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1981 Spartan Anita High School Anita, Iowa 50020 Founded 1869 Volume XXXXII TABLE OF CONTENTS AHS Staffs 5 Activities 15 Sports ................39 Jr. High 59 Classes 69UPS DOWNS OF 80-81 The poster to the left symbol- izes all the spirit for Anita. The year started off well with the girls' volleyball team earning the conference trophy and Anita football team winning the Homecoming game against Adair-Casey. The year continued with our basketball teams doing well, and the wrestlers sending two grapplcrs to state meet. The speech students set a new record for I's at state speech contest; and many awards were won in journalism and muic contests. The year was rounded out with spring sports, prom and graduation. And so ended another year of memorable events. Pic 2. Many new faces were seen within the walls of AHS, including this stand-in for Na- omi. Pic 3. Reigning as faculty Homecoming king and queen were Mr. John Burke and Mr. Dan Leinen. Attendants for the event were; Mrs. Ruthe Brocker, Mr. Dennis Zimmer- man, Miss Becky Hartstack. and Mr. Gary Currie. 4 I 2Former Beatle Member Shot The world was shocked with the sudden violent death of John Lennon on De- cember 9, 1980. Lennon, with the Beatles, started a whirlwind music revolution in the 1960’s. Beatlemania, as the revolution was called, promoted long hair and their new kind of music. Many parents opposed this craze; but it was unstoppable. Lennon. Paul McCartney. Ringo Starr, and George Harrison broke up in 1971 to start careers of their own. Lennon, with his wife. Yoko Ono, brought out many albums and had just released “Double Fantasy” when John was shot. Pic 1: John Lennon and assailant, David Chapman. Ordeal Over The United States got a double dose of celebration on Inaugural Day. 1981. Not only was Ronald Reagan sworn in at noon on January 20. but the citizens of America were notified that the hostages in Iran were set free. Americans were ecstatic that the 444- day imprisonment of fifty-two men and women was over. The ordeal began No- vember 4. 1979, when Iranian militants took over the United Stales Embassy in Teheran. Immediately American patrio- tism flared: almost every town across the country had its symbolistic yellow ribbons, fifty-two flags, and day tallys. lowans es- pecially watched for Katherine Koob, a fellow Iowan from Jessup (on right. Pic 3.) Through the assistance of the Algerians, the U.S. negotiated the hostages’ return partly by agreeing to return the Shah’s wealth. There was disagreement about how the situation should have been han- dled. but everyone was glad they were home. Inevitable Draft? Draft registration, which was done away with in 1973. has been reinstated for all 18 year old males. A lot of disagreement has arisen from the new registration laws. Most disagree- ment has been on whether registration should include females. Many others ques- tion whether the draft itself should be rein- stated. But most agree that the U.S. needs something to increase our military strength. Volcano Blows Its Top The northwest U.S. was plagued all summer by ash from Mount St. Helens’ volcano. The first eruption on May 18, 1980, was followed by four more major blasts in June. July. August, and October. The volcano caused few problems except the ones created by the ash. The ash cov- ered such a large area and caused pollu- tion. The volcano(Pic 1) located near Spir- it Lake. Washington, is pictured here with its crater visible. The El Salvador Threat The situation in El Salvador, a small country in Central America, is becoming more and more heated; and the U.S. is ironically handling it the same way as we did in Vietnam. Thus far. no war has broken out, but there have been skir- mishes and people have been killed-including four American missionaries. President Reagan has sent forty-five military ad- visors and equipment to the right-wing government of El Salvador. The situation there is becom- ing a threat to American peace- time.ELECTION 1980 Ronald Reagan, a 70 year old for- mer movie star, took the office of President of the United States on Jan- uary 20. 1981. The ex-governor of California won the Republican nomi- nation in July and rose to win the gen- eral election on November 4, 1980. George Bush. Reagan's opponent dur- ing the primaries, was named as his running mate. One of the first acts of the new President was government economic cuts to slow down rampaging inflation. Some of the major cuts arc in school aid and programs to help college stu- dents. Reagan was to sign a bill to reduce government buying of dairy products, when — on March 27 — Reagan was shot. He was answering questions for reporters outside the Washington, D.C. Hilton when six shots rang out. Four people were injured: Reagan; James Brady, (press secretary); a Se- cret Service agent; and a Washington policeman John W. Hinckley, Jr. has been accused of the shooting. Pic 1. Election memorabilia was dis- played on Mr. Burke’s wall. Pic 2. President Ronald Reagan and First Lady Nancy pose for their formal photograph. Mock Election Results Presidential Ronald Reagan 145 Jimmy Carter 40 John Andersen 59 Ed Clark 10 Gus Hall 1 Senate Chuck Grassley 152 John Culver 97 House of Rep. Tom Harkin 201 Calvin Hultman 48 State ERA No 130 Yes 126 •Winner of regular election. FAMILIAR The 1980-81 administration has especially worked 'overtime' because of problems caused by declining enrollment and decreased state aid. These cuts for the 1981-82 school years have brought up questions of faculty reductions, reduced course offerings, and general budget spending cuts. It was finally decided cuts be directed towards non-certified staff and postponement of bus purchases. Pic I. Jean Gill, secretary to the schoolboard and superintendent, stands behind Naomi Hackwcll, secretary to the principal. Pic 2. Principal Gary Currie, in his second year at AHS. deals with various day-to-day problems. Pic 3. Schoolboard: Mervin Christensen, Jim Mailandcr. Ranny Kclloway, Warren Christensen. Dick Nelsen. Pic 4. Superintendent Don Brichacek has been busy helping make decisions related to proposed budget cuts.NEW FACES New skills, enthusiasm, creation and techniques have been brought to AHS through four new faces: Miss Laura Hansen (pic 1), Mrs. Joan Lane (pic 2), Mr. Dan Leinen (pic 3), and Mrs. Sheila Willms (pic 4). Miss Hansen grew up in Omaha. Nebraska and was active in music all through high school and college. She attended Wayne State College and later completed graduate work in Nebras- ka. Montana. Kansas and Minnesota. Miss Hansen came to Anita after teaching at Fall City and Ralston. Nebraska. She teaches vocal to grades K-12; Swing Choir and second grade reading. Mrs. Joan Lane enjoys new responsibilities at AHS. She has lived in the area for seven years and has had three children graduate from Anita. She graduated from ISU and has previously worked full time in Oscaloosa. Mrs. Lane teaches all Home Ec classes and sponsors the FHA. Mr. Leinen graduated from ISU. He served several offices in the ISU Agricultural Education Club. He also served as the Denison FFA Alumni Associates Reporter, the Southwest District's FFA Secretary, and was a state officer candidate. He now teaches the Vo-Ag classes of AHS and is FFA sponsor. Mrs. Willms became interested in art during her high school years at S-M. She helped out with elementary art as a student. She pursued her art education at the University of Northern Iowa in Cedar Falls for two years and graduated from Northwest College in Orange City. Wishing to share her talents and knowledge in ceramics, painting, drawing, and print making, she now teaches Art classes at AHS. 78 Fic !. Cheryl McCaskcy looks over her shoulder while instructing Jr. High English. She also is part- time counselor. Pic 2. Jim Willct is shown helping a student during H.S. Physical Education. He also instructs Jr. High math courses. Pic 3. Bob Jackson and Dennis Zimmerman pause for a picture in one of the science rooms. They both teach high school science classes. Pic 4. Lynn Johnson is shown speaking to one of his industrial arts classes. Pic 5. Ardith Zinkc sits at her desk during a class in the resource room. Pic 6. Vicki Vanderbur helps a student during a French class. She also teaches Humanities and Eng- lish courses. Pic 7. Dee Cams looks up while taking attendance in study hall. Pic 8. Jim Kubcrski speaks to a Jr. High social stud- ies class. He also instructs freshman cultural geogra- phy.LAND OF ADVENTURE WORK FOR US Pic 1 Becky Hartstack and Noel Wingate pause for a picture in the business mini-room. They both instruct business classes. Pic 2. James DCamp. band instructor, is shown working in his office. Pic 3. Bill Foulkes looks up from work in the counseling office. He also teaches high school math classes. Pic 4 Ruthc Brocker stops for a picture during one of her high school English classes Pic 5. John Burke is surprised with a picture during a class. He teaches U.S. History and U.S. Government Pic 6. Dave Boldt is shown speaking to a Jr. High science class. He also instructs a P.E. class and is the athletic director. S 9SHH QUIET IN THE LIBRARY A first in the library this year was a college student librarian. During the second semester, Phyllis Waddell Shannon has been working as a student teacher and librarian. Mrs. Shan- non, a former student of AHS. attended Northwest Missouri State University and plans to teach French or to be a librarian. At AHS she has been teaching French I and II and working in the library. Pic I. Phyllis Shannon types out catalog cards. Pic 2. Head librarian and clerk, Virginia Eilts and Peggy Rhodes, keep everything in the library in order. Pic 3. Sometimes Mrs. Rhodes needs help to get everything done. Student librarians who work at the check-out desk during the day are: Merle McKinzic, Dianne Miller, JoBeth Wil- liamson. Tammy Gibson. Janelle Brichacek. Karen Zanders. Jacquc Thclcn. Karla Han- sen. Scott Lund. Teresa Petersen, and Jenny Wessels.BEHIND THE SCENES Pic I. Cooks Phyllis Brownsbcrgcr. Barb Jcssen. and Belt) Wahlcrt stir up some spaghetti for lunch. Pic 2. Student janitors Kevin Myers. Steve Jorgensen. Rod Glissmann. and Merle McKinzic help Harold Cams before and after school. Not pictured: Colleen Greve, Ryan Glissmann. Mike Kraus, and Kelly Burmeister. Pic 3. Part-time custodians Barb Jessen and Josephine Ballenscifcr can usually be found pushing a vacuum cleaner in one of the carpeted halls. Pic 4 Bus drivers: Ivan Joens. head driver; Irwin Bcschorner. Mike Lee. Karen Berger, Cortez Stanley. Dennis Petersen. Pic 5. Glen Baylor works in the afternoon and is often the janitor here at night after games and concerts. 11ADVENTURES IN BUSINESS This year's OEA Chapter proved to be one of much enthusiasm and hard work. In order to be a member of this chapter, each person had to obtain an outside job in business. In the office education class many units arc covered, including telephone techniques, business math, duplicating machines, and job applications. The most important unit is record management. On October 6th and 7th. the OEA attended the state elections in Des Moines, where Dan Pollock and Melanie Harmscn were our chapter nominees for state officers. The OEA traveled to the state convention, in Des Moines, where Teresa Anderson and Sherry Lank got honorable mention. 5th place, for a scrapbook that they had made. To raise money, the OEA sold candy, sponsored a pie throw at the benefit game, and introduced Computer Fun. a dating service. For service projects, the OEA put on a Thanksgiving skit at Con- gregate meals, and went winter caroling at the nursing home. Pic I. Shelley Chelesvig. Dan Pollock. Joyce Vokt. Linda Van Horn, and Linda Wedcmcyer discuss the new techniques in alphabetical filing. Pic 2. Sherry Lank. Teresa Anderson, and Melanie Harmscn work on job application forms. Pic 3. Miss Hartstack talks about the different types of alphabetical filing to Shelley Chelesvig. Linda Wcdemeyer, and Linda Van Horn. Pic 4. Row l: OEA members and where they worked. Sharon Vais — Atlantic Hospital. Teresa Anderson — Rhoda Paas lawyer's office, Dan Pollock — Wiota Grain. Linda Van Horn — Anita Church of Christ, Sherry Lank — Atlantic Hospi- tal Row 2: Joyce Vokt -Anita Elementary School, Melanie Harmscn — DX Gas Sta- tion, Linda Wedcmcyer — Anita COOP. Shelley Chelesvig — Anita State Bank. 12LEADERSHIP THROUGH In July 1980. a stranger was welcomed into our communi- ty. For the first time since 1975, AHS had a foreign ex- change student. Wolfgang Neumann. “Some people I knew had gone to the U.S. and last year my cousin went. I decided I wanted to go too.“ said Neu- mann. Therefore, he wrote to Youth for Understanding and applied to be a foreign exchange student. He was accepted and came to live with the Varel Bailey family. Schule am Heimgarten is the school he goes to in Ahrens- burg. West Germany. They have thirteen grades in Germany schools. The first ten years they arc required to take eleven courses In eleventh grade they can pick which courses they will take the next three years. “School is much harder in Germany 4 explained Wolf- gang. “we go from 7:50 a m. to 1:00 p.m. on the long days and we alternate from five to six days a week, including every other Saturday. At AHS. W'olfgang has been involved in speech, basket- ball, chorus, band, and tennis. “Speech is my favorite activity, and Humanities is my favorite class “I have made a lot of friends here and someday I hope to come back. Besides the usual student council sponsored activities as Home- coming. ice cream sales, spirit week, and the Twerp dance, the council has also hosted visiting council members from surrounding schools, and a number of assemblies, sock hops and pre-Christmas vacation movies for the student body entertainment this past year. Pic 1. Student Council Members. Row 1: President Corey Miller, Vice-president Doug Armentrout. Row 2: Sponsor Mr. Gary Cur- rie, Senior representatives- Janet Jessen. Kerrie Smith. Ralph McAfee, Brian Hahn. Row 3: Junior representatives- Kris Behn- ken, Scott Phillips. Teresa McKinzie. Sophomores-Tracy Watson, Leesa Westphal. Freshmen- Terry Hoskins and Teresa Phillips. Pic 2. Wolfgang Neumann with his expository address posters. Pic 3. The student council extends a thank-you to Steve Westphalen for his voluntary responsibility of the downtown activity board. 14Pic I The Student Council conducts an explanatory meeting of procedure and responsibilities for the visiting members of the Bridgewatcr-Fontenelle Council. Pic 2. The student body gathered to observe Wilfred Hetzel. a 69 year old basketball trick shooter. He displayed his talent with the aid of Janet Hagen and Jenny Wcssels. Pic 3. AHS Student Council member, Teresa Phillips, escorts a visiting council member from B-F. Pic 4 Couples — Sue Bailey and Dale Thclcn; Jane Petersen and Terry Hoskins; and Kim Wedemeyer and Mark Kopp dance at a Student Council sponsored Soc Hop. STUDENT COUNCILDAYS BEFORE THE WAR The countdown for WW III. Anita vs. A-C, began Sunday. October 5 as the Spartans let off some steam through intramural volleyball games. The faculty came out on top. To entertain our troops, the freshman class held the annual Gong Show on Sunday. The Gong Show honors were taken by the little cheerleaders: Jill Jcssen, Leslie Willet. and Adrienne Willet. Monday the civilians doubled the spirit by dressing like another person. On Tuesday the student body leaders assigned a hallway to each class to decorate according to the theme. The Juniors took top honors by having the best camouflaged hallway. The senior football players did a routine to “Another One Bites the Dust’4 at their pep rally on Tuesday. On Wednesday, AHS looked like it was in a time machine as student wore clothing from out of the 50’s. Thursday was slave day, all student council and class leaders were sold to the student body. The faculty also took part in the enthusiasm on Thursday during the activity period, with a pep rally (including cheerleaders), pep band, and coronation skit. Thursday night the girls showed the troops what they thought should be done against A-C in the annual powderpuff game. The senior-freshman team was victorious. Pic I. A scene from the winning Junior hallway. Pic 2. Faculty formed a band for their pep rally Thursday. Pic 3. Scott Phillips, Curt Behrends, Mike Young, Dale Thelen. Don Wittrock, and Ivyn Lund were part of the ‘tough gang' at AHS on Wednesday, 50’s day. Pic 4. Richard Grubbs, Corey Miller. Dave Waddell get the spirit rolling at their pep rally on Tuesday. Pic 5. On set of AHS twins on Monday, Dianne Murphy and Joy Rodgers. Pic 6. Master of cermonics - Doug Armcntrout. SCENES OF WW III The coronation was held Friday afternoon in the high school gym. The stage was decorated by members of the senior class, keeping with the theme, WW III: Anita va. A-C. (Pic 1) The court was entertained by two groups of singers: (Pic 2) Charlie Eades. Scott Phillips, Jeff Konz, and Brad Barber sang “The Green Beret"; (Pic 3) Teresa McKinzie, Sue Bailey, and Julie Williamson sang “Boogie Woogic Bugle Boy“. (Pic 4) The ushers for coronation were Joey Kaufmann. Tim Whcclock, Melanie Harmscn, Linda Wcdcmcycr. Charlie Eades, and Richard Grubbs. Homecoming was dedicated to Noel Wingate, Lynn Johnson, and Jim Willct. (Pic 5) The cheerleaders: Julie Petersen, Joy Rodgers, Amy Andersen, Julie Stork (substitute), Annette Kraus. Janet Johnson gave a skit to entertain the royal court.HOMECOMING 1980: OUR ROYAL COURT . . . On a warm, windy Friday afternoon of October 10, Janice Auppcrlc, 30 year Queen, and Dick Dorsey. 10 year King, crowned Jan Benton and Mike Retz as the 30th Homecoming Queen and King in AHS history. Another member of our returning royalty, Don Karns, 30 year King and Mayor of Anita, talked about past Homecomings. The Master of Ceremonies was Student Council vice-president. Doug Ar- mentrout. The 1980 Homecoming, WW III: Anita vs. A-C, was dedicated to the varsity football coaching staff: Head-coach, Jim Willct, and assistant coaches: Noel Wingate and Lynn Johnson. The other members of the 1980 royal court were: Queen candidates — Janet Jessen, Lori Harris, and Joyce Vokt; King candidates — Ryan Gliss- mann. Corey Miller, and Dave Waddell; Junior attendants Jill Neighbors and John Aggen; Sophomore attendants — Jody Harris and Kyle Nelsen; Freshman attendants — Marcy Harmsen and Mark Kopp; Crownbearcrs — Jamie Marnin and Garrett Butler. Pic 1. The crowned King and Queen of Homecoming 1980 — Mike Retz and Jan Benton. Pic. 2. The 1980 Royal Court. Corey Miller, Janet Jessen, Queen Jan Benton. King Mike Retz, Joyce Vokt. Dave Waddell, Lori Harris, and Ryan Glissmann.AND ATTENDANTS 1 Pic 1. Junior attendants: Jill Neighbors and John Aggen Pic. 2. Sophomore attendants: Kyle Nelsen and Jody Harris. Pic. 3. Freshman attendants: Marcy Harmsen and Mark Kopp. Pic. 4 Crownbearers: Garrett Butler and Jamie Marnin.Pic 1. The senior panel from ihe Youth Center was added to the parade this year. Pic 2. The high school marching band lead the parade down Chestnut Street to Main Street where the drill team performed. Pic 3. The Seniors turned in the winning float with “A-C’s up a tree in WW III Pic 4. The Junior class tells A-C what Snoopy thinks of them in their second place panel. Pic 5. Joni Benton and Dee Christensen carry the senior banner made by Karla Larsen and Sue Bailey. Pic 6. The NFL tells the football team what they want them to do to A-C. NFLWANTSAfter coronation, the royal court, marching band and floats assembled on the east side of the elementary school for the annual Homecoming parade. Pic 1. The freshmen class tells A-C its future with their fourth place panel. Pic 2. With a final score of 30 to 0. Anita shows A-C what Homecoming means to them. Pic 3. “Defuse the Bombers’ is what the Jr. High is saying to the football team. Pic 4. The Anita Chapter of the FFA shows thcr support with this float. Pic 5. The sophomores predict the end of the game with this panel. Pic 6. Dave Waddell and Tim Wheclock were temporary members of the band Luxury that entertained the troops Saturday night. Pic 7. Cheerleaders lead the crowd in cheers at the bandshell park.CHORUS WELCOMES NEW TEACHER The AHS swing choir and chorus presented the mini- musical “Wheels" in October. It was a short play show- ing the history of the wheel. At the Christmas concert, the choir and swing choir performed separately. The choir ended the performance by lighting candles while singing “Silent Night." The band and choir had a pops concert in March. In April the small group contest was held at Corning with two groups receiving I’s: Teresa McKinzie — alto solo, and Julie Williamson and Sally Dorsey duet. The swing choir performed at the May concert. Choir — Row 1: Mona Hackwell. Teresa McKinzie. Bobbi Jo Barber, Julie Williamson, Janet Nelson, Janet Templeman. Row 2: Dana Andrews, Karla Larsen, Deb- bie Masker, Diana Robinson. Joni Benton. Dec Christen- sen, Ann Wcssling, Sue Bailey, Row 3: Melanie Harm- sen, Charlie Eades. Brad Barber, Scott Phillips. Wolf- gang Neumann, Miss Laura Hansen. Not pictured: Dean Barber, Sally Dorsey. Jack Barber. Dianne Miller, Jyl Turner, Christy Grubbs. Pic. 2 The swing choir and chorus performing “Wheels" at the October concert. 18TALK ABOUT POP MUSIC! The Jazz band traveled to Northwest Missouri State University at Maryville for a contest, where they re- ceived a III rating. They also competed at Southwestern Community College at Creston where the band tied for 3rd place. The Jazz band performed for Drama Night, at the district speech contest, and at their concert in May. Pic 1 — Swing Choir. Row I: Scott Phillips, Jeff Konz. Jon Hansen, Chris Hackweli. Brad Barber, Char- lie Rades Row 2: Julie Williamson, Karla Hansen, Amy Andersen. Shelley Chclcsvig, Gina Lund, Bobbi Jo Bar- ber. Miss Laura Hansen. Dianne Miller, Teresa Phillips. Shelly Scott, Sue Bailey. Melanie Harmsen, Teresa McKinzie. Not pictured Debbie Masker. Pic 2 — Jazz Band. Row 1: Dale Thelen, Jody Harris, Sandy Jessen, Janet Jessen, Bobbi Jo Barber, Amy An- dersen, David Konz. Row 2: Kevin Brocker, Gina Lund. Julie Williamson, Dean Barber, Clark Wilson. Jack Bar- ber. Doug Armentrout. Row 3: Mr. DCamp, Jeff Konz, Corey Miller, Doug Steele, Brenda Conrad, Mitch Cul- len, Lyle Schcllenbcrg.THE ENTERTAINERS 20 The concert band performed at the Christ- mas concert and spring concert. In the small group contest, several small ensembles re- ceived I ratings: Janet Jessen — alto sax; Gina Lund — flute; Jeff Konz — French horn; Corey Miller. Mitch Cullen, and LyleShellen- berg — trumpet trio; Janet Jessen and Jody Harris — alto sax duct; and Jeff Konz and Steve McAfee French horn duct. This year's drill team had new flags made by drill team members with money donated by the N.F.L The group raised the American flag at all home football games, and per- formed during several of the halftime shows. The basketball drill team performed a rou- tine at the Benefit Scholarship night along with the basketball and wrestling cheer- leaders. Pic I. Percussion section. Row 1: Scot Bai- ley. Kevin Brockcr, Keith Stork. Terry Hos- kins. Lori Harris. Frank Rydl, Mr. DCamp. Row 2: Dale Thelen. Scott Mikkelson, Sue Bailey Pic 2. Brass section. Row 1: Steve McAfee, Kay Ehrman. Jeff Konz Row 2: Corey Miller. Mitch Cullen, Lyle Schellen- berg, Doug Murphy. Dale Behrends. Brenda Conrad. Katrina Christensen, Keith Harvey. Row 3: Wes Stuetelberg. Jack Barber. Doug Steele. Dean Barber, Roger Simmons. Clark Wilson, Steve Brownsbcrgcr. Kyle Nelson, Doug Armcntrout. Pic 3. Woodwind section. Row I: Terry Scarf, Diana Robinson, Gina Lund, Theresa Willet, Karla Larsen. Teresa McKinzie. Amy Anderson. Row 2: Tracy Smith. Kim Wcdcmcycr, David Konz. Brian Wedcmeycr, Wolfgang Neumann. Sharon Vais. Deanna Parker, Paula Squires. Denise Rathman, Teresa Anderson. Melanie Harm- sen. Row 3: Julie Williamson. Dana Andrews, Julie Christensen. Bobbi Jo Barber, Sandy Jessen. Janet Nelson, Marcia Squires. Shelly Scott, Teresa Phillips, Jody Harris. Kelly Wesscls. Janet Jessen. (Opposite page) Pic I. Basketball drill team. Sue Bailey, Teresa Anderson. Dianne Miller, Janet Templcman. Not pictured: Christy Grubbs. Pic 2. Flag corp. Marcy Harmsen, Teresa Anderson. Laura Smith, Melanie Harmsen, Christy Grubbs, Janet Templcman, Katrina Christensen. Pic 3. Marching band and Flag Corp. Row 1: Joy Rodgcrs-twirlcr, Amy Anderson-majorctte. Row 2: Marcy Harmsen. Kim Wedcmeycr, Theresa Willet. Kay Ehrman. Janet Nelscn. Shelly Scott, Tracy Smith, Steve McAfee, Jack Barber, David Konz, Janet Johnson, Melanie Harmsen. Katrina Christensen. Row 3: Teresa Anderson, Sharon Vais, Dana An- drews. Dale Thelen, Deanna Parker, Diana Robinson, Brenda Conrad, Marcia Squires, Sandy Jessen, Janet Jessen. Paula Squires, Teresa McKinzie, Kevin Brocker, Kelly Mey- er, Dean Barber, Karla Larsen, Julie William- son. Janet Templcman. Row 4: Laura Smith, Clark Wilson. Wes Stuetelburg. Sue Bailey, Bobbi Jo Barber. Denise Rathman. Teresa Phillips. Julie Christensen, Jody Harris. Gina Lund. Kelly Wesscls, Dale Behrends. Mitch Cullen. Wolfgang Neumann. Roger Sim- mons, Scot Bailey, Keith Harvey. Scott Mik- kelscn. Christy Grubbs.OF ANITA HIGH 21 The Spy Editor. Janot Jooson Gonoral Now : Sally Donoy Actirltio : Jotf Konz Foauro : Torooa MeKlnzlo Sport : Brion Hohn, Lori Horri Jr. High Now : Julio Stork Cartoon A Art Annotto Krou A Jon Bon ton hk wa High School Press Association Column lot: Doug Armontrout Layout: Toroaa MeKlnzio Anita High School Victory Park Drhra Anita, iowa 50020 Some members of the SPY staff take their outstanding stories to Journalism Day in Ames, Iowa sponsored by the Iowa High School Press Association. Pic. 1: Teresa McKinzie and Janet Jessen. members of the SPY staff arc laying out the paper down at the Tribune. Pic. 2: Members of the SPY staff are from left to right: Teresa McKinzie. Julie Stork, Lori Harris, Jeff Konz. Sally Dorsey, Doug Armentrout, Janet Jessen. Annette Kraus, Jan Benton. Brian Hahn. 22SPARTAN WRAPS UP YEAR SPARTAN staff. Row 1: Jill Neighbors. Kris Behnken, Karla Larsen (Editor), Debbie Masker (Junior Editor). Julie Williamson (Head Photographer). Sue Bailey (Asst. Editor). Row 2: Jack Barber. Julie Stork, Brian Hahn, Rhonda Bartlcson. Shelley Scott. Teresa Phillips. Karla Hansen, Clayton Christensen. Dana Andrews (Typ- ist), and Mrs. Cheryl McCaskcy (Advisor). Pic. 2: Editor Karla Larsen and Advisor Mrs. Cheryl McCaskcy discuss plans for the yearbook. Pic. 3: Sue Bailey and Karla Larsen work on the yearbook to meet deadlines. Pic. 4: The yearbook members who went to Topeka. Kansas are: Row 1: Karla Larsen. Debbie Masker, Mrs. Cheryl McCaskcy. Row 2: Sue Bailey. Shelley Scott. Teresa Phillips. During the summer Karla Larsen, Debbie Masker, and Mrs. Cheryl McCaskcy attended a yearbook camp in Storm Lake. Iowa, sponsored by Josten's American Yearbook Company. Ideas for the differ- ent possible themes were developed. The SPARTAN staff started the year off with selling concessions at football games and some vol- leyball games. In September.the staff went to Drake University for a yearbook workshop. Staff members got new ideas for layouts and more interesting copy. This year the yearbook sponsored a gas raffle as a money raiser. In October, some staff members took a trip to Topeka, Kansas, with members of the Saydel year- book staff to tour the Josten’s American Yearbook plant. On the day they were to return home, a big snow storm was going through western Iowa so they couldn't get home and had to stay another night in Topeka. 23FFA (Pic 2) Dean Barber. Mark Kopp, Marcia Squires, Tracy Smith, Joelene While, Julie Christensen, Brian Wcdemeyer, Dan Dorsey. Row 2: Doug Murphy, Terry Hoskins. Frank Rydl, Keith Stork, Scot Bailey, Kipp Spry. Roger Simmons. David Konz, Dale Bchrends. Clint Spry, Steve McAfee. Row 3: Roger Penton, Mitch Cullen. Doug Steele. Tracey Wat- son, Terry Scarf, Merle McKinzie, Mike Gregerscn. Keith Harvey. Jim Wessling, Chris Stork. Row 4: Kevin Meyer, Loryn Lund. Kirk Dressier, Mark Thelcn, Ann Wessling. Brad Barber, Ross Havens, Curt Bchrends, Joey Kaufmann, Ron Penton, Ivyn Lund, John Aggen, Todd Johnson. Row 5: Kerric Smith, Paula Squires, Gary Vais, Tim Eilts, David Miller, Kyle Nclscn, Dan Lcincn, sponsor. ANITA FFA BUILDING Pic 1. Junior VoAg class works on the downtown bandshell. In the background is the sign which the juniors also made to give directions to the school. Pic 3. Sophomore Initiates. Row 1: Mitch Cullen. Terry Scarf. Kevin Meyer, Mike Gregerscn, Keith Harvey. Row 2: Chris Stork. Jim Wessling. Roger Penton, Merle McKinzie Tracey Watson, Loryn Lund. Kyle Nelsen. Pic 4. Anita FFA sponsor. Dan Lcincn.TOMORROW TODAY Under the new leadership of Mr Dan Lcinen. the Anita Chapter of FFA was very busy and received much recognition They were involved in various building projects. The juniors built feed bunks for area farmers and repaired the roof of the bandshcll at the downtown park. The senior FFA made a scoreboard for the base- ball diamond. The FFA also made a sign to give directions to the school and attached it to the activities board. The fruit sales this year were highly successful. Roger Penton was top salesman turning in over SI00 more than the second place salesman Kevin Meyer. Roger received a prize of S25 for his efforts. Many Anita students received awards at contests; Anita FFA won the following awards. The program of activities team consist- ing of Kerric Smith. Tim Eilts. and Ross Havens received a gold at sub-districts. Roger Simmons. Keith Stork. Scot Bailey. Kelly Meyer. Dean Berber. Mark Kopp and Tracy Smith received a first place silver at sub-districts and at districts they won a second place gold, to become the first Anita team to score higher in districts than in sub-districts. This qualified them for state. At state they received a first silver in the conducts of meetings division. The FFA livestock judging teams have enjoyed a very successful season, placing in the top ten in all but one of the contests they have attended. Many of the trophies won are displayed in the Ross E. Berger Memorial trophy case on the VoAg room. Pic 1. The senior VoAg students used an old basketball score- board to make a scoreboard for the baseball field. Pic 2. In observance of Agriculture Day, FFA members drove tractors to school and parked them in front parking lot all day. 25FHA ADDS FUND RAISER Future Homemakers of America have added a new fund raiser — selling rolls, milk, and orange juice every Tuesday and Thursday morn- ings before school. Pic I. Officers of FHA. Kelly Wcssels. Jill Neighbors, Joy Rod- gers, and Janet Jessen. Pic 2. FHA members. Row I: Janet Jessen. Joy Rodgers, Jill Neighbors. Kelly Wcssels. Row 2: Sponsor Joan Lane, Kcrric Smith. Debbie Masker. Rhonda Bartclson. Diana Robinson. Kay Ehrman. Tracy Smith. Erin Pettinge'r, Tere- sa Phillips. Row 3: Lori Harris, Ann Wessling. Shelley Chelcsvig. Sandy Jessen. Janet Johnson, Jane Coatney, Gina Lund. Denise Rath- men Row 4: Sheila Wilson. Jodi Harris. Mona Hackwell. 26SWEETHEARTS The annual Sweetheart Dance spon- sored by FHA nad FFA was held Satur- day, February 14, 1981. Disc Jockeys for this dance were from KIOA in Des Moines. Pic I: Swcathcart Queen Kcrric Smith and King Ron Penton. Pic 2: King Ron and Queen Kerrie with candidates Janet Jessen, Kim Wedemeyer, Ann Wessling, Lori Harris, Shelley Chclesvig. Brad Barber. David Miller, Joey Kaufmann. David Hockcnberry. Not pictured: Gary Vais. Pic 3. Terry Kloppenberg and Sally Dorsey dance to the music provided by the KIOA DJ's. Pic 4 Kerrie Smith is crowned by Brian Wittrock, 1980 king, while candidates Gary Vais, Ann Wessling, David Hocken- berry and Janet Jessen watch. 2712TH YEAR CONFERENCE CHAMPS 28 The NFL once again triumphed by taking its 12th consecutive Little Eight trophy. This year there were 58 members in NFL. The NFL hosted four tournaments this year starting in December with the Western Iowa League of Debate finals. In January, the Conference speech tournament was held by the NFL. On February 28. the NFL hosted its biggest tournament ever. Almost 750 entries came to the Iowa High School Speech Association districts held at Anita. The final NFL tournament was the 14th Annual Walnut Hill Classic The 8th NFL banquet was held on May 10, 1981. The banquet is given each ear to roast senior NFL members and to give recognition to achievements. Pic 1. Senior and Junior NFL members Row 1: Sally Dorsey. Scott Phillips. Mike Retz. Doug Armentrout (front), Corey Miller. Julie Williamson Row 2: Julie Peter- sen. Clayton Christensen. Paula Squires. Sue Bailey. Joy Rodgers. Amy Andersen. Annette Kraus. Jill Neighbors, Karla Hansen Row 3: Jeff Konz, Julie Stork. Lori Harris. Janet Jessen (top). W'olfgang Neuman. Dale Thelen. Jane Coatney, Teresa McKinzie. Pic 2. Sophomore and Freshmen NFL members Row 1: Mark Kopp. Darren Pash. Shelley Scott, David Konz, Theresa Willet, Gina Lund, Teresa Phillips. Janet Templeman. Denise Rathman Row 2. Steve McAfee. Keith Stork. Rhonda Bartelson. Erin Pcttinger. Sandy Jessen, Mona Hackwell. Janet Johnson. Kay Ehr- man. Jody Harris. Bobbi Jo Barber Row 3: Katrina Christensen. Christy Grubbs. Marcy Harmscn. Frank Rydl. Dale Bchrcnds. Kevin Brockcr. Jack Barber. Diana Robinson. Mitch Cullen. Leesa Wcstphal. Doug Steele. Scot Bailey, Roger Simmons. Dean Barber. Steve Sisler. Brian Cooley. Pic 3. The NFL members stand and cheer as it is announced they won their 12th conference trophy.This year the AHS debate team took 5th place at State. This was a surprising accomplishment because there were no seniors out for debate and most of the debaters weren’t experienced varsity debaters. Besides State. AHS went to three major tournaments: Ottumwa. Iowa City, and Atlantic. This was the third year AHS belonged to a debate conference known as Western Iowa League of Debate (WILD). Schools which belong to WILD are: Atlantic. Ogden, Carroll. Kucmpcr, Lohrville, and Anita. AHS went to 5 WILD tourneys and brought home three first place trophies and one third. At the WILD finals. AHS took more than half the trophies. Pic I. VARSITY DEBATERS Row I: Jack Barber, Doug Steele. Doug Armentrout. Row 2: Jeff Konz. Rhonda Bartelson. Clayton Christensen. Pic 2. NOVICE DEBATERS. Row 1: Denise Rathman. Dean Barber, Dave Konz. Row 2: Erin Pcttinger. Lyle Schcllenberg. Mark Kopp, Mitch Cullen. Jody Harris. Pics 3-7. The varsity debaters at the State debate: Jeff Konz (pic 3 - first affirmative). Doug Armentrout (pic 4 — 2nd affirmative). Rhonda Bartelson (pic 5 — alternating 1st negative), Doug Steele (pic 6 — alternating 1st negative). Jack Barber (pic 7 — 2nd negative). Pic 8. Erin Pettinger and Denise Rathman are working hard to keep a winning record. At W'ILD, they achieved an 10-3 record.RECORD BREAKING YEAR PIC I. Scott Phillips and Paula Squires receive their second place trophy for duet acting at the 12th annual Conference speech contest. An- nouncing the winners is Mrs. LaRoycc Wohlen- haus from C-M. Janet Jesscn is handing out the awards. PIC. 2. Row I: Karla Hansen. Rhonda Bartleson. Sandy Jessen. Lori Harris. Row 2: Wolfgang Neumann, Jeff Konz, Doug Steele, Scott Phillips. Row 3: Annette Kraus. Clayton Christensen, Scot Bailey, David Konz, Julie Stork. Row 4. Jack Barber, Dale Behrends, Dean Barber, Mark Kopp, Denise Rathman. These stu- dents spoke in the catagories of Original Oratory, Public Address, Expository Address and Extemp. PIC. 3. These speakers competed in these fields: Mime, and One-Act Play. Row 1: Janet Temple- man. Katrina Christensen, Marcy Harmscn, Sally Dorsey, Jane Coatney. Karla Hansen. Denise Rathman. Christy Grubbs. Row. 2: Corey Miller. Doug Armentrout, Mike Retz, Joy Rodgers, Sue Bailey, Julie Williamson. Row 3: Jeff Konz, Scott Phillips, Clayton Christensen, Dale Thelcn, Dean Barber. Not pictured Teresa McKinzie. 30PIC. 1 Row I: Marcy Harmscn, Katrina Christensen, Denise Rathman. Steve McAfee, and Darren Pash Row 2: Brian Hahn, Janet Jessen. Karla Hansen. Sally Dorsey. Corey Miller. Teresa McKinzie. and Doug Armentrout. Row 3 Roger Sim- mons. Julie Petersen.Erin Pettingcr.Bobbi Jo Barber. Diana Robinson. Mark Kopp. Leesa Westphal. Joy Rodgers, Jody Har- ris. Paula Squires. Scott Phillips, and Jeff Konz. The catagories these speakers par- ticipated in were Reader’s Theater. Duet Acting. Dramatic and Storytelling. 40 I’s AT STATE 1981 OUTSTANDINGS Annette Kraus . . . . Expository Address Janet Jessen .... Mike Ret Corey Miller .. Literary Program Scott Phillips Public Address PIC 2. Prose, Humorous. Radio News and Improvisational Story- telling were the fields these people spoke in this year. Row 1: Darren Pash, Steve McAfee, and Karla Hansen. Row 2: Teresa Phillips. Theresa Willet and Teresa McKin- zie. Row 3: Brian Cooley, Gina Lund, Steve Sisler. Jill Neighbors. Julie Petersen, and Jody Harris. Row 4: Amy Andersen, Mitch Cul- len, Rhonda Bartleson. Janet John- son, Kay Ehrman and Keith Stork. Row 5: Scott Phillips, Kevin Brockcr. Jeff Konz, Doug Armen- trout and Corey Miller PIC 3. Stu- dents relaxing between perfor- mances at the 14th Annual Walnut Hill Classic are: Julie Stork, Joy Rodgers, Sue Bailey, Sally Dorsey and Milch Cochran, a judge and a graduate of AHS. 31EXPERIENCE: KEY TO LEARNING PIC 2. Presenting a scene from the one-act play given at Drama Night are: Jane Coat- ney, Jeff Konz. Teresa McKinzie, Clayton Christensen, Sally Dorsey, and Julie Wil- liamson. PIC 3. Coaches for this highly successful speech year are: Mrs. Ruthe Brocker, Mr. John Burke, Miss Rita Waters, Miss Vicki Vandcrbur and Mrs. Cheryl McCaskey. PIC. 1. These students spoke in the cate- gories of Poetry. After Dinner Speaking and Book Review. Row 1: Denise Rath- man, Julie Petersen, Shelly Scott, Teresa Phillips, Janet Tcmplcman, Christy Grubbs, and David Konz. Row 2: Julie Williamson, Keith Stork, Mike Retz. Sue Bailey. Janet Johnson. Mona Hackwell. Janet Jcsscn and Jane Coatney. Row 3: Scott Phillips, Corey Miller, Frank Rydl, Mitch Cullen and Lccsa Wcstphal. Row 4: Clayton Christensen and Kevin Brocker. 32SHOWING BY DOING — SCIENCE AND ART FAIR PROJECTS The science fair was held March 9. 1981, at Adair-Cascy. There were sev- en people who placed at the fair: Jeff Konz, Randy Scarf, Randy Prignitz. Mike Rugglcs. Tom Coatney. Keith Beasingcr. and Carol Pottebaum. On Monday, April 13, the art stu- dents traveled to Panora-Linden to compete in the art fair. Mrs. Sheila Willms. art instructor, had this com- ment: “The art students did extremely well at the conference art fair this year. Anita took 13 of the first places that were given." Pic 1. Brent Fortune explains how his science fair project works to Mr. Currie, Steve Sisier, Mitch Cullen, and Scot Bailey. Pic 2. Scot Bailey. Mitch Cullen, and Dale Behrends look at the science fair projects that were displayed in the science hallway a week before the fair. Pic 3. Some of the projects that placed at the conference art fair in April. SCIENCE FAIR WINNERS High School: Jeff Konz Harmonics Jr. High: Randy Scarf and Randy Prignitz Steam Power Mike Rugglcs Solar Energy Tom Coatney and Keith Beasinger Forensic Dentistry Carol Pottebaum Can You tell the Difference? ART FAIR PLACINGS Joey Kaufmann 1st Oil painting Mark Kopp 1st Crafts David Claussen 1st 2D design Merle McKinzic 1st Mixed Media Mark Kopp 2nd Jewelry Terry Scarf 2nd Ceramics Terry Scarf 2nd Non-objective Sculpture Tim Whcelock 3rd 2D Design Mark Thclcn 3rd Jewelry Larry Smith 3rd Graphics Karla Hansen 4th Oil painting Joni Benton 4th Watercolor 33ELEVEN NEW MEMBERS HONORED SUPER STUDENTS: Keith Stork Julie Stork Joy Rodgers Jon Hansen Teresa Phillips Joe Kaufmann Sue Bailey Teresa McKinzie Paula Squires Doug Murphy Todd Johnson Don Wittrock Scott Phillips The National Honor Society and Quill and Scroll held their induction ceremonies in March. Three new members joined the Quill and Scroll and the National Honor Society added eight new members. A reception was held for members and their parents after the assembly. The Quill and Scroll again compiled the home- coming booklet this year, and took a trip to Des Moines for supper and a movie. This is the second year that the National Honor Society has sponsored the Super Student awards. This award is a six pack of Coke given out to students who are nominated by faculty for out- standing class work. N.H.S. took their annual trip to Omaha to the Firehouse dinner theater to see “Charley’s Aunt”. Pic I. National Honor Society. Row I: Jeff Konz, Julie Williamson, Terry Kloppcnburg, Julie Stork. Paula Squires, Kim Wedcmcycr, Teresa McKinzie, Sue Bailey. Janet Jessen, Corey Miller Row 2 Mike Retz. Doug Armentrout, Dave Waddell. Pic 2. Quill and Scroll. Row I: Sally Dorsey, Julie William- son, Teresa McKinzie, Sue Bailey, Janet Jessen. Lori Harris, Debbie Masker. Row 2: Jack Barber. Brian Hahn, Doug Ar- mentrout.A BREAK FROM THE EVERY DAY Assemblies this year at AHS included such things as a basketball trickster, an Air Force Band. Christmas movies, and even a state representative. Before the elections in November. Tom Harkin asked to visit Anita High School. After one attempt to make it to the school for an assembly. Mr. Harkin came and presented some of his views and had a question and answer period. (Pic 2). The traditional Veterans’ Day program was held in November. (Pic 4). The student council sponsored Wilfred Hetzel, a basketball trick shooter who has appeared on numer- ous television shows, to entertain the student body. Mr Warren Grant (Pic 3) came to school and gave a presentation on Kenya, Africa. He has taken over the job of Mr. and Mrs. Al Bell, who for many years have been traveling to different countries and touring most of the schools in Iowa telling of their travels. Again this year a rock band from the Strategic Air Command base in Omaha came to AHS to entertain the students with their music. (Pic I). A presentation on cancer was given by Mr. Don Ritchie. He talked to the students in small groups about smoking and its effects, and how smoking affected his life. There was also a presentation given by Wayne Stedman who por- trayed Mark Twain. He told some humorous anecdotes about his life. 35Pic. I: Prom goers dance to the beat of Micheal Dodge. Pic 2: The mural by Annette Kraus illustrates the theme. Pic. 3: Dec Christensen and her date exit through the drawbridge. Pic 4: Jill Neighbors, Paula Squires. Julie Stork, Mr. Foulkes, Jeff Konz, and Kris Bchnkcn keep in mind that “this night can't last forever" as they decorate for prom. “THIS KNIGHT WON’T 36The Juniors said, “This Knight won’t last for- ever,” but the prom-goers tried to make it last forever The commons was decorated as a medi- eval castle with a draw bridge as the entrance. With the efficiency of the junior mothers, the banquet was served and over by 7:30. Then all of the Knights and their ladies danced to the beat of Michcal Dodge. At midnight the Knights and their ladies changed from their royal finery to their peasant attire and paraded down to the the- ater where they enjoyed the movies: “Seems Like Old Times" and "The Log”. For the first time at AHS, the junior fathers prepared and served the breakfast. The promservers were dressed in gunny sacks as serfs. The head prom servers were dressed as royal serfs. Their skit was to the song “This Knight Won’t Last Forever” featuring Jim Wcssling and Kay Ehrman as vocalists; they are also the head promservers. The prom servers were: Jody Flarris, Sandy Jcssen. Mona Hack- well. Leesa Westphal. Janet Johnson, Jyl Turner. Diana Robinson. Milch Cullen, Dan Newell. Rod Glissmann, Kyle Nclscn. Tony Littleton. Chris Stork, and Tim Richter. LAST FOREVER”AWARDS DAY AWARDS Science Award Kim Wedemeyer Army Reserve Athletic Award Janet Jessen Masonic Scholarship Brian Hahn Iowa Bar Association Citizenship Award Janet Jessen Women's Federated Character Education Award Janet Jessen Federated Campship Award Jack Barber Vocational Scholarship Terry Kloppcnbcrg Women's Service Club Scholarship Terry Kloppcnbcrg State of Iowa Scholarship Janet Jessen National Merit Scholarship Janet Jessen Fontenclle Lumber Yard Scholarship Joey Kaufmann Kim Wedemeyer Dana Scholarship Awards Athletic-Ryan Glissmann Journalism-Karla Larsen Music-Julic Williamson Benefit Night Scholarships ............... Ron Penton Sally Dorsey Kevin Meyers Mike Retz Sue Bailey Julie Williamson Kerrie Smith Corey Miller alt. Joyce Vokt Pic 1. Individual Scholarship recipients were: Row 1: Kim Wedemeyer, Kerrie Smith. Janet Jessen, Julie Williamson. Kar- la Larsen, and Jack Barber. Row 2 Brian Hahn, Terry Kloppcnberg, Joey Kaufmann, Corey Miller, Ryan Glissmann. Pic 2. Recipients of funds earned at the annual scholarship night were: Row 1: Ron Penton. Mike Retz, Sally Dorsey, Sue Bai- ley, Joyce Vokt. Row 2: Kevin Myers, Corey Miller, Julie Williamson. Kerrie Smith. Pic 3. Brian Hahn receiving the Masonic Scholarship from Reverend Charles Gilbert. 38Pic 1. Senior A-club. Row 1: Dave Wad- dell. Corey Miller. Richard Simmons. Kevin Myers. Row 2: Mike Rctz, Tim Wheclock. Joey Kaufmann. Terry Kloppcnburg. Row 3: Ryan Glissman. Charlie Eadcs, Ralph McA- fee. Sally Dorsey. Row 4 Brian Hahn. Kim Wcdemcyer. Melanie Harmsen. Dianne Mill- er. Richard Grubbs, Sue Bailey. Ann Wcssl- ing. Row 5: Amy Andersen, Karla Larsen. Dee Christensen, Janet Jessen. Shelley Chclesvig. Row 6: Linda Wedemcyer. Teresa Anderson. Jan Benton, Lori Harris. Pic 2. Junior A-club. Joy Rodgers, Annette Kraus. Kelly Wessels, Julie Petersen. Jane Coatney, Kris Behnkcn. Jeff Konz, Scott Phil- lips, Clayton Christensen. Doug Armcntrout. Dale Thclcn, Debbie Masker. Jill Neighbors, Julie Stork. Julie Johnson, Teresa McKinzie. Paula Squires. Pic 3. Sophomores A-club. Top to bottom. Jody Harris. Mona Hackwell. Sandy Jessen. Sheila Wilson, Kay Ehrman. Janet Johnson. Dan Newell, Sean Grant. Tracey Watson, Chris Stork. 40PEP CLUB SPREADS SPIRIT Pep Club was busy with many activities this year. They made spirit posters for hallways (Pic 2), planned pep rally skits, and sponsored the football, wrestling, and basketball parents' night. Pep club also had a bake sale to make money for the winter dance. The dance with the theme “Sadie Goes Western” was held on December 13, 1980. Pic I. Row I: Joy Rodgers, Shelley Chclcsvig, Linda Wcdcmeycr, Kay Ehrman. Kim Wcdemeyer. Row 2: Debbie Masker, Julie Stork. Dianne Mur- phy, Jane Coatncy, Jill Neighbors, Kelly Wcsscls, Lori Harris. Janet Jesscn, Sandy Jessen. Mona Hackwell. Jodi Harris. Row 3: Julie Petersen. Joni Benton, Ann Wcssling. Lcesa Wcstphal, Janet Johnson. Annette Kraus, Jan Benton, Erin Pet- tingcr, Dianne Miller. Sue Bailey. Julie William- son. Row 4: Gina Lund. Marcia Squires. Diana Robinson. Sheila Wilson, Rhonda Bartclson. Tracy Smith, Marcy Harmscn, Julie Christensen. Row 5: Theresa Willet. Denise Rathman. Janet Temple- man, Teresa Phillips, Shelly Scott. Karla Hansen. Sally Dorsey. IS 41The 1980 softball season started off with a bang With flashy new uniforms, the girls won their first game, but they were defeated in their second game by a super pitching team, O-M. After about five ga- mes.thc team was plagued with injuries. The pitcher. Kelly Wesscls, sprained her ankle and was out for a couple of games. The third baseman, Kandi Reindl. broke her arm and was out for the season. The team ended up with a 7-13 record which placed them 6th in conference. Jill Neighbors and Kelly Smith made 2nd team All-Conference and Joyce Vokt made Honorable Mention in the outfield. Pic 1. Coach Bob Jackson watches the action of the Dcxfield game. Pic 2. Row 1: Jill Neighbors, Kelly Wessels, Lori Harris. Kim Wede- meyer. Linda Wedemeycr, Joyce Vokt. Kcrrie Smith. Julie Johnson. Row 2: Diana Robinson, Tracy Smith, Julie Christensen. Jody Harris, Theresa Willct, Rhonda Bartleson. Not pictured: Sue Westphalcn, Kandi Reindl. Kelly Smith. Pic 3. Kelly Wessels bats in the 5th inning in the game when Anita beat Dexficld. Pic 4 Kelly Smith (left) and Sue Westphalen (right) intently wait for the ball to be hit into the outfield. SOFTBALL SLIDES INTO ACTION 1980 SOFTBALL SCOREBOARD 14 Oakland 4 0 0-M 5 16 Dcxfield II 13 S-M 19 12 B-F 23 14 AC 1 3 C-M 7 17 P-L 10 3 Exira 7 10 Earlham 0 17 Earl ham II 1 O-M 12 II Dexfield 12 2 S-M 14 2 B-F 12 10 A-C 8 II C-M 13 2 P-L 3 3 C-M 14 2 42ON THREE STRIKES: YOU’RE OUT In baseball action this past season, the team played with much enthusiasm. Even though their 5-14 record doesn't sound that good, they still played with great action and capabilities. Their highlight game of the season was when they beat O-M, 19-2. Cory Christensen made 3rd team All- Conference for third base. Pic I. Doug Armcntrout, Danny Newell, and Troy Whcclock get ready for the action to begin in the C-M game Pic 2. Tim Wheelock catches a pitch that whizzed past the C-M player. Pic 3. Row 1: Doug Armcntrout. Charlie Eades. Corey Miller. Curt Behrends. Dave Wad- dell. Tim Wheelock, Danny Newell. Wade Jcs- scn. Row 2. Scot Bailey. Darren Pash. Brian We- dcmcycr. Kevin Brocker. Mark Kopp. Terry Hos- kins. Pic 4 Cory Christensen winds up for a pitch. 4 43SPARTANS SUFFER Before the first game was played. AHS was picked to be a superior power in the Little Eight conference. But the first game, played with Earlham, ended in a disappointing defeat. The next three games were also losses; it began to look fruitless. Fortunately, the mood was broken, and we pulled out into a four game winning streak, including shut-out victories over A-C and B-F. The varsity finished the season with a 4-5 record. The J-V squad had a good season with a 3-1 record. The last game of the season the second time we met C-M — was a disappointment because they pulled out a one point victory. The true highlights of the season were the All-State and the All-Conference selections. Dave Waddell made first team All-State defense. Tim Whcclock. Charlie Eades, and Ryan Glissmann were also on the All-State roster. The following people made All-Conference: Dave Waddell. Tim Whcclock. Char- lie Eades. Ryan Glissman, Chris Hackwell, Corey Miller, Mike Rctz, Richard Grubbs, Kevin Myers, Todd Johnson. Pic 1. Front: Managers Jyl Turner, Julie Stork. Row 1: Dave W'addell. Doug Armentrout. Mike Young. Todd Johnson. Kevin Myers, Corey Miller. Tim Wheelock. Mike Retz, Ryan Glissmann. Head Coach Jim Willet, Asst. Coach Lynn Johnson. Asst. Coach Noel Wingate, Richard Grubbs, Charlie Eades. Chris Stork. Doug Bisscll. Mike Brichacek. Wade Jessen, Chris Hack- well Row 2: Steve Brownsbcrgcr. Scot Bailey. Kipp Spry, Dean Barber, Wes Stuetclbcrg. Scott Pollock. Mark Kopp, Terry Scarf, John Aggcn, Clint Spry, Clark Wilson. Brian W’cdcmcyer, Frank Rydl, Keith Stork. Clayton Christen- sen, Tracey Watson. Lyle Schellcnbcrg, Terry Hoskins. Kyle Nelsen. Dan Newell, Kelly Meyer, Jack Barber. Merle McKinzic. Not pictured: Gary Vais. Pic 2. Varsity Football Cheerleaders. Center (front to back): Stephanie Wessels (mascot). Kim Wedemeyer, Shelley Chclesvig, Joy Rodgers, Julie Petersen. Left to right: Theresa Willet. Amy Andersen, Melanie Harmsen, Janet Johnson. Not pictured: JV Cheerleaders. Marcy Harmsen, Bobbi Jo Barber, Christy Grubbs, Janet Templeman. 44DISAPPOINTING SEASON Pic I. The Spartans offense charge over the line of scrimmage in the first game. Pic 2. Football captains: Corey Miller, Chris Hack- well. Mike Retz, Dave Waddell. Pic 3. Jyl Turner and Julie Stork (managers) celebrate after an AHS touchdown. Pic 4. The Spartan defense picks up the pieces left after they ran over P-L. 45Coach Noel Wingate reviewed the season by saying, “Considering the fact that our conference was better this year than in the past, 1 felt we had a successful season. Even though we weren’t in the con- ference race, we did have a ‘say’ in the outcome by giving S-M their first conference loss. We will miss the seniors next year, but I think we have an excellent group of girls coming back that will help us have another successful season.” The Spartancttes also broke a four-year losing streak at Section- als by defeating Greensficld in the first round. They advanced to the second rounds, but were defeated in a close game by Guthrie Center. Pic. I Row 1: The 1980-81 Girls’ Basketball Squad are: Row 1: Jill Neighbors. Kris Bchnken, Lori Harris, Kelly Wessels, Janet Jessen, Paula Squires. Row 2: Kerrie Smith. Jody Harris, Mona Hackwcll, Sandy Jessen. Kay Ehrman, Janet Johnson. Row 3: Jane Coatney, Tracy Smith. Rhonda Bartelson. Julie Stork. Row 4: Marcia Squires. Julie Christensen. Teresa Phillips, Den- ise Rathman. Row 5: Theresa W'illet, Gina Lund. Pic. 2. The Junior Varsity Cheerleaders for the 1980-81 season are Joclenc White, Katrina Chris- tensen. Janet Tcmplcman. Not pictured: Christy Grubbs. Pic. 3. Kelly Wessels was selected to 3rd team all conference for the ’80-81 season. Lori Harris was selected for the 2nd team all confer- ence for the second year in a row. SPARTANETTES OUTSCORE Anita Scoreboard Opp 63 35 74 Coon Rapids 56 34 Dexfield 35 80 S-M 87 47 B-F 50 51 A-C 46 51 C-M 67 82 P-L 38 66 Exira 95 68 Earl ham 53 59 O-M 37 59 Dexfield 37 45 S-M 40 56 B-F 84 71 A-C 76 46 C-M 43 47 P-L 51 48 Earlham 60 55 O-M 40 58 SECTIONALS Greenfield 41 73 Guthrie Center 77 4bOPPOSITION BY 200 POINTS m w Pic. I. Kris Bchnken and Janet Jessen block out their forwards in the P-L game. Pic. 2. Lori Harris shoots for one from the charity line. Pic. 3. Guards: Paula Squires, (44); Kris Behnken. (34); and Janet Jessen, (10) pa- tiently work their zone against the visitor's offense. pic. 4. Jill Neighbors shoots for two as Lori Harris blocks out her guard. Pic. 4. Coaches and managers for the ’80-’81 basketball season were Lynn John- son, assistant coach; Jenny Wessels and Micki Harris, managers; and Noel Win- gate. head coach. 47SIXTEEN POINTS HOLI Coach Boldi pointed out that "We had a very successful season as far as our win-loss record is concerned, and one that our players can be proud of. The games wc lost were by a combined total of only 16 points.’ Elk Horn- Kimbalton, ranked second in southwest Iowa, outscored Anita 17-7 in the final eight minutes of the sectional semi-final game to record a 42-38 victory that ended Anita's season. Anita started out the season with an 8-0 record. The Spartans' impressive play earned them a number one rating in southeast Iowa by the Omaha World-Herald and a seventeenth place rating in Class 1-A by the Dcs Moines Register. Having an 11-1 record, the Spartans went on the road for four consecutive games. They returned with 3 losses and a two-point win which changed the complexion of the season. Pic. I. Corey Miller, Terry Kloppenburg. Mike Brichacek. Brian Hahn, Mike Rctz. Row 2: Doug Armcntrout, Todd Johnson. Clayton Christensen, Curt Behrends, Wolfgang Neumann, Coach Dave Boldt. Coach Bob Jackson. Tim Richter, Scott Phillips. Jeff Konz, and John Aggcn. Pic. 2. The Varsity basketball cheerleaders for the 80- 81 season were: Row 1: Sally Dorsey, Shelley Chelesvig, Sue Bailey. Row 2: Jill Jessen-mascot, and Marcy Harmsen. Pic. 3. All conference selections were Terry Kloppenburg and Mike Bricha- cck. Kloppenburg was chosen for the first team by a unanimous decision, and Brichacek was chosen for the 2nd team. Pic. 4. Terry Kloppcnberg scores two of his 250 points of the season. Mike Brichacek awaits for an attempted rebound. 48SPARTANS BACK ' j SCOREBOARD ANITA OPPONENT ANITA OPPONENT 75 Coon 48 43 A-C 42 Rapids 31 C-M 33 56 Dex field 38 57 P-L 62 62 S-M 42 50 Earl ham 53 59 B-F 28 68 O-M 62 56 A-C 32 64 Exira 27 49 C-M 42 66 P-L 31 52 Earl ham 42 SECTIONALS 59 O-M 61 36 Walnut . 30 52 Dcxfield 43 38 Elkhom 42 68 S-M 51 67 B-F 37 Pic. 1: Mike Retz prepares for a jump ball in sectional semi- finals as Brian Hahn and Mike Brichacek look on Pic. 2: An aggressive and unpenetrable defense is displayed by Brian Hahn and Doug Armcntrout. Pic. 3: The JV Basketball players are: Dan Dorsey, Kevin Brockcr. Brian Wedemeycr, Jim Wcssling, Darren Pash, David Konz. Row 2: Coach Bob Jackson. Mark Kopp. Terry Hoskins. Mitch Cullen, Roger Simmons, Tony Littleton. Lyle Schellen- berg. Dale Behrcnds, Scot Bailey.SPARTANS GO UNDEFEATED SO The 1980 Anita wrestlers had a perfect conference record — they won every conference meet during the season. At the conference tourney, AHS received second place. S-M beat them by 4VS points which was especially disappointing because only 5 days before. AHS had beaten S-M in a dual meet. Placing first and second at conference were: Sean Grant — 1st, Kyle Nclsen — 1st, Terry Scarf 2nd, Ryan Glissmann — 1st. Chris Stork — 2nd, Charlie Eades — 1st, Tim Wheelock — 1st. Dave Waddell was injured the night before conference play. Dave Waddell and Charlie Eades placed first at both sectional and district play. Sean Grant and Terry Scarf placed second at sectionals and were eliminated at districts. Both Eades and Waddell were beaten in the first round of state competition. On Saturday, Dave was called for a wrestle-back. He wrestled three times and advanced to 3rd place in his weight class. Pic 1. WRESTLING TEAM. Row I: Keith Stork. Sean Grant, Steve Brownsbcrgcr. Kyle Nclsen. Ross Havens, Terry Scarf, Frank Rydl. Row 2: Clark Wilson, Dave Waddell, Tim Wheelock, Charlie Eades, Chris Stork. Ryan Glissmann, Rich Grubbs, Mike Young. Pic 2. After the takedown, Dave Waddell strives for a win. Pic 3: CHEERLEADERS: Bottom: Melanie Harmsen, Kim Wcdemcyer, Dianne Miller, Top: Bobbi Jo Barber. Leslie Willet (mascot), Teresa Anderson. Not available for pictures. Amy Andersen.IN CONFERENCE DUALS DUALS Anita Opponent 21 Lenox 28 48 Nishna Valley 21 63 O-M 10 15 Coon Rapids 43 41 C-M 22 52 Dexfield 24 48 P-L 51 36 Elk Horn 24 39 Guthrie Center 21 30 S-M 25 TOURNAMENTS Exira 3rd Waukec (J-VO 4th Coon Rapids 6th Shenandoah 2nd Pic I. Charlie Eadcs works for a pin against C-M Pic 2. Chris Stork strives for a win. Pic 3. Ryan Glissman shows that even victory can be painful. Pic 4 Left to right: Asst. Coach Jim Kuberski, Manager Dianne Murphy. Manager Joy Rodgers, Head Coach Jim Willet. 51RECORD BREAKING SEASON Scoreboard P-L Relays (tic) 2nd Greenfield Inv. (tie) 1st Dcxficld Relays 1st A-C Inv. 1st Spartanette Relays 1st Corning Relays 1st Conference 1st Lady Dane Relays 1st Anita Classic 1st Districts 2nd 52 The Anita girls' track team had a very worthwhile and successful season. They won eight out of ten meets, and lost by only half of a point at Districts. Many new records were broken. They include the 100 meter by Jill Neighbors; 400 m hurdles by Lori Harris; 4x400 m relay by Lori Harris, Marcia Squires. Jody Harris, and Jill Neighbors; 4x800 m relays by Kim Wede- mcycr. Janet Johnson, Theresa Willet, and Teresa Phillips; spring medley by Kcrrie Smith. Kay Ehrman. Kelly Wcssels, and Marcia Squires; and the distance medley by Janet Jessen, Kcrrie Smith, Marcia Squires, and Teresa Phillips. There were five entries that qualified for the state meet. Lori Harris qualified for the 100 meter hurdles and the 400 m hur- dles. Jill Neighbors qualified for the 100 m dash. The 800 m relay team consisting of Kelly Wcssels, Paula Squires, Janet Jessen. and Jill Neighbors; and the 4x400 m relay team made up of Lori Harris. Marcia Squires. Jody Harris, and Jill Neighbors also qualified. Lori Harris placed fifth in the 400 m hurdles, and Jill Neighbors placed fifth in the 100 m dash. Lori Harris and Jill Neighbors also were able to join the 100 point club. Pic 1. Row 1: Theresa Willet, Kris Behnken. Marcy Harmsen, Teresa Phil- lips. Gina Lund. Janet Jessen. Kelly Wes- scls, Lori Harris, Kim Wedemeyer. Me- lanie Harmsen. Marcia Squires. Row 2: Lynn Johnson (coach), Kay Ehrman. Jody Harris, Janet Johnson. Kcrrie Smith, Jill Neighbors. Joyce Vokt. Paula Squires. Shelly Scott (mgr.), and Tracy Smith (mgr.) Pic 2. Kelly Wessels nudges out the Walnut sprinter for a first place win in her heat in the 200 meter dash at Spartancttc Relays. Pic 3. Kim Wedemeyer keeps ahead of the B-F runner around the first lap of the 1500 m run at Spartanette Relays. Pic 4. Jill Neighbors chalks up six points and a first place win in the 200 m dash finals at the Spartanette Relays.TRACKSTERS GAIN EXPERIENCE The Spartan track team was on the go. Even though the team was young, they improved much over last year. Mike Young broke the high jump re- cord, with a jump of 6 feet 3 inches. This jump also put him in first place at the conference meet. Richard Grubbs also placed first in the 100 meter dash at the conference meet. Pic 1 Row 1: Chuck Ramsey, David Claussen Row 2: Mark Kopp, Mike Young. Row 3: Richard Simmons. Richard Grubbs. Row 4: Clark Wilson, David Konz, Kirk Dressier. Roger Simmons. Dave Boldt (coach). Frank Rydl, Doug Armcntrout, Don Wit- trock, and Terry Hoskins. Not pic- tured: Kevin Meyers. Pic 2. Richard Grubbs sprints to the finish line in the preliminaries of the 100m dash at Spartan Relays. Pic 3. Don Wittrock anchors the 4x800 m relay at the Spartan Relays. Pic 4 Roger Simmons passes the ba- ton to Kevin Meyers in the 2nd and 3rd legs of the 4x800 m relay. Scoreboard Dcxficld Invitational 6th Anita Classic 3rd A-C Relays 6th Conference 6th A-C Invitational 11th Dane Relays 10th Spartan Invitational 10th Exira Triangular 3rd 53TENNIS TEAMS FINISH Anita 5 Varsity Atlantic JV 4 Anita 4 S-M 5 Anita 4 Corning 5 Anita 1 Audubon 8 Anita 3 Atlantic JV 6 Anita 3 Corning 6 Anita 3 S-M 6 Anita 6 Audubon 3 Anita Junior Varsity 1 Atlantic 1 Anita 1 Freshman S-MJV 1 Anita 1 Corning JV 0 Anita 3 Atlantic 0 Anita 1 Freshman Corning JV 1 Anita 2 S-M JV 2 Anita 6 Audubon JV 4 This year the Girls’ varsity tennis team im- proved their record from last year to a 2-6 mark. Although the season record was not great, the team has made great improvements and had several close matches. Mr. Bill Foulkes -tennis coach- says that the team has moved out of the beginners’ stage to the more advanced. The experienced players have moved into the upper classes with six juniors and one senior. The outlook for next year is excellent. Highlights of the seasons were the two victories over Atlantic and Audubon. Pic 1. Girls' Tennis Team. Row 1: Julie Stork. Joy Rodgers, Karla Larsen, Katrina Christensen. Joclene While. Row 2: Julie Johnson. Dianne Miller - manager. Teresa Anderson - manager. Denise Rathman, Janet Tcmpleman. Row 3: Erin Pcttinger. Rhonda Bartelson, Diana Robinson, Julie Petersen, Mr. Bill Foulkes - coach, Debbie Masker. Not pictured Dianne Murphy. Pic 2. Joy Rodgers served the final point in her individual win over S-M. Pic 3. Julie Petersen shows the intensity of the game as she serves one of her low serves. 3 54WITH IDENTICAL RECORDS Varsity Anita 1 Atlantic JV 8 Anita 8 S-M 1 Anita 4 Corning 5 Anita 1 Audubon 8 Anita 2 Atlantic JV 7 Anita 4 Corning 5 Anita 9 S-M 0 Anita 3 Audubon 6 Junior Varsity Anita 0 Atlantic 1 Freshman Anita 0 Corning 1 Anita 1 S-M 1 Anita 0 Audubon 1 Anita 1 Audubon 2 The Boys tennis team finished the season with a record identical to the Girls team. 2-6. High- lights of the season were the sound victories over S-M. The intensity on the boys’ team has in- creased this year with several excellent players. Scott Phillips spent many hours straight on the court at several meets. Tony Littleton and Doug Steele joined the team at mid-season and both as good seasons. Pic I. Jeff Kon7 plays a base line game with his opponent from Audubon. Pic 2. Wolfgang Neumann warms up before his match with Corning. Pic 3. Boys' Tennis Team. Tracey Watson. Jeff Konz. Scott Phillips, Mr. Bill Foulkes-coach. Wolfgang Neumann. Kevin Brocker. Clayton Christensen. Not pictured: Troy Tony Littleton. Dale Thelen, and Doug Steele. 55CONFERENCE TROPHY WINNERS In only the third year of volleyball at Anita the Spartanettes have become conference champs. They captured the trophy by success- fully defeating all the other teams in conference matches. The teams' conference record was 6-0. The Spartanettes hosted a tour- nament in which they came in fourth place. The 1980 team also went into the second round of sectional play before losing to Gris- wold. The Spartanettes finished the season with their first winning record of 15-5-1. Pic I. Row 1: Jody Harris, Jill Neighbors, Lori Harris, Kelly Wcsscls, Linda Wcdcmcycr, Joyce Vokt. Row 2: Tracy Smith. Shelly Scott. Sally Dorsey. Dianne Murphy, Paula Squires. Sandy Jessen. Mona Hackwell. Jane Coatney, Kerrie Smith, Dee Chris- tensen, Julie Johnson. Row 3: Coach Bill Foulkes, Julie Christen- sen. Gina Lund. Teresa Phillips. Denise Rathman, Diana Robinson. Manager Julie Williamson, Erin Pettingcr, Kay Ehrman, Bobbi Jo Barber. Dianne Miller. Rhonda Bartelson, Asst. Coach Bob Jack- son. Pic. 2. Anita placed four of the starting players on all-conference teams Jill Neighbors, Lori Harris. Kelly Wcsscls, and Jody Harris. Jill and Lori were also on the Honorable and Special Mention All-state teams. Pic 3. Kelly Wcsscls executes a bump while Jill Neighbors and Linda Wedcmcyer watch. 561 g Guthrie Center 3 2 - Oakland I 3 £ S-M 2 3 k Exira 0 3 V CM 0 SECTIONALS 3 o 1 Griswold 3 Pic I. Lori Harris aces a spike against Dcxficld as Joyce Vokt looks on. Pic 2. Lori Harris and Joyce Vokt execute a perfect block in sectional play against Griswold. Pic 3. Jody Harris and Linda Wedcmcyer turn to watch Jill Neighbors bump the ball into play. Pic 4 Joyce Vokt demonstrates fingertip control as she sets the ball for Sally Dorsey. 57HOLE-IN-ONE! BOYS’ GOLF 0 Exira Won Guthrie Center Won Oakland Lost Corning Won Griswold Won Audubon Won Corning Lost Griswold Won Exira Won GIRLS' GOLF Exira Won Guthrie Center Lost Oakland Won Corning Won Griswold Won Audubon Lost Corning Lost Griswold Won Exira Won The boys golf team finished the season with a victorious 7-2 record. The girls team was right behind them with an impressive 6-3 record. A high point of the season was Terry Kloppcnbcrg’s hole-in-onc. He scored this on Anita's number three in a meet against Corning. Coach Jim Kuberski says that he sc s potential in all of the golfers and expects many fine seasons in future years. Coach Kuberski com- mented. “It was a great season, and I appreciated the help with tourna- ments.” Pic 1. Members of the golf team show enthusiasm after conquering hole two. Pic 2. Corey Miller takes a practice swing before taking the final shot. Pic 3. Leesa Westphai concentrates to make this her best shot. Pic 4. Inset — Coach Jim Kuberski. Row 1: Julie Christensen, Leesa Westphai. Shelley Chclesvig, Mona Hackwell, Sheila Wilson, Sandy Jcssen. Bobbi Jo Barber. Row 2: Dan Pollock. Ryan Glissmann, Tim Wheelock. Terry Kloppenberg. Corey Miller, Charlie Eades. Brad Barber. Dave Hockcnbcrry Row 3: Dean Barber. Jack Barber, Rick Hackwell. Doug Steele. Brian Wcdcmcycr, Tim Richter. Lyle Schcl- lenberg. Mitch Cullen, Dale Behrends. Loryn Lund. Kevin Meyer. 58JUNIOR HIGH FULL OF Denise Behrends Janellc Brichacek Brooks Chelesvig Troy Christensen David Dressier Scott Fulk Carla Grevc Russell Grubbs Mike Jcsscn Rex Luke Ranee Lund Scott Lund Chris Mailander Jeff Nelscn Lori Nelscn Fletcher Nichols Terry Oathoudt Teresa Petersen Angela Russell Joni Stork Gary Tawzer Jacque Thelen Ann Turner Sherry Vais Not pictured: Danny Claussen 60YOUNG ADVENTURERS Alan Pierce President Tom Christensen Vice President Janet Hagen Secretary Jane Petersen Treasurer Keith Beasinger Tom Coatney Clint Dorsey Brent Fortune Tammy Gibson Tracy Gibson Jeff Grant Toni Hansen Micki Harris Paul Jorgensen Lori Lank Scott Larsen Nyle Lund Kristy Mardcsen Carol Pottebaum Randy Pringnitz Mike Ramsey Dale Robinson Mike Ruggles Randy Scarf Todd Schollars Jody Skellcnger Sandy VanAernam Jean Vokt 61JR. HIGH LEARN Pic 1. Jr. High Volleyball Row 1: Jacquie Thelcn, Kristy Mardcscn. Jenny Wcsscls. Micki Harris. Tammy VanAcrnam. Angie Russell. Kristi Lund. Janclle Brichacck. Carla Grcvc. Row 2: JoBeth Williamson, Janet Hagen. Jane Petersen. Jean Vokt. Sandy VanAcrnam, Jody Skcllcngcr, Lori Lank. Toni Hansen, Karen Zanders. Coach Bill Foulkcs. Pic 2. Jr. High Football. Row I; Brooks Chelcsvig, Mike Ramsey, Keith Bcasinger. Jeff Grant. Randy Scarf. Alan Pierce Row 2: Fletcher Nichols, Jeff Nclsen. Mike Ruggles. Scott Larsen, Nylc Lund. Tom Christensen Row 3: Troy Chris- tensen. Brent Fortune. Gail Brincks, Ranee Lund, Todd Schol- ars. Row 4 Mike Jessen, Chris Mailandcr, Rex Luke, Tom Coatncy. Terry Vais. Row 5: Danny Winther, Troy Waddell. David Dressier Row 6: Asst. Coach Dan Lcincn. Rusty Grubbs. Coach Jim Kubcrski. VOLLEYBALL F.xira 8th grade 0-4 Exira 7th grade 31 FOOTBALL C-M 0-22 O M 54- 0 Exira 16- 8 S-M 0-10 AC rainout 62TEAM WORK AND SPORTSMANSHIP Pic 1. Jr. High Boys' Basketball. Row I: Scott Fulk, Paul Jorgensen. Gail Brincks, Ranee Lund. Brooks Chclcsvig. Mike Ram- sey. Row 2: Keith Beasinger, Jeff Grant. Todd Schollars, Tom Coatney, Tom Christensen. Scott Larsen. Coach Lynn Johnson. Pic 2. Jr. High Girls' Basketball. Left: ( oach Bob Jackson. JoBeth Williamson, Lori Lank. Jody Skellcngcr, Toni Hansen. Kristy Mardesen. Micki Harris. Jean Vokt, Right: Jane Petersen. Janet Hagen. SherryVais, Ka- ren Zanders. Sandy VanAernam, Jenny Wes- scls, Jacquie Thclcn. Center: Joni Stork. Tammy VanAernam. Denise Behrends. Angie Russell. JR HIGH BOYS' BASKETBALL JR. HIGH GIRLS’ BASKETBALL ENTHUSIASM PLUS! Pic 1. Jr. High Girls Track Row 1: Lori Nelsen, Carla Grcve, Janelle Bri- chacek, Tammy VanAcrnam, Sherry Vais. Angie Russell. Denise Bchrcnds, Kristi Lund. Karen Zanders. Row 2: Coach Jim Willct. Joni Stork, Jenny Wcsscls, Carol Pottebaum. Jane Peter- sen. Janet Hagen. Micki Harris. Jody Skellcnger. Lori Lank. Jean Vokt. Pic 2. Jr. High Boys’ Track. Row I: Jeff Nelsen, Gary Tawzcr. Terry Vais, Troy Christensen, David Dressier. Row 2: Scott Fulk, Mike Jessen, Jeff Grant, Alan Pierce. Danny Claussen, Gail Brincks. Row 3: Brooks Chclcs- vig. Terry Oathoudt, Chris Mailander, Todd Schollars. Keith Beasingcr, Ranee Lund. Randy Scarf. Row 4: Troy Waddell, Kenny VanHorn. Mike Ramsey. Tom Christensen. Tom Coat- ney, Mike Ruggles. Coach Jim Willct. Pic 3. Jr. High Wrestlers. Troy Wad- dell. Mike Jessen, Mike Ruggles. Ran- dy Scarf. Fletcher Nichols. Alan Pierce, Troy Christensen, Jeff Nelsen, David Dressier. Terry Oathoudt, Chris Mailander JR HIGH TRACK Boys' Girls' Won B-F Won Won O-M Won Lost C-M Lost — P-L 3rd 4th Corning 5th 3rd Anita 3rd 6th Conference 5th JR HIGH WRESTLING Guthrie Center Won Greenfield Won S-M Lost C-M Won C-M Lost Elk Horn-Kimballton Lost 64AJH SPEAKS ITS PART Pic I. Jr. High speech students in Humorous and Dramatic. Row 1: Jeff Nclscn, Scott Lund. Kenny VanHorn. Lori Nelsen. Jancllc Bri- chacck. Jacquie Thelcn. Teresa Petersen. Tammy Gibson. Denise Beh- rends. Row 2. Troy Waddell, Brooks Chelesvig. Mike Ruggles. Chris Mailander. Micki Harris, Jane Petersen. Sherry Vais. Tammy Van- Acrnam, Jenny Wessels. Pic 2. Many high school speech students helped coach the junior high speech students. Here Kenny VanHorn is doing his speech for Jill Neighbors. Pic 3. Jr. High Mimists. Row I: Brooks Chelesvig. Troy Waddell, Terry Oathoudt. Terry Vais. Row 2: Micki Harris, Lori Nelsen. Angie Russell. Janelle Brichacek. Row 3: Jenny W'esscls, Tammy VanAcr- nam. Jane Petersen Row 4: Tammy Gibson. Karen Zanders, Carla Greve. Pic 4. High school coach Joy Rodgers shows Brooks Chelesvig. Troy Waddell, and Terry Oathoudt a mime expression. 65THE SPIRIT BEHIND AJH Pic 1 Jr. High Wrestling Cheerleaders. Front: Karen Zanders; Middle: Den- ise Bchrends. Sherry Vais, Angie Russell. Top: Tammy VanAernam. Pic 2. Jr. High Basketball Cheerleaders. Teresa Petersen, Lori Nelsen, Janelle Brichacck. Not pictured: Ann Turner. Pic 3. The Jr. High pep band and students take a break from cheering to listen to the pep talk at the wrestling pep rally. Pic 4. Jr. High Football Cheerleaders. Bottom row: Jen- ny Wcsscls. Janet Hagen. Micki Harris. Top row: Kristi Lund. Tammy VanAernam. Jane Petersen. 66Pic I. Jr. High Chorus. Row 1: Scott Lund, Jenny Wcsscls, Jane Petersen. Tammy VanAernam. Angie Russell. Kristi Lund. Janelle Brichacck Row 2: Brooks Chelesvig. Lori Nelscn, Kenny VanHorn. JoBcth Williamson. Jacque Thclcn. Sandy VanAernam, Denise Bchrends, Miss Laura Hansen. Row 3: Troy Waddell, Mike Ruggles. Terry Oathoudt, Janet Hagen. Lori Lank. Toni Hansen. Sherry Vais, Carla Grcvc. Row 4: Teresa Petersen. Jean Vokt. Micki Harris. Joni Stork. Kristy Mardesen, Karen Zanders. Jody Skcl- lengcr. Tracy Gibson. Tammy Gibson. Not pictured: Carol Pottcbaum. A JR. HIGH MUSICAL ADVENTURE Pic 2. Miss Laura Hansen, a new face at AJH. conducts the Jr. High chorus. Pic 3. Jr. High band instructor, Mr. James DCamp, looks over pre-rehearsal warm-ups. Pic 4. Jr. High Band. Row I: Kristy Mardesen. Karen Zanders, Sandy VanAernam. Lori Lank, Jody Skellcngcr, Jean Vokt. Row 2: Kenny Van- Horn, Teresa Petersen. Kristi Lund. Jacque The- len, Jenny Wessels. Sherry Vais. Gail Brincks. Dale Robinson. Troy Christensen. Fletcher Ni- chols, David Dressier, Terry Oathoudt. Tom Coatney. Row 3: Janet Hagen. Joni Stork. Jane Petersen, Tom Christensen. Mike Ruggles. Troy Waddell. Paul Jorgensen. Scott Fulk, Brooks Chelesvig, Chris Mailander. Randy Scarf. Keith Beasinger.Jeff Nclsen. Tom W'ittrock, Terry Vais. Jeff Grant. Row 4: Denise Bchrends. Tammy VanAernam. Micki Harris, Mr. James DCamp, Scott Lund. 67AJH FIELD TRIP As in the past years, the Anita Jr. High students went on a field trip. This year they found themselves at the Fon- tcncllc Forest and the Henry Doorly Zoo to study the ecology of animals. At the forest, all of the AJH stu- dents went on a guided hike. The hike was one and a half miles long. They hiked down to the river and up the bluffs. Some of the students saw an Indian meeting place used over 150 years ago. “Of the entire forest I liked the Indi- an meeting spot the best.” said Jacquie Thclen. an AJH student. At the zoo they went on tours led by docents — volunteer guides. They learned about things similar to what they learned at the forest about animal ecology. They saw exotic birds, fish, and ani- mals. One of the first stops was the bear enclosure where the main attrac- tion was the baby polar bears. The po- lar bears had just come out of their den for the first time only a few days before the AJH students visited the zoo. “Those little polar bears were so cute,” pointed out Lori Nelscn. “The day was very interesting.” ex- plained Jenny Wessels, a seventh grad- er, “It was fun.” Pic I. Woodland beauty-One of the scenes from the Fontanelle Forest. Pic 2. The AJH students admire a waterfall at the zoo. Pic 3. Tracy Gibson shows that she isn't afraid to pet the llama. Pic 4. At the zoo. Karen Zanders plays with the baby goats.S3S5Y13Scot Bailey Bobbi Jo Barber Dean Barber Dale Behrcnds Kevin Brocker Julie Christensen Katrina Christensen Freshmen, Brenda Conrad, Scot Bailey, Mark Kopp, and Dale Behrends, ponde over Mrs. Brocker's punctu ationtest " Brenda Conrad Brian Cooley Dan Dorsey Christy Cirubbs Marcy Harmsen Terry Hoskins Steve Jorgensen David Konz Mark Kopp Class officers: Marcia Squires, Pres.; Rick Taylor, seer.; Scott Pollock, treas.; Gina Lund, I V. Gina Lund Steve McAfee Kelly Meyer Doug Murphy Darren Pash Teresa Phillips Scott Pollock  Chuck Ramsey Denise Rathman Frank Rydl Lyle Schellenberg Shells Scott Mitch Akers Jack Barber Rhonda Barielson Mia Bickel Steve Brownsberger Dana Cooley Mitch Cullen Becky Denney Kay Ehrman Rod Glissmann Sean Grant Mike Gregersen Tony Littleton. Kyle Nelsen, and Dana Cooley work on their English 10 assignments while Mia Bickel and Doreen Obermeier discuss how to do it. Mona Hackwell Jon Hansen Jody Harris Keith Harvey Brenda Havens Sandy lessen Janet Johnson Tony Littleton Loryn Lund Sophomores Erin Pettinger, Rhonda Bartelson, Steve Brownsberger. Merle McKinzie, Terry Scarf, and Mike Gregersen decorate their hall for Homecoming. Merle McKinzie Kevin Meyer 72Janet Nelsen Sophomore class officers?Top: Mitch Cullen-president, Front: Sean Grant-vice-prcs . Right: Kay Erhman-secretary, Left: Tracey Watson-trcasurer. Kyle Nelsen Dan Newefl Doreen Obermeier Roger Penton Bobby Petersen Erin Pettinger Brian Purcell Tim Richter Diana Robinson Terry Scarf Laura Smith Doug Steele Chris Stork Sophomore Health class in different degrees of attentiveness. Jyl Turner Tracey Watson Jim Wesshng Leesa Westphal Sheila Wilson Not pictured: Keith Jorgen- sen. John Aggen Doug Armentrout Kris Behnken Curt Behrends Doug Bissell Junior class officers. Top; President Julie Stork, bottom; Vice president Jill Neighbors, left; Secretary Paula Squires, rigtu l Treasurer Mark Zanders Colleen Greve Rick Hackwell Karla Hansen Ross Ha Wade Jessen Julie Johnson Todd Johnson Tina Kinzie Jeff Konz Mike Brichacek Clayton Christensen Juniors Curt Behrends, Tun Eilts, Dori Lund, Colleen Greve, and Mike Young take time out to converse and grab books between classes. Jane Coatney Kirk Dressier Sue Eades rm EiitsAnnette Kraus Mark Luke Dori Lund Ivyn Lund Debbie Masker Teresa McKinzie Dianne Murphy The Junior class constructs a pyramid during basketbalPand wrestling spirit week. Jill Neighbors Wolfgang Neumann Julie Petersen Scott Phillips Juniors —— Jill Neighbors. Karla Hansen, and Kris Behnken study shark dissection in Advanced Biology. Vi 0 Joy Rodgers 1 Larry Smith Paula Squires Julie Stork ' Dale Thelen Mark Thelen Kelly Wessels Steve Westphaien Don Wittrock Mike Young Mark Zanders 75WATCH OUT WORLD; Mike Retz, President Corey Miller, Vice-president Joyce Vokt, Secretary Kim Wcdemeyer, Treasurer Ralph McAfee, Student Council Brian Hahn, Student Council Janet Jcssen, Student Council Kerric Smith, Student CouncilHERE WE COME 77 Amy Andersen Sue Bailey Jan Benton Teresa Anderson Joni Benton Dana Andrews Brad Barber Kelly BurmeisterWE’RE OUT TO Shelley Chelesvig Charles Eades Chris Hackwell Dee Christensen Ryan Glissmann Jerry Hagen Sally Dorsey Richard Grubbs Melanie Harmsen 78CONQUER THE WORLD Lori Harris Terry Kloppenberg Karla Larsen David Hockenberry Mike Kraus Scott Mikkelsen Joey Kaufmann Sherry Lank David Miller 79THE CLASS OF Dianne Miller Deanna Parker Dan Pollock Kevin Myers Troy Pedersen l.arry Pottebaum Mike Nelson Ron Penton Richard Simmons1981 WILL TRIUMPH Rodney Taylor Gary Vais Sharon Vais Linda VanHorn David Waddell Linda Wedemeyer Ann Wessling Tim Whcelock Julie Williamson 81THE SILLY SIDE AND It was hard trying to catch the Class of '83 NOT being sil- ly They did such things as building pyramids at pep rallies (Pic 1), dancing at Pep rallies (Pic 2 and 4), and, at the end. celebrating graduation (Pic 3). Probably the most remembered activity was by the senior winter athletes who dressed up in out- fits and body paint and danced to the song “Whip It" by Dcvo. The 81 seniors tried to start a tradition by tossing their mor- tarboards in the air at the end of graduation ceremonies. These are only a very few scenes of this class’ crazy activities. 82THE SERIOUS SIDE As the end of thirteen years of school approaches, the seniors begin to say “remember when 44 . Dave Waddell and Mike Retz would get their faces wet and put paper towels on them so they would stick. ’ 44 ... we made glasses out of twisties and wore them during Mrs. Heeren’s math class." 44 . . . Lori Harris and Brian Hahn shared one candy bar in 5th grade " 44 .. . Joey Kaufmann and Janet Jes- sen used to go together, and everybody thought they would get married." 44 ... we played ‘Kiss Tag’, until a teacher came check on us." 44 ... we could buy a can of pop for 25c, a candy bar for 10c. and a gallon of gas for 59c " 44 ... we passed ‘Somebody’s germs, no returns’”. 44 . we played Truth or Dare." 44 ... in elementary and Jr. High we were always fighting to get a best friend and we could only have one." Those were the “good ole days"! The class of ’81 will also remember some of the last, more serious moments they shared. Pic 1. Mr. Burke directing seniors through practice for com- mencement. Pic 3 and 4. Soon-to-be graduates eagerly await the big mo- ment. Pic 5. Officers of the Youth Center were: Joey Kaufmann presi- dent (front); Dave Waddell — vice president; Shelley Chelcsvig, secretary; and Ron Pcnton. — treasurer. Pic 2. Wearing their '81 class pride T-Shirts, the class gathers for a group shot outside Mr. Burke’s window. Front sitting: Sue Bailey. Teresa An- derson. Karla Larsen. Dianne Miller. Sherry Lank Row 2: Ann Wessling, Mr. Noel Wingate — sponsor. Linda VanHorn. Deanna Parker. Sharon Vais, Julie Williamson. Row 3: Shelley Chelcsvig, Joni Benton. Dec Christen- sen. Jan Benton. Melanie Harmsen. Mr. John Burke — sponsor. By the wall: Ron Penton, Brian Hahn. Dan Pollock, Mike Retz, Ryan Glissmann, Janet Jesscn. Lori Harris, Linda We- demeyer, Kerrie Smith. Standing Row 1: Kim Wedcmeycr, Joyce Vokt. David Waddell, Corey Miller, Tim Whcc- lock. Richard Grubbs. Standing Row 2: Amy Andersen. Sally Dorsey. Terry Kloppenburg. Mike Nelson, Richard Simmons. Joey Kaufmann. Larry Pot- tebaum, Charlie Eades. On the wall: David Hockcnbcrry. Scott Mikkelscn, Jerry Hagen. Ralph McAfee. Gary Vais, David Miller, Rod Taylor. Troy Pedersen, Kelly Burmcister. Brad Bar- ber. Chris Hackwell. Not pictured: Mike Kraus. Dana Andrews Larsen, Kevin Myers. 8384 THE BEST OF TIMES On the morning of May 14th, the senior class started out for Springbrook State Park, north of Guthrie Center, on the an- nual Senior Skip Day. At Springbrook the seniors along with sponsors. John Burke and Noel Wingate, and bus driver. Dennis Petersen, enjoyed a picnic lunch and a day full of activities including hiking and swimming. The night before graduation the senior class met at the Redwood for, as Mr. Burke calls it. the “Last Supper". Dinner was served family style with a choice of tenderloin or chicken. Dave Waddell and Linda Van Horn served as Masters of Ceremonies. The Class voting, the I Wills, the I Remembers, and the Class Prophecy was read. Comments about past school memories were made by Tim Wheelock, Ryan Glissmann. Amy Andersen, and Richard Simmons. Other entertainment for the evening came from two old favor- ites from elementary - Eraser Derby and Show and Tell. Rodney Taylor came in first in the Eraser Derby. In Show and Tell Joey Kaufmann won first prize and Sue Bailey came in second. Pic 1. Master of Ceremonies - Dave Waddell tells a humorous short story about Brad Barber at the Senior Supper. Pic 2. A group of seniors showed their good spirit by climbing on the roof of the shelter for this picture. Pic 3. A few seniors braved the cold water of Springbrook Lake for a swim. Pic 4 Corey Miller and Kim Wcde- meyer relive their marriage ceremony from elementary school at the Senior sup- per.CLASS OF ’81 — THE PRIDE OF AHS Baccalaureate exercises were held May 17,1981, in the high school gym. Rev. Ken Miller gave the address. This year several songs were sung by members of the senior class. Charlie Eades sang “To Sir, With Love”, followed by Julie Williamson and Sally Dorsey singing “An Elizabethan Lullaby”. Finally the Senior Ensemble, made up of Melanie Harmsen, Sue Bailey, Sally Dorsey, Karla Larsen. Julie Wil- liamson. Dec Christensen, Ann Wessling, Joni Benton, Charlie Eades, and Brad Bar- ber sang “A Closing Prayer”. The 94th Commencement exercises were held on May 21. The class wore robes of champaigne and brown. The speakers: Joyce Vokt, Janet Jesscn, Corey Miller, and Lori Harris, were elected to speak by the senior class. Rev. Loyd Johnson gave the Invocation and Benediction. Mr. Currie presented the graduating class that had met all the re- quirements of the School Board and the State. Noel Wingate announced the names as Mervin Christensen - School Board President - presented the diplomas to the graduating seniors. Junior class president, Julie Stork, gave each graduate a silk peach rose. Pic 1. The reception line fol- lowing graduation exercises. Pic 2. The stage for bacca- laureate and graduation was decorated for the seniors by the junior class. Pic 3. Joyce Vokt Pic 4. Janet Jessen Pic 5. Corey Miller Pic 6. Lori Harris Pic 7. Jerry Hagen, Dave Waddell. Tim Wheelock, Rich- ard Grubbs, Charlie Eades, Dan Pollock. Mike Nelson, and Dave Hockenbcrry listen close- ly to events on stage. 85SENIOR AMY ANDERSEN - Golf 1,2,3,4; Softball I; Wrestling and Football cheerleader 2,3,4 Captain 3; A-Club 2,3,4; Pep Club I; NFL 1.2,3.4; Marching Band; Concert Band 1,2,3,4; Jazz Band 2,3.4; Chorus 1; Swing Choir 4; Honor Band 4; Conference Band 3,4; Drill Team 1,2; Volleyball 2. TERESA ANDERSON - Tennis Manager 3,4; Wrestling .Cheerleader 4; A-Club 4; OEA 4; Historian Reporter. Honor- able Mention at State for OEA scrapbook; Marching Band 1,2.3.4; Concert Band 1.2,3.4; Chorus 1. Vocal Festival t: Drill Team 2,3.4 Captain 4; Flag Corps 4; Who’s Who 3,4. DANA ANDREWS - Yearbook 3.4; Spy 1,2; Marching Band 1.2.3,4; Concert Band; Chorus 1,2,4; Vocal Festival 1.4. SUE BAILEY - Tennis Manager 2,3; JV Football Cheerleader 2; Basketball Cheerleader 4; A-Club 3.4; Pep Club 3.4; FFA 1; Dee lam 1,2.3.4; NFL 1.2,3.4; Yearbook 2.3.4 Editor 3; Spy Staff 1.2; Marching Band 1.2.3,4; Concert Band 1.2,3.4; Jazz Band 3 — Officer 3; Chorus 1,2.4; Swing Choir 3.4 Officer 4; Vocal Festival 2.4; Drill Team 4; National Honor Society 4; Quill and Scroll 2,3,4; Super Student 4. BRAD BARBER - Football 1.2: Golf 4; FFA; Concert Band 1.2: Jazz Band 1.2; Chorus 1.2,3.4; Swing Choir 1,2,3,4; Vocal Festival 1.2.3,4; Honor Choir 4. JAN BENTON - Basketball Cheerleader 3; A-Club 4; Pep Club 2.3.4; FHA 2,3; Spy Staff 4, Chorus 1.2; Vocal Festival 1.2; Drill Team 1.2; Homecoming Queen 4; Prom Server 2. JONI BENTON - Pep Club 4; FHA 1.2; Class Treas 1: Chorus 1.4; Drill Team 1,2,3: Head Prom Server 2. KELLY Bl RMEISTER - Class See. 2; Prom Server 2. SHELLEY CHELESVIG - Golf 1.4; Tennis 2,3; Football and Basketball Cheerleader 2.3.4; Captain 3,4; A-Club 2,3,4; Pep Club 1.2.3,4 Pres. 4; Youth Center Sec. 4; OEA 4; FHA 1.2.3,4; Chorus 1.2: Swing Choir 3,4; Sweetheart Queen Candi- date 4. DEE CHRISTENSEN Volleyball 3.4 Girls’ Track 1.2.3; Basketball Cheerleader 3; A-Club 2,3,4; Pep Club 1.2.3; FHA 2,3: Chorus 1,4; Vocal Festival 1,4 SALLY DORSEY - Volleyball 2.3.4. Tennis 2. Softball I; Basketball Cheerleader 4. A-C!ub 4. Pep Club 3.4; NFL 3.4. Yearbook 2,3; Spy Staff 2,3.4; Editor 3.4. Marching Band 1.2.3: Concert Band 1.2,3; Jazz Band 3; Chorus 1.2.4 officer 4. Band Festival 3. Vocal Festival 1; Drill Team 3; Quill and Scroll 4. CHARLES FADES - Football 1.2.3 All Conference 4 Honorable Mention All-State and Second Team Southwest Iowa 4; Wrestling 1,2,3,4 Captain 4 All Conference 2,3-4 State Qualifier 4. Bovs Track 1.2.3; Golf 4. Baseball 3; A- Club 2.3,4; Chorus 1,2.3,4; Swing Choir 1,2.3.4; Vocal Festival 1,2.3,4; Twirp King Candidate 4. Homecoming Usher 4. RYAN Gl ISSMANN Football All-Conference 3.4 — All-State and All-Southwest Iowa 4; W resiling 1,2.3,4 Captain 4 All Conference 1,3,4; Boys’ Track 1.2,3, Golf 4; Baseball 4; A-Club 2.3,4 Yearbook 2,3; Spy Staff 2,3; Home- coming King Candidate 4; Twirp King Candidate 4; Prom Server 2. Boys-Track 1.2.3,4; BaWball 2; A-Club 2.3,4; FFA 1.3;Confert Band 1.2,3; Jazz Band 2.3; Band Festival 3; Twirp King Candi- date 4; Homecoming usher 4. CHRIS HACK WELL - Football I.2.3.4 Captain 4 All- ConfifTCTice 4; Boys Track 1,2 3. Golf I; Baseball 1,2,3; A-Club 2.3,4. Chorus 2,3; Swing Choir 1 4: Vocal Festival 2 . Jl RRY HAGEN - Football I; Wrestling 1.2; Boys' Track USLAiClub 2,3,4; Art Club 1,2 BRIAN HAHN - Boys’ Basketball 1.2.3,4 Captain 3.4; Bovs Track 2; A-Club 3.4; Student Council 2,4 NFI [3,4; Yearbook 4; Spv Staff 2.3.4 Editor 3,4. Marching Barn! I; Concert Band I. Quill and Scroll 2,3,4 Pres. 4 MEI ANIR HARMSFN - Girls’ Track 4, Tcnnti 2tSoftbgll 1; Wrestling Cheerleader 1.2.4; JV Football Cheerleader 2; Foot- ball Cheerleader 4; Chorus 4; Swing Cnoir 4 Officer 4; Honor Band 4; Drill Team 2,3,4; Flag Corps 4; Homecoming usher 4; A-Club 2,3,4. LORI HARRIS - Volleyball 2,3,4 Honorable Mention All- State 3 First team All-Conference unanimous choice 4; All tournament Special Mention All-Slate 4; Girls' Basketball Captain 3 All Conference 3.4 — Most Valuable Player 3 Honorable Mention southwest Iowa 3.4; Girls’ Track 1.2,3.4 100 point club 2 - State Track 2,3; Softball 1.2,3.4; A-Club 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 2.3.4; FHA; Class Vice Pres. 2; Pres. 3; Dcclam 3.4; NFL 3.4; Yearbook 2,3: Spy Staff 1,2.3.4 Editor 4: Marching Band; Concert Band - See. 4; Quill and Scroll 4; Homecoming Attendant 3; Homecoming Queen Candidate 4; Sweetheart Queen Candidate 4; Prom Server 2. '?» DAVID HOCKENBERRY - Boy»- Basketball I: fcolf 2.3.4: FFA 2,3.4; NFL I; Marching Band 1.2,3; Concert Band 1.2.3; Sweetheart King Candidate 4 JANET JESct.N - Crosscountry 2.3; Girls’ Basketball 1,2,3.4; Girls’ Track 1.23.4 Stale Track 3 - 1980 A-C Relays Tr ick Queen; A-Club 2.3.4; Pep Club 2.3,4 See. 3: Student Council 2,3,4 Vice Pres. 3 See 4; FHA 2,3.4 Sec. S - Treas. 4; Class Pres. 1; Sec. 3|Deoam 1,2.3,4 —Outstanding at State 3-4; NFL 1.2,3.4 4- Pres 4; Yearbook 2;Spy Staff 1,2,3.4 - Editor 3.4; Marching Band 1.2,3.4; Concert B id 1,2.3.4; Jazz Band 1.2.3,4. Band f estival 2,3.4; Southwest Iowa Hbnonj Band 3.4; Central College 4. National HonorSociety 3,4; Quill and Scroll 3.4; Homecoming Attendant 2; HomecOfning Queen Candidate 4; Sweetheart Ouccn Candidale 4 Prom Server 2: Girls’jStatc 3; State of Iowa Scholar 4 I JOEY KAUFMANN - Football. Wrestling 1.2.3; Boys jTrack 1.2.3. A-Club 3.4; Youth ( enter Prc$, 4. Student Council I; FFA 1,2.i.4; Class Treas. 2-y earbeok 2.3; Qufll and Scroll 2; Homecoming usher 4; Prom Server 2. TERRY KLOPP1 BERG - Boys- Basketball I.2.3.4 Cap- tain 3,4 All-Conference 3,4: Golf I «2. 3.4. National Honor Society 3.4. Twirp King. 4 MIKE KRAUS football I; FFA 1,2,3., SHI RRY LANK - Girls’ Track 1; JV Football Cheerleader 2: Honorable Mention at State for OF.A Scrapbook; Marching Band 1,2,3; Concert Band 1,2.3. RICHARD GRUBBS - Football; Wrestling I.2.3.4; KARLA I RSFN - Tennis 2.3.4; A-Club 3.4; Yearbook 3.4;INDEX Editor 4; Sp StaffJl .2. Miching Band l.2.3.4; Concert Band 1.2.3 . Oyfus l,2jj VodP Festiil! 15,4. KAI PH A1CAFEE • Boys' Track 1,2.3: A-Club ft.4; Student Council 4; Ari Club 3. SCOTT MIKKFLSEN ■ Tennk 2; A-Club 3.4; Marching Band • I .z?3.4. C encoci Band 1.2,3,4. ( OKI MILLER football 3,4 Capiam 4%“ |l- ( on Terence 4 American High School Aihlctc 4; Bd s' Bas- k elba II Captain 3.4. Golf 1,2.314; Baseball 1,2.3.4: A C lub l,2,3,4. Student Council Pres. 4; Class Vice Pres. 3.4; Vearbook 2.3; Concert Band Pres 4; Jazz Band 1.2,3.4 Officer 4; Band Festival 3.4. National Honor Society Ho. necoming Attendant 3: Homecoming King Candidate 4; I wirp King Candidate 4 Prom Server 2 |) V|D Mil LER - FI A 1.5 3,4 Reporter 4; Sweetheart kjnp Candidate. DIANNH MILLER - Volleyball 2 5.4; Tennis Manager 4; JV Basketball and V. Wrestling Cheerleader 2.3,4; A-Club 4; Li- brarian 4; Pep Club 3.4; Yearbook 2.3; Chom 1,2,3.4; Swing Choir 3.4; Vocal Festival 1.2.3,4; Drill Team 4 KFVIN MYERS Football All-Conference 4 Boys Track A-Club 2,3.4. Art Club 3. MIKE NFUPON •] I f A 1.2,3. DFANNA PARKER - FHA 2.3; Marching Band 1.2,3.4; Con- cert Band; Chorus 1.2; Honor Band 2. Atlantic High School 1; Walnut High School 2 Cheerleader 2; OEA 4; Marching Band 1.2.3,4; Concert Band 1,2,3.4. Chorui I; Who's Who 3. LINDA VANHORN - Golf 1,2; A-Club 2.3.4; OEA 4 See 4; Dedam 1.2; Debate I; NFL 1.2.3,4; Marching Band 1,2,3; C rcert BandujfJ; Drill Team 1,2. JOYCE VOKT - Volleyball 2.3,4; Girls Basketball I; Girl s Track 1,2.3.4; SoftballN.2,3.4 — Conference Honorable Men- tion Jf3: A-Club L2.3.4; OEA 4 Vice Pres. 4; Class Treas. 3; See 4; Marching Band J.2; Concert Band 1,2; Drill Team 2.3; Homecoming Attendant I; Homecoming Queen Candidate 4; Prom Server 2. V, DAVID WADDELL - Football 1,2,3.4 Captain 3.4 — All- Conference 2.3.4 — MVP Defense 3.4 First Team All-State 4; Wrestling fc.3,4 — Captain 4 — All-Conference 2.3 — State Qualifier 2,3.4 - Hyrd Place at State 4; Boys’ Track 2,3; Baseball 1,2,3,4; A-Club Youth Center Vice Pres 4 Student Council 3, National Honor £oact 4. Homecoming Attendant Homecoming KmgjCandidate 4, Ppm Server 2; T wirp King candidate 4 KIM WEDEMEYER -Crosscountry 2; ( s "Brack 12J.4; Softball I 2.3.4; Wrestling C beer leader 1.2.3i.4;| ootball Chjcr- leader 4 1 Captain 4; A-Club; Librarian I; Pep Oub 1.2 3,4 Vice Pres. 4 FHA 1,2.3.4; Class Sec. I; Trees 4. Mardhing Band; Concert Band 1,2.3,4; Honor Band 4; National Honor Soc ty 3?4. Sweetheart Queer Candidate 4 LINDA WEDEM BR - Vollevhgll 2.3.4; Girls' Basketball 1,2; Girls Track Manager 1,2,3. Softball 1,2.3,4; A-Club fcf.3,4; Librarian I. Pep Club 1.2,3.4 — See 4; OEA 4. Prom Server 2; Homecoming'Usher 4. TROY .ELDERSEN - Football I; Bovs Track 1. Baseball I; ffr M- 1 1 V RON PENT ON - Youth Center Treas 4; FT A 1.2.3,4; Sweet- heart King 4 jj|y DAN POLl.CK K - Bovs Basketball 1; jjfiolf 1,3.4. Tftnis 2; OEA 4 -«Trees. 4; Prom Server 2. w % Jit I tRRY POTiEBAL'M Boys Track 1,2.3; FFA 1.2,3. MIKE RETfc Football Captaiij 4 All-Conlcr encS.4 MVP Offtse 4 Most I mproved Player D. Boys’ Basketball 1 3.4. Tinis 2.3; Baseball 2; A-Club 3.4pStudcnt Councm5; Class Vice Pres I; Pres. 2.4 NFL. 3,4 r Sffper State 4; Spy Staff 2; Concert Band 1; National Honor Society 3.4, Homecoming Attendant 1; Homcrarning King 4; Twirp Candi- date 4; Prom Server 2; Boys’ State 3. RICHARD SIMMONS - Boys’ TrackJl.2,3.4. A-Club 2.3.4. KFRRIE SMITH - Volleyball 2.3.4; Girls Basketball; Girls’ Track 1,2.3,4; Softball 1,2.3.4; A-C lub 2.3.4; Librarian 1.2; Pep Club 1.2,3; Student Council 3.4 Treas. 4; FHA 1,2.3; FFA 1.2,3.4 Pres. 4 Treas. 3 Member of the Year 4; NFL 3.4; Sweetheart Queen 4; Prom Server 2 ANN WESSHNG Girls' Tr ck 1.2.1 A-Club 2.3.4 Pep Club 2.3,4; I HA r.,1.3.4; IT A I 2i3.4lChorus 1.4; ca(l esn- val 1.4; Drill Team 1.2.3; Sweeth3ri Queen Candidate 4; Prom Server 2. TIM WHEELOCl - football £2.3,4 AU-Confcrencc L4. First Team All-Southwest low.i 4 All Slate 4. Wrestling 1.2.3,4 J Captain 4 - A tonBencd 2.3.4, Boys track I?" Golf 2-5.4; Baseball T.2.3.4. Club 1,2,3,4; Twjrp Prince 4; PronvServor 2 || Y 40 JULfE WILLIAMSON - Volleyball 3 — Manager 4; Pep Club M, Dec lam I.2J.4; NFl IJfi.4; Yearboc 2.1.4 -Photogra- pher 3,4; Sf Staff 2.3.4; Marching Band 1.2. .4; Concert Band L2 .4; Ja z Band 3.4; Choris 1,2,4. Swing C hoir 4 Officer 4; Band Festival 2.3.4; Honor Band 3,4; VocaF-Fest va! .3.4; National Honor Society 3.4; Quill and Scroll 3.4 fl| 4 RODNEY TAYLOR - Football 1; FFA 2,3; Boys’ Basketball 2. GARY VAIS - Football 1.2,3.4; A-Club 2.3.4; FFA 1.2,3.4- See. 4 Reporter I; Sweetheart King Candidate 4. SHARON VAIS Volleyball 2,3; Girls’ Track 1.2; JV Footballwj AHSthis year, proved to be an exciting adventureland for «any of us. The highlights of the year were the three conference championships brought home by the volleyball team, the speech department, and the girls' track team. The country itself saw an election of a new president and the release of our American hostages from Iran. We also saw attempts on the lives of President Reagan and Pope John Paul II. There have been many things this year that have not been pleasant, but we have learned from the and they have renewed a sense of pride in America that moot of us have never seen. We hope you have enjoyed this yearbook with its coverage of not Just school events Out also world events. I would like to thank my staff for doing a great Job of getting thin book put together this year. — {arla Larsen - editor; Staff: Sue Bailey, Julie Williamson, Debbie Masker, Jill Neighbors, Kris Behnken, Brian Hann, Julie Stork, Karlc llennen, Clayton Christensen, Jack Barber, Rhonda Bartelson Shelly Scott, Teresa Phillips, Scot Bailey, an) Mrs. Cheryl McCaskey - adviaex.

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