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 - Class of 1957

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I Mk? :U I 1 if ,K 'kc ANITA PIGH SCHOOL Aruta Iowa THE SPARTAN .au-P' .Am-sag 'fukin -15-H. 02,51 gl 4 -fy-5' Chin 5 lin!! In appreciation for her never ending cheer- fulness, her helpfulness, and her devotion to Anita High School and its students, we, the Spartan Staff of 1957 , dedicate this yearbook to ------------- Mrs . Ella Henneberg Ad m il1istrati 0n +fPg.' vb A,, ,gf ge Nu 134' 1, 1 f if 9' . xxx I ,ix Message aiienged 1' X .,. , 'gt ' nt' 5 'ti be ch ' ' rney rmtende that they wt ring their you Strength Supe f rn eariy 'mes du strong . re and ost tea many ti must he oi statu ong Boys and giris m 'oy various ohstacies many , through iiie . 'Yo meet this chaitenge they ot an individuai does not mean that he be iarge weigh more than his tetiovvs . Some ot the marks ot a str person are courage, honesty, tairness, iaith, and ciean iiving . We hope that the Anita Schools wiii aivvays promote toothaii teams, ciass piays, musicai activities and academic ciasses that wiii teach and promote the above quaiities . Aiso it is good tor us ati to iearn that 'oy cofoperation, atticipation and ioyaity that we can accompiish much ommunity . Pfesxa em wining p chooi and c WILLIA M MCI N-I-YRE GAIL BURKE tor our s Sec M ref ISS VEDAagyAI I-EY -v-I was In a efforts ppfecia and tiOn ?3DOI'tunityhard Workfof their ne a b rd I. S' e pr , ette of E mc this OV11'1g our I' place ducation ere thank SchO01 n WhiCh t for mak- S ' O live 1-Hg by im AN Better Y ITA LUMBER CO Our Hom . e--Bett er Your Living 'D V'--ab, MRS ' FIELD LD EN ARNO .5 Educa ti D rmclpal s Message on is the by-product of valence table, five ythagorean theorem, patterns, diagrams, four t' technique: plus a lot of hardwork and s ' -four-t our time ' acrtiice wo, blueprints , Journals, CUIT on the part of th CH WAYNE RI CE SERVI NDARD TKINIS STA ' d WA r.s Best Frlen Ca YOUY , fast b entev e stud reak, ents, dissection ent, teacher, and parent. ERBER PAUL X1 MISS ERM.A GRABILL B.S. MR. CHARLES SALMON B MISS ERMINE M BROWN B A Homemakin, General Math Librarian English Vik. NY, . fl! -sv"-Q lb .Q G, f fr. if . . Us ' 1- V' 23' I. MR. IACK BIAZEK B.A. Physical Education MISS ELIZABETH CORPUZ B.A. Dramatics and English r MR VIRGIL FRYB MRS H A MCDERMOTTB MR PRED IAMSON 1 -C S... Seniors Seniors PATTY BAILEY "She is master of her fielis, and few fields she dldn't master". I".H.A., 3,-1. F.T.A., 3.4. Declaml 1, 2 , Glee Club, 1. Sigma Beta Chi, 4. Basketball, 1,2,3. Annual Staff, 4. Class 1 '1 Play, 3. YQ:-., 1 rf .1 A, X1 ' K. A. ..l,4f1'f's.. , 'Q Q tx, Q' FRANCIS VAIS 'He has that quiet, peaceful, look in his eye ------------ when he's asleep." nr Track, l,2. Sigma Beta Chi, 4. ' " 5 I I' N . ,ir BOBBY IO DAVIS "She ls often seen, but seldom heard." G.A.A. , l,2,3, Declam, 2 Glee Club, l,Z. Mixed Chorus, 2. Majorette, 2. Class Play, 3. '5-ff. ian' 1' ,Q Erm- ' n I 'af x Ns-..-ff KA .,A tv, 1 TN -,- x s, s f' t :X . " .ff-' K a i 5 LYNN BISSELL "likable lil tl lovable sort .11 WAY' .. l'.T.A., 3,-l. "A" Club, l,Z,3, 4. Student Council, 3,4. Slvnna Beta Chl, 4. Football, l,Z,3. Track, 3. Bamball, l,L. Glee Club, l,3,f2. ftfltifijlllflgi Bani, l, Z,3,4. Concert Band, l,3,3,4. Dance Band, Z,3,4. Vocal Solo, 4. Quartet, l,4. Double Quar- tet, l. Annual Staff, 4. Class Play, 3. Clasg1OfflCCr, l,3,4. School Paper Staff, 4. IARRY RAY "All great men are dying. I don't feel well myself. " F.T.A., 3,4. Student Council 3,4. Sigma Beta Chl, 4. Bas- ketball, l,2. Football, 3. Foot- ball Manager, l. Glee Club l,4. Mixed Chorus, l, 4 Marching Band, l,2,3,4. Con- cert Band, l,2,3,4. Dance Band, 3. Annual Staff, 4. Class Play, 3. 1 LILLIAN PHILLIPS "Something old, something new that's what she ls looking for- ward to." l'.H.A., 3,4. F.T.A., 3,4. G. A.A., l,2,3. Declam, l,2,3. Glee Club,l,Z,3. Basketball, l,2,3. Mlxed Chorus, 2.3. Annual Staff, 4. Class Play Manager, 3. HAROLD SCARLETT "Ho is silent, he ls shy, but there ls mlschlef Sigma Beta Chl, 4. Football, l, 2,3,4. Choral Reading, 3. RONALD IUST "He may be quiet in school, but you'd be surprised." Sigma Beta Chi, 4. Basketball, 1,2. Glee Club, l. Choral Reading, 3. PHYLLIS CARLSON "Quietness is her loudest feature." F.T.A., 3,4. G.A.A., l,2,3. Declam, 3. Pep Club, 4. Bas- ketball, l,2,3,4. Glee Club, 1. Annual Staff, 4. Class Play, 3. School Paper Staff, 4. DALE DORSEY What's the use of all this strife and hurrying through life." "A" Club, 1, 2 , 3 ,4 . Sigma Beta Chi, 4. Basketball, l,2,3,4. Football, l,2,3,4. 'Track, 1,2, 3. Baseball, l,2. BARBARA REYNOLDS 'She loves every min- ute she lives." P.H.A., 3,4. F.'l'.A., 3,4. G. A.A., l,2,3. Declam, 2,3,4. Sigma Beta Chi, 4. Drum Majorette, 4. Glee Club, l,4. Marching Band, 1,2,3,4. Vocal Solo, 4. Sextet, 4. Trio, 4. Annual Staff, 4. Class Play, 3. in 4- .- , 4, 'f if x -Q--Y' .w l s..- .v P ,." '?P?rQe-f?7Q- , 1 "'..a1aj, 3215 .. .4 , 1 ., ,xl 5 2 3 . ' J 'PRR 14" rm 'iv 'Fi '-K' 'uf 1.49 QW? '-"" ' N HAZEL DAVIS "Not too sober, not too gay, but a real nice girl in every way. " F.H.A., 3,4. G.A.A.1,2,3. Declam, 2,3,4. Pep Club, 4. Basketball, l,2,3. Annual Staff, 4. LARRY MCIAUGHLIN "I'm not a woman hater: I just have to study." "A" Club, 2,3,4. Sigma Beta Chi, 4. Basketball, l,2,3,4. Football, l,2,3,4. Track, 1,2 3,4. Marching Band, l,2,3,4. Concert Band, l,2,3,4. Annual Staff, 4. Choral Reading, 3. Class Officer, 4. School Paper Staff, 4. MARILYN CHAPMAN "In life she finds a lot of fun but when there is work she gets it done. " F.T.A., 3.4. Student Council, 3. Pep Club, 4. Glee Club, l. Marching Band, l,2,3,4. Clari- net Quartet , 2 , 3 , 4 . Annual Staff, 4. Cheerleader, 3. Class Officer, 4. RICHARD BEAMAN 'Always that grin: big and wide: his happiness is hard to hide. " Sigma Beta Chi, 4. Basketball Manager, 4. Football Manager, 4. Bus Driver, 4. Class Offi- cer, 2. School Paper Staff, 4. Exira, 3 . I 9 l SHERRILL MORGAN "The best sense of all-- Common Sense." F.H.A., 3,4. F.T.A., 3,4. G.A.A., l,.Z,3. Declam, l,2,3, 4. Sigma Beta Chi, 4. Basket- ball, l,Z. Basketball Manager, 4. Glee Club, l,Z,3,-1. Mixeti Chorus, l,Z,3,-1 . Marching Band, l,2,3,4. Concert Band, l,2,3,4. Vocal Solo, Z,3,4. Trio, 4. Quartet, 3. Sextet, 2,3,4. Annual Staff, 4. Class Play, 3. School Paper Staff, 4. Choral Reading, 3. GARY SYMONDS "A little nonsense now and then is relished by the best of men." "A" Club, 2. Student Council, 2,4. Sigma Beta Chi, 4. Base- ball, l,2. Basketball, 1,2 . Football, 1. Bus Driver, 3,4. Stage Hand fClass Playl, 3. Class Officer, 3. Duke At- tendant, 2. School Paper Staff, 4. GERALDINE ROBINSON "She has a charming personality that makes us all her friends." F.H.A. 3,4. F.T.A. 3,4. G.A. A., 3. Student Council, 4. Pep Club, 4. Glee Club, 4. Mixed Chorus, 4. Marching Band, 3,4. Concert Band, 3,4. Clarinet Quartet, 4. Annual Staff, 4. Choral Reading, 3. School Paper Staff, 4. Wiota, l,2. RICHARD LINDBLOM "A chap who doe sn't let study interfere with his educat1on." "A" Club, l,3,4. Pep Club, 4. Sigma Beta Chi, 4. Baseball, 2. Basketball Manager, l. Football Manager 1,2,3. Class Play, 3. 10 GARY SIMON "What he's been taught he's forgotten, what he knows he guessed . " "A" Club, Z. Sigma Beta Chl, 4. Football, l,.Z,3,4. Football Captain, 4. Track, l,Z. Annual Staff, 4. Stage hanuIClass Playl 3. School Paper Staff, 4. x SHARON KIRKHAM "L1kable and Laughable and a wonderful person to know." F.T.A., 3,4. G.A.A., l,2,3. Student Council, 1. Pep Club, 4. Basketball, l. Marching Band, l,Z,3,4. Ma1orette,l,2, 3,4. Annual Staff, 4. Cheer- leader, 2,3,4. Class Play, 3. Queen Attendant, l. Choral Reading, 3. IERI MILIARD "A woman is as old as she looks, a man is never old until he stops looking." F.T.A., 3,4. "A" Club, 1. Student Council, l. Sigma Beta Chi, 4. Baseball, l,2. Basket- ball, l,2,3,4. Football, 3,4. Football Manager, l,2. Track, 3,4. Glee Club, l,2,3. Mixed Chorus, l,2,3. Marching Band, l,Z,3,4. Concert Band, l,2,3, 4. Annual Staff, 4. School Paper Staff, 4. Class Play, 3. MARLENE AUPPERLE "She is small, but so is an Atom." F.T.A., 3,4. G.A.A. l,2,3. Declam, l. Student Council, 2. Pep Club, 4. Glee Club, l. Marching Band, 3,4. Cheer- leader, l,4. Queen Attendant, 3,4. Class Officer, 4. IOHN PEARSON "I owe much, I have nothlng, the rest I leave to the poor." Sigma Beta Chl, 4. Basketball, 1,2. Football, l,2,3,4. Track, l,2,3. Glee Club, l,3,4. Mix- ed Chorus, 3,4. Annual Staff, 4. Class Play, IUDY MINER "Witty and lively and full of fun. A good friend and a true one." F.H.A., 3. F.T.A., 3,4. G.A. A., l,2,3. Declam, l,2,3. Sigma Beta Chl, 4. Basketball, l,2,3,4. Glee Club, l,2,3,4. Mixed Chorus, l,2,3,4. March- ing Band, l,2,3,4. Concert Band, l,2,3,4. Dance Band, 2,3,4. Instrumental Solo, 4. Sextet, l, 2, 3, 4. Trlo 4. Trumpet Quartet, l. Brass Sextet, 2,3,4. Class Play Manager, 3. Choral Reading. G. School Paper Staff, 4. Class Officer, 3. ROBERT IUST His quiet sincerity wins him friends . " Sigma Beta Chl, 4. Basketball, 1,2 . Choral Reading , 3 . in PEGGY TICKNOR "A Silver dollar she ls quite a scholar." F.H.A. 3,4. F.T.A., 3,4. G.A. A., l,2,3. Declam, l,2,3. Sigma Beta Chl, 4. Basketball, l,2,3,4. Glee Club, 1,2. Mix- ed Chcrus, 2. Majorette, l,2,3. Choral Reading 3. School Paper Staff, 4. f? 'lilo Q 1 .fl iQ. ...Y- "5"-.5 v' 'IU' IU' 11' Qffrv MARGARET CHRISTENSEN "Not very large and not very tall but good and sweet and liked by all." G.A.A., l,2,3. Declam, 1,2. Glee Club, l. Cheerleader, 1,2. Class Play, 3. Annual Staff, 4. GALEN SCHOLL "Work fasclnates me, I could slt and watch lt for hours." "A" Club, 2 , 3 , 4 . Sigma Beta Chi, 4. Football, 2,3,4. Foot- ball Captain, 4. Track, 4. Baseball, 1,2 . Glee Club, l. Marching Band, l,2,3. Concert Band , 1, 2,3 . Class Officer, 2. Choral Reading, 3. IERRY BAILEY "A sensible girl with a studlous mind." F.H.A., 3,4. F.T.A., 3,4. G.A.A., l,2,3. Declam,1,2,3, 4. Basketball, 1,2. Basketball Manager, 4. Glee Club, 1,2. Marching Band, 2. Concert Band, 2. Class Play, 3. TOM DORSEY "Shark in sports. . . . and other things too. " F.T.A., 3,4. "A" Club, l,2,3, 4. Sigma Beta Chi, 4. Basket- ball, l,2,3,4. Football, l,2,4. Track, l,3. Baseball, 1,2. Marching Band, 1. Concert Band, l. Choral Reading, 3. Class Officer, 1. School Paper Staff, 4. ll PQ ffeffpf si' , s . 2 w X315 - , W ' ff X ffl 5.1, 1 I Q' L. LaRUE, M. Lf? wnsdf ECONOMY ENOCKSON'S SHOE STORE Freezer Fresh Ice Cream For Those Who Demand Quality Phone 103W Atlantic, Iowa Ly' , .ft .,.. .- 'gl ! g ., , Coe .5 "0f'1 V .. 10:5 DWIGHT GARD MaDONNA WILL ROGER SCOTT CHERYL SMITHER f ies 6' 'FT ' I r 1 . li 14 TOP ROW: DONNA ENFIELD, DUANE KLINE, LARUE TAYLOR, MAURINE SHANNON DEAN WHEELOCK MYRNA STEINMETZ LYLE LAARTZ KAREN CI-IADWICK JACKIE BOEDECKER ROGER EUSSELMAN MARDELLE CHRISTENSEN ICE CREAM 6 SANDWICH BAR Sandwiches, Ice Cream Root Beer, Coffee Mg ' ,. - 7 ,G s4ll . ,.., ff' is . I BYRON BISSELI. IOAN MISNER RICHARD LETT BARBARA KRAMER IIM PHILLIPS .ol VAREL BAILEY DONNA NEWELL DWAIN PIERCE BEVERLY GRESS 15 Sophomores FOURTH ROW: Carla Moore, Terry Ray, Robert Matthews, Barry Burke, Loranc Dorsey, Douglas McLuen, Daniel Darrow, David Kell Ronald Gress, Lawrence Eden, Hans Iohnson, Kendall Petergen. THIRD ROW: Merlyn Chafizvick, Larry Zimmerman, Leonard Thoulen Keith Tlcknor, Merejitn Steele, Connie Maao, Betty Cron, Charlotte Rced, Nyla Chrletczisen, Iackie Scholl, Ella Dorsey Y , , Milured Scarlett, Charles Beaman. SECOND ROW: Ruth Holalay, Janice Larsen, Loizl Mikkelsen, Frances Suplee, Melanie Chadwick, Kathryn Glynn, Darlene Uhlmann, Loren Scholl, Ioann Survey, Dan Brownsberqer, Carol Doreey, Patty Deeming, Leonard Garside. FRONT ROW: Jeannette Wiernann, Iuay La.i5er, Marlene Dorsey, Iane Parker, Vera Nelsen, Sharon Hamann, Kay Ioiinson, Donna Kramer, Ianet NeweLl, Iuiy Exline, Sharon Gisaible, Karen Hamann. ,ur 4.9 f I 'L 16 xv-,, 1 'L ,-3-xyary ,. ,Half 1:"" "E, ,ff A i if PAUL KELLY General Repair Work , f s s A .i r ff 1 fl t, .4 Q, I' N X 4 ,R ff . ' sy' - . . A L 1 1 Q f B - . S' 571, I ' r , . C M I if l 'A' Freshmen THIRD ROW: Evelyn Ie-:en, Betty Reynolds, Donald Taylor, Alan Kline, Bill Shultz, Craig Eubaen, Martha Barbour, Charles Retiburn, Bill Darrow, Ioc Barbour, Dale Fusselman, Karen Mortensen, Carolyn Millari, Doll Hansen, Daryl Dresulor, Linda Schirm, Ioe Kelly. SECOND ROW: Donna Titus, Cc-orrje Baylor, Nancy Spry, Nancy larztz, Judy Griffin, Vince Hughes, Sharon Kluever, Larry Barber, Lilas Heath, Larry Morgan, RuLh Possohl, Morvin Robison, Sue Turner, Tom Miner, Carolyn Symonds. FIRST ROW: Judy Karns, Ronnie Simon, Gary Nelson, Iack Morgan, Melvin Kanl, Gary Miller, lorry Nelson, Charles Van Aornam, Ronnie Exline, Mardell Nelsen, Iudy Davis, Bonnie Titus, jerry Karnxr, Rug: cll Lett, Iuuy Brownsliorgor. YRON THIS-- U 1 it o, . TO THIS! MILLER'S LOCKERS Phone 142 Anita, Iowa FRESHMAN CIASS '53 TOURNAMENTS 5-Q, GED G C' Y. ' .., WATCHING THE GAME! .1 I! .I V I V, 4 fum I wt ,.nu.!'.,,,4 ' IT USED TO BE! BOBO 1 , o ' c . 'xnxx wg . vt c -, , ' .5 J . . N , Y V, PATH GARY N' ' '- ' I T ' - ' . . , BIG 102 WHATS UP? V - ff' 'ff' 1 A qwsf , 51 ff Lx. ,M 'fu " ., sf' z-, 3 -'Q .. I Nb 'f ff lc i 4 'R "" '1"'f"1lf'-'-'f'-A+-....w'f. ff- ,L ff-Lf.. v 1 'VN Z! ' A ' J, ,L is ga, . V 1 P gggxgytig , Y ,Q ,ww CINITIATION IHA!! , if if "' REE OF A KIND! IANET -I SWING IT! A COUPLE! ,, -, ,gy 'K Q: OLD COUPLES ERMA COKE PARTY! AAA TEX wa" ENR. ,flex . ' f -. " SMILE CHEERLEADERSI OH GARY!!! lf DANC1NG IN THE GOOD WHAT'S WRONG SUE T. , CAROLYN M. , OLD DAYS. SHERRILL? AND LITTLE IERI M. 18 BONNESEN'S ANITA S- I O ATLANTIC 4 ' jef, 'iJf5':P'. N fini' Y., 1' Iv 4' A.. E355 . . Sr 1, -4, M J V- '-A.. Nw,:f49 f. - 1,,.,.y,g N Q Music 1 - Q fa 9? 3 - 4 A Q Q Mrxed Chorus BACK ROW: ber: LO Rignrz Don Taylor, Mervizu Robison, Kent Srocknam, Terry Ray, Doug McLuc:x, Lynn Bissell, john Pcaraon, Lyle Laarlz, Varel Bailey, Byron Bissell, Barry Burke, Daryl Drcssler, Merlyn Chaniwiclc, Melvin Kanl. MIDDLE ROW: Russell Lett, Ruin HoQa.1a',', Inq' Brownsberger, Cnarlctie Reed, Iuly Miner, Sue Dre.-zsler, Carla Moore, Barbara Rcynolis, Danna Enficlri, LaRue Taylor, ,Sn-:rrill Morgan, Lynne Robison. FRONT ROW: Torn Miner, Madonna Will, Karen Hamann, Sue Turner, Gemlriine Rolziztson, Lcrane Dorsey, Betty Reynolda, Shari Robson, Janet Taylor, Morcriltli Steele, Sharon Gissiblo, Jackie Karns, Nancy Spry, Larry Ray, lorry Karns. Instrumental Aecompanists JANET MEREDITH CARLA rv ! ANITA STATE BANK Service Since--1876 Continuous Banking Get Going . . .Start Saving! .ao- Vucal Accompanists BACK ROW: Sue Drcssler, Lorano Dorsey, Shari Robson. FRONT ROW: LaRue Taylor, Ianet TRIO QUARTET SUE LARRY--LYNN--DOUG MERLYN LYNN- - DON NA THE REDWOOD Steak s"ChickenfShrimp 1 Phone 144 Amta Ioxxa l l .- NJ xro op FRONT ROW M .J 1 Korn Hou 1 urur cr m o Lcruvoljor w r x mee' 5 r f' To 1TQIJE T1 Nor it .a RIGHT bIDE Barb xr r Rox r rm Iv r T -af' Ll uL Qu L Girls Trio Girls Trio LEFT TO RIGHT Barwam Rsfrol LEFT TO RIGHT Ianct Taylor LQRQL IJ Mmpr she rlll Morqaw Taylor Carl Mocr FARMERS CO OP Phone 49 Amta, Iowa Try Your Co operauve First. Vl,DLLll 51 nh as .BA BACK ROW: Left to Right: Mer- 51th Sn-ole, Surf Dre.,:,1cr, Lyzxr. Bm, ill, LL1RuQ Txlyicr, 1111.01 Tuyirgr. FRONT ROW: Slmmn Glil23ilW1C', Lhxum Erxficlu, Shcrull Morgan, Bnrlmnl Roym IANET TAYLOR BETTY REYNOLDS SHERRILL MORGAN :mi , or -II4' , A! L! x,:i If 1: LYIC fill ROBISO ' xx ILJH TMIALR LQR U lj TAY LOR ,4 Y FAU LKNER INSURANCE AGENCY Solon A. Kama, Mgr. Mzxita, Icx-:a "Depcmiab1c Inrsuumcc In -1 'I' Marchmg Band A , P 5- K, BARBARA REYNOLDS CAROLYN SYMONDS DONNA NEWELL SHARON GRIFFIN SHARI ROBEJON VERA NELSON SHARON KIRKHAM IUIJY BROWNuBLRL1ER DR. R. BASIL WEIR HOWMR.J':v Denust MQn'5 unflBoy.'C,lfnIn1z11 Atlantic, Iowa 4 lo Chestnut bt Pham- ul AUGIIIIC, Iowa of 'it "iei,a it Q- v... Concert Band BACK ROW LL ft to Rlght Al rn Burr L Judy Mlner Irm Nel or Larry Ray Doug Iewett Lynn Blssell Rlcnar Woods Byron Bissell Barry Burke Vrrel Balle Nyla CNYXSILII Q Ierl Mlllarc. Ro,er Scott THIRD ROW Marlene Aupperle Kay johnson Iaret Taylor Jeannette WICNBP LaRue Taylor Larry McLaugrun Meredx h Steele Sue Turner Sue Dressler SECOND ROW Mr Eloe C arlotte Ree Torn Mlner Mary An McLatrc'1l1 Morgan Terry Ray Carolyn Millard Jane Parler IllXlI'lIIllLllldl Solos K ROW l ll 1 x u 1 lu ltr Rlclnru Wooclx 1nttTaxlo Run! bum t Nl RUW 4 IN: 1 Mtndltlr Stull Cul: Moon lucy Mlmr Mrdonn Wxll CIIAPMAIX b W Pictu' NM A ni IL 1l'L 'XX 1 ,. , 177,11 V Q or 2 ' , 4 : 1 . 1 9 ' ' w Y E . 9 , ,A . ' z ' 1 A' Q- ' A , 3 4' 4 A' " A A ,. A e . f t at - .. Q R at an , 5 we M- - - , ' A- -' ,, . .. -,., fb '14, : 2 ' : i '1-, ' V ' S 1, ' , , ' , ' 'i , ' , ' , 1 Y, A ' X '11, ' ' 4, 1' . 1 Kent Stockham, Carla Moore, Marilyn Chapman, Geraldine Robtnsgen, Madonna Will. FRONT ROW: Snerrrll , K , V , L . 1 I U 1 . ' ' 2 . H ,V .rr E , .1 N N C 1 .v tr Rl-JIM: Knj Inhm: n, Su' 3 was H , . ' :, IL N Ll' 7, 1 K' "S: , " 3 Tlmxlnllm- Rm--l, Suv' Ill'l, " K . H -, . . H, " S , K gr ", 'I N , t 1 U',, Clarinet Quartet LEFT TO RIGHT: Tom Miner, Carla Moore, Doug McLuen, Marilyn Chapman. Anita , -af, Sax Quartet Kay Iohnson, Ianet Taylor, Sue Dressler, Meredith Steele. in" V THE GOLDEN RULE Ready-to-Wear Iowa Kay johnson Tanet Tay lor Charlotte Reed Sue Dress Sax Sextet ler Sue Turner Meredith Steele Dyanne Long Clarinet Quartet Mary Ann McLaughlin Geraldine Robinson Madonna Will ANITA TRIBUNE ommumty Servmg the Anna C For Over 70 Years' Phone ' O7 fi! 1. Brass Sextet Allan Burke, Iudy Miner. H-Q Richard Woods, Bryon Bissell, Kent Stockman, Roger Scott, ,a it . ' j 1 ' lair fa' - I - ,. f-AQJA M A "1 Q. 'fQ'i.'4f1'.' ' V '34 we ffcfiff., v - A 1 1, 2. ' fi'-. X. w 'Y '- ' 5 694 fm' 'Q 'a -.. 'Q 'ag 1 ,, . V, 2.11: Fame , X 'fn .nr f4."'.'f"?e7Y1'3'Q.i1 . -. .' 5 Q ' R113 'W 1 .1 Tig-'or as ,A 1343. , I 6 BAND AT !'g7'j5k. f I . . '- OMAHA ' X ' . - 'Wif e Sf ' M Y, 5 1 Ly ,U Q' ..',,,,...- 4 D V . 'S " , Junior Band BACK ROW: Dlck Whetstone, Lilas Heath, Ella Dorsey, Kent Stockham. MIDDLE ROW: Mildred Scarlett, Roger Scott Varel Bailey Iim Nelsen, Mervin Robison. FRONT ROW: Ruth Holaday, Sue Turner, Ieannette Wleman, Carolyn Millard, Sharon Kleuver Allan Burke KENNETH LARSEN Phone 73 Anita, Iowa Larsen's " 66 " Station Activities L Cheerleaders SHARON H MARLENE A SHARON G SHARON K SUE D IANET T ROGER S BARBER SHOP Amta Iowa ANTHONY S Clothes For The Famlly Atlarmc Iowa Sharon Hamann, Sharon Kirkham, Sharon Gissible, Ianet Taylor, Marlene Aupperle, Sue Dressler. 4 Y MARLENE A. SHARON K. -Q. . IANET T. DEP Clllb sus D. BACK ROW: Cheryl Smithers, Phyllis Carlson, Carolyn Millard, Lorane Dorsey, Warren Christensen, Roger Prisselman, Dean Wneelock, Nyla Christensen. THIRD ROW: Nancy Spry, Ruth Possehl, Nancy Lantz, LaRue Taylor, Beverly Gress, Linda Schirm, Evelyn lessen, Ella Dorsey. SECOND ROW: Marcielle Chirstensen, Sharon Kluever, Ioan Dorsey, ' K Ieannette Wieman, Lilas Heath, Iudy Exline, Iudy Davis, Mardelle Nelson. FRONT P ROW: Hazel Davis, Maurlne Shannon, Jim Nelson, Geraldine Robinson, Roger Scott, Madonna Will. SEATED: Karon Mortensen, lim Phillips, Marilyn Chapman. . x SHARON G. SHARON H. Pl.-XNCHE'S BEAUTY SALON Permanent Waving Anita, Iowa liair Shaping 61 Styling :none -10 llair Tinting -- Manicurinq 31 , Gary Simon gon, Larly M lust, Barba Sch vi BACK ROW: Alla sponsor. 0, Student C n Kline, Daryl Dressler SECOND ROW: Kay IO' .lane Kline, Ga-'V Syfnond ' 0ul1 ll , Doug McLuen, Ilm Phillips, Barry Burke, Mr. Deskin, nnson, Nancy Spry, Mourlne Shannon, Larry Ray. FRONT ROW- n Blssell, Geraldine Robinson. BA Ck RO W' Pear 'R clence C ub f Rfchafff Ufldblofn, Gary Symonds H lfj f' , In - fiaugnlln, Francis Vals, Dale Dorsey, ML John OH I4 MFG ReYI7OlO'.s. FRONT ROW' Larry Ray, jg,-1 Mfgldrdl Rmhard BMHUIMI 7.0 , dv' Miner, Peggy Tlcxnor, jerry Bagley, pam, Haney, ShQ,r1HMf . St -f , R U rn Dorsey, Gglajrzt 779 Mal lrflfm, ICE In IGSQSTOS SC Sef- Ci-,lf E310-f1J,1rJV f O RW" ' R95 ' 1 113 cal e5 uanc ' 11App UTI Srna . rjcrvifjf. llrxlwlll 32 V. 31, "Ty, 4 . " .Mx ., L 'AA 1 as Rm 3 X T GYQ. il NN Ocxu XmcXocY ui x Xaux 'Yom OK ae bn Bb- uv BMX SECOND OKN Bvow muon pix wam Sbaix Robson Q rc vi 'ma Cx im obuwon bl one Vxobx xi hoe P-up edc YR 'Y O ein M xxhxncv cw, Bu ul what xwfx Chapman x X va mm 1 Y axw XC: Box ,- c7 4: V apu Skakk L MT VWWY NWN Lv xx xum x X mpg 4 3, N X ,X yy X RVN X W 1 D NX UI mu K1 an X RON Y O bn K A no Ruby x xgwv, K, K hx Amit a, IOWG A R11 H PAV IRIX Q x X XX yJ FUTURE 41 p N' 44' 1 f?fx71.w L, -1,p br J Sr, f M fffgyy ,,f.Q"9f fslffc Q fl . liifffww X 2 , V 4',. A, ""f . p. H- Vip, ,, 'fx'-'fX,,.L, , ' JOY, X. , " f,p,f,,,, , ' 1-2 'J ,bwhp v..j.',.,,, x Q4 Q F "" T. ,, f vzlrf' x 4' , 4,254-1' ff' Q. ,1- Q, I I.. 5" mg- E 4 Y Aff'-, U gh' M J 5-'1JCLf I J lu ,, 5? 4 .sw "K ,J ,CK , Offcifv Hflgjq- N fy--up b :M DI I Barham :Qi COAQQ 2,0112 ' f 'f , J Or fQk,9, ,q1','V.'gff1fQ3,?Ohf-:V.QW ' dr-v lfiu' JUOL- P I i ,. lwfzbff' 'f:'C-.1f- W- 'f '+'7.r1G AM .1 ,PO Q - QQ ,N f Gf'g-.V.4,f,,hi Qrrp 5 . . ' fflfrf' IM 'bK1,4'?.S.z' QGJIUI y, A'71Jc1'Q,7,7G JV mar! 19045, .U "" fwy ky I Geraluf M f-'TQZ' ld, ""'4, Ajirr, ff7'?sf, 7-If -V, .IAQ 6, fr ,qw mg ,. ffd QW.. ' Ufty ,QD H " CFC- G A A7Ufa1-ff A4 ICQ'-0,7 N y F ' 0513, Qffiyi ' X .'7. 'TO lmjcn 41.1 ,f . X iffy! 27' 4141.3 clfffzff ,, 4 ' 00,97 80r,ff,y,A,r C ova' f?Oc-Q' mmf! , O . l V5 I rfmc 41057 C? l m Na gf' 5, 4 P y B V ' . A ' K - t A Q XI ms 5404? I ROW. 3 11'Dfjd4,:,' O41 ,lfyj Or, Q V 1703, f K1 "-11C'r, 5 v fmlrjl Od 7111, Kfioorgf l9q1rA:Mrd Oat SS 5 J 1717, Shari f 10,70-,iol 11017, f 04, , Tw f?of,-I-on Qlyaron Haig '91C:6,7,,, h,OOd'7Or, A7 8'0H'fzSber9Sr.O"'7, Katf1I3,,7 P Oril 1903, 15" 1, f- 5 1 fuffy drjj 1901.12 yn O Glyn f7ap,,, om!! Morgan, 27003, ERS LEAN DRY AND C N LAU 3 1 5 Phone ATLA THE 1-9,7 S s HAM GRE GRA T ST EPARTMEN Q 34 1, Q 1 Q v PL kr f'f,f mi Muvunmnup- flliuir. mv' n-, lu:- lylltnrn-,-,.v "Diva:-nf.-1, f-H f"' '!'U' nn...- -nun- snoo- 'FWF' .U xs- '.-5.1! O. e ! ' if -H 9 .l . . LQ Sq- ' ' J 1 gs . N gi - if ' pg 3 f V 5 :- 3 'i5Hf,':fQf3if5 ?"'Q'5' ' 1 ,-- 5. ,57.4gg.1 ' 1g as . , 5T5,.T3r"'.3 . , :A gg vi 3,3 1 "Q 5 'Q 1L1 9-'I-4.-v Q 5 XF 'sv I 0 -' ' Y 33:2-5309, W i 5 it .. 21 .M 1.35 'I 1 ,1 Q I ,f . L L LK1ingf bdlfld Queen .....---- Qi. .-"' X 7+ ' CAROLYN SYMONDS Y ALLAN KLINE ' ANITA OIL COMPANY .--.,,x ,',..-X Homecoming Attendants Homecoming Attendants LYNN BISSELL MARLENE AUPPERLI WHITE FRONT Iuut Good Fond Sports 0 ffiiifff 'iii'- Spartans BACK ROW: Lyle Iaartz, Ronnie Simon, Roger Scott, Gary Christensen, Dell Hansen, Phil Brownsberger, Lennie Theulen, Robert Matthews, Ioe Kelly, Vince Hughes, Dean Wheelock. SECOND ROW: Dwalne Pierce, Hans Iohnson, Byron Bissell, David Kelly Keith Ticknor, Craig Euken, Terry Ray, Tom Miner, Joe Barbour, Harold Scarlett. FRONT ROW: Richard Beaman, Manager, Dan Brownsberger, Loren Scholl, Doug Iewett, John Pearson, Gary Simon, Galen Scholl, Ieri Millard, Larry McLaughlin, Tom Dorsey Anita Anita Anita Anita Anita Anita Anita Anita Anita FOOTBALL SCORES 6 Corning O Casey 7 Walnut 18 Elliott 6 Fontanelle 13 Avoca 6 Griswold 20 Oakland 12 Adair TOM D. DALE D. 3 . JOHN P. 6 I 1 x Q -Q. g I COAC H BIAZEK uma! M. HAROLD s. MILLARD'S BLACKSMITH SHOP GARY S. Gas--Electric Welding--General Repair--and Plow Work 4. I -so GALEN S. IERI M. S . V. X .4,v -' , -X. -V V ' ".-.?'M L 'A 1. q' f Y 6 pr ,:- QI 1 ,I D K . ' , 2' Pl ,M ' " 4 i v- Q., 5 '1':,.q.l,.V ,fill . .. . Q ,. l "mv ' S ' ', 'arf f Y ' um.. 5 I 5 t' 6-AJ 1. , , 4 - 0 E "xx 1 1 rt , J - ' . 1 '- . 1-:jg , . B3 ' I 'IL' f ' 1 , gt 516' 121,035 , r- 'f' X. M x A ',.'xbxx U ,. -A-f:'ff+f?9 . sqm' ' Ar, .. 4 5 , 'T' 6 il ,4 -Q- f'gg..1f-' I. "-f ' A F 1 A ' N J Lf' PHYLLIS CARLSON 42 BACK ROW: Left to Right: Ierfy Bailey, Manager, Miss Grabill, Chaperone, Miss Corpuz, Chaperone, Sherrill Morgan, Manager. MIDDLE ROW: Kathryn Glynn, Donna Kramer, Carolyn Millard, Iucly Lauser, Sue 'l11rner, Carolyn Symonds, Iudy Brownsberger, Carolyn Schirm, Iudy Karns. FRONT ROW: Iane Parker, Kay Iohnson, Iudy Miner,Lynn Robison, Ioann Dorsey, Carla Moore, Peggy Ticknor, Phyllis Carlson, Shari Robson, Cheryl Smlther, Sharon Griffin, Iudy Griffin. Anita High School Girls' Conference Scores Anita Opponent Anita Opponent 44 Avoca 41 42 Walnut 67 44 Walnut 54 30 Oakland 34 55 Griswold 45 43 Avoca 58 23 Oakland 37 44 Elliott 27 54 Elliott 33 48 Griswold 34 IUDY MINER Lau ser' s Phone 25 AN ITA HARDWARE Anita , Iowa 3 Q 'K PEGGY TICKNOR Ill-P il' l :km 2 Q Z MN r f I-fs 0 ,I 1 , 1 .P cd riff! f ffm 14 . N ! rf mu MILLARD 44 BACK ROW: Left to Right: Larry Zizmnerman, Merlyn Chadwick, Inren Scholl, Bill Darrow, Dan Darrow, David Kelly, Daryl Dressler, Gary Chadwick, Ronald Simon. MIDDLE ROW: Richard Lett, Terry Ray, Robert Matthews, Larry McLaughlin, Richard Retz, Hans Johnson, Iohn Pearson, Manaiger. FRONT ROW: Barry Burke, Tom Dorsey, Warren Christensen, Doug Iewett, Ieri Millard, Dan Brownnbergor . Anita 31 35 42 29 60 Anita High School Boys' Conference Scores Opponent Anita Opponent Griswold 55 42 Griswold 65 Oakland 54 35 Oakland 62 Avoca 40 42 Walnut 71 Walnut 68 54 Avoca 52 Elliott 28 41 Elliott 56 5 All f V 2 f ls lk mm MQAUGHLIN IEWETT GRAIN Sr COAL Your Friendly Grain f Coal ff Feed f Merchant Phone 2 Phone 48 Wiota, Iowa Anita, Iowa W ' fimigsir :" TFif1:f:' 5? 'Tw -- .yn -mf I I Q,-. 1Pg75'wE- N 44, g. , . if 54 N a ,f iv 'A 5 1:.'f?'g:' ' 5 gh ' . ,-:B ' ' Q., F' . . ,351- . :M I Aa' 4 L .4 f'x41q,f: Af: . -n..,v- if 25:2 ,f.yf,g,.a5i :ig,g,,.-,, .viz ,. X47 , ,.., 1 , 'ef Sm fix 'J W 1 ..-sf 'NT' ' im. Q -x 'QL af I., T A-if W A. , E S W IM fl J - -eerw Cav "' ll rn T: nfllg ""' PWM wi Aa-M 1 O-e 'x HAGEN PRODUCE CALUMET ATLANTIC RESTAURANT YOUNG'S Phone 37 FEED"EGGS"'CREAM Anita, Iowa VAN'S CHAT AND CHEW SPOT "The Best Food in Town" A N -f,.y ad, ' V. zz' .-pf.. 35,8-f. gt- ..A:,- 5 "EEN Mi' gfffff 'ff' 1:,'f33 g 45-55 xf.. if 'U V 2352- . 621. ,v .t . G- ' S2 V41 , " 1 L f -uf' Wg, 5- 1.21 , 'L Iffff' - Q' ., fffq-1' ', , 1 Q. 1' ws 11? ' can ' ig. ,' V ,v 'wuz' Grades Y wi? CVS. Tkyx :IS XM' .- 'P A ': -1 . , 1- ' ku Ax K'- I I "I lo x dr! ABOVE I 'p 4 QP BACK ROW: Larry Moore, lack Blue, Gary Lantz, Rlcnarai Whetstone, Ierry I Heath, Marvin Hansen. FRONT ROW: .- Alan Burke, Mary McLaughlin, Avis Brownsberger, Darlene Iensen, Richard Hansen. J sv, Y:- fTJ"r-' BELOW BACK ROW: Larry Garside, Richard Kloppenberg, Delmar Christensen, Robert Dorsey, Budd Legg. FRONT ROW: Iolene Claussen, Diane Witte, Donna Hyndman, Donna Carlson, Nancy Walker. W1'J'S:lvf'1" f ,- x N 9 I , ir. X. Q 'F ' Athi , A. MRS. IRMA SALMON Eighth Grade A O W SHAFFER AND SON cgfyngtgf Phone 244 Amta, Iowa All L A 5 4 BIGKPON R LL LL .,,T MC 1 w P R ,gt-.1 ufl IROINT ROW IJ UL 1 xr all lu , 1L1,K-1, BACK ROW Du cla Hall r G Q cr a 'C Ln: In Shea T Fry ua c ar N11 Wd L Iwnw-Q1 YROIN1 ROW R can 1IC1rXff i lir 'Nu- LEFT TO RIGHT: Kay Beaman, janet Kahl, Mary Lou Christensen, Donna Carlson, Nancy Walker, Darlene Iensen, Dianne Witte, Diane Petersen, Donna Hyndman, Mary Ann McLaughlin, Dyann Long, Avis Brownsberqer. BOYS BASKETBALL Anita Opponent 35 Elliott 14 40 Walnut 30 37 Griswold 16 39 Atlantic 29 39 Adair 29 30 Lewis 18 24 Greenfield 26 25 Massena 20 JUNIOR- HIGH FOOTBALL Anita Opponent 0 Oakland 33 35 Avoca 7 13 Griswold 7 20 Walnut 6 Jr. igh Sports GIRLS' BASKETBALL Anita Opponent 14 Walnut 25 16 Griswold 22 26 Adair 12 Z5 Lewis 3.2 27 Elliott 33 26 Massena 14 FRONT ROW: Larry Moore, Alan Burke, Tommy McLuen, Bud Legg, Jerry Heath, Ivol Sheets, Timmy Mclntire. SECOND ROW: Dick Whetstone, Richard King, Bob Dorsey, Richard Kloppenburg, Delmar Christensen, Larry Garslde, Roger Watson, Gary Lantz. THIRD ROW: Wayne Newell, Dick Hansen, Marvin Hansen, Gary Holladay, Jack Blue, Ronnie Saltmarsh, Doug Holland, Darrell Newell, Ray Rathman. Football FRONT ROW: Delmar Christensen, Marvin Hansen, Bud Legg, Dennis Sims. SECOND ROW: Alan Burke, lack Blue, Larry Moore, Ivol Sheets, Richard Hester, Larry Garside, Dick Hansen, Tommy Chadwick, Roger Watson, Ray Rathman. THIRD ROW: Kevin Burke, Richard King, Bob Dorsey, David Ranney, Dick Whetstone, Gary Lantz, Jerry Heath, Don Brown. EDWARD P. COLE, Jeweler . I so JOHNSON PHOTO COMPANY Portraits -- Cameras -- Photo Supplies Telephone 114 Atlantic, Iowa . 5.5 . Q 1 '-' f.4uw4-M-.y.m.1.,-. . .x ,' .Nw-'Mun-sun-.q,....f..3 ips, '-w-'-fffnv-Q1wu94w::Q?'S Af ft iw 'JS'- ff -if-xy F' g if 'Q 4. Q . V -ov . 1 .QR L7 'ff 'T , A "r""!?"f:'f' 2 if , sl gm," 5 mi ii i ' .5 ,DYQ iw A in Eat Where ? MCINTIRE CAFE Come In For A Quick Lzmch ICC Cream Or A Malt kk Q x 'if' ABOVE BACK ROW: Norman Bissell, Colleen Kelly, Daryl Harris, Ion Daume, Dorothy Robinson, Kent Johnson. FRONT ROW: Eric Osen, Linda Turner, Cheryl Brown, Rosemary Beaman, Twila Christensen, Carolyn Schirm. BELOW BACK ROW: Dennis Sims, Cathy Kelly, Kenneth Harrison, Teddy Legg, Kevin Burke, Darrell Nelson, v Mickey Heath. FRONT ROW: Rickey Redburn, Donna Reed, Don Fletcher, Ierry Dorsey, Paul Brownsberqer. BEHNKEN MOTOR CO. Phone 128 Anita, Iowa 52 New and Used Cars and Trucks MISS DARLENE WHEATLEY Sixth Grade Q 'll ,-L., . 'll.lI ABOVE BACK ROW: Iohn Walker, Mary Ash, Larry Claussen, Shirley Will, Mavis Nelson, Gary Nichols, Linda Legg. FRONT ROW: Iames Tevepaugh, Denis Reed, Frederick Christensen, Dennis Newell. BELOW BACK ROW: Darrell Carlson, Herman Claussen, Lela Mae Lantz, Richard Watson, Carol jean Tupper MRS. MADELINE MOORE Sheryl Rich. FRONT ROW: William LaRue, Nancy McCluen, Craig Holland, Jolene Chadwick. I - - 5 E Q lllllll f R f Fif h Grade KRASNE'S SUPER MARKET ABOVE BACK ROW: Neil Tevepaugh, Ianey Iewett, Barbara Iensen, Carol Kloppenburg, Keith Glpson, Brenda Jorgensen, Randy Heath, Roger Denison, Cathy Brindley, Steven Lindblom. FRONT ROW: Frederick Wilson, Frederick Fulk, Mary Brownsberoer, Debra Jordan, linda Gill, Margaret Hazard, Nancy Io Coglon, Illdlfh Cameron. ABSENT: Nancy Redburn, Robert Ellithorpe, Duane Roed. U N X 1 BELOW ' ' BACK ROW: Allan Iorgensen, Carolyn Scholl, Connie Uecker, Connie Van Aernam, Judy Will, George 2 Iohnson, Mike Lett, Robert Rasmussen, Gregory Scholl, Rhea Io Smith, Robert Pigsley. FRONT ROW: Barbara Wheatley, Iarnef, Ruqgles, Sherryl Thompson, Carol Ann Rich, Susan Littleton, Sharon Moore, M Ianlce Zimmerman, Darlene Iorqensen. n FATHER. ve THANK TH Q ,f H 5 TT' S1 me wc : X: RS. 2 lv KATHLEEN BROWN Fourth Grade ,JA Poultry Ailing ?. . Call US! uv en ou nee GUI wx, m,,,,,,,, Q, ,Z j RASMUSSEN HATCHERY Phone 276 Anita , Iowa H Q, fifvgtwk N I ,EL -rr 54 7'N-f .,'l.1 ..:4,1Uf3:ni51.. J Q -"1 MISS JETTA KNOWLTON Third Grade . 1 ABOVE STANDING: Linda Gundy, Patty Nelsen, Jerry Wahlert, Wyoma Harrison, Alanna Holland, Craig Lauser, Gary Duff, Deborah Ash, Linda Tevepaugh, Janet Wiersma. SITTING: Bill Littleton, Karen Miller, Sue Dorsey, Ronnle Kelly, Barbara Taylor. BELOW STANDING: Linda Lyons, Maribeth Brown, larry Sheets, Coleen Penton, Robert I-laszard, James Claussen, Rita Brown, Steven Westfall, Janilynn Long. SITTING: Sarah Brundlge, Susan Burke, Larry Ruggles, Janice Wiersrna, Terry Claussen. ' 1 .1 RUGGLES GROCERY L Tw-, . ABOVE BACK ROW: Suzanne LaRue, Bradley Reed, Betty Hoffman, Rancy Larsen, Karen Nelsen, Linda Iohnson, Emery Reinier, Gary Kloppenburg, Cheryl Lay, Steven Christensen, Roger Butler, Howard Uecker, Gary Rich. FRONT ROW: Stephen Ruqgles, Phyllis Brownsberger, Geoffrey Scholl, Steven Tupper. BELOW BACK ROW: Marvin Van Aernam, Frank Claussen, Roger Wheatley, Darlys Wiersma, Carroll Hornbuckle, Lyle Heath, Mike Glpsen, Karen Thomsen, Verl Adams, Bert Thompson. FRONT ROW: Ianet Barnholdt, Richard Holmes, Kathleen Iorgensen. .f-5' Q? DEMENT IMPLEMENT COMPANY - I 'U X 5 i 2'T ,qi fry R I . ,i Q..'f -4- MRS. ELSIE KARSTENS Second Grade " Four Lf 'ive 1 Six S. HELEN LOU WESTPHAL First Grade ...Q- Y -o ,.,.zq,,,,. 5 ' 0 P N, ar . o" Ofxh 53 we .-,uf '.' 'Fli- BACK ROW Kathy Hagen Ilmmy Hester Kalny Wilson Saran Burke Roger Maas Nancy Beawer Steve Wahlert Richard Scholl FRONT ROW Cecilia Brownsberger Cahterine Watkins Duane Baxter Ilrnmy Kmzle Olxnda Claussen Elsie Mae Reinier Rebecca Brown Derlnde Kinzie BACK ROW: Edna Belle Relnler, Alan Thompson, Roger Barnholdt, Carol Huffman, Kenneth Kinzxe, Karen Gill, Sheryl Bernhardt, Connie Penton, Richard Jorgensen. FRONT ROW: Ned Brown, Phyllis Iensen, David Robson, Vicki Roed, Douglas Reed, Dale Johnson, Dianna Gundy, Ierry Kelly. 'YU 'I CHAD'NICK IMPLEMENT CO. Phono 24 Sales and Service Anita, Iowa Implements -Parts -Tractors 1 .1 ' "Y W if f A V 1 , - A .gi.....,,.?.- ABOVE BACK ROW: Kathy Westfall, Timothy Akera, Lisa LaRue, Connie Ienssen, George Miller, Steven Iorgensen, Patricia Darrow. FRONT ROVV: Mark Brown, Larry Butler, Randy Smith, Norma Stephenson, Ronald Denison :Q- Dffztrus Doraey, Noel Nelaen. Kindergarten BELOW BACK ROW: Karleen Reinier, Sharon Sheets, Bruce Taylor, Sandra Brindley, Lynann Long, Steven Kohlmeier, Ioe Morgan, Ken: Iorgensen. FRONT ROW: Randy Larsen, Rhonua Rhode, Ellen Barbour, Ianey Rich, Thomas Cameron, Deborah Eddy, Wealey Ruggles. MRS. BARBARA FRIES -1 Ln.. N 58 LES EDDY Clothmg and Snoes! ! The Store For Men and Boys! I Amta , iowa Bus Drivers xl? 'tggg ' X nfl LEFT TO RIGHT Harry Kaufman Norman Gundy Andy Miller Clifford Fries Richard Beaman Warren Christensen Gary Symonds X wifi MWF N ii-u r 'S 1-r -JBYKSQN5 Wm, R .em wr B WLEDGE ACK TO THE NO OLD HOUSE OF K GRIND GAY KARSTEN S Phone 8 or 67 TANK WAGON SERVICE Anita Iowa The Customer 1S Always SIa1Sf16d Y I- " -'L .5-5'." J. Y - TE .. , , -"f-.,,'- '- ,J .'i-r .. ' " A' 'A '4' , T" " :B-Q. - " "-S -f F'."' '.,.f3', Q 4- . 'y.-1'7" I ' . , , C V ' . . , -eff. ' - ' ' -- r , ,. .f . f . , xt . 'Q I , -Y' fig? f' iff' - "TAN ,.'-'- . - ' 1' - ' ' -1. ,.l1 an. .y., 1 I I I I I I A i . h I , ' E ' '7":'Yif?'f"5" V: A L . , ' , -5- '-Ig.--,'.Q .. - y N" . 'A.,5,.v f-V'-.q,. ' .,-qw.. ' ff , Q Q5 'Q Ju, , ' fb-"" f'1fJ " A -f1,,y,f ,. A- :M -3 53"-L. .Lu yi., -f yy. Q., ,J Q3 , ,, M- 11 , ,i - 1 . mf ".','. ' .' 'K-3E.,gQ"i r :ul Q- ' -, . .Bri-Rik Id . Ni,-'.A..,,, U., 4 47 4 - , - Y' 1:41- A.-"T -A - ' r.-,. V 5.-' tv X. q Q ,, , .. -fl ,i,g.,..-M z, V - N ,.. ,LT qi?-: , ,Lk I n Il t b I Hvu Il lV.vvg ' 4 ai 1 A I 6 i ... W rx .lax DR. E. I. OSEN Anita, Iowa VETERINARIAN Phone 711 Queens of The Kitchen LEFT TO RIGHT Kitty Smith Linda Gill lean Gill OUR CHOW LINE BURKE BROS Feeds Fertilizer Hog Buyers Janitors ANDY MILLER and HENKY WIEMAN A Janitors Lament I m Just a Janltor 1n a publlc school A Job some thlnk reserved for a fool I go to great palns to keep the bu1ld1ng neat I shovel and sweat to leep up the heat I run my legs off to do many odd Jobs For a lot of folks who act l1ke snobs From early morn t1ll late at nlght It s do thls do that and I m seldom rlght FIX a clock f1X a shade f1x a desk f1X a door mop the floor Move a bookcase pot a plant sew a curtaln that 15 Please Mr Ianltor get my grocerles from the store Each Iamtor has thlrty teachers and more Who think the waste basket is all over the floor I try to keep order I try to do rlght Keep an eye on the youngsters stop many a flght If every teacher would Just stop and say If twenty f1VS Jan1tors came to me every day And I was only asked to do a llttle for each When 1n the day would I have t1me to teach? WEST IOWA TELEPHONE CO PEERS Anlta Iowa Records and Recor Atlantlc Iowa tore d Players Phone 3 2 6 I I , . , . . . I ' I ' I I I I . I I I I I Hang a picture, set the stage, open a window, I I . ' ' I ' I ' f I ' , . I ,, - . . . . ' ' ll I I ..- is 5,9 Q6 N Annual Staff ,.. ... -- 8000 f 00006 00001 5 OOGC H We, the Spartan Staff of '57, wish to express our sincere thanks to the students, faculty members and merchants for their co-operation in making this annual possible. We hope that each time you leaf through the pages of this book it will bring some special memory of the Anita School and the Class of '57. IR. CO-EDITOR EDITOR-IN-CHIEF SR. CO-EDITOR LAY OUT MANAGER Janet T. Jeri M. Geraldine R. Sherrill M. Business MANAGER ADVISOR f Sharon K Mrs. Hulser 9 ' ADVERTISING MANAGER Gary S. 1 SNAPSHOTS ACTIVITIES Lillian P.--John P. Lynn B. -- Larry R. an 1 'T .- GRADE EDITORS Phsf1?g15 Eilxlggrsy MC Marilyn C. -- Barbara R. y ' I - Margaret C. Hazel D. Patty B. TYPISTS MATTHEWS PRESCRIPTION DRUG 710 Main Street Truly Grateful for Public Favor Anita, Iowa I-In .. . ii o s ' ' If ,,, ,..,. . ei ,l . , . I -.-.g...., .go A.---4609-IAN- KOHL 8 LANTZ l. Q r-'fu 'Q Salute To A. H. S' 'Neath the bright blue skies of Iowa Stands our school so brave and true A symbol of democracy, A.H.S. we salute you. Ever lead thy children onward Upholding the proud and true. As our ever faithful guardian A.H.S. we salute you. Purple and white, glowing proudly, Halls the Red, the White, and Blue. As your loyal sons and daughters A.H.S. we salute you. As the years pass swiftly onward May we our loyalty renew. Ever standing, ever faithful A.H.S. we salute you. Fresh Fruits G Vegetables Fine Foods Quality Meat Briardale , Iowa 65 S- I cz 5 F WALSYORTH

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Anita High School - Spartan Yearbook (Anita, IA) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


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