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I-, L wh 67th CJMEGA Editors Llz Halt Business Managers Vlrgmla Heuer Margaret Takagi Pat Winney UYCATI In pride and deep appreclahon of hrs smcere mferesl and undersfand mg we the Semor Class of 1951 dedrcafe fhus srxfy sevenfh edmon of fhe OMEGA fo MR THAD CARR our served as a frue lraend and gunde fo fhas class for fhe pasf three years buf has helped us fhrough some cloudy days rn our hugh school ex perrences He has gaven unselhshly of his hme and efforf fo assasf fhe whole of fhe sfudenf body and we shall remember hum for this and much more and be reassured m our future faslcs . I I . I ' I class advisor. Mr. Carr has not only I I I UW 3 BOARD OF EDUCATIO BOARD OF EDUCATION SEATED Mr R Ford Mrs M Nesblt Mr A Claque Supermfendent O Hansley Mr Schlechl STANDING Dr D West, Mr D Douglas Mr A Blashfneld Mr D Katz Mass D Patton Mr G Bales : . . , . . ' , . . , ' . ' , . , Mr. D. Williams. : . . . . , . . ' , . . , ' . , . Mr John Alllson A B M A SPGCIOI Consultant Personal Luvmg Mr Phllrp Buchanan BS MS G90Q Soc Llvmg Journalism Mr Thad Carr B S M A Mr Donald Anderson B S M A Boys Gym ,..'P -db ,an f f? L Englush Q-sr MM E""e' Cool' Mr Paul cnfford Ccleterlo Mgr Socnal Lnvung Mr A J Dahlberg C O T Mr Charles Barclay A B M S Bnology Mr Mahlan Buell A MS Physucs Phys Sc: Photography 'K Miss Elvrra Cartensen B S M A Foods Mrss Faye Coney B S World I-lust Amer Govt Current History World Geography Ari' C37 Mr Vernor Cook Mech Drawing Electncuty Mach Woodshop Mrs Margaret Dannecker Englnsh ' I i e A o -ol a a rr' "' F' J I' ,Af ,A H , f ' yi l .B., .. . LJ " r Q V w ,f eeel . X " F15 A ll N 'Nr l A A , Q A ll? L WJ hx C . Ethel clayfon A ttl ' J 7 , 8.5. Q .S., M. . lr, I , V A -V 5 h ' my A aj, J A ' " f .. A, N ,A-.fl , ali - ' I S . ' . V1 BQ- B.A. B.s. HP . 2 I Q! , A..B. s.A. , A A A B 2 f- - J C? 2 Mlss Lela Duff Mr. Ronald M. Dawson Pub Speaking Sfcgecroft Mrs Jane Eldon Mrss Elrzabeth BA MA Sponxsh Mr Donald Gary AB MA English Debate Mrss Vrrgrnra Golay M A B S Socaol Llvung lm World History Mr Kenneth Greer BA MA ww 'QQ' AN Busmess Sublects Mrss Elrse Harney Girls Phys Ed 0'-, 156' B A M A English Mr Robert Granville B A M A English Miss Linda E. Eberbach Home Economucs V7 Mr Hank Fonde Algebra Hrstory Mrss Julre Grerfuga A B M A ,W American Hnst 4-5 Green B S M Musrc Orchestra Music Theory Mrss Dorolhy Hardrng B S H School Nurse Mr Forest Haywood Sensor Hxgh Llfe Cerhfucofe Pointing Decorofmg Yi' "mr- B.s. , , M, A B-5- I ,, .. I -. Q . -f . . .Q Q l P A A I' . ., . . - -I - - M-5. 'r ,fs ' . 1 0, h r , A 'J ' .g Q 1" TR - 'T IS' N 4 4 ' xr, J ' 1 I s !K:',.wQnuW,.r A 1 . 5 . Q 1 . In a nl Q n 1 xx A W -: " 's...,fQ:,: 5 L, , f "'.-f't-'i,:- i?Z."I , ' L 1 . ' A' . ,, , . R.N., M.P. . 17' . D ,M .J BIS' I t h illfl 4 X, AA ' f I I . . - . A 2 n , .1 4 rx A Mr Louls H Hollway B S Dnrecfor of Physical Educ Mlss Ada lnglls M S M A In du Drlver Educat on gif' Mr Kurt Kampe B S M A Boys Phys Ed Mr Frank Klme B M S Coach of Wrestlmg Football Mlss Lucille Lundgren B A M A English "' Mr Paul Meyers Chemnstry A Mr Cecul North rl B A M A I' I v if ffl? Q Mr Rudolph Koczmon Drlver Eclucaflon Mr John Hood Sr Scvence Buology Mlss E Ferne Jensen A B M A TYDIHQ Mr Karl Karslan A B Masters In Socual Studmes 3 Mlss Mary Ellen Lewis M A B A Honorary M E Personal Lnvmg Special Consultant Mass Ollve McLoulh A B M A Mafhematlcs Mlss Vman Moms M S M A Typing Slworihand Bus Orlenfatnon Office Practlce Mvss Dorothy Noyes Mafhemafecs :ad ZN Us 1 1 Q 1 -0 xx' al? bf- X . ' . , J 4' A " s.s. , .- ll Tlcu i .I MGA. ' I ' H can nb r? Y 'Fx' I I Q: , i' ' I -gf: .J A ' A 4. ' . . - . .1 xl . ., . . ' E . I . ga. . ., - . . , . x .l A 'mfg ' ' ..- eb f f , :fil l gif? V7 l, I' 'I l A Education, M.A. A V' ' I l I A , ' A , f' f l .S.. . . 3 X ' I - -1 - - by Qi Q ft' 4 A.. 31. it ' . , I f' ,I Q N ' .,x . . I Nj P . E J A X X' x - W X L A X .1 L - -21 .J M.S. I - " ' ' ' .Q M L ' l I E l " . . ' M.s., B.s. A t V 1' A Y f 4 Mr Frank Reed A B M A Eng Socsol Stud Lavanche G Rleger M Lotm German Mr Wvllnam Sonandres A B M A French ff James Peden Miss Edna Parry BED AB MA Woodshop Mr Clarence Roth A B M A Bond Mr Robert Van Cleve B A M A Bxology '15 Soclol Studees A T Ryan B A B S C M A Shop Moth Elec Mr Raymond wlllflllg Auto Shop p X Mnss Mnldred Peterson Home Economlcs Ml Nlcholas Schrelber B A M A Prmcspol Mlss Pauline Zoller A B M A Englnsh N Mr Ben Reed B E M 5 Fomlly Living Mr Rudolph Sllverstone B S C M Music --ax Mr Laurence Skunner B C M Musxc ,M ' ' A , A ,, rs 1 Q: . , ', 0 . V, of A 0 ., ' ies ,. K- ' . J 1 - -' - . lg :ilk X. I l Mr. ' - D . . , - - - . ., . . B.S. . ., . . 1' 4,5 , l 'W-az" 5 X v .-., 1 A .Af W A, A if f in 'I A 'l ' , f A lr . I 5 . . ., B. . L 'I fwffi ff - Mr. . . . ' J . ., . . . ., . . ., . . D ,Z in 1 - ' A' I ' kv: ' Ni, al . ., . . 5. . ., . . . ., . . B.S. ' If ' A " ' .s. ., B. . f ,Av - 1' 1 iv B Fr ' G 1, -"- - ,S I . ' ' ' iflf is '- Q V1 x VS! M SECRETA '-'Usr 00,4 Ns: . KO' gs Roms. 'N RIAL STAFF. I wurgev . Miss kip Nas. son, I A Greer, M455 . f. R110 F, NK r' Mfg B STA? ' . - oclr. CMU?-RNA Mr, Hobeffff, Mr, Bryan, Mr, Mo cdr, ! Mr, wi l1f.,,,,3 LIBRARIANS: Mr. Best and Mrs. Woodwoffh- F k X - 2 3 'x I u 1 1 JOHN BATSAKES HARRY sHoRE ANN JAMES SUPHOMORE CLASS In the fall the sophomore class elected as tts ofhcers John Batsakes president Harry Shore vnce president and Ann Janes secretary Other members of the Executtve Board were Betty Warren Sue Gary Bull Peer Jam Case and Bob Schultz The new homeroom set up gave the sophomores equal representatlon with IUDIOYS and sensors making nt possuble for them to partlctpate on Student Councll and the various other committees Athletlcally the sophomores have done very well wuth members partlct pated on lunnor vorstty and varsaty squads Not only were they athlettcally lncllned but the class average was hugher than the usual The class of 53 wall be gunded through the years by Mr Charles Barclay and Mlss Edna Parry The class of 51 wushes the class of 53 the best of luck and hopes that at wull carry them through the years they have ahead of them Q 'iw mom now: 1. smokes s. Go v. A, James B' Wwe"- ucng ROW: 5. Peer J. case, Mr. Bo cIoY Bob 5fl'U'1 H- Sho"- JI as 3 'QL 1 qi 'OTG M ' i 0- Wh' Ou. '70 Adams Carl Adams Wnlllam Alberts Naoml Andress Lyle Arnet Fred Arnst Wllllam Aupperle Eric Austin Bob Babbltt Joyce Baker Marvm Baker Ron Ball Nancy Bank Nancy Barclay Jerry Barlow Sue Barr Joyce Batsakes John Beeman Eleanor Bennett Jlm Benzlnger Gerald Bowerman, Wayne Braatz, Beverly Brewer, Vlrgima Brown, Cralg Brumbaugh, Gayle Brumley, Marne Bucholz, Pat Bunten, Barbara Burbrldge, Jack Burke, Marlorie Burkett, Delvun Bush, Barbara Cahill, Margaret Calvert, Duane Campbell, Mnlton Carlton, Norma Carras, Marina Carstens, Carl Case, Jlm Christensen, Cai Blletl Pat Bard Duck Blair Betty Ann Blakely Geraldine Blashfield Berkeley Blashfleld Bull Bock Doug Bone Joe Botchen Vnctor Bower Nora v is-I tg: in' -J-f .,.,-., ff .. f v-rf.. 0 v- J' A J .A - ' 2. , , VA J , A-1 XV-irfzv K V 'A t 8 1 , 4' " I N.: tj ' 1 -o. 1 1 1 V , 1 , L ' ww ,,,,,-Q.. 4 V 'N-V. ' di V .1 ,t j', 'gy XLS: I, va .' I x K Y ' f f Af., 1 - 7 of - A 1 . A . . -. S 2,1 -..,,- Q -A-1 A B., ,7 A x , u , ,. , - , ,Q Q. ,, ., ve... V 1 4 M, K9 .I X. " K V fs, ., I X", , ' I Q, - 4" nr. 3. . I :W " 5. N. A 'N 5 R ' A 21, N 7' 'ia wi ' . , -' "' ' 'f an . f V f J A , 4, ' .', '1 B' - ' ' R 'B , 4 'A .5145 ' .. all ' . 'vw W , - . . . " " me .. I - - '-- ' A .1 -' 's , ,, L 5 , ..,- f Y ti 1-wa , 1 f , f 1 , . .1 I . . I . I . I . 1 . I 1 , I . 1 , I , . . I I . 1 I , 1 D 1 , 1 . I I , I . 1 ' . , 1 Clark, Arthur Clark, Pat Clark, Stanley Cleavinger, Beverly Close, Alice Cole, Barbara Cole, Wanita Coleman, Betty Cook, Duane Corwin, Wilbur Cox, Marilyn Crabtree, Earl Cross, Foster Cummings, Denny Dahlberg, Steve Dally, Donna Dambroseo, Janet Danby, Anne Darwin, LeRoy Davis, Chuck DeBoe, Betty DeBoe, Charles Densmore, Reynolds Dixon, Bill Dockett, James Donner, Richard Downey, Harold Draper, Merry Duncan, Mary W FH Duhl Suzanne Egnash Julie Ehnis Mike Eisele Dale Elsifor Shirley Emernck Nannette Enners Mae Esslinger Dick Evans Delores Fasken Barbara Dundas, Bob Fehrle Ruth Feldkamp Marlene Fuegel Carl Fsnkbenner Robert Fischer Pat Foytik Donald Frederick Judy Freeland Bob Freeman Richard French Vera xv " N f"5 ,ab-A 'AM -1 I!" In 1 " 9 IZ . I I ' I I . I I . F , I I A ' I Q :RR I f , .. , ' V ' . , 3 1 P'-' W f.. . - " ' ' ' , ,. ,1 J t M . ,.. Q32 Li K :vi . If Q xi vi' ' J 2 an J ,K t ,I , , , if ,X i X N ' 'fa' ': , , , . -, br . , Wm ,. i., -- f 1 f A ,Q A i I ' I, ' l . H .L 4 f,-5 "E 'af' Al ' . 0 L X f V .err .yy . A 1 I " 1 .F X Q '. I IQ 1' ' f ' . . IF i .D My , . . , 2 ,S 'Q , - . .o " 1' ., . I in i A 4 -5 6. , E 'A J A "' ,, A , v ,, I V, J or tw fr' 1 f ,E . V V I lla f . - r 1, , ,, M A -I ,..,,:. , ., ,Q -I ... f ,. F 6 " ra .V . in f' l in l .9 A I tl A .Y ' ' ab' r A- wx .. Qt , - . S - - F -me Q , J J as 2, X: J A 1,4 1 J +1 vv , Xt, fn, s...4 " ' 1 ' Y 3 ' , A ' IA rrtr f' . 'W lrri Frey Betty Frltz Elaine Gage Geraldme Ganzhorn Dorothy Gary Sue Gauss Sandra Gxbbs Duck Gnlbert Pete Glover Blll Goetz Tom 1+ 'Y 3 x K L V f 6 f' 1 R9 Gordon Margaret Gould Marlallce Grant Doug Green Wlllard Green Wlllnam Griffith Eddie Grostlck Nancy Haarer Nancy Haas Harry Hagen Davlcl Hagerman Jlm Hames Marlene Hale Ronald Hamilton Bob Hamlln Howard Hansen James Hansen Robert Hardesty Danlel Hardin Laura Harding Frank Harrnson, Carol Haynes, Jerry Henry, Shirley Henson, Robert Hepburn, Margaret Hleber, Constance Hmz, Bob Hlrsch, Gene Hoeft, Calvm Holluday, Wull Hornmg, Kathryn Hughes, Sandra Hunter, Dorothy Hunter, Nancy Huntwork, Barbara Hutton, Vlvlan Jackson, Maurme James, Anne James, Joy Jones, Mary lnmgil fi, . . . - si, J n'l 'iff 1 ll? if H gli E N E - ,X Q '-1 K 552. kv V , ,,, N , N N 'vb g N- ' -' 3,, s Gif- - f My 1 K Q . . . . 3 y 3 at H y lfi 'J r if ' Q?" - -' ' Uf ll ' li ' I I 711: yi - l A f l . ' ly, l , Y fi- . ff 1 - e ' 'lu ' il " RJK N ' . N 2 - yr-X ' - . ' ' ' 3 K va' x - in-E ,'Kea's ctw ' if? V ky uw 9 ,J Q .L ,: . 4 " . . KN V in h . it V, If ' -1 5. - at Wx , N ,L - , i 35 I N . Us -I . if u '. by jigs il i- 'Q T ., Y N rival K , Hwy v xt VL v Q f J eg rg fr Q 'tr X 1 ' Q ' , ' lf sss, 71- N Katz, Marvin Kaufman, Ocie Mae Kauper, Tom Kazmaier, Dorothy Kelly, Pat Kerr, Harry Kirkpatrick, Bob Kline, Bill Knight, Thomas Koch, Don Koch, William Kokenakes, Ted Kolander, Marlene Kranich, Irene Kuebler, Junior Lansky, Kay Lantis, Mary Jo LaPrL ll, Nancy Larmee, Wilma Larsen Clarice Larson, Marie LaTendresse, Geraldine Lauer, Sally Lear, Hazel LeBeau, Clarence Leslie, Monna Lewis, Bob Livermore, Gail Logan, Kathleen Losey Roger Lovelace Norma Luhm Jackie Lumbard Bob Maas Angela McCalla Frances McEown Gorden McFadden Catherine McNaughton Robert Maeder Hildegard Martin Mary Ellen Mast George Matthis Robert Maugh Lois Maulbetsch Esther Mayer Jim Mayer Richard Mayer Ron Meyers Ricky Miller Bessie Miller Teddy A FJ Z I 'i A A il -ax I 1 I I I I I I I I . I I I I . I I . I . I I I . I . . 1 1 1 I A - 'v gk A rv . . gg 1- ,K A Y 'Z '.'2? ,, , A 2. Q.. I ' ,, Q '-1 "' P :gl " 'u' ' 3, 2 . I ., I ip' i L 4, 'jl if I I -'jg X 1 V: 4 , X .fl f L . 'I fl . - -fit: n 4 i .. . ks . , A -I M V! .. "' , v.-r 4 4 ,'? V lk X X7 K . 'X J x X 1 J . .' If -L 1 fruit l f 1 l I ff ' ' I Q , 1 1' - " J 'rf ' l . hi, .. B si . f ,, 1 A l'. J, .. A . A fr 5 'H ' fi nr., L If Vi .4 G J . . L H Q in 1 '- jr 'Q ' 1' Y - 1 B i ' f 1 A I ' 1. 1 -' an as A- . ,X 7 ,' "rch U EN, . . A? . ' 6 2 ' - fx 'J 5- xg fn, J ' ':' 3' r A f . J -X L ' 1 . -fi 'vp' Mmges Russ Morley Ann I Morrow Gordon Myers Davld Nagel Dolores Naylor Nancy ya' f A , , f ff' Newman Conme Newman Mary Newman LaVerne Orwng Janice Pflffner, Carl Pflffner, Lnnda Pope, Frank Posey, Larce Potter, Marvm Powell, Mervln Preketes, Demetra Presley, Charles Press, Ellen Pnndle, Jo Ann Osborn Frances Osmer Harold Pace Ron Paddock .loan Pardon Robert Parker Bob Patterson Bernice Patton Malmda Peer Bull Pegan Gretchen Pryer, Ruta Pryor, Doug Pullen, George Pullen, Mary Ransom, Donald Rath, Ruchard Rayer, Mary Read, June Reed, Albertha Reed, Don Penn Gary Penpraze Keith Perkins Ann Peters Pat Peters Shirley J Peters Shlrley M Peterson Dolores Duane Judy Mary Peterson Peterson Peterson 121 1 I lv A , .44 A . I f , n 0 I up wb-I A r 11 , , 4 1 A , V i' 1 v ig K ., 9 -' v 1 J .I , 1 . . I 1 I Q fs- ' 1' ff .Q 4" ., 1 5 gg 3 "T 4' So., ,, 1 - J J y J , ,V 1 4 . I rt 2 1 A I I fs., k . m - ,, r. A ,Q -Qs vo V bv ,- . 1 , ' , ll. -1 , l tg ' 1' - , . ,if ' , ' ' A fs .. ., 1' ,,.. ' 1 fl l V - l , vw " 1 A . , , ' :, ' .fs W 'rs 1 ' " "5 " 7 ,, ,fvf'?' . ., I sy- V 4, , ,, "V, fs- 2 5 V 'Q P gf' ' . ,,-sf l ' 5- ,"':'a ,QF V .. .- . ' :P ,, l ,Q 'N B' .g , fr Q Ac I v , l 7 in K T1-'Y ' I gif' ' 7, - P' A A J , 1 1 ' . 1 . ' . I I 1 ' . ' 1 ' I ' . I . I 1 . ' I . ' . I I Richards, Beverly Reeves, Paul Reeves, Roberta Reiff, Paul Remnant, Harry Rentschler, Jeff Rice, Charles Rice, Louise Richards, Floyd Riendeau, Martha Schmid Doris Schmitt John Schulz Bob Scott Jim Sedwick Lindsay Seeger Walter Seidel Marianna Seyfried Velma Sharp David Shelby Mildred Roach, Lee Robinson, Bill Rockman, Bruce Rogers, Mary Ann Rose, John Ross, Dorothy Ross, Joyce Rowe, Margaret Ruby, Rachel Ryan, Walter Schaible, Leroy Sachse, Bill Samuel, Bob Sanford, Joan Santure, Gary Satterla, Anna Rowland, Carl Rowland, Virginia Sauer, Tom Schenk, Harold lSheperd Alan Sherbert Norman Shilling Bill Shore Harry Sibert Tom Silverstone Janis Smith Car Smith Smith Smith Craig John Robert A I an 0 9 'U 0-Q J' r I I Y 53' I . 1 l I I . . I , I . I . I . . I I ' 1 I . I . . I I . I . I . I . I ' r 92 'vs - I .3 'v ' v as , ' ,Q in -fx ,' 1 4 .L - if F- 9 - -C Xt! X '5, 1 Y S A 1 P fr H if I I I L ' ,V . f P . Q" f 4: ,Tc L I 5 'vi . v- A - f 1- Fi ' 1 2 f ff- 'f p . Q Q - . I ,. 'K , V I A AM I I I w., ' A ' 4 :fill 'l X 5 I ' f'k 51 V .L gr- .6 Y X l A 'rq N . . 'I 'sv , 2 " A Z: A 1 A ' li N If ' S -- ' 1 ' K' I 1. J- CNN' W Q ' ' I' is-'Q e-1 . - 4' .L J .s A A ' .. .4 " 'T "' ,, ' J , , . y Y, . 1, A ,f:- fi.. 1 V ' I C 4 R. 1 ,, .. - ji, A 0 I A X: ' Q xl . . ' ' K I '- ' 342 , A ' ,N 4 . ff, ,I ' f 1 l 1' 0 .A I Jv- ""' Sv- V3 5 , , wr N, W' f 4 3 l C' , , 2 Smlth Robert.l Snuvernlck Jack Sparks Sherrill Sperry Pat Splltt Phnl Staebler Judith Stanfueld Beverly Stead Larry Steeb Gene Steffe Frances Steffen Mnlton Steinbach Ted Stelnon Francls Stllllon Pat Stnlson Vernard Stlmpson Jlm Stoll Fred Strauth Richard Strickland Duck Struble Audrey Struble Pat Sutton Sandra Tanner .llm Taylor Jam Teachout Seth Thompson Fred Thompson Guy Tomlta Ruby Tripp Vlrgmla Trombley Duck f V , , "1 4 ,M Q lfj, , X f""7" X QL Qt, . gl ,D 9 is Q ., T hx I Nw y V. .3 5 . - - - ' ' . . ' I S' R 3 -' - . t ,W . . . K, ll 1' c 'S I X 34+ n , 5 45 X, l A" :inf S N Ja-3 sq' f J.. l S ' l l l . . gi T ' ,, I 'fir N N . N T " 5 X H ' . I , T A- , V :sf .,' -l ' f . Q . ' 4 laiwiv V . . c- ' PM Jw' , .W M . 'Q . , 393, .S nd , 4 qt- y , . ry is J, ,c,f i yu :I 1 , 1. tc 4 ,I K 3 Tucker, Ramona Van Atta, Mllaoma Van Blarcom, John Van Ellls, David Van Sickle, Charles Vusel, James Volak, John Vollrath, Llnette Wagner, Jerry Wanty, Norman Warren, Betty Wemert, Margaret Wenk, Nancy Wenzel, Elizabeth Westerman, Clnfford Westerman, Wllllam Wheeler, Carole Whupps, Barbara Whitaker, Barbara Whntchurch, Betty JA .ill Whnfneld Sally Wackett Brenda Wunder Ann Wnnkelhaus Jane? Wolfe Douglas Worrell Shirley Young Arthur Zlll Robert , 5 1, IJ, ,,, r , ... -W1 I I I I I I I I lf' Q . ' iw: , rg., ff" 1 , , A I L',,v gxijxtvy f warm -r N 1 I 432 gs 1 fx ,' Q A' Q 5 r z ' gg- 3 in , h I figiwfzkf . f in X Q . 4 L, . 2255. 0- it JOHN HEALD DICK HEUSEL SANDY WHITTINGTON UNIOR CLASS The class of 52 has been active and successful under the presidency of John Heald wlth Ben Reed and Lavanche Reuger as theur consultants They recenved able asslstance from Herbie Heusel as Vnce President and Sandy Whlttlngton as secretary The Jumor Class Executive Board conslsted of Nan Nungester Debbie Townsend Beverly Barth and Allen Clague ln sports both the boys and the gurls partlcupated enthusnastlcally an the Intramural program Many of the boys proved successful In playmg nn Intramural competltlon The new homeroom system put the Class of 52 on an even level with the other two classes lt was oosslble for them to participate and to glve thelr full support to the Student Couscll Assembly and Presndent's Commlttee There also was a large and actnve membership to the varnous clubs and other actlvntles of the school The Jumor Class had some hidden and some unknown talent as was proven by their performance In the annual lunlor p'ay held In late sprung Also the Jumor Prom which was held rn the sprung turned out to be very much of a success The Juniors are looklng forward to a prosperous and happy sensor year If their past as any andncatlon of thelr success nn the future there seems to be nothing to worry about 5 F' WW: ft A-Fx, 4 -3 " 9-qi-4"'L 'I. FYI FRONT ROW: B. Barth. J. Heald D. Heusel S. Whittington. BACK ROW: A. Clague N. Nungester D. Townsend Miss Rieger Mr. B. Reed. G Q ,. I ,Z-A 13" Abbott Shlrley Abaton Chrnstme Adams Marshall Alexander Duck Alstrom Duck Anderson Barbara Anderson Bertha Andrew Jeannette Aprlll Clarence Atknsson Kondo Borglin, Marilyn Bowdle, Fred Boyer, Carolyn Braatz, Betty Branch, Morgue Braun, Charles Braun, Evelyn Brerholz, Bruce Bremmg, Nancy Brewer, Gertrude I 1' 3 F7 '97 Austun Bull Ayers Janlece Bachmann Roger Bandrofchak Shirley Barnett Chuck Barr Bob Barth Beverly Baumgartner Jackie Bearman Jane Behnke Walter Brokaw, Bonnle Brown, Lorranne Burk, Beverly Buster, John Cam, Don Callaway, Donna Calvert, Don Carkeek, Ruchard Carlton, Rita if Bemns Pat Benge Judie Bennett Dale Buelby Stan Blrkle Edith Brsard Beverly Blackett Chuck Blake Marlorle Blom Svea Bock Judle Carnngton, Clarence 37 3 -f 'T fb 1 fu - r- 75 .ml ' A 'l 'pl :A ff 'f' J . , dy ,,y, A, J X, JW A ll C fu QC? 'lt ruu A 1 , l ' ' C, 'Q 6 J In .5 7' 'I Q E3 1 3, M- L ' 1 1 ll lf I ' is , I, at , " 9' " 1- 'D t ' 7"' 'S' up we A -5 A -' 'I 05- 44 ' W5 1-A -vt 'W A I ' ' l ,, IJ: Alia lib! at Q5 ,V l LJVVXI- 'yi If "' fl V oss . ' - A 11 'H' " t- ' , . .- , ' 'lift X in " ,, A -, W: ff A Cartwright, Jim Cavanaugh, Joann Clague, Allan Clark, Doug Clark, Kathryn Clement, Harriette Cole, Bob Collica, Grace Collins, Jerry Cook, Bob Cooper, Dave Cornell, Phyllis Crawford, Jim Crowley, Eileen Cummings, Eugene Dakin, Gerry Davis, Evelyn Davis, Larry DeMarco, Donna DenHouter, Dave Evangelldes Chris Everett Marilyn Falkenberg Donna Farrar Peggy Faust Dorothy Featherly Chuck Feldkamp Jack Feldkamp Mary Lou Ferguson Dave Flllmger Jamce Flngerle Brian Flster Ervin Folts Pete Ford Delores Foster Dick Fox Patricia Fraker Marvin Fnsmger Joe Fritz Dean Frv Jack Diccion, Genevieve Dirkse, Norma Douglas, Barbara Douvitsas, Frances Draper, Jeannine Drechsel, Bev Drogosz, Francis Dundas, Marie Edds, Joyce Eiteman, Dean meg 9 3 P fa Ct L 3 .., 1? A A. 1 I 0 ' I . I ' ' , 1 I I , I , 1 , I I . . I , I . . I . ' - 3 f. C ' ,, .. , .:. , , 1, ' - ,sf ': 1' , - - " ,lm - I " "' 11 41 A 4 la, f I J , b-5 t Y f 'ff ,3 'ji J v E B f ' ' ' , -V ' . X l 1 f ll ,' F n '..' , J 'DJJ' V. . Q ?bx5 f L6,?.Il A Fa W 7 - 1 54 A ff "' -f V" , 'iv f 1 '- 'A' ' Y - A ' ,..,' ' J E W 'iw .f 1 I ,4 C ' B Fc 1 ,TD 3 , 4' - 1 A .A ' 'J L ' 'J F - we it - A '57 , , A g ' it 3 If P I Ji P 7 " Ffa- 1 4-.. ' ' i" A f 1 A : Y -2 ' Ewi U by - LT I ' ' g guy 'ts 'J - E , J it - ' ' , J ' ' f' I Q v ,?, , Y , ' as .5 '- - Q .,, f , .. Q .- ' fi 1 F" ff' E ' K, 4 f F ff . - ruff J Q ,J -J A .ffffl x A' . N ' ,M Y K ri Jr! wvl' il 1- 4 :rl ff Gerdel Edward Germanls Sophie Glesner Bob Goddard Pat Good Don Grant Alex Gray Audrey Grubble Lexy Gruffuth Janlce Haerer Armm Hagerman Bob Hammond Anne Hannah Bob Hanselman Gertrude Hardwlck Hoyd Hare Bull Harger Glen Harrlson Florlne Harrlson Jack Harrison John Heselschwerdt, Duck Heusel, Duck Hewntt, Pat Hines, Terry Hofmelster, Wayne Hogan, Ken Hollis, Jackie Holzhauer, Duck Hornung, George Howard, Ruth Hughes, Art Illl, Mary Jedele, Ronald Jenkins, Sally Jesperson, Alvm Jewett, Coleman Johnson, Mary Jo Johnston, Ruchard Jones, Edna Jones, Erma H21 il' 15" Hartman George Hartweg Norman Hatchard Jerry Hayes Bull Haynes Donna Hazzard Betty Headley Mert Heald John Heger Duane Herman Marlene A -1 cs J y . ,J . 1 I, , A 1 I , ' Q 3' . I A J, f IG-I I I I , I I I, . to I G L . 4 y 6 4, I A "5 ,I t',. 4 5 I , " , '77 1 tw: J tsls , c G r Yes my .4 I V- H ta 1 f "' fx-.. J' , , 1 X 'L 1 YK t' I A .' sl , fm 1 he 'l 9- A '4 H? 'F' c .II wI-A I QI 1 I ,rl . . ' , ' J' . I . I I I ' ' ' I I . I . I . . I 1 ' I I ' 1 . . ' 1 Jones, Ned Joseph, Bill Judson, John Judson, Sally Koercher, Dave Kolmboch, Bob Kopp, Doris Kopp, Ron Koufmon, Carol Kearney, Pott I Latson Jane Laubengayer Bull Laughlin Jerry Leach Stuart Lepard Sue Lewis Lenora Lobonov Oleg Lofberg Linda Logothetls John Loukotka Jerry Keen, Shirley Kendrick, Janet Kern, Dick Kimpton, Bob Kipfmiller, Helen Kirkpatrick, Terry Kitchen, Jerry Kitchen, Leland Klophook, Dan Knott, Ralph V7 .aa 5 Knowlton, Euvalia Koengetor, Joan Koepp, Don Kolander, Dick Kuhn, Helmut Kunkle, Marjorie Kussurelis, Peter Lone, Coral Lang, Robert Laraway, Guy Luckhardt Dorothy Lund Spencer Lupn Tony Malcolm Clolre McCorrow Mary Jane McCarthy Leo McCleery Dorothy McCoy Ernie McHenry Howard McKenney Chris C , A no 9. C3 I I 1 . ' . I 'I 1 ' l I I . I I I I 1 ' I . . I I I ' 1 ,- 5 TF 'F' 'A lil "' L.. nf ij 2 A L 1-L 'J ' fm' f it ' J J D ' LJ - t L' A . - lm. i g ,, 0 .1 iii fi ni 41? 11 I w- 4 V . .1 , lf. C7 J L L - fa, 5. .Y . Q7 ' If t J i all Ae! ' f . -Q A 'YJ I J R 5 f av fn ,, ,':' . J' . , ,,",f it .D' ' i . .. ' P2 Jo 9 , - , -' , MV, . Q J F- X , ,- ' gg! 1 Ml, A d ' HM , I L -'L IP- X .. . - , .Q .. 15 . e -. ff 1- ' C, 1, L ' 4, l J fr L . ' , A A , tg, f- -B ' A , -F 1 , -9 - ' NVQ, X A. .Q L ' 3 - l - - ', K, I 3' - X ' I .111 . V 1 A I be Mallory Betty Mangan .lan Manooglan Agnes Marshall Elsne Martln Barbara Marz Marlene Mast Frieda Merrlll Owen Meyers Gerry Meyers John 6 I LN .J Mlldner Pat Muller Muller Muller Muller Muller Muller Mmor Allce o Don .lanet .lulla Clara Moore Jean Morton Chuck Nlxen, Grace Nordman, Doug Nordman, Guy Noye, Nettle Nungester, Nancy O'Brnen, Bradley O'Connor, Mary Oestrelcher, Duck Ogllvy, Barbara Olsen, Bob 'Q T Olsson, John Onago, Bob Page, Joan Palmer, Tom Pardon, Charles Pardon, Ed Patterson, Bernard Peer, Florence Penn, Carol Peters, Harold VI Mull Betty Nalepka Walt Navarro Pat Naylor Pete Nellns Mary Newcomb Sue Newman John Newman Bull Nncolaou Able Nnmke Duane 3 ,fly ' Q . - f .. mlm f R I h K-. V' ay, I My fl 'gig Q if A ' H' A ' Q - 1 , t r 1 V I - .v .K g I I - :N A .. . . , KL. I , A t. r A . ,M , x I 1, y E' J' by .' M- A la -"1-A 1 't J 'F , F" . I - Q -1 'Q 5 .s ' 1-1 X-S .wr I . - - -f X -- i , " of 1 1 I i X ll I I' lui: . we l ' ' A , X fs .11 TN 3 1 Q W, L- , rr 1 , ,Q K , .. if u Q , a' .5 1 1 . 1 J if I ff- A I , Q - .se B lil? gc I -1 1 Q. Q C. A A f V - -,, ,R -L K g 4, h , r 1 It .f .. 3' ., fif 1 l -7' I . I I I D I . I ' , ' , Bill , 1 I . I B b I . I . I . I I . I I I . l I . I . I . I I . I I I I ' I I . I Pfabe, Dianne Phelps, Marcia Piehutkoski, Maxine Podewil, Ted Poland, Ron Polsdorfer, Don Pope, Richard Potter, Cynthia Powers, Annie Preketes, Dena Presswood, Paul Preston, Art Pryor, Patsy Pullen, Joan Raupp, Joyce Rayburn, Jim Rayer, Genevieve Ringkvist, lris Robbins, LaMarr Roberts, Audrey Roberts, Tim Rogers, Robert Rohrback, Ann Rood, Judy Rutledge, Ken Rutledge, Ron Salisbury, Mary Lou Sanford, Bill Sauer, Mary Savage, Bill Savery Richard Schalrer Paul Schaner Richard Scheetz Arlene Schleede Janet Schneider Peter Schwab .lim Schwalm Barbara Schwartz Ronald Schwarz Blll 3 Sharp Charlie Shaw Dick Shilling Harold Sleloff Ted Simon Omar Smdlmger Guy Smdlmger Harold Sipperley Shirley Sleet Audrey Slocum Mary 1"'m. I . I . . I I , I ' e 1 I I . , I l , I . . I I . . I I . I . . I , I . , .73 h 49 ' 53" M . T ' ' . ' -1 " . ls f , , J' . es 5 , j I J 'tv ., . V 4 ' ., , if .. 4. . v A. ,K , ' 'L A 3' l 5' " -1 'L U '-5 fs 'A - ,f -f 1 f J A J 1- 'ffm f ,rf f , A P A 3 V Can. .,4,, 7, lib. IJ- xy ,.,dln,V ,. 4, x l gg A I ' if , f Af ff ' fn ! A 4 f ' V AL. X W ' , , s I AJ - h - ,, A 1.1 ' ., Q, 1 ' ' I 1 f A J K ff, Q A , pg -A ' vi ,L A J , " 4. , Q f H , 'Q ' N . J fox C' vs L IA QQ 11, My :- 'P 441 . Smalley Ed Smith Jeanine Smith Mclrllyn Smith Marlorle Smith Pat Smder Myra Jean Springer Sheridan Staggs Doyce Staubach Celia Stauch Jerry rw 49 995' 1.1 U QQ : .. Stead Luz Steeb Gene Steiner Bob Stempek Jim Stevens Mary Stoddard Dave Stollsteimer Mary Ann Strickland Mary Lou Stuhlman Sally Stump Beverly Suma Margaret Swoverland Sherle Talbot Don Tanabe Helen Teasdale Jlm Terry Glenn Tervo Nancy Thomas Don Thompson Lee Thompson Bull .W 1 4' -417.5 fr ,, 1 A , is .5 W rw 1 Tir. 2 'Z' :ST I .2 Ax A A Jin lg li J llll ip i fa S Tj' . H--' W ,,, fx. -1' A V P, r 3 wiv X . I v . ' K A fl' f ' A , " ,,,t ,I ' 5 'a r: z ' .., ,, H V1 73: .A , . 3 rf 'J .1 gg 3 T A - ,f " T ' - ' D L h f, I l' 4 b f 1' .1 V N. 1 1 'li' I' xi W-7 1-A? , K- fa. X, N- y , S lg, 'w -. jj sg -5 ,-L T., A D , e 'S l 4 , , f vu '-' 45 T M ",' ., W4, 4 'TK fv- J o f -1 fe. ' fs9f't5-M5 T ' ' D 1 I f ' I . ' ' , ' ' I 1 'I ' I I I I I I I I I I ' D 1 1 Thompson, Bob Todd, Muriel Toshcoff, Chris Townsend, Debbie Townsley, Diane Trudeau, Bull Uhlendorf, Paul Van Schoten, Flora Van Sickle, Bob Verames, Diane Vogel, Mllo Vreeland, Carol Wadhams, Pat Wallace, Noreen Walz, Bill Wandel, Marianne Wanzeck, Jane Ware, Prentiss Wasson, Richard Waterbury, Marilyn M is Wealch Mary Kay Wemert Hermme Wells Robert Wente Hllda Wenzel Anthony Westphal Duck Whltehead Bob Whittington Sandra Wnlde Jerry Wllklnson Barbara 'Tfx Wlllnams Russell Wilson Joan Wilson Salhe Wunder Bob Wlnt Paul Wlnters Barbara Wnherby Mlchael Wolf? Elame Woodworth Clark Zeeb Kenneth Zlll Richard IT!! z ' , ' l.. .f,. . gg 'I' . - " '1' A- ' 6 ' 5' 2 L, '11 ,, - ' 1 a A I- J ' r' if f fn 1 7 I fi C' W I .V V .f - . ' I I' f 1 I . . I I I . 1 I 0 1 ' I I . I . 1 . . ' I . I I I , I , I . I . . . I I - . I I . . I I he W 41 E. Xen v 5 I, 2 1 . , Q, mf f H fi Af ,,!Z'i,ff, W, M.. , .,,, fl lr ,L , . ,1 A , J b Hi 1 , , Q 4 1 ge' LW Riffs, I" si 'Q 5 yiiifiti I-:asf Q 1 V7 f f 57 Q 1' "W '. - ' .. fi, X. , , , .. ,. ..-VL , ,, . - F5 -1 A hx 'W 1 , fx , Y ssc F . '4' M -, M 53' ,sign 195' ,fn A ,. ..- v " iv - My ,, Wg! " LW ,4 MWEA 'V Aff: , mu- .. L, SENTOlBWgxQyLASS Qi' sf' xl BUD PARKS DICK FIEGEL NANCY BROWN Well sensors thss ss st' We are leavsng hgh school forever For many of us graduatson means flndsng employment whsch wsll stabslsze us sn a prosperous future and for the rest of us st means a hsgher educatson Regardless of the meansng st ss stsll a chapter sn our lsfe whsch we wsll not forget Thss book wsll forever serve to remsnd us of dates gossspsng gettsng to school on tsme the tsme Ctsmesj we got caught for sksppsng the football team who won Fsve A champsonshsp baseball track fswsmmsngj basketball and golf Well remember the sensor play the carnsval and last and per hops least crammsng for exams The sensor class of T951 was under the capable leadershsp of Bud Parks who served as class pressdent Under hsm were Dsck Fesgel Vsce pressdent and Nancy Brown Secretary Those on the executsve board were Hans Pfsffner Barb Wslloughby Marsorse Morten Hugh Wenk and Paul Tsbbals 15... .....,.,, 5 FRONT ROW: N. Brown D. F'egel B. Parks B, W'lloughby BACK ROW: M'ss Noyes H. Ph'ffner H. Wenk M. Morton P. T'bbals Mr. Curr. K Q4 FRED ADAMS The Track Team claumed Fred as a member for three years lco captaun un hus sen or year He was on the JV Football Team for two years and the Varsuty Team for one He represented homeroom B-I4 on Student Councul and was uts secretary Fred also sang on A Capella JANET AGAR Janet has been an actuve member of the band durung her three years at AAHS As a spohomore and lunuor she also partucupated un Fu ture Nurses Club Janet who hauls from Tappan was a member of homeroom B-15 She wull attend college after graduatuon BARBARA J AGNEW Aggue hauls from Slauson and was a member of homeroom A2 atAAHS ln her sopho more year she was un Dram atucs Colonnade Red Cross Commuttee Gurls Chorus and on the Honor Roll Wug and Masque A Capella Footlught Scandals and Red Cross were her lunuor and senuor actuvu tues Aggue would luke to at tend a cosmetuc school MERIL ANDERSON Thus quuet fellow made hus stay un homeroom B-I0 whule at AAHS He came from Jones Junuor Hugh Merul was on the General Curruculum and he specualuzed un Wood Shop Merul plans to get a lab after graduatuon CAROL ANDRESS Carol attended Slauson Junuor Hugh before comung to AA HS In her sophomore year she belonged to the Dra matuc Camera and Colonnade Clubs She was also a mem ber of the Gurls Chorus Noon Hour Commuttee, and was on the Honor Roll Sunce then she has belonged to the Musuc Club and Red Cross Commut tee Carol plans to attend Muchugan State College N fu ,ann 47" 4-9 I FRANK ANDREWS Bud attended Slauson and was a member of homeroom A2 ln hus sophomore year Bud was out for Junuor Var suty Wrestlung and was a mem ber of the Rufle Club He was un the Junuor Play and on the Honor Roll ln hus senuor year Bud partucupated un Washung ton Club Omega and HuY Club He plans to attend MSC LORETTA ANDREWS Loretta was a member of the Future Nurses Club for three years at AAHS She was presudent of thus club durung her senuor year Loretta was also on the Red Cross and Assembly Commuttees Follow ung graduatuon she us goung to Cleary Busuness College RONALD ARNST Ron comes from Slauson Beung the athletuc type he has been out for football three years and wrestlung for the past two He also be longed to the Rufle Club Art Club and the Noon Hour Commuttee Ron has chosen carpentry for hus occupatuon HARRY ATHANSON ln hus senuor year Harry held the Important offuce of presu dent of the Student Councul He was on the Golf Team three years la medalustl JV Football and Wrestlung Teams two years Harry was presu dent of the Sohphomore class and on the Junuor Executuve Board He was also on Coun cul two years before becomung uts presudent Harry us plan nung to attend the U of M CURTIS T ATKISSON Curt came to AAHS from Berkley Hugh where he was actuve un sports and on the Honor Roll In has senuor year he represented AAH S un a duscussuon on school campung at the Grand Rapuds, Muchu gan Pruncupals' Conventuon Curt was B l5's Student Coun cul representatuve He was on the Honor Roll both semesters Curt plans to attend the U of M 2 JEAN M AUSTIN Thus peppy luttle gal was a member of homeroom C ll She came from Slouson and followed the Luterary Currucu lum Jeanne was octuve un Sophomore Dramatucs GAC Stagecraft Colonnade Wug and Masque and Omega She represented her hoom room on Student Councul and as vuce presudent Jeanne also worked on the Optumust and the Y Councul MARGARET AVSHARIAN Comung from Tappan Mag gue represented her home room B8 on the Student Councul She was a JV cheer leader for two years and o member of GAC for three years Maggue sang un Can tando and A Capella and had the lead un the Operetta She partucupated un French Club Colonnade Spanush Club Washungton Club Sophomore Dramatucs and she worked on Senuor Play NANCY J BAKER Nan came t u from U Hugh She was an usher for both the Operetta and Junuor Play Durung her senuor year she worked as chaurman of the Senuor Play Make Up Cammuttee and co-chaurman of the Publucuty Commuttee Nan was also actuve un the Art and Washungton Clubs GARRETT BAKKER A member of homeroom C 'll Dutch attended Slouson be fore comung to Ann Arbor Senuor Hugh He followed the General Curruculum and was an actuve member of the Camera Club Also Dutch partucupated un wrestlung s a sophomore BONNIE E BALAS Durung her three years t hugh school Bonnue was un the Musuc Club Colonnade Can tando Orchestra A Cappella and the Intramural Sports Commuttee Bonnue has been on the Honor Roll sunce her sophomore year She was un Washungton Club as a senuor Bonnue us goung to the U of M un the fall uf' t ?"? CHRISTINA BALLINGALL Chrus beung an athletuc mund ed gal has been a member of Rufle Club and GAC for three years and on the Intra mural Sports Commuttee for two years She has been presudent secretary and treo surer of the Rufle Club and was both presudent and treas urer of her homeroom C20 She has also been actuve on the Optumust Chrus has her eye on art school or profes suonal work after graduatuon DOUGLAS BARNETT Doug came from Slouson Here at AAHS he was a member of homeroom C10 Doug was actuve un Camera Art and Floruculture Clubs He also partucupated un Wash ungton Club and Conservatuon Club Doug was on the Honor Roll un hus lunuor year MARY A BAUR Both musuc and sports claumed Marys tume Besudes beung on the Honor Roll for three years she was un Musuc Club Ar chery Club GAC German Club Beung secretary of her homeroom also took up Mary s tume Any spare hours how ever would fund Mary at the Lutheran Church organ proc tucung for future organ study at Caputol Unuversuty OSCAR EDWARD BEEMAN Thus tall fruendly fellow spent hus uunuor hugh days at Tap pan Durung hus years at A A H S Eddue was a member of homeroom B10 He maun tauned Honor Roll standards durung hus sophomore lunuor and senuor years As a senuor he loaned the Archery Club and was a member of the Junuor Varsuty Golf Squad After graduatung Eddue plans to work un the tool and due makung undustry NORMA ELLEN BEHNKE As a sophomore Norma dus played her Interest un musuc by becomung a member of Gurls Chorus and the Musuc Club Whale a uunuor she belonged to the Scrubblers Club and she partucupated un C OT and Camera Club durung her senuor year Norma came to AAHS from Slouson F ' - a Q - . . I . . . . , .U I I . . . K , . . . 1 W s ' I - 'sf' . W L - . . ' I . V . . . ,f ' ' .. . ' . . , . . r ' X , , 1 , . -f v--' f 5 356,44 L ,f o s ' ' ' . , . . . .K n I . ' 74 p 4 I f I g I . ' , . . ., . - . 0, ' . , . . ' - f ' . ' 3 , . . N Y - uf Q. . . . . Q ll ' , . . .' . lr 11 - ' u lr Y I A l l , . l . , . . . . . 0 , ' A . . I - ' ' - . G I .- , ' I I 1 ' D I I I ' . . . , . , fb, 3 i ROBERT BERGER Bob was out for Junsor Var ssty Football Camera Club and Art Club sn hss sophomore year Whsle a lunsor he was sn Wsg and Masque and Stagecraft Dursng Bobs sen sor year he was sn Washsng ton Club worked on proper tses for the Sensor Play and was bussness manager of the Special Trsps Commsttee Bob s future plans include tne Unsverssty of Mschsgan PETER BERTSOS Pete was most actsve sn dra matscs and mussc throughout hsgh school He belonged to the Sophomore Dramatscs Club Wsg and Masque and the Orchestra As a lunsor Pete was a Student Councsl alternate and as a sensor he belonged to the Specsal Trsps Commsttee Pete hopes to enter the sce skating profes sson sn the future CAROLYN BESLOCK Carol was kept busy through out her years at AA H S by her work on the Optsmsst staff She was bussness manager of the Optsmsst sn her sensor year She held the smportant office of secretary of the lunsor cass Carol was actsve sn GAC Sophomore Dra matscs Washsngton Club and Sophomore Assembly he was on the Honor Roll for three years BEN BLACKETT Thss tall blonde fellow came from Tappan Junsor Hsgh and was a member of homeroom B15 here at AAHS en was on the Golf Team for three years and on the De bate Team sn hss sensor year He was a Student Councsl a ternate of his homeroom. Ben plans to attend the U of FRANCIS BLAKE Fran spent his sophomore year in Saginaw. He entered into things at A.A.H.S. by participating in the Proiection Committee Hi-Y .l.V. Foot- bal J-V Baseball and Intra- mural Sports Committee. Dur- ing his senior year Fran once again was a member of the Intramural Committee as well as the J.V. Football and Var- sity Baseball Teams. He was in the Senior Play We 2' 'L -DL WILLIAM BLEWETT Comsng from Slauson Junsor Hsgh Bsll was a member of homeroom Cl here at AA H S He followed the General Currsculm Bsll was actsve sn the Conservatson Club the Rod and Reel Club and the Washington Club Bsll plans to work after graduatson CATHERINE BOICJUK Kathy a member of home room B8 spent her lunsor hsgh days at Tappan Dursng her sophomore year sn AA HS she served on the Red Cross Commsttee and was actsve sn Art Club and Gsrs s Chorus ln her lunsor year she was a member of the Camera Club and Art Club and as a sensor partscspated sn Wash sngton Club and typed tor the Optsmsst DANIEL BOONE Dan was a member of the Band for three years He was president and Student Councsl representative of hss home room CII Dan was actsve sn the Rsfle Club Radso Club and Prolectson Commsttee As a member of Boys Chorus he was sn Operetta Dan per formed sn the Sophomore As sembly and the Footlsght Scandals DONALD BOOROM Don has been very actsve throughout hss hsgh school career Dursng hss sophomore year he partscspated sn .lV Football and Track He was on the Wrestlsng Squad for three years As a sunsor Don played Varssty Football Track and was vsce-pressdent of the Art Club. Varsity Football Student Council and presi- dent of the A.B. took up his time as a senior. GLADYS BOOTH A former Slausonite Gladys transferred her allegiance to A.A.H.S. She participated in Girls Chorus and Cantando. Gladys was active in the Mu- sic Club German Club and Chefs Club' also the Wash- ington Club. Gladys hopes to attend Michigan State Col- ege. 15 LOUlSE SAUVE BOYCE Sophomore Dramatucs and Noon Hour Commuttee kept Lou busy durung her furst year at AA H S She was un Musuc Club durung her lunuor year and was on the Honor Roll all three years louuse plans to malor un Art at Western Muchugan College after gradu anon J DALLAS BRADBURY Dallas hauls from Slauson and was a member of homeroom A2 at AAHS Dallas was actuve un the Orchestra for three years He played the ce o ROBERTA BRAY Tommy was a member of homeroom A2 She came from Slauson ln her sopho more year she was a member of Musuc Club As a uunuor Tommy was actuve un GAC Conservatuon Club Red Cross and served as secretary and vuce presudent of her home room Tommy plans to attend school un Induana and b come a dental assustant FRED BREISCH Fred prepared humself for the Unuversuty of Muchugan durung hus stay at AAHS by mak ung the Honor Roll all three years He belonged to the French Club for two years Fred came from Slauson Jun uor Hugh and was a member of homeroom C 10 DORlS M BROCKWAY Dorus hauls from Tappan Jun uor Hugh She was secretary of the Musuc Club and was un A Cappella Orchestra and Colonnade She backed the class play as chaurman of the tucket commuttee Dorus was actuve un Washungton Club as a senuor She plans to at tend the U of M un the fall L. gr' NORMAN W BROOKER Norms maun unterests have been sports He partucupated un JV Football Varsuty Swum mung and JV Baseball Asude from sports Norm found tume to be un the Sopho- more Assembly Prolectuon Commuttee Rufle Club HuY Club and vuce presudent of hus homeroom C 'I3 IRMA BROWN Irma attended Jones .lunuor Hugh As a sophomore she was presudent of the Future Teachers Club and on Red Cross Commuttee Durung her lunuor year Irma was secre tary of her homeroom Bl a member of both the Future Teachers Club and Red Cross Commuttee B10 claumed her as theur secretary as a senuor She pans to attend Hamulton Busuness College after grad uahon NANCY R BROWN Secretary of the senuor class and of her Washungton Club group took up much of Nan s tume as a senuor A member of homeroom C 2 she was also actuve nn GAC Sophomore Dramatucs Wug and Masque Chefs Club and worked on the Junuor Play Nan was on Student Councul and a mem ber of the Omega staff She pans to attend MSC RAY BRUMBAUGH Ray was a member of home ro m C'Il at AAHS He came from Slauson Ray went out for wrestlung all three years He belonged to the Rufle Club and the Conserva tuon Club Ray also served as treasurer of hus homeroom SARAH LEE BUSH Thus fruencuy gal came from Tappan .lunuor Hugh and was a member of homeroom B-15 here at AAH S Sarah was actuve un GAC for three years and as a senuor she was un the Washungton Club She may attend Cleary College after graduatuon CLYDE CAMP Clyde a Slausonute could be found un homeroom C I3 He was actuve un the Prolectuon Commuttee Washungton Club and Fusher Body Guuld Club Clyde plans to work after graduatuon JANICE I CAMPBELL Jan came to AAHS from Marune Cuty Hugh School Marune Cnty Muchugan She was an actuve member of Gurls Chorus and on the Honor Roll whule a sophomore She par tucu ated un the Musuc Club for wo years and also be longed to the Dramatuc Club un her lunuor year She plans to follow a secretarual career after graduatuon JERRY CAMPBELL In hus sophomore and lunuor years at AAHS Jerry par tucupated un Junuor Varsuty Swummung In hus senuor year he became a Varsuty member Jerry came from Slauson and was a member of homeroom A 2 He was a member of the Washungton Club and plans to attend Muchugan State Col ege DOUGLAS M CARLSON A partucupant of the Jumor Varsuty Golf Team for two years Doug became an um portant member of the Var suty Team whuch became the 5A Champuons of fall golf thus year A former Slauson ute, he was a member of homeroom C II After gradu atuon Doug plans to attend Muchugan State JOANNE CARRAS Jo us that pleasant gurl from B 8, who has been very actuve durung her hugh school days She was a member of both Gurls' Chorus and Cantando Jo served on the Student Councul, Future Nurses Club, GAC and Optumust Other actuvutues she has partucupated an are Scrubblers' Club, Chefs' Club, Washungton Club, A Cappella and Omega JOHN CARTWRIGHT John was most actuve sports durung hus hugh school career He was captaun ofthe Baseball Team un hus senuor year John was on the Var suty Baseball Team three years Varsuty Football two years and Varsuty Basketball one year Thus athletuc guy was also presudent and vuce presu dent of hus homeroom and a Corps CATHERINE CAZEPIS Cathy us that peppy gal from C I0 She was a member of the JV Cheerleadung Team un her lunuor year and Co Captaun of the Varsuty Cheer leaders un her senuor year Cathy was actuve as Student Councul alternate vuce presu dent and secretary of her homeroom She belonged to G A C Cantando Musuc Club Wug and Masque and the Youth Councul PEGGYJ CHASE Peg dusplayed her note takung abuluty by beung secretary of Rufle Club and of her home room C15 She was also a member of Red Cross Commut tee Assembly Commuttee and Floruculture and Scrubblers u bs Peg plans to work after raduatuon RICHARD CHATTERS Duck or Chopper held the umportant posutuon of captaun of the 'I950 Puoneer Football Team H portucupated un football and tennus as a soph omore and lunuor Chopper was un Boys' Chorus for one year and A Cappella for two years besudes servung on Stu dent Councul for hus home room, C 'I3 He plans to enter the U of M CATHERINE ANN CLOKE Kutty was a member of the homeroom C2 un AAHS She sang un Gurls' Chorus when she was a sophomore Kutty was actuve un the Cam era Club and the Archery Club When she was a senuor, she worked on COT Kutty came to Ann Arbor Hugh from Saunt Thomas f. ' ' - 5 . . . ' in . ' . " . Ik , 1 VV I N .,.. .V I , , ' ' gf ' member of the Boys' Leader 5 'l" f 1345 ' . 1 - ' 3 ' ' . ' ' . . ' f ' . ' . n In ' I I - . C'u . ' I a g . l . I I I . I . av i e .. . . AIDA COLATRUGLIO Auda was kept busy by her many actuvutues all through hugh school She sang un Can tando for one year and un A Cappella for two years Auda was the Student Councul al ternate and secretary un her homeroom C2 She was un Sophomore Dramatucs Club Musuc Club Spanish Club Specual Trups Commuttee and Washungton Club Auda plans to go on to college JEANETTE COLLINS Jeanette became a member of homeroom C 2 upon enterung AAHS She attended Tap pan Junuor Hugh Here Jean ette was a member of the Camera Club for two semes ters and the Musuc Club for one semester She plans to work after graduatuon BARBARA K COLLYER Barb thought of the future when she partucupated un ex tra currucular actuvutues She belonged tothe Nursung Club for three years Barbara plans to go unto nurses traunung un two years She also belonged to the Red Crass Commuttee and the Washungton Club She was a member of homeroom C10 MARY N CONSTANT Marys mam unterest through out hugh school has been musuc as shown by her membershup In Orchestra for three years She also partucupated un Can tando Red Cross and Dram atucs un her sophomore year French Club vuce presudent of her homeroom durung lunuor year Wug and Masque and Honor Roll as a senuor Mary pans on goung to the U of M after graduatuon ROBERT N CONSTANT Comung from Slauson ob partucupated un Junuor Var suty Wrestlung Football Raduo Club and Boys Chorus Dur mg hus lunuor year Bob was actuve un JV Football and Varsuty Wrestlung Whule a senuor Bob was Student Coun cul alternate and a member of lnternatuonal Relatuons Club Bob plans to attend the U of M QS. W if ui '51 1 od' -I Q 1 I L RUSSELL CORNELL JR Comung from Tappan thus fellow was unterested un mu suc and sports Russ partucu pated un wrestlung for two years and sang un both Boys Chorus and A Cappella He was un the Musuc Club Radio Club and on the Honor Roll Russ plans to go to Muchlgan State Normal LOUIS JOSEPH CORTIANA A fellow wuth lots of wut and humor Louue hauls from Tap pan Junuor Hugh Whule at AAHS he was a member of homeroom B 'IO He partucu pated un Pauntung and Decor atung Club Noon Hour Com muttee Varsuty Cross Country Squad Intramural Sports Commuttee and worked on Coast Guard rates hugh Louue s plans after gradua tuon MARILYN JOYCE CORWIN As a member of Gurls Chorus Cantando and A Cappella Marulyn dusplayed her unter est un musuc whule attendung A A H S She also belonged to the Camera Chefs Rufle and Washungton Clubs was member of the Junuor Red Cross and served as secre tary of C ll Whule a senuor Marulyn followed the COT program and plans to do secretarual work after gradu otuon RICHARD CROSBY Duck came to AAHS from U Hugh He was a member of homeroom B15 and served as Assembly Commuttee mem ber for three years Duck was actuve un Camera Club Wash ungton Club and sang un A Cappella He plans to go on to college BETTY J CROSS The orchestra was fortunate to have Betty as a member for three years She wan an or chestra award un her uunuor year A former Slausonute she was a member of B12 and then B 15 Betty was on the Honor Roll for three years As a senuor, she was secretary of her homeroom and was a member of the Washungton Club V . , . . I a ' I ' . T - z ' h ' A N . . ' . , 1 ' - . ' ' ' , 1 . . . 1, . , , , . I 5, 1 ' . ' B3 2 'V ' . 5 ,ij r 1 ' Q-at 'ga' s I - , , . - ?y .... l I . - . I - ' 1, Q 1 3 ' c.o.r. Either the Navy of ,ssc ",',:1.1 .'f7f:f5l " 'f ' in g4l'ifflf5ff-lgflff. l ' ' ' - , :gg "7':ffIf:5pC:f:t, - . . , I - I I 1 . u s 4 I I 1 I I u , , u . , a 1 A I - s .' ' - -., Q5 " . ' , . '. . . . . . 1 ' ' I ' - . . F , I - . I . I ' - . I I B A I I I I . Q . . . s - I - Y . . . . l 5 ' I ii JOYCE M CUMMINGS Jo o member of homeroom CII came to AAHS from Slauson She was an actuve partucupant un the Camera and Interuor Decoratung Clubs durung her uunuor and senuor vears Jo was on the Costume Commuttee of A Da Wuth Judy Uunuor Playl and she also served her class as manager of the Costume Commuttee of January Thaw lSenuor Ployl BEVERLY CUSHING Bev has been secretary of her homeroom A2 and a mem ber of both Gurls Chorus and Cantando She hauls from Tap pan In her senuor year Bev was on the Honor Roll and partucupated un the Conserva tuon Club and Washungton Club She plans to attend Huram College un Ohuo JUDY CUSHING Judy came to AAHS from Unuversuty Hugh She partucu pated un the French Club Stagecraft and GAC un her sophomore year In her senuor year Judy partucupated un the Washungton Club and Art Club She has been on the Honor Roll all three years Judy pans to attend college after graduatuon NIELSEN DALLEY Nuelsen attended the Horace Mann Intermeduate School and the Wuchutukans Hugh School At AAHS he was an actuve member of the Band Chess Club Stomp Club Prouectuon Commuttee Fusher Body Guuld Club and was on the Honor Roll Nuel sen wull go to the U of M un the fall JAMES DAUM Jum a member of homeroom C 'IO came to AAHS from St Thomas Hus maun unterest was pauntung and decoratung After graduatuon Jum plans to spend some tume un the US Navy rfllllt MARTIN DAVID Martun came to AAHS un hus senuor year from Hughland Park Hugh Dallas Texas Dur ung hus year here he was on the Honor Roll the Debate Team worked on the Optu must and had a lead un the Senuor Play Martun has been a member of the Natuonal Honor Socuety He plans to attend college JOHN I DAVIS John spent hus untermeduate years at Slauson Throughout hugh school he was actuve un Band and Orchestra John was secretary of hus home room C I3 and un hus senuor year he belonged to the Musc Club and Washungton Cub John plans to attend the U of M RICHARD E DAVISON Duck was a member of the C I0 homeroom He went out for JV Football un hus sopho more year Duck wull always be remembered by some for hus dufferent speeches and hus expressuve eyes un publuc speakung class He plans to enlust un the Aur Force un the near future TIDALJ DELCO Tudal a member of home room B8 came from Slau son Whule at AAHS she has been a member of both t"ue Future Teachers Club and the Future Nurses Club Tudal has shown musucal abuluty by sungung un Gurls Chorus and Cantando MARGARET R DELLABAUGH As a sophomore Marg be longed to Scrubblers Club and Colonade She also por tucupated un the Musuc Club for two years and was a member of Gurls Chorus dur ung her senuor year Comung to AAHS from Tappan she was a member of homeroom C ll Marg plans to become a typust after graduatuon A5 'bw BARBARAJ DeWOLFE Barb a member of homeroom A2 has been on the Honor Roll for three years She par tucupated n French Club Noon Hour Commuttee Dra matucs Conservatuon Club and Optumust ln her uunuor year she was on Student Councul and was vuce presu dent of her homeroom As a senuor Barb was presudent of Youth Councul presudent of her homeroom and a mem ber of the Washungton Club DAVID DOW Dave belonged to the orches tra A Cappella Chour and Band lpresudent un hus senuor year? He was on the Track and Cross Country Teams member of Sophomore Dra matucs Wug and Masque and Washungton Clubs Dave had a part un both the Junuor and Senuors plays and was on the Honor Roll throughout hugh school GERTRUDE A DOWNEY Comung from Slauson Allene dusplayed her musucal and athletuc abuluty un belongung to Cantando and G A C She was secretary of her home room A 'I2 and mauntauned an Honor Roll average durung her three years at AAHS As a senuor Allene was also a member of the Washungton L ub DOROTHY DUPSLAFF Dottue haulung from Slauson Junuor Hugh exhubuted her vum vugor and vutaluty by leadung the hugh school cheers un her uunuor and senuor years lco captaun of Varsuty un her senuor vearl She was an ac tuve member of the French Club and worked on the Optumust After graduatuon she plans to attend Chrustuan College ALICE EAST Comung from Tappan .lunuor Hugh Aluce was a member of homeroom B10 As a sopho more she partucupated un Gurls Glee Club Camera Club Red Cross Commuttee and Cantan do Whule a uunuor she was a member of loruculture Club Cantando and mauntauned Honor Roll standards Con tando Specual Trups Commut tee Washungton Club and Archery took up Aluce s senuor days 'lk tg, BEVERLY EFNER Bev followed the College Cur ruculum durung her sophomore and uunuor years and then changed to the General Cur ruculum un her senuor year She served her class by usherung at the Junuor and Senuor Plays Bev came to AAHS from Tappan and was a mem ber of homeroom B 10 S PETER EKSTROM Pete came to Ann Arbor Hugh from Tappan Junuor Hugh Throughout hugh school Pete followed the College Currucu lum He was vuce presudent and secretary of has home room Pete plans to enter the U of M CONSTANCE L ELLIOTT Connue came to A A H S from Slauson Junuor Hugh She was a member of homeroom C 2 Connue was on the Honor Roll Publucuty Commuttee for the Junuor Play and Make Up Commuttee for the Senuor Play She was also secretary of her homeroom Connue hopes to attend Elkhart Bus uness College ROGER F ETZEL Bud has been on the Varsuty Wrestlung Squad all three years at AAHS and as a senuor he was Co Captaun of the Wrestlung Squad As a sophomore Bud also partucu pated un Junuor Varsuty Cross Country He plans to work after graduatuon DAWN ELOISE FALKENBERG An ardent member of the band durung her three years at hugh school Dawn hauls from Slauson Junuor Hugh and was a member of homeroom BTO at AAHS As a uunuor and senuor Dawn was actuve un the Musuc Club and Scrub blers Club JACK FILLINGER '27 XJ at RICHARD FIEGEL Duck partucupated un JV and Vorsuty Swummung Sophomore and Jumor Executuve Boards Student Councul and he NAB He was vuce presudent of the senuor class Boys Leader Corps Band and Or chestra kept Duck busy dur ung hus hugh school days He plans to attend the U of M Durung hus sophomore year Jack belonged to the Noon Hour Commuttee and the Rufle mural Basketball and the Red Cross Commuttee Jack was secretary of the Chefs Club and a member of the Wash ungton Club He plans to at tend MSC HOWARD FINKBEINER Hov ard became a loyal AA HS supporter when he left Slauson Junuor Hugh C 10 claumed hum as a me nber A great deal of Howards tume and attentuon belonged to the Orchestra He partucupated un Footlught Scandals Howard also belonged to the French C Ub BEVERLY FISHER Bev comung to AAHS from Slauson partucupated un Gurls Chorus for two years and she belonged to the Muslc and Scrubblers Clubs durung her sophomore and lunuor years As a semor Bev was a mem ber of the lnteruor Decorotung Club and also was chaurman of the Ushers Commuttee of January Thaw DALE F FlSHER Dole partucupated un Jumor Varsuty Football, basketball and track as a sophomore He also was a member of the Camera Club, Noon Hour Commuttee, and Cross Coun try Team for two years He was a photographer for the Optumust and Omega, and un the future he plans to uoun the Navy and study aerual photo Qfvphv l 'Hindu 5- Atl f p GERALD FISHER Gerald cam Jumor Hugh room C T3 old was on ruculum He a mechanuc e from Tappan He was un home At A A H S Ger the General Cur plans to work as after graduatuon HARRIET A FORN Harruet became actuve un hugh school by portucupatung un Red Cross Commuttee and and semor she was secretary of her homeroom Durung her senuor year Harruet was presu dent of the lnteruor Decorat ung Club and a member of the Washungton Club GERALD FOWLER Most of us wull never forget Jerry un hus characteruzatuon Uncle Walter un e Senuor Play He went out for Sophomore Dramatucs Ar Club Floruculture Club Wug and Masque Club and Wash ungton Club Jerry was actuve un Student Councul and mana ger of th JV Basketball Team un hus lunuor year He was also on the Honor Roll JERALEE FOX Jerru has had a busy tume at AAH S ln both her sopho more and lunuor years she served on the Class Executuve Board She was secretary of GAC un her lunuor year Beung edutor of the Optumust has taken up most of her tume as a semor Jerru mauntauned Honor Roll standards all three years She also attended the Wolverune Gurls State un her senuor year RONALD D FOX Thus dramatuc minded guy comes from Slauson Junuor Hugh B I0 claumed Ron as a member whule at A A H S He partucupated un the Sopho more Dramatuc Club, Sopho more Assembly, Wug and Mas que, Washungton Club and the Armustuce Day Assembly Aul who attended the Senuor Play wull never forget Ron as the country constable who constantly blew hus nose . . . l . Aww .I t 1 A - . . . . . Z I 1 n . . ' I 1 ' , xr s of x f Q' Club. He participated in Intra- ' 'r l ' scflbblefs' Club- A5 U lU"'l0f , -or ,I . U ,V l 1 l 'l '. ' ' ' ' , - of ff ff ' th ' ' Fu . ' I - 1. , - ' I f A I . . f? .- f A In lv D . VJ , . L ' .. . . ' I . . Z X ' - Q f 1 T DONALD BRUCE FRASER As a sophomore Bruce was a member of the JV Football Team Swummung Team Bas ketball Team and Noon Hour Commuttee Varsuty Football Manager of the Swummung Team JV Baseball and the Assembly Commuttee took up hus tume as a uunuor Durung senuor year Bruce was on the Varsuty Football and Basket ball Teams a member of Washungton and HuY Clubs and the Student Councul AUTUMN J FREEMAN Coming from Jones Junuor Hugh Autumn was actuve un Spanush Club Rufle Club and Washungton Club She was on the Honor Roll for two years and ushered for the Junuor Play Autumn was a member of homeroom B 15 JANET E FRENCH Durung her sophomore year Janet served as vuce presudent of her homeroom C 12 was on the Assembly Commuttee Dramatucs Club Gurls Chorus and GAC Furst semester of her uunuor year Janet attend ed Sulluns College un West was back at AA H S servung as chaurman of the Intramural Sports Commuttee and presu dent of the Art Club VIRGINIA LOU FRISCH Thus cute luttle blonde attend ed Slauson Junuor Hugh Dur mg her years at A A H S Gun ney was a member of B 10 As a sophomore she partucu pated un the Camera Club and Cantando The Floruculture Club claumed Gunney as a member durung her lunuor year and she also ushered fo the Junuor Play As senuor she mauntauned Honor Roll standards H HOWARD FRISINGER Howue was a member of the Rufle Club n hus sophomore year He was on the 10 pount Honor Rall durung both hs uunuor and senuor years Howue was out for Tennus and was Captaun of the team un hus senuor year A member of homeroom A 2 he came from Tappan Howue sang un A Cappella Choir for two years He plans to attend the U of M in- 1 J xx 1 ROBERT GEE A member of homeroom B 14 Bob came from Slauson Jun uor Hugh As a sophomore he partucupated Intramural Wrestling Rufle Club Noon Hour Commuttee and Vusual Auds Varsuty Wrestlung Jun uor Varsuty Cross Country and Hu Y Club caumed Bob s tume as a uunuor and senuor After graduatuon he plans to uoun the Navy JAMES GEORGE JR A member of homeroom B 15 Jum came from Slauson He was un Boys Leader Corps for two years a member of Rufle Club Intramural Sports Com muttee HuY and Washungton Club Jum was on the Track Team for two years and par tucupated un Intramural Wrestl ung Jm plans to go to col ege NANCY J GIBSON Gabby was an actuve member ofthe G A C throughout hugh school Durung her sophomore and lunuor years she belonged to the Dramatucs Club and she had a part un the Junuor Play In her senuor year Gabby was actuve un the Archery Club and Intramural Sports Commuttee GWEN LAURIE GOETZ Gwen attended Slauson Jumor Hugh before comung to AA H S to be a member of home room C 4 She was un Sopho more Dramatucs Scrubblers Club Spanush Club and Gurls Washungton Club The A sembly Commuttee claumed Glen s talents all three years She plans to attend college after graduatuon ROBERT D GOULD Bob came to AAHS from Downers Grove Hugh School un Illunous un September f 1950 During hus senuor year he was un A12 He was on the Varsuty Cross Country Team and partucupated un the Hu Y Club I . I I - I I , - ' ' in Q . . U . l I .yt . . - - ' I . . I , . . . K . I - R . ' ' . ou - . ' . 1 - , . . ' 1 '. . 1 ' I I . I 1 , . E u I ' - I - I ' xl W . . . '. l ' ' X j l . . I , r 1 I ' ' I , - . . . , - , . f Virginia. Second semester she - G , . l Au. 1 L ' - - I 5' ' - ' - 1 -4 Z . ' . s- ' , , . . . I fb r 1 I' 1 . 0 - . I . . ' . . . I' . O . I . G 00 181. WILLIAM B GOULD Bull sang un Boys Chorus un has sophomore year and A Cappella Chour un hus lunuor and senuor years Whule he was a lunuor Bull was on the Assembly Commuttee College rates hugh un Bull s plans after graduatuon ROBERT W GRAF Bobs maun unterest durung hus stay at AAH S was sports He was an actuve member of Rufle Club and partucupated un wrestlung track JV Foot ball Intramural Wrestlung and Basketball Chefs Club also claumed Bob s talents He was o the Intramural Sports Commuttee and was property manager for the Senuor Play JACK GRAY Jack was on the Junuor Var suty Football Team as cu soph omore and was on the Varsuty Football Teams for the next two years He went out for swummung and Intramural Basketball Jack was on Stu dent Councul and he was sec retary of the Boys Washung ton Club He belonged to Boys Leader Corps Red Cross Commuttee Rufle Club and Hu Y Club NANCY LYNN GREGORY Nan attended Ottawa Hulls Hugh School before comung to AAHS un her lunuor year Durung her furst year here she became vuce presudent of her homeroom D24 Nan was a member of the Red Cross Commuttee and sang un A Cappella Chour She was un the .lunuor Play and was a member of Wug and Masque Art and GAC Clubs Nan was also actuve un the Optu must and Washungton Club EDITH M GRINDSTAFF Comung from Jones, Eduth was a member of the Red Cross Commuttee, Camera Club, Spanush Club, and Washung ton Club She sang un Gurls' Chorus and ushered for the Junuor Play Eduth was on the Honor Roll She was also a member of homeroom B15 Eduth plans to attend Berea College un Kentucky i......... JOHN GRUSCHOW John worked on stagecraft throughout hugh school He was the technucal durector of the Senuor Play John partucu pated un the actuvutues of the Camera Club Wug and Mas que Club Art Club Assembly Commuttee and Washungton Club He helped to present the dauly announcements over the publuc address system John followed the College Preparatory Curruculum NELSON C GUENTHER Comung from Slauson Junuor Hugh Bunny was a member of C4 homeroom For two years he was actuve un the Pauntung and Decoratung Club He also partucupated on the Red Cross Commuttee and was a member of the Conservatuon Club After graduatuon Bunny plans on workung un a garage ELAINE GULDEN Elaune n her sophomore year was un the Orchestra Cantando GAC Spanush Club and was on the Honor Roll In her senuor year she was un A Cappella Washung ton Club and worked on the Omega The U of M wull be Elaune s destunatuon after graduatuon ELEANOR LOUISA GULLEY A member of homeroom C ll Eleanor came to Ann Arbor Senuor Hugh from Jones She followed the General Cur ruculum Eleanor plans to be come a practucal nurse after graduatuon JOAN R GUTHRIE Dramatucs was one of Joan's chuef unterests un hugh school She was un Sophomore Dra matucs, Wug and Masque and the Senuor Play Joan was an actuve member of Washmgton Club, and sang wuth Gurls' Chorus durung her senuor year Emerson College un Boston, Mass, us the sute for Joan's future schoolung -A V . . ' , . W, ,I n 5 , . . ' y pf , , - - V n 1 a I ' V I I . - ' , 63 xt ' . at . I I l L ' - L ' fi , uu',. iff' fe - 9 ' , m if 5 ,,s' ' Wifi , . . ' . . ' l ' . . . . . f l I . . A 1 Q to I ' ' - . . ' . 1 , . 1 ' 1 ' n ' n v I I . - . , i . - I I , . . ., I - - ' 1 , - . . . , . . I . I I I l ' I I . , - . , , u 1 ' I 1 . . . . V' . 1 rs-'lu V. 3? Q Q9 . t J. 09' X Q ROBERT HARRER Bob was active in the Conser- votion Club throughout high school. He was a member of homeroom D-24 and came from Slauson. Bob was onthe Honor Roll for two years. He was a member of the Rifle Club and the J.V. Wrestling Team. Bob plans to study drafting after graduation PHYLLIS HACKBARTH Phil came to Ann Arbor High from Slauson Junior High She was a member of the homeroom B14 Phil partici pated in the activities of the Assembly Committee and Mu ssc Club She was on COT during her senior year Phil followed the General Cur rlculum A CHANDLER HADLEY Chan halls from Tappan and was a member of homeroom A2 He played JV Football in his sophomore and lumor years and Varsity Football during his senior year Chan was also a member of the Wrestling Squad and Rifle Club as a lumor and senior ELAINE M HAGER Funky seemed to enloy music quite a but as she was an active member of the Band for three years and secretary of It during both her lunlor member of the Music Club Washington Club and par tuclpated In the Assembly Red Cross and Intramural Sports Commntees and the GAC ELIZABETH A HAIT A gal with lots of splrlt Lz was co editor of the Omega an her senior year She served on Student Council for her homeroom B10 was vice president of the Washington Clu and a member of GAC Rifle Club Wig and Masque Sophomore Dru matics and Y Council Lz also worked on the Optimist and Assembly Committee Western Michigan will rate high in her p'ans rl 5, . Ei LLM yn-Q gy l ROGER N. HALE Roger hails from Slauson. At AAHS he was president of homeroom A-12. As a iunior and senior, Roger displayed outstanding talents as drum maior for the Band. He also participated in the Archery Club. Roger plans to work after graduation. JUDY HALL An active member of C4 Judy was homeroom secretary for two years and vice pres: dent during her lumor year As a sophomore she partici pated in Red Cross Commit tee Girls Chorus Dramatlcs and Colonnade Her other in terests during her years at AAH S were Wig and Mas que Cantando Omega Spanish Club and Washington C ub RONALD C HALL Ron was in homeroom B 8 He attended Southeastern High in Detroit before coming to AAHS an his senior year In his sophomore year Ron was on the Honor Rall and an his lumor year he was a member of the House Council at Southeastern Hugh Ran plans to attend the Business Ad School at the U of M DOROTHY E HAM Dotty hails from Tappan and was In A12 at AA H S Being interested in music she lolned Girls Chorus Cantando Band and A Cappella Dotty was Club and was president of it in her senior year She was in the Washington Club and maintained Honor Roll stand ards all three years JAMES HAMMER Jim was a member of the homeroom C 2 During hs sophomore year he belonged to the Junior Varsity Swim ming team Rifle Club and Boys Chorus As a lunlor Jim participated in the activities of the Rifle Club He was on the Swimming Team and was an the Conservation Club dur ing his senior year I .--,H ' . . . f , ' ' , ' l ' l . 'hx - h A .... . . -I ff , , r 1 r an I E T f , I . L as is V T- 1 I ' , l G 11 .... ' ' ' . 5. . . . t . V ' I . . . . J . - ' . 5 and senior years. She was a G' E also a member of 'the Music ' . 1 l - T 8 - T Q 1 I i " - ' ' - T. ' 4- - , - , bl 5 b , . . . , . . ., , - M 5. . . . ' ,I '. i fi ' ' . - - Q - - - if NANCY JEANNE HANNAH Nan made her stay at hugh school un B I4 where she was vuce presudent of the home room un her lunuor year I her second year at hugh school she had a part un the Junuor Play She was manager of Intramural Sports Nan was actuve un GAC throughout her years at AAHS She became furst page edutor of the Optumust un her senuor year She was also on the honor roll DOLORES HARDWICK D cu member of homeroom CTI came to AAHS from Jones She formerly attended Sampson Junuor Hugh un De trout She partucupated un the Future Teachers Club and has decuded to attend Freed mans Nursing School Washungton D C 0 f t e r graduation THEAFLAC HAYWOOD Theo a former student Jones came to AAHS and partucupated un Gurls Chorus Art Club Dramatucs Club Cantando and the Senuor Play Commuttees She was an usher for the Senuor Play and secretary of her homeroom A I2 Theo was on the Honor Roll for two years She plans to attend Cleary Busuness Col lege un the fall MERTIE B HEDLESKY Mert came to AAHS from Slauson Whule un hugh school Mert was un the Future Nur ses Club and the Future Teachers Club Mert was also alternate Student Councul member for her homeroom Mert wull attend Muchugan State Normal un the fall THEODORE HEGER Comung from Tappan, Ted has contrubuted hus musucal abuluty to A A H S by playung oboe un both the Orchestra and Band He was also a member of the Musuc Club In hus lunuor year Ted was alter nate Student Councul member for hus homeroom, B8 Ted was on the Optumust staff and a member of the German Club an -Z2 aff-u ' 15 13 ij., in s Jw? or f is it JIM A HEIDAMOS A member of the Golf Team and the Band for three years .lum comes from Tappan and was a member of homeroom C2 at AAHS He also par tucvpated un Prolectuon Com muttee and was a member of the All State Band Jum plans to go to MSC PATRICIA FAY HEMPHILL Pat came to us from Druud Hulls Hugh School un Emory Georgua She partucupated un the Dramatucs Club un her sophomore and lunuor years and she had a part un the Junuor Play She belonged to the Red Cross Commuttee Internatuonal Relatuons Club Colonnade and Washungton Clubs Both the Optumust and Omega had assnstance from Pat durung her senuor year VIRGINIAL HEUER Gungers three busy years at AAH S have been spent un worthwhule actuvutues and honors for her school She was wunner of the annual DAR award co busuness man aqer of the Omega presudent of Washungton Club secre tary of the Sophomore Class and vuce presudent of the Junuor Class Other actuvutues she partucupated were GAC Junuor and Semor PGY and Operetta BESSIE HICKS Bessue partucupated un many actuvutues although she was kept busy by the Washungton Club She backed both the class plays by beung an usher Bessue was on the Red Cross Commuttee Honor Roll and un the Scrubblers and Chefs Clubs Bessue also sang un the Gurls' Chorus She plans to work un an offuce after gradu atuon RONALD HILLA The Baseball Team claumed Ron as a fauthful partucupant for two years He was actuve un Intramural Basketball and he belonged to the Hu Y Club Ron's grades put hum on the Honor Roll as a uunuor, he was vuce presudent of hus home room and a member of the Student Councul un hus senuor year Ron's future plans un clude more schoolung at MSC 4' 17 JOYCE E HINDERER As a sophomore Joyce was a member of the Optnmtst Ad Staff Durmg her lunlor year she served on the Tlcket Com mnttee for the Jumor Prom and was an usher for the Jun nor Play Joyce was secretary of her homeroom on the Honor Roll worked on C O T was a member of the Wash mgton Club and the Chefs Club durmg her sensor year JACK HINZ Jack a member ofthe Wrestl mg Team for three years also was Interested In football as a sophomore and nn baseball durmg has lumor and senlor years He was an actnve par tnclpant of the Rnfle Club Jack I5 consndermg attendmg college after graduatlon DONALD NEIL HlNZ Thus athletnc mmded fellow served as a member of both the Varstty Football and Track Teams durmg hls sophomore lunnor and semor years As a sophmore Don parttclpated In the HIY Club and the As sembly Commuttee As a lunlor he served as president of hls homeroom BTO Durmg hs semor year the Chefs Club clanmed Don s membershlp as presldent and he worked with the Student Councxl HERBERT A HINZ Herbert IS better known to most of us as Bud He came to A A H S from Slauson Bud was actuve an Band Wrestlmg and Cross Country He plans to attend Mlchngan State Col ege SAM E HOLLOWAY Sam came to AAHS from Jones and was a member of C 10 He was on the General Currlculum Sam was very actnve as a member of the Wrestlmg Team He plans to attend Mlchlgan State Nor ma JEANETTE HUDSON Jan belonged to the Sopho more Dramatucs Club Camera Club and partlclpated bowlmg and archery In her semor year she sang In the Glrls Chorus After gradua tlon Jan ns gomg to attend Cleary College BETTE J HUEHL Bette came from Tappan and was a member of A12 at A A H S Her hugh school act: vnttes Included Musnc Club GAC Sophomore Dramat :cs Assembly Commlttee Wlg and Masque Archery Club and Colonnade Bette was on the Play Commlttees each year and was on the lntra mural Sports Commnttee She manntamed Honor Roll stand ards After graduatuon Bette plans to attend college MARILYN L HULSLANDER Marllyn came to AAHS ID ler lumor year from Pennsyl vama Here she was a mem ber of homeroom A2 and was active In Scrlbblers Club Red Cross Commlttee Wash nngton Club and worked on the Omega Marilyn was also on the Honor Roll She hopes to attend a busmess college CHARLES ROBERT ILLI Chuck attended Tappan Jun lor Hugh s a sophomore and lumor he served as vlc pres: dent of his homeroom B-'l Durmg his semor year he was vnce presudent of B 10 Chuck was a member of the Jumor Varsity Basketball Team In has sophomore year and the Var stty Basketball Team In has lumor and semor years He plans to attend the U of M wuth medrcme hus ulttmate goa JACK JACKSON Sports and musnc rated tops with Jack durmg his years at AAH S He partnclpated m Jumor Varsity and Varsity Basketball and Varsnty Track A member of the A Cappella Chonr Jack also belonged to the Boys Leader Corps Wag and Masque Club and the Art C ub JOHN JACKSON Johnnie came from Jones and was a member of home room C2 here at AAHS He par ticupated in the Art Club for two years and was on the Assembly Committee one year Johnnie was a member ofthe Varsity Track Team during his rumor and senior years He plans to get a lob after graduation JANE JADWIN Jane was kept busy all through high school by her many extra curricular activi ties She held the offices ot Student Council alternate vice president and secretary of her homeroom C I0 Jane was active in Girls Chorus Wig and Masque GAC and Intramural Sports Committee She plans to attend Michigan State Normal GILBERT JAEGER B 'I5 was Gil s homeroom here at AAHS He came from Slauson Gil showed his must cal interest by playmg in the Band for three years Durmg his tumor and semor years he belonged to Archery Club Gil plans to work after gradu ation GEORGE R JARRETT This bright and shining fellow came from Tappan Junior High He served on the As sembly and Noon Hour Com mittees and Future Teachers Club as a sophomore Durmg his lunior year he represented his homeroom B 'IO on Stu dnt Council and was a mem- ber of the Spanish Club. The Washington Club and Con- servation Club occupied h' time as a senior. He plans to work after graduation. GEORGE A. JAYNE Athletic is a word that de- scribes George. A member of both the Varsity Track and Cross Country teams George was Co-Captain and Captain respectively, of these sports in his senior year. George re- presented his homeroom C-3 on Student Council. He was also a member of the Band, Orchestra and Spanish Club. George plans to attend the U of M. MONTY JOHNSON Monty has been active in sports since arriving from Slauson Junior High He was on the Junior Varsity Cross Country Wrestling and Track Teams as a sophomore and in his rumor and semor years he became a Varsity member of all three sports Monty also played intramural Basketball and was a member of the Hu Y C ub EVA l JONES Eva was a member of home room C2 during her years at AAHS She came from Slauson Eva sang in Girls Chorus during her sophomore and rumor years and Colon nade in her senior year She belonged to Red Cross Com mittee and the Music Club OLIVE MARIE JONES Olive was looking to the fu ture all through hugh school She prepared herself for a rob by following the Steno graphic Curriculum Olive hopes to get a full time rob in this field She was in hom room CIO and belonged to the Interior Decorating Club ROLAND L JONES Rolly was a great booster to AAHS by his membership and activity in the Orchestra Rolly belonged to Orchestra for three years and he was president of this group in his lunior and semor years He was also a member of the Assembly Committee Art Club and Camera Club. He was president of the Fisher Body Car Club in his senior year. MARILYN JORY Marilyn who spent her iunior high days at Slauson was a member of homeroom B-8 while at A.A.H.S. Interested in music Marilyn played clar- inet in both Band and Orch- estra for three years. She par- ticipated in Sophomore Dra- matics and Music Club. Mar- ilyn plans to attend Michigan State Normal College after graduation. 'F-N' CHARLES KAPP B15 claumed Charles who came to AAHS from Tap pan As manager of the Cross Country team durmg hus lun uor year he devoted much of hus tume to the busuness end of ut Charles plans to take a posutuon un Ann Arbor after graduatuon RAY KARSIAN Ray was very actuve un sports throughout hugh school H partucupated un Junuor Varsuty Football Varsuty Football Basketball Track and Tennus ln hus sophomore and uunuor years Ray belonged to the Spanush Club He was on the Honor Roll for three years After graduatuon Ray us gomg to the U of M LLOYD C KAZAIER A member of homeroom C 4 one of Buds maun unterests was musuc He sang un both A Cappella and Boys Chorus durung hus hugh school career Bud was also a member of Rufle Scuence Dramatucs and Rod and Reel Clubs Cleary Busuness College wull be hus next step after graduatuon JOYCE ANN KELLEY Joyce hauls from Jones Junuor Hugh and was un A 12 at A A HS She partucupated un the Future Nurses and Future Teachers Clubs She was a member of the Gurls Chorus un her sophomore year Joyce plans to go to a busuness col lege after graduatuon DAVID KENNEDY An undustruous fellow Dave came to AAHS from Tap pan He was a member of both B12 and B15 home rooms As a sophomore Dave sang un Boys Chorus and as a uunuor and senuor he was actuve un German Club Dave plans to attend McGull College un Montreal JOHN E KERNS Jack came to AAHS from Belle Center Hugh Here he was a member of homeroom C 10 Jack was on the Gen eral Curruculum He was ac tuve on the Specual Traps Com muttee WALTER KERYLUK Walter a former Slausonute belonged to Rufle Club and the Track Team durmg h furst year at AAHS ln hus second year he agaun went out for track plus baseball Durung hus thurd year Walter was on the J V Football team He plans to attend the U of R CLARK KEYES In hus sophomore year Clark was un the Band and un the Rufle Club He was also on the Jumor Varsuty Football Team In hus lunuor year he was agaun on the Junuor Var suty football and track teams Clark also attended Wolverune Boys State un hus lunuor year Hhe plans to enter college fol lowung graduatuon ELSIE KIENZLE Elsue whose homeroom was C 13 was kept busy durung her three years at h school by lounung un the many actuvu tues offered She was un Wug and Masque Colonnade A Cappella Specual Trups and Assembly Commuttees and German Club lpresudentl She also ushered for both the Operetta and the Senuor Play Elsue was a member of the Washungton Club RICHARD L KING Duck hauls from Slauson and was a member of homeroom A2 at AAHS In hus sopho- more year he was on the Varsuty Football and Baseball teams Due to a knee unlury he had to drop football but contunued wuth baseball un hus uunuor and senuor years Duck was Captaun of the Golf squad as a senuor He plans to attend Kuskce Prep School before enterung college l ' , . . . . I ' - I , u ' . e , ' . .... . is , , V .... . 1 , M. uf g , V ' 1 , . . . . I ' I I I I . l 55 gr? . , , , . . . . e .ffl 1-A . cf, 1 . I I ' . . ' f I . . . . . .- I . . . ' I I I , , X Q' l 4 , ' I s BRUCE F KNOLL Bruce attended Culver Msls tary Academy dursng hs sophomore year As a sunsor a AAHS he gosned e German and Camera Clubs ln hss sensor year he became vsce president of the Camera Club a reporter on the Opts msst and a member of the Intramural Sports commsttee EARL L KOCH Earl has been a member of the Pasntsng and Decoratsng Club for three years He halls from Jones and was a mem ber of homeroom A 2 at A A H S ln hss sophomore year Earl was on the Noon Hour Commsttee a d as a sun or partscspated sn the Prolectson Commsttee As a sensor Earl was actsve sn the Conservatson C ub ROBERT WALTER KOCH Bob attended Slauson before becomsng a member of home room D24 at AAHS H has been an actsve member of the Hs Y Club for the past three years and has partscs pated In football Bob was also a member of the Wash sngton Club STELLA KOKINAKES Lee a former Slausonste was secretary of her homeroom and a member of the Future Nurses Club and Noon Hour Commsttee sn her sophomore year As a sunsor she was sn the Scrsbbers Club and usher ed for the Junsor Play ln her sensor year Lee partscspated sn Chefs Club and Washsng ton Club DOROTHYJ KORNEXL Dorothy belonged to Rsfle Club, Art Club, Costume Com msttee for the plays and Gsrls' Chorus She was on the Honor Roll for two years Dorothy attended Thomas Jefferson Hsgh sn San Antonso, Texas, for the fsrst semester of her sensor year She returned to A A H S and became a mem ber of the Cantando and Conservatson Club :af X DUANE LEACH Dud came to AAHS from Tappan Junsor Hsgh Here he was a member of homeroom C13 Dud followed the l dustrsal Currsculum and spec salszed sn Machsne Shop Dud plans to work as a mechansc after graduatsng JANET LEPARD Jan attended Tappan and U HS She was a member of GAC Noon Hour Commst tee Colonnade Scsence Club Student Councsl Gsrls Chorus and Washsngton Club Jan masntasned Honor Roll stand ards all three years and was on Make Up Commsttee for both Junsor and Sensor Plays and the Operetta JAMES A LEWIS A member of homeroom C 2 Jsm came to AAHS from Slauson Junsor Hugh Jsm fol lowed the General Currscu lum He was also actsve sn the Washsngton Club as a sensor Jsm plans to get cs sob after graduatson LYNN LICHTENAUER Lynn whose former school ss Tappan belonged to many actsvstses whsle at AAHS She was actsve sn Sophomore Dramatscs Conservatson Club Hot Records Club Specsal Trsps Commsttee and Red Cross Commsttee Lynn was on the General Currsculum and was a member of home oom A 12 GLENNETTA LICHTY Dramatscs seemed to be Glen netta's masn snterest sn hsgh school She belonged to the Sophomore Dramatscs Club, the Wsg and Masque Club and had a part sn the Junsor Play Glennetta also partscs pated sn Gsrls' Chorus, Can tando, Omega, Optsmsst and French Club . i ' I . s .... ' ' ' sh . , n- 1 E? . l l. High before entering A. A. . - ' ' , I I I ' n ' s Q 5 - - ' - Q . A. ' . 'Q ' ' I . ' l l f ' 1 - . . . . e ' l' Q .' Z - I- . Q 1 . . - , I I I .... . . ' I ' I . I - . . I . , ' , - .5Z?2,e,. l - E 'A 1 ' r - . B I ,f-X ?" gl 1 x I ROBEERT L LILLIE Bob come to AAHS from New Bern Jr Hugh In North Carolma and Roosevelt Hugh nn Howon He was a member of the Varsuty Tenms Team for one year and the Varsuty Swnmmung Team for one year Bob also partxcrpated on the Frogectnon Committee and be longed to the Spanush Model Alrplane and Camera Clubs He us gomg to the U of M BARBARAJ LINDBERG Barb came from Tappan and was a member of homeroom A2 at AAHS She partlcl pared In GAC Spanish Archery and Washmgton Clubs A member of Sopho mores Dromatucs Intramural Sports Commlttee she also worked on the Omega and sang In Gmrls Chorus Barb plans to attend Muchlgan State Normal College BEVERLY A LIRETTE Bev came to AAHS from Slauson and while a sopho more she partlclpated un the Camera Club Omega Scnence Club GAC and Intramural Sports occupied most of Bev s tlme In her gumor year She spent her sensor year workmg In Assembly Committee Ar chery Club GAC and was a member of Washington Club B v hopes to attend college after graduatlon SUSAN M LOOKER Sue was a student at Slauson before commg to A A H S She was vlce presldent of her homeroom B8 Her extracur rxcular actlvutles Included Red Cross Committee Camera Club Internatnonal Relatnons Club and Archery Club JAMES LOVE .hm was hrghly Interested In sports as he was on the J V Football team for one year and the Varsaty for two years Jlm was also a member of the Varsity Track team for two years He was presldent of has homeroom BIO Jnm plans to attend college its -nh' rv o-Xiu i? i ELLEN E LOVELAND Ellle was vnce presldent of her homeroom rn her lunlor year and Student Council alternate rn her senior year She was a member of the Rlfle Musuc Camera and Washington Clubs Ellre also belonged to Colonnade and G A C She worked on Omega as a sen lor Ellie plans to attend col lege after graduatron DORISMAY LUENSER Dons was on the Stenographnc Curruculum She was presudent of the Scnbblers Club and partrcnpated In Noon Hour Commnttee Sophomore Dra matics Intramural Sports Committee and Washington Club Cleary College wnll claum Dons next year IMOGENE G MCCLUNG Jean came to Ann Arbor Hugh from Nicholas County Hugh At AAHS she was a mem ber of the homeroom C13 Jean partucrpated In the act: vxtles of the Music Club GLEN C MCDOWELL Glen came to AAHS from Grand Ropnds Creston At Creston he was a member of the Track team and Latm Club for two years During Glens sensor year at Ann Arbor he was cl member of the Track team and the Cam era Club He was In home room CI and followed the College Curnculum MARJORIE MCINTYRE Marge IS cu gurl with a broad smnle for everyone She was a secretary for the Washing ton Club Marge worked as vncepesndent of her home room and a member of the Optlmlst and Omega She also found time to belong to G rl Chorus Cantando Sophomore Dramatrcs Colon nade Wng and Masque Spanish Club Assembly Com muttee and partncupated un Sensor Play A B- . I I 4 V I . .. .N . I . ' . . - X I ' ,I L lt '-' x Q I I . I . I... . - -T v ' , up -- - , ' if . e R I K ' 'IQ - I f ' I 13'-I , ' ' ' I "' f . 3 . I I 4 .. ' 1 . A Q J- I ' ' I I s' ,. , .I f ' I f 'W ss WILLIAM B MCKEAN Bsll came to AAHS sn hs sensor year after attendsng St Johns College sn Wash sngton DC In both hss soph omore and sunsor years h was on the Varssty Swsmmsng team and w s also sn the Sprsng Follses ln hss sensor year Bsll was on the Swsm msng team at AAH S After graduatson he plans to t tend the U of Utah ROBERT E MCMILLIN Comsng from Slauson ob partscspated sn Junsor Varssty Basketball and Football dur sng hss sophomore and sunsor years Whsle a sunsor he was Assocsate Sports Edstor of the Optsmsst and he contsnued thss actsvsty sn hss sensor year ln the future Bob has decsded to attend college WILLIAM ALBERT MAIER Bsll hasls from Tappan At A A H S he was a member of homeroom C4 Hss masn n terest ss clearly shown by hss membershsp sn Rsfle Club for three years Hss future plans snclude attendsng a televssson trade school MARY E MALIN Mary was pressdent and Stu dent Councsl alternate of her homeroom D24 A sports msnded gsrl Mary has been sn G A C for three years and became sts pressdent sn her sensor year She sang Cantando and A Cappella Mary was a member of the Rsfle Camera French Colon nade and Washsngton Clubs She also worked on the Omega staff Mary was on the Honor Roll ROBERT G MANZ Comsng from Slauson ob was a member of homeroom B8 whsle at AAHS He tol lowed the General Currsculum and was actsve sn the Ger man Club as a sensor Bob wsll esther work or sosn the Armed Forces after gradua tson Q" gtg' 1' 4 57 2 L, WILLIAM H MARSHALL Bsll attended Tappan Junsor Hsgh Hss homeroom was B8 whsle here at AAH S ln hss sophomore year Bsll was an actsve member of the Radso Club ln both hss sunsor and sensor years he was on the Prosectson Commsttee MARJORIE A MATEN Marge entered snto many of the actsvstses of AA H S She served on Student Councsl Assembly Commsttee lntra mural Sports Commsttee Y Councsl Omega and Stage craft Marge belonged to the GAC Consewatson and the Washsngton clubs She was sn the Sensor Play and on the JV Cheerleadsng team She also masntasned Honor Roll standards LYNN MATHEWS Lynn was a member of both the Art and Archery Clubs ln her sophomore year she partscspated Cantando Lynn was sn Rsfle Club and Washsngton Club as a sen sor She also partscspated sn Footlsght Scandals A Cap pella and Specsal Trsps Com msttee RICHARD G MESNARD Comsng from Slauson Dsck was a member of homeroom B8 here at AAHS He tol lowed the General Currsculum and specsalszed sn Auto Shop As a sensor Dsck was a mem ber of both the Fssher Body and Washsngton Clu s H plans to attend a trade school after graduatson ELEANOR H METZGER Mack came to Ann Arbor Sensor Hsgh from Tappan and as a sophomore she be came a member of the Art Club In her sunsor year she was an actsve partscspant of the Camera Club Followsng graduatson "Mack" plans to attend college or bussness school gil ,' ' Z BEATRICE F. MEYER Bea came to A.A.H.S. from Manchester High and Hemet Union High in California in her iunior year. She was active in musical organiza- tions: Music club, Cantando, and A Cappella. Bea was vice president of homeroom C-2 and a member of the Washington Club. She hopes to attend the School of Music at the U of M. LEON L MEYER A member of homeroom C 2 Leon came to AA H S from Slauson He participated J V Football Varsity Track and Cross Country Leon be longed to the HIY Club for two years and worked on the Assembly Committee He plans to get a rob after graduating PRISCILLA M MILEY A cheerleader for two years Iboth J V and Varsltyl Polly was also active in GAC for three years She was a mem ber of French Club Sopho more Dramatics Rifle Club Chefs Club and Washington Club Polly worked on the Optimist and Omega and was chairman of the Ticket Com mittee for both the Junior and Senior plays She was on the Honor Roll for two years HARVEY .I MILLER JR An ardent member of the Band for three years Harvey was a member of horn room C2 and came from Slauson Junior High He also particl pated on Assembly Com mittee Intramural Managers Committee and was a member of the Washington Club VIVIANJ MILLER Vivian attended Slauson Jun nor High before loinmg home room D24 here at AA H S She belonged to the Music Club and was active in Scrub blers Club Vivian plans to work graduation v-. i JEAN MINGES Although most of Jean's time was taken up by C.O.T. and Washington Club, she was active in Music Club, Colon- nade, Girls' Chorus and Scrib- blers' Club. She also worked on the Optimist. Jean is going to Cleary College in the fall. DOUGLAS MINNIS Doug a former Tappanite has been very active in sports during his three years at A A H S While a sophomore Doug went out for football and he belonged to the Rifle Club Baseball was his main interest during his tumor and senior years Doug was also a member of the Youth Coun cil as a senior BLANCHE I MITCHELL Blanche came to AAHS from U High She was the cartoonist for the Optimist in her senior year and a mem ber of the Student Council Blanche participated in Wig and Masque GAC Ar Club Washington Club and ha a lead in the Junior Play She was a member of homeroom B I4 Blanche plans to attend MSC LEONA MOORE Leona a member of home room D24 gave her singing talents to Girls Chorus In her sophomore and lunlor years This former Slausomte loined the Art Rifle and Conserva tion Clubs She plans to go on to a sewing school ROBERT C MOORE Red came to AAHS from Redford High in Detroit and Tennessee Military Institute Red was in Rifle Club and was a member of the Swim ming Boxing and Baseball teams He plans to go to a mechanics school after gradu ation Eu .5 nv' JOHN W. MORROW, JR. Et was captain of the Basket ball team un hus senuor year Thus sports munded guy played on the Basketball team for three years and Varsuty Foot ball team for two years John was both vuce presudent and presudent of hus homeroom He was un the Band and Or chestra for two years John plans to attend euther Muchu gan or Muchugan State MARJORYJ MORTON Sports hughlughted Margs hugh school days She was vuce presudent of GAC un her senuor year and a mem ber of the Varsuty Cherlead mg team for two years Mar gue was on the Sophomore and Jumor Executive Boards Assembly Commuttee Specual Trups Commuttee and worked on the Optumust She also had a part un the Junuor Play and worked on C O T NANCEE MUELLER A member of homeroom B 14 Nan came from Slauson She partucupated on the Assembly and Red Cross Commuttees and was a member of G A C Musuc Club Chefs Club and Washungton Club Nan was on the Honor Roll for two years RICHARD P MUELLER Duck came to AAHS from Slauson and was a member of homeroom C 2 He was a member of the Student Coun cul JV Golf team Rufle Club and Washungton Club Duck plans to attend the U of M ROBERT MUELLER Bob found time for studyung extracurrucular actuvutues and good tumes durung hus stay at AAHS He was on the JV Basketball team for two years and the Varsuty team un hs senuor year Bob also PCIYTICI pated in J.V. Baseball. He made the Honor Roll for three years. Student Council and Washington Club took up Bob- time as a senior. 'Mm in MARILYN MURPHY Marilyn was on the Steno graphuc Curriculum through out her three years at AA H S As a sophomore she was on the Honor Roll Marulyn was a member of the Scrub blers Club for two years She attended Slauson and was a member of homeroom Cl here Marulyn would luke to work un an offuce after gradu otuon WILLIAMJ MURPHY Known as Murph thus fruendly fellow was both presudent and vuce presudent of hus home room Murph was un Boys Chorus and partucupated In the Operetta and Footlught Scandals He was actuve un Scandals H was actuve un JV Football and IM Basket ball Murph belonged to the Spanush Camera and Wug and Masque Clubs JOYCE E NEWMANN Durung Joyces sophomore year her outsude actuvutues con susted of Sophomore Dra matucs Camera Club and the GAC As a lunuor she par tucupated un Optumust Rufle Club and Scrubblers Club Joyce s senuor year found her working on Omega and a member of both the Archery and Washungton Clubs Joyce plans to attend Muchugan State Normal THEODORE D NEUTZ Coming to AAHS from Top pan Ted followed the College Curruculum He partucupated un the Rufle Club whule a lunuor He has decuded to study ac countung at Cleary Busuness co'lege after graduatuon VERNON D NIXON Track domunated Vernons hugh school actuvutues He was a member of the Varsuty Track team durung hus sophomore uunuor and senuor years He was also a member of the Conservatuon Club Vernon halls from Slauson and was a member of A-12. He plans to work after graduation. ,in-' H' 1" 1 vi. I 'i s , A J .1 i JACOB NOMMENSEN Jake, as he is commonly cal- led, hailed from Slauson be- fore he became a membr of homeroom D-24 at A.A.H.S. He was Student Council al- ternate, vice-president and president of his homeroom. Jake plans to attend a trade school after graduation. DONALD C O HARA Don was very active in AA HS sports activities He was on the JV and Varsity Foot ball teams and the Wrestling team He belonged to HIY Club for three years Don was also on Student Council and was vice president of his home room CIO VIRGINIA E ONAGO Ginny was active in a variety of activities She was a mem ber of the Orchestra for three years Ginny belonged to the Sophomore Dramatics Wig and Masque Colonnade and Washmgton Club Her future plans include Michigan State Normal ROBERT W PACE Bob was a member of home room C2 here atAAHS He came from Slauson Junior High Bob was an active member of the Boys Leader Corps for two years and in his senior year he was on the Varsity Wrestling team He plans to go to a trade school FLOYD PARKS Pucl was semor class president Spanish Club president and a member of the Washington Club Durmg his sophomore year he was captain of the Junior Varsity Football team played .lumor Varsity Basket ball belonged to the Boys Leader Corps and received a letter in Tennis In his IUHIOF year Bud received letters In both Varsity Football and Basketball 9 T7 fa 5-4. 4 ff S .QW fm-v MARGARET l. PARLAS Maggie came from Slauson. She sang in Girls' Chorus and Cantando, and was a mem- ber of G.A.C. in her sopho- more and iunior years. Mag- gie belonged to Music Club and Red Cross Committee. Besides being on C.O.T. in her senior year, she partici- pated in Chefs' Club and Washington Club. ANNE PATTERSON Anne was in the Orchestra fo two years and on the Honor Roll all three years She was also a member of the Opt: mist staff and on the Noon Hour Committee Anne was on the Athletic Board and a member of G AC The Span ish Club claimed her as both a president and secretary Anne IS planning to attend the University of Michigan after graduation RONALD PATTERSON Ron proved h s executive abilities by presiding over C 4 as president and B 4 as vice president Both Spanish Club and Conservation Club claimed Ron as an active member Ron also took part in football swimming and in tramural activities DOUGLAS PEDEN Doug came to AAHS from Slauson Durmg his sopho more year he played JV football and was on the golf team He played Varsity foot ball in both his lumor and semor years He also played Intramural basketball and was nn the Washington Club ERLENE PENN Erlene came to A A H S in her tumor year from California She participated in French Club GAC Optimist Can tando and Footllght Scan dals Erlene also maintained Honor Roll standards In her senior year she was secretary of Wig and Masque Optimist copy editor secretary of homeroom B8 and a mem ber of the Washington Club , . . ' . . - ' r , . . . l I , '- X . . - K , ' . N sl . - . . . i . . . I A o . ' I . . I - . I . - . N . I I 4. , - l ' ' A ' ' , . . I , Af . J 055, 4 M 'Q f,-'ff' f , - K '61, -wp .. ,gf 4- 'ry- I . l g A-3-fig' ,, .' ,?g' Wwf' . , , A-,f 5359, : 4 . 5 Z i s -aff.-'g 1 '. f lisffif, . - f ' - Q 5 I . 1. o . . -gt - ' - , , I - - -I I i if ' . . - I . , an ' 1 I . . Q 1 G I ' . . l . . . I 3,3 ELIZABETH PENFRAZE Liz came to A.A.H.S. from Calumet High School. She was a member of homeroom A-2 and followed the College Curriculum. Liz participated in Scribblers' Club, Colon- nade, and Washington Club. She plans to attend Cleary Business College. DALE PERIN Dale will be well remembered has roll as O gle In Date with Judy Dale par ticlpated in Boys Chorus A Cappella and the Operetta He was president vice pres: dent and treasurer of home room C13 Dale also be longed to the HIY Club H plans to attend MSC In the a PHILIP E PETERSON This tall handsome guy a former Tappamte w s a member of homeroom A2 whale at AAHS Phil was active in Rifle Club for three years and was on the Rifle Team for two years A mem ber of the Assembly Commit tee Prolctlon Committee lpresldentl he also partucu pated in JV Basketball and Washington Club HANS P PFIFFNER Hans was a member of home room A2 He was on the Honor Roll for three years and a member of the Golf team for two years Hans will Gage in the Senior Play He was also a member of Stu dent Council German Club Senior Executive Board and Washington Club He plans to attend the U of M KENT PICKARD Kent came to AAHS from Pittsburg Pa While In Pitts burgh he was on the Student Council and the Honor Roll At AA H S Kent was on Var sity Football team Student Council Camera Club and Intramural Sports Committee After graduation Kent would like to attend Annapolis or the Unlverslty of Michigan ,ff Gu sr ..1 QC- J5 X safe. E511 ul. BETTY J. PITTMAN A member of homeroom B-I0 during her years at A.A.H.S. Betty spent her iunior high days at Slauson. As a sopho' more she worked on the Noon Hour Committee. The Scrib- blers' Club claimed Betty as a member during her iunior and senior years. After grad- uation Betty hopes to learn more about Stenography by attending a comptometer bus- lness school GALEN LEE PODESTA Gay held the offices of press dent and vice president of his homeroom B I4 During his sophomore year he partncl pated In football and basket ball and he was onthe Honor Roll Gay was that handsome boy In the Junior Play As a sensor he was a member of the HnY Club Gay plans to attend MSC ALGER PODEWIL Alger was a member of the Science Club the Spanish Club and the Boys Chorus He represented his homeroom A12 on the Assembly and Intramural Sports Committees Alger participated ln Baseball and Intramural Football He came from Slauson and plans to attend college after gradu ating CARLOS PONCE Tony stepped into the spot lnght in his sophomore year by part clpatmg in JV Basket and HIY Club n tumor year he appeared on Baseball teams Once again as a senior Tony played Var sity Basketball and Baseball He hopes to play professional baseball some day FRANCESJ POWERS Frances being musical sang in Girls Chorus Cantando and A Cappella during her at tendance at AAHS For the past three years she has been a member of the Future Teachers Club lpresident In her senior yearl Frances was also on the Red Cross and Intramural Sports Committee She plans to attend the U of I ' ll 0 ' Il ' IIA Il ' I ' '- - u - - ' ' . , - 'O' f ' . I . . .l ' ' N I . . 7 n f , , H - - A 1, - - I I ,h . e . r f u L ' ' - 'diff - Nfff: g ' Elf . - , A ..., Z E . , . , G B , I 5, 1 u 1 A I U ' - , ' f g bon '- . I his I ' I, ' I I ' the Varsit Basketball and K " be well remembered as "Mr. ts. L- Y , I Il ' ' . 404 I I ' I I - I . . '. ' Zi, ' s I - A O I I . 1. if f ' we f 5 3'f?gf7Fi , I f' X 'II Ifsf ff - if if 1 1 1 1 I ' . I 1 1 4 1 I I I . , . ' ' . ' , av - ' ' ' ' 1 ' I I ' V M. , I 1 Q 6 MARVIN FRANK PRATT Frank belonged to homeroom C-22 for his sophomore and iunior years. His senior year homeroom periods were spent in C-3. Frank was a cross country manager durmg his sophomore year He followed he Industrial Curriculum Frank plans to go into adver tlsmg SHIRLEY J PRATT Shirley has been active nn her homeroom D24 and became its secretary in her senior year She sang in Cantando and A Cappella and belonged to the Music Club Shirley was on the Assembly Noon Hour and Red Cross Committees She was also a member of the Sophomore Dramatrcs and was on the Omega DONALD D PROCHNOW As a sophomore and lunlor Don was on the JV Swim ming team and as a senior the Varsity He was active in HIY Club and Rifle Club Don was president of his home room C 2 for two years He pans to attend MSC and go into the field of veterinary medicine GERALD F QUACKENBUSH A member of homeroom B10 Jerry came from Slauson Jun lor Hugh He specialized in the Industrial Curriculum durmg his years at AAHS As a senior Jerry participated in the Conservation Club and enloyed a week at Cedar Lake Camp He plans to loin the Navy after graduation LELAND MITCHELL QUEAL Leland came to A A H S from Pennsylvania when he was a rumor and became a mem ber of homeroom C4 H participated In Rifle Club and Conservation Club durmg his high school career here Le land was also a member of the Boys Chorus. He plans to enter the agricultural field after graduation. DONALD R. QUIGLEY Don attended St. Thomas dur- ing his iunior high days. At A.A.H.S. he was a member of homeroom B-8. Don partici- pated in wrestling and worked hard on the Properties Com mittee for the Senior play He hopes to atend a trade school after graduation NANCY L RADEKE Nan came to AAHS from Slauson and has been a member of homeroom C I0 She has kept herself busy here with her studies Interior Decorating Club and Girls Chorus ROBERT RANDALL Bob came to AAHS after attending Tappan Junior Hugh His main interest was In sports In his sophomore year he was on the Junior Varsity Football Wrestling and Track Teams As a lunlor and senior Bob was a member of the Varsity Football and Track Teams Bob was on the College Curriculum and plans to attend college after grad uatlon DARLENE F REEVES As a member of homeroom A I2 Darlene represented her homeroom on the Noon Hour Committee She was a mem ber of GAC Future Nurses Club Archery Club and the Washington Club Darlene also participated m Cantando and was in the Foot ight Scandals C ELIZABETH REIFEL Liddie was an active member of both Colonnade and G A C throughout hugh school She was in Science Club Cpresa dent vice president and sec retaryl had a part an the Junior Play and worked on the Omega. She made the Honor Roll all three years. After graduation Liddie plans to attend the U of M. ,L ,nu ,4-no 'gn v-9 'Q' DONNA MAE RITTER Comrng to A A H S from Slau son Donna actrvely partrcr pated rn Sophomore Dram atrcs Optlmrst and Cantando as a sophomore Whrle a lunror she belonged to the Wrg and Masque and was a Student Councrl alternate She was a member of G AC for three years and served on the Assembly Commrttee durmg her senror year DANIEL DAVID ROBBINS Dan a member of C 2 partrcr pated many actrvrtres throughout hrs years at AA H S He belonged to the Rrfle Club for one year and to the Scrence and Conservation Clubs for two years Dan sang rn Boys Chorus and A Cap pella Hrs name appeared on the Honor Roll several trmes JAMES FRANK ROBBINS Jrm was the Optrmrst statrstr clan for baseball and foot ball As a sophomore he went out for football and baseball Jrm worked on the Omega and stagecra't when he was a senror He was a member of the homeroom B 'I4 and at tended Tappan before enter rng A A H S Jrm plans to con trnue hrs educatron MIKE RODRIGUEZ Mrke came from Jones and was a member of homeroom A2 at AAHS He was a member of the Varsrty Foot ball Team for three years and also the Varsrty Baseball team ln hrs lunror year he was State Champ rn wrest Img and was co captarn of the Wrestling team rn hrs sen lor year Mrke plans to attend Krskce Prep School before enterrng college JACQUELINE SUE ROEHM Jackre a member of home room Cll came to nn Arbor Hrgh from Slauson She was an actrve member of the Scrrbbrers Camera and lnterror Decoratrng Clubs Also as a lunror Jackre par trcrpated rn Grrls Chorus After graduatron she has de crded to folrow a secretarral vocatron JUILA ROSS Ju re starred as Judy rn the Junror Flay A Date Wrth Judy She was a member of GAC for three years Julre be onged to the Sophomore Dramatrcs Club and the As sembly Commrttee She came from Slauson and belonged to homeroom B14 Julre plans to go on to college after graduatron RICHARD M ROYCE Dck who came to AAHS from Slauson partrcrpated In track as or sophomore and was a m mber of Boys Chorus for two years Hrs actrvrtres also rncluded Junror Varsrty Foot bal durrng hrs lunror and senror years and as a senror Drck traveled to Washrngton wrth the Washrngton Club DONALD H SCHAEFER Comrng from Slauson .lunror Hrgh Don was a member of homeroom C3 at AAHS He worked on the General Currrculum A career rn the Armed Forces rs Dons plan alter g aduatron HUGH SCHAEFER Hugh attended Gonzaga Col lege Hrgh School Washmg to DC before commg t AAHS He served as VICE presrdent of hrs homeroom and as a Student Councrl member and alternate Hugh was a manager of the Base ball team for two years and he was on the Honor Roll and a member of the Fresrdents Commrttee whsle a senior LUCY A SALLES Lucy was a member of the French Club Sophomore Dramatrcs Colonnade Wrg and Masque lnternatronal Re latrons Club and served as Student Councrl alternate She was vrce presrdent of the Washrngton Club Lucys sen ror year was topped by the great hrt she made rn he Sensor Play She plans to at tend college after gradua tion Aus. 3 'ii ...A l CAROL S SALTUS A member of homeroom A2 here at A A H S Carol came from East Hugh As a sopho more she was un the Creatuve Wrutung Club sang un Gurls Chorus and A Cappelua par tucupated un the Operetta and was on the Honor Roll Durung her uunuor and senuor years Carol was on the Honor Roll and a member of the Astron omy and German Clubs She plans to attend college DONALD STEVENS SANFORD Don attended Slauson before comung to Ann Arbor Senuor Hugh where he was a member at homeroom C ll He was on actuve partucupant un the Orchestra and followed the General Curruculum B JEAN SAYRE Jean came to AA H S from Slauson She was on Student Councul and was presudent of her homeroom A 2 She was actuve un Scrubblers Club GAC Musuc Club and Y Teens Jean sang un Cantando and A Cappella and worked on C O T She plans to attend Sprung Arbor Junuor College MARY E SCHNEIDER A member of homeroom A2 Mary was actuve un Colon nade Sophomore Dramatucs and Wug and Masque She sang un Cantando for two years and A Cappella one fear Mary ushered tor the class pays and also for the Operetta MARY J SCHNEIDER Sports and musuc were tops of Mary s extracurrucular actuvu tues She partucupated un both GAC and Band for three years Mary was un Musuc Club Gurls Chorus and Can tando She held the offuce of secretary treasurer of the I tenor Decoratung Club and was a member of the Scrub blers Club XX il ,ur 'Q gf CW i ROBERT SCHNEIDER Comung from Slauson Bob was a member of homeroom C13 here at AAHS Bobs unterests centered around wrestlung He was out for wrestlung as a lunuor and sophomore Bob was also ac tuve un Boys Leader Corps for two years He plans to get o uob after graduatuon SHIRLEY A SCHNELL Shurleys unterests un musuc were shown by her partucupa tuon un the Orchestra Durung her lunuor and senuor years Shurley had the honor f beung concertmustress of the Orchestra She was also a member of the Musuc Club Sophomore Dramatucs Wug and Masque and Assembly Commuttee Shurley worked on the Optumust After graduatuon she plans to attend the U of SYLVIA l SCHREIBER A gal unterested un musuc Sylvua sang un Cantando A Cappella partucupated Footlught Scandals and the Operetta and belonged to the Musuc Club She was also actuve un Washungton Club French Club Sophomore Dra matucs and Red Cross Com muttee Sylvua was un the Sen uor Play and was on the Honor Roll She plans to attend the U of M LAURENCE HERBERT SCOTT Larry s unterest un art was clearly shown by hus portucu patuon un Art Club and Stage craft French Club Interna tuonal Relatuons Club and German Club also claumed hus membershup Larry was on the Honor Roll all three years A to the future he hopes to at tend Yale Unuversuty BARBARA A SEITZ Comung from Slauson Barb was on the Noon Hour Com muttee Future Homemakers Club and sang un Gurls Chorus as a sophomore In her lun uor and senuor years Scrub blers Club claumed her extra tume along wuth Washungton Club and C OT MILDRED C. SEYFRIED Millie came to A.A.H.S. from Slauson Junior High. She was a member of C-IO homeroom. Millie went out for dramatics and she belonged to the Spanish Club. Millie hopes to be a vocalist with an orches- tra someday. SOPHIA SHEWCHIN Sophia was a member of the Omega and G.A.C. in her junior and senior years. She was a member of the Or- chestra for three years, and also participated in the Music Club Red Cross Committee Spanish Club Cantando and Camera Club Sophia was on the Honor Roll and she plans to attend the U of M after graduation EVELYN M SHINGLEDECKER Evelyn a former Slausomte was a member of homeroom D24 atAAHS She has be longed to the Music Club and the Cantando for two years She has participated in G A C and was vice president and treasurer of her homeroom In her senior year Evelyn gave her cooking talents to the Chefs Club and was active in Washington Club DELORES SLOSS Coming to us from Slauson Delores was on the Student Council and served as treas urer of homeroom B4 She was an active participant of the Red Cross Committee Scrlbblers Club Music Club and Cantando Delores plans to work after graduation DOLORES SMITH her future 'ob in her studies at AAHS She was on the Stenographrc Curriculum for three years She also be longed to the Scribblers Club for two years Dolores came from Slauson and was a mem ber of homeroom CI X, WWW is G. EUGENE MURRAY SMITH As captain of the Swimming Team, Gene's main interests have centered around sports. Aside from swimming, Gene has participated in J.V. Bas- ketball, Rifle Club and Wash- ington Club, he also represent- ed his homeroom on Student Council. Gene plans to attend MSC. MARY L. SNIDER Mary's main interest seems to be music as during all three years of her high school career we find she was in Band and Music Club. Mary was on the Ticket Committee for the Junior Play and sewed as vice president of her home room C 3 Mary plans to at tend Michigan State Normal SYLVIA L SOULE Because of Sylvia s great ln terest ID music her activities were centered ma nly around tne AA H S musical organ: zatlons She was in the Music Club for three years and in the A Cappello Choir as a senior Sylvia was manager of the Senior Play She was a member of homeroom A12 and came from Tappan Syl via was also active in the In ternational Relations Club WILLIAM PERRY SPIETH Bull a Slausomte was a mem ber of homeroom A 2 at A A HS He was on the Varsity Baseball Team for three years and participated Intra mural Sports Bill was a mem ber of the Washington Club during his senior year H plans to attend Michigan State College JAMES F SPLITT was very active In sports He was on the J V Football team for two years and the Varsity for one He was on the Wrest ling Team for three years Jim was vice president of his homeroom a member of the Art Club and on the Honor o I I . I I I l , . . I - . - ' . i ' '. , . r 1 , . . . , - ' r ' . . . . ' , .l ' I a l D . ' . .- 1 - " . 2: ' ' ' 1 l 1 J 1 ' . . . , , in - . , . ' he-I I ' I - ' I . i . . . l e Dolores prepared herself for I All through high school, Jim . .5 I . l . 11,251 2 . 1 ' ' 1 R H ..i'i gf L -1. r ' -1535. 1. +55 . , I ' -ft. L M - . .keg ii? ' hd 'Vt PAUL A SPRADLIN In hus sophomore year Paul was un Sophomore Dramatucs Club on the Junuor Varsuty Wrestlung and the Varsuty Track teams Paul s uunuor ac tuvutues uncluded CrossCoun try team Track team and the Spanush Club He was vuce presudent of hus homeroom C8 As a senuor Paul agaun was on Cross Country and Track Teams and a member of the Chefs Club BEVERLYJ STEIRLE Comung from Slauson Bev was a memberofBl5atAAHS She was actuve un G A C Col onnade Omega Cantando and Sophomore Dramatucs Bev worked on the Make Up Commuttees for the Junuor and Senuor Plays and the Oper etta She was both presudent and secretary of her home room and presudent of the Washungton Club Bev was on the Honor Roll three years SALLY JOANNE STOFFLET Sal was an actuve member of Colonnade for three years She was the clubs treasurer clurung her senuor year Sal belonged to the Musuc Club for three years and she sang un Gurls Chorus for two years She hauled from Tappan and was a member of the home room C 2 WILLIAM A STOLL Bull came from Tappan Junuor Hugh and was a member of both homerooms B12 and B 15 at A A H S He was actuve un Rufle Club and served as vuce presudent of hus home room Bull followed the Gen eral Curruculum and he plans to get a lob after graduation MARY STOLLSTEIMER Stollue proved her loyalty to homeroom B15 by beung ts secretary two semesters and uts vuce presudent one e took part un Sophomore Dra matucs Wug and Masque Gurls Chorus GAC Intra mural Sports Commuttee Optu must and Omega 3 I I ANN E STREET Ann came to AAHS from Ypsulantu Junuar Hugh She boosted A A H S by belong ung to the Band Gurls Chorus Musuc Club Art Club and Colonnade Ann was also on the Honor Roll She hopes to be at Muchugan State Normal next fall RUTH M STRINGER Thus undustruous gurl who us a member of homeroom B10 halls from Slauson Junuor Hugh Ruth was an ardent member ofthe AA H S Band durung all three years of her hugh school career As a lun uor she was a member of the Wag and Masque Club and as a senuor a member of the Musuc Club Ruth hopes to go unto musucal therapy after graduatuon PATRICIA SWANSON Patty attended Slauson before enterung AAH S un the fall of 1948 She belonged to homeroom B8 Patty was actuve un the Sophomore Dra matucs and Rufle Clubs She plans to attend Muchugan State College un the tall DALE SWEETLAND Dale who us often called Muge us a former Slausonute Dale was a member of home room B16 and D24 at AA H S Beung unterested un raduo he louned the Raduo Club and was a member of ut for two years MARGARET TAKAGI Margaret an honor student for three years was an actuve member of the Camera Rufle Spanush and Washungton Clubs She also represented C24 on the Student Councul and partucupated un Gurls Chorus Cantando and A Cappella Workung on both the Optumust and Omega she became busuness manager of the Omega un her senuor year ' I . - u I . . -.s. ' . I . . I I , . . U I 1 A - -. . l . ' I I , , . l 1 - , 1 T ' .nnn ' - I . . ., ' . . I ' ' 4 . . ' in 4 nvvxx . . . . . I . . . , 1 ' ' . W vo' ' ,A Ly Q fl ' . X Y . I .u X I , . I . . I 1 - . i , I ' 3 - ' ' ' ' - ' . Sh " I . . ' I f" ' - , . . ., - ' ' , '- 1 ' . f . , , 1 'pup' ' 0. . . stfvsw C' V WILMA L TEAGAN Wullue belonged to the Scrub blers Club un her lunuor and senuor years She was also on C O T un her senuor year Wu lue ushered for both the Jun uor and Senuor Pays e plans to work as a book keeper after graduatuon MAlE TEENE Maue came to the Unuted States from Augsburg Ger many un February of 1950 She attended the Gymnasuum at Augsburg where she was presudent of both her sopho more and uunuor classes and partucupated un many sports Maue also attended Luncoln Hugh un Ferndale before com ung to AA H S un November of 1951 Here she was a mem ber of homeroom B15 NANCY THAYER The Optumust was favored n Nan s lust of cuctuvutues as she worked on ut for three years Nan represented her home room B14 on the Student Councul and was a member of Sophomore Dramatucs In teruor Decoratung and Wash ungton Clubs She was also actuve un G A C and she was presudent of the Noon Hour Commuttee Nan plans to at tend MSC CAROLYN R THOMAS A member of B 12 and B 15 Carolyn was actuve un Sopho more Dramatucs and the Optumust ln her uunuor year she was vuce presudent and secretary of B 12 partucupatecl un Musuc Club Presudents Commuttee and lnternatuonal Relatuons Club As a senuor Carolyn was a member of Student Councul GAC m ega Washungton Club Col onnade lpresudentl and Arch ery Club JANE LOUISE THOMAS Tum came to AAHS from S'auson Durung her lunuor ear she took part un Scrub blers Club and Assembly Commuttee Tum belonged to Interuor Decoratung Club un her senuor year Tum plans to attend Cleary College after graduatuon F ELEANOR TIBBALS Tubbs great unterest un musuc was shown by her partucupa tuon un Band Orchestra Can tondo A Cappella and Mu suc Club She also was a member of the Interuor Decor atung Club and the Assembly Commuttee Tubbs us plannung on college after graduatuon PAUL A TIBBALS Thus actuve fellow partucupated un JV Football un hus sopho more year and Varsuty Foot ball un hus uunuor and senuor years He was presudent of the Sophomore Dramatucs and sang un A Cappella Paul was chaurman of the Student Councul Party Commuttee and treasurer of the SC Execu tuve Board un hus senuor year THOMAS TILT Tom came to AAHS from Slauson Junuor Hugh and was a member of homeroom C 13 He followed the Industrual Curruculum and specualuzed un Auto Shop Tom plans to get a good uob after gradua tuon GRACE TOMLINSON Grace came to AA H S from Slauson .lunuor Hugh She was un A12 Grace partucupated un Scrubblers Club and was on the Stenographuc Cur ruculum Grace plans to go unto secretarual work after graduatuon SHlRl.EY A TONEY As a sophomore Shurley served on the Red Cross Commuttee and was a member of the Musuc Club Floruculture Club and Cantando Durung her uunuor year she was secretary of her homeroom B 10 and on Assembly Commuttee Shur ley was actuve un Washungton Club as a senuor She maun tauned Honor Roll standards throughout her hugh school days College rates hugh un her plans after graduatuon SRG BEVERLY JEAN TREVlTHlCK Bev a Slausonite although on C.O.T. found time to be in Girls Chorus Future Nur- ses Club and on the A.A. Youth Council for two years. Bev was one of the many who vusuted New York and Wash ungton thus sprung After grad uatuon she wull go to business school WALTER E TUCKER JR Sonny came to AA H S from Tappan and was a member of homeroom C 2 here As a soptomore he sang un Boys Chorus as a uunuor he was a member of both the J V Cross Country and Baseball Teams In hus senuor year Sonny was manager of the Cross Country Team He p ans to be an elec trucuan after he graduates JEAN VANDER ARK Jean attended both Goclwun Heights and Ellsworth Hugh Schools before comung to AAHS Here she partucu pated un Art Club Red Cross Commuttee and Gurls Chorus Jean was also actuve un the Junuor Play and GAC JOANNE R VOIGE Jo came to AAHS un her uunuor year from Clare Hugh School Everyone wull remem ber her as Marge un the Senuor Play Jo has een actuve un G A C Scuence Club Wug and Masque and As sembly Committee She was also a member of the Wash ungton Club Jo us goung to college un the fall HERBERT WALKER Comung from Jones Junuor Hugh Herb was a member of homeroom D 24 at A A H S Baseball spotlughted Herbs hugh school days as he was on the Varsuty Team for three years wunnung a letter un hus uunuor and senuor years Herb followed the General Currucu um gX JUDITH J. WALTERS Orchestra claimed a great deal of Judys high school days. She also spent her ex- tra-curricular hours in Wig and Masque and Art Club. Judy plans to work after graduation WILLIAM H WARNER Wullue went to St Thomas be fore coming to AAHS un hus uunuor year Hus homeroom was B8 Durung hus stay at Ann Arbor Hugh Wullue par tucupoted un Intramural Wrestl mg and was actuve un the Rod and Reel Club He plans to work after graduatuon and hopes to become manager of a chaun store eventually JANE M WATERMAN Jane coming to A A H S from Tappan actuvely partucupated un Camera French and Wash ungton Clubs She also was on the Optumust and Omega staffs and member of Gurls Chorus Cantando A Cap pella Sophomore Dramatucs Wug and Masque GAC and Colonnade Jane was on the Honor Roll and plans to at tend the U of M BARBARA A WEAVER Babs was very actuve un the AAHS musucal organuza tuons She sang un Cantando during her sophomore year and un A Cappella durung her uunuor and senuor years She was a member of Wug and Masque Club Babs came to AAHS from Slauson and was a member of C 2 ROBERT WEBER Thus colorful fellow was presu dewt of the Junuor class That same year Bob was lntra mural Vlrestlung champ for hus weught He was also on the Varsuty Football team ln hus sophomore year he was homeroom vuce presudent and on Varsuty Wrestlung ln hus senuor year Bob was agaun on the Varsuty Football and Wrestling Teams JOHN A WEISS A member of homeroom C 3 John attended Slauson Junior High before entering AA H S He prepared himself for future years by following the Industrial Curriculum John plans to work after graduat in df E108 JOYCE H WEISS Joyce was in A I2 where she was secretary in her sopho more and rumor years She participated in Sophomore Dramatics French Club Wig and Masque GAC and worked on the Optimist Dur ing her senior year Joyce was in Washington Club and the Senior Play She intends to go on to college GLENN WENK Bud a member of homeroom C 13 came from Slauson Jun lor High While in high school he participated in many mu sical organizations During his sophomore year Bud was in Boys Chorus Operetta and was vice president of his home room While a rumor and senior he was in A Cappella Footlight Scandals and on T Bud plans to be mechanic HUGH A WENK Bemg sports editor for the Optimist kept Hugh busy dur ing his senior year He was active in Student Council Dramat cs and Washington Club Hugh was on the Honor Roll three years had a part in both the Junior and Senior Plays and was on the Senior Executive Board. He will at- tend the University of Michi- gan. ROBERT H. WERNER Bob is the Slauson alumnus known as Smokie. C-IO was his homeroom while at A.A. H.S. Bob was on the Wrest- ling Team in his sophomore year. He was an active mem- ber of the Conservation Club. Bob plans to join the Air Force upon his graduation from high school. if wi if WILLIAM E WETZEL Bill a former Slausomte was a member of homeroom A 12 He participated in the Camera Club and Iso the Model C u Bill plans to take Ford apprenticeship course af ter graduation JAMES ROBERT WHITE Jim has been on the Honor Roll ever since he came to AAHS from Slauson Jun lor High He was an active member of Rifle Club and the Special Trips Committee Jim also participated in wrestling J DENNIS WHITLEY Denny spent his lunlor high days at Tappan While AAHS he was very active in sports He participated in Junior Varsity Basketball Varsity Tennis Varsity Foot ball and Varsity Basketball He was also a member ofthe Boys Leader Corps and the Chefs Club JOHN WILKINSON Jackie entered AAHS In the fall of T950 after attend ing high school in Columbia Kentucky In Columbia h was president of the Junior Sportsmen Club and was on the Baseball and Junior Var sity Basketball Teams. A A.A.H.S. Jackie was a mem- ber of homeroom B-I4 and followed the General Cur- riculum. He belonged to the Rod and Reel Club. PATRICIA A. WILKINSON Pat was active in the A.A.H.S. choral groups during her three years of high school. She was in Cantando for one year and in A Cappella for two years. Pat participated in Music Club as a sophomore and iunior. She was in the Footlight Scandals. Pat's name appeared on the Honor Roll in her senior year. lk it I I BARBARA WILLOUGHBY After leaving Slauson Barb spent three busy years t AAH S She was a member of the Semor Class Executrve Board Barb was actlve Student Councll G A C Omega Assembly Commlttee Cantando and Make up Com mlttee for the Jumor Play Barb plans to attend the U of M BARBARA JEAN WILSON Barb a product of Tappan Junlor Hugh was In homeroom B IO throughout her years at AAHS As a sophomore she partncnpated an Dramatucs Club GAC Red Cross and as a lumor was actwe an Wag and Masque Club Rnfle Club and GAC As a semor she represented her homeroom on Presidents Commlttee and was a member of Archery Club GAC and Omega Barb plans to attend college PATRICIA A WINNEY The word actrve applies to Pat Her biggest 'ob was co edltor of the Omega Fat also participated In Student Coun cll Washington Club Opt: must Glrls Chorus Cantando A Cappella Footllght Scan dals Spanish Club and Rifle Club Her name could b found on the Honor Roll for three years PHARES A WINNEY Art was a member of home room A I2 In has sophomore year he partlclpated In Var slty Football JV Basketball and the HIY Club Whtle a lunlor he was on the Varsity Football Team and In the Boys Chorus. As a senior Art was in Conservation Club and participated in Intramural Basketball. i. JAMES YATES Jum came from Jones Junior Hugh and was a member of homeroom B14 Durmg all three years at AAHS he was a member of the Wrest Img squad In hls gumor year he was vnce president of hls homeroom on the Honor Roll and nn HIY Club Hts Semor actlvntues conslsted of bemg presndent of B14 and vlce presudent of Hn Y Club MARY H ZIMMER A former Slausomte Mary has been presldent and secretary of her homeroom She has been on the Assembly Com mnttee and was a member of the Dramatlcs and Florlcul ture Clubs She was In G A C and was a Varslty Cheer leader nn her senlor year Mary sang In the Glrls Chorus She plans to attend nurslng school after gradua tion PATRICIA ZIMMER Pat became a member of homeroom A2 when she en tered AAHS She had at tended Slauson Pat parttcx pated nn the actlvltles of Muslc Club Future Nurses Club and Chefs Club She served on the Assembly Com mlttee and the Semor Play Costume Commnttee X. QOQLAUXQ GI? gi wo ACTRESS X1 Q CS BE X FRIEN CLASS PIN UP M0712 GIRL CUTE? Do NE MOST F O 129 Q, 37,0 M '4P3Oy UAA 5227 WNWU Opffz G F D q3IRLff ST ALL AROUN ' V096 Cwciwcflf VVITTIEST MOCK ELECTION BEST ALL AROUND BEST BOY MANNERED Z- MOST ATHLETIC GIRL ACTOR ar D 'V' BEST LOOKING BOY BEST CONVERSATIONALIST BFS Q gf? 7 SEN W SE O ,LAY TI-IE VOICE BEST LOOKING GIRL MOST AM B Wyf Wffwsv MOST ATHLETIC BOY 459 QQSXSQN . 4 CO Q Qiaw tg -3 E If 1 I . H H ' T ,T X STUDE T COUNCIL The Student Council has had a busy and successful year under the capable leadership of the President Harry Athanson and the advisor Mr Thad Carr Others contributing to the success were Vice president Prentlss Ware Debbie Townsend and Nancy Nungester corresponding secre tarles Paul Tibbals and Dick Fiegel treasurers and Judy Rood recording secretary Success was also due to the fine cooperation shown by the rest of the Student Council and the student body In general The Executive Board met with Mr Schreiber and the class advisors and a plan was made pertaining to championship assemblies walkouts etc Thought went into plans for home coming which might become a reality in the 1951 football season K kll. is For the City of Ann Arbor, the Student Council sponsored the Community Chest Drive and the Christmas Drive within the school. The Community Chest Drive definitely showed the fine spirit of the student body. Many homerooms sailed across the finish line of the Hot-Rod race with flying colors. The school went over the top of the high goal which was set. Ann Arbor High School was represented at the Conference of Citizenship, and the Five-A Conference. Problems of high schools in lower Michigan were discussed at the Conference at Jackson. This year the four standing committees of the Student Council have worked hard on many prolects and problems and have done exceedingly well The Pep Committee provided for all of the Color Days and Pep Rallies They also saw to it that we had the Snake Dances during the football season The Ways and Means Committee sold the Student Directories The committee also wrote Mr Maybee to inquire about a stop sign for the corner of Washington and Thayer streets The Public Relations Committee advertised the various functions of the Student Council activities such as The Football Formal the Blue Book Dance the Student Directories etc The committee had also kept in touch with the Ann Arbor News and had some articles of the school s activities in the column entitled Teen Talk The Party Committee organized the first dance of the year which was sponsored by the Student Council in honor of the Sophomores The Football Formal the Blue Book dance and others were organized by the Party Committee Two footballs were given to the Student Council and both footballs were painted with the scores of the last two seasons The Servicemen s Committee worked diligently on plans to send letters and news of home to servicemen who had attended Ann Arbor High School Names of servicemen were received from many students of Ann Arbor High but nams were also submitted from various persons residing in Ann Arbor An article was In the Ann Arbor News which aroused many Ann Arborites to offering their assistance The Carnival which is held bn annually will be especially remembered by the students of Ann Arbor High because of its success The individual clubs had concessions and the public was invited ! . ', . ji ROW ONE Mr Carr S Slpperley C Thomas D Townsend H Afhanson J Rood F Pope H Pfliner ROW TWO G Rayer M Avshanan S Newcomb S Whlthngion H Shore R Mueller D Bock ROW THREE N Brown M Blake N Dnrkse M Iarson M Homes ROW FOUR L Maugh M Feldkamp S Lauer M A Rogers B Warren B Hare ROW FIVE C McKenney R Hulla R Flegel G Smlfh J Cariwrughf J Heald D Meyers F539 ROW ONE Mr Carr R Bachmann G La Tendresse N Nungester P Tubbals H Athanson J Rood D Fuegel J Carfwnghr M Maien D Sloss ROW TWO J A Prmdle M Brumley B Wnrlxeff P Kelly S Slpperley J Carras H Shore T Palmer H Plliner ROW THREE M Feldkomp P Wadhams D Prekeves G Jayne R Johnston K Packard ROW FOUR R Poland W Shullmg J Bone O Lobanov C Morton B Breuholz ROW FIVE A Sheperd R Charters F Pgrks H Schaefer C Arkusson B Hare Kenneth Zeeb C Jewoh RONT ROW R Chc:HersB Warren MISS HcrneyJ Coriwrlghf BACK Row M' Gmy C Jewew J Bone Mr Schreiber 43 ff. nom now: Mr. Meyers, Miss Rieger J. Heald.R- Fie9elW BACK ROW: H. Shore, B. Hare P. Tibbols Mr.Schrgiber EXEC TI E BOARD f 1-P- FRONT ROW: J. Rood, H. Aihcnson, D. Townsend, N. Nungesver BACK ROW: P. Ware, J, Ccrtwrighi, P. Tebbals, Mr. Carr PRESIDE COM ITTEE .V ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW ONE J Cnrtwrrght H Schaefer D Ferguson R Poland J Barclay TWO A Marley J Barr B Meyers B Wulson C Caxeprs D Evans S Judson THREE E Hodge M Smder J Wmkelhaus J Sulverslone B Green J Meyer B Parker S Dahlberg Yates S Sprlnger D Beadle FOUR S Henry E Press D Preketes J Case B Schulz D Kaercher H Wenk J Nommensen B Savage FIVE l. Rrce P Kelly I. Lofberg B Stlerle P Uhlendorf R Hale D Boone M Molrn N Brooker J Weiss SIX D Wlutley D Proclwnow J Kendrick B OBnen D Nordmon SEVEN D Heusel S Swoverland H Athanson D Denhourer F Peer M Frolzer D Perm B Dewolfe A Grant J Wanzeck ROW ROW L ROW J ROW ROW ROW ROW ONE H Athanson J love J Herbert F Adams R Mueller J Harruson C McKenney J Smnth TWO P Wmney E Shlngledeclter M Avsharlan D Hom B Balas B Myers W Peer D Evans G uvermore D Hunter D Bock THREE N Drrkse S Whnmngton D Beodle W Blashtleld W Green J Meyers B Parker J Cavonuugh Fowler N Hortweg J Quackenbush FOUR L Maugh S Henry J Wmlmelhous J Yates J Case B Schulz K Pt1Hner J Nommensen J Vorge FIVE l lofberg D Boone D Ferguson J Campbell P Fnscher L Sedwnck SIX A Powers D Whutley R Karsran B OBrren R Carkeek SEVEN D Good J Heald R Hallo G Noyer F Peer J Boumgartner J Peterson B Whnpps S Prakken -396 ASSE BLY C0 ITTEE N-J 1: sx ROW ONE J Orwrg A Morley F Osborn S Schnell J Ross N Mueller M Znmmer P Zummer A Hammond Mr Korsuon ROW TWO S Gary B Llrefie B Wnlson C Boyer M Everett M Tokugu ROW THREE N Haarer E Hodge M Sumo S Shewchm G Goetz J Cavoncugh J Muller M Marz E Muulbefsch M Patton D Sloss ROW FOUR J Volge S Lepurd M Duvnd l. Thompson G McEown G Lnvermore P Wodhums D Hunfer B Collyer ROW FIVE Jones W Ausfln R Crosby D Culver! J Kagay R Pardon P Gnlberf W Weslermcn H Kerr J Jackson ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW O : M. TWO: H. RED CROSS Sfollsfeimer, L. Lichtenuuer, N. Mueller, D. Perin, N. Lirehe, V. Onogo, B. Wicks, Mr. Sonondres Toncbe, D. Nagel. THREE:P. Svillion, P. Hewin, A. Struble, H. Forn, F. Sieffe, J. Frederick, C, Minor, B. Zurakowski. FOUR: N FIVE: B. . Hunter, B. Martin, H. Weinerr, K. Argursinger, V. French, G. Booih, M. Shelby. Miller, Svea Blum, A. Monoogian. C0 RECREATIO AL COM ITTEE -pe ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW ONE Mr Meyers M Stollstenmer J French M Hedlesky B Balos C Ballrngall M Maten M Smuth Vollrath J Meyers TWO F Douvntsas C Vreeland P Bnlell B Drechsel J Koengeter M Smnth M Van Atta M Phelps THREE J Jadwnn S Bush N Gxbson L Maugh A Seidel L Pfiflner K Clark E Crabtree FOUR S Dutnl E Wenzel D Pfabe M Avsharlan S Lauer M Cox B Whntchurch B Blashfleld W Sochse FIVE B Lundberg B Huehl D Cam F Blake O Lobanov D Euteman F Harding SIX R Pace B Kazmaler G Jarrett E Fusler R Barr W Green PROJECTIO CO ITTEE ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW 5-null ONE: O. Simon, N. Guenther, D. Koepp, C. Camp, R. Bochmcn, W. Seeger, Mr. Carr. TWO: J. Wagner, G. Parris, D. Sharp, J. Stimpson, G. Penn, E. Aupperle. THREE: D. Bennett, D. Burkett, J. Bennett, D. Franklin, M. Hoag, W. Marshall, V. Botchen FOUR: B. Lillie, R. Freeman, E. Pardon, C. Presley, W. Dixon, H. Downey, N. Dalley. FIVE: R. Losey, A. Preston, G. Bakker, P. Peterson, C. Westerman, L. Slead. N31 JERI FOX CAROL BESLOCK The superb examples of lourno :strc endeavor that were poured into tne B8 office turned out in the monthly Optimist The entire staff remembers the bood sweat and tears that were put into the editing of the Optimist Jeri Fox led the 195051 Optimist staff Jen was very effetclve and creative in her efforts toward the Optimist Ponderous Paragraphs kept Nan Hannah busy as first page editor not to mention the rest of the news stories The comedy that came out of the second page was saved out by Nan Thayer Cartoons were done by Pictures were taken by Ed Pardon Sports News was kept interesting by the combined efforts of Hugh Wenk fourth page editor and Bob McMlllun sports feature writer How do you mark that was the common saying heard by copy reader Erlene Penn in B8 Carol Beslock led the advertising staff In the collecting and placmg of ads with Mr Greer as business faculty advisor Mr Philip Buchanan editorial advisor kept up the moral support with o latte push every so o ten an., Q? N THAYER L HANNAH OF ...N 4 X 'sal -.9 B MCMXU-AN B MITCHELL E PENN X4 ARD YN ,x L 2 "" 4 M -K fl? 4 I of i ' ' 2 . ' Blanche Mitchell. The leftovers from first page were straightened into place by Linda Lofberg. U .. , . . . , Q . . Z f . 5 zf .fm Til fe L L x I li I I. 9-W' X i L A ' , . l L B ER N- G , I Ra V 5 f 9-if 5 f' . 5 ff Q B63 1, L . . ff V: . H f' 1 I . fs 5- P 'SHT' ON ROW ROW ROW ROW LIZ HAIT PAT WINNEY June is here school is about over and the long awaited years memories are all wrapped up in a neatty bound white covered treasure called the Omega Everyones reloicmg especially those who made the book possible Lets play mouse and take a birds eye view of the Omega staff As we crawl beneath the slit below the door in C 7 we hear the usual weird noises of the staff But today it seems to have gotten the better of them as not by enloylng themselves by flipping coins to see who will have the chance to buy the extra Omega The poor gurls were so busy they didnt even have a chance to subscribe to their own publtca tion ln one corner we see co business managers along with Mr Sonandres and Mr Granville doing the hula hula and of all things in a grass skirt In the center of the room singing and tripping gayly around in a circle we hear Mary Malin and Carolyn Thomas co chairmen of the write up committee singing The write ups are In the write ups are In twirl us around and give us a spin Evidently Nan Brown cutting and pasting chairman Ed Pardon and Bruce Knoll assistant photographers to Dale Fisher lDale was the only smart one he avoided all this by lotnlng the Navyl werent satisfied with doing lust one year book as next year they plan to help by doing each book individually and at no extra cost Yet regardless of the actions of the staff they all admit that working on the Omega was a lot of fun with one exception the worry of deadlines and It IS their wish that you may engoy the book throughout the coming years as much as they enloyed working on It O V'RG'N'A HEUSR MARGARET TAKAGI x . if ,L . 'igyik Q I . V? . L L .t V L , iii? ' ' , . , I . - U , . . . . . , , . - . ' . U . h I . . I . , only are there weird noises, but their actions signify looniness. Co-editors, Pat and Liz, seem to . . , . . . - . I . U . . I h I . I. . . . . I - . . . . . ,, . . . . . . I - I - I ' ll . I . . . I I . I - . . . . . , . . . . . . . . . ' . I . , . , . . - . I . N 4' - ' rf" ROW E Loveland M Hulslonder M Soncmdres ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW ONE D Fuegel D Townsend M Snlder T Heger G llvermore S Prakken D Ham J Gnffnth M Strenon It Tnbbals ROW TWO J Mangan P Fusher M Feldkamp S Worrell M Marz J latson B Braatz D Van Ells P Gulbert B Schultz J Barrett F Bowdle H Kerr T Kauper A Sheperd C Brown R Schwartz B Olsen H Hardwnck J Davis ROW THREE K Teppo M Katz M Snader D Faulkenberg B Fmkbenner J Crawford O Slmon J Tanner M Potter J Kagay J Loukotka G Jayne D Dow Barclay D Koch R Hale J Chapman C Smuth M Kunkle B Wunder Mr Roth J Heldamos C Barnett M Ehnns K Penpraze W Ryan R Strlnger F Arnet N Emenck The band was very busy thus year The members played at all eught football games and seven home basketball games Twlce they played nn the Umversnty of Muchugan Stadium, once wnth the Unlversnty of Mlchngan band, and once In the hugh school band festnval held there They braved the cold and were at the tram statuon to welcome the Umverslty of Muclugan football team after the Rose Bowl Other events they partnclpated ln were the Haloween Parade and the Red Feather Cam palgn They put on a concert wnth the lumor hugh bands on February 15 and 'I6 and they also put on a speclal band assembly besides playmg for other regular assemblnes and pep rallles Durmg the second semester the band gave a concert at Tappan and In the sprung they gave a concert at West Park Other prolects were a Sunday vesper servnce, playmg for graduatuon un June, and going to the dnstrlct Muslc Festlval The officers for thus year were Dave Dow, Presadent, Elame Heger, Secretary Deborah Town send, Treasurer Maureen Strenon and Mary Snnder Lubrarlans, and Craig Smlth Uniform Manager . 5 . ' , . , . . , . , . Q , - , - I - . ' I - 1 V YL I n 'ir : . , . ' , . , . , . , . , . , . , . ' I . I - , 4 I s I - I Q I u I n I u I Q . I o . I 1 : . , . , . ' , . , . ' ' , . , . ' , . 1 . . , . , . , . . ROW FOUR: IF. Stienon, J. Agar. E. Hager, R. Meyers, D. Eitman, D. Foytik, T. Sauer, D. Boone, J. Collins, J. , . , . , . , . ' , . , . 4 , . , . ' , . I . ' , . , . , . ' , . , . ' . . . . X . . . . . I 7 - I . I . . . . I . D CHEST S- ROW ONE Mnss Green B Cross A Haarer R Pardon A Wunder S Shewchm M Stockard J A Prmdle l Rmgkvnst S Snpperley B Sanford D Enteman ROW TWO M Stuenon J Gntfnth T Heger M Jory D Townsend A Hammond R Jones S Schnell M Constant M Smuth B Hazzard M Smnth B Huntwork D Dow N Dalley G Jayne E Tubbals ROW THREE H Wente B Balas D Hunter C Thomas M Feldkamp S Gauss V Onago G Colllca H Fnnkbenner ROW FOUR J Barclay B laubengoyer J Davss N Emenck L Arnet D Heger R Strlnger C Newmann R Reeves E Aupperle ROW FIVE W larmee D Sanford D Good P Bertsos l Maugh R Schwartz S Dutul K Atlusson l Boyce F Stuenon The orchestra as larger this year than' at was last year and expects to Increase even more next year Wuth the ever mcreasmg number of players the reputotnon of thus orgamzatnon is holsoi: growmg As their reputatlon grows so Increases the honor and glory they brlng to the sc oo At the Dlstnct Contest last year the orchestra receuved a furst ratmg Thus entutled nt to go to the State Contest held nn Lansmg where thus orgomzatuon agaun earned a fnrst ratmg The State Contest was held ln Ann Arbor this year The orchestra as workmg hard to repeat thas tune record It was not to be on easy matter, but everybody worked thelr hardest under the very fme durectlon of Mess Green The number of soloists who earned flrst ratmgs last year was hugher than any prevlous year An even greater number of soloists got fnrsts thus year The orchestra has played for vanous musncal affanrs mcludmg two vespers, the Jumor Play and the Sensor Play, school assembhes Slauson assembly, a concert to ralse money for a celeste, and the school operetta The officers of the orchestra were Manager Armin Hareer Asststant Ann Hammond Con certmelster, Shurley Schnell, Lnbranans Grace Collnca Shnrley Slnpperly, Manlyn Smith Secretary Huldagarde Wente, Stage Managers Howard Fmkbemer, Bull Sanford, and Don Sanford Congratulations to Mass Green and the members of the orchestra for the fme gob they have done Keep up the good work During the past school year Mr Lawrence Skmner has been un charge of the A Cappella Choir This IS Mr Sklnner's flrst year at Ann Arbor Hugh School and under hrs dnrectnon the cholr has presented a number of performances ln the furst semester they gave thelr annual vesper concert and partncnpated an the Christmas Commumty Sung as well as nn vanous school assemblies The second semester was hlghlughted by the graduatron exerclses, May Festlvals d the operetta HMS Plnafore For thelr offrcers the chonr elected the followung Presndent, Fred Adams Vuce Presrdent Drck Crosby, and Secretary Jack Johnson ROW ONE R Jones G Lnchty N Gregory A Colatruglro M Takagu D Ham S Schrelber B Balas M Phelps B Agnew B Weaver D Brockway Mr Skmner ROW TWO Mr Nuelson 5 Whnttmgton E Tubbals B Meyers J Jadwm M A Sauer P Wmney J Hall F Powers J Carras M Schneuder S Abbott G Booth ROW THREE R Bray V Fnsch l Mathews A Rohrbach M A Bauer E Gulden M Avsharuon J Waterman J Jackson S Blom M Malm ROW FOUR C Bonce S Pratt E Kuenzle S Newcomb M Blake S Soule J Koengeter F Adams R Cornell ROW FIVE D Heusel C Evangelndes R Wells R Poland J Hatchard D Dow G Jayne J Heald R Hannah N Hartweg O lobanov ROW SIX D Perm Blake R Kapp R Crosby P Tlbbals G Wenk J George H Frlsmger D Robbins R Jedele B Kalmaler ANTAN ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW qv N? . C C 's M Patton E Jones H Maeder B Warren C Newman ONE: M. Riendeau K. Horning . azepr . . - - - - - k. fdE.W lB.Whi s. TWO: A. Powers THREE: A. Sheet: FOUR: V. Brewer, FIVE: D. Kornexl, SIX: Mr. Skinner, . Jackson N. Banks J. Bock J, Draper K. Clar J San or enze PP . Blair S. Worrell K. Atkisson F. Mast J. Duke. B. Wicket? M- Stoclwrd. . Dally, S. Sparks, M. Carras, D. Preketes D. Verames, J. Luhm, B. Mull. . Staubach, J. Peterson, J. Baumgartner, B. Barth, B. Cleavinger, N. Hunter, B. Douglas. V. French, D. Reeves, l. Boyce, A. DowneYf G' Pagan' Mr' sl"'Plllf'5- ROW ONE Mr Sknnner S Barlow L Frank N laPrelI E Knowlton J French B Wulson J Wllson M Shel G Gage F Steffe B Meyers ROW TWO A Reed S Sutton J Hudson D Lucuchardt M Van Atta A Struble P Stnllron N Brelnmg J Babbitt S Peters J Fredrick ROW THREE B Rtchards M Rowe J Wunklehaus M Dundas J Vouge B Lundberg C Harruson J ead A Sendel M E Martm ROW FOUR R Tomita P Swanson E Morton J Blakely F Peer D Falkenberg L Rnce B Whitaker M J ROW FIVE N Groshck R Tucker P Smnth M A Rogers N Carlton B Whntchurch B Blashfneld F McCalla ROW SIX M Gordon R Ruby M Kolander B Fry S Elsnfor P Clark QYS CHORU va Sk J Me ers R Smnth A Sheperd H Conw0Y H Gullet' M'55 Human ONE Mr Inner Y TWO W Green C Presley G Harger C Carrington W Hawluns R Trombley R Britton THREE W MacDonald J Snuvermk T Steunbach R Evans N Jones l- Am-lfeff FOUR C Fnegel B Muller D Hagen LaV Newman R Henson D Franklin ROW ROW ROW ROW f ., X ' F .V . ' , - ' - , 1 . V -I ' J X -r 1- Q Y 9 'L . X . s 1 1- 5 l , gt 1 3, 1 - ' - - 1 - 1 1 1 - 1 ' 1 - ' 1 . ' , . by . , . , . . , 1 . . .. . - 1 . 1 - 1 . 1 - , . , . , . , - . , . , I l . 1 - ' 1 - 1 - ' 1 - 1 . ' , . ' , . ' , . R , n ' I 1 1 J 1 : . ' , . , . , . , . , . , . ' , . ' , . . Johnson, L. Hardin. : 1 ' 1 1 1 - '1 1 - 1 - . - ' 1 - ' 1 - 1 : . , . , , , . , . ' , . . -61 'T ' Hx . ! f 1 ' I -. " C- 5 5- J' X I X . , '1 .A f- v . " x 1 ' - R - u Q o . . 1 I ' .t . 9 Av- A , -. .ix X, , ' 5 4 li - -' N - - .l ' I 1 Q ' , , , . ' , . 1 - I ' ' J ' ' 5 . , . 1 - 1 - ' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' : . , 1 I 1 - A I - ' ' ' ' ' : . ' 1 . ' 1 - 1 ' 1 ' ' ' ' March 16th and l7th saw the H M S PINAFORE saul unto the harbor of Pattengull Audutoruum On the deck the gallant crew expressed theur professuonal prude un the sturrung strauns of We Saul the Ocean Blue Sylvua Schreuber soon appeared as Luttle Buttercup sellung rubbons and laces for the saulors sweethearts She then paunted out that un spute of her lolly appearance a mysteruous secret weughed heavuly on her heart Ronald Poland as Ralph Rackstraw sorrowfully came up the hatchway and confuded that unfortunately for hum he loved hus captaun s daughter Jack Jackson the vullaunous saulor Duck Deadeye dared to say that captauns daughters are not un the habut of marryung humble seamen He was roundly scolded by the saulors for thus heresy and was saved only by the entrance of Captaun Corcoran Davud Dow who made ut clear that he was The Captaun of the PINAFORE Margaret Avsharuan as the captauns daughter Josephme sadly told her father that she was un love wuth a humble saulor and therefore couldnt love Sur Joseph Porter Furst Lord of the Admuralty iRobby Wells? who soon came on board wuth hus traun of susters cousuns and aunts led by hus Cousun Hebe CMary Ann Sauer? Ralph declared hus love to Josephune who told hum to remember hus lowly rank He then them un the act of elopung and became so furuous he allowed humslf to say Damme' much to everyones horror Sur Joseph upon hearung of the elopement ordered Ralph to a dungeon but Buttercup saved everythung by dusclosung that when the two were young she muxed up Captaun Corcoran and Ralph Thus swutch of ranks solves everythung Josephune marrues Ralph Captaun Corcoran marrues Buttercup and Sur Joseph contents humself wuth hus devoted Cousm Hebe and so everythung ends happuly The Boatswaun was played by Norman Hartweg and hus mate was John Heald Understudues were Margue Blake for Josephune Lynn Mathews for Buttercup Dorothy Ham for Cousun Hebe Paul Tubbals for Captaun Corcoran Francus Blake for Boatswaun Norman Hartweg for Duck Deadeye Duck Heusel for Ralph and George Jayne for Sur Joseph A Cappella Chour formed the chorus wuth supplements from boys chorus The crew and pruncupals guve three cheers to all four durectors Many thanks go to Mr James Lobaugh from the Unuversuty of Muchugan for hus durectuon of choreography Mr Lawrence Skunner dud a fune 'ob wuth the vocal musuc and Muss Eluzabeth Green presented a capable orchestra Mr Ronald Dawson dud an excellent uob as usual wuth the stage set and the dualogue Combunung theur forces they made HM S PINAFORE a hugh spot to be remembered for a long tume to come . . . . . . . ,, , . ,, . . . . . . , . . . . - , . . . . , , t - . . . . . , , t - . . I . . ll ' Ill ' ' I , , . . . , , , . threatened to kill himself which forced Josephine to confess her love. The captain discovred - . - - tt tt , . . . , , , , . . , , , - l l I I ' I . . I . . I . I . I . ' . ' I , QQf ,gx fini," ,.w"LM Q e vwwb f ,,.'-,fx -Q a' yi S . , H N: X ' wx? ' L :rt L 1 1 X Q A ' 1 fa A 1 7:1 Q 4 4-A - f 6 xg, .- ,,.x 4 . s. " L X' W' aol? PS1 I ' .gs 4325. , by V L. N1 ff. 1 .ff-it 'T X X W" N 1 1 N fa R x I V, Q X , s " X 2 of A '3 4: 'A f 23 X 1' x Egx :gm . 1 41,-h.,,,4 BNQARY THAW lT was The besT OT Tumes uT was The worsT of Tumes The curTaun was rusung on The TursT performance of January Thaw The Senuor Play Tor l95O To us The members oT The casT the sTage seemed bare and durTy The play TruTe and shabby We were Tured buT suddenly we TelT The luTe un The play our auduence laughed The evenung passed auuckly The Gage Tamuly became ouTraged when The Tormer owners of The house reTurned wuTh The unTenTuon of movung un The Rockwoods canT luve here' saud lvlrs Gage buT JonaThan and MaTulda moved un anyway snorTung aT The udea oT new Tangled umprovemenTs and ThaT TarnaTuon punk caroeT on Them sTaurs George and Barbara mean whule Tall un love To The greaT amusemenT oT The luTTle gurls Sarah and Paula Musery soon replaces all happuness however The elecTrucuTy Tauls and The Gages are leTT wuThouT Tood heaT or waTer whule un The nexT room The Rockwoods are eaTung a hearfy breakTasT The Gages Tunally make Truends wuTh The counTry couple and happuness ensues For a momenT There us almosT Tragedy The Gages Thunk Barbara has eloped wuTh lvlaTT The Rockwood s son There are explanaT ons however and George reTurns To marry Barbara The curTaun us rung down wuTh loud applause Many people helped To make The play a success There were The acTors oT course Joan GuThrue l-lans PTuTTner Jo Vouge Morgue lv'laTen Sulvua Schreu ber Joyce Vlfeuss Lucy Sales lVlarTun Davud Jerry Fowler Dave Dow and Ron Fox Besudes The acTors There were The Teachers The sTagecraTT class and lasT buT by no means leasT Mr Dawson who worked hard To 'nake The play uccessful We The acTors wull remember The play Tor The Truendshups we made The remember uT Tor The enTerTaunmenT We wull keep a Tond memory of uT and happy Tumes we had and The Truals and Trubulafuons we wenT Through you wull The school un our hearTs Torever H . . . ,, . . . , . - 11 11 - , . 1 1 - 1 I . . . . . . ,, , . ,, . . . . , . . . H ,, . I T 1 ll - - - ll u ' f I 1 1 1 - 1 1 I I f , . . . , 1 1 - I . ' 1 1 ' 1 . . , : 1 1 1 l 1 T 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' I I ' l 1 1 - 1 ' C .1 . 1 1 1 1 1 P ,Qi 41 '91 .:xw uf. X Vi!" ARCI-IERY CL Due to the large number of people that fund thus club unterestung ut us lumuted to sensors only Durung the peruod provuded for Durector Muss Harney teaches general aspects of shootung The group us duvuded unto teams where they compete agaunst each other Roger Hale was elected presu dent of thus organuzatuon wuth Luz Haut as secretary Although no letter us awarded for the sport ut has been duscussed among members of the club .7 'lk ROW ONE G Jaeger G Jarrett W Pa mer R Chapman E Beeman R Patterson ROW TWO East B Lurette R Hale J Neuman M our ROW THREE Muss Harney N Gubson B Lundberg B Huehl A Downey B Wulson Sue Looker J Hudson RTCL B ROW ROW ROW ROW ONE J Moore J Wulson J French P Uhlendort T Palmer Mr North R Pace S Barlow TWO: A, Reed and T. Haywood. THREE: J. Gruschow, R. Fox, M. L. Strickland, R. Berger, S. Germonis, M. Todd. FOUR: C. Jewett, J. Buster, D. Bock. L 1 AME-RA CLUB The Camera Club, under the direction of Mr Buell, participated nn a number of photo- graphlc activities during the year The club has viewed film strips showing photographic methods and processes, held club nights to give the members opportunity to use the darkrooms exhibited the prlze winning pictures In the 5th Annual National Hugh School Photographic contest, unter vlewed Norm Williams who was lust back photographing the Korean War and made the usual prints of the athletic teams whlch were sould throughout the school The club officers were President Ed Pardon, Vice President Bruce Knoll and Secretary Ellen Loveland N Wing! r is hlllliilililvil L... ROW ONE B Richards F Arnet B Knoll E loveland E Pardon F Steffe Mr Buell ROW TWO E Aupperle A Winder S Shewchm A Close B Frey K Lansky M Snider ROW THREE J Barclay D Cam M Malm J Sanford B Blaur K Plckard ROW FOUR D Kennedy R Karsnan R Johnston H Sundlnnger G McDowell R Lillie The Chefs Club a new club sponsored by Miss Carstensen is open to both boys and gurls who are interested ln learning more about the field of cookmg The club made such things as cookies cakes and also succeeded in cookmg a breakfast Officers of the club were Don Hnnz president Pat Zimmer vice president Jack Fullnnger secretary and Joan Page treasurer 1 4 ' 333.2 ROW ONE: B. Winters M. Kunlrle M. Sumo D. DeMarco N. Mueller E. Shingledeclmer Miss Carstense ROW TWO: B. Bissard, B. Mull, J. Page, M. Corwin, B. Hicks, M. Parlas, J. Carras, N. Noye. ROW THREE: M. L. Feldkamp, M. Borglin, D. Cooper, P. Naylor, J. Hinderer, S. Kokinalres. ROW FOUR: G. Nixon, P. Cornell, N. Brown, B. O'Brien, E. Penn, B. Whitehead. ROW FIVE: P. Tibbals, E. Smalle , P. S radlin. CONSERVATHJ C1 B comparatuvely new club the Conservatuon Club sponsored by Mr John Hood us rapudly gettung underway wuth varuous actuvutues The club was led by Maw Fraker presudent Maruorue Moten as vuce presudent and Barb DeWolfe secretary The club has enuoyed seeung the out of doors and movues about the umportance of preserv ung nature Also each actuvuty has been pounted toward conservatuon matters un Muchugan ROW ONE O Sumon N Gunther R Bachmon R Jedele B Mattus N Wonty L Wallace ROW TWO C Hoeft M Nellus J Orwug R Schwartz B DeWolfe J Quackenbush C Westerman M Moten W Sachse H Cowan R Bray B Rogers Mr Hood ROW THREE D Robbuns D Luckhardt M Stockard E Brown B Weaver M Schneuder E Koch ROW FOUR K Penpraze L Ruce M Brumley D Korruexl B Cushung J Weuss E Maulbetsch M Jackson L Andress ROW FIVE P Reeves M Rowe S Lepard N Carlton K Argersunger S Blom C Van Suckle R Olson ROW SIX W Muller L Queal H Hunz M Cross L Cortuano E Fuster S Teachout ROW SEVEN .I Kerns R Patterson R Brumbough W Green R Haarer C Ponce J Loukotka L Davus COLONNADE The Colonnade Club has Iwo parts the Sophomore Colonnade open to sophomore gurls, and the Senuor Colonnade for uunuor and senuor gurls The Clubs sponsors were Muss Fenske senuor counselor and Mrs Granvulle sophomore counselor Senuor Colonnade was actuve un servuce pro uects for the hosputal Also tume was guven to Jane Waterman for a duscussuon on the trup she took to Europe durung the summer The gurls planned a Chrustmas Dance and had a potluck dunner before one ofthe football games The offucers of Senuor Colonnade were Carol Thomas presudent vuce presudent Shurley Slupperly secretary Eloune Gulden and Sally Stotflet treasurer K Zeeb R Funkbeuner Tv 3 tv ROW ONE: M. Smith, S. Sipperley, C. Thomas, V. Onago, M. Mclntyre, E. Loveland. ROW TWO: C. Potter, M. Smith, G. Collica, B. Stierle, E. Gulden. ROW THREE: M. Avsharian, J. Waterman, B. Huehl, M. Malin, V. Heuer, M. Illi. The Cooperative Occupational Training program, under the direction of Mr. Silver- stone and Mr. Dahlberg, has succeeded in training students in various fields of work, and in many cases securing iobs for them following graduation. Over seventy-five students participated in this program during the past year. Each student attends classes directly related to his work, in addition to required academic courses, and also receives academic credit for his work Some participants In the program were typxsts, machinist apprentices, television servicemen and stenographers Ars ROW ONE Mr Silverstone S Stofflet G Tomlinson J Thomas V Muller M Murphy D Smith M Parlas N Behnke L Moore M Hulslander Mr Dahlberg ROW TWO B Seltz J Roehm O Jones J Hmderer S Kokmakes K Cloke J Campbell ROW THREE B Hicks M Corwin J Minges B Trevuthnck J Sayre B Efner D M Luenser M Morton D Quigley D Mesnard D Polsdorfer ROW FOUR J Loughlnn M Pratt B Maier B Marshall H Muller V Nixon C Comp J love G Wenk H McHenry G Terry J Nommensen MR. SILVERSTONE MR. DAHLBERG DEB TE The debate team composed of iuniors and one senior was much improved over the sopho- more team of the year before. In the Five-A-League they had four wins and four losses. In the State League the debating team won five and lost three of the eight debates held. This record entitled them to the Detroit Free Press plaque for excellence in debating. The members earn their letter by winning a debate or being a research expert. The class for debate preparation was held second semester to prepare anyone in debating the aspects of debeating and becoming a good debater. ROW ONE B Blackett Potter D Townsend M Stevens C Mclfenney ROW TWO Mr Gary B Huntwork V Hutton M David C Pardon J Horn on R Johnston R Winder D Evans Sue Gary FLORIC LTURE R ROW ONE J Hatchard R Heselschwerdt D Pryor ROW TWO D Cam J Hadley J Read Miss Jensen ROW THREE B Anderson E Hodge N Wenk R Fehrle D Nagel J Babbitt S Peters S Gauss f .... .4 'C 3 i , t -'Si' -M. -itz. -! ..... : . , C. , . , . , . . 1 - , - , - f - ' . 4 , - 'S . - . . ' t , 1' 7 .- - .z - l ,ly M t so I l i f A CP Q ff? X' Sf. , ,, ' V f 1' ,, s .E , I I 1 . , i . I .. i X V. g L fr A .., - " ,,, " 1 . 'j -. ,4 A ' .. 'f- , 5 ,gg V ff 3 Xi 1 - 9 , gp, 'lg 5: 5 -3 . f at Sgfli ,gil-f5 'fl fu . A ,. ., L: w D 'V . , U ' A ,uf All n ' . "' ' -XV 'fr' l ' , A Ev, W ' ' a . l 'I ki. l c vi. .V :Th 1 J' iT., f 1 , , . , . . I . ' I ' I ' I . I ' ' : . , . , . , . 1 - , . . . . FUTURElYURSES I "Service to the school and community ' has been the motto ot the Future Nurses Club this year. The Club has taken over the responsibility of keeping First Aide boxes in the school, filled and ready for use. Members helped the sponsor, Miss Harding, the school nurse, with the hearing tests, X-Rays, and had charge of the girls lounge. As officers in this year's organization the girls chose Loretta Andrews as president, Nancy Lirette as vice-president, Evelyn Davis as secretary and Pat Kelly as treasurer. ROW ONE B Fasken A Close N Bremlng ROW TWO M K Wealch D Hunter P Peters E Davis N Lirette ROW THREE P Kelly Mass Harding D Verames E Fritz D Kalmaler B Collyer F Grubble V Brewer D Dolly FUT RE TE CHERS Under the able guidance of Mass Mary Ellen Lewis as a sponsor the Future Teachers Club took part in many activities The club attended a state meeting at St Marys Lake and helped to organize a state Future Teachers Club A group of the gurls attended the Michigan Education Meeting In October and took part on a panel discussion They also participated on a panel with Dean Edmunson as guest Throughout the semester the club has had several speakers They have also visited different schools The officers for this semester were President Francis Powers Vice President Suzanne Dutnl Secretary Wilma Larmee Treasurer Elizabeth Wenzel ? x., ROW ONE S Duttl F Powers M Larsen Miss Lewis C Larsen ROW TWO A Shepherd W Larmee E Wenzel S Shawchtn P Fox M Snider M Hedlesky GER N CLUB ,. -E FA' x N14 . ,W 'I l.- N. 3,, D-Q ' ROW ONE Mss Rueger M Sie ens S S pperiey A H e er ROW TWO A Rohrbcch H Weiner? A Munoog on M A Wendell ROW THREE D Ross D Meyers K Pfiner C Bo ce ROW FOUR T Heger H Pfffner D Kennedy ROW FIV R Monz R Kopp R Mn er BOYS LE DER CORPS "F" 1 Av: 55? W Ns,-1 L M359 LEAUER LEADER CADE .pw X X LE-saga? cum: , Lg mfs E 'MPS x fu 7 'S Z1 M 'M'J5Wi?w HW? U LEA Rf LEADER ons-sa LEADER Muzi 5C'3"P5 V cnRPs CUHP5 EURPS L- ROW ONE B Rockman J Holl day I. Posey R Pace R Knoii ROW TWO J Renischler R Thomsen T Mller R Esslnger G Mast Mr Kompe 3 I TERNATIONAL RELATIONS CLUB Members of the International Relations Club during the first semester gave oral reports of topics of current interest, They ioined members of the Science Club in sponsoring the first all- school party based on a United Nations theme. Viewing movies and discussing debates presented on the "Town Meeting of the Air" were the activities planned for the second semester. 'Z'-Q1 ROW ROW ROW ROW ONE S Stuhlmann J Bock E Stead C Boyer N Durkse Mr Karsnan TWO C Carrington M David P Uhlendarf R Carlleek l Stead THREE P Hemphill G Rayer R Gould D D Houter J Harrison FOUR D Haynes F Peer D Pfabe The Hi Y sponsored by Mr Rudolph Koczman concentrated on various activities through out the year During football season cider was sold at the games and proved very profitable Five boys Don Procknow Dale Perm Gaylen Podesta Paul Ulendorf and Bob Koch were elected by the club to attend the Pre Legislature Training Conference held in Lansing Their group along with others introduced a bill to the legislature hoping that provisions would be made for closing all public schools on all National Holidays The bill was not passed This group was lead by President Dick Beadle Vice President Jim Yates Secretary Don Procknow ROW ROW ROW ROW 1-'Eff ONE J Stauch C Evangelides D Heusel J Yates L Robbins R Beadle P Uhlendorf TWO C Adams A Jespersen L Thompson J George J Batsakes G Pullen B Fraser THREE D Staggs l McCarthy L Meyer B Bneholz B Gould G Santure M Rodriguez FOUR Mr Koczman D Shaw H Peters B Newman S Lund R Kolander J Gray LaV Newman 1 P' E Griffith -. X 1 " ,fi N ' f ' '- "' ' - - v-' J I 1 J X "' A . . Q Q -, I Q A 5 ' . 4 N : . , . , . , . , . ' , . ' . : . ' . . ' 1 - 1 - 1 - . : . A , . , . , . . , . A . : . , . , . . I ' I - , . 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 I I I 1 A V. " R ' X . 1. x A 1 I s 7' 4 1 V C, X'-ii X 'H X , y 1 - I X .- I r Q .J - Q A r - . ' . l , V ' , L . 'W ---- 4 ' -Us A 9' 1 4' ,Q - -, - A 4.3 . K ,waf er ,-21' '. ,- A E -'rf' . ' ' is ' f .-.. ., L .A , - , : . , . ' , . , . , . ' , . , . 1 . ' . : . , . , . . - 1 1 1 - 1 - - I - I I l - I ' . I ' 1 1 1 . . : . , . , . , . , - 1 - 1 - 1 - - I TERIOR DECORATIO lnterlor Decorators Club IS for those rnterested In learmng how to do decorating In thelr own homes It IS prlmaruly for gurls, because boys are taught thus maternal ln Pamtmg and Decorat Ing classes Durmg the fnrst semester we studned the proper way to wash patch, and pamt a wall Members of the club dud a lnttle actual panntmg The second semester wall be devoted to studymg color schemes and decldmq on colors to use In the varlous rooms of a home Flrst semester otfncers were Hornet Forn, presldent, Eleanor Tubbals, vlce presldent, Mary Jane Schneider, secytreas 5 T on x ROW ROW ROW ROW ubbas H Forn M J Schneider TWO N Behnke J Thomas J Roehm A Falkenberg THREE Mr Haywood O Jones E Knenzle B Brokaw FOUR N Radeke J Read J Babbltt M Nellls G Harger USCCL These are the students who are Interested an varuous types of music to the extent of playlng and studymg records The students also dlscuss the composer as to a few of his other well known masterpneces Thus club, under the sponsorship of Mr Skmner provsded for a well relaxed, yet learned club hour of mustc Its officers were President, Dotty Ham, Vice President, Shirley Abbott and Secretary Dons Brockway ROW ROW ROW ROW ROW ONE TWO TH EE. FOUR: FIVE: Skmner D Brockway B Balas C Potter A Hammond C Malcolm Callaway M Sauer I Rmgkvnst M Smsth J Kendruck Hemphill G. l.uchty, D. Heger M SYICYIOY1 F SVIBHOH 5. Soule M. L. Strickland G. Booth R- Pufdon- R. Stringer L. Boyce E. Tibbols N. Dalley. D P. POPULAR RECORDS S ROW ONE H Athanson P Saka J Cartwnght D Whntley F Adams M Rodrnguez B Parks ROW TWO N Gregory M Stollsteumer D Rutter L Lnchtenauer C Cazepus J French B Wulson S Stotflet Loveland S Schnell Mr Clnlhrd ROW THREE N Brown D Dupslaf P Muley J Jadwm N Mueller E Shmgledecker J Ross J Vouge M Parlas M Mclntyre J Neuman ROW FOUR N Gibson N Hannah M Morton J Hnnderer S Kaklnakes J Carras M Dellabaugh A Street Campbell ROW FIVE D Prochnow D OHara G Smlth B Huehl M Malm A Downey D Reeves ROW SIX M Johnson N Brooker R Kung D Perm J Campbell R Royce D Barnett J Hlntz R Faegel ROW SEVEN J Love B Spleth P Tnbbals G Podesta B Koch B Mueller C Keyes B Murphy P Spradlm J Jackson J Nommensen ILL KE CAMP A fonrly new prolect, the camp ns set up for hugh school boys to better thelr knowledge nn more of a relaxmg form than ns taught at AA H S The camp started about the some tlme as second semester and nf at proves to be a success as many feel lt already has, ut ns hoped that It wlll be extended through a nlne month period, gtvmg three months for vacation The boys are at luberty to choose what ever course they desnre whether nt be geometry or fnrebulldmg Also entertalnment ns supplsed to them by shownng shows twnce a week. Week ends allow them to be spent in Ann Arbor, at home with their parents. .gh- 2 .7 , D10 CLUB This active club went over plans for building a small radio transmitter in the winter of '5'l. ln the spring they succeeded their plans by starting the actual building of the transmitter. They had some movies on features about radios, and also went 10 the Music Center fo survey its service department. The club's officers, under the sponsorship of Mr. Cook, were: President, Dan Boone: Vice-President, Ron Hallg and Secretary-Treasurer, Dick Strickland. es.. suv iq ,A ROW ONE F Richards D Good J Mangan ROW TWO A Hughes G Bakker Mr Cook Dan Boone ROW THREE V Botchen W Hawkins R Evans T Kokenakes D Hagen P Gilbert O Lobonov M Berg RIFLE CL The Rifle Club, sponsored by Mr Charles Barclay and Mr Ben Reed had as always, a group of interest to students who want to learn how to care for and use a rifle Each member is asked to shoot, whether individually or as a group, down in the rifle range If their scores are qualifying scores they may enter In a state wlde contest lncudentally Ann Arbor High School has had several who have ranked hugh in state and notional competition On April 21 a state wide ROTC match was sponsored at the University of Michigan for all those interested s a' A A if Q44 , 'Q A L4 ROW ONE D Foytuk B Onago W Tucker J Hendamos P Peterson C Ballungull C Woodworth R Mmges F Harding ROW TWO V Matthews A Morley F Osborn V Seyfrned .J Fredrick S Elsnfor M Duncan J Halliday S. Dahlberg, T. Knight J. Rood E Crabtree Mr Barclay ROW THREE: R. Pryer B. Whipps, P. Buckles, J. Cole N. Banks E. Knowlton, N. Ball D. Ganzhorn E. Jones J. Duke B. Doug as. ROW FOUR: M. Kolander P. Swanson M. Stienon V. Tripp R. Donner J. Feldkamp C. Fiegel S. Leech S. Bielby. ROW FIVE: Mr. Reed M. Weinert D. Schmidt M. Burke J. Harrison, P. Kusserelis, K. Teppo W. Ryan T. Steinbach. ROW SIX: J. Tanner R. Crosby D. Meyers F. Thompson R. Freeman, H- H0fl1liY1 J- Schmitt D- Koch T- SCWO' L. Sedwick G. Parris. ROD 81 REEL Under the supervision of Mr. Toogood, the Rod and Reel Club has participated in many activi- ties. Among these were: tying trout and bluegill flies, seeing movies from the conservation de- partment, and making their own equipment for tying flies. In the future, the club plans to have demonstrations from the Fox Tent and Awning Company on tying flies. They also hope to make their own casting and fly rods. The officers were: president, George Kilbreath, vice president, Dick Kolander, secretary, David Denhouter. 'fa on Q. t . , Q? if ROW ONE Mr Toogood D Sweetland V Nixon D Mesnard ROW TWO C Camp B Marshall B Maier C Smith R Straith SCIE CE CLUB The Science Club was sponsored by Mr Paul Myers Each member is engaged in individual experiments such as those dealing with photo electric cells copper plating and quantitative analysis The club sponsored a dance during the United Nations Week In the first semester A vry appropriate theme was used concerning the U N The clubs officers were president Bob Winder vice president Dan Klaphaak and Jim Crawford secretary ,- we BOTTOM ROW F Bowdle J Crawford B Wender D Klaphak BACK ROW Mr Meyer C Van Sickle D Savery M David The Scrrbblers Club whuch was ably led by Mlss Moms accompllshed a lot thus year The officers for the hrst semester were President Dornsmay Leunser Vnce Presndent Beverly Trvlthnck Scretary Jan Sayre and Treasurer Mary Ill: One of the clubs mann prolects was the sellmg of pencils whuch had the basketball schedule prmted on them These pencals sold very well Other events on the club s calendar were bowlmg and an :ce skatnng party at Whntmore Lake Mr and Mrs Hood and Mlss Moms were mvnted to chaperon ROW ONE P Chase M Ill: J Mmges D Sloss Miss Morrrs ROW TWO B Ogllvy D Smath M Murphy V Muller B Pittman ROW THREE D McCleery A Roberts G Colllca B Trevrthrck B Sentz D M Luenser ROW FIVE F Van Schoten P Pryor E Penpraze SH fe PN CL 12 The Spomsh Club led by Mrs Eldon was very actnve thus year For one of the meetlngs Mrs Charles Staubach gave a talk on Columbsa and exhublted souvenirs of her famulys VISIT to that country Another meetung Mr Rlchard Defendme, a um versity student spoke to the group about hrs experiences nn Spam last summer Other events on the club s schedule were a movae of Peru and several skuts glven In Spanlsh by club members Offrcers for the semester were Ann Patterson prsrdent Bud Parks vlce presldent Margaret Takagl, secretary, and Elaine Gulden, treasurer ff Q7 uv 5-of ROW ONE F Parks E bulden A Patterson A Colctrugluo M Tokogn M Phelps ROW TWO l Lofberg M Smith A East M Mclntyre G Goetz N Nungester ROW THREE H Tanabe G Vonce M Znmmer C Staubach ROW FOUR B Martm, M Avsharnan, J Hall, R Carlton, Mrs Eldon ROW FIVE C McKenne , C Barnett, G Ja ne, W Jose h I . . . I . . I . : I . I . - . I . . I . , . . . 1 I r - , - . . - . . Tu' 13 T' S, , 1 L V ,. .. g .1 N' I 1 af A .- - ' J 5 ' C- ,,, . 4 , xx , V ' 2 2 K, , ' . " .fe-r " ' -V . S .- N ' - V, Y ff 'N - 1 if K 4 E , ,mi . .. , fm ' : ' I e I . - - .4 . I 1 f , I - . : . ' , . ' , . , . ' , . ' . l - , . , . . , . . . , 1 I , . - - ROW FOUR: G. Tomlinson, J. Sayre, M. Miller, M. Waterbury, D. Folkenberg. I - , 4 , . . I - 1 - u 1 I ' . I ' , . . . . . ' , ' : , ' ' 2 9a 1 . 'r , ':,.- L. t :4 'f XJ ,, , 7 I X 4 . ' 9 ' T7 1 H L, vw , '- . M 1 A DIA!! Iv , 4 I J 5 , ' ' ' ' 2 L H ' I R U z , I ' ' l Y - I : . , . , . , . ' , , ', . . : . , . ' , . , . I - , . . : . , . ' , . ' , . . STAGECRAFT A vote of thanks should be given to the stagecraft class not only from the high school, but also from many outside groups. Although it is a class sponsored by Mr. Ronald Dawson, they have charge of all the scenery for the class plays and the operetta, and have to spend many extra hours working on the sets. ln addition to this, many hours are spent helping the groups that rent the auditorium. The set for the senior play was almost entirely hand-made. Even the glue was mixed by the members of the class. The ship for the operetta was also constructed entirely by the stage- craft group. -bar s ROW ONE B Wilson R Shaw D Kaercher M Stollsteimer R Bachmann M Van Atta J Neumann ROW TWO J Hagerman D Trembley S Teachout S Springer V Onago B Lirette J Hudson ROW THREE E Flster W Austin R Hale M Ptehutkoskl J Fllltnger A Sleet ROW FOUR G Smdlrnger R Amst J Nommensen B Huehl ROW FIVE R Lang R Kolander W Schwartz J Hmtz R Barr D Schaefer W G A MASQ SOPHO ORE DRAMATICS The second semester of this year the Sophomore Dramatlcs and the Wag and Masque merged into one single organization Meeting in the little auditorium the co sponsors of the club are Mr D wson Miss Clayton and Mrs Dannecker Each student who gonned the new club had a tryout" Wig and Masque has eleven members and their officers are President Mary Slauson Secretary Debbie Townsend Board Member Norman Hartweg Sophomore Dramatlcs has twe ve members and they chose the following officers President Delores Evans Secretary Anne James Board Member Bob Smith 435 lil ROW ONE Mass Clayton N Hartweg D Evans M Slawson D Townsend R Smith ROW TWO G La Tendresse A Scheetz V Onago M Blake S Whittington J Fillunger G Fowler ROW THREE S Sutton S Sparks P Goddard P Kelly F Blake D Kazmauer B Blashfield C Larsen V French IH YM!! hy., 1 1- I ,. l . 9 , ' , 4 1 xr ' . -- ' ' all ,. Q Q 2, W Y A Q Q .. ,, .9 - . I U - sa I l 1. 1 - ' , - , - 1 - ' 1 - 1 . , . . : . , . , . , . ' , . , . ' , . . I - . . - I , . , - q l, 1 I ' , . . 1 . ' ' , . , . , . . I . , . , . , . I , s 1 - I . . . . . . . . . . I 1 , Q , G , . . l l H . l 1 ' l 5 . 1 I 1 . . . , I I ' ' I ' ' 2 ' 1 : 1 : , . . ,, -e ' a Q lt 4' '- : - , 4 Q21 s I ' Q if ff' l' L e " , ,.,,., , 6 - , ,,jt?',w'i- ' N 1 W ,A t , l . ' 5 - I ' , i. ' . ., j. V 1 ' ' 5 Jo 5 l , Y , " T Q1 'ff - -, e L 121 , 1 4 J .fit EW? ' I ii R - xy sg, H 1 v - y ' . , - fr 3 gay. , ' . 9 I - . U : A, e ' A .Ll ' t 236215 1 1 l vs, 1 I fy J, x - - 1 : ' 1 - 1 . 1 1 1 - 1 - . ' 2 , , . , . , . , . . I ' I I ' I . , 1 1 - I ' 1 I I ' . I ' I ' ' ' ' 0 XNGTO 43556 CLD 94 gl vlRolNiA HEUER BEVERLY STEIRLE VICE - PRESIDENTS L12 HMT LUCY SALLES NANCY BROWN MARJORIE MCINTYRE Early the morning of April 8, l2O sleepy but excited Washington Club members met at the Ann Arbor Train Depot. Taking off in chartered coaches about 6:30 a.m. the Club reached New York City about 9:30 p.m. Arriving sa late, left little time for sight-seeing that night, although the Club did manage to stretch from their 15-hour train ride. The next day the group made stops at Radio City, Rockefeller Center, Music Hall, and other spots of interest in the city. Evenings were spent seeing the musical "Gentlemen Prefer Blondes" and the play, "Season in the Sun." After the full days of sight-seeing and shopping everyone was giad to return to the Commodore to turn in early every night for healthful sleep! Wednesday afternoon the Club traveled by train to Philadelphia where the group visited lnde- pendence Hall and received a short course in American History. Reboarding the train, the Club next arrived in Washington, D.C. Here in the nation's capital the group visited many of the interest- ing and historic buildings, including the Washington Monument, the Lincoln Memorial, the Jefferson Memorial, and the modern government buildings. During free time the members of the Club shopped, attended movies, and ate in the famous restaurants lif they had held on to their money T i 1 g"""'h-us... 'On fx , PAUL TIBBALS HUGH WENK SECRETARIES DAVID DOW JACK GRAY that longll. From Washington the Club took the train back to Ann Arbor, arriving Sunday morning, a happy, if somewhat tired, group of travelers. This Eastern trip climaxed a whole year of cooperation and fun in Washington Club. In order to earn their 595.00 dues and money for the Club's General Fund, the girls sold programs at all the A.A.H.S. home football games, sold cakes at the school dances, and took time off from study- ing to sell blueboaks during final exams. During the pre-Christmas season the girls spent their spare time selling Christmas cards, wreaths and candy. They finished up their money-making praiects with two big rummage sales in the spring. The boys earned their money by parking cars at the U. of M. football games, by selling Christmas wreaths, and through the Club's annual drive in the spring collecting scrap paper. More money was earned when the Club sponsored the Sponge Week Dance. Officially a proiect of the girls, many male members were drafted to help out. The 1951 Washington Club had a very enioyable and successful year. The members will always remember the trip and the fun they had working together to make the trip possible. SW has .E - 'r "5 .iff 11 Fix 4 2, .. ri' Q xg 3, A Q ' ,, fi J ,Ki :N W Z Q 33 January Thaw weame, Tomght and Saturday Snqw usd Colder Volume XXV No 4 ANN ARBOR HIGH SCHOOL ANN ARBOR MICHIGAN Frlday November I0 l950 Barclay Asked To Conference than-as Brlrrlht xhh arhrl. lllgh l .loft th llllrtol and rlhnrtll of he th, .hrplrrrr prtlgrah. has hrhh lrh ,ha tt, .lttr nd un llhhtlls nonference hh who-l tlrhplhg .lr xolthwttrrh llllnlxltx llocemltet 3 llarthl, hlll ,uso rhhtlrltt ll prlhel .ll-tustlhh lr.. tsrrrplrlg ht h rohrtrt-me rf ulthhrlh Qctonulaxy Schools hs thlllthrh rrrra man- Prlrlrlhhlr assoua tl. lm 4 .tha lhrpldt xmrhrlhr ft Tut Ann 'tlltot Hugh student and sl d nt flonl Xpslluntl and Jack lr Hllrh sllrrlrll, wrll prntlrlprte on th, pall.-l .ll Q ldha lzhpltls lnhtl .ll Xltholax Sllntxlltl pllntlpal of he I-tldsun llllgll Dolnlnn Ardls and ll ,ln Slnlth nhlef uf the tecteatlon l tl I Nllxhlgan cons-lv.ttlon de untnt ulll thu utt on the pa Henly Dykenlu furnler Ann Xlbol llllrh fl.-lm, themht-r wlll mth ml. tllt rm lhl Nulthutetr-tn campus ful llle tunletenu nhlch ulll dlst uw how l.llnplng lffuts -lchoul Questxon-l to he dlscusaed on the lllntl are how camp effect., school null, what pollty AAHS takes con rtlhmg .erupt who attends and how tlltx ue thocen' The students on the panel vxlll at tlmpt to evplaln what thev lealned lt camp the dutles .md xesponslblll lle: of eurh tamper and the recreatlon uhhh s prowlded Ponderous Paragraphs X X X , Patty Athhrrsnh and George .lhyrte bten selected .ts tht lunlor lu uulllan and Rutullan club membellt fol November Athnnson was elected plesldent of AAHS studtnt tountll lust spllng and .lathe upurrrttl the Prom-er cross cunnuy team Ann Arbol Hlghs nnnuul College Day conference held Wednesday Nov 1 was attended by 19 college repre sentauves and 200 students from near by hlgh schools Frank Reed college consultant and dlrector ol the confer ente states I belleve the conference was vety good thls year I was ple: by the tutnout .md the lesponse del ts gave to replesentatlves The .xnnual Football Folmal wlll held Sutulduy November IB at Sll son Junlor Hlgh Gym Curly Lamb 1. Jatkson wlll supply the downben hom 9 to 12 The aeml formal dance ml cost Sl 50 per couple Tlcketa wlll le on sale next week and at the door -X motk electron held lt AAHS be tween Republlcan George Mander and Democrat John Dawson for the offlce of congressman resulted ln 1 vlctory for Mendel' The vote count wu 618 to 364 Winder and Dawson :poke ln nn AAHS assembly lut week before the state nlde electron Mender wu chosen to represent the second dl: trlct of Mlchlgnn ln Congress for the next two yenn The 1950 addltlon to the Hank Fonda famlly hu been named Charles Henry AA cheerleaders wlll dxlplly then' talents at the Mlchlgan Cheerleader Cllnlc to be held nt the Unlverllty of Mlchlgan tomorrow At 10 am they wlll meet wlth other hugh school yell lenders nt the U of M Indlnnn football fume where Mlchlgln hlgh school cheerleaders vnll glve A short perform Inca .L ... 'nlured .lbme lt tnn Krbnr Hlghe chnmplonwhlp faothull team tupt Duck llutleru led hm team to their second con ecutlu league tulle Jlm I .lrtanght wlll hurt-eed 1 hauerh mtl fall Nlemhers nf the vnrhlly squad are ROW I Ron Xin I Phll Sak.: kent Inhmrd Doug leden Donilllnt l John tzrtvtnght Jack fray Don Boorum Don Hlnz Bob Randall RUN P Nlgr tnrdon Vlormw Nlxkekudrtgm-r Bah Weber Iaul Tlbbal-a Jlm Splut! Duck Clutten John Vlorrnw Ru kursnn Chandler Hadley .llm lose fred Adams touch Hank Fonde ROW 3-Ylgr Wllber Nhllllng Nlgr Dlrk Xlstmm Bruce Fuser Ned Jones Harold Smdlmger Doug Nurdman Vhrv Fnker Prentx Hare Bud Pnrke Duck llll Frnle Nlcfoy Tom blberl touch Frank klun ROW I Vlgr Duck Fxezel Chuck I-eatherly .hm Smllh teorge lullen John Bateake- lulman Jewell Klun Je-apersen Brlln Flngerle Jun Cartwrlgllt John Helld leorge Hutman touch kurt Kumpe Undeleolecl Ploneer Foolbal Second Consecullve 5A Leo Th- 14150 edltlon of the l luneer foot lull team rolled to the flttlng fn-lllh of .l mp nolnh season last Frxday by dulllltlnl: lutkson 4813 Coach lhllk Pondes Ann Albotllee non thus ont mth ease to add v-.etght to then alleudg secure 5A League Besldes the Vlklngs the Ploneus had to combat an addltlonal foe ln the Mather Icy wlhrls wtpt the flela .And sent several punt- huyvwlle whlle ll 3' delnet ttmpelatuu lhllltd the playels and fans .sllke Tvtentt tml stnltns and nlne of the tnrtlng elextlt plnytd then lust 5, ntle ful the Purple and Whlle hzlltlt nl nie thelr flnul game a memorable one as he cleaned tht bench early thereby glvlng all .1 chance to see plenty of Afllon It seems to becomlng a tradltlon of Ploneer senxors and teams ln ze to let go wllh evetytlx game of the .1 RBOR 'Mil Ar-WOR 1 'AN ARBOR ANN oR 2 ARB ANN 309- '1 N AR one huvtk neu the end of the game when Hhrrrltl hlhdllhger stunt-l from the sl! Once .tguln fullback Bob Randall led the hc-new l x Ltttxng tvm touchdowns Behlnd good blutltlng Randall sprlnt td to the markets on tuns of a-I and .llrl .tlrlg from tht fullllhtk slot tal hed on the longest rrlh of the game r llrrrrl whlrh coveted sl yards th elght yard pas, pluy from Bud lrlht tu l-rnl -Xdams plus Doug Word SC Sends Flve To Conference Ann Arbor Hlgh sturln :ent flve replexf Annual cllillml l Squad WINS gue Crown rrlsh S '10glnd runback of rm lrlttrrell uhh complettd the touchdown phlhdu In the extxa polnt department .tu lttlttdtlt Rely harslan brought hls total lu 'u hx nnnhlng flve conset-utlve con tlrsmrls tthllt- Jlrh chltwrlght added une In tontlnst to harsnn s 25 polnts llllhhgell tu llrhlt Uhr- polht through thr- llhrlgllts ln owen all scullng also thlr. year: trum was uuthtundlng ln mlllng ovel sewn uppontnts and tylnl., ont Ann -hlsot hllttl hh tu pmhtt to tt rom ltlntd tffolt f for then foes lt of the tneers must he .lddtrl too- ptlmts sr ls en m 'O e ses X S QOH 1051 S NW 7' CU H ALE la ERND AN Boll ANN AR oR '33 N P-R5 AN ok 's M15 n ANN An player .Yacksol at Jack formal and nite Prlnclp Thls pro duced two tndltlon At least I am hlghly ln In vor of ll It would brlng better un derntandlng cooperltlon And general relltlonnhlp between the two schools Also present at the dmner were the players pnrenu the conchlng staff Otto Hunley George Bulu Nlcholu Schrelber und their relpectlve wwe: tnrelber states deslgned and lntro years ago may become I t onlght plat January Thaw B 15 pm ln Pattenglll -Kudltuxlum Honor assembly All school leml formal 912 pm at Slluson gym Sunday afternoon muslcal pro gram vocal and stung group: 4 p m at Plttenglll Audltonum Thulnksglvlng Day assembly vocnl group! Thnnknglvlng Dey no school 24 No school All school party B11 p m ln AAHS gym 30-Assembly V o s 'IJ cv-F-E' BFTHEASTERNI X wvsllhlnvx 3 lhclaso ga has been uecember 1 to January ton Chllstmas card sales wlll be rr mpleted Tuo more payments of S20 erlrh me alle I-'ehrlmy 1 .tha Vlnrch amralrrg to Thad Carr w Club ad usor the money maltlng Actlvltlea of the club have been boomlng Nearly S400 was earned by melllng football nrogtams at Ploneer football games Some club members have already earned thelr entlre S95 dues by Chrlst mms card sales The next money mnlung prolect for the clubs ls selllng boxes nl chocolate candy The tndltlonll Wuhlngton clubs wreaths wlll be rudy to sell December 1 Musrc Groups To Perform The Yocal and strlng departments uf Ann 'hhor Hlgh valll present on Nmember 19 .4 ntuslcnl program con trstlhg ht thrlnll slhglhg thttlumerltel mu lt and solulsts The x 1 .xpellu thrlrr wlll open the ll- gtuttl mth tht Hallelujah Amen ltlltlw R wtll be thtee numbels ul tlttk ltlllsluus llltliy Thu last num t ll tlr lh.n t vllll featule ll ll t anlanrlu 10 sth!, hlntlohs wrll be Shep htlt-l shrphtla lane lltmlhg from tht opera hm., Arthur by Helm lr lo X ll Blu l lsle, xlr lt thlrarlrr Jrlrtlll The hr hlhlr rlllhllltl wrll le muh tl lrh. .ltrllh ll, Ahhh up and 'lh slim! xtftlon ul tht lnallu tl .hthl tl.p.llthltht lnll berth tht- last llllf of th plug. nh mth l-me ltltrht xllrtrhlltlt hx xluthrt uhhh w eh rlllrrtlhtnl rhnlhs 4 llltl. xl xlrltl. l'nur sulul-ts To lerform Xlxt thats lull be four soloists to lntfulnl Rulg Jones :ll vlollnlst hlll ll Rul unu flom the Second Con teltu lx Welnlawskg whlch wlll be ltrompuntd hy the nnhestn Roly who ls 8 slhlrrl at Ann Arbor Hlgh Nthool has tht xesponslblllty of as litant concert ntastet The folloulng selectlon Allegro lfnl sullllg ulthtstlal by Llmmoga nlll In pl.ntd by Shlllty Snell who ls rl tl .lr sul., vltlllhnt lrlllovllhl. ulll be llr skmher the rl ...tor of tht tural groups at Ahh kllror Hllcll Sthool who wlll sing tvlo Ull Ettgllsh fomposltlons KK hele l-le Xou Walk by Handl and An hom lomus Ht wlll beaccompanled lx the ollllestta fol both nutnbels sung. To Fha lmlrrhm T e l t wlo st xxlll be Elennot Tlllllnls playing bpeclal Flux All lllirato The program ulll be coll lluded It several popular songs by llc! ll Lal The mu ual program ls to be hell! lt tht luttlltglll .tudltotlum flom J l h pm 'Vuvcnlbet 19 Thele ls no ldlnlrsltln thulzc The dllectors of tht plulztnn vxlll he Xllss hllzabeth I lun Klux Nhelbert lstudtnt nach vt I and Iavlltnct Sklnnel Freshman Conference Held On M Campus Thursday xoverllher 9 ls the date ht! fox thls yturs annual Pllnclpal heshmun tonfelenct .tt the Lnlvel tty of Nllthllzan 'resthets attehdmg from Ahh Ar hot HtKh wlll bt Flank Rtul Char lu Barclay Phlllp Buchanan Nllss Dotothy Vale- Nllss Faye Coney John -Xlllsnn nnd lllntlpnl Nlcholus 'ithlelbet Teachers who are altendlng have so been lllwlllfd to an lhfofmal meet v Wednesday Nowembtr 8 at the hlgan I nlon Thls wlll be held for purpose of dlstussrrlg hllrh school ge relatlonshxp and the Prrrltlpsl Hman conference rohfererlte wrll take place th mare Rackham bllrldthg where xchels ulll lntervlew the stu The whfelehrt ttlll last from 30 Pm Then a luncheon wlll d ln the Wllchlzun Lnmn ball .ul han C Kllwford of the ullege of Pnglnetllnl: wlll be guest speakel l l vm ll talk n P105 pects fox the tllsss of 1954 One Thard of Students Hove T V Sets Af Home Nehru one thrrd of Ann Arbor lrltgh schools students haw televlslon sets n then homes accordlng to a rectnl suney conducted by the Out of the total Ann Arbor Hugh Nchool trlttlllmerlt of ma 334 stu dents have televlslon or one set to "HY thlee ut fflur students Almost '15 Der cent or ,15 of the students that havt sets have had them for at lent sux months or longer The 5'-IVV!! tame to no conelualorl as to how ulexlslon :Heels students glade: ,. ll , Q Q r I ' CL 0 I lr l ...115.., . V - 4 - - - A Q.."g' f . ' f .' I .C -l l f Q .- 1 l.-r, --R l.r t- ' - lol," r l ,, ,. . - H 3 r- - 2. ul l...l.- mt.- nm--1: -A ' ' ' L' il " " ' ' - " . . 5., I rl .-P. 'r I I 4- ' 7 I-v .I 5 - -- .' -- -. -' 1 t lu...-ell 'rl wlhg, vill Q -' the' I - , . .-n ' . ' ll- ' ' . .lI',' f.- --.--' g- lnll A , ' 4 - - nel. ' r- . - ' - - - . ., . ,, I . T I NI .I,A.II' r-.I I 'r II . ,II I . II II I I I'I I WWI.. I, ., V ' I . ,. .A I I I - I ' S. I l l .l V' ' . Y Y. ' - . . A rhampmhrhlp. 14 yards- FIM Gwrzv Pvllfn- also rt the ftlr-t that the 1948 Pioneers ., .' I l E I. ' - ' . . ,. , M ' ,A ., . f l - I ' '- r illilv' fl V l E I - ' '- - ' ' - - - U 7: . - 1 - .' ' - . e ' ' -' A -- . 'iw' ' 'ful "' .I l I . . -I 'l 4 - ' ' " u u I ' . .. - th . . I' l , .. 59 1 . , . A , r- ,E -. -f ' th - 'Q Q t . - . , V . . I P 3 .V ' ' ' ' P- 0 - ' . r i , Y 1 .- V A J . . I . .,.. P' hx 6 ' l A . . Q - - .,.. ,. .... I, e 1 ' , - , . . ' f, '- .. ..... .... 'I f' J l, ' I' ' ' I '55 ,. ...... I b . ' . . I I . Q ,.-' ,....... IIII,..-' III... . ,r r , I . m "' II...--"' II,..v"' V I . . l 'el ,.--""".' ....--""'. . 4 ' . , l . ' A A3 I I rr-rr-r W e .K ew.- . I Il , I . . . - ' O O U A . r 4 r I I . . . s- ' 17-. . -. I , I I I .. . ..I . . V V .. ' 107' I ' A ' ' , . ' t -- ' -22-I' " l- - 1' f ' I I- 'I ' I 23- ' E - . ' - ' ' Q ' I VARSITY FOOTB LL BOTTOM ROW A Arnst F Saka K Puckard D Peden D OHara J Cartwnght J Gray D Boorom D Hmtz B Randell ROW TWO G Marrow M Rodnguez B Weber P Tubbals J Splrtt D Chattes J Morrow R Karsuan C Hadley J Love F Adams Coach Fonde ROW THREE B Shnllmg D Alstrom B Fraser N Jones H Snndlnnger D Nardman M Fraker P Ware B Parks K Zlll E McCoy Coach Klme ROW FOUR D Fuegel C Featherly J Smuth G Pullen J Batsakes C Jewett A Josperson B Fmgerle J Heald G Hartman Coach Kampe The Ann Arbor Football team thus season ran the strung of undefeated games to l7 and also won their second consecutlve FnveA Champuonshnp The Ploneers had two and one half weeks of preparatnon before they met a good Toledo Scott team but despnte the short practlce they beat T S to start a successful season One week latertheyconfldently went to Bay Cnty where Ann Arbor came from behand to wln a rough game At Ferndale because of superior conclltlonlng Hank Fondes charges wore the opposntnon down m the second half to emerge with a vnctory Ann Arbor opened thenr 5A League tltle defense by beating Sexton The next week was followed by the Battle Creek thnller whnch after an excntung 48 mmutes of play proved to be a wln for Ann Arbor Eastern and Ypsu gave Ann Arbor a tough workout but Ann Arbor pulled through by defeating both teams The last game of the year and the hugh schools tradltlonal nval was Jackson Although Jackson was highly keyed for the encounter wuth the already crowned 5A Champs, they proved no match as the Puoneers played the best game of the season .vw v,"Z3' ff' X 1 l . . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , : . , . , . , . , . , . f, . , . , . , . , . , . : . 1 . , . 1 1 1 - , . 1 - 1 - , . , . , . , . : . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . , . - P ' ix,, l x : be 1 1 f f . . u a v - 1 1 1 1 - I si . . , .. s . 1 . I ' -,,,.- , J. V. FOOTBALL Members of the Junuor Varsuty Football Team were Bull Adams Marvun Baker Bob Barr Stan Buelby Joe Bone Duane Calvert Reynold Densmore Bob Freeland Duck Freeman Ruchard Gubbs Bull Green Wullard Green John Harruson Bob Hensen Art Hughes John Kagay Bob Mattue Bob Parker Stanley Clark Harry Remnant Jum Mayers Bob Onago Frank Pope Jeff Rentschler Bruce Rockman Garth Rowland Duck Royce Gary Santure Leroy Schauble Guy Sundlunger Harry Shore Phul Splutt Sherudan Sprunger Fred Thompson Chruss Taschcoff Bull Trudeau Bull Waltz Ctufford Westerman Russ Wulluams JUNIOR VARSITY FOOTBALL The JV s ended theur season wuth three wuns two losses and a tue wuth Dexter Thus last game was theur buggest for they played theur opponents varsuty team unstead of the second strungers The followung players were appounted by the coaches to captaun each game Arthur Hughes Marvun Baker Duane Calvert Jum Meyers Harry Shore and co-captauns Bull Waltz and Bull Green ANN ANN ANN ANN ANN 13 ANN ARBOR ARBOR ARBOR ARBOR ARBOR ARBOR 5A Champs JACKSON MILAN YPSILANTI DEXTER JACKSON 2 5 1 2 ..............................................................................................,......... 6 44 .............................................................................,................................ 0 57 ...............................................................,.............................................. MILAN 6 13 ..................................................,..................................................... 0 0 .................................................................................,.......................... 0 VARSITY BASKETBALL BOTTOM ROW D Hevsel L Robbms B Adams C Jewett ROW TWO E McCoy D Whitley M Baker D Preketes J Cartwnght C Evengelrdes ROW THREE Coach Anderson D Bach J Cartwrlght B Newman J Morrow T Ponce N Wlth only two lettermen back from the 1950 season the AAH S basketball team played some good games of ball even though there were sux wlns to mne losses John Morrow thus years captam got an honorable mentnon on the all state and was chosen for the 5 A first team Both he and Lamar Robbms were on the all cnty team Lamar Robbms has been chosen as next years captam The seniors thas year who receuved letters were John Morrow Tony Ponce Denney Whitley and John Cartwrlaht ANN ANN ANN ANN ANN ANN ANN ANN ANN ANN ANN ANN ANN ANN 46 ANN ARBOR ARBOR ARBOR ARBOR ARBOR ARBOR ARBOR ARBOR ARBOR ARBOR ARBOR ARBOR ARBOR ARBOR ARBOR DEARBORN ROYAL OAK EASTERN BATTLE CREEK GROSSE POINT MONROE JACKSON SEXTON EASTERN BATTLE CREEK FORD TRADE JACKSON SEXTON FLINT CENTRAL x C, qi , . , - , ' N , - - 1 E., 1 48 ...........,...., - ......,,............................................................. 45 50 .....................,...........................,.............,................... 43 44 ....................................,.................................................... 4'l 43 .....,........................................................................... 59 59 ............... .................................................,............ 6 3 56 ................ .......................................................................... 4 3 50 ................. .,............,....,........................................... T OLEDO SCOTT 55 37 .............. . .....................,.................................................. 45 27 .............. ........................................................................... 4 4 21 ............... .......................................................................... 3 2 57 .,........,......,..............,......,................,.....,.,................ 53 47 ................ ..................,................................................ 4 l 36 ....,,........ ......................,..................,............................... 4 6 36 ............... . ........................................................................... 42 . . BASKETB LL 13 H21 Z '13 -gf! 2-. L41 hfzf silk 'W -'gy 3... Wfx BOTTOM Row J T0Ylor B Gree G Pullen H Shore J Meyers B Pa ker J Bo e Row Two Da 5 J KUQUY D Cal er? G Mo ow J C se C Morion B Peer Cooc ROW THREE C Sm vh B Schultz T Sberi D Peterson M Cross J Ne man B Hansen ANN ANN ANN ANN ANN ANN ANN ANN ANN ANN ANN ANN ANN 24 ANN ARBOR ARBOR ARBOR ARBOR ARBOR ARBOR ARBOR ARBOR ARBOR ARBOR ARBOR ARBOR ARBOR ARBOR Kumpe DEARBORN ROYAL OAK EASTERN BATTLE CREEK GROSSE POINTE MONROE TOLEDO SCOTT JACKSON SEXTON EASTERN BATTLE CREEK FORD TRADE JACKSON SEXTON A X N Nt, C ' N .41 V V A ulT'7tf141'15' 13 L . ' 'E A T 5 Xb ' , C lm L W I lf ! iF' Q A 3 "gf Q P 1 4 S A ' ' -G E: Y. 22 'gi' ', A i - :a a .4 " 12 5 A A 10331 8 Af A 'N fj Ae 4 T ,. T16 I. I ' 1 t 1, W Imeijl T s. "gli, 1 , ,?, A . A 5 Ts T A ! T .' ' T Q Tk" S-,A , L U A M i 1 A 4 an L "E V- ig A , , ' 9'L':'. 1f. f4 1- ,.V- . Q LW' " . , . A B A ES T - C'T V .Z .. i,,.. ,'.' ,I .. rr ,,..u,,.. w,, ', . 32 ...................................................................,.,................................. 32 .............,.........................................................,..,,.,...................... 21 .....,..............................................,..................................................... 28 ............,....,..........,....,............,.........,,........................................ 36 ..........................................,..................................,.............. 65 ..................................,.................,......,.....,,................................,...... 35 ...........................,......................,.............,............................... 34 .............,.........................,............................,.................,........,........ 37 .,............,................,.......,.......,.............,............................,................. 48 .ffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffffff1fQQlffffffffffffffQfmN 47 ..,....................,..................,.........................................,.....,.,,...... 0 .........,.................................,.......,..,.....................,...................,......... Hy Il p 5101 BOTTOM ROW C Jewett B Barr J love G Jayne F Adams J Jackson B Newman B Randall P Ware D Chapman ROW TWO B Preston G Pullen J Batsakes R Schwartz O Snmon E Beeman l. McCarthy E Fuster B Gould G McDowell ROW THREE W Tucher B Muller C Atkusson J Bove D Calvert B Evans M Anderson B Olson B Wunder L Meyer ROW FOUR Mr Morn ngstar B Pace D Frankhn G Crnstensen B Corwnn M Berg G Santure R Bachmon G Smklunger Coach Ryan The T950 Track team was led by Bob Fowler and coached by Tam Ryan Durmg the season the team managed to capture 26 dual meet vlctorles whnch entntled them to the 5 A Track Crown also It enabled them to place thlrd an the River Rouge Indoor track meet George Jayne and Roger Maugh were State Champs nn the mule run and pole vault, respectuvely The letter men who returned for the 1951 season were Co Captanns George Jayne and Fred Adams, Jack Jackson, Bob Randall Jlm Love and Bob Barr I 6 2 '21, Z, 2: .1----n G55 C DUNN P 07 plgpai BOTTOM ROW M Johnson L Meyer B Goned G Jayne D Dow B Wnder POW TWO W Tucker B Gee E Flster O Fster R Rutledge M Katz Coach Ryan The Cross Country team coached by Tum Ryan and led by Captain George Jayne have completed a successful year Ann Arbor placed second nn the 5A contest and second In the State wnnnmg sux meets and Iosmg only to Battle Creek Thus years lettermen were Dave Dow Bob Gould Harry Haas Captann George Jayne Monty Jognson Leon Meyer Ron Schwartz and Bob Wander Next year the team wlll be led by Co Captains Bob Wunder and Ron Schwartz ANN ANN ANN ANN ANN ANN n Place 2n Place ARBOR ARBOR ARBOR ARBOR ARBOR ARBOR State Meet SEXTON TRENTON JACKSON EASTERN DEARBORN ,-as fr.. l . . . . . P st , . , I I n . I ,vp 'I9 ................................,........,....................................................... 39 15 .............................,..,..................................,............................. 50 34 ....,....,.,............................................................................. BATTLE CREEK 22 24 ........................,...................................................................... 31 20 ...,............................,................................................................ 38 'I8 ............................................................................................. 43 2 d 5A d P-SEBAL6 BOTTOM ROW H Schaefer B Kulenbaclc P Salma B Spleth B Fraser R Hllla H Walker J Cartwrlght M ROW TWO J Gray C Westerman P Snuder H Shnll ng F Blake A Nncalou C Mclfenney J Morrow J Wagner G Hanger J Mangan D Good ROW THREE B Arnst H Cowm A Podewul G Roland W Green D Munms J Meyers B Green J Bur brndge D Denhouter .I Harrnson R Johnston ROW FOUR Coach Anderson B Shelley J Wnnlllehaus Paul Bacon M Anderson B Adams D Bach G Morrow D Westfall D Robbuns D Alstrom Coach Kampe A Onan N890 -.- RQX' If iff-m, 339 KJ 52 1 tl 'f ff! I Y . . H. -.S wen' Rodriguez, T. Ponce, D. Preketes, J. Cartwright. : . , . , . ' , . ' l , . , . ' , . , . , C r , Q0 'K UQ g g , . ' . r Q K V X I 1 - N I S .,- X QSTLI Q39 flf K I I BOTTOM ROW M Jah son J Spltt H Atha son M Fr k B Et el M Rodnguez R Bnembaugh B Cous nt D OHara D C I P S ROW TWO C ach KI e B Webe J I. J Har A Hughes B Pace D Kark J Yates Mr Koczman ROW THREE R Bachm n B Shelly H Cohen J Heald B Austn W Shyer S Dalberg T Knight Thus year for the thnrd consecutsve tame Ann Arbors grapplers wull attempt the State Tntle The co captalns Roger Etzel and Mnke Rodrlquez dld a splendud 'ob as captanns thus year Members of last years State Champ Team who wrestled thus year Include co capt Make Rodrlquez champ In 50 at 145 lbs stall at the same wenght Monte Johnsom also champ last year at 95 lbs now 105 lbs Jlm Yates who was thlrd In the state last year has had dlfhculty nn hnttmg has stnde thus year Marv Fraker second last year In 175 lbs as now No 1 heavyweught Coach Klme has submltted has startmg lane up for the state meet In late wnnter whnch was held at East Lansing March 9 and 10 The flrst flve games wrestled proved to be successful for Don O Hara who tned one and Co capt Muke Rodnquez ANN ARBOR ANN ARBOR ANN ARBOR ANN ARBOR ANN ARBOR ANN ARBOR ANN ARBOR ANN ARBOR ANN ARBOR Second Place State Meet EASTERN BATTLE CREEK CRANBROOK JACKSON SEXTON EASTERN BATTLE CREEK JACKSON SEXTON Q9 MP Coach Clufford J Case D Carlson D Kung H Athanson C Blackett After droppung theur furst meet the Ann Arbor Hugh School golf team recorded seven straught vuctorues and swept on to the furst Fuve A League Golf Champuonshup to be decuded on the basus of dual meets In addutuon to old reluables Captaun Duck Kung Harry Athanson and Doug Carlson the Puoneer lunksters were strengthened by the addutuon of sophomore Jummy Case Other members of the team were Hans Pfuffner Chuck and Ben Blackett Jum Heudamus Ed Beeman and Pete Naylor Thus team captured the furst FuveA golf champuonshup decuded durung the Fall of the year Keen competutuon for varsuty posutuons featured the fall campaugn and may be expected to resume un the sprung when the Puoneers go after the Reguonal and State Champuonshups Addung m mensely to the morale and vutaluty of the team was Coach Paul Clufford who contunually astounded the huge gallerues wuth hus superb exhubutuons of shot makung If past records can forcast the future the Puoneer par busters wull have luttle trouble wuth the boogue man un 1951 ANN ANN ANN ANN ANN 4 ANN ANN 4 ANN 5A Champs ARBOR ARBOR ARBOR ARBOR ARBOR ARBOR ARBOR ARBOR SEXTON BATTLE CREEK EASTERN JACKSON SEXTON BATTLE CREEK EASTERN JACKSON 4 T3 ez., fmt 9 . yj E J' ,VVIV ,,-. 'Y BOTTOM ROW Coach Fonde R Poland H Frusnnger B Flngerle O Babonav ROW TWO B Smith J Luchty D Heusel D Enteman B Austin H Wenlz C Woodworth ROW THREE F Pope R Karsuan B Mueller B Hare T Palmer C Morton D Meyers The Ann Arbor Hugh tenms team was not able to start proctlce untul the wrestllng team vacated the gym annex ln early March but Hank Fondes men already had the hlghest hopes for the approaching season Though the schedule of events had not been arranged by the last of February, the boys were ready to begun practice early In the season Returnnng lettermen from last years team were Captain Howard Frlslnger Brian Fnngerle Bob Lxllle Ole Lobanov and Ron Poland 3' fl , alibi W 455555: 4455155 as-is 119 I f N f X I XX I Nfl -1 lifts, Q , J . V, se ,2- ',', r 'ig' 1 A if W ' : 4 . n 'VV A s tx , 9 J'-2' Q .V .- T ' Jn l l l U 5 ' 6 1 - 1 if 1 I v K . . ' , . . I . l . Sw MI BOTTOM ROW Couch Cl fford J Tonner B L Ile J Campbell B McKean D Cooper ROW TWO D Meyer D Good A Jespe son B Sc: age F Pope P Naylor C Wesiermon ROW THREE T PaImer B Smnh W Corwm C Ph ffner D Sfnckland J Wager T Kok nukes B Rogers ANN ANN ANN ANN ANN ANN ANN ANN ANN ANN ANN ARBOR ARBOR ARBOR ARBOR ARBOR ARBOR ARBOR ARBOR ARBOR ARBOR ARBOR ROYAL OAK JACKSON YPSILANTI FLINT EASTERN PONTIAC KALAMAZOO UNIVERSITY HIGH JACKSON BATTLE CREEK BATTLE CREEK ROW ONE B Wulson C Cazepus M Moten M Avsharuan N Nungester M Malan M Morton N Brown B Wulloughby Muss Harney ROW TWO M Stollsteumer N Gubson N Hannah C Beslock C Thomas D Townsend ROW THREE J Neumann J Carras S L Wulson M Blake M Phelps E Maulbetsch ROW FOUR A Patterson S Shewchun S Lepard B Huehl B Lundberg J Lepard J Road ROW FIVE L Lofberg S Newcomb J Ross J Waterman C Malcolm Thus year the Gurls Athletuc Club sponsored by Muss Harney was a very actuve and enthusuastuc group under the fune leadershup of theur presudent Mary Malun vuce presudent Margy Morton and Secretary treasurer Nan Nungester Theur money makung prolect of the fall was the operatuon of the concessuon booth at the home football games The money earnd by sellung refreshments was usd to buy new equupment to charter buses for the away athletuc events and to sponsor the cheerleaders The sprung club prolect was the annual GAC Barn Dance The dance wuth all uts gay decoratuons was a great success for the club and the AA H S students The GAC Executuve Board us an Important part of the GAC organuzatuon The members of the Board were Mary Malun presudent Margy Morton vuce presudent Nan Nungester secretary treasurer Margaret Avsharucun recordung secretary Nan Brown hockey manager .lanuce Fullunger Volley ball manager and Barb Wulloughby basketball manager FuveA Play Day was held at Lansung Eastern thus year The fufteen gurls from each class who had the hughest number of pounts were sent to Lansung to represent AA H S at the Play Day The senuor gurls who had the most GAC pounts enuoyed o wonderful week end at the Cedar Lake Camp Fueld hockey volleyball basket ball, bowlung badmunton pung pong and softball were the sports un whuch the members of GAC partucupated Phi SITTING: M. Morton, M. Malin, N. Nungester, Miss Harney. STANDING: J. Fillinger, B. Willoughby, N. Brown C 1: as '- C7 ff? CQ 1-n..,N an +0 Q!! I BOTTOM ROW E Hager C Thomas M Avshcnan V Heuer ROW TWO M Bauer B Sherle J Corrus D Falknnberg ROW THREE B Huehl B Lundberg B Wulloughby M Molnn an ul 1-in ng'- "'-W Q? ,. 1 NJ x. -amxi -rr H ,I S. ROW ONE S Whitfield M Larson F Osborn R Reeves S Duhl C 59VebCCk ROW TWO S Prukken J A Prmdle B Bunven W Lormee L Mcugh B Warren C Newman 451, Y, .A- I , . T, , E I , t 'N v- ! 'VA Tn ' 'U v t A , T ' E- f . ,T T' 4 A, I 1 ' k ,gf . t ff Va W' cg: T f-- 'R I 41 5 5 t A 5 .A E i ' ,,. A 'H , 3 V, T Im R' I 'Q I' V' Typ. ,4 3-'V I iq ,gg TA 21 'rf " We ' ,, wg ' 5 A w ' fi es ff ,JA 5'-V rf ,T ' 'u fx' 5225 li ' ' ' ' ti, .fc I Z1 I V 'I .45 , 3-F712 , V t L, :su :U af . I . V 2 N '+ 5- Jr I 5 . N ,. 5' ' M 1 A if Y fl 5' I T f 1 . R W 4 A , V 1 I V I i,, My ,A , :tiff 1 A I . T-mv: I by A . l A- 7 'B A CHAMPS FRONT ROW M Smlih S Wilson J Hood BACK ROW M Smnh C Mulcomb J Koengeier CHAMPS FRONT ROW C Bollmgull L Haul N Thayer BACK ROW C Beslock J Fox N Hannah vt XXEEH LEADER Regardless of sprains and bruises, the Junior and Senior Varsity Cheerleaders kept their school yelling through defeats and victories. These girls followed the Pioneers where ever they went, and did a fine iob of supporting school spirit. AII in all, the cheer- leaders were full of ambition and pep, and they had o wonderful cheering year. C7 Lv ..AQ K Cazepis J Bock S Whittington J Baumgartner P Miley M Morton P Zimmer D Dupslaff N ARB fm A-R59 AN 'AP-UU l HN .43 El AMR SITTING A Hammond C Malcolm L Vollrath STANDING A James B Warren J Wanzeck S Judson 1 Q ' P - 2 A: J fl ,Q I ,f.,-f, X X I ' X gs. ...I ,7 A-.- R ,I ,X ,X 'N - ..,, W ' ' ig, I -.? ,Vw if ' 'V . 'I tp' f -I 7,1 .5137 ' ' Arg fs 1 N . k 4 at , , V , Q1 I 5 4 K 0 .s 'Ja 1 '- ' V4 Lf, Ti l I 0 " A I e gf I . T ' 51Ltftf','t f ' if ' 1 ' 5 , I ' z't,2'ss W E 1, V 1 o y , , ,I if, 7 . ,. ,W .. , J r , ,, . +3 5, , it if W w f 71 :ff K-, if , 1 y I I if lr , - , 'R I' I .. ' I 1 I ,, 'P .3 Q ,Veg 4 2 .H Q i' . Xu , 2 ' , .. Y., P j'iff?9Ii , X ' 4 N , A , ' I ' X ' vm ' 7 . 2 'W ' A , I . , . , . I , , cfq fO,,,,f of 6' ,LQ Jgf D4 D44 PUBLIC SCHOOLS The foreslght and generosity of the cnt: zens of Ann Arbor have made possnble a cnty school system for Ann Arbor whnch IS In keeping wuth the remarkable de velopment on the University Campus Well Tramed Teachers Excellent Equipment Splendid School Bulldmgs Flne Student Body THESE ARE THE KEYWORDS IN MODERN SCHOOL EDUCATION ANN ARBOR HAS ALL FOUR K ua or uni or uer o an ir in nn r or . EIIIIISE 'um S Flowers and Grfts TELEPHONE 5049 334 South State SI Ann Arbor Much CAPITOL MARKET Everythmg rn Grocerres 123 E Washington St Phone 2 3111 SNIARTEST HOSIERY SIIOPPE 539 East Liberty Street Schlenker s Hardware GENERAL HARDWARE CUTLERY and TOOLS ELECTRICAL APPLIANCES PAINTS 81 FURNACES SHEET METAL WORK 213 215 W Lrberty St Phone 2 3265 Servrce for Patronage Since 1886 KNITTING YARNS THE VAN AKKEREN KNIT SHOP FREE INSTRUCTIONS SWEATERS MENDED 725 North Umversrty Bowl or Health ANN ARBOR RECREATION BOWLING ALLEY Telephone 2 0103 605 East Huron THE MAYER SCHAIRER CO Stat1oners,Prmters Bmders Oiice Outfitters Greetmg Cards for A11 Occaslons Phone 34113 112 South XIIIIII St 'NIIH -XIIBOI ALICII L O O oack nanfzng We II Prrnt Anythrng But Money! NO MATTER How BIG on SMALL AN ORDER 49x I 1 I u - - - u n , 0 0 ' ' ' mf.-.-:-2212312155 Aft I. .. ' 1" " fV-P51 Sj:irEi5Ei3E' 454 , N - 'I A A A I Q55 2i2:35:Q:i:Q'- Q - - -'i2'5iQl3iI55iI3'?"3 V- 3?-5-.2-3:-L2--.-'3'l"'5'5'5A 35331235 - Y - - ' ' - . I ,f"Q . ' ll 1 . Il 1 1 J 1 , . . . ' ' f . . . MCRE STUDENTS BUY MGRE BOCDKS AT FGLLETT S . QTT. TTTTT X q 1 . T ' X 3' T A "N ' A . Q ' 5 5 Y OLLU T U , Q K' K T ,T ,1 . . ' . i, has all the blouses sweaters shirts skirts slacks and leans a fashion wlse hugh school gurl wants 213 217 SOUTH STATE STREET I - .qu I I I I . . - . . ' . h D R E 9 S SANDWICH SHOP WALNUT ROOM XILIIILII IDLIIYII md I ws Iiookq md Supplles OX erbeck Book Store 12 S U KIDDIE KORN ER iq! TOYS PORTRAITS WHIZZER MOTORS W E D DIN G s CUSHMAN MOTORS G R O U P 5 PICTURE FRAMING VELOCIPEDES T h 7 22 2 20 Mhg Bdg 900 S STATE DRUG PRESCRIPTIONS T O I L E T R I E S d COMPLETE FOUNTAIN SERVICE h 5 5 Corner Packard and Sta? . A 'L , A 1 , 1 ,L ' . Y. 1 I . I N 16 o. niversity VIIRNEII BIAIN AND BIAIJNIN M 0 4' S dl elep one 187 Phone - 07 8 ic i an Theatre I See us for . . . an DOE S BARBER SHGP IHL NLVH191 XIO91 'XIODLRN BXRBLR SHOP IN MXN 'N XRBOR 5 715 North Umvers Ty A en Telephone 9115 g,r 1 x v w v u r x 1 1 ' . L , ' ' N Y x 1 x A 4 A-' 4 A T YT v . 1 . L A - X J I, . I, ' 1 xx 'u 1 ' X , K x 1 -. I , e n- 'M' he vi ' X R . f Q Q if j, I .W xv it , V Ue. H- General Hardware Cutlery and Tools Furnaces - Tinning - Paints MUEHLIG 81 LANPHEAR Hardware 311 S 'Xlam ANN ARBOR Telephone 2 3278 WEAVE BAC REPAIR SHOP artlcles of clothmg reparred Hosiery Sweaters and other 1'7" 224 Nnckels Arcade Phone 2 4647 ,I 7' COMPLIMENTS CLAGUE S GIQDCEIQY , 'X CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF T951 VAN BOVEN INC CHELSEA FLOWER SHOP ELVIRA CLARK VISEL Proprletor I1lx1tx St 12111 7 Jblb of L. A u H' ' 9 . I I ' I I on rf I K I K9- -A M' I .frm ffl 4 '45, , fn, .1 iffy, I Mk 20312. , . N T.. .. CONGRATULATIONS TO ALL ANN ARBOR HIGH SCHOOL STUDENTS Moy 'rhese pncfured memories of your school onnuol refresh your memory ond delight you for mony yeors thot ore to Come NATIONAL IDHOTU SEIQVICE 342 BROADWAY LORAIN oHlo S P E E D Our Prompf Courfeous and Speedy Service Will Please You C J. Resch Mgr I lil CCI ll . . ,, I I 1. , . No th U e TY A INear Hull A dto J DIAMONDS ELGIN ORANGE BLOSSOM e g geme I d edd ng rngs A Arbo T888 SILVER NOVELTIES A A H S JEWELRY MICHIGAN COMPACTS CIGARETTE CASES Hauer S Jewelers WHHESTONE JEWELRY Dlamo nds CLCCK CAMPUS SMOKE SHOP BETTER MEN 5 WEAR KC E L be ty 81 Moyne dj Conservahvely Pnced n Selef o o I andH C ars a A fPpes Tb o Cgarefts - l KUOHNS SMART SHOP WE CARRY PIPE TOBACCO 217 E Lb T I h 8020 mmure 79 ' 8 'Y NP Merit achieved through style and quality for over o third of o century ANN ARBOR 717 r niv rsi ve. ' u i rium n o n on w I i "Serving nn r Since " 5-1' 2. W.: W . Q A 9 I - I or. . i r r A Fi e cion f D mes ic avana ig L rge ssorfmenf o i , o acc s, I e I 0 as i r I 7 EIBLER'S Your State Street Jewelers Orange Blosson diamond rings Gorham Towle International Lunt Wallace and Watson Silverware Elgin, Hamilton, Gruen and Bulova Watches. Established 1904 H D Kelly8iSon MOSHEY Commercial and Portrait TYPEWRITER COMPANY Photographers 214 EAST WASHINGTON STREET all Soule Bhd Phone 8053 '-5.5-'II' In 'ir- Cl-IESTER R0BEMET,S GIFTS . I .. .. r an iifi - - ,1 ri ff po, . r A 1 , If 7. :L A I ln. V 1 , Q ll K 'Lvl brawl Lfgili 4 W l ,e""'N-H Q "f'14J , - : la 5 E' I 1 il,-J -GLX ' V ' Y H 7,6 k , l s ,,. --M ' "Q, . e V ' C ongratulatzons rom CORNELL DEPARTMENT STORE slr, of 4fv4'4f-wap III at PHONE 5315 MAIN and HURON ANN ARBOR RABIDEAUS FOOD MARKET GROCERIES MEATS FROZEN FOODS FRESH VEGETABLES AND FRUITS open from 900 am fo 900 pm every day except Friday Telephone 7686 721 East Huron Ty pewnfers lx Founfam Pens NE' Sfahonery xg STUDENT AND OFFICE SUPPLIES WEBSTER CHICAGO WIRE RECORDERS M 0 R R I L L S Smce 1908 314 S State St Phone 7177 CLOVERLEAF DAIRY COMPANY Home of Soft Curd Mllk TELEPHONE 3 4193 T015 Broadway Ann Arbor Much Meet Me at MARSHALL S Ann Arbor's Newest and Most Modern Fountam Bar Har I1 111 State 'lhc ml Nut to 0KEY'S GIIILF SERVICE Mademolselle Shop Sports Wear Formals Ready to Wear Phone 9498 Ram Coats 1019 Broadway Lingerre Phone 3191 Ann Arbor. Mich. 307 S Stare P S it I ' M LN, , x"'-., f ' 'psi' Iopposife Ann Arbor High Schooll - -n rfmfgl. ' I I ll . ' Y! , ' - A K sz 'sap' f I 1: vfx' Us DEPENDABLE YOU KNOW THESE SENIORS I JERRY QUACKENBUSH You also know DEY Photographers CAROL BESLOCK known for over 25 years of fnne reliable photography an Ann Arbor DEY STUDIO DIAL 5031 STATE STREET FLOYD PARKS .I R. T PEGGY CHASE I L I Congratulatnons from STADEL 8r SON Clothlers 205 South Mam Street ANN ARBOR BEDDING COMPANY Makers of Springs Mattresses Prllows Comforters T S Colvm Mgr 1003 Broadway Phone 6652 J H COUSINS on State Street' Featuring Braemar Cashmeres Imported from Scotland BRAQWAR CONGRATULATIONS CLASS OF 51 rom HARRY S CORNER GROCERY 433 Miller Ave Phone 5612 1 291' f Q f Qc, ron QUALITY PRINTING C R A F T P R E S S K 330 MAYNARD STREET EBERBACH PHARMACY INC 200 East Liberty Street 0 G Mai- ANN ARBOR MICHIGAN Cliijgp.. 2257? ' f HEHAA2 lrzr. U ' rx A 2 0 TT RN I X we Us U , o gt xp L 7 Q C ,wg-'ES' O C H jj, A L ,'tV QL ,. 1 fe' V We hun scrxcd Xml Xrbor H1511 Sphool studente for oxcr 60 xmm Int us Qoutmue thxs serum: lftcr I"ldll1flOll WAHRS BOOK STORE YOUIQ FIQIENDLY FOIQD DEALEID AUTOMOTIVE HEADQUARTERS FOR THE BESTES SEE HERB ESTES 514 East VVGSTIIFIQTOD Street Telephone 2 3261 O P E N N I G H T S l"fx wx L 1 T W . Y. vb. K x K xc I IJ X . Y Ml A gl 1 . 7X 7 I' v ' 1 I D1 Y 1 00-.,1 TT. n.n2xn. JUNIORS MISSES WOMENS WEARING APPAREL At Populor Prlces Alwoys QUALITY PRINTING DAISY MEAT MARKET Choice Meats 81 Groceries 118 VX est Vl ashlngton Street Glad Occasions Lzve Forever VK hen thu arc captured IH Pmc Photo graphs XN Q 51396131126 IH Graduatlon dren s Photos CROWLEY STUDIO 321 South Maln Street Phone 2 2220 SHEHAN INSURANCE AGENCY 703 Fnrst Notlonol Buuldlng PHONE 2 4545 Congrotulotnons ond Best Wishes to the Closs of 51 THOMPSON S DAIRY 221 N Mom Street r I ' U I ' . qw , Portralts, Vveddhmg Pictures, and Chil- ' BAR B. E. M EHLIC Dr Goods handlcru t X Q! aw furnlfure co I I 0' 9 WI' ' V""""w fi home furmshmgs IVENS and BOYS WEAR ,,,2' -I-f,,.7'7:"".7'M' desIgned for Headquarters TODAYS LIVING Of Q Jr'-P" BOY SCOUT UNIFORMS 337 E LIBERTY Smce 7977 DOWNTOWN ANN ARBOR sf 1 v 1 ' v 1 ' 1 ' 1 I . - . A L . A A I - I - L . 'mi . E- , aff, I,I l o f f n'.',4 uh, - gf' I ,- ... ww if bi " -1? 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Suggestions in the Ann Arbor High School - Omega Yearbook (Ann Arbor, MI) collection:

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