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AHS was shaken by all of the changes going on within the community as well as within the rest of the world. Some AHS students witnessed a rare occurance on March 10, 1982. The nine planets of the solar system were at the point of their closest alignment — an approximate 100-degree arc. This has not been witnessed for 500 years and will not be visible until 2492. Although the planets seemed close together, those nearest are more than 4 mil- lion miles apart — half the distance between the sun and Earth. Students were shocked in early March 1982 by the news of Actor-Comedian John Belushi, age 33, who died from an apparent overdose of heroin and cocaine. Spirit Of The Changing Times FRICTION BETWEEN NATIONS: 10 hot disputes Eighteen-year-old males who must register for the Selective Services within 30 days of their 18th birthday were greatly affected by the changes in the world. Since the whole world is in dispute this was strongly enforced. The 10 "hottest" disputes in the world were scattered over three continents: 1. Argentina — Chile; 2. Morocco — Western Sahara; 3. Namibia — South Africa (Cyprus); 7. Israel — Arab Neighbors; 8. Iran — Iraq; 9. Indian — Pakistan; 10. China — Vietnam. (See Map) Not Shown: Great Britain and Argentina over the Falkland Islands. After a long silence. Mount St. Helens Volcano showed everybody she was not done blowing her top yet. It was Friday, March 19, 1982 when steam and ash blew 36,000 feet above the peak and raised the danger of floods in the low-land areas. (Pic. 1) 2’Ti m-i Americans witnessed the pre-dawn fueling hitch and take-off of the Columbia Spaceship on the local TV stations on Monday March 22, 1982. It was on its third, busiest and longest test flight. With Columbia en route to space. Mission Control reported one of its auxiliary power units had overheated and they were or- dered to shut it down. (Pic. 2) Columbia soared 150 miles with Lousma and pilot C. Gordon Fullerton in control. Lousma is a 46-year-old Marine Colonel. He was aboard Skylab 2 in 1973 for 59 days. Fullerton, a 45-year-old colonel has been an astronaunt for 16 years but has never flown in space before. (Pic. 1) New laws that were initiated in 1982 had a great influence on many students at AHS. On March 24, 1982, a law was passed forbidding motorists to drive "jacked up" vehicles. The Iowa legislation made it illegal to drive a vehicle which has had the suspension altered to raise the front or rear end more than five inches higher than the vehicle manufacturer's original specifica- tions. However this law does not include vehicles 25 years or older, any vehicle primarily designed for off-highway use which is used in the owner's occupation, vehicles with governmental agency license plates, and vehicles that are reconstructed or spe- cially constructed. Authorized emergency vehicles and any vehi- cle used to apply agricultural chemicals are also exempt from this new law. The other law that was passed during 1982 was the law that cracked down on teenage drinking and drug abuse. The stricter law was passed in hopes to cut down on the teenage alcohol and drug abuse. The next, and probably the most welcomed change in the world, is the falling gas prices. The price fell 2.3° in February 1982 and had dropped 1.7% in January 1982 which left i» around $1.10 per gallon. Although all of these changes influence each person in a different way, none of them will affect AHS students as much as the changing of the conferences. Travel expenses and the desire to compete with schools of the same size were the chief factors involved in the conferece changes. The Rolling Hills Activities Conference will include Walnut and Elk Horn-Kimballton (of the West- ern Iowa Conference), Exira (of the Coon Valley Confer- ence) and C M, Anita, Orient-Macksburg, and Bridgewater-Fontaneele (of the Little Eight Conference). The new conference will offer a full schedule of boys and girls sports along with music and a science fair. The five remaining schools of the old Little Eight Conference joined with Guthrie Center, Van Meter and Martinsdale St. Mary's to form the second new conference, The West Central Eight. These new conferences take affect starting the 1982- 83 school year. During the past year, everyone had been faced with different kinds of changes and have adjusted their lives to meet the demands of these changes and look forward to what tomorrow has to offer us. fylliy Hills Conference 3The spirit of entertainment in AHS was very good this year. Many students participated in various ac- tivities for both the school and community. Pic. 1. At the homecoming parade, the junior high band added to the procession for the first time. Spirit Of Entertainment Pic. 2. The speech and music depart- ments went together and brought the school and community a musical this year. "Yoy're A Good Man, Charlie Brown" was performed by Teresa McKinzie, jack Barber, Jeff Konz, Jyl Turner, Rhonda Bartelson, and Scott Phillips. Pic. 3. For the second year the flag corps led the high school marching band down the route at the homecom- ing parade. Pic. 4. The swine choir performed at many concerts ana at organizations this year. Pic. 5. Entertaining at the basketball games, the pep band livened the crowds during half time of both the boys and girls games. 45Spirit Of Accomplishment This year AHS felt the spirit of accomplishment. Al- though just a few students were part ot an accompli- shemnt at a given moment, the whole school shared in the excitement and in many cases, helped them reach high to accomplish their goals. The football team had a disappointing season but to accomplish winning the four games coaches, cheer- leaders, (Pic. 1) and fans stood behind the players through the season. The wrestling squad concluded an enjoyable season with many members placing high in tournaments and two going on to state. Pic. 2 In his first year of wrestling, senior Todd Johnson joined the varsity wrestling squad and finished the year out with a 13-14 record and placed 2nd at Conference tournament at 167 pounds. The 1982 Royalty Court consisted of Joy Rodgers and Tim Eilts as Sweetheart King and Queen (Pic. 3) while Jill Neighbors and Todd Johnson were chosen Homecom- ing King and Queen. Erica Aggen and Joel Jackson were chosen as crownbearers (Pic. 5). Pic. 4 The NFL's out- standing accomplishment was winning the 13th and fi- nal Little Eight Conference trophy.SPIRIT OF LEADERSHIPAHS Adds New Leaders 8 Pic. 1. Mr. Dale Jackson, the new art teacher, look on as Mike Spencer, Artist in Residence, demonstrates techniques of pottery making. Mr. Jackson came to AHS from Shenandoah High School. Pic. 2. Mr. Gary Currie, Anita High School prin- cipal, and his secretary, Mrs. Naomi Hackwell. Pic. 3. The schoolboard: Dick Nelson, Tom Shea, Phyllis Nichols, and Mervin Christensen. Not pictured: Jim Mailander. Tom and Phyllis are new to the board in 1981-82. Pic. 4. Another new addition to the AHS faculty was Diane Ernst, band director. A recent gra- duate of ISU, Miss Ernst occasionally plays with the Des Moines symphony. Pic. 5. Mr. Don Brichacek, superintendent, and Mrs. Jean Gill, secretary for Mr. Brichacek and the school board.Old Faces In New Classes I ■■ i min, Due to staff reductions this year, many teachers took on new classes. (Pic. 1) In addition to high school busi- ness classes, Mr. Wingate also teaches general math. (Pic.2) Mr. Zimmerman took on 8th grade social studies besides teaching his high school life sciences. (Pic. 3) Mr. Burke's new class is World History. He also instructs American his- tory and government. (Pic. 4) Besides high school math classes, Mr. Foulkes teaches cultural geography. (Pic. 5) Mr. Boldt now teaches 7th grade social studies, with junior high science. 9Our Faculty Teaches, Lectures (Pic. 11) Mrs. Joan Lane - high school home economics teacher. (Pic. 12) Mrs. Dee Cams moniters study hall. (Pic. 13) Part of the coaching staff - Mr. Dan Leinan, vo-ag instructor; Mr. Lynn Johnson, industrial arts instructor; and Mr. Jim Willet, junior math and high school P.E. in- structor. (Pic. 14) High School vocal instructor - Mrs. Laura Olsen. 10And Learns In The Process (Pic. 10) Miss Becky Hartstack teaches business classes. (Pic. 11) Mr. Bob Jackson High school physical science and junior high math instructor. (Pic. 12) Mrs. Cecilia Vanderbur - ele- mentary and high school resource teacher. (Pic. 13) Teaching English classes are Mrs. Ruthe Brocker, Mrs. Cheryl McCas- key, and Miss Vicki Vanderbur. Miss Vanderbur also teaches French. 11Let's Check Out The Librarians Pic 1. Library clerk Peggy Christensen helps Jimmie Casey find a book. Pic 2. Librarians Peggy Christensen and Vir- ginia Eilts. Mrs. Christensen has been working at the high school for 12 years, and Mrs. Eilts has been working here for 8 years. Pic 3. Front Row: Joelene White, Janet Tem- pleman. Back Row: Jobeth Williamson, Jill Jes- sen, Keri Poeppe, Jill Jackson, and Tammy Gibson work as student librarians during their study halls. 12Pic 1. Harold Cams, Glen Bay- lor, (Head Janitors), Keith Har- vey, Clark Wilson, Chuck Leh- man, Colleen Greve, and Carla Greve are the student janitors. Pic 2. Bus Drivers this year were; Charlie Campbell, Ivan Joens, Mike Lee, Karen Berger, Erwin Beschorner, Cortez Stan- ley (not pictured). Pic 3. Barb Jessen, Betty Wah- lert, and Phyllis Brownsberger work from the early morning to the early afternoon preparing the school's dinner meals. Janitors, Bus Drivers, Cooks Go To Work 13OFFICE EDUCATION: Making A Fresh As A Fruit Start Throughout the year this year's OEA group typed the school directory and speech programs. At Hal- loween they made baskets for elderly people around town, and each adopted a person at me nursing home. A senior class OEA skating party was held at the Atlantic Rollerrink on November 10. During Na- tional OEA Week, Feb. 7-14, the group made cup- cakes for the school staff and OEA employers. PIC. 1. Members of the OEA chapter. Row 1: Julie Johnson, Julie Stork, Julie Petersen, and Dianne Murphy, Row 2: Colleen Greve, Sue Eades, Deb Masker, and Becky Hartstack, sponsor. PIC 2. The OEA-sponsored a pie throw that raised $41 for senior scholarships. Caro- lyn Grubbs smashes Kurt Smith while Larry Schuler looks relieved. PIC 3. At the State OEA Conference in Des Moines, March 15-17, Julie Stork placed third in Prepared Verbal Communications II, which en- abled her to go to the Nationals in Nashville, Tennes- see, on April 24-27. PIC. 4. The parliamentary proce- dure team and scrapbook placed sixth at tne state. Row 1: Sue Eades, Deb Masker and Julie Johnson compiled the scrapbook. The entire chapter com- peted in the parli pro team. OEA OFFICERS AND WORK Julie Stork ....... President (Farmer's CO-OP) Julie Petersen . Vice-President (West Iowa Telephone) Julie Johnson ......Secretary (School office) Dianne Murphy Treasurer (Dr. Mark D. Markham, DDS) Deb Masker ...........Reporter (Imperial Clevite and school) Sue Eades ............Historian (Nursing Home) Colleen Greve . Parliamentarian (School office) 14SPIRIT OF ACTIVITIESNeils Dybro was ihis year's foreign exchange student. He came at AHS as a senior, staying with the Larry Konz family. He was one of 60 stu- dents who came to the U.S. Three of them coming to Iowa. His family lives 15 miles from Hjoerring Denmark. They have a 40-acre farm and they raise barley, oats, and have 350 hogs. He has 3 sisters and a brother. Neils enjoys sports, music, hunt- ing and playing cards. He speaks 5 languages: Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, German, and English. He says that he hopes to be a veterinar- ian someday. His schedule consisted of: Vo-Ag II and III, Chemistry, American History, American Litera- ture, Writing I, French, and Algebra II. Our Chosen Leaders USE Mm The leaders of this year's student council were President Doug Armentrout, and Vice-President Jeff Konz. The student council's main activity is the preparation of homecoming. They ordered the corsages and boutineers, lined up the parade, and Vice-President Jeff Konz served as master of ceromonies. They chose the theme of Homecoming, which this year was the "Land of Looney Tunes and Merrie Melo- dies", as shown in the art work. Pic. 3 Top: Jeff Konz — Vice-President, Doug Armentrout — President. Left side: Sophomores - Keith Stork and Gina Lund. Right side: Freshmen - Alan Pierce and Carol Pottebaum. Center: Juniors - Mitch Cullen, Kay Ehrman, and Kyle Nelson. Bot- tom: Seniors - Scott Phillips, Annette Kraus, Paula Squires, and Kris Bchnken 16Honoring Hard Working Students The main task of the Quill Scroll honorary society is the homecoming booklet. This group has compiled the booklet since 1976. Pic 1. All of the homecoming booklets that the Quill Scroll have designed and put together. Pic 2. The main activity of the National Honor Society is the sponsorship of the bi-weekly Super Student award. This year's Super Students: Row 1: Mitch Akers, Joel Dory, Keith Harvey, Todd Schollars. Row 2: Leesa Westphal, Chris Stork, John Aggen, Kurt Behrends, Brenda Havens. Pic 3. National Honor Society. Row 1: Jack Barber, Jill Neighbors, Mitch Cullen, Chris Stork, Joy Rodgers, Scott Phillips. Row 2: Jeff Konz, Julie Stork, Paula Squires, Teresa McKinzie, Doug Armentrout. Pic 4. Quill Scroll. Row 1: Janet Johnson, Shelly Scott, Kay Ehrman, Tracey Watson, Leesa West- phal, Julie Stork. Row 2: Doug Armentrout, Tere- sa McKinzie, Debbie Masker, Jack Barber. 17Anita's Homecoming What a perfect title for the day! Not one person involved with the school could say they weren't loony or merry. After weeks of preparation. The Land of Loony Tunes and Merrie Melodies was finally here. The air was filled with anticipation. After a week packed with spirit- raising activities, the day had fi- nally arrived to see who would be crowned King and Queen of 1981, and later that night who would win the Homecoming game. Paul Mailander and Peg Harris Mardesen crowned the King and Queen of 1981. Royalty must be in the blood as jill Neighbors' father, Gary, was crowned King in 1954. On Friday, October 2, Jill Neigh- bors and Todd Johnson were crowned the 1981 Homecoming King and Queen. Pic 1. Shown here are the six candidates, Doug Ar- mentrout, Kris Behnken, Queen Jill Neighbors, King Todd Johnson, Kelly Wessels, Mike Young. Pic. 2: Junior representatives were Jim Wessling and Janet Johnson. Pic. 3: Gina Lund and Clint Spry were the sophomores' choice. Pic. 4: The freshmen elected Alan Pierce and Lori Land. Pic. 5: Jeff Konz was the M.C. for the afternoon's corona- tion. Dedication has been a tradi- tion at coronation, Mrs. Ruth Brocker, English and Journalism in- structor, was chosen this year. Pic. 6: Jill Neighbors performs her first duty as queen by presenting a bou- quet of roses to Mrs. Brocker. Mrs. Brocker is in charge of preparing the Homecoming booklet. 18A Land Of Looney Tunes And Merry Melodies After coronation, everyone prepared for the parade and pep rally to follow. Pic. 1. Cheerleaders Micki Harris, Marcy Harmsen, Theresa Willet, Julie Petersen, Stephanie Wessels (mascot), Joy Rodgers, and Annette Kraus show their enthusiasm by leaping into the air. Pic. 2. Todd Johnson tries not to smile and Erica Aggen waves to the crowd and Jill Neighbors and Joel Jackson look ahead as they travel along the parade route. Pic. 3. During the coronation, the cast of the school's musical "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown," presented a worn rendition of the "The Baseball Game" retitled for this appearance "The Football Game." They are Rhonda Bartelson, Jeff Konz, Teresa McKinzie, Scott Phillips, Jack Barber, and Jyl Turner. Pic. 4. Here is a view of the stage and the class representatives and candidates. Pic. 5. Tim Eilts, Annette Kraus, Joy Rodgers, and John Aggen were elected by their class to be the ushers during the event. Pic. 6. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, but nothing can express what the King and Queen are feeling right now, except complete Elation!Homecoming Week — A World 20 Pic. 1. Jill Neighbors and Todd Johnson are shown with the crownbearers. Erica Aggen and Joel Jackson. Pic. 2. At the pep rally, the cheer- leaders showed their enthu- siasm and got everyone psyched up for the game. Pic. 3. Triplets day was one of the many activities that week. Kris Behnken, Joy Rodgers, and Diane Murphy decided to go back in time to when they were carefree little ba- bies. Pic. 4. Sock Day was an- other activity during the week. Shelly Scott, Denise Rathman, Christy Grubbs, and Karen Zanders showed their spirit that day. Pic. 5. The teachers even showed their spirit. Triplets Diane Ernst, Becky Hartstack, and Vicki Vanderbur dressed as majorettes. Pic. 6. The senior football players rally. Dance to the tune of Billy Squire's "Stroke Me" — Todd John- son, Doug Armentrout, Doug Bissell, and Wade Jessen. On Sunday there was an intramu- ral volleyball tournament. The seniors were the victors.Of Fun And Festivities The faculty put on a pep rally when Mr. Currie inter- viewed the teachers who were imitating the senior football players. The men on the faculty then led the cheers. Pic. 1. Seniors Todd Johnson, John Aggen, Mike Young and Doug Bissell express themselves during their routine. Pic. 2. Taking 2nd place in the panel judging were the seniors with their panel of Daffy Duck and Foghorn Leghorn. Pic. 3. On Saturday night, the stu- dents as well as alumni danced the night away. A few of the dancers are Mia Bickel, Dori Lund, Mike Retz, Vicki Vanderbur, Tim Wheelock, Jill Neighbors, and Annette Kraus. Pic. 4. Paula Squires and Jane Coatney paint the finishing touches on the senior's panel. Pic. 5. The win- ning panel was made by the junior class. Pic. 6. The Youth Center's panel tells the whole story and ends the parade in style. 21Marching Spartans The Marching Spartans had a new addition this year: Pic 1. Four junior high twirlers. Row 1: Donna Jensen, Paula Behrends, Missy Harmsen, Karla Murphy. Row 2: Theresa Willet and Joy Rodgers — majorettes. Pic 2. The new band director, Miss Diane "Sarge" Ernst, adds height standing on her podium. Pic 3: MARCHING SPARTANS. Row 1: Jeff Konz, Janet Hagen, Micki Harris, Kevin Brocker, Dale Thelen, Jane Petersen, Niels Dybro. Row 2: Karla Murphy, Missy Harmsen, Julie Christensen, David Konz, Jody Harris, Doug Steele, Jeff Grant, Brenda Conrad, Steve McAfee, Dale Behrends, Mitch Cullen, Kelly Wessels, Sandy Jessen, Shelly Scott, Donna Jensen, Paula Behrends. Row 3: Joy Rodgers, Rhonda Bartelson, Denise Rathman, Karen Zanders, Lori Lank, Jody Skellenger, Tracy Smith, Paul Jorgensen, Doug Murphy, Katrina Christensen, Teresa Phillips, Marcia Squires, Janet Nelsen, Theresa Willet, Miss Diane Ernst. Row 4: Roger Simmons, Lyle Schellenberg, Clark Wilson, Gina Lund, Jean Vokt, Teresa McKinzie. 22The flag corps, in their second year, added color to halftime shows. Pic 1. FOOTBALL FLAG CORPS. Carla Greve, Marcy Harm- sen, Lori Nelsen, Tammy VanAerman, Joelene White, Sherry Vais, Ann Turner, Janet Templeman, Shelly Rinner, Teresa Petersen, Janelle Brichacek. Add Something New The concert band takes over from the marching band with a performance in December. Pic 2. Row 1: Julie Christensen, Tracy Smith, Rhonda Bartelson, David Konz, Denise Rathman, Jean Vokt, Gina Lund, Theresa Willet, Teresa McKinzie, Jody Skel- lenger, Cathy James, Tammy VanAernam, Karen Zanders. Row 2: Jane Petersen, Janet Nelsen, Janet Hagen, Marcia Squires, Shelly Scott, Teresa Phillips, Jody Harris, Kelly Wessels, Sandy Jessen, Bobbi Jo Barber. Row 3: Miss Diane Ernst, Jeff Konz, Steve McA- fee, Mike Ruggles, Dale Behrends, Paul Jorgensen, Randy Scarf, Doug Murphy, Mitch Cullen, Lyle Schellenberg. Row 4: Kevin Brocker, Jack Barber, Doug Steele, Tom Coatney, Kelly Meyer, Dean Barber, Dale Thelen, Niels Drybro. 23Chorus Receives II At State At State Large Group Contest on May 8, 1982 the choir and band traveled to MalVern, Iowa. The choir brought home a II while the band brought home a I. The Swing Choir performed at many of the concerts as well as for a women's organization. Members of the Swing Choir are: (Pic. 1) Row 1: Bobbi Jo Barber, Jack Barber, Shelly Scott, Dale Thelen, Janet Nelsen, Debbie Masker, Dean Barber. Row 2: Teresa Phillips, Jeff Konz, Gina Lund, Scott Phillips, Mrs. Laura Ol- sen — Director, Joy Rodgers — Choreographer, Jane Coatney, Mitch Cullen, Teresa McKinzie, Joel Dory. Not pictured: Doug Steele. Members of the choir are: Row 1: Diana Robinson, Sheila Wilson, Marcy Harmsen, Bobbi Jo Barber, Janet Nelsen, Katrina Christensen. Row 2: Doreen Obermeier, Teresa McKinzie, Cathy James, Christy Grubbs, Janet Templeman, JoBeth Williamson. Row 3: Brenda Havens, Mona Hackwell, Jane Coatney, Jyl Turner, Dana Cooley, Becky Den- ney, Mia Bickel, Tina Kinzie, Tammy Gibson, Mrs. Laura Olsen — Direc- tor. Row 4: Kristy Mardesen, Scott Phillips, Joel Dory, Neils Dybro, Dale Thelen, Dean Barber, Toni Hansen, Debbie Masker, Tracy Gibson, Ka- ren Zanders. 24RATINGS AT STATE SMALL GROUP I's French Horn Duet — Jeff Konz Steve McA- fee French Horn Solo — Jeff Konz French Horn Solo — Steve McAfee Alto Saxophone Duet — Teresa Phillips Shelly Scott IPs Voice Solo — Shelly Scott Voice Solo — Jeff Konz Flute Quartet — Gina Lund, Theresa Willet, Teresa McKinzie, Jean %kt Clarinet Solo — David Konz Clarinet Solo — Denise Rathman Voice Solo — Scott Phillips Flute Duet — Gina Lund Teresa McKinzie Vocal Solo — Teresa McKinzie Clarinet Flute Duet — Denise Rathman Gina Lund Vocal Duet — Jyl Turner Teresa McKinzie Flute Solo — Gina Lund Ill's Brass Quintet — Lyle Schellenberg, Paul Jor- gensen, Kelly Meyer, Jeff Konz, Doug Murphy. Clarinet Solo — Terry Scarf Brass Quartet — Lyle Schellenberg, Paul Jor- gensen, Jeff Konz, Kelly Meyer. Vocal Duet — Tammy Gibson Tracy Gibson IV's Mixed Clarinet Quartet — Dave Konz, Denise Rathman, Terry Scarf, Julie Chris- tensen. Those receiving I's at State Small Group Contest are: Pic. 1. Jeff Konz, Teresa Phillips, and Steve McAfee. Not pictured is Shelly Scott. In January, the Jazz Band was sup- posed to travel to Neola, Iowa, for the State Jazz Band Contest but it was can- celled due to snow. In February, they traveled to Creston and competed but did not place. Due to the lack of interest in the Jazz Band, Director Diane Ernst had to turn to interested Jr. High stu- dents to fill the openings. "It was a good experience for tne three Jr. High students to have the chance to play in the Jazz Band. It was a good idea, and it has really helpea the students prepare for high school band. They did a good job," was Miss Ernst's comment on the situa- tion. The three Jr. High students are Troy Waddell, Terry Oathoudt, and Jill Jackson. Members of the Jazz Band are: Pic 2. Row 1: Gina Lund, Sandy Jessen, Jane Petersen, Jodi Harris, Jill Jack- son, Denise Rathman. Row 2: Dean Barber, Kelly Meyer, Jack Barber, Terry Oathoudt. Row 3: Dale The- len, Jeff Konz, Kevin Brocker, Doug Steele, Lyle Schellenberg, Mitcn Cullen, Troy Waddell and Miss Ernst - Director. Jazz Band Adds Jr. High Students 25At the 60th Anniversary of the Iowa High School Press Association, the SPY staff this year was awarded a 3rd place tro- phy for achievement in writing. The award was for "a page in the local newspaper" division. The members of this award winning staff are: (Pic. 1) Seated: Leesa Westphal, janet Johnson, Kay Ehr- man, Jody Harris, Ruthe Brocker (sponsor Standing. Doug Armentrout, Jack Barber, Julie Stork, Sandy Jessen, Teresa McKinzie. Not pictured is Annette Kraus. FISHLINE -by Doug Armentrout The Spy Takes 3rd In State 26 NATIONAL iVEWSMPER UEEK' I During Doug Armentrout and Annette Kraus's four years at A.H.S., they have worked very hard to meet the weekly deadline of the SPY. With Doug's weekly columns and Annette's editorial cartoons, they have helped make the SPY a very unique paper. The Spy Editor-7 a rasa McKlnzia Ganarai Naws-Julia Storh Acdvttha Jiok darbar Faaluras-Laasa Wastphal Sports Janat Johnson Kay Ehrman Jody Harris Jr. High Naws-Sanay Jassen Columnist- Doug Armantrout Aoita High School Victory Park Drive Anita, Iowa 50020y j SPARTAN Wraps Up The Year The SPARTAN staff wrapped up the year with four awards at the Iowa High School Press As- sociation in Iowa City. The staff received a first place award on the faculty and volleyball pages and second place awards on the Prom and FFA pages. The staff competed with school the same size as our school. Pic. 1 - Debbie Masker, edi- tor, and Shelly Scott work hard toward deadlines. Pic. 2 - Tracey Watson helped the staff with art work and spe- cial effects. This year's staff as pictured: (Pic. 3) Row 1: Janet Hagen, Julie Stork, Katrina Christensen, Mrs. Cheryl McCaskey (sponsor), Theresa Willet, Jill Neighbors, Ja- net Nelsen. Row 2: Jane Peter- sen, Micki Harris, Bobbi Jo Bar- ber, Debbie Masker (editor). Shelly Scott. Row 3: Erin Pet- tinger, Tracey Watson, Teresa Phillips, Rhonda Bartelson, Gina Lund, David Konz, Steve Sisler, Scot Bailey, Jack Barber, and Kar- la Hansen. 27FHA Serves Dinner Theater Throughout the year the FHA remained active. In October, Joy Rodgers — our district officer, Jill Neighbors, and Mrs. Lane attended the District meeting at Glenwood. In November, the FHA girls served the meals to guests at the Charlie Brown musical. And in February, we sold silk carnations. Each color represented a different message: Red meaning "I love you;" Pink — "I like you;" yellow — "let's get physical;" and blue — "I like your body." On the sixth of February the FHA co- sponsored the Sweetheart dance with the FFA. Pic. 1: FHA members are: Row 1: Kay Ehrman (secretary), Jill Neighbors (presi- dent), Gina Lund (Vice Pres.), Teresa Phillips (Treas). Row 2: Mrs. Joan Lane (spon- sor), Jyl Turner, Debbie Masker, Mona Hackwell, Joy Rodgers, Theresa Willet. Row 3: Tracy Gibson, Karen Zanders, Leesa Westphal, Tammy Gibson. Not pic- tured: Jane Coatney, Karla Hansen, and Kelly Wessels. 28The Sweetheart Dance was held on February 6th from 9:00 - 12:00 p.m. in the high school commons. Joy Rodgers and Tim Eilts were crowned by the 1981 Queen, Kerrie Smith and King Ron Penton as the 1982 Sweetheart King and Queen. Pic. 1 - Joy Rodgers and Tim Eilts, Sweetheart King and Queen. Pic. 2 - Two of the d.j.'s for the dance were Mitch Cullen and Jeff Konz. Pic. 3 - Doug Steele, Denise Rathman, Carol Pottebaum, Doug Murphy, Niels Dybro, Brian Wedemeyer, Marcia Squires, Mitch Cullen, and Shelly Scott enjoy the Sweetheart dance. During the dance, the d.j s gave away four rock albums. 29FFA Growing The Anna FFA was very busy this year. Theie were three Iowa Farmer Degree Recipients: Paula Squires - Ag Business and Star District Ag Business, Ron Penton - Ag Business, and Kerne Smith - Ag Production The reporter's scrapbook by Keith Stork got a silver at state, and David Konz got a silver on a floral culture at state. Paula Squires ended her term as Southwest District Officer, and Doug Steele started his term as District Officer. The judging team got 2nd at the District Livestock judging comesi, and 3rd at the Iowa Winter Beef Expo. The community betterment project got a silver and $300. The junior ag class is building signs out of wood with a person's name on them for delegates at the District Leadership Convention. The Vo ag and FFA took then annual trip to the Clay County Fair in Spencer. They also wdnt to IBP and Farmland in Denison, andThe Omaha Machinery Expo in Omahai 'UUllll y pl Pic. 1. Row 1; Alan Wedemeyer, Paul Jorgensen, Tom Christensen, Loryn Lund, Clint Spry, Todd Schollars, Mark Luke, Chuck Ramsey, Jeff Grant, Alan Pierr e, Randy Scarf, Clint Dorsey. Row 2: John Aggen, Curt Behrends, Doug Steele, Scot Bailey, Frank Rvdt, Doug Murphy, Terry Scarf, Tracey Watson, Kevin Meyer, Niels Dybro, Kelly Meyer, Darren Pash, Marcia Squires, Lyle Schellenberg, Roger Simmons, Kipp Spry. Row i: Keith Har- vey, Terry Hoskins, Mike Gregersen, Mark Kopp, Steve Westphalen, julie Christensen, Tia v Smith, Brenda Havens, Nyle Lund, Dan Dorsey, Brian Wedemcs or Dale Behrends, Dean Barber, Steve McAfee, David Konz. Row 4: Tim Eilts, Paula Squires. Mitch Cullen, Ross Havens, Keith Stork, Roger Penion, Pi- rnim tgp iju Pic. 2 Chuck Ramsey, Kipp Spry, Julie ChristowSen. Niels I Jybro, Keith Stork, Frank Ryot, and Dean Barber watch as Mr. Leine» dissects a cow's stomach. f t It , Vvjr Pic 3 The Freshmen Vo Ag class listens as Mr. leirten explains the grain and livestock exchange ft» (S 30For The Future FFA Week had a special activity for each day: Monday — Greenhand initiation and chili supper; Tuesday — Faculty and ad- ministration breakfast; Wednesday — Offi- cial Dress; Thursday — Chapter Farmer ini- tiation; Friday — Farmer's Daughter con- test. Pic 1 2. Tracy Smith, Julie Christensen and Marcia Squires are making apple pies for one of the Farmer's Daughter contests. Brenda Havens won this contest, plus the bale throw, appropriate dress, and the hog calling contest. Pic. 3. FFA members brave the cold to spell out FFA. Pic. 4. Tracey Watson and Merle McKinzie put 1 of 4 signs made by the FFA. Pic. 5. Dan Stock- dale, the State FFA President, was the guest speaker at the FFA Banquet. Pic. 6. Mr. Leinen introduces Dan Stockdale. 31The Undisputed Little Eight Champs The National Forensic League, the largest organiza- tion at AHS, this year had 64 members. The members once again triumphed by taking the 13th and final Little Eight Conference trophy. Early in the fall the NFL had the most degrees in the Western Iowa District. The degrees are determined by the number of speeches members give. To achieve this feat, AHS had to beat much larger schools such as West Des Moines Valley, Roosevelt, Spencer, and Atlantic. The 9th annual NFL banquet was held on May 9,1982. At the banquet, senior members were roasted, and awards were given to recognize achievements in speech and debate. Pic. 1 (N - Front to back) Leesa Westphal, Niels Dybro, Dale Thelen, Mark Zanders, Jill Neighbors, Paula Squires, Julie Stork, Teresa McKinzie, Kelly Wessels, and Doug Armentrout (Center - L to R) Janet Johnson, Doug Steele, Jyl Turner, Mitch Cullen, Rhonda Bartel- son, Mona Hackwell, Jody Harris, and Diana Robinson. (N - Front to back) Jack Barber, Mike Young, Jeff Konz, Joy Rodgers, Scott Phillips, Clayton Christensen, An- nette Kraus, Julie Petersen, Jane Coatney, and Sandy Jessen. (F - Front to back) Scot Bailey, Steve Sisler, Dave Konz, Shelly Scott, Kevin Brocker, Kay Ehrman, Gina Lund, Erin Pettinger, Tracey Watson, Frank Rydl. (F - top) Keith Stork, Dale Behrends, Dean Barber, Roger Simmons. (F - Middle) Theresa Willet, Teresa Phillips, Brian Wedemeyer, Mark Kopp, Marcy Harmsen, (L - Front to back) Jane Petersen, Jeff Grant, Denise Rath- man, Katrina Christensen, Darren Pash, Steve McAfee, Alan Pierce, Cathy James, Janet Templemen, Christy Grubbs. (L - front) Micki Harris, Tom Christensen, Janet Hagen, Carol Pottebaum, Tom Coatney, Paul Jorgensen, Todd Schollars. Pic. 2 The NFL members show their excitement after winning the final conference tournament. 32Debaters Are State Runner-Ups The 1981-82 debaters once again held up the reputation of the AHS debate team. At the Iowa High School Speech Asso- ciation state debate tournament, the four varsity debaters earned runner-up in class B. They also took runner-up in their class at the Iowa Forensic League's "All Iowa Finals." For the fourth year the AHS debate team belonged to the Western Iowa League of Debate. At the WILD's, the varsity team won 3 first places, 2 seconds, and 2 thirds. The novices took 2 firsts, and 2 seconds. Forty two percent of the WILD trophies were won by the debaters. Pic. 1 The AHS debate team: Front: Jeff Konz, Mr. John Burke, and Doug Steele. Row 2: Mark Zanders, Clayton Christensen, Doug Armentrout, and Mark Kopp. Row 3: Steve Sisler, Erin Pettinger, Denise Rathman, Mitch Cullen, Rhonda Bartelson, Jack Barber, Dale Thelen, Teresa McKinzie, and Dave Konz. Pic 2 The debaters who com- peted at the state competitions: (Front) Rhonda Bartelson - 1st negative, (Back) Jack Barber - 2nd negative, Jeff Konz - 1st af- firmative, and Doug Armentrout - 2nd affirmative. 33AHS Speakers Take The Most In 1982 the speech department showed it is truly at the top of the state. Eleven outstandings were given to AHS speakers — the most statewide. Since the All-State Festival began in 1979, no school has re- ceived this many outstandings. They also received 34 division I (superior) ratings and 10 division II (excellent) ratings. Pic. 1 The students who participated in Humorous, Prose, Poetry, Book Review, and After Dinner. Row 1: Steve Sisler, Sandy lessen, Doug Armentrout, Kelly Wessels, Micki Harris, Rhonda Bartelson, Jane Petersen, Janet Hagen, Carol Potte- baum. Shelly Scott, and Jeff Grant. Row 2: Mrs. Cheryl McCaskey, Janet Templeman, Tammy Gibson, Teresa Phillips, Jyl Turner, Jane Coatney, Julie Stork, Kay Ehrman, Leesa Westphal, Teresa McKinzie, Theresa Willet, Gina Lund, Todd Schollars, Paul Jorgenson, and Mrs. Ruthe Brocker. Row 3: Dean Barber, Erin Pettinger, Tracey Watson, Mitch Cullen, Keith Stork, Janet Johnson, Clayton Christensen, Dale The- len, Jill Neighbors, Jack Barber, Roger Sim- mons, Tom Christensen, and Tom Coat- ney. Pic. 2. Speakers in the fields of Public Address, Extemp, Original Oratory, Ex- pository Address, and Radio News. Row 1: Jody Harris, Kay Ehrman, Julie Stork, Jeff Konz, Doug Steele and Kevin Brocker. Row 2: Gina Lund, Mark Kopp, Scott Phil- lips, Paula Squires, Niels Dybro, Erin Pet- tinger, Alan Pierce, and Mr. John Burke. Row 3: Dave Konz, Darren Pash, Brian We- demeyer, Dale Behrends, Denise Rathman, Scott Bailey, Tracey Watson, and Todd Schollars. 34Outstandings Statewide Pic. 1. The students who spoke in the fields of Dra- matic Acting, Improvisational Storytelling, Literary Pro- gram, and Storytelling. Row 1: Darren Pash, Frank Rydl, Steve McAfee, Keith Stork, Micki Harris, Jane Petersen, and Paul Jorgensen. Row 2: Cathy James, Janet Temple- man, Teresa Phillips, Doug Armentrout, Doug Steele, Leesa Westphal, Jeff Grant, Teresa McKinzie, and Miss Vicki Vanderbur. Row 3: Denise Rathman, Tracey Wat- son, Scott Phillips, Paula Squires, Joy Rodgers, Jill Neigh- bors, Jack Barber, and Janet Hagen. Pic. 2 The Outstanding speakers at state: (Bottom) Jack Barber - Dramatic Acting, Teresa McKinzie - Book Re- view, (Row 2) Gina Lund - Interpretative Poetry, Erin Pettinger - Public Address, (Row 3) Kay Ehrman - Origi- nal Oratory, Doug Armentrout - Interpretative Prose and Interpretative Poetry, (Top) Mark Kopp - Expository Address, Jeff Konz - Original Oratory, Darren Pash - Public Address, and Niels Dybro - Expository Address. Pic. 3 - A sampling of the tropies won by the Anita speakers this year. 35Six Go To Large Group State Large Group Speech con- testants for this year were: Pic 1. Kneeling: Mrs. McCaskey, Denise Rathman, Christy Grubbs, Janet Templeman, Janet Hagen, Jane Petersen, Marcy Harmsen, Katrina Christensen, Karen Zanders. Row 2: Roger Simmons, Dean Barber, Erin Pettinger, Cathy James, Scott Phillips, Jill Neighbors, Janet Johnson, Micki Harris, Tracy Gibson, Miss Vanderbur. Row 3: Dar- ren Pash, Tracey Watson, Te- resa McKinzie, Clayton Christensen, Joy Rodgers, Kay Ehrman, Mitch Cullen, Mike Young. Pic 2. Joy Rodgers and Mike Young received the only I rating at State Large Group Speech contest which was held Saturday, Feb. 6, at Ankeny. They are captured in a scene from their winning "Action on tne Tracks." Pic 3. The remaing three group mimes received II ratings; five of these mimists were sopnomores. Denise Rathman, Christy Grubbs, and Janet Templeman performed "Ruthie Goes to the Doctor." Cathy James, ana Dean Barber's se- lection was "The Anniversary Fight." Two freshman, Karen Zanders and Tracy Gibson performed the mime of "The Bungling Burglars." Zanders also did the solo mime "The Car Wash," for which she received a II rating. All mimists are pictured in scenes from their mimes. Mike Young and Karen Zanders are not shown. Pic 4. Teresa McKinzie and Tracey Watson received a II rating on their duet acting "The Night Thoreau Spent in Jail." This was the only duet acting team that aavanced beyond the district contest. They are pictured in a scene of their skit. 36"You're A Good Man Charlie Brown" The music and speech depart- 4 ments this year banned together and brought the community a musi- cal. "You're a Good Man, Charlie Brown" was presented in late No- vember. Mrs. Laura Olsen directed vocal parts, and Miss Vicki Vander- bur was the stage director. The musical was truly a school ef- fort. The industrial arts classes built the props. The background was de- signed and painted by the art classes. The dinner was prepared and served by the FHA and chorus members and mothers. Dee Cams and the mothers of the cast mem- bers made costumes. The tickets and programs were distributed by chorus members. Pic. 1 The cast members were Rhonda Bartelson, Teresa McKin- zie, Jyl Turner, Jeff Konz, Scott Phil- lips, Jack Barber. Pic. 2 Lucy tries to win the heart of her love. Pic. 3 During the baseball scene Lucy, Linus, and Patti tell Charlie Brown to give up his favorite sport. Pic. 4 The World War I flying ace is about to encounter the red baron.Wizardry Of Pic. 1 — Karla Hansen, Mia Bickel, Dave Sullivan and Jody Harris dance to the beat of Kris Kros. Pic. 2 — Two members of the band entertain the prom-goers on May 1. Pic. 3 — The sophomores chosen to serve at the banquet are: Row 1: Theresa Willet, Frank Rydl, Julie Christensen, Clint Spry, Shelly Scott, Terry Hoskins, Gina Lund, Mark Kopp, Doug Murphy, Tracy Smith, Keith Stork, Marcy Harmsen, Row 2: Marcia Squires, Kelly Meyer, Teresa Phillips, Kipp Spry. Pic. 4 — The unicorn mural and rainbow with a pot of gold adorned one of the walls during the banquet and dance.Prom 1982 This year's theme for prom, Th Grand Illusion, is one of magic and fantasy. The de orations carried this idea out by having a unicorn in a garden, a Wizard with his magical wand and lots of st.irs, even a big dipper! The prom festivities benan on Saturday evening Mayl, with the banquet being served at 7:00. Alter eating, the prom-goers were entertained by Clayton ( bnstensen's after dinner speech and a skit i»y th profit A servers in their tights and tutus. Following the banquet was the dance at 9:00 wnefe everyone boogig to tunes of Kris Kros. When the dance ended at midnight, everyone c hanged into their street clothes and headed down to the Legion Hall where the wo movies were shown — Watch Out We're Mad aid Exorcist II. After the movies the people still awdke went to the Catholic Church where, for the ser ond year In a row, the junior fathers prepared the earl mor n|ng hr eakfast. Thus ends another long but happy and tun prom. Pic. 1 — Jeff Konz and his date, Mi( helle Carey from P-L, take time out from the dance1 to enjoy some re- freshments. If I i HI Pic. 3 Tina Kinzie and Jyl Turner dance the night away to the tunes of Kris Kros. Pic. 4 — Dancing one of the last songs are Brian Wittrock, julie Johnson, John Aggen, Vicki Vanderbur and Paulette Murphy. Pic. 5 — Prom-gers boogie to the beat of Kris Kros.Rewards For Hard Work Scholarships and Awards Ross Berger Memorial Scholarships .............. Curt Behrends Annette Kraus Women's Federated Campship Award Gina Lund Bausch lomb Science Award Jeff Konz Women's Federated Character Education Award Jeff Konz '1 Dare You" Award )oy Rodgers Jeff Konz Women's Service Club Scholarship .............. Scott Phillips Anita-Wiota Community Scholarships fill Neighbors Paula Squires Kelly Wessels Scott Phillips Julie Stork Annette Kraus Falconer Memorial Scholarships ............ Jill Neighbors Kelly Wessels State of Iowa Scholars ......................... Jeff Konz Teresa McKinzie The third Vocational Agriculture scholarship provided by the family of Ross Berger, an '82 classmate who died in a car wreck his sophomore year, was given to Curt Behrends (pic 1.) Annette Kruas (pic 2) was given a special $200 scholarship from the Anita-Wiota Community Scholarship Committee in Ross's name. Pic 3. Award and Scholarship Win- ners. Row 1: Julie Stork, Joy Rodgers, Jill Neighbors, Annette Kraus, Paula Squires. Row 2: Teresa McKinzie, Jeff Konz, Curt Behrends, Kelly Wessels, Scott Phillips. vid Boldt's project on dressing to keep warm or cool won him a first place at the Fair. This year's Art Fair was held at Adair-Casey with Clark Wilson and Annette Kraus winning first places in their divisions. Pic 4. David Boldt with his winning science fair pro- ject. Pic 5. Clark Wilson with his art project. Pic 6. Annette Kraus with her drawing. 40COMPETITIONGive Us An A-N-l-T-A Pep Club was responsible for Parent's Night during foot- ball, basketball, and wrestling seasons. Flowers were given to all the senior athletes' mothers. On December 19, the Pep Club and FFA sponsored the annual Winter Ball. George Woods from KGOR radio station was the disc jock- ey. Pic. 1, Pep Club. Row 1: Kneeling: officers: Dianne Murphy, Jill Neighbors, Joy Rodgers. Row 2: Tracy Gibson, Joelene White, Janet Templeman, Denise Rathman, Carol Potte- baum, Jane Petersen, Janet Hagen, Micki Harris. Row 3: Julie Stork, Clayton Christensen, Curt Behrends, Jody Har- ris, Mona Hackwell, Sandy Jessen, Kelly Wessels, Rhonda Bartelson. Row 4: Bobbi Jo Barber, Marcy Harmsen, Christy Grubbs, Erin Pettinger, Debbie Masker, Jyl Turner, Leesa Westphal, Janet Johnson, Julie Petersen. Row 5: Julie Chris- tensen, Tracy Smith, Marcia Squires, Gina Lund, Teresa Phillips, Theresa Willet, Kay Ehrman, Shelly Scott. 42Letterman Provide Leadership Pic 1 A-Club members, Row 1: Julie Petersen, Annette Kraus, Julie Stork, Julie Johnson, Dianne Murphy, Paula Squires, Jill Neighbors, Kelly Wessels, Joy Rodgers, Debbie Masker, Teresa McKinzie. Row 2 Doug Bissell, Wade lessen, Dale Thelen, Todd Johnson, Mike Young, Ross Havens, John Aggen, Clayton Christensen, Scott Phil- lips, Doug Armentrout. Row 3: Erin Pettinger, Diana Robinson, Sheila Wilson, Kay Ehrman, Jody Harris, Sandy Jessen, Mona Hack- well, leesa Westphal, Janet Johnson, Row 4: Terry Scarf, Tracey Watson, Mitch Cullen, Chris Stork, Sean Grant, Tim Richter, Dan Newell, Kyle Nelsen. Row 5: Marcy Harmsen, Julie Christensen, Shelly Scott, Bobbi Jo Barber, Denise Rathman, Gina Lund, Teresa Phillips, Marcia Squires, Theresa Willet. Row 6: Clark Wilson, Lyle Schellenberg, Terry Hoskins, Brian Wedemeyer, Alan Pierce, Roger Simmons, Mark Kopp, Frank Rydl, Kevin Brocker. Pic 2. Students show their enthusiasm at a basketball pep rally.Four Named All-Conference Pic. 1. Row 1: Rhonda Bartelson, Diana Robinson, Julie Johnson, Jill Neighbors, Kerrie Smith, Tracy Smith, Theresa Willet. Row 2: Kim Wede- meyer, Joyce Vokt, Lori Harris, Kelly Wessels, Jody Harris, Mona Hackwell, Jean Vokt, Julie Christensen, Coach Bob Jackson. Pic. 2 Mona Hackwell gets ready to hit a pop fly. Pic. 3 Kelly Wessels pitches the vail. Pic. 4 Jill Neighbors catches a grounder. She was named 1st team all conference as an infielder. 1 SOFTBALL SCOREBOARD ANITA OPPONENT 1 Dexfield 13 3 Stuart-Menlo 17 23 Bridgewater-Fontanelle 14 2 Adair-Casey 14 8 Panora-Linden 14 14 Cumberland-Massena 13 15 Exira 13 38 Earlham 21 22 Earlham 26 1 Orient-Macksburg 11 21 Dexfield 9 14 Bridgewater-Fontanelle 28 4 Stuart-Menlo 17 26 Adair-Casey 20 0 Cumberland-Massena 12 12 Panora-Linden 13 8 Orient-Macksburg 13 SECTIONALS 1 Greenfield 10 44Young But Getting Better Pic. 1 Tony Littleton winds up for a pitch. Pic. 2 All-confer- ence selection Doug Armentrout Pic. 3: Row 1: Kevin Brocker, Mark Kopp, Brian Wedemeyer, Dan Newell, Doug Armen- trout, Terry Hoskins, Tony Littleton. Row 2: Clayton Christen- sen, Tom Christensen, Tom Coatney, Scot Bailey, Curt Ber- hends, Darren Pash, Dan Dorsey. Pic. 4. Terry Hoskins takes a swing at the ball. f ANITA BASEBALL SCOREBOARD OPPONENT 2 Earlham 14 9 Earlham 17 6 Dexfield 7 1 Stuart - Menlo 12 0 Bridgewater - Fontanelle 10 14 Adair - Casey 6 7 Panora - Linden 24 8 Exira 3 2 Orient - Macksburg 12 8 Dexfield 11 S Bridgewater - Fontanelle 6 3 Stuart - Menlo 7 2 Adair - Casey 17 2 Cumberland - Massena 5 2 Panora - Linden 10 4 Orient - Macksburg 6 10 - SECTIONALS - Orient - Macksburg 11 45'81 Football Season: “We had an excellent team comra- derie!" commented head coach Jim Willet. “Everyone worked together with fine sen- ior leadership ' One of the goals of the 1981 football team was to have a winning season. Even though they didn't achieve this goal, they did learn valuable lessons. The players real- ized that it takes more than individual tal- ent to win. Overall, the Spartans had a 4 - 5 record. The shutout of Exira was one of the high- lights. Before Exira, the Spartans had been doing very poorly, but at Exira the team worked together to finish the season in style. The overtime victory against A-C and the homecoming victory against B-F were also highlights, The game against undefeat- ed S-M earned the gridders the most re- spect for the season. Even though we lost 6-0, the S-M offense did not score and the Spartan offense out rushed S-M. We did play a lot of underclassmen. With the experience they gained, I think that we have established a excellent nucle- us for several seasons to come," said Wil- let, “One phrase to summerize the season would have to be 'team effort' ' SCOREBOARD Anita Opponent 0 Earlham 13 6 O-M 18 14 Dexfield 6 0 S-M 6 21 B-F (Homecoming) 6 6 A-C (Overtime) 0 6 C-M (Parents Night) 24 0 P-L 28 26 Exira 0 Pic. 1. This year's captains were: Row 1: Todd Johnson, Chris Stork, row 2: Doug Armentrout, Mike Young. Pic. 2. Offensive coach, Lynn Johnson; Head Coach, Jim Willet; Defensive coach, Noel Wingate. Pic. 3. Senior Mike Young rushed his way through the season with a total of 775 yards. Pic. 4. Varsity cheerleaders: Front: Stephanie Wes- sels (mascot). Row 1: Theresa Willet, Joy Rodgers, Annette Kraus. Row 2: Janet Johnson, Micki Harris, Julie Petersen. Not pictured: JV Cheerleaders: Janet Templeman, Joelene White. 46Senior Leaders Unite The Team ALL-CONFERENCE SELECTIONS Todd Johnson First Team Offense Chris Stork . Second Team Offense Mike Young . Second Team Defense Doug Bisseil . Second Team Defense Mike Brichacek . Second Team Defense Terry Scarf . Second Team Defense Terry Hoskins ... Honorable Mention Pic. 1. Row 1: Coach Wingate, Coach Willet, Chris Stork, Doug Armentrout, Mike Brichacek, Todd Johnson, Wade Jes- sen, Doug Bisseil, Mike Young, Julie Stork, Coach Johnson. Row 2: Terry Hoskins, John Aggen, Dean Barber, Kelly Meyer, Mark Kopp, Terry Scarf, Tracey Watson, Scot Bailey, Brian Wedemeyer, Tom Christensen, Kipp Spry, Tom Coatney, Alan Pierce. Row 3: Jack Barber, Merle McKinzie, Kevin Myer, Keith Stork, Frank Rydl, Joel Dory, Lyle Schellenberg, Clint Spry, Steve Brownsberger, Dan Newell, Kyle Nelsen, Mike Ruggles, Randy Scarf. Pic. 2. Terry Hoskins Throws tight end Mike Brichacek a pass. Pic. 3. The Spartans ran a variety of back fields this year. Terry Hoskins prepares to hand off the ball to fullback Chris Stork in the I formation. 47Spartanettes Outscore Opponents In PIC. 1. GIRLS BASKETBALL. ROW 1: Manager Joni Stork, Kay Ehrman, Julie Stork, Jane Coatney, Kris Behnken, Paula Squires (co-captain), Kelly Wessels, Jill Neighbors (co-captain), Jody Harris, Sandy Jessen, Janet Johnson, Mona Hackwell, Jenny Wessels, Manager. ROW 2: Coach Noel Wingate, Rhonda Bart- leson, Gina Lund, Teresa Phillips, Jane Petersen, Julie Christen- sen, Tracy Smith, Marcia Squires, Theresa Willet, Janet Hagen, Jody Skellenger, Jean Vokt, Micki Harris, Coach Lynn Johnson. PIC. 2. Kelly Wessels and Paula Squires were named all- conference. Kelly was named to 3RD team both her Junior and Senior years. Paula received 2ND team honors this year. Paula was also nominated by teammates as the most valuable player. PIC. 3. Kris Behnken blocks a shot from B-F, as Jane Coatney readies for a pass.Last Little Eight Conference Season SCOREBOARD ANITA OPPONENT 44 Coon Rapids 48 45 Dexfield 47 54 S-M 43 62 B-F 63 67 A-C 57 57 C-M 59 57 P-L 46 61 O-M 72 68 Exira 47 67 Earlham 70 56 S-M 40 58 A-C 43 48 C-M Overtime 50 62 O-M 49 52 P-L 33 52 B-F 57 64 Earlham 68 50 Dexfield 34 56 SECTIONAL - Greenfield 66 When the senior basketball players were freshmen, the varsity went 1-14. Now in their last year of playing, they have compiled a 9-10 record. This season was definitely played for the nail-biters. The team lost by a combined total of 44 points, and 8 of the 10 losses were by less than 5 points. O-M beat the Spartanettes by 11, but Anita avenged the loss by beating them by 13 the second time the two teams met. Pic 1. The forward court succeeds in action as Jody Harris sinks a shot. Pic 2. Kay Ehrman hustles to stop a B-F forward as Paula Squires helps out in the lane. Pic 3. Jody Harris uses her height advantage to gain control on a jump ball. Pic 4. Gina Lund blocks a B-F forward. 49Basketball: The boys basketball season ended February 26 when they lost to C-M in the sectional championship game. Next year's team should prove to be better since the team was very young this year. A lot of hard work was prominent in this year's team; although their final re- cord was 5-15. Coach Dave Bodlt's comment on the season was: "This was a rebuilding year for us. We knew every game would be tough because almost every team had their entire squad returning. We had our ups and downs, lost some close games, but improved as the season progressed. At the end of the season, I felt we were very com- petitive." Mike Brichacek was elected to 3rd team All-Conference. Pic. 1 This year's basketball cheer- leaders were: Row 1: JoBeth Wil- liamson, Joelene White, Christy Grubbs, Row 2: janet Templeman, and mascot Angie Hansen. Pic. 2 Terry Hoskins reaches above his opponent for a jump ball. Pic. 3 Scott Phillips works the ball against his defensive opponent. ANITA Scoreboard OPPONENTS 45 Coon Rapids 46 34 Dexfield 47 31 Stuart-Menlo 38 50 Bridgewater-Fontanelle 67 50 Adair-Casey 45 26 Cumberland-Massena 47 44 Panora-Linden 47 55 Earlham 57 38 Stuart-Menlo • 52 53 Adair-Casey 40 24 Cumberland-Massena 70 40 Orient-Macksburg 63 53 Panora-Linden 54 56 Bridgewater-Fontanelle 40 56 Earlham 66 44 Dexfield 46 52 Orient-Macksburg 71 47 Exira 36 69 Sectionals Greenfield 50 40 Cumberland-Massena 50 Spartans 503 Reach The Sectional Finals This year's boys basketball team just didn't get off the ground, but it had its good points and bad. This year we have many young players start- ing to see some varsity action. Pic. 1 Tim Richter blocks his opponent's shot. Pic. 2 Tim Richter shoots as Mike Brichacek, Darren Pash, and Terry Hoskins wait for the rebound. Pic. 3 Tony Littleton attempts for a Spartan two points. Pic. 4 The members of the team were: Row 1: Joel Dory, Roger Simmons, Doug Armen- trout, Scott Phillips, Mike Bri- chacek, Curt Behrends, Tony Littleton, Tim Richter, Terry Hoskins, Clayton Christensen, John Aggen, Jim Wessling, Mitch Cullen, Chris Rhoades. Row 2: Coach Bob Jackson, Jeff Grant, David Konz, Tom Christensen, Scot Bailey, Paul Jorgensen, Todd Schollars, Dale Behrends, Mark Kopp, Darren Pash, Brian Wedemeyer, Lyle Schellenberg, Tom Coatney, Coach Dave Boldt, and Dave Boldt, manager. 51"An all around fantastic season, more than anyone expected," commented Coach Willet. With Chris Stork and Terry Scarf as state qualifiers, things look great for next year. The conference trophy, the last in the Little 8, was the cap to the undefeated 11-0 dual season. At districts Chris Stork placed first, and Terry Scarf placed second, advancing them both to state. This is the fourth straight year Anita has had two wrestlers advance to state competition. At state Scarf was defeated in the preliminary rounds, but Stork defeated his opponent in preliminaries. In the quarter finals Stork was defeated. Pic. 1. Ross Havens working his way to a victory. Pic. 2 Mike Young works for a takedown. Pic. 3. 1981-82 wrestlers: Row 1: Kevin Brocker, Mike Young, Terry Scarf, Kyle Nelsen, Randy Scarf, Sean Grant, Chris Stork, Mike Ruggles. Row 2: Alan Pierce, Kelly Meyer, Frank Rydl, Keith Stork, Ross Havens, Niels Dybro, Todd Johnson, Merle McKinzie, Doug Bisseil, Clark Wilson. Two Wrestlers Advance To StatePic 1. Frank Rydl struggles with his op- ponent to get a pin. Pic 2. Cheerleaders: Marcy Harmsen, Robin Merk — mascot, Bobbi Jo Barber. Pic 3. Alan Pierce wres- tled varsity as a freshman. Pic 4. Chris Stork puts the cradle on his opponent. Pic 5. Terry Scarf works to defeat his opponent at State. Pic 6. Manager Dianne Murphy, Coach Jim Willet, Manager Joy Rodgers. 53Six Girls Medal At State Even though there were only 12 girls who ran most of the sea- son, the 1982 Spartanette track season proved to be a successful one. Four events competed at the state track meet at Drake. Jill Neighbors in the 100 m. dash; sprint medley (Kay Ehrman, The- resa Willet, Marcia Squires, Jill Neighbors); 4 x 200 m. relay (Jill Neighbors, Gina Lund, Kay Ehr- man, Marcia Squires, and the 4 x 400 m. relay (Marcia Squires, Kay Ehrman, Teresa Phillips, Jody Harris) Jill Neighbors placed 5th in the dash with 12.07: the sprint med- ley placed 4th with 1:53.7; and the 4 x 400 placed 6th with 4:14.5. These relays were the first relays to place and score for Anita at a state meet. Coach Lynn Johnson com- mented, "It was a very good sea- son with an excellent overall re- cord. It was very enjoyable to coach someone as talented and unselfish as Jill Neighbors." m SCOREBOARD P-L Relays 4th Greenfield Relays 3rd Dexfield Invitational 4th Spartanette Relays Corning Relays 2nd 1st tie Conference 3rd tie District 3rd NEW SCHOOL RECORDS Spring medley(at state finals) 1:53.7 (Kay Ehrman, Theresa Willet, Marcia Squires, Jill Neighbors) Long jump (at Lamoni indoor meet) 16'11" (Jill Neighbors) Picl. Row 1: Tracy Smith, Micki Harris, Janet Hagen, Jill Neighbors, Theresa Willet, Kay Ehrman, Carol Pottebaum. Row 2: Jane Petersen, Marcia Squires, Teresa Phillips, Gina Lund, Coach Lynn Johnson, Jody Harris, Janet Johnson, Jean Vokt, Paula Squires. Pic 2. Teresa Phillips gives the baton to Jody Harris in the 4 x 400 m. relay at the state meet in which they placed 6th. Pic 3. Competitors at the state meet. Row 1: Marcia Squires, There- sa Willet, Jill Neighbors, Kay Ehrman, Paula Squires, Row 2: Teresa Phillips, Coach Lynn Johnson, Gina Lund, Jody Harris. It was an out- standing highlight of the season when six of these girls came home from state with medals. 54Mike Young Places Fourth At State Being young and getting experience were the main ingredi- ents of this year's boys track team. Highlight of the season was Mike Young placing fourth at the State meet, where he missed at 6'2" which was his chance to cinch 1st place. Mike placed second at the district meet. Mark Kopp's school record in the 400m. hurdles, and Mike Young's tie for first in the high jump at the conference meet were milestones in the season. Pic. 1. Mike Young jumps at the Spartan relays. Pic. 2. Kirk Dressier runs in the 800m run at the Spartan relays. Pic. 3. Mark Kopp hurdles his way to the finish in the 100m. high hurdles. Pic. 4. Row 1: Frank Rydl, Darren Pash, Mark Kopp, Mike Ruggles, Neils Dybro, Kirk Dressier, David Konz. Row 2: Terry Koskins, Tom Christensen, Tom Coatney, Joel Dory, Roger Simmons, Alan Pierce, Todd Schollars, Jack Barber. Not pic- tured: Mike Young and Coach Dave Boldt. SCOREBOARD Trojan Relays — 5th place Cyclone Relays — 12th place Dexfield Invitational •— 6th place Conference — 9th place Spartan Relays — 7th place Dane Relays — 7th tie Districts — 16th place Neola-Tri-Center (9th 10th) — 2nd place NEW SCHOOL RECORD 400 m hurdles 1:00 (Mark Kopp) 55Tennis Teams Net Members of the girls tennis teams were: Front row; Dianne Murphy, Julie Petersen, Julie Johnson, Janet Templemen, Diana Robinson, Back row; Julie Stork, Joy Rod- gers, Denise Rathman, Erin Pettinger, Marcy Harmsen. Pic. 2, Julie returns a backhand shot. Pic. 3, Julie Johnson jumps as she returns a shot. Pic. 4, Joy Rodgers concentrates as she returns a forehand. 56A Winning Season For the first year, Anita tennis players had the chance for a winning season. The boys team had a 5-2 record, losing only to Atlantic. The girls ended with an even record of 4-4. Coach Foulkes had these comments: "I feel the seniors have done well during the four years that we have had tennis as a competitive sport. We also have some very talented under- classmen whose play meant the difference between winning a match or losing. We must remember that the winning records were compiled against schools with larger enrollments. I am very pleased with this tennis team, they are a credit to this school." At the close of the season, Denise Rathman was awarded the Blooper Award. This award has been presented three of the four years to a tennis player who has had a 'Blooper' during the season. The first year, Dianne Murphy received the trophy for hit- ting her double partner, Joy Rodgers, while attempting to serve in a match. In the second year of tennis, none was awarded the trophy. Last year, Jeff Konz received the award for hitting the oppo- nent "below the belt" at a match in Atlantic. This year, Denise Rathman was awarded the trophy for two reasons. Denise hit her double partner in a match, and later, broke her racquet while 'awesomely' playing the net. Pic 1. Scott Phillips serves the ball in his first round at dis- tricts at Denison. Pic 2. Jeff Konz and Doug Armentrout, who have played doubles most of their senior year, play at the district tournament. Pic 3. Boys Tennis Team. Row 1: Doug Armentrout, Larry Smith, Doug Steele, Kevin Brocker. Row 2: Clayton Christensen, Scott Phillips, Tracey Watson, Jeff Konz, Coach Bill Foulkes. 57Pic. 1. Varsity Volleyball team. Row 1: Jill Neighbors, Paula Squires, Kelly Wessels, Jody Harris, Sandy Jessen, Kay Ehrman, and Mona Hackwell. Row 2: Teresa Phillips, Gina Lund, Julie Johnson, Tracy Smith, Rhonda Bartelson, and Micki Harris. Row 3: William Foulkes (coach), Janet John- son, Denise Rathman, Julie Christensen, Brenda Havens, and Shelley Scott (mgr.) Pic. 2. Mona Hackwell and Jody Harris attempt a block, as a B- F player hits the ball into the net. Pic. 3. Kelly Wessels spikes the ball past a B-F play- er for an ace spike. 58 Scoreboard Earlham Anita Loss Exira Anita Win Adair-Casey Anita Loss Dexfield Anita Loss Audubon Anita Loss B-F Anita Win C-M Anita Win Guthrie Center Anita Loss C-M Anita Loss Adair-Casey Anita Loss S-M Anita Win Exira Anita Loss Anita Tourney 5th place Sectional: Exira Anita Win Adair-Casey Anita Loss The 1981 volleyball season was one of hard work and team spirit. The total record for the season was 8-10 and 1. Three team members received special honors in volleyball this year. Jill Neigh- bors received Special Mention All-State, first team All-Confer- ence (unanimous choice), and was on the all-tournament team at the Anita Invitational. Kelly Wessels was awarded Honorable Mention All-State, first team All-Conference, and was on the all- tournament team at the Anita Invitational. Jody Harris was given Honorable Mention All-Conference and was on the all-tourna- ment team at the Anita Invitational. Coach Bill Foulkes' comment for the season was. “We had many individual standouts and hon- ors during the season, even though the match record was not as good as last year. We gained experience which should help us next year ' Pic. 1. Jill Neighbors sets the ball to Paula Squires as Jody Harris and Mona Hackwell look on in a win over B-F. Pic. 2. The bench — Micki Harris, Kay Ehrman, Sandy Jessen, Mona Hackwell, Julie Johnson, Gina Luna, and coaches Bill Foulkes and Bob Jackson — get excited as the winning point of match one had just been served. Pic. 3. Junior Varsity Team Row 1: Carol Pottebaum, Jane Petersen, Janet Hagen, Jo Beth Williamson and Lori Lank. Row 2: Tracy Gibson, Tammy Gibson, Toni Hansen, Karen Zanders, Jean Vokt, Jody Skellenger, Micki Harris, and coach Bob Jackson. 59Golfers Drive For A Winning Season SCOREBOARD Anita (B) 184 217 Oakland (G) 232 224 Anita (B) 168 212 Corning (G) 221 231 Anita (B) 201 212 Griswold (G) 255 242 Anita (B) 177 226 Guthrie (G) 218 249 Center Anita (B) 175 1% Audubon (G) 213 237 Anita (B) 235 201 Exira (G) 142 110 Anita (B) 233 208 Exira (G) 139 110 Anita (B) 178 204 P-L (G) 233 234 • only 2 scores counted Anita (B) 178 204 Coming (G) 250 246 Anita (B) 177 217 P-L Best Stroke Average Boys: Lyle Schellenberg This year's golf teams were very young, but they still did very well. Both the girls and boys teams placed 4th at Sectionals. The girls placed behind Manning AvcHa and Oakland. Sandy lessen had the best stroke average with a 55. The boys placed behind Treynor, Lamoni, and Villisca. Lyle Schellen- berg had the best stroke average with a 46. Pic 1. Members of this years team were: Girls; Kristi Mardesen, Mona Hackwell, Sandy Jessen, Leesa West- phal, Julie Christensen, Sheila Wil- son Boys; Coach Jackson, Dale Beh- rends, Lyle Schellenberg, Mitch Cullen, Brian Wedemeyer, Kevin Meyer, and Dean Barber. Pic. 2; Mona Hackwell, Julie Christensen, and Leesa Westphal practice their strokes. Pic. 3; Lyle Schellenberg tees off. Pic. 4, Sandy Jessen practices her winning swing. Pic. 5, Mitch Cullen practices put- ting. 60SPIRIT OF JR. HIGHPaula Behrends David Boldt Shawna Buimeister Jimmie Casey Gary Duff Jeff fcvcrsole Melissa Harmsen Gloria Havens Jill Jackson I) nna Jensen Jill lessen Jim Konz Phillip I arsen ■ mber lend Karyl Lund Wendi Lund Karla Murphy Andy Petersen Angie Pierce Keri Poeppe Rana Scarlett Joe Shea Brian Smith Karen Smith Ter» Steel» Tracey Suplee Randy Tawzer Burt Wilson - v Secretary Dave Boldt - President Paula Behrends - Treasurer Karla Wodemeyer - V. President Wylie Wahlert Karla Wedemeyer Rick Williamson H 62Denis » Behrends Janelle Brichacek Gail Bnncks Brooks Chelesvig Troy Christensen David Dressier Scflt Fulk Carla Greve Rusty Grubbs Mike Jesse n Rex Luke Kristi Lund Ranee Lund Scott Lund Jeff Nelsen Class officers: Gail Brincks, Pres.; Chris Mailander V. Pres., Kristi I und, Treasurer; Jenny Wessels, Sec. Chris Mailander Lori Nelsen Fletcher Nichols Terry Oathoudt Teresa Petersen Angie Russell Lee Stevens Joni Stork Ann Turn Sherry Vais Terry Vais Tammy VanAernam Kenny VanHorn 63Pic 1; Jr. High Football: Front: Brooke Chelesvig, Scott Lund. Inside Row: Ricky Williamson, David Boldt, Rex Luke, Fletch- er Nichols, Mike lessen, David Dressier, Coach Leinen, Rusty Grubbs, Troy Chris- tensen, Ranee Lund, Troy Waddell, Andy Pedersen, Jeff Eversole. Outside Row: Bri- an Smith, Jimmy Casey, Terry Oathoudt, Jeff Nelsen, Danny Winther, Terry Vais, Burt Wilson, Philip Larson, Chris Stuetel- berg. High Fall Sports Pic 2. Jr. High Football Cheerleaders: Bottom row: Sherry Vais, Tammy VanAer- nam, Angie Russell. Top row: Jenny Wessels, Kristi Lund, Denise Behrends. Pic. 3; Jr. High Volleyball: Row 1: Gloria Havens, Karla Murphy, Missy Harmsen, Wendi Lund, Teri Steele, Amber Leed, Paula Behrends. Row 2: Angie Pierce, Tracey Suplee, Karen Smith, Jill Jessen. Standing: Coach Foulkes, Carla Greve, Ann Turn- er, Janelle Brichacek, Jacquie Thelen, Lori Nelson, Karyl Lund, Keri Peoppe, Row 3: Denise Behrends, Joni Stork, Jenny Wessels, Kristi Lund. Top row: Angie Russell, Tammy, VanAernam. 64PIC. 1. Jr. High Girls Basketball. ROW 1: Paula Behrends, Amber Leed, Karla Murphy, Missy Harmsen. ROW 2: Kristi Lund — Manager, Teri Steele, Donna Jensen, Tracey Suplee, Karen Smith, Karla Wedemeyer, Jacquie Thelen — Manager. ROW 3: Denise Behrends, Carla Greve, Janelle Brichacek, Teresa Petersen, Sherry Vais. ROW 4: Coach Jackson, Angie Russell, Jenny Wessels, Joni Stork, Tammy VanAernam. PIC. 2. Jr. High Boys Basketball. ROW 1: Joe Shea, Rusty Zellmer, Jeff Eversole, Andy Peter- sen. ROW 2: Kenny Van Horn — Manager, Brian Smith, Ricky Williamson, Gary Duff, Jim Konz, Jeff Nelsen — Manager. ROW 3: Scott Lund, Troy Waddell, Brooks Chelesvig, Troy Christensen, Chris Mailander, Coach Leinen, David Boldt, TOP ROW: Gail Brincks, Rusty Grubbs, Ranee Lund, Lee Stevens, Scott Fulk. PIC. 3. Basketball Cheerleaders. ROW 1: Jill Jackson, Jill Jessen, Keri Poeppe, TOP: Gloria Ha- vens and Karyl Lund. Jr. High Basketball 65Good Season For Matmen Pic 1. Wrestling Cheerleaders. Top row: Amber Leed, Paula Behrends, Missy Harmsen. Bottom row: jenny Wes- sels, Sherry Vais, Tammy Van Aernam. Pic 2. Junior High Pep Rally. Mr. Leinen's wrestling team ended their season with a 4 and 3 and 2 record. Pic 3. Junior High Wrestlers. Row 1: Ricky Williamson, Troy Waddell, Terry Oathoudt, Troy Christensen, Chris Mailander, Dave Dressier Coach Leinen, Scott Lund, Jeff Nelsen, Mike Jessen, Ranee Lund, Lee Ste- vens, Rusty Grubbs, Fletcher Nichols. Row 2: Denise Beh- rands, Mgr. and Jacquie Thelen, Mgr. 66Spring sports for junior high consisted of boys and girls track. The boys won one 2nd place, two 3rd places, and 8th at Conference. The girls ended with one 5th place, two 7th places, and 8th at Conference. Pic. 1. Jr. High Girls Track. Row 1: Gloria Havens, Amber Leed, Karen Smith. Row 2: Karla Murphy, Wendi Lund, Missy Harmsen, Karla Wcdemeyer, Paula Beh- rends, Coach Willet. Row 3: Rana Scarlett, Jenny Wes- sels, Tracy Suplee, Angie Pierc. Row 4: Joni Stork, Sher- ry Vais, Karyl Lund, Keri Peoppe, Shelly Rinner. Pic. 2. Jr. High Boys Track. Row 1: Randy Tawzer, David Boldt, Bert Wilson. Row 2: Joe Shea, Brian Smith, Jimmie Konz, Jeff Nelsen, Coach Willet. Row 3: Jim Casey, Gary Tawzer, Terry Vais, Chris Mailander, Troy Christensen. Row 4: Gail Brincks, Ranee Lund, Dave Dressier, Phillip Larson, Rusty Grubbs. Jr. High Tracksters Gain Experience 67Many Involved In AJH Speech Pic 1. EIGHTH GRADE SPEECH. Row 1: Denise Behrends, Tammy VanAernam, Jenny Eessels, Janelle Brichacek, Lori Nelsen, Mrs. McCaskey — sponsor. Row 2: Troy Waddell, Jeff Nelsen, Scott Lund, Chris Mailander, Kenny Van Horn. Not pic- tured: Jacquie Thelen. Pic 2. MIME. Row 1: Jill Jackson, Mrs. McCas- key — coach, Jill Jessen, Missy Harmsen, Karla Murphy, Teri Steele, Amber Leed, Tracey Suplee, Karyl Lund. Row 2: Teresa Petersen, Terry Oath- oudt. Brooks Chelesvig, Troy Waddell, Scott Lund. Row 3: Denise Behrends, Tammy VanAer- nam, Angie Russell, Janelle Brichacek, Carla Greve, Lori Nelsen, Ann Turner. Pic 3. The spelling bee students who advanced to the district bee in Creston: Karyl Lund, Jill Jackson, Ricky Williamson. Back row: ALternates Keri Poeppe and Jeff Eversole. Pic 4. SEVENTH GRADE SPEECH. Row 1: Rusty Zellmer, Joe Shea, Jimmie Konz, Mrs. McCaskey, Tracey Suplee. Row 2: Amber Leed, Teri Steele, Angie Pierce, Karen Smith. Row 3: Jill Jackson, Jill Jessen, Keri Poeppe, Paula Behrends, Karla We- demeyer, Rana Scarlett. 68AJH Sings "Teen" Woes Pic. 1: Chorus; row 1: Mrs. Olsen, Jenny Wessels, Denise Behrends, Gloria Havens, Angie Pierce, Teresa Petersen, Don- na Jensen, Karla Wedemeyer, Paula Behrends, Karla Murphy. Row 2: Kristi Lund, Wendi Lund, Missy Harmsen, Keri Poeppe, Jill Jessen, Tammy VanAernam, Janelle Brichacek, Teri Steele, Amber Leed, Row 3: Joni Stork, Tracey Suplee, Shauna Bur- meister, Jacquie Thelen, Carla Greve, Sherry Vais, Shellie Rin- ner, Angie Russell, Lori Nelsen, Row 4: Ann Turner, Karen Smith, Karyl Lund, Kenny Van Horn, Terry Oathoudt, Jeff Nelsen, Scott Fulk, Scott Lund, Brooks Chelesvig, Troy Wad- dell. Pic. 2: Band; Donna Jensen, Keri Poeppe, Karla Murphy, Wendi Lund, Missy Harmsen, Kristi Lund, Sherry Vais, Jacquie Thelen, Tammy VanAernam, Teresa Petersen, Gloria Havens, Row 2: Jenny Wessels, Joni Stork, Tracey Suplee, Karyl Lund, Jill Jessen, Angie Pierce, Paula Behrends, Karla Wedemeyer, Teri Steele, Amber Leed, Denise Behrends, Miss Ernst (Instruc- tor). Row 3: Tom Wittrock, David Dressier, Jimmie Konz, Burt Wilson, Andy Petersen, Ricky Williamson, Joe Shea, Brooks Chelesvig, Terry Oathoudt, David Boldt, Wylie Wahlert, Ken- ny Van Horn, Row 4: Brian Smith, Rusty Grubbs, Gary Duff, Troy Wadell, Troy Christensen, Fletcher Nichols, Terry Vais, Jeff Nelsen, Scott Fulk, Phillip Larson, Rusty Zellmer, Scott Lund, Chris Stuetelberg. 69Jr. High In Action The junior high has really been on the go. With the help of Mr. Leinen and the cheerleaders, the football players were able to have a 4 and 1 record. At the same time the girls were busy with volleyball. They ended the season with a 0 and 2 record. The winter sports were in full swing with basketball and wrestling. The boys ended the season with a 4 and 5 record. The girls had a 2 and 7 season. The wrestlers came out with a 4 -3-2 split season. Spring was just around the corner with track. The young track stars were running their fullest. The boys won one 2nd place, two 3rd places and 8th at conference. The girls ended with one 5th place, two 7th places and 8th at conference. Besides sports, the junior high students enjoyed two dances and two skating parties. In May all seventh and eighth graders went to the Sac Aerospace Museum and saw many different kinds of planes. In the afternoon at DeSoto Bend, they was a film on wood ducks (an endangered species) and the artifacts of the Bertram, which was a steamship that had sunk in the 1860's and was recovered in 1969. Through all the disappointments and excitements, the ju- nior high had a magnificent year. Pic 1. The junior high band marched in force in the Home- coming parade. Pic 2. The junior high float. Pic 3. Study hall is a quiet in the "junior high row". 70SPIRIT OF } FRIENDSHIPTom Christensen Tom Coatney Clint Dorsey F Tammy Gibson Tracy Gibson Jeff Grant Officers: Pres - Tom Christensen, V. Pres. Micki Harris, Sec. Jody Skel- lenger, Treas. Tod(| Schollars S K P, L K oni Hansen Micki Harris Paul Jorgensen Lori Lank tt Larsen Kristy Mardesen Freshmen Lori Lank, Toni Hansen, Jo Beth Williamson, Karen Zanders, w Tracy Gibson, and Tammy Gibson work in I 72Jane Petersen Alan Pierce Carol Pottebaum Randy Pringnitz Dale Robinson Mike Ruggles Tom Christensen, Grant, Alan Pierce, and Todd Schollars work out an Algebra I | Randy Scarf Todd Schollar Jody Skellenger Sandra VanAernam Jean Vokt Alan Wedei JoBeth Willi son Karen Zander1 Mike Ruggles, Randy Pringnitz and Carol Pottebaum work in IPS. 73Scot Bailey Bobbi jo Barber Dein Barber Dale Behrends Julie Christensen Katrina Christensen Brenda Conrad Bri jfeCooley Dar» Dorsey u Christy Crubbs Marcy Harmsen Terry Hoskin- C atlfy |amS David Kon Sophomores Theresa Willet, Shelly Scott, and Steve Sisler Took at the progress of the sophomore maga- zine sales. Steve Me Afee Kell Meyer Doug Murphy Darren Pash Teresa Phillips 74Joelene White Theresa Willet Clark Wilson Scott Pollock Chuck Ramsay Denise Rathman Iberg eman Brian Wedemeyer 7576 Mitch Akers lack Barber Class officers: Jody Harris, Treas.; )im Wessling, Pres.; Kay Ehrman, V. Pres.; Roger Penton, Sec Rhonda Bartelson Mia Bickel Stove Brownsberger Dana Cooley Mitch Cullen Becky Denney Joel Dors Kay Ehrman Rod Glissmann Sean Grant Mike Gregersen Mona Hackwell Jon Hansen |ody Harris Janet Johnson, Rhonda Bartelson, Janet Nelsen, Kay Ehrman, Becky Denney, Sandy lessen, Mona Hackwell. are discussing possible class mottos. Keith Harvey Brenda Havens Sandy Jessen land Johnson Tony Littleton Loryn Lund Merle McKinzieKevin Meyer Janet Nelsen Rhonda Bartelson, Diana Robinson, Mitch Akers, Sean Grant, and Kyle elsen work hard in Accounting I. Kvle Nelsen Dan Newell Doreen Obermeier Roger Penton Bob Petersen Erin Pettinger Brian Purcell Chris (Rhoades Tim Richter Diana Robinson Terry Scart Doug Steele Chris Stork Jyl Turner Pictured is the Junior' first place panel. Tracey Watson Jim Wessling Leesa Westphal sheila Wilson Not Pictured: Keith Jorgensen, and Laura Smith 77Doug Armentrout Scott Phillips Class Officers: President: Doug Armentrout Vice President: Scott Phillips Secretary: Jill Neighbors Treasurer: Jeff Konz Sponsors: John Burke Noel Wingate Class Colors: Maroon and Ivory Class Flower: Deep red tipped ivory rose Class Song: "Don't Stop Believing" Class Motto: "We shape our lives not by what we carry with us, but by what we leave behind." Jill Neighbors Jeff Konz Seniors Kris Behnken Doug Bissell Curl Behrends Jane Coatney 1982Dori Lund Ivyn Lund Teresa McKinzie Debbie Masker Julie Petersen Seniors Dianne Murphy nS' . . X ' Dale Thelen 1982 Mark ThelenSteve Westphalen Kelly Wessels Don Wittrock Mike Young NOT PICTURED Mike Brichacek Clayton Christensen Roger Cregeen Rick Hackwell Mike Smith Mark Zanders SeniorsFor the first year, the seniors were not given a school-sponsored skip day. On May 15, many seniors did travel to Adven- tureland in Des Moines. The night before commencement the Senior class met at the Redwood for the last supper". A choice of tenderloin and chicken was served family style. Doug Ar- mentrout and Annette Kraus were Masters of Ceremonies. The "We Voted", "I Wills", the "I Remembers", and the class Prophecy was read by Annette Kraus. An- nette Kraus also awarded some class mem- bers with special recognitions. Todd John- son and Clayton Christensen highlighted the 13 years of school in their speeches. "Don't Stop Believing" Baccaureate exercises were held May 16, 1982, in the high school gym. Rev. Loyd Johnson gave the invocation, message and benediction. The theme of his message was "Bread for the Wil- derness; Wine for the Journey". The high school choir sang "A Closing Prayer" and "A Parting Blessing." The 95th annual commencement exercises were held on Thurs- day, May 20, 1982. The class wore robes of champagne and ma- roon. The speakers: Jeff Konz, Scott Phillips, and Jill Neighbors were elected to speak by the senior class. The high school band played "Invicta" before the Processional. Rev. Paul Knittel gave the invocation and benediction. Jeff Konz accompanied by Miss Diane Ernst performed a French Horn solo. Mr. Currie presented the graduating class that had met all of the requirements set forth by the school board and the State of Iowa. Senior class sponsor Noel Wingate introduced the class of 1982 as Richard Nelson, President, Board of Education, awarded them their diplomas. Senior class president Doug Armentrout led the transfer of tassels. Kay Ehrman, junior class vice president, gave each graduate a silk carnation. Pic. 1. Classof 1982 seated at commencement exercises. Pic. 2. Jeff Konz's speech centered around Faulkner's "Man shall not merely endure; he shall prevail." Pic. 3. Jill Neighbors gave six steps to success. Pic. 4. Scott Phillips reflected on the school years. Pic. 5. In the reception line after commencement exercises, Dale Thelen, Niels Dybro, Todd Johnson, Tim Eilts, Steve West- phalen, Jeff Konz show their elation. Pic. 6. Touching up last minute preparations with Mr. Burke, Julie Petersen, Doug Bissell, Larry Smith, Steve Westphalen, ea- gerly await graduation. 85JOHN AGGEN — Football 2,3,4; Boys' Basket- ball 3,4; Wrestling 1; Baseball 4; FFA 3,4; Home- coming Attendant 3; Sweetheart Candiate 4; Prom Server 2. DOUG ARMENTROUT - Football 1,2,3,4 - Captain 4; Boys' Basketball 1,2,3,4; Boys' Track 3; Tennis 4; Baseball 1,2,3,4; - All Conference 3; A-Club 1,2,3,4; Student Council 2,3,4; - Pres. 4, V.P. 3; Class Officer - Pres. 1,4; Deciam 1,2,3,4 - Outstanding at State 1,4; Debate 2,3,4; NFL 1,2,3,4; SPY staff Columnist 1,2,3,4; Concert Band 1,2,3,4 - Pres. 4; Jazz Band 2,3,4; Band Festival 3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Quill Scroll 2,3,4; Homecoming Attendant 1 - King Candidate 4; Prom Server 2. KRIS BEHNKEN — Crosscountry 1,2; Girls' Bas- ketball 1,2,3,4; Girls' 4; Track 3; A-Club 3,4; Pep Club 1,2,4 - Sec. 4; Student Council 1,2,4; - Sec. 4; SPARTAN staff 2; SPY staff 1; Marching Band 1; Concert Band 1; Queen Candidate 4; Prom Server 2. CURT BEHRENDS - Boys' Basketball 1,2,3,4; Golf 1,2; Baseball 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 4; FFA 1,2,3,4. DOUG BISSELL — Football 1,2,3,4 - All Confer- ence 4, Defensive Player of the Year 4; Wres- tling 1,4; Prom Server 2. MIKE BRICHACEK - Football 1,2,3,4 - All Conference 4; Boys' Basketball 1,2,3,4 - All Conference 2,3,4; Baseball 1,2; NFL 1,2; Con- cert Band 1; Jazz Band 1. CLAYTON CHRISTENSEN - Football 1,2,3; Boys' Basketball 1,2,3,4; Golf 1; Tennis 2,3,4; Baseball 1,2,3; A-Club 2,3,4; Youth Center Pres. 4; Debate 3,4; NFL 1,2,3,4; SPARTAN staff 3. JANE COATNEY - Volleyball 1,2,3; Girls' Bas- ketball 1,2,3,4; Tennis 1,2; A-Club 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; FHA 1,2,3,4, Ceclam 1,2,3,4 - Out- standing at State 1; NFL 1,2,3,4; SPARTAN staff 1,2; SPY staff 1; Marching Band 1,2; Concert Band 1,2; Chorus 4; Swing Choir 4; Vocal Festi- val 4; Sweetheart Candidate 4. KIRK DRESSLER — Football 2; Boys' Basketball 1; Boys' Track 1,3,4; Youth Center V.P. 4; FFA 1,2,3; Chorus 4; Prom Server 2. NEILS DYBRO — Wrestling 4; Boys' Track 4; FFA 4; NFL 4; Marching Band 4; Cnorus 4. SUE EADES — Pep Club 2; OEA 4; Reporter OEA 4; FHA 1,2; Chorus 1,2; Vocal Festival 2. TIM EILTS — Football 1,2; FFA 1,2,3,4 - Pres. 4, Tres. 3; Class Officer - Sec. 1,2; Concert Band 1; Homecoming Attendant 2; Sweetheart King 4; Prom Server 2. COLLEEN GREVE — Cheerleader 2; Pep Club 2; OEA 4 - Parlimentarian 4; FHA 1,2; Drill Team RICK HACKWELL - Golf 3. KARLA HANSEN — Librarian 1,2,3.4; Pep Club 2,3,4; FHA 1,2,3,4 - Historian 3; Declam 1,2,3,4; NFL 1,2,3,4; SPARTAN staff 1,2,3,4; SPY staff 1,2; Chorus 1,2; Swing Choir 3; Vocal Festival 1,2, Drill Team 3; Sweetheart Candidate 4. ROSS HAVENS — Football 1,2; Wrestling 1,2,3,4; A-Club 1,2,3,4; FFA 1,2,3,4 - Treas. 4 WADE JESSEN — Football 1,2,3,4; Boys' Basket- ball 2; Baseball 1,2,4; Prom Server 2. JULIE JOHNSON - Volleyball 2,3,4, Girls' Bas- ketball 1,2; Tennis 1,2,3,4; Softball 1,2,3 4 Cheerleader 1; A-Club 1,2,3,4, Pep Club 2; OEA 4 - Sec. 4; FHA 1; Declam 1; Chorus 1. TODD JOHNSON - Football 2.3,4 - Captain 4, All Conference 3,4, Honorable Mention All State 4, 2nd Team All Conference 3, 1st Team all Conference 4; Boys' Basketball 1,2,3; Wres- tling 4; FFA, 2,3,4; Homecoming King 4; Prom Server 2. TINA KINZIE — Chorus 1,2,4; Vocal Festival 1,2,4. JEFF KONZ — Football Manager 1; Boys' Bas- ketball 2,3; Tennis 2,3,4; A-Club 2,3,4; Student Council 1,4 - V.P. 4, Declam 1,2,3,4 - Outstand- ing at State 4; Debate 1,2,3,4 - 2nd in State Debate, 3rd in NFL Original Oratory and L-D Debate, 1st in NFL Student Cong., NFL 1,2,3,4 - V.P. 4, Treas. 3; SPY staff 2,3,4, Marching Band 2,4; Concert Band 1,2,3,4 - V.P. 4; Jazz Band 1,2,3,4; Swing Choir 1,2,3,4; Band Festival 2,3,4; Honor Band 3,4; NHS 3,4; State of Iowa Scholar. ANNETTE KRAUS - Volleyball 1; Tennis 1,2; Softball 1; Cheerleader 1,2,3,4 - Basketball 1, Varsity football 2,3,4; A-Club 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Student Council 4, FHA 2; Declam 1,2,3,4; Outstanding at State 3; NFL 1,2,3,4; SPY staff 2,3,4; Chorus 1; Vocal Festival 1; Prom Server 2. MARK LUKE DORI LUND — Volleyball Scorekeeper 2,3,4; Librarian 1; Declam 1; Chorus 1,2; Drill Team 1,2. IVYN LUND, JR. — Boys' Basketball 2; FFA 1,2,3 86- Sentinel 2. DFBBIE MASKER — Girls' Basketball Manager 1,2; Tennis 1,2; A-Club 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; OEA 4 - Historian 4, 6th in State for OEA scrap- book; SPARTAN staff 2,3,4 - Editor 4, Jr. Editor 3; Marching Band 1; Cc cert Band 1; Chorus 3,4; Swing Choir 3,4; Vocal Festival 3,4, Drill Team 2; Quill Scroll 3,4; Sweetheart Candi- TERESA McKINZIE — Volleyball 1,2; Girls' Bas- ketball Manager 1,2; Tennis 1; A-Club 2,3,4, Student Council 3; Declam 1,2,3,4; Outstanding at State 4; NFL 1,2,3,4; SPY Staff 2,3,4; - Editor 4, Feature Editor 3; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Con- cert Band 1,2,3,4; Chorus 1,2,3,4 - Officer 2,4; Swing Choir 2,3,4; Band Festival 4; Honor Band 4; Vocal Festival 1,2,3,4; 2 I's State Small Group; National Choral Award; NHS 3,4; Quill Scroll 2- 3,4; Hugh O'Brien International Youth Leader- ship Seminar. DIANNE MURPHY — Volleyball 1,2,3; Girls' Basketball 1,2; Wrestling Manager 3,4; Tennis 1,2,3,4; A-Club 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; OEA 4 - Treas. 4; Marching Band 1; Concert Band 1; Prom Server 2; Homecoming Attendant 1. JILL NEIGHBORS — Volleyball 1,2,3,4 - All Conf. 3, 2nd team, 4 1st team; Girls' Basketball - Captain 4; Girls' Track 1,2,3,4 - State Track 1,2,3,4; Softball 1,2,3,4 - All Conf. 1st team 2, 1st team 3; A-Club 1,2,3,4; Pep Club - Pres. 4; Student Council 2; FHA 1,2,3,4 - Pres. 4, V.P. 3; Class Officer - V.P. 3, Sec. 1,4; Declam 1,2,3,4; NFL 1,2,3,4 - Pres. 4, Sec. 3; SPARTAN staff 2,3,4 - Sports Editor 3,4; March- ing Band 1; Concert Band 1; NHS 4; Homecom- ing Attendant 3; Homecoming Queen 4; Prom Server 2. |U! IF PETERSEN - Tennis 1,2,3,4; Sottball 1; Cheerleader 1,2,3,4; - Captain 3, Varsity Foot- ball 1, Basketball 1; A-Club 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; OEA 4 - V.P. 4; FHA 1,2,3; NFI 1,2,3,4; Marching Band 1,2; Concert Band 1,2; Prom Server 2. SCOTT PHILLIPS — Football 1,2; Boys' Basket- ball 1,2,3,4; Tennis 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1; A-Club 1,2,3,4; Student Council 3,4 - Treas. 4, Class Oftirer - Pres. 2, V.P. 4; Declam 1,2,3,4 - Out- standing at State 3: NFL 1,2,3,4 - Treas. 4; Cho- rus 1,3,4; Swing Choir 1,2,3,4; Officer 4; Vocal Festival 1,3,4; NHS 4; Boys State. JOY RODGERS — Wrestling Manager 3,4; Ten- nis 1,2,3,4; Cheerleader, 1,2,3,4 - Captain 4, Football 1,2,3,4, Basketball 1; A-Club 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4 - V.P. 4; FHA 1,2,3,4 - Pres. 3; Declam 1,2,3,4; NFL 1,2,3,4; SPARTAN staff 2; Twirler 1,2,3,4; Swing Choir Choreographer 4; Homecoming Attendant 2; Prom Server 2; Sweetheart Queen 4. LARRY SMITH — Tennis 4. PAULA SQUIRES — Volleyball 3,4; Crosscoun- try 1; Girls' Basketball 1,2,3,4 - Captain 2,4, All Conference 4, Most Valuable Player 4; Girls' Track 1,2,3,4 - Relay Qualifier 3; Pep Club 1,2,3; ■ Student Council 4; FFA 1,2,3,4 - V.P. 3,4, Re- L porter 2, SW District Sentinel 81-82, Iowa Ik Farmer Degree 4, Star Chapter Farmer 4, Chap- ter Outstanding Member 4; Class Officer Treas. 3; Deciam 1,2,3,4, Outstanding at State 2; NFL 1,2,3,4; Marching Band 1,2,3; Concert Band 1.2.3, - Treas. 3; NHS 3,4; Sweetheart Candidate 4. JULIE STORK — Football Manager 2,3,4; Cross- country 1,2; Girls' Basketball 1,2,3,4; Tennis 2.3.4, A-Club 2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; OEA 4 - Pres. 4, OEA nationals 4; Class Officer Pres. 3; Declam 1,2,3,4; NFL 1,2,3,4; SPARTAN staff 2,3,4; SPY staff 2,3,4; Marching Band 1,2; Con- cert Band 1,2; NHS 3,4; Quill Scroll 4; Prom Server 2. DALE THELEN — Tennis 1,2; FFA 1,2; Debate 4; NFL 2,3,4; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Jazz Band 1,2,3,4; Chorus 3,4; Swing Choir 2,3,4; Southwest Iowa Honor Band 4; Conference Band 3,4; I rating at State 2, Iowa State Golden Honor Band 4. MARK THELEN — Football 1,2; Tennis 1,2,4. KELLY WESSELS — Volleyball 1,2,3,4 - All Conf. 3.4, All Tournament 4, Honorable Mention All State 4; Girls' Basketball 1,2,3,4; - All Confer- ence 3,4; Girls' Track 1,2,3,4 - State track 2,3; Softball 1,2,3,4; A-Club 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; FHA 1,2,3,4 - Sec. 3; Class Officer - V.P. 2; NFL 1,2,3,4; SPARTAN staff 2; Marching Band 1,2,3,4; Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Homecoming At- tendant 4; Queen Candidate 4, Head Prom Server 2; American High School Athlete 4. STEVE WESTPHALEN — Football 1,2; FFA 1,2,4. DON WHITTROCK — Boys' Track 2,3; FFA 1,2; Prom Server 2. MICHAEL YOUNG — Football 2,3,4; - Captain 4, All Conf. 4, All around player; Wrestling 1,2,3,4 - Captain 4, Sectional Champ 1,4; Boys' Track 1,2,3,4 - Tie Conf. Record 6'3"; Youth Center V.P. 4; Homecoming King Candidate 4. MARK ZANDERS — Class Officer Sec. 3; De- clam 1,2,3,4; Debate 1,2,4; NFL 1,2,3,4; Chorus 1.Theresa Willet Katrina Christensen Bobbi jo Barber Steve Sisler Gina Lund Scot Bailey Dave Konz Janet Hagen Jane Petersen Micki Harris Mrs. Cheryl McCaskey The 1981-82 SPARTAN staff: Debbie Masker — Editor Jack Barber — Jr. Editor Tracey Watson — Artist Erin Pettinger — Photographer Jill Neighbors Julie Stork Karla Hansen Janet Nelsen Rhonda Bartelson Shelly Scott Teresa Phillips Advisor 

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