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J7 [f H III fllS fflni,?, F.VBLIC LIBRARY 3 1833 01802 1896 GENEALOGY 977. E02 AN AHS 1973 Digitized by tine Internet Arciiive in 2010 witli funding from http: details l ey1973ango The Key 1973 Angola High School Angola Indiana Volume 52 a sii SI • iff if ii Hi ii if III II mir0 m m iH x % Images past — images lost I Ijiia es renienihered. 1 1 Memories of a year gone by ■■I ' ■• ' i II V i I ■ I i fiff il Reflections of 72-73 Table of Contents Academics iQ , J Student Life 35 t Classes 66 Sports 104 Activities 132 Junior High 154 M Community 135 Senior Directory 202 ■T . SCIMEDA CA A CA DEMICS ' TN English Department continues to modernize Again, the English Department has ex- panded to create better courses for the students. The Department drafted a new curriculum, consisting of 38 elective se- mester courses. This change has captured the interest of many students who used to feel that English was a " Ho-Hum " class. The Department also had the addi- tion of 3 new teachers: Mrs. Powers, Mrs. Williams, and Mr. VanderHayden. Mr. Scott takes a break after a class. BELOW: Mr. Dougherty gives to a good cause. 12 w ' X f . I JPb i J . Mrs. McKeever. chairman of the English Department. • IJP, ' i ' -- ■- «:■ Mrs. Williams, caught off guard during a Drama Class dress rehersal. ■ -7 1 4 1 -t r ,ti A few Junior High students flock around Mrs. Powers for help. E i BC VIgg k 1 I " T w .. ■ --v- ■ • 1 gi |i.;; ' ' ♦ M H -ti , Mrs. Powers with a Yearbook Advisor. i m Mrs. Owens enjoys helping students with their grammar problems. Mr. Dougherty, in deep concentration? 13 — V. Mr. Brayton, casually issuing a pass. " Oh come now Mr. VanderHayden! " Hey Miss Counterman, Cheese! " BELOW Mrs. Spoolstra reading a good book to her students. Basic skills learned in Business Department Typing, Shorthand, Accounting, Business Machines, these are just a few of the great variety of courses offered in the new Business Curriculum. These courses are ex- cellent to provide adequate knowledge of the " Basic skills of Business. " Mr. Vaughn pauses to answer Dawn Scott ' s question. m X Mrs. Meyerrose. busily correcting typing errors. BELOW: Did the " morning gang " crack a funny joke? - ' r - " ?. ' , T! ' OTEii«ti. ' .l- Mrs. King teaching 7th grade t ping. ABOVE: Mr. Thalls in a typical mood. 15 v Just listen. Understanding conies in all languages TOP LEFT Mrs. Cook is asking, " Do you speak french ' ? " ' ABOVE: Latin is hard. So, April is getting some help from Mrs. Spoolstra. BELOW: Mr. Farver is being his naturally helpful self. BOTTOM RIGHT: Mrs. Houlton is always ready to give assistance. i m M V r ' - ' , ( , I Are you trying to tell us somethmg? MIDDLE LEFT: Mrs. Bendezu is practicing a play with her class. ABOi E: Is Mrs. Ful- ton aiding you Susie? BOTTOM LEFT: Mrs. Sisler is working on the attendance. 17 Why the nation is what it is " Social studies is the study of man and his institutions in society, " says Mr. Fiandt. chairman of the social studies department. Anthropology, the French Revolution and Napoleonic History, the History of China, and the Historv of Japan are the new courses added to the social studies curriculum for this year. Mr. Burnau organized the second annual trip to Washington D.C. for students in the social studies area. The class of 1974 is also hoping for this experience. The three new rooms built in 301-302 will give the department two records rooms and one new classroom. Mr. Burnau enjoys his morning paper with his students; Jeff, Reg. and Ron. Mr. Goodwin appears to be doing homework. Mr. Simon is taking timeout from coaching, wrestling, and teaching to read the newspaper. 18 J5 Is Mr. Fiandt uorklna hard or hardlv work- ing? 3 a j t - ' 4 r cipv ' i , Vj i ■III J.1JUU1 nil Mr. Nesbitt, arevou thinking of essa questions for the U.S. Histor students? Z Jf ' t ' ' ' Looks like Mr. Sirk and Mr. Nesbitt are planning a sneak attack on the students. «£r ; - . .i ' J 19 I- " ' W, Math classes strengthen student ' s ability to think Through homework assignments tests, and discussions, math students at AHS were given the opportunity to increase their ability to think. The Math Depart- ment, with Mr. Dygert, Mr. Hammel, Mrs. Boyer. Mrs. Kile, Mrs. Thalls, and Mrs. Schubert offered students a chance to reach their goals in math. RIGHT: Spark and Jean are smiling with Mrs. Thalls. ABOVE: Mrs. Schubert — caught by a camera? Mr. Hammel is working on stumping his Algebra II and Trig students. 20 After collecting the homework assignments Mr. Dygert stops to think over a real toughie. ABOVE: Jr. High teacher, Mrs. Kile is busy recording homework into her math records. BELOW: Mrs. Boyer is really into some heavy thinking, mathmatical thinking of course! i|.1 .25 X-2 ,qO fS 3 ME 21 W The subject makes the world go In the science section the yearbook stu- dents would like to give a big thanks to Mrs. Clark, who taught until this year, Mrs. Clark taught science and then Family Loving and Living to the Junior high stu- dents. ABOVE: Mr. Snyder and Dennis are laughing. The paper must be Stacey ' s test. BOTTOM RIGHT: Smiling Mr. Rodman watches interested sophomores as they observe something interesting. mm It ' s Mr. Kearney ' s lucky day. He explained something and she understood. Will miracles ever cease? 22 ABOVE: Mr. Dygert in physics is helping Toff, Bruce, Donna, and most of all Gar with an average simple question about ph - sics. TOP RIGHT Mr, W right or Dr. Jekyll is mi.xing a mysterious mi.xture to make the people of A.H.S. get it together. Mr. V alker stands over the boys like a guardian angel hoping ever thing is right or else. 23 " Home Ec. students expand their domestic knowledge Mrs. Buse and Mrs, 1 rcnnepohl discussing the next grocery list. Mrs. Trennepohl head of the Home Ec Dept.; Mrs. Hcier. a new Home Ec teacher. An — a journey through the eultural world Mrs. Klemmg, a new Art teacher. Mr. Robinson vs. Mona Lisa ,X 25 I Music is an art and a talent and it ' s improving tm¥Mm i»i ii .f ' • The Marching Hornets, at NISBOVA, are preparing for inspection and Mr. Frisinger is helping. W pi ABOVE: Mr, Nichols is directing the Junior High Band in concert. BELOW: Mr. Frisinger is directing the Pep Band that plays for the pom pon girls in contest, at home basketball games, and at Tri-State basketball games. Mr. Frisinger is directing the concert band. Miss Siebold teaches music and choir, and helps direct the fall musicals. 26 Physical Education strengthens the body the mind ABOVE: The Sophomores are in gym class. Are the girls in co-ed wrestling matches? BELOW: After a trying day in phys. ed., yawning Mr. Maugherman is taking a brealc with Leslie Morrow. BOTTOM LEFT: Interested seventh graders are listening quietly to Miss Doub. I Mr. D. Robinson tells David Sevits to work! Mr. Maugherman is trying to show a free shot technique. 27 Industrial Arts helps students to learn by doing I • ♦ . Mr. Stevens, are you SURE this is a screw -driver? Mr. Shutl Hashes one of his sexy smiles between auto mechanics classes. 28 You ' re all wet Mr. Sniadecki! Even the Industrial Art teachers must have nourishment! Mr. Robison explains a few engineering concepts to Greg Hackett. Mr. Sniadecki. high and dry. Mr. Heier, proofreading some of the fantastic work of Graphic Arts class. 29 Guidance Counselors granted new office The A.H.S. Guidance Office now con- sists of 3 separate offices and a large waiting room. Mr. Krebs was also add- ed to the staff. Mr. Krebs between appointments. BELOW: Mrs. Moore at her desk. %J Mr. Fleming helps Elaine Almond make a schedule change. v ' -ilii Miss Lautzenliiser discusses a problem with a student. Secretaries and supervisors are indispensable Miss Sanders, secretary in the Superinlendenl ' s office. ' S; ' a . . - ' 1L " Hello. Angola Animal Farm, " Rosie is templed to say. Mrs. Lowe is busy attaching over-due slips to students library cards. I Mrs. Swank is dictating to Mrs. Dygert the numerous absentees of Study Hall. TT B Mrs. Cox and Mrs. Rozell. also Superintendent ' s secretaries. 31 ir — --Wby-i Good administration makes a happy school ABOVE Mr. Weaver is enjoying a cafe lunch. Mr. Kelley, principal of Angola H.S. ' " i Viy Mr. McCutchan is the superintendent. 32 Mr. Weaver, the assistant principal Mr. Schock, the assistant superintendent, is in charge of busing, ordering books, and many other things. BELOW: LEFT TO RIGHT: Dr. Claude Davis. Mr. Mark Peterman, Dr. Donald Mason, Mr. R. Laurence Klink, and Mr. Burdette Hall are members of the school board. 33 Floyd Deetz and 7 assistants maintain cafe. r o Cooks: LEFT TO RIGHT: Marita Lovell, Hariet Means, Claudia Cox, Ruth Anspaugh, Floyd Deetz, IzoraCall, Marguerite Harter and Maxine Nagler. mne namfijfsmfr iSKK sei ,an z= w m m • i- f ■-JH5 X ■ I : 1 % The noontime gossip hour. Angola High School ' s most nearly perfect food. 34 Bus drivers and maintenance crew plow through M Bus drivers are: Jesse Greenamyer, Dora Snyder, Donelda Austin. John Greenamyer. Helen Linnemeier, Clifton Nilson, Janice Nilson, Naomi VanMeter, John Erwin. Carl Waymire, Jim Swift, George Coney, Hallis Fisher, Charles Libey, Maynard Landis, Ross Holman, John Linn. Not pictured: Louis Ball. Janitors are; Bob Gebhart, Charles Brown, Tom German, Les Shelton, Leonard Hughes, and Carlton Erwin. An excitmg ride on bus 53. ' Is it Monday morning Tom? 35 EFIL TNEDUTS STUDENT LIFE ▼sr CROSS COUNTRY, TENNIS, FOOTBALL AT 38 AHS CONTINUE AHEAD WITH TEAM SPIRIT I . ■ K " 39 " TT POM-PON GIRLS BAND SUCCESSFUL IN 72-73 SWEEP NISBOVA WINS GREAT TR OPHIES 40 ..rsiE . 41 CARNIVAL, DANCE, PARADE CREATE GREAT HOMECOMING ■nMnwawMMM ' ?•! -. . .A v 5k 1 43 JULIE MAUGHERMAN, BARNEY BRYAN 44 CREATE Lit ' ABNER 45 GYMNASTICS, WRESTLING, BASKETBALL MEMBERS HAVE OUTSTANDING AHS SEASONS. P j i t i i 46 1 I li 47 HI-Y PROM, CLASS ROOM WORK(?),HALL STUDENTS ARREST, NIGHT ACTIVITIES STIR AHS 49 V SENIOR TREE STIRS— UP CHRISTMAS JOY 50 LI :.1|; No Smoking IN THIS X 51 T - SHOWBOAT ' 73 INVADES AHS THEATRE 52 - - Active students make school lively 3 A.H.S. BATTLES VISITING CHALLENGERS A,- ,:. .- ... 56 4 ' A » ' -£ • P . 1 M« " c - ... C- - A ' «We: S««5 fe-4«» l - ) ifei».:SAii-: ws ' -- ' ' j ISfc- ' ♦■:.. . .-.- w . » lK ' ' ' , ' — 57 T . " DISNEYLAND " HEADS SPRING VOCAL CONCERT WITH ALL STYLES OF MUSIC - " " 1 Y « 58 " H 41 t I h III 59 AWARDS DAY HONORS AHS STUDENTS — CONVOCA TIONS ENTERTAIN ENTIRE HIGH SCHOOL 60 % Ei itti 61 " ■ ■ " Tx SATURDAY " ■ ' IN THE " PARK " CREATES JUNIOR SENIOR PROM 62 63 •T PROUD 1973 SENIORS MARCH TO THEIR The long awaited day of gradua- tion arrived on May 20, at A.H.S. Even though the Class of ' 73 Aon " t miss the study aspect of A.H.S., Tm sure they ' ll miss the FUN!!!!! 64 ULTIMATE GLORY GRADUATION T SESSA L C CLASSES After four long years of toil and triumph, seniors say, " We finally made it. " Valedictorians: Pamela Williams and Bruce Gibson Elaine Almond Galen Anspaugh Salutatorian: Toff Hill 68 Cindy Anstett Trudy Babcock Robert Bal 4 Beverly Barnes I, I Linda Bassett 69 Renee Beard Mike Berry flpililiilllMiM National Merit Semi-Finalists: SEATED: Leslie Morrow, Pam Williams. STA NDING: Toff Hill, Jay Stevens. Patty Bird Todd Bledsoe Dennis Bobay 70 • Alice Bowden John Bower Donna Bovd Anita Brown Gloria Brown Tom Broun 71 Denni.-, Brubaker Barney Bryan Dan Burris LyIeCall Mary Carrick Kevin Carv Kay Chard John Clark John Clifton Randy Coffey IT " Mike Colbert f V, Julie Dahl Candv Dcller Sharlee Deller David DeMara R(in hddv Brad hmerick Carlliin Dale 1 rwin Judy Hrwin Debra Eysler Alan lanning 74 William Fee Ed Flegal Rolla Frisinger Laureen Fulton Sheryl Gaffin Jodee Gleen Rhonda Coings James Guthier Greg Hamilton David Harpham John Hornbrook Jacquelyn Hubler Pam Huffman Todd Jones Rhonda Knecht Irene Konrad (I Jane Hershberger Mary Jo Hoffman " " -«V( 76 if 1 • v«» T 1 Terry Lancaster David Light Patricia Lincoln Janine Lininger Mike Martin Sue McKeever 77 V Michelle Meek Colleen Menllal Bill Milhollm I ucinda Millei Mind Miller Brad Moore ' 7S r Leslie Morrow Dennis Mow Deni Mudrack ) Joe NelT John Nilson I TV X Vickv Nix PattiOberlin Dan Olis Connie Ordway Larrv Orewiler Thad Often Ron Parker Karen Penick 80 Sheila Penick Nancy Penix Rosemary Porter 81 T , V Gale Ryan Marda Sailor Tom Sanborn Ken Sapp Kirk Schock Dawn Scotl Violet Scott Tom Sell Wi 82 A HORNETS -O Martha Sheets Leland Short Carolyn Silberg Sandy Skaggs Reginald Steel Jay Stevens Lavon Stomm Penny Stroman Barb Taylor Christina Tritch Cathy Vilders Linda Wannenwetsch 84 Gar Weber Mike Wenzel Pam Wetzel 1 . % V We made it this far — one more year to Jr. olTicers: Randy Hammond, pres.; Danny Ham- mel, vice-pres.; Doug Summers, bus-mng.; Mr. Bur- neau, sponsor Vickie Andrew Nila Armstrong Debra Arnett Sandra Austin Richard Baad Cheryl Beck Karl Beer Patricia Bentley Donald Bledsoe Karen Bolin Robin Bork Jan Bowers Elaine Bratton Pam Burger Linda Burton Robin Bush John Carney David Carr Karen Carson Cindy Champion David Cleverly Larry Clark Vince Clark 86 Rhonda Clausen Todd Coggeshall Dale Cope Larry Cope Rebecca Cope Jefl ' Counterman i Roberta Crain David Cuneo Deborah Day Tom Dirr Diane Douglass Danny Eyster Lonnie Fifer James Firestone Gina Fisher Linda Foglesong Danny Friskney Marsha German Kevin Giant Lilli Gonser Greg Hackelt Mary Hale Jan Hall Danny Hammel Randy Hammond Kirk Hancock Ronald Harter 87 Charles Hastreiter Chris Heier Lynn Higbee Richard Hill Donna Hilton Cheri Hinman Doug Hoffman Linda Holse Jo Hornbrook Sylvia Jackson Darrell Johnson Randy Julian Frank Kahn Susie Kelley Merry Kennedy Max Kerr Lisa Kilgallon Mike Kintz Mike Klebe Vickie Klink Carol Knapp Dan Koomler Danise Kratz Carl Kuckuck 88 Richard Kunce Dennis Kyle Dwighl Lanman xr - Debra Meyer Robert Meyers Marcy Miller Karen Millikan Tina Mortoff Doug Moser Jim Neuenschwander Dave Neunam Kelley Nichols Sharon Nunally David O ' Neal Steve Osborne Jody Lavengood Donald Light Jan Lincolin Lonnie Lonsbury Beverly Manparserl Jell Martin Ron Mason Julie Maugherman Ken McCormack 89 T V Debra Parker Scott Parrish Janice Payne John Penick Ed Petry Claudia Poe Jack Potts Janice Richards Jarretta Richards Ruth Richmond Tim Rothrock Brenda Rudolph Greg Sanders Susan Schmidt Mark Scott Cindy Sharrow Mary Sheets Gavla Short Jill Simons Tricia Slack David Snyder Arvilla Stackhouse Reed Steele NevaStoy Rick Strang Kim Straw Teri Stewart Doug Summers 90 Marion Sturmer Richard Taylor CharleneThobe Susan Tilbury Eric Trier Beth Tubergen Sue VanCleave Pam VanW agner Chervl Vilders Robert W arnick Elaine W arstler Meredith W attson Jordan W ells George Whipple Melod White Bill Wilder Julie isner Laura V ord 91 Sophomores smash apathy barrier with class spirit Annette Barton Greg Beer Kathy Bellinger Rita Bobay Greg Bodeen Heidy Bolenbaugh Cathy Bolin Mark Branning John Bright Pat Brown Lelia Burrell Kerry Butz Tom Canipbe Jennifer Canan Ricky Carrick Brian Castle Cindy Caswell Tim Chapman Ray Chrysler Mike Clancy Jerry Clancy Liz Clester Sally Coggeshall Greg Colbert 92 r ™ Dennis Collins Debbie Coney Chuck Cooper Joan Crimmins Fredrick Cripe Jeff Crooks Cindy Cummings Robert Curtis Beckv Davidson Ron Day Dave Deller April Disbro Greg Durr Chelle Dygert Rands Dygert Greg Eberhardt Bill Eyster Kirk Flanigan Luann Ford Denise Franze Lori Fry Lisa Gaffin Cindy German Glenda Gibson Stacv Giant 93 V Vicki Glenn Jennv Golden MikeGolliff Suanne Gorrell David Graves Shirley Green Jeff Gurzynski Mike Hackett Betty Hancock Debbie Hatfield Carrie Haugh Kathy Hill Kirk Holcomb Amy Holderness Mary Holmes Lori Horny Bruce Hull Pat Humphrey Scott Jenkins Susan Johnson Benn Jones Greg Jones David Kaiser Carol Karst Mike Kauffman Cheri Knuth 94 C(» )■ Ken Leslie Gary Lewis Dehbie Light Mike Lougheed Priscilla Lower Christal Lytle Gary Martin Karen MeKeever Barbara McKinlev Jeff Mead Cindy Means Renee Meek Ronald Metz Debra Myers Richard Mick Linda Miller Mary Monroe Teresa Morin Laurel Morrow Phil Moser Dani Lou Mowry Robert Muratori Dewayne Myers Sarah Myers Gary Newman Jeff New nam Beckv Nix Larry Oberlin Karen Oliver Todd O ' Neal Sheri Osborne Roger Parker Rod Parrish 95 " " T Andrea Pastor Cheryl Pavy Debbie Payne Cyndi Penix Ken Peterman Mike Peterman Kim Potts Debbie Proehl Craig Ralston Susan Randolph Jeff Ridenour Rob Ringle Jeff Romine Melody Roush Mark Roue Jean Rowland Jerome Sauter Darlene Schock Daryl Schock Mark Schultz Richard Senger Tony Senneville Greg Sevits MikeShaeffer Kasandra Sherburne Rose Shumaker Jan Simons Jeff Smith Bill Smith Lynette Snyder Tom Sova Kevin Spurgeon Tim Stoy Pam Strang 96 ff Jackie Straw Teresa Slrawser David Stroh Alan Stuitz Diane Swager Teresa Thomas Karen VanU agner Craig Wall Dan Weber Barbara Webster Jodi Wells Ron W enzel Jack Wetzel Pam Whipple Cindy Wilcox Gary W ilcox A ■ " ' letzv Zerb Randy Wilkins Lindsay Williamson Debbie ' willibev Larrv Willig Jeff Willis Beth Zeiaer 97 Freshmen dis- play the ' ' Spirit of ' 76 ' ' Freshman officers: Holly Lonsbury — re- porter, Pat Hilton pres., Karen Rose - vice pres., Mr. Moeller - sponsor, Danette Kratz — sec. Cheryl Andrew Steve Anstett Jim Antrup Sue Austin Rhonda Beck Martha Beer John Benac Dean Berry Gene Berry Jean Bledsoe Julie Bledsoe Tracy Bledsoe Heidi Bloom Debbie Blum Joe Bowerman Mike Braman Jim Brock Jody Bryan Kenny Burris Candy Bush Jim Carney Mark Carpenter Terry Carpenter Greg Castle 98 m. M A Jeff Castleberry Ph llis Caswell ' Julie Ca »ood Susan Chrysler Craig Clark Scou Clark Dick Cleckner Carl Coburn Pam Colbart David Cole Robyn Coston Fred Covell Mark Crouch Peggy Dailey John Damron Patty Davis Kevin DeLucenay June Dolan .7,- Tom Donaldson Beth Donigan Tom Dove Richard Dowidat Karen Durr Mike Eberhart Brent Emerick Lonnie Erwin Susan Fee Mark Foglesong Chip Folck Rex Franze 99 Jeannie Kullon Chris Funk Jim Gal Paul Gilbert Laura Goings Tony Green Dru Grieser Susie Griffis Gale Gurzynski Kay Hall Todd Hamilton Ronnv Hammond Josie Harter Karl Hartman Dave Hastreiter Greg Hawthorne Sharon Headley Sandi Heckathorn Julie Higbee Patlie Hilton Becky Hinman Bart Householder Rick Hu Margaret Inman Karen Johnson Kyle Johnson Earnie Keplinger Eugenia Kidd Martha Kinsey Debbie Kolmodin 100 Tony Konrad Greg Koomler Danelte Kral Chuck Kunce Alex Kyle Dan Lancaster Gloria Latson Shirly Lehman Larry LeLand Holly Lonsbury Kathleen Lytle Linda .Vlalston David Martin Beth Martin Linda McKinley Debra McKnight Sue Means Pat Meston 101 Nancy Osborne Ciaig Osmun Rod Parrish Tom Parrish Carol Payne Steve Penland fimT ' • ♦ Michelle Peterson George Porter Roy Preston Lisa Privett Roger Railsback Ed Ralston David Rhoades Danny Richardson Brad Ridenour Tim Ridenour Rick Rigdon Rebah Ringler Ja Ritter Gailia Robertson Karen Rose Carolyn Rudolph Cindy Rumsey Cathy Sanders Gary Sauter Dan Schoep Vanessa Scott Tom Searing Mike Sevits George Shaw Harold Sheets 102 Bob Shipe Tom Shu ford Cind Shumaker Steve Shumaker Tom Simons Karl Smilh Bob Smilh Roberta Sorg Ray Squier Jessica Slackhouse Bill Stackhouse Patricia Steele Steve Suager Mike Swiniuch Glendora Szeman Sheila Szeman Scott Thalls Richard Thomas Randy Tilburv Eric VanWagner Julie VanWagner Cathy W ogoman John V arnick Kathie V ea er Jim Wetzel Jerry hippie Arnold Welch Rosanne illia Debbie Wilt Jeannine orcester Sarah W orlh Tamara yatl Sue Vates Tim Zimmerman 103 STROPS tt SPOR TS i- - Angolas football team fights, pushes, sweats, for us n 9t -m b m. ' ir.-. Despite some disappointments throughout the year, the team kept their spirit and pride and finished the season strong, playing their best football in the last four games of the season. -J«M ' " 106 l ' o:.A mmwr ' ' w LA = VGO FIRST ROH Brad Emerick, John Nilson. Dennis Mow, Kirk Schock, Bill Fee, Barney Bryan, Dave Somerlott, Tom Sanborn, Mike Wenzel. 2nd ROW Dave Newnam, Scott Parish, Randy Hammond. Don Bledsoe. Karl Beer, Al Fanning, Jeff Counterman, Todd Bledsoe. 3rd ROW: Dennis Brubaker, Ken McCormick, Kevin Meek. Bill Smith, Danny Hammel, Ronnie Day, David Deller, Vince Clark. 4th ROW. Jeff Willis. Roger Parker, Ron Wenzel, Jeff Crooks, Kerry Butz, Mark Branning, Tim Rothrock. 5lh ROW Managers: Greg Koomler. Mike Goliff, Kirk Flanagan, Dwight Lanman, Mike Klebe. Not Shown: Brad Moore, Randy Coffee. Varsity Football 1972-1973 Our Score Opponent ' s 14 Jamboree 22 S. Adams 6 12 Dekalb 20 20 Lakeland 6 6 Garrett 14 Bluffton 20 nj Pr, Heights 6 14 East Noble 6 14 Bellmont 20 34 Northridge 14 Jr. Varsity Football 1972-1973 Our Score Opponent ' s Pr. Heights 6 Dekalb 22 East Noble 12 Garrett 18 13 East Side 12 6 Garrett 14 107 " This years Hornet football team had a record of 5 wins and 4 loss- es. The captains of the Hornet team this year were Mike Wenzel and Todd Bledsoe. This year ' s most val- uable player was Mike Wenzel who set a new record this year by scoring 60 points. John Nilson made the first all conference team. Dennis Mow, Mike Wenzel. and Todd Bled- soe made the third team. Dave New- nam had an honorable mention. Mike Wenzel led the team this year in rushing yardage and receiving yardage. John Nilson most tackles, Dave Newnam kickoff returns, punt returns. Dan Hammel passing yard- age. Good Work TEAM! r , " H. , ' J 108 vV, These pictures show just how hard the An- gola Hornets worked this year to try and win each game the best way they knew how. Football, football, football; a few bruises, a few laughs, disappoint- ment too, but always joy when you are the one who makes it over the goal line and the joy cancels out everything else. While only a few plavers plunge over that line the dream that you might be the one keeps you going through the tack- les, the practices, etc. Is it worth it? Ask a football player. ». ► 109 " The cross country team ran fast and hard to win! Lavon Stomm, this year ' s team captain, Buzzy Steele and Dennis Kyle were the team leaders. Coach Dygert said they did a great job in encouraging the younger mem- bers ofthe team. This year ' s cross country team had to run a bigger course. By a new rule in the I.H.S.A.A. the course had to be increased to 2 ' : miles. On the new course Dennis Kyle set a new record of 1 2:5 1 . % i . % ' " This year ' s team put all they had into win- ning, and it paid oCP. Crosscountry team: ROW: Frank Kahn. Dygert. George Porter, Gary Martin, Den- Lavon Stomm. John Carney, Reed Steele, nis Kyle, Gene Steele. Reginald Steele, Ron Ale.x Kyle, JnJ. ROW: Coach Harter. " »™ T ' ' »• 110 Crosscountry 1972-1973 ' A ngola Opponent 19 Fremont 37 21 Garrett 34 17 Lakeland 38 20 Garrett 35 16 Eastside 43 17 Lakeland 40 30 Hamilton 28 29 Hamilton 28 36 Dekalb 23 33 Pr. Heights 25 38 Dekalb 21 I I Feet pounding the track, faces set, the boys ran on to win. . - SSr ' . 4. ' - 4f h d 4 Vi . This years Harriers had their work cut out for them. They had to overcome the inex- perience of the team. Next year let ' s help the Harriers have a fantastic season. Ill V Hornets pass and shoot their way to victory. This year ' s basketball team im- proved to a great extent. While they only won eight games, this is more than any other Hornet basketball team has won since 1964 — nine long years. This year ' s team won two consecutive games two times this season. This is the first time since January 1967 that this has happened. Special recognition should be given to Karl Beer and Dave New- nam, both juniors. They both made the All-Conference second team. Dave averaged 18 points per game. Karl averaged 13.5 rebounds per game and 14.4 points. ssayy: Hornet team: Isl. ?0H ri- i Jordan Wells, Bill Wilder, Ken Yates, Lonnie Lonsbury Dan Hammel, Bob Bal. 2nd. ROW IL-RI Craig Wall, mgr., Don Bledsoe, Karl Beer, Bill Milholin, Mike Wenzel, Dave Newnam, Ken Peterman, Greg Koomler mgr. « i . ' M 4 1 rW f The determination shov n on the faces in these pictures shows how hard the team tried this year. It isn ' t easy to try your hardest every Friday and Saturda night and have very few people there to cheer ou on. If you want our team to i eep up the good vori . go and support them. r Tl Varsity Basketball I97M973 A ngola Opponent bl " Eastside 54 .S6 Bluffton 79 94 Howe 23 65 Columbia City 58 50 New Haven 70 58 Dekalb 67 60 Hamilton 52 65 Churubusco 69 77 Bellmont 73 76 Pr. Heights 56 45 Northridge 49 46 Garrett 60 66 East Noble 72 61 Lakeland 41 56 Carroll 71 68 South Adams 66 75 Concordia 88 47 West Noble 60 Tourne : 51 East Noble 68 50 Leo 57 Sectional: 42 Dekalb 70 113 V B-teani, fresh, squads faced a tough season. The B-Team had a 6-14 season this year. Coach Maugherman is quoted as saying. " The team work- ed very hard and never gave up. " Jack Wetzel was leading scorer with 149 points. Jack also led the team in rebounds with 129 rebounds. Mike Peterman was the assist leader with 44 assists to his credit. All the team needs now is more school spirit to really have a winning sea- son. fl-i i B-Team: Isi. ROW IL-R). Dave Deller, Craig Ralston, Mike Peterman, Ken Yates. :nd. ROW. Chuck Cooper, Jack Wetzel, Bruce Hull, Ken Peterman, Jeff Newnam, Jeff Willis. B-Team Basketball 1972-1973 A ngola Opponent 45 Eastside 14 37 Bluffton 60 54 Howe Military 20 37 Columbia City 59 25 New Haven 30 40 Dekalb 56 39 Hamilton 34 46 Churubusco 36 42 Bellmont 44 36 Pr. Heights 31 36 Northridge 40 42 Garrett 61 34 East Noble 50 32 Lakeland 39 32 Carroll 41 45 South Adams 39 37 Concordia 42 32 West Noble 38 Tourney: 28 Lakeland 33 41 Central Noble 54 • I 114 This years freshman team, coach- ed by Mr. Thompson, won six games and lost eleven. The higher scorers on the team were Joe Bowerman, Tom Simons, and Bill Stackhouse. The freshman team gained much needed e.xperience and ail the boys progressed in their abiiit . Ne.xt ear all the boys should be able to play much better basketball. Freshman Basketbal 1972-1973 Angola Opponent 27 Lakeland 28 36 Fremont 39 34 Garrett 37 47 East Side 41 35 Carroll 42 44 Pr. Heights 26 47 Churubusco 50 46 East Noble 58 52 Eastside 28 24 Dekalb 43 40 Pr. Heights 36 37 East Noble 45 37 Lakeland 44 3? Central Noble 49 48 Garrett 43 39 Leo 51 50 Hamilton 45 The freshman cheerleaders: Sue Yates, Ros- anne Willig, Jeanne Fulton; not pictured: Nancy Osborne. Good work girls! ii IK !KifSMm =-JJV5. " • .dL iV tfA r . - S: ! 9th.: Isi- ROW I L-R I S.Swager, B. Emerick, T. Bledsoe, R. Tilbury. D. Cole. J. Ritter. Jnd ROW: B. Ridenour, G. Porter. S. Thalls, C. Folck. J. Bowerman. T. Shuford, Mr. Thompson, coach. s-S 115 V Wrestlers grapple for a fantastic season! STA DJ O: Randy Coffee, Barnc Bryan, Gary Weber, Al Fanning, John Nilson, Roger Parker, Richard Hill. tRONT: Bob Shipe, John Penick, Alex Kyle, Karl Harlman, Larry Willig, John Clark. Not Shown: Jim Guthier, Fritz Cripe. Th e Angola grapplers had a 5- 5 record this year. The team cap- tains this year were John Nilson and A! Fanning. John Nilson was the Most Valuable Player. Special recognition should be given to John Nilson. who had a 15-2 record, Bar- ney Bryan, who had a 15-4 record, and Al Fanning with a 15-4 record. Next year, with the experience gain- ed this year, the team should be even better. John Nilson. co-captain of this year ' s wrestling team, looks prepared for another win. He really put the team together and was voted Most Valuable Player with a 15-2 record. His wrestling techniques won him a first in All Conference and a first in Sectional. 116 Varsity Wrestline Angola 1972-1973 Opponent 60 Howe 15 TT Lakeland 45 42 Dekalb 36 18 Concordia 42 27 Edgerton 39 39 Pr. Heights 26 12 Woodland 52 49 Eastside 20 39 South Adams 29 23 East Noble 39 4th place in Conference 4th place in Sectional 9th place in Regional v ' vS: ' ' " 117 Tv V Tennis Team, strengthen in ' 72 Angola Tennis 1972-73 A ngota Opponent 2 Lakeland 7 5 Howe 4 5 DeKalb 4 6 Howe 3 3 East Noble 6 6th Conference Sth Sectional With hard work and in one year of competition, the Angola High School tennis team has been out- standing on the tennis courts. Their three wins and two losses show that they are able and ready to take on the most renowned challengers. Anthony Bal and Bill Wilder each took honors in the sectional. They won two matches in sectional before losing to number one seeded doubles team. Rich Hill in the singles also did a good job. He was undefeated in dual singles. The team, headed by Coach Tony Wright, practices and is willing to take advice. The forecast for next year is a strong team. This is because only one senior. Toff Hill, is being lost through graduation. ' ' ' w!Rnc:;™Z " § iHHlS :i lb J FRONT ROW Craig Clark, Richard Hill, Anthony Bal. BACK ROW: Coach, Mr. Tony Wright, Toff Hill, Eric Trier, and Bill Wilder. The above all contributed greatly to this year ' s tennis team. ■ 118 TOP: Tennis Team for the 1972-73 season. FRONT: Don Aronen, Duane Morin, Richard Hill, Craig Clark, Anthony Ball, Steve Shumaker, Scott Hackett. BACK: Roy Preston, Doug Summers, Jeff Newman, Toff Hill. Coach Wright. Eric Trier, Bill Wilder, Tom Dirr, and Mark Crouch. BOTTOM — LEFT: Bill Wilder shows his fantastic form on the tennis court with a verv diffi- cult back hand swing. Again, practice makes perfect. BOTTOM — RIGHT: Anthony Bal works hard as another tennis ball comes bouncing towards him. k 119 Ik- " Coach Nesbitt, team captain Bill Fee, lead Angola s gymnastics team to great team record in ' 73 With Coach Nesbitt at the head, this year ' s Angola High School gymnastic team completed their season with the finest won and lost record in the past ten years for the whole team. The fine record was a total of nine wins with only three loses. The team which was composed of poise, determination, and young, hard working team members was headed by Captain Bill Fee, the only 1972-73 senior on the team. Ron Wenzel, the year ' s Most Valuable Player and the 1973-74 captain, also was a great asset to the team. Ron at the state completion placed elev- enth on the trampoline. With up and coming junior high students and the loss of onl one senior team member, Mr. Nesbitt is looking forward to " 74. A ngota Opponeni 79.576 Portland bl.lQA 70.94 South Bend Adams 65.74 73.94 Northwood 57.45 63.21 Hillsdale 52.29 78.26 DeKalb 71.71 78.56 Northwood 70.76 78.56 Concord 108.58 82.04 Wabash 101.70 82.80 Heritage 91.30 76.41 Northwood 67.33 79.05 Elkhart Central 78.45 70.21 Hillsdale 59.88 Fourth at Heritage Invitational Eiahth at Concord Invitational Seventh at the sectional •r SI ■ J t „ — ■ ■♦ . ABOVE Kelly Mote demonstrates the great form of the AHS team. RIGHT Judges at meet consult over the scores. 120 m i:;; :;i::ii:::s::::r -;::::::: 71 ' ' - ' Junior High Gymnastic team: Howard McKeever, manager. Brad O ' Beirne. Doug Shauver, Alan Waltmire, Marc Johann, Mark Van Wagner, Steve O ' Beirne, Joe Kyle, and Coach Nesbitt. Varsity team: Coach Nesbitt, Ron Wenzel. Randy Dygert, Reed Steele. Ron Day. John Carney, Bill Fee, Mark Scott, Howard McKeever, Manager, FROST: Mike OBeirne, Duane Morin, Roy Preston, and Anthony Bal. ( ) l " ' TOP RIGHT: Practice on the high bar makes perfect. Here a mistake on a giant swmg could be costly. TOP: John Carney on the horse. RIGHT: What now? V The Hornets prove to have a successful season The Hornet Baseball Team finished the regular season with a re- cord of twelve wins and ten losses. The team captains were Tom Sanborn and Jim Guthier. A good deal of appreciation and recogni- tion should go to the Hornets for a well-played season. Varsity Baseball 1972-1973 Angola Opponent 4 Ft. Wayne Snyder 2 12 Ft. Wayne Snyder 1 Fl. Wayne Bishop L. 10 8 Ft. Wayne Bishop L. 16 2 Prairie Heights 7 2 Hillsdale 6 Coldwater 8 4 Hamilton 6 11 Hamilton East Noble 12 5 Bellmont 2 Hillsdale 1 10 Hillsdale Dekalb 3 South Adams 5 15 Howe 3 Garrett 1 1 New Haven 12 8 Bluffton 1 6 Coldwater 3 5 ColumbiaCity 4 5 Concordia 4 1 Eastside (Sectional 5 ♦Conference Games 122 An enthusiastic team makes the difference . % t « rOf ?Oir Mr. Maugherman. Lonnie Lonsbur). Dann Hammel. Dave Newnam, ince Clark. Steve Zerbv.Doug Summers. BOTTOM Ron Robin Bork. Mike Peterman, Ken Peierman, Ron Parker, Larrv Willig, Jim Guthier, Tom Sanborn. Linsay W illiamson. .Anthon Bal, Frank Kahn. 123 Strike One . . . Ball One . BATTER UP!!!!!!!!!! ' ! 124 3 i t i mk ' ' C. ' %., ' » „V M« ' --y -r. ' ' " " ' 1 iiiiii hilMiiiiii imtSi mtiiti T ' Extra! Read all about it, track men win again! .-? . » 1 1 KNEELING (L lu R ) - Rod Parrish, Alex Kyle, Scott Thalls, Chuck Cooper, Craig Ralston Craig Wall, Randy Hammond, Reed Steele. STANDING IL. w R) Terry Thornpson, Head Coach Rav Chrysler, Buzz Steele, Jordan Wells. Jack Wetzel, Brad Ridenour, Carl Beer, M,ke Martin Jeff Counterman, Ken McCormack, Todd Bledsoe, Larry OberUn, Tom Shuford, James Scott Assistant Coach, Gary Martin. Not Pictured - Bill Fee, David Cole. 126 ' -A - i, ' ,m- M ' ' ' : - l I t V f n r " - rr-3. ' i .-ft- -; Varsity Track 1972-1973 Angola Opponent 33 East Noble 94 75 Lakeland 52 67 Howe Mil. 60 40 Garrett 87 61 Eastside 66 65 Hamilton 61 16 Dekalb 111 30 Belmont 98 53 Pr. Heights 73 41 Leo 86 3rd place in Howe Inv. 3rd place in Lakeland Invitational ' ■ 1%. I ' foiit 127 V Golfers tee off for victory This year ' s golf team worked hard for a good season. With an incom- plete season their record was 5-9 with one tie. They placed 9th in the NEICA conference. From a field of Tme golfers Rolla Frisinger was chosen as Most Valu- able Player. The team lost many good golfers through graduation but many under-graduates have gained much valuable experience this year. I t i ii ♦ ' ' , l-Si-- .Irt WM ' . ' L i V ' jIII, ! w I ■- •i. ■ ' • ' 128 ti 1 Goin973 I: ' Angola Opponents 173 East Noble 171 173 Howe Military 195 175 Hamilton 171 348 Elkart Memorial 340 216 Dekalb 217 175 Pr. Heights 205 179 Montpelier 178 174 Garrett 186 172 Fremont 202 176 Dekalb 159 176 East Noble 185 188 Lakeland 168 n88 Pr. Heights 188 1 NEICA 9th s Conference s 129 .. ..... : ............. .... ..... V M. V.Ps and cheerleaders bring out the best of Angola sports . . . Most valuable player on this year ' s golf team was Rolla Frisinger. Rolla was the team member who had the lowest average so he won the M.V.P. award. Most valuable player on the gymnastics team is Ron Uen el. Ron was the only Angola sportsman to go to state. Ne. t year Ron will be captain. Most valuable player in basketball is Karl Beer. Karl was the leading rebounder and the second highest scorer on the team. Good work Karl! Most valuable player on the cross country team is Dennis Kyle. Dennis set a new cross country record with 12:51 for two and a half miles. Most valuable player on this year ' s tennis team is Richard Hill. Richard had an outstanding record of eight wins and only one loss. Most valuable player on the football team is Mike Wenzel. Mike set a new record with scoring 60 points. Mike also made the 3rd. conference team. Most valuable player on the wrestling team is John Nilson. John placed first in the sectional and then went on to place third in the regional. Most valuable player on the track team is Buzzy Steele. Buzzy set a new record for the two mile run. The track team has lost a great cinderman. The word cheerleader is defined in the dictionary as one who calls and organizes cheers. What it really means is hours of work after school, riding fan busses for hours on end, and being blamed for poor school spirit. Cheerleading also means happiness when your team wins. Sports are very important to any - ' ■ ' • ' ■ ' - . s s nr- , school and our school is no excep- tion. This year for the first time in many years Angola successfully competed in many sports. Cheerleaders were the driving force behind many of Angola ' s wins. The varsity cheerleaders this year put many long hours into practicing and helping to cheer on the team. The varsity cheerleaders this year were Jan Hall, a junior, Julie Mau- gherman, a junior, Robin Bush a junior and Renee Beard, a senior. 130 This year ' s B-team cheerleaders were Karen McKeever, a sophomore; Susan Tilbury, a junior; Jackie Straw, a sophomore; and Chelle Dygert, a sophomore. These girls really worked hard to get the school in- volved in the B-team games. Too bad the school wouldn ' t help them out. This year ' s freshmen cheerleaders were Nancy Osborne. Sue Yates, Rosanne Willig and Jeannie Fulton. These freshmen girls worked many hours after school in order to practice stunts and learn new cheers. Their efforts were greatly appreciated by the school and the team. ' JtM ' A, i ' f ' Special recognition should be given to the only senior on the varsity cheerleading squad. Renee Beard has been a cheerleader since sixth grade. Renee has worked perhaps the hardest of any cheerleader plus she fit in manv other school activities. Everyone w ill miss her. Here Julie Maugherman and Robin Bush look as if they are really studying something. Maybe they are trying to figure out how to get our school to cheer. Let ' s hope that next year the answer will be found. 131 SEITIVITCA ACTIVITIES " " • •;,; Z-.Z «... .-• -0 ., ' if ' ' V National Honor Society initiates new members. In an evening ceremony, several new members were initiated to N.H.S. Candlelight readings were a part of the induction service. Officers are; Jay Stevens (President), Miss Siebold (Sponsor), Sharlee Deller (Secretary- Treasurer), and Sue McKeever (Vice-Presi- dent). r7 Senior members are; Martha Sheets, Linda Bassett, Debbie Eyster, Sue McKeever, and Jay Stevens. Refreshments were served after the ceremony. (LEFT) New N.H.S. members were honored with roses. ?ii?|j i w ' ■MviSf Mir .„ N Roy Preston lakes time out for a drink. The Hi-Y club is a Christian organization for men in high school. They had an active year again this year. A big project this year was the Christmas Prom. The members worked long hours planning and decorating for a successful dance. Hi-Y sponsors Christmas Prom Hi-Y officers are; Mr. Wright (sponsor). Toff Hill (Chaplin). Bill Fee (Vice-President), Rolla Frisinger (President), Mike Peterman (Sec- Treas.), Dave Sommerlott (Sarg. of Arms), and Mr. Rodman (spon- sor). Entertainment for the Christmas prom was enjoyable. 135 V For persons who wish to express themselves in a dramatical way, AHS offers the Thespian Society. The fall play, " Li " ! Abner " includ- ed students from grades 7-12. This year ' s sponsor, Mrs. Wil- liams tried a new approach to the one act plays with a combination of musical and Thespian talent. With such great participation, she is considering sponsoring a talent show. The final 1973-74 performance was " Big Rock at Cand ' s Moun- tain, " an indepth look at a rock festival. Thespian Officers: FROST: Laurel Morrow, Clerk; Julie Maugherman. Pres.; Leslie Mor- row, Secy.; 2ncl ROW: Dan Koomler, V.P.; Cindy Sharrow. Tr.; Ird ROW: Mr. Scott. Sp.; Debbie Day, Secy; Mrs. Williams, Sp. ABOVE: Evil Eye Flegel plans thewhammy for Abner. RIGHT: Young lovers, Abner and Daisev have a few serious words. W ' i W-aumgr : I J , .!, =■%.. Earthquake Magoon claims Daisey May for his bride after he catches her durmg the Sadie Hawkins race. 136 Four prospective actors tr out for parts in the one act plays. Am exphixiates the cast in her part. Dog Palchers, Meredith and Colleen reall do their partsjustice in " Li ' l .■ bner. " ' f " Switched at the Crossroads ' " , presenting Craig Wall and Theresa Thomas, and directed b Rita Boba , gave underclassmen a chance at Thespian membership. Both sponsors. Mrs. Williams and Mr. Scott. tr to keep the cast in line. 137 Thespians promise laughs at Spring Play . - -(j ' - - % ' , - - • r - ' Bob Meyers " flips " as Jim Wetzel, Larry Willig, and Dodd Orten play a happy tune. ABOVE Chuck Cooper, Cheryl Wilkins, and Cindy Crimmins are deeply involved in Iheir parts. BELOW: Diane Douglass and Todd Bledsoe, as Candy and Adam, smile after a well donejob. Everyone seems interested in something in " Big Rock at Candy ' s Mountam. Ecology club sponsors paper drive. EcologN club was active this ear in a paper drive. Wortcing during the homecoming carnival, the club col- lected a truck load of paper. V I iiiim " ft li ttei ' " JU Joni Crimmins and Jeff Mead are busy stacking papers. Marty Dygert, Jeff Castleberry lake a rest. Students participate in Law Day. •N Tom Sell defends John Clark in Mock Trial. Dennis Bobay takes oath from Kenny Sapp as part of Law Day Mock Trial. 139 Student Council makes school year a success. The Student Council had a hard time putting over the Mini-Course Day this year. When a large portion of the stu- dent body fails to respond to a program of this sort in such large numbers, maybe students just don " t care enough. This year ' s programs brought in by the Student Council were better this year than in past years, this being just a part of the work the Student Council does. The Student Body Elections woke-up a few students; enough to make a good race. Tony Senneville and Mary Sheets ran for Student Body President and Dan Hammel and Daryl Shock ran for Vice- President. In the end. Mary and Dan got the vote. Student Council oCficers for 1972-73, LEFT TO RIGHT: V. Pres. Gary Weber; Pres, Randy Coffey; Sec.-Treas., Renee Beard; Sponsor, Mr. Dougherty. The Student Council worked hard to produce a successful Valentine ' s Dance. 140 ■ f A 141 V President Martha Sheets guides Y -Teens in 1973 The Angola Y-Teens were busy again this year. Students taking on assignments kept the all girl ' s club hopping. To begin the year, the Y-Teens club initiated all the incoming mem- bers. This was done at an evening meeting with the officers in charge. Next, came the annual Christmas cookie sales. Girls, sponsors, and a few helping mothers met several times in the high school cafeteria. The sales were again very success- ful with over two thousand pounds of cookies sold. During January and February the club staged a clothing drive for those people in the Appalachian Moun- tain area. Boxes for clothing were placed in the high school and the three elementary schools. To round out the 1972-1973 school year, another annual event was held. This was the Pa-Ma-Me Banquet. The theme was " I Am Woman " which set the student ' s creative minds to work. Also, the un- derclassmen sponsored the Senior Swing-Out for all Y-Teen seniors. TOP: Y-Teen officers: Donna Hilton Secretary: Pam Wetzel, Trea- surer; Martha Sheets. President; Sue McKeever, Vice-President; Mrs. Thalls. Sponsor. LEFT 1 say. this is a little sticky! • " . 142 f :-!Cyf.-i TOP LEFT: Cookie sale winners. Renee Meek and Joni Crimmins receive their " Big Cookie " " awards. TOP RIGHT BELOW: Y- Teen officers meet with Mrs. Thalls to discuss ne,xt year " s officers. m mm m 143 Co-op program, an organization for your future Careers in Health, Office Per- sonnel, Agriculture, and numerous other professions are the basis on which Co-op students can build for their future, in experience as well as financially. The VICA club, composed of ICT and HOE students again sold carmel apples at the football games to help finance its annual employ- er-employee banquets. The OEA organization, newly formed under Mr. Vaughn sold Hornet beanies and candles to fi- nance trips to area and state con- ventions for some of its members. Loraine Senger. member of the AHS OEA club displays the refreshment table at the OEA mductlon of officers. T hJ (s - m: % -j imj ' » OEA officers from Angola High School and surrounding chapters chat. ( A ROVE: Sherry works in the OEA program at Cameron Hospital. BELOW: Lynn works in the AHS office. OEA Officers; SEATED: C. Menlatt, Hist.; B. Taylor. V. Pres.; D. Boyd, Treas.; STASD- l. G: B. Emerick, Pres.; B. Bal, Pari.; J. Hornbrook, Rept.; D. Mudrack, Sec; and Mr. Vaughn. Sponsor. — ' ' -J- .-. -r-: VICA Officers: SEATED: S. Gaffin, Hist.: C Vilders, Treas.; S. Skaggs. V. Pres.; STA. ' D- I, ' G: Mrs. Crimmins, Sponsor; R. Ridenour. Pari.; P. Oberlin, Sec.; D. DeMara. Pres.; and Mr. Heier, Sponsor. As a member of the HOE program. Todd works in the county Sheriffs office as a trooper. m OH NO!! I Hate Spinach! Emerick, eat our peas! ' N .%. Lettennen honor athletes for outstanding performances The Lettermans Club kept its members busy with money-mailing projects and their annual athletic banquet. The first project was a dunking booth where frustrated stu- dents saw their favorite teachers drenched. .A stereo unit was raffled off at a basketball game and was won by Mr. Thalls. The highlight of the year invol- ved the athletic banquet where all athletes were honored, especially the most valuable player in each sport. The speaker at the Athletic Banquet, Morley Frasier inspires the athletes. j Lettermans Club Officers: Barney Bryan, Secretary. Brad Moore, V. President; Tom San- born, Treasurer; Bill Fee. President; Bill Milhollin, Sargent at Arms, and Dan Hammel. Secretary. ' iC , The Most Valuable Player award is the goal of all athletes. A play- er who receives this award can be proud of his accomplishments. Some of the recipients were Karl Beer, Basketball; Mike Wenzel, Football; and Rich Hill, Tennis. 146 .(, J Pep Club tries to revive dwindling spirit. The Varsity Cheerleaders combined brawn with spirit tor a special number for the basket- ball team. ,.■.■ Pep Club Officers: Pam VanWagner. Pres.; Karen Penick, V. Pres.; Deb Olis. Sec; Kim Strau, Treas.; Mar Sheets. Rept.; and Miss Counterman. Sponsor. The Angola High School Pep Club was in the process of re- viving the school spirit that has been dw indling in the past few years. Along with the sports teams, the students of AHS are slowly begin- ning to become aware of the athle- tic department. The members of the Pep Club and the Cheerleaders made locker signs for the athletes, organiz- ed pep sessions and awarded a tro- phy to the girl who displayed the most school spirit during a home game. .An important part of the im- proved Pep Club w as their new spon- sor. Miss Counterman. Varsits Cheerleader Renee Beard was hon- ored with roses at the last home basketball game for her six years of service in cheer- leading. Each member of the Pep Club was respon- sible for making a vest which members wore at all games. 147 V G.A.A. Officers for 1972-73 are: BACK ROW: Lori Fulton, vice pres.; Miss Doub sponsor; Trudy Babcock, pres.; FRO T ROW: Susan Tilbury, sec; Lorrie Horney reporter; Deb Arnett, treasurer. ' ri Rita Rowe and Ed Johnson take a time-out too to discuss the game of course. Trudy Babcock squats for a short. RIGHT Linda Foglesong eyes the basket for a shot. Miss Doub points out a few hints to the girls during a time-out. Lori Fulton swings for a basket. Did she make it? 148 J GAA girls practice hard and promote sportsmanship. 41 Deb Arnel makes a shot while Linda Foglesong wails patiently. The G.A.A. consisted of five com- petitive and two non-competitive sports this year. They were: Softball, volleyball, basketball, gymnastics, track and field, bowling, and ten- nis. The number of wins was not excessive in the competitive sports, but much effort was given to pro- mote not only better skills through hard work, but also team together- ness and sportsmanship. Pres. Trud Babcock addresses members with a problem. Sail) Coggeshall shows good form as she sinks the ball. 149 V We learn to coiunmnicate in all dijferent ways Learning to speak is a big jump for any child. Learning how to speak in a new language is also a great step in a person ' s life. In Angola High School students have the chance to learn French. German. Spanish, and Latin. Each of these languages sponsors a club to go beyond what is taught in the classrooms. The members of these clubs learn about the culture and the people of the country where their language is spoken. in our school we have German club. Spanish club, Latin club, and French club. German club is spon- sored by Miss Grubb. French c lub is sponsored by Mrs. Cook. Spanish club is sponsored by Mr. Farver. Latin club is sponsored by Mrs. Spoolstra. French club: sponsor Mrs. Cook, sec. Cindy Cummings, pres. Rita Bobay, and v-pres. Jan Simons Spanish club: Barney Bryan v-pres, Patti Oberlin Ireas, Tom Sanborn pres, Linda Basset sec. 150 Latin: v-pres, Karl Beer: Mrs. Spoolstra; treas.. Toff Hill; pres., Roberta Grain; sec. Rich Hil German club officers: Miss Grubb, sponser; Dawn Scott, treas.; Gay Lin Holcomb, vice-president; Gail Merillat. sec; Linda Wannen«etsch. presi- dent 151 V New Hornet staff changes paper for the better. A paper of the students and for the students describes the Angola High School newspaper, THE HORNET. Not only is the paper written by students but also printed by students in the school ' s print shop. The 1972-73 staff gave the paper a complete face lift, featuring a new front page nameplate. This year THE HORNET was typed on a newly invented IBM typewriter, providing variety in type sizes and styles. Hornet staff: (FRONT ROW) Gloria Brown, Mike Martin, Toff Hill — editor, Rolla Frisinger, Debbie Parker. (SECOND ROW) Sue Vancleve, Ed Petry, Tim Chapman, Jerri Richards, Jo Hornbrook, Cheryl Beck. (BACK ROW) Dave Martin, Tim Rothrock, Jordan Wells, Kevin Giant, Tom Donald- son, Pat Lincoln, Frank Kahn, Jan Richards. Not pictured: Donna Hilton, Debbie Meyer, Mr. Vander Heyden. Hornet members gather their coats after visiting Fort Wayne News Sentinel office. Long and hard hours are put into THE HORNET. Here Donna Hilton, Toff Hill, Mr. Vander Heyden work toward finishing the paper. I SM Key Staff conies through with new ideas and attractions. Many new attractions were added to and for the 1972-73 KEY during the year. Selected students from any grade level were assisted by a new sponsor, Mrs. Powers. A new format for selling the KEY was designed with down-payments. Another new idea was the cover contest and the winner received a free KEY. Many new members were added to make the finished product a new and better production. Vickie Andrew works toward cropping a picture. ' •• ■] K i SBH i ■P - " PI pmM wsww w? a IB American Yearbook representative Mr. Arthur, discusses quality and techniques with Brad Moore. Renee Beard, and Mrs, Powers. Key chairmen are: .Anita Brown, Vickie .Andrew, Gloria Brown. Renee Beard - assistant editor. Brad Moor — editor, Dianne Douglass, Ron Eddy, and Mrs. Powers - sponsor. V Plan for the future with FFA , FHA , and FT A A nev club joined the ranks of FHA and FTA, Future Farmers of America. In cooperation with the Agriculture classes, the FFA seeks to bring agriculture closer to the student and build character. The FHA organization centered its activites around many money- making projects. The club centered attention on the sale of Hornet pen- nants and the sale of raffle tickets, with the prize, a set of radio ear- phones. The FTA gave some of its mem- bers the chance to help elementary teachers in their spare time for those who were not enrolled in the Ex- ploratory Teaching program. An art workshop directed by Francis Ram- sey gave FTA members and teachers the opportunity to bring new innova- tions into the elementary art pro- gram. These activities were carried out in coordination with the club ' s normal activities. Mrs. Schubert lends a hand as Mindy and Rhonda attempt to serve refreshments. ABOVE: FHA members take a look at a program of dolls. BELOW: A formal initia- tion ceremony of can candles and pledges starts the FTA year. Versatility is the word for AHS faculty as guidance counselor Mr. Fleming becomes Chef Fleming. FTA Officers: Renee Beard Pres.; Mrs. Schubert, Sponsor; Gloria Brown, V.P.; SEATED: Susan Johnson, Treas.; Cheryl Pavy, Secy.: Linda Bassett, Hist. 154 11- af FFA Officers: ST.4. DI G: Lynn Higbee. Sentinel; Jeff Ridenour. Secy.; Roger Parker, Pres.; Mr. Walker, Sponsor; SEATED: Tom Simons, V.P.; Jim Brock kept.; Greg Beer, Treas. IBOl ' E: Renee and Mrs. Schubert distribute FT.A jewelry. LEFT: Art enthusiast Carol Karst talks of an art workshop she attend- ed. Working with the FHA, the clothmg stu- dents like Sandy Rowe bring a bit of fashion toAHS. FHA officers and members don the traditional red and white for aclubcerem ony. FHA Officers: ST.4. DT G: Mrs. Trenne- pohl, Sp.; Violet Scott, Pub. Rel.; Jane Hershberger, Pres.: Debbie Parker, Proj. Ch.: SEA TED Robbie Sorg, Rec; Dam Mowry. Hist.; Lucinda Miller. Sec. 155 It ' s a small world when Disney Land comes to A MS The vocal department, under Miss Siebold, found a theme well worth singing about in Disney Land. Mood music for a visit through Disney Land was the final concert for the ' 72- ' 73 season and as in years past, Miss Siebold carried the theme through well. The choir ' s other major perfor- mances included the Christmas con- cert, this year combining major art works by John Bower and music for the holidays. A combination choir and band concert was held in Feb. in which the two groups ' finale consisted of two combination band and choir numbers. The townspeople and students al- ways enjoy the choir and wish Miss Siebold and her group success in the coming years. BACK ROW J. Stevens, M. Young, J. Wells, T. Sell, C. Ralston, K. Teterman, D. O ' Neal, D. Koomler, R. Bal, M. Martin, J. Carney, K. McCormick, J. Gulhier, B. Bryan, B. Fee. B. Hull. Jrd ROW K. Flanagan, G. Anspaugh, B. Meyers, K. Yates, L. Lonsbury, G. Newman, M. Shultz, D. Graves, M. Peterman, B. Wilder, B. Spurgeon, A. Stultz, R. Wilkins, R. Dygert, L. Willig, A. Bal. 2nd ROW: G. Merillat, S. McKeever, L. Bassett, S. Skaggs. M. Miller, C. Knapp, J. Simons, S. Kelley, J. Maugherman, D. Eyster, D. Bruner, J. Lavengood, K. Millikan, T. Babcock, L. Holse, L. Fulton, M. Wattson, S. Gaffin, B. Rudolph, C. Andrew; FROST ROW: D. Day, P. Wetzel, T. Stuart, V. Nix, S. Tilbury, V. Andrew, M. Hale, G. Fisher, D. Kratz, P. Oberlin, N. Penix, P. VanWagner, R. Beard, R. Grain. D. Douglass, E. Bratton, B. Tubergan, R. Clausen, S. Deller. and Miss Siebold. Miss Siebold introduces the next song. Senior high choir sings along with the band in a mid-winter concert. 156 j One of the many highlights of the spring vocal concert was a solo by Jim Guthier. The choir and Miss Siebold are deeply involved in their number. The choir entertains the audience with songs of spring. n A o m jm- 157 V K-p •1 ' V ' ' i ABOVE It ' s organized confusion when pom pon girls exit. RIGHT: A new vocal ensem- ble organized this year to entertain for the Christmas concert. 1972-73 Pom Pon Squad: STANDING: R. Willig, J. Simons, S. Deller, C. Silberg. B. Zerby, S. Johnson. S. Kelley, J. Dahl, L. Fulton, S. Skaggs, L. Bassett, Mrs. Frisinger, J. Crimmins, L. Gaffin, D. Schock, C. Cummings, S. Headley. D. McKnight, K. Rose. C. Knapp, P. Strang. E. Bratton, J. Lavengood, B. Tubergan. KNEEIING: D. Grain. R. Bobay, H. Lonsbury. S. Knuth, S. Randolph, J. Canan, J. Rowland, C. Penix. D. Franze, C. Wilcox. P. Brown, T. Humphrey. D. Willibey, M. Sheets, B. Bruner, V. Nix, P. Oberlin. CENTER: D. Eyster. Head Majorette; and J. Simons, Assistant Majorette. 1972-73 Orchestra: FRONT L to R : J. Dolan, B. Mason. D. Kolmodin, C. Bush. D. Kratz, D. Krantz. :nd ROW: M. Rowlelt. B. Stock, C. Higbee, T. Dolan, B. Ryan, J. Bledsoe, D. Schaefer. Srd ROW: N. Nichols. B. Karst, S. Gorrell, L. Randolph, P. Gilbert, W. Mow, B. Meyers. 4lh ROW: C. Andrew, G. Lewis, D. Blum. S. Pavy, and Mr. Nichols, director. Absent: Jean Schmucker. Joan Schmucker, Jan Schmucker. J. Bledsoe, and L. Erwin. 158 J LEFT (TOP-BOTTOMI M. Watlson. K. Millekan. J. Canan, L. Fullon, D. Willibev, A. Holderness, S. Griffis, P. Oberlin, R. Clausen. CENTER: B. Meyers, J. Wells, C. Andrew, L. Lonsburg. RIGHT: S. Johnson, S. McKeever, C. Wilcox, M. Monroe, J. Maugherman, D. Eyster. N. Penix, and V. Nix. A full range of musical activities is offered by the AHS music depart- ment, from rock to classical music. The school ' s orchestra, under Mr. Nichols keeps alive classical music as well as some more modern suites and compositions. For the first time ever, the orchestra presented a Sun- day coffee concert which included some of the younger string players and older members. Swingals keep the pop tunes alive with their renditions of the songs of the present. In the hands of Miss Siebold, the Swingals appeared on the program of several community organizations and performed at the Christmas and spring concerts. Mrs. Frisinger and the AHS Fea- turettes filled their year with con- tests, practices and performances. Accompanied by Mr. Frisinger and the Pep Band, the pom pon corp places 1st in their class and duely earned their trophy and the right to be extremely proud of their ac- complishments. Several other groups organized this year, namely the sophomore trio accompanied by D. Koomler. and the Un-Band, a potpouri of instru- mentalists. A salute to the American Hag begins every home varsity basketball game with Susan Johnson in charge of the Hag. A combination of seniors and a sophomore blended their voices to organize this barbershop quartet to perform at the Christmas concert. Mr. Frisinger and the Pep Band work long and hard to perfect numbers for contests and half-time shows. 159 V Gary Lewis, in addition to regular band duties, represented AHS in the state con- test. tSp A bandsman crawls into the bus which will take the band to the NISBOVA contest. In a portion of the show the band formed an hourglass and played " Sunrise. Sunset. " After five frustrating days at band camp, Mr. Frisinger " Gets his " with shaving cream and a dip in the lake. FRO T ROW J. Wells, C. Haugh, M. Wattson, G. Holcomb. B. Bruner. D. Eyster, L. Fulton. Jnd ROW L. Bassett, P. Wetzel, R. Clausen, D. Kratz. J. Canan. S. Schmidt, J. Carney, P. Oberlin. T. Sell. G. Brown, T. Thomas, C. Pavy. S. Kelley, D. Douglass. J. Golden, L. Wannewetsch, A. Brown. 3rd ROW: K. Millekan, S. Johnson. S. Randolph. J. Rowland, K. Sherburn, K. VanWagner, M. Arbuckle. G. Gibson, S. Coggeshall. C. Andrew, A. Barton, C. Wilco.x, K. McCormick, T. Coggeshall, E. Brattoh, J. Maugherman, M. Hackett, K. Flanagan. D. Koomler. J. Guthier. S. Gorrell, L. Willig. R. Goings. R. Dyget, D. O ' Neal, D. Graves. 4ih ROH ' L. Morrow, D. Hilton, D. Collins. G. Lewis, C. Ralston, K. Giant, Mr. Vaughn, announcer. Mr. Frisinger. Director. M. Shaefer, K. Spurgeon, B. Spurgeon, J. Stevens, G. Newman. M. Peterman. B. Wilder. D. Somerlott, K. Peterman. B. Ryan. =p=3- ,-5;[ I X. " - ' -- v ' iifl ,i,.!(,U« U. , w wjxujj mi 160 Angola music lovers faithfully attend the music programs presented b the AHS bands and choirs. A highly polished organization brought home a first in inspection and a trophy for one of the best inspected bands in their class at NISBOVA. Tom Sell lABOl ' Ei and Mr. Frisinger (RIGHTl combined their talents to make a winning marching band. It ' s trophy time for AHS bands. This year ' s marching and concert bands had one of the best ears since many of the present students can remember. Success began at the annual band camp at Oliver Lake. When band camp was over, the band was be- ginning to get in shape. The NISBOVA marching contest was a success no one will forget; the 1st rating. 1st in inspection, and the super-prize, sweepstakes in their class were almost too much. Mr. Frisinger and the concert band again represented AHS in a NISBOVA contest, this time the concert band contest. The band again brought home a first rating for their performance plus a more experienced group of musicians. " The Voice of the Band. " better known as Mr. Vauahn. introduced the band. 161 Students offer their services as assistants. Mr. Brayton ' s assistant this year was Gina Fisher shown here. Gina graded papers and helped Mr. Brayton leach reading to his students. Mike Clancy was an assistant to Mrs. Cook this year. Here he concentrates on the buttons ofthe lanauaae lab kev board. Assistants not pictured: ENGLISH DtPT.: Joni Crlmmins. Chelle Dygert, Jim Guthier, Doug Hoflman. Lonnie Lonsbury, Ken McCormick, Karen McKeever. Dave Newnam. Jeff Newman. Vicky Nix, Jan Richards, Jerri Richards. Bill Wilder: HOME EC. DEPT: Lelia Burrell, Jane Hershberger, Mary Monroe. Dani Mowry. Patti Oberlin. Loraine Senger. Carolyn Silberg; LANGU.-XGE DEPT.: Elaine Bratton, Bev Bruner, Fritz Cripe, Diane Douglass, Gay Lin Holcomb; MUSIC DEPT,: Jean Bledsoe, Jennifer Canan, Rhonda Clausen, June Dolan, Rhonda Goings. Suanne Gorrell, Donna Hilton, Dan Koomler, Gary Lewis, Nancy Nichols, Mike Schaefer, Linda W annenwetsch; HEALTH ED. DEPT.: Don Bledsoe, Mark Rowe, Mark Scott. Martha Sheets. Jack Wet el: AGRICULTURE DEPT.: Don Light; ATTENDANCE DEPT.: BarbSisler. The music department had a helpful assistant this year as Bob Meyers was kept busy with a variety of errands. Is he composing? 162 m-MiTTTinr ART DEPT.: Tracy Bledsoe, Mark Fogelsong, Gilbert Heier, Kim Hill, Greg Koomler, Carol Pavne. Cindy Straw. Teri Strawser, Richard Taylor, Pam Whipple; SCIENCE DEPT.: Jim Firestone, Lori Horny, Bruce Hull, Denise Krat , Diane Swager, Gary Weber, Sue Yates; INDUSTRIAL ARTS DEPT.: Jack Potts, Pam Van Wagner; SO- CIAL STUDIES DEPT.: Lindsay Williamson; AUTO MECHANICS DEPT.: Jerry Clancy; HEATLH DEPT.: Vickie Andrew, Susie Burton, Jodee Glenn, LiUie Gonser, Jan Hall, Cindy Shumaker, Tricia Slack, Pat Steele, Meredith Wattson; P.E. DEPT.: Elaine Almond, Julie Dahl, Brent Emerick, Greg Koomler, Ken Mason, Kim Potts, Mark Scott, Reed Steele, Mike Wenzel, Jim Yotter, Deb Arnett, Trudy Babcock, Linda Foglesong. Jerry Clancy assisted the auto mechanics department. He was kept busy, but enjoyed his work. ft: Debbie Coney performed many jobs this year, helping out the science department a great deal. Here she grades papers. Helping the drafting department was Vince Clark. Grading and re- cording were just a couple of his many jobs. 163 Happiness is growing-up in the eighth grade. Wendy Arbuckle Eric Babcock Julie Baker Tonv Bailv Darlene Beck Mark Beck Officers: SEA TED: Bill Bumgarner, sec-treas: Stacy Fulton, vice pres.; Bruce Smith, pres.; BEH!. D: Mr. Scott, sponsor. Tod Birchman JeffBolin Heidi Bowerman Mark Bradburn Tricia Bratlon Laura Buckman Bill Bumgarner Debbie Burch Harold Bush Debbie Campbell Sarah Canan Kelle Carney Cheri Carpenter Monica Castle Jeff Champion Andy Chaudion Curtis Clester Eddie Clouse Tammy Collins Donna Coney Dennis Cooper Kim Cope Patty Cope Spark Counterman Steve Crain 164 Cindy Crimmins Lisa Cripe Tom Crisp Emmy Daler Jodi Deller Debbie DeLucenay Diane DeMara Ken Dent Judy Douglass Mike Doweil Martin Dygert Renee Dygert Sherri Elliott Dennis Evster David Field Becky Ford Rick Foster Carrie Fraley Rathy Frye Karen Fuhrman Stacey Fulton Shelly Gaff Carla Garman Kelly Glenn Bruce Golliff Ray Green Rosanna Green Sherry Hamilton Mary Hancock Steve Hauck David Headley Lynn Hemrick Debra Herman Steve Hershberger Susan Holman Mike Holmes Cathy Horman Jeannine Huffman Susan Hull Art Sattison 165 John Hutchins Kathleen Hutchins Tina Johann Denise Johnson Teresa Johnson Tim Johnson Malt Jones Brad Karst Angie Kent Don Kent Scott Kilgallon Gale Kline Rita Kline Bruce Klink Tammie Klink Kathy Knapp Kevin Knapp Doug Krantz Frenche Kunsman Greg Lahnum Paulette Lehman Bill Lewis Laura Lincoln Kim Lovell Mike Martin 166 f V ,. 5 " Bill Mason Brian Mason Debra McKinley Jerr McKinlev Cind McKnight Duncan MacRae Mark Meston Perr Me er Beckv Mick Terr Miller Beu Monroe Frank Morton Jim Murden Denis Myers Pal Nunall Steve O ' Beirne Linda Oliver Jon Parker Re Parrish Steve Pavv Jim Pearson Arnita Petre Jim Powell Janet Powers Jud Presle Donna Rakestrau Linda Randolph Carl Reichardl Karen Roerenden Jason Rumse Doug Sanders Linda Sattison Terry Sattison Diane Schaeler Barbara Schalk Robert Schmidt 167 V Jan Schmucker Laura Schoep Da id Sevitts Phillip Shau Sall Shearer Carl Short Bobb Simmons Barbara Sisler Eric Smith Bruce Smith Kathy Smith Richie Smith Walter Smith Dale Sn der Jud Sn der Linda Snvder Renee Spurgeon Nancy Squier Kenn Stokes Randy Strang Gary Stroh Pam Slultz hT iTi I? Si ' 57;T78 } John S« iniuch Dave Szeman Steve Ta lor Jim Thomas Belh VanWaaner Mark VanWagner Robbie VanW agner Chuck V ilders Randv Walsh Neal Weldon Dennis Wenzel Brent Whitcomb Larrv V ilcox Laurie Wilcox Jim Williams Kevin W illibev Mark W illis Carla Wilson Eva ' anev JelT Zimmerman 169 V The seventh grade aim: eighth grade or bust. Harry Dove, pres.; Mark Sanborn, vice-pres.; Rick Hammond, sec; and Mr. Scott, spon- f 3 T ! Brian Burger Dave Byrne Jim Canan Gina Caywood Jeanna Caywood Don Clark Greg Clark Debbie Cole Terry Collins David Cook Jennifer Cook Patty Cool Renee Cox Richard Crone Doug Crooks Elizabeth Curtis MikeCuttis David Darling Meg Dipert Cindy Disbro Cindy Adams Mark Aldrich Larry Ankney Scott Antrup Rocky Armey Donald Aronen Ronald Aronen Andy Avery Sherrie Beattie Eddie Bendezu Jerry Bentley Beth Bobay Clay Bowerman Jay Bradburn Scott Brokaw Craig Brooks Patty Bruner Melody Budd Deedee Bush Brad Bucknam 170 r «r ' - IV f " Harry Dove Jim Eberhart Beth Emrick Scott Fouts Bruce Foutz Laura Fraley Randy Frv Stephenie Fuller Kevin Gill Todd Glenn Paul Golliff Cliff Gonser Peter Greiser Robert Griffith DuaneGutner Scott Hackett JeffHaddix Rick Hammond Tom Hancock Tom Hastreiter Laura Hauck Susan Headley Carol Higbee Ruth Alice Hill Kenny Hilton Tammv Hindman Rick Horr Larry Huffman Gene Huss Roger Jetmore Mark Johann Will Jones Barb Karst Matt Karst Cindy Kauffman Karen Kelley Barb Kinsev Kurt Klink Amy Knecht Diana Kratz Greg Kuhn Joe Kyle Marcella Lansford Karen Lincolin Penny Lonsbury 1 ABOVE: 7th grade football team looks ' ' BE- LOW: Mr. Nichols leads thejr. high band. 171 Sheryl Lovell David Mann Denise Mann Renee Martin Andrea Mason Roger Mason Debbie Matson Kim Maxton Kim McBride Rhonda McClellan Howard McKeever Louise McKiniev Kim Meek Marty Miller John Moonen Craig Myers Cathy Nagler Bill Nealy Claudia Neuenschwander Kathy Newman Steve Newnam Bradley O ' Beirne Cindy Ordway Debbie Parrish Kathy Parks Denny Penick Kathleen Peppier Allen Pinkham Bill Privett Alan Rakestraw Julie Reese Lynn Reese Linda Ringler June Rhodes Beth Richmond Guy Ridenour Rodney Ridenour Terry Ritter Kallie Rorick Betsy Roland 7th. grade football team gets a good start. 172 " - " . David Ryan Mark Sanborn Karen Sattison Sharon Sattison Lori Schaefer Victor Schaeffer Tony Schievone George Schalk Jean Schmucker Joan Schmucker Mark Schultz Melissa Scott Douglas Shawver Debbie Shipe Lori Shumaker Barb Sikes Julie Simons Don Sladle Roger Smith Jay Wetzel Tina Whipple Ginny Whitlock Mike Wilcox Larry Wilcox Kim Willibey Cheryl Wilkins Elizabeth Wilt Billy Rvan . ' sua Denny Snyder Sandy Somerlott Diana Souburn Scott Sprague Rory Steele Brenda Stock Lisa Straw Randy Strock Barb Sumney Mary Swiniuch Janie Szeman Patty Taylor Rita Tome Ronny Throop Jim Timpe Janie Waite Julie Waite Dave Walter Beth W alter Alan W altmire Josetta Weaver Rene Weaver Tony Weaver Jeff ' Wells Marv West k 1 6 173 Potpourri oj activities jor the junior high tighth grade cheerleaders: Heidi Bowerman. Kellev Carney. Kathy Hutchins. and Becky Mick ' Seventh Grade: Jean Schmucker. Julie Simons, Karen Kelley. and Joan Schmucker. The seventh grade football team had a tough season this year, but gained knowledge in the art of lootball and teamwork. j .y. 4ki ij " ?Ka9»w;-.;:; ••««$;■ . The many facets of Junior High sports is represented in the faces of the track team, Mr. Scott, and the young hut eager gymnas- tics team. 174 =£W Jr. High Basketball player reaches for the ball. ABOVE Seventh grade cheerleaders: Karen Lincoln, Tammy Hinman, and Debbie Shipe. The eighth grade class went to the Montpelier skating rink for a night of skating fun. It ' s those important shots and great reboiind- ing that make the game for the seventh grade basketball tarn. 175 Junior high activity day, high light of This year the junior high also had an activity day. On March 23 the excited seventh and eighth graders burst into their various classes dying to do something the high school wasn ' t. The student council and the class officers worked hard to get this day around for the junior high and class- es such as macrame, guitar lessons, chess tournaments, and art classes were offered. Perhaps next year the junior high will lend some of their excitement and eagerness to the high school. Dan Koomler and Bob Meyers show a group how to play the guitar. Mr. Dougherty in deep concentration during a chess game. 176 ' - :Mkrmi % M Junior high student council plans Susie Burton, teaching a macrame class. ilt ' IB 177 V School — sometimes fun, sometimes not, but a ways there On the uilness stand, during the trial, stu- dents learn about court procedure. The seventh and eighth grade locker area is a crowded place for jr. high students as well as high school students. ABOVE: The hall ' s sure a busy place where over 900 students try to make their way, RIGHT Court is nou in session. E- -H Bob and Renee, as husband and wife, con- template their attendance at the rock festival. 178 While practicing for the play these actors look involved. ABOVE Lets hope they don ' t blow up the school RIGHT: A usual hall scene. Mrs. Buse, you certainly look happy; must be the last day of school. 179 The Jr. High try to " get it together ' in ' 72-73, X Kathy Peppier, winner of the school spell- ing bee represented AHS in the county bee. Eighteen spellers, including six fifth and sixth graders vied for the spelling title. With the expert musicianship of Kenny Hil- ton, the bassoon section is in fine shape. A little locker humor from the eighth grade keep the school in stitches. Jr. High Student Council Officers: J. Schmucker, Sec. Tr.; L. Hemrick, Pr.; B. Bush, V.P.; and Mr. Goodwin, Sponsor. Miss Siebold and her Jr. High choir prac- tice for an upcoming concert. 180 An eighth grade skating party was just what frustrated students needed. A tough Jr. High football team gets in a little scrimmaging. The fmal five spellers represent some of the hardest work Jr. High students undertake in their Jr. High years. ABOVE Sweaty skaters revive their souls with refreshments from the snack bar. RIGHT Up for a shot and the rebound. a • PI ■ft ]m - Once around the track. A combined seventh and eighth grade band gives the big sound for many musical selections the band plays. 181 J Images of the school 182 this is where Fve spent my life fm 183 V Images of the past year 184 Hey isnt that me in that picture? 185 V ' v V VTINUMMOC COMMUNITY V The best bread, cakes, and pastries are baked daily at FETZER ' S BAKERY where you are waited on with a smile. Turn to 100.1 on your FM dial and let Mike and Ruth change your silent world into music from WAFM. .4 . ■ T Martha and Mary make their selection from the large variety of fashions and colors available at the TOWNE SHOPPE. Sharlee puts the finishing touch to a cone at the DAIRY QUEEN. 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GENTRY PHOTOGRAPHIC HAMMA FEED SUPPLY HARMAN ' S BRIDAN LADIES SHOPPE HOLIDAY MARINE INC. L M MOTORS Community Patrons BUCK LAKE ■Branch N Boot e r y |!!ijlilBTll .S!H;|f!!|P k.i 200 " X ■rvaa Sfii rn MAXWELLS WESTERN AUTO STORE McBRIDE CLEANERS MEL ' S 5ALES INC. MOORE BUSINESS FORMS INC. C. A. NEDELE SONS NEWNAM TIRE SERVICE INC. N N BARBER SHOP NORTHERN INDIANA PUBLIC SERVICE CO. PENGUIN POINT SEAGLVS HARDWARE SELMAN HEATING PLUMBING SHEETS OIL GAS CORP. STEUBEN COUNTY FARM BUREAU CO-OP ASSN. INC. STEUBEN COUNTY REMC SUDS-UR-DUDS COIN LAUNDRIES THOMAS FAMILY CENTER TUTTLE ' S JEWELRY ' WIECHTS FUNERAL HOME 201 Senior Directory ELAINE ALMOND. GALEN D. ANSPAUGH; Thespians 4; Band 1,2,3, Pep Band 1, 2,3; Choir 2,3.4; Spanish Club 2,3,4; Hornet Staff 3; Fall Musi- cal 4; Play 2; Nisbova 1 ,2,3; Barbershop Quartet 4. CYNTHIA KAY ANSTETT: Pep Club 1,2,3; HOE 4; Style Show 1,2,3; BRUCE AYERS TRUDY BABCOCK.: Choir 2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3,4, Pres. Pep Club 2; Spanish Club 4; Future Teachers 2; Asst. 4, P.E.; Choir Ensem- ble 1,2. ROBERT L. BAL; Choir 2,3,4; COE 4; Lettermen ' s Club 1,2,3,4; Assit. 3; Team Manager 3; Basketball 1,2,3,4; Baseball 1,4; Fall Play 2,4; Play 1,4; Tennis 3. BEVERLY JEAN BARNES: Thespians 1,2,3,4; Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2; Style Show 2; Fall Musical 4; Play 3; Nisbova 1,2,3,4; Band Ensemble 1,2. LINDA DIANE BASSETT; Pom Pon 3,4; Thespians 4; Band 1,2, 3,4; Choir 3.4; Y-Teens 2,3,4; NHS 3,4; GAA 1,2,3, VP; Pep Club 1,2,3, Sec; Spanish Club 1,2,3,4. Sec; Future Teachers 1,2,3,4, Treasurer-Historian; Assit. 3, Indus. Arts; Exploratory Teaching 4; Fall Musical 4; Nisbova 1 ,2,3,4; Solo Ensemble Contest 1 ,3. ROSALIND RENEE BEARD: Student Council 1,2,3,4, Sec-Treas.; Choir 3,4, Contest 2.3.4; Y-Teens 2.3.4; NHS 3.4; GAA 1.2,3; Pep Club 1,2,3,4; Spanish Club 1,2.3,4; Key 1,2,3, Activities Chairman 4, Assist. Editor; Future Teachers 1,2, Sec, 3,4, Pres.; Assist. Lib. I. Industrial Arts 2; Exploratory Teaching 4; Cheerleader 1,2,3, Sec 4, Captain; Piano String Contest 3; Rotary Speech Contest Runner-up 3; Powder-Puff Football 3,4; Youth power Conference 3; Ind. State Fair Girls School 3. MICHAEL L. BERRY: Choir 3; Team Managers 1, Wres. Basket- ball 1; Track 3; Fall Musical I; German Club 3,4; Choir Contest 3. PATRICIA ANN BIRD: Band 1,2; GAA I; HOE 4; ICE 3; Nisbova 1,2; DAR Award 4. ROBERT TODD BLEDSOE: Thespians 1,2,3,4; Student Council 1; Hi-Y 1,2,3,4; Pres. 3; Letterman ' s Club 1,2,3,4; French Club 1; Key 2,3; HOE 4; Football 1,2,3,4; Captain 4; Basketball 1.2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4, Fall Musical 2,3,4; One Act Play 2,3,4. DAVID ROBERT BLOSSOM: Spanish Club I; Hornet Staff 3, Re- porter; Fall Musical; Ecology Club 3,4, Pres. 4. DENNIS PATRICK BOBAY: Spanish Club 2,3,4; Latin Club 1,2,3, 4; Hornet Staff 3; Football 1,3; Baseball 2; Boys State Represen- tative 3. ALICE BOWDEN: Art Club 1.2; GAA 2,3; Pep Club 1,2; Span- ish Club 3; Hornet Staff 3; English Asst. 3; Fall Musical 2. DONNA J. BOYD: Choir I; Y-Teens 1,2,3,4; COE 4; Treas. 4; Magazine Staff I , Phantom Senior. ANITA R. BROWN: Band 1,2,3,4; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; NHS 3,4; French Club 2,3,4; Key 3,4; FTA 1,2,3,4, Historian 3; Ass ' t 3; Exploratory Teaching 4; Nisbova 1,2,3,4; Solo Ensemble Con- test I ; German Club 3,4, Reporter 4. GLORIA F. BROWN: Band; NHS 3,4; French Club 2,3,4; Key 2,3,4; Hornet Staff 4, Bus. Manager; FTA 1,2,3,4, Pres. 3, Vice Pres. 4; Nisbova 1,2,3,4; Solo Ensemble Contest I. THOMAS BROWN DENNIS BRUBAKER BEVERLY J. BRUNER: Pom Pon 3,4; Band 1,2,3.4; Choir 3.4; GAA 1,2,3; Pep Club 1,2,3; Spanish Club 1,2,3,4; Hornet Staff 3; Nisbova 2.3,4; Zionsville Institutional 3,4. BARNEY V. BRYAN: Thespians 1,2.3,4; Band; Pep Band 1,2,3,4; Choir 2,3,4; Lelterman ' s Club 2,3,4, Sec 4; Spanish Club 2,3,4; Vice Pres. 4; Team Managers 2, Wrestling; Football 1,2,3,4; Track 1,3; Wrestling 2,3,4; Fall Musical 4; Spring Play 1,2,3,4; Nisbova 2,3,4; Dixiland 2; Barbershop 4. DAN G. BURRIS: Thespians 2,3; Choir 2; Spanish Club 2,3,4; Hornet Staff 3; ICT 4; Wrestling; Golf 3; Fall Musical 2. 202 LYLE W. CALL: ICT 4. MARY CARRICK KEVIN L. CARY; Band 1.2; Hi-Y; ICT 4; Team Manager 2; Golf 3; Nisbova 2. NITA KAY CHARD; Band 1,2; Choir 2; Y-Teens 3; GAA 1.2.3; Pep Club 2.3; Spanish Club 2.3; FTA 3; HOE 4. JOHN CLARK JOHN C. CLIFTON: Spanish Club 3,4; Hornet Staff 3; Ecology Club 3. RANDY L. COFFEY: Student Council 4. Pres. Letterman ' s Club 4; French Club 1; Football 2.3.4; Wrestling 2,3,4; Ecology Club 3. MICHAEL COLBART SUECRIPE JULIE C. DAHL: Pom Pon 3,4; GAA 1,2,3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3; Asst. 2,3,4; Style Show 1,2,3; Nisbova 3,4; Zionsville Invitational 3,4. CANDY FAY DELLER: Y-Teens 4; Art Club 1; GAA 1; Pep Club 1; Hornet Staff; FHA 3,4; Asst. 3; Style Show 1,2; Fall Musical 4, Asst. Director. SHARLEE DELLER. DAVE L. DEMARA: Student Council 1; Art Club 1; Letterman ' s Club 1; ICT 4. Pres.;Team Manager 1; Wrestling 1. RONALD L EDDY: Latin Club 1,2,3,4; KEY 4, Business Mana- ger; Hornet Staff 3, Feature Editor; Asst. 3. BRAD DEAN EMERICK: Band 1,2; Pep Band 2; Hi-Y 1,2; Let- terman ' s Club 2,3,4; Key 2; Hornet Staff 3; Feature Editor; COE 4, Pres; Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1; Golf 1.2,3,4. CARLTON DALE ERWIN DEBRA S. EYSTER: Pom Pon 1,2,3,4, Asst. 3, Head Majorette 4; Thespians 4; Band 1,2,3,4; Choir 3,4; Y-Teens 2.4; National Honor Society 3,4; GAA 1,2,3, Treas. 2; Pep Club 1.2,3; Spanish Club 1,2,3,4, FTA 4; Fall Musical 4; Nisbova 1,2.3,4; Solo and Ensemble Contest 1; Swing Choir 2,3,4; Zionsville Invitational 3.4; Youth Leadership Contest 4. AL D. FANNING: Band 1,2; Letterman ' s Club; Spanish Club 1,2; ICT 4; Asst. 1; Football 1,2,3.4; Track 1,2,3; Wrestling 1,2,3,4. BILL FEE: Band 1; Choir 1,2,3,4; Hi-Y 1,2,3,4, Vice-Pres. 4; Let- terman ' s Club 1,2,3,4, Pres. 4; Football 1,2,3,4; Track 1,2,3,4; Gym- nastics 1,2,3,4, MVP 3, Captain 4; Fall Musical 4. EDWIN FLEGAL ROLLA N. FRISINGER: Hi-Y 1,2,3,4; Letterman ' s Club 2,3,; Spanish Club 2: Hornet Staff 3,4; Basketball 2,3; Golf 1,2,3.4. LAUREEN M. FULTON: Pom Pon 3,4; Thespians 4; Band 1.2.3, 4; Choir 3.4; Y-Teens 2; GAA Vice-Pres. 4; Spanish Club 1,2,3,4; FTA 3,4; P.E. Asst. 3; Exploratory Teaching 4; Cheer- leader 1,2; Fall Musical 3,4; Nisbova 3,4; Solo and Ensemble Contest 2; Band Ensemble 4; Zionsville Invitational 3,4; Swing Choir 2,3,4; Homecoming Queen Candidate 3: SHERYL LEE GAFFIN: Band 2; Choir 1,2,3,4: Y-Teens 1,2; GAA 1,2,3; Pep Club 1,2,3; Spanish Club 1,2,3,4; Future Teachers 2; HOE 4; P.E. Asst. 3. Industrial Arts Asst. 3; Nisbova 1,2; Solo and Ensemble Contest 1,2; Band Ensemble 1,2; Choir Ensemble 2; Vica Reporter. BRUCE G. GIBSON: Hi-Y 1,2,3,4; National Honor Society 3,4; Basketball 1,2.3; Vice-Pres. Senior Class 4; Valedictorian 4. JODEE F. GLENN: Y-Teens 2.3,4, Chaplin 4; Pep Club 4; Health Asst. 4; Style Show 1 .2.3; German Club 3. FHA RHONDA MARIE GOINGS: Band 1.2,3.4. Pep Band 3.4; GAA I, 2,3,4, Sec. 3; Pep Club 1,2; Hornet Staff 3; Style Show 1,2,3; Nis- bova 1,2,3,4; Solo and Ensemble Contest 1; Band Ensemble 3; Pep Band Zionsville Invitational 3,4. JIM D. GUTHIER: Thespians 2.3.4; Band; Pep Band 2,3, 4; Choir 1,2,3,4; Letterman ' s Club 2,3.4; Spanish Club; P.E. Asst. 4; Wrestling 1.2,3.4; Baseball 2,3,4; Fall Musical 1.2,4; One Act Play 1,2,3,4; Nisbova 1,3.4; Solo and Ensemble Contest 1.4; Band Ensemble 3,4; Choir Ensemble 4; Soloist for Spring and Winter Choir Contest. GREG D. HAMILTON: Student Council 1.2,3, Vice-Pres. 3; Hi- Y 1,2,3,4, Sec. 3; NHS 4; Spanish Club 3.4; Hornet Staff 3; Fall Musical 1; One Act Play, Spring Play 1; Hoosier Boys State 4. DAVID HARPHAM JANE ANN HERSHBERGER: Pep Club FHA 4, Pres. 4; COE 4; Library Asst. 1,2 3,4; Style Show 1,2,3. 1; French Club 1,2.3; Home Ec. Asst. 1.2. WILLIAM (TOFF) W. HILL: Hi-Y Chaplain 3.4; Span- ish Club 2,3; Latin Club 1,2.3.4, Program Chairman 4; Hornet Staff 4, Editor in Chief 4; Tennis 3,4; Attended 6 week summer institute at Western Michigan University (summer of ' 72); Saluta- torian 4. MARY J. HOFFMAN: GAA 1,2,3; Pep Club 1,2,3; Hornet Staff 3; ICT 4; P.E. Asst. 2,3; Stvle Show 1,2,3; Fall Musical 1,2. JOHN H. HORNBROOK III: COE 4. Hi-Y 1; Latin Club 3; Hornet 3; JACQUELYN H. HUBLER: Thespians 1.2,3; Choir 2,3; Y-Teens 2; GAA 1,2,3; Pep Club 1,2,3; French Club 1,2; Key 3; FTA 4; P.E. Asst. 3. Industrial Arts Asst. 3; E.xploratory Teaching 4; Cheerleader 1.2,3, Sec-Treas. 3; Fall Musical 1.2; One Act Play 3; Solo and Ensemble Contest I ; Class Sec-Treas. 3. PAM J. HUFFMAN: GAA 1.2.3; Pep Club 1.2.3; French Club 1; Hornet Staff 3; ICE 4; Ass ' t 1; Stvle Show 1.2.3. 203 V TODD JONES. CHUCK KLINK RHONDA LEE KNECHT: Pom Pon 3,4; Student Council 4; Band 1.2,3,4; Choir 3,4; Y-Teens 2,3,4; GAA 1,2,3.4; Pep Club 1.2.3; Spanish Club; ETA 3.4; Exploratory Teaching 4; Nisbova 2.3.4; Solo and Ensemble Contest I; Powder Puff Football 3; Zionsville Invitational 3. RENEK. KONRAD: HOE4. PATRICIA M. LINCOLN: Hornet Staff 4; Ecology Club Sec- Treas 4. TERRY LANCASTER DAVID LIGHT JANINE LININGER DOUG LOVALL MIKE J. MARTIN: Choir 2.3.4; Letterman ' s Club 2.3.4; Spanish Club 1,2,3,4; Hornet Staff 4; Basketball 2,3; Track 1.2.3,4, Team Captain 4; Nisbova 2,3,4; Hoosier Boy ' s State 3; National Mathe- matics Exam 4. SUE A. McKEEVER: Choir 3,4; Y-Teens 2,3,4, Vice-Pres. 4; NHS 3,4, Vice-Pres. 4; Pep Club 1,2; Hornet Staff 3; Style Show 1, 2,3,4; Nisbova 1,2,3,4. MICHELLE MEEK: Y-Teens 2,3; Pep Club 1,2; HOE 4; Style Show 1,2,3. COLLEEN K. MERILLAT: Thespians 1,2,3,4; Choir 3.4; Y-Teens 2,4; GAA 1,2; Pep Club 1,2; Spanish Club 1,2,3; French Club 1,2; FTA 1,2; COB 4; P.E. Asst. 2, Business Asst. 3, English Asst. 3; Fall Musical 1.2,4; One Act Play 1,2; Foreign Exchange Student 3. BILL K. MILHOLLIN: Letterman ' s Club 2,3.4; Basketball 1,2,3, 4; Baseball 1,2,3,4. LUCINDA SUE MILLER: FHA 2,3;HOE4. MINDA R. MILLER: Band 1; Choir 1,2,3,4; Y-Teens 1,2,3.4; GAA 1,2; Pep Club 1,2,3, Sec. 3; French Club 1; Nisbova 1,2,3,4. BRAD K. MOORE: Band 1,2; Hi-Y 1,2,3,4; Letterman ' s Club 1,2, 3,4; Key 2,3,4, Bus. Mgr. 3, Editor 4; ICT 3, 4; Football 1,2,3, 4; Gymnastics 1,2; Golf 1,2. LESLIE ELISE MORROW: Thespians 3,4, Sec. 4; Band 2,3,4; Pep Band 2,3; Latin Club 3,4; German Club 3; Key 2.3; Orchestra 2.3; Fall Musical 1; One Act Play 2; Nisbova 3; Solo and Ensemble Contest 2; Band Ensemble 1. DENNIS MOW: Hi-Y; Letterman ' s Club 2,3.4; Hornet Staff 4; Football 1,2,3,4; Basketball 1,2,3; Track 2; Golf I; Class Vice- Pres. 3. DENISE A. MUDRACK: Pep Club 1,2; COE 4, Sec. 4; P.E. Asst. 2,3; Batgirl 3; Phantom Senior. GARY MYERS JOE N. NEFF: Hi-Y 1,2; Letterman ' s Club I; French Club I; ICT 4; Gymnastics 1.2; Baseball 1; VICA4. JOHN P. NILSON: Band 1.2; Pep Band 1.2; Hi-Y; Letter- man ' s Club; Football First team conference 4; Wres- tling 1,2,3,4, Sectional Winner 3,4, Conference Winner 4; One Act Play 4; Solo and Ensemble Contest 1,2; Band Ensemble 1,2; Class Pres. 3. VICTORIA LYNN NIX: Pom Pon 4; Choir 3,4; Pep Club 1; French Club 1; FHA I; Style Show 1,2; Nisbova 3,4; Zionsville Invita- tional 4. PATRICIA K. OBERLIN: Pom Pon 3,4; Thespians 4; Band 2,3,4; Choir 3,4; Y-Teens 2,3.4; Pep Club 1.2; Spanish Club 2.3.4, Treas. 4; ICE 4; VICA 4. Sec. 4; Home Ec. Asst. 4; Style Show 1,2,3; Fall Musical 2,4; Spring Play 4; Nisbova 3,4; Swing Gals 2,3,4; Homecoming Queen Candidate 1 , DeMolay Queen 1 . DAN OLIS CONNIE ORDWAY LARRY OREWILER THAD ORTEN RON PARKER BILL PARNIN KAREN JEAN PENICK: Choir 3,4; Y-Teens 2.3.4; GAA 1,2.3.4, Treas. 3; Pep Club Vice-Pres. 4; French Club 1,2. Sec- Treas. 2; P.E. Asst. 2; Industrial Arts Asst. 4; Powder Puff Foot- ball 3. SHEILA PENICK NANCY M. PENIX: Choir 3.4; Pep Club 1.2.3; GAA 3; Spanish Club; Fall Musical 1.2; One Act Play 1; Swing Gals 3,4. ROSEMARY R. PORTER: Choir 3; Y-Teens 2,3,4; GAA 1: Pep Club 1,2; Spanish Club 2,3,4; FTA 4; COE 4; Library Asst. 1. English Asst. 4; Style Show 1.2.3; Fall Musical 2. VIRGINIA REESE LYNN DENISE RIDENOUR: FHA 4; COE 4; Style Show 2.3. RIPLEY F. RIDENOUR: Latin Club 3. Program Chairman 3; ICT 4; Choir 2.3; Band 1.2.3; Pep Band 1.2.3; Football 1; Nisbova 1.2,3; Solo and Ensemble Contest 1,2,3; Band Ensemble 1,2,3; VICA 4, Parliamentarian 4. SANDY K. ROWE: GAA 1,2,3; Pep Club 1,2,3; Hornet Staff 3, Editor; FTA I; Style Show 1,3; Phantom Seniors 4. JEFF L. RUMSEY: Football 2,3; Ecology Club 3. GALE N. RYAN: Pep Band 4; ICT 1,2; AG 1,2,3; Asst. 1,2; Bas- ketball 1. MARDA ANN SAILOR: GAA 1,2,3; Pep Club 1,2; Spanish Club 2,3,4; Hornet Staff 4; FTA I;StyleShow 1,2. THOMAS SANBORN KENNETH SAPP KIRK A. SCHOCK: Band 1.2,3; Pep Band 1.2.3; Hi-Y 1.2,3,4; Spanish Club 2; HOE 4; Football 1,2,3.4; Wrestling 1.2.3; Golf 1,2; Nisbova 1,2,3. DAWN SCOTT VIOLET SCOTT: FHA 3,4; HOE 4; English Asst. 1; Style Show 1. 204 THOMAS JAY SELL: Band 1.2,3.4; Pe Band 1,2.3,4; Choir 2.3.4; Hi-Y 1.2; Asst. 3; Basketball 1; Golf 1.2; Nisbova; Drum Major 3.4; Dixieland Band 3. LORAINE L. SENGER: COE 4; Asst. Home Ec. 4; Style Show 1.Z3. MARTHA ANN SHEETS: Pom Pon 3.4; Y-Teens 2,3 Sec. 4 Pres.; NHS 3,4; Pep Club 1,2,3; Spanish Club 3,4; Nisbova 3,4; Zionsville Invitational 3,4. DAVID SHORE LELAND SHORT CAROLYN S. SILBERG: Pom Pon 3,4; Student Council 3; Band 1,2,3; Y-Teens 3,4; GAA 1.2.3; Pep Club 1.2; Asst. Home Ec. 4; Style Show 1.2; Cheerleaders 2; Nisbova 2.3.4; Solo En- semble Contest 1.2.3; Band Ensemble 1.2.3; Zionsville Invitational 3.4. SANDY E. SK.AGGS: Pom Pon 1.2; Thespians 3.4; Choir 2.3.4; Y-Teens 4; Pep Club 1,2; ICE 4, Vice-Pres.; Style Show 1,2,3,4; Nisbova 1,2,3,4. RORIE SNYDER DAVE SOMERLOTT: Band 2,3,4; Pep Band 3,4; Hi-Y 1,2,3,4; NHS 3,4; Football 1,2,3,4. BRIAN L. SPURGEON: Band 1,2,3,4; Choir 3,4; Spanish Club 3,4; Cross Country 2; Nisbova 1,2,3,4; Band Ensemble 1,2,3,4; Choir Ensemble 3,4. EUGENE R. STEELE; Letterman ' s Club 3, HOE 4; Track 3; Cross Country 3. REGINALD STEELE JAY B. STEVENS: Band; Pep Band 1,2.3.4; Choir 1,2,3,4; Nisbova 1,2,3,4; National Merit Scholarship Finalist. LAVON STOMM PENNY STROMAN BARB TAYLOR CHRISTINA TRITCH CATHERINE VILDERS: HOE (VIC A) 4, Treas. 4. LINDA L. WANNENWETSCH: Band 1,2,3,4; Y-Teens 3,4; Cheer- leader 2,3; Nisbova 4; Solo Ensemble Contest 1.2; German Club 3,4. Pres. GARY WEBER MICHAEL C. WENZEL: Hi-Y 1.2.3; Letlerman ' s Club; Key I; P.E. Asst.; Football; Basketball 3.4; Gymnastics I, 2; Golf 1 .2.3.4; Exploratory Teaching 4. PAM WETZEL; Band; Pep Band 2.4; Choir 3.4; Y-Teens 2.3.4. Treas. 4; GAA 2.3; Pep Club 1.2.3; French Club 3; Hornet Staff 4, Feature Editor 4; Science Fair 1; Orchestra 1.2; Nisbova 3.4; Batgirl 3.4; Class Pres. 4. JOSEPH K. WHITE: Hi-Y; Thespians 1.2; Lettermans Club 3,4; Latin Club 2; ICT 4; Golf 3. PAM WILLIAMS TOBY WILLIAMS MIKE YODER: ICT 4. JIM YOTTER; Basketball 1; Cross Country 1; Asst. 1,2,3; Golf I, 2. MICHAEL R. YOUNG: Choir 1,2,3.4; Hornet Staff 3. 205 V A school year finished idir. A step of life completed " ' " V ■ «« . ' • " J? i % £ 207 Remarks gnod things niiisl Cdnic lo an end, [rue. For nian , the end nl a school ear is at hand, lor others ii is the end of a step of life; hut lor both it can also mean the beginning. The memories of ' -)l} must live on. The knowledge gained and the skills acquired nuisi he clierishcii. il has been our sincere desire as a earbook staff to capture for vou. the reader, the man rellections and memories ol ' this past ear ol " 73. II ue. in the ears to come, can bring a smile lo our lace, a laugh in our heart, or a tear lo sour e e. while ou are holding this book rellecting and imagining, we feel v e ha e succeeded in our endeavor. I ould like to thank sincereK Mrs. Powers our sponsor, who had so much patience with us, et the firmness to help us complete this book. M special thanks goes to Renee. m assistant editor, without whom the task of preparing the Ke would ha e been too great. Thanks to ou staff, our hard work isgreativ appreciated. As a stall we MHild like to thank our business patrons and commumtN, our .Administration, and vou the reader, for without ou and our activities, we would have no need of the 1473 KEY. Sincerelv , y Brad Moore Editor in Chiel ' 208 V.

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