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5 i I i 5 I i 2 E E 7 Q5 qymsdiat Q Q4 SQ-ymsdiat 45 qty 'Ml Qfiqlzkskufqzmmakvfrs -1-A 'sm W ,M Q- - he F'-f.:-L" k"-1"-."-rr-f"2'f+fT 33519, 'I-'iz'-.f3:v5':1"a' 'f-"'-Sf X -'lt'5l'4"v'.."!".-?"'-el ...Mn -.up f "lh1""'l -an g ""l-."Q,'-1? A ' 4 - hug ""'h-."2,'1n2 az..-Pls-'b-iw 'L . -n.,'-s:a-.Fir-'H-g-fir, 'V ' r 'Q 'ilu wr rar.-:.' P K, 1, Q- x!?.g..'E.:Q',r 1.3, Ka..-W f fxbmfiw - w.,'1.""kn1Lw"'sf" Ef.!'a?N'- R'.S.'?'-".-5.-rl -fb' f-Fiwve xAU '---'-?"'- P-'2' As-Q"':.:' HRV .sae aw, 'Wg 'S' mmm X' Sf! gf 5 Seawbz Zu M 23? of 52' s . 0 A W W SM g'.egQ',,',,:w?x fkwddnw fag,QgML'anq5 r.g.?lr-'5.igx'i:,Qx ,,,,M 'Sari-Itgggg r-Sli'-?.'+f'w1'2v , -vs-a X ff-"afar-'ft'-?b3SlE"ffw'11.,:f '-Que? Pg vim? 1-'H w'v'E,'f'f-?"'-4Z','..'+"' w5'J?w?"if."+.t.T,f,r an Q' ,. sg., ME In presenting this edition of the "Wrang1er" we have endeavored to give ll you an everlasting picture of the great outdoors and traditions of the Southwest. hw It is our hope that as you turn its pages you will relive the happy days spent here . 1 CLASS OF '57 l,H J 1 M uf 4 , ii ' 4 : 7 pl--455. q 2'- :fi -f': ?54i,lHH:f4 lf 9 13 a a 6 o w To Mrs. Mary Eliza Wamel, we the senior class respectfully dedicate this 1957 WRANGLER. Her true pioneer spirit and willingness to assist in all school activities has made her one of the most ardent boosters of Animas School. For this we give our heartfelt thanks. - 7 Superintendent of Hidalgo County Schools Term ending January 1, 1957 fir:--il-'2 ,,:P il: - l' ' U-ee+mmefQ-can 25 -1 gf gfrtaaqg - eg We, of the Senior Class, wish to say "thanks" to the Board of Education, who has made these twelve years at Animas High School the most fruitful years of our lives. Once again we say "thanks". Seniors of '57 Erwin Richardson ---- ---- P resident Sam Tenny ------- --- Member Lewis Garcia ---- ---------- M ember Mrs. Katy Hall ---- ---- S up't. of Hidalgo County Schools -- in effect January 1, 1957 ' lllIlIMlllll W !ll IM!f LALDLMJUUUUESULGMUUQDUU X X -X QQXXE. N xx K A. ly. NN ,,,,, X X ' A D A X ' X f" hs V D JOLLY I. DYER, Coach Bookkeeping Mathematics TYPWSAQEH Law MURL SMITH Seventh Sc Eighth Grades I ELIZABETH STRAW Third 8: Fourth Grades Music Gen. Science Geometry Algebra Physics ARTHUR R. CHILDS Citizenship U. S. History Government English Music VERNA C. MCMAINS Fifth 8a Sixth Grades I I RUTH STRICKLAND ' First 8: Second Grades .gd i ' ':, .vw , ff ,I H V . . , , 3 4 J-f , ,le 4545 A Mfr 0 W 9.5 ,O , M6 W! f ""' ff ,27 ,ff 'W 7 V 5 ZS, ffl ff! ffm y ff! !!4!f X! f ffl ff! f X fl 9 l!Illl lWfl SSENJUGDERE3 -3.x 1+ Penny Allen "I like school, but there's no love lost between us. " Shirley Barker "Knowledge in youth is wisdom in old ageg should we live so long!" g Grace Borger "If music is love, give Junior a second helping. " Barbara Caillouette "All great women are dead, and I feel sick myself. " Betty Smith Lewis Dayton "Teachers and classrooms are my only objections to education. " Edward Garcia 'If studying kills, he will never die. " Toni Somoza "Her quietness and dignity stamp her as a lady." Louise Veck Never a lesson did she spoil but oh! how she burned that midnight oil." AIX , 5 Wil?" "For 12 years she has fought thislife -and -death battle a - gainsta personal enemy --- --school. " 'C' H F4 lan- X If ,Zara ZW!! aaa! '7Z4zafw,,z 95 Sawbz Zu 01 X 19:7 We, the class of 1957, being somewhat sound of mind and body Qin spite of four years' exposure to education at Animas High School, do hereby es- tablish this instrument as our last will and testament, to wit: I, Shirley Barker, bequeath my "dentine" smile and even disposition to Martha Nell DeVilbis s . I, Penny Allen, leave the contents of my desk, consisting of two pieces of slightlyusedbubblegum, one half-eaten Hershey bar, seven paper clips, aholey nylon and one moth-eaten glove with the thumb chewed off, to Shir- ley Moeller. I, Grace Borger, leave all my boy-friends fexcept Junior! to Nettie Go- mez. I, Barbara Ann Caillouette, bequeath my quiet ways and ladylike manner to Shirley Riddle and Robbie Jo Robinson. I, Lewis Dayton, will one basket of assorted kittens, one used deer li- cense and my managership of the basketball team to Clyde Yarbrough. I, Edward Garcia, will my "hatred" for girls to Satch Durffee. I, Toni Somoza, will my Mona Lisa smile and ability to study to Rita Viramontes. I, Louise Veck, leave my executive ability and ex-boyfriends to Floy- dean Johns. I, Betty Smith, bequeath my "mighty right" to any up-and-coming volley- ball player who can use it. Signed, sealed, and delivered this sixteenth day of May in the Year of Our Lord, Nineteen Hundred and Fifty-seven. Witnesseth: Edmond Davis Billy Veck -CN pl A X 'GW' Q , nach fllll L-'Q ow Em QE: 40 .-. co2 O,-. :vm :1 -,,---'J-4.3 " ..4, X,-. ed'-f' ' ' 3' ,.-. -- -., -g' 'K' ' ' Salutatorian Shirley Barker N --1 - - 1:-f ,... f , -Y-,v-e Q -.-, :-. --' v ev,-E-x- 1 - ' - . q --, --:g-':'?T?- ' We Ylgip-'f L-si'-372-52 " 244 , .-' "We Know the Trails We Travel" N f QW N ? K. ' f Colors Flower - Rose Blue and White ' axahmeaw ' R X Processional ----- "Largo" -- Invocation ---- ------- Doxology ---- "O1d Hundredth" - -- Spiritual Reading --- Song ---- "Ivory Palaces" --- ---- Song ---- "How Long Wilt Thou Forget Me?" Sermon --- --- -- Song ----- "Hark! My Soul, It is the Lord"'-- Benediction --------------- ------------ Recessional ---- "Grand March" - - --- Handel --- Rev. Michael McGovern --'--------- Bourgeois --- Rev. Michael McGovern --- Barraclough '--- Pflueger -"Rev. Michael McGovern ""' Gounod --- Rev. Michael McGovern """""""" Verdi gamma Processional ----- "Land of Hope and Glory " -- -- Elgar lnvocation --- --- --- Song ---- "Jerusalem" --- Salutatory Oration -- Valedictory Oration -- Song ----- "Then You'11 Remember Me" -- Introduction of Speaker ---- Address --- Song ---- "Graduation Song"-- Presentation of Class --- -- Presentation of Diplomas ---- Song ----- "He That Keepeth Israel" --- Benediction ---.-.--..----.-...-...-.--- Recessional ----- 'War March of the Priests" -- --- Rev. C. L. Wiggins --- ------ Parker -- Shirley Barker -- Louise Veck -- --- Baefe -- Supt. Katy Hall --- Mr. G. Lynn Hatch --- Ancient Melody --- Principal H. D. Straw ----- Supt. Katy Hall ----- Schlosser '--- Rev. C. L. Wiggins ---- Mendelssohn DWQIUQDBRS ix Y R ,N N xx ax N by X' W -K ' . x xx -' QB' ,usd y 7' -Q, " x. - '- .E - , x f x 'A..! f .IX A I r v I A -Q -s R, :K - . an . b 5 Q 411 V4 WW' -I Q -fig "M XZ 9, ' 3 'ur ' Ii. 1. N ' A ' L. 6 1' ' R , V .. if 'A ... .KX ,NX Latha Caillouette Edmond Davis 6 Don Kerr Shirley Moeller Hughie Peterson X iqgx ,J ' ,, Erwin Underwood -,':' Billy Veck Ei I Clyde Yarbrough Ag . M ne i . eq E 9 Q.. J in r fg xii- i iff -4 'ifjig-Q, igjllsgzlij N NA' el? i WW if are sf Martha De Vilbiss Larry Durffee Nettie Gomez 5, , 1 . , R af . , 3 or 1. WMIIIl ff! RQ SCQWUUUUUJQDLQEES QS ' -A K NR . N X 1 : S -X A XX is ix, Q X U k H Y' ' - A 1-E5 M I .X V, . - X .4 ,X it ., .nv x3,,:X -was fu: 'x ,k,, X., 6 , "' N ,f X -A zgi ' i iw NX Xkv, 7 i 2 2 0 D KX. ' Johnny Ha rrel Bill Miller 5 may Bill Morris Pa tty Sa rrerfield 's v 4 Rey Tenney Rita Viramontes X Ossie Barker Caillouette Phil Dayton Pa ul Dunagan 4 ',., . Thomas Moorehead ' lillllllllll !lllllWlll llll EFLRIESGUMIEWJ J X, 3 " , 1 4 ' , XY A 0 A . if ix ..?.,, X R 'six X K Si, X xx 1 mu-i J if ,l"'5lM4'!1 xi' i Steve Cooper Ace Caillouette -. ..-f' ik fig. fllbsellt When pictures were taken Absent when pictures Were taken fe f if D il ,rev mfgollx Miami? Johnny Browning Sharon Dayton Dick De Shazo Tommy De Viibiss Isabel Dominguez Leo Dominguez Billy Hudgens Floydean Johns Gary Mattingly Lupe Mora Tom Morris Shirley Riddle Robbie J. Robinson Shirley Satterfield Bernardo Somoza Sammy Tenney 3 N XX X X ilx KX N X X , X S ELEM .... X X Q Salvador Ruiz fig ri," pw, 5 qw .. .v"A 1 sf ,' 41 t V Ti! 4 J gm.. my Qu.. had f ,xx , My ,K - Harold De Vilbiss 2502 Jerry Veck A mold Ba yne Buddy Richens Hazel Raney - m in i .Cf : 32 Za aA"A a A t..,. A EW y u aaaaaaa I 1m Moms Q i I ' 2 5, it VV . Joe Ruiz 1 , ..'. ,Qlv .I K, :f ...M.a,:,, do , 5 N '- ,, a, lkif - I 53 M Bk N ' mf X J! L 1 3 x id, , f Q .. as fxdly. 4 u ky in B F :Q- Kitty A wtry Linda Sm ith Ruby Raney Geannine Ga ithier Rosa Harrel ,. Richard Rauey Carley Woodard I VV .Q NW iff ' 4-4 """"w..,, 4 IQ X ' f Url. "1 'yt Hrffiffgg W f 'B "T, vm 931 E, l L Just E' Camera' r Shy Alida Baird Marilyn Gauthier Mary Lou Harrel Alice Meraz Tony Newell Russell Richins Iacque Soderberg Karen Wiley Lynette Tenney Mary Caillouette Quanah Barker Joey Croom Gloria Grijalva Sherry Hudgens Bruce Medlirf Charles Richardson William Wiley Skipper Wamel Theda Weatherby Tommy Harrel Ted A wtry R3 Y - Caillouette Ma rie Richardson Roy Vaughan Jimmy Walters Vinita Barker Gaylee Crum Linda Faris Alma Harrel Alice Meraz Geneva Newell Loretta Raney Sally Stewart Bobby Crum Gustavo Grijalva Clifford Medlin Jerry Morris Sharon Roark Ruben Ruiz Linda Kynaston Peggy Moore Tommy Richardson Wendy Richens Gary Roark Shirley Wea therby ieacfyu 2 N vm ami mf 'D a v I '55 an ff: A M' LSB!! JuSt px B camera Shy X, Photograph not available wa-H., Gilbert Folk Billy Harrel George Newell Clyde Pace John Juarez Peggy Roark Pepper Smith Brenda Bitner Linda Crum Judy Faris Linda Robinson Elwin Roark Hortensia Torres Larry Caillouette Alex Grijalva Randy Ma ssey Kerry Crum Kathy Medlin Mary Moore Virginia Morris Irene Spurgeon Jovita Torres Susan Wamel Elaine Veck 'Q 5-.. Ji A wr... , , F ww X "AW IK af, I . -L ,, , L, we Cf., ww ,igsfisi H4 !?5::QgL"'J -f?EfE.l i -elif ' g1l?'1' --ECL? :iii Q45? -L f 3- -3- iii ' f ' ' Sain! W, eo X ggkil O0 kt '---.....,,, k --f - - --c X N I ., .- . -s 11.-,1-, ,P X u I 'rff A-ii. . - ,A-1r'Al ii N Mrs. Stauffacher Fourth--Eighth grades Mrs. Watkins First--Third grades 9 FLCXWQDLGUWILEES ,Q-X: I ,:1., ' V X ' X xx ' - K .X xx 22-RTX I . N L 'R Ex... R-:KN Ex. XX A 'x X .XX X Yx Q .X lx R X .rf -x ix. XXL N N15 N-.XL QR: A A A D is had ' ' Toni Somoza was selected by the faculty as Miss Animas High. She is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. R. F. Somoza. ' Ziyi Billy Veck was selected by the faculty as Mr. Animas High. He is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Bill Veck. alba! pqmhz E Dick De Shazo was voted most popular boy by the majority of the student body. He is a freshman and is the son of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley De Shazo. dba! pgowdfz ' Shirley Moeller was voted most popular girl by the majority of the student body. She has attended Animas High for two years and is the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. V.E. Moeller. Shirley is a junior. dba' ' Clyde Yarbrough was chosen Most Athletic Boy by the P. E. boys. Wadi ' dz! Louise Veck was chosen as Most Athletic Girl by the P. E. girls. !IIlIlIll l77Mlll !l K ZBGTUWUTUES ' v X ,: .SIX 1 f , jf I 13 .ii Y f L NR bx Y -Y -f' L 1' , N N :X Q.. :EKG A -I I x I ' ' P ,xx - X XE H X 'wx XXX X ' Q Shirley Riddle Clyde Yarbrough High School A ' Q LINDA SMITH BUDDY RICHENS JUNIOR HIGH WENDY RICHENS RANDY MASSEY GRADE SCHOOL www W WWW X , 14,. f szy-aww' ! Mrs. Edna Peterson President Mrs. Ida Walters Treasurer Executive Committee Mrs. Marion Veck Vice President Mrs. Joy Dyer Secretary Q Zi? 5 .-477, . 'N i f 1 Rb if PX'-13 if ' , . Q X . I . ii: Typing HARD'?? Chow Line!! Horseplay The Handy Man Better not do THAT! The greatest gp, ik gi X ,Q .H 1, , 4 gm W it 2,3 Q 1956 ,. X.--LA 'V' g,Q1i2P-24, QgfZ'K??51fg,w Pih?fff? X L 4- X X I Q ,f if ' X 1 ij f' fc:?'g3, . :-N i 55? f-X s., 1 4. 60 Q,Q , ' .0 f NV... Q ll g,..' 'A' W ffl W' TU X? 1 f I 01 71! I , :bu I 5 F 1111 GL 1- 'ji L xi 4 -X P 'X li Q. I 1 X v x 1 v Q ' -1 ,,l x Q, x 1 1- A I 'R' ' "' -5135, gag Szqoaffow Y .. ,, C. - L , JC , J' E522 L Qizieifl ' Q5 fz.- Qi I She 'd scare the shorts off an undertaker Mr. Dilly Dally Picollo And phwat does the missus want wid me?? No, Woss, don't leave me !! s ' ' How dee ye doo!! So 'tis a duel you want to fight, Eh'?'??? The rooster soup Ain't we got fun! 'Ill llllffrlff 3 's 'J . Queu- 1 V v I flffllll def, 111119 , vvtt .ga n"' " muff' ik Hb 1' f .X S X X QS X, Em Q x Xi XX TFGEIUETTU S S N R X X 9 My Heritage drawn from historic wells Of living waters, a story tells: I didn't just happen to be this way ln a land of freedom in which to play But back in my past men worked and died To leave the freedom they were denied What Heartache and sacrifice are behind All the hours I use as if they were mine? What right do I have, that I should not work? I am an American! I will not shirk My part in the splendid Labor of Love In this splendid world--Dear God Above! My theme as I leave Is a prayer and pledge A pledge that's a prayer Animas I-Iigh's made it clean Day after Day Through her work and play That only as land like ours I free from fear As I leave these halls, I pledge to live The American Way, --I must--- And pass on to the ones I love this way of life I hold in Trust, c"". .Hu w a Q ' SNs -1- , 'U 'v ag Di ., 5 5 " J -v 5 L w ,r . . ., i W 5 s 5 Q.. .. .r .Q Qs-v-if -.ef S 5 5- - -5,54 1 y we - ,gn17.-4-:g1j:.,,,-il"ff m .1 ' " " ' ' 1 '4rr,.k '7 -11:-"ls-13'?5"f'fA5"-I :X '-51:1 1 !' ,za-av we-fig' fiiustr '- '.'T:f4 MZ--'e -Axis.:-Kg.. ...friy ..t - ,a--'.': it Q . 4"'7Jgs":': ' ' ' .s- .- -fl..--na -fr' V. .. . .6 . .:Lfq'D'f" ' 5' F'-4,f,j.i,. ' --11a3?7'jf,i,6l'gi1Ff-f-1' Sv? 'sf-4. -' -..4q4..l.y..w-L ,- " 3 V Q-1' , - . -535+ . ,4- . ,,i'..tg4+1 -,',,L,: f 1.7353 1,1 5.-.xii-a3gi,5'i, TV . '.'?::'el'fv, V' N "":t!"'Z'4f5:"?'5' Aw. -ruvfvbi' IA -sv.-2.5, - nr A " ' ---,L -Q, "- 4.1-'.Zi.' A .. -' ' ' . '-aft-"-f ., .: " ' rm ' - "4-. 51 fwffij "af-bktin-5, ' 'I 4--,Qi iflfffii--" sfriyli-1 "3 . A ' A 2'4"-149' . V - 4- ay- .-.: . -2-at - v . 'dl -Tlfxffff'-J."-'Till-. :-ji J--.,..fs'f: '- '4 x . , s, -1. . , vs- 1 - ' - -' X ll If edlld Standing left to right: Coach Dyer, Hugh Peterson, Billy Veck, Larry Durffee, Edward Garcia Lewis Dayton Mgr Kneeling left to right: Rey Tenney, Dick De Shazo, Edmond Davis, Clyde Yarbrough Home gam es Away games Nov. 17 Hachita Nov. 2 Hachita Dec. 8 Weed 9 Cliff 15 San Simon 20 Hatch Jan. 12 Cliff 29 Cloudcroft 19 Cloudcroft 30 Tularosa 25 Hatch Dec, 1 Weed 29 Lordsburg 5 Hachita - Feb. 15 Elfrida Jan. 11 Lordsburg 16 Hachita Feb. 2 San Simon 9 Elfrida Sponsored by COTTON CITY GROC. If A Standing left to right: Coach Dyer, Dick Raney, Don Kerr, Bill Morris, Billy Hudgens Kneeling left to right: Johnny Browning, Tommy De Vilbiss, Sammy Tenney Home Dec. 8 Jan. 12 19 25 Feb. 15 games Weed Cliff Cloudcroft Hatch Elfrida Away games Nov. 9 20 29 30 Dec, 1 Feb. 9 Cliff Hatch Cloudcroft Tula rosa Weed Elfrida Sponsored by WESTERN COTTONOIL CO. Cotton City, -Division Louise Veck Shirley Moeller Grace Borger 9 Sponsored by BALLARDS STORE if. at lax Il If Billy veck Edward Garcia Hugh Peterson Clyde Yarbrough Rey Tenney dzd'WMyJe!! een Home games Away games Nov. 17 Hachita Nov. 2 Hachita Dec. 12 Cliff 9 Cliff Feb. 15 Elfrida Dec, 5 Hachita Jan. 17 Lordsburg Feb. 2 San Simon 9 Elf rida Sponsored by OTTO RISK 9 Q R9b0Ul1dS Boys! Team in a huddle 45 -if That's it, Poop Coach Dyer Beat 'em on the Jump Ball W ff, W 1 ,0- W X, I P f A Basket Good One ! ! Another school year has passed into history, but the memories of our happy associations within these walls still linger on. Many joyous visions pass before our eyes: The frantic last-minute wins in basketball- -the Junior-Senior class plays--the Pep rallies on the Friday afternoons before the games- the basketball trips to Cloudcroft--the senior trip--the end-of-school picnic in the Chiricahuas--the Camival and dance--the Christmas program--the spring music festival--the pie and box socials at the school--the school banquet and dance--the seniors in their caps and gowns for baccalaureate and commencement. These are but a few of the nostalgic memories of our stay at Animas High, memories that we seniors will carry with us always as we go our separate ways. We hope this yearbook will often bring these recollections back to you, and although these moments are gone forever, may you never forget them. THE ssmon c1,Ass 0 X X X X X X X X ! l!M!llllll VW 'VW4 4' WW mit-f E iffy, . EXEQWEUGUUSEUUJEUUUE3 X M, XX WY Af -KM: A A. n 5, g . ,- A V . 1 . hugh 0 In ' glsmxn L an "iw Q 3 m":'f-- ? E . ' X Q ' , F r X ' A Xi W,,qx ,. 4, X 3513- 23,4 L iff, 'in ,.k,. N M., ' , X X Q J X X X X X X P of JACK MORGAN AGENCY Real Estate and Insurance O F N ! I 'A in 'J j ' FIRE H n' il - uzmcxm 0 r'1,,4Q,m v f Aura f fff?'fff'?"ff ' at l Qf' mlm f E Qmxxsgx Q10 sim gl A Qoifa 1, W Ni 49 Q' X Y x!z wana S' .f 1 '- P -0' a E ' F4 P WSU HAZ? X , mm W Q 'si ...l DOCKUM BUTANE CO. Butane Distributor for Hidalgo County "Once a Custorner Always a Friend. " Lordsburg, N. M. Telephone 273-W 9779A Yu -'le - to the Senior Class of '57 H AZELTO NS Lordsburg, New Mex. 1 x XS I M ff 'i Z gg 5 . M if '- , . i " 1 5 Wg ' Q ' J-1-:Ss " . . ' N ,,'-, ,. . ' " I' 'gslllshgl ' 2- ' - I P'- e X U , n '-' N ' . X , . . X CLEM'S O. K. RUBBER WELDERS pon Lordsburg, New Mexico , g nun our, E 1. P 5 xiii 1, ' Q , , lx as W 7 l'. 'M' I 5 OL le gg A iierrlslifnope rsh' ,,x, NX REPAHI PI-57A : .b V -A vt?-K - W 2. r- STANDARD ,,57efeq .-, g,g,VmY,,:"' A e e- Je ' Q ' V999 QSIANDARD' ' 6 Next BLOWOUT? Q SERVICE , ' Complete Tire and Tube Service C Ong ratulations Class of 1957 Success to you as you go out into the world. Get the advantage of easy terms and a FRIENDLY MANAGEMENT fg of 5 s 13 . 4 A 'ng U . d ,fum if-"ACID , Su .:. diy. 1 V .'-f " " . ' .uw KQ 5 'bv ffm ' Mfw IW . '.,, ,, LJ- -"' 53:1 -li 'vigil fu. 3-j, ' -in .j'jg'iJr , 1 I .nu " 7.3 I K il' 3, I - fwir 'E -' 1' QA? k ,. , V sawn., -,N E-.?w3 :U K 5. N ,r- -I. z ,.x nk ., ,' -' 5 Ang- -,:. ' - . , 512:-mai-.Q-v. 4: K 5,2154 lffk J q , 4.--Q,. :fq.f. -' mr , .A af JN 'J 1 X Compliments Best Wishes f h S Semors t N The The A. R. Childs W Cookie Jar Family t Q hm!! Good-By Animas W you High 'M fnwcf , Mwin. Betty Smnh QZMQA7 Grace Borger Best Food in Town CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS ! I Louise Veck Lewis Dayton Best Wishes Greyhound to the Class of 1957 Cafe Mr. 81 Mrs. LORDSBURG NEW MEXICO Lewis Garcia Compliments ,-ga!-.' 5 Q' 'GJNJJ 5 Pal" 4.-waiq E..-: -I-1 ,: 1. 'F u I QQ if ss f' of W ' k 0, E' N' Jac son PURINA CHOWS FOR POULTRY and Livestock See the Difference Purina Hidalgo County Sheriff Makes At Your Checkerboard Store Grant s Feed 969-'x' . 1965 we' Q' SOUTHERN ARIZONA AUTO CO. on' 7 1200 G Ave. Dial EM4-2424 Douglas, Arizona ,pg Y-1. cHN10L21 O N T14 Qbwbi Ns Q ' -C Q5 ' ! u Best Wishes is ef! ' eruors Q X If X X x E? S Q X V, If X frx X J ,',J,H - D. W. Dunogon - Music Co. yew iey. .. TO GREATER vALuEs AT ' Southwest Supply Co. Lordsburg, New Mexico ' Get the best food A H ,IIIAGZX in town at AOA if Cafe 1 G LORDSBURG, N. MEX. Kirby's 5 X A wx '::.fif? 9 Bw t!0lt,t!6G06l:z Zociance... BeSure NWJLT Therek a A in your future ER lf' S Ford Dealer SMITH FORD COMPANY Lordsburg, New Mexico Best Wishes to the Seniors from NEWBERRYS - 5 84 IOC Clothing Shoes Jewelry School Supplies Cosmetics Toys Candies Materials Douglas, Arizona Compliments xiii of Q43 Lordsburg Lumber .2 XR, ' ond f Bu rs Compliments of LUNSE-EF! 3 Dr. Baxter C 5? Lawrence Gay, Mgr. 8: Owner I-'ordsburg N' Mex C rn liments f PHELPS DODGE MERCANTILE C0 S SS 8: C ASS OF 957 YUUB BANK YUIIIZA "-S" KNIFE FRIEND IN THE FIRST NATIONAL BANK OF LORDSBURG G UP TO DATE GROCERY AND DRY GOODS 15 'QA Mawhxfffex 1 x "Chuck" Moore OFFICE MACHINES SUPPLIES EQUIPMENT P. O. Box 1047 530 10th St. Douglas, Arizona BEST WISHES To the CLASS OF 1957 Tibbs Service Stotion Phone 113 Lordsburg New Mexico 210201014 Open day and night Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Seniors on their Graduation The Union Deportm ent Store pSlslnfffff"0 S, I iloiitt P fa 4 Lordsburg , New Mexico Congratulations and Best Wishes to the Seniors on their Graduation -L01 wwe, S Q 0 ' 0 W +6 ,I H The Foshion Cleoners 305 E. Third St. PhOr1e 123 Lordsburg, New Mexico .F COMPLIMENTS OF Congratulations Hcirwood Music Co. Seniors' LORDSBURC NEW MEXICO Anim as PECO M51-fop P. T.A. Compliments our Best Wishes of fi. Dr. H. S. Cohen Lordsburg, New Mexico Junior Gomez Victor Somozci DOUGLAS, ARIZ . Bledsoe Mouzy Moto rs FURD 1-1 ff,- r n - Li vin i 1-L - 0 A S 0 Best Wishes Seniors Clorlcs Food Market Fresh Meats - Fresh Vegetables Groceries R. R. Ave. Opposite Underpass Lordsburg, N. M. BEN FLORES BEN FLORES, JR. s U Morlm s CUSTOM MADE SADDLES Ben Flores Home Fu rn Ish I ng , F1ne Hand-Made Leather Goods "Everything for the Horne" WESTERN CLOTHING 1017 G AVENUE DOUGLAS, Anlz. Phone EM 4-2541 Phone EM 4-3122 920 G. Avenue Douglas, Ariz. The Land of Sunshine , GOOD LUCK IN THE COMING YEARS ggflifldll SENIORS f 1 149 H 'I I 1 " , HU" m u l '11 kyglscrnc XV' 15.111 I 411 . u nnoml - L' HJASTEQSS HEATEQS,ETC 1 Zn 5' 1 ' ,Z I AA.. Hester's Radio-TV Service 81 Soles 1119 F. AVENUE DOUGLAS, ARIZONA DIAL - EM 4-5554 DO U G S MEN "S CLOTHING Fabric Meredith's W h thi S hop eifeff 111312 tolion VISIT THE DOUGLAS FABRIC SHOP FOR ALL YOUR SEWING NEEDS BILL MEREDITH DOUGLAS, ARIZ Douglas Arizona 516 - 10th St. 1100 G Avenue 06 Dependable lllllllll -- xi ,4--X s sky"-, ST' . 'MW A if L -lux "1 ' ff 1 4 fi N-tix C ong ratulations to the Senior Cla s s ,aww Fx vi.. Eff: -ax Q n Ei' The Bank Of Douglas 1 Your Friendly Pioneer Bank Since 1887 Member Fed. Deposit Insurance Corp. Compliments of Fidelity Savings And Loan Association Douglas , Arizona We pay 370 interest. All accounts are INSURED up to 510, OOO. 00 by an Agency of the United States Government. Savings Accounts may be opened by maal. 99 AN LUM 46 ,ov Phone EM 4-58 ' 758 G Avenue Douglas, Ariz. 600D as NEW Powers New - And Second Hand Store No Carrying Charges 61 COMPLIMENTS OF 'X x O I '7' Yi I' f s K. X Fhfx' I f I WRlGHT'S BAKERY DISTRIBUTORS OF RAINBO BREAD PHONE 83 .I LORDSBURG NEW MEXICO ww ceases k JZZZEZZSER I H. E. Scofield 1 W. F. Ritter I General Insurance 309 E. THIRD STREET P. O. BOX 935 LORDSBURG NEW MEXICO X 4URkXXY'f" X QQ f f " W . if ' f Lumber Co. SINCE 1909 GEO. P. JEFFUS, Pres. 8: Mgr. LORDSB URG NEW MEXICO !.!.!MF-iiEi"! 25: COMPLIMENTS OF ' CONGRATULATIONS John A. Johnson To THE SENIOR CLASS Fountain Gift Shop OF L0 dsburg New Me 1957 Felix Gauthier And Sons Animas New Mexico NMHefs ...I 1.... fTJiEVRCUJDU ....'..:... Company LORDSBURG, NEW MEXICO 2l'ZLLU12 ...I--I... Legs! BEST WISHES ! J! GOODECJ, LUCK f I f f' Eagle Drug The Unusual Drug Store R iCh's Z III.. 409 East Railroad Ave. Y Lordsburg New Mexico 5445 E a- gy Lordsburg, New Mex1co ,K 1 4 CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS lkfkiklk Rodeo Tavern Rodeo New Mexico Everywhere you CONGRATULATIONS Clas s of '57 Vernon's Jw? Clothing for all the Family Q0 "' Main sr. 1122 "G" Ave o 'll ' y U Lowell, Ariz. Douglas, Ariz CONGRATULATIONS SENIORS ' Llsfers Jewelers BULovA L WATCHES 'mn sAv: You Mon!! f Q ' ...vnu AFTER vnu f' A Market Spot Fine foods . I 1107 G Ave. Douglas Ariz. Douglas Arizona I I 43 Pioneer Cafe 1029 G. Ave. Douglas, Ariz. GOOD FOOD SERVED RIGHT Twenty-four hours a day i Poul's Jewelers 531 Tenth St. XXX U ll X A M 5 1 ::.5!.Y' V1 Douglas V. -"' Arizona Compliments of Foir's Sporting Goods C ONG RAT ULATIONS SENIORS Jlvlvk 1039 G Avenue fl -t- 6,9043 ,ffzil ' ' .A , Wrlg ht Gro ce ry Douglas Arizona Douglas A1'iZ0H9- Compliments of BEST WISHES to the B And W Grocery CLASS OF l957' www 84 Johnson's Cleaners - 4, Market jF?4'?f: ' Douglas Arizona "If it's cleanable, Rodeo, New Mexico we'11 C168-I1 it!" AMERICAN MADE WATCHES Compliments FOR . AMERICAN GRADUATES H ICICIIQO Grocery HAMILTON ELGIN QFormerly Piggly Wigglyj Hoya' Jewelers Fine and staple groceries, meats, 932 G A fruits, vegetables, frozen foods ve. - Douglas Arizona. Phone 7 Free Delivery Lordsburg New Mexico R 81 R Auto Sales Headquarters for Fine Used Automobiles - 'N ff""'f'Cv s ffm I 0 . W X x Douglas, Arizona 'Ho :HJ 718-721 "G" Avenue Phone: EM 4-3861 Nu-Way International Launderers And Cleaners C' O 6' 498 11' O , '11, 'ul'.'3t . I f I fff x IQ! J ,, W' Q Li -L MAKE THIS TEST! Hou BE THE JUDG-E. Phone 111 433 Twelfth St. Douglas, Arizona SID MOSOW B!-QS - Manager owen SHOES HANDBAGS HOSIERY 924 G. Avenue TELEPHONE Douglas, Arizona EM 4-5313 C OMP LIMENTS Animas Valley Pearls Jewelery FARM RANCH EXPERT WATCH REPAIR COTTON CORN CATTLE az:Mf:l::x:o::o:::f::::e:vff.::x:o:w::e::e:vf::f:af::nxwe Woodard g Sons STANDARD MAKE WATCHES ANIMAS NEW MEXICO A x-x COMPLIMENTS X99 6 1, .00 OF O 9041? H. Bishop xo Lumber Co. PHONE 476 LORDSBURG, N. LORDSBURG NEW MEXICO COMPLIMENTS OF --- COMMUNITY A PUBUC .SERVICE COMMUNITY PUBLIC SERVICE CO. .Hur 51""-T:--.,, W 1 K i Q 3 Q' W 'Y 4 -5 NJ! - fvf, sv ,WW UF FRIENDS w 45 N W LNMXX M JU I . Wxf'YSmN'3? 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Suggestions in the Animas High School - Panther Yearbook (Animas, NM) collection:

Animas High School - Panther Yearbook (Animas, NM) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Page 1


Animas High School - Panther Yearbook (Animas, NM) online yearbook collection, 1955 Edition, Page 1


Animas High School - Panther Yearbook (Animas, NM) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


Animas High School - Panther Yearbook (Animas, NM) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Page 1


Animas High School - Panther Yearbook (Animas, NM) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 9

1957, pg 9

Animas High School - Panther Yearbook (Animas, NM) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Page 16

1957, pg 16

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