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Bill Abbott Brad Albright Marcie Alexander Shelly Allen Tonie Andrews Marie Araque Richard Ashcraft Trfcia Beechy Tom Beehler Matt Bidlack Julie Blair Chris Book Lori Boyd Tom Boyle Erika Brass Virginia Brock Jeff Bud James Bush Rodney Caldwell Michelle Chard Steve Chrysler Matt Chuch Steve Coons Jackie Crager Charles Crawford Don Croy Harvey Cunningham Ray Dailey Charlotte Dangler Nikki Davidson Stephanie Davis Cory Derbyshire Rick Devlin Van Dick Brian Dodge Mark Dornte Sheila Douglass Vince Dunham Jodi Eaton Bob Ellis Chuck Ehrlich Brent Ferguson Jodi Finch Wendy Foiand Maria Forbes Cathy Frey Brent Friend Jim Garner Vicki Goes Mary Lou Graber Bill Grant Stephanie Griffin Mike Grubb Irv Gulick Erica Hall Jamie Hall Staci Hanna Jamie Hansen Chuck Hantz Steve Hantz Kathy Harasim Nicole Hickman Jane Hicks Doug Holiday Ting Hsiao Steve Hull Brent Hurley Rick Hursell Paul Hyska Michelle Jobe Alan Johnson Kim Johnson Mike Jordan Joe Kaufman Floyd Keller Glen Kelly Linda Kim Derek Kozlowski Jill Leckner Steve Letke Kriste Light S-cott Lilley Jenny Link Dawn Loynes Mandy Mahnesmith Pat Monahan Thornton Mover Andy McNeal Brad Miller Missy Miner Michelle Mitman Beth Moore Stacey Moore Almie Murphy Mike Nler Amy Oberlin Mike Olson Alan Parker Chris Postoloff Jason Prosser Carla Ramey Shannon Reed Monty Richmond Bret Roberts Mike Rogers Matt Romine Chris Rowe Sherrie Rowe Ross Ruckel Wendy Rumsey Eric Ruselink Dee Dee Sanders Stephanie Sanderson Brad Saunders Katie Schannen Carol Scheffer Dodie Schenkel Susan Selman Jenny Shelton Mike Shephard Stacey Sherburne Jenny Snell Dennis Snyder David Sonner Tim Squier Danny Stetler Aaron Steuy Donn Stobierski Juliane Stobierski Tim Strong Ross Sumney Shelly Taraschke Lane Thomas Beth Thompson Brian Tuttle Rob Uetrecht Kristi Underwood Kim Usher Linda Vanauken Shannon Walston Scott Warstler Jeff Washbune Tanya Waters Michele Wilber Dawn WHIms Charlie Wilson Tina Winebrenner Don Wise Dawn Wolf Gina Wyatt Kim Wyatt Bill Abbott Brad Albright Marcie Alexander Shelly Allen Tonie Andrews Marie Araque Richard Ashcraft Tricia Beechy Tom Beehler Matt Bidlack Julie Blair Chris Book Lori Boyd Tom Boyle Erika Brass Virginia Brock Jeff Burd James Bush Rodney Caldwell Michelle Chard Steve Chrysler Matt Church Steve Coons Jackie Crager Charles Crawford Don Croy Harvey Cunningham Ray Dailey Charlotte Dangler NikkfDavidson-at A.H.S. Key 88 Angola High Angola, IN 46703Table Of Contents Misc. 8 Classic Seniors 18 Classy 32 Underclassmen Faculty 58 Academics Classy Clubs Classic Sports Classical Events Ads 72 97 146 161Mew Beginnings The beginning of the 1987-88 school year was indeed a time of confusion with a new principal, a new assistant principal, and a whole new set of standards; it was a great change. The first on our list of trials was the "new school" idea. As shown on the following page. Angola High was definitely looking for a new place to settle. Next was the parking lot dilemma. The students have always been assigned a certain number to park in and a few did not receive places, but due to a mishap in the 86-87 school year, we now have a first come first served rule. As you could imagine, it was a total chaos. However, after the first month or so things settled down, and we were off to another year of "Classical Events." And The Way It Was . . . The very first school building, a small log house, burned down in May of 1864. In December of 1864 a new school, known as the bee hive , was built, but it also burned in 1866. Classes were then being held in many different places until a new school was erected. In 1866 a new building was built and used until 1883 when it was torn down. During the years of 1866 through 1876 the school was known as the Angola Academy, then in 1876 it was changed to the Angola High School and has been ever since. In 1883 the school building was condemned unsafe and was torn down. Much of the material, such as the foundation, is used in the present building. In the years of 1883 and 84 classes were held in the court house until February of 1884. At that time the High School enrolled 88 students. The High School now standing has been in use for over 100 years. Over these many years the building has slowly been deteriorating, and now, the administrators have finally decided we need a new school building. This new building will soon be built near the Angola Middle School. When looking through this year book and thinking back into your memories you must remember that it all happened within these walls of the Angola High School.FOR SALE ANGOLA HIGH SCHOOL FULL BASEMENT LARGE HALLWAYS OVER 50 ROOMS 12 BATHS NO BEDROOMS PLENTY OF CLOSET SPACE FCJLL DINING ROOM GARAGE LIBRARY PRIVATE THEATRE HOME HEALTH UNITHarry W. Kelley Good Luck And Happy Retirement! This yearbook is dedicated to Mr. Harry W. Kelley in honor of his many years of service with the Angola School System. Over the last 28 years Mr. Kelley has been a coach, a teacher, an assistant principal, an athletic director, and a principal. After serving with the NEIAC as Secretary-Treasurer for 14 years, he was honored with a plaque to recognize his service. He was also recently presented the highest honor the Governor of the State of Indiana can present to a citizen, the “Sagamore of the Wabash Award." This is a great and well-deserved honor. Mr. Kelly retired from the Angola School System at the end of the 1987 school year. We appreciate his guiding all of us, faculty and students, through the years. Here's to you, Mr. Kelley! Thank you for your invaluable years of dedication that the Angola High School will never forget. From the class of 1988, "Happy Retirement and Good Luck. We hope you can finally get some time to yourself and to your family!” Hes a c uau, (( Seniors Brad Albright — Football 2 yrs., Y-Club 1 yr. Marcie Alexander — YClub 2 yrs. Michelle Allen — Volleyball 2 yrs., Basketball 1 yr., French Club 1 yr. Tonie Andrews — Volleyball 4 yrs., Track 1 yr., NHS 2 yrs., Y Club 4 yrs. Maria Araque — Tennis 4 yrs., Y-Club 2 yrs., Student Council 1 yr. Richard Ashcraft — FFA 1 yr. Tricia Beechy — Cheerleading 4 yrs., Tennis 3 yrs., Y Club 3 yrs., Pep Club 2 yrs., Mewspaper Staff 1 yr., Yearbook Staff 1 yr. Tom Beehler — Basketball 4 yrs., Cross Country 4 yrs.. Track 4 yrs., National Honor Society 2 yrs., Student Council 1 yr., Hoosier Boys State Rep. 1 yr. Matt Bidlack — Wrestling 1 yr., FFA 4 yrs. Lori Boyd — Basketball 2 yrs., Volleyball 2 yrs., National Honor Society 2 yrs.. Year Book Staff 1 yr. Tom Boyle — Wrestling 1 yr., Band 2 yrs. Erika Brass — Thespians 3 yrs., French Club yr., Guard 1 yr., Newspaper Staff 1 yr., (Swing) Choir 2 yrs., Choir 3 yrs. Virginia Brock — Band 2 yrs., Choir 2 yrs., FFA 4 yrs., Tennis 4 yrs., Pep Club 2 yrs. Jeff Burd — Baseball 1 yr.. Cross Country 2 yrs., Thespians 4 yrs. James Bush — Art Club 2 yrs., Thespians 1 yr. Rodney Caldwell — Basketkball 4 yrs., Baseball 2 yrs., Football 1 yr. Michelle Chard — Y-Club 2 yrs., French Club 4 yrs., Guard 1 yr. Mathew Church — Football 1 yr., Track 1 yr., Steve Coons — National Honor Society Jackie Crager — Track 4 yrs.. Band 4 yrs.. Pep Band 4 yrs., Spellbowl 2 yrs., Thespians 1 yr., Choir 1 yr., Y Club 1 yr., Student Council 3 yrs. Don Croy — Thespians 3 yrs.. Art Club 2 yrs., Yearbook 1 yr. Harvey Cunningham — NHS 2 yrs., Band 4 yrs., Pep Band 4 yrs. Stephanie Davis — Golf 2 yrs., Cross Country 1 yr., NHS 2 yrs., Y-Club 3 yrs.. French Club 3 yrs.. Student Council 3 yrs. Paul Davison — Cross Country 2 yrs., Golf 2 yrs., Y-Club 1 yr. Rick Devlin — Football 2 yrs. Sheila Douglass — Tennis 2 yrs.. Y-Club 4 yrs., Student Council 4 yrs.,, Band 2 yrs. Vince Dunham — Baseball 4 yrs., Football 2 yrs., Basketball 2 yrs., Y-Club 1 yr. Jodi Eaton — Guard 2 yrs., Tennis 1 yr. Chuck Ehrlich — Tennis 3 yrs., Base ball 2 yrs., French Club 4 yrs. Bob Ellis — Football 2 yrs., Wrestling 3 yrs. Brent Ferguson — Golf 3 yrs., Y-Club 1 yr. Jodi Finch — French Club 1 yr., Y-Club 1 yr., Choir 1 yr. Wendy Foland — Band 4 yrs.. Pep Band 4 yrs., French Club 1 yr. Maria Forbes — French Club 1 yr. Brent Friend — Basketball 4 yrs., National Honor Society 2 yrs., Y-Club 1 yr- James Garner — Band 4 yrs.. Baseball 1 yr., Golf 1 yr. Vicki Goes — Tennis 1 yr., Cheerlead ing 3 yrs., Thespians 1 yr., Yearbook 1 yr., National Honor Society 2 yrs. Mary L. Graber — Basketball 1 yr., French Club 1 yr. Stephanie Griffin — Y-Club 2 yrs., Band 1 yr., French Club 4 yrs., Newspaper 1 yr., Volleyball Manager 1 yr. Mike Grubb — Baseball 2 yrs.. Basketball 2 yrs., Football 1 yr. Staci Hanna — National Honor Society 1 yr. Jamie Hansen — Basketball 1 yr., Tennis 4 yrs., Golf 4 yrs., French Club 2 yrs.. Art Club 2 yrs., Student Council 1 yr. Chuck Hantz — FFA 4 yrs. Steve Hantz — Track 4 yrs.. Football 2 yrs. Kathy Harisim — Cheerleading 1 yr., Band 4 yrs., Pep Band 4 yrs., Choir 2 yrs., Swing Choir 3 yrs., Spellbowl 2 yrs. Nicki Hickman — Flag Corp 1 yr. Jane Hicks — Flag Corp 4 yrs., French Club 4 yrs., Y-Club 2 yrs.. Choir 1 yr. Doug Holiday — Football 4 yrs. Stephen Hull — Cross Country 4 yrs.. Track 3 yrs., Wrestling 1 yr.. Basketball Manager 2 yrs. Brent Hurley — Football 1 yr. Paul Hyska — Football 2 yrs. Michelle Jobe — Tennis 4 yrs., Student Council 4 yrs., Y-Club 2 yrs. National Honor Society Alan Johnson — Wrestling 2 yrs. Kim Johnson — Wrestlerette 3 yrs.. Pep Club 2 yrs., Track 1 yr., Tennis 1 yr., French Club 3 yrs., Choir 1 yr. Mike Jordan — Baseball 4 yrs. Floyd Keller — French Club 4 yrs., National Honor Society 2 yrs., Y-Club 2 yrs., Thespians Glen Kelly — Tennis 4 yrs., Golf 4 yrs., Basketball 2 yrs., Y-Club 1 yr. Linda Kim — French Club 4 yrs., NHS 2 yrs., Aced. Superbowl 1 yr., Speech Team 1 yr., Spellbowl 1 yr. Derek Kozlowski — Cross Country 3yrs.. Track 3 yrs., NHS 2 yrs.. Wrestling 1 yr. Jill Leckner — Basketball 4 yrs., Tennis 3 yrs., Cross Country 3 yrs., Volleyball 1 yr., Track 1 yr., National Honor Society Steve Letke — Golf 4 yrs., Football 1 yr.. National Honor Society Kristie Light — National Honor Society 2 yrs., French Club 3 yrs. Scott Lilly — Baseball 4 yrs.. Football 4 yrs. Dawn Loynes — Volleyball 1 yr., Wrest-lerette 3 yrs., NHS 2 yrs., Band 4 yrs. Mandy Mahnesmith — Cheerleading 3 yrs., Track 1 yr., Crosscountry 1 yr., Tennis 1 yr. Pat Manahan — Cross Country 4 yrs., Track 3 yrs., Band 1 yr., French Club 1 yr. Thornton Maver — French Club 4 yrs. Andy McNeal — Band 4 yrs., Thespians 4 yrs., French Club 3 yrs. Brenda Mitchell — Track 4 yrs., Y-Club 2 yrs. Michelle Mitman — Band 1 yr., French Club 3 yrs. Beth Moore — Foreign Language Club 1 yr- Amy Murphy — Marching and Pep Band 4 yrs., NHS 2 yrs.. Choir 3 yrs., Spellbowl 1 yr., Y-Club 2 yrs. Mike Nier — Wrestling 4 yrs. Amy Oberlin — French Club 2 yrs. Mike Olson — Tennis 2 yrs., Golf 1 yr., Basketball 1 yr. Alan Parker — Wrestling 3 yrs. Chris Postoloff — Tennis 3 yrs., Golf 2 yrs., NHS 2 yrs., Marching Band 4 yrs., Pep Band 2 yrs., French Club 4 yrs., Academic Superbowl 2 yrs. Jason Prosser — Basketball 2 yrs., Football 2 yrs., Golf 2 yrs., Y-Club 1 yr- Class Of 88 yr., Y-Club 4 yrs., French Club 4 yrs., L Wrestlerette 1 yr. Shannon Reed — Swing Choir 1 yr., Choir 1 yr., HOSA Club 1 yr. Bret Roberts — Thespians 2 yrs. Mike Rogers — Basketball 4 yrs., Golf 4 yrs., Football 1 yr. Matt Romine — Football 4 yrs., Baseball 1 yr., Basketball 2 yrs., Track 2 yrs. Sherrie Rowe — Guard 1 yr., French Club 2 yrs., Swing Choir 3 yrs. Ross Ruckel — Football 1 yr., Baseball 2 yrs., Basketball 1 yr. Wendy Rumsey — French Club 3 yrs., Basketball 4 yrs., Track 4 yrs., X-Country 1 yr., NHS 2 yrs, Spellbowl 1 yr., Academic Superbowl 1 yr. Eric Ruselink — Wrestling 3 yrs., Track 4 yrs.. Football 1 yr., Band 4 yrs. FFA 2 yrs., NHS 2 yrs., Thespians 1 yr. Dee Dee Sanders — Basketball 4 yrs., Volleyball 2 yrs., Track 2 yrs., Yearbook 1 yr., Superbowl 1 yr. Stephanie Sanderson — Yearbook 2 yrs., French Club 4 yrs., Spell Bowl 2 yrs.. Guard 1 yr. Brad Saunders — Tennis 4 yrs., Golf 4 yrs., NHS 2 yrs. Katie Schannon — Basketball 4 yrs., Cross Country 3 yrs., NHS 2 yrs. Carol Scheffer — French Club 3 yrs, Y-Club 1 yr., Yearbook 1 yr. Jenny Shelton — Choir 1 yr., Y-Club 1 yr- Mike Shepherd — Football 1 yr. Stacey Sherburne — Volleyball 2 yrs., French Club 1 yr., Y-Club 2 yrs., Yearbook 1 yr. Tim Squire — Marching Band 4 yrs., Pep Band 4 yrs., Concert Band 4 yrs. Aaron Steury — Basketball 4 yrs., French Club 1 yr. Juliane Stobierski — Y-Club 1 yr. Donn Stobierski — Baseball 1 yr., NHS 1 yr. Tim Strong — Baseball 1 yr., Basketball 1 yr.. Football 1 yr., Wrestling 1 yr. Shelly Taraschke — Yearbook 1 yr. Brian Tuttle — Tennis 2 yrs., FFA 4 yrs., Band 4 yrs., NHS 2 yrs., Y-Club 3 yrs., French Club 2 yrs. Rob Uetrecht — Golf 2 yrs., NHS 2 yrs., Y-Club 1 yr., Cross Country 4 yrs., Wrestling 1 yr., Track 2 yrs. Kristi Underwood — Y-Club 1 yr. Kim Usher — Thespians 4 yrs., Y-Club 1 yr., French Club 1 yr. Linda Van Auken — Tennis 4 yrs., Band 3 yrs.. Volleyball 2 yrs., FFA 4 yrs., Choir 3 yrs., Swing Choir 2 yrs.. Pep Band 3 yrs. Jeff Washburne — Football 4 yrs., Track 3 yrs., Baseball 1 yr., NHS 1 yr! Y-Club 2 yrs. Michele Wilber — Yearbook 1 yr. Charlie Wilson — Cross Country 4 yrs Track 4 yrs., French Club 1 yr. Don Wise — Tennis 3 yrs. Dawn Wolf — Thespians 2 yrs. FFA 1 yr- Gina Wyatt — Pep Club 2 yrs. Jennifer Snell — French Club 4 yrs., Y-Club 2 yrs., Flag Corp 1 yr. David Sonner — Basketball Manager 2 yrs. Carla Ramey — Yearbook 1 yr., Choir 1The Chubby Story Mike Rogers Listens while Sheila Douglass tells the latest gossip. Put A Happy On Wendy Rumsey flashes a smile for the camera. Ross Ruckel shows us his usual face while Rodney Caldwell remains shy. From slumber parties with rowdy friends to quiet moments with someone special, smiles are a way of expressing happiness. At Angola High, putting on a happy face is second nature.Tina Eddingfield, Shelly Roudebush, Heather Hamilton, Christian Moore, and Tanya Minnick show all white for the camera. Rob Uetrecht and Stephanie Davis smile at a picnic in California. Mandy Mahnesmith hugs her buddy Kelly Eberly in eighth grade. Amy Syler and Jackie Crager can even smile in the hot summer sun at band camp. As we have shown, anywhere and anytime, smiles are everywhere with Angola High School students.hours on end, dates, AIDS crises, poker parties at Brad Saunders, short sweaters, high top tennis shoes,"Dude Looks Like A Lady" by Aerosmith, Christmas decorating party (Juniors won), games, prom, the new 10 Minute Oil Change, "Just Say No" (to drugs) commercials, Birthday of the Constitution, Stock market crash, Reagan-Gorbechev conferences, The John Cougar Mellencamp or Kiss concerts, dollar night at the movies, or Michael Jackson — the way "he” was??? It was all part of the fun-filled year, "1988"!!! Isn’t That Special? TV SHOWS Cosby Show Growing Pains Moonlighting Alf Murder, She Wrote Cheers Favorites Pizza Hut Chicago Bears GUESS? Colored Reebok high tops George Michael Dirty Dancing Miami Vice Big Macs Are We Having Fun Yet??Tyler Steele and Pat Manahan are twins!! Middle right; Steve Letke walks in to another day of fun. Middle; Gina Caruso and Kelly Dilts are caught by the camera on the way to class. Every mans dream to be Conan the Barbarian is reality with Jim Chapman. Girls talk between classes. Sheet" at band camp last summer. Kim Amstutz giggles!!! Carol Scheffer is stunned by the cam- Tricia Beck and Er'cka Hall dis-era cuss the days plans. Good Morning says Jim Garner. Middle; Tina Emerick plays camera shy. Another Day Another At A.H.S.Linda J. Kim GPA 11.231 "Some once said that seniors are supposed to know ... I'm still waiting for college to see if I’m knowing the right things.” O e n Dedication and leadership best describe the Top Ten of ’88. They put long, hard hours into their work, while finding time for many other activities as well. Four years of dedication paid off and they ended at the top of their class. Congratulations and good luck in the future, Top Ten. Kathleen M. Harasim GPA 11.143 "I have always tried to aim high and reach my goals and get the most out of my life.” Christopher D. Postoloff GPA 10.875 "Future goals: graduating from, the renowned CJ of M, WORLD DOMINATION, and (extreme) affluence.” Staci J. Hanna GPA 10.692 “I have made many friends and have learned how to deal with the challenges of life.” Amy J. Murphy GPA 10.415 "Angola has given me a terrific background . . . The teachers really care and we thank them for that." Brad A. Saunders GPA 10.216 "Over the years I have tried to prepare myself as best as possible for college." Eric G. Ruselink GPA 9.738 "Girls play volleyball, boys play basketball, MEN wrestle." Brent A. Friend GPA 9.658 "Hoosier by birth, Boilermaker by the grace of God." James M. Garner, Jr. GPA 9.641 ”. . . I have learned that it takes hard work and determination to succeed." Brian D. Tuttle GPA 9.571 "I have learned how to have fun, get along with people, and work hard.” 17Etika Buu Stu tM, Coctu Cuitbphei Book Zityiiua Buck LoU Boyd. Jeff Bold MdSLeuJ Chuuk Do tt CuyCoxy Dexbyiluxe I Maxk Doxrie Naxvey CuMMixylam Cluvdotte Daxytex Senior Steve Hull works on improving his computer skills. Ray Dailey Nikki Davidlo an Dick Zixce DumJuu Rick Devi Rieka DouyiiiiSenior Pol 1 ’88 FUNNIEST WEIRDEST MOST GULLIBLE Jodi Eaton Brent Ferguson BEST PERSONALITY Sherrie Rowe Matt Church Susan Selman Thornton Maver Andy McNeal Don Croy Dawn Wolf Erica Brass CLASS BRAIN Chris Postoloff Linda Kim Amy Murphy Wendy Rumsey Brian Dodge CLASS CLOWN Aaron Steury Amy Oberlin Jodi Eaton Mike RogersStephen Hug Bu £ Hux ey Doug Holiday Ricky Huxieg Tina Hi uur Paul Hyiha POLL ’88 BEST DRESSED NEATEST CAR MOST SCHOOL SPIRIT Jeff Washburne Jane Hicks Vine Dunham Tonie Andrews Glen Kelly Charlotte Dangler CUTEST NOSE BEST ACTOR BEST ACTRESS Staci Hanna Jeff Burd Kim Usher Don Wise Seniors . . • MOST ABSENT MINDED LOUDEST QUIETEST Doug Holiday Erika Brass Sheila Douglass Cory Derbyshire Charlotte Dangler Jeff Washbume Ting Kai Hsiao Maria Forbes Katie Schannen Joe Kaufman NICEST BODY MOST SOUGHT AFTER BEST SMILE Mandy Mahnesmith Mike Shephard Jason Prosser Michelle Jobe Stephen Letke Vicki Goes Jamie Hansen JuudftK Link, Style Letke, I JKl Damn Loynei Ktiite, Liqlt ft; McmcLj Makneimlk Patkick, Manaka POLL ’88 CLASS FLIRT BEST ATHLETE JUNKIEST CAR Paul Hyska Shelly Tarashke Susan Selman Matt Romine Jackie Crager Cory Derbyshire Katie Schannen Mike Brown WILDEST PARTIER MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED MOST FUN TO BE WITH Jennifer Link Ross Ruckel Kathy Harasim Chris Postoloff Amy Murphy Tom Beehler Glen Kelly Jackie Crager Eric Ruselink  Seniors prepare for their morning classes. But RobeXU Milot Roqvd CUU RovJt £krnit RovJt £LaKJWH Reid Movtj Ri duxond Roman Malt Cada RoMtigWendy RiMtq Blad SaunJeU Caxol Seheffen Suian Seiaan Etie Ruietnk. Deoum Satuten Jennifer She ten Mike. Shepheed Doetie Seienkel Ron Ruekel Stephanie, Sandeno , Katie, SehannenJuAanj’ StobiMiki, Laxf Tlumai JtMAifm Duett Detoui Dm eln Da id DotutM Dtuuu Dtetten Ti ioQuf Strong (i AatoH StuMj Ron RuMMy Dome DtbbUxJde MitLtttt, TaWrJJce. Betk Tiumfim Embrace your buddy! seems to be the motto of Jeff Burd and Kim Usher.' Locker buddies ', seniors Jodie Finch and Brenda Mitchell VJaxJ K Qlauuw IVaNtb Jeff WailbuAxt Biiati Tirtife Robert Uetkedit Kurt Undewood Kuttbe ij Uilex The Senior Christmas sign, painted by various seniors.Tcuuja, WaJ xi IVtody H eA MiiAdi IViAe Po Wut Pawn, WJLl Senior Linda Kim. hidden by the hair, studies diligently, as usual.In ActionAlexander. Brian Allen. Dawn Amstutz. Kim Anderson. Shayne Arbuckle. Lynn Ayers. Rob Baldauf. Margaret Ball. Bradley Beck, Tricia Bergemeier. Cindy Bird. Bryan Blue. Sheree Book. Sheila Booth. Christa Bowling. Jacinda Boyce, Tammy Boyer. Chris Brewer. Erin Brewster. Tammy Bristle. John Bruner. Eric Budd. Angela Burrell. Steven Burroughs. Tanya Byrd. Kenny Caruso. Gina Cary. Robert Chapman. Jim Chard, Jeffrey Clark. Yvette Clawson. Jennifer Cole. Monica Coons. Lisa Dailey. John Deming. Ankhe Derbyshire. Tracy Dick. Doug Dilts. Kelly Dixon. Shelly Donaldson. Cheryl Dornte, CraigEberly. Kelly Edgar. Christy Ellison. Aimee Emerick, Kimberly Emerick, Tina Erwin. Darlene Ferrell, Chris Ferris. Rodney Fifer. Jody Follett. Gwen Forrester. Rose Franke. Brian Frazie. Tami Fritz. Katie Fuhrman. Penny Gajewski. Alan Garner. John Gauthier, Missi Geer, Robert Gibbeny. Bob Goes, Robert Gonya. John Graft, Amy Gramling. Barney Grayson. Rick Greenwood. Holly Guise. Michele Guthier, Troy Hall. Chris Hantz. Dianne Hantz, Ronnie Harger. James Hargrave. John Harter. Darcy Heckathorn, Lora Hile. Ted Hobbs. Mike Holsinger. Jason Homan. Jennifer Hoovei. Beth Howard. Mkheal Hsiao. Tina Hudnut. Sara Hull. SarahIckes, Troy Jobe. Eric Johnson. Erin Lones. Barry Jones. Joe Keegan. Keith Kennerk. Jodi Kimes. Yvette King. Eric Kirchen. Tarma Kline. Derek Knotek, Paula Koehlinger. Lyndra Kozlowski, Brook Krebs, Lance Kressley. Scott Kumar. Manish Kruger. Rick Kunce. Rhonda Larimore. Micah Lash. Mike Lehman. John Lehman. Kelly Lepley, Chad Ludington, Sara Lytle, Misty Mansfield. Katie Marker. Jeannie Marquart, Kimberly Mason. Jeremy McCarthy. Timothy McCoy. Zachary McKinley. Charles McKinley. Kari Meek. Brian Metzler, Kimberly Mitchell. Curt Mitman. Michael Morse. Wendy Mebur. Carrie Nusbaum. Deborah Juniors decorate their locker during the Christmas holidays.Patterson. Suzette Patterson. Todd Penick, Alicia Pemx, Kimberly Petre, Missy Popp. Michael Postoloff. Jennifer Presley. Craig Radabaugh, James Roemke. Andrea Roemke, Bob Rose. Grady Roudebush. Angelo Rupp. Cindy Ryan. Michael Sailors. Larry Saylor. Taryn Schnepf, Tom Schlegel. Chamberlea Schuringa, Jackie Schwarz. Leslie Sebring. Karen Seiss, Michele Shirley. Jill Shook, Stacey Shoup. Vicki Schultz. Morgan Shutt. Kristy Simon, Beth Smith. Marty Smith, Scott Snow, Phillip Spallinger, Lisa Stacer. Dominic St. Clair, Patty Steele. Tyler Stobierski. John Stock. Audrey Stoudinger, Jane Stowe. John Stroh. Tina Sturtz. Dan Sullivan, Donna Sutton. Cindy Swafford, Todd Swager, Shane Syler. Amanda Taylor, John Taylor. Shane Teegardin, Christina Teegardin. Stacy Thimlar. Todd Tom. Mark Voges, MelissaVotaw. Andy Walter. Steve Walters. Jonathan Weber. Wesley Wellbaum. Megan Weller. Julie Wieman, Joel Witmer. Christopher Wood. Maria Wray. Anita Wren. Chad York. Joe Zabst. Phillip n o Pictures Not Included Aspy, Dawn Bailey, Theresa Callahan, James Gardener, Doug Haudenshild, Kim Hively, Tina Lechleidnen, Alan Lugar, Frank Morse, Wendy Ohrn, Barb Quick, Jennifer Richardson, Robert Robbins, Jenny Ross, Julie Smith, AnneAbney. Chad Aldrich. Mart Andrews. Beth Andrews, Cathy Auman. Amber Begley Tonya Bennett. Tim Berndt. Daryl Berry. Lisa Brouwer. Ronald Buechley. Brian Burkett. Stephanie Burrell. Buffy Carpenter. Mickey Carson. Jessica Church. Mark Circosta, Nlc Claik, Angle Clark. Suzy Clark, Todd Clouse. Katie Cole. Michelle Cowell. Keith Crager, Michael Crawford. David Cunningham, Steven Curtis, Cyndi Davison. Johnny Kay Deming. Erin Dodge. Amy Dunham. Julie Dunlap. Angela Eddingfield. Tina Eddy, Joel Engle. Rodney Erman. Richard Etheridge, Charlene Evola, Christy Evola, Elise Evola, Gabrielle Fleming, AndyFritz. Jeremy Futhey. Kelli Gilliland. Amy Goes. Philip Goslee, Gretchen Gram liny. Katie Green. Laura Gribble. Debbi Gundy. John Haddix. Jessie Haldiman. Kimberlee Hall. Jeffrey Hall. Keith Hall. Scott Hall. Tara Hamilton, Heather Hanna Brad Hansbarger Joe Hansen. Kendall Harness. Melissa Harpenau, Darrin Harris. Michael Hensley. Cynthia Herbert. Craig Hill. Jenny Homan. Anne Hopson. Kevin Hornbrook. David Hullinger. Mark Hug, Jaajed Jarrell. Debbie Johnson. Kelly Johnson. Sean Jones. Jimmy Kelly. Brenda Kelly. Darin Kennedy. Amy King, Stacey Kline. Darby Knotek, Ryan Kolkman, Phillip Kramer. Jill Krebs. Kain Kressley. Todd Kriete, Susan e Kunce. James Lamb. Jennifer Lanning. JasonLarimore, Trlcla Lee. David Lehman. Michelle Link. Andy Lock. Matthew Mahnesmith, Missy Manahan. Kelly Marquardt. Phil Marten. David Marten. Kurt Martin. Tara Maver. Shelly McCormick. Angelia McDougle. Leah McKinley, Bob Meyer rose. Deanna Mikovic, Sandra Minnick. Tanya Moore. Kristin Morse. Patty Nagle. John Noll. Benay Noss. Dale O Connell, Tom Palermo. Jeffrey Parent, Michael Pinnington. Mona Perchan. Katie Phetteplace. Dena Poss. John Pristas. KimberelyProsser. Clint Pugh. Matt Quick. Brian Reade. Angela Reid. Chris Reynolds. Cassy o Romero. Diane Roudebush. Michele Ryan. Colleen Sapp. Shawn Sargent. Chad Schworm. Windy Sharp. Tom Shipped. Joel Smith, Amber Smith. Torey Snyder, Patty Spaulding, Tina Stavitzke. Bryan Surfus, Amy Taylor. Ramona Teegardin. Dee Dee Thimlar. Dawn Tubergen. Melanie Vanette. Jeff Wall. Marc Wall. Randy Walter, Angie Washbume, Paula Waters. Monty Weaver. BeckyPictures Not Included Book, Chris Burress, Ray Cleckner, Dennis Hall, Harold Hoemig, Tracey Maugherman, Steven Penland, Pamela Roemke, Matt Teegardin, Don Timpe, Jamey Wall, Kevin Weaver. Peggy Weber. Shelli Whitcomb. Shelle Williams. Alan Wilson. Jack Workman. Amy Wright. Trudy Wyatt. Chuck Yoder. Angie Young. MichealAbney. Darrell Adamsons. David Alleshouse. Chrisie Albright. Bryan Anderson. Brandyn Aplin. Kim Appelgate. Stacy Army. Matt Arney, Amy Arnold. Laurie Asher. Shannon Aspy. Clint Aumsbaugh. Michelle Barlett. Carie Beard. Scott Beattie. Jennette Beehler. Jon Behee, Anne Beltz. Jenny Bodle, Joe Book, Clint Boszor, Jennifer Boyce, Kim Boyer. Libby Brandt. Jason Brehm. Tracey Brown. David Brown. Jennifer Brown. Kayle Burk. Tara Carrick, Robin Chido. Cariann Clark. Amy Clark. Chad Clark. Christy Cleverly. Tabby Cole. Mike Cook, Cook, Steven David Brown stares lazily into space. Crist. Mark Crone. Angela Daler. Tom Davidson, Joe Davidson. Tim Derbyshire. Shannon Dewitr, Nicole Dodge. Christa Flliot. Louise Enyeart. Chad Evans. Chad Ferrell, Kellie Poland. Micah Fox. David Frey. Rick Frost. Lori Garner Michelle Hantz. Julie Hatton, Brian Haviland, Cody Hedges Mark Heller. David Hinkley. Shannon Houvener. Dorie Huffman. Laura Hull. Stephanie Huller, Ed Hurley. Bryce Jenkins. Mindy Jobe. Tanya Johnson. Brenda Gessinger. Scott Gill. George Gonya, Andy Guise. Sharia Hall, Dwight Hansen, Sarah Gowthrop. Krissie Greenamyer. Stacy Gronmger. HeidiJulian, Kevin Kaufman. Heather Keller. Matt Kemerly. Randy Kennerk. Janelle Kerner. Bill Kirk. Jeff Klink. Jennifer Kolkman. Janelle Knauer, Clint Knauss, Jason Knotek. Tammy Kramer. Chad Kugler. Josh Kunce. Renee Lanbert. I ori Lash. Tina Lehman, Mark Leonhardt. Laura Lewis. Shanna Lusk. Tom Litten. Marc Lytle. Kandi Mailand, Kara Marquart. Janette Marsh, Tracy Marshall. Jennifer Marten. Danny Martin. Craig McCarty. Angie McNeal. Cherry Menier. Stephanie Meredith. Traci Meyers, Melissa Micks. Travis Miller. Errin Millhoff, Anne Millhouse. Martha Moore. KimMusser, Melinda Nay. Andrea Neff. Randy Nelson. Chris Nester. Nancy Nisun. David Norton, Darlene Ordway. William Orten, Diana Parent. Jennifer Pollard. Chad Potts. Carla Preston. Danielle Preston. Nichole Price, Julie Reynolds, Eric Rhodehamel, Julie Riddle. Jamie Ritter. Brandy Ritter. Brett Rock. David Rodman. Jeremy Roebel. Rhonda Rumsey, Lorie Sailors, David Salzbrenner. Mindy Sanborn. Tammy Sapp. Valerie Scheffer. Jim Schible, Joseph Schuringa, Amy Schwarz, Tom Seeman. Jon Sheets. Dennis Shoup. Keith Shoup, Terrie Simon. Heather Simpson. Jennie Sitar. Steve Smothers. Jenny Smith. AaronSmith. Doug Smith. Kelly Smith. Rick Stacer. Jill St. Clair. Karen Stalker. Richard Sterling. Brenda Stock. Todd Stocker. Steven Stoy, Tina Stultz. Ted Sturges, Angie Sullivan, Frank Sweigart. Tait Syler, Amy Taylor. Jeri Taylor. Jody Tritch. Kim Tuttle. Jason Tyre. Eric VanWesten, Kerri VanAuken. April Vanette. Jason Vanwald. Shayna Varner. Melanie Wagner. Stephanie Walker. Brad Walker. Tiffany Warner. K.C. Weller. Ron White. Andre Wagner, Eve Wiggins, Susan Winchell. Keith Wise. Lisa Wood, mike Wray. Claudia Zimmer. Dawn Zintsmaster. MattThe class officers are elected by the student body. Each class has its jobs to do. The underclassmen raise money for their graduation, senior trip, and prom. The junior class officers focus on organizing the prom. The senior officers work on the senior trip and finally, graduation. Ashmen class officers (I to r): Matt Army. Amy Syler. Lori Rumsey, and Mr. Hammel. ClassOfficers o HORlfTS Senior Class Officers: (L to R) Mr. Fiandt, Brad Albright. Mr. Harter, and Wendy Rumsey. Charlotte Dangler not pictured.Tricia Beck — Model Tricia has recently joined LeRitz Modeling and Talent Agency. She has always enjoyed acting because she feels that it is just another form of dance. She dances 4 to 5 nights a week for 1 to 3 hours every night. In addition, she has been showing horses for 6 years. Scott Lilley — Freestyler Scott first became interested in freestyling about 3 years ago when he lived in New Jersey. In the American Freestyle Association’s competition, he placed 5th out of 17 riders in the 16-18 novice class. Diane Romero — Dancer Diane is a second year member of the Ft. Wayne Ballet Company. She has been attending the Ft. Wayne Ballet for 4 years. This past summer she participated in a 3 week program in Atlanta, GA and then attended another 3 week intensive session at the Ft. Wayne Ballet. Tanya Burroughs — Fashion Model Tanya has a talent that many people covet. She has done several television commercials for Ft. Wayne tv channels and many fashion shows as well. Also, she’s done promotion work for places such as: Channel 15, McJon Photo, WMEE-WQHK, Nobsons, and Ayres. Not only is this a valuable talent, but it could become a successful career. Barney Gramling — Steam Locomotive Engineer Barney has worked voluntarily with the Little River Railroad for 3 years now. He helps maintain the engine and cars for use by tourist riders during the summer.Rick Kruger — BMX Racer Rick started racing in 1982 at age 12 and has been racing competitively on the national level since 1984. Floyd Keller — Yodeler Floyd has appeared in many contests receiving first, second, and third places. He has been yo-deling now for eight years. Kathy Harasim — Musician Kathy has been in band for 7 years. She has played as first chair section leader for the flute section ever since she joined band. She has played several flute solos for the ISSMA solo and ensemble contests and has received a superior rating every year. She has also auditioned and made it into the All-State Band for 3 years. During her senior year, she sat as first chair flute and played solos with the All-State band. She plays the piano and sings with a group called Revelations, and accompanies various soloists on the piano for solo and ensemble contests. Even with her busy schedule, she manages to stay in the top of her class. Christa Booth — Showing Horses Christa has been showing horses for 10 years. In her first year in the Steuben County Fair she was awarded the Clean Pen Award. She also has won numerous ribbons and a plaque from Tri-State. Andy McNeal — Musician Andy is a very talented musician. His major areas of study are trumpet, french horn, and piano. He has been to solo and ensemble contests every year since Middle School and has received superior ratings on his performances. 53 Administration The new administration this year worked out great! Both the new principal. Mr. Bolinger. and the new vice-principal, Mr. Church, accomplished many goals and worked together to bring new activities and privileges to Angola High School. Underclassmen found new advisors very friendly and look forward to their leadership in the coming years. Dr. Skinner. Superintendent; Mr. Shock. Asst. Superintendent Mr. Bolinger. Principal Mr. Church. Vice Principal Mr. Harter. Athletic Director Bonnie Moor. Carol Schock, Judie SeverynsWendy Lane, special ed. student teacher takes a break between classes. The Special Education program a A.H.S. consisted of students who wen emotionally disturbed, mildly hand capped or who had learning disabilities The subject areas covered were Englis! 9, 10, and 11, math, government, histc ry, and economics. The learning disabi ities program offered the same option available to other A.H.S. students wit the exception of occupational classe Some students worked on an individu. basis while others worked in sms groups. Each student received instru tions that best accomodated his h mode of learning. (Top) rArs. Nappes ooks off into the wild bVue yonder. (Bottom) Tom usk studies n hopes of doinq we on an upcoming test.Special Ed Students who took special ed. English concentrated on the improvements of skills in the areas of spelling, writing techniques, and reading comprehension. Students who took special ed. Math courses studied multiplication, division, subtraction, addition, measurement, and time. Clockwise from top left: Special ed. aide. Chad Kramer, begins to prepare the students for the day. A student looks out into the world. Mrs. Wappes believes that a certain student isn't studying at all! Robert O’Brien is helped by the Special ed. aide. Special ed. students gained a working knowledge of science through a series of reading activities and experiments. (J.S. History, Government, and Economics were also offered in the special ed. department. These classes were taught on the same principles as the regular Social Studies classes offered to other students. Mr. Poor: Special Ed. Department Mr. Price: Special Ed. DepartmentVince Dunham voices his opinion in Speech class. Students listen carefully as Miss Kruse assigns their daily work. Reading Lab students busily work on their book reports. English Many English courses were offered during the year. In addition to the required English 9, 10, and 11 classes, several electives were available. College-bound students elected such classes as English Literature, American Literature, Composition I II, Speech, Drama, and Speed Reading. For the vocational or business-minded student, electives included Basic Reading, World Literature, and Business English. Students in Mrs. Owens' class work individually on their assignments.Foreign Language A group of freshmen smile for the yearbook cam- Don't you dare!!! Tammy Boyce visits the French room after hours, era. What do you think you're doing!?! Angola high School ottered two foreign languages: Spanish and French. Spanish students not only learned to speak and write the language, they also learned much about the Spanish culture. Many students also took advantage of the French courses. These students learned French grammar, built their conversational skills, and also studied world events and geography. Mrs. Cook: Comp. App., French l-V. Miss Meyers: Spanish MV Miss Krueckeberg: Eng. 9. French MlScience One of the most active at Angola High School, the Science department included a wide variety of classes ranging from the ever-popular biology to the more uncommon electronics courses. Biology students enjoyed dissecting, while chemistry classes were busy mixing chemicals, and electronics took part in circuit construction. The science department offered many learning experiences toward better technology for the future. (top — I) Mr. Snyder shows a student the finer points of a dead frog, (top — r) Suzy Clark and Scott Hall joke during biology, (bottom — I) Clint. Katie, Diane, and Ann are having fun dissecting a frog, (bottom — r) Jessica and Tanya are interrupted while studying. Mr. Snyder: Bio. II, Ecology. Mr. Hochstedler: P.E., Phys. Sci., Prac. Sci. Mr. Wright: Chern. I II, Astro., Electronics. Mr. Rodman: Bio. I II, Ecology. Mr. Roddy: Phys. Sci., Earth Sci.Agriculture Doug Smith diligently prepares a project for class. “Dawn and Dawn" finish up a sign for Agriculture class. if f 9.... ang “ M The agriculture classes at Angola High School did their share of activities this year. While FFA students were busy judging livestock and crops, the general ag class used their judging skills on soil, forestry, and crops. On the other hand, the agricultural management classes let their fingers do the walking on the computers and learned about such things as marketing, farm planning and taxes. Mr. Weller: Ag. dept. Social Studies The Social Studies department offered a wide range of courses for the 87-88 school year. G.S. History, government, and economics were required. Other Social Studies classes offered were: World Civilization, International Relations, Law Education, and Psychology.Business Jodi Finch gives her eyes a rest from reading, while Susan Selman takes a peek at the camera. Benay Noll watches as her work is printed out on Group study is popular in Mr. Vaughn's Business Math class, the computer. Angola High School offered many useful courses in the Business Department. These courses introduced students to the realities of the business world. Some of the most popular courses were Keyboarding, Accounting, and Computer Applications. Other courses offered were Introduction to Business, Business Math, Record Keeping, Shorthand, and Business Law. Mrs. Baker: Comp. Appl., Shorthand. Acct. and Data Proc.. Keyboards 3 6 4. Off. Proc. Mr. Thalls: Keyboard 1 2, Acct. I. Bus. Math. Mrs. Meyerrose: Data Proc., Act. Mr. Kanuer: Intro, to Bus., Rec. Keep.. Keyboard 1 2, Acct. I. Mr. Vaughn: Shorthand, Bus. Math. Bus. Mach., ICE, Keyboard 1 3.Math iammel demonstrates the right's and wrong's dthematics. Jamie Hall studies his mathematical homework. Mr. Dygert teaches his general math class what not to do Ik Ted Hile and Scott Smith listen attentively to Mr. Hammel. Students in Mr. Mofziger's class work on their daily lessons. Jennifer Postoloff and Katie Fritz discuss their analytic geometry. Every student was required to take at least two years of mathematics to graduate. Students who didn’t plan to further their education after high school had the opportunity to take the nonacademic math courses. Students who planned to attend college were encouraged to take advanced mathematical courses. Classes offered were General Math I II, Shop Math, Pre-Algebra, Algebra I II, Geometry, Trigonometry, Analytic Geometry, and Advanced Unified Math. yer: Geom., Gen. Math, Alg. II. Mr. f: Gen. Math. Alg. I II, Anal., Geom. is: Gen. Math, Bus. Math, Alg. I. Mr. Pre Alg., Alg. I, Geom. Mr. Dygert: £ Gen. Math.Building Trades v 4 (Top — I) A maze of ladders and boards as the building begins. (top — r) Three students prepare to build, build, build! (bottom — I) A group of students listen as Sniadecki explains the day’s courses, (bottom — r) The (almost) finished project. The building trades courses at A.H.S. offered its students the chance to learn some of the finer points in the art of carpentry. Students were taught skills in wiring, heating, and construction. Mr. Sniadecki: Bldg. T radesHOE Health Occupations Education is a cooperative education program where the student spends half of the school day in regular classes and the other half "on the job" at Cameron Hospital. The first six weeks are spent in orientation to health careers, basic nursing skills, and lab practice in the hospital. Class time instruction includes CPR certification, the learning of all the body functions, and human behavior. A senior interested in exploring a medical career should definitely consider applying for this class. Bedpans . . . Bandages HOE involves working in each part of the hospital. including maintenance! Mrs. Crimmins: HOE supervisor. Kristi Underwood worked for the child care center at Cameron Hospital. (Below) Katie Schannen poses for the camera in the X-ray department.Fine Art Mrs. Buchs organizes teaching materials for a future class. The Fine Arts department offered experimentation with a wide variety of mediums, techniques, and materials. Students worked on techniques in drawing, painting, sculpture, printmaking, and ceramics to name a few. The Fine Arts department offered a wide variety of classes from Basic Art 1 2 to advanced Art 1 2. Other classes offered were: commercial art, three dimensional design, senior art portfolio, crafts, painting, ceramics, and photography. Mrs. Buchs: Art and Photography. Ms. Roddy demonstrates painting techniques to an art class. Students work diligently to complete projects during a shop class. Industrial Art The Industrial Arts Department offered many practical courses. Safe, productive work habits, as well as hands on practical applications of math, sciences, and communication skills were learned in these courses. Drafting, Metals, Mechanics, and Woods classes were all offered by this department. Throughout the school year, students’ projects were displayed in the library and in the display cases in the gym. Mr. Reese: Drafting Woods Mr. Gentry: Woods P.E. Another day of working hard in woods class.P.E. Health Along with improving the physical condition of our bodies, P.E. also dealt with prevention and remedial care of athletic injuries. Also included in the P.E. department was a course of study emphasizing different kinds of substances which are abused in our society. In the health classes, topics of current interest were discussed and dealt with honestly and seriously. ••Which way did it go? Which way did it go?" Mrs Reidenharh- Girl's P.E an j Substance abuse Mr. Robinson: Boy's P.E. and Health Anne Behee deftly rounds the bases Julie Dunham catches some "rays" on a nice day during P.E. Swing that racket Angie McCormick!Home Ec. 1 Mrs. Neff is seen teaching another class. What is Tammy Brewster peeling, apples or toma- Not even home-ec students can get out of doing toes? dishes. The Home Economics department is not all what it used to be. It offers more than just cooking and sewing classes. Today students can participate in a wide spectrum of activities ranging from the world of work to the domestic environment. Besides the customary home-ec classes, there are at least 7 other kinds of subjects in this department. All of these classes are taught by Mrs. James and Mrs. Neff. "I wonder if Betty Crocker started out this way?" Matt Lock ponders the universal question during his foods class. "Are we having fun yet?" Mrs. Neff: Cons. mgt.. IntPer Rel., Foods MV, Clothing I II. Mrs. James: Child Parenting, Family Living, Ind. Living.Guidance Jim Fleming — Guidance Director Lydia Beehler — Guidance Counselor Phyllis Perry — Guidance Counselor Angola High School’s guidance department was quite busy the past year. The guidance department helped students in many ways. Students had the opportunity to discuss any problem they wished to with a guidance counselor. Students also could seek information about colleges and universities. Any student not interested in post graduation schooling could also inquire about other career options available to them. Secretaries Aides Rosie Reade — Office Secretary Phyllis Kennerk — Office Secretary Judy Jones — Guidance Secretary Shirley Etzler — A.D. Secretary Audrey Sullivan — Bookkeeper Kathy Harris — Librarian Tracy Boyer — librarian Aide Dani Parrish — Aide Jeanne Smith — Aide (C.C.) Hildred Antrup — Special Education Aide (Above left) M.S.D. of Steuben County's brave Bus Drivers — thanks for getting us to school on time! (Above right) Cafeteria workers — our compliments to the chefs! (Bottom) Maintenance — our Mr. (Ms.) FixitsSpeech Team ' ('oL.Mfr-- C. fr fl ft 0 10 fm-r C+f tft zrttih V i'»«A h tt-f r “I like Speech Team because it’s a good experience, it helps in classes, and I can express my emotions. It really gets things off my mind.” L — Peggy Weaver n “Being on the Speech Team means long days, but it’s worth it. It takes a lot of dedication, but anyone can do it.” — Jenny Lamb Thanks to Mrs. Cook, in her first year as sponsor, the Speech Team has a new look. She has judged three years prior to being the sponsor; she also has eight years theater experience. Speech categories ranged from poetry to humor and drama to radio. Members practiced individually from three to five times a week and also with Mrs. Cook twice a week. In a speech meet, a member competed three times, and those with the best scores went into the final round. Being on the Speech Team gave the members confidence in other classes and good practical experience in the art of communication. They’re 1 Chuck McKinely. Peggy Weaver, and Amber Auman practice their speech es after school in Mrs. Cook's room.National Honor Society This year was a very productive year for National Honor Society members. They found themselves busy doing several activities. Each year NHS participates in two fund raising events and this year was no exception. They held a Can-Can dance to raise food and money for the needy and a raffle for senior scholarships. Aside from this, each member was responsible for 15 hours of individual community service. Brent Friend looks impish as Donn Stobierski listens closely to Tuttle is saying. what Brian NHS Members — Ft. Row: Dawn Loynes, Staci Hanna. Kriste Light, Amy Murphy, Chris Postoloff, Steve Coons. Derek Kozlowski. 2nd Row: Darcy Harter. Jodi Kennerk, Katie Schannen. Michelle Jobe. Stephanie Davis. Kim Metzler. Alicia Penick. Bob Goes, Wes Weber. 3rd Row: Scott Smith. Nikki Davidson. Jill Leckner. Linda Kim. Lori Boyd. Amy Graft. Katie Fritz, Cheryl Donaldson, Craig Dornte. Top Row: Harvey Cunningham. Donn Stobierski, Rob (Jetrect. Brian Tuttle. Brent Friend. Dennis Snyder. Eric'Ruselink. and Sara Ludington. NHS President. Chris Postoloff. looks like he's a happy camper.“Sure .. Student Council The seniors show Christmas spirit by decorating for the Christmas contest. " says junior student council member Darcy Harter. Top Row: Holly Greenwood. Mr. Price. Tanya Burroughs. Kristy Shutt. Darcy Harter. Maria Araque. Michelle Jobe. Sheila Douglass. Jackie Grager. Susan Selman. Cindy Rupp, and Stephanie Davis Second Row: Julie Dunham. Beth Andrews. Lisa Berry. Shelli Weber, and Randy Wall. Bottom Row Jon Beehler. Jason Tuttle. Matt Zintsmaster. and Anne Beehee. This year was one of the busiest years ever for the student council. The first decision that they made as to purchase message boards for the school. Next, they arranged the queen contest, spirit week, and the dances after the games. Throughout the year, they stayed busy by sponsoring several different activities such as: candy grams, toys for tots, the Christmas decorating contest, carnation sales, a ski trip, a lip sync contest, and several other dances. In addition to all of this, they tried to better the school environment and to make school as much fun as possible!!Stephanie Davis skillfully places her pepperoni on a pizza at this year's pizza party sponsored by YClub. The Y Club headed off the year with a pizza party to encourage more people to join. It was a big success and the club had a record number of new members. The annual cookie dough sales raised enough money to sponsor our semi-formal “Fire Ice’ , which was also very successful. The Y Club was under the direction of Mr. Wright. 1 Julie Weller is seen taking Stacey Sherburne's cookie dough order.Y-Club members front row, left to right: Suzy Clark, Nikki Davidson, Jackie Crager, Melissa Voges, Christa Booth, Amanda Syler, Amy Syler, and Gina Caruso. Second row: Brian Tuttle, Stephanie Menier, Christa Dodge, Jane Hicks, Katie Gramling, Mindy Jenkins, Tiffany Walker, Andi Nay, Angie Dunlap. Angie Yoder. Third Row: Keith Shoup, Cuck McKinley, Eric Ruselink, Juliane Stobierski, Sheila Douglas, Michelle Jobe, Stephanie Davis, Maria Araque, Trudy Wright. Fourth Row: Mr. Wright, Glenn Kelly, Jason Prosser, Matt Zintsmaster, Clint Prosser, Travis Micks, and Davis Adamson. As shown below, this year’s Semi-Formal "Fire Ice" was a big success. Thank you Y-club for a good time!Phillip Cl. Morlock . . . Jeff Burd Hazel Morlock . . . Erika Brass Jessica Morlock . . . Cariann Chiado Mary Morlock . . . Kim Usher Mildred . . . Laura Green Miss Akers . . . Jill Kramer George Plew . . . Brian Quick Luigi Lanconi . . . Dawn Wolf Joe Lanconi . . . Matt Church Martha . . . Sherrie Rowe Lucifer Hired Man . . . Bob Cary Mrs. Schmaltz Hired Woman . . . Cheryl Donaldson Dr. Brown . . . Andy McNeal Mr. Black . . . Grady Rose Mrs. Frinck . . . Sandra McKovic Frieda . . . Anne Behee Directors . . . Lisa Bauer, Lyn Osborn Stage Manager . . . Colleen Ryan Scenery Props . . . Tara Hall, Rhonda Roebel Lights . . . Brian Adams, Steve Stocker Andy McNeal Costumes . . . Katie Clouse, Jeri Jo Taylor, Tina Lash Makeup . . . Shelley Maver, Jeri Jo Taylor, Angie Sturges 78 I Thespian Class Officers are: (clockwise from bottom) Laura Green, Bret Roberts, Colleen Ryan. Andy Me Neal. Erika Brass. As the pictures on this page show, a lot of hard work went into the spring musical, "You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown." The show opened on April 8th to a packed house — the largest crowd for an AHS play in five years. On Saturday night, a cast party was held at the Lake James Golf Club. Both Mrs. Osborn and Mrs. Bauer stated that this was one of the most cooperative and talented groups they had ever worked with. Cast Director — Lyn Osborn Assistant Director Choreographer — Lisa Bauer Charlie Brown — Matt Church Snoopy — Charlotte Dangler Lucy — Becky Weaver Patty — Amber Auman Linus — Laura Huffman . Schroeder — Grady Rose Shermie — Shayna Van Wald Frieda — Beth Hoover Pianist — Anne Behee Head Technician — Jack Wilson Lights — Rhonda Roebel, Chad Evans Sound — Brian QuickAbove left: Charlie (Matt Church) eyes up the red headed girl. Above right: Linus (Laura Huffman) does the soft shoe. Snoopy (Charlotte Dangler) shows off her tingly teeth and pounces off her dog house.French Club Officers ore (front row, L to R): Mrs. Cook, Sponsor, Melissa Voges, Jane Hicks; (back row. L to R): Floyd Keller, Chuck McKinley. President; Stephanie Sanderson, Wendy Rumsey, and Andy Me Neal. The French Club for the 1987-88 school year included: Chuck McKinley, Wendy Rumsey, Floyd Keller, Jane Hicks, Andy McNeal, Melissa Voges, Steph Sanderson, Cyndi Curtis, Angie Yoder, Kendall Hansen, Shelly Maver, Beth Andrews, Carla Ramey, Carol Sheffer, Sherrie Rowe, Lyndra Koehlinger, Beth Hoover, Christa Booth, Erika Brass, Becky Weaver, Peggy Weaver, Tracy Derbyshire, Darcy Harter, Amy Graft, Alicia Penick, Michelle Chard, Jennifer Snell, Stephanie Griffin, Nikki Davidson, Rhonda Roebel, Julie Hantz, Matt Keller, Sarah Hull, Andrea Roemke, Jenni Lamb, Deanna Myerrose, Amy Dodge, Anne Behee, John Gundy, Michelle Lehman, Christie Alle-shouse, Nicole DeWitt, Mike Hobbes, Bob Cary, Cassie Reynolds, Suzy Clark, Lorie Rumsey, Shana Guise, Stephanie Menier, Debbie Jarrell, Dawn Allen, Vicki Shoup, Maria Wood, Chris Teegardin, Angie Wattel, Jessie Haddix, Heidi Groninger, Traci Meredith, Julie Price, Shayne Anderson, Brian Dodge, Chris Postoloff, Carrie Nebur, Brian Tuttle, Kim Amstutz, Jason Lanning, Jennifer Clawson, Tarma Kirchen, Kymber Aplin, Thornton Maver, Chuck Ehrlich, Larry Sailors, Sandra Mikovic, Cheryl Donaldson, Sara Ludington, Nikki Preston, Janell Kolkman, Kerri Van Weston, Manish Kumar, Margaret Boldauf, Angie Budd, Tina Emerick, Kim Emerick, John Garnere, Mrs. Cook and Miss Krueckeberg. The year 1987-88 was a big year for the French Club. In October, they held the French breakfast at which they hosted as foreign exchange student from Brussles. To boost Christmas spirit, the French Club sold nativity calendars and tried to go caroling, but were disappointed by bad winter weather. In Ft. Wayne they ate a French dinner at Le Gourmet, and saw the play Le Petit Prince. French Club had a successful year once again! 82 French Club We bid au revoir to Madame Cook, a.k.a. Aladame La Bouche. The c ass of 1988 wishes you bonne chance in whatever the future holds.The Pep Club supports the Angola Hornet athletes. They support them with the banners which fill the walls and the signs that hang on their lockers. The club meets once a week after school. It is open to all individuals at all grade levels. We would like to thank the members of the Pep Club for the support they have given the athletes. Pictured above from top to bottom: Mrs. Penick (Leader), Stacey Teegardin (Pres.), Tina Emerick, Paula Knotek, Jenny Smathers, Katie Gramling (Vice Pres.), Maria Wood, Alicia Penick (Sec'y.), Angie Budd. Not Pictured: Dawn Allen, Vicki Shoup, Laura Rashley, Amy Dodge. Q oMRS. THOMAS IN ECUADOR by Jullane Stobierski Mrs. Thomas, an AHS English and Spanish teacher, took a trip to Quito, Ecuador in South America to visit her brother and his family. Because her brother's family is very wel 1 acquainted in Quito, Mrs. Thomas had the opportunity to meet some very friendly people. Some of her favorite places were the mountain areas, the Jungle, and, most of all, the seashore, which she said was beautiful. RUMOR HAS IT by Kelly Dilts Mr. Snyder’s classes are going to be eating worms! Tammy B. mutilates other basketball players when she plays against them. Brad must have been watching reruns of Opey and "The Andy Griffith Show” Shane was seen smiling at all the girls at McDon aids, but what was caught in his teeth? Santa Claus didn’t visit Mr. Olson this year. He was a bad boy! The 1987 88 STING staff included editors — Jill Kramer and Cheryl Donaldson and reporters — Julie Weller, Kelly Lehman. Kelly Dilts, Laura Rashley, Phil Zabst, Erika Brass, Stephanie Griffin, and Juliane .. Stobierski. Mr. Roddy s bowling scores are improving? The staff did a wonderful job bringing A.H.S. a year s worth of memorable newspapers. Darrel Still believes in Santa Claus! Jason and Steve are disappointed they aren’t Siamese twins.Spell Bowl Mrs. Cook. Jeremy Rodman. Amy Graft. Jackie Craeger. Jodi Kennerk. Kathy Harasim. Linda Kim. Stephanie Burkett. Chuck McKinley. Dodie Schenkel. Jim Garner. Erin Brewer. Darcy Harter. Tanya Burroughs. Wendy Rumsey. and Keith Shoup. Not pictured are coaches S. Meyerrose and S. Boyer, also Stephanie Sanderson. The spell bowl was under the direction of S. Meyerrose and S. Boyer. They had one meet in Columbia City and they hosted regionals here in our gym. The team did exceptionally well, but just missed winning because not enough students participated in the Columbia City meet. The team prepared for the meets by quizzing each other or by tests given by S. Meyerrose. Jodi Kennerk works diligently to spell a word.Is Mike Young serenading April Van Auken from his tractor? Top Row: Matt Bidlack, Chris Book, Dawn Thompson, April Van Auken, Jeff Chard, Jim Chapman. 2nd Row: Mark Hullinger, Phil Goes, Ted Stoltz, David Hornbrook, Ginny Brock. 3rd Row: Brian Tuttle, Eric Ruselink, John Nagle, Doug Smith, Mike Young. Bottom Row: Dawn Wolfe, Jason Holsinger, Katie Gramling, and Bill Ordway. “FFA is here to show students that there are more jobs than just city ones.” — Eric RuselinkFFA Officers Top Left: John Nagle — Secretary Mark Hullinger — Treasurer Eric Ruselink — Parlimentarian Ginny Brock — Vice President Bottom Left: Mike Young — Sentinel Brian Tuttle — President Katie Grambling — Reporter FFA (Future Farmers of America) is an organization for students interested in agriculture and other related fields. Angola has a very active and accomplished FFA chapter. Last fall 13 members traveled to Kansas City, Missouri, for the National FFA Convention. At the convention, they received a silver award in the National Chapter Contest. They have had a successful year and hope to have many more. Barney Gramlin stands on his tractor during FFA week. Mr. Weller and FFA members work together on projects.r t 1 Art Club Members 1st Row: (L TO R) Phil Marquardt, Jill Kramer, Cheryl Donaldson, Grady Rose. 2nd Row: Mike Parent, Shell Whitcomb, Jenny Brown, Mindy Salzbrenner. 3rd Row: Mrs. Buchs, Amanda Syler. Jacinda Bowling, Dawn Aspy and James Bush. Cheryl Donaldson demonstrates tie-dyeing. The Art Club s big event this year was their annual Art Shop for kids. This popular activity was held in February. Around 80 kids participated in mini workshops learning different arts and crafts. These varied from candlemaking, drawing, painting, tiedyeing, and silhouette making to darkroom photography and stenciling. Mrs. Buchs was this year’s sponsor and, as you can see she made it a super year. Libby Boyer helps tie a piece of cloth. They Had What It Took. Art Club members and children take a "time out” from their work.Chess Club Mr. Penick smirks as he makes his move. Mike Hobbs enjoys watching an intense chess game. Chess Club members must have very skillful minds; chess takes a lot of concentration. The members of the 88 team were: John Lehman, Phil Snow, Joel Wieman, Mike Hobbs, John Poss, John Taylor, Phil Zabst, and Coach Penix. The regionals were in Fort Wayne and there they competed against thirty of the best schools around. Caught by the camera. John Lehman seems to be having quite a fun time! Freshmen Cheerleaders (Clockwise from Left): Brandyn Anderson. Tina Stoy, Janelle Kennerk. Melissa Meyers Junior Varsity Cheerleaders (Left to Right): Kim Pristas. Benay Noll. Angela Dunlap. Cyndi Curtis. Peggy WeaverAngola High School would like to congratulate the players and coaches of Hornet athletics on a great year. Determination and dedication led the way to strong teams, surprising events, and exciting seasons. We extend our appreciative hand to the loyal supporting fans. Without their encouragement, our teams could not succeed. We thank the coaches for the hard work and hardship that gave the athletes an upper hand. But, most of all, we again congratulate the players. They are the purpose of athletics in Angola High School and they are the ones who gave their all. They are the Hornets and we are proud of their accomplishments.4 nt. no Vietc tWu Angola High School Girls varsity Volleyball (L to R): Back Row: Asst. Coach Barb Lamont, Taryn Saylor. Amy Kennedy, Lisa Coons, Amy Micheal Howard. Manager Shannon Derbyshire.Hwtnet: ftonnefa AN(¥) . 'fewe d Gilliland. Angie Clark. Erin Johnson. Coach Laurie Gentry. Kelly Eberly. Tracy Derbyshire Beth Hoover. Tonie Andrews. Jane Stoudinger. Angola Girls Junior Varsity Volleyball. Back Row (L to R): Asst. Coach Barb Lamont. Cathy Andrews. Becky Weaver. Lorie Rumsey, Tammy Brewster. Shayna Vanwald. Angie Voder. Amy Arney. Coach Laurie Gentry. Front Row (L to R): Katie Perchan. Trudy Wright. Stephanie Wagner. Julie Dunham. Angola Freshman Volleyball. Back Row (L to R): Asst. Coach Barb Lamont. Jill Stacer. Stephanie Wagner, Lorie Rumsy, Libby Boyer. Shayna Vanwald. Lori Lambert, Jenny Klink. Kara Mailand. Coach Laurie Gentry. Front Row (L to R): Kerri VanWesten. Brenda Johnson, Amy Arney, Karla Potts. Shana Guise. Nancy Nester. Anne Millhoff. A Tribute To The FansDavidson. Rob Cletrecht. Shawn Sapp. Josh Kugler. Jeff Burd, Brad Hanna, Joe Davidson. Randy Wall. 4th row: Coach Beckwith. Coach Poor. Charlie Wilson. Pat Manahan. Derek Kozlowski, Bryan Bird. Tom Beehler. Van Dick. Brian Alexander. Steve Hull. Asst. Coach BowmanIBS .».vf V' ♦ • ft Angola Varsity Football. (L to R) 1st row: Matt Church. Steve Hantz. Eric Ruselink. Scott Lilley. Vince Dunham. Cory Derbyshire. Matt Romine. Brad Albright. Jason Prosser. Mike Rogers. Steve Letke. Jeff Washburne. Doug Holiday. Coach Gentry. Coach Sliger. Nic Circosta. John Gundy Darby Kline. David Crawford. Rick Kruger. Darin Kelly. Scott Smith. Alan Gajewski. Jim Chapman. Mark Church. Coach Curtis Coach Roddy 108Coach Lorig. Jeff Palermo. Scott Hall. Bob Roemke. Mike Larimore, John Poss, Barry Jones. Lance Krebs. Ted Hile, Frank Lugar, Craig Dornte, Phil Zabst. Angola Freshman Football (L to R) 1st row: David Sailors, Mark Cowell, Chad Pollard, Eric Tyree, John Seaman, Clint Knauer Aaron Smith. Doug Smith, Jason Tuttle, Scott Beard, Andy Gonya, Travis Micks, K.C. Warner, Kevin Julian, Randy Neff Stephanie Menier, Mark Linton, David Adamson, Clint Book, Keith Wihchill, Mike Wood, Stacy Grenemeyer.Back Row (L to R) Brenda Johnson. Stephanie Wagner. Shayna VanWald, Janelle Kennerk, Libby Boyer, Jill Stacer. Coach Roddy Front Row (L to R) Heather Kaufman, Carrie VanWesten, Carrie Barlett. Cherry McNeal, Tonya Jobe Back Row (L to R) Coach Curtis, Brian Hatton. Travis Micks. David Saylors. Chad Pollard. Chad Kramer. Tait Sweigart. Brad Walker, David Heller. Tom Daler. Middle Row (L to R) Tim Davison (mgr.). Kevin Julian (mgr.). Mike Wood, Brett Ritter. Jason Tuttle, Keith Shoup, David Adamsons. Jon Beehler, Ron Weller (mgr ), Jason Vanette (mgr.). Front Row (L to R) Tina Stoy, Janelle Kennerk. Brandyn Anderson. Melissa Meyers. Back Row (L to R) Coach Reidenbach. Lorie Rumsey. Brenda Sterling Angie Clark. Tammy Brewster. Holly Greenwood. Coach Price, Front Row (L t Darcy Harter. Amy Arney. Jenny Hill. Shannon Derbyshire (mgr.). Amy enn dy. Julie Dunham, Missy Mahnesmith Back Row (L to R) Coach Nofziger, Chris Boyer. Scott Hall, Brian Quick. Nkk Stacer. Todd Stock. Matt Lock, Nic Circosta, Coach Poor. Middle Row (L to R) John Gundy (mgr.). Kain Krebs. Tim Bennet. Brad Ball. Doug Gardner. Randy Wall. Chuck McKinley (mgr.). Front Row (L to R) Benay Noll, Peggy We«ver Angela Dunlap, Cyndi Curtis, Kim Pristas 113 Boys Varsity Basketball Back Row (L to R): Scott Smith. Aaron Steury. Mike Rogers. Mike Grubb, Brent Friend. Lance Krebs. Rodney Caldwell. Chris Boyer. Tom Beehler. Middle Row: Bo Krebs. Chuck McKinley (Mgr.). John Gundy (Mgr.), Front Row: Amy Graft. Darcy Harter. Tanya Burroughs. Tricia Beechy. Erin Brewer. Charlotte Dangler.Girls Varsity Basketball (Left to Right): Coach Reidenbach. Tracy Derbyshire. Wendy Rumsey. Amy Gilliland. Jodi Kennerk, Susan Selman. Dee Dee Sanders Katie Schannen. Jill Leckner Kelly Eberly. Coach Price. Front: Shannon Derbyshire. Mot Pictured: Lisa CoonsGirls' track team (front row L to R): Valerie Sapp. Tracy Derbyshire. Heather Kaufman, Sarah Hull, Carie Barlett, Tricia Larimore. and Missy Mahnesmith. Second row: Cathy Andrews. Claudia Wray. Terri Shoup, Stephanie Hull, Darcy Harter. Jenny Hill. Amy Kennedy, Lisa Berry. Shelli Weber. Gretchen Goslee, Shannon Derbyshire. Back row: Coach Bauer. Katie Gramling. Shelle Whitcomb. Jennifer Brown. Christy Gothrop. Jenny Smathers. Shayna VanWald. Susan Selman. Wendy Rumsey. Lorie Rumsey. Jackie Crager. Brenda Mitchell, and Coach Gentry.Back Row: hie Circosta. Matt Church. Steve Walter. Jeff Washburne, Lance Krebs, Matt Lock. Craig Presley Steve Hantz. Bob Goes. Scott Warstler. Second Row: Matt Romine, David Sailors. David Heller. Tim Bennett. Derek Kozlowski, Tom Beehler. Phil Goes. Brad Hanna. Shawn Sapp. Front Row: Chuck McKinley, David Adamson. Jason Tuttle. Clint Knauer, Alar Gajewski. Mark Church, Van Dick. Steve Hull. Tim Davidson, and Cory Derbyshire. Angola Varsity Tennis Team (L to R) 1st row: Chuck Ehrlich. Jamie Hansen. Chris Postoloff. Maajed Huq, Eric Bruner. Bryan Buechley. Glen Kelly. Jon Beehler. Jeremy Rodman. Marc Wall, Eric Jobe. Brad Hanna, Curt Mitchell. Kain Krebs. Brad Saunders. Don Wise. Keith Shoup, Matt Zintsmaster. Coach Wright. Mike Popp. Brian Hatton. Mike Olson. Todd Stock. Chris Witmer, Tait Sweigart, Matt Armey. Derek Kline. Travis Micks. Coach Simons. Fr Row: Coach Simons. Maria Araque, Trudy Wright. Katie Perchan. Erin Brewer. Kim Metzler. Coach Wright. Back Row: l.inda VanAuken. Amv Graft. Beth Hoover. Jane Stoudinqer. Amanda Syler. Michelle Jobe. Jill Leckner. Fr Row: Cindy Hensley. Suzy Clark. Kendall Hansen. Melissa Harness. Kelly Eberly. Kristy Shutt, Stephanie Burkett. Paula Knotek Back Row: Coach Simons. Missi Petre. Amy Gilliland. Angie Dunlap. Sherri Blue. Alicia Penick. Jennifer Homan. Amber Auman. Beth Andrews, and Coach Wright. F r Row Mindy Jenkins. Stephanie Menier. April VanAuken. Laura Huffman. Tiffanie Walker. Cariann Chiado. Andi Nay. Anne Behee. Back Row: Coach Simons. Lisa Wise. Amy Syler. Tammy Knotek. Kayle Brown. Robin Carrick. Nancy Nester. Melanie Varner, and Coach Wright. —Angola Wrestling Back Row (L TO R): Coach Gentry. Mike Lash. Scott Kressley. Mike Nier, Todd Patterson. Clint Knauer. Derek Kline. Middle Row. Monty Waters. Jeff Chard. Darby Kline, Mark Church. Eric Ruselink. Front Row: Steve Hull. Todd Kressley. Tom Boyle. Shannon Asher. David Fox. Wrestlerettes: Dawn Allen. Valerie Sapp. Tina Lash, Cyndi Curtis (Mgr.). 126 Back Row (L TO R): Andy Votaw, Jeff Palermo. Scott Beard. Bob Ellis, Steve Walters. Coach Green. Middle Row: Jeremy Fritz. David Crawford, Jim Chapman. Rich Erman. Front Row: John Bristle. Darin Kelly. Alan Johnson, bhawn bapp. Wrestlerettes: Christa Booth (Mgr.). Christy Evola. Kim Metzler. Dawn Loynes. - 130 Fr. Row: Bob McKinley — Mgr., Chuck Ehrlich. Jamie Radabaugh. Vince Dunham. Darby Kline, Mike Jordan, Bryan Bird. Joe Jones. Scott Lilley. Brian Alexander. Back Row: Coach Reese. Ted Hile. Doug Gardner. Mike Grubb. Donn Stobierski. Chris Witmer, John Stobierski. Chris Boyer, Coach Dygert, CoachUJ ■ JV Baseball (Top row L to R): Coach Reese. Joel Shipped. Jody Fifer, Todd Stock. Jon Seeman. Andre White. Travis Micks, and Coach Olson. (Bottom row) Randy Wall, Rich Erman, David Nisun, Bob McKinley, Matt Armey. Marty Smith, and Jon Beehler.Angola Golf Bottom row (L to R): Mike Harris. Jack Wilson, Keith Winched. Bryan Buechley, Jamie Hansen, Don Wise. Chad Enyeart. Darin Kelly. Kain KrebsTop row (L to R): Coach Wenzel, Curt Mitchell. Andy Gonya. Steve Letke. James Garner. John Poss. Chad Evans. Mike Rogers. Brad Saunders, Glen Kelly.Hornets E tjweR Central r LakWartJ Hamilton Fremont r«v P Heights West Noble SECTIONAL Fremont IDekalfc nomcsu Dekalb OPP 75 N Nob Westview P Heights B.,Luers rti m uers Garrett Fremont — JN. Noble — Fairfield — Lakeland — Howe — Hamilton — Record 31-5 34 43 35 26 30 31 49 38 (Jirls Lross LOtjxuy Angola 15 22 !5 TF 15 Noble — Lakeland — Fremont — Eastside — Record 60 Angola Boys Tennis OPP Leo — Col. City j— Homestead — C Noble r W Noble — HORHETS 5 Carroll A l elI• -I nt — G. Noble 5 Westview FW. Snid. — Fa, ,SI - Dekalb — Lakeland — Howe —Golf Angola 193 165 158 152 158 327 327 4 327 ij 157 159 i JL FT •T Oi 19 Opponent 97 — East noble 162 — Snider 167 — Fremont 180 — 193 irrett st view 335 — Concordia 334 — Dekalb 338 — Fremont 170 — Leo 173 — Lakeland 201 — Hamilton Bov s Track Girl's Track 4 Angola 86 Opponent 40 Angola Opponent 73 54 44 74 107 20 54 62 114 13 73 45 73 45 74 43 132 108 108 ,K 110 16 73 45 81 46 40 78 130 70 93 25 109 18 87 82 31 36 no— 69 - 17 ■002 28 119 7 62 61 80 88 XL 80 36 Top Row (L to R): Bryan Bird. Maria Wood. Susan Kriete, Carrie Nebur, Cindy Sutton, Erika Brass. Kim Penix, Angela Budd, Kim Emerick. Vicki Shoup. Dawn Allen. Tina Emerick, Jane Hicks. Eric Ruselink. 2nd Row (L to R): Mark Cunningham. Harvey Cunningham. Darren Harpenau. Amy Syler. Brian Quick, Katie Gramling, Brian Dodge. Joe Schible, Randy Kemerly, Amy Murphy. Dawn Loynes, Kathy Harasim. Dawn Zimmer. Anne Behee, Cherry Me Neal. Steven Stocker. Keith Shoup. Brian Tuttle. 3rd Row (L to R): Mr. Moore. Maggie Brown. Mike Cole. Lisa Wise. Katie Fritz. Jamie Riddle. Tammy Knotek. Kim Haldiman. Andy Votaw. Stephanie Hull. Danielle Preston. Traci Meredith. Julie Price. Mike Mitman, Jack Wilson. Tracy Brehm. Michelle Garner. Ben Brian. Heidi Groninger. 1404th Row (L to R): Shelly Cope. Kymber Aplin, Nichole Preston. Tammy Sanborn. Christa Dodge. Wendy Foland, Chris Postoloff. Robin Carrick. Jessica Carson. Sheree Blue. John Garner. Brad Walker. Jim Garner. Sara Luddington. Kelly Johnson. Patty Snider. Amy Dodge. Colleen Ryan. Miss K.. Mr. Stokes. 5th Row (L to R): Ashlie Tyre. David Crawford. Holly Kearny. Amanda Syler. Tammy Schworm. Andy Fleming, Tina Lash. Tim Squier, Jackie Krager. Joel Eddy. Jenny Hill. Vicki Littlefield. Eric Reynolds. Micah Foland. April VanAuken, Tom Boyle. Darlene Erwin, Mark Hedges. Jenny Smathers. Tanya Meek. Jode Hicks. 6th Row (L to R): Drum Major: Andy McNeal and Drum Majorette: Angie McCormick. 141Above left: Senior. Jackie Crager. was seen taking a break after a performance. Above center: Andy McNeal and Angie McCormick accept their “Best Drum major award. Right: Girls in the percussion section are getting ready for another hard practice. In the 1987-88 marching season the band greatly improved. As you can see above, the band’s hard work paid off. A few of the awards they earned were ‘Best Drum Majors”, “Best Marching”, and second place trophies. The Marching Hornets went all the way to Regionals once again. They finished the year off with a smashing performance at their appreciation night.Pep Band And Guard Mrs. Dolly Tadsen was a wonderful person and a great help to everyone. She was a president of Band Parents and also a great help to the Marching Band. But most important she was a wife, mother, and friend. We would like to dedicate these few pages to the memory of Mrs. Tadsen. Chris Postoloff and Wendy Foland take a moment to remember their past years in band. Above: Pep Band takes a break between songs. Below: (L to R) Guard of ficers are Kim Penix, Tina Emerick, Jane Hicks. Dawn Allen. From The 60’s To The 80’s . . . Amanda Syler shows the grooviness of the 60s. Chuck McKinley as Mr. Hawaiian on Hawaiian day. Jennifer Postoloff thinks of Marty McFly as she dreams of going back to the future.Jill Leckner was crowned this years homecoming queen. She was escorted by Joe Harris, a graduate of Angola High. Jill was active in sports and many other activities throughout her high school years. Congratulations Jill!!Lorie Rumsey Amy Kennedy Tanya Jobe Homecoming Court: Front (I to r) — Cindy Rupp. Sara Hudnut, Back Tanya Jobe. Amy Gilliland. Amy Kennedy, and Lori Rumsey. Not pictured. Michele Jobe.A Night In Paradise This year’s Angola High School Jr. Sr. Prom was held on May 7, 1988, at the Potowatomi Inn. The theme was "A Night In Paradise,” and the inn was decorated with the colors black and gold. The after prom, held in the gym, was in the theme of a Carribean cruise. When the couples walked into the gym, they received play money that they gambled with in the casino. Other after prom festivities included dancing, eating at the buffet, a magician, an auction, and the giving away of prizes. The Senior class extends its thanks to the Junior class and Mr. Roddy for all the effort that they put into the prom. After weeks and weeks of planning and decorating, they made it a memorable, successful evening. Thanks Juniors, it was magnificent!After PromGraduation The Class of '88 together for the last time . .. Valedictorian Linda Kim speaks to the graduating class. VALEDICTORIAN: Linda Kim SALUTATORIAN: Kathy Harasim The long awaited event has arrived. All those years of studying and hard work have finally paid off. This day isn’t an ending, but a beginning of something new and different. Graduation is a time for tears of relief, hope, and sadness. We will miss our classmates as we go our separate ways. Congratulations Seniors!! We finally made it! The class of 1988 would like to wish the class of 1989 GOOD LCICK in their final year at AHS!!! CLASS MOTTO: We came together as strangers; But we leave eternal friends. CLASS SIZE: 161 CLASS FLOWER: Carnation CLASS COLORS: Purple Gold 158Graduates Chris Postoloff, Nikki Davidson. Steve Coons. Brenda Mitchell. Brian Tuttle, and Amy Murphy stand at attention as the others file in to their places. Even crutches couldn’t stop Rob Cle-trecht! We're proud of you Fergie!! Michelle and Jason await their turns to walk down the aisle. 159 Awards Night • • • ROTARY CLUB SCHOLARSHIPS ANGOLA CLASSROOM TEACHERS ASSOC. Tom Beehler SCHOLARSHIPS Kathy Harasim Tom Beehler Linda Kim Brian Tuttle Wendy Rumsey NOBLE ROMANS’S SCHOLARSHIPS ROTARY CLUB VOCATIONAL Dennis Snyder SCHOLARSHIPS Kathryn Schannen Wendy Foland Dawn Loynes Carla Ramey SUPERIOR AUTO SCHOLARSHIP AMERICAN LEGION CITIZENSHIP Thorton Maver AWARDS Eric Ruselink BEUERMANN-MARSHALL CORP. Wendy Rumsey SCHOLARSHIP Scott Lilley HUGH O’BRIAN LEADERSHIP AWARD Jonh Nagle GERALD SEAGLY MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIPS I.O.O.F. UNITED NATIONS AWARD Victoria Goes Kim Metzler Vince Dunham Brent Friend ART CLUB AWARD Chris Postoloff Jamie Hansen Linda VanAuken SYLVIA E. JACKSON MEMORIAL DELTA KAPPA GAMMA SOCIETY SCHOLARSHIPS SCHOLARSHIP Lori Boyd Brian Tuttle Michelle Chard NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY ANGOLA LIONS CLUB SCHOLARSHIP SCHOLARSHIPS Harvey Cunningham Brian Tuttle Tom Beehler TRI KAPPA SORORITY SCHOLARSHIPS Chris Postoloff Tom Beehler Amy Murphy HOOSIER SCHOLARS Kathy Harasim ANGOLA KIWANIS CLUB SCHOLARSHIP Chris Postoloff Scott Lilley ACADEMIC SCHOLARSHIPS TOM SIMONS MEMORIAL SCHOLARSHIP Jill Leckner Steve Hantz Nicole Davidson DeeDee Sanders LAND OF LAKES LIONS CLUB Amy Murphy SCHOLARSHIPS Jason Prosser Brian Tuttle Presidential Academic Fitness Awards . Linda Kim, Kathy Harasim, Chris Postoloff, Staci Hanna, Amy Murphy, Brad Saunders, Eric Ruselink, Brent Friend, James Garner, Brian Tuttle, Steven Coons, Floyd Keller, Jill Leckner, Vicki Goes, Wendy Rumsey, Tom Beehler, Donn Stobierski, Nicole Davidson. 160 SUTTON’S SUPER VALU SUTTON’S SUPER VALU St. Road 127 N. Country Fair Shopping Center Ph. 665-7511 “For All Your Shopping Needs” Open 24 Hrs. Video Rental Film ProcessingSHARP swintec. co«»oiuriON MARVIN ALDRICH lUJr. . Dnftapn I- (M Q Congratulations Seniors Telephone 116 E. Henry St. (219) 665-9716 Angola •3 D D BUSINESS MACHINES Sales Service Jim Derovin, Owner 612 N. Wayne 665-2346 Angola 24 Hr. Service )V- DO IT YOURSELF- , We’ll help! A] Electrical Hardware Tools Sporting Goods Boating Accessories • Toys • Lawn Care Products • Power Equipment • Housewares • Automotive 163Fashions For The Girl Who Knows The Difference. THE VILLAGE II Give Yourself A Break . . . Try It On!! "Our Reputation Rides With You Moyer Spring Company 1311 Wohlert Street Angola, IN 46703 Precision Spring Makers Phone: (219) 665-3174 Specializing In Custom Made Desserts BASKIN (SI) ROBBINS Open Daily At 305 N. Wayne St. 11:00 AM Ph. 665-6667— BOOSTERS Krebs, Putnam, and Waite Congratulations to Seniors! Karen Grandia McCool’s Tavern Inc. Dr. Galen Williams Mike and Norma Emerick Bill and Lorene Penick Mr. and Mrs. Gary Sanders Ron and Barb Scheffer Mr. and Mrs. Len Letke Bill and Mary Jo Brewer Mr. and Mrs. Rex Bolinger Mr. and Mrs. Adrian Thalls Mr. and Mrs. Hugh A. Voges Ron and Alicia Clouse Mr. and Mrs. Roger Knauer Mr. and Mrs. Frank Wood The Towne House Bob and Janet Goes Dr. Eberhart and Dr. Catey, Veterinarians CAMERON TREATMENT CENTER CAMERON MEMORIAL COMMUNITY HOSPITAL Angola. IN 319-6650141 Whore Recovery Hegins With l ove Alcohol And Drug Dependence Treatment Adult Inpatient Hospital Setting Intensive Family Treatment A.A. and Al ANON Oriented Multidisciplinary Staff Intervention Services I .A.I . Services Community Inservices Active Alumni Association Canon' TIMOTHY J. SICULA ANGOLA OFFICE SUPPLY Specialists in Canon Office Machines 800 N. Wayne St. 219 665-8416 Angola, IN 46703 Radio Shack DEALER Country Fair Shopping Center Angola, IN Telephone: 665-7101For Men Women Color Analysis Exceptional Hair Stylists The Fines: Color Artists Fabulous Facials Make up Consultants Pampered Pedicures Sun-Tanning Bed (219) 665 2674 C.A. NEDELE SONS i 107 W. Maumee Angola, IN 46703 665-2463 PATRON ADS The Hatchery Hacketts Picture Perfect Bradley Tire Service H R Block Hair Hut Triton Converting Company Van’s TV and Appliances Angola Veterianary Clinic Video One Dr. Larry Watkins Van Wagners Tuttle’s Jewelrymm ■a 4 Dairy Queen ANGOLA DAIRY QUEEN 1825 N. Wayne St. Ph. 665-3249 AMGOLA BOWL 2305 N. Wayne Ph. 665-9312 JERRY’S MARATHON 414 W. Maumee Ph. 665-2646 “3row Picks to Pianos ItldhniB Your One Stop Family Music Center 1401 N. Wayne Angola 665-5506 COMING ATTRACTIONS VIDEO. • Movie Rental • Video Recorders • Financing Available 665-3560 7-Days A Week 1401 N. Wayne The Management And Sales Of L.G. MAXTON SALES, INC. Wish To Say: Congratulations To The Members Of The Class Of ’88 Cheverolet, Oldsmobile Cadillac And Chevy Trucks Serving The Graduates Of A.H.S. For 53 Yrs.Good Luck Class of ’88 LAKELAND ELECTRONICS SUPPLY CENTURY 21 salutes the best of our hometown. We'd like to extend our special congratulations to the graduating Seniors of Angola High School. As your friends and neighbors, we are Droud to support the Class of 1988. Put Number 1 To Work For You. PENGUIN POINT WINNER NASHVILLE TRIP MICHAEL WALTERSa SZKOCKS Public Square Angola Finest For Men's Dress Or Casual Wear CJMSKOM MSMOKJM eoMMumzy 34-Hour Staffing of Emergency Rooms by Physicians Alcohol Drug Rehabilitation Program Hospice and Home Health Care GTTTlQ Hospital added security ... for all of us 416 E. Maumee. Angola. IN 46703 (319) 665-3141 I T McDonald's u U® 100 Growth Pkwy. - Suite B Angola. Indiana 46703 Telephone (219) 665-7699 European Tanning System By ‘Sun WolfNORTH WAYNE AUTO Tnorth [ V-AYHE AUTOS INC. f!- [RTS CARS I 1985 S10 4X4 S9695 We Buy And Sell Good Used Cars 127 N. Wayne Angola, IN Ph. 665-3339 Bernie Rickman Salesman DOG HOUSE 112 W. Maumee St. Angola, IN 665-3922 MEMHCH or THU SC ARS FINANCIAL Ni: I WORK BANKER □ FIRST REALTY 402 N. Wayne Angola. IN Ph. 6653171 VFor You And Your Hair THE HAIR CENTER 115 W. Maumee Angola IN 219 665-3281 Barber And Beauty Shop For The Entire Family After The Game Or Anytime Stop In At TOM'S DONUTS For The Perfect Snack "Baked Fresh Daily" nvrs mm rs Made The Old Fashioned Way At: S07 N. Wayne. Angola Open 24 Hours Fort Wayne (3 Locations) Kendallville North Manchester Auburn Lk. James (Seasonally) Allen N. Wheat Allen R. Stout Dan L. Williams WHEAT STOUT ATTORNEYS AT LAW Ph (219) 665-5717 118 W. Maumee Angola IN Terry Vanette. Agent Steve Foley. Agent Jeff Millhoff. Agent Matt Clank. Agent Mike Sellers. Agent Rita Stackhouse. Sec. Rose Burlinggame. Sec. Nila Courtnight, Sec. Sue Alford. Sec. Joseph Tanner. Agency Mgr. Ph 665-3149CARUSO’S CR 200 West Furniture —beooing ..... [waYSIDE] FURNITURE BEDDING AND CARPET SALES AND SERVICE 1 Mile North On U S. 127 Rural Route 2. Box 783 ANGOLA IN 46703 833-2617 219-665-3121 .)uiiiuitntnr .nmyi'zaicumat ■i SSSB™ Terry Sc Dara Archbold Rt. 5. BOX 1240 CR 200W 8c 1-69 Angola, Indiana 46703 Complete Service Mariner Mercury Mercruiser Baja Blue Fin Boat Sales Ph. 833-2492 Mfi Ifdofti jazzercise It's a high-energy, (otal fitness program designed with you In mind. □ No contract to sign ... pay monthly or per class □ Join anytime □ All ages welcome ... all levels of fitness can participate. Easy to follow routines allow you to work at your own pace. □ Fitness that's fun .. .Jazzdance-based routines are continuously updated to your favorite music. □ Taught by carefully trained, certified Jazzerclse Instructors Ads 176’flkwcP' - FLORIST ifllli- 303 S. Euclid St. Angola, IN 46703 (219) 665-5061 Compliments Of SMITH’S CLOTHING STORES On The Mound Downtown Angola JACOB INSURANCE Ph (219) 665-2866 Congratulations Seniors! 177Service Sales c? R 5 Box 1180 Angola, IN 46703[pcdgf] Dunham Motor Sales, Inc. {5 ESZE3 SALES SERVICE Body Shop Free Estimates Dodge Chrysler Plymouth Dodge Trucks Used Cars Trucks Phone: 665-2125 Shadow ES 2-Door Congratulations Class Of '88 STELLHORN ONE HOUR PHOTO Specializing In Custom Processing Photographic Of All Your Heeds 1015 N. Wayne Angola 665-6964 BECK BUELL REALTY 307 N. Wayne 665-3151 Your Professional Service Sporting Supply Dealer We carry: •Hunting Clothing •Guns Ammo •Bait •Tackle •Propone •Ice •Pop Clark’s Hoosier Outdoor Sports Supply (219) 665-5129 Corner of 1OON 200W, AngoloWe Do Chicken Thomas S. Danford CPA Dale Q. Smith CPA SMITH DANFORD Certified Public Accountants (219) 665-5784 ANGOLA LUMBER CO Incorporated Boards And Things Ph: 665-3125 Angola, IN KENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN 6IS N. 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WILLIAM 18 ABNEY. CHAD 39 ABNEY. DARRELL ABNEY. DAVID 44. 77, 113 ADAMS. BRIAN 34 ADAMSON. DAVID 112, 119 ADKINS. CHRISTY 44 ALBRIGHT. BRAD 18. 108 ALBRIGHT. BRYAN 44 ALDRICH. MART 39 ALEXANDER. BRIAN 34. 104, 130 ALEXANDER. MARCIE 18 ALLEN. DAWN 34. 126. 144 ALLEN. MICHELE 18 ALLESHOUSE, CHRISIE 44 AMSTUTZ, KIM 14. 34 ANDERSON. BRANDYN 44. 96. 113 ANDERSON. SHAYNE 34 ANDREWS. BETH 14. 39. 80. 81. 123 ANDREWS. CATHY 39. 102, lift ANDREWS. TONIE 18. 98 APLIN, KIM 44 APPELGATE, STACY 44 ARAQCJE, MARIA 18. 75. 77. 123 ARBCJCKLE, LYNN 34 ARMEY. MATT 44. 51. 122, 131 ARNEY. AMY 44. 102, 113 ARNOLD. LAURIE 44. 70 ASHCRAFT. RICHARD 18 ASHER. SHANNON 44. 126 ASPY. CLINT 44 AUMAN, AMBER 39. 73. 80. 81. 123 AUMSBAUGH, MICHELLE 44 AYERS. ROB 34. 199 -B- botedota BALDAUF. MARGARET 34 BALL. BRADLEY 34. 113 BARLETT, CARIE 44. 104, 113, 118 BEARD. SCOTT 44. 112. 127 BEATTIE. JENNETTE 44 BECK. TRICIA 15. 34. 52. 56. 199 BEECHY. TRICIA 18. 93. 114. 150 BEEHLER. JON 44. 75. 113, 122, 131 BEEHLER. TOM 18. 93. 114, 150 BEGLEY. TONYA 39. 62 BEHEE. ANNE 44. 75. 123. 151 BELTZ. JENNY 44 BENNETT. TIM 39. 113, 119 BERGEMIER. CINDY 34 BERRY. LISA 39. 75. 104. 118 BIDLACK. MATT 18. 86 BIRD. BRYAN 34. 123 BODLE. JOE 44 BOOK. CHRISTOPHER 19. 86 BOOK. CLINT 44. 112 BOOK. SHEILA 34 BOOTH. CHRISTA 34. 53. 77, 127 BOSZOR. JENNIFER 44 BOWLING. JACINDA 34. 55. 88 BOYCE. KIM 44 BOYCE, TAMMY 34 BOYD. LORI 10. 19. 54. 74, 155, 190, 192, 200 BOYER. CHRIS 34. 113, 114. 130 BOYER. LIBBY 44. 89. 102, 113 BOYLE. THOMAS 19, 126 BRANDT. JASON 44 BRASS. ERIKA 19. 78. 79. 80 BREHN, TRACEY 44 BREWER. ERIN 10. 34. 85. 93, 114, 118. 150. 155 BREWSTER. TAMMY 34. 70. 102, 113 BRISTLE. JOHN 34. 127 BROCK. VIRGINIA 19, 85. 87 BROUWER. RONALD 39 BROWN, DAVID 44 BROWN. JENNIFER 44. 88. 118 BROWN. KAYLE 44. 123 BRUNER. ERIC 34. 122 BUDD. ANGELA 34. 82 BUECHLEY. BRYAN 39. 122, 124 BURD. JEFF 19. 29. 60. 78, 79. 104 BURK. TARA 44 BURKETT. STEPHANIE 39. 85. 123 BURRELL. BUFFY 39 BURRELL. STEVEN 34 BURROUGHS. TANYA 10. 34. 85. 75. 92. 114. 150. 155 BUSH. JAMES 19. 88 BYRD. KENNY 34 confined GLOSSARY (gfal • v • w) 1. A pfaCA tv find ujkm off Via cfaUiA peopfe, cm CALDWELL. ROD 10. 19. 55. 70. 114. 191 CARPENTER. MICKEY 39 CARRICK, ROBIN 44. 123 CARSON. JESSICA 39. 62 CARUSO. GINA 14. 34. 77 CARY. ROBERT 34. 79 CHAPMAN. JIM 14. 34. 86. 108. 127 CHARD. JEFFREY 34. 66. 126 CHARD, MICHELLE 19 CHIADO. CARIANN 44. 123 CHRYSLER. STEVE 19 CHURCH. MARK 30. 39. 108. 124 CHURCH. MATTHEW 19. 54. 78. 79. 80. 81. 108. 192. 193 CIRCOSTA. NIC 39. 108. 113, 119 CLARK. AMY 44 CLARK. ANGIE 39. 98. 113 CLARK. CHAD 44 CLARK. CHRISTY 44 CLARK. SUZY 39, 62. 77. 123 CLARK. TODD 39 CLARK. YVETTE 34 CLAWSON. JENNIFER 34 CLEVERLY, TABBY 44 CLOUSE, KATHLEEN 39 COLE. MICHELLE 39 COLE. MIKE 44 COLE. MONICA 34. 195 COOK. DENISE 44 COOK. STEVEN 44 COONS. LISA 34. 98 COONS. STEVEN 19. 74 COWELL. KEITH 39 COWELL. MARK 44. 112 CRAGER. JACKIE 11. 19. 60. 75. 77. 85. 118, 143 CRAGER. MICHAEL 39 CRAWFORD. CHARLES 19 CRAWFORD. DAVID 39. 108. 127 CRIST. MARK 45 CRONE, ANGELA 45 CROY. DON 19. 200 CUNNINGHAM. HARVEY 20. 74 CUNNINGHAM. STEVEN 39 CURTIS. CYNDI 39. 96. 113, 126 -D- DAILEY. JOHN 34 DAILEY. RAY 20 DALER. TOM 45. 113 DANGLER. CHARLOTTE 20, 80. 81. 92. 114, 147, 150. 151 DAVIDSON. JOE 45. 104 DAVIDSON. NIKKI 20. 74. 77 DAVIDSON. TIM 45. 104. 113, 119 DAVIS. STEPHANIE 11. 20. 74. 74. 76. 77. 104 DAVISON. JOHNNY KAY 39 DAVISON. PAUL 54 DEMING, ANKHE 34 DEMING, ERIN 39 DEPUE, MICHELLE DERBYSHIRE. CORY 20. 108. 118 DERBYSHIRE. SHANNON 45, 113. 115, 110 DERBYSHIRE, TRACY 34, 98. 115, 118 DEVLIN. RICK 20 DEWITT. NICOLE 45 DICK. DOUG 34 DICK. VAN 20, 54. 104. 113 DILTS, KELLY 14. 34 DIXON. SHELLY 34. 66 DODGE. AMY 39 DODGE. BRIAN 20. 198 DODGE. CHRISTA 45. 77DONALDSON, CHERYL 34. 74, 79. 88. 89 DORNTE, CRAIG 34. 74, 108 DORNTE, MARK 20 DOUGLASS. SHEILA 10. 20, 75, 77. 147 DUNHAM. JULIE 39, 75, 102, 113 DUNHAM. VINCE 20. 70, 108, 130, 147, 151. 192 DUNLAP. ANGELA 39, 77, 96, 113, 123 -E- exaud EATON, JODI 21 EBERLY, KELLY 11, 35, 98. 115, 123, 199, 200 EDDINGFIELD, TINA 11, 39 EDDY. JOEL 39. 141 EDGAR. CHRISTY 35 EHRLICH, CHARLES 122, 130, 193 ELLIOTT, LOUISE 45 ELLIS. BOB 21, 127 ELLISON. AIMEE 35 EMERICK, KIMBERLY 35 EMERICK, TINA 15. 35, 83, 144, 200 ENGLE, RODNEY 39 ENYEART, CHAD 45. 134 ERMAN, RICHARD 39. 127 ERWIN, DARLENE 35 ETHERIDGE, CHARLENE 39 EVANS. CHAD 45 EVOLA. CHRISTY 39. 127 EVOLA. ELISE 39 EVOLA, GABRIELLE 39 FERGUSON, BRENT 21, 159 FERRELL, CHRIS 35 FERRELL, KELLIE 45 FERRISS. RODNFY 35 FIFER, JODY 35, 131 FINCH, JODI 21, 30. 64 FLEMING, ANDY 39 FOLAND, MICAH 45 FOLAND, WENDY 21, 144, 193 FOLLETT, GWEN 35 FORBES, MARIA 21 FORRESTER. ROSE 35 FOX. DAVID 45, 126 FRANKE. BRIAN 35 FRAZIE, TAMI 35. 54 FREY. CATHY 21 FREY, RICK 45 FRIEND, BRENT 17, 21, 74, 114 FRITZ. JEREMY 40. 127 FRITZ. KATIE 35, 74 FROST. LORI 45 FUHRMAN, PENNY 35 FUTHEY, KELLI 40 gm uatim GAJEWSKI, ALAN 35, 108, 119 GARDNER. DOUG 113, 130 GARNER, JAMES 15, 17, 21, 54. 135, 185, 192 GARNER. JOHN 35 GARNER. MICHELLE 45 GAUTHIER, MISSI 35 GAVILAND, CODY 45 GEER. ROBERT 35 GESSINGER, SCOTT 45 GIBBENY, BOB 35 GILL. GEORGE 45 GILLILAND, AMY 40. 98, 115, 123, 149, 155 GOES. PHILIP 40, 86, 119 GOES, ROBERT 35, 74, 119 GOES. VICTORIA 21 GONYA. ANDY 45, 112 GONYA, JOHN 35 GOSLEE, GRETCHEN 40, 55, 118, 155 GOWTHROP. KRISSIE 45. 118 GRABER, MARY 21 GRAFT, AMY 35, 74, 85, 92, 114, 123, 150 GRAMLING, BARNEY 35 GRAMLING, KATIE 40, 51, 77. 83, 86, 87, 118 GRANT, BILL 21 GRAYSON, RICK 35 GREEN, LAURA 40, 78, 80 GREENAMYER, STACY 45, 112 GREENWOOD. HOLLY 10, 35. 75. 113 GRIBBLE, DEBBI 40 GRIFFIN, STEPHANIE 21 GRONINGER, HEIDI 45 GRUBB. MICHAEL 21. 114, 130 GUISE. MICHELE 35 GUISE, SHANA 45, 102 GULICK, IRV 22 GUNDY, JOHN 40, 114 GUTHIER, TROY 35 lume umiHg HADDIX. JESSIE 40 HALDIMAN, KIMBERLEE 40 HALL, CHRIS 35 HALL, DWIGHT 45 HALL, ERICA 15, 22 HALL. JAMIE 22. 54 HALL. JEFFREY 40. 51 HALL. KEITH 40 HALL, SCOTT 40, 62. 108, 113 HALL. TARA 40 HAMILTON, HEATHER 11, 40 HANNA. BRAD 40, 104, 119, 122 HANNA, STACI 17, 22. 74 HANSBARGER, JOE 40 HANSEN. JAMIE 22, 75, 122, 134 HANSEN. KENDALL 40, 123 HANSEN. SARAH 45 HANTZ, CHUCK 22 HANTZ, JULIE 45 HANTZ. DIANNE 35 HANTZ. RONNIE 35 HANTZ. STEVEN 22, 108, 119, 192 HARASIM, KATHY 17. 22. 85. 192 HARGER, JAMES 35 HARGRAVE. JOHN 35 HARNESS. MELISSA 40, 123 HARPENAU, DARRIN 40 HARRIS, MICHAEL 40, 134 HARTER. DARCY 35, 74, 77, 85. 92, 113, 114, 118, 150, 155 HATTON, BRIAN 45. 113, 119 HECKATHORN, LORI 35 HEDGES. MARK 45 HELLER, DAVID 45. 113, 119 HENSELY, CYNTHIA 40, 123 HERBERT, CRAIG 40 HICKMAN, NICHOLE 23 HICKS. JANE 23, 60, 77, 144 HILE, TED 35. 108, 130 HILL, JENNY 40. 113, 118 HINKLEY, SHANNON 45 HOBBS. MIKE 35. 90 HOLIDAY, DOUG 23. 55, 108 HOLSINGER, JASON 35. 86 HOMAN. ANNE 40. 62 HOMAN. JENNIFER 15. 35. 123 HOOVER, BETH 35, 98, 123, 199 HOPSON. KEVIN 40 HORNBROOK, DAVID 40, 86 HOUVENER. DORIE 45 HOWARD. MICHEAL 35. 98 HSIAO. TINA 35 HSIAO. TING 23 HUDNUT, SARA 35. 149 HUFFMAN. LAURA 45. 54. 79, 80, 81, 123, 199 HULL, SARAH 35, 104, 118 HULL, STEPHANIE 45. 104, 118 HULL. STEPHEN 20. 23, 104, 119, 126 HULLER, ED 45 HULLINGER, MARK 40. 86. 87 HUQ, MAAJED 40, 122 HURLEY, BRENT 23 HURLEY, BRYCE 45 HURSELL, RICKY 23 HYSKA. PAUL 23 -1-ICKES, TROY 36 -J- jUMUAi JARRELL, DEBBIE 40 JENKINS. MINDY 45, 77. 123 JOBE. ERIC 36. 122 JOBE, MICHELLE 24, 74. 75, 77, 123, 147 JOBE. TANYA 45. 113, 149 JOHNSON, ALAN 127 JOHNSON, BRENDA 45. 102, 113 JOHNSON. ERIN 36. 98 JOHNSON. KELLY 40 JOHNSON. KIM 24. 192 JOHNSON, SEAN 40. 68 JONES, BARRY 36, 108 JONES. JOE 36, 130 JORDAN. MIKE 24, 130 JULIAN, KEVIN 46. 112, 113 -K- KAUFMAN, JOSEPH 24 KEEGAN, KEITH 36 KELLER. FLOYD 24, 82, 199 KELLER. MATT 46. 58 KELLY. DARIN 40. 108. 127, 134 KELLY. GLEN 24. 54. 55. 77, 122, 135, 147, 190. 191 KEMERLY, RANDY 46 KENNEDY. AMY 11, 40, 98, 113, 118, 149 KENNERK. JANELLE 46. 96. 113 KENNERK. JODI 36, 74, 115 KERNER, BILL 46 KIM, LINDA 17. 24. 74. 85 KIMES, YVETTE 36. 66 KING, ERIC 36 KING, STACEY 40 KIRCHEN, TARMA 36. 85 KIRK. JEFF 46 KLINE. DARBY 40. 108. 126, 130 KLINE. DEREK 36, 122, 126 KLINK, JENNIFER 46. 102 KNAUER, CLINT 46, 119. 126 KNAUSS. JASON 46 KNOTEK, PAULA 36. 83. 123 KNOTEK. RYAN 40 KNOTEK. TAMMY 46, 123 KOEHLINGER. LYNDRA 36 KOLKMAN, JANELLE 46 KOLKMAN, PHILLIP 40 KOZLOWSKI. BROOK 36 KOZLOWSKI, DEREK 24, 74. 104. 119, 192 KRAMER. CHAD 46. 113, 59 KRAMER. JILL 40. 88 KREBS. KAIN 40. 54. 114, 119, 108 KRFSSLEY. SCOTT 36. 126 KRESSLEY, TODD 40, 126 KRIETE, SUSAN 40 KRUGER, RICK 36, 53, 198 KUGLER, JOSH 46. 88. 104 KUMER, MANISH 36 KUNCE, JAMES 40 KUNCE. RENEE 46 KUNCE. RHONDA 36. 64 -L- iectuMi LAMB, JENNIFER 40 LAMBERT, LORI 46. 102 LANNING, JASON 40 LARIMORE, MICAH 36, 108 LARIMORE, TRICIA 41. 118 LASH. MIKE 36. 126 LASH. TINA 46. 126 LECKNER, JILL 25. 74. 104, 115, 123, 148 LEE. DAVID 41 LEHMAN. JOHN 36. 90 LEHMAN. KELLY 36, 55 LEHMAN. MARK 46 LEHMAN, MICHELLE 41 LEONHARDT, LAURA 46. 58 LEPLEY, CHAD 36 LETKE, STEPHEN 14. 25, 108, 135 LEWIS. SHANNAH 46 LIGHT. KRISTE 25. 74. 192 LILLEY, SCOTT 25. 130, 198 LINK, ANDY 41 LINK. JENNIFER 25, 198 LITTEN. MARC 46. 112 LOCK. MATTHEW 41. 70. 113, 119 LOYNES, DAWN 25, 74, 190. 197 LUDINGTON. SARA 36. 74 LUSK. TOM 46. 58 LYTLE. KANDI 46 LYTLE. MISTY 36 -M- Motivation MAHNESMITH. MANDY 11. 25, 104. 147 MAHNESMITH. MISSY 41. 104. 113, 118 MAILAND, KARA 46. 102 MANAHAN, KELLY 41 MANAHAN. PATRICK 10. 14. 15, 25, 104, 147, 198 MANGOLD. KEVIN 46 MANSFIELD. KATIE 36 MARKER. JEANNIE 36. 191 MARQUARDT, PHIL 41. 88 MARQUART. JANETTE 46 MARQUART. KIMBERLY 36 MARSH, TRACY 46 MARSHALL. JENNIFER 46 MARTEN, DANNY 46 MARTEN, KURT 41 MARTIN. CRAIG 46 MARTIN. TARA 41. 195 MASON. JEREMY 36 MAUGHERMAN. STEVEN 41 MAVER, SHELLY 41. 155 MAVER, THORNTON 22, 26 MCCARTHY. TIMOTHY 36 MCCARTY, ANGIE 46 MCCORMICK. ANGELIA 41. 143 MCCOY. ZACHARY 34. 36 MCDOUGLE, LEAH 41 MCKINLEY. BOB 41, 130, 131 MCKINLEY, CHARLES 35, 36. 73. 77. 85. 113, 114, 119, 146, 151 MCKINLEY. KARI 36, 78 MCNEAL. ANDREW 26. 78. 76. 80. 143. 198 MCNEAL, CHERRY 46. 113 MEEK. BRIAN 36 MEEK. TONYA 46 MENIER, STEPHANIE 46. 77. 112. 123, 151 MEREDITH, TRACI 46 METZLER, KIMBERLY 14. 36. 74. 123, 127, 200 MEYERROSE. DEANNA 41 MEYERS, MELISSA 46. 48. 96, 113 MICKS, TRAVIS 46, 77. 112, 113, 122, 131 MIKOVIC. SANDRA 41. 79. 89 MILLER. BRAD 26 MILLER. ERRIN 46 MILLHOFF. ANNE 46. 102 MILLHOUSE. MARTHA 46 MINNICK, TANYA 41, 11 MITCHELL, BRENDA 26. 30, 118 MITCHELL. CURT 36. 122. 135 MITMAN. MICHAEL 36 MITMAN. MICHELLE 26 MOORE. BETH 26 MOORE. KIM 46 MOORE. KRISTIN 11, 41 MOORE. STACEY 26 MORSE. PATTY 41 MORSE, WENDY 36 MURPHY. AIMIE 17. 22, 26, 74. 192 MUSSER. MELINDA 47 •N- HOHlWb NAGLE, JOHN 41. 86. 87 NAY. ANDREA 47. 77. 123 NEBUR. CARRIE 36. 54 NEFF. RANDY 47. 112 NELSON. CHRIS 47 NESTER, NANCY 47, 102, 123NIER. MICHAEL 26, 126 NISUN, DAIVD 47, 131 NOLL. BEN AY 41, 54, 64. 96. 113 NORTON, DARLENE 47 NOSS. DALE 41 NUSBAUM. DEBORAH 36 -O- obtwxLoul O'BRIEN, ROBERT 59 O'CONNELL, TOM 41 OBERLIN, AMY 26 OLSON. JOHN (MIKE) 26. 122 ORDWAY, BILLY 47. 86 ORTEN. DIANA 47 -P- PALERMO. JEFFREY 41, 62, 108, 127 PARENT. JENNIFER 47 PARENT. MICHAEL 41, 88 PARKER. ALAN 26 PATTERSON, SCIZETTE 37, 60 PATTERSON, TODD 37. 66, 126 PENICK. ALICIA 37. 74. 83, 123 PENIX. KIMBERLY 37, 144 PERCHAN. KATIE 41. 62. 102, 123, 155 PETRE, MISSY 37. 123 PHETTEPLACE, DEN A 41 PINNINGTON. MONA 41 POLLARD, CHAD 47. 112, 113 POPP. MICHAEL 37, 122 POSS. JOHN 41. 108 POSTOLOFF, CHRIS 17, 26, 74, 122, 144, 193 POSTOLOFF, JENNIFER 37. 146 POTTS. KARLA 47. 102 PRESLEY. CRAIG 37, 119 PRESTON, DANIELLE 47 PRESTON, NICHOLE 47 PRICE. JULIE 47 PRISTAS. KIMBERLY 41. 96, 113 PROSSER. CLINT 42. 62, 77 PROSSER. JASON 27. 54, 77. 108. 150, 151 PUGH, MATT 42 QUICK, BRIAN 42, 113 -R- RADABAUGH, JAMES 37, 130 RAMEY. CARLA 27. 68. 169 RASHLEY, LAURA READE, ANGELA 42 REED. SHANNON 27, 60 REID. CHRIS 42 REYNOLDS. CASSY 42 REYNOLDS. ERIC 47 RHODFHAMEL. JULIE 47 RICHARDSON. ROBERT RICHMOND. MONTY 27 RIDDLE, JAMIE 47 RITTER. BRANDY 47 RITTER. BRETT 47, 113 ROBBINS. JENNY ROBERTS, BRET 27, 78, 80 ROCK, DAVID 47 RODMAN, JEREMY 47, 85. 122 ROEBEL, RHONDA 47 ROEMKE. ANDREA 37 ROEMKE. BOB 37. 108 ROEMKE, MATT 42 ROGERS. MIKE 10. 27. 55, 66, 108, 114 ROMERO. DIANE 42, 51, 62 ROMINE. MATT 27. 60, 108, 118. 119 ROSE. GRADY 37, 78, 79, 80. 81, 88 ROTH. DEBI 42 ROUDEBUSH. ANGELA 37. ROUDEBUSH. MICHELE 11, 42 ROWE. CHRIS 27, 151 ROWE. SHAWN 47 ROWE. SHERRIE 27. 50, 79 RUCKEL, ROSS 10. 28, 64 RUMSEY, LORIE 47. 51. 102, 113. 118, 149 RUMSEY. WENDY 10, 28. 54. 85, 115, 118 RUPP. CINDY 37, 75. 146. 149 RUSELINK. ERIC 17. 28. 86. 87, 108, 126 RYAN, COLLEEN 42. 80 RYAN, MICHAEL 37 -S- ieMio'utti SAILORS. DAVID 47, 112, 113, 119 SAILORS, LARRY 37 SALZBRENNER. MINDY 47, 88 SANBORN, TAMMY 47 SANDERS. DEANNA 10. 28. 54. 82. 115, 192. 200 SANDERSON. STEPHANIE 28, 82, 192, 200 SAPP. SHAWN 42, 104. 119, 127 SAPP. VALARIE 47. 104, 118, 126 SARGENT. CHAD 42 SAUNDERS. BRAD 17. 28. 122 SAYLOR. TARYN 10, 37, 98 SCHAT1NEN. KATIE 28, 67. 74. 104. .115, 190. 192 SCHEFFER. CAROL 10. 15, 28, 200 SCHEFFER, JIM 47 SCHENKEL. DARREN 190, 192 SCHENKEL. DODIE 28. 54, 85, 192 SCHIBLE. JOSEPH 47 SCHLEGEL, CHAMBERLEA 37 SCHNEPF. TOM 37 SCHURINGA, AMY 47 SCHURINGA. JACKIE 37 SCHWARZ. LESLIE 37 SCHWARZ. TOM 47 SCHWORM, WINDY 42 SEBRING, KAREN 37, 200 SECMAN, JON 47. 131 SEISS. MICHELE 37 SELMAN, SUSAN 28. 54. 75, 115, 118, 192 SHARP, TOM 42 SHEETS. DENNIS 47 SHELTON. JENNIFER 28 SHEPHERD, MIKE 28, 55 SHERBURNE, STACEY 29. 76. 169, 200 SHIPPELL. JOEL 42. 131 SHIRLEY, JILL 37. 64 SHOOK, STACEY 37 SHOUP. KEITH 47, 77, 85. 113, 122, 144 SHOUP. TERRIE 47, 118 SHOUP. VICKIE 37 SHULTZ, MORGAN 37 SHULTZ, WHITNEY 37 SHUTT, KRISTY 11, 37, 77, 123, 155, 191, 199, 200 SIMON. BETH 37 SIMON. HEATHER 47 SIMPSON, JENNIE 47 SITAR, STEVE 47 SMATHERS, JENNY 47, 83. 118 SMITH. AARON 47. 112 SMITH, AMBER 42 SMITH. DOUG 48, 68. 86. 112 SMITH. KELLY 48 SMITH. MARTY 37, 131 SMITH, RICK 48 SMITH, SCOTT 37, 74, 108. 114, 155 SMITH. TOREY 42 SNELL, JENNIFER 29 SNOW, PHILLIP 37 SNYDER. DENNIS 29. 74 SNYDER. PATTY 42 SONNER. DAVID 29 SPALLINGER. LISA 37 SPAULDING. TINA 42 SQUIER, TIM 29 ST. CLAIR. PATTY 37 ST. CLAIR. KAREN 48 ST ACER. DOMINIC 37. 113 STACER, JILL 48. 89, 102, 113 STALKER. RICHARD 48 STAVITZKE, BRYAN 42 STEELE, TYLER 14. 37 STERLING. BRENDA 48, 104, 113 STETLER. DANNY 29 STEURY, AARON 29. 54, 114, 151 STOBIERSKI. DONN 29, 74. 130. 192STOBIERSKI, JOHN 37, 130 STOBIERSKI. JULIANE 29. 77 STOCK. AUDREY 37 STOCK. TODD 48. 113, 122, 131 STOCKER. STEVE 48 STOUDINGER. JANE 37. 98, 123 STOWE. JOHN 37 STRONG. TIMOTHY 29. 55 STULTZ. TED 48. 86 STURGES. ANGIE 48. 151 STCJRTZ. DAN 37 SULLIVAN, DONNA 37 SULLIVAN, FRANK 48 SUMNEY, ROSS 29 SURFUS, AMY 42 SUTTON. CINDY 37 SWAFFORD, TODD 37 SWAGER, SHANE 37 SWEIGART, TAIT 48. 113. 122 SYLER, AMANDA 37, 77, 88. 123, 146. 191 SYLER. AMY 11. 48. 51, 77, 123 -T- tandlM TARASCHKE, MICHELLE 29 TAYLOR. JERI 48 TAYLOR. JODY 48 TAYLOR. JOHN 37 TAYLOR. RAMONA 42 TAYLOR, SHANE 37 TEEGARDIN, CHRISTINA 37, 195 TEEGARDIN. DEEDEE 42 TEEGARDIN. STACY 37. 83 THIMLAR. DAWN 42 THIMLAR. TODD 37 THOMAS, LANE 29. 199 THOMPSON. BETH 29 TOM. MARK 37 TRITCH, KIM 48 TUBERGEN. MELANIE 42 TUTTLE. BRIAN 17. 30, 74. 77. 86. 87. 192 TUTTLE. JASON 48. 75. 113, 119 TYRE. ERIC 48 -U- uMjdenjohutum UETRECHT. ROBERT 11, 30. 74. 104 UNDERWOOD. KRISTI 30, 67 USHER. KIMBERLY 23. 29. 30. 78. 70. 151 -V- VANAUKEN, APRIL 48, 86. 123 VANAUKEN. LINDA 30. 123, 193 VANETTE, JASON 48. 113 VANETTE. JEFF 42 VANWALD, SHAYNA 48. 81, 102, 113, 118 VANWESTEN, KERRI 48. 102, 113 VARNER. MELANIE 48. 123 VOGES, MELISSA 15, 37, 77, 199 VOTAW. ANDY 38. 127 -W- u)luj Mb? WAGNER. STEPHANIE 48. 102, 113 WALKER, BRAD 48. 113 WALKER, TIFFANY 48. 77, 123 WALL, MARC 42. 122 WALL. RANDY 42. 51. 75, 104. 113. 131 WALSTON. SHANNON 30 WALTER, ANGIE 42 WALTER, STEVE 38, 119, 127 WALTERS. JONATHAN 38 WARNER. KURT 48. 112 WARSTLER. SCOTT 30, 119, 191 WASHBURNE. JEFF 23. 30. 108. 119 WASHBURNE. PAULA 42 WATERS. MONTY 42. 126 WATERS. TANYA 31 WEAVER. BECKY 42. 54. 80. 81, 102 WEAVER. PEGGY 43. 54. 73. 96. 113 WEBER. SHELLI 43. 77, 104, 1 18 WEBER. WESLEY 38. 74 WELLBAUM. MEGAN 38 WELLER. JULIE 38. 76. 200 WELLER. RON 48. 113 WELLS, WENDY 31 WHITAKER. GLEN 43 WHITCOMB. SHELLE 43. 55. 88. 118. 191 WHITE. ANDRE 48. 131 W1DNER, EVE 48 WIEMAN. JOEL 38 WIGGINS. SUSAN 48. 59 WILBER, MICHELE 31 WILLIAMS, ALAN 43 WILLMS, DAWN 31 WILSON. CHARLIE 15. 31, 104, 147, 151 WILSON, JACK 43 WINCHELL. KEITH 48. 112 WINEBRENNER. TINA 31 WISE. DON 31, 122, 151 WISE. LISA 48. 123 WITMER. CHRISTOPHER 38, 122, 130 WOLF. DAWN 31. 68. 78. 79. 86 WOOD, MARIA 38, 83, 200 WOOD. MIKE 48, 112. 113 WORKMAN. AMY 43 WRAY. ANITA 38, 55, 191, 200 WRAY, CLAUDIA 48. 104, 118 WREN. CHAD 38 WRIGHT, TRUDY 43. 77, 102, 123 WYATT. CHUCK 43 WYATT. GINA 31 WYATT. KIMBERLY 31 -X- tjowtboofc YODER. ANGELA 43. 77, 102 YORK. JOE 38 YOUNG, MICHAEL 43. 86. 87 -Z- i z-z-zk ZABST, PHILLIP 38. 108 ZIMMER. DAWN 48 ZINTSMASTER. MATT 48. 75. 77, 122For the first time in many years the 88 Senior Class was able to take a Senior Trip, and they visited the capital of Indiana. While in Indianapolis they went to the Children’s Museum and the Capitol Building where they were greeted by Representative Orville Moody. After that, it was on to the Hoosier Dome! On the return trip they stopped at the Castleton Mall for supper and shopping. All agreed it was a great experience. Steve Hantz, Derek Kozlowski. and Dee Dee Sanders clown around on the Beehler. Chris end Chuck Ehrlich k in the Children s Museum.This year, AHS sponsored many dances for the students to enjoy. These dances were held after the guys’ basketball and football games in the cafeteria. Nostalgia was one of the many Disc Jockeys present along with Pilot Of Sound Have Sound Will Travel. Chris Teegardin. Monica Cole. Shelly Whitcomb and Tara Martin are caught by the ever present yearbook camera.What’s Wrong . . .With This Picture?Another Day . . Diffemt itkoku fon, diffwti foQa . Pat Manahan is seen helping one of his many customers at Bob's Sport Shop. Above: Brian Dodge takes time from his hard work to look at the camera. Below: Andy McNeal waits on a customer at J J Men’s Wear.After school and on the weekends. Floyd Keller worked at Hardee s in the Country Fair Shopping Center. Rob Ayers checks his electronics monitor while working in the mornings in Coldwater. Lane Thomas is training in the culinary arts field. He hopes to someday be a chef. Sara Hudnut, Beth Hoover. Tricia Beck. Kristy Shutt, Kelly Eberly. and Melissa Voges show that money can be spent as easily as it is made. I « Another DollarStephanie Sanderson Editor Mrs. Osborn Advisor Special Thanks to: Jennifer Pos-toloff, Stellhorn Photo, Brook Kozlowski, Hal Vaughn, Tricia Beechy, Vicki Goes, and The Herald-Republican. Kristy Shutt Kim Metzler Assistant Editor Assistant Editor Lori Boyd Don Croy Business Manager Photo Processing Section Editor Julie Weller 200Bill Abbott Brad Albright Marcie Alexander Shelly Allen Tonie Andrews Marie Araque Richard Ashcraft Trfcia Beechy Tom Beehler Burd James Bush Rodney Caldwell Michelle Chard Steve Chrysler Matt Church Steve Coons Jackie Crager Charles Crawford Don Cray Harvey Cunningham Ray Dailey Charlotte Dangler Nikki Davidson Stephanie Davis Cory Derbyshire Rick Devlin Van Dick Brian Dodge Mark Dornte Sheila Douglass Vince Dunham Jodi Eaton Bob Ellis Chuck Ehrlich Brent Ferguson Jodi Finch Wendy Foland Maria Forbes Cathy Frey Brent Friend Jim Garner Vicki Goes Mar Staci Hanna Jamie Hansen Chuck Hantz Steve Hantz Kathy Harasim Nicole Hickman Jane Hicks Doug Holiday Ting Hsiao Steve Hull Brent Hurley Rick HurseH Paul Hyska Michelle Jobe Alan Johnson Kim Johnson Mike Jordan Joe Kaufman Floyd Keller Glen Kelly Linda Kim Derek Kozlowski Jill Leckner Steve Letke Kriste Light S-cott Lilley Jenny Link Dawn Loynes Mandy Mahnesmith Pat Manahan Thornton Mover Andy McNeal Brad Miller Missy Miner Michelle Mitman Beth Moore Stacey Moore Aimie Murphy Mike Nier Amy Oberlin Mike Olson Alan Parker Chris Postoloff ason Prosser Cdrla Ramey Shannon Reed Monty Richmond Bre4 Roberts Mike Rogers Matt Romine Chris Rowe Sherrie Rowe Ross Ruckel Wendy Rumsey Eric Ruselink Dee Dee Sanders Stephanie Sanderson Brad Saunders Katie Schannen Carol Scheffer Dodie Schenkel Susan Selman Jenny Shelton Mike Shephard Stacey Sherburne Jenny Snell Dennis Snyder David Sonner Tim Squier Danny Stetler Aaron Steury Donn Stoblerski Juliane Stobierski Tim Strong Ross Sumney Shelly Taraschke Lane Thomas Beth Thompson Brian Tuttle Rob Uetrecht Kristi Underwood Kim Usher Linda Vanauken Shannon Walston Scott Warstler Jeff Washburne Tanya Waters Michele Wilber Dawn Wlllms Charlie Wilson Tina Winebrenner Don Wise Dawn Wolf Gina Wyatt Kim Wyatt Bill Abbott Brad Albright Marcie Alexander Shelly Allen Tonie Andrews Marie Araque Richard Ashcraft Tricia Beechy Tom Beehler Matt Bldlack Julie Blair Chris Book Lori Boyd Tom Boyle Erika Brass Virginia Brock Jeff Burd James Bush Rodney Caldwell Michelle Chard Steve Chrysler Matt Church Steve Coons Jackie Crager Charles Crawford Don Croy Harvey Cunningham Ray Dailey Charlotte Dangler Nikki Davidson-Stephanie Davis Cory Derbyshire Rick Devlin Van Dick Brian Dodge Mark Dornte Sheila Douglass Vince Dunham Jodi Eaton Bob Ellis Chuck Ehrlich Brent Ferguson Jodi Finch Wendy Foland Maria Forbes Cathy Frey Brent Friend Jim Garner Vicki Goes Mary Lou Graber Bill Grant Stephanie Griffin Mike Grubb irv Gullck Erica Hall Jamie Hall Staci Hanna Jamie Hansen Chuck Hantz Steve Hantz Kathy Harasim Nicole Hickman Jane Hicks Doug Holiday Ting Hsiao Steve Hull Brent Hurley Rick HurseH Paul Hyska Michelle Jobe Alan Johnson Kim John son Mike Jordan Joe Kaufman Floyd Keller Glen KeHy Linda Kim Derek Ko?lowski Jill Leckner Steve Letke K-riste Light Scott Lilley Jenny Link Dawn Loynes Mandy Mahnesmith Pat Manahan Thornton Mover Andy McNeal Brad Miller Missy Miner Michelle Mitman Beth Moore Stacey Moore Aimie Murphy Mike Nier Amy Oberlin Mike Olson Alan Parker Chris Postoloff Jason Prosser Carla Ramey Shannon Reed Monty Richmond Bret Roberts Mike Rogers Matt Romine Chris Rowe Sherrie Rowe Ross Ruckei Wendy Rumsey Eric Ruse link Dee Dee Sanders-Stephanie Sanderson Brad Saunders Katie Schannen Carol Scheffer Dodie Schenkel Susan Selman Jenny Shelton Mike Shephard Stacey Sherburne Jenny Snell Dennis Snyder David Sonner TimSquier Danny Stef -ler Aaron Steury Donn Stobierski Julian© Stobierski Tim Strong Ross Sumney Sheliy Taraschke Lane Thomas Beth Thompson Brian Tuttle Rob Uetrecht Kristi Underwood Kim Usher Linda Vanauken Shannon Walston Scott Warstler Jeff Washburne Tanya Waters Michele Wilber Dawn Willms Charlie Wilson Tina Winebrenner Don Wise Dawn Wolf Gina Wyatt Kim Wyatt Bill Abbott Brad Albright Marcie Alexander Shelly Allen Tonie Andrews Marie Araque Richard Ashcraft Tricla Beechy Tom Beehler Matt Bldlack Julie Blair Chris Book Lori Boyd Tom Boyle Erika Brass Virginia Brock Jeff Burd James Bush Rodney Caldwell Michelle Chard Steve Chrysler Matt Church Steve Coons Jackie Crager Charles Crawford Don Croy Harvey Cunningham Ray Dailey Charlotte Dangler Nikki Davidson Stephanie Davis Cory Derbyshire Rick Devlin Van Dick Brian Dodge Mark Domt© Sheila Douglass Vince Dunham Jodi Eaton Bob Ellis Chuck Ehrlich Brent Ferguson Jodi Finch Wendy Foland Maria Forbes Cathy Frey Brent Friend Jim Garner Vicki Goes Mary Lou Graber Bill Grant Stephanie Griffin Mike Grubb Irv Gulick Erica Hall Jamie Hall Staci Hanna Jamie Hansen Chuck Hantz Steve Hantz Kathy Harasim Nicole Hick-. ' ■ - r - : a • - t v ; V.. wV-O ■ .. . ■ C '.v5r--v ’;f : • % . ' ri;„ XV . ,v -»' ■ -V , - S? Vr A -M ■ : V -, V l -

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