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I If 4511.3 P gj,.q.a..QL..g.... , f 1 Ii I. inn 4 .ff , , A ,A H H-U . " -, , , ,Q 10 Q -If , , N A A W K , ff- A' , " 1 "-- - , Q -H 'if Gln- '70, ' 1 ' 'wi 3 " 1 ' ,I -an ' Y K, 'ft 'fr c sf 15. df' Y' , - 1.- 44' w V- fi, - U- A Q ,I F 1 1' . .V ., . Q . Q-.W 1 ,,., ' Vet VVVV X 1 M a ,s V xpi.. I Q Q S n IT In V.. PTM Q Q. if-. Ma., M., fr V ' 'sf ' . - . , 4- A . , . A " A f 'Q - ""' -31'--,?i""'iT. "f . , 'V ' V V fb S -f f A Ag . . , ful- , . MVVV Wh' i ,Y-. J-9 .gr A 2 M A -4 qs! va.. 0' 4 ' '- .f F ' 1 a I .1 V. ,, Ma , 6-V A SVQV . , , , Jig 7 , Q C l is A gd A . S l N A - 4 f 1 ll If lllll l ,J 1 I VXA .V ,,... Q EHS' li Illli use his a is me V ' i,m nf:m...., .. ...wwv , Q 4 aLf'f. V 37"-:'-',1.1 -' - tw" 'E ' qv" ' ' .- . W , ' 5 ' GIVE x., JY f QUE ,ww ,,., M.. JN" . -f 'P ,zu J' 'F 1 5' .kwllflllif x VVqV'V.,?.:r- V -V V VVVV,z VX jylr. .VV ' r Vx v gl" 35, 4 ,PVVVV -., ty." ' ', .V K, , ..L .cf....-yr :V , V -V. .. V .V'yQm'?"' ,X 'wry ' RIF' V .f..VV U'?lf,'1: VV:'f... , GYVVTL V fx"i'F V V "' ' ff' ,' . . V , V .-d, V V V ,VVVW V .V zlrqvwlf zlfq ,VNV VV ' .!z'V,F ,..if,,,,:,', V. V V.: - 1.1 V V V . idx, .. - .1 1 ' - , ' 'Q' . f- A ,. , b - ' . A , , K- P A V VV. 3 V -.ifa..,f 4 , ,ww . V . . VV VV VVVVVVVV VVVV VVSWVV f,VVfVm,Vf4 . Mlp, V, -A. . ., - - , VV.. V V. V ' V 1 ' 'V V V V ' - . V - H Q' W , . - . M fI.'.f-W. 1'-fn " - 'ue-sg If 1-'T T I-"lf " .xv ' 17' ' W ' WA 31'-. - - ' X n Q' " --. .ff J s- V V . 1. V -sVV.VlA.Vl,l VV V V V , ' VV ' '. w X V.. 1 w?V . .V V ,VVV VV R . 4 V Luk, V VV. tm: :VVVV V ,, V V KV VVVdVVV5V,nkgt. ,iN,!,Vm 40 V , V -,S V, a n V ,V - g,Vj :VV VV V.1V . . - 'fm .A M " i L .,- msg . 1 W 1 .J+ ' f - - Jsvnbl , ' tu fu ,. J ui' " V ' mf,-5 V: . vfg ' Fil 'A ' ' ' ' e Q 1 .. - ' , ' - '. A -L - ,M 4'-' ' 4' 'V Q. ". ,f , f fr' s , " Q' - 'L .f - - f . A . rf- , . Nc. - 6- W 'V ' i -sr S. VV 'li FQQV 'V-'V' V' V ,Q '11 -9 -sv " ' , .. 'J 'U VV - . V V V. , V V. , V 6 :W 'h in A I v,,. L M . N' . ya.. fs. M, V N. - . 1 -fi, VV Q, V , - . VV . V . VVL V 'V . VV EV 1? 9. Vs, ' VM J V WV 5!.k'VV .V 'in v I nf W M A - M V' E u' H 4 E -1 u 'v E -1 E F H . Q-, . , Q nf- ' ' ' ' V , V V V V "' g" ,V A- . . VV NV V Vs Vs -V , , V VV sw VV If-'L V iff- :if gm if VV .vw .sf .v. .,, I 'Q I 1, I ,Q ' .Q ' ,Q 4 I AQ, LTV' 'K -5. -5. -5. 'N H Q g, 45 521'-, 11+ ig g, gyfdiss Q . ?.f4a. 2 9,2 . ,Z 1 , .. 5 +I s:.. 4 v A I 1 ,,,.,??,,,,,,,s -unor- Drexel Chadwick: Donald Wiersma: Dr. E. J. Osen, President: Kenneth Turner: Raymond L. Dorsey. We students of Anita Schools are extremely proud of the board members who spend many evenings planning to provide a complete education for us. To these men shown here we express our thanks. We share with Mr. Fatka the joys he must feel in his many accomplish- ments since coming to Anita Public Schools. Mr. Fatka manages to pro- mote a feeling of warmth and unity which give us the great co-operation we have in our school system today. There is just no way in which the students can express how they feel toward Marilyn. She is the girl who is Mr. Fatka's secretary. Although she is very thorough in this work she somehow finds time to assist in almost any activity. Marilyn has the full respmsibility of sponsoring the cheer- leaders and of being secretary to the Board. The heavy load does not affect her pleasing personality, which is such an inspiration to us. To our principal, Mr. Charles Sal- mon, goes our heartfelt thanks for accurate permanent records and for routine tasks such as: the organiza- tion and execution of the film pro- gram, the endless decisions con- cerning absences. Mr. Salmon also teaches history, general mathematics and economics. M sf TIO 1 ff , N 1, , W' 1 MRS. RUBY MCDERMOTT 4151 Des Moines University B.A. English ll, Trigonometry Algebra l and Il Plane and Solid Geometry High School F acult MRS- PEARL LEA-H JOHNS ill Miss STELLA Jo KELLEY 419 Ottawa University Kansas State Teacher's University of Omaha B. S. in Home Economics English l Homemaking l and ll Shurtlefi College, B. S. Drake University Commercial . V v. . " MISS ERMINE BROWN UW Drake University B.A. Northwestern University lowa State University Librarian, English Literature Speech, American Literature MR. ARTHUR LONG 435 Creston Junior College A. B. A. Tarkio College B. A. Drake University General Science, Biology Chemistry Assistant Football Coach 4 MR. TUENTS O. TAIT ill Iowa State Teacher's College B. A MR. LEI-AND El-OE ill Colorado State College M. A. Los Angeles Conservatory of Music Sociology, Government Los Angeles Chapman College World Hi story, Drivers Training Los Angeles State College Physical Education, Guidance Music Football and Track Coach Sponsored By WATKINS STANDARD SERVICE MR. HARLEY MCDANIEL Q31 Kansas State Teacher's College B. S Iowa University M. A. Manual Training I and ll Physical Education Head Basketball Coach Baseball Coach Q , Q 0 . . -4, - .2 f 1 4, ,QV fi . , + LAR RY BEHNKEN Treasurer DAVID BISSELL President TOM SALMON Vice-President DENNIS EUKEN Secretary JOYCE PEARSON Glee Club ..... Mixed Chorus. . . Declam ...... Class Play. . Annual ...... G. A, A. . .. 1.2.3. Queen....... Student Council President. . . . Class President. . Wise Old Seniors DENNIS EUKEN Glee Club 1,Z,3,4: Mixed Chorus l,Z, 3,-1: Boys' Quartet 4: Band l',Z,3,.4: Mixed Double Quartet 3,4: Vocal Solos 3,41 Brass Sextet 4: Contest Solo 3,43 Dance Band 3,4: Marching Band l,Z,3,4: A. Club Officer 4: S, B, C, Officer 4: Class Play 3: Annual Staff 4: Basketball Z,3,4Z Football 43 Baseball 1,22 Track Z,3,4: Class Secretary 4: A. Club 4: F. T. A. 4: Sigma Beta Chi 4. MAR Y SHANNON G. A. A ....... Glee Club. . . 3' I' V Sponsored By LES EDDY LARRY BEHNKEN Glee Club .... Class Play. . . Annual Staff. . Basketball. . . Football ..... Student Council. Student Council Officer .... Class President. Class Treasurer A. Club ..... F. T. A. . DE LORES AUPPERLE Glee Club .......... - Declam, . . Ba5kemba11. . . . .1, o.A.A ...... . 1,z,3, G.A.A. Officers. , . BILL NIEMAN ELAINE BEBENSEE ROGER LETT G. A. A ............. 3,4 Wiota. .l,Z nl J .IZ 1' v , x I 9 KENNETH CARD Class Play. . ..... . Sponsored By J'ENSEN'S RED AND WHITE LINDA CHADWICK Glee Club ......... Mixed Chorus. . . Band ....... . Mixed Woodwind. . . Declam ...... Basketball. . . G.A.A... .. 1,2 1,2 7 KAY ROBISON Glee Club. . . . . Mixed Chorus .... Declam ..... 1,2 Class Play ..... Annual. . . . . . Basketball ..... Manager ...... Student Council. . Class Secretary- Treasurer. . . . . Majorette. . . . . G. A. A ..... 1,2 F. T. A. President. . Sigma Beta Chi. . Queen Attendant. . . 'J Ll 1.17 -.1 REX BARBER Basketball. . . , , DOUGLAS SMITH Glee Club l,2,5,4: Mixed Chorus l,2,3,4g Boys' Quartet l,2,3,4g Band l,2,3,4g Mixed Double Quartet 1,3,4g Trumpet Trio l,2,3: Brass Sextet l,2,3,4: ln- strurnental Solos l,2,5,4: Contest Solo 3,43 Dance Band l,2,3,4: Mixed Quartet 1,2: Double Quartet 3,43 Marching Band 1,2 ,3,4: Trumpet Quartet 33 B rass Quintet 2,33 A, Club Officer 4: Class Play 3: Annual Staff 4: Basketball l,Z,3,4g Foot. ball l,2,3,4: Track 1,z,3,4p A, Club 1,42 Sigma Beta Chi 4. DONNA MISNETR Glee Club. . . . l,2,3, Mixed Chorus, . , Declam .... Class Play. . Annual Staff. Cheerleader. G. A, A .... Sponsored By WEST IOWA TELEPHONE Una... .af-uv 1,5 l,2,3,4 Q. TOM SALIXAON Glee Club l,2,3,4g Mixed Cho- rus l,2,3,4: Boys' Quartet 1,2, 5,47 Band l,2,3,4: Mixed Double Quartet 3,41 Vocal Solos l,2,3,4: Brass Sextet l,2,3,4: Instru- mental Solos 2,3,4: Contest Solo 2 ,3 ,43 D ance Band l,2,3,4: Marching Band l,2,3,4: Mixed Quartet 1,2: Boys' Double Quar- tet 3,43 Class Play 51 Annual Staff 43 Basketball l,2,3,4: Foot- ball l,Z,5,4: Baseball l,2,3,4: Track l,2,3,4: Student Council 2,4: Class Vice-President 43 A. Club 1,41 F. T. A. 4: Sigma Beta Chi 4. 5 Yu' JOY BR OW NSBER GER Glee Club ...... 1,2 Declam .... . 1,2 Class Play. . . . .3 Annual Staff. . . . . 4 Basketball. . . . . .l G. A. A. .... I,2,3,4 G. A. A. Officers. . . 4 F. T. A ........ 4 Sigma Beta Chi .... 4 DOLORES UHLMANN Glee Club ..... . .... ...l G.A.A ....... .... 1 ,Z,3,4 - GARY NEIGHBORS Class Play ......... Annual Staff. . . Football ...... . Football Captain. . . Baseball ..... Track ...... A. Club ..... F. T. A ...... Sigma Beta Chi. . . Duke ....... l,Z,3, Glee Club. . . xv-vi avg DARREL COGLON Glee Club 2 Mlxed Chorus Z Mxxed Double Quartet Double Quartet Class Play , N l , ' . 5 K ' :ig ....... . . . l, . 451 ' ..... . 1. if-7 62' Boys' Quartet. ...... . . .' ' ' . . . LEONA GISSIBLE Glee Club ..... . . . . . Mixed Chorus. . . . Z,3,4 Girls' Sextet. . . . . 3,4 Declam. . . . . l,2,3,4 FLOYD JORGENSEN cuss P1aY- . . - - 3 . . . . . . . . . 4 Annual Staff. . . . .4 Basketball. . . . .Z,3 Cheerleader ...... . 4 Student Council ..... . 3 Student Council Officer. . . . . 3 Class President ..... . . . 1,2 G. A. A ....... . . l,Z,3,4 F. T. A ...... .... 4 Queen Attendant. . . . .3,4 Sponsored By ANITA LUMBER COMPANY Annual Staff. . . Sigma Beta Chi. . BELVA BAILEY 5Glee Club ....,....... 1 z Annual Staff. . . . . . Basketball. . . . . . . G.A.A... ..l,Z, LLOYD HARRIS Track ............ Basketball. . . . F.r..a.. ,4 .1 . 415 Q! '-ear, DELLENE LINDB LOM Class Play, Prompter, . . , , . Glee Club. .... . Annual. . . . . G.A.A... . Basketball. . . . . Band. . . 10 :NY- ..Z,3 ', 2 4 'Di ,I ae. '-1 : ' Af 5- Ax l I X s I U LIA KOOB Ck-e Club .......... C.A.A... 1.534 DAVE BISSELL Glen Club .... Mxxccl Chorus. . Band ...... Marching Band, A. Club Officer. Class Play, Soun Cl Effm-cts. . . Football Captain. , .... . AnnualStaff. . . Baskf-tball. . Football. . Baseball. . . Track ...... Class Prvsxdffnt. Class Trvasurer. . . A. Club ..... F. 'l'. A. . JUDY PARKER Clue Club .......... Mixed Chorus. . Sextf-V. ...... D1-zglam. . . . Class Play. , Annual ........... Basketball ......... Class Secretary-Treasurer G. A. A ........... Point Recorder. . . F. T. A. Sccrvlary. . MARVIN CARLSON Baseball. ..,..... . Basketball. . , A. Club. . F. T. A. . Sponsored By ANITA THEATER BYRON NICHOLS Football ..... 'T-'R' , ,f. l I xxx 8 'Y---.N.,A' 3 f N-'mm : f , ' 1 ,1 'fi JACK FALCONER Football ...... .... A. Club. NORMA , . Z Glee Club. . . , 4 Band. . . Declam. . . Class Play. . G.A.A. . . Sponsored By KOHL AND LANTZ SCARLETT z,3,4 1,2,3. MARILLYS PIERCE Annual Siaff ........... Basketball. . . . . . G. A. A ...... . .1,Z Sigma Beta Chi. . . . NLARILLYS I if A .M31 . O WW? Y . ,xi , sf' v J f. - y, ' , ff: X J- Q n M LINDA D Q X Young at Heart TOM Kpty DONNA BYRON DOUGLAS F" wiv ELAINE FLOYD DAVE DOLORES U. MARVIN Sponsored By DR. JACK LARUE P :f 'S X X . L DE LORES A . 1 KENNTH LEONA JOYCE DENNIS ',YfA""' , I . fl r DE LLENE NO JULIA DARREL JUDY RMA LARRY JACK BELVA Sponsored By DR. FEDSON The Ropes of Today Rmg the Bells of Tomorrow When we fmrst started on our long Journey to educatxon our teacher was M1ss Budd We were all one b1g fam1ly seek1ng a new adventure Those beg1nn1ng together were Arlene Lang Douglas Sm1th Marv1n Carlson Leona G1ss1ble Dellene L1ndblom Roger Lett Ramona Workman Carl Ingram Linda Chadw1ck Raymond Workman N1Ck16 Lou Dement and Consuella Heckrnan Our fxrst grade teacher was M1ss R1cter who also had our muszc Leav1ng us that year were N1ck1e Lou Dement and Consuella Heckman wh1le Judy Parker and Dean Norberg Jo1ned our class In the second grade we bu1lt our own Post Off1Ce out of orange crates We also learned how to play Post Off1ce 1n more ways than one Just ask Roger Lett and Doug Sm1th about th1s Jo1n1ng our class th1s year were Ann L1ttel Joy Brownsberger Joyce Pearson and Ela1ne Stone Leav1ng us were Raymond Workman Ramona W orkman and Ela1ne Stone In the th1rd grade we learned the many new sounds wh1ch we d1scovered later helped us so much 1n our vocabulary M1ss Knowlton was our teacher that year Newcomers to the class were Delbert and Darrel Coglon and Robert Wheeler Robert Wheeler also left that year Our fourth grade was also spent ln M1ss Knowlton s room Th1s 15 where we learned how to keep our hands clean because of da1ly lnspectron We had several new students th1s year Among them were Kay Rob1son Larry Behnken Tom Salmon Dale Eglov and Denn1s Euken Leavlng us were Dale Eglov Joy Brownsberger and Dean Norberg Th1s was the year Dean found lumself burxed 1n a snowdr1ft does everyone remember? The flfth grade brought us a new teacher the late Mrs Merle G1ll Cowboy boots were a b1g fad that year espec1ally among the g1rls' We had two new members that year Ber n1ce Hunter and B1lly Butts Bern1ce Hunter and Denn1s Euken also left us then Mrs G1ll was our teacher aga1n 1n the slxth grade Th1s year we bu1lt houses 1n the vxnes on the west edge of the playground We were all homesteaders then both boys and g1rls Beverly Shewman and Joy Brownsberger Joxned the group that year and Joyce Pearson was w1th us aga1n the second semester We had now reached Jun1or Hxgh and thought we were really h1gh and m1ghty There was just one th1ng we m1ssed recess Oh to be a k1d aga1n' Mrs Salmon and Mr Bowen were our teachers 1n the two years spent ln Junlor H1gh Ann Llttel left us that year but we ga1ned a fr1end1y httle red head Gary Ne1ghbors In the e1ghth grade we learned some new dance steps The most fasc1nat1ng part was our pardners' Th1s year there were many new events state tests class day and last1ngly e1ghth grade commencement Jo1n1ng the class that year were Jack Falconer Byron N1ch ols Helen Haworth and Velda Wahlert B111 Butts was the only member to leave us that year At last we were 1n h1gh school Freshman 1n1t1at1on was the b1g event w1th the g1rls 1n the1r pajamas and the boys 1n long underwear Many new students came 1n from the country this year These were B1llNe1man Leona G1ss1ble Donna MISH r Marxllys P1erce Kenneth Gard Rex Barber Leonard Jessen John Royer Juha Koob Denn1s Parklson Norma Scar let Delores Aupperle Denn1s Euken Dav1d Bissell Belva Balley Dolores Uhlmann 'and Mary Shannon Thxs was the year that Beverly Shewman and Velda Whalert left us Dur1ng our Sophomore year we had a b1g magaz1ne sales to bu1ld up our treasury for the necess1t1eswe d need throughout our Sen1or year Th1s was the f1rst year we had a p1cn1c planned and promoted by the Sophomores only' John Royer Denn1s Park1son and Byron Nxchols departed from Anxta I-hgh that year but the class ga1ned another stud1ous person Elaxne Bebensee Our Junlor year bnngs back the pleasant memor1es of our banquet theme Aprll In Par1s Everyone remembers the trouble we had 1n blowmg up those balloons' Leonard Jessen left that year and Byron N1chols and Floyd Jorgensen J01l'l6d us Tlurty two of us wzll depart th1s year Many of us leavmg our school days belund others may go on We learned many new Lessons thxs year 1nclud1ng how dangerous some of the chem1ca1s can be 1n the laboratory Doug' 0 1 . . . . . I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 - K 'T 1 1 1 1 , , 1 1 1 . 1 1 . . , . . 1 . 0 1 1 1 1 1 , , 1 , . , 1 . 1 ' 1 ' 1 1 . 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . 1 1 , 1 1 ' 1 1 1 ., , - 1 1 f 1 1 1 . . 1 . . . lo . . - 1 1 1' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 ' 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 . . , . . . 1 - 1 - 1 1 1 1 ' - - Ol ' ' 09 . 1 1 1 . . . . ' 1 1 1 . . 1 1 r Carefree Juniors I. .I A FIRST ROW: Janet Jewett, Sharon Parkinson, Arlyn Lund, Marvin Fries. SECOND ROW: Karen Turner, Leland Nelson, James Larsen, Gailyn Jessen. THIRD ROW: Norma Miller, Naomi Jensen, Dwayne Harmsen, Melvyn Dorsey, Dick Legg, Mrs. McDermott. JUNIOR CLASS OFFICERS President ............. Gailyn Jessen Vice-President ......... Bob W edemeyer Secretary and Treasurer ....... Dean Osen Sponsored By MOTOR INN FIRST ROW: Rosemary Pearson, Mary Jane Madden, Art Wheelock, SECOND ROW: Wanda Wilson, Colleen Whetstone, Jorene Hughes, Roger Steele, Jack Harris. THIRD ROW: Marna Larsen, Raymond Workman, Jerry Budd, Bob Budd, Raymond McAfee. FOURTH ROW: Sandra Griffin, Gene Karstens, Bob Wedemeyer, Dean Osen, Daryl Kline. STANDING: Ray- mond Vais, Robert Petersen, Tom Marnin, Margaret Arnett, Mrs. McDer- mott, Gary Smithers, Gail Shannon. 7 Q Lf FIRST ROW: Janelle Bailey, Patty Bailey, Sherrill Morgan, Merritt Spry, Gene Hackwell. SECOND ROW: Barbara Reynolds, Robert Just, Jeri Millard, Keith Henderson. THIRD ROW: Marlene Aupperle, Wilfried Pittlkow, Richard Lindblom, Sherman Claussen. FOURTH ROW: Richard Beaman, Tommy Dorsey, Gary Symonds, Marilyn Chapman. Conscientious Sophom ores 1 if ga, ,H SOPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President ............... Galen Scholl Vice-President ....... . . Sherrill Morgan Secretary and Treasurer ..... Richard Beaman Sponsored By ANITA POOL ROOM FIRST ROW: Lillian Phillips, Francis Vais, John Pearson, Steven Reed, Larry Ray, SECOND ROW: Peggy Ticknor, Harold Scarlett, Hazel Davis, Bobby .To Davis, Gary Simon. THIRD ROW: Dale Dorsey, Larry McLaughlin, Galen Scholl, Kay Miller, Sharon Klrkham. FOURTH ROW: Ronald Just, Margaret Christensen, Phyllis Carlson, Judy Miner, Lynn Bissell. CHADWIC K IMPLEMEN T COMPANY m Green, Green FIRST ROW: Jackie Boedecker, Mardell Christensen, WarrenChristen- sen, Karen Chadwick, Sue Dressler. SECOND ROW: Roger Fussleman, Sharon Griffin, Beverly Gress, Dallas Gard, Dean Wheelock. THIRD ROW: Jon Jordon, Mardelle Jorgensen, Doug Jewett, Duane Kline, Raymond Karas. FOURTH ROW: Richard Lett, Lyle Laartz, Harold McDaniel, Marilyn McDermott. STANDING: Jackie Karns, Barbara Kramer, Donna Enfield, Allen Hansen, Dwight Gard, lvlike Kelly, Varrel Bailey. Freshmen FIRST ROW: Jerrv Rydle, Byron Bissell, James Phillips, Donna Newell, Charles Palm. SECOND ROW: Jim Nelsen, Madonna Will, Claudette Nelsen, Joan Misner, Dwain Pierce. IHIRD ROW: Sandra Deeming, Jim Symonds, Shari Robinson, Lynn Robinson, Marvin Roed. FOURTH ROW: Dorothy Weiman, LaRue Taylor, Janet Taylor, Darwin Swanson. STANDING: Richard Woods, Maurine Shannon, Kent Slack- ham, Myrna Steinrnetz. FRESHMAN CLASS OFFICERS President .............. Janet Taylor Vice-President ....... . .Charles Palm Secretary and Treasurer. . . . , Joan Misner Sponsored By v -s FIRST ROW: Janice Larsen Exline, Charlotte Reed, Vera ,uonna Kramer, Marlene Dorsey, Judy Nelsen, Kay Johnson. SECOND ROW: R obert Matthews, Jack Davis, David Kelly, David Strickland, Carla Moore, Judy Lauser, Lenny Theulen, Mrs. Salmon. THIRD ROW: Pat Miller, Lois Mikkelsen, Douglas Mclauen, Jane Parker, Dan Browns- burger. MRS, IRMA SALMON f9l Des Moines University Drake University Ohio University Stan. El, Cert. Junior High Department Eighth Grade FIRST ROW: Jeannette Wiemann, Melanie Chadwick, Ella Dorsey, Hans Johnson, Barry Burke, Barbara Symonds, Patty Deeming, SECOND ROW: Dick Grinstead, Cecil Denney, Meredith Steele, Connie Maas, Joann Dorsey, Terry Ray, Gary Christensen, Mrs, Salmon, THIRD ROW: Merlyn Chadwick, Kendall Peterson. A Wit's a feather, and a chief a rod? An honest man's the noblest work of God. Sponsored By MATTHEW 'S DRUG 18 MR. KERM1'llEBERHARTlll Drake University B.A. Seventh Grade FIRST ROW: Russell Lett, Judy Brownsberger, Gary Nelsen, Charles Van Aernam, Lilas Heath, Nick Grinstead, Jerry Karns, Ronald Exline. SECOND ROW: Gary Miller, Tom Miner, Bill Shultz, Betty Reynolds, Sharon Grinstead, Philip Brownsbcrger, Donald Taylor, Carolyn Sy- monds, Mr. Eberhart. Worth makes the man, and want of it the fellow: FIRST ROW: George Baylor, Mervin Robison, Judy Griffin, Sue Turner, Judy Karns, Marde1lNc1sen, Marie Brown, Melvin Kahl. BACK ROW: Teddy Knowlton, Nancy Spry, Linda Srhirm, Karen Mortensen, Geran Wiersma, Barbara Reed, Carolyn Millard, Charles Redburn, Mr. Eberhart. Mgiyxtvk LQ? Q, "I, j.,ff,gx 'P 'l',,'Z'.+" N I .. The rest is all but leather and prunello. l Sponsored By ANITA CLEANERS 1-wg x 20 MISS DARLENE. WHEATLEY Q21 Iowa State Teachers College Stan, El. Cert, Sixth Grade 05 1 -..f -1'7" FIRST ROW: Avis Brownsberger, Janet Kahl, Alan Burke, Darlene Jensen, Nancy Walker. SECOND ROW: Marvin Hansen, Jerry Heath, Gary Ehle, Buddy Legg, Larry Garside, Richard Hansen: Teacher, Miss Wheatley. Sponsored Clgerrxgnlilgrgd, gorgna C:-ly3dman,bDonn?i Cbarlsgn, Maryhgnn g . 1 xc ar oppen urg, o ert orsey, 'ss Wheat1ey,.Tack Blue, Larry Moore. The only things we can be sure of accomplishing are the things we do today. MRS. KATHERINE MILLER Url Creston Junior College Iowa State Teachers College Northwest Missouri Teachers Drake University Fifth Grade SEATE.Dt Richard Hester, Viola Exline, Rose Spry, Judith Christensen, Ray Rathman. STANDING: Tommy Chadwick, Darrel Newell, Russell Harrison, Tommy McLuen, Timmy Mclntire, Mrs. Miller. Education covers a lot ol ground, but it doesn't cultivate it. Sponsored By HASZARD OIL COMPANY mEATED: Dyann Long, Dianne Peterson, Judy Chadwick, Bonita Morgan. STANDING: Roger Watson, Tommy Knowlton, Richard Wilson, Douglas Holland, Jimmy Fatka, Mrs. Nliller. 8 1, , H K, if-1 'I g l ii fa v A ,,,n1"n' J -'N- ln". . Zi.-qwy yr.-Q' ini-Y.. Tr.. rl 'Q sf' ,ft , -33 ii 'E Lab-'J o I 9 3 F 1 F x,- FIRST ROW: Irfenl Hrwwnsllcrgvr, Carolyn Svnxrm, Dormlrl 1-'letfhvr SECOND' ROW. Rxrh:irrlRecibL1rn, Kent Johnson, Donna Revrl STANDIILJG' lNll1l'c I' . . I ey Heath, Robert Larsen, Jlzmcs Srnrgnl- C thi" '- ' ' ' mr, 11 un kelly, Cullcen Ixvlly, Evvrvtl Anrlersvn, Miss ,I ef alison, D.xrrull Nels-cn, ferry Hzlwwrtn. Amistake is evidence that some one has tried to do something. Sponsored By ZZ PAUL KELLY MISS MAI KY HELEN JACOBSEN Dana College Stan. El, Cert. Fourth Grade FIRST ROW: Brenda Deeming, Kevin Burke, Gary Jensen. SECOND ROW: Eric Osen, Daryl Harris, Twila Chri stensen. STANDING: Linda Turner, Jerry Dorsey, Dennis Sims, Teddy Legg, Cnralee Grinstead, Kenneth Harrison, Norman Bissell, Cheryl Brown, Miss Jacobsen. gi,?wixz1!vl., ,L ,- A '06 I-'S' MISS IETTA KNOWLTON Q2-il Des Moines University Drake University FIRST ROW: Karen Ehle, Bill LaRue, Denis Reed, Mavis Nelson, Diana Templeton, BACK ROW: John Walker, Darnell Carlson, Nancy Mclsuen, Mary Ash, Mary Mar- garet Shultz, Miss Knowlton. Stan. El. Cert. Third Grade FIRST ROW: Dennis Newell, Sheryl Rich, Richard Watson, Jolene Chadwick, Craig Holland. BACK ROW: Larry,Claus sen, Frederick Christensen, Linda Legg, Betty Parker, Herman Claussen, Miss Knowlton. i vi ws. You are doing your best only when you are trying to im- prove what you are doing. A if, If -. 1 Sponsored By ANITA TRIBUNE vlvvg A Q ' , 5- ,. sg , is , O 'ky ,W :XE Q, J' 4 in FIRST ROW: Darlene Jorgensen, Susan Littleton, Mary Brownsberger, Carol Klopp- enburg, Margaret Haszard, Rhea Jo Smith, Sharon Moore, Debra Jordan. SECOND ROW: Terry Templeton, Duane Roed, Jimmy Ruggles, Carolyn Scholl, Michael Lett, Bobby Rasmussen, Randy Heath, Jane Jewett, Linda Gill, Miss Petersen. Footprints on the sands of time are never made by sit- ting down. Sponsored By WAYNE CAMERON Z4 MISS JOAN PETERSEN ll, Dana College Stan, El, Cert. Second Grade Mrs. Clifford Fries joined the teaching staff the second se- rne ster. She is help- ing Miss Joan Peter- sen with the second grade, FIRST ROW: Hannelore Pittelkow, Carol Rich, Nancy Jo Coglon, Connie Van Aernam, Barbara Jensen, Sherryl Thompson, Diane Cowan. SECOND ROW: Miss Petersen, Nancy Redburn, Roger Denison, Freddie Wilson, Gregory Scholl, George Johnson, Leland Hines, Steven Lindblom, Judith Cameron. ABSENT: Cathy Brindley, Brenda Jorgensen, Bobby Pigsley, E T , ,' v ' G D qv V 5 1 ,. .H L. -- 1 M- - Q igpggmmmf Q!! 50 Kg! Tu f 4.-N " - Km. 1 W5 va 5 . K M f,s'.d'?2Qk' x.iA-1, , 1 ' I S Le 'A x 'ff fi "U 3 1' In sf' A Q. . .,,. sf i - W F ,gyf-Q K .ai , X 7 ' - ,Vrana K.-if '-gg L 1 , I 2 io' 9 ' Q N . , . L f N Q i V U Q Z Q 1 . x 2 K 'A It Q N ii Lf ' r -q.:' Q ' .. , IE' , 7,1 , ,gl 1 if - ' . D F 5 " 'L .r .- ' V.. ' U' 0 Q 8 C 1 . 3 . ' i I 3 I FIRST ROW: Steven Ruggles, Bradley Reed, Phyllis Browns- berger, Gary Rich, Suzanne LaRue, David killer, Bert Thomp- slm. BACK ROW: Steven Christensen, Junior Adams, Kenneth Kinzie, Darlys Wiersma, Johnny Legg, Teacher: Mrs. Pratt. "Education Begins With Life." Sponsored By RUGGLEZS GROCERY MRS. OPAL PRATT ' Northwest Missouri State College Marysville, Missouri Stan, El. Cert. Kindergarten Mrs. Opal Pratt started the year out as the kin- dergarten teacher and then left at Christmas vacation. Mrs. Lewis Rhode took her place. FIRST ROW: Charles Gundy, Marvin Van Aernam, Geoffery Scholl, Randy Larsen, Ricky Cowan, Ronney Cowan, Ricky Baier, Robert Watson, Roger Butler, Betty Huffman, Karen Thomsen. STANDING: Danny Johns, Gail Brown. Absent: Paula Fatka. Teacher: Mrs. Pratt. . 1 '. 4 5 X ' wif: . .4,.. -s-'fn .4 Y. 2 f?pr'3?6P5g'fm ' ,,, , Q, if " ',.,.,,w ,554 LIE: .4 ' '- e'-era f f L ' 117 ,.,x I I I " ' " 'w-' Q' .ads ,. I , rr A 2 ,' Q 1. . ' 4 I xl x. I ,sw K - I xy, 5 l . Jfhs X :K A A ' NIM' 4 'f:' TL' ,x , 'Q 4 x U a L 'OX 5 J 94 ! i. W ,! 1 . 2 s I Concert Band FIRST ROW: Carolyn Millard, Jane Parker, Dick Legg, LaRue Taylor, Marvin Fries, Terry Ray, Sherrill Morgan. SECOND ROW: Ted Knowlton, Larry Ray, Doug Jewett. Doug Smith, Lynn Bissell, Galen Scholl, Judy Miner, Geran Wir-rsma, Jeri Millard. THIRD ROW: Diane Long, Tom Miner, Madonna Will, Douglas McLuen, Marilyn Chapman, Carla Moore, Gary Smithers, Arthur Wheelock, Norma Miller, Mary Mc- Laughlin, Cheryl Reed. FOURTH ROW: Rosemary Pearson, Janet Taylor, Meredith Steele, Janet Iewett, David Bissell, Larry McLaughlin, Colleen Whetstone, Sue Dress- ler, Charlotte Reed, Kay Johnson. FIFTH ROW: Pat Miller, Wanda Wilson, Linda Chadwick, Karen Turner, Barry Burke, Gene Karstens, Dennis Euken, Tom Salmon, Byron Bissell, Norma Miller, Janelle Bailey, Richard Woods. ' The band, under the fine direction of Mr. Leland Eloe has been very active this year as in former years. The fifty -five marching band members had a very busy season entertaining during the half-time of every home football game. The concert band will participate in the State Music Contest in Oakland in the spring. The band will put on a spring concert and will take part in other activities. The vocal groups will enter the State Music Contest in Oakland. One of the many vocal group activities will be the appearance at the Elliott High School. The soloists and small groups will attend the State Music Contest inPanora in the spring. Mixed Chorus FIRST ROW: Colleen Whetstone, Don- na Enfield, Lillian Phillips, Dennis Fuken, Dean Osen, Dick Legg, Peggy Ticknor, LaRue Taylor, Claudette Nelson. SECOND ROW: Judy Miner, Karen Turner, Doug Smith, Darrel Coglon, Tom Salmon, David Bissell, Kay Miller, Sherrill Morgan. THIRD ROW: Donna Misner, Norma Miller, Naomi Jensen, Gene Karstens, Byron Bissell, Darwin Swanson, Jon Jordon, Leona Gissible, Wanda Wilson, Sue Dressler. FOURTH ROW: Bobby .To Davis, Mardelle Jorgensen, Madonna Will. Jeri Millard, Marvin Fries, Arthur Wheelock, Raymond Workman, Richard W oods, Janet Taylor, Lynn Robison, Shari Robson. .l ', A00 af, ' -.. ,. g 1. , SET! -Q- uf Accompanists 1 Wanda Wilson Naomi Jensen Karen Turner Janet Taylor Y?- ii Mixed Double Quartet Naomi Jensen, Darrel Coglon, Karen Turner, Dennis Euken, Sherrill Mor- gan, Tom Salmon, Wanda Wilson, Douglas Smith. Sponsored By CARL MILLARD Z9 Q7 Boys Quartet Darn-l Coglon, llvnnif- l"l2kPn, Yorn Salrnon, Douglas Srniilz. .. ,.. -QA' V 'fini T., , f wage., :A - 2 d qv Girls Trw Karen Turner, Naomi Jensen, Wanda Wilson, Girls Sextct .Tudy Miner, Naomi Jensen, Karen Turner,I,.e- one Giqsiblc, Wanda Wilson, Sherrill Morgan. Sponsored By STAGER 'S CAFE 4' CT Q W H QHWQ J Hill. 'Q U ff Q! 1 3 rn E5 1 "Ts Q Y, ,.s I .,,. x A A . - .Wu M is 1? WJ, CN- Af K .4 .r . Hi' an .,8'r ""lv- 1 ,.- .f xx ,r A .Q -' M, T' -Jfzrif' 'Vik I. . ',,f. 5'1" ," . 4 1 5231 f, ,Av-L Trumpet Trio Teddy Knowlton, Judy Miner, Douglas Smith. 5:0 Brass Sextct Wanda Wilson, Tom Salmon, Dennis Euken, Gene Karstcns, Douglas Smith, Judy Miner. Sponsored By CLAUDE SMITHER Clarlnct Quartet Douglas Mclouen, Gary Smithers, Carla Moore, Marilyn Chapman. 33 Saxophone Sextet Rosemary Pearson, Jane! Jewett, Sue Dressler, Colleen Whet- stone, Men-clirh Steele, Janet lfly 34 Saxophone Quartet Rosemary Pearson, Janet Jewetl, Janet Taylor, Meredith Steele. Sponsored By GAMBLESTORE Drum Ensemble Sherrill Morgan, l.aRue Taylor Dick Legg, Marvin Fries, Terry Ray. Future Band Members FIRST ROW: Alen Burke, Merlin Chadwick, Kendal Petersen, Janette Wiemann, Sue Turner, Larry Moore. SECOND ROW: Ella Dorsey, Geran Wiersma, Marvin Reed, Charles Palm, Dean Wheelock, Jim Nelson, Melvin Kahl. F Practicing ,l ,,-..- ,gf Sponsored By RASSMUSSEN I-IATC HER Y FRONT ROW: Margaret Christensen, Mrs. Robinson. and Sharon Kirkham. STANDING: Karen Turner, and Leona Gissible. In the spring of 1954 six girls were chosen from a group of students interested in cheerleading by two Senior cheerleaders and pep club sponsors. These girls practiced until school was out. The following fall they began planning for pep meetings and cheerleading at the foot- ball games. Mrs. Robinson and Mrs. Pratt sent for books containing new yells that they could work on for the new school year. They also decided to buy purple corduroy and make slacks to go with the white wool sweaters they had just bought. After football, skirts were made for the basketball season. One of the sponsors, Mrs. Opal Pratt, left at the end of the first semester: Mrs. Robinson continued to help plan pep meetings. Some very clever skits were planned to give variety to the pep meetings. ATHLETICS lf' .- 1 .5 Q Eh, 'igffdzff f""SaL-221 Men of the Gridiron FRONT ROW: Floyd Jorgensen, Gary Neighbors, Joe Marnin, Jack Harris, Art Wheelock, Leland Nelson, Larry McLaughlin, Dong Iewett. SECOND ROW: Galen Scholl, Dave Bissell, Steve Reed, John Pearson, Dennis Euken, Dick Legg, Gary Simon, Dale Dorsey, Harold Scarlett, Lynn Bissell. THIRD ROW: Dwayne Pierce, Byron Bissell, Duane Kline, Kent Stockham, Doug Smith, Bob Wedemeyer, Daryl Kline, Larry Eden, Jerry Rydle, Tom Dorsey. FOURTH ROW: Assistant Coach Art Long, Richard Lindblom-Manager, Jeri Millard -Manager, Lyle Laartz, Lloyr' Harris, Mike Kelly, Harold McDaniel, Coach Tuenis Tait, The nineteen fifty-four grid squad started and ended the season with well-played victories. In between, the Spartans dropped five while winning one and tying one, thus making a record of three victories, five defeats, and one tie. The Spartans featured a deceptive split T attack offensively. Operating without a power backfield, the offense depended upon speed and deception. Blanked by just one opponent the Spartans were able to score the first time they got their hands on the ball in seven of the nine games. The offense produced an average of two and one-half touchdowns per game, Although the club did not win any championship, many individuals won honors. Dave Bissell, Senior guard, and Gary Neighbors, Senior halfback, were elected honorable captains for the season. Both of these boys were also selected on the all-conference first team. Lynn Bissell at center and Dick Legg at quarterback were both a unan- imous choice for the all-conference second team. Doug Smith at end, Leland Nelson at guard, and Jack Hari-is at halfback received honorable mention on the all-conference team. Tom Salmon, sidelined with a broken leg at the outset of the season, was made the team statistician. The conferences coaches voted Tom a position on the all-conference team on the merit of his outstanding play in previous years. .Five Seniors, Doug Srnith, Dave Bissell, Dennis Euken, Gary Neighbors, and Tom Salmon will be sorely missed when all is called on the gridiron next fall. After complet-ing the best record in five years, the squad was taken to Ames to enjoy the football game between Iowa State and Oklahome. The football mothers treated the squad to their annual banquet to bring the season to an end officially. SEASON'S RECORD Anita Z0 Menlo Anita 0 Casey Anita IZ Walnut Anita 7 Elliott Anita l9 Fontanelle Anita 7 Av oca Anita 19 Griswold Anita 14 Oakland Anita 39 Adair Sponsored By TED PHILLIPS, INSURANCE O Q fblx I 2 Q!! 551 S 41321 ,. A -4 , V . ,K la! g 22' ,' we Asif 6-F" 5 Malia. 'Aga 'sf-fig 71 P. Srrrith, giving the toast to the fa- thers at our football banquet. These four Seniors just finished playing their last football game, Anita 59-Adair 7, ea-:ing the field at half -time. 'Q Neighbors hauls in a pass. Time Out For Anita Mr. Royce Bissell giving his toast to the sons. e, In g , ,,. ,,, if EQ, s P O N S O R E D B Y ff if Club The "A" Club was one of the newly formed clubs in Anita High this year. It consists of all boys who have earned a major letter in any sport. FIRST ROW: Dean Wheelock, Jack Harris, Gary Neighbors, Jeri Millard, Lloyd Harris. SECOND ROW: Art Wheelock, Galen Scholl, Richard Lindblom, Gene Karstens, Tom Dorsey, Doug Srnith, Gary Symonds. THIRD ROW: Leland Nelson, Bob Wederneyer, Marvin Carlson, Larry Behnken, Larry McLaughlin, Dave Bissell, Tom Salmon. FOURTH ROW: Gary Simon, Dale Dorsey, Larry Eden, Lynn Bissell, Dennis Euken, Dick Legg, Jack Falconer, Daryl Kline. Smith hauls in a pass Ride 'Em Cowboy' good for 30 yards. Coach Long Assists Lynn Off The Field. Who's Got The Tackle ? 'P ? '? ? R U N O U T O F B O U N D S Discussing Pre -Game Strategy e 'Aditi' " A 4" , LHR . LARRY and TOM Spartan Cagers FIRST ROW: Marvin Fries, Jim Symonds, Jeri Millard. SECOND ROW: Gary Symonds, Tom Dorsey, Dale Dorsey, Dick Legg, Dean Osen, Dennis Euken, Jerry Budd, Tom Salmon, Doug Smith. THIRD ROW: Richard Lett, Larry Ray, Larry McLaughlin, Marvin Roed, Lyle Laartz, Warren Christensen, Keith Henderson, Harold McDaniel, Doug Jewett. FOURTH ROW: James Phillips, Ronald Just, .Tohn Pearson, Robert Just, Dwain Pierce, Duane Kline. Season's Record DICK LEGS These two were hampered with injuries during the sea- SOIL Anita 38 Avoca 37 Anita 43 Oakland 69 Anita 60 Cumberland 55 Anita 29 Walnut 46 Anita 71 Griswold 44 Anita 37 Oakland 57 Anita 53 Audubon 63 Anita 43 Walnut 53 Anita 36 Adair 37 Anita 52 Elliott 53 Anita 47 Elliott 43 Anita 36 Avoca 43 Anita 33 Griswold 44 Anita 52 Wiota 50 County Tournament Anita 38 Massena 45 Sectional Tournament Anita 41 Exira 52 Total Points Scored Anita 709 Avg. per game 44.3 Opp. 791 Avg. per game 49.4 Sponsored By ROGERS BARBER SHOP Dick, a Junior and three -year letterman was elected cap- tain of the Spartans by the squad. -we Striving For the Top LEFT TO RIGHT: Doug Smith, Tom Dorsey, Dennis Euken, Dean Osen, Dick Legg, Dale Dorsey, Tom Salmon. Field Goals Pct. Free Throws Individual's Rebounds Fouls Jump Balls Bad Passes Taken Made Made Missed Total Points We got They got Dick Legg 275 29 28 26 188 198 34 51 51 17 Doug Smith 170 36 36 34 160 47 44 26 30 51 Dean Osen 94 31 36 51 94 87 38 72 70 8 De .is Euken 95 35 8 22 74 40 23 Z9 25 ll Dale Dorsey 49 31 12 11 42 58 20 17 32 11 Tom Dorsey 143 26 34 Z1 108 44 55 15 28 42 Tom Salmon 36 33 3 4 27 17 14 0 7 5 Larry Eden 4 0 5 3 5 5 5 Z 3 4 Jeri Millard 6 0 0 1 0 2 2 O 2 0 Jerry Budd 1 0 1 1 1 2 0 2 3 O Jim Symonds 2 0 0 1 0 1 1 O 2 l Gary Symonds 0 O 5 3 5 2 O 0 O O Doug Jewett 1 100 1 0 3 1 3 O 1 0 Marvin Fries 1 100 . 0 O 2 0 0 O 0 1 Our team's total against our opponents Field Goals Free Throws Rebounds Anita Opponents Anita Opponents Anita Opponents 877 Total Shots 902 169 Made 193 504 430 270 Made 299 179 Missed 182 31.8 Average 33 48.6 Per Cent 51.4 Per Game Jump Balls Bad Passes Fouls Anita Opponents Anita Opponents Anita Opponents 217 255 151 102 239 226 LAUSER'S ANITA HARDWARE Sponsored By ., 1 sn: Us N. T? QQ, Abu SW, .., ski' . ,QRHTRQ 51 G 1 N , I. Ji. 3 I- Snaps of Sectional and District Tournaments. Our always busy managers. Congratulations to you for being picked as Captains of the l954-'55 season by your teammates. Now if there are no ques- tions we are ready to start the game. I We just beat Wiota Z points ' in Sectional finals. Come on Sherry, get up off the floor. Waiting our turn to receive our trophy at Wiota. 1 We have now won our 13th consecutive game: let's make Here is Proof of Olll' fine 1'9- it 14, cord and also a glimpse of I wonder who will get the tip. I-JUL.. Wouldn't you be sad too if you only lacked 5 points of getting to the State Tourney? Even though this is not a lst place trophy we are happy to present it to you. the trophies we won during the year. Our Squad FIRST ROW: Barbara Symonds, Sherry Parkinson, Janet Jewett, Phyllis Carlson, Peggy Ticknor, Margaret Arnett, Larry McDaniels fMascotJ, Marna Larsen, Carla Moore, Colleen Whetstone, Joan Dorsey, Shari Robson, Judy Parker. SECOND ROW: Kay Robison fManagerj, Sharon Griffin, Lynn Robison, Judy Miner, Lillian Phillips, Mrs. Harley McDanie1s fChaperonej, Coach Harley McDaniels, Cheryl Smothers, Patty Bailey, Sherrill Morgan, Hazel Davis, Rosemary PearsonfManagerj, This is a picture of our very fine basketball squad, We not only won Z0 games while losing 6 but won the first County Championship trophy in over Z5 years, won the Sectional and was runner-up to Oakland in the District finals, losing by 4 points. From this squad we lose only one, Judy, who will certainly be missed. COUNTY TOURNAMENT .Bit Anita Opponent Anita O onent Lewis 49 33 Massena Z8 Exira 54 49 Griswold 16 Menlo 67 49 Wiota 37 Avoca 30 Oakland' 61 SECTIONAL TOURNAMENT Cumberland 44 54 Exira 43 Walnut 55 54 Adair 51 Griswold 42 58 Wiota 56 Oakland 44 Audubon 55 DISTRICT TOURNAMENT Walnut 36 67 Audubon 46 Adair 50 58 Oakland 62 Elliott 51 Elliott 58 SECOND TEAM GAMES Avoca 45 41 Lewis 37 Wiota 31 38 Exira 39 Fontanelle 52 41 Menlo 47 24 Fontanelle Z0 Sponsored By BONNESEN'S 5 81 10 The 1955 Cass County Tour- ney is almost underway. 1 It has been ' oh - so long' Look out Mas sena "Here we comef'j f Championship Game We are out to beat Wiota for the second time in 18 years. You have played a good first half but this half must be better. tx The ball failed to let go and only the grip on the ring kept this miniature player from going through. We Won! Or couldn't you te Anita 49 - Wiota 37 Spon s ored By McIN TIRE 'S CAFE l Not too often do I have the opportunity to accept a Coun- ty Championship trophy. e didn't know a week ago that we would be the 1955 Cass County Champs We are the first Cass County Champions from Anita in over Z5 years. Since- 1 nlnthr'0nly5vvxiur1unu111 my-onuvx1year,may1-U-.,mlar No. 01 Quarters l"1m-141 Goals 1"r1-1' lhruw- Grade Position Playvd ln Iakcn Ninill' '11 himlf- Pylissr-11 "1 .Tul1yParkCr IZ 1-' 105 45-1 16-1 57.8 Z44 IZI5 M 1anetJr-we!! 11 F 105 905 ZZ9 45.5 64 '55 E'-1. Marna Larsen 11 FLG 101 Z50 91 41,5 55 75 -IZ. Colleen Whetsions' 11 F 41 '31 14 Z7.7 Z3 lf! "Fw, Shari Robson Q F 16 14 5- 15,7 Z is ZO. Joan Dorsey 8 F 1Z 10 5 50.0 6 1: 10. Lynn Robison 9 F Z 5 0 0 U 0 Cheryl Srnithers 9 F 5 5 0 O 0 1 Margarc-iArn911 11 F8-:G 99 'il 14 Z7.7 7 115 50, Sherry Parkinson 11 FSC IOZ lv Z 55.5 O 0 Barbara Symnnds 8 G Bl Phyllis Carlson 10 G 47 Peggy 'Iicknor 10 G 56 Carla Moore 8 G 14 Judy Minor 10 K2 Z Sherrill Morgan 10 G 1 Donna Newell 9 G 4 Our 'I'::-nm"-, lntal Againsl Tlu- Oppmwxxu 1-'irld Cioal'4 1'r1-c lllruwu 1-'w:1- Anita Opponent: Anim Uppmn-nu Anil., Upyfozivxiu 1307 '1'o1n1Slm1S 1Zf?O 401 klaclc' 50Z 401 ,111 526 Made 490 50,1 Misra-11 511 -10,355 Average 54.971 911,11 1'r'r L.:-nv -151,5 101,11 llninlk Anita Uppmwvug 1'1fw1 1204 28,52 Ax.-f,.,5v lminu 11,1 1'1'r42:nnr- likf- 115 Xa :md yur lr 1m,1l 1'4min1- Lw7Z 'MIL L-15 '55 ld 1Z O O 55 4 Anim ,115 Anila liorxmarc llnzlrrl-. lu-.11 x "Gucci 1.11114 wink 1-. l ru- m,.n,. A1 1-r.1,51- Puinm ma .I-my nam Pwr Clznnc 1101:ounL1e- Fouls Passes. We 11f'rci-:cd Ilxvy Rrcriwed ZZI1 fl Z6 ZZ V4 Zf1.L 112 44 'wi 45 11.1 HT 69 47 525 Z7 14 lb 16 IZ 6 1 8 4 7 4 6 Z 0 Z 1 1 95 65 160 P51 3Z gb 111 25 Zh S1 109 43 17 LT 57 Z5 is 17 14 Z5 4 R 7 4 1 1 O - 1 15.16 113511-M E41-110 'nd- tvppnnmiu Ani- Llpplm-fm-Q 4117 1111 1' mrwardx ZH, -1Z' G-.ardx ZW! 1,041 1511112 cvmmnf-nl-. 1.r'1gI1'121lN 31 1-'urwardh 5Z'- 1 f g,g,L,m-me Z0., llnrrll .i1'I 1- 5TH -1 11 101:11 1 V Sponsored By BEHNKEN MOTOR COMPANY 49 Little Judy led the team's scoring with an average of ZZ points per game. She made lst All-Con- ference team and 3rd All Southwest Iowa team. First Six in Action Marna who developed a very good hook shot played a major role in getting her team into the District finals. Spons ored By JEWETT 'S EILEVATOR Our top rebounder, Mar- garet, did a great job at post guard, She also made lst All-Conference team. Sherry, the one who the guards relied upon, cer- tainly dld an outstanding job in every department. She made Znd All-Con- ference team and 3rd All- Southwest Iowa. Shown taking her favorite shot which gave her the highest Z1 on our team is Janet, She shot 4'a,5'Z. Janet made lst All-Con- ference team and Znd All- Southwest Iowa team. Barbara, the little Sth grade guard who was the fire ball of our back court kept up very well with her older and bigger oppo- nents. Young Spartans Jack Davis, Garen Wiersma, Gary Christensen, Terry Ray Merlyn Chadwick, Kendall Petersen, Russell Lett. FIRST ROW: Dan Brownsberger, Ronald Exline, Russel Lett. SECOND ROW: Coach Eberhart, Kendal Peterson, Gary Christensen, Bill Shultz, Lenny Theulen. THIRD ROW: Philip Brownsberger, Robert Mathews, David Kelly, Geran Wiersma, Hans Johnson, Merlyn Chadwick, Charles Redburn. Lenny The'-11011. DHD Brownsberger, Philip Brownsberger, JR. HIGH FOOTBALL Ted Knowlton, Barry Burke, David Strickland, David Kelley, Anita Opponents 13 Audubon 7 44 Avoca 0 53 Adair 0 Z5 Oakland 6 6 Oakland 13 J High Basketball Judy Exline, Melanie Chadwick, Meredith Steele, Judy Lauser, Afuta Opponents Karen Mortensen, Ella Dorsey, Judy Karns, Charlotte Reed. Exira Oakland Walnut Adair Shelby Exira Menlo Casey Jr High Basketball Kay Johnson, Judy Griffin, Pat Miller, Linda Schirm, Jeannette A111118 Opp0I1ent5 Wiemann, Carolyn Symonds, Jane Parker, Vera Nelson. Oakland Exira Walnut Avoca Adair Adair Shelby Exira Menlo C a sey -7 an Home-Coming The Home-coming program presents many pleasant ex- periences for the students in Anita High. This is an activity in which everyone has a chance to participate. Each class has its own responsibility in making the day a success. Two days before Home-coming nominations for the Queen and attendants were made by the football boys. Also this year, the basketball girls were elected to nominate a Duke and attendants. This was a new and successful addition to the annual program. The entire student body and faculty gathered in the gym- nasium at 2:15 to witness the event of crowning the Queen. .Toyce Pearson, a Senior, was crowned Queen by Duke Gary Neighbors, also a Senior. The Queen's attendants were Leona Gissible, Senior, Marna Larsen, Junior, and Sherry Parkinson, a Junior. The Duke attendants were Dick Legg, Junior, Gary Symonds, Sophomore, and Harold McDaniel, a Freshman. A short skit given by the Pep Club followed the honorable event. The Queen and her attendants were brought onto the football field that evening in a convertible and ushered to the thx-one by the Duke and attendants. Due to cold weather, the Queen and her attendants were unable to remain on the field through- out the entire game as is customary. Following the Anita- Avoca football game, high school students and alumni enjoyed a dance in the school gymnasium. Sponsored By ANITA OIL COMPANY J rl- Queen, Duke and Attendants P., Sharon P. STANDING: Dick L., Har old Mc., Duke GaryN Gary S. SEATED: Mama L., Leona G., Queen Joyce f' This affords a "student voice' an --. sv Student Council 'Y -0162 xy T f 4a-4z-1uQ-of- STANDING: Duane Kline, Gary Symonds, Daryl Kline, Tom Salmon, Larry Behnken, SEATED: Mrs. McDermott, Colleen Whetstone, Marlene Aupperle, Sue Dressler, Joyce Pearson. Each class in high school elected two members to serve on the Student Council. '. The council not only holds regular meetings to deal with current problems but also plans Home-coming and all school parties. An all school skating party and a twirp twirl party were sponsored this fall. As a means of building up the treasury, Anita ties were sold to the student body. 2. FIRST ROW: Peggy Ticknor, Marna Larsen, Barbara Reynolds, Beverly Gress, Julia Koob, Margaret Arnett, Lillian Phillips, Phyllis Carlson, Marillys Pierce, Dellene Lindblom, Kay Miller, Mrs. McDermott. SECOND ROW: Linda Chadwick, Norma Miller, Marilyn McDermott, Namoi Jensen, Claudette Nelson, Marilyn Chap- man, Donna Enfield, Jerry Bailey, Colleen Whetstone, Judy Miner, Karen Turner, Janet Taylor. THIRD ROW: Leona Gissible, Sue Dressler, Janet Jewett, Sharon Parkinson, LaRue Taylor, Belva Bailey, Dolores Uhlmann, Norma Scarlett, Elaine Bebensee, Myrna Steinmetz, Jackie Boedeker, Patty Bailey, Jorene Hughes. FOURTH ROW: Sharon Kirkham, Mary Shannon, Sandra Griffin, Joyce Pearson, Rosemary Pearson, Wanda Wilson, Delores Aupperle, Sherrill Morgan, Mary Jane Madden, Donna Misner, Kay Robison, Maurine Shannon, Dorothy Wiemann, Bobby Jo Davis, Judy Parker. FIFTH ROW: Jackie Karns, Sharon Griffin, Sandra Deem- ing, MaDonna Will, Mardell Christensen, Donna Newell, Shari Robson, Lynn Robison, Barbara Kramer, Joan Misner, Karen Chadwick, Mardell Jergensen, Margaret Christensen, Joy Brownsberger, Marlene Aupperle, Hazel Davis. Cj. A. A. DELORES A. Vice-President JOY B. Secy. and Trees. MRS. MCDERMOTT Sponsor DELENE L. President JUDY P. Pt. Rec. Sponsored By BOWEN'S STORE . ' ,f 9 if fwm Q47 I . H 3 Q. b ,fl I '-K 4 Q-'yy ui' Q! v ek f f ' ',fa I -' ' 1 1-5 X F-.,.. E5 3 . U Q x . I I I ns - .f ,F ff , I 'Q 7 I 4 gb x we , , s ,..x - y an 'Q J 'f k6Y?'+., wr 'iii U ,qv fr-sv - n 4 , . , v 11+ If live T? Declamatory Work Late in the fall thirty-four students interested in declam-- Humorous, Oratorical, Dramatic, and Interpretive Reading--began working with Mrs. Ella Henneberg. After making their selection, students began putting in many hours of work at practice. As a result of this hard work some very fine appearances were made at the Home Speech Contest, January 13, 1955. The twelve winning one ratings will appear in the Preliminary Contest starting Feb- ruary I4. 1955. 1 Home Contest Winners Richard W., Joyce P., Leona G., Barbara R., Karen T., Judy M., Sue D., Kay R.,Rosemary P., Wanda W., Lynn R., Duane K. Sponsored By O. W. SHEAFFER AND SON Humorous Division BACK ROW: LaRue T., Donna E Marilyn C., Margaret A., Robert P Lyle L., Barbara R., Jerry B., Na- omi J. FRONT ROW: Karen C.. Bobby Jo D., Sherrill M., Karen T., Wanda W., Maurine S., Shari R., Judy P. Dramatic Oratorical Interpretive Readers' Division BACK ROW: Duane K., Kay R., Judy M., Sue D., Lillian P., Peggy T., Kay M., Patty B., Richard W, FRONT ROW: Hazel D., Sharon A., Sandra G., Janet T., Leona G., Joyce P., Rosemary P., Lynn R. SEATED: Wanda Wilson, "Aunt Sophronia": Marna Larsen, "Mrs, Buf- ord"g Rosemary Pearson, "Evelyn Buford": Janet Jewett, "Betty An- derson", Margaret Arnett, "Binnie": Karen Turner, "Jean Owen". STANDING: Marvin Fries, "Thomas Patton": Daryl Kline, "James llorton 'l'ravis": Dick Legg, Sound Effects: Robert Petersen, "Winnie"g Jack Harris, "Spike": Gene Karstens, Stagt-, Sandra Griffin, Student Director: Robert Budd, "Dr, Mel Shannon": Colleen Whetstone, "Camilla Dusenberry". ...v 'A Quit Your Kidding The Bufords are a struggling family having recently lost Mr, Buford through death. Mrs. Buford, with the help of her Z0 year old daughter, Evelyn, try to provide forthe family which in- cludes the 15 year old twins, Winnie and Binnie. Word comes from Aunt Sophronia that she plans to come for a visit at which time she in- tends to give each girl a 55,000 check because she has such a great dislike for boys. Winnie, Whois a boy, decides to borrow some of Bin- nie's clothes and disguise himself during Aunt Sophronia's visit. The Buford's home is quite the gath- ering place for friends fboth boys and girlsl. The boys who have been around have completely won over Aunt Sophronia, causing her to say if one of the twins had been a boy who could carry on the farnily name he would have received a szexooo check. Poor Winnie! He has overplayed his hand. But a surprising event takes place Which makes everything all right and he gets his big check after all. Sponsored By LARSEN S PHILLIPS bb 1 I 1 The Eiffel Tower At Sundown. C0-V' This was the setting for our lovely all In honor of the Seniors, the Junior class invited them to enjoy all of the highlights of "April In Paris". From the minute they entered the gym through the Arch of Triumph they were caught in the spell of the gayest city in the world. The Juniors were very thorough in reconstructing this beautiful city from the quaint sidewalk cafe to the magnificent Eiffel Tower. There was also a lovely park where our guests ate a very delicious dinner prepared by the Junior mothers. This dixmer was served by our very capable waiters and wait- resses--Janet Jewett, Marna Larsen, Karen Turner Wanda Wilson, Colleen Whetstone, Eleanor Beaman, Dick Legg, Marvin Fries, Larry Eden, Leland Nelson, Daryl Kline, and Gene Karstens--all from the Soph- omore class. To add the finishing touch to the evening, the large blimp that had been flying over the city exploded. girl orchestra, "The Charmettesf' Jackie Harris and Sandra Griffin were elected by the Junior class as Host and Hostess to entertain the guests who came for the dance. -mn Sponsored By A Typical Street In Paris DR. E. J. OSEN Indispensable FAITHFUL DAY AND NIGHT 4 -1-1 HENRY AND ANDY DEPENDABLE DOUG AND THE Movm MACHINE Sponsored By OUR PROTECTION HAROLD BAIER " ' ww avg? pf.. A, N.: FY . L vp. ' lu I X: 5 9 aa,- 'I'--XX, Qiff Www W I F71 3 , 154. Iftffsfinzvyfbhi t '4 f.fff HQ-' X K. Q 3 I It F n L earmng To Be Ilomemakers In These Surroundings. Due to the splendid management of the lunch program by the head cook, Mrs. Gill, and her assistant, Mrs. Strickland, the students have been able to purchase larger and better meals this year for the small cost of only thirty cents per day. New draperies and paint were added last surn- mer to give the room a brighter atmosphere. Sponsored By LORENCE INHOFE s--Q THREE MUSKETEERS STEADY PAIR WHERE IS DONNA 7 E W gb ily LITTLE -CHOP -CHOP , , ,N r, sv I ' D J: 'J s I I ' W . I H . wifi' 43 t i f I'-:J ll. SLEEP TIGHT GIRLS X.. PUCKBR UP N O PARKING ouuRS spar-:CH AND HEARING CIJINIC I J. so GET 'EM C LEAN ln I' W ga THREE NUTS IN A CHURCHYARD Q- ' . 3. -W I ,4 f s ,F . L 7 ,I N ' , ,f 0'- "1 NNW-L' . Q' A-. -I FARMER BAILEY , 1, .- ., 1 ,II THE UNDECIDE Ex NATURE LOVE WILFRIED AN HIS GIRLS D R D HELP: I ACE PHOTOGRAPHER x F' AT MCINTIRES s SONNY BOY O I M N E D 1 c v E 1 V R D ' 3 T U sc KN A A " "H 1 1. vw-Nh N SOPHOMORE ART Spartan Staff FRONT ROW: Douglas Smith, Assistant: Donna M.isner, Proofreader: Judy Parker, Girls' Sports Editor: Mr. McDaniel, Photographer. SECOND ROW: Dennis Euken, Typist: Tom Salmon, Boys' Sports Editor: Joyce Pearson, Co-Editor: Belva Bailey, Typist: Marillys Pierce, Typist: Dellene Lindblorn, Grade School Editor: Larry Behnken, Business Manager: Dave Bissell, Music Editor. STANDING: Darrell Coglon, Co-Editor: Gary Neighbors, Snapshot Editor: Leona Gis sible, Senior Editor: Joy Brownsberger, Organizations Editor: Miss Kelley, Sponsor: Kay Robison, Business Manager. IF If you have read our book And enjoyed your reading. If you may chance to take a second look Then our time was worth taking. If you may leaf through each and every page And think of memorable happenings of 1954-'55, If you shall think of these as the years shall age Then these thoughts were meant to survive. If you can find in it complete enjoyment Then---The Spartan was a justly aim. The 1954-'55 Annual Staff " JQ'Z'4.'5, WALSWORTH Sponsored By :At.:..t.i...t........ MARDESEN PAINT STORE - .... M.. 'IT'3"E"S

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