHOAV DRUG COAIP ANA C ALKINS FLET CHER DRUG COAIP ANY CHELSEA FLOAAER SHOP CLEAI S AI ARKET C LOVERLEAF DAIRA CO1 I INS SHOPPE I H COUSINS SHOP CRAFT PRESS D AND S PAIN I' AND AVA1 1 PAPER DEY STUDIO IHE DET ROIT EDISON COAIPANY I EL AND DR APER SERAICE ST ATION I B EIBLER JEAVELER FIEGEI S MEN S AND BOY S AVEAR FISCHER PH ARAIACY FOLI ETT S AIICHIGAN BOOK ST ORF C AGE I INEN SHOP C OODYEAR S DEPART AIENT STORES 190 S C REENE CLEANERS AND FURRIERS H AI I ER S IEAVE1 ERS H ANN AH BUI1 DING COMP ANY IIUNT ER S C' AS STAT IONS 301 AA Inb C I HUTYEI SHOPS KESSEI SI ASHION SHOP IOHN IEIDA GIFT SHOP IOUISE FI OAVERS AND GIFTS AI ARILA N SHOPPE AI ARQU ARD I' S SERVICE AIICHIC AN BE11 TEI EPHONE COAIP ANY AIORRIII S IAPEAVRITERS NI AT ION1 AI PHO I O SERVICE O CONNOR SUPER SERVICE OVERBEC K BOOK S 1 ORE 324 S State St The staff of the 1953 Omega wxshes to thank the followmg advertxsers who have so generously patromzed thxs yearbook ANN ARBOR BANK Matn at Huron ANNI ARBOR NEW C AR DEALERS ASS N 514 E W'ash1ngton Street 105 S State Street 603 E Huron Street 1946 Packard Street 13 15 Ntckels Arcade S Mam Street S Alam Street 203 E 818 S State St Llberty Street 1100 Broadway 1019 Broadw ty Itberty at Ahynard 307 S State 30 Maynard 206 W Avashmgton 339 S State 401 S Mam Street Street Street Street Street 1031 Bro tdtw an 308 S State 322 S Mam 227 E Lrberty 332 S State Street Stl eet Street Street 11 Nlekels Arcade Mam St 213 S State St 516 E Ilbelty Street 717 N1 Umsersxty Axe 7310 AV Stadlum Blvd 3514 Dexter Ave erty St 300 AV Hut 301 S Mann 217 S Mann 537 E I lberty 334 S State 529 E llberty 2315 W Stadium 324 L Huron on St Street Street Street Street Street Blvd Street 314 S State Street I0r'tm Ohio Stadium 'tt P 1e11ard 1216 S UHIACTSIIA' Axe IHI' P AINI POI' P AI AIER S ST I DIO IHE OU ARRA IISC C HESI ER ROBERT S GIFTS SAFFEI I AND BUSH AIEN S CLO FHIISG SI ATER S BOOK STORE IWC AI 1C1l1g3.1'1 9 Packard Street The tter Bldg S S S State State State State STATE SAA INGS BANK OF ANN ARBOR STADILA1 COFFEE SHOP SAA IFT S DRUG STORE UINIVERSITA DRUG COAIPANIY VAN BOVENI SHOES INC AVAHR S BOOK STORE AVILD AWD COAIPANA CI OTHING A ATES DRUG STORE 199 State Street Street Street Street Street Stadlum at Llberty 340 S State Street 1225 S UUIVCFSIIA Awe 17 Iwlckels Aretde 316 S State Street 311 S State Street 600 S Mam Street AOUNG S TEX ACO SERVICE Liberty at Ashley 4 4L A ..,.,..,......,...., . .-.......,,.....,...,....,..,,......... ...-v,.,,.... l 1 1- 1 1 1 ' .1 ...... ....., . 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' ' . 1- 1- 1 ' 1- ...... ..1.. ..1,.,.,,,1,...,....,1 1 . ' . G. I. H1-ANN1-AH, P.-AINTING ....1....,.... 1 .................., .... ..........,..... ? ' 1 -1 - ' '1 11- 1 1' ' 1'1' ,.,.. 11 .... 1 1 '. 1' 1 ., ' . ' 1 1 1 1 - . 1.t . 4 11 .,...11..,,..,,..,...11.... ............ ,...........,,,............. , ' 1 "' '4 , 1 431 ' I F 1. I u'n 1. 11 1 1 1 ..,...... 11 ...... ........,,.... ..1.. ..,...... .,..,1,.. . 1 y . . - 1 4 ni 4 I 4 I T' ..... ...., . ., .11..,.1,. ..1..1.1.. 1 Y. 1 K 1' I ' ' A 4 A T 'I I T ...........,....1.1....1,..1....1.....1... ... 11 u n . r u 1 . - - v 1 , 1 11 1 1 1 1 1 1' 1 ,... 1 ..... ,.1, 1 '. 1 ,. 1- , . . 1 1 41 ,.... 1...... .1.1.... .1,......., 11,.,11. . ...,1.1.. o C 1 1' S 1 1' 1 'T 1' ...... .....11.,, 1 1 1. .... 11... . 11.11. .,...1 1 1 4. , ' . . v , . . 1 '1 1 1 ..,.. .... 1 ,. .1 ,..,.. 1 ....... .,,..,...1,. 1 1. e 2 " . 1 L, ,.. , . V . 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