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 1985 KEY 3i7 S. Wayne Angola, IN 46703 (219) 665-2186 Volume 64TABLE OF CONTENTS STUDENT LIFE 6 SPORTS 34 ACADEMICS 70 ORGANIZATIONS 88 PEOPLE 102 ADS 150Shiela Douglas. Tana Lundgren. Julie Wright, and Pat Manahan ham it up a little. Some of the more unusual variety show characters perform the grand finale Analyzing a letter. Terri Ogle and Kevin Stoy prove to be a little camera shy. Every single blade of grass And every flake of snow Is just a wee bit different There's no two alike, you know. From something small, like Grains of Sand, To that gigantic star. All were made with this in mind: To be just what they are! How foolish, then, to imitate. How useless to pretend. Since each of us comes from a mind Whose ideas never end. There'll only be just ONE of ME To show what I can do. And you should, likewise, feel Quite proud There's only ONE of YOU! Deb Moir Opening 3A.H.S. DISPLAYS A colorful and action filled shot of the band performing at regionals. The beginning of a beautiful new day as seen by a few lucky lakers. 4 As the forerunners of a new era in high school policies, we, the students of Angola High School, are setting new standards for generations to follow. Because of the new state laws, high schools across the state are having to change school curriculum and course requirements. Although these requirements have taken away from extracurricular activities, the students of A.H.S. haven't lost the school spirit or the fun that’s related to our years in high school.Operwng 5 Enjoying the final warm days before winter, Jessica Daler, Lori Patterson, and Angie Beck catch some rays. The Thomas twins. Lief and Layk. are caught A magnificent display of color pulls the cover on another day. teaching their philosophies on life. ITS COLOR Newly inducted, Dave Ruselink and Eric Snyder are plotting the overthrow of present N.H.S. leadersTammy Bramhall On November 2 and 3, at 8:00 p.m.. A.H.S. Thespians presented Neil Simon's The Good Doctor, a Russian comedy depicting life in the 1800's. Directed by Jerry Duguid, the cast was as follows: Narrator Woman Sexton Mr. Kinstinou Sailor Policeman Governess Todd Grimes Anita Erb Loren Brigle Alan Burrell Derek Koszlowski Don Croy Diane Erb Other cast members: Lisa Dunna-van. Dawn Unger, Kim Usher, Katrina Cripe, Eric Snyder, Stephanie Sheets, Tammy Bramhall, Jeff Burd Stage managers: Dave Appleman, Mark Snyder, Ruth Ellen Neff Hair Designer: Mrs. Koszolowski Makeup: Tana Lundgren, Jan Harvey Mrs Koszlowski and Dawn Unger Lisa Dunnavan and Diane Erb 8 Student LifeDerek Koszlowski and Todd Grimes Mark Snyder and David Appleman Dawn Unger. Don Croy, and Jeff Burd Eric Snyder and Katrina Cripe Student Life 9Dennis Holiday and Rusty Woodruff display rare signs of school spirit A soggy field caused this year's Homecoming spirit to be dampened. Unhomecoming, our annual kick-off to the big event, was canceled due to a wet field. Angered powder puff football players petitioned school officials to allow the game to take place, but the response was still no. A few students attempted to show their spirit on "Purple and Gold" day, but when Rusty Woodruff and Dennis Holiday showed up in togas, they were sent home for having too much spirit, accompanied by not enough clothing. Homecoming itself was a success. The Angola football team defeated North-ridge by the score of 46 to 16. Before the game, senior class member, Bonnie Rose, escorted by senior, Brett Presley, was crowned Homecoming queen, 1984. To highlight the evening, a dance, with music provided by "Unique Lighting and Sound," was sponsored by Student Council and the yearbook staff. The '84 yearbooks were distributed at the dance. Jim Platf. 10. in action during the Homecoming game. HOMECOMING SPIRIT DAMPENED! 10 Student Life Homecoming queen candidates (Bottom) freshmen. Wendy Rumsey. Kristy Light, sophomores. Shelly Parks. Tana Lundgren. juniors, Beth Gecowets. Aimee Carr; and. seniors. Chris Graft, and Bonnie Rose Homecoming Queen Bonnie Rose and her escort Brett Presley '84 Homecoming Queen. Jill McLauchlin is seen congratulating her successor. Bonnie Rose. Student Life 11GOLDEN VARIETY Variety '84 took place Wednesday, September 19, 1984, at 8:00 p.m. in the auditorium. A.H.S. Thespians had a tough time getting the show together due to several illnesses and a general lack of organization. Once, however, they got the ball rolling. Variety '84 was a success. There were two solos, some dances, a "baby skit", a pantomime, and even a yodler. Thespidns dlso presented several other skits. Dave Dover played the piano for the show, and Katrina Cripe was head of the makeup department. The show was directed by Mr. Jerry Duguid dnd Thespian officers were in charge of its organization. Derek Koszlowski. Ingrid Cook. Todd Grimes, ond Jeff Burd in their "newscost 'Trocey Swafford singing "Ice Castles ' Jerry Duguid — Thespian sponsor Tracey Swafford, a junior at A.H.S., is originally from Gosport, Indiana. Tracey's favorite hobby is singing, but it's becoming more of a career than a hobby. She started out singing into a vacuum cleaner cord at age three, and by age six or seven Tracey was winning second and third places in church talent contests. This year, Tracey received first place at the D.J. Country talent contest. One person who has been inspirational to Tracey is Barbara Mandrell. Tracey said, "She (Barbara Mandrell) puts so much feeling and energy in her songs!" Tracey's favorite group is Alabama. She says they have a way of satisfying both country and rock fans. Tracey wants to go to Nashville, Tennessee, after she graduates. There she hopes to become a professional country music singer, or try out for Opry Land. Until then, she continues to sing wherever she can and to send tapes of her music to recording companies. Tracey is very thankful to her family for the support they have given her. Student life 13WE LOOK UP Top to bottom Paul Schock. Assistant Superintendent. Judi $e-veryns. Secretary. Dr Skinner. Superintendent. Marg Patterson. Secretary. Bonnie Moor. Assistant Secretary. Marilyn Cope. Payroll. and. Carol Schock. Treasurer. Dr Oren Skinner, superintendent of the MSD of Steuben County, is a new addition to our community He moved to Angola in June of 1984 along with his wife. Joyce, and two sons, Andrew. 51 ?. and James. 21 ?. Dr Skinner has many duties as superintendent, but he also takes time to enjoy the community. He says he enjoys the parks, the lakes and the openness of the people Dr Skinner has been a school teacher, a class sponsor, a student council advisor, and a football and wrestling coach When asked what he likes most about his new position. Dr Skinner replied. "I enjoy the opportunities and challenges of the job, interactions with people, and diversity of activities." While students lurk about hallways and classrooms. our school officials are never far away. Dr. Skinner can be found conducting both friendly and business-like conversations in the main office. When he's not in this building, he's usually across the street working "behind the scenes" with the rest of his staff. Mr. Kelley and Mr. Sirk are usually in their respec-tive offices behind masses of pink slips and paper work. While outside the main office they scan the halls attempting to keep things in order. 14 Student LifeTO YOU Mr. Harry Kelley — Principal School Board Members: Mrs. Mari Jo Krebs Mr. Donald Roe Mr. Paul Smith Ms. Mavis Sutton Dr. Galen Williams Mr Joseph Sirk — Vice-Principal Student Life 15STUDENT ART The 1985 Key staff well as poetry. Many en-sponsored an art contest tries were received, but in which A.H.S. students only a few could be cho-had a chance to display sen for the yearbook, some of their work, as Scenic water coloring contributed by Ruth Ellen Nett Sean Whitcomb's representation of wild kangaroos received second placeCOME TO ME FOR A SMILE If there is anything you ever need. just ask me for it. If there is ever a question you ponder. come to me for the truth. If there is ever a dream you desire, let's live it together. If there is ever a thought that troubles you, we can solve it our way. If there is ever a happy time. share it with me. If there is ever sadness in your life, come to me for a smile. Amy Eddy Stacey Goings' runner-up sketch of a unicorn. If I would be a shooting star, and could make dreams come true. I'd burst with all the brightest lights and fall straight down to you. And with all tender loving care. I'd fulfill your dreams on demand. Through my sparkling shine I'd say, "Your wish is my command." And after all is said and done. I'd slowly and dimly float away. And when you would look into the sky at night, you'd see my special shining ray. Through my sparkling shine. I'd tell you stories till you slept. And all the dreams you'd dream at night, they would all be kept. I'd save them for a rainy day, when things seemed dim to you. I'd never let one unfilled, dreamless day, pass your way through. And a promise would be made to you with committment from afar. For you and forever after. I'd be your shining star. Becky Pufahl Third prize sketch by Mindy Alwood. Student Life 17PLAYING WITH PRIDE Rensselaer, Indiana, was the setting for band camp this year which took place August 6 thru 10. Traditionally, band camp is a lot of hard work. A typical day consisted of breakfast at 7:00. morning practice from 8:00 to 11:30, lunch at 11:30, afternoon practice from 1:00 to 3:00, supper at 5:00. evening practice at 6:00. and lights out by 10:00. In between practices and meals, time was taken to relax and enjoy some limited freetime. A talent show was given in highlight of the week, and members revealed some unusual hidden talents; such as. air guitar playing and lip-syncing a few popular songs. Putting down their French horn and drums. Tana Lundgren and Julie Clark take time to tango. Before they head for evening practice, Dennis Sierer and Pat McCormick "shoot the breeze " "Practice again? Why me?" ponders Trish Cornett. 18 Student LifeBAND CAMP Shawn Reynolds and Craig Dunlap make an interesting duo during afternoon practice. Isolated from other band members. Amy Murphy is found practicing her xylophone. While the rest of the band marches on. Al Murphy takes time out to practice as drum major Student Life IVErika Slauson. Ken Goldie, and Mr David McKinney made an interesting dancing trio. Kent Mdhnesmith and Doug Wyatt "strut their stuff" for the camera The Sweethearts Ball took place February 23 in the AHS gym and was sponsored by Hi-Y. The entire gym was decorated in red and white crepe paper, hearts, and various hanging decorations. Volunteers put a tremendous amount of time into decorating. Many compliments were made on the appearance of the gym and the effort that went into it. Music was provided by Music king. Becky Pufahl doesn't seem to mind that her date has disappeared Mr Tony Wright. Hi-Y sponsor, can "boogie" as well as his daughter, Julie, in the background 20 Student LifeCaught by surprise while decorating. Diane Erb glares at the A devilish grin appears on Shawn Fritz's face as he talks to Ns date Amy camera. Murphy. From behind Chris Graft and beside Anddi Goings, it looks like The fog and The Sounds of Music King seemed to create outlandish behavior the place was “jumpin '' Student Lifo 21FOOLS and WEE PALS A.H.S. winter (Fools)and spring (Wee Pals) Thespian productions. Looking down from their second floor balcony are the Zubritskys — Derek Kozlowski. Diane Erb. and Tammy Bramhall from the winter production As we look into the Zubritsky house on a winter afternoon, we see Leon Tolchinsky (Eric Snyder) trying to teach Sophia (Diane Erb) math. 22 Student Life "Hi. my name is Pablo." says Dave Romero during his introductory lines in Wee Pals. Katrina Cripe gives our photographer a slight smile while waiting to do the "Mother's Song" in Wee Pals.Charlotte (Charlotte Dangler) tells about her hobby as a "CB freak" during a Wee Pals practice. About to marry Sophia to her young teacher in order to break the spell of which the town is under, is Don Croy. from Fools. "If God would have intended for boys to be smart. SHE would have given them brains." says Connie (Ruth Ellen Neff) during rehearsal. Student Ufe 231985 Junior-Senior Prom "I Can't Fight That Feeling” "I Can't Fight That Feeling" was the theme for the 1985 junior senior prom. Taking place in the Middle School Ca-fetorium on May 11, the prom kicked off at 8:30 P.M. When Chris Graft and Kent Mahnesmith were awarded "Best Couple", those attending roared exuberantly. The prom itself came to an end at 11:30, but prom festivities continued on throughout the evening with "after prom" at Angola Bowl and breakfast at Azar's. Amy Eddy flushes her ddte a smile ds he shows her a few original steps. 24 Student LifeThe dance floor stayed crowded all night long. Student Life 25AWARDS NIGHT — ’85 A G o L D E N Valedictorian — Dale Gajewski Salutatorian Brian Saunders National Honor Society Angola Rotary Memorial Scholarship Debbie Sierer Chris Graft Debbie Sierer American Legion Awards Angola Lions Scholarship Debbie Sierer Kent Mahnesmith Jim Platt Debbie Geer Argerbright Scholarship Land-Of-Lakes Lions Club Scholarship Tina Barlett Dale Gajewski Psi lota Xi Scholarship March Of Dimes Scholarship Doug Burroughs Annette Chard Tri-Kappa Scholarships Henry Park PTO Scholarship Dale Gajewski Layk Thomas Shawn Fritz Tri-State Scholarships Dave Beattie Dan Gauthier Debbie Sierer Mike Conley Debbie Geer A.C.T.A. Memorial Scholarship Pam Hancock Jeff Kirby Seagly, Wayne Scholarship Special Athletic Awards Annette Chard Linda Hall Tara Lundgren Kent Mahnesmith Jim Platt Thespian Award Ruth Ellen Neff F 0 R P R 1 D E OPPORTUNITY 26 Awards Night— tllttttllUltl :ai in nun Klttl nut Proudly stepping forward to receive another award i$ salutatorian Brian Saunders. Superintendent Dr. Oren Skinner presents Debbie Sierer with the Rotary Honor Medallion Award, given to seniors who maintained a 9.0 average throughout their four years in high school Accepting his Rotary Honor Medallion from Dr. Skinner is Neil Holcomb, recipient also of the Rose-Hulman Scholarship. Juniors honored for membership in National Honor Society were (left to right) Jeff Beehler. Katrina Cripe. David Dover. LuAnne Folks. Derek Harter, Ruth Fllen Neff, and Missy McWhinney. Awards Night 27CLASS OF 1985 All heads are bowed as Chris Graft gives her benediction speech. Singing "Just Be Who You Are" and for their last time together are senior choir members. Decorated in blue and silver, according to senior class colors, is the cake prepared by dieticians Mr. Floyd Deetz and Mrs Sharon GrahamFeatured senior speaker Debbie Sierer addresses the class of '85. Graduates John Tolle and Susan Gutstein walk toward their seats DOING THEIR BEST Graduation 29WHAT’S THE LATEST? August 1984 — June 1985 Detroit Tigers won the World Series, defeating San Diego Padres 4 to 1. San Francisco 49ers topped the Miami Dolphins for a Superbowl victory. Close To Home Sports Michigan won the "Big 10". Colts came to Indianapolis. Bobby Knight turned I.U. faces red when he heaved a chair in the midst of a game. Marion High School became the state high school basketball champs. International News "We Are the World" was written and recorded to earn money for the African Relief Fund. Jesse Jackson and Amy Carter were arrested for picketing against white supremacy in Africa at the South African Embassy in Washington, D.C. Controversy struck over Ringling Brothers said-to-be "unicorn". Geraldine Ferraro — the first female candidate for the Vice-Presidency. Heart recipient, William Shroeder, and Indiana resident, went home after five months but didn't get to go to his son's wedding. President Reagan was reelected for his second term in office. Sally Rand — the first female astronaut in space. State News Funding was approved for a Josie Orr "party house". Fort Wayne was underwater again. A Ft. Wayne science teacher was chosen to go in a space shuttle. Brady Wells of Indiana finished 31st in the Boston Marathon. 30 Student LifeSchool News Dr. Skinner became the new school superintendent. New school requirements for '85 will give A.H.S. students 7-period days, 9-week grading periods, and manditory finals. Angola won the high school basketball sectional. Anjali Gupta and Brian Saunders placed in the top 10 in the Tri-State University Chemistry Test. A.H.S. and the top individual scores in the Tri-State University Math Contest in both senior and junior divisions. In first and second for the senior division were Dan Gauthier and Dennis Cretsinger, David Dover placed first in the junior division. Holly Leckner placed second, and Jeff Sheffield tied for third. A.H.S. Marching Band went to Regionals. The girls' volleyball team was runner-up in Sectionals. Jeff Kirby went to Regionals in wrestling. Kent Mahnesmith was 15th in State in cross country. The junior senior prom was held at the middle school cafetorium, rather than in the high school gymnasium. Stacy Schaab won a Rotary speech award. A Sweetheart's Ball was given instead of the annual Christmas prom. It was hosted by the Y-Clubs. Tim Favourite won first place in the State in Dairy Profiency contest. School board members for the '84-'85 school year included (left to right) Mr Don Roe, Mrs Mari Jo Krebs. Mr Paul Smith, and Ms. Mavis Sutton. Not pictured. Dr Galen Williams. Student life 31Fads and fashions played a large part in the 1984-1985 school year. Garfield and Cabbage Patch dolls topped the list for both young and old. Leather shoes, boots, pants, shirts, coats, belts, and ties were "in". Long hair in the back for guys,'anything goes" hair for girls made a hit. Multiple ear pierces were popular with girls, but only a single earring in the left ear for guys. "Funky" earrings and ear-bands were a splash for everyone. CARNEGIE PUBLIC LIBRARY ANGOLA, INDIANA student ufe 33Boosting Hornet Spirit And Firing Up The Fans CHEERLEADERS The 1984-85 cheerleading squads included fifteen girls at the beginning of the year. The varsity yell-leaders were captain Chris Graft, Debbie Geer, Jan Coveil, Lisa Parks, and Krissy Hansen. They were under the direction of Celia Miller, a former Hornet cheerleader. Cheering on the junior varsity football and basketball teams were Kristin Carr, Shannon Grayson, Michelle Cook, and captain, Tana Lundgren. At camp in the summer, Angola's Freshman squad won several awards which included a trip to the National Finals in Michigan. The freshman cheerleaders were Mandy Mahnesmith, Charlotte Dangler, Vicki Goes, and Tricia Beechy. Besides yelling for the Hornets at the games, the girls also performed a number of spiritboosting tasks such as decorating the players' lockers before games. Demonstrating one of their many crowdpleasing mounts, the award-winning freshmen cheerleaders were Mandy Mahnesmith. Charlotte Dangler. Vicki Goes, and Tricia Beechy $ -ft %TXV nr Devoting their time to cheering on the varsity teams this year were (top to bottom) Chris Graft. Debbie Geer. Lisa Parks. Jan Coveil, and Krissy Hansen Cheering on the Junior Varsity team this year were (top to bottom) Tana Lundgren. Shannon Grayson, Michelle Cook, and Kristin CarrProudly performing to the school song at the start of a home game, the AHS cheerleaders finish their routine with a mount and a chant. Getting the crowd up on its feet. Chris Graft cheers at the DeKalb Sectional finals. Junior Varsity cheerleaders Shannon Grayson and Kristin Carr attempt to fire up the Hornet fans J.V. and freshmen cheerleaders (left to right) Tana Lundgren. Vicki Goes. Michelle Cook. Tricia Beechy. and Shannon Grayson are in perfect unison as they cheer on the home team i Ct ieef leading 3 7Hornets Lose Three Games By One Point SO CLOSE Struggling through many close losses at the beginning of the season, the Angola Hornets could not find the extra points needed for victory. However, the gridders were able to give some impressive performances in the later half of the season. Standing tall among these performances was the dominating homecoming victory over Northridge. The fans witnessed the explosive capabilities of the Hornet offense and the stifling efforts of the defense. The Hornet defensive attack was lead by 1st team All-Conference selection Jim Platt. Among the credible achievements was the containment of state ranked powerhouse Northside to 2 touchdowns below their scoring average. Leading in the important statistics of defense play were Jim Plaft — most tackles, Eric Biernat — most interceptions, and Dennis Holiday — most sacks. The offensive squad was lead by four 2nd team All-Conference selections: Rusty Woodruff, Cole Krebs, Shane Saylor, and Tyler Tuttle. Rusty Woodruff accumulated over 600 yards rushing while Cole Krebs rushed for close to 400 yards at the fullback slot. Sprinting out of the pack, Chris Wren runs tor his life. Back Row (Left to right): Joe Mattox. Cole Krebs. John Burger, Dan Correll. Rich Aldrich. Jeff Sheffield. Eric Johnson, Chris Champion. Brian Belcher. 2nd Row: Coach Harter. Doug Fox. Rick Goslee, Rusty Woodruff. John McLauchlin, Rick Long. Dale Stevenson. Chris Wagner. Eric Biernat, Brian Boyd, Coach Saylor. 3rd Row: Chris Wren, Gene Smith. Doug Brainard. Joe Harris. Tyler Tuttle. Bob Hocker, Bart Noll. Jim Byrne. Shane Saylor. Assistant Coach Gentry. Front Row: Tom Barrett. Ray Shepherd. Todd Ameling, Jim Platt, Dennis Holiday. Eric Swenson, Brian Steele. Troy Swager. Corbett Etheridge. ■ 38 Varsity FootballTrudging through the trenches. Rusty Woodruff powers for yardage. SCOREBOX AHS-Opponents Homestead 0-14 Whitko 20-21 Lakeland 6- 7 DeKalb 6- 7 Northside 0-28 Northridge 46-16 Columbia City 27- 6 Garrett 27-22 New Haven 0- 7 East Noble Team Record: 3-7 0-24 Varsity Football 39Keeping Up With The Action JV Football This year's JV and freshman football teams did well in spite of their lack of numbers. Both teams were short of players, but they proved to be very competitive. When the freshman team defeated DeKalb, who outnumbered the Angola Hornets by 3-1, by three touchdowns, it was a high point in the season. Freshmen Jeff Washburn and Steve Hantz were captains for the team. Matt Romine was named leading rusher. Coaching for the frochmnn tanm u orp Milso Aion. zel and Tom Sanborn. Coach for the JV team was Dennis Gentry, a first time JV coach. The team alternated captains for the games. Because the varsity team was so small this year, the JV had to play varsity games also. This, along with injuries and illnesses, created a lack of continuity for the JV team. In spite of all these handicaps, the JV turned out a winning season proving they were a team we could be proud The freshman football team members are as follows: (Front l-r) Joe Robbins. Jim Clouse. Brett Warner. Mike Skaggs. Ross Ruckel Middle Dan Marple, Tony Hall, Rick Devlin, Cory Derbyshire, Rodney Caldwell, Matt Romine. Jake Burelison Back Bob Ellis, Steve Hantz, Doug Holiday, Vallace Wittaker. Jeff Washburn, Mike Grubb, Paul Hyska 40 JV FootballJV Football AHS — Opponent Prairie Heights 26-6 DeKalb 0-14 East Noble 20-7 Northridge 0-6 Garrett 14-6 West Noble 0-0 Team Record: 3-2 JV Footbal 41 Boomershine Field was the site tor home Ready to rush, the Hornets make us proud, games tor the Hornets. BOOMERSHINE FIELDHornet Netters Sport A Fair Season Tennis The Hornets Tennis squad this year included (back l-r) Coach Wright, Mark Rohm, Tom Olson. Mike Biernat, Jerry Fifer. Layk Thomas, Mike Bailey, and Asst. Coach Simons. (Middle l-r) Eric Bailey, Mike Blodget. Joel Baker, Mark Weiss, Dean Jarrel, Dale Gajewski, Brian Burkett, and Steve Wall (Front) Jamie Hansen. Glen Kelley. Doug Burroughs, Brian Tuttle. James McLauchhn. Steve Clark. Don Wise, and Bradley Saunders Mr. Wright throws an evil grin to the camera after one of his jokes. 42 TennisThe boys' tennis team continued its dynasty this year with another winning season. Compiling a 9-7 record, the Hornets placed 5th in Conference. Head Coach Mr. Wright cited the team's 3-2 victory over East Noble as the high point of the season. "We had some very good play, but all-in-all, we did not reach our potential.'' Mr. Wright also noted that the doubles teams were inexperienced. Third year as number one singles player and fourth year playing on the varsity team. Dale Gajewski once again led the team. Gajewski holds the 6th best career in Angola's records. Gajewski and Tom Olson were named to the All-Conference Honorable Mention this year. Playing on the varsity team this season were Gajewski, Olson, Biernat, Jerry Fifer, Layk Thomas, Joel Baker, Steve Wall, and Dean Jarrell. Proving once again that he is 1, Dale Gajewski opens the match with a smashing serve. Sharing the number one singles slot, senior Mike Biernat slams a return to his Homestead opponent. AHS-Opponent Columbia City 2-3 Homestead 0-5 East Noble 3-2 Bishop Dwenger 1-4 South Adams 5-0 Snider 1-4 New Haven 1-4 Carroll 5-0 Lakeland 5-0 Bellmont 3-2 Dekalb 2-3 Westview 5-0 Leo 4-1 Bluffton 4-1 Sectionals Carroll 4-1 Dekalb 2-3 Team Record: 9-7 I ennls 43AHS Spikers Spring Into Action VOLLEYBALL 44 After an outstanding win in first round Sec-tiondls. Lesley Schafer shows she's proud of her team. Although the AHS volleyball team had a roller-coaster season this year, the team made Angola High School proud. The season ended on a happy note when Angola won the runner-up trophy, the game ball, at sectionals this year. As her first year of coaching at Angola, Laurie Gentry felt that "lack of confidence" in the team made for their up and down year. Gentry is looking for experience from the seven returning letterman, five juniors and two sophomores, to make a strong season next year. Leading the team were team captains Anddi Goings and Tara Lundgren. Lundgren made First Team All-Conference while Goings made Second Team All-Conference. Lundgren and Goings were also voted to share the most valuable player award. Goings was also awarded the best serving award. The best spiking award was earned by Lundgren who also shared the best passing award with Stacey Goings. Missy McWhinney received the most improved award while the determination award was given to Laurie VanWagner. Polly Wilson shared the highest grade point average award with Holly Leckner who also earned the best attitude award. The team's conference record was 2-6 this year, and the volleyball team were runners-up in the county tourney as well. Back Row: (Left to right) Mindy Moyer. JV coach: Laurie VanWagner, Polly Wilson. Holly Leckner. Missy McWhinney: fara Lundgren. Lesley Schafer: Lori Schock; Beth Gecowets: Stacy Goings; Anddi Goings: and Laurie Gentry, Varsity coach. Front Row: Jill Leckner; Maria Zimmerman; Undo VanAuken; Shelly Allen. Rachel Shriner. Dee-Dee Sanders. LeAnn Dunham; Anja Gordon; Lori 8oyd. Lori Patterson; Stacey Sherburne. Toni Andrews; and Carrie Kozlowski. ManagerWith her eye on the ball, LeAnn Dunham positions herself for the perfect hit. Diving for the ball. Anja Gordon makes a nice return. Starting the game. Stacey Sherburne serves an ace AHS — OPPONENTS Central Noble 13-11. 15-10 Lakeland 14-16. 4-15 Hamilton 15-10. 15-6 Hamilton 15-6. 15-4 Prairie Heights 11-14, 5-15 Fremont 3-15. 8-15 East Noble 9-14. 16-14 12-15 Garrett 15-5. 15-8 Homestead 15-7. 11-15. 12-15 Bluffton 15-10. 6-15 12-15 DeKalb 14-16. 12-15. 4-15 South Adams 4-15. 15-6. 9-15 Columbia City 15-3. 15-11 Eastside 14-12. 16-18 5-15 Prairie Heights 16-14. 15-12 Bellmont 4-15. 15-6 New Haven Sectionals 5-15. 5-15 Garrett 15-2. 15-5 Leo 15-12. 15-3 DeKalb 12-15. 3-15 Team Record 9-12 Holly Leckner and Beth Gecowets race for the return made by West view Warriors volieyball 45Hornet Harriers Race On To Regionals CROSS COUNTRY The 1984 Cross Country team, coached by Mr. Poor, sported another great season. Coach Poor attributed a lot of the team's success to the outstanding leadership of senior Kent Mahnesmith, and junior Jeff Beehler. Other varsity members were Paul Furniss, Tom Rhineheimer, Mark Behee, Scott Rashley. and freshman Van Dick. The Lady Hornets could not fill their quota of five runners to have a team. The four individual runners for the Purple Gold included Kris Lesiak, Ingrid Cook, Teresa Waite, and Jenny Field. Both the boys' and girls' squads won many honors. Sophomore Jenny Field advanced to the semi-state level, and won the Conference Championship in Ft. Wayne. Field set the new course record. First year runner, Teresa Waite, was named to the All-Conference team with Field. The boys' team advanced to Regionals with a 5th place at Sectionals. In the Conference, the Hornets captured a 6th place finish. Senior Kent Mahnesmith was named to the All State team with his best-ever 15th place at the State meet in Indianapolis. Kent completed his Cross Country career by adding an All-Conference, All-Area, and a Harding Invitational Championship to his long list of honors. The Hornet Cross Country team this year included (Bock l-r) Coach Poor. Mark Behee. Scott Rashley. Van Dick. Jeff Beehler. Paul Furniss. Kent Mahnesmith. Tom Rhineheimer, and Derek Kozlowski. (Middle l-r) Tom Beehler, Pat Monahan. Don Parker. Charlie Wilson. Rob Uetrecht. Brian MiHer (Front l-r) Jenny Field, Kris Lesiak. Teresa Waite. Ingrid Cook 46 Cross CountryKent Mahnesmith. Angola's number one Cross Country runner for four years, shows his winning form that earned him a 15th place at State. AHS-Opponents East Noble forfeit Fremont 15-49 Garrett 27-28 West Noble 27-30 Lakeland 21-38 Hamilton 25-34 DeKalb 88-40 Eastside 88-34 Prairie Heights 88-63 Hamilton 88-150 Central Noble 16-44 Team Record: 8-11 Cross Country 47Making Headway Wrestling This year's co-captains were Jeff Kirby and Steve Wall. At the beginning of the season, the team could not fill all of the weight classes. Even though the team was small in number, it proved its muscle power throughout the season. The team placed ninth in the NEIAC Conference Tourney and third in the IHSAA Sectional Tourney. In the IHSAA Regional Tourney they scored sixteen and a half points. Pete Dangler, a senior, at 119 pounds was a leading wrestler and obtained a 7-3-1 individual record. The fastest pin was Rob Uetrecht, a 98-pound freshman, at 0:14. Placing second in the Lakeland Sectional and qualifying for the Goshen Regional were juniors, Dave Ellis at 155 pounds. Jim Hawk at 105 pounds, and Jim Byrne at 138 pounds. Ellis and Steve Wall came in first at the Leo Invitational. In the NEIAC Conference Tourney Byrne placed third; Ellis placed fourth; and Mike Nier, a 126-pound freshman placed sixth. Placing third at NEIAC Conference Tourney, first at Leo Invitational, first at Lakeland Sectional, second at Goshen Regional, and a semi-state qualifier was senior Jeff Kirby at 167 pounds. Rodney Carpenter comes out on top after a hard match. Front (l-r): Lonnie Carpenter, Brad Miller. Mark Arney 2nd row: Tom Vetrecht, Rodney Carpenter. Jim Byrne, Pete Dangler. Ray Shepherd, Mike Niet, Mike Younger, Steve Wall Back: Coach Gentry, Derek Kozlowski. Brian Steele. George Schock. Dave Ellis. Jeff Kirby, Larry Dunham. Jim Hawk. Coach Kevin Green 48 WrestlmgCo-captain Steve Wall goes in for another win. AHS — Opponents Howe Military 32-37 Columbia City 27-33 DeKalb 20-48 Fremont 55-13 Westview 52-18 Bishop Luers 46-24 Bishop Luers 56-14 Leo 24-42 Woodland 24-41 East Noble 46-18 Edgerton 16-45 Centerville 26-35 Howe Military 48-18 Team Record: 6-7 After taking first at Sectionals. Jeff Kirby accepts his blue ribbon from Coach Gentry. Wrnstlmg 49Hornet Hoopsters Capture Sectional Victory!!! BASKETBALL As 1985 Sectional Champs, the cagers created a sense of pride in everyone. The community decorated business windows and signs. Mayor Lett declared a Hornet Day on the Thursday after the Sectionals with a community pep session that evening. Not to be outdone, the Angola residents wished the Hornets well from their house windows and with purple and gold streamers in their trees. The student body captured the Hornet spirit with a Purple and Gold day and fan busses to the games. They captured the Sectional title after an overtime victory of 63-60 against the DeKalb Barons. The Regional title was lost in an overtime against Carroll by a hard-fought four points. Named to the NEIAC first team was senior Jim Platt. He led the team with 14.9 points per game and a total of 356 points for the season. He also led the team with 180 assists, an average of 7.5 per game, as a Hornet guard. Platt made 52.1% from the field and 77% from the free throw line. Making NEIAC second team was senior Don Cary. Cary led the Hornets in rebounds with 212 for the season and an average of 10.6 per game. He averaged 13 points per game and a total of 260 points for the season. Cary was hitting 45% from the field and 6% from the free throw line. He also had 52 blocked shots and 25 steals. Cary played center. A NEIAC Honorable mention was given to senior Mike Biernat. He averaged 8.5 points per game, making a total of 203 points. Of his shots, Biernat made 42% from the field and 58% from the foul line. He had 74 assists and 23 steals for the season. The 1984-85 Varsity Basketball team included (Back l-r) Scott Poor. Assistant Coach; Cole Krebs; Dan Corell; Jett Sheffield. Dan Hochstedler. Assistant Coach; Steve Grill, Varsity Coach (Middle l-r) Kent Mahnesmith, Jerry Fifer; Mike Conley. Mike Biernat; Jim Platt. Jonas Steury (Front l-r) Cheerleaders: Deb Geer; Jan Covell; Chris Graft; Krissy Hansen. 50 Varsity BasketballPondering a series of new plays. Mr. Grill captures the attention of his players during a time out. Varsity Basketball 1 AHS Opponent 1 Bellmont 65 66 I Hamilton 88 55 1 Fremont 68 41 I Leo 45 42 I Columbia City 58 71 I DeKalb 66 73 I Homestead 55 48 I Columbia City 51 34 1 East Noble 58 64 1 Garrett 47 61 I Elmhurst 57 50 1 Bluffton 65 50 1 East Noble 62 52 I Lakeland 53 61 I Westview 49 64 I South Adams 60 51 I South Side 43 59 1 Prairie Heights 71 52 I Eastside 70 48 I New Haven 57 43 1 Sectional Garrett 64 56 I Fremont 71 51 1 DeKalb 63 60 I Regional Carroll 72 76 I Team Record: 16-8 I Varsity BasketbaH 51Underclassmen Outlast Opponents On The Court Frosh Reserve Basketball Jeff Beehler was fhe JV capfain and proved to be a good leader of the team both on and off the court. The freshman team switched captains during the season to give everybody a chance. On the JV team, Beehler, junior, averaged 3.7 assists per game; Jerry Fifer was the leading scorer and rebounder with 9.6 points and 5.8 rebounds per game; Aaron Steury had 5.6 hustles per game. The major downfall for the JV team seemed to be that the players were inexperienced and the team really had no true center. Coach Hochstedler said that the team was the best group, attitude-wise he has worked with in his seven years of coaching JV. The guys really gave their all. The JV team was runner-up in the DeKalb JV Holiday Tourney and ended the season with a record of 8-12. On the freshman team, Tom Beehler and Rodney Caldwell were the leading scorers. Caldwell, Scott Warstler, Brent Friend, Kevin Hansen, and Mike Rogers were good rebounders. The major problem of the freshman team was that they played only 12 games: The rest of the games were snowed out. Coach Nofziger felt the freshmen had a good season and that this year's team was a talented group of boys with a lot of potential. “They had quickness, good hustle, competitiveness, and good shooting ability. They were all very balanced. Any one of them could be a major contributor to the varsity team in a couple of years. They all have the potential to do it." The freshmen ended their season with a 7-5 record. Suiting up for the junior varsity team were (back l-r) Coach Poor. Aaron Steury. Ted Myers. Joe Mattox. Eric Johnson. Jerry Fifer. John Berger. Chris Champion. John Mclauchlin. and Coach Hochstedler (Middle row) Derek Harter. Brian Friend. Alan Coler, Joe Harris, Jeff Beehler. Doug Fox. and Doug Brainard (Front row) Cheerleaders: Shannon Grayson. Michelle Cook. Kristin Carr, and Tana Lundgren. 52 JV BasketballAs Chris Champion (54). Brian Friend (34). and Aaron Steury (12) fill the lane. Jerry Fifer demonstrates his free throw form as he adds another point to the scoreboard for Angola. Frosh Basketball AHS Opponent Eastside 37 30 FW South 28 56 Garrett 39 34 East Noble 37 43 Prairie Heights 34 36 East Noble 37 20 DeKalb 33 37 Lakeland 35 28 Westview 34 31 New Haven 33 36 Central Noble 45 40 Leo 50 41 Team Record 7-5 Taking to the court this year for the class of '88 were as follows: (back row l-r) Coach Nofziger. Rodney Caldwell. Kevin Hansen. Brent Friend. Brian Dodge. Mike Rogers. Matt Romine. and Brian Miller. (Middle row) Jamie Hansen. Glen Kelley. Tom Beehler. Ross Ruckel, and Vince Dunham. (Front row) Cheerleaders: Vicki Goes. Charlotte Dangler. Mandy Mahnesmith, and Tricia Beechy. JV Basketball AHS Opponent Bellmont 34 56 Hamilton 39 36 Fremont 43 34 Leo 32 24 Columbia City 27 30 DeKalb 28 44 East Noble 40 37 DeKalb 29 58 Homestead 30 34 Garrett 32 31 Elmhurst 32 45 East Noble 38 47 Lakeland 28 40 Bluffton 42 44 Westview 36 47 South Adams 49 37 Ft. Wayne South 36 47 Prairie Heights 35 36 Eastside 36 28 New Haven 40 37 Team Record: 8-12 JV Basketbal 53Lady Hornets Play In Coliseum GIRLS' BASKETBALL With hurried last minute instructions. Coach Reidenbach explains to Kelli Lepley the next play and what to do. Outstanding leaders on the team were Tara Lundgren, Lesley Schafer, Kelli Lepley. and Gloria Shipe. An up and down season made playing more frustrating to the team. Angola came in eighth in the Conference Tourney, which was played in the Fort Wayne Coliseum for the first time. Tara Lundgren earned First Team All-Conference and was cited as most valuable player by her teammates. Teresa Waite received the dedication award, and Holly Leckner earned the hustle award. Kelli Lepley was chosen to receive the spirited award. Chelly German was cited as another leading performer with 9.2 points per game. Varsity Team: Front (left to right): Laurie VanWagner, Brenda Cope. Holly Leckner. Anddi Goings. Gloria Shipe Back: Coach Sanborn. Kelli Lepley. Teresa Waite. Lesley Schafer, Tara Lundgren. Chelly German, Coach Reidenbach. From the free throw line. Tara Lundgren scores another two points. 54 Girls BasketballAs the ball leaves Susan Selman's hands, the Following a jump ball. Columbia City grabs for other girls make ready for the scramble. the ball JV Team: Front (left to right): Christie Book, Julie Clark, Lori Boyd. Shelly Allen. Sue Lane. Mary Graber, Jill Leckner. Manager Tanya Waters. Back Coach Sanborn. Wendy Rumsey, Dee Dee Sanders, Susan Selman, Lori Schock, Rachel Shriner. Shelly Parks. Ka tie Schannen. Coach Reidenbach. Westview Homestead East Noble Prairie Heights DeKalb Columbia City Fremont Garrett Hamilton Lakeland Columbia City Fremont New Haven South Adams Bluffton Sectionals DeKalb AHS-Opponents 40-29 45- 59 50- 68 40- 55 28-42 44-54 58-24 41- 43 49-41 54-63 46- 66 51- 31 33-44 52- 42 49-69 33-61 Team Record: 5-11 Girls' Basketball 55Hornet Track Men Capture Titles And Records BOYS' TRACK Experience and depth have been two major reasons for this year's unmatched success. Losing only two runners from last year's team, the Angola Varsity track team compiled its best dual meet season record at 8-2. Besides the excellent dual meet record the harriers took top honors in three invitationals. Heritage, Lakeland, and Tinsley, and were runner-up in the first annual Monument City Relays. Senior leadership was provided by Dan Caruso and Dale Gajewski — Speciality Captains; Kent Mahnesmith — Distance Captain; John Lambert — Field events Captain; and. Junior, Cole Krebs — Sprint Captain. Another major influence was the overwhelming support by the Athletic Department in conjunction with the superb coaching staff. Record breakers for this year include John Lambert — shot and discus; Kent Mahnesmith — 1600 and 3200 and Outstanding Athlete Award at Tingley; John Berger — 400. Along with the new school records that were set, enormous meet and invitational records fell at the hands and feet of the track team. "We have a great program this year. More people are out for track this year, which gives the team more depth in all events. Unlimited support from the coaches, the school staff, and the athletic director has really raised our enthusiasm. The team is doing an excellent job at both the dual and the relay meets. Senior leadership and talent along with outstanding performances from underclassmen are allowing us to win and enjoy the season." — Dan Caruso — Warming up for his record breaking toss, John Lambert shows his excellent form. Front (l-r): Randy McHenry, Erik Ruselink, Bart Noll, Dan Caruso, Dale Gajewski, Pat Manahan, Charlie Wilson. Van Dick, Rob Utrecht. Tom Beehler Middle: Joe Robbins, Cory Derbyshire, Doug Brainard. Brian Friend, Paul Furniss, Chris Reynolds. Jim Gamer, Brian Steele, Joe Harris. Doug Burroughs. Raymond Shepherd. Back: Coach Mahnesmith. Scott Warstler, Dave Ellis. Dale Stevenson. Kent Mahnesmith. John Berger, Brett Presley. Cole Krebs. John Lambert. Steve Hantz, Tom Rhineheimer. Coach Presley. 56 Boys' TrackStruggling for first and second place. Paul Fur-niss and Derek Kozlowski show the DeKalb team who's tops. Levitating over the 5'10" barrier. Cole Krebs clears the height for a first place Exploding out of the blocks. Dan Caruso fulminates past his opponents. Boys' Track AHS — Opponents Westview 67-39 East Noble 59-68 Fremont 88-39 Columbia City 84-43 Monument City Runnerup Relay DeKalb 59-68 Eastside 83-44 Hamilton 91-36 Tmgley Inv. won Garrett 71-56 Leo 83-44 Lakeland Relays Co-champions NEIAC Meet 4th Team Record 8-4 Bettering his 3200 meter school record. Kent Mahnesmith takes the tape 100 meters ahead of the DeKalb runners. Boys Track 57Lady Hornets Run Down Opponents ON TO VICTORY Having to contend with many injuries and emotional and physical ups and downs, the Angola girls' track team pulled together to compile a very positive attitude and tradition for years to follow. First year head coach Kris McKain and assistant coach Laurie Gentry lead the team with confidence. Returning letterman Kris Lesiak felt the year was a huge success because of the fellowship between not only teammates but parents and fans alike. Outstanding performances this year were established by Tara Lundgren — high jump and low hurdles and Anddi Goings — 100 and 200. The girls varsity team will take four girls to Sectionals — Tara Lundgren 100m hurdles and high jump, and Susan Selman and Rachel Shriner in the shot put, and Jenny field in the 800 and the mile. Shooting past her Prairie Heights opponent, Jenny Field comes in for another crowning victory for Angola Lady runners this year were (Back l-r) Coach McCain, Kathy Schafer, Wendy Rumsey. Tara Lundgren. Susan Selman, DeeDee Sanders, Rachel Shriner, Ingrid Cook, Jackie Crager, Coach Gentry, (front) Annette Chard, Toni Andrews. Brenda Mitchell, Stacey Goings, Tana Lundgren, Kris Lesiak, Mandy Mahnesmith, Anddi Goings. Jenny Field, Terri Lambert. 58 Girts' TrackStruggling on that last lap. Kris Lesiak catches her Prairie Heights opponent. Coming down the home stretch. Wendy Rumsey fights for the finish Grimacing. Lesley Schafer gives her all into the shot. SCOREBOX AHS — Opponent Westview 86-21 Fremont 69-38 Columbia City 43-64 Prairie Heights 34-73 Lakeland 53-54 Eastside 35-72 Hamilton 79-28 DeKalb 35-72 New Haven 50-53 Leo 70-37 Girts’ Track .WServing Up A Good Year GIRLS' TENNIS 60 Girts' Tennis The girls' tennis team had only three returning varsity players. Graduating only two seniors, the whole team will be back next year for an outstanding season. In early May the team record was 5-3 and conference record was 3-2. Number one singles and third year lettering, Laurie Van Wagner holds an individual record of 4-6. Second year letterman, number two singles, Maria Zimmerman, carries a 5-5 individual record. Holding the best individudl record was number three singles Lori Schock at 7-3. Schock is earning her first tennis letter this year. Number one doubles consisting of Julie Wright and Holly Leckner, both second year lettermen, carried a 4-6 record, dnd number two doubles made up of Vickie Popp, second letter earner, and Julie Cldrk, her first tennis letter, held a 2-6 record. "And for the next play ... " says Coach Tony Wright. Front row (left to right). Tricia Beechy, Vicki Goes. Maria Zimmerman, Michelle JoPe. Laurie VanWagner. Julie Clark. Tammy Bramhall Middle Row Maria Araque. Jamie Shoup. Michelle Ritter, Holly Leckner. Jill Leckner, Kim Ice. Sheila Douglas. Kris Soderberg. Back Row Coach Wright. Ginny Brock. Susan Atha, Julie Wright, Lori Schock. Dawn Unger, Shelly Parks. Linda VanAuken, Vickie Popp. Coach Simons"Oh. no! Not again!” exclaims Mario Ara-que Lori Schock, 3 singles player, slams a return to her DeKalb opponent. Girls' Tennis AHS-Opponent Homestead 1-4 Columbia City 4-1 Bluffton 4-1 Leo 0-5 DeKalb 3-2 South Adams 2-3 Central Noble 1-4 Bellmont 0-5 New Haven 2-3 East Noble 3-2 Lakeland Team Record 8-5 0-5 'I Girls- Tennis 61A Swinging Season GOLF This year's golf team has met some pretty hard teams and still is expecting a winning season. With only two seniors on the varsity team, the freshmen are holding the team. Neil Holcomb, a three-year varsity member, leads the scoring in most meets. Holcomb feels that they (the team members) have gotten through their toughest meets. He feels that they will pull a winning season, and do well in the conference meets. “The finish will be above average compared to the last few years' records," Holcomb stated in early May. Also a three-year varsity golfer, Brian Saunders says that the team is better this year, even though it is all freshmen. He also feels this year's team will probably have the best record in all of his four years at Angola High School. The members for this year's golf team are (l-r) Coach Wenzel. Brad Saunders, Glenn Kelly. Brian Saunders, Neil Holcomb, Mike Rogers. Danny Wise, and Jamie Hansen. 62 GolfOver the river and oat of the sand trap, Jeff Martin guides his ball. AHS-Opponent | East Noble 174-181 Snider 185-185 DeKalb 159-178 Concordia 171-174 Homestead 157-177 Leo 179-198 Garrett 175-200 Fremont 173-178 Howe Military 173-225 Lakeland 170-180 Hamilton 176-197 1 "I can't believe the ball went that far!' gasps Neil Holcomb Golf 63Charging On The Diamond To Make Us Proud BASEBALL Coach Knauer stated in early May "We're planning to use a lot of people, trying to find a successful combination, Thus far we have won four and lost seven, but we're starting to show some improvement. Hopefully by Sectional time we will have put it all together." Highlights so far this season were a 2-2 conference record, Jamie Boyer's five star pitching with a record of 3-1, and Tom Barnes's batting average of .483 after eleven games, which is near the top of the conference lead. Four year player Rodney Murphy said that he had high hopes for the team itself. “The team is the best we've had in four years, but the season hasn't been what it should," Murphy said. Tony Isa, an expectant sophomore, felt that baseball is a good sport to participate in and hoped both JV and varsity would have a winning season. He further commented that the teams had a lot of good talent and good pitchers. Jeff Sheffield is seen worming up before a game. A.H.S. varsity lineup this year (1st row l-r) Jm Jones. Rodney Murphy. Dave Rupp. Corbett Etheridge. Mike Blodgett. Joel Baker. Derek Harter, and Tom Barnes (2nd row) Coach Knauer, Brian Clark, Jamie Boyer. Jeff Sheffield. Eric Blernat. Dan Corell. Rick Long, and Assistant Coach McDermid 64 BaseballThis year’s JV batters were (1st row l-r) Jett Burd, Mike Jordan, Ross Ruckle, Roger Cope. Vince Dunham, Matt Romine. and Troy Sipe. (2nd row) Rodney Caldwell. Joe Cope. Rick Goslee. Eric Henion, Jett Washburn. Eric Johnson. Mike Grubb. Chris Champion, Tony Isa. and Coach McDermid. Mike Blodgett is getting ready to catch a ball in order to tag his opponent out. k AHS-Opponent Bishop Dwenger 3-2 Bishop Dwenger 3-9 Homestead 8-2 Columbia City 0-12 Eastside 6-7 Eastside 2-5 Laketand 12-13 Garrett 5-3 Fremont 7-9 DeKalb 2-4 South Adams 9-8 Hamilton 2-3 Hamilton 3-4 Bellmont 4-6 New Haven 6-9 Bluffton 3-15 East Noble 4-9 Concordia 4-9 Leo 2-9 West Noble 10-15 Team Record: 4-16 Baseball 65SENIORS IN Anddi Goings: Volleyball 3; Basketball 3; Track. 4 Kent Mohnesmith: Track. 4; Basketball. 2. Cross Country. 4 Tara Lundgren: Basketball. 3; Volleyball. 2; Track. 4 Lesley Schafer: Basketball. 4. Track, 3; Volleyball. 2 Mike Biernat: Tennis, 3. Basketball 3; Baseball 2 Dale Gajewski: Tennis. 4; Track ,4 Paul Furniss: Cross Country. 3; Track. 4 John Lambert Track. 4. Football. 3 Jim Platt: Football. 3; Basketball. 3; Track. 1 ' Numbers indicate number of letters in that sport. Brian Steele Track. 2; Wrestling, 3; Football, 2 66 Senior SportsmenSPORTS Steve Wall: Track. 3. Tennis. 1; Wrestling, 3 Kris lesiak: Cross Country. 2. Track. 4 Debbie Geer Track. 2; Volleyball. 2; Cheerleading. 1 Dennis Holiday: Football. 3. Baseball, 2 Raymond Shepherd: Football. 3. Track. 2 Gloria Shipe: Basketball. 3; Track. 2 Dan Caruso: Track. 4 Senior Sportsmen 67MAKING Don Cary Basketball. 3 Neil Holcomb: Golf. 3 Brian Saunders: Golf. 3 Troy Swager: Football. 3 Jan CoveH: Cheerleading. 2 Chris Graft: Cheerleading, 2 Krissy Hanson: Cheerleading. 2 Kelli Lepley: Basketball. 2 Vickie Popp: Volleyball. 1; Tennis, 1 - 68 Senior SportsmenUS PROUD Jonas Steury Basketball. 2 Layk Thomas: Tennis. 2 Mike Bailey: Tennis. 2 Tammy Bramhail: Tennis. 1 Mike Conley: Basketball. 1 Jeff Kirby: Wrestling. 1 Rodney Murphy: Baseball. 1 Dave Rupp: Baseball. 1 Eric Swenson: Football. 1 Senior Sportsmen 69In 5th period gym class. Renee Call. Shelly Byerly, Chris Soderberg. and Shelly Parks aren't sure which birdie they should watch 'IBON JO UR AND HOLA Speaking' A Different Language Coming from the French and Spanish rooms, a foreign language can always be heard. Most of the work in French and Spanish is done orally, followed by a few written exercises, quizzes, and tests. During the first and second years of French and Spanish, emphasis is placed on spelling, grammar, and pronunciation. Individualized work is given during the third and fourth years on correct speaking and writing in their specific languages No English speaking days, Spanish bingo, and games from other lands are interesting learning devices and a great way to break the monotony of the day. Not only do the games provide fun, but also a greater knowledge of the country's culture and language. Grammar and vocabulary are the main areas studied during a foreign language class, but definitely not the only areas. Also taught are the customs and traditions of the people; styles of clothing, suited for their type of weather; typical and favorite foods; and the geography of the country being studied. With Mrs. Cook's famous clock. French I students learn through activities. Listening to tapes in the language lab Is a fun way to learn 72 AcademicsGlancing over her composition class. Mrs McKeever makes sure the students under stand their "Friday writings". I Preparing to start his SR A. John Petersen glances up to see the Key camera. Brian Tuttle busily finishes his English assignment During first semester in English 9. 10. and 11. students are taught grammar. This year they have the luxury of new grammar books on all grade levels. Second semester is filled with literature which includes stories, poems, plays, and essays. College bound upperclassmen take Composition I. The first weeks of the semester is devoted to grammar. This grammar is put into the second two six-week periods with weekly writings. Only college-bound seniors have Composition II which is offered second semester. Putting togethor and writing a research paper is the main objective. A person can always hear a speech being given in speech classes. Speeches are given on a wide variety of topics. Reading Lab is an elective class Students get individual help in two groups: Fundamental Reading and Speed Reading. Students are required to turn in one book report each six weeks. READING, WRITING, AND RESEARCH Academics 73A Practical Application Of Life SCIENCE First year teacher Mr. Gottron explains to his physics students how to do the problems. Although most high school students detest science, students at AHS find science fun while learning the basic applications to everyday life. During his four years in high school, a student may choose classes according to his interests from a section ranging from freshman physical science to electricity and electronics to biology, earth science, and astronomy. As a first year teacher Mr. Gottron made physics fun with his extra credit egg drops and "Save-a-light bulb" projects his students said. The object of both contests was to devise a container, from the knowledge learned in class, that would Taking her biology seriously. Laura Ferrier concentrates on her homework protect both an egg dropped from 15 feet and a light bulb when hit with a baseball bat. These projects caught the attention of other teachers as well as students. Basics of both chemistry and physics are studied in freshman physical science. Many labs and experiments are performed in chemistry so that the reactions studied can be seen and put into actual use. Advanced chemistry reviews the basics from first year chemistry with a stress on labs and individual work. Advanced biology starts when first year biology stops, placing focus on four experiments during the year long course. The experiments are worked independently. "Biology isn't all hard worlr" Is shown by Joe Mattox's actions. 74 AcademicsFirst year chemistry students Bsten atten- A student's remark catches Mr Rodman's tively as Mr. Wright gives the lecture for attention away from grading papers the day. FUN FOR E VER YONE Egg Drops, Labs, And Jokes Academics 75Same Old Business B USINESS "Am I typing this correctly?'" asks Brian Dodge while quickly glancing at his paper. Taking a moment from grading papers. Mr, Knauer watches his class. Diligently practicing her typing. Marcia Kramer gets ready for her test. To prepare for the working world, students take many business courses throughout their high school career. Whatever the career, a business course is in order. Typing I and II are beneficial in future high school courses and college, where typing III and IV develop skills for future jobs. , Word processing was taught along with other computer skills in most business courses this year. In Ac- 1 counting I and II students learned , basic bookkeeping and interpretation of financial statements. Not ‘ only does the business world contain the regular typing, bookkeeping, j and shorthand, but also the laws of , the land. Business Law helps students to learn those laws, and how the court systems work. ’6 Academics"Can that be right?" questions LeAnn Dunham A square is always a rhombus, but a rhombus isn't always a square. A square is a rectangle, but a rectangle isn't always a square. Isn't that how it goes?" These questions and many more are asked and answered by geometry students hundreds of times throughout the year. Depending on the student's interests. he may take Algebra, where he may learn about the x, y, z's of life, or he may think that figuring and understanding the areas, volumes, postulates, and theorems that belong to geometry are fun. In trigonometry and analytic geometry the student begins to understand the importance of math and how math can be used in everyday life He also studies the slopes of lines, and the sines, cosines, and tangents of angles. Senior math students brave through their year in which everything that they have learned in the past five years of math comes back at them one last time, plus touching on college courses and computer programming are learned. While Mr. Hammel helps Jim Jones. Mono Mills finishes her homework. 2x+ 4y= 16, Greater Than, And Equal To MATH Academics 77OUR SOCIAL ENVIRONMENT: YESTERDAY AND TODAY Our Social Studies Department at A.H.S. is full of interesting courses. (J.S. history is required as a junior and government is required as a senior. In U.S. history, the nation's history is studied from the 15th century colonies to the 20th century politics. In government, one studies the three branches of government, foreign policy, and politics in general. Many social studies electives are offered: World Civilization, Economics, Psychology, International Relationships. State and Local Government, and last but not least. Law Education. All these classes go into detail on the respective subject. In these classes, students write essays, turn in book or magazine reviews, and are tested on learned materials. With a smile on his face, Dan Zintsmaster enjoys his Law Education. Listening attentively, the seniors learn aoout their government. 78 AcademicsHoping she remembers 0 of the material. Vickie Fosburg takes her test. Taking a break from the normal routine of studying. Mrs Sanborn's students take the opportunity to start a conversation. James Swary doesn't notice that his picture has been taken as he studies his math The Special Education program at AHS consists ot Emotionally Disturbed, Mildly Mentally Handicapped, and Learning Disabilities. The areas covered in the learning disabilities program are English 9, 10, and 11, math, government, history, and economics. In the Mildly Mentally Handicapped program the same areas are covered with an addition of occupational related classes. All academic requirements are covered with the emotionally disturbed students. Students, from 8 to 35. are mainstreamed with other kids in other classes. A parent, teacher, or guidance counselor can make a referral for a student who is experiencing learning problems. Through testing, a student is placed in the program. Some students work on an individual basis while others work in small groups. Each student receives instructions that best accomodate his mode of learning. The teachers in the Special Ed program are Mrs. Skinner, Mrs. Sanborn, and Mr. Poor. Their aides are Mrs. Walcutt. Mrs. Antrup, Ingrid Cook, Tom Beehler and Dan Corell. FEELING SPECIAL Acaderrucs 79WOODS, METALS, AND DRAFTING The Industrial Arts, the course of study pertaining to tools, materials, and practices of industry, include classes in drafting, engineering drafting, architectural drafting, metals, woods, advanced woods, printing, graphic arts, and power mechanics. Power mechanics has just recently been added to the Industrial Arts curriculum and Mr. Stevens, one of the Industrial Arts teachers, feels that with the new 7-period day more courses will become available to students. Joining Mr. Stevens in instructing Industrial Arts are Mr. Krebs, head of the drafting department, and Mr. Gentry in charge of printing. In the more basic courses, students follow a preplanned selection of projects while in the more advanced classes students are able to pick their own projects and are able to receive "hands-on" experience. The classes are beneficial to both the prevocational and the college bound student. In the middle of architecture, Ingrid Coole and Scott Kunce discuss the day's happenings. As Brian Belcher, Dan Corell. and Eric Hauck work. Mr Krebs helps Kevin Stoy. Chris Champion and Dave Ruselink work on their woods project. 30 AcademicsDiligently, Sheila Chrysler bakes cookies By displaying her baby, Lori Szeman shows that she is a caring mother. Helping each other. Becky Dillard and Cathy Sutton work together on their sewing projects. Mrs. Beehler and Mrs. Neff are the two home economics teachers at AHS. Mrs. Beehler basically teaches the social and environmental home ec classes. She teaches Housing, Independent Living, Interpersonal Relationships, Family Living, and Child and Parenting. Activities in Mrs. Beehler's classes include adopting a nursing home friend, caring for a class bottle baby, and resource speakers. Also, students take field trips to local stores and nursing homes. Mrs. Neff teaches Foods I, II, III, Clothing I, II, ill. World of Work, and Consumer Management. Foods I emphasizes basic cookery while Foods II and III students cook more complicated dishes. Clothing students start with simple garments and crafts and increase in difficulty. World of Work and Consumer Management deal with employment, money and a budget. COOKING, SEWING, AND LIVING Academics 81MUSICIANS Marching for many contests, the AHS Marching Band marched its way into Regionals this year. The concert band went to contest in April and placed first. Neil Holcomb was President; Brian Saunders. Vice-President; Tana Lundgren, Secretary; and Maria Zimmerman. Treasurer. Al Murphy and Julie Clark were Drum Majors. Giving three concerts this year, the orchestra also showed off its talent. Orchestra officers were Margaret Hudson. President; and Debbie Sierer, Secretary Treasurer. The choir gave two concerts this year and a third with the band. Also singing a number at each concert, the Swing Choir added a spice of life to the Orchestra members were (Front l-r) Kris Bryan. Margaret Hudson. Linda Hudnut. and Debbie Sierer. (Bock) Randy Price. Rdndy McHenry. Doug Burroughs. Lucy Lambert. LuAnne Folks, and Director Mr Stokes. Paper and pens are not the only objects used in art classes, and drawing is not the only subject taught. An active imagination is helpful and an interest for art is a necessity. In the beginning classes a broad interpretation of art is given. Students do a little photography, sculpturing, watercolor, weaving, contour drawing, stained glass, and pottery. In the more advanced classes students get a little more specialized in their area of interest. Some of the students' work was displayed in the cafeteria throughout the year. The AHS band members show their school pride by forming the "Big A". 82 MusicThe choir consisted of (Front l-r) Dave Dover. Debbie Geer. Jan Coveil. Pom Coved. Kelly Guthier. and Director Miss Siebold. (2nd row) Becky Haviland. Tracey Swafford. Stephanie Sheets. Tracy Beatty. Tammy Tritch. Johannes Meinhart. Tana Lundgren. Sherry Rowe. Mandy Mahnesmith. and Gina Wyatt. (3rd row) Ginny Brock. Debbie Dauk, Kelly Dickinson. Rachael Stackhouse. Beth Weicht, Mike Bailey. Andy McNeal, Amy Murphy. Linda VanAuken. and Kim Boszich. (Back) Amy Wilsey. Bonnie Rose. Jill Unger, Melody Barlett. Susan Gutstein, Jerry Fifer, Randy Price. Kathy Harasim. Ruth Ellen Neff, and Becky Pufahi. Swing Choir included (Front l-r) Dave Dover. Mike Bailey. Johannes Meinhart. Andy McNeal. and Linda VanAuken (2nd row) Randy Price. Melody Barlett, Amy Murphy, and Kathy Harasim. (Back) Susan Gutstein. Debbie Dauk. Kelly Dickinson, Rachael Stackhouse. Debbie Geer. Sherrie Rowe, and Ruth Ellen Neff ARTISTS Art 83GET PHYSICAL Are these sophomore boys clowning around or are they really exercising'’ Physical Education (or P.E.) is a fun part of the day. During a semester of P.E., many different types of sports are played. While the weather is nice enough to permit outside activities, students play football, softball, and soccer. When Old Man Winter hits Angola, students enjoy indoor sports activities: gymnastics, wrestling, volleyball, and basketball. Every once in a while, to break the some old routine, P.E. students are loaded up on a bus and taken to the bowling alley to enjoy an hour of bowling. One semester of P.E., both freshman and sophomore year, is required but for those who really think P.E. is fun. Advanced P.E. can be taken. Before Christie Light. Lori Boyd. Jone Hicks, ond Shelley Allen begin, the girls discuss their routine 84 Acodemics Before class begins. Chelley German tries to find a “health in the news" article. The required one semester health class covers many topics including physical health and hygiene. Not only do the students learn about their bodies and physical health but also mental health. A wide variety of subjects are discussed: child abuse, teenage pregnancy, and peer pressure. Taking a field trip to Ft. Wayne, health classes visit the McMillan Health Center. Many guest speakers come in to talk about the topics which have been discussed throughout the semester. Speaking up during healtn class. Chris Champion makes his point Looking over her Advanced Health paper, Cindy Brokon seems pleased with her grade PHYSICAL AND MENTAL HEALTH Acaaemics 85LEARNING A Jeff Wiltms checks to moke sure that the doorway of the house is secure Vocational Education is a fast growing class of the future. At Angola High School. Vocational Education consists of Building Trades, HOE, ICE, and Automechanics. These classes meet for three hours a day and students receive six credits. This year students of the building trades class built a ranch style house on Landis Road. Students learn the basic skills of carpentry, masonry and concrete, plumbing, and heating. The program provides students with job entry level skills and also a beneficial background to future homeowners. Students on the cooperative program go to school a half day and work for half a day for the full year of school. Local businesses work in conjunction with the school for this program. Students who take HOE. Hospital Occupational Education, work for the hospital, and local doctors and dentists for two or three hours a day. One hour is spent in the Related Learning Class daily learning the body functions, human behavior, and CPR certification. Interdisciplinary Cooperative Education. ICE, places students as cooks, waiters waitresses, secretaries, auto mechanics, and sales persons. In the one hour class human relations, first-aid, CPR, career-planning, and consumer responsibilities are topics discussed. Also specific-related instruction is given on an individualized basis. Automechanics is taught at Fremont High School. Students learn to fix all makes of cars and motors. They take apart and rebuild motors, and also fix cars for community citizens. HOE student Vickie Popp gets to feel what it is like to be a patient instead of the medical professional. LIVING Misse Muse is found opening and preparing the plaster for building trades. 86 AcademicsHOE, ICE, AND BUILDING TRADES Acodemlrs 87 In Mrs. Baker's ICE class Judy Sherman learns the basics of First-Aid With help from volunteer fireman Karl Kirkman. Laurie Cross learns to use fire extinguishers. "Is she still breathing'?" ask HOE students(Front l-r) Student Council Representative Shawn Fritz. President Debbie Sierer. Sponsor Mr Hammel. Secretary Chris Graft. Vice-President Brett Presley, and Treasurer Dale Gajewski. (2nd row) Holly Leckner. lisa Parks. John Tone. Troy Swager. Annette Chard, Brenda Cope. Kris Lesiak. and Dan Caruso (3rd row) Dan Gauthier, Polly Wilson. Missy McWhinney. Nancy Sharp. Anita Erb. layk Thomas and Jeff Kirby. (4th row) Ruth Ellen Neff, LuAnne Folks. Neil Holcomb, Brian Saunders. Dennis Cretsinger. Jeff Beehler, and Dave Dover. (5th row) Anjali Gupta, Cindy Broxon, Teresa Newly elected NHS member, Kris lesiak, Waite, Laurie VanWagner. Eric Snyder. Chris Wagner, Derek Harter, Brian Clark, and Dave throws the camera a quick smile during the Ruselink fall induction ceremony. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY OFFICERS SPONSOR: Mr. Hammel PRESIDENT: Debbie Sierer VICE-PRESIDENT: Brett Presley SECRETARY: Chris Graft TREASURER: Dale Gajewski The AHS National Honor Society was composed of 41 juniors and seniors selected by a faculty council on the basis of scholarship, character, and service. Throughout the year the club was very busy with such activities as a food drive for the needy and a raffle to raise money for two scholarships. All members were required to work fifteen hours in school or community services like tutoring. Blood Mobile work, and aiding the elderly. As George Schock dondtes a can of pineapple to the NHS food drive, NHS member Dale Gajewski smiles a thanks 90 National Honor SocietyAs Cole Krebs joins his teammates, he breaks the pep club run-through held by the cheerleaders. PEP CLUB The pep club might have been low in number, but the members scored high for school spirit this year. The members could be seen OFFICERS at every home football and BB game, and many away games, sitting in the crowd cheering for the Hornets. Before the games, pep club members had a little sack of "goodies” for every player on the team, both boys' and girls' They also decorated the SPONSOR: Mrs. Harris PRESIDENT: Bridgett Brewer STUDENT COUNCIL REPORTER AND REP: Pam Hancock school gym, and players' lockers. They literally "Colored Us Purple and Gold." Pep ciub 9iDuring Foreign Culture Night sponsored by the French Club. LeAnn Dunham models her oriental outfit and eats a French pastry (Front l-r) Alan Burrell. Anita Erb. LeAnn Dunham, sponsor. Mrs. Cook. (2nd) Greg Mitchell. Greg Damron. Stacey Schaab. Jerri Curry. Julie Eddy. Bridget Brewer (3rd) Gina Gibson. Jamie Shoup. Anja Gordon. Kim Kessler. Roxanne Evans. Susan Kim (4th) Nancy Sharp. Carrie Hinman. Missy McWhinney. Lisa Dunnavan, Vince Dunham. Diane Erb. Stephanie Sanderson. Jeff Baker. Mark Weiss. Carrie Kozlowski (5th) Eric Snyder. Kim Johnson. Jane Hicks. Carla Ramey. Charlotte Danger, Floyd Keller. (6th) Michelle Chard. Linda Kim. Crista Brandt. Kristi Light. Wendy Rumsey. Stephanie Griffin. Lori Schock, Cory Derbyshire FRENCH CLUB This year the French Club consist- OFFICERS ed of nearly seventy French-speaking students headed by a Board of Directors Throughout the school SPONSOR: Mrs. Cook PRESIDENT: Alan Burrell BOARD OF DIRECTORS: Polly Wilson. Anita Erb. Ingrid Cook. Stephanie Sheets, and LeAnn Dunham ported candy from France to pay for a trip to a far-off French restaurant. The club also sponsored a Foreign Culture night which was open to the community. It was a big success. French Club members had a chance to practice their cuisine at a breakfast prepared in French style. 92 French Ckjb Senior representative. Mike Conley, concentrates on preparing the carnations tor a belated Valentine's Day at AHS. Working at the Student Council Key yearbook Homecoming dance. Annette Chard The 1984-85 AHS Student Council members were (Front l-r) sponsor Mr Nofziger. president and Diane Erb sneak a peek layk Thomas, vice-president Alan Burrell, and secretary Nancy Sharp. (2nd row) Pam Hancock, Tom Beehler. Randy McHenry. Annette Chard, and Brett Presley. (3rd row) Jeff Sheffield. Lori Schock. Jeremy Griem. Bonnie Rose, and Stacy Lehman (Back row) Mike Conley. Michelle Jobe. Linda VanAuken. Missy McWhinney. and Diane Erb STUDENT COUNCIL Each spring the student body at AHS ©l©cts o new Student Council consisting of five people from each grade. Clubs also elect a represen- OFFICERS report back to his her club. This year Student Council planned the "Purple and Gold Homecoming Week", sponsorod a dance after the Homecoming game, conducted the tra-rlitinnnl rnrnntinn sales and nartici- SPONSOR: Mr Nofziger PRESIDENT: Layk Thomas VICE-PRESIDENT: Alan Burrell SECRETARY: Nancy Sharp pated in many school and community service projects. Student Counca 93Making up the Key Staff are (top-bottom) Shawn Fritz. Brett Presley. Aimee Wilcox. Anita Erb. Melody Barlett, Dan Gauthier. Erika Slauson. Dale Gajewski. Debbie Sierer, Dennis Sierer. and Mrs. Sanders. KEY 94 Key What do you get when you cross a rookie staff, a one year experienced advisor, yearbook deadlines, a large debt, and no class time to work on the yearbook? Remarkably, with myriads of time and effort, the 1985 KEY has produced an unequalled feat never before accomplished by any other KEY staff. Raising over $9000 in a short month and a half period of ad sales, the staff surpassed expectations and goals set by the advisor with a skeleton of twelve people and a very dedicated advisor. We, the staff of 1985 feel very proud of our school and this time capsule commemorating the year 1985. OFFICERS Sponsor — Mrs. Sanders Editor-in-chief — Debbie Sierer Assistant editor — Dale Gajewski Business manager — Dennis Sierer Student Life editor — Erika Slauson Scanning over his latest batch of business ads. Dennis Sierer poses inconspicuously for the camera.Sports Polls Clubs Spot Light Teen Corner Profile Fashion Guidance Reviews Editorial i Alt THE HORNET November-December, 1984 $0.25 Angola High School Angola, Indiana A.H.S. Welcomes New Superintendent, Teachers Angola High School extends a warm welcome to our new superintendent, Dr. Oren G. Skinner. He is a serious-minded young man intent on working with the staff, students, and community 'to better facilitate education.' He has had many meetings with community and school committees. He often eats with staff and students in the cafeteria. Mr. Sirk commented, 'He is very per- ★ sonable.' 'This man gives 150 percent to his job, says Marge Patterson, secretary. Before coming to Angola, he lived in Marion County in Indianapolis. He was the assistant superintendent. At East Noble assistant principal and principal for seven years. ' I don't have much spare time, but when I do, I spend it with my two sons and wife.' Front page of 84-85 newspaper distributed in early December HORNE1 Another school function that has suffered because of no allotment during school time is the Hornet newspaper. However, this year's Hornet was able to produce a No-vember-December issue that contained everything from fads and fashions to sports and school related changes. The staff was made up of Chris Graft. Kent Mahnesmith, Brett Presley, Dan Gauthier. Holly Hindman. and Beth Gecowets. The sponsor this year was Mrs. Bowden. "One really doesn't realize all the time and effort that it takes to create and print such a publication" is an adequate quote shared by many of the staff. Homet 95 J Mrs. Owens patiently meet to begin waits for a speech Speech Team was made up of two members. Stacey Schaab, and Anjali Gupta, and sponsor Mrs. Owens. This year the speech team went to several meets and won several awards. One of these awards was given to Stacey Schaab. Stacey was the 1985 Angola Rotary Area Speech Contest winner. Stacey represented the Angola Rotary Club in the district contest held March 23 at Manchester College. For winning. Stacey received a trophy and A.H.S. received a plaque to be displayed in the school trophy case. 96 Speech Team SPEECH TEAM Senior Stacey Schaab received the 1985 Angola Rotary Area Speech Award. Members of the Speech Team were (I to r) Stacey Schaab. and Anjali Gupta.Steve Light watches as Diane Erb. Derek Kozlowski, and Ingrid Cook pose for the camera while taking a break from the Thespian coat check. This year's Thespian members were: (Front l-r) Derek Kozlowski. Eric Snyder, Mark Snyder, and Andy McNedl. (2nd row) Beth Thompson. Roxonne Evans, Barb Schaab. Lori Patterson, Melody Bdrlett, Jeff Burd. and Eric Ruselink. (3rd row) Don Cray. Cathy Millhouse, Steve Light. Mike Bailey. Missy Sutton. Jan Harvey. Kim Usher. Randy McHenry, Doug Burroughs. Julie Eddy. John Birchmon. and Susan Gutstein. (4th row) Historian Ruth Ellen Neff, Secretary Diane Erb. President Todd Grimes. Vice-President Dave Appleman and Treasurer Katrina Cripe. During pldy practice, Jeff Burd is found "jamming" on a crutch. THESPIANS Thespian Sponsor. Jerry Duguid, is found screaming to the actors to "BE QUIET". OFFICERS SPONSOR: Jerry Duguid PRESIDENT: Todd Grimes VICE-PRESIDENT: Dave Appleman SECRETARY: Diane Erb TREASURER: Katrina Cripe HISTORIAN: Ruth Ellen Neff STUDENT COUNCIL REPRESENTATIVE: Dave Dover The A.H.S. Thespians have been very active this year with Variety '85, The Good Doctor, and Wee Pals. Behind the scenes, the Thespians kept busy building sets and making sure the plays were publicized. The Thespians also enjoyed cast parties and trips to McDonalds and going out for pizza after practices and performances. A trip to State Thespian Conference was also a funfilled event for the group. There they saw plays by other schools and met people from all over Indiana. Thespions 97A nervous Linda VanAuken Is seen giving a speech during an FFA speech contest. This year's Future Farmers of America were (1st row I to r) Tyler Tuttle President. Monty Richmond. Brian Tuttle Treasurer. Missy Sutton. Lloyd Waldrip. J9ff Hoyer. Bart Noll, Linda VanAuken. Steve Hantz Parlimentarian. and Darren Richmond Sentinel, (2nd row) Fred Hantz. Bobby Fosberg Cathy Millhouse Secretary. Chuck Hantz. Ginny Brock. Matt Bidlack. and Scott Rashley Reporter Joy Powell is caught laughing at a fellow member's joke while visiting the Farm Home Expo. FFA OFFICERS SPONSOR: Mr. Weller PRESIDENT: Tyler Tuttle VICE-PRESIDENT: Jeff Hoyer SECRETARY: Cathy Millhouse TREASURER: Brian Tuttle REPORTER: Scott Rashley SENTINEL: Darren Richmond PARLIMENTARIAN: Steve Hantz The FFA. Future Farmers of America, have really kept themselves busy with several activities. The purpose of FFA is to develop agriculture skills, to develop leadership skills in agriculture, and to provide recreation for those who have an interest in agriculture. The Angola FFA chapter has continually been busy with various activities, such as meetings 1st and 3rd Tuesday nights, basketball on Mon- day nights, paper drives, collecting aluminum cans, job placements, and several contests. Some of the contests they participated in were forestry judging, in which they took 1st in county and 4th in state; District Leadership, earning the school record as 4th in the District; soil judging, taking 1st in county; and crops judging, also taking 1st in county. The A.H.S. FFA chapter also won the BOAC award this year. 98 FFAThis year's Y-Club members were (front) Sponsor Mr Wright. (2nd row l-r) Secretary Annette Chard. Treasurer Chris Graft. Vice-President Anita Erb. Vice-President Michelle Ritter, and Co-President Julie Wright. (3rd row) Secretary Damon Demora, Co-President Brett Presley. Treasurer Alan Burrell, and Vice-President Layk Thomas. (4th row) Pam Abbott, Michelle Brown. Diane Erb. Julie Eddy, and Nicole Jobe. (5th row) Cindy Broxon. Stephanie Davis. Michelle Jobe. Maria Araque, Terri Lambert, and Jenny Field. (Back) Mark Weiss. Y-CLUBS This year the Hi-Y and Y-Teens combined together to form the Y-Clubs. The Y-Clubs have usually sponsored the annual Christmas Prom, but this year they decided to have a Sweetheart Ball instead. To raise money for the dance, the Y-Clubs made and sold cookie dough. Members have also enjoyed speakers, movies, and the monthly meetings. Y-Clubs W OFFICERS SPONSOR: Mr. Wright CO-PRESIDENTS: Julie Wright, Brett Presley VICE-PRESIDENTS: Anita Erb, Michelle Ritter, Layk Thomas SECRETARIES: Annette Chard. Damon Demara TREASURERS: Chris Graft, Alan BurrellHook s iltrn nnual "MIDWESTERN MARCHING BAND FESTIVAL" Bush Stadium September 22, 1984 Indianapolis, In (Front l-r) Drum majors: Al Murphy. Julie Clark (2nd row) Dawn O'Bran. Don Wise. Les Loynes. Jackie Crager. Tim Squier. Mike Bailey. Chris Eidenier. Katrina Cripe. Joel Lash, David Dover. Sheila Douglass. Amy Murphy. Crista Brandt. Pam Hinman. Angie McCormick. Stephanie Sanderson (3rd row) Joan Burd. Sanford Waltz. Maria Zimmerman. Kathy Harism. Jim Garner. Lori Schock. Tara Lundgren, Rochelle Moore. Gina Gibson. Ginny Brock. Patty Stetler. Eilene Mitman, Chris Postoloff. (4th row) John Birchman. Tanya Waters. Wendy Poland. Jeremy Griem. George Schock, Jeff Kirby. Laura Hively. Stephanie Griffin. Randy Price. Dawn Loynes. Tana Lundgren. Terri Sutton. Director Mr. Stokes. (5th row) Brian Tuttle. Susan Gutstein. Susan Atha. Linda Van Auken. Jeremy Boszor. Pat McCormick. Shawn Reynolds. Brian Dodge. Doug Penix, Kevin Harpeneau, Mike Votaw. Mark Behee. Jeff Hirons, Hans Meinhart. Dennis Stevenson. Jamie Shoup. Jeff Martin. Brian Saunders. Dave Ruselink. Harvey Cunningham. (6th row) Pat Manahan. Linda Hudnut, Holly Walcutt. Jodi Eaton, Sherrie Rowe. Julie Wright. Nicki Hickman. NeH Holcomb. Beth Weicht. Rachael Stackhouse. Patricia Cornett. Kim Ice. Aimee Wilcox. Jane Hicks. Eric Ruselink. BAND FLAG CORPS Pretending to direct the band, freshman flag girl. Stephanie Sanderson, practices before the empty chairs. The marching band which performs at halftimes and in parades, consists of sixty-eight students. They are under the direction of Mr. Stokes, who also teaches band class. Besides performing at ball games and in local parades, the Marching Hornets also compete in contests. This year the band received a Division I rating at District, and a Division II at Regionals. Another highlight was the first place finish at Nor well. Besides the sixty-eight instrument players, there are ten flag corps members who are chosen in annual tryouts. Performing with the band, the flag girls dance, twirl flags, or do other choreographed routines. 100 Band FlagPerforming at a home football game, the AHS Marching Hornets let their pride shine through. OFFICERS SPONSOR — Mr. Stokes PRESDENT — Neil Holcomb VICE-PRESIDENT — Brian Saunders SECRETARY — Tana Lundgren TREASURER — Maria Zimmerman DRUM MAJORS — Julie Clark. Al Murphy Patricia Cornett stands at attention during The flag captains. Rachael Stackhouse, one of the auxiliary's summer practices. Patricia Cornett, and Beth Weicht, could be seen at most of the home basketball games during the national anthem, presenting the flags. Band Flag Corps 101TOTAL ENROLLMENT 710 SENIORS 162 JUNIORS 156 SOPHOMORES 204 FRESHMEN 188s E N I O R S O F '8 5 104 Seniors AHeshouse. Robin Ameling, Todd Andrews, Ron Applemon, Cynthia Bailey, Michael Barlett, Tina Barrett, Thomas Barron. JeanaSeniors 105Coler, Christy Conley. Michael Cook. Lynn Cope, Brenda Coveil. Jan Coveli. Pam Cretsinger. Dennis Cross. Laurie Attentively listening to the photographers instructions. Alan Burrell poses inconspicuously. Cary. Don Chard, Annette Cleckner. Vickie Clifton. John 106 SeniorsEmerick. Jack Etheridge. Corbett Eddy. Amy THE CLASS OF '85 This is our final year. We came here with some fear. But now it's gone away. This year will bring tears. After the 31st of May We'll go our separate way. Some of us will leave with joy And some will leave with sorrow. But always remember, there's a tomorrow. We'll need to leave our friends. But life doesn't need to end. We'll make new friends. And enemies will make amends. Some of us will raise a family. Others will go to a university. Whatever we choose. If we try hard, we won't lose. Our class is the best. It ranks highest, above the rest. The best of luck to all of you. No matter what you choose to do. Jeri Curry Evdns. Dcwn Fcvourite. Tim Seniors 107s E N Fritz. Shawn Furniss. Paul Gajewski. Dal© O R S O F '8 5 Gauthier. Daniel Geer. Deborah Gerard. John Move over Madonna, here comes Janice Mitman. Graft. Christine Guthier, Kelly 108 Seniors Goings, Anddi Grayson. Michelle Gutstem. SusanHancock. Pamela Hansen. Krissy Hocriton. Scott Jack. Laurie Jack. Scott Kim. Susan Seniors 109“Who? Me?" asks senior Tim Favourite Leslie. Kimberly Lehman. Stacy Lundgren. Tara Kirby. Jeff Lambert. John Lesiak. Kris Mailand. Jodi Lepley. Kelli Mahnesmith. Kent 110 SeniorsMorgan, Richard Murphy. Al Muse. Kimberly Musser. Lisa Noll. Jeffry Murphy. Rodney Senior volleyball team captains. Anddi Goings and Tara Lundgren plan their next winning play against Leo at Sectionals. Senior s 111s E N I O R S O F '8 5 OSnske. Alan Parker. Don Parker. Jenny Parker, Michael Popp. Vickie Presley. Brett Pufahl, Rebecca Quinn. Teresa Privett, Jennifer Class Colors: Blue Silver Class Flower: White Rose Class Motto: Success lies not in being the best, but in doing your best. 112 SeniorsRathbun. Mindie Leading the senior class are Dale Gajewski, President; John Lambert, Secretary-Treasurer, Chris Graft. Vice-President, and Mrs. Cook. Class Sponsor. Reynolds. Shawn Robbins. Michael Rowe. Brad Rupp. Dave Ruppert. Roy Seniors 113s E N I O R S O F '8 5 Schafer. Lesley Schannen. Stephanie 114 SeniorsSloan. Sherri Egly-Smith. Stephanie Steele. Brian Stetler. Patricia Steury. Jonas Stoy. Court Stoy, Kenneth Swager. Troy116 Seniors Swenson. Eric Thomas. Layk Tolle. John Walker, Laura Swiniuch. Kenneth Thomas. Leif Ulch, Susan Wall. Steve Thacker. Tina Thompson, Tyler Underwood. Victoria VanAuken. TimCorbett Etheridge takes revenge on Ken Swiniuch during Mrs. Baker's I.C.E. class. Winebrenner. Sheila Workman. Kim Lief Thomas is mesmerized by the camera. Finishing strong. Paul Fur-niss receives his placement stick. Wyatt. Doug Wyatt. Judith Not Pictured Davidson, Scott Melchi. Martha Dirrim, Brent Menhert, Johannes Eidenier. Daryl Nelson. Sherri Rae Fox, Norman Peppier, Jeffrey Fraley, Curtis Rozell. Gregory Green. James Stacer. Mike Hochderfer. Jody Martin. Kenneth Tietje. Gregory Seniors 1171 T H E P R O U D E S T Dale Gajewski GPA: 10.912 College: Notre Dame Major: Mathematics HoDDies: Sports, outdoor activities. and people Activities Hi-Y 1. 2. 3. Treasurer 2. Vice-president 3. Varsity club 2. NHS 3. 4, Treasurer 4. Class Vice-president 1. President 2. 3. 4. Yearbook assistant editor 4. Thespians 2. 3. Computer lab assistant 3. 4; Varsity tennis 1. 2. 3. 4. Varsity track 1. 2. 3. 4; Basketball 1 Future: A family and enjoy the pleasures of life. 2 Brian Saunders GPA: 10.875 College: Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology or Purdue Major Chemical Engineering Hobbies Listening to music, golfing, and eating Activities: Band 1. 2. 3. 4. Vice-president 4. NHS 4. Golf Team 1. 2. 3. 4 Future Working in a place far away from Angola 3 Brett Presley GPA: 10.639 College: DePauw University Major Medicine (biology-chemistry double major) Activities Student Council 1. 2. 3, 4. NHS 3. 4. Vice-president 4. Hi-Y 1. 2. 3. 4. President 4. Thespians 1, 2,; Yearbook 4; Hornet co-editor 4; Speech team 1, 2; Pep Club 1. Football stats 2; J.V. tennis 1; Varsity track 3, 4 Future Sitting in the sun on a tropical island beach counting his money. John Tolle GPA 10.568 College Asbury College Major Secondary education Hobbies Christian rock music, reading, computers Activities: NHS 3. 4 Future Whatever Jesus wants Neil Holcomb GPA: 10.359 College: Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology Major: Mechanical Engineering Hobbies: Model building. Model railroading Activities: NHS 3. 4. Band 1. 2. 3.4. President 3. 4. Golf team 1. 2. 3, 4 Future: Working as an engineer for some company and trying to make money 18 Top TenDennis Cretsinger GPA: 10.605 College none Major none Hobbies: Model railroading, computers, bicycling Activities NHS 4. Computer lab assistant 3. 4 Future: Working on a volunteer basis at the world headquarters of Jehovah's Witness in Brooklyn. N.Y. Debbie Sierer GPA 10.568 College Tri-State University Major Accounting Hobbies Reading, cooking, sewing, knitting, playing the violin, being outside Activities Orchestra, concert mistress 1. 2. 3. 4. President 3. Secretary Treasurer 4. NHS 3. 4, President 4. Yearbook editor 4. Volleyball stats 3, 4, Basketball stats 4 Future: To have a CPA and be working as an accountant Shawn Fritz GPA 10.167 College Indiana State Major: Computer Electronic Technology Hobbies: Stamp collecting, skiing, photography, bicycling. music Activities: Orchestra 1. 2. 3. Secretary 3. Pep Band 1. 2: Yearbook 4; NHS 3. 4. Student Council Representative 4 Future: To be working in the computer or electronic development field Laurie Jack GPA 9.794 College Purdue Major: Pharmacy Hobbies exercising Activities HOE Secretary 4. Basketball 2. 3 Kris Lesiak GPA 9.778 College: Purdue Major Veterinary Technology Hobbies Cross Country skiing and Running Activities: NHS 4; Cross Country 2. 3. 4. Track 1. 2. 3. 4 Future Living m a nice warm climate and working with animals O F T H E M A L L Top Ton 119JUNIORS Abbott. Cindy Abbott. Pomelo Araque, John Arnold. Mike Baade. Richard Baker. Joel Baldwin. Cammie Barnes. Tom Barron. Sally Baxter. Kay Beard. Kelly Beechy. Tracy Beehler. Jeff Belcher. Brian Beltz, Jana Biernat. Eric Birchman. John Bitzer. Tammy Blodgett. Mike 120 JuniorsYour junior year, just what you've been waiting for — the time of great excitement and sadness. It is exciting to think that you are nearing the end of your high school years. On the sad side, you have only one more year to harass teachers, complain about the food, and to just be around your friends. This is the year that is most important. You take your SAT's which help you decide if you would like to attend college and where, which is the hardest choice. If the answer is "yes'', many students must try to find part time jobs to help pay for the expense of college. Even those who don't intend to go on to college, may try to find a job. Some are just out to have a good time in their remaining year at A.H.S. At the National Honor Society induction, Chris Wagner talks about the significance of the yellow rose Boyd, Brian Boyer. Jamie Brewer Bridget Brown. Michelle Broxon, Cynthia Burdett. Lisa Bush, Danny Byerly, Lori Byrne, Jim Carpenter, Lonnie Carr. Aimee Chiddister, Tammy Chrysler, Sheila Juniors 121Clark. Brian Cole. Michelle Cook. Ingrid Corell. Dan Cornett. Patricia Crawford. Christine Cripe. Katrina Curtis. Lisa Damron. Greg Dauck, Debra Dickinson. Brian Dickinson. Kelly Dover. David Dowell. Terry Dunham. Larry 122 JuniorsEddy. Julie Ellis. David Erb. Anita Erwm. Lewis Fifer, Jerry Folks. LuAnne Futhey. Matt Gajewski. Janice Gecowets. Both Geer, Mike Gill. Mike Grabill, Paul Green. Mona Greenwood. Heather Grimes. Todd Groshon. Laura Haifley. Kris Haines. Larry Hanna. Kandi Juniors 123Hantz. Frederick Hantz. Troy Harter. Derek Hauck. Eric Haviland. Becky Hawk. James Hindman. Holley Hinman, Sherri Hocker. Robert Hoyer, Jeff Hoyer. Tracy Hudson. Margaret Hullinger. Marcia Jones. Jim Kennedy. John Instating new policies for the 1985-86 school year, the school board under Dr. Skinner will incorporate a 7-period day. This much needed change will allow students to fulfill class credit requirements with a greater amount of ease. The 7-period day will allow a greater variety of class choice. We polled the junior class on the topic of the 7-period day and the results are as follows: "It will help me by letting me take the necessary classes I need for college." — Brian Clark "I could get more done with a 7-period day. Great Idea!" — Margaret Hudson "I will be able to take more classes that I wish to take instead of classes that I have to take." — Eric Snyder "It is a good idea, because a person will be able to have a better selection and variety of classes." — Mona Mills Heather Greenwood, Kelly Dickinson, and Debra Dauck talk the future might bring 124 Juniorsabout what l0oooo«t Kim, Mary Kozlowski, Carrie Krebs, Cole Kunce, Robert Leckner. Holly Leslie. Kris Long. Rick Lugar. Jacqueline Marple. Lynn Max ton. Anne McWhinney. Missy Mills. Mona Mitchell, Bryan Mitchell, Greg Mitchell. Rebecca Muse, Melissa Musser, Patricia Melnert. Johannes Neff. Ruth Ellen Nelson. Shane Ogle. Terri Olson, Lance Tom Osmon. Michelle Parks. Lisa Pentico. Steve Petre. Kevin Poss. Pat Juniors 125Powell. Joy Price. Randall Rhemheimer. Tom Ridenour. Jackie Ritter. Michelle Romero. Dan Rumsey. Tim Ruselink. David Saylor. Shane Schafer. Kathleen Sharp, Nancy Shearman. Karen Sheffield. Jeff Shepherd, Gina Shock. Gary Simon. Amy Sipe, Troy Sitar, Faith Snyder. Eric Stackhouse. Rachael Stanky. Doug Stetler. Shawn Stevens. Shelle Stewart, Bobbie Stoy. Kevin Swafford. Tracey Thimlar, Gene 126 JuniorsTuttle. Tyler Unger. Dawn Unger. JiH Van Wagner. Laurie Wogner, Christopher Waite. Teresa Walcutt. Barry Waldrip. Lloyd Wall. Dena Wall. Toni Walston, Tim Weicht. Beth Wilcox. Airnee Willms. Jett Wilson. Polly Woodruft. Rusty Worthington, Tony Wren. Chris Wright. Julie Juniors 127Alaura. Tammi Aldrich. Rich Anderson. Stacey Andrews. Keith Appleman. David Arney. Mark Atha. Susan Baade. Robert Baker. Brian Baker. Jeff Baldauf. Larry Baldwin. James Barlett. Melody Bartlow, Angela Bassett. Paula Behee. Mark Berger. John Book. Cristie Boszor. Jeremy Bramard. Doug Brandanger. Danielle Brigle. Lorin Brown, Jill Broxon. Lisa Bryan. Kris Burd, Joan Burkett. Brian Burney. Chris Burrell. Charles Burrell. Gary Burroughs. Douglas Byerty. Angie Byerly. Michelle Cagle. Frances Cagle, Laura Call. Renee 128 SophomoresCarnahan. Pat Carpenter. Rodney Carr. Kristin Champion. Chris Cimbal. Theresa Clark. Julie Clark. Steven Cobb. Alberta Coler. Alan Conley. Kim Cook. Michelle Cook. Stephanie Cope. Joe Cope. Tina Cowell. Angie Craig. Dorek Crooks. Karen Curry. Leslie Dewitt, Carl Dillard. Rebekah Dillard. Thomas Dunham. LeAnn Dunnavan. Lisa Eidemer. Christina Sophomores 129Erb. Diane Evans, Roxanne Favourite, Karan Ferrier. Laura Field, Jenny Foster. Scottie Fox. Doug Fraley. Mark Friend. Brian Fritz, James Fuller, Donna Fuller-Davenport. Dorreen Gerard. Jeffrey German, Chelly Gibson, Gina Gilliam. Kelley Goings, Stacey Gordon. Anja Goslee. Rick Goudy. Lori Gramling. Melissa Grayson. Shannon Green. Kimberly Griem. Jeremy 130 Sophomores Haines. John Hall. Shoila Harnishfegor. Joni Harpenau. Kevin Harris. Joseph Harter. Bril Heckathorn. John Henderson. Terry Hen ion, Fric Hinman, Carrie Hlnman. Pamela Hivoly. Lora Hudnut. Linda Hudson. Jim Ice. Kimberely Isa. Anthony lakes. Stevo .lobe. Nichole Johnson, Delisa Johnson, Eric Kelley. Patti Kessler. Kimberly Kiesel. Greg Kimpel. Taml Kirk man. Tom Kramer. Marcia Laharaman. Tina Lambert. Lucy Lambert. Theresa Lash, .loel Light. Steven Loynes. Les Lundgron. Tana Mallott. Dave Martin. Jeff Mattox. Joe Sophomores 131Sophomore class ofticers from top to bottom: Roxanne Evans. LeAnn Dunham and Lori Schock with sponsor Mr Gottron McCormick, Patrick McHenry. Randy McKinley. Mark McLauchlin, James McLauchlin. Jana McLauchlin. John Messman, Rick Meyers. Ted Millhouse. Cathy Mitchell. Lorilee Mitchell. Mike Moor. Rachelle Moore. Karen Morales. Tammy Morse. David 132 SophomoresNier. David Noll. Bart Ordway, James Orewiler. April Parker. Jim Parks. Shelly Parnin. Ann Patterson. Lori Penix. Doug Pollard. Shawna Quinn. David Rashley. Scott Reynolds. Chris Richmond, Darran Richter. Brad Ridenour. Valerie Robbins. Jack Rohm. Mark Romero. Dave Ryan. John Saylor. Jeff Schaab. Barbara Schaftner, John Schenkel, Darren Schock, Lon Scott, Shanna Sheets. Charles Short. Stacy Shoup. Jaime Sierer. Donnis Slauson. Nancy Smith. Candy Smith. Gene Smith, Neysu Snyder. Mrjrk Snyder. Scott Sophomores 133Soderberg, Kristina Steele. Wanda Stevenson. Dale Stocker. Michael Sutton. Alice Sutton. Malisia Swary. James Szeman. Lori Thorpe. Tyler Thomas. Jason Thompson. Beth Thrailkill. Jay An interested Scottie Foster looks through last years Key. 134 Sophomores Zintsmaster. Dan Tritch, Tammy Votaw, Michael Waite. Barbie Walcutt, Holly Watson. Anna Weiss, Mark Wellons, Andrew Whitcomb, Sean Wiflms. Martin Wood, Sam Wren. Troy Young. Mindy Younger. Michael Zimmerman. Maria Sophomores 135 Ted Myers looks on as Anna Watson and Tammy Alaura get their picture taken. Not pictured: Fosburg, Vicki Fraley. Shane Hirons. Jeff Jackson, Todd Scherbl. Deitmar Stevenson. Dennis Wickline. DavidI Abbott. Billy Albright. Bradley Allen, Michelle Alwood. Mindy Anderson. Robin Andrews. Tonie Araque, Maria Ashcraft. Richard Bailey. Erik Beechy, Tricia Beehler, Tom Bickel. Dawn Bidlack. Matthew Boyd. Lori Bozich. Kimberly Brandt. Crista Brock. Virginia Brown. Michael Burelison. Jacob Burd. Jeff Caldwell. Rodney Carnahan. Scott Chard, Michelle Chrysler. Laura Chrysler. Steven Clouse. Jim Cook. Gene Is Mike Rogers sleeping or reading his day's assignment? 136 Freshmen"Hello, everyone1" soys Linda VanAuken while giving us a big smile Cope. Roger Cox. Betty Crager. Jackie Crawford. Charles Crawford. Denise Croy. Don Cunningham. Harvey Curtis. Kristin Dailey. Ray Daler. Jessaca Dangler. Charlotte Davidson. Nikki Davis. Stephanie Denham. Julie Derbyshire. Cory Froshmen 137Devlin. Richard Dick. Van Dodge. Brian Douglass. Sheila Dunham. Vince Eaton. Jodi Ehrlich. Charles Ellis. Bob Ferguson, Brent Fisher, Ted Foland, Wendy Forbes. Maria Friend. Brent Garner. James Goes, Vicki Graber, MaryLou Green. Angela Griffin. Stephanie Grubb, Michael Grunden. Mary Hall. Jamie IBB FreshmenHaU. Tony Ham. Jennifer Hanna. Staci Hansen, Jamie Hansen. Kevin Hantz. Charles Hantz. Steve Harasim. Kathy Harvey. Jan Hickman, Nichole Hicks. Jane Holiday. Doug Hopson. Kevin Hubbard. Tony Hull, Stephen Hyska. Paul Jobe, Michelle Johnson. Alan Johnson, Kim Jordan, Mike Kaufman, Joe At another basketball game. Tonie Andrews is faithfully watching once again. Freshmen 139Keeler. Amy Keeler. Bonnie Keller, Floyd Kelly. Glen Kim. Linda King. Tina Koebke. Leslie Kozlowski, Derek Kratzman. Eric Lawrence. Missy Leckner. JiN Letke. Stephen Light, Kristie Link. Jennifer Loynes. Dawn Luessenhop, Kim Mahnesmith. Mandy Manahan. Patrick Marple. Dan Maugherman, Ron Maver. Thorton Jr. Miller. Brad Miller. Brian Mitchell. Brenda Mitman. Michelle Moore. Stacey Murphy. Amy 140 FreshmenNelson, Ricky Nier, Mike O'Bron. Dawn Oberlin, Amy Parker, Alan Pentico, Nina Postoloff. Chris Ramey, Carla Raske, Nick Reed, Shannon Richmond, Monty Roberts. Bret Robbins. Joe Rogers. Mike Romine. Matt Ross. Julie Rowe. Chris Rowe. Sherrie Ruckel. Ross Rumsey. Wendy Ruselink, Eric Sanders. DeeDee Sanderson, Stephanie Saunders. Brad Freshmen 141Schannen. Katie Scheffer. Carol Schenkel. Dorothy Selman. Susan Shelton. Jenny Shepherd. Mike Sherburne. Stacey Shoup. Traci Shriner. Rachel Shultz. Morgan Sitar. Phillip Skaggs, Amie Skaggs. Michael Smith. Ann Snell. Jennifer Sonner. David Squier. Tim Stetler. Danny Steury. Aaron Stocker, Susan Strong. Eric Sumney. Ross Sutton. Cathy Thomas. Rachael Thomas. Lane Tuttle. Brian Uetrecht. Robert Freshmen class officers Charlotte Dangler, Secretary-Trea-surer. Jeff Washburne, Vice-President. Cory Derbyshire. President, and Mr John Hammel. Freshman Class Advisor. 142 FreshmanV-V Underwood. Kristi Usher, Kimberly VonAuken. Linda Voges. Mark Walston, Shannon Waltz. Sanford Warner. Brett Warstler. Scott Washburne. Jeff Waters, Tanya Whitaker. Paul Wilber. Michele Not Pictured Alexander. Morci Bush. James Conley. Bobbi Etheridge. Kelly Priest. Cherolyn Sanders. Ann Snyder. Dennis Teegardin. Billie Jo Wick line. Robert Freshmen 143THE BRAINS BEHIND Maureen Baker. B.S.. M.S.. Miami U.. St. Francis College. Business Department. I.C.E Sue Boyer. B.S.. MS.. Boll State U.. Purdue U.. Mathematics Department Diana Cook. B A . M.A . M A.. U. of Illinois, Purdue U.. Indiana U.. French Rita Crimmins. Vocational Ed , Rdvenswood Hospital. Health Occupations Charles Dygert, B S . M S.. Ban State U.. Mathematics Department John Fiandt. BS. MA. Ball State U. Notre Dame U . Social Studies Department Mr Dygert explains a complicated al-gebra problem to his 1st hour class. Chris Counterman. B A.. M S.. Indiana U., St. Francis College. English Department Dennis Gentry. BA, Ball State U.. Industrial Arts. Physical Ed. Jon Gottron. B.S.. P.A.. S.A . Ball State U.. Science Department 144 FacultyA PROUD HORNET Steve GriB. B.S.. M.S. Manchester College. Indiana U.. Science Department John Hammel, B.S.. M.S.. Indiana U.. Mathematics Department Kathy Harris. B.S., M.S.. Ball State U.. St Francis College, Librarian Don Harter. B.S., M.S.. Ball State U.. U. of Kentucky. Social Studies Department Sara King. B.A.. M.A.. Wheaton College. Western Michigan U.. Business Department Roger Knauer, B.S.. M.A.. Tri-State U.. Ball State 'J.. Business Department Harry Krebs, B.S.. M.S.. Indiana U.. St. Francis College, Industrial Arts Department Mary Jane Kruse. B S. M S Whittenburg U.. St. Francis College. English Department Roamona Lowe. Secretarial Sciences. Tri-State U.. Librarian Mrs McKeever isn't very proud of a remark made by one of her comp students Faculty 145Making sure we get to school on time are 1st row (I to R). Judy McKinley. Rhonda Drerup. Dora Snyder. Carol Dangler, and Jim Swift. 2nd row. Ned Somerlot. Lois Snyder. Janice NeHson. Linda Carpenter. and Bud Dangler 3rd row. Steve Anstett. Don Wyatt, Don Anstett. Howard Snyder. Cliff Neilson. and Jerry Groshon. Sharon Meyerrose. B.S.. M S.. Ball State U.. Business and English Departments One of our M.S.D bus drivers proudly models one of the new jackets bought by each of the bus drivers Reta Neff. B.S.. M.A., Manchester College. Ball State U., Home Economics Department « Linda Reidenbach. B.S.. Purdue U.. Health and Physical Education Departments. Sam Nofziger. B A . Goshen College. Mathematics Department. Doyle Robinson. B.S.. MS.. Bowling Green U., Health. Physical Education Departments. Ik J Marilyn Myers, B.A.. M S.. Ball State U.. St. Francis College. Spanish Rose Owens. BA. M S U of Arts and Sciences. Oklahoma. Indiana U.. English Department Jerry Rodman. BA.. M.A., Goshen College. Western Michigan U., Science Department 146 FacultyJoan Sanborn. L.D., Elementary Ed.. Learning Behavior Disorders Emotionally Handicap, Bowling Green State U.. Special Education Tom Saylor. B.S.. M S.. Eastern Michigan U., Ball State U.. Health and Physical Education Departments Clem Snaidecki. B.S.. MS.. Ball State U.. St. Francis College. Vocational Education Department. Building Trades Karen Sanders, B.A.. MS.. Western Michigan U.. St. Francis College. English Department Nancy Siebold. Bachelor of Music. M A . Michigan State U.. Wisconsin U.. Choir Dave Snyder. B.S.. M S.. Manchester College. Penn State U.. Science Department Preparing our "delicious" lunches are. left to right. Floyd Deetz. Sharon Olinske. Jon Parker. Connie Anderson, and Irene Chilicote Joyce Skinner. Speech and Hearing Therapy B.S.. L.D.. Neurologically Impaired. Special Ed M S. Bowling Green State U.. Ball State U.. Special Ed. and L D Rex Stevens. B.S.. M S.. Purdue U.. Ball State U.. Industrial Arts Department Fcx:ulty 147Mr. Doyle Robison is pondering Lori Schock and Anja Gordon's question Margaret Swank. Study Hall Adrian Thalls, B.S.. M S.. Indiana U.. St. Francis College. Ball State U.. Business Department Mr Nofziger is found explaining a Helene Walcutt. Special Edu-''simple" geometry problem. cation Department Paul Weller. B.S.. Michigan State U.. Agriculture and Science Departments 148 Faculty Sam Stokes. B.S.. M S.. Ball State U.. Indiana State U.. Band and Orchestra Kay Thomas. B A.. M.A., Ball State U.. St. Francis College. Spanish and English Tony Wnght. B.S.. M S.. Indiana U.. St. Francis College. Science Departmento u R Lydia Beehler, B.S.. M.S.. M.S., Purdu© U., Indiana U.. Home Economics and Guidance Counselor Judy Jones. Secretarial Science. International Business College. Guidance Secretary Phyllis Perry. B.S..MS, Purdue U.. Indiana State U.. Guidance Counselor Tracy Boyer. Computer Lab Jim Fleming. B.S.. M S.. Ball State U.. Guidance Counselor Rosie Read©. Office Secretary Not Pictured Mrs Olive McKeever Mr. Carrol Nesbitt Mr. Scott Poor Mr. Neil Robinson Mr. Joe Sirk Harry Keley. B.S.. M S.. Manchester College, Ball State U.. Principal Audrey Sullivan, Office Secretary G U I D A N C E T O H 0 R N E T P R 1 D E Faculty 149COLES HONDA YAMAHA Hours 9-8 Weekdays 9-5 Saturdays TRI-STATE AIRWAYS Charters Cessna Sales • Repairs Scenic Rides • Line Service Monday 8:30 A.M.-3:00 P.M. Tuesday 8:30 A.M.-3:00 P.M. Wednesday Closed Thursday 8:30 A.M.-3:00 P.M. Friday 8:30-6:00 P.M. Saturday 8:30 A.M.-3:00 P.M. Angola Branch 665-2151 Ads 152HARBOR LIGHT On Lake James Featuring Prime Rib County Road 200W 833-1884 STATE FARM INSURANCE Paul Stepp Gary Younce 665-3313 Ads 153JACOB INSURANCE SERVICE A Subsidiary Of ARO CORPORATION Angola. IN FETZER'S BAKERY Cakes — Cookies — Donuts Pies — Breads 154 AdsMYERS’ BAIT FISH HATCHERY SEASONAL BAIT • WAXWORMS • GAMEFISh R 1 BOX 253 pleasant lake in 46779 PHONE (219) 475 c 7bS PEPSI. TH€ CHOICE OF A NEW generation: RKO Bottling of Fort Wayne Inc. ANGOLA STATE BANK "The Bank With The Chime Clock" Ads 165JCPenney Catalog Department Fit shopping time around your time. Shop-by-phone Coming Attractions (21«) MS-3540 1006 N. Wayn St., Angola Movie And VCR Rental VHS Beta Format JOSHO'S Natural Foods And Vitamins 105 W. Maumee 665-2022 156 AdsFIRST NATIONAL BANK OF ANGOLA ANQOlJVFIRST First National Bank of Angola Main Office 211 East Maumee Street 665-9411 North Branch 127 North at County Road 100 665-9411 BODY FIT 801 South Wayne Angola 665-6696 DON DICKS O Tekflora "Flowers For Every Occasion" 114 East Gilmore Angola. Indiana 46703 (219) 665-5505 Don Koomle Dick Waters m, FLOWERS Ads 157CLEAR LAKE GENERAL STORE RR 3 100 Outer Dr. Fremont, IN 46737 (219) 495-9765 STROCK'S MEN'S AND LADIES' TAILORED Color TV Service FREE Estimates Carry In Service ARKWRIGHT'S TRADIOS TV"? 665-6613 1009 N. Wayne, Angola (Behind Suds Ur Duds Ldundry) RED CARPET INN OF ANGOLA 1-69 U.S. 20 (219) 665-9561 1-800-251-1962 "Finest For Dress Or Restauront And Lounge Color T.V. 24 Hour Desk Service Casual Wear" Color TV Service $9.50 In Home Estimates 158 AdsR R CONCRETE CONSTRUCTION BASEMENT WALLS RETAINING WALLS CONCRETE SLABS RON SANDERS RALPH VIERLING BBS 2838 665-2363 After The Game Or Anytime Stop In At TOM'S DONUTS For The Perfect Snack ... "Baked Fresh Daily" TOM'S DONUTS Made The Old Fashioned Way At 807 N. Wayne, Angola Open 24 Hours Fort Wayne (3 Locations) Kendallville North Manchester Auburn Lk. James (Seasonally) You're At ANDREWS BECK Angola 665-3151 Since 1957 Ads 159FARM BUREAU INSURANCE Old 27 South • Angola. IN 665-3149 AL LONSBURY GARAGE 208 E. Mechanic Angola, IN 665-5165 Good Luck Class Of '85 LAKELAND ELECTRONICS SUPPLY 202 W. Pleasant Angola. IN 665-6311 160 AdsWLKI FM 100 "We Follow The Hornets" North Wayne Plaza Angola 665-9554 AAA OFFICE EQUIPMENT Used New — Service — Leasing Under New Ownership JIM DEROUIN P.O. Box 369 665-2346 640 N. Wayne 24 Hr. Service Angola. IN 46703 665-9936 Home SUTTON'S SUPER VALUE Open 8 AM-9 PM Daily St. Road 127N 9 AM-6 PM Sunday 665-6565 For All Of Your Shopping Needs Ads 161 'Jii3 Haar i wii u. LOCK BOX people's dreams come true. The Oldest National Bank in Steuben County." mw mrar iiruw ltwx IIF jClAUU!; Freinonl — Main Office Fremont, IN 46737 219 495 9861 FDK Fremont — Main Office Fremont. IN 46737 219 495 9861 Orland Branch Orland, IN 46776 219 829 6515 Angola Branch Angola, IN 46703 219 665 7506 Ashley Branch Ashley. IN 46705 219 665 5033 people's dreams come true The Oldest National Bank in Steuben County." AUTO LOANS tor fiitotmr Fremont — Main Office Fremont, IN 46737 219 495 9861 FDIC 162 AdsKENTUCKY FRIED CHICKEN BBaS5 3£g 618 North Wayne Angola. IN 46703 665-9944 We Do Chicken Rights THE BIKE HUT 227 West Maumee Angola, IN 46703 665-9019 (fjt Croxton Roe 1 U Angola if we can’t help you, »Ae Nv nobody can! 418 N. Wayne C.A. NEDELE SONS 107 West Maumee Angola. IN 46703 665-2463 Ads 163TOWNE SHOPPE 51 Public Square Angola 665-3966 GAY'S MARKET Stores at Angola and Fremont LIBERTY TELE-COMMUNICATIONS 712 N. Wayne, Angola 665-9524 Radw haek Country Fair Shopping Center 665-7101 Electronic Games • Computers • Stereo Supplies • 164 AdsWAYSIDE FURNITURE Furniture Carpet Center 1 Mile North On Old 27 665-3121 When it comes to building, you’ll want to talk to an expert... MARVIN ALDRICH Residential - Commercial Builder Developer 116 Henry St. Angola. Indiana 46703 “A NAME YOU CAN TRUST” (21 9) SERVING THE ANGOLA AREA SINCE 1 953 665-971 6 We Will Build On Your Land or Ours. Lake Property, City Rural Homesites Available PHARMACY --AND----- HOME HEALTH CARE CENTER 614 N. WAYNE ST. • ANGOLA. IN. 46703 • PHONE (219) 666-6216 Congratulations! Graduating Seniors Now, You Ask The Questions... Well Give You The Answers STEUBEN BUSINESS DATA SERVICES, INC. 512 NORTH WAYNE ST. • ANGOLA, IN 46703 (219) 665-3487 Ads 165WE CARRY ALL SIZES AND FEATURES TO MEET "YOUR” PARTICULAR COOKING NEEDS!!!!! TAX 3AOVANTACE OF MV COUPON TOOAY'1’ refcw.refyon HARDWICK PROPANE COOKINC ADVANTAGES "MOST WOMEN PREFER CAS" A "CP" automate gas range. ccmtxxu with automate IP OK service today «s tne toi economoi. tne safest ana tne most satisfactory way to coo • WHY??? IT’S AUTOMATIC Automate controls take care of a oven coorng wfi.» user is away from trie range IT'S FAST the Due vs fume su»»esostaritaneous neat IT'S CHAN the oue OK flame oroouces no soot Brewers, not only 00 rot oroduce smoke. Out actuaty consume any smo»e from orewa crcortv CAL-GAS ANGOLA US. Hwy 27 South 665-6SI6 DALE O SMITH. CPA THOMAS S. DANFORD. CPA {Smith Stanford CERTIFIED PUBLIC ACCQUNTANTS BUS. (219) 665-5874 RES. (219)665-7494 BUS (219) 665-5674 RES. (219)833-1702 303 West Maumee Angola 665-2973 Congratulations To The Class Of '85 From TSU 166 AC3SST. ANTHONY'S CATHOLIC CHURCH 700 W. Maumee 665-2259 Style And Quality (219) 665-6688 115 N. WAYNE Owner — Bernie Gaetz ANGOLA, INDIANA 46703 M Shoe-Inn Country Fair Shopping Center Angola 665-6487 DEB'S BRIDAL APPAREL WEDDING GOWN TUXEDO RENTAL BRIDESMAID DRESSES INVITATIONS FLOWERGIRL DRESSES BRIDAL ACCESSORIES GARDLIK'S JEWELRY 28 Public Square 665-5151 Ads 167ANGOLA BOWL St. Rd. 127 N. 665-9312 Complete Pro Shop Billiards Tables Open Year-Round ROUTE 27 AUTO PARTS Old 27 South Angola, IN Used Parts For All Makes And Models From Subcompacts To Semitractors ANGOLA LUMBER COMPANY INCORPORATED BOARDS AND THINGS PHONE 66S-3I25 ANGOLA. INDIANA 46703 Coins — Gold — Silver ARMSTRONG COINS — COLLECTABLES 408 N. Wayne St. Angola, IN BERNINA El State Roao 127 north penny’s Telephone Rural Route 2. Box 47 (219)665-6077 Angola. Indiana 46703 APPLES • PEACHES • GRAPES RASPBERRIES • CHERRIES SWEET CIDER HONEY • SORGUM APPLE 8UTTER 833-1238 COUNTY ROADS 3S0 NORTH ANO 550 WEST 168 AdsANGOLA UNITED METHODIST CHURCH 220 W. Maumee Sunday Service — 9 AM Sunday School — 10 AM Guns And Ammo 665-7563 Gun Repair 2-4 Inch Wells Pump Sales Service STOTLER AND COMPANY SHIPE WELL DRILLING Dan Shipe RR 1 Pleasant Lake, IN 46779 Phone: 475-5566 Guns And Mounts 2 Doors West Of J.C. Penney's 208 West Maumee Angola NORTHERN INDIANA FUEL AND LIGHT Clean And Dependable Gas 665-3196 Angola, Indiana FREMONT ARCHERY Pro-Line, Martin, Golden Eagle, Darton ... Bow Repairs Arrow Rebuilding St, Rd. 127 North Of Angola — Ph, 665-3812 Ads 169NORTH WAYNE AUTO We Buy And Sell Good Used Cars dll North Wayne St. Angola, IN Phone: 665-9972 Bernie Rickman Chuck Hall Salesman CARUSO'S "The Finest In Italian American Cuisine" 833-2617 Co. Rd. 200 W. 1 Mile West Of 1-69 GOODALE ABSTRACT CO. Abstracts And Title Insurance 108-110 South Wayne St. Angola, IN BOB HART TRAVEL 120 N. Wayne St. Jay R. Hart Jean Hart "Take It To Hart" 170 AdsPortrait Studio — Groups Seniors — Commercial — Sports S J PHOTO Photo Finishing Service 1015 North Wayne Street Angola 665-6964 SANBORN'S Sales — Service — Parts Your Full Line T.V. Appliance Store Angola. IN 665-7007 MOODY'S BOOKSTORE 301 West Maumee Angola, IN Phone — 665-3213 FARMBOY FOODS 171 ArtsKENNY'S BODY SHOP 110 Lange Lane Angola, IN 46703 665-9314 Owner: Kenny P. Skaggs "6 Blocks West Of The Mound" 609 E. Maumee Angola, IN 46703 665-2563 HUTCHIN'S HARDWARE "We Can Get You Moving!" We Just Moved To 812 N. Wayne Angola, IN 46703 FAMILY TREE 45 Public Square Angola, IN 46703 665-6511 172 AdsAds 173 HARDEE'S T-BONE CHARLIE'S T-Bone Charlie's St. Rd. 27 N (219) 665-2900 Hardee's St. Rd. 27 N (219) 665-7400GVANS Custom Conversions Sunroofs Pioneer Stereos CR 200W 665-3726 Lake Property Farm Residential Appraisals Commercial Cri State ftealtu U JOHN STOCK Realtor - Principal Broker 227 North Wayne Street Off. (219) 665-2414 Angola, Indiana 46703 Rea. (219) 665-9984 .A CS ft.A Of Angola Family Dining 155 Rooms Banquets For Up To 250 People Proms • Receptions Reunions 1-69 Pokagon State Park Exit Angola 665-9471 174 AdSSTUDIO OF HAIR DESIGN 1002 N. Wayne 665-2715 665-6464 DAIRY QUEEN 665-9614 TRUE VALUE HARDWARE 825 North Wayne 665-3249 900 N. Wayne Angola. IN Ads 175— Sales — • Ebko Boats • Pontoon Boats • Shore Station Lifts • Trailers — Service — • Trained Mechanics • Mercruiser • Fiberglass Repair • Pontoon Repair — Storage — Orland Rd • Angola 833-2114 CLARK MITCHELL FLOOR COVERING For All Your Floor Covering Needs Old 27 South 665-7589 THROOP'S FLORIST Plants And Floral Arrangements 303 South Euclid 665-5061 176 AdS . • coney DOCS • w C0CICTM.S anwwKHOiT H LI DOG HOUSE 112 West Maumee St. Angola. IN 665-3922 ilii SIR REGAL RENTALS A DIVISION Of KINO ENTERPRISES. INC. 665-2612 BOLT BIN 1 r-RAOf 8 SOCKET HEAD NYIOCK SNAP RINGS ROll PINS MASONRY ANCHORS ETC 1 n US .. IF M UWTI 1 -L WOMOTT IT. |4 WERf WI RENT ALL TYPES Of TOOLS - EQUIPMENT • HOME • FACTORY • CONSTRUCTION • Cl MIN! TOOLS • AUTOMOTIVE TOOLS • lAWN f, GARDEN TOOLS • AIR COMPRESSORS • PUMPS • SCAEFOLOING • U HAUL TRUCKS. • FLOOR SANOER TRAILERS 8 TOW ftARS • METAL OfTECTOfl • POWER SAWS •LA00ERS immluip • JACKS ol 1 krxh • POWTR ORRIS • PORTABLE SK»NS • ELECT»C HAMMERS 701 WOHLERT ANGOLA. IND. AZAR'S BIG BOY RESTAURANT Open Daily 24 Hours 309 North Wayne St. Angola. IN 665-6517 Ads 1  SMIL£ «... z Terry L. Pampel D.D.S. 224 North Wayne Angola 46703 219-665-7517 William J. Baidinger. Manager 901 South Wayne Street Angola. Indiana 46703 H R BLOCK THE INCOME TAX PEOPLE Telephone (219) 665-7503 It no answer call: (219) 837-7565 VIKING GRAVEL READY MIXED CONCRETE Via Oshkosh 11 Cubic Yards FDM Units With Attractive Prices Terms Serving All Of LaGrange Steuben Counties East Of St. Rd. 9 665-2690 m CH | LINCOLN | FORD TRUCKS BOB ELLISON FORD, INC. Sales - Service - Rentals - Leases 830 East Maumee Street Angola, Indiana 46703 Angola (219) 665-9526 HAYNES' CLEANERS For All Your Cleaning Needs 200 South Wayne Call 665-2814 MBUDGE PRIN SCENT FOR ALL YOUR PRINTING NEEDS NO JOB TOO BIG OR TOO SMALL T65-753T] , ACROSS FROM AZAR'S 310 N. WAYNE ANGOLA, IN 46703 178 Ads AEROSPACE • AGRICULTURAL IMPLEMENT WORKERS " AMERICA (HAW) Local Union 1406 ANGOLA, INDIANA 46703 Working People, Working Together To Insure Our Families A Better Tomorrow. ■ ■Esaaaaftfe, m DANA CORPORATION In Angola Since 1946 Brass Products Group An Equal Opportunity Employer Arts 179Michael G. Hero (219) 665-9447 President Angola Wire Products, Inc. P. 0 Box 247 803 WOHLEBT ST. ANGOLA, IN 46703 BASKETS RACKS DISPLAYS FORMS SHELVING Mr. Hammel, The 1984-85 National Honor Society members would like to thank you for all the time and effort you have given us as our club sponsor this year. We greatly appreciate your willingness to help us. 1984 85 NHS 180 AdsRichard J. Miller, D.D.S. 610 N. Wayne Plaza Angola, Indiana 46703 665-7514 After Hours: 484-7775 AMERICAN ASSOCIATION OI: ORAL AND MAXILLOFACIAL SURGEONS FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION OF ANGOLA 212 E. Maumee, Angola, Indiana 46703 (219) 665-7556 ANGOLA CHILD CARE CENTER "The Place Where All Children Are Special" SWEIGART JEWELERS 42 Public Square Angola, Indiana 46703 665-3792 Ads 181CHRONISTER PHARMACY Public Square Angola 665-2166 RAYMOND E. GUYER. Territory Manager 18 FAIRLANE DRIVE • WARSAW. INDIANA 46580 We Are Here To Serve The Community With Low Every Day Prices On Prescriptions And Over-The-Counter Drugs. THE VIDEO RENTAL CENTER 618 W. Maumee St. Angola, In. 46703 Ph. (219) 665-7669 PHOTO Hundreds of VHS and Beta Movies to choose from: non-members welcome. Video Cassette Recorder Rentals And Sales VHS And Beta Movie Rentals And Sdles.BOOSTERS Weicht Funeral Home Drs. White and Wiegand Larry E. Watkins, M.D. Dr. Galen R. Williams Family Physicians Inc. of Indiana Dr. K.O. Dunlap Klinks Funeral Home Alfred Gutstein, Attorney Tom Wilson, Attorney James L. Brown D.D.S. Buehrer 8c Siegel John F. Hammel, D.C. Shoup 8c Shoup, Attorneys PARENT BOOSTERS Laura Groshon Mr. and Mrs. Stanford L. Thompson Mr. and Mrs. Charles Brigle Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Barlett Carolyn Weicht Tony and Theresa Disbro Mike and Nancy Lesiak Mr. and Mrs. Norm Gajewski Gary and Susan Reynolds Mr. and Mrs. Richard Leckner Ann and Larry Shriner Dick and Susie Waymire Jack Warner Mr. and Mrs. Ron Sanders Jeffrey A. Derouin Mr. and Mrs. John Rupp Richard and Lois Sierer Mr. and Mrs. Allen Gauthier Ora and Amy Sierer Mr. and Mrs. James Burrell Mr. and Mrs. Lawrence Beaty Donna Cook and Family Jack and Nathalie VanAuken and Family AcJs 183Don Kain's Union 76 Angola Book Center Oliver Sales Co. Folck's Body Shop Discount Furniture and Moores Business Forms Waterbeds House of Glass Don's Bootery Angola Moose Lodge Dunham Motor Sales p Larry's Lock 8c Safe Alamo Inn r Service Steuben County Welding A Country Furniture Van's TV and Appliance r Rita Stackhouse Blue Flaven Kennels T Angola Frozen Locker Rowland Associates 1 McCools Tavern, Inc. Southtown Auto R Hops 8c Schnapps Flair Depot Tuttle's Jewelery Flosacks TV and Dr. M.G. Headley Appliance O Swimcraft Angola Shoe Service Joe's Roofing Co. The Little Store Pleasant N Selman Heating 8c Lake 1 N Plumbing, Inc. Drs. Harry and Rosmarie Q Hackett's Cabinets 8c Scott O Crafts Ken's Wood Shop Heritage Barber and Style Koyanna Korner Shop Kontracting Marvin Aldrich, Developer Lolly's Shell G 8c S Superabrasives, Sierer Upholstery Inc. 184 AdsVAN WAGNER SLAUGHTERHOUSE Freezer Beef and Pork Custom Butchering Wrapping And Freezing 2V4 Mi West Of Angola Co. Rd. 300 W Off Rt. 20 Angola 665-2279 A Smith-Corona Is A Gift That Will Help You In The Years Ahead! See Us For: • Graduation Announcements • Typewriters • School Supplies STEUBEN PRINTING CO. 1001 S. Wayne. Angola 665-3063 Ads 185186 Closing■Mfiaaa£■HOLDING THE KEYStaff 189’85 Key Staff Proudly Salutes The Purple And The Gold 190 Key StaffA Abbott, Bill 136 Abbott, Cindy 120 Abbott, Pam 99, 120 Alaura, Tammi 128, 135 Albright, Brad 136 Aldrich, Rich 38, 128 Allen, Michelle 44,55, 84, 136 Alleshouse, Robin 104 Alwood, Mindy 136 Ameling, Todd 38,68,104 Anderson, Mrs. Connie 147 Anderson, Robin 136 Anderson, Stacey 128 Andrews, Keith 128 Andrews, Ron 104 Andrews, Tonie 44, 58, 136, 139 Anstett, Mr Don 146 Anstett, Mr. Steve 146 Appleman, Cynthia 104 Appleman, David 9, 97, 128 Araque, Maria 60,61,99, 136 Araque, John 120 Arney, Mark 47, 48, 128 Arnold, Mike 120 Ashcraft, Richard 136 Atha, Susan 60, 100, 128 Baade. Richard 120 Baade, Robert 120 Bailey, Erik 42, 136 Bailey, Mike 12, 42, 69, 83. 97. 100. 104 Baker, Brian 128 Baker, Jeff 92, 128 Baker, Joel 42, 64, 120 Baker, Mrs. Maureen 144 Baldauf, Larry 128 Baldwin, James 128 Baldwin, Cammie 120, 127 Barlett, Melody 83. 94. 97, 128, 189, 190 Barlett, Tina 104 Barnes, Tom 64, 120 Barrett, Tom 38, 4 Barron, Jeana 104 Barron, Sally 120 Bartlow, Angela 128 Bassett, Paula 128 Baxter, Kay 120 Beard, Kelly 120 Beattie, David 104 Beaty, Tracy 83, 104 Beck, Angie 5, 104 Beechy, Tracy 120 Beechy, Tricia 36, 37, 53, 60. 136 Beehler, Jeff 27, 46. 52, 90, 120 Beehler, Mrs. Lydia 149 Beehler, Tom 46, 47, 53. 56, 93. 136 Begley, Robyn 105 Behee, Mark 46,100,128 Belcher, Brian 38, 80, 120 Beltz, Jana 120 Bennett, Kathleen 105 Berger, John 38. 52, 56, 128 Bickel, Dawn 136 Bidlack, Matthew 98,136 Biernat, Eric 38, 64, 120 Biernat, Mike 42, 43, 50. 66, 70. 105 Birchman, John 97, 100, 120 Bitzer, Scott 105 Bitzer, Tammy 120 Bledsoe, Kristy 105 Blodgett, Mike 42.64.65, 120 Book, Cristie 55, 128 Boszor, Jeremy 100, 128 Boyd. Brian 38, 121 Boyd. Lori 35. 44, 54, 84, 136 Boyer, Jamie 54, 121 Boyer, Mrs. Sue 144 Boyer, Mrs. Tracy 149 Bozich, Kim 83, 136 Brainard, Doug 38,52.56, 128 Bramhall, Tamara 8, 22, 60. 69, 105 Brandanger, Danielle 128 Brandt, Crista 92,100.136 Brewer. Bridget 92, 121 Brigle, Lorin 128 Brock, Virginia 60,82,91, 98. 100, 136 Brown, Jill 128 Brown, Lisa 015 Brown, Michelle 99, 121 Brown, Mike 136 Brown. Mike 105 Broxon, Cynthia 85. 99, 121 Broxon, Lisa 128 Bryan, Kris 82, 128 Burd, Joan 100, 128 Burd, Jeff 9,12.65,89,97. 136 Burdett, Lisa 121 Burelison, Jacob 40, 136 Burkett, Brian 42. 128 Burney, Chris 128 Burrell, Alan 92, 93, 99, 105. 106 Burrell, Chuck 128 Burrell. Gary 128 Burroughs, Douglas 42,56, 82. 97. 128 Bush, Dan 121 Byerly, Angie 128 Byerly, Lori 121 Byerly, Michelle 72, 128 Byrne, Jim 38, 48. 121 e Cagle, Frances 128 Cagle, Laura 128 Caldwell, Rodney 40, 53, 65, 136 Call, Renee 71, 128 Carnahan, Pat 129 Carnahan, Scott 136 Carpenter, Mrs. Linda 146 Carpenter, Lonnie 48, 121 Carpenter, Rodney 48. 129 Carr. Aimee 11, 121 Carr, Kristin 36, 37, 52, 129 Caruso, Dan 56, 57, 67. 90. 105 Cary, Don 68, 106 Champion, Chris 38, 52, 65, 80, 84, 129 Chard, Annette 58, 90, 93. 99. 106 Chard, Michelle 92, 136 Chiddister. Tammy 121 Chilicote, Mrs. Irene 147 Chrysler, Laura 136 Chrysler. Sheila 81, 121 Chrysler, Steven 136 Cimbal, Theresa 129 Clark, Brian 64, 90, 122 Clark, Julie 18, 55, 60, 100, 129 Clark, Steven 38. 129 Cleckner, Vickie 106 Clifton, John 106 Clouse, Jim 40. 136 Cobb. Alberta 129 Cole, Michelle 122 Coler, Alan 52. 129 Coler, Christy 106 Conley, Kim 129 Conley, Mike 50. 69. 93, 106 Cook, Mrs. Diana 72, 92, 113 Cook. Gene 136 Cook, Ingrid 12, 46, 58, 80. 97. 122 Cook, Lynn 106, 144 Cook, Michelle36, 37, 52. 129 Cook, Stephanie 129 Cope, Brenda 54, 90, 106 Cope, Joe 65. 129 Cope, Mrs. Marilyn 14 Cope, Roger 65, 137 Cope. Tina 129 Corell. Dan 38. 50. 64, 80, 122 Cornett, Patricia 18, 100, 101, 122 Counterman, Ms. Chris 144 Covell. Jan 36. 50. 68. 83, 106 Coveil, Pam 83. 106 Cowell. Angie 129 Cox, Betty 137 Crager. Jackie 58, 100, 137 Craig, Derek 129 Crawford, Charles 137 Crawford, Christine 122 Crawford. Denise 137 Cretsinger, Dennis 75, 90. 106. 119 Crimmins. Mrs. Rita 144 Cripe, Katrina 9. 12. 22, 27. 97. 100, 122 Crooks, Karen 129 Cross, Laurie 87, 106 Croy, Don 9, 23. 97, 137 Cunningham. Harvey 100. 137 Curry, Jeri 92, 107 Curry. Leslie 129 Curtis. Lisa 91, 122 Curtis, Kristin 137 Dailey. Ray 137 Daler. Jessaca 5. 137 Damron, Greg 92. 122 Dangler, Mr. Bud 146 Dangler. Mrs. Carol 146 Dangler. Charlotte 23, 36. 53. 92. 137. 142 Dangler, Pete 48. 67. 107 Dauck. Debbie 83. 122, 124 Davidson, Nikki 137 Davis, Colissa 107 Davis. Stephanie 99, 137 Deetz, Mr. Floyd 147 Demara. Damon 99, 107 Denham, Julie 137 Derbyshire, Cory 40. 56, 92. 137. 142 Derouin, Jeff 107 Devlin, Richard 40, 138 Dewitt, Carl 129 Dick, Van 46. 56, 138 lndex 191Dickinson. Kelly 83, 122, 124 Dillard, Rebekah 81, 129 Dillard, Thomas 129 Dodge, Brian 53, 76, 100, 138 Douglass, Shelia 3, 60, 100, 138 Dover, David 27, 83. 90, 100, 122 Dowell, Terry 122 Drerup, Mrs, Rhonda 146 Duguid, Mr. Jerry 13, 97 Dunham. Larry 48, 122 Dunham, LeAnn 44, 45, 77, 92, 129, 132 Dunham. Vince 53. 65, 92, 138 Dunnavan, Lisa 8, 92, 129 Dygert. Mr. Charles 77, 144 Forbes, Maria 138 Fosberg, Bobby 98 Fosburg, Vickie 79 Foster, Scottie 130, 134 Fox, Doug 38, 52, 130 Fraley, Mark 130 Friend. Brent Friend. Brian 53, 138 52. 53. 56, 130 130 21. 75. 90, Fritz. James Fritz, Shawn 94, 108, 119, 188. 190 Fuller. Donna 130 Fuller-Davenport, Doreen 130 Furniss, Paul 46, 47, 56, 57, 66, 108, 117 Futhey, Matt 123 S Eaton, Jodi 100, 138 Eddy, Amy 107, 188 Eddy, Julie 92. 97. 99, 123 Ehrlich, Charles 138 Eidenier, Christina 100, 129 Ellis. Bob 40, 138 Ellis, Dave 48, 56, 123 Emerick, Jack 107 Erb. Anita 90, 92, 94. 99, 123, 189. 190 Erb, Diane 8. 21. 22. 92, 93, 97. 99. 130 Erwin, Lewis 123 Etheridge. Corbett 38. 64. 67, 107, 117 Evans, Dawn 107 Evans, Roxanne 92, 97, 130. 132 3 Favourite, Karen 130 Favourite, Tim 107, 110 Ferguson. Brent 138 Ferrier, Laura 74. 130 Fiandt, Mr. John 144 Field, Jenny 46. 58, 99, 130 Fifer, Jerry 42, 50, 52, 53, 83. 123 Fisher. Ted 138 Fleming, Mr. James 149 Foland. Wendy 100 Folks, LuAnne 27, 82, 90, 123 Gajewski, Dale 7, 34. 42. 43. 56. 66. 75. 90. 94. 108, 113, 118, 186. 190 Gajewski, Janice 123, 127 Garner, James 56, 100. 138 Gates, Jodi 108 Gauthier, Dan 90, 94. 108, 189, 190 Gecowets, Beth 11. 44, 45, 123. 127 Gentry, Mr. Dennis 38, 48. 144 Gentry, Mrs. Laurie 44, 58 Geer, Deb 36, 50, 67, 83. 108 Geer, Mike 123 Gerard, Jeffrey 130 Gerard, John 108 German. Chelly 54, 84, 130 Gibson, Gina 92, 100, 130 Gill. Mike 123 Gilliam, Kelley 130 Goes, Vicki 36, 37, 53, 60. 138 Goings. Anddi 21. 44, 54, 58, 66, 108. Ill Goings, Stacey 44, 58, 130 Goldie, Ken 20 Gordon, Anja 44, 45, 92. 130 Goslee, Rick 38. 65. 130 Gottron, Mr. Jon 74, 132. 144 Goudy, Lori 130 Graber, Mary Lou 55, 138 Grabill, Paul 123 Graft, Chris 11.21,36. 37. 50. 68, 90. 99. 108. 113 Gramling, Melissa 130 Grayson. Michelle 108 Grayson. Shannon 36. 37, 52. 130 Green, Angela 138 Green, Kevin 48 Green, Kimberly 130 Green, Mona 123 Greenwood. Heather 123. 124 Griem, Jeremy 93, 100, 130 Griffin, Stephanie 92. 100. 138 Grill, Mr. Steve 50, 51, 145 Grimes. Todd 9, 12, 97, 123 Groshon. Mr. Jerry 146 Groshon. Laura 91, 123 Grubb. Michael 40. 65. 138 Grunden, Mary 138 Gupta, Anjali 90, 96 Guthier. Kelly 83, 108 Gutstein, Susan 29. 83,97, 100, 108 Haifley, Kris Haines, John Haines, Larry Hall, Jamie Hall, Linda Hancock, Pam 123 131 123 138 109 91. 93, 109 131 40. 139 139 Hall, Sheila Hall, Tony Ham, Jennifer Hammel, Mr. John 77. 90-103. 142. 145 Hanna, Kandi 123 Hanna, Staci 139 Hansen, Jamie 42. 53, 62. 139 Hansen, Kevin 53, 139 Hansen. Krissy 36. 50. 6°, Hantz, Charles 98. 139 Hantz. Fred 98, 12 Hantz, Steve 40. 56, 98, 139 Hantz, Troy 12 Harasim. Kathy 83. 100- Harger, Wendy 1 ? Harnishfeger, Joni 131 Harpenau, Kevin 100, 131 Harris, Mrs. Becky 91 Harris, Joseph 38, 52, 5°. Harris, Mrs. Kathy 145 Harter, Bill 131 Harter, Derek 27. 52, 64, 90. 124 Harter, Mr. Don 38, 145 Harvey, Jan 97, 139 Hauck. Eric 80, 124 Haviland, Becky 83, 124 Hawk, Jim 48, 124 Heckathorn, John 131 Henderson, Terry 131 Henion, Eric 65, 131 Hickman, Nichole 100, 139 Hicks, Jane 84, 92. 100, 139 Hiler, Mike 171 Hindman. Holley 124 Hinman. Carrie 92, 131 Hinman, Pamela 100. 131 Hinman, Sherrie 124 Hirons. Jeff 100 Hively. Lora 100, 131 Hocker, Bob 38, 83. 124 Holcomb, Neil 27. 62, 63, 68. 90. 100, 108. 118 Holiday. Dennis 10, 38, 51. 67.9 Holmes, Luanne 109 Hopson, Kevin 139 Hostetler, Dan 50. 52 Houlton. Scott 109 Hoyer, Jeff 98. 124 Hubbard, Tony 139 Hudnut. Linda 82. 100. 131 Hudson, Jim 131 Hudson, Margaret 82. 124 Hull. Stephen 40. 139 Hullinger, Marcia 124 Hyska, Paul 40. 139 J Ice, Kimberly 60. 100. 131 Ickes, Steve 131 Isa, Anthony 65, 131 3 Jack. Laurie 109, 119 Jack. Scott 109. 115 Jarrel, Dean 42 Jobe, Michelle 60. 93. 139 Jobe. Nichole 89, 99, 131 Johnson, Alan 139 192 lndexJohnson, Delisa 131 Johnson, Eric 38, 52, 131 Johnson, Kim 92, 139 Jones, Jim 64, 77, 124 Jones, Mrs. Judy 149 Jordan, Mike 65, 139 K Kaufman, Joe 139 Keeler, Amy 140 Keeler, Bonnie 140 Keller, Floyd 92, 140 Kelley, Mr. Harry 15, 149 Kelley, Patti 131 Kelly, Glen 42, 53. 140 Kennedy, John 124 Kessler, Kimberly 92, 131 Kiesel, Greg 131 Kim, Linda 92, 140 Kim, Mary 125 Kim, Susan 92, 109 Kimpel, Tami 131 King, Mrs. Sarah 145 King, Tina 140 Kirby, Jeff 6. 48, 49, 69, 75, 90. 100, 110 Kirkman, Tom 131 Knauer, Mr. Roger 64, 71. 76. 145 Koebke, Leslie 140 Kozlowski, Carrie 44, 92, 125 Kozlowski, Derek 9, 12, 22, 56, 47. 48. 57. 97. 140 Kozlowski, Mrs. 8 Kramer, Marcia 76, 131 Kratzman, Eric 140 Krebs, Cole 38, 50, 56, 57, 91. 125 Krebs, Mr. Harry 80, 145 Krebs, Mrs. Mari Jo 31 Kruse, Ms. Mary Jane 145 Kunce, Robert 80, 125 Kuruda, Tony 110 £ Laharaman, Tina 131 Lambert, Lucy 82, 131 Lambert, John 56,66, 110, 113 Lambert, Theresa 58, 99, 131 Lane, Sue 55 Lash, Joel 63. 100. 131 Lawrence, Missy 140 Leckner, Holly 44. 45, 54, 60. 62. 90. 125 Leckner, Jill 44, 55, 60, 140 Lehman, Stacy 93. 110 Lepley. Kelli 54. 68. 110 Lesiak, Kris 34. 46, 58. 59, 67. 90. 110, 119 Leslie, Kim 111 Leslie, Kris 125 Letke, Steve 140 Light, Kriste 11,84,92, 140 Light. Steven 97, 131 Light, Jennifer 140 Long, Rick 38, 64, 126 Lowe, Mrs. Ramona 145 Loynes, Dawn 100, 140 Loynes, Les 100, 131 Lussenhop, Kim 140 Lugan, Jacque 125 Lundgren. Tana 3, H. 18. 36. 37. 52, 58. 83, 100, 131 Lundgren, Tara 44, 54, 58. 59, 66, 100, 110. Ill M Mahnesmith, Kent 20, 46. 47, 50, 56 Mahnesmith, Mr. Ed 56 Mahnesmith, Mandy 36. 53. 58. 83. 140 Mailand, Jodi 110 Mallott. Dave 131 Manahan, Patrick 3, 46. 56, 100. 140 Marple. Dan 40, 140 Marple, Doris 111 Marple, Lynn 125 Martin. Jeff 63, 100. 131 Mattox, Joe 38, 52. 74, 131 Maugherman, Ron 140 Mover, Thorton, Jr. 138, 140 Maxton, Anne 125 McCain. Ms. Kris 58 McCormick. Angie 100 McCormick, Patrick 18, 100, 132 McDermid, Mr. Jerry 64, 65 McHenry, Randy 56. 82, 93, 97. 132 McKeever, Mrs. Olive 73. 145 McKinley, Mrs. Judy 146 McKinley, Mark 132 McKinney, Mr. Dave 20 McLauchlin. James 42. 132 McLauchlin, Jana 132 McLauchlin, Jill 11 McLauchlin, John 38, 52. 132 McNeal, Andy 83, 97 McWhinney, Missy 27, 44 90. 92. 93, 102, 125 Meek, Angela in Menhert, Johannes 83 100. 125 Messman, Rick 132 Meyerrose, Mrs. Sharon 146 Meyers, Ted 52, 132, 135 Miller, Brad 48, 140 Miller. Brian 46. 53, 140 Millhouse. Cathy 97, 98, 132 Mills, Mona 77. 125 Mitchell, Brenda 58, 140 Mitchell, Bryan 125 Mitchell, Greg 92, 125 Mitchell, Lorilee 132 Mitchell. Mike 132 Mitchell, Rebecca 122, 125 Mitman, Janice 100, 108, 111 Mitman, Michelle 140 Moody, Mr. Orville 171 Moor. Rachelle 100, 132 Moore. Mrs. Bonnie 14 Moore, Karen 132 Moore. Stacey 140 Morales, Danny 111 Morales, Tammy 132 Morgan. Rick 111 Morse, David 132 Moyer, Mindy 44 Murphy. Al 19. 100, 103. Ill Murphy, Amy 18. 83, 100. 140 Murphy, Rodney 64, 69, 111 Muse, Kim Muse. Misse 86, 125 Musser. Lisa Musser, Patricia 125 Myers, Ms. Marilyn 72, 146 Neff, Mrs. Reta 146 Neff. Ruth Ellen 12.23.27. 83. 90. 97. 125 Neilson, Mr. Cliff ',4° Neilson, Mrs. Janice '|4 Nelson. Rick 14£ Nelson. Shane 125 Nesbitt. Mr. Carroll 78 Nier, David Nier, Mike 48, ‘l4'’ Nofziger, Mr. Sam 53, 93. 146, 1f8 Noll. Bart 38. 56. 98, 133 Noll. Jeff 111 O'Bran, Dawn 100, 141 Oberlin, Amy 131 Ogle, Terri 3, 125 Olinske. Alan 112 Olinske. Mrs. Sharon 147 Olson, Tim 42. 125 Ordway, James 133 Orewiler, April 133 Osmon. Michelle 125 Owens. Mrs. Rose 96, 146 P Parker. Alan 141 Parker, Don 46. 112 Parker, Jenny 109, 112 Parker, Jim 133 Parker, Mr. Jon 147 Parker. Mike 112 Parks, Lisa 36, 90, 125 Parks, Shelly 11. 55, 60, 71. 133 Parnin. Ann 133 Parnin, Elane 112 Patterson, Lori 5, 44, 97. 133 Patterson, Mrs, Marge 14 Penix, Doug 100. 133 Pentico. Nina 141 Pentico. Steve 125 Perry, Mrs. Phyllis 149 Petersen, John 73, 112 Petre, Kevin 125 Platt, Jim 10. 38. 39, 50. 51. 66, 112 Pollard. Shawna 133 Poor, Mr. Scott 46, 50, 52 Popp, Vickie 60. 68, 86, 112 Poss, Pat 125 Postoloff. Chris 100. 141 Powell. Joy 98. 126 Presley. Brett 11.56.69, 90. 93, 94, 99. 112. 114, 118, 189. 190 Presley, Mr. Glenn 56 Price, Randall 82, 83, 100. 126 Privett, Jennifer 112 Pufahl, Becky 20. 83. 112 Index 1933 Quinn, David 133 Quinn, Teresa 112 K Ramey, Carla 92, 141 Rashley, Scott 46, 98, 133 Raske, Nick 141 Rathbun, Mindie 113 Reade, Mrs. Rosie 15, 149 Reed, Shannon 141 Reidenbach. Mrs. Linda 54, 55, 146 Reynolds, Chris 133 Reynolds, Shawn 19, 100, 113 Rheinheimer, Tom 46, 56, 126 Richmond, Darran 98, 133 Richmond, Monty 98, 140 Richter, Brad 133 Ridenour, Jackie 126 Ridenour, Valerie 133 Ritter, Michelle 60, 99, 126 Robbins, Jack 133 Robbins, Joe 40. 56. 141 Robbins, Mike 113 Roberts, Bret 141 Robinson, Mr. Doyle 146, 148 Robinson, Mr. Neil Rodman, Mr. Jerry 75, 146 Roe, Mr. Don 31 Rogers, Mike 53, 62, 136, AAA Rohm, Mark 42, 133 Romero, Dan 126 Romero, Dave 22, 133 Romine, Matt 40, 53, 65. 141 Rose, Bonita 11. 83. 93, 113 Ross, Julie 141 Rowe, Brad 113 Rowe. Chris 141 Rowe, Sherrie 83. 100, 141 Ruckel, Ross 40. 53. 65, 141 Rumsey, Tim 126 Rumsey, Wendy 55. 58, 59. 92. 141 Rupp, Dave 64, 69, 113 Ruppert, Roy 113 Ruselink, Dave 5, 80, 90, 100, 126 Ruselink, Eric 56, 97, 100, 141 Ryan, John 133 5 Sanborn, Mrs. Joan 54, 55, 122, 147 Sanders, DeeDee 44, 55, 58, 141 Sanders, Mrs. Karen 90, 147. 188. 190 Sanderson, Stephanie 92, 100, 141 Sattison, Missy 114 Saunders, Brad 42, 62, 141 Saunders, Brian 7, 27, 62, 68. 90. 100. 114, 118 Saylor, Jeff 133 Saylor, Shane 38. 126 Saylor, Mr. Tom 38, 147 Schaab, Barbara 97, 133 Schaab, Stacy 92, 96 Schafer, Kathy 58, 126 Schafer, Lesley 7. 44, 54, 59, 114 Schaftner, John 133 Schannen, Katie 55, 142 Schannen. Stephanie 114 Scheffer, Carol 142 Schenk el, Darren 133 Schenkel, Dorothy 142 Schmidt, Roy 114 Schock, Mrs. Carol 14 Schock, George 48, 67, 75. 90, 100, 114 Schock. Lori 44, 55. 60, 61, 92, 93. 100, 132, 133 Schock, Mr. Paul 14 Scott, Shanna 133 Seberynes. Mrs. Judi 14 Selman, Susan 55, 58. 142 Sharp, Nancy 90, 92, 93, 126 Shearman, Karen 91, 126 Sheets, Charles 133 Sheets, Stephanie 83, 114 Sheffield, Jeff 38. 50, 64, 93. 122, 126 Shelton, Jenny 142 Shepherd, Gina 126 Shepherd, Mike 142 Shepherd, Raymond 38, 48. 56. 67. 104, 114 Sherburne. Stacey 44, 45. 142 Sherman, Judy 87, 114 Shipe, Gloria 54, 67, 70, 114 Shirley, Steve Shock, Gary 26 Short, Stacy 133 Shoup, Jaime 60. 92, 100, 133 Shoup, Traci 140, 142 Shriner. Rachel 55, 58, 142 Shriner, Scott 114 Shultz, Morgan 142 Siebold, Ms. Nancy 88. 147 Sierer, Debbie 7, 27, 29, 75, 82, 88. 90. 94, 115. 119, 186. 190, 196 Sierer, Dennis 18, 94, 133, 190 Simon, Amy 126 Simons, Mr. Jim 42, 60 Sipe, Troy 65, 126 Sirk, Mr. Joe 15 Sitar, Faith 126 Sitar, Phillip 142 Skaggs, Aime 142 Skaggs, Michael 40, 142 Skinner, Dr. Oren 14, 27 Skinner, Mrs. Joyce 147 Slauson, Erika 20, 94, 115. 88. 189. 190 Slauson, Nancy 133 Sloan, Sherri 115 Smith, Ann 142 Smith. Candy 133 Smith. Gene 38. 133 Smith, Neysa 133 Smith, Mr. Paul 31 Snaidecki, Mr. Clem 147 Spell, Jennifer 142 Snyder, Mr. Dave 147 Snyder, Mrs. Dora 146 Snyder, Eric 5, 9, 22, 90, 92. 97, 126 Snyder, Mr. Howard 146 Snyder, Mrs. Lois 146 Snyder, Mark 9, 97, 133 Snyder, Scott 133 Soderberg, Chris 71, 134 Somerlott, Mr. Ned 146 Sonner, David 142 Squier. Tim 100, 142 Stackhouse, Rachael 83, 100. 101, 126 Stanky, Doug 126 Steele, Brian 38, 48, 56, 115 Steele. Wanda 134 Stetler, Danny 142 Stetler, Patricia 100, 115 Stetler, Shawn 126 Steury, Aaron 52, 53, 142 Steury, Jonas 50, 69, 115 Stevens, Mr. Rex 147 Stevens, Shelley 126 Stevenson, Dale 56, 134 Stevenson, Dennis 100 Stewart, Bobbie 126 Stocker, Michael 134 Stocker, Susan 142 Stokes, Mr. Samuel 82, 100, 148 Stoy, Court 115 Stoy, Ken 115 Stoy, Kevin 3, 80, 126 Strong, Eric 142 Sullivan, Mrs. Audrey 14, 149 Sumney, Ross 142 Sutton, Alice 134 Sutton, Cathy 81, 142 Sutton, Malisia 97. 98, 134 Sutton, Ms. Mavis 31 Sutton, Terri 100 Swafford, Tracey 13, 83, 126 Swager, Troy 38, 68, 75, 90, 115 Swank, Mrs. Margaret 148 Swary, James 79, 134 Swenson. Eric 38, 69, 116 Swiniuch, Ken 116, 117 Swift, Mr. Jim 146 Szeman, Lori 81, 134 Thacker, Tina 116 Thalls. Mr. Abe 148 Tharpe, Tyler 134 Thimlar, Gene 126 Thomas, Jason 134 Thomas, Mrs. Kay 148 Thomas, Lane 142 Thomas, Layk 5, 42, 69. 90, 93. 99, 112, 116 Thomas, Leif 5, 99, 116, 117 Thomas, Rachael 142 Thompson, Beth 97, 134 Thompson, Tyler 116 Thrailkill, Jay 134 Tolle, John 29. 75,90, 116. 118 Tritch, Tammy 82, 135 Tuttle, Brian 32, 73, 98, 100, 142 Tuttle. Tyler 38. 98, 126 U Uetrecht, Robert 46, 48, 56. 142 Ulch, Sue 116 Underwood, Kristi 143 19 1 lndexCOLOPHON Underwood, Vickie 116 Unger, Dawn 8, 9, 60, 127 Unger, Jill 83, 127 Usher, Kim 89, 97, 143 V VanAuken, Linda 44, 60, 83. 93. 98, 100. 137, 143 VanAuken, Tim 116 VanWagner, Laurie 44, 54. 60, 90, 102, 127 Voges, Mark 143 Votaw, Michael 100, 135 W Wagner, Chris 38, 90. 121, 127 Waite. Barbie 135 Waite. Teresa 35, 46, 54, 90. 127 Walcutt, Barry 127 Walcutt, Mrs. Helene 148 Walcutt, Holly 100, 135 Waldrip, Lloyd 98, 127 Walker, Laura 116 Wall, Dena 127 Wall, Steve 43, 48, 49, 67, 115, 116 Wall, Toni 127 Walston. Shannon 143 Walston, Tim 127 Waltz, Sanford 100, 143 Warner, Brett 40, 143 Warstler, Scott 56, 143 Washburne. Jeff 40, 65, 142, 143 Waters, Tanya 55, 100, 143 Watson, Anna 135 Weicht, Beth 83. 100. 101, 127 Weiss, Mark 42, 135 Weller, Mr. Paul 148 Wellons, Andrew 135 Wenzel. Mr. Mike 62 Whitaker, Paul 143 Whitcomb. Sean 135 Wilber, Michele 143 Wilcox, Aimee 94, 100, 127. 189, 190 Willms, Dawn 143 Willms, Jeff 86. 127 Willms, Martin 135 Wilsey, Amy 83, 117 Wilson, Charlie 46, 56, 143 Wilson, Polly 44, 90. 122. 127 Winebrenner, Scott 117 Winebrenner, Shelia 117 Winebrenner, Tina 143 Wise, Don 42. 62. 99, 100, 143 Wittaker, Vallace 40 Wolf. Dawn 143 Wood, Sam 135 Woodruff. Rusty 10. 38, 39, 127 Workman, Kim 117 Workman, Tim 143 Worthington, Tony 127 Wren, Chris 38, 127 Wren, Troy 135 Wright. Julie 3. 20. 60, 89. 99. 100. 127 Wright, Mr. Tony 20, 42, 60, 75, 99. 148 Wyatt, Mr. Don 146 Wyatt. Gina 83. 91. 143 Wyatt, Judi 117 Wyatt, Kim 143 y Young, Mindy 135 Younger, Michael 48, 135 Z Zeiger, Missy 127 Zimmerman. Maria 44, 60. 100. 130. 135 Zintsmaster. Dan 78, 84, 135 PAGE CREDITS Melody Borlett: 60, 61, 152, 157, 178. 180 Alan Burrell: 170, 171, 176. 177 Renee Call: 62. 63. 120. 121. 122. 123. 124. 125. 126. 127. 128. 129. 130. 131. 132. 133. 134. 135. 136. 137. 138. 139, 140. 141. 142. 143. 179 Anita Erb: 72. 73. 78, 79. 80. 81. 84, 85. 158. 159 Dale Gajewski: 2. 3, 4. 5. 38. 39, 56, 57, 58. 84, 94. 95. 104. 105. 106. 107. 108. 109. 110. 111. 112. 113. 114. 115. 116. 117. 160. 161. 166. 186, 187. 188. 189. 191. 192. 193, 194, 195 Dan Gauthier 155. 169 Brett Presley 36. 37. 42, 43. 46. 47. 90. 92. 93. 100. 101, 162, 163. 172. 173 Miss Karen Sanders: 28. 29, 54. 55, 156. 167, 191. 192. 193. 194 Debbie Sierer Cover: 1. 6, 7, 28. 29. 34. 35. 40. 41. 44. 45. 48. 49. 50. 51, 52. 53. 54. 55. 58. 59. 60. 61. 62, 63. 70. 71. 74, 75. 76. 77. 82. 83. 86. 87, 88. 89. 91. 102. 103, 104. 105. 106. 107. 108. 109. 110. 111, 112, 113. 114. 115. 116. 117. 120. 121. 122, 123. 124, 125, 126. 127. 136, 137. 18, 139, 140. 141. 142. 143. 150. 151. 153. 164, 165. 181. 190. 192. 193. 194. 195. 196 Dennis Sierer: 66. 67. 68. 69. 174. 175. 182. 183. 184. 185. 195 Erika Slauson 8. 9. 10. 11. 12, 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 30, 31 32 33 Aimee Wilcox: 22. 23. 52. 53. 64, 65. 96. 97. 98. 99. 118. 119. 144, 145. 146. 147. 148. 149. 154. 168 PHOTO CREDITS Colleen Anspaugh 10. 11. 38, 39. 196 Melody Borlett: 27. 44. 51. 60. 61. 74, 75. 76. 77, 85. 106. 139. 140. 175. 182 Tammy Bramholl: 164. 165. 171 Renee Call 35. 48. 49. 84. 90, 105. 150. 152. 161. 169. 170. 174. 175. 179 Amy Eddy: 37. 71. 72. 73. 77. 78. 86. 87, 96. 98, 102. 120. 145. 148. 150 Anita Erb: 72 Shawn Fritz 22. 23. 24. 37. 51. 58. 59. 82. 91, 92. 93. 137. 153. 160. 161, 170. 174. 181, 182. 188, 189 Mr Norman Gajewski 34. 43 Don Gauthier 63. 90. 93. 103. 124. 151. 153. 164, 176 Mr Dennis Gentry 49 Chris Graft: 91 Mr Jim Hiler 171 Neil Holcomb 185 Brett Presley: 37, 53, 70, 71, 80. 84. 93. 102 Mrs Karen Sanders' 73. 79, 82, 83. 89. 90. 91. 96. 122. 127. 136. 138. 142. 153. 188. 189 Lesley Schafer: 55 Debbie Sierer: 54. 56. 57, 61 Dennis Sierer 54, 55 Mr. Paul Weller 98 Aimee Wilcox 18, 19, 20, 21. 35. 45. 51. 72. 73. 74. 75. 76. 77, 80. 83. 84. 88. 89. 92. 103. 144. 146, 147, 148. 161 Mr. Bill Wilcox. 24.25 ART CREDITS Debbie Sierer: Cover and division pages SPECS Cover Custom Screen Material Smoke 491 Colors: Purple 354 Yellow Gold 371 Copies Printed: 580 Trim Size: 8Vi" by 11" Paper Stock: Gloss 191 Endsheets: Light Purple 312 Headlines Times Roman Bold Italic, Optimo Bald, Century Schoolbook Bold Italic, Helvetica. Avant Garde. Angeles Bold Body Copy: 10 pt. Avant Garde Caption Copy 8 pt. Avant Garde Underclassmen and Senior Portraits: National School Studios Publisher Jostens American Yearbook Co. 1312 Dickson Highway Clarksville. TN 37040 Representative: Mark Childs Advisor: Karen Sanders Special Thanks: Wilcox Photographic Services Herald-Republican S J Photo Mr and Mrs Sierer — my folks Colophon 195The 1984-85 school year and Key a re now completed. My final year at AHS is over and done. As I look back over my four years of high school, I see a lot of individualness instead of a group oneness and not much pride for our school and student body. Through the theme, “Color Us Purple and Gold", I have tried to recapture that lost pride and put it back into our school and student body as a whole. AHS had much to be proud of this year. Our boys were basketball sectional champs, and the wrestling team had members going to Regional. The girls' volleyball team won the runner-up title in the Eastside Sectionals. Marching its way into Regionals, the AHS Marching Band made the whole Angola community proud — not just AHS. The Math Department sent twelve math students to the Tri-State University math contest and came home the top three teams out of twelve. AHS also had the top individual scorers in both the senior and junior divisions. AHS is truly a school to be proud of! Editorsmisd s. L £ » » •

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