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'T ... fl.. X9 X LJ.. .f Q X A fir, vw--W-. Qaav Au if MEX ENR I 'lb 01,0 5 J 0 so Zigi' , Wm -A0809-1 Q Q9 I ,WZ ,S-E-Rf KX NMA-V i' ZX-'N-L. E 5,5-UAS ,7""u,2' ff' Q X . . . . gs U rf' M f 7 r0o1eAu-Kesmus U Lx AT' 7 ,X Q I I., If 1 f K 5-wwf X Q, X C "Nl xv X f 1 9 N - FR I 9 ,, XXJ 0lj.mesIr'....-- li",,.:7' """ llflllll f' ',W f ' s 5 . ' ' Q' 4 f K o - Y i , ' -Il "' 'V I nu. Scum Foawu. j f "5 Z X I Ayfclsom 6 M 3 I V -J 1+u5NKC,l'1zxl1b-.lf-1 T, to L of WY V X is - K! , Y V! Q 1 A fq ' x - 'fy -jg 'ai- N I .si V. , , fi u-Q swlmuxiuilqf I ' ag? - ' I ' . in xn. X x - f ...y........64Cfx7 X WXVL4 S 53? L if 13" ""i97i'5 F3295 J W 2 WJ JNQM., QQ AM 0 kg-Qrifffx f-I I A SECOND Smxesrem X K f , We , ' X 0 Y -Vi 4 J, A f M 3 Q V yk, cioss couuvm ... - Y 4 f - I' I V f L:-i f .Z Pu I .,- Y ul , 'NED QP? ff 6? otylj, N , l Y ml. EDA"-AE' , - .W f Q 2 N u mx n X ,f fy 1 'VV 1' J Q Q U . ' anscewafmk I l ,Z Z , if ' af ffffffggffgg f -. in ff SENIOR Vuy ' ff,f,7Z" i Z 7 5 V' I, : 71 f in hu' F4061 NWRKQ any Q' f A , IHJ1- lm, vu K Q' 9-'STMAS Wcmou V 17, f 4' 922' 2 A ' 41" Q'-L I W 4' 1" fffimmm , . X is 4 F il I 2 QL xr 7:- BLUBOO i L... ss, as main K h ma OREWORD . . "We aim to please" may be a trite statement, but it was the goal of this year's Omega staff. To do this we have tried to make the activities easy to find by composing a complete index and by cataloging each activity under an appropriate heading. We have tried to compile an accurate review of the year's happenings: but no one is infallible, and so we apologize for any and all errors. Now turn the pages for the year in review. 1 vt fgowfld Qicd Fd fb, Q' Editors-Ieanne Kingery Icrnet Spieth Business Managers-Iecmne Shewmcxn Nancy Crocker , fl JWWMWWMIIIIIUIIIIMWIIIIIWUIWl'll7llfff0lffflfffl1W4 llWfllfllW0l7 EDICATION LCS 1 A, 4 no 1 by d1C1at1ng llns boelf to Mr Gene Maylm e our flaw cldwser Grateful for all the many tlnnqs that l1e laq done for us we w1ll always remember l1 rn Generous-ly he gave 1 5 t1n1e so that all of om class proyule the eophomore 11111101 a J su O1 plays lhe .eel 1 1 nes 1 Il ' Weye AS spa lsox Ji tlac Assembly Con1n11tlf 4 le lf lex of nathe n allen ard refently apyouted attendance 5,1p.GlJ' DI he bas not 7 C 'C f 1 O S 4 Vie, :he g::a+:lL1alix'.g class c,: lb-18 le.'11 f i 1 ,-"l1:f:,5f1 f1..1 ay,,p1eCic'- l v - A l ' , J, -l . . A it - 1 -l 1 v 11- -I , ' 1' ' ' V LX- 'JA A I junio: ann: SF?l,lOl 51191113 and llze various s gimflcfzzf sseniar aC1iv1- tl f, Tllgllf ly, fl1c- six 1' V 5 l':C .hey -' .. , 5, .f ,, - 1 -' ' g , 1 - 2 "1 . e 'ja . 1 awly SJIX -fl -'WIT C' lvfsf H11 me ffn'Fr' .'iurl',' lfv-fy well, -'fri L iff" mmmnwnimmm , l"T IOHN ALLISON A M Speclcl Consultant Enghsh Socxal Studles BEHNICE L BACON AB BLS Llbrunrxn GEORGE BALAS AM Supervxsor of Attendance Mathemcxtxcs Stage Croft CHARLES S BARCLAY M S Admmlstratxve Assxstcnt Sophomore Advxsor Scxence IULIE M BOHNSACK BS Commercxcl MAHLON H BUELL MS Sclence Faculty 19 1- X KENNETH L BURCH4Sm1th Hughes Industnol Arts adow THAD CARR Vxsual Axdq Socxal Studxes FAYE CONEY MS Socml Studxes VERNOR S COOK BS Industnal Arts GRACE CRAIK Englxsh A S DAHLBERG-A B Assnstcmt to the Co-Ordmator . A . . . . . -B.s. x Q A, ol I " -...-0 I rf' I , 'Fl, ' ' L 3 ' . A .. , " . W . .-c.E. J." -L-Gus If . . . 4A,M. ?l 8 WILLIAM R DAKIN AM Sclence ELIABETH DELANTY Forengn Language DONALD D DRAKE Physlcal Education Coach LELA DUFF AM Englxsh LINDA E EBERBACH Home Economxcs DONALD GARY A M Debate Coach Enghsh Faculty 9 VIRGINIA GOLAY AM Socnal Studxes Englxsh MARY GOVER B S Physxcal Educatxon ROBERT GRANVILLE A M Head of Englxsh Department English ELIZABETH A H GREEN M Instrumental Musxc KENNETH GREER A M Commercxal VIVIANE HALL BS Foreign Language -B.S. . . ., V H' , ,ff 1, . . an , ,-4 , 0. .HL 'Rv 1. . A,B. . . I . B.S. . . DOROTHY I-IARDING---R.N.f-M.P.H. Nurse ROGER HEATH B S Scxence L T HOLLWAY AM Chuxrmcm of Physxccl Educutxon Department E FERNE IENSEN AM Commercxul KARL KARSIAN AM Socml Studxes Enqhsh IUNE KELLY AB Socxcxl Studxes Enghsh Faculty 10 FLORENCE KITSON Secretary to the Principal FRANK KLINE BS Physxccl Education ROBERT LAHDE Smxth Hughes Pcuntmq and Decomtmg MARY ELLEN LEWIS Specml Consultant MAIORE LOVERING Home Economxcs LUCILLE LUNDGREN Enghsh GENE MAYBEE AM Admxmstmhve Asslstcnt Supervxsor of Attendance Semor Advxsor Mathemcmcs KATHERINE MCGUIHE A B English Socml Studxes Vocal Musxc OLIVE A MCLOUTH Mcrthemahcs DELLAGENE MOLDEN A M Englxsh Ioumulxsm GENEVA NELSON MS Vocal Musxc DOROTHY E NOYES-AM Mcxthemahcs Faculty 11 EDNA D PARRY AM Socxal Studxes IAMES PEDEN BE Wood Shop MILDRED PETERSON BS Clothmg MATILDA C PFISTERER AM English EMERSON POWRIE AM English Hxstory Dnver Educuhon BEN REED MS Admmistrcmve Assxstunt Iumor Class Advlsor Sclence Faculty FRANK REED AM Enghsh Soclal Studies LAVANCHE G RIEGER AM Forelgn Languages CLARENCE P ROTH Instrumental Muslc HENRY RUST Ar A T RYAN AM Physical Educahon Coach NICHOLAS SCHREIBER AM Pnnclpal 12 A I SHAW Physxcal Educatnon Coach RUDOLPH SILVERSTONE A M Coordmator IANE WEND AM Hxstory English RAYMOND A WHITING BS Auto Shop IOHNI ZIMMERMAN AM Hxstory PAULINE ZOLLER AM Enghsh .f n . . 3 A . . sgM.A. . MM. b . . -B.S. dy . ss . . Q , W H 1 J . 1 16' .Q 654: 75 F' . J 1 . 1 X S. no , ,L 0- W mv Q FC '1-xv N QW .-.AL Eb nQ zgggm f .jj :?LO0K sumo PEEL sum as SHARP VETEQAN J X 1 L2 in !, xv W W 2+ Q Jon 22 X 'W 23 F7 9' , ' V ff 'Q l Q g Q Q m 'E Ip I I 0 J Y 'fum D A . ' ' fi J? ik M 'JU f L ,, ENV T? W V X ! A l h 8 C53 2' Ax : J ,Q K' I I S'-'tx '3 s ' XB Q Vi- .- 0 X fn! 5-3 g ' A .xif x ' X H1 -, 435: N ---gf 47. ,QL- mvx fab ij? QT!! 1 XG:-Q 3 x - ' ,xv , KW x 5 E ,EV gi! '. 0 a' 1, 3 ,j J'q 4 if - : - A f 3 My an 1. q , - all-4 s A 'M ' I ' X I ' 'E-'1 af Tl - xx Q s Q Ei Y 1, W-3 1 33 ' A5 is Q ' 5-Q , il p 4? .J 7 N M -1" -wg -AE-'X . ' . CQ 1 .lf U ATTE D MCE A ' ,4 PXK XY , V . 'H - 5 .E , L few QV Qbx 4 Q- f A 9,1 W5 ff 111 r fvxxgrg QQ '25 iri Q ,,, 'w i ll "1 li! 'M' Im a 5 in Kg? NOVGHDLSU S , . . , Q N K T' X N, h X :FY OV' M 47 ' I .hail E 4' -I ' Q l "" Vx . if I "lx y fu f' ' J W J X 1 1 Z L15 5. ,KX C ff V'45'f f1 s 'v ii 1 " ri N Q ... , fi V 11" .-Q., A 1 JZ .aepxS1.xA .upy ,,.,,,..m , 1 Q ' 4 0 Q . . V , -s X 1' -1 EL , A ff Smxnv Q. A L51 2 qs ' Vu L ii 'f- ISI '71 4' 191 ' wx Q , 'va' 4 . , ' x ' v M 1 H '-'-'T mf? 'BY X 5 XL my Q Q M, x XYMQ In A QBN1 L 1 34 'F' Vw '- QP .4 'Y Aves, fm ri' , iffk X X -P 1 I N I 0 I-VV 4. jJP"'33 Q Q! I J-Jul -Q4 X ' .4 42 5 lj 'I 4 ,509 Awbfgj 1 ' L 1 N R :' 252, fx F1 '13 Q' 'cb Q 2 f zy' if-:ff mu P' N x , U gd 'X b If P M: s 2 X XX ix XXX xxif .xii EB A Q' xf W W. xv' ' Ai Q, agp, 4 Q , .v' ,gh . lffdgf Q Mr if Q . 5 I '96 1 I f , li b Y' , ' J V . Ti A -w P 'J' he Z , ' F ' 5' 5 IX ! Q L AQQQQ The L1ghter Slde Of Llfe inns i WWW! I ,z 4 Qu ,ai Semors The class of 48 w1ll always remember 1ts semor year 1ts last and 1ts best m the halls of Ann Arbor Hlgh School The Sen1or class ofhcers were pres1dent Konrad Matthaer v1ce presldent Dav1d Space and secretary Mary Stoll Others on the executrve board were Chuck Carroll D1ck Creal Neal Colhns Brad Harding hm Godfrey Ieanne Shewman Eleanor Hamer Ieanne K1ngery and Iackle Merchant It seems that the senlors made a success out of everyth1ng that they dld They worked hard on all school act1v1t1es as well as on the Semor act1v1t1es As usual the Semors played an lmportant part rn sports Although the football and basketball squads were rather unfortunate the wresthng team under the co capta1ncy of Ernxe Iones and semor Dlck Harvey came out second rn the 5 A and had fxve state charnp1ons 1n the state meet The Semors also had many act1ve members on the Student Councll The Sen1or Play the h1lQ1'1Ol.lS Dear Ruth turned out to be a smashmg hrt w1th capaclty crowds both mghts The Semor Assembly rn February w1ll always be remembered by the school as bemg the most unusual assembly ever glven On the more c1v1l1zed s1de the Sen1or Talent Show 1n March proved that the Senlors really have a lot of talent Back along the hne of trad1t1on the semors agaln worked hard throughout the year on the Washrngton Club and rn the spnng spent a glonous week ln Washlngton and New York The Sen1or Year was hxghhghted by the last week of school The Semor Week started wlth the Sen1or Banquet then came the long awalted and much talked about Sen1or Prom the mem orable Class Day the sad but beautrful Baccalaureate servlce and flnally the ceremoruous Commencement whrch ended the1r hlgh school days To wherever your path may lead you Seniors we wrsh you luck and happlness m what ever you may do Howl M Stoll G Maybee K Matthaet D Space How 2 D Creal I Kmgery I Godfrey I Shewman B Hardmg I Merchant C Carroll. E Hamer. N Colhns 19 - A , 1, V 13 1 A 3.53553 3 K W H3142 4 , 'L:..v,v: ur.,-t ff 5 as-A - Q X- X 4 i Yr, I M, ' 1 ' , M9111 S at f . , . . . . . . I 0 1 1 ' 1 I I ' A I I I I I I I , . . - 1 ' I 1 ' I 1 ' 1 - - - - - 11 11 ' I I 1 . 1 1 ' , 1 . I I - -- . 1 . 1 1 -1 . . 1 - 1 - . 1 . 1 1 1 1 l 1 1 1 IEAN ABBOT Ieans cheery dlsposrtxon has added much to the wmde ranae of ac twxtxes she entered whrle at AAHS Bemq a Student Councll alternate for A4 a member ot Washrngton Club Boosters G A C Wxg and Masque occupled much of her hme WAYNE ALBFR Wayne followed the dustnal Curnculum at AAHS where was vrce pre rdent of hrs homeroom D 24 Hrs extra curncular mterest were swxm mxng Washmgton Club and Boosters RICHARD ALBERTSON Known as RICK to everyone he w1ll be remembered for hrs portrayal of Teddy Roosevelt rn Ar SGYHC and Old Lace rn the Iumor Plav Rrck was a member of the Student Cuuncxl and presldent and vxce presrdent ot Al He also partrclpated xn football swrmmlnq and tennls and served on the Assembly Commxltee Noon Hour Commrt tee and was a member ot HAY Musrc Club Wxq and Masque Boosters and the Washmgton Club IOYCE ALEXANDER TEAM frght' are words that Ioyce IS not hkely to forget after berng a cheerleader for two years In addition to that actrvltv she was also rn the band G A C Washrnqton and Muslc Boosters and Wxg and Masque Camera Clubs WILLIAM DONALD ALLEN B111 pres: dent of B18 came from Slauson and fol lowed the Llterary Curnculum wrth majors m hxstory and mathematxcs He was a member of I'I1Y and Washmgton Clubs and hrs mterests centered around football basketball and tenms IANE ANDERSON lame came to us from St Mary s Academy ln Detrolt where as a sophomore she was secretary ot her class Here she has served as secretary of her homeroom as well as entennq numer ous actxvrtres mcludmg Glee Club Can tando G A C Washington Club Omega Optxmlst and Colonnade She was also a member ot Boosters Wxg and Masque Red Cross and Noon Hour Commrttee .J IOHANNA APRILL MGIOHHQ ln 511911511 and Latxn Iohanna also found trme to par txcxpate m vanous commlttees and clubs xncludmq G A C Boosters Colonnade Wxg and Masque Assembly Committee and Glee Club ROBERT ARMSTRONG Rrile Club has been Bob s mam extra currxcular rnterest while m AAHS although he also partxcxpated ln Washmqton Club Thls member of C18 was a former Tappanxte and was on the College Preparatory cour e He mayored ln Engllsh and mathematrcs LOUISE AVSHARIAN Bemg on the Steno graphic Currlculum shorthand lxnes and clrcles were no mystery to Louxse who used her note takmg ab1l1ty when she was homeroom secretary She was also a mem ber ol Scrrbblers and Washmqton Clubs MICHAEL AVSHARIAN Mxkes vrolrn h1ts top rank as the many hrst place awards he has won proves He has been an lmportant member of the School Or chestra and was also m the Operettas ROSE MARIE BACON Rose was on the Stenographlc Currxculum and her mterests varred between Glee Club Scnbblers and Boosters DON BAYER Mutt commq from Kokomo lndrana Qnot the sonql chose the Lxterary Curnculurr wxth English and hlstory as hrs mayors Mutts txme was wen occu pred with bemg president of B3 vrce presrdent ol I-hY and rn the Washmqton Club DOUGLAS BARTELI. Asrde from the work requrred on he Engmeermg Curnculum Doug has also gxven trme to other mter ests mcluldng football Stage Craft Wash mgton Club and Boosters He was al o a Student Council members from D 22 DOLORES BARTH Dolores has been a mem ber of the Debate Team for three years Musrc manager of A Cappella on G A C the Assembly Commxttee Colonnade Span rsh Club Wxg and Masque and the Wash mqton Club She served as Student Couu c1l Alternate from B 8 and was a member of the Optxmmst and Omega staffs PATRICIA BARTH Wrth a lrkrng for mu src Pat was m the G1r1s Glee Club and the Operetta She was secretary of the Florrculture Club and a member of Span rsh Boosters and Washrngton Clubs A former Slausomte Pat was on the Lxt erary Curnculum wxth mayors tn Englrsh and hxstory KENNETH BEARD Ken has been on the Student Councrl for one semester and was an alternate for two semesters He vuent out for football was on the Noon I-Iour Commrttee and rn the Spanish and Wash mgton Clubs He halled from Tappan and was on the Engrneerxng Curnculum Hts malors were mathematxcs and hxstory DOROTHY BECKLER A Slausomte before arnvrng at AAHS Dorothy has enloyed her stay here by takmg part rn the Grrl s Glee Club the Colonnade Club the Music Club and the Boosters Club She was also one of the many semors to go to Washmg ton as a member of the Washmgton Club IOAN BEEMAN Ioanre was a hard working member of the Optrmrst Staff ln her semor year She also wrote a column for the Washtenaw County Post Trrbune Lrkmg musrc she sang m the Glee Club and Contando Her other interests were Colonnade the Camera Club Washmqton Club The Assembly Commlttee and she was an Omega Staff member IAMES BELOTE Irm went out for foot ball swrmmmg and tenms He was on the Screntrirc Curnculum and majored rn math ematrcs Engllsh and scrence He hcnled from Tappan and was m Al DOROTHY BELOW Dorothy was a member of the Orchestra for three years m hrgh school and has been a member of the In tenor Decoratmg Boosters and Washlng ton Clubs She came from Slauson was on the Lrterary Curnculum and she malored rn mathematlcs and Englxsh NANCY BENDER Bender was on the Student Councrl for three semesters and served as secretary durmg her semor year She was a member ot A Cappella Con tando Glee Club G A C Assembly Com mrttee Colonnade Wrg and Masque Pres ldent of Grrls Washlnqton Club and Busr ness Manager of Optlmlst She came to us from Tappan PAULA BENGE Paulas varred actrvltres sspplemented her studies on the College Course rn whlch she majored xn Englrsh and hrstory She was on the Rea Cross and a member of Boosters Glee Club Vhg and Masque and rn Washmgton Club Her homeroom was B 8 DOROTHY BENNETT Dot came to us from Tappan She was on the Lrterary Curnculum and mayored rn Englxsh and Latln She belonged to the G A C French Club Wxg and Masque and Boosters Club The Sophomore Play was another of her Interests ARLENE BERSUDER Arlene was an ardent member of the Art Club durmg her three years here She also belonged to the Rifle and Scnbblers Clubs Arlene was on the Stenoqraphrc Curnculum LOIS BETHKE Lots came to us from Slau son Durmg her three years here she has belonged to the Glee Club Music Club Boosters and Washmgtan Clubs She was on the General Curnculum and B15 was her homeroom DAVID A BIRD Dave came to AAHS from Tappan Iumor Hrgh School Whxle 1n hlgh school he followed the College Cur rlculum and found txme for such extra cur ncular actlvltles as Cross country rack and Washmqton Club GRAYCE BLAKE Blake who came to AAHS from Iones Iumor Hxgh was on the Lrterary Curnculum In addxtlon to her scholasuc endeavors she found time or the followmq extra currxcular actxvxhes Cantando A Cappella G A C Camera Club Archery Club Boosters and Omega CLAUDELINE BLAKELY Whlle tn hxgh school Claudeltne followed the Steno qraphlc Curnculum and mayored ln Eng lxsh She took an actxve part ln Glee Club and Cantando and was a member of the Washington Club C O T and Scnbblers HERBERT BLAUVELT Comtng from Iamar ca Hxgh ln New York Herb has been a promrnent member of his homeroom C 12 servmg as presrdent and vrce presndent Besxdes followmg the Engmeerlng Currr culum wxth a mayor ln mathematrcs Herb partxclpated mn football baseball Boosters Washmgton and Spanish Clubs RONALD BLEWETT Ron found txme whrle m AAHS to partrclpate rn the Iumor Play H1 Y and Washmgton Club He was also on the Noon Hour and Assembly Commxt tees and was secretary of his homeroom -svn, ef ur an Q a we 22 DALE BOCK Dales mam mterest rn hlqh school was Band H1 Y Boosters Rxfle Club and Washmgton Club plus three semesters on the Student Council took up Dale s trme He followed the Lxterary Cur rxculum ROBERT BOCK Stlcky spent hrs spare ttme ID Glee Club H1 Y Washmgton Club Wrestlrnq and Noon Hour Commrttee H followed the General Curnculum with a mayor rn Englxsh NEAL BOSSEMEYER Shorts a member of homeroom A 20 elected the Engrneerm Course with majors ln mathematxcs and Englxsh He also iound txme for many extra currncular actrvxtxes rncludmq Glee Club football French Club Rllle Club Wlg and Masque Washmgton Club Boosters and Student Councxl IAMES BOYER Izm was on the General Curnculum whrle rn AAHS He spent hrs spare ttme bemg an actrve member of Stage Craft Rxfle and Washmgton Clubs BARBARA BRAUN Browme a former Slausomte found txme at AAHS to engage m qulte an lmpresslve array of extra cur rncular achvxtzes among whxch were Can tando G A C Colonnade Musrc Club Wig and Masque Washrngton Club Student Councrl Omega and the Assembly Com mrttee She was on the Lrterary Currxcu lum and presldent of her homeroom B 14 DUANE BREDERNITZ Duane who came to AAHS from Slauson chose to follow e Lnterary Curnculum He was a member of the Interxor Decoratlng Club IANIS BROWN Ianns came from Tappan She was on the General Course and ma lored tn Enghsh and hxstory She was an actrve member ol Wxg and Masque Boost ers and the Washmqton Club ELIZABETH BUDA Betty came from St Thomas Hxgh School as a sophomore She was on the Lxterary Curnculum and had majors ln Englxsh and hlstory She was a member of Wxg and Masque and the Wash mgton Clubs Dancxng IS her mam xnter est and she rs an assxstant at the Sylvxa School of Dance DENISE BUFFINGTON You could tmd Denme most of the txme xn the Optrmxst ollxce as a reporter and thus last year as Copy Editor She also served as a member ol the Ad Staff Dennle was on the Llt erary Curriculum mayorlnq rn mathemat rcs and Engllsh Her extra currrcular actlvx tres mcluded the Noon Hour Commmttee Colonnade Muslc Wxq and Masque Boost ers and Washmgton Clubs and Omega RICHARD BURGH Dlck whlle rn AAHS was on the General Currxculum majoring ln Engllsh He came from Slauson and was rn B1 One oi the many lucky senxors to go to Washmgton Duck was a member ot the Washmgton Club FRED BUNTEN Fred known to hrs lrlends Der! harled from Slauson Sports held hrs mterest as can be seen by has parhcxpatxon ln baseball Iunxor Varslty basketball and track He was also a mem ber bf the Rlile and Boosters Clubs ELLIOTT BURD Ellrott was vlce presxdent of hrs homeroom and represented A 2 on the Student Councrl lor one semester When he arrived irom Slauson he chose to pursue the College Course and mapored tn Enqlxsh He was a member ol the Band and Washington Club and vlce presldent of the Rnfle Club He also played Intra mural basketball if DENNIS BURKE Denny came to AAHS from Flrnt Central rn hrs lumor year He served as presxdent of hrs homeroom and vrce presxdent of the Student Councxl H partlcrpated tn Iootball and track and Captalned the swlmmlng team Denny partlcrpated ln the Iunxor Play was a member ot A Cappella H1 Y the Art Club the Washington Club and was prestdent of the Assembly Commlttee He took College Course and malored rn Englxsh ESTHER BUSS Esther came to AAHS from Chelsea Hrgh School She was on the Gen eral Course Musxc was one of her mam lnterests as her partxcxpatxon ln Muslc Club and Glee Club has proven EDWARD BUSTER Ed chose the General Course and malored ln Engllsh This Slau sonlte was presrdent and vrce presxdent ol hrs homeroom A2 on the track team and was a member of the Washmgton Club CAROL CAMP Carol a lormer Slauson 1te was secretary ot her homeroom C 10 She partlclpated ln the Sophomore Play and was an actlve member of G A C col onnade Wxg and Masque Boosters Inte nor Decoratmg Omega and Washmgton Club She was on the literary Curriculum wlth majors m English hrstory and math ematlcs NANCY CANNELL Nancy better known as Nxckl came from Muskegon Central Hxgh Muskegon Mlchlgan She was on the College Course wrth mayors tn English and hlstory She was a member of the Musxc Club C O T the French Club G A C and the Washxngton Club GWENDOLYN CARKEEK Gwen harllng trom Slauson was an eager partrcxpant ln Glee Club Spanlsh Club Boosters and Washrngton Club Gwen was on the General Currlculum and mayored rn Eng llsh and hlstory CHARLES CARROLL Chuck from B8 was on the Senxor Class Executive Board a member of the Student Councll and an alternate for one semester Comxng from St Thomas he partrclpated rn golf the Assembly Committee Rxfle Club Spanish Club fvrce presrdentl and Washington Club He was on the Engmeermg Currxcu lum and majored m English and mathe matics MARILYN CHANDLER Marxlyn has repre sented homeroom B15 as Student Councll alternate and her actrvmes Included G A C Intenor Decoratmg Club Spamsh Club and Washmqton Club She came from Tappan and was on the Lrterary Currxcu lum malorxng rn Enghsh and mathematzcs ROBERTA CLARK In addrtron to malntarn mg a hxgh scholastuc record Bertxe found time for the following extra curncu lar actrvrtres G A C Semor Play Wash mqton Club Student Councll and the Noon Hour Committee She was also vxce president of her homeroom RUTH CLAWSON Ruth was from C 10 and a former Slausonrte On the College Course she majored rn English hxstory and sc: ence Her extra curncular mterests were rn Stage Craft and Musrc Club Both Glee Club and Cantando clarmed her as a member NEAL COLLINS Scotty s homeroom was Bl where he served as vxce presrdent and secretary He was also on the Semor Class Executrve Board Smce coming here from Slauson hrs actxvrtres mcluded foot ball swxmmrng track and Washxngton Club Scotty majored rn English hxstory and mathematlcs BARBARA COOK Cookre was on the Scxentlhc Curnculum where she mayored rn Englrsh mathematrcs and scxence She has been a member of the Student Councrl for one semester and an alternate for two semesters Her actxvrtxes mcluded A Cap pella Glee Club Cantando G A C Red Cross Assembly Colonnade Musxc Club Rrfle Club Wag and Masque Club and Omega DONNA CORNISH In B 3 where she has been secretary Donna chose to follow the Stenographlc Curnculum Smce comxnq from Tappan she has been ln Camera glub Scrxbblers C O T and Washington lub MARIAN COURT Manan came from Slau son to homeroom C24 On the Lrterary Curnculum she majored ln Englxsh Her actxvxtxes xncluded Colonnade Spamsh Club and C O T PHILIP CRAMPTON PC Ir stands out rn our mmds as the romantic lead of the Semor Play Dear Ruth He was on the Engmeermg Curnculum. Sports also held PC s mterest smce he partrcrpated 1 football and golf The Band Rrfle and Washmgton Clubs clarmed hxm as a valu able member RICHARD CREAL A regular man about town Dxck was presrdent of hrs home room Bl and a member of the Student Councll for two semesters where he was on the A B He served on the Iunlor and Senlor Executive Boards ln addxtron to be mg an actlve member of French Club Washnngton Club and Wrg and Masque Among sports football and tenms took the spot lxght wlth Duck while his talent rn Dramatrcs was clearly seen by hrs per formance rn the Sophomore and Iunlor Plays Dunng hrs not so spare tzme he also found t1me to work ror me OPYIMISK NANCY CROCKER Nan Business Man aqer of the Omega has spent a busy three years at AAI-IS Among ner many mterests muslc ranks tops as shown by her partxcxpatron 1n Glee Club Contandq, and A Cappella The clubs Nan was ac uve rn mclude G A C Rnfle Wxg and Masque and Washrngton Clubs Comrng from Slauson she took up the Lrterary Curnculum and malored rn Englxsh and mathematxcs IANE CURTIS Iane came to Ann Arbor Hxgh from St Thomas and was a member of homeroom B 2 On the General Curncu lum she mayored m Englxsh and made many tnends as an active member of the Art Club IOYCE CURTIS Formerly from St Thomas Ioyce has partxcxpated ln many actxvmes rncludxng Spanrsh Archery Musrc and Art Clubs She was on the Literary Cur nculum with mayors xn Spamsh and hxs tory ROSE DAGOSTINA Rosie harled from Tappan and was a member ot homeroom B 16 Her interest tn dramatlcs was shown by her partrcxpatlon ln Wrg and Masque whrle her musrcal talents were ewndenced by her partxclpatxon rn the Glee Club ROBERT DAVIS When Red came from Detroxt he entered C13 and yomed the Washmgton Club He chose the College Currrculum wrth a major rn Englrsh GUS DOUVITSAS Gussxe who acted as vlce presxdent ol C 4 was on the General Currxculum wlth a mayor m English Hts extra curncular interests centered around Glee Club Camera Club and the Assem bly Commrttee DANIEL DOW Dan a Tappanxte en tered the Sclentlixc Curriculum at AAHS In addltron to his studres he found trme to partrcxpate m Band Orchestra swim mmq track Scrence Club and Washlng ton Club Dan was both a member and an alternate ot the Student Councxl MARILYN DRESSEI. This peppy red head haxlmg from Slauson was on the Student Council She also helped cheer the ath letxc teams along by bexng a member ot the Cheerleading Team and partlcxpated ln G A C French Club Rrlle Wig and Masque Boosters and Washmgton Clubs She represented her homeroom B14 as a Student Councxl member tor one semester BARBARA DUEY Barb s name sometimes appeared on the exgntpomt Honor Roll and you could otten hnd her down m the Optnmnst othce where she was a reporter She was on the Lxterary Curnculum and mayored rn English and hrstory CLARAMON EBERLE Clar who was treasurer of hrs homeroom B 12 whxle rn high school was on the Industnal Currxcu lum and mayored m Machme Shop I-Irs rn terests mcluded football wrestling the H1 Y Club Glee Club Rxile Club and Washmgton Club WARREN EGELER Egqle who was on both the football and wrestlxng teams whxle nn Ann Arbor I-hgh School was a partxcmpant m the Washmgton and Boosters Curriculum dunnq hrs three years here DAVID EITEMAN Dave who starred as Chuck m the Semor Play Dear Ruth came from North Plamheld New Iersey He llkes musxc and has been ln the Band and Orchestra Dave also belonged to the French and Camera Clubs DIAN ELLEDGE Pudge came from Hex dleburg Germany by way of New Ier sey She IS known tor her portrayal ol Martha ln the Senlor Play Dear Ruth She IS fond of musrc and partxcxpated ln the Musrc Club and A Cappella D1an was also a member oi the Red Cross Committee ANNE EUGENE Anne who came from Slauson was on the C O T program She IS mterested rn musnc and was m A Cap pella and Cantando Choxr She was a member ot Scnbblers Camera and Boost ers Clubs N ' Clubs. "Eggie" -has been on the Business MARY EVANS Ehsh was a member of C20 homeroom She was on the General Curnculum and mapored rn Englrsh dur mg her three years rn h1gh school ROBERT FERHI Bob came to AAHS as a Sophomore I-Ie spent hrs lumor year rn Lexington Kentucky and returned here for h1s semor year He was actxve ln basket ball and Rifle Club Thxs dark haxred lad from C II took the College Course and ma Jored rn hxstory IOYCL FINKBEINER Flhkle was a mem ber of G A C Rnlle Spamsh and Wasn mgton Clubs Her homeroom was C 24 and she was on the College Currxculum She majored ln Englxsh and hlstory DARLENE FORD Darlene was a member of the Student Council lor one semester She was a member ot G A C the Assem bly and Noon Hoot Commntees Colon nade Wxg and Masque Boosters an Washmgton Clubs EUGENE FOWLER Gene was homeroom presxdent and secretary ot A1 and pres :dent and treasurer of the I-l1Y He par llClPUl9d m A Cappella Glee Club the Operetta Washmqton Club Assembly Commxttee C O T and Boosters Basket ball and football were other achvxtles IH whlch he took part He was also presrdent ot the YMCA Youth Councrl CALVIN PRAKER Cal who came from Tappan was on the Industrial Curncu lum He was actnve rn wrestlmg and foot ball and was a member ot the Rltle and Washmgton Clubs IOAN FRANKLIN loan whose homeroom was B 4 halled from Umversrty Hugh and made hxstory and Enghsh her mayors Her mam lnterest was lh the Rrtle Club MADELAINE GAULT Pug partrcxpated rn A Cappella Cantando Glee Club and the Opperetta She was a member oi the Art Camera French and Scxence Clubs gnciiwas also on the Optxmxst and Omega ta s MARVIN GEIGER Marv took part xn football baseball and the Rxtle Club He was also a member of the Assembly Com mxttee HIY and Washmgton Club This former Slausomte was on a General Course and mayored ln Engllsh MARION GESSNER Marlon partxcxpated m A Cappella Glee Club and Cantando She also was a member of the French Rxlle gnd Washington Clubs and was a Wmg cout LOUISE GIBBS Lou partxcxpated rn Glee Club the Red Cross Rlile Scrxbblers Wxg and Masque Archery and the Boosters Clubs She was on the Ad Staff of the Optxmlst and was a member oi C O T program DANIEL GILTROW Danny haxled irom Monroe Hxgh ln Mnddletown Ohxo rn hrs yumor year I-Ie was a member of the swxmnung team the Washmgton Club and president of the Musrc Club and of hrs homeroom C 11 ELIZABETH GIELSNESS Lrz harled from Tappan Iumor Hrgh She was a member ot A Cappella and partrcrpated rn many as semblres Language was her mam rnter est and her malors were Spanrsh and French Her extra currrcular actrvrtres cen tered around the Spanrsh and French Clubs IAMES GODFREY Dramatrcs was one ol Irm s chrel Interests rn hrgh school as was shown by hrs partrcrpatron rn both the Sophomore and Iunror Plays He also took an actrve part rn the Noon Hour Commrt tee and Wrg and Masque lrm served as a Student Councrl member ot hrs home room B3 tor two semesters and was a member of the N A B He was on the Lrt erary Currrculum wrth majors rn Englrsh and mathematrcs WILLIAM GOETZ Brll came from Slau son Iumor Hrgh He has drvrded hrs tree trme between the football team the wres tlrng team and the Rrile Club He was also on C O 'I' BARBARA GREEN Bobby who came from Slauson has been a member of the Grrls Glee Club Scrrbblers and Boosters GUY RICHARD GROOMES Drck followed the General Currrculum at Ann Arbor Hrgh He was a member of homeroom C 15 and hrs extra currrcular actrvrty was wrestlmg VIRGINIA GROOMES Gmny was a mem ber ot the Band and oi Rrfle Scrrbblers and Washrngton Clubs She was also sec retary ot her homeroom C8 dl' ARLEEN GUENTHER Arleen came from Slauson Iunror Hrgh She was a member of the Rrtle Boosters and Washrngton Clubs BERTHA GURK Bertha harled from Iones Iumor Hrgh Her rnterests centered around the Scrrbblers Club and the General Cur rrculum IVAN HAGEN Skrzzy has a great rn terest rn musrc and actrng He was rn Glee Club and A Cappella and partrcr ated rn the Operetta and the Iunror an Senror Plays Skrzzy was a member of the French and Washrngton Clubs IEANETE HAGER Hager haxled from Slauson Iunror Hrgh Her Interests rn clubs were French Musrc Wrg and Masque Colonnade and Washrngton She has been presrdent and vrce presrdent ot her home room C9 and has also served on the Red Cross Commrttee ARTHUR HAIBBL Art centers hrs extra currrcular rnterest around sports partrcr patrng on the football basketball and golf teams He was on the Sophomore and Iunror Executrve Boards and has been vrce presrdent of hrs homeroom C8 CHARMAE HAKANSON Charmae came from Barrett Mmnesota She took an ac trve rnterest rn clubs lor she belonged to Colonnade Musrc Club Sclence Club and Wrg and Masque Wrth muslc one of her chrel rnterests she sang wrth Cantando Charmae was on the Screntrhc Currrculum wrth malors rn Englrsh mathematrcs and scrence MILLIE MAY HALL Millie spent her lun xor high school days at Slauson She en tered high school on the General Curricu lurn and malored in English and history Studies didnt occupy all of her time for she belonged to the Glee Club and Wash rngton Club VIRGINIA HANSELMAN Ginnys inter ests are in athletics and she could most often be found in the girls gym office or playing a game Commg from Slauson she supplemented her studies on the General Course with participation in Glee Club and Cantando WARREN HARDING Brad has had very busy three years here in high school He was a member of the Student Council for two semesters where he was chair man of the N A B Brad was also on the Sophomore Iunlor and Senior Execu tive Boards He also participated in the field of sports track heading his list for he was on the team three years and was made Captain in his senior year Swimming and football were also included in his outside activities ELEANOR HARNER Eleanor was Secretary of the Sophomore Class and on the Sopho more Iunior and Senior Class Executive Boards She was also president of her homeroom Eleanor was interested in mu sic for she was in A Cappella Glee Club and the Operetta Sports took up much of her time for she was active in G A C and was a cheerleader in her yumor and sen lor years Her interest In clubs extended to Colonnade Wm and Masque Boosters and Washington Clubs. RICHARD HARVEY: "Dick" was very ac- tive in the homeroom from the time he entered high school as a sophomore. He was president. vice-president. and treas- urer of homeroom. D-24. His main interest was in sports, in which he took an active part. Wrestling was his first interest and he was Co-Captain of the team. He was also on the football squad and track team. GUS WILLIAM HEIN: 'Willie" seemed to have a special interest in music for he be- longed to A Cappella and Glee Club. His interests lie in other fields too. He was a member of Boosters, Washington Club. the Noon Hour Committee. and C O T. I ARTHUR HENRY Art hailed from Slau son Junior High School He was on the General Curriculum and pomed C O 'l' in his senior year BARBARA HEPNER Barbs interests seemed to be along the sports line for she was an active member of G A C during her three years here All of her interest was not centered on sports though for she belonged to the Boosters Club in her yumor year and the Washington Club in her senior year C O T occupied much of her time too SHIRLEY HERTLER Shirl has had a number of interests that have kept her busy during her stay at high school Her participation in Glee Club A Cappella and the Operetta clearly show her inter est in music Shirl also maintained ac tive membership in G A C Colonnade Camera Rifle and Washington clubs IOYCE HETCHLER Ioyce entered Ann Ar bor High after finishing her junior high school days at Slauson Participating ac tively in the Booster Art and Washington Clubs Ioyce kept busy and she was on C O T in her senior year ROBERT HEWITT: "Bob's" interest in sports led him to be manager of the wrestling team. He came to AAHS from Roosevelt High School in Ypsilanti and followed the General Course majoring in English. He was in C-18. PAMELA HICKS: "Pam," a former Tap- panite. spent a busy three years at AAHS as can be seen by her record. Besides maintaining membership in G A C, Boost- ers, Colonnade, Camera, Wig and Masque. and Washington Clubs. Pam also served on the staff for the Omega. KENNETH HEIBER Kenny was on the Industrlal Curnculum majormg ln English hrstory and sclence Kenny s xnterest een tered around the Rltle Club ot whrch he was a member and he was also on the C O T program MARILYN HITCHINGI-IAM Marne the General Course majored rn Bnglxsh She studred shorthand typlng and book keepmg and plans to go mto secretarnal work after leavmg hxqh school SHIRLEY HOFFMAN This busy gurl from D l8 was a member ot Intenor Decorating Wxg and Masque Boosters and Washmg ton Clubs and of the Omega Stott She was on the Luterary Curnculum wnth ma jors rn Englrsh Latm and hxstory IRVING HOLLIS Former presldent oi A2 Irv went out lor football swrmmmg ten ms and track ln the sports held and Glee Club and A Cappella rn the musxc held He found use tor hrs spare moments by devotmg them to Wxg and Masque Boosters Radxo and Washmgton Clubs IAMES HOLSTON hm came from Tap pan lumor Hrgh to AAHS where he be came a member ot homeroom C8 Hrs extra currlcular UCIIVIIIGS were wrestlmg swxmmmg track HIY Radio Club Rifle Club Assembly Committee and Student Councxl I-le acted as parlxamentanan ot Student Councxl and was rn the Iumor Play DORIS HORNING Dons chose to follow the General Curnculum whrle rn hxgh school wrth her major rn Enghsh Her extra-cur rxcular GCUVIIIES included Glee Club and the lntenor Decoratmg Club H if 3? 41 29 IOANNE HOWAHTH loanne majored m Englxsh and hxstory on the College Cur rlculum and she was presldent ot B 16 Slauson claxms loanne as a former stu dent and Omega was her mam Interest rn her sensor year Camera Rxile and Wash mgton Clubs have occupned much of her tlme RUSS HOWE Rosco a Slausomte on the Industrial Curnculum majored m Eng lxsh He was an alternate ot the Student Council a member of the Washmgton Club and served on the track team all ol whrch filled hrs spare time IACK HULBURD Besxdes bexng Edrtorm Chret ot the Optxmxst Stub was a mem ber ot the Student Connell tor three semes ters and served on the Noon Hour and Assembly Commlttees Editor Hulburd was a Slausomte actxve rn swlmmxng Red Cross Boosters and H1Y He was also presndent of Spanrsh Club and a secretary ol Washmgton Club ROGER HUMPHREYS Rogers mam Inter ests while ln high schoo centered around Glee Club and French Club and he par tlcrpated ln tenms He was on the Literary Currxculum and majored rn Engllsh hrs tory and mathematxcs Roger was one ot those to partrczpate ln the Pepsx-Cola Scholarshlp Exammahon BARBARA HUNTER An all around glrl Hunter was an actlve member oi G A C Boosters Washmgton Club Spanrsh Club and Wxq and Masque She was an alter nate to the Student Councxl and used her spare tlme to run down stones as a re porter for the Opt1m1st and m typmg tor the Omega ROSEMARY HUSTON Felix came to Ann Arbor l-hgh from Tappan and chose to follow the Sclentlhc Curnculum with ma jors nn Engllsh and hrstory She partxcx pated ln Glee Club the Assembly and Noon Hour Committees French Club Wig and Masque Boosters and Washmgton Clubs DAVID HYMA Dave came from Tappan Iumor High School and was on the Lxter ary Curnculum ma1onng rn Englxsh and hxstory He was on the tennls team and was a member ot French Club Boosters Club and the Washmgton Club He was a Student Counczl alternate for hrs home l.'O0ll1 GRACE IACKSON Grace was xn Art Club whrle rn AAHS She chose to follow the General Curriculum and was a mem ber ot C13 homeroom ORVILLA IACKSON Vrlla was a mem ber of the Boosters Club durmg her yumor year Comrng from Iones she elected the General Course and mayored rn Englrsh and hrstory MARY IO IADWIN lo Io came from Tappan Iumor I-hgh School She was on the College Curnculum malonng ln Eng lxsh and mathematrcs Camera Club held her extra-curncular mterest ELNORA IAEGER Elnora came from Slau son and chose the General Currnculum wrth her mayor English Her mam terest m extra actxvrtles was partlcxpatxon m the Band CAROL IEDELE Carol comxng from Slau son was on the Stenographxc Course at AAHS Se partrcxpated rn Snbblers and Washxngton Clubs and was actxve C O T as ?E"l" I so LILIJAN IOHNSON Lrlllan was on the Sct entxhc Curnculum malonng rn Englxsh mathematrcs and scxence ln Ann Arbor l-hgh she sang nn the A Cappella Glee Club and Cantando and was rn the Op eretta Lnllran was an active member of G A C the Noon Hour Commxttee Colon nade Muslc Washmqton and Boosters Clubs She was also rn the Student Councll lor one semester Lllllan came to Ann Ar bor Hugh from Kmgsford l-hgh School Kmqslord Mlchxgan ALICE IONBS Ahce was rn homeroom C4 This Tappamte was on the Steno graphnc Course and majored xn English She was a member ot Snbblers and Boosters Clubs HANNAH IONES Pep centered her rn terests around bexnq presldent of the Art Club and a member of the Stage Crall and Washington Clubs She came to AAHS from Unrversrty Hxgh and majored m Eng hsh and hrstory ALICE KAERCHER Ahce haxled from Slau son lumor Hugh School She was an ac tnve member of the AAHS rnarchmq and Concert Band and participated rn the band all three years On the General Course Alxce malored rn Englrsh KARL KAISER Karl a former Slausomte was on the Industnal Course Whrle 1n hugh school he was a parhcnpant m the Rrtle Club and was a member ot home room C 18 ROLAND KALMBACH Roland alter com mg to AAI-IS from Tappan played on the football and tennis teams Re was an ac trve member of the Art Club Washxngton Club and the Omega Stall He took the College Course mayormq rn Englrsh and hrstory MARY IO KAUFMAN lo was an actlve member ot the Camera Club She came to AAHS from Slauson and majored rn En hsh whxle on the Business Course NEWTON KELLY Newton was a partxcr pant rn both tootball and wrestlxng Whxle xn AAHS he was a member ot Boys Glee Club and served on the Art Interior Dec oratlng Rrtle and Musrc Clubs m hrs ex tra hme Newton followed the General gugrculum and was a member ol the T IOSEPI-I KENNEDY Ioe came from Ta pan and chose the Lrterary Curnculum with mayors rn mathematics and scrences He was ln homeroom C 13 where he was Eecretary and was a member of the Rlile lub DORIS KENNY Dons was kept pretty busy as Secretary ot Colonnade nn Wrg and Masque Musxc and Washmgton Clubs and on the Omega stall A member of both Cantando and A Cappella she en joyed the musxcal opportumtxes ot AAHS Reportmg lor the Optxmxst was another of her many jobs Following the Lrterary Curnculum she majored rn Latxn and hrstory VIRGINIA KERN Gmny was on the En gmeenng Curnculum throughout her stay rn lugh school Her mayors were mathe maucs and Bnghsh Gmny was home room secretary of C 20 and was actwe rn G A C French Rlile Boosters and Wash mgton Clubs She was also a member of Wrg and Masque the Assembly Commxt tee and Omega sta!! IOANNE KETELHUT Dunng the sophomore year Io was a member of the Class Executive Board She served as corre spondmg secretary ot the Student Councxl an her semor year as an mter school Coun cnl Member as homeroom vrce presrdent and as vrce presrdent of the Gxrls Wash rngton Club When not exertmg her execu uve abxllty Io edxted the fxrst and thud pages ot the Optrmxst She was also rn G A C Colonnade Wrq and Masque As sembly Commrttee and Spamsh Club NANCY KILBOURN Con-ung irom Slauson Nancy became actwe m Colonnade Wlg and Masque lnterror Decoratmg Club Glee Club Boosters and Washmgton Club She was on the College Curnculum and a member ot homeroom B2 DOUGLAS KING Outstandrng as a player ln basketball baseball and football Bud was well known to all ot us lor hrs ath letxc abnlxty He was a member ot the Assembly Commxttee and the Washmgton Club On the College Curnculum thrs Slausonxte malored rn mathematxcs IEANNE KINGERY Ieanne Co Eclxtor oi the Omega and vxce presrdent of her home room has spent a busy three years at AAHS Her Interests rn musrc was clearly seen by her PGIIICIPGIIOH rn Glee Club Cantando A Cappella and the Operetta whxle her dramatic abxlxty was drsplayed when she held a leadmg part ln the lun lor Play In her spare txme Ieanne took an actxve part lh G A C Colonnade Wxg and Masque Spamsh and Washmgton Clubs WILLIAM KLINGEL Bxll or Able came from Slauson and was rn D 22 Hrs xnter ests were football basketball Rrile Club and Boosters Club He also sang m the A Cappella Choxr ELMER KNOX Wlth an rnterest ln sport I took advantage of the many kmds of athletrc actrvrtres at AAHS and went out for football and wrestlmg Thrs former Slausonxte entered on the General Cur nculum majonng m Englrsh IOE KOBUS Commg from Slauson Ioe was much mterested m art as was shown by hrs parttcrpatlon Ill the Art Club In homeroom C12 loo was on the General Curnculum mth a major m Enghsh SANDRA KOCH Home room president vxce presxdent and secretary are the oihces that Sandra held ln C 13 She was a mem ber ol the Omega statt and her choxce ot clubs were G A C Colonnade Intenor Decorating Boosters Washmqton and Glee Clubs She came from Slauson and was on the Lxterary Currrculum wlth Englrsh and htstory as majors LOIS KOEPP Loxss mam extra curricular actxvxtxes centered around vanous clubs ot whxch she as a member Wrg and Masque G A C Colonnade Interlor Dec oratmg Rntle Washmgton and Boosters Clubs completed this hst She sang lh both Cantando and Glee Club This former Slausonxte was also vxce presrdent secre tary and treasurer ot her home room D18 and served as alternate Student Councxl member one semester IOHN KOKINAKES Koke a member ot C-4 came to AAHS from Iones Iumor Hrgh He has been actrve lh sports par P 9 Q He also found trme to be on the Assembly Commxttee and rn the Washmgton Club EDWARD KOPEL Ed left us early xn hrs senlor year to go to Arizona to resume hrs studies Whxle ln high school Ed majored ln Enalxsh and was on the Lxterary Cur nculum HAROLD KUEHN Harold a General Cur rrculum student came to us from lones As a member ot A2 he partxmpated m the Band Intramural wrestlmg the Cam era Club HIY and the Rrile Club He was also one ot the semors who jour neyed to Washmgton and New York wxth the Washmgton Club MILDRED KUSLAK One of the many grad uates of Slauson Mildred chose the Lxt erary Curriculum and majored rn Englrsh and hrstory whrle m hrgh school She was geo a loyal member ot the Colonnade uh DIANA LAHDE Commg from Tappan peppy D1 has been homeroom presxden a cheerleader for three years a member of Glee Club G A C Colonnade Music Club Wig and Masque Washmgton Club and Boosters She also managed to mam tam a hugh scholastxc average CHARLES LAMBERSON Thxs 47 48 bas ketball Captaxn also found txme and en ergy to wm letters rn football and base ball Besrdes bemq active xn Boosters Chuck preslded over one ot the Wash mgton Club groups has homeroom C22 and the lumor Class and was on the Stu dent Counctl tor two semesters He entered AAHS on the College Curriculum and ma jored m Englxsh and hxstory BARBARA LAYHHR From Barbs long lusts of actrvmes xt can clearly be seen that she has soent a busy three years rn Student Councll for two semesters she also took part m G A C Art Club Interxor Decoratmg Boosters and Washlngton Club and rarsed the morale ot the teams wrth her hvely cheerleading On a College Cur rxculum Barb majored rn Englxsh and ar KENNETH LEACH Ken came to hxgh school trom Tappan Hrs mterest rn ma chmery led hrm to choose the lndustnal Course and major m machme shop BARBARA LEERKAMP Barb came to AAHS from Slauson and served as secre tary of her homeroom B12 On the Gen eral Currlculum wxth a major rn Englrsh she was also active rn the Art and Wash mgton Clubs GWENA LEWIS Gwena came from Grand Raprds as a sophomore and was made a member ot B2 On the Lrterary Curncu lum she majored m Enghsb and hxsto The Debate Team lord claxm to most ot her txme but rn her spare moments she managed to play rn the Orchestra serve on the Assembly and Noon Hour Cornmxt tees and jorn Colonnade Spamsh Club Wrg and Masque and Washxngton Club and to be an alternate to the Student Councrl 1 , . . - h A . . . -I - tici atin in both wrestlin and football. high school, Besides being alternate to the t. IOHN LINGON lohn a member ot A2 came from Southeastern Hrgh rn Detrolt He has been an honor roll student ot the Sclentxtxc Curnculum wxth majors m math ematlcs and sclence Iohn has been actxve rn sports havmq partxcrpated ln tootball cross country and track He was also on the Sports Committee ot the Omega He was rn the Washmqton Club and a Stu dent Councrl alternate GEORGIA LOGAN George came to AAl-IS from Slauson She has been a loyal member ol homeroom C22 CLAIRE LONG Claxre haxled from Slau son and has partrcrpated xn many extra curricular actxvxtxes mcludmg G A C Noon Hour Committee Colonnade Music Club Wxg and Masque Washmgton Club and Boosters She was also secretary ot her homeroom and was on the College Pre paratory course majorlng rn Enghsh and hxstory IOANNE LOUKOTKA I Ln addmon to dolng good work rn academlc subjects has been presldent and vrce presxdent of her homeroom She was secretary oi A Cappella and sang m the Operetta Wash mgton Club G A C lnterxor Decoratxng Club Wlg and Masque and Boosters kept her busy She came from Slauson and was on the Lxterary Curnculum with majors rn Engllsh and Latm IUDITH LUCHEK Judy alter spendmg one year ln England came back to AAHS to tlnxsh her hxgh school eduqatlon She was a member ot the Student Councxl for one semester and partxclpated m the French Club and Wxg and Masque She was also an active member ot the Optx must and Omega staffs Iudy was on the Literary Curnculum wlth majors nn Eng lush and hrstory MARTHA LUCKHARDT Martha a gradu ate ot Iones Iumor Hugh was an actwe member of the Rntle Club She was on the General Currlculum ALICE LUDWIG Ahce one ot the gradu ates from Slauson lumor Hlgh has tol lowed the General Currxculum and has majored m Englxsh She was a member ot the Interror Decorating Club ALLAN MACPHAIL Macs mterests cen tered around basketball swxmmxng and tenms He was also a member ot the u slc and Washmqton Clubs He was vice presrdent ot his homeroom and was on the Sclentrtlc Currxculum majoring ln Englxsh and scxence TWYLA McCONNEl.L Twrlnght hauled trom Tappan She majored xn English and scrence whxle tollowmg the General Cur rxculum Twxlrght was on the Noon Hour Committee EVELYN McDONNEL Evre commg to AAHS from Mt Carmel l-hgh School has majored rn Engllsh and mathematics while tollowrng the General Curnculum LAURA ALBERTA McLAUGHLlN Bert came to us from Cambndge Massachu setts She was actxve ln Washmgton Club Orchestra the Operetta Colonnade Wlq and Masque and Wmg Scouts She tol lowed the Sclentlhc Curnculum with ma jors rn Enghsh mathematxcs and scnence CARL MAIER Carl was vice presxdent of hrs homeroom D 18 He was active rn football and especially baseball Carl came from Slauson and has followed the lndustnal Course majormg rn English WILLIAM MARQUARDT Buck hurled from Slauson He parrrcrpated rn C O T Washrngtorr Club and Boosters and chose to follow the General Course wrth cr mayor rn Englrsh ROBERT MATEN Bob came to Ann Ar bor Hrqh from Tappan He was rnterested rn musrc as was proven by hrs partrcx patron rn the Band Orchestra and A Cappella Chorr He has also been rn Cam era Rrtle and Washrngton Clubs and was an alternate on the Student Councrl MAX MATTBSON Max who was ver rnterested rn athletrcs partrcrpated rn wrestlrnq swrmmrng and track and was Captam ot the Football team rn hrs sen ror year Captarn Matteson served on the Student Councrl and the Noon Hour Com mrttee and was a member of the French Boosters and Washrnqton Clubs KONRAD MATTHAEI Hank senror class presrdent yunror class vrce presr dent and member ol the Sophomore Class Executrve Board found trme tor these addrtronal extra currrcular actrvr tres A Cappella Operetta the Iumor and Senror Plays A B Wrg and Masque and the Washrnqton Club He recerved an addrtronal honor rn hrs senror year when hrs classmates chose hrm Crtrzen ol Tomorrow IACQUELINE MATTHEWS Iackre has been a busy member ot the Washrngton and Musrc Clubs and on the Assembly Committee She came from Slauson lun xor Hrgh and was actrve rn Band Glee Club Cantando and A Cappella Chorr She was also rn the operetta The Mar rraqe of Nannette VICTOR MAURY Vrc a member of homeroom B18 chose the lndustrral Cur nculum upon enterrng AAHS from Tappan Vrcs extra currrcular actrvrtres were Cen tered around wrestlrng and Washmqton Club MARK MAYNE Bussre was on the General Course and majored rn Enqlrsh He has been rn the Wrg and Masque Washrngton Club A Cappella Chorr and he portrayed a gypsy rn the operetta The Marrraqe of Nannette IACQUELINE MERCHANT Iackre served on the Semor Class Executrve Board and was actrve rn the many lunc trons ot the Student Councrl Member shrp rn Omega Glee Club Cantando Wrq and Masque G A C Colonnade Boosters and Washmgton Clubs proved her rnterest rn varrous actrvrtres Iackre also served as secretary ot her home room A4 DON MESNAHD Mez came from Slau son Iunror Hrqh and was on the General Currrculum The baseball and football teams have held a promrnent place rn Dons rnterests MARAGARET METZGER Margaret was secretary ot her homeroom D24 whrch was very httrng srnce she took the Steno qraphrc Course She came to AAHS lrom Tappan and has been rn Glee Club Scrr.: bler s Club and C O T CONRAD MILLER Connre has been both presrdent and vrce presrdent ot hrs home room Sports have played Important part rn hrs hrgh school career srnce he partrcrpated rn cross country and track He chose to tollow the lndustrral Course MARY MILLS Mary came from Slauson Iunror Hrqh and was on the General Cur rrculum Musrc seemed to occupy most of her trme srnce she was actrvc rn both Cantando and A Cappella ELIZABETH MILLSPAUGH Betty has been actrve rn Scnbblers Boosters and Washmgton Clubs She rs a graduate of the Stenographrc Curnculum mayormg rn Englrsh She harled from Tappan Iumor Hrgh and was rn C 24 GEORGE MOORE George was a Student Councll alternate and graduate of the Screntrhc Currrculum He majored rn Eng llsh science and mathematics and be longed to the Camera and Scrence Clubs He formerly attended Ypsrlantr Hugh School GEORGE MOHRLOCK George has served as homeroom presrdent vrce presldent and treasurer He took an actrve part rn foot ball and swrmmrng Thrs fellow Wash mgton Clubber majored rn Englrsh EDWARD MONROE Ed has acted as vrce presrdent of homeroom C4 and was acttve rn track and cross country A mem ber of the Band and Assembly Commlttee he also partrclpated tn the Camera H1Y Radro and Washington Clubs Ed was on the General Currrculum mayorrng rn Englrsh and hrstory NANCY MORRISON Nancy has been a Student Councrl member for two semes ters an alternate for one semester and presrdent vrce presrdent and secretary of her homeroom B12 She has been secre tary of the N A B and on the A B She has also been actrve rn the Health and Safety Committee Red Cross Noon Hour Commlttee and Boosters Club Nancy at tended Tappan Iunror Hrgh school whrle rn seventh grade and from there went to Hrllsdale lumor Hrgh for the erghth and nlnth grades MARGARET MOTTER A member of home room B3 Margaret was rn the Wrg and Masque Club She has been on the Scren trfrc Curnculum and came from Tappan Iunxor Hrgh School ox MARILYN MULL Marxlyn from Slauson could be found rn C20 as presrdent and secretary durmg her three year stay She was on the Stenographrc Curnculum and majored rn Englrsh She also held posr trons on the Omega and Optxmrst Staffs Marrlyns mam mterests were G A C Washington Club Colonnade Assembly Committee Interror Decoratmg Club Wrg and Masque Boosters and C O T ANNE MULCHAHEY Anne has partzcr pated rn Boosters Club C O T Art Club Red Cross and Washmqton Club She be came a member of C 15 advlsory when she came here from Umversrty Hrgh School She has majored rn Enghsh and hrstory and was on the General Currxcu lum NANCY NEBEL Nan a member of the Student Councrl for one semester was also a Colonnader and rn the Washrngton and Boosters Clubs She was also vrce presr dent of her homeroom and was on the Lrterary Curuculum DAVE NELSON From homeroom D24 Nellre has partlcrpated rn cross country and was a member of the Rrfle Club Noon Hour Commrttee and Stage Craft Whrle m Ann Arbor Hrgh School he was on the Screntrfrc Preparatory Course WILLIAM NIETHAMMER Hammer who harled from Slauson was presrdent of hrs class durmg hrs sophomore year and was on the Sophomore Class Executive Board He actrvely partrcrpated rn football and baseball and was on the Red Cross Com mittee On the Industnal Course B111 made the erght ponnt Honor Roll CHARLES NOAH Chuck has been an actrve member of the Debate team as well as pcrrtrcxpatmg rn swrmmxng and tenms He was rn the Iunror Play Art Club Washrngton Club Red Cross and was also a reporter on the Optrmrst Chuck ma yored rn scrence DOUGLAS NOBILETTE Doug who was on the Enqxneerxng Curnculum went out tor cross country whtle attendmg Ann Ar bor Htgh School A member ot the Camera and Rxtle Clubs Doug wus also on the Opttmtst staff BARBARA NORDMAN Barb who was a member of Glee Club Cantando and Colonnade came to us from Slauson A member of homeroom B 2 she also parttcl pated m Musxc Rxile Wxg and Masque Boosters and the Washmgton Clubs ADALINE NOHTHRUP Adalme was member of the Glee Club as well as of the Scrtbblers and Washmqton Clubs Comtng from Jones Iuntor Hlgh she lol lowed the Stenographxc Course Cappella Glee Club and Cantando has also been an actlve member of Colon nade Rule Wxq and Masque Spamsh and the Washmgton Clubs She was also on the Omega staff PATRICK O SHEA Pat came from Grosse Pomte Hlqh and went out for the swxm mtng team parttcxpated tn the Iuntor Play Arsenic and Old Lace and was tn the HIY Rlile Spamsh and Washtnqton Clubs ARLAYNE OTTOSEN Arlte followed the General Curnculum wtth majors ln Eng llsh and htstory durxnq her three years at AAHS Her extra-curricular interests included Art Club Opttmtst Ad Stat! and ushenng for the Iumor and Senior plays ix... 36 HELEN OUCHI Helen a member ot A Cappella and Cantando was on the Lzt erary Preparatory Curnculum She also parttclpated m the Camera and Archery Clubs WARD OURADNIK Wardo an acttve member of the Student Counctl as well as presldent of hrs homeroom also partlcl pated m iootball track the lumor Play and Mustc Boosters and Washmqton Clubs He was also on the Opttmxst Ad Statt Hts spare ttme was spent workmg at the Mxchtgan Umon TULA POULOS Tula a member of home room B 3 chose to tolow the College Cur nculum whxle m hxgh school She was secretary ol her homeroom and she spent her spare ttme collectmg classncal rec ords Tappan was on the Engmeermg Curncu lum and has been on the Student Counctl as well as bexnq presxdem ana vxce presx dent of C7 He was on the Noon Hour Commxttee and was a member of A Cap pella and Woshmgton Club He also went out tor basketball swtmmxng and tennxs You may recall hrs performance as the father ln the Sophomore Play The Happy lourney IOHN PORTER lack entered AAHS last year from Okanogan Hugh School Okano gan Washington He was on the College Currxculum and majored tn htstory and Enqllsh as well as parhcxpohng rn both the Camera and Washmgton Clubs WILLA LEE PUCKEFT Willa hailed lrom Tappan and was on the Stenographtc Cur rxaulum and worked under the C O T plan She was also a member of the Scrxbblers Club and oi Wig and Masque : ' a I . - ANNE OKEY: "Annie," who sang with A WESLEY PENNINGTON: "yves'j came from 6 lx li Hg if I SHERMAN READ Sherman came trorn Slauson was on the General Currxculum and majored rn mathematxcs and Englxsh He was a member of the Rifle Club the Science Club and worked on Stage Craft IOAN REILLY Ioan came from Unlversrty Hlgh was on the General Curnculum and rnalored m hxstory and Englxsh She was also a member of Boosters and an alter nate on the Student Councxl JANE RICE lane came from Tappan and was on the Lrterary Curriculum She was an alternate of the Student Councrl for her homeroom and partxcxpated rn the Glee Club Cantando and the French Club Her majors were Englrsh Latm and mathe matics MARY RICE Mary commg to us from Slauson was on the College Curriculum As secretary of B 8 and a member of the Assembly Commlttee Mary represented her homeroom m school actxvmes She was also a member of a Cappella Can tando the Glee Club Washmgton Club Boosters the Omega Staff and C O T RUTH RICHARDSON Rlchard halls from Tappan has been presxdent of A2 a member of G A C Colonnade Washmg ton Club Cantando and Wxq and Masque She has been a reporter for the Optrmxst and Omega and has been a member of the Red Cross and Assembly Commxttees The French and Interxor Decoratxng Clubs also entered mto her busy lrfe at hxgh school LEE RINGLE Lee was a graduate of Iones Iumor Hugh School and followed the In dustnal Curriculum whxle ln hugh school DORIS RIZOR Dons came from Slauson was vrce president of B 6 and was on the Stenoqraphlc Curriculum She was a mem ber of A Cappella G A C Washxngton Club Rlfle Club C O T and the Noon Hour Commxttee She was also m the Oper etta rn her yunxor year KEITH ROBERSON Kexth who left Mxchx gan durmg hrs senxor year to make hrs home xn Caltfornla was a member of homeroom C8 cmd followed the College Currlculum BETTY ROBERTS Bette haxls from Slau son and has been a member of the Glee Club and Cantando Choir She majored rn Englrsh and was a member of the Wash lngton Club DOLORES ROGERS From Dees record rt may clarly be seen that she wasn t loafmg through her hlgh school days She served as an actxve member of Glee Club G A C Colonnade Camera Club French Club Wrg and Masque Boosters and Washrng ton Club and followed the Lxterary Cur nculum IOYCE ROOD Besldes makmg many frrends durxng her three year stay t AAHS Ioyce has been actxve ln a van ety of orgamzatxons mcludmg Wag and Masque Scxence Rxfle Art G A C Col onnade and Washmgton Clubs Between club meetlngs she has also found tlme to act as secretary of her homeroom loyce took up the Lxterary Curnculum and ma yored m Englrsh and mathematxcs MARY LOU ROOT Entenng the Lxterary Currlculum rn preparation for future days at college Mary Lou ma1ored in English and hxstory ln her lunlor year she sang m the operetta The Marnage of Nannette Actxve ln extra curricular events she was a member of Spamsh Club Washmgton Club Boosters and Wxg and Masque EVELYN ROSS The homeroom presrdent ot B 18 has had a pretty busy hrgh school career Besrdes servrng as alternate to the Student Councrl Evre has been on the Assembly Commrttee a member of CO T G A C Boosters and Washrnqton Club She also managed to be an actrve reporter for the Optrmrst Evre has taken cx hand rn plannrng the Y dances while serv mg on the YMCA Youth Councrl ERHARD ROTHE Durrnq the trme that wasnt taken up by swrmmrnq and tenms Erhard was busy presrdrng over hrs home room and partrcrpaturq rn the Washrrrgton and Rrfle Clubs On the Screntrfrc Currrc ulum he marored rn Englxsh mathematrcs and screrrce ROLAND ROWE Roland who harled from Iones Iunror Hrgh School followed the In dustrral Currrculum wrth a rnalor rn Eng rsh IAMES ROSZEL Musrc berng one of Ro seys chref rnterests he was an actrve member of the school Band and sang rn the Glee Club He also partrcrpated rn Boosters and Washrngton Clubs A former Tappanrte Rosey launched hrs hrqh school career on the Enqrneerrnq Currrcu lum and majored rn Englrsh hrstory math ematrcs and scrence PAUL E RUSSELL Sports took up most ot Doclae s extra currrcular trme durrng hrs stay at AAHS He went out for football basketball and track Hrs other extra cur rrcular actrvrtres mcluded the Scrence and Spanrsh Clubs BETTY LOU SOWTER Betts decrded on the Screntrfrc Currrculum and marored rn Englrsh mathernatrcs and scrence when she came to AAHS from Slauson Her homeroom was D24 and she was prr manly rnterested rn the Washrngton Club durrng her senror year lt ji Pla BOB SAUVE Besrdes berng vrce presrdent of C 22 Soph found trme to rndulge rn hrs favorrte past trme sports and went out for wrestlrng football and basketball Comrng from Tappan he has been pavrng hrs way for college days by takrng e Lrterary Course and mayorrng rn Englrsh He has also been actrve rn Boosters and Washrngton Clubs MARGARET SAXTON Peggy came to AAHS rn her rumor year from Tulsa Okla homa Asrde from berng presrdent of her homeroom D22 Peggy found trme for G A C Musrc Club Wrq and Masque and Washrngton Clubs In her spare trme she scouted for news as an Optrmrst re porter and was on the Omega staff On the Lrterary Currrculum and wxth college rn vrew Peggy marored rn Englrsh and hrstory DARRELL SCHEETZ Wrth a great rnterest rn sports Irrsh went out for wrestlrng football and track On the lrghter srde he enjoys musrc as can be seen by hrs par trcrpatron rn Glee Club A Cappella Chorr and the Operetta A former Slausonrte Irrsh was on the Screntrfrc Currrculum wrth majors rn Enqlrsh and scrence WALTER SCHMID Formerly from Slauson Wally spent three years rn C12 He was manager ot the football and basket ball teams and had a great rnterest rn the Band of whrch he was a member Hrs not so spare trme was taken up b Washrngton Club On the General Cur rrculum Wally mayored rn Enqlrsh BARBARA SCHMID As secretary and treasurer of her homeroom Schmrtty also found trme for Wig and Masque and Washrngton Clubs Schmrtty was on the General Currrculum wrth a ma lor rn Englrsh RUTH SCHNEARLE Ruth harled from Tap pan lunror Hrgh Whrle rn AAHS she par trcrpated rn Glee Club and as a mayor rn Englrsh and hrstory she was on the Gen eral Currrculum B14 clarmed her as a member of rts homeroom DAVID SCHNEIDER Dave drsplayed hrs musrcal talents as a member ot both the Band and Orchestra I-Ie was also actrve rn the Rrtle and Camera Clubs Dave was on the General Currrculum and attended Iones School prevlous to commg to AAHS LOIS SCHNIRRING Lots was a member of C O T and ot the Rxfle and Scnbbler Clubs She also made the tnp to Washrngton tn the Sprmq Lots came from Slauson School ALBERT SEEGERS Al showed hrs ver sattlrty m hrgh school by partrcrpatrng m the Operetta football wrestlmg and HrY Al came from Slauson School and was on the lndustnal Curnculum at AAHS DOBIS SEETERS Dorne was actxve tn Band G A C Boosters and Washington Clubs She came to AAHS from Slauson Iumor Hlgh and had a major tn Engltsh IAMES SEVERSON Sev was noted for hrs actlng abrlrty whtch was demonstrated m both the Iumor and Semor plays He was also ln the Wrq and Masque Assembly Program Basketball football Assembly Committee French Mustc I-'trfle and Washington Clubs all held his tnterest He was elected presrdent and vrce presr dent ot hrs homeroom Sevs name ap peared on the Optrmxst s mast head as a reporter LLOYD SEYFRIED Srfe a member ol homeroom B 14 elected the Busmess Cur nculum for hrs course ot study He also partrcrpated tn the Washrngton Club trtp and m football mail' IEANNE SHEWMAN Shoo was on the Student Councll and the Semor Executrve Board for two semesters Bemg Busmess Manager for the Omega and an Ophmrsts ad staff member occupred much of her trme Dramattcs also held her mterest smce she appeared m the Sophomore As sembly Play and dld an excellent lob as book holder for the Iumor Play She was a member of the G A C Colonnade In tenor Decorattng and Washmgton Clubs BETTY SILVEBTHORN Betty was on the C O T program rn her semor year Wrq and Masque Boosters Colonnade and the G A C Clubs claxmed her as an acttve member Betty was on the General Cur rxculum RENA SINCLAIR Rena was homeroom presxdent of C13 Glee Club G A C the Assembly Commrttee Interxor Decoratmg Boosters and Washmqton Clubs occupred her spare tlme Rena was a vtce presrdent ot the Washxngton Club ROBERT SLATER Bob was Student Counctl representattve for one semester and homeroom prestdent ot Bl Bob was out tor football m hrs sophomore year and was rnterested rn swrmmmq I-Irs club lxst conslsted oi Wrg and Masque Musrc and Washmqton Clubs On the Ltterary Cur rxculum Bob mayored m Enghsh and mathematxcs BARBARA SMALLEY Barb halled from Tappan and elected the Stenographlc Cur rxculum rn hxgh school She was an alter nate for the Student Councrl When Barb elected clubs she chose Camera Scnb blers Wxq and Masque and Boosters and rn her lumor year she helped on the Iun tor Play Washmgton Club was the brq event rn her semor year IOYCE SMITH lo was found m C7 for three years comrnq to AAHS from St Thomas She was homeroom Vrce presrdent and malored tn Enqlrsh and hxstory I had parts rn the Sophomore and Iumor plays G A C, and Washmgton Club held "Io's" mterests durmg her hrgh school years ERINA SMYRNOFF The senlor class ot 48 began seemg double when the twms ar rxved Erina came from Wayne in her sen ior year and followed the College Currlcu lum maionng rn hxstory and mathematxcs She belonged to Scnbblers and Washmg ton Clubs GALINA SMYRNOFF Galma lxke her sister followed the College Curnculum She maiored m hxstory and mathematxcs and lOlh9d the Scrxbblers and Washmg ton Clubs DAVID SPACE Dave on entering high school from Iones Iunxor I-hgh chose the Enqmeerxng Curnculum and majored xn mathematxcs and Enghsh Holding posmons on the Semor Executxve Board and N A B actxng as treasurer ot the Student Councll and Captaxmng the golt team kept Dave busy Hrs interests ranged around the Washington Club wrestlmg football and basketball IANET SPIETH Ianet a Slausonite chose the Lxterary Preparatory Curnculum upon entenng AAHS lanet was chosen co edx tor of this years Omega and she was a reporter for the Optlmxst Washlngton Club Wlg and Masque Rrtle G A C Colonnade and Spanxsh Clubs kept Ianet busy tor three years ERDMAN SPRADLIN C-4 clan-ned Erdman when he entered Ann Arbor Hrgh and chose the General Curnculum I-Ie was in the Intenor Decoratmg Club dunng his semor year Wrestling and track were his major xnterests xn sports whsle Camera Club also clarmed a part ot hrs time CHARLES STAEBLER Bud claxrns Tap pan as hxs Alma Mater and B12 as his homeroom dunng hrs three years at AAI-IS The General Curriculum was his choice and he mayored rn Englxsh while playing tootball and worlang on C 0 'l' SALLY STAMPFLER Sally was vxce prest dent and secretary of B 10 dunng her hrqh school career Entering from Slauson Sally decided on a Stenographlc Course wlth a mayor an English She was also an alter nate tor the Student Counctl G A C Col onnade Scrtbblers Wxg and Masque C O T and Boosters claimed a good share ot Sallys trme ROBERT STEPHEN Bemg presxdent ot A 4 occupied a good share of Stephen s txme Axnvmg from Slauson he chose the n dustrral Curnculurn Football swxmnung and Boosters ranked hugh among hrs many actxvttxes He partlcxpated an the Play Pro ductxon xn his yumor year and ln the Washmgton Club dunng hrs senior year ELINOR STIEG Nell came to AAHS as a semor from Bad Axe Mxchxgan At Bad Axe Hugh she had a part xn the Iunlor Play and was treasurer oi her class She was m C 18 and was actxve nn the Glee Club and the Intenor Decorating Club On the Scnentxhc Course Nell majored ln hxstory and scxence MARY STOLL Abxgarl has shown execu txve abxhty tn actmg as secretary ot her class both as a iunxor and as a senior Be sldes bexng homeroom secretary ol C 10 she was secretary ot G A C ln Colonnade Intenor Decorahng Wrg and Masque Omega Washmgton Club and Boosters She has also served as Student Council alternate and was a second team cheer leader UI her Junxor year LYLE STHINGER Being musxcally rrunded Lyle has concentrated on musical actlvt hes durxng his hxgh school years A mem ber ot C 10 Lyle has been tn Band Boys Glee Club and m A Cappella Choir for two years He was also active rn the Mu src Club and had a leadxng role ln the operetta The Marnaqe of Nannette IAMES SUITS hm who halted from Tappan was vrce president oi homeroom D 24 and a member ot the Student Coun cal tor one semester He was also active m sports partxcrpatmg xn football and track as well as bemq a member oi the Rltle Club and the Washington Club lim was on the Engineenng Course HERBERT SWANSON Herb a member of D 8 was from Ishpemmg Falls Hxgh He chose to follow the Industnal Curnculum Herb was vxce presxdent oi D 18 was rn the HIY and partrcxpated m tootball and basketball NEIL SWEETLAND Nell was vxce presldent oi hrs homeroom C 9 and served on the Iumor Play Commxttee and the Noon Hour Commxttee He was also a Student Councxl Alternate IANETTE TAIT Ianette returned to Ann Arbor I-hgh School this year as a semor alter spendmg last year rn Edmburgh Scotland Tlus Tappamte partrcxpated rn the Art Club Wrg and Masque Archery and Boosters She acted as homeroom pres xdent and secretary ot C24 On the Col lege Currxculurn she mayored xn hxstory FLORENCE TAKAGI Florence came to AAHS from Hunt Hrgh School ln ldaho She was xn the Spanxsh and Washmgton Clubs and sclence was one of her many mterests CECIL TAYLOR Every student ot AAHS recogmzed Cec as the mdxspensable master mmd behxnd all stage sets hght mg lor partzes and other scientxhc happenmgs around school He mayored rn scxence and was an actlve member of the Science Club whrch makes rt easy to see where hrs mam mterest hes He also par tlcxpated rn Washmgton Club MARY ELIZABETH TAYLOR Thxs gal came ongmally lrom Portland Oregon where she attended Roosevelt Hxgh School Emy was on the College Curriculum wxth mayors ln Enghsh and hrstory Whxle xn AAHS she was Interested m G A C Colonnade Musxc and Washxngton Clubs She also served as Student Councnl alter nate for her homeroom C 7 ALBERT TEMPLE Al chose the Indus trxal Curnculum lor hxs hrgh school course Hrs extra curncular aotxvmes mcluded Glee Club wrestlxng cross country the Iumor play French Club Rrlle Club Wxg and Masque Washxngton Club and Boosters IOHN THOMAS Frenchy has been both a wrestler and a lootball player for Ann Arbor Hrgh In addmon to h1s partxcrpa t1on m sports he was a member ol the Rrile Club The lndustnal Currxculum was chosen as Frenchy s pursult rn the aca demic held FRAZIER THOMPSON Sharmg his musxcal talents wxth both A Cappella Chou and the Band Tommxe also sang in the school operetta He was a member ol the Assembly Commlttee and actwe ln the Musto Club Wlg and Masque and Rxlle Club PATRICIA THURSTON Pat has kept her sell busy w1th her work rn G A C Cam era Club Wxg and Masque and the Red Cross She mayored nn Englnsh and Latm on the Lrterary Curnculum GEORGE TOKUNAGA Both arhstxc and athletnc Yogo was on the varslty toot ball team and has done art work tor thxs years Omega He belonged to the Art Club ln addmon to talnng art courses m school He was a Student Councrl repre sentatxve presrdent of has homeroom and a member ot the l94B Washxngton Club SHOZO TOMITA Shozo who came from Rhower Iumor Hlgh School m Rhower Ar kansas has been on the General Currlcu lurn here at Ann Arbor Hxgh School NEDALYN TONEY Ned has been actxve xn the Glee Club G A C and the Rxtle Club She mayored rn Latxn and Englxsh o nthe Lrterary Curnculum LEON TOWER Leon was a member of the H1 Y and Washington Clubs He studied on the Industrxal Curnculum while at AAHS NANCY TOWNSEND Nancy who hauled trom Umversxty Hxgh as a senror was secretary ot her homeroom partrclpated rn G A C Red Cross and Camera Club She chose hxstory as her major on the Lxterary Curnculum IEANNE TROMBLEY lean has been pre :dent ot her homeroom and has worked for G A C Art Club Archery Club and the Omega She chose to follow the Col lege Curnculum and mayored m hxstory cmd Englxsh MARY LOU VELIQUETTE Mary Lou lrkes musnc as was shown by her partlcxpatxon xn the Glee Club Cantando and A Cap pella Chou Her other chlei school mter est was xn dramatlcs As an actlve mem ber xn the Wxg and Masque Club she had a part rn the Sophomore Play In addxtxon to bemg homeroom presrdent she was a member of the Washmgton Club IUNE VOLLRATH Iune has been actxve on both the Optrmxst and Omega staffs She also has been a member ot G A C the Assembly Commxttee Colonnade Musrc Club Wxg and Masque and the Washxng ton Club She was on the Lxterary Cur nculum MURIBI. WALKER Moe who came from Slauson was rn A Cappella tor three years and had leading roles lh two oper ettas She was vrce presrdent and secre tary of her homeroom C 15 and was a member of G A C Musxc Wrg and Masque Boosters C O T and the Wash mgton Clubs Whlle ln hugh school she followed the Stenographrc Curnculum and majored rn Englxsh and hnstory PATRICIA WALKER Pat hauled from Cooley Hxgh School rn Detrort At Ann Arbor Hlgh she was presrdent and treas urer of her homeroom D 18 She was Mu ram rn the Semor Play and partxcxpated ln Washxnqton Wxg and Masque Boost ers and lntenor Decorating Clubs Thls versatrle red head was second page edxtor ot the Optumst as well as a reporter Takmg a Lxterary Course she mayored ln Spanrsh Englxsh and hrstory MARK WANTY Il-'t Mark who came to AAI-IS from Slauson Iunxor Hxgh chose to follow the lndustnal Curnculum wxth Eng lxsh as a major SALLY WANZECK Sally came to us lrom St Thomas rn her sophomore year She was a member ot Student Councrl and partrcrpated rn Cantando Assembly Com mrttee Colonnade Scrence and Washmg ton Clubs Sally was on the General Cur nculum and she malored rn English and history DON WARD Both Slauson and Tappan claimed Dxnk as a student whxle he was rn lunror hrgh school Sxnce comxng to Ann Arbor Hxgh he has centered hrs xnrerests around the golf team Dmk was on the General Curnculum wrth majors rn French mathematxcs and scrence ROBERT WARK Bob s xnterest in sports can clearly be seen by his partlcrpatxon ln wrestlrng football and track Besldes berng noe presrdent of C ll Bob took an actrve part rn Rxtle Wrg and Masque Boosters and Washmqton Clubs Between club meetxngs Bob also found time to hunt up sports stones tor the Optimist ANNE WATERMAN Anne s xnterest tn mu src was shown by her particlpatxon ln A Cappella Cantando Glee Club and the Operetta She also served her homeroom as a member of the Student Councrl Anne will be remembered for her portrayal of the tttle role rn the Semor Play Dear Ruth She was actxve rn G A C Noon Hour Comnuttee Colonnade Scxence Club Wxg and Masque Washmgton Club and Opttmxst and she was secretary of the Omega DURWOOD WATERS Durwood was a post graduate student malormg ln English H was actrve on the Omega staff and rn the Washrngton Club whrle m Ann Arbor Hrgh School NANCY WATKINS Wat was usually found tn the office where she carned on her dutres as prestdent of the Student Councrl She was on her class Executxve Board m her sophomore and yumor years and was a member of the Debate team rn her sophomore year Bemg presrdent of Colonnade and holdmg her ftfteen point Honor Roll posmon was a brg job but tt dxdnt stop her from drawing cartoons for the Optxmrst and holdrng one of the leadrng roles m the lumor Play G A C French Club Wxg and Masque and Wash xngton Club also added to her enyoyment of school hte GRETA WEAVER Gretch hatled from Slauson and partrcxpated ln many extra curricular actlvltles Her mam mterest was ln G A C Also related to the athletlc held was her membershrp m the Rxfle Club She helped on Stage Craft and served as presrdent of her homeroom B EUGENIA WELLS Smce commg from Tap pan m 1945 Genre has been an ener getlc partxctpant ln many UCflVIfl9S She xs best remembered for the trtle role rn the operetta Marnage of Nannette She served one semester on the Student Councrl and has been a member of the Orchestra A Cappella Choxr Wtg and Masque Assem bly Commxttee and French Club Thxs busy girl tound trme also to make the ten pomt Honor Roll several trmes KAROLINE WENGER Korlry was always on hand tor the many G A C actxvttxes She has been a member of the Stage Craft crew Boosters Club and Washrngton Club Whxle followxnq the Lxterary Curnculum she majored m Englxsh and mathematxcs t ROSE WENTWORTH A Cappella Glee Clu.b Cantando and the Uperetta have all clatmed the talented Rosle Besxdes bemg presldent of the French Club she was a member of G A C Colonnade Wlg and Masque and Washmgton Clubs She also had the part of Dora the matd m the Senxor Play IOHN WENZEL Iohnny has been acttve rn football Band and Glee Club sxnce commg from Slauson He was also busy gt Camera Club Hadxo Club and Stage raft CAROLYN WHIPPLE Thns qutet gxrl was acttve tn many clubs and groups durmg her three years m AAHS Glee Club Can tando G A C Camera Club Rtfle Club and Washmgton Club ranked hxgh among her lnterests IAMES WHITE Irm kept busy dunng his high school career wrth football mtra mural basketball and hrst team swrm mrng to occupy hrs txme Thxs dtd not vent hrm trom servtng on the Noon our Committee and bemg a member of both he Boosters and Washmgton Clubs Thxs A2 lad came from Iones School and was on the Lrterary Course BRUCE WHITTEMORE Chrco worked at Marshalls Drug Store during part of hrs senror year but nevertheless he found trme for football the Rrtle and Spamsh Clubs He also managed to squeeze the Washington Club excursron mto hrs busy schedule A member of C 20 Chico took the Engxneenng Course concentratxng on mathematxcs He harled from Tappan School EARL WILD Earl came from Slauson lun lor Hrgh and entered C 2 as a sophomore Hrs mam mterest was centered xn the held of sports and he was an actrve member ot the football squad Earl also a partrcl pant rn the Washrngton and New York tnp and was on the Industna! Curncu um CAROLYN WILKE Thrs brown hcnred spxrxted gal from D 24 served as secre tary of her homeroom and also was actwe tn the Scrrbblers and Washmqton Clubs Her afternoons were spent workxnq smce she was a member of C O T Corrunq from Slauson Carolyn took up Stenoqraphy m AAHS HERBERT WILKINSON Herb entered Ann Arbor High School from Slauson and here he partxcxpated rn football the Hn Y and was a member ot Boosters and Wash mgton Clubs Thrs lad trom C 22 was on the Literary Course and was espectally rn terested rn mathematrcs RICHARD WILLER Busmess seems to be Dtck s mam interest stnce he was on the Busmess Currxculum and was actxve m subscnptron and sales on the Busmess Stall ot the Omega He hcnled from Tap pan and was treasurer of hrs homeroom DONALD WILSON Don came to AAHS from Slauson He took up the Lxterary Course with hrstory and mathemaues holdrng hrs rnterest He acted as secretary oi hrs homeroom C10 STEVEN WOOD Steves mam interest was musrc He played tn both the Band and Orchestra durmg hxs hxgh school ca reer He also found trme to act as vrce presldent of hrs homeroom C9 and was actnve rn the Camera Club Steve was on the Lrterary Currxculum and majored ID mathematxcs MARILYN YARMAIN Besides partrcxpatmg rn Boosters Colonnade Musrc Club Wxg and Masque and Omega Yarmam showed abxlxty rn sports and was presx dent ot G A C She also served as presx dent and vlce presrdent of her homeroom B 10 and was a Student Councrl alternate Her most trme consumxnq task was tul trllmg the dutxes as one of the Grrls Washmgton Club presrdents KENNETH ZILL Ken asrde from bemg very acttve rn sports was one oi the many semors who yourneyed to Washmg ton and New York over Sprmq Vacatnon He partrcrpated rn football and was member ot the all state basketball team Ken wh ohaxled irom Slauson was rn C13 rn Ann Arbor I-hgh Pollowxnq an Engmeermg Course he mayored rn hxstory and mathematxcs Mock Elect1ons Best Lookmg Fella Best Looklng Gal Cutest Fella Cutest Gal Most Athluc Fella Most Ath1t1c Fella Most Popular Fellas Most Popular Gal Best All Around Fella Best All Around Gal Most Lrkely to Succeed Fella Best Dressed Fella Best Dressed Gal Broadway Prospect Fella Broadway Prospect Gal Best Dancer Fella Best Dancer Gal Done Most for School Done School for Most Class Half Wrt Class Wrndbag 45 Wesley Pennmgton Marllyn Chandler Iack Hurlburd Marrlyn Chandler Doug Kmg VIIQIDIG Hanselman 1 lack Hurlburd Q Konrad Matthaer Nancy Bender Konrad Matthael Nancy Bender Konrad Matthaer Denn1e Burke Ieanne Krngery Inn Severson Roberta Clark hm Hoszel Marllyn Mull Nancy Watkms Iack Hurlburd Denn1e Burke Ward Ouradnlk C Most Likely to Succeed Gal ............................................... Nancy Watkins 1 v l W ' - 4+ . S155 1. X' 5 A , 3 A Q M ,Q x if D x -- ' ' o i .Q F VIL..- by f 5 ., - I - , A ' 5 5 5 I v ig... 1 Ffh ,A 5 f ffix 'W T -' ' 1' x ' ' J - J Tom Dudley Betty Karsxan B111 DenHouter J umor Class The versatmle v1vac1ous and VIQOIOUS Iumor Class got off to an early start thls year under the capable leadershrp of therr presldent Tom Dudley v1ce presrdent B111 Den Houter secre- tary Betty Karslan and other executrve board members Ioe Grammat1co Ross Stofflet Don Z1ll Shlrley Mesnard and Iudy Gallup The br1ght and sh1n1ng faces ofthe members of the Iumor Class were to be seen 1n all school GCllV1t1eS cumcular and extra curncular In the sports held the Iumors had many class gamzatlons muslcal groups and all other orgamzatlons of the school They also had many members who were mterested 1n and actlve ln student government and who served on the Stu dent Councll The annual Iumor Prom was held at the Slauson Gym on February 21 The Gym was dec orated lrke a clrcus and everyone agreed that they were the most fascrnatlng and ongmal decorations seen at a prom 1n many years The unlque feature of the Prom was the releas- lng of three hundred balloons dunng the dance Another outstandmg ach1evement of the Iunlor Class was the productlon of the Iunlor Play Our Town under the dlrectlon of Mr Frank Reed Ir W1thout the use of propertles or of scen ery the IIIIIIOIS gave a mrghty flne performance Both mghts prolonged applause greeted the performances of the actors If we can ludge the achrevements of the future by the achlevements of the past 1t IS to be assumed that the Iumor Class wxll reach even greater helghts 1n rts last year rn AAHS Good luck to you class of 49 Row 2 P Munroe S Cook D Stuhlmann W Chase Rok 2 I Grammatrco R Stotllet D Zxll B DenHouter T Dudley 47 ' .L e s , W lag tlzp M y O members starring in football and all other sports. They added much to the clubs, literary or- , 6 -Q E 9 ROW l Adams Ioanne Addrs Dorothy Alber Ioyce Alstrom Mary Ellen Anderson Nancy Andrus Dorothy Applegate Roger Aprrll Alan Arnet Dorothy Ashworth Peggy BOW 4 Calvert Gwen Cannell Iacquelme Carbeck Robert Carl Marrlyn Carpenter Eugene Carras Cynthra Carras Stanley Carstens Dorothy Carstens Ioan Cate Iohn BOW 7 Cravens Anna Curnew Albert DAgostmo Anthony DAgost1no lrene Dand Clarre Daum Hraold Davenport Lambert Davrs Beverly Davrs Emu Davts Glenn HOW 2 Austrn Lorrame Barley Evelyn Barnard lean Baylls lack Bauman Charles Belote Barbara Bement Nerl Bllbre Wrllram Brrd Iacquelrne Btrkle Dorrs ROW 5 Cate Rrchard Chadwrck Dennrs Chatterton Manan Chrrstoft Nrck Clague Dorothy Cobb Phyllrs Cole Iohn Cole Kenneth Cole Myrna Collrns George BOW 8 Dean Della Den Houter Wrllram DeM1chell Mano Detthng Wrllram Dtclc Ianet Drrkse Ernest Donner Bernadme Donner Carroll Douglas Don Douvrtsas Tasha 48 ROW 3 Blaknev Tanet Boorom Robert Braun Ioyce Bromley Louls Brooks Robert Brown Frances Burch Betty Burton Ieannette Byers Lenny Calkrns Dorothy BOW Connant Harrtson Conner Ierry Coon Dorothy Cooper Kenneth Comell Nancy Court Ioan Crandall Frank Crandall Herbert Crane Nancy Craven Iames 1 1 ' I I ' I 1 ' I 1 ' I . 1 1 1 1 Q95 3 9 339 3 99233 23 fa Q99 f Wigs fif Q Q Q 'V CMH' Q '39 af fadflzgfff 7 2f7f7 3 33 ffm SWB, f ,N K' A 4 Q K J , X - ? 7' , H i .gr "Z, ' P I, V F rl' J ,K 1 . A ' 1 1-I' , MW Al A I I Vi IJ 4 ff. ' . I B , K 'O .J A Z 6 ' I 'fi' 'fx Q Y 2 G C l Rx ,I Q I ,,, , , f fs 2 V T3 ., ,Q nf. Q 1L, ' - L. .' ,. x , f . . KM! I..- I Q , .V fx . 3 , ,J -Af i q 1, xy AV,, . , W X A . i Q nga? -i 'ff V W 7 6 , f Z' 1 '2m, f?i ' ' X- . fix, X , Q 1 l Vx P T' .Q W ,A r . ' -if Y" lf" fa l ' 1 Q. . gg 5 eff af ' -W " X f 1 -f 51 ' f, , gp f., 'lk 5 , Q L3 -- ,-f I. 4 N-, I , ,VJ Z . . U D IA K- ' Li' 1 hi ' ' ' ' 'A 2 , ,VT . . ' I I V I gbgff "1 " s . t 'xr' 1 Q" 'N f JJ' J 4 X 6- W 4,5 I I J A 1 ' I Gi: A . 2 I 2 I v. 1' Q, 1 L Kal! t. 3-. l I 5 1 2 A- I I 2 V Y is H I f Al rv ! ROW 1 Dudley Tom Dutton Fred Edwards Irene Edwards Martha Eggleton Duck Emerrck Ianette Etzel Barbara Every Mary Farrchrld Thomas Fe-mer Ieraldrne ROW 4 Gould Robert Graf Ernest Graham Mary Grammatxco Yoe Grammatlco Iosephrne Greene Ierry Grlffee Arhe Haas Ralph Hackbarth Ioyce Haeussler Lois ROW 7 Hentz Gary Hepner lean Herman can Herzstock Iack Hrcks Wrllram Hreber Kenneth Hreber Leon Hxll Cerlon Hrnz Wrllram Hrrth Irene ROW 2 Frrestone lack Ford Cecrl Ford Mark Ford Robert Foster Emerson Foster Robert Franklm David lrederlck john Frres Robe 1 Frrsch Ralph ROW 5 Hagen Betty Hagen Mary Lou Hakala Wrllram Hall Velma Hallenbeck Kenneth Hamrlton Charles Hardm Mary H rrton Ted Ha rrson Ira ROW 8 Hodge Alberta Hoeft Robert Hoppe Ronald Housewrlqht lack Howe Fred Hudson Dean Hutt Rxchard Hulburd Adele Hume Dean Hulc hens Ma rrorre SO ROW 3 Fry Robert Gagalrs Perl Gakle lack Galbrarth Iames Gallup Don Gardner Don Gardner Norma lean Grbson Sally Grmmey Drclc Goetz Iohn ROW 6 Harrrson Ioe Hartman Rrchard Haywood Alvan Haywood Calvm Heald Mary Helfrrch Mary Hellner George Helm IoAnn Henderson Elame ' . A Hall, Willie lean Headley, Barham . . l ' , MQ? "'?',-13-Wm 9993! x 1 11 " QQ 93 4 iz ,wk if X fs? Q9 ' A' Y , ' f ' . Lfj,.fwe+w- A . ' ' 1 1 H. , 5' , ' ' Q I KR i I B '1- 4. 4 1 - ly, S W 1 I 7 I ?. IQ..-Ill. A f Q .- 1 ' ,Q X. " 32 f A q i ., f 3 , mi 7 . ,, wi ' L' 'a' ,, g O , Q, T' , ff. m 2 , - 1 , f 1 , , 3 Q, 1 J V 9 JL . ' . 1 f kj if r Q3 ,. ly T44 i 'J .N ' f 1 . A ' 4 f fl . f pw, K K f J , Q A N C A - Q. 9 35 -N,-M.,,--A,,,.,-.Q 'V V f .2 1: X if 2' I ,Q n 1. . 3 -2 fur, AS ' V ,, pk W I 'E ,1 h 1 a ' ' N , - N L, Y X 'f . s 6 LJ 3 1 , ' ' .l, ff x 7 :-A ' nh xv at if f' v 5, 55- 1 I I h ,G . 'H - I' 'Q' , Vgfilif I -J "" 14 i .J I fi? ' 95 , A. K L ' f- fa J , ' ' :SEER I 'I4 A J' 4 -wi 1 S 1 - L, f f' , 1 Q , 5 -I 1- ' 1- gf f 2 5 H I 5: . N W , . if R A Q v,5. 5 I H ' K ' , ', J , ,vga If ,. U ' -f g Q1 .JC gsilfff g A , 1 m - , Q -L I K ff iijqlgh A rr, l WV 'Z' - 1? . " 'X' gb, . If x . ' .tk ,, V ivy-A F ' A- , ,ff 7 ' f Yi f - A 2 r wx . so , ROW 1 Hutton Ann Isaacson Mary ltamx Yoshtko Iacobs Robert Iarrett Nancy Iohnson Barbara Iohnson Donald Iohnson Donovan lurcxc Iohn Kaercher Kenneth ROW 4 Laughlm Ruth Lewts Catherme Lewls Mary Lewxs Hay Lmdberq Edwm Love Marte Lucas Ioyce Lyons Betty McAllister Mary ROW 7 Mayor Marrlyn Meddauqh Rosahe Mexutt Alrce Mesnard Shxrley Mxkkelsen Wrllxam Mlller Kathryn Moore Ahce Moore Peggy Moore Puchard Mornson George ROW 2 Kampus lohn Kapp R1chard Karstan Betty Keeley Kathleen Kennedy Itm Kent Charlene Kerr Dtck Kesler Norma Ktmpton Lynn Ktng Gary ROW 5 McCasl1n Murtel McCormxck lack McCourt1e Shxrley McDonnel Charles McKercher loan MCLauqhlxn Dean McPhee Vtrqmxa Magoon Dougald Mayewskx Iackte ROW 8 Morrrson Iames Mourer Lavonne Mueller Patncta Navarre Dayle Ntckelsen ohn Nobtlette Kenneth Norton Betty Nothdurft Ruth Nungester Margery Ohver Iustm 52 ROW 3 Kmsey Rxchard Klem John Koernke Paul Kokmakes Euqenla Knopf Karl Kranrch Patrtcta Kuehne Robert Kuehn Robert 1 xndes Katherme Lang Wtlham ROW 6 Mxlloy lean Manvs earmq Davtd Marken Nancy Marquardt lean Marshall Iames Marttn lanet Martxn Wllllam Marz Fred Mathews Cynthta Mayer Martlyn Lewis' peggy McCrumb, Dorothy I , I . . . I I J 15' J 1' 4 f 5 A A ' vu i . A - vs, ,, , , E 1 ? , f , 1 f ,lik I: ,I my fr, V 14 9 'hx f mr I f ' I fl g "rj f'f'! A n 'Q' ' ve 1 'L ' 6 5 ' lg f 9 f ' A grggfa x' - 5 fr 1 I A I pg. -1 ' K X X A rt Q , , Q 3 3,5521 , 4 I . 1 , ' , , , , f ,Q ' f " 'j ' ,fri f, 'f X ,lf I - L. 4 Q! he 3 5 QS L 4 N' K 12. . , ' 5 4 :L A A ' :.f I ,f ' A , A f 1 Lu ik b ' ' im A ,Q ' 1 ig? y I I I X , vm, A H V: 3 - k -Ci ' 'a . -3 ,W 6 V! A V Y I F VV ar- N J ' sd"!',.A 1 4 V N I Q X 'X A iq If I! l 1 MN! .V x 3,v.:.,.N,1 v I M V 1 2 I,: l 8 uf wr . fLV I K -V V , 4: I L a " 7 m 99, 1, 'Z if " 1 T' fs I ', ' 4, . Q ' le .I ' 1 fi 1 ,J r A M' 'f 5 'vs 'a 11,1 .3 I 5 'J Y' ' t 2 . f ' f A I I ' F 5' ' Nr X - r 'x ' ff X 3 fa FJ K V 3 , .g V, 42 . Q J X ,- - fkw Q , 5 4' . , i ' N ' ' f' : X A N 1,2 1 5 75.1 f Y V K X 1 rjtfhi 1' 33" any wi G G U 9, Q0 J ROW 1 Olsen Ruth Osborn Eleanor Otteson Dennrs Otto Davrd Parker Arthur Parker Rxchard Parlas Agatha Patt Patrrcxa Pearl Devon Perry Rlchard ROW 4 Rogers Ann Rogers Dorothy Rousseau Rrchard Rubley IoAnn Ruthns Lewts Russ Carol Rutledge Ioan Rutledge Robert Salow Betty lane Santure Patrtcta ROW 7 Slrck Harley Small Yvonne Smiley Ioe Smlley Tom Snyder Holland Snuvermk Shrrley Sollar Damel Soukup Rxchard SPISSS lane Stalian Nancy ROW 2 Peterson Helen Peterson Roger Pfrlfner Ioseph Plantz Carl Pmgston Beatrlce Ptttman Ioyce Pope Paul Poquette ohartes Posey Vrvran Potter Ehzabeth ROW 5 S re Marcella Schaeffer Nancy Schlecht Mary Schleede Donald Schleede Douglas Schmrdt Dorothy Schneeberqer lanet Schnerger Mtldred Schnetqer Norman ROW 8 Stason Brll Stauch Don Steeb Patrtcra Steere Altce Stevens Grace Stterle Sally Stofer Manlyn Stottlet Ross Stollstelmer Betty Stratos Becky 54 ROW 3 Powers Tom Pugsley Barbara Purq Ioyce Quackenbush Nancy Ransom lohn Raymond lohn Readmg Peter Rlce loixnne Rtendeau Pauhne Rrnqkutst Hllda ROW 6 Schnell lack Schroen Marxlyn Schwemmm Don Scovtll Betty Sellards Gemeve Sellards Margaret Seyfrled Elame Stbert Altce Skmner Helen , ' Schilling, Luella SCTIUUZ. Ioyce .af ff! ffxfff .J Q X X Fw-Bu I 1 Q 99" aa Q5 56 - J ,. 1 -V 9 ' 1, Q " f P . - 'A"' T' 'Qiffli " 7 , , " 7' f fl I I X 'J fix ' iq 1 1 , 1 I F lr gi I f js: L, ,xl fu, V K! f 4 A Q 3 a , 1 Q X . 1 .X-1 .L ' ' Q Q r v if , , , A. E ff' A 'Q A gjj W , I jf 7 lg fi X W , ' "yy X -1 JF! 5 H ' J L' gym fha I W ' , t Q . ' , , .. 5 - 5 5 X" f fx ff' 4 ' fl - x ' ia k ,gg Q fy 4 Q - 5 fjtwf, A 1 ,A - 1. 1 Ma. V, . X K V , N "" l 5 f:5' H-f f 5 ,- i I ...., ff 5 ""' N N f - H , ., . s 1 5 . , , '3' 4 ' Q . Elf: -.'QZ3.Q j 1 f . 3 A -' ,,,4f"'fQ -P F' . 5 0 I K i 1' 4 f , I L V, -, L v V - -A K: 4 A 7 Z . , is i fm 'I "-- 1 A If lg Aj' 1, E. 'Q 1' :"':1 Eg R X " V A ' . V K I li . , Y L, W 'A-pkg, -X i 1 7 . K , ff , .x 4 ' , ' 17 J - A k vi K, , ff P- A L - 1' " ' . lk I f 1,3 A 4 NKJV 5311: 4-1, 'Iva :HI 'lr- flu Tl In 1.w, 'lhzwiv TL nys T125 nl: T vhrlf 'lf .' 5, 'IQ-.'.1.ff HC "f -f NN! . V' IX vir ZW, VS. 4111, VJ1.:z.r-I yl,r4,.14y VM -'nl VJ1:1 1 VU? ' L. N'-'E ."- 1.- VU 'WE MH- 4, f SR ,,.- .5 t f 4 P ffffxl Y I ,i 1 r W ., .. A , AKV4., 5. A ii A 4: 2 k , Fi .. L if f R . A 1 5 N f , Ag, if , 1 ' If ' 'VY Q1 . A . JU ' ' .. I - V ,VLA K gl K f Al 9 il ' , ' Li f N, M, 4 1, 'HAI ll A ' 'J ' K ' W 1 f ' ' 1 . 5 1 'g' 5' " V ' A ' 1 f V' 4 A K I M I I 'V As f, if .1 A v Q. f V ' lv ' 11 3 , '4 . itjxigiz I Ab ' we V Ag up . gg! . if , IQ' 4' 1 ' - .. .3 Q . ' '- E K L t-fLA J 'W 4. xv. I -' ti, . if 1 ' ' . -3. N,fA 1 5 "" , . . ' MT ' , H z N . x i l 1 . 'f 4 Q ,.,.,,. , I i, A X A Q Q M v V2 , M . f 4 i VV-A 4 'Z J "' A! :Jim 1 ,.V,kA li l U- I R , 41, 4 V K ,R r ly: af' W .X , , f' f ,fi f 5 A 1 If y - . f When Students Get Together F' wwevmf-saeca rv!- Q 9 fry' Jig-I 23' Stanley Bums Alxce Harrel Carl Kroske The Sophomores The Sophomore Class has easrly fallen 1nto the tradrtxons of old AAHS s1nce the1r arrrval last fall The members of the Class of 50 started by gettlng acquamted wrth each other at the Sophomore Party rn September and have smce gotten acquamted wlth the rest of the school Early m the year these mdustno scholars elected therr class 0ff1CeIS Stanley Burns led the sophomores as presxdent w1th the help of Carl Kroske as v1ce presrdent and Alrce Harrell as secretary The members of the executrve board were Warren Chase Sldney Cook D1ck Stuhlmann Phyllrs Monroe and Susan Bender The Sophomores recelved laurels 1n all schoool GCl1Vll18S taklng part rn athletlcs socral mus1cal and lrterary orgamzauons They also had members on the Student Councll on the Presxdents Commxttee and rn the vanous clubs Thrs however d1d not stop a large majonty of the Sophomores from placlng on the scholast1c honor roll Many sophomores were act1ve 1I1 the newly formed Sophomore dramatrc group Szlver Masque Wh1Ch entertamed the assembly wlth a one act play We are conhdent that our gay and act1ve Sophomore Class w1ll become a Jumor class to be proud of and st1ll later a senlor class that IS d1gruf1ed but st1ll act1ve and gay To you the Class of 50 we w1sh the best of everythlng rn your semor hrgh school days SOPHOMORE EXECUTIVE BOARD Row I A Harrell C Barclay S Bums C Kroske Raw 2 P Monroe S Cook D Stuhlmann W Chase 59 1 , . 1 1 - , . . . . . . V. . . lan? n ' 1 ' ' 1 1 1 1 - I 1 1 ' 1 . , . . . . . , , 1 0 1 1 . 1 1 1 . , , . . . . . , . - . 1 . , . , . . - . , . . . , . . ROW 1 Addrs Darlene Allen Mary Antreu Lloyd Atkrns Rrchard Aufderherde Betty Axelson Dolores Ayers Edward Bachman Ioan Backus Phrl Baker Doran ROW 4 Brassfreld Betty Brauer Loxs Bredernrtz Donald Brewer Donna Brewer Rrchard Brrdqes Barley Brurnbauqh Arlene Buckrnqham Rrchard Burd Robert Bu ns Stanley HOW 7 Cook Syd Copeland Wrllram Crawford Iack Crowley Charles Cummrngs Clayton Cummrngs Wayland Curnew Donald Darlrng Ioan Dart Rlchard Davrs Nancy ROW 2 Baker Leroy Baldus Wrllram Ballrnqall Davrd Bason Fred Bauer Dawn Baylrss Betty Beamer Robert Beatty Iames Bnckler Lourse Bemrs Pc trrcra HOW 5 Burwell Robert Cahrll Errzabeth Calcut Tom Carras Iames Carrrllo Frances Carrrngton Phyllrs Carrol Kareen Case Torr Carstens Wrllram Chase Warren BOW 8 Dawson lack Derhl Margaret Dennison Davrd Dersharn Elwyn Dettlmg Hernz Drrkse Roger Dohoney Don Donally Mary Lynn Douglass Al Douvrtasas Iohn 60 ROW 3 Bender Susan Bethke Wrllram Brddle Ianet Brelby Ioyce Brrd Iames Blackman Guy Blum Mary Borce Helen Bond Dale Branson Allegra HOW 0 Croke Mary Clark Shirley Clement Norma Clexrdencc Vrrgrl Crr kner George Coats Rrchard Cole Ramona Col .rrd Mary Collms Sue Cooclr Iames . . , . , . VF., Y r , , giaiisii. Q-ff 2""'W :id Q! fl ll w-I 239241 f 1 fy L ,1 ff M wx 'QV j I Xa W :WL 1 1+ if 1. egg had v ' N S ". 3 A ' ,L a ff . ' ., lv , , .: Q. J ,ly f' Y' ,Q - ' gf' ' - 2- . 'au - , 4 4 5 X J - A. "- .Tw v f I. A , 'l 1 I , ' 1 A Qi ':,' J - - -3 -Y , 1 f-,Q , ,5'f?.i, jf , , 1.16 f-, f V' 1 , A- V I -4 ,A 4 J, -97 1: N- , ff... . gi ' H S' - E ff '. , ' in N. .Y ! 2 . vf 4- f- 4, 1 f W " " K I Q Qi , V, ,P "r i ' K' A ,I 'Y Q 075215 5 r f ff' 1 N 3? . 1:-vi I p at' X It A K - A ' ' f ,.M . Q . . - 4 5' ," .V " ? fill Q.. X. 7 N... Q- iii , by 35? . - X3 . L ' :fs x ' U v is 2 -'li' oil L ,I I If ,, , K 1 i , . 5-Af - ' . 5 , W ., ' LA AN sr' X If 9 H1 . ' ff 1 1 1 f f- - f-' 2 ff 1 f ,, A, ff ' va ' , 3 Q f if i Q55 L ,d ' K , Y 'A V -5 xv x . J: 1 ,LAA I . Zvi: V A k,Xx.i A . .4-A . A' , , ' v A lrel .K I fx, X 1 ' 4 dv ,A : Q, v ' xr. I Q:-.iii I 4 I A X I X Y' .lx 'zU5.:!,.rll,'f:, , .Ag l . K, N ,V- Q iff' - A . 'P .I if ' A- , ' 1 V .A . A , v , , f , W - xt V! A V A . . , vj 2' f f ,I ' ' f M44 ' ' ff I 1 ' - f ,,-.3-4 f ' af H 4 "" 5 '-" .4 I S' .3 , . L VW E .,.. A V A V V M E' I J 1 If N if fa lf ' V I nl A X 1 , - .1- ' " ' V a 1 'P . .4 f' I N U X - 4 1 A , 1 f Y I --Y f I f' 1 ,K V-"' X '-. ' , , , ' ' ' ' W J KH' ROW 1 Dukes C E Eberle Gaylord Edwards Kenneth Ersemann Betty Ekstrom Carl Endres Don Egnegq Harold Enkemann Eileen Eschelbach Rrchard Ewrng Loren ROW 4 G1llesp1e Rrchard Godfrey Adele Graham Don Green Homer Gregory Dons Grrffrth Ieanne Groomes Ethelyn Grostrck Ralph Gurk Donald Haab Peter ROW 7 lesperson Ioanne lones Ernest ludson Helene Kaercher Gerald Kopp Betty Kopp Rosemary Karvel Ieanne Katapodrs Esther Katapol Christ Katz Marian ROW 2 Frtzgerald Don Fleshman Rrta Fletcher lack Floor Eleanor Folts Don Foster Ioyce Fowler Robert Prayer Donald Frederrck Phebe Frey Rolland ROW 5 Haas Katherme Haeussler Ruth Hallas Wrllram Hanselmann Evelyn Harrell Alxce Harrrs Delbert Heger Ioyce Hehr Luetta Henkel Iohu ROW 8 Kaufman Norma Kaufmann Peter Kays Nancy Kearney Shrrley Kellogg Barbara Kelly Emest Kerlrkowskr Mary Ann Kessler Susanne Ketelhut Margre Krrwan Kathleen 62 ROW 3 Frye Carl Punta Anna Gakle Serene Gale Margaret Ann Garland Dons Gavrn Wrllle Gav Ann George Carl Gessner Ioanne Geyer Harry ROW 6 Heusel Martha Hreber Ronald Hunt Bertha Hurst Robert Hutchms Wrnnre lllr Charles 1111 on layne Horace Iedele Marrlyn . Hahn, William Hooper, Martha . I .A R Meaaaem M M Y 694393 ff Q iw 3 f 552 P if Il ff? 1 f . f ' f rx!! . X xxx fx .L x fxk X, k fn - t K I 4 X A I 7 'fl I F wx -0 K f W -V ' Y "'- ALIS 3 , 'N J' I 7l'I'X Lf J mv , xiigk I fr- ' f X' f 3, , fi .mf I - ,ff.,.- 'ff ff ,. I .t ' lg '-3' K . K li . , A - , x wifi, J N' A J K' ' ,, I s i ' . I ' 1 f X. T t ' . I " , x3 T is 5. 5 !"' 'W S, . ,ag ' ' -41 V. ,, - X .4 X54 -. ' M fl 271 ffiff ' .Ms ,Q A, v g A , 1 vi f .- K - Q, 5 L T z ' 7 f P - 'I , 4 ' , J ' XA J A y ' I W ' f A 1 R ' i 1 '1 -5 3 .9 Z' I ' ' ,a I Q 1 , Q' , ' W 6 I N? n gg g7A A , " ' 0 A Ik, 35 F - ' ' . f' Am K H: Q I' Ii. V 'N.-j: 2 3 LJ' L' x A , ff ' 4, "f V . , f N f ,,,fff 4 f v tr , f ' if , 2 f 3 ' 5 . , V6 nv h A Q 4 I q .1 4 E gg K ki' A , ' W W 4 371' W if - ' , 1' i, X' .. j ' , . " kxfg, h ROW 1 Krttel Sue Knott Eugene Kolander Ianet Kroske Carl Kuebler Ioyce Kuohn Barbara LaMay Tom Latson Davld Keerkamp Shxrley Lennox Dorothy ROW 4 Mauqh Roger Mayer Neal Mayvrlle Wrllxam Meyer Leon Meyer Robert Mrcheltelder Frank Mxller Garry Mrller Iennte ee Mrller Lors Mrller Louls ROW 7 Orensteen Leonard Overbeck Sue Owen Lourse Parrsko Iohn Patterson Franklm Pernn Shrrley Perros George Petersen Marran Pireffle Glenn Plne Lllllan ROW 2 Long Douglas Lovelace Charles Loy Ruth Luckhardt Edwm Luckhardt Harold Lupt Sandlna McCalla Leonard Mcorure Iames McDougall oan McFadden a ROV! 5 Mrller Marran Mrller Robert Mrtchell Patncra Moon Ierry Morgan Sue Morrrson Gene Morrrson Robert Mullreed Thelma Monroe Phylhs Murphy Tom ROW 8 Poppenger Allred Posey Guy Powell Ted Powers Neal Preketes Toula Pritchard Morrls Raab R1chard Radtke Margaret Rattr Iamesme Ioan Redman Elsre 64 ROW 3 McNamara Gwen Madrson IoAnn Mangoum Wrllram Marlcey Kathryn Marsh Iames Marsh Larry Marshall lack Mast Hrtaa Masten Mary Mattenson Iohn ROW 6 Murphy Wrllram Nagel Margre Nell Wlllram Nrcolau Srmeon Noah Darlene North Sue Ann Nowland Rtchard Obee Nancy ODonnell Ierry Ogrlvre Iames .' .I .. , ,ll . . , ', ' Ir ', 'L , , 720 ME Q ' I 1 J J H EH M gage 5333 fm A ff!! ZQQM UQQQ iff! ' is W 'P' 'J' f "4-44 .Q X ES ' V' A L A b I ' "b6 H ' ' J , I . Ar -4 sfl , Qaq '?g'Af +34 I -Q Q ' is ' 'T fi XX X , Q- ' if . . ' K F A M A 57 K 4 A ' ' ' 1' . x. I' ' I K A ' QW JF T , 1 'vh' I . ,Y 4,2 is " ' ' ri L A A , V ,Til-K KX lg-urn . . W: " if -Q H I A1 4 . , A Q 'Ka 4 i I , 'L 1 ' , ' Y A X, 'A X f I I X. 4 , ,3, X , f f . fifiig af x 32101, -' WL! a '. . - X. i A sf , Q 4 ,A , 2 X , ff? Q x . 1 Qfff 1 1' f f if . . Q1 w ' 1 if L ' ' J 1,4 ?j - .V .., 1 I pd L 1 1 - Q1 -- 1 k' ' A A " ' .: g B . -: ,, . MJ I M V T1 R77 gg, .' f f W I h 4.2 f f ' 'f '1 1 ol ,' P 1' . . w A A., , f' l I JI 1 14, if Fifi? f--'-:"l'3 5 .K fl 1 ' 1? ' it-'lf ,f z 3 4' , fl .4 h' " , ' 1 Al . 3 . , X' . -- .4 ROW 1 Reed Brllre Reese Stanley Reganall Nancy Rerchenberger Eugene Rerfel Brllre Remnant Nrel Reynolds lack Rrce Catherme Rrce Doorthy Rrckelmann Ruth ROW 4 Seyfrred Frederrck Seyfrred Rrchard Sharp lack Shaw Robert Shehan Greta Sherman Wrllram Shrngledecker Charles Shuey Eugene Skrnner Angelme Smock Sally ROW 7 Stuhlman Shrrley Suarez Inez Sutton Marcra Swanson Eugenra Taggart lane Taylor Margaret Tervo Grace Thomassen Preter Thompson Charles Thompson Robert ROW 2 Rres Catherme Robbrns Iames Roberts Gerald Rogers Rrchard Rouston Autumn Sally Hrlda Sanderson Dorrs Satterla Harrxett Savage Barbara Schaffer Robert ROW 5 Smock Srdney Smrth Barbara Smrth Henry Smrth Krngston Smrth Susan Snyder lack Sautter Herbert Space Durwood Spnng Norman Staples Glenda ROW 8 Trndall Fred Todd Iames Tomrta Natsumx Tower Ruth Townsley lack Townsend Walter Tromrter Sue Trout Betty Trubey Barbara Turnball Sue 66 ROW 3 Schellenberger Iames Scherer Leroy Schlander Charles Schmrd Peter Schnerder Rrchard Schostak Barbara Schwartz Donna Sell Wrlma Sellards Davrs Servrce Iames ROW 6 Stauback Karl Steele Rrchard Steffe lrlarne Steffen Charles Stephenson Tessre Stewart Iohn Stoddard Leroy Stollstermer Floyd Storm Nancy Stuhlman Rrchard f 1 H V41 lin - I 7 ff-F if Q 4 -iii I 4 VE, ,fn ,ff 15'X ""n-I Q 55' ' "" ' ' W Q ff N ff 1 7 4 A , ' , 11 V - Sul J ff 1, Ap S i A1 F lf? Q M ,QV 4 AW 8 ' . ., Viv . 7 , . J V A v I . 2 fly ' I Q K 5 x if V K . . . .A ' W - 3 .3 - Q I., sv -A , . - A . if - K A - ' ' ' X . S ' x ' XX ' ' Q f 'DT 1 "N if M f 1 f A f' . .- Qi- if - K ' , ,.. xl , LV ff L P , 3 'fx ' W f I I fy ar I ? 5 , j 5 J, - W 'F' ' ', f ' ' " I - 2' : 1 fa ... - 4 ,Ly 1 kk 'f I J V .M F , ' . ,i ' I Kr, ti 1 'MN . V Xi it , 4 f if 1 N . , 4, f X , W4 .. f 555 f Q ff i, A V ,L I 1 . U 3 7,15 ,K jg , uf, .. V Q fi f Sf .J, ,7? , 2 5' ya 'P f pi- 4 if , ' 6' .ml , tx- ,A - 1 V '5 , 3 "' - V I I 1 ' ' " ' gg? -4' .4 " 5 , 155 7 X", 5 ,,' 'Z :,g Q Q. T., , , ig. l as ' , 4 ' K D' ff' f , ,j ff-If J, ' i'TE , , ' -S Mi 1' ik 4' v tg' fl' TY, ' -' f if ,L '- v , ' V . v 'I '1- b"- 1 h W ki X fr: Q Z . 'A 6 A is 5 ' 1 A 6 I 5 2' K T 1.9151"l WT if I e ' T L: ll, 1:5 X ' G? , F5 V' Q 'L' :Z ' SA 'RW' ' q ' wh' if 7' f l t KAL, r f K , 1,,,' -I I kk I , 1 M A ,- 5 . V 1 -ff' .. 1 f . V? if l a JT' , . :if ' hw F xl 3 ' K ,gr gig ' ROW 1 Tyler Beverly Upton Iohn Valentme Beverly Vogel Wxllxam Voxce Gerry VonVo1gtlander Carolyn Wagner Herbert Wagner Lors Wahlrs Myron Walker Audrey ROW 4 Zeeb, Mary Zeeb. Ronald Zrll, Iames Zrmmer. Pat lx "'-,147-'Q ROW 2 Walker Douglas Wallaker Dorothy Wanzeck Margaret Ward Barbara Ward lack Warren Margaret Weldon Rxchard Whxttmgton Ron Whxpple Bud Wxley Barbara 68 ROW 3 Wxllnnson Frank Wrllmms Ioan Wmkelhaus Chen Wmkler Robert Wxtcher Charles Wood Wtllxam Wree Iune Wnght Ernestrne Wurster Barbara Younger Wllham gs X In And Around A.A.H.S ,l n 'P-N Santa ff N mp GMM URZAKUQN Nancy Watkms Denms Burke Nancy Bender Student Councrl Dur1ng the frrst semester of the school year four new comrmttees were created to take over the dutles of the drssolved Boosters Club The AB NAB and other standard commxttees ran as usual The newly formed Pep Commlttee orgamzed a cheerlng sectlon at Wmes Field for the football games and cont1nued the Fnday afternoon pep meetmgs g1ven before some home games A speclal group suggested that refreshments be served to certam v1s1t1ng teams and w1th the approval of the AB carrred through thrs project All the dr1ves sponsored by the Student Councrl rose not only above thrs year s quota but above the total sums of precedmg years Community Chest Dnve over S300 March of Drmes over S300 canned goods drxve over l 900 cans and the Penc1l Dr1ve was over 1ts quota The Party Comm1ttee sponsored the Football Formal the Sophomore Party the Bluebook Dance and the Pencrl Dr1ve Another newly formed party commrttee helped w1th the plannmg of homeroom partres Th1s year for the f1rst tlme frfty percent of the net proflts from the all school partles the second semester w1ll be glven to the Councrl The Councll has helped to orgamze the 5 A conferences rn Lans1ng and Battle Creek as well as workmg w1th Un1vers1ty Hlgh and St Thomas to set up the A and B School Conference at the Rackham Bu1ld1ng Ann Arbor Hrgh U Hrgh and St Thomas have also shared rn the organ1zat1on of the Inter school Counctl The Noon Hour Commlttee under Mr Barclay has cont1nued 1lS work of keepmg B and C floors qulet durlng fourth and flfth penods The Assembly Commlttee has sponsored several enjoyable assembhes among them Ioan Brshop an ex qurz K1d who sang and played the prano the maglclan and h1s w1fe the Senror Assembly two movles one on pol1o and the other on drlve safely and many others Topplng the year off the Student Councll sponsored a carnrval Clubs and orgaruzatrons had booths and varrous entertamlng features whlch the publlc was mvlted to attend Th1S year s councrl was mad up of many sophomores and jun1ors as well as seruors who d1d a marvelous job on all of the1r projects 'IZ 1 1 . . . . , . - 1 1 . . . 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 - 1 1 , . - - - f - 11 11 11 11 . . . 11 11 - . . 1 1 - - - - - 11 11 11 11 . . . . 1 I ' I 1 I 1 1 , . . 1 . . . . e , 9 STUDENT COUNCIL-F1rst Semester Rowl B Reed S Wanzeck A Harrell S Mesnard N Bender N Watkms D Burke E Wells M Dressel I Adams I Shewman Row 2-C Carroll I Hulburd B Karsxan B Trubey I Karvel B Scovrll K Keely I Ketelhut K Hallenbeck A Waterman Row 3 D Space I Holston I Grammatrco C Dand I Koklnakes I Luchek I Marshall B Layher How 4 D Bock B Stason R Laughlm I Merchant D Zrll T Dudley Row 5 B Hardmg W Ouradnrk E Graf B Slater K Matthaer C Veigel R Al bertson P Crampton Hn ini STUDENT COUNCIL-Second Semester How 131. Lucas I. Watterworth N. Bender N. Watkins, D. Burke D. Lahde M Yarmain B. Scovill M. Vassofi. Row 2-B. Reed D. Giltrow T. Powell M. Youn N. Mangouni F. Brown M. Veli- quette, D. Dean. How 3-B. Karsian, B. Foster, I. Hager D. Kenny M. Stoll, I. Hood S. Smodz N. Obee B. Wurster. Row 4-B. Harding, W. Ouradnik B. Burwell B. Stason, M. Mull, B. Stephen. C. Veigel, I. Gallup, I. Marshall, T. Dudley. Row 5-M. Mayne, H. Howe, K. Beard, K. Matthaei, S. Smock, S. Burns, R. Burd S. Cook, P. Cramp!on. '13 A B lst and Znd Semester How 1 K Burch I Bohnsuck M Ycxrmcnn N Schrelber Row 2 I Grcmmcxtxco B Burd K Mutthael B Stclson 'I' Dudley N A B lst and 2nd Semester Row 1 V Cook L Duff B Hurdmg N Schreiber Row 2 K Mcxtthuex S Bums B Stason T Dudley 74 Q ft I Noon Hour Row 1-S. Morgan. E. Street. B. Braun I. Rood, M. Dressel, B, Wark, P. Mitchell, H Iones M Young D Folts How 2 M Helfnch A Poppenger I Anderson M Sellards C Long P Walker R Hustson H Peterson C Whrpple N Obee S Kxttel C Barclay Row 3 B Pugsley M Kuslak B Etzel K Haas M Kaufman I Fmkbemer B Wurster B Potter S Weber Row 4 D Otto P Pope W Wente L Gnlfxth I Taggart I Adams D Kmsey A Seeger R Nothdurit Row 5 R Snyder I Klexn B Wood D Stuhlmann S Gxbson B Bock G Calvert K Beard Pres1de11t s Row! D Manwarxng S Tromxter H Rzchardson B Iohnson S Mesnard I Adams L Kxmpton P Saxton M Veh quette I Loukotka B Layher I Court R Taylor B Stoddard N Schrelber Row 2 I Alhson E Fowler E Car penter D Baker P Walker I Tart D Barth G Calvert C Hakanson N Mor rxson I Holston E Graf B Bock Row 3-C Carroll D Gxltrow A Mac Pall B Stephen I Howarth D Lahde E Stleg D Schwartz P Moore R Olsen D Long I Hagen Row4 N Sweetland I Roszel D Creal R Sano C Dukes M Mull R Laughlxn A Harrell I Gallup F Marz B Foster Row 5 D Hume B B11b1e I Phifner B Allen G Tokunga B Sauve G Fnsher B Iacobs R Hartman R Hreber Assembly Howl I Krngery M Masten I Blak ney N Cornell I Matthews B Braun I Alexander D Ford I Puig A Branson S North B Scovlll Row 2 S Grammatxco I Ketelhut D Burke M RICE I Hager D Lahde A Dockter P Mueller E Wells N Ander son R Huston I Beeman How 3-C Carroll R Loy D Rogers S Wanzek R Smclaxr B Trubey G Cal vert B Watson I Watterworth M Schlecht E Hamer C Long Row 4 N Bosserneyer I Howarth D Kenny I Vollrath C Dand I Kokrnakes V Van Colen I Adams P Whxtchurch M Walker How 5 B Mxller W Ouradmk I Mar shall C Dukes D Iohnston C Velgel C Stefley R Weller I Marshall Row 6 I Hulburd P Thomassen W Chase W Gavm K Zrll B Lang G Fxsher H Blauvelt B Mornson Row Etzel H lones Row Davxs I Spxess A Rogers I Curtxs Row Addis R Fleshman G Iackson M Motter Row Grammatxco A Mulchalay H Rust How Hepner I I-Ietchler I Brown Art Club FIRST SEMESTER President Hannah Iones Secretary Treasurer Charles Noah SECOND SEMESTER Presrdent Barbara Etzel Vxce Presxdent Anne Mulchahey Secretary Ioyce Curtis Treasurer Ianxs Brown The a1ms and purposes of the Art Club of AAHS are to bnng about a better appreclatlon and understandmg on the part of fellow students of the1r ab111t1es 1n art and to mcrease an under standxng of art and how xt 1S applled to everyday 11v1ng to be creatlve both 1n thought and endeavor and to bulld an apprecratlon of man and of h1s work The GCTIVITIGS of th1s club consist of held trlps to pomts of lnterest A tnp to an art exh1b1t 111 Toledo late 1n the spnng chmaxed the semester At th1s exhlblt the uses of drawmgs pamt mg and art objects were explamed to the students In meet1ngs the club expenmented 1n var1ous medla members gave different demonstra txons partlcrpated ln dlscussxons and planned excurslons After these art drscussxons the club members evaluated the speakers and dxsplays Each meetmg consisted of1nd1v1dual work w1th var1ous projects m progress such as o1l pamtmgs clay water colors metal and leather work '16 , S I I . fr Q X use 1 ' Q , , ,5- ,gg Fil 1-B. , . . 2-N. ' , . ' , . . . ' . 3-D. ' . . . . , . . 4-I. ' , . , . . 5-B. , . , . . Vice-President ....................... Anne Mulchahey 51 Row I B Heed N Obee S Stuhlmann B Ward Row 2 I ODonnell B Kappler M Wanzeck I Brddle S Krttel S Overbeck S Collms I Darlrng How 3 A Harrell M Masten A Godfrey B Kellogg S Groomes I Bu-:lby Row 4 L Gnihth I Taggart B Trubey B Trout M Ketelhut M Taylor P Mun ro G Shehan B Brasstreld. Row 5 I Gessner N Reganall F Madlson C Rxes S Morgan Row 6 M Blum B Aufderherde M Kerlrkowskr P Fredenck M Collard K Markey I Iespersen Banmster Y Teen SECOND SEMESTER Vxce Presrdent Nancy Obee Secretary Brlle Reed Treasurer Barbara Ward The Banmsters are the younger Y Teens Th1s club was started the second semester and was sponsored by Mrs Ianet Boynton dxrector of youth act1v1t1es at the Ann Arbor Y W C A The club year was started off wrth a potluck for forty members The sophomore Y Teens sent Shlrley Stuhlman Nancy Obee and Barbara Ward to the mld wlnter conference at Battle Creek Most of the club meetmgs were spent on a senes of good groorrung lectures Speakers spoke to the club on good-groomlng top1cs In March Goodyears Department Store gave a spnng style show The g1r1s 1nv1ted therr mothers to the style show too On Aprll 10th a dance was grven by the club members for the1r dates Club memberslup was forty four TI J .. X 5. , . 3 XX g, o I President ............................ Shirey Stuhlman r 1 ' l - - 1 Howl N Storm B Eisemann M Gault D Eiternan I Ransom S Yoder B Maten G Ridge D Ford A Branson A North Row 2 M Edwards S Groomes N Townsend I Voice I Stefle I Beeman M Buell How 3 P Kaufmann B Tyler P Hicks S Hertler I Finkbemer M Radtke E Cahill L Miller I Foster M Derhl N Iarrett How 4 G Moore B Caldwell N Remnant I Anderson D Rogers L Austin M Hagen I Her man I MacDouga1I D Schmidt How 5 D Coots L Antrcau T Mullreed I Wrllkie A Parlas R Clauson M Every I Rood S Lupi B Valentine Row 6 B Wood E Foster D Van Liere D Dennison I Porter B Murphy D Girnmey R Laugh lin P 'I'hurston P Navarre Camera FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER President Iohn Ransom President Stanley Yoder Vice President Stanley Yoder Vice President George Ridge Secretary David Erteman Secretary Darlene Ford Dark Room Manger George Ridge Dark Room Manager Iim Galbraith The Camera Club under the supervision of Mr Mahlon Buell was very busy tlus year During their biweekly meetings they learned the fundamentals of picture taking and they also had talks on the more advanced types of cameras and how to use them The members learned how to process pictures developing the film and finally printing the pictures The Camera Club members learned how to make contact prints and how to enlarge prints They also had demonstrations of how to take portraits. The Camera Club this year had talks on photography by members of the community. Mrs. Talbot of Talbot Studios came to talk to the Camera Club during one of their regular meetings. The subject of her talk was photographic composition. Mr. Kelly a former member of the Camera Club and now a commercial photog- rapher talked to the club about different types of cameras and how to use them. One of the projects of the Camera Club that benefited the whole school was the exhibit of ninety-eight prize winning pictures of the Eastman National High School Photographic Contest. None of the prize winning pictures were by Ann Arbor High School members but the members of the Camera Club do intend to enter pictures in the contest this year. One of the projects for the future for the Camera Club members is to have a bulletin board in the halls to display the pictures taken by them. '28 now 1 I Kmgery M Mull R Rrchardson D Kenny I Hager N Watlnns N Bender D Bufhng ton D Lahde I Rood I Shewman A Hulburd P Steeb Row 2 K Keely M McAll1ster B Braun I Ketelhut M Yannam E Srnyrnott G Smymolf M Wente I Adams S Weber S Mesnard B Potter I Wend Row 3 I Beeman B Watson B Buch E Hamer C Long I Vollrath I Anderson B Warren M Vassott B Scovxll Row 4 R Wentworth E G1elsness D Calkms C Matthews K Landes C Dand I Kolrrnakes F Brown I Merchant R Olsen N Crocker Row 5 N Nebel I Spreth M Schlecht I Gallup A Waterman D Barth A Okey B Davrs G Lewxs M Taylor N Krlhourn Row 6 I Blalmey M Schroen N Staftan M Nungester Presrdent Vrce Presxdent Secretary Treasurer Program Charrman Colonnade Y Teen OFFICERS Nancy Watkms Servrce Chaxrman Dons Kenny Soc1alRecreat1onal Charrman Ieanette Hager Iecmne Kmgery Ways and Means Chanrman Refreshment Chairman Denrne Bulflngton Ieanne Shewman Manlyn Mull and Adele Hulburd Ruth Rrchardson Colonnade got oft to a notous start Wllh a gettmg acqumnted week end at Camp Takona Games boatmg swrmmlng and a ngorous 1n1t1at1on complete Wllh paste walk noodles and dead salamanders were some of the week-end fun culmrnatxng rn a more senous servrce Sun day mommg The two days also furmshed the new glrls wrth the opportunlty of meeting and flndmg good sports rn therr two sponsors Mrs Wend and Mrs Boynton Fall actlvrtles were numerous for the glrls whose organrzatron IS a jornt YWCA and school project 'l'he br weekly meet1ngs mcluded a fashron show attended by members and therr mothers makmg favors for the hosprtal a rummage sale a Chnstmas program a carol l1ng party and speakers on et1quette and personal llvrng The second semester was equally eventful Delegates were sent to the Mld WIDIGI confer ence ln February and reported back to the club Another mother-daughter meetlng was held ent1tled The Battle Royal 1n whlch both mothers and daughters expressed frankly what each expected of the other 'l'he Colonnaders sponsored a baked-goods sale an egg hunt and were addressed by a cosmetrc expert In May new ofhcers were elected and oftrcrally assumed leadershlp rn the club at the Annual Banquet As the year closed the grrls all felt that they had taken a part 1n a worthwhxle expenence '19 Q . Q 1 . 1 4 ' I I I . Pt I I 1 1 1 '-' I 1 1 I 1 1 , . , . 5 - p - 1 I .I I ' - ' ...... ...Nancy Bender PublicityChairman....... ......... ........IoyceRood I I . . . .. . I I I I 1 - , . . . ' - I 1 I 1 1 ' , . I o ' ll ll- ' ' I I ' I . , Row 1 A I Dahlberg L Gibbs L Avsharian B Smalley A Bersuder B Mrllspaugh B Headley M Hall R Silverstone Row 2 D Beckler M Root C Iedele S Hertler A Eugene W Puckett I Hetchler Row 3 H Grum D Cornish I Mukensturm S Stampiler D Rrzor C Blakely M Metzger I Brown A Mulchahey How 4 D Seeters V Groomes N Toney B Hepner I Wenzel Row 5 I Holzhofler W Egeler W Hem L Koepp S Koch L Schmrrmg L Seyirled W Hicks G Hellner R Brooks W Goetz Row 6 K Kaercher B Bilbxe B Marquardt E Fowler M Walker R Sinclair A Henry D Mes COT The purpose of Cooperative Occupational Training under the direction of Mr Dahlberg and Mr Silverstone is to train its members to earn their way while they are attending school These students work half days under a planned program of work experiences and attend school half days A part of the school work of each student IS directly related to his work The student en gagmg rn the C O T program receives credit for his work on the job IS graded by his employer and last but not least receives an average wage.of 85.00 a week. nard D Etzel R Haas The Cooperative Occupational Training Program is considered one of the most valuable courses of the modern high school. The students on the C.O.T. program learn by doing. In this program with the whole community itself as the laboratory. The popularity of this program was also proved by its high enrollment of twenty-two boys and thirty-two girls, making a total of fifty-four students. The students of the C.O.T. hold a va- riety of jobs including those of dietitians, nurse's helpers, receptionists, butchers, printers, worker in floral arrangement, farmer, insurance assistant, gas station attendants, and sales- person. The practical students of this course not only enjoy their program, but they are also getting a head start on their career while still in high school. This thought was expressed by the AAHS grads of '45, '46 and '47, who said they considered the C.O.T. programs to be very worth while. 80 Row R Lane E Foster I Hagen R Wentworth E Wells R Nothdurt Row E Gjelsness B Pmgston F Brown R Huston V Kern P Mueller Row I Pfrtfner E Buda N Watklns I Hager I Luchek B Davxs I Rxce H Crandall Row 4 M Matteson D Creal I Severson R Woodcock D Hyma R Humphreys D Exteman French Club FIRST AND SECOND SEMESTERS Vxce Presxdent Ivan Hagen Secretary Eugema Wells Treasurer Emerson Foster The C1111 of the French Club of AAHS IS to pracnce French and to famlllanze the members wlth the actlvxues customs and culture of all the French speakmg people The f1ISt semester the club was sponsored by Mrs Hall but Mrs Lane took over the dunes as sponsor the second semester Most of the club meetmgs are held 1n the evemng A play was chosen by the club and successfully presented for the Slauson and Tappan Iumor High School French clubs The tltle of the play was Haut Les Mazns or Suck Em Up At Chrlstmas txme the Slauson Iun1or Hxgh French Club extended an 1nv1tat1on to the AAHS French Club to see a play presented by them 1n the1r aud1tor1um Thxs past year the club has done much work 1n the way of French War Rehef by sendrng many boxes to France and by correspondlng wxth famlhes there 'I'he secretary of thls club IS requlred to wr1te the mmutes of the meetmg 1n French Also the meetxngs were conducted 1n French 81 , V r ,, sr 1 2 ' 5, 'fl ll. , ', . A A F " ' 'P ' 3 rig 1 , , President ............................ Rose Wentworth I I ' . , . . . . . . , . , - QR- Howl B Bock E Rerchenbexger A DAgostmo E Fowler B DeWolf I Morrxson N Mangum Row 2 I Fredenckl Holston G Eberle I Brown D Stauch C Eberle Row3 D Wesenberg I Hollxs D Creal D Baker D Bock H Wrlkmson I Kokrnakes How 4 D Harvey C Wubbena B Allen F Klme R Dunkle S Smock C Poquette H Weaver H1Y FIRST SEMESTER President Eugtene Fowler VxcePres1dent Don Baker Secretary Irm Mornson Treasurer Dale Bock SECOND SEMESTER Presxdent Ixm Morrlson Vxce Presxdent Bob DeWoli Secretary Tom D Agostmo Treasurer Syd Smock The H1Y Club thls year was mvolved 1n many proyects for betterlng the standards of the school and clty The club donated money to the World Servrce OIQUHIZGIIOH for the purpose of helprng the needy countnes of Europe Other projects cons1sted of collectmg papers passmg out hand clrculars and havlng a carmval concesslon Club meetmgs are held once a week and are alternated between the school and the YMCA When the meetrngs are held at the YMCA the boys have some form of recreatron planned and each member can partlcrpate lf he cares to do so The seml annual H1 Y DISTIICI Conference was held rn Howell last fall The Ann Arbor H1 Y club had a fme representatxon at the meetrng The club also had a fxne group representxng them at the annual Older Boys Conference held at Flmt 1n the sprrng The club has shown a steady rmprovement smce 1t was hrst started Th1s year there were many new members and there should be a steady lncrease rn the s1ze of the club 1n the near future. 82 Howl I Alber A Ludwlg Y Small I Fxnkbelner Row 2 A Moore M Lovenng M Sayre Row 3 T McConnell A Cravens Future Homemakers of Amerrca SECOND SEMESTER Presldent Ioyce Alher V1cePres1dent Ioan Rath Secretary Yvonne Small Treasurer livyla McConnel One of the new clubs formed the second semester was the Future Homemakers of Amenca Club It 1S part of a natlon w1de organ1zat1on Ioan Rath club v1ce presrdent and Ioyce Fmkbemer were delegates to the state conventlon of the F H A The group declded to be afhlxated w1th F H A after the state advlser Mlss Mary Lou Hurt spoke on the alms of the state organ1zat1on at a SpeC1G1 luncheon on March 23 It seems that the club may earn vanous degrees such as the Degree of Local or State Homemaker Recently two glrls were sent to Home Economrcs G1r1s Day at M1Ch1gCI1'1 State the Sth of May The club members also made a tnp through the Un1vers1ty of M1Ch1gGIl Hosprtal to see what a real d1et1c1an does Dur1ng the1r b1 weekly meetxngs the glrls and the club sponsor M1ss Marjone Lovermg dlscussed home economxcs as a vocatlon As mrght be expected the glrls partrclpated ln the Student Counczl Carnlval w1th a Food Concess1on 83 , 7 ,V I t V. -YL: .in : Ak I K. V TA gy -' if ' ,' , . r gr-'5"'vi5f' - - 17+ vi' , .,, 'av .J E? X 1 , r 4 1 I - J ' if , .M E x -.. r Q X- WK. ,Mal 41' XQHWJMKW Y. i 1 I I . I a 1 n ' n T . , . . g 1 . - . . . . I I - I . . . . . . , , . . . . . , . . . - I I - 1 'if li riser Rowl R Rrchardson S Hoffman A Dockter I Pulg How B Layher I Loukotka M Chandler S Koch R Laughlm D Below A Ludwxg Row 3 R Lahde P Walker L Koepp N Kxlbourn E Sheg L Bethke Row 4 M Mull I Shewman D Grmmey E Spradlxn Inter1or Decoratmg FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Presrdent Barbara Lahyer Presxdent Anne Dockter Secretary Treasurer Ioanne Loukotka Secretary Ioyce Puxg Treasurer Ruth Laughlm The Inter1or Decorating Club was a new organ1zat1on th1s year under the sponsorshxp of Mr Robert Lahde The alms of the club were to glve 1nterested students a better understandmg of the use of color and furruture rn producrng attra ctxve rooms Lectures by Mr Lahde were 1n order dunng most of the meetmgs frrst semester due to the large membershlp of the club Many po1nters were g1ven on color comb1nat1ons and color selectlons for rooms of varlous s1zes uses and locat1ons Club members learned somethmg of the quallty and washabrlxty of d1fferent pa1nts Furmture was often the top1c of d1scuss1on What do you call modern fumrture was one questlon dxscussed Penod contemporary and modern styles of furnxture became d1st1ngu1shable for those 1n the club The values of wood rn furnlture were determlned Students also learned a 11ttle about wallpaper hangmg How prefabncated houses were constructed was drscussed The convenlences of one story homes were pornted out These thlngs and more whxch the students sought mformatxon about were taken up With the club hav1ng been etablxshed and a const1tut1on hav1ng been drawn up the club went mto full swmg the second semester Plans for a f1eld tr1p to Detro1t were made and car ned out 1n the early spnng Blulder s shows were the mam pornts of lnterest The club had been reduced to a more workable slze by th1s t1me and 1t could eas1ly be transported on held tnps Club members became mterested enough rn the work to purchase textbooks They earn estly sought the facts there are to know about rntenor decoratmg One of the books whxch the club used was How to Be Your Own Dectorator by Helen Kones 8 - ,, L n xy . . .Rena Sinclair Vice-Presldent....'...-...'...I.D.........'.'.....'.-...1........Dick Gimmey 4 Q 2 MUSIC Group 1 Row! B Maten D Erteman I Ransom I Rubley I Blakney I Matthews M Helfrich A Branson Row 2 A Waterman I Alber L Iohnson D Carstens H Boxce B Iohnson I Kokmakes Row 3 E Buda P Benge R Wentworth I Anderson D Rogers L Bethke B Schmxdt M Mayer R Rxchardson A Steere I Shewman Row 4 M Iadwm D Below N Krlbourn I Vollrath M Walker I Marquardt A Cravens M Vassoff B Stephen Row 5 I Trombley C Long B Braun M Yarmaln I Hager B Nordman P Hicks I Marshall B Fnes Row 6 D Bennett D Beckler I Ketelhut D Lahde D Kenny 'l' Dudley H Blauvelt W Ourad mk D Bock Mus1c Club FIRST SEMESTER Presrdent Dan Glltrow Secretary Irm Severson The Musrc Club provrded a pleasant hour 1f hstenxng enjoyment for the many musrc lovers rn school thxs year Thxs new club was under the sponsorshlp of Miss Geneva Nelson The musrc apprec1at1on class played a part ln mcreasxng student 1nterest nn recorded muslc and ln organ 1z1ng the club Programs for musrc hstemng were planned by student comm1ttees Records ranging from class1cal to seml popular muslc were placed on the turntables dunng club gathermgs Occaslonal song fests gave members a feel1ng of group partrcmpatlon The opera perform ances and the concerts g1ven at the unlverslty were attended by the club The opportunltres for hearlng good muslc performances rn the commun1ty were stressed Help ln bulldmg thelr own record l1bIC!1'19S was QIVGD to the apprecratlve lrsteners The club grew 1n popularlty w1th the second semester and soon could boast of belng the largest school club Close to nmety eight students became members of the group Through thi rnterest the group had rn mus1c the club helped to promote other muslcal QCl1V1l1eS 1n the sc ool nf: ,., MUSIC Group 2 Row! E Wells S Hoffman B Cook I Loukotka E Smyrnoff P Saxton D Glxtrow M Taylor M Potter A Court N Kays B Ersemann How 2 I Rice M Yarmam N Krlboum D Lahde C Hakanson P Steeb D Andrus I Braun M Velrquette Row 3 D Nobxlette L McLaughl1n R Clark B Pmgston B Davrs N Nebel M Heusel NDav1s T Preketes E Enkemann Row 4 G Smyrnorff R Smclarr I Alexander L Koepp M Hutchens M Schroen I Schultz I Smrth A Godfrey Row 5 W Hem H Daum L Stnnger M Stoll M Mull R Albertson A MacPhaxl I Severson Row 6 W Cummmgs I Roszel,I Herzstock, D Zxll, T Dudley, W Ouradmk, D Burke, M Rrce r ng: " N 3 I 2 'N - Q! . 'Y . 'I' 'V ' fv. . , ' S- ' ft ' I I if f' A o Vice-President ........... ................. Bo b Slater Program Chairman .................... Dorothy Carsten , A if tl' C3 QD 4- ' at Q .F ' L'- w l ' Q l pt, ..- How Taylor I Apnll A Haywood Row 2 M Kuslak I Kolander M Hagen M Waters P Thurston How 3 Gregory B Green A Travrs I Mxller I Donvxtsas P Steeb A Hutton Row -C Carras I Towas P Santure I McKercher Row Haeussler P Verames N Momson B Wermer G Smyrnotf E Buss D Hardmg Future Nurses Club SECOND SEMESTER Presxdent Nancy Townsend Vxce Presxdent Iackxe Bxrd Treasurer Pat Thurston The Future Nurses Club was created at the begmmng of the second semester Th1s club had twenty elght members and of these about one half are plannmg to become nurses The alms of the club are to recrult nurses and tram glrls rn school health work In the future thas club plans to help w1th Red Cross dnves and other health dnves A new project was started thxs semester by the Nurses Club Th1s project was to clean and redecorate the g1rls lounge A g1rl from the club wmll be on duty each hour 1n the lounge Another prolect was a new hrst a1d statlon The club meet1ngs were spent 1n l1sten1ng to speakers and seelng movxes Fleld trlps were taken to hosp1tals throughout the Clly and to several c11n1cs Students talked to the club on the var1ous types of nursmg and on the chances for advancement rn th1s held The glrls mn the club found reference materlal on dlfferent nursing schools hospltals and c11n1cs Future nurses helped wlth the vacclnatlons and dlphthena tests These gmrls wxll take over the cl1n1c on the days that the nurse 1S gone The Nurses Club sponsored a booth at the Student Counc1lCarn1val 1n May Mxss Dorothy Hardmg school nurse sponsored the Future Nurse Club 86 1-M. , . ' . . . Secretary ...,......................... Cynthia Carras Row 1 D Noah V Cook B Smith I Hollis Row 2 R Frisch I Zahn I Schmell D Edwards D Eschelbach Rad1o President Dick Burd President Fred Basom Vice President Rrchard Eschelbach Vice President Richard Eschelbach Secretary Treasurer Barbara Smith Secretary Treasurer Barbara Smith The Radio Club under the supervision of Mr Vernon Cook started out last fall by having demonstrations of the different parts of the radio After learnmg the parts of the rad1o they be gan practicing the code The club members have purchased and have in operation now a short wave recewer They have worked on a transmitter and have also put up a transmitting an tenna In the future the Radio Club members want to set up a complete amateur radio station 1n A 20 This station would be hcensed under the Federal Communication Commission When the club members get their radxo station they plan to contact other schools in the state and by amateur radio channel to exchange inter-school news of general interest. When the Radio Club members get this communication between schools they hope to run an inter-school news feature in the Optimist. The purpose of the Radio Club is to help its members get amateur licenses so that they can become operators 87 K Row! T La May K Carroll I MacDougall R Laughlin N Tomxta S Kessler I Karvel H Satterla Row 2 I Suarez I Steife E Osborn B Cook E Cahxll D Rtce A Hutotn Row 3 I Wend I Vorce S Groomes A Haywood M Hardin How 4 H Boice I Malewskx P Steeb S Gibson B Potter B Etzel N Clement I Adams Red Cross FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Presrdent Ruth Laughlm Presndent Natusml Tomita V1cePresxdent Suzanne Kessler V1cePres1dent Cecxl Taylor Secretary Ioanne McDougal Secretary Kareen Carroll The Red Cross Club has th1rty members During the past two semesters thrs club has sent more than one hundred boxes of clothing food and essentials to Europe The members have also sent many dozens of cookies to Percy Iones Hospital At Christmas time the Red Cross Club and the Science Club gave a party for the orphans of the Mxchrgan Children s Institute The program of entertainment included a movie and magic show in the auditorium after which there were games and refreshments in the gym annex Most of the club meetings were spent planning thlngs to do that would help needy people Movies and speakers highlighted some meetmgs Miss Wimfred Gibbons County Iumor Red Cross Chairman talked to the club members The Red Cross Club helped wlth the Natronal Red Cross Drxve by making posters and dis- tributing them throughout the city. The Club members were also responsible for the publica tion of the Iunior Red Cross Bulletin. The sponsor of this active club was Mrs. Carolyn Iane Wend. Howl B Reed I Oliver D Sellards C Ekstrom G Hentz F Marz E Burd C Haywood K Hallenbeck I Greene Row 2 M Gault D Schwemmm K Markey B Wanzeck M Collard M Carl C Kmsey B Reed I Hackbarth D Sanderson E Enkemann P Cobb How 3 D Magoon E Lindberg I Conner G Stevens M McCaslm I Edwards C Whxpple D Rlzor B Kellogg L Grxiflth S Smock M Hooper I Spleth C Barkley Row 4 N Cowers R Rogers R Whxttmgton L Henkel L Owens L Beckley I Dxck I Rood I McCorrnrck M Pntchard Row 5 B Hoelt I Crawford R Schnerder R 1111 F Pattersen I Galbraxth R Soukup How 6 R Boororn B Whzttemore C Wubbena I Iurctc E Carpenter B Wark I Ward N Be FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER ment C Lovelace R Hoppe V1cePres1dent Ellxot Burd V1cePres1dent Ellxot Burd Secretary Ierry Green Secretary Sally Smocl: Treasurer Gene Carpenter Treasurer Gary Hentz Range Ofhcer Iohn Iurcxc The Rlfle Club under the superv1s1on of Mr Charles Barclay cmd Mr Ben Reed was one of the buster clubs of the school The members of the R1fle Club are not only members of our school orgamzatmon but they are members of the Natronal Rrfle ASSOCIGIIOH as well Belng members of Sdld organ1zat1on the club uses 1ts advancement program In th1s program of ad vancement there are ten d1fferent ranks the h1ghest be1ng that of expert When a member reaches the rank of expert he 1S el1g1ble for a school letter The members of the club that have already gotten the1r letter are Fred Marz Iohn Raymond Rlchard Soukup Garry Hentz and Ioyce Hackbarth The Rlfle Club members meet every two we eks durmg the regular club penod and besldes that they shoot at the school range after school or at the R O TC range on Saturdays One of the projects for the club was the sponsormg of an assembly program early 1n the fall Th1s proved to be one of the more mterestmg programs of the year Everyone agrees that the Hlfle Club dld a good job 1n choosing entertamment The Rlfle Club also played host to the 1ntersect1onal meet of the Iumor Natlonal Rlfle As soc1at1on Teams from Grand Haven Cranbrook Bowllng Green Oh1o and Ann Arbor repre- sented schools There were also partxclpants from other c1t1es Iohn IUICIC won the medal for 10th place 1n th1s meet After the meet the club gave a dlnner for all the partlclpants of the meet The members of the R1fle Club also f1red 1n the Detrolt Times matches on May 8th These were just a few of the 1tems that were on the Rlfle Club agenda so you can easxly see how busy they were 89 H ld, Cf - 1'?Q"l , 4 Q lxii I 2 1 f ,6 ' 9 6 , , :. 1 1 " 5 , ' T' I ' I I I 1 I 1 1 1 0 1 s 1 v I ' l 1 1 a .1 1 I - I I 1 e 1 A I I 1 I Q' 1 ' . 1 1 1 0 1 - .1 I I I I I v vi' 1 0 . 1 1 I ' .I ' 1 1 I H I ' ' Q President.................... ...... .......Fred Marz President............. ......... ...........Fred Marz , A - - , , . 1 ' ' , . , . I I I I . . I , , . . . . . ' I I I ' I , gov? 1 M Masten S Trometer B Schostak S Penn I Matteson W Sell M Donally M Sutton uyita Row 2 W Dalnn I Edwards M McCaslln A Skinner M Graham M Iedele B Rxeiel N Tomita Row 3 K Staubach D Sellards E Knott D Manwarxng D Long B Wood How 4 D Steele I McHale W Chase S Smock E Monroe Science Club FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER President Louis Srmes Pegrdent Shirley Penn Vxce President Mary Lynn Donelly Vice President John Matteson Secretary Treasurer Shzrey Perm Secretary Treasurer Wilma Sell Program Charrman Cecrl Taylor The aims and purposes of this club are to increase the club members knowledge of science to learn to perfect their skills in science to give service to their community and nation and to understand the importance of science in their lives Mr William Dakin club sponsor and twenty nine members of the club showed real interest in the activities of the club such as two motion pictures and a record on the F B I Two projects which they worked on the first semester were one on electronics and another a successful Christmas party given for the Michigan Children s Institute on December the 18th The party was held in the Ann Arbor High School Annex complete with Christmas tree and spirit A cowboy show and games entertained the eighteen children. Carl George a sophomore put on a magician act Second semester activities included such things as sponsoring an assembly given by the Bell Telephone Company early in April and serving refreshments to the basketball teams. Field trips to the medical museum the physics laboratories and the Michigan Bell Telephone Com- pany were topped off by the club sponsoring a booth at the Student Council Carnival in the spnng 90 How Itami B Smalley L Avshanan C Iedele A Eugene I Hxrth E Bailey I Bohnsaclr Row Smyrnoft A Bersuder B Mxllspaugh N Anderson B Salow I Herman Row Glbbs E Smyrnott S Stampfler C Blakely D Cormsh L Wrathell K Mrller Row Mayer M Metzger M Every A Travis A Northrup R Bacon Row Comell A Hodge L Wrlke B Hagen N Crane I Prttman L Haeussler D Furner Scnbblers Club FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER President Louxse Avsharxan Presxdent Barbara Smalley Secretary Carol Iedele Secretary Louise Avsharian Treasurer Irene Hxrth Treasurer Yosluko Itami The Scnbblers Club has wasted no t1me dunng thzs past year Soclal events and work have been crowded 1nto each semester s schedule A pot luck treasure hunt was the club s blg so- cxal event the f1rst semester The people overseas were remembered w1th packages of food school supphes and boxes of c1oth1ng The ball was set rol11ng to have club prns f11'Sl semester The pms were obtamed from the Terry Berry Company and are gold and black enamel The p1ns dldnt actually arnve untll second semester because of the great amount of work rnvolved m secunng them At the same t1me all this was go1ng on at each meetmg some mmutes were found so that elther shorthand or typ1ng could be practlced Dunng the second semester the soclal act1v1t1es conslsted of a bowllng tournament and an out of town tr1p to Hudson s buslness 0ff1CeS Agam the Club practlced rn their chosen held 1n the busmess world and contrnued sendrng food school supplies and clothlng to those who are ln such desperate need 91 x t l 5 4-M. , . , . , . ' , . , . . e l Vice-Presi.derlt........I...l.-.'.I...-...-.....'.-.........'.Barbara Smalley . .Anne Eugene Row 1-S Collms L Pine E Hanselmann I Reynolds N Obee M Pntchard M Blum I ODon nell B Kappler S Groomes L Lundgren How 2 D Bauer M Zeeb I Kolander K Carroll M Ketelhut S Kittel W Hutchens I Darling B Trubey N Mangounr Row 3-C Rice A McGregor I Voice S Leerkamp AGod.trey D Schwartz I Brelby G Shehan B Ward T Preketes N Kays I Gessner Row 41C Wmkelhaus R Cole M Petersen S Gakle H Sally I Taggart P Munro A Nelson I Suarez M Heusel Row 5 E Floor B Brasstreld A Routson B Kuohn I Heger L Wagner I Miller N Reganall S Overbeck B Trout M Taylor C Steffen Row 6 M Kerlrkowske H Voice B Tyler L Brauer C Ries L Griffith P Frederick B Aufder hexde C Von Voigtlander I Madison L Owen I Beatty Sophomore Dramatics KSILVER MASQUEI FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER President Nan Obee President Iack Reynolds Vice President Alice Harrell Vice President Mary Blum Secretary Mary Blum Secretary Nancy Reganall Treasurer Moms Pntchard Treasurer Nan Obee A new dramatic club was formed for sophomores this year This club was sponsored by Miss Lucille Lundgren Most of the club meetings were occupied with acting original skits and skits from famous plays. The club members also learned many of the skills and techniques of dramatics. They practiced scenes from famous plays of Shakespeare and other dramatists. Makeup was an- other phase of play production that was stressed. I A one-act play was presented in assembly in combination with a talent program. During the year the club had various speakers talk to them about types of plays The club also discussed movies and their ratings. 92 KJ Row 1 I Kmgery D Barth C Carroll I Hulburd B Harding E Gyelsness G Lewis M Thomp- son H Ouchx Row I Ketelhut I Lucas A Ball I Majewskr A Steere M Hardxn I Spieth I Adams Row I Barnard M Hutchens K Landes D Burke I Fmkbmder G Carkeek C Haywood Row E Delanty M Hoot I Abbott I Merchant D Buihngton D Graham I Moon Row R Burd I Marshall A Haxbel B Murphy I Godirey H Blauvelt Spamsh Club FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER Pl'9Sld9Ilt Iack Hulburd President Iack Hulburd V1cePres1dent Chuck Carroll VxcePres1dent Brad Hardmg Secretary Delores Barth Secretary Delores Barth Treasurer Elizabeth Gyelsness Treasurer Barb Hunter A better understanding of the s1m1lar1t1es and differences in life ln the United States and ln Latln Amencan countries was gamed by Spamsh Club members this year Ideas and mforma tion were exchanged through correspondence wlth a school ln San Iuan Argentina Through exchang1ng exhibits of textbooks magazines and scrapbooks each school learned much about the other s country A festive December party patterned after a celebration of Christmas rn Mexico was the outstanding occasion rn the club s first semester activities The custom of havlng a Spamsh prnata a bag hlled w1th candy was observed Following custom the pmata was broken send mg the candy flying in all drrectlons and merrymakers scrambhng after rt Brngo was played 1n Spanish songs were sung and stones told in Spanish The second semester proved to be equally as busy as the hrst with Pan American Day and the annual club dinner as highlights Celebrating Pan American Day the club gave a pro- gram 1n the manner of a radio show m the small auditorium and invited other schools to at tend The skit was done ln Enghsh wrth dashes of Spamsh here and there The annual dlnner was varied 1n its style this year It was a progressive dinner Groups prepared the different courses at the several club members homes The food was Spamsh style and so was the entertamment Second semester plans also mcluded a dancing program wrth talented members of the club and students from the unlversity participating Mrs Elrzabeth Delanty was the club s new sponsor th1s year She made the club exceed mgly Interesting Wllh her many new and interesting rdeas Th1s club also enjoyed vanous speakers from the Universxty of Mxchrgan and on Friday nights the students went to the South American parties at the Rackham Building. 93 Howl P Huff D Nelson G Balas S Heed Row 2 I Boyer I Harnson D Bartell Stagecraft The year s performances on the audrtorxum stage kept the stagecraft boys behmd the scenes busy They had charge of the stage equrpment and settmgs for plays assembhes the muslc talent show the Chnstmas program the band concert and other musrc programs Smce the Iunror Play Our Town requrred an empty stage the Chrxstmas tableau and the Sen1or Play sets were the two OppO1'tl1I11l1eS for the boys m stagecraft to drsplay the1r talents The crew duected by Mr George Balas probably gave more man hours to the deslgmng burldrng and palntlng of the set for Dear Ruth than to any other aud1tor1um QCl1V1lY th1s year The pnze of the crew rn lh1S set was the breakfast nook w1th bu1lt1n seats and glass block wrndows The set contalned three drfferent floor levels Wllh sta1rs to the second floor and a dxf ference 1n the levels of the entrance hall and the mam floor A modern comfortable house took shape above the footllghts as a result of the stage crew s efforts To produce such a set meant keeprng late hours For th1s one set the boys worked two or three mghts per week for srx or seven weeks before the play s performance Most of the1r work began when the cast had fmrshed rehearsal Steady all year round stagecraft dunes lnclude talnng care of the audrtonum the pubhc address system and the llghts for all the assembhes and for outside organlzatrons whxch use the audrtorlum, such as the Crvrc Theater Lrghtxng effects for partles rn the gym were man aged by the stagecraft members The playmg of records over the pubhc address system for record dances was rmproved th1s year when the boys set up the1r turntables rn the audxtonum and broadcast mto the gym The crew th1s year contarned f1ve senrors, three of whom had spent trme on the crew throughout all three years of the1r lugh school career These veterans were Doug Bartell, Dave Nelson, and Cecrl Taylor Other members of Stage Crews were Ixm Boyer, Ioe Harrls, Rrchard Huff, Shennan Read Many off the record mcldents that happened behlnd the scenes, those unforeseen tasks that d1dn't reach completxon trll frfteen mrnutes before the curtarns parted, the cleverness rn the sets that made the audlence wonder, all these, are thlngs the boys w1ll remember. 94 than , Howl L Toshcoff M Vassoff S Snuvennk B Karsxan D Addis M Sellards C Kent C Hill P Whltchurch S Gibson I Gramrnatxco M Nungester I Puig M Bradley S Stxerle Row 2 I Schultz I Femer H Skinner B Towsnsend C Dand D Rogers B Potter M Carl E Seytrxed S Weber Row 3 B Stollsteimer C Russ B Stratos B Norton M Wente C Bxrkle P Steeb M Edwards K Landes Row 4 M Mayer H Petersen P Rzendeau M McCourtxe M Schlecht I Martin N Quacken bush I Sxbert B Donner C Matthews Row 5 D Gardener S Mesnard A Hulburd D Calkins F Brown P Mueller I Rubley D Claque B Scovxll K Keely B Watson B Burch Row 6 R Nothdurft M Lewis I Kokrnakes I Marshall T Dudley B Fries R Olsen I Gallup B Davis B Warren M Schroen W1g and Masque FIRST SEMESTER SECOND SEMESTER President Ceilon Hill President Ceilon Hill VxcePres1dent Dorothy Calkins Vice President Sally Stierle Secretary Clare Dand Secretary Margery Nurgester Wigs and Masquers spent the first semester 1n the study of various subjects related to dramatic productions Makeup techniques scenery and costuming were discussed 1n small groups The problems of choosing a play and production act1v1t1es were delved into The club was under the sponsorship of Mrs Iane Kelly dunng this semester Actual dramatic production was stressed more dunng the second semester club gathenngs A variety of s1tuat1ons were acted out The study of characters of many different kinds ab- sorbed much of the club s time and students we re urged to participate in characterizing greatly different roles By acting before the entire club individuals learned how to improve their ges- tures movements and general interpretation Authentic dialects were practiced Girls learned to double as boys due to the shortage of the latter in the club The acting of all the parts of a play by one individual was found to be one of the most difficult things to do. Such work meant much changing of pitch of voice and stage position. All these phases of acting were taught to the group by lVIiss Ioyce Wilson a former AAHS student who was filling her require- ment for practice teaching at the university. During the second semester the Wig and Masque gave a one-act play Thanks Awfully in assembly. In this play they displayed the techniques that they had learned 95 Miss Coney's Group Miss Zoller's Group President ........... Nancy Bender President ........ Marilyn Yarrnain Vice-Pres. ........... Rena Sinclair Vice-Pres. ........... Ioan Ketelhut Secretary ......... Barbara Layher Secretary .......... Ieanette Hager Washington Club Heard above the clicking of the train wheels was the laughter and gay conversation of the Washington Club members on the morning of April ll. The train sped them on their way to- ward a week of seeing tall buildings and historic monuments, and enjoying thrilling and ex- citing experiences that resulted in imperishable memories. Through this trip students gained one of the richest educational experiences of their school life. This education began during the months when money was earned and saved for the trip. Valuable habits and attitudes were acquired as the club worked together on their many pro- jects. Candy sales provided a daily income for the girls' treasury. Both clubs began filling their treasuries during the U. of M. football games. The girls spent the cold hours selling hot dogs at their newly acquired stand, while the boys parked cars a few blocks away. Through the selling of refreshments and checking of coats, the clubs found school parties and athletic meets a source of income throughout the year. The selling of Christmas cards and wreaths made the pre-holiday season a busy one. 'I'he girls helped clean out the closets at home and staged several rummage sales. Blue books sold well at the semester's end. Basketball programs were the concern of the boys' clubs and in the early spring a paper drive occuplea their time. Resulting from the constant alertness on the part of the members for new money making projects, a campaign for the sale of Pioneer rabbit foot pins was carried on The companionship and feeling of accomplishment gained from these projects established a sound basis for a gay trip. Club members had a good idea as to who was going to board that train April ll, due to the club's get-acquainted party held in Ianuary. The clever decorations featured railroad 96 Mr. Balas' Group Mr. Burch's Group President ............. Iim Goofrey President ........ Chuck Lamberson Vice-Pres. ...... . .Konrad Matthaei Vice-Pres. ............ Denny Burke Secretary ........... lack Hulburd Secretary .............. Bob Sauve tracks leading to the Big City and the Capitol. With thoughts of what lay ahead, there was an atmosphere of excitement and the party proved to be a good mixer. Much thanks was owed to the club's sponsors who did so much in organizing the club and carrying its projects through to completion. 'l'he constant attention to the club's needs and the able direction which the sponsors gave resulted in a successful year's work and a wonderful trip. The girls owe their thanks to Miss Pauline Zoller and Miss Faye Coney. Miss Mildred Peterson helped keep activities running smoothly during the weeks of Miss Coney's absence, and she and Miss Lucille Lundgren went as additional chaperones to give the girls help dur- ing the actual trip. Mr. Kenneth Burch and Mr. George Balas steered the boys through their projects, and Mr. Iohn Allison stepped in to take over Mr. Balas' duties when the latter ac- cepted a new position. Mr. Thad Carr obliged by assisting the boys on the trip. A greater understanding and appreciation for their democratic nation was gained by club members during their half week in washington D.C. Visits were made to Mt Vernon, Smith- sonian Institute, the Capitol Building, the Supreme Court, and Arlington Cemetery. The stay in Washington was climaxed by a visit to the F.B.I. and the White House. The New York skyline at night, as seen wh en the club entered that city the night of April 14, left a lasting impression on the minds of many. There was a feeling of insecurity among some and freedom among others as that heavy luggage was whisked off to the hotel while the club scurried away to see "Harvey" at the 48 th Street Theater. In the days that followed La- Guardia Air Port, the U.N. at Lake Success, and N.B.C. were among the places visited. Dur- ing free time, shopping, visiting the Empire State Building, the Statue of Liberty and riding on the subway occupied many. April 17 found the train leaving the skyscrapers far behind, but the memories which were taken away from the two great cities will remain vivid in our minds for a long time. 97 E ZA? MQ EQ mega Exclarnatrons such as Schools out schools out Srgn my Omega please Isnt that a darling pxcture or They ve spelled my name wrong echoed and re echoed through the sacred halls The last Heres my trcket has wntten hms to a year full of hardslups and happmess glamour and gloom The Omega stall editors Ianet Spreth and Ieanne Kxngery and busxness managers Ieanne Shewman and Nancy Crocker happrly took a deep breath as the last year book found nts way mto a late comers hands But rt all ends on a shghtly sad note xt lsnt only the book that has ended but hrgh school days too For many it ts the end of school altogether For others rt rs lust the begrnmng of a new krnd of school Whatever the ctr cumstances hxgh school life ts a senes ot never to be lorgotten expenences the irrst day ol school the get ecquamted party the clubs the proms the plays These achvrtres and the Joys and sorrows of hugh school hte have been wrrtten pxctured and publxshed by a wrllrng and eager 1948 Omega staff But by them selves wrllmgness to work and a group ot eager beavers Busmess man Granvrlle and Edrtonal advrsor and gen eral advrce-gxver Golay thrs annual would never have appeared However the eager beavers dld hnd nrfor matron for wnte ups wnte them and turn them rnto Ac trvrty Chaxrrnan Barbara Braun Sports Chaxrman Bar bara Hunter Senzor wnte up Chairman Delores Barth Dedxcatron Chaxrman Engenra Wells for correctrons and ad hbs The Pastmg and Plannmg Commrttee was headed by Barbara Cook and the typrng was managed by Iackxe Merchant Amateurs can wnte but only experts lxke Stan Yoder and Iohn Ransom could have taken the prctures whxch record the unportant events of the year And what rs a book wlthout Art? What would thas book have been wrthout the cancatures cleverly exe cuted by George Tokunaga the lrttle pioneer and rn srde and outsrde covers were drawn by Mr Busts art commrttee After attendmg a year book conierenoe in Cleveland the advertrsmg Managers had a new slant on their 1ob See your fnends rn the ads became then slo- gan and a better one couldnt have been found You get out of something only as much as you put rnto rt The Omega Staff spent many hours of work and we hope rt wrll show rn the pleasure you recerve from our conceptxon ot what a year book should be OMEGA Jeanne Kmgery Nancy Crocker Ianet Spleth Jeanne Shewman 100 do not make a good year book. Without the help ot I Hulburd I Ketelhut P Walker D Buffmgton Opt1m1st When the Opflmlst staff returned 1n September they found themselves evlcted from their for mer hldeaway 0ff1C9 on A floor The coaches had taken 1t over Commentmg on the new quarters one edrtor saxd Maybe people can locate us now We also have better hght and more fresh alr but xt means farther to go for cokes To explaln the latter many long hours are put rn on deadlme days and refreshments from the store across the street offer rellef when dmner t1me draws near Durmg the f1ISl semester the slxteen JUDIOIS and semors of the new advanced journallsm classes were chlefly responslble for puttmg out the seven lssues of the paper Durmg the sec ond semester for the f1rst t1me students were able to take advanced Journalrsm as an elec t1ve Many of them show promlse of belng good ed1tors next year around whlch was most of the t1me He had a 11ve1y way w1th headlmes too and the ab1l1ty to keep thrngs movmg In add1t1on to keeprng up wmth the latest school news Ioann Ketelhut f1rst page edrtor worked up a new column The Ketel Borls The second page edxted by eff1c1ent Pat Walker always made 1ts deadhne easrly Ivan Hagens humorous poems and Nancy Watk1ns cartoons added 1nterest to the page Thrrd page ed1tor Frances Brown a Junror made the page more dlstmctxve first semester by runnlng a senes of artxcles on students who have l1ved ID forelgn countrles Roger Peterson also a junior was dependably xndependent sald the Optlmlst adv1sor rn h1s handlmg of the sport page Denny Buffmgton as copy edrtor was 1nd1spens1ble rn her yob of rewntrng stones The busmess angle of the paper was handled by adv1sor Mr Kenneth Greer and busl ness manager Nancy Bender for the f1rst semester and Mary Schlect second semester Under the patrent guldance of then adv1sor M1ss Dellogene Molden the ed1tors and staff felt well satxsfxed after turmng out fourteen 1ssu es of the paper durmg the year R Peterson F Brown M Schlecht N Bender .A . A , J .QU ,iff i Af - I : , --+ ,..L. Q O ll ' ll I ' Visitors in B-8 found that life was never dull while editor-in-chief, lack Hulburd, was , . . - W -+ Ps, y 5' How 1-I. Blalmey, F. Brown, M. Schlecht. N. Bender. I. Ketelhut. I. Hul- burd, D. Buitington, P. Walker, D. Mol- den, H. Peterson. Row 2-M. Edwards, S. Mesnard, B. Townsend, I. Kokinakes, M. Wente S Weber, M. Sellards, N. Mangoun,' R. Nothdurtt, I. Alexander. Row 3-D. Barth, M. Blum. I. Watter worth, P. Whitfield, K. Landes, A, Wa terman, B. Duey, I. Beeman, N. Watkins. M. Nungester, I. Spieth. Row 4-N. Crane, L. Gibbs, B. Hunter. B. Braun, I. Merchant. D. Rogers, M. Ketelhut, G. Shehan. B. Burch, B. Pot- ter, M. Muchenstrum. Row 5-K. Staubach, I. McHale, R. Richardson, I. Vollrath, M. Mull. D. Kenny, B. Autderheide, V. von Voigt- lander, D. Creal. How 6-M. Motter, I. Luchek, I. Ander- son, I. Marshall, S. Yoder, C. Noah. B. Work. 061 Q, gat rg ..l -ff 'wi sl-i Dear Ruth The sen1or class of 48 IS proud of 1ts productlon 5th and Sth Th1S play was Wflllen by Norman Krasna George Balas made the stage deslgn Headlng the cast were Anne Waterman as man Pat Walker Ruth s teen age s1ster begms B111 and s1gn1ng Ruth s name to them She also of Dear Ruth wh1ch was glven on December and dxrected by Mrss Lucllle Lundgren Mr Ruth and Ph1l1p Cramton as B111 a serv1ce the plot by send1ng morale blllldlflq letters to sends a prcture of Ruth to B111 and he decxdes to v1s1t Ruth s home Compl1cat1ons ar1se because B111 doesnt know that Ruth 1S already en gaged to Albert who was played by hm Severson B111 br1ngs h1s buddy Chuck Vmcent wrth h1m to see Ruth Chuck was played by Davrd Erternan B111 s s1ster Martha enters the plot as Ivan Hagen was the tardy sarler Roberta Clark as Ed1th W1lk1ns and Konrad Matthael as Harry Wllklns the parents of Ruth and Mar1on d1d an excellent job w1th the1r respect1ve roles and added much to the conv1nc1ng nature of the performance The var1ous comm1ttees were headed by the members of the senxor class The make up commrttee was headed by Ieanne Shewman costumes by Ioyce Flood programs by Chuck Carroll propertles Dave Nelson publ1c1ty by Iudy Luchek trckets by Dennre Buffmgton ush ers by Marllyn Mull and the book holder was Barbara Braun Th1s unforgettable productron w1th 1ts comphcauons Wlll long be remembered by the members of the class of 48 B111 begms sendlng Ruth heather and cracker Jacks both of wh1ch she had spoken of w1th great enthusrasm m her letters One evenmg Ruth fmds herself 1n a d1lemma when she real1zes that she has a date w1th both Albert and B111 so she tells Albert she 1S 111 and pro- ceeds to go w1th B111 104 Chuck's fiancee. Dian Elledge was cast as Martha. Hose Wentworth was the family maid: w- '4 i , r Our Town The un1que product1on of Our Town was presented on Apnl 2nd and 3rd by the Iumor class The sett1ng of the play 1S 1n Grover s Corners New Harnpshrre Emxly Webb and George G1bbs grow up next door to each other They fall ID love cmd get marrxed A drunkard a gos Slp a small town doctor and a country ed1tor all appear 1n thls 1nterest1ng story 1n whxch the use of 1mag1nat1on 1S necessary smce there 1S no scenery The costumes were typxcal of the early part of the twentreth century Composrng the large cast were Roger Applegate and Mary McAl11ster as Mr and Mrs G1bbS Drck Woodcock and Ioyce Lucas as the1r ch1ldren B111 Stason and Iudy Gallup as Mr and Mrs Webb and Sally Grbson and Lou1s Bromley as therr ch1ldren Roger Peterson was the stage manager The rest of the cast cons1sts of Gene Weaver Tom Dudley Lynn Kxmpton Betty Karsxan I1m Brown Dean McLaughl1n Iohn Klern R1chard Huff Bob Wagner Ioe Phffner Dan Solar Stan Yoder Patt Mueller Barbara Belote Ross Stofflet Ken Nob1lette Herb Crandell Ruth Olsen and Barbara Warren Mary Schlecht was the bookholder and was ass1sted by Barbara Townsend The ass1stant stage managers were Doug Bartell and Rxchard Huff Our Town was wrltten by Thornton W1lder and produced and drrected by Mr Frand Reed Ir The product1on of th1s play was made poss1ble through the help of the ent1re Iuruor Class 106 . . . , . . 1 . . . , ' 1 1 . 1 1 1 . . , , . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . . 1 Q. :ri "-iii'cJF'LsRfS Af-2 9 5.2! P A, ,.. , M, 1, f-3, Y- a :AM J .nf- V 2 A CAPPELLA How l B Iohnson M McAll1ster I Alber E Wells I Mathews M Velrquetle D Clague M Vas soft B Karsran B Cook I Loukotka I Blakney I Kmgery M Mrlls Row 2 H Ouchr E G1elsness L Iohnson H Boxce D Kenny A Okey D Barth R Wentworth N Crocker E Hamer M Hellrrch G Blake G Nelson Row 3 E Enkemann M Gault B Nordman M Rice N Bender A Waterman I Rubley M Walker K Landes Row 4 H Skmner S McCourt1e K Staubach W Hem I Moon I Reynolds M Schlecht G Calvert I Burke Row 5 I Green H Crandell I Upton I Herzstock I Galbraxth L Strmger I Hagen I Craven D Burke D Carstens Row 6 B Brlbre B Trbbals S Yoder W Patterson R Applegate B Rutledge W Pennmgton Vocal Groups Busy IS a good adlectrve to descr1be the vocal groups of AAHS The A Cappella cho1r under the d1rect1on of M1ss Geneva Nelson started the year 1n the1r v1v1d new purple robes The annual assembly glven by the A Cappella was spectacular 1n part due to the1r arrangement of Old Abraham Brown On the1r long lrsts of performances were appearances at c1ty gathenngs such as the K1 wan1s Club luncheon a rad1o program sponsored by Goodyears over WPAG and vanous school programs throughout the crty M1ss Nelson shared her dunes hrst semester wrth two competent student dxrectors Mr Wendall Iohnson and Mr Donald Plat students of the Unrversrty of Mxchrgan A Cappella also took a promlnent part rn the Chr1stmas and Easter programs Dunng the Chr1stmas holrdays the cho1r spent an evemng carohng throughout the crty for many shut 1ns The hrghlrght of the year was the vanety show entltled Footlrght Scandals whlch took the place of the tradltronal operetta The Off1CeIS of A Cappella for 48 were manager Roger Applegate assxstant manager Herbert Crandall secretary Ioanne Loukotka treasurer Irm Craven hbrarrans Delores Barth and Madelarne Gault robe managers Hose Wentworth and Anne Okey The Cantando cho1r also dlrected by M1ss Nelson has had an unusual array of talent th1s year Th1s harmomous group took an rmportant part mn the varlety show wrth the1r mterpre tatron of several songs Both the Boys and Glrls Glee clubs have been outstandlng th1s year under the d1rect1on of Mrs Kathenne MCGUIIE These groups sang 1n the Chr1stmas program at mus1cal conferences and 1n the varxety show These two up and comrng groups have proven that they are capable of admrrable work 1n the musrc held 108 W I 1 I . 1 - 1 I 1 I 1 I I 1 . , I ' 1 I 1 I I I 1 I I I D 1 I I I l I -1 I . 1 I 1 I . 1 I 1 I 1 I , . g -Q' I l I I I I ' . I I I I 1 I 1 I . I , . . , I 1 I . , . , . , . , . T . 1 I 1 I 1 - 1 I U 1 I . 1 I 1 . y I - . I I D I I I I 1 I 1 I 1 I I I K. Matthaei, L. Hayward. I. Hollis. H H . - - - I I 1 I ' ll ll . . , . I I , . . , . . . . - 11 - 11 . I I - 0 . , . . . - , I 1 I , I , I , I , . , , . - , . . . . I I . GIRLS GLEE CLUB How 1-Y. ltami, A. Fujita, N. Tomita, I. Kolander, K. Car- roll, A. Godfrey, B. Kellogg, C. Rice, L. Hehr, K. McGuire. Row 2-I. Sibert, I. Wree. A. Gay, I. Foster, M. Evans, I. Williams, H. Mast, I. Fink- beiner, R. D'Agostino, B. Don- ner. Row 3--G. Shehan, I. Suarez. I. Agar, M. Sutton, S. Kessler, K. Haas, S. Overbeck, D. Ax- elsom, I. Voice, N. Anderson. How 4--D. Noah, B. Tyler, B. Kuhon, I. Miller, P. McFadden, M. Hutchins, I. Taggart, M. Donally, R. Loy, P. Mitchell. How5 -B. Smith, R. Fleshman, S. Perin, W. Sell, M. Petersen. M. Hardin, L. Wagner. S. Gakle, N. Obee, M. Taylor, S. Kittel. Row 6- -R. Haeussler, A. Rout- son. B. Auiderheide, M. Col- lard, C. Von Voigtlander, D. McCrumb D Rogers L Owens G Tervo D Rice B CANTANDO How 1--S. Wanzeck, N. Kays, B. Belote. M. Cole, M. Carl, A. Branson. D. Sanderson, C. Kent. Row ZWM. Mayer, B. Walker, B. Braun, M. Heusel, I. Wree. I. Sibert, I. Kokinakes, S. Smock, M. Hooper. How 3--H. Mast: P. Munroe, I. Marquardt. M. Hardin, B. War- ren, D. Schwartz, S. Kessler, T. Preketes, G. Nelson. Row 4--I. Anderson, E. Swan- son, M. McCaslin, A. Skinner I, Bird, I. Rice, A. Harrell. Row 5'--B. Pugsley. I. Schultz B. Nordman, M. Ketlikowske M. Sellards, I. Iesperson. BOYS GLEE CLUB Row IJK. McGuire, T. La May, B. Morrison, B. Burd, K. Cole, I. McHale, I. Galbraith, K. Edwards, B. Bock. Row 2-I. Harrison, D. Denni- son, C. Lovelace. I. Goetz, D. Weldon, E. Ayers. Row 3-B. Wood, D. Long, C. Noah, W. Cummings. Howl D Dow C Haywood R Fries R Moten D Seeters M Thompson C Mathews R Olsen I Edwards Row 2 I Galbraith F Thompson R Van Schoten R Frey G Davis F Stollsteimer D West I Emenck M Isaacson R Fleshman I Ransom D Van Liere H Wiese V Groomes A Kearcher Row 3-C Roth L Orensteen W Caldwell I Servrs R Eggleton E Dersham I Iurcic M Carl D Otto L Hayward E Monroe S Wood E Burd I Roszel R Rogers L Stringer D Schneider D Eiternan Ann Arbor High School Band OFFICERS-President Dan Dow secretary Ianette Emenck treasurer Steve Wood librarian Helen Wiese equipment managers Elliott Burd Glen Davis Ed Monroe uniform manager Ixm Roszel The roll of the drums and the flash of the ranks' It was a sight to be seen when the Ann Arbor High School band led by the color guard the strutting drum malor and the high stepping twirlers first came marching down the football field this fall attired in their splendid new ma roon and pearl grey uniforms Not only was their precision marching on the field to be ac claimed but also their snappy formations at halftimes Besides performing at all the home football games this busy energetic organizatlon accompanied the team to Lansing Battle Creek and Ypsilanti and gave noteworthy performances there The band s efforts did not stop at the end of football season however for concert season found them still working as hard as ever playing for all the home basketball games and pre paring classical and semi classical music to be presented in concerts during the remainder ol the year Not content with having raised an enormous sum of money for their new uniforms the year before these energetic music minded students of Ann Arbor High School set themselves to the task of earning enough money to finance a one week summer band camp to be con ducted during the latter part of August To do this the members held band rehearsals each morning during the vacation between semesters practiced lndustnously during their study halls and at home and on September 27 gave an excellent concert to the public in Pattengil Auditorium. To stir up interest in this project the band also gave concerts at Tappan Slau- son and Iones Iunior Highs and for the student body at The High School. Not only as a unified body did our musicians strike their note of acclaim during the year but also as individuals and as members of small ensembles. Dan Dow solo clarinetist brought home the laurels to AAHS in December by taking sec- ond chair in state-wide competitive tryouts held in Lansing for the All-state band. In February at the district music contest in Royal Oak AAHS was capably represented by a trumpet trio a saxophone quartet and five soloists. Of these the first division winners were Dave Otto tu- ba and Dan Dow clarinet' Second division winners were Dave Eiteman trombone Irene Ed- wards flute Ianet Emerick cornet and a sax quartet composed of Dan Dow Iohn Ransom Helen Wiese and Duan Van Liere. The band completed its successful season by playing at the May Festival held in Hill Au- ditorium on May 16. The band also participated in the music night program on March 19th. The first A. H. S. Dance band was organized for this program. 110 Row 1 M Avshartn B Watson G Stevens N Davis R Olsen S Wood I Edwards C Mathews M Thompson P Welch B Prngston D Below M McCas11n How 2 H Rmgkurst K Miller I Ransom R Fleshman H Wrese D Van Lrere C Haywood D Dow B Fries B Maten D Schneider D Eiteman G Miller D West F Stollsteimer I Emerxc Row 3 K Keely E Foster H Daum D Zrll I Zahn E Green D Otto I Servrs Orchestra Conductor Miss Elizabeth Green Stage Manager Emerson Foster Concertmaster Michael Avsharian Lrbrarzan Beatrice Pmgston General Manager Harold Daum Secretary Muriel McCas11n One of the finest orchestras this high school has ever produced had a successful season this outside the school as well as within the school having given many performances both semes ters The string orchestra has played for various P T A meetings broadcasts community din ners vesper services and the Umversity of M1Ch1gGD mid western music climc in Ianuary The full symphony orchestra composed of the string orchestra plus the first stand players from the band has contributed toward the school act1v1t1es by playlng in concert for assem bly programs plays and for the graduatton exercises Michael Avsharlan our talented senror concertmaster played a concert with the orches tra for the graduatron exercises He and Barbara Watson Munel MCCGSIIH Grace Stevens Nancy Davis Harold D Daum and Donald Zill were awarded by compet1t1ve examination membership in the Michigan All State High S hool String Orchestra whrch performed in De tro1t at the Mus1c Educators National Conference in April Htgh ratings at the State solo and ensemble contests were received by Michael Avsha r1an Barbara Watson Grace Stevens Beatrice Pmgston Emerson Foster and Harold Daum One of the reasons for hrgh morale in the orchestra this year was the hne attitude shown it by the faculty and students Another reason IS that the musicianship was htgher th1s year than in previous years The class of 48 is proud of its Hlgh School Orchestra l 1 1 year under the skilled direction of Miss Elizabeth Green. The orchestra gained recognition Footlight Scandals Instead of an operetta formerly an annual event at A A H S something new and different was offered by the musical groups this year The members of the A Cappella Cantando Boys and Girls Chorus Band and Orchestra could settle back into their old routine after two per formances of Foothght Scandals their new musical show The first scene and accompanying music was what one might expect to see 1n a southern mountain area of the United States Blue jeans plaid sh1rts and bright cotton dresses whirl ing in a square dance and the gay music add ed lust the r1ght touch of reality to the scene The second number transported the aud1ence from a rustic mounta1n setting to a svelte night club Th1strans1t1on1n atmosphere and spirit was successfully accomplished by the ceremonies a waiters quartet and a girls quartet Solos were sung by Muriel Walker Eu genla Wells Helen Ouchr Lyle Stringer Dennle Burke and lim Craven The scene changed a th1rd time to a light opera review in which the A Cappella choir sang numbers such as My Heart Stood Still from a Connecticut Yankee m K1ng Arthur s Court and Serenade from the Student Prince Much ofthe work involved in producing a program of this nature was taken over by Miss Geneva Nelson Mrs Katherine McGure Miss Ehzabeth Green and Mr Clarence Both Although th1s year s show was entirely different from the k1nd of thlng that has been pre sented in prev1ous years by the vocal and instrumental groups it was felt that both the cast and the audience enjoyed the program 112 O I I - ' I I - music groups. In the night club the audience was entertained by a swing band, a master of How 1 G Lewxs D Bartn Row 2 D McLaughl1n D Gary B Wxlson Debate Ann Arbor orators ended a farrly successful season wrth twelve wxns out of s1xteen judged debates They qualrfled for the annual ehmmatxon tournament for the thlrd consecutrve year by w1nn1ng seventy hve per cent of therr state contests but the affrrmatlve speakers Bruce Wllson and Dean McLaughl1n were unsuccessful 1n uphold1ng the1r arguments for compul sory arbltratxon aga1nst a powerful Iackson negatrve team The team coached by Mr Don ald Gary and consrstmg of Captam Gwena LSWIS and Dolores Barth plus the afore men tloned students came 1n second 1n the FIVE A League At varlous tlrnes durlng the year the debaters had a chance to chsplay thelr verbal talents before such promlnent c1v1c organrzatrons as Klwanrs Rotary Optlmlst and Exchange Clubs and rn November Dolores Barth and Gwena Lewls represented Ann Arbor Hrgh at the Un1 vers1ty of M1ch1gan Debate Clxnrc In the sprlng the members turned the1r attentlon toward the annual state speech comp- t1t1on ln the flelds of oratory dramatlc declamatlon orator1cal declamatron and extempo raneous speak1ng The local meet was held 1n March and the wrnners were Charles Noah and Gwena Lewls dramatlc declamatxon Dean McLaughl1n and Dan Solar orat1on Fred Ba som orator1cal declamatlon Bruce Wilson externporaneous These people went on to the Re g1onal Contests The debaters agree that th1s has been an outstandxng year soclally as well as educatlon ally It came to a thr1ll1ng clrmax w1th the State Champronshlp Debate held rn the Rackham bu1ld1ng the last of Apnl 114 ' 1 1 I . . , . ' I - . 1 ' - 1 1 1 1 I . 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 - ' I . CHEERLEADERS lst TEAM I Martin B Layher I Alexander B Potter D Lahde M Dressel M Walker E Hamer Cheerleaders The cheerleaders were a group of energet1c and responslble gxrls The team cheered at home and out of town games of the fxrst and second teams Mr Holloway was the1r sponsor Altogether exghty four glrls tr1ed out for the squad Slx teen were chosen by students faculty and cheerleaders from the U of M The e1ght gxrls chosen for the trrst team were Manlyn Dressel Captam Dzans Lahde Martln Those cheermg for the second team games were Ioanne Madlson Mary Lewls Dons Blrkle Ioanne Adams Allce Harrell Ioyce Lucas and Barbara Walker The cheerleaders chose Ioyce Lucas to captam next years team CHEERLEADERS 2nd TEAM A Harrell M Lewns D Burkle I Madxson I Adams I Lucas B Walker 115 Eleanor Harner, Barbara Layher, Ioyce Alexander, Muriel Walker, Betsy Potter, and Ianet QMWQ Football The Ann Arbor football team finished up the season with a six lost-one tie-and one win- record. The record was not as bad as one might at first surmise. Ann Arbor scored thirteen touch- downs during the season and was one out of four schools that was able to score against Flint. In most cases the games were decided by a fumble or an intercepted pass. The fellows just didn't have the breaks. Three boys from the team were named to the all 5-A teams, showing that it was bad breaks and not lack of talent or material that kept the team from winning every game. This coming year, bad breaks or not, the Ann Arbor team will probably be one of the major contenders for the 5-A title. The prospects are the best in years. This year the team's positions were filled with men who had only seen experience on the second team, but next year the team will be filled with rugged, seasoned players. Max Matteson, who did a fine job of leading the team this year, will be replaced next year by a hard fighting center named Chuck Viegel. Again next year the football coach will be Dobbie Drake, who has done a good job since Kip Taylor left. - 1947 - Football - Major Letter Awards Iack Baylis, Robert Boorom, Lennie Byers, Iohn Cole, Neal Collins, Dick Creal, Don Do- honey, Mark Ford, Peri Gagalis, Ioe Grammatico, Ierry Green, Ted Hariton, Dick Harvey, Dick Kerr, Doug. King, Elmer Knox, Paul Koernke, Iohn Kokinakes, Chuck Lamberson, Max Matteson-Captain, Dick Parker, Hugh Radloff, Bob Rutledge, Bob Sauve, Bob Stephen, Ross Stofflet, Iim Suites, Bob Tibbals, Chuck Viegel tCaptain electl, Earl Wild. Managers Walter Schmidt, Fred Dutton, Ken Hallenbeck, Frank Wilkinson. FOOTBALL RETURNING-F. Dutton, R. Schneider. D. Stuhlman. S. Burns, R. Parker, R. Kerr. L. Byers, B. Boorom, M. Ford. T. Hariton, I. Green, P. Koernke, W. Stason. C. Veigel, R. Stofllet. D. Dohoney, I. Grammatico, P. Gagalis, I. Baylis, I. Cole, B. Tibbals, K. Hallenbeck. FOOTBALL SENIORS-W. Schmid, E. Knox, I. Suits, M. Matteson, B. Stephen, H. Wilkinson, B. Sauve, C. Lamberson. H. Radloff, D. King, D. Space, I. Kokanakis, N. Collins. E. Wild, B. Wark, L. Seyfried, D. Harvey, D. Creal. if G. .p ,I Y 3 5 lk 4 lyk' 5 i I Us S U, fax V 9 2 . A ,a"" Basketball The basketball squad captamed by Charles Lamberson h1t some rough Wlnd thls sea son to make them rema1n m the cellar of the 5A League Coach A1 Shaw s aggregatton IS com posed of erght semors and ten underclassmen whlch tact serves not1ce to opposmg teams that AAHS w11l have a good squad next year Varsrty men who are expected to return ne xt year are Lenny Byers capta1n elect tor 1949 Bob Rutledge Pen Gagal1s George Collms la ck F rrestone Robert Wagner Ronald Taylor Don Dohoney B111 Hakala and Don Iohnston Dave Space paced the squad 1n pomts followed by Lanky Bud Kmg Although th1s years squad d1dnt turn out to be a champ1onsh1p team they showed no lack of sp1r1t or flght Nov Dec Dec Dec Dec an an Wlndsor Wmdsor Ferndale Lansmg Eastern Battle Creek Alumm lackson here there there there here here there an Feb Feb Fe Feb March 5 Marsh 12 March 18 Lans1ng Eastern here Battle Creek there Royal Oak here Jackson nere Lans1ng Sexton there D1str1ct Tournament Reg1onal Tournament State Tournament .za ....... ' .............. 1 . so ....... ' ....,.. .5 ........ ' ............. . s ........ .,........ . a ........ ............. . 14 ....... ............ . 12 ....... ' ...... b. zo ....... ............,. . 19 ....... ........,. . 27 ....... ' ....... 1 . 9 ........ - .............,. ...... ' ' ...... . I . 16 .....,. .............. ..... ' ....,. I . 23 ....... - ........ ..... ........ . 6 . jj, 1 ' A 1 an Lans1ng Sexton here BASKETBALL MANAGERS Left to nght Front row K Hallenbeck P Cramton Top row N Mangoun I Reynolds I Atkms G Mrller 120 BASKET BALL-lst Team Front row-D. King, D. Space. C. Lam berson, A. Haibel. H. Swanson. Second rowYA. Shaw, D. Dohoney. K Zill, W. Penningron, D. Iohnston, Mgr. I Reynolds. Third row-B. Wagner. L. Byers, B. I-'er ri, I. Firestone. B. Rutledge. BASKETBALL-2 nd Team Front row-P. Thomassen, S. Nicolaou D. Navarre, G. Pieiifle. D. Ballingall Middle row--Coach Thompson, R. Zeeb R. Burd, S. Burns. S. Cook. E. Reichen burger, F. Stollsteimer, Coach W. Wall Las! row--I. Beatty, W. Chase. I. Ogil vie, I. McC1une, S. Smock, D. Prayer, R Stuhlmann. L Bromley C Wrtcher C Thomson B Wmkler D Magoon B Hardrng K Staubach D Burke W Alber D Gxltrow E Rothe P Brlakos B Fnes I Stewart B Iacobs N Sprmg I Belote D Graham F Patterson D Walker I Housewnght K Matthaer I I-lollrs R Albertson D Dow B Meyer I Matteson D Schwernmm Sw1mm1ng Th1s years sw1mm1ng team led by Captaln Denme Burke began the season w1th four teen lettermen Dunng the vanous meets the purple splashers won four lost fxve and t1ed one The mam dlfflculty that was encountered dur1ng the season was xllness Due to th1s fact the splashers lost to F l1nt Central 53 31 for the IIISI t1me smce the teams have competed To open the season Ann Arbor was nosed out by Royal Oak but then defeated Yps11ant1 Flmt Central and tred Iackson Agam they were defeated by Lanslng Eastern Pontlac and Kalamazoo Flnally they came back to defeat Kalamazoo but were nosed out by Battle Creek and Flmt Central In the SA Ann Arbor placed 4th Accordmng to Coach Dobbre Drake next year we should have a fme team wlth CoCap ta1ns Don Schwemmen and Doug Magoon and return1ng team members P B1lakos L Brome ley R Fnes I Housewr1ght B Iacobs D Magoon I Matteson B Meyer F Patterson C Schlanderer K Staubach I Stuart D Schwemmen I Snyder N Sprmg C Thomson C Whltcher D Graham D Walker and B Wmkler Thls year the reserve team composed of sophomores for the flrst t1me has had therr meets The CIT opponents were Battle Creek Iackson and Yps11ant1 Hrgh Polnt man for the season was Doug Magoon Graduat1ng swlmmers recervmg letters were Wayne Alber R1Ck Albertson Denme Burke I1m Belote Dan Dow Dan Grltrow Brad Hardxng Irv Holl1s Konrad Matthaer and Erhard Bothe 122 I l w . , . , . , . , . , . , 1 , . . . , 1 , . , . , . 1 . , . , . , . , . , 1 . - 1 - 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I O 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 ' 1 , , 1 1 ' ' 1 1 - 1 1 ' 1 1 1 , 1 ' 1 , 1 , . , 1 1 1 , 1 , . , 1 1 1 1 1 , 1 , 1 , 1 , 1 , 1 , 1 , 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 , , 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 X Q "-9 22 335 .Q-35,,, I Herzstock S Smock D Franklm D Navarre P Thomassen D Wesenburg C Plantz D Eschel bach V Clevtdence N Mangoum L Miller C Ekstrom D Sellards D Douglas B Foster D Brrd D Steele D Curnew B Murphy I Lmgon K Staubach I Upton E Graf E Monroe D Schleede D Schleede I Schnell C M11 ler B Hxcks T Ryan Cross Country The only brrght spots rn a rather dlsmal cross country season were the defeat of Battle Creek 24 33 cmd the conquest of Howell 15 50 Purple and Whlte Harners dropped decrsrons to Wyandotte 43 17 Lans1ng Sexton 33 22 Jackson 4318 Lans1ng Eastern 34 21 and Dearborn 4217 To round out the season s summary AAHS finished last 1n the FIVE A League Meet held at Battle Creek but garnered the n1nth slot 1n the state clas A event at Yps11ant1 where etght een prep school teams competed Our old fnend Iackson H1gh f1elded a well balanced team led by Dave Stevens mdrvld ual wmner rn both FIVE A and State meets to nab the aforementloned crowns Lettermen on th1s year s squad were B111 Hrcks Capta1n Don Schleede Conrad Mlller Ed Monroe Carl Plantz Bob Foster Karl Sta ubach Doug Schleede and Manager Norm Mangoum. Under Capta1n-elect, B111 Hlcks, and wrth several promlsmg sophomores returnmg to the chalk lme, the 1948 ed1t1on of the AAHS cross country team promlses to rate a better fortune than thelr lmmedrate predecessors the '47 boys The team w111 agam be tutored by coach A Tlmothy Ryan, ln hrs 22nd year at the helm of Ploneer runners of "the most gruehng sport" 123 I -I -, ,, , ,, . . ,, ., , ....fs..,....,....-....,, D, ,,-,..,., I . ' tn -f . ft "ff 1 M A 1 ,f i 5 M. tn, 1 ? X f. I My ,lr H lt ig- 4 P4 ,ik A l' Ki .. 4 , ' x 1 '4 QT. , l V 7 -. 13' ' 1 'Q 'Q-Y A. -.1 I 'l X ' ' V H 'xx Yi R - 4 5 .1 I 3 . , yg W sl ' 1 IA . xt it Q .3 -qw 4 k, I .1...., na . Q , f ls l f S " 1 L , -as . t nf 4 ' QV ' nf Q lp 1 5 Q at ,Q - 1 - xx 5 . , . -.uw f 4 Z ,tg M I S' - 87 f K at . V new ' 4 I , 1 L, ' I I ' ' 1 ' I ' , ' I I ' - Q In ll ll - - - I . S ' . 1 . . I . I . I I I I I I I lst row D Schnerder T Powell I Holston E Iones co captcun D Harvey cocaptain D Har vey B Sherman I Marshall F Basom mgr 2nd row-Coach Frank Klxne D Folts I Townsley T Hanton F Marz D Scheetz P Koernke E Graf C Katapol I Kokmakes K Sm1th B Stoddard F Dutton mgr B Wark I McCormrck D Wesenberg D Latson mgr Wres11ng Led by coCapta1ns Drck Harvey and Ern1e Iones P1oneer wrestlers fxrnshed second 1n the 5 A league and 1n the State The1r attempt at a perfect season was marred by only one team Lansmg Sexton wh1ch defeated the Ann Arbor team 23 ll 1n therr f1rst meet1ng Iackson East ern Battle Creek Cranbrook and the Alumm all fell before the supenor strength of the pur ple and wh1te The f1rst three teams were each defeated tw1ce A new system of Judglng the 5 A wlnners was adopted th1s year Instead of determmlng the w1nner rn one b1g meet at the end of the season the champxonshlp was declded on the bas1s of dual meets w1th each team meet1ng tw1ce In addltlon to the returnmg lettermen Paul Koernke Iohn Kokmakes Newton Kelley and Elmer Knox the P1oneer team was further bolstered by the return of Darrell Scheetz and Fred Marz Newcomers to the team and welcome addltlons were Ern1e Graf Ted Hanton Iack Wes enberg I1m Holstem and Sophomores Kmgley Sm1th Butch Stoddard and Iack1e Townsley Those mdxvrduals who atta1ned some of the better records were undefeated Ern1e Iones 145 lb class D1Ck Harvey 112 lb class Kxngsl ey Sm1th 120 lb class Ted Hanton 133 lb cass and Iohn Kokmakes 154 lb class STATE CHAMPIONS THIRD PLACE 112 lb Class Drck Harvey senior 127 lb Class Fred Marz 120 lb Class Krngston Sm1th sophomore 133 lb Class Ted Harrton 138 lb Class-Chnst Katapol sophomore 175 lb Class Ernest Frat 145 lb Class Ernest Iones semor Heavy werght class Paul Koernke 154 lb Class Iohn Kokmakes sem r Wrth few losses 1n personnel the grapplers are expected to have just as good as 1f not a better a season next year To lead them 1n themr champ1onsh1p quest they have chosen Fred Marz and Paul Koernke as captams 124 X T' . ' ,A . I u y .3 1 1 ta E I it I 5 A 3rd row-C. Fraker, C. Eberle, V. Maury. B. Boorom, R. Parker. L. Baker. I. Greene, B. Tibbals. O F w f , lax' . Howl F Dutton B DenHouter E Carpenter G Collins N Collms R Bock S Nrcolaow W Netthammer D Newland C Crowley Mgr Row 2 D Laston Mgr R Rutledge D Schleede C Mcner D Kmg G Tokunga CoCaptaxn D Mesnard Co Captam P Gagahs C Lomberson C Vregel L Byers I-I Salow Mgr Row 3 R Heath asst coach S Cook D Stuhlman D Dohoney H Blauvelt E Lxnberg K Zxll D Iohnston K Cole D Schleede E Drrkse L Orensteen F Klxne Coach Row 4 A Harbel R Fern D Balhngall D Frayer H Wxlkmson H Swanson G Krug T Dud ley R Carbeck I Robbms I Beatty Baseball Bolstered thrs year by many retum1ng letterrnan Coach Frank Kllne s sandlotters entered the1r season wlth an opener agarnst Chelsea on Aprll 16 Varsrty men back th1s year rn add1t1on to co-captams Don Mesnard and George Tokunga are Pen Gaglls Dou Klng Charles Lamberson Ross Stofflet Lenny Beyers Charles Vergel Marvrn Ge1ger Bob Slater Bob Rutledge and Carl Marer A prom1s1ng assortment of sopho- mores and 1'l.1I110l'S turned out whrch served to bolster the team a great deal St Thomas-Apnl 23 here Lanslng Creek May 14 here Dearborn Apnl 30 there Lansmg Eastern May 18 here Lansmg Sexton May 7 there Iackson May 21 here St Thomas-May 11 there Lansmg Eastern May 25 there Iackson May 28 there 5 y, J-X xx Y XY Chelsea-April 16 .................... here Battle Creek-May 14 ................. here 12 +R Left to Rxqht Row 1 R Applegate H Kerr R Albertson I Severson E Rothe Row 2 K Hallenbeck R Kalmbach D Hyma Capt K Matthaer Coach Drake B Slater R Hum phreys I Moon Tenms Thrs year s tenms squad under the coachlng of Dobble Drake was a fomudable one It was bmlt around a good group of return1ng letterm en Those whose rackets promlsed plenty of Erhard Rothe and B111 Stason In add1t1on the squad w1ll be rounded out by I1m Severson R1Ck Albertson Charles Noah Ken Hallenbeck Roger Applegate D1ck Kerr and a crop of promlsmg sophomores Accordmg to Coach Dobbre Drake s predxctron the Ploneer racketmen who fmrshed second to Battle Creek 1n the 5 A last year w1ll do no worse th1s year and hopes were high as to a 5 A champ1onsh1p The Proneers have not had a start1ng l1ne up yet but Konrad Matthaer Dave Hyma Roland Kalmbach Erhard Rothe and B111 Stason probably started as smgles whrle the doubles for the fxrst match were hm Severson and Rrck Albertson and Dlck Kerr and Roger Applegate Ann Arbor partrsans didnt have a chance to see the1r teams perform dunng the opemng weeks of the tenms season because of the lack of concrete courts here ln Ann Arbor forced the Proneers to play the f1ISl half of therr schedule away from town Thls year the 5 A champ1onsh1p w1ll be declded by the dual meet results and will not be left hangmg upon one large meet Thrs year Ann Arbor s racketmen encountered each 5 A school team twlce Meets have also been carded w1th Ypsxlanu Central Monroe and Adnan The regronal meet th1s year w1ll be held at Monroe May 22 and the State Meet w1ll be held at Kalamazoo Iune 4th and 126 v: N A I vi xiii? O trouble tor opposing players were Captain Konrad Matthaei, Dave Hyma, Roland Kalmbach, Sth. Row 1 A Evans D Franklm B Wagner R Howe P Russell R Perry B Fostex N Chnstott B Fowler K Kroske R Iohnson Row 2-C Ekstrom C Mrller F Case M Ford I Gramrnattxco V Clevrdence G Ridge B Hard xngtCapta1nI D Douglas I Schnell E Monroe I Ierzstock B Burwell I Marshall D Brrd Row 3 H Wagner C George W Chase B Wark T Hanton B Burd I Baylxs M Matteson C Staubach E Graf D Magoon P Thomassen R Maugh G Theros I Upton B Trballs N Bossemeyer I Suxts P Lmgon I Green B Boroom Coach Ryan Track P1oneer Tracksters opened thexr 1948 season agamst the alumm March Sth Before 5 A compe t1t1on the thln clads took on the Yps11ant1 Norm al Frosh Trenton R1ver Rouge and entered the Rlver Rouge Invltatlonal Tournament In 5 A compet1t1on Captaln Brad Hard1ng led hrs men rn a falrly successful season The teams met m competrtlon ln order were Iackson Aprll 23 Lan Slng Eastern Apnl 30 Lansmg Sexton May 7 Battle Creek May 14 endmg w1th hte 5 A meet May 22 at the State meet Mav 29 Pomt getters 1n events were as follows Dashes-Alex Evans and Mark Ford Hurdles-Capta1n Hard1ng Mark Ford and V1rg11 Clevldence 440 Yard dash-George Ridge Donald Douglas and Rlchard Perry 880 Yard run Iack Schnell Ed Monroe and Iack Herzstock 1 m11e-Paul Russel Carl Plantz and Conrad M1l1er Shot Put Iohn L1gon and Max Matteson Hlgh Iump-V1rg11 C1ev1dence and Bob Wagner Pole Vault Ioe Grammatrco and CuIl1S D1senroth 127 Row 4-I. McHale. A. Koemke, W. Gavin, M. Pritchard, D. Walker. A. Eschelbach, I. Matteson. ,J Y-. Row 2 P Crompton C Carroll D Whltehead Capt D Space B Barsantee R Taylor Row 3-Coach A Shaw B Hakala D Navarre C H111 D Ottosen S Burns H Zeeb Golf Wrth the retum t1'us year of a fme nucleus of lettermen mcludlng Captam Dave Space Bob Barsantee Dlck Wlntehead and Ron Taylor plus reserve letter wmners Chuck Carroll B111 Hakala Cellon H111 and Denny Ottosen the Pioneer lrnkmen w1l1 rank w1th the best teams m the state Coach Al Shaw IS very opt1m1st1c about the chances of th1s years team and rf thmgs go as planned the Proneer golfers w11l be restmg atop the Flve-A League at the end of the present golf season 128 I R4 4 I 'A R'- ff A ,, , , x , . f. 5 C - , X rf' . 1 'f ' Left to Right-Row 1-D. Space, L. Henkel. C. Schlanderer, B. Meyer, A. Douglas. How 1 M Gover L Toschoff I Lucas P Mueluer S Mesnard G Blake I Gallup M Yarmam P Whltchurch C Kent R Kxmpton B Karslan I Barnard Row 2 D Gardner B Warren A Ball V Kern P Hxcks S Weber B Scovlll N Marken N Kes ler B Layher Row 3 B Stollstermer M Chandler I Fmkbemer D Lahde I Alexander M Heald B Towns end M Nungester D Addzs B Burch Row 4 R Rxchardson S Hetrler D Rxzor I Malloy S McCourt1e N Crane I Famer I Kokm akes G Hanselman How 5 I Spteth B Hunter I Merchant I Shewman A Waterman M Wente I Hackbarth M Schlecht GAC The G1rl s Athletxc Club better known as the G A C IS an organlzatlon whrch enables g1rls to part1c1pate 1n many sports Thrs year Manlyn Yarmarn pres1ded at the meeungs wlth the help of Grace Blake v1ce presldent and Iudy Gallp secretary Freld hockey opened the season for most sports enthusxasts and was followed by volley ball basketball table tennls badrmnton softball and tenms Bowlmg took the hmelxght th1s year by be1ng G A C s new 1ntramural sport The G A C executlve board worked energetlcally rev1s1ng the const1tut1on as 1fS mam project S1nce th1s was last done 1n 1943 there was a lot of work 1nvolved 1n mak1ng the changes In lts sp1r1ted way the G A C was responslble for the hot dogs candy and popcorn at all the football games Thls was the flrst year that the g1rls rece1ved po1nts for sellxng concessxons The annual Barn Dance was sponsored by the G A C Much of xts success was due to Grace Blake s efhcrent plannmg and the club members partxclpauon Much of the pep and vltahty ev1denced by the club th1s year was due to a new add1t1on to the department M1ss Mary Gover MISS Gover was a 1946 graduate of Mt Pleasant Teach er s college and before enter1ng A A H S taught 1n a Lansmg Iumor I-hgh School 130 'V 1 Row 6-M. Stoll, B. Braun, C. Long, M. Walker. M. Mull, E. Harner, I. Adams. D. Birkle. R. Laughlin. WINNING VOLLEYBALL TEAM Front row D Gardner I Lucas S Mes nard fcaptaml P Mueller N Kesler Back row M Wente D Rogers I Fern er I Kokonakes I Hackbarth EXECUTIVE BOARD N Marken S McCourt1e M Nungester D Rogers B Karsran M Stoll A Wa terman B Hunter V Kern I Merchant L Kxmpton Seated Mrs Cover G Blake M Yar mam I Gallup BOWLING TEAM 2nd CONSECUTIVE YEAR Donna Schwartz Lrllran Prne Barbara Trubey Nancy Storm Ioan Schlecht Margaret Warren Barbara Kappler WINNING HOCKEY TEAM Front row M Vassotf I Lucas fCap taml M Wente P Mueller Mrddle row B Warren I Watter worth I Kokmakes S Mesnard L Toschoff Back row D Gardner, B Stollsteimer N Kesler ANN ARBOR PUBLIC SCHOOLS The toresught and generosity of the cutx zehs otAhr1 Arbor have made possible a Cnty school system for Ann Arbor whuch IS uh keeping wnth the remarkable de velopment oh the Umversuty Campus Well Trained Teachers Excellent Equipment Splendid School Bulldmgs Fme Student Body THESE ARE TI-IE KEYWORDS IN MODERN SCHOOL EDUCATION ANN ARBOR I-IAS ALI. FOUR Zgua! Olaporfunifg for glferg E017 un!! gjirf in Jann .fdrdor RENTSCHLER STUDIO 319 East Huron Street DISTINCTIVE PHOTOGRAPHY 1890 FQ jf-3 Edwm D Rentsdller Ann Arbor s Only Master of Photography Congratulations from ZAHN'S AUTO SERVICE 307 SOUTH FIRST STREET Dual Q 9858 THE OMEGA STAFF WISHES TO THANK THE ADVERTIS ERS WHO HAVE SO GENER OUSLY CONTRIBUTED TO MAKE THIS BOOK A SUCCESS ' rl he Best of LOOK To You from GREEN E S CLEANERS EDYERS X ICROCLEAN Hlduganis Leadlng Cleaners fo S Y O Tl . ' V f I 1 ' 'Q X I Q81 1- 4 R 21-v' R0 'WI 5' nl' cl X . . ' , u W S Butterfield Theatres, Inc t Mhga Wt Weth Q O C Q L. E. Gordon, President e- icin- hiney- ur Congratulatlons ass of mm THlf AI 1 l+NEL HOTFL Greeting Cards Plwtolg raplnc Su pplwe BOYLF PHUTO COMPANY 723 N thU l0N1RATULAfllON9 ASS 1 xRYgU from A F rlend I CXMPUS DRUI S'IORE 'ry T ST e The Students' Store r U , lrfl Cl t '48 Q4 I ,",:, uf? N . J I . J , I t, or niversity I t ' Q W R , , L0llgl'3tlll3tl0llS . w . T ll " lf I L L X K mf ' 4 3 J Y Y Y 7 I nt I li Q7 U V Liber 0 of 'Eli'-Q" '-fx JS. Co un 5111 is j'5r:'ff'fr 57 25' fr ff 6' FH f-ft x The Store With YGU th In Mmd -H'-"""" f' r , V' pdnif' Whether you re seventeen or seventy t here' rf you enloy the new youll lxke 1 The settmg the merchandxse planned to please the young Ln years and spmt .uv-f' Il ,,-in-'K Ready to-wear costume accents shoes cosmeucs lmgene grits and decorauve accessones for the home all presented with XX YOU th ln mmd I 6 M1 f k:9"j.a" .. .v - L1-fxKr'l.vf""' 4 ff Eff The GARDEN and SNACK BAR College Shop rendezvous for relaxation and refreshment Open dolly lexcept Sun dayl breakfast to teatxme CDLLEGE SHOP 213-217 swan sms 0 O l F"-rx -yi , A - 4 I 1 . . . - --.. .,.v-x, h. "' . , ,' ' ' ' ' ' ' ' "f1'Hf'aQ'5s-f, .., New 'gm ' ' '. . 1 ' 'f:,gii3v" - -"' i v "fn: 15 I e ' -, . f A H -f f- 1, 3 ,,.- ' 511: 455 . ' h I 4 ' g , -, 1. 1 ,. qi V' E31 , 355, A cg ix , . Q X lx? I ggtwrh ' 'f I n L 'U at A .JS-oil""',1' 1 1:5 Q .: 1 5' 'V-. If : . D V , .r 'rang r ' ' FV ' 'Q - , , 2 521 " ul ! Q- , JJ , , ' . I ' 4 ' - ' - 1,- - f' 2: ' 1 f - . . t 'af 'P t 4. Q e A .6 t fs t t. ,s , r J J 1 - ... U J,-1' jg'-gf xy s M ' 1 A W .1 . - ' ' W 5i"" , l f M4 , VA, .Ji TW ., e , 'qs 51, . , V -V .N.':,, ,l rQ, , , ,1, -N 7 ., t 5,15 A E K. . Y,-J,4,35'., 1,5 51.414, .. - 5.. V -' .1 , , 1 ' , N ,Q . ' 1, , -..- - -L-, -3-,-P 3 , L. 5,5 5, , tg, Q ' 'Q lv Q ':, ,. , f- ' " ' fn' '21 Q-is 1 " "' 'a-is - 'V . 4 2 1 vw, . - - - A , -eq , , ..',, , . . , 31, . 4, 1, ti .f ,.. , . V :il Lag?-dl, -wid.,-ef' V - ,. . ex . If 4-pn - rf -P HL .gggxj ' S P, N . Q ' a -iw ,Q sl six , Q' . ' 'fx ti 'Q - x . "N -' . - pg' -. k - ' .K jg- 2 :XX . A, ,4 ' vi Q. V, If N -. - , X- , ' A' X . 1 T vw : - , 53' we ' f - . ' 'I '. - K 2 '-.spfQpg", .1 , 4, ,- ' ' , ' va X Y' ,gr N . ' - V A A .. Z- ' , j - ' '3' -11, H" T Best Wlshes For A Successful C H E L S E A Future ' ALEXANDER DRUG STORE FLOWER SHOP ELVIRA CLARK VISEL op et 203 E t Lb rty Street EIBLER S Jewelers Est bl h d 1904 308 SOUTH STATE STREET Wat hes o Jewelry Sle e Congratulatwns and Best Wishes ' IEGEL SAGER ANDRESS JEDELE MEN s AND nov s WEAR DOWNTOWN ANN ARBOR H fpr ri orl as i e 727 North University Dia' Q 2-5516 9 J ' K a is e I c Diom nds ' ' i v rwor Congratulatwns To The Class of 1948 ' c 410 N rih F urth A GODFREY MOVING 81 STORAGE COMPANY THAT KNEW LOOK' IT IS HERE IN PHOTOGRAPHS THEY RE OUTSTANDING THEY'RE DIFFERENT ALL THIS, PLUS OUTSTANDING QUALITY AND PERFECT LIKENESS D E Y S T LI D I O 332 So. State St. Dial 5031 I 1 O GE 4 W C. O. real, Manager o o venue 99 I I Only The Finest Quality At Prices That Are Fair! ANN ARBOR 7 Used and New Text Books and Student Supplies 322 South State Street General Hardware TO OLD FRIENDS THERE IS NO Cutlefyand T005 GIFT THAT IS MORE PERSONAL Furnages Tlnnlng Palnts OR MORE APPRECIATED THAN MUEHLIG 81 LANPHEAR HARDWARE PALMER sTUD1o 3IlSoMc1nSt A Abo Phone 2 2072 diff 3 S 7 YOUR PORTRAIT. . i . nn r r NATIONAL PHOTO SERVICE Loo Oho X 4 An example of our fme workmanshlp "Home of Three-Hour Odorless Dry Cleaning" v-'fx ' x XICLEANERS PLANT: 630 South Ashley Street Phone 4700 BRANCH: 619 Packard St. Ann Arbor, Mich. F. W. AUFDERHEIDE f Life Insurance f Estate Planning THE MUTUAL BENEFIT LIFE INSURANCE CO. Newark, New Iersey Car Washing and Wax Polishing ART S HI SPEED SERVICE Art Iahnke, Operator LUBRICATION TIRE SERVICE MINOR REPAIR SERVICE COMPLETE LINE OF ACCESSORIES wmr mmm a P 22215 Radio and Television AERO RADIO SALES 335 So Ma Pho e4997 Congratulations B R O O K I N S IO8 East Wash gto For that after school snack STOP AT THE CARMEL CORN SHOP 621 EastLbe ty For fabric quality For fashion authority THE COLLINS SHOPPE LbefyatMayad A Ab Choice Meats and Groceries I I8 West Wash gfo St eet 7 - E. 'am ar hone - cc - as from . 0 DAISY MEAT MARKET CONGRATULATIONS Ann Arbor Dealers, Assoclatwn ANN ARBOR BUICK SERVICE COMPANY IBuuckI ANN ARBOR MOTOR SALES Cr SERVICE fCodulIocJ CUSHING MOTOR SALES INC IFordJ FITZGERALD JORDAN ILmcoln Mercury? HOCKETT SALES COMPANY lDeSoto Plymouth! HURON MOTOR SALES lChevroIet Oldsmobile? JOHNSON SALES AND SERVICE IDodge Plymouth? KNOLL AND ERWIN INC 4HudsonI MANAUSA MOTOR SALES IPockordJ MILLER JAHNKE MOTORS fChrysIer Plymouth! NYE MOTOR SALES fNoshJ STADIUM Moron sALEs 7 IKcnser Frozerl Dance Frocks that wlll make ou the Belle of the Ball STAEBLER AND soNs mode' Skefched fpormocy worn by Jeanette Taut STEVE S BODY SHOP IWuIIys Overland Jeep! from -me swam :mzw Shop . . I xx , , , . is 5 Q My 5 , .Hr Z . ' ll f . I V. 1 I I ' I 5 I ,I I .. .3 15" I -3 ' iw Slfkf, V' - X14 I Q 0 Q 0 I O Q MARTI WALKER 59,9 We feature smart apparel for every occaslon' Stat Str t Glad Occaslons Lwe Forever Whe they o e c pt ed ' f' e photo g oph. We spec' I' e ' g ad ot'o o o'ts dd' g 'ct es o ch'ld e s photos. CROWLEY STUDIO 321 So th Mo St eet PHONE 2 2220 Photograpluc and Radlo Suppl es PURCHASE RADIO AND CAMERA SHOP Congratulations FROM S H E H A N INSURANCE AGENCY 605Ch chSt A Ab 703F tN W3RP PhoeQ24545 CQ? n r o ur In Q In r lolz In r u In prtrl,wem puur,nd I I r n C u in r -less than cz block from school on e ee ' l Ur , nn r or irs otioncl Building n - DRAKE' Sandwich Shop Walnut Room We have fllled over 176,000 prescrlptwns ' 1 s c In Ll East L be ty at F fth Avenue Congratulatlons fom C 0 R N E L L DEPARTMENT STORE ZH So th Ma St eet P 269 H ldRAd EUREKA CLEANERS Tml -Ct T Sahsi h G 112W Ab Moke ou sto e you Headqua fe s for G Is a d Boys Spo t Shoes a d Casuals DIETZEL S Brownlnlt Shoe Store IO9 E Wash ngton St FINGERLE LUMBER C0 617 715 South F fm A e e "T ere lS a Mater ml Dlfferenre THE CAGE LINEN SHOP Dlstmctwe Lmens and H andkerchlefs N ckelsA cade Pho e2Ol I4 A Abo Mchga Everythmg ln Recorded M uslc ' LIBERTY MUSIC SHOP 205 E L be ty Pho e 2 0675 MEN S TOGGERY For Partlcular Men Pho 89068 521 E Lube ty O l O r O If lllnnrlnncul . . u in r 1 r 1 hone -17 aro . n rus I' T I' I' I' ir ' n ' r n Y l 9 Drycleaninq- ' oring us om ailored Suns Good Service--Fine Workmcmship . ' ac 'on uarcmteed . Huron St. A r or, Mich. ' I - O - i v nu ' ' ' ' i r n - ll, 0 .I o ' nn r r, i i n f , 9 . i r F1 - V1 - I " WATCHES SILVER NOVELTIES Haller s Jewelers 717 North Unnversuty Ave D I A M 0 N D S Oronge Blossom Engagement and Wedding Rmgs AAHS JEWELRY MICHIGAN COMPACTS CIGARI-YI' CASES BILLFOLDS CLOCKS Congratulatwns to the Class of 1948 HUNTER'S GARAGE AND ELECTRIC SERVICE 226 West Lnberty Street PHONE 7373 Hunter's Cas Statlon Hunter's Gas Statlon 300 West Liberty Street 300 West Huron Street PHONE 7575 PHONE 9170 Q 'A' JEWELRY JEWELRY 'k CONGRATULATIONS fom J H COUSINS women s apparel aov So th sm s P 2-6198 A Arbo M1 11-g Congraetulatlons' fom FOGERTY'S HAT SHOP I I7 Eost L'be ty St eet H D KELLY and SON Ph nog ph 'A Abo15Y 511 SOULE BOULEVARD PHONE 8553 li d xred GROUPS PARTIES COMMERCIAL Congratulatzons L 0 u 1 s e G 1 f t s M O S E L E Y TYPEWRITER COMPANY 214 EAST WASHINGTON STREET NIELSEN GREENHOUSES AND FLOWER SHOP, INC plt L1 Noveltles and Pottery 1021 MAIDEN LANE ANN ARBOR Ph 2 3269 Good Luck O GRADY S BARBER SHOP IIIOSo th U ve sty KttyCo f WtEg1 gBldg CONGRATULATIONS fom OVERBECK BOOKSTORE IZI6 South U ve s ty I' I' 9 u e t. hone I I' I' nn r, c 1 an o ra ers m nn r r ears! We come to your home ' es' Com e e 'ne of Flower one - from I' 9 7 u ni r i ni r i i mer rom es n 'neerin ui in THE TUPPER For the BEST in FOOD Jewelers and Sllversmlths 218 SOUTH MAIN STREET TELEPHONE 2 0306 DRINK Ii-f GINGER Aus MADEMOISELLE SHOP 0 D M 0 R R I L L Rare perfumes SOUIII Sfdfe Sffeet Fme tonletrues Typewrlters Addmg Machlnes Llffsene HOSISW ofonmokes Bought sold Sportswear Ready to wear Rented, Cleaned and Repaired 302 S STATE 1107 S UNIVERSITY PHONE 5796 STUDENT AND OFFICE SUPPLIES Good Luck Class of '48 CONGRATULATIONS SAFFELL md BUSH mm TOFFLET 331 South Mein Shad 3 I O South State ANN Anson, MICHIGAN Q V. ,,.,Z, F ,K qi Ai. -. is 5, .'e' Eg. "'- 5 I T .,.. E " 'W' :ig Ti. WLS' F I O I C I O A ' II 'V 'IX X' ! X' , f . X I mu I H115 1 kyjw' A I-M'i'f4 L 25 22 SMARTEST HGSIERY SHOP 539 E. Liberty Mary 'n' J eonette We have served Ann Arbor High School students for over 60 years. Let us continue this service to you after graduation. Wahr' s Book Stores 105 N. Main St. 316 S. State St. M agazme Subscrlptmons Congratulatwns nrnr Ymns or sznvrcr-: ffom STOFFLET NEWS COMPANY 213 South Fo th Ave STADEL and SONS Clothlers 205 South Mo St eet SCHLENKER S HARDWARE " we for Patronage Slnce 1886, 213 15 WEST LIBERTY STREET Yo Lfel suo ce slkethelfebootono sh p be the weothe fo o foul t must stand eody fo the ho of eed SUN LIFE INSURANCE IIM JOHNSTON STEIN CLEANERS 2 2567 Phones 2 2568 204 E Wash gto A A bo SEYFRIED JEWELERS 304 S M0 S Pho e 6474 Ann Arbor Ypsllantl THE VAN BUREN SHOP Fou dot on Go ments Ho secoots L nger e Hos e y 8 NICKELS ARCADE PHONE 2 2914 'rn tW1Shnn.lmg By Lee and Rowan Marvel Adj stoble Sock D ye ' THE VAN AKKEREN SHOP 725NothU vesty ur . in r 7 ur i n r n i i i i . . . r ir r , i , , , r r ur n . Serv . ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN 312 Wolverine Bldg. Ann Arbor, Mich. - - - - . in t. n . in n nn r r . o even oo ' e- u a n i r , u .U r r i i , i r T ' r ni r i Stationers Printers Binders Office Outfitters Greeting Cards THE MAYER - SCHAIRER COMPANY I I2 South Main Street, Ann Arbor STATE DRUG C0. Seeusfor... CAMERAS, FILMS, and PHOTOGRAPHIC SUPPLIES 900 SOUTH STATE Corner Packard 8' State CONGRATULATIONS ON YOUR GRADUATION! Our Best Wlshes Go Wlth You ACC BEST w1s1-1125 TO THE CLASS OF 1948 WANTY and REULE Footwear Congratulatlons WARDS RECORD SHOP I2 S U e y A A bo Flowers Superbly Style VARSITY FLOWER SHOP 11225 U fy Ph 84422 Women s and Mlsses Apparel 9NckeI Ac de 2175 Mo St 0 , S I . from 9 2105. M0111 51. Ann Arbor 09' "iV'Sif ""' ' ' cc d99 7 ' 5 9 . niversi on i S ro . in Congratulatlons SLATER S, Inc Books Supplies A Penny Buys a Six-mile Ride Ride one and you ll buy one I MAKES YOUR MO'FCyI3EB,TKE' Stoll Bicycle and Motor Sales 424 South Mom Street CONGRATULATIONS and Best Wlshes WN Chester Roberts Gifts 312 SOUTH STATE STREET DOE'S BARBER SHOP CONGRATULATIONS and Best Wishes B E Muehllg DRY GOODS S MAIN ST f WASHINGTON ST THE QUARRY Incorporated 320 So th Stote St et Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Class of 348 The NA ILYN SP0 EMS WM., Ffa Ann Arbor, Machngan I I I 1 5 R Drugs and Surgical Supplies, Cosmetics Athletrc Board and Non Athletrc Board Advertrsements Art Club Band Banmster Club Baseball Team Basketball Team Camera Club Captams of the Teams Cheerleaders Colonnade Cooperatnve Occupatronal Trammg Cross Country Team Debate Squad Dedxcatron Drvrsron Pages Faculty Cancatures Football Teams Footlxght Scandals Foreword French Club Future Homemakers Future Nurses G1rls Athletrc Club Golf Team ol Amerxca H1 Y Club Index Interror Decoratmq Club Iumor Class Executwe Board Iumor Class Ofhcers Iumor Class Prctures Iumor Class Wr1te up Iumor Play I 18 Index PAGE 120121 70 98 14 118 119 112 113 130 131 48 57 106 107 Iumor Red Cross Musrc Club Omega Staff Opt1m1st Staff Orchestra Photographs RGdlO Club R1fle Club Sen1or Mock Electrons Scxence Club Scnbblers Club Senror Semor Sen1or Play Sen1or Prctures Sen1or Sophomore Class Sophomore Class Sophomore Class Sophomore Class Class Executrve Class Oft1cers Board Class Wrnte up Offrcers Executwe Board P1ctures Wrlte up Spamsh Club Stage Craft Club Student Councrl Student Councrl Student Councrl Student Councrl Swrmmmg Team Tenms Team Track Team Vocal Groups Washrngton Clubs Commrttees Ofhcers Plctures Wrlte up W1g and Masque Club Wrestlmg Team 58 68 PAGE 132 133 104 105 20 44 60 68 96 97 Khanna:- EDWAIDS ll0THlll INC 948 ' - ' ............ 74 ' ................................ aa ' .....,.......................,... 136 . 76 .,...........................,....... as ...................,.....U................110 n ' ""'""""""""'H""""100'101 . ...I-'I'Int...E-."""."""...I 77 ..........,.................... 102,103 125 ......,............................... 111 -'--H--fe--H'----H-----'V ..,.U,.4,5,18.14B , , , ,134 ----'-"---"-"'H'-'-------'---- 78 ' ...............,...,....H........... 87 .....,......,........1.....129 . -1.'..L'.'A.'uulwvhuvul'kntviyivillu' 89 ....................... ............11s ' ' - - - - ,,,'...,,,...... 80 ' ...,....,........,................. . so ' ' .....................,..... 19 ..................................1l4 . . .......HI'.A..A..'. 19 ' ' ..................................... 4. 5 . ' ' ' ...................,.. e, , , , 116 . . " ' ' ....................... 13. .15 ' " ---'--------------.--.-.. -.19 Faculty Pictures ................................ 8-12 Silver Masque Club --'-------------4- '---------- 9 2 ' ...,............1,..,...... , ' ....-..... ...... 59 ......................H............... 1 . """"""""""' ' - ....................... ss ........................ ....,....... 81 . .................... ............,.. 93 - .................. as 86 ,, .......,....,,.r............. , 94 """"""""""""""""" ' ' ...........,.......... 75 ' ' ' .........,............... , - ' .r.......,,.............. 72 .......................... .......... .128 ' ' .......,................. 73 u ............................,......,... az I , ' """" """"""' "' 72 .,.,..............M............122 ........................H,.........,.....160 ' ' ...................,..... 84 ' ...............,,....,.............. 126 , t .................................... 127 .................... 47 ' ' ........ ................... 47 ....,........................., 108,109 ' ' - ....... ..........,......... 47 ' ..,....,.................. 95 ' ....,.........,...........,...,.. , ' ...,..........,.................. 124 ANN All0ll.llCllG AQ? 252, ii I .50 ,J x27 Ns N EN Q gg5:5'3i?i .4192 61" ffx wk 453 BAN C0515 GS J9-"W Q Jig 'Q T QQ 43 Q Q Q w N 1-L QF W V s . .J , L, xx X Exnms "' Y f 'LX S' iv X ,f 'N X A amena- : 1 QI XX 5 J is X X-'J fsqus 1- ul Q GOLF Q, YXY 5 1 I Q ns if X M x X Q, i - "'Q--n- , r M7 Xf- G x -5. l , X ix ' -Sf I"'TA-rg. ' X - ' E TUN6 X N 'K XX X X 'E' X X by E' SS' Lf :xx 'HTF X ,xl X b Q M Q Garlnoumiou - .K X XX v T55 UN, Q S V - .1 NX .DJ I v. M A WT ., lv ,. K. X. v' 5.f,'Q W A it BASEBALL .43 An. Tennis R XX 553 Q ie. X f I li-X 0 ff Q XD' 4549 Xffqfo Nkhkllgf IQ ij,-A ,-, yivgmb Dnncuugqx i.,l i -li "Q .,, lg ' ' if A ' uf I 54 I! 1 , ., I4Q 1

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