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wk-- V, S ,,:g-aaaav' -S C N X .NXN -W -L 1' i ,d,.,...g4 ,i A w JN - l xr .xg-N k 5 B1 Jx 1 li 0A ' ' ' ' lususvlvlfllvglu-5939-"w"' w,'u'lu-"u"VW'- lV.lV:.vxv. .l.u:V0Sl1V-'VN' " ' -'I Q H Vi C Z K 'O-rg.:-.Q i 4- , f - A L 1 K A -H w.+ ,i?....-?-:- " I ' Y K , 7 'Lu X! 0 C r 'n I1 u na W 5? , N s m s an lEX"'Jf..fl55K'U Q3 5 N N MTN WAHAEUAQ ' 29 4- .. , i ..rv Alai .1-Q ,7 '-if ' - -li'- 47, X -4 V sr H - YH - .. 1 ,,-gnu-V -L-- 1... vf -4 L L 'El - 1 - me 'sl , S". Yf- ' 1 . . V 1 .r , I :kr -4 Q , ' g' Q .+ V 4 I ... qv F Y - 771: v I 'YW VX W -' . gi .1'1"" " Vi" N f 1 , V, gr ,- . T -U --N , . 4, lg. 1 gg, V -- . f - a 5 .xg X W L .yy 1, 4, - I . X1 .J .V , 35. 14. 'Z-. " K . ' V' 4 V' - , ,, -, P Qu Ag I -3,-.. , 'Vai -2 . , X L!f4 , - 4 :: ,nf , r Q N 4 f V' I ' A , .1 - 5 4 . 2' L, - . . 1 -' iggzfir' ' ' X .f H ' ' W, ,, Y - ' 4 ' . . I N X Pip ., 4 ' NX. ' 5 f ' :Q I1 H X N - -. N . . G t ,V 9 s 54 -Nfl!! 1' G ,S 4 111. ,. gg 574 sf vw ' fl ' J: f - t' i. , , 4. u 7 . 4' 4 '.. . f g. 5 I ., Y L "' 44 v - - ' 'Y if? , k - ' , - S.: H V, fi Q I - -,iw 4,9 , - ' Qs: A 5 K. V- 1, I '- K A -Ti' - i""i fist N ' P H - -- 'riff 2, If n .,1r " "wt" , ' J V ,V f'.5.' -,f "" --264.9-71, if 4 3' if 'Q' -, ,- zm, , 111 lv , ,. , ' 2 'f?3,u , V n w". I 1,1 N" ' '. . FF L-A ,.,, i . 'wr-1 -9, L-1' , P Lk . It-iv 1.59.-: . . 1' fi ' ' -' Aff., vc hip 'r . W 9f""' if - We H1 I- V YQ, it 'Q 'Q ' L'- M Q A 5113. L' 'mpg : f-I up " -3 ai' 1 I N AWHJJ .J-,E "1 V- a g we A' , ' '?"' "! 55 'Ln ' ' '39 , .li gg" 7' Il' 2211. ' Y' -- SW if " I' r N ' , ' , FSL 'Q-,yr j, L M . . , 3!L,g,a'f lags! if - 339 , , H , 2 - -mf " ' ' fs - ' E" ' .1 ' J., - . U , A! 4 xg b A . .- 4 ,N - , bl, f v ' x 's" 12:' 'Z X A' J Q " SWR". .I ' N wg' ' ' , '15 5 - m .f - , V' Q'-Q' ' :'Qf:?7F" ' Q75 " Q-F QA 41 ' ' 5145 KJ 'f' , ' 5 Y -.-f."1'z.lQL ' 6415" wif Af' "x r5'ai,MLw'1' 'fi ' " ' A 'QW "tp Q I J Q I H I fi 'l- ' .4 12- W? ., , 'Irv . ff 53.1 ' , k 'Y '. ,J L' -.- 1, --. ' g tiff.. ,. N 'xl ' . ' -3-'37 Af-,I ' ll ' -' 3 'T I ' , 1 Hg? Q09 f"CfvXXv0 A ' 'A N TQ- Y so ' U 2 2, uk W 5 Vx Q , Xfxx Y 3X X 'ws .X X-ls, UQ 5 Q X X X E U l'U:i1.I!iH2J'J ANl'l'lAL!s'l N av rns, W r- X br,NlOR CLASS 0F'l'H5i' X ANN A512503 5-HSI-I SCHUU-L-. 'XNN A121011 Tilly-H ,ff ' AMX1-'QT-. ,. ll,-4'4'114,," V , xx I .X i' ' u I "l, -. . . f, LiS+5f53 m " - 'W ' 1' KX,--f' V H Y in ,f L, '11 XLUV.-L! U ...H --. i..,f"f XY X '.A AA ii-i-Aiirv-Am i X Xxx LN' Q3 5 Lfg 9 FJ 525:-1 Tr: Liri Iii i lJ1'J ri it i , ' Nl N ' F , 1 ' 1 1 Y Y x 1 I ' 1, xl N N i u Y P i , 'Q l 1 1 1 DQZDUCATHQN ' Miss T.oN.x C. 'IHNKUAM f EL , 'K ff 1 1 v xxxi A V, Ut..41n4f,,I" X -if ,U'k , 4 .' ! "I, ,- ful-ww "1-.L.L uL,..,LLu 1 yoypuwns: Q W ff, f - A 'X ,AN if W Y gf-jfjgfgfi.LQ1eQHHHf?FsfHw'Af:fwrJf1f J1 1f"-wr"-Q ' x x - ' ? . u . . .. I! w 1 K 4 1 F W ! .1 1 I 'x I 1 ' 1 P 3 1 x T i l 1 , 5 'I 4 , x F . I DQDUQATHQN N To Mlss ANNA IL STEIQLE J- f Qi" I1 1 ' LI f- g4A.A png- . -- 5 45 .g,- .An .,. -. .-, EECDRQWQPD 5 E NOTHER school year over, an- other class graduated, another - OMEGA published. The same class exercises, the same cycle of events, and again the staff presents an- other annual which is to bear compar- ison and criticism. It is hoped, however, that despite successes and failures, this forty- fourth OMEGA will recall pleasant memories of days and classmates of Ann Arbor High School. ATHLETICS .... f-,,-l .-5 . 45 AA Ag.4-4- 4 . 4-4. 4-4.4-4- CQNTQ NTS FACULTY . . SENIORS . . . JUNIORS . . . SOPHOMORES . . POETRY .... ACTIVITIES .... ORGANIZATIONS ADVERTISEMENTS -.- ...f PAGE 11 PAGE 15 PAGE 37 PAGE 43 PAGE 49 PAGE 59 PAGE 79 PAGE 91 .... PAGE113 m5 q+l-- Of :Gus Jb T51 i 'gifs V ca f, 1. ,Z P A K as -sv z X, A ,I 9 iii 1 D Q i it m fi 4 tt l D K C is K . D W U r 5 1 ifv nl ' U Cr +' v V Q it i" 1 L Q Abraham Lincoln i ia x H IHS statue of .Xhrziliznn lincoln has heen stzincling in the cnrriclors of Ann 1, Q A-Xrhnr lligh School since l9l3, lmeing zi gift of the grzuluziting class of that t year. This replica of our famous sixteenth president has been tn many lil Freshmen and SOlJl1Ol1lU1'CS their tirst impression nf our school, and to many A Qi Seniors their last recollection. ,Xs his image lingers in our mincls, may his sterling l virtue. his nnswerving loyalty to his country. and his high iclezilism he heacnn lights V E to guide us on our way into the unknown future. it fl it l i 6 i . I V v A - T Q,-V - . ,,C.?ZC7-Tizfvz , 'S Page Tru S FFATQN 0-AL.A4L,Oxf4X,0xAL- f0sfQ,f0xf.Q-4X AC ULTV 'YQYQIQ YQIQTQYQDE D ,QBIQQQQQQ w r V 5 f I 3 0'61fll5IWDl0X01ii1.4 , -W1 L, 11 QMQGA-11-1Q'13 1- 1 1 A f J 111111 if-lf-11X.A gil-ifjx .1 f --- -- 111 - 1 115 1? 1 5 1 -.1 1 xx 11' ' 1 1 1 1 1 ij! W K 11 .1 1 '1 1 J ,, 1 1 11 1 .'1 1 Q1 .K , , Yxxb 11171 11 1, v 1177 1 11' 11 11, ' 1 111 11 M .1 V 'K 91 1 ' I-1 1 91 I' Q1 . - ,- 1 X ' 1 111 1 , 1 S1 111'. 1111R'g'1l 15 1-ssc-111111111 :111 :111-51-1111111 1-1111-1'111'1w1-. 111 f11111- 111 1111- 1:11'1 111:11 11 if 1-11111-11 111111 111:111:1g1-11 111' S1-1111111 :11111 111:11 ll 1:11'g1- 112111 111' its w11:11'1- is 111-- -Q 1 . 1 . . . . . 11 gi 1'11t1-11 1111111- 51-111111' 1-1115s. 11 511111115 11111 511 11111' 1-111111111-11-51 1'1-1'111'11 111 1111- :11'111'1111-1 ', 111' 1111- 11'111111- 5111111-111 1111111 1111' 11111 11-211' 111 11'1111'11 11 ix l11113l1511l'f1, '1i111' l1l11L'Q'1l 1'1-111'1-51-1115 :111 1-111111-fs 111111111111 111 11'111'11 1111 1111- 112111 111. 11111s1- 111111 ' B :11'1- 1'1-5111111ai11l1- 1111' 11. 1111-ir 111111 1'1-11':11'11 if t11L' 1l111l1'1'k'1ll11l1I1 111' 1111150 111 IIN 11-1111 '1 1 if 1'1-1-1-11'1- 1111- 1'1-111115 111' 1111-ir 1-11'111'1s. 1.1-1 115 111- g'1-111-1'1111s 111111 1111151111111-11 111 11111' 1' VN 1 :111111'1-1'1:11i1111. 15111 1111-51-11' 111111 1111 1111- 111111-1' 1111-111111-1-f 111. 1111- 1':11'11111', 1 1111111 111 111 w . . . . . A . ' Q1 1-x111'1-as 1111- g1':111111':1111111 X1-1111111 11'1- 11-1-1 111 11:11'111g' ,X1111 .X1'1ll11' 111g11 BC1111111 N11 11'111'111111' 1'1-1111-51-1111-11 111' 1111- 11111- 111111111':1111111f 111 1111- IIZLN1, 111111 1-S111-1'1z1111' 1111 1 11':1111 U 1' Q3 111 1'1-1'111'11 1111- 11-1'1' 111-1-11 g1':111111111- 11'1111'11 111- 11-1-1 1l1l' 1111- 1111111'1I1Q 1-1111115 111 11115 'X 1 , .. ' . . 1 .1 1'1-111' 1 511111 111 111Il1i1' 11115 111111-ga 1111- 111--1 1-11-1' 111'1111111'1-11. F1 ' '11 ' 4 1' - , 11 1,. I.. 1'1111s1'1'111,, W Q11 l'r1'111'fj111l V, 1 1 1 P '11 6 1 1 1 1 t . , - ff W - , - f f f 3 3, ,J 4' Ek1N G X X mth A V ,v XX . G 5,6 lxvi , . cj Q- 1, jf, ji: 13 5 r1.5 cs .1 LC 1, , W XJ f'1141' l11l' '1'1 1 F 1 omeoa , ff? f 5 JD JC 0 ' Q 5 ki K -A F9 I A Vik -1 55 b N D . Q The Faculty Ye ENGLISH ' Miss Lela Duff Mrs. Elsie Hauswald I px Miss Louise George Miss Matilda Pfisterer Mr. Robert Granville Miss Cora Robison Miss Bernice Hannan Miss Ethel Wisehart E HISTORY I Miss Anna Cawley Miss Sarah O'Brien Mr. Thomas Drake Miss Edna Parry ' Mr. Egbert Isbell Miss Lona Tinkham D , 1 FOREIGN LANGUAGES ll Miss Gertrude Breed, Latin Miss Frances Seeley, French Miss Katherine Noble, Spanish and Latin Miss Anna Steele, French Miss Lavanche Rieger, Latin Miss Louise Weinmann, German and History P THE ARTS p Mr. Vernon Cook, Manual Training Mr. Francis Pope, Auto Mechanics Mr. Roscoe C. Hall, Printing Mrs. Pearl Sellards, Art Miss Maude MgMullen, Home Economics Miss Clara Youngs, Home Economics El 'f i -, SCIENCE , ' A' 'Miss Ella Bennett, Biology Mrs. Ruth Lovejoy, Biology V Mr. Mahlon Buell, Physics Mr. Harold Matzke, Chemistry Mr. Arthur C. Stitt, Chemistry W MATHEMATICS La Miss Gladys Caldwell Miss Olive McLouth D Mr. Louis Jocelyn Miss Dorothy Paton I A COMMERCIAL ll Miss Lottie Carson Mrs. Alice Ensminger I iMiss Gaynell Emery Mr. George Mackmiller i I - ' PHYSICAL EDUCATION Mr. Donald Drake I Mr. Louis Hollway ' - Miss Marian Youngquist v I ' MUSIC Mr. William Champion an Miss Juva Higbee l A SESSION ROOM TEACHERS W Miss Ida M. Schaible Miss Mabel Van Kleek D Miss Sarah Keen V SECRETARY Miss Florence Kitson I Q no Q I so -4 ul , bv Q 5, be 5' 9 0. ,,. Q A A A 'W Q Page F oarteen W Z2 ll ef XX, XS F A Q . 9. a P-4 v4 9. 9. 0 a 2 fx if? WIT U,0l9Sl A SQNUQQS gr ' fig e vm 5 E'-ZS-'S Q '71 Fx Q r v 1 - tif oaweofs as cswmtiyfexef A , .. C t' V RAN!-2 Vmy S'r.xix'rox XYARE XY11.l.mM PHGAN JAMES i'oNovi-:R llrum llAAn fli'cf'l''ntahz'cD tbccrrtaryl rfrrsidrnll CI'i4-g-pm-,vitll-fifj fRppy-M-gngaffq-pp The Class of Nineteen Thirty Hi ISIC students of the Ann Arbor lligh School who a1'e now being graduated, entered the school officially for the first time in 1928. XVith them came many others who have fallen by the way-side or moved to other schools, but at least two hundred have made the grade. Their pictures and achievements are shown in the following section. As Sophomores the class elected the following otiieers: VVilliam Vegan, pres- ident: ll'illiam Judson, vice-president: Veter Zahner, secretary-treasurer: llilda llaab and llelen llenz, Student Council representatives. During this first year XX'illiam Vegan already gave evidence of the prominence which he was destined to achieve in the field of basketball, while all branches of extra-curricular activities were invaded by the members of the class. ' ln the fall of 1928, William Vegan was again elected president, while the other oliicers were as follows: james Conover, vice-president: .lack Cave, secre- tary-treasurerg Esther Kunkle and Stanton NVare, Student Council representatives. The munber of those participating in various school activities was so great as to preclude mention. As Seniors the class entered the school in the fall of l929. with the prospects of an enjoyable and profitable year ahead of them. Again they elected Vlfilliam Vegan president. and chose the following to work with him: vice-president, james Conover: secretary, Stanton XYare3 Student Council representatives, Hilda l-laah and Rane l'ray. Among the Seniors who were outstanding in athletics were XVilliam Vegan, Stanton XYare, Douglas Nott, Peter Zahner, james Conover, Parke Sager, Charles Menefee, Robert Mayfield, lfloyd Xllakefield, VVilliam iludson, and Louis Parker. Mildred Koch, Margaret Norton, Richard Burris, Raymond Vliines, Clayton Davies, Rodes Clay, Frances Manchester, and Ruth Stodden achieved distinction in dramatics. lVilbert Holloway was prominent in the orchestra. Class Day exercises were held Thursday afternoon, -lune l2. For these the class chose the following Seniors: oration, Charles Menefeeg prophecy, Roderick Norton, Varke Sager, Lyle XYaggoner: history, blames Conover: poem, Constance Blakely: song, Clayton Davies and llarry KlcCain. The annual banquet and dance were held on the Tuesday preceding, and the class brought its high school career to a close Friday morning at the Commencement in llill .'Xuditorium. Page Seventeen C 11 15 1 OMQGJQMVUU G Y A 7 3 ww 1 'P Q ICGXC P Q 0 A .av JN A ,, X61 ' 4 X W D 1 11 Q XL ' f 'gl MARIAN ESTII ER 1'.XR13f, l!1312ER'l' 111 .mel-111 li H f-11111 111-1-11 Ivy 1,11 11,110 X1 ".1lc1'kv11'.v.v ix 1111! rvvalr- A"'UT1' l11'f1H A U X. ,,1-mg' 11irIs'- .111111-111 111.11 11, .115 1 A - E.:111singl1'e11t1'z1l High 113: fililiqlfllll Vlllh ,122 1"-'Q J- ' 1.'. 41: urs Axflgllt' 1-, .. 3 1311111141 St?11lTgl:l-H. H l,c-:1Il1'I'S f'U"l'5 133- 1 M B , 1 D 11 . . . , . fu I'.I,13I5E l3.X1IxU5 A H'-S-fl1'll1'1' J1'l1f!llIl !l1ll'.Y 1'I..XR.XI! .XL'1ll'S'l'.X v 111m11," 111111111 0 fllec 1'I11l1 12, 3, -lr: "PL -. 3 M' ,- : 1111115 of I,CI1ZZlIlC9u fns! 'i,1::i,mj,tv':Qff""'i 'HH' Lum' 1 133: 1'lr1ssic:1l lAllll3 12, 333 ' " X f,l1l1'H11 S1215 143. 13 V D 1 1 W 7 '11 1 lIli'I"l'Y BI.XR1Q.XRli'l' U2 .' ' "II CIIRISSIIC 1'1'11R11c U . BUSWH" D 51 . -.,1. , I , ,. 1 . , X I-111-ALINUAXLIA , 11 111.11 .1 1111 111 11.1, .1 11 . , HI mv, i , Y , H u .vl'z'1lL',1 fm' lll'lS1iIf, - if 'f"'1"-V1"A -lilffwlljlf 5h2lkCSllC2H't'3ll LIFCIC '12, 1 i 11111 ,fffwffq HU' -'0"73 3. 41. sem-C1111-y 1333 1:11-11' U V 1:111kl1:1v1'11 5 6 c 011 11.11 y League 13, 3, 43, gm.,-L.m,-y D b1:I11111l.' l111ckhav?11. I'1f1-- IM. unmndma puns the 1 2-lure, 5111111111111 1-, 33. Strings" Caat 133: 1.131011- ' mule 143: St'iCll1IL' 1'l11h 9 143. EJ U lf 1 9 D 1 TH13Rl.XS ERIC' ll.XRI.1'3XY YIIUIINIX NIKE I5R.X1l1I b p "l !111:'1' 1'111111ul'sl11'1I 'l'll1'1', ",I xmilu is flu' Iml1'r1.rl1P'1'r1g fm 13 Solr1um11." of 11uff11lIz'.f.v." V f'1'11sS-C'o1111t1'y 51111111141-1' Nua1111'i:111 1'I11l1 1.335 WHVIW' ' 123: "'l'l1e T111:1gi11:1ry T114 I.e:1g111f 11, 3. 43: C'11lu11- B 11 Vlllidu 1':1St 133: Swim- 11111111 13, 43. Pl'L'Si1lL'IIt 1431 ming 133: Sl1:1k1-5111-a1'1':11'1 S1'i1'11cv 1411111 133: GI1-1' 1'ir1'l1' 1-H, f'lLll3 13, 43, 1 I7 3 1 Q 1 1 V N TXI.XR1i.XRIC'I' REGINA Ii!3N.X NI.XRI13N IIIZXZ l3RIN1il.IiS13N Q51 U ,,.-. I HIV! mul lwlj' J1111'I1'n.Q. ' Girls' l.ez1g111- 1111-0 111111 13. 43. 9 1 D "1fr'1'r'yu'l11'r'1' in lifr the qzuxvfiolz 1.1 not what uw' 311111, lvut 71111111 wr do." F1-1111kf131-1 High S1-11.1111 12, 1 , ,331 Girl? I.1':1g11c 1432 P Scienrc 1'l11h 1-H. 11. S, 433 1 K 1 1 ,'fX5Z122. I'11g1' Iiiglzlvvfz '1 11116 A 'QI 1 W 1 M f ,1, 1 1 fr 0717 j 1. iw b i 1-cy QQ Q P ,Q ,Q I ,Q Q q fi ' I l5 Q fm .X'l"l'll.lU SXMUEL l CARIMNI-2 KL 1 "UI, 1'1" , tl I H E111111 11.111111 11R11111iS .Nl-fff"'i.f' '.fZ.ll-,1 f',Zl'f, SL ge "xl fair 1',1'te'rmr ix u .vilrnt tlronglitx nf drspvrafe A rrromuwmirltfml. ' IIINI. ' 5 N Girls' l,e-zigm' 12, 3, 451 XxvcsllligllScl1mwl.R11Cl11'S- 1 V' 1l Gln' lilulr 13. 45: Svirrllco U-'l'. NFW Yfvvli 1252 EIIS1- ' 156 Huh 1415 1'1.l.1nna1lu 145. 11111 lli11l1 Sflllllll. ll'-'lflllf X 1351 lincrclzise llnwkm-1l1:1ll ' 13, 45: lntt'1'cl:iss Rusclwall I 135: lntcrclais S111-L-1ll1:1ll 145. U7 D 1 I ll ll mwms .x111a1.l, immvx 1 'fffQf1fli"-U 21111 1--1111 .1 1l:11:N1:,1'.x1u.11:Y 1 U V Ncsiorinn l'lul1 125: Girls' "li"1'1'1U11-V Phill!-f11ff1"11' U1 7 Lmguc 12, 3. 41: Sciem-c 111111111 f'01'L'0lJ1'51 ' flulx 13. 45. Secretary 1455 l I-Ullllllliltlk' 145. 11 'D U Z' l l 11 , FQHIFR IHHNYN ll'l.I.X .XNNH l'.XRRIlj.XN JI " , ' "ll' ' I ' l "13rm!11111:.1s, Ina, mu lmrn ll Hfililgiispgllliflisrifal,-I-P1521 111111: ,kj S Ncslurlu11,lAlulw 115: fiirl-' 1'l.:iQfica1 Club 12. 35: NFS' ll ,X ldffllfllf' 1-1. 13. 45.1 bvcrv- tnrlan Club 1253 Girls' Q! tary 145: Science lluh 155. 1,1-,mug 145. 1 l L U 5 .1 . 11:1 1 ' RI1'll,XRl5 XYIl.l.ARl5 1 11 1 11 1 1 1 6 BFRRIQ l4l'.Rlll.X l'.l'1-ElNlNl'. 1 ' X. 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Ufflrx . Hung ff x , -lsrncrl -'UH .vpv 0' I lnilfun lcflkllily ms: fi' uh 143. , Wash- I4 X 'wk '- Y ADF I-I bpl' JAN L-UI xx D N 11,,.t,'f,'l'f'. sin. 1, 'I-IER I' Suu!! '- 111305 I 1014141 m IZ xv K 'Md fin: fi D Elm, 1452.1 sy, mggiigh fx 12141.-N 4 Rik. qirfq, jmilnisi lsncc .f 4. A K Ilklg-1. i adm fluil I-vague ' V15 V 1 i gx,1,,nC 4 - 1-4NSl4N 44,. 143: M N H 1 lj IU, 1 , V I'h'f'- ",'f'Frl1 IU 5111.11 t I X rn" "W Hi of mlm-1 Q- "U -"Hilfe N Q ""b1lmm HN Sph "- " lljyl , Hanll ' .Xl , GUI, lg'. MXN yy 4, 43 4 ahdmv H- '-H. , ,, 1: UIQ. "'P1-1-114' 'lv' 'J H1114 UPNU- RD XV Drum Mft yluh 11531.-1, U: VIH, 101.121 rm Mt hy Xl-,R f 'J"f 1-1, 4V 4'1 f4l'i""?" f'f"Q" ff.--'gh and ' ' .:'4e."-,4y' . ' px 1:1 412 I"""-' Iaa1lu"fi1 11' ,- QU fl 1 lfe"ClaggqLXi' cg' 3' LV iv: Iinsglillvyln Tcglestlinis 'U' V AR""ll'R ll fggltmff 'if' iii UIIIIBLQ' 3 f. . ' A ' ' - -' e , - QL ,I 501mg ' H--Xlug llluh fQ',',"2,K11-4R1af"iH1on gy-1. 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Interclass Hockey 43, 41: ' Interclass Basketball C372 Interclass Baseball 135: Inn-rclass Volleyball C-U: W'ashing!ou Club 145:- Glee Club HJ. D .Ng D 'y I ROSS XYILl.l.XM COSSAR U "All -grcnl wen are dead or ux dying, and I don't fvvl x .ro -wvll m4v.rclf." Hi-Y LZ, 3, 41, Secretary X 131: NVnshingt0n Club 1-ll. V 9 V . . .. . xl JEAN bLAllXh LONVTN F X "Music is ihv :mi1'er.rul X language of mankind." D Eastern High School, De- l troit C235 Glee Club U, 435 Girls' League 43, 4l. ix l 'il Q ca l lNl.XRG.-XRlC'l' U i CUNNINGIIANI "Not .rtcffiing 0'er ilu' bomm'.r of mud1'.rfv." Pairresalale High School CZ, 35: WVasbiugton Club 143: Girls' League C-U. A. C. fl, 3, 41: Leaders Corps 12, 3, 433 lntcrclass liasketball 42, -H2 Colon- nnmle 145. XV.Xl.'I'liR l"Rl'fl3liRIl'K DANNER "nl 'uiorl-'rr and il stinivn! 'wlm al'wuy.r brings .ruf- N,r,r," NV h i t m u r e Lake lligh School Q. 33. Vi'1I,llELMlN.K .X l bl-ILIA DARLINII "l'l'lmu slip ix guod .che is very good, but-." Optimist 121: Girls' League 12, .UQ Tlramatics Club f3l. l'l,.XY'l'0N Cl.,-XIUQNCE DAYIES "I nm not in ilu' roll' of camman 1m-n. Saginaw Arthur llill lligh School ill: "Evening Du-ss Inrlispcnsiblcu Cast 135: "The Imaginary ln- valid" Cast Ui: Basket- ball i3l: Nc-stori:m Club CH: Football 1-ll: Ili-Y Club 1-U: Science Club y K-Hg Glen' Club f-U: Band I-U3 "Ka-u1py" Cast f-U. vb N ., . . . MARLQLTI-IRl'l'li v M,:"T."N U WIN" lil,lZ.Xllli'l'li 1m.xx"1'oN llltlz nurtli and lnlrglmv' HH M i N tn S 11 jj 1.-' A-I-5 A ,"' U11 ,V alll Uaxllu ri 1,,,1.,-Gigs agI':N.fii,nliHH:3,: van: nftpn L'OV1lf'l1lll:IY1.Y. Intcrclass llziskvtlmll I-H, llwls '4-'f-H11 e I" 395 V luuclistimc Klub 1-U. l 9 d 7 Q 1 And U 54 QQ GC A-2 G-'QT , 4- ,P ,. CE A -x hw ,N -5 Mx Page Twmxty-one 11116 OM Q GA UK ' - 1 4 ' 5 i - Jyrgfrr lm- - -Q QC P A P A I9 as X A 11 Xva 'NX Y Q 1 D Xl.XR1iARE'l' EDWARDS fm 1 "Sl1v'5 a good .rfiort and I1 5 good 1tl1lrto,u1ucIl worth LL ig LERUY Niinsnx l5EI'l'Z 1:.'liiLli.FlZig3, 4,5 Sem. 4 "Bll.TlllF.T.Y lvrforr' fvlraxrln' THVY ?Ul1l1TYCfl5Ufi'Y 1455 5 H1-H-,U-5-" l.CIl1lCl'5 Corps 1.2, 13, 45: ,A lnterclziss Ilaskvtliall 11, 3, ll1'Cki'3' 12. 3- 45- Q-allmlll , 15 45: lim-rclass Ilaseluill 13. 1451 liaikfflmll 13. 3. 4.5: ' 45: lntnrclass Spec-flluill lifiefllalll 12, 3- 45- Cflllmln 445. 135: Girls' League 1.2, 35: Science Club 135: Track 3 12, 3, 45, Captain 145: i. wilce flulv 13, 45: Tennis 145: Ilonor Banquet 145. K9 D f ' IEAXN K.X'l'llRYN ' K i ENGKRD XV, VVAYNI-I l5lCI'ENS "lI'r hair is not niure D D H ., X . . , . ximny than hm' Sllllillfil gil By thc zvurl-,om'.s ,Mme Fgsex Ring.. C-an 1 -:2f::::'f"5.1:f::'.2. Circle .. 4 , ,, , - -- -,, -. ., . estorian Club Q W Inxnlul Last , , -- - , 5-U, nghan xve 'Qin tht' 1-5. 1-urls League 1-. 3. K fadiegg.. Cutfwgqlmkegl 45: "GraYndnm Pulls the W :Wlreah K-'ig I ' 'C'-4 ' 45 Strings" Cast 135: Drama- lj' -' ee 'I , ' tie 1'lul5 135: Fancy llress ,Ai resident 145 llnnm l.nn- . , y 1 xt My ' l':u'ty Stunt 1.2, 3, 45: lm ' llnnm' llzinquet 135: Ome- ga Stal? 145: Science Club 145: Crvlonnarle 13,1-15. IQ ly P Q MARY 5. 15111151.12 ,W V ' U0C'I'15N P im IVF FINKBFINIFR 'i A'G0d H11f'1' Sl'1ff'f1l Iv 1111- "Gund trmfvvr, like a sun- I -WHL' 10 fl'U'- ' nv cluv, :lwds h5'iglitue.vs ii Detroit 1' e n 1 r al Il i g li ,,g.,,. ,Z,.L.,,3.,hi,,gj' ' 55 Srhool 12, 35: filee 1'lul5 H,,m,,- Banquet Q53 Girls' 145- League 12, 3. 45. 5 .D . C 1 5 ml-:NE RERTHA l VII.:-151 LOUISE FITZNIIER 1, V l515l.l'f1'lili "Ir is only llirouglr labor '- "Tl1r mnrr I .vcr of lim' H1117 aff' "'f77'f' 07' 101511- ilu' morz' I Iikr h1'5'." ffl' 11""K5- y I I Y Plymuuth High School 125. Nmifhqsffy H-zh Sclwol S , 125: Girls League 13. 45. lx I ix V 5 1IR.Xlll'I LOUISE lVlAl'Rl1'l'f l"R.'XN1'IS FREEMAN A l515l l " "F " l . fl I lb V Q "Hr nr:'r'r fluulevd and lie filrii' Us U S ar in mu an y m':'r'1' limi: I reckon hr ls slzining in tho sky." urrvr krmwrd hazy." 1 XX':n'd-Belmont S c h 0 ol , Urclwstrzi 125: Radio Club Nashville, Tennessee 125: 9 145: Stir-nee 1'lul5 145. 5 I' 0 9 f Q ,J Y sd! Q, 5,15 55 5' 'i 9 4- F 7. 4- QQ C: fe .a X, vi ,ffixe "ir K1 Page Twenty-two 11ii-ls' League 12. 35. P C 'Ii di A - 11118 11 ffpflni rw-A 'EA -fjv "'N 1: 'O ' C iff' f' ' T' " "" ' 4 6 gf, 17,3 Q IT, , Q W' K, . Xnhljl r. . - X-1 f Lk ,X f' ,Q J XX ,fx I 4 X xl 0 HK- V xlfylmqfjp -,, ," "" W' ' l' I - .A- l- -viii Y -Y O 1 A , Q , f A . 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E 'f 1.5 I XXX 11 I ' iyfo ex ' N A ,l.XNli4.XIPIl.XNlS HRUII ,U I WINIFREU NANIi'I"l'I-I " Yun llL'I'4'l' sn' ffm' xrifh' 1 , ' 1III,I.IiX UH! thv UIIIVI, who fir' Irv, 1 N "J uulurr .vu'n'1, a di5j'n.i1'- ,,f1l'!"- 3"""' ,'7"H'l" , U QR lion f'Iuu.mnI." lmls I"'Z'H"" 13' 31 'Ui Girls' I.1'Lu:uv 1213 Scivllun' G' A' V' lg' 3 13 ,I"""I" 5 Qi fha, 431' flung! lfglnhl 13.h4PqV1lV1il11- l S K IS' , ll 1- , 2 Ili HHS: VX tml flulw 'I'1'u:u111'm' 143, 11, rf K 1 :N L' J f D 1 Dv ICIIXYIN .XLFRIQIW 1QR.XI-' Iil,lZ.Xlili'l'lI Nl.XR12.XRl-1'l4 hm ' "l.ilr'x u .Vt'l'l'0l1.Y lu1,viur.v.v, U-X-U1 y U mid girls m'1'vl'f fu l'I.' 'QI xnlnrj' fi:xj'n:r1l:'u1n ix Intcrclass Track CZ1:Tr:uck lmlf flu' lvaltllx' 135: fruss 1'nvu1l1l'y Xlzm Girls' I.c':lgu1' 12. 3, -Hg A -IKCI' 135. Fcivncc Club 14 1, V ,xx in V gk . 1 i IlII,IJ.X RVTII H.X.Xll A 1 XX II.I'RI'.ll IRIQNIIAMIS 1 --Min 7m,,,-X ,HH 4i4.1.,,A-' 0 Vx MR-U' 1iirlw' I.l'Zlj1ll9 12, 3, -11, X "lt fi1'f'rlnl.v un u mun'x Yicc'-prcwimlmmt 13 P: Student J 'N Q 11u'L',4u'l1al girl 111' ,Qrlsf Vuunrilv 12. l -H. l'rcsiwl0m V Swnnnnug 'l'c-:nm 12, .I I1 145: Ncsmrmzux 1'luh 12 P: , Ummm' Bzlmluct 12, 5 P: Hi! flussiczxl 1'lulm 1.2P1 Fancy ., N 1271 Illl0I'L'lIlSS lluskct- UVUTS l'1H'l3' flllm 1231 Q F hull 13b: Intcrclasri Spvcmlf 1 1 llmrmnn of I':u1r.y Urcq hull 1333 Scienrv: flulw 1 Party 1-H: Uptimlxt Stuff P A 15 ig Intvrclass Hans:-lmll 1.2 D: Urnegu SMH' 1-1 rg Sri, 133. 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D ,lUANI'l'A YIYIAN HENRY "H f'f'3-' -I f-"1 I . ff,.f,'L'l "C 5 ""' ""' PR.-xNc'1s FREDERICK v Nnfllhlg f'1L'l't' is Ilmt boflr- HOTZEL f'V-ffm'-"w HHVIICH you have anything Classical U'-Ill fgll Lead- to Jay, .ray it: when you Us QQYIYS Q35 Glee Club l1a'z'cn't anything to Jay, V C231 fYThp Pxrzags-s 016 Fen- I .my lit anyhow." nance ast -. 3 st '- t . S dh ll 2, 3, lan Cluh Q35 G. A. C? .4?gExli1'::clageeB aaselball , 3, 43. SQCIBI Chairman 133: Science Club C435 2422 X'VailTnhpzto:l1g'IL1l244133 VV'ashington Club 145. .cnence u 5 1' 'EJ League- KZ, 3, 41.4 lr 5 K' D JOSEPH GUNID 4 A lIli'l'TINGl-ZR MARY RONAQIIQW I... VX HH, -,,. - L SION CJ Tvfiillfglijflfzlfglflmfflf 3:11, ".NLfxemb14tI 'herself can be 'wm ran f0l'I7'l -- 1' I" - HU- I E- pal? Mm Higzlusczgbl' Lakewood Hugh 1 School, Xl fahform K7 I - ' Ohm ff-,v 333 C0l0!1h2flC pe:11'L3,11'ELirL-Ll 22,2 5hakes' C433 Girls' League fill. X 7 x V l ALICE x'rR4:1Nm al Wow mlm me Holgllhf, M.xRc:.4xRET MARY A l- HIXJ l'7'j'. ' ll Central High School, Fort .,H,, , .HOVVLEY XVHYHC, I n d i a u fl KID: Ill, hfali phem omnde N 5. - - V. Qwsrmo. I Iwlflhlllfltfrllsl "ll'l1123h3lllS 52' 'l'."m?'S Hlgh School U Ml! Shalcesfmearean Cir. KJ? l'H'l5 League lm' f cle C433 1-urls League 4-U. U 6 xx f 5 Q d up as an wi E 5, xx ,f N- ca N G 9 . p 7' sa fx fi fa H 'N Q 4 4-QC , 1 X Pnge 7'wvnty-four OMEGA W? KSN ,wifi -' - H4 ' H fi ,A ', I -Q xx. N Q. 1 ' ' I OL' .. JXP' , f. Z V M U " QSXGY D Q D l 6 BARTON EYERETT lllL'Fli'C v 5 ".-lull '21'll-V .vlmnlfi lifz' all 5 lnli fr l"."' SClCYllCL' tlluli 145. 1 D G, v GRACE OPIE lll'NlllER'l' "l7rz'l' .v1'glitt'zl 'in fulrlli- K ?f'7lCF, idvcus, almus, in UPU ' '.l'. ll 1 Red Ilzink, New Jersvy, ' 5 lligli School 1.25: l5ctroit Central High School 135: C ol u n n a rl v 145': Girls' V League 145: Optimist Stull 145. P ll NEIL FRANCIS lll'Rl.IiY ,A "lil: n grrnt flaguv tn lu' VX, too lIllll1lX0lII!' u man." 51 '01 11 xx PEARL M.-XRIE l1'lllil.l5IN1ll'IR ' 51 "Na ltsiildfnrllrmrt unlcimlly irc. s wil lo." , tiiils' lrngznl- 12, 3, 45: l'olonn:ivlc' 13, 453 Optim- ist Stall' 145. 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D D Q1 + X XX W Cl' La 1 P w , L Bin ilillzmurnam l CLYDE DAVENPORT X DW 1910 - 1927 l V x i Q U v CH.rxRI.I4.s SPRENQJQR V 1913 - 1928 1 1 4, ,Q .J Q -.4 ' HJ ' ,, X96 GQ QQ Q YQ ' P of 1- 6C Q 'Q 'A A 'N W 11 Page Tlzirtywix JUNHQLTQQS 2 vm ff 8 2-gs 5 G JX E4 in x "7' " 4 v '.. 1 1 ,,,. ,A - U 1. . :i'afQg'Q,j X., ,Z G , .,,.,,,p 1.2, 153, . nr'-,.,. , -Q. ---'rm' 1' e 2 1- 1. ,gig-. . Vin: fr- '- f I1 1 -1 vas 1524-: ' :h,v:.1-M' f -, .qkmww fi .Lg .r. 'A-. w hair: . 'ILS f"?' N gy, 4, V., . ,Y F Y W, if , , w. V M VV y- K.-f .. . - V, X., . H. 1 1 . 'Q ' "Va: r ., ,. ". ' r 'fp wggfi u 15. .- . Q-'L' iw. Lu A . ..f s 1,1 E, 2355?-ir ' Omeofsf 3495 P' Z lg Hr A a n X 7 C7 751, 1: 12.2" fi A . t t - if t si9is"5Y I e' Km it 'A . 1. W . K , ff fiuu-iwcn blARliHAM lhusis linirrxriis Rvssi-tu. DUNNABACK SARAH Pnzkcr-: Romirn WoLF Dj !'I'fl'.Yl'llfl1fl'i'l'i ililfl'-f'7't'.Y!Ifl'lIfi tPrz'sidr111l tSvcr'v!rzr'3' and lR!'f'Yl'Jl'1lfllfl'Z'l', fU 7'v'rasu1'r1'J N U The Class of Nineteen Thirty-One i A 1 -l EARLY ZOO students are enrolled in the class of 1931. A large share of p this number have distinguished themselves in the various activities which the school offers. The juniors' name has always been upheld on the 0 ffl L fl scholastic honor roll by such individuals as Ruth Coles, llillie Faulkner, Victor Kayser. Betty Lovejoy, Mary Lunny, Sarah Pierce, Margaret Major, Clarence Markham, Ross Maylield, Vera Newbrough, and julia Anne VVilson. An unusually large number of athletic luminaries are included in this class. Un the gridiron were joseph Loukotka, lloyd Brown, Alvin Novack. Alfred Schneeberger, and Robert Mayfield: while blames Hickey, Richard Lundgren, Rodes Clay, Morris Rosenthal, Douglas Reading, Neil Cope, and Ralph Steeb were members of the reserve football team. Robert Maylield, Alvin Novack, Peter Raftopulos, Russell Dunnaback, and Boyd Brown formed a strong nucleus for Coach Hollway's successful basketball quintet: Richard White, Robert Mathis, james Hickey, Richard Lundgren, and Woodrow VV ard won reserve letters in this sport. Several members of the class were devotees of swimming: among the natators were Rodes Clay, jack Showler, and Elliot Tubbs. Several Juniors represented the Purple and VVhite on the track and cross-country teams. Those who won their letters in these two sports were Harold Gooding, Hoyt Servis, and Herman XVelke in track: and Hoyt Servis, Maxwell Miles, and Herman Welke in cross-country. Several girls in the class shone in athletics. They were Carol jones, Margaret llrooks, Sarah Pierce, Katherine Bevis. and jaqueline Drake. Dan Cadagan and Roy Alexander always stirred up plenty of noise as cheer-leaders. ln the Field of publications. Cora Shoecraft, Hoyt Servis. Byrd Pierce. and Madalene Rabbe have done their bits for the Optimist, while Billie Grifiiths. Sarah Pierce, Clarence Markham, Gail Hall, and Bruce Dick have served on the Omega. Two members of the class expounded their views on the jury system as mem- bers of Miss VVisehart's successful debating team: Abe Zwerdling and Billie Griffiths: while Francis Kruidenier acted as alternate. Bruce Dick, David Nelson, Sarah Pierce, and Alba llush were the outstanding juniors in dramatics. Sarah Pierce and Billie Grifhths supervised the junior girls' stunt in the animal Fancy Dress Party. " P 1 5 I Page Thirty-mm: Nw 11.3 X, ,., H r- ,.lXvqCm-w-fYw A ,, , , ' 2 n w X, x. N -x , , I, Egg x xx 11. -f -ff' Y' K I V . g Es? -- , 7 - - N .' ' ' x 5. , A A f , Q ag, ,,M h Q, N VH I ' . K - I 4 N v ' 1 f wx ffw ,X I V' A , Q ' P Q 2 v 'fy f'-N V '34 1 f ! 1, Wi J YW K 31 A 'iq jf 'l A5 'J ky I , Y wi ' f XJ K1 1xV. ? V' Xi H I I Y' Qi N yy Q? L x I , 'JKXI in ,- N I C SX 27, BU, PR NM C, M , X .AW r ' 'M QB my Q ,V ,f U i F- -' , xl 1,1 Y Q2 N V Q Qi f N Xxx! hw' 3' Qj 1 V ,' .M 2 'FAQ L' N WL f X11 4 'X in n 73 X? w l H if 52502 Puxv li tx . M W - : H :JN 1 Owreoa '31 ski 6 1 I J fy N.: ' F A X gi A, h .5 -5 X Q b - ' K. ,I Q ' cd 5 , 5 Q. Y ' 3 Ax I FD I " . , X , .I J umor Class Roll A Abbot, Marie Gauss, Marilyn Adamson, Wayne Gauss,. Robert Alfey, Iris Gillen, Winiired AIYCY, Maude Glenn, Allen 5 Alexander, Roy Goetz, William Q AllSl10l1Se, Mary Golden, Bessie Austin, Margaret Gooding, Harold Barr, Helen Gos, Bertha BeGole, Arabella Graf, Elma Bevis, Kathryn Gray, Wyman g Bezirium, Suzanne Greene, ,Toye Bock, Kathryn Gritiiths, Billie Boyer, Irene Griswold, Howard 9 Brett, Hope Gutekunst, Ernest Brooks, Margaret Gutekunst, Florence Brown, Beverly Hague, Lawrence Q Brown, Boyd Haking, Leonard 1. Brown, Howard Haking, William Budd, Wilbert Hall, Gail A Bush, Alba Hanselman, Walter Cadagan, Dan Hansen, Rigmor D Carney, Robert Hartman, Gale Carpenter, Betty Hawley, Evelyn V Carstens, Arthur Hibbard, Gale 0 Champney, Everett Hickey, James 1 Clay, Rodes Hildinger, Elinpr Clinton, Ruth Hilts, Mary r Coles, Ruth Hinz, Lorraine V Conklin, Eugene Hogan, Marian Conklin, Joseph Holmes, Esther 0 Conklin, Margaret Holmes, Marion 9 Connell, Marion Holtzman, Helen ' Cook, Russell Horning, Karl 9 Cope, Neil Hosley, Lucile U Cope, Oliver Huebler, Anne Davenport, Dorothy Hull, Edna Dick, Bruce Ivory, Glenn Dolecek, Lillian Johnson. Dorothea 1' Dotimas, Francisco Jones, Carol ' Drake, Iaqueline Jordan, Paul Dreyer, Louellis Kampfert, Harry V Duff, Jeanette Karpinski, joseph 1 Dunnaback. Russell Kaufman, Florence i Dupslaff, Frederick Fay, Florence in Eaton, Gertrude Kayser, Victor r Ehnis, Allyn Keeney, Opal Elsifor, Floyd Kensler, Virginia Faulkner, Billie Kiney, Audella Fiegel, Frieda Knight, Raymond Finch, Florence Koch, Christian 0 Finkbeiner, Paul Kranick, Donna Finkbeiner, Pauline Kruidenier, Francis Fletcher, Leola Krumrei, Harry Forshee, La Mar Kuster, Lloyd Forsythe, Wendell Lax-mee, LaVerne Foster, Fred Leneberg. Henry Francisco, Eleanor Lindemann, Hildegard Fulkerson, Alice Loukotka, JOSEPH Gansel, Rhoda Love, Beatrice Ganzhorn, Omer Lovejoy. Betty Gauss, Evelyn Lowry, Bernice e -v -a ' sd ,,f' X t X , Q of a t H' Nff .. 1' ff f - im Q a xo A A Q A- Q Page Forty-one Ss.m?,.zf3He1r gl 1- Y NNM5 fp ' ZA 6G""ve+fff - eo eff TJ L P 9 P fe H if X ,Q -1 P5 Q L. 'X 1 -I D Lundgren, Richard Rumsay, Roberta Lunny, Mary Sage, Gladys 1 A 1' Lutes, Phillis Sawyer, Evelyn 5 Lynch, Russell Schairer, Selma Lytle, Juanita. Schneeberger, Alfred 5 Magee, Genevieve Schneider, Dorothy A Magnussen, Norma Schiller, Clara Ve IIhIahlke,MHarold gcglupei Cergrutile fl ajor, argaret c oen as, ar Mann, Mildred Schroeter, Evelyn Markham, Clarence Schwemmin, John Martin, Jane Scott, Betty , Mass. Wlziiltter gcott, nmes 5 at is, olert ee y, ma 4 Maulbetsch, Vernon Servis, Hoyt D Mayor, Henry Shankland, Elaine V Mayfield, Ross Sheffold, Leslie LlN2aEP3ers1oP, Mgion gll:eldonkR1gh U c a a, ary- een oecra t, ora ' Mecennen, Patience Showler, Jack P llblrfcg-Ienry, Max glankixi? liierwyn A c ntyre, ary odt, ater 7 Meinecke, Elaine Springer, Helen D Merz, Geraldine Stauch, Louise Miles, Maxwell Steeb, Ralph a Iltdfiiger, Bolores gteeb, Ralland 0 i er, on tein, A erta Miller, lgiehafd Stoll. Dgrothy ' i er,- tewart Storti, ngelo Morhardt, Alda Storti, Josephine M Mowerson, Robert Sweet, Marianna. Munday, Geneva Teaboldt, Chase V illiurrayvl-Ielen Lennant, glfaed D aum, lCf0l'l3 eurer, st er 1 Nelson, David Tubbs, Elliot X Newbrough, Yera Tyler, Marjorie govliaclii Pjlwgn Xan fknaerilragsn, Louise 0 ac ar, on reean, 11am g Eacllfard, Wlijllliamd wagd, Wgodrow ar mson, war e ster, etty P Pelhank, Virginia Webster, Edwin 1 Pepper, Nelson Welke, Herman V Peters, Helen Weller, Marshall Qt Pettibone, Doris, Wenzel, Robert Pettycrew, Loraine Whipple, Guy t Pettycrew, James White, Richard Pierce, Byrd White, Jeanette Pierce, Sarah Whiteman, Margaret Pierson, Paul Widmayer, Fern Portnoff, Clara - Wild, Elsie k Prochnow, Fadelma Wilson, Julia Anne v Qua, Ruth Wilson, Ralph Rabbe, Madalene Wines, Raymond 0 Radke, Frederick Raftopulos, Peter Reading, Douglas Ream, Louise Reddeman, Clarence l i Reutter, virginia Richards, Florine Rogers, Margaret V Rosenthal, Morris Rundell, Edna Wolf, Ronald Wright, Pauline Wuerth, Marian Young. Frederick Young, Murl Zeeb, Herbert Zeeb, Marvin Zemitis, Bertha Zwerdling, Abraham i ' Q 0 -4 Q -4 U be ef Q S: me--' r- e. ,,. Q Q A A A A Q Q 'ES Page Fortyatwo fffsfy xff5Nbe.1 vtimligb new I E5 ci C 4? SQPHCDMQRQS 'YQYQIQ YQIQTQYQfQ'g D LBA! QQQQ w r V b I , WSIWSIWDA xvim..+ X ' fs-n ' . 1. , 75, 1 ,A,. Vs ,K N . ,4 "H W , 1 w . .,.,-,... f,Y.,x ., 1 1. ,, , , .WZ-A rr .',':,f ' ' "V 'Z 5- ' "4 591--if . A - v,g.A,:1:3.,x A91 rf' me-Lf 1-ij-j '.f5"L' 1 J 4' A gl g,:,f.-3 ,, Y ,.-. .,'i:1!. ,Y . n ,,. . ,. t 4' I lax - I 4 - l , .,i-1-'1,w,,,. 1 .Q - 1 .H 5 A 2, , ' 1 53 A-'-4, gf Tl tomeefsifiit B , , Q W-Pzffbfffb C A f A fs A f . ,,, l NELSON SEEGER ToM W'El.LER Xl.-xiuzfxni-:'l' lliscocli liE'l'TY Rmorsn PAVL CHRISTMAN tRt'l'rc:mitati1,'c7 T-S-L'CVl'fllI'j' and tl'rc.ridc1if7 tl'icc-f'v'u.ridvf1tl lRi'f'rr.vv11lati1-M Tl't'uslil'f'1'l The Class of Nineteen Thirty-Two llli Sophomore Class was made up of about 450 members, all new to the "tricks of the high school trade" when they entered in the fall. However, when Coach H0llway's "call to arms" for football came, the Sophomores showed they were not going to be left behind, and Creel Conover, Russell VVeid, and llenry Darling gained places on the first team, while the second team was practically made up of the new-comers: Ronald Tupper, VVilbur Maclsaren, George llurke, Paul Caris, Alfred Toney, Raymond Vogel, Laurence Freeman, lidward Schneider, l,oyal Crawford, XYilliam Puriield, -lohn Stark, Sam Mum- mery, F,arl Layton, VValter Mahlke, Bernard Shaw, and Clair Gorton. Erwin Kapp was manager. :Xt the end of the first five weeks, the aces in scholarship began to show up, with Margaret Hiscock, Marsinah Pierce, Catherine Stitt, VVinifred Bell, Frances Carney, Elinor Coles, and Francis Worrel at the top. A little later, the debate season opened, and NVinifred Bell and Nelson Seeger did the unusual by gaining places on the debate team. Then Edward Place, Meryl Draper, George Cromwell, Karl Krueger, Ray llammial, and Robert Pierson all went out for the track squad and made ity while Robert Klowerson, Robert Hall, Paul Haines, Dick Sergeant, Bernard Shaw, and Raymond Vogel supplied Klr. Drake with material for the swimming team. The opening of the basketball season found Vllilliam Smith, Edward Schnei- der, Henry Darling, Creel Conover, and Ferris Jennings all gaining places on the second team, while Ronald Tupper brought honor to his class by winning a place on the first team. The Sophomore girls have also been active through the first year. They walked away with the hockey tournament: and lllarsinah Pierce, Margaret Hale, Merta l.aing, Helen llusch. Rosemary lilng, Doris Lindenschmidt, Ada Marie Decker, and Nona Garries won places on the all-star hockey team. During the volley ball season Doris Lindenschmidt, lllarsinah l'ierce, :Xda Marie Decker, Dorothy Lyndon, and lfdith RlcCotter gained places on the all-star team. The Sophomores again won the tournament. Then to top off an almost perfect year, Helen Busch was elected vice-president of the Girls' League: and under the leadership of Klarsinah l'ierce the girls won the cup for the stunt at the Girls' Fancy Dress Party. A .9 'Q f 9 -.4 sd 5 5, QQ QQA Q N-'Q ' i f f 9. r- P 4- 'DQ Cs A IA A ,"' 'i tl Page Fo fly-five K 1 1 .f, 1 . x 'IF QQ uf ,f . ,i" 'yvfi '- ' M- 'T P Vw A L fiflifhu 31111, iff. ., l 1gg - A ' Q'-xx ' - 'r-f ' fr i' fv.,ki x K Lf ,sp ' ,, Y 5:11 :VU lf' f 5 - f Ii 1? 1' fly, xy. ' If il' W I MX rw ry W U' -'E , W 32 5' 1 UQ, I4 1 i ' f mf V rf, I , Vx r Lf! 5, ,- , TW i iffffl I KU U33 Q' 3 ?qI I W , If W' Y W ! A Wi W W 5771 in L, 1 , -fi 1 CD5 7m + + Q V1 N , , , . -M --- 2541 'XQTQQ I w i pm-. - J4,,,,,-MH Q6- omeoa 'YZ-'J e Q Q 'Ely .. Hr rv a A Acker, Harold Allan, Gordon Allan, Lee Allen, Kenneth Allerding, Florence Allshouse, Edith Armstrong, Dorothy Backus, Gordon Bandrofchak, Helen Barber, Yvonne Barker, Virginia Barnard, Horace Bartolacci, Livia Bauer, Linda Baylis, Clarence Baylis, Jean Beatty, Helen Bell, Rupert Bell, Winifred Benz, Robert Bergman, Marcella Bethke. Edna Betts, Duane Biddle, Jane Bigger, Harold Bishop, Thelma Bittker, Ida CMrs.J Blaess, Earl Black, Hazel Bock, Ruth Boettger, Eunice Bolton, Thais Bothwell, Francis Botsford, Catherine Bouchard, Mary Boyer, Albert Braun, Margaret Brewer, Warren Brigham, Kenyon Brown, 'Lyle Brunson, Evelyn ' Brunson, Ilene Bucholz, Helen Buettner, 'William Burke, George Burkhart, Ben Burnham, Kenneth Burns, Frank Busch, Helen Bush, Helen Bush, Stanley Canter, Frances Caris, Edward Caris, Paul Carney, Frances Cailey, Virginia Carstens. Ruth Sophomore Casterline, Ray Chafiin, Darlene Christman, Paul Clague, Richard Clark, Elizabeth Clark, Thomas Clow, Virginia Coles, Elnor Collins, Geraldine Conklin, Frank Conover, Creel Cornell, Neil . Cox, Margaret Crapsey, Willis Crawford, Burton Crawford, Loyal Cromwell, George Crull, Liston Curtis, Howard Darling, Henry Darling, Walter Daugherty, Margaret Davies, Dale Dean, Esther De Bersaque, Adeline Decker, Ida Marie De Haan, Howard De Lano, Robert Del Prete, Connie Del Prete, William Densham, Grace Diesenroth, Constance Downing, Jeanne Drake, Esther Marie Draper, Meryl Duffran, Charles Ecarius, Gertrude Ehnis, Stanley Elfring, Ellen Elliot, Amelia Empie, Jay Engels, Martha Enners, Helen Erdman, Leroy Ewen, Kathleen Ferguson, Allyn Ferguson, Catherine Finkbeiner, Virginia Fisher, Earl Fisher, Norman Forsythe. Edith Foster, Calvin ' Foster, Reba Fowler, Don Francisco, Jack Fraser, Lauretta Freeland. Jennie J I ' Q- I J' B f I , y ' B 5 P A r I 5 45 Q. ,J 9 Y f Class Roll French, Robert Frey, Celia Frost, Phelps Fuchs, Alice Garcia, Ramon Garlick, Lena Garries, Nona Gasser, Winifred Gassner, Hildegarde Gauss, Raymond Geyer, Carl Gillman, Doris Godden, Frances Goetz, Phyllis Goetz, Ward Golden, Sam Gorton, Clair Gould, Harold Grey, Donald Gray, Leland Gray, Willis ' Greaige, Malfern Green, Ruth Greenbaum, Anna Gregg, Frances Gregor, Loretta Greve, Elizabeth Greve, Clifford Gritlith, Charles Grimston, Dorothy Groh, Jean ' Grygiel, Margarette Haab, Alta Hagadus, Arthur Hahn, Ruthalyce. Haines, Lewis A Haines, Paul Hale, Margaret Hall, Robert Hamilton, Curtis Hamilton, Francis Hammial, Ray Hand, Theodore Hanlon, Roswell Hannewald, Daniel Hanselman, Clarence Harrington, Leo Hartman.. Donald Hartin, Richard Hatto. John Hawley. Ransom Hays, Margaret Havs, John Helber, Erwin Hertler, Katherine Herzog, Neva Heusel, Sherwood Hinchey, May Hintz, Lucile Hitchcock, Evelyn Hirth, Selma Hiscock, Margaret Hogle, Thomas Hale, Robert Hollands, Violet Hollister, Marian Holzhauer, Helen Holzhauer, Robert Hoppert, Margaret Horning, Luetta Haugh, Marian House, Fred Humbert, Alice Hurley, Ruth Hutchinson, Walter Icheldinger, Eileen Ivory, Gail Jacoby, Richard Jaeger, Anna Jenks, Charles Jennings, Ferris Johnson, Bernice Johnson, Eleanor Jones, Chester Jones, Clarence , Kadwell, Evelyn Kammann, Gladys Kapp, Erwin Keelan, Laury Kellenberger, Frieda Kempfert, Thelma Kennedy, Josephine Klug, Rosemary Knap, Doris Kneer, Walter Knight, Fredrick Knight, Lois Koch, Mildred Kooperman, David Krueger, Karl Kuebler, John Kuehn, Celia Kuehner. Doris Kuney, Virginia Kunkle, Mary Kuslak. Anne Lainfr Merta Lake, Callie Lansky, George Lansky, Gertrude Larmee, Verl La Rue, Helen Laubengayer, Eva Laubengayer, LeRoy Casing, Dionisio French, Bennie High, LeRoy Lavendaf. Pal-11 l . V, ,- r gp 'X ,d J y we in f ul Xg r N g , y 5- s k f f . Z! I-L ff Q 45 Fi 'Y , 'Q Q -- S Page Forty-seven va ""' ""'l QC JQ'iL9fU.'Z mi Omeofa . TP' Layton, Earl Levin, Manuel Levin, Rebecca Lewin, Phyllis Liefso, Ferol Limpert, Elizabeth Lindenschmidt, Doris Lindsay, Robert Link, Violet Lovelace, Grant Lin, Sara Lowry, Robert Luther, Dorothy Lutz, Dorothy Lyndon, Robert Lyons, Lois MacLaren, Wilbur Magnussen, Dorothy Mahlke, Walter Malloy, Woodrow Manchester, Laura Marquardt, Burneth Marshall, Luella Mason, Marguerite Maulbetsch, Arlene May, Robert C. May, Robert H. Mayne, Juanita Maxwell, Ferina McCleary, Ray McClelland, Ralph McConkey, Ruth McCotter, Edith McDougall, Jean McKendry, Gregory McNary, James Michelfelder, Esther Miche felder, Gertrude Miller, Dean Miller, Alex Miller, Heman Miller, Lee Miller, George Minkley, Althea Moon, Doris Mordsky. Sarah Morris, Robert Morrison, Clarence Morton, Beatrice Mosier, Kenneth Mowerson, George Mulholland, Geraldine Mulholland, Mae Mummery, Sam . 2 A ,M t,,lr'.fz" 95,X5D' st W g Q1 Muyskens, Florence Nash, Oswell Neal, Mary Neff, Katherine Nemeth, Joseph Nerverth, Olga Nuestadt, Minnie Nixon, Alta Nordman, Charles Norton, Ann Olsaver, Maurice Otto, Henrietta Oulmann, Myra Palmer, Vivian Palmer, Weston Pappas, Sophie Paul, Oscar Paul, Robert Perkins, Earl Perrine, Ruth Peterson, Eugenia Pfeitlile, Clara Phil, Valma Pierce, Elsie Pierce, Marsinah Pierson, Bobby Place, Edwin Place, Tyrus Plumpton, Nicholas Polk, William Pruner, Elsie Pullen, Goldmae Purfield, William Qua, Marianne Reading, Betty Reed, Owen Reuter, Edwin Rich, Ruth Richards, Dorothea Richards, Helen Richmond, Martin Richmond, Andrew Riker, Joy Ritze, Claude Ritze, Harlan Robinson, Elwood Robinson. Francis Rogers. Fern Rohr, Frances Rohde, Richardf Root, Dorothy Rowe, Beuford Rundell, Pauline Runner, Betty Saylor, Cedric Schallenmiller, Arthur Schauer, Matilda Schlee, Lucile Schmale, Herbert Schmid, Emma Schmid, Gladys Schmidt, Anna Schmidt, Eleanore Schmidt, Jean Schneeberger, Ernest Schneider, Edward Schneider, Harold Schoenhals, Paul Schroeder, Gordon Schroeter, Ruth Scott, Susan Seeger, Nelson Segar, Howard Seitz, Florence Sergeant, Richard Shaw, Bernard Shaw, George Shewman, Ruth Sheffold, Frieda Sjostrom, Harold Smiley, Elizabeth Smith McNeil Smith: Marion Smith, Norman Smith Robert Smithi Vera Smith, William Smithling, Ethel Sodt, Lillian Stadel, Elmer Staebler, Doris Stanchfield, Caroline Stanger, Gerda Stark, John St. Clair, Noble Steeb, Erwin Stein, Lawrence Steinke, John Steinke, Paul Stehle, Norman Stevens, John Stevens, Warren St. George, William Stitt, Catherine Stocking, Prescott Stodden, Beatrice Stoll. Robert Stoll, Virginia Struble, Woodrow Sutton, Warwick Suyat, Bertaldo Swanger, Neil Taylor, Dorothea Taylor, Edward Thomas, Jewell 'I hompson, Charlie Tompkins, Richard Toms, Gladys Toney, Alfred . Tower, Virgil Tupper, Ronald Victorio, Edwardo Vogel, Eugene Vogel, Marian Vogel, Raymond Wager, Ruth Waggoner, Ruth Wagner, Alfred Wagner, Waldo Walker, Alfreda Walker, Hazel Wares, Alex Webb, Howard Weid, Russell Weifenbach, Ruth Weisenreder, Ruth Weller, Tom Wenger, Karl Wenger, Louis Wenk, Paul Werner, Alice Wescott, Natalie West, Wallace Westenfeld, Charles Wicks, Inez Wickett, Betty Wieder, Robert Wiedmeyer, Evelyn Wiedmeyer, Orval Wiegand, Karl Wiese, Karl Wight, Myrtle Wilkinson. Frank Wines, Elizabeth Winkelhaus, Hazel WolFf, Velma Worrell. Francis Wrathell, Jean Yanitsky, Pauline Zeeb. Florence I 9 sd an sl -Q -4 T sa ef QQ Q he '-'lt fl 7, ,P Q ex A A A A 'W I Page Forty-eight V 1, ef a.f,fM'mfit fy' qfxxyx PCDQTYQY 'YQYQIQI YQIQTQYQYQK . w E fiq , e.,-6-f Jw G 74 U vu: 9 qv Q j I f Vu L .'V I , hy. 'xx l r f., ,. f 4.. . 4 .1 ,a ,J -1-', f. - Y 3 '-ik" ' I Q , I . - 4 -. 1, 'ag-::',:f F -4 , gh A L 1 nf. A W? J. '-1,. E.,.1-'ff J. AHB mg? 5 4 f ,z S' 1 Y 5 K F J A r ii 1 A ' A " ag A55 5 'st if I Poetry HE 1930 Omega staff feels that the poetry which has been printed in the "Optimist" during the past school year is so worth- while that it should be preserved in a more per- manent form than that of a weekly newspaper. With this in mind, the following feature has been inaugurated. The F airies' Vespers When evening chimes ring clear and sweet A Throughout the woodland fair, Wee folk come forth, as twilight falls, To say an evening prayer. Assembled in their chapel green, 'Mid fragrant fern and flower, They offer thanks for sunny days And shelter through each shower. Then as the silvery notes announce The closing of the day, Each fairy lifts a reverent head, And softly steals away. --CONSTANCE BLAKELY Sv f -fa Q I - Q, "ul , ul ' -J ul V Xx x k xx ' f - X 5' fr 5 'X " .. X JA P Q ,, A - K' A , - Q W I W V Page F ifty-our 344, I fig vl H! 'E Ci 431 ' 1 3 . wk 14 rm, '1-ur g. 'FFF 1 1,-L Y 'E-FV r it P' p.. 1 i MA. Q 'I iii ip: a P, -1 oMeoAs, . fZ11 5 ,- -f ' x. 1 I' f A nr A , 5X N D B 2? A is ' C I I Verbum Saplentlbus D , 1 They told me: V "Happiness will come to those who wait." 3 And so I waited Hour by hourg I, Day by day. I never doubted trusting friends Who told me then to wait V And so I waited Q 'Tin full half my life had passed away. li . 'Twas not 'till then a dreadful fear Had crept into my heart I That they were wrong. Then doubt assailed me, 9 Dread pursued me. A hopeless gloom had settled N - Down upon me. Q! I was alonelwith sorrowg Y Joy was goneg Life was an enemy. 7 p -BETTY GREVE v 9 D I .4 0 uv sv sd ul I E, 9 Q 5, 4- o- -1- C Q A A A Q Nl , rl Page .Fifty-:mo r'mS:ai'-U'-v' -'--.vfeffewmye . uyvvevw- wp' rsevw' 1-.1 I 5? , 1 l-. ., OMEGA 7' ., "l"?!'VR"""'FY 571 , , A : I f '- ?1 I ' f- , - b f , ,V ff f ,S i Q g, , 5 c V F A X ff: 2 ,pg ' 6 5 3 ia. S? '15 X xx '-3 G il V I D m Q iw 4, I To Diana ' I See a hill with darkness just above, ,' A hm, with mn pines sighing soft and low. The pines sway back and forth to make their songs ' An overture, with measured beat and slow. V The climax of the overture is reached D As one great gust of wind sweeps o'er the hill. The wind lulls down into a crooning breeze, El And from the breeze to silence, all is still. V Then curtains part, and, oh, that 'scene sublime! 5 My eyes behold a sea of deepest blueg I l- The Whitecaps are the multitudes of stars Q That wash ashore to heaven's rarest hue. U I watch the stars. But look! They're bowing low! Who comes there now, that they must bow so soon? l Behold! It is the Goddess of the Night, The maker of sweet dreams, My Lady Moon. v T --ESTHER KOCH T U V . I Q 0 up -va - -.4 0 E, 9 Q GK- Q, up 9' p 4- Q 6 IA A Q '-I I' i E' il Page Fifty-thru '?T13PisTF""l'7' ' V. P wil 3. r E. Ep ph. I. u l 57""F4l. 1 ww ., 'Y' -5 A OMQGA . 'Lil .2 JVQVO' fu 3 is . 'V M 4 Q e 'S L? P A 9- - 1 at .af l .'.s w e D Q Y Q I To Winter OLD AGE: in Oh winter, stay thy hand awhile, 1 We still do yearn for summer's smile 3 1' Change not the aster's glorious hue Y 1 V Touch not the dainty gentian blue. The feel of winter is in the air, D I The trees will soon be stark and bareg This year, do thou a laggard be, D So few the summers left for me. lil YoU'rH: ' V Oh winter, haste thee on thy way, We long for theeg do not delay. y Thy frosty touch leaves scarlet shade e On every hillside, every glade. 3 The crimson oak and red woodbine P .Throw back a blaze to the bright sunshine. The chill in the air makes our blood run wild. l It brightens the eye of each youth and child. Then haste, dear winter, with frost and snow, To the hill and ponds again we'1l go , With shouts of glee, while the stars shine bright, We'l1 welcome once more a winter's night.. Y -MARGARET Non'roN D P ' Page Ffty-four, 1 .'!t'fj"'-. 1 5, -' r,.""""""i ' WW' '1""""fW'rr-'iff' 'z'QTw1efwl""fF" wi'-rs 41 M-vm I ' ' '75 , ,Tb 5 OWKEGA51 , as be Q PJ A f it v as ' A 1' Q, I D X 943 l 'H V 5, gg g g y D G v 0 t Day Dreaming 1 When you're tired and weary And the day is at a close, p When you have to sit and study I ' And you're longing for repose, D How your dreaming mind will wander 5 To some far oii' isle or town, Where happiness and pleasure v Reign under freedom's crown. D -IRENE FITZMIER H D r Snowfall l Downy little snowflakes softly falling. . Falling in the hush of deepest night, v r .What liner way could God have planned, i, To cause the world delight? Little' fairy snowflakes falling on, I Transposing all the ugly man-made things: A pile of ashes-now a shining palace, Mantled by the glory that the Sparkling snowflakes bring. D v ' i --ROBERT LINDSAY W if me A 'A Y " YQXW . 2 ' 'f X Page Fifty-five B T ofviecs , ' Q Q Q ci M' 4' ' 4 xi I Ip J fb - f' T . ' f- 5 L 6- F A "f an ' F9 f Q, M a sf' 3 X N H 'X I The Factory A What are they doing, Q A Those overalled units q Pushing and pulling and prying? There goes one now, t There is sweat on his brow, Not thinking, not shirking, but trying. D They who are units Achieve but small place, '12 Can you find a way ii To kill their disgrace? , u -ALBERT QUARTON u 4 u Tifne 1 D Time is just a gay comedian, I - Laughing at our tales of woe. Time goes on and on forever, i P Though he has no place to go. When we laugh, old Time laughs with us, i - Smiles at all our luck and fameg T ' But when weare sad and gloomy I 01d Time's laughing just the same. Let's not live a life of sighing, A0 Let's just, brighten up and smileg What's the use of ever weeping? Old Time's laughing all the while. -GLADYS SCHMID X Q -no .4 sa .4 Q e, V QQ QQ' Q. H- w 1-OCQ A' 'A A '3 Q Page Fifty-.fix W' lr-' 1 -ru.-'N em ' '-1' '-,ywnvf -uv.: ui. 9 4 -v-1, ,vu-nw: p-,A 1 Fguywpgr ug, omeoa , i '21 ju P ju A ia' 5 m Tears of Angels When you're cross because The rain has spoiled your plans, Remember: Raindrops are the tears of angels, Sad because of man's misdeeds. Are you among the sinners Who have caused the angels Grief P -BETTY GREVE ToL- Our gentle friend has left us now, - Her soul has taken flight. Q But our friendship gained in beauty With her passing from our sight. Her spirit never leaves us And our love she still retainsg Thus, though our friends must sonietime leave Their friendship e'er remains. -BETTY GREVE Q J Q we lf' .g k V sk 5, x x f 'X f l. Z l 15 f fm Q xw Nc Q -1 I Page i 9: 'Q 1 N sz Q 1 i ,sz-f.-'ff-.f-Q 95 5 d A Q f ' f,' g ' W ,fl ,QCJQZCVTO of 4 . 3 A ' F, , A M ' Q A 6 SXQYQU QI 1 D ' m 1- u 6 Fall 1 Q' 1 4 When colorful leaves are falling, - When Jack Frost is looking for fun, 5 D Then I know summer is over. " f ,, K ' I know that fall has begun.. D Q fp V Bare trees are dancing and shivering, p i' Freed from their leaves until spring. ry V Hallowe'en phantoms are waiting , r V lp The time for their own joyful fling. - qu -MARSINAH PIERCE lv 2 Q 6. 4 l Waiting f' 4. 9 . . P It seems werare always waiting- i U N Waiting for better or worse. if Life never satisfies longing, I i A Life never stays the same. fl V i We wait for a bright tomorrow, , i Tomorrow we'll hope for the same g 0 - Sometimes I wish waiting ended P l And we could find happiness. v -MARSINAH Pmncrz U .s. - f ' ' io va- M H P Q, 5 5, Av AQ G Ab Q E 'H ll -. Page Fafmagnf In -1 .. X . .-I' T ML Xi X vxkvjoxvxcglu cQ'Axv,4x'f!OXYKY,0AY1xvAB'AbXv!oxvjA.vmLv 1' v v v' 2 5 S P-4 2 9 a z 000 .QAQ QQ 5? A, , 0 25 S V it j UU- ' U1 65 UD r L WEWLUIWHDXWDZA ,.,, , if 'fvbfllrf-t-Pi'i:: T-?'?'1l"" f ' W 'H 1Vr.4'Q fl -'I' , 1 .FAN f,. . .f , ' ' :.n' Q' 1' 1-. -ff F' , ' 1 .. V -Q V..,,w,'l ,.v .. ,, ,,, 1 ,.,L . 79. , A 1 . r . ' ,. -1 , , A , r r - ' ., - - w x f -. 1. , , 1 'A , . Q jE'i1.,ph'-fggfiE5:-ffl-:fr ' 1 fy. E-!'n 'F!'-ef lj-v:,x,,v - of xv," Amr 44?5:i'2'f? ' 2 .f. ' - fiig,,?i, V :ljfln "p , - . I .Z .K .. ', Y- Y Q 'A-' 541 "1 I 4 V . up I , vp., Y 1'3':.'Liiff' T R' Y-'IZ Q1-1. '. -2 "E, f'...'1 1 ww 1 - of fear., ,gy . N , Q'E41ia'44- 4'H5ai"d54J 'F 'P um LU f F W 7 Ju fmt. T ifjfig. .4-. A I P9 fr X A I fxfxqiiui' -wi rj" " 'v ' '7 " ' '-' ' !..Lff' it 15.1 . o 1, I ll 1 ', if Ci f' L . te X x at v- Q li A D , K U? V 1' ll t K- T v M' ' If tl 9 an Q, D luf WS W 1 ax in I X in in . 1 "The Flattermg Word" 1 ' X N MAY 1. the Shakespearean Circle presented in assembly their second "1 Q, public performance. lt was a very clever and amusing one-act play en- U Cl' titled "The Flattering YVord," by George Kelly, the popular .Xmerican play- A 9 wright. Mr. Kelly develops his comedy around the idea that anybody can be D flattered into believing that he has great histrionic ability. Mr. Tesh, the actor, Q V flatters the biased and unbending the Reverend Mr. Rigley into believing that be nh Qt has mistaken his calling. and causes Mrs. Zooker to feel that her daughter Lena W is a prodigy. This is all very amusing. and was well received by the student EA audience. 5 Y, t The cast was uniformly balanced and deserves much praise for the able way L l in which the parts were interpreted. Miss lidna Parry directed the production. l - and Miss Mabel Van Kleek, assisted by Margaret Norton, was responsible for V the properties. The stage was attractively set to represent Mr. Rigley's study. A l The management wishes to thank the office practice class for typing the manu- U script which was used in rehearsal. Q W U , . 'l he cast is as follows: gi Thr lX,t"f't'l'l'lltf .ll1'. l.nriu51 lx'iyIt',i' ..... .... K cnneth Mosicr ll illrzv. Riglv-v ....................... ..... I isthcr Kunklc p lingerie Tixvli, flu' actor ........... ...... I Srucc Dick ,llrx. Znnkm' .......... .... B ctty Skinner l 1.t-im ztmi-.-1-.. ...Billy fifiilallli it 6 . 4 -a id so .4 E, ef QQ bf ww f P P f Cf A A 'Yi Q Page 51,l'!v'fJ1v 1 .Nl 1 l i K Qmeefs 'P T f K 'f 5 Y " g I x - ' 5 rs. n CCN JQZQVZE bKG WXD'xQ.xQf ra I D - 1- Y 6 B ll. " I K l is 9, 1 v l l l v i p Y 0 K - 1 ll D gli In V "Tickless Time" l ' 1 X Hlf !46l1ll-Zllllilllll play of the Touchstone Club was "Tickless Time." Written U 'D Q? by Susan Glaspell and presented in assembly on November 12, 1029. lt is a L . . . . . . .. . U modern comedy giving 21 picture ot an evening in the hte of an inventor. The A inventor. on, has made a sundial which is unlike anv other niece as to time and , . . I Q looks. VVhen .Ion's wife, liloise. and his neighbors discover the faults of the 3 V l Q incorrect timepiece they protest greatly. The maid is most concerned about the fl' X matter because she cannot cook with the wrong time. A Q5 The stage-setting representing a Hower garden with its profusion of vines and yy Howers added much to thc enjoyment of the audience. .Xll the members of the li . . . . w cast took their parts remarkably well. due largely to the excellent training given U t them by Miss Hannan, the director. Ex gk ll The cast is us follows: ix. Jon ............... .... A R'rHi'R HAc:An1'S ll' Cla liloixu ..... . . . lXlARY Si'AL'I.pINc,z .-lmiif ....... .... M ILIIRED Kocn Q ll lllrx. .S'Inlv1f.v... .... ESTHER Korn L Erldir' ...... ..... R ICHARD BURRIS ' v fllicc. .. .... KAROLINA XVI-ZISER l Q sa -.9 sa 4 A of ' U Q, Ngj Q ef ' f 4' 'V X Page S1'.1'lj'-l'il'0 LL f b 4 Kms gb JU g Ju t Q ifiyd U 6 K mfr P fa Z A 59 gr A :H Y, ff t "sham" I-lli Shakespearean Circle presented the first of its semester plays in assembly on llecember 10, 1929. The club chose "Sham" by Frank Tompkins, a very clever one-act play. It was directed by Miss Parry and Frances Manchester, while Miss VanKleek supervised the stage setting. The plot was concerned with the trials of Clara and Charles, a young couple who were trying to "keep up with the llonesesf' They were put to shame hy a gentleman robber who showed them their faults and criticized their belongings. He was a clever robber, but not quite clever enough. A most attractive interior set was used, representing the living room of the young couple. ornate with cheap imitations of the real thing. A small but excellent cast of four carried the burden of the action, with the honors possible going to Sarah Pierce in the role of Clara. The cast is as follows: C lam ........... cll1l1I'lt'.Y. Tlzivf ..... Ix'i'fv0r'l rr .... SARAH Piiikcr: .. . . ALBA BL'sH ...., Barrie DICK Davin Nr:l.soN Q -0 -.4 so 4 ul Y , 5, Q 6, QC Q, u 'P' P 4- Q A A ' , 'Q' 3 43 N Page Sixty-tlirce f W f X R C Owreea 'P A 6f :V N M : fl ' Z, 1' ft' 1" 'fe lf- 9 , 3 . 9 ' a t UQ P A 'f A4 3 - Q .urs , WHS The Senior Play HE annual Senior play was presented on the evenings of April 10 and 11 by an all-star cast of Seniors. The play chosen this year was a light, sophisticated comedy of modern life, "Kempy," by I. C. Nugent an-d Elliott Nugent. It given inthe Lydia Mendelssohn Theater of the Women's League Building, and hence wins the distinction of being the first Senior play ever presented outside of Pattengill Auditorium. Because of superior stage facilities offered by the new theater, and because of the superior directing on the part of Miss Berenice Hannan of the English Department, both performances far surpassed in ease and finish the average amateur high school production. Large and enthusiastic audiences attested their appreciation by spontaneous outbursts as one clever line or situation followed another. . The story takes place in the living-room of "Dad" Bence's home in a small New jersey town. The plot centers aroun-d one daughter, Kate, who has artistic aspirations. In a fit of anger at her millionaire lover, "Duke" Merrill, she marries "Kempy" James, a plumber. Both regret the hasty marriage almost immediately, and are greatly relieved when "Duke" announces that it can be annulled. Kate then accepts "Duke," and "Kempy" discovers that he has fallen in love with Kate's younger sister Ruth. any It would be difficult to point to any one member of the cast as superior to other. Each one seemed to live his part, and played it with a keenness of interpretation that was surprising in an amateur cast. The irascible "Dad" Bence, the gentle "Ma" Bence, the rather hard, slangy sister Jane, married to the decidedly sophisticated real-estate salesman, Ben Wade, the artistic Kate, who feels just a shade better than her family, the sweet younger sister, Ruth, the philanthropic millionaire "Duke," and the bashful "Kempy," temporarily a plumber, but really an architect who has drawn plans for a churchg each was excellent. THE CAST "Kempy" James .... ........... . ...... Ruth Bcnce ...... .............. "Dad" Bcnce ..... "Ma" Benrc' .... Jane Wade ..... K athcrine Bmrc. . . Ben Wade ...... "Duke" M errill . Director ........ Properties and S Page Management .... ... .. Rones CLAY .....RU'rx-I STODDEN . . . . . . .CLAYTON Davnas ...........ESTI-IER Kocrr . . .FRANCES MANCHESTER .......MARGAnsr NORTON . . . . . . . .RAYMOND Wim-:s ......RICHARD' Buxuus Miss Bmu-:NICE HANNAN I FRANCIS JENKINS I THOMAS INGRAM Q 14 .4 so ul ul A g, 4, Q QQ' he H' 1- 6- 1- fs A -A A A i Q -1 4 Page Sixty-five ,um fx K M! 2 if OMQGJQX fig? in. , . , WZ'C'?,f.-cf?cf'U A , .fc A it - i in c in , Top Ro-wg Glen Ivory, llarohl Sjostrom. lirwin llelber, VK'enflell lforsythc. Henry Xlyers. Clayton Davies, Lloyd Koster, Roderick Norton. lirwin Kluchlig, Paul Gordon, llarry Kxxsabach. XYarwick Sutton Ilfidrlli' Nozu: Mr. i'hampion. director, I.ouis lirnst. Nelson Seeger. tiny XYhipplc, .Xlcxaniler Hiller, Charles Nordman. Kenyon llrighzuu, Carl Vik-uger, Leroy lligh, George llurke Bottom Row: lYeston pZl.lIlll'l'. Sam Xlummery, XYarren llrcwer. .Xllen lfcrgiisolr, Kenneth Mack. Owen Rt-ed, Eugene Schumman. lfrcd llouse, Gale Ilibberd, Charles lluffren. Alvin Ilaris The Band HIC growth of the .Xnn .Xrbor lligh School band, which this year numbered forty-three, is significant of the increasing interest which high school students are taking in instrumental music. Its excellent playing was an attraction at almost all of the football and basketball games. It accompanied the football team to Pontiac to give its support to the game there. The military precision with which the members marched when on parade on the streets or football field showed il marked improvement over former years. At the beginning of the second sem- ester the band played at a concert given by the combined musical organizations of the school, and on April Z5 furnished music for the state championship debate held in llill .Xuditoriunr Considerable money was spent on equipment during the year. New dark trousers replaced the former white ones, eight complete new uniforms were pur- chased. as well as an attractive coat and cap for the director and a magnificent white and gold uniform with towering shako for the drum-major. New instru- ments included an oboe, alto and bass clarinets, and a bassoon. The fact that a large group of untrained material joined the band at the beginning of the year was a handicap in reaching a high degree of proficiency, and therefore the band did not enter the annual state music contest in the spring. The director, Mr. Champion. believes that as more extensive opportunities are being ottered in the 'unior hiffh schools. this situation will be avoided in the future. s. J fs 5 A , . Y. .A , Y f - 0 sf je 2' J ef Jr, N 'U ec 'B Q N it P If' , 'il if 'W ' fx Page Sl'.Z'fj"Jl'.l' 1 '4 .w 4, h ,s 4 .Q , V X x X-, 1 jk tc i s f js A . X 1 S tjlxx :EN i v I my 4 or ' ' r' 'e - We II ,i 4-,f , i 4 tt' 4 ' tx y vc it - l SS' I I in .Q I , - 4 V , 4 4. il 41 0 ' ll 4 li lt H 4 44 lip' 4 L 'Y x 4 N I ,' I lil 444 44 'X ' ' A if 4 fl ' ii VI4 l 4 4 l 4 , li' ii 4 A 4 4 , E its iss? 4 I W lx 4 1 ' Q4 4 ,4 'W ter .it 4 4 4 4 rx' ' ' c ' J " lt it ' cl 494 Th o h U4 e rc estra y llli augmented orchestra this year continued to add to the interest of the A124 Dy, high school assemblies hy playing at almost every such gathering. The titty 1 M444 Q4 memhers under the direction of Miss llighee respond well to her excellent 4 '-M ,ki directing, and the music improves in quahty each year. Occasionally in Miss LV 'ix Highee's absence. XYilhert Holloway wielded the haton in acceptahle manner. Q4 Marian Ilayes acted as accompanist at the piano. .Xmong the new instruments 4 Kily Yi' added this year were a hassoon and two sousaphones. 4 4 I, V ' 4 . . . . 4 1 4 Q5 Unly one memher represented the organization in the national orchestra at 4 Chicago in March: this was Gale llihhard, who plays the trombone. it 2'-4 ,, . . . 4 -'I yi lhe puhhc was given an opportunity to hear what the orchestra could do 4 at the school concert in anuarv. lt mlaved the followinf ditlicult selections with I -,4 Qt' a precision and hmsh wlnch hrought tt much commendationt lhe Swan, hy V' '4, . ' Saint Saens. and "l'om a and Circumstancef' hv lil far. fil ll ' 5' 44 'Xi 1 - . . . tl X ' LY .Xt the State Music Association meeting held at .Xnn .Nrhor Mav 1 and 2. fbi . . ' n Y Ng the orchestra was honored hy having seven of its members selected to play in iii, gh! the all-state orchestra. They were liileen lcheldinger, violin: Mary Spaulding, my l A celhstg .Xlvin Davis, tromhone: Oscar llaul, hrst trumpet: Charles Xordman, 44 - pf' second trnmpetg limerson lxempf, clarinet: and Xliilhert llollowav. tvmpani. 4 t, As the Junior high schools furnish more and more trained musicians for the ly '34 Nl' high school orchestra there is every reason to suppose that it will still further la 4 ll increase in numhers and quality of music, and that the puhlic will he given more E frequent chances to hear what it can do. 4 4 M, -,?c,-,i- -,- WHLLQ , i' if"""' 'Q-"",'1Qf,i'QQ" "oo 'pf 'fi,fj'-"f"f "Wd ,jf-k , A , re W , 1 H Q 5 Cf? Eff'-.5451 . +f,Cf3ff'4e.fffrssof tfwssws as 5 414445 c-,-,.... ti- 4' f " Q- 7J""r- ,249 'tn - 'X 2- KU? Q5 '5 4 4 K ' 'Gigi' Y.: cxf if IX Y V- W c fi, W if--4 -::,,,g,,. cf, , ,W I Page Sixty-.rv:'un lTQ 1 N V at V Cf 'i' if 2513 ' ' 71" 'Lil '.' A Al' 'ff A W f W, x - if-llT 755-- 5 f ,af Do ,4 1' x '. Lu' f- f X ,"""fnf gg' K :xi X -x 41 .-A ,J xx .fx i 1 C ' K rr ' in 'U i i i ft K2 s I f m r ' if 2:4 v ll , iff X U7 D Y ' K f ml iv X gnu l v . 4 in V lx , ll 4 L v if U rl i" 1l,.. LTU iii 'liul' Nnzut l'i:lrl l'rt-lln, llonahl Xlillvr. lilmsm- 'll-zilwulwll, ,Xnstin l.ulc:-1. .Xntlmny Stark, l"rrnlm'rirk 'lIllll1liE, if lfilwin NTL-listen' I ill- .81-nfzni Kimi: l':inl I'in-rsmi. Iii-nnvtli ,Xllt-n, lfrzincis llznniltnn. llnncan Ilnlc, llmuml XYvhh, ,lurk S11-vt-ns QM Ralph tJ' ,3 'liliiril lffrzul Kiliznlt-5 Nmwlviizili. lihnrlcs Stncking, Rnsscll Klwk. l'1x'r1'n-tl K'llqun1n1cy, Xliss ,lnrn lliglwe, . l llzin l'a:lag:in 1 l B.1Hmn Rim': linh- lIihh:lril. l.2llll't'IlL'l' l'r:itl. l.i-onzn-il Olsen, XYilli:nn lliivttm-r, llnn l.ittn't-r, l.-mnis l':lrl:i-r il 1 1, LJ , i rt The Boys Glee Club L 6 llllQ'l'Y hnys cuinpnsecl this ycnr's file-Q Clnh, which reliczirscml clnring thc i nunn hnnrs txrict- each week. meeting on lfriclziys with the girls for inixcrl ,, QE clinrns wnrlc. .Xs lit-fum, Nliss llighee rliiwctc-cl. while llzirry Nlctnin :lute-rl , K' :ls zwcmiipznlist. K ' . - . . ,. , . I' Cr .Xt flll'lSllllIlS the lmys sung :thine in IlSSL'llll5ly :is well :ls with thc lnrls Mlm- il llnh. The 21 capcllzi nnxccl clinrns, "jesus, Gentle llzilmc-." Il lfrench tnlk sung WN Zll'l'IlllQ't'll hy llcrvztert, wzis cnnsiclerecl hy many tn he the hest cxznnph- nf high IW, QI sclwnl clinrztl work ever heard in Pattengill Auditorium. l M , N .Xt thc niiil-yozir cniiccrt ul the cninhinccl llll1SlCZll tll'g'2llllZ2lllUIlS, thc hnys coin- + It l pare-cl wry fzivnrzlluly with the nthcr thrcc groups, singing :1 cape-llzi. ni nnxcfl 1'-Q lt cliurns, znirl with nrclicstrzil :tcmnnpzniinic-nt. l,:tter the twn glee clnhs sang hc- Uh fnrc thc XYnni:m's Lilnh nf iXnn iXrhnr, Unly imc nit-inher ul thc Ilnys' Mlce C lnh ' i was sclcrtcfl tn sing :lt thc Nilllllllill Nlnsic Snpcrvisnrs' Usiiu-iitimi :it Qlllfllglli l YN llnrnlfl XYL-hh, tvmir. i Ld Six incinhcrs nf thc grnnp were rlinscn tn sing with tht- .Xll-Nato tlmrns ii Y which invt :lt .Xnn Xrhnr Klny l :incl 2. 'l'ht-y were l'.x'c'rc-tt Lliziinpncy. llnn Q fs l.ittl-vr. lzirlc Stn-vt-ns, t'li:zrlt-s Stnclcing, lienncth .Xllcn, :incl lFl'CllL'l'lCli blzthnlec. l ' 1 6 i ', ,, , Y - ,, H W A if X7 so -15 -4 J J 47,344 ff?-'XX Q Q-Xtfifwx X 'xxx s iff: if t "1 1, ' Kxj ,ff 1 4 , If ,1 . Z 'Q X, X - i , N i ' J Ja- ,gi ffsrff,-it-jg SX -wx . ff-X, ' V ixfvff l'.1gw ,S'1'l'tv-riglll if Oftfgm iffy? it .t QC J e P J 'Q gf 'A f fel .5 X fa X img:l 'xlxi i I P .. refer ' s- 6. 3 it l 'w K-u lf tt Xi V, 'A l lvf X I 5 , D K ti 9 ,, t U ix U f it X ik.- ti V ,X , Toi' Row: liditll Finsytlie, Ilorothy Kingston, Pauline Wrigln,..lean Cowin. livelyn llitchcoek, Ik-tty ' XViekett, Ruth Quai, Uwenzi Townsend, l'ernc l'alnier, tarot ltogert, Ruth Vhtiggoiier A l ,Sfforlii Row: lfsther lioeh, lirlua llrooks. lletty XYebstcr, llexa Foryell. Ruth Stoildrn, tatln-rme llotsfnrvl, ' NX Ruth Rich, Ruth NVeifm'nhncll. Suzan liezeriuun, llililegrlrmle Iizissircil A l I X l'l1irii Row: Dorothy Root, Natalie Xlfescott. llerthn Luilwlll. Vlfllinm l'elhank, ltihth Xlrtotter. fl5l"l5 in Uh Sparling, Ruth Nlcfonkey. th-:we ltensham, Klargarct lla-nz. Nlarion llolnies, t, l Edna Rundell. Elsie Prnner, llctty Reading I 1 X, Bottom Row: .Xrnbella lletinle, Evelyn lliagvle-y.l.Xlfre1la x?N'alker, .Ann lqouglierty.. Bertha larry, jenn X ifelker, lletty Skinner, Xlatita Seiroecer, . arianne qua, lrginm Zsamp e -, X . 'Q i ' ll C., I , t The Glrls Glee Club CT -L J ll"'l'Y-'l'lYU girls sang in the glee club this vear, as compared with the tx thirty-two members in last year's group. The club niet twice a week during b ily the noon hour and once a week tor a Joint rehearsal with the boys. under the ly direction of Nliss .luva lligbee. llarry lllctain acted as accompanist. lhe girls V adopted as a distinctive uniforni attractive white silk dresses with white capes. t, ' The club appeared in public more often than it has in previous years. which tl is indicative of its ever-increasing popularity. lt sang for the XX onian s L lub at 1. ll the Michigan League building, tor the lzxehange Club at the Nlielngan L, mon. Q for the Schoohnasters' Club, for the Ill, li. .-X. meeting in the tall, at the L ni- S, versitx' lligh school assembly. and at the Christnias assembly in llattengill Audi- lr l toriuni. In hlanuary it combined with the other music clubs ot the school in an U Q excellent high school concert which was well attended. lhe money earned on M 'th this occasion was used to send tlwena Townsend and ,lean l'ell4er tboth members A ot' the clubt to Chicago to sing at the Xational Music Supervisors Qonvention in x . . , . . . . A D' Nlarch. Un this occasion -lean l'elker won the distinction of being selected to W f sing a solo part in the large chorus. V lfroin the larger group twenty-four girls were chosen to sing with the State Q l high school chorus which inet at Ann .Xrbor in Xlay. 't f' Q ea .ij 4!fj?73Q r, if, A . ifistmf- -As ftp- v- ji ,A:- "fa ff- 'DQ 'X -ixg-,tri-,vi "RF--,ft ,W S I 4 Pill-Ji' Si rl V ri im f U 1 fu f i ml f '7fLD' -R---'ir He al- iQ '-1"'Y,,. r :Tf , rf IW vga fe- 5. rg,,v'f'i?,i , -.,..1T'jc..-.g Je-!:,,,T1,h s N-713 'VN tx" ,,-kst1s, ,tx 'gf X5 rg V' M jl,f. mf' P'k-.4' 4,1 Ae! 5 N.f P Ds I ev Lxx ,gs M4 .1 lL X '- C. I---1e.,, . , ., ,nm 3, A 1 g l tl oi fl . r tl ae . ft X. Q1 N75 1 t. F. tw ll .f M ,, ,U li. L. X wg ' itll -.4 icy Vey it ll- .X ,A ya . 1 ij T ,l nv.. 2-' " Top li'o:u: Nels mlxl S 4-:' gt -1'. Xbialiam Zi x'n-1'n lling XA fmt 1f,,f limi. Miss litlu-I tim-lit.,-1 tl' .-f- tio, xx'i.'if.-or is--11. Ilillii- or-irmlis. :xmas I-umikm-t N Qt . 'if Debating and Public Speaking 'p Tl- l ul Q Hlilf enthusiasm over debating and public speaking was shown this year lv.-4 than ever before, judging from the record-breaking crowds which attend- if dj cd each event. .Xs in the past. the school joined the Michigan lligh School ' t -Ar z 0 Debating League, and thc team had an unusually successful season, XYinning its A tirst three debates against llattle Creek, Monroe, and Dearborn respectively. it ,il then lost to lferndale, but had gained enough points to enter the elimination series. r 1 Nt. Clemens fell, but St. .-Xnthony's of Detroit proved too strong. This was an A X excellent record for a team composed of two .luniors and one Sophomore, .Xlme , Ni Zwerdling, llillie liriiliths. and lYinifrcd Hell respectively, the last tivo of whom iff! had had no previous experience. Nelson Seeger made an excellent showing in lv ts! the first debate. tt l V! I Q 'lihc sub-district contest. of the Michigan High School Oratorical .rltssociation tji Nl held in l'atteng1ll .Xuditorium the second semester resulted in a victory for Q' Xlinifred llell in dcclamation and Ilillie Faulkner in oratory. They represented 'X the school in the sub-district contest held at Ypsilanti where Xliniired won hrst u fly prize and llillie. second. .Xbe Zwerdling won the extempore speaking contest for V H, the school. and went to XYyandotte to compete in the district contest of the Blichi- Q N t gan lixtempore League. 'l'he fine results in public speaking and debating are 't due in great measure to the nntiring efforts of Miss lfthel XYisehart. the coach. l i c 6 , 4 , stsxe cejxsa tijgrssi 5 Meffw e- fC,Cvf4A G- 4- oc ft ' s k' l'u,cf' .N't':'4'H!i . l A ff QW u i U St ts If D N 1 l,,i A Y Quiet 'X I fl., A QT U ' N G l 1 rg GQ' Yi-Y Tk H I . iv ri Y Qc 1,fz4ti,fl',ZCDf to 1 A , , C 7 g n zztqsg :tit t elf or re or 19 e -W e on e -' In if fi i D V H W? Q KK ti Q-tx tt ll tw N D W ,H l t K il U 1' t i il' W v N it V lip v 0' 71" l H U , 'lol' lt'on': Nelson Sl't'!lL'1'. Stanton XYarc. Ronald XX'olf. Russell llllllllilllitfli. Clarence Xlarkham ' ll..!t:'lt' h'tm': NX'illiam Pcgau. Nliss Klahlc Yau Iilcck, Bliss lda Schaihlc, Nliss Sarah lit-cu. Tom XXX-ller l X Htfiftrri li'urt': Nlzlrixarct lliscovlx, Sarah l'i:rcc. lliltlxi llaaln, llillic liritlith-. llvtty Reading it VX, A l i The Student Co-uncll ul I U t llli mr iose of the Student Council is to deyelom a hetter understandiiw he- A IH ll, 1' tween the student hody and the administration, to encourage student partici- pation in school government. and to direct interscholastic relations between t this school and others. The memhers of the Student Council are chosen hy the if ' student hody each year at the class elections. Meetings were held every other r' Thursday atternoon at three o'clock. X rx . u i The many undertakings of the Council, including the continued etiiciency of X the monitor system in the halls, have heen very successful. This year the organ- I l ization has added to its duties the new and important matter of student discipline. Q, ,-X committee consisting of one memher chosen from each class, headed hy the ' president of the Council aided hy suggestions from Klr. lforsythe, has attended tt lxt 0 to disciplinary matters. More important misdemeanors were taken ht-fore the - whole Council and Mr. Forsythe. 'J . . . . . . Q :Xlso a luncheon was arranged at the Michigan League htuldmg in honor ot the Champion lloy tlrators who spoke in assemhly in llecemher. The novel ex- Q ll change of assemhly programs hetween this school and the University High School D resulted in satisfaction on the part of hoth. The Council also served lunches to the haskethall teams after each home game. Mrs. lluesman with the help of a Q il 't committee of five girls made these lunches possihle. I - , , - .5 Q9 wa sd -4 s-of E, .9 wi Naive- HQ i 'I ' f P F' P :P '4- 5 C A fi fs Q4 'Q QNX. I , '1 l't1gr St':'1'1i13--mn' ii 1 ll. r Lil la 5 1 TN 3-6 ,ss toayeefs,,?f't u Wifi ff A f fs fre s i 'wc IA it ily -.K X tl . H1 " i li ly i 1, l , Y U is N- I. lv v T ff W l l V , p iff! T 1 'lop Rory: Nelson Seeger, Salah l'it-ree. XYilliam l't-yan Md 'D I Rvffnril lx'f1'zt': Nlr. l,. l.. lrorsythe. Xlr, Tlionias llrake, Xlr. l., l'. Jocelyn' Y , 'ld il N ' V ly The Athletic Board T A .m - l 'bl N 189-l the .Xthletic lloard was organized by the lloard of lfducation and en- ll, CJ trusted with complete control of all athletic affairs. The special functions of ff the board are to make schedules for athletic games, to award letters upon the 'Q recommendation of the athletic directors, and to supervise all home games. The N hoard is composed of six members: .Xlr. lforsythe, Klr. Thomas Drake. and Klr. 'X alt hlocelyn, and three students representing their respective classes. The student 'ff Q2 representatives are chosen by the Student council. Mr. Drake of the historv K department this year succeeded lllr. XYines, who served long and faithfully the it y . . . , Qi cause of athletics m .Xnn .Xrhor lhgh School. 3- The Athletic lloard has taken a big step forward this year and has organized gj' a central League of Schools among live towns in this district. These schools f X will hold tournaments among themselves to determine the championship ot the X district. Q l i 0 its The .Xthletic lloard of the .Xnn .Xrbor lligh School is the only one in the l P gy state to be created and given complete control over .athletics by the lloard of "f n Education. lt is responsible for the excellent condition of athletics which has it existed here for years. .Xll the improvements which have been made from time t fxl' to time, on VVines lfield or in the gymnasium, have been the work of the lloard. p Ht The members give much time and thought to the work and are recognized as y important members of the school. Qu A 1 6 I ., f c , , Y 7 , , , - . 0 sv ,, fy J .4rf,,,f7' sal? gp L, ,pvc N Q mt: Q-NGK -lm, CW .CU l ,f + N3 Page ,N'4'7'1'l11,V Iwo A., ill Y-,A 'W R 2 A 4. Y'-lfyzqvjjv Nd als K l ly' sf L lf-3 X J ff NA ' f . A' R K, ff X n- -, , tg Q ,fi-t 161 ft A , .Q is A e, X 211-1--X..u5....etl L s ss ee he-ee-e A Q e" I lj if XKL ll 3 Y X l Q Fri 34 lf ti i Q i xxx U, ll ll is s 1 'id p' ix W tx K-1 , 1 ill ii I l N i L, v l M ,7 N f lx Toy- Rani: Xlarpraret lliscock, llillie tirithtlis. Kli-ss lfrnnees Seelty, Rant Pray if ' , Iiuttimz lime: Nlr, l.. l,. lforsvtlie, Xliss l.ona 'linkham 'Dlx ' i li The Non-Athletlc Board i N . . . . . . . li 'll Ll. extra-curricular activities ot the high school except athletics are under S4 the control ot the Non-Athletic lloard. 'l'he membership of this organiza- L ttyl tion is made up of Mr. lforsythe, two members of the faculty, and three memhers of the student hody appointed hy the president of the Student Council N from the othcers ot each class. The meetings of the N. .X. li, are called on any H date when a sntlicient amount of hnsiness warrants :1 meeting, ,' L 93 .Xn especially well-planned program for the all-school parties, which were une fd li usually successful this year, was made hy the niemhers of the X. A. ll. K'onnmt- M tee. Memhers of the faculty and the student lmody were appointed to plan 1 ,yi programs and decorations for each party. The hoard also gave permission to a ! QT numher of cluhs to hold parties or entertainments of other sorts m the school N hnildings. ln the fall term a thorough check up on all outside activities points tor Q i' each student in the school was made under the instigation of the N. .-X. ll. f A txt Students and faculty little realize how ninth time the menihers of this small in Uh, group give to the prolmlems which it is their duty to solve, nor to what extent .V they are responsible for the smoothness with which t'XlI'I1'L'lll'I'lL'lll1ll' activities move Q ax in this school. They deserve much praise and credit for their work. f i W t l If 0 i I l 6 e e e e -i L A, C X 4 Q .W JJ? aff QYVV- exp? Gsgf K Xt, t. if: fN:tfXw to. W- ,AL ff? ff-we fee!-DX., v K ' ' ee fxwf' fhlgr ,N'i't't'nfv lfwi. 1 1 ' 1 1 1 4 'I ' 1 1 ' I! i 1 X y 1 f, F 11X ' ,, . , . I 1, .. ,. W ff si V 1 4 1 1. , 1 3 1 1 .F 1 V 1 V . ' x X 1 l ' 11' X ' FN 4 , 'M N1 ' 11 1 E 1 . 1 1, 1 1 1 . 51' 3 E1 Q1 U i, I 1 1, K1 f "1 I , if A 1 X 1.' 17 1 ' 111 1 , 1 f PIP ' m ' 1 f 1 1.1 x ,1 ,X ' ' 1 J ' ' -1 X 1 ' 5 -1 1 , I .Q 5 J 1 if Q1 1 L 1' Th 0 A 1 1' p e mega 1 1 P! 1 N1 , .U 11 1 1 ' T011 lx'fm': ,Il-'AN Ifwnmnll. l?ru111uI1'rs Q -'i .fn f'Il.XKI.IfS All-:NFH-iri, .-Iilzlvtirs Q' -X14 X S'rxx'mN XYuzri, I411.ri11f,r.v AIUHHKIHFY' gg ' X1 BH.I.H-I KIRIFFITHS, Julzinl Ifditur' ll, V 11 QNRAH PII-RLT-I, Jllllllrll' lfffmfi ' 'N , All 1 f 1 I KN Nuldlr lx'1m1: f:4II. lIu.r,, Ilnunvr MMA, V X Al.-XRIKN .Xmas-:un-ik. Or,gu11x':uf1m1,v lf' -,, Rl"I'l! l.11x1 111x'. lfnztm'-111fL'l111'f ,f 'X lil I7 H1111 H Su I 111-ik, L'uI1'1:1Iu1' V! T1 1 . D K.xl.x'1N I'0S'x'1ik, qlrtzxt E 1 13111111111 lfnzv: l:Rl'l'I-' Dirk. .'l.V.Yl'.S'fl1l!f B11:1'11v.v,f .'UHIl1lyt'V 'Vi X1 k I MAMQ.-x111f'l' Nolwrmx, Qlmlflfiunlx 'iw RTN Il11.lrx llfmlm, .'I.Y,f!,.TH1IJf EJII 1, 1' XXX l'f1,11ls1f IZ1u'Kl's, ,-11'ti7'1'ti1'x 1 jf 1. i Y E 1 !..XR!iNl'F Nluelilmm, .-1.f.v1'.v1m11 I?11.v111rx.r ,1l111m1.51'r , y. Q K I QAAM JM ,-, -, , -----.. . Lf L ' 'i "T" T Z. Y 4. ,f7"'N J Q ' X31 ij" ,Y "T 5' f ' Tf 1, 27' TT ' ' ' Q' . QT .jraff H C5 gjvf, 51 ifiify fig ff LQ 7 RT, 5 ncjqxx gi 1 7.5 , 1 A 1 'XXX J 1 W K ,Q Q LQ: 'f' LQ: , ' e2,ggsLl,Ql,,,:f 5, ' 1' X.. ' ' 'Mx ' 'A .X ,, I'ug1' .S'1'1'v11lyfz1 Hr ph v Q. fm Je 5 , F J A P fc D OM SGA gtk? 'Rf Z1 f ' .l , .c A N. J D . 6 1' V r 1 The HIS forty-four '. by a sta v ,t 5 Omega th annual of the Ann Arbor High Sch if of fifteen members, of whom nine a classmen. There are always four ju ' business manager, but this year Ga' Calvin Foster, a Sophomore 1 9 The art work I on the div' ' v N Ye ool ha re Se ' mor il Hall , was t of th ision ars, th mors assista , a J he art e 1930 pages e art section V s bee n published and six are under nts to the editor and unior, was the humor ' editor. , Omega is exceptional and in the opening sec ' themes have dealt witl of the country. Th' employed. With thi cause they se black P . in that col tion for th 1 historic to ' is year, ho ' s theme th emed out of cover harm ' as that of en t C edito or plates ar e first time. pics, pertai ' wever, a f e traditional place with omzes with the last tw d-sheets add D The f Q ning ormal seni the n the h o year ' mu rontis ' cha e use The last tw somewhat to t 1 Greek theme has been or cartoons were eliminated be more dignified art treatment. The lue art work and uses the same o s books, thus making an attractive ch to the beauty of the book and piece, a tinted photograph of the s racteristic. The arrangement of th D being in two vertic across the to Q, cons' br serie are a rely new chool n-set, is also a di e Se ' pictures is different fr al col in the middle of the p. A irely new feature has b ists of best poems that have I pa r. i The Service E done the en 9 the ' stmctive om that of page instei een added ieen printed ngraving C graving fo entire them possible i in on poetry The O ny of meg is ad larg s and m e sectio ptlm ' Detr a and ded a e disc the f nager blue nze ins et s. The col n enti at su mor ' umns ' n ent' the st yea ored feature year, row last ll .d of ' : the ' T in " ' ' ompa ' r the O , ' e. Th': - by a ' plate a the n. ist" d ' o1t ha its a ' cons' ount rontis ' expec ' book zoo urm s, as ' rtist iderabl on wo piece ts mer was g in th provid e ex ' rk co are al' ely to " print made t oto COIUII th U e past two ed workin penditure, ' mpleted b so costly ' break ev " ed out of t he lowest ' graphy his ' e si k years, g draw' which efore items en on own' I bid f was d iercial the O ings for was only made January 1. The color- , and as a result the business expenses. For the first time in history , hling Brothers Everard Company of Kalama- or the work and hence was awarded the job. The one by the Randall-Maedel Studiosg Miss Carson and her T class deserve credit for their help in the preparation of copyg while 0 , ptimist furnished valuable publicity. The subscription campaign in February resulted in a complete sell-out of the 600 copies. The guidance and supervision of Mr. Robert Granville, head of the English department, have been indispensable. -0 v Q-J il U Y Y' el Q Nr Q sf 5 Y Q fi IR I1 'W Q 'i l Page Seventy-five P Y ll ind 41 LM ffii t - he-'ee 1 QMQGA 9 2' D F' A"""Z' "l X l'X L 'dl' -' ' X .Je fwyepbe if Q1 . ef wfjfsf- :Cf gg XY -:IPM fl P ws. I rv J X fx if 1, X ggxjbx i W ,J V Y VY Y?V V l 1 W M l X ll Y I 11 X. D 1 1 1 111 Rl 1' vi' 9 N 1 , , ill 'pi Taj' I1"1mf: llumulrl liunl-c. Karl XVilrl, llerbert Nleyer. ll,Ill1I'9!'lCf' l'r:1tt, XVilli:1111 l'ulk, l'l:1ir 11411-11111. l"1':n111S Rn miiisun' .Sbmilil Rafe: .Xllu llzmb, llvtty llreve, Ruth XY:1ggnm-1'. .ln-:111 Yun l'lez1f, lleity NYiel4i-lt. lilaclys Svlnniil if 'l'l11r1l l1'm1': Nlr. 'l'l111111z1s lirznke. vlzxne firnli. 'l'l1el11111 Nl!l1'4lllHI'4ll. Xl:ul:1le11e lizibbe, 121-rilxi Smnuer. l":ly -'XX 1'11llie1', liallierille Still. l'1':1rl lL'llK'lIllllXK'l' ' Xi Bnltnm lfnwz xlIl1'1I2ll'l'l Vex, Xlargzirel llisenel-Q, llelen NIIIISUIII, Pura Sl111eer:1f1, lieniziinin Yun ZWJllllWL'1l- l1erg. lloyt Servis. .Xlbn-rl Q11:1rlu11 Q 1 X U The Optlmlst KN llli past year llilfi bee11 :1 very successful one fur tbe Optimist, the weekly Q, p11l1lieatic111 of the gxllll .Xrbur High Sebuol, clue to the fact that tl1e e1li1or-in- ', W chief, lgCI1jZillll1l Yan Zw:1l11we11l1e1'g, bus been very eliicient. :incl also because i C 1 everv stuclent has been able to receive a enpv eaeb week. 'l'l1is was niacle possible NY ' ' . . . . ' . . F tl1ro11ffl1 a Cllllfflllllllllll :lun establisbecl 111 the selmol last lull. Klueb erecln sbmilfl . 1, . 5 , . . . . . . be given to Nlr. ll111111z1s Drake, wl111 has lJCC1'l 1l1e elnel aclviser 111 the stzltf. rj The paper l1:1s bee11 exeeptimmzllly interesting i11 several ways. Yery :1ec111':11c YN, :1ee111111ts of every athletic event zlppearecl after eaeb ermntest was l1el1l. 'libe seetimin Cl clevfwterl to poetry lms been well-liked, as has also the new ewvlninn eallecl the E' EXL'l1Zl1lgC. flll tl1e wluile tl1e Illlllllly of the em11e11ts nf the pziper bus shown U nmrkerl i111p1'm'e111e11t. 'QQ fxlllllf the niiclclle of the first semester the Zlllllllill press b:111q11et was belml, to 'ax . , . . . . . , . . ' 1 wl1iel1 Il'lt'INllCI'S ut both the 1 1pt1n11st and Omega stzlrfs were lTlX'llC1l. 'l be 4 Jptinnst Q staff, wl1iel1 is em11p11secl of thirty-two ineinbers, zxttenflecl tlie Nlldllgllll Inter- YX, scholzlstie l'ress A-Xss11ei:1tio11 eunfere11ees at the Michigan Lilllflll, wbile i11 l"el11'11a1'y V 1 several niembers went to tl1e S0l1fllE2lSfCI'I1 Kliebigzin L'0I1lCTCl1CC 111 Royal Hale ln I March the eclitor-in-chief juurneyerl to New York to zlttencl Z1 11:1tim111l press meet- P ing. 1 M , . .- , T i f Q Q yy ef we 111 UYW 11 av , on Q, P F. P 9 Q ,N Lift qjfq -ak -1, 4 A Page Seven ty-six -1, U Q t Owyetms Mfil , g-'J as I ,sv gk ,X yibv,-iiilfi-vim .- 1 . Tiff' lrmei Xliss llahle Yau lileek. Xlariorie Sehoulw. Nlargarel Norton, Miss lila Sehaihle. Bliss li1lllll'I'lIlC N I Nihle. Nli-s .iIll'Jlll Keen l?ot!f'in Haze: Mrs, lilsie llauswalxl. Xlar-inah l'ierL'e, llilila llaah, Sarah l'ie1ve. lileauor Yauke The Girls' Fancy Dress Party I llli tlirls' lianey llress l'arty, an annual event, is always of great interest to the girls ot' the sehool anil is greatly enjoyed hy those participating. This year the party was helrl on lfehruary 7. The grancl niareh was letl hy the general ehairinan. llilcla llaah, who wore a hright gypsy eostniue oi green skirt, yellow eap. ancl hlack holero jaeket. lfollowing her were gaily-colored pierrots ancl pierrettes. ehorus girls. gypsies. pirates. and many others in ingenious eostunies. .Ns interesting interlutles :luring the evening. the elasses. inelurling the aluninae. presenterl stunts. one-aet plays. nuisie. singing, and rlaneing. .-X surprise ul- the evening was an aet presentetl hy the teaehers. flealing with the trials antl trihulations of lflla finders. The girls of the Sophomore Class, whose stunt was uncler the rlireetion ol Miss Xlarsinah l'ieree. were winners of the enp. Their pertorinanee inelucling a "Singing in the Rain" ehorns anfl skits tlepieting "lt Phases Dirt." antl "'l'inie tu Retire." .Ns the evening clrew to a elose. the jnmlges. Kliss .Xnna t'awley. Kliss Vlara Youngs, and Nlrs. .Xliee lfnsniinger, ehose from among the throng the most heautiiul. the hest olrl-fashionecl. anml the eleverest eostinnes. Ruth Qua was awartletl the first prize for a lovely tlress of white tatleta, having a hoopecl skirt eflgetl with white laee. .X hlaek. olcl-fashioneal rlress worn with white wig ohtaineml ll prize for its wearer. Neva llerzog. livelvn 5ehroeter's clress niafle of hits of wallpaper was juclgecl the eleverest. ffjd 1, Q -J Z J 'XE A' 1 .eff x fy A A s th 5 'HHN - G- 'ff li C " ,-' W XY' fuer' Srzwily-.v::1'en E, it OAMSGA 'fyf H ff Q. 1 9 I A D A pg K ey ' C457 iQ -The Honor Banquet . V HE Honor Banquet, which has been an annual event since it was established in 1909, has had a fine and stimulating effect on school activities of every kind, and seems to be more successful every year. The banquet was first held to honor only those who had excelled in football, but at the present time it includes nearly all fields of activities in which a student can distinguish himself. Any student who has made some distinction in one or more of these activities is given this honor in appreciation of his eiifort. The twenty-first annual banquet was held December 6, 1929. Those students who had represented football, basketball, swimming, tennis, track, and all classes of sports for both boys and girls: those who had excelled in scholarship honors, dramatics, art, music, debating, citizenship honors, cheerleading, journalism fthe editors of the Optimist and Omegaj 1 and those having perfect attendance records were present at this banquet. This year much credit should be given to both the program and decorating committees. The plan of the banquet was very different and clever, as were also the decorations which helped to complete it. The scene of the Honor Banquet or Honor Flight, as it was called, was the gymnasium remodeled as the Ann Arbor High School Airport. At the east end of the gymnasium was a huge purple and white sign designating the scene of the Honor Flight. Model monoplanes were hung around the room, a huge biplane hung in the center, and a model dirigible was moored over the airport sign. Even a beacon and a wind sleeve were in evidence. After the banquet toasts were given by students and alumni. The program was in the form of an aeroplane flight. It was as follows: Tuning Up .................... ........ H IGH SCHOOL ORCHESTRA The Mechanic .........................,....... MR. L. L. FoRsY'rHE The Pilot fTOGJf1llU.TfPl'J ...................... DR. DEAN A. MYERS The Take OH CPum-fnalify and Attendance! ........ GERHARn BAUER Gaining Altitndv CSrl1oIarshipJ ..... BENJAMIN VAN ZWALUWENBERG Zooming CMM-icy ............................. VIRGINIA Foxsvms Sky Writing CPublifario11.vJ ..... .................. R OBERT PIERCE Sfllllf Flying Cflthleticsj .......... .... I AMES Corzovsk Manr'nzfering Cllcbatingl ........... .... A BE ZWERDLING The Parachute' Drop fDranIatifsD .... .... A NN VERNER The Landing ........................................... THE PILOT The Clwvring ........................................,. Evexzvnonv p Several selections hy the orchestra under the direction of Miss Higbee added much to the enjoyment of the evening. The banquet came to a close with cheering and the singing of the school song. Q .4 .4 an 4 an E, be QQ sf me V 4- G. ,,. Q A Fi A A li 4 Page Seventy-eight JRZOVQQXJQA A QQCANHZATHQNS QQQQ4 2 2 2 V4 2 2 2 Q Q .l.11l1--if . D 0,4 26-f ' -fb J Q ' G r Q 4 y . Q, .C lr v I Q -M-F ewiozixwsguxwzum x.-' .-1. " fv-- 4 H, ,. I A ., .'.A f , J. .ri . -, h --4 -f . - 1 5 . . Y 7-N QA. ., , X ,V 'ia-l . .1 rf , 1. V ' .- W N r ' 4 f Q 1 . ., .' '5, .. - . . . N . -4. - f' ' A 1 ' '.f.-1,-'-qw ,K " ' 'F i ..f5f'5 ' P .1 .- " 1 '- -lsiivi ' if 1 fggiifgi X : - - .. -. W -. , ,- 5,-. 1- f.i,Q31xf 2511.1 1 . ri .W 'YZ . vf-1-My - " ' --1-Q +31-i-'ily 2 4'-:f . E -1- L'-fx-2 : ' .2-if' ' 'T-A , -2,22-1. '- df-pw -'I .4-f:2.f.agE+g-Q.: ga." ' ,.,,'3.L4i:-yfkw. 7 ' At f' . -'f f-'s.:.'i:f'15l-i'- - nu... , .3 .-,.:,-ga,-.54,. , f- . . - ,. -. ,...-,,, f.. ' '-3i573..'j,. f Q 4.1.15 . ., . Q- ' . wifi-f'x"i,--f -' -' -gg im--f-H54-Q-f-1 i :-gm Y? .I v .fi tifii., A.-, 'V ' if-g ,g , , ' .1271 3.5!-.fb fs' ' ' 124lv'7'."Z4 1 U. in J1- - 1 1 11-4-5 .J-. f-'.4'Ef.-'.wf,,- - 1"':f 451,111 J' -'gan .- EXP- J' Q -,-r-as ' .r...f.fgw'fw.2555 1 x f ,ri--. - -via-zru, - . f - gf.. 3 ,T-" -.114?i..'g.:-T' ' -V,-PM ' I-"52+iZa,r4-"fi 1' '- . ,J-Fi' 2?-:Z-JZ , -' -:f'..':- ' - Qfe- .',:k"f!-QQ:-av Q? , -A ,S-'3g1.S!1? 1 4' 555'-?":W!2-'Q' if' ' . E5 QQ12'ii.Za-gif'-if 1 -. .' f .21 wrni 15 X-'JY Q3-. -5 .E ,Eff-' P WT.-F'.v'-'--.1'. E51 - -fa.ff-'H 32'-. .4-' '1 f " ': -f. -, M' . Vx' 5 --fn-, ff-f.5'f1..-1.-fp wmitffii-:.f 1 --1-'--w -'-:.4-.. -- 'yl' . ' 1I.'I.f'5-qs?7'.f -f'1-eigg -' 2:9190 - ',-17.5.-'x.fwyl.u PAQ 1-1. 355.36 .e . .---'1-7 w.'s"--fl IF' -.1-fm-5. L- I ' -'efiFff??f5'v,.n1g1Q-v5-ffi'3:A..jf -. ei1ff.'-u.,,...flags, -. ii : 3"'-Leggf r-I 35:5-Wifi?" kiwi : -. - f Aw f2'f-w?fww---- -pg-Q ,. I. -v1:sfLf,, ,5-J. ".'Y1.,- -WJ?-14.1.':E-'1-'5:.'2"4' 45 TEH" 'ff 'IQ' '. ' " 0 . - - .-fi ' ' , ' fl, -.'.-fl 1 4 .P A m.. v .!' .P I3.'L ', "ve 'g .ed-ff if".rf.LJ'- 'qs' .- ' " 'f fs- :'Lw.'? .-14 A.. Q 1 n,..',v .fa 'ff H 1' . 1,5211-H' ,E ' 'lf' if A g -5 . -r yr. .1-"wg -' g1 'f .,5j3'f'3x42l' g' . r JT- 1:95715-'lift 1 ,f Y I4 4 " " f 1,2 ..3. l':?",.-' .v 1..Meg.:?. .--.-111. - .,,. .,--a.- ,Q L. i ...K ' .A ,. . :---. . 4 1. v ,. .YE ' - if v 1 . F., ..,, 75' u E5 ji! , M f fix-LAff:x3-V?-'14, xy ,rw fx U "' i'f W AAF' FQ D "MA I X Q9 K X f N H !l,, ,A , NJJ4u f nfx it X k gwh- xg" 'Q 49 ,, Y'----w . S1 A vka g1 -:zvw 1, 1 f f if -r ,f ' dx I --1 W Q ,, Q mv X Sq, :ny D 5 Nf J U: E55 Uff E52 ff 555 KW a-:E 1 J X X w R 1 x A xx ,U vu 6 Wk Q? 9 X mx 5353 w ' l: v Q ' EEE? iw X w H5 .5 W 1 W 2.53 W Q1 555A gw X I ,: if L- A H 'Neg f.w -N 5 2' f L51 Cg Q 71 w X, 55:5 NUM w Q T1 3 'XX' + E E ? J if S :iii VU RF i ,ZTHEE C N 7 iii? M' C f 'na nw as s g 5: Nw' X y iii: ,V U S E55 W4 ,S T :SQ .5 1f! tix V nf!! ,w ILNJEE 21 E if F '--im W QF igii !?M A .N 5 gif MW 7 . X 4 Hn LE:s . NN i255 ! E4 J E " Q .C PIQ1 H A SQL.. 3 : :AIM N ' Lf- - f Xi l f I T4 M Y i' fgj ff: M Q4 M- , KW r W L Hi ,V jC??27i?QTT'izT--f uw 14 M gif., 'Q Q , ,KV .t I AM-inn? ,, as If jx 4: MQ, 1 ' -- ,Arr f. f, aff , Y V ,v-Q 'di -1 f?2 1,7 EJ ,rm ii - v V L..--W AH --. Y fn wjilfihb Q in R A4-.,, -nu L xx-3 Q X, X YQ. Al f , W ivf.ugW lxxA. i ,, I -TF A 'AN l lmgf . Llghfl'-nuf P f f ,C fu X ,,- ,T , L f I wi.. x. U LE I. , , I. N l'l. 4 -1 , , XX U! H RJ I lim: f 9. 1' : is fb OMEGA .yr .cg 6 1- - ' ,, A lm p '12 far .QIS5 N N xg D V i Q . , The Science Club '-n 6 v UST as science has been playing a larger part in our present-day life so the Science Club is becoming more inlluential in the Ann Arbor High School VV hen it was first organized in 1921, it was composed only of chemistry s u dents, but now its membership includes students of every science course offere Realizing that the science learned in the laboratory is valuable only as it can be ii linked up with every-day life, the club has aimed to give to prospective scientis K a general idea of the possibilities in that field, and to show the student desiring a V liberal education many interesting facts about science. ' 1 The past year has again found the club successful with its programs. Movl of travel and industry were shown at the first meeting. A trip to the Universit museum. to see the excellent exhibits of animals of prehistoric and recent times V and of Indian relics, was interesting to those who attended. Lieutenant Flo was secured for a talk on aviation at the third meeting. On a trip to the observatory p the club had the privilege of seeing a seismograph, a delicate instrument used for recording earthquake shocks. A glass-blowing demonstration is annually given at a meeting. Mr. Kessler gave the demonstration this year, making a condenser 21 and other apparatus. Slides on electric sparks were presented at a following meeting. XJ During the winter a sleigh-ride party was enjoyed by the members. The program of the first meeting of the second semester was a talk by Dr. Fox on W the subject of oscillating quartz in connectionlwith radio. -Later, the club was taken through the Un1vers1ty'phys1cs laboratories by Mr. Firestone, who demon- y, B strated an-d explained the various instruments for sound experiments. A talk on li g his experiences at Isle Royal by Dr. Koelz was given .at a subsequenthmeeting. A p tour of the General Motors' proving grounds at Flint, and a picnic brought a V profitable year to a close. V Q Q OFFICERS A U First .rcnuxvtcr Stroud Sfmf-Ve' ' RANE PRAY .... .... P resident .... PETER ZAHNER PETER ZAHNER ...... ...... ...... I f 'irc-president . . . ......... STANTON WARE Dons BROWN ........................ Secretary ...................... BETTY SKINNER v BENJAMIN VAN ZWVALUVVENBER3...cllflifllzflll 0f.Pf0gVG1ll.UBENJAMIN VvAN ZWALUWENBERG 0 onumtfvc' ELIZABETH Swr'rzER ..... ...... .... T r oarurer .... ..... . . ELIZABETH SwrrzER FACULTY ADVISER MR. MAHLON BUELL K N J uf ' sd A .- X., L i Q ef -6- 5' 'Ng' f A A ff if JM 5 X' si. A A s . Page Eight ,V-Nara ,f I 'hm Y -K ' 1 ,X , 4 . '-me+-4x0QMQQKmUiiii3i e- h l- g vpkf .Le - Jw ,,7'Jv:p ,f-fNu CD , ' X fwf- U xi ,W CC-X ,f-.--7 H ,f up . ,,f X J . el Q MX lx 1, -Jyfvflfj' LK AA I G, 1 ,, A- ak ,X f ,K X..ix,uSi? .iv 5:2 El 1 - are Q4 l., ul Cs l N ri I '1 I U xuf Lf' UH fl- his ..,, if fl ' ng l 4 . , :J Ji 1 I i Taj' lx'u7v: litmletll Xlusief. Nmlt-rivlq Xurttm. ,Xlha llllfll, Xlargarvt Nurtutl. t'1m-lance lllakely, Sarah X i lxierev, .Xhrallnm Zwertllmu. l,aNlar lfirlwllu' I .lliilfllv lx'.:t': Nlisx lfmllia Parry. l'ira11eL-a Xlanrlwn-ter, lfliyaheth lh:nx'In'tlv. llillie Hrittitlw, 'llhais litiltwn, ,I ti ll-vrrwtlly lqlliltmil. Xli-s Xlalule Yan lileelx I Ai Button: Nutr: lfstller liullkle, Yirgillia llultletl. ,lane l.ailvg, llrttee lliek, Helly Skiiziuevg Xlariailne tjua, -l -'nail lfuparxl l 'u The Shakespearean Circle i 1' i HIS year the Shakespearean Circle has helfl its husiness meetings at sehmml CQ and its social meetings at the hmnes ot the nienihers. In lleeeinher the L irelc N N' i presenterl "Sham," a satire ut' a cliwernninating thief, as its tirst assembly l 9 urn-fratn. The cast was cmn mused nt llrnee lliek, Sarah Pierce, .Xlha llush, and ' 1' I A , J llarifl Nelwn. During the Christmas holidays a party was helrl jointly with 'lkmtielistuiie at the sorm'ity uf Nliss llannan, the faculty amlrisur nt 'lltlllL'llSl0HC. 'L The spring pmrliietimi in asseinlmly was the emnecly, "The lTl2lftCT'lllg.f XYu1'cl.,' gi perfurinetl hy Roderick Norton, Billie firittitlis. listher litmkle. Kenneth Mnsier, IV, and lk-tty Skinner. In May the Shnkespeareans again juinetl with Tuuehstmie fe in anuther large and sueeesnful party. .Xt social meetings several speakers pruni- ' 31 inent in ilralnatie aetirities un the eanipus were pruetlrefl. l'erha1mS the must tri eelehrateml uf these was .Xiny l.nunniN, who is ennneetefl with the l.yflia Mendel- ewhn Theatre. L-D ni-'lfinlilcs 'fl lfilzfl .x'1'llJt'.Yl4'7' . .N'i't4I77I11, .n'1m'.rlrr' ' XY.xx'Nlf llluxiixs ., ..., 'bl'r'r.vzrIt'.11l .... . ...... likltli l,lL'K 'W. lim tif Divx ..... .. I ft't'-fv-mzflmzr liIi'l"I'Y SKINXI-in X' S-nun l'1r.lct'ic ., ,. .hVt'I't'l4ll'AX' .... .l.XNIi l.,'XlNli 'I lil-"Ii'lX' SKINNICR .. ., ..,... l1't't1.f111'rr ..,.... . IIARKIQ SAHICR I 1 Q I".-XtfL'l.'l'Y AIJYISICRS ll Mlsf linmx l'Amu' Mies NI,-tm-il. XYAX K1.r3r.K ' . I l- 0de7Uew3fvewXwQN WNt ,ff A3 F' P w Z5 Q fix Alb, 'Q vi"'i-W-, Q Ns! x l'r1,e:' lftglily fum NH rpm I OMQGA 'gg pg bt it- K ff-Mfg V? A f A f X A f f ijf ,I 62' i W 'Y ' I VIA W t X it n- Qi if 9 I , If ii X fi N A II D Y W if vi v X91 ff u I I l I' VM. ,ly If V- H Il I, ' - 7 9 I, I NV :IN I Ifil I I X W 'J Tiff' lfuzr: Rohn-rt May, Norinnn Smith, XYiIIi:un Um-tz, 'I'Iiim1axm Ingrzun. Ifztrl I'r--Im .N'-'rmni lfmv: lhvn I.iltCcr. Ilcrhx-rt My-r, fnru Slmvcrafl. Ilcrthzx I.u-Iwiig. Ii:u'nIin:i XYm'iw1'. 'Iam' Hwvli, f yt V .I:m1t-- Sm-ull I I tl lllirki' li'fm': Milmlrt-tl Iiurh, Ifslhcr Km-lu, llluilyr Schmiilt, I5l':xm'i:- ,In-nkina, Murgm-riti- llztytnn, I.m1i-v I, VX R1-mn, Mary xIl'II1Ij'!'l', Ifdythc I,mvry I I Hntlwm Ixhml: Mary Spzinhling. Richziril Ilnrris, Miss linynull Iiilwry, Miew I'n'1'1lin- IIz1nn:m. Rznyiiimi-I ' I I uiillvx, I7l'iL'4I:l Ifit-gm-I I Q I ii , 'rx I Q The Touchstone Club If M Hia Imiclistunc L luh has zttteinptctl to cmnhinc social zictivitics with tlrznnaticx LD this year. Ifm' its meetings the chih was chvirlecl into grmips, unc pi'm'irIing cntertziiinnciit, the other refrcslnnents. Iiarly in the semester tht- inc-inherf I It V' CllfCl't1lIIN'KI the school in ztsseinhly with :1 p0I'f0I'l11Zll1CC uf "'I'ickIcss 'l'iniC," fl 'fm ' clever mme-:ict cmncclv written hx' Susan lilzispell and directed hx' Miss Ilannztn. , Iwi' two untstzulding social events thc chih nnitecl with the 5I'l2lIiChlK'1lI'CZllI Ln'cIt-. A tirst for at Christtnas party at Miss II:1nnz1n's somrity. :intl in the spring :L dznict- I' I in Vztttengill .Xuclitoriunt it IN In the second scinester thc chih presented its st-crmrl play under thc mlircctiun - Q, of Miss Iftnerv. 'Iihis was 'XXII llinninctl hp," hx' firilmhle, :md the cast was :ts A . , '. , - Q. . . ' 1 1 v tullnwsz K.Im'1z1, I' ric-du I' lcgeli I Ienriettzi, hlzulys 5CIHl1HI1 llzirtlvtt, Xurinzin tt ' Sniithg iieoffwy, I'anl CIIVISIIIIZISI Minter, Dan IIZHIZIQZIII, U I uififiviiits ,J V lfilivl .x't'un'xli'f' .S't't'nn1l Xt'l!lt'.Yfi'7' . Rxvxinxn XYixiss . ..., l'1'r.vit1'rr:I .. Rivxinxiv XYINHN IQ Irkll-ZIV.-X Iflmzril. .. ... I'it'i'-fir't'.vifln1I .. .,. RIVIIAIQII Iirmii- tt It I,lll'lSI-I Rmxls ,.. ... .S'vrri'tm'-i- ... ,. Mxux' Sv.xi'i.inxi. L, 'l'nnxi.xs lxukul ...,.... 'l'1'i't:,vrm'i' .... .. ,. I'.R.XNt'ls ,Itaxmws Y I"AL'L'l.'I'Y AIJYISICIQS I A Miss liriiclcxliii Mifs Ilxvxi-Ql.i. Iixit-,kv II I Q-bf YS. Q n 'J f 4 I-, QP ,Wwu:'CjY'G UXff5xMc X1 V. 13,43 if 7- qv? Q ,QXHEI-jx ,Q Qt qyy, Q S1 f' :gn Izlghlx- fin' 1 6'l' Q A WND!" -.. .---.-Z..... - il' - 1 , . X -if H T 'W g Lf Cgifig N gi' Jil: ,.e4.L l "' ' J' ' " T' - " "' ,. Q , 'F Ti-WST!" 'VT X ML--.eee A--+4f Luz -K -,.,..- .. f l Mgr 9. X . -15..4.x .af 3 'A A' 7' 'Y-lf' 9 f Y-5 -H i ' Al W V- -V V Y 1 H Y- V J 1 ' P ' . i it , v A X ' L-fl VJ! l ll .l 2? '4 N, . ' 1 X ,llxf Ml gl . . Y A 'I lf N! 4 'ii 1' -f f' , ' ll 4 lv . mi 'K ff Y P ly ig, . H t M i X rl fi x ' K, l . 'x " 1 M , fr . K. . , ' l 5 5 V Inf' lx'1m': l'x-:url l4'l1ClCllIlH1'l'. l'lI'llllL'L'N Nl:u1clustr'r. Nlzwgziret Norton. Ilrm-e l'rulut. Nlrirv lluuli-tim, lim- KJ K Stallire lllzllu-ly, .l:ix'mlm'li1xe llrzllu' V , i f .Xulwirrii lx'1m': Xlziry Spznllcling, 4ir:iee llumlwrt. lfvelyu Szlwyvr. llvlli XYQ-luster, lmiiism' Ywplvl. l li'll'Il 4 C H - XX elmrr. .lean lfiigzirnl. Xlziry .xllSllUl1ak' ' r-1 lflzril lx'ff:.': llilcln llnaln. llllris ll:-mum, Xlnry XV:-luster, Alezm Yun l'lc:-if, llntly limwllrlli. listlier liunklv, U I :lcwm-l llzllilv. Nlzlrie .Xlilu-1 ll, . X flf Ilnm li'4m': lhvrfrllly lu-Iuln'l'. llarls Nkuilliliilgh Iii-:ivnillllxilnlcr. Xirgiilizl llrzlwl. klzim- l.:lim1, Him 1ll:l4lyQ ,I ll g zz 1 we , my is .utes . Q 'w i if Th 'i 1 e 0 onna e ub . W If. 1 Q-J ICKIHICRS of the Llmluiiiizule Chili have fouucl the program of the year of ul if exceccling interest :mfl pruht tu lliemselres. Cluh meetings were hi-mmithlv. K ' Xt the lirxt uf thege the girls lrul "charm" nieelinfw 9:1 l'-'- l ' ' ' X -U - D . . - N.. .lcaxciwwio were :I Q1 2l1llll1IAI'llIt'S 'mm pzxrticular zitlrilmtes to Il eliznrmmg persmizllity were invitecl to lencl X ' 'Y' the lllSk'll5fl1lllN. llK'X'L'l1llllllClll ut Worlcl lelluwgluly waf the purpose of the secfmfl ,Q Q2 meeting ul ezlch memth. .AX chnner typical ul some fnreign country was aerved ut ' gg the hmiie ul si memlrer. .XllCl'VVIlT1l.' the girla fliselifserl the custnniis :tml char- i Y X zlcteristics ut that particulzlr cuuiitrv. ' rl Qg The uutstnmling event uf the year was the lli-Y-L'ulmmnzule Dance, which at Wili SllCli6SSl1lll5'.glY6ll mi lXOYC'llll1Cl' 22. .XS Z1 cmiimumty activity, the cluh sup- I-"Q QW! plum-tl il tmmly ot tive chilflren with milk for the year, :mel presented them with 5 gills :lt Qliristnms. Representzitives :mel zulvisers of the urganizzttimi atlenflecl the T 5 ANY State liirl Reserves Lunfereiiue at lietrml, lfehruzlry 8 zmrl 9. This influenced ,YQ S' the -llfgillllllltlflll to hecmiie nthliaterl with the lnternzllimial Girl Reserves organ- ' AQ imtnm. sul 'iw lll"lflL4liRS i' ' l"1:r.viu'r11l. ..... ............ . . XYIRMI Nl x llumm . Iqm'-f1'4'.v11iw11l. . . ..... ,IA Nia l.,xiNG K .fl'rn'l411Qx' ...... ..... ........ . . l'1liRNli l'.xl.x11-LR I I M-lg l'n'u..v111'l'1' .... .......,........ . . Li.,-xlels SP.xui.1Nfp y Q AIJVISICRS Q f' l-'mwllvx' .-lrl:'1'.wr ..,.... ............. . ..M1ss Gi.-mrs C.x1,Im'12L1. li 6 l. ll'. ff pl. .l1l':'1'.w1'. ., ...Miss li1,17.-xmfril l3l'RnESS , ,.,. . li .L45 2' .0 ,f Aa x J,w 4fJw"' Xxxhk MQ Nr ,fix 5. A 'Y 1' f .f Ma' , 4 f L, -wx C X. XX f - l X .X Li 'ff' .fig 102 "fPQf" f- vi Q it x ' 1' l- " L.-e W ff . 1'f:,qw 1'ilfQ1lf-X".'ll' 1 1 fx Y V 1,111 s xt XV, X ' A an N N, -- f f f--LT -LN 1 ,f 7 A , ---.Z - -.-- ggi 1 ' -' Q'f,T?" -, 11 Q J 11 ' Q- J, "ijW'j W, ,1 ' H' 6 A -1' f' x lu, , Jb, 'Y - 7" 5 Q ,5 vw-XJ-NTD K' If X ' V1-D R A Q 'KJ' P K J-eh fs 1 -X f 5 11., .f 'Lf Xfsgf' + QQ ',- 4E....1.XL, CC, LV r',r::Y, 4, -:'Lfwf'm ,j,X,, Y f , WW - If Y N J, , -Y 11 ff f, kd tl'X Q ftil .X 1 , H 1 F , 1 wt 1 , ff 'W A l fb lj' D K ll N if" 'L 5 ill 1,1 ' wx Nw 1 1, xx ,. V 1? tl X . 1,1 , ,M I fx 1 H I '71 1 1 l Y1 1 ' H 1 ,., X ' f'11l' lx'11:.': lltninltl l.:1rn1t-e, flztytmi lT:11'im-Q, ll:111y Xlnttllt-115. l'l1:1st- 'll-:mln-lt. lfurl l'reh11. Rum' l'1':1y. X i 1 I'11.l-- 11114 l '1 lJ11l11i1' lien-: Xu1'111:111 Smith. .X11tl11111y Stxtrlt. lhniiie tlnrltliy IM111 l,itt1'1-1-. l.11111'y Ku-l:111. tit-time l.11tl1--1 AX !t,1fi.1111 l1'1f:1': Xlr. xlIlL'lillllllt'l'. 'liltetitltwe liilllll. I.o11ix l':11'kt-1', N11'l1q11-il t':1rl1eek. lit-111111111 H111-L , X ., ' 0 1 'Q X. The H1-Y Club i 14 'X N 1 . il, SA Illi Ili-Y stztrtecl the year with the 11111111111 lbIl1l1lllL'l :1t the Y. Nl. C. AX., Due 111 g1':1cl11:1ti1111 the chili l1:11l been I't'1lllCL'tl i11 size. llllf :lt the e111l uf the tirst " QA semester 1111 i11itiz1tiu11 was heltl :111rl l-Ul1l'll'Cll new I11L'lIlllC1'S were t:1ke11 111. 1- 116 .-Xl11111t eight 111e111l1e1's jllUI'l1Cj'l'tl to lifilllfl Rupimls to the Stzltc llnys' liflIll.CI'Cl1l'C 1 5 'Y heltl 1l111'i11g lllix 'l'l1:111ltsgi1'i11g lwlitlzlys. This was the biggest :mtl liest Cfllll-t'l'Cl1CC if that has e1'e1' been heltl i11 Nliehigzm by fl buys' g1'111111. ' LX 'l'l1e lli-Y-t'11lt11111:11le flzmee. ll fe:1t111'e tif tl1e fel1uol's stieinl activities, was ' given i11 Nm'e111I1e1' lllltlkxl' tl1e j11111t :111s111ees uf tl1e Ili-Y :mtl L'f1l111111:1cle lillllli. The :111tli11+1'it1111 was clee111':1te1l ill 'l'l1:111kfgi1'i11g style. with mil :md pwket fences lf, cl gixing it :1 rustic setting. I11 the fpring ll e:11111e 11111. 1111 UYCI'-lllgllt hike. :mtl :1 ,' 'l t ' picnic etntipletetl the 1'ee1'ez1ti1111 11rc1g1':1111. 'lihese were 1'e1'1' Sl'lL'CL'S5llll :mtl l1r1111gl1t N Q1 llllx 111e111lme1's i11t11 clmei' l1'ie11clNl1i11. l.L'Cllll'C5 :tt I'L'Q1llZlI' meetings were suppliefl wl dl ln' tliversitiecl lueul t:1le11t. "il 1. A ' h K 1 N i .1 11111t was fy ' l11'1'.1'l .v1'u1t'.vl1'1' Xtmfzzfl .1'1'm1'.tl.'1' - ll XRRY t',1R11.1 N ,. .. l'r1'.tid1'ul .. .,,. l.111'1s l'.x1eK1,k 'FQ R W1-3 lik-XY ....,,. . l'11'1'-f'1'1'.vi1!1'11l .. . lQ1t'11,ftk11 li.1XRllht'K lt, R1t'11 11:11 likklil-It 14 . .. .3ir'V!'t'ft!l',l' .. .. K1ixN1-1'1'11 Mm K L1 1 1 XXYILI 1 1 Nl .I1'11s1w .. .....,.. 'l'1'1'11.Q1n'1'1' .. ,.,.. .. T111-1111111141-1 K.11.1'2 . . . ,. . v . . '1 l l' l-.AM Ll.l1 AlJX'lSl'.R lx D MR. H1-'111e1,1-1 M.1xt'Kx111.1.1-111 1 . l , H , ,LB fm X 0 kg V6 it iff?" if KC jxfwf 'Nfl H131 f Ci "CY e- ff' jf fin - P ff- lm Q fx ff,-Q f -,BXXJ 1 l.1gr Eighty .vrrrn I f 1? QMQG U' x Q x kj B e lf- X K ' ' f Db Ju Du L l 'yi if G-X -P QQ AeA P A f ,Q 5 A fx .QJ?if, CY TJ, . W it , f vT..4H fi D - -- 1 I . tk KL L 9 l K-n .Xe Xb A 1' f 1 Mfg N I n b tx UD 4 il D w 'Ill r U in l I lc n I V v i i D X Url, u 'l'oj' lfnzv: Russell llunnalmck, Ilruce llick, .Xrthur t'arstcns. .Xngclo Storti. limncis jenkins. 'l'ln-oflore U? D X lialnz, Roderick Norton. Soorcn ,Xratoon .llzfidlw lforwz james Nichols, Irving Cielfond, Francis llothwell. XYilliam Xlunn. Xliss l.ona 'l'inkh:nn, Xliss . .Xnna Steele. .Xlexander Bladero, llavid Nelson l X. liolfom Nuff: .Xrthur llauaxlus, lliouisio l':xSin'g, Virilio llufnno, llarry Kzlsahacll, -lmnvs 1'ouover, l'n'lv-rin r wx .Xhordo. Francisco llotimas Ill D . . . The Forelgn-Amerlcan Club y . .. 'pl lltlljtill the problem of establishing good-will hetween nations and races U Q, usually seems to he one with which only diplomats are essentially concerned. Nl .Xnn .Nrlior High School is participating in tlns work through its Foreign- A ' . . fs . . . . . f ' .XIllCl'lL'2ll'l Lluh. lhe memherslnp of the club is composed ot foreign students and D N a numher of Xmerican hoys who are representative of the youth of this country. pi livery month an informal social gathering is held at the home of one of the uv memhers. lliscussions and explanations of the customs of their respective coun- ' tries hy the foreign lmoys help to establish a mutual understanding. Thus the ,X X w .-Xmerican memhers olmtain a more sympathetic outlook toward foreign nations, and t x their families and friends are also influenced. I 5 l,ast fall the clulm was host to the Champion lloy Urators of North .XIllCYlCZl.. l' , Q who stopped here to speak while on a tour of the continent. .X luncheon was given vi them in the Russian Room at the Klichigan l.eag'ut- lillllfllllg. in conjunction with Q V y the Student Council. 0 h L Un March -l the organization celebrated its seventh hirthday anniversary with N a dinner. llliss lidith Hoyle, founder of the cluh. was the guest of honor. 'l'oasts fl' ' were presented in the form of a telephone exchange, blames Conover and james lt Nichols as active memlmers and Kenneth Horton and Sammy tlos as alumni ex- Q l chanffinfr calls. . f h h Q A L ,ur Ulfl'll HKS l'n'.riz1'w11t ...... ... .. .............. .... l lxiuav K.XS.Kl4pXlAll Q l l'in'-fu'v.vu1varf .................................... lx was lillNIlX'l-lk 'l lfrirnlfy .'lr1'-:'1.wr.v. . .Miss l.oNA t'. 'l'rNKn.xx1. Miss .3xNN.X H. S'1'lci-11.141 c AMSKZX 15.13 5 'flxihf wire 'NSW .cg J . ,Q If ' 1 ck ' f X s-, -0 'J ,. -1 ,, XX L, K L., . ex L .1 H- G- W' L- P 'os 'r 'X .-fsr .9fe,N "Vs, 1 .-' l'u,+'i' lf1'gl1IVr-r1,u1zf s mi if OM6GAif'3'- it gcfmvie' P A ,Q , A rfvsfwseer G1 D vi K? ix D D I 1? 1 V I V iN ff D X U i 'J Q Cf i 1 i it 5 Q V TN r lv v il h I 6 'Ii'!' lfnw: Miss Mahlc Yan lilcck, Mi-s lda Srliaihlc. Miss Sarah lic,-n yd l?ollinu lfirfr: lfslllci' llroun. Mzlrggarcl Norton, Ilclcn llnscli. lfstlicr liili.l-ali' 9 ll The Girls League llli tiirls' League makes possihlc a closer contact among high school girls. lt therefore helps to create a friendlier atmosphere in school life. The lirst meeting of the year, held in Pattengill .Xuditorium. was a very clever field mect. The girls were divided into teams representing different schools. Contests consisted of such events as disc hurling iusing paper platesi, and javclin throwing. in which thc javclins were fashioned of paper. These were amusing and entertaining to all who were present, t ine other meeting was the occasion for a play, "l'ocyhontas," presented hy a group of alumnae. l.ater programs consisted of dances at which refreshments were served. The Fancy Dress l'arty. an animal atifair for the girls of the school. was sponsored hy the Girls' l.cague. .Xt one meeting in spring, Miss Xohle addressed the girls on the subject of Spain, whilc the last party of the ycar was a dance to which the hoys were invited. The session-room teachers are the excellent advisers of this social organization. OFITILAERS I'rc.tidr1iI ..,... ............ . . M .xkiaixki-TT NURTON I'ici'-fv-cx1'41mi1. . . .... Ilrzmzs Bvscu .Yi'crvtiir,i' ...... Ifsrniik BRowN Trcamzrcr. . . ............................, lisrnm Kl'NKI.FI lfAtfL'I.TY ADVISERS Miss Sumn Ki-:tax Miss M.xm.i-1 XYAN Kmzizx Miss lm St'H,XlliI.l-I 'l Pagz- Eighiy-nine ws' ww fy Q Q tx x Q kj UK Q XN xx H1 W' 7 L I f ff X. N! ATHLQTUCS fx X, std M' I 'in . , 2 1.4, 1. -un '. .-.-' gf. Ev' ,L x , . fx. ldv uw .,. . . 4 -K ,-'V ,:. . , . , w LA, -A . i .xi 1 Y, 1 Tv. .vw- k,,, A e 1 , ,., Q I '. f. ,X .1 vg ,-,W ,. ,Eb Q..-. wb2ief,.,pii. A f.m',af A :HI'5g:'1.QiQ?,,:' ,, SQL-', A 1 , f n 1 1 ws ' ' ' '5"lf:?I?+N 21", 51.1 . w ,L .v ,VAL mx f K -,-I ,2.: .7 5 Q : 13m V 1 fx 1,- W-' 1 1 1 O ,w C , Af -f- ,Qt 'ix Q' J Qi' Q jgfw x yeh if .f'if-e-::V-f- . - , J -r J , X 1 . ,- I 'X fb ,A M ,K iiyu: ?'-I Xi . 9 Ag'-c-Q12 , L I 1 , R ., f ,, J N, 1' . ,X X 5' by v- ef ,yi Ax . 3 1, KJ an 1 e v e-Q 4'-e e ee +-v KK I I X 'N 1 ee 1 1. X x . ,lil-l 14 1 1 z 1 l l Xl PM I ff ,l1f 1 ll 1 1 'N .J l l tx!! eil xx 1, 1 -, 11. l 11 ld My gl," X .75 9 .1 , 1 . 1 PX l 1 ll l U , . My 1 ' l ,, , l,1'r11y .Xl1-x:1l11l11', lion l.l1l1'11'. lll1'l1:11'1l llurris. ll:111 i':11l:1g:1'1 ll! 1 . I 1 1' 1 ll N , ll QR 1 1 'l Cd 1 'ws ' 1 Q, The Lheer Leaders ,Mlm . N 1 L1 -7 IIIS 31-1111 Xllll ,xl'll1ll' was 1'1'p1'11s1-1111111 lmy Zlll lllllhllllllj' lim- s1l11:11l 111 1'l11'111'- 1 ' l1':11l111's. Ii1'111'y lllll' 111' the s1111:11l l1:11l l1z11l lllll' yc:11"s 1-xpc1'i1'111'1- 111- 111111'1'. :1111l l' kd :1I 1-x1-ry:1tl1l1'ti1'1'1111t1'f1 111' 111-11 111C1'ti11g l11'l1l in .xllll .X1'l1111' 111 lC1lSl tw11 uf ilu' lu, X1 . - ' . . .1 lnms 11'1-1'1- 1111 l1:1111l. Fllllll' 111 1l11'111 :1ls11 :11'1'1111111z11111-1l tl11- 11-11111 111 s1-v1-1':1l 111 lllll 3 l ' . l if 11111-111-1111111 QZIINCS. L'l11-1'1'l1-:11ll11g iw 1'1111si1l1'1'1'1l lvy lllllllj' Il tl1:111l4l1-ss julu, :1111l 1l11- rc-sults ul tl11' 1-ll'111'1w 111' tl11- s1111:11l :11'1- 11111 :1lwz1w 1'1'1'11g11izQ1l :1111l :1pp1'1'1'1:111'1l: lllll 111-x'1'1'1l11-lcsi W , I : I I , l L'Yl'l'j' lllgll s1'l11111l :1tl1l1'I11 1'111'11g111z1's tl11's1' x':1l111's, :1111l the tv:1111s 111 tlw s1'l11111l A -1l 1'1-1'1z1i11lx' :1ppr1'1'i:111'1l 1l11' 1-11tl111siz1f111 z1111l 111-p uf 1l11- x'1'll111:1Q11-11 tl11'1111gl11111t 1l11- N1 ' v l ,,--1 N1'l11111l Y1'11I'. M 1, ' '1 ' 'U' M1 ,lsll1S B'l'2ll' t1x'1' lmys. llzm K':11lz1gz111, l.clQ1my ,XlCX1l111lCI', llllll l.i1t1-cr. lQlCllIll'Il ll g llllI'I'l5,1lIlll lqllyllliillfl XX'1111's, l'llIlllll'lSL'4l 1l11- s1111:11l. llilll 1':11l:1g:111 111111 l.l'lqlI3' , .'Xl1-x:1111l1'1' will 1'1't111'11 11511 llllCll'l15 fm- llL'Xl ye:11"f g1'1111p, :1111l lllk' S1111l11111 l'1111111'il. 11'l1i1'l1 is l2ll'Ql'lX 1'1'fp1msil1l1' fm' tl11- 111:1i11t1'11:1111'c 111' Il 1'l11-1'1'fl1':11li11g 11-11111. l111p1-s 1,11 A 111 :111g'1111-111 tl11' Fllllllfl 1'1111si1l1'1'z1l1ly. Q 1 l Q! 1 f fr ,, f f ff eff - - - -- - Q V A -will 7' diy, ,ef wwe 1O+'1 WX 1 1 W if - lf 111111 .. ff- J' 1,4 1 "ffi:.4f-lie J XX e 1 ,. ixxrl 1 llULfl' ,X'111.'IyIhrr1' .T Y , , Y w 1 Y l 1 i Y i I 1 3 z ! I I I 1 V 4, , ,Y i V , K., l'ugu .'X':11wfAv-fu -IA - AVI ,,- . ,-1. fl f 5 1 , J f--f 1 , ., ,H ., 1 H I. , V Pl -T-,Z 4 .1 I 1 g uf -ff. ' , g-t:7 ...,,, -1 5,12 .1-'N -Q .- 1-4 kgg : ,- .1-- Q -'1 Q' 'Z fn :'-11.7 :.1'p 1 gi- , 1, .' -" 5' DLT- : 21,1 - ., ., fx, .- gg, 1, -, J H -., uv- A ' ,lt ... .1 1 TAS .. S 4 ,i L-J 1 1. g - Qt .1 lg 2. -1 ' 3 -V , ,y N N 5 E E A N -TQ ,. X . C -4, I ' K ' r A F ,:' 9 A 5 y ,t Q 93 3 A ', J D Football HEN Coach Hollway issued his first call for football candidates, a record- breaking squad of over sixty players reported. Prospects were very bright until two mainstays of the team, Howard Brown, regular fullback, and Francis jenkins, veteran center, were reported ineligible. These two losses forced the coaches to rejuvenate the entire center of the line and to find another capable back. However, in the first game Ann Arbor swamped Durand 91 to O as the whole first squad saw action. This game will go down on the record books as a 1 to O defeat, since Howard Brown played although he was ineligible. In the second battle Ann Arbor played Muskegon, the 1928 State Champions, and lost 17 to 6. It was unfortunate that Ann Arbor was forced to meet such strong opposition so early in the season, but nevertheless the Hollwaymen gave a good account of themselves. "Al" Novack played a fine game for the locals. The next week a battered Ann Arbor eleven took a trimming from Battle Creek, 13 to 0. Inability to check a dark-complexioned gentleman by the name of Dozier caused the Ann Arbor downfall. ' Then the team came back, trimmed Ypsilanti 23 to 0, and trounced Pontiac 27 to 14. In the Pontiac game Ann Arbor displayed a strong attack, and two touchdowns, the direct results of passes in the last seven minutes of play, gave Ann Arbor her third victory of the season. Next Ann Arbor journeyed to Flint and lost, 21 to 7. Reynolds, the Flint All-State back, was the star of the game, while Nott and Mayfield played well for the Purple. The following week Ann Arbor took her worst beating of the season at the hands of Lansing Eastern by a score of 25 to 0. ' Then Ann Arbor revived and trimmed the strong Saginaw invaders 19 to 13. Before the game Saginaw was a top-heavy favorite, but Ann Arbor displayedher best form of the season to win handily and stop Petoskey, All-State end. Sager, Mayfield, and Captain Conover played fine games in the -line, and Nottf Pegan, and Novack starred in the backfield. i In the final game against jackson the Hollwaymen lost,13 to 0 as the result of two bad breaks which resulted in Jackson touchdowns. The game was played in zero weather on the historic Ferry Field gridiron. The letter winners include Captain J. Conover. C. Conover, O. Cope, Mayfield, Schneeberger, Darling, Matthews, Sager. H. Brown, Nott, Pegan, Novack. Ser- geant, Judson, Nichols, Stein, Weicl, and-Zahner. Erwin Kapp was manager. Those returning next year include Brown. Conover, Cope, Darling, Schneeberger, Stein, and Weid. At a meeting of the lettermen at the end of the season it was decided toelect no captain for next year. Q I x l V-a 1,1 " - XR , 9 Q Q, 4... sf rs " -.L ff .s ff or -M Q Y- ' 5 - Page Ninety-five bs u g ,sf ' Q , a s Q J J A, Q! ,N X .X AXE "-1 Chlml A L ffpf KD 'K .pi 'T ,1,, if f, if Q ,fps J Y ff- ,YW ivfffl-if-of ' if S, ' mxbfyf f- misty' H? x..ff.ffTL.f", LQKJFK 'J , 1 f X ' W X A. L w' v il.. -AX ' u KJ ,- ? , --,Ai----Q -- D ,RA 31 . , 'Y Y MY 'V Q'-' ,, , in if e-e ee 'e e ee H , .. ff - 1' L 1 A li i he le , N i 3 1 'eh xii H A p f ,V Um D N Q 7 C X mix ,DJ Q U lex? .P L ,Xi wi will Cir YQ' ly 7. , I , ,, A ,. . . r . 4 A, ,N "f' lV'7l'- RUN-'lil llll'lu'l.ll1lhilr Nlaeldirvli. lillljl htm-h, .Innus Illrkry. 1.4-uluk' liurkv. Klux Nlellrnry, J' " X liuderlek Nurtflll , ,X .N'i'rnl1ii lx':1Tx'I l':ml Faris, .Xlfreil 'lim1ey, Rayliwliml Yogel, l.:iwl'em'e l"reenI:in, l"r:lm'iQ lhuive tllxzirlil, I ,fs l'i4lw:lx'1l St'l1Ilt'lll4'l'. i'i'41wfm'1l, Rzilluli Steeh. xxllllillll lhivlield 31 my 'llliril' lx'im': ,lnhn Stark, 'I'ln-ndnre lillllll, Sznn Nlnnnnery, Nielinrd I.nndgren i4'a1vt:unl, Xl-vrlia Kim-ntlizil, l linuglfu Reading, lizirl Layton ' Rl lfutfwul Note: lfrwin Iizipp lNl:ill:u4m'ri, Rude- lilziy, XY':iltex' Nlzxlilke, Ili-rl1:irvl Shun. I lair lhllliill. Ni-il l'i-pe l W Reserve Football i XE IIIS yenrk seeund tezini, nnder the tutelage ul Uizleli lfrznieix Vniie. played Il . " schedule nf live UZIIIICS. of which it won une, tied une, :ind lim three. llmv- V 6 6 Y 4 ever. only une nl the detezlts eonld he classed as HX'Cl'XYllClIllIllg. :ind the record ll N is nut at all had, taking' everything into eonsirlerzitimi. The Reserves were greatly hzxndieaimed hx' luck uf size, heinff untweiifhed hr ezieh of their nimnents. hnt 5 l , r- rx . V y nevertheless they prnred tu he Il snnnd tuolhzill team, well versed in the fnndzi- 'I Q inentzils of the Qznne. li ' , . . , , . . , , . 1 U lhe hrst UHIIIC was lust tn St. lhmnzis hx' Il score nl Cm tw U, lhe fzline was ll, ' X . 5. . . . ' , ' . . U U mlzived in :1 drizzle and ennclitums nnderlnnt were verx' had. lhe mnntinff nt ll A ' ' bl X Schneider was the ieatnre tor .Xnn .Xrhur. The next -fznne went to L helsea hv :i lil 'J Pu . score nt 42 In 0. lfullnvving this, the reservee eznne hack, detezited Nlzmehester 13 SX tu fi, and tied Vinekney U In O. .Xnn .Xrhur had the hull inside uf l'inekneyR ten- u N yard line when the grune ended. .X retnrn game was played with Lhelsezi and L' the Reserves shnwed nineh iinproveinent in holding Chelsea to 'i 25 tn 3 victory, Q y i A 'l 1 0,2 Que Aff Ze na ,Q fi Q, ?.G5 fx bx. 'Q lege- + -A Page ,Yziivly-sl'.x 1 I z f w U c, a li oivyeofsl-gi'l?3ssev---we gQ,4Q.f:Gf: A , A e PM it PM fl D W K Q U. 4 V. b I iv K v 9 D i ' 1 lor Row: Iidwin Place, L'mu'ad We-lke, enarli Ryan, Nlcryl llraper. La Ycrne Packruwl D . W .lliddlc Rajiv: George l'roinn'ell, Karl Krueger. Robert Ilannnial. lloh Pierson l Bottom Rafe: lirwin Krueger, Kenneth Tutllill, Iloyt Serris, Floyd Wakefield, xvillllllll Nlclfall D Cross Country 'B C11 lllf 1929 cross country season was rather badly broken up, due to the fact D that Ypsilanti and Pontiac, both of whom had contracts to meet .Xnn .Xrbor, did not sponsor cross country this year. and did not notify Coach Ryan in D time for him to schedule other schools. Ann Arbor had only one dual meet before entering the regional meet where r she took third place. She won the mcet from Dearborn, which was run on the home course on October 12. by the close score of 28 to Zo. ln this meet Kenneth 3 N Tuthill was the hrst to cross the line for .Xnn .Xrbor, and he was followed by Bob Q Pierson, Floyd XYakelield, George Cromwell, and lidwin Place. ln the regional meet held at lfordson on November Z, lloyt Servis was the hrst to finish for Ann lx Arbor, followed by XYilliam Mclfall, llob Pierson, Floyd XYal:elield, and lirwin Krueger. V Letter winners include Serris, XYalce-lield, Tuthill, Klclfall, Pierson, from- well. Place. and Erwin Krue-fer. ol' whom the followinf will return next fall as s in 2 a nucleus for a new team: Servis, Pierson, Cromwell and Place. Coach Ryan de- serves congratulations for his success in coaching .Nnn .-Xrbor cross country teams p for the past four years. 6 c li ,l 1 u Y l ny' l M U c l 0 d u Q4 -A ul Y Q, 5, QQ 5.465 65 ,wc - f f' p V' G' 4- Q 45 A vi Y 'Q "' 'B "1 1'ng.' ,X'l'v1t'ly 5t'2'r'n w 1 , x Yu -' N V x .I 4 w , . 3 H N Y if i X f O 1 ll 4 1 ,, ' W 'J 4 J I i J Rf Ai V! LI A f XL Uil 4 I ww, A' fw 6 X Qi! 'ls K,k,.,,2fTi,'VNg-A4 ,l', ' lX.....glf "'C'iQS,:i ii gi A ' A ' A X. l'u1.f' Wm!!! L - L 'A '- , P- A TX A XQXGY r Y ' 1 ' K I T' Jr' 53 1 2 2 g y EQQQE CJ 3555 Q-gt' x P an p I 5 as, A, Q I S 'Q Basketball HE outstanding athletic team of 1929-1930 was the basketball squad, which rolled up fifteen straight victories, won the regional tournament, and went to the semi-finals of the state competition before bowing to the ultimate state champions in a game played at the Olympia in Detroit. This remarkable record is the finest in the history of the school, surpassing the mark of the great 1926 team. which won fourteen consecutive games under the leadership of LaVerne Taylor. now assistant coach. In the opening game Ann Arbor lost to a fast Alumni five by a score of 30 to 25. The Purple was handicapped by the loss of Co-captain Douglas Nott' who was unable to take part in the opening game. In the first scholastic contest the Hollwaymen defeated Fordson, 22 to 20. Then U. of D. High was conquered on the home court, 30-16, as the team hit its stride. The next week found it off form, but it won from Lansing Central by a last minute rally. 13-11. For the fourth victory Ann Arbor journeyed to jackson and handed fthe Vikings the worst trouncing they ever received, 35 to 10. In his last game for the Purple, Bob Mayfield put up a wonderful game at center. The second semester Port Huron fell, 19-15, in a game which saw the debut of Pete Raftopulos. Following this Ann Arbor went on a two-game trip to Muskegon and Lansing and returned with their sixth and seventh victories re- spectively. Muskegon lost, 23-12: and Lansing Eastern fell, 18-15, in a hard- fought battle. Next Battle Creek was defeated by the brilliant Purple five, 39-16. Between them, Doug Nott and Bill Pegan piled up 28 points, as Zahner starred on defense. Then the Hollwaymen went on the road again and added two more victories at the expense of Bay City and Flint. Ann Arbor trimmed the strong Nevittmen, 28-13, and then beat Flint Central, 23-15, Al Novack starring. For the last home stands the locals played wonderful ball in smothering Ypsi- lanti and Saginaw Eastern. The reserves played the entire second half as Ypsi- lanti lost, 31-9: and the Purple won from Saginaw, 33-9, in the following game which marked the last appearance on the home court for four of the five iron men Bill Pegan Doug Nott -Xl lNovack and Pete Zahner Then Ann Arbor entered the regional tournament at Lansing and again trimmed jackson and Lansing I-.aastern to win the first regional title for Ann Arbor smce 1926 Jackson fell 23 14 and Eastern was whipped in the finals 23 16 After this Ann Arbor entered the state tournament and won the first game from Detroit Southwestern 24 14 The following night the winning streak was broken by the powerful Detroit Northern quintet who later won the cham pionship The score was 30 16 The letter men include Douglas Nott William Pegan Peter Zahner Alvin Sager Russell Dunnaback James Hickev and Charles Menefee Those remain mg for next year include Captain elect Raftopulos Tupper Brown Hickey and Dunnaback U bv -s a Yi Novack, Robert Mayfield, Peter Raftopulos, Ronald Tupper, Boyd Brown: Parke V . D I Q J so ' I, sl " I 's ,, .X k s x Q A.. -' '- ,, ' - I ' , Q A .. ' A , - Page Ninety-n 'nt Q I 1-1 L1 1 QMQG QR Mlff 11 I 'JE YLQLEPU 'ND 'O 3 A S Ji -'-N-A F- -M nf- -AT V Y Y, if 47,7 E , ,vi I, X kd. QQ , 1 me , - m -ff PYYJV 1-K X 1 A I ,J 5 'X-. ft qvfygxgi, 5 1'?f-:Z'5e.. MELYTYKQ - W" 'i ' ' 1 f 3- " , W li 19 11 ffl 1 7 gt fl KK tsl, V1 ', -51 14 1 6 1 v , 1 ' ll X I A. K1 W 1 1 5 1 11 s D 1'illQ 1 K W , V! Vlx 1 1' xg' V X Y 1 WX ' ' , ', 1111 ,W 1 1 yg 11, U' 'Q i' TNI' lx'nr1'I llt'I1l'j' ll:11'li111:, R11l11'1't Nlulhia, lf1':1111'is xlcvlkilix 4Xl:111:1gL'1'1. l411:11'11 1111-flnlixxwg. XYm1cl1'11x1 XY,11'1l, X 1 l'1'c'1'1 i'1111111'L'1' I 1' 13111111111 l1'wr1': 1Yil1iz1111 Smith. l'lk'1'l'lN 4l1'1111i11g1-, 1f1lw:11'1l Svlivluillm-1', liirlliilwl l.11111lu11-11, lflt'll11l'Il XYl1111' ll XY W1 ,lx V1 :Q Q 1 1 Til Y, Reserve Basketball 1 1, . 'C UM 1111 lllf 10311 1'csc1'x'e l1z1s1i1-1111111 tc:1111 11111410 2111 Q-11x'iz111lc 1'9L'lll'Kl. losing l111t unc 1 1 X g11111l' 1111t uf 11i11c, 111 the t11'st game it rlelczlterl 151111151111 l-1 to 61, Next it F gi 110111 t11 llCl1'll1t 211111 expc1'ie11cc1l little c1i1lic111ty 111 t1'i111111111g tht- Lf 111- 17. 1 11 lligh 5t'l'l11lKlS, 31 t11 11, 'l'hc 1tJll1IXX'111g wvclc the 1'cs1-1'x'es 11101 thc st1'1111g' l.I111S1l1Q' ll! U tlc11t1':11 1'CSC'1'X't'S 111111 w1111 out 111 the clusing 111i1111te4 111' play, 1-1-11. 'lil1i'11 1111- 1' 'N 1 scc111141 tt-11111 j11111'111-ycfl lll .lz1c1m111 111111 l11'1111g11t 11z1c1i :1 17-12 x'c1'11i1't. 1' 1Yhilc' thc first tc:1111 was t1'i111111i11g' l,111'1 lllll-llll, the lin-sc-1'vc-s c11g':1g'cr1 the ' lx Y. Nl. C. ,Y l'1'e11a :1t thc 1110111 Y. Nl. C. .X., :1111l W1111 35-.27 111 1111 r1x'Crti111C l1z1tt11'. iff 'lihc 111-xt week the sec11114ls 11101 St. 'l'1111111z1s High 111111 W1111 :11111tl1c1' thrilling gzmw ffl Q X .23-22. Nc-xt thc 1'CSl'1'YCS lust tu 11211116 tf1'ce1i 111' Z1 scnre 111 31 tu 23, 1"r11lr1wi11g 1 ill 11 this they Cilllll' l12lL'li In win 1111111 the Y11sil:111ti sc-c1111cls :111rl tht' Y 'll111ir11's. Ypei ful l lust 3?-17 :1111l !h1' l1111i111'f wc'1'c' t1'i111111er1 211-111 zlltvr l0:1c1i11f" tl11'1111ffl11111t thc first 1 ' Y . 5 P- L N 111111. ililll' lvttcr XV11111CI'S i11cl11clc 1Yi11iz1111 Smith. 1fflx1':11'1l Sc1111ci1l1'1', l1'e1'1'ia hlvii- N 11111Qb, lQl1l1l'l'l Nlnthis, liiclizml XYhitc, 11101111111 l.l111tlg1'L'11, llC111'1' lJz11'1i11g, L'1'1'c1 'X 1 t4111111x'c1'. Zllltl XY1111fl1'111x' xY211'fl, ,X11 111' tht-wc 111115 will hc eligible 1111- c1111111e1iti1111 VK ' 111'Xt year, 111141 St'X'C1'1ll 111 1110111 5111111111 111Z1liC st1'1111g' l11rls flbl' 1111sit11111s 1111 the 1 3' thwl tc:1111. '1, 6 -a -ca .1 .4 .4 A NJ Xi 1,5 1 1 5.126 N k 00' " T111 J A x , X ttkyxrxqs if 1. 1. . 1 e. X l'1141j1' Um' 111111111111 1 1 V 11118 A 4-1. f 5 5- 5 1 0111135 Q1 1 'P' D 5555-1- 11311 g,, gli- 11 1- If 1 S- 1. if ,..-,g-A 61" - 5" "5-1 5 ,5 1-1 .1-11 ' 1. 12 lx... Q .QL-",1,'5- 1 P 1 -x K 1- J ix -1 41r'5,E,! 'E-, ' .?, I -D, 5,.4i.lf.f 1. . . 3' -- ' "i 'Hg 7 5 'KJ' J Yivq? 7777 4- -TT W I ' W1 Q11 1 1 1 11 ' 1 ' 1 11 151 1 11 1 1 - .111 f Z- , 1 rx I EI 4 L' ',11 X! 1,1 1 1 V 11 1 I1 1 .. 1 11 X511 '1' .1 11 H 111 1 I -X1 r11 Q1 I ' 1 . 11 L -1 A 1 I 11 11 '111 1 '- ' 1 111 Q1 I 11, ' V1 111 I :XX l-11.11 l1'f-11-I 1':1111 I1:11111'5, 1111511101111 111111-1. 1111111 1'11111-. lP:111 1:111:1g:111, R11111-1'1 X1-1111-151111 1 1 Cx x 11.1 l1'.1:.-' 111111:1111 S111111. 111111111 X11'1'11-1I:11111. 11111115 111151-1111m1. 111111-11 11111111111 111,111 . -1.11111-5 X11-N.1.1, X" 1, , if-11111 111111, R11-11:11'11 51-1'm1:111 N 1 F1-il--111 f1'11:1-2 11111111 1'1111115. 111.11115 F1111-1111114. 1.1-1115 S1-121-11111, ll:1111' 1141111111-4 1111111-5 11.11 X It 1 Q1 , . . 1,11 1,1 Swimming A 1 111 IW , 1 X 1111-f 111151 1111'1-1- 11-:11'5 .X1111 .X1'1ll11' l1ig11 11:15 11151 11111 f11l11' 511'i111111i11Q 1111-1-15 , 1 1 1 . ' . . . . , . 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I .1:11'1i51111 111' t111-1'11151- S1'111'l'1i1 .11 111 311, 11111 11151 111 1.:1115111g 11-1111':11, 48111 111 1 111 V I fl, 11111'i11g 11115 1.:1115i11g 1'11li11'1'11 11:111111-11 1111- 111111111-1111-11 1111-i1' 51-0111111 111111 11151 111-11.11, '-'11 Q 111 1111- 111111- 111. 511 111 27. l'11i1'1-1'5111' 11ig11, ,X1111 .X1'11111"5 111-X1 14110, 11115 111111111-11 ff ' 1 -12111311 111 1111' 11151 1111111 1111-1-I 111- 1111- 1'1'Il1' 1111- 1'111'1111- 1111-1 111111 1'-11111111-1'1-11 1,1111 H H 1 411t11.15. 111' Q1 .. . . . . . . . , Q X1 1111A1111g1111111 11111 11-111' 1:111111111 1.111115 51-1-g1-11111, 1 11:11'11-5 51111'1i111Q, 1X11111'9 11.11. 1 'X 111111 1q1l111'1'1 .X1111Yl'1'51111 11'1-1'1- 1'11115151k'111 11111111-XY1I1I11'1'5, S1111-1411113 1l1'111g 1111- 11i1'11 1 i1111i1'i1111:11 N1'1l1'1'1'. 1.1'111'1' 1Y11111l'1'5 1I11'111111' 1.. S1-1'g1':1111. 11. S1'1'Q1'1111I, 111111, S111111- M YN ing. S1111XX'11'1', ll. 11:111, 17. 1.111712 1111111-1'51111. 11111115. 211111 111l11111'W5. 1 11 111l'Nl' 1111-11 LA 11. S1-1'g1-11111. S111l1Y1l'1', 111111. 211111 1'z1111:1i11f1-11-111 1111111-1'51111 11111 1'1'I11l'I1 111'X1 1'1'Il1' '15 '11 1' :1 11111'1l'11S 1111- 1111111111-1' 511'1111g 11-11111. 1i11I11'11 11111111- 211511 1'1'171i1'1S 111:11 51-11-1':11 11111111 1 1 1 . , , . . 1 1 . . ,L 15111g -1111111l1' 11lQ'11 SXY11111111'I'4 :11'1- 1-1111-1'111g 1111- 11lg11 51'11I1l11 111-X1 11111. '11 1 1 7 1 L i i Y F- - V V7 f- Y - . 1.5 of-112: f W1 1 Q 15 1 5 j' MW 7- fcl Za- 'P 7, QQ -XL,..gf5 ,1i.:',1Q fa-1-V , vl-1 F l'111,1'1l111'Il11111i11-1l 11111 QMEGA 7 Q - f -' 5 H H ,5 A , d a C a a-, ! Q iii- p , f, fXfJb Jr- J- ,- i we ' o 6 -C5 i PA P I Z F x Tiff' Rare: ,Xlfred Tennant, Harry Xlattlicvisllloyt Scrvis, Raymond Vogel, Uiacli Ryan, Henry Darling, ronalil Topper Scrum! Raw: lluncan llole tklanagerl, Neil Cornell, Loyal Crawford, Gordon Allan, Earl Steeb, Richard Vt'hite, .lllllll Stark, Alames XlcNary falanagerl Tliird Rozy: lfrwin Krueger. llerman NYelkv:. flarence jones. Floyd hxv2ikCFlfflll, Peter Zalmer. .Xlfred Wagner. Kenneth Tuthill, Harold Gooding, Karl XX enger Hottum Row: VValtlo Wagner. Roy llammial, lflmcr Stzulfl. Edwin Renter, Francis Robinson Track T THE beginning of the indoor track season prospects were bright. and eight veterans answered Coach Ryan's First call. The team lined up to ad- vance indications, taking three of the four indoor meets by top-heavy scores and losing only to Detroit Eastern. In the first meet Eastern trimmed the local aggregation at Detroit by the score of 55 to 34. Next the l'urple entertained Flint Northern and won easily, 72 to 23. Following this came two more victories over W'yandotte and Dearborn by the respective scores of Sl to 14 and 76 to 19. The first outdoor meet was held on April 26 with Jackson and resulted in a sweeping victory for the Ryanmen. The score was 83-39, the Purple winning all but two events. The rest of the outdoor schedule included the Fordson Invi- tational, the U. of M. Invitational, the Regional, and the State meets. In the U. of M. Invitational meet, Hoyt Servis took third place in the mile run, while Wagner and Darling narrowly missed placing. The high point man of the squad was Loyal Crawford. His specialty was hurdling, but he could always be counted on to place in the pole vault and broad jump. He was closely followed in the individual scoring by XVagner. Vlfakefield, Servis and Darling. Vv'ith such performers as Captain Zahner. and Wagner in the sprints, Wakefielcl, Servis, Kreuger, and Welke in the distance runs, Crawford in the hurdles, Gooding and Crawford in the pole vault, and Holloway and Darling in the weight events. Ann Arbor presented a well balanced team capable of piling up the points. i f ,Y A - f 0 gg .J Q .0 10 U sf Q-Q 5-K 59 5' P, 0- P ,,. Q Pi vi A ,A Q Q Page One Hundred Two .....,?.1,1-11 , Q , 1 -ew-em -L1 11 QMe01fx,f YD W ' E Q-1 , Q 1 1 11 'A 5 1 1 , arf- , CQY'1,fi7xf3f'11?,ff0f 1.1 1 1- X .. 514-,113,l3Q?ff11-?015,.'1 T39 1521 C ',QTv'f" " ' 9 - , , . Hwg, .fl 'Wi'-1 , :L . f ' IN Q V1 .J 1 , 11' 1 ,X A 11 1 1 1 1 ' X 1 , 1 I bt AW11 D 1 1 111 1 1,'111 11 1 1' N 'crib 1 1, J 111,f,1 1 11111 X . 1 A 111 1 1 l'11j' l1'1111-: 111111011 111'I.:11111. 11111111111 5011111111103 li1111'111 1101111-1'. 11111101 Nlnsl, 01511111100 A111111-s. 111111011 Xlzly. 'Q i'1z11'1'111'1- X1:11'1411:1111. 111111111 X10i'11'11:11111 A v 1 I 1I1'11'11l1' l1'11:11: 11:11-11 11111111111 111'11k1-, 1"1'1-111-1'1014 111111s1:1111. 1111111111 -l11111.11111g. 121111111 vXY1'11s101', 11111108 111131 ,1 rx 1 1111111-1'1 1111111111'115, 11111101-1 1.11111'11y. 1.11y:11 l11':111'1111111, 1111111-1 11111'11111,:k Y , A 1 X1 11111111111 l1'1,:1-: -1:11-11 51111111011 1411-11.11-11 111111. 110s11111 121.11111-1'. 1111111 1'15111'I'. Kms 111:1y110l11, N011 51111111:01'. 1, UXN N1:1x N11'111'I1I'j'. 11'1111:1111 51111111 "1 1 1 Y 1 , 1 11 ,1 The Leaders Corps 1 il 1' V11 1112 1.L'1l11l'1'S 1'111'11s 1s L'l1111I111SCf1 111 ll QV111111 111- 111153 L'111'1l11QK1 111 1110 11111516111 H1 1-1111011111111 0111Qs0s 111' 1110 N01111111, w1111 111'0 L'S1K'C1Z111y 111101'0s1011 111111 111111 1-X001 111 V If X5 g'y11111IlF11L' 1v111'14. 1110 011111 111CClS 111100 71 w001c 111 1110 gy11111:1f-111111 111111011 1110 111- J C11 100111111 111- X111 11111111111 11l'1l1iC, XV111l 11111115 1110 1lllyN 111 g3'l1111ZlS11C 1-C1115 111111 111 1:1k111g ,111 f L'11211'gL' llf 0111Qs0e. 11111115 1110 11t'Zl11CI's L-111135 1101s 110 Il 11'1l111111Q 01111111 f111' 1110 1'CQll1Zl1' X - 1- 1 - gyII111I1S111' 1011111 11'111011 1'k'111'CFC111S 1110 s01111111, 111111 111511 g1Y1'S X112 17l'Zl1iL' Il 110110111111l110 1, g1'111111 111 111153 111 110111 111111 11111 111 1110 I'Cg111!i1' lJ1'1yS1L'Z11 1-1111011111111 01:1sw0s. 1 1' 1110 1.l'2111C1'H 1'111'11s was 111'S1 1110111112011 111 111211. 11111101 1110 s111101'1'1s11111 111. R111 1 '1 1 1 11111S. 111111 S111L'L' 111011 11 1111s 5162111111 g1'11X1'11 1111111 1111s j'L'1l1' 11101'0 11'01'0 1.1l1'1y 1'0g1111l1' Q 1 . . - . 11' 11101111101's, 111I1'1Y 111 114111111 W1111 1101111013 1111'1s s1111s. X111 1Jl'Zl14l' 1'0 31111011 111:11 11115 1 ' 1 , ' , . . . . . . fd Q j'C1l1' s g1'111111 was 1110 11111-st 111 111C 1115tfl1.Y 111 1110 s01111111 11'11111 1110 Q111111111111111 111 1111111- Q X . . ' - . V 1101's 111111 111'1111010110y, 111111 1'X'C1'j' 11101111101' 111 11111 I'l'Q111Z11' gy11111:1f110 1011111 was Il 1,' 111'U11llC1 111 1110 1.l':ll11'1-5 1'111'11w. 1 X - - 4 . 1 . - 4 11 1110 1.1-11110115 L111'11s 15 CSllL'C111.111' 111111111110 IIS It g11'0s 1111 11l1Il1H'1l'l11115' 1111- 0x01'- 'V 01s0 111111 511111-r1'1s011 lb11f'S1CZ11 110111'1ty for 11111111' 111- 1110 1111ys w1111 1111 11111 111111' 1110 V. 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'lillc lIlL't'f was l'L'Cl'lVCll vc-ry fZlX'liI'IllJly ul' l lil tlll- crllwcl, llllt was lllst lvy tllc l1ZlI'l'l1XX' lllzlrgill lil' 335 tu 296 Ill Kllllllwlc. wllu Q lx lzltcr wllll tllc stzltl' cllzllllpillllslllll. ,W 5 M v . . . 1- .xllll .XI'llllI' CIIlCl'CKl tllc stzllc lllllI'll2lIllCill llclll :lt N 1JSIlZlllll lull l'l'lll'lIZlI'y JU Ll Q , zlllll Q:lpllll'cll fullrtll plzlcc. wllicll is lllc aalllc plzlue ill wllicll llli' tczllll tillifllcll 'lk ily lust XCIIV. llllwclx-lg tlll- UtllIlIK'tlllUl1 Illia ye-zll' was lllllcll lcccllul' tllzlll it llilS cvcl' I lm A llc-ell lll'l-lll'l'. :lllll tllc l6'IlllI is til llc L'UI1gI'llllll1lll'll ull ilx sllllwlllg. kv? l' Y l 7X l.c-tlcl' VK'llll1L'l'S illclllclc liullcs Clay, xXvlll7L'l't llHlll7X'VZl5', l':llNYlll XYclmwtl'l', :lllll " N lIlllll'S l'lJ!1tlVl'l'1 tlll' lillltll' was llllt llrcscllt wllcll tllc lczllll lJlCll1I'l' was tulxcll. ,Xll l' nk lvl' tllcsc lllcll will lvl- lust lw glilllllzllirlll, lllll :l Hilo slgllllll lvl SUIJllU1lIH1'CS :lllcl "V, llll1llll'S TVFHIII lllc l.c:1llc-lx lillflbi will lac :ll'zlll:llllc llcxt vcllly g V, , , . A A , 2 ll l l l 6 l l l ' ' ' A' "5 1 EW. l'u,1l' lllzl' llllnllllwl lfllnl ,,,.,,., M , ,753 Q-kb t Qmasfwigtlw X , t fgsCmQf:t'f:Gy 4. , 5 X frgitttemyz, if t. W 7 5 i A ii4Wii lui S lf' tk 5 Fi' W f -n M ,X it v, I HJ Y 1 D f ,, xt i til J A tt i i 22' t H. M if fll l . , . . . . , . lf!! D Inf' Row: lwrris 'It-nnnigs, Neil Knpc, ,Xlhert llaiscli, Xulson Pcppcr, lfarl Klcflcery Ihlaimgvrl, Coach l I l.t-YQ-rlw 'liziylni-, llnlu-rt Klztthis. flmrlvs Stwvrlcing. l.:uvi'cm-r Pratt. ,lulm llattn. Riclmrtl ,lnculxy - ' .llifidlv Rmv: Jack Uwe, lYilli:iui l'm-gan, Stanton Nl'arc. lluuglas Nutt. lzinics tminvt-r I X fintruni Rani: Russ Xlayliclil, liharles Nlcxiefc-Lf. fliailvs XY1-stciite.-lil. .Xrlhur K'l:irk. XY:u-il tl-wtf H WX 5 QA i iw i X Baseball ill 'D x V If lff.-XUSIC of the interest aroused in the 1929 lxase-hall tcain. the sport was L Y 1 1 t'erugiiizc'4l again this yvar as a major activity in the Ann .Xrlnnr lligh Srlinnl. lt was Himiict-cl through the weekly cnntrilmntiun plan, and hcncc nn aclniissinn i tu the ganies was cliargefl tn high school stnclcnts. Klr. l,eX'crnc Taylor cnaclietl I the team this year, instead uf Mr, llnnalcl Drake. who harl charge nf last year's ,- sqnacl. The spurt has iimlutihtcfllv established itself perniancntlx' in the high sclinnl. v B XYith the exception of l.awrencc Pratt :incl Russell llnnnahack. thc entire X stptarl is in the picture alinvc. The linys played the following positions: pitcher, 1 Nclsnn Pepper, Charles Mt-its-fee, l,awi'ciicc Pratt: Catcher, Duttglas Nutt. ,lack li Q fave: tirst lmase, Ruhr-rt Mathis, Stanton lYarc tcaptainitg scconcl hast-, XYilIiani vw Vegan, Lharles ll'cstcnfelcl, Lhitrles Stnclcingg thircl base. .lame-s L'mim'ci', Russ L, X Klaylielclg short stnp. lferris 'lc-nnings, Kllwrt llaischg tielder, Xe-il tppc. .lnhn 0 llattn, Richarrl -lacnliy, .Xrthttr Lilark. llarfl tioctz. .lack C':u'c, Rnsscll llllllllfllllwli, W J l.awrc-tire Stein. liarl Nlct'lcc-ry was thc nianager. 'lf' t 'l'hc sclicchilc' was as follows: tXpril Zh. lftwrrlsuii ttlicrvbi Hay 3, lflint Q D Xnrthcrn thcrc-J 3 Hay 10, Ypsilanti tl-ntral ttht-rev 3 May 13, Ypsilanti Run-t-x'vlt D Qi tlit-11-ti fllay 17, Xlnnrm- tlicrctg Klay 25. I'nntiac tlicrcl: May Sl. llnwcll V ttlit-rch 3 .Inns 7, l'lyninnth therel. Dx 6 0 V -za -4 .4 I 11, Na K vi -w 1 ,if ans B' as 11 Q' 'O , -- 1'-igi' Um' ll11im'ii'J lfiyv U L it D ,A v Xi 2? lg K- - - --il--10mm 1 Q f' 'rr i ll Nl-q C g,fWN Y , Q, if lg, x cf V-r 1, 'gm ,ffo I, Q j. X. -'suv-X kif thx! Ifwff-T l71egf..! g.fZL4,1g 1 - f ' it egg, 1 141, s s igf-Lex- 1 in 7 all C 11-:. W Y WY W Y.. .V "if ..:' - 4 --V i i i ,1 1:1 - ss -F M 1 1 1 1:1 'X i f f 1. 1 llil if I 1 1 1 1 M 1 - 1 11 I 1 p l , ll tt L1 1. 11 1 X , me f f I ,Qu I M E vw, 'jx Inj' l1'1m': l.11n1s l,JlI'lil'l'. l.ex11s Se1Age:111t, Xl'i:l'i:1i11-ll1e:111. ,lv.1111is llnllnay. -lznnes t'11n11xe1'. l':11'ke Snuei. 1 1.11 ts lt111l'1t 1X l1'1'll11u1 l1'1111': Ilnyt Svrxis. lfluytl XY:1lu'li4-lil, -lztnivs Niehnls, Slitlllttll XY:11't', l'ttt'1' Zgililier, XX'ill1g1111 -lntls-111 li Q2 The N3tl0Hal Athletic Scholarshlp Society 1 -1 lllf Nzltiwnztl .Xthletie Selinlztrsliip Sueiety uf Seeunrlztry Sehtmls was twgzni- l,,1 Q! izerl in the lull of 102-l, lint El l11ez1l charter Wfln not mhtztinecl until l927. l ltl .Xeeurtliiig to the etmstitntitni, "The purpose of this sueiety shall he tu foster '3 high scl111lr1rsl1ip :nnung hwy athletes, t11 stininlzlte Il tlesire litll' hztlztneecl training. r'71 93 to elevate the iclez1s 111' sp111'ts111:111sl1i11." Kleinhersliip is entirely lll1lltiI'Ill'j', Zllltl ,li eligibility is liinitecl tn thuse hwys 11'h11 have e:1rnerl ztthletie letters, whose seh1111l "ku wnrk is z1l1111'e the general ztverage. :mtl who have exeinplitiecl the highest type uf ' X S Citizenship :mtl SlXll'lSlllZll'lSllllJ. 11, X 1 ' The l11ez1l elmpter has 1111 meetings :incl menilmers pay n11 rlnes. 'lihc unly lex' finznieial nntlay invnlvetl is for the CillllllCl1l. of the society, whieli 111en1hers ninst 1111. Qt pnrehztse it they wish tu XYC2ll'Hlli it e11ns1sts'11l Z1'liL'y.lJk'2ll'llll1" the intertwinecl 1 ix' letters "K, fur ztthleties, :mtl "5 t11r sel111l:1rslnp. l,1ttle is llCZlI'4l ut the urgznnzzl- h X yy tion, yet hy Virtue 11l its personnel it exerts nnleh inflnenee fur good. The sehuol It l has a right tn he prmitl of sneh an 111'g:111iz:1ti11n 11f tine athletes. guufl SL'llOlZll'S. 1 H1 N wortliy citizens. and clean SlN1l'lSlllCI'l. Y V N The list uf present nienilners with tl1e sports in whieli they w11n their letters if is :ts ltvlluws: vlznnes llUIltlX'Cl', f1111th:1ll: XYilli:1n1 Qlnrlsun. l-Htlllllllll fill1ll'lCS Klene- 111 fl fee, lmztsehztllg Alznnes Niehuls, f11t1thz1ll3 Xlilliani Vegan. futntlmll and lmslcetlmall: 4' X-1, l'11rke Sager, f1111thall1 lluyt Servis, trnelqg l.ewis Sergeant, l1111th:1ll: lfluytl XY:1lce- I 1 tielcl, truck: Stanton XYz1re. h:1sehz1ll3 l'eter Xzthner, hztslcethrlll :incl f1111th:1ll3 ztnrl me 'F' l.nt1is l'flrker, fuothzlll. 1 6 X , E 1 '3fl,3Qf5Z?QZG-5XiLC5f?UN5EX515f-JFQDNU l'11g1' U111' .'l11H11'11'11 511' f- 1 Qt 1 lnfll R, Fluiam ,. ,V ,WH V , T s?,,?,,.,,AL..,,....,-.Y,e v,, af- .. K ,S ' 75 , 55 ,f -' ,- ly' 5 fd ep b ki " A 'I ' I 3 A ' fi 5 Q Nil- FX fi X N Athletic Honor Roll James Conover, Captain Creel Conover Alfred Schneeberger Boyd Brown Douglas Nott William Pegan William Judson Russell Weid Peter Zahner Douglas Nott, Co-captain A William Pegan, Co-captain Peter Raftopolus, Captain-elect Boyd Brown Russell Dunnaback Charles Menefee FOOTBALL . Oliver Cope Robert Mayfield Henry Darling Harry Matthews Parke Sager Alvin Novack Lawrence Stein Louis Sergeant James Nichols Erwin Kapp, Manager BASKETBALL Peter Zahner Alvin Novack Ronald Tupper Parke Sager James Hickey Robert Mayfield Francis Jenkins, Manager CROSS COUNTRY Kenneth Tuthill, Captain William McFall Hoyt Servis, Captain-cleft George Crqmwell Floyd Wakefield Erwin Krueger Edwin Place Bob Pierson LaMar Forshee, Manager ' SWIMMING Louis Sergeant, Captain Robert Mowerson, Captain-elect Charles Stocking Rodes Clay Richard Sergeant Jack Showler Robert Hall Oliver Cope Elliot Tubbs Harry Matthews James McNary, Manager TRACK Peter Zahner, Captain fOutdoorJ Alfred Wagner, C Hoyt Servis Kenneth Tuthill Henry Darling Loyal Crawford Neil Cornell Harold Gooding Harry Matthews Edward Schneider Wilbert Holloway John Schwemmin Raymond Vogel Dan Cadagan Richard Burris Floyd Wakefield Herman Welke Roy Hammial Clarence Jones Earl Steeb Duncan Hole Alfred Tennant William McFall Erwin Krueger Karl Wenger Ronald Tupper James McNary, Manager CHEER LEADERS LeRoy Alexander Raymond Wines Don Litteer aptain Clndoorb , t -J , I - , v' ,, .X 1 1 x . A JJQX L - A ' -x Page One Hundred Seven A! f + nm s- - M , fpfib ii JB 'JY' 'N' vg A i Q gill? L 'i uf "1 fra i"-" ,f'7- x,.U E' L-.Xytt QC fi A , , X f , Jixlx - Y , 'i 'W W' W f f , ' ' ' H-' f-H -A J ' Cy 'T N ui it Q ix V Y J -C Vxw K V'-t 3 9 X I M f' .. ly A . . . . , W-, Tiff Kimi: Nlariau lfislicr, Sarah Nlurilsky, Marian lltvllistvr. R05l'lllZlI'y lxlug, llnris lxnaiv, tar-il Jllllfg. . lilatly Tunis. ,lvan liaylis ,I .S't'rnmi Rmr: Suzannt- lh-zvrium. Ruth XYcifcnhach, lltftty 1211-vt-. Iiathvrint- lit-xis, Kliss Xlariau Ynungiluist, 'H Klum-vicvr Klagcc. Klargarct liruuks, Jilfllllfllllk' Drake-, lmrntliy tlriinstont- Tlririi Rfmi: Klarsinah Pierce, Ruth Xlribiikey, llulen Peters, lluris l,lI1LllIlFClH11lIll, Tln-lnm xlfll'IlLlIll'lll, Nlargarct llalv, Ruth farstcns, Klargarut Major, Klcrta Laing Xt Ruttmn Row: lluruthy Lyndon, ltla Marie llecker. lfilith Nlcfiltter. llelen llusch. llexa foryull, Sarah R! l'iu1-ct-, Klnrl Yivung. .Xlicc XYcrm'r Q nwGmyAmmmCmb lllilili years ago the tiirls' .Xthletic Cluh was reorganize-fl anil a uuw cun- , stitution acluptcrl. It is now in its third year aucl running uiurc- smoothly antl etlicicutly than cycr hefure. lts ineiuhership, which totals titty-six active H int-mhcrs, Cxceccls all preyitius rccm'cls. .Xll after-schnul athletic activities arc mntrullccl hy thc cluh through its l' i executive huarcl, spurt managers, and class presidents. Nlcvtiugs arc hc-lil on thc- th first XYcclnesrl:1y ut' each inunth, while the athletic practices autl games arc hcltl ,Y on Klmmclay aurl XYerlucstlay earh weck from tlirct' till tire. G lluckey :mtl hast-hall had au aclrletl interest this year through the use uf thc athletic tielcl at the lslautl Park. .X grcatvr uuuiher of girls came nut fur tht- 9-, tvains ancl class rivalry was lieeiwr. More girls also turnvstl nut for haskvthall, this year's uuiuhcr hcing forty-eight cfniipziiwtl to thirty uf last year. l.ast year for the first tiinc girls were puhlicly awartlvrl cuihlt-uis fur inaking all- V . . . ' star tcaius, ti, .X. L. arin haurls, aucl thc- lnghvst awarrl. the .X, .'X.. at the annual K awarcls asst-inhly. This practicc was cfmtiiuicrl this year, V Ul7l7lt4lflQS l'rt'.viiii'1il ........ ............. . . , Ili-ixft L'iiiu'i-11.1. I'fri'-fw'.'.f1'tlt'11l ..... . .. .,... SARA!! l,ll'fRl'l'. l .hillflitll filltlllllltlll. 4. .,,..,,..... -ll'.XNI'l'.X llicxiu' lfiirzilty .!il:'i'.wr. .. . ..NI1ss xl.XRl.XN h'lll'Y1QQl'IS'l' sv 'J sf ff' A :PQ fqtif t ww! 'N-Q L i"'7'ix3'Li I, i,?Q-QQ Y-Xqwssx ,fps 1' ij , '-E! A Vilgt' Uni' llnniiiiwl lfiqfit in ta t - -M QMSGA JW3 -gl- 'Z Y?-QB MZJLIV, 'N-1 i ' l Virgil Q5-NQIDQ' W5 X' QQK ,ff-L J' fl A 1 .Q J ix ,v Q4 X KL vt -1 g51QX.ltXe- Q hp ,,, - 'f ff- f , 'TJ U ffl 4, ,T li - - be fly .1 S il? .D Nl 5 ty A . tv 9 N I ll x aft, if A ll V if K1 'N t Q , Kill L f 1 my ,NA , Y ,if V , l I' , in 2 PX ' in i e e i t it D Tor Rnuf: l':n'ol jones, Mary lltmlisttnr, Xl:n'g:aret llrnoks, llenevieve Hager. lloris Knut- l .S't't'ulni lfntwi Ruth XYeifenhael1, lletty llreve, Iltrnthy I.yntlnn, lllanlys Tunis ' gl 'l'lnnI IWW: YCllIlil Woltt. llelen Peters, liatherine Bevis, Rliss Nlarian Ynunpzqnist, llnris Lintlenselimitlt, X. Thelnia Nlarquarmll, Ruselnary Klng , 1, A lhtlfffm Razr: lislilh Nlefnltcr, .Xliee XXX-rner, Ili-len liuseh, Ili-sa t'm'yell. Klarsinah l'ieree, Nlurl Yi-une, l ' l 9 Xlargaret llale f I fj 'K l X ' 9 ' L The Girls Leaders Corps ' U KA - 4 -... 1 - Gi .N lllu tnrls l.eaclers Lorps was entirely reorganized tlns year. lhls year a it girl hacl tn pass seven tests hefnre she enulrl he eonsirlerewl a nieniher of the X l.eaclers Corps, anal tivelve tests hefure she multi he consiclerecl eligible fnr ' ' any ntnee. lint in spite of the fact that requirements for inemhership have been r ' . nlacle much harfler, the Corps lmnasts nf a larger, more enthusiastic, :intl inure QA . etlicient grnnp than any in the past three years. t t The girls are instrnetetl in enntlueting relays, games, inntnr almility tests. pen- I gl, tathelon tests, ancl alsti the technique nt retereeing all sports. 'lihey are taught L Ql hmv tn enntlnet classes, stunts, and athletic enntests. llnnnrs are awartletl at the N X encl uf the year tn the girls having the highest ninnlxer of pnints fur partieipatiun A ily :tntl proficiency in all lmranehes tif athletic activity open to girls. U ti Meetings are helfl eaeh 'l'hnrsmlay evening in the gyinnasitnn frnin seven In B, N nine cfclnek. Much erecht is flue Kliss Yuungqnist. the taenlty aclviser, fur the . unusual interest anrl activity which has heen shmvn this year anml fur the nntire- D ahle prngress that has lmeen niamle. Q Lx LIL tiuftlnin ......,... . . lit-'x.x Gmini-.11. Y l"if'.vl'!rn'1n111I,.. ..,, lli-11 l-KX Ill st it ix .N't'rm:tl l,iwnlwmu1l . .. ... Nl .XRSIXXII lwll-.Rl'l". 6 . 1 - 2 ,: , . , ff' Q X si y -4 -4 Q, N yxhd xx J Nt L Mtg - -MC , X .f s X st - ' g ss. N e., :. COA Z gt., t sE,LQi. t A, .et Page Ont' Ilunvlf.-J Xnvr' , U Qwyeefx i 'P'-it X 'ai' A '-"' ff It f . I' - 'f' if if it , ,, -s lf ' L .f?Ufr3ftli'f:O? r s2NQ1. s 62 i fl I y . ll V 5 it x t nj p W I ui All K lil tl if Y, 4 fy sm ily 9 'y . iff n' le' it 9 l A l I X 'l' tl ' l lfu: . ....... 4 Y lx NX Top Run-: llcxa foryell. Doris Lindcnschmidt. kiarol -ls-nes, llclen linscll. Rosemary lilng. Bliss Nlarian U ' Yonngqnist lf lquifnm lfmcr lfdith Xlcliottcr. ldu Xlarie llecker, Xlarsinali Pierce. Margaret llalv, Xlerta Laing t 'K .px 'U El G' 1 ' H k ' Q2 ll' S OC ey 1 'Dil IICLIJ hockey is the center of interest in girls' athletics during the fall term. lu C., Since there is no high school held available, the games were played at lsland lf Park. G dl- Despite an especially rainy October, the season was termed a success, espec- . iallv bf the trium mhant Somhomores. The first game was Jlayed October l4 txt . 3 1 l I Q 1 s. . l . U . IX between the Sopohomores and hlumors. If rom this the Hedghngf. emerged victor- ffm Q ions by a score of 8 to 0. The rest of the season was easy sledding for the ' xl Sophoinores, who Hnished without losing a game. Ik X w ,, . . . . Ihe hrst game between the closely-matched junior and bemor teams proved i i a keen disappointment, since the Seniors were compelled to forfeit. However, in 5 E! the second game between these teams, the juniors. with unexpected strength. came through with a 4 to 0 victory. thereby annexing second place at the, close ol the Q season. W0 N . . . P .-Nn all-star team. representing the best material ot the three teams was com- Va posed of the following: Klarsinah Pierce, Dexa Coryell. lxathryn Bevis, Rlerta tv Laing, Margaret lliale, l-lelen Ilusch, Rosemary lilug. Doris l,1111lCl'I1SCl'll11lflt, 't Carol jones. lda Marie Decker. and lichth Mciarter. Q lx . .. . . f LAPIAIINS L' Ht .hlt'Ilf1V7'.X'. .. ............. ,.. IXl.xRo.xl4r3T lfmx ,xwvs Y .lzoziorzv .... ......., f QARUI, lowl-is .V .S'1vf'11o111n1u'.r, .. Humax llrscn 6 Q yy Q " A "W U er - 'NK S-YLWRQ M5 XX if f ?' 7' P P 'er' Pjfka "Y !'iX if --fl Ilfljll' Om' Hzmdrrd Tm: Y A fb . -dl-A f OMEGA . -U' lgffib ir rv r Q. if -S M. -ef GK, Ph ffl 'AA 4-x A ft -Q F X '5 Q 'SSVSJY ., i e .. , A ,. - I rw - KL 3 I K f ' in it Q cj K T l lt 1 v . VU l Yojv Razr: Miss Marian Youugquist. lletty Grevc. Gcnevicve Magcc. listlier liunklc uj Bottom lime: Ruth Carstcus. lh-va Vorycll, Maxine Morrison. Esther Gauss. lidith Mel'-Itter I ' 9 Glrls Basketball It lX'l2 years ago a national rules committee recommended the two-division type 4' D of haskethall for girls in place of the old three division game. lt was not adopted hy the Ann Arbor lligh School, however, until this year. Memhers of ' the Girls' Athletic Club, on Miss Youngquisfs rectrmmendation. voted favorably on the new ruling, and Mr. llollway approved the change. This form of play tends t to promote greater treedom and more active team work. lfach team planned its plays in advance, and in every way the game has proved more popular than in t preceding years. h Y liach class furnished a representative team, which played each of the other NV teams twice. The Seniors won the first game trom the Sophomores, .il-71 the B Sophomores next heat the ,luniors 23-163 in the third game the Seniors swamped the -luniors 52-5. The Sophomores were next victorious over the -luniors 16-7, while the Fifth game resulted in a victory for the Seniors over the Sophomores l' 37-l9. The last regular game gave the Seniors the championship, as they won 4.2-5 from the juniors. To close the season the .Xlumnae played an all-star team R composed of the girls whose pictures are shown ahove. Uexa Coryell. listher Kunkle. listher Gauss, and Maxine Morrison were chosen from the Senior team: Genevieve Magee from the Junior team. and Betty v Greve. Ruth L'arstens,.and lidith Mcfotter from the Sophomore team. Miss Marian Youn ff nist made a verv elliclent and ioiular coach for all of the teams. L. l . Q 9 CAPTAINS L f .fill-Slur ... ............. ... ... Mxxixia Momosox .S'ruFor.r .. DEXA QSORYI-ILI. D Juniors 1XItvRrsARi:T Bkooxs Snfvlzomorcr . liIlI'I'H Mt'LoT1'ER S Qdiyfe" eeecscfe-" v- P Q A A -Q , A -w Page Um' llunrlrfd lflc:-en x , W W I W W W W W W W . W W W 1 ' W W W W W - i V 1 ,NN I' W f K IW 1 'W WV W We W W W 11 WW' W WW' fi Wv W ,-1 2, Euvfi W W W g WWW W' W -QW Ls WW ZX QW kif Ni Q jL2 g U - , A d WY- . --. L---- - f -- V , Y 'ff' .1 'fr . 7 -'f - -V fffxw- rf" -' A fi' 'riffil ,-'75 'W fl 3 'W 7'RY 5 ll f WL " WN W C'J,,-Cfgg!IfL4f"U'Lg""-A ,.f 1LWE.!' 'W'i15:f1" 'Ll SQ ..., .1,,XWfl 5... W' 3 rW ,,,, "M 37' ffiiifl ffA --L+ ' '-+4 """lffl ' ' """ ' ' gif ' ' - ' lkzgf' ffm' llmnirml 'lnwlrm' X ffQQJ gm mf' y L N W! Ny W gf 13 Q K 5 . wf, ADVQ HQTHSQMQNTS moe: 2 2 Q V4 2 3 il Q wQ - E E'-2'S'f 1 Q v GKVJ s f E lr wg WWW' 'D 'W'Q 'Wg N fif. 'Wiz 5 7 ' ' i ONKQGA f pf- JU 5'-B ,- 9 Q , P cz p 'r A 'fa g , - S ' ' "f"J "4 "BT'5r"' c s 31 9 :wg Q b e 6 'Q 5' -. H ii "Equal Opportunity for Every Boy and Girl in Ann , . H l I is ANN ARBOR I PUBLIC SCHOOLS i in l ii The foresight and generosity of the I citizens of Ann Arbor have made possible a city school system for Ann l r Arbor which is in keeping with the I XR lu. Arbor" if fl I D U l il p A B U 0 ll R My Q remarkable development on the Uni- - H versity Campus. i U, l l 5 A I V "' i ii I p H Well Trained Teachers ll l H . . - " w n F me Equipment 4 il i Splendid School Buildings Y if . I l l V 0 These are the key words in modern school I H education. : : Ann Arbor has all three. l W D X f 1:13111 mission-sr -n1::-u-- ::-or' :: f :: , ,fnxniz 4:7 Wn1s:+x7xi!P y ' ' 4 j fmss k k ,, :ff H Page One Hundred Fifteen X1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 11. 1, J. 11! 11 if--1 by 1 1 5 1 1111 1 1 1'X. 1. l1ff1 1, 113 111 11,1 .1 11'! 11 K111 1", f SI 1? 111 111 I -X1 - 1 1 Q 1 X, '1 C1 1111 Qj N1 RN Q11 1 11 V1' QI RA 1 'TXVJ 'N H .XX Q1 F1 1. X W f 1 X11 X W ll -1 1 "l' Xl U 1"' 1 Inf' lx'n:f1: llnyl Svrxi-. l'1'l1-1' Z:111111'1', XYi1li'1111 l'1-::111. lM11g1:1s N1111, 111111 K 11 111 1 lI11ll1 Inu X11 1111111 fxul H111 l1111 1111111 X 111 f111l11xx 11l1111, ,11 11, 1-. . 1 y, 1, . 1. 1 R IMII11111 l1'1':1': l.1w11is l':11'k1'1'. .X1'1I1111 Ilauzullls. 51211111111 Wu I rf "' J ?- wx- 'TA L1 111-4fwQf173f wgww fi? 'fm 331 VR LQ,Q,.1i.f' GNL 17?-K., ll ii' 'x. - 1' f XL 1 xX..1 1111fl'1'1i ,S'i1'l.'1'11 I, F J Omeoa. ' 5 If fir : f., I I ' J ' -, . Ju , X. I, y Q . cd g X Q. P A - , K .L A ' A , , ,L ar xx Q -X . . ,-1 1. Calendar SEPTEMBER - Another year of school started Itoday. It was good to see everybody again. Heard today that Mr. Matzke had been married during the summer vacation. 17. In assembly "Billy" Pegan introduced the ten-cent plan. It sounds easy, and now maybe we'll all go to the games. The plan includes the Optimist and all public speaking events, too. 9. 16. 25. We had an unexpected visitor this morning. The Goodyear "Puritan" sailed around town. Nobody studied for about half an hour. 28. Oh, what a score! Durand 0, A. A. 91, but we had to forfeit it. OCTOBER .1 Helped count class votes "Billy" Pe- ' gan was elected Senior president. 2. Fine assembly. A man impersonated everything from a yoimg fellow in a country school reading his first compo- sition, to a Jewish merchant. 4. This afternoon we had a pep meeting for the Muskegon game. If we could only have as much enthusiasm at the game! 5. Well, we lost the Muskegon game, 17-6. 16. Battle Creek beat us today, 13-0, but we'll win next time. 19. And we did! Yea, team! A. A. 26, Ypsi. 0. 25. Stayed to the all-school party this af- ternoon. They started with a victrola, but an orchestra came to the rescue. 28-29. Whoopee! No school for us, but the teachers have a convention. Nova M amz This seems to be our unlucky season. Flint 21, A. A. 7. 2. 5. We had a pleasant surprise in assembly today. The program was given by the glee clubs and the orchestra. 14. Tonight was the annual Press Club Banquet. Besides our own publications, we heard about the combined Junior High paper. Also Mr. Haisley spoke. 15. Won our First debate, with Battle Creek. Abe was great. Good game-A. A. 19, Saginaw 13. Let's keep it up! 16. 28-29. At last! Thanksgiving vacation, vi- 28. sions of turkey, etc. We've got it on the University. They don't get off Fri- day and we do. Too bad: Jackson won, 13-0. There was a very large crowd, even though it was terribly cold and snowy. -The wind blew the ball. DECEMBER 6. 10. 12. 20. 27. JAN 2. 3. 10. 17. Went to the Honor Banquet this eve- ning. The decorations were clever and so was the program.' The theme was aviation. I was so shocked today! Bruce Dick turned thief in "Sham" A grand rush for autographs this morn- ing! The International Boy Orators gave the assembly program. They were entertained at a luncheon at the Michi- gan League building afterwards. Christmas vacation starts today. I heard that Miss Steele had broken her ankle. Tough luck: especially for va- cation. The Alumni beat us in basket- ball, 30-26. UARY School begins. Some one has told me that Mr. Buell has a new daughter, Jane Miriam. Speaking of thrilling games-A. A. 22, Fordson 20. The International Peace Forum met to- night for the first time. Prof. Slosson talked about the League of Nations. This was a winning day for A. A. H. S. We beat U. of D. High 30-16 and won the debate from Dearborn. I'm still hoarse from yelling at tQnight's game. A. A. 13, Lansing Central ll. 21-22. Two days of misery. Exams. 24. 27. 29. 31. Did we beat Jackson! Only 35-lOl Not so bad. A new semester, and we start all over again. What a break! The water pipes burst, and we got a half day's vacation. We win again, this time from Port Huron. A. A. 19-11, Port Huron 15. Q J U -J Q sl U 5, Q A A A W ri QQ 5, be if Page One Hundred Seventeen x f R 5 f 1 R ki P w 1 f 'f VN , WX I , Kr Y! mix! v' 1, W mn.: ,tj I xx fm. Q, 'f 'l'nfH lx'w:x': Yirglllln lxlu, llllflu llzlnlv, Ill-lux llufclx k llzffulw lx'n:v: lM'x'n l'u1'yL-H, Xl:u'u1u'Cl llxsrm-k. lllllu- I.r1IlA1r" f Iffrifmrf Nurs: 5.u'11h I'iurn-, Xlzlruxuxt Nwvlrfu. Hull: IJ-xvj-ly - 5 V .XJ fng 2 :FST-1 7X ' -- "L ffwff 1 411 - ' fwx 691,78 f, ' ' f J , . 6 E...-M.lvffL,.1, ,gl 'Xe ' 'Q xl '-Q. X LA ' L 1 ln Um' lfzrzwluwf l'rgfrI.'.'rv OMEGA 725 CN r g ' X I 13 A f,, , Q , SX bsfwr .21 L D -5-L e--13 xi' 1--2 3-f:-f 1-:Q-T 1---fx 1--1-J 1 """"""""1'f"' 1 -1- Q m u K E "WILL ARMSTRONG'S PHOTOGRAPHS K A Xxx Y H Q I TELL THE STORY" i L 1 n 0, Ii ' K i Il v L ll H 1: V To the classes of Ann Arbor A 9 High: M , May this message again carry ' n an appreciation of the splendid co- 4 I X I operation given me. ll 0 Q1 I It has been a pleasure and a " H 'J privilege to work with all the stu- I X i dents of 1930. LT ', w M x SH I Sincerely, l N Will Armstrong D if ' if if A TI 3 it ll ' LQ ,, " RANDALL-ARMSTRQNG STUDIO " F! 1 I M 121 EAST WASHINGTON H l l 9 .. ,. . . p 7 El ' V ' . rlililiniqz "fri:-I :. .Lil : : 1 '4:+.,n:1:l 1+ fn Y 7 A .Q :O no Q an sd U 5, Q 6, 5, A.- " GI 1- Q 4 R 'I -1-11 I lk. omeoa 723 Fir A Q QSBWQU V f ,g -?L, V ., ,g .Sip ,O g g F I-:nnuaxw We're in the elimination debates. Mt. Clemens lost the decision to us. The annual Girls' Fancy Dress Party was tonight. Also, we beat Muskegon, 23-12. This is a full week-end. We played Lansing Eastern this evening. A. A. 18, Lansing 15. Our eighth straight victory-and what a victory! A. A. 39, Battle Creek 16. The gym was packed and there was a crowd at the party afterwards. Spring is here! Robins, marbles, and jump rope! The' new AA club was be- gun today. Quite an inspiration. While the five iron men laid waste in Bay City, Z8-13, the Boys' Washington Club presented "The Covered Wagon" to an Ann Arbor audience. And Flint fell today, but a little harder. The tenth straight victory makes the tournament closer than ever. 23-15. Finally the Optimist staff decided to give away its masterpiece free! Brrrr! Snow again! Who likes skat- ing and skiing when its time for Spring? Not I, for one. The Ypsi game tonight was a walk- away. In the second half, the rest of our team had a chance to get some ex- perience for the tournament. 30-9. MARCH The Foreign-American banquet came off tonight. Miss Hoyle, the original faculty adviser, was present. - Coach Ted Wieman, in assembly this morning, told us how to rest, sleep, and exercise so that we may live to be sixty- tive, at least, and still be independent. Nine hours sleep each night is guaran- teed to make one charming. Billie Faulkner won the oratory contest and Winifred Bell won in declamation. Still another victory, this time over Saginaw. She lost 33-9, but she tried hard. One of her men gave us our first basket. There was a party after- I is going to give, and showed us a 5 glimpse of bride, groom, and preacher. There was a little excitement second hour this morning. A roof fire inahouse across the street took students away from their engrossing OJ work. At last, the long-waited tournament, and what a trouncing we gave Jackson, 25- 14. 15. W'hat a wonderful game that was to- night! Lansing fell, 23-16. The Optimist staff celebrates. Their editor just came back from New York and told them about it at the banquet. We beat Detroit Southwestern, 24-14. I had to sit on the floor, but it was worth it, and I could see everything. But tomorrow night is the real test. I called the Ann Arbor Daily News for half an hour until I could get the re- sult of the game. It was Detroit North- ern 30, Ann Arbor 16. Senior meeting this afternoon, to de- cide the weighty question of what the best-dressed graduate will wear. Of course I only went to the girls' meet- ing. A w Assembly, and the basketball team on the stage. "Doug" Nott and "Billy" Pegan, as co-captains, gave short talks. Somebody stole "Doug's" picture the other day! Today Peter Raftopulos was chosen captain of next year's basketball team. May it be as good as this year's! Four A. A. H. S. students went this week to Chicago to display their talents before the National Music Supervisors' Convention. 14. ll it i 18. 1 20. D. U 21. ,, ll , v 24. Q 0 25. U H 26. , D D 27. ,, D APRIL V l. April Fool! Another Forum banquet, and Mr. Quarishi spoke about India's present problems. I expected him to ' be hard to understand, but he spoke ex- cellent English. 2. Now it's even! "Billy's" picture is . missing, too, since the week-end. U. High saw the first act of "Kempy" this morning. I wonder what they will I D 7. wards but the crowd was almost too give in 01-U' a5SCmblY? A 5 great for the dancing to be enjoyable. 9- MVS- Ray SP0k9 to 115 in HSSCFUUIY, 3-Hd 0 The track team Won tgday frgm Dear- also WC caught 3. glll'l'lpS6 of the SCDIOI' born overwhelmingly, 76-19. Play, enough to make US Walflf to SCC the Bennie Van left today for New York rest. At noon-"The Pess1m1st!" The City to attend the Columbia Interschol- gym team and the Leadefs COVDS Def' astic Press Convention. formedtfor the P. T. A .tomght. We sang in assembly today, and the 10. F1f5fUlg!:!t Of HKCWDQ'-H . screen tore when it rolled up, which 11. But I waited until tonight to see it, and amused everybody, Mr. Forsythe in- WHS it g00d! ' eluded. A Tappan School dramatics club 12. Bright and early the 'Washington clubs x "Thalia," cleverly announced a play it lffft for the CHDIIOI Clfy- ,4 ul -4 -4 -4 -J as v Q wtf Q- "' , ,. Q A -Q A A Q Q4 C Page One Hundred Twenty 6 L fi ,..-..-.-..-..-..-,.-..-..-.-.....-..-..-.-..-.,-..-,..,.-..-..-.h. ..-..M...,....,. 9 Q l I QA 2 1 I 1 4, I WL EN E , 1 2 4 Y 2 J 2 H l . . . . I S QU flZdl',5WfZflZL270lZ 012 B Q Zglfdllilildflllwiiflffdf Q I ' ' i U . Mefefffzaeifqzwzfq 5 7? ig Qvwiyffmhzie Q Vg' 3 Yi J 410' mm gk vm 5 0 l WW U I! I J ' U ai I I 2 I q....... H I N ' ....-............: --A -- .. .. .. .. ,. .. --A .. M. M. E.. .. . .. ..i. x Page One Hundred Twenty-ons N - Omeofs WZ Ocizfrcyfcyr 'A ,,' S" Qn1a1Jm- un-nl1n1m? High and Public School Books Used Books Bought and Sold A Full Line of Party Favors BROWN'S BOOK STORE I . -4 .Yu-nu.. .5 Yzxlupin-ms .. .. Y .fx-1:7 "I call my girl Henrietta." "What's her name P" "Henrietta," Impatient Diner: Hey, waiter, hey! Waiter: All right, sir, but we shall have to send out for it. Sandwiches, swimming suits, radios, can openers, golf balls, soup, and sardines. What have you? A drug store. iin1::in:,:: up--l.1n:7n:' :: :g1:"n1 Ernst Brothers ELECTRIC SHOP Wiring Fixtures and Repair Work Phone 7776 210 South 4th Ave. ,,,::-::7....7::,,.g7..:74s xfgzizz Yan -' 11: 1. "Got a cup of coliee on you?" 2. "What do you want with a cup of coffee?" I. "A doughnut." Auctioneer: This piano goes back to Louis XIV. Customer: Who cares? Mine goes back to Grinnel's the 12th. "I have no luck with women." "Lucky fellow!" I -1- Gentleman: Have you a single room? Clerk: With or without a bath? Gentleman: Pardon. Clerk: Do you want a bath? . Gentleman: No, I want a room. ."Did youvenjoy the show last night, or d1dn't anyone notice your new fur coat ?" OUR PLATFORM Shorter hours-sixty minutes is too long. .fuczfgqiqniam an .a ,111--:ninja .. rc +-2 V , -ai ,-, , CLASS PINS, RINGS AND JEWELRY SCHLANDERER Sz SEYFRIED Jewelers El? 304 South Main Street Ann Arbor -1u--na-n-mp--qp-qn1al:uiun:un-n11I1aun-ula My girl friend is one of these cheerful people. She can have a good time thinking what a good time she would have if she were having it. . A playwright who was casting a new show, was discussing with a lady the diffi- culty of filling one particular part. "I want," he said, "a young man who looks like Lindbergh, who is tall. blue eyed, a sense of humor, and an air of distinction." "So do I," sighed the lady. ' PRINTING Our Prices Are Always Reasonable Twenty-Five Years of Experience Guarantees Quality The Athens Press UP-TO-DATE PRINTERS 206 NORTH MAIN ST. Dial 21013 Next to Postoffice sian-niasgan-ul-1-orisrix-'finial 1271! I .5 Q we eb .4 we g, 9 Q 5. u 5- 4' 0 1-QC Q A A fi A fi A Page One Hundred' Twenty-two Wg, A, gl B J o PJ Af H f QMQGA , 0' fry A .af A XF Ava XGRQ 5 X I I 1 , I A - Q I J l f X I sl, ma Q 2 T S1lver Spoons QNCE upon a time there was a legend that only those born with silver spoons in their mouths could afford to be well dressed. A Today money has no monopoly on style. "Looking like a million dollars" has be- come such a commonplace that the original expression has lost its point. In America everybody is well dressed. We can't all have a lot of money, but fortunately, we don't need it to keep up a smart appearance. At this store the woman who is not above counting pennies can choose the same dis- tinctive fashions as the woman who hasn't time to count dollars! A Good taste has supplanted the silver spoon as the "open sesame" to the inclusive circle of well-dressed women. 5j 60 SINCE 1857 Z 'L J it SQWNDEW Pagv O H i I I f Il Gififlf 4 Q- Af' gf195gQf in D, y0MeGA,, V' Q P 41 9 I-19 A fo Xxv q QQ Via 3 cf A. s D f ' , Y K x if N V. . l n V7 4 04 C H D KK OYTC D yu v A U 3 'F mx V 4 . P Tv STANTQN Wu-f.. 1, PK QR Il xv X J L u 4U m u 5 v YX 'D Q, Esvhgr A VN 0 vd is V 'Rm AVTQIAI mosh? Q X Pg O H i iTzuvuty-fnur f? E - g OMQGA 7 f F, tgwfftmeff xfaxrwvwr D? I is 5, Telephone Operating is EL Good Profession- Q' Q? X B ul 1 I A D 1 4 v D v 1 V X: U V 9 u 4 b Ci' lu all probability you are trying at this V time to make a decision as to what your future 11 Q61 will he in the husiuess world. N Qty XYe have executive positions which are con- U Q tinually heing filled from our operating force. 49 New we talk over with vou the mossihilities X . , I C there ure with the Telephfme Cru? ss Y it XA 1 r Q2 r 'S SZ --Refined Associates J, 9 . v N A VJ ,U . . " w, M1Ch1gan Bell Telephone Company EMPLOYMENT OFFICE Q x .. D f ' V liglkglivx v 6 e -a ya .4 Amd, ,, QL eww Q, Q, - f 9' 7' -F G- 1- QQ if 1-H -A ,A .fH 'W "1 Page Om' llnrldrvd Y'zvcr1Iy-five . J. c VID 5, Ju 5, omega ,M Q u I 'f Iii Z A I F9 f 6 wf ix T N D Wi"-' D Why are vitamins put in spinach and cod liver oil, instead of in cake and candy? Q . D 4 - - Wife: Don't you think I have put too e Lmdenschmxdt-Apfel Sz Co. mliihialt in the iimpevh , - o el Husban : y no, darling, there ' Clothmg for Lad and Dad is perhaps, too little soup for the salt, thats 209 s. Main sf. Ann Arbor all- It may be unpleasant to gamble with a g g bad loser, but it's a lot better than gambling .....-..-4. with any kind of a winner. C 9 Question: In which of his battles was """' L Alex the Great killed? - ' ' ' Al Pie S Wy Answer. I believe it was his last. Ways a asure to CYVC ....- "Service for Patronage Since 1886" V ' . botftlpzgghcantz I am applying for the job as SCHLENKER HARDWARE U V Restaurant Owner: What makes you think COBI PANY 0 you can bounce? 1 213-215 vv. Liberty sf. Phone 6314 tw Applicant: I used to be a rubber in a Q Turkish bath. -lui:l:i:lix4x7x7x:T:: 'rs-nc-It .nav J I v 'I"-"-"'-"-"-"-"-"-"-"-"'-"'-"-' Explorer: Just to show you the advance D of civilization-in the past the Eskimos ate candles for dessert,- Model St0I'C Old Lady: And now, I suppose they eat 5 electric light bulbs? 0 "For Your Fc'c't'.1' Sake" T 9 "Dearest, I must marry you." SPORT SHOES "But have you seen my mother P" 1 OF QUALITY sagqief. many times, but I love you just the P ' ' Ypsi-Ann Bldg. 205 S. 4th Ave. 1' 1 A good education enables you to get into 1 I up more intelligent trouble. V Television is coming, and already some of us are practicing on the faces we are going h to make at central. HARPER BATTERY TIRE O. I . 0 V The rumble seat disease: Rider's cramp. 81 C , nc 1. IfVillm'd Batteries- V It takes grit to get any place in this world. Battery Service IA few years ago spinach was almost un- l Goodrich Tires- nown. Tire Service You'll usually get credit for knowing , Phfme 4414 219-221 W- HUYUU St- what you are talking about if you'll just I keep your mouth shut. si-...-.. 1: :.f:::.:- I J.-..-az..-..-.tang Q4 -4 I 4 v 'SK sf 5- H 5' 0 dv' if 0- 1- Q, A A A Q' Q H Page One Hundred Twenty-sin. . BE, ,. A, of, SGD JH 2 f. Q ggg 'M Q 'a o v 'u F fi I Fl I THE R. B. CLOTHING COMPANY I E C ON GRA TU LA TES you young men, and wishes you success in whatever walk I of life you may choose to T follow ---- i . BERN J. HOLLWAY, Manager iHlinKiEl::'hfI Ill!!-lIIllI liI 2:4511 Page On H d QC? as ' OMEGA 7' MK' C as Hg Qi q , S, , I xv I ' I .. . QXGYQJ The most original fellow in this school is D. H. B. Nelson. You should see his spell- mg. Fresh: There is a man outside with a wooden leg named Smith. More: What's the name of the other leg? THE AUTO MECHANIC BLOWS HIS MOUTH "Darling, I saw you last night with Jim, and it wrenched my heart. I could socket to him good. You know, dear, I love you so much it just chokes me. If fuse will only shackle yourself to me, wheel bolt to- gether, I haven't many vises, and it shims to me I could cut out the few I've got. And what a honeymoon we can have. Oil coil for you in the car and your poppet valve no suspicion of what we are doing. Wheel shaft to make the best of the jack I've got-it's not so much. But, honey, don't axle your old manifold anythingg he'd spring up and throttle me for sure. Now, sweetheart, if I could clutch you in my arms, you won't shift from me. will you? No, your eyes are shining and your face is so radiatored, that I gas you say yes." - - - -inf: -- W W r' ls lain!! -a..7:.f.. ... Y .7 .. .. .. ... R. 8: S. Styles are Snappy and Distinctive Shoes for All Occasions R. 8: S. SHOE STORE Bart Shoes in Town I .i,,1ur:7..n-I..-...Y nf... .lc . .. ac' Y ..:-... ..- nu "Did you know the statue of liberty weighs two hundred an' fifty thousand tons?" "Yeah-They're gonna make her cut out sweets!" He's a remarkable mang he puts all he has into whatever he does. "Did you think that party was a charity bazaar?" UNO!! "Well, then pay me the money I loaned you." 1u1..1..1q.-.q..-Q..-lg?..1..1..1..1..1..igp.g.1..1.p-.p-..1..i.pqq1..1. I ANN ARBOR'S LEADING MARKET I As Always- : Our Meats areethe Best Obtainable ' Our Service the Best Imaginable- ,. THE ESCHELBACH MARKET A "SERVICE AND QUALITY,, 2 J. P. Eschelbach it J. J. Desmond 202 East Huron 'I Proprietors PITOIIC 4159 4... .....,D..Q......: D. ......-.....-....-..-. Q Q u we sd U I 5 as AQ As QQ' As' Q' Q Pgge One Hundred Twenty-eight 5 OMEGA WL? A M Q'Vswf ivy fa THE EBERBACH PHARMACY Always Stocked With the Best Quality v c D 1 v Drugs v HIGH GRADE P TOILET REQU1s1'rEs KODAKS - CANDIES El DRUGGISTS, MERCHANDISE v Prescription-Service by Registered Pharmacists. W v v v EBERBACH 8: SON CO. v ESTABLISHED 1843 200 - 202 E. LIBERTY ST. D D I Q J 6 sd sl sl 5 5, Q V S f- P 4- Q A A 'i Q Pge O Owieofs , F' f u 9 J as F y s , ' o Q 6 Q Q f P 11 P A A gf Q Q QI N A T""":-"-"f"-"'-"""' J':"f"::1' az"-Q' He: Your eyes are like big brown mar- 1 bles. U if She: Wanna play? A Clothes for Young Men f, --- Miss Van Kleek: Do you know where I 'i 5 could find Owen? ' A Student: Yes mam, he's asleep down in FASHION PARK if , the library, cramming for an exam. ,, ADLER-ROCIIESTER 7 if CHARTER House " i as The teachers are beginning to take an in- I terest in Ed Webster. A few days ago X SMITHHS SMART SHOES ' Miss Van Kleek asked him if he goes to L V school here. we W H '- W is l S A debtor was very anxious to settle a S3 uk H account. He only had SZ, a new two-dollar E Th f I th. . H bill. He took it to a pawnbroker and , 6 fofwlox C0 mg if pawned it for 31.50. He sold the pawn ' -Yfflff W Ami Afbm' 1 ticket to a friend for 31.50. He then had N F . in his pocket the much desired S3 and settled '- ,I the bill. Who ost? I I 322-324 South Main St. u T ' Next to Wuerth Theatre , , I Prof: Why are the days longer in sum- I ' mer? -if-..:..-..-..-..E..Ls:,..-..Kala.: Mil Student: Because the heat expands them. Husband: Great heavens! The engine is 'F'-'I if " " ' 's' 1 I I ":""""'1lf terribly overheated. I , Dilyifezp Then why don't you turn off the It "' 'a mo" f You Young Fellows H as R F She: You are just a joke. -know how you fgel Whefl You H He: Well, can't you take a joke? 1 first Wear a new Suit. Chin up, I 'T chest out, and an added confi- ii . " dence in yourself. Obadiah: I think Peggy will make an it I ideal wife. Every time I go to her home If YOU Want to Caffy that feel' I find her darning her father's socks. ing around with you 365 days H ...2s1t'::'.,1..Q5":1t..?:::'i::.::.:f2:..,:mwr My vw, get a Savings ec- , ' . H count started, and keep addmg It -1- ii to if. M . W , . 'Q g-Ie: And can you cook like mother used ' If you ddrft believe tt- 7 tO. gg ' She: Yes, if you can stand indigestion try it " like father used to. M ,T if Q "" ,L State Savings Bank TT "Look here, waitress, there isn't a particle ' 'Y of turtle in this soup." 'I' ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN 5, "Well, what of it? We have cabinet Q, H pudding, but you wouldn't expect to find H Andrew Mellon in it, would you?" -I-4: : ::Yff'---fe --u I -f xi in 1'-'I' .9 -J 9 " -Q X. - 5, Q 5, t x iv 'x f 2. ff A 1 Q im :i K A A A ti -sf- Page One Hundred Thirty QMQGA 'W ' c f A ' ws 'fjb get f Q 4 CJ I U -'X Q " Qt-Qatfif A S., A X, t 4 K YZ! ,,, ,S TJ ,L ty :l'------------'------------'----'---'-"-"-'I' lf the truth were known. it would prob- ' I ably he found that it was a plasterer who - 1 t' xt :ujf-:t-l th' Ch: rl 'qt in as a ballroom 5 ! SPORT SHOES ,ljfmf WW K ' U' V ' . . . , . Z7ISfllIt'fI'Z'l' .Styles for by 1 ,lIel1, lI'n111e11 and Cltildrvfi H , , , v I lefieher: Wliat Idiil ,luliet say when she ' 5 , , niet xomeo on t ie ia eonyr l THF' Pupil: "L'ouldn't you get seats in the or- ' 'l 'ft 1 1 Q Earle Boot Shop "U Y' Q 123 li.-xsi' l.IliIERTY ST. : 9 l I Mr. Matzke: Supposing this gas was C .i.-..- .....-...-..,.-...-.........-..-..-....-..-....-.. deadly poison. what steps would you take if it escaped? 9 ' The kinderg'arten teaeher thought the Bmght Pupll: Lung mms' U children knew how to play Blind Man's W..- VX liuttf She blindfolded one little girl. and when 'the child didn't more she asked. HL.: fjh' 51,165 ,wt as 1,141 as that! :ill llfll fflll' mimff- fll'?11'- Wllilf Ziff' YOU Wim' Ha: Old! XYhy, that woman remembers D 1112 'Ulf H the Big Dipper when it was just a drinking "A cigarette, was the reply. Cup! 15 Magician tto youngster he has called upon Prof.: llow many times have l told you the stage! t Now, my boy, you've never tu he to class on time? . seen ine before, hareyou? Student: l don't know. l thought you D . Cl Hoy: No. daddy. were keeping score. N NX xnxx ,',,1.,,.,.,,..,.1,,,,..,. i111111i1. .-..-nn-nn1nn- -n 1111111 living, 'v a ! w 'i , i Q, i wA1'cHEs ax 7 Q' : , f : A sn.vERwARE I i 9 ! DiAMoNDs ,li-if l : I 92 i X' S .5 ' i ' 9525 , 1 1 . l JEWELRY I , rig fg 1 . S lx' y I 1 rt , 0 E RINGS L li' ,F E lyo : T' ll: V : 1 till , ' K 'll af 2 9 . i I HA LLER t ff. i I : '53 ,' vw," , cu i STATE AT LIBERTY Q l I i l l .i.i....-.....-.... .....-- - - .- - - ---- ---- - ----------+ li 6 5 up Q Q g 9 -4 sl, 3 if QQ SQ 51' 4, Q. f- f P G. 1- 9 Q ff A A A fa 1 1 Page One Himdrcd Thirty-one V:--1---l- W' Q ,AQ Q G fpf 14 Iglllf Jvw Jw 31: I fy' Q X Q B Tb Q 53 K P 'Q P fa F9 fr X A 1, X nv 5 'if 'S -H were e or is xr e lt N f ' .!..-.- .. - - .- - ....-.- .. - - - .. - - .-.- - .....-...-..-..-......-..-...-..1- y 5 e 5 l n l 5 , I ' A CONSIDER i L-L I 3 : M 2 HIGH SCHOOL - Q 1 or ! v ' I , X H' ll I DIPLOMA 9 f ' '3 ' ' . if af , i ,L , , fo Ya i -your background for i if -X Nj! , . v 5 Qu " I I SUCCeSS 'J X ' g Q, . ll : l Courses -0- X I 4 ' 2 15 E Shorthand V F gf l Typewriting .. K I Bookkeeping ff : VXX i Afguuntmg f"'U'lll4'tion of your high school eourse is very ilnportnnt to your ! Q I Filing future sueeess. lt gives you at llllllkgftlllllnl of general knowledge li ' OH-ice Training I5 invzxluahle. no matter what vocation you follow through i D l?lCI21pl'l0llQ If you are interfstezl in husiness as a vocation, we sincerely recom- gg I 8lClll21lUlI' mend that you finish your high school course first. NVQ will he glad X ! Corrc-Spmldcncc to tulk with you regarding your further plans after graduation. I - Cnmmercial Lq , full :lt our school. phone, or send Il post card request for our cata- I DX I qttrctdridl Trilxling log, which gives complete details of courses, employment service, T i , " ' ' ' ' etc. i HAMILTON BUSINESS COLLEGE 9 I I S'r.x'rH .wo lYiI.I.mM Srs. i ' - - - - -. .- .- - -. -..-....-...-........-....-.-..-....- -.........-......-..-.--.........-..+ 9 "So your son got his B.A. and M.A.?" "-"""'-"'-"-"-"-"-"-"-"'-""""'""'!' i "Yes, indeed, hut his PA still supports L him." 'D .. L l . , I at ' Old Lady: l.ittle boy, I'll give you a penny LANDER S I 9 if you'll go on an errand. 07' Son of College Professor' I'm sorrv . l - H ' ' -' I o W L R S fl madam. but do you realize that every hour ' ' P I lost from my study costs me fourteen dol- H l lars and thirty-seven Cents? - l - " l u I ' D59 H I "Does the coach have the team under con- if trol?" - n ' . . Q 1 I "Does her Say. every time he gets 21 Q, headache everyone on the varsity takes an aspirin l" 1 : vl ' l l '-'F' : al Father tglaneing over 21 report Cardli I V V You got some nice marks last month, son. I Son: Yes, sir, since you stopped helping I me with my home work, I get along fine. T 9 - - f A 320 lixsr Lmrxrv f Anxious Mother: And is my little darling I I really trying? 5 XYeglry Teztelierg Very, -.N-.--..-..--..--..--.-1.-..--.-.--1--1.-nj' 0 za Q sf ' of ,., QL SQ 5,6 Q. A st. P. .fl P fp 4- 5 Q Q A vi 'W , 'i 'W 'Q Vogt' Om' Ilundrvd 'l'l1il'!y-ttw 1 fe: f 'gmzffjll' l ' 'Pf , P OMEGA .ff i , ' S ' Q A 6 'LL ' 9 A P ,Tl 2 an Q! Q, ' QR The professor had been invited to lay the corner stone of a rural school and had just , H performed his duty. The crowd awaited his ,, speech. 4 H "Heavensl What can I do?" wailed the 6 "A Neighborhood Drug Store 1 professor. "I've laid the corner stone on LT top of my manuscript!" of Distinction" WITHAM DRUG STORE Som-H U. AT Foruzsr onion:-an-anis mini -"P "Are you laughing at me?" demanded the i irate professor of his class. i "No," came the answer in chorus. - "Well," insisted the professor, "what l else is there in the room to laugh at?" l .... l ' Loquacious Barber Cafter a good half hour of itl: And what would you like on 2 your hair, sir? I Weary Customer: My hat-just as soon as you can manage it. i Timid Passenger: It's a long way down to the ground. Bored Aviator: Naw, just a stone's throw. no-:mini THE HIGH SCHOOL STUDENT May Always Have His- Order Filled Properly, Promptly, and Completely ...atm- tWAHR'S BOOK STORES 316 State St. or Main Street, Opposite Court House Second-Hand Books -- Bought and Sold ul B rg, in ' ffm J' f, -1-We Q s if. . f - '4 "fx, " f '., I gn , Y Page One Hundred Thirty-three ' Qmeofa "' A F95 A a n CH J e ' G ,' fm? v- Ju A ya r fi' X ' I F ld B ' 59-Q IIC "Let us put our heads together and make a concrete road," said the alderman. Man fwho has just been run over by a steam rollerjz. That's rightg I forgot the pancake flour. George: Quick! give me something for my head. Doc: wouldn't take it as a gift. Doc.: Cinquiring about a boy who had swallowed a half dollarjz How is the boy today? Mother: No change yet. ' as E Papa, Baby has swallowed the kodak lms." "Gracious, I hope nothing will develop." They never hang a man with a wooden leg in China-they use a rope. n1.q.-pp-.ppin1qp-.qg..q.1..igg1....,.i..:i..1u:7u:1ul...u:in:7::7 L.: 1:7117 :oc ll:nill1u:"r ATE1,.H!,IiQ. 9,2905 QUALITY GOODS Racket Restringing : 24 Hour Service : Restringing Done in Our Store GEORGE MOE 314 s, state SPORT SHOP 902 s. State ggiqiunignipligin 11.15 --1s:7an-ua --11-4 r --- 7-M --7 WHY I SOLD MY RADIO "Climb upon my knee Sonney B-hoy - - - - - Clancey is running with the ball, wait a minute, I mean Bernstein. No, it's Harris. - - - - The next feature on our program will be an interesting educational talk ---- I get the bloo-hoos when it rains! ---- Universe howdy! And now jimmy Jam- mie's Row Dow boys will entertain you - - - - Hold that tiger! ---- poo-poo-pa-dupe! Mammy, you know me, mammy! ---- Don't forget the name, folks - Ye Olde Butcher Shoppe, at 19 East Blank Street. .. 1 .. . .. .. W Drain:-tluininf Pow dow he ooh wop jaff ! ---- We are pleased to announce that Mr. Herman Schwartz will now entertain you with his famous imitations of field mice. ---- I met that big big man from the South! wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !" ' "I wonder why Maude claimed she was only twenty-Five when that rich old man was courting her?" "Oh, I suppose she made a liberal discount for cash." Qloill-rauinnrnniniz :: ::1::7::7:a-up : - -- - W nxunfz' " :L f.. n1nrf:... .. .. 7 -- --Y WAGNER 81 COMPANY for Men - Since 1848 1am-1111111111-:minion-iu1sl1cn1:: xl--un1uLa: :: ::iu7u1q1sr Hilti Q Q I, so f -4 'Ai X t X v QQ by - x f fe.. -- 4- 1 Q' us e f- -w e A Page One Hundred Thirty-four fju f Jw ' D' ' Y 1 . u 5 n. 'Qi 1 F A ff i t 3 -ax ' Q f 2, , L. . VR SX Vicar: And what parable do you like 'l"-'1":1 1'-""'i"-"f""f w"' best, my son? i Boy: The one about the multitude that loafs and hshes. "Tommy, can you tell me one of the uses of cowhide?" "Yes sir. It keeps the cow together." WHY HE WAS NOT PROMOTED He watched the clock. He was always late. He was forever complaining. only half did things. didn't study up on his job. He He He associated with his inferiors. He did not strive for promotion. He didn't have to- He was president of the company. The central display in the window of a second hand shop was a pair of trousers of startling cut and even more startling color. Snappy and Sturdy S H O E S at Very Reasonable Prices Campus Bootery -or Yamini: 7u1ulpq.1g1q71gig1gg,gig+ He: Well, sweetheart, when I make my first hundred- She: Yes, yes, go on- He: I'll send you a picture of one. N. Hurley: Swell! I own Hades. Another Bum: Howzat? Neil: Mr. Granville just gave it to me. Joe Hettinger: Does this wind bother On the garment was a card bearing this you? statement: Margaret N.: No, talk as much as you "These Trousers Were Uncalled For." please. Thin' n1on1m:1:inl1u:ian1u:7uin4::+-' A '-iniawinlgn-new v::" ixinizzrr x71o1n1l? ll L l . . H I Gzfts for Graduatzon , l 4 l 1: T' A box of stationery will please practically every graduate. You'l1 T' find it easy to make your selection here. Many different grades from I T which to make your decision. I A Writing Case, Brief Case, Bill Fold, Address Book, or Memory 1 Book of leather from our extensive display of leather goods would make If a fine graduation gift. I l l. i' l, l H The MAYER-SCHAIRER COMPANY H ' l ,, Stationers, Printers, Binders, Ojicc Outfitters " Phone 4515 112 South Main Street I ' ll ll l il'-IC: 5:-:: l1lll4KiK " 3li!lIiKhlKil:lllClKl ii - 22 ?I:ill ---II T' ZIlI+ll 1 Q J qu so ul :J 5, 5. qi sf Q, 9 A Y' on 4- Q A I-X 'S A 3 ' Page One Hundred Thirty-fiw xx V1 Q, U OMEGA FV iff 45 9 " gy Q, 6 as lj , JA RV? A ...f .J ' QM-M.xY.,,vlu .1......-...,,........-.........................- DISTINCTIVE CHARACTER AND BEAUTY IN PoR1'RA1'rs lghntngraplqrr Studio 334 So. State Street Little Bobby: Must I really wash my face, Mamma? Mother: Yes, you're terribly dirty! Bobby: Why can't I just put some Hour . on my face like you do? First Poor Inventor: I saw Briggs today. He looked happy, prosperous, well fed. Suc- cess must have come to him. Second Csadlyj: It has. First: What's he been working on? Second Cmore sadlyl : A salary. +:iggT,.1.:- - lg,,g.1.:+::l m-.lg2gp- KOCH 81 HENNE High Grade Carpets and Furniture Phone 6513 300 S. Main St. .n1..1..1.l1ni..-.ning-.ull Teachers Will someone give us an exam- ple of modern fiction? Pupil: The term "safety zone." Janet Cdisappointedlyl : I guess Roger and I won't get married so soon after all. Mother: Why, what makes you think that? Janet: He sent me a large box of hand- kerchiefs with my initials on them-enough to last a year! 1 -1- l I -1- Brakeman: Change for Wisconsin! VV. Graf: Don't know Miss Consin, but here's a quarter for her. Upon coming out from under an anaes- thetic john asked for a drink of water. The nurse gave him a teaspoonful. "And now, nurse," he said later, "I'd like to read. Perhaps you have a postage stamp handy." The most unfortunate person in the world is a seasick man with lock jaw. .1qn1gq1.n1sn1pg1. T 1 HIGH SCHOOL FOLKS ' HAVE THE HABIT OF GOING TO The James Foster House of Art -p.....1qp1q.1.p1..1..1-.1q....l1q1.p.i.l.-gg'g Husband: I can't make out which is the top and which the bottom of these socks. Wife: The big hole is the top and the collection of small holes is the foot. The self-made man was in the midst of his first interview. "How," inquired the re- porter, "did you find time to read in those formative years F" The self-made man patted his chest proud- ly. "I kept a good book open on my desk," said he, "and read it duringtelephone calls -while holding the wire after someone had said. 'Just a moment, please."' 515115- MARY LEE GILBERT CANDIES DRAKE'S Sandwich and Soda Shop 709 North University 4... .L.L.4..A LW. . -..L e L - Q ui ui ad an sl 4" ol P Q, sf QQ QQ' M U Q A A vi I A A Nl Page One Hundred Thirty-si.:- 1 I Owieofa J f I Ju If ji X. .. fd' xe cd B W 69 gi I2 I ' " R " P el d Q ' fi f - an ,. - 1 A 'sn "Don't you think my new hat is rather ducky, dear P" "Yes, but the bill is too large." "Are there many bill collectors coming to' your door?" "More than I care to admit." Trusty: I'll do anything I can, Warden. Warden: Well, don't put yourself out. "Do you like antique furniture P" "Yes, though it's not always what it is cracked up to be." Mrs. Hinote: How is Bobby getting along with his violin lessons? Mrs. Lonote: Oh, just fine! Even when he is in another room. I can almost tell whether he is tuning up or playing. Q Junior: I've changed my mind about go- ing to that formal dance tomorrow night. hSenior: I couldn't borrow a tuxedo, ei- t er. -if e--M-M -- M--W -M -- .-..g..- Boxing Instructor Cafter first lessonlz Now, have you any questions to ask? Beginner Cdazedl : Yes, how much is your correspondence course? The poet was famous, but the landlord was irate. "I want my rent," stated the latter, "and I want it today. If I don't get it, tomorrow people will be pointing out this house as the place where you once lived." 'Guest: Did you say this was a Correg- gio? Host: No, a replica. Guest: Oh, well, he's a pretty good man, too, isn't he? The Father: My daughter must marry a man whose income has at least four noughts. The Suitor: Well, I am the man-mine is all noughts. -infnzr :mf nmfzgismfnfzsiniuu-skilful-1 JUST BY WAY OF COMPARISCN You wouldn't look for a rose in a field of dandelions. " You wouldn't expect to buy a portrait in a paint shop. " You woul-dn't seek a diamond at a five-and-ten. And you. wouIdn't hope to find clothes of real distinction at a store g where price IS the only attraction. E Yet there is little difference in price destiite the world of difference in i what price buys. I Treasures of fashion are found only in stores that treasure the privilege i of selecting individual things for individual personalities at prices indi- " viduals want to pay. , . , Goodyear's ll 124 SOUTH MAIN STREET TELEPHONE 4171 Fl i w71'lI?II 'Ki1 K-H II "lil 22+ -fl ll I 1121, 'lid Q9 J 9 ,. 1 'J 4 ,' k 9 - XX rx -X Qs X X ' f' ,- jf If if v J 4 f. A qv Page One Hundred i Thirty-:even OMEGA f A Efx cd4 Nb9'XGY 2 1 La a xv or wx ,LN ' it "L D , tis-A '- 'flfd thx ,N JJ '-'l"!'- if K 4 Q ll l H Exqulslte in L Versions of the new mode H K i . . . .that compliment the discrim- in ll inating taste of the smart miss L H 5 l l Shop of ,Personal -1111: Service 1-II1-451 L L or I LINDENSCHMITT-APFEL 85 CO. Clothing for Lad and Dad 209 S. Main St. ANN ARBOR Inqu-I ::: ::ial1s:-nczinwfgz 1: an :: :: ac Y:tisQ One of the younger novelists is engaged as English specialist at a school in an in- dustrial area. Recently an employer was in- terviewing a boy who had just left this school. "Let me see," said he, "Mr. X, the writer, is a master at yourold school, is he not." "Yes, sir," came the ready response, "that's him what learned me English." "So your husband is letting his beard grow?" "He is not letting it grow-I am letting him grow it." +n1ufu-u-::r'1 u+x 1: nfxfufufu- I Gold Mirror Beauty Shop Specialists in Permanent Waving, Hair Tinting Marinello Preparations ' and Treatments Basement lst National Bank Phone 6373 -i- "That check I gave on our bank has come back," complained the wife to her husband. "What do you suppose they did that for?" "No funds, I suppose." "No funds! Why, they advertise that they have a half a million surplus." Tom: Last night in my dreams I pro- posed to you. What do you suppose that signifies? Mary fimpatientlyb: It shows that you have more gumption when asleep than you have when you're awake. .9 1: v sa -4 -.4 W E, 5, 'Y' A ol 4- Q Pi P3 A 'W Q Qt et' Q- - Page One Hundred Thirty-eight 3 5 , 1 QNQGA . i f g 6 2 f J fr , ,fl A ' F9 f ' A - Q -5 X H I ' I , Guest: Well, I must be going now. Friend of Hostess Casidejz He said that once before. Hostess: Yes, he always says it twice when he's going. He's an auctioneer. Customer: A Swiss cheese sandwich on rye bread, please. Counter Man Crepeating orderjz Swiss on rye! Customer: I beg your pardong I won- der if I could change my order to American cheese? Counter Mani: Naturalize that Swiss! luisiniiolu1, + Complimenis of The Rubley Shoppe IN me Aucfms um.. .. , ,.. 7477...-at. Y.. - .. ... .. rl-up "Isn't it nice to have a husband who spends all his evenings at home?" "Yes 5 I enjoy myself so much better when I know he's there with the children." Jack: What did the landlady do when she found that you had left the light burning for three days? Spratt: She turned us both out. Ufnflc :: ::i::7:: :gr :: :. ::7:: -Y Y WENZEL'S Painting and Decorating Wall Paper : Paper : Glass Artists' Materials ANN Anon, MICHIGAN 1 1l+ T-utr: lt lt :nf 771: -. 111707 7 THINK d f the Future 'PIO It takes more than a handshake and a smile to get through life nowadays-the person who suc- ceeds tomorrow is the one who prepares the way today. And there's no better' preparedness than substantial Banking Con- nections. OB The ANN ARBOR SAVINGS ' BANK -It 7 ' ' " ' Wg ' x+!l7x7n1an - , , If ...Y,.. 7 K ,Y f .5 J sa -4 "1 1' XX H g 9 r x " X af -... 1" Z im S A ' " 'W X ' Page One Hundred Thirty-nm: mi I A Y 53 74 .lb 29 i gall? 'IQ 1: E . t- Fm if 4K FQ af X A I Q fl 3 Y 8 . 21 N 53 'l"-"""'-"-"-""'-"-"-"'-"""-""-"'-""I' The dru ist was awakened after midnight li I 5 H il i if The ,: ,I ,i C. J. HUTZEL F SHOPS V Apparel Specialists i' 4 is I 'D v 'iii 1 ig fl i v I PL ll i Ii ' ii H 301 S. MAIN ST. U 1, I ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN i il iv I 1f QR -l""-"-"--"-----'---'----'-"----I' D .'i:lil1IZ TZ Eli Il' I +22 Z.. :Z II doorbell. On saw a young gg by the violent ringing of his looking out his window, he miss in evening clothes. "What's the matter ?" he pulled on his dressing gown. "Oh," she cried gayly, 'Tm at a dance close by and I've mislaid by rouge." "Really P" asked the druggist softly. "Well, I'm sorry, but I never keep enough in stock to cover a cheek like yours." "My wife made me all that I am today." "But we mustn't be too hard on the little woman, must we ?" cried as he One day Napoleon III was talking with Empress Eugenie. As she talked without thinking of what she said, Napoleon said with a little laugh, "Do you know, madam, thief pdifference between a mirror and your- se ." "No," she responded. "Well, my dear, the difference is that the mirror reflects without speaking and you speak without reflecting." "And you, sir, do you know the difference between a mirror and yourself F" "No," responded Napoleon, in his turn. "Well, the mirror is polished." Fi :. ...-aliunfn.. rn In nrfzrfza-.. I SECURITY IS EVERYTHING When by hard work and self denial you have succeeded in saving some money, you wish to know that your funds are safe. if In fact, security is everything. You would rather have a reasonable return and know that your principle is secure than receive a larger re- turn and take a chance on the principle. Hundreds of people ,have obtained this ease of mind by depositing 1 their dollars in this strong bank. : v il II V FARMERS 8: MECHANICS BANK I 9 ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN 'F ll V lllilil 2:12 22: Ziiiilili iii T 'L' Ill ili Til -flfi 'II :Z if V-H df" QF' Q Q ga 64- QQ 5 A9 AQG- Page One Hundred Forty 7- H. 9 f Je J' 31 ' ,yi 'I 5 5 Q fm P A r in A ' 5 ,f G ,id sx x Q 0 ' Y K it ......a............,..........g.......e.........i ' t HF CRIPPEN DRUG STORES up 4 STORES FOR YOUR CONVENIENCE 723 N. University Ave. 207 S. Main St. 217 N. Main St. 1100 Broadway ll C incl-as n1on11ci::7n1cc ss f Iv L Employer: Why were you discharged ' from your last place? Applicant: For good behavior. Employer: What do you mean? Applicant: They took three months off 9 my sentence. D Billy: What does your brother work at, Tommy? Tommy: He's in the talkies. v Billy: What part does he take? Tommy: He's the approaching footsteps Q1 in the big scene. D .. .. ,. ., . 7 , ,.. ..,n: M759-gg , W -712 Foreman: You can begin by helping the rivetcrs on top of this skyscraper frame. Green apprentice C looking dubiously at dizzy skyscraper topl: Naw, sir! Pa. said for me to start at the bottom and work up. "Zed Perkins ain't the man he used to be l" "I'll say he ain't! An' what's more-he never was !" Usher fto cool, dignified ladylz Are you a friend of the groom? The Lady: Indeed. no! I am the bride's mother. .. at gg1qY.1c. xr :: "n1cr4io1lt :J cl:--rr -' - -1 nf' r- rr -r rr-- ', ALWAYS REST IN QUALITY BUT NEVER HIGHER IN PRICE B. E. MUEHLIG l if DRY GOODS 126 S. MAIN STREET , W - ik E, W, x 7 Rastus: Ef yo' says anything ter me Ah'll make yo' eat yo' words, man. Exodus: Chicken dumplings, hot biscuits, Ephraim: That hoss ob mine am de fast- est hoss in de worl'. He can run a mile Il minute 'ceptin' fob jest one thing. V and watermelon! Liga: What dat? -1- Ephraim: De distance am too long fob 7 de shortness ob de time. "I lost S30 and l cent yesterday." y "How P" - "I offered Dora a penny for her thoughts." Mother: VVhat kind of a morning is it, "Well?" Marjorie? P "She was thinking thflt I Ought to take Little Marjorie: Well, it's not laughing, hel' Out f0f the CVCUIUH-' and it's not crying, but it's just very solemn. I V .9 -I wa " so .4 "r ul ' " I I , - , I I " up v Q sf L- - f - A A ol - Q 4 A A Q Q Page One Hundred .Forty-one Wai. ...fx ...-nf.. gn rl .. ll 7.--I+ f hs if Jw KJ ? ' ,- QXMEGA 7' ' V a' . f -vt , ,. V t- " 5 A f lv. . ,x - .l.....,...............................-......,.,.....-...-.,... " DRUGS KODAKS l H H ii l. ll l I sf- , H You will be glad you had pictures H of your school days 1, KODAKS and BROWNIES ' 32.00 up H Dvfzdnping and Printing pl a Specialty " Calkins-Fletcher H N Drug Co. H Tlzrrv Dffflldd-1710 Stores I' CANDY SODAS -H--...........-..-...-....-..-..-......-...-..-...--4. A group of pilots were buzzing about something or other as the Hight commander approached, and several times he caught the expression, "the last word in airplanes." "Well," he said, as he reached the group, "what is the last word in airplanes ?" The group chorused, f'Jump!" "Before giving you my final answer," said Priscilla, with a blush, "I must refer you to father." "But, my dear," he whispered, "I am per- fectly willing to take you without a refer- ence." . Garage Mechanic: I think your trouble is due to a short circuit, madam. Lady: VVell, will it take you long to length- en it? The small delivery boy was bringing gro- ceries to a new customer and had encoun- tered a huge dog in the yard. "Come in," said the lady of the house, "he doesn't bite." The boy still hung back. "Does he swal- low?" he asked. The speaker was getting tired of being interrupted. "We seem to have a great many simpletons here tonight," he said. "Wouldn't it be ad- visable to hear one at a time?" "Yes," said a voice. "Get on with your speech." "You don't need an alarm clock to awaken you in the morning ?" "No, I can always hear my wife scraping the toast." "I went out VVest in '89," said the New Yorker. "How fur d'yu git ?" queried the miner. "Buffalo," said the New Yorker. "I went East th' same year," said the miner. "Went as fur's Butte, Montana. Nearly ran into each other, didn't we P" Mrs. Newlywed: Oh, I wish these recipes would be more definite. Mr. Newlywed: VVhat's the difficulty, my dear? Mrs. Newlywed: VVel1. this one tells how to use up old potatoes, but does not say how old the potatoes must be. 4..-..-..:f.:f.: .::..-..- :f 1, zfa- .f:.-.!. buttery Erwin fllilnthes and other good makes TWU PANTS SUITS I -522.50 to S65.00- l Top CoATs szooo to s5o.o0 I sTE'rsoN HATS I T. 'r il wahbams 8: Clin. ,Q E. G. STADEL, Manager il H. H. Gn.LENs, Sec. and Treas. Ti l 13. 1 inf 1mm u-ni:n+:: ximian! Q J gp sd -0 sl F' P 1' ., ef Q sffh- '-' K Q A Pi A A R rl Page One Hundred Forty-two i omeoe 7' J lm fe 'i f-,b est 'Q ,AQ'Pi'C77,T H3 6' wr t? a a 7 "I suppose this rain will do the crops a 'I' lot of good ?" "Ye're right, sir. An hour of it will do 'E more good in five minutes than a month of I ,., it would in a week at any other time." i F 0 7' '- 1 1. Mother: Johnny, why do you eat more 5 pie when we have company than when we're le l alone? . ll johnny: We have pudding when we're 'T Quality L alone. Q, Q i l Price "I am not thin skinned. I am the first to i laugh at my own foolishness." i ll "VVhat a merry life you must lead." I H -' . . 5 1 "Have you seen my dog this morning ?" H "Seen him? I should think I have! Came , in here, took a ham, chewed my trousers, 1 1' and then upset a customer into some eggs." "Really? Well, I wonder if you'd mind putting this 'Lost' notice in your window ?" Mr. Jimpson was hurrying because he was late for dinner. He- stumbled on the door- mat and fell sprawling into the hall. "Mamma," exclaimed son VVilliam, "Papa came in before he got here." Believe it or not, but it's true, There's an animal down at the zoo That looks hoary with age, But the sign on its cage Informs you the critter is "Gnu." Artist: More interruptions! This is the third time I've had to draw this head! VVife: Then try a change, darling. I want you to draw me a check. +n:lh-1niun:un1ol1n11o1uliln1uI:lr:ln1ll1lsn-l Junior Miss Savings IN At f FURNITURE co. l Q 337 E. LIB!-:RTV ST. fi i 'Y' JI- I 1 -or-az7u1u-..:e-asia: -..I -. .. .. .. . 4.-. . "What, after all, is the biggest child prob- lem?" "How to answer little Willie's questions l" "Mummy, it's polite always to say 'Thank you' for anything, isn't it ?" "Yes, dear." "And it's rude to speak with your mouth full, isn't it P" "Yes, dear." "Well, then, Mummy, if I say 'Thank you' with my mouth full, am I polite or rude P" ll SPRING NEW The Collins shoppe A very comprehensive and a very smart choice of frocks in the newest fabrics and fashion touches for the modern younger girl. THE COLLINS SHOPPE EAs'r LIBERTY .AT MAYNARD +1 1 ar'-nl1cc1ao1o:1o:+:t it 1: :: .::7::-ia:7::.l:-.-su1os7:s1o:7:c J: as-:uc .1 -. I+ .9 Q -n so sd 'J Y , 5. Q GQ 5 if 7' 9 4- Q -Q fi 'Q , 'Q 'W 3 Page One Hundred Forty-three QCD' Fl .lb A DZ l - 7 N1 eydjrfv h sq L I a ,af 5 1 9-1 1 : 1:7::7n.i:: ::- :: - :fn- Dewey Smith's Barber Shop "It pa-ys fn look well" Contour Haircutting for Ladies and Gentlemen Children a Specialty Six Skilled Workmen Soft Water Shampoos'.-njqg1g.1qp1.....q.L.....gg1.q.-. Officer: Are you sure you gave the proper signal before making that turn? Madelyn: Yes, indeed! My arm was extended the full length of the block! Freddy: What is an iceberg, daddy? Daddy: Why. it's a kind of permanent wave, son. Husband fto friend! : I want you to help me. I promised to meet my wife at one o'clock for luncheon, and I can't remember where. Would you mind ringing her up at our house and asking her where I am likely to be about that time? Johnnie: Mother, will you get my watch fixed today, sure? Mother: Why are you in such a hurry? Johnnie: Because I am secretary of the Safety Council and the teacher says I will have to keep the minutes tomorrow! Old Lady: If you really want work, Farmer Gray wants a right-hand man. Wanderer: Jus' my luck, lidy-I'm left- 'andedl 4 -S Grill: Do you know that only one person out of six can drive an automobile? Grump: Maybe so, but the other five can qualify as expert instructors! Victim: Hey! You've nicked my face in six places. Barber: Then I'll charge you cut rates. Art Student: Can you suggest a title for this picture? Friend: Why not call it "Home"? Art Student: Why "Home"? Friend: Because there's no place like it. Visitor Cto newlywedl: So you are not getting tired of studio life, eh? Artist's Wife: Good gracious, no! It's most interesting. Jim paints and I cook, Then the game is to guess what the things are meant for. Mountain Guide: Be careful not to fall here. It is dangerous. But if you do fall, remember to look to the left, as you get a most wonderful view. "He succeeded in cutting himself off from the rest of the world." "Oh, the hermit idea?" "No, a telephone booth!" Auntie: What kind of doll would you like me to buy you, dear? Little Niece: I think, Auntie, I would like twins. First Student: I wish I could be like the river. Second Student: Like the' river? In what way? First Student: Stay in bed, and yet fol- low my COLIYSB. n:ln1llvllvll1ll1n-w1ln1u1l91II-Ilia WE T AKE PLEASURE IN OFFERING CONGRA TULA TIONS to the Class of 1930 rowuing King if E. G. STAEB, Mgr. 319 So. MAIN Q 5. KB U' fi H Q J Q -J -a sl g, gf Q Ga f 9 0- 4-GCG A PX A 5 -I Page One Hundred Forty-four .-- N gpg-hm H nf .U ry., ',P:.W- KE U' 4' 'sq 55-ure'-1, Y, W C P OMEGA t - 'ffl R, 5 ,2 pq V' R r I 7 2 Q ' .9 f A 1, 55 I -Q D . 4 Mock Elections c Most popular boy .... ...... W illiam Pegan , Most popular girl .... .... M argaret Norton ' Prettiest girl ....... ..... F erne Palmer Handsomest boy ..... ..... S tanton Ware M ost attractive girl. . . . . . ,Thelma Lovelace 5 Most attractive bo y. . . . . .Wilbert Holloway I Most easily fussed girl .... ..... ll lary Spaulding , Most bashful boy .... ..... W illiam McFall Most gentlemanly girl .... ...... D exa Coryell 1 M ost ladylikc boy .... .... W ayne Dickens Steepest blujfer .... Elton Clark , Hardest worker ...... ..... H ilda Haab M ost conceited boy. . . .... Joe Hettinger P M ost conceited girl... .... Grace Probst Loudest dresser-girl. .... Grace Probst Loudest dresser-boy. .... Don Litteer V Class comedian ........ ...... A rthur Clark C1 Most athletic boy .... .... W illiam Pegan D Most athletic girl ..... .... D exa Coryell Teachers' pet-girl. .. ..... Ruth Lovejoy w Teachers' pet-boy ............ . . .Stanton Ware Most likely to become famous ......... Francis Hotzel Q Best dancer-boy ...... . ...... Rane Pray Best dancer-girl ........... .... I ean Engard Worst flunker ..... ..... S heldon Vogt p Best "good boy" ..... ..... R alph O'Hara Most learned shark .... ..... H arry Kasabach l M ost graceful girl ..... ..... R uth Stodden Most awkward boy. .. ........ Edwin Graf Best dressed girl ..... ..... C onstance Blakely Best dressed boy ..... ....... P eter Zahner V Best notured girl ..... ..... B ettye Skinner Best natured boy ..... .... W illiam Pegan W Class tomboy ...... ...... I ane Groh Class baby ..... .... I ack Stevens V Best actor .... ........... R odes Clay Best actress .... ........ R uth Stodden V Best scientist ..... Ben VanZwaluwenberg I Q 0 an we -4 0 B 5, qc MK' 9 0 Q A A A , 'W cl Page Ona Hundred Forty fvt ff . f 7 ., ' 3 L 9 F 'f Q ,H .1 .-, I A L . .-V1 ff' QAM, fi s ew, , . 1' , . A 5' 1 . 1 9 .,.. P? 1, v. L1 -x: wi' 2 V 1 .ry PM saw Q, 7' 'Ja ,il HQ- '5' 1 -mv: - ww .xl Ja -5245? , B V OMQGA A A ' Q 'T fu 1 A fp ,f . ' - .A . ' V, 1. . , N1 All A. L . I 'i""',. Autographs I 1 1 1, 4 D ' Z A i nam..- ,A4fAfJ4Q 9 WI ' ' Q Q ' I, up f ' ff Y ,, V Q Q7 , 5, 17 A fl ', Az' . , or ' Q I A A ' fi 'Q'- ,Q I' "3 Y' ' .X - i,.f,.":1:- -4 ' ,Y - , A Q ,. ' Fifi -si, Page One Hundred Forty-:ix 1-fx.-'gy s L' :': I .L -r Q, wg, Win .i'f7"- Q iw- . , ' ' , .,-' f,x,L4-,. ' P ' .2 V wif 92. " '+ fic'-ffiifv F. , V 1m,gf.Lv 'vfgfqdl ,L Mg 3 f '?irQ:-'-w?"' I K 4 ? A . 0 A 4 k 1, .iv V. x 'W X, w,,pf1 1 r 1 1 5 11 GY. , Autograph P., g l 'iw 1, 4.,.,.- V Ha'4-. ' fx Ji-1 Q Q .. v 41' ' A- 7, . . '1 ,Lu .- , . .ef .. 5.1. - 5' ." isa' H 1 f.ya"',ff -fn ..-. ,Y ""'.- ,R s. -'xv 4 Q "' , ., A , ITF' . ,.1 ..-.. ..'. -sz. , , . -,, -1' -4 -. 'l 5 1 3 . I' , I 1 . 3, , 1 - nf, K ,,.. 'Ml' 'Aa :ic . -4 9 ' -,J Sa -Q - Q-f A f X ' ' i f- "i 'ff .5 'Z 'C'7':'Y - , iii' .. -'i' Q Eli . .QAV ig .' Ig : Ja ff 4 3 an 4 ,,,. ,, ,i Ju . , ',.lsA . fa: L. NW, ' 15?- "iv - if s 33? v ,4- , mi?-. ' ,P ,L : 'li ,f A ' J . . We .fr "4 , . p Forty-eight 19 r v' .6- -v . Af' 2 ' u.'7' N , E ' r vu ' if ' I l is 5' A I K I Q K .1 ., . x 'A v A, .15 , L -afifw' , ,MMF . I. 'fiqpffllm wg X- r"- . . I 5 ,, 2 . 1 79 .- J 4 vb g +4 4 ' A nga-L ? 14 I x mx W X 5--. 4 ,,1 0 - , "' - H O H EA CD Z. L, r -P 1, + ' i K ,n V :X 2 -'- 43" E u I1 H HE W B c H. If ALMW wg. N M' ispxulsgulgxgffe A XI' X f' f 21931 II? -1 , l' JFIIINUIS'

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