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H M07 WM WM XX crafty QNX W if Q2 ffwgmf W W ,ff sf' J W ow 9 Q hz , Q W nj gwjd jijggwfbqfww 0? Z1 ,QQ ifgffggdggigflffvf iff 3 MMQWW QWW X A Q? 2 eww' ' .9 QQ M W A Mi? if Q!! F M f 0 59' L """QLm" 93.5 n Lxjbwlh gk WW WL? M W W W V55 ww MU A 'w 'Wh G49 HM Mk-:tg gb W ,k,,,,.12"V W W 5 ,N M ijmv Us N -fwf ,awww M26 Mary by 72 W Lwjwmcf' figj ,ggrfgggw K 6 w fMMZ3ff65f Wm JM 5 1p?gg2w?Lg3f?vf 3f? V Q,,,, has we , ydfw A QMWW Wmsgff M W CWfi2'F3f"'39IW'4L QQNQQAW Qsi. WMM cfefWaMLAW?Mw,!jf PMVMA we 3 55" YK! Qffff' 69 JMS' ug? nj if divx' 5 Q96-XJ, .19 v 77n.M!-71446 gi P wmv. wan . MAJ +f, Mz1 W V , A Q2 5 ' M 6? fi 32 Efikipifyy M U ff 2 f 7 sm-Qaffgpfo if Www C"'WffiM Q'5'y"Qlxr:f20ffY' 21l.ffD WW MMV Qvyfsfrlwif gf. , . Kr W M9 ' J' -'j fT'w?M AW ggfwwmgfwwwjmgjw -. A Purple and White Lo when a klng comes forth ln glory Purple are hls robes and whlte, Whlte IS the slgn of truth and honor Purple IS the Slgll of mlght Then Hall' All Hall' To the Purple and the Whlte To the gland old colons that stand for what IS right Then cheer' All cheer ' For the school we love so true And though we xx anden far Ann A1bo1 Hlgh Our hearts w1ll turn back to you oreword The Omega staff beheves that each graduatmg semor IS lxke a newly crowned kung who m the words of our school song reached a goal but faces a challenge The meanmg of the purple and whxte guldes hmm and we forty mners have trled to em phasxze thls meamng m our yearbook We hope that as each Ploneer uses hxs yearbook to brmg back memorles he wlll remember not only the students faculty and buxldmg of Ann Arbor Hugh School but also the spmt and sxgmflcance of the purple and whlte truth mxght honor and rlght Y I I I l ' 3 v . . . ' Y 9 . I. i ' "come forth ln glory." The graduate has I u u - - rn - - . . , . ' y . . 1 . . . . . H - ni. ' - 9 7 . I B USINE SS MANAGERS Judy Gallup Nancy Staffan I-hgh School, Ann Arbor, Michigan I EAN HEPNER Jean was born August 14 1931 Whlle a member of the Class of 49 she passed away December 8 1947 Thls qulet dark haired glrl spent her Jumor hlgh school days at Tappan Her outslde mterests consxsted of collectlng shells and can-mg for her pet dog and cat Whlle ID school her favorite subject was cooklng Volleyball basketball and baseball were her favorxtes although she enjoyed all sports Her father affectnonately called her Mopsy but her frlends knew her as Gus Jean s pleasmg personahty and laughter are missed by her frlends ln the Class of 49 4 ' 1 1 ' Q 1 . ' . . . . . . . ' - . . . . . . . . . . Y l . ' u 11 ' 1 u n 1 - ' ' . . . , . MATILDA C PFISTERER When Matilda Pfnsterer passed away at her home July 5 1948 Ann Arbor High School lost one of its truest friends After graduating from Ann Arbor High School and Michigan State Normal College Miss Pflsterer received her Masters degree from the School System nn 1903 Before coming to Ann Arbor High in 1926 she taught at the Mack Jones and Tappan schools Miss Pfnsterer s understanding patience and genuine lnterest in young people brought about fine relatlonshlps wlth students and teachers All who knew her will remember her with respect and affection 5 University of Michigan. She started teaching in the Ann Arbor Public Dedlcatnon 5 1 1 . . 11. 1111s Sl 11 Om11g1t11 B111 IJ 11 111111 111 H 1 111p11t111111t 1' 2'0I1111IlL 11t1P1'111I1QSN 11111 111111 111ss N1 1 101111111 11 111 N 19 111 1 1 IZO s N 1 58111 lt 1 O I I It 1: 11111 pr1111 '11111 s1111'111'1ty' 111-11 ww 11111111-1 1- fxty- fift 2 '. '11 11. 11 111 .'1'11111'1- 1 1 ' 1 fo his .1 ' 1 1 z A -'1-st 11s 11111' S11111111' 2111- vii,11'. 111' 11215 111l111'f'SS1'f1 11s 11111 111111 as !11'1?1'1'1'1i111 111:11'11111' :11111 class z111x'1s111' 11111 411511 11s :1 111111 211141 5111111-111 1v1'1Ul1l1. Wu will ren 1' 1. g1s:111 111111x'11111:11 N1'1111'ipI1I1p11,1' 111111111 111w111,' t111 1111- 1111111'11st11111-111 1!'H1Y. 1,11x'11f?x' :1111 11111111stx' 1'1121'HC- tul' 1 111.' 1111'111'1s as 1111 11:11 111-1111-11 us 21111 11111111-11 111111 111:1ss tm" ' 11 111111-11111111is1111111111 111 11111' 111115. n K K tlxhk U, 7 School Trustees Standmg Mr Douglas Wllllams Mr Robert S Ford Nlr Donald Katz Mass Dorothy Paton Mr M H Waterman Wir George Schlecht Presldent Mr George Balas Assistant Supermtendent Mr Ashley Llague Mrs Mabel Nesbnt Secretary I o A f IQ Z1 ii 1 hun nrur as-gh O wsu l o 1' 1 I x, LA r' r ,r Q i OO Seated Mr Raymond K. Klaawen, Mr. Otto W Halsley, Supermtendent of Schools K Q. fa- 1 1 EL ' A . C' . I I .::. 0 0 ., .- 0 8 - . 3 . , . Q . . J , . . . , A . , , . . . I , ' . I ' I ' Y mxnisfrafi un Faculty ADMINISTRATIVE STAFF MISS FLORENCE KITSON Secretary MR NICHOLAS SCHREIBER, AM Prmclpal MR THAD CARR AM Attendance COMMERCIAL DEPARTMENT MR. A. J DAHLBERG AB MRS JULIE BOHNSACK BS MISS E. FERNE JENSEN A.M MR KENNETH GREER AM COORDINATOR MR RUDOLPII SILVERSTONE A.M DRIVER EDUCATION MISS ADA INGLIS M3 MR. EMERSON POWRIE, AM 10 FOREIGN LANGUAGES MRS BE'I'I'Y DELANTY BS MISS LAVANCHE RIEGER, AM MISS MARIAN JEAN WILSON B A. ENGLISH MR. RALPH DUCKWALL. AM MISS LELA DUFF AM MR ROBERT GRANVILLE, A.M MISS LUCILLE LUNDGREN A.M MRS GRACE CRAIK AM MISS PAULINE ZOLLER, AM FUSED COURSES MR. PHILIP BUCHANAN M.S MRS MARTHA HOWARD AM MR. RUPERT 0'I'I'0 A M MISS BARBARA BINFORD A.B MR. WILLIAM McMUR'I'REY A.B. MISS VIRGINIA GOLAY AM INDUSTRIAL ARTS EMORY TOOGOOD BS FORREST HAYWOOD JAMES PEDEN BE VERNOR COOK B.S CE RAYMOND WHITING BS HOME ECONOMICS MISS MARJORIE LOVERING BS MISS LINDA EBERBACH BS MISS MILDRED PETERSON BS MUSIC MISS ELIZABETH GREEN 'VI M MR DONALD PLO'I'I' MISS GENEVA NELSON MS MR CLARENCE ROTH MM LIBRARIAN S MISS BERNICE BACON B L S A B MRS DOROTHY GRANVILLE AB 12 MR. , . . MR. MR. , . . MR. , . . . MR. , . . MR. CECIL NORTH, A.M. , B.M. PHYSICAL EDUCATION MISS ELSIE HARNEY BS MR A J SHAW AM MR DONALD DRAKE, LC MR. HOWARD THOMPSON BS MR LOUIS HOLLWAY AM MATHEMATICS MR. FRANK KLINE, M.S. MISS DOROTHY NOYES, AM MISS OLIVE MCLOUTH, A.M R SCIENCE ARTHUR REED BA CHARLES BARCLAY A T RYAN AM ROGER HEATH BS MAHLON BUELL MS 3 MR. , . . MR. , MS MR. . . , . . MR. BEN REED, M.S. MR. , . . M . , . . ' -o W K ' ' f a . I 4 E if E 13 HEALTH MR. JOHN ALLISON, AM MISS DOROTHY HARDING R.N MR GEORGE STEWART M D 14 SOCIAL STUDIES MISS EDNA PARRY, A.M. MR. ARTHUR REZNY, A.M Miss MARY ELLEN LEWIS: A.M MR. FRANK REED, A.M. MISS FAYE CONEY, M.S. MR. KARL KARSIAN 1 " CUSTODIAN S DONALD K MOODY ALBERT BETPENMANN GUS HABERLIN ROBERT HIGH CLIFFORD BRYANT MR. - , MR. C. CORN ELIUS WILLIAMS MR. MR. MR. MR. GSS BS x x s NN s s Q 1 Nx 55. Mock Elections Wx rrff ,Kai A vfwv KfMP7'0!U C'Efz,01V HILL Joe Grammstlco Judy Gallup Bull Stason Semor Class Semors dlsplayed the p1oneer splrxt m sports and other actwltnes throughout the school year Joe Grammatlco was elected class president Bull Stason v1ce presxdent and Judy Gallup secretary Exe cutlve board members were Joe Pflffner Betty KBFGIZD Shxrley Mesnard Frances Brown Dlck Kerr Don Znll and Dorothy Clague Mr Ben Reed and Mlss Lavanche Renger were the semor class advlsers The boys produced a 5 A Champxonshxp basketball team under the leadershxp of co captaxns Lenny Byers and Perm Gagalls Paul Koernke and Fred Marz saw their wrestlmg squad through to the state champlonshlp Semor Chuck Vexgel led hls football team to second place ln the 5 A tying with two other schools The track team wa led to vlctones under the co captamshlp of Mark Ford and Don Doug las The upper classmen supported these teams whole healtedly Mlmature academy awards should have been presented to members of the semor play cast for Angel Street Roger Applegate and Mlckee McAll1ster held the undlvlded attentxon of the audxence throughout the two performances The Washlngton Club had over two hundred members from the semor class the flrst to travel by plane It proved to be an excltlng trlp We the semors, wish to express our thanks to the faculty members and students of AAI-IS for thexr cooperatlon ln making thls year the best. May the pnoneer spmt l1ve on forever rn our hearts' Row 2-D Zxll, D Clague S Mesnard, Mr B Reed, B Karslan F Brown, J Pfnffner Row 1 B. Stsson, J Gallup, J. Grammatlco. 17 X.. 1. - . - . . . . I 1 1 ' ' 1 1 - ' . . . . Y . 1 - 1 1 1 1 , . . . u 'j . ' ' n ' ' I H ,, . . .. . . . 1 1 .. . . . . 1 . . . . . .. . . . . . . . , . . - . , . . . . .IOANNE ADAMS: Most of us recognized Joanne as one of the varsity cheerleaders, but she also had an interest in student govern- ment serving on the Student Coun cal and as president of her home room She was an actnve member of the Girls Athletic Club and while a semor made the Washington Club Iflll JOYCE E. ALBER Joyce showed a bl interest In music as she sang antando and A Cappella and was an active member of the Music Club. While a semor working on Omega and in Washington Club kept her busy She was president of I-uture Homemakers of America Club and also served as secretary of her homeroom NANCY J ANDERSON Nancy participated in many school activ :tres while in high school She was a member of the Washington Cub and was busy in her semor year She was also a member of the Music Club Girls Chorus and Scribblerl Club. Nancy served on the Red Cross and Assembly Commtttees DOROTHY M ANDRUS Dorothy worked on the COT program and her interests centered on secretarial work She served as vice president of her homeroom and belon ed to Music Club and Boosters Gu ROGER C. APPLEGATE R er used his musical and dramatic gal ity during has extra curricular time As a sophomore he was an Boys Chorus layed tennis and was sec retary o has homeroom Roger wal president of A Cappella and had a lead in the umor and Senior Plays and in t e operetta 'The Marriage of Nannette ALAN A. APRILL: Alan who hails from Svlauson, spent a lot of time during his senior year working toward the Washington Club trip. He also worked on the COT pro gram and represented his home room B 8 on the Noon Hour Corn mittee MARGARET E ASHWORTH Dur mg Peggys three years nn AAHS she helped make up the characters in our class plays She found time to be an active member of both the Spanish and Washington Clubs Peggy also was a member of the Girls Chorus and secretary of her homeroom A 22 LORRAINE AUSTIN Lorraine has heeded a call to the field of sports by participating ln CAA While putting in Washington Club hours she still found time to be a member of the Spanish Club Art Club and she was also In Sopho more Dramatics Club. EVELYN I... BAILEY This tall blonde gal halls from Slauson Dur mg her Sophomore year she was president of her homeroom A XJ Evelyn was a ver active member of the Scnbblers lub in both her junior and senior years She was also one of the many exerted semor who saw Vl ashmgton and New York ALICE E. BALL Alice partner pated in the Spanish Club, Boosters Club and Wag and Mask She was a member of the Omega staff and umor and Senior may commtttees n her semor year ice belonged to the NVashmgton Club and was elect ed to the Student Council She was also an active member of the GAC JEAN H BAKNARD GAC was a must with jean and Washington Club took up a good deal of her time She used her espanol as a member of Spanish Club and she was a Booster of the pioneers spirit Jean served on the Junior Play committees and was elected secretary of her homeroom ROBERT BARSANTEE Bob, a former Slausonite came to Ann Arbor High and resided in home room B 14 for three years Rifle Club and the golf team claimed his extra activit interests He rut his scholastic eforts into the ,eneral Curriculum CHARLES E BAUMAN Chuck presided over his homeroom B 6 when a yuuior Working hard t ward the trip to Washington cupied much time in his senior year This very tall, witty fellow hailed from Tap an and participated in the Rifle lub and football while in school JOHN R BAYLIS Sports have dominated big jack Bayli s high school activities He has been a regular on the football baseball and track teams Jacks ability as a leader has also been proven while serving on the Student Council secretary of his homeroom a .i KN ashington Club officer and in the Boys Leader Corps. THOMAS BEAUCH: Tom played basketball during his high school career. As a senior he helped "An- gel Street" by serving on one of the play committee, and he also par- ticipated in the activities of the Boys' XYashington Club. DELMAS BELL ll hua Caine t Ann Arbor High School from New X01-k Ln? ,H 5gpteinber l94R Uur ing his benmr vear he made home mom ll 8 hi oflicial re :dence c fillowed the lieneral Curriculum during this time RONALD J BELL Ron A or iner blausonite was lIllCl"CQlCd in interior decorating He was a mem ber of the Interior Decorating U'-lb and helped paint the liuike house and paint the interior of the school Ks a sophomore he took part in the .ictiuties of the Rifle Club BARBARA J BELOTE Thi s music loving girl Joined Music Club birls Chorus Cantando and X Cappella Barb vias an active mem ber of CRC participating in many sports Colonnade claimed Barb and she was in the junior Play and worked on the Omega NEIL D BEMENT During hi sophomore and Junior years Nell spent his extra curricular time play mg football He was vice president of his homeroom, B 18 and worked on the COT program Radio Club, and Rifle Club also claimed some of his time WILLIAM H. BILBIE: ll'll former Slausonite, went out for football and wrestling. He presided over his homeroom, A-l2, as its president for one semester. Dura mg his senior year he worked on the C.O.T. program. llill also sang in the A Cappella choir. MARY J. BIRD: "Jackie's" love of singing was revealed by her warblings in A Cappella, Cantando, and Girls' Chorus. She belonged to Music Club and served on the Stu- dent Council Red Cross and A sembly Committees jackie als! joined the Optimist staff Boosters Club Washington Club and Future Nurses Club DORIS H BIRKLE Besides being in CAC and Washington Club this pert gurl led the Yea Purple Yea White as a cheerleader lborls also belonged to the now extinct Boost ers Club JANET H BLAKNEY A variety of interests are revealed Ill janet hst of activities :he sang alto in both the bxrls Chorus and A Cap pella Her name could be found on the Optimist masthead Y Teens and Colonnade Clubs offered janet lots of fun ROBERT D BOOROM Bob will be remembered for his ability t play football Being a sports loving person he also participated in base ball wrestling and track This spring he visited Vtashmgton and New York with the xV33l"lll1gK0lI Club He was also a member of the Boys Leader Corps and the Radio and Rifle club MARY LOU BRADLEY One of the highlights f Mary s senior year was the NN ashmgton Club trip Other activities that xnterested her were the l-uture Nurses Club Boosters Club Noon Hour Com mittee and the Optimist Ad Staff JOYCE M. BRAUN: Joyce came to Ann Arbor high from Slauson. This gal from B-3 worked hard on C.O.T. during her senior year. She was also an usher for both of our class plays LOUIS A BROMLEY louie blausonite has been president ol his homeroom B 6 He participated in both swimming and wrestling He also was a member of the Rifle Club and the Assembly Committee ROBERT C BROOKS Bob was an active member of the Boys Washington Club this year and par ttcipated in COT He was presr dent and vice president of homeroom B 3 and also represented it on the btudent Council BARBARA J BRAUN B a r b who came tm us from Pinckney took part in many sports as a mem ber of GAL bhe also belon ed to Ann Arbor High s newly ormed Xouth Hostel Club FRANCE I BROWN Fran seems to have acting tn her blood she not only has been a member ot Wig and Masque but was umorget table in the Junior and Senior Plays bhe loved music and belonged to Cantando Girls Chorus and the 'Music Club Fran was on the btudent Council and Senior hxeeu tive Board She was secretary Ol her W ashmgton Club section She -1150 bdonged to CAC Y Teens C rlonnade B 0 0 5 t e r s and h lrench Club bhe worked on the Omega and was editor of the first and third pages of the Optimist BETTY BURCH: This smiling, happy' gal who hails from Tappan was secretary and treasurer of her homeroom, C-2. Betty was a mem- ber of the Wig and Masque Club and the GAC. She also worked on the Optimist and the Omega. LENNIS G. B-YERS This well known senior had a great interest ru sports while rn hrgh school H was on the varsity football basket ball and baseball teams for three years While a semor he was elected co captain of the basketball team and went out for track Lenny also served as president of hrs home room and was a member of the XVashrngton Club WILLIAM R. CALDWELL Bill concentrated on playing rn the band during his hrgh school years and also went out for swimming enyoyed shooting for both the Rifle Club and the Camera Club. DOROTHY J CALKINS Dor othy a former Slausonrte was an actne member of the Washington Club, She served as co chairman of both a Junior and Semor play committee During her three years m high school she found time to participate rn the Y Teens Colon nade Sophomore Dramatrcs Wig and 'tlasque and the French Club Kr e also wnrlfed on the Omega GWENDOLYN .I CALVERT Gwen was home room C Ss president A Cappella president a member oi assembly committee Student Conn crl and Omega Staff Always en thusrastrcally contrrbutm to ac trvxtres of our school tipendable trustworthy loyal and friendly that s Gwen' With all these admrr able qualities Gwen rs sincerely mod est and retiring one of the best loved seniors of the 1949 class .IACQUELINE B. CANNELL: A gal with a pleasant smile jackie ushered lor the Junior Plarly and sang in the Girls' Chorus. he Y- Teens, Colonnade, and Washington Clubs were her other choices for extra-curricular activities. ROBERT B CARBECK Bob a former Tappanrte participated rn sexeral sports during hrs three year stay here He was a member of the baseball and track teams During his sophomore year he was a mem ber of the Boosters Club. This spring he observed the sr hts of the bug cities with fellow N ashrngton Club members MARILYN F CARL This ex Tappanrte was secretary of her homeroom B 10 She was a mem ber of the band and sang rn the Cantando and A Cappella choirs She was a member of the Rifle Club and this spring enjoyed the trap to KX ashrngton and New York EUGENE W CARPENTER Gene served as both presrderrt and vice president of homeroom A 20 Hrs extra curricular actrvrtres included Washington Club Rifle Club and Boys Chorus He completed his actruttes by going out for baseball and football CYNTHIA CARRAS lynthra lra made C 8 her homeroom for the ast three years The Washington luh UW highlighted her senior year, and she was an active men ber of tht luture Nurses of America Cyn Khra served our class as an usher our serrro pla and on e Flake up committee for the Juruor ax STANLEY CARRAS: Stanley, a member of home room C-7, was on the Industrial Curriculum He par- ticipated in football and basketball. DOROTHY M CARSTENS This talented girl howed mustcal abil tty during, hen years in A Cappella Clicir and Xlustt Club During her srphoniore year she iartncpated in Y Teens Sophomore ramatics, and botsttd chool spirit as a member ot the Hof ters Club Hnmeroom B12 elected her as their vice president RICHARD B.. CATE lhcl. went out for football swimming am track 'lo expand his knowledge in the radio field he Joined the Radu Club He was also a member ot the Vtaslungton Club and Rifle Club WILLIAM D CHADWICK Mem bershtp on the Student Council as .4 representative of homeroom C 18 was rated of mcst value by Denny H also served C 18 as vtce president Denny enjoy -d membership in the Washington Club during his sentor year NICKOLAS CHRISTOFF Nick who hailed from Slauson settled tn homeroom B 14 He started has high school career by taking the ln dustnal Course. He was interested tn sports and participated tn foot ball basketball and track DOROTHY A. CLAGUE: This cheery gal topped her list ol activ- ities with the Student Council where she served as corresponding secre- tary for two semesters She sang tn Cantando and A Cappella. As a sen tor Dorothy was secretary of her Washm on Club group and the ,senior xecuttve Board and worked on the Omega and Optimist staffs JOHN B COLE Athletics took up much of John s tnne tn high school He was a member ot the varstt football basketball and baseba teams for three years He also served as president oi his homeroom KENNETH C COLE Ken a for mer blausontte was an active member of the Rifle Club. H sang tn the 'K Cappella Choir took part l-ootlight Scandals and the operetta MYRNA LEE COLE Xlyrna career tn Ann Arbor High was cen tered tn music She wa a member of the L-urls Chorus Cantando Choir and Music Club. While a sophomore she was a member 0I the Boosters Club. She was tnter in athletics and yomed the GEORGE P COLLINS George served as president of hts home. room Il X and was a member of the X! ashtngton Club tn his senior year Sports however were his main interest George went out for football basketball and baseball which formed a well rounded nth lettc program for this dark hatred brown eyed fellow ,f . - ' s E ' . I ' .. - ' I ' ' 1 I ' 5 . I vs .' ' . . 1 ? .H ' Q ,- 1 t , ' , ' 1 ' .I -. . I- . . . . . e , 3 .. - ' . - .: . ' Q U in . : - : . ' 's ' ' W- ' .". ' s . . f ' . . ' . . f . , 4. 'A .. U . . , , V gr . ' h . .- - 1 . ' '. I., D . , , . . . . ' ,- . Q 'v Q , '- ' C ' -D . GERALD J CONNER Jerr shot has way through Rtfle Clu and Camera Club. He went out for tenms and also was a member of the flymg Washmgton Club dunng has senior year DOROTHYJ COON Dorothy sec retary of homeroom B 2 partner ated an Boosters Club COT and HA. She llkes drawmg and plans to attend Mnchxgan State College NANCY A. CORNELL Nancy who halls from Slauson worked on COT m her semor year She also worked on a Semor Play committee and was a member of both the Future Homemakers of Amenca Club and the Assembly Commtttee ton wxth fellow clu members JOAN T COURT Corky rated her Student Councll servtce as her most Important contnbutuon to her extra currtcular actlvtttes S h e earned out the dunes of prestdent of her homeroom B14 as well as bemg actlve nn the assembly com nuttee and GAC She was also a member of the Spamsh Club Musuc Club and the Boosters Club. FRANK CRANDALL Tall blond 'T mmantte ts the descrtptxon that wou fat this fellow from BIS. Durmg has yumor year he was a member of the Assembly Commnttee Thus year we all saw l-um talung tn the sights vnth the Washington Club. ln has sophomore year, he tned hts hand at football and the Boosters Club HERBERT C CRANDELL Her bert was a member of homeroom B l He artlclpated ln A Cappella and the untor Play Other actxvt ues he enyoyed were the French Club Rifle Club, Bo s Chorus and the washtngton Clu NANCY J CRANE A2 had a fanthful member nn Nancy who served as president vlce presudent and secretary In addmon to these dutles she partlctpated tn COT Optomnst GAC and Boosters Club Also Nan was a presndent of the Scrxbblers and secretary of he Camera Club JANE W CRAVEN The semor class ns lucky to clanm thus fellow wnth has mellow tenor votce Jun vull be long remembered for bus Slllglllg wnth the A Cappella Choir Besides bemg vtce presndent of has homeroom he has been interested ln 'lu round out hrs htgh school extra currncular actxvtttes Jam went out for football urestlmg and worked with the Vl ashtngton club ANNA L. CRAVENS Annas an terest m musnc as shown by her partxclpatton m btrls Chorus and the Mustc Club. hts gurl from B 4 represented that homeroom on the Student Counctl She also waa a member of the Future Homemakers of Amenca Club. ALBERT F CURNEW Al car ned out has dunes as homeroom ggesxdent He was aetrve m Foot ll Basketball and Rifle Club. Aa a member of Wag and Masque he tool! part m a raduo play Al worked on COT durmg hts semor ICC! ' . . : ly U.. t 1 - . ' ' I ' . t This swine She engdyed Wahine: ape Camera quo .andlllifle cms I I ' ll 4 : ' " u -l e : - ANTHONY D'AGOSTINO: "Tony" was secretary of the Hi-Y Club Being sports-minded he participated in football, baseball and track. He represented his homeroom on the Assembl Counmuttee and also work Y ed on stagecralt. IREN E D ANGOSTINO Irene who hauls from Slauson of homeroom C 3 class b worlrung Prom ommuttee more she was Art Club. was a member She served her on the Junuor Whule a sopho member of the CLAIRE I DAND Claure served her homeroom as vuce presudent as Student Councul representatuve and on the Assembly Commuttee. She was elected vuce prestudent of her Washungton Club group and be longed to YTeens and Colonnade She was also a member of bpanush Club GAC Sophomore Drauuuatucs and Cantando specual unterest was un musuc was a. member of the orchestra and the Musuc Club He was also actuve uuu both the Camera and Scuence Clubs As a member of the Vlashungton Club he spent hus sprung vacatuon un Washun on and New York euu sf uoyung the bug cuty LAMBERT D DAVENPORT When he graduated from Slauson Iunuor Hugh School Lambert be came a member of homeroom C3 Workung on the COT program has kept hum busy durung hus senuor year but he found tume t par tucupate un the Rufle Club actuvutues BEVERLY DAVIS: Beverly pre- sided over her homeroom B-IS al its president for one semester and also served as its secretary.. She sang with the Cantando Chour and was a member of the Sophomore Dramatucs Club and Wug and Masque Club Durung her semor ear she partucupated un the Scrub- ers Club French Club and Wash ungton Club ERMA I. DAVIS Erma came to Ann Arbor from Ruver Rouge Hu h un Detrout ln Ruver Rouge 5 e was on the debate team and out for gurls s rts Here she served on the Redm Cross Commuttee and was a member of the Musuc Club and Future Teachers Club GLENN DAVIS Durung hus hugh school years Glenn was a membvr of our band Hua outsude unterests centered around baseball and he was A member ol the Boys Wash ungton Gub. smule for everyone Della sang Cantando She was a Student Couuu cul representatuve for C 3 and was on the Omega staff Della wor ed wuth her fellow Washungtou Club members for theur wonderful sprung trup MARIO DE MITCHELL Mano a former Slausomte went out for football baseball and cross country Durung hus three years stay t AAHS he was a member of home room BIO and represented that homeroom on the Noon Hour Com muttee .Z - . . V l le HAROLD ut. DAUM:-Harold, whose L DELLA c. DEAN: A gal with is , , In A ' - ' ' ' ' ai WILLARD D DEN HOUTER Btll who hails from Slauson wal the 49 baseball captain and a mem ber of the Cross onntry team Ho presided over his Sophomore class as president and his junior class as vice president Bill was press dent of his homeroom B 10 and a member of both the Non Athletic Board and the Student Council WILLIAM C DETFLING This tall blond boy made D 24 his head quarters during his high school career He spent his extra cum cular time on the Noon Hour Com mllttt ROBERT I... DE WOLF Bob served as vice president of h s homeroom B 4 He was an active member of the Washington Club in has senior ear He participated in football an was elected president of Hx Y in his Juntor year Also on his list of activities are the Yoon Hour Commxttee and Rifle Clubs JANET M DICK Janet a mem ber of homeroom ll 24 served her homeroom as a representatne the Red Cross Committee She participated I the activities Vlwishmgtun Club GAC the Rifle Club and the Art Club BERNADINE M. DONNER: Berna- dine served Ann Arbor High by representing her homeroom, B-4, on the Noon Hour Committee. Also, she supported the Boosters' Club, Rifle Club, and Girls' Chorus. "Bemie" joined the Spanish Club, VN'ig and Masque, and the "49" Washington Club. DONALD 0 DOUGLAS Don was very sports minded while an high school He was an outstandmg member of the cross country team and was co captain of the track team He also participated ln wrestlrng In his gunlor year he was the half mile SA champion and the two mile cross country cham pion TASHA DOUVITSAS Tasha was very interested in sports especially swimming and furthered her inter ests by taking part an GAC acttv ities In her sophomore year she was a member of the Boosters Club and also has belonged to the French Club Tasha s senior year was highlighted by the Washington trip and partlciptron n the Future Nurses of America Club ZALTAN DRAGO Zitch came to Xnn Arbor High in his senior year from uense High in Pennsyl vama pon entering Ann Arbor High he became a member ot' homeroom C 2 VV'hile at Desquesne High to went out for footbalL Zrtch is on the College Course THOMAS J DUDLEY Our busy Student Council president belonged to the ABN-XB and the baseball basketball and football teams Tom will be remembered as Our Town s friendly milkman and the clever inspector f Angel Street the sophomore executive board and as president ot' the Junior class and Student Council he helped direct many school activities, FREDERIC G. DUTTON: The Class of 1949 can be proud to claim Fred, one of the best athletic man- agers Ann Arbor High has had. He worked faithfully with the foot- ball, basketball, wrestling, and base- ball teams. Fred was in the Boys' Leader Corps, the C352 of "Our Town" and he was also a member of the Art Club. IRENE EDWARDS Rennes mam unterest whule un AAHS was musuc. She enjoyed playun the tluue un both band and ore extra. Washungton Club took up much of her tume whule a senuor She par tucupated un Floruculture Club and was an actuve member of Youth Hostel Also on her luat of ICNY utues were the Rufle and Scuence Clubs MARTHA E EDWARDS Marty held the posutuon ol busuness man ager for the Optumust She took part n the actuvutues of Colonnade Washungton Club Wu and Masque and the Camera Clu Beung the student director of the Senuor Play was another ol thus busy gurl s ac tuvutues She wal also secretary of her homeroom B 10 DICK E.. EGGLETON Most of ua wull remember Duck for hus work un the baud and orchestra He wal an actuve member of both of thele orgamzatuons for three years HI was also presudent of hus homerooun and whule a senuor was a member of Washungton Club .IANETTE F EMERICK Most of Janette Emerucks extra currueular enjoyment has come through the hugh school band She has served as secretary of the band Janette has also guven of her musucal tal ents to the orchestra Her club ac tuvmes unclude the Boosters' and bpanush Clubs EVELYN EMERSON Evelyn came to us un her Junuor from Ashtabula Ohio There she served as secretary of her homeroom She was homeroom C S and the Home Eco nomucs Club durung her stay here PEGGY A LSCHLIMAN Peggy came to us un her senuor year from Omaha Nebraska She was homeroom C 9 and partucupated un the actuvutues of the Lubrary Club BARBARA J ETZEL Barbara s mam unterest un hugh school was art and she served the Art Club as presudent durung her gunuor year She was actuve un GAC and Rufle Club Barb also was vuce presudent of her homeroom and a member of Red Cross and Noon Hour commut tees MARY L. EVERY Mary served as presudent and secretary of her homeroom D 24 and represented ll on the Assembly Commuttee She was a member of the Musuc Club and the Washungton Club. Durung her senuor year she worked on the COT program Mary was also a member of the Art Camera and Scrubblers Clubs and sang un the Curls Chorus THOMAS N FAIRCHILD Known as Tom to all of hus fruends h us a Tappanute and was on the cast of the junuor Play Tom has an mterest un sports and took part un basketball and baseball He was another senuor who spent hus sprung yacituon un Washungton and New or GERAIDINE M FEINER Jerry lent her talents to the Student Councul and also to the Washung ton Club by orderung the candy for the gurls to sell She backed her class plays by servung on the make up commuttee as a ,uumor and on the tucket commuttee thus ear She belon ed to GAC Musuc Club Wug and asque and Sophomore Dra matucs L ' ' 'g . - .. s- . h I 1 I, . , ' . N .I ' : . , H H I ' e , ' , , .- 26 JACK L. FIRESTONE: Sports took up most of Jack's time at AAHS. His favorite was basketball. He was on the varsity team during his 'junior and senior years. He participated in football in his sopho- more year and cross country during his senior year He was also a member of the Washington Club. MARK M FORD Mark s mam in teresl was in sports during his high school career The track team which he co captamed and the varsity football team benefitted from his tal ents Mark belonged to the Boys Leader Corps and was vice president of homeroom A I EMERSON C FOSTER Emer sons main interest durmg hi h school has been the orchestra was a Student Council represents tive a member of Washington Club the French Club and the Camera Club Emerson also found time to Eelogig to the new Youth Hostel u ROBERT C. FOSTER Fox was on the Student Council represent mg homeroom B10 and was also president of this homeroom lhis fellow with a real sense of humor enjoyed participating in track crols country baseball and basketball JOHN G. FREDERICK Twinkle toes was secretary of his home room B 4 He particxpated in foot ball Besides being a member of the Hi Y and Rifle Club he was on the NN ashington Club John was on the Industrial Curriculum ROBERT M. FRIES: Orchestra headed liob's list of interest, with band running a close second. He went out for swimming and was Aa member of WVU! and Masfllufl 50" meg, and Music Clubs. Bob also held the office of vice-president of his homeroom ROBERT H FRY Bob served h0n,,:,,,t m t 12 pre :dent a tl vice president He was a member of waghmggqm Llub bpanish Club Boys Chorus and Nlusic Club During his sophomore year Hob par ticipated in draxnatics a d as unior was in the C351 f OUT own. PER! GAGALIS Athletics was the big interest in Pens high school hle He played varsity baseball basketball and football and was elected co captain of the basketball team He went out for wrestling and was in Boys Leader Corp! len also served as president and vice president of hs homeroom Endb. belonged to the Washington lu JOHN A GAKLE Jack served as president of his homeroom C5 which also put him on presidents comnnttee Intramural basketball and baseball held his interest in sports He belonged to Noon Hour Committee and was on CO1 DONALD J GALBRAITH Jim was on LOT but managed to have enough spare time to participate in many activities Band Boy Chorus and A Cappella Horned from his musical ability e be longed to Rifle Club Camera Club and Boys Washington Club 100 JUDITH A. GALLUP: This smil- ing gal was active on the Student Council and the Non-Athletic Board. Judy helped manage the purse- strings of the Omega as co-business manager and participated in GAC She was elected secretary of hei Senior class and president ol her section of birls Washington Club NORMA JEAN GARDNER Norma Jean Dolly as she ls known to her classmates became a member of B16 after graduating from Slauson Athletics were Dolly main extra curricular interest and she participated in many MAC ac tivmes Hockey i her favorite Short and she played for the win ning league hockey team three years Dolly became a member ot the Washington Club the Omega bl3If Scribblers Club and Colon nade FROSSO GERMANIS X handicap is but a challenge f lfe SALLY A GIBSON Ti ru ne te led school yell in er senior year as a cheerleader Her dramatic talents were well displayed in both the junior and Senior plays Sally served her homeroom as vice president Student Council member and noon hour representative Thi busy girl spent her spare time working with the Washington Club 1 AC and the Omega JOHN H GOETZ John came from Slauson to become a member of C H He Joined the Washington Club in his senior year John sang in Boys Chorus and helped to plan our assemblies as representative from his homeroom on the Assembly Committee ROBERT E. GOULD: Bob's part in the Washington Club's work was very important to him. During high school he was out for track and a member of the Science Club. ERNEST E GRAF Ernie who hailed from B lb was mainly inter ested in wrestling during hi last two years of high school Ernie has particrpated on the track team for three years and also on the cross country squad for his junior and senior years He went out for foot ball in his senior year MARY E. GRAHAM The Assem bly Committee and Science Club tn terested Mary She also belonged to the Girls Chorus and participated tn Niusic Club Besides the Camera Club and Future Nurses of Amer :ca Club her activities included work on Junior and Senior class play committees JOSEPH GRAMMATICO 'I' h 1 s great guy has served on both the Student Council and as president of his homeroom C 12. oes prowess in athletics was well nown to the loyal Pioneers who followed our foot ball team Football and track oc cupied most of his time but he man aged to act as president nf the Senior Class and served on the Athletic Board and in Boys Leader Corps JOSEPHINE M GRAMMATICO In her Junior year Josie was an ardent member f Wig and Vasque She hails from homeroom C22 where she was representative to the assembly committee She was a member of Art Club and Ifuture Homemakers of America the CAC fwith special interest in bas ltetball and bowhngj Josie fol lowed the General Course during her three years in high school JERRY W GREENE This big fellow was famxhar to all football wrestling and track fans erry was a member of Boys Leader orps and the Rifle Club. He represented C20 on the Assembly and Noon Hour committees and sang in the Boys Chorus and A Cappella RALPH C HAAS Ralph ll a member of homeroom B ls He Dar hcipated m intramural wrestling and Rifle Club and was on LOT JOYCE A HACKBARTH Athlet ics interested this girl during most of her leisure moments She was a member of GAC and a faithful and sharpshootmg member of Rifle Club for three years Durmg her semor year she joined Colonnade served on a Play Committee and worked toward the Washington tnp LOIS HAEUSSLER Lois a mem ber of A6 was homeroom secre tary Her main interest was music and she san in Girls Glee Club and Cantano This member f Scnbblers Club was on the General Curriculum BETTY J. HAGEN: Betty was an outstanding enthusiast for girls athletics and was an active member of GAC for th-ree years. She was also secretary of her homeroom and a member of Scribblers' Club. MARY L. I-IAGAN Mary who halls from Jones junior High School served as treasurer of the Future Nurses Club and sang with the Girls Chorus She Joined the Sophomore Dramatics Club and the Camera Club while in school WILLIAM T HAKALA Bl who was found in D 24 hal been an active member ol the Student Coun eil during his senior year He has gone out for basketball and cross country dunn his stay at AAHS Bill was on t e varsity golf squad during his yunxor and senior years VELMA A. HALL This member of homeroom C 24 was on the Gen eral Curnculum While in high school she garttcxpated in the ac tlvities of uture Homemaker: of Amenca and the Camera Club and she sang in the Girls Chorus WILLIE JEAN HALL Willie came to Ann Arbor as a yumor from Washington High Schoo in A kansas She has participated an Camrea Club FHA and Rifle Club She likes to dance KENNETH L HALLENBECK: en presided over homeroom C-5 as its president. Being a sports-minded fellow he participated in tennis and intramural wrestling. He was also a manager of the foot- ball teams. The Hi-Y Y Rifle. Spanish and Washingron clubs also claimed the members ip. MARY L. HARDIN Marys mam extra curncular mterest was the Washnngton Club The Red Cross Committee and Spamsh Club were her other actxvmes and she sang m Cantando THEODORE N HARITON Ted spent much of has tnme nn sports He went out for wrestllng for the past three years and was on the startmg lme up for two years Foot ball and track also took hrs time fed was presxdent of hrs homeroom C24 and ns Student Couucul repre Sentatlve RICHARD L. HARTMAN Rnchard was an actwe member of C 15 be mg both presndent and vxce presxdent of hrs homerom Hrs mam mter ests were nn the Washmgton Club and COT Interested m musxc, he partmcnpated tn -K Cappella and the Boys Chorus Hrs other actlvmes were hrs membershnp rn Hx Y and the Rrfle Club LAWRENCEJ HAYWARD Larry made hxmself known here by par tncrpatmg m Musnc Club track and Boys Chorus He also helped pep up the Ploneers as a member of the band Larry spent hrs fxrst three semesters of hugh school ru Delphos, Ohm where he took part nn their Junior Play ALVAN M HAYWOOD Alvan could be seen usherxng for the gun nor play and smgmg rn the Girls Chorus She was a real asset to homeroom C 1: She served on the Student Councnl and was a repre sentatuve on both the Noon Hour and Assembly commlttees Alvan lakes nursmg and belonged to the l'uture Nurses Cldub and Red Cross Commnttee She also worked on the Omega staff MARY J HEALD As a member of CAC Mary cxperxenced a vaned sports program She worked wnth both the Opumxst and Omega Her senior year was clxmaxed by her ex penences on the Washington Club trxp As vxce president and secre tary of C 24 Mary gave her serv :ces to her homeroom and she help ed her class by workmg on several class commxttees MARY H HELFRICH That Marv enyoys music IS shown by her par txcupatxon nn Cantando and A Cap pella She was an actnve member of Musnc Club Sophomore Dramatxcs and Washmgton Club and was sec retarw of Future Teachers of Amer :ca Club Mary represented her homeroom C 7 on the assembly and 'tloon Hour Committees GEORGE HELLNER George worked on COT durmg hrs hugh school career and was on the I dustnal Course He was a member of homeroom B 12 and belonged to the Radio Club and Rifle Club VILLA E HENDESON Elame a member of homeroom A4 was a representative on the Red Cross Commtttee She belonged to Colon nade Spamsh Club and the Flon culture Club She was also a mem ber of the Future Teachers of Amenca Club Elame followed the College Curnculum mayorxng n Englxsh and hxstory CARLTON H HENSE Carl was presrdent of his homeroom and whxle a semor was a member of me Washington Club He also went gut for football and track GARY R. HENTZ Gary a former Slausomte served as treasurer of the Rifle Club and treasurer oi has homeroom He also represented hu homeroom on the Student Council for one semester This spring he journeyed to Washington and New York with fellow Washington Club members JEAN L. HERMAN Jean served on the Student Council represent mg homeroom A 20 She was in terested in music and sang in Can tanndo and Girls Chorus jean was a Scribbler and also poiued Y Teens and the Science Club WILLIAM H HICKS A6 was the headquarters for Bill during his high school years He captamed cross country and took part i track Bill also took part in the LOT program LEON D HEIBER Leon who hails from Slauson, took part in baseball and wrestling during his three year stay here He was also a member of the Boys Chorus Dur in his senior year he worked on the program CEILON R. HILL: Dramatics was one of Ceilon's main interests dur- ing his high school years. He took part in Sophomore Dramatics and was president of Wig and Masque. Ceilon also went out for golf, bas- ketball.: and ,cross country. :E was t e wit w ose s appea in the Optimist. Ceilon went to algtghington this spring with the WILLIAM D HINTZ NX ilhe has served both as iresident and vice president of L I0 He was member of NVashington Llub and participated in Hi Y cros coun try and CO1 He wa also a mem ber of the Band for which he wa one of the color guards IRENE K HIRTH VN ork in the high school office as part of CO'l occupied much of Irene time She also has served as secretary of her homeroom D20 as treasurer of Scribblers Club and as a member of the YK aslungton Llub ROBERT F HOEFI' Pob was a member of homeroom B lw His ex tra curricular activities included Rxfle Club and intramural soft ball RONALD A HOPPE This fellow could be found in homeroom A4 where he served as vice president and was also representative to the Student Council Ron went out for tennis and Joined the Camera and Rifle clubs -Xfter working in Wash ington Club the trip this spring high lighted his senior year JACK L. HOUSI-IWRIGI-lTg Jack was a member of the swimming team. He was a sports-minded fel- low and went out for football. Ke represented his homeroom on the Student Council and Noon Hour Committee. Jack was also secre- tary of his lomeroom. DEAN HUDSON Basketball com tmon rates hugh on Dean s lust of ugh school mterests Hrs Interest m sports also mcluded playmg base ball and membershnp m the Rnfle Club and Hn Y Club ADELE I.. HULBURD Adele was an actnve member of GAC She took part m Y Teens Colonnade and Wu and Masque ega an Spams Club. She was also presndent and secretary of her homeroom and on the Assembly Commlttee DEAN F HUME Dean a Slau somte from homeroom A Z! was resndent and nee prendent of has omeroom He played baseball and an was also an acuve member of the Washington Club MARJORIE A. HUTCHINS Mar e was an active member of AC and the Assembly commxttee She also served on the Student Council and was a member of the Omega staff ANNE J HU'l'l'ON Durmg her three years at AAHS Anne served as secretary of her homeroom D Z2 and was a representatxve on the Jumor Red Cross Conmuttee She worked on one of the semor play commxttee and was an actxve mem ber of the Future Nurses of Amer :ca Club and the Washmgton Club MARY F.. ISAACSON Mary was vnce presldent of her homeroom and was one of the an' mmded Wash mgton Club members She also be longed to the band and partnerpated nn the acnvmes of the Spanish Cub. YOSHIKO ITAMI A member of D Xl Yosh has followed the Gen eral Curriculum through hugh schooL She served on the Student Councll and Jomed m the ICIIYIIIH of the Scnbblers Club Girls Chorus and Washnngton Club ROBERT W JACOBS Bob came to homeroom A Zl from Slauson He was a member of the swlmmln team for three years nn hugh schoo has Junior year he was both pres: dent and vnce president of hrs homeroom Hn Y oeeupned hrs tame m has sophomore year BARBARA L. JOHNSON Barb wielded the gavel as presxdent or homeroom B 15 Her musxcal abil mes were evident m Cantando and A Cappella Barb has partnclpated xn Washnngton Club Musmc Club Sophomore Dramatlcs Camera Club the Omega and the Student Councnl. DONOVAN W JOHNSON Thus fellow from A Z3 was seen around Wmes held wlth a football nn has hand He was on the second team ln hxs gunnor year Many of us saw hxm lookmg at the drfferent monuments and skyscrapers Washington this year He was also on the COT 'Mb-1 4 -'H r . Q. 1 5 4 I. BZYIICIPZYCKJ in Rifle Clllb aclllvtles. Hg also gn thc track tcgm, ln 1 l . . 3 - ' . 32 DONALD E. JOHNSTON Thus all round student partucupated un both baseball auud basketball He was a member of the Y Youth Councul and the Assembly Cornmuttee Don vusuted NN ashungtouu thus sprung wuth the Club and was also an ac tuve member of the Stsgecraft Rufle and Raduo clubs KENNETH KAERCHER Ken member of homeroom A 12 worked on the COT program and also par tucupated un Ra no Club He was actuve un wrestlung and football RICHARD KAPP Thus member of C 3 followed the General Curruculum durmg hus hugh school years Hus mam extra currucular interest Vis un the Rufle Club ELIZABETH A KARSIAN Every one knew thus happy go lucky gurl as the vuce presudent of the Student Councul Betty was Junuor Class secretary and on the Sophomore Junuor and Senuor Executuve Boards Another of Bettys unterests was musuc for she sang un A Cappella and Ndusuc Club. As a senuor Betty was presudent of her Washungton Club group and worked on the Omega KATHLEEN E. KEELY Kath leen a capable luttle brunette was co edutor of the Omega She worked conscuentuously on the Student Coun cul and as vuce presudent ol her homeroom C 11 She also managed to fund tume to be tn Colonnade Club and work her way to NVash ungton Orchestra Boosters and Wug and Masque completed the rest of lxathleens heavy schedule CHARLENE M. KENT Charlene has been vuce president and also secretary of her homeroom C22 She was a member of the Omega and Optumust stalls and also sang un Cantando and the Gurls Chorus Besudes bemg actuve un KAC Char lene was a member of Colonnsde Washungton Club Boosters Club Wug and Masque and Sophomore Dramatucs RICHARD C KERR Thus sports munded fellow who hauls from Tap pan was a member of the varsuty football team and the tennus team durung hus three years un htgh school He represented hus home room on the Student Councul and was a member of the Senuor Class Executuve Board. Thus sprung he ourneyed to Washungton and New ork wuth fellow club members NORMA J KEBLER Norma who hauls from Slaason was an atb letucally unclmed gal She was very actuve member of the GAC and served on the GAC Executuve work on n Semor Play Commuttee all kept her busy She also served as vuce presudent of her homeroom, LYNN A. KIMPTON Actuve ts the word for Lynn She was un the unuor Play and the Wug and asque Club served as presudent and vuce presudent ot' C 4 and was on the Student Councul and the As sembly Commuttee A former Ta panute she was a member of t Art Club S anush Club GAC gotgters Clu and the Omega fl GARY KING Gary came here from Sagmaw Hugh School m hus sophomore year At Arm Arbor Hugh he was mterested prumsnl? un sports especually baseball and oot ball Gary was also a member of the Raduo Club. : , a 1 . :I ' - , p 5 - ' 1 SJ l C ' Board. Rifle gush, omega, and C-7.. ' l A. . ' 4 n e - . ' i EQ - . . A: , . E . - CHARLOTTE M. KINSEY: Char- lotte from homeroom C-12, was on the College Curriculum. She served on the oon Hour Committee Red Cross Committee, COT, and the Rifle Club. LYLE C KINSEY Lyle came to Ann Arbor Hr h School in his gun lor year from iietroxt While there he was a member of Latm and Psy chology Clubs He became a mem ber of B 14 and majored m Latm Lyle represented his homeroom on the Red Cross Committee He also Joined the Future Teachers nf Amer :ca Club. RICHARD A KINSEY Dick who hails from Slauson was a mem ber of homeroom C 24. During his high school years he partncrpat rn the Rifle an' Hr Y clubs H was a member of the Noon Hour Committee and worked on the prog ect: of the mtenor decorating de partment JOHN H KLEIN John was presi dent and secretary of homeroom B 16 He was a sports minded stu dent and played football basketball and baseball He was a dead man in the Junior Play Our Town John also was an actne member of the Washington Club and Boys Leader Corps He represented hu homeroom on the Noon Hour Com mittee KARL T KNOPH Karl was a member of homeroom B16 While at AAHS he was Interested pri manly m Boys Chorus wiwfg PAUL KOERNIQE: Paul, a former Slausomte, was in homeroom D-22. He participated in Assembly Com- mittee, Boys' Leader Corps and A Cappella. He served as eo-captain of the wrestling sthuad and ticipated in track an . footbalL aul was on the College Curriculum. EUGENIAD KOKINAKES Kok was one of the vice presidents of Washington Club and worked on the Optimist and in GAC She RP resented homeroom B 6 on the Stu dent Council and the Assembly Com mittee and was also buta' in Colon nade, COT and Canta o JANE KURT!-I Jane was a mem ber of homeroom C2 during her Stay at high school She enyoyed smgmg with the Girls Chonxs Jane found that her membershn with the Art Club was a valua e ex pefnence which helped develop her ta ent KATHERINE F LANDIS Kay kept herself busy as president of Lolonnade and a member of Wash mgton Club GAC and Wig and Masque She was secretary of the Spanish Club. In addntnon she found time to work on tip Omega and Optimist staffs Slab san with the Girls Ch Lama o and the A Cappella oi WILLIAM C LANG Bill former Slausonite partncxpat tennis and wrestling He was a member of the Youth Hostel and the United World Frederalista. H represented his homeroom on the Assembly Committee and flew to Washington with the club this spring RUTH I. LAUGHLIN: Being. on the Student Council ranks hig on Ruth's list of interests. She was rresident of homeroom C-3, a mem- ber of the Washington Club, Cam- era Club, Red Cross Committee, and the Non-Athletic Board. She also served on the Athletic Board and was an active member of GAC. During her senior year she worked on COT. MARGARET LEWIS Peggy s well known for her fine work in ar and was a member of the Art Club whale in high school T improve her Spanish she joined the S anish Cub. She also represent her homeroom on the Assembl Commit tee. Cantando and Girl Chorus were other activities that claimed Peggy s interest MARY M LEWIS Mar is one of the seniors who enyoyed' the ex citing Washington Club trip Dur ing the time not spent on the Wash ington Club she was a cheerleader and president of her homeroom, C 15 Music Club GAC, Boosters Club and the Assembly Committee claim ed Mary as a member HAROLD R LEWIS Ray who hails from Slauson was a member of homeroom D 22 This spnnglh flew to Washington with the b. He also was a member of the Hi Y the Rifle Club and the Boys Chorus EDWIN J LINDBERGH Ed par ticipated in many varied activities He was a member of the Rifle Club and the Washington Club He went out for football basketball and base ball He was also a member of the Camera and Radio clubs Y 35 MARIE J. LOVE: Marie was in homeroom A-2 and was on the Col- lege Curriculum. She Dlflicilllfed in Washington Club, Boosters' Club, Future Homemakers of America, and GAC. After graduation she clans to work and later join the aves. JOYCE J LUCAS Ca tain Joyce Lucas of the cheerlea ing squad always bubbled over with pep and school spirit whether cheerleading or not Besides cheering Joyce found an outlet for some of her en ergy in GAC activities She will always be remembered as sausy llttle Rebecca in the iunior Participation on the Student cl Optimist and Omega staffs and Washington Club filled Joyce s busy schedule MARY LEE MeALLIS'l'Ell Mick eel will always be remembered for her portrayal of Mrs Mannin ham in the Senior play and Mrs ibbs in the Junior pla She was a member of the tudcnt Council vice president of her homeroom an president of one of the Girls Wash mgton Club sections A former Tappamte she was also a member of the Colonnade Red Cross the bpamsh and Boosters clubs and the A Cappella Choir MURIEL L. MeCASLIN Muriel who hails from Tappan was a very active member of Youth Hostels and the Washington Club She also found time to be a member of the Science Boosters and Rifle Clubs A musically minded gal Muriel play ed in the orchestra and sang Cantando JOHN D MeCORMlCK The whole school ot a kick out of Jack who made t only conversion the Pio neer football squad kicked this year Besides football Jack was out for wrestlm swimming tennis and track e served as president and secretary of his homeroom A6 was a member of the Washington Rifle and Hi Y clubs and the As sembly Committee SHIRLEY A. McCOURTIE: Shir- ley was usually found in the gym office' she was a very active mem- ber of the GAC for her three years at AAHS and was also in the A Cappella show She was president of her homeroom C 4 and was an alternate nn the btudent Counetl DOROTHY A McCRUMB Dor othy a member of homeroom C5 worked hard for the Lnrls Washing ton Club bhe was a member of the I'uture Homemakers of Amer ica Interested an music she be longed to the Girls Chorus and Music Club Among her other ac txviues were her membership the Boosters Club and help on both the Junior and Senior play committees CHARLE Me.DONNEI.L Chuck was in homeroom C Z0 during his high school years and was an ac tive member of the H1 Y Club He also partichrated in the activities ol the Rnle Club and sang rn the Boys Chorus KATHERINE H MeGLONE Katherine eh anged her color scheme from the blue and white of lshphemxng to Ann Arbors purple and white in her sentor year I Ishpemmg she debated sang in the glee club and worked especially hard on servxce corp After ar rlvmg here she decxded to do more gaveltng and Joined the Washington ub JOANNE. MeKERCHER Nluch of oannes time in her senior yea: was spent working for the Wash mgton Club Whtle a sophomore she was a member of the Sopho more Dramatxcs Club Joanne liked nursing and worked in the nurses office She was also a member ot the Future Nurses of America Club DEAN B. MeLAUGHLIN: Debat- ing and speech work rate high on this fellows activity list. He saw action on the debate team three years serving as co-captain in his senior year Simon Stimson, the choir master of Our Town WGN cleverly characterized by him 'Ihr Washmgton trip then highlighted Deans senior year VIRGINIA H McPHEE Virginia who hails from Slauson was vice president of her homeroom D70 During her three year stay here she was a member of the Camera Club Wig and Masque Rifle Club and blrls Chorus JEAN C MALLOY Jean became a member of homeroom U3 alter graduating from Tappan Sports hold the favored spot on her llst ot activities As a member of the CAC since her sophomore days Jean has been outstanding tn hockey volleyball basketball and Softball teams DAVID R MANWARING Dave was a prominent member of the debate team during his three years spent at AAHb He also served as president and vice president of his homeroom D28 lo further his knowledge of science Dave Joined the bcience Club NANCY MARKEN Nanc was an active member of the OKC Shy served her homeroom as secretary treasurer and Student Council alter nate for one semester The Boost ers Club claimed Nancy as a mem ber during her sophomore year JEAN E. MAR UARDT Library Club, of which s e was vice presi dent and Music Club took up much of Jeans time in hi h school She was a member of antando Girls Chorus A Cappella and a typist lor the Omega She was also a member of the Science Club JAME W MARSHALL This witty fellow was on the Student Conn cal lor lour semesters serving as the treasurer for two semesters jim was in the Junior Pla and then whale a senior he work hard Washington Club Assemliy committee and presidency of the Music Club are two more activities in which Jim participated JANET R MARTIN anet was vice president of A 6 an a cheer leader at the varsity games She was active in CAC and the Rifle Club and served on the Student Council and the Noon Hour Com mittee She was also a member of the Art Club Wig and Masque gn? Chorus and the Boosters u FRED R MARZ: The co-ca tain of this years wrestling team ed was also a state champion. He had a full sports program which ' - cluded wrestling football basketball and rifle club. He has further served the school as president and secretary of his homeroom and Student Council representative. Fred was among the seniors who took the trip to Washington. CYNTHIA' MATTHEWS: "Cindy" waslmost interested in musical ac- tivities at high school. She played with the band and was a member of the Music Club. "Cindy" was on junior and senior play commit- tees. Her senior year found her a member of the Washington Club and the Omega staff and she ena joyed, as her favorite course, Prob- ems of Democracy. F MARILYN MAYER Marilyn who hails from Jones was inter ested in muslc She sang in the Girls Choms Cantando and A Cappella Choir This spring she en joyed Washington and New York with fellow Washington Club mem bers She also was a member of the Optimist Ad Stall GAC Sopho more llramatics and the Wig and Masque Club MARILYN A MAYER Marilyn who hails from Slauson was tn homeroom D 24 During her senior year she worked on- COT but also found time to work for the Wash ington Club Marilyn was a mem ber of the Scribhlers Club and took part in the activities of the Music Club. ROSALIE J MEDDAUGH GAC interested Rosie Washington Club Wig and Masque and the timnst Ad Staff claimed a large rtion of her time She has also been in Cantando Lnrls Chorus Music Club Sophomore Dramatics Y Teens and a member of the Red Cross Commit ee ALICE M. MERRITT: Alice worked on the COT program during her len- ior year. She has also participated in CAC activities and backed her class by working on junior and sen- ior play committees. She was in- terested in photography and joined the Camera Club. SHHKLEY J. MESNARD: Athletics heads Shirley's list of activities. She was vice-president of GAC, and received the highest award in girls' sports. "Shirl" was also president of C-7, on the Student Council, and secretary ol the Sophomore Class. The Washington Club highlighted her senior year while the Omega Colonnade, Y-Teens, Wig and Masque took up the rest of her time. KATHRYN M. MILLER Thus red haured gurl showed spurut dunng her hugh school years She has used her musucal abxluty rn Glrl: Chorus and un the orchestra Kathy was a member of GAC and Boosters Club She was a Scrubbler and also ,ouned the Rufle Club and the Washungton Club PEGGY A. MOORE Peggy was a busy gal durung her senuor hugh school years She was presudcnt of C 10 and represented ut on the Student Councul Mucl' of Peggys YITIIC WHS SpCl'lt In hQI' SCHIOI' C3f workung un the NVashungton b. Other of her actuvutues were CAC and the Musuc Club JAMES O MORRISON Inns ath letuc unclunatuous were evident by hus partucupatuon un untramural bas ketball and baseball He was also out for wrestlung and football H was presudent of the Hu Y secretary of hrs homeroom work on COT and was a member of the Interuor Decoratuon Club. LAVONNE T MOURER Lava-une a former Slausonute wull always be remembered as one nf the drum magorettes She was a member of the Boosters Club. Even though she worked on the COT program she found tume to partucupate un the GAC actuvutues GEORGE MORRISON George Came to Ann Arbor Hugh School from North Luttle Rock Hugh School un Arkansas He has made C 4 Ins resudence for the last three years Whule un hu h school he followed the General urrucultun PATRICIA L. MUELLER Pat who hauls from Slauson was presu dm! of homeroom Al She was actuve un a number of outsude ac tuvutues whuch uncluded Assembly Cornmuttee French Club Sophomore Dramatucs Spanush Clu Wag and Masque GAC Omega and he Optumust DAYLE L. NAVARREu Dayle gave evudence of hus unterest un sports by partueupatung un cross oountry baseball and golf He served as vuce presudent of D 24 homeroom and was a member of I-Iu Y JOHN NICKELSON Washungton Club kept John busy dunuag hu neu uor year A former Tappanute he was a member of the Rufle Club and represented hus homeroom on the Assembly Commuttee He helped to promote class actuvutues by workung on the Junuor and Semor Prom commuttees KENNETH M NOBILETTE Ken, who hauls from Tappan was a mem ber of the cast for both the Iunuor and Senuor plays Durung lun sen uor year he worked hus wa to Wash ungton and New York e was also a member of the Rufle Club and the Raduo Club BETTE NORTON Bette was very actuve un clubs durung her three years uuu hugh school She was a member of the Art Camera Rufle Scuence Sophomore Druumatuc, and lVug and Masque clubs Thus sprung she flew to Washungton wuth the Washungton Club Bette was also acnve un Cuurls Chorus CAC and the Optumust RUTH M NOTHDURFT Ruth les mam actlvrty m her sensor year was cheerleading She was an actwe member of homeroom B8 which she served as uresndent sec retary NoonHour andAssembly com mrttee representative Ruth also parttclpated rn a number of other acttvnttes French Club Music Club l'uture hurses German Club Wxg and Masque Washmgton Club GAC and the Opttmtst MARGERY P NUNGETER Thus versattle gal served as the Student Lounctl representattve from B 16 and was prestdent of GAC Mar e was m charge of the costumes of both the Iumor and Senior plays. Besxtles bemg an acuve member of the Lolounade Club Boosters Club and Vhg and Masque Club she worked on the Omega and on the Opttmtst Ad Staff JUSTIN C OLIVER Justm member of B I8 partxctpated tn a member of Radlo Club and Rrfle Club Thus sprang he flew to Wash mgton and New York with fellow Washmgton Club members RUTH P OLSEN Ruthte served as prestdent and secretary of her homeroom C 2. She partrctpated tn Colonnade GAC Band Boosters Club and Washrn ton Club This busy gal also wor ed on the Opt: mnt and Omega and was m the Jumor play She followed the Ll! erary Lurrxculum After gradua hon she plans to attend the Um verstty of Mtchrgan FLORENCE E. OSBORN Eleanor was a member of homeroom Cl She was on the Umverstty Currr culum and parttctpated m GAL Red Cross Sctence and Via hmgton Clubs. DAVID .I 0'l'l'0 Dave was mter ested ln mustc and partnctpated m both band and orchestra and was a member of the Muslc Club. Between concert practxces he served as prestdent of hrs homeroom and was on the wrestlmg squad DENNIS V OTTOSEN Better known as Denny to most of us he has made C. 4 hr-. resndenee dur mg hrs stay at Ann Arbor Hugh He has been a letterman on out golf team durmg hrs sophomore, Junior and senlor years Denny who halls trom Slauson followed the beneral Currtculum RICHARD N PARKER Rnch a former fappamte has served as mam mterests were m sports H was acttve ln football wrestlmg and baseball and was also a member of the Vlashtngton Club AGATHA K. PARLAS A atha has served as vtce president o her homeroom D 20 She was also n usher for the Jumor Play was tn Lamera Club btrls Chorus and sports WILLIS PATTERSON MUSIC was Wtllts mam mterest and he was au aettve member of the Mustc Club A Cappella Lhotr and the band hrs fellow had a deep mel low vonce He also went out for football and parucxpated m the ac tlvxtles of the Rnfle Club He will long be remembered as the sergeant of the pohce tn the Ptrates f Penzance 1 : , . 3 7 0 V Q : .. - ..- football and baseball. He was also secfcqry of homegoffm C'7' Hi: . ' ' ' , - . A' q ' ig l , . ,, , 0 RICHARD PERRY Richard was a member of homeroom L15 Hts mam interests were sports. He par ttcipated in football basketball and track He was also a member ot the Boys Gxorus HELEN P PETERSON Helen represented her homeroom C XJ on the Noon Hour Committee. She also served on the Optimist staff and was a member of the Art Club and Wng and Masque. ROGER S. PETERSON gave his services and most of time m his semor year to the mist ln addition to bemg its cdttor he found time for track basketball, and cross country He was a mem ber of the Washington Club and Rifle Club. Rog will always be remembered for his fine performance in the Junior Play 'Our Town. JOSEPH J PFIFFNER Joe rates his Washington Club ex rieuce at the top of his long lxst o activities Debate competition and a part Our lown proved valuable for Joe Football basketball tennis golf and Rifle Club sum up his broad program 'lhe Student Council Noon Hour Committee Presidents Committee and the rrench Llub contributed to Joes enyoyment of schooL BEATRICE E. PINGSTON Bea played viola in the orchestra for three years. A former Slausonite she worked on COT was vtce-presi- dent of her homeroom C-8 and a member of the French Club. Her other interests were Wig and Masque Rifle Club and Music Club. ,k', JOYCE E. PITTMAN Joyce liked being in the Scrtbblers Club while in AAHS She was also one of those hard working girls in the Washington Club Joyce sang in Cantando Girls Chorus and was a member of the Boosters Club She also worked on the COT program PAUL W POPE Paul had an in terest in sports while he was in high school He participated in mtra mural sports and also played foot ball. This tall blond fellow hauled from Slauson and represented home room B I0 on the Noon Hour Com muttee. CHARLES J POQUETTE Charlie a member of homeroom L8 par ttcipated In Hi Y and Washington Club. He played on both the foot ball and track team those being his two favonte sports VIVIAN W POSEY Vivian, who hails from Slauson was a member ol homeroom A 2 She was unter ested in music and sang in the Girls Chorus She also partscxpated tn the activities of the Camera Clu Puture Homemakers of America a the Boosters Club ELIZABETH C. POTTER: Betsy was a loyal supporter of all purple and white teams' she was a. varsity cheerleader for two years. She was a member of homeroom C-ll and served as their representative to Student Council for one semester. Besides W'ash-ington Club Betsy was a member of Colonnade Y- Teens Optimist .Omega Red Cross Noon Hour Music Club Sophomore Dramatlcs Boosters Club and Wig and Masque. IARBARA PUQLEY Barb crowded a lot mto her three years at AAHS She :aug an the A Cap pella Choxr an her sensor year and was on the Noon Hour Committee To lurther her mterest an muse she also sang nn Cantando and ,om ed the Mum: Club. Barb, who haaled from Slauson was a mem ber ol the Flonculture Club. NANCY QUAKENIUSH Nancy, who halls from Slauoo was a member of homeroom B 14. Sha was interested um athletnca and goal ed the GAC She also parncnpated ru the acuvmea of the Boosters and Wag and Masque Clubs JOHN W RANSOM Thxs ver satnle boy could olten be seen play mg hrs saxophone or chckmg photo graphs of school actwmes John was a member of the band orches tra and the Muslc Club. He alsc ayed tenor saxophone wnth the 1 Hatter: dance band John s Camera Club experience helped hum as Optxmnst reporter m hrs sopho more and gumor years Omega work and Washmgton Oub membershq also appear on Johns actnvnty lust PETER REDING Pete was an actnve member of homeroom C ll whnch he served as both prestdent and secretary He was a member of the Art Cub Spanish Club and VVashmgton Club. Pete engoyed sports and went out for basketball .IOANNE RICE Joanne a member of homeroom C 7 served as a mem ber of the Student Councul assem bly Committee and Future Nurses of Amenca Her strong Interest nn musnc encouraged her partxcnpatnon m Cnrls Chorus Music Club Can tando A Cappella Footlnght Scan dals and the Operetta ,1 had fs.- PAULINE M RIENDEAU Paul me who was a member ol home room C ll took part m the Wash mgton Club actnvmes She has be longed to Cantando Girls Chorus Sophomore llramatxcs and fhi will and Masque Club. he halls lrom ones Junlor Hugh SCh00l and f0l owed the general rourse HILDAJ RINGKVIST Hilda who halls from Slauson was a member of homeroom C 24 Musncally an clmed she played an the orchestra This sprtn she flew to Washmgton and New orl: wrth fellow Wash xngton Club members ANN F ROGERS Worlung for the Washmgton Club took a good deal of Anns energies A former Slausorute she was a member of the Art Club Boosters Club and the Gnrls Chonns DOROTHY M ROGERS Dorothy was vnce presndent and secretary of her homeroom C Z1 She also served on the Student Councxl for one semester Besxdes Wig and Masque Vvashmgton Club Omega and Gnrls Chorus Dorothy was a very actnve member of the GAC JO ANN RUBLEY Jo was mter ested m musnc and Jomed the Grrls Chorus Cantando and A Ca pella Chonr and was a member o the Music Club. She also took part ln Boosters Club Wx and Masque and Washmgton Clu s CAROL G. RUSS: Carol, who hails from Jones, was very active in the Washington Club this year. She was on the ad staff of the Optimist. During her sophomore, junior and senior years she has participated in the GAC. As a junior she was an active member of Vlfiig and Masque. JOAN M RUTLEDGE This cheery girl was in homeroom B IZ. Joan had a great interest in art while in high school She was in the Art Club and served on the publicity committees of both the Junior and senior plays Another of loans activities was the Camera Club. ROBERT G. RUTLEDGE Bob who hails from Slauson starred in athletics He was a member of the varsity football basketball and baseball teams and also the track team. He lent his mellow bass voice to the A Cappella Choir and par tlcnpated in one of the operettas and Footlight Scandals Bob worked on the Optimist and was a member of the Music and Washington Clubs BETTY JANE SALOW Betty was a member of homeroom L 10 while at AAHb she gomed Scnbblers Club and Boosters Club and was on the Junior Prom Committee She was also a member of COT PATRICIA A SANTURE Thi energetic girl Joined the Future Nurses ot America Llub to help pre pare herself for nursing school after raduatlon Pat was on COT but ound time to be a member ol the Washington Club She is interested in sports and belon ed to DAC be sides being a mem r of the Rifle Club. ICARCELLA A. SAYRE: Marcella, who hails from Slauson, was an ac- tive member of the Future Horne- malrers of Amenca. Dunng ber sophomore year she was a member of the Boosters' Club. MARY E. SCI-ILECI-IT Schlecht was kept busy as the business man ager ol the Optimist and secretary of the Omega bhe was a member of the Council and Athletic Board Her other activities included Lo on nade Wag and Masque and Wash mgton Club Mary enyoyed music and participated in birls Chorus Lontando and A Cappella She was a member of homeroom B I6 MILDRED SCHNEIDER Millie was a member of homeroom Il 8 bhc was an active participant in th Red Cross Committee and I'uture Nurses of America Llub ROLAND E. SCHNEIDER Roll, starred on the football field e pee ially while he was a senior joined his class in exploring Wash xngton and new York during spring vacation A president f h homeroom he belon ed to the Pres: dents Lommittee T is sports mmd ed fellow completed has athletic pro gram by participating in baseball basketball and the Itnle Llub JOHN SCHNELL Jack who hail cd from blauson represented ris homeroom on the btudent Lounun He was an active member in track cross country and swimming fhis spring he yourneyed to Washington and New York with felow club members He was also a mem Cl of the Radio but-nce and Rifle clubs MARILYN E SCI-IROEN Marilyn a former blausonite served on the btudent Council bhe also was an active member of the washington Club Y feens, Colonnade and the Omega staff Dramatics and music also interested her JOYCE J SCI-IULTZ Joyce e that working on the Omega was the most important thing sue i while in high school bhe partici pated in the UIII: wvasnington Club Optimist CAC Colonnade Assembly Wig and Masque and Boosters Club. Joyce likes music very much and sang in tne uiris Chorus Cantando A Cappella and was a member ol the Music Club ROY A. SCHUNK Roy who was a member ol homeroom U .10 par ticipated in the band during his sophomore year He followed the ln dustrial Course DONALD J SCHWEMMIN Don who halls from blauson was an outstanding member ol the swim ming team and was elected Ill captain in his senior ear. e was also an active mem r of the Rifle Club. BETTY LOU SCOVILL: The Student Council has benefited by the efforts ol this blond little senior for three semesters. She also served the school through the Assembly committee and the Boosters' Club, COIOIIIIZQJC and h ashington Ciuu highlighted her senior activities and she was also a member of NN ig and Masque and GAC. GENIEVE SELLAKDS Cen was secretary of her homeroom B I4 bhe worked hard on the University Curriculum and participated CAC and Boosters Club MARGARET A. SELLAIIDS Mar garet was vice president of her homeroom C 9 she was a repre sentatlve on Noon Hour and As sembly committees. Her activities also included CAC Boosters, Can tando Omega and Uptlmisi and she was an active member ot the Student Council ELAINE M SEYFRIED Elaine a member of homeroom A6, has served on the btudent Council and on the Noon Hour and the Assembly committees bhe was also in the Wig and Masque play Her hobby is sports ALICE JEAN SIBERT Jeanne a former Shiusonite was an active member of the Washington Club Rifle Club and Spanish Club She served her class by working on both the junior and senior play com- mittees. She was interested ' music and dramalics and sang with the Cantando Choir and joined the Wig and Masque Club. HELEN G. SKINNER: Helen, who hails from Sluason, was very inter- ested in music. During her three years in high school she sang with Girls' Chorus, Contando and A Cap- pella Choir. Helen saw VI'ashing- ton with the club this spring, and was a member of the VVlg and Masque Club. YVONNE E. SMALL Yvonnes interests were varied When the class presented Our Town as the umor play she assisted in usher mg She also belonged to the Future Homemakers f America the Boosters Club CAC and the Wash ington Club. SHIRLEY A SNUVERINK Shir ley who hails from blauson served as both president and vice president of her homeroom Bl She was a member of the Nlusic Llub and back ed up her class projects by working on the Junior and Senior play com mittee This spring she had a grand time in Washington and New York vith her classmates ROLLAND A SNYDER Rolland a former Slausomte represented homeroom C ll on the Yoon Hour Lommittee He went out for bas ltetball and was also a member of the Boosters Llub. This spring he toured Washington and the big city mth fellow NN ashington Club mem YS RICHARD F.. SOUKUP Richard! mam interest while in high school was the Rifle Club During his senior year he worked on the CO1 program This spring Richard toured Washington and New York vcth fellow Washington Club mem rs JANE C. SPIES: The eventful XVashington trip highlighted Janes high school life, She enjoyed her membership with the Future Home- malters of America. The Art Club offered Jane the chance to develop her talent and in her junior year she participated in the activities of the Wig and Masque Club. 'Nl NANCY M STAFFAN Nan s a proud alumna of Tappan As a student at AAI-IS she was secretary of her homeroom C11 Nans services were welcomed by the Op tinnst and Omega btaffs the latter of which she was co business man ager Being a member of the Wash mgton Club Colonnade and LIAL kept her very busy WILLIAM B STASON Although Hull has a great interet in sports Ins activities cover a much larger field In addition to football bas lcetball and tennis he was in the Junior play was vice president of his homeroom and was a member of the student council He was also on the Athletic and Non athletic boards and the Senior Executive Board This sprung he flew to Vtagh nngton with fellow club members DONALD A STAUCH Don who hails from blauson vias secretary vice president and president of his homeroom He participated in foot ball during his three years at high school Don was also a member of the Assembly Committee and Hu X and Rifle Clubs PATRICIA S STEER lat has participated the Washington Club Colonnade Omega I'uture Nurses of America Music Wig and KI a s q u e bophomore Dramatlcs 1 -XL Boosters Llub Lantando and Lnrls Chorus She represented her homeroom C9 on both the Red Lross and the Xssembly Committee ALICEII. STEERE: Alice a former Taplamte represented her home- room on the Student Council. Spans ish Club was one of her main in- terests but she also was a member of Culomnade and lYa hington Klub, and worked on the Omega Staff. GRACE H STEVENS lIlCC a member ol homeroom D "4 has been an actlve member of Orches tra bome of her other BCKIYIIICS mcluded partxcnpatmn nn such clubs as Waslumgtun Club Xrt Club Rifle Club and I AC SALLY A STIERLE bally former blausomte was a member cf the KN 2lNhIIlgf0l'l Club She was sera aetuve an C KL where she served as bowlmg manager and a member of the KAL Ewecutne Board Be m5 mtere tell nu dramatlcs she Joxned the lhgs and Masque Club and was also a member of Colon nade and the Omega Staff MARILYN M STOFER Manlyn was a member of Camera Club l-rench Llub and Vlug and Masque bhe also partxcxpated an Vlfashmgton Club lnrls Chorus and Lantando bhe was on the bcnentlflc Curriculum and plans to attend the Umversntg ot blltflllglll after graduatmn ROSS S STOFFLET Ross member of homeroom C J has par uclpated nn the Junior play and was on the basketball baseball and foot ball teams Economxcs lb his favor ne subject He majored m hustory B E T T Y L STOLLSTEIMER llertx who halls from Slau on was enrelary of her homeroom B2 Nle was 1 member of the GAL lloe ters Nhg and Masque and Lolonnade Clubs Thus sprung she saw the lghts around Washington .md New York wnth fellow Wash muon Club members BERTHA STRATOS Known Heck, to everyone she was sec retary of her homeroom L ll A a member of the Vlashmgton Club she saw Washxngton and the sky scrapers of New York wlth fellow club members thus sprung She was also a member of the Wag and Nlasque and bophomore Dramatlcs clubs EULALA STREET ln her sopho more year Eulala was a member of the Sophomore Uramaucs Club She la also served nn the Noon Hour Lomnnttee representing her home noni C s RAY D TAYLOR This blond lappamte from B4 carrxed many extra currxcular BCKIVIIICS durml. hxs sun at AAHS Most of hrs tune wa taken up with the W ash mgton Club althou h he w s member of the oosters Club. Dean also partscxpated an mtra mural basketball and wresthng RONALD J TAYLOR Ron former Slausomte was presndent of hlmeroom B 6 Has mann Interest centers around sports he parncn vatefl nn both golf and basketball lhxs sprung he flew to Washmgton mth fellow Vlashmgton Club mem r WARREN W TEACHOUT War ren has served on the Student Loun cnl and was presndent of homeroom I7 WJ He was also an active mem ber of the W ashmgton Club War ren enyoyed snngmg nn the Boys 2:1 gus and Joined the Boosters u GEORGE THEROS George was a valuable member ol homeroom C IS where he served as the secretary and also was a representative on the Yoon Hour Commnttee. He ns ln terested ln s rts and went out lnr wrestlmg andxarack besides bem a golf lan. He was also a mem of the Rifle Club MARGARET THOMPSON Dur mg her three years nn hugh school Margaret s mam mterest was mum: Most ol her spare time was taken up by band and orchestra Mar garet also artncnpated nn the ac tlvxtles of 1 e Boosters and Span :sh Clubs ROBERT T TIBBALS Bob went all out lor sports at hugh school He was a great help to the Pxoneer grld team and parucupated nl wrest Img track swnmmmg and Rnl Club. Bob further developed ln athletic skull throu h the Boys Leader Corps The ass sectnou of both the Boys Chorus and A ap pella choir profited from has deep vonce Happy memornes of the XVashmgton trap closed Bobs hugh school career LILLIAN TOSHCOFF Lnl ww halls from blauson was vnce pres: dent of homeroom L 2 and a mem ber ol' the Assembly Comnmree She was a member of Spamsh Club Vhg and Masque Boosters GAC Washington Club Nlusncalb I Dd gd she gang an both the rrls Chorus and the Lantando. Lul also worked on the Omega Staff JOAN 'IUWAS Whlle working on CUP Ioan stall found tune to take :art m several school actwntnes he was a member of the Future Nurses of Amerxca and Boosters Club. She sang nn llrls Lhorus and Cantando BARBARA TOWNSEND Bemg co edntor of the Omega took p most of Barbs txme although she took rt m GAC Nl ashrngton Club lmnst Junior Play Sopho more Dramnucs Wag and Masque Assembly Commxttee and Art Club Barb also served as vxce presldent ands secretary of her homeroom l DOLORILS TOWNSEND Dolores partucnpated nn the Boosters Club and m the Future Nurses of Amer :ca Club. She served on the Noon Hour Committee and was a mem ber of both Semor and Jumor play commlttees. Smgnng an the bxrls Chorus was another of her ZCUVIUCS ANN M. TRAVIS. Ann was elect ed to serve on the Student Council and was also a member ol' the Future Nurses of Amenca Club Whxle a sensor she worked on the COT program Thus sprmg she en oyed the sights of Waslnngtnn and beew York wnh fellow Club mem l'S DOROTHY TURNER Dorothy was a member of homeroom C 12 Her xnterests m musnc were shown by her partlclpatxon lnrls Chorus and Cantando Other of her actlvutles Included Library Club Assembly Committee and Scrub blers Club MYRON B VAN ELLS Myron who halls from Slauson was a mem ber of homeroom C 8 Workm on the COT program kept hum usy dunng his semor year He was also a member of the Rnfle Club and went out for swrmmmg DUANE T VAN LIERE Duane from homeroom A4 was a mem ber of the band He was also a member of The Hx Hatters dance band To further his interest in Ehogography he yomed the Camera u ROBERT VAN SCHOTEN Bob was a member of homeroom C10 where he was elected vice presl dent and a member of the resi dents committee Much of obs spare time was taken u by y in in the sm ool band e enoyed ta mg part in the Spanish lubs programs Bob s mterests are chiefly music and outdoor sports MARILYN L VASSOFF Man had a great interest in music as she sang in Lantando and A Cap pella and was a member of the Music Club Mari also spent much of her time working in the Washington Club GAL L01 and repre enting homeroom A 12 on the Student Council CHARLES R. VEIGEL: Ch-uck an all-around athlete whose name occupies a space on the Ball Memorial trophy was captain of the 47-48 football team and also played on the baseball team. Dur- ing high school he was an active member of the Student Council as well as president of his homeroom D-20. As a YVashington Club mem- Tr he was one oi the clubs presi- ents. PAT VERAME5: Much of Pat's senior year was occupied by Wash- ington Club activities. She also participated in the Future Nurses of America and the French Club. Pat backed both her class plays by helping with the make-up and ush- ering committees. N JOAN E VOLZ joan has made D20 her home for the pest three years Tops with her is the Nl, ash lngton Club which has taken up a lot of her time During her senior ear she was active in the Future urses of America She was also a member of Lantando and Girls Chorus ROBERT L. WAGNER Bo member of homeroom B 2 repre sented that room on the Student Council He was a sports minded individual H played on both the basketball and football teams and also went out for track He also participated in the Junior play and an active in the Washington u DAVID F WALLAKER This tall quiet fellow could be found in omeroom D18 David was in terested mainly in sports and went out for basketball and track H was on the Industrial Curriculum and could be seen working hard in the shop RUTH M. WARNER: Ruth was a member of homeroom C-13. While at Ann Arbor High she participated in Girls Chorus and Boosters Club. She was on the Junior Prom committee also. BARBARA A. WARREN: "Barb" was held the offices of president and vice-president of her homeroom. She was a member of Cantando, Music Club, Sophomore Dramatics and NVig and Masque. She also helped on a Junior and Senior play com- mittee. She is a member of Wash- Eiggron Club. GAC. and worked on MARGARET J WATERS W'hxl at Ann Arbor Hugh School Nlargaret took actlve Interest ln lloosters Club Lnrls Chorus l'uture Nurse Club and the Washtngtrvn Club She was nn homeroom C 24 SHIRLEY L WATERS Slnrley who was a member of homeroom C 13 hall from Slauson She sang. e l Choru and partnu pa ed tue actnvntte oosters Club ll s sprung sh journeyed to Vkashxngton with fel low NN ashnngton club members BARBARA F WATSON Barb former Slausomte was concert mexster of the orchestra Interested nn dramatlcs she gmned the bopho more Dramatres and Nhg and Nlasque Clubs She represented her homeroom on the Assembly Com nnttee Noon Hour Comnnttee and worked on the Optrmlst and Omega She was a member of the Wash mgton Club Niusnc Club Camera Club and Colonnade FRANCES J WATTERWORTH Jeanne served as both presxdent and vnce president of her home room C 7 She was also Student Councrl representatwe. She worked on the Optrmtst and Omega Staffs eans other actnvttxes mcluded Nashmgton Club GAC and Boost ers Club HOWARD WEAVER VN htle tendmg Ann Arbor Hugh as a mem ber of homeroom C 24 Howard be longed to Waslnngton Club Rifle Club and Hn Y He was also on the COT He was on the Indus trxal Curnculum and plans to work after graduation ORVILLE EUGENE WEAVER Llenes face ts famxhar to most everyone around AAHS as he has parttctpated nn H: Y and Camera Clubs as vtell as havung portrayed oe Kroll Our Town hene served on the Student Louncnl for two semesters and was a member of the XS ashnngton Club SALLY A WEBER .allx tha sfhlllllg, 1,aI from C 9 has been set retary ot her homeroom and a Stu dent Counctl representatne Sue has been a member of the Optxmxst and Omega staffs Washmgton Club GAC Cantando Assembly Commit tee Hug and Niasque and llooster Club After graduatxon she plan t attend Vkestern Nhehrgan BARBARA J WEIMER Barb was nn homeroom C 24 durmg he: hugh school years She spent much ttme nn her semor year woxltmg for the NN aslnngton Club She also worked on several commtttees for the jutnor and selnor play and WAN a member of luture Nurses of Amenca MARGARET WENTE Tlns hap pt dark hatred gal halls from blau son She served as prestdent and secretarx of her homeroom, D18 and was a member of the cast for the junxor play Marg worked for the Omega and also the Optimus! She was a member of the Wash xngton Club Noon Hour Comnut tee 'viusxc Club YTeens GAC Wag and Masque and Sophomore Dramatxcs Club DAVID G WESENBERG Date a wrestler was also out for football cross country and track He was a member nf the Washmgton Club and Ht Y He has served his home room B 4 both as Student Coun cxl alternate and as secretary M. DAVID WEST: Dave, who h'ailed from Tappan, was lound in C-20 at AAHS. He was a very active member of the Student Coun- cil during his senior year. In IIA he was president of his homeroom. He was a member oi the band and orchestra in his sophomore and junior years. PATRICIA A. WHITCHURCH: "Patt" served as secretary of her homeroom, C-24, and also represent- ed it on the Assembly Committee. She was active in many class ac- tivities serving on Senior and Jun nor Play committees and the Ju lor Prom Committee Boosters Club Wig and Masque GAC and Washington Club all interested her Patt also worked on the Optimist and the Omega RICHARD E WHITEHEAD Dick vice president of homeroom C 2 also represented it as a member of the Student Louncil He Joined Boosters Club and participated in football basketball and served as captain of the golf team PATSY R. WHITFIELD Pat spent a great deal of her senior year workin toward the Washington trip he was vice president and secretary of her homeroom A12 This gay, cheenful gal also partner pated in GAC and worked on the Optimist HELEN F WIILSE Helen devoted much time to high school musical activities She played tn both the band and orchestra Helen worked on Washington Club projects and Joined her classmates on the tn Class activities were wholeheartedrv supported by her through Junior and senior play committees Homeroom C13 elected her president and she also took part in GAC and Flon culture Club activities LORRAINE L. WILKE: Lorraine. 3 former Slausonite, was a member of homeroom C-8. She was an ac- tivg member of the Camera Club, Scribblers', GAC, and the M'usic Club. VN'orking on COT kept Lor- raine very busy. .IUANITA WILLEKE: Juanita has taken part in numerous activities while in AAIIS including Red Cross, Camera Club, and serving as presi- dent of both Library and lfloricnl- ture Clubs FRANK WILLIAMS I-rank member of homeroom C l8 came to Ann Arbor High from Chattanooga lenn He participated blee Llub Boys Leader Uub bemor An nouncements Visual Aids and the Noon Hour ommittee, BRUCE WIISON llruce was a member of homeroom 15 2 'ind was its representative on the Student Council Leung o the Debate Team clatmed a good deal of ln time and interest Other activities of his included being president of the Noon Hour Committee and a member of the International Reh tions Club wvq ir JACK WIRTH Jack a member of homeroom D I8 was also a member of the wrestling team He came from Jones Junior High School and was on the Industrial Course H served on the Noon Hour Committee and participated in the activities of 2:l'iebMusic Club and the Washington u LDIS A WRATHELL Loss re re sented her homeroom on the oon Hour Comrmttee and was a member of the Washmgton Club. To further her mterest m musnc she sang 1 the Gtrls Choms Lots also was a member of the Camera Club Scrub blers Club and Boosters? Club SHIRLEY .I WRIGHT Shtrley came from homeroom B I8 Wlule ln High School she partlenpated tn the Boosters Club Girls Chorus Camera Club and Llbrary Club STANLEY E. YODER Stanley Yoder could usually be seen clnclung lctures ol school aettvttles for the b il t two years smgm wuh t e A Cappella Chou and lore tn the Boy! Chorus appeared among the cast of Our Town Hts academnc chemistry that he was Stan s name llllCl'CS! WIS RUTH E. YOUNG Ruth was tn C 13 whale tn hugh school and served as nts vlce presxdent In her semor ear she was a member of the 'ashmgton Club. She worked on several committees lor vanous un lor and semor class actlvlttes u h sang m Gnrls Chorus and was a member of Boosters Club. IVAN R. ZAHN Ivan a former Slausomte desplayed lm musxcal talents as he and hrs bassagartlex pated nn the orchestra. A r to lan Ivan was a loyal member of the Radno Club He also played tenms and flew to Washington thus sprmg :sth fellow Vlashxngton Club mem ra DONALD G. ZILL Whale on the Student Council Don wal elected parhamentanan. He was on both boards Bemg presxdent of Hulse Club and secretary of his Wash tngton Club also took much ol his tame Hts musncal abnlmea were evndent m the school orchestra and the dance band 'The Hn Hatter: whnch he organized and directed Q Sensor class ,yavgv-rl-as 6 Q on our ON ' 'Ve amd MOMFOQ t GY' 0 'B C1 r-osbg r-ewc. ' C19-5 ood auoioul' M Oslo U U ,sal Po .Amee P-l' Ar OO"l' 1 ,G ckfyyql lUllU 71111 ouie ar 4' uve, A N115 50 ON' ' 2 ' hp- D . . . 2 ' ' .' ' .D , l I ' i 'lt' glue a. Photography Hia. Staffs hob- the 'Junior G- and Senior exeeutige ar. es 1 1 t ' is . . 1 '- . Q , 'l P ' . fl 9 'I l S - . C7 0 X 'Wil 'N 1 6 . - If , A! I M Nl ,, K I og s ,G 2 ' -v 'ft . ' ' E ' M I 3 K+ Stan Burns Bnlhe Reed Bob Burd Iumor Class Jumors of AAHS elected Stan Burns as thexr class presxdent Bob Burd assumed the responslbllltxes of the vlce presldent and Bxlhe Reed was secretary Other members of the executwe board were Susan Bender Warren Chase Carl Kroske Phyllis Munro and Dxck Stuhlmann Miss Edna Parry and Mr Charles Barclay were the co advlsers of the Jumor class The Jumors boy gained the admiration of thelr classmates when they brought home the victories on the varsxty teams m basketball, wrestlmg and other sports ln whxch they eagerly participated The Jumors had many class members m the musical groups and clubs and they showed thexr interest lh student government throughout the year The class of 50 presented a clever talent program to the school early xn the year Hldden talent was unveiled at thls assembly, and the Jumors were proud of their productlon The annual Jumor Prom was held at the Mxchxgan League Ballroom on March 26 The Junior glrls lnvlted thelr escorts to dinner at the Umon preceeding the dance Ken Norman and hls orchestra sup plied the music for the occaslon, and the evemng was a great success Heaven Can Walt" was selected for the class play under the dlrectxon of Mr Ralph Duckwall It proved to be very entertalmng and the play was enjoyed by everyone The Jumor class entered mto the Student Councll actlvltles with sp1r1t and 3mbltl0h As a result they were successful m all thelr projects, and the semors wxsh them good luck ln the commg year The purple and white w1ll thrxve happlly under thexr leadershlp Row I-S Bender, B Reed, S Burns, B Burd, P Munro, Row 2-S Chase, Miss Parry, Mr Barclay 51 l l l l .. - . . . .... - , . 1 1 1 - ' . , . . . . . . . . r u n - ' . . H .. v ' . . , . - 9 . . . . . . . . . , . . . . . . . ROW I Addis, Darline Agar, Joyce Alexander, Don Antieau, Lloyd Atkins, Richard Aufderheide, Betty Axelson, Dolores Ayres, Ed Bachmann, Joan Backus, Phil TJ' ROW 4 Brown Cletls Brumbaugh, Arlene Bucon Harry Burd, Robert Burke June Burns Stan Burwell Bob Carras, .hm Carrington, Phyllis Carroll Kareen ROW 2 Baker, Doran Baker, LeRoy Baldus, Bill Ballingall, Dave Basom, Fred Bauer, Dawn Bayliss, Betty Beatty, James Beckley, Louise Bender, Susan ROW 5 Carstens Bill Case, Tom Cate John Chase, Warren Clark, Shirley ROW 3 Biddle, Janet Bielby, Joyce Bird, Jim Blum, Mary Boiee, Helen Branson, Allegra Brassfield, Betty Brauer, Lois Bredernitz, Donald Brewer, Donna Clement Norma Clevldence, Virgil Cloke Mary Coats, Dick Cole, Ramona if 52 51 ROW 1 Collard Mary Collms, Sue Cooch James Cook, Syd Crawford Jack Crlppln Jack Cummings Clayton Curnew Don Darlmg Joan Darr Richard ROW 4 Flnkbeiner Joyee Fitzgerald, Don Fleshman, Rita Fletcher Jack Floor Eleanor Folts, Don Ford, Cecll Foster Joyce Fowler Bo Frayer Donald ROW 2 Davis Nancy Davis, Shlrley Delhl, Margaret Dennison Davld Dersham Elwyn Dettlmg Hemz Dlrkse Roger Dohoney Don Donally, Mary Lynn Douglass, Al 53 ROW 5 Frederick Phebe Freeland Greta Frey Rolland Fuller Marian Gakle, Serene Gale, Ann Garland Doris George, Carl Gessner Joanna Geyer Harry ROW 3 Douvltsas John Dukes Clarence Eberle Gaylord Edwards, Dave Edwards Ken Elsemann Betty Ekstorm Carl Enkelnann Exleen Eschelbach Richard Ewing Loren ROWI Glllesple, Dick Godfrey Adelle Grahlll, Don Green, Homer Gregory Doris Gnffnth Leonne Groomes, Susie Gurlr Donald Haas Kathenne ROW 4 Kabat, Hugh Kaercher Gerald Kapp Betty Kapp, Rosemary Kappler Barbara Karvel Jeanne Katopodu, Ester Katopol, Chnst Katz, Marvm Kaufman, Norma ROW 2 Hallas, Wnllnal Harrell Allee Harna, Delbert Hough, Helen Haywood, Calvlu lleger Joyee Behr Luetta llenee, Eleanor Hneber Ronald ROW 5 Kaufmann, Peter Kaya, Nancy Kearney Shirley Kellogg Barbara Kerhkovake Mary Ann Keaeler Susanne Ketelhut, Margy Kittel, Sue Knott, Gene Kolander Janet 54 Haali Peter Heusel, Martha Jesperaen, Jo Anne 9 . 0 ROW 8 Hooper Martha Hunt Bertha Hunt Robert Hurst Bob Hutchens, Wnuule Ilh, Ronald Jacob, Neva Jedele, Manlyn Johnson, Ronald ROW I Kroske, Carl Kuebler Joyce Kuehl, Bob Kuon, Barbara Latson, Davul Le Beau, Evaleen Leerkalp, Slurley Levis, Catherine Liehty John Long Douglas ROW 4 Meyer Meyer Muller Muller Miller Muller Muller -Bob Leon Gerry Jenmelee Lols Louis Manan Mltchell, Pat Moon, Jerry ROW 2 Lovelae, Chuck Loy Ruth Luekhardt, Edwin Luekhardt Harold Lum, Sandra McCalla, Leonard MeClune, Jln McDonald, Roger McFadden Patsy McGregor Anne 55 ROW 5 Morgan, Sue Mornson, Bob Mullreell, Thelma Munro, Phyllis Murphy Bull Murphy Thomas Nagel, Margie Neff Wllllam Nelson Ann ROW 3 Mcliale, John MacDougall, Joan Madison, Jo Ann Mangoum, Norm Markey Katie Mast, Hilda Masten, Mary Matteson John Maugh, Roger Mayville Bull v 9 . v . Miller: Bob Morrison, Gene ROW i Nicolaou, Sam North, Sue Nowland, Richard Obee, Nancy O'Donnell Jern Orensteen Leonard Overbeck, Sue Owens Louise Patterson, Frank Penn Shirley ROW 4 Rice Dorothy Ries Catherine Robbins, Jun Roberts, Gerald Rogers Richard Routson Autumn Sally Hilda Sanderson Dons Satterla, Harriett. Sautter Herbert ROW 2 Perros, George Peterson, Marian Pfeiffle, Glenn Pine, Lillian Poppenger Alfred Posey Guy Powers Neal Preketes Toula Pritchard Morna Raab Richard ROW 3 Radtke, Margaret Ratti, Joan Rayment, Jack Reed, Billie Rcganall Nancy Renchenberger Eugene Relfel, Billie Remnant, Nell Reynolds, Jack Rlce Cathenne ROW 5 Savage Barbara Schaerer Leroy Schalrer Dean Schellenberger James Schlanderer Chuck Schlecht Joan Schmid, Peter Schneider Nancy Schneider Richard Schostak Barbara f X 56 I 1,1 pr VY W pd ,Q- '57 ROW 1 ROW 2 Schwartz Donna Shlngledecker Charles Sell, Wllma Shueg Eugene Sellards Davls Skmner Angelme Servls Jlm Smlth Kingston Seward Milton Smlth Sue Seyfned Frederick Smock Sally Seyfrled Richard Snyder Jack Sharp Jack Space Durwood Shehan Greta Spnng Norm Sherman Bill Staples Raye ROW 4 Suarez, Inez Sullivan, Richard Sutton, Marcia Swanson, Eugenia Taggart, Jane Taylor, Margaret Ann Tervo, Grace Thomassen, Pieter Thomson, Chuck Tmdall, Fred ROW 5 Tomita, Natsuml Tower, Ruth Townsley, Jack Trapp, Walter Trometer, Sue Trout, Betty Trubey, Barbara Upton, John Valentme, Beverly Vogel, Bull ay S ff-l Y", Sf ROW 3 Stauback Karl Steels Duck Stephenson Tessle Stewart John Stoddard Butch Stollstexmer Floyd Storey Toy Storm Nancy Stuhlmann, Duck Stuhlmann Shirley A "',- fl' ' ' 1 1 1. ,SATL 5--' 9 . l , gp .1 -Y ,. f ' 2 j I' Wilmot Egg 4 ' rle ff our " R 'J ' f S , to - ' Y R or ,Q S f i 'F' A V " of J 'K lf' . ' 1233 of Lffiflggq f ,A l , 1 ' -I V 1 ,zo . r t r L I A X ' u A lv Q. .- -Ax 4' o f A 5' 7 ' 7 ' s R 4 1 f p f r ! I, ii X l A . , P' 8 3 E x A V' ff O R r 'T ef 1 , A , 5 S .b a l A 'L R Y I K , 1 .7 4 fr -0 5' Q I I 'Q . ' S , f ff! t f "' ,V,, Y' I T, if yi , we o A H3351 ig -.f '- L gf f , Img, if 5-.ll lfli' 'L lg I A ,E Rl 4, e. ' ' . , ' . , , . I Y . l f . ' , . ' . . ' . , . Y . . ' Y . Y Y 1 ' ' I D I Y , I , . U . ' ' U . J I Y 57 ROW 1 Voice, Jerry von Voigtlander, Carolyn Wacker, Audrey Wagner, Herb Wagner, Lois Wahls, Myron Walker, Barbara Walker, Douglas Walker, Frank Wallaker, Dorothy ROW 2 Wanaeelr, Bootsie Ward, Barbara Ward, .lack Warren, Margaret Wedemeyer, Bill Weldon, Dick Whipple, Bud Whittington, Ron Wiley, Barbara Wilson, Peggy ROW 8 Winkler, Bob Witeller, Chuck Wood, William Wree, June Wnbbena, Chuck Wurater, Barbara Younger, Bill Zeeb, Mary Lou Zeeb, Ronald Zlll, Jim 58 Harry Athsnaon Vnrgmia Heuer John Cartvnght Sophomore Class Ann Arbor Hugh had approximately four hundred sophomores enrolled this year They first be came acquainted wxth each other at the Sophomore Party m September m order to start thexr fxrst year at AAHS with the nght spmt more executlve board were Harry Athanson president John Cartwnght, vlce presxdent Virginia Heuer secretary Jenlee Fox Marjory Morton Davxd Drake Rlchard Flegel and Robert Weber Sophomores showed thelr mterest ln the school by Joxmng clubs partxclpatmg xn sports muslcal groups and the other actnvltxes They supported the dnves led by the Student Council and dlsplayed thexr school spmt by attendmg school dances and partxes The class of 51 ' presented an entertammg talent program near the end of the year Thxs class promxses to be hlgh spmted, yet senous ln the future They have Jomed ln the responslbdltxes of the student government by becommg members of Assembly Noon Hour and Red Cross commxttees A few sophomores were on the Student Council and the Presxdents Committee The semors are happy to know that dear old AAHS will be left m capable hands next year They wish the best of luck to the class of ' 51 ' and are glad to have known and worked wxth Sophia" this past year Row 2-B. Weber D Drake, D Fnegel, Mr Rezny Row 1 M. Morton, J. Cartwright, H. Athenson, V. Heuer, J. Fox. 59 Mr. Arthur Rezney and Miss Dorothy Noyes were co-advisors for the class. Members of the sopho- u n ' ' ' ROW 1 Adams, Fred Adarns, John Agar, Janet Agnew, Barbara Anderson, Meril Anoress, Carol Andrews, Bud Andrews Loretta Arglero, Tony Amst Ronald ROW 2 Athanson, Harry Austin, Jean Avsharian, Margaret Bacon, Paul Bakker, Garrett Balas, Bonnie Ballingall, Christina Barnett Douglas Barrett J lm Barth Joan ROW 3 Baur, Mary Alice Beadle, Dick Beck, Evelyn Bedolla, Joe Beeman, Edward Behnke, Norma Berger, Robert Berry Eugene Bertsos Peter Beslock Carol ROW 4 Bethke, William Betts Ted Blllltler Marlon Bissell, Beverly Blackett, Ben Blewett Bill Bolcluk Catherine Boone Dan Boorom Donald Booth Gladys ,'Q a nf' il f 73 ff .l Q-, 25- 60 C? Q 71 1 J? if in ,JW f 'fn A A It l A f - eff- .Q , ,B o s . o e s ze T , f ff, ,tB 1 V I -. fi , T ","" 9 5 5' I , Y 2 rl ,- A lf ,-2 . 1' N 4 ' ' ' t ' , f if 1 ' if . ' 4 A 5 I o. gf . s "1 Q A Q I lo- 2 'J ink ik grim A 1' I i X I, A A 1 -frhmh F 1 ROW 5 Botchen Angeline Boyce Louise Bradbury Dallas Bray Alberta Bray Roberta Brelmng Nancy Brelsch Fred Brlston, Catherine Brockway Dons Brooker Norman f Xr ,f rl A Ms' ROW l Brown, Irma Brown Nancy 1 1 S in Brumbaugh Raymond Buffmgton Nancy Burtt, Bomta Bush Sarah Buss Walter Lalbert Andrew Camp Clyde Campbell Jerry ROW 4 Cummings, Joyce Cushing, Beverly Cushing, Judlth Daum, Jun Davls, John Davison, Duck Dawson, Bernice Delco, Tidal ROW 2 Carlson Douglas Carras Joanne Cartwnght John Cazepls Lathenne Chase Peggy Chatters Duck Cloke Catherine Cobb James Colatrugllo Alda Collms, Jeanette Dellabaugh, Margaret De Wolfe, Barbara 61 ROW 3 M Collyer Barbara Conner Delores Constant, Mary Constant Robert Cornell Russell Cortlana, Louis Corwin Manlyn Coyte Donald Crosby Richard Cross Betty ROW 5 Dow, David Downey, Gertrude Drake, Davxd Dupslaff, Dorothy East, Alice Efner, Beverly Ekstrom, Peter Elliott, Connie Errldge, Conme Etzel, Roger ROW 1 Evans, Alex Evans, Barbara Fairbanks, Bud Falkenberg, Dawn Faris Dorothy Faris Mary Flegel Dick Fnlllnger Jack Flnkbelner Howard Fisher Beverly ROW 4 ROW 2 Fisher, Dale Fisher, Gerald Forn, Harriett Forrest, David Fowler Jerry Fox Jerri Fox Ronald Fraser Bruce Freeman, Autu French Janet Gnndstaff Edith May Gruschow John Guenther Nelson Gulden Elaine Gulley Eleanor Guster James Guthrie, Joan Haarer Bob Hackbarth Phyll Hadley Chandler ROW 3 Frisch, Virginia Fritz, Marilyn Gee, Robert George, James Gibson Nancy Goetz Gwen Gould Bill Graf Bob Gray Jack Gregg Harold ROW 5 Hager Elame Halt Liz Hale Roger Hall Judy Hall Velma Hammer Jim Hannah Nan Hardwick Dolores Harger Glen Haywood Theo les f sani- A 155' Q is 9 Q ,Fw 4101.4 T W7 ,A iw 6 7' V7 ROW 1 Hedlesky Mertle Heger Ted Heidamos Jim Hemphill Patricia Heuer Virginia Hicks Bessie Hilla Ronald Hinderer Joyce Hintz Jack Hinz Donald ROW 4 ROW 2 Hinz Herbert Hodge Bob Holloway Sam Hudson Jeannette Huehl Betty llli Charles Jackson Jack Jackson John Jadwin Jane Jaeger Gilbert Kalenchuck, Willial Kapp, Charles Karsian, Ray Kelley, Joyce Kennedy, David Keryluk, Walter Keyes, Clark Kienzle, Elsie Kilbreath, George King, Richard 63 fr I ROW 5 Knerr, Gerald Koch, Earl Koch, Robert Kokinakes, Stella Kornexl, Dorothy Leach, Duane Lepard, Jan Lewis, James Lichtenauer, Lynn Lirette, Beverly ROW 3 Jarret, George Jayne George Jedel Lloyd Johnson Monty Jones, Charles Jones, Eva Jones Olive Jones Roland Jory, Manlyn Joseph, Ralph fi' ROW 1 Liehty, Glennetta Lindberg, Barbara hooker, Susan Love, James Loveland, Ellen Luenser, Doris May Lupi, Tony McCall, Charles Mclntyre, Margorie McPherson Ralph ROW 2 Maier, Bill Malin, Mary Manz, Gerald Marsh, Roland Marshall, William Maten, Mariorie Mathews, Verlaine Mesnard, Dick Metzger Eleanor Miley Priscilla ROW 4 Nanry Beverly Nelson Albert Neumann Joyce Neutz Ted Nixon Vernon Nornmensen Jakob Ollara, Donald Olson Jack Onogo Virginia ORellly Nancy ROW 3 Miller, Harvey Miller, Vivian Minges, Jean Minnis, Douglas Moore, Leona Morton, M ueller, M ueller M ueller M urph y ROW 5 Osborn Ava Owens Harold Pace, Robert Parlfs Bud Parlas, Margaret Parns George Patoros, John Patterson, Ann Patterson Ronald Peden Doug ' 1 Marjorie Bob Dick Nancee Marilyn ' -Q A X '3' la '5- I ROW 4 1 X. 'W' ROW I Perm Dale Perry Sarah Peterson, Plnl Pflffner Hans Pleslce, Gerald Plttman Bette Podesta Galen Podwll Alger Ponce, Carlos Powers Frances Salles, Lucy Sanford Don Saunden Dean Sayre Jean Schaffer Don Schnttenhelm Betty Schleede Nancy Schmld Alyce Schneider, Bob Schneider. Mary ROW 2 Powers, Joe Pratt Marvin Pratt Shlrley Price Harold Prochnow Don Quackenbush Jerry Radelce Nancy Randall Robert Ransom Barbara Reed Ethel ROW 3 Reeves Darlene Relfel, Elizabeth Rlnesmlth Don Rutter Donna Robbms Dan Rodriguez Make Roehm Jackie Ross Julia Rot henbecker Barbara Russell Vlrgmla ROW 5 Schneider Mary Jane Schnell Shlrley Schreiber Sylvia Scott, .hm Scott, Larry Seltz, Barbara Seyfned Mildred Shewchm Sophia Shlngledeeker Evelyn Sleloff, Ted 65 ROW 1 Sloss, Delores Smalley, Jim Smith, Eugene Snider, Mary Louise Soule, Sylvia Spieth, Bill Splitt, Jim Spardlin, Paul Steele, Margaret Steele, Mary ROW 2 Stephens, Dick Stepp, Virginia Stierle, Beverly Stofflet, Sally Stoll, William Stollsteimer, Mary Street, Anne Stringer, Ruth Swanson, Patty Sweetland, Dale ROW 4 Tomlinson, Grace Toney, Shirley Trevithick, Beverly Tucker, Walter Turner, Nelson Vander Ark, Jean Van Hettinga, Reeves Visel, James Wacker, Norman Walker, Herbert ROW 5 Wallace, Larry Walter, Judith Waterman, Jane Weaver, Barbara W'eber, Bob NVQ-iss, John Weiss, Joyce Wenk, Glenn lVenk, Hugh Wenzel, Anthony ROW 3 Takagi, Margaret Tanabe, Roy Teagan, Wilma Thayer, Nancy Thomas, Carolyn Thomas, Jane Tibbals, Eleanor Tibhals, Paul Tilt, Thomas Tindad, Joanne ROW 1 W t l, Bill Wh te, Be Wh te, J Wh tl y De Wlkm n, W lln W l Betty Wll ghby Baba Wlson,B ha ROW 2 yP My ff ol-1 fy --:A djlg W fx K7 4115 ' x A L? M : , X. sl .icq ?' 1 67 Werner, Robert Wilson, Ji '5' 3f.::':: ' Y ii .,s5""ES.i, 52222 P Q 2 2 "9 42 ' ,tim ullf 3 f , Y A K 1. YW E f 5 6 2 W E. I ff X A me 31... a. , f K i ' ' anus: f ' 1 ? ' 4. , umm I Big W V5 i,J.3s 2 Z' s n"F..., , p ,-1 ,ms ,, Lf., H ' .Y ff 2 it I '15-E Q 3 ' lkxlgf Q ,W ff iikjwf , .H in 1 f' fe Art lub Row 1 J Kolander D Addis J Austm S Gibson, B Dawson. Row 2-B Rothenbecker S Kesa ler L. Scott, R Van Hettmga T Haywood J Fox Row 3-M Fntz B Savage R Cole J Walters M Maten Row 4 J Duck, J Rutledge, J Tlndall J Vander Ark A Street C Bolcluk E. Metzger V Mathews B Berger Row 5-J Wllkmson, L Moore D Kornexl. Row 6-Mr North R McPherson R Arnst T Ponce D Beadle J Douvntsas D Barnett B Wede meyer J Pulg A Rogers Purple and whlte paxnts plus many other colors were splashed over the palettes of members of the Art Club Sally Gxbson presldent Pete Redmg vlce presxdent, and Jern Fox secretary led these po tentxal artxsts durmg the fxrst semester when vanous pamters were discussed and a trip was taken to the Detroit Art Museum served as thexr patnent faculty advxser Boys' Leade Row l J Niornson M Rodriguez J Townsley F Dutton B Parks J Jackson Row 2-R. Karsxan, J. Cartwnght, P. Gagahs, D. Flegel, F. Cran da . Row 3-B. Boorom, D. Beadle, J. Bray. Row 4 Mr. Thompson, P. Koernlre, J Cole, B. Tihbals. J. Baylls. Thxs newly reorgamzed club has managed to capture the mterest of athletncally minded boys who hope to lead gym classes ln the future. Thexr purpose 18 to tram themselves for this type of job. The club had twenty one members who engaged m numerous projects throughout the year. They asslsted nn conductmg the all school gymnastxc meets and the all school wrestlmg program Several of the boys showed plctures of the AAHS football games to students m the Jumor h1gh schools. Offlcers elected for both semesters were Dlck Kerr and Paul Koernke, presidents, Pen Gagalis, vice presxdent, Jerry Greene and Bob Txbbals, secretarxes, and Jack Bayhs, treasurer. 70 Dunng the second semester Bermce Dawson presxdent Barbara Savage vxce presldent and Ann Rogers secretary were the offlcers when the club was turned into an mdnndual workshop Mr North .. , , , , , , . . . - 2 v J - STE V ' I ' ' vii , - - L1 If . , . , . J - - - 4 A , . , . . - u . n . . , - u . , , . , . . . . . . , . ' l ' I . , . , . , . , a , Q ' , . , . . ll ' ll ' l l - 1 v , - 1 9 ' . . . . . . . , , , . . . v ' v v 9 ' n I . . -. 1 . 1 , . , P . , . g s y Row 1 R. Jones, M Takagi, M Corwin J Collins, E. Jones, S Looker E. Swan son, B. Lirette Row 2--A East, M. Donally J Neumann, E. Smith, J Snbert, B. Donner Adams. Row 3-J Gruachow R. Berger P llaab, L. Brauer L. Wllke, G Babber E. Foster S. Yoder Row 4-R. Coats, ll. Carbeck, M Ford, Mr BuelL amera Club FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER President Stan Yoder Ken Edwards Secretary Ron Hoppe Emerson Foster Dark Room Manager Peter Hash Jim Galbranth Tlns year the Camera Club was made up of members who vaned greatly m the extent of their knowledge of photography Mr Buell the club's sponsor admxtted that some of them probably knew more about photograhpy than he Others knew little more than whlch end of the camera to point at the subject of a picture but the club axmed to help all members learn how to take process and appreci ate good pictures Most of the regular club tlme was taken up wxth demonstratnons of the processes of photography such as developlng prmtxng and enlargmg The club members were permitted to use the darkrooms after school to process the1r own pictures The club saw exh1bxts of good plctures to help them learn to take artxstxc shots The pictures of one exhxbnt were taken by a local man who owns some fme equip ment and who won several hundred dollars in contests with some of the plctures Also shown to the club were sxxty fave prmts from the natxonal contest held annually by the Eastman Kodak Company for hxgh school photographers That this year's club has been makmg progress IS evxdenced by the fact that a few members entered this year's Kodak contest. 71 . 3 . , . ' . ' , J. ' I i ' I - ' I Vice-President ............................................ J ohn Ransom Stan Yoder Row I-K. Keely, M. McAllister, I-'. Brown, K. Landes, Miss Binford, B. Belote, S. Mesnard, M. Sehroen. Row Z-D. Brockway, N. Bnffington, C. Matthews, B. Watson, A. Steers, S. Weber, A. Hnlburd, C. Dand, D. Gardner, M. Nnngester, D. Clague. Bow 3-B. Balas, S. Stofflcl. J. Schultz, J. Cannell, J. Kokinakes, M. Wente, B. Stollsteiaxer, C. Andreas, S. Pratt. Row 4-E Loveland, M. Dellabaugll. D. Calkins, S. Stierle, J. Baekbarth, R. Olsen, J. Mlnges, S. Collins, S. Troleter Row 5-P Hemphill, B Burch, J Waterman E. Gulden, M Taylor law 6-B Agnew M Schneider I olonnade " """" Colonnade Club started their year mth a paJama party and mxtnatxon at the YWCA New mem bers remembered the sllmy paste and wet cold grass outslde the Y long after thexr harrowing ex perxence Because of the large number of glrls who wanted to belong to Colonnade three separate clubs had to be organized instead of the usual Junior semor orgamzatnon Kay Landes served the semor club as presldent. She attended a workshop at Flmt Mxclngary durlng the preceding summer and came back to Ann Arbor full of new ldeas Other officers were Frances Brown vlce president Shxrley Mesnard secretary Manlyn Schroen, treasurer Mlckle Mc Alhster Barbara Belote Janet Blakney Betty Scovlll and Mary Schlecht commxttee chairmen Offncers for the Jumor sectlon were B11l1e Reed presldent Alxce Harrell vlce presldent Nancy Reganall secretary Joan Bachman treasurer, Shlrley Leerkamp Greta Shehan, JoAnn Madlson Joanne Gessner and Shxrley Stuhlmann commxttee chairmen The sophomore sectlon proved to be extremely actlve led by the followxng officers Dottie I-Iam, presxdent Ellen Loveland, vxce president Margxe Mclntyre secretary Jane Thomas treasurer, Mary Malin, Elame Gulden Judy Hall and Bonnie Balas, commlttee chairmen A beautnful Chnstmas program at the Y' featured members of the story league A sprung fash non show glven by Goodyear's had Colonnaders actlng as models A trlp to the Kslser Frazer plant, a barn dance a slexgh rlde movxes axdxng an adopted famlly ln Holland and a potluck pxcnlc were among the actxvmes of Colonnade In February a bake sale was held to provxde for the expenses of the delegates to the mxd wmter conference at Battle Creek Thelr large number of actlvxtles rapidly gaxned for Colonnade the reputation of bexng one of the most actlve clubs However wlthout the help and en couragement of the sponsors Mxss Barbara Bmford Mlss Dorothy Felr and Mrs. Janet Boynton, the club would never have been able to carry out lts numerous actlvxtnes Colonnade carrled out xts purpose to radlate a spmt of fnendhness to be truthful earnest and at all times to reach toward the highest and best character standards of young womanhood and to afford opportumtles for members to serve their club school and commumty' Boyce, J Tlndall, J Sayre, B Serta, E. Jones, J Jadwln, C Bealock, Row 1 A. Godfrey W Hatehena, A. Harrell, J Thomas, D Ham, B. Reed, J Dacklaann, B Kepler D Schwartz. Bow 2-J Austin, J Gessner, B Wanzeck, J Darlmg S. Leerkalap Row 3-S. Chase, M Melntyre, S. Sehrelber M Warren, J Schlecht, G Shehan. S Bender J Taggart M Hooper Row 4-M Collard, G Lnchty M Avshanan, S Collins, J Brlbe, S Stuhlmann, L. Gnfhth, J Jesper son. P Munro. Row 5-C Rues, S Morgan, M Blau, N Obee, J Madxson, M Kenhkow ake. M Aufterhelde. Row 6-B Walker, P Fredenck, M Taylor B Trout, S Troraeter P Fredencks C. von Voigtlander L. B-rauer M Masten. . a . 0 , . 1 . 1 1 1 1 . . . 1 . . . I 0 . . . . . . . . - . 1 . . . . . . . . . . . . 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . . . . . . . . . 1 1 1 ' 1 . . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' . . . . . . , . 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 - ' ' u 1 ' , . . . - . . . . . . . . . . . 1 1 1 1 . . . . , - ' Q 1 a ' 5 1 1 . . . ,, . . . . . , 1 1 - . . . . . , 1 1 1 "' 9 s K, j,f,.v,,:gg,.,f,g. , . s491'Zl"'9fL-23 ff W 4 . . - 1 v ' 6 . . . - . . , . . , - Q . , - . . . , . , 1 1 . . . , . I 0 1 1 . i . . . 1 - . . , . . . . . I Q 1 ' . . . . . , . . , . . . 1 1 , . Row 1 A Travis, N Cornell, M Vassoff, M Mayer D Andrus D Coon E. Seyfried B Salov, M Bradley J Braun Row 2-J Morrison, M Every M Mayer B. Warren, R Laughlin, G Calvert. L. Wilke, A. Merritt, I Birth Row 3-L. Davenport, D Johnson A Curnew N Bement, R Frisch, K Kaereher N Crane J Kokinakes Row 4-Mr Dahlberg, R. Brooks E. Burd, J Niekelson, R. Haas, J Marshall, B Bilbie, Mr Silverstone COT 1948 49 is the eighth year that the Ann Arbor High School has sponsored the Cooperative Occupa tional Training program Juniors and seniors a valuable work experience for pay and school credit These students work half days and attend school half days The C OT Job must be one in which e student can learn desirable vocational skills Some of the subJects taken in school must relate to e o Jobs at which this years Cooperative Occupational Training students have been employed are e following office work sales millmery tool and die making machxnlst work dietetxcs postal work printing garage work, stock work and typewriter repairs A total of fifty students have been included in the program this year Of this number twenty mne were girls and twenty one were boys 73 J I I I I Supervised by Mr. R. A. Silverstone and Mr. A. J. Dahlberg, it continues as formerly to give to some th 1 . - . . , . . I . . th j b. th . z . 1 , . . ' . . I . .L , . . , Row I F Bliilth, H Flnkbelner L. Scott, S Bender D Hal G Licllty Miss Wilson. Row 2-N Mangoam S Schreiber M Avshu-ian, M Hooper Row 3-E. Floor J Sehleeht, M Warren M Stofer A Nelson. Bow 4--P Bliley C Beelock, N Brown. RCI 5-J Wells, 'B. De Wolfe D Dllllliff L Salles, J Waterman S. Sonle French lub Presndent Sue Bender Vnce Presxdent Dorothy Ham The French Club under the able dlrectxon of Mlss Wllson dld many mterestmg thmgs thls year Durlng thenr meetmgs they hstened to French records wxth hopes of lmprovmg their pronunclatlon Among the albums played was the opera Carmen Some members of the club gave reports on French customs whxch proved to be quxte dxf ferent from those ln the Umted States At one meetmg Mlss Wllson mvxted a member of the French Army to speak to the club He spoke m French and xt certamly was good practice to translate what he was saymg He was a very mterestmg speaker The blg event of the year was a French dmner at Jane Waterman s house The menus were wrltten ln French and the food and pastries were also French Wlth Mlss Wxlson to direct the clubh actxvltles they had a very enjoyable year 74 Secretary-treasurer . .. .... Glennetta Lichty Row I-J Maebougall, D Conner D Cool, J Granaatieo, N Lirette, B. Seats, B. Rich. Row 2-V Posey A Parln. J Smell A Craven, D MeCrulb, Min laverhg R018-E.Dlrkse,B Remnant S Gnkle,J Fmkheiner E.llansellal. Future I-Iomemakers Premdent Josxe Grammatneo Vnce Presndent Nancy Cornell Secretary Serene Gakle Reporter Jane Spxess A get acquamted breakfast started thxs club rollmg thls year The Future Home- makers belong to a natxon wlde orgamzatlon The purpose of the club IS to help the gxrls take a more actlve mterest ln thelr own future homes A tea for the mothers a formal 1Illtl3tl0l'l ceremony a booth sponsored for the school carmval and the per sonallty quotlents of the members were featured at two of the meetmgs Clothes were collected to send to a German family and a talk was glven by a Hawanan glrl The gxrls had the prlvnlege of workmg for varlous chapter degrees for example Junlor homemaker and chapter homemaker Certam tests had to be passed before these awards could be obtamed 75 a 0 p o o o o 3 0 0 . g s o Q o g u u . . Treaaurers . . . ..... Dot Coon, Jean Barnard ' o a n Q . . . I . I ' s n , n , - I . . . . . . ' : A , Row 1 N Tomita V Posey V Hall, Row 2-B Burtt M Jedelc, A Hay Row 84 Lupl, A Parlas, M Brad Row 4-N Jarrett J Sehneeberger Row 5-D Brewer P Moore, L Aus Bow 6-J Carras, P Steels, J Slbert Row 7-S Kohnakes, M Sayre. Row 8-A Cravens, M Graham, J Future g J Agar B Stnerle, B Scluttenhelm, L. Andrews wood ley, B Stollsteixaer P Santure M Schneider P VCIBIXS- tm T Douvitsas. C Carras. Bird, D Townsend, J Vols, P Swanson. Row 9--B. Weiner M Waters Miss Harding M Hagen, S. Perry, B. Collyer The Future Nurses' Club, under the leaderslup of Miss Harding the school nurse performed many C floor The girls helped with the TB x rays and the audxometer tests Their capable leaders were its president, Jackie Bird vice president Ann Travis secretary Cynthia Carras and treasurer Pat Verames Beldes learning a great deal these g1rls did a worthwhile service for the school Future Rice B Evans, L. Kinsey Row 2--V Hall B Bayhss. Row 3--J Jones, S Turnbull. lander The purpose of this club is to recruit teachers and give guidance ln this field The club has a charter which was approved by the Natlonal Education Association This year the group had break fast at Miss Lewis apartment, worked on campaign materials for the November election and gave a St Patrick tea for the faculty The members earned money for a weekend workshop conference at St Marys Lake and the FTA Club had the first meetmg of lts kind at the Regional Meeting of teachers in Detrolt 76 . , . beneficial activities for the school. Their biggest project was the redecorating of the girls-' lounge on - eachers Row I-G Jarrett, D Harvick, J Row 4-M Helfrich, l Brown, M Lewis, F Powers, C von Voigt at Row 1 Mus Ricger N Sprint H Kabat, B Baylnsa, B Eiscmann. D Schairer J Servns. Row 2-R. Nothdurft, E. Enkemalm. M Hcusel, J Bachmann. M Hooper, J Rice. Row 3--B. Hunt, P Haab, R Rub. von Voigtlander N Davis. Row 4-B. Neff, H Bucon Row 5-D Dennison, H Daum, W Hallas. Wxth the addxtxon of German to the curriculum once again twenty three students became charter members of the newly formed German Club wrth Mlss Lavanche Relger actmg as faculty advlser The by havmg movnes xllustrated talks glven by natlves of Germany and programs by members of the club Hugh Kabat president Jane Rlce vlce president Martha Heusel secretary, and Joan Bachmann treasurer served thus organxzatlon as offlcers. I-IIY uh Row 1 C McDonnell, L. Antlcau, T DAgost1no J Morrison E Smith, D Penn M Wahls. Row 2-Mr Klmc R Lewis, B. Koch S Relchenbcrger J Ward D Ollara. Row 3-S Smock J McClune C Wubbena D Drake, B. Winkler To create mamtam and extend hugh standards of Chrxstxan character throughout the school and communlty IB the alm of the Hx Y group at AA.HS The H1 Y boys are often referred to as the school Servxce Club and although they have not been vlsxblly actlve they have partxcxpated ln the Red Cross Drlve and other such orgamzatxons by putting up posters The boys collected papers to earn money for the H1 Y Conference held m Jackson this year Thls group also helped make the school carnxval a success Offxcers for the flrst semester were Bob Morrlson presldent Sld Smock, vnce presldent, and Tony D'Agostmo, secretary treasurer. Durmg the second semester the boys were led by Sud Smock, presxdent, Myron Wahls, vice presxdent, and Dave Drake, secretary treasurer 77 I j35,gga'M jay! Q ' ., " . 1 ' ' ' 1 ' . C. . - . l . ' . 1 o . , a - s 0 members of the club became acquainted with the people and customs of Germany today. This wastdone ! - 0 . n .1 D . 1 : ' l 1 v 1 1 l 1 1 an , 1 I ! L ',. 1. wb' I K I - l ' . . - Y "f ' 1 X 1 - , . . ' I n kr . l , - D n 1 . , I Q I . , . , . , . . , H. . . , , I . 1 . . . , . , . . - . ecorahon 2 Row 1 R Frey H Sally l'I Jones, M Warren, D Rice Row 2-M Radtke, N Brown D Kinsey, H Geyer Mr Haywood R. Bell, N Hannah, C Beslock N Thayer Row 3-N Guenther E. Koch. The Intenor Decoratwn Club aimed to provxde a better knowledge of the blendmg and harmonlzmg of colors for the Amerlcan home The majority of their meetmgs were spent nn dxscusslons and lectures Willow Run was a h1gh pomt m the second semester Herb Jones acted as presxdent both semesters and Duck Kmsey and Hxlda Sally were elected secretary treasurer fxrst and second semesters respectively Mr Forrest Haywood was the able faculty advxser of the club Relahons Row 1-S Bender M Blum, A Nel son, N Obee. Row 2-W llutehens, J Adams, S Soule, J Duck B Karsian. Row 8-B Wilson B. Lang, S Yoder The Internatxonal Relatlons Club was a new addxtlon to the roster of clubs formed dunng the sec ond semester It offered the opportumty for students to get together and dxscuss informally the cur rent events and xssues ln the news Mr Karl Karsxan their faculty adviser dxd an excellent Job m this club and also as the teacher of the class by the same name Thls class and club met occaslonally on Tuesday mghts for a potluck supper Thelr purpose bemg to hsten to Town Meetmg of the Anr rad1o program on whlch current lssues were dxscussed, not always lmpartially Thxs newly formed International Relatxons Club has certamly been a servlce to all those mterested m the world about them. 78 ' i sllc f y - e l . ' I ' I . . , . ' I about color schemes and the principles of applying color harmony in decorating. A conducted tour of . . . - . l . . l t, I Q , 4 a ' O . Q 0 ' . I U O . ' . . ' ' . ' . ' . " ' ' ." a International Row 1 B. EUODIIIII, M Vassoff S Waters, R. Young E. Hansellann, P 31132, S. Henry D Brockway B. Balas, S. Stofflet, A Gale, M Cole, B. 1 s. Row 2-J Rubley J Blakney M Sutton S. Smith, J MaeDougall, S Sunver ink, B. Bissell, C Cazepls A. Branson, P Wnlkinson, N Clement, B. Tibbals. Row 3--B. Warren, R. Loy D Carstens, R. Meddaugh D Andru, P Rneldesn, M Radtke, H Sally C Rice J Foster A. Routson. Row 4--M Wente, M Peterson, M Baur D Rice, J Wree M Carl, D SI3, L. Wagner C. Matthews. V Miller L. Miller Rov 5-Mlsa Nelson, J Cannell, S. Toney R. Nothdruft, B. Burch, R. Olson, B. Watson N Schleede, A. Bray Row 6-H Haugh, B Pugsley H Bolce R Cole, D Sanderson, M Zeeb, J Sayre R. Bray Row 7 B Karsian, N Davis, J Kokinakes, B. Huehl, M Jury J Barth S Shewchln, M Schneider J Minges, M Dellabaugh J Marshall Row 8-F Brown J Feiner J Schultz D Falkenberg D Douglas D Johnston, G Calvert L. Beckley B. Jacobs, C Bauman. Row 9-G Booth, S Schnell, T Hall. Music lub FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Vnce President Margaret Wente Vxce-President Dorothy Carstens Secretary Jeanne Kolnnakes Secretary Jeanne Koklnakes During IDS second year as a school orgamzatlon the Music Club had many enjoyable actxvntles The majonty of the meetings were spent llstemng to records The purpose of the club IB to broaden the mterests of the members and to and them ln buxlding thexr personal collections of records Musxcal actlvxtxes sponsored both by the hxgh school and the Umversxty of Mxchxgan were boosted In one of the most Interesting meetmgs old Jazz records were brought mn and compared wxth the contemporary to glve the students a bnef hxstory of Jazz Occasxonally the group took part ID smgmg This club under the sponsorship of Miss Geneva Nelson contlnued to rank hlgh ln Interest and membership 79 " U 9 0 9 a I Q ' I Q l Q D I . 9 Q. 9 a a . a a s 9 u O o 9 s a I ' I ' ' I a a 9 s - 9 a 1 o o 11: . Q ' 9 I ' I Q 0 Q . 9 Q u 9 a a . g o p o o 0 9 ' 1 ' . , , . n President ........................................................ Don Zill President ................................................ Jim Marshall e A s ' 0 I a . Lnbrary Club Row 1-B Cross D Turner J. Wllleke P Eschllman, H Sattcrla Row 2-J Karvel, M Cloke, D Rme- slnlth, E. Smith Miss Bacon Students who had a desxre to know more about library work found this club to be an interesting experience Under the sponsorship of Mxss Bermce Bacon the members elected the followmg offlcers Peggy Eschllman president, Dorothy Turner vlce presldent, Mary Cloke, secretary, and Jeanne Kar vel treasurer Assnstance was glven to the Ann Arbor I-hgh School hbrary and tours were taken to adm Club Row 1 R. Schneider, Il Price, Wm Marshill, ll Sutter D Johnston, R. Constor D Sweetland, Mr Cook. The Radlo Club, one of our oldest, was under the leadership of Herbert Sautter as president Gene Morrison as secretary treasurer, and Mr Vernor Cook as faculty adviser, and held as Its purpose the promotion of mterest among the students of Ann Arbor High School in the advancement of radio com mumcatlon The members learned and practiced the sending and recexvmg of the Morse Code They also learned how to operate a radlo statnon by the mamtenance of radio station WADEN, llcensed by the Federal Commumcatxon Commxsslon They were able to contact other schools m the state through thus ama teur radio channel 80 I other near-by. libraries to see how they were run l Row 1-C Ballingall, B Andrews, G Hentz F Mara E. Carpenter, P Chase, S Bmock, B. Reed, J Oliver R. Soukup, N Powers, M Pritchard. Row 2-D Chapman, R. Rogers, D Rohbins,B. Stoll D Boorom, D Proehnow D Cate, E. Loveland J Foster, S North Mr Barclay Row 3-J Hammer, C Keyes, H Gregg D Sellards, M Taylor, I Madison E Floor, L. Relfel, J Lepard B. Relfel, E. Hense Row 4-E. Lindberg R. Arnst, B. Haarer E. Burd, D Fisher H Wenk, J Hackbarth M Collard J Heger Row 5-G Conner J Craven, C Hadley J Wlute, D Boone J Hlntz B Graf B Wood B Sherman, G Harger .l Heldamos Row 6-Mr Recd, R. Hoppe B. Fairbanks, D Sullivan, P Peterson, W Keryluk, N Chnstoff B Mayvrlle, J Vlsel, J Olson, F Seyfned, A Calbert nfle Club FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Presxdent Fred Mar: President Eugene Carpenter Vice Presldent Elliot Burd Vice President Bxlhe Reed Treasurer Bob Boorom Treasurer Gary Henta Executnve Offxcer Moms Pritchard Executnve Qffxcer Bob Maxer The more than seventy flve members of the Rnfle Club were forced to carry on thelr program of events under some dlfflCultl8S this year The R.0 T C rlfle range located on campus whxch the club had used m prevlous years, was not avallable thls season To top off the club s hard luck the War Depart ment whlch lssues the Rxfle Club some of lts weapons, called m one type of rxfle because of mechamcal defects However wxth the help of the faculty advisers, Mr Charles Barclay and Mr Ben Reed the offlcers of the club were able to carry on a near normal schedule of actlvxtnes m spite of these handlcaps On March 19 the club sponsored a shoulder to shoulder match for Natxonal Rlfle ASSOCIBLIOII hlgh school clubs from southern Michxgan and northern Ohlo The club also sent teams to compete m the Detroit Tlmes matches whxch were held m May The fxrmg of postal matches wxth other hxgh schools and the War Department four posxtxon matches were mcluded m the clubs program The Rxfle Club belongs to the Natxonal Rifle Assoexatlon and each member I8 therefore ehglble to partlcnpate ln the N RA advancement program When the rank of expert IS reached m thns program a member IS ellgnble for a school letter Rifle Club members who have recelved letters mclude Fred Marz Dxck Soukup Gary Hentz, Morrls Pntchard, John Raymond Joyce Hackbarth 81 e u o 9 a n a 0 g l Secretary ................................................ Sally Smock Secretary ..............................,..,,..,.....,,.,, Peggy Chase . . . . u . , 1 I ' I ' I Row 1 E. Osborn, D Edwards, B. Norton. Row Z-E. Street D West, L WrathelL Row 3-D Robbins, N Anderson J Mnrquardt, M Mayer Mr A. Reed Row 4-F Blake, .I Scbnell, A Podewil C George. Science Club FIRST SEMESTER Presldent Dave West Vxce President Elizabeth Reifel At the beglnnmg of the flrst semester the Sclence Club conslsted of only three members so no offlcers were elected As the semester passed the membershlp was en larged by three and the club proceeded to carry out xts a1m of furthering' the sclentlflc xnterests of xts members as a means of enjoyment Movles from the Umverslty of Mlch lgan were shown but most of the club s tlme was spent 1n lnformal dxscusslons A vlsxt to the Natural Hlstory Museum on the campus was made durmg Christmas vacatlon Mr A. Reed was the adviser of the Club Durmg the second semester a group of twenty sxgned up for the club and a planning commlttee was picked to set up the programs for the term The club saw demonstratxons by some of the sclence teachers at school heard reports glven by members on varlous proJects and saw movxes A vlslt was pald to the electron mlcroscope on the campus and a party wound up the agenda for the year 82 , . . I Secretary .., .... .. ................................. Eleanor Osborn , . . . . . . Q . , u . o u s n . .- , . . . , . Q . 0 I I , I ' U . ! ' ! Row 1-K. Haas, M Deilnl, I Mirth, N Crane D Gardner J Kolander M Dellalrangh Row Z-R. Fleahlan, B. Hagen, D Bauer D Axelaon, J Kuebler K Carroll, B. Salow J Finkbelner B. Kapp. Row 3-lra. Bohnaaek, R. Kapp L Wilke, J Pittman, B. Davis, E. Katopodia, N Jacob, J Miller Y Small Scnbblers' lub FIRST SEHESTER SECOND SEMESTER President Nancy Crane President Nancy Crane Vxce-Preaxdent Yoahiko Itamn Vnee President Yoshiko Itanu Treasurer .Irene Hirth Treasurer Irene Birth The Scr1bbler's Club offered practlce for those glrls lnterested m shorthand and typ- mg Each of thelr meetmgs was dlvlded mto two perlods the flrst being a buslness meet- mg and the second half a practlce perxod Durmg the practlce perlod all club members were glven the opportumty to practlce typxng or shorthand The club was sponsored by Mrs Juhe Bohnsack who dld a great servxce ln guldmg these future stenographers Wlth the money so dlllgently earned by sellmg school pencils and operating thexr carmval concesslon the members of the Scrlbblers Club journeyed to Detrolt m May After Vlsltlllg many business offices the club relaxed at a show They also v1s1ted a radxo statlon wh1le ln the czty Another example of thexr busy agenda and wxllmgness to work was the bake sale The Scrlbblers Club is certainly a servlce to all students lnterested ln a career ln secretarlal work 83 n O ' I I Secretary .......................... ., ................ Marjorie Delhi Secretary ............................................ Dolly Gardner a I p a a u 0 0 , ' 0 ' 0 ' ' , 0 I a a . .,. ,,1,L . i ! Row 1-S Schnell G Lichty A. Schmid P Hemphnll, D Ritter M Mclntyre, .I Austin M Zimmer J Guthrie A. Colatruglio, S Schreiber B. Stlerle, D Dow Row 2-V Heuer J Hudson, B Nanry D Ham J Fowler C. Keyes D Beadle, B Agnew M Schneider V Onago, R. Fox Row 3--M Jory L Boyce, A Osborn, M Stollstelmer G Goetz, D Luenser C Erridgc, N Bufflngton, C. Andreas, E. Gulden, P Berhos. Row 4-L. Salles, J Weiss, B DeWolfe M Morton, J Fox, D Dupslolf Avshanan, J Jadwin, S Pratt A. Patterson, C Beslock. Row 5-J Tlnally P Tibbals, N Brown, J Ross, B. Willoughby N Thayer N Gibson, J Waterman, C. Thomas, N Hannah, B. Lindberg Sophomore Dramahcs ub President Paul Tlbbals Secretary Sylvxa Schreiber Treasurer Margaret Avshanan Thxs year s Sophomore Dramatxcs Club was under the dlrectlon of Mr Davxd G Buck a student of Engllsh at the Unlversxty of Michigan The mam purpose of the Dramatxcs Club was to gnve those sophomores who were lnterested ln dramatlcs some lnstructxon ln actxng and stage productlon These pur poses were fulfilled to a large degree ln the play The Grand Cham s D1 amond Whlch was presented by the sophomores for an assembly on May 12th 1949 Members of the Sophomore Dramatlc Club hope that all future sophomores mter ested ln dramatlcs will have the same opportumty to learn the fundamentals of actmg and stage production as they have had durmg 1948-9 84 . . , . . . , M. ' 1 Vice-President ....................................... .Jim Smalley U , . . . s . n , , . fa, Q iw. f Row I-S Henry L. Tosheoff B Schostak, K Landes, B. Bard, L. Kinptoa. M Hardin, A Steere M McAllister B Walker B Kappler M Seyfrled, Mrs Delanty Row 2-J Voice, P Wlnney J Blakney J Barnard M Schroen, C Dand, A. Hulburd, J Jesper-sen, B Kellogg S lgerkamp, D Schwartz P Mueller Row 3-T Case, P Whltchurch G Shehan, D Dean P Ashworth, J Sibert, P Moore B Donner E. Swanson, S GYDDDCB J Franklin Row 4-L. Bromley K Hallenbeek, D Stuhlmann, B Burwell A. Douglass, S Overbeck, W Hutchens, M Thompson G Jayne Row 5-B Foster B Hakala, C Hull B Van Schoten R Karslan, D Graham A Godfrey J Taggart, J Ekstrom Spanish lub FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Presxdent Bob Burd Presxdent Lynn Knmpton Vlce Presldent Cexlon Hull Vxce Presxdent Bob Burd Treasurer Bob Foster Treasurer Bob Foster Party Chairman Alxce Steere Party Chan 'man Alxce Steere Program Chairman Mnckee McAllxster Program Chaxrman Shirley Leerkamp Spanlsh Club began the year wlth a get together at the home of Al1ce Steere whose father showed some Sl1deS of South Amerlca Durmg the year many mterestxng' movles were shown to the club and Slllglllg was enJoyed especlally at Chrlstmas tlme Several speakers attended meetmgs and helped the club to carry out lts purpose whlch IS to pro- mote learnmgs of customs conversatlonal Spanlsh llterature and h1story of Spam and Spanlsh Amerlca A progresslve dmner to wlnd up the year was enjoyed by all club members Mrs Delanty sponsor of the club kept an lnterestlng agenda on hand for the club at all times 85 . , , . I . . . . , . , . , . , . 0 , o . g a 9 a 9 n f . . , . . , . . , . , . , . . ' 9 0 ' . v I n Q ' f 9 I Secretary ,......,,....,.,,,........................... ..... Ka y Landes Secretary ..............,.................................. .Kay Landea . . - . , , . . . , . . . .. .I o 9 I 0 s , i s s , s u 0 , , s ' 7 . l . ' : 9 ! X 4 ry swing 5,5 Presidents Vice-Presidents Secretaries Mary McAllister Jean Watterworth Dorothy Clague Betty Karsian Jeanne Kokinskes Frances Brown Judy Gallup Claire Dand Marty Edwards ashington Club Three gleaming Capitol planes took off like silver birds into the bright sun on the morning of April 4. "Purple,""White," and"Pioneer" were the adopted names of the beautiful airships. Inside these 60-passenger planes were 180 very excited seniors from AAHS-going to Washington and then New York. The rest of the 202 students traveled by train. Nervous but excited chatter could be heard above the roar of the airplane motors, and only a few faces turned green while in the air. After months of work, the students were eager to see the beautiful monuments and high buildings. The boys and girls had a great educational experience and had the opportunity to practice democracy on this trip. The first valuable experience was the opportunity to work together. Boys and girls planned projects to earn money for their trip. The girls sold candy and held rummage sales. Blue- books were sold during exams. Boys parked cars for the U. of M. football games, and they had a paper drive in the early weeks of spring. Friends and relatives of this group had their homes decorated with pretty wreaths at Christmas, and they purchased boxes of cards for their holiday greetings from members of the Washington Club This year Christmas was a very special holiday for the group. The spirit of anticipation led the club forward successfully. Companionship and a sense of respons- bility were achieved during the months of working together. As the money was accumulating in the general fund, excitement was growing deeper inside the hearts of every member. The club sponsors worked the hardest of all to guarantee a wonderful trip. They spent many hours each day writing letters, making connections, doing bookkeeping, and attending to many jobs in order to keep things running smoothly. The results of their ambitious work were completely successful. Miss Pauline Zoller, Miss Lucille Lundgren, and Mrs. Julia Bohnsack added zest and fun to the girls' club on the trip, and Mr. Howard Thompson, Mr. Ben Reed, and Mr. John Allison enlivened the trip for the boys. 'FEV' I 'fig , as sf-Wit? rr r. 55 5.1 , ' ' . ' Q ff ff' ".'fi'1z' 7121! L ,sf ' sg,'Ti7f ?1Z V ' . Presidents Secretaries Charles Viegel Don Zill Charles Poquette Ted Hariton Ross Stofflet Jack Baylias Visiting the famed monuments and institutions in Washington gave the students a deeper sense of appreciation for our great nation. Mt. Vernon and its beautiful grounds enthralled the club. Arling- ton Cemetery, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, and the Lee Mansion were interesting places visited the first day. Most impressive of all was the beautiful Lincoln Memorial. The F.B.I. and the Bureau of Printing and Engraving were two places that seemed to interest everyone. Seeing all that money and knowing how it is protected left a deep impression. Flying into New York April 6 in the evening was an unforgettable sight. Millions of tiny lights bade us welcome. LaGuardia Airport was a place of wonder in itself, and we felt small and inferior at first. The days spent in New York were filled with magic. This is the Big City we had talked about, here wereBroadway and Times Square, and here were the people. "Life With Mother" was the first play we saw on Broadway. The following evening the club attended the musical comedy "Where's Charley?". Everyone will remember Ray Bolger's version of "Once in Love with Amy" and the seven encores he took. A tour of Manhattan covered Chinatown, the Bowery, Harlem, the Battery, and various points of interest. During free time many students visited the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty, Rockerfeller Center, or spent the hours shopping. Subways and taxicabs were exciting means of trans- portation. Friday evening the group dined at Billy Rose's Diamond Horseshoe night club. On the evening of April 10 it was time to board our planes and leave the skyscrapers and people behind. The "Purple," "White," and "Pioneer" circled above the city. We regretted that our visit was over, but we were ready to leave for home. The buildings reached out to wave goodbye-and inside our hearts we hummed a tune: "although we wander far, Ann Arbor High, our hearts will turn back to you."-Washington Club memories will always linger with us as we recall the fun we had on our trip. gi X Row 1-S Collms, L. Portwood J Blddle J 0Donnell J Darling M Cloke J Bachmann J Burke Row 2-A Godfrey P Munro, K Markey J .lespersen B Wanzeck N Kaya M Heusel M Hooper G Shehan Row 3-A Routson J Miller S Perm W Sell J Gessner W I-lutchelm T Preketes, S Klttel S Trometer M Warren Row 5-B Brnssfleld N ReganallL Gnfflth C Ries L Brauer J Madison B Trout M Taylor, N Obee B. Aufderhelde P Frederick Row 6-D Sellards, S Chase C Thomson J Beatty N Mangoum J Ekstrom Mr Duckwall Wxg and Masque Club Wxg and Masque members strove to 1mp1ove thelr dramatlc ablhty agam thls year by partlclpatmg 1n the club meetmgs led by the presldent Sue Morgan Carl Staubach assisted as vlce presldent and Joe Ekstrom as secretary Mr Ralph Duckwall, faculty advlser, mstructed the group ln thelr presentatlon of sklts and conversations, whlch were subject to crltlcxsms by the group Mr Duckwall offered hlS suggestxons for the lmprovement of the actmg ablllty of the club members 83 .3 9 l "ii: mv P - , x l , 5 - ' 9 I . v - , 9 0 O 9 - r . , . . , . , . , . , Q - I, u . , o . , - , . , . , . . , . , . . Row 4-M. Masten, D. Garland, H. Mast, S. Morgan, D. Rice, M. Kerililrowske. s I , -. , . . . Z . ' , . ' g a . g o , . . , , . . 1 0 ' Y ' U ' 9 ' .9 ' Q I , . Youth Hostel Row 1 I Edwards, M McCashn B Johnson Row 2-B Braun D Pearl Mr Gary M Graham J McHale Thxs club carrled on many dlfferent actlvltles Their program mcluded hlkmg to some nearby polnt thelr sponsor arranged to have some speakers and movxes for thelr indoor meetmgs Mr Gary had traveled 1n Europe so he gave the club members some pomters on the etiquette for youth hostels The purpose of hostellmg IS to gxve people a chance to take trxps especlally people who otherwise wouldnt be able to take a trip Archery lub Row l V Mathews L. Rufflns Row 2-M Masten, S Kessler M Stofer Row 3-R. Laughlin N Kays, B Wanzeek K Markey Miss Harney Row 4 R Hale N Sprung Row 5-G Jaeger B Muller R. Peter son G Parns. The Archery Club was organlzed durmg the second semester It offered an excellent opportumty for those who wanted to learn and practice the fundamentals of archery These future Robm Hoods elected Bob Mlller and Bootsle Wanzek as thexr offxcers and were under the leadershxp of Mxss Ehse Hamey We hope that the Archery Club w1ll get a good foothold ln the school because lt offers lnstructlon and entertainment to many potential Nlmrods 89 i of interest. Once when there was snow on the ground they went skiing on Peach Mountain. Mr. Gary, , . . . . . . . . ' , . . , . v - 9 ' v 1 . , s . . a , n . , ' ' I 5 .I kg Q AEI. :H i 4 Tom Dudley Betty Karsnan Alice Harrell Student Counc1l The Student Council came through another successful year The capable leadership of Tom Dudley presldentg Betty Karsian v1ce president J 1m Marshall treasurer Don Zlll and Dick Whitehead parllamentarlans, Dorothy Clague correspondmg secretary and Alice Harrell recordmg secretary found many opportunitles to help the school A suggestlon box was one of the new ideas of the Counc1l Open discussion meet ings were held to go over the suggestions For the first time a student directory was publlshed that proved to be most helpful A Public Relations Committee was set up to provide a common outlet for school publicity this year From the begmnlng of the year the members tried to direct all decisions to help that great progect The Party Committee under Gwen Calvert functioned very ably and made the all school partles and the Football Formal enjoyable affairs The Council played host to both the State Council Conference and the 5 A Confer ence whlch meant work on the part of all members For the second year the carnival was sponsored by the Council with all the orgamza tions and clubs of the school contributing their labors As usual the Counc1l aided charity by backing the March of Dimes the Commun ity Chest and Red Cross and the canned food drives A fine Job was done by the Pep Committee ln organizing the pep meetings and re serving sections at the football games for our students Cheer all cheer for the Student Council and the excellent Job which they turned in on all undertakings 92 l I The drive for a new Ann Arbor High School was the main activity of the Council FIRST SEMESTER Row 1 K Keely F Marz J Marshall D Clague B Karslan T Dudley A Harrell D Zlll, J Lucas, J Court Mr Carr Row 2-B Scovlll M Nungester Sue Trometer Rowe 3 J Grammatlco L Kunpton B Reed S Bender B Kellogg G Shehan, J Sayre A Cravens, M Taylor J Biddle Row 4 G Calvert C Ries J Gallup B Aufderhelde M Hutchens P Moore A Steere M Schoen. Row 6-R Maugh B Hakala R Hoppe, D West, J Moon D Dohoney B Burwell, D Sellards SECOND SEMESTER Rowcl M Wahls J Marshall D Clague B Karslan T Dudley A Harrell P Mueller J Lucas, Mr arr Row 2- Johnson M McAll1ster S Trometer M Sellards S Gibson S Kessler ROW Gakle B Reed L Klmpton T Hanton M l-lutchens A Steere A Ball M Blum Row -G Hentz F Brown K Landes G Calvert Row 5 D Hume A Douglass G Weaver R Whitehead E Foster D Long H Alhgngon Row Monson J Reynolds, J Grammatlco, S Burns, J Pflffner C Veigel, W Gavln 93 1 M , 1 5 now szsf Bums, B. 'weav2r,'R. whiieneaa, J. Pfiffnler, ix. An-ansJn. ' ' ' ' ' 5 ,A ri. , . ' , , , , , , - , , 3-s. , . , . ' , . ' , . , , ,' 4 ' I ' 1 o , . . , , . . 6-Bf 'I . II ". Row l-S Burns B Karslan Miss Harney Row 2 Mr Ryan, D Dohoney Mr Schneber H Athanson The A B was set up as a board to formulate DOIICIBS affecting the athletlc lxfe of the students The student members of the Athletlc Board are elected by the Student Coun cal The teachers for thls board and also for the N A B are elected by a faculty vote Row 1-J. Gallup, B. Reed, Mnss Duff, G. Calvert. Row 2 S. Burns, Mr. Schrelber, Mr Cook, J Pflffner. N. A. B. The Non Athletxc Board formulated DOIICIGS affectlng the socxal 3CtlVlt1eS of student llfe. The student members of the N.A.B. are also elected by the Student Councll. Mr Schrelber IS an ex 0fflClO member of both of these boards 94 ,f-al 1 f , ex , .xl Vtpipf- . T Jw 45 '41 A SWT' "Q, W 5, 2122. ' n A , ' 1 0 , Q . g 0 1 . - 9 - D ' ' Al Bl . - . . . . . ,rl A , N . 1 , wg. SECOND SEMESTER Row 1 M Sutton M Mclntyre J French M Zimmer J Biddle S Snuverlnk, C Russ, G Knott J Mornson, D Johnson, Mr Schreiber Baur F Stollstelmer H Bucon J Court J Madison M Wente J Fredenck D Wesenberg, B. Fos Row 3-R Stofflet D West, M Fans, S Waters, G Collms, M Ford, Staueh J Ward S Mesnard Townsend T Beauch Row 4--B Parks W Teachout, Jacobs N Brown, C Matthews, Athanson. Row 5-K Kaercher G Wenlre, Douvltsas, B. Wedemeyer R John son, J Stewart, S Stuhlmann, S McCourtie, N Crane, C Kroske Row 6-D Steele R. Peterson, C. Bauman P Whltehureh, L. Hleber R. Atlnns, D Frayer B Bethke F Crandall R. Laughlm B Burch, K Staubach J Matteson FIRST SEMESTER Row l-B Stason T Hariton, G Tervo, J Taggart, S. Leerkamp W Sell B Schostak, P: Mueller, S Snuverlnk R Young C Kroske A Douglass Row 2-B Weber G. Collins, M Ford M Blum, J Jespersen, M Sellards, A Hulburd, B Warren E. Enke- mann M. Isaacson, G Knott G Hallenbeck, K Staubach B Meyer Row 3-W Chase C Veigel, B Davls, C Dand D Stuhlmann C Bau- man P Fredenclr, I-I Wlese E. Burd D. Eggleton Row 4-R Schneider N Crane J Ward D Hume J Adams, M Every Row 5-F Stollsteimer P Reding C Hill D Navarre D Stauch, R. Fry J Martxn Row 6-J Gakle, C Poquette D Manwanng D Long B Denllouter J Craven G Perros, F Patterson, P Gagalls S McCourtxe. Row 7 Mr Allison L Hlnkel. Presadenis' Commnttee Homeroom presldents met twxce a month wlth Mr Alhson durmg the flrst semester an w1th Mr Schrelber durmg the second semester to dlscuss the lmprovements needed at the meetmgs held each Frlday morning ln the homerooms Guest speakers addressed the presldents on varlous subJects such as parhamentary procedure, how to dress, Red Cross work, and others Dlscusslons were also camed on by the Presidents Commlttee wlth the faculty concermng problems brought up ln the l'l0I!l6I'00IYlS 1 ' I l ' . 9, Z l 0 . , . Row 2-N. Reganall, A. Routson, M. ter. l . ' . ' " . ' D. , . , . , B . , . B. , . . H. . , . J. I I d . U . . . . a , a a 0 a a ssembly ommlttee Row 1 D Turner R Tower B Kappler J Adams M Schlecht M Nagel A Haywood A Branson T Harlton Row 2 N Mueller E Hager B Wat son W Hutchens, P Munro L Andrews S Weber S Collins Row 3-B Townsend L Toshcoff R Nothdruft G Goetz L Schaerer M Maten J Blakney B Karslan Row 4 B Walker R Fleshman J Burke M Avsharxan D Rice, S Stlerle G Calvert M Helfrlch H Bolce Row 5 A Brumbaugh G Jayne B Willoughby A Hulburd L Halt J Jespersen J Rlce J Bard Row 6-S Pratt G Jarrett B Morrl son D Long J McClune J Beatty S Morgan Row 7 D Sullivan A DAgostmo R Fry A Harrell. Red ross ommlttee Row 1 L Kmsey J MacDougall E Street S Looker M Anderson E Osborn M Zeeb Mrs Howard Row 2-H Kabat P Chase R Young R Meddaugh M Hardin N Tomita B Collyer Row 3 J Vander Ark S Kessler R Loy I Brown F Powers B Wil son M Constant D Sloss Row 4 R Cole E Hager Row 5 L Brauer S Toney B Wurs ter M Jedele S Turnbull H Bolce S Shewchm Committee Row 1 J Love B Pittman J Mac Dougall E. Street E Osborn Baker L Boyce S Kokmakes Wnllxams Row 2 S Perm B Rothenbecker Reed M Schlecht S Glbson Rutledge M Graham Row 3 R Tower M Frltz M Blum B Watson D Dupslaff J Ross Patterson P Steeb S Collins Andress Row 4 B Bayhss A Brumbaugh Muller L Relfel B DeWolfe Luenser J Lepard D Reeves Schalrer Row 5 Mr Powrle B Pugsley Wenzel R Johnson J Barrett Row 6 McClune A Aprlll P Kaufmann A Douglass R Raab B Wilson D Zxll D Dean J Frank lm Mr McMurtrey l T. , 4 , . 1' r- 9' 9' 1 - v . . .-. ,i ,I - , . . ,- ,. ,. 4 . ,. ,. ,. ,o 1 . ,. ,. . .... ,i ,. ,. ,. . ,. ,. ,- . 1. ,, ,, ,. ,. ,. ,n ,. . Q ,. ,. ' ,n yo 1' I - . . . , . 1. ,. ,. ,a 1- ,. ,.A ' r , , W 9 9' nh ,. ,. ,F --. ,. ,B. , . , . ,J. ,. . .... ,. 'l , . ,. ,. ,A. - - . -. ,. ,J. ,. ,. ,D. ,. ,. ,D. -. ,. ,A. ,. ,. . 1-I. , . ,. 1' 1' 1 . ,. ,. ,. ' , . . I '-. yn ,- n' 9' r' ,. , . . ' 1' Y' I . ,- ,. , . . ... ,, ,l 1- 1- 1' ' ,. ,. . in ,l , t, ,. ,, - 9- 9' 1' 9 ' " ' ' 96 Debate and Forensics Bruce Wllson Dean Mc Laughhn Dav1dManwar1ng Jos eph Pflffner and Rlchard Whlte head were the fxve members of the debate team of 1948-49 Al though only two members of the team Bruce and Dean had any experlence whatsoever m debate the team thls season was easmly able to w1n the Detroxt Free Press Award for excellence m debatmg The debate team w1th the able asslstance of Mr Donald Gary also won a berth xn the dlstnct elumnatxon tourna- ment The hlgh spot of the year came near the end of the season Row 2-R Wlutehead Mr Gary J Pflffner when Ann Arbor handed Battle Row 1 D McLaughlin B Wilson, D Manwarmg Lreek a double defeat There IS one sad note to sound however all the members of thls year s team are sen1ors Thls of course means that there wlll be no experlenced nucleus to help carry on for next year s teams However next semester for the fxrst tlme a course wxll be offered called Advanced Speech Thls electlve course w1ll place emphasls upon debatlng Stagecraft Because of the great de- mand for the servlces of the stagecraft members thxs former club had to be made lnto a regular class thls year Mr Ralph Duckwall was the teacher ln charge Thls group of stu dents had the Job of construct mg and arrangmg all the equlp- ment and settlngs for plays as sembhes and programs put on ln Pattenglll Audltorxum Other dutles of the stagecraft workers xncluded taklng care of the aud1 torlum managing the hghtlng ROW 1-J GYIISCIIGW J Allslln Mr Duckwall L S600 R and pubhc address system for Base" all productlons and taklng care Row 2-D Pearl, J Smalley M Maten L Portwood R of llghtmg for the school dances Vlnliefflnsa R- F01 The stagecraft group should be thanked for 1ts excellent servlce to the school 97 , - 1 9 ' . . . . - 1 . 1 . . . . . . . . . , T u , a e . . . . , . , . . 1 . I . ' 2 , . . . . - 1 1 , . . - 9 . . . . . . . . Q 1 5 v 0 I ' U - , . . - . - 4' , - 1 . 1 , . n g 1 , . , 1 , . . C . . , . , . , . . . . . v ' - . Row 1 D Flegel, C Haywood, M Jory L. Orensteen, M Thompson, E. Tlbball, B. Olsen C Matthews I Edwards. Row 2-C Keyes, B Caldwell J Galbraith G Jayne, R. Fnes, D Falkenberg D Vanhere H Wiese E. Burd, E. Hager J Agar M Isaacson T Heger Row 3-M Smder H Muller H Bucon, J Barrett G Davls B VanSchoten, G Muller J Emerlck F Stollstelmer J Davxs D Otto L. Hayward, F Hall J Hexdamos, R Rogers, R Fleshman J Ransom R Stringer H Haugh J Morrow Row 4-J Barth G Jaeger J Cnppen D Eggleton E Dersham M Carl, J Servms D Boone Mr Roth Band Presldent J1m Servls V1ce presldent Dlck Eggleton L1brar1an Elalne Hager Umform Manager Calvln Haywood Any k1ng com1ng forth m glory would be more than proud to have our band lead the way The AAHS band led the way ln boostlng the school Splrlt of the entlre body The band got thelr marchlng season off to a good start wlth a one week sesslon at the Natlonal Muslc Camp at Interlochen Mxchlgan It was the fxrst tlme ln the hlstory of the school that a camp of th1s sort had been attempted The success of th1s venture was so notable that It probably w1ll become an annual event After that week of fun and hard work the band applled the new fo 'matxons that they had learned at camp to the football fleld at the f1rst home football game These enthusxastlc musxclans attended all but one of the season s games The annual mld wlnter band concert was the next project of th1s group Although the weeks precedlng the concert were extremely busy the band managed to be on hand for all of the home basketball games and many of the pep meetings After g1v1ng pre v1ew concerts at AAHS and Tappan Slauson and Jones Junxor Hugh Schools the band cl1maxed the season on February thlrteenth wlth one of the best concerts ever heard m Pattenglll audltorlum The proceeds from th1s concert went toward the summer camp Mr Clarence Roth the very capable and patient dlrector worked hard to prepare the band for the d1str1ct contest ln March H1s efforts were rewarded when the band rece1ved a f1rst d1v1s1on The purple and whlte was also represented at the state muslc fest1val by our bandmen Addltlonal honors were brought to the band by sololsts and small ensembles who entered the contests for those groups A successful year was com pleted when the band played for the graduatlon exercises of the forty nmers Hall all hall to the AAHS band and thelr efforts ln mak1ng the home of the purple and whlte an outstandmg school 98 T . - o s , o U . 9 - n - 'n . e 9 0 . , a . n , . I ' ! I ' 7 ' I ' 0 . . . , e . . 7 o . , - D , . n l , . , . , . , .G , . , . . . , . , . , . , . . ' 1 ' 1 I . p - 9 o - , Q e ' , . , . . Secretary . . ...................... . . . ...... ......... H elen Wiese ll ' ' ' !9 i . . W . U . . . . , . Q , . I . - 1 q n , I . . 0 . . . ' ' u - 1: ' ' 1 1 7 ' ! . . 7 Q I a I n at . u ,, n ' ' . 44 - ' YY ,, . .,, . . . 9 KI ' 77 ' The Ann Arbor Hlgh School Orchestra IS galnmg recogmtlon as one of Mlchlgan s Row 1 B Watson, K Miller T Hegel' I Edwards C Matthews, B. Balas, M MeCaslin Row 2-E. Foster S Sclmell, G Stevens, N Davis, E. Tibbals, R. Olson, M Thompson, S Shewchin, B. Pingston, J Walters, I Schlecht Row 3-C Thomas, R Jones, B Huehl, D Bradbury M .lory C Haywood, R. Flegal, G Jayne, B. Fnes, J Morrow H Hsugh, G Miller J Enerick, J Dana, F Stollsteuaer D Brockway A. Patterson, V Onago, H Finkbeiner Row 4-H Daum D Zlll, I Zahn, P Bertsos, Miss Green, J Servis, D Eggleton. rchestra President Harold Daum Concertmelster Barbara Watson Vxce Presldent Barbara Watson Lnbrarxans Beatr1ce Pmgston Ann Patterson Secretary Nancy Davxs Treasurer Betty Jo Cross Stage Managers Pgtglalirgl Conductor Mlss Elxzabeth Green fmest hlgh school orchestras Mlss Green deserves most of the credlt for the remarkable growth of the orchestra 1n both slze and abxllty Almost half of 1tS members went to solo and ensemble contests thls year and recelved fine ratings The orchestra 1tS6lf went to orchestra contests where a best ratmg was recelved The members were kept busy practlclng for the many performances whlch the orchestra gave such as the vesper concerts Jumor and semor plays assembly pro grams here and at other schools the Publlc School Muslc Festlval and the UHlV6rSlty of MlChlg3H Mldwestern Muslc Cl1n1c The orchestra as a whole and an ensemble of flrst chalr players provxded the muslc for the operetta The Pzrates of Penzance The versatlhty of the orchestra was shown by the varlety of numbers It presented The programs varled from Russlan dances and Morton Gould s spmtual arrangements to Bach s Brandenberg Con certo and the forceful flnale from Beethoven s Flfth Symphony The orchestra also read through many numbers for 1ts own enjoyment. Our orchestra has certalnly come forth ln glory and brought many honors to AAHS durlng the past year 99 . 'in o g o go , e Q o , . . . . . . . . . . . . . , . , . . . . . , . . , . . - . , . , . . . . . , . . . . - . . ...... ....... .... .... . . . . . . - as :sae consensus. . ... .... . .... ...... Iso uaasaao L . . ........ . . .. .. . . , . . . .. . . . . . . . . aa n ' ' . .. . 1 r 9 ' . . . . . 1 . . . . .. . - , . - . . . , .. , - . , - . . H . n - . A CAPPELLA Row I D Claguo, B Johnaon, M Carl, M Vassoff A Branson, S Henry D Sanderson, B Karalan, J Blakney M Helfrich Row 2-M McAlhster J Alber F M Mayer G Calvert K Landes, B Belote, D Schwartz, J Rice J Burke Row 8-J Marguardt, E. Enkemann, J Schultz S McCourtle, S Bender B Kellogg S Kessler J Rnbley Row 4-H Bolce B Pugaley B Walker S Shock, M Hensel, J Bachmann, M Hooper D Carsten! T Prelretes Row 5 L Hayward, N Mangoum, J Reynolds, K Cole, J Moon, J Bird, D Long B Burd Row 6-B Crandell, J Craven H Wagner S Yoder J McHale K Edwards, B Wedemeyer Vocal Groups A Cappella heads AAHS s llst of choral orgamzatlons Its members are all selected slngers and ltS servlces to the school are many and varxed throughout the year The Chrlstmas program was an excellent example of the hlgh cahber of work that IS done regularly 1n B 22 Under MISS Geneva Nelsons competent dlrectlon numerous assem bhes and programs were presented Among these were the partlclpatlon m the Arrms t1ce day assembly and their own vesper program In Aprll the cholr entered a muslc festlval at Royal Oak The hlgh polnt of the year came ln March when the chorlsters presented the Gllbert and Sullivan operetta The Pzrates of Penzance Offlcers of thls vocal group were Gwen Calvert president J 1m Craven and Wlllls Patterson vlce presldents Mary McAll1ster secretary Kay Landes and Norm Mangounl robe man agers and June Burke hbrarxan The Cantando Cholr whlch 18 also dlrected by Mxss Nelson partxcxpated IH several vesper programs and the Chrlstmas and Easter programs Mr Donald Plott dlrected the Girls Chorus whlch appeared 1n several programs The Boys Chorus also dlrected by Mr Plott took the part of the clownlsh pollcemen ln the operetta The Pzrates of Penzance They too appeared on several programs In one vesper concert they created a sensatlon by marchlng down the azsle of the audltorlum to the robust strams of Stout Hearted Men by Romberg Purple are hls robes and whlte 18 an apt descrxptlon of the vocal groups at AAHS who have done much durlng 1949 to uphold the hxgh standards of choral work whnch have been so characterlstlc of thxs school 100 To 0 a a ,Q e ,- . . . . ,. . . . ,. ,. . ,. ,. . . . . ,. . . . . ,. . ,. ,. ,. . . . ,. ,. ,. . . . ,. ,. . . la a 0 0 O I 0 ,. . . . ,. ,. ,. ,. . . ,. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . , . . -. - . .. . . . . - . . . . . . . . . . - . . . . . , . A. .. . .. . r p 1 9 ' . . . 9 1 9 1 ' . . 9 1 - . . . . . .. . Q 1 . . . , . . - . , . . . 1 - y . . 9 - - . . . . . . ' n H . .,,. .- . . . . BOYS' CHORUS Row 6-Miss Nelson S Pratt E. Klenzle, G Booth J Wree, J Sibert M Schneider E. Tlbbals, L. Beckley G Downey CANTANDO Row 1-J Rattl, J Taggart J Wil hams C Cazepls, D Ritter V Mathews M Hardin J Marquardt D Turner B Balas D Brockway A Godfrey Row 2-S Collins F Powers B Evans M Hooper B Stlerle, S Schreiber V Frisch S Toney P wllklllB0ll M Sutton, H Mast Row 3-B Willoughby J Bachmann, S Gakle V Heuer N Brown, M Morton J Carras B Kuohn J Agar M Warren Row 4 B Wiley M Ayshanan L Wagner J Waterman, S Kessler W Hutchens, M Constant D Sloss, D Rice, A Routson Row 5 J Jespersen D Ham M Heusel J Sayre, R Loy T Hay wood B Weaver E Gulden, M Takagn P Wmney M Malin J Foster Chapman B Fairbanks C Mc Donnell, R Jones K Nielsen Row 2-D Royce, D Kennedy B Gould R Hale, J Campbell D Penn B Wood Row 3-S Ind, D Crosby G Wenk, R. Constant, J Moon W Trapp GIR LS' CHORUS Row 1 B Hicks T Delco, L. Andrews E. Jones J Collms P Zimmer G Llchtx N Tomita, E. Grmdstaff M Takagi, B Schltten helm E. Beck. Row 2-F Powers B Evans M Zimmer N Clement, J Jadwm, B Agnew N Schleede D Hardwick, L. Wagner Row 3-M Cloke J Hall, M Mc lntyre M Corwin J Vander Ark, J French C Errldge B Cushing Row 4-B Burtt D Dupslaff M Stollstelmer J Ross B Trevlthlclr, J Mlnges A Bray Row 5-A Cravens, P Hemlfliluf D Ham, G Booth, B DeWolfe, G Terv0, J Carras, P WIIUICY C Andreas B Seltz R. Bray Row 6-D McCrumb C Cloke J Waterman D. Townsend, P. Mit- chell, M Collard, N. Behnke, M. Parlas, M. Schneider, B. Fisher. Row 7 P. Swanson, H. Satterla, D. Falkenberg, C. Bolciuk, B. Rothen becker L. Moore, D. Kornexl, S. Perry B. Williams, A. Gale, V. Hall. 1 U . 7 . l' 9 0 ' Q 0 I ' 9 ' 9 . , . , . , . . , Q , Q , . , . . , . , . , . , V. . . . , . . , . , . . , . , . , . , . . i - , . , n l 9 ' I 1 . . , . We Q 0 , I , l a ' I - . 1 1 1 '. I . ' . . . . o , c 0 , ' , ' ' . . , . . ' . . i ' ' Y, Row 1-Mr. Plott, M. Johnson, D. , 1 , - ' . , . . . . , . , . . , . , . . . . , . . , . . 1 . I y - YY Q 2 ' 1 ' , . , . , o 1 ' I . , . , . , . . . , . , . . , . o ' , . , . . , . , . . . , . , . , . , . . , . . . Q I p Q I ' Y ' 0 1 ' I ' ! D D Roger Peterson Frances Brown Nan Reganall Jack Reynolds Greta Shehan Optimist Whlle lookmg back over the recently completed Job of publlshmg the school paper each staff member had hrs own memorles but common to all was the memory of that confused dxsheveled center of operatlons B 8 The entlre staff well remembers the blood, sweat and tears that poured lnto that room and the entlre student body ns famlllar wxth the superb examples of Journalxstxc endeavor that were produced by that offlce Roger Peterson tall blond handsome and always calm led the Optxmxst staff as edxtor Roger never seemed excited or upset and very effectlvely dnrected the work of the Optnmlst staff Frances Brown assxstant editor took charge of the fxrst page Her very newsy Fran Sez col umn kept her dlgglng for the latest ln school happenmgs Nan Reganall had the tough but thankless Job of proof readmg the Optlmxsts contents Nans vo1ce could often be heard ln B 8 askmg of the room at large How nn the world would you spell that' ' Jack Reynolds and Greta Shehan were eo-edxtors of the popular second page Between the two of Norm Mangoum always friendly and always efflcnent held the Job of sports edxtor Margy Ketelhut thxrd page edltor was the champlon worner of the staff Margy was always sure that her page could not posslbly be stranghtened out by press tlme but m spxte of much gnashmg of teeth she always came across w1th a very complete and very commendable third page Vxvacmous and effxclent Marty Edwards the busmess manager was the head of the advertlsmg department For technical advlce asslstance m a pmch, or Just a llttle morale boostmg the staff often turned to the new faculty advlser, Mr Philip Buchanan It was readily agreed by the Optimist staff that ln spxte of the time work and mental stram whlch the Job required the pubhshmg of the paper s twelve xssues was for each of them their blggest Joy and thelr greatest prxde Norm Mangouni Msrgy Ketelhut Mary Blum Stan Yoder Marty Edwards 102 I I I l I ' - ' ll YI ' , sl 1 n u s , u n 1 A 1 , I , Q u , I . u u ' . ' ' ' ll YI . 1 1, ,Q n . . D . . . , , . . - . U . ' , , . them they did a masterful job of turning out a first-rate page. . ., . . . , . . . , I s ' , 1 . ' n n . Q I . , a . . . . ' . ' . . . . , . . . . . - . , a I , a ' l Row 1 D Sellards, K Staubach R. Meyer N Mangoum, S Yoder R Peter son, J Mcllale, J Elrstrom J Reynolds J Robbms, B. Blazkett. Row 2-M Morton, D Rutter R Olsen, D Clague, D Ham, J Austin, B Karslan, P Mueller, J Lucas M Edwards F Brown Row 3-A. Godfrey S Weber N Obee M Blum, P Wlutchurch, J 0Donnell, M McIntyre, M Stollstexmer L Kxmpton, L. Gnfflth P Buchanan. De Wolfe, J Cushing S Klttel J Kolnnakes. Row 5-D Calkins N Regsnall B Aufderhelde, B. Watson J Schultz, J Weiss, F M Mayer G Shehan. Row 6-J Brrd, D Dupslaff P Mxley J Gessner J Darlmg M Avshanan, S Shewchln, B Norton R. Meddaugh B Burch Row 7 N Brown, N Hannah C Beslock, N Thayer, L. Halt S. Trometer J Carras, J Waterman, J Hlnderer N Mueller, E. Shmgledecker Row 4-M. Wente, C. Thomas, C. Kent, M. Sellards, J. Fox, B. Brassfield, M. Barbara Townsend Kathleen Keely June, at last' Sxgn here' How dld this picture ever get ln here" These exclamatlons greeted the weary ears of co edxtors Kathleen Keely and Barbara Townsend as the last copy of the 1949 Omega found lts way mto the hands of lts subscrlbers The school year, wlth xts proms and partles, lts heartaches and happmess the studles and the school splrxt has been set down ln book form for po terlty only through the cooperatlon of the entxre staff and the mvaluable asslstance and support of Mr Rupert Otto faculty advlser In the fall the semor wrlte up commlttee led by Dorothy Clague began the monumental task of wrxtxng mmxature blographxes for the 354 members of the semor class Sally Weber and her cuttmg and pastmg commxttee were busy throughout the year arrangmg the work of all staff members mto orderly form The end of the xmmense undertaklng began to loom mto vlew as Shlrley Mesnard s commlttee began to wrlte up' the accomphshments of the athletxc teams who proudly carrled the banners of the purple and whxte throughout the state The orgamzatlons commlttee headed by Barbara Watson wrote des crxptlons of the actlvltles of the clubs and orgamzatxons of Ann Arbor Hlgh School, and the typlsts Stan Yoder Ken Edwards and Mr Mahlon Buell captured the school Splrlt ln the form of the excel lent photographs that appear ln thxs years book Busmess managers Nancy Staffan and Judy G llup dxrected the ad staff ln thelr scurrylngs around Ann Arbor for ads and 1n the drlve for subscrlptlons Mr Robert Granvllle was thelr capable advlser The art work of Lynn Kxmpton dld much to capture the spxrlt of the school song lh aldmg the staff to carry out thelr theme The Omega staff hopes that the record Qf the 8CtlVlt19S of the year 1948 49 has met with the ap 1l10V8l of the student body Nancy Staffan Judy Gallup 104 , XA t . 1 2 ll If KI ' YI ll ' ' ' ' YI ' . . , . . . , . S . . . A . . . , . . . . . . , . ,, . , . . . were kept busy getting these write-ups ready for the printer. , 0 . . . - Row 1 M Sellards, C Kent, S Mesnard, B Townsend, K Keely N Staffan, J Gallup P Whltchurch A Steere Row 2-D Clague, J Lucas P Mueller A Ball C Dand J Marquardt Row 3-L. Tosheoff B Potter S Gibson, S Weber B Watson, R. Olsen, C Matthews, B. Karslan L. Klmpton, A Haywood. Row 4-J Alber J Schultz D Callnns, M Wente B Johnson F Brown D Gardner Row 5-S Yoder N Kesler J Watterwortla B. Burch, B. Davis, D Rogers, J Adams. Row 6-Mr Granvxlle, M Nungester A. Hulhurd, J Kokinakel, S. Stlatlq G. Calvert, B Belote, Mr Otto. 105 Angel Street The tradltlonal semor class play was presented on November 19th and 20th 1948 The graduatmg class chose Angel Street a mystery thnller wrltten by Patrlck Hamxlton as thelr productxon of the year Mary McA1l1ster d1d an outstandxng Job starrmg as Mrs Manmngham a frall and confused lady who IS bemg methodlcally drlven msane by her schemlng ev1l rrunded husband Mr Manmngham played by Roger Apple gate Inspector Rough Tom Dudley tl'18d successfully to untangle the problems of the Manmngham household Sally Gibson portrayed Nancy the mald Wlth the pert cockney accent who enJoyed trymg her varxous methods of fhrtatlon on Mr Manmngham She and Inspector Rough provlded the humorous slde of the mystery Ehzabeth the faithful old cook who was always trylng to be helpful was played by Frances Brown The excellent stage setting for the play was constructed by Mr Ralph Duckwall and h1s stagecraft class Thls stage settmg and the muslc of the orchestra helped to further the eerle atmosphere wh1ch kept the aud1ence on the edges of the1r seats throughout much of the performance The unusual l1ght1ng effects such as the gashghts dxmmmg when another lxght was turned on m the Mannmgham household were managed by John Gruschow Students servlng as chairmen of the varxous commlttees were Margle Nungester costumes Dorothy Calkxns make-up Emerson Foster pro- grams Gary Hentz propertxes Patt Mueller publ1c1t53Betty Scovlll tlckets and Dorothy Clague ushers Mr Ralph Duckwall and Martha Edwards director and student dl rector respectlvely d1d a splendld Job together w1th the entlre semor class of bnngmg Angel Sta eet to the students of Ann Arbor Hlgh School and the pubhc 106 1 ' 1 , . 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 ' . - 1 1 - 1 . . 1 1 , . . . . . . . . . 1 1 . . . . . - 1 1 1 1 1 . . . . . . . . 1 1 1 1 1 I , . , . .. - 1 1 1 . . ' 1 . Heaven Can Wait When Joe Pendleton KAI Douglassb the flymg flghter found hlmself 1n Heaven by a mlstake of Messenger 7013 1Ken Edwardsj the Jumor play Heaven Can Wazt was headed for an h1lar1ous evemng of entertam ment Mr Jordan Gerry Moonj attempted to correct the error by put tlng Joe s soul ln Farnsworth s body Farnsworth had been murdered by hlS wxfe Jul1aQToy Storeyl and Tony Abbott QLarry Henkel! Once ln Farnsworth s body Joe fell xn love wlth Bette Logan QMRH Blumj took up h1s pug1l1st1c career and engaged h1s former manager Max Levene QMyron Wahlsj One of the many humorous scenes ln the play was the scene where Joe was convmclng Max he was Joe s soul 1n Farnsworth s body When Joe fas Farnsworthj was about to leave for the flght he was agaln murdered by J ul1a and Tony Once more Joe was a soul wlthout a body Joe s 1dol K O Murdock, was shot whxle fxghtmg a title bout and Joe was placed m Murdock s body where he flmshed the fxght and emerged as the vlctor All thxs swxtchmg from body to body perplexed Max but completely baffled Inspector Wllllams QJohn McHalel who was mvestlgatlng the dlsappearance of Farnsworth Murdocks manager Lefty Uack Reynoldsl thought KO had gone screwy and called m a doctor QHugh Kabatj to look at the bullet wound Mr Jordan declded to leave Joe ln Murdock s body because that IS where he a champion flghter belonged All worked out xn the end Max made a deal wlth Murdock Tony and Julxa were apprehended and Joe as Mur dock met Bette Phebe Frederlck was Mrs Ames the housekeeper Lo1s Portwood and Adelle Godfrey Ann and Suzxe malds J1m McClune and D1ck Sulll van heavenly messengers Joe Ekstrom a workman and Clarence Dukes a plaln-clothesman Souls and flght tramers were played by Greta She han Betty Aufderhelde Bob Meyer Davxs Sellards Grace Tervo Pat Mxtchell Ron Zeeb Don Graham, Jlm Beatty Carl Kroske Sue Trometer, and Nan Reganall The unsung heroes who worked dlhgently behmd the scenes were B1ll1e Reed Chalrman of Costume Commlttee Nan Obee Charrman of Propert1es Commlttee Martha H uesel Chalrman of Make up Commlttee Lo1s Brauer Tlckets Tom Case Programs and W11l1am Mayvllle Pubhclty 1h1s was the play upon whxch the movxe Here Comes Mr Jordan was based 108 I 1 1 1 1 1 ' O i - ' 1 ' 1 . , . , . . . I 7 7 . . . , . , . . . 7 , . . . . . . , . . , . , . . . ! . Y 1 1 ' ' 66 Y! ' . . . , . ' 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 ' , . ' .- 0 . . , , . . . . - 1 1 1 . . ! I I 7 9 ' I 4 . Y 1 1 1 9 1 1 1 r . 1 9 9 . . - . - - . l Y P 1 1 1 1 1 - YW ' ' ' Cl I9 . Pnates of Penzance For a two-night span the purple and whxte robes of the Ann Arbor 1-hgh School choral students were exchanged for the colorful garb of a band of plrates The Plrates of Penzance the perenmal favorlte was the cholce of the AAHS musxc department for thelr presentation on March 4th and 5th 1949 The plot centered around Fredenc an orphan who instead of bemg apprentlced to a pxlot was apprentlced to a band of pxrates James Craven played thls part and lmpressed not only the audlence wlth hls mellow tenor vo1ce but also the femxmne members of the cast who took the parts of Major General Stanley s daughters Helen Bolce portraying Mabel the youngest of General Stanley s daughters was thought by many ln the audlence to have a most accompllshed volce The Plrate Klng and Ruth a plratlcal mald of all work were played by James Galbraxth and Dorothy barstens respectively Roger Applegate who was MaJor General Stanley 1n the operetta created a sensatxon m the second act when he appeared on stage clad ln a too short night shlrt W1ll1s Patterson as the sergeant of pohce and the Boys Chorus as the squad of cowardly bowlegged pollcemen were the h1t of the show Judgmg from the enthuslastlc response of the spectators Wxlhs who postponed hls enllstment 1nto the army untll after the operetta was glven numerous compliments for hls resonant bass volce and clowmsh actmg The orchestra dlrected by Mlss Ellzabeth Green furmshed a brllhant overture to provlde the keynote of the evenlng M1ss Geneva Nelson cap- ably dlrected the major portlon of the show accompanled by an xnstru mental ensemble conslstmg of Barbara Watson Katherine Mxller, Emerson Foster Harold Daum Irene Edwards Dlck Fxegel and Ted Heger After many forceful comments Mr Ralph Duckwell persuaded the members of the cast to put emphasls and feelmg mto thelr lines Mr Donald Plott coached the Boys Chorus and acted as asslstant muslcal dlrector Student chaxrmen of the productlon staff were Joanne Adams and brances Brown make up: Robert Carbeck tlckets Elsxe Klenzle ushers Ronme Fox propertxes Toula Preketes program Margery Nungester and B1ll1e Reed costumes and Janet Blddle pubhclty Through the comblned efforts of everyone an operetta was produced that was a credlt to those grand old colors the purple and the whlte 0 I ' u - 11 . . . . 1 1 1 , . . . . 1 1 1 , . . , . . 1 1 1 , . 1 ' 1 1 , . , . 1 ' 1 . . . . . ' . . . . , . . . . 1 1 1 I u u ' 1 .Q . . . . 1 . . . . . . . , - . . . . 1 . . 1 1 1 ' . Q u n . Q l . . , . . . . . , - . . . . . 1 1 1 1 1 . . H C 1 1 1 1 . . . . . . 1 1 1 ' 1 ' u ' 11 , . 'S W 'Aa ' nv M4 v. fs-Ei. 1 if f 5 , A b .', Q ' , I 5 1 ,12 . V, ', K A V. ik ii. " V bzgf x k , Mp.-N - f ,,..-1-f 5 as ' :E O ' - Y O X X Q - f Q If L I - 'hifi x ! . 1, Q E, Q Li?-T ..f, A A 1 swg ig '5-wiki? , if 1, W 5. vi. ,. 'I' . 7 if f n, 5 9+ il .f . ' 1 K-I f N. ' mf. ww'- I ,ww mf-Y . 1 BLA' an I, V D ur JI A , :9,,.,m?.- X n 1 lg ,f I -I 5. ...wx fha' , 4 f fbi rf .1 K o,'-. S l',', ,K . '- O 0 fl 4, ,., 1.5.0 1 , , I Y :'l,' Q is ig Varsity Row l K Kaercher B. Rutledge, R. Schneider J Gralmatico, C. Veigel, B. Tlbbals, J Cole T Hariton, D Kerr Row 2-J Greene, B Boorom G Collms, M Ford, P Gagahs, Bt Stggqn, J Klen C Poquette J McCormick. Row 3-K Hallenbeck, D Stuhlmann, D Graham, S Cook, J McClnne, L. Baker, J Matteson, S Holloway, D Drake Row 4-F Dutton, J Atkms, M Rodnguez S Bums, D Dohoney W Bethke D Chatters, R Parker F Patterson Football A tough but excltmg season was wxtnessed by thxs year s football team as they ended the year tled for second place ln the Five-A League The team led by Captain Chuck Vengel who was voted the most valuable player on the squad bowed to Flmt, Hyde Park, Ferndale Battle Creek Eastern and Ypsxlantl but overpowered Sexton and Jackson I-Ilghtllghts of the season were that the Ploneers never lost by more than two touchdowns and mlssed the flrst place posltxon ln the Flve A by one conversion pomt They are Captam Velgel, Rally Schnelder, Bob Tlbbals, Paul Koernke Pen Gagalxs Stan Burns Jack Baylls Don Dohoney, Leroy Baker, Bob Boorom, Lenny Byers John Cole George Collms, Mark Ford Dxck Kerr, Ken Kaercher, Carl Kroske Jack McCorm1ck, Rxchard Parker, Frank Patterson, Charles Poquette, Bob Rutledge, Mike Rodriguez, Dxck Stuhlmann, and B111 Stason Reserve awards went to Wlllllm Bethke Syd Cook, Duck Chatters Davnd Drake Don Graham Sam Holloway Dlck Kmg John Klem, Jim McClune John Matteson and Doug Walker Ken Hallenbeck Fred Dutton, Jlmmy Atkms, and Jack Reynolds recelved manager awards Elected on the All Flve-A team were Pen Gagahs back and Chuck Vexgel center Dohoney,. end and Koemek, guard, were chosen on the second team Vexgel was also rated on the All State squad and Gagalls, Schnelder, Burns, and Dohoney received honorable mention Semors Schneider, Tlbbals Bayhs, Vexgel, Gagalls, and Jumor Dohoney recelved reeogmtlon on radmo statnon WPAG s All Cnty team. Stan Burns was elected to captam of the football squad next year when thirteen members from the Varsxty team are expected to return for an actxon packed season 114 I .1 ' 9 , . 0 0 I 9 n . a . . . I ' I ' . ' ' . ' . 1 0 o , . . . , , , . . . . , . a , ' . , . q . . ' 1 ' ' . ' s e c n n o u , "Debbie" Drake, who did a swell job at coaching his team, named twenty-eight as letter winners. 2 ' , ' ' . , . ' ! ' ' Y I 7 n s , 1 1 u n ' .1 A , . , I , ' I i D ' ' . . . u - . Q . . , l, . , D , o O s - 1 - ' . . , . . , . SECOND TEAM Row 1 W Gavm D Davraon, R. Maugh J Ward, C Lovelace, J Crrppen, R Raab, R Fry Row 2-Asst Coach Smlth, F Ran dall J Beatty R Karslan, M Pntchard, N Spnng J Crawford, W Cummings Row 3-Mr Shaw B Frazier J Cart wnght R. Winkler J Sphtt, H Athanson, W Chase, Mr Heath Row 4 D Cate, W Younger D Boorom S Nlcolaou P Tnhbala, R. W Weber J Gray THIRD TEAM Row I-G Morriaon, L. Meyer, Roberta B Berger R. Constant Lupn Row 2-R. Aahbaugh, D Ollara, Neff R. Patterson, J Sharp, Keyes, J Hina. Row 3-D Peden G Podesta, Arnat, R. Hume, C Hadley, Lundberg Row 4-N Brooker B Murphy Harvey B Kuehn, A. Douglaaa,Mr' A. Reed. Varsity Row 1-K. Hsllenbeek, L. Byers, P. Gagalis, G. Miller. Row 2-Mr. Shaw, B. Wagner, J. Firestone, B. Rutledge, D. Dohoney, S. Smock, J. Reynolds. Row 3-R. Zeeb, S. Bums, S. Cook, J. Cole, D. Johnston, D. Stuhlmann. Basketball The Five A League tltle m basketball was held by Ann Arbor for the thlrd tnme xn the schools hlstory thls year when Coach Al Shaws cagers took the crown undxsputed The team sparked by co captains Lenny Byers and Perl Gagalxs ended their first reason m the Yost Fleld House wlth seven wms and one lo s ln the Flve A tourney Semors Byers Gagalls, Bob Wagner Jack Flrestone Don Johnston Bob Rutledge John Cole and underclassmen Don Dohoney Syd Cook Stan Burns Sid Smock Ron Zeeb and Dlck Stuhlmann made upthe squad which offered many thrllls and surprxses to the Ploneer fans Chosen on the All 5 A team was Don Dohoney who also was named on the second team of the All State and a representative on the All Cxty squad Dohoney led hls teammates as hxgh point man for the season wlth a total of 124 Both Lenny Byers and Syd Cook recelved a place on the second team of All 5 A and like Dohoney became All Cnty members Byers received honorable mentlon on the All State Jack Flrestone won the teams foul shootlng contest vuth a total of 1230 out of a posslble 1400 Coach Shaw IS lookmg forward to another vlctorxous year as sux varslty lettermen are expected to return next season under the leadershnp of captam elect Don Dohoney along wlth a group of fighting sophomores and Jumors from the second team Coach Howard Thompson s reserves splxt then r season wxth slx w1ns and the same number of losses Ann Ann Ann Ann Ann Ann Ann Ann Ann Ann Ann Ann Ann Arbor Arbor Arbor Arbor Arbor Arbor Arbor Arbor Arbor Arbor Arbor Arbor Arbor Alumm Ferndale Lansmg Eastern Battle Creek Dearborn Jackson Lansmg Sexton Lansmg Eastem Battle Creek Dearborn Jackson Lansmg Sexton Regnonals fSexto nl W .. . ..... 29 .. ..... Ann Arbor ...... . .. .. ..... 37 RoyalOak ....... .. .. .......36 . ...... . .... ..... 3 2 .. .......... ....... . ...24 .. . ....32 ....35 .. . ........ 33 ' .. ......-18 116 SECOND TEAM Row 1-R. Karsian, R. Mueller, F. Stollsteimer, M. Rodriguez. Row 2-R. King, C. Ponce, J. Morrow, D. Frayer, G. Podesta, Mr. Thomp- son. Row 3--B. Parks, J. Cartwright, E. Reichenberger, D. Whitley, J. Juk- lon. Row 1-J Servls, D Folts, J Townsley, R. Schneider K Smith. Row 2-F Dutton, T Hariton, D Wesenberg, P Koemlre, F Mara, E. Graf B. Weber S Holloway Row 3-B Etzel, H Gregg, H Athanson, J Hmz, W Woods, B. Sherman, L. Hleber B. Graf G Knott, D Ollara, J Yates, M Johnson. Row 4-G Morrison, D Boorom P Spradlin, R. Brumbaugh, H Pnce, B Tilrbals, R. Randall B. Boorom J Ward, B. Constant. That Purple 18 the sxgn of mlght was proven by thls years wrestlmg squad as they fmxshed thelr season wlth honors all Ann Arbor Hugh as proud of The event of the year came about when the Ploneer grapplers donned the All State Wrestlmg crown last March 5 for the first tlme ln the school s hlstory Co-captains Fred Marz and Paul Koernke took flrst places ln the State Tourney along with team mates Jack Townsley, Sam Holloway, and Ernest Graf Graf mcldentally, set a State record by gill! mg a shut-out VlCt0l'y m the fmals as a result of three stranght pms Ann Arbor not only five fn-sts, but also captured three seconds, two thirds and one fourth Coach Frank Khne s wrestlers fmlshed a spectacular season as they came ln second m the Flve A League, wlth eight meets ln then' favor agamst two lost to Lansmg s Eastern and Sexton Klme has high hopes for next year when the team wxll be captalned by Kmgston Smith and Jack Townsley Out of the twelve state wrestlers, seven are ex pected to return next season with the light of victory ln their eyes Indwxdual Scores for Regular Starters Weight Wrestlers Won Lost Tied Don Folts J ack Townsley Kingston Smxth Fred Marz Ted Hanton Sam Holloway Dave Wesenburg Ernest Graf W Paul Koernke Semor Manager-Fred Dutton 118 . . . , . , , .... I 9 ' I 103 ......... . .. . . . . 8 1 112 . . . ....10 0 0 120 JimServis ........ .......... . .. .. . ....6 2 1 127 ' ' .... .... ...... . A ..... 5 2 1 138 ....... . .. . .. .. . ....6 0 3 145 ' ............ . .. .... 5 2 1 154 ..... .. . .. 2 0 165 . . .. ....5 4 0 176 .......................... .... 7 2 0 H. . ........................... .... 'I 1 1 State Champs Mr Kline c-1'-'-:zap-4-cpu Wesenberg Graf Koernke Mar: Holloway Weber Smith Servls Tawnsley Hinton Folts I schneiaer D. Row 1 B Fraser D Prochnow C Wltcher, J Grey L. Bromley E. Smith, J Stewart Row 2-F Patterson, K Staubach, J Housewnght, B Fries, B. Jacobs, D Schwemmln B Meyer, J Matteson N Spnng, N Brooker Row 3-D Sellards, D Flegel P Bnlakos C Thomson, R Cate, Mgr J Sehmeder, D Drake, D Walker C Schlanderer Thxs years swrmmmg team, looking more hopeful than last year s placed thxrd m the 5-A meet wlth 19 pomts and placed elghth ln the state wlth four points With a good many Junxor and sophomore lettermen re turnmg next year, ' Dobbxe ll expecting a fme team These pxoneer tankers were captalned thls year by Don Schwemlmn Succeeding hxm for next year wlll be Karl Staubach and Bob Meyer The purple splaahers recelvmg letter awards were Pete Bllakos, John Mattelon, Norm Brooker, Dave Drake Doug Walker, Bob Meyer, Dave Sellarda, Jack Snyder Norman Sprmg, Karl Staubach, John Stewart, Charles Thompson and graduating semors Bob Jacobs, Jack Housewnght Loafs Bromley, and Bob Frnea Dxck Cate recexved a manager's letter Other swimmers of the team were Bruce Fraser Tom Case Garry Campbell Jack Gray, Frank Patterson Don Prochnow, Jam Smalley, Eugene Smnth, Dnck Flegel Bob Burd Warren Chase, Ken Cooper and Peter Kaufman Ann Arbor's second team took part xn four meets tlns year wxth two wxns and two losses. December December December January January January February February February February March Royal Oak Ypsn Central Jackson Lansmg Eastern Pontxac Kalamazoo Fllnt Central Battle Creek Ypsl Central 5-A Meet State Meet THEY 3rd wzth 19 pomts 8th mth 4 pomts 120 , . . , . I l I I ! , . WE V 10: .... . . .... 22 62 14: ' .... .... 4 2 42 17: . . ....... .4 .... 36 48 January 7: Flint Central ................ 30 54 14: ' .... . .... 27 57 21: ' . . ....... . . ...... 33 51 28: . . .... ........ 4 5 39 4: ' .... . . .40 44 11: . . . .... .29 55 18: ' . . . ..... . .44 40 26: .... . .... ' ' 5: .... . . . . . . . . ' ' Row 1-G Jayne, C Ekstrom, J Upton, K Staubauch, B Vogel, C Planta, E. Graf Row 2-Mr Ryan, J Schnell B Burd, B Burwell, B Hxcks D Douglas, B Foster, J Firestone. Row 3-D Navaree S Smock, D Sellards, C Hull B Hakala T Case, J Mcllale, R. Etzel, M Johnson ross ountry The 1948 49 cross country team, led by thexr captam B111 Hlcks and managed by M'arvm Pratt had a success ful year The Purple and Whxte runners defeated Wyandotte Lanslng Sexton, Lansing Eastern, Battle Creek and lost only to Ypsilanti and Jackson In the 5-A contest our team won second place Don Douglas represented Ann Arbor I-hgh School as the ln d1v1dual champion Our harners also placed fourth xn the State This years lettermen are Bob Burd, Bob Burwell Jack Firestone, Bob Foster, Don Douglas, B111 Hlcks Carl Ekstrom and B111 Vogel The prospects for next season look good w1th the return of lettermen Carl Ekstrom Bxll Vogel and the two captams for next year, Bob Burd and Bob Burwell Coach Tlm Ryan IS loolung forward to the return of the promlsmg young sophomores and Junlors 121 W . . . Q . . , . . u . , . . 0 0 - - , . . . , - . . r . . I o ' . K I . . ' 1 1 1 . . 1 . . . . . . . - . Row 1 D Hina, R. Illi, D Boorom, D Dow L. Haywood, J Ekstrom A D'Agostino, T Beaulch, R. Karslan. Row 2-A Evans, B Burwcll J Grammatlco, V Clevxdence D Douglas, M Ford B Fowler J Bayhs J Schnell R. Perry K Staubach, T Hanton Row 3-W Marshall B. Burd Wm Gavm, W Chase T Case, R. Schalrer Row 4--A Calbert F Marz, D Royce D Sellards H Owens R. Rutledge, N Chnstoff B. Tlbbals, C Keyes, B Koch Mr Ryan. Track Spnng sports found Tlm Ryans track squad 1n the spothght as the thmclads were out to gam the fxrst place spot 1n the 5-A league agam Jackson Here Aprll 22 Lanslng Eastern There Aprll 29 Lansmg Sexton Here May 6 Battle Creek There May 13 Reglonal Here May 21 State Meet East Lansmg May 28 122 a 1 , . . 'u . g o o p a , - . , o , g 1 Q . 0 R. Maugh, F. Mlm, G. Jlsyne,. D. spmllin, 1. Byers, w. sehnimen. ' 1 , ' . I l ' Q Y Y , . J Y Y U . Y U Row I B. Lang, D Kerr B. Stason K Hallenbeck, J Atlnns, G Miller Row 2-J Moon, B. Wood J Conners, D Whitley D Chadwick, B Parks, R. Hoppe, D Chatters, D Alexander Tenms The purple and whlte netters opened thexr season agalnst a tough Sexton team comxng out on the losing end by a proved at the end of the season that they could w1n also Captain Bxll Stason, Duck Kerr, Roger Applegate Jun Atkins, Don Alexander, Duck Chatters Ken Hallenbeck, Jerry Moon Jerry Maller, Bud Parks, Denny Whxtley, B111 Wood B111 Lang, John Ransom, Ron Hoppe, Jerry Connor and Denny Chadwick The schedule for 1949 was as follows Lanslng Sexton There Apnl 19 Ypsr Central, There, A.pnl 22 Battle Creek, There, Apnl 26 Lanslng Eastern There, April 29 Jackson There, May 3 Lansmg Sexton Here May 6 Battle Creek, Here May 13 Lansmg Eastern, Here, May 17 Regronal, Monroe May 21 Jackson Here, May 27 State, Kalamazoo, June 3 or 4 123 l score of 5-2. But with a squad made up of theseiboys they , . . , . , D Row 1 R. Beadle, H Walker J Morrison, E. Relchenberger N Brooker, R. Newland, R. King J Cartwright, M Rodriguez J Carras. Row 2--F Dutton, K Cooper E. Carpenter P Gagalis, D Dohoney B. Den Heater, C Veigel,J Cole, B. Stofflet, G Collins, S Cook, T Ponee. Row 3-Mr Kline, J Upton, J Klein, W Bethke D Frayer D Hudson, B Spleth, G Dans, D Ballingall, S Nlcolau, D Stuhlnann, D Johnston, Mr Heath. Row 4-J Reynolds B Carbeck, R. Sehneuler C Ilh R. Dart W Tucker E. Smith, D Staneh S Holloway D Dralre A. Wenzel. Baseball The sandlotters were bolstered with an exceptionally Aprll 22 agalnat St Thomas wzth Ann Arbor wmmng 1 0 The teams morale was kept up by the and of Coach Kline and managers Fred Dutton Jack Reynolds and Tony Wenzel Boys who were out there hxttmg all season were captam B111 Den Hnuter Don Dohoney Syd Cook Rich Nowland Sam Nxcolaou Gene Carpenter Jlm Mornson Mxke Rod nguez, Don Johnston, George Collms Dxck Kmg Chuck Vexgel Pen Gagalxs Ross Stofflet and John Cole St. Thomas, Apnl 22 Here Ypsllantx Apr1l26 Here Jackson, Apnl 28 Here Lansing Sexton May 6 There Ypsllantl May 10 There Battle Creek May 18 Here Lansmg Eastern May 17 Here Jackson May 20 There Lansmg Sexton May 24 Here Adnan May 27 There Battle Creek, May 31, There 124 l o g o . , a , . . , . . . , , . . , ' 1 ' 0 1 - .9 1 f 9 large turnout this spring. Their first game was played , . . I I . e , , u ,a I n ' e , , e e ' e - : . . ' ' I I ' r a 1 . . I ' I l n . l I 7 I I . I I I I . I I . I I I I Row 1 D Space, D Whitehead D Ottosen R Taylor B Wedemeyer Row 2-R Zeeb C Schlanderer S Burns, L Henkel, Mr Shaw Row 3-H Athanson, R Joseph D Carlson J Heldemos B Blackett W1th this years return of lettermen Dlck Whitehead QCaptaml Ron Taylor, Durwood Space Denny Ottosen Blll Wedemeyer, Larry Henkel Stan Burns and Chuck Schlander, the Pioneer golfers are expected to rank with the best teams about the chances and if all goes as planned, the Pioneer lmksmen will be high ln the bidding for a share in the Five-A League standing Plymouth, There April 19 Ypsilanti There April 26 Jackson There Apr1l28 Pontiac Here May 3 Lansing Sexton There May 6 Plymouth Here, May 10 Ypsilanti Here May 11 Battle Creek Here May 13 Lansing Eastern Here May 17 Regional Barton Hills May 21 5A League Jackson May 25 State Kalamazoo May 28 125 in state golf competition. Coach Al Shaw is very optimistic 1 I . Row 1-J Lueaa, L. Kimpton G Sellards C Kent M Nnngester S Menard, N Kesler S. Morgan, S. Stlerle Row 2-Miss Harney N Staffan B Townsend, B Warren, J Adams, J Jesperaen, P Whitchurch, D Schwartz Row 3--P Muller D Rogers, B Burch S Kessler W Hutchens, P Moore Row 4-L. Tosheoff A Ball N Reganall D Gardner B Stollstelmer C Dand, M Wente, M Stofer Row 5-B Hagen, J Gallup, S Gibson, S Weber A I-Iulburd, K Markey J Kolnnakes. Trnbey Under the competent leadershlp of presldent Margle Nungester v1ce president Shlrley Mesnard and secretary Shlrley Stuhlman the Gu-ls Athletic Club sported an excellent year w1th numerous actlvltles that keep athletxcally minded glrls alert Besldes carrymg on the regular glrls sports llke hockey basketball volleyball base ball pmg pong and badmmton the orgamzatlon took over the concesslon booth at foot ball games Another project was the annual GAC Barn Dance whlch was a smash hlt for all who attended Last May 7 the flrst 5-A Play Day was held at Burns Park Glrls from all the Flve A schools came to Ann Arbor Th1s event proved so successful It IS hoped that xt wlll become a tradltlon Thls successful season for the GAC wouldn t have been posslble wxthout the effort put out by the glrls gym teacher Mxss Harney 126 -as 1 g . o . 5 0 y o e s u . , . . , . , . . . Row 6-F. Brown, R. Nothdruft, B. Karsian, J. Hackbarth, J. Grammatico, B. G. A. . . . . , . - . . . . , . 1, u o o , u U o . V. . , . 4 I o n ' 1 , , - , a u - ' I . , . , . G. A. C. EXECUTIVE BOARD Row 1-G Sellarda, S Stuhlmann, M Nungester S Menard S Morgan. Row 2-S. Stierle N Kesler C Kent, D Rogers. HOCKEY CHAMPS Row 1--.I Lucas P Mueller J Wat terworth S Mesnard, N Kesler L. Toshcoff Row 2--D Gardner J Kokinakes, M Wente B Stollsteuner J Hack barth M Vassoff Purple may be the slgn of mlght but so IS the hockey team led by Jean Watter worth which was undefeated all three years ln hxgh school The tnumphant eleven en tered the flnals by overpowermg Jespersen s team and later captured the crown by de featlng' Mueller s Sue Morgan IS given the credlt for managing the tournament with the asslstance of Nancy Reganall 127 . l. Q W if' . , . , . ' 1 0 - r ,- A . I Q g 0 o K, ' . ' 0 - v - ' I , - 9 ' " l VOLLEYBALL CHAMPS . It f, ' M A - 0 N A . s A W3 . . , , 'QA , 1! J ,mtv " ' . D A la., ' . - .. I O A - Q A" . ' ' gy X l , V V- Wi! if f . V 5 . Q V . 9 . ss' ' I I . ' 0 -1 . I I 1 M . ?' . 'B - 2. A 4 . , 3 . 5 Q ' ' ' . 2' . I 5 I1 Row l D Gardner P Mueller S Mesnard, N Kesler J Lucas Kokmakee, M Wente B Stoll stelmer YY ...---41-Q Thxs year an exceptlonally large turn out was seen 1n volleyball The tournament ran off smoothly wlth Shlrley Mesnard s team wmmng the champlonshlp for the second consecutlve year Charlene Kent dxd an excellent Job managmg the group of glrls Wlth Katle Markey as her asslstant The season came to a swell flmsh when thlrty were chosen as all stars BASKETBALL CHAMPS Row I-S Morgan S Stuhlmann, B Reed Row 2-K Markey M Taylor B Wanzeck. As the glrls' basketball season came to a close, we found that Shirley Stuhlmann's squad proved to be the best team. Elghteen teams were represented in the tournament, whnch was handled successfully by Gemeve Sellards wlth Sue Kessler as her handy maid. The team endlng the season as wmner of the Losers' League was Elizabeth Hait's team. 128 fm- Row 1--S Collins, B Potter S Gibson, J Adams, J Macllson, J Lucas, R Nothdnrft, B Walker Row 2-D Blrkle, J Martin, B Reed, M Avslnnan M Morton M Taylor A Harrell, MISIIIIIR Mary Lewm Cheerleaders Ambxtlon spmt and the ablhty to make nolse were the three outstandlng charac terlstxcs that the Junlor and Semor Varslty Cheerleaders possessed thls year Thls group of slxteen glrls followed thelr teams regardless of ram or snow The cheerleaders are a group that must be patlent and prepared for anythlng Many tlmes the glrls showed great patience for some of the rudeness of a few people m the audlence However they kept their school velllng through defeats and vlctorles Many times the glrls left the games wlth sprams and brulses Nevertheless they were always back as soon as possible They dld a flne Job of brxngmg the school together to back the teams 129 ,Q f 4 , A J 5 M Q X ,dfv-v Q x l . Wk r Q ,J I . ' V. Wit. :WVL 2' n n g . - o 0 . s 0 . . u . Q - - . , o g o g o 1 1 ' . . - . . . , . s . . . . ' 1 . . Kung and ueen 15? 'N o f1nd out who these seruors are look 1I'1 the ads Hxstorxan Poet Wlll Reader Orator Prophet Glftatonan Class Day Ofhcers Roger Peterson Cellon Hxll B111 DenHonter Bruce Wllson Dave West Lynn KlmDt0D 130 I ' L IE' 1 ' ' L, YI A 'X e rf, M R ' If 'H f . 'RV Hi, 'Q 1 3 Q o WQ W 'U A Q N M , V 3 Xxx ,,l xxx V 2 . 1 , , ,V XX lf! :J X X xx ' xx ' N M X x T - . , . I . .-W 41 vm ul BOOM , wc: Y 26 44' n XID Luv' SLU ' IMD . .uf rw A ,H-"' v 1',., ' :WN X fri v x 44.1 A, A. ,Q X 5 1 Qi Q-, 43. :A A - -fs? 4 , .gg 5. ff . rl so k 2 ,, , 4'L. if I ,gf di 7 , if D 5 ' 1 . Q '21 . we l r ' Q . v Q up ff! ,V ' . 4 'W 'f 'gf V - xiii g Q... f , , R Q a .5 , :- s f ...Q iii' n-- g f V f 25 1,3 in 'f 3. 4 , , : 1 19 f? ' 'asf , qghj' 5 V b L:-1 5 1 'K X ' LQ.if.iMIl!9 A ' W' D ! 1' 'W55 ,x,L X at Q' Ai S iv ,M wh L 2 ff?5. l :'.: I fag JL '7' ,, zgmf 0,,,,.,,,,,, fo, aw, 120, .mf gbf in ,ann ,4,4.,, A N N A R B O R PUBLIC SCHOOLS The foresught and generoslty of the cm zens of Ann Arbor have made possible a Cnty school system for Ann Arbor whnch us In keeping wnth the remarkable de velopment on the Umversnty Campus Well Trained Teachers Excellent Equlpment Splendid School Bulldmgs Flne Student Body THESE ARE THE KEYWORDS IN MODERN SCHOOL EDUCATION ANN ARBOR HAS ALL FOUR 'r rm zsurskgny NYLON YARN S T U D1 0 FOR SOCKS SWEATERS ETC The VAN AKKEREN KNIT SIIDP 3lJEatH 72511 rthUl DISTINCTIVE Congratulatlons PHQTOGRAPHY fom STADEL and SONS SINCE 1890 Clothlers Edwnn D Rentschler 20550 thMo Steet A Aborolymte Hmm' PM Best Wlshes For A Successful COMPLIMENTS F uture' Ann Arbor Busmees School 330 NICKELS ARCADE ANN ARBOR RECREATION BOWL FOR HEALTH ALEXANDER DRUG STORE 727 No th U e Sty 605E tH Ph 20103 o en n 5 e u I l ' 1 s uron Street o nverslty I' , nn r s n as ro o ra U In I' l 1 O of I ' L Hair: Betty Karsian - - lll'0 r nw r ' B8 ll 0118 l ,, ,, f , 717 NORTH UNIVERSITY AVE WATCHES JEWELRY SILVER NOVELTIES A A H S JEWEIBY MICHIGAN JEWELRY COMPACTS Near Hill Audltoriu CIGAREP CASES DIAMONDS BILLFOLDS Orange Bloss m Engagem t and W dding Rings CIDCKS We have served Ann flrbor High School students for over 60 years Let us continue 5-SSW? ahr' s Book Stores 105 N Mam St 316 S State St SllyGb H 1 In 0 en C this service to you after graduation. M A Y N A R D Battery 8: Auto Electric Shop 332E W hinfto St Ph 20217 Speclallsts Ill Starte Gene ato Carburetors Ign t on System Q Electric Motors O D MORRIIL S th St t t Typewrzters Addmg Machmes of all Makes-Bought Sold R 1 ted Cl aned and Repamred STUDENT AND OFFICE SUPPLIES l Fon UALITY PRINTING Books Publications Soclal Stationery Wedding Invltatlons Busmess Stationery Advertising Prmtmg The Craft Press L...- BOYCE PHOTO CO Expert Photo F nlshmg G et ug Ca l 423NU A Abo I CAMPUS DRUG STORE O . as n , O O C O C O , rs, r rs, O I I ii ' 0 T O n . Q ' ' I I U C U I . . . I 314 ou a eSreet Q ' ' ' " I o o 0 C 9 9 el 9 e ' ynard Street Ann r r, c . 4Across from Ntckeh Arcade Phone 8805 O i D 0 ,Iv QQ- re i 1 ns " . niversity nn r r,N ic fl Feet: n .. .. e I Thu I8 an example of the Gne quality of work whxch we do for you We have served Ann Arbor High School for four years and wlll be back ln tfhe Quality and Prompt SCFVICC IS our motto NATIUNAL PHOT0 SERVICE BOX 226 LORAIN OHIO fall. O as - - v RADIOS TELEVISION MUSIC CE TER Just West Of Hull Audntornum RECORDS SERVICE CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CLASS OF 49 The Abbott Casolme C0 H1 Speed Products To the Class of 49 rn MAIQLYN Sh e 529 53I E Luberky St Mlchugan Theatre Bldg A b M COMPLIMENTS of the STAF F AN HILDINGER Funeral Home r Nose: Lynn Kimpton Congratulations and Best Wishes 1 Ann r or, ichigan Sandwlch Shop Walnut Room DR KE' CONGRATULATIONS 49 en 0Iague's Grocery8fMarket 1200 Packard Street Moeo st eyo Hedq so DIETZEL S Brownlnlt Shoe Store 109 E wash gf S or that cafter school snack" 'XJ' CARMEL CORN SHOP 621 East Liberty FINGERLE LUMBER C0 617 715 S th Pffh A 133 There lS a Maternal Dlfferenre CHELSEA FLOWER SHOP ELVIRA CLARK VISEL QProp iem 1 203 East Liberty Street Dual 2 5616 CONGRATULATIONS from J H COUSINS women s apparel suv scum sum st An A bo , Mxchxg l ili l l 'H F 4 - I A O k ur or ur a uarter fr Girls' ond Boys' Sport Shoes and Cosuols ! ' - ou i venue 9 I . o CG ' 0 ' 97 . in on t. ' ' r r I I ' I C I W 9 . n r r ' ' an E E CONGRATULATIONS Ann Arbor Automoblle Dealers Assoczatzon Ann Arbor Bmck Servlce Company Clinic!! Ann Arbor Motor Sales Q Service fcldllllc! Cushmg Motor Sales, Inc iFord! Fitzgerald Jordan Hockett Sales Company fDeS0t0 Plymouth! Huron Motor Sales lChevrolet Oldsmobile! Johnson Sales and Servlce 4Dodge Plymouth! Knoll and Erwin, Inc llludson! Manausa Motor Sales Gackard! Muller lalmke Motors fChrysler Plymouth! Nye Motor Sales fNash! BEGUILING GOWNS To Enhance Your Lovelmeas posed by Stadium Motor Sales MISS Nlary l Kaiser Frazer! Staebler and Sons lPontiac! Ste-ve's Bodv Shop lWlllis Overland Jeep! Lmk Motors lStudebaker! Ol' THE ELIZABETH DILLON SHOP I , O O XX , fLincoln, Mercury! A I I O f ni -1 -1 Hi 1 ' 1 1 1 nn- 1 Congratulations from C O R N E L L DEPARTMENT STORE 21 I South Mom Street ongr tul t o s to the Cla 5 f 1949 Godfrey Movmg 81 Storage Co 0 cnl:AL.Mn 4-10N Fourth A THE GAGE LINEN CONGRATULATIONS 5 H 0 P Dlstmctwe Lmens and FAUQS BAKING COMPANY Hfwdkefvhlefs ll Nik.-,1 A1-cad Pho 2.0114 A A.-bo Micmga CONGRATULATIONS H D KELLY and SON TH 4 togn hell In An Arllbr 1 Y ! 5 SOUL! BOULEVARD PHONE Ill! I desired PORTRAITB Child! WED ING8 f 111181 did GROUPS PARTIES CO LUMBER COMPANY 524 s wus sr Figure: Mary Hoald I C a 'di n s o O ' I C. . . . venue U O O O I I L.. . ' Arms: Betsy Potter 0 B 0 Ile llll l', il TO fha p ll 5 QCII E 9 'E from u We oomntoyonr home! , Bn: D , 0 orcm .L . l l' 7 NAMES YOU KNOW 88088 YOU LOVl Jacquelme Conme Marquise Pam Fuluon .fum A-ur' om c Ll f ax szylea CARMAN S SHOE SALON RANDALUS 306 S STATE If You Can Be Beautlful WE CAN KEEP YOU THAT WAY FOREVER 0 Bestwish 'l'EeryM b ith Class 149 QS QIQUJIO 332 SOUTH STATE STREET 9 I ea ,M , IN Women Shoes n O gov Que QLCOHJ ur es o v em ero e 0 ' f ,, T A ' by E Legs: Judy Gallup Ph 2-1769 H ldfi A d EUREKA CLEANERS g--Tcnl q-C t Tcnl dS ' Good Sefrvi F' W km ship Satis! h G eed 112 W H . A A bo M' h. W GALLUP FIRESTONE PRODUCTS CLASS OF 49 COMPLIMENTS GAGALIS GROF FRY 215 S FOURTH AVE Women s and Misses' Apparel 9 Nlckels Arcade 217 S Mann St General Hardware Cutlery and Tools Furnaces - Tinning - Paints MUEHLIG 8: LANPHEAR H A R D W A R E 311 So. Main St. Ann Arbor COMPI IMENT S Michigan Dry Cleaners 2918 High Street Phone 6676 - - I Qne CIO . Il. 1115 Drycleanin ' orin us om ' ore mis ce-- me or an ac 'on uarant . uron St nn r r. IC l n. . X 9 o of 9 1 J Foot- Margie Nungntor of 0H'i1ceS ppl Pinot kSc pAlb Desk RCI: i ArtMaal Fil G tngCard THE MAYER SCHAIRER COMPANY H250 thMo Steet A nAbo CONGRATULATIONS and Best Wlshes B E Muehllg DRY GOODS s MAIN ST of WASHINGTON ST Stationers Printers Binders u ies o ra um s a rs es ree i s For All Occasions u in r , n r r I I I I Hair: Richie Parker MEET ME AT MARSHALL S Ann Arbor s Newest and Modern F ountam Bar Mlrlhlll Silte'I.'h treNaxt'l' U Mademoiselle Shop R md I-me Handbags Shoes Sports R dy t 302 S STATE PHONE 5796 Photographw and Radw G 0 0 d L u C k S pplles PURCHASE RADIO AND RECORD SHOP from O GRADY S BARBER SHOP I I IO South Un versity K1ttyCom fr W tBngm gBu11d1ng NIELSEN GREENHOUSES 605 Chufch Sf 'W' Afbof AND FLOWER SHOP Inc W8RP C 'M' Novelties and Pottery AMPLE PARKING SPACE P 2 69 l0'7lMid nLa AnnAbr I u 2 0 n 's - ea o I 5 1 O are umes Fine toiletries i' eric-Hosiery wear ea - 0-wear I O U 9 9 i . 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I y one - Only the Finest Quality At Prices That are Fair ANN ARBOR Ann Arbor s Fme Store for Women CONGRATULATIONS DRINK T The I 9 GINGER ALE CLASS OF 49 Van Boven, Inc Health H pp ne samlSu ess To the Class of 49 WEST SIDE DAIRY 7 I 'ill M' O O O 0 7 I Physique: Joe Grammatico , a i s cc 1 Congratulations from Sl.IITER'S,lnc TO OLD FRIENDS THERE IS NO GIFT THAT IS MORE PERSONAL OR MORE APPRECIATED THAN YOUR PORTRAIT I PALMER STUDIO 208 MICHIGAN THEATER BUILDING Books S pplles Phone 2 2072 I r 1 O u .- L sz Bob Wagner -' l i l 0 Fashion headquarters for the smart young set wearmg apparel and accessories styled with a young point of view The Garden and Snack Bar for delect able food tastefully served TWO STORES IN ANN ARBOR M a gazme Subscrlptlons FII-TY YEARS OF SERVICE LQBUBDIUBU UPPDBHTUS EPSUPPLIES a son Cnm RIIY Stofilet News Compa y M" -"P 213 South Fourth Ave Phone 691 1 DOWNTOWN Sermce for Patronage Since 1886 213 215 WEST LIBERTY s'mEE'r ' nn Arbor's Most Wanted Printing NN Anno IGAN A P I K k A It MICH 'S 9 Q GOETZCRAFT PRINTERS, INC. GA ' 9 ,, - Index Pages Advertlsements 133 151 Archery Club Art Club Assembly Commlttee Assembly Snaps Athletic Board Band Baseball Basketball Boys Leader Corps Camera Club Cheerleaders Colonnade Composlte Sen1or Cooperatlve Occupatlonal Traxmng Cross Country Dance Snaps Debate and Forenslcs Dedxcatmn DIVISIOD Pages 9 15 69 91 113 Faculty 10 14 Football 114 115 Foreword French Club Future Homemakers Future Nurses Future Teachers German Club Glrls Athletlc Club 126-128 Golf H1Y In Memorxam Interlor Decoratlon Internatxonal Relatlons Jumor Class 0ff1cers and Executlve Board Jun1or Class Plctures 52 58 Jumor Play 108 109 Llbrary Club Muslc Club Non Athletlc Board Noon Hour Commlttee Omega Operetta Optlmlst Orchestra Presldents Commxttee Radlo Club Red Cross Commlttee Rlfle Club School Board Trustees Sclence Club Scrxbblers Club Sen1or Assembly Snaps Sen1or Class Day Offlcers Pages 104 105 110 111 102 103 Sen1or Class Offlcers and Execu uve Board Sen1or Plctures 18-50 Sen1or Play 106 107 Sen1or Steadles Sophomore Class Offlcers and Execu ltve Board Sophomore Class Plctures Sophomore Dramatxcs Spamsh Club Stagecraft Student Councll Swlmmmg Tenms Track Vocal Groups Washlngton Club W1g and Mask Wresthng Youth Hostel 60-67 92 93 86 87 118 119 APbl ' . ...... - ' .......... ....79 .......89 - . 94 . ...96 ' ..... ...94 , .. ....... ........ 1 24 " """"' "" ' H99 .. ....... .... 1 16,117 - 1 - ....95 ' .. .......70 ' ............ .... 80 '--" 120 ' .............. .....81 .. ...................... 72 ' ' .................. 130 - 8 ' ' " 0.73 'l .......... . .....82 131 ' ............. 68 ............ . . ..... ' ' .'......-..130 ' .............. 97 - - ' ' .. ...................... 6,7 .Q .'..'.............- 17 ' ' ------- f 1 1 1 senior Mock Elections .............. 16 .... . ..... u .... , . 1 ' .... , .132 - .-.75 ........ ' ........... ...... 8 5 .. ............. . ...... 125 - - H 1 '- -- ------ -- -- ---- '77 '.. .... . .......123 - ..-..... D . .... 4,5 .. ....... . ....... ..122 ' ' .-.-- ---'78 .... . .... 100,101 ' ' ............. 78 . .. ...................... 51 - . , ' ......... 11' ' 111'."', ' - 39 ' .....80 irltmnaf UNINERSITY LITHOPRINTERS Y .Mr-uc Cyan WMQW ., WM! 501' fifsiwvcwc ,wg W Wim! Vgigffyx? ,mt Dwfkotb I M ix w MA WMM? Gp M444 M! f WW W 5 wiki Gggffy 'U af pf f rV9'w WWMR Q MiKWRHi'Y A W M if 22? Q? MXW ivy Qin gig Q 9 , wbwgglxflgfhb WMQQWN' gwffkof 0 Sxfx Wgffvf' MWA X My ,gijfixfj K :W ww WNQWMMZ? ,W 35 Q AX ww 9!'1WW'47gfM'f! Wgffaj Sijfww QMQQTQQQM Aff ffWWj,'VfZfR?gfH?0i Sy if QYJMMZZ M 5 wig If X! WE? 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