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 1 Dedication BECAUSE OF A LOVE FOR OUR FRIEND WE DEDICATE THIS BOOR TO THE SIMONS' FAMILY IN MEMORY OF DARRELL SIMONS I'm a senior now And I am remembering the past As I travel down the road of memories A person comes to mind His name is Darrell He is funny and good-natured never a frown on his face Always a smile instead Where is he now I will never know I lost him when we were freshmen I have many memories of him Most good and few bad 1 no longer hug those memories to me 1 have finally given them freedom I want everyone to know Just how special he was Mot just to me But to everyone he met With this poem I honor his life But also his death The memory of him will linger And maybe gradually fade But part of him will remain In this yearbook, on this page Ann Pamin and the Senior ClassANGOLA HIGH SCHOOL 317 S. WAYNE ST. ANGOLA, IN 46703 (219) 665-5110 VOLUMif 66 jKey CONTENTS STUDENT LIFE 4 PEOPLE 30 ACADEMICS 96 ORGANIZATIONS 120 SPORTS 136 ADS 170photo by M. Barlett photo by M. Barlett photo by M. Barlett 4 Keyphoto by M. Barlctt LIFE photo by M. Barlett photo by M. Barlett 5 Div. Student LifeFun in the sun, but a lot of hard work. Band camp was held at the YMCA Camp in Reading Michigan during the week of August 10th thru the 16th. A typical schedule was to report to the field at 7:30 a.m. and practice until 11:30 a.m. Lunch was from 11:30 until 12 noon. At 12 noon, we returned to the field and practiced until 3:30 p.m. From 3:30 until 5:30 was FREE time. From 5:30 until dusk, it was back on the field for more intensive practice. Of course the annual Hawaiian Dance, Toga Party, and Stunt Might were held. REMEMBER WHEN . . . Mr. Moore won the banana eating contest. . . . Doug, Mike, and Dennis were caught in the girls cabin. . . . The seniors T P'd the camp on their last night.Representing our fine Unhomecoming cheerleading squad. Dave Quinn strikes a pose, photo by S. Sanderson Seniors getting ready to play the sophomores during the PowdcrPuff game, photo by S. Sanderson Sophomore pride shows through during half time, photo by S. Sanderson Trying to be the best nerd possible. Julie Clark slouches by her locker, photo by M. Barlett Homecoming night was fast approaching and everyone was looking forward to the upcoming game. The five days before the Homecoming game was entitled "Unhomecoming Week.'' To boost school spirit to a maximum, a variety of dress up days were established. On Monday everyone wore their favorite sweats. Tuesday they wore the geekiest clothes they could find for nerd day. Wednesday was college sweatshirt day. Thursday our clothes were worn backwards and Friday was purple and gold day. Prizes were awarded each day for the best outfits. Our Wednesday night the girls ruled the football field during the Powder-Puff game. A victorious group of seniors defeated all of the underclassmen team. Rim Ice and Stacy Goings are caught laughing at everyone else, photo by M. BarlettUnhomecoming queen candidates and their escorts: Scott Hansen and Kristin Carr. Rodney Caldwell and Taryn Saylor. Aaron Steury and Kelly Eberly. and Cory Derbyshire and Charlotte Dangler, photo by S. Sanderson rirst place winners of the lip sync contest: Jenny Snell. Jane hicks. Michelle Chard, and nikki Davison with Geoff Snell, performed to "the Leader of the Rack. " Congratulating Cory Derbyshire. Charlotte Dangler gives him a hug. photo by S. Sanderson Joining in the fun. Sharon Ol inski dressed up for ' "nerd day. "photo by M. Barlett 9 UnhomecomingThe Homecoming queen, Kristin Carr and her escort Marty Willms. photo by R. Call Caught off guard by the camera, Kristin Carr's parents laugh happily. photo by M. Barlett This year there was an enormous turn-out in spirit week at Angola. On Thursday the whole school dressed like nerds, it was ‘horribly" great. The spirit soared even higher as Angola defeated South Adams on Friday night. Kristin Carr won the title of Homecoming Queen, her escort was Marty Willms. Kristin was presented the crown by last year s queen, her sister, Aimee Carr. After the game, everyone went to the gym and danced to the music of T S Sounds. It was all together a super time for everyone. The pep club did a great job decorating the school in preparation for the festivities. There were posters and banners everywhere. It really showed school spirit. Fat Manahan jams down at the dance, photo by D. Fenix The 1986 Homecoming court included, from left to right. Brad Boyer and LeAnn Dunham. Marty Willms and Kristin Carr, Tom Beehler and Tonic Andrews. Brett Presley and Mandy Mahn-smith, Tom Olson and Tonya Burroughs, Jamie Hansen, and Holly Greenwood, Scott Smith and Amy Kennedy, and Phil Goes and Lisa Berry, photo by M. Barlett U HomecomingShowing school spirit, Jaime Shoup, concentrates hard on her music, photo by M. Barlett After the homecoming game, everyone danced to the music of T S Sounds, photo by M. Barlett Brian Dodge helps get ready for Homecoming festivities, photo by D. Penix Tonie Andrews gazes into the darkness. photo by M. Barlett freshmen cheerleaders watch the game in anticipation, photo by D. Penix 12 KeyThe ref's and coaches stand around the injured player, Frank Lugar, discussing what had happened, photo by M. Bariett 15 HomecomingTen Little TEN LITTLE INDIANS ...It was twisted. It was campy. It was ... an experience. “What was your favorite part about working on the play?” RANDY MCHENRY (Phillip “don't-need-a-gun” Lombard) — “The performances. Audiences are what it's all about. ” DIANE ERB (Sweeter-than-ROLAIDS Vera Claythorne) — “Having a noose around my neck every night choked me up.” BRET ROBERTS (Anthony Marston, conceited jerk) — “The half hour Reader's Digest version of the 2-hour show was fun. I got 8 hours of sleep in 15 minutes that night.” SHANE EDWARD SEMLER (Mr. Rogers his neighborhood) — “Jeffs stabbing scene was piercing. ” CATHY NUSBAUM (Fred Narracott, Igor extraordinaire) — “The wart on my nose was no blemish on my career. ” ERIKA BRASS (Emily Brent, old cod-gerette) — “Getting the angel hair cobwebs out of my clothes was quite the stimulating moment. 14 KeyIndians ANDY MCNEAL (Dr. Armstrong, looney toon M.D.) — “Being slapped around like a rack of lamb was stunning ... I think.” FLOYD KELLER (Lombard Understudy) — “Leave me alone, I'm going to lunch. ” KIM USHER (Vera Understudy) — “I don't know. Who are you??” JEFF BURD (Crotchety old General MacKenzie) — “The girls. I missed a lot of entrances. ” TIM MCCARTHY (Bisquit-belching Mr. Blore) — “Those wholesome bis-quits. Mm-mm good!” LISA DUNN A VAN (Hair by Pop Tarts, makeup by Sherwin Williams Mrs. Rogers) — “What show?” TOM HOLLOWAY (Sir Larry “The Tortoise” Wargrave) — “Being onstage in your underwear is verv revealing. ” STUART E. KLATTE (Erstwhile director and jail keeper) — “It was stimulating. ” 15 Ten Little Indiansphotos by: R. Knauer 12 c 'X i Romance In The Clouds 19 Autographs From PromThe 1987 Jr. Sr. Prom was a huge success. The premier of a Grand March at an Angola prom made this year unique. Even though inexperience made the march longer, it still was a hit. The gym was beautifully decorated with a castle theme. The inner gym door was covered with brick like paper and had a bridge that was to portray a bridge over a moat. As the dance started Dean Orwilcr took informal pictures and Bill Wilcox took formal pictures. These were for purchase by individuals at another time. Another additive to this years prom was an after-prom dance. This dance featured a live band named, Stryker. Playing a variety of popular hits, Stryker was enjoyed by all who participated. Over all the prom was great. Thanks to the Junior class for a beautiful evening. 23 Prom w 0 r d 5 N 1 9 h r Valedictorian — Solurarorian Diane Erb Kevin Harpenau American Legion Citizenship Award Diane Erb ond Joe Matrox Angola Lions Club Scholarship Ann Parnin Sylvia Jocl son Memorial Scholarship Melody Dorlerr and Jaime Shoup Rorory Club Scholarship Marcia Kromer, Drian Friend, Anja Gordon, and David Nier National Honor Society Scholarship Jaime Shoup, Teresa Lorimore, and Kevin Harpenau Psi tore Xi Scholarship Par McCormick Psi Toro Xi Music Comp Scholarship Andy McNeol, Alicia Penick, and Kelly Johnson Steuben Womens Club Scholarship Drian Friend Gerald Seogly Memorial Scholarship Jaime Shoup and Susan Arha Kiwanis Gub Scholarship Ann Parnin Tri-Kappa Sorority Scholarship Jaime Shoup and Diane Erb Qeurmann-Marshall Corporation Scholarship Micheal Voraw Tri Stare University Scholarship Micheal Voraw, Ann Parnin, Dennis Sierer, ond Joel Lash Engineering Scholarship Kevin Harpenou Land of Lakes Lions Club Scholarship Jaime Shoup Math Awards Manish Kumlar, Linda Kim, ond Diane Erb I. O.O.F. United Narions Awards Scott Smith ond Amy Murphy ROTC Randy McHenry25 Graduationphoto by D. S erer 26 KeyValedictorian Kevin Harpeneau and Dennis Sierrer celebrate after gradu- Karen Tavourite smiles for the carnation. era. Jeff Martin looks quite serious on graduation. GRADUATION The biggest event of the senior year the last. This year graduation was very nice, the students, or graduates, wore purple robes and caps with gold tassels. Valedictorian was Kevin Harpeneau and Salutato-rian was Diane Erb. The ceremony was all in all, a terrific memorable event!!!!! 28 Dave Romero and Rachel Whang walked together on that special day.29 Graduationphoto by B. Kozlowski fyKJb-0LA ttf rr tJd-l-Ob-C UQ Counter rrs ;r3 ■ j' • All A 7 nSi 30 Key photo by L. Stud os photo by M. Barlettphoto by D. Pcnix photo by M. Barlett photo by S. Sanderson 31 Div. People'JW . W Band practice can be quite boring, hunh Jeff, photo by D. Penix Tana Lundgren and Shelly Parks laugh at Maria Zimmermans' ou tragious outfit for nerd day. photo by M. Barlett Lori Patterson suggests a cheer to Kristin Carr, photo by M. Barlett , A1 M . , Brian Burkett, Bart Moll, Dave Mier, and Mark Rohm wait out half-time Do they keep the Majorette in a locker when not in use? photo by D. Penix during a basketball game, photo by M. Barlett 32 KeyJudi Bond Outfit. Book. JtMMUf BoUttl Lika. BtMon 35 SeniorsJot Bum CliM i Bmtff Gang Buweff Bianca Cagle Laima Cagle Bum Caff a »»• ' «M | KiuUn Caw 36 Key37 SeniorsLeAtuu Dunjum Diane- Bth Juuufvi, FiehL Kan uc Fm owub, Launa Fe vueji Leit FuueU % Hr field Heie ieaS dwiinq Hue ploHrqKapl, of Hie 87. photo by B. Kozlowski CheUtuia Eideniee Geteige DiPathiria Frienuw, Brian Friend Jamei Frifc 39 SeniorsKiubevLf Gvm JvttMUj Giia GcotT Ltaxie . Kevin tfaxp enm Ctvaie, LLimmum Bill Pamefa Pinum Low Pivefy Linda PiuUuT 40 KeyKiMtbtnlf Knife Gug Kind Ene Joiuuo . PaSL Keftejj Tam, Kuxffe. Moxria Kvme 41 SeniorsMtf goaf in, tfe, U kmj rowpfetr,, Maxlg hVi u. photo by H. Call 42 KeyManJc M(KuJtjj Bank Wafa, Kim In. omJ. A dy dUMk tieit, mukuut. photo by B. Kozlowski 43 SeniorStoiM, rfaii affirm: (find) Mu. Cook,, ipotuen. (middle) Diane, Ctb and, LoU Cclark, and, (back,) Lua Dummmom. and Kudin Cam. photo by M. Barlett 44 KeySatniny National Horn , Society potnS, Handy McMenxy iA candy AwuMy a dance,. photo by M. Barlett 45 SeniorsA r you W phofo 6y D. Fenix Citadel Cheek Jaime, Chtxtf Detail Ciexte Cattdtf Smith 46 KeyKniktoui StuMbeng Mirlael Stofkfx, Atee, £utto Matuia Eutto QIuuuum Smiek Mirlael Zotaui Rmauote Eeam ileu i lex daily appanel dwwuy Uomeeomnq meek. photo by M. Barlett 47 Seniorsi Banb iVadl Ht f Wa uJt Manic IVeiu Andy IVeAtU MantU MAu Tioy IVvm Mi dtael YooMgen Mania ZiMtuenutoM. Danielle Drandanger Theresa Cimbol Angie Cowell Doug fox Melissa Qramling Jeff Mirons Les Loynes Brad Richter Jack Robbins Calvin Slater James Swary Tabitha Thompson Rachel Whang Sean Whitcomb Manic Bikte and Jeff MantU itbp (on a noadiixk bneaJcfait ok Hein u ay ta Btoowi qtb . 48 KeyAlan Coler shows off Joe Harris's fashionable underoos. photo by B. Harris Kristin Carr shows her childhood behaviors, photo by J. Clark Younger Days John Haines, Kim Ice, and Linda Mudnut show their muscles at Hendry Park during recess, photo by M. Barlett Joe Harris shows the poise and posture of every man. photo by B. Harris Linda Hudnut and Julie Clark poise for a picture, photo by M. Barlett Treenie Waite, Aimee Carr, Stacey Goings, Shelly Parks, Kristin Carr, Christie Book, Michelle Cook, and Julie Clark celebrate Barb Waites and Kristin Carr's birthday. Jaime Shoup and Brian Burrett look over their notes before an econ exam. Photo by M. Barlett Kristan Carr took time in yearbook class to work on her comp paper. Photo by D. Penix In confusion, Bart Moll raises his hand. Photo by M.Barlett 51 KeyAnn Pamin smiles for the photographer while studying her notes. photo by D. Penix Senior Doug Penix plays half time music during a rainy football game, photo by M. Barlett 52 Key Dave Quinn is caught trying on his paper hat. photo by D. PenixKristin Carr sits patiently waiting on her friends, photo by M. Barlett Students and teacher amused by a speech, photo by D. Penix John Berger, Brian Friend, and Scott Hansen converse before a track meet, photo by F. Cagle Finding time between classes, senior girls catch up on the latest gossip, photo by F. Cagle Q%Billy Abbott Brad Albright Michele Allen Tonie Andrews Maria Araque Richard Ashcraft Tricia Beechy Tom Beehler Matt Bidlack Julie Blair Lon Boyd Tom Boyle Erika Brass Ginny Brock Michael Brown Jeff Burd 56 KeyRod Caldwell Michelle Chard Steven Chrysler Steve Coons Jackie Crager Charles Crawford Denise Crawford Don Croy Kristin Curtis Ray Dailey Charlotte Dangler nikki Davidson Stephanie Davis Cory Derbyshire Richard Devlin Van Dick 57 Juniors Brian Dodge Nark Domte Sheila Douglas Vince Dunham Jodi Eaton Kris Eber Charles Ehrlich Bob Ellis Kelly Etheridge Brent Ferguson Jodi Finch Wendy Foland Nana Forbes Brent Friend Jim Gamer Vicki Goes 58 KeyMarylou Oraber Michael Grange William Grant Angie Green Stephanie Griffin Michael Grubb Irv Gulick Erica Mall Jamie Mall Stacy Manna Jamie Mansen Kevin Mansen Chuck Mantz Steve Mantz Kathy Marasim Jan Marvey 59 JuniorsSteve Mall Robert Mathaway Angie Merrin Michole Mlckman Jane Micks John Maines Ting Rai Misao Doug Holiday Tom Mo Ilo way Brent Murley Faul My ska Michele Jobe Alan Johnson Rim Johnson Mike Jordan Joe Raufman 60 KeyAmy Keeler Bonnie Keeler Floyd Keller Glen Kelly Linda Kim Derek Kozlowski Sue Lane Jill Leckner Steve Letke Kriste Light Scott Lilley Jennifer Link Dawn Loynes Kim Luessenhop Mandy Mahnesmith Patrick Manahan 61 JuniorsSteve Maugherman Thronton leaver Andy A1c Heal Brenda Mitchell Michelle M it man Stacy Moore Amy Murphy Mike nier Amy Oberlin Alan Barker Chris Postoioff Jason Prosser Carla Ramey Shannon Reed Monty Richmond Joe Robbins 62 KeyBrett Roberts Heather Robinson Nike Rogers Matt Romine Chris Rowe Sherrie Rowe Wendy Rumsey Eric Ruselink Dee Dee Sanders Stephanie Sanderson Brad Saunders Katie Schannen Carol Scheffer Susan Selman Eddy Selmer Jenny Shelton 63 Juniors Mike Shepherd Stacy Sherburn Jennifer Snell Dennis Snyder David Sonner Tim Squier Danny Stetler Aaron Steury Susan Stocker Ross Sumney Lane Thomas Brian Tuttle Rob Uetrechet Kristi Underwood Kim Usher Linda VanAuken 64 KeyShannon Walston Scott Warstler Jeff Washbume Tanya Waters Wendy Wells Dawn Wilms Charlie Wilson Tina Winebrenner Dawn Wolf Oina Wyatt Kimberly Wyatt 65 JuniorsBrian Adams Brian Alexander Dawn Allen Kim Amstutz Shayne Anderson Lynn Arbuckle Dawn Aspy Rob Ayers Teresa Bailey Margaret Baldauf Trinka Baum Tricia Beck Bryan Bird Sheree Blue Sheila Book Christa Booth 66 KeyJacinda Bowling Tammy Boyce Chris Boyer Erin Brewer John Bristle Eric Bruner Angela Budd Steven Burrell Bonnie Burroughs Tayna Burroughs Kenny Byrd James Callahan 67 Sophomores Mickey Carpenter Qina Caruso Robert Cary Jim Chapman Jeff Chard Yvette Clark Jennifer Clawson Monica Cole Gene Cook Lisa Coons Jeremy Cretsinger John Dailey Gordan Davis Eulalia Dennis Tracy Derbyshire Doug Dick 68 KeyKelly Dilts Shelly Dixon Cheryl Donaldson Craig Domte Kelly Eberly Aimee Ellison Kimberly Emerick Tina Emerick Darlene Erwin Chris Eerrel Jody Eifer Scott fisher 69 SophomoresOwen rollett Brian Tranke Tami Trazie Katie Fritz Kevin Fritz Penny Fuhrman Alan Oajewski Doug Gardner John Gamer Missi Gauthier Robert Geer Bob Gibbeny Robert Goes John Gonya Amy Graft Barney Gramling ZQ KeyErik Grant Kick Grayson Holly Greenwood Michele Guise Artie Gulick Manish Gupta Troy Guthier Chris Hall Dianne Hantz Ron Hantz James Harger John Hargrave 71 SophomoresDarcy Harter Lora heckathom Scott Heckathome John Henderson Ted Hile Mike Hobbs Jason Holsinger Jennifer Homan Beth Hoover Micheal Howard Tina Hsiao Sara Hudnut Sarah Hull Troy Ickes Eric Jobe Erin Johnson 72 KeyAlex Johnston Joe Jones Keith Keegan Jodi Kennerk Yvette Kimes Eric King Tarma Kirchen Derek Kline Paula Knotek Lyndra Koehlinger Brook Kozlowski Lance Krebs 73 Sophomores0 Scott Kressley Rick Kruger Micah Larimore Mike Lash Alan Lechleidner John Lehman Kelly Lehman Chad Lepley Vanessa Lewis Jason Lipman James Little Sara Ludington Trank Lugar Misty Lytle Katie Mansfield Kimberly Marquart 74 KeySherry Marten Jeremy Mason Tim McCarthy Zachary McCoy Charles McKinley Kari McKinley Brian Meek Kimberly Metzler Pat Miller Tamie Miller Curt Mitchell Michael Mitman 75 Sophomores Wendy Morse Dan Murley Carrie Nebur Deborah Nusbaum Barbra Ohm Scott Ostrander Suzette Patterson Todd Patterson Alicia Penick Kimberly Penix Missy Petre Michael Popp Jennifer PostolofT Craig Presley James Radabaugh Laura Rashley 76 KeyDan Rathbun Robert Richardson Jenny Robbins Andrea Roemke Bobby Roemke Grady Rose Angela Roudebush Cindy Rupp Michael Ryan Larry Sailors Taryn Saylor Chamberlea Schlegel 77 SophomoresKaren Sebring Michele Seiss Ralph Sheets Jill Shirley Stacey Shook Traci Shoup Vicki Shoup Kristy Shutt Beth Simon Marty Smith Scott Smith Tina Smith Phillip Snow Lisa Spallinger Patty St. Clair Dominic Stacer 78 KeyAudrey Stock Jane Stoudinger John Stowe Heather Strawser Dan Sturtz Donna Sullivan Cindy Sutton Todd Swafford Amanda Syler John Taylor Shane Taylor Christina Teegardin 79 SophomoresStacy Teegardin Todd Thimlar Mark Tom Jodi Vanderbeke Melissa Voges Andy Votaw Steve Walter Jonathan Walters 80 KeyBrad Arnold Amber Auman Dan Barret Tonya Begley Tim Bennett Daryl Bemdt Lisa Berry Chris Book Bryan Buechley Stephanie Burkett 82 KeyJessica Carson Mic Circosta Angie Clark Suzie Clark Todd Clark Dennis Cleckner Jason Clifton Kathleen Clouse Michelle Cole Keith Cowell Michael Crager David Crawford Dennis Crawford Steven Cunningham 83 freshmenCyndi Curtis Jeffrey Curtis Johnny Kay Davison Eulonda Dennis Michelle Depue Amy Dodge Julie Dunham Angela Dunlap Tina Eddingfield Joel Eddy 84 KeyElise Eikenberry Gabrielle Eikenberry Rodney Engle Richard Erman Charlene Etherdige Andy Fleming Jeremy Fritz Kelli Futhey Heather Giffin Amy Gilliland Philip Goes Gretchen Goslee Katie Gramling Corey Grant 85 FreshmenLaura Green Jonathon Gregg John Gundy Jessie Haddix Kimberly Maldiman Harold Hall James Hall Keith Hall Scott Hall Scotty Hall Heather Hamilton 86 KeyBrad Manna Joe Hansbarger Kendall Hansen Melissa Harness Darrin Harpenau Michael Harris Cynthia Hensley Craig Herbert Richard Mcrtcl Shane Hcrtel Jennifer Hill Dawn Hills Tina Hively Tracey Hoemig 87 FreshmenAnne Homan David hombrook Mark Hullinger Maajed Huq Debbie Jarrel Kelly Johnson Sean Johnson Theodore Johnstone Jeremy Jones Jimmy Jones 88 KeyMark Kimpel Stacey King Darby Kline Jeff Klingerman Ryan Knotck Phillip Kolkman Jill Kramer Kain Krebs Todd Kressley Susan Kriete Jessica Kroll Jennifer Lamb Tricia Larimore Michelle Lehman 89 freshmenAndy Link Missy Mahnesmith Kelly Manahan David Marten Kurt Marten heath Martin Tara Martin Shelly Maver Scott Mayo Eddy McClellan 90 KeyBob McKinley Deanna Meyerrose Sandra Mikovic Tanya Mlnnick Frederick Mock Kristin Moore Fatty Morse John Magle Shannon nelson Sheila nelson Benay noil Dale noss Tom O Connell Theresa Ostrander 91 Freshmen Jeffrey Palermo Michael Parent Pamela Penland Katie Perchan Dena Phetteplace Kimberly Pristas Clint Prosser Matt Pugh 92 KeyMatt Rocmke Scott Roller Diane Romero Krista Ross Debi Roth Michele Roudebush Colleen Ryan Shawn Sapp 93 FreshmenPatricia Snyder Tina Spaulding Don Squires Bryan Stavitzke Brad Stetler Tara Stroh Amy Surfus Ramona Taylor DeeDee Teegardin Dawn Thimlar Melanie Tubergen Jeff Vanette Steve Vomdran Kevin Wall Marc Wall 94 KeyRandy Wall Angie Walter Paula Washbume Monty Waters Becky Weaver Peggy Weaver Shelli Weber Shell Whitcomb Trudy Wright Chuck Wyatt Angela Yoder Michael Young Preshman class officers: Sponsor John Mam mel. Sec-Treas Julie Dunham, President Phil Goes, Vice President Dennis Cleckner. 95 Freshmen96 KeyEnglish Through dangers unknown and hardships unnumbered, they lead us on a perilous quest to the very edge of sanity. That noble goal: to find out when to use "who" and when to use "whom"! Yes, that unquenchable craving for just the right nominative, for which deceptive gerund fits the occasion. We all know it don't we? And we are led in our sojourn by those fearlessly impassioned Eight Horsepersons of the Adjectival Phrase: Miss Kruse, Mrs. Thomas, Mrs. McKeever, Mrs. Owens, Ms. Counterman, Mrs. Meyerrose, Mr. Lorig, and Mr. Vaughn. They ceaselessly battle fearsome tardiness and ferocious excuses as to why-my-homework-isn't-done to bring us Truth, Justice, and the Pursuit of Better Sentence Structure! - vx 99 EnglishCrista Booth pretends to study once again! Mr. Fiandt Mr. Olsen The social studies classes include world civilization, government, U.S. History and psychology to name a few. Mr. Harter, Mr. Olsen, and Mr. Fiandt are the teachers. 101 Social StudiesMusic Dept. 104 Key Drum major. Julie Clark directs the band among the spectators, photo by D. Penlx Kathy harasin and Andy Mcneal pose for music theory class, photo by D. PenlxThe pep band consisted of: top row K. Gramiling. A. Murphy, D. Loynes, M. Votaw. J. Boszor, K. harpeneau. T. O'Connell, second row D. Harpeneau, A. McCormick, H. Cunningham, J. Martin, J. Shoup, B. Tuttle, third rowS. Fisher. M. Mitman, K. haldiman, J. Wilson. K. Fritz. E. Ruselink, B. Bird, fourth row G. Gibson, J. Gamer, C. Postoloff, J. Carson, W. Poland, L. Van Auken, J. Gamer, fifth row T Squier, J. Hill, C. Booth, J. Crager, A. Sylver, A. Fleming. J. Eddy, T. Boyle, S. Mayo, bottom row P. Snyder, A. Dodge, K. Johnson. K. Nusbaum, S. Ludington, K. Harasin. photo by D. Penix The orchestra working hard on music for the spring concert, photo by D. Penix Jeff Martin looks over his music before practice, photo by D. Penix 105Class Of Auto 107 AutoDrivers Ed. During the summer of "86" drivers training was offered to the area teens over the age of 15. This is a nominal course for those who wish to increase their ability to drive and handle the various obstacles of a busy traffic area. During this course students entered a classroom, taught by Mr. Dygert, for 30 hours. In this class they were taught how weather conditions, mechanical difficulties and drinking can alter the way you drive. After completing the classroom hours and studies, the students were put behind the wheel of a car supplied by either Dunham Motors or Maxton Motors. These cars are equipped with dual brakes. When students drove, they were supervised by a certified drivers training instructor. What did these students get from this rigorous course? These students received their learners permit. What did the instructors get? The knowledge that they would be driving on the same roads with safer drivers. 108 KeySpecial Education The Special Education Program at A.H.S. consists of Emotionally Disturbed. Mildly Handicapped, and Learning Disabilities. The areas covered in the Mildly Mentally Handicapped are English 9, 10, 11, math, government, history, and economics. Also, some occupational courses are offered. The Learning Disabilities Program offers the same thing with the exception of occupational classes. All academic requirements are covered with the emotionally disturbed students. Some students work on an individual basis while others work in small groups. Each student receives instructions that best accomodate his mode of learning. Special Education teachers include: Mr. Poor, Mr. Price, Miss Savin, and Miss Wappas. Their assistants are: Mrs. Walcutt and Mrs. Antrup. 109 Sp. EducationAdministration Hard at work, the cross guard waits patiently, photo by D. Penix MSD of Steuben County transportation staff, photo by S. Sanderson All runs smoothly for Mr. Harter and Mrs. Etzler. photo by D. Penix 110 KeySuperintendent office staff, photo by M. Barlett Is school food a laughing matter? photo by M. Barlett 111Mrs. Diane Cook Mrs. Kay Thomas Miss Marilyn Myers Foreign Language . . . For those students going on to college, two years of a foreign language is requested now. This is the reason that all the french and Spanish classes have increased in size. We re Keeping Mrs. Cook, Mrs. Thomas, and Mrs. Myers busy thoroughout the year. The teachers not only teach the language but they add in the country's history as well as its lifestyles. Mrs. Cook's French classes have visited a french restaurant and a french play by Moliere this year. The languages are very helpful in understanding other ways of life and to just plain have a good time getting in meaningful education! 115 Miss Myers teaches Spanish numbers by playing bingo.Row 1 (L-R) Melissa Voges, Linda Kim Kriste Light, Wendy Rumsey, Floyd Keller, Roxanne Evans, Mrs. Cook Row 2 (L-R) Taryn Saylor, Lyndra Koehlinger, Beth hoover, Darcy barter, Carol Scheffer, Traci Shoup, Charlotte Dangler, Debbie Jarrel, Jennifer Lamb, Jane hicks, Rachel Whang Row 3 (L-R) Tami Frazie, Christa Booth, Tricia Beck, Aimee Ellison, Vanessa Lewis, Stephanie Sanderson, Cory Derbyshire, Amy Oberlin, Sandra Mikovic, Chuck Ehrlich Row 4 (L-R) Sara Luddington, Kimmie Amstutz, Michele Guise, Chris Postoloff, Vince Dunham, Jodi Finch, Karon Favorite, Patricia Frieman, Brian Dodge Row 5 (L-R) DeeDee Richmond, Jessica Carson, Thornton Maver, Michelle Chard, Jennifer Snell. Bob Cary, Chuck McKinley Row 6 (L-R) nikki Davidson, Stephanie Griffin, Cheryl Donaldson, Andy McMeal, Manish Kuman, Brian Tuttle, Andrea Roemke. Angie Budd, Tina Emerick, Michelle Lehman Row 7 (L-R) Mike Mitman, Michelle Mitman, Jerry Clawson. Darlene Erwin, Diane Romero, Chris Teegardin. Monica Cole. Michelle Seiss. Tarma Kirchen Row 8 (L-R) John Gamer, Paulee Knottk, Alicia Penick, Margaret Baldouf, Tami Miller, Sarah hull Row 9 (L-R) Lori Schock, Jamie Shoup, Diane Erb, Don Croy, Cathy Millhouse Row 10 (L-R) Mark Weiss, Mark Snyder. French Club Mrs. Cook's Trench Club is a very fun and weII-organized group. This particular day the group had seen a play in Tort Wayne, Indiana for a field trip. Also one evening they went to a french restaurant. Two french club students. 116117 STUDENT COUNCIL Freshman council members Julie Dunham and Phil Goes. Student council members Holly Greenwood and Kristy Shutt. The student council consists of a president, vice president, secretary, and a treasurer for each class. Mr. Price sponsors the group. Front row from left to right: Shelly Weber. Phil Goes. Holly Greenwood, Kristy Shutt, Cindy Rupp, Gina Caruso. Tonya Burroughs. Julie Dunham, Susie Clark, second row, Jackie Crager, Michelle Jobe, Steph Davis. Sheila Douglas. Susan Selman, and sponsor John Price, and third row, Jaime Shoup, Dan Zintzmaster, LeAnn Dunham, Lorie Schock, Diane Erb, Karen Favorite, Kris Soderberg. Tom Beehee. and Doug Burroughs.Hornet Members of the Hornet Staff include (1 to r): Miss Savin, adviser, Jill Kramer, and Cheryl Donaldson. The Hornet this year was not an actual class. All writing, typing, and idea planning was done after, before, and even during “important'' classes. Even though this was sometimes a problem, the Hornet was a success. As a bonus this year, the Hornet sold messages for 251 each. This was an opportunity for anyone to send a special someone an important message in writing. Ii8 KeyEric Jobe and Chuck Ehrlich do their homework. Industrial Arts is a course using tools, materials, and practices of industries. Safe work habits as well as experience in practical applications of math, science, and communication skills. The classes are beneficial to college-bound and pre-vocational students. The teachers of this class are Mr. Gentry, Mr. Sliger, and Mr. Krebs. Students study in Mr. Krebs class. Mr. Gentry Mr. Sliger 119 Industrial Arts . . . Mr. KrebsAngola Marching Hornets Showing great pride, the seniors and directors show their Division I trophy, photo by A. McCormick Julie Clark accepts the Division I trophy at District contest, photo by L. Penix Is Brian Tuttle listening to Mr. Stokes? photo by D. Penix Andy McNeal and Jaime Shoup play a duet in the opening number. photo by L. Penix Mr. Stokes and Angie Stackhouse make sure everything is ready for the show, photo by D. Penix With concentration and discipline, Julie Clark leads the band down the road, photo 12-0 by M. BarlettFlashy Show Highlights The Season Igniting over 50 white flashcubes the "Stars and Stripes Forever'' resoundingly climaxed the final number and helped the Marching Hornets earn a Division I in Regional contest. The Marching Hornets began their show with the powerful sound of "Shine Down'' paused for an arousing selection called "Hew York Afternoon'' and closed with "Battle Hymm of the Republic" and "Stars and Stripes Forever." The band competed in three contests: Band-O-Rama held at East Hoble, District contest and lastly Regional contest. The band received Division I ratings at District and Regional contests. They also received an award for "Best Music" at District. 121 Marching Band122 KeyVarsity Spirit '87 Super Squad tor TOGA! the rive! starting Go Bananas! Uncle BUD 1986 1987 Cheerleaders OOGAMI Varsity: Lori Patterson, Charlotte Dangler, Kristin Carr, Tricia Beechy, Vicki Goes, and Mandy Mahnesmith. Jr.: Erin Brewer, Amy Graft, Tanya Burroghs, Darcy Harter, and Lyndra Koelinger. Freshmen: Peggy Weaver, Benay Moll, Angela Dunlap, and Cyndi Curtis. A special thanks to coach Becky Harris for all of the time, effort, memories! 125 CheerleadingFootball (Back row) Assistant Coach Gentry, Head Coach Lorig, Chris Book, Joel Wieman. Craig Domte, Jason Prosser, Doug holiday, Lance Krebs, Jeff Washbume, Ted Mile, Matt Romine, Frank Lugar, Phil Zabst, Jim Chapman, and Assistant Coach Roddy. (Middle row) Manager Leslie Schwarz, Corey Derbyshire, Brent hurley, Scott Lily, Zach McCoy, Vince Dunham, Brad Albright, Chad Lepley, Chad Wren, Scott Smith, Alan Gajewski, Phil Snow, Todd Patterson. (Front row) The Seniors consist of Chris Champion, Gene Smith, Derek Craig, Eric Henion, Scott Hansen, Eric Johnson, Joe Harris, Joe Mattox. Dan Zintsmaster. Alan Coler, Tony Isa, Dale Stevenson, and Doug Fox. Coach Lorig, at his first homecoming game at Angola high School, concentrates deeply on the action taking place on the field. Coach Lorig came to Angola this year with 5 years experience as head football coach at Lowell high School. Indiana. Mr. Lorig holds a Master of Science degree from Mankato, State University, Mankato, Minnesota, with major areas in physical education and health and a minor in English. He has previously taught at Fayette high School, Fayette, Iowa; Upper Iowa University, Fayette, Iowa; Mankato State University; and Lowell high School, Lowell, Indiana. 126 KeyTOUCHDOWN, Hornets, at the Homecoming game! Hornets tackle the opposition. Harris (40) receives the handoff while Krebs (44) lilies through with a fake. Krebs trailed Harris during the season finishing with 126 attempts and 409 yards gained. Joe Harris (40) receives a handoff from Joe Mattox (16). Harris received the N.E.I.A.C. First Team All Conference Award and was named most valuable player. Harris finished the season with 143 attempts and 548 yards gained.What is DcrcK Craig doing to director Bob Krafft? photo by A. Pamin Tyler Tharpe smiles at the camera on his way home from Florida, photo by C. McKinley Lyndra Kochlinger, Erin Johnson. Beth hoover, Laura Rashley, Melissa Vogus, Patricia Frieman, and Cyndi Curtis have their pictures taken by the race track in Disney World, photo by C. McKinley While Lyndra Koehlinger, Chris Champion, and Debbie Jarrell arc listening to Bob Krafft. Bart Moll is distracted by an unknown person, photo by A. Pamin Campus Life holds many activities during the year, like lock-ins, rol-lerthons, ski trips, superclub meetings. Miss Campus Life Contests, flori-da trips, and much more. Angola s director is Bob Krafft. He helps the members to open up and have fun. Minnie Mouse poses for a picture with Lisa Broxon and Ann Pamin. Campus Life 1987 128The 1987-88 AHS FFA Chapter made accomplishments throughout the years. Cathy Millhouse, Qinny Brock, and Brian Tuttle played a big part in FFA with their achievements and accomplishments. Individual FFA members also left their mark in FFA history. FFA Linda VanAuken smiles for the camera. 129US THEM 7 Lakeland 36 0 Columbia City 35 0 north ridge 12 0 Dekalb 63 14 Homestead 42 7 South Adams 6 6 East noble 51 6 Prairie Heights 35 6 1987 Sectional, norwell 36 130 KeyFreshmen J.V. US Them Prairie Heights 20 Dekalb 14 East Hoble 0 north ridge 14 Garrett 28 14 20 Ot 6 14 called at half-time 6 131 FootballThe Boys' tennis team had a lot to shout about in the 1986 season with a good record. Playing tough teams weren't easy however, the team pulled together and worked hard to win. Continually shuffling players and positions. Coach Wright experimented for the winning combination. There will be many returning letterman and many members of the j.v. will gain valuable experience over the summer which will boost them up to the varsity to add their ability and sportsmanship to the 1987 team. GOOD JOB TEAM WE RE PROUD OF YOU!! 146 KeyBack Row (I to r) Coach Tony Wright, Mike Popp, Brian Burkett, Steve Clark, Mark Weiss, James McLaughlin, Mark Rohm, Bob Qoes, brad Saunders, and Derek Kline. Front Row (I to r) Eric Jobe, Chuck Erlich, Jaime Hansen, Maajed Muq, Mark Wall, Glen Kelly, James Radabaugh, Kane Krebs, and Chris Postoloff.The 1986-1987 Varsity Volleyball team included (I to r): Beth hoover, Julie Blair, Kelly Eberly, Stacey Goings, Tonie Andrews, Coach Gentry, Tracy Derbyshire, Anja Gordan, Lori SchocK, Beth boons, Le Ann Dunham, Erin Brewer, Jodi Vandcrbeke, and Assisant Manager Mrs. Buchs. The 1986-87 Girls Volleyball teams finished out their season with a pretty good record. Although not many games were won, good effort was shown by all. The varsity team had a record of 5 and 15. The MVP Award went to senior Lori SchocK and the MIP went to Kelly Eberly. Some honorable mentions went to SchocK for her spiKes and to junior Tonie Andrews and Beth Hoover for being best setters. The NEIAC team finished with a record of 2 and 6. The team was coached by Laurie Gentry who was assisted by Amy Buchs. In the junior varsity team, which was coached by Buchs, Amy Gilliland won all the credits. She was an excellent spiKer as well as a good server. She has excellent team effort. Erin Brewer and Erin Johnson also helped out with setting and effort. The Junior Varsity Team included (I to r): Katie Perchan, Becky Weaver, Amy Kennedy, Amy Surfus, Trudy Wright. Gretchen Goslee, Coach Gentry, Dawn Allen, Jane Stoudinger, Taryn Saylor, Angie Clark, Susan Selman, Amy Gilliand, Sheree Blue. Erin Johnson. Jodie Vanderhckr, Shelly Howard, and Coach Buchs. 135Shelly Jenny The Best Of The Best Lisa Missy Sectional Also included are Back row: Asst. Coach Paul Beckwith, Mgr. Chuck McKinley, team members Laura Rashley and Katie Schannon, far right. Bus driver Steve Anstett and Mead Coach Scott Poor. Champs 136Missy Mahnesmith, Jill Leckner. and Lisa Berry kick it in at State. The girls cross-country team was the pride of Angola High as they raced on to capture the Conference and Sectional titles, and went on to finish 8th in the state. Leading the team were junior Jill Leckner and freshman Lisa Berry. Also on top five were seniors Jenny Field and Shelly Parks and freshman Missy Mahnesmith. Junior Katie Schannon and sophomore Laura Rashley rounded out the team. Senior Jenny Field finishes her cross-country career in style at the State meet. 121 Girls X-CountryThe 1986-87 wrestling team included back row from left to right: Coach Gentry, Jeff Palermo, Mike flier. Brad Miller, Brian Dodge, Andy Votaw. John Bristle, Scott Kressley, Bob Ellis, Chuck Sheets, Alan Parker. Matt Bidlack, and assistant coach Kevin Green. Second row: Rich Erman. Derek Kline, Dave Crawford, Jim Chapman, Monty Waters, Todd Patterson, Eric Rusclink, Jeff Chard, Jim fritz, and Tom Burger. Third row: Chuck Wyatt, Dave Nier, Alan Johnson, Mike Lash, Shawn Sapp, Darby Kline, Dennis Crawford, Todd Kressley. and Randy McMenry. The wrestling team this year had a good team although they won only two meets. They went to the ME1AC Tourney and placed ninth and then to the I MSA A sectional and regional tournaments where they placed fourth both times. One wrestler, Tom Burger, qualified for Semi-state but was eliminated from further competition. Coach Gentry worked the players hard and was assisted by Kevin Green shown above. Brad Miller demonstrates how he won his 9 pins this season.Chuck Sheets wins another pin for a 21 pin season. fk. honorable mentions go to wrestlers Dave Nier for an 11 pin season taking two Tournament first places and Chuck Sheets for a 21 pin season. Also Brad Miller and Tom Burger were outstanding this year. Assistant coach Green demonstrates a wrestling strategy. 139Joe Mattox puts it in the basket. 140 Back row from left to right: Coach Mofzigcr, Assistant coach Curtis, Rodney Caldwell. Ted Meyers. Eric Grant, Brent Friend, Lance Krebs. Joe Mattox, coach Mochstedler, Coach Knauer. Middle: Aaron Steury, Joe Harris, Brian Friend, Mike Rogers, Tom Beehler. Assistant Managers include Chuck McKinley, Goerge Dye, and cheerleaders Charlotte Dangler. Vickie Goes, Tricia Beechy. and Mandy Mahnes-mith. Also managers. John Gundy and Steve hull. Once again this year the basketball team held strong in their defense and super rebounding. The leading scorers this year were Joe Mattox, Ted Meyers, Joe Harris, and Aaron Steury. Eric Grant and Lance Krebs helped out with the assists and both the Friends were the rebounders. The team went to sectionals but were defeated by Fremont in a close game.Varsity Basketball . . . Ted Meyers goes for a lay-up but is blocked by an Elmhurst play- Ted Meyers and Tom Bcehler fight the opponents for two points. ers. Coach Dan Mochstedler Coaches HeadThe 1986-87 girls rsity basketball team included front row left to right: Jill Leckner, Shelly Parks. Katie Schannen. Kelly Eberly, Tuicy Derbyshire manager — Sherce Blue, Shelly German, Lori Schock, Susan Selman, DeeDee Sanders, Wendy Rumsey, Coach Sanborn, and c oach Reidenbach. Jill Lectner goes over her opponent for two points. The Girls Basketball team started out very well this year with a four win streak. It continued to be very well throughout the season. This year the MVP went to Chelly German with MIP going to Wendy Rumsey and Lori Schock. Susan Selman showed best defense and Schock came in with alot of rebounds to contribute to their wins. Jill Leckner had alot of assists and Tracy Derbyshire improved with her hustle. DeeDee Sanders and Katie Schannen had the best mental attitude overall though. Mrs. Linda Reidenbach was the head coach with Mrs. Joan Sanborn assisting her. 142Susan Selman looks for a shot with W. Rumsey in background. 143 from row from left to right: Qretchen Goslee, Lisa Berry, Amy Kennedy, Shelly Weber, Darcy Harter, Julie Dunham, Missy Mahnes-mith, and Jane Stoudinger. Second row, Mrs. Reidenbach, Amy Koomler, Katie Perchan, Erin Jewston, Jenny Hill, Jodi Kennerk, Amy Gilliland, Angie Clark, Holly Greenwood, and Coach Sanborn. The head coach for the junior varsity team was Joan Sanborn and she was assisted by Amy Koomler. The team did fairly well starting with two wins, then followed by two losses. In the final matches they won a close game unexpectedly with Bluffton with a score of 15-14. It was very close and nervewrecking. Mrs. Sanborn said the girls showed alot of improvement and she was very proud to be their coach.The 1986-87 girls track team included front row left to right: Darcy Harter, Tracy Derbyshire, Erin Johnson, Kelly hanchar, Tana Lundgren, Brenda Mitchel, Cindy Curtis, Missy Mahnesmith, Stacy Goings, Lisa Berry, second row: Coach McCain, Jenny Field, Gretchen Goslee, Shelly Weber, Shelly Parks, Susan Selman, Wendy Rumscy, Amy Kennedy, Jackie Crager, Amy Gilliland, Jenny Hill, and Jenny Postaloff. The girls track team did very well this year. They were coached by Miss McCain who was very impressive to the girls. She helped them discover things new to them and she pushed them to a winning season. Susan Selman led the team in her shot putting abilities, with Shelly Parks at high jump, Darcy Harter at long jump, and W. Rumsey and J. Fields in the running events. Also Jackie Crager proved to be an excellent hurteler. The team made our school proud once again!! Girls Track 144Susan Selman is caught throwing her shot put far off into the distance. These girls in the pictures surrounding were very impressive this year. Parks will not be returning for another year and we will miss her but the rest will try and hold out one more winning season, riot pictured here is Jenny Field and we regret this for she contributed to our wins Jackie Crager pushes for more speed as she comes to the finish line. • 4Golf Members of the 1986-1987 Golf team are (I to r): Brad Saunders, Glenn Kelly, Don Wise, Chris Postoloff, Steve Letke, Brent Ferguson, Jamie Hansen, Rob Uetrecht, Clint Prosser, Jason Prosser, Mike Rogers, Mark Weiss, Jeff Martin, Brook Kozlowski, Keith Keegan, and Coach Wenzel. The 1986-1987 Golf team made the hornets proud this year. Having a team of 17 members instead of last year's 10 boosted spirits and increased ability. Good job boys! 146 Key Apr. 13 Mon. GOLF East Noble 4:30 T Apr. 15 Wed. FW Snider 4:15 T Apr. 16 Thu. Dekalb 4:00 T Apr. 20 Mon. Homestead 4:30 T Apr. 25 Sat. Concordia Inv. 8:00 T Apr. 27 Mon. Howe 4:30 H May 2 Sat. North Side Inv. 10:00 T May 4 Mon. Leo 4:30 H May 5 Tue. Garrett-Howe 4:30 H May 9 Sat. Homestead Inv. TBA T May 11 Mon. Fremont 4:30 H May 14 Thu. Lakeland 4:30 T May 16 Sat. Angola Inv. 11:00 H May 20 Wed. Hamilton 4:30 H May 23 Sat. NEIAC 11:00 T May 28 Thu. West Noble 4:30 Tphoto by D. Pcnix photo by R. CallFront row from left to right: Coach McDermott, Scott Lilley, Vince Dunham, Doug Gardner, Ted Mile, Mike Mitman. Chris Boyer, Mark Tom, Mike Jordan, Dave Rupp (manager). Assistant coach Olsen. Front: Brian Alexander, James Radabaugh, Joe Burns. Eric Menion, James McLaughlin. Chris Champion. Tonie Isie, Joe Jones, and Troy Ickes. Catcher Mike Jordan awaits the ball. Varsity Baseball 148Vince Dunham faithfully watches while his teammates bat. Coach Olsen is in background. This years baseball teams had a fairly large turn out in terms of people on the team. They had alot of good runners and batters to put together for a good team. Mike Jordan served as the catcher while Jamie Radabaugh, Joe Burns, and Scott Lilley were pitchers, honorable players were Tony Iza, Chris Champion, Eric Henion, and Vince Dunham. The team did all in all very well with Mr. McDermott's coaching all the way. The 1986-87 junior varsity team with Coach Olsen. 1493 s f 51 llggl «3 sOtj -g o 3 t“i§5 •o' £ “ I ia w « «3 h S "5 •= -C CB W - £ ■ = |«|£e£ | o$ jS « a « n .. £ EsS rs SlSl ! □«s s 3 — « j § u g5l ;C s« »s.y-s jhQQKl Angola Boys' Cross Country 1986 Season Record 10-1 Conference Meet 6th Place Snider Invitational 7th Place Lakeland Invitational 2nd Place Sectional 4th Place Regional 6th Place 150 KeyDrapery and Window Treatments by T«Ro custom iphdsteo' drapery 2058 HARCOURT ROAD • ANGOLA. INDIANA Phone 665-5974 ED and JENNIFER RADABAUGH GARY L. K3HENBERGER V0CE-PRESO6NT - TREASURER angola WIRE PRODUCTS. INC. P.O BOX 347 003 WCH RT ST ANGOLA. PM A07O3 R19) BS- 447 barker WIRE PRODUCTS. INC. PO BOX 437 KEOSAUOUA OWA 52303 319 203-3176 BASKETS RACKS DISPLAYS FORMS SHELVING Congratulations To The Class Of 87 COLES HONDA YAMAHA Hours 9-8 Week Days 9-5 Saturday THE ANGOLA PIZZA HUT 665-7574ZMWOP’S MOKJSZ AW 60KP0KA Arrangements 303 South Euclid ST. ANTHONY'S CATHOLIC CHURCH 700 W. Maumee 665-2259101 RECEPTION LOUNGE Opening Dining (Lunch And Dinner) 665-2517 MARVIN ALDRICH Residential — Commercial Builder — Developer "A name You Can Trust SHOUP SHOUP ATTORNEYS 116 Henry Street ’ Anqola, Indiana " 46703 (219) 665-9716 Compliments Of A Friend Of A.M.S.H DUNHAM MOTOR SALES 154nauta-lcasQ ▼ a c m — Sales — • Correct Craft • J.c. Pontoons • Shore Station Lifts • Trailers — Service — • Trained Mechanics • Mercruiser • Fiberglass Repair • Pontoon Repair — Storage — Orland Rd • Angola "GRAPHICS ki tcutt copy RAISED LETTER PRINTING 2 3 COLOR PRINTING LARGE VOLUME PRINTING DESIGN LAYOUT SERVICES TELEPRINT cinAi q BUSINESS CARDS LETTERHEADS ENVELOPES NEWSLETTERS RESUMES CARBONLESS FORMS WEDDING INVITATIONS COMPLETE BINDERY SERVICES SELF SERVE COPIERS BLUEPRINTING REDUCTION OR ENLARGEMENT 8V2 X 11 COPYING OF COMPUTER PRINTOUTS One Public Square Angola. IN 46703 ,(219) 665-844 C.A. MEEDLE SONS 107 W. Maumee Angola, IN 46703 665-2463 CTTTQ Hospital Cameron Memorial Community Hospital COMPUTE AlCOHOl DRUG TREATMENT PROGRAM HOSPICE, HOME CARE AND RESPITE CARE (219) 665-2141 HOUR EMERGENCY ROOM PHYSICIAN COVERAGE 416 EAST MAUMEE STREET, ANGOLA, INDIANA V GUNS MOUNTS 208 West Maumee Phone Angola, Indiana 46703 1-219-665-7563 vesihiH Manufacturing Co. 201 Growth Parkway, P.O. Box 507, Angola. Indiana 46703 Phone 219 665-7586 156 KeyRecords Tapes Compact Disks Concert Tickets SOUND CELLAR Angola, Indiana taiunly Kit. SOU and 16V lAcrnn frnm Camm'i anil t un Spot Amuiemanlil ttmsiiisn 303 W. Maumee Angola 665-2973 ( % Wen ifl became ou’rc l! SUNG OOK WHANG, M.D. Elmhurst Clinic, General Surgery 909 W. Maume St Angola, IN 46703 Telephone 665-2263 Or 665-5958 Home Phone 833-3120TIMS TV APPLIANCE 2411 north Wayne Street Angola, IM 46703 (219) 665-2523 Kenwood — RCA — Sylvania — Whirlpool Gibson — Sharp — Speed Queen VILLAGE GREEN MYERS' BAIT St FISH HATCHERY SEASONAL BAIT • WAXWORMS • GAMEEISH PHOnE (219) 475-5765 V, R 1 BOX 253 PLEASAnT LAKE, in. 46779 APARTMENTS 1700 North Wayne Street Angola, IN 46703 (219) 665-3883 There before you need us.® Old US Highway 27 South 665-6516 MOODYS OFFICE SUPPLY 301 West Maumee Street Angola, Indiana 46703 158 Ads908 N. WAYNE STREET . ANGOLA, INDIANA • PHONE $65-9461 DON DICKS FLOWERS Teleflora "Flowers For Every Occasion" FAMILY TREE 45 Public Square Angola, IN 46703 665-6511 Congratulations To The Seniors 114 East Gilmore Angola. Indiana 46703 (219) 665-5505 Don Koomle Dick Waters QnluiEv. ii—i—I ml PRO STAFF, INC. 300 N. WAYNE ST. ANGOLA 665-2182 159 AdsHORIZOM INSTI PRiriT Bulletins Posters ■ Pads Carbonless Forms Programs Envelopes newsletters Resumes Business Cards Flyers • Menus "Your Full Service' Printer Copy Center GVANS CUSTOM CONVERSIONS Sunroofs 8c Stereo Systems Late Model Used Car CR 200 W 665-3726 1006 n. Wayne St. Angola, in 46703 Tel. 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IN 46703 (219) 665-5151 EOW GARDLIK BEAR HUG "NO GROWLS, JUST HUGS” LICENSED DAY CARE NURSERY SCHOOL CERTIFIED TEACHERS — AGES 2-12 OPEN 6 AM-6 PM YEAR ROUND TRANSPORTATION TO FROM ELEMENTARY SCHOOL PROVIDED MARGARET WOHLERS — DIRECTOR NORMA BAKER — CO-DIRECTOR 617 N Washington 665-7253 l l Ads(219) 665-6562 Storage Units ANGOLA ALL-WASH INC. Coin Laundry, Car Wash Ron Follett Owner Manager 1009 N. Wayne Angola, IN 46703 The Right Clothes At The Right Price SMITH'S CLOTHING STORES Downtown Angola A Subsidiary Of ARO CORPORAZJOft STUDIO II Southwest Comer Public Sq. Angola, IN 46703 665-5002 162Fremont — Main Branch Fremont, IN 46731 219-495-9861 Orland Branch Orland. IN 46776 219 829-6515 Congratulations Zo Zite Class Of Angola Branch Angola. IN 46703 219-665-7506 Ashley Branch Ashley, IN 46705 219-665-5033 163 AdsGive yourself a break Try it on! 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Angolo RED CARPET inn OF ANGOLA We Carry A Full Line Of Hardware, Software, And Supplies For Your Computer Heeds. 205 C. Harcourt Rd. Angola, IN 665-8491 1-69 U.S. 20 Angola, IN 46703 665-9561 171 KeyA SPECIAL THANKS TO Mr, Mrs, Ronald Barlett Joyce Ice Shirley Menier Mr. Mrs. Larry Penix Mr, Mrs, Ron Sanders Steve Marlene Smith Mr. Mrs, Thomas Waite Mr. Mrs. Lyle Wiler PATRON Angola Antique Depot Auto Tech Dr. Baker Bradley Tire Credit Bureau of Angola Hair Depot Beauty Salon Michael W. Hess, Attorney at Law Howard Dodge and Son Inc, Tom's Donuts Tuttle's Van's TV and Appliance VanWagner Slaughter House Wendy'sBOOSI r er Angola Sports Center Klinh Funeral Home Angola Veterinary Clinic McCool's Tavern William G. Boyer Berry L. Miller Dr. Eugene Dellinger Thomas Miller MD Don's Bootery Oliver Sales Dr. K.O. Dunlap Shipe Well Drilling Dr. and Catey Eberhart Weicht Funeral Home Family Physicians Dr. White and Dr. Wiegand Grandin Enterprises Zollner Golf Course Jan Gullberg Alfred ft. Gutstein, Attorney 125 AdsThrough The Years . . . Kristin Carr Vicki Goes Tracy Derbyshire Katie Schannen Mike Olson Jamie Hansen Stephanie Griffin 174Joe Harris Jeff Washbume Sherrie Rowe Jill Leckner Darin Kelly Brian Alexander Pat Manahan 175 Tanya Waters Phil GoesCheerleading in Middle School: Tonie Andrews. Jill Leckner. and Vickie Goes practice mounts. 176 Freshmen boys confer at a break in a basketball game. Tricia Beechy and Vicki Goes enjoy a break at cheerleading camp.Van Dick and Jeff Washbume after a baseball game in eighth grade. I Tom Kiper and Joe Harris wrestle while Bart Moll watches. Glen Kelly, Jill Leckner, Tom Beehler, and Vicki Goes punk out for Halloween. 177178J.V. Basketball team stands at attention. Miss Counterman s class cuts-up. 179 Cheerleading roll-downs provided spirit.M. Amey, C. Reynolds, J. Baldwin, and D. Romero at the drive in. Karen Moore, Julie Clark, and Laura Ferrier share a hug. Kristin Carr at graduation. Opposite Page Top: Erice Johnson, Brad Miller, and Van Dick after a swim. Center: L. Dunnavan, D. Quinn, and K. Carr share a laugh. Tyler Tharpe appears a bit camera shy. 180 Mr. Harter and Mr. Krebs appear dumbfounded.181?eo P e Boys Girls Friends Dates Happiness 182183Amoung the many memories of Angola High School is the time spent there. As shown on the cover we, as a whole, are made of many different years. As editor of the 1987 Key, I assumed the role and responsibility of the leader. However, there can be no leader without followers. The creation of this book would not have been possible without the hard work and dedication of the 35 students who helped produce and sell it. With the direction of Hal Vaughn, the 1987 Key was successful. The Key is more than a yearbook capturing the events and people of Angola High School. It is a book capturing memories, wonderful times shared and friends always remembered. It is an organization where strangers become friends who, together, face difficult times and unexpected problems and the pleasure of a job well-done. It is an idea, developed and translated into words and pictures to be published. In this edition of the sixty-sixth volume of the Key, from the cover to the hundreds of pictures Doug, thanks for everything and always remember, "Keep your hands and feet in at all times and enjoy your ride at Cedar Point." (I had to change this because you saw the other one) Renee, thanks for taking over underclassmen and for taking care of the money we didn't have. Also, thanks for being my lockermate second semester. GOOD LUCK at IBC. Thanks Ann and Lisa for running to the copy machine and typing every time I asked you to. Have a good future. within. I hope we delivered everything that was possible to be seen. ALthough at times it seemed like a long year, I will never forget the experiences I have had as editor. It was the closeness and enthusiasm of the staff which made the hard times less difficult. Although we, the members of the Key staff, present this book to Angola High School, the Simons family, and other friends, it is in its successful completion that we compliment ourselves on a nice yearbook. I hope you enjoy the book as much as we enjoyed making it. Sincerely, Melody D. Barlett Maria, thanks for writing to me and walking the vast halls of AHS with me. You're one of my best friends. Thanks for giving me a new perspective on underclassmen. Cathy, I'm glad you're back. Kristin, thanks for telling me. And, last but not least (an over-used phrase), to all my SENIOR friends, it's been great guys. I wish everyone the best of luck in all you do. May all your dreams come true. I will miss you all. Officers don't forget the reunions. Tom, thanks for asking everyday if we have any pic- P.S. The kittens name is Karrmal (unusual hunh?) tures yet and not giving up after I told you for the millionth time no. Good luck at your new school. I love you. Good luck next year Stephanie, you'll do great. You have some good ideas. The trick is to work from my mistakes and have fun. 184 Key 

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