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zmcs 07 e szwdsnz cm 6 ACAOSMJeS 34 PSOPCS 54 sponzs U4 OKQMWZAZJOffl 148 ADS 162That gorgeous smile belonging to Cory Derbyshire, helped to excite the Unhomecoming crowd. Becky Mitchell and Beth Coons listens attentively as Missy McWhinney tells about the days happenings. Jim Byrne is seen showing his excitement about the beginning of his senior year. Randy McHenry catches Lisa Dunnavan and Tom Holloway off guard with his version of Goldilocks and the Three Bears. in Variety '85. Openmg 3Senior Holly Leckner helps senior teammate Beth Oecowets with her twisted ankle during one of the home meets. Freshmen. Melissa Vogus and Darlene Erwin, watch as Angola beats East Noble in a Homecoming victory. Polly Wilson and Teresa Waite are dressed up for Halloween at Dairy Queen.Through this past year there have been many changes. We’ve all made new friends and became closer to our old friends. We’ve laughed together and shared many tears, but we’ve made it through the year together. As we look through this book may we all be reminded of the good times, the dances, and the classes that are all a part of our . . . Accented Memories At our fall assembly, ex-state cop Bill Essex tells an amusing story about drinking at parties. Drummajor Julie Clark salutes the judges before the marching Hornets take the field at Lebanon. IN. Opening 5Marching Hornets Qo Zo . . . During the week of August 5-9, 1985, some 90 band members. Guard members, Drum major, directors, parents, and chaperones moved in to the YMCA camp at Reading, Ml for a week of concentrated band practice, marching drills, new routines and some fun. A typical schedule was to report to the field at 7:30 a.m. and practice until 11:30 a.m. Lunch was from II.-30 until 12 noon. At 12 noon, we returned to the field and practiced until 3:30 p.m. From 3:30 until 5:30 was FREE time. From 5:30 until dusk, it was back on the field for more intensive practice. Even with all the work — fun prevailed at band camp. Two special events were the Ha-waiian Night and the Toga Party and Talent show, Friday night was a climax for the week when the band traveled to Fort Wayne Northside High School for the Drum and Bugle Corps Show. Band Camp Maria Zimmerman. Julie Clark, and Rachael Stackhouse show mixed emotions when they find their beds outside. Beth Weicht and Rachael Stackhouse relax and enjoy the fresh air after finding their bed outside. Terry Dowell. Dennis Stevenson. Mike Vo taw. and Pat McCormick engage in a panty raid at band camp. Student Life 8Jeff Hirons. Barney Gram ling. John Birchman act as the disc jockies at the Hawiian dance. Christa Booth takes her award for best toga with mixed emotions. Judge. Pat McCormick and Miss Hawaiian. Julie Mike Votaw. Terry Dowell. Jeff Hirons. Dennis Clark share a dance on Hawaiian day at band camp. Stevenson, and Pat McCormick of The Delta House” pose for a quick picture. Student Life 9Zhe Zany Antics Of Unftomecoming Coach Saylor talks about his last year as Many posters, like this one. hung on the walls Angola s head football coach. 0f school boosting spirit among students During Spirit Week, many activities took place. Monday was DRESS IN THE DARK DAY, so nothing matched. Tuesday and Wednesday had a lot of participation. because they were SWEATS DAY and HAWAIIAN DAY. Thursday was unofficially NERD DAY. and Friday was traditional PURPLE GOLD DAY. A bonfire peprally to be held at Hendry Park, was changed to a pep rally in the gym because of rain. For the peprally, the cheerleaders dressed like punk rockers and did a few cheers to boost the dampened spirits of the crowd. During Friday's lunch hour, students were treated to hamburgers and hotdogs grilled by the administration. On Wednesday night everyone got together for a funfilled night of excitement at Unhomecoming. After spending hours in front of a mirror. Bob Hocker proudly walked a way as Miss Unhomecoming. Coming in a close 2nd was Rick Long, who was escorted by Lou Anne Folks. The zaniness of the male cheerleaders kept the crowd in stitches, as the girls played a mean game of powderpuff football. After the announcement of Miss Unhomecoming, Tom Barnes sang his rendition of Here She Is, Miss Unhomecoming.” We will always remember the craziness associated with Unhomecoming. Junior. Lori Schock was sidelined for a portion of the game when she was inadvertantly stepped on by a member of the senior team. Student Life 10 and athletes. r % Or ( ctoM.1 ft. } . , « -..«• , VWH A Vs'' NfrtWW ss- .o. iThese punked out people are actually Angola 's cheerleaders at the Pep Rally. Hours of primping pay off for Unhomecoming Queen Bob Hocker and escort Margaret Hudson. Senior candidate Rick Long shows off his sexy legs. The main question is: Did he shave?! Student Life llAfter an exciting announcement. 1984 Homecoming Queen. Bonnie Rose, presents Aimec Carr with her flowers and crown. Enormous spirit throughout Homecoming week reached a climax as Angola trampled East Noble 27-12. As the candidates lined up in front of the stands, tension mounted. Who would be the winner? When Mrs. Cook announced Aimee Carr’s name the crowd roared with excitement. Last year’s Queen. Bonnie Rose, presented Aimee with her crown and roses. After the game a happy crowd celebrated at the Homecoming Dance. T S Sounds produced the tunes and lighting for the perfect evening. Aimee Carr shows a smile of a proud Homecoming Queen as she and Jon Sprague, her escort, pose for a picture. There's no stopping us now. ” said the Hornet football team as they make the first touchdown of the evening. Representing the 1985 Homecoming Court are. Janice Gajewski. Tonya Burroughs. Jill ieckner. LeAnn Dunham. Kristen Carr. Toni Andrews, and Christa Booth. After an exciting game, a pleased crowd get ready to boogie at the Homecoming Dance in the gym.Teresa Larrimore captures the attention of the audience while singing Friends. Cast ft ok Teresa Larrimore — singing Friends” Tami Boyce — singing Small One Tana Lundgren — Liza’s Story Kris Sodeberg — Liza’s Story Tom Holloway — The Three Bears Hey Good Lookin’ Jennifer Postoloff — The Three Bears” Tracey Swafford — singing Hey Good Lookin’ ” I was Country when Country wasn’t Cool The Three Bears Beth Coons — singing I was Country When Country Wasn’t Cool Lisa Dunnavan — Uncle Bud Diane Erb — Buddette Eric Snyder — Buddette Aimee Wilcox — Buddette Kim Usher — Buddette Randy McHenry — Goldilocks Eddy Semlar — Comedian Donna Sullivan — singing Ice Castles” (duet) The Rose (solo) Donna Sullivan sings The Rose during Variety '85. Student Life 14During a practice for the variety show. Lisa Dunnavan portrays mama bear while Tom Holloway and Jennifer Postoloff are papa and baby bear in The Three Bears.” Student Life 15 Tami Boyce sings Small One” Tana Lundgren with the help of Kris Sodeberg (hands'and feet) tells Liza’s Story”.Think of Me Art And I look upon the morning And the beauty that I see. The flowers and the drops of dew Makes me think of you and me. I look upon the sunset And the shadows on the ground. Remind me every evening of The love that we had found. I dream at night of beaches Along the endless seas, And I think that maybe you’re still here In my memories. Think of me. When others have gone. When times get tough — And your all alone. Think of me, When skies turn gray. When confusion sets in — And friends turn away. Think of me, As the day slips to night, Try to believe thing Will turn out right. Think of me, When the wind blows cold. Makes you lonely — Let’s fear unfold. Think of me. And remember when The days were warm And loving them. Think of me. As time flies by. When things don’t turn out right. When you want to cry. Think of me. When things go right. As things look up I trust that you might. Think of me. There's no need to prove — Just let your thoughts of me Be filled with Love. The winning art entry by Rachel Whang. The winning poem titled Think of Me.” hirst runner-up art entry done by Eddy Semlar. hirst runner up poem ILook Upon the Morning. written by John Haines. Second runner-up art entry done by Roxanne Evans. Second runner-up poem An Old Fashioned Love” by Polly Wilson. Third runner-up poem Tomorrow” by Don Croy. Third runner-up art entry done by Kris Sodeberg. An Old Fashioned Love The day began As others do With edge of night And break of day. The song of birds And the smell of hay. I took my time. That day of ours. For little did I know. What fortune would befall me In the space of just two hours. I brushed my hair And donned my dress. Not really taking that much time To look my very best. I grabbed my bonnet and my basket. With eggs tucked right inside, And started on my way to town To try to sell my prize. But before I ever reached the store I tripped and fell With basket and eggs To be not ever more. Then there you were. A handsome man, But one I’d never seen. You took my hand And from that day forth I’ve kept mine within yours. So our love has grown These years together And will forever last From here unto eternity. And so that today ended Like all others do With a setting sun But the difference was It was spent with you. Tomorrow What's the matter with your life? Can’t you see the sun? Think things of tomorrow, They’re filled with all the fun. I know what you are going through. Now that my life is done. There’ll always be tomorrow, And then another one. Poetry Contest Student Life 17Angola Zhespians Present A Christmas Carol Belle. Teresa Larimore. tells young Scrooge. Doug Burroughs, that she can't love him anymore while old Scrooge looks on. Aimee Wilcox. Eddy Semlar. and Jeff Burd imitate Scrooge while using carrots for his nose. This isn't going to work. cries Todd Grimes while Tim McCarthy tries to get on his shoulders to make the ghost of Christmas Present. A Christmas Carol, By Micheal Palmer, was presented by the Angola High School Thespians on December 13, 14. 15, X). and the 31. Stuart Klatte was the director with Ruth Ellen Neff serving as the student director. Stage Manager was Randy McHenry and House Manager was Tanya Jeffries. This play was about Charles Dickens and his family while he wrote the story of A Christmas Carol. Each member of his family acted out some character in his story. Student Life 18I Todd Grimes. Tim McCarthy. Diane Erb. and Aimee Wilcox give a toast to Belle. Teresa Larimore. for her engagement to Scrooge. Dickens gets more excited at a party than anyone can handle. Who's the mysterious woman? Dickens Tom Holloway, looks through an old theatrical trunk for costumes. Tom Holloway — Charles Dickens Tammy Boyce — The Child Tim McCarthy — Mark Lemon Ed Semler — Fredrick Dickens Jeff Burd — Clarkson Stanfield Diane Erb — Helen Hogarth Eric Snider — Ghost of Christmas Past Doug Burroughs — Young Scrooge Lisa Dunnavan — Ghost of Christmas Present Teresa Larimore — Mrs. Stanfield Aimee Wilcox — Catherine Dickens Todd Grimes — John Forester Katrina Cripe — Ghost of Christmas Yet to Come Student Life, I9George and Brett talk about the Bob Dillon con cert as Brett works at the bowling alley. A T OA This year A.H.S. Thespians presented two super plays about special people on March 14 15. X-Ray Specs dealt with the family and their retarded son. Through the help of Scott’s girlfriend. Brett and his family learned to better understand and over come the trials and hardships encountered because of his handicap. In Them, the actors and actresses used mime make-up in order to make quick transactions from scene to scene, because this play had many different scenes and situations in which the actors played several parts from teaching retarded children, to being a parent or friend of a retarded person, and even to being a retarded person. Both plays were excellently done and the Thespians reached many people with their special message. The Stacey family gathers around Brett after he's had a seizure. Cast Box Brett — John Henderson George — Andy McNeal Mr. Danielson — Jeff Burd Grabriel — Erika Brass Erin — Melody Barlett Lynn — Carrie Smith Scott — Todd Grimes Mrs. Stacey — Cathy Millhouse Mr. Stacey — Tim McCarthy Understudy — Annie Smith Student Life X Backstage. John Birchman helps out with the light and sound systems.Between acts. Jeff Burd and Lisa Dunnavan share a joke. Cast Hoy Eric Snyder practices his macho” look while waiting for the play to begin. Man 1 — Tom Holloway Woman 1 — Lisa Dunnvan Man 2 — Eddy Semlar Woman 2 — Charlotte Dangler Man 3 — Todd Grimes Woman 3 — Diane Erb Man 4 — Eric Snyder Woman 4 — Vicki Goes Understudy — Annie Smith Student Life ilA Walk Zkro This years semi-formal prom was held on March I, 1986 in the gym. With the help of T S Sounds, the prom was a huge success. Over couples came dressed in their best for a fun-filled evening. The Art club decorated the gym with the help of Y-club members and their sponsor, Mr. Wright. Brenda Mitchell and Mike Rogers get caught up in the moment. Ann Pa min and Wayne Mori iff are caught gazing into the pond. ( m 22As part of the decorations, the Art Club painted trees and mountains for the bleachers. While waiting for their dates to get out of the powder room. Tom Reehler and Glen Kelley catch up on the latest gossip. ugk Zke Woods Girls just wanna have fun.” is what these Junior girls are thinking. Ann Parnin helps her date, graduate Wayne Mortiff, pin his boutonnaire on in preparation for the dance Charity — Charlotte Dangler Oscar — Tom Holloway Nickie — Erika Brass Helene — Lisa Dunnavan Vittorio Vidal — Eddy Semlar Ursela — Katrina Cripe Herman — Andy McNeal Daddy Brubeck — Todd Grimes Daddy’s Assistants — Randy McHenry Eric Snyder Rosie — Aimee Wilcox Melody Barlett Good Fairy — Tammy Boyce Girls’ Chorus — Melody Barlett Maureen Conley Vicki Goes Tana Lundgren Cathy Mlllhouse Ruth Ellen Neff Shannon Swick Aimee Wilcox Guys’ Chorus — Jeff Burd Tim McCarthy Randy McHenry Andy McNeal Brett Roberts Eric Snyder Cast Kok The play opens as Charity comes into the city park to wait for Charlie. For the 1986 spring musical, AHS thespians did the Broadway hit Sweet Charity. At the same time that our thespians were preparing the show, actors on Broadway were trying out for parts in the revision of Sweet Charity on The Great White Way. The thespians worked hard for about 8 weeks in order to perform the show on the nights of May 16, 17, 23, and 24. The main charactes were played by: Charlotte Dangler, as Charity, Tom Holloway, as Oscar, Erika Brass, as Nickie, Lisa Dunnavan, as Helene, and several others. The show is about a young dance hall hostess (Charity) and her friends who dream of the day that they can leave the dance hall and live the life that they have always wanted to. Charity meets Oscar and falls in love. They make wedding plans, but at the last minute Oscar backs out. The show closes as the Good Fairy comes out to wish Charity her every wish. Vittorio (Eddy Semlar) and Ursela (Katrina Cripe) make up after a terrible argument. The cast of Sweet Charity ends the show singing If They Could See Me Now. Student Life 24 —Zke Search Prom Queen. Aimee Carr and her date Jon Sprague. Queen c andidates and their dates for the 1986 Prom: Janice Gajewski and Cole Krebs. Missy McWinney and Joe Stroda. Terri Ogle and Shane Saylor. Racheal Stackhouse and Tom Barnes, and Polly Wilson and Rich SanGia-como. After two weeks of planning, running to the local florist to pick corsages and boutonnieres, striving to get to the beauty shop on time for styling and trimming, and spending time painting fingernails and perfecting make-up for the last finishing touches, students were ready for PROM 1986. Once the clock passed 5 p.m., the prom-goers passed from house to house to pick up their dates and have their pictures taken in order to make their dinner reservations on time. A variety of restaurants were chosen for this festive occasion. Some of these were in Angola others were in Ft. Wayne. One restaurant even offered a discount to prom couples who chose to dine there. After arriving at the Middle School where the prom was held, couples were greeted by sponsors at a table with programs and ballots to vote for queen. Next stop was picture taking. While dancing to the tunes of T 6 S Sounds couples smiled, laughed, made jokes, and kissed showing signs of having a good time. When they played the theme of this year’s prom, The Search Is Over, couples realized that this was the last dance of the evening. Soon it would all be a memory. After weeks of anticipation, the Prom slipped by. The pictures, pressed flowers, one time dresses, and memories were all that remained of PROM 1986. Student Life 26 Js Over Derek Craig and John Berger collect souvenirs after the prom. Dan Zintsmaster and Tricia Beck enter into the majestic world of the Jr. Sr. Prom. Bill Harter. Diane Erb. Mark Snyder, and Roxanne Evans pick up their programs before getting their pictures taken. Student Life 27March 24-28: A Week Of Holly Leckner and Beth Gecowets pose with a friend on a beach in Florida. Janice Gajewski. and Becky Mitchell pose with a friend at Cypress Gardens in Winter Haven. Florida. Spring Break 38Jun, Sunshine, And Relaxation Preparing herself for a day at the beach is Aimee Carr. As their plane takes off for Florida. Jerry Fifer and Mark Rohm dream of sunshine, and beaches. This picture of Big Ben was taken by Bob Mocker during his trip to England. Break ’86 Spring Break 29Awards Night ’86 Mary Kim and Anjali Gupta Kumar are pictured shortly after receiving the Valedictorian and Salutatonan awards. LuAnne Folks proudly accepts a scholarship to Purdue University in West Lafayette. Accepting the Elks National Merit Scholarship is Anita Erb. The top 15 of the class of ‘86 receive their Rotary medallions from Dr. Oren Skinner. Polly Wilson and Jeff Sheffield receive their scholarships from the American Legion. Awards Night 30Scholarships Valedictorian American £ eg ion Award Jeff Sheffield Polly Wilson Angola Cions Club Scholarship Jim Jones Sgloia Jackson Scholarship Jeff Beehler Karen Shearman Teresa Waite Rotary Scholarships Jim Hawk Carrie Kozlowski Missy McWhinney Shane Saylor March Of ‘Dimes Scholarship Rachael Stackhouse Jones Scholarship Brian Belcher Boh Hocker Scag y Scholarship Jim Jones Karen Shearman Jrcland Scholarship Tom Olson Tom Rheinheimer Rcurmann—Marshall Scholarship Tony Worthington Mary Kim Salutatorian Anjali Gupta Kumar Sheds Scholarship Chris Wren first Rational Rank Of Angola Karen Shearman Margaret Rccd Scholarship Kevin Stoy Angola Classroom Zeachers Association Tyler Tuttle Julie Wright Charles Arycrbriylit Memorial David Ruselink Purdue School Of Agriculture excellence Award LuAnne Folks Zri- Kappa Scholarship Mary Kim Cand Of Cakes Cions Club Scholarship Margaret Hudson Delta kappa Comma Society Scholarship Tom Theinheimer S ks National foundation Scholarship Anita Erb (Jerald Scag y Scholarship Margaret Hudson Rail State University Scholarships Derek Harter Carrie Kozlowski Kose-Jfulman Jnstitutc Scholarship Jeff Beehler University Of Jndianapolis Alumni Scholarship David Ruselink National Honor Society Scholarships Anita Erb Eric Snyder Aimee Wilcox Polly Wilson Student Council Scholarships Michelle Brown LuAnne folks Carrie Kozlowski Bob Hocker Missy McWhinney Wayne University Scholarship Kelly Beard Amy Simon Kavcnscroft Scholarship Michelle Osmon Awards Night 31Derek Harter. Michelle Ritter. Tom Olson, and Anita Erb reverently bow their heads during the benediction. Waiting for the rest of the senior class to enter. Shane Saylor. Heather Greenwood. Tom Barnes, and Rachael Stackhouse patiently wait to recieve their diplomas. Graduation 32 The senior cake, made by Mr. Deetz and the cafeteria workers, was on display on the seniors last day of school. Relief is shown on the faces of Jerry Fifer. Jeff Sheffield. Jeff Beehler. and Dan Corel! after receiving their diplomas.David Dover was a speaker during the graduation ceremony. Anita Erb and Julie Eddy share a smile and a hug after the graduation ceremony. Excitement about graduating is seen on the faces of John Araque and Brian Dickinson. • • r yi ' Graduation 33Many classes were offered in the Science Department this year. Freshmen were required to take Physical Science, while many Sophomores and a few upperclassmen took Biology I. For those other Juniors and Seniors who took a science class, Chemistry, Biology II, and Anatomy were among the favorites. Other courses offered included the following: Practical Science, Earth Space Science, Chemistry II, Plant Science, Ecology, Astronomy, Physics I, and two electronics classes. Mr. Hochstedler, who previously taught at the Middle School, came to A.H.S. this year to teach Physical Science and Phys. Ed. As Ben crawls up his arm. Bob Hocker gently scratches his rat behind the ears. Academics 36Sara Ludington is distracted while Katie Fritz discusses a geometry problem. At this year’s Tri-State math contest, Angola did a fine job once again. A group of students from Angola competed against students from other schools in the area. Out of all of the students who participated, six A.H.S. students did a very impressive job. In the Senior Division, Holly Leckner placed 2nd. Dave Appleman and Ann Parnin placed 1st and 3rd respectively in the Elementary Division. Dave Ruse-link, Derek Harter, Dave Appleman, and Steve Light combined efforts to earn 2nd place honors in the team competition. Steve Light also won a special award in logic. Mr. Dygert gave an actuary test in which A.H.S. students also did well. Angola High’s Trig Star '85” was Joel Lash. He scored 12 out of 12 possible points. All trig students took the test which was sponsored by the Steuben County Surveyors. The teachers and students at A.H.S. are proud of all those who participated in this year’s contest. M Mrs. Boyer shows how to solve a problem using a compass while Scott Smith pays close attention (?). Mr. Nofziger collects math books on the last day of school. Acadomies 37The English department seems almost endless. The roster of classes offered includes: English Literature, American Literature, World Literature, Composition I II. Speech. Remedial English. Business English, Reading Laboratory, Mass Media. English 9, English 10, and English II. Everyone is required to complete English 9, 10. and II, and college bound students are encouraged to take Composition I II. The Literature classes each go into detail on their perspective areas. Speech class is to teach the students how to properly give speeches of all sorts. Reading Laboratory teaches students how to read quickly and gather information at the same time, and Mass Media, also known as yearbook, is for those students interested in publishing the school yearbook. Carrie Kozlowski quickly reviews her comp notes before taking a test. Students in Mrs. Owens' English II class work diligently to finish their semester final. Academics 38Rick Goalee pays more attention to the camera rather than Mr. 1halls' teaching. Mrs. Baker's typing class works diligently on their final paper. Michelle Osmond types away at her assignment. The business department offers many courses to introduce students to the realities of business. These courses prepare students for opportunities in the field of business and they provide a basic foundation for courses taken at the post-high school level. In addition, emphasis is placed on the personal aspects of business so that it might be applied to everyday living. Academics 39Linda Van A u ken and Ginny Brock do some paper work for Mr. Weller. One of Mr. Weller's ag students looks up information to use for a report. 80 Agriculture is an important part of everyone’s life. The courses offered in Agriculture are designed for both the student who wants an agricultural career an the student who just desires to learn certain skills or who has an interest in one particular area. There are four courses in Agriculture that are a year long. These classes teach the student the study of plant science, leadership, soils, small grains, corn and soybean production, and advanced study in beef, swine, and dairy production. Ag students patiently wait for the bell to ring at the end of class. Academics 40The Home Economics curriculum is designed to teach students the necessary skills for life and to help them develop an awareness of lifestyle and relationships. All classes are planned for both boys and girls. The Home Economics department is vocational which prepares young adults for today’s society and informs them of career and vocational choices concerned with the aspects of Home Economics. The courses available are: Foods I — Foods 4, World of Work, Children and Parenting, Family Living, Clothing I — Clothing 4, Interpersonal Relationships, Consumer Management, Housing and Interior Decorating, and Independent Living. These are all one semester courses. Bill Harter and Shawn a Pollard create a TV commercial just for a yearbook photographer. Academic$ 4IOur Social Studies program offers a lot for the students at A.H.S. We have a variety of courses, some of which include World Civilization. U.S. History, Government. International Relations. Law Education, Psychology and a variety of Economic courses. U.S. History is required as a Junior, and Government as a Senior. All the other courses are electives and go into detail on the respective subject. The students are tested over learned material and are assigned assignments regularly. The students in one of Mr. Harter's Psychology classes talk a while before class begins. Mr. Olson lectures during one of his U.S. History classes. Juniors in this history class try to study for a test. Academics 42Special ED teacher. Mr. Poor, and assistants. Pat Manahan. and Aaron Steury. are caught off guard by our camera man. The Special Education Program at A.H.S. consists of Emotionally Dis turbed. Mildly Handicapped, and Learning Disabilities. The areas covered in the Mildly Mentally Handicapped are English 9. 10, II. math, government, history, and economics. Also, some occupational courses are offered. The Learning Disabil ities Program offers the same thing with the exception of occupational classes. All academic requirements are covered with the emotionally disturbed students. Some students work on an indi vidual basis while others work in small groups. Each student receives instructions that best accomodate his mode of learning. 2 Mrs. Sanborn explains a lesson while her class watches the camera. Academics 43Diane Erb slips a secret to Mark Weiss during French class. As a surprise for Ms. Meyers some secret admirers decorated her room. Amy Murphy. Marcia Kramer, and John McLaughlin smile for the camera during study time in Spanish class. I I The study of Modern Foreign Languages is preparation not only for college but also for the present day demands for multilingual personnel in government and in business. Students should be aware that many colleges are requiring two years of foreign language for admission. All levels study the civilization and culture that influenced the development of the world for centuries and that still has major world influence today. A variety of courses are offered under the title Foreign Languages. These are French I through French 5 and Spanish I through Spanish 4. Academics 44An unidentified back and Bart Noll show the maturity it takes to handle Woods class. Industrial Arts is the course of study pertaining to the tools, materials and practices of industry. Safe, productive work habits as well as hands on” practical applications of math, science, and communication skills are stressed. The classes prove to be very beneficial to both the pre-vocational student and the college-bound student. Surprised. Scott Kressley gazes at the cameraLaura Rashley and Amy Graft concentrate on their music during a 5th hour orchestra rehearsal. The Music Department at A.H.S. ing very good performances at the consists of the marching band, con- Christmas and spring concerts, cert band, choir, and orchestra. The officers for the band were The Marching Hornets participat- the following: Joel Lash — Presi- ed in many parades over the sum- dent. Kathy Harasim — Secretary- mer. They received a Division II at Treasurer, and Julie Clark — Drum the district marching contest. The Major. Margaret Hudson served as concert band also received a Divi- President for the orchestra, and sion II at the ISSMA contest on April LuAnne Folks was Secretary. 26th. Music Theory was a new class ad- At the Solo 6 Ensemble contest, ded to the list of courses offered in the orchestra played as a group and the Music Department. Students in earned a Division I. this class were given an in-depth Choir members put much prep- study of music and how it is writ-aration into their songs before giv- ten. Choir members gjVe t clr fu j attention to Miss Siebold at the spring concert. Don Croy. Shannon Swick. Teresa Larrimore. and Tom Holloway do a dance routine to the song Hats. Academics 46With Ruth tllen Neff 's help, this young girl dem onstrated how to make a candle. Mrs. Buchs makes sure that everyone has all the materials that they need. Tom Holloway and Heather Schwarz teach a new dance to several eager learners. The display case was shared with the computer classes for a week to show some graphic designs. The Art Department was very busy this year. In the fall, the Art Club painted The Sting.” an athletic bus used mainly as transportation to away athletic functions. They also helped the Y-Clubs make decorations for the semi-formal prom. In March, the Art Club held a class for children. The day was spent teaching children how to paint, draw, make can dies, make puppets, and dance. It was an enjoyable day for all who attended. During the spring play Sweet Charity, much artwork was on display in the hallway outside of the auditorium for the public to see. Many people com plimented on the time and locations of the exhibit. It gave parents, students, and other interested individuals a chance to see the artwork. Throughout the year, all types of art could be seen in the display case between second and third floor. Students and teachers enjoyed looking at the artwork between classes. Mrs. Buchs came to A.H.S. this year to be our new art instructor. She did a great job with her students, and we are looking forward to an even better art program next year. Academics 47Phys. Ed. is a course that is required for one semester of both the freshman and sophomore years. Any student who enjoys class during their first two years of high school may take advanced gym during their junior and senior years. During gym class students enjoy several different sports including softball, kickball. track, basketball, volleyball, and several other games. Also during the semester students are bussed to Angola Bowl for an hour of bowling. Oh no!1 broke a nail.” exclaims Jan Harvey. Waiting for his turn at kickball is Steve Hantz. A combined boys and girls gym class cooperates in a game of kickball. Academics 48During one semester of the sophomore year, students are required to take Health class. In Health class students learn about personal hygiene and the world around them. Students also learn about the effects of drinking and using drugs. At the end of the semester students are required to do some research and reading on a certain topic and then write a report on that topic. Alan Johnson and a classmate discuss their reports with Mr. Price. Academics '49Susan Selman and Jaime Shoup work to meet their deadline while Lori Schock works on balancing the books. The Key, or yearbook class, is a class in which the students work on and complete the yearbook. Taking pictures, drawing up pages, cropping pictures, and writing copy are only a few of the things each staff member must do. Each staff member works hard to meet deadlines set for them by the Editor, and the Editor sees to it that company deadlines are met. The finished project is later enjoyed by everyone who purchased a yearbook. The Editor. Aimee Wilcox, works on meeting a deadline by typing copy. Taking it easy during yearbook class are: Toni Wall. Brian Dickinson. Jill Unger. John Araque. and Dawn Unger, as Beth Weicht finishes the Senior section. Academics 50Jeremy Boszor and Terry Dowell work diligently on their assignment. As Tony Isa tries to do his assignment. Derek Craig is distracted by our yearbook photographer. 'Heather Greenwood and Lisa Dunnavan pose for a picture during their computer class. Computer Applications is an introductory course in micro-computers. The students involved in this course use the Tandy 1000 hardware and the Deskmate software. In this class the students learn how to use a PC (personal computer) and become computer literate. They learn to apply keyboarding skills to software applications, and learn about computer careers that enable students to become familiar with employment opportunities in the computer field. Academic» 5l ViBridget Brewer works with a patient during HOE class. Family members of HOE students, students, and training sponsors enjoy food and fun at the HOE banquet. Dr. Beaumont Davison. President of Tri-State University, spoke on furthering a persons education after high school. The first six weeks of the HOE program are spent in orientation to health careers, field trips, basic nursing skills, and lab practice. After the students are on the job. areas of study include all the body functions, human behavior, and CPR. These classes are enriched by films, speakers, in-service training at the hospital and nursing homes, and rap sessions. Academics 52 Julie Fddy gives a speech during the banquet.Gary Shock works on putting in ceiling wire. Building Trades gives a student hands on training in carpentry, masonry and concrete, plumbing, and heating. The course will also train the students for successful construction and marketing. This is a good area of study for people who will someday be homeowners. It is offered for Juniors and Seniors. The students involved are on the construction site three hours of the school day. Chris Wren works on the cabinets as Mike Stowe talks with Mr. Sniadecki about building techniques. Brian Baker stains a banister during Building Trades. Acadt»mir« 53Becky Mitchell and Missy McWhinney were usu ally found at their best in the morning. During all of the games. Senior Bleacher Creatures and pep club members were always found cheering for Angola.Dedicat ion 56Zkis Section Js Dedicated Zo Mrs. Cijdia Heckler, Our Counselor, dor Helping Us Zkrougli Zke years. Thank You for Being My Friend When things are confused I discuss them with you until they make sense When something good happens you are the first person I tell so I can share my happiness When I don’t know what to do in a situation I ask your opinion and weigh it heavily with mine When I am lonely I call you because I never feel alone with you. When I have a problem I ask for your help because your wiseness helps me to solve it When I want to have fun I want to be with you because we have such a great time together When I want to talk to someone I always talk to you because you understand me When I want the truth about something I call you because you are so honest It is so essential to have you in my life Thank you for being my friend Susan Polls Schultz Zhanks Mrs. “H Zke Class Of 'S6 Dedicat ion 57THE WAY WE WERE 58 Baby Pics59Who’s Who Ju Zhe Class Of’$6 . Best Dressed Mr inn Heleher 2. Neatest Eyes Missy McWhinney M ike Mlodgett 3. Prettiest Hair flanice (flajewski floel Maker 4. Mest Smile Margaret Hudson Zorn Olson 5. Cutest JCegs Mona Mills Erie Miernat 6. Class Comedian Polly Wilson Mob Worker 7. Most jCikely to Succeed Dawn Unger fleff Sheffield 8. Shiest Mary Kim flint flones 9. Mest School Spirit Cindy Abbott Zodd (flrintes JO. Mest Caugh Meeky M itchell Shawn Witsamen 11. Mest Personality Aimee Carr Kevin Slog Holly Ceckner Seniors 6012. Most Artistic {Joint Araque 13. Most Athletic {Jana Beltz Dan Corell 14. Best Partier JCaurie Van Wagner Eric Hauck Holly Ceekner 15. Zhe person you would like to be stranded on a desert island with Brian Belcher 16. Cutest Boy Zerri Ogle Chris Wagner 17. Cutest Qirl Zatutny Bitzer Page 58 1. Jerry Fifer 2. Margaret Hudson 3. Debbie Dauck 4. Michelle Ritter 5. Beth Coons 6. Chris Wren 7. Beth Weicht 8. Michelle Cole 9. Jeff Sheffield 10. Mona Mills 11. Rachael Stackhouse 13. Tammy Bitzer 14. Aimee Carr 15. John Araque 16. Bob Hocker 17. Cole Krebs 18. Janice Gajewski 19. Tom Rheinheimer 20. Missy McWhinney 21. Holley Hindman 22. Laurie VanWagner 23. Kandi Hanna 24. Tammy Chiddister 25. Bridget Brewer 26. Terri Ogle 27. Polly Wilson 28. Mike Geer 29. Trisha Cornett 30. Lisa Parks Page 59 31. Beth Gecowets 32. Rick Long 33. LuAnne Folks 34. Lisa Curtis 35. Larry Dunham 36. Julie Eddy 37. Michelle Osman 38. Becky Mitchell 39. Ingrid Cook 40. Julie Wright 41. Cindy Abbott 42. Laura Groshon 43. Nancy Sharp 44. Toni Wall 45. Christi Crawford 46. Sheila Chrysler 47. Majie Boyer 48. Dana Wall 49. Randy Price 50. Aimee Wilcox 51. Anita Erb 52. Michelle Brown 53. Carrie Kozlowski 54. Dawn and Jill Unger 55. Debbie Kimpel 56. Tracy Beechy 57. Joy Powell 58. Lloyd Wasdrip 59. Tony Worthington 60. Bobbie Jo StewartCindy Abbott Pam Abbott John Araque Rick Baade Displaying our new trash cans. Aimee Carr and Teresa Waite flash a big smile for the camera. Kay Baxter Kelly Beard Seniors 62Brian Belcher. Brian Boyd. Rick Long, and Cole Krebs watch and listen attentively, while Eric Biernat gives some words of wisdom. Jamie Boyer Bridgett Brewer Michelle Brown Seniors 63 A.H.S. also had an exchange student from France. His name was Ludovic Vic Larue. He was 17 years old and a senior. Vic came to the U.S. on the Youth For Understanding program. He stayed with Bob and Dolly Tadsen from mid-December until early July. He enjoyed skateboarding, wind surfing, and skiing. Jim Byrne In front of the girls senior lockers poses: L to R back row Margret Hudson. Joy Powell. Anita Erb. Cindy Broxen. Sheila Chrysler. Carrie Kozlowski. Missy McWhinney. Becky Mitchell. Beth Gecowets. Aimee Carr. Trisha Cornett. Debbie Dauck. Beth Weicht. Heather Greenwood. FRONT ROW: Jackie Ridenour. Michelle Ritter. Julie Eddy. Michelle Brown. Pam Abbott. Laurie Van Wagner. Ingrid Cook. Christy Crawford. Kandi Hanna. Teresa Waite. Polly Wilson, and Amy Simon. Tammy Chiddister 4T f I Becky Byrd Sheila Chrysler Greg Damron Seniors 64Brian Clark At a National Honor Society Induction Missy McWhinney. Holly Leckner. David Dover, and roily Wioson study their notes for the ceremony. s Michelle Cole Ingrid Cook Beth Coons Katrina Cripe Lisa Curtis Debbie Dauck Scniors 65Brian Dickinson David Dover Terry Dowell Larry Dunham Julie Eddy Showing senior modesty. L. TO R. Shane Saylor. Mike Blogett. Jerry Fifer. Beth Coons. Bridget Brewer, (behind) Joe! Baker, and Teresa Waite. Anita Erb David Ellis Lewis Erwin Seniors 66Todd Grimes Laura Groshon Anjali Gupta Jeff Sheffield was this year's N.H.S. President. S mor 67Kandi Hanna Fred Hantz Troy Hantz Dereck Harter Jana Beltz seems very excited that Friday night is almost here. Erie Hauck Reeky Haviland Holley Hindman 68 SeniorsBob Hocker Jeff Hoyer Margaret Hudson Marcia Hullinger Gathering her books for class. Beth Gecowets rakes a glancing look at the camera. Jim Jones John Kennedy Mary Kim Debbie Kimpel Carrie Kozlowski Cole Krebs Scott Kunce Holly Leckner Seniors , 69Rick Long Missy McWhinney Rick Long and LoAnne Folks share a smile and a hug during one of the home wrestling meets. Becky Mitchell Tricia Musser Jackie Lugar Mona Mills Ruth Ellen Neff 70, SeniorsJerri Ogle Michelle Osmon Tom Olson Lisa Parks Shawn Witsamen takes time out of his busy schedule to flash a debonair smile. Randy Price Tom Rheinheimer Jackie Ridenhour Michelle RitterDan Romero Tim Rumsey David Ruselink Ernie Sanders This is what happens after four long years at this institution of learning, demonstrated by: Mike Blodgett. Joel Baker (who is in the air), and Shane Saylor. Shane Saylor Kathy Schafer Nancy Sharp Seniors 72Gina Shepherd Amy Simon President; Jeff Sheffield. Vice-President: Mrs. Cook. Sponsor. Troy Sipe Bobbie Stewart Eric Snyder Rachael Stackhouse Shelly Stevens Kevin Stoy Shawn Steller Tracy Swafford Seniors 73Chris Wagner Teresa Waite Seniors 74 Lloyd Wald ripBeth Weicht Peru Wall Tim Walston Toni Wall Julie Wright Missy Zeiger Kris (Leslie) Swenson Seniors 75Accent On Zke I. Mary J. Kim G.P.A.- 11.10 Mary plans on attending the Univ. of California at Santa Cruz majoring in chemistry. Mary s hobbies are tennis, cycling, and piano. She has been active in Junior Statesmen of America. Model United Nation. Thespians. Interact, peer counseling, field hockey, and badminton. Mary is planning on a future in medicine. 2. Anjali Gupta Kumar G.P.A.. 10.973 Anjali is planning on attending Tri-State Univ. majoring in pre-med. Her hobbies include reading, stamp collecting, tennis, and her activities include speech team. National Honor Society. and Explorers. Anjali is planning a future as a doctor. 3. Anita Kay Erb G.P.A.: 10.649 Anita plans on attending Indiana Central Univ. majoring in Physical Therapy. Anita enjoys spending time with friends, writing letters, listening to music, and she is active in Y-Club. French Club, and National Honor Society. Anita plans on becoming a physical ther apist and in a few years she would like to start a family. 4. David Randall Ruselink G.P.A.: 10.5 Dave will attend Indiana Central but has not yet decided upon a major. Dave enjoys sports, and cutting up with friends. Dave has been active in National Honor Society. Thespians. Band. Hoosier Boys State, and golf. He will try to find a job that is people-oriented and live an enjoyable life. 5. David Lewis Dover G.P.A.: 10.025 David will attend Indiana Univ. and major in Accounting. He enjoys playing piano, watching I.U. basketball jamming on drums, listening to good music, playing basketball. and eating. David hopes some day to live in a white house with a white picket fence and a red Porsche in the drive way. 6. Holly Lynn Leckner Top 25 Seniors 767. Derek Shawn Harter G.P.A, 9.73 Derek will attend Purdue with a major in Computer Science. His hobbies include reading and computers. Derek has been active in National Honor Society, baseball, golf, and basketball. In the future Derek hopes to obtain his B.S. in Computer Science, and work in the field of computers. II. Melissa Kay McWhinney (5.P.A.: 96 Missy will attend Indiana-Purdue Univ. at Indianapolis and major in Radiology. Her hobbies are swimming and reading. Missy has been active in French Club. Student Council. National Honor Society, two community task forces, as an exchange student to Brazil, volleyball. and basketball. Missy plans on working in ultra-sound in a private clinic. 8. Jeffrey Clayton Beehler G.P.A, 9657 Jeff will attend Purdue with a major in Computer Science. He enjoys all sports and computers, and he has been active in National Honor Society. Student Council. Sr. class President. Hoosier Boys State. Richard Lugar Symposium for Tomorrow's Leaders. Spanish Club. Red Cross. Cross Country, basketball, baseball, and WLKI player of the Game. 9 IuAnne Adele Folks G.P.A, 9.633 I u Anne will attend Purdue and major in Natural Resources. She enjoys horseback riding, camping, skiing, hiking, skating, music, reading-, and she has been active in National Honor Society. Student Council. Pep Club. Explorers, and McClues Reserve. LuAnne would someday like to have a job in a park working as a naturalist, or trail guide. 13. Katrina Adele Cripe G.P.A.: 95 Katrina will attend Purdue with a major in chemistry. Her hobbies include reading, sewing, and camping. Katrina was active in Thespians, marching band, pep band, swing choir, and National Honor Society. 13. Brian Todd Belcher G.P.A.: 93 Brian will attend Tri-State majoring in Accounting. He enjoys sports, television, and has been active in National Honor Society, football, basketball, and track. Brian hopes to become a successful businessman. Zop 25 Jn 10. Polly Josephine Wilson G.P.A. 9611 Polly will attend Hillsdale college majoring in Teacher tducanon. She enjoys reading and writing and has been active in National Honor Society. French Club, volleyball. and cross country. Polly plans on becoming a high school teacher and to do some writing in her spare time. 14. Brian Scott Clark G.P.A.: 9.0 Brian will attend Ball State Univ. with a major in Accounting or Business Administration. His activities include hunting, fishing. National Honor Society, water skiing. basketball, baseball, and football. Brian's future goals are to graduate from B.S.U. with a Bachelor's degree and to set up a local, private business. Top 25 Seniors 77with a ma or in Business Management. She enjoys yard work, sing mg. bike riding, and has been ac live in choir, swing choir, working at her job. softball, and volleyball. Beth wants to be a business man ager at a large corporation until she finds the man of her dreams. e i a 16. Ruth Ellen Neff S s 17. Jeffrey Eugene Sheffield G.P.A. S.SS Jeff will attend Indiana Univ. majoring in Business. He enjoys listening to music, sports, and people. He has been very active in Student Council, class vice-president. National Honor Society, foot ball, basketball, and baseball. Jeff would like to become involved in a large corporation and rise to a high executive office. IS. Eric Benjamin Snyder Eric will attend Manchester College even though he has not yet decided upon a major. He enjoys sports, cycling, being outside, drama. and friends. He has been very active in Thespians. National Hon or Society. Y-Club. and French Club. Eric wants to graduate from college, make some money, and be happy 19. Aimee Lynette Wilcox G.P.A.. S. 763 Aimee will either attend International Business College, or Tri State Univ. with a major in Secretarial Science. She enjoys cooking, sewing, biking, and has been active in yearbook, flag corps. Thes pians. National Honor Society. Y-Club. French Club. 4-H. Jr. Leaders, and concert band. Aimee plans on becoming a secretary and living a happy carefree life. O!’86 Top 25 Seniors 78JO. Carrie Anne Kozlowski G.P.A, 8711 Carrie will attend Ball State Univ. and major in marketing. Her hobbies include reading, riding horses, walking in the woods, and swimming. Her activities include National Honor Society. Y-Club. French Club, and Student Council. Carrie plans on becoming a fashion buyer for a major department store in New York, and through her job. travel to Paris and L ondon. 21. Cynthia Jo Broxon G.P.A.: 85 Cindy will attend Indiana State with a major in nursing. She enjoys walking, needle crafts, drawing, and has been active in Campus Life, her job at T-Bone Charlie's, a volunteer worker at Angola Nursing Home, and National Honor Society. Cindy will work as a clinical nurse, or at a nursing home for the retarded, or as a missionary nurse in an underdeveloped country. 22. James Gerald Jones G.P.A, 8.543 Jim will attend Tri-State Univ. with a major in mechanical engineering. His hobbies include racing motorcycles and he has been active in National Honor Society, football, crosscountry, basketball, and baseball. After college. Jim would like to design parts for a motorcycle company. 24. Nancy Jo Sharp G.P.A, 853 Nancy has not yet decided if she will go to college, but if she does she will major in Early Childhood Development. She enjoys cooking, sewing, crafts, puzzles, sports, and has been active in National Honor Society, and Student Council. Shortly after graduation Nancy will be getting married and moving to Texas. 25. Ingrid Kirsten Cook G.P.A, 8297 Ingrid will attend Embry-Riddle Aeronautical Univ. majoring in Aeronautical Engineering. Her activities include gymnastics, draft mg. knitting, and needle point. She has been active in French Club. Thespians. Track, wrestling manager. and cross country. 23. Teresa Lynne Waite G.P.A. 8.5 Teresa will attend Indiana Purdue Univ. in Ft. Wayne with a major in Business. Her hobbies include music. basketball, swimming; and she has been active in National Honor Society, her job at Dairy Queen, basketball, cross country, and track. Teresa would like to work in the accounting field and someday own her own business Top 25 Seniors 79 FOREVER MY FRIEND I still remember The day we first met That's a day, my friend I'll never forget Who would have thought After all we’ve been through That my very best friend Would turn out to be you? I treasure the times That we’ve had to share And I want you to know That I’ll always be there And so I will say Until both our lives end That I hope you will be Forever my friend. Autographs Autographs 80Autographs 81juniors Aldrich. Rich Anderson. Stacey Appieman. Dave Arney. Mark At ha. Susan Baade. Rob Baker. Brian Baldauf. Larry Barlett. Melody Bartlow. Angie Bassett. Paula Behee. Mark Berger. John Book. Christie Boszor. Jeremy Brainard. Doug Broxon. Lisa Burd. Joan Burkett. Brian Burns. Joe mm Shannon Grayson and Jana Lundgren get punked up for Hotrtecoming. Jun«ors 82Burrell. Chuck Burrell. Gary Burroughs. Doug Byerly. Shelly Cagle. Frances Cagle. Laura Call. Renee Carpenter. Rodney Carr. Kristin Champion. Chris Cimbal. Theresa Clark. Julie Clark. Steve Cobb. Alberta Coler. Alan Cook. Michelle Cook. Stephanie Cope. Joe Cowell. Angie Craig. Derek Crooks. Karen Curry. Leslie Davenport. Doreen Depp. Kelly DeWitt. Carl Dillard. Becky Dillard. Joe Dunham. LeAnn Dunnavan. Lisa Eidenier. Chris Class Of ... “87” Junior S3Erb. Diane Evans. Roxanne Favourite. Karan Field. Jenny Fox. Doug Fraley. Mark Fraley. Shane Friend. Brian Fritz. James Fuller. Donna Gerard. Jeff German. Chelly Gibson. Gina Gilliam. Kelley Goings. Stacey Gordon. Anja Goslee. Rick Goudy. Lori Grayson. Shannon Greene. Kimberly Griem. Jeremy Hansen. Scott Hardesty. Robin Harpenau. Kevin Jumors 84Harris. Joe Harter. Bill Heckathorn. John Henderson. Terry Henion. Eric Hinman. Carrie Hinman. Pam Hively. Lora Hud nut. Linda Hudson. Jim Ice. Kim Ickes. Steve Isa. Tony Jeffries. Tonya Jobe. Nicole Johnson. Eric Kelley. Patty Kessler. Kim Kiesel. Greg Kimpel. Tami Kramer. Marcia Teresa Larrimore and Doug Burroughs perform a scene from A Christmas Carol. Junior$ 85Lahrman. Tina Lambert. Lucy Lambert. Terri Lane. Sue Larrimorc. Teresa Lash. Joel Light. Steve Loynes. Les Lundgren. Tana Martin. Jeff Mattox. Joe McCormick. Pat McHenry. Randy McKinley. Mark McLaughlin. James McLauchlin. Jana McLauchlin. John Meyers. Ted Millhouse. Cathy Mitchell. Mike Moore. Rachelle Moore. Karen Morales. Tammy Morse. Dave Tabby Thompson is caught off guard by a yearbook photographer, while studying. Juniors 86Nier. David Noll. Bart Ordway. Jim Orewiler. April Park . Shelly Pa min. Ann Patterson. Lori Penix. Doug Pollard. Shawna Quinn. David Rashley. Scott Reynolds. Chris Richmond. Darran Richter. Brad Ridenour. Valerie Robbins. Jack Rohm. Mark Romero. Dave Ryan. John Schaab. Barb Schaftner. John Sc hock. Lori Sheets. Chuck Shoup. Jamie Sierer. Dennis Smith. Candy Smith. Gene Smith. Neysa Snyder. Mark Snyder. Scott Juniors 87Joe Mattox jogs of the floor during a time out. Kris Soderherg Wanda Steele Dale Stevenson Dennis Stevenson Mike Stocker Alice Sutton Missie Sutton James Swary Shannon Swick Tyler Tharpe Tina Thimlar Beth Thompson Tabby Thompson Jay Thrailkill Mike Votaw Barb Waite nwcncvilft Barry Walcutt Holly Walcutt Mark Weiss Andy Wei Ions Rachel Whang Juniors 88Whitcomb. Sean Wick line. David Willms. Marty Wren. Troy Younger. Mike Zimmerman. Maria Zintsmaster. Dan Bond. Judi Lisa Dunnavan playing her part in A Christmas Carol. Not Pictured Chris Boone Danielle Brandanger Angie Byerly Pat Carnahan Brad Durrum John Haines Jeff Hirons Todd Jackson Lori Mitchell Jeff Saylor Dietmar Scherbal Anna Watson Junior Class Officers• LeAnn Dunham. President; Randy McHenry. Vice-PresidentDennis Sierer. Secretary-Treasurer. Junlors 89Sophomores Abbott. Billy Albright. Brad Alexander. Marcie Allen. Michele Andrews. Tonie Charlotte Dangler cheers on during a home basketball game. Araque. Maria Ashcraft. Richard Beechy. Tricia Beehler. Tom Bidlack. Matt Boyd. Lori Brock. Ginny Brown. Mike Burd. Jeff Burelison. Jake Bush. James Caldwell. Rodney Chard. Michelle Chrysler. Laura Chrysler. Steven Jane Hicks marches around the mound on Memorial Day. Sophomores 90Coons. Sieve Cook. Raquele Cope. Roger Crager. Jackie Crawford. Charles Crawford. Denise Croy. Don Cunningham. Harvey Curtis. Kristin Dailey. Ray Daler. Jessaca Dangler. Charlotte Davidson. Nikki Davis. Stephanie Derbyshire. Cory Dick. Van Dodge. Brian Dornte. Mark Douglas. Sheila Dunham. Vince Eaton. Jodi Ehrlich. Chuck Ellis. Bob Etheridge. Kelly Chris Postoloff shows off his backhand. Class Of 88 Sophomores 91Ferguson. Brent Finch. Jodi Foland. Wendy Forbes. Maria Freeman. Angelique Friend. Brent Garner. Jim Goes. Vicki Graber. Mary Grange. Brett Grange. Mike Green. Angie Griffin. Stephanie Gulick. Irv Hall. Erica Hall. Jamie Hanna. Staci Hansen. Jamie Hansen. Kevin Hantz. Chuck Hantz. Steve Harasim. Kathy Harvey. Jan Hickman. Nicole Sophomores 92Glen Kelly plays match of tennis. Jackie Crager plays the xylophone for pep band. Sophomore 9 3Sophomore. David Sonner carefully mans the camera during a basketball game. Koebke. Leslie Kozlowski. Derek Kratzman. Eric Leckner. Jill Letke. Steve Light. Kriste Link. Jenny Loynes. Dawn Luessenhop. Kim Mahnesmith. Mandy Kim. Linda King. Tina Manahan. Pat Maugherman. Ron Maver. Thorton Me Neal. Andy Miller. Brad Miller. Brian Mitchell. Brenda Mitman. Michelle Moore. Stacey Murphy. Amy Sophomores 94Sophomores. Annie Smith. Stephanie Davis. Stacey Sherburne, and Linda Van Auken pose for a picture before class. Nier. Mike O'Bran. Dawn Oberlin. Amy Olson. Mike Parker. Alan Postoloff. Chris Ramey. Carla Reed. Shannon Richmond. Monty Robbins. Joe Roberts. Bret Rogers. Mike Romine. Malt Ross. Julie Rowe. Chris Rowe. Sherrie Rumsey. Wendy Ruselink. Eric Tom Holloway portrays Mr. Scrooge as senior Todd Grimes plays the part of Marley s ghost in A Christmas Carol. Sophomores 95Sanders. Dee Dee Sanderson. Stephanie Saunders. Brad Schannen. Katie Scheffer. Carol Schenkel. Dorothy Selman. Susan Semlar. Eddy Shelton. Jenny Shepherd. Mike Sherburne. Stacey Shoup. Traci Shultz. Morgan Smith. Ann Snell. Jenny Snyder. Dennis Sonner. David Squier. Tim Stetler. Danny Steury. Aaron Stocker. Susan Summy. Ross Taraschke. Michelle Thomas. Lane Sophomores 96Thourot. Jim Tuttle. Brian Uetrecht. Rob Underwood. Kris Usher. Kim VanAuken. Linda Walston. Shannon Warner. Brett Warsller. Scott Washburne. Jeff Waters. Tonya Wells. Wendy Winebrenner. Tina Wilber. Michelle Will ms. Dawn Wilson. Charlie Whitaker. Vallis Paul Wise. Don Wolfe. Dawn Wyatt. Gina Wyatt. Kim Not Pictured: Carnahan. Scott Garr. Charles Grubb. Mike Gulick. James Grunden. Mary Hall. Tony Herrin. Angie Ruckel. Ross Schenk el. Darren Skaggs. Amie Sutton. Cathy Sophomore class officers: Wendy Rumsey: President. Kristi Light: Vice President. Dee Dee Sanders: Secretary-Treasurer. Sophomores 97freshmen Adams. Brian Alexander. Brian Allen. Dawn Amstutz. Kim Anderson. Shane Aspy. Dawn Ayers. Rob Baldauf. Margaret Baugh. Karen Baum. Irinka Beck. Tricia Bird. Bryan Blue. Sheree Book. Sheila Booth. Christa Bowling. Jacinda Boyce. Tammy Boyer. Chris Brantley. Darie Brewer. Erin Bruner. Eric Budd. Angie Burrell. Steve Burroughs. Bonnie Freshmen 98Burroughs. Tanya Callahan. James Carpenter. Mickey Caruso. Gina Cary. Robert Chard. Jeff Clark. Yvette Clawson. Jennifer Cobb. Winnie Cole. Monica Conway. Dave Coons. Lisa Cox. Betty Cretsinger. Jeremy Dailey. John Denham. Julie Derbyshire. Tracy Dick. Doug Dilts. Kelly Dixon. Shelly Donaldson. Cheryl Class Of 89 Freshmen 99Dornte. Craig Eberly. Kelly Ellison. Aimee Emerick. Kim Emerick. Tina Erwin. Darlene Ferrell. Chris Fifer. Jody Folleit. Owen Franke. Brian Frazie. Tami Fritz. Katie Fritz. Kevin Fuhrman. Penny Gajewski. Alan Garner. John Garrison. Troy Gauthier. Missi Geer. Rob Gibbeny. Bob Goes. Bob Maria Wood. Dawn Allen, and Angie Budd relax after half time. Freshmen 100Graft. Amy Gramling. Ramey Grant. Erik Grayson. Rick Greenwood. Holly Guise. Michelle Gulick. Artie Gupta. Manish Guthier. Troy Hall. Chris Hall. Harold Hantz. Diane Hantz. Ronnie Harger. James Hargrave. John Harter. Darcy Heckathorne. Scott Henderson. John Hertel. Richard Hertel. Shane Hile. Ted Hively. Tina Hobbs. Mike Holsinger. Jason Freshmen IOIMichea Howard and Gwen Follet take over teaching for the day. Johnson. Erin Jones. Joseph Keegan. Keith Kennerk. Jodi Kimes. Yvette King. Eric Kirchen. Tamara Kline. Derek Knotek. Paula Koehlinger. Lyndra Kohli. James Kozlowski. Brooke Krebs. Lance Kressler. Scott Kruger. Rick Freshmen 102Larrimore. Micah Lash. Mike Lechleidner. Alan Lehman. John Lehman. Kelly Lepley. Chad Lewis. Vanessa Lipman. David Little. James Lading ton. Sarah Lugar. Frank Lytle. Misty Mansfield. Katie Marten. Rick Marten. Sherry Mason. Jeremy McCarty. William McClellan. Ralph McKinley. Charles McKinley. Kari Kim Penix and Lisa Spallinger pose for a picture during choir. Freshmen K)3Laura Rashley is caught off guard by a Yearbook Photographer. Parker. Lonny Patterson. Suzette Patterson. Todd Penick. Alicia Penix. Kim Petre. Missy Popp. Mike Postoloff. Jennifer Presley. Craig Puthoff. Ben Quick. Jennifer Radabaugh. James Ramey. Jennifer Rashley. Laura Rathburn. Daniel Rayburn. Dawn Richardson. Robert Robbins. Jenny Roemke. Andrea Freshmen KMFreshmen girls get rowdy before a Basketball game. Roemke. Bobby Rolan. Scott Rose. Grady Roudebush. Angela Rupp. Cindy Ryan. Mike Sailors. Larry Saylor. Taryn Schlegle. Cham Schwarz. Heather Sebring. Karen Seiss. Michelle Sheets. Martha Sheets. Ralph Shirley. Jill Shook. Stacy Shoup. Vicki Shultz. Whitney Shutt. Kristy Simon. Beth Swiek. Jason Smith. Scott Smith. Marty f r thmen 105Missy Petre smiles at a passerby while she has her picture taken. Stock. Audrey Stoudinger. Jane Stowe. John Sturtz. Dan Sullivan. Donna Sutton. Cindy Swafford. Todd Swager. Shane Syler. Amanda Taylor. John Taylor. Shane Teegardin. Christina Teegardin. Stacy Thimlar. Todd Tom. Mark Vanderbeke. Jodi Voges. Melissa Vo taw. Andy Walters. Sherry Smith. Tina Snow. Phillip Spallinger. Lisa St. Clair. Patty Freshmen 106Waller. Steve Walters. Jonathan Warren. Tiffanie Weller. Julie Whang. Eunice Wickline. Walter Wieman. Joel Wood. Maria Wray. Anita Wren. Chad Zabst. Phillip Zimmerman. Bobby Class Of 1 9 $ 9 Freshmen class officers are; Mr. Hammel. sponsor; Jodi Vanderbeke. Erin Brewer, and Jodi Kennerk. Freshmen 107Mrs. Boyer Admimstative — Computers Mrs. Buchs Art Mrs. Crimmins HOE Mr. Flemming Guidance Ccadcrs Of The Pack Mr. Gentry Industrial Mr. Gottron Science Mr. Hammel Math Mrs. Harris L ibraryMr. Hochstedler Science Mrs. Hunt Home Ec. Mr. Kelley Principal Mr Knauer Business Miss Kruse English Mrs. Lowe Aide Mrs. McKeever English Mrs Meyerrose Business and English Still Heading Zke Way Miss Myers Mrs. Neff Mr. Nofziger Mr. Olson Spanish Home Ec. Math History Faculty K)9ft 1 Mr. Poor Sp. Ed. Mrs. Reidenbach PE and Health Mrs. Sanborn Sp. Ed. Miss Savin Mr. Schock Mr. Sirk Dr. Skinner Learning Disability Administrative Asst. Principal Superintendant Jf ] ou Can Read . . . Faculty IIOMr. Thalls Math Mrs. Thomas Spanish ami English Mr. Vaughn Business ami English Mrs. Walcutt Aide Mrs. Wappes Learning Disability Mr. Weller Janitors: Richard Pierce. Richard Hedglin. Roger Meeks, and Howard McKeever. Science Zkank A Zcacker Mr Wright Science Bus Drivers: (Eront row) Sue Penick. Kathy Miller. Carol Danglar. Rhonda Drerup. Ken Penick. Dave Harpham. Bud Danglar. Tom German. Ned Somerlot. Jim Swift. (Back row) Denise Curry. Steve Anstett. Don Anstett. Howard Snyder. Orcie Routsong. Bob Anstett. and Don Clouse. Faculty lllMr. Kelly shows the skills and abilities needed to be a well-educated, high standard Principal. Mrs. Beehler smiles at the camera during Children and Parenting class. Behind all of the trials, troubles, and turmoils is Rosie Reade the mild, mannered secretary. Pretty Poses Kitchen help. Donna Yarnelle. Sharon Graham. Sharon Olinski. Floyd Deetz. Ilene Chilicote. Faculty 112Mr. Harter tries to pretend that he doesn 't know his picture is being taken but his smile tells the truth. Mr. Thalls' typing class does the assignment given to them. Jrom Zhc Staff Mrs. Reidenbach. Mrs. Sanborn, and LeAnn Dunham talk while watching the Prom. Mr. Poor stands around between periods with Jeff Saylor and Bobbie Zimmerman. Accent On .. . Coach Gentry gives words of encouragement to the varsity vol eyballers before a game. Hornet footballers bring down their opponent in an early season game.Cheering Zhe Way Zo Victories Cheerleaders After working hard at summer camp (DePauw, IN) the 1985-1986 cheerleaders were ready for a good year. Besides cheering games the cheerleaders painted spirit signs that were seen all over the school and they performed at the few and needed pep sessions we had. Vicki Goes. Tricia Beechv. and Kathy Harasim relax while cheering the team on. The squad makes a pyramid during the school song. Shannon Grayson works on getting on Lori Patterson's and Becky Mitchell's shoulders during a cheer. 116 SportsShannon Grayson. Kristen Carr. Janice Gajewski. Lori Patterson. Tana Lundgren. and Becky Mitchell make up the Varsity Team. Darcy Harter. Amy Graft. Tonya Burroughs, and Lyndra Koelinger are on the Freshman Team. The Junior Varsity Team consists of Tricia Beechy. Charlotte Danglar. Kathy Harisum. Vicki Goes, and Mandy Mahnesmith. Sport H7Serving Jt lip © VOiiayMAU © The Girls Volleyball team performed a fairly good season ending the season with an excellent record. Receiving special honors at the fall sports banquet were: Laurie Van Wagner — MVP Lori Schock — Best Spiking Best Bumping Receiving all-conference honors was: Laurie VanWagner. Honorable Mention. Silently cheering on their teammates are Stacey Goings, and Maria Zimmerman. Lori Schock and Missy McWhinney wait to help as Holly Leckner bumps a return up to the setter. Sporis 118(1st row I to r) The freshmen volleyball team — Dawn Allen. Taryn Saylor. Jane Stoudinger. Yvette Kimes. Sherry Bleu. Michael Howard, and Stacy Shook. (2nd row) JV volleyball team Stephanie Griffin (manager). Toni Andrews. Beth Hoover. Kelly Eberly. Stacy Sherburn. Tracy Derbyshire, and Holly Greenwood (manager). (3rd row) Coach Moyer. Erin Johnson. Jodi Vanderbeke. Chelly Allen. DeeDee Sanders. Dawn Loynes. Linda VanAuken. Lori Boyd, and Coach Gentry. Varsity volleyball team (1st row I to r) Holly Greenwood (manager). Stacey Goings. Holly Leckner. Missy McWhinney. Maria Zimmerman. Laurie VanWagner. and Stephanie Griffin (manager). (2nd row) Coach Moyer. Beth Coons. Anja Gordon. Lori Schock. Lisa Coons. Beth Gecowets. LeAnn Dunham, and Coach Gentry. Sport si 19A dug Jor A Win noys ZSflMS (first row) Glen Kelly. Chuck Ehrlich. Chris Postoloff. Eric Bruner. Eric Jobe. Jamie Hansen (second row) Don Wise. Mike Popp. Bob Goes. Brian Burkett. Mike Olson. Brad Saunders, (third row) Assistant Coach Simons. Steve Clark. Tom Olson. Mark Weiss. Jerry Fifer. James McLaughlin. Mark Rohm. Brian Tuttle, and Coach Wright. The boys tennis team had a very good season this year. A.H.S. also had the privilege of sending senior Tom Olson to the Regional Tennis meet. Number I singles player. Tom Olson, sends his serve flying over the net. Sports IX) Coach Wright is found showing off his perfect” form.Jamie Hansen lets his aggravations out after a rough meet. Jerry Fifer and Mark Rohm question their oppo nents about their playing strategies. Assistant Coach Simons carefully watches a meet. Sports UlGoing Zlte D istance Cross-Country The first girls cross country team at A.H.S. did very well their first season with I win and 0 losses. The lady runners also placed 8th in the New Prairie Invitational, 3rd in the Harding Invitational, 1st place in the Lakeland Invitational. 3rd place in the NEIAC meet, 2nd place at the Sectional meet, and 8th place in the Regional meet. Honors awarded were: Jill Leckner, All conference, Lakeland Invitational Champion, and Most Valuable Runner-. Shelly Parks, All conference; and Jenny Field. All conference — second team. The boys team also fared well with 8 wins and 3 losses. The boys placed: 5th place in the New Prairie Invitational. 4th place in the Harding Invitational, 3rd Place in the Lakeland Invitational, 4th place in the NEIAC meet. 4th place in the Sectional Meet, and 6th place in the Regional meet. Honors awarded were: Derek Kozlowski, All conference — second team, and Most Valuable Runner. Jenny Field is seen striding in for a good finish. The Girls cross country team keep a strong pace. Sports 132 Coming in for a strong finish are Derek Koz-lowski. and Tom Reeh er. The male harriers are seen at the beginning of a grueling race. (1st. row I. to r.) Steve Hull. Aaron Steury. Derek Kozlowski. Rob Uetrich. Mark Behee. Brian Alexander. (2nd. row I. to r.) Irv Gullick. Pat Mana-han. Van Dick. Tom Rheinheimer. Charlie Wilson. Tom Beehler. and Scott Rashley (3rd row I. to r.) Coach Beckwith. Jenny Field. Ingrid Cook. Katie Schannen. Wendy Runsey. Teresa Waite. Shelly Parks. Jill Leckner. Laura Rashley. and Polly Wilson. ScereboK Angola Opponents 63 Prairie Heights — 44 35 Eastside — 12 15 DeKalb — 76 20 Hamilton — 116 19 Garrett 144 33 Prairie Heights — 21 21 Fremont — 50 lakeland — 43 East Noble — 23 Hamilton — 39 Sports QBGoing Jor Zhe Gold ® Varsity football ® The football team played a rough season this year, with a season record of 4 wins and 5 losses. Team captains were: Shane Saylor. Dan Corel!, and Cole Krebs. Receiving honors at the fall sports banquet were: Cole Krebs, first team all-conference (defense); Shane Saylor, second team all-conference (Offense); Cole Krebs, second team all-conference (offense); Rick Long, second team all-conference (offense); Brian Belcher, all-county . Shane Saylor, all-county; Cole Krebs, all-county; Brian Belcher, Most Valuable Player, and Best GPA on team. The varsity football team warms up before a game. (1st row to r) Jim Byrne. Tom Barnes. Ty Tuttle. Eric Biernat. Shane Saylor. Shawn Whitsiman. and Bob Hocker. (2nd row) Coach Saylor. Chris Wagner. Brian Boyd. Dan Corel!. Jeff Sheffield. Cole Krebs. Rusty Woodruff. Brian Belcher. Rick Long, and Assistant Coach Harter. (3rd row) Matt Romine. Tony Isa. Dan Zintsmaster. Chris Reynolds. Eric Johnson. Eric Henion. John Berger. Paul Hyska. and Bart Noll. (4th row) Assistant Coach Gentry. Tyler Tharpe. Mike Shepherd. Tony Hall. Alan Coler. Doug Holiday. Joe Mattox. Joe Harris. Doug Fox. Mark Dornte. and Cory Derbyshire. Jim Byrne moves up field to gain yardage for the Hornets. Sports 124Rusty Woodruff takes the ball and plows through the Columbia City team. Coach Saylor gives words of encouragement to his team. Scorebcn: Angola Opponents 13 Lakeland — 14 13 Columbia City — 7 13 Northridge — 14 15 Dekalb — 39 6 Homestead — 30 44 South Adams — 14 36 East Noble — 13 8 Prairie Heights - 10 31 Northwood — 37 Sports 125 fj. V. And Jrcskmen football ® Over all the Freshman and Junior Varsity football teams did very well this season. Their cooperation was excellent. The largest problem with this years’ J.V. team was the lack of players. They played many players, both ways and could stay with most teams during the first half. In the second half, the team would tire and be defeated by large margins. Especially against DeKalb and East Noble, two teams with an abundance of players, says coach Gentry. They ended their season with a 2-3 record. The Freshmen team did an excellent job this season. They had a few bad days like everyone else and ended their season with a good record. Both teams did a tremendous job this season and we wish them luck for next year! Hornet coaches are waiting patiently while the next play takes place. Sports 126Trying to keep 3 hold of the ball, our Hornet player gains some yardage. Sport t 127 The mighty Hornets hope to get around the wild on-coming Columbia City player.Shooting 7or J Win (girls Basketball The 1985-86 girls basketball team had a good season with a record of 6 wins and 9 losses. Sophomore, Jill Leckner was named Most Valuable Player at the winter sports banquet. Jill also placed fourth in assists. Chelly Garman was named the leading scorer after finishing the season having hit a 40% clip from the field scoring a total of points. Named leading rebounder for the Hornet girls was Susan Selman. Senior captain Treenie Waite was also honored for having the best free throw percentage on the team. Angola players honored by the NEIAC were: Chelly German, making the second team-, and Teresa Waite receiving Honorable Mention. 1985-86 Varsity girls basketball team Assistant Coach Sanborn. Laurie VanWagner. Shelly Parks. Teresa Waite. Susan Selman. Lori Schock. Katie Schannon. Chelly German. Jill Leckner. and Coach Reidenbach. 1985-86 Junior Varsity girls basketball team. (1st row L to R) Jodi Vanderbeke. Erin Johnson. Tracy Derbyshire. Kelly Eberly. Darcy Harter. Beth Hoover, and Jane Stoudinger. (2nd row) Assistant Coach Reidenbach. Missy Petre. Holly Greenwood. Wendy Rumsey. DeeDee Sanders. Monica Cole. Lori Boyd, and Coach Sanborn. Captain Teresa Waite practices her shooting before a home game. Spor ts 128The girls basketball team prepares to play a good game after being introduced to the crowd. Jane Stoudinger. Jodi Kennerk. and Wendy Rumsey wait to help as Kelly Eberly steals the ball from her opponent. Jill Leckner. Chelly German. Lori Schock. and Susan Selman are seen coming in to the bench after playing a rough quarter of basketball. Scorebox Angola 48 38 33 39 31 50 38 41 37 40 18 53 39 48 38 37 43 39 39 56 58 51 48 57 69 53 56 48 43 33 40 68 37 63 Opponent West view — Lakeland — Homestead Last Noble — Prairie Height Dekalb — Columbia City — Hamilton — Fremont NEIAC Tourney — Fremont — New Haven — South Adams — Garrett — Rellmont — Bluff ton Dekalb Sectional Sports, 139Shooting dor A Win . . . Varsity Boys Basketball This year’s boys’ varsity basketball team started the season with a three game winning streak against such teams as East Noble and Lakeland. The win over rival East Noble kept the Hornets from losing their conference. Through their many battles the mighty Hornets encountered several close losses, with Elmhurst and Southside, but they held strong with excellent defense and great rebounding. The Hornets played at Garrett for a sectional title but lost it to the sectional champs. The leading scorers for Angola were Dan Corell, and Jeff Sheffield. Jeff Beehler who placed fourth in the conference having an average of 5.3 assists per game with a season of 10 against East Noble. Honorable mentions went to Joe Harris, Joe Mattox and Aaron Steury. 1st row (I to r) Steven Hull (manager). Brian Friend. Aaron Steury. Jeff Beehler. Alan Coler. Joe Harris. Doug Brainard. 2nd row Chuck McKinley (manager) Caoch Hoschstedler. Dan Corell. Joe Mattox. Cole Krebs. Jeff Sheffield. Ted Mayers. Jerry Fifer. Jamie Royer. Assistant Coach Knauer. and Assistant Coach Nofziger. Jerry Fifer drives it in in order to score two more points for the Hornets. The Hornet team comes to the bench for a few notes before the game. Sports 130Cole Krebs gets ready to shoot a basket for the Hornets. Season Schedule BeUmont Home Hamilton Home Eremont Away Leo Away Columbia City Home Dekalb Away NEIAC Tourney Hontestead Away South Adams Away Garrett Home Elmhurst Home East Noble Away Bluff ton Home Lakeland Home West view Home Prairie Heights Home Eastside Away South Side Away New Haven Away Sectional Garrett Sport » l3l{JV 4 freshman Basketball The JV team is seen playing a hard game at the Middle School. The season ends for coach Knauers Hornets, but the achievements of the team will never end. The team had a 9-11 season overall. The Hornet basketball team worked very hard at what they achieved, but no matter how tough things seemed they never gave up. The team had some dry spells, they dropped six straight games ending the first half of their season with a 3-7 record, but the second half of the season was just the opposite, they finished with a 6-4 record. The highlight of the season had to be the double weekend victories over a fine Garrett team and a come from behind overtime victory over Ft. Wayne’s Elmhurst. These are the statistics on the players achievements. Leading scorer was Lance Krebs, with lOpts per game. The leading rebounder was Lance Krebs, with 9 rebounds per game. Leading assist was? Tom Beehler, with 5.5 per game. The two captains for the Hornet team were Tom Beehler and Brent Friend. On the J.V. team this season there were 16 dedicated players, and though not all will be ready for the varsity level next year, all have shown the desire and have shown their ability to play. Those willing to work between now and next season to improve will have a good chance for the varsity team next year. 132 Back Row (L to R): Chuck McKinley. Mr. Hochstedler. Brian Friend. John Bereger. Brent Freind. Ted Myers. Lance Krebs. Rodney Caldwell. Mr. Nofziger Middle Row: Alan Coler. Chris Champion. Mike Rogers. Brian Miller. Scott Wars tier. Doug Brainard. 1st row Steve Hull. Matt Romine. Tom Beehler. and Glen Kelly1st row (I to r) Joe Jones. James Radabaugh. Scott Smith. Brian Alexander. 2nd row Bob Goes. Mark Tom. Larry Saylors. Doug Gardner. Troy Guthier. Ted Mile. 3rd row Phil Snow. Chris Boyer. Shayne Anderson. Eric Grant. Ron Hantz. Chris Hull. Chad Lepley. and Coach Price. ScereboK Angola Opponent 12 Garrett — 6 30 East Noble — 18 0 New Haven — 20 16 Leo 6 8 Columbia City — 14 26 DeKalb — 18 Spor (9 133 While the other players look on. Lance Krebs goes up for 2 pts.All Zangled Up . . . Wrestling This year’s record for wrestling was 14 wins and 8 losses. This year we had six wrestlers participate in the Regional meet at Goshen. Angola scored II points in the Tourney. We had one participant qualify at IHSAA Semi-State Tourney at Goshen, that was Senior Dave Ellis at 167 lbs. But, he lost his first round match and was eliminated from further competition. The underclassmen captain was Dave Nier, and Senior Captain was Dave Ellis, Dave Nier at 105 lbs., Larry Dunham at 145 lbs., Chuck Sheets at 185 lbs. were Ken-dallville-Auburn all area Honorable mention. Mike Lash at 132 lbs. was named most improved wrestler. Senior Dave Ellis had the most pins totaling 18. He was also the most valuable wrestler, the first in the IHSAA Sectional Tourney, he placed second in NEIAC tourney, and he placed third in IHSAA Regional Tourney. This year’s wrestling team, we feel, did a great job and the people at AHS are very proud of them. GOOD JOB GUYSl Senior Dove Ellis comes out on top of ter o hord match. 1st row (I to r) Down Loynes. Kim Johnson. Chorlotte Dangler. were the wrestlerettes. 2nd row Dove Nier. Rondy McHenry. Mike Losh. Jim Howk. A Ion Johnson. John Lehman. 3rd row Assistant Coach Kevin Green. Mike Blodgett. Chuck Sheets. Dove Ellis. Bob Ellis. Lorry Dunham. Todd Patterson, and Coach Gentry. Mike Losh is found getting ready to pin his opponent. Spoorts 134Freshman Todd Patterson, struggles to win at 167 Senior Larry Dunham, puts forth the effort at 145 lbs. lbs. ScoreboK ANGOLA Opponent 46 Howe Military 30 39 Columbia City 35 47 Central Noble 27 32 West Noble 36 6 Lakeland 71 63 Westview 8 38 Garrett 30 15 Dekalb 53 48 Fremont 30 29 West Noble 42 24 Jimtown 49 45 Central Noble 30 54 Westview 24 42 Westview 27 41 Bishop Luers 27 41 Bishop Luers 28 21 Leo 52 12 Woodlan 63 17 Edgerton 57 60 East Noble 30 44 Howe Military 38 49 Westview 30 Sports ! 35Jiigking (fast Zracks . . . (girls' Zrack This year’s girls’ track team was outstanding. The most valuable player was Jenny Field. Cindy Rupp was voted most improved, and Susan Selman was voted as the most valuable person in field events. Most valuable sprinter was awarded to the 400 meter relay team made up of Darcy Harter, Tracy Derbyshire, Jackie Crager, and Stacey Goings. The best runner was Jenny Field and Shelly Parks was the best hurdler. 1st row (I to r) Darcy Harter. Tracy Derbyshire. Kelly Eberly. Erin Johnson. Jackie Crager. Tana Lundgren. Stacey Goings. Brenda Mitchell. Jenny Field, and Cindy Rupp. 2nd row Assistant Coach McCain. Janice Gajewski. Mona Mills. Ingrid Cook. Susan Selman. DeeDee Sanders. Wendy Rumsey. Shelly Parks. Jill Leckner. Vicki Shoup. and Coach Gentry. Mr. Kelley relaxes while watching a track meet. Darcy Harter comes in for a strong finish. Jackie Crager prepares to jump over the hurdles in order to gain points for the Hornets. Sports 136Coming in for a strong finish is Tana Lundgren. Shelly Parks flies over a hurdle to win the race. Dee Dee Sanders. Wendy Ramsey. Susan Selman. Ingrid Cook, and Kathy Schaeffer, pose for a quick picture after a track meet. Season Schedule West view Home Homestead Home East Noble Prairie Heights Away Fremont Home Columbia City Home Northridge Relays Away I akeland Away Eastside Home Garrett Garrett Hamilton DeKalb DeKalb New Haven Leo Home NEIAC East Noble NEIAC East Noble Sports 137{Jumping Zo ftcw .Heights Kays’ Zmek ks This year’s boys track team had an excellent year. Helping the team through the year were captains: Joe Harris, Brian Friend. Cole Krebs, and John Berger. Also helping the team out were John Berger, named Sprinter of the year-, Cory Derbyshire, named Field man of the year; and Derek Koz-lowski, named Distance Runner of the year. Ending his senior year on the right foot. Cole Krebs won the Herman Philips Award, which is a prestigious award given to outstanding athletes. 1st row (I to r) Eric Ruselink. Bart Moll. Cory Derbyshire. Tom Beehler. Claudio La Seri a 2nd row Scott Hansen. Joe Harris. Charlie Wilson. Pat Manahan. Chris Reynolds. Doug Brainard. Derek Kozlowski. Gene Smith. Rob Ueirecht. 3rd row Coach Mahanesmith. Brian Friend. Eric Grant. John Berger. Eric Johnson. Lance Krebs. Jeff Washburn. Cole Krebs. Tom Rheinheimer. Craig Presley. Sports 138Bob Goes, and Eric Ruselindk fly over the hurdles in order to take first and second place for the Hornets. Cole Krebs leaps into a long jump pit to gam points for Angola. Season Schedule Westview Home East Noble Home Prairie Heights Away Fremont Home Columbia City Home PeKalb Away Heritage Relays Away Eastside Home Garrett Garrett Hamilton Home Leo Away Lakeland Relays East Noble NEIAC NEIAC East Noble Relays Away Jeff Washburne and a fellow teammate share a Derek Kozlowski makes a strong finish, joke before a meet. Sports 139Swinging 3or J Win . . . 9 M 9 The 1986 golf team left its mark in history with an excellent season record of 10 wins and only I loss. The golf team was led to this success by Jamie Hansen who was named to the All Conference 1st team, and Brad Saunders who was named to the All Conference 2nd team. The golf team ended the season losing the sectionals by only 2 strokes. We are all especially proud of the golf team, and we hope that they do just as well next year. 1st row (I to r) Don Wise. Glen Kelly. Stephanie Davis. Jamie Hansen. Brent Ferguson. 2nd row Mike Rogers. Derek Craig. Jeff Martin. Brad Saunders, and Coach Wenzil. Glen Kelly watches his ball as it flies down the Mike Rogers hits his ball out of the lake, fairway. Sports 140Jeff Marlin prepares to put his ball into the hole. Jamie Hansen patiently waits for his ball to roll into the hole. Mike Rogers takes off down the fairway to find his ball. Season Schedule East Noble Dekalb Homestead Concordia Invit. Northside Invit. Leo Garrett Fremont Howe Concordia Lakeland Angola Invit. Hamilton NEIAC Sectional Home Home Home Away Away Away Away Away Away Home Away Home Away Dekalb Churubusco Some of the golf team members are seen walking to the next green. Sports MIMatting Jn A Win . . . Baseball Sports 142 I9S6 Varsity Baseball team: 1st row (I to r) Derek Harter. Mike Jordan. Joel Baker. Tom Barnes. Mike Blodgett. Rick Goslee. Eric Henion. 2nd row Coach McDermid. Chris Champion. Jeff Beehler. Jamie Boyer. Jeff Sheffield. Dan Cored. Eric Biernat. Rick Long. Tony Isa. Brian Clark, and Coach Olson.Chris Champion psyches himself up before going ro hat. Our Hornet player goes to bat ready to slam it to the outfield. Brian Clark runs safely in to third. Jeff Sheffield prepares to strike out his opponent. Season Schedule Fremont Away Concordia Away Lakeland Away Bishop Dwenger Home Homestead Away Columbia City Away Fastside Home Garrett Home Dekalb Home South Adams Home Hamilton Away Bellmont Home New Haven Away Bluffton Away East Noble Away Prairie Heights Away Leo Away West Noble Home Spor 15 143Serving Up A Victory . . . (girls' Zennis The Girls Tennis team had an extremely good season this year. After playing a winning season, the girls traveled to the DeKalb Sectionals to again come home with a win. The girls ended the season when Laurie Van-Wagner was named Most Valuable Player. Laurie Van Wagner is ready to take on her next opponent. This year s Varsity Girls’ Tennis team 1st row (I to r) Jane Stoudinger. Laurie VanWagner. Maria Araque. Erin Brewer. Julie Clark. Kris Sodeherg. Jaime Shoup. 2nd row Assistant Coach Simons. Ginny Brock. Linda VanAuken. Dawn Unger. Lori Schock. Holly Leckner. Maria Zimmerman, and Assistant Coach Smith. This years’ junior varsity girls' tennis team 1st row (I to r) Paula Knotek. Beth Hoover. Amy Graft. Amanda Syler. Lyndra Koehlinger. Dawn Allen. 2nd row Ginny Brock. Laura Rashley. Bonnie Bur roughs. Sheree Blue. LeAnn Dunham. Alicia Penick. Susan Atha. Tarma Kirchin. Michelle Jobe, and Coach Smith. Sporls 1441986 Girls Tennis Sectional Champions: 1st row (I to r) Coach Wright. Assistant Coach Smith, and Assistant Coach Simons. 2nd row Kris Sodeherg. Julie Clark. Maria Zimmerman. Dawn Unger. Lori Schock. Jane Stoudinger. Jaime Shoup. Maria Araque. and Laurie VanWagner. Season Schedule Homestead Away Columbia City Away Bluff ton Away leo Home DeKalb Home South Adams Home Central Noble Home Concordia Invit. Away Bellmont Home New Haven Away East Noble Away Lakeland Away Sectionals Dekalb Coach Wright and Assistant Coach Simons decide who will play in one of the home matches. Sports 145Seniors Jn Sports Jeff Beehler Cross Country 3 yrs. Basketball 4 yrs. Baseball 2 yrs Beth Coons Volleyball I yr. Dan Corel! Football 2 yrs. Basketball 2 yrs. Baseball 3 yrs Jerry Fifer Basketball 4 yrs. Tennis 4 yrs Janice Gajewski Track I yr. Cheerleading year Jim Jones Football I yr. Baseball 3 yrs. Basketball 2 yrs. Cross Country yr. Motocross 4 yrs Cole Krebs Football 4 yrs. Basketball 4 yrs. Track 4 yrs Semors 146Tyler Tuttle Football 4 yrs Teresa Waite Cross Country 2 yrs. Basketball 4 yrs. Track I year Ingrid Cook Track 3 yrs. Cross Country 2 yrs. Wres tling Manager I yr. Gymnastics 8 yrs Polly Wilson Basketball 2 yrs. Volleyball 3 yrs. Tennis yr. Cross Country I yr Dawn Unger Cheerleading 2 yrs. Track I yr. Tennis 3 yrs Heading Zke Way Seniors 147Division 148 The cheerleaders prepare to do a cheer at the pep club sponsored pep rally. Division T19 AHS students boogie to the sounds of T 6 S Sounds at the homecoming dance sponsored by student council. Organizations Organizations 150 1 ] Tor Members Only ... y-ecuns i Tom Holloway helps to hang the crepe paper ceiling for the Y-Club prom. Putting up the sidewalls for the semi-formal prom are Anita Erb and Jeff Hirons. This year the Y-Club held their annual cookie dough sales to raise money to sponsor a semi-formal prom. The Y-Club sponsored a spring semi-formal prom on March I. 1986 with the theme A Walk Through the Woods. They also had several other activities] such as, watching movies, eating pizza, and having an art demonstration. Diane Erb hangs a crepe paper wall for the prom. Mark Snyder and Roxanne Evans paint rocks for the water fall. Organizations 151dor Members Only . . . Zkesplans AHS Thespians had an outstanding year consisting of four productions, beginning wwith the annual variety show in October. This was followed by the family holiday play A Christmas Carol in December. Thespians donated $350 to the Community Sheltered Workshop during the double feature X-Ray Specs and Them . These two shows dealt with the acceptance of handicapped people and were midwest premieres. The spring production was the Broadway hit Sweet Charity. which Thespians are extremely proud of. Another part of the Thespians that is something to be proud of, is the technical and theatrical quality of all of the outstanding contributions in all areas of theatre that were shown to us by director Stuart Klatte. Stuart is very active in community theatres in this area and in Fort Wayne. Thespians would like to extend their thanks to Stuart and their audiences for an unsurpassed yearl Officers Stuart Klatte. Director Eric Snyder. President Dave Appleman. Vice-President Diane Erb. Secretary- Treasurer Ruth Ellen Neff. Historian Don Croy. Publicity Manager Mark Snyder. Lighting Technician Stuart Klatte. director, gives notes to the crew before the show begins. Angie Swick quickly styles Lisa Dunnavan's hair for her part in ' Sweet Charity. Dave Appleman takes care of the sound system for one of the Thespian productions. Organizations ?or Members Only . . . Pep Club 1st row (I to r) Maria Wood. Lucy Lambert. 2nd row Mrs Hunt. Alicia Penick. Chuck McKinley. 3rd row Laura Groshon. LuAnne Folks. Karen Shearman, and Lisa Curtis. The Pep Club had a virtually new beginning this year when Mrs. Beehler and Mrs. Hunt took over as sponsors. The members of Pep club met every oher Wednesday to make posters and signs for the athletes in all of the sports. Pep Club members could also be found at all of the home football, and basketball games cheering on the Hornets. Throughout the year they sold buttons, t-shirts, and at the end of the year they sold I love the Hornets bears. Orgjnuation« I533or Members Only Quard Organizations 154 The flag corps was seen performing at all of the home boys basketball games and with the band, during marching season, at contests. During basketball season their halftime entertainment included many routines to songs such as Sleigh Ride, Barbra Ann, On Broadway. The corps was directed by ex-corps member. Angie Stackhouse. Officers Hoc Trisha Cornett Rachael Stackhouse Aimee Wilcox Julie Wright First row — Trisha Cornett. Rachel Stackhouse. Neber. Tina Emerick and Tana Lundgrcn. Fourth Julie Wricht. and Aimee Wilcox. Second row — row — Kim Penix. Andrea Roemke. Angie Budd. Maria Wood. Angie Stackhouse (sponsor), and and Cindy Sutton. Jane Flicks. Third row — Dawn Allen. Carrie As part of Extravaganza. Rachael Stackhouse shows her stuff. The crowd stands as the flag corps presents the flag.dor Members Only . . . -------------- Pep ft and First row — Mr. Stokes. Second row — Jim Garner. Linda Van Auken. Wendy Foland. Bonnie Burroughs. Stacy Jeegarden. Sara Luddington. Kathy FLarasim. Third row — Jeff Martin. Jamie Shoup. Susan At ha. Brian Tuttle. John Birch man. Andy Me Neal. John Garner. Mike M it man. Katie Fritz. Dennis Sierer. Randy Price. Fourth row — Kevin Harpenau. Mike Votaw. Amy Murphy. Doug Penix. Pat McCormick. Andy Votaw. Mark Behee. Brian Bird. Eric Ruselink. Fifth row — Joel Lash. Tim Squier. Christa Booth. Jackie Crager. Amanda Syler. Julie Clark. The pep band could be seen at all home boys basketball games. Playing for the flag corps is one of the highlights along with playing while the players warm up. They generated a lot of enthusiasm within the crowd and were greatly appreciated. The pep band was directed by Mr. Stokes. The pep band under Mr. Stokes direction. Julie Clark at her best! Mike Mitman. Dennis Sierer. and Randy Price play their saxophones during halftime. Officers Kok President — Joel Lash Sec. Treasurer — Kathy Harasim Drum Major — Julie Clark Organizations 155?cr Members Only National Manor Society The National Honor Society was very active this year. For their yearly community service project, the NHS held a canned food drive dance in which they charged 1 cans of food or $2. The food and the money was given to the county welfare program in order to help needy families in our community. Individual members of NHS each had to serve 15 hours of community service in order to remain a member of NHS. Later in the year a raffle and another dance was held in order to raise money for NHS scholarships. On the night of June 5, the NHS was able to give 4 scholarships to four senior NHS members. Officers Mr. Hammel. Sponsor Jeff Sheffield. President Missy Mcwhinney. Vice President Polly Wilson. Secretary-Treasurer LuAnne Folks. Student Council Rep. NATIONAL Senior National Honor Society members: 1st row (I to r) Mary Kim. Nancy Sharp. Missy McWhinney. Holly Leckner. Teresa Waite. Katrina Cripe. 2nd row Dave Ruselink. Cindy Broxon. Ruth Ellen Neff. LuAnne Folks. Brian Clark. Eric Snyder. Anjali Gupta Kumar. Dave Dover. Derek Harter. Jeff Sheffield. Jim Jones. Jeff Beehler. Carrie Kozlowski. Aimee Wilcox, and Anita Erb. Helping to collect food for the NHS canned food drive are John Birch man. Dale (the DJ). Junior NHS members Dave Appleman. and Randy McHenry. Senior NHS members Ruth Ellen Neff, and Jeff Sheffield, and sponsor Mr. Hammel. Organizations 1563or Members Only . . . French Club A scene from La Malade Imaginaire. ” the interesting French, English play that the French Club saw. The French Club, sponsored by Mrs. Cook, was pretty active this year as it planned several activities. Their first major activity was the French overnight on January K). This was a night filled with fun and excitement as French club members watched French movies, ate french food, and shared stories and jokes. Their second major activity was a field trip to Ft. Wayne Snider High School to watch La Malade Imaginaire. This was a funfilled trip and French Club members will always remember the fun they had. Also throughout the year, French Club members sold french candy to supplement the French Club account. With this money. French Club was able to purchase a new dual-tape ghetto blaster for use in the French classes. 1st row (I to r) Leann Dunham. Polly Wilson. Ingrid Cook. Diane Erb. Mrs. Cook. Karan Favourite. 2nd row Jamie Shoup. Barb Schaab. Carrie Hinman. Rachel Whang. Annie smith. Lisa Dunnavan. Carol Scheffer. Charlotte Dangler. Mary Graber. Stephanie Sanderson. 3rd row Anita Erb. Carrie Kozlowski. Eric Snyder. Chuck McKinley. Amy Craft. Dawn Allen. Jarma Kirchin. Gwenn Follelt. Christa Booth. 4th row Thorton Maver. Jamie Hansen. Chuck Ehrlich. Chris Posloloff. Vic Larue. Alicia Penick. Robert Cary. Paula Knotek.. Andrea Roemke. Sarah Hull. Vanessa Lewis. 5th row Wendy Foland. Jane Hicks. Jenny Snell. Vince Dunham. Charlie Wilson. Wendy Rumsey. Kriste Light. Kim Johnson. Anne Maxlon. 6th row Lyndra Koehlinger. Stephanie Davis. Michele Guise. Jane Stoudinger. Melissa Voges. Michelle Allen. Stephanie Griffin. 7th row Floyd Keller. John Birchman. Cathy Millhouse. Missy Sutton. Don Croy. Andy McNeal. and Manish Gupta. Sth row Dale Stevenson. Anja Gordon. Lori Schock. Mark Weiss. Dave Appleman. Todd Grimes. Roxanne Evans. Mark Snyder and Kim Kessler. Officers Mrs. Cook. Sponsor Diane Erb. President Ingrid Cook. Officer Leann Dunham Officer Polly Wilson. Officer Anja Gordon. Mark Snyder. Roxanne Evans, and Kim Kessler play a game of cards on way to Ft. Wayne for the French Club sponsored field trip. Organizations 1577or Members Only . .. 9. A- The 1985-86 AHS FFA Chapter made many Accented Memories with the tremendous accomplishments that they achieved throughout the year. The chapter ranked 13th in the state, they finished 6th in the state in farm safety, 4th in the state in forestry judging contest. Individual FFA members also left their mark in FFA history. For instance Ty Tuttle was District I director and he placed 2nd in the state in Poultry Production Proficiency. Cathy Millhouse served as District Sentinel. Chapter members also participated in public speaking contests, demonstration contests, soil judging contests, and dairy judging contests. Officers Mr. Weller — Sponsor Tyler Tuttle — President Jeff Hoyer — Vice-President Cathy Millhouse — Secretary Brian Tuttle — Treasurer Scott Rashley — Reporter Darren Richmond - Sentinel 1st row (I to r) Thorton Maver. Chuck Hantz. Laura Rashley. 2nd row Bart Noll. Jeff Hoyer. Matt Bidlack. Cathy Millhouse. Eric Ruselink. Tyler Tuttle. Christa Booth. Ginny Brock. 3rd Row Gary Burrell. Barney Gramling. Scott Rashley. Darren Richmond. Brian Tuttle. Steve Hantz. Monty Richmond. Charles Crawford. 4th row Carl Dewitt. Kevin Petre. James Swary. aand Linda VanAuken. 1985 $6 FFA officers: 1st row Mr. Weller. Steve Hantz. Cathy Millhouse. Tyler Tuttle 2nd row Brian Tuttle. Darren Richmond. Jeff Hoyer. and Scott Rashley. Linda VanAuken and Joy Powell prepare the food table for the FFA awards banquet. V Organizations 158 3or Members Only .. . Student Council A 1st row (I to r) Lori Schock. Bob Mocker. 2nd Carrie Kozlowsaki. Nancy Sharp. 3rd row Dan Zinsmaster. Diane Erb. Randy McHenry. 4th row Sheila Douglass. Stephanie Davis. Michelle Jobe. 5th row Kristy Shutt. Jodi Kennerk. Mr. Gottron. Gina Caruso, and Craig Presley. This years’ student council was very active and was able to sponsor several activities for the student body of AHS. The student council sponsored the an nual homecoming dance, a Sadie Hawkins Day Dance, a Valentine’s dance, and several dances throughout the year. They also sold carnations on Valentine’s day. With the money they made from these activities, they were able to award scholarships to the senior student council members. Officers Mr. Gottron. Sponsor Lon Schock. President Jeff Beehler. Vice-President Bob Hocker. Secretary-Treasurer Organizations 159dor Members Only . . . Art Club The Art Club was started this year by art teacher Amy Buchs. The Art Club held bi-weekly meetings and had 3 major projects this year. Their first project was painting the athletic bus, also known as The Sting.” They also helped the Y-Club with murals and decorations for the semi-formal prom, and on one Saturday they held a special class for kids (K-5) who were interested in art. At the end of the year those members who helped the most throughout the year went to Chicago and visited the art museums. Sharing his artistic knowledge with an attentive listener is Eric Snyder. Roxanne Evans explains the proper technique to these young artists. Organizations 1607or Members Only . . . Zkc Hornet The Hornet again this year was not an actual class. All writing, typing, and idea planning was all done after before or during classes. Even though this was sometimes a problem, the Hornet was a success. With the help of Miss Saven, Aimee Carr. Kristen Carr, Lisa Dunnavan, and Phil Zabst produced over two copies of the Hornet this year. The Hornet was a tremendous virtue of this school year. Members of the Hornet staff are: Aimie Carr. Kristen Carr, and Phil Zabst with Miss Savin as the advisor. ANGOLA HIGH SCHOOL 'HORNET October 12,1979 20c mmiifjf piothrmt than te nagr t’ Otycuty-on mth «h ben way to you. ixotfrimy Act-on. ditCwMrOn. and k n y -n itofc tor VOW w.lh th-t n w dub A-othar Iwnal.t -y mat thr o f campv -netl-ngy », oo n to • n-gn tenoo WuPmcy No duct o ww-w-u »«« A i. ir- bam -t tn utwai way to tu t the r That-! ■' to butgtrt you can t • Mow man h-gn tcooot ytudantt .to you think can hr tdwaeaed .nto a VW On group actually fit Jt itudenti .mo a VW dry other e« and ummy •Ct-a.tKl af( CO nuvg you wav A hay.-d, will happen th-t month A m r H nt, wfvt watr o c» pact ng. u d a dating gam a « planned in January thwe w tl be a mow yh top. a ' CM- Spring tveafc a Florida t» p N t u«W fhr r mu hr a rate t»mg mar thO Th.y n w ctuh -t Cam,. , lit Conv MARCHING HORNETS ABUZZ 0 ’ Srpi mo 79. th Angola M th 1 Montale i-a» rd to Eat' Noble Mu i Vino to compel ,n th 7 vt Ar..j i Mwcn-1 Band Com tt The Hornctt Hirer.I .n a held ot r. .t com ,u i-ii.rt A trophy an Q ' to tty v th.r i acre On moutand do 'a • o' p ., money wa alto on th l.n f acn band rat to g-r a 6 to 10 mm -tc mow Two ludgav ookrd at gamiat ••fact, two iudged nu«. and two ivdget watenad matching Elkhart Mtmonai with 160 band nwn bait, and Eati Nobfe w-m ISO mamtwit r -» th rvty-o-l-on bandy and d-d not compel The Kendeiv.ll Horn Ot . and An i l«m Outit tpoitoreO th event fot' d l-tt of bandy in th nrde o' piacemenl Pomt received ard ti e ot m .. y alto uned Sepv-mbe. 7? way a good da toi the Angola Uaich'.i b»Mi On mat day try band I c yn l flic.' n w umtormy that the he , i. . , « .!.« , on tp. two vnary T'.. ....Ji.m • inrpfe w-th wh-t him 0 - '-v.'-ed .r.-toi'tyy w e bought at S«T5 eat . Tn Kfuool .httut part to. nail ot nr teutoimy yyh.i. -w«i ti-n,xit ue.l to- I he «ett So- I of II i OtvCty w • magai.m- taint and Hna )v taint Hon Cook Lisa Dunnavan was also a member of the Hornet. y Or anualion$ l6lAccent On . . .ANGOLA UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 220 W. MAUMEE ST. Angola. Indiana 46703 PASTORS Church (219) 665-9305 R. DONALD WEAVER RESIDENCE 1219) 665-6059 BRYAN L. TON RESIDENCE (219) 665-641 1 Good JCuck Class Of '86 Sunday Worship • 9 II A.M. Sunday School • 10 A.M. Coins — Gold — Silver C4 at suppcy AKMSZROM W. Pleasant Angola. IN Coins — Collectibles 665-6311 408 N. Wayne St. Angola. IN 46703 ZOWffl SMOPPS 51 Public Square Angola. IN 665-3966 Ads 164mnzM uui m AUZO We Buy And Sell Good Used Cars 611 North Wayne St. Angola, IN Phone: 665-9972 Bernie Rickman Chuck Hall Salesman Ad I65Dodge JcJfr kvttoi Dunham Motor Sales, Inc. SALES SERVICE Plymouth JSZZSK’S EAK8KXJ Phone: (219) 6650125 1005 S. Wayne St. • Angola. Indiana 46703 Cakes — Cookies — Donuts Pies — Breads ueoB muKAMs semes 15 South Public Sq. Angola. IN 665-3194 Kim Tubergen 665-9853 Ray Tubergen 665-2485 Richard Hickman 665-6838amojca kowj: St. Rd. 127 N. 665-9312 Complete Pro Shop Billiards Tables Open Year Round Furniture £ Carpet Center I Mile North On Old 27 665-3121 firjcommercial ViJ graphics E ven a great idea needs to be packaged. It must first attract attention, then be clearly understood. At Commercial Graphics ideas are organized and polished ... we create packages that better communicate your ideas. And what else is your business, but a great idea. ADVERTISING COMMERCIAL PRINTING 310 NORTH WAYNE ST WAijsms 3UKMZUKS 219 665-3281 115 W Maumee. Angola. IN 46703 The Hoir Center Barber and Beauty Shop for the €ntire family Ads 167DAM COKPOKAZJOtf WSA ZMKMSAD Urass Products Qroup beginning Our 40th ear Jn Angola — 1946 —Congratulations Seniors VAmAGMK’S SCAUQMZSK Mouse 2V2 Miles West Of Angola Co.. Kd. 300 West Off 20 Angola 665-2279 Sreezer Peef And Pork Custom Putchering, Wrapping And freezing£ C r RR 1 Box I55A Pleasant Lake. IN 46779 „ ,. Owner: Joe Hicks oo ing Paneling — Painting — Remodeling — Siding — Texturing — Flat Roofs Kiiil ysay 5IR non season JOK'D. Jne. Sales — Service — Rentals Leases K£0AjC KSmACS Ford Trucks 830 East Maumee Angola. Indiana 46703 A Division Of King Enterprises. Inc. BOLT BIN OR ADE 8 SOCKET MEAD NYIOCK SNAP RINGS O L.o. h. w i 1 o wui wm o ! t) ROIL PINS MASONRY - r oo u Rf ANCHORS 1 ITC. wot JJ o ■ ■ WE Angola (219) 665-9526 2-4 Inch Pump Sale Service SHIPS W£££ ■DKKjCJM Dan Bob Shipe RRI Pleasant Lake. IN 46779 Phone: 475-5566 Ads 170KJCHAKT) J. MJjCjCSK, V.T .S. AMOJCA OKAjC Jr MAXJUOdACJAC SUKQSKS1 . JNC. 610 North Wayne Plaza Angola, Indiana 46703 665-7514 After Hours 219-484-7775 American Association Of Oral 8 Maxillofacial Surgeons Practice Limited To Oral S Maxillofacial Surgery MOO'D] ’S WOKS VOKS 301 W. Maumee Angola. Indiana AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OI: ORAL AND MAXILLOFACIAL SURGEONS Fremont — Main Branch Fremont, IN 46731 219-495-9861 Phone — 665-3213 Angola Branch Angola, IN 46703 219-665-7506 lif IkftuUir Congratulations Zo Zhe Class Of ’S61 Ads 171PARSJCZ MOOSZSKS Mayor and Mrs. Gerald Lett Mr. 3 Mrs. Gene Weicht Ned Lash and family Lynn Blue and family Don 3 Jo Murphy Len 3 Barb Sheffield Mr. S Mrs. Ralph Martin Mr. 3 Mrs. Steve Sanders Bill 3 Betty Selman Mr. £ Mrs. Philip Carr Mr. 3 Mrs. Bill Rheinheimer PAZKOMADS Angola Antique Depot Mr. 3 Mrs. Ed Johnson Larry's Lock 3 Safe Service Van's TV 3 Appliance Rita Stackhouse Don's Bootery Angola Shoe Service Tuttle's Jewelry H 3 R Block Ads 172HOOSZSK JDS Dr. Stephen S. White Dr. Zhomas Wiegand Grandview Veterinary Clinic Oliver Sales Dr. Dellinger Games jC. Ur own D.D.S. Dr. Maker Shoup and Shoup Attorneys Dr. {John JJammel Dr. K.O. Dunlap Welch t Suneral Mome Dr. Watkins Alfred Gut stein, Attorney 9amity Physicians, Jnc. Klink’s Sun era I Mome Raymond E. Guyer. Territory Manager 18 Fairland Drive • Warsaw. IN 46580 After The Game Or Anytime Stop In At TOM'S DONUTS For The Perfect Snack . . . Baked Fresh Daily” zom’s Domes Made The Old Fashioned Way At: 807 N. Wayne. Angola Open 24 Flours Fort Wayne (3 Locations) Kendallville North Manchester Auburn Lk. James (Seasonally) Ad« I7.tDavid A. Sweigart 42 N. Public Sqr. Watchmaker Jewelry Angola, IN 46703 (219) 665-2314 Title Insurance Abstracts GOODALE ABSTRACT COMPANY, INC. 108-10 South Wayne Street Angola, Indiana 46703 Myrtle Bearman, Pres. Karen B. Shire. V Pres. Bonnie SniacJecki. Sec. Treas zme HA KD TYPO TERMINATOR Introducing the new Smith-Corona with Spell-Right ™ The first portable that catches your mistakes before you do. Steusen pRintinq Company PRINTING OFFICE SUPPLIES FURNITURE 1007 S. WAYNE ANGOLA. INDIANA 46703 219 6663063 BRAD O'HEIR Y E MANAGER 900 N. Wayne Angola. IN BRADLEY TIRE SERVICE. INC HOI N Wayne 2191 665-7544 ANGOLA. IN 46703 HUNTING TARGET GARY ARNOS Owner (219) 665-3812 Rt. 2. Box 763 Angola. IN 46703 Ads 174ANQOjCA CARS CStfZSK The Place Where All Children Are Special o IF 833-1238 APPLES • PEACHES • GRAPES raspberries cherries SWEET CIOER HONEY SORGUM APPlE BUTTER COUNTY ROAOS 350 NORTH ANO SSO WEST SSjCMAW MSA ZWG AW'D PCUMKJM 212 W. Maumee Angola. Ind. 46703 County Rd 200 W. and W59 HOMES Rural Route 5, Box 671 • Angola, Indiana 46703 (219) 833-2878 Look For Sign Of The Big Red C” Ads 175Give Yourself A Break . Try It Oil! Fashions For The Girl Who ows The fference At E VILLAGE II Sunroofs Running Boards Stereo System Accessories Kswzuevy ?kjst CHJCKSN 618 N. Wayne Angola. IN 46703 665-9944 We Do Chicken Right, Phil Gerard Co. Rd. 200 W. (219) 665-3726 R.R. 5 Box 40 Angola. IN 46703 Ads 176Premier Lighting, Inc. 201 harcourt avenue. Angola, in 46703 1219) 665-7435 RESIDENTIAL LIGHTING COMMERCIAL LIGHTING INTERIOR LIGHTING DESIGN Dale Q Smith CPA Thomas S Danford CPA SMJZM 4 DAWOKD esKxmsD pmae jeeou,vzjjvzs (219) 665-5784 For More Information Call Or Write; Director Of Admissions Tri-State University Angola. Indiana 46703 (219) 665-3141 Ext. 273 VMS MAW MUZ • School of Engineering • School of Arts and Sciences • School of Business 422 N Wayne St Angola. IN 665-2869 6 Operators Serving You Walk-ins Welcome Complete Flair Care For Men — Women — Children Sculptured Nails Open Monday-Saturday Ads 177CH ALE n ORiST URAL Foods vitaminc CHACSZ UOKJSZS r T:-Sk, 105 W. Maumee 6650022 Ril II i Hfea ed - J Hours 9-8 Weekdays 9-5 Saturday SZROCKS Natural Foods And Vitamins eojces Mom A VAMAMA Public Square Angola SA VJtfQS AMD I'0AM ASSOCJA ZJOM 09 AM0OJCA msz wenac 212 E. Maumee, Angola, IN 46703 (219) 665-7556 Finest For Men’s And Ladies' Dress Or Casual Wear Ads 178Specializing In Custom Made Desserts Wide Variety Of Splits And Sundaes Open Daily At II AM 305 N. Wayne 665-6667 Open 24 Hours 309 N Wayne Angola 665-6517 Breakfast Bar Open Daily Super Fresh Salad Bar Daily Special Dinner Buffets Thur-Fri-Sat Breakfast Served Daily (2l9)-665-6688 Owner — Bernie Gaetz 115 N. Wayne QMS MAKK8X Angola. IN 46703 Stores At Angola And Fremont Wedding Gowns Bridesmaid Dresses Flowergirl Dresses Tuxedo Rentals Invitations Bridal Accessories DSH'S KKJT AJC LINDA SCHEUMANN PRESENTS rcc wcmm A PULL SERVICE SALON ColO' Analysis ac«Dt 0' .a Hair Stylists cm«: Co'O' An.sts rac wious ac-ai« Ma e-up Consultants Mon -Sa ‘ =»-oe'Kr t «tjicur« Ev» a! By o: Sun Tanning H9W Angola L Call (219) 665-2674 Ads 179— Sales — • Ski Nautique • JC Pontoon Boats • Share Station Lifts and Trailers — Service — • Trained Mechanics • Mercruiser • Fiberglass Repair • Pontoon Repair — Storage — Orland Rd • Angola 8330114 eAMSKOJV M£MOKJA£ eoMMUjWcy hospkajc 24-Hour Staffing of Emergency Rooms by Physicians Alcohol Drug Rehabilitation Program Hospice and Home Health Care (322X3 Hospital added security ... for all of us 416 E. Maumee. Angola, IN 46703 (219) 665-2141 ZMKOOP'S 7JCOKJSZ Plants and Floral Arrangements 303 South Euclid 665-5061 Ads 180?ARM MRSAU INSURANCE Old 27 South — Angola, IN 665-3149 MJKS’S VC ACS MAKKSK Am szyce smop Tue. Thru Fri. 8:00 To 5:30 Sat. 8:00 To 2:30 Closed Mon. And Holidays Mike Muchler 102 South Wayne Barber-Stylist Angola, In 46703 219-665-5890 CAMERON ZREAZMENZ CENZER CAMRON MEMORJAJC eOMMUNJZV MOSPJZAjC Angola. IN 219-6650141 Where Recovery Begins With Love Alcohol And Drug Dependence Treatment Adult Inpatient Hospital Setting Intensive Family Treatment A.A. and ALANON Oriented Multidisciplinary Staff Intervention Services E.A.P. Services Community Inservices Active Alumni Association Ads IS!WE CARRY ALL SIZES AND FEATURES TO MEET “YOUR” PARTICULAR COOKING NEEDSIIIII TAX ADVANTAGE Of MV COUPON rOOAVNT cfax.igfyon TAPPfUl l im»TT»RTt73 HARDWICK SAMS V2 Price Bookstore Thousands Of Used Paperbacks 206 W. Maumee Next To J.C. Penny Angola, IN 46703 (219) 665-2392 PSOPANf COOKING ADVANTAGES MOST WOMEN PRfFEIt CAS A TP JuromKt gM rangA combnw Mon lP HA VMS’ CCSAMKS (Tv mow MtJtcray «■», rooocti vncirtT in automatic Auranaoc contrt imtartcf o n cooing «n mar « mm Nom tr» r«n0 m FAST fr out 9 1 N»nr xx»n nwjntjrwoA n in CHAN m OUT, 9K lyr orotxxn no »t NOi not or r do not nnaur vn t but jctuMt ccnw’ vnoke from or 0 0 proauctv CAL-GAS ANGOLA U S. Hwy 27 South 665 6516 200 S. Wayne Angola, IN 665-2814 Ads 182 S M !{.(■ my TERRY PfiMPEb. BJ1 224 N. Wayni Anqola IN 40703 OPWtCU: (219) 603-7517 MOMC: (219) 933-2828 i BOOTH-ROSE . Associates ksajc eszA re 812 N. Wayne St. Phone 665-2515 665-9059 Since 1932 vM ANQOJCA CUMK8K CO. weowoKA rev Boards And Things Phone 665-3125 Angola. IN 46703 GAKVOK’S yewsjCKy Artcarved Classrings, Diamonds, And Jewelry 28 Public Sq. 665-5151SZ. AMZMOMV’S CAZMoae CM UK CM 700 W. Maumee 665-2259 JCPenney Catalog Department Fit shopping time around your time. Shop-ty-phone Family Dining 155 Room Banquet For Up To 250 People BERNINA EG Sr ATM ROAD 127 NORTH Prom Reception penny’s Reunion 1-69 Pokagon State Park Exit Tclcrhone Rural Route 2. Box 47 (219) 005 0077 Angola. Indiana 40703 Angola 665-9471 Ads 184SUZZONS super vacus St. Road 127 N. Country Fair Shopping Center 665-7511 For All Of Your Shopping Needs” Open: 8 AM-9 PM Daily 9 AM-6 PM Sunday SPARKS’ BROCK’S ROOSJJCQ CO. 4 BROCK’S ZRASM RSMOVAC CCSAMRS 1002 N. Wayne St. 665-2715 Pleasant Lake. IN 46779 Phone (219) 475-5419 Ads 185ANNETTE S. CLARK Oftjfezi ’ 3ait 7wA Ttatckezy SEASONAL BAIT • WAXWORMS • GAMEFISH R. 1 BOX 253 PHONE PLEASANT LAKE. IN 46779 (219) 475-5765 A Subsidiary Of AKO COKPOKA Angola. IN Monday 8:30 A.M.-3:00 P.M. Tuesday 8:30 A.M.-3:00 P.M. Wednesday Closed Thursday 8:30 A.M.-3:00 P.M. Friday 8:30-6:00 P.M. Saturday 8:30 A.M.-3:00 P.M. Angola Branch 665-2151 SZAZe wsuKAffle Paul Stepp Gary Younce 665-3313 186 AdsCMWmZSK PHAKMACV Public Square Angola 665-2166 We Follow The Hornets North Wayne Plaza Angola 665-9554 We Are Here To Serve The Community With Low Everyday Prices On Prescriptions And Over-The-Counter Drugs. e.A. wdsjcs 4 sons DON DICKS FLOWERS Teleflora Flowers For Every Occasion 114 East Gilmore Angola, Indiana 46703 (219) 665-5505 665-2463 107 West Maumee Angola. IN 46703 Don Koomler Dick Waters Ads 187AEROSPACE • AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENT WORKERS AMERICA (HAW) Local Union 1406 ANGOLA, INDIANA 46703 Working People. Working Together To Insure Our Families A Better Tomorrow. 611 W Mill Street • P.O Box 900 • Angola. IN 46703 0900 CONEY OOGS 1HILI dog muss COCKTAIL' aiTWTNMMe MOM MAKZ ZKA 120 N. Wayne 112 West Maumee St. Angola, IN Jay R. Hart Robert R. Hart Manager Owner 665-3922 Take It To Hart 665-9551 Ads 188(219) 833-3605 Wilcox Photographic SERVICES BILL AND SHARON WILCOX R.R. I. Box 135 Angola. IN 46703 MKy Queew 825 North Wayne 665-3249 SZIWJO JJ MAJK CKSJZJOMS 665-5002 Ads 189Staff Pics 192 Sports I fc W | Student CifePeople Academics Advisor Staff Pics 193Judex Zhe 19S5-S6 Key Staff J Abbott, Billy — 90 Abbott. Cindy — 59, 62 Abbott, Pam — 38, 62. 64 Adams, Brian — 98 Albright, Brad — 90 Aldrich, Rich — 82 Alexander, Brian — 98. 123, 133 Alexander, Marcie — 90 Allen. Dawn — 98, 100, 119, 144, 154, 157 Allen, Michelle — 90,119,157 Amstutz. Kim — 98 Anderson, Shayne — 98,133 Anderson. Stacey — 82 Andrews, Tonie — II. 90,119 Anstett, Bob — III Anstett, Don — III Anstett, Steve — III Antrup, Mrs. Hildred — 108 Appleman, Dave — 82, 152, 157 Araque, John — 33, 50, 58, 62. 192 Araque, Maria — 90, 144, 145 Arney. Mark — 82 Ashcraft, Richard — 90 Aspy, Dawn — 98 Atha, Susan — 82, 144, 155 Ayers, Rob — 98 K Baade, Richard — 90 Baade. Rob — 82 Baker, Brian — 53, 82 Baker, Joel — 62. 66, 72 Baker. Mrs. Maureen — 108 Baldauf, Larry — 82 Baldauf, Margaret — 98 Barlett, Melody — 82, 192 Barnes, Tom — 26, 32, 63, 124 Bartlow, Angie — 82 Bassett, Paula — 22, 82 Baugh, Karen — 98 Baum, Trinka — 98 Beckwith, Mr. Paul — 123 Beechy, Tracy — 59, 62 Beechy, Tricia — 90, 116 Beehler, Jeff — 32. 63. 73. 77, 130, 146, 156 Beehler, Mrs. Lydia — 108 112 Beehler. Tom — 90. 123, 132 Behee, Mark — 82, 123, 155 Belcher. Brian — 63, 77,124 Beltz, Jana — 63, 68 Berger, John — 27, 82, 132 Bidlack. Matt — 90, 158 Biernat, Eric — 63, 124 Birchman, John — 9, 20, 63, 155, 156, 157 Bird, Bryan — 98, 155 Bitzer, Tammy — 58. 63. 76 Blodgett. Mike —66.72.134 Blue, Sheree — 98, 119, 144 Bond, Judi — 192 Book, Christie — 82 Book, Sheila — 98 Booth, Christa — 9, II, 98, 155, 157, 158 Boszor, Jeremy — 51, 82 Bowling, Jacinda — 98 Boyce, Tammy — 14, 15, 98 Boyd. Lori — 90. 119, 128 Boyer, Chris — 98, 133 Boyer, Jamie — 59, 63, 130 Boyer, Mrs. Sue — 108, 113 Boyer, Mrs. Tracy — 108 Brainard, Doug — 82, 130 Brantley, Darie — 98 Brewer, Bridget — 52, 58, 63, 66 Brewer, Erin — 98, 107, 144 Brock, Ginny — 0, 144, 158 Brown, Mike — 90 Brown, Michelle — 38, 59, 63, 64, 192 Broxon, Cindy — 64, 79,156 Broxon, Lisa — 82 Bruner, Eric — 98, 120 Budd, Angie — 98, 100 Buchs, Mrs. Amy — 108 Burd. Jeff — 18, 21. 90. 150 Burd, Joan — 82 Burelison. Jake — 90 Burkett, Brian — 82, 120 Burney, Chris — 82 Burns. Joe — 82 Burrell. Charles — 82 lndex 194Burrell. Gary — 83, 158 Burrell, Steve — 98 Burroughs, Bonnie — 144 Bush, Danny — 64 Bush, James — 90 Byerly, Lori — 64 Byerly, Michelle — 83 Byrd, Becky — 64 Byrne, Jim — 64 e Cagle, Frances — 83 Cagle, Laura — 83 Caldwell, Rodney — 90 Call, Renee — 83 Carpenter, Mickey — 99 Carpenter, Rodney — 83 Carr, Aimee — 13, 36, 58, 63, 64 Carr, Kristin — II, 83, 117 Caruso, Gina — 99. 159 Cary, Robert — 99, 157 Champion, Chris — 83, 133 Chard, Jeffrey — 99 Chard, Michelle — 90 Chiddister, Tammy — 58, 64 Chilcote, llene — 113 Chrysler, Laura — 90 Chrysler, Sheila — 59, 64 Chrysler, Steve — 90 Cimbal, Theresa — 83 Clark, Brian — 65, 77, 156 Clark, Julie — 5, 8, 9. 83, 84, 144, 145, 155 Clark, Steve — 83, 130 Clark, Yvette — 99 Clawson, Jennifer — 99 Clouse, Mr. Don — III Cobb, Alberta — 83 Cobb, Winnie — 99 Cole, Michelle — 58. 65 Cole, Monica — 99. 138 Coler, Alan — 83, 134, 130, 133 Conway, Dave — 99 Cook, Mrs. Diana — 157 Cook, Ingrid — 59, 64, 64, 79. 133, 136, 137, 157 Cook, Michelle — 83 Cook, Raquel — 91 Cook, Stephanie — 83 Coons, Beth — 3, 14, 58, 65, 66, 78, 119, 146 Coons, Lisa — 99, 119 Coons, Steve — 91 Cope, Joe — 83 Cope, Roger — 91 Cored, Dan — 33.64, 73.115, 134, 130, 131. 146 Cornett, Trisha — 58, 64, 65, 154 Cowell, Angie — 83 Cox, Betty — 99 Crager, Jackie — 91.93,136, 155 Craig, Derek — 37, 51. 83, 140 Crawford, Charles — 91,158 Crawford, Christie — 37, 59, 64 Crawford, Denise — 91 Cretsinger, Jeremy — 99 Crimmins, Mrs. Rita — 108 Cripe, Katrina — 34, 65, 77, 156 Crooks, Karen — 83 Croy, Don — 91, 157 Cunningham, Harvey — 91 Curry, Mrs. Denise — III Curry, Lesli — 83 Curtis, Kristin — 91 Curtis, Lisa — 91 D Dailey, John — 99 Dailey. Ray — 91 Daler, Jessaca — 91 Damron, Greg — 64 Dangler. Mr. Bud — III Dangler. Mrs. Carol — III Dangler, Charlotte — 35, 90. 91, 117, 134, 157 Dauck, Debbie — 58,64.65, 76 Davenport, Doreen — 83 Davidson. Nikki — 91 Davis, Stephanie — 91. 95, 140, 157 Deetz, Mr. Floyd — 113 Depp, Kelley — 83 Denham, Julie — 99 Derbyshire. Cory — 3, 91, 134 DeWitt, Carl — 83. 158 Dick, Doug — 99 Dick. Van — 91. 133 Dickinson. Brian — 33, 50, 59. 66, 193 Dillard, Rebekah — 83 Dillard, Joe — 83 Dilts, Kelly — 99 Dixon, Shelly — 99 Dodge, Brian — 91 Donaldson. Cheryl — 99 Dornte, Craig Matthew — 100 Dornte, Mark — 91, 134 Douglass. Sheila — 91. 159 Dover, David — 3, 65. 66, 76, 156 Dowell, Terry — 8, 9, 51, 66 Dunham, Larry — 59, 66, 134, 135 Dunham, LeAnn — II. 83,113, 118, 119, 144, 157 Dunham. Vince — 91, 157 Dunnavan, Lisa — 3, 14, 15, 31, 51, 83. 153, 157 s Eaton, Jodi — 91 Eberly, Kelly — 100, 119, 138, 139, 136 Eddy, Julie — 33, 53. 59, 64, 66 Ehrlich, Chuck — 91,130,157 Eidenier, Chris — 83 Ellis. Bob — 91. 134 Ellis. David — 66. 134 Ellison, Aimee — 100 Emerick, Kimberly — 100 Emerick, Tina — 100, 154 Erb, Anita — 30. 33, 33, 59, 64. 66. 76. 151, 156, 157 Erb, Diane — 14, 19, 37, 44, 84. 148, 151, 157, 159 Erwin. Darlene — 4, 100 Erwin, Lewis — 66 Etheridge, Kelly — 91 Evans, Roxanne — 37, 84, 150, 151, 157 d Favourite, Karan — 84, 157 Ferguson, Brent — 93, 140 Ferrell, Chris — 100 Ferrier, Laura — 6 Field, Jenny — 84, 133, 133, 136 Fifer, Jerry — 33, 58, 66, 130, 131, 130, 146 Fifer, Jody — 100 Finch, Jodi — 93 Fleming, Mr. Jim — 108 Foland. Wendy — 93, 155, 157 Folks. LuAnne — 7, 30, 59, 66. 67, 77. 153, 156 Follett, Gwen — 100.103,157 Forbes, Maria — 93 Fox, Doug — 84 Fraley, Mark — 84 Fraley, Shane — 84 Franke, Brian — 100 Frazie. Tamie — 100 Freeman, Angelique — 93 Friend, Brent — 93, 133 Friend. Brian — 84. 130, 133 Fritz, James — 84 Fritz, Katie — 100, 155 Fritz, Kevin — 100 Fuhrman, Penny — 100 Fuller, Donna — 84 Q Gajewski, Alan — KX) Gajewski, Janice — II, 36, 58. 67, 117, 136, 146 Gardner. Doug — 133 Garner, James — 93. 155 Garner, John — 100, 155 Garrison, Troy — 100 Gauthier, Missi — 100 Gecowets, Beth — 4. 38, 59, 64. 67, 69. 119 Geer. Mike — 58, 67, 193 Gentry. Mr. Dennis — 134, 134 Gentry, Mrs. Laurie — 114, 119, 134 Gerard, Jeff — 84 German, Chelly — 84, 138, 139 German, Mr. Tom — III Gibbeny, Bob — 100 Gibson, Gina — 84 Gill. Mike — 67 Gilliam, Kelley — 84 Goes. Bob — 100, 130, 133 Goes, Vicki — 93, 116, 117 Goings. Stacey — II. 84. 118, 119, 136 Gordon, Anja — 84, 119, 157 Gottron, Mr. Jon — 108, 159 Goudy, Lori — 84 Graber, Mary — 93. 157 Graft, Amy — 101, 117, 144, 157 Graham, Sharon — 113 Gramling, Barney — 9, 101. 158 Grange. Brett — 93 Grant, Erik — 101. 133 Grayson, Ricky — 101 Grayson. Shannon — 83. 84, 116, 117 Green, Angie — 93 Green.Mr. Kevin — 134 Gren, Mona — 67 Greenwood, Heather — 33, lndex 19551. 64. 67 Greenwood. Holly — 101,119, 128 Griem, Jeremy — 84 Griffin, Stephanie — 92,119, 157 Grimes, Todd — 18, 19, 25, 67. 95. 157 Groshon, Laura — 59, 67, 153 Guise, Michele — Id, 157 Gulick, Artie — 101 Gulick, Irv — 92. 123 Gupta, Anjali — 30, 67, 76. 156 Gupta, Manish — 101, 157 Guthier, Troy — 101, 133 M Haifley. Kris — 75 Hall. Chris — 101, 133 Hall. Erica — 92 Hall. Harold — 101 Hall, Jamie — 92 Hall, Tony — 124 Hammel, Mr. John — 107, 108 Hanchar, Kelly — 192 Hanna. Kandi — 58, 64, 68 Hanna, Staci — 92 Hansen, Jamie — 92. 120, 121, 140, 141, 157 Hansen, Kevin — 92 Hansen. Scott — 84 Hantz, Charles — 92. 158 Hantz, Dianne — 101 Hantz. Fred — 68 Hantz, Steve — 92, 158 Hantz, Troy — 68, 76 Harasim, Kathy — 92, 116, 117, 155 Hardesty, Robin — 84 Harger, James — 101 Hargrave, John — 101 Harpenau. Kevin — 84, 155 Harpham, Mr. Dave — III Harris, Mrs. Kathy — 108 Harris, Joe — 85, 124, 130 Harter. Bill — 27. 85 Harter. Darcy — 101,117,128, 136 Harter, Derek — 32, 68, 77, 156 Harter, Mr. Don — 113, 124 Harvey, Jan — 92 Hauck, Eric — 68 Haviland, Becky — 68 Hawk. James — 134 Heckathorn, John — 85 Heckathorn, Scott — 101 Hedglin. Mr. Richard — III Henderson, John — 20, 101 Henderson, Terry — 85 Henion, Eric — 85, 124 Hertel, Richard — 101 Hertel, Shane — 0 Hickman, Nicole — 92 Hicks, Jane — 90, 93, 154, 157 Hile, Ted — 101, 133 Hindman. Holley — 58, 68 Hinman, Carrie — 85. 157 Hinman, Pam — 85 Hirons, Jeff — 9, 151 Hively, Lora — 85 Hively, Tina — 101 Hobbs, Mike — 101 Hochstedler, Mr. Dan — 109, 130, 132 Hocker, Bob — II. 58, 69, 124, 159 Holiday. Doug — 93. 124 Holloway, Tom — 3, 14, 15, 93, 95. 151 Holsinger, Jason — 101 Homan. Jennifer — 102 Hoover. Beth — 102,128,144 Hopson, Kevin — 93 Howard, Michael — 102, 119 Hoyer, Jeff — 69, 158 Hubbard, Tony — 93 Hudnut, Linda — 85 Hudnut, Sara — 102 Hudson. Jim — 85 Hudson. Margaret — II, 38, 58. 64. 69 Hull, Sarah — 102, 157 Hull, Steve — 93, 123, 130, 132 Hullinger, Marcia — 69 Hummel, Dawn — 102 Hummel, Dorrie — 102 Hunt, Mrs. Sharon — 109, 153 Hurley, Brent — 93 Hyska, Paul — 93. 124 J Ice, Kim — 85 Ickes, Steve — 85 Ickes, Troy — 102 Isa. Tony — 51. 85, 124 3 Jeffries, Tonya — 85 Jobe. Eric — 102. 120 Jobe, Michelle — 93, 144, 159 Jobe, Nicole — 93, 144, 159 Johnson, Alan — 93, 134 Johnson, Erin — 102,119,128. 136 Johnson, Kim — 93, 134, 157 Jones, Jim — 58, 69, 79,146, 156 Jones, Joe — 102, 133 Jordan. Mike — 93 k Kaufman, Joe — 93 Keegan, Keith — 102 Keeler, Amy — 93 Keeler, Bonnie — 93 Keller. Eloyd — 94. 157 Kelley. Mr. Harry — 109, 112 Kelley, Patti — 85 Kelly, Glen — 93, 94. 120, 132, 149 Kennedy, John — 69 Kennerk, Jodi — 102, 107, 129, 149 Kessler, Kim — 85, 157 Kiesel, Greg — 85 Kim, Linda — 94 Kim. Mary — 30, 69, 76, 156 Kimes, Yvette — 102, 119 Kimpel, Deb — 59. 69 Kimpel, Tami — 85 King, Eric — 102 King, Tina — 94 Kirchen, Tarma — 102, 144, 157 Klatte, Mr. Stuart — 152 Knauer, Mr. Roger — 130 Knotek, Paula — 144 Koehlinger, Lyndra — 144 Kohli, James — 102 Kozlowski, Brooke — 102 Kozlowski, Carrie — 38, 59, 64, 69. 79. 156, 157, 159 Kozlowski, Derek — 94, 123 Kramer, Marcia — 44, 185 Kratzman, Eric — 94 Krebs, Cole — 26. 58.64,69, 156, 159 Krebs, Lance — 102,132, 133 Kressley, Scott — 45, 102 Kruger, Rick — 102 Kruse, Ms. Mary Jane — 109 Kunce. Scott — 69 jC LaCerda, Claudio — 138 Lahrman, Tina — 86 Lambert, Lucy — 86, 153 Lambert, Theresa — 86 Lane, Sue — 86 Larimore, Micah — 103 Larimore, Teresa — 6,14,15, 18. 85. 86 LaRue. Vic — 157 Lash. Joel — 86. 155 Lash. Mike — 103, 134 Lechleidner, Alan — 103 Leckner, Holly — 4, 28. 65. 69. 118, 119, 144, 156 Leckner, Jill — II, 94. 123, 128, 129, 136 Lehman, John — 103, 134 Lehman. Kelly — 103 Lepley, Chad — 103, 134 Swenson (Leslie), Kris — 75 Letke, Stephen — 92, 94 Lewis, Vanessa — 103, 157 Light. Kriste — 94, 97, 157 Light, Steve — 86 Link. Jennifer — 94 Lipman, Jason — 103 Little. James — 103 Long. Rick — 70. 124 Lowe. Mrs. Ramona — 109 Loynes, Dawn — 94, 119, 134 Loynes, Les — 86 Ludington, Sara — 103, 155 Luessenhop, Kim — 94 Lugar, Frank — 103 Lugar, Jackie — 70 Lundgren, Tana — 14,15, 82, 86. 117, 154, 136, 137 Lytle, Misty — 103 M Mahnesmith, Mandy — 94, 117 Manahan, Pat — 43,123,194 Mansfield, Katie — 103 Marten, Rickey — 103 Marten, Sherry — 102 Martin. Jeff — 86. 140, 141, 155 Mason, Jeremy — 103 Mattox. Joe — 86, 88, 124, 130 Maugherman, Ron — 94 Maver, Thorton — 94. 157, 158 Maxton, Anne — 157 McCarthy, Tim — 18, 19 McCarty. William — 103 McClellan, Ralph — 103 McCormick, Pat — 8, 9. 86 lndex 196McKeever, Mr. Howard — III McKeever, Mrs. Olive — 109 McKinley, Chuck — 103,130, 132. 152 McKinley, Kari — 103 McKinley, Mark — 86 McLauchlin. James — 22. 86. 120 McLauchlin, John — 44 McNeal, Andy — 20, 25, 94, 96. 155, 157 McWhinney, Missy — 3, 26, 57, 58, 64. 65, 70, 77. 118, 119, 156 Meek. Brian — 103 Meeks. Mr. Roger — III Metzler, Kim — 103 Meyerrose, Mrs. Sharon — 109 Meyers, Ms. Marilyn — 44, 109 Meyers. Ted — 86, 130, 132 Miller, Brad — 94 Miller. Brian — 94. 132 Miller, Mrs, Kathy — III Miller, Tamie — 103 Millhouse, Cathy — 86, 157, 158 Mills. Mona — 58, 70. 136 Mitchell. Brenda — 22, 94, 136 Mitchell, Curt — 103 Mitchell. Mike — 86 Mitchell, Rebecca — 3, 57, 59. 64. 70. 116, 117 Mitman, Michael — 104,155 Mitman, Michelle — 94 Moor, Rachelle — 86 Moore, Karen — 86 Moore, Stacey — 94 Morales. Tammy — 86 Morse, David — 86 Morse. Wendy — 104 Moyer, Mrs. Mindy — 119 Murphy, Amy — 44. 94 Musser, Tricia — 70 M Nebur, Carrie — 104, 154 Neff, Mrs. Reta — 109 Neff. Ruth Ellen — 70. 156 Nier. David — 87, 134 Nier. Mike — 95 Nofziger, Mr. Sam — 109. 130. 132 Noll, Bart — 45, 87, 124, 158 O O’Bran, Dawn — 99 Oberlin, Amy — 95 Ogle. Terri — 26, 58, 71 Olinski, Sharon — 112 Olson. Mr. David — 42. 109 Olson, Mike — 120 Olson, Tom — 32, 71, 120 Ordway, Jim — 87 Orewiler, April — 22, 87 Osmon, Michelle — 59, 71, 192 Ostrander. Scott — 104 Owens, Mrs. Rose — 112 P Parks. Lisa — 58. 71, 193 Parks, Shelly — 87, 123. 128, 136, 137 Parnin, Ann — 22, 87 Patterson, Lori — 87, 116, 117 Patterson, Suzette — 104 Patterson. Todd — 104, 134, 135 Penick. Alicia — 104, 144, 153, 157 Penick, Mrs. Sue — III Penix, Doug — 87 Penix, Kim — Id. 103, 104. 154 Perry, Mrs. Phyllis — 119 Petre, Kevin — 27, 71, 158 Petre, Missy — 104. 106. 128 Pierce, Richard — III Pollard, Shawna — 87 Poor, Mr. Scott — 43.110,113 Porter, Connie — 71 Postoloff, Chris — 91. 95, 120, 157 Postoloff, Jenny — 14, 15, 104 Powell, Joy — 59, 64, 71,158 Presley, Craig — 104. 159 Price, Mr. John — 130 Price, Randy — 59, 155 Puthoff. Ben — 104 O Quick, Jennifer — 104 Quinn, David — 87 K Radabaugh, James — 104, 133 Ramey, Carla — 95 Ramey, Jennifer — 104 Rashley, Laura — 104, 123, 144, 158 Rashley, Scott — 87,123,158 Rathburn, Daniel — 104 Rayburn. Dawn — 104 Reade, Mrs. Rosie — 112 Reed, Shannon — 95 Reidenbach, Mrs. Linda — 110. 113, 138 Reynolds, Chris — 87, 124 Rheinheimer, Tom — 58, 71, 123, 192 Richardson. Robert — 104 Richmond. Darran — 87 Richmond, Monty — 95,158 Richter, Brad — 87 Ridenour, Jackie — 64, 71 Ridenour. Valerie — 87 Ritter. Michelle — 32, 58, 64. 71 Robbins. Jack — 87 Robbins, Jenny — 104 Robbins, Joe — 95 Roberts, Bret — 95 Roemke, Andrea — 104, 154, 157 Roemke, Bobby — 105 Rogers, Mike — 22, 95. 132, 140, 141 Rohm. Mark — 87, 120, 121 Rolan, Scott — 105 Romero, Dan — 72 Romero, Dave — 87 Romine. Matt — 95,124,132 Rose, Grady — 105 Ross. Julie — 95 Roudebush. Angie — 105 Routsong, Ms. Orcie — III Rowe. Chris — 95 Rowe, Sherrie — 95 Rumsey. Tim — 72 Rumsey, Wendy — 95, 97. 123, 128, 129. 136, 137, 157 Rupp, Cindy — 105, 136 Ruselink, David — 72, 76. 156 Ruselink, Eric — 95. 155, 158 Ryan, John — 87 5 Sailors, Larry — 105, 133 Sanborn, Mrs. Joan — 43, 110, 113, 128 Sanders, DeeDee — 96. 97, 119. 128, 136, 137 Sanders, Ernie — 72 Sanderson. Stephanie — 96. 157 Saunders, Brad — 96, 120, 140 Savin, Ms. — NO Saylor. Jeff — 113 Saylor. Shane — 26. 32, 66, 72. 124 Saylor, Taryn — 105, 119 Saylor. Mr. Tom — 124 Schaab. Barb — 87, 157 Schafer, Kathy — 72. 137 Schaftner, John — 87 Schannen, Katie — 96, 123, 128 Scheffer. Carol — 96, 157 Schenkel, Dorothy — 96 Schlegel, Cham — 105 Schock, Lori — 10. 50. 87, 118, 119. 128, 129. 144. 145, 157, 159, 192 Schock. Mr. Paul — 110 Schwarz, Heather — 99,105 Sebring, Karen — 105 Seiss. Michelle — 105 Selman, Susan — 50, 96.128, 129, 136, 137, 192 Semlar, Eddy — 6,14.18, 24, 96. 192 Sharp, Nancy — 59, 72, 79, 156, 159 Shearman, Karen — 73. 153 Sheets, Chuck — 87, 134 Sheets, Martha — 105 Sheets, Ralph — 98, 105 Sheffield. Jeff — 30. 32. 58. 66. 73. 78, 124, 130, 156 Shepherd. Mike — 96, 124 Shepherd, Gina — 73 Sherburne, Stacey — 95, 96 Shirley, Jill — 105 Shock, Gary — 53 Shook, Stacey — 105 Shoup, Jaime — 50, 87. 144, 145. 155, 157. 193 Shoup. Traci — 96 Shoup. Vicki — 105, 136 Shultz. Morgan — 96 Shultz. Whitney — 105 Shutt. Kristy — 105. 159 Sierer. Dennis — 87, 155 Simon, Amy — 64. 73 Simon. Beth — 105 Simons, Mr. Jim — 120. 121, 144, 145 Sipe, Troy — 73 Sirk, Mr. Joe — 110 Siwek. Jason — 105 Skinner, Dr. Qren — 110 Sliger, Mr. — 110 Smith. Ann — 95. 96. 157 Smith, Gene — 87 lndex 197Smith, Marty — 105 Smith. Neysa — 87. 193 Smith, Scott — 105. 133 Smith, Tina — 106 Snell, Jennifer — 96, 157 Sniadecki, Mr. Clem — 110 Snow, Phil — 106. 133 Snyder, Mr. Dave — 110 Snyder, Dennis — 96 Snyder, Eric — 14, 21, 73, 78, 156, 157 Snyder. Mr. Howard — III Snyder, Mark — 21, 87, 150, 151 Snyder, Scott — 87 Sodeberg, Kris — 14, 15, 88, 144, 145 Somerlott, Mr. Ned — III Sonner, David — 94, 96 Spallinger, Lisa — 103, 106 Squier. Tim — 96, 155 St. Clair, Patty — 106 Stackhouse, Miss Angie — 154 Stackhouse, Rachael — 8, 26, 32. 58. 73, 154 Steele, Wanda — 88 Stctlcr, Danny 96 Stetler, Shawn — 73 Steury, Aaron — 43, 96,130, 123 Stevens, Shelle — 73 Stevenson. Dale — 88. 157 Stevenson, Dennis — 89 Stewart, Bobbie — 59, 73 Stock, Audrey — 106 Stocker, Mike — 88 Stocker, Susan — 96 Stokes, Mr. Sam — 110, 155 Stoudinger, Jane — 106,128, 129, 144, 145, 157 Stowe, John — 106 Stowe, Mike — 73 Stoy, Kevin — 73 Sturtz, Dan — 106 Sullivan, Donna — 14, 106 Sumney, Ross — 96 Sutton, Alice — 88 Sutton, Cindy — 106, 154 Sutton, Missy — 88, 157 Swafford, Todd — 106 Swafford. Tracey — 14, 73, 76 Swager, Shane — 106 Swary, James — 88, 158 Swick, Ms. Angie — 152 Swick, Shannon — 88 Swift, Mr. Jim — III Syler, Amanda — 56, 106, 144, 155 z Taraschke, Michelle — 96 Taylor, John — 106 Taylor, Shane — 106 Teegardin, Christina — 106 Teegardin, Stacy — 106, 155 Thalls, Mr. Adrian — III, 113 Tharpe, Tyler — 88, 124 Thimlar, Todd — 106 Thomas, Mrs. Kay — III Thomas, Lane — 96 Thompson, Tabby — 86. 88 Thourot, Jim — 97 Thrailkill, Jay — 88 Tom, Mark — 106, 133 Tuttle. Brian — 97, 120, 155, 158 Tuttle. Tyler — 74. 124, 158 u Uetrecht, Rob — 97, 123 Underwood. Kristi — 97 Unger, Dawn — 50, 59, 74, 144, 145, 192 Unger, Jill — 50. 59. 74, 192 v VanAuken, Linda — 95, 97, 119, 144, 155, 158 VanWagner, Laurie — II. 58, 64, 74, 76,119,128,144,145 Vanderbeke, Jodi — 106, 107, 119, 128 Vaughn, Mr. Hal — III. 193 Voges, Melissa — 4,106,157 Votaw, Andy — 106 Votaw, Mike — 8. 9, 88,155 w Wagner, Chris — 74. 124 Waite. Barb — 88 Waite. Teresa — 4, 62, 64, 66, 74, 79, 128. 156 Walcutt, Mrs. Helene — III Waldrip, Lloyd — 59, 74 Wall. Dena — 59, 75 Wall, Toni — 50. 59, 75. 192 Walston, Shannon — 97 Walston, Tim — 75 Walter, Steve — 107 Walters, Jonathan — 107 Walters, Sherry — 107 Wappes, Mrs. — III Warner, Brett — 97 Warren. Tiffanie — 107 Warstler. Scott — 97, 132 Washburne, Jeff — 97 Waters, Tanya — 97 Weicht. Beth — 8. 50, 58. 64. 75. 193 Weiss. Mark — 44, 88, 157 Weller, Julie — 107 Weller, Mr. Paul — III. 158 Wellons, Andy — 88 Wells. Wendy — 97 Wenzel, Mr. Mike — 140 Whang, Eunice — 107 Whang, Rachel — 25, 157 Whitaker, Vallis Paul — 97 Wickline, Walter — 107 Wieman, Joel — 107 Wilber. Michele — 97 Wilcox, Aimee — 14. 18, 19. 50, 59. 75. 78.154,156,192. 200 Willms, Dawn — 97 Willms, Jeff — 75 Wilson, Charlie — 92, 97, 123, 157 Wilson, Polly — 4, 26, 27, 30. 58, 64. 65, 75. 77, 123, 157 Winebrenner, Tina — 97 Wise. Don — 97. 140 Wolf, Dawn — 97 Gorrell (Wolschleger), Michelle — 75 Wood, Maria — 100,107,153, 154 Woodruff, Rusty — II, 124 Worthington, Tony — 59. 75 Wray, Anita — 107 Wren, Chad — 107 Wren, Chris — 53, 58, 75 Wright, Julie — 59, 75, 154 Wright, Mr. Tony — III, 120, 145 Wyatt. Gina — 97 Wyatt. Kim — 97 V Yarnelle, Donna — 112 z Zabst, Phil — 107 Zeiger, Missy — 75 Zimmerman. Bobby — 107, 113 Zimmerman, Maria — 8,118, 119, 144, 145 Zintsmaster, Dan — 27,124, 159 lndex 198Colophon Araque. John — 38. 183 Barlett. Melody — IX 13. 16. 17. 18. 19. IX 33. 36. 37. 39.108.109. HO. III. 176. 188. Bond. Judi — 8. 9. 53. 53. 116. 117 Brown. Michelle — 10. II. 14. 15. 167 Dickinson. Brian — 183 Geer. Mike — 50. 51. 83. 83. 84. 85. 86. 87. 88. 89 Haines. John — 174 Hanchar. Kelly — 136. 137. 133. 133 Osmon. Michelle 90. 91. 93. 93. 94. 95. 96. 97. 98. 99. KX . Parks. Lisa Rheinheimer. Tom — 171 Selman. Susan — 154. 155. 165. 170 Semlar. Eddy — 181 Shoup. Jaime - 166. 180. 186. 189 Smith. Neysa — 146, 147. 175 Thompson. Beth — 179 Unger. Dawn — 178 Unger. Jill —187 Wall. Toni Weicht. Beth - 58. 59. 60. 61. 63. 63. 64. 65. 66. 67. 68. 69. 70. 71. 73. 73. 74. 75. 168. 169. 185 Wilcox. Aimee — I. X 3. 4. 5. 6. 7.16.17. 30. 31. 34. 35. 38. 39. 30. 31. 34. 35. 43. 54. 55. 56. 67. 76. 77. 78. 79. 80. 148. 149. 150. 151. 153. 153. 156. 157. 158. 159. 163. 163. 173. 173. 184. 190. 191. 193. 193. 194. 194. 196. 197. 198. 199. 300 Photo Credits: Wilcox Photographic Services Tom Rheinheimer Eddy Semlar Aimee Wilcox Art Credits: John Araque — Cover Aimee Wilcox — Division Pages Specs.- Cover — Nighthawk 499 Silver Foil Silver Silk screen Copies Printed: 650 Trim Size: (Ah x II” Paper Stock: Gloss 191 Endsheets: Stainless S 389 Headlines: Script Body Copy: 10 pt. Caption Copy: 8 pt. Underclassmen and Senior Portraits: Prestige Portraits: National School Studios Publisher: Jostens American Yearbook Co. 1313 Dickson Highway Clarksville. TN 37040 Representative: Mark Childs Advisor: Hal Vaughn Special Thanks: Wilcox Photographic Service Mrs. Lydia Beehler Mrs. Judy Jones Mrs. Rosie Reade Mr. 5 Mrs. Bill Wilcox — my parents Colophon 199The 1985-86 school year is over and the Key is finally completed. Through the past four years I’ve seen a lot of people having fun while, at the same time, working to meet the requirements necessary in order to graduate. Through these times of hard work and pleasure we’ve all created Accented Memories. which is what this book is for. At the beginning of the 1985-86 school, the yearbook staff and I decided on the theme of Accented Memories because we feel that these high school years will be memories that will always be special in our minds. I hope that we. the yearbook staff, have captured the special moments that are Accented Memories for everyone who was a part of A.H.S. this year. I would like to thank the following people who worked especially hard to complete this yearbook: Melody Bar-let t as Assistant Editor. Lori Schock as Business Manager. Jaime Shoup, Susan Selman, Michelle Osmon. Beth Weicht. Mike Geer, and Judi Bond. Aimee Wilcox Editor Editor’s Page 200

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