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J AM My QMUA KZZJWA It Q Q Q we-'-'ff B 1 B K L Q ff 7 wx fff 2 Foreword Three score and two years ago our predecessors maugurated a trad1t1on 1n Ann Arbor Hrgh School Down through these srxty two years thls trad1t1on has become tlrrnly establlshed and enshrlned 1n our school to the extent that each year an annual the Omega, 1S publrshed The slxty second year of publ1cat1on has rolled around and agaln We are presenttng a record ot the year s act1v1t1es Thrs year as 1n years past we have not1ced how the students of our school have cheered on our athletlc squads and have ln 1ncreas1ng num bers part1c1pated rn the school act1v1t1es vvhrch add var1ety to the students school hte Thus tor our year book We have chosen the central theme Proneer Splrlt 1 1 1 , . .. . . - I I . , . . , ' 1: - 1 -- 11 11.3 3 A 'J W "ll . gh Y ,af Q M " Lu, vmmtt M A155 'iyy Xa 'L Vvlqxffb ,MUN I- Q. QW ,uf 4 ,,- W Wg! --"' 'f"'I- WEEE E EWQWHWTHAE vi- 0 IVY., 55 ' 'ji' 's V Iss ,Jil A '72 '- A .. sa? LLTJ' 'Q 5 U - , ' , ,f x N lf:1AQ1:l,:E:f , ,X 5 I 'in ,,,Q!iil,:f35.?,,'L .- . i-ggxxxnxx ,ill S , ,RQNI N W, 'j7M,5lnl.Q,, 5- I . ' , 'Q - 'ca- ,N - I , , l-.- , ' 1 I A- F 0 Q s ,I "1 15151 X f K x' :Q Q .V M . , .N me 1,3 K-f ' N' , if H Q " p b' . y - . QQ f L 40 . Pubhshed by The Students Ann Arbor Mrcbrgam of Ann Arbor High Scbbol Declzzctcvcton The class of 1946 dedlcates th1s book Wlth attectlon to one who has been much more than just a teacher to us to one who 1S also a real trrend and 1nsp1rat1on to her students MISS Parry W1thout her a very real part of the Splfll We have known at Ann Arbor Hlgh School would be m1ss1ng Those who have taken Amerlcan H1story rn D22 W1ll remember 1t not as a dry course studled from a dry textbook but as the l1v1ng and lnterestmg story of our country And who W1ll forget the celebratlons of MISS Parry s bmrthday second only to that of George Wash1ngton 1n the mmds of AA H S students the frrendly atmosphere and gay W1tt1c1sms of D 22 or the lncomparable vlew from the wlndows of the crow s nest 'P We who are graduatlng W1ll long have memor1es of MISS Parry and her part 1n our h1gh school days , W s 9 5 ' F 1 1 , . . . . , . 1 . . . . , , 1 ' I - 11 I ll Agia! WW' wulsslm MISS EDNA PERRY Twenty Nme Years of Servrce MAAH Iune 1946 sees the departure of someone who has been the guldlng sp1r1t of Ann Arbor H1gh S hool for nearly thlrty years Wlth the res1gnat1on of Mr Forsyth we are loslng the person who 1S most respons1ble for maklng Ann Arbor H1gh School the outstandlng school we know today The hlgh standards the hberal 1deas and the frlendly atmosphere of our school can all be credrted t the long devotron and steady v1s1on of our pr1nc1pal Born rn Washtenaw County Mr Forsythe has spent the greater part of lfrs hfe rn M1ch1gan schools startrng Wllh the two room vxllage school h attended as a chrld at Moorevllle through to h1s pos1t1on as pr1nc1pal of the hrgh school here rn Ann Arbor He was graduated from Ypsllantr Hrgh School and then got h1S degree four years later from the Unrversrty of Mrchrgan He started h1S career rr' educatron Wlfh the posmon ot prrncrpal of lVIan1st1qu H1gh School after that he was superrntendent ot schools 1n Ionxa and St LOUIS before comrng to Ann Arbor Slnce 1917 when he became prrncrpal of Ann Arbor Hlgh School he has done more than any other person for the welfare of the school and the thousands of students who have attended rt H1gh school students 1n Ann Arbor today may well be grateful to h1m for the advantages wh1ch they real1ze as well as many blessmgs wh1ch they unconscrously enyoy Mr Forsythe s act1v1ty has 1n luded much more than that wh1ch was con hned to the hrgh school Hrs own scholastlc 1nterests ext nded to graduate work at the Unlverslty of Calrfornla and Columbra Un1vers1ty as well as at the Ln1vers1ty ot lVI1ch1gan He traveled not only ln the Unrt d States but also ln MEXICO Canada and Europe Outsrde of Ann Arbor he has made lrnportant contrzbutrons to state and nat1onal educatronal 1nst1tut1ons holdrng many POSI t1ons wh1ch 1nd1cated Wlde recognmon of h1S prof sslonal d1st1ncton In the Clly he has actlvely supported programs wh1ch lead to a better communrty and lncluded 1n h1S SGIVICG here are the presldencles of the Y M C A and the Rotary Club In the Ann Arbor comrnunlty he has outstand1ngly exemphtred the good c1t1zen The graduatrng senrors w1ll leave 1n Iune proud ot the school they have attended but regrettrng that the man who just1t1ed the1r prrde IS also leavrng the actrve cl1rect1on of the school The present sophomores and 1un1ors Wlll stlll feel the effect of h1S work as w1ll countless young people ot Ann Arbor after them The resrgnatron ot Mr Forsythe as pr1nc1pal concludes a long and rnusually fru1ttul career but hrs great contrrbutrons to educatron and the cornmunrty w1ll endure tar 1nto the future 0 0 , 7 0 0 0 0 1 1 . F . . . . . - 1 1 O . .. . 1 ' ' . , I. . . . . . . - . Q . , ., ' L 3 , . - 1 1 , .. . . . C 4 ' . . . . . Q . C T' - . l . . le : 1 1 - , . C . 1 I . I l , I I I Howl N Schreiber A I Dahlherq W Sturdevant A Munk L L Forsythe B Reed C Yates R Granvllle Row 2 E F Iensen O McLouth M E Lew1s G Balas F Sadotf B Bacon M Buell H Hansen K Burch R Sxlverstone How 3 M Lyle P Zoller L Rxeger L Eherbach T Pfrsterer B Mauerhoff H McEwen A Rezny H Cam C Barclay T Carr C Iorgenson M Lovermg A Steele L Duff V Hall V Golay lFe1cull1ty One of the newest and most mterestmg thmgs the sophomores met as they became a part of school l1fe ln the fall was the faculty They soon dlscovered that more lmportant than any thrng else 1n th1s new school would be thelr classes and that the forces beh1nd these classes were the teachers Sophomores speed1ly made fr1ends among teachers as well as students and found what the jumors and sen1ors had already dlscovered to be true that the faculty mn the role of both frlend and 1nstructor was one of the best thlngs at Ann Arbor Hlgh School Llvely homerooms well organ1zed extra curr1cular act1v1t1es and the groups of students gath ered for help or lust conversatlon around teachers desks all these show that the faculty 1nfluence means 1nsp1rat1on and gtudance 1n our school l1fe W1th the exceptlon of certarn lapses once every f1ve weeks and perlods at the ends of semesters when faculty and stu dent body were completely allenated students have found teachers to be acquamted not only w1th the1r sublects but ev1dently w1th pup1l psychology as well whlch made them understand lng and xnterestmg Here we have them both gathered 1n a group for a formal pose and ln the typxcally mformal atntudes we see every day our teachers t r D. Molden, G. Bosker. L. Lundgren, F. Reed, R. Lahde, G. Larson. lFacull1ty Faces pb- 'ls 'W 'WDM' KW, aw g Q' X XX XX X XZLXQ Another school year started off 1n September wmth all the formalmes of tlon of football games and pep meetnngs and all tbe fun of new friends and new classes ln the pages follovnng the Omega YCVICWS tlue fondly emembered events of autumn and presents our youngest group the llvely lnfant ofthe student body the sophomore class X X X l , X x ! l i l X X registration and fee-lpayikngykall the 5 Q4 04:6 wwf xii A D X ' ' 1 Q .X I , ,X . R Q s Am Old AAHS Custom O1 It S An Old AAHS Custom in pt ,ff ttudenfc Connell The Student Councrl th1s year was led by Ross Bud Marshall presldent B111 Godfrey VICG presrdent and Polly Hodges secretary The frrst semester s Counc1l ele ted Mary Belle Iames as thelr correspondmg secretary Roger Kessler treasurer and 11m Ueberhorst parllamentarlan Durrng the second semester Mary Belle lames agarn served as secretary and B111 Baker and George Black served respectlvely 1n the other two offrces The1r year was started off 1n a b1g way w1th the spon sorrng of th Sophomore Party followed by a campargn backmg the crty electron to rarse the school taxes Th Councll hoped to se ure enough commun1ty 1nt rest to 1nsure the bu1ld1ng of a new school The annual Bluebook dance was sponsored agatn and was preceded by the Student Councrl banquet wrth Krp Taylor as guest of honor Ye Olde Books Shopp d1d qurte a lot of buslness agam th1s year way down thar at the end of B corr1dor There were representat1ves from the Councrl sent to the 5A League Conferences rn Battle Creek 1n December and to Lanslng Eastern ln the spr1ng fThe 5A Conferences by the way w1ll b held ID good old A A next falll The Student Coun 11 backed the SSHIOIS tr1p to Mack rnac Island and helped the Boosters s Club onslderably After grvrng us an Off1C1Gl Welcomlng Commlttee IQVISIIIQ' the by laws of the school Constrtutlon and sponsorxng the trad1t1ona1ly successful Sponge Week the Councll sponsored the electron of offlcers to lead the 19461947 Councll and adjourned for the year Well done good and farthful servant STUDENT COUNCIL OFF1CEHS STUDENT COUNCIL Frrst Row Anab lle Sanford Davrd Kagrwada Kathryn Crrppen Beatnce Schenk B111 Codfrey Bud Marshall Polly Hodges Roger Kessler Nancy Morrrson and Sarah McHale Second Row hm Ueberhorst A1 Lrp mk Dale Scharrer Dlck Yarmarn Fred Erbler Bob Erdson Nrkr Kazarmoff Wrlham Bone Walter Procknow and Andrew Frank Thzrd How George Black MaryBelle Iames Ieanne Beeman Barbara Shank land Lyle Waters loyce Bredermtz Wrllram Baker Anne Harxto1 Barbara Wheeler and Helen Chrrstoif Left to Hrqht Mr Balas B111 Godfrey Bud Mar hall Polly Hodges and Nancy Watkrns SECOND SEMESTER Ftrs! Row left to right Lyle Waters Water Procknow Wrllram Slawson Terrre Watanabe Fred Erbler Bob Erd on George Henry Ed Gxllespre B111 Godfrey Bud Marshall Polly Hodges Second Row Nancy Nebel Barbara Wheeler Helen Chrls off Nancy Beal B111 Baker Larry Eschrlson Manlyn Wanty hm Godfrey George Black Ieanne Beeman Wxnnle Duckek Marlon Wemmann Marybelle Iames Ruth Ostrezcher Ioanne Frayer Betty d Gurse Barbara Shankland Thrrd Row Bob Nrehaus B111 Bone Al L1pn1k Don Schnexder Gary Falken burg Ne1l Iedele IoAnn Lyons Barbara Soren on Maxme Davrson Nancy Wat kms Bud R1chner Left to Rrqht Ro s Marshall Polly Hodges and B111 Godfrey I 5 1 ' - -- el 1 L. 1 ' 1 1 . . 11 11 1 1 I I I - ' 1 - . . . . ' I V A " . I 1 ' 1 - ' . I I I ' ' ' YW I 1. Q N' I I . 3 . H . . Q - , V , C C C . I I - 1 1 . . 11 - 11 11 11 - Q . C 11 11 . T . . S 1 1 I 1 1 I , 1 1 . ' I - 1 . . - 1 o 1 I 1 . 1 C . . . A U , r'-' ' ' ' - . ' 1 . . . . 'T 1 1 1 .1 - 1 1 9 1 , . ' ' ll Il . ' ' 7 1 1 - 1 1 ' - I " 1 Y 1 l 1 . ' , . , f . . ,, C . 1 1 . E I 1 1 1 1' 1? 43l'.'1'f X SFX! 2 0 Class Meetmngs Student Councrl Comrnrttees The commrttees under the Student Counc1l con tr1bute much to the welfare and Sp1I1l ot the student group Thelr accomplrshments th1s past year have been especrally apprecrated The Athleuc and Non Athletlc Boards have planned school part1es and provlded for the admrttance of 5A school students to after game partres The Assembly commlttee has planned for the assembhes for next year and has pre sented those grven th1s year The noon hour comm1ttee helped buy a new prolector and sponsored noon hour mov1es and dances The War Servrce and records commlttee has kept up the SGIVICS 11st and provrded a new bulletrn board Wllh complete serv1ce lrsts The Bu1ld1ng and Health Commrttee helped sponsor the TB X rays The Stamps and Bonds Commrttee con tmued to urge the sale of war stamps The comm1ttee grve students an oppor tun1ty to Work together for the Welfare of the school and cornmunlty We feel that they make an rmportant contr1but1on to school Splflt A B FALL r a dso M L L Forsythe Mr Ben e thgo dAlL1 NAB FALL M L Fo ythe M G Balas 2 a d Kag ada d Geo ge Black AB AND NAB SPRING 1 Wnne Duckek ry E ck George Black 2 George He ry A1Lpnk a d Im God! ey 0 1 1 , 0 I Row 1-- Ba bara Sh nkland, Mrs. E. I Davi n, r, . . , . I ' Re d. - How 2---Bill Up e r ve an 'pnik. L - ' ' Row 1 Nancy Morrison, Miss L. Lund- gren, r. L, . rs , r. . . ' . Row --D vi iw an r . . . . . Row -- i i ' , Lar s il- - sen, . ' Row -- n , i i , n i r , 1:5 fd' Q. ,an .4- an Q.. U-Mum Hz-985 W 31" PRESIDENTS' COMMITTEE Row 1, Lelt to Right' Shirley Iohnson, Carol Kimpton, Corinne Wenk. Marilyn Wanty, Bart Grimes, Dick Wagner. lack Bearman, Don Dildine. Row 2, Leit to Right Pat Lau, Barbara Howarth, Lois Schmidt, Carolyn File, Betty de Guise, Helen Niethammer, Bob Kretz- schmar, Dick Hager, Al Murphy, George Henry, Nicholas Schreiber. Row 3, Left to Right Mary Geiger, Mary Watkins, Lois Steere, Pat Stoll, Iudy March, Walt Koehler, Ken Kenison, Art Zill, ,lack Holliday, Hay Weber, Fred Schmid, Gary Tilt. i WAR STAMPS Row 1-Anna Douvitsas, Doris West, Millie Mae Hall, Icanne Loukotka, Betty Hepburn, Pauline Linebaugh, Sally Donally. How 2M-Ieanne Rash, Dorothy Pashegoba. Marilyn Miller, Shirley Presswood, Laura Everhart, Shirley Ducharme, Etta Losey. Pat Sherman. Row 3- Evelyn Lehman, Ferne Iensen. Barbara Adams, Shirley Mackmiller, lane Buell, Mary Lou Auiderheide, lack Enke- mann. Row 4-Frances Kokinakes, Frances Nord- man. Marian Martin, Phil Whorlow, Stan- ley Tschiltz. Row 5- Phyllis Rathburn, Barbara Mur- sinna, Beverly Teasdale, Mary Ford. Stephen Lane, Tony Templeton. ASSEMBLY Row 1, Left to Right Barbara Shankland, Lola Bennett, Helen Christofl, Ioyce Brederf nitz. Row 2, Left to Right Gene Maybee, Bill Godfrey, lim Ueberhorst, Bill Upthegrove. Andrew Frank. Jr- NOON HOUR COMMITTEE Row I Mrke Monahan George Rrdge B111 Bone Row 2 Rose Marre Salles Marybelle Iarres lean Roler Row 3 Harrret Ayan Ioan Stoll Dorothy DeWolfe Anne Carl Row 4 Lyle Waters Dale Sharrer Dur wood Mullreed A1 Lrpnrk Bob Anderson BUILDING AND HEALTH How 1 Left to Rrght Ioe Amamoto Dave Kagrwada Drck Yarmarn Row 2 Fred Erbler Nancy Morrrson Paul WAR SERVICE RECORDS COMMITTEE Row I Lelt to Rrght Alrce Sarro Beatnce Schenk Annabelle Sanford Row 2 Left lo Hrqhf Sarah McHale Polly Hodges Mrss Duff Angelme Roopas Bob Erdson :fur McCracken. v O v 1 N i i, Wtg and Masque Peals of laughter greeted the successful presentatron rn Assembly of Thornton Wrlder s The Happy Iourney by the sophomore dramatrc club Wlg and Masque D1ck Creal was the stage manager 1n the play and whlle nonchalantly rearrangmg the rather sketchy prop ert1es and munchmg an apple for d1vers1on he held h1s share of the audlences attentlon Ma K1rby w1th her zest for llfe and human understandmg dom1nates the Shewman Wesley Penmngton was a sat1sfactory and d1gn1f1ed Pa Klrby He turned ln a perfect performance of safe and sane dr1v1ng Ioyce Smlth as Carol1ne I1m Godfrey as Arthur and Mary Lou Vellquette as Beulah were sat1sfactory members of an average Amerlcan famrly Wlg and Masque members have grven Sk1lS and qurz programs for the enterta1nment of the members dunng the year Offtcers for the year were Irm Godfrey Presr dent Marllyn Yarmam V1cePres1dent Ioyce Smlth Secretary and Irvmg Hollls Treasurer f1rst semester I1m Roszel Pres1dent D1ck Creal V1cePres1dent Eleanor Harner Secretary and Nancy Bender treasurer durmg the second semester M1ss Lucllle Lundgren IS the club sponsor and play drrector WIG AND MASQUE Row l Le!! to Rzghf Wesley Penmng tcn Frazrer Thompson Dxck Creal Irm Godfrey Bob Wark Row 2 Wrlla Lee Puckett Eugenra Wells Iean Abbot Demse Buffmgtort Drana Lahde Ieanne Krngery Gwena I Lewls Mary Lautenschlager Pamela Hrcks Iune Vollrath Betty Buda Dons Kenny Clanre Long Ianrs Brown Dor Huston Row 3 Pat Krrsch Ieanette Hager Wanda Predmore Ieanne Shewman Sally Stampller Mary Stoll Iacquelme Merchant Barbara Schmrdt Ianet Spreth Barbara Braun Ioan Martmeau Ioyce Rood Delores Barth Ioan Ketel hut Marv Lou Veltquette Louxse GlbbS Barbara Smalley Row 4 Miss Lundgren Marllyn Yar mam Nancy Krlbourne Murrel Walker Carol Camp Barbara Hunter Manlyn M111 Rena Smclarr Eleanor Hamer Ruth Rtchardson Icyce Smtth Emrly Poppenger Nancy Bender Roberta Clark Margaret Motte Mary Lou Root Patrxcla Pmgston S-.-... ' z Q - ' I 5 ' E I E 5 3 5 , Q 0 play. This part was very efficiently performed by Ieanne OthY Befmem PG' Thufsmn' R0SemG'Y Boostterls Club Th1s year under the co sponsorsh1p of MISS Mary Ellen LGWIS and Mr Klp Taylor a new club was formed Th1s group the Boosters Club was organ1zed to promote more school sp1r1t rn soclal affalrs athletlcs and project perta1n1ng to the general welfare of the student body The group soon found 1ts energtes fully occupled rn a campargn to promote a new hrgh school Members of the group formed a speakers bureau wh1ch made 1nd1v1duals avarlable to speak at publlc meetrngs The group drd a very f1ne lob 1n prornotlng the new school and whrle the1r efforts were not rewarded by success yet an 1nterest was aroused whxch IS not entrrely dead and wh1ch w1ll no doubt lead to future actxon rn favor of a new school The club 1ntroduced a new sp1r1t 1nto pep rneetrngs for varlous sports and speclal busses were chartered to take students to the Iackson and Lanslng Sexton games Second semester the group concentrated upon a project to ralse funds to buy a bus or stat1on wagon for the school The group started out w1th a stat1on wagon 1n mmd but as mterest developed a commrttee was appo1nted to study the des1rab1l1ty of purchasrng elther a bus or stat1on wagon The fmal dec1s1on w1ll be made by vote of the student body The group sponsored a tag day rn Aprrl to rarse money for the project No doubt 1n the future bus loads of happy AAHS Boosters w1ll look back and thank the frrst Boosters for provldlng the1r convement rnode of transportatron Booster offlcers for the hrst semester were Walt Koeh ler presldent and Carol K1mpton secretary For the second semester the off1cers were Bob Kretzschmar presr dent Iackle Koch secretary Barbara Wheeler treasurer and Carol Krmpton roll clerk BOOSTER S CLUB Row 1 Left to Rrqht Ruth Speare Polly Hodges Mary Kokales Catherlne War ren Ruth Frsher Barbara Mecklenburg Mary Lou Aufderhelde Rhoda Uhlen dorf Margaret Snyder Wlmtred Duckek Carol Krmpton Phyllrs 'fahn Mrss Lewts Row ? Left lo Rzght Iulxe Vrck Dorrs Carbeck George Black Dons Seeters Ann Dockter Rosemarre Salles Barbrra Borgert Sarah McHale Connre Hopps Row 3 Left lo Rrght Barbara Whrte Annabelle Sanford Nell Waters Georg Henry Marv Rlce Ann Frnerrck loam Lvons Anne Carol Marjorre Gould leanette Tart Margaret Hurley Shrrley Schenk Betty Staudenmater Row 4 Left to Hrght Bette Bu lrngame Walt Koehler B111 Upthegrove lm Iohnstone Bart Grtmes Art Ztll K lry Newton Nell Iedele Bob Kretzschmar Marg Walters Helen Nrethamfner Maxme Davtdson Carol Cumrnrngs Delores Rodgers Ruth Brassfzeld 43? lm 51 Nagy? 5- rc My . ll - ll I r . . , - , , . ' ' I . 4 1 . 1 1 A I ., 3 , A I 1 ' ' ' 1 1 - ll 1 ' ' ' ' ' 1 V - - . I 1 1 - I ' 1 , . . I l 4 . . - , - . . . . 1 . , , Q, I r 1 A 1 . . . . y ' ' fell: ' I ' ' X W Q f,, If ' ' ' ' ' - if 1" - A r , . . . . . . N tr -4' l , . 'T 4 X , ' 5: t i EV 1 of L LM 513 ' V t . X J j X 'X fs . u X, - 'M 1 . . . . 1 X jf- I, ' ' f l t 1 it , . . - D ' .W J ' ' YS 1 ' - 'wifi X' 2 . . If 1 1 . , . . if 5 ' I T 2 2 1 1 1 , I ' , . UM French C ub Smce the mrddle of the fall term the French Club extend mg school sp1r1t far from Ann Arbor has sent packages to two boys rn Parrs as a gesture of irrendhness and servrce toward our allres Every week wrthout farl a box contarn mg rtems of food and clothrng whrch lrke other neces s1t1es have become very scarce 1n France was packed and marled by the group Throughout the year they farthfully made the1r contrrbutrons of trme money and artrcles to send The greatest pleasure of all for these en thusrastlc 1nternat1onal1sts was recelvmg letters and PIC sh1p Other act1v1t1es of the group though varled all serv d to make them more conscrous of the French language and natron Through the lnternatronal Students Socrety s v eral members carrled on corresponden e wlth French students Meetrngs conducted 1n remarkable lf not always flawless French had such features as movles dlscussrons games and plays whrch proved the pleasure and value of learnlng a forergn language Soclal events rncludrng p1cn1cs and a dmner were hrghhghts of a suc cessful year The 1nsp1r1ng sponsor of the group was Mrss Anna Steele and the hard workrng oth ers were Davtd Stovel presrdent Martha Wells vrce presrdent and N1k1 Kazarrnoff secretary treasurer FRENCH CLUB Row 1 Emmy Hobart Alrce Sano Laughlrn Betty de Gurse Martha Wells Ntcholas Kazarmoft Row 3 Davrd Stovel lane Hxce Mrss Steele Madelame Gault Ken Kemston . Q-'W 1 x -'I Q egg, . A I . . 1' b h M , tures from the boys as tokens of a wellrestabllshed frrend- HOW 2, Igor Lobunol' E lm et C . . . A I . I e ' ' I ' I ' . . . , . 3 - . C . Spanrslh Club One of the hrghlrghts ot the Spanlsh Club actlvrtles was the Span1sh asserrbly 1n October Remember Tamprco South of the Border and the up Slde down sl1des7 The club also enjoyed a most successful Chrrstmas party at whrch games were played cmd plenty of re treshments were eaten The clrmax of the occasron was the breakrng of the pmta whrch 15 a good old Mexrcan custom Showers of glfts and surprlses fell among the guests LOIS Lancaster won flrst prrze for solvmg a mur der the prrncrpal clue to whrch was rn Span1sh Club members were enterta1ned on other occasrons by Walt Drsney mov1es and by trlps to the Unrversrty to se mov1es rn Span1sh wrth or wrthout subtrtles whrch were sponsored by the Span1sh club of the Un1vers1ty Some found the gorng pretty heavy when the subtrtles were omztted but all grew ln understandrng of Span1sh by hearrng the language Demonstratlon lessons 1n the tango and rhumba by South Amerrcan v1s1tors added SPICE to one program and added consrderably to the number of amateur exponents of the dance Speakers from Latrn and South Amerrca brought the group flrst hand mformatxon from South of the Border and encouraged a practrcal mterest rn a personal good nelghbor polrcy Offrcers for the semester were Kenneth Kenlston Anne Harlton and Nancy Bayhss hrst semester and Phylh Peer and Yoshure Shrmrzu second semester SPANISH CLUB Row 1 Left to Rzght Betty Nakagawa Edrta Martelrno Lots Lancaster Dorothy Holozhauer Sue McManus Edrth Sprmg Sally Newman Lrllxan Frye Anne Han ton Iacquelme Fox Elrzabeth Glelsness Florence Takagr Row 2 Yoshlge Shrmxza Alxta Mar telmo Estelle Mordsky Mary Kokales Frances Kokrnakes Phylh Peer Lor rame Fuller Verna Smrth Dons Strtck len Rosemary Spencer Vonda Moon Row 3 Vrrqmra Sout Mrs Hall Bar bara Adams Beverly Teasdale Lots Steere Ruth Hahn Dons Drayton Col leen Henderson Maxme Preston Stephen Lane Allen Stuhlman Walde mar Walker Kenneth Kenrston ,ff f bf' MYW I o t . . . . . . Q U ' I L' ZM4,SWQ f . . . . W f """wV A . S . . . J t R N l . . . 1 :E-:Z Q ' ' ' . , 's The Perfect Alibi That grand old man of the drama Frank Reed Ir. directed the play The Perfect Alibi by A A Milne to a thrilling suspense-packed performance The all star cast replete with handsome gangsters showed the peacetime trend lim Ueberhorst as Arthur Ludgrove was the victim of a gang killing by those well known killers Ed Sandell and Dave Wilder alias Pontifex Carter and Edward Laverick Dick Hager and Son Niki Kazarinoff as Hammerhead and Ioe Mallet are the police called to the scene Naturally these two call it suicide It takes smart thinking and better acting by the leads Ioyce Atch1son and Phil Whorlow to catch sly Sandell and Wilder Ioyce was Arthur Ludgrove s ward Susan and Phil portrays Iimmy her fiance Carter creates a terrible scene when Susan and lane CLola Bennettl trap him Laurels go to Fluffy Face tBeverly Teasdalel Major Clohn Hathawayl and butler CBob Dressell for adding to the mystery And oh yes the cast will never forget that insect behind the scenes The Moth Cstage manager Aubrey Lanskyl Credit for The Perfect Alibi set goes to Mr Balas and crew Lulu Lamb was the efficient book holder The Perfect Alibi was an epic we shall not soon forget js-:.-fx M944 Agx SENIOR PLAY t Hg! T Ath Phlp W l kH H T 'VI y Ath Ph W l Wld h W l At h Wld t 0 9 l I I I ll II , , . . , . I I I . I . . , , , . Left o ihf , n Howl Beverly easdale, Lola Bennett, Ioyce c ison, ii - hor ow, Dic ager. , , , ' , , , Row 2 Lola Bennett, Iohn ath - away, Beverly easdale, r ar - - Lou Lamb, Ioyce C ison, il ' ' hor ow. . Row 3 Niki Kazarinott, lim I - - Ueberhorst, Dave i er, Lola ' I ' Bennett, lim Ueberhorst, Beverly ' ' Teasdale, Niki Kazarinoff, P il ' - hor ow, Ioyce C ison, Dave , i er. I I ' I I - I I Il Q :jf 1 X524 cr, xx f A LWL7 E' . R HY c l TP, YV, ., ' llit X l x VL , N , A 45 V ' if l J l f ff ff W fy f' X I , ' L , Ban Durlng this year probably no one group in our school has con tributed so much toward real school spirit as the band Under the baton of Mr Charles Yates the band has more than kept up its previously fine reputatron as a school morale builder Despite the complaints of Mr Frank Reed who declares every time the strains of a saxophone float into B 18 that he would like to see th music department moved across the street the students have enloyed the spirited atmosphere produced by our talented mus1c1ans They showed themselves versatile in the regular band activities of g1v1ng rousing assemblies for the Junior highs and AAHS enter taimng at such community functions as P T A meetings the Decor ation Day Parade and summer concerts and being a real source of pep at athletic contests Who can forget the band in full array at the basketball games? Something new was added this year when the band chartered a bus so that they could go and play at Lansing at the Sexton game As rewards for thetr efforts some band members won ratings in the music festival held at River Rouge These winners lncluded Davld Hlldinaer first in piano IoAnn Lyons third in flute Ann Emenck third in piano and Charles Meyers first in drum solo A good share of the credit for such a successful year is due to the skill of the officers Io Ann Lyons president Margaret Alex ander secretary Bud Marshall treasurer Ann Emerlck and Ioyce Alexander librarians and B1ll Penn student conductor The first semester was cllmaxed by a hayr1de that was a hay rlde and the second by a picnic at Whitmore Lake two dates which were constdered very special by band members 28 BAND Row 1 Ann Emenck Frank Teachout Edwin Taylor Dale Bock Florence Brtston Stephen Wood IoAnn Lyons How2 Gilbert Whltney Dan Dow Lyle Laughlin Iacqueline Mathews Eleanor Iaeger Ioyce Alexander Virginia Groomes Fred Thomas Alice Kaercher George Fisher Eliot Bird Charles Downer Row 3 Charles Meyers Robert Elliot Arthur McFadden Donald Otto Ioe Pryor Iames Baker Lots Lancaster Robert Maten Don Perkms Robert Wark Wal ter Schmid Margaret Alexander Row 4 David Hildxnger Pauline Pratt Betty Studenmater M Yates tBatonl PEP SQUAD Row 1 Darwin Woods Deana Lahde Marian Weinman Carol Kimpton MaryBelle Iames Wm nie Duckek Barbara Shankland Phyllis Hahn at football games, or the powerful pep band with its stirring effect Ly1e Stringer, 'David Schneideri - I , Y. W.-um cfm. Football This year's varsity football team improved steadily throughout the season and came out on the long end of a string of victories. The team made their debut with Flint Central and bowed after a very hard fought battle The following week they traveled to Saginaw where Lady Luck befriended the Pioneers in a real heart breaker which was played in the rain and mud The next battle was with Ferndale and we more than avenged the defeat of last year From that game on until the final gun went off at the end of the season the boys in purple and white proved that they were fighting P10 neers The only really close game was with Lansing Eastern when the first team had to put their all in 1t to eke out a five point margin Four championship teams during the past six years' Thats the record Kip Taylor and Dobbre Drake have established in th halls of fame at Ann Arbor High Kip has signed a contract with Syracuse University and will help Clarence Munn who is from the University of Michigan coach football there It is with sincere regret that we bid him farewell and we want to assure him that his able work will linger long in our memories Kips place as head foot ball coach will be capably filled by Dobbie in the future This 1S no easy job but if there is anyone who has the ability it s Dobbie Four regulars Ed Gillespie LeRoy Etzel Hoy Weber and George Hilla were given berths on the All Five A team Gillespie and Etzel were also given honorable mention of some of the coveted state teams For the first time in the history of Ann Arbor High School the Pioneers placed five men 1n the All City Football team These all stars were Etzel Weber Koehler Hrlla and the flashy halfback and captain of this year s Five A champs Hank Platt Don Schneider was elected captain to lead our team to glory next year SCHEDULE Ann Arbor Flint Central Seprerrrber 2 1945 Ann Arbor Saginaw Arthur Hill September 2 1945 Ann Arbor Ferndale October 1945 Ann Arbor Lansing Sexton October 1945 Ann Arbor Battle Creek October 1945 Ann Arbor Lansing Eastern October 1945 Ann Arbor Iackson November 9 1845 FOOTBALL-'First Team Row 1 Dick Wagner, Dick Free' land, Don Schneider, Ed Gillespie, George Henry, Monte Hopkins, Dale Schroen, Walter Koehler, Roy Weber, Nuel Smock. Row 2 Ted Iudson, Art Zill, Eugene Alber, Al Lipnik, Ed Hewitt. Bob Kretzchmar, Henry Platt George Hilla Lel-'toy Etzel Pete Kinyon Red OGrady Bob Cole Dick Wemmann How 3 Iohn Dudley Iohn P desta Nelson Rose Max Matte son Doug King Norman Iohnson Ken Stovel Bob Sauve Paul McCracken Larry Mull 1 Royce Fred Schmidt Bart Grimes George Black lim Iohnson lack Regan Phil Regan tMgrJ Row 4 Tod Takahashi Larry Eschilsen Iames Baker Fred Viegel Kelly Newton Iohn Hath away Dick Ehnis Dick Hendrran Vangle Christoff FOOTBALL Second Team Howl Neil Collins Guy Wil hams Yogo Tokanaga Bob Sauve Bob Enners Roy Sano Iohn Thomas Dick Harvey Brad Harding Iack Regan How 2 Dick Fahrner Edward Kopel Lit Bachus Tom Walker Aubrey Lansky lim Wright Warren Egeler Norbert Navarre Bill Neithammer Bob Mayne How 3 Charles Cook tCoachl Corky Madsen Iim Suits Dick Creal Eugene Everhart hm Col lins Bill Mallory Dean Taylor Dick Snyder Chuck Lamberson Bill Luther tCoachl Row 4 Harry Hawkins Cecil Warner Darrel Scheetz Charles Stabeler Neil Bossemeyer Ed Riefel Chuck Downer Tom Wheatley Elwood Cake Bob Wark FOOTBALL Third Team Howl D Space R Barsantee M Geiger P Crampton K Beard Row 2 R Richner W Schmidt F Albertson D Lamson R Kulm bach B Whittemore B Allen I Lincoln R Slater I Hollis G Morelock Coach Hanna QL- X w It -W T Q fbi w "-T 1 friwt I L Ht 30 . . - A 1 ' I' O- . . . . I - " 'I ll - ll ll - ll L - - e . ' I I ' ' - vs. ' ............... 13 21 ............. 1, be A VS- ' ' ......... 0 0 .1...,....... 8, ' ' ' ' vs. ......,............ 44 12 ............,.. 5, ' ' 3 ' ' , ' VS- ' .........,.... l9 0 ............... 12, Y ' ' ' ' vs. .,............... 24 G ............... 19, " ', ' ' ' ' VS- ' ............. 25 20 ............... 26, ' ' , ' ' ' Ann Arbor vs. Ypsilanti Central .........,.. 32 13 .............. November Z, 1945 ROW 3 I' Kokmukes' R' Mgyne' vs. .................... 44 7 .........,.... , ' ' ' ' ' ' ' W f I f f5f'it7Ti3QfN 5 W0 it A 9 -T22 ill SWF, r , , M. I 'J 5 V I V Y 'lt 1 .rf f It .5 N - f in T 1 2 , ,' cfalftf, K lt f 1 S S V' u - YT! Z X i 3 ' W W 1 c .gli ' I Xxbflf 1 fs 'ff S Q T72-1 , I Xllifff L 'I r "if A . , X A t ,,,1 f Ht r . , If pf gf NVIJ -52 K H 5 y 1 V , V lg, 1 jeff 1 ' ,C J Y I I H Ai, x I F-c, AM g ,cfs S E -A v . ,Y 'V' -4. J-if Jvwgxj ,445-,4-.g an wa. el! -Dm mu Qtr if 1. X 2 s by YJ "si X ,sf ,6 'S ,X-V Y, X 2 vp' 11 ' Rx ' ,mi 1-152' ff gf x. -1 f A S x x Q . X. , W . Q 11 . Jn - 1 , K bl .xy , QQ X J 4 , , ,QA 164 Q .gs HL 4 S K. V2-5 . 'as Y z . 513 R 2 .,,Qk', '-is yi! . Q '11, Ryu 2 A it ,igxtivs s x , X 4 J ' iii 1, 2.3 I e lx 1? 'Y 54 E in xx . f f - U u - n 1 f -1--Q X Q ' Y Q W 1 5 2-f 4 1 , V - -'T ,Irw- F1 rely Y is Cross Country The Ann Arbor Hlgh Harrxers were ably led through the1r 1945 season by Capta1n Roger Kessler the only returnmg letterman Although a small and lnexperlenced squad turned out at the begxnmng of the season 1t rounded mto a balanc d team that was falrly successful They lost the1r f1rst meet to an experlenced Iackson squad The Ann Arbor squad then outran Lanslng Eastern Ypsxlantl and Dearborn to take thlrd 1n the SA and fxfth 1n the state meet at Ypsxlantl Roger Kessler was the year s outstand1ng performer Kessler defeated the Iackson ace Dale Babcock to w1n the 5A meet Bxll Slawson was the most lmproved runner of the season Sm e most of the squad IS returnmg next year they should have a successful season Dxck Ruby was elected to lead next year s Harrlers The team was composed of Nuel Smock Larry Shaw Roger Kessler, Dxck Ruby, B1ll Slawson, Paul Herman, Andrew Frank, and Henry Chamberlain. CROSS COUNTRY How 1 D Bud C Mxller B Sm clalr T Looby D Nelson D Botsford D Kagxwada G Hem Manager Tanner Row 2 Coach Ryan D Ruby H Chamberlam N Smock L Shaw R Kessler A Frank B Slawson P Herman Grrls Athlettrc Club The G1IlS Athlet1c Club more fam1l1arly known as the G A C had a new sponsor lh1S year Mrs Davldsen The g1rls came out 1n droves for all GCl1V1l1eS start1ng off w1th hockey Gerry Kern captaxned the champ1onsh1p hockey team Volley ball was the most popular sport among the g1rls The season started late and the tourna ment was one of el1m1nat1on It was a close battle be tween the rema1n1ng three teams Wllh Gerry Kerns team tak1ng the champlonshlp after w1nn1ng two games by one po1nt Somethlng new th1s year was a challenge to the 1un1or All Star team from the Faculty team After loslng two games out of three the teachers were wary of tak1ng on the sen1or All Stars Under Mrs Davlden s sponsorsh1p an archery club was organlzed Table tenn1s and badmlnton tourna ments were also set up The G A C took over the sell1ng of hotdogs at the football games Thls serv1ce was much appreclated by many loyal fans It mas made posslble by the efforts of the GAC executlve board and the cooperat1on of the g1rls of the G A C Credlt for another successful season goes to Mrs Davldsen Gerry Kern pres1dent of the executlve board lean Sm1th v1ce pres1dent and Ioan Stoll secretary treasurer of the board Also goes credxt to lean Sm1th hockey manager Ioan Stoll volleyball manager and Margaret Nagel basketball manager for d1rect1ng the sports of all Ann Arbor H1gh s Amazons 34 GAC Row l Wmnre Duckek Barbara Shankland Connxe Hopps Max me Davrson Row 2 Mary Lou Aufderhexde Betty Peck Barbara Whrte Mary Kokales Barbara Wheelor Frances Kokmakes Nancy Beal Row 3 Sarah McHale Mary Wxlson Ioan Stoll Rose Helen Sm1th Dons Brddle How 4 Beatrlce Schenk Mar garet Nagel Dorothy DeWolf Verna Zrll Marxan Martm Mary Belle Iames Row 5 Ruth Oakes Iessre For shee Carolyn Fmkbemer Lors Sm1th IoAnn Lyons Row 6 Estelle Mordsky Geral dme Hepner Carol Klmpton Row 7 Iean Sm1th Rosemary Kent Row 8 Mrs Davrdsen Rosemary Spencer Geraldme Kern G A C EXECUTIVE BOARD Row 1 Dons Brddle lean Sm1th Geraldme Kern Ioan Stoll Max 1ne Davrson Row 2 Wmnre Duckek Beatrxce Schenk Rosemary Spencer Mar garet Nagel Marran Martin Verna Zrll Barbara Wheeler 0 , 0 I . . ., , . . I . 1 1 ' . J - ii I r I - - I ' 1 7 1 1 1 ' - D , I 1 Y ' 1 U Lancaster, Pat Sorolis, Verna ' ' ' I 1 h . . , . , - . l 0 I 0 ' ' ' . a U U 1 1 ' I ' Y I - . . 1 1 1 ' ' . 1 ' 1 1 ' ' I I I I I I ' I . .Bill www- 13.1-I' N00 Sehmol Life Pax! 2 ,WP r"H' gsm., Y' Ks S wal' I . m 8 I b. , 5 ' e J QW! ii will J ' .7 A 1 W V 1 f if , , ' is A f 47,3-X x kr -nl X , A E 3 .V 1:5211 2 ft 2 V V Y 'Lu -::: 1: I v ,, S" -- ' ,,.,e,' W W' . I J " wx ' WA xy X 'YYY Mx Q ' -Q gi -. 4' fi 'Spy ,,,. V, 4 W nv 'giigf A il. Bill Niethammer Eleanor Hamer lim Godfrey Sophomorcs Fall meant for the sophomore class a new school, new teachers, and new friends to make. For the rest of the school September brought a class which individually, and as a whole added considerably to the spirit of Ann Arbor High. After students from the rival junior high schools met each other at the renowned sophomore party, and began to realize what friends they could be. the whole school awoke to the potentialities of our youngest and liveliest class. Clubs, dramatics tremember "The Happy Iourney" in assembly?l, sports, and Student Council all claimed a share of their time and enthusiasm. Now as the school year approaches its end, everyone is sure that next fall the new junior class will be one of which we can be proud, and that before too long our sophomores will be dignified but still gay and active seniors. The officers for this year's class include Bill Niethammer, president: lim Godfrey, vice-president: and Eleanor Hamer, secretary. The executive board, which has been the guiding light of sophomore activities, is made up of these officers as well as Nancy Watkins, Ioanne Ketelhut, Brad Harding, Art Haibel, and Konrad Matthaei. SOPHOMORE EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Howl ILeft to Riqhll-Nancy Watkins, Ioan Ketelhut, Eleanor Hamer. Row 2 --Art Haibel, Konrad Matthaei, Bill Niethammer. Iim Godfrey. ,WJ ii H 5 5 Smphommes J? 9 9 W ' Y ' Q I , 1 ' v " , ,1., in ,sv ?4 . 2 V Q My i E A:,.AA A i:,, Q1.A', 1 :A:E Eigizgl Q X, 5 -1 an 'f' 1 5' 5' Q p ROW l Abbott Iean Alber Wayne Albertson Rrckre Alexander Ioyce Allen Ray Allen Wrllram Aprrll Iohanna Armstrong Robert Arnett Leomer ROW 4 Below Dorothy Bender Nancy Benqe Paula Bennett Dorothy Bersuder Arlene Bethke Lots Blake Grace Blakely Claudrne ROW 2 Avshartan Loutse Avshanan Mtchael Bacon Rosre Baker Don Baker Mrldred Barrows Harvey Barsantee Robert Bartell Douglas Barth Delores ROW 5 Blauvelt Herbert Blewett Ronald Bock Dale Bock Robert Borcurck Gladys Bossemeyer Neal Braun Barbara Braun Geraldme ROW 7 Butts Donald Cake Ellwood Camp Carol Canter Wxllram E Carkeek Gwendolyn Champney Wxlma Clark Roberta Clauson Ruth Collms Iames ROW 9 Creal Drck Crocker Nancy Crowley Cornelrus Curtrs lane Curtxs Ioyce Daqostmo Rose Davrs Patsy Davxs Robert DeBruyne Peter ROW B Colltns Neal Conyers Thomastne Cook Barbara Copeland Devon Cormsh Donna Corser Fred Corwtn Harlow Court Martan Cramton Phxhp ROW IU Dlesenroth Curtxs Dockter Ann Douvrtsas Gus Dow Dan Dressel Marrlyn Eqeler Warren Egler Warren Enners Robert Esslmger Io Anne ROW 3 Barth Patncra Bauer Vxolet Beard Kenneth Beckler Dorothy Beechner Robert Beedon Jeanne Beeman Beeman oan Belote Ixm ROW 6 Bredermtz Duane Brooks Bob Brown lams Brumley Paul Buda Elrzabeth Buftmgton Demse Burgh Rrchard Buster Edward - 'I , . Ed I , . . I Bird, David Boyer, Iames Burd. Elliot Swphommes wk 'C' ' ' . -:-- 5 " .51 '-F SQ 'C' A ,pr- it px i sl E i f ,, ff'E'g1L3 f , , . ,,.,, I ' P' 5- ,. ROW l Ltzer lWrCl-r lugene Ann Farrbanks Vrrgl Federsprll I1 lt Ferrr Robert Trfrlkowske I oro hy Frnkberner loyce Irsher George HOW 4 Grrffrth Dorothy Groomos Guy Groonnes Vrrarnra Cuenther Arlene Gunn Noble Gurk Bertha Gust Iames Hager loan Hager In nrrette ROW 7 Holmes Warren Holston Iarne Hornrng Dorrs Howarth Io rnne Howe Russell Hulbur 1 lack Humphreys Roger Hunter Barbara Huston Rosemary ROW 9 Iohnson Lou se Iones Alrce lon s Herbert lones Lorrs Kaercher Alrce K ser Kalmback Roland Krrnpus Iohn Kaufman Marv lr ROW 2 Ford Al Ford Darlene Fowler Eugene Frak r Calvrn Iranklrn Davrd CGIQYUGGU H rold G rult Madelarne Ferger Marvrn CGSSHGI Marr rn ROW 5 Hcnbel Art Harcan on Clrarmae Hall Lourse Hall Mrllre Mac- Hardrng Brad Harner Eleanor Hrnselman Vrrgrnra Harvey Rrchard Harvey Iackre ROW 8 Hy ma Dau 1 Iackson Grace Iackson Iennrsteen lack on Ovrlla lafiwrn 'VInry Io laeger Elnora leclele Carol Ann lohnson Gercldrne Ieakley Clare HOW 10 Karzangran Paul Kelly Newton Kenny Dorrs Kern Vrrgrnra Ketelhut lownne Krlbourn Nancy Krng Douglas Krngery leanne Krnsev Flra lotte ROW 3 Grbbs Lourse Greleness Elrzabeth Gleason Mabel Godfrey Irm Goetz Brll Gorton lames Graybrll Iohn Green Barbara Gregory Ruth ROW G Hem Gus. Henry Arthur Hepner Barbara Herman Paul Hertler Shrrley Hetchler loyce Hrcks Pamela Hrllrker Vern Hoffman Shrrley ,CC' . , ' Q. . , 1 tr , V I ,J I .. ,J , 14 , , :,. , Y , . ' S 1 ., e f I . I V A, ' . , ,a.. , , ' r . S , f Q l .V K 11 r 1. . ex . '- ar ,Karl . , A V, r Sophommes if mr 'Qu'-S 96 LL A N 'ive i 'K ROW 1 Klrk Mary Krrsch Pat Kobus Ioe Koch Sandra Koepp Lors Kokrnalces Iohn Kopel Ed Kuehn Harold Kuslak Mrldred ROW 4 McLaughl1n .Alberta Marer Carl Marquardt B111 Martrneau Ioan Maten Bob Mathews Iackre Matthaer Konrad Maury VLC ROW 7 Nelson Davld Newman Dorothy Nrethammer B111 Nordman Barbara Northrup Adalrne Okey Ruth Ann Opal Robert O Shea Iohn Patrrck Ottosen Arlayne ROW 9 Powers Edward Predmore Wanda Puckett Wrlla Lee Radloff Hugh Raatke Ruth Read Sherman Rtce lane Rlce Mary Rrchardson Evelyn ROW 2 Lahde Drana Lamberson Charles Lautenschlager Mary Layher Barbara Leach Kenneth Leerkamp Barbara Lewts Gwena Lrngon Iohn Logan Georqra ROW 5 Mayne Mark Merchant Iackre Mesnard Donald Metzger Margaret Mrkesell Vrrqmra Mrller Conrad Mohrlock George Monroe Edward ROW 3 Long Clarre Looby Terry Loukotka Ioanne lovely Arthur Luchek Iudy Luckhardt Martha Ludwrq Alrce McConnell Twyla McFadden Arthur ROW 6 Moon Donald Moon Edward Morrrll Davrd Morrrson Nancy Motter Margaret Moynrhan Mrchael Murphy Iames Nebel Nancy ROW 8 Ouradnrk Ward Owens Verna Mae Passow Don Passow Wanda Patterson Wrllrs Pennrngton Wesley Predot Gary Prngston Patrrcra Poppenger Emrly ROW 10 Rrchardson Ruth Rrchner Bud Rrgan lack Rrnqle Lee Rrzor Dorrs Robertson Duncan Rogers Delores Rood Ioyce Mmteson' MGX Millspaugh, Betty Mull. Marilyn Swphwmmes 5? rx if JK, PJ Za? N 0 X A A QA. " .,.. 6 ' 5 51: -V P ' A.:,, A, ,... :.,. -' f 1 V A W' . ,Q .A ' V' ' ", ,, ,, f , V, ep 'E is 71 A:"' Q? ' 'F 4' -A ,,,, 7 1 N " f I fi Z- wt X 'x ..,, b :AE T .,..:: Q ab, , 1 E . . , 2 f ,, X "' , , + , 1' 5 ' 5 5 . 3 '., '- ' ,. AA.' K ' Y .T,:. tzv. It ,-,----: 4 s 1 K -::: ij A. -A I. S A N , Jr V :VV J .QQ A ,. .,:.A H -zaz E , ,. ,,E,E,, I ' . AAA' xx ii f 4 if 2 1 V X 1 if 9 Q V' uyxw A,::..-P'1 , zzv 1 A f gi my J ::i:.,. . X I yu -.A , ki A pi AVP, " . W A ' 51 A :e:'f:- f ,NM ' ROW l Root Marv Lou Ross Evelyn Rothe Erhard Howe Ronald Sakai Pearl Salow Harold Sano Roy Sauve Bob Sheetz Darrell ROW 4 Sowter Betty Lou Space Davrd Spress lack Spreth Ianet Spauldrng Iackre Spurrrer Burt Stcrmpller Sally Stephen Robert Strvers Guy ROW 7 Trombley Ianme Turner Oreda Vandenboch lohn HOW Z Schenk Mctrrlvn Schmrd Walter Schmrdt Barbara ochneraer Davrd Sehnrrrrng lots Seeter Dorrs Sergeant Betty Sever on rm Seytrred Lloyd ROW J Stoll Mary Strrngcr Lyle Strong Lena Swanson Herbert Sweetland Nerl Takagr F1ore'xce Taylor Lourse Temple Albert Velrquette Mary Lou Verdurn Thelma Vollrath Iune Votzke Callen Wa ker Murrel Walker Pat ROW 9 Weber Lorralne Wells Eugenra Wenger Karolrne Wentworth Hose KVheeler Nrck Whrpple Carolyn YVh1ttemore Bruce Wrld Earl Wrlke Carolyn ROW 3 Shewman leanne Shumway Marrlyn Srelotf Martrn Srlverthorn Betty Srnclarr Rena Slater Bob Smalley Barbara Smxth Ioyce Somes Paul ROW 6 Templeton Tony Terry Hrldah Thomas Iohn Thurston Pat Tokunagor George Tomrta Shozo Toney Nedalyn Tower Leon ROW 8 Wanty Mark NVanzeck Sally Wark Bob Warnhott Harold Waterman Anne XVate S Nell Watkrns Nancy Weaver Greta Weaver Howard ROW 10 Xrvllklft on Herbert Wrlson Don VVrrgnt Caude Yarmam Martlyn Young Davrd Zlll Kenneth I O . , . . 1 11 -, I' ' . ' . Suits, lim Thompson, Frazier ' V, r ' , , , L r r ' ' ' s . . . . , X XX XX XX XX l XXQX WlNTER mter ln scbnol means varlous thmgs snowball fights and Burg mg radrators the Cbrlstmas Assembly and tbe Blruebook Dance ers as well as semester finals For the Junlor class whxch IS featured ln thxs sectlon II meant chemlstry labs and an encounter wltb Chaucer basketball games and swlmmmg meets Here we trace the record of the Ploneers an wmter 7 IQ Q W , 1 1 , lt brings memories of wet galosbes in the lock- , . . 1 I . . . , . . n . Q , if K in lr C if 4 L' a s ' 5 Q W X 5' D I 1 N K , 1 Q, 4 Q I, . ff .xl Careers m Hand ff qi all rx COT The Cooperatlve Occupatronal Tralnrng Program IS offered to junrors and senrors The members are permxtted to study one half day and to work the remamrng one half day provrdmg that therr 1ob has defrnrte occupatronal value The school work mcludes the subjects requlred of all students for graduatron and elect1ves are chosen whlch are related to the outstde work The employer of each student must srgn an agreement whereby the student w1l1 recerve a defrmte amount of work 1n the var1ous act1v1t1es related to hrs job Each hve weeks the student rs grven a grade and recexves school credrt accord1ngly The student IS part of a state w1de program and when the work 1S completed recelves a certlfrcate The present program mcludes about forty students who are kept busy as carpenters draftsmen mechamcs laboratory technlclans receptronlsts secretanes and var1ous types of clerks Th1s program under the d1rect1on of Mr Sllverstone IS preparmg a greater number of students for vocatrons each year COT Row 1 Ierry Steers Phyllrs Had ley Angelme Roopas Loretta Im mel Patrrcla Mann Betty Mc Carthy mt Dorothy DuBo1s Ma rran Hreber Laura Everhart Marlorre Trombley Row 3 Mr Sxlverstone Drck Cole Harry Bultman Earl Stoll stermer B111 Maury Dean Zahn Glorra Phrllrps Barbara Howarth Dorothy Fralkowskl Dorothy Bethke Mary Pme Helen Evan gehdes Dons West 49 Q. , , Q 1- sf . M WV' , ,F 5 ,. rr 0 O O Row 2- Lois Roberts, Lutilda Mer- X-2-ASS -xqx f ,mm A-.,,,,k.n OPTIMIST How I Llllas Wagner Martha Ono Vrrgmra Stout MaryBe1le Iames Rosemane Salles Carol Krmpton Edrth Sprmg Shrrley Iohnson Rosemary Kent Ioan Bromley Mary Kokales Anne Hanton Rosemary Huston Mr Thad Carr Row 2 Mrss Dellagene Molden Nancy Beal Dorothy Heldreth IoAnn Lyons Maxlne Davrson Betty de Gurse Lenore Wood Dorothy Mae Holzhauer Thoma sme Conyers Ioan Ketelhut Row 3 Lors Steere Lola Bennett Helen Chnstoff Barbara Soren son Pat Stoll Ioyce Atchxson Nancy Townsend Betty Bezmum Sammy lean Rubley Ruth Oakes Ruth Albert Beverly Teasdale Pat Nolan Carol Cummmgs Mary Watkms Nancy Watkms How 4 Al Murphy Larry Shaw Irm Ueberhorst Edward Sandell Allen Stuhlman Ken Kemston Roger Humphreys Lyn Marcus Iohn Case Bob Nlehus B1ll She han Nrcholas Kazarmoff Opnrnmsfc The Optxmrst under the capable leadersh1p of Ed Sandell Ed1tor1n chlef and faculty advlser Mrss Dellagene Molden had a very suc cessful year notable for 1ts new format larger staff unusually pertr nent edrtorlals clever features and up to the mlnute news stones The paper got off to an early start th1s year staff meet1ngs bexng held rn the second week of school and the f1rst rssue appearmg at the end of the thrrd week The reportlng staff was conslderably larger th1s year than lt had been for a long tlme over forty students holdlng pos1t1ons on the paper Tl11S was f1tt1ng masmuch as the paper ltself had be n enlarged by about one thlrd Such expans1on was made posslble by an lncrease 1n approprlatlons from the Student Actxvlty Tlcket fund The advertrsrng staff under the d1rect1on of B111 Shehan as manager and Mr Thad Carr as advrser also had much to do w1th keeplng the Optlmlst a payrng proposltlon The f1ISt page under the edrtorshrp of Grnny Sout was noted for 1ts up to date news coverage wh1ch contrlbuted to student 1nter est 1n the school pubhcatlon The second page was ably handled by L1l1as Wagner who w1th the help of her reporters conslstently turned out a llvely feature sectxon A carnpalgn was carned on 1n the ed1tor1al column for school reforms and for the bu1ld1ng of a new s hool The thlrd page under Lola Bennett was unusually mterestxng It had an especlally Wlde exchange coverage due to the efforts of Beverly Teasdale and Al Murphy as exchange edltors The sports page kept pace w1th the rest of the paper throughout the year ma1nta1n1ng an 1I'Il6I'eSl1I1g and Well1nformed serles on FIVSA athletlc events Speclal credrt should go to edrtor Larry Shaw for h1s wldely read column the Dopester Irm Ueberhorst workmg hard on the technlcal end of the lob d1d a fme job rn the exactmg pos1t1on of copy edltor On the whole the staff of 1945 46 feels that lt has accomplxshed a great deal 1n makmg the Optrmrst a blgger and better paper 0 0 I I - - I I I - I I I - 1 1 ' ' ' 1 1 I I . ' 1 ' I r 1 ' . D ' I ' I S 1 . 1 , . 1 . . I Ioyce Herman, George Ridge, . . . . . Y I ' ' - 1 . . . I I - - I , 1 1 ' 1 - - - I I I 1 . 1 1 . I 1 1 . . C ' 1 1 I . , . 1 1 Scrrbblers The Scrrbblers Club exrsts to asslst grrls 1n 1mprov1ng therr accuracy and speed rn typmg and shorthand The members have an oppor tumty to earn awards for therr work Th1S year Anna Douvrtsas Ioan Furthmueller Angellne Roopas and Mary Gerger passed the one hundred per mmute test whrle lVIar1or1e Madouse Pat Wrllrams Vlna Zahn Marjorre Bem1s Paul1ne Pratt and V1rg1n1a Shrrkey passed the srxty word test Under the sponsorshrp of MISS Helen McEwen and Mrss Frances Sadoff the club members worked hard but they also found trme for pleasure They enjoyed thelr Chrrstmas program held 1n the gym annex complete w1th Chnstmas tree and trrmmrngs The second semester the grrls undertook the presentatron of an assembly play Pzck a Star One of the mterestrng programs for the grrls was a 'trrp through the local telegraph otfrce In the sprrng the grrls enjoyed a volley ball party ln the gym followed by cokes and potato chrps The frrst semester offrcers were Pat Wrllsher presrdent Dons Eschelbach v1ce presldent and Ioyce Bredernrtz secretary treasurer Pat was re elected pres1dent for the second semester She was ably ass1sted by Anna Douvrtsas v1ce presrdent and Dorothy DeWolf secretary treasurer 52 'Q' SCRIBBLERS Left to right Row 1 Barbara Hrcks Edrth Tamguchr Dons Eschelbach Anna Mae Wrxght Pat Wxlsher Ioyce Bredermtz Ethel O Dell Row 2 Ethel Gyde Ioan Furth mueller Audrey Armbruster Mrr ram lohnsmrller Dorothy Muller Mary Lou sharp Row 3 Mrss F Sadoff Dorothy DeWolfe Mary Gerger Nona Carsten Pat Agle Row 4 Pat Wxllrams Maryorre Madouse Angelme Roopas M1 H McEwen vw? we f fit .- i I 'la -2 ' 0 A , Al "M M W" Q x 4' , X r , .E l ' , Xi ' gt t I rw X' U , rr It l A. Q I . . A - , A 1 1 Y ' I I A 1 - 1 1 . . . . . . , I r 1 1 1 - . . . 1 . 1 - 1 i ' - 1 1 1 , , - - . LJ 1 . , l , ' , 'ss . ' ' ' -., . F - . ' . . . . X A 'X - f 'Z I ' 4 7 lib 1 1 SW . t - N T XDR . . . . . . Y 1 , -X 1 1 , V' l I - 1 I ' 1 L - . 'lf X - . . . ' lx I ' 1 , 1 7 X x Sharpshooters Make hen' Target Th1s year the Rlfle Club cons1stmg of a hundred members was larger than 1t has ever been The ava1lab1l1ty of the R O T C nfle range ln add1t1on to the hrgh school faclhtles made It posstble to accommodate th1s large group The postal matches conslsted of Iunlor NRA team matches Mlchrgan Rlfle and P1stol assoc1at1on matches and the S1xth Servlce Command matches The shoulder to shoulder competltlon lncluded Detrott Trmes matches fmals of M1Ch1gQn Rlfle and Plstol assocla tron matches and on Aprll 13th the Club sponsored an Interscho lastxc N R A match at the R O T C The teams competlng were Fern dale Cranbrook Wyandotte and Lmcoln Park Bruce Ross f1rst semester presldent won the club champlonshlp ln a four pos1t1on match lean Smlth was wlnner of the glrls and Don Rutledge of the boys ID the prone pos1t1on competltlon Quallfyxng for war department medals were hfteen boys earn 1ng marksmen medals and four Bob Nlehaus Bruce Ross Russell Armstrong and Robert W1ll1ams who ach1eved sharpshooter awards Mr Barclay Mr Ben Reed and Mr Thad Carr sponsors ofthe club deserve much credrt for the hard work and success of the group RIFLE CLUB Lelt to rtght Howl Mr B Reed Geraldme Kern Dorothy Heldreth Ioan Bromley Anne Okey Verna Zxll Dorothy Pashagoba Vxrgxma Kern Barbara Cook Manlyn Dressel Greta Weaver Ronald Blewett Bruce Ross Walter Schmtd Lors Koepp Barbara Nordman Manan Gessner Mr Barclay Row 2 Manlyn Mrller Ruth Oakes Gertrude Braun Dons Rrzor Ioanne Howarth Nancy Crocker Alrce Gtll Ioan Stoll lean Smxth Margaret Alexander Alxce Txbbrtts Nedalyn Toney Iack Enkemann Dxck Groomes Dale Bock Pat OShea Kenneth Hteber Thad Carr Row 3 Wxlham Goetz Glenn Hardesty Iohn P Monson Don Rutledge Al Towas Don Cun nxngham Iohn Thomas Bob Brooks Calvm Fraker Claramon Eberle Iack Steeb Dave Young Itm Collrns Sherman Read Karl Krser Row 4 Don Baldus Btll McBa1n Russ Armstrong Bob Nxehaus Harry Hawkms Drck Butcher Fred Bunten Ed Koepel Robert Armstrong Robert Ballmgall Itm Gorto'1 Clarence Zahn Elhottt Burd Darrell Iaques Art Haxbel Bob Fern Wxllts Patterson New ton Kelly "Sk, Sfxibmx W- 5 tl !- I K 1 I I I Q . . . , . 1 1 - I I ' . . . , . . I - 1 I I - 1 I I 1 ' ' ' , , , . 1 I . I . I . . 1 - 1 . I I I I I I I ' . . I I - ' . ' - 1 ' 1 - 1 A . 1 ' I I I V 1 . . . F-'L ' J ,Q s 'ff 5 ef " f , ff, xx -2, ,K F- f' ff 'N-CV fi' 4 lt if K la ff- X EM I u i' - - 'flares :JQSMAM atmera Club Looklng ln on the Camera Club sponsored by Mr Mahlon Buell durmg any of 1ts Tuesday meetlngs you would probably fmd the members engaged 1n an mterestmg and educatlonal d1scuss1on of the art of takmg a good plcture and the procedures mvolved ln 11s development Plctures taken by the members and Mr Buell and slldes are used 1n the dlscusslon to polnt out techn1ques of photog raphy Now that the end of the war br1ngs bnghter prom1se of more materrals members often come rn after school to use the dark room ln developrng frlrn maklng contact prrnts and enlargements Members of the group have taken and developed plctures for Optrmlst and Omega throughout the year Garry Glasgow has be n especrally dxhgent and obtalned some unusual shots hm Ueber horst and George Black made outstand1ng contr1but1ons durmg the second semester by Eastman Kodak Company The photographs for thrs contest featured human lnterest A plcture of Catherme Warren and Ruth F1sher subrnltted by Garry Glasgow was accepted by Scholastlc Roto Offlcers were George Rldge Nancy Beal and Pattx Nolan for the fxrst semester and Ilm Ueberhorst Path Nolan and Nancy Beal for the second semester 54 CAMERA CLUB Left to right Row 1 Mary Io Iadwln Lena Strong Nancy Beal Pat Nolan George Fudge Bob Maten Bob Opal How 2 Mr Buell Leomer Arnett Ann Eugene Grayce Blake Ruth Radke Carolyn Whlpple Stephen Wood Dlck Crawford Row 3 Donna Cornxsh Mary Io Kaufman Pat Sorohs Pat Stoll Carol Hagerman Dave Morrrll Rxchard Stentzel Iohn Wenzel Deno Gust Al Murphy XIX Nfl QA? 'X-I-A gf! W QX . .. . ' y . Q ir my tw . . . . 5" tl s. ' U Q ,K X Members of the group entered the national contest sponsored - ' - ' A 7-2 . . , fl xg? -xg R1 XV X, Y -r i ASTA t ' . . . we C . , , ' . ' 3 f ufffff I I K f DEBATE Lei! to I qht Row 1 Elizabeth McLaughlin Mary Edwards Gwena Lewis Row 2 lim Godfrey Delores Barth Anne Waterman Nancy Watkins A Rezny How 3 Lois Steere Cliff Dxcka son Ken Ken1ston Lyn Marcus Tw 'Du Q35 fix Debate With a record of twenty four wins and ten losses the 1946 debating squad ended their year tn March by defeating the State Champion team Lans1ng Sexton twice A total of twelve people partlcipated in debatlng activities this year a number larger than 1n other years Under the d1rect1on of Mr Arthur Rezny the team was formed late in October after a one year interruption in debating Discussing as they d1d throughout the season the topic of compulsory military training the second and third team debaters began the year by defeating the corresponding teams of the other 5A schools to win the Reserve Champ1onsh1p Activities of the first team were extended to interscholastic State and 5A cornpetltion In the 5A Ann Arbor ended second to Lansing Sexton wmnmg e1ght and losmg six debates In state competition the team breezed through the pre11m1n anes with a record of seven wlns and one loss but was eliminated ended with two 9Xh1b1l10I1 debates given before Tappan and Slau son Iumor Hlgh Schools Celebratmg the first brrthday of the renewal of debating ln the High School the debaters held a blrthday party at the home of Gwena Lewis On th1S occasion Kenneth Ken1ston was elected hon orary captam of this year s team and captain of next year s squad Members of the team were Mary Edwards Cliff Dickason Ioseph Harrison Elizabeth McLaugh11n Lyn Marcus Lois Steere Kenneth Ken1ston Delores Barth Iames Godfrey Gwena Lewis Anne Waterman and Nancy Watkins 55 R i Q5 by Plymouth in the second round of the regionals. Debating activities g We V . . .. 1 t I 1 sf ' ' - We A t 1 t S l L15 1 I ' x 7 W s 1 , t 1 F , y Chrrsttmas Season A Sp1I1l of good W111 relgned durlng the year s f9Sl1V9 Chrlstrnas season The school launched a canned food dr1ve W1th the quota of two cans per student The cans of food whlch were sent to the needy 1n War torn Europe p1led up rap1dly under the Student Councll tree 1n B corr1dor The chrnax of the season was the pre-sentatron of a pageant under the d1rect1on of MISS Rose Mar1e Grentzer Tableaux de p1ct1ng the theme Peace Through the Ages were set aga1nst a mus1cal background of th Contando Cholr the Boys Glee Club and a str1ng ensemble The scr1pt of the tableaux was wrltten by Mr Robert Granv1lle and narrated by B111 Godfrey The A Cappella chorr closed the pageant by g1V1ng a short but en1oy able concert NRM Nw.. Christmas Cheer :Sw i 4,551 af' -MK wish 'fix .sf M 'K' mi N. K QW! A 1,3-fs Cantiatndo Chong The Cantando Chorr has succeeded very well tn upholdtng tts prevrously trne reputatron as cr part of the vocal musrc department th1s year Durrng the frrst semester under the drrectron of Mrs Walker they sang at many local atfarrs such as meetmgs of the MOMS of church organrzatrons drnner meetrngs of study groups and lent therr best support to the Chrrstmas Program here at school Early tn the second semester the cho1r gave a memorable assembly program under the baton of Mrs Matteson who took over as drrector at th1s trme The program consrsted of varled types of songs and outstandmg among them was Goosre Goosre Gander a novelty take off on the style of Mozart Wllh solo sung by Rosemary Kent The Chorr was very ably led by 1ts ottrcers who were Manager Dorothy Heldreth Secretary Phyllts Hahn Treasurer Carolyn Kerllkowske Lrbrartans Grace Haab Sammy Rubley and Esther Ham Grrls and Boys Glee Clubs Although the Boys and Gtrls Glee Clubs dld not meet darly they managed to contrtbute qurte substantrally to the morale of the school 1n many ways th1s year Both clubs cooperated wrth the rest of the vocal musrc department tn the frne Chrlstmas program They contmued th1s polrcy at operetta trme when some of the boys be came peers to frll the shght gap rn the chorus and when the grrls helped wrth the many necessary operetta commrttees The clubs also pcrrtrclpated 1n the All Ctty May Festtval and the gtrls gave a park concert to top off the year Both groups are dtrected by Mrss Rose Marte Grentzer CANTANDO Row l Anne Eugene Ieanne Kmgery Dorothy Heldreth Char lotte Gray Ioanne Loukotka Betty Marte Iuzek Barbara Cook Mary Mrlls Phyllrs Hahn Vrcl-cr Hem Sammy Rubley Mrs Mat teson Row 2 Ianet Grossman Colene Bacon Wanda Predmore Betty Krptmrller Shrrley Barnard Lots Koepp Shrrley Mrller Ruth Clau son Margaret Frrtts Dorothy Frrsch Sally Wanzeck Mary Rrce Anne Okey Row 3 Margre Bemrs Dorrs Car beck Dorothy Wentworth Shrrley Presswood Carolyn Kerlrkowske Ruth Rrchardson Claudelme Blakely Grayce Blake Delores Barth Rosemary Kent Iacque lrne Mathews Iulle Vrck Bar bara Borgert Nancy Bender Dons Drayton Row 4 Marguertte Nannmga Esther Ham Barbara Adams Bar bara Mursrnna Mary Walters Anne Waterman Bette Beztrrum Bessle Perros Dons Kenny Nancy Crocker Madelarne Gault Rose Wentworth Barbara Whrte Ies ste Fyte Manan Gessner E nestrne Heorodt Lrllran Iohnson GIRLS GLEE CLUB Row I Barbara Green Charlotte Kmsey Bette Roberts Lots Beth ke Betty Mrllspaugh Iohanna Aprrll Ioan Beeman Sandra Koch Ioan Martrneau MaryBelle Iames Rosemary Huston Oreda Turner How 2 Vrrgrnra Kern Vtrgrma Hanselman lane Rtce Patrrcra Barth Rosemary Kent Patrrcra Prngston Mary Lou Veltquette Tommy Conyers Drana Lahde Carol Ktmpton Mrss Rose Mane Grentzer Row 3 Anne Eugene Nedalyn Toney Mabel Gleason Carolyn Whrpple Charmae Hakanson Emrly Poppenger Eleanor Hamer Iackte Merchant Nancy Ktl bourne Shrrley Presswood Row 4 Claudelrne Blakely Dorrs Kenny Delores Barth Ruth Hahn Phyllrs Peer Barbara Nordman Delores Rogers Mary Lauten slager Shrrley Thomas Ioyce Hakala BOYS GLEE CLUB Row 1 Bob Maten lack Feder sprll Paul Herman Ivan Hagen Claramon Eberle Albert Temple How 2 Wrllram Hem Irm Gust Eugene Fowler Rose Mane Grentzer Vxrgrl Fatrbanks Dar wrn Woods Kelly Newton Row 3 Bob Nrehaus Clarre Weakley Wesley Penntnqton N1elBossemeyer Ed Pterce Irm Gorton Roger Humphreys Iohn Wenzel - 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 A ' ' ' 1 1 11 11 . . . . -1 , - 1 1 -f 1 ' 1 1 ' - 1 , 1 - 11 - ' 11 1 1 1 ' - I , , 1 1 - 1 1 1 f' ' 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 Q., 1 1 , 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 . . , , 1 ' ' . l 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 11 11 . . . , H H I I i W . . . ' . I 1 1 ' ' 1 1 1 ARCHERY CLUB Left to right Row l Doris Biddle Marilyn M11 ler Shirley Harrell Carolyn Fink beiner Dons Podewils How 2 Rosemary Kent Marram Iohnsmrller Maxine Davison Marian Martin Rosemary Spen cer Verna Zrll Dorothy Pasha goba ji, Cf! 1 Si le? y t X l 1 V, 'gf' V f-, x X R if kr""oan0'5' Archery Club A stranger who happened to venture down B corridor on a Tuesday morning might have been amazed to see future cupids walking down the hall with bows and arrows These girls however were merely members of the Archery Club which was formed at the beginnlng of the second semester under the sponsorship of Mrs. Evelyn Davidsen. The twelve members were chosen from the applicants on a basis of previous experi- ence in shooting. Verna Zill was elected president, Doris Biddle, vice-president, and Miriam Iohnsmiller, treasurer in their organization meeting. Because of the limited facilities the club was divided into two groups which took turns shooting Tuesday mornings. The groups kept a record of their scores and at the end of the semester the winning team was treated by the losers. The girls also attempted some novelty and outdoor shooting. Despite the many range difficulties, the girls enjoyed profit- able and interesting practice. Crucml Moments Basketball Thzs years basketball squad coached by B111 Luther took to the floor for thetr trrst practlce tussle on the seventh of Decem ber wltn Adnan and pulled through rn overtrme to w1n 36 32 The followmg week they swamped Ford Trade School by a score of 51 29 Ypsr bowed the followmg Frrday by a very one Slded score Then the fxghtmg ploneers tasted defeat The game was w1th Dearborn H1gh and the score was 27 32 The ftrst 5A battle was wrth Lansmg Eastern and w came out on the short end of a very close score of 31 34 At th1s pornt 1t seemed that Lady Luck had deserted the team A s1tuat1on even more evldent the next two weeks as Lansmg Sexton and Iackson both took our squad for a r1de Then frnally we achleved our f1rst league vtctory Battle Creek pald by bowxng to a scrappy Ploneer team 36 30 The next week Lansmg Eastern eked out a 39 36 w1n Thrs heartbreaker probably took much of the frght out of the squad because they lost to Battle Creek by a very lopsrded score The team came back to wrn over Iackson 36 33 However we lost the last league game to Lansmg Sexton In the reglonal tourney Ann Arbor drew Lansmg Eastern and upset them w1th a 48 44 count We then played Iackson rn the hnals and lost to them for the second ttme lhlS season by a score of 39 33 Irm Powers and George H11la were co captcuns and they turned ln standout performances throughout the year The loss of Roger Kessler A1 Hyosaka and Bob Kretzschmar at m1d term greatly weakened the team but Al L1pn1k and Bud Ktng proved to be capable replacements hm Bones Powers was the teams top s orer w1th 87 polnts Th1s record was second only to Iackson s Ray Urlbe s who was the 5 A s h1gh pomt man w1th 89 polnts Although th1s years squad d1dnt turn out to be a cham pronshlp team they play scrappy ball and the games they lost were lost only 1n score not once dld they show a lack of sp1r1t or flght BASKETBALL FIRST TEAM Left lo I gh! Howl L Escktlsen B Gr mes Row2 R Kessler B Kretzchmar I Power B Luther CCoachJ G Hxlla A Hyoska G Black R 3 A Henry N Smock I Case D Kmg I Iohnson A Llp mk D Hager G Henry BASKETBALL SECOND TEAM Left to r ght Row 1 E Sumner D Wagner N Rose L Mull N Iedele I Holhday Row 2 E Fowler D Space R Fern R Ross N Navarre C Lamberson D StentzelCManagerl Row 3 V Chnstotf W Mallory F Bunten E Rexfel C Cook tCoachl - - - i 7 . . 1 ow Z , . ,D . . i : - . P7 1 1 I ' 1 ' Iwyfylyrk Sf lf ' . I ' ' ' 4 ,JK 1 ' I ' I ' A '- QP ,J , X Lt , , ,fs 1 - I - LX '53 W S , 4 1 A E5 f W 75 753 ,:.v X 'Zi N we ff Q .fspsvn 3320 if gg 45-ip 44, ,WK 25 :S jrgs 2 ' 27 gd V ff-If fs Q? - 1: A65. M, ..: . me ,1 : Z 33 W N .,..q i 1 . X Q1 4' fl A . 25 Swtmmrng Dobble Drakes mermen led by co captalns Ed Glllespre and B111 Upthegrove completed another fme season for AAHS th1s year Dunng the regular season our boys lost frve meets all of whrch were lost to the three top teams ID the state These t ams were Battle Creek Iackson and Saglnaw Arthur H111 Thy also splashed to s1x vlctorles over thelr opponents The mam d1ff1cultv that was encountered was the lack of depth for the relays Flrsts and seconds were more plentrful and counted for most of the team s scores The three outstandmg performers were B111 Upthegrove Ed pomts durmg the season whrle the combmatxon of these three boys proved to be an undefeated medley relay team In the 5 A meet Ann Arbor placed th1rd although they secured two hrst places Upthegrove cracked the ex1st1ng record rn the 100 yard breast stroke and teamed w1th G1lleSp19 and Koehler to w1n the medley The team placed flfth ln the state meet where Upthegrove knocked almost four seconds off the state record 1n h1s 100 yard breast stroke event The medley relay team also took a f1rst place Captam elect Dxck Hendrlan should have a frne team next year w1th returnlng polnt wmners Hathaway Slauson McCracken Bachus Bromley Schnerder Upchurch and Whrte Outstandmg sophomores are Hard1ng Dow Rothe Belote and Cake SWIMMING Left to right Row l I Hathaway D Hen dnan W Upthegrove Coach Drake E Gxllespre W Koehler F Thomas How 2 E Rothe B Slawson I Hollrs B Hardmg I Belote B Row 3 I Hallberq I Whxte R Albertson L Bachus M Hopklns H Upchurch K Matthael Regan CManagerJ Row 4 P OShea D Dow W Penmngton M Matteson S Brum ley P McCracken E Cake B Slater 0 0 Gillespie and Walt Koehler. Bill accounted for over one hundred Wflfkf R' EhniS,E.SCh11iedef- - , ' ', . ' ' '. Pf Nluscle Bumlders ...-......--f"""', ,1 Offigers 'lf Mm. Wm 7 X .. 6 JT' IUNIOR OFFICERS George Henry Iackie Koch Eugene Alber junior Class The illustrious and energetic Iuniors got off to a flying start this year by enter- ing into many school activities. You could find them participating in all athletic, social and scholastic events. The highlights of the year were the Iunior Prom held in the Michigan League and the Iunior Play, "You Can't Take It With You," which heralded enthusiastic acclaim for all. The Iuniors revived the tradition of the Washington Club by setting up the initial organization and making plans for various projects in the coming year. Only a successful future can be foreseen for such a self-reliant class. Their officers for the year were: George Henry, president: Eugene Alber, vice- president, and Jackie Koch, secretary. IUNIOR EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE Left to right: How 1 Dorothy Heldreth, Iackie Koch, Miss Zoller, Sarah Mcl-Iale. Row 2 --Colin Fingerle, Al Lipnik, George Henry, Larry Esckilsen. 'Z jlunmors l if 'fx 'F w f 1 fig! 5 S iff 1 1 2:3 A 1 , , 3' 55 5' 1 ., Q. v. K K k 659 .Q-. '5 sr o z V "2' ,, . , ' - , :" k gf x Q 5 A ii V , :':: '14 X , Q , I' b zvzl V. , . :vv E V 3 1, nl -I . A K Q Q Q r ' 21- : ' " ' , f 1 ji' ,. 1 2- I Z 1 I ,,,..V I' ,K 5, ,N K ,...- Q . , V V ,K . ' X X X T X in 15- 't V' N . t .,,A,: x, . . i x V it . ,,,. V- .k ,V V in , x it . V uqqqu .ii ,. , ...' I i A XQJ L V A X V M P .T E ' :-- I i . AV . ' S ROW l Adams Barbara Addts Ruth Aqle Patrtua Ahllnq Shlrley Alber Eugene Albert Ruth Alt Glenn Amamoto Ioe Andre Herbert ROW -1 Benlleld loycc Berqren Bonn1e Berrtdqe Lloyd Beztrrurr' Bette B1rd Blchard Bone Wrllram F Ir Bott Hazel Brasslreld Ruth ROW 2 Aprtll Edwtn lr Armbruster Audrey Armstrong Russ Auiderherde Mary Lou Ayan Harrret Eachus Lrttleton Bacon Suzanne Badger Wrllram Baker Iames ROW 5 Braun Eugene Breunrnqer Kathryn Brrston Florence Brown Charlene Brumley Sanford Buell lane Bunker Ramona Bunten Fred ROW 7 Cate Nancy Cfrzeprs Ehzabeth Chadwrck Iune Charnberlarn Henry Chr k Larry Chrrstoft Vanqle Cleavenqer Patrrcra Cole Dorotha Cook Barbara ROW 9 Duart Iarnes Ducharme Shlrley Duckek Wxmfred Ehnrs Drck Ellrot Robert Emerrck Ann Emery Charles Emrmtt Walter Eschelbach Clarre ROW 3 Baldus Donald Ballrnqall Robert Barnard Shrrley Barron Walter Bauer Lee Beatty Howard Beckley Annette Beeman Ieanne Bemls Marjorle ROW 6 Burt Iames Burton Robert Bucher Drck Carbeck Dorrs Carbeck Frances Carl Anne Cartter Fred Case Iohn ROW 8 Cook Erleen Cook Eleanore Cunnrngham Donald Curd Dorothy Davtdson Mary Lou DelVl1tchell Ruth Drldme Dorohy Downer Char' s Drayton Dorrs HOW 10 Eschelbach Donald Eschelbach Dons Esckrlsen Larry A Etzel Marllyn Evangelrdes Constantrne Everhart Eugene Fall-:enburg Gary Ferner Iohn Feldhauser Irma - ' , 1 . ' Borqert, Barbara' 4 Bultmwt. HUUY Curslens' NOHU , , re' . WU1I1l1Ol"S ls 'Sw YW' 'QD' U. ,qv 'Ng X' QF" NN., Q k W W ,. ,. '-V-" 'A ' . ' . 9 V ' my -2- ' x ' A W . ., I , .--' Q -:,, In V , X , Q . .. H yn .. , ' AA ,. In A f A.A,: i , ---' . N g ' SY - k g , K :- D :1, , ' Ilzn 1 ,,.:.:: 5 D l A Q :zu in uuuuuuuuuuuu . I .,,. , h Y I ,:,..:, I qlzuz . K A , , ' i ,. , zl, A : , - , ' - 1 AZ'A if ' , A"' Z 1 "- "':' vu- N I ' 5' 5' 2 R 9 4 X f I. iAA q' "'AA, , A ? I q, A' :zizzbu A '5 2 If 5. ' ' " ' v .-.,, ':" 1 - , lb ,1 4 :-: V,, z ? b.,,. , I , 1 Q, 1 ,- ,. zzi- I "':"1 ' . 9 TH- ' 1 N - 4' -'v, Q I .. , Q A . t A. ' , '-1: 1 AL., ,U ' , ,Q x ,- . , . A ,H H in ,,. . . :., t .. ...,V ,.A' - . ., 3. X 4--Q -,V'V3 5: Iu' if "" A , ..V,,.1 f f. 'V R ., Q :,: f Q , , , . D' . ,:,. b , -. . In 'V A 1 RQ .1 fu " :" izzb P M .,,,, ' A ' 1 'Q' if , ""' y ' ' :. 9 in 'L 'f-X f Q' 'i ff lf ' .:.+ ' V- L . ::,... 3 :13 'f , . , k Q 1 .A 2' ,. Q N ' Q A . f ,X qlll ' A. b g 'I q I ' f i ' , Q -r ,. Z, f "' 'E' X - 5. , J '2::':V1' I , :T A , 'V ::'- ' A Q H xt ,E VZVI in J H ?5"f1: A ' "H : ?' ' J J Q nabb ' . . 1 V - ' J , :"' " H x -' ' ,li -- , 8 ' ' , . -' " - , A A ' Y ' 2 f 2 --'-' In f , iivz I ' A V ':" ' , g , . - ' -ew zz- ' 1' ---'- 1 ' ' - A ' 7 1 X . , ROW 1 Frfe Wrllram Frngerle Colm Frsher Warren Flrntoft Corrme Folk Carol Foster Wrlma Fox Dorothy Fox Iacquelrne Frayer loann ROW 4 Grossman Ianet Grostrc Harold Haab Danrel Haab Grace Hahn Phyllrs Hahn Ruth Hakala Ioyce Halverson Gene ROW 7 Hochrern Erwrn Hodges Polly Hollrday lack Holzhauer Dorothy Hopkxns Monte Hoppe Douglas Howell Lots Hoy Wrllram Hurst Albert ROW 9 Kagrwada David Kampus Arthur Karr Ronald Kenrston Kenneth Kent Rosemary ROW Z Freeland Drcrc French lVlar1lyn Frrsch Loro hy Frltts Nltrrqarrt lrrtz Arlvre Frye lrllrar Farclner LeRoy Grlhert Raymond Grll Alrct ROW J Ham Esther Hannah Norman Hrrrrson lose Hatnaway Iohn Hawkms Harry Heger Francrs Hehr Serena Heldreth Dorothy Kerlrkowske Carolyn Kern Evelyn Krnyon Peter Klrngel Earl HOVV 3 Crll spre Irorrel Godfrey Wrllram C off Charls 9 L ould Dear Could N' r I rm Gray Flrrrrlotte Grrmes Bart Crocmes Robert Grosse lo Ann ROW B Henderson Colleen Hendrrtrn Drck He n y George lleorodt Lrnestrne Ha pner Geraldrne Herman Ioyce Hewrtt Robert Hreber Ke rr oth Hrc ber Lo S ROW 8 l rques Darrell laramrllo Mercedes Iectele Nerl Ieflery Iorn Iohnsmrller Marran Iohn ton Irm Iohnston Norman luzek Betty Kaarsberg lack ROW 10 Kmqht Rrchard Krplmrller Betty Koch Iackrc. Kcebnrck Ianrce Koenqeter Lots Larnerson George Lamson Delbert Larmee lean Larsen Everett ' , ' ' - , ' ' 1 e. ,, .' ., A ' , X 1 3 , ' H, ' I ' ' I .. J 3 , : ' ' , 2. 1 , .1 r o W ' , . ' r , , , , , J , .. r A O 1 'A 1 , . . . 1 Y t X . . ' I K I . Gust' Demo Harrell, Shirley T I ' . A 'i ' I qph 4 . 1 ' . . 7 I 4 ' 1 X - I ' 1 ' 1: 1. , V' . i, 'B ..f-f'N- ULUIOTS l l vo- is Q L 3 'Q 95? 4 4 3 qs A P ' fv- n,-W. ek X 5 i s' vu H4 1' 0 K ,Q g.,: ,-v-.- 2 F ., 2 iw .E 1, f . , f 2-' i 1 . 1' . . ' In 1 in f . , l-2f2E3:Q"- . ' ZA? K K ' ,I 5 M' 1,1 5 H 1 A P 9, W - . ' ' ' E ' J q ',":":1 1 ' 52iQ5Q5'f- .,.A,A, 1 I 5, K , ,, .'-1 'V "': i E22 E' " ' ' 33 ' "" X+4" ':.: f ' ' 11:1-:ff-1: -'-'-2 ' 2 ' ' .... 7 M - 2 f Q- 1. A i . 1- Q H' " Q X' .11' X W 'S' ' P 4 x Aill , I . . W . " ., ,,...,A , :':'1 ' 1 J 1. W, A "' . , gr Q Q' Q, 'U' -- zi. V QA' X 2' 1 ws. J , W., ,. Y T ' ' 5 ' A 'B Q , V . ., W V .',. 2 ztlv, 2 L3 V V i ,z .. f ":" 5- ' ' Q Q f " ' . , : . :., ' li :,: ' . 'R S s V , A 'A L .. Q " ,.., I n A I -1 1-v'- , ,s:- ' ' -I W' L :QI .". 2 1 N K. A I .., it 1 ' , Eg ' K 1 fp V - , f , A R. V K - "" Q .. 5 ' I.. 1 X W "' 'I 1 e f 'F 6' ik "lu, .M ': , 1 . ' ' ':" X. ' A " ' i .. :. ::A" ' . "' 5 1. ' 5, Q Q A A.-Q ., ., 1 . f 5 I .: - K ye , ' 1 'rx I 32' , "' A A 5- :., K I E , M .1 , Q ,.-T Q Q ,, ' " - :.:::. :,,A.::, ' .::.: 1 y i 7 ' 7 1 X ROW 1 Lauqhlm Lyle Lautenslager Vrrqtnta leFurqe Ioyce Lehman Evelyn Levlett Leah Lrnqon Ttnna Lrpmk Alvtn Ltrette Gena I 4 banov lqor ROW 4 Matsuno Prank Maury Mayne Moy er Meyers Mtller Mrller Mrller Mrller Wtlltam Robert Sally Charles Dorothy Lors Marrlyn Wtlham ROW 7 Norton Harold Oakes Ruth OCon'1or Robert Oestretcher Ruth Ono Martha Otto Donald Page Patrrcra Parker Arthur Parks Bette ROW 9 Pew lean Prerce Ed Platten Mary Plylcr Ruth Podewrls Dorrs Pratt Paulrne Preston Mtrxrne Presswood Shrrley Pryor Ioe C ROW 2 Looman Betty Ionq Martan Loper lack Losey Etta Mae Loy Wlltldm Luther LaWayne McAlltster lane McComb Nancy McCracken Paul ROW 5 Mxlls Ehzabeth Mrtchelmore Charles Monrer Rose Morrrson Dorothy Morton Charlotte Motsmqer Iudrth Mukensturm lean Mull Larry Mursmna Barbara ROW 3 McHale Sarah McManus Sue McPnerson Claude Madouse Marlorre Madsen Elwood Mallory Wrllram Manwartng Barwrse March Iudy Martln Marlan ROW 6 Naebeck Shrrley Nagel Margaret Navarre Norbert Newman Barbara Newman Sally Noheqa Marcxo Nordman Elane Nordman Frances ROW 8 Pashegoba Dorothy Patterson Marte Payne Ellzabeth Peer Phyllrs Peer Robert Pennrngton Parker Perkrns Donald Perros Bessre Pew lack ROW 10 Rayburn Iohn Rehfeldt Trrzah Retfel Edward Remnant Poqer Rtce Arthur Rlce Tom Roberts Lots Roler lean Roos Shrrley I I ' , ' Niehaus, Robert , A V ' , 1 1 5 unimrs Q '41 Q Q ,ff if A K 3 x 9' f ' ' ..,1.,E A I V . K VIQP 2:- f-' .v.-- my Y " J ' ""': -. - ,. n . 1 , ' 2-2 Vziv . ' ,- A gg , Kg ,F , 'A '5 5 i A Aj f X5 X git S 1 f z sf ' f '.A, N H ' . , - 2'E: Zzz' A A . :,E: ' .,:', ag 9 V 1 N I ,1.1, i Q Q ' 3 - K X -QQQ Q - 5 Q MN 2 Av ..,., Q .E :.:. :::: V .:. :ig .E,., :,, . , f , ,.:,.,,:: E E,,,,, f , ' - "':'12 Q ' :. I . 7: xr , 5 A zv. 355 Ia ., Q x Bl ',iq, Q J I-1 55 l" ' H zl' E:E ' ' f 1 AA:-::: E:-:Z t A Y A --Q if V t :Q 1 W: , i "'::l: A ' X -Q . cr ' f fr Q 1 f .. V A - .V f ,2:f Q - "" .A f -b -K J 'W f- -Q .,. iv V f "' A-12' Q P 4,A ' f - r ?-I ROW 1 Rose Nelson Ross Robert Royce Wtllram Rubley Sammy lean Ruby Rtchard Russell Robert Rutledge Donald Scharrer Dale Schenk Beatrtce ROW 4 Srruley Robert Smith Verna Smock Nuel Snyder Rtchard Snyder Margaret Spencer Rosemary Spradhn Erdman Sprague I1m ROW 7 Tanrguchx Edtth Taylor Cectl Taylor Edwtn Teed Grac Tefteau Allan Theros Angelo Thomas Wtllram Thomas Shrrley Ttbbttts Alrce ROW 9 VValker Betty Walker Ioan Walker Thomas Wallal-'er Erwm VValte s Mary Lou Ward Don VVardwell Harold Warner Cecxl Warren Carol ROW 2 Schmtd Fred Schnexder Donald Schnetder Erwm Schnexder ohn Schnetder Norma Schroen Dale Schwemmtn Gerald Seeger Albert Settz Arlene ROW 5 Sprmg Edlth Stabler Suzanne Staeb'er Charles Sfeeb Iohn Stenl-re Arthur S ollstetmer Earl Stout Vtrgmta Stovel Kenneth ROW 3 Shankland Barbara Snarp Mary Lou Shehan B111 Sherman Patrtcta Shrrkey V1rg1n1a Stbery Donald Stmes Lewts omclatr Wtlham Slawson Wtlltam ROW 6 Stralmlc Davld Strrckren Dorrs Stuart Clark Stuhlman Allen Sumner Emmons Swanson Gene Talbot Ronald Tart Ianette ROW 8 Todd Ioyce Towas Al Townsend Nancy Uhlendorf Rhoda Vander Ark Everett Van Schoten lean Vexgel Fred Vtck Iuhe Wagner Dtck ROW 10 Warren Davtd Wetnrnan Marlan Wetnman Rtchard Wenger Patrrcla Wente Dorothy Vlentworth Dorothy Wenzol Iohn West Gerald Wheatley Thomas . ' . l ' 1 A . U- A - . - 1 V Sorenson, Barbara Stephens, William Summers, Imoqefle 9 . jlumonrs ROW 1 Whnchurch Mary Whrte Ilm Whzte Owen Wrld Roland Wxlkmson LeMoyne VV1ll1ams Guy Wlllxams Pai Wrlhams Robert Wrllramson Dot 76 Bbw ,vi ROW 2 Wxlson Doug Wmkle Delrght Wm! Beverly Wlfth Ruth Wood Stephen Yates Donald Yek Pat Zahn Betty Zahn Clarence ROW 3 Zahn Vma Zeeb Charles Zxll Verna E' 0 , l 1 ' V ,v:. " V ,"' H nl , ..:. V ir :" ff O 4 lg., , l 1':" A ' Q- sf i he ir A. 'U X , ' F A it , O . , f ---' 'I Q 'il A f I' Hmghhghlts XX XX XXX X 'XQX SlPlRlNG ln sprung an Ann Arbor Hugh Qchool semor s fancy turns to a prom 1nd the semor banquet a trlp to Mackmnac anal Class Day solemn baccalaureate and finally graduatlon Thouglu many act1v1t1es took place m the sprung none were so xmportant as these mllestones for the class of 1946 tlaose chgmtied and stately semors whose three years at our school were culminated IH long awalted graoluatlon week xxyx J Ill C2 JNL T I 1 N , i E Xl 43 MJ 5 Omega We drd xt and we re glad' Thrs statement expressed the sentrments of the entrre srxty second Omega staff as the frnal deadlme arnved Many hours enyoyable as well as weary were spent rn the comprlatmon of thrs record of the actrvrtres of the year 1945 1946 The staff was ably lead by Martha Wells and Bob Dressel co edxtors and co busmess managers Anne Hanton and Brlr Up,hegrove They wrll long remember the heated debates held on the home ground of C7 especxally those concemrng the selectron of the theme Pxoneer Spmt whrch they belreve rs the very essence of our school l1fe The Semor wrxte up commrttee rnclud mg such lrterary lxghts as Mary Watkms Marybelle Iames Nrkr Kazarrnoff Cllff Dxckason cmd others wrll recall the headaches whrch they acqurred whrle wrrtmg the semor brographres Of course these broqraphxes also offered to them a chance to become mdrrectly quamted with some very mterestmg people Much credrt IS due to the varrous commrttees whose work made thrs year book possrble The commrttees functroned efflcrently and smoothly under therr respec tlve leaders and the necessary work was Completed well before the deadlme a trrbute to the efforts of the entrre staff And we cannot forget the valuable assrstance from the artrsts of our staff Ioyce Atchrson who desrgned the cover Karlen Lutz who executed the drvrsron page de sxgns Paul Lrnebaugh who dxd the lettermg and Henry Platt who drew the cartoons Garry Glasgow Irm Ueberhorst and George Black of Mr Buell s photography class contrrbuted many candrd shots The advertlsmg and sellmg commrttees under the supervxsron of Mr Granvrlle dxd a superb job wrth every one achnevmg quotas wrth apparent ease and effrcrency The pastmg commrttee on the advrce of Mrss Noyes to be known rn the future as the composrtron commrttee devoted many hours to therr yob Ioyce Bunn Maxme Davrson Rose Mane Salles and Barbara Wheeler grew to look upon C7 as therr second home Frances Kola nakes and Dorothy DeWolfe typed drlrgently to make all deadlmes So here you have rt a completed book The Omega Staff has strrved to gxve you an edrtron that you wrll chensh and enjoy So what more can we hopefully say than pleasant I6Gdll'tg7 OMEGA EDITORS Martha Wells Robert Dressel Anne Hanton Wxlham Upthegrove OMEGA Left fo nght ROW 1 Mary Kokales Nancy Townsend Sarah McHale Martha Wells Anne Harrton Bob Dressel Brll Upthegrove Larry Esckxlsen Bxll Shehan ROW 2 Pat Iohnstone Nancy Beal Carol Krmpton Ioyce Bunn Lenore Wood Mrss Vrrgmra Golay Ehzabeth McLaughlm ROW 3 loan Mrchelsen Beverly Teasdale Dorothy DeWolfe Mary Watkms Ioan Makrelskr Carol Hagerman Maxme Davrson Betty de Gurse Marybelle Iames Rosemarre Salles ROW 4 Aubrey Lansky Clrff D1ckason Albert Hyma Nlkr Kazarrnoff Hank Platt George Rrdge t-d-, DUQLXKXY K www y Zz ZA ie . . ac- ' ' . ' ' , Garry Glasgow lf? A f pw 0' Q 5 L I 543 at . . l K lf Qitg , I , f '. s f OMEGA 'fm' -sw' um 5.034 wsu gain am. kiw. Wm '53 ,fp new W- my-vw 'T 1 Masquers Club Masquers Club that famed group of junror and sen1or dramatrsts apparently had many attractrons every other Tuesday rnormng when t1me for clubs came around the aud1tor1um was mobbed by followers of Mr Frank Reed and the actors art Stage lrghts have an allure for Ann Arbor Hlgh Schools ambrtlous students wh1ch cant be rrvaled even by the Booster s Club Durrng therr meetrngs or whatever they had behmd the closed doors of Pattengrll Audrtorrum members collaborated on the pre sentatron of rad1o plays and pantomrmes A b1t of the secrecy surroundrng therr art1st1c achlevements was d1spelled when Dave W1lder and Ed Sandell lent thelr popular talents to the presentatron of Moonshrne rn assembly on Ianuary 10 The offrcers responsrble for the leadersh1p of thrs remarkable group were L1l1as Wagner pres1dent Ed Sandell v1ce pres1dent Dave W1lder secretary and Cor1nne Wenk treasurer durrng he frrst semester Second semester leaders were D1Ck Hager pres1dent Ioyce AtCh1SOH v1ce prsrdnt Pat Cleavenger secretary and Cor1nne Wenk treasurer 82 MASQUERS Le!! to right Row 1 Ixm Ueberhorst Cecrl Warner Ed Sandell Nrkr Kaza rrnoll Chit Dxckason D1ck Hager Lyn Marcus Row 2 Patrrcxa Cleavenger Tn' zah Rehleldt Ruth Oestrercher Sammy Rubley LlllGS Wagner Corxnne Wenk Davxd Wrlder Shrrley Iohnson lane Buell Row 3 Esther Ham Nancy Townsend Manlyn Wanty Betty Ann Iuzek Lols Koengeter S zanne Trrck lean Beeman Mary Edwards La Wayne Luther Bar bara Sorenson Irma Feldhauser Walter Barron Don Dxldme Row 4 Evelyn Lehman Shrrley Presswood Helen Chrlstolf Ruth Albert Ioan Mrchelsen Ioyce Bunn Dolly Vlrsrdes Betty Phrlrps Vrrgxnra Lautenslager Brodene Davxdson Ieanme lan nrng Iohn Hathaway Paul Mc Cracken Row 5 Sally Donnally Loxs Mxl ler Beatrlce Schenk Charlotte Morton Lola Bennett Ioyce Atchr son Betty Walker Manlyn French Dorothy Dlce Mary Wat kms Davrd Whrtfreld B111 She han Phxl Whorlow Mr Frank Reed 1 ' 1 ' ' 1 , . . . . 1 1 1 1 - ' - . - 1 , 1 - ' ' 1 1 I ' I 1 . W I 1 1 I 1 1 U' 1 1 I It I 1 ' 1 1 . , . . . . . . . f I . . . I I 11 - 11 1 l I I . 1 I . 1 1 1 ' I - 1 1 I I I I L ' 1 1 l ' - 1 1 I - ' I I 1 1 1 . . 1 1 . . - . . . ' I ' I I I I 1 . 'P' 'K' STAGE MANAGEMENT Row I Lois Steere Ioan Michel sen Iim Gust How 2--Cecil Warner, Mr. Balas ohn Wenzel Douglas Bartell. How 3- -loe Pryor, David Nelson Iohn Schneider. f Stage Management The stage management commlttee has completed another successful year of which the school is proud Though it IS not generally known th1s committee IS responsible for all the stage work and settings for plays operettas and other productions that take place in Pattengill Auditorium Mr Balas the director of this enterprlse IS one of the new members of the Ann Arbor High faculty and 15 already well known for his capable and artlstic jobs The credit earned by committee members is one fourth unit per semester Mr Balas 1n his stage Work 1nstru t1on does not trifle with such hlgh-falutlng things as The Theory Behind Stage-Craft. H emphasizes learning by practical application and experience. In tune with this policy his crew designs the scenery builds it sets it up, and paints it. Then they arrange the most tasteful stage light- ing to match the scenery. Evidence of their ability was apparent in the stage-setting triumphs, for The Perfect Alibi, given by the senior class in Novem- ber, Iolanthe, the Gilbert and Sullivan Operetta given by A Cappella in March, and You Can't Take It With You, the junior class play. The beautiful still sets for the ,Christmas program were also a tal- ented product of the ingenuity of Mr. Balas and his crew. Much of the credit for the atmosphere and spirit behind Ann Arbor High School's varied productions must be given to this hard-working Committee. 83 SCIENCE CLUB Le!! to right How l Cecll Taylor Harrlet Ayan Ned Stmes Row 2 Madelame Gaut Tony Templeton Ioyce Caspers Sally Wanzeck Anne Waterman Leroy Gardner How 3 Ted Metzger Ioe Harrx son V1rg1lFa1rbanks Mr Iorgen son Herbert Andre Lyle Waters Clatre Eschelbach gif ,7f X s T 39515.14 84 Sentence Club Any person walktng down B corrrdor would th1nk that Ann Arbor Hrqh School rncluded a regular medrcal department Through the medrum of versatlle showcase drsplays students have been shown the evrls of narcotlcs and alcohollc beverages oth r graphrc ar rangements showed plastrcs surgrcal mstruments and electrrcal equrpment Such have be n the assrduous efforts of tue scrence club gu1ded by Mr Iorgenson to educate the student body Other act1v1t1es of th1S lntellectually curlous group have rn cluded tourmg the screntlfr parts of the campus and seerng such thrngs as the cyclotron the wrnd tunnel and the mar1ne pool The1r meetrngs have been enlrvened by demonstratrons on 11qu1d a1r trre preventrves and other mterestrng prolects of the members Off1CeIS for th1s valuable year ID the club hrstory have been Lewrs Srmes presrdent Dan Haab V1CepI'eS1d9I'1l Harrret Ayan s cretary and Cecrl Taylor program charrman The showcase was under the supervrsron of these offrc rs w1th the help of Herbert Andre and Tony Templeton The bulletm boards rn B corrrdor and study halls were kept up to date w1th s rentxfxc news by Madelame Gault and Anne Waterman Altogether the scrence club has passed a year worthwh1le not only to the members but to the school X' u X X ' x t ' I I ' ' ' - Q ' . . . , ., I 1 A I I - I I ' ' . Q . 1 . . . c . , A - - ' ' Y . , . . l i - -C - ,ffffi . . . f xv' 3 , , . J 'V .fo W can 1 if - f . , - hi? ff l X - . . . I f If ' 6 . l I , - I , 9 I i I ' . . . e . - - ., ., . Cf ' " ' C 3 '7 Student Forum The Student Forum a club Wh1Ch Was started last Sep sponsored by Mlss Edna Parry The ofhcers were pres1 dent Anne Har1ton VICE presrdents Andrew Frank and Ken Kenlston secretary Mark Kokales and treasurer Lenore Wood The object of th1s club 1S to acqualnt 1nterested students Wllh other countr1es the1r pOl1l1CS the1r eco nom1cs the1r problems and the1r soclal customs Th1s 1S done by havmg guest speakers usually students attend 1ng the Un1vers1ty of Mxfhlgan come and talk about the1r own countr1es When the speaker has f1n1shed members are qxven an opportun1ty to ask questrons The club has had as guest speakers students from Ind1a Turkey Brazrl the Ph111pp1nes and other countr1es 5 STUDENT FORUM L ft to ht sto e Leno e Wood An e Ham to Mary Koxales Ioyce B n S s e r 1 Y P Y bar Sch e der L 1 as Wag er C1 if D c so Ke e sto And ew Fra k 85 ' V . M x T ! E V il f . 1 5 K . 1 3 I . . x Q . 1 2 J K' Y rl A .TS "" tk W 3. 5 Q .l r T I - e rig : tember by a group of international-minded students, is ROW ll Lois Lanwsten PG, ,om . . . . n , r . 11 I' - - ' n, ' . ' . ' ' Row 2 - u n, u i List ' ' Q Ha rie A an, Miss ar! . Bar . a 'n i . ii n . I I I How 3 i i ka n, n K n i n, r rl . 5 ART CLUB Left to r ght Rcw 1 Barbara Layher Char lotte Kmsey Grace Iackson Oreda Turner Ioan Makrelskr Patncra Johnstone Terrxe Wata nabe How 2 Arlene Bersuder Mary Belle James Eva Levy Nancy McComb Susre Llst Carol Iedele Row 3 Larry A Esckllsen Iack Carson Iule Doane Peter De Bruyne Mr Sturdevant X like XS fnfl 86 Art Club Underthe drrectron of Mr W D Sturdevant the Art Club has developed 1nto a l1teral paradrse for Ann Arbor Hlgh s drppers and dabblers ACl1V1l19S have ranged all the Way from self expresslon 1n clay to trrps to Detro1t for art exhrbrts Members of the club have parnted sketched Worked 1n plastlcs and metal and sampled many of the flelds of art1st1c creatlon Tuesday meetrngs of the club have been devoted to d1scuss1on and studles of art and artrsts wrth analyses of technlques and theorles Members became qulte professronal rn the1r cr1t1cal apprec1at1on of the art1st1c world the1r chances to use the background they galned came Wlth trlps to the Detro1t Art Instrtute Cass Tech Arbor Ofhcers for thrs group of potent1al DaV1nc1s were presrdent Terrle Watanabe vrce presldent Barbara Leerkarrfp secretary Susle L1Sl and treasurer Barbara Layher -.Y . ,FQ i : - - - V X . . . . I - 2.5,,fN TWT , , . . . . if fy n1cal H1gh School, and var1ous art exhrbrts 1n Ann TMNT tx as Z5 as giver: r ' lex-'M xgmxr . . - - - 0 to by 'UAS - QV!! . 1 I : ' ' - 1 Lrlil r I - , - . I , is ll-lllY The H1 Y Club member allles hlmself Wllh the natlon Wlde fellowshlp of H1 Y by accept mg the purpose To create mcnntaln and extend throughout the school and commumty hrgh standards of Chr1st1an character tary Andrew Frank and advlsor Mr Iohn Alhson Meetlngs were held on Tuesday mornlngs at the H1gh School and Tuesday evenlngs at the Y The members part1 lpat d 1n the Y parhes and also served on Y commlttees November saw an Ann Arbor delegatxon descendlng upon Grand Raplds for the Older Boys Conference The borrowed 42 Chevrolets wrth Col1n Fmgerle and Yosh at the wheels deposlted Tom Walker and Guy Wlllxams among others at the f1rst Metho d1Sl Church December saw the Y Truck Kessler at the wheel rnakmg for Manchester Herb Swanson and Andy Frank were out for the r1de From Ianuary on the Club l1ved 1n hopes of the Y reopemng Tom Walker and Eugene Fowler represented the club at the H1 Y Leg1slat1ve sessron ln Lansrng HI Y Left to nght Row 1 Bob Opal Roger Kessler Dean Zahn Merle Menery Herb Swanson Andrew Frank Row 2 Nuel Smock Guy W1l hams Donald Perkms Russ Tay lor Eugene Fowler Don Baker it 1- ' Y pf ' , l it 1 A O P September saw the club under the leadership of President, Roger Kessler: Secre- Trrlls and Thrrlls From B ZZ The A Cappella Cholr under the d1rect1on of Mlss Rose Mane Grentzer reached all trme helghts thrs year as brgger and better rtems were added to 1ts already overcrowded l1st of a compllsh ments The cho1r nearly moved Broadway to Ann Arbor early rn the year as they sponsored a Carousel Dance complete Wllh decora trons refreshments and floorsnow Wllh leads sung by Thelma Ver duln Kelly Newton lane Buell Marjorle Gould Catherlne Warren and Ruth Flsher The whole school then reallzed that the chorr had an especrally frne year ahead A Cappella made 1ts blg radlo debut Wllh a program of Chnst mas musrc for WPAG sponsored by Goodyears The lan mall poured rn afterwards Then came the February Mrd Western MUSIC Cl1n1c wrth musrc experts from seven states as the chorr went from the sublrme to th r1d1culous 1n s1ng1ng Why Art Thou So Heavy O My Soul and Throughout the year the chorr sang for communrty affalrs such as a program for the West Slde Women s Club and a speclal en semble sang for other church and women s groups Also durrng th Chrlstmas season the chorr presented a Chrrstmas program for the patrents of Howell Sanrtarlum and were a part of the annual Chrrst mas program grven 1n Pattengrll Audrtorlum The chorr partlcrpated rn the May Festrval and were hosts to the All State muslc festrval One of the greatest undertaklngs of the year was the Operetta lolanthe Wh1Ch was grven 1n March and the frnal event of the year was smgrng at commencement The very effrcrent offrcers for thrs year were manager Dorothy Drce assrstant Bob Wllllams secretary Ruth Frsher treasurer Ioan Bromley lrbrarrans Mary Kokales and Don Otto 88 A CAPPELLA Left to rzght Row 1 Polly Hodges Grace Teed Nancy Townsend Barbara Mecklenburg Shxrley Iohnson Ioan Mrchelsen Mary Kokales Thelma Hopper Mary Wrlson Dorothy De NVolie Betty Ser geant lane Buell Mary Watkms Dottre Drce Row 2 Ruth Frsher Manlyn Wanty V1rg1n1a Stout Cathenne Warren Pat Illhnstone Ioan Bromley Rhoda Uhlendorf Patsy Cravens Shrrley Whlpple Norma Schnerder Murrel Walker Mar qaret Snyder Ioyce Herman Lrl ras Wagner Martha Wells Ioan Walker den Bosch Parker Pennmgton Sally Donally Pat Sorohs Bro dene Davldson Margaret Kovrtz Ixm Ueberhorst Chfi Drckason Davrd Kaqrwada Norman Iohn ston Iack Loper Doug W11son Erwln Schnerder Row 4 Gary Falkenburg Brll Shehan Wrllrs Patterson Paul McCracken Ken Kemston Barre Lennon Don Otto Konrad Mat thael Bob Beechner Edward San dell Kelley Newton B111 Upthe grove Frazrer Thompson Lyle Strrnger Dale Schalrer Deno Gust Marjorre Gould 0 o 1 , , . C . - "' 1 ' ' - - 1 1 l 1 I I I I I I I ' , I l C ' . r . . . . . ,, .. Y I D , . . "One Odd Shoe' , Row 3'-Davrd Wrlder, John Van- ' I ' I I I A ' I W I I I L I I - I I I I ll - ll - I . 1 ' ' ' I 1 l ' A I . - . : . : , 1 . - I - I I , . . ' ' . ORCHESTRA M y Ed ds Mchael hana c o M Well Stephen Wood G 1 G t Rca Een 1' 1 ck Edw Taylo Do ld Pe kns Ma g et Ale a de Do o ty Blo Alb t MLa ghl G ena Le Bob W ll ams M s e D e H ld nger Ro e t Ell ott Local Symphony Makes Good Th1s year the orchestra under the leadershrp of MISS Eltzabeth Green has played for more concerts and musrcal groups than ever before Members of the orchestra have played for var1ous commumty affa1rs such as the Commumty Fund k1ck oft d1nner a Y W C A banquet and for pat1ents at the UH1V9IS1lY Hosp1tal at Chnstmas tlme They also performed well 1n such regular orchestra GCl1V1l19S as school plays the1r annual assembly graduatlon and of course the Operetta to vvhtch they contr1buted so much Orchestra members proved the1r Worth too at the M1d Western MUSIC Cl1n1c state mus1c fest1vals and All State Orchestra Musrcrans 1n the All State orchestra rncluded M1chael Avsharran Charles Downer Eugema Wells Glorla Turner Ahce Sano Peggy Wood Gertrude Braun Dorothy Below and Dav1d Hlldmger The offlcers for the year were presrdent Dlck Yar ma1n vrce presrdent Martha Wells secretary Gertrude Braun student conductors Eugenla Wells and M1chael Avsharlan I I . ' Il ' II ' ' , . Q Row ln- ar war . i - - - - Avs ' n, Ali e San , artha ' ' ' S. , enie - - - Wel s, er rude Braun. - Row 2-- i h rd Yarmain, v ly ' ' ' ' Kem, Alleg a Branson, Lye ' Stringer. Bob Maten, Ann Emer- ' i , in r, na r- ' ' ' i , r ar x n r, r - - - h e W, er c u in, ' W Wis. . . . . . ' I Row se 1 i , is ' ' Gre n, av i i , b 1 ' ' - ' ' i . ' ' ' 1 I I I I I I I . , ' 1 ' 1 I 4 I I I . llolantthe Our Opernttrc Producnon The ghosts of G1lbert and Sulllvan were agaxn revrved at school by the musrc department s productlon Iolanthe Cooperatlng to provlde one afternoon and two evenrngs of enjoyable musrc and drama for students and towns people were A Capella Chorr and the orchestra assrsted by Cantando Chorr Boys and Glrls Glee Clubs stage crew and the rndlspensable comrnrttees of hard worklng students and teachers After weeks of preparatlon marked partrcularly by the melod1c stra1ns of the cho1r at rehearsal the frnlshed product came forth as three performances whrch del1ghted everyone from the grade school chrldren to taxpayers On a stage whrch deplcted the most charmrng Arcadran scenes rmagmable We saw and heard Murlel Walker as Iolanthe the unhappy falry who had cornmrtted the crrme of marryrng a mortal and who was banlshed from her slsters for twenty frve years The stately queen who frnally pardonecl Iolanthe was played beautrfully by Marge Gould Whrle Polly Hodges Mary Kokales and Barbara Mecklenburg and Thelma Verduln rn alternatlng parts supported her rn the roles of Ceha Lerla and Fleta other members of the farry band A Phylhs the beautlful and tuneful hero1ne Thelma Verdum and Barbara Mecklenburg alternated to charm the audrences The masculrne element was provrded not only by Davrd Wrlder as Strephon the handsome hero but also by Ed Sandell as the very sus eptrble Chancellor Kelley Newton as an mcomparable Earl Mountararat lack Loper as Earl Tolloler and the whole chorus of peers so d1gn1f1ed and stately Irm Ueberhorst as the tuneful Sentry who was wrllrng to h lp out a lady rn drstress was extremely effectrve especlally when he mrraculously sprouted red wlngs The whole product on was so full of galety melody and fun for both cast and audrence that 1t w1ll be remembered as one of the outstandrng contrr butrons to school l1fe durmg the year 0 0 , , , , , , , T ' I I . , . . - S . , F' I I V . , , . ' e , . 1 , , I - .. . in You Can tt Take lt Wtth You What happens when a beaut1tul young glfl of a somewhat zany m1ddle class famlly falls 1n love w1th her wealthy employers son? What happens when a famlly of 1nd1v1dual1sts who go about the buslness of l1v1ng 1n the fullest sense of the Word meets a fam1ly of the upper strata Wall Street that 1S? What happens when a charm1ng forceful old man who l1ves as he wants to conv1nces a Wall Street f1nanc1er that l1fe 1S g1ven to a man so that he may do the thmgs he wants to do? To all persons who w1tnessed the de hghtfully comlcal 1un1or play these lead1ng quest1ons w1ll recall to them two of the funnlest hours of the1r l1ves tor the play was an uproarlous bed lam wlth sxmple people do1ng as they l1ked and no quest1ons asked amldst ballet dancmg hreworks pr1nt1ng presses snakes saxophone playlng novel wr1t1ng pa1nt1ng ad 1nt1n1tum The part of Grandpa Vanderhot the head of the brood was ably rnter Paul were played by Betty Iuzek and Paul McCracken Then We w1tnessed lune ChGdW1Ck as Essle Penelopes oldest daughter and Charles Downer as Ed Essre s husband The romant1c lnterest was turmshed by Sh1rley Iohn son who d1d a good 1ob as Al1C9 the youngest daughter and Parker Pen nmgton who ably portrayed Tony K1rby on of the wealthy Wall Street f1r1anc1er Ken Kemston and hts Wlfe lane Buell A splendld Job was done by lohn Hathaway w1th h1s humorous portrayal of the Busslan Bor1s Kolen khov Much cred1t goes to the supportlng cast wlth lean Beeman as Bheba the ma1d Tony Templeton as Mr De P1nna Bob Nlehaus as Donald lack Hol l1day as Henderson Pat Cleavmger as Gay Welllngton Ian1ce Cra1g as Olga and C9C1l Warner Don Cunn1n gham and lack Holllday as the three G men Mrss Lundgren deserves much credlt for handl1ng such a large cast and developmg the cast so Well 1n a play that the students of Ann Arbor Hlgh w1ll not soon forget 9 0 l preted by Bill Shehang and Grandpa's daughter, Penelope, and son-in-law, ' , ' , S N.,-If 3 i ll I A 4g s Golf Ann Arbor H1gh s golf team was ably led by Captaln Dallas Space They are coached by Al Shaw who lncldentally has just returned from the navy The squad IS 1ook1ng forward to a f1ne season 1n defense of the1r state t1tle Shaw has a very strong nucleus around Wh1Ch to bulld h1S 1946 squad Th1s strength IS composed of four returnrng lettermen Howard Slocum Hay Kmght N1bb1e Navarre and Dallas Space The most 11kely candrdates to complete the team are Dave Space and Charles Slmmons Although Roger Kessler last year s Mrchrgan State H1gh School meda11st was lost to thrs years team because of mrd semester graduatron the Ann Arbor lmksrnen are favored to take the F1veA champronshlp thrs year and repeat as the state class A champ1ons Th1s squad 1S domg frne work rn upholdrng the Ann Arbor H1gh School athletrc trad1t1on . , . 1 1 1 ' 1 1 . 11 - - 11 . . 1 1 ' , . . . . 1 1 . , . . , ' 1 1 , F Tennls Th1s years tenn1s squad coached by Dobble Drake IS blessed w1th a returnmg nucleus of elght lettermen cmd a very promlslng group of sopho rnores Those comlng back were Captaln Bob Dressel Don Yates Aubrey Lansky, lack Drake, Larry Esckllsen, D1ck Hendnan, George Henry, and B111 Upthegrove A welcome newcomer to the squad was Al Hvma The set up of the team mcluded Yates, Hyma, Dressel, West, and Hendnan playlng ln the s1ngles compet1t1on The doubles teams of Upthegrove and Lansky, Henry and Esckrlsen, and Drake and Upthegrove effectwely met compet1t1on 1n lh1S held The strength rn s1ngles Wlll determlne whether or not th1s year's squad Wlll turn up Wllh the 5A champ1onsh1p Thls 1s, 1nc1 dentally, the strong po1nt of the team, slnce the hrst three s1ngles players are all equally matched ln thelr excellence and should therefore turn 1n a good season The schedule for the sprlng lncludes fourteen matches, 1nclud1ng meets wlth such strong teams as Grosse Po1nt, Battle Creek, and Monroe Competmon opened for the squad wxjh a tr1p to Ypsxlantx agamst Roosevelt and Yps1lant1 Hlgh Schools Track Wlth Co-Captalns Col1n Flngerle and L1t Bachus leadlng the Ploneer track team coached by T1m Ryan completed another very promlsrng season Ann Arbor had a well balanced team Wlth Andy F rank lack Kaarsberg and Henry Chamberlarn 1n the mlle Paul Herman and A1 Murphy m the half mrle Lrt Bachus ln the quarter mrle Hank Platt Col1n Flngerle and Brad Hardlng 1n the dashes B111 Bone D1Ck Ruby Bud Marshall and Clark Stuart 1n the hurdles Ed Glllesple and Dlck Glllesple 1n the pole vault Don Botsford and Van Chrrstoff 1n the h1gh jump and Fred Velgel rn the shot put Almost all of the above members of the squad w1ll be returnmg next year Brad Hardmg and Paul Herman are two promlsmg sophomores who alded the Ploneers greatly lh1S year The Pioneer relay team was qulte a surprrse Known as the Nervous Four last year +hey redeemed themselves to become a real threat to other relay teams Th track season began wrth lndoor dual meet vrctones over the Alumnr and Flmt Central Movmg outdoors had no effect on the success of the Ann Arbor harners as they ran over Rrver Rouge Dearborn and Pontrac 1D suc cess1on The team fmrshed srxth 1n the Rrver Rouge Invrtatronal 1n Class A competltlon Consrderrng what the squad has done th1S year and that practr ally the same team w1ll be back next year we can expect to hear good news from our track squad rn the future 1 1 1 - ' 1 1 - 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 , . . . . . 11 11 , n 1 1 1 ' . . . .F C - 11 11 1 Baseball Seven returning lettermen undoubtedly give this years baseball squad an additional boost Those returning 1nclude George Black Iohn Case Dick Hager Ceorge H1l1a Walt Koehler Bart Grrmes and Irm Iohnston Coached by Charl s Cook who IS capably filling the shoes of last years coach Ben Reed the hard h1tt1ng Proneers are looking forward to a splendld season In the opener with Plnckney Ann Arbor went all out and drubbed them agalnst the determlned and slugging Pioneers In the second contest Ypsr High bowed 61 In both games Walt Koehler allowed but one h1t Relief pitchers were responsible for the only talhes The starting lmeup rn the opener was as follows Black on third base Wagner 1n right held I-Iardesty either pitcher or center held Koehler erther pitcher or center field Hllla left field Podesta lst base Hager 2nd base K1ng shortstop and Mesnard catcher Doug King 1S a very prom1s1ng sophomore and should go a long way before he graduates Koehler has already proved what he can do and he should be one of the top hurlers 1n the 5A Other pitchers that round out the mound staff are Glen Hardesty hm Johnston and Carl Maier 20-2. Their pitcher had previously hurled a no-hit shutout but showed little skill Mock Blectton Best All Around G1rl MaryBelle Iame Best All Around Boy Ed G1ll9Sp1e Most Accomphshed Sktpper Dave Wllder Best Apple Pohsher Catherme Warren Most Lrkely to Become Famous Ed Sandell School Sweater G1rl Nancy Lewrs Most Glamorous G1rl Phyll1s Hadley Most Sh1n1ng Example ot Mascullne Pulchrltude George H1lla Most Dangerous Wolt Most Dangerous Female Best Boog1e Woogre Artlst Most Conhrmed Bachelor Most Athletlc Amazon Best Olymplc Mater1a1 Vorce Most Lrkely to Make the Best Source ot Atomlc Energy Sharpest W1t Drmmest W1t Bxggest Eater Most Reckless Dr1ver Met Albert Hyma Ruth Spear Dave H11d1nger George Berrldge lean Smrth George H1lla hm Ueberhorst George H1lla Ed oandell Clrtt O Grady George H1lla Ierry Thurston 0 Biggest Feet .................... , ............. Bill Upthegrove 3 SENIOR OFFICERS Ed Gillespie Mary Belle Iames Arthur Zill Senior Class The Class of '46 will not soon forget their last year at Ann Arbor High School as the "high and mighty" seniors. This eventful year began with the election of their class officers-Ed Gillespie, Art Zill and MaryBelle Iarnes. After a wonderful football season with Hank Platt, the captain, and many other star seniors helping to gain the 5A League Championship, the class was on its way. ' The Senior Play, "The Perfect Alibi" will be remembered as the perfect mystery. The Frolic, held in March, with Gene DeVine and his orchestra, was one of the biggest and best yet. Reviving the old tradition of a Senior trip, the class succeeded in planning and taking the boat cruise to Mackinac Island. It was the first trip of its kind since the war began, and everyone had a wonf derful time. The Senior Assembly in April was a great success and a lot of fun for everyone in it. All during the year, the seniors were participating in sports, assemblies, clubs, committees, the Optimist and Omega staffs, the operetta, band, and various other activities. Their last week at Ann Arbor High held many events: The effective Bacca- laureate service, the elegant Senior Banquet, the super Senior Prom, the hilari- ous Class Day, and finally the long-awaited Commencement. The Class of '46 has much to remember: but, being the first class in many years to graduate during peacetime, they have even more to look forward to. May the rest of their lives be as successful as their last year at Ann Arbor High School-"Good luck, Seniors." SENIOR EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE How I Iseatedl-Mary Belle Iames, Art Zill, Edward Gillespie, Dorothy De Wolfe. Row 2 -Mr, Schreiber, Dave Hildinqer, Iim Ueberhorst, Mary Wat- kins, George Black. iff' I 0:5 I FREDA AARON Freddre came to Ann Arbor Hrgh from Glensfork Hrgh Sh hope to do occupatxonal therapy after graduatron WALTER ALBER Red rs rather cr quret student but rs strll mterested 1 havrng a good trme He ts also fond of sports marnly huntmg Hrs future plans are uncertam MARGARET ALEXANDER Marg has been a member ot band and orchestra for three years She has also been actxve rn Rrfle Club Roller skatmg and swxmmmg are her out of school rnterests She plans to attend Alexander s School of Cosmetology IOYCE ATCHISON Atch came from Wrthrow Hugh rn Cmcrnnotr as a semor Being Interested rn dramatxcs and wrlt mg she worked on Omega and Optx rmst and played a lead rn the semor play Her future hes rn drama and art COLENE BACON Colene besrdes ex cellmg m home economrcs class work was a member of Cantando Chorr Her contribution to the musrcal actrvrtres of the school as an outstandtng smger was a much apprecrated one WILLIAM BAKER B111 was a mem ber of C O T and the Noon Hour Committee He has served as charrman of the Welcommg and the Burldmg and Health Commrttees He has no defmrte plans for after graduatxon 100 NANCY BEAL Nan was a member of Optrmxst Omega Scrence Club Orchestra G A C and Camera Club She served as secretary of Sctence Club and vrcepresrdent of Camera Club She wrll attend Mrchrgan State College IACK BEARMAN lake left chool hrs senxor year to 1oxn the Navy He came here from Slauson Iumor Hrgh and has spent a lot of hrs trme worktng at Wahrs Book Store Hrs plans for the future are xndefxmte HOWARD BEATTY Bud one of our energetrc classmates was a member of the football team as a tumor He plans to enter the armed forces after gradu atzon ELIZABETH BECKER Betty who has s rved on the War Servrce Records Commrttee rs mterested rn sewrng foot ball cooklng typmg and musrc After graduatron she plans to travel and then to work rn an office LOLA BENNETT Lola 1s well known for her work m the sophomore yunror and senlor plays Among her many other school actrvrtres are partrcrpatton on the Welcommg Assembly and Noon Hour Commrttees rn Masquers Club and on the Optrmrst staff as reporter and thrrd page edrtor She lrkes dancmg dramatxcs and wrmng The Urnversrty of Mrchrgon 1s Lola s chorce for hrgher educatron GEORGE BERRIDGE George served on the Stamps and Bonds Commrttee or the Student Councrl He lrkes to sarl and rs Interested ln sports Low rs hrs future and the Umverstty of Mlchrgan rs hrs cholce of school MILDRED BERSUDER Mxckey came from Dexter Hrgh School She was a member of the Art and Archery Clubs She entoys bowlxng dancrnq and skat mg and she wants to attend a school of Cosmetology DOROTHY BETKE Dot has served as a homeroom offrcer and partrctpated m the COT program rn her senror year Worlung as a secretary rs her mtentton after graduation DORIS BIDDLE Interested m sports of all kmds Dons has served rn both the GAC and Archery Club for three years She has also worked on the Stamps and Bonds and War Servrce and Records Commlttees Dorxs plans to malor rn physrcal educatxon at the U of M GEORGE BLACK George has been actrve m Spanrsh and Boosters Clubs rn Student Councrl and rn sports He rs a letterman and was out three years for football basketball and baseball A course rn engrneermg school hes rn the rmmedrate future for htm DONALD BOTSFORD Don lrterally ran through hrgh school bernq actrve rn track and cross country for thre years He plans to enter some umver rty upon graduation from Ann Arbor Hugh School RICHARD BOMAN Drck s chxef mter est rs rn sports He has partrcxpated rn both football and Intramural basketball He plans to study radto technology after graduatron ,s p 6 ,f Q f .2 - .yri 5 y it g , 'B ,A :ll i " -,-:: ' M ,. 3 Q, 1' Q' A 1 . . . . -n V - , " " IOYCE BREDERNITZ Ioyce has served GERTRUDE BRAUN Gertrude partici- pated in the orchestra for all three years of high school, In the l2th grade she joined the Rifle Club. Her chief interest lies in music and she plans to attend the U, of M. on the Student Council, in the Scribblers Club, and in Glee Club. She is inter' ested in sports and dancing, and she plans to go to Ypsilanti Normal College after graduating. I IOAN BROMLEY Ioan was a member of Masquers, Rifle Club, and A Cap- pella, and she served on the Optimist Staff in her senior year. Michigan State is her college choice IOYCE BUNN Ioyce was a member of Masquers Student Council and Omega staff and was elected president of Stamps and Bonds Committee She en joys tennis riding and music She will enter the U of M ROBERT BURBY Bob participated in the Spanish Club in his sophomore and junior years and took part in the Spanish Club assemblies Bob likes to experiment with radios He thinks that he may go to the University of Michi gan ELIZABETH BURLINGAME Bette came from Bolton High in Louisiana and was active in the Boosters and Masquers clubs She also was chair man of the Make up committee for the junior and senior plays Her chief in terests are skating and swimming She plans to attend Michigan State College IOHN BURT Iohn was in the annual operetta lor three years and in the Art Club, He plans to enter the Chicago Art Institute after graduation, GILBERT BUTLER f"Gil" went out for football his senior year andvis inter- ested in photography. He was secretary of his homeroom. His plans for the future are indefinite. BERNIECE CARPENTER "Win" was an active member of the Art Club in her junior year, Dancing and sports are her chief interests. Her future is still indefinite. CAROL CUMMINGS Carol an active dramatist in Wig and Mask worked also on the noon hour and social com mrttees Besides her soda jerking job her chief interest is journalism after graduation she plans to carry on this field at the University of Michigan IACK CARSON Iack Carson fno rela lon to the radio character! was the vice president at the Art Club His chief interest was and still is females He expects to attend the University of Michigan GENE CARTWRIGHT Slim the guid ing light of the art room enjoys being social and likes art reading and sports She plans to go to the U of M rt school -we IOY her has and the are will CE CASPERS "lay" came to us in senior year from Clara City. She participated in the Science Club was on the make-up committee for Senior Play. Her chief interests dancing, music, and skating. You be able to find her at the U, of M. next year, HELEN CHRISTOFF Helen was in the Wig and Mask and Masquers Clubs during high school and worked on the Optimist and Omega staffs. She has served on the Social Committee and was on the Student Council Assembly Committee in her senior year. She hopes to attend a nursing school. RICHARD COLE "Dick" was active in football in his sophomore and junior years He is interested in hunting and fishing and plans to be a mechanic after graduation ROBERT COLE Bob a graduate of Slauson lunior High has been quite a sportsman during high school He was out for football and baseball in the tenth eleventh and twelfth grades and sports are his main interests He erved on a party committee this year and plans to go South after graduating to work ROBFRT COOCH While in school Bob was associated with various musical groups Hc. is interested music mainly jazz After he gets out of the Navy he will enter college ANN COOK Cookie is a typical blonde blue eyed high school girl She came to A AHS from Tappan and was a member of Masguers Club here She is also a good cook' Ann plans to attend college after graduation 4' T1 . i A S U - A I il - ' . - ' ' in . I . . ' A - - I - 'I F C . r . 4 Q QB r X 'E Jw . Q? .f 5 E i' 'li . , r ..,, , ""', . Q - A ,.,, I f" X- . , ss , .5 g 3 ,.,,, 3 V p , . , g f 9, 3 K ' O , ' f 52 . 1 . "-? A aiti if Q3 fig' I ', 3, I ' if E sf, BETTY COURT Betty a well known personalrty as a home economrcs stu dent was also an art puprl and worked o ten rn D22 on rewelry and ceromrcs PATSY CRAVENS Pat attended Ply rrouth Hrgh School before comrng ro Ann Arbor Hrgh She was a member of Debate and A Cappella In her spare trme Pat enroys horseback rrdrng swrm mrnq and roller skatrng besrdes church actrvrtr s After graduatron she rs gorrrg to Asbury College RICHARD CRAWFORD Drc t tended hrgh school rn San Francrsco and Detrort before comrng to Ann Arbor Hrgh School He was vrce presrdent of hrs homeroom and was on the Senror Grft Commrttee He hopes to attend the Unrversrty of Mrchrgan KATHRYN CRIPPEN Kathryn was member of Spanrsh and Scrrbbler Clubs andthe Student Councrl She was also a member of the Assembly Com mrttee Her plans for the future are rndefrnrte DORIS DAUIVI Membershrp rn Glee Club and Wrg and Masque have been among Dorrs extracurrrcular actrvrtres After graduatrng from hrqh school she wrll enter busrness college BRODENE DAVIDSON Musrc and dra matrcs have been Beas chref actrvr tres rn hrgh school As she was a mem ber of A Cappella Chorr for two years she took port rn three operettas and was a member of Masquers durrng her senror year She plans to attend the Unrversrty of Mrchrgan 102 MAXINE DAVISON Max was ac trve as a member of GAC Rrfle Club Boosters Student Councrl Optrmrst Omega and Stamps and Bonds Com mrttee She enroys sports dancrrrg and playrng rhe prano A college career rs her after graduatron plan BETTY DE GUISE Betty came to us from Redford Hrgh rn Detrort Whrle here Betty became a member of the Op rmrst and Omega Staffs She lrkes skatrng dancrng and musrc Her future lres rn the study of medrcrne at the U of M CHARLES DELF Bud attended Krngs ford Hrgh School before he came to Ann Arbor Hrs Chref extra currrcular rnterest rs frshrng and he tells us that he rs rnterested rn women ROBERT DENAY Bob was actrve rn football and Rrfle Club durrng hrs sophomore yeor He rs rnterestecl rn huntrng frshrng and rce skatrng He plans to Q0 rnto busrness wrth hrs father after graduatron DOROTHY DEWOLF Dots varred rnterests have found an outlet rn the GAC Spanrsh and Scrrbblers Clubs and rn A Cappella Chorr She has also served on the Omega Staff and the Noon Hour Commrttee She wrll enter college after graduatron DONNA DIAMOND Donna Came here from Slauson lunror Hrgh ln her sopho more year she was a member of the class executrve board Her morn rnter est rs art and she plans to take up modelrng and merchandrsrng s,,..4I DOROTHY DICE Dottre has been a member of Wrg and Masque ond Masguers as well as Cantondo and A Cappella Chorrs She enroys musrc and plans to attend the U of M after gradu C1 lOl"l CLIFFORD DICKASON Clrff was rn terested rn debatrng Rrfle and Scrence Clubs and A Cappella Chorr and was out for track rn hrgh school He wrll take up a medrcal career at the Unr versrty of Mrchrgan DONALD DILDINE Don was actrve rn football and Rrfle Club durrng hrs frrst two hrgh school years and was 1 Nlasquer s Club rn hrs lunror and senror years He was also presrdent of hrs homeroom Its mrlrtary trarnrng and then college for hrm SAILY DONALLY Donny lrkes mu src both popular and classrcal as was shown by her membershrp rn Glee Club Cantando and A Cappella Chorrs She hopes to study occupatronal therapy at the Unrversrty of Wrsconsrn ANNE DOUVITSAS Anne was actrve rn Scrrbblers and Camera Club Stamp and Bond Commrttee and partrcrpated rn grrls sports She plans to go to a busrness college ROBERT DRESSEL Bob has been a loyal devotee of the sports havrng par trcrpated rn tennrs football and cross country He was rn the rumor and senror plays A Cappella Chorr and operetta were hrs rnarn rnterests rn musrr: He was co edrtor of the Omega and rn the future he wrll work hard at the Calr fornra School of Technology l I l ft J 7 f 'gli C y Y 53 Q ' I ,,,, I yy? I .Z ,.,.,, ,f 4 . bbbb CQ qw W N I ti T -"'k"G V 1. U f ' . ' . DOROTHY IEAN DU BOIS- "Dot" at- tended night school in Ypsilanti and Detroit, She was in the Scribbler's Club for two semesters. She enjoys sports, dancing, and plans on being an office clerk after graduation. MARY EDWARDS Active in debating. orchestra, and in the Science and Masquers Clubs. Mary became espel cially interested in music and science, Alter graduation she plans to major in psychology at the University of Michi- gan FRED EIBLER Fred was manager of the baseball team and played football in his lumor year In hrs senior year he was occupied with the Student Coun cil Fred likes fishing and boating and has no definite plans for after gradu ation ROBERT EIDSON Bob a member of the Student Council chose science for special zalion during hrs high school career Bob was an active member of the Science Club which was a natural interest since he plans to enter medi cal school alter graduation LE ROY LTZEL Red has been out for football all three years at high school and has been quite a star He may even follow his coach to Syracuse University He has been vice president of his homeroom and a member of the Senior Frolic Committee this year Etz says his main interests are ice skating and bowling CONSTANTINE EVANGELIDES Gus was interested in baseball while he was rn high school He also worked in his fathers restaurant after school Gus lrkes to dance and he plans to go into the Army after graduation ta... HELEN EVANGELIDES - Helen was rn- terested in G.A.C. and participated in many sports. Her chief interests are basketball, football, and dancing. She intends to enter a small business cal- lege. LAURA EVERHART "Pat" has been very active in sports, which includes membership in G.A.C, and the Archery Club. She was on the Stamps and Bonds Committee Her main interest lies in sports and she intends to go to a nu sing school RICHARD FAHRNER Dick was out for football and wrestling during his years in high school and participated in Rifle Club and on the Noon Hour Committee He will attend the Univer sity of Michigan Law School IAMES FEATHERLY Doc is one of Ann Arbor High s husky boys He plans to be a farmer after graduation IEAN FIELDS lean participated GAC baseball hockey basketball and volleyball She is interested in bookkeeping and will go to the Ann Arbor Secretarial School CAROLYN FIFE In addition to presid ing over her homeroom as a senior Carolyn has been interested in such extracurricular activities as swimming ice skating and dancing Future plans include work as a secretary and house wife CAROLINE FINKBEINER Caroline is very interested in sports. She was a member of G,A.C., Camera Club, and Stamps and Bonds Committee. She in- tends to go to college. RUTH FISHER "Fish" was a member of G,A.C., Glee Club, Cantando. A Cap- pella, Masquers, Student Council, and the Assembly Committee. Music, danc- ing. and all sports are her chief inter- ests outside of school. She plans to at- tend Michigan State after graduation CORRINE FLINTOFT Connie came here from Hartland High She has played in our high school band for three years and has gone out for sev eral GAC sports She has also been a member of the Rifle Club As yet Corrine has no plans for after gradu ation EVA FONDREN Dolly has been a member of the Scrrbblers Club Her chief interest is reading and as far as the future is concerned she is unde cided MARY FORD Mary liked basketball and she was a member of the Booster s Club and served on the War Stanmps and Bonds Committee She plans to attend the University of Michigan after graduation IESSIE FORSHEE Coming from Univer sity High in her lumor year less has been active in Rifle Club and the GAC She is a real sports enthusiast being especially fond of horseback riding She plans to attend a Michigan college auf' Kuff' rw-cf 'VB if D I ' . ' in F I ' , g gt It A , t f 3' . V Fi .., .nil A I L V I I ... Q it K Y L - . ' ' I' lzqvv -.df 'Q , of -c X 1 ..... 2. R N K V may L- .if ' W il ..::, ,,, ' 'W' .." I , ,::, E I , I V Q' i ' sy j i A M kk ti I 1 , ' ff' gang .qu 'Vit ww "C.,.'?' LEAMON FOWLER Lea Fowler came to Ann Arbor Hrgh School irom Cornrng Hxgh School rn Arkansas He was a member of the Orchestra and of the Camera Club Leamon rs rnterested rn readrng swhnmrng and photography He rs now rn the Navy PATTI LOU FRYE Those brg blue eyes of Pattrs are only one at her charms and her smrle was rust made to go wrth them She has been actrve rn the Rrtle Club on Socral Commrttee and rn the Booster s Club Pattr plans to attend Denrson Unrversrty rn Ohro TAMARA FUIII Tammre came to A A H S from Hohwer Center Arkansas She rs very lond at sewrrzg readrng and skatrng After graduatron she plans to attend a school of cosmetology WILLIAM FUIITSUBO Rusty came to AAHS lrorrr Mrles E Cary Hrgh He rs rnterested rn basketball and was presrdent of the Spanrsh Club He tells us that sleep rs hrs prrncrpal extra currrcular actrvrty The Unrversrty of Mrchrgan rs hrs chorce of schcol lor the future LORRAINE FULLER Lorrame has par trcxpated rn a varrety of actrvrtres rn cludrng Masquers and Spanrsh Clubs the Stamps and Bonds Commrttee and the War Servrce and Records Commrt tee Alter graduatron she plans to at tend Ohro State Unrversrty IOAN FURTHMUELLER loanre was rn the Wrg and Mask Scrrbblers and COT Her chref rnterests are rn dra matrcs rrdrng and musrc She plans to do secretarral work tollowrng gradua tron 104 IESSIE PYFE Iessre rs a member of Contando Chorr and the Camera Club and has served on the Stamps and Bonds Commrttee She has partrcrpated rn sports her mam rnterests are rce skatrng and movres RICHARD GALLOWAY Drck was rn tt- band all through hrgh school and was rn the orchestra as a sophomore He was rn A Cappella as a runror and took part rn Prnaiore Hrs sport rs golf but hrs mam pleasure rs rn musrc hell probably become Cab Galloway after he frnrshes at the Unrversrty of Mrchrgan DONALD GANZHORN Don has been rn Ann Arbor Hrghs Scrence Club and was on the Student Councrl He has specralrzed rn mathematrcs and mtends to study engrneerrng at the U of M HARRIETT GARDNER Ioey has been a dance planner as Student Charrman ol teenagers canteen She rs land of dancrng but mtends to go rnto nurse s trarnrng after qraduatron JOAN GAUL Ioany was a member ot the Glee Club and the War Servrce Records Commrttee Her favorrte pas trmes are roller skatrng and dancing She plans to attend the U of M MARY GEIGER Mary helped wrth the Student Activrty trcl-cet sales and was rn Scrrbblers Club lor two years She served on the Senror Commencement and Grit Commrttees and was also rn Glee Club She lrkes sports and enroys watchrng them She may go to busrness college rn Ypsrlantr EDWARD GILLESPIE Ed partrcrpated rn football swrmmrng and track for three years and was co captarn ol rhe swrmmrng team rn hrs senror year He was presrdent ot both hrs runror and senror classes Hrs chref rnterest rs ily rng and alter graduatron he plans to enter the Naval Avratron Program RICHARD GILLESPIE Drck attended Davenport Hrgh School and Roosevelt Mrlrtary Academy before comrng to A AHS He rs rnterested rn sports and has recerved letters rn iootball track and wrestlrng He plans to attend the U oi M after graduatrng from hrgh school GARRIT GLASGOW Photography rs Garry s hobby and he plans to make rt hrs vocatron as well He has been a member at the Camera Club the Op trmrst the Omega and the Noon Hour Commrttee Many of the candrd photo graphs rn the Omega may be credrted to hrs eilorts BETTY GREGORY Betty was actrve rn contrrbutrng to art drsplays and rn scenery parntrng Her chref rnterests are volleyball and workrng outsrde of chcol She hopes to become a swrtch board operator alter graduatron ETHEL GYDE Ethel was a member of Scrrbbler s Club rn her rumor and senror years Her hobbres are rce skatrng and dancrng She wrll be an up and comrng secretary alter groduatron NANCY IEAN HACKBARTH Nan was presrdent of her homeroom rn her rumor year and vrce presrdent rn her senror year She was also a member ol the War Servrce Records Commrttee Her plans for the future are to attend the Unrversrty of Mrchrgan 1' H3 Q 5- A -is vi ' sf . V' K. 3 but 6 .4 1 .. 5 X ar 3 X .33 'W ly CAROL ANN HAGERMAN Entenng our school as a yunror Carol has made herselt well known by servrce on the Student Councrl Omega Staff and on a varrety at commrttees as well as rn GAC and Cantando Chorr Her ambr tron rs to be a doctor IACK HALLBERG lack was rn Scrence Club and also was a member of the swrmmrng squads He rs rnterested rn gymnostrcs and sports ot all types He says he wrll attend the U of M TED HALLEN Ted has one hobby whrch consumes hrs trme and that rs horseback rrdrng He plans to go to work as soon as he graduates GLENN HAHDESTY Glen rs from North vrlle Hrgh He went out for baseball basketball and football there He was rn Hrtle Club and served on the Semor Prom Commrttee at AAHS He rs rn terested rn a busmess career and hopes to take a course rn general manage ment alter he graduates ANNE HARITON Anne establrshed the Student Forum and served as xts presr dent Throughout hrgh school she has been actrve rn Student Councrl dru matrcs Spanrsh Club GAC Optrmrst and numerous commrttees She was also Omega busrness manager She wrll at tend college ERWIN HAWK5 Erwrn was a member oi the hrgh school Rrtle Club rn hrs sophomore and 1unror years He is fond of auto shop and wants to work rn such a shop rt he rsnt drafted ROBERT HEGER Bob was on the wrestlrng team and belonged to the Rrtle Club durrrrg hrs sophomore year He enlovs popular musrc tennrs and swrmmrng Hrs tavorrte hobby rs sleep rng and he expects to attend erther Mrchrgan State or the Unrversrty t Mrchrgan DORIS HEINZMAN Dorrs lrkes football and basketball She plans to work alter graduatron BETTY HEPBURN Betty has partrcr pated rn sports rncludrng bowlrng skat rng and dancrng and was rn Carr tcrndo Chorr Her lavorrte actrvrtres are roller skatrng and darrcrng After gradu atron she hopes to take a secretarral lol. Calrtorna PAULINF HFRMAN Polly has par trcrpated rn G AC sports and has been a member ol Glee Club Cantando and A Cappella Her chret rnterests are rce skutrng roller skalmg and readrnq s cretary ot her homeroom Her rnter ests are numerous and her plans ror the future are uncertarn EDWARD HEWrTT Ed came to A A HS from Roosevelt Hrgh He was a rrember ot Turtle Club and enroys huntrng and trshrng very much Id plans to go rnto the Army after gradu atron BARBARA HICKS Bobby was cr member of Scrrbblers Club Glee Club and the Semor Play Usherrng Commrt tee She loves skatrng and dancrng Barbara wrll go rnto stenographrc work NIARIAN HIEBER Marran was a mem ber ot Scrrbblers Club durrng her rumor year She was also secretary of her homeroom Her marn rnterest rs rce katrng After qraduatron she plans to attend a school at cosmetdogy DAVID HILDINGEH Daves marn rn terest rs musrc He was on the golf squad a member ot the Senror Execu trve Bo rd and homeroom presrdent He also played rn the band and orchestra Dave pl ms to contrnue hrs musrcal educatrorr at the U ot M GEORGE HILLA George won letters rn tootball basketball and baseball and was co captarrr ol the basketball team He was also interested rn swrmmrng He was presrdent ot hrs homeroom and has chosen Nlrchrgun State as hrs col lego longed to the band during hrs three ye mrs rn hrgh school He al o belonged to Turtle Club and to Stamps and Bonds Con mrttee After graduatron he plans to go rnto naval avratron BETTY HOHLENKAMP Betts enloys berng a spectator at sports especrally lootball After graduatron from hrgh school she rntends to work rrr an otfrce D ' , , N rn '. 1 . Q ' 4 . ' A A Y BETTY HETCHLER "Hetch" was the HAMPTON HOBSON "Ham" has be- I 1 1 ? , 4 38 3 twt va f"'95 Qxns an... BETTY MAE HOLMES Betty was rn the lunror Red Cross and Homeroom Wel fare Comrnrttees Her chref rnterests arc readrnq sports and good movres Her plans tollowrnq qracluatron are rnclef rnrte THELMA HOPPFR Thelma partrcrpated rn the Red Cross group rn her sopho more year and was an actrve member at Cantando and A Cappella Chorrs Her chref rnterests are musrc and sports College hes ahead lor her CONNIE HOPPS Actrve rn the GAC For three years Connre also found trme tor Iarthlul servrce on the Noon Hour Commrttee and rn Boosters Club Her post graduatron plans are as yet r delrnrte BARBARA HOWARTH Barb was rn the War Servrce and Recoras ommrt tee and was also a homeroom secre tary and presrdent Her plans after qraduatron arent detrnrte at the pres en MARY HOWE Mary came from Adrran rn her rumor year and promptly be came a useful member of the War Servrce and Records Commrttee under Mrss Duff Her outsrde actrvrtres center partrcularly on sports MARGARET HUPLEY Marg sang rn the Glee Club as a sophomore and her favorrte sport was volleyball She was rn the Boosters Club and was vrce presrdent ol her homeroom Her rnter est lres rn dancrng and rn movres Mrchrqan State rs the college lor her 106 We Q Ss. ,A . MARY ALICE HUTTON Marv was member of the Grrl Reserves She was rnterested rn Lookrng sew nq readrnq and qornq to the movres She plans to work for a wlrrle after qraduatron and then to get marrred ALBIRT HYMA Al came here from Redlands Calrlornra where he was actrve rn HrY and sports He has worked on Omega and on the Senror Cornmrttees and has won hrs letter rn tennrs He wrll go to the U of M ALFRED HYOSAKA Al Carre to us from Trr State Hrgh rn Calrfprnra He was a member ol the Scrence Club and cross country tearn rn hrs sophomore year and was also treasurer ol the ophomore class rt Hunt Hrgh rn Idaho He o he has been a spark plug on the basketball team He expects to ga to college BETTY ICE Bet loves dancrng and travelrng especrally She partrcrpated n the after school hockey and volleyball qarmes DAVID ILLI Davrd has been out for football and has served on the Noon Hour Commrttee He was presrdent or hrs homeroom and tells us that he rs rrrterested rn cars and grrls IORETTA IMMEI. Movies dancrng and qood books are the Chref rnterests of Loretta She plans alter qraduatron to enter erther Clearv College or Alex andrra School of Cosmetology ,PK NOBE ITAMI Nobe came to AAHS from Postorr Hrgh School He has par trcrpat d rn baseball and basketball Hrs pos' graduatron plans are rndel rcrrte MARYBELLE IAMES Marybelle has partrcrpated rn sports and cheer lead rnq and has been secretary of the sophomore runror and senror classes She was rnterested rn Camera 'Club and Noon Hour Commrttee and was correspondrnq secretary of the Student Councrl as well as presrdent of her homeroom and oi the Art Club :the plans to qc to colleqe after qraduatron IEANINE IANING Ieanrne was a member of Spanrsh and Masquers Clubs She also partrcrpated on the Stamps and Bonds Commrttee She en roys dancrnq and plans to attend the Unrversrty of Mrchrgan alter graduatron MARY lOHNSON Actrve rn orchestra tor two years Mary had other outsrde rr-rterests rncludrnq roller skatrng horse back rrdrng and musrc Her future plans are as yet rndelrnrte PATRICIA IOHNSTONF Pat was a member of the Optrmrst staff the Wrg and Mask and the Masquers Club and has partrcrpated tn staqecraft and rn door sports as well as rn Glee Club Cantanda and A Cappella Her chref rnterests are art and musrc and she plans to attend the Unrversrty of Mrchr gan after graduatron THEODORE IUDSON Ted' rnterests have been rn football cross country track HIY and Student Councrl He was a three year letterman The Unr versrty ol Mrchrqan rs hrs next step rn the ladder of success J ..,lE-s 'R A --rz 1 , , y x J M 3 5' -risk I .X , 3 , " ' .ti """"::' .rr Q -.,, Ei iz ,, my I gr ks in Q i any '91- , .F , ,.,,,- . . t , , . , 3:33, kit. 14 x 1. . , its 55 Vvvvttz "-" 5 E ,I fl . 3 Q 'W W b an it Q' sf x t , F or . rf, A I 'J gum' tl I I , V W N K il fl r f e tg I tr I ' A O . . . , - I I I -n- -y . I . . ' I L I Y . U H t . .- i . I . I ' I - ARTHUR KAIVIPAS Arthur has busied himself in Ann Arbor High School in autoshop and mechanics. He plans to go into the garage business after leav- ing high school. BETTY ANN KAPPLER Horseback rid- ing and swimming are "Betts" favorite pastimes. She also likes writing letters to a certain special someone in the U. S. Navy! After graduation she plans to attend modeling school. KATHERINE KATOPOL "Kate," who was often seen in the famous art room, managed to get her share out of school life. Her post-graduation plans are un- settled. SUZANNE KAYALL Having participat- ed in sports through all three high school years, Sue is chiefly interested in table tennis, although she likes sew- ing also. She has no plans for the future. DELORES KAYFESH "Dee" is very in- terested in music and was a member of the Glee Club. She was also a mem- ber of Scribbleis Club and the Wig and Masque She plan to go into office work NICHOLAS KAZARINOFF The Mad Russian has participated in the follow ing Forensics Debate Masquers French Club Optimist Omega Student Council senior play 1unior play War Protects and Noon Hour Committees and golf He was secretary of the French Club and has been president of various classes Niki is interested in dramatics mathematics and having a good time He plans to go to college somewhere IOYCE KEEN Coming to Ann Arbor from Athens, Georgia, as a senior, Ioyce has been a member of the Senior Frolic, Make-up, and Stamps and Bonds Committees, She plans to attend the University of Michigan. CHARLOTTE KELLAR - Charlotte at- tended Melville High School, St. Louis. Missouri, and University High School be- fore coming to Ann Arbor High in her junior year. She was a member of Scribblers Club and the War Service and Records Committee. ROBERTA KENNEDY - Roberta came from Horning High in Arkansas. She participated in basketball and softball during her sophomore year. She enjoys sports, reading, and dancing. Het plans for after graduation are uncertain, GERALDINE KERN "Gerry," in addi- tion to her good work in scholastics, made an outstanding record in G.A.C. Besides winning many awards, she was secretary of the organization in her junior year and president as a senior. FOGER KESSLER "Rag" was one of the proverbial triple threats having been successful on the basketball and cross country squads and captain f the golf team He likes golff'l and mathematics He has been president of the Noon Hour and Assembly Commit tees to say nothing of being vice presi dent of the Student Council CAROL KIIVIPTON Carol was well known as a cheerleader and in other school activities Optimist Omega Masquers Boosters Student Council and sports have Occupied her time Study at the U of M lies ahead for her it IERRY KISER Ierry has. been a faithful musician in the band all during his high school career. He likes music and will study it in college, RUTH KNECHT Ruth, a member of B- IB, Mr. Frank Reeds homeroom, worked hard not only in school but also after school hours at the telephone company, RAYMONDQKNIGHT -"Chester," a lit- tle fellow, was seen playing football and basketball in his sophomore year. and golf in his junior year. "Iunior" likes sports and Tye's Market. After graduation he expects to join the Army and, when he gets out, to run a store. JANE MARIE COOK "Cookie" was a Iunior Prom hostess and ushered for the senior play. She was active in many sports and sang in Glee Club. She en- joys collecting movie stars' pictures and plans to do office work after grad- uation, IEAN KOCH lean was on the Iunior and Senior Prom Committees She played baseball and was in the Glee Club as well as serving as homeroom ecretary She enioys dancing and skating After graduation she plans o work WALTER KOEHLER Walt aside from being very active in sports was president of Boosters Club and of his homeroom during his senior year He also captained the baseball team this year and was an active member of the football and swimming teams He plans to goto the U of M I 2 H , , I A O S n . . X, ' l . SX A A my . I . - ,,,.., I gf lvyyllq ,:.. I ,A my ,,.: ....,,- Q " .,., wr -' 2 . Y Q ,, 9 :-:l Qlf i -A L. V 'fps if 1 H I +V . e, .- 2. ..,...,.. ,. MARY GEORGIA KOKALES Besrdes srnqrng rn A Cappella Chorr and par trcrpatrng rn GAC Student Forum and Masquers Koke showed abrlrty rn publrcatrons as a member ol both Optrmrst and Omega tails She also served as secretary and vrce presrdent of B3 her homeroom U of M Iles ahead lor her alter graduatron FRANCES KOKINAKES Fran worked hard on Optrmrst and Omega staffs and was also a member oi Spanrsh Club Scnbblers G AC and Glee Club She thoroughly emoys travelrng and musrc and plans to go to college after gradu atron IOANNE KOLANDER A potentral artrst Io rs very lond ol drawrng and loves to travel as well She rs plannrng to go to a Cosmetology School alter graduatrng ROBERT KRETZSCHMAR Kretch has been actrve rn Boosters Club football basketball and track and was presr dent of hrs homeroom Rumor has rt that he possesses better than average good looks He wrll attend the U of M MARY LOU LAMB One of the brg ad drtrons to senror class sprrrt came from Rockford Hrgh as a sophomore Lulu not only served on the Student Councrl and commrttees but was also rn Masquers Club and was bookholder for both the 1unror and senror plays produced by our class LOIS IEAN LANCASTER Shnmps morn rnterest rs rce skotmg She has been actrve rn the GAC Band and Spanxsh Club and has been secretary of her homeroom as well Lots plans to go to Mrchrgan State 108 EW STEPHEN LANE Although quret and unassumrng Stephen has been on the Student Councrl and rn the Spanrsh Club Steve rs Interested rn rnusrc and he lrkes to take long trrps He ex pects to attend the U of M alter hrs graduatron AUBREY LANSKY The Moth was stage manager for the lunror and senror plays of 1944 and 1945 and was actrve rn stagecralt hrs sophomore rumor and senrar years He rs a member ol the tennrs squad and of the Omega stall and rs rnterested rn mechanrcs He plans to attend the U ol M PATRICIA LAU Pat has served on many school Commrttees rn addrtron to berng on the Student Councrl and presr dent ol her homeroom She lrkes sports especrally swrmmrng She plans to at tend the U ol M LVA LEVY Eve rs known tor her pep and personalrty She has been vrce presrdent and secretary of her home room a member ol the War Servrce and Records Commrttee and ol the Wrg and Mask Dramatrcs Club She has par trcrpated rn all the GAC sports and has been rn the Camera and Art Clubs Eva plans to attend the U of M IO ANN LYONS Io whose chret rnter ests are musrc and sports has been a member of GAC Band Boosters and the Camera Clubs She has been both presrdent and secretary of the Band After graduatron she plans to attend the U of M WILLARD MacLACHLAN Mac came to A A HS rn hrs junror year Hrs :href rnterest rs rn photography and he hopes alter graduatron to become a rewspaper photographer Mac rs also rnterested rn all sports and would lrke to do a lot of travelrng ,-V WILLIAM MCBAIN Brll was rn the Rrfle Club as a senror and rs fond ol huntrng He has been vrce presrdent of hrs homeroom whrle at Ann Arbor Hrgh He hopes to enter V5 and to be a Navy tlrer Now that the war rs over he will probably change hrs plans for the future BETTY MCCARTHY Betty was a mem ber of Scrrbblers Club and the Noon Hour Commrttee She loves roller skat rng She plans to work rn an ollrce after graduatron PATRICIA MCCARTHY Exhrbrtrng rnterest tn sports Pat has partrcr pated rn the G A C for two years She also enyoys horseback rrdrng and rs an ardent Iootball lan ROBERTA MCEWAN Although Bob by admrts that boys and dancrng are her rnarn rnterests at pre ent her chref ambrtron rs to go to a modelrng school alter graduatrng EDITH MCFADDEN Edrth rs the krnd ol a grrl who rs always dorng some thrng Durrng hrgh school she has par trcrpated rn sports the Glee Club and has held olirces rn several of her classes Alter graduatron she would lrke to attend a busrness college ELIZABETH MCLAUGLIN Lrbbre came to Ann Arbor Hrgh as a senior from Cambrrdge Hrgh and Latrn School Ccmbrrdge Massachusetts Durrng hrgh school she was rn Lrterary and Musrc Clubs French Club Debate and onthe Omega Stall Scrence and rnuslc are her chrei rnterests and she plans to attend the U of M W I ' .A .15 1 Z 3' , y , up Iizl 1 X J vv1'2 ' K 5 tt I K if ..:::. I V' f r V-1, 2:' , 5, .,,:v, I " -'1'..sE2: ' Uv , Z if 2 . . f, ga A 'R rf Qcl -R' ,'vv IVY! .1- if 5 5 H f es if 2 i ' fr V I " an IOAN MAKIELSKI "Fuzzy" worker. with the Omega crew in her senior year. She was also a member of Art Club, Masquers, and the senior play costume committee. Her chiel interests are sports, music and dramatics. She plans to go to college after graduation. IAMES MALIN "lim" lelt Ann Arbor High School lor military service. While here he was distinguished by his line. neat appearance. His plans tor the iuture are indefinite. JAMES MANN "lim" spends most ol his time having lun and tinkering with automobiles. His plans lor the future are indefinite. PATRICIA MANN "Pat" belonged to the Scribblers Club during her sopho- more and junior years, and she was on the C.O.T. program. Her chief interests are roller skating and Bing Crosby. Alter graduation she plans to become a secretary MARIAN MANZ Mary was often pre occupied with dramatics in high school She was in Masquers Club and was on the luntor Play Committee She will go to the U ot M ROSS MARSHALL Buds friendly ways and school spirit won him honors as Student Council president his senior year He was also in Optimist Band football and wrestling A happy future awaits him at the U of M ILENE MARZ Ilene, besides having time lor making many friends, was an usher lor the senior play and found opportunities lor roller skating and dancing. She plans to go to business school aiter graduation. IENSUKE MATSUZAKI Iensuke entered Ann Arbor High School lrom Topaz High, Topaz. Utah. and atter gradua- tion he plans to attend college. DAVID MEBANE "Tex" came to us from Bryan. Texas. He was a member of Rifle Club and the band. His chief interest is sports, and he plans to go to college. BARBARA MECKLENBURG "Barb" has ct personality to match her lovely voice, She enjoys music and has been a mem- ber ol the Glee Club, Cantando, and A Cappella Choirs. She was active in the Spanish Club and Stamps and Bonds Committee her lirst two years, and as a senior she was in the Booster's Club. "Barb" is planning on going to the U. ot M. music school MABLE MELDRUM Mable was a Stu dent Council alternate during the last part ol her junior vear She has held othces in manv ol her classes Sewing and Art are her chief interests She plans to attend the School ot Cosme trilogy in Ann Arbor after graduation MERLE MENEREY Merle was in Glee Club as a sophomore and played toot ball as a junior He was a member of the Senior Frolic Committee and ot HiY He is going to study dentistry at the U at M LUTILDA MERRITT f"'1'illie." with her winning personality, ushered tor the junior play, graduation, and the senior play, She also sang in Glee Club. Her chiel interests are sewing. cooking, and music. Following graduation, she plans to work, take a trip, and settle down, TED METZGER Ted was in the Science Club and on the swimming team. His chiet interests are electricity and radio. His plans after graduation are indel- inite. He will work or go into the Army. IOAN MICHELSEN "Mickey" has been a member ot Red Cross. Art Club, Masguers, War Records, Stamps and Bonds, Glee Club, Cantando, A Cap- pella, and Omega. Cooking. music, dancing, and sports are her chief inter- ests. "Mickey" plans to attend Ward Belmont School, Nashville, Tennessee. SHIRLEY MILLER Shirley spent a year in Lcs Angeles before returning to A.A.H.S. as a senior. She was in Can- tando Choir and secretary of her home! room during her sophomore year She likes ice skating and iootball EDNA IOU MITCHELL Ed who comes to us trom Maybee High School has varied interests including cooking sewing reading and outdoor sports After graduation she plans to travel about the U S before she settles down IOHN MONSON Iohn s chief delight is tinkering with old automobiles He also likes to swim and have fun His com ments on the luture are rather vague but we think that he will attend college .X A E 1 'it , ,, A r ,f . ' I A 'L ' T5 ,r i 4 4 in I H it b 7 1 , 1 gg ,-., . . I 5 , , I ,:, ' . ' sf . V W .fi sw, fl? Aw VONDA MOON Vonda went to Flrrrt Central as a sophomore She was n Spanrsh Club and vrce presrdent of her homeroom She lrkes to read rrde and dance She wrll attend the Unrversrty of Mrchrgan ESTELLE MORDSKY Stella was a member of the Scrrbblers Club Spanrsh Club Wrg and Masque Grrls Glee Club and the G A C She was also vrce presrdent of her homeroom Her chref rnterests are tennrs rce skatmq movres and dancrng After graduatron she plans to work FRANCES MORTON Francre partrcr pated n the lunror play at New Hudson and was an usher for the senror play at AAHS She rs a member of Masquers and captaln of a softball team She would lrks to have her own dress shop some day DURWOOD MULLREED Durwood was on the Noon Hour Commrttee and rn the Hrgh School Band Hrs chref rnterest rs farmrng so he plans to attend Mrchxgan State College After grad.ratrng from college Durwoocl plans to be a farmer TED MUNEKIYO Ted came to A A H S from Underwood Hrgh Omaha Nebras ka He was on the Student Councrl Hrs chref rnterest rs travel AL MURPHY Al who harls from Wrnd sor Ontarro has been a member of the Optrmrst staff the Camera Club and the track team He has also been presr dent of hrs homeroom Hts mam rnterest rs sports and after graduatron he plans to attend the U of M 110 .aff HARRY NAGAI Harry left Ann Arbor Hrgh for the Navy rn the early part of hrs senror year All who knew hrm remarked about hrs zeal rn hrs scho las rc endeavors BETTY NAKAGAWA After attendrng hrgh schools rn Arkansas and Arrzona Betty came to A A H S She rs a member of the Spanrsh Club thrs year and her chref rnterest rs readmg She rs plannrng on attendrng a busrness college alter graduatron MARGUERITE NANINGA Pugs was new to our school thrs year She came from Provrso Townshrp Hrgh School where she was on the Provrso Pageant Electrrcal Staff She rs a member of Cantando Chorr and rs rnterested ports and men She plans to take up physrcal educatron at the Unrversrty of Illrnors MIKE NAUMCHEFF Mrke rs rnterested rn all krnds of sports He partrcrpated rn rntramural basketball and baseball Mrke rs also rnterested rn swrmmrng and football He plans to attend the U of M after graduatron HELEN NIETHAMMER Durmq her semor year Helen served as presrdent of her homeroom and was actrve rr Boosters Club and rn the GAC Her future plans are rndehnrte KENNETH NELSON Kay came to Ann Arbor from Illrnors He has been on Student Councrl Noon Hour Commrt tee and the cross country team He lrkes good books and wrll go to college ,wt .,-M' DELORES NEVINS De was on the trcket commrttee for the semor play She rs rrterested rn football basketball and Drake s After graduatron she plans to attend a school of Cosmetology KELLEY NEWTON Newt the guy who brrghtened up hrs hrstory class went out for football and lorned the Boosters Club He has also been a farthful member of A Cappella PATRICIA NOLAN Sandy was actrve rn Art Club Camera Club and on the Optrmrst staff Pat lrkes skrrrrg bowl rug and musrc She wrll attend Mrchr gan State College upon araduatron from Ann Arbor Hugh ETHEL ODELL Ethel was a srnger rn the Cantando Chorr rn hrgh school She studred on the stenographrc currrculum and wrll probably do secretarral work after graduatrng CLIFFORD O GRADY Red has found trme for Spanrsh Club and Stamps and Bonds Commrttee Hrs chref rnterests are football baseball and golf He hopes to enter Mrchrgan State after he gradu ates BETTY LOU PAGE Betty Lou came to us from St Thomas Her marn rnterests are dancrng and movres She hopes to travel rn the future 3 W ff f ,xx ,X X rt 42.5.-z.. ' :E:E:E:W .4591 'f 8 'L -. :i?jIgi:' ,:S ' ' t Q35 1' ' f rw, 2 W Q, he . t IN' ' fer. .. ' V' A ff ! - ' V, fi x V -er' 'Va' . f f- ' 'X . mf 4 ' , f, ,. . , ' A 1, , ' ' ' in - A RICHARD PARDON Drcks chref In terests are sports He belonged to the Rtfle Club In hrs sophomore year and went out for track In his senror year Drcrc expects to go to a school for archr tects after he graduates BETTY PECK Peck was actrve In nearly every sport offered Her mam Interests In and out of school are ath letrcs She Intends to be a camp coun selor after graduatron AUDREY PERKINS Audrey left AA HS at the begrnnrng of her senror year havrng spent only half a semester here but we re sure that everybody was sorry to see her leave BETTY PHILLIPS Betty came to AA HS from Alton IllInoIs and became or member of Masquers She was secre tary of her homeroom and hex Interests Include dancrnq and sports She hopes to attend a busrness college here In Ann Arbor alter graduatron GLORIA PHILLIPS Glorras favorrte sport Is skatrng and she partrcrpated In Intramural sports She was secretary of her homeroom In the eleventh grade and vrce prestdent tn the twelfth grade MARY PINE Mary was very actrve In sports especxally softball and volley ball She plans to ga Into offrce work after graduatron HENRY PLATT Hank Is sports mrnd ed He has been actrve In track basket ball and football and was captarn of the football team hrs senror year I oddrtron to hrs Interest In sports here Is a grrl who occupres hrs trme and thoughts He plans to go to college IOHN PODESTA Iohnny has partrcr pa ed In football basketball and base ball hrs three vears IH school Hrs chret Interests are In sports and women H hope to attend Mrchrgan State College IIM POWER Bones one of our bet ter known athletes has been actrve In football track and basketball servrng as co captam of the basketball team In hrs senror year He Is plannrng to enter college erther Mrchtgan State or the U of M WALTER PROCHNOW Sonny was a member of Rrfle Club Student Councrl and Noon Hour Commrttee Hrs Lhref Interests are golf bowlrng and draft Ing He plans to attend the Umversrty of Mrcnrgan or Stanford IEANNE RASH Ieanne made school lrfe Interestrng by parhcrpatmg In Glee Club Omega and Stamps and Bonds Commrttee and by actrng as secretary ot her homeroom She lrkes sports clothes and Interror decoratrng and wrll attend Stephens College In Mrs scurr PHYLLIS RATHBURN Phyl took an Interest In the youth center and Socral Club durrng her sophomore year Sho was also on the Stamps and Bonds Commrttee and was secretary of her lsomeroom She has chosen modelrng as her career and New York as her crty MARILYN READ Marrlyn a resrdent of East Ann Arbor lrkes Spanrsh and IS a member of Spanrsh Club Her future plans are Indefrnrte MARDELL REBMAN Marcy served on the War Servrce Commrttee as a tumor Her prrncrpal Interests are popu lar musrc art movres and good books A s hool of cosmetorogy rs her goal after graduatron VIRGINIA REDLIN Grnger Came to Ann Arbor Hrgh from Dowagrac where h partrcrpat d In dramatrcs was a member of the staff of the school paper and of the grrls trro She loves rrdrng and dancrng DORIS RLNZ Dorrs lrkes sports and rnakrnq frtencls Her chref Interest lIes In harr dressrng After graduatron he plans to enter beauty work RICHARD REULE Drck was a mem ber of the football team In the eleventh grade and partIcIpated In Intramural basketball He was vrcepresrdent of hrs homeroom and hrs Interests are varred He plans to enter the Army or Navy after graduatron GEORGE RIDGE Besrdes berng a pho tographer for the Omega and Optrmrst and presrdent of the Camera Club Bud has found trme to s rve on the Noon Hour Commrttee and to partrcrpate II-I football and track Hrs future plans center about radro and photography -. 1- m11354- PJQHS. ww K I "TQ" A I . A I ' f ' . y n ' . . . A ' l I l I E ,I X hw ' I...' 5 ' 'ff' I .,.. Q rims 12 9 ' , ' 5 3 I I. we sf f " , I Vi ,:,,i - U i, . vga ,gif ff W I . K g .5 I - ::f--: -- I Q .T W ter , -I I- A f ' rg- . 4 N l X Q! al X G 'nhl 1 , fl If X i I I X, yy, 4 gg x , Y FX' ' f m ANGELINE ROOPAS Angre was a member of the Scrrbblers Club and the Grrls Glee Club She has partrcrpated rn many sports and has held the oflrc of presrdent vrce presrdent cmd secre tary of her homeroom Alter gradua tron she plans to contrnue on her C O T rob as a dentrsts assrstant BRUCE ROSS Bruce was presrdent of Rrfle Club hrs junror and senror years and served on the Noon Hour Commrt tee Hrs rnterests are huntrng and trap prng He plans to attend Mrchrgan State College NEIL ROWE Durrng hrs lunror year Nerl served on the Welfare Commrttee and as a sophomore he was a valu able addrtron to the Boys Glee Club When he graduates he rs plannrng on jornrng the Navy CELESTA RUBY Babs rs a quret grrl known for her work rn the orche tra rn whrch organrzcrtron she served as presr dent rn her yunror year She belongs to Scrrbblers and hkes musrc and rce skat mg Her plans are to attend busrness college after graauatron ROSE MARIE SALLES Rosre comes from Ypsrlantr Hrgh School She has partrcrpated rn Masquers and Boosters Clubs Besrdes berng on the Optrmrst and Omega staffs she was on the Noon Hour Commrttee and was rnter ested rn hockey She plans to attend the U of M EDWARD SANDELL Ed s chref rnter ests are dramatrcs and pubhcatrons He partrcrpated rn the sophomore and sen ror plays Prnafore and Iolanthe and was the Optrmrst edrtor rn chref he second page edrtor He wrll use hrs tal ents rn the U of M law school 2 ANNABELLE SANFORD Annabelle was actrve rn Masquers Wrg and Masque and rn the senror play durrng her rumor year She was also secretary of her homeroom and on the War Prorects and Servrce Commrttee Future U of M Scl'ool of Nursrng ALICE SANO Alrce has been drstrn gurshed throughout hrgh school for her talented work as a pranrst and as a cellrst rn the orchestra She also was a valuable member of the French Club Student Councrl and the War Servrce Records Commrttee RICHARD SARAH Drclc was the man who kept the equrpment rn Mr Buells physrcs lab rn runnrng order and made hfe bearable for physrcs students H also teaches arrplanes how to fly ROBERT SCHLEICHER Bob drdntre marn wrth the hrgh school long but whrle here he bathed the school tn the warm glow of hrs persanalrty FRED SCHMID Prrtzs favorrte pas trme rs collectrng guns and hrs favorrte sport rs football He was presrdent ot hrs homeroom and expects to yorn the Coast Guard after graduatron LOIS SCHMIDT Smrtty was a mem bor of the Stamps and Bonds and Noon Hour Commrttees She was also home room presrdent and partrcrpated on the grrls baseball basketball and volley ball teams Her mam rnterest rs sports and her plans after graduatron are as yet uncertarn te few? BARBARA SCHNEIDER Barb has been a member of Rrfle Club GAC S udent Forum Glee Club and Wrg and Masque She rs especrally rnterested rn arrcraft and musrc She wrll study o become a nurse RAYMOND SEEGER Ra rs rnter ested rn havrng a good trme whrle he absorbs an educatron Hrs plans for the future are rndefrnrte ALENE SELL Arlene has been known or her dancrng abrlrtres She rs rnter ted rn musrc and lrkes bowlrng After graduatron she plans to be a stenoqra pher or typrst ROBERT SHANKLAND Bobs rnferests are rn athl trcs o he went out or track as a 1unror and football as a senror He hasnt made defrnrte plans for the future yet LARRY SHAW Larry was actrve rn basketball golf and cross country and was also a homeroom presrdent rn Boo ters Club and on the Optrmrst Ed rorral Staff He has partrcrpated rrr Sudent Councrl and on the Health and Safety Commrttee and plans to attend the U of M IACK SHERBURNE lack s hobbres are slcrrng and rarsrnq chrckens After graduatrnq he wants to frnd a good lcb on a farm . ,, A ti" if .L xr A" .,t, L I l Ez: v K Q 1' 7 A .V - S 2 3 r li, 5- 5 f' t in 1? I rv l I l - - . . . , W H .yn - . U Y I ' 5 ,' 1 ,Q ' - e , . 11 SHOII SHIMASAKI Shorr entered Ann Arbor Hrqh School alter attendrnq Butte Hrqlr School Rrvers Arrzona Hrs chrei rnterest r workrnq rn auto shop After graduatrng he plans to qo bacrc to Calrtornra YOSHIGE SHIIVIIZU Yo came to us Irom Rohwer Center Hrqh School :he as rn the GAC as a junror a Spanrsh Club rn her senror year She plans to enter a Calrtornra school ol Cosmetology ROBLRT SIDVIELL r attended Lansrnq Sexton tor one term rn 45 e was rn dcbatrnq rn the twelfth grad and enloyed thc Spanrsh Club He was also actrvr, on comrnrttees besrcles berrrq homeroom secretarv for two years He plans to attend the Unrversrty ol Mrchr gan CHARLES SIMMONS Chuck went out for qoll rn hrs lunror and senror vears He enroys skatrng and burlclrnq models of everythrnq and hopes to qo or to the Unrver rty of Mrchrqan where he wrll take a course rn engrneerrnq War Servrce and Records and Stamps and Bonds Commrttees and was also vrce presrdent ol hrs homeroom He rs Iond of sketchrnq musrc spots and prrrochle After qraduatron he plans to start workrng HOWARD SLOCUM Sloc was an actrve member of the golf team all three years ol hrs hrgh school Career He rs marnly rnterested rr? sports and plans to enter college BARBARA SMITH Barb was rn the Art and Glue Clubs :rs a sophomore anal was secretary and vrce presrdent of her homeroom and secretary ot h War Servr e and Records o'nn'rtree She was rn G AC and on the Optrmrst 'att rn her rumor year Her Chrel rnter e ts a e art and cosmetology BLTTY LOU SMITH Bet whose chret rnterests are sewrnq movres and play rnq tennrs has been a member of the Grrls Glee Club Alter graduatron she plans to attend the Unrversrty ol Mrchr qurn and Iohns Hopkrrrs School I Nursrng IEAN SMITH lean rs the outstanctrng sportswoman ot our class She rs rot orly a good sport but good rn sports' She has qone out Ior practrcally every qrrls actrvrtres the GAC can alter In her senror year she has beer r ce presr dent ot the G A C and hockey manager She has also been a member ot h Rrlle Club lor the prrst two years PHYLLIS SMITH Phyl was a mem ber ot the French Club rn thc eleventh qracle and partrcrpated rn dramatrcs all through hrqh school Her rnterests arc varred and her post qraduutron plans rnclude colleqe PATRICIA SOROLIS In hrqh school clubs Camera Club Cantando and A C rppelltr Red Cross and several com mrttees Pats chrel rnterests outsrde shool are readrng and musrc The Unrversrty ot Mrchrqan rs her Chorce Io col'e e RUTH S EAR Ruth came here as a senror from Albequerque New Mexrco where she was actrve rn chorus and band She rs treasurer of Boosters U ol M lrterary school lres rn er rmmedrate Iuture wrth the possrbrlrty of law school ahead BETTY STAUDENMAIER Bets has been a rnrnorette lor the last two years She was a member ol the Boosters Cub arrl the Noon Hour Commrttee Her chrel rntere t rs dancrng and she plans to enter dancrnq school alter qrccluatrorr LOIS STLLRE Gus one ol the most versrtrle rrrembcrs ol her class has been a lerder rn many actrvrtres clurlrnq Student Councrl Debatnq Presr flerts Cornmrttre and the rumor play She pl rrrs to Iollow up her rnterest rn broloqy at the Unrversrty ol Mrchrgan GERAIDINI STILRS Ierry went to Ypsrlcrntr Hrqh tor the eleventh grade She was rr Serrror Lrle Savrnq qrrls chorus and wrt actrve rn many sport Her chref rnterests are horseback rrd rnq rce skatrnq and chemrstry She p ans to attend the Unrversrty ol Mrchr qan Dental School IOHN STLPP Iohn lrke most boys rs rnterested rn sports rnarrrly swrmmrrrq Hrs plans tor the Iuture are rndeirnrte PATRICIA STOLL Pat came rom Walla Walla I-Irgh School rn Washrnq ton She was rn Masquers Optrmrst Camera Club Stamps and Bonds Com mrttee and was presrdent ol her home room She rs rnterested rn nearly. all ports and plans to attend some college UAVID STOVEL Dave was on the Omega stall rn hrs senror year and was a member of French Club Hrs Chref rnterests are art musrc archrtec ture and cookrnq He plans to study wrth Frank Lloyd Wrrqht lor two years and then go to college X 'tariff' ' ' ,I 'S I ' .I 3. I I re Q r A ' . V' , ' 'lind ' '. I A IA -I W ' 1 . , I V ,, . A. . . U A V , : - I in, . ' o - I- I ' I I I - s , I ,,S.d,, 5 ' V I A ' - Q ' ' . H 3 , ' ' . z Q- H 1' I - ' . e , ' I I ' A ' . IF-MES SIMMONS "lim" WGS OH lhe "Pat" took part rn G.A.C., dramrrtics, y ' V - ' A r I 3 . " " . . . I . ' ' I ' ' The , ' . I 1 Q . . ' ' h - Q H " 33- ' 2 5 s X I .,.,. MSN rr My I: I 3 R rf is x . tt v 5 ,ef ' 3 , ' " : X95 R 5 it A Q . I Ei I S sf" 4 4 HELEN STRATOS Helen lrkes dancrng bowlrng and skatrnq and a good trme rs had by all who assocrate wrth her Helen was on the Commencement Invr tatron Commrttee and she would lrl-ce to go to a busrness college IACK SWANSON Swede Swanson played lootball lor Ann Arbor Hugh and hrs chrel rnterest rs rn grrls erther rn or out ol school He plans to work alter he graduates TOD TAKAHASHI Tod who came o us lrom Edrson Hrqh rn Stockton Colr lornra was actrve rn lootball He says he has varrous outsrcle rnterests Tod plans to attend the unrversrty IACK TANNER lack has s rved rn the Scrence Club on the War Servrce Com mrttee on the Student Councrl and n cross countrv clurrng hrs rumor year and rn Camera Club and cross country durrng hrs senror year Hrs chrel rnterest rs radro whrch he plans to study at the Unrversrty ol Mrchrgan RUSSELL TAYLOR Russ was actrve rn Hr Y hrs sensor year He lrkes sports especrally rce skatrng and he plans to go to work after graduatrng FRANK TEACHOUT Durrng hrgh school Frank has been a member ol the band and Rrlle Club He also has taken part rn rntramural wrestlrng and basketball Musrc sports and auto me chanrcs are Franks chrel rnterests He wrll attend Mrchrgan State College 114 BEVERLY TEASDALE In addrtron to berng a member ol the Spanrsh Club and the Optrmrst stall Bev has been presrdent vtce presrdent and secretary ol her home oom Alter graduatron she plans to attend the U ol NI CARL THAYER Carl whrle rn hxgh school was very actrve rn sports H was on the lootball team and partrcr pated rn rntramural basketball and Wrcstlrng He rs now rn servrce FREDERICK THOMAS Fred has been a member ol the band for "nee years and also ol the swrmmrng team He plans to ma,or rn radro rn ollege Fred plays the clarrnet and saxophone rn the band GARY TILL Gary has partrcrpoted n mtramural ba ketball and rn Rrlle Club He was also presrdent ol hrs homeroom Il the Navy doesnt clarm hrm alter graduatron some college wrll SUZANNE TRICK In addrtron to bernq a ttve rn Masquers Club and on the Optrmrst stall Sue has been homeroom vrce presrdent and Student Councrl al ternate She lrkes sports and plans to go to Mrchrgan State College MARIORIE TROMBLEY Margre has lent her sweet vorce to both the Grrls Glee Club and A Cappella Chorr She has been devoted to the prano and srnqrng and alter graduatron her trme wrll be drvrded between her musrc and berng a secretary Margre has also been the secretarv ol her homeroom and a member ol the Noon Hour Commrttee 5- STANLLY TSCHILTZ Stan lrkes sports and went out lor lootbctll track and wrestlxng He was vrce presrdent ol hrs homeroom and plans to work lor a whrle before gornq on to college GLORIA TURNER IO has taken a actrve part rn orchestra durrng her sophomore runror and senror years She enjoys roller skatrng rce skatrng and tennrs Alter graduatron she plans to attend a chool ol Cosmetology IAMES B UEBERHORST E B who rs rnterested rn vocal musrc partrcrpated rn three operettas and was a member ol A Cappella Chorr He drd a fme job rn the senror play and was a member ol Screnc Club Masquers Optrmrst stall and Student Councrl He wrll enter the U ol M WILLIAM UPTHEGROVE Uppre par trcrpated rn the annual operetta wrmmrng and rn tennrs lor three years He has also served on the Omega stall as busrness manager Alter graduatron he plans to attend the U ol M DONNA IEAN VAN MEER Donna was actrve rn the GAC an War :ervrce Records Commrttee and on the Op trmrst stall Her chrel rnterests are dancrng sports musrc and shows She plans to do ollrce work alter grodua tron ANGELA VLISIDES Dolly was rn Spanrsh and Masquers Clubs She was rn the sophomore play and her chrel rnterests are sports and dramatrcs Her ambrtron rs to become a nurse 3 L git' ll rf' Q :" "--f2 2 -:'--- e gy zz-E .,.- f' geeky .Y ' 't ff' ,, Ar I i , if -re-1 I ll' ff- A V r I . , ,, ,, n H H I " I I e A I . , I - - . I I DONALD VOGEL "Don" was a mem- ber of Kip Taylor's homeroom, so he was naturally interested in football. As cr junior he was a member of the squad. He is very interested in met chanics and plans to continue with work along this line. LILIAS CAROLINE WAGNER Lilias was second page editor of the Optimist and president of Masquers Club in her senior year. She was also a member of the Orchestra and A Cappella Choir. Lilias plans to attend the Uni- versity of Michigan, and after that N.B.C. is her goal. MARY WAGNER "Lizzv" was in .he Glee Club in her' sophomore, junior. and senior years. In addition, she was also a member of the Science Club and on the Optimist stall. The junior and seniq play committees and the bowling team helped to keep her busy. She likes to dance and is a pianist. WALDEMAR WALKER "Waldy" has been a faithful member of the Spanish Club and has been in three tno lessl of its annual assemblies. He was also on Nocn Hour Committee. He likes music and drawing, and he intends to go to college. RALPH WARNER Ralph's chief inter- est outside ol school is sports. He plans to go into the Navy after graduation. CATHERINE WARREN "Cathy" came from El Reno, Oklahoma, She's inter- ested in nearly all sports, has beer' singing in Cantando and A Cappella Choirs, and was in the junior play as well as in 'assembly production. Her chief interest lies in creative writing She plans to go to the University of Michigan TERRIE WATANABE Coming tram Salt Luke City, Terrie has been active in the Spanish, Art, and Boosters Clubs, She is interested in sports and is a music-minded person, She plans to be- come a nurse, LYLE WATERS Lyle came to us from Alpena High School and was a member of Science Club, the Student Council, and the Noon Hour Committee Flying airplanes takes up most of his spare time. MARY WATKINS "Mert" is an all' arounder. She was active in dramatics. music, Omega, Optimist, and G.A,C, She has held many offices and was on the senior executive board, Her chief interest is flying, and she plans to attend the University ol Michigan IACQUELINE WEBBER Transferring from Ashland High School in Kentucky as u senior, "Pinky" was chiefly inter' ested in piano. She plans to move to Arizona after finishing high school ROY WEBER "Lefty" was interested in sports and participated in high school football, basketball and baseball. He was also president of his homeroom Bfl2 and plans to attend Michigan State College after graduation. MARTHA WELLS "Marty" is known for the following: Stamps and Bonds, War Projects, French Club, Science Club, Student Council, orchestra, A Cappella, Omega, and G.A.C, She has been secretary and vicefpresident of the French Club, vice-president of the Science Club, and president of the War Projects Committee. Martha is interested in music piano and cello French and medical science She plans to go t college ALICE WENGERA Alice lound herself busily occupied with her work at 'ihe telephone company and, naturally, hcr homework, She will probably stay at the telephone company alter she gradu- Mes. CORINNE WENK Corky," as she is known to her friends, has been active on manv committees and has served as treasurer of Masquers Club for two years. She w.:s president of her home room and is interested in music, read ing, and hiking She says she will fit, tr-nd the University of Michigan DAVID WEST "Dave" was the little fellow who managed the lootball team, and played tennis in his sophomore year and intramural basketball and tennis in his junior and senior years. He likes to ice skate, hunt, and iish. H0 expects to go to college and 'then take up forestry work. DORIS WEST "We-sty" has been a member of Scribblers and Stamps and Bonds Her chief interests are sewing and working. She plans to do secre- tarial lwork upon graduation from high school. BARBARA WHEELER "Barb" was in the G A.C,, Student Council, A Cappella Choir, many committees, and served on the Omega staff, She was homeroom secretary and vicefpresident. She en- joys all athletics and music and will probably enter nursing. SHIRLEY WHIPPLE Shirley has sung in Glee Club and in the Cantando and A Capella Choirs. She was on the Commencement Announcement and sen- tor plav committees She is often found skating and cycling and will go to Michigan State College vu- X ,fe BARBARA WHITE Barb has been actrve rn Boosters Club Boar Club G AC War Servrc and Records Com mrttee and Cantando Chorr She enroys pors and jrtterbugqrng She plans to artend the Unrversrty of Mrchrgan DAVID WHITFIELD Durrnq hrs career at hrgh school Davrd has served on the Optrmrst and Omega stalls along wrth berng a member ot the French and Masquers Clubs He also took part rrr the lunror play CILBERT WHITNEY Grlbert was a member ol the Scrence Club for two years and was well known as a mem ber ol the band lor three years Hrs chrel rnterest rs musrc and he hopes to attend Mrchrgan State College next year PHILLIP WHORLOW Phrl came to A AHS from Valrer Hrgh Montana and stepped rrqht rnto our way ol Irie He was known to the senror play cast ct whrch he was a lecrdrng member as Murdock I-Ie rs rnterested rn musrc and dramatrcs ALVIN WIEDMEYER Wrede rs look mg forward to the day when he wrll be through wrth school and teachers He plans to be a bus drrver DAVID WILDER Dave was rn Mas quers Spanrsh Club sports A Capella Chorr dramatrc productrons and served as Student Councrl alternate and home room presrdent Hrs chref rnterests are rrusrc and Englrsh He plans ro attend the Unrversrty of Mrchrqan 116 it 'V -Wx PATRICIA WILLSHER In hrqh school Pat has served as presrdent of Scrrb I lers and homeroom secretary She was al o a member of GAC and War o rxrco and Records Commrttee Pat loves rce sknrtrng Alter graduatron she wrll work rn ar oflrce IVIAHY WILSON Wrllre was very actrve rn sports and was a member ol the Spanrsh Club rn the tenth grade She vtas also a member of the Glee Club Cantando and A Capella Chorrs and secretary of her homeroom Her chrel rnterests are sports and musr and her plans for the future are rndei rnrte HELEN WINKLER Wrnkre came to A AHS rn the twellth grade and rm rnedrately jorned Masquers and was an usher lor the senror play She was rn a Gee Club operetta Her chref rnterests are dancrnq and rce skatrnq She plans to attend a desrgnrnq club rn New York ESTHER WOLTER Esther came from Unrversrty Hrgh where she was a member ol Latrn Club and the chorr She has partrcrpated rn all sports whrch are her chret rnterests Alter graduatron Esther plans to attend nurs mg school LENOHE WOOD Interested rn publrc uttarrs Norre was treasurer of the Student Forum rn her senror year and also served on the busrness staifs of the Optrmrst and Omega College rs rn luded rn her plans alter qraduatron DARWIN WOODS Woody who has often be n seen cheerleadrng was a ncember of the Spanrsh Club ol whrch I was treasurer He has taken part rn the Spanrsh Club assemblres durrng hrs Junror and senror years Woody lrkes basketball and huntrnq and partrcrpatecl rn basketball actrvrtres rn hrs sopho n'ore vear He rs lookrnq lorwarcl to a law course rn he Unrversrty ol Mrchr aan DONALD WORLEY Dons chrel rnter csts out of school rnclude huntrng skatrng and swrmmrnq After gradua tron he plans to attend the medrcal chool at the Unrversrty ol Mrchrgan ANNA MAY WRIGHT Annas chref rnterest rs musrc and she was an actrve member ol Glee Club and Cantando Chorr She was also a member ol Wrg and Masque and Scrrbblers Clubs Ann who was three trmes secretary ol her homeroom plans on a college career rn secretarral work IAMES WRIGHT Irm who worked Ior the Art Club Stage Crait and Omega went out lor iootball three years and Irkes all sports He was vrce presrdent of hrs homeroom Commercral art rs hrs career chorce RICHARD YARMAIN Drcks mam rn' terest rs rn musrc and he has been a vrolrnrst rn the orchestra He was on the Student Councxl rn hrs sophomore year A course at the Unrversrty of Nlrchrgan rs hrs future SHIYI YODA Shryr came to AAHS from Hunt Hrgh School rn Idaho H was rr the Scrence and Spanrsh Clubs and was actrve rn rntramural sports He plans to go to college TERUO YOSHIHARA Teruo entered Ann Arbor Hrgh School after he at tended Pullman Hrgh School on the West Coast Hrs chref rnterest rn or out cl school rs sleep' He rntenas ro go to college atter graduatron O I A Z 5' 'Y 3 'Q ,I , X I ' I fm DEAN LAHN Deon was G member of th H Y dumg hm scwor xr 15 chxei mic-rc' is are Ioovh all and hockc " 1 n ov' qo cmleqc qv., ARTHUR LIU.. Although Art has . fb Q br Qbcn cm Ncxs,K11lmlY for 1 ree your h h 5 v mi Wm 0 use p es ion o 'rpnmnom cmfl scmor class s cmd to c 1 1 we r errbm' ol Boc5lDr': C ua H pimms to furthf- hlb schcolmg t ,Q lf the A 'ny doc nt have oil er I P15101 nm ima -ww ,Sli Favorite Twosomes -s-xx ,mqvwtv 14 agaw, up NN? EE The Baum Dance 5.5 XL PQWQ S 2 5 Familiar Sfczenfes ANN ARBOR PUBLIC SCHOOLS The toresught and generosity of the cnt: zehs of Ahh Arbor have made posssble a Cnty school system for Ahh Arbor whnch ns uh keepmg with the remarkable de velopmeht oh the Uhuverslty Campus Well Tramed Teachers Excellent Equipment Splendid School Bulldmgs Fine Student Body THESE ARE THE KEYWORDS IN MODERN SCHOOL EDUCATION ANN ARBOR HAS ALL FOUR Zqua! Oloporfunffg for gferg go? Ill!!! gpirf in .fdnn .f4rLor T H Q U A R R Y rNCoRPoRArED Rodro on Record Drugs ond Surgucol Shop Supplres Cosmetucs SN S Sft To Old Friends there rs no gift thot rs more personol or more PALMER STUDIO zo z fom 111171101118 of LUWDSFURD S BAKERY 60WLbt 21x76 f , 71 . University 320 outh a e Street I l l opprecioted, than your porrroit phone 2' 7' . 9 1 3 Y. i er y Phone ' - ff.. ibm M L 7 .SJanf!wicA SAOP-wafnuf po SMARTEST HOSIERY SHOPPE Hosiery Lingerie Robes l-lousecoots Blouses Sweoters 539 E Liberty ANN ARBOR Diamonds Costume Jewelry Wedding Rings HALLER S 727 N University Jewelry Rings ANN ARBOR HIGH SCHOOL MICHIGAN Glad Qccasions LIVC Forex CI I U l I dlll I' fB0W7LEY STUDIO 3215 Ma1nSt Ph 22220 . . . mln-n ilu-5 are mp! 11-11 in a lim' plmlograpl . XM- rlJI'I'I2lIIZf' in grzulualion portraits. wwl- iliig pil-tllrvs, Q I child cn! photos. Watches ewel ry EIIIBLER S e 308 South State Street Diamonds Sl Iverwa re Q Bltll 111 A1111 A1 bm GRADUATE CLASSOF 1946 CONGRATULATIONS' t cc lcoe HAMILTON BUSINESS COLLEGE Th rty sec d Yea WILLIAM t STATE Complzments o ALEXANDER DRUG STORE 727 N University Ave J B ALEXANDER R B TILFORD DRUGS COSMETICS FOUNTAIN SERVICE I I ' 9 X , yew 1,1 '11 - -s , 'Z .2 ' -' If , ,I , Q .f i 1 V , , 1 CV' 0 , I l Secre oriol or A ounting Training will SDH-U launch you on o successfu r er! Tun Storm . . . . 12,1 South Main S. 215 South Slam- fl, in - on r a Compliments of ill'-905 I Cameras and Optical Instruments CHESTER RGBERTS' SHQP 312 So th State Street Sterlzng QUALITY PORTRAITS by PHOTOGRAPHY 619 EAST LIBERTY PHONE 4434 fOpen evenmgs by Appomtmentl The McJyerSCl1c1urer Co Stcmoners Prmters Bmciers Oihce Outfltte-rs Greetmq Cards 112 South Mam Sire t An Arbor ll O WP' . e n CONGRATULATIONS On Your graduation O wwf gwny Jacobson s lllnthes fur Ynunq 55 Years Men Fume Photography 18 1945 I B1 ntaehler WILD a IZIJMPANY M H ur ed ia ze5 0 if ou f of N A jl 's BE 'M " 90 WILD 4 If lx . uron Y r Negulivea Ke 0 FAI F - - Your F U. , Siam 5Il'4'1't on Ihr' Campus E U R E KA TAILORS O CLEANERS lO8 WEST HURON STREET lNext to Bus Stotxonl COMPLIMENTS and BEST wus:-155 THOMPSON BARBERS 533 East Llberty St Muchlgan Theater Bulldlng SHOES Youll Love To Wear! Frnendly Sports ct A Frnendly Store THE SHOE BOX ll7 So Mann Phone 7762 COMPLIMENTS The Allenel To the Class of 46 Our Best Washes and THE ELIZABETH DILLON SHOP 309 S State WE HAVE FILLED OVER 148 OOO PRESCRIPTIONSV East Liberty at Fifth Avenue NIELSEN GREENHOUSES and Flower Shop Complete Lune of NOVELTIES and POTTERY 1021 Malden Lane Ann Arbor FLOWERPHONE 2 3269 For BETTER DRAPERIES ond SLlP COVERS for BETTER HOMES nts he VOGUE DRAPERY SHOP 537 East Liberty St Phone 7287 Ann Arbor Mlchlgon of. . . . 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The Best of Look to You from G r e e n e s M1ch1qcm s Lead ng Cleaners USED a d NEW TEXT BOOKS and STUDENT SUPPLIES F0 LMLEEITT 5 Complzments and Best Wzsbes to the Class 0 46 Th MANLYN Sh ff Ab M Courtesy of The Campus Drug Store STATE 8r LIBERTY ll I1 1 w I I - 1 rm I I f ' e o e urn-nuns.. 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