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Def1n1t1ons and Axloms Omf mlm m m ig M 1 bo up Qqual to L uh ot pr he S8111 Omega ms ar ilm mxc Q1 Miz A uk Al Q Q' 21 -' U 1' ok Quexmmivs cquul tw thu Maw wr equal qmilmtiiies '- 1 -e ' T1 X . ,',t.f Q2-S211 ka. 'F x N,-"K .. 'Nl"""'gi'i, -W-3-KAN -wx lx 'af ' ' A A. ,S . 634' 'Mx' K7 x Iam ff ,K ' 7 , S - A0 5 4 if ' XX ,sg 1-'k"A,,v 7,,. ,Qs - 4 'J ' ,N 'RQ' df'f',,f' 'N ' X-. X ' L'- X xxx f ,ma x, 1 'N ji. ..,1-"Y ""L'L- gf gb "5"'5.nuu "S -25' Lvfi ' A T33 Q23 5555? Mgmm 2-E59 Ilia 3 Q9 Q3 Q E239 EDWURS Hfbliiis DOROTl-IY IIIITEMURE A 0R BARKER ERICI-I WALTER KENNEIH WALTZ Q in QF W 51? C5625 -M 3. Mg U YQ Wm " Elx " W W W ELE N IDEDICATION ABOUT Ann Arbor High School one is likely to ob- serve a very active mang popping here and there, he gets things done one after the other. Though always heading up some committee or directing some compli- cated project, he is never too busy to be accommodat- ing. Here in C-7 we're especially attached to him be- cause of his former association with the Omega: he was its sponsor for almost a generation. As head of the English department he has taught everything from public speaking to business English and from Chaucer to what-is-the-predicate-verb. Although he seldom mentions the fact, he saw active service in World War I, spending two years overseas. In his halcyon college days he had previously made the trip to Europe on a cattle boat. His intellectual curiosity has made him an insatiable reader-just try to find a book he hasn't read-while his surplus energy finds an outlet in ca- noeing, gardening and painting, all with gusto. So it is with appropriate enthusiasm that we, the Staif, dedicate the 1942 Omega to- MR. ROBERT GRANVILLE ROBERT GRANVILLE nb iv 5 Q , V :aifx 6 f . .. f v 2 f Q z 2 'S gf www ,,, :Q :Qi Q :: ' 4 -i 2 K 3 5 3 The Faculty Name Sign Subject College Extra curricular actl v1 txes Hobhmes CHALMER ACKERMAN IOHN ALLISON CHARLES BARCLAY KENT BOWSH ER MAHLON BUELL LOTTIE CARSON DOROTHY CHAPMAN ANNETTE CUMMINGS DONALD DRAKE LELA DUFF HENRY DYKEMA LINDA EBERBACH ALICE ENSMINGER LEWIS FOR SYTHE DONALD GARY LOUISE GEORGE ROBERT GRANVILLE ESTELLE GRIFFITHS HILDA HAAB O'I'l'O W HAISLEY LAURA HAMMANN I. H HOLLWAY ELIZABETH HOWARD MAURICE ISAACSON FERNE I EN S EN EVELYN JOHNSON KARL KARSIAN SARAH KEEN ,a- :nr -tr ...Q-f 1 Di .av 4-fb ..f hlstory hxstory bxology golf SCXQDCE shorthand commercxal Englxsh and hxstory phys ed English C I session teacher clothing bookkeeping Prlncrpal English and placement Englxsh Englxsh Englxsh sec y C l session Superintendent phvs ed Head phvs e ar science lvpmq foods Western Mxch U of M U of Chxcag U of M Albxon U of M U of M Hillsdale of M of M ofM ofM xch State Normal of M of M of M Columbxa of M ofM M ofM ofM Hillsdale U of M U of M Columbia U of Iowa McPherson College Benmngton School of Dance U of M Columbza Mo St Teachers Col lege Prof Troendle School of Fxne Arts Munxch Germanv UofM U of M Mxch State Optxmxst Busxness Staff Wash lnqfon Club Indlgents N Y A Rxfle Club N A B Camera Club care of proyectors Scrlbblers Club A ATC ecretary A A U W Kappa Delta alumnx Colonnade football line coach swrmmxng coach termrs coach Omega X Rays senxor class adviser unzor class advxser presxdent Mnch Hugh School Athletzc. Ass n Execuhve Com Mxch Secondary School Ass n secy treas Much School Mas ters Club Lxncoln exhxbxt Donald Cound Library courtesy commxttee head of Englxsh Dept for Ann Arbor public schools Chaxr Eng Soc Studres Arhculatxon Com Chan Supervzsory Com A A T C Credxt Unxon Sophomore Drama Club chan Com on Certxfxcatxon f Supts and member Advisory Com of Am r Assoc of School Admlnlstrators Pres Mich Councxl of Educahon G A C Modern Dance Club chan School Defense program vlce presxdent Ann Arbor Klwanxs Club Art Club Ann Arbor Art Ass charr A A T C Publxc Relatzons Com Elonculture Club archery swxmmxng hunting swlmmxng mountaxn clxmbxng travelxng natural hxstory collectxng specx mens Scout work volley ball golf fnshxng photography Buble stud? :ports travel conversxng wrth cats ffelrnesj hunting fxshxng rehrushxng old furniture gardemng sports frngerpnnhng xntenor decorahng floral arrangements her cabm her dogs playxng cards flowers huntxng hortxculture husbandry collectxng falre guarantees col lechng pxctures of notorious and emxnent contemporary figures to prove the face does not reveal the type of character Lxncolnxana exploring the West the theater drawing gardening swlmmxng canoe-mg hrlnng horses travelxnq gardening coolung on hxs outdoor fxreplace tenrus collectxng lxterature on modern dance modeling sports paxnhng readxng musxc photography gardening musxc dancxng crafts hxstory C 3 sessxon teacher Harvard U ofM Columbxa home movres adviser of soph class garderung hrkxng swmmxmng house design canoexng For Zodxocul Interor etcmons see oaqe 113 E . , H 4 . . 1 . M .af . 'T , or p ' ' r or r r ' To-rfrvv C iiC 43 C' C I ffl -U effect ca- is ff CC CC QCD' iii or are ff IC - ag L ' ' so so f U sas vw - W U, , . . , .s , V. . , ,, , 'H ' fx I --- - U- - 'W 4 h W --eff ""fT"'.'i' ""T7" " ' "mf" W gh I ff ---f -- -bb '- -- "fi ' W Y 7--'A-'Ha """"'i"m ++ 'C Y if ' M Y U. ,. CW WCC'-mlm CC -it I Cf U. . Q ' ' I C' I ' , C CCCCCWQMM a avr' ag 1 no U, 4 r - I E- E or chopper 4"-'R fs v or U. , I gr A -. r I - 1 M I snr Us an i or A gf-fff ,, ,, ,, I WV A we . I ' , "" VY--7777777 flfegeerefko C' ffff A I if CCC fQQQflfCfQCfffCCfHCQfif . A ' ' . . ' ' ' - o - ' . ' ' . Cf ui . d. . I. i. q I If , ' ' C i . , , - oi or , r ri? or - . . emperor W7 .VA , ga t , W, 4 - ' ' W, ,Y A . - W .ir T--- -Y -W A 4 - 1 -f -W -- Q -If i,i-,ri4' Q 1 to if I I If lr Q I C G CM if CCM- ' W 155 ifeQaQQfQoee L reef CWC C The Faculty Name Srgn Subject College Extra curncular actlvxtxes Hobbxes FLORENCE KITSON sec y to pnncxpal HARVEY KULIBERT OLIVE MCLOUTH MAUD MCMULLEN if rndustnal arts mathematrcs clothing Colorado State swxmmxng bowlxng shootrng her cocker spanxel flonculture antxques fxshxng golf craftwork wood worlung UofM Rota Beta the plano Mrch State Normal U of Cal Columbra costume advrser for dramatxc pro ductrons Iumor Red Cross drxvrng readrng gardenrng GEORGE MACKMILLER head commercial dept U of Wrsconsxn defense stamp sales txcket sales for all school plays and opera treas mgr AATC Credxt Unxon HAROLD MATZKE SClel'lCe U of Ill Scrence Club alcohol supervrsor of A A hxgh schools A A T C Governxng Councrl A F of T bee keepmg DOROTHY NOYES mathematxcs Beloit College Chicago Student Councxl A A T C Execu txve Board playxng budge skatxng knxttrng EDNA PARRY history UoiM president A A 'I' C Credxt Unxon 4 school commxttees A A T C Executxve Board blrds photography farmxng golf DOROTHY PATON mathematxcs ofM MATILDA PFISTERER .Jr uv Englrsh ofM Washington Club concerts knxttxng needle work antxque collecting vocal musxc Kavocatronj specxal study group music travelrng playxng cards FRANCIS POPE xndustrral arts adley Poly Inst supervisor Nat l Defense Traxnrng I Class rn Ann Arbor hrs famxly SIDNEY QUIG LEY chemistry ofM Science Club hrs hobby avordxng hobbxes FRANK REED Ir LAVAN CHE RIEGER Englxsh ofM dxrector of dramatic productions Masquers dramatr cs Latxn ofM Athletrc Board readxng gardenxng her scottxe A T RYAN cross country and and track Francxs Xavrer Mxch State Normal golf FRANCES SEELEY hi' 'll French and Spanxsh UofM Washxngton Club sxngrng ALEX SHAW football and bas ketball coach UOIM gardening photography E ROLLIN SILFIES GENEVIEV E SOLLER band and orchestra hon-e nursxng South Dakota State U of M xnstrumental musxc Ilhnols Traxrnng School for Nurses U of M actxve an nursrng and publxc ealth organxzatlons golf records woodworkxng IEANETTE SMITH secy C3 UofM antique dxshes and furnrture ANNA STEELE French ofM LAVERNE TAYLOR LONA TIN KHAM hrstory and phys education of M Columbra French Club camping cottage cookxng auto mobxle traps football basketball and baseball coach Athletxc Board president of Mlchloamua Student Coun cll Phu Delta Kappa alumni hxstory ofM MABEL VAN KLEEK rnathematrcs ofM Stamp Club golf athletics cottage tra :el swrmmrng trackxng down popular rumors Ur-uted States commemoratxve stamps stamps auto trxps reading ln four languages ROBERT VAN SICKLE rndustnal arts Mlamr U LOUISE WEI NMANN German and Latxn UofM E A WOLTER ARTHUR WRIGHT pnntxng English Qtout Instxtute U of M travel fxshrng hunhng gardenxng frurt growrng flowers boys and gnls Optrmxst publxcatron ads xser farm ng Uofltlf Optxmxst readxng rovrnq rantxng CLARA YOUNGS HELEN ZIEFLE home ec head for Ann Arbor pub hc schools lxbranan PAULINE ZOLLER English her home brxngxng up Peter UofM UofM Colonnade debating and forensxcs books badmxnton dramatxcs gardening Mi Y . . , . . ' ' . ' ' . ' H f I - ' ' -N ' ' WCA-C Vw ix A 'Y ww W' ' , . I . 1'-i- - 'WY' AC I. l A Y A. .V 717 - . - . . T . l . ge w 1- -T-1 ' I l ' I ' ' l t - I ' . . ' t H5 ' f 3 fa.,,ji . l 1 r , -- H p I t . ' A'-' l Fit, ' U. . V 3 ' Y C V-F , ' ' K. . , X V7 U. 'Y W "fi-HA 'WW' YWYYY' 'W - V - 1 'C - r i ' ' 4 .tt U U. R Q a I . U F Rim V ' fu. . i - - - , - ' ' -6-iff - U. . R1 - R 3 - , f , - 1 1 t . . pq L '- SL h - ' V l ' A ' nf L U. of.M. ' t - H N63 A C - -- . -I ' . .,.. .... ..l Y Y. i 7 72, i T ,--,AY Y W1A4-4 ,T-W 'iH'Y . WY? . Y' YY. , 7' 1 . , Thi' A ' W " 'A "iv"-'lm l h 4 - C ' 75 . U . RRR R ' - - if I U. C- A , , - . . 153 ' A C . U. VQCCWC M C . . , - A ' CNCCCCCWAA ' AMC TI . C' lv ' W 'C' , . , 7 t Q - 3- 'C U. . W IWW-C' m , A , - - W Eh A A WCC . F' M' A K Ei lf' 451 ' Q EQQQQ eeefgfsf, -F ,ag it 'C Ole N f A ' '- f' Y , . ,. I if ' ig! C I ,QQQ , -ea,,Lo,,Al leaaaeg Aw LIEUTENANT WILLIAM CHAMPION, frightj di- rector of band and orchestra in this school for many years, being a reserve officer in the Navy. was called to service in April, 1941. He was first sent to Officers Radio Training School at Noroton. Conn.. for a six- weeks' course. The following ten months he was an instructor in Communications in the Defense School for Officers at Boston Mass Since March 15 he has held a simllar position in the Defense School at Miami Fla Communications includes radio flag signaling etc MISS JUVA HIGBEE fcen terj With regret we nounce Miss Higbee s resig nation as director of xocal music in our school Dewot mg herself to the raising of musical standards among young people she has estab lished a reputation not onlx in Ann Arbor but xx herexer the lVIax Festnal is known for the delicacy and preci We sion of her work ENSIGN VERNOR COOK 4leftJ teacher of mechani cal draxune and benchxsork in AAI-IS since 192: is now lseazi communication orncer of the Naxal Air Sta tion at Norfolk Va His first military connection beean as a Junior in high school with a scholarship to a sum mer training camp of Culxer Military Academy The follow ing spring the United States entered World War I and almost immedlately Mr Cook enlisted as a radio operator After training at Great Lakes and Harxard he was sent to the Naxal base at Corfu where he partici pated in evccitxn action After the Armistice he was kept on in seruce in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Black Sea not beme demobilized until August 1919 Since 1932 he has been ensign in command of the Ann Arbor unit in communications of the U S Nax al Reserxe . . . Q ' t ' an- , -s'- f 9 :-r ,- N, 1 i QQ. ,. 5 v , . . . H .I .Q . , 3 - A - . ' H . . . i . ' . . D Q ' 5 ' . 3 . . '4 M? , ' f, ','f, , fr' 3 fb' '-'W Qin f 3547 .' W , ,, - ,A 452 ur' J was-nr I 5' W www-www-W ,WV wMww.w,wg,,g,1', wf ww'-'-WM-W www -W-X 6 KW wwaw 4, ww .1 Wm W ,wwawan -annum-'fm-w "1 fr ' Q v . ig -qc -U' W 7 , A ,, '. iffy, .4 Ai . 'if' . f, f 6 I egewz V ff 4 Q 7 fy 5 A X ,. 4 f V Y .3 -4AfW'w.Q 11, ,f,, .724 My .Q--M., 'A "" '- my 2-V125 '15 Lf ,.f7,,..:Z jj h,-,W I, ny-, e' 3 'A' - , ,Wx ai, X ,, qigmgg ,,f A ff gf, 1 f, 3 , , f ' . . y 'v Y 1 5 1 1 .N 5- Q, ,vw ,lf Q ,fs -fa Q. V Q an fi ,J , 1 f gf Z X 355 I Q Q l 1141140 ' .Q f 1 I 1 f ,ff 'i ' .-... F gf ww x f ' f 10,101 fM,.,,,9e4w, MW. E ...,, 2" 1 X 4-xg wx 1. YW ,. Nf :X 1' 1 T sh. 'mu ,. 4642 ff wdwm, J--'Q if 4 mi 1 5 ' R Q -of Xl xx Sw , . 'W 9, x -.- 1 Tx X X s xii 7 'Rx . Q. ww M 3. ff . A Q-3 'vfls "- xy? - R? ... x..-. mu- . k -A Se-Q ew .W N gm New w. 4 EA EL U REE A 3 N 545 ,,,l'- 57 Bw ggggg ,giz Q XQIBV x A. 1 Q W , FMS, .3 N :J --. 'M' I. .i5,a,41 Hi M X, El is Z iifiy Y EIN f gi my ,,.A ,,o.- ,V -' xx 'F I A:" .XXX 'p ggi? A ""a ,,: 1:,l, . In ,Avb , M, .wx Q ,, H ' H I , I 2 x KM f V - 5 M x " . ,,., 1 , f .,,. Q2 , 'A . '-32: - ':" g 51 ,23 3fff:5fi.'QQ,...Qff ' if V5 iff ' "' K , if , ,.5, ,. , L 2 ,..: 1 if 2 , , :ff --,. 'lif' , . , "' ' " -54' '--" , , , A1, 9 --'- 2 ' 'M ' AA.A ' A ' W M ,M 1 U I ,. an A V w 4, 'eq' I pf '4 7' lfvh' ffl., 7' fi' f' 1 W if K Mg? Q 4 -Wi ' CM W? I 4 xx Q "VJ it 4' 'ff f . 'fl 1 ff' V Q if E if ' X " " it 'f ' .wfftlk 53" pf "T," , , 1 'B' Q, ,ff W ffffwwfh, ,412 , f L, , jx S 3 .N ff I 1 M WV Q? ai, 1 29 ,Q 71 g 1 1 f 11 , , M W N 4 , M, ,, , f f I i-X, , ,ff X f ' M. st 'X 4 A ,A W fm 'Q' 1 ff Q Q W Qs H W' . 27 I' Q f T A ,, W, ff. l W ,, A , W mv ,ff W fhafg E ,Z K ' f f , . ? 4 , n 1 . 1 . 4, J ,, , , , Y ,V W T, Q S X M N V ff! f any Wi? , W fig 'W 5 -ff ff f ' i f H I , ff' ,MM Jw Vu 9 :I '4 ,ef V I A M .M ,W W2 :f s ' I 'X f W 2- gf W 4, ,J if Q 3 f , y f ' s FOOTBALL lF1rst Teaml Back row fleft to nghtb D Combs M Staebler D Huebler F Matthael F Greene O Kruse B Dams B Mlles Mgr O Bush Second row S Fmkbxner G Vllsldes P Trosper B Freeman L Flsher D Stollstelmer G Jorn C Parker Third row Mgr R Strxeter B Heath D Rauser R Thlelk R Webb C Kollewehr M Heusel D Slbert Mgr M Gllbert son Fourth row J Detes W Ball C Gagalls P Buhrman D Boman C Hetchler D Bowerman W Newman Fxfth rov. R Txxmxng R Chubb R Kalmbach Coach Kip Taxlor Capt R Walterhouse Coach Dobbxe Drake H Yek R Stnbley J Beuer Sixth FOOTBALL fSecond Team! E-'ack row F Nabeck W Haldler B Wmans H S hroen Second row B Heath F Crawford H Tobey T Brooks B Holluay G Guenther B Tappe C Srmt Thl d mv. R Hakala G Fletcher 'VI Ball E Hertler Carl Read I Kolxltales E Schnexoer P Northrup A Kerr Fourth row B Tmmmerman B Conners D Johnson E Staudenmaxer VV Delhex D Robxnson J Pappas M r L Henz Frith lov. E Bxrltle V Hoelzer P Hume D Smlth Coach Z1t Tessmer Coach Al Shan A Gnllespxe H Barth B Burns ross'-J. Berstos. XV. Marshall. 'i . l v . . I . . . ' .. . C . .' t '- . . . . ' ' - - v - lw -v ', . . . . L . A . . . . 5 . ' ' . . - Q , . T E BAND ONE OF THE MOST useful, entertaining, and active groups in the school is the band. In the fall it can be found almost any afternoon at Wines Field or West Park, practicing. The result of this practice is shown in the mili- tary precision with which it parades at football games. The new marching techniques are the ideas of the band's director, Mr. E. Rollin Silfies. Their program, however, is not restricted to marching alone. They play for assemblies, for pep meetings, and for basketball games. They are usually on hand when musical entertainment is desired. They gave a spring concert in addition to participation in state-wide competition for band ratings. They also send soloists and ensembles to regional and state contests. The band's officers are Tom Stout, president, Marjory Hull, vice-president, Jack Fisher, secretary, and Charles Allmand, treasurer. Wll scomvuo Back row fleft to rightj-H Prochnow, R. Ware, W. Cuth- bert, VV. Mettert, R. Armstutz K. Liechty. Mr. Silfies, Direc- tor. Second row- -M. Southworth B. Wilkinson, G. Bibbs, J. Crip- pen, M. Hull, G. Graham, R Clarke, C. Hanson, B. Grimes R. Armbruster, W. Metzger. Third row-W. Groves, B. Mur- phy, J. Fisher, G. Cowley, C Hoff, L. Brooks, B. Wheatley L. Fisher, W. Watson, F. Ross H. Vetter, R. Rechle, P. Mason Fourth row-T. Stout, W. Pet- erson, R. Bishop, C. Allmand B. Stevens, A. Bierlein, R. Kel- ler, P. Brooks. x Owed to the Bond My name is Jimmie Crippen. I'm the leader of the ba As we come strutting forward I'm the tallest in the la The three behind me back me up. and we are on our v Before the high school's cheering crowd that came to us play. Chorus: Oh! the drums go bang. the cymbals clang. The horns they blaze away: Garrett pumps the big bassoon And all the pipes do play. Our skillful foursome toot the Flutes. The music's simply grand: A credit to Ann Arbor is The high school's marching band. Query: Is Crippen being followed or has he suddenly developed three legs? Answer: They had to take two pictures: jimmy blotted Uvonne out. 19 'W sig? SHOOTING STARS CROSS COUNTRY Back row G Threlk R Hatto VV Larmee Cv Qhanl-tland F 'Noxxland R 'Vhtchell F Ger TTIdIf'l font row R Andrus qteeb H Corbett R Blaess E 7ahn 'Vlr Ryan RIFLE HIGH POINITERS I Null R Schmtdt E Pryer RIFLE CLUB Back row D Wngltman C Allmand W Groxes F Nae Heck R Bracl-ett E Gunther R Graham R Bates E Cham pmon Mr Barclax Ind row D Spauldxn J Velx quette B bmrth B L Rose D McC0urt1e F Radford J XVoodruff D Youn S B A Sxeenes A Grant P Mat thexxs N Coller Front ron I Nlltchell T Bxd D S mner Nu Schmxdt R Perrm E Prx er EHUSS EIJUNTHY BY WINNING hrst place ln the 5 A League thas season and placmg second ln the state meet Coach R5 ans cross country team has proved to be one of the strongest run nmg teams produced by Ann Arbor m years Because of h1s outstandmg abrlrty Glen Shankland has been reelected Captaln an unusual honor sharlng the captamcy next year however wrth be th1s years The results lows 1 Ann Arbor 2 Ann Arbor 3 Ann Arbor Fred Nowland Wavne Lalmee proved to outstandmg sophomore of the past seasons dual meets are as fol 25 Clow score wmnmg Lansmg Central 30 4 dlstance medley relav hlgh score wmnlng jackson 2 Flmt Central 25 In wlnnlng the 5 A meet Ann Arbor had a total of 28 pomts the lowest score on record for wmn ng th1s meet Ann Arbor Jackson Lanslng Central Lanslng Eastern RIFLE IILUB THE ANN ARBOR Hlgh RIIIE Club ls a member of the Natlonal Rlfle Assoclatlon of Amerlca Throughout the year the members hold matches between themselves and vuth other schools They are allowed to shoot at the ROTC once a week Each member of the club mav advance through fifteen stages from Promarltsman to Expert Rlfleman The War Department lssues the ammu n1t1on guns and medals There are ten natxonal awards hrst place a gold medal second place a sllver medal and from thlrd through tenth a bronze medal At the reglonal tournament Ann Arbor placed second among the mne teams competmg Mr Charles Barclay sponsors the club whxle Jack Null was th1s xears pres1dent ,,.NfJ'-' 'Riff' F 4- . . A. ' Y ' . I Q C , . . V. D .. . 30 ..........,......... ' .. I 1. .... ...... 2 8 I 2. ............... 38 3. ' ......... 67 4. ' ......... 103 5. Battle Creek ............ 124 I - -. ' g . .. XXXXX f dle. . kT.A . ll. I ll. R, 4? :Q W vf J' . Li. inf" Kjf fi , 1' 1 MB . , 5 ,ig 515: 2 K ' Hz? THE DPTIMIST INFORMAL SHOTS Joyce Wilson. Kay Hood. N. Williams, H. Kessler. W. Freeman. Mr. Wright. H Kessler K Hood OPTIMIST STAFF Back r w lleft to right? D Spaulding W Freeman G Van Belle J Keller M Koeb neck L Nelson NI XVilliams Second row C Strickland E Kerr T Stout 'tl Chrlstman W Bartell Third row L Kixi I Wilson 'VI Dans M Cornell P Van Osten P Titus D Haab F Collins H Gillette B Mann D Schumacher K Hood Dreams Prnm the Suhcnnscinus fOf The Unconsciousj THE BUILDING occupies a whole block. It's six stories high with carved lettering on the front. Inside. it is seeth- ing with activity. Hundreds of typewriters are tapping out pages and pages of copy. One typist who turns out a hundred pages a minute shows a startling resemblance to Garret Van Belle In another room a neat efficient look mg young woman fjust a little on the plump sidej s speaking crisply through the telephone at a desk marked City Editor Could it be Joyce WllSOHD In the sports department we Find Bill Freeman and Dale Spaulding no less giving orders wildly as they attempt to disen tangle themselves from thousands of feet of sports copy And there sits Hemi Kessler at a huge desk labeled Fea ture Editor Now to the editorial room where we find Tom Stout approving or CllS8ppI'OVlng of all the copy En termg a door marked Managing Editor we expect to find a gruff looking man with his feet on the desk and a cigar in his mouth But no not that at all its Kay Hood look ing as young and sweet as ever She is talking to the head photographer sure nuf it s good old Jeep Williams From the top of a long flight of metal steps we look down into the great print shop At the near end rows of lmotypists are setting up type while farther on enormous rollers are running off papers by the millions Verna Brum baugh is apparently chief lmotypist while Bob Taylor Doug Raab Tom Fitzgerald Harry Kopel George Fields and Gordon Jones are bobbing here and there among the great machines Dizzy with the noise of it we reel back up and across a hall fairly tumbling into a sanctum guarded by a for bidding looking ofhce girl Are you looking for the business manager9 she deigns to ask in tones of ice Im afraid Mr Hitchcock cant see you And just then we hear Buds voice in stentorian tones berating Dick Benson for soliciting more ads than he has room for What is this great thriving newspaper that has landed so many Ann Arbor High School alumni? Lets go out side and look at those big carved letters over the door and see Hmmmm The Optimist it reads So Ann Arbor High s four page sheet has become the leading paper of the country' And its all due to the efficiency of the staff of 1941 49 . , - .4 . . ., . . . . . N . ,. . . ' .. ' ' " v - v - s ' . , . , . . 1 ' ' . Q Q Q , Q Q Q - O I - . .Q - 1 - - N Q , , . , . . Q 'QQ - . - . A . . . . . I . , . ' - Q . . ' , - I . ' . . , . ' ' ' . . y . . . I ZZ 551 ff M gg 12 2 ,A n M 4 ci? 1' if ' J' ' 4? I , , mf . :A ,,-.,.l:- 1 ' by Z1 ' 'Fly ff STUDENT COUNCIL SECOND SEMESTER Back row-B. Wheatley: H. Andres: T. Biddle: T. Fitzger- ald: P. Bums: T. Stout: F. Hooks: B. Bell: R. Delong. Second row-D. Schumacher' Miss Noyes: M. C. Upthegrove: P. Hicks: P. Morrill: M. Cook: M. Poucher: R. Schmerbergg H Powers: C. Hoff: F. Bryant: H Ramsdell: R. Whittemore: D. Skinner: G. Cowley. Third row-B. Griffith: P. Schmidt: C. Tailor: M. L. Youngs: J. Cummins: A. Logo- thetis: W. Pullen: N. Cory. Front row-H. Tobey: A. Kienzle: G. Graham: F. Ross: B. Benson: C. Strickland. VICTORY BOOK CAMPAIGN Barbara Benson, Garrett Gra- ham, Frank Ross. STUDENT COUNCIL FIRST SEMESTER Back row-R. Graham, D. MacKinnon, W. Malin, J. Fair- banks, C. Strickland, R. Nee- lands, R. Dillon, K. Thurber, M. Stutz, T. Aprill, M. Amer- man, F. Bryant, J. Graf. Second Row-H. Anez, S. Stoddard, J. Kroske, R. Keller, J. Carl, M. MacLeod, B. Eddy, W. Pullen, S. Wadhams, J. Allen. Front Row-Miss Noyes, B. Benson, T. Biddle. G. Graham, M. Cook, C. Collins. THE STUDENT EUUNIIII. LED THIS YEAR by president Garrett Graham, vice president Frank Ross, and secretary Barbara Benson, the Ann Arbor High Student Council quietly and efficiently fulfilled its functions. Early in the year, the Council conducted the Book Ex- change, handling nearly one thousand books. The Council organized and maintained the efiicient monitor system under which our halls were kept orderly and had charge of the information desk. The United States' entering the war occasioned a new situation for our students to meet. The Council has been an essential factor in planning and administering air-raid drills. The big event of the year was the annual Five-A Council Meeting which was held here at Ann Arbor in April. ATHLETIC AND NON-ATHLETIC BOARDS TWO IMPORTANT committees of the Student Council are the Athletic Board and the Non-Athletic Board, both made up of teachers and students acting cooperatively. The Athletic Board handles all problems that arise con- cerning athletics, and the Non-Athletic Board takes care of matters other than athletics. This board passes ap- proval on actions taken in the Council meetings. NON-ATHLETIC BOARD Back row fleit to right!-R. Neelands, Mr. Barclay, Mr. Forsythe, R. Schmerberg. Second row-M. Koebnick, B. Eddy, Miss Howard, G. Cowley, M C. Upthegrove. ATHLETIC BOARD Below-C. Hoff, Miss Rieger, Mr. Gary. Absent from the pictur?M. Poucher. P. Schmidt, and Mr. Forsythe. l , ,, fy f' QM' W gg ig . . ,. .1- 15 A Z. Q J' W, Q3 7' ' lf ' NT? mx- - 5 Af WA 'R -kk g . 3 x ,4 Q ,,,,. X W JM 1. if if X A if f 4 W ggi, . li 1 9 , . 4 me A ' A if N ' 3 .mv , 'Nd N. , .2-. Q ,1f my Y, 1 s K 1 i AN , .f.1' - ,-'. TX if 51? wg? Since that memor- able day, December 7, 1941, when the Japs bombed Pearl Harbor, Ann Arbor High School has felt the effects of the war deeply T H E From that day the sale of Umted States Defense Stamps and BondslnA A H S has greatly ln creased those pu plls who had been halfheartedly pur chasing stamps be fore Increased their weekly quota and those who hadnt 1:57 bought them pre vlously eagerly started a weekly purchase plan Slnce that day many strange ac tlvltles have gone ahead rapidly Now alr rand drllls are a common happen Ing at A A H S The gurls of our school have organ Clvlllan Defense protectuon among them are a Red Cross organlza tlon and a Motor Corps club The i'i'i"k1i"k1lr1k i'i'i'1lr'k'k'k i"k'k'k'A"k 'k'k'k'ki' 'k'A"k'A' iii F - I. . F 1 I gf - ized groups for F can . 1 - I 11 WW ' ,, ! ' I ,, 'ki' Boy Scouts also are workrng to learn the facts about Crvrlran De tense The war sprrrt has crept unto the school untrl every event and organ rzatron rs planned wrth the war rn mrnd Many as semblres have been devoted to the war and what the students can do to help therr country rn thas crrsrs Mr Vernor Cook and Mr Wllllam Champron two of Ann Arbor Hugh Schools promr nent teachers were called Into reserve oltrcers A number of our boys too have lorned the natron s servrces W h a loyalty and patrrotrsm that young people of our age have never before had occasion to feel A d Ing Its pat i"k'A"k'k'k'A"A' tttittt 'kttttt tttti' 'ktti' 'kit the U. S. Navy as it A. 0' ' r, I O I 'ki' -A' BASKETBALL FIRST TEAM Back row fleft to right!-W. Ball. R. Hahn. G. Royce. Second row-E. Salisbury. R. Stribley. E. Keebler. M. Dale. R. Twining. R. Sibert. D Robinson. First row-R. Walterhouse. R. Lewis. O. Kruse lCapt.J. Coach Sha-.1.'. R. Kalmbach 1Capt.J R. Teachworth. C. Cvagalis. SECOND TEAINI Back rowfR. Hait. R. Schairer. VV. Larrnee. R. Wellington. C. Gallup. R. Hoff. D. Dun- canson. R. Phelps. E. Salisbury. Firsr rowfR. Hollvvay. R. Conner. Coach Al Shaw. Coach "Z1t'i Te-ssmer. A. Beattie, H Barth. R. Twiuing. .Ir 1 .Z '34 l 'Vw 42 '57 I, s 2 f-X W ,ig- ff 11 by L if .42 'X s .g. 1 fx' '- lx x N w imf XX' t X wx 51 ,Q X Q X f 53 A 41240. Y 3 WRESTLING TEAM Back row-C. Kollewehr: C. Parker: P. Pullen. Front row----NI. Shannon: RI Keller. WRESTLING ALTHOUGH THE Ann Arbor High School wrestlers had no dual meets this season. they stayed in condition through- out the year. and in March eight boys from our school entered the state wrestling meet. Our boys met with suc- cess in this meet. as jack Keller and Craig Parker w'on the state titles in the 100 and 190 pound classes respec- tively Eugene Pullen was runner up in the 137 pound division Clarence Kollewehr and Mel Shannon won tnird and fourth in the 157 and 117 pound classes These boys plus the other fellows who competed in wrestling are to me commended for their fine work BIG AND LITTLE IDIPPERS SW ININIINC1 Diving Board left tm lt R Chubb Cvtaptaxn C Fr nst Co taptaxn I-I Hnltlen 'Nl Hedlesky Standing J Winkler A Gil lespie D Benson -X Piersoll Sitting-H Kesler j XViller F Matthael D Rogers Heath R Born B lVIos n W a t e r air Wheeler B Dau D Lewi D Brigham SWIMMING SWIMMING TRIUMPI-'IS Ypsi Central 53 31 Portiac Lansing Eastern Battle Creek 28 56 Jacl-.son Lansing Central Rix er Rouge 54 30 Flint Central Lansing Eastern Regional Battle Creek Ann Arbor acl-tson Stat Jackson Battle Creek Ann Arbor jackson -la 39 Lansing Central This record presents ample eudence that Co captains Ralph Chubb and Carl Ernst along with the rest ot the quad have finished a brilliant season under Coach Dob ble Drake 12 19 41 ' ....................... ,- 1 7 42 ii ..,.............,.......... S2-32 1 9 42 ' ,....... ............ 6 3-21 1 16 42 ..........,....,....., - - 1 23 42 ' ...........,.............. 22-62 1 30 42 ' ,.............. ..... 6 6-18 2 3 42 V ..........,.........., - 2 6 42 ' ..................,... 52-32 2 10 42 ' ................... 64-17 V 1 - ill 2 13 42 Battle Creek ..............,....... 30-54 1 mm, 2 2142 ' - -- ....,........ 60 . . ff- ' 1 . . - ............. .. 41 -- -' " 1 V A 1 - J - ,.,.i,.,......,. . 28 i ' 2 28 42 C S- ' ....,........,...... 40 4 I H Q - ..... ,....,..... 3 7 . . -' , ' F ' ,,...i......,,i.,, 27 3 6 42 ........,...........,..... '- ' ' . s : . ' 1 3 10 42 ' ,,.......,..,...... 65-19 . ': , : B, 1 -5. L ' ti: P. U b t ' I 3 MASUUEH5 CLUB THE MASQUERS CLUB presents an interesting variety of social activity and conscientious labor on the subject of the drama. They say that vaudeville is dead. One look into a Masquers Club meeting is not very mute testimony that drama has not passed on with it. Every spring the club attends a professional theatrical performance en masse. Also in the spring is the Masquers Club formal dance. the high spot in their social activities. They present an assembly sometime during the year This years officers are Joyce Wilson president Anne Kienzle vice president Edwin Schneider secretary Eras Kussurelis treasurer and Joyce Haworth and Lois Kiri co program chairmen The club is advised by Mr Frank Reed THE DHAMATEEH5 AN ORGANIZATION just started this year IS the sophomore dramatic club the Dramateers which IS under the supervision of Miss Estelle Griffiths The club has arranged several plays for assembly such as A Marriage Proposal and Why the Chimes Rang while A Message to Khufu was presented at the Fine Arts Program and also at a meeting of the Masquers Under the leadership of Ben Wheatley Beverly Kroske Betty Kussurells and Rae Keller, the Dramateers have made a very successful beginning ll-ff x. MASQUERS 4 Audiencej Back row-M. Harris. Mr Reed. A. Kienzle. A. Kerlikow- ske. Second row-E. Schneider. C Hanson. W. Booth. J. White. Third row-P. Hodges. J. Cope- rnan. H. Gillette. R. Christman K. Fowler. Fourth row-J. Wilson, R Schlenker, L. Darling, E. Kus- surelis. Filth row N Christman M Newman B Sprague B Poulos E Pew P Brooks Sixth row R Hanselman J Carl B Grimes M Zeeb W Miller J Loveland MASQUERS Con stage! Standing-K Fowler M Har rls A Kienzle L Darling E Kussurehs A Kerlikowske C Hanson E Schneider J Cope man R Christman Seated H Gillette W Booth P Hodges DRAMATEERS Back row Rae Keller R A ford D McCourtie S Arold S West P Reed D Beattie A Logothetis D Daum J James H Anez J Jones J Perkins D Blakeslee A Kapp J Pop pinger Middle row Miss Griffiths B Kussurelis J Cummins B Wheatley B Kroske J Fair banks Front row J Helm S Stod dard R Logothetis B Hurley . . ' T . ' Y , , 1 Y. v . l . ' - - 3 v 4 1 - Q 7 ' 7 ' . . . . , T ' I v ' S Y .4 ' 'S 44 ' 91, Y ' li 73 ' , . Y Schmerling. R. Sawyer, F. Rad- . . . . , . ii - , v . f , A , . . . . . . -2. -I A I . h . - . -X fi ' . pl.fx.,i- .- . '- - -2 . . . . I If , . , . - I t s X X . .15 Egg Q PK W . .. A i -,W Vx 4' S ,x ,. ., 'Wx I if X. li b X 3 if ,W I S' Pi ? SENIOR PLAY THE SENIIIHS SUFFEH BHIIWINIS Pl-IINS FOR THEIR SENIOR play the class of 41 produced Growmg Pams a comedy of adolescence by Aurama Rou verol dealmg wlth the problems of the McIntyre famxly Mr Frank Reed Jr was the able dlrector Professor and Mrs McIntyre ran mto a snag when they declded to glve a party for thelr chlldren Terry and George In the first place they overlooked 1nv1t1ng Elsle Patterson their worthy but too too unexcltmg next door nelghbor and Mrs Patterson angrlly msrsted that George hlmself should escort her daughter Smce he had set hls heart on takmg Prudence Darlmg the current flame of all the boys hfe was no longer worth l1v1ng for George Llttle Terry too had a dlfficult evemng for her one and only Br1an also had an eye on Prudence Lost pants and a smashed jalopy lead to the high spot of the occaslon the arrest of George by a tralhc officer The mght of the dress rehearsal Marjorle Harrls charm mgly cast as Terry McIntyre developed the flu and could ever Ann Klenzle and Conme Collms were able to carry on the show Anne rendermg a really br1ll1ant stand ln performance as Terry and Connie adequately portraymg Annes former role Others m the cast were Roger Lewls Ellzabeth Camp bell Kenneth Waltz Karl Wehmeyer Robert Davldson Charles Strlckland Cal Mueller Kathleen Hood Marle Walter Margaret Cook Jane McMahon Barbara Eddy Joyce Wllson Davld Wlghtman, Rosemary Schlenker Robert Davls Joan Gallup Robert Chrlstman Bud H1tCh cock Joyce Haworth Rzchard Brxgham Joan Eddy Dan MacK1nnon and Evangelme Nlmke Eleanor Barker was book holder SENIOR PLAY B Eddy J McMahon A Kxenzle M Walter B Davld son C Mueller R Lewis C Collms D MacK1nnon R Lewxs K Waltz E Camp bell M Harrxs The Whole Cast Watch For the Bxrdle M Cook J McMahon Cook A Krenzle J McMahon B Eddy C Collms I-'zrst row K Wehmeyer C Mueller B Daxldson C Strxckland Second row R Levus M Har rls M Cook M Walter J Wllson R Lewrs R Lew1s A Kmenzle E Camp bell K Waltz H 7, 7 , ' . I , . . . - v ' ' 3 7 7 5 s a ' not appear in the play. By some cramming of lines, how- E. Campbell. K. Waltz, M. 7 Q v ' v l 1 ' y ' ' 9 5 9 , , 0 H' P 6, , 1 'al T5 b 'las . ig, 5.3 vw, 2 , - M ..': f My I I ,,,,J,,, f hir :A mf. i' ' gg iz' y"'Z'?!3 f ii , f""fg'L5-', ---' Q P' f 7 -W 5 x A 4fWky ,SYM ua Ffh-'---tk :ig The Lincoln Exhibit 'lids , m M Q www 2 FOR THE past three years Miss Louise George and her classes have sponsored an ex- hibit of pictures, books, pamphlets, original paintings, and interesting articles pertaining to Abraham Lincoln. The theme this year was "Lincoln and the World Today". Miss George's collection was started by a picture of Lincoln drawn for her by a student nearly twenty years ago. Since then other students. citizens, and organizations have contributed nearly 1.700 articles. Last year the exhibit featured Lincoln's own umbrella and Mrs. Lincoln's parasol, sent under S1500 bond from the Michigan Historical Association at Lansing. This year the most unusual con- tribution, also a loan, was Professor Avard Fairbanks' bronze model of his new statue. Lincoln, the Frontiersman, and castings of Lincoln's face and hands modeled from life. which Mr. Fairbanks used in his study. This famous statue was made for the Ewa Planta- tion School near Honolulu. The annual display has won considerable attention among Lincoln admirers in this part of the state. and because of it Miss George has been the honored guest of the Detroit Lincoln Society. The S111y S111y Sophom EARLY IN 1ts hrst year 1n A AH S the class of 1944 began to leave lts mark on the school The three offlcers all gxrls graduated from Tappan jumor Hlgh They are Rae Keller preszdent Jean Daum secretary Rae now plays ln the Hlgh School band whxle Jean and Dot txe are active members of the Sopho more Dramatlcs Club Besldes these achievements all three are makxng good scholastxc records These youngsters of 1944 had a very successful sophomore party and presented a play to the school In athletlcs sophomores have shown up well ln swlmmmg football and basket ball All ln all the group seems to pos sess wldespread talent 4 4 ' ' 1 1 OTES Cummins, vice-presidentg and Dottie SUPHU IJHES ROW 1 Joyce Agnew Peggy Allen Dorothy Amerman Robert Andrus Helen Anez Ted Aprill Bob Armbruster Sally Arold Lena Backer Pearl Bacon Howard Baker Russell Baker Virginia Balhoff Martin Ball john Barker Barbara Barr Hershall Barth ROW 2 Laurel Bauer Richard Baur Ross Baylis Allan Beattie Dorothy Beatty Virginia Beck Althea Beebe Pearl Beeman jean Behnke Kenneth Behnke Bob Bell james Bemis Mary Ellen Benish Jean Bennett Richard Benson Marydell Berger jack Bergren ROW 3 Robert Beson Adelheld Brer em Ardrew Blerlem David Bird Jacob Bard James Bird Neal Brrd Edwm Bxrtle Annette Blades Betty Blaess Dorothy Blakeslee Clara Born Robert Bossemeyer Lons Bostlc Robert Brackett B111 Brackney ROW 4 John Bray Bemxce Brewer Donald Bnggs Arlene Brltton Loren Brooks Thomas Brooks Fenton Brown Robert Brown Eleanor Bryan Nell Bucholz Barbara Budreau Mary Buell Anthony Bulgarelle Arlene Bulton Barbara Bunn Elmer Burgett ROW 5 Douglas Carlton Robert Carr Janet Carter Helen Cazepxs Charles Chadwxck Florence Challin Joyce Chambers Lo1s Chambers Edward Champlon Charles Clark Malo Clark Shxrley Clement Uvonne Clymer Jeannette Collms Margaret Colvm John Comlskey ROW 6 George Cooch Charles Cook Robert Cooper Betty Anne Corbett Leslxe Comell Nancy Cory Bernice Cotton Mary Anne Courtrnght Don Cowley Betty Lou Cox Betty Crawford Floyd Crawford Marjorie Crlppen Jean Cummms Janice Cunnmgham Maureen Curd ROW 7 Wllllam Cuthbert Jane Dahlberg Evelyn Darley Edward Daly John Dames Wnllxam D Anjou Louxse Darnell Dottie Daum Robert Davxs Rlchard De Long Shlrley Dey Ruth Drldme Jule Doane Loyal Doane Russell Dodge Thelma Donner Xantha Douvltsos ROW 8 Paul Dow Joyce Downer Lllllan Duckek Sally Dudley Dan Duncanson Josephme Dyer Robert Dyer Joyce Eddy Richard Elsele Jean Eltmg John Evangelxdes Marv Evangelrdes Justm Falrbanks Louise Feldhauser Joan Feldkamp Jane Ferguson George Fields Mary Brandon Dean Busch Robert Conner Betty Ann Curtis SUPHUMUHES ROW 1 Gerald Fisher Thomas Fitzgerald George Fletcher Barbara Flickinger Lorraine Flint William Folske Maurice Forsythe Robert Foster Robert Fox Marjorie Franklin Frieda Ginsburg Ruth Fritz William Fry Dessie Furman Marjorie Fyfe Charles Gallup Barbara Gates ROW 2 Lois Gebbink May German Betty Gerstler Clara Gerstler Marilyn Gerstler Edward Gilbreath Arthur Gillespie Barbara Gillespie Garry Glasglow William Glesner Mary Goodnoe Robert Gould James Graf Lexena Graham Mike Green Floyd Greene Milton Griffen ROW 3 Fred Grxfhth Wllllam Groves Evelyn Gruschow Edmund Gunther Peggy Gunther Delmer Gurk jean Guy Anme Gyde Alwm Haas Marxlyn Haazma Elame Haeussler Harold Halbel Wxlham Haldler Carolyn Frederlck Roy Hakala Alberta Hale ROW 4 Catherme Hale Barbara Hamllton Vrrgmna Hanselman Patrlcla Hatch Sally Hauser Lorame Haynes Wxllxam Heath Annabelle Heckman James Helfrrch john Helm jean Henne Murlel Henry Eugene Hertler Leon Hmz Edward Hlrth Wllllam Hoelzer ROW S Cllfford Hoff D3Vld Holcombe Robert Hollway Janet Honke Robert Hommg Walter Hommg Thelma Howard Mildred Howell Thelma Howell Elolse Hudson Rnchard Hughes Phxlxp Hume Elizabeth Hurley Allan Ivey Jerene james Ruta Jedele ROW 6 Clarence jeffrey Dewey johnson Margarlta Johnson Russell Johnson ,Ioan Jones June Jones Edwm Judson Augusta Kapp Thomas Katapol Fae Kaufman Rlchard Kauifman Robert Kauffman Florence Kayuska Dorothy Keller Rae Keller Augusta Kepp ROW 7 Russell Kett Frltz Klenzle Luanne Kmyon Herbert Klpfmrller Edna Mae Klrk Rose Mane Kxtchen Thomas Klttel Geame Klmgler jenme Klmgler Dons Knxght Myron Knight Agatha Knox Walter Koebnxck Albert Koemke Paul Kokkales Fredenck Koobs George Koopman ROW 8 Earlyne Kraft Beverly Krosky Robert Kuhn Phyllxs Kulp Mary Krmg Elizabeth Kussurehs Arlene La Combe Walter Landns Mary Lou Larmee Wayne Larmee George Law ton Eleanor Lehman Wllllam Lewls Donald Lewxs Alta Llnebaugh Jean Klmgel Robert Lmebaugh Richard Hait Jane Hicks Gerald Ingber Elaine Keebler SUPHU UHE5 ROW 1 Virginia Luenser Seymour Lipnik Robert Logothetis Betty Loper Angeline Logothetis Don Luedi Ralph Lutz Lucille McCalla Evelyn McClintock Donna McCourtie Catherine McCurley Marjorie McEwan James McFadden Robert MacKinnon Patrick McLaughlin Ruth McMillan Arlene Maas ROW 2 Joyce Madison William Malin Florence Mallory Elaine Marchese Gloria Marsh Marguerite Marshall Marvin Marshall Thomas Marshall Beverly Martin William Martin Ruth Maser Paul Mason Ronald Mason Robert Maulbetsch Mary Maury Robert Meacham Louis Meddaugh ROW 3 Mane Meldrum Philip Mercado Walter Metzger Paul Meyers Joyce Mlchelsen June Michelsen Douglas Mllcer Doris Miller Elaine Miller Elayne Miley Freemont Mitchell James Mitchell Robert Mitchell William Moss Elaine Mueller janet Mullreed ROW 4 Margaret Muncy Richard Myers Mary Napiers Ralph Neelands Gilbert Newman Patricia Newman Maynard Newton Fred Nickels Leon Nlethammer Golda Nordman Rose O Day Eugene O Hara John Ortman Robert Ortman Robert Ostroski Dale Ottmar ROW 5 Harlan Otto Thelma Owens John Pappas Betty Jane Pardon Dorothy Ann Parker Patricia Posey Barbara Passow Betty Passow Doris Passow Allan Pearsall Stella Pegan Juanita Perkms David Poppenger Joy Poppenger Harold Prochnow Beatrice Pratt ROW 6 Leroy Pratt Charles Pryor Frances Radford Anita Raes Albert Ramstem Kenneth Reade Patricia Reed Richard Ruflins Doris Regan Evelyn Regelm Virginia Reuter Nettie Rice Lee Roberts Robert Roberts Donald Robinson jack Rogers ROW 7 Gladys Rohr Betty Lou Rose Harlan Roos Graham Ross Lois Ross Carl Rothfuss Lavane Rousseau George Royce Betty Rogers Wmifred Russell Marian Rutledge Muriel Ryan Alvm Salow George Sandenburgh Dick Sauer Rosalind Sawyer Robert Schaffer ROW 8 Shirley Schauble Robert Schalrer Grace Ann Schanz Rose Ann Schmerlmg Arlene Schmidt Richard Schneeberger Herman Schroen Arlo Seitz Esther Seitz Nathan Seltz Donald Shanl-:land Genevieve Shanklm Melvm Shannon Nancy Shaw Hilda Sheffler Robert Shewman Georgia Shlllmg Kenneth Mitchell Mildred O'Neal Ward Peterson Lois Rigan SIJPHUMIJHES ROW 1 Barbara Sibert William Sieloff Harry Simmons Melvin Sinclair Gerald Sinke William Slade joan Slater Barbara Smith Maurice Smith YVilliam Smith Charles Smith Donald Smith Gloria Smith Esther Soll Betty Jane Spar Geraldine Spiess Arlene Staudenmaier ROW 2 William Stearns Alton Steeb Lloyd Steeb john Stentzel Bradley Stevens Gwendolyn Stevens Barbara Stierle Sally Ann Stoddard Rosella Stoll Della Stollsteimer Ruth Stollsteimer Frieda Stratos Robert Stricklen Norman Stutzman Harold Sullivan Douglas Swift Robert Talbot fr 'FP'- gm 95 r I ROW 3 Bruce Tappe Robert Taylor Mary Temple Betty Terry Stuart Thayer Giles Thielk Jeanne Thomas Elaine Thompson John Thompson Helen Thomy Roma Took Sally Toot Louis Townley Wilma Trinkle Marguerite Trombley Richard Twining Jo Ann Underwood ROW 4 Mary Upthegrove Alice Vander Ark June Van Kleek Virginia Van Kleek George Vassoff June Veliquette Helen Vogel Frank Vosmik Donald Wagner Mary E. Wagner Robert Wagner Barbara Walker Phyllis Walker Jacquelyn Wanamaker Robert Ware Maurine Warner Clyde Warren ROW 5 Marjorie Warren Bonnie Warrum Donna Waters Dorothea Webb Florence Webber Nancy Weese jean Welke Roger Wellington Alice Wenger Suzanne West Ben Wheatley Hal Wheeler Jerold White William White Audrey Whitley Delores Whitley Ruth Whittemore ROW 6 Betty Ann Wilder Betty Winkinson George Wilson janet Wilson Dean Wiltse Robert Winans James Winkler Daryel Wisely James Wolter Jane Woodard james Woodford Sally Wyman Robert Yakley Dorothy Young Mary Lou Young Benjamin Zahn Glen Zahn ROW 7 Edwin Zill Marcus Zill Elaine Zimmerman THE CAMERA CLUB IF YOU want to know anythmg about photography just drop 1n at a Camera Club meetmg where the techmcal terms are as thick as pea soup There you wlll find such enthuslasts as Mr Buell spon sor of the club Jack Flsher presldent Robert Chrlstman v1ce pres1dent and Bermce Grlmes secretary The act1v1 tles of the group are varled They have had speakers and movles on photographlc subjects and they have even taken a camera hxke Members are taught the rudlments of photography such as develop1ng prmtmg and enlarglng Thxs year the club sponsored a travelmg exh1b1t of PIC tures made by members whlch went to other Five A schools 1n exchange for thexr contrlbutlons EBENCH CLUB HERE WE SEE the French Club QLe Cercle Francais to you Gaulsj The club IS not composed of French na tlonals as the name might lmply but of AAH S students who wlsh to know more about French and the1r advlsers Mlss Steele and Mlss Seeley It IS the1r purpose to gaxn a wlder understandmg of the French language culture, and people They study and dlscuss French art muslc and literature Thls year they gave a lxttle play called Eng11sh as She Is Spoken The event of the year was a dmner at whxch only French dxshes were served Perhaps because the serxous pursuxts are combmed wxth recreatxon the club IS popular SCIENCE CLUB UNDER THE supervlslon of Mr Qulgley and Mr Matzke the Sclence Club has had a very successful year Harold Andrus thls semesters presldent Dan MacK1nnon vlce presldent Bernlce Grxmes, secretary and Rnchard Clarke program chaxrman made up the executlve board Last semesters officers were He1n1 Kessler president George Wlld vxce presldent Juanlta Burch secretary, and Gard ner Soule program chaxrman As the purpose of the club IS to keep lnformed on the newest sclentlfic mventlons the program chalrman durmg the past year has taken advantage of the facllxtles offered by the U of M and arranged trips to see the atom smasher the electron mxcroscope the Observatory the Slmpson Me morlal Instltute and a demonstratlon of glass blowlng CAMERA CLUB Back row G Glasgow Cuthbert E Champlon Hexdler I-I Ross C Almand Mercado Middle row Mr Buell Chrlstman B Groves P Falr chxld P Mornll F Collms E Buchanan J Reule C Collms B Grlmes Frrst row N Wllllams G Graham M Graham M Har rms N Coller FRENCH CLUB Standing-J Gallup D Whlt temore L K1v1 Seated Mxss Steele Mlss See H Ramsdell M Harrls On Floor E Barker C John son SCIENCE CLUB Back row Mr Matzke J Ka surm G Hoff W Uhlendorf D Dodge R Foor W Carey R Strleter W Watson D Mac Kmnon F Schaeberle P Rang kvlst W Klem H Andrus S Ottenhelmer P Meanwell D Koch Second row R Clarke W Lanmng M Lunny B Grxmes E Buchanan J Burch M Hull Seated A Grant - . , B , . , B. , . v ' - . , B n H ' 1 ' - . . , . , . , . ' 1 ' , . , . 1 1 9 y ' ' - , 7 . - . 1 . . . . O . v - 1 - ' v v ' KK ' 73 ' 1 y , . , . . . . l - x + ' A I ' , 1 . v v i - . , . - . . . . . ley, J. Haworth, E. Campbell, . , . . , . . . . . - . , . - 9 9 - , ' ll ' 7, , . . , . . . s 9 s ' 9 v 9 - . . . , . ' , . , . , . . . l , , . , . , . . . - . l . . I y . , l . 1 v 9 ' ' ' - . , - W - 9 ' , . . . . 7 ' ' v . , . . 1 r ' ' v - - . . nf mf Zz .ji , Zz? f 14, W vw , , fa' MQW .ng f J" 4251 I :ZW m, W hr- o n 4 ...QQ Q f l' W WWW 4-""" I Q, ff f?l 'ff .BX Qi if Q -WF 3 J n, ff' ZW N :ff is , x QS 'ii On Stairs-B. Grimes. B. Kussurelis, L. Kivi, F. Mal- lory, H. Gazepis, J. Haworth, D. Young, N. Coller. Standing-R. Schmerling, J. Veliquette, H. Thomy, R. Marin, B. Walker, Helen Thomy, J. Ferguson, M. Buell, J. Perkins, A. Kapp, D. Furman, M. Hull, Miss Hammann, B. Sweeney, J. Carl, B. Smith, J. Downer, L. Chambers, P. Addis. E. A. E. THE GIRLS' Athletic Club was organized for the purpose of managing all tournaments and handling athletic awards for girls. Miss Laura Hamman is the faculty adviser. This year Kathryn Hutchinson was president, Martha Lunny vice-president, and Elizabeth Hoppe secretary- treasurer. The athletic awards are given to girls who have earned a suliicient number of points in scholarship, leadership, and athletic ability. Kneeling-P. Matthews, T. Lee. P. Newman. M Napiers, K. Hutchinson. M. Poucher, M. Colvin, S West, E. Lehman, B. Pratt, R. Sawyer. M. C. Upthe- grove, J. Collins, H. Anez, M. Crippen. A. Raes, N Stutzman, B. A. Curtis. Front row-D. McCourtie, F. Radford, P. Hatch, E Mueller, M. Henry, E. Pew, R. Whittemore, M Acomb. P. Reed, J. Thomas, E. Krapf. BADMINTON Back row-G. Soule, F. Rad- ford, S. West, M. Rutledge, D Dudley. D. Bergren, M. Davis R. Dildine, B. Curtis, M. L Larmee, R. Schmidt, P. Hatch Second row-J. Cunningham B. Gleason, H. Canter. ald. BOWLING E. Mueller, D. Beatty, M. Fyfe, A. Saxon, M. Berger, M. E. Wagner. sler, B. Grimes, J. Perkins. BADMINTON CHAMPIONS P. Hatch, B. Curtis. BASKETBALL E. Lehman, B. Pratt. J. Henne, E. Haeussler, P. Hatch, B. Curtis. BASKETBALL N. Coller, M. C. Upthegrove, M. L. Larmee, F. Mallory, F. Radford, D. Young, B. L. Rose. ARCHERY D. Dudley, D. Bergren, P. Brooks, Miss Hammann, M. Hull, M. B. Acomb. R. Reg!- ski, A. Letsis, P. Hodges, J. Pielemeyer, M. Davis. v First row-E. Pew, T. Fitzger- Seated-R. Maurer, E. Haeus- X KQX HA W 4? , 5 in 4 ' , Q GA . Z ,W -' f 7 W1 1 1 gf - ' .f , ' 2'-4 , . V I ,,,.-mm., U ... , 4. 'E 'Q . ,Z nz? fs 1 . V' I, ,- 2 gk - ,L ' - ff' 1 4 ,, 3 INQTM ., K f A, U, i .1 E- ng Eg-ii? A at 5 1H'.a??5i. , Q, ' 1232 3' 7'-J Ai". -12.25 7 iss.: 1 , Ui J' '- -it V L g... ,fi I Q41 'fill W W 5 ' "'V I ..:. iig - 1 2 fd i BASEBALL WITH A nucleus of nine lettermen and an outstanding group of sophomores and newcomers. Zit Tessmer. Ann Arbor Highs new baseball coach. built a team that ended in an enviable position. The boys who played and won letters last year are Lloyd Zill the 1942 Captain Lefty Bemis George Royce Jack Dates, Bob Kalmbach Bob Drury Bob Webb, and Hershel Barth Among the new comers to the squad were Ray Teachworth Bill Ball Mike Stutz Bob Sprentall Bob Connors and Dave Holcombe The 1942 baseball schedule consisted of nlne games five at home and four away THAEH Thln I lads Awas to Another .Success ul Season WHEN COACH Tim Ryan called out our Thin Clads at the begmning of the Indoor Season the prospects were fairly bright But little did we think that our team would w1n the River Rouge Invitational Meet for the second consecutive year against fifteen of the strongest teams in the state Our team also has an undefeated dual meet record for the Indoor Season Predictions are that there will be another 5 A League Track Championship at Ann Arbor during the coming Outdoor Track Season Led by Captain Bill Marshall breaker of the pole vault record with such stars as Glen Shankland in the mile Wayne Larmee in the half mile and other experi nced per formers this team is carrying on 1n splend d Pioneer tra BASEBALL Top row-eR. Drury. M. Stutz Mgr. M. Newton, R. Twining R. Bossemeyer. D. Holcombe Mgr. B. Tappe, R. VValter- house. Second row-O. Koch, W Ball H Barth R Strieter O Kruse R Brigham R Webb K Thurber Coach Tessmer Front row C Allmand M Bemis J Dates G Royce L Zill R Sprentall R Davls R Teachvtorth R Kalmbach R Conner TRACK TEAM Back row A Glllespie R B Haldler G Lavston L Nel son W Koebmck R Andrus Second row W Larmee B Delhey W Newman B Moss W Marshall F Nowland G Paul G Shankland A Steeb Third row Mr Ryan F Ross W Richardson R Burns D Larmee R Winans R Chubb F Germain D Smith F Shurt 1 Front row L Bauer M Kmght H Tobey H Schroen M Hedlesky L H 1 n z Thlelk J Fairbanks 9 9 1 1 Q ' ' ' ' - . , . 9 r v 9 E - In - 1 - v . 1 1 fl ' w . , . 3 C . - , 'e - . ' ' ' ' i ' - -- . ' f ' . dition Ortman. C. Roth. A. Beattie 5, . Ji l'ff. I ' 1 1 . v . . . ' . G. 1 5 1" ff , 1 16 ,WS ,f I W in Wag ' 9 , '-"' 1 if 'Q .. C . . -ws? ,, 1 nf i w 6. if 0150 'A J' , q ' A. M, in A ik . ' 4 X45 I ,!'v'- gg tx 1 v -if 6 -1 'Xb' ,atb 1 O 4 it . V is in 0 by 4 -it .yu ' . as , 15 i , frfif I Y mf 5, K. i GOLF op row R 'Vlxubetsth Dosex E OHara Second row I Helm I Reach W Txmmerman F Nlcltels Thlrd tow 'VI 'Marshall A lohnston G lorn R Cuttxng F Perry Front row R 'VI4Corm1cl-t D Wolaxer M Dale D Ottmar E Brlegel TEYNNIQ TEAVI Back row lleft to l'lLllll W Peterson H Ross Third ron R Clarke C Gal lup B Graham R Baker C Chadxuck D Halt Second row. L Brooks VK XVatsOn R Xkelllngton B Heath B Dxllon G Sanden burg Frist row E Schnexder D Leu IS T Stout R Lexx IS P Buhrman B Heath GULF TO FILL the gap lett m the last years 5 A champlonshlp team of Leon Dosex Frank Fmsmger Malcolm Dale and Daxe Wolaxerj by graduatlon of Dosey and Frlsmger Coach Bovysher called upon jxm Br1egel Frank McCor mlck Dale Ottmar and Glen jorn Led by Malcolm Dale the team had a yery successful season Leon Dosey l elped Coach Boxxsher 1n dtrectlng the te lm TENNIS CAPTAINED for the second consecutlxe year by Roger Lexus the tenms team completed a yery successful sea son Thls wear the team was the largest IH tenms hlstory as 37 boys competed for posltlons Besldes Roger LEWIS Bob Heath Pete Buhrman and Tom Stout were veterans who dxd commendable work throughout the season New comers who also showed thelr merlts durmg the year were Ed Schnemder who played last year for Dearborn and Don Lewls Bxll Heath Roger Wellmgton and George Sandenburg of the local lads The tenms team llke all Ann Arbor athletlc teams showed the hghtmg Pmoneer sp1r1t m ex ery match VIRGO T '- . . z l I I ' . L. W C ' I - , 'L' . ' . -. - x ' . . . , . . fx -' . . ' . 7 mf FIJHENSIIIS INCLUDING opportunltles IU dramatlc readme' oratorlcal declamauon oratory and extemporaneous speakmg For EHSICS offers useful and xarled exper1ence 1n the held of publlc speakmg Th1s year seven students represented Ann Arbor ln the d1str1ct contest at Jackson Tom F1tzgerald 1n declamatlon Don Barker and Ed Schnexder IH oratory LOIS KIVI Jean Cummms and Dan Mac Kmnon 1n dramatlc readmg and Joe Goetz IH extemporaneous speakmg IIEBI-ITINB TE!-IM THE ALL JUNIOR debatmg team coached by Mlss Paul me Zoller has completed what IS consldered a very suc Cessful season Startmg the year IU vnhlrlwlnd fashxon they qulckly overrode Adr1an Lincoln Park and Lansmg Central Thelr stumbllng block hovx ever was Battle Creek to whlch they lost ln the last regularly scheduled debate Although thelr vlctorxes quahhed them for the el1m1nat1on round to de clde the state champxonshlp they were th1s tlme rendered hopeless by the Battle Creek debaters losmg to them 1n the first round To summarlze all practlce debates and regular debates ln whxch the first team partlcxpated they won eight and lost three The members are Tom Stout Charles Ha Ison George Vl1s1des Joe Goetz and Fred Matthael The team have al ready won a plaque of whlch they are very proud but they look to b1gger and better records next xear SKETCH CLUB THE SKETCH CLUB formerly the Art Club has been 1n operatlon under the sponsorshlp of IVI1ss Howard for four years The group has a varlety of actxvltles part of vxhxch are sketchmg blockprmtlng metal craft palntmg and gomg to see some of the current art EXIIIDIUODS In the sprmg and fall the club goes on frequent excurslons and pxcnlcs to the Island the Arboretum and other spots of scemc beauty about the clty of Ann Arbor The opportunxty has been glven the group to hear noted speakers on war1ous subjects perta1n1ng to art Betty Ann Sweeney has done a cred1table Job as presx dent of the club for the past xear FORENSICS Left to rrght E Schnender J Cummms D Barker L Kun D MacKinnon 'I Fltzgerald G Hoff J Goetz DEBATING Back row Cleft to rlghtl M Z1ll T Bxddle J Flsher R Flakne D Larmee V Sharp hael G Vl1s1des T Stout C Hanson J Goetz D Dudlex SKETCH CLUB First group fleft to rxghtb NI E Benlsh D Bergren Second group D Dudley Mxss Howard L Neutz M Schalrer B A Svxeenex Thrrd group J Car' A Letsls INI Martm Q u 5 - . 7 . . . I . . . . Y . . , v - r . . V . . , Q L . . Y . ' . . . Front row-S. MOTYIS. P. Matt- . Z " . v - ' I 7 fl . A "' . I. . Y- . f . 4191 AAA f , ' f ' 0 ,, W A, 2 we ,W f F' 2,2 ti 1 ,Mg I, V ' 7 iq , ,-if Q 4 - f ,fp ,, if ,f,4f5,,of,. f I f 5-1 , 2xf?12w'f5 f fl WW -0., 1 , "iw qw "M , ' f. bftzif, J X m'TU2?f1'f."fj.524v w,4fW1q,1,eZW 'ff jjwfmz, 1, ,ff ' fxzf- 4. , ,nwmwg W1 , iw 1 ,, 1 Wdw fff an 4, 'ma im, , 2,7 5 4, af f .. ,f www - VW! ' V -'W Q wwf . , A j,.,.:,. 4. f ,, Wna.'W,,,, !M5 Q, .gn WM ,, ,,',M,W 5 M4523 151' ' , " -fx' 1 wmffiwiff ,ff 'ff 231 gig f ' f .,. ,-,,1 vu 2, V "f ,ffpvf,,:,1 4:54, 1 'W 4.35 ,Zi-w MV W , , WWW? , ,, P 19, f al 1 'm 3 x .2354-2 if 22 3,1 ', Z' aflm-Q, . 1 Ai 7, 4 A 3 V., Qi ,ff Q 2 b:',. Iif :,. ,: ' ,., ,. , ' if ffl 4. 'tj 5, IVA 9 X ,c 'W M , , ' ,,.' , 'f awww 1' W Nmwwng -.. inn' I-Oi I ' s S 5 0 M Y ,. 1 ,L 6 Bi Self' Q , 1 f-5 A ' . -- " Q gn R M , . ,Aix E l X " H 1 A , ,Q ' . :,:,,:, ,- Q 95 ,- BIBL5 BLEE IILUB THE GIRLS GLEE CLUB got 1ts start last fall under the splendid d1rect1on always rendered by Miss Juva Hlgbee Since Miss Higbees illness they have been capably led by Miss Stephame Doranchak The forty fave members meet three times a week This group has presented musical as semblies and participated m the Fme Arts Program BUYS BLEE CLUB THE BOYS GLEE CLUB endeavored to exist for one semester although Miss Hlgbees illness left them without a sponsor Because of the small membership they were unable to contmue for the remainder of the year A ll!-IPPELLA THE A CAPPELLA CHOIR IS composed of the cream of the voices of the school Though the Choir underwent a serious setback this year because of the 1llness and final the inspiring direction of Miss Doranchak much lost ground has been regained In October, this group sang at the opening meeting of the MEA in Detroit and in May at the CHIC Festival As a rule the Choir presents an operetta in early spring, but 1h1s year no doubt because of astrological conditions beyond control, the traditional performance had to be aban doned However it was written in the stars that A Cap pella must hold some sort of celebration and so on May 2nd a Hobo Hop was sponsored by the Choir .A- LIBRA GIRLS GLEE CLUB Back row J Dyer E Hause ler V Frederick J Veliquette A Hem D VandenBosch J Glover J Henne L McCalla G A Schanz L Feldhauser J Eitmg L Kmyon Second row P Allen J Feld kamp B Smith A Kapp P Kup H Anez A Hale J James L Backer R Stoll F Erdman P Beeman E Brauer V Jedele Front row J Poppenger L Chambers J Downer J Guy C McCurley M Franklin D Blakeslee U Clymer E Krapf M L Young B Walker J Thomy J Perkins M Napier BOYS GLEE CLUB C Brown L Bauer G Koop man J Fairbanks F Greene W Martin B Tappe A CAPPELLA CHOIR Back row W Britton R Wxchterman R Andres E Keebler C Brown J Fair banks S Graham C Liechty T Cooch S Mortenson NI Seitz Second row B Hamilton P Gagalis I Schmidtke P Sch merlmg E Geyer L Darnell B Boring E Kokenakes H Schwartz M Poucher P Ba con Third row L Collms E Pen V Zeeb M McCloud Acomb P Hodges A Kerlm kowske B Edoy J Erry N Nussman Front row O Mulreed D Smith A Letsis I Reule A Grant T Lee A Scott W Pullen M Nevx man I . 4 . y 1 V ' I ' ' - - , 1 ,' 1 .' C ,' , ' Y ' . 1 resignation of Miss Higbee, we are happy to say that under 1 42 ' f f in H1150 'ff X 6 3 ,, ,f " ,M W1 V ..., , YV' 1 A 4 ij J x ff f 'UQ W 2, 0 if -:J Si' X 358: i . i ,,,Q 1-'iff lux 6 fc. at at A 1 QL, 2 0 Q ! WS S 1 ffgtq Y Q ' ss, 2 N' X K A k Q 'vis ' A ,M , 4, J: I .A h zai H,-V. .sw l , ,.,. , ,, V V V. A 5 li ,g'1y.- .4 " .. .yy-. M "Wa is , if S . sw 1 w 4 . f xr V A : 9 A 3 ' a V ,wi , , 5 1,1 -: mini '-", 3 N, fl' - Qagiasii' pn" . KW may 'ilk' , -x Wm, t ,,, . 1 ., -C -,, ,e 1 My 13 fgzy,-,.'if wgmjf, 2' . , 2 ,M pq SAM Q iigvgwaawx',,:'w--SX xzgwgfgfwgwaggf . , , f wmv f "V-Ewfwzw. 139 V , N ff.:.z4G mf V V., ,1f.4:.,,..v ,'fw'Mfff: Q N259 Aff, 1, , ,- M fm., faux' 4? . MW? ,zo knqujyw , ,,, efsw.. 'Vw K . f ' ' 'K 4wW.,.,,w:, ,WW ,awk 1- 1,3 ,Mmm yn M qw ff-Qmfswyjw'-fyuQ53?f ww' 6 if W ,jiijwmpg ,:ff'wf'1 ' Ci' FF ? iifigw jf 'V "9" '2"f:w-,p 3A:?fj'.-'1-.1 if Wy, ""f"'K-f':,f:L2'W'Z1w. 1' "fi T-.f?2?V2?wirj M' .ffifwf .ZZ A 1 yum, 5- x M , ' ' X 12.21-?'4f"' 'M-fu V, " 1- -V " .iQV?'?2fQ92fg eg ag, W,,,,ii-V VV, .,,, ,V .. ,, V-1 WM N f,..,,i,, Al - ,L Qglfdllxl r .1 M,?,55?Q?39g5,, yi 5 4 ,lf i l ,. ,TW -,QW 'jijffya 4 . .. .W P,:2,f,A f fr' ,Q ,ah V, -Q my 0 f VZ. 'Q fgfgwfg ww ' ..,...,.. , 1 4, Gm! A 'im --- Q? ' A ., .3 4- A 5 V , ny, PX' sg , 4 ,Q,wf21rfN,Qv4 .H W-. .,.4 ,, A - A -4, 5, Vg 1,5 'Z A wil 'Q , if , H? -W1 f p-.f'4igpf'ff, , ,3,vfvl, ,,.M,i4g.,4 .,.. 2- .2 ' 253 f V , , , ,, 4 ,, f 'N -K ,,,. .f- Jen, Y ,. 1 W .y,, 1zWV.yf.,M g yn , ,, W, Wfsi flgf' , - A511 2 . , V ,X ,WM ,www .,,.,,,i in , Q -,M L A ' . W.. ,,f. . A '-'N7i54':h4:.. fix?- 4,,u1 M iw-S: -Z,-12 .. ' W ,.l",'0l fu- wfl' , , W qi .X l 'U .r V.. L9 5 , 43 X W f ggri? ' . ar- A ,,, 7 I. as i 9' Q , - 6 'WN H Y 1 , , 1. fe -1, mfmqj Back rowfG. jellema. M. Cornell. T. Townley. E. Buchanan. Cv. Shankland. XN. Van Kleek. C. Pryor. Front rowfj. Kokkales. tl. Kokinakes. E. Champion. B. Smith, G. Randall. M. Mellcmtt. UHCHESTH!-l THE HIGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA gives many opportunities to promising young musicians. Under the efficient direction of Mr. Rollin Silfies. the orches- tra has played for the junior play. senior play. in assemblies. and for P.T.A. meetings. They also participated in the All City Concert and Demonstration in May and will take a prominent part at the commencement exercises. -l ,- x Q -V .ici 1 -gf' - TY. "2 , - 9' ci' to . . di, .gg 51' Picture one J Keller W Vowell P Bxrd C Hanson E Schnelder Pzcture two C Hanson Cummm s I Fisher E Kus surehs nlurc Ihftl l ar 111 rant E KllSNL1FLllS C 1 s mn Pzttur four E Sthnerder C Hmson P Cummm s I Frsh .IUNIUH5 TAKE A HIILIIIAY THE JUNIOR Class IS justly proud of IIS class play H011 day presented rn Pattengxl Audrtorxum on Februxry 27th and 28th Very grown up and sophlstlcated this comedy of manners by Ph1l1p Barry stresses cleverness rather tnan bo1sterous h1lar1ty The eternal triangle was formed by Eras Kusurellls as Lnda Seton Charles Hanson as Johnny Case and Pat Blrd and Peggy Cummlngs double cast as Julla Seton Im portant supportxng roles were taken by Ed Schnelder and Jack Flsher as Ned and Edward Seton The screw balls of tne cast were Susan and N1ck Potter played by Avery Grant and Larry Darllng whlle Helcn Gxllette and Wlllard Booth portrayed the snooty Crams jack Keller Bxll Vowell and Doris Downer gave us Henry Ch nrles and Such tasks as tlcket sellrng propernes costumes usher mg stage work etc were handled completely by Junmors Under the excellent dlrectxon of Mr Frank Reed the cast managed to extract from arduous rehearsxls n un forgett iblc month of fun filled 1SSOCl 1t1ons SAGIYYARIIAS ' H n - Y ' ' C ' A S' 4. . ' v ' A V Q . f V U' . . . ,- . . - , , ' ' . 2 , 2 Delia respectively. Doris Downer was also the bookholder. 2. C 1 . Q 'sz J za - 2 A - :H 'z A P" I '- .. D: l' sg. A. Cvz . . I , '. Har- .K . Z' .x th in , L Q . I A ,GQ 4 -, 2 5 . , ' gy , I, - 7- ef. THE WASHINETUN CLUBS Clubs Have Unusual Prwzleve 0 Observmg Natwn at War THIS year s Wash1ngton Clubs saw Wash1ngton and New York under clrcumstances vastly dlf ferent from those of other years The fact that our natlon IS at war was emphaslzed by the many umforms ln evldence by the axr rald dl rectxons posted everywhere the antl alrcraft guns on all government bulldmgs the darkened Capltol and Statue of Liberty We were thor oughly searched as we entered the Capltol and our kodaks were taken from us whxle we were mslde at the Battery our preclous films were confiscated We were barred from enter1ng the Whxte House and the Bureau of Engravmg and Prmtmg The Magna Charta Gutenberg Blble and the Constltutlon could be seen only 1n rephca as the or1g1nals had been sp1r1ted away to a safe hldmg place But dld these sllght 1nconven1ences mar our pleasure m the tmp? Absolutely not' In Wash mgton and New York there IS always so much else to see and do The beautiful new Jefferson Memorlal took our breath away Mount Vernon m the sprmg sunshme was as appealmg as ever the cherry trees as delxcate and fragrant the Smlthsoman Museum and Mellon Art Gallery as mstructxve and mspxrmg We had the pr1v1l ege of observmg the Supreme Court and the House 1n sesslon We had lunch at the new Na tional Alrport largest IH the world whlle our whole group of 145 attended servxce at the Wash1ngton Cathedral The boys were much lmpressed by the1r v1s1t to Howard Umversxty In New York the group enjoyed a muslcal play and a drama on famous Broadway Because of the 1ncrease m prlces the tr1p as a whole was more expenslve than usual To re duce costs many of the expenslve but ummpor tant ltems were struck off the ltmerary But the substltutlons were ln many cases more fun than the orlgmal Instead of gomg to Schraffts for example each person was glven enough money to buy a substantlal lunch at a less expensxve New York restaurant of h1s own choosmg In the search for a place to eat we learned a great deal about the clty Only less valuable than the trlp itself was the preparatxon for the trxp In our money makmg projects we semors have learned much about the earnmg and budgetmg of money and the value of cooperatnon 9 E 'T "shi Yi l Lk - ' " yt Xa . ' 5' jf O f C , . . Y , - , -. 7 7 Q . ' 9 9 3 7 1 3 7 y . , - .. . , . l , X I, Y ' v . .A 7 4 1- 4 GIRLS' WASHINGTON CLUB Back row tleft to rightb-L. Seyler. M. J. Morrison, J. Watkins. A. Easton. J. Gardner. C. Seybold. B. Morti- mer. D. Whittemore. B. Gleason. F. Gochis. J. McMahon. R. Schlenker. M. Koebnick. L. Lindemann. F. Schlen- ker. C. Berry. R. Barker. E. Buchanan. E. Hicks. M. Kaiser. N. McAllister. N. Westgate. Miss Paton. Miss Seeley. J. Haworth. E. Campbell. K. Hood. E. Hood. S. Ferguson. J. Eddy. R. Kipfmiller. V. Frederick, E. Wanamaker. M. L. Hollway. S. Wadhams. G. Wyman. H. Hicks. M. E. Townley. B. Hoffman. P. Henry. Front row-N. Coller. M. Schairer. J. Burch. H. Belhoff. J. Kroske. P. Meanwell. B. Eddy. J. Hiscock. K. Fowler, N. Christman. M. O'Connor. F. Collins. E. Staebler. B. Pratt. P. Bird. D. Schumaker, O. Mulreed. M, L. Hall. J. Reule. J. Allen. C. Collins. E. Makielski. J. Gallup. M. O'Kane. M. Harris. T. Lee, L. Johnson, D. Woolaver. M. Zeeb. L. Schairer. L. Kivi. P. Eggleton. M. E. Walters. P. Hodges. L. Warren. R. Bunnell. D. Laughton. Absent from picture-Eleanor Barker and Barbara Benson. BOYS' WASHINGTON CLUB Back row tleft to righth-M. Carter. R. Brigham. H. Yek. J. Bevier. W. Guenther. R. Heath. R. Davis. R. Chubb. R. Davidson. D. Wightman. E. Pryer. J. Crippen. R. Mills. C. Parker. H. Passow. K. Liechty. P. Braun. W. Illi. D. Spaulding. R. Bates. H. Vetter. W. Larmee. R. Klose. R. Hiser. J. Soper. J. McClure. R. Nickels. H. Kopel. W. Brady. O. Kruse. R. Twining. R. Dillon. B. Van Belle. J. D. Allison. Front row-M. Hoyt. D. Rogers. H. Rafeld. W. Richardson. L. Zill. D. Wolaver. G. Jorn. B. Christman. R. Kalmbach. M. Donally. J. Kokkales, C. Strickland. T. Brewster. C. C. Brown. I. Rummler. W. Northrup. W. Tindall. R. Heusel. R. Hinds. R. Webb. A. Staebler. P. Wheeler. F. Hooks. R. Born. L. Hughes. R. Briggs. M. Heusel. B. Alber. H. Corbett. R. Blaess. yy The .Tolly Jolly .Tum LED BY three capable ofhcers the Class of 1943 IS now completmg two successful years m A A H S George Vllsldes Frank Ross and Frances Collms have been presldent vlce presldent and secretary respectlvely thls year Both George and Frank held these same of fices whlle sophomores George has played on the football team and has been actlve on the Student Councll Frances IS a member of Masquers and Frank IS Student Councrl vxce presldent A remarkable number of debaters have developed among these Jumors such as Charles Hanson Joe Goetz George Vl1s1des Fred Matthael and Tom Stout As for dramatlcs thls class already has two clever productlons to 1ts credlt As sopho mores they presented a farce entrtled Thank You Doctor while their jumor play was Hollday a comedy by Phlllp Barry We predrct for 1943 an able and llvely group of semors '7 UNIIIHS ROW 1 Mary Beth Acomb Duane Alber Marguerite Allen Charles Allmand Marshal Amerman Robert Amstutz Russell Andres Harold Andrus Rita Appleton Ruth Ashfal Ann Backhaus Velma Baker William Ball Irma Barnard Polly Barnes Evelyn Barth Donald Baylis ROW 2 Barbara Beckner Marian Behnke Robert Behnke Marvin Bemis .lean Bennett Dorothy Bergren Caroline Berry Theodore Bezirium Thomas Biddle Patricia Bird L0uElla Bisard Maxine Blake Duane Boman Wesley Bommer Wilfred Bonnewell Willard Booth Marguerite Borton ROW 3 Donald Bowerman Evelyn Brauer Joan Bredernitz Shirley Breining Edward Briegel Charlotte Brindle Phyllis Brooks Barbara Brown Margaret Brown Phyllis Brown Verna Brumbaugh Albert Bruno Ronald Buchanan Peter Buhrman Preston Bunn Robert Burns Joyce Butler ROW 4 Pauline Campbell Beverly Carey William Carey Jacqueline Carl Alice Carpenter Katherine Carpenter Frank Carson Lee Case Nicholah Cazepis Rosellen Cheek Nancy Christman Richard Clarke Patricia Cline Hamilton Cole Frances Collins Loretta Collins Marguerite Cooch ROW 5 Theodore Cooch Ruth Costman Esther Court Gloria Cowley Peggy Cummings Robert Cutting Carmela Dagostino Larry Darling Robert Darr John Dates Elaine Davis Muriel Davis June Dean William Delhey Arthur Dersham Margaret Detlor Marian DeWolfe ROW 6 Robert Dillon Donald Dodge Doris Downer William Downer Leonard Drake Donald Drury Geraldine Duart Dorothy Dudley Bertha Earle Bernard Ehnis Dorothy Elsifor Sylvia Ferguson Irene Ferris Barbara Fife Norma Filkins Nancy Finkbeiner Stanley Finkbeiner ROW 7 John Fisher Phyllis Fisher Richard Flakne Elizabeth Fletcher Robert Foor Kathryn Fowler Joyce Fritts Nancy Fritz Donald Fryer Jack Fyfe Patricia Gagalis Marilyn Gagnon Cathryn Gelenius Frederick German Melvin Gilbertson Helen Gillette Walter Glesner ROW 8 Mary Glover Joseph Goetz Robert Graham Avery Grant Justine Griffith Bernice Grimes Mae Gunnell Juanita Guster Evelyn Gutekunst Donald Guthrie Dorine Haab Marilyn Hagen Madonna Hager Robert Hahn Lorraine Hanselman Ruth Hanselman Charles Hanson UNIIJHS ROW 1 Catherine Harmon Elizabeth Hathaway Robert Hatto Elizabeth Haynes Robert Headrick Claire Heavenridge Michael Hedlesky Anne Hein Gilbert Hense Leon Herter Leroy Herter Carl Hetchler Beatrice Heusel Kenneth Hicks Priscilla Hicks june Higgins Doris Hildinger ROW 2 Roy Hirth joan Hiscock Lucille Hoffman Elizabeth Hoffman Arlene Hogan Howard Holden Charles Holfer Virginia Holton Audrey Hom Elizabeth Howard Marjorie Hull Virginia Jedele Gretchen jellema Theodore john Alan Johnston Gordon jones Jane Kaercher ROW 3 Barbara Kappler john P. Kasurin Audrey Kauska Charlotte Kayuska Erwin Keebler john Keller Aline Kerlikowske Elton Kerr Melvin Kesler Heini Kessler Wesley King Madeline Klaphaak William Klein Randall Klingler Lois Knopf Doris Koch Owen Koch RONV 4 Marilyn Koebnick Roger Koeppen Ethel Kokenakes john Kokinakes Nicholas Kokkales Edith Kolander Clarence Kollewehr Marjorie Komdorfer Eras Kussurelis Marguerite Lachler Joseph Laird David Lake Gerry Lane Donald Larmee Robert Laughlin Edith Lawson Theodosia Lee ROW 5 Ann Letsis Dorothy Lewis Loretta Lindemann Jean Loveland Wilbur Lutz Robert McCormick George McCotter John McDonald Stuart McDonald Thomas McDonald Paul McDowell Roberta McKenzie Beatrice McLaren Marjorie Makielski Elizabeth Mann Joyce Mann Rose Marie Marin ROW 6 Max Marken Elizabeth Martin Marian Martin William Marz Fred Matthaei Margaret Matthews Rosemary Mesnard Bobette Meyers Robert Michael Raymond Miller Winona Miller Paul Mitchell Ruth Mitchell Charlotte Moody Elizabeth Morgan Barbara Mortimer William Mundus ROW 7 Barbara Murphy Fred Nabeack Leah Neutz Nancy Newcomb Mary Newman Constance Nickerson Dorothy Niethammer Phyllis Northrup Fred Nowland john Null Joan Nutten Shirley O'Rei1ly Allen Ostrander Dorothy Otto Rita Paine Craig Parker Vida Parmer ROW 8 Guy Paul Ann Perakis Robert Perrin Fred Perry Robert Peterson Elaine Pew Roseta Pickell john Pielemeier Mary Pierce Richard Platte Doris Posey Marian Poucher Bertha Poulos Harold Powers Elizabeth Pratt Dolores Pretzer Waive Pullen ROW 1 Douglas Raab Luella Radtke Geraldine Randel Marie Randel Ian Reach Gretchen Ream Leroy Regan Joanne Reganall Louis Renda Dorothy Renz Isabelle Reule Becky Rich Esther Ringkvist Paul Ringkvist Evelyn Roehm William Romelhardt Virginia Renz ROW 2 Rebecca Rose Frank Ross Carl Roth Melanie Rufhns Robert Ryan Erwin Salisbury Marjorie Sauer Frederick Schaeberle Ronald Schairer Ardath Scheetz Richard Schenk Mildred Scherdt Flora Mae Schlenker Joanne Schmidt Mary Schmidt Pat Schmidt Robert Schmidt If f ROW 3 Isabelle Schmidtke Barbara Schneider Edwin Schneider Ludwig Schneider Jack Schosser Bethel Schulz Doris Schumacher Hermine Schwarz Arlena Scott David Scott Robert Sell Glen Shankland Victor Sharp Mary Shaw john Sherman Emerson Shelton Vern Shipley ROW 4 William Shurtliff Monde Shurtlitf Barbara Sibert Robert Sifert Dorothy Simmons Kathryn Simmons Vivian Sinclair Wendell Sinclair Richard Sibert Richard Skinner Donald Slocum Mildred Smalley Bettie Smith Catherine Smith Dorothy Smith Wallace Smith Gardner Soule ROW 5 Harriet Space Theodore Spence Donald Spencer Robert Sprentall Barbara Sprague Elizabeth Staebler Melvin Staebler Melford Starry Eugene Staudenmaier Robert Steinke Harold Stenke Elizabeth Stierle Thomas Stout john Stratos Robert Strieter Michael Stutz Spencer Swain ROW 6 Elizabeth Sweeney Ruth Sweetland Celia Taylor Raymond Teachworth Mary Temple Audrey Thayer Glen Thayer Harriet Thomy Robert Thomton Kenneth Thurber Warren Tindall Polly Titus Henry Tobey Robert Trubey Paulina Tucker Eugene Turner William Uhlendovf ROW 7 Dorothy Vanden Bosch Patricia Van Oosten George Vlisides William Vowell Roland Vroman Warren Wadhams Leon Warren Helen Weber Mary Lou Weber Carl Wellington Kenneth Wenger Ralph West Doris Whitley Heide Wiedmann Russell Wiedmeyer jay Willer Elizabeth Williams ROW 8 Norman Williams Ruth Williams john Wiltse Robert Witherspoon Robert Woods Nina Young Donald Zeeb Virginia Zeeb THE OMEGA WITH A NEW ADVISER, Miss Lela Duff, and, of course, a new stall, the 1942 Omega was planned with entirely new ideas. The theme, the sectioning, the senior write-ups, the use of different colors, all of these are new. The staff of the 1942 Omega feels that these ideas were carried out very successfully, This years staff was headed by Dorothy Whittemore and Erich Walter, co editors and Eleanor Barker and Ken Waltz co busmess managers Joyce Haworth was chairman of the theme committee Lols KIVI was in charge of senior write ups and Marie Walter was staft secretary The four juniors on th s years staff who will become next years editors and business managers are Peggy Matthews Avery Grant Dick F lakne and Chuck Hanson tion The imagmatlon and ability with which they devel oped the almanac theme has contributed greatly to the readers pleasure in the book The quamt cover was de signed by Marjorie Schalrer while the title page seasonal division pages and scenes the end sheet design and the astrology cartoon are signed by their various artists Rob ert Hiser Anne Kienzle Marjorie Schairer, Norma Nuss man Jack Bevler, and Douglas Huebler Miss Elizabeth Howard ably supervised their work With the exception of the formal squad pictures of foot ball and basketball the group photography as well as the candids are the work of AAH S students All the more complicated and diflicult shots were taken by our staff photographer Norman Williams 43 Special mention should be given to a valiant group of pasters who spent many hours mounting all of the individual and group prints for final rephotographmg OMEGA STAFF Back row Cleft to right!-A Grant, P. Matthews, T. Camp- bell, W. Britton, G. Wild, N Williams, G. Hanson, D Flakne, Miss Duff. Second row M E Walter J Gallup G Hoff M Schairer M L Hollway G Wyman M OKane N Usrey H Wanty M Lunny P Weadock D Whittemore B Mills K Waltz Third row E Barker M Wal ter J Haworth L Klvl M Harris R Lewis E Walter PA STERS Left to Right M Schairer J Haworth R Christman M Walter P Matthews D Law ton M Muir A Grant ART STAFF Left to right Miss Howard A Klenzle M Schairer R Heusel J Bevier N Nussman EXECUTIVES E Walter K Waltz Miss Duff E Barker D Whittemore l , . , . i 1. , - Z . ' y 1 '. v - ' , . , . . . , . - . , 1 ' i ' 7 . .- Q . l . . i , . , . . , 9 7 ' The art staff, too, are deserving of special commenda- . ' Y ' . 7 ' , . . . . . . , . . , 7 . , . , . . . - , . 7 if ' 7! .. , , , 5 9 ' ' ' H 93 , . -J 5 1 -35 v f E N: sw, 'J EULUNNAHE FOR ANYONE Vklth in rttacle of dullness ue presclrbe Colonnade Thls Junlor and senxor Grrl Reserxe club was led by Marllyn O Kane thls year as presldent Maly El17a beth Walters nd Melvena Graham as vlcepresldents Norma Usrey as secretary and Enzabeth Campbell as treasurer The Girls have enjoy ed an lnterestnrff program whlch mcluded talks on football college l1fe Red Cross event of the year was a hard tlmes party The members have slgned up for c1v1l1an defense and are takxng a Fxrst A1d course HUTA,BETA ROTA BETA mrght be called Colonnades httle sxster It IS a G1rl Reserve group composed of sophomores Bar bara Hamrlton was the current presldent Sally Wyman, the vrce presldent and Helen Cazeprs the secretary Mxss Ohve McLouth IS the faculty sponsor Thls was a l1vely year for Rota Beta The elub euyoyeel many potluck suppers and have beer very actlve rn charrty work COLONNADE Back row left to flglllb E M8kl9lSkl M Graham j Eddy N Ne xx comb Second ron M Lunny G Wy man I Gallup M L Hill H Ramsdell B Grlmes Third row F Colhns C Ber rg H Thomg, P Hodges P lllatthexxs A Grant Fourth row I Haworth M Harris M L Hollway NVh1ttemore R lVIar1n W M1 er Frith mu K Fowler H G1 lette I McMahon E Barker P Eggleton N Usrey Sixth row N Chrlstman R Schlenler I Reule P Nlean xxell P Falrchlld M Hall Seventh row M E, Walters C Collxns Mlss Cummings Mass Zrefle Eighth row M OKane E Campbell L KIYI M Walter ROTA BLTA Back row fleft to rlghtb Miss McLoutl1 M Crlppen I Klln .gel L Klnyon G A Schanz Second row E R9gCllI'l R lVlclVl1llan H Cazepxs E Muel ler B Hamilton Third row R Kelli. R San xer E Bryan D Waters S Stoddard " z z z ' " " 'L Q V' M V . . . ' . - ,ix V 1 , 7 I V' I. Y- ' A 1 V ' 4 A - ' . . ez e ' ' - ' ' . J 'kli I A , 1 , 'U , , f . , , . A y , A . . V. D. . . D ' '1 ff -D ' , . ' . . 1- l . ' ' .A ' ,Y . - 1 '1. work, boys' ideas of girls, and other subjects. The social X ' -' ' 1' ' ' A . W . . 1893 1894 1895 1896 1891 1898 1899 1900 1901 1903 1904 1905 1906 1907 1908 1909 1910 1911 1912 1913 1914 1915 1916 1917 1918 1919 1920 1921 1922 1923 1924 1925 1926 1927 1928 1929 1930 1931 1932 1933 1934 1935 1936 1937 1938 1939 1940 1941 1942 VITAL STATISTICS HALF A CENTURY UF HISTUHY PAST SENIOR PRESIDENTS EUGENE OSENBURG RALPH FARNUM C FRED GAUSS CHARLOTTE WALKER JAY Fox WILLIS GELSTON HERBERT WOODROW EDVS ARD AMSDEN HARRY MOYER JAMES PARRY GEORGE RATHBUN ORRETT TATLOCK LAURENCE JOHNSON SAMUEL HENRY MORRIS CARL SANZI HEINRICH SPRING ELROY JONES FERRIS FITCH MAX WILLIAMS CONRAD CHURCH E C FORSYTHE BIRKET NEWKIRK THOMAS UNDERWOOD ALBERT JACOBS ROY M HOUSEL ALBERT HUNTINGTON CLARE RITTERSHOFER RICHARD HEARTT RAYMOND HUTZEL THEODORE HORNBERGER RUSSELL MALCOLM ALICE UNDERWOOD RALPH BET'rISON TOWNSEND CLARK HAROLD MILLER ROY GOULDER WILLIAM PEGAN RUSSELL DUNNABACK WINIFRED BELL HOWARD HOLLAND ROBERT POMMERENING SUZANNE POTTER GORDON LAING PETE CHOMICZ ROBERT WESTFALL THOMAS GIES F C WELLINGTON JOHN HOLLAND RICHARD WALTERHOUSE 1893 1894 1895 1896 1897 1898 1899 1900 1901 1903 1904 1905 1906 1907 1908 1909 1910 1911 1912 1913 1914 1915 1916 1917 1918 1919 1920 1921 1922 1923 1924 1925 1926 1927 1928 1929 1930 1931 1932 1933 1934 1935 1936 1937 1938 1939 1940 1941 1942 EDITORS OF OMEGA H DENISON W NICHOLS D HAMMOND H VANCLEVE THEO J ZIMMERMAN ALLEN M BROOMHALL LUELLA MAY SWIFT HERBERT H WOODROW THOS J EDWARDS LAURENCE TODD ARTHUR J ABBOTT WINTHROP R WRIGHT RAUL R WILLIAMS JAMES HERBERT MEIER GEORGE H BANCROFT HAROLD B ABBOTT RENVILLE WHEAT JOSIAH B BUELL DWIGHT W JENNINGS RALPH M CARSON NORMAN S YOST CARL RASH PUTNAM LLOYD HELIM HULBERT ELIZABETH CARSON CLEMENT A SMITH WINIFRED SMEATON RUTH M CARSON MARY E COOLEY SUE GRUNDY BONNER MARY JULIAN WHITE EDNA E NICHOLSON JOSEPHINE A WAIDELICH JENNIE VAN AKKEREN ALMERENE MONTGOMERY MARY AGNES SWANWICK RUTH S LOVEJOY BILLIE L GRIFFXTHS ALICE HUMBERT GEIL HARRIET DUFFENDACK AND RUTH LONGWORTH MILLER JEAN ELLEN BONISTEEL AND GENEVIEVE LUTES ILA WAGGONER FRANCES COLEMAN BONISTEEL BETTY ANN CHAUFTY AND JEAN REIMANN MARY JANE WILSON AND DOROTHY GRACE LAING KATHRYN LEMON AND ANN EVARTS JEAN WHITTEMORE AND ELIZABETH GRIMES PEGGY LAUBENGAYER AND EDITH JENSEN DOROTHY INHITTEMORE AND ERICH WALTER M. . H. . . ' B. . R. . 1902 HARRY PEARCE 1902 ROI S. WOOD The GraveO1dSen1ors THE CLASS of 1942 has been remarkable for the varlety of 1ts act1v1t1es In athletlcs many members contmbuted to successful sea sons for the football swlmmmg track cross country baseball and golf teams One mem ber of the class 1n partlcular shone mn thxs field Dlck Walterhouse Dlck was all state 1n football and basketball as well as a mamstay of the baseball team The class as a whole has taken a llvely rn terest ln dramatlcs and soclal events As ltS Jumor play the comedy What a Llfe de plcted the trlbulatlons of Henry Aldrlch Also a comedy of adolescence the semor play was entltled Growmg Pams Both met w1th un anlmous approval Leadmg socxal functlons were the Sophomore Party the junxor Prom and the three semor dances The Sophomore Party held long ago m the fall of 39 gave an opportumty for students to break the lce the junxor Prom was hlghllghted by beautl ful decoratlons and all three semor dances were memorable occasxons The Frohc was held on St Valentlnes Day and the brllllant Banquet and Dance comlng m june served as a farewell party The Class of 1942 chose for lts leaders Dxck Walterhouse, presldent, Barbara Eddy. wee presldent, and Conme Collxns, secretary flffimwawx M dw 9 Q .An 88 ,Q in 3 MQ!- THE SENIIJHS BRUCE ALBER 0' Your magnetlsm wxll attract to you the good thmgs of lxfe perhaps without brmg mg you publlclty Self sufticlency IS your blggest asset JUNE ALLEN 0- Born lh mld June you are m Huenced also by GETUIDI slgn of adyenture Capt: xatmg and eager you wxll shme m socxal 3Ct1VltleS and m homemakmg GUY APPLE Q Havlng discharged oblxgatlons m prxvate and economlc hfe you now enter a new plane of self expresslon happmess and progress LAURENCE BAKER 2 In 1943 you will reach out to the world cooperatn ely Flndmg happmess and success ln new contacts and agreeable work HELEN BALHOFF Q In S udent Councll and Washmgton Club you have shown frlendlmess and abxllty Your practlcal nature would make you an excellent secretary ELEANOR BARKER Q Successful ln scholar ship and athletics promment ln clubs holdmg the Dresldency of seyeral co busmess manager of the Omega you were born under a happy star RUTH BARKER fit Opportunltles begm to ma terxallze now The clubs athletics and art trammg of hlgh school wlll contribute toward your ambltlon mterlor decorating JAMES BARTH Q The planets haxe shxfted mto more favorable posxtlons for you and you may expect prommence m athletlcs or outslde actxvmes ROBERT BATESQ Though born under the slgn of reason your mterests so far have leaned toward act1v1t1es and athletlcs Your mvestxgatxve m1nd however wall dommate your future ALLEN BENISH fx Solutlon of personal prob lems wlth growth of success ln new contacts wlll en able you to fmd opportunities far bevond your ex pectatlons BARBARA BENSON if Leo sxgn of royalty you are slated astrologlcally for trxumphs nn 1943 As Student Council secretary French Masquers and Colonnade member you have bullded well JOHN BERTSOS 'ff Football track basketball and wrestllng are only a few of your actnltles You wlll have lucky breaks all through llfe JACK BEVIER ill Your need for actlon has ex pressed ltself by partlclpatlon on football and basket ball teams for three years Your future holds lncom parable opportumtles Selze them CHRISTINE BEZIRIUM 2 Emphasls on per sonal feelings and belxefs tends to dlmmxsh and you begm to express all that you haye been buxldmg w1thm yourself GEORGE BIBBS ff Interested m mtramural sports and band you combme an artxst s temperament with the need to be doing somethmg worth whlle ROBERT BISHOP Q3 Thxs year begms the pay off perlod of your llfe ln which you reap your re ward ln posltlon authorlty and materlal thmgs BARBARA BLADES fl Always the slgn of Gemlm produces mdxvlduals wxth a lose of actxon Keep up your dancmg and dont lose your zest for hung ROBERT BLAESS V-if Actxyltles on track and cross country teams in mtramural sports Xk3Sll1f1 ton Club and cheer leadm uroxe your yersatxhty Llfe IS your apple For 7od1ac1I If tezpre-tations See p ge 113 RUDY BORN-,Q-Born under Aries you can out- swlm the three little lishles Next years Science and Washington Clubs will mlss a good member JEAN BOYKE QQ We see songs and muslc ln your future Your love of sports wxll contmue to keep you peppy and popular WILLIAM BRADY K Llfe ahead for you looks very bright Taurus smxles on you as you m turn smile at others CARL BRAUER H9 Instead of teachmg us to cheer you will gam cheer from our prophecy You take life very seriously but dont worry even your blush IS an asset PAUL BRAUN 3 You are tall dark and hand some-ahhh and athletlc too You were born under Caprxcorn and oh the thmgs that you can do PEGGY BRIEGEL-K Wrltten ln stardust yes terday your slgn of Leo glxttered on hxgh We learn that you are a good sport and a cheer leader too ROBERT BRIGGS ff Basketball handball touchfootball and wrestlmg you take them all rn your strlde You wlll always meet your problems with energy RICHARD BRIGHAM Q Curly halr and laugh mg eyes athletnc too and a smlle for everyone f you manage well we see a fortune rn your stars PATRICIA BRINDLE 'A' Your naturally curly haxr xs the envy of a thousand girls Though your hfe ahead IS stxll uncertam Llbra wlll reveal It soon WILLIAM BRITTON X Sxx foot two eyes of blue a blg strong man w1th a grm for you Athletncs IS your hobby and you always have a song nn your heart KENNETH BROKAW ff' Your lucky star Leo foreordamed that you take an Interest m golf and that you succeed ln busmess SHIRLEY BROOKS Q9 Tall stately you move with the grace of a queen You will be massed be cause of your athletnc ab1l1ty and your membershnp nn several clubs CHARLES W BROWN GQ5 Theres a song m the alr for musxc may be your career Your unas summg manner and your creatxve rmagmatron com bme ausplcxously FREEMAN BRYANT 'ff Though you were han dlcapped by attendmg Detrort and Northvrlle Hugh Schools before Ann Arbor Hugh your future m busl ness looks brxght EVELYN BUCHANAN Q Musnc wlll take you far Intelllgent and thorough but always frxendly you are bound to succeed You wxll be missed m many clubs RUTH BUNNELL H1 If you say you wlll do a thmg you do It Whatever busmess you enter you will be successful JUANITA BURCI-I 'A' A pretty gxrl ns like a melody that haunts you nrght and day Lnbra says that you are one anyone can lxke ID any way VINCENT PAUL BURNS 2 Capncorn shows that you attended another hugh school for two years Your stars mdxcate success ln any busmess connected w1th food UF 1942 Pow- ,gf 0' I if Q6 WILLIAM BUSH K Your outside activity has been definitely athletic Your horoscope says you have an mner self confidence which your quiet attl tude would seem to uphold ELIZABETH CAMPBELL-Q6 An officer in three different clubs and an able contributor to Omega and senior play you are marked for success without bene fit of star reading HAZEL CANTER rdf Born under Cancer you are adapted for business public or professional mat- ters. Athletics and singing will cheer your leisure hours. DELORIS CHRISTIANSEN-Q-Astrologers pre- dict for you a future in financial and business circles. You will achieve your best development by strict application to duty. ROBERT CHRISTMAN-H-Without neglecting scholarship you have been active in clubs and the Omega. Your horoscope however says you tend to- vsard rugged individualism. RALPH CHUBB-gl-For future success, you should "high gear" your energy as you have done in A.A.H.S., particularly in football and swimming. gas.. bf' E Ill BETTE COE-Q Nursing is the profession fore cast in your horoscope In Washington Club and in athletics you have proved your persistence and energy NANCY COLLER Q In all girls athletics and many clubs for two years on the Optimist fun loving and original without you A AH S will never be the same CONSTANCE COLLINS Q!! At A A H S you have been in six different organizations besides twice serving as class secretary. Your future looks equally bright. GWYNETH COLLINS-R-The astrologers fore- cast a promising future provided that you stress high ideals and are willing to accept changes. DEAN COMBS-H1-You are an all-athletic type of fellow being active in five different sports. Your horoscope warns, though. against haste and impa- tience. MARGARET COOK-Q9--A transfer from U High in 1940, you have won prominence in athletics, Stu- dent Council, and "Growing Pains". Your stars em- phasize social life and romance. UF1942 NORMA COOK-MQ-The stars have moved into a favorable position for you, but you must proceed with caution. Your smile will lighten many a dark day. ROBERT COOK-K-Born under Libra, your inter- est lies in sports. Have confidence in yourself and apply your energies alike in work and play. JEANNE COPEMAN-fi-Fond of social life as well as music, you have entered Masquers, Colon- nade, and Science Club. Your immediate future looks bright. HOWARD CORBETT-H1-According to the stars you like football and other sports. You can do well in college, but your horoscope advises caution. MARJORIE CORNELL-glcalm, considerate. optimistic, you will realize your desires in music and your other interests. Ambitious and persevering. you will finish anything you begin. JOHANNA COSTMAN-gYou possess good taste and judgment. Interests shown in Floriculture, Rota Beta, Washington, and Travel Clubs and in declama- tion should be continued. DOUGLAS COWIN-2-Besides sports, science, and music, you have been interested in outside jobs. Your stars indicate a long life, blessed with pros- perity and justice. ALVIS CRABB-Q-Your move from Iowa was indeed fortunate. Your hope of college will be real- ized if you continue careful in judgment. JAMES CRIPPEN-GQ-Scorpio assures you bril- liant success in music, sports, or any pursuit you choose. Your stars made you entertaining and a general favorite. EUGENE DALE-Q9-Your personal aims will be accomplished if you guard against excessive enthu- siasm. Continue the activities begun in A.A.H.S. and happiness is assured. MALCOLM DALE-Q6-Captaincy of the golf team and participation in basketball, football, and hockey have prepared you for an active and happy life. Be persistent. EDWARD DARR-2-Pisces influenced you to love sports, including swimming. basketball. softball. football, and volleyball. Everyone has confidence in you. Do not fail them. HM Mwluvuf G., A bf' , ov- M THE SE I HS ROBERT DAVIDSON 'gf The stars foretold that you would participate ln Masquers Washlngton Club jumor and Semor Plays and would eventually be come a radxo announcer ROBERT DAVIS Q Into three years at A A H S vou have crowded sports actmg and reportmg for the Optlmlst A fascmatmg career awalts you VIRGINIA DEAN H Astrology predxcts a rosy future for you lf you wlll work hard and steadlly toward your goal JACQUELINE DENISON 2 If you proceed wlth cautlon your horoscope suggests flnanclal suc cess based on expernence gamed m Rota Beta and the Florrculture Club MELVIN DONALLY if Posslbly destlned for a mxhtary or naval career you have belonged to the Rlfle Club Washmgton Club and the swlmmmg team LEON DOSEY K As captam of the golf team you achxeve athletnc dlstmctlon Your horoscope sup ports your contmuatlon of these sports track basket ball football and handball MAX DOUGLAS gpg Acceptmg every chance which offers Itself you can reach the goal toward wh1ch you alm say the astrologers RICHARD DRURY 2 The stars promlse you a happy hfe So far the stars have been rnght for you have been actlve m sports and the Washmgton Club ALICE EASTON Q Your horoscope foretells a profitable future through financlal and personal suc cess BARBARA EDDY 'A' School days have been ac tlve and pleasant wlth athletxcs many clubs and the vlce presldency of your class Equally happy days w1l1 follow JOAN EDDY UQ5 Your varled interests Ce g ath letlcs muslc Colonnade and Rlfle Clubl will always keep you and those about you from bemg bored PHYLLIS EGGLETON fl Wxth hard work you shall succeed says your horoscope Your varled clubs and actlvxtles and your many fruendshxps make work pleasant WARREN EMPIE pp? A good scholastxc record outslde employment school clubs you have led a full lxfe at AAI-IS Electrlcal engmeermg rs predlcted ln your stars CARL ERNST r-45 You are destmed to gam your ultxmate deslre Three years of fine swxmmmg and your courtesy rewarded you wxth captamcy of the team DONNA JEAN FAI-IRNER Q Astrologers say the door of chance stands open for you You have only to enter and a brxght future avxalts you PRISCILLA FAIRCHILD "' Coming from Ypsl lantl ln your senior year you promptly made fnends m Camera and Colonnade Clubs lnur -fndmac srgn foretells snmllar happy adjustments HAZEL FIELDS fi Your future shows personal success You have been busy wlth outslde actlvltles ln hlgh school and will contlnue to wm many frlends ROBERT FISCI-IER Q For you whose slgn IS Vlrgo the future holds an upswmg nn fortune To attam your goal hovxexer you must work d1llgently JEANNE FLANDERS 2 Versatile and gay you make friends easily Undaunted by change you will dance your way through life MARGARET FLETCHER Q Blessed by Diana goddess of sports you were vouchsafed a brilliant athletic career GAC bowling volleyball basket ball and hockey Student Council also beckoned VIRGINIA FORSHEE Q Your Washington Club trip will lead to wider travel Your patience and companionable way will always assure you the blessings of friendship VIRGINIA FREDERICK gf Musical and hu manitarian you will forsake your dream of a vocal career shown by three years in glee club to become a nurse H WILLIAM FREEMAN if Sports enthusiast and Huent writer alert to the interest of travel and world affairs you are fated to become prominent in radio AILEEN FRIEDMAN Q9 Your stars made you generous good tempered and steady qualities which will serve you well in your ambition to become a secretary WILLIAM FREY Q Although your modesty prevents your display of talents your determination and patience and the twinkle in your eye will get you places CHRISTO GAGALIS 5' Sports are in your line stay in line with them Football basketball and baseball are your relish Even with a roving disposi tion fame can be won IANE GAGNON Q Bc proud but yet be p tient Determination will help you reach your goal JOAN GALLUP GI- Sports dancing and acting, are well chosen activities Though possessed of orig inal fixed views you will win followers by your pleasant manner JEAN GARDNER Your happy disposition will be of great benefit in the business world Your interest in Floriculture. Clio. and Washington Clubs shows versatility. RICHARD GATESf"'7In acting and music, in the Washington Club. and in sports you have accom- plished much. Don't take all the credit. Your stars were propitious. MAURINE GAYMAN-gf-A rare combination of athleticism and allure. Your desire for prominence should be fulhlled with the correct usage of your talents. ELIZABETH GEYER-Q-Fate guided your steps from University High to the portals of A.A.H.S. Here your many talents have Howered. Your future ', bright. B E T T Y G L E A S O NY-Y-lEfWarm-hearted and "folksy," you couldn't keep out of things: sports. Masquers. Glee Club. Science and Washington Clubs. You'll make a charming nurse. MARIAN GOLDMANf A +Floriculture. bowling. and the Washington Club have been your interests. You are just and persuasive. and your happy disposi- tion is a zodiacal gift FRANCES GOCHIS-Q-Another of those girls who can toss off a dozen activities-athletic. histri- onic. and social-and still keep sweet tempered. DONALD GOULD-2-Born on the birthday of Francis Bacon. you must share his interest in litera- ture and science. Aquarius labels you kind and pa- tient. UF 19112 -1 Jtwaf 353 an Nr 'W M, 1 .' '- : I J',3meiNQ TH -Ambitious to be a etics, prominent in clubs, "soci- et of kittens," you have a bright fu- EDNA GRIFFIN-Q-In the sun's path you will walk happily and will succeed in your chosen field of cooking and sewing. BEATRICE GRIFFITH-Q9-You are a true Sagit- tarian, generous, good tempered, a firm friend, and very musical, according to the stars your hobby will be floriculture. WARREN GUENTHER-pg--The planets fortell for you further interest in athletics as manager of a league ball club, and a successful hobby of stamps. MARILYN HALL-if-Ambitious, generous, and friendly, you were guided by the stars into all sorts of pleasant activities and are assured a happy future. MARY LOU HALL-Q-Disposed to sports and the arts, genial of disposition, you have been a valued member of school circles. Nursing is your predestined career. lr E SE IDRS MARJORIE LEE HARRIS-Q-2-Practical and ar- tistic, you do many things well, as you have proved in dramatics, clubs, and sports. Radiant success awaits you as a dietitian. RUTH HARTMAN-H1-Your love of action as a Geminian person has been expressed in your success- ful participation in sports. MARIAN JOYCE HAWORTH-Q9-The planets are spinning you a bright future. In clubs and sports, on Optimist and Omega and Senior Play, you have proved your versatility. BARBARA HAYNES-595-As a Libran, you have a genial, happy disposition, with a tendency toward orderliness that will make you a successful stenogra- pher. ROBERT HEATH-H-As a Geminian type you have followed your true destiny with an active mind and body, excelling in swimming. Expect success. PATRICIA HENDRY-1-This sign shows that you are forcible in sports, interested in dramatics, and have great possibilities in your chosen career. 2' 5 tak MAX HENTZ 'ff Born under the hon you have shown skill IH combat as a vxrestler Your stars sug gest a career m JIU Jitsu EDWARD HEORODT Q9 Introduced by Saglt tarxus the archer you have shot to great helghts ln sports Your splendld physlque was meant for an out door career HOPE HERGERT 2 Pisces the fish put It xn your stars that you should Journey to Washmgton your semor year Much travel hes before you MYRL HEUSEL-R The stars of Caprlcornus deslgned that you should be an ardent athlete ID hxgh school At Fords Camp you will develop wnde mterests ROBERT HEUSEL-Q6 Bowed mto llfe wlth Saggxttarxuss arrow and successful m Rlfle Club con tests you can hold your own with weapons 1f need anses ELEANOR HICKS W' The scales brought you to us and you hved up to them by mamtammg a balanced program of hlgh grades and outslde ac txvmes QQ' HULDA HICKS GE Pmctual as a star you were destmed by the stars for teacnn Hxgh grades and good cntnzenshxp have land a firm founc, fron ROBERT HIGH :Q Though born under Cancer the crab you are by no means crabby After some years of adventure you wlll succeed 1n buslness RICHARD HINDS 'gf The hon brought you to us an athletic star Your physical tralnmg promlses you a healthy llfe though your occupatxon may be sedentary BOB HISFR if You came smgmg 1nto the world under Gemxm and sang your way through A Cappella and glee club Keep on smgmg ARLIEC HITCHCOCK Q Your many actlvltxes show that Vlrgo gleaner of corn guarantees your harvest How would you like to manage the Free Press? PRISCILLA HODGES-A Arles had lt that not only In hlgh school but also rn your future as a teacher you should be "the leader of a flock of stars " ,Ji I I 3 8 I Q Q , g lad " f gi K E' 'Q .Q iv ., A? y A . , IJ F 1 9 11 E X., W AAA, A Us TH SE I H5 GERALDINE HOFF 'gf Either as a singer or an artist Leo predicts for you a great future You will continue to be active in sports BONNIE JEAN HOFFMAN Q Sunny dlsposl tioned musically inclined your stars say that there is a long and happy future for you MARY LOU hOLLWAY K Many interesting possibilities are open to you because of your tact and ready wit and your energetic participatmn in a van ety of activities EDITH HOOD QR5 In your quiet eyes we read understanding and practical ability As correspond ing secretary of Student Council you have laid a foundation for service KATHLEEN HOOD C95 Marked as a leader you have been sophomore president editor of the Opti mist president and secretary of Masquers A bril hant future is inevitable FREDERICK HOOKS Q An active member and leader of sports and clubs in California you have acquired similar success in A A H S this year ELIZABETH HOPPE 3 You have shown at letic ability in many sports and an executive bent as a successful GAC secretary and softball cap tam DORIS HOWARD Q The stars indicate that you will be a school teacher You are equipped for this occupation as you are a good leader MARLIN HOYT Q11 Gemiman Marlm has been a good swimmer during his high school career e predict a future dampened only by tank water GARNET HUDSON gl Original logical and a natural organizer you are qualified to become a per fect secretary DOUGLAS HUEBLER Chg Scorpio has discov ered a cartoomst in our class. We predict a brilli- ant future for you in commercial art. LEONARD HUGHES-.2-A machinist necessary to our country in war is the future predicted for you by Pisces. Your cheerful outlook will boost morale. MARY JANE HUNT-r-QQ-You have shown lead- -rship as president and vice-president of the 4-H Club. Poised and intelligent you will always have influence. VERLENE HURST-Mig-You are specially inter- ested in the home and its care. Your stars predict however that you will become a hairdresser. KATHRYN HUTCHINSON-K-Active in many sports during high school you deserved your presi- dency of G,A.C. this year laying a foundation for health and leadership. NELLIE IACHINI-gp'-Your big brown eyes and natural manners have endeared you to your associ- ates and will continue to do so, says your horoscope. WILLIAM ILLI-H58-You achieve your best de- velopment by stressing creative work and activities that depend primarily upon yourself. You are ad- vised to become a draftsman. CARL ISAACSON-2-This year will bring great changes for you. Pisces has made you dream of larger worlds to conquer, with promise of success. ALLIE JAMES 2 As the sign Pisces informs us you are practical intellectual but nervous You were active in Washington Club and enjoyed sports JAMES JANISHIAN Uk Your friendly manner makes it easy for you to make friends Capable trustworthy and calm you will go far in your chosen field MARIORIE JOHN Q The stars have told us that you are small quiet practical and good natured Your many friends enjoy your company CHARLES JOHNSON Q Coming to AAHS from Iowa City as a Junior you have shown adapta bility in scholarship French Club Masquers You will always fit in LAURA JOHNSON Q The stars predict that you will go far with your fine voice You are positive in disposition a good manager and optimistic GLFNN JORN R Capricorn tells us that you are positive practical and popular also a fine athlete in football golf skating and volleyball MAXINE KAISER Q The whirling planets re veal your achievements on the Optimist and in Washmgton Club You will succeed as a nurse ROBERT KALMBACH 'ff Football basketball baseball softball and track are the sports which you so ably participated in Leo vouchsafes a brilliant future MIKE KATAPOL-Q Born under Virgo you are optimlstic congenial and humorous You were an indispensable member of the football basketball anl wrestling teams PAUL KEMPF M53 The path of the stars predicts that you are to become a successful business man accomplishing whatever you set out to do ANNE KIENZLE Q The very sparkle in your eyes reveals your acting ability demonstrated in the junior and senior p ays A Studcnt Council secretary you show competence MARIE KILBREATH ,Q You are kind thought ful and resourceful according to Aries You are careful of your appearance and make friends easily. RUTH KIPFMILLER-Ui-Lively and versatile. you have turned your interests to sports and to the Floriculture, Foods. and Washington Clubs. You will always enjoy life. JOHN KITTEL-W-QE--According to the sign, Scor- pio under which you were born you have a good memory are quiet dignified and friendly. LOIS KIVI-GW:-French Club secretary active in Masquers Colonnade Washington Club the Omega and Optimist, and in sports you still maintained an A-average! What a girl! ROBERT KLOSE- I -The spinning stars have planned a bright future for you in your ambition, which is to become a successful business man. VIRGINIA KNOX-2-Since you are thoughtful. capable and cheerful. the fates have woven a very attractive future for you in the domestic realm. JOHN KOKKALES-QE-You were a worthy mem- ber of the football. basketball, softball, and wrestling teams. but your future appears brightest in the field of music. UF 19112 .AA 1 f ,pfv- 2 is R .- xg , PAUL KOONS 2 Since you were born under Pisces your future looks prom1smg Give your m terest an mechamcs a chance and follow Henry Ford s lead HARRY KOPEL-r-QS Under Cancer you have en Joyed sports Washmgton Club Glee Club prmtmg on the Optlmlst The equmoxes pomt to a career ln prmtmg JUNE KROSKE Q9 Saglttarlus brought you from U Hlgh and pomted your lnterests to Masquers Washmgton Club Optxmlst and Student Council You meet life ably OTTO KRUSE Q You have been popular ln the Boys Washmgton Club football and as co captam of the basketball team Keep on by your stars BETTY KUEBLER 9 The equmoxes are m posltnon to gwe you happmess wlth many fnends Take a chance and help w11l come from Aquarius PAUL KUOHN 2 To be bom under Pisces means luck and promxse You made a start ln the Washmgton Club the stars say to advance E Ill WALTER LANNING K You were bom m the best constellatxon for your mterest m radlo as Capri corn IS guide of mventlon Your ambltlons should be realxzed ALTON LARMEE Q9 An arrow shot by Saglt tanus the Archer pomted your lnterests to sport and the Washmgton Club This arrow pomts you for ward CHARLOTTE LARUE-'K Leo has glven you a smile gammg you frlends ln Colonnade A Cappella and the Student Council The constellatlons favor your future DIANA LAWTON ff Your stars foretell surprls mg accompllshments as your work ln Wash1ngton Club Omega and many other clubs lndlcates Thus growls Leo the Lion DONALD LEVLEIT K Your hobby of gas model aircraft shows your mterest m new fields and the stars foster your ambxtlon ln radio and humor ROGER LEWIS A The qu1ck volatlle nature of an Arlen demands actlon shown by partlcxpatlon m basketball tennis Junlor and semor plays Masquers Omega Sclence and Washmgton Clubs 1 - ' 1 ' . . . . , , Y Y Y . . . - .1 . , l . 1 1 1 - 1 . 1 1 ' . .1 . 1- 1 1 ' ' ' 1 1 ' 1 1 . . . 1 ' . . . . . . , , . T T 1 1 L 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 ' KARL LIECI-ITY H558 Your interest IS in music with A Capella Band and Boys Glee Club among, your activities Your friendliness contributes to busi ness success DAVID LINEBAUGI-I PQ Coming to Ann Arbor in your Junior year you have made happy contacts 1n Rifle and Science Clubs Trust your impulses ROBERT LOPER TS.. With Boy Scout activities and outside employment you have led a busy life You will achieve your ambition to be a draftsman MARTHA LUNNY F-If You have been a pleasant worker m Colonnade Science and Washington Clubs and in G A C The stars destme you to be a dietitian VIRGINIA LUPKE "' A quiet pleasing person allty is yours for you were bom under Libra Avoid confusion enjoy the beautiful You will inspire others NANCY MCALLISTER-vi-Glee Club and Wash- ington Club have brought you pleasure. Your hor- oscope suggests you should enter imaginative pur- suits with opportunity for travel. hi JOHN MCBAIN 'ik In the Air Corps or the Mar mes you will have opportunity for brilliant action The US A will be proud of you RUTH MCINTYRE Q 1942 marks the begin ning of a new cycle of creative expression romance and activity Make no hasty moves and watch your health DANIEL MacKINNON Q9 Football baseball Science Club Washington Club Masquers and Senior Play have held your interest The stars predict an exciting and varied life JANE MCMAHON r-Q Your lively and cheerful personality made you an addition to dramatics Stu dent Council athletics and many clubs Your eyes reflect your stars CONSTANCE MACKENSEN H A business ca reer is indicated in your horoscope with important opportunities soon to be revealed either vocational or emotional perhaps both RICHARD MADOUSE-2-You have been ac- tive in bowling. gymnastics. handball and skating. The stars show that you should lead a strenuous out- door life. wlifgfea Gram 5 -fr 0? X an-use I-an den in TH SE I H5 ROBERT MADOUSE 9 As an Aquarian you are destined to succeed in your chosen field We see you soon entering your life work in a uniform ELIZABETH MAKIELSKI if You can add ma terial luck to your achievements by hard work and by firmness Artistic and inventive you are enter mg a bright epoch SHIRLEY MARSHALL-12 Born under the sign Capricorn you are practical positive and persistent You achieved Washington Club responsibilities as a Junior WILLIAM MARSHALL IT. One of Ann Arbor High s athletic standbys fquarterback on the football team captain of track active in intramural sportsb you should become a coach JOSEPH JOHN MERCADO MQ Here you par trclpated in football track Washington and Camera Clubs and Student Council Your stars combine a roving disposition with probabilities of public life WILLIAM METTERT pl' Indispensable in the band and on stage crevxs while in hlgh school you should find lucrative work in Hollywood HENRY METZ fir Headed for engineering you are promised success after hard work Your partici patron in baseball has served the Gemmian need for action KENNETH MEYER R Although useful in Washington Club and Leaders Corps you have been most valuable as a heavyweight wrestler Capricorn rans are forcible but quiet BERNARD MILES 2 You were active on both football and track teams Your horoscope indicates however that you should now turn to aeronautical engineering WINIFRED MILLER psf Born under the sign Aries you are positive original a good reasoner and organizer Your country needs such girls in its war effort ROBERT MILLS Q Without neglecting schol arshlps you have taken part ln swimming intra mural sports Camera French Science Stamp Glee and Washington Clubs and Omega HELEN MORGAN R According to your zodiac sign Capricorn you are practical persistent and an milivrdualist You would do well running a tea room PHEBE MORRILL-K You have been pleasant and willing 1n many clubs on Student Council and NA B Your personality will help you to attain your desires SELMA MORRIS gl' Courageous and impulsive you proved a valuable member of Student Council Masquers Rota Beta and debating You should enter law MARY JEAN MORRISON 'gf A gay member of the Washington Club of girls athletlcs and the Stu dent Council you will gain your hearts desire m 1943 CAL MUELLER H1 Though previously active in sports and music you have become prominent in Ann Arbor chiefly through dramatrcs Why not become an actor? MYLES MUIR JR NP 1943 holds great promise Usmg your work on Omega as a stepping stone you can seize opportunities which your magnetism attracts OREL MULLREED Q Talented in music lively yet practical. you have enjoyed The Gondoliers A Cappella. horseback riding. 4-H Club. and sewing. Varied possibilities beckon. NEILAN and NELSON NAVARRE s-G9 Identxcal twms your horoscopes are naturally ldent1cal Both havmg excelled ln nearly every branch of athletlcs you have lald a foundation for muscular coordma txon and health which should help you ID your chosei held aviation Though less closely linked hence forth your calm qulet reartlons will contmue allke LYLE NELSON "' Studlous athletlc muslcal you appear from your horoscope to have varled ca pacntles whxch have already become apparent m school and out STANLEY NEWMAN pf The business of llfe as to go forward Always assisted by falthful frxends you will prosper lf you avold 1mpat1ence ROBERT NICKELS 2 For some years vour lo cation will be less permanent than formerly Be dull gf-nt nn tralmng your mind and dont hesitate to advertise EVANGELINE NIMKE fi: In flonculture glee club folk dancmg Student Council and senlor play vou have accomplished much A long healthy lxfe 19 foretold NOLAN J M pf One of the school s best known humorlsts you should make humor your vocatxon Not everyone could create a Sam Le Peters V NORDMEYER HARRY 'gf A pleasant blend of galty ani serlousness makes you always good com pany Your horoscope pomts to a career mvolvmg salesmanshxp NORTI-IRUP WILLIAM Q Your Washington trlp usher s job and church actlvltles have glven ex perlence and developed character Photography and hunting w1ll provlde happy future hours NUSSMAN NORMA Q9 Talented ln muslc and art when you first arrlved from New York you nn splred AAHS wlth awe whuch your friendliness soon dlspelled OCONNOR MARIORIE H1 Glrls Athletics junior play Washington club an outslde job and other 8CtlVltl6S have kept you busy durmg high school Gemlm foretells artlstlc achievement OKANE MARILYN Uk Active ln GAC Omega and Washlngton Club and presxdent of Colon nade you have made your personallty felt Scorplo promxses an GFFICIEDI soclable hfe ONDERDONK ADRIAN pg Take things as they come force nothing New emotlonal experlences will soon affect your life but Arles makes you adequate to the sxtuatlon OTRAMBO TI-IELMA Q9 In glee club for two years you have shown musical ablhty the stars warn you not to be temperamental Be practlcal deter mmed OTTENI-IEIMER SENTA QQ Your horoscope reveals a troubled past a satlsfactory present happy future Many school clubs haye payed the way for college frlendshlps PASSOW HAROLDEAN Q3 You haye part1c1 pated nn football baseball xntramural vnresthng Washlngton Club Your rugged physique and steadl ness vull enable you to meet llfes dlmCUltl9S PASSOW HELEN QQ In Washlngton Club and commercxal actlyntxes you hase shown a practlcal nature but your gundmg planet Venus assures you adxenture and romance PATTERSON MATTIE v-bf The musxcal ablllty forecast by your stars became eyldent m A Cappella and Glee Club Ongmal actne you xull accompllsh your purposes UF 1942 :Uh 'Qin QA- it-., Dv... 4,a0""h-. is iw' A I -4,-- ' . '. - Q '- - - ' V AQQ y s. , . .- ,g ' 1' , A ' r e . ,- sc - ,444f. A js!!! , W I - V.r, r , I I , V . . If ' ' ' , 'Ll ,--,' '- 1 I f ',f'A HVAA , M' C if U' ' l yi 5-T' ., fE5??Q. ,fjgf E, rr-V" A gg .V A k -L ' I l . .,.:. ,. A A --: T Y it F li 3 if i . . ' . . 4 I ' - G.. ' 1 Y ' , , T 'QT , Q ' 5 . W, 4 ' ' I ' Qr .. . . 7. . Y' v Y . ' A Xt 1 T17 - ' ' J I gi X . 101 JACQUELIN PEDEN 'X Taurus destmed you to be patient laborious These qualities were valuable to Floriculture and Washington Clubs and w1ll assure future success MAXINE PIERCE Q6 The stars ordamed that you should be another Diana skilled in archery and presldent of Floriculture Club Your country needs such abxllties ERWIN PRYER H1 You were destmed to be ac tive m athletics Rifle Club and Student Council president of Boys Washington Club and ultimately successful ln romance ROBERT PUTMAN 2 Capricoms stars fore told that you should be active in intramural basket ball touch football and wrestling and should be a member of the band BLAIR RAFELD "" Libra ordained that you should be active in wrestling and the band and should be happy in a mechanical career EDWARD RAFELD-pg-Aries guided you into wrestling, the band and the Washington Club. Coura- geous and impulsive, you will gladly serve your coun- try. A gf? E Ill HELEN RAMSDELL-2 The stars made you in telllgent versatile and gay a useful member of Col onnade Masquers and French Clubs The future presents few dlmCUltl9S MARIAN RANDALL 33 Musical and athletic you took part in Girls Glee Club badmmton bowl mg softball and baseball The stars forecast an early marnage DONALD RAUSER NYE Cancer predxcted an ath letic high school career football softball basketball and hockey Your future wlll be equally lively and varled RUTH REGLSKI Q9 Sagittarius IS proud of your varied activities in athletics Student Council and Glee Club and predicts success for you in clerical work CHARLES RETTICK 'J' Llbra foretold your success in swimmmg wrestlmg Stamp and Science Clubs your presidency of Rifle Club and ordams that you become a doctor JEAN REULE-M-Gemini made you sociable. You have enlivened Colonnade, Masquers, Rota Beta, Glee Club, Student Council and Washington Club. Life will entertain you. dw 16 DONNA RICE 12 Bemg kmd and energetlc you made many frxends m A A H S Don t let your natural reserve prevent your acquxrmg new frxendshrps ln new srtuatlons JOY RICE Q6 Born under Sagnttarxus you face 1942 wrth hxgh hopes Your eagerness and popularity are shown by past actlvltxtxes musnc athletics and many clubs WAYNE RICHARDSON 'gf Leo IS your sngn You Cooperate with both mdlvlduals and cxrcum stances Your semor year IS hlghlxghted by track Masquers and Washmgton Club MAXINE ROBERTSON fl Under Gemma you wnll have luck You work quietly and m sohtude for what you want and have courage to go ahead RUSSELL ROCI-ITE Q Blessed by Taurus look for opportumty wrth courage and confidence At school your outslde mterests have been muslc and athletrcs Enjoy hfe DONALD ROGERS PQ Lively and fun loving you have had a well rounded school career takmg part nn athletxcs plays and Washxngton Club Hence forth, hfe demands seriousness 1' f GLORIA RONEY Q You apply yourself efh cxently to tasks at hand In school you were active ln athletxcs art and Glee Club Many opportunltles are ahead WALTER ROOT Q You have hugh purposes and sound alms You have been actrve ln athletrcs prxntxng and Y M C A 1942 brmgs changes fortunate rf consxdered wrsely RUTH RORABACHER fir A Gemmxan you see the brrght sxde of hfe You have enjoyed bowlmg and softball The future promises much Avond rash moves OLIVER ROSTED D-Q8 You have self rellance You accomplrsh much prlvately whxch wxll later lm press others favorably Definxte expanslon can b achieved thxs year IRWIN RUMMLER Q You will have oppor tunntles and you wlll be more prosperous m 1942 Your experxence ln Rlfle Club wlll be an asset LILLIAN SALOW 2 Trust yourself and let yourself go' Your mterests ln hugh school were Scl ence Club declamatlon and Glee Club Pursue these vaned abrhtxes 103 1 ,,.: I up ,fl A J, ' r ,V,e:1' 1 fe CV" fe if v if A 'F' 0 , 4 , f X Y THE SE I HS LUCILLE SCHAERER gig This year will begin a new epoch in your life probably matrimonial The stars advise that you retain old friendships and habits IACQUELYN SCI-IAFFER of Quick under standing and good judgment are desirable qualities for a secretary You should lay the basis for finan cial independence during 1942 MARJORIE SCHAIRER gl' By your excellent work on the Omega and many other school activities your high scholarship and your gracious personality you fulfill zodiacal expectations ROSEMARY SCHLENKER 2 I 1942 and 1943 you are laying foundations for even better work than that done previously better results and rewards will follow RUDOLPH SCI-IMERBERG fit Since your 70 aiacal tendencies stress inventiveness you should be come an engineer This year will add many new friendships to your long list RICHARD SCHNEIDER 'gf Generous to his own detriment the native of Leo should guard his purse strings Keep everything on a strictly business basis during 1942 HAROLD SCOVILL if Keep at your music and you ll be another Eddie Duchin Your emotions will be noticeably stimulated this year your finances will require care FLORENCE SEITZ 2 Born on Washingtons Birthday you should be the Joan of Arc of our time Art music and athletics have engrossed you previously Awake' MARTIN SEITZ Uk In band anal Glee Club you have shown musical talent while in art you are no slouch The stars urge you on CORA SEYBOLD 3 You now enter a strongly creative period say the stars Your achievement in music suggests a possible direction for your pent up energies GEORGE SEYFRIED- QS-Your leadership in athletics and your three years' experience on the Op- timist have laid an excellent foundation for a sports writer. LUCILE SEYLER-Q-From the cradle you have been pointed toward a secretarial career. Past expe- rience. plus your gentle poise will make you valuable immediately. VERNA SI-IARKEYAK+The lion sponsors people of a proud and fearless temperament. You will at- tempt much, and accomplish almost as much, during 1942. VIDA SI-IIPLEY-3-In swimming and dancing you have shown your artistry and love of action. In your profession you will make others beautiful too. BETTE SMITH-Wil-You are on the threshold of a new cycle of experience, To your charming man- ner will be added deeper understanding. wider op- portunities. LILLIAN SMITI-IfQf-Your ambition to continue your education is a wise one. Your pleasing appear- ance and ability to win friends will always help you. JAMES SOPER-H1-Your many school activities will be of value throughout life. Like other geminians. however. you must avoid being distracted from es- sentials. M A R G A R E T SOUTI-IWORTH+Qf-Heavenly bodies combined to make you original. intellectual, musical. athletic. This is no ordinary year for you: play with the moving influences. DALE SPAULDING "' The fates granted you the art of making frlends Consequently you are looked upon as a leader and respected by all ALVIN STAEBLER QQ For you the future holds personal and financxal satnsfactnon Definxtely ath letnc rn A A H S you wxll always keep yourself phys lcally fit BARBARA STEFFENSEN 2 Enterxng AA HS as a semor you have readrly made frxends I 1942 your horoscope offers a rare opportunity to nm prove your talents BARBARA STEINKE Q Your klnd and sym pathetuc nature IS the keystone to your character You are endowed wxth personal magnetxsm and suc cess ns mevxtable ROBERT STEWARD Q You possess consxder able vnt orugmalxty and self relnance Your friends are numerous The world wlll be a brighter place because of you DALE STOLLSTEIMER Q Under the srgn of Aquanus your horoscope indicates .4 hfe of act1on At A AH S your actxvlties have been restrlcted to ath letlcs RICHARD STRIBLEY 'A' You have magnetism and force that wrll make you a success rn any field Your athletlc achxevements wrll long be remembered CHARLES STRICKLAND if Your horoscope describes you as bemg analytrcal mmded Your varred act1v1t1es athletics dramatics and Journalxsm fit you for a successful hfe RICHARD THIELK fl Smce sports Interest you most you have made a name for yourself ln this actrvlty MARY TOWNLEY if Your mtegrnty and honor are a Joy to your frxends Of a discreet and conserva t1ve nature you make yourself felt not heard PETER TROSPER 2 Crowned wnth flame you will find your place m the world Your sparkllng per sonality and versatnlxty of nature wxll serve you well ROBERT TWINING A Your modest and unas summg manner does not hxde your forceful character An mdlspensable athlete you have added much to Pxoneer glory NORMA USREY Q' The stars foretell numerous demands upon your strength and good nature durmg 1942 but your judgment and sunny dlsposrtlon will serve you well GARRETT VAN BELLE 'A' Your horoscope predicts a hfe of adventure Wrth your wealth of bubblxng splrlts your days wlll never seem dull HANS VETTER 2 That music IS your mam rn terest has been demonstrated ln band and orthestra Humor wlll lighten your steps to a brnllnant future BARBARA VOGEL Q You are thoughtful and phrlosophlcal Your frxends confide xn you and spect your opmnons Aquarius promxses you success and joy SHIRLEY WADHAMS 'Q Your actxvltles haxe mcluded sports Student Council and soclal orgamza trons Wxth mcreasmg magnetism durmg 1942 your horoscope predrcts greater power over others ROBERT WALL-"" People w1ll always welcome your sunny smile and wrllmgness for responsibility Llbra promises an actne year m the pocktthook de partment UF 19112 . 70'- . . .., .- .. ' , ' ' . n ", l I ' , . - I . 4 ' Tiki I . . . . field. Your future will lnclude successful business . Y - T T l Y -vw- ' ' . ' ' re- Ur ' ' 91 121. flew TH ERICH WALTER-Q-Active in many clubs and dramatic productions, co-editor of Omega. jolly, able. dependable: you will meet new situations with mod- esty and success. MARIE WALTER-Q9-Recognized for good work in Colonnade, Masquers, and Washington Clubs, you are destined by Sagittarius to succeed in writing, art, or music. RICHARD WALTERHOUSE-M8-Captain of all- state and local football teams, baseball and basketball star, intelligent, friendly: as junior and senior you led your class. MARY ELIZABETH WALTERS-K-Happy in Colonnade, Masquers, and French clubs, president of Washington Club, you will adjust yourself equally well to your new environment. KENNETH WALTZ-fi--Successful in scholar- ship, oratory, declamation, and dramatics, co-business manager of Omega: you were surely destined by Gemini to become a lawyer. EILEEN WANAMAKER-fir-After two years at St. Thomas, you have made progress here. Your horoscope indicates that you would make a good sten- ographer. he . .f N4 "' pl.. Y C S L 4. 1 f p E SE IUHS HUGH WANTY-K-You have been active on numerous committees and the Omega staff. Taurus favors your becoming an engineer and joining the N.R.O.T.C. LUCILE WARREN-2-Gifted in athletics and intelligence, you face a year of added physical and nervous vitality, with changes more fortunate than they seem. ,IETRAL WATKINS-Q-Bom under Aquarius, you are athletically inclined. Kindly and patient, however, you will curb your energies to become a valued stenographer or bookkeeper. LILLIAN WATTS-Q9-Capable in sports, you es- pecially enjoy basketball, baseball, and tennis. Abun- dant physical vigor will enhance your success in any undertaking. PHILIP WEADOCK-MQ-This was your lucky year, since you left jackson for Ann Arbor High. Able, good looking, and agreeable, you should achieve your ambitions. ROBERT WEBB-mf -A true asset to the Pioneers in football, baseball, and wrestling, you now turn to money-making with equal prospects of success. Q' DORIS WENGER r-Q In archery basketball field hockey bowling softball and volleyball you confirm your horoscope With caution you can make 1942 an outstanding year NANCY WESTGATE 2 Ambitious and versa tile you have accomplished much A pleasantly ex pansive influence hovers over your next few months Adjust yourself to change PHILIP WHEELER gl Pleasant and easy going you have not yet fully confirmed your zodiacal ten dencies. Now begin years of expanding horizons. Be willing to grow. ALFRED WHITE--19--You finish a school career pleasant but unexciting. Henceforth you can chalk up definite gains in social and business position. JOHN WHITE-GQ?-In five clubs and in intramural sports you have made many friends. On the thres- hold of brilliant opportunities. consider changes wisely. BONNIE WHITON-1,95-Genial and orderly, you live up to the promise of your stars. 1942 will bring increased responsibility, opportunity. and rewards. DOROTHY WHITTEMORE Q As co editor of Omega m Junior play Colonnade French and Mas quers Clubs and in scholarship you have worked ably and cheerfully DOLORES WIEDERHOFT K You have an ar tlstic tendency which may have an unexpected im portance in your life Be prepared to make wise changes DAVID WIGHTMAN Q6 You will meet success if you heed Sagittarius You have proved this throughout school in sports clubs and class activities. Avoid emotional disturbances. GEORGE WILD-H1-Equipped by experience in five clubs and two publications and by a tendency for eloquent writing you will react surprisingly to new rapidly changing situations. SALLY WILDER-'Q'-Whether away down in Texas or at home you have an ability to make friends further assisted by the position of Venus. ETHAN WILKE-2--This year increases your ability to attract others. But make no hasty moves. Important developments will lead you into new fields. X THE SE I IIS PATRICIA WILLIAMS Q Your charm and ablhty have been apparent m French Club Glee Club Student Councxl Masquers and the Jumor play The stage beckons HARRY WILLSHER gf In football baseball hockey and softball you have shown athletxc tenden cles Your stars predlct however that you w1ll be come a draftsman JOYCE WILSON 2 You have added spxce to many school plays On the Optlmxst staff you began to fulfill your horoscoplc promlse of a hterary career DAVID WOLAVER Q6 Although a true sports man In basketball hockey touch football and wrest lmg you excell ln golf you may even become a golf champlon EVELYN WOLTER ffl Your charm and sense of good fellowshlp shown m your 8CtlVlt16S ln the Young Peoples League guarantee a happy adjust ment to llfe DOROTHY WOOLAVER 2 In Washmgton Club and ln Foods Club you have served well Next fall w1ll come unexpected opportunmes for further service Be ready WESLEY WUERTH Hi Your frxendlmess and socnablllty wlll brmg you luck popularxty and pos your doorstep GEORGIA WYMAN msg In clubs and Omega you contrxbute much Your generosxty and modesty w1ll help you toward your goal your smxle wlll get you there HOWARD YEK 591 Although you excell m foot ball and basketball you are modest nn acceptmg pralse New people and places will soon enter your 1 e EDWARD ZAHN Q6 Manager of cross country Student Councul representatwe m baseball football softball and Rlfle Club you have lard foundatxons for an able hfe MARJORIE ZEEB Ck The ambltrous spxrlt and cheerful dxsposltlon shown ln Washmgton Club wlll help you ln the stenographxc career predxcted for you by Scorplo LLOYD ZILL-if You have shown good fellow shxp m baseball football and Washmgton Club Pre pare for an outstanding year m finanmal and emo txonal opportumtres GERTRUDE ZWIERN Q You are movmg swift ly toward bxgger thlngs Your own happmess hes ln your wlllmgness to do for others SENIORS WITHOUT PICTURES Dorothy Barnes Wrlham Clague Don Cress Walker Lang jean Magnussen Mlrlam Mellott john Perrm Russell Smnth Arthur Vanden Bosch Ralph Wxchterman and Raynard Wxer , . Y , . -- XT H 1 ' Y Y u I ' v I - . Y . . . . . , . y - . . . . . 1 . ' - slble materxal gaxn. Opportumty IS campxng rlght on -.. .. 5 N . . , l'f . W W - Y -y , , , : I V ' - V 'J"' . . O 'QHTQ 0 '.'WQ'I"Y 'T 'Q . ."fEU"'0 . 0 . . 7 . . U . . . ' Ykihikdkikikikikikiikgkif HOW' 'WELL CAN YOU' FORECAST TI-IE FUTURE? WE HAVE GIVEN you a sample of our fortune telling ab1l1ty Now It IS your turn Llsted below are Several Interestmg questlons about the future You and your frlends can have fun guesslng the answers Wrlte In your forecasts below each questlon now Then see how rlght you were' CSpace IS provided for three answers below each question so up to three people can play th1s game D QUESTION Wlll ll ram clurmg the 1942 commencement processlon' ANSWER ANSWER ANSWER QUESTION ANSWER ANSWER ANSWER QUESTION ANSWER ANSWER ANSWER QUESTION ANSWER ANSWER ANSWER QUESTION ANSWER ANSWER QUESTION ANSWER ANSWER ANSWER QUESTION ANSVVER ANSWER ANSWER QUESTION ANSWER ANSWER ANSWER QUESTION ANSWER ANSWER ANSWER CForecaSter S name CForecaster S name fForecaster S name Whnch wlll fForecaSter S name CForecaster S name fForecaSter S name Whxch wIll be the next to get marrIed9 K Forecaster S namc 6 Forecaster S name CForecaster S name What member of the college? 1 Forecaster S name I Forecaster S name 1 Forecaster s name Which wIll wIn the Freshman Hopwood Award 1 Forecaster S name tForecaSter s name How much fFore-caster S name iForecaster S name CForecaster S name class of 42 W1ll be an wxll men allow trousers to be Sho be the next of our class to enhst' ofhter of lllS freshman class In at the U of M ' tened for the duratlon 9 What will be the L fect of the war on glrls lalr oS QForecaSter S name CForecaSter S name iForecaSter s name Whxch of your classmates commg year I Forecaster S name 1Forecaster S name 1ForecaSter S name KVhat Ixxll be your nlcest Chrlstrnas plesent lForecaSter S name IForecaSter S name L Forecaster S name xxlll wrlte you the most SurprISIng letter durlng the n 19-12 12 PJ-'j3" j:'-6" 'AJ-'Xb' r-if Swan uv-u wx It 3 'N' YEHYEHYZ-'F Q.. f .. ug .. 1 ... Q -4. N 'vu UAV .. 'ig ,. c .. '74, A-Sjtfgy f E , I , -Q I I Ss ' I ' ' ' 52 be 1 ..r..,USIrUy.r,r,eerr r, , ........................ 5 . U ........,,., ....... I. jj W ,,, , , , I .Uay.rUrrerIr,UUe,,yyU, pg ee I gg - iliiiig31i11iigii1131i, I ' ..rr,.,rU if 5 r,rr.rr,.,rII,rUa,,,,,.r , I - ..... .... .... ....... I Q, .EEST ' ...............,,....... - jijiiiigiiifiiiypiii, I .1 . , if ANSWER fF0,m.,ISnmgiiiiiiiiiiiiijiyyiiii +35 ' ' ......., ....... .J M A N I I ...r..S..,,rS. 1 .rUUW,Sa. S ' 41,5 7 iigiiiijiiijiiiipiiiiiii Q? .....,.................. Z - iiiiiiiiiiiiiijiiijipjgi, gs I 3Qiiiiiiiiiiigiyiiiiiiii I I ' ........ 1 ,...,.r...... AJ ' A A -U ,.,.r.,eI,,..r,.. ,,,,.. I I, ' gg ? ' 111ii3Q3i1QiQ1iiii1311i1i T. lf? Sf ifi. .. - .. if .fl Q. i. A3 MGCK ELECTION Most Dopular glrl Most popular boy Most beautxful glrl Handsomest boy Dona most for school Done school for most In worst wrth faculty In best wlth faculty Steepest bluffcr Wlttlest 'Vlost studlous Worst Drlver Best dancer boy Best dancer Cglrlj 'Vlost llkely to be henpecked Most llkely to succeed Smoothest Vlost glrl crary B1ggest bull slmger Class baby Most Hlrtatxous RETURNS KAY HOOD DICK WALTERHOUSE MARJORIE HARRIS MYLES MUIR KAY HOOD MERRIII NO' AN MIKE KATAPOL KAV HOOD HARRY NORDMEYER DON LEVLEIT LOIS KIVI KEN WALTZ ROGER LEWIS JUNF ALLEN ROGER LEWIS DICK WALTERHOUSF MYLES MUIR JIM soIJER HARRY NORDMEYER CIARRETT VAN BELLE SALLX WII DER cutest ...............,I........II...........I.. MARJORIE HARRIS , q 5 .........,...,... ..,.I.....I,....,.. 1 . ' Y ..................,.,....... - Q VV111 st xx1am1r1 111111 'I 013,111 xt st 111 11111111 at r111r1c1 1VI11st 111111 fs! 11 sl IL UI sl 1 I3 2.5181 1 IIII J I 111 f JLIISK x111111 11 1 LISLIIIQ I1 'VIM11 1 11 1NI11x It JUL11 1 1111 D 1 s C11ss11 11 sun GARRETT VAN BELI E MIKE KATAPOL KAY HOOD DICK WAI 'I FI' HOUSE KAY HU I CHINSON DICK WAL IP RHOUSE ROGER LEWIS ANNE KIENLI E DOB DAVIS DICK WALTEI' HOUSF SENIOR FAVORITES ENGLISH 111 AAHS LANSING EASTERN FOO 1 BALI BASEBALL DANCING THE OPPOSITE SFX GARY COOPFR I ANA FURNFR GLENN NIILLER S INIOONLIGHT COCKTAIL TCI-IAIKOWSKI S PIANO CONCEETO IN! I3 FLAT Q 7 ,F .. , , . ., . ,. ,.. . . . , . . . . ' - Beg 1 -r glI'1..,. .,,... ...,..,...,....... . I 1201 5111- L IJOX. . . .,,. . .. , . ... .. 'L T . J: :t11'Qi1'1,.. .. .' IV1 1' 1 11111111 Imy. ,,.. . ...,, ., . . , . ' ' I RC','iII ..... ,..,. , ., ' 131-3 z11'I '1'ss, . , , . , , .... . . ,. . . , . I ' ' 4 ig'-. -1 ...., .... . ., IVI1 PI - 1 11s1111 1111111- .... .. , . , . . .. F 2 Q J ITL Q1 .,..,.. .....,...,............ ,,... . L j1111i1m1' I-115111 .. .. .,..... ., , ...... . .. ... .....,..SLAUSON 5-A 11 t111'1' 1111 .. .... , . S ' ' , S121rI'II1mxx'11I1'11.. .. . ........,. .. .. . ,. N . Sport to 1u1z1y .......... ...,,...............,...,......., 7 A112 -111. ....... ...... ., .... ' Tupu' 111' 1' 11x'1f1x:1111111., . , . . ........ .., ' If , I ' ' 21'I Z'. . , ,. . . . , , . . "1'21L'II't,'SN., .., .,., .. ,.. ' , P11 11' "111's11'z1. . ..,.....,,....,,.,...,. .. , . . L ' 17111 1: 111' .'UII,.g. ,. . . ,.,. .., ,. .. ... f ' z .'.' ' '1 5 ,U .... ' I, 1 - Lygl- jf--1 N' U3 X L., wzxfxrp at WJ Q' ' of fx, J Ur, I- fm N,f D1v1na.t1on and Astrology Much Ram IS a certam Slgn of wet Weather The old Moons make bad W1nter Nlghts and then the W1nds make a Nolse 1f they blow hard juplter ln Arles denotes Melancholy 1n all that cannot be merry Mercury ln Lco foreshews Drstempers 1n those that eat Abundance of Melons and Cucumbers and that the Slck w1ll d1e lf the Physxcxans take them m hand The full Moon slgnxhes that she can hold no more and thls is a certam Rule An ECIIDSS of the Sun denotes 1t w1ll be darkened whlle rt lasts and that Astrologers w1ll tell Abundance of LICS whlch Fools w1ll belleve and mxghty Men w1ll dread Balthasar Graclan 1601 1658 "The fault, dear Brutus, IS not m our stars But m ourselves, that we are underlmgsn WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE 1564 1616 . Ja 'JA An' 'rl E 1 ' ll x.. 5 f Q ,. aff, ,o, xx 1 1 w , 1 s 4- , - ,ff X , l I l - .47 of 15 ' K f X-sl L- Vx f .I J we , I X KU lf:S'? 'dxf' V. - Lt rr . 1' 'WB 'Lf V lfjlqz. V: ' V' . Qs N VU ,Q -1 i ' " -5 Q f 5 1. , -, 1 A f ' Af", '. ' ,' 'V . "' "Stas 'X X Q f 1 -ff 2 - E ' l ff- Mr' X15 A I A ggggy , ', - gx t f , F R Ca , A ' K 1 R If MRXQX-If 2' fi 5 "N ' - , ' K E 6 ' 1 -f f. gy '- QQ -fer , . 1 Q' ' 2 fl lm NVQ 1 ' ' '- 1 all V - ty Af J 4 r F?.rl:f- gi,-x. 7 in ,V C: A ,K , 5 , Nu 1 -' "' ' 544'V'fLf 'fl .v ' 'J' , N -f I - 4 V ,N sk- K cs Q . 'Aff lx - rifle: ' 1' -ex V I, ' PH WR. -. is J ,L 1' "- 45 r - . . -7 - ' 7 , ' 7 The ZOC1.13.C and You Stqn Date Name Meimnq Tendencxes Stone pur- Dec 1an HD E e Mar Mir Apr Apr May 1.1119 une U Y u v Aug Aug ept apt Oct Oct on Nov Dec 19 22 2 23 3 2 Caprtcornus Aquarxus Ptsces Arles T rurus Caneer eo VIIQO Trbrx Scorpio Saqtttarlus The T e Q Te Q e. The IC c Tle Te Go t Water Bearer Rim B1 Cr la Lto V1 qtn Sc tle C tx For llole rn actron l'ut oute reserve.l caprxctou LOU Klftd oatlent very fond of rfe J peopl lrke llterature and suence Versatlle gay qutelc 1n understand nc good ludgment alle tlonate Ambtt ous eouraqeous rmpulsrve wlth 1 deslre for prommence Pltrtxtlous determtnul lxhortou pr tlent proud obstlnato wr1t1nq or speech lmxqlnatlve ambttlou 1 rovlng dlspo sttton lncllned to publtc, hte Fe, xrless proud and tnthtul arnb1t1ous generous 1'1C1t ln feeltng Learned prectse benevolent dxsposed to art and llterature Genlrl hxppy d1spos1tton rut persuu srve lY11S11C orderly Bold self Conhdent ot ttxed v e s toncl ot contests suhtle mlnd Generous good tempered a trm trtend tnchned to phtlosophy Moonstone VVh1te On x Sapphrre Opal Turquoxse Chrf oute Prnk Shel Moonstone Dtamond Amethyst Moss Agate Emerald Beryl Aquimurme Sapphlre Emerald Black Onyx Dtamond Ruby Pmk Crystal lasper Hyactnth Dnmond Opal Topaz Malaclntte Carbuncle Dxamond Turquotse if . 22- ' , - ' 3 C: ' , 1 A t W.-,111 '1 ' t 52.5 1 , 20 ' h f - 2 , , g L Q5 - F b. 18 ' s ' " .,,,,. F b, 19 ' ' Th Ftsh , , g ' A . 1. jg Ks ' . 20 g C ' ' l 5 . 21 ' -, h f ' i, , ' A 1 , . 19 f " ' - yt! . 20 1 J Th- ul. ' f , H 1 , 4 s, Q4 : ' 20 , , ' 1 I fl? May 21 Gennnt TheTw1ns Artlsttc, learned, inventive, eloquent in 1 21 ' ' ' ' C 'ti 1 ' Th - A f , sg 1 A 1 1' 2 " g ' - if 1 1, 23 L - n ' -I ':, : , , if . 24 T1 1 r , , g . S . 22 ' jj S 1 . 2 .. C Th 2 ' 'I 1 , 1 " ' g s, f - f '. -3 . , Q , Y-Of 1 24 ' 1 le , - , - 'z , ' I N '. 22 , , , QU . 23 h Arrher ' , , 1 . 21 ' , H at ici 5 M S ' x 1 wal' Ji' P 1l' ,X 'zz N , '.!r g ,vi N W 1 Q1 u.. , I as :mx 31 if .41 WY' Klum ff' .J l 1 f . it Q ,":1:r2x . qx 5. rf fx Q' ' x we Rf 2 6, is 2 W 5 52.4 2 5 5 4 . X , w i 'Q A 7 5 I , my wvifiw 'YJ .l ,.-'rf' QQ' + Q"-+f3?.?' ' 52235 QV , W fig 1' U' M 5 - av Q Q af fs 5 fi 5. -9 3 f W fs .4 1 1 1 2 1 47' "ff -.:. A I if 341 ,f ,W " 35 V 4 . 54 Y f 4 if at f ' i R QW .xg 2 1 S 13' e ' W9 1 Q, f bf, q V-gIQ.,j:. V ' ',,mw,1.eMf'1, ,,,,.,. iff 5 5 ,. -..1,..4,, V., 3 iw2mi,m,m ,ymsem ,M QA as Q45 egg' gg +. - few, w - Kale- , vm me X if mar mag X- fm 4 .nf fhfmw 'ffiifff ag Q Wu -K, if L -4 b , 1, 1 f Y Y , 4' A l A , 3 .V -xx A W V bk 4 ,S 1-Q. , , 1 Biff' -3' 1 gl JL my Z 5 4 My , ,Zigi 22? bl ji' gy U A., ' f if f 1 vi wfi' I' s ,gg ,, l nw 'Q 1 'W M ' 2 , -nr 4' 1 l 'f'--um., " l'0 Tl The true goal we seek IS for above and beyond the ugly field of bottle When we resort to force as now we must we are determined that thus force shall be directed toward ultlmote good as well as agoanst rmmeclr ate evll We Americans are not destroyers we are builders Presfdent Roosevelt Qur- '-in 4-S- M W Bellevlng that rn this hour of National perll a great responslhllnty rests on our educational system toward the end that American minds be awakened to the magnitude of the task that Iles ahead we, the Servlce Organnzatron, pledge our resources and abnlltles M0666 . Zi? . as wssr CANHELD DETROIT MICHIGAN Equal Opportunxty or Every Boy and Gxrl m Ann Arbor ANN ARBOR PUBLIC SCHOCLS The foreslght and generosity of the cmzens of Ann Arbor have made possible a clty school system for Ann Arbor which IS lh keeping with the Umverslty Campus Well Tra1ned Teachers Excellent Equxpment Splendld School Bulldlngs Fme Student Body These are the key words ln modern school educatlon Ann Arbor has all four remarkable development on the SPEDDING Good Photographs Only E L b 4434 XX ATCHES JEXX ELRY HALLER S 71 7 N U Jewelers CLOCKS SII VFRXVARE Out 1n the World the g1rls of 42 W111 appreclate more than ever the qual1ty and good taste of the1r clothes from GUUDYEAR S Llnthes fur Ynunq Men New Styles lx F1rst at W1ld s WILD 8 EIIMPANY BALL and THRASHER Everylhmg for the O ce 2 S h F l OE S SNAPPY SERVICE S ALL STEAKS ALWAYS 122 7 ,Z I . niversity Ave. 619 . i c-rty Phone , ' I XY - f I 1 ' , C. Downtown State Street State St. on the ampus Compliments of ' PF ' M 7, 332 outh Main OS out ourth Avenue - I A A b -:- -:- Michigan HIGHEST HONORS 0120 aona FOR NEW YOUTHF UL FASHIONS' 52 Years Fme Photograph y 1890 1942 319 East Huron IN g t COHQIHIUIBIIOHS Class of 42 WHITE SPOT 517 E WILLIAMS ANN ARBOR BEDDING CO MATTRESSES SPRINGS PILLOWS COMFORTERS THE MAYER SCHAIRER CO STXTIONLRS-PRINTERS mmmms OFFICE OUTFITTERS GREETING CARDS of TO ' , Your 'e a ives are . Kcpt on File For Your Future Use! I Specializing in H.1n1lwurgers--Chlli-4I.uncI1cs 100g Broadway Pham' 665'- ' 0 .f 3 ' .- ' S Q 112 S. Main St. Ann Ax-bo EIBLER S for GRADUATION GIFTS S ncc 1904 T110 Home 0 F1710 U atclzcs XIII It IONCINIS S A n Arbor lfiill MII LEE DRUG STOE dmcccs luzlgtrzc hoszcry N 3 1213 I Wfe lnvc Qerved Ann Arbor High School students for over slxty years Let us contmue thus service to you after gradu atlon WAHI! S BUUKSTURES IOSN 1V1a1n St 3165 State St I i f . XY H,-K. I "ON if FIN f Q .v 308 . outh Stan' Strom n fl g -ms uf' U I I H - . I' . - v. I 727 . lJl11X'l'l'S1ly 45 " :I 'nnrd S rect I' A l 1 The Granada Cale Good Food 313 S Stare Sr Reasonable Pnces Courteous Servlce To the Class 1 42 our Best W,5j,e5 and LINDENSCHNIITT APFEL C0llg7'tIflllt1f107l5 85 CQ THE Bcttu Ufmar or NIU: ELIZABETH DILLON SHOP S91 OUP LUN pA0l09I'CLl0 mode to your llkmg In c Handsome Frome PALMER STUDIO 125 , Jf ' I . 'P , ,. n f ' 1 U .209 S. Blain Since- 181' 509 . . illt' ,, ' 95 'ff .S I ' Comphments GRENNAN and CLAGUE STUDENTS Dress Well and Succeed is Our Advice os d CI pp 'in t pc Stetso IWCG 5, r sp on 'md H c 1891 FIEBEL5 1942 Congratulatzons Class 0 42 'I' ting, tw ll H n 43 HAMILTON BUSINESS COLLEGE C119 Sr6.V1l CRANE COAL COMPANY Coa Coke Ofhc 207 HILL STREET Phone 751-4 F Mod! That our clothes cmd they cost no more' are different HUTZEL 5 ANN ARBOR 126 I I I Thntis why we suggicst Iinshicm Park, Adler Br ., an i or Craft suits . d 0 outs, n hats, Arrow shirts. Intcrwovcn and rc'o ortsw 1 , Alli- gator rzlinconts, Cooper shirts and shorts, Hansen gloves. 1 i - kock jcwclry, You will find none in-itcr, 7 4 f s I-Icrc's rus ' vi "i be I BC '1 ' - - - A 0 and Yards Foundc I5 - m 0 ' X i inms E. , Empic C, E. .' cur II ' Il I Arm Arbor Bank Stare Savrnqs Hank of Arm Arbor Mrrhrqarr v- I u u owerd the ymbol fbea ty n pn' ne hopes n atlon U e th m to dec r ate you home and send them as gift PAUL NULTING .7 f QUARRY Drug and Surglcal Supp11es Cosmet1cs 320 S uth State St e t The Shop for Smart Young Women' COLLINS FRANCISCO BOYCE KODAKS FILMS GREETING CARDS 72N hU CHESTER HUBEHTS SHUP 312 So Stat Str et 128 s 0 u , i - s ' e w , ew aspir- ' s. s e 0 - r 9 ' s. I Afii 0 r e Ph 2-1615 341 S. Main St. Compliments of Liberty at Ma nard 3 or! niversity Y . e e B E MUEHLIG DRY GOODS QUALITY MERCHANDISE FOR MORE THAN 50 YEARS 1265 M 23184 The Campus CARDSf INVITATIONS 50 75 3ShS 100 51 oo SUITS COATS ATHENS PRESS SPORTSWEAR PRINTERS 308 N M RADIOS RECORDS A COMPLETE SELECTION OF CLASSICAL AND POPULAR RECORDS Hadm 8 Renard Shop INCORI ORATLIJ 715 N UNIVERSITY ANN ARBOR MICHIGAN PHONE 3542 . ain Sl. Ph Ol' - c 05 out tate Street . ain North of Postoffi z 1 Nllrth End iff D T Rl 129 53135 l hx I IX xx if f ff ffx 44 Be correcfly flffed by Saffell G Bush Smurf Men s Clofhes 8: BUSH ff VZ- 310S S I Swlit s Drug Store 340 S STATE g S FASHION snor- SPP kl S R Your Suvmgs Wall Be Sale Here CIVER HALF A CEN TU RY DF SATISFABTCI RY SERVICE You ure cordmlly mvlted lo vlsll our modern olhce ANN ARBCJR FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LUAN A SSDCIATIDN 6 North 4th Ave Opposite Court House Q62-. T,ff2"wf 5 W ra ' ff Q K Q ml, , "Lf I I J X dl af . 1 "X f Ze WQ4Ur I snrrmLL X f,f, ' X x H I 4 , C pliments ' ' f 0 . ST. 9 ' . I I P 'p ' ns -- Dru und ' V O ' , F ain Service ' " S d lies 21? If,if,lff141:ifagf "The ex II S on the Campus" . Q I' U, Would You Llke To Know About TRUST SERVICE 'P I 4 D I I lllllll I PHONE 4251 SI SIRIIKI XIINII Ann Arhnr Trust Company Corner Mann and Huron Streets DIETZEL S Shoe Alf Step Sho f r Vs Ro e Sh csf M ScottShosf rB y XII Sh t d Y 109 East Washnngt n Store St MAGAZINE Subscnphons Order through Sto lets and save monev Y EARS OF SERVICE STOFFLET News Co 208 So Fourth A e SUPPLIES FOR THE RADIO AND CAM ERA FAN P U R C H A S E - RADIO as. CAMERA SHOP 535 S MAIN PHONE 8696 131 . ll ll O I Tru-1 Illlllllbilllf lPl'l'I4Ul'Illr lll'lllf -1'pumt1- wl'x'ia-s-- for 'ts rl:-tmln-1'-. Hu you Ixllllk llms' lIl'lllfAf XX ' ure- glml In 4-xpluin llms xzllllulula- lln'-4' x1u'iou- ll'lISI -4'l'NIl'l'- may ln- to your fzunily mul I'l'I1'll4I- zuul In tin- I u-im--A :mal in luftrianl um-lixity of ilu- 4-u n ily. Umm- in and ge-I 1ll'llll2lIlII'II. 'I'RlP."' V ,' If lf. .4 'ELI' I . . ' us 0 women bl 0 0 or on ff I C G l5'5 y 50 ,- ocs Fmt Q by 1 -Ray . O . I . V . - FILTERED LIGHT PORTRAITS THAT ATTRACT BY SHEER BEAUTY Photographers 332 SOUTH STATE STREET DIAL 5031 The Roy Hoyer Studlo of Dance Private and Group Lessons Nickels Arcad Crap as lettuce cool as a cucumber OUR NEW SUMMER NATURAI ILER SPECTATORS BROOKINS SHOE STORE 108 E Washington St Robert A Steward Plumbing Heatmg and Sheet Metal PHONE 5545 21 South Fourth A X O D Morrill 314 S State St fOpposite Kresge S3 TYPEWRITERS ADDING AND OFFICE MACHINES OF AI L MAKES STUDENT nd OFFICE SUPPLIES O The Best ol "LOOK lo You' from G r e e n e s Mzchzgan s Leadmg Cleaners ee 9, s s , "No slip----no gap no pinch" 3 ' e 'sf-Ei - I mx i, . . o Aug.. Q "Q "C f ' 7 . . Q . 1 1 ' 1 ve. Invitation cards printed r engraved , I . . , . M LK the perfect health food Carotenes th1am1n ascorblc sterols and 1nternat1onal un1ts all terms that apply to the v1tam1n content 1n every quart of m1lk to l1ghtly men t1on the buttertat and mmerals such as calclum phosphorus and the twenty some other elements but say' We re gettlng bSS1d9 the pomt' what We really started out to say Was Congratulatrons 42' MILK DEALERS ol ANN ARBOR I ' 1 1 1 Ill - 1 ' T 1 , . . . . . ... . . 9 I l A Cappella 64 F5 Athletlc Board 79 Bcmrl 18 13 Baseball 58 59 Basketball 32 3' Boys Cvlee Club 64 61 Camera Club 50 51 Candlds 114 117 Champion IIPLI1 William Colonnfzfle S4 S5 Cook Enslgn Vtxno Cross Countx3 70 21 Debatmg 62 F3 Dedxcauon 4 5 DQf1H1t1OUS and Amoms 1 D1Nl1'1'it1OFI anrl Aslroloex Drflmateers if 31 Faculty 6 7 54 Fall plcture and rlltnslon pa Q Feast of Taurus 114 Football 16 1 Forecasting the Fut re f Forenslcs 62 F F0res1g.,ht 119 French Club all I-rontlsplece 2 A C 52 Glrls Glee Cltb 64 65 Golf 60 61 Grmulle Nlr lxobtrt 4 H1 bee MISS Iuxa H1Ht1S1 ht 118 Introduction 1 Iumor Class bfhttrs .5 lumor Class Puturts Iumor Plax 65 m9 Lmtoln Exlubxt 411 134 INDEX 'Vlasquers 36 if Vloclt Electrons 110 lll Mrudtrn D mt 54 Mfmon Ph :sts '55 Nlormng, anrlFxen1n S us AB Omega edltors lpastj Omega Staff 2 93 Optlmlst ZZ 23 OICILSITI 61 TA Rlfle Club Z0 21 Rota Beta S4 85 School 1n Action 10 1? SCILDCQ Club 50 51 Stnlor Class Ofhcs rs S1 QLIIIOI' cl Iss pxctules incl wutt ups 88 108 Semor play 39 39 Sketch Club 69 63 Sophomore class ofhcers 41 Sophomore pxctures 42 49 Spring Ulflllfl 'Ind ll1X1S1l7I'1 page 5 51 Student Councll 24 25 Summer pxcture 'md cllwslon page 80 81 Sxxlmmln 54 Tenms 60 'l ltlv. p lee ack 58 Vernal Eqummt 66 VVar The 30 31 Washmgton Clubs U 1 2 Winter prctuxt mfl tlrxlsnon page 26 29 W1LS1l1Ug 54 35 foflmc and You The 112 C . ' . 1. 1 ' .. 7 I fl NH . 'Q ' ' 'l' ' ' 'Q -W ' L1 S11 27 if . . .J . . I N. . ,, Z5 , , ' 3 - .86 , - ' . I .fl . 4 4 . 41, , Ill. .U V . ll. - , . .N . '1 H :. 7 ' . .W 1' r. 9 , 4 . n , P. . H26 ' ' . '. J. ' 1 'u I 2-112 1 ' wiki' fn." 15 A 'hx' 14' Senior class presidents fpastb. 86 1 Q l ,'. tr. . , ' u . 10,9 . A 7' Sl? l 6. F . . . ' .51 - I Gi 1 .. -34 V. . Q. . 35 . . , .61 2 'h - - ' ' - .5 " 1 21 . 3 Trz '. 59 A 7 . 7 . 7 5 ' " 74-70 ' Q K ' Lf ' -.5 ' ,Q x .5 ' ' '- '. ,Q L . . 113 AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS YQ 4 Bunbeg 0- N .sz v0.Q'UWmMHwf...S'l J VU'-31-iIPUD11fvs9+2.':,f'1.-12-.51 VU SUWPUUUMHWWQ S1 V 1'5WPWDMH2-'JSR W5 2a MsH'2'-rf-2.51 VC 95 V554-"3f' -2- S1 VU W MF"-2-W-43-51 VUS VSH-'zfff-L-51 M S M Nw?-29 V WSPH'-:VLSI VU Wwfl.-12.-S1 QV WSHQ-'S -.2-sl W7 5iWTTU1WSH221' 4..!Sl VU'-5 V59'4'wf VO 0-E VEN?-'-"F V S MHNJ

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