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4' e 2 E z 3 E F E if 5 f i 2 5 : v- . 353. its ? ! i Wy, if fgfgmwyn I 5 A I 1 A Hung .Jw J . f Mg.: ,wa ull' 4. rv. .fa -... , , b I , . - uv Q 'Y r .xr 1 In . ' .f M A v if x -1,54 .31 his ,J fu. f ' ' 1' 1. bf f4'ifQF riP A 1 ' L L5 yi' -fgiviax E "If '37kf35!?ja:W7.ff A H,-,- it aiiinnrrq. Ax ., li- f , nu- ., .B Y iv V' nf, - ' ' , - , f' ', A M. "JV mi' i.. 'f . 5 if i f nj , K . x 1 :.v-- . Q1 . . .' , - Q . .N-1. Q, -al Tk , . I L. V ,b U. '-1,:",",-'--' ? , W ,J A y' ph - 5' " -"2 1 N , 9 -"F, ' ' xv 45: ' v f. Wifi, v ff V L 3 . - ' 'E' , I I !w:4 :Ei U I - . ' . -V' Q 554: f X ,W V , N V,,,5,.pV" 's' - , - -W, " , fr -gl, '. vgf 'NY .' . A , 5 A ' V , k -MA ' N R' lf?-3 . f ,fr Y' E1 If 5 ' w f ' r 4 ' ' ' . .5 ' J-a M V' ff' Qi iii nv 'I - , 5 X S i i Q ' U 'f XM-rf i 1 f m.,wf w""" 1-Q Dv MJ.. .AA THE SPARTAN Amta Hugh School Amta, Iowa ...X 'll Foreword Through these portals pass the students of the An1ta Publzc School. Their story ex tends from the hrst mornxng m kmdergarten to the graduatlon procession on Commencement night Durmg this short span of years, there has been the combmed joy and sorrow equally shared by students and an understandmg faculty Thls story goes on the same from generatlon to generatmon, yet It never grows old Through the pages of thls Spartan we have tried to relive some of the memorable events of the 1953 1954 school year lf thxs record recalls to your mlnd some experience of joy, then the Spartan staff w1l1 feel amply repazd for whatever effort has gone mto the book Volume III 1954 Annual Staff Sponsored By ANITA STATE BANK O 9 O .L,:.. - S "gil'f'ffj? , ,.,t 11 , N c'te c Q mf! 99: kr 55 N Tw f 3 Q S-f ADM X X f U n m . I Q Q - , . 1 Q x v . . . 1 . g S . , , s n Q n Q MR. WILBUR w. FATKA H29 Superintendent Sociology-Government Westmar College B- A- Drake University M- A. Graduate Work M R. RAY DORSEY President MRS. MARILYN ROBXNSON Secretary of School Secretary of Board Graduate of Anita - 1951 551' In These We if 2"'5'P7'Fff 2 MR 5-..,,. Trust uv-J If X . DREXEL CHADWICK DR. JAMES O5EN ,,x r 'gf ,... We owe a great deal of gratitude to the school board whose influence is wide- spread and affects the life of each student as well as every citizen of the Anita com- munity. ,. r f M R. KENNETH TURNER MR. WAYNE JEVVETT Seniors Class Motto: We Build The Ladder By Which We Rise Graduation Date: May 19, 1954 Class Colors: Navy Blue and Rose Class Flower: White Rose MR. JOHN L. POWERS tll B. C. S. Drake University, 1949 Graduate Study. Typing land ll. Bookkeeping, Shorthand, Senior Class Sponsor. MARDELL FRILLS Glee Club l,Z,3,41 Mixed Chorus 1,Z,5,43Girls' Quartet 5,45 Concert Band l,Z,l,4g Marching Band 1,ZL Mixed Woodw inds ig Clarinet Quartet 5,45 Clarinet Solo 5,45 Pep Club 15 Cheer- leader 2,35 Declam 5,43 Class Play 5,45 Class President 45 G. A. A. l,Z,3,45 Annual Staff 4, Basketball l,Z,5,45 Drum Majorette 5,41 Student Council President 4, Homecoming Queen 5. REX RATHMAN Basketball l,Z,3,4L Football l,5,49 Baseball l.Z,l,4L Class Play Prompter 55 Class Play 4g Secretary Z5 Vice-President 4, Cheerleader Z5 Science Club 45 Annual Staff 4. 4 CAROL ANN DORSEY Glee Club l,Z,3,4g Mixed Chorus Z5 Declam Z,4g Class Play Publicity 55 Class Vice-President 55 Class Secretary 45 G. A. A. l,Z,3,45 G. A. A. Vice-Pre-sident -15 Basketball Manager 45 Annual Stall 4. LARRY HUGHES Football l,Z,5,4g Track 4,45 Baseball 15 Boys' Glec Club l,Z,3,45 Mixed Chorus l,Z,3,45 Class President Z5 Class Treasurer 45 Student Council 5,45 Student Council Treasurer 45 Annual Staff 4. ANN MCINTIRE Mixed Chorus l,i,45 Glee Club l,.2,3,45 G. A. A. l,Z,l,4g G. A. A. President 45 Declam l,Z,45 Class Play 3,-15Ba5kQt. ball Manager -15 Annual Staff 4, Mixed Quartet 4. GA!-LL MILLER Football 3,45 Track Z,3,4, Class Play 5,45 Baseball l,Z,55 Science Club 45 Class President 3: Basketball l.l,3,4. Q- 'ia 4 .. ll i R 1 .:""' AX Q '?- f' l of Y I fvs wb l 1 5-fe. 'Q -1 bi 5:4 7 x '. .I , t 1 y VS v 3- TK 'R-cr, lf -Q.. ni. l rA . 5 P C x l Q1 -5 'T' i' 'A AX, r ou. .pf T 12" 5 E! x v' W 9.4 -Q , Q , n M A RV IN :SCU I' 'l' Football l,Z,5,4pBaseball l,ZLTrack 1,.1,l,-45lJoClarnJ,i,4g Science Club -ip Clash Play api. llhli MACKRILI. Glce Club l..Z,i Yrark l,5, Bahlm-tlnall l,.l, Junior Play mage Manager S. DAVID LANTL Football l,3,-ip Baseball l,.f,1IQ BoyL.'Glv1- Club l, Mixed Chorus lg Junior Play Souml liflecis a. U LORIA LANTZ Glee Club l,Z,5, Pep Club 3,52 Class Play SL Mixed Clxoruw Z,53Basketball l,ZLG.A-A. l,.f,i. LA DONNA Cl'lKlSTEN5hN Girls' Glee Club l,Z,5,4gMix0rlCl1nru:. Z, 5,45 Girls' Sl-xtct 4g G. A. A. l,Z,i,-4. DONALD CRON Track 5. RAY WAHLERT Claxra Play -1. NANCY KIKKHAM G. A. A. l,Z,3,4, Dcrlam l,l,S,4g Concert Banrl 3,5911 Glee Club l,Z,3p Mixed Chorus l,ZL Class Herr:-tary lg Claaa Play 5,45 Marching Band Z,i,4g Pep Hand Z: Annual Stafl 4. ROBERT KELLY Football l,Z,5,4gBas1-hall lgliaskvrball lg Track l,d,S,4g Science Club 1. EQLINOR GARSIIJL G16-e Club 1,Z,5,45 Band -4: lleclam l, G. A. A. l,J,5,4. CHARLES H. MILLER Concert Band l,Z,3,4g Marching Hand l,Z,3,4. 47 - C !.' j f.- - N 1 Fa " fell' ,Al ' I0 J LORENE EDEN . ' l 514 G. A. A. 1,Z,5,4gClas5 Play 4. WI uc, nv my l l nv -o 1 NANCY WEHKMAN Marching Band l,Z,5,-4, Concert Band l,Z,5,-lg Pep Band l,Zg Woodwind Choir 33 Clarinet Quartet l,Z,5,4g Clarinet Solo Z,5,4gG1ce Clul: l,Z,i.4g Mixed Chorus l,.Z,3,4g Class Preai- clent13G- A. A.l,Z.5,4QDeClaml,1,5,-155614-nce Club 43 Basketball l,i,-lg Class. Play 5,43 Annual Staff 4. IU! X o o CHAKLESNKAFLE o o o . 4 0 A LYNN 'I'URNl:lll Football lp Boys' Gln-e Club l. irwwf GRACE W AH LLKT Cleo Club l.l,S,-lp Declam 1,33 Claaa Play S,-lg Pep Club 1.4: Mixed Chorus l,5, G- A. A. l,.Z.5,-155h1flent Council Secretary 52 Student Council 4g Annual Stall 49 Clash Secretary 4. Q 7 J fiiif' X, Q-v- 1 os, -Q.-. f. : vw- ,fl 5 E 1-A X . E 1 ? lkllf all' x--X., Q . I. l N L Y N Er 'Ui f"' if vs I 4: L RAYMOND DOKSLY, JR. Basketball l,3.i,4g Track lg Band lg B 'J' l Play Promptr-r 4. Dye G cc Club l, Cla-.:. MARClA LANTA Basketball l..1,5,4g Dcclarn l,2,-15 Cleo Club l,.2 S49 Mix Chorus 1,13 Flute Solo .1:Cla5s Play G,-ig G. ACA. l,.1A,l 4 Concert Band l,.Z,5,-4, Annual Staff 49 Mixed Woodwind 5. MAX MACKKILL Glee Club l,Zg Class Play Stage Hand lg Clay. Play-1, Baakct- ball l,.1.1,-ly Trzxrk l,.l,5, Mixed Chorus Z5 Baseball 5. CBAKY CHADWICK ota l DICK Hl5bE.l.l. olbxll l etba l ' XID. crux l Z 54 Concert Band Z 54 Boys Cflee Club Nlarrbxng Hand S4 Trumpet Solo S -1 Vocal aulo 4 4 Hrav. Quntql 4 Clasx Play 5-4 Frumpgt Quartet-1 Hoy, Quartmt ,bi P 5 4 Nlvcecl Quartet 4 Boya Double Quartet 4 I l 1 IAMLS INAC Ll lYlNN IJORBLY dskoilxxll sz: wall um 54 Mxxld Cbor 5-4 Cunrert Band Z 54 Saxophone Solo S 4 Claw- Play 54 Dann Band -1 Nlarchmp, Band 6 -4 + j Joh lzumulm jf' .f""f,-1 ' Football 1 z s Track s Basketball 1 1 s I. 'FL A I .7 'f Nldffhihjl Band l,.l,5,-4g Pup Hand l,' ROGER HA Rzilb Football l,.Z,5,-12 Baseball l,Z,5,-ll Track l,Z,5L C3190 Clillf l,Z,S,-lg Mixed Choru, l,Z,5,4g Conn-ri Band l,d,5,-lg Marthinu Band 4145 How' Qudrret 1.1.S.4s Claw P1GY5y41Vi"L" 1 . President .IL Deflam l,.2,i-Ag Annual Staff 4: Contest Solo J, SA. r 'a Q' g Q., ,L .WV '51 7 , aufmp. L51-4 CHADWICK A 'K 3 Q Basketball l,Z,5g Gluu Club 1,Z,4gDuclam lgfi. A. A. l.J.l,4. l A Q X 5' JOE SPRY Glec Club Z. rv'- LORliTTA CAKNS Fontancllv lg ,Stanton ig Glce Club Z,-l, G. A. A.Z,-1. DARRELL SCHULEK Baseball l. 1,-X vs... . .. XX 'CW JOYCE. DOKDLY Glee Clul1l,Z,5,4gMixcd Chorus l,Z,5,-lg Girls' Quartet SA, Mixed Double QuarI0145 VoCalSolo 5,43 Drum hnscmlulu 43 Concert Band 4, Marrhing Band -lg Pgp Club 1, Cheerleader LS,-ip Declam Z,5,-1, Class Play 5,4j58K'X'PYi1l"y SLG. A. A. l,.Z,l,4p Annual Stall 4. l DELBLRT KLINE Football 1,55 Baaclxall l,lg Gln-e Club 1,55 Mixed Chorus lg Band 114, Class- Play sg Dcclam 1,z. 3 CHARLES TEM PLEM AN JC' ,- i , 'Q-3 , K. cf? Q x sg. 'TS xu f sy N-.f , I I fx Wu, Scmore J 'vs ffffff!! R-XYVOND IJ l CHARLES VIC ROCFR la fs 1. xi' NANCY 'PF fa , D 10 ft, f ' ' ' DARREL S. - 1. , JAMES N. ' Q 1 . 1 , A' , 'X -- 'g'."'x' . , I 4 . 1' 'L ALL M. i . ' 1. GLORIA L. ' , I ,Q W". " .- CHARLES . LYNN D. DAVID L. 49' L OYCI J CRACK W I aDOININA C DELBERT 4. ff 0 GARY . I---1 ,L-X DICK I3 Fun! V T' .I OFZ R ANN MC mfx 1 .X I dl 11-1 4 BEN M. is Hasan qu LORETTA C REX ELINOR G CHARLES M C -"' A in .s l A. X , 'I .X V MAX M. k ' f ll 3? 2' ' Nh ' 8 ' I UL, Y - 1 3 ,, 'Wi Q ,Ayn if 2 if CAROL ANN D. MARCIA L ROBERT K DONALD LORENE E LARRY H ,L 17' .f 'f f-'V get R MARX IN S LYNN T NANCY K '11 JOE 5 RAY W MARDFLL F SHARA use c Sponsored By JACK LA RUE xc! 6 ll .V-?l. mfg - ur' E V, ' ' ggi C ' . yawn figfgfd. ' ,a..,,,W -A - ' " - ' Q ' ff 4 T- K " ' 4 n my 5 at u--:a-n 1 S -. , V ,DVI ' an Q X .V REA I 'v x ,I N I Q . if 1 -' Lf , , A-x uh .- . R. . C, , ' 5 K , Q Q. YQ L -5- - 5 Q5 fmh' " , 5 1 ' ,A . Q. 1 ' - ,gd " .14 : Y .Y A ' ' ' ' H f f . N V . , F , '1 . qi,-Y ' . , ., ' fb, xg Q ' f O f ' V L., . f . Y Q A .0 6? Q..-du' s. 41" ,f AD . . . h rf ' Y N -. 5 1 Q P' X X F, , .alr- V t IRS. HELEN DRI-QSSLI-LR Lltlcl Home Economics I and II World History Guidance West Texas State Teachers College Iowa State College B- S- Graduate Work - H Lggxj MR. ARTHUR LONG Ill General Science Biology Chemistry Seventh Grade General Science Eighth Grade General Science Creston Junior College A. B. A- Tarkio College B. A. Graduate Work Sponsored By CLAUD EI SMITHER Spirited Sopltomorcs The annual task of raising money lor class activities by conducting the yearly magazine salt- conlronted the Sopltomorcs. A It-w ot the flass members also parti- cipated as servers for the Junior-Senior Prom. In the Iirst part oi September, the Sophomores selected Gene Karstens, President, Robert Petersen, Vice-President, and Daryl Kline, Secretary-Treasurer. Mrs. Ruby McDermott was the home room teacher tor the largest high school Class, forty-one students including Colleen Whetstone, a transfer from Adair. World history, biology, and English were the re- quired subjt-cts for the Sophomores and guidance and geornetry were their elective courses. It . flaw' 4, ,affw WORLD HISTORY ACROSS THE AGES FIRST ROW: Arthur Wheelock, Raymond Workman, Wanda Wilson, Karen Turner, Beth Sislcr, SECOND ROW: Jerry Budd, Tom Marnin, Gail Shannon, James Larsen, Sherry Parkinson, Llc-anor Beaman- THIRD ROW: Dwayne Harmsen, Bob Budd, Joe Marnin, Robert Petersen, sandra Griltin, Jorene Hughes- FOURTH ROW: Raymond Vais, Dean Osen, Gem- Karsgeng. ABSENT: Gary Smither and Colleen Whetstone. WORKING ON BIOLOGY FIRST ROW: Ramona Workman, Naomi Jensen. SECOND ROW: Margaret Arnett, Rosemary Pearson, Janet Jewett, Daryl Kline, Roger Steele. Larry Eden- r THIRD ROW: Norma Miller. Marna Larsen, Arlyn Lund, Bob Wedemeyer, Jack Harris, Marvin Fries- FOURTH ROW: Richard Legg, Gailyn lessen, Leland Nelson, Melvyn Dorsey, Raymond McAtce. lf' mlb Ying flu' F' F rolicsome reshmcn reshman class, sponsored by Mr. Arthur Long, was Coniposed of eighteen students from noun, seventeen trorn the country and two translers, Bobby Jo Davis from West Bend and Steven Reed trom Atlantic- The Class ollicers were President, Lynn BissellL Vice-President. Toni Dorsey, Secretary, Jerilxlillard, and I'reasurer, Larry Ray. The thirty-seven Freshmen all joined in the Freshrnan initiation, deco- rated for the Homecoming Dance, and conducted a school Census for future enroll- ment. General science, home economics I, manual training. English, and algebra or general mathematics were the subjects offered to the Freshmen. -1. --.... I. fa.---...., -as--......,,. -A.,-,..... Z 'L FIRST ROW: ROW: Bobby , Flzlfjl' jcholl, THIRD GIRLS PARTICIPATING IN ENGLISH KO'-V: Judy Miner, Margaret Christensen, Sherrill Morgan, Marlene Aupperle. SECOND Marilyn Chapman, Hazel Daxis, Kay Miller, Sharon Kirkham, Barbara Reynolds- THIRD Patty Bailey, Peggy TiCknor, Phyllis Carlson, Janelle Hailey, Lillian Phillips. ABSENT: Io Davis. AAI-QN'T WL INDL'5I'RIOUS" rtuvvq steven zleerl, Keith Henderson, I'om Dorsey, liirharcl Beaman, Ronald Just, Galen Larry Mrlniughlint jl-:COND KOW: Larry Ray, Jeri Millard, Gary Simon, Dale Dorsey- AOW: Lynn Bissell, John Pearson, Harold Scarlett., Francis Vais, Richard Linclblom, Willrir-rl Pittell-fov.', Gary Symonds, Sherman Claussen, Kobe-rt Just, Merritt, Spry, Gene Hackwell. .,-gbx , Hfisg E' gp' 1 If 'an 5 ws., Jy,riY,J MRS. RUBY MCDERLIOTT tlhil " ' Des Moines University B. A. ' English 1 and II Algebra Geometry Algebra II and Solid Geometry MR. HARLEY MCDANII-IL IZJ Manual Training land Il Economics-American Problgmg High School Physical Education Girls' Basketball Coach Assistant Football Coach Junior High Girls' Basketball Baseball Coach Kansas State Teachers College B. S. Graduate Work Sponsored By BONNESEN'S 5 81 IO -.,, p-9,- 7 su., , FRONT TO BACK tleft rowj Marilyn McDermott, .lanet'l'ay1or, Sue Dressler. MIDDLE ROW: Sharon Griffin, Dallas Gard, Claudette Nelson. RIGHT ROW: Sandra Dccming, LaRue Taylor, Jackie Boedoker- BACK ROW: fleit to rightj Douglas .lewr-tt, Byron Bissell, Jon Jordan, Richard Lett, Mrs. Salmon- ABSENT: Charles Palm. OUR ROOM WON CANCELLED STAMP COLLECTION Eleven boys and eighteen girls graduated from the eighth grade on May nineteenth, after they had presented class day activities on May twelfth. Much of the year leading up to these activities had been spent reviewing the fundamentals of learning and making final preparation for high school. The group was conducted through the departmental system by Mr. Long, science, Miss Blanchard, musicg Mr- Phillips, social studies, Mrs. Salmon, home room, mathematics, English, spelling, literature. OUR ROOM WAS PROUD TO TAKE CARE OF THE JUNIOR HIGH LIBRARY We Have a Common Purpost FRONT TO BACK fleft rowj Cheryl Smither, Barbara Kramer, Myrna Steinmetz, Lynn Robison MIDDLE ROW: Jackie Karns, Karen Chadwick, Maurine Shannon. RIGHT ROW: Roger Scott Shari Robson, Dorothy Wicmann- BACK ROW: Kleft to rightj Richard Woods, Jim Symonds, Kelly, Marvin Roed, Dwight Gard, Mrs. Salmon. f, sf: fvxgza, f MRS. IRMA SALMON Q81 Des Moines University Drake University Ohio University Stan. El- Cer. Junior High Department f.,- -an 1. :Wg F Wx ,as l,-x 5 'Io Sponsored By LES EDDY CLOTHIER l Lifving Social Studies I at 3 FIRST ROW: Jeannette Wiemann, .lane Parker, Marlene Dorsey, Pat Miller, Judith Exline, Dan Brownsberger, Melanie Chadwick, Jack Davis, Ella Dorsey- SECOND ROW: Mr. Phillips, Connie MMS' Carla Meme- CuCi1Dennev. Dick Grinsts-ad. Lois Mikkelsen. David Kelly- OUR ROOM WAS "TOPS" IN JUNIOR RED CROSS DRIVE The seventh graders were alone for the first time in the former Junior high room because of increased enrollment. However, all thirty-five students had plenty of space in the lockers at the back of the room. Social science projects, intensive arithmetic problems and creative bulletin boards kept them busy when they were not participating in band, football and basketball. Their science class was regularly held in the high school laboratory with Mr. Long as their teacher. Mrs. Salmon taught English, arithmetic, and spellingg Miss Blanchard, music. Mr. Phillips was the home room teacher and instructed them in geography, health, and reading. GEOGRAPHY PROJECTS WERE OF GREAT INTEREST TO THE CLASS FIRST ROW: Merlyn Chadwick, Terry Ray, Gary Christensen. Lenny Theulen, Donna Marie Kramer, Janice Larsen, Kay Johnson, Vera Nelson, Charlotte Reed- SECOND ROW: Mr. Phillips, Kendall Peterson, Robert M athews, Barbara Symonds, Douglas McLuen, Joann Dorsey, Judy Lauser, M1-rerlith Stem-le, Hans Johnson, Barry Burke. Patty Deeming. I MR. THEODORE PHILLIPS ill La Drake University B- S- E- Boys' Football, Basketball, 1 and Track Coach. Sponsored By W ATKlN'S STANDARD SERVICE l l Learning By Doing Donald Taylor, Charles Van Aerrnan, Nicky Gringead, Miss Wheatley, Sue Turner, Barbara Reed, Linda Schirm, Carolyn Millard, Carolyn Symonds, Geran Wicrsma. Tom Miner, Gary Miller, Bill Schultz. ' The beautiful Japanese colored chalk mural depicting the home life industries, and the country with its cities, minerals, imports and exports was drawn by the students of the sixth grade. The project gave the class the opportunity to express creatively what they had learned from reading and discussing. One of the most interesting and fascinating science units was the one about electricity. The class especially enjoyed it because many experiments could be performed. Experiments made the study of electricity more meaningful. Here at the always busy science table were some of the curious sixth graders discovering for themselves some ofthe facts about electricity. FIRST ROW: Melvin Kahl, Russell Lett, George Baylor, Ronald Exline, Gary Nelson, Charles Redburn. SECOND ROW: Judith Karns, Mardell Nelson, Marie Broun, Judy Grillin, .ludy Brownsberger, Lelas Heath, Betty Reynolds. THIRD ROW: Nancy Spry, Miss Wheatley. Joey Kinney, Karen Mortenson, Teddy Knowlton, Philip Brownsberger, Sharon Grinstead, Eugene Palm. 1 .f f MlS5 DARLENL WHEAT LEY lll Iowa State Teachers College Stan. El. Cer. i P ' A -8 5 -P 49 Sponsored By CARL MILLARD Hzstory Baseball Xlllw lx'Xl'HhQRlNE Mll.,L.hll l-lj Lrg stan Junior College Iowa state TEdChCFSlC0llUQl' Northu -st Missouri Teachers' Dralu University f Teams were selected and captams chosen from the fLfth grade The questions were g1V6H by the teacher Qpitcherl There were three bases and as each question was answered the player moved forward. If he or she successfully answered all three questlons a score was marked down. When three outs were made the team standmg sat down and the other team stood up LEFT TO RIGHT AROUND TABLE. Carol Farwell Ellen Hcckmin Viola hxline Douglas Holland Ray Rathman, Roger Watson Bonita Morgan. 5I',-XNDING ak 4 1 Learning Through Reading Q-O LEFT TO RIGHT AROUND TABLE: Judith Christensen, Dixie Palrri, lxol Sheets, Darrel Nwvcll- FRONT TO BACK IN DHSKS: Hirst rowj Tommy MfLuen, .limrny Fatka, Tommy Knowlton. SLC- OND ROW: Dianne Peterson, Timmy Mclntire, Dyann Long. ST ANDING: Russell Harrison, Mrs- Michaelson, Judy Chadwick. The fourth grade was inspired with a unit in language on book reports- They set up an at- tractive library corner containing a library table, bookcase for interesting hooks, and a chart to use as a record for individual book reports. Many good hooks and authors were discussed- Other accomplishments for the year were mastering of the four fundamentals in arithmetic, the making of booklets Containing outlines and pictures of "Visits ln Other Lands," performing experiments in science, and keeping individual copies of penmanship to show progress through- out the year. FIRST ROW: Paul Brownsberger, Donna Recd, Brenda Dceming. SECOND RO'-V: Jerry Dorsey, Cheryl Lee- Brown, Teddy Legg. Mickey Heath, Twila Christensen. IHIRD ROW: Colleen Kelly, Miss Knowlton, Daryl Harris, Gary Jensen. Cathln-cn Kelly, Coralec Grinstr-ad, Donald Palm, Norman Bissell. Part Of The Third Graders Applying Phonics MlSS JETTA KNOWLTON Des Moines University Drake University Stan. Ll. Cer. Sponsored By ANITA M UNICIPAL UTlLlTlES Good Health is Not Just Luck FIR5T ROW: Darrell Nelsen, Richard Redhurn. SECOND ROW: Linda Turner, Donald Fletcher, Carolyn Sfhirm: Terry Haworth, Erif Osen. THIRD ROW: James Schrader, Kevin Burke, Miss Knowlton- Mdffla KUWBY, Robert Larsen, Kenneth Harrison. A great number oi reading skills were stressed in the third grade. Much work was done with phonics which holds a very important place in reading. Vowel sounds, consonent sounds, vowel and consonant blends, suffixes, prefixes, root words, and how to mark off words were studied. Everyone worked to become a good independent reader to more thoroughly enjoy the many reading books and the third grade library books. Anita football, basketball and baseball players of 1960-1964 were building up winning teams by eating health foods-here pictured having a cabbage-apple party. LEFT TO RIGHT AROUND l'ABl,l:: Linda Legg, John Walker, Sheryl RiCh, Denis Reed, Betty Parker, Rifhard Watson. Mary Ash, Larry Claussc-n, Mrs. Krause, Frederick Christensen, Dennis Newell, Nancy McLuen, Craig Holland, Mavis Nelscn, Bill Iallur-. .loll-no Chadwick. ABSENT: Herman Claussen and msn-.,11r'm-luw 4.1 MRS. INGA KRAUSE til Dana College, Blair, Nehr. Drake University 'T' , Iowa State TeachersiCollege at University oi Omaha .gn an -I . 4"-if' f' ' Sponsored By DEM ENT IM PLEM ENT COMPANY evil. ,. F' E. .ids '- ' X Y "sm, ,, lu, an .A . V my x -C Cleanliness is Our Goal gig 15 - J., QQ' , , I I Q' fi 16 fins- ' " ' ? .5 ati' ,X yu W1 FIRST ROW: Brenda Jorgensen, Connie Van A1-rnam, :sharon Kay Moore, Shcrryl ,-'inn Thoznnsur SECOND ROW: Mary Broxxnsln-rpfcr, C Lindhlom. Rhea Jo 5mith. Gregory Sfholl. arol Rich, Susan Littleton. lxlarigarl-I lla-mard. nu-wr Joyce Azxfler:-vn. all-XNDINCE: ?.1i-W-, Txforh-n-,on lfroh:-5' Rasmussen, Freddie W ilson, ,lirnmy Ruggles. ' Stressing dental care was an important part of our health program. ' The mathematical geniuses of Anita in February 1954 were laying the foundations and cornerstones for the future. FIRST ROW: liront lo harkl Rout-r Ilvni-inn, Horny Visgsn-y, R-.inv1yH4-aih, Carolyn brhmi, Na. 4 x ,lo Coglon, Carol Kloppcnhury. SILCONIJ RON: llarlq-nv .loruensl-n, Hurwnvlorl- i'1ll4'lr0'. 11121: i Jordan, Nanry lioclhurn, .Indy Cameron, Georur- .lohn-,on. THIRD RU'-V: l.infiu1.ili,liarllarn .Ia-risen, .lanv .Il-xuftt. Cathy l'lrincllvy,Tx1il-v l,m'll, Nfl-s--KiUFlf'I1-Oh. limmy '-'.ri,gE,1. MISS FLORENCE MORTk.NSl-.N Nj Dana College, Blair, Nebraska Northeastern State College, Tahlequah, Oklahoma Drake University First Grade Uniform Co. Cor. Sponsored By CAMERON BODY SHOP Young and Eager To Learn li., 4. y D 6 'l3Jl!J,uum 3.U1.l.l.lft'fi x': 31.11.113 iii ig' nmn'x'x'm Danny Wright, Marvin Hcckman, Larry Kuggles, Donna Bringle- son, Patricia Nelsen, Bill Littleton, Craig Lauscr, Mrs. Pratt. fg- W, 5, S . 'r 4. ,. . 41.1 William Haier, Jr., Sue Ellen Dorsey, Susan Burke, Gary Duff, Deborah Ash. Wyoma Harrison, Robert Haszard, Tcrry +1 T zur ,Q W, .r""' .X SlTTlNG: Janilynn Long, Linda Lyons, Llena Kinney, Jimmy Sisler, Larry Sher-ts, Ronald Kelly, Gary Kloppenburg. STANDING: Richard Holmes, Jerry Wahlert, Janice Wiersma, Barbara Taylor, Janet Wicrsma, Mrs- Pratt. AFSSENT: Karen Miller and Frank Claussen- N7 FIRST ROW: Lyle Heath, Karen Nelsen, Jack Haworth, Steven Westfall, Ingrid Pittelkow, Linda Guncly. SEC- OND ROW: Lance Rourick, Sandra Knowlton, Susan Knowlton, Alanna Holland, Julie Cowan. The kindergarten was separated from the first grade for the first tirne in a sepa- rate classroom. A two hour session was held in the morning and in the afternoon with twenty beginners in each. The room formerly occupied by the superintendent was converted into a lovely kindergarten room. Painting easels, book shelves, and cut down tables were painted gray- Some new chairs were purchased and old chairs were painted yellow. The ceiling was painted white to improve the lighting. A small size toilet and lavoratory were in- stalled in one corner of the classroom and all enclosed in a closet. A piano and a new teacher's desk were purchased and a movable toy shelf was built to hold new blocks, trucks, puzzles and other toys. Several new library books were added. The first three grades came to the kinder- garten room for music class with Mrs. Pratt who was a graduate oi the Anita High School in 1949. MRS. OPAL. PRATT ill Northwest Missouri State College Marysville, Missouri Stan. El. Cer- Sponsored By B URKE BROTHERS f? g e , . I J ' '. Mrs. Robmson Q and fi Mr. Fatka 15 m tht , ' , New Office A . -Q. . 45 1 The enrolhnentofthe Aruta SChoolsincreased one hundred students hithelastfour years. Elecords show that hithe 1950-'Sl school year, three hundred and eleven students registered. hithe 1955-'54 schoolyear,four hundred and eleven were enroUed. Due kathe rapkigrowth several roonichanges inthe buikHng were necesshated. The oHice ofthe superhnendentxwas nioved "across the hallu on the second floor into the oHice fornierly occupied by the coaches. This change was made to accomodate the forth kindergarten students- The Coaches moved into a new office on the west side of the stage in the southwest corner of the gymnasium. Each of these oHices had been carefuHy designed torneetthe needs ofthe occupants. Cabinets,storage areas,fHes,desks,and buHeth1boards adequaudy servedthe adnikdstradon and physicaleduca- Hon deparunenh The board of education moved forward in July 1953 when they combined the office of secre- tary to the superintendent with the secretary to the board. Mrs. Marilyn Robinson holds this hnportantposidon. Pictured below are chemistry students and their instructor, Mr- Arthur Long. New tables in front ofthe chernical cabinetxvere builtin the science departnient during the sun1n1er of 1953 to acconiodate the forty-one biology students. Tdnztablesxvere also used by the seventh, eighth and ninth grade students during their general science periods which were held in the laboratory. 16953533 .-. Y, .. 5 S ,' k - Sponsored C. H. FEDSON Z3 XSI C el -ull ' 'll ' l:lu.-Lg.s.iu. t 'I The new Belle Howell movie projector was managed throughout the school year by Douglas McLuen. Raymond McAfee and Gary Smither- They provided the students with enjoyment as well as education through film. A thirty-six passenger school bus was purchased to relieve the other three buses in transporting one hundred and forty students into Anita to school. Andy Miller w as in charge of the buses, and was assisted by student drivers Larry Behnken, Rex Barber, and Lynn Dorsey. The school board advanced the money for forty navy blue robes for use by music groups and graduates. They were temporarily stored in the new Clothing cabinet while being made ready for use. Mr. Wiemann, the custodian. adequately cared for both old and new equipment all over the building- Here he is polishing the trophy case, located in the lower hall, which was purchased from G. A. A. funds. I if 3. 5 f Sponsored By .TOE VETTER'S 24 INSURANCE 'fd' C ,4- df- M KS. LANT X ff 7 d f N Ka MILA X ill Able assistants came to help when a member of the faculty was absent Mrs Fatka sub stituted in high school and Mrs Lantz also substituted in high school and the music department Mrs Millard was the regular substitute for the elementary grades Ill! llilll AX MISS BROWN January fifth, the t-b. mobile unit pulled up in front ofthe school to take a chest X-ray of all students in grades seven through twelve- This was another step to improve the health program- During the year every boy and girl in school had his teeth checked for dental caries. A Snellen eye test was administered by each home room teacher- More than tv-'o hundred students participated in an immunization pro- gram including booster shots, smallpox vaccina- tions, and a series of shots for whooping cough, diphtheria and tetanus- Sponsored By RUGGLE'S GROCERY -Q ti I Miss Brown here pictured with the acces- sion book for the library had made over fourteen hundred entries by the end of the 1953- 54 school year when the high school library was two years old. The library appreciated and enjoyed by the Anita students provided a pleasant place for recreational reading, research work and study- During the 1952-'53 school year a splendid reading record of one thousand five hundred and sixty-nine fiction books were read by the one hundred forty students or a total of eleven books per student- ? . . - c SYATH -KLPVT ' HEALTH -1- . l 5. T r KQWA ,BQ --FASH ASSOC, s on , . , Y, ' , ,,,- ,.-f----.... ,,,., .. h "Ol -aff...-aw.. " ' , ' 'Q .. . -'f"-o-.f,., '-,.,.. . .-'.-.04 - -1-Q---.. ,-,.. " " ' 'A ' ' ' "' .r ,.,,.,-f ' I ,. ' f .--, .,,,,,.,..,,.,'v,,,,,,.,,,.,,'oovI " "- 4 r. ' ' ' 4 ' V' ,.-+'4.o'-"' , " - 4 , ' 9""l1Q1..,',:l0'-1-uV1O0O'0"-""-HO," ,I --A--,,.. .,.,,, A - .. - .. .,. ' - 4 O 4, . f f I i . A .. . -"" v-o- .. .,,,,,,,,,..,.,..,-4...-. --n..r4 A v,..,', , .,, " - V. ., .., - - - " 'Q ,,,. 4 -- " ,-. , . of-0 --- -- -.,,...,.4,'4.,vxq-4 vo-nf' A h V -4.Y..'.,..-. ' ' - . .1 - 1 - ' ' i ,r,,.y.-fa .., , . 14.-p --r,,.,..,.. ..,.-ff,..,,,-..,.-f ' 0v'- ae---. ,.,...4 vo4v.a.--44.-0 " , , ,4vf:1 ' , . . . .I . 1- - 1 4 v p 0 Music ',0 -Q' m 3' T if ' -. Miss KAY BLANCHARD 1321 Bachelor of Musif. Loyola University Extension Work, Tulane University Graduate Work, Drake University Loyola University During her tenure here, she or! ganized a boys' glee club, dance band, and many other instrumental and vocal groups. The band grew from thirty to fifty members. The Anita musicians won seven firsts last year at thc pre- liminary music Contest- An active organized band mothers group assisted in raising money for new uniforms- ln 1953-'54 school year, they worked at the concession stand for the football games and sponsored a special "Al Bell" show. New musical instruments were purchased, including a baritone saxo- phone, baritone horn, and French horns. The music groups were generous with their talent for community and school events. Miss Blanchard directed a beautiful program for the Christmas P. T- A- meeting. A grade opt-retta "The Blue Bc-lt" was pre-sentcd Febru- ary twentyssixth- Sponsored By ROGER'S BARBER SHOP fi wiki -'J gvwyy .l Girls' Quartet Mar:le1lFries, Joyce Dorsey. Karen Turner, Wanda Wilson. 2 Boys Quartet Roger Harris. Doug Smith, Dick Bissell, Tom Salmon. "'un--.p,,- .f' f' ,W x an - :," K .,,x 1.- a' ' qi' MY, Accompanists KAREN TURMQR NAOMI JENSEN WANDA WILSON yi .IANEQT TAYLOR 'rv , ,Ig I 3 ,- I E-mix 1 A - I kid YAP f SWQQLMK' x v ' ! Gzrls Sextet JUDY MINEIR LHIJONNA CIIRISILQNSEN COLLEEN WIII-1TS'I'ONI-I KAREN TURNER LFONA GISSIIILFZ WANDA WILSON UO 'F Q- Q"'7 al' Qlll 'fl ..I 4, lfiif' I,,f B Vocal Soloists ROGER HARRIS WANDA WILSON TOM SALMON RAMONA WORKMAN DENNIS EUKEN JOYCE DORSEY DICK BISSELI. S pons ored By ANITA CLEANE RS Mixed Chorus Mixed Double Quartet Sponsored By DORSEY PRODUCE I-'liiil' RUN: Hnrlmra iiuynolsl .. Nnmifl Wil- Jn, qhxrnonu ',Vux'lx:nun, ,IL-rv Txiillarci, Larry Any, Marvin I-'rn-5, Karen Iurm-r, Nuo:ni,I1-n-.1-rx, Mardi-ll I-'rw-,. 5liCONlJ KU'-V: Ann Nrlntirc-, ilu-rrill Morgan. Douuiux jrnith, Yarn jalznun, lmxv Pwiww-ll. Larry Hughc-. Lynn Hixwgll, Arthur Whcc-loflx, Colll-on Nlmulom-. ,Tully Min.-r. Illlfill XUJI: lnliorzna Chrxutr-nw.-n, 1,1-onafiiwlhln , Rouur Harrie, Ch-no Kaxstenw, Dennis Luhmx, Lynn Horn-y, D4-mx Oxon. DMA BL-ell. Darrel Conlon. Nancy vVclLT'Tmh. Joyce Doran'- Fllibf ROW: Wanda Wiloon, Ramona Workman, Ann Mflnlirv, Joyce Dorxcy- SLLCONIJ RUN: Tom Salrnon, l7m'I'1hlx Lulu.-n. Difl- lliau-ll, llousj hmilh. ' r- 4 4- 1 44. x? 1 FIRSI' ROW: .leri Millard, Larry day. Marx in Friow, Dave Hia-ull, Keith Hvnflurson, Galen Scholl. SECOND ROW: Arthur '-Vin-vlock. .-Xriyn Lunri, Kogcr Harria. I'ozn rjalmon, Darrel Coglon, Gone Karfwlvnw, donald .l'.xsl. Larry lluqln-X. R-xymonci ',Vox'l-xman. Hillill ROW. Doug bmilh. Dick Legg, Ilcnnif. ELLIIM-rt, Lynn Dorfey, Dean U-.1-n, Lynn Bisxcll. Dick Hia-lull. FIRST RON: Wanda Wilson, ,Sherrill Morgan. Ramona Workman, Grace Wahlurt, Karen Turner, Shara Luz- Chadwick, Lallonna Clirisu-nm-n, klloanor Hcaman, Judy Harker. 51-LCOND ROW: Leona Ciixsiblr-, Jam-llc Bailey, Donna Misnn-r, Elinor Garwide. Marilyn Chapman, Carol Dorsey, Marcia Lama, Kay Robison, Judy Miner. THIRD ROW: Patty Bailey, Kay Miller, Norma Miller, Barbara R1-ynold-., Peggy Tifknor, Lillian Phillipx, Nancy W1-hrman. Lorvtta Carna. .Ioycu Doracy, Colleen XI In-talonv. Naomi ,lcnm-n. K1-xrucll Friw, Ann XiCiUIi1'L'f Boys' Glee Club Girls' Glee Club Sponsored By PHILLIPS SERVICE Drum Ensemble SHERRILL MORGAN JOYCE DORSEY DICK LEGG MARVIN FRLES -. , -.M . , -v ".f?5' e. ,.. ,M ,V H. , - f . , N . X5 cc 5 -1 Saxophone Sextet -. x ROSEMARY PEARSON JANET JEWETT SUE DRESSLER MEREDITH STEELE JANET TAYLOR KAY JOHNSON -.Q Clarinet Quartet DOUGLAS MCLUEN MARDELL FRIES NANCY WEHRMAN Absent GARY SMITHER Sponsored By GAMBLE STORE x , X W 4 '- .pw . T '-'eh' 2?-" 1, f .FU ev A .Q Y 3, nf--m.g,i, Q ,..,.- hm. , . ,',, .5 , , ,rw -tv, ., 4. - X' 'xx-... ' f."1g-" f-'W r xv. L Qvy ff A1,,Mwv , 1" 'P M . . T. zxf-Q v, J . H N. i. ,- 552, , fi f S 4 A -I 9 Trumpet Quartet TEDDY KNOWLTON 1, JUDY MINER DOUG SMITH DICK BISSELL v ii na-- L.. , V-W4 K fs- I I R ,,,, I iwyqa, W Brass Quintet WANDA WILSOIN KAREN TURNER NAOMI JENSEN DICK BISSELL DOUG SMITH X iv .mg 1 ,gif I N.. . 1 V. ,414 K --1,5 L: I I4 I I -' -,'4..f, ' Brass Sextet TOM SALMON WANDA WILSON NAOMI JENSEN GENE KARSTENS ROGER HARRIS DOUG SMITH Spons ored By WEST IOWA TE LE PHONE COMPANY T L H ll Nous rs! . 1 H1 ,-kv ..'J:U Amr , ' --x 1 w - .X frwillx, em-' . A". if. ' ri: -A Y ' war.. uname, wu- ,. .- 14 -- Age.. g ...pq 512' ' 'Zi in , -3- 7' I ,-2' , ' 91 1 ,vp 1- Future Band Members FIRST ROW: Chvryl s., Bryon H., Lynn ll.: Cl.xh-n3a.,f2.x1'4-n HV., Ddvv H. SLCONID ROW: Lenny T., M nrvin H., Vimmy M., Ch:-ry! R., Mary Ann M., Carolyn M., Melvin fl-, Mor- lyn C., Larry M-, Dir Liv H., Alan H., Joann IJ., .I4--lm-ttv W. Sponsored By O. W. 51-IAFFXLR 81 SON y Instrumental Soloists KAI RUN: Rm..-runry Penr- Dorf 1 in .N ilwzun. Karon IuI'm-r'- ALUONIJ ROW: Nun- Lr., Clone Kcrxlerts, our-r Hurrik-. Doug 5rniLh. 'r P. lil.--1-ll. Turn gunman. H A 1zn11,le-nxe-11. 5 9 2 1' Q , M an an-1 ' : 1 4 X. . , . N LM M ' 'fu' f' . P. N' ski? wig 1 " -L .F -4 I . W 0 gyfga "'--' -Q-fl I, . '44 L " '-'asf A'--55 ,MS A , .,XQ ' Qi? ' :.,,'f. H ' ' X 5 Jigs lp- ' f , X Ill , J, . fe -'W'-,.' "1 -. -L.... X ,, X ..- -J I i K " fn i 2 ,f. - "" , Kr, W h..-If? 4 I - F""T,'--' 1f" Q- Q b W' u 3 . ',, f,,, I' I' E. 'pf vs as, -, f . f . . V I -. 4 ,...-Q Q5 A ,,. ry, .A 11, 'html 'il , , If yi! wggfw wx , 1 "mi" ' - " T' k - l - 30 'Q' K .T. 155724 .. ...- , :f4rQf1 'Ed ' 51:4 J, fg Nh fl e A 5 3 A Q 6 1 A gx t Q b . '15 A 2- f t 3 Q 5 f 1. WY! 9 5, " rf- Av f .5 5 1 -' , jw '- I 'A '14 ' A T I 1'- ., -- . f M- f mf bf 1 , 's ix ,-- I-.H 5' 5 - '., b 1 R l, I it -V E L M3 ' 'xy ' ' ' -7' ' !-. Qui + s., E fa '- .ffl V r I-, h 1 ' ' . L -""-sl-11.1185 ' V . - , .1 'fg1..aQ.-.Y A, A ' ' 1 'A z - gjQji.Tf:p.:i7,l V I , K V 5A1""- ,Eff , 'I -1 -,M . Minn.. ' h 'M ' In 4' fi, 'W-s.. Declam Mrs. Biggs encouraged the early selection of readings for dc-clam work. Thirty-one students started lessons in the first part of Decem- il ia ber- Tryouts in the humorous division resulted in the elimination ot nine contestants- The remaining twelve humorous selections were qu-1 given in a home contest before the Christmas holidays. Three received one ratings. The dramatic, oratorical, and interpretive readers were automatically admitted to a home contest.. Seven contestants out of ten received one ratings. All winners then went to the Cumberland preliminary contest where one humorous contestant, two dramatic contestants, and two interpretive readers received number one ratings. The other five people received two ratings. The Pre-District contest was held in Anita on March tenth after the annual had gone to press. MR5. ELLA BIGGS lllj Hoyles Business College Drake University Dramatics 'sc , 5 , Y, 'L 4. '-" Ai--v'i,' Dramatic Oratorical , Yi K - !w5:5a, Interpretive iii-acl:-rs Division gwx 4' Fmsi' aowl Kay M ., Wray T., Nancy W-.Marfi--11l'F JOYCQPA SECOND ROW1 Nanfv K-- Leona G., Roger H., Kay R , Judy P. 1:11451 ROW: Marilyn C., Joyce D., Koller-L P., Margaret A-, Janelle B- SLCOND ROW: Karen T., Norma M., Norma S., Marvin 54, Sherrill Mr, Patty B-. Ann M- THIRD ROW: Carol Ann IJ.. Shar-on K., Margaret C., Rosemary P., Judy M., Marcia L., Joy B., Judy P-. Marlene A- va Humorous Division L, 4' 'F' Sponsored By WHITE FRONT CAFE ' P' I 9 vw ' mfs spin' ' xxx ? FIRST ROW: Gary Neighbors, Douglub Smith, Kay Robison, Leona Gissilnll-, Tom Salmon. SLC OND ROW: Donna M ianer, Norma jcarlett, Joy Hrovun5herger, Dennis Euken, Judy Parker THIRD ROW: Kenneth Gard, Leonard .ll-ssc-n. Joyfv Pearson, Dullenc Lindhiom, Darrel Coglon David Bissell. Larry Be-hnken. Finders Creepers The Iunlor play, presented on October twenty-third, centered around two lively teenage boys VH ho xx ent to spend a week-end with their uncle, a mortician. A live corp:-ze walking around rebulted in an exciting and merry atmosphere- Jumor pe N.. Class Pla Y ' WI: 'Az P' ... Stage Creve ivy Ushers Q I M n l r f A 'V xx ' 1 ,V,u Y "flu i 1. ' vi "Hoya, xx hat have we dgnf ,, . A .-we " ' , . . Ti: .' N .K For four weeks prior to the evening of the prom, the Juniors could be seen hid- ing submarines and multicolored fish in secret drawers to keep them from the in- quisitive eyes of the Seniors. As the day drew closer, our visions began to take the shape of a lighthouse, fish, and seaweed for an escapade in the mysterious realm of the ocean deep- Through the channels of imagination, let us conduct you on a tour of enchantment through the mysterious court of Neptune. "Neath the Rolling Sea" found the Junior and Senior classes, joining the sea nymphs for a gala subterranean holiday. The grand procession arrived on a deserted island with the sea breezes rustling thc attire of the island visitors. Through the bleak of night one light pointed the way, the shining beacon of the isolated light- house beckoning weary seafarers to the security of the island shores. The out- going tide ushered the sea voyagers down into the murky, mysterious deep. The evehing's festivities were held among thc two hundred and fifty tropical fish, sea horses, and nautical life. Ocean rock and brilliant coral bordered the sea wall sur- rounding the gymnasium. As May first drew to a close, the kingdom 'neath the rolling sea bid farewell to the earthly sub- jects attending the l955 Junior-Senior Prom. vi. o' A "Neath The Rolling Sea Sophomore sailors formed our banquet serving crew. FIRST ROW: Denny Parkinson, Larry Behnken, David Bissell, Leonard Jesscn, Gary Neighbors, Dennis Euken. SECOND RQW5 Judy Parker, Donna Misner. Kay Robison, Linda Chadu ick, Joyce Pearson, Delores Aupperle. Foods symbolic of the ocean were prepared by the mothers ofthe Junior class. ..- 1'he passengers were met by the stewarcless. Leona Gis- sible, and steward, Tom Sal- mon, who were in charge of issuing pills counteractinu an upset conditioncornrnon among seagoers and the guests who arrived for the cruise of mu- sic and dancing. ' - .' ' . I K9 5 'rr I' .1 -x M ii ' .h Mrs. Dressler is pic- Q:-C: hi fi X xl' in tured on the sunken island Z sl- ? ' ,A I x which is have-rea with star- -. 'J' 4 . t X fish and coral reef. Musical , ' l l T K' strains of the "Charm,-ttes," Miss Blanchard's all-girl band, rose from this island later in the evening. 'F'l Blue crepe paper waves billowcd around the treasure chest nut cups, submarines, and coral reef candle holders. By the glou of the flickering candlelight, the sea divers carried the names of thc ban- quet guests. The ocean floor uas depicted on the program covers, shell formations on a sandpaper background. L....s- c. The abandoned lighthouse sent forth its shining light through the misty blue atmosphere of the nautical merriment. While under Construction, everything from wire fencing to cardboard boxes was used to achieve the final lighthouse. A gravel pathw ay, bordered by rock and barren trees, led from the side entrance, by the lighthouse, and down onto the ocean floor. sponsored By ANITA TRIBUNE 9 .., 8 .'o v Q ' V Y Q , r' Y Q Q - w ' V . Q v f ,. s V sl D A'..Q , . any Q , . 1 K K . l 5 4 s's Q1 H 1 5 Q I K 5 s A o . ' s 1 I n o ' I . - 0 4 , . 4 1 -'v .'e N A l v , I g Q . Q ' . , 1 u'A . . 's 0 v "' Q0 I l Q C Q s'o' Q O Q I Q Q V C uw , 'O Q Q W I U O Q O O 5 9 0 5 0 O Q The Anita Girls Basketball Team FIRST ROW: Sherry Parkinson, Nancy Wehrman, Margaret Arnett, Mardell Fries, Mrs- Harley McDaniel QChaperonl, Larry McDaniel lMascotJ, Coach Herley McDaniel, Colleen Whetstone, Jan Jewett, Marna Larsen, Judy Parker- SECOND ROW: Marcin Lantz, Leona Gissible, Beth Sisler, Phyllis Carlson, Janelle Bailey, Kay Miller, Judy Miner, Kay Robison, Patty Bailey, Sharon Kirkham- THIRD ROW: Ann Mclntire lManagerj, Rosemary Pearson, Wanda Wilson, Peggy Ticknor, Lillian Phillips, Sherrill Morgan, Hazel Davis, Carol Ann Dorsey llxlanagerj. Anita Opponent Second Team Games 3 8 Lewis Anita 31 Exira Z9 Lewis 57 Guthrie Center 50 Eicira 59 Avoca 30 Guthrie Center 52 Elliott 40 Cumberland 49 Oakland 53 Cumberland County Tournament 46 W alnut 44 W iota 59 Griswold 52 Oakland Sectional Tournament 68 Walnut 44 Stennett 45 Coon Rapids Z9 Wiota 36 Avoca 52 Griswold 37 Elliott ' lConsolation W innerl 71 Griswold 62 55 Wiota 66 There were many new faces on the 1953-'54 basketball team after nine of last year's state tournament twelve were lost by graduation. The team improved rapidly after losing five of their first six starts, and at Christmas time had five wins against six defeats. After Christmas the mumps invaded Judy Parker, Sherry Parkinson, and Kay Robison, the chicken pox caught Colleen Whetstone less than two weeks after she became eligible and Jan Jewett reinjured her knee which hampered her the rest of the season- The season ended with a record of eight wins and twelve losses which included the Consolation Winner in the sectional. By losing only three Seniors, a better team is expected for next year. uv no Jan Jewett Marna Larsen Judy Parker Kay Robison Judy Miner Phyllis Carlson Colleen Whetstone Peggy Ticknor Mardell Fries Nancy Wehrman Sherry Parkinson Margaret Arnett Our team's totals Anita 948 355 37.5 42 Tw:- STANDING: Judy Parker, .lan Jewett, Marna Larsen, Margaret Arnett, Nancy Wohrman, Sherry Parkinson, anc1MardellFries- KNEELINGL Colleen Whetstone and Larry Mrllanivl. Mascot. No. of Games Field Goals Free Throws Total Points Of Average Points Grade Position Played Taken Made Z Made Missed 92 Individuals Per Game Rebounds Fouls 10 F 19 345 8 46 60 61 376 19.8 105 10 F' 20 182 66 30.6 49 53.4 181 9.0 91 11 F 18 356 119 33.2 147 78.2 385 21.4 79 11 F' 5 2 40 l 50 5 9 F 15 4 26.7 4 31 12 9 F 8 1 12.5 1 20 3 10 F 13 5 38.5 1 50 11 9 F 3 O 1 100 1 12 FLG 20 14 0 3 43 5 70 12 G Z0 95 10 G 18 96 10 G 19 94 against the opponents Field Goals Free Throws Total Points FOI' 566500 Opponents Anita Opponents Anita Opponents Total Shots 1102 267 Made 234 977 1012 Made 389 142 Missed 143 48-9 Average 50-6 Average 34.8 65.3 Per Cent 62.1 Per Game Per Game Sponsored By JEWETT GRAIN AND COAL Y' Colleen, who transterreu from Adair, had her first year at Anita marked with ineligibility and sickness, but has a lot to look forward to in her Junior year. A Close-up of Our Girls' Sherry taking the ball out of bounds. "O. K. - Break!" Up and coming- U Illhi v ff -ns: JY L mv ,L .. .Q mn. - s K-Lvl'- r loating This jump shot through -fn added two points the air. Our team in action. My eyes are on you. You Can't get by me. Which dirertion now ? Sponsored By MCINTIRE S CAFE "?i"f,,'2,3 L L gf, ,, 5 J if 1 44 IR .xl 7' kv W7 Q-W 5 PU Wife? 'TQ i N' F Larry : Z! 'F , -xv ..... ,. I- , ip' z,w I 44 .'. 1 ....M- 2-W -55 V 5-- "' li-rfu:L41x..,.,Qi.".-.,.. HH Q ATI? 5 i 4,4 X S-fi ii w.4.,, 6-4+ EEE? . x Ti "'i4 S ,IJYTV Eg We -1- FIRST ROW: Marlene Auppcrle, Karen Turner, Sandra Griffin, Margaret Christensen. SECOND ROW: Mrs- Pratt and Mrs- Robinson, Sponsorsg Joyce Dorsey, Grace Wahlorl -. oi The Pep Club, composed of six members, represented each class at football and basketball games. Mrs- Robinson and Mrs. Pratt Were the IOYCIL DORSEY Sponsored By SHAFFER 8: BURNS l GRACL WAHLERT SANDRA GRIFFIN INDIAN POW-WOW SAP-A-R-T-A-N-S rw- ---- -.14 . ...........,,' ,, . , t Pep "" if Club ,-.7 ' X Zia girls' sponsors- Together they man- aged many clever skits for pep meet- ings. The cheerleaders were funda- mental in promoting school spirit M I KAREN TURNER CONGRATULATIONS Traveling Squad FIRST ROW: Marvin Fries, Doug Smith, Torn Dorsey, Tom Salmon, Max Mackrill, Larry Lrll-n, Dale Dor s ROW: M ey. Dick Legg, Rex Rathman, Raymond Dorsey, Dennis anagvr Steven Reed, Coach Ted Phillips, Manager Richa The Spartans started fast this year, in many years, Anita was represented by record of eleven wins and six losses was Luken, Gael Miller. SECOND rd lsindhlom. winning their first six games in a row. The first time a boys' team that won more games than they lost. The a better record than the combined wins of the previous five years- The Spartans displayed good basketball and showed amazing desire the entire year, as they pulled many close games out of the fire- The splendid record was largely due to the hustle of the entire team and particularly of the following standouts: Max Mackrill led the squad in scoring the past two yearsg the top rebounder and second highest scorer, Rex Rathmanp the jurnp shot artist, Tom Salmong the ball handling and dribbling of Doug Smithg the shooting and rebounding of a newcomer, Dick Leggg the aggressive play of Gael Miller. The boys were just nosed out of first place in the Southwest Iowa Conference by Oakland as the Spartans compiled a record of eight wins and two losses in conference play. This was the best record compiled by an Anita team since joining the conference in 1947. Anita lost four Seniors: Max Mackrill, Rex Rathman, Gael Miller, and Ray Dorsey, of the twenty-five boys out for the team. Their loss will be heavily felt but with twenty-one boys re- turning and the material coming up from the Junior high squad, Anita's presence should be felt in basketball circles for a long time- SEASON'S RECORD Individual Scoring Anita 45 Avoca 29 Max Mackrill 208 Anita 50 Elliott 25 Anita 51 Oakland ' 49 Rex Rathman 192 Anita 55 Cumberland 49 Anita 57 Walnut 31 Dick Legg 126 Anita 48 Griswold 46 Anita 37 Oakland 40 Doug Smith 119 Anita 70 W alnut 2 8 Anita 31 Coon Rapids 64 Tom Salmon 111 Anita 48 Avoca 37 Anita 47 Elliott 42 Gael Miller 29 Anita 58 Griswold 72 Anita 69 Wiota 39 Anita 42 Massena 58 County Tournament Anita 48 Lewis 38 Anita 23 Atlantic 42 Sectional Tournament Anita -Q Exira -Q Spongol-od By 825 Total Points 739 TOWN AND COUNTRY INSUR.-XNCEQ .QNMJ . in -'WL' 'Y ,a:.xQQ.- 55 i Hua 5' wma i 'Un- gr- A 2 was MW! ws Massa ef ikzbfsh A r. 4 X 132 . ET 45- n.,,,,,-.lisa if 'ff A Second Squad FIRST ROW: Lloyd Harris, Jeri Millard, Ronald Just, Keith Henderson, Larry McLaughlin, Robert Just- SECOND ROW: Coach Ted Phillips, Gene Karstens, Jerry Budd, Dean Osen, John Pearson, James Larsen, Gary Symonds- THEODORE PHILLIPS My Drake University, B- S- E.- Max M ackrill and Rex Rathman, Co-captains Football Coach Boys' Basketball Coach Track Coach 89" Sponsored Y FARM ER'S CO OP ,JN I ,Emir -. . :VN 31 elf W V, -an . . Gridiron Men FIRST ROW: Managers Larry Ray, Jeri Millard, Richard Lindhlom. SLCOND ROW: Tom Salmon, Dave Bissell, Dick Li-gg, Joe Ki-cllmrn, Dick Bissell, Gael Miller, Rox Rathman, Bob Kelly, Roger Harris, Marvin Sc ott, Dave Lantz. THlRD ROW: Art Wheelock, Leland Nelson, Tom Dorsey, Doug Smith, Dale Dorsey, Gary Simon, Larry laden, Bob Wi-dc-me-yer, Gary Neighbors, Roger Steele, ,lack Harris- FOUKTH ROW: Coach Ted Phillips., Larry McLaughlin, Max Mackrill, Lynn Bissell, Dean Osvn, Robert Petersen, .lohn Pearson, Daryl Kline, Harold Scarlett, Stex en Reed, Gary Symonds, Assistant Coach Harley McDaniel. ABSENT: Mr. Long, who took Mr. Mcllaniu,-l's place: ah:-ent due to injury, Larry Hughes- Football started August twenty-fourth, with thirty-two boys reporting for practice. After three weeks of hard practice, the Spartans, wearing their brand new uniforms, played like a new team as they trounced Menlo, 33-6. They played good football all year and provided the fans with many thrills. The season was successful despite many injuries to key-men. Anita perhaps suffered their greatest loss when Captain Larry Hughes broke his collar bone in practice and was out the rest of the season after the second game. Although winning only three games while losing six, the team produced the best record in four years. The biggest thrill of the season came when the Anita team roared over their arch rival, Adair, Z8-0. It was the first time in twenty-four games that an Anita opponent failed to cross the Spartans goal line. These Spartans played their last season for Anita: Bob Kelly, halfback, averaged six and one-half yards per carryg halfback Roger Harris was top touchdown producer with five touchdownsg Marvin Scott, at guard, showed fine, hard blockingg and Dave Lantz, a tremendous defensive end. Big Dick Bissell stood out on defense and placed as All-Conference center. Two big wing men, Rex Rathman and Gael Miller, with their fine catches, will long be rememberedg and Larry Hughes' smashing tackles can still be heard. Anita placed three players on the Southwest lowa All-Conference teams. Dick Bissell earned a berth on the first string while Rex Rathman and Tom Salmon rated the second team. Graduation took a tremendous toll of the 1953 squad but if the younger Spartans improve, the team should produce even a better record next year. The entire squad was taken to Ames to see the Iowa State-Nebraska football game after the season was over- The annual football banquet honoring the squad and their fathers was prepared and served by the football mothers on the evening of November fifth. Scoring Summary Running Summary PLAYER I T. DSSI Points I conversion I rom 'I Carried I Cain IT Ave. Roger Harris 5 30 30 83 463 5.2 Gael Miller 3 18 2 Z0 Rex Rathman l 6 3 9 Bob Kelly Z ll 1 13 80 532 6.6 Tom Salmon 3 IB 6 24 125 573 4,5 Dick Legg 3 18 I8 Jack Harris 2 ll 1 13 37 204 5.5 Totals l9 ll4 13 127 Sponsored By BEHNKEN MOTOR COMPANY f if .4 wg- 1 fl. , mix. ,,, K' A V' C .. 'Aj' My ia, -gg it T-A . ,'- 4. .RZ N if . r . 1 1 1 rafvelmg Squad FIRST ROW: Gary Neighbors, Doug Smith, Marvin Scott, Gael Miller, Roger Harris, Bob Kelly, Torn Dorwey- SECOND ROW: Dale Dorwey, Bob WL-clemeyer, Roger Steele, Gary Simon, Leland Nelson, Arthur Wheelocl-Q, .lack Harrif., Dave Lantn. THIRD ROW: Coach Ted Phillips, Tom Salmon, Dave Bisqell, Dicl-Q Bi-,Ac-ll, Joe Rc-cllmurn, Rex Rathman, Dick Legg, Larry Eden, A5s.istant Coach Harley McDaniel. ABSLNT FROM PICTURL: Anal-Jtant Coach Arthur Long. Sponsored By LAUSEPCS AN ITA HARDWARE Seniors Marvin Scott, Roger Harris, Joe Redhurn, Gael Miller, Dick Bissell, Bob Kelly, Rex Rathman, Dave Lantz, absent clue to injury, Larry Hughes. 'U' Q ar-I' 'T R. Q... ,R .,, I ,. v, 1 1, 1 his To" i5"'7I'S V u ' ' ML, L5"5l' A D ,. A z 4' 'V :kim ' lrjs-if-gr ill: ,QV - V Q ill' fm V B. :'1iJf'f 1, JW? A C' A N ' . 42 me--1-. - -' ...Q-aw, ew ff. f if lf' if - v e,x. -1. , . ,.,.-.ww -we -, -'-Vi . Q -we -K., X. 4, . nf N-, 4 , , A ,,, 1.4 .5 1- .. . ,.f. , as , ,,,,. +A . ,E - ...e ,,,-W, if ' - - eg". ' ' if ' N 'Vg h t . . -nf . V ' .1 ,fa xr- , W - 9 ai? 1" - V my Q wc ,,, T, V g- ,- me A.+..l:4,,-Ars, Q , . -Q1 5' .f 1 1 . , :px 4 'hs my a N A VV ,...:,h-.. ,I - ,br IL: vi, I -I A, , D..-. - -A - Alia.: V- f x ..fw'e.-GK.e- x .. FIRST HOW: Gael Millvr, Dave Bissell, Joe Reclhurn, Dirk Bissell, Marxxn bio!! Bob Wndr mm-yer, :lux Rathman- SEQCOND ROW: Hob K1-lly, Torn Salmon, Dxrk 11545 Kogrr Harrn FIRST ROW: Dave Lantz, Dave Bissell, Joe Rcdburn, Dirk Bivwell, Bob W Qdf-nnyr r Cad Mills-r. Tom Salmon- SECOND ROW: Jack Harris, Bob Kelly, Doug 5m1th mary Ncxghl or Anxta Opponent M enlo Casey Walnut Elliot Fontanelle Avoca G risw old Oakland Adair Co Captams Larry Huqhc-s and Call Mxlllx Flziil' RO'-V: Carla Moore, Jufiy Lauaer, Joann Dorsey. Cheryl Smither, Karen Chaduxclc, Barbara jymonda, Lynn Rohiaon, Pat Miller, Shari Rolmhon, Jane Parker, Jeannette Wigmann, Kay Johnson. aLLlOND ROEV: Ella Dorsey, Dorothy Wiemann, Janet Taylor, LaRue Taylor, Marilyn McDermott, Connie 5.1 aaa, Meredith Steele, jue Ilrensler, Maurinc Shannon. THIRD ROW: Marlcnv Doraey, Judith Lxline, Janice Laroen, Charlotte Reed, Barbara Kramer, Sharon Griffin, Melanie Chadwick, Vera Nelaorz, Donna Marie Kramer, Coach Harley McDaniel. Future Champions N H " . l B 1 0 T 0 g S Games To Date: Three Wins Three Losses. Anita Opponents Z5 Adair Z4 Z7 Lewis Z8 54 Walnut Z7 7 Cumberland 30 15 Cumberland Z6 54 Griswold 15 u FIRST RQW: Danny Brownshergcr, Richard Lett, :ioger Scott, Richard Woods, Lenny Theuien, n Jim 5ymond5- SECOND ROW: Coach Tell Phillipx, Jon Jordon, Mike Kelly, Marvin Roe-ci, H i Doug Jew c-tl, Byron Bissell, Hans Johnson, Barry Burke. 0 O N 77 W l . g f I T h 1 l S Games To Date: Three W ina Three Los.:-es Anita Opponvntf. 18 Atlantic Z7 55 Adair Z0 Z9 Lewif, .il Z7 Walnut 8 18 Atlantic 40 10 Griswold 30 Sponsored By 54 KRASNE'S or' '- "' nf I -3 ' 1 Midgets K-Q FIRST ROW: Galen Scholl Alan Kline, Loren Scholl Jack Harris, Roger :Scott Duane Kline, Jeri Millard SECOND ROW: Tom Dorsey Dick LEHM, Coach McDaniel, Daryl Kline, Dale Dorsey, Jerry Budd- ABSENT FROM PICTURE: Marvin Fries, Lynn Bissell. The Midget and Peewee baseball clubs, coached by Harley McDaniel, were a large part of the Anita summer program. The Midget team is composed of boys fifteen years and under, while the Peewees are boys age twelve and under. The Midgets were very successful last year, ending the season with a record of eighteen wins and four losses. They won first place in their Nishna Valley League with the record of twelve wins and two losses. They also won the county tournament at Marne and were eliminated in the semi-finals ofthe district at Walnut by Modale. The Peewees, the half pints of the ball diamond, also had a successful season. Their record was twelve wins and three losses. The Peewees took part in two Invitational Tournament held at Marne and Council Bluffs. Pee Wees FIRST ROW: Ivol Sheets, Jimmy Fatka, Russell Lett, Ronnie Kline, Tom McLuen, Walter Glynn, Ronald Ex- line- SECOND ROW: Buddy Legg, Joey Kinney, Loren Scholl, Coach McDaniel, Alan Kline, Jerry Heath- AB- SENT FROM PICTURE: Ted ,-QQ!-'X Knowlton. Gary Nelson. V a Q., Sponsored By MOTOR INN N Y - 4 I ORGANIZATIONS V , ., Q .. '.--' ' -- , .1-.. -- . ' ...Q-n.. - .. . ' ,,. , - V - . ,...-. 1 ,, ' . , .. 0 . . '. - ' U V .. A , , V .. V - . V ,VV . V ,V ' ' 1- . .. r' " I l - V , A'.,', '.... V ' . " 'V-- V :ln '- 5 v,.T-. - . .., , . - .... .1. .. . . -' - ... .. ... .... - -w, . -r , . . . ',. . . 4 - - 1. A . - ,.x.... ... .... . .. - . . , ' ,. . .,..,'.'.'. ,, . A ,, 1- - ...',,. ,,',,,,, ' ,, .... . L, - -- -' . .....- . . . -A ' -'-- 4.. . .. '.',',. . . V ' " " - . .'. -f 4 -. .. . - I ' A . 'T ll. 1 V6 ,. x fn f sf Student 5 , Council 'Q If ,ff 4' 'Awf- FIRST ROW: Sharon Kirkham, Grace Wahlert. Member-at-Large, Vice-Presidentg Mardell Fries, President: Leona Gissible, Secretaryg Wanda Wilson. SECOND ROW: Mrs. McDermott, Sponsor' Jack Harris: Jeri Millardg Larry Behnkeng Larry Hughes, Treasurer. ln the winter of l953, Mr. Fatka appointed a committee of four faculty members to study and formulate plans for organizing a Student Council in the Anita High School. When these plans were presented to the student body, they at once voiced a definite desire for a Council. A constitution was adopted, elections were held, members were given the oath of office, a sponsor was chosen and soon we had a working organization composed of nine members, two from each class and one member at large. Many duties were delegated to the Student Council. We sponsored all high school parties, helped plan homecoming festivities and eighth grade visiting day, arranged for election of cheer leaders, maintained a "lost and found" department and a student's suggestion box. We are affiliated with both the Iowa and the National Association of Student Councils. FIRST ROW: Mrs- McDermott, Sharon K-, Mardell F., Leona G., Wanda W., Grace W. SECOND ROW: Jeri M., Jack H., Larry B., Larry H. . . 1 l s. ' r v , 1 Qv I 'rl .- xy Sponsored By HASZARD OIL COM PANY I pg. .7 1' Mrs. Gill, head cook, was in charge of the school lunch program from its introduc- tion in 1950. Assisting her were Mrs. Doris Strickland and the student lunchroom workers. The hot lunch program is financially solvent in our school. The students obtained their meals for thirty cents. This was made possi- ble by careful purchasing, a school potato patch, products from governrnent surplus and Federal milk subsidy. Every effort was made to prepare balanced meals from a carefully planned menu. About one hundred forty students and part of the faculty were served daily. THIS IS A TYPICAL PICTURE OF THE NOON PROGRAM The lunchroom workers were a necessity for making the lunch hour a complete success. These students who volunteered to help in the lunchroom were given a free meal for the day that they worked. Their co-operation was greatly appreciated in making the noon pro- gram run smoothly. Sponsored By 58 MATTHEW'S DRUG STORE new L Z Shara Lee Chadwick, Marillys Pierce, Lillian Phillips, Elinor Garside Hazel Davis, Charles Templemun, Mary Shannon, Ben Mackrill, Raymond Workman, Raymond McAfee. to Stgma Beta Chl Bob Kelly Rex Rathman Nancy Wetrman Mr Long Lorenc Eden Ann Mclntlre CaelM1l1er Max-un Scott The An1ta Sc1ence Club Slgma Beta Chl whlch afizhated ws 1th the Scxence Clubs of Amenca was organlzed during the school year 1953 l954 under the sponsorshlp of Mr Long the teacher of scxence blology and chem1stry The alms ofthe Sclence Club are mcrease the know ledge of sclence learn to perfect the skllls 1n science o render serv1ce in the commuxuty and natlon o understand the lmportance of sc1ence help carry out the program of the SCIENCE Clubs oiAmer1ca The SCIENCE Club sponsored several actxvltxes durlng the fxrst year A trxp to Tarkto Mlssourx. to V1Slt the college campus resulted m a scholarshlp offered to Marvm Scott Beany hats were sold to the students to start a fund to buy a skeleton for the hxgh school and specxal speakers were mvlted to speak to the Sclence Club on thexr future careers The offxcers for 1953 1954 were Nancy Wehrman Bob Kelly Gael Mlller Rex Rathman Marvln Scott Sponsored By DR P T WILLIAMS Presldent V1ce President Secretary and Treasurer Lxbrarxan Reporter it . A. A. - x rr JURY G. A. A. OFFICERS Mrs. McDermitt, Sponsor, Elinor Gnrside, Point Recorder: Delores Aupperle, Secretary and Treasurer: Carol Dorsey, Vice-Presidentg Ann Mclntire, President. Maybe we were not all athletes but we all belonged to the Anita High School Girls' Athletic Association and we were all loyal members. Any Freshman girl who succeeded in rolling a peanut across the gym floor must have a little athletic prowess! What original ideas the Juniors had for making the program for our Christmas tea something to remember, while each class of Senior girls competed to see who could make the biggest and most colorful popcorn balls to go with the punch! During the basketball season, we were delegated to sell food, and in this way made money which was used in several different ways around the school building. Perhaps we were proudest of the annual spring tea we gave to honor all high school mothers. This was the one party that all the girls wanted to become a tradition in the Anita High School. FIRST ROW: Nancy W., Nancy K., Grace W., LaDonna C., Lfary 5., Linda C., Norma 5., Joy B SECOND ROW: Phyllis C., Peggy T., Margaret A., Joyce D., Loretta C., Lorene Marillys l-'. Elaine B., Dellene L., Julia K., Lillian P., Delores U. THIRD ROW: Judy M., Patty B., Marzlgll F. Beth 5-, Kay M., Marilyn C., Belva B., Joyce P., Janet J., Sherry P., Leona G., Eleanor B., Nlrg McDermott. FOURTH ROW: Marlene A., Donna Margaret C., Sherrill M., Rosemary P., Wanda W., Sandra LP., Jorenc H., Sharon K., Jud P Y FIRTH ROW: Norma M., Naomi J., Ramona W., Elinor Ci., Shura Lee C., Janelle B-, Marna L. Karen T., Barbara R., Hazel D., Kay R. ABSLNIU Bobby Jo 11. M., Dolores A., Carol D., Ann M., Marcia L. Sponsored By GOLDEN RULE STORE r-' GRACE WAHLERT Sponsored By BLANCI-lE'S BEAUTY SALON Homecoming Royal Court The football boys nominated a girl from each class to be a candidate for the football homecoming queen of l953. The boys' selections were then taken to the home rooms where they were voted upon by the student body- The students' choice was Grace Wahlert, the Senior candidate- The newly crowned queen's attendants were the other three candidates- The royalty was escorted by Senior members ofthe football squad. The master of ceremonies announced the choice and she was crowned by the retiring queen at an afternoon homecoming program. The queen and her royal court reigned over the home- coming game that evening. FIRST ROW: Sharon Kirkham, Leona Gissible, Grace Wahlcrt, Mardell I-'ries Janet Jewett- SECOND ROW: Rex Rathman, Roger Harris, Gael Miller, Bob Kelly, Dick Bissell. C AIH OR MI E S T EM CA OS N OC Ni? IQ CK SI F S HIGH bCHOUL CHRI5TMAb NILFRID AND HLS WRFSTL UNC N I N NIFBSIN' AROUND WIIAI I- LIN H S PARTIF5 NUTRF -XRRIX 'ith FRAIJP X XLETNTINE BOY HONYV CONIINC ROY -'XLTX O DA H AT N , M CN ,J Y IO v x NO F ON , E fl , E If :gt ' Eix . ' I T " 1 HAVIN' A TIME TUNING-UI' HFlL.L swore BE R1- ,Y-A N .Al Q an r I 1 J' 1 5 Q WF 4 ...l DON T SHOOT: SLLJM BICRING ,ff f : , x 'z .' N 1 N f HIGH SCHOOL A-CLUB PARTY THF Huyg' D113 11' . ,A HAVE A CHAIR? 7 BARBARA R. CO-OPFIRATIOA 1 Q11 qv' n 1 Wx-C 0 we IFJ A Loigvilx x MGM X N I U C E E sz s T R w F H E 0 ? ANOTHER DAY OF W ORR SOMETHING WRONG' M R S1 M R S I A T K A AT THE PROM JUST SITTING AROUND BEFORE BUSES I vv 5 'T I SNAPPY PETE AND REPEAT "PRINTERS DEVIL ' . x 1-' . '25 ' I"'f f in--' Rv , LL, "' 73" E15 N?-I ' i 'ff ., ' Hllsx qlgh- H " 513' ff - tv- I , f W,..,.'.f-H: " 5I,vgi'f Q 0 ' 5 EQ- QQ ' 'P f Q ', X ' , if 41 Ev, p ' i-4,9 - 4 ' , ' V f.. K V., Tw" f ff: E , T - 4445? -' fQ 'f"' Q TAKINA IT EASY BIOLOGY 'P 7 Olfif NOf fr ,xlf s.,n,'+ 'X 41? NOW SMILE 4 i CO-CI-IAM P Civ .-" 1 1 A I Recess Time Outdoors V . .' lr K vw A MJ.. ' 4 Takin' Pictures THE SPARTAN STAFF C0-Editors ...,. Grace W., Roger H Business Managers ..... Nancy K., Nancy W Girls' Sports Editor ..... Marcia L Boys' Sports ..... Larry H Music Editor..Iv1arrie1lF Grade School hditor ..... Rex R Senior Editor ..... C51-01D Organizations Editor ..... Ann Mc Snapshots Editor ..... Joyce D Faculty Sponsor ..... MTS-iJFC5nS18F We hope you enjoy this Spartan. "The Staff" A n s 5 1 0 C L u h a 1 . 9 0 ' , t T o h A C s 1 T .F - T u a r I 1 W n YL I' i O 3 H o 1 ' H 5 ll I1 Thcy'rc Separated Now Tht Dorscx, Bcnlors Yu, , L ...fav Out Oi Doors Again bcmor Basketha . .n, , .1 XR il. it 5515- R . , V -F x , X". ', " i '-31:47 'fi' Qyzfgj' ,za of it I 'J' 'Limit 'f X -- . ' 'x . "f24"wudS- LEFT TO RIGHT AROUND TABLE.: Roger Harris, Mrs- Drcsslcr .Sponsor Cracc Wahlcrt Nancy Kirkham, Marcia Lantz, Nancy Wchrman, Rex Rathman, Ann Ivaclntirt Joyce Larry Hughaa Mai-dell Fries, Carol Ann Dorsey- O -Q,-f x 4.-. t' WALSWORTH nm ,.p..d.ss0 nab, wuqwunfu BROTHER! n.m.1m. no u A A I

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