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 THE KEY Angola High School 317 South Wayne Street Angola, Indiana 46703 (219) 665-2186 Enrollment — 675 Class Of 1984 135 Class Of 1985 173 Class Of 1986 164 Class Of 1987 203Table Of Contents Student Life 8 Academics 42 People 60 Sports 112 Organizations 150 Advertising 168 CONTENTS 2e ne One of the most precious metals known to man is gold. Thus, we associate the best, most precious times of our lives with this metal. These are the golden moments , an experience similar to no other, engraved in our minds forever.LETTING THE GOLD v|v 'Vt' '71V SIX' v|v U, - k- 7 TV ‘'TvV v|v Sporting a fashionable hat. Beth Clark flashes a winning senior smile. Variety S3 brought out the stars like Tracy Beatty, who performed a graceful ballet number. For his hard work and dedication. Phil Foley receives a birthday kiss from yearbook co-editors Tracey Grimes and Diane Dowell. 4 OPENINGWhile in Mrs. Neff's foods class. Kelly Alaura adds the finishing touches to her cresent rolls Through the course of one year, many events take place, both good and bad. There are struggles and triumphs along the way. Though sometimes it may seem like there is no light at the end of the tunnel — keep looking, it's there. Debbie Taylor demonstrates how to put a sling on injured person” LeeAnn Austin. Kevin Stoy examines a specimen during a biology lab SHINE THROUGH OPENING 5 )|Cl — 9 ® - M 4- y-i ny s t STUDENT LIFE 9Do you remember your summer? The long days lying on ihe beach with friends, cool nights spent at popular summer hangouts such as Fun Spot and Putt-Putt, and eating at McDonalds and Dairy Queen. Unfortunately not everyone can take every day of their vacation. Workshops, camps, and part time jobs keep many high school students busy during the summer months. Ball State University sponsors journalism workshops for newspaper and yearbook students. The Hugh O’Brian Youth Foundation for outstanding high school sophomore leaders holds their state wide conference during the summer, selected band students attend Smith-Walbridge music camp, and Student Council members may go to Student Leadership Institutes. Various community groups become much more prevalent during the summer momths. Revelation increases their performance schedule. Angola Community Theatre presents plays and a musical, and many churches hold youth oriented camps and activities over the months of June. July, and August. Athletes keep in shape by frequenting sports camps. Football and basketball players have a wide array of camps to select from. Cross county runners can attend Anderson College Running Camp while the cheerleaders go to National Cheerleading Association sponsored camps in Bloomington and Kentucky. Camps and workshops can be expensive. though. So many of the students use the summer as an opportunity to earn extra spending money. Whether your job consists of babysitting a few hours each day or getting up at five in the morning to work at the golf course, summer jobs can be an excellent way to earn spending money. As opposed to lounging on the beaches of Steuben County. Alan Fox spent his summer studying first year Russian at Harvard University. Spending ihe day at the beach. Martha Hipskind displays the latest dance steps. Basking in the sun at Pokagon State Park. Tara Lundgren and Gloria Shipe strike alluring poses. 10 SUMMERWhile Rail State University's yearbook workshop. Tracey Grimes. Diane Dowell, and Veronica Hawks imitate Homer s Live Hot Air Band Serving as missionaries for the Fairview Missionary Church. Amy Wilsey. Jenni Sharp. Dave Rupp, and Mark Church from Fremont take a break at Walt Disney World in Florida. SUMMER I IIt was a typical October evening. The cool, stark wind ruffled the leaves on the trees as the moon burned dimly overhead. The flood lights shone brightly on the field below as the cheerleaders stood on the sidelines encouraging the masses to yell even louder for their favorite team. As the players jogged onto the field, the crowd went wild. The roar was deafening, the screams pierced the previous calm. I hen it was time, the game was about to begin. The freshmen hurried to their positions, ready to play the sophomore team. In no time at all the first half was over. It was time for the most important part of Unhomecoming, the crowning of the queen. As the four lovely contestants hobbled onto the field accompanied by their handsome escorts, screams and catcalls could be heard from the crowd. Out of the loudspeaker came the name Alan Burrell. Hysterical with joy. Alan and his date Stephanie Sheets were momentarily dumbstruck by the announcement. This was it. the moment he had dreamed about all of his life. He was the new Unhomecoming queen! While the cameras flashed and the reporters swarmed around Alan, the game was resumed. This time it was the juniors battling the seniors. Although the team of sophomores and juniors fought long and hard, there was just no defeating the freshmen and seniors. Junior Lesley Schafer had the following to say about the game. ”1 thought it was really exciting. It gives the players a chance to show that there is more to us [the girls) than cooking and cleaning.” As the crowd separated and headed for home and the lights on the field were extinguished, strains of Wait until next year” echoed through the night. Enjoying his role as cheerleader, foreign exchange student Stanley Kabanas grins seductively to the crowd. 12 UNHOMECOMING (Jfie c7eti Wearing his fatigues'' for Army day. Jody Hochderffer salutes the camera. Vainly attempting to build a pyramid, male cheerleaders Curtis Fraley. Corbett Etheridge. Mike Kiper. Robert Raade. Brett Presley. Jack Fraley. Shane Fraley. Keith Andrews, and Stan Kabanas struggle to keep the fans enthusiasm high. The freshmen and the juniors prepare themselves for the first play of the evening. UNHOMtCOMING 13The week before homecoming started slowly but finished with a lot of spirit. Monday and Tuesday were routine days of the week, but Wednesday rolled in as a well-accepted Army Day. Many students and several teachers were wearing their fatigues making the school look like a full battalion. Thursday had slightly less response as Twin Day. but a few students continued to show their spirit. Friday students and teachers alike celebrated Angola High School’s annual Purple and Gold Day. The pep club did an excellent job of putting posters around the school. Most of the pep club members stayed after school to make signs and put them on the walls. Nearly every wall had signs posted on it in an effort to raise spirit. 14 HOMECOMING Millhouse. Doug MattoT °' M,k to oulpower th, ,OUgh Eoglo o'” ' ”Miss Robson. Veronica Hawks, listens carefully as Mrs. Grant. Tammy Rramhall. tells of the many happy times she shared with Melinda. Designed and built by senior Dave Shearer, the set for ' Teach Me How To Cry” was entered in state competition. Finally allowing herself to be loved. Melinda. Stephanie Sheets, accepts a kiss from Will. Todd Grimes. During the intermission LeeAnn Dunham. Randy McHenry. Dave Appleman. Todd Grimes, and Melody Barlett enjoy a drink and some conversation. 16 FALL PLAYdleatnina.. And you look in the eyes of the stranger and search for despair But instead it’s the face of a friend and you see courage there. On the evenings of November 4 and 5. the Thespians presented the play Teach Me How To Cry. Recommended by Dick Casey who is now an instructor at the American Academy of Dramatic Arts. Teach Me How To Cry” tells the story of a troubled young girl who is guided away from a life of loneliness by the love of a boy. Stephanie Sheets recreated the role of Melinda, the illegitimate daughter of Mrs. Grant Por- trayed by Tammy Rramhall. Encouraged by her English teacher. Veronica Hawks, to try out for the school production of Romeo and Juliet”. Melinda Grant meets, and slowly grows to love. Will Henderson. Todd Grimes. Complications are caused by the appearance of pretty and popular Polly Fisher. Tracey Grimes, her boyfriend Bruce Mitchell. Shane Saylor, and Will’s parents Mark King and Diane Erb. Out of their unhappiness, the two teen-agers find the strength and courage to endure any hardships their future may hold. Unable to face Wills honesty. Melinda turns away. Mr. and Mrs Henderson. Mark King and Diane Erb. share a tender moment during supper. PALL PI AY 17(Tke. Quest £0 tfhe old All of our lives are devoted to searching for that pot of gold the end of the rainbow. Although it is a gift that always alludes our touch, we can find our own personal pot of gold in our lives. So take a deep breath, open your eyes wide and take a look around you and begin your Quest for the Gold. Searching for the best possible layout design. Hornet staffers Shannon Usher and Christy Crawford prepare the upcoming issue of The Hornet. Trying to find her senior math assignment. Tracey Johnson sorts through the rubble in her locker.Hoping for a Hornet victory. Wayne Mortorff cheers the referees call. Illuminated by the light from the layout board. Sherri Sloan and Tracy Beechy scan the newspaper.(ftbt e.mbLie.i ANGOLA HORNE 20cR.emem.6et Wken.... Listening for the beat of their next number. Eric Simons and Amy Waite prepare to march. Depressed at the thought of one week of uncomfortable beds and unedible food. Rachael Stackhouse desperately tries to hold back the tears. Remember When . . the block band marched into the lake? Making sure they have all of their belongings. Linda Hauck and Angie Stackhouse wait for the bus. Remember When . . . Amy Waite was a freshman on her first day of band camp her beanie fell off and she had to march in front of the whole band? 22 BAND CAMPCelebrating their last year at band camp, seniors Angie Stackhouse. Amy Waite. Martha Hipskind. Eric Simons. Jackie Knotek. Linda Hauck. and Jill McLaughlin pose by the entrance. Remember When Tom Hildebrand! won the banana eating contest? . Neil Holcomb. Joel Lash. Mark Behee. George Schock. and David Ruselink were, for one memorable evening. ''Julius and the Caesars ? . . . The freshmen lost their underwear? The entire band had to march for over an hour because someone put shaving cream in a tube of toothpaste? . Katrina Cripe was Miss October? On the seniors last night they snuck out and painted their Senior Sheet ? With Peanut Butter Captain Crunch in hand. Michelle Ritter and Kandi Hanna chat with Julie Wright. Jackie Knotek. and Darrell Simons. Preparing for the infamous banana eating contest . Martha Hipskind. Linda Hauck. and Jill McLaughlin cheer on Mr. Stokes and Steve Freemen. (The tflatching Went (Jo 'C.amp ? BAND CAMP 23 C.katlie. Jitown. The term The show must go on” is a common one in the world of theatre. For the 1983-84 Thespian officers this phrase meant more than ever imagined. After deciding at a summer meeting to present the musical ’’You’re A Good Man. Charlie Brown” as a winter dinner theatre, the officers concluded that the show must go on despite the loss of two cast members and the director. Saddled not only with the burden of organizing a play and a dinner, but also trying to repair some of the damage done in previous years, the six officers rapidly discovered the true meaning of the word ’’responsibility.” In lieu of the many drawbacks, community and school related support was tremendous and although rehearsals were often tedious and time consuming someone always had a smile or a joke to help ease the tension. When the performance date of December 17 finally arrived, the cast was greeted by an exceptional turn-out and a standing ovation. At many moments the obstacles were overwhelming. Patience was tested time and time again. But the 1983-84 Thespian members proved that with a little hope, and a whole lot of work, anything is possible, even the seemingly impossible task of letting the gold shine through.” Appearing in two solo selections. Snoopy, played by Mark King, also appeared in the opening and closing numbers. After being told the truth about her personality. Lucy (Veronica Hawks) wonders if she really is a Super Crab.” While working on his book report. Schroeder (Dave Shearer) compares Peter Rabbit to Robin Hood. 24 CHARLIE BROWN(fit- omic 'C.ome.b Jo if-rfe. Portraying the role of Patty. Thespian vice-president. Tracey Grimes determines whether or not they had spaghetti at her house this week, or last week The cast of Charlie Brown gathers for a picture before their performance. Portraying his first major role on the A.H.S. stage. Alan Fox. as Charlie Brown, sings of losing another baseball game. At a late night rehearsal Todd Grimes hits the bongos after cracking a particularly bad joke. CHARLIE BROWN 25Enjoying his last Christmas Prom, chairman Eric Simons dances with Michelle Ritter. Heading for their seats after having their picture taken are Dan Gonya and Melissa Mitchell. 26 WINTER PROM£. iti6tmai in the rfaxk After two delays and talk of cancellation, the 1983 Winter Prom was brought to life on Thursday. December H. Poor Cookie dough sales and finding time to decorate the gym provided Y-teens and Mr. Wright with numerous headaches. A contest was held to decide the prom theme with the winner receiving a free pair of tickets. Eric Simons’ entry Christmas in the Park was chosen as the winning theme. Despite the bad weather and delays, around 50 couples found themselves sharing their Christmas in the Park. The local band Choice provided music for the evening. Dancing began slowly but by the end of the night the atmosphere had relaxed. The prom was considered a worthwhile endeavor, despite the many obstacles Y-teens had to overcome. Decorated to resemble a park in the winter, the gym awaits its first visitors. Waiting to get his picture taken. Jon Sprague smiles in anticipation of the hours ahead. WINTER PROM 27A photo goof m.uU mom hors from tho Campus Life hand Arc” appear to ho playing during a Hornot football game. Getting into the prom spirit. Mr Wright displays an elfish grin while posing for a pro prom picture. A slash of straws found a home in the bottom of Keith Cook and Alan Jennings's locker.The latest fashion at NHS meetings, modeled Nothing escapes the camera's watchful eye as by Alan Fox; tennis shoes with a suit. Jack Fraley is caught during a solitary moment. In celebration of his nineteenth birthday. Jon Sprague gives his favorite girl a kiss flaecft jjon Shwldn’t fi£ . ..YAM » :v PLACES YOU SHOULDN'T RF 29 eniot5 cf-Limpbe Q i (J'h.e. ( When we were all in the first grade, or about to start it, we were anxious to begin school. We had dreams of making new friends and eating bologna sandwiches out of lunch boxes. But as we grew older school became a drag. By the end of the senior year everyone was ready to leave, go on to bigger and better things. Senior year is a fun filled year, the final culmination of twelve years of hard work. But as the long awaited day of graduation nears, minds fill with memories of years gone by. So sit back, relax, and remember. In honor of the class of 1984. we present your past. Exhausted from the excitement of Christmas, ten year old Roger Hawks does his best Scrooge imitation. Working in the middle school bookstore during lunch was just one of Lana Zimmers many school related activities. 30 SENIORSElected the 1983-84 Homecoming Queen. Jill McLaughlin displays the poise and beauty that earned her the crown. Ballerinas Diane Dowell and Amy Waite prepare for their stage debut. Waiting to march in their first parade. Todd Alexander. Scott Culbertson, and Chad Dunnavan tune their instruments. SENIORS LOOK BACK 31U e5entina... As their final production of the 1983-84 school year, the A.H.S. Thespians presented the musical “The Boyfriend”. A play presented in three acts. “The Boyfriend tells the story of a rich young girl named Polly who falls in love with the delivery boy Tony (Alan Fox). Unbeknown to Polly (Tracey Grimes) is the fact that Tony is really the son of a very wealthy family. Mark King and Ingrid Cook provided the comic relief as Bobby and Maisie. Bobby, a young man fallen for the charms of Maisie. a young girl in love with herself. Other roles were portrayed by Eric Snyder. Katrina Cripe. Ruth Ellen Neff, and Mike Bailey. A fun-filled show packed with singing and dancing “The Boyfriend” was a show to be remembered. As smiles of relief cross their faces, chorus members Aimee Wilcox and Shane Saylor stand waiting for the curtain to fall. While Maisie (Ingrid Cook) sings about the upcoming ball. Tony (Mark king) patriently waits for her to tell him that she will save him a dance. 34 (Jke cBoufciend Giving an excellent performance as an old man. Eric Snyder makes his appearance in his second musical. Looking simply dashing in his bathing suit, chorus member Todd Grimes stands by his date Diane Erb for the At the Beach scene. Polly (Tracey Grimes) and Tony (Alan Fox) prepare for their tap dance. 35• • April 28. 1984 was a night that will be remembered by many. Presented to the class of '84 by the juniors. Just Between You and Me was the theme of the 1984 Jr. Sr. prom. Held in the gymnasium, the dance floor was decorated with balloons and a paper castle set in the center of the floor. Although more than fifty couples attended the prom, after prom attendance was much lower, despite the fact that the Skatin' Station in Auburn had been rented especially for the occasion. Wilh high hopes for the evening ahead. John Herbert and Barb Griffith enter their final AHS prom. Eric Simons and his moll. Michelle Ritter, pose for the camera. Congregated around the punch bowl. Phil Foley. Jeff Light, and Rick Hantz share a joke. Sharing a slow dance toegher. Craig Jenkins and Julie Klink dream of the hours ahead.PROM 3738 STUDENT LIFE39 JttuVe 40 GRADUATION2 ACADEMICSACADEMICS 43Aweing Her class Miss Counterman gives another one of her fabulous lectures. 44 r' - M Taking base by base Sally Barron finds her self running into home to score for her team Rushing to get her report in on time. Anne Maxton requires a helping hand from Cindy Appleman. 40 47 Ur 0 Standing around the goal. Kurt Krohn. Eric Hauck. t Jim Byrne watch attentively as their teammates play hockey. Trying to make the grade. Mickey Egly does his English homework. the The AHS School Board requires that in the four years here students take certain courses. Needed are three years of English, four if college bound, one year of P.E.. physical science, and U.S. History. One semester of health and government are also necessary courses for the classes of 84, 85. 6 '86 to be able to meet the requests of the board. During the long four years of English, students will learn many things: the art of acting out a play, conjugating verbs, working on sentence structures, preparing speeches, and lots and lots of dreaded spelling words. The typical American High school student will study on the average of 20-25 words per week and 682-853 words per year. Unfortunately the amount that he she learns differs greatly. Government is a one semester course and is taken during the senior year. It requires alot of hard work, recollection, monotonous reading and memorizing, and patience! This class cannot be taken lightly. Without it. one is unable to graduate. Never seeming to know when to stop talking. Brian Boyd is assisted by Ms. Linda Hege in the art of being quiet. As Mr. Nesbit speaks of U.S. 46history, his class listens attentively. 47SUfUnu are .. Cropping is a skill not easily mastered. It is usually belter handled when attempted by two people Breezing right through a band concert is Tara Lundgren on her wood instrument, the clarinet. What are the odds of an average, ordinary fly surviving in Mr Hammel's third hour analitic geometry class? Only Dale Gajewski and Dan Caruso know the answer to that 48Full Choir: (Front) Kris Leslie. Tracey Beatty. Wendy Hocker. Kathy Blodgett. Pam Coveil. Vickie Cleckner. (2) Tammy Bowman. Mi chelle Cole. Rachael Stackhouse. Heather Greenwood. Stephanie Sheets. Jan Stutlz. Denise Wyatt. Jan Coveil. Debbie Geer. Cindy Appleman. (3) Collisa Davis. Mindy Rathburn. Jill Unger. Tracy Swafford. Ron Phillips. John Herbert. Missy Sattison. Jennifer Privitt. Kim Leslie. Pam Klee. Ruth Ellen Neff. (4) Susan Gutstein. Sherri Hullinger. Lisa Burdett. Dawn Swenson. Steve Schmidt. Randy Price. Jerry Fifer. David Dover. Mark King. Mike Bailey. Martha Hipskin. Beth Weicht. Carrie Kos-lowski. Becky Pufhal. Electives are classes that students are not required to take. Angola High School has approximately I I 3 elective classes to offer. Included in these classes are all home econom ics courses, math courses, band and choir, and industrial arts. Many of the advanced classes such as advanced biology, advanced P.E. and advanced health are electives. Out of all the classes offered, electives are the most popular. Only three hours of electives are allowed over the freshman year. Sophomores and juniors have four hours alloted for electives, and seniors may take five hours of elective courses if they desire. With over 100 electives given a student can vary his classes taking one business course, one science course, and one math course. Students can also follow their career goals by choosing electives in their field of interest. A student interested in teaching art may want to take many art electives mixed with English courses. Having such a wide array of classes to choose from. 8th graders scheduling for their high school courses sometimes feel in-nundated with decisions and think they'll need six years of school just to take all the electives they like, but as they adjust to high school and get a clearer idea about what they want to do. the decision of picking classes becomes easier. Is art a laughing matter? It is when one doesn't watch the paper while drawing. The final masterpiece is a surprise to both anist and on lookers. 49... MaiUr» «f (heir iaUt Carefully calculating. Eric Simons attempts to answer his Physic questions. Using some spare time before a choir concert. Shawn Reynolds silently, care fully fingers through his trumpet solo. 50Totally intrigued with the prospect of getting an A . Mr. Thalls’ accounting class studiously check 6 recheck their facts and figures. A tantalizing glaze is carefully added by Joe Harris to his delicate, lightly-browned croissants.What da yen want U bt The career classes are designed to prepare students for the working world. They teach many different skills, the most important of which is responsibility”. There are four classes here at AHS that are considered career classes; Auto mechanics. Building trades. HOE. and ICE. They meet for three periods each day. Part of the time is spent in a classroom and the other part of the time is spent out of school, as if they were a part of the real working world. Building trades is a program designed to teach barn construction skills in about nine areas; carpentry; concrete: masonry-stone, brick, and block; heating and cooling; electrical work; plumbing; landscaping; pointing and finishing of construction; and learning about related business topics. There are approximately twelve people per session (two sessions per day, three class periods per session). Only juniors and seniors are allowed to participate in this class. The class builds a house each year on a contract basis. After the project is completed about $3000 is put in a cumulative fund for the following year’s class to use for new tools, equipment, and whatever else is needed to get the job done. Courageously attempting to undo what the gremlins had done the night before is the auto mechanics class. Building trades is the only class where cutting up in class is acceptable.Giving a helping hand is often needed in ICE. which can be seen by Dale Egly and a Red Cross helper as they tie the knot. Wrapping up a days work is Tracey Daler. another one of the many ICE students. A smile is all that is needed from Claudia Bryan to break the pressure. Career Classes — Building Trades Mr. Sniadecki HOE Mrs. Crimmins Auto Mechanics Mr. Jowsay ICE Mrs. BakerThe end of the day is coming and Mr. Snia-decki’s patience is going. Making sure that the tape measure is in the right place. Steve Wall attempts to take the house’s measurements. The agony of de-feet. Le Ann Austin practices what she has just learned, about the caring of foot injuries, on her friend Kamie Porter. 54Nursing is a serious business, as can be seen by the expression on Jenni Sharp's face. What's going on in there? Even Allan Jinning. the mechanical wizard, isn't sure. Taking time to do things right. Jeff Budd trims some drywall from around the window. IUr»€, lUthaniti'Car f nter,er? 55in Search ef... bathroom? , are a few of the phrases and words necessary to survive in a foreign country. The art classes learn many artistic skills. Making paper, mixing colors, creating sculptures, and painting fantasies are just some of the many things learned in this class. Because of the fear people have of being laughed at. learning to express oneself is a talent that usually needs to be coaxed out. Once brought out this talent can help in many aspects. It can help a person make friends, get a job. and maybe even help in grades. In general it can make a person more outgoing. Comparing notes on a trying chemistry lab. Angie Stackhouse. Jill McLauchlin. Damon DeMara. Paul Furniss. and Roy Schmidt consider the best possible solution to their problem. Preparing their chemistry compound Dennis Holiday and Troy Swagger discuss the proper amount of nitrogen to add. Proving that two heads are better than one. Chris Boone and Steve Ickes collaborate on their French homework. From science to foreign languages to the arts, the talents come shining through. Breaking the monotony of the day. the lab classes give students a chance to experiment, be free with ideas, and express themselves the best they can. Students learn to work together, exchange ideas, and be themselves. Science is a study of why things are what they are. Continually probing, students learn to dissect, compose new compounds, and learn about the make up of things to find the answer. Learning to read, write, and speak in another language can be beneficial. Two years is helpful to college bound students and is becoming a must for those wishing to attend a more exclusive school. Also throwing foreign terms and phrases into conversation can be very impressive. When found in a foreign country, it is always nice to know a few words in their language. Please. than-you. I only speak English, and Where is theAlmost appearing to be part of her artwork. Lisa Dunnavan pauses for a moment to contemplate her creation. Seeing no reason why work has to be uncomfortable. Jamie McCosh finds his own space to finish an art« Seliilien During his three years at AHS. Neil Holcomb has learned to dominate this great mass of metal, the tuba. Listening attentively to Mrs. Sanders. Reiko Rexilius gets advice before attempting to do a layout. 6 Learning to work with metals. Jeff Budd carefully contemplates his next move. Dave Appleman along with Joel Lash work together to finish their metal project. 58 LABSMr. Robinson's arl class learns the awesome arl of paper making. Look out Mead! Giving it their all. the spectacular brass sextet along with the wonderful woodwind duet, practice to be perfect. The year book's always on-the-go photographer. Tammy Rramhall. sits for a moment to look over some negatives LABS 5960 PEOPLESENIORS Kelly Alaura Todd Alexander Sherry Anderson Teresa Araque Betty Arnett lee Ann Austin Maria Baird lisa Baker Jim Beechler Susan Berger Kathleen Blodgett Kelly Blue Beth Brown John Broxon Claudia Bryan Jeff Rudd Brian Buehrer Roberta Carpenter Beth Clark Dia Clark Keith Cook Tom Cranston 62 SENIORS Class of W Spending their evening together at the Winter Prom are Jodi Sprague and Brian Staup.SPARKLING SENIORS... Seniors John Herbert and Tracey Daler show their support at a home basketball game. While perched on the rail in senior hall. Steve Parnin and Todd Gorrell stare in disbelief at the antics of a fellow senior.looking forward to the end During a Charlie Brown rehearsal. Veronica Hawks gives her best Lucy smile. Diane Dowell Chad Dunnavan Sheryl Durnell Dale Egly Michael Eidenier Sean Flora Phil Foley Alan Fox Jack Fraley Terry Friend Chris Garcia Bari George Todd Gorrell Barb Griffith Tracey Grimes Kevin Hanlz SENIORS 65After a period of hard studying. Stacy Stuckey finds time out of her busy schedule to take a short break. Teresa Henderson John Herbert Ronald Herbert Mike Hiler Martha Hipskind Wendy Hocker SUPERB SENIORS... Beth Homan Robert Huysbregts Sherrie Hullinger Mahfuz Huq Craig Jenkins Alan Jinnings Doreen Johnson Jesse Johnson Tracey Johnson Stan Kabanas 66 SENIORS The BEST is yet to come! Doing her yearbook spread. Tracey Grimes lakes a moment to scowl at the other staffers. As Martha Hipskind reads from her psychology book. Kathy Blodgett listens attentively.SHINING Sbold and bright While warming up before an early season crosscountry meet. Todd Alexander gives a sly grin. Scott Lehman Jeff Light Tammy Marten Doug Mattox Jill McLauchlin Rae Ann Meek Michael Millhouse Melissa Mitchell Terry Mocherman Wayne Mortorff Matt Nodine Dave Noss Scott Olinske Steve Parnin Jeff Peppier Ron Phillips SENIORS 69SENIORS... Applying first aid to an anonymous foot. Sean Flora does it professionally. Steve Schannen Jenni Sharp Dave Shearer Scott Shelton Chad Sherburne Linda Shock 70 SENIORSAssisting Tracey Grimes. Diane Dowel observes the problem. Looking up for a cue. Jackie Knotek plays impressively. good as 'gold' fs V ( Not Pictured Donnie Boyer John Kinsey Dan Dangler Ken Marlin Jenny Ehrlich Ed Mitchell Curtis Fraley Darren Randol Dan Fuller Lori Reid Wanda Garrison Chuck Ringler Dan Gonya Mike Schieber William Hartsuff Louis Smith Marly Holiday Rod Springer Brenda Hopson Roberta Steele Laurie Huntine Dennis Taylor John Van Amy Waite Todd Wells Chris Younger Lana Zimmer SENIORS 73Conducting a class meeting Alan Olinski and Barb Griffith patiently await an answer. After becoming an official member of the honor society. Martha shows a sigh of relief to Alan Fox. Displaying his talent. Stan Kabanas demonstrates his roller skating experience. Practicing artificial resuscitation on Kamie Porter. Tracy Daler gets the hang of it. 74 SENIORSFlashing a debonair smile. Craig Jenkins looks al the photographers. On their way to class Polly Wilson and Rich San Displaying his art talent. Rob Huusbregts works intently. Giacomo stop a moment. SENIORS 75ii ndi’i'c Itmiucn Cindy Abbott. 10 Pam Abbott. 10 Rich Aldrich. 9 Robin Alleshouse. I I Teri Alman. 9 Todd Ameling. I I Stacey Anderson. 9 Keith Andrews. 9 Cindy Appleman. I I David Appleman. 9 John Araque. 10 Mark Arney. 9 Susan Atha. 9 Carla Ayers. 10 Rick Baade. 10 Rob Baade. 9 Mike Bailey. I I Brian Baker. 9 Jeff Baker. 9 Joel Baker. 10 Larry Baldauf. 9 Cammie Baldwin. 10 Jim Baldwin. 9 Melody Barlett. 9 76 UNDERCLASSMENTina Barlett. I I Tom Barnes. 10 Dawn Barney. 10 Tom Barrel!. I I Jeana Barron. I I Sally Barron. 10 Angela Bartlow. 9 Paula Bassett. 9 Kay Baxter. 10 Theresa Baxter. 10 Kelly Beard. 10 David Beattie. I I Tracy Beaty. I I Angie Beck. I I Teresa Beechler. 10 Tracy Beechy. 10 Jeff Beehler. 10 Mark Behee. 9 Brian Belcher. 10 Jana Beltz. 10 Two of Santa's helpers smile for the camera at the S3 Christmas Prom. UNDERCLASSMEN 77class oK...85,86,8Z Kathy Bennett. I I John Berger. 9 Tina Berry. 10 Eric Biernat. 10 Mike Biernat. I I Scott Bitzer. I I Tammy Bitzer. 10 Kristy Bledsoe. I I Mike Blodgett. 10 Christie Book. 9 Chris Boone. 9 Jeremy Boszor. 9 Tammy Bowman. 10 Brian Boyd. 10 Jamie Boyer. 10 Doug Brainard. 9 Tammy Bramhall. I I Daniele Brandanger. 9 Lorin Brigle. 9 Jill Brown. 9 Lisa Brown. I I Michelle Brown. 10 Cindy Broxon. 10 Lisa Broxon. 9 Student council members Jeremy Grimes and Randy McHenry observe an assembly from the balcony of 78 UNDERCLASSKris Bryan. 9 Joan Burd. 9 Lisa Burdett. 10 Brian Burkett. 9 Chris Burney. 9 Alan Burrell. I I Chuck Burrell. 9 Gary Burrell. 9 Doug Burroughs. 9 Dan Bush. 10 Ryan Bussing. 9 Jim Butcher. 9 Lori Byerly. 10 Shelly Byerly. 9 Jim Byrne. 10 Frances Cagle. 9 Laura Cagle. 9 Renee Call. 9 Chuck Carmack. 9 Pat Carnahan. 9 Christy Crawford stares in bewilderment at the basketball game after being hypnotized by the hand of Shannon Usher. UNDERCLASS 79ClASS Of„, '85,’96, 87 Lonnie Carpenter. 10 Rodney Carpenter. 9 Tom Carpenter. I I Aimee Carr. 10 Kristin Carr. 9 Dan Caruso. I I Don Cary. I I Merry Caton. 9 Chris Champion. 9 Annette Chard. I I Tammy Chiddister. 10 Sheila Chrysler. 10 Theresa Cimbal. 9 Brian Clark. 10 Julie Clark. 9 Steven Clark. 9 Vickie Cleckner. I I John Clifton. I I Michelle Cole. 10 Christy Coler. I I Kim Conley. 9 Mike Conley. I I Ingrid Cook. 10 Lynn Cook. I I 80 UNDERCLASSMEN While looking at the camera. Stacy Schaab casually talks to a friend.While giving one of his classmates a slight grin. Conway works on his cl project. Michelle Cook. 9 Brenda Cope. I I Joe Cope. 9 Kelly Cope. I I Tina Cope. 9 Dan Cored. 10 Timothy Cornelius. 9 Patricia Cornett. 10 Jan Coveil. I I Pam Coved. I I Angie Cowed. 9 Derek Craig. 9 Dennis Cretsinger. I I Katrina Cripe. 10 Karen Crooks. 9 Laurie Cross. I I Jeri Curry. I I Lesli Curry. 9 Lisa Curtis. 10 Greg Damron. 10$2 Class o ... '85 86 87 Jonn.i Damron. I I Pete Dangler. I I Scott Davidson. I I Colisa Davison. I I Jim Davis. 10 Damon Demara. I I Greg Derouin. 9 Jeff Derouin. I I Brian Dickinson. 10 Kelly Dickinson. 10 Brent Dirrim. I I Dean Dixon. 10 Dave Dover. 10 Terry Dowell. 10 Leann Dunham. 9 Craig Dunlap. I I Lisa Dunnavan. 9 Amy Eddy. I I Julie Eddy. 10 Daniel Edwards. 9 Mickey Egly. 10 Chris Eidenier. 9 Daryl Eidenier. I I Dave Ellis. 10 Concentrating on her step. Kim Ice slowly makes her way down the road while displaying a smile. Anita Erb. 10 Diane Erb. 9 Lewis Erwin. 10 Corbett Etheridge. I I Dawn Evans. I I Roxanne Evans. 9 Karen Favourite. 9 Tim Favourite. I I Laura Ferrier. 9 Jenny Field. 9 Jerry Fifer. 10 Launne Folks. 10 Vickie Fosburg. 9 Scott Foster. 9 Doug Fox. 9 Norman Fox. I I Mark Fraley. 9 Shane Fraley. 9 Brian Friend. 9 James Fritz. 9Shawn Fritz. I I Doreen Fuller. 9 Tim Funk. 9 Paul Furniss. I I Dale Gajewski. I I Janice Gajewski. I I Chuck Garr. 9 David Garrison. I I Jodi Gates. I I Beth Gecowets. 10 Deb Geer. I I Mike Geer. 10 Bret George. I I Jeff Gerard. 9 John Gerard. 11 Chelly German. 9 Gina Gibson. 9 Mike Gill. 10 Stacey Goings. 9 Anddi Goings. I I Anja Gordon. 9 Rick Goslee. 9 Lori Goudy. 9 Tim Grace. 10 84 UNDERCLASSMENChris Graft. I I Michelle Gramling. 9 Shannon Grayson. 9 Mona Green. 10 Heather Greenwood. 10 Jeremy Griem. 9 Todd Grimes. 10 Laura Groshon. 10 Anjali Gupta. 10 Kelly Guthier. I I Susan Gutstein. I I Kris Haifley. 10 John Haines. 9 Larry Haines. 10 Linda Hall. I I Sheila Hall. 9 Pam Hancock. I I Kandi Hanna. 10 Krissy Hansen. I I Fred Hantz. 10 Explaining some homework to Shawna Pollard. Tammy Morales and Karen Moore look up to see who walked in.CLASS Of.„ '85, '86, '87 Troy Hantz. 10 Keven Harpenau. 9 Joe Harris. 9 Bill Harter. 9 Derek Harter. 10 Eric Hauck. 10 John Heckathorn. 9 Terry Henderson. 9 Holly Hindman. 10 Carrie Hinman. 9 Pam Hinman. 9 Sherry Hinman. 10 Jeff Hirons. 9 Laura Hively. 9 Bob Hocker. 10 Neil Holcomb. I I Denise Holiday. I I Lora Holmes. 9 Scott Houlton. I I Jeff Hoyer. 10 Tracy Hoyer. 10 Linda Hudnut. 9 Jim Hudson. 9 Margaret Hudson. 10 86 UNDERCLASSMEN Being amused by Mr. Grill. Kristy Book. MichelleMarcia Hullinger. 10 Kim Ice. 9 Steve Ickes. 9 Lori Ingman. 9 Laurie Jack. I I Scott Jack. I I Nicole Jobe. 9 Delisa Johnson. 9 Eric Johnson. 9 Cindy Jones. I I Jim Jones. 10 Patty Kelly. 9 John Kennedy. 10 Kim Kessler. 9 Greg Kiesil. 9 Debbie Kimpel. I I Tami Kimpel. 9 Tom Kiper. 9 Tom Kirkman. 9 Pam Klee. 10 Watching Craig Dunlap read his science homework. Stacy Lehman and Annete Chard observe his work. UNDERCLASSMEN S7Q ass o ... '85 86 87 Carrie Kozlowski. 10 Cole Krebs. 10 Scotl Kunce. 10 Tony Kuruda. I I Tina Lahrman. 9 John Lambert. I I Lucy Lambert. 9 Theresa Lambert. 9 Joel Lash. 9 Holly Leckner. 10 Annette Lehman. 10 Mike Lehman. 9 Stacy Lehman. I I Kelli Lepley. I I Kris Lesiak. I I Kim Leslie. I I Kris Leslie. 10 Steve Light. 9 Rick Long. 10 Kim Lopshire. I I Les Loynes. 9 Jennifer Lude. 10 Tana Lungren. 9 Tara Lungren. I I 88 UNDERCLASSMANKent Mahnesmith. I I Jodi Mailand. I I Doris Marple. I I Lynn Marple. 10 Jeff Martin. 9 Joe Mattox. 9 Anne Maxton. 10 Pat McCormick. 9 Jamie McCosh. 10 Jodi McCosh. 9 Randy McHenry. 9 Mark McKinley. 9 James McLauchlin. 9 Jana McLauchlin. 9 John McLauchlin. 9 Missy McWhinney. 10 Angela Meek. I I Rick Messman. 9 Cathy Millhouse. 9 Ted Meyers. 9 Wide awake. Julie Wright looks for pictures for her yearbook spread. UNDtKCLASSMEN 89doss OL..S5S.H1VJM Mona Mills. 10 Becky Mitchell. 10 Bryan Mitchell. 10 Greg Mitchell. 10 Mike Mitchell. 9 Karen Moore. 9 Rachelle Moore. 9 Dan Morales. I I Tammi Morales. 9 Rick Morgan. I I Dave Morse. 9 Al Murphy. I I Rodney Murphy. I I Kim Muse. I I Misse Muse. 10 Lisa Musser. I I Tricia Musser. 10 Ruth Neff. 10 Dave Nier. 9 Bart Noll. 9 Terri Ogle. 10 Alan Olinske. I I Lanette Olinske. 9 Tom Olson. 10 90 UNDERCLASSMENBecky Onofrietti. I I Jim Ordway. 9 April Orewiler. 9 Michelle Osmon. 10 Don Parker. I I Jenny Parker. I I Jim Parker. 9 Mike Parker. I I Lisa Parks. 10 Shelly Parks. 9 Ann Parnin. 9 Elaine Parnin. I I Lori Patterson. 9 Doug Penix. 9 Steve Pentico. 10 John Peterson. I I Kevin Petre. 10 Tanya Peter. 10 Jim Platt. I I Shawna Pollard. 9 I Caught in the act. Lori Szeman talks to an unknown person. UNDERCLASSMEN 91(IVass d[... '85,''86,'87 Vickie Popp. I I Pal Poss. 10 Joy Powell. 10 Brell Presley. I I Randy Price. 10 Jennifer Privet!. I I David Quinn. 9 Teresa Quinn. I I Scott Rashley. 9 Mindie Rathbun. I I Darron Ratliff. 9 Marcus Rexilius. I I Reiko Rexilius. I I Reiko Rexilius. 10 Chris Reynolds. 9 Shawn Reynolds. I I Tom Rheinheimer. 10 Darran Richmond. 9 Brad Richter. 9 Jackie Ridenour. 10 Valerie Ridenour. 9 Michelle Ritter. 10 Jack Robbins. 9 Mike Robbins. I I Mark Rohm. 9 92 UNDERCLASSMENDan Romero. 10 Dave Romero. 9 Ronnie Rose. I I Brad Rowe. I I Rhonda Rowe. 10 Greg Rozell. I I Tim Rumsey. 10 Dave Rupp. I I Roy Ruppert. I I Dave Ruselink. 10 John Ryan. 9 Missy Sattison. I I Brian Saunders. I I Jeff Saylor. 9 Shane Saylor. 10 Barb Schaab. 9 Stacy Schaab. I I Lesley Schafer. I I Kathy Schafer. 10 Stephanie Schannen. I I Glass o ... '85 86 87 John Schefter. 9 Darren Schenkel. 9 Deana Schieber. 10 Roy Schmidt. I I Steven Schmidt. I I George Schock. I I Lori Schock. 9 Dean Scott. I I Shanna Scott. 9 Nancy Sharp. 10 Kay Sheahan. 10 Karen Shearman. 10 Andy Sheets. 10 Chuck Sheets. 9 Stephanie Sheets. I I Jeff Sheffield. 10 Scott Shelton. I I Gina Shepherd. 10 Ray Shepherd. I I Judy Sherman. I I Gloria Shipe. I I Steve Shirley. I I Jamie Shoup. 9 Scott Shriner. I I 94 UNDERCLASSMENDebbie Sierer. I I Dennis Sierer. 9 Darrell Simons. 9 Amy Simon. 10 Faith Sitar. 10 Frika Slauson. I I Nancy Slauson. 9 Candy Smith. 9 Gene Smith. 9 Neysa Smith. 9 Stephanie Smith. I I Carletta Snyder. I I Eric Snyder. 10 Mark Snyder. 10 Scott Snyder. 9 Cristina Soderberg. 9 April Spitler. 10 Rachael Stackhouse. 10 Brian Steele. I I Wanda Steele. 9 UNDERCLASSMEN 95class oS...8S,«6, K Patricia Stetler. I I Shawn Stetler. 10 Jonas Steury. I I Shelle Stevens. 10 Dale Stevenson. 9 Dennis Stevenson. 9 Bobbie Stewart. 10 Mike Stowe. 10 Court Stoy. I I Ken Stoy. I I Kevin Stoy. 10 Alice Sutton. 9 Malisia Sutton. 9 Troy Swager. I I Janies Swary. 9 Eric Swenson. I I Ken Swiniuch. I I Lori Szeman. 9 Louis Szeman. I I Carl Taner. I I Layk Thomas. I I Leif Thomas. I I Jason Thomas. 9 Beth Thompson. 9 96 UNDERCLASSMENTabby Thompson. 9 Tyler Thompson. I I Jay Thrailkill. 9 John Tolle. I I Tyler Tuttle. 10 Sue Ulch. I I Vicki Underwood. I I Dawn Unger. 10 Jill Unger. 10 Shannon Usher. 10 Tim VanAuken. I I Angie VanDyne. 10 Laura VanWagner. 10 Mike Votaw. 9 Chris Wagner. 10 Mike Wainwright. 10 Barb Waite. 9 Teresa Waite. 10 Barry Walcutt. 10 Holly Walcutt. 9 Working in the office takes up one hour of Kristy Bledsoe's schedule. UNDERCLASSMEN 97Lloyd Waldrip. 10 Laura Walker. I I Dena Wall. 10 Steve Wall. I I Toni Wall. 10 Tim Walston. 10 Beth Weicht. 10 Mark Weiss. 9 Andrew Wellons. 9 Sean Whitcomb. 9 Aimee Wilcox. 10 Jeff Wilms. 10 Martin Wilms. 9 Amy Wilsey. I I Polly Wilson. 10 Steve Wohlers. 10 Sam Wood. 9 Rusty Woodruff. 10 Kim Workman. I I Chris Wren. 10 Troy Wren. 9 Julie Wright. 10 Doug Wyatt. I I Judi Wyatt. I I Jim Yontz. I I Mike Yontz. 9 Mindy Young. 9 Mike Younger. 9 Missy Zeiger. 10 Terry Zerler. 9 Maria Zimmerman. 9 Dan Zintsmaster. 9 9S UNDERCLASSMEN CLASS Of...85.86,87 mot PICTURED Ron Andrews. I I John Birchman. 10 Donald Conway. I I Sieve Crain. I I Carl Dewitt. 9 Jack Emerick. I I Matt Fenton. 10 Bob Frye. I I Paul Furniss. I I Donna Fuller. 9 Kelley Gilliam. 9 Kelli Graves. 9 Wendy Harger. I I Jody Hochderffer. I I Neil Holcomb. I I Bart Kimmel. 9 Lorilee Mitchell. 9 Jim Penland. 10 Tracy Pineiro. I I Rebecca Pufahl. I I John Roland. I I Michael Stocker. 9 Tabby Thompson. 9 Barb Wengerd. I I William Whittaker. 10 Ken Wilcox. 10 Scot Winebrenner. I I Sheila Winebrenner. I I Tony Worthington. 10 Being in Study Hall takes up one hour of Scott Houlton's daily schedule. What's going on? . Dale Gajewski seems to be saying.We will miss you. our friend, for we could never measure the happiness you brought us. the comfort and the pleasure And since God put you here to share in earthly joy and sorrow. I'm sure there will be a place for you in heavens bright tomorrow. — Alice Chase — Darrell Simons: born April 28. 1969: died December 16. 1983 Margaret Reed: born June 20. 1926; died July 31. (983 101Glittering u9fets 'You aren't really taking my picture, are you?” Mr. Sirk. Principal Kelley takes time out from his daily routine to read a letter Asst. Principal seems to be asking. While observing the P.E. class. Mr. Saylor gets his picture taken. Surprised by the photographer. Mrs. Fulton, school nurse, appears speechless. Hard at work. Mrs. Jones is oblivious to the cam era. Mrs. Reade and Mrs. Sullivan can be found in the office discussing school-related topics. 102 FACULTY Wanna share my coffee? . Mr Dygert seems to he asking the photographer. Posing for the camera are: Mrs. Perry. Mr. Fleming and Mrs. Beehler. our school’s guidance counselors. Superintendent's Office: Paul Schock. Marilyn Cope. Dr. Edgar Speer. Marge Patterson. Carol Schock. and Bonnie Moor. FACULTY 103 . IK i i H | 7 c. Mrs. Swank is caught smiling to someone. Teaching a class is hard work, as Miss Counterman demonstrates. r t MHMU Mr. Weller laughs at one of his student's question.Mother lode.,, In between classes. Mr. Knauer is found recopying some information that he has found. Mrs. Hall seems to be telling the photographer not to take her picture while Mrs. Walcutt is unaware of what's happening. Distracted from his first hour advanced biology class. Mr. Snyder looks behind him. Acquainting himself with the audience. Mr. Carefully folding a strip of paper. Mr. Nofziger Stokes gets his picture taken. waits for his next class to begin.Looking at the building materials. Mr. Sniadeki Preparing her Spanish I students for their test makes a list of things needed Miss Meyers gives them a few helpful hints What is Mr. Harter so busily working on behind the podium? Putting together the Senior cake are Emma Griffiths and Floyd Deetz. As Mr. Thalls walks into his room, he finds something very amusing. In the driver's seat of your bus could be one of the following people: Jerry Groshon. George Coney. Jim Swift. Marion Cary. Louis Snyder. Dora Snyder. Carol Dangler. Rhonda Drerup. Judy McKinley. Bud Dangler. Steve Anstett. Linda Carpenter. Don Abbott or Ned Somerlott. Not Pictured: Cliff Nilson. Don Wyatt. Thelma Tritch and Gene Chilcote. FACULTY 105Trying to describe the history of the American west. Mr. Nesbitt is interrupted by a yearbook photographer. the main vein Walking toward the building. Mr. Neil Robinson and Mr. Doyle Robinson share a little laugh. Trying to organize the seniors at graduation rehearsal. Mrs. Does Miss Kruse have something to hide? Cook says. ‘ Aren't we having fun?” On the way to class. Mrs. Baker stops at her mailbox in the office to see if anyone left her a note. Surprised by the grade on his students exam. Mr. Hammel starts to enjoy his day. 106 FACULTYIn the midst of Ihe new” City Park. Mr. Wright hooks up the sky . Mrs. McKeever is found daydreaming Is this a one in a lifetime happening? Going over a new piece of music. Miss Siebold waits for the choir class. Mr. Grill can be found barking instructions to the basketball players during a game. Will I ever get out of here? . Mrs. Owens seems to be saying. Mr. Rodman records grades after a very hard chapter test in Physical Science. FACULTY 107Shining Stars Taking lime out from class. Mr. Phelps gets acquainted with his part time students. What is Miss Hedge doing, showing the health class her new pencil? Measuring a 1x4. Mr. Stevens proceeds on his project. The new Mrs. Sanborn talks to some of her players about the upcoming game. Mrs Boyer is caught off guard. Sweeping the floor at half-time during a basketball game is just one of the many jobs of Steve Crain and Howie McKeever. A nervous Mr Poor awaits the outcome of the If you walk by room 315. you may find Mrs. King hard al game work Taking a 'coffee break from their daily work routine are Carlton Erwin and Les Shelton. Mrs. Sanders is found in room 322 going over some last minutes notes. hACULIY 109Golden Touch “So what is it like to be a be-ginning teacher, Ms. Smythe? Will those yearbook photographers ever get out of the darkroom?” says Mr. Grant. Filing takes up many precious moments in Mrs. Neff's busy daily routine. I think there's a serious misprint on page 16 of this book that my chemistry teacher assigned for extra t credit. Mrs Rita Crimmins Mrs. Kay Thomas 110Reaching deep inside, the Hornets pulled out a NEIAC championship, the first in Angola's crosscountry history. The Hornets placed four on the all-conference team. Led by the first place finish of all-stater Kent Mahnesmith. The other thinlies that made the all-conference team were Roger Hawks. Todd Alexander, and Jon Sprague. Also having excellent seasons for the Hornets were Wayne Mortorff, and Paul Furniss. The thinlies brought more hardware home from the New Prairie Invitational, the Harding Invitational, and the Lakeland Invitational. These were the first trophies won by any cross-country team in school history, proving that this years team was the best ever! SCORES AT A GLANCE Fremont 45 Angola Prarie Heights 25 I 5 Eastside 27 3 I Garrett 36 29 West Noble 41 29 Lakeland 40 19 East Noble 29 19 Hamilton 46 27 New Prairie Invitational champions 15 Harding Invitational runner-up Lakeland Invitational runner-up NEIAC champions Sectional runner-up FRONT ROW: Kris Lesiak. Reiko Rexilius. Jenny Fields. SECOND ROW: Mark Behee. Jeff Beehler. Derek Harter. Pete Dangler. Scott Rashly. Jim Jones. Jeremy Boszer. BACK ROW: Coach Poor. Todd Alexander. Roger Hawks. Jon Sprague. Paul Furniss. Mike Conley. Kent Mahnesmith. Wayne Mortorff Tom Rhienhiemer. Loyd Wallrip. I 14 BOY'S CROSS-COUNTRYStraining into the first turn. All-Conference harrier Jon Sprague energetically works on the leaders. In Regional action Roger Hawks heads into the last turn in the top ten. Concentrating on holding his DeKalb rival off. Wayne Mortorff puts on his finishing kick. Pushing himself to the limit. Todd Alexander strenuously keeps his position. BOY'S CROSS-COUNTRY i 15oa i Ou.uierb.u k Jim Platt barks out calls to his linemen in an early game of the year. Breaking into the opening. Rusty Woodruff tiptoes for extra yards. Front Row: Mike Millhouse. Chad Dunnavan. Brian Staup. Tracy Daler. Phil Foley. Tom Cranston. Jack Fraley. Doug Mattox. Jeff Budd. Coach Saylor. Second Row: Brian I 16 FOOTBALL Steele. Brad Rowe. John Lambert. John Gerard. Troy Swager. Ray Shephard. Jim Platt. Corbett Etheridge. Tim Favorite. Third Row: Tom Barnes. Mike Blodgett. Tyler Tuttle. Terry Dowell. John Araque. Brian Boyd. Jim Byrne. Shane Saylor. Eric Biernat. Bob Hocker. Coach Harter. Coach Wenzel. Fourth Row: Chris Wagner. Mike Parker. Mike Robbins. Steve Wohlers Brian Belcher. Jeff Sheffield. Brian Clark. Dan Correll. Pat Poss. Cole Krebs. Rusty Woodruff. Rick Long.Rushing towards the fumbled ball are Jim Byrnes and Tracy Daler. After a great offense play. Coach Saylor shouts encouragement to his team. Traveling a long hard journey lo success, the Angola Varsity Football team felt their share of bumps and bruises. With a season record of 3-7 the Hornets finished the year with a strong showing, led by seniors Jack Fraley. Doug Mattox. Tom Cranston. Brian Staup. and Chad Dunnavan. Helping the Hornet senior veterans were underclassmen Jim Platt. Rusty Woodruff, and John Lambert. Leading the gridders defense in the tackling department were co-captains Jack Fraley and Jeff Budd. Compiling the most yardage for the Hornets was sopho more Rusty Woodruff. With the underclassmen gaining valuable experience, the Hornets can look for many good years ahead. Cole Krebs pushes his Columbia City rival on his way to a touchdown. FOOTBALL 1 17 rr b i 118Kent Mahensmith won the Cross-Country title. Hornets win first Cross-Country conference Todd Alexander and Jon Sprague win Outstanding Senior Atheletes. John Lambert finishes 8th in the state shot putt competition. Tracey Johnson receives girls Outstanding Senior Athelete. 119No. I single player Dale Gajewski grimances to help lift the ball over the net. After a hard practice. Tyler Thompson takes a much deserved drink. 120 BOY’S TENNIS FRONT ROW: Mark Weiss. Mark Rohm. Darrel Simons. Tom Kiper. Jerry Fifer. Steve Wall. Joel Baker. BACK ROW. Coach Wright. Mahfuz Huq. Dale Gajewski. Matt Fenton. Tom Olson Mark King. Eric Simons. Steve Parin. Mike Biernat. Layk Thomas. Mike Biernat delivers his powerful backhand into his opponents court.Stretching for a high volley. Matt Fenton powers the ball over the net. SOI Hustling after the ball Tom Olson concentrates on a winning volley. Entering the sectional championship game as the underdog, the Hornets pulled out a 4-1 stomping of previously unbeaten West Noble. This was the fourth sectional crown that the netters have brought home in the past seven years. In the number one singles position. Dale Gajewski compiled a season record of 9-IB. Junior Mike Biernat held down the number two slot this season, while Mahfuz Huq played third. In doubles action Mark King and Eric Simons proved to be almost invincible with a record of 18-4 With a season of 15-5 and bringing home the sectional crown, the netters proved to be ’’hot shots. SCORES AT A GLANCE Columbia City 0 Angola 5 Homestead 5 0 Bishop Dwenger S 0 East Noble B 2 South Adams 0 5 Snider 5 0 New Haven B 2 DeKalb 2 B Howe Military 1 4 Carroll 1 4 Lakeland 0 5 Westview 0 5 Leo 1 4 Bluffton 2 3 Central Noble 0 5 Bellmont 2 B West Noble 1 4 Elkhart Central 4 1 All-conference double team of Eric Simons and Mark King show their winning form. BOY'S TENNIS 121Varsity Golf: Front Row: Jeff Martin. Jeff Hirons snacks on his tee before his Snider match. Mark Rehee. Dave Ruselink. Brian Saunders. Alan Fox. Shawn Kennedy. Back Row: Rill Hartsuff. Mark Weiss. Neil Flolcomb. Joel Lash. Jeremy Griem. Shawn Reynolds. Pat McCormick. Coach Wenzel. 122 GOLFJoel Lash relaxes after a hard battle with Howe With good follow through. Phil holey guides the ball into the hole. Choosing the right club. Jeremy Gricm concentrates on his match. Angola 182 Snider 177 180 Dekalb 164 183 Garrett 187 189 Homestead 166 182 Fremont 183 175 Howe 190 179 Concordia 171 170 Lakeland 172 149 Hamilton 150 Taking a break, the golf team relaxes with a pepsi. Measuring for distance Alan Fox concentrates on a birdie. GOLF 123With hustle Jim Platt knocks the ball loose Point guard Todd Alexander looks for an open from an Elmhurst player. cutter in a close game with Fremont. Don Cary windexes the boards for a tip in an early game of the year. Breaking into the opening. Jon Sprague pulls up for a J” that leaves the net hanging.This year's basketball season was a long up hill climb. The Hornets closed the year with a 7-13 mark. The highlight of the season was the beating of Eastside. Led by senior Mike Hiler and juniors Jim Platt and Don Cary, the Hornets pulled together to win seven out of their last eight games. With many starters returning next year, the round-bailers will have an added dimension on the court. sifioip 800 BOY'S BASKETBALL 125 Wilh a quick first step Mike Hiler drives the baseline for an easy two. Front Row: Todd Alexander. Don Parker. Kent deffer. Coach Hochstedler. Cole Krebs. Mahnesmith. Mike Riernat. Jon Sprague. Jim Steve Crain. Don Cary. Mike Hiler. Dennis Platt. Jonas Steury. Back Row: Jody Hoch- Holiday. Coach Poor. Coach Grill.The 9th grade team had a rough start losing their first 7 games, but with determination they won a tough battle against Dekalb. This was the motivation needed to push the Freshmen team to a season record of 5-13. Freshman Basketball Team. Front Row: Brian Friend. Mark Rohm. Bart Noll. Alan Coler. Joe FTarris. Doug Brainard. Brian Burkett. Dave Nier; Back Row: James McLauclin. Ted Meyers. Dale Stevenson. Chris Champion. John Berger. Joe Mattox. Doug Fox. Coach Nofziger. Fighting for a position Chris Champion pushes In the desperate attempt to block the shot of a his way into the forests of the beasts. Fremont foe. Joe Mattox sticks to his man like glue. 126 FRESHMENThe J.V. R haliers gained experience this year with the power of juniors Don Parker, and Jonas Steury helping to lead the Hornets to a successful year. The team ended the season with a record of 10-1 I. Lots of effort and spirit gave the team the winning edge. Hustling after the loose ball. Don Parker strains for its grasp. Soaring towards the sky. Jonas Steury lays the ball towards the hoop. J.V. Basketball Team. Front Row: Derek Harter. Brian Clark. Dan Correll. Rick Long. Jeff Beehler: Back Row: Cole Krebs. Jerry Fifer. Jeff Sheffield. Jamie Boyer. Coach Hochstedler. In the land of the giants. Dan Correll. and Jeff Sheffield pull the loose rebound from the Westview Warrior. RESERVE 127Using a good move Jim Byrnes keeps his opponent face down on the mat. 128 Struggling to reverse the hold. Jim Wolford strains with anticipation. Coach Book. Pete Dangler. Larry Dunham. George Front row Rob Baade. James Damron. Brian Schock. Steve Wohlers. Eric Johnson. Dave Ellis. Steele. Mark Arney. Jim Byrnes. Lonnie Mike Younger. Eric Snyder. Steve Wall. Carpenter. Rodney Carpenter. Jim Yontze. Asst, coach Kevin Wray.After a two year break. AHS wel corned back the grapplers. Although the grapplers were considered a young team, they were as strong as any older team. They had some bad moments, but ihey turned around many tournaments. No one went to state this year, but next year we can assure you that many will be there. The grapplers will remain on the mat. BACK ON TH MAT 129 Holding the opponents hand. Pete Dangler tries to roll him over.From Row. Todd Alexander. Mike RIodgeft Derek Harter. Steve Parnin. Chuck Fouts. Jamie Boyer. Chad Dunavann. Roy Stacer. Dan Correll. Rick Long. Eric Biernat. Tom Barnes. Tyler Thompson. Jim Jones. Back Row: Asst. Coach. Chris Champion. Dave Rupp. Corbett Etheridge. John Maughlin. Brian Clark. Mike Biernat. Jeff Sheffield. Eric Johnson. Rodney Murphy. Jamie Maughlin. Stan Kabanas. Keith Andrews. Coach Roger Knauer. 130Mike Biernat psyches himself for a home run attempt. Waiting for his turn at bat. Todd Ameling listens to a joke.With a record of 1-2 the Hornets recorded one of the best records in school history. New Coach Ed Mahnesmith tripled distance boy's Jon Sprague and Roger Hawks to pick up winning points. Also, having a good year were John Lambert and Kent Mahnesmith. With extra effort the Hornets ran down many foes. Front Row: Dan Caruso. Alan Rurrell. Scott Rashely. Jon Sprague. Roger Hawks. Doug Burroughs. Steve Wall. Second Row: Derek Craig. Dale Stevenson. Paul Furniss. Mike Harris. Ray Shepherd. Back Row: Coach Mahnesmith. Rod Springer. Cole Krebs. John Lambert. Don Cary. Brett Presley. John Burger. Kent Mahnesmith. Chris Reynolds. Milhouse. Randy Price. Brians Steele. Joe I 32 BOYS TRACK Packing in the points, the distance boys of Roger Hawks. Jon Sprague, and Kent Mahnesmith consistently fought for first, second, and third positions.Struggling for extra feet Dale Gajewski strains for the win. Freshmen John Berger shows much potential in the 200.HORNIT 136 OLl PMDCWith a tough schedule ahead to overcome, the V-ballers pressed hard to iron out the bumps at the beginning of the season. The team s hard bumpers were seniors Tracey Johnson. Beth Clark. Beth Brown. Jodi Sprague, and Teresa Araque with other powerful spikers on the volleyball squad. This team effort gave the girls the Steuben County Championship over Prarie Heights in the final game. With tough games still ahead to finish the year, they compiled a season record of 8 11 and a shot at the sectionals. In the sectionals game with Eastside. the girls had a rough time and could not pull out a win. With a trying battle the girls lost with a score of 7-15. 6-15 to end the season. SPORTS AT A GLANCE Central Noble OPP-ANGOLA 4-15. 13-15 Westview 15-10. 15-5 Prairie Hts 5-15. 15-8. 7-15 Lakeland 15-4. 15-4 Hamilton 1 1-15. 14-1 1. 12-14 Fremont 15-7. 15-6 Garrett 15-6. 15-4 East Noble 13-15. 15-13. 15-10 Bluffton 15-4. 9-15. 8-15 Homestead 2-15. 7-15 DeKalb 15-3. 15-2 South Adams 4-15. 815 Columbia City 17-15. 15-9 Eastside 15-5. 5-15. 15-2 Prairie Hts 6-15. 3-15 New Haven 11-15. 15-6. 15-11 Bellmont 15-7. 15-9 Eastside 15-7. 15-6 VARSITY AND J V VOLLEYBALL TEAM: Row One Polly Wilson. Holly Leckner. Julie Clark. Maria Zimmerman: Row Two: Missy McWhinney. Beth Gecowels. lara Lungren. Leslie Schaffer. Stacey Goings. Lori Shock: Row Three: Anja Gorden. Deb Geer. Jodi Sprague. Vickie Clekner. Beth Clark. Vickie Popp: Row Five: Shelly Garmen. Teresa Araque. Brenda Cope. Beth Brown: Row Six: Andii Goings. Tracey Johnson. • m- » JPv In the confusion. Tara Lungren avoids collison with an out-of-bounds bump. a- r . .. u . . r Andn Goings sets the Hornets for the match while spikers at the net await the ball. I 38 VARSITY GIRLS VOLLEYBALLAn unsuccessful spike by an opposing Fremont Eagle is rejected by Teresa Araque to fall for a Hornet point All eyes watch as Laurie VanWagner prepares to address an opening serve. A set from Beth Clark begins the battle against the Fremont Eagles. Surging toward the sky Tara Lungren powers the ball into her opponents field. GIRLS VOLLEYBALL 1 39Pregame pep talks by Mindy Goings, proved to pull off a winning season. Surging to the sky Missy McWinney powers a spike to her Eagle defenders. Leading the season in serves. Polly Wilson sends a bullet to the enemies.Working hard to rebound from past losing seasons with a record of 5-5. the J.V. Volleyballers composed their first winning season in years. Powered by freshmen Lori Shock and Stacey Goings, the Hornets captured the County Championship. Team Captains Missy McWinney and Holly Leckner headed their team down the road to success. Polly Wilson lead the team in serves with 92% accuracy. Team work and good mental attitude proved that success was possible. To begin the battle, a Rellmont serve is set by team member Holly Leckner. Diving for a desperate save. Lori Shock keeps the Hornets in the running. To regain the lead Beth Gecowets returns a spike from the opposing foes. RESERVE GIRLS VOLLEYBALL 141Stepping into the head coaching position Linda Hege molded and formed her team into winning shape. Lead by Senior Tracy Johnson and Junior Tara Lungren the Hornets pulled a few more victories out of their hats than in past years. With a record of 7-10 and with underclassmen gaining valuable playing time, the Hornets can look forward to many years of success. Front Row Reiko Rexilius. Anddi Goings. Martha Hipskind. Kelly Lepley. Tara Lungren. Rrenda Cope. Cindy Appleman. Gloria Shipe. Lesley Schafer. Laurie Jack. Teresa Waite. Kris Lesiak. Back Row Coach Sanborn. Tracey Johnson. Coach Hege.Team Captain Kelle Ruckel yells out the cheering plans to the rest of the squad. Varsity cheerleaders top to bottom: Jan Coveil. Chris Graft. Kelle Ruckel. Barb Griffith. Cindy Appleman. Krissy Hansen. nrl Taking a break from camp the varsity cheerleaders pose for a quick flick. 144 CHEERLEADERSFreshmen cheerleaders lop to bottom: Tana Lundgren. Kristin Carr. Shelly Parks. Cristy Book. Generating spirit throughout the school, the AHS cheerleaders helped in firing the teams up for victories. Painting signs and decorating the hallways and lockers. the girls proved to be a vital asset to the winning ways. They did more than just fire everyone up. they gave Angola a little bit more pride by finishing 17th in the state fair competition out of over 80 entries. By doing these things and more, the cheerleaders kept up the spirit of AHS. J.V. top to bottom: Jana Beltz. Judy Wyatt. Lisa Parks. Holley Hindman. Aimee Carr With great spirit Shelly Parks screams out calls to a small crowd. CHEERLEADERS 145Tara Lungren clears the 5' mark on her way to a blue ribbon. The girls' track team came up with an excellent season. Led by regional finalist Tara Lungren and Andii Goings, the girls defeated many strong teams such as. Leo and Eastsido. Freshmen Stacy Goings and Jenny Fields showed much potential and proved that the Flornets were always going for the gold. 146 GIRLS’ TRACK Front Row: Jenny Fields. Beth Brown. Kris Lesiak. Jena Lungren. Debbie Geer. Andii Goings. Second Row: Sherri Hindman. Bridget Brewer. Frica Slauson. Terri Lambert. Angie Bartlow. Anita Erb. Jenny Parker. Back Row: Reiko Rexilius. Shelly Parks. Teresa Waite. Stacy Lehman. Tara Lungren. Lori Schock. Lesley Schafer. Martha Hipskin. Ingrid Cook. Coach Dygert.Taking the hundred. Andii Goings and Stacy Goings leave the field behind.ANGOLA OPPONENTS 5 0 Columbia City 5 0 Bluffton 5 0 Leo 5 0 DeKalb 5 0 South Adams 1 4 Homestead 5 0 New Haven 4 1 Bellmont 5 0 East Noble 5 0 Lakeland Sectionals 5 0 Westview 4 1 DeKalb 5 0 East Noble Regionals 0 5 Elkart Central Julie Wright scores an ace. Girls' Tennis: Front Row: Jill Unger. Julie Clark. Laurie VanWagner. Holly Leckner. Maria Zimmerman. Kim Ice. Michelle Ritter. Jaime Shoup. Laurie Cross. Second Row: Lori Byerly. Jana Beltz. Dawn Unger. Laurie Shock. Teresa Araque. Shelly Byerly. Michelle Brown. Tammy Bramhall. Back Row: Coach Rich Smith. Reiko Rexilius. Vicki Popp. Stephanie Sheets. Dawn Barney. Tracy Johnson. Amy Hirons. Beth Clark. Julie Wright. Jackie Knotek. Kris Soderberg. Coach Tony Wright. 148 GIRLS TENNISTracey Johnson shows her winning form against a Fremont foe. All-Conference choice Beth Clark reaches toward the ski for an ace. GIRLS TENNIS 149ORGANIZATIONS 15 Ithespfans at pLa Struggling with the VCR unit. Y-Club’s Michelle Ritter. Lori Cross. Julie Wright, and sponsor Mr. Wright attempt a preview showing of “The Outsiders . 152 ORGANIZATIONSPracticing the piano for the spring musical. Jerry Duguid shows what he can really do. Signing their names to the list at the Christmas Prom. Howard McKeever and his date enjoy the night of fun and romance. During the past year the Thespians have performed four plays which seemed to be a good success. As usual there was no great financial gain, but the fun of making friends learning strange and different songs and dances, keeping late hours for practicing, and drilling and drilling seemed to keep everyone going. The experience of being in Y-Clubs was a new and great challenge for many students. This year's Y-Clubs learned what it really was like to work for everything they got. It was a trying time learning how to make cookie dough, building the prom. Christmas in the Park , and much hard work. A club is what you make of it and these clubs have something to be proud of! Good Grief!! It’s The Thespians production of ’'You’re a Good Man Charlie Brown which was performed the month of December. d cluBs steoco tteefR talentsu -Fo 4-„ CL ... For this past year, with the leadership of newcomer sponsor Paul Weller, the F.F.A. accomplished much. It changed its way to form a bigger and better club. These activities included anything from contests to auctions to banquets, which made this year an enjoyable one. In my opinion, this club is one of the most active of A.H.S.. and will become better as time goes by. As he looks at the awards list. Scott Whinebrenner appears to be deep in thought. A packed house seems to be engrossed in Mr. Wellers words of wisdom. ORGANIZATIONS 1 54getting Betters all the time Giving his best side for the camera. John Roland smiles. Involved in his work. Mike Millhouse doesn't bother to pose. The officers of Future Farmers of America assemble together for their banquet ORGANIZATIONS 155you can s. Project which Posters is a an motivated Making spirit signs for basketball games Krissy Hansen shows that she has an expertise talent in writing Smiling at the camera Mark King and sponsor Mrs. Owens prepare for the big speech meet.searching forz QOLlD Hours are spent after school practicing again and again until finally the right words fall into place. Now they are ready to show their verbal ingenuity in competition. This year for the speech team, with the sure leadership of Mark King was a very good year. Providing the spirit and enthusiasm for the shool. the pep club has helped many people get psyched up for all sports. The shirt sale brought in money in support of this club. Both the speech team and pep club have done much to make us proud! Proving that staying calm. cool, and collected is the best way to bring home a first in speech. Mark King does just that. Waiting patiently for her turn to speak at the speech meet. Dawn Unger is an added attraction to the card game going on at her table. ORGANIZATIONS 157the ke y hoLos the anszverz latently writing for the Hornet. Christy Crawford shows that concentration is the key. What is it. or who is it that sees all and knows nothing and goes click, click? Surprise, surprise it’s Mike Hiler. the Keys roving photographer. Proud of her sweet sixteen birthday cake. Beth Weicht grins as she cuts the cake. f 158 ORGANIZATIONSPerfecting a layout for the Hornet. Anna Watson and Chuck Adams study it carefully to make no mistakes. Inspecting his birthday present. Jon Sprague seems surprised Even though this year was her first with the Key staff. Reiko Rexilius learned the ways of this class quickly The yearbook is the Key to the future amt past of A.H.S. From sports to mugs to the classes to clubs the Key covers it all. This year's 83-84 yearbook staff is made up of 13 students who learn to take pictures and develop them, and draw up layouts. The book is divided into sections which makes the book one of a kind. The Hornet seems to never stop buzzing at A.H.S. They write papers all throughout the school year. The Hornet is made up of II students who use their journalistic talents writing good copy, getting interviews, and selling ads to turn out promptly, at such-and-such a date, a high-grade, small school newspaper. spotting ttee necjos 159Streaming in from all walks of life, stu-dents joined the A.H.S. band and drill team to find just exactly where they belong. Starting out this year with so many inexperienced freshmen caused the band to change its style of music and marching. With the discipline of Mr. Stokes and his associates, it helped to quicly form a contemporary marching style. This lead on to new costumes for the drill team and capes on the band uniforms. With all the help and time put in by band parents and instructors. this made the year a golden one. While explaining a difficult routine. Senior Co-Captain Angie Stackhouse teaches how to feel the beat of the music. Almost seeming dead, the pep band saves its pep for the Prairie Heights game. Looking entraced. Kim Ice shows her ability to concentrate on her last routine of the season. Buzzf rag to the top Proving that one can be cute and adorable at anything one attempts. Michelle Ritter stretches out before practice. 160 ORGANIZATIONS T)a zzLirig ORfLL team Drill Team. Back: Julie Wright. Angie Stackhouse. Jill McLaughlin. Which are the real two drum majors? Linda Hauck. Racheal Stackhouse. Front Aimee Wilcox. Michelle Can you tell? Ritter. Kim Ice. Amy Waite. Holly Walcutt. Kandi Hanna Breaking all those hearts. Linda Hauck performs to Hearthreaker. ORGANIZATIONS 161national, lnonorz Hard at work on Valentines Day. Student Council Preparing for initiation. President Scott Olinske member Jacque Smith delivers carnations to the talks to Rich SanGiacomo. classes. Diane Dowell, shown here, delivers many carnations from friends and secret admires on Valentines Day. Listening to the facts, the N.H.S. members gaze off into space. 162 ORGANIZATIONSstunent counciL Making a note of everything that goes on. Mr. Nofziger sits in at a Student Council meeting. Many a golden hour after school is spent by active Student Council and N.H.S. members attending club meetings. As these clubs get together, quite a variety of activities take place. The meeting begins, and such business takes place as the following: formal initiations preparing that perfect speech plans for upcoming dances planning that dreaded fund raiser telling a few bad jokes and taking just a little time to be with your friends. The meeting closes. The room fills with sound and then diminishes to silence. All that is left is paper cups and cookie crumbs on the floor. Induction into N.H.S. requires Jacque Smith and Barb Griffith to memorize lines for pledging rituals. ORGANIZATIONS 163j l -Jl I. Honestly, Marsha . . . The zlt on your nose isn't THAT bad. ISNOI1VZINV9HO 991[rminm'i mu«'is»nrrnWe Specialize In Grooming. Boarding Pet Supplies And Pet Food U.S. 20 West At 1-69 (219) 665-7112 METAL SPINNERS, INC. 1023 South Wayne St. P.O. Box 269 Angola. 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Dawn 77 Barron. Sally 44. 77 Barrett. Tom 77 Barron. Jeana 77 Bassett. Paula 77 Baxter. Kay 77 Baxter. Theresa 77 Beard. Kelly 77 Beattie. David 77 Beaty. Tracy 47. 49. 77 Beck. Angie 77 Beechler. Jim 62 Beechler. Teresa 77 Beechy. Tracy 23. 77 Beehler. Jeff 77. 85. 114. 127 Beehler. Mrs. Lydia 103 Behee. Mark 77. 95. I 14. 122. 160. 207 Belcher. Brian 77. I 16 Beltz. Jana 77. 145. 148 Bennett. Kathy 78 Berger. John 78. 126 Berger. Susan 63 Berry. Tina 78 Biernat. Eric 20. 78. 116 Birchman. John Bitzer. Scott 78. 181 Bitzer. Tammy 78 Bledsoe. Kristy 32. 78. 97 Blodgett. Kathleen 39. 49. 63. 67 Blodgett. Mike 20. 78. I 16 Blue. Kelly 63 Book. Cristie 47. 78. 86. 145 Boone. Chris 56. 78 Boyer. Donnie Boszer. Jeremy 78. 114. 160 Bowman. Tammy 49. 78 Boyd. Brian 46. 78. 116 Boyer. Donnie Boyer. Jamie 78. 127 Boyer. Mrs. Sue 108 Bramhall. Tammy 17. 59. 78. 79. 192. 207 Brainard. Doug 78. 126 Brandanger. Daniele 78 Brigle. Lorin 78. 152 Brown. Beth 62. 135. 138 Brown. Jill 78 Brown. Lisa 78 Brown. Michelle 78. 148 Broxon. Cynthia 77. 78 Broxon. John 62. 162 Broxon. Lisa 79 Bryan. Claudia 53. 62 Bryan. Kris 79 Budd. Jeff 20. 55. 58. 63. 116 Buehrer. Brian 53 Brudett. Lisa 49. 79 Burd. Joan 79. 160 Burkett. Brian 79. I 26 Burney. Chris 79 Burrell. Alan 12. 79 Burrell. Charles 79 Burrell. Gary 79 Burroughs. Douglas 79 Bus Drivers 105 Bush. Danny 79 Bussing. Ryan 79 Butcher. James 9. 79 Byerly. Lori 79. 148 Byerly. Michelle 79. 148 Byrne. Jim 14. 20. 45. 79. 116 Cagle. Francis 79 Cagle. Laura 79 Call. Renee 79 Carmack. Chuck 79 Carnahan. Pat 79 Carpenter. Lonnie 61. 80 Carpenter. Roberta 63 Carpenter. Rodney 80 Carpenter. Tom 80 Carr. Aimee 80. 145. 206 Carr. Kristen 80. 145 Caruso. Dan 48. 80. 90. 192 Cary. Don 80. I 12. 124. 125. 151 Caton. Merry 80 Champion. Chris 80. 126 Chard. Annette 80. 87 Chiddister. Tammy 80. 172. 206 Chrysler. Sheila 80 Cimbal. Theresa 80 Clark. Beth 4. 38. 62. 138 Clark. Brian 20. 80. 116. 127 Clark. Dian 62. 187 Clark. Julie 7. 60. 138. 148. 160. 196 Clark. Steven 80 Cleckner. Vickie 49. 80. 138 Clifton. John 80 Cole. Michelle 22. 49. 80 Coler. Alan I 24 Coler. Christy 80 Conley. Kim 80 Conley. Mike 80. I 14 Conway. Chip 81 Cook. Mrs. Diana 106 Cook. Ingrid 7. 34. 80 Cook. Keith 28. 41. 63 Cook. Lynn 80 Cook. Michelle 81. 86 Cope. Brenda 21.81. 138. 142 Cope. Joe 81 Cope. Kelli 81 Cope. Tina 81 Cornelius. Tim 81 Cornett. Patricia 81 Correll. Dan 20. 81. 116. 127 Counterman. Ms. Chris 44. 103 Covell. Jan 49. 81, 144 Covell. Pam 49. 81 Cowell. Angie 81 Craig. Derek 81 Crain. Mr. Steve 109 Crain. Steve Cranston. Tom 20. 30. 63. I 16 Crawford. Christy 23. 79. 158 Cretsinger. Dennis 81 Cripe. Katrina 81. 83. 160 Crooks. Karen 81 Cross. Laurie 81. 148 Curry. Jeri 81 Curry. Lesli 81 Culbertson. Scott 64. 81 Curtis. Lisa 81 Daler. Tracey 53. 64. 74. 116 Damron. Greg 81 Damron. Jonna 82 Dangler. Dan Dangler. Pete 82. I 14 Davidson. Scott 82 Davis. Colisa 49. 83 Davis. Eric 64 Davis. Jim 82 Deetz. Mr. 105 DeMara. Damon 57. 82 DeMara. Doran 64 Denham. Debbie 65 Derouin. Greg 82 Derouin. Jeff 82 DeWitt. Carl Dickinson. Joseph Dickinson. Kelly 82 Dirrim. Brent 82 Dixon. Cheryl 85 Dixon. Dean 82 Dover. David 49. 82. 160 Dowell. Diane 4. II. 31. 39. 64 Dowell. Terry 82. I 16 Duguid. Mr. Jerry 153 Dunham. Larry 82 Dunham. Leann 16. 82 Dunlap. Craig 59. 82. 87. 160 Dunnavan. Chad 31. 64. I 16 Dunnavan. Lisa 57. 82 Durnell. Sheryl 64 Dygert. Mr. Charles 103. 109 Eddy. Amy 82 Eddy. Julie 82 Edwards. Doriel 82 Egly. Dale 53. 65 193Egly. Mickey 45. 82 Ehrlich. Jenny 43 Eidenier. Chris 82 Eidenier. Daryl 21. 82. 160 Eidenier. Michael 65 Ellis. David 82 Emerick. Jack Erb. Anila 83 Erb. Diane 7. 17. 35. 83 Erwin. Mr. Carlton 109 Erwin. Lewis 20. 83 Etheridge. Corbett 13. 16. 20. 83. I 16 Evans. Dawn 83 Evans. Roxanne 83 Favourite. Karan 83 Favourite. Tim 83. 116 Fenton. Matt 20. 120. 121 Ferrier. Laura 83 Fiandt. Mr. John 108 Field. Jenny 83. 114. 147 Fifer. Jerry 49. 83. 120. 127 Fleming. Mr. James 103 Flora. Sean 65 Foley. Phil 4. 5. 23. 36. 59. 64. I 16 Folks. Luanne 83 Fosburg. Vickie 83 Foster. Scott 83 Fox. Alan 10. 25. 27. 29. 35. 64. 74. 122. 151. 162 Fox. Doug 83. I 24 Fox. Norman 83 Fraley. Curtis 13. 16. 20 Fraley. Jack 13. 16. 29. 63. 64. I 16 Fraley. Mark 83 Fraley. Shane 18. 77. 83 Friend. Brian 83. I 26 Friend. Terry 65 Fritz. James 83 Fritz. Shawn 84. 160. 162 Frye. Robert Fuller. Danny Fuller. Donna Fuller. Doreen 84 Fulton. Mrs. Eileen 102 Furniss. Paul 56. 84. I 14. 132 Funk. Tim 84 Gajewski. Dale 48. 84. 99. 120. 132. 133. 162 Gajewski. Janice 76. 84 Garcia. Chriss 65 Garr. Charles 84 Garrison. David 84 Garrison. Wanda Gates. Jodi 84 Gauthier. Dan Gecowets. Beth 84. 138. 141 Geer. Deb 49. 84. 138. 152 Geer. Mike 84 George. Bart 65 George. Bret 84 Gerard. Jeff 84 Gerard. John 84. 90. I 16 German. Chelly 84. 138. 140. 141 Gibson. Gina 84. 160 Gill. Mike 84 Gilliam. Kelley Goings. Anddi 21. 84. 135. 138. 139. 142. 146. 147 Goings. Stacey 84. I 38 Gonya. Dan 26 Gordon. Anja 84. 138 Gorrell. Todd 64 Goslee. Rick 60. 84 Goudy. Lori 84 Grace. Tim 84 Graft. Chris 85. 144 Gramling. Melissa 85 Grant. Mr. Jim I 10 Graves. Kelli 43. 54 Grayson. Shannon 85 Green. Lisa Green. Mona 85 Greenwood. Heather 49. 85 Griem. Jeremy 78. 85. 122. 160 Griffith. Barbara 5. 9. 36. 39. 64. 74. 144. 163 Grill. Mr. Steve 86. 107 Grimes. Todd 16. 17. 25. 35. 85 Grimes. Tracey 7. II. 18. 23. 25. 35. 39 65. 152. 159. 164 Groshon. Laura 85 Gupta. Anjali 85. 157. 196 Guthier. Kelly 85 Gutstein. Susan 49. 85. 160 Haifley. Kris 85 Haines. John 85 Haines. Larry 85 Hall. Mrs. Kathy 20. 104 Hall. Linda 85 Hall. Sheila 85 Hammel. Mr. John 106 Hancock. Pam 85. 163 Hanna. Kandi 23. 26. 85. 152. 161. 164 Hansen. Krissy 85. 144. 156 Hantz. Fred 85 Hantz. Kevin 65 Hantz. Rick 36. 66 Hantz. Troy 86 Harger. Wendy Harnishfeger. Joni Harpenau. Cynthia 66 Harpenau. Kevin 86. 160 Harris. Joe 5 1. 86 Harris. Mrs. Kathleen 104 Harris. Shelly 67 Harter. Rill 86 Harter. Derek 86. I 14 Harter. Mr. Don 105 Hartsuff. William 122 Hauck. Eric 45. 86 Hauck. Linda 22. 23. 30. 67. 161 Hawk. James Hawks. Roger 30. 67. 114. 115. 132 Hawks. Veronica II. 17. 24. 25. 39. 67. 159. 164. 186 Heckathorn. John 86 Henderson. Teresa 66 Hege. Ms. Linda 21. 108. 142 Herbert. John 15. 36. 39. 49. 64. 66 Herbert. Ron 66 Hiler. Mike 67. 125. 158. 179. 189. 201 Hindman. Holly 86. 135. 145. 202 Hinman. Carrie 86 Hinman. Pam 86 Hinman. Sherri 86 Hipskind. Martha 9. 10. 21. 22. 23. 27. 39. 49. 59. 67. 74. 142 Hirons. Jeff 7. 86. 160. 196 Hively. Laura 86 Hochderffer. Jody 13. 32 Hocker. Bob 20. 86. 116 Hocker. Wendy 39. 49. 58. 67. 163 Holcomb. Neil 7. 26. 58. 86. 122. 160 Holiday. Dennis 56. 86. I 16. 125 Holiday. Marty Holmes. LuAnne Homan. Beth 66 Huntine. Laurie Hopson. Brenda Houlton. Scott 86. 99 Hoyer. Jeff 86 Hoyer. Tracy 86 Hudnut. Linda 86 Hudson. Jim 86 Hudson. Margaret 86 Hullinger. Marcia 38. 87 Hullinger. Sherrie 49. 66 Huq. Mahfuz 67. 120 Huysbregts. Robert 66. 75 Ice. Kim 82. 87. 88. 148. 160. 161 Ickes. Steve 56. 87 Ingman. Lori 87 Jack. Laurie 21. 87. 142 Jack. Scott 87 Jenkins. Craig 36. 67 Jinnings. Alan 28. 55. 67 Jobe. Nicole 87 Johnson. Delisa 87 Johnson. Doreen 66 Johnson. Eric I I I Johnson. Jessee 66. 204 Johnson. Tracey 21. 23. 38. 39. 67. 134. 138. 139. 142. 162 Jones. Cyndi 87 Jones. Jim 87. I 14 Jones. Mrs. Judy 6. 102 Kabanas. Stan 12. 13. 16. 67. 74 Kelley. Mr. Harry 102 Kelley. Patti 87 Kennedy. John 87. 122 Kessler. Kim 87 Kiesel. Greg 61.87 Kimmel. Bart Kimpel. Debbie 87. 187 Kimpel. Tami 87 King. Jane King. Mark 17. 24. 25. 34. 38. 49. 68. 120. 121. 156. 157. 162. 164 King. Mrs. Sara 109 Kinney. Bobbie Jo Kinsey. John Kiper. Jeff Kiper. Mike 13. 16 Kiper. Tom 87. I 20 Kirkman. Tom 49. 87 Klee. Pam 87 194Klink. Julie 36. 68 Knauer. Mr. Roger 104 Knotek. Jackie 22. 23. 62. 68. 162 Kohli. Joanne 69 Koukkula. Rislo 69 Kozlowski. Carrie 49. 88. 203 Krebs. Cole 20. 88. 116 Krebs. Mr. Harry 109 Krohn. Kurt 45. 69 Kruse. Ms. Mary Jane 106 Kunce. Robert 88 Kuruda. Tony 52. 88 Lahrman. Tina 88 Lambert. John 20. 88. I 16. 132. 133. 200 Lambert. Lucy 88 Lambert. Theresa 88 Lash. Joel 7. 58. 88. 122. 160 Leckner. Holly 88. 93. 138. 141. 148. 202 Lehman. Annette 88 Lehman. Mike 88 Lehman. Scott 69 Lehman. Stacy 88 Lepley. Kelli 88. 142. 143 Lesiak. Kris 88. 114. 142 Leslie. Kim 49. 88 Leslie. Kris 42. 49. 88 Lewis. Kellie Light. Jeff 36. 69 Light. Steve 88 Long. Rick 88. I 16. 127 Lopshire. Kim 88 Lowe. Mrs. Ramona 104 Loynes. Les 88 Lude. Jennifer 88 Lundgren. Tana 88. 145. 145 Lundgren. Tara 10. 21. 27. 48. 88. 138. 139. 142. 143. 146 McCormick. Pat 89. 122. 160 McCosh. Jamie 57. 89 McCosh. Jody 89 McHenry. Randy 6. 9. 16. 78. 89 McKeever. Mr. Howie 109. 153. 201 McKeever. Mrs. Olive 107 McKinley. Mark 89 McLauchlin. Jana 89 McLauchlin. Jill 15. 22. 23. 31. 56. 57. 69. 161 McLauchlin. John 89 McWhinney. Melissa 89. 94. 138. 140. 141 Mahnesmith. Kent 89. 114. 132. 200 Mailand. Jodi 89 Marple. Doris 89 Marple. Lynn 89 Marten. Tammy Martin. Jeff 7. 47. 89. 122. 160 Martin. Kenneth Mattox. Doug 14. 20. 69. I 16. 200 Mattox. Joe 89. 126 Maxton. Anne 44. 89 Meek. Angie 89 Meek. Rae Ann 69 Messman. Rick 89 Meyers. Ms. Marilyn 105 Meyers. Ted 89. 126 Millhouse. Cathy 89 Millhouse. Michael 14. 20. 69. I 16. 155. 201 Mills. Mona 90 Mitchell. Becky 90 Mitchell. Bryan 90 Mitchell. Greg 32. 90 Mitchell. Melissa 26. 69 Mitchell. Mike 90 Mocherman. Terry 69 Moore. Karen 85. 90 Moore. Rachelle 59. 90. 160 Morales. Danny 90 Morales. Sylvia 85. 90 Morgan. Rick 90 Morse. David 90 Mortorff. Wayne 23. 69. I 14. 115. 162 Murphy. Al 21. 90. 161 Murphy. Rodney 90 Muse. Kim 90 Muse. Misse 90 Musser. Lisa 90 Musser. Tricia 90 Neff. Mrs. Reta I 10 Neff. Ruth Ellen 49. 90. 167 Nesbitt. Mr. Carl 106 Nier. David 90. 126 Nodine. Matt 69. 205 Nofziger. Mr. Sam 104 Noll. Bart 7. 90 Noss. Dave 6. 69 Ogle. Terri 90 Olinske. Alan 74. 90 Olinske. Lanette 90 Olinske. Scott 68. 162 Olson. Tom 90. 120. 121 Onofrietti. Becky 91 Ordway. James 6. 91 Orewiler. April 91 Osmon. Michelle 33. 91 Owens. Mrs. Rose 107 Parker. Don 12. 91. 127 Parker. Jenny 91 Parker. Jim 91 Parker. Mike 91. 116 Parks. Lisa 91. 145 Parks. Shelly 91. 145 Parnin. Ann 91 Parnin. Elane 91. 193 Parnin. Steve 68. 64. 120 Patterson. Lori 91 Penix. Doug 91. 160 Pentico. Steve 91 Peppier. Jeff 69 Perry. Mrs. Phyllis 103 Peterson. John 91. 96 Petre. Kevin 91 Petre. Tanya 91 Phelps. Mr. Christopher 108 Phillips. Ron 40. 49. 68. 69 Pineiro. Tracy 6 Platt. Jim 14. 20. 89. I 16. 124. 125. 200 Pollard. Shawna 85. 91 Poor. Mr. Scott 109 Popp. Vickie 92. 138. 141 Porter. Kamie 62. 74. 162 Poss. Pat 20. 92. 116 Powell. Joy 92. I 55 Presley. Brett 13. 16. 92 Price. Randy 49. 92. 160 Privett. Jennifer 49. 92 Pufahl. Rebecca 49 Quinn. David 92 Quinn. Teresa 92 Rashley. Scott 92. 114. 155 Rathbun. Mindie 49. 92 Ratliff. Darron 92 Reade. Mrs. Rosalee 7. 102 Reed. Mrs. Margaret 101 Rexilius. Marcus 92 Rexilius. Reiko 48. 58. 92. I 14. 142. 159. 206 Reynolds. Chris 92 Reynolds. Shawn 50. 59. 92. 122 Rheinheimer. Tom 92. I 14 Richmond. Darron 92 Richter. Brad 92 Ridenour. Jackie 92 Ridenour. Valerie 92 Ritter. Michelle 23. 36. 37. 92. 26. 148. 152. 160. 161 Robbins. Jack 92 Robbins. Mike 92. I 16 Roberts. Vonda 70 Robinson. Mr. Doyle 19. 44. 106 Robinson. Mr. Neil 106 Rodman. Mr. Jerry 107 Rohm. Mark 92. 120. 126 Roland. John 70. 155 Romero. Dan 93 Romero. Dave 93 Rose. Ronnie 93 Rowe. Brad 93. I 16 Rowe. Ronda 93 Rozell. Greg 93 Ruckel. Kelle 39. 40. 70. 144. 202 Rumsey. Tim 93 Rupp. Dave I 1. 90. 93 Ruppert. Roy 93 Ruselink. David 93. 122. 134. 160 Ryan. John 93 Sanders. Mrs. Karen 58. 109. 207 San Giacomo. Rich 70. 75. 162 Sattison. Missy 49. 93 Saunders. Brian 7. 93. 122 Saylor. Mr. lorn 21. 102. 134 Saylor. Jeff 93 Saylor. Shane 20. 35. 68. 93. I 16 Schaab. Barb 93 Schaab. Stacey 80. 93 Schafer. Kathleen 93 Schafer. Lesley 21. 84. 93. 138 142. 143 Schafter. John 94 Schannen. Stephanie 93 Schannen. Steve 70. 162 Schenkel. Darren 94 Scheiber. Deana 94 Schmidt. Roy II. 56. 94 Schmidt. Steve 49. 94 Schock. George 7. 20. 94. I 28 Schock. Lori 94. 138. 141. 146. 195148 Scott. Dean 94 Scott. Shanna 94 Sharp. Nancy 94 Sharp. Jenni II. 55. 70 Sheahan. Kay 94 Shearer. Dave 24. 25. 70. 162 Shearman. Karen 94 Sheets. Andy 94 Sheets. Charles 33. 83. 94 Sheets. Stephanie 12. 16. 17. 49. 94. 205 Sheffield. Jeff 94. 116. 127 Shelton. Mr. Les 109 Shelton. Scott 70. 68 Shepherd. Gina 81. 94 Shepherd. Raymond 20. 94. I 16 Sherburne. Chad 70 Sherman. Judy 94 Shipe. Gloria 10. 21. 27. 94, 142 Shirley. Steve 94 Shock. Linda 70 Shoup. Jaime 94. 148. 167. 205 Shriner. Scott 94 Siebold. Ms. Nancy 107 Sierer. Debbie 95. 162 Sierer. Dennis 95 Simon. Amy 95 Simons. Darrell 23. 95. 101. 170 Simons. Eric 22. 26. 36. 39. 50. 59. 70. 120. 121. 160. 162 Sirk. Mr. Joe 102 Sitar. Faith 95 Skaggs. Julie 70 Slauson. Erika 95. I 35 Slauson. Nancy 95 Sloan. Sherri 23 Smith. Candy 95 Smith. Gene 95 Smith. Jackie 32. 70. 162. 163. 205 Smith. James 70 Smith. Louis 70 Smith. Neysa 95. 140 Smith. Stephanie 95 Smiadeki. Mr. Clement 105 Snyder. Carietta 95 Snyder. Dave 104 Snyder. Eric 15. 95 Snyder. Jeff 70 Snyder. Mark 95 Snyder. Scott 95 Soderberg. Kristina 88. 95. 148. 202 Sonner. Jeff 70. 187 Spitler. April 95 Sprague. Jodi 41. 63. 70. 75. 138 Sprague. Jon 9. 27. 29. 70. I 14. I 15. 124. 125. 132. 159. 162. 206 Stackhouse. Angela 22. 56. 57. 73. 160. 161 Stackhouse. Rachael 22. 95. 161 Staup. Brian 63. I 16 Steele. Brian 20. 95. 116 Steele. Wanda 95 Stetler. Shawn 96 Steury. Jonas 96. 127 Stevens. Shelle 96 Stevens. Mr. Rex 108 Stevenson. Dale 96 Stevenson. Dennis 96 Stewart. Bobbie 96 Stokes. Mr. Sam 23. 104. 167 Stowe. Mike 96 Stoy. Court 96 Stoy. Ken 90. 96 Stoy. Kevin 5. 33. 96 Strawser. Todd 73 Stukey. Stacy 66. 73 Sullivan. Mrs. Audrey 102 Superintendent s Office 103 Stultz. Jan 39. 49. 73 Sutton. Alice 96 Sutton. Malisia 96 Swagger. Troy 56. 90. 96. I 16 Swank. Mrs. Margeret 103 Swary, James 96 Swafford. Tracey 49 Swenson. Dawn 7. 49. 51. 73 Swenson. Eric 96 Swiniuch. Ken 96 Szeman. Lois 96 Szeman. Lori 96 Taylor. Debbie 5. 73. 162 Taylor. Dennis 73 Thalls. Mr. Adrian 105 Thomas. Jason 96 Thomas. Mrs. Kay Thomas. Layk 96. 120. 162 Thomas. Leif 96. 204 Thompson. Beth 96 Thompson. Tabby 97 Thompson. Tyler 97. 120. 204 Thrallkill. Jay 97 Tolle. John 97 Tuttle. Tyler 97. I 16 Underwood. Vickie 97 Ulch. Susan 97 Unger. Dawn 97. 148, 157 Unger. Jill 49. 97. 148 Usher. Shannon 22. 97 Van. John 73 VanAuken. Tim 97 VanDyne. Angie 97 VanWagner. Laurie 138. 140. 141. 148 Votaw. Michael 58. 97. I 10 Wainwright. Mike 97 Waite. Amy 22. 23. 31. 39. 50. 73. 161 Waite. Barbara 86. 97 Waite. Teresa 21. 97. 142 Wagner. Chris 20. 97. I 16 Walcutt. Barry 97 Walcutt. Mrs. Helene 104 Walcutt. Holly 97. 161 Waldrip. Lloyd 97. I 14 Walker. Laura 98 Wall. Dena 98 Wall. Steve 7. 54. 98. 120. 196 Wall. Toni 98 Walston. Tim 98 Watson. Anna 159 Weicht. Beth 49. 99. 158. 207 Weiss. Mark 6. 99. 101. 122 Weller. Mr. Paul 103 Wellons. Andrew 98 Wells. Todd 73 Whitcomb. Sean 98 Wilcox. Aimee 7. 34. 98. 161 Willms. Jeff 99 Willms. Martin 99 Wilsey. Amy I I. 99 Wilson. Polly 75. 98. 136. 140. 141. 152 Winebrenner. Scott 154 Wohlers. Steve 98. 116. 134 Wood. Sam 98 Woodruff. Rusty 14. 20. 98. 116 Workman. Kim 99 Wren. Chris 20. 99 Wren. Troy 98 Wright. Julie 23. 48. 98. 152. 161. 203. 206 Wright. Mr. Tony 107. 152 Wyatt. Denise 49 Wyatt. Doug 98 Wyatt. Judi 98. 145 Yontz. Jim 99 Yontz. Mike 99 Young. Mindy 99 Younger. Chris 73 Younger. Mike 95. 98 Zeiger. Missy 98 Zerler. Terry 99 Zimmer. Lana 30. 73 Zimmerman. Maria 7. 99. 138. 148 Zintzmaster. Dan 99 1%COIOPIOI PAGE CREDITS Mark Behee: 193. 194. 195. 196. 197. 198 Aimee Carr 122. 123. 130. 131. 146. 147. 148. 149 Tammy Chiddister: 64. 65. 68. 69. 72. 73. 76. 77. 80. 81. 84. 85. 90. 91. 92. 93. 94. 95. 96. 97. 98. 99. 102. 103. 104. 105. 106. 107. 108. 109. 110. III. 193. 194. 195. 196. 197. 198 Diane Dowell: 177. 191 Phil Foley. 126. 127. 138. 139. 140. 141. 170. 180. 181 Jack Fraley: 144. 145. 178. 179 Tracey Grimes: I. 2. 3. 4. 5. 8. 9. 42. 43. 60. 61. 112. 113. 150. 151. 168. 169. 186. 187 Veronica Hawks: 10. II. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 22. 23. 24. 25. 26. 27. 28. 29. 30. 31. 34. 35. 36. 37. 188. 189 Reiko Rexilius: 20. 21. 32. 33. 36. 37. 38. 39. 40. 41. 44. 45. 46. 47. 48. 49. 50. 51. 52. 53. 54. 55. 56. 57. 58. 59. 134. 135. 136. 137. 164. 165. 167. 190. 193. 194. 195. 196. 197. 198. 200. 201. 202. 203. 204. 205. 206. 207. 208 Mrs. Karen Sandersi 122. 123. 171. 172. 173. 174. 175. 176. 193. 194. 195. 199. 208 Jon Sprague: 114. 115. 116. 117. 118. 119. 120. 121. 122. 123. 124. 125. 128. 129. 130. 131. 132. 133. 136. 137. 142. 143. 146. 147. 148. 149. 184. 185 Beih Weicht: 6. 7. 62. 63. 66. 67. 70. 71. 74. 75. 78. 79. 82. 83. 86. 87. 88. 89. 100. 101. 192 Julie Wright: 152. 153. 154. 155. 156. 157. 158. 159. 160. 161. 162. 163. 166. 182. 183 ART CREDITS Wendy Hocker cover and division pages PHOTOGRAPHERS Melody Barlett Mark Behee Mr. Beckwith Mr. Fred Bilodeau Jeff Bledsoe Tammy Bramhall Tammy Chiddister Amy Eddy Dan Gauthier Tracey Grimes Susan Gutstein Mrs. Mary Hawks Veronica Hawks Dean Orewiler Kamie Porter Reiko Rexilius Gloria Shipe Mrs. Karen Sanders Mike Smow Amy Waite Beth Weicht SPECS Cover: Custom Stamped Stamping Color: Gold Foil 380 Material Color I: Smoke 491 Material Color 2: Maroon 541 Artwork: Wendy Hocker Copies Printed: 530 Trim Size: 8» 2 ' by II Paper Stock: Gloss 191 Endsheets: Gold Dust 286 Headlines: Zipatone. Letraset Body Copy: 10 pt. Lydian Bold Caption Copy: 8 pt. Lydian Bold Folio Tabs: 8 pt. Index: 8 pt. Colophon: 8 pt. Publisher: Jostens American Yearbook Co. 1312 Dickson Highway Clarksville. TN 37040 Representative: Mark Childs Advisor: Karen Sanders Special Thanks: S 6 J Photo Wilcox Photographic Serv. National School Studios Good News Bookstore Herald-Republican COLOPHON 197 r201202Good oldthrough. Those special few deserve a special thank you and are as follows: Reiko Rexilius. sophomore: Tammy Chiddister. sophomore; Jon Sprague, senior; Aimee Carr, sophomore; I Mark Behee. freshman; Beth Weicht. sophomore; Julie Wright, sophomore; and. Tammy Bramhall. junior. (Mrs.) Karen Sanders Advisor

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