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GerJ 3 1833 01852 4576 GEMEALOrV I 977.202 AN AHS, ! 1969 J Digitized by tine Internet Arciiive in 2010 witii funding from littp: details key1969ango The Key 69 Angola High School Angola, Indiana Volume 48 To everything there is a season and a time to every purpose A time to mourn and a time to laugh, - A time to break down and a time to build up, and a time to hate. A time to keep silent m i ' ■5 ■te and a time to speak, .£a — STUDENT LIFE and a time to relax, wi nm ' Sl ' K ' - I IN SCHOOL I Mk h H 1% H jt ' lEl BI S . ■lte... 7 ' mfc S t 9chool life begins with hard work in the classroom Many moods and expressions are found during classroom activities m sl M H ' L VMa dyd il Qilence, group conversation, and the noise of crowds are all found in the halls of A.H.8. 20 The office: meeting place for student body and administration I A welcome break between classes is found in the pleasant atmosphere of the cafeteria r " ■Nr 0 -V(V s i R K H ■s 1 1 |A ' • a 23 AFTER SCHOOL Qtuden+s spend much of their spare time preparing for and participating in extra-curricular activities Dedication to self, team, and school begins before the season in A.H.8. sports No student can resist the excitement of crowds and action at Hornet basketball games IP " m ) 1 n Student council 30 and administration, sponsor programs to present various fields of interest Plays demand making scenery, studying lines, and man V WV J .tri ■ •;.,.t hwi ' ■■ , nh M —fl Bi nights of rehearsal ■pv • Sp| Rr, fB t ' 1 ihoir directors prepares students for concert performance Much of the fun of an A.H.8. social event is found in the 36 Homecoming brings the thrill of Olympics, the fun of float building, the beauty of queen candidates, and the ecstasy of a formal dance N V y vjL HMB iiJ ' , H QI.. v H ■MM Sd ' ll?! ' mL H fij itTj •r P ■ . .. .■.! - .- ' .. 7W. ' ' ■ ' " ■ ' ■{■B S ' S v«B?r ¥iv ■;-:•: .- „■ .. --- ,4i 5 «1 r - ' A variety in types of dances offers an air of fun and 40 relaxation for all IN THE COMMUNITY ,-y- Qchool and city benefit each other by worthy services Life away from school is filled with leisure and labor at home and often the excitement of a party 45 Gpringtime brings a renewal of outdoor activities while indoor fun is still enjoyed 47 » i Picnics and fun at the lake come with the beginning of summer- • • • FACULTY AND ACADEMICS and a time to learn, ADMINISTRATION Top: Mr. Hammel is always ready to help solve students ' problems. Below: Tho job of assistant principal is not an easy one, but Mr. Kelley ' s ef- ficiency helps to lessen the difficulty. Administrative offices strive for betterment of students Under the guidance and leadership of Floyd K. McCutchan, now in his sixth year as Superintendent of the Metropoli- tan School District of Steuben County, the administration has continued to pro- vide new and better facilities for the stu- dents at A.H.S. The School Board works with and assists Mr. McCutchan in his strive to create the best conditions pos- sible for Junior High and High School education. Closer to the students are Mr. John Hammel and his assistant, Mr. Harry Kelley. Both of these men devote much of their time to discussing problems with students and try to guide them in the right direction. All of these men are a vital part of our educational process and deserve com- mendation for their consideration of the students at Angola High School. Left: Celebrating his twenty-second year here is Superintendent Floyd K. McCutchan. Below: The 1968-69 Board of Educat ion— Thomas Sim- ons, Sunt. McCutchan, Dr. Mason, Robert Berkes, David Sterling, and, not pictured, Burdette Hall. Guidance counselors Mrs. Eileen Fulton took over the job of school nurse this year, and serves students in all four buildings, testing sight and hearing and performing many other duties. Right and Below: Besides counseling students, Mr. Flem- ing spends countless hours in doing paperwork, meeting with college representatives, and administering tests. 54 assist students in planning for the future Guidance services are designed to deal with the entire personality — various moods, fears, purposes, and abilities of individuals. Mr. Jim Flem- ing and Mr. Paul Schock have the job of testing- the achievements and mental maturity of the high school students while Mr. Dan Warmbier assists the junior high in planning their high school years. Other aims of the department are to help when problems arise and to design the pat- terns of character, scholarship, and ambitions of the A.H.S. students of today. Planning ahead mentally is just as important as keeping physically able. Mrs. Eileen Fulton, the school nurse, and Dr. June Horrall, school psy- chologist, are always prepared to of- fer their services when needed by the students. Above: Mr. Warmbier serves as guidance counsellor for Jr. High— another newly initiated idea. Left and Below: In addition to his counselling duties, Mr. Schock finds time to coach the freshman football team. Secretaries and study hall supervisors IK m § lP Mr. Fleming and Mr. Schock really appreciate Bar- bara Chapin ' s help with the work in the guidance office. Above: Mrs. Swank and Mrs. Dygert work on taking attendance in the cafeteria study hall. Below: Mrs. McFadden takes her turn. put in hours of tedious paperwork Left: Mrs. Cox, the school bookkeeper, has enjoyed the help of Mrs. Harter this year. Above: Mary Sanders ' effi- cient work is always welcome. Behind the scenes services are vital to smooth school operation Behind the scenes at A.H.S. are many people responsible for keeping the school running smoothly. Without them the jobs they perform would be left undone. The cus- todians are the fix-it men who keep the damaged equipment in working order as well as keeping the school clean and presentable for the students. Providing the hot lunches enjoyed by students and faculty, the cafe- teria workers are also responsible for the early morning breakfasts initiated this year. Transportation is important, especially for the students living outside the city limits. The capable bus drivers use skill and re- sponsible attitudes in transporting the stu- dents safely back and forth in all types of weather. Few people realize the importance of the end- less myriad of jobs performed by our janitors. CUSTODIANS: Carlton Ervvin, Bob Gebhart. Tom German, Les Shelton, George Jordan (not pictured). Mr. Deetz has undert.-iken the preparation of breakfast for students this year. It is the first time a project of this type has been attempted. A COOKS: Izora Call; Floyd Deetz, manager; Elaine Worcester; Marietta Lininger; Irene Chilcote; Maxine Lininger; Senora Barnum; Jeanne Banta. Despite muttered grumblings about the food, the hot lunches served in the cafe- teria are appreciated by all. BUS DRIVERS. Kneeling: Charles Libey, George Coney, James Swift, Duane Rose, Ernest Eyster. Standing: Herb Moore. Cliff Nilson, Ross Hol- man, Robert Sams, Larry Klink, Helen Linnemeier, Maynard Landis, N.nomi VanMeter, John Erwin, Dale Somerlott, Carl Waymire, Jerry Gauck. Not pic- tured, Don Anstett, Hollis Fisher, Jesse Greenamyer, Ed Reese. CURRICULAR Above: Chemistry and experiments keep Mr. Wright ' s classes busy. Below: Mrs. Clark prepares the junior high on the basic scientific principles. I Gcience: Foundation of yesterday, today, and tomorrow All around us it is evident that sci- ence is an indispensable way of think- ing which has produced the technical knowledge of the present. Most of the world has been mapped out and ex- plored, but what lies beyond? Future scientists and even the ordinary peo- ple must acquaint themselves with the questions put forth. Chemistry, biology, physical science, and physics are but a small part of the vast fields offered for exploration. There are still many problems to solve, but science is that — a pathway to dis- covery. Left: Mr. Rodman directs scien- tific procedures. Below: Biology- keeps the attention of Mr. Snyder. English is necessary as a background for all courses Thought and expression are not overnight accomplishments. To be able fo express our- selves has taken the work of many teachers. Knowledge, an open mind, and ideas are the simple ingredients by which we advance. English is the doorway to knowledge. With help we students can unlock it. It takes a handful of patience, a heart full of desire, and a headful of creativity to reach the keyhole to success. The assistance of books, new methods, and equipment forge the way and with the work of capable teachers the goal is near. There is a way to knowledge through English, and it shall be found, for " where there ' s a will, there ' s a way. " Top right: Mr. Avery ' s topic for today is enthusiasm. Above: " Are you missing someone, Mr. Brayton? " Right: Mr. Servis is known for creativity and new ideas. Left: Handling the junior high is Mrs. Rathbum. Lower left: Mrs. Weimer aids the juniors. Be- low: Writing style is taught by Mrs. McKeever. . J Left: Putting up with the seniors is the task of Mrs. Owens. Above: Mrs. King not only teaches English but is also the joui-nalism teacher and Hornet sponsor. Yesterday ' s world becomes today ' s in social studies History is a fast-moving, ever-changing study of people; studying what they did and whv they did it. The Social Studies Department of A.H.S. empha- sizes the role of history in forming the background for current events. As evidence of this spirit, Jun- ior U.S. History students under the direction of Mr. Sirk, Mr. Nesbitt, and Mr. Fiandt, study American history from 1890 to the present rather than from 1607. The Honors U.S. History class has a revised curriculum which consists of studying sections of several textbooks, with emphasis on paperbacks, rather than a single text. New programs are con- tinually being initiated such as the organized mock election and the trip to the stage legislature orig- inated by Mr. Burnau and Mr. Simon, senior gov- ernment and economic instructors. Top: Mr. Piandt muses over a students comment. Above: Noontime is Mr. Mum- mert ' s time. Left: " More war stories, Mr. Nesbitt? " Math department prepares students for tomorrow by exploring new fields today Solving problems of all types is the job of the math students at Angola High. Organized to train those with a minimum of skill and also to educate those seeking advanced methods, the curricula follows the modified modern math concept. A new field being explored is the computer science careers in which the senior math class participated at Tri-State College. By showing that mathematics is a constantly growing field of change and necessity, the capable teachers educate the mathematicians of tomorrow. Right: Mrs. Schubert teaches not only math but exploratory teaching. Below: New math is taught by Mrs. Thalls. Lower right: Senior math and physics are only part of Mr. Dygert ' s talents. Bj lHi 1 B SP Ib 67 al Vocational studies teachers encourage exploration on an individual level Aided by new teaching aids and tech- nical equipment, teachers of courses geared toward the vocational facet of edu- cation are now able to broaden their de- partment ' s scope. A new graphic arts camera was added to the Industrial Arts inventory and has already proved itself utilitarian investment, greatly reducing cost and labor in making all types of duplications. Other departments, especially Home Economics, are placing increasing impor- tance on individual exploration of areas of personal interest with the idea that more intensive learning in these areas will per- haps be of greater value to students than a less enthusiastically pursued background of more general training. Above: Mr. Thalls and Mrs. Meyerrose are always willing to help interested typing students. Right : Mr. Vaughn is a capable director on stage or in cla.«s. 1 Above: Peace and quiet are found in the solitude of the library. Right: Handling the files and keeping the books in place keep Mrs. Houlton and Mrs. Mortorff busy. Above: Teaching Latin, Mrs. Warmbier uses new ideas to put the message across. Right: Hours of planning on Mr. Prosser ' s part make the Spanish classes interesting and enjoyable. " Ouvrez vos livres a page soixante-huit, " requests Smith of her fifth-period French III class. Foreign languages learned from teachers, library resources Realizing- the ever-increasing emphasis placed on the study of foreign languages, A.H.S. offers two modern language courses along with Latin. Up to three years of study can be taken in Spanish and Latin, and a fourth year is offered in French. The Spanish and French classes make intensive usage of the lang-uage laboratory, giving students the oppor- tunity to hear tlie language as it is spoken by its native users. One of tlie most essential facets of any educa- tional institution is adequate library facilities. Our librarians have made many new additions to botli the audio-visual and stacks sections of our expand- ing library. A wide selection of back-issues of periodicals is also available for reference work. Mrs. Owens spent last summer touring the world, ndding to her knowledge of French. Abo e: Another unusual choir program in the making directed by Miss Siebold. Right: Contest looms near for Mr. Nichols as the band works diligently. Below: Modern ideas of art are stressed by Mr. Robinson. Lower right: Arranging and directing occupy most of Mr. Frisinger ' s time. ■ Music, Art, and Phys. Ed. round out an education Culture plays a large part in today ' s so- ciety. Rounding out the mind becomes a necessity. Through music, either vocal taught by Miss Siebold, or instrumental di- rected by Mr. Nichols and Mr. Frisinger, music students paint scenes melodically. Art also creates scenes either abstract or exact. Under Mr. Robinson ' s guidance, stu- dents express their feelings by their work, much of which shows the imagination of future artists. Forming the mental character of students is important but as important is shaping them physically. Exercise, sports, and all types of physical activity are stressed by the Physical Education Department. The boys, under Mr. Rodney Wells try to master the techniques of basketball, wrestling, and track, while the girls, taught by Mrs. Sue Heier strive to coordinate the smooth move- ment and .skills of gymnastics and tumbling. Left: En.ioym-nt as well as skill are taueht by Mr. Wells. Below: Mrs. Heier ' s girls learn balance and ease in gymnastics. and a time to follow. m CLUBS AND ORGANIZATIONS 75 This year ' s induction honored Mr. John Wearly, seated at left, who moved to Fort Wayne last year. Mr. Wearly had been the sponsor for Angola for many years, and the club deeply regretted seeing them come to an end. Formal induction starts the year for Hi-Y Affiliated with the Y.M.C.A., Hi-Y is a Chris- tian organization for boys in grades 9-12. Striv- ing for cleanness in speech, sportsmanship, scholarship in everyday life, the club promotes these ideals in their members. The Angola Hi-Y Club is highly regarded throughout the state, and has been represented by several state offi- cers, this year by Denny Bumgamer who was elected state president for 1968-1969. Services to school and community are performed annually, and include the Christmas tree pick-up, dona- tions to charitable organizations, and the shar- ing of the responsibility for the Christmas Prom with the Y-Teens. Six Angola Hi-Y boys spent a week-long session at the National Hi-Y— Tri- Hi-Y summer convention at St. Olaf College in Northfield, Minnesota this past summer. The stay was a rewarding experience for them, and it is hoped that other groups can be sent in the future. Boys in grades 9-12 are brought into Hi and impressive candlelight ceremony. a very solemn Above and Left: Denny Bumgarner became the sec- ond Angola member to represent our club as State Hi-Y President. Elected from candidates from nearly 300 clubs, he has brought even more recognition to our already highly considered club. Back Row: Mr. Wright, sponsor; Bob Brady, vice- president; George Gilbert, secretary; Mr. Lange, co- sponsor. Front Row: Jeff Ott, sergeant-at-arms; Larry Banta, chaplain; Denny Bumgarner, president; Bill Disbro, treasurer. 77 " An old-fashioned skating party " is theme of Hi-Y prom The king candidates and their dates lead a dance to appropriate music. The band played many re- quests lor every desire throughout the evening. Above: A break from dancing is filled with refreshments and con- versation. Left: After being crowned King of the Christmas Prom, Greg Griffis and his queen, Marsha Swark, enjoy the tradi- tional King ' s Dance. Below: Pleas- ant company and surroundings are to be found at any Hi-Y function. H Y-teens active in many community service projects A.H.S. Y-teens participated ac- tively in both school and community affairs. They held the annual UNI- CEF drive in October. December brought record-breaking cookie sales and the Candlelight Service. Mrs. Helen Mills was guest speaker at the Candlelight Service and gave a mov- ing message on " Hope. " The Y-teens also participated in service projects such as the March of Dimes, monthly birthday parties at the County Home, and they collected clothing for the needy. In March they held the Pa- Ma-Me banquet using the theme of " A Circus Comes to Town. " To fin- ish the year they again bid farewell to the seniors with the Senior Swing- out. Mrs. Rathburn, sponsor; Mrs. Thalls, sponsor; Barbara Carr, treasurer; Debbie Summers, vice- president; Jo Ellen Stevens, presi- dent. Left: Of all the money-making projects, the annual cookie sales is the most rewarding. Below: Chaplain Joann Arbuckle always offers meaningful devotions. The three student directors demonstrated their abilities for creativity as the Night of Playp again drew large crowds. One-Acts, Initiation, and ' Rally Round the Flag, Boys ' add t( active year for Thespians Left: Mr. Vaughn, sponsor; Pat Fulton, clerk; Mike Parrish, president: Dale Krantz, vice-president; Sherry Sunday, secre- tary; Dian Lee, treasurer. Above: Many long nights of re- hearsal led to the production of the spring play ' Rally Round the Flag, Boys. ' 80 " Oklahoma! " captures an enthusiastic audience This year the Thespians combined efforts with the Music Department in the under- taking of the production of the Broadway hit musical, " Oklahoma! " Nearly two months of preparation, under the dramatical guid- ance of Mr. Hal Vaughn and the musical assistance of Miss N ancy Siebold, preceded the three perfoiTnances on the nights of November 7, 8, and 9. Mr. Elwood Nichols also contributed his musical talent to direct the pit orchestra in accompanying the voices on stage. Right: Curly, the love struck cowboy, tries to sway his girl with visions of a beautiful surrey. Above: Tension and last minute jitters mount as the cast awaits opening night performance. Right: Directing the vocal se- lections. Miss Siebold spends long hours rehearsing the cast. Above: After many nights of practice, the final rehearsal ends and performance night draws near. Left: Laurie, tearful over her spat with Curly, expresses herself musically, refusing to let it get her down. . student Council attempts to bring programs of appeal to the student body Representing the ideas of the s tudents and promoting new projects kept the Stu- dent Council busy this year. President Rob Wilson and the other members again spon- sored the successful Homecoming weekend highlighted by the chili supper, parade, vic- torious game, the OljTnpics, and the semi- foi-mal dance on Saturday. Introducing the breakfast plan for the hungry early morning students was also part of the new idea. The student participation program ending up with the Sadie Hawkins Dance, proved enjoyable, too. Sponsored by Mr. Amey, the council again showed their worth and fin- ished a successful year with the student body elections. The foreign exchange student this year, Nancy Berthemy, was again sponsored by the Student Council. From France, the blue- eyed blonde brought with her many new customs which were introduced to the stu- dents. Leading the student government this year, Robert Wil son presses for new methods and ideas. aV[ e4 ' 1 (■i i 1 HP PIUi Back Row: Sally Hammel, vice-president Bob Brady, president Rob Wilson. Second Row: William Westenhaver, Mike Holcomb, Tod Bledsoe, Mike Bassett, Dennis Hoolihan, John Stevens. Third Row: Sharon Konrad, Marsha Swank, Diane Willig, Dara Maugherman, Gail Bumgarner, Jeff Ott. Front Row: Barbara Taylor, Elaine Bratton, secretary Mary Hammel, Beth Summers, Joe Shoup, sponsor Mr. Arney. Meeting twice a month, the members reflect the ideas and decisions of the entire student body. Left: Mr. Arney Bponsors the club and offers helpful suggestions that often are put to use. Above: Events sponsored by the club call for committee work and cooperation among all the members. The tension-filled excitement of a Home- on Saturday night by an evening of coming football victory and an afternoon quiet dancing, of invigorating Olympics was relaxed Outstanding students are honored with membership in National Honor Qociety Revision and change concerned the Na- tional Honor Society this year. Aided by a new sponsor, Miss Siebold, the members rewrote parts of their chapter constitution and changed the policy concerning dues. After correspondence with other area chap- ters, the club also decided to devise a better method for choosing new membei ' s. Plans to change the time of initiation from the late part of the year to early in the first semester were also started. President Larry Banta directed the club in deciding upon a new method of selecting its members. The lowering of initial dues and the revision of the chapter con- stitution were two of the major projects undertaken this year. Tammy Bledsoe, secretary; Ed Bickel. vice-presi- dent; Larry Banta, president; Miss Siebold, spon- sor. 87 LATIN CLl H ()FPM( I HN ]) ,„t}u Pilliod, scribe; Penny Malston, pro- gram cTiairman; Mrs. Warmbier, sponsor; Jerry Lintz, sergeant-at- irni=; Debbie Summer- i i ; Coleen Patterson, treasurer. Not pic- tured: Mike Brubaker, president. Language clubs provide opportunities for interested IaT " " " Sfc ftti ■ ■Fl M M, Vj n r ni fl mP W k p- IR H B- — P JwJ fl l B-p-i. mM f rrjf H ■i- AM I Br-T— i. 1 H i HORNETS , SPANISH CLUB OFFICERS: Debbie Hemrick, secretary; Terry Archbold, vice-president; Marsha Swank, treasurer; Ed Bickel, president. Much effort on the part of the Spanish club went into preparation for the basketball game between the Harlem All-Stars and A.H.S. faculty. FRENCH CLUB OFFICERS: Jeff Clark, vice-president; Pat Meyer, secretary; Miss Smith, sponsor; Jim Graham, president. students to study customs, people of other lands A.H.S. students can broaden their for- eign language background through mem- bership in three different clubs. The Latin Club, recently organized by Mrs. Warmbier, meets once a month. Their meetings emphasize the effects of Ro- man civilization on our present culture. Meeting the fourth Thursday of each month is the French Club sponsored by Miss Smith. French Club members often use the language lab with the meetings being conducted in French. Such pro- grams as French charades and " alley- oop " are enjoyed by all. The Mexico Study Trip is the major proiect of the Spanish Club under Mr. Prosser ' s direction. The club sponsors many money-making projects to provide money for five lucky students to take the trip. This year ' s projects included candle sales, a chili supper, T-shirt sales, the Harlem All-Star game, and a cake raffle. 89 Newly originated activities for athletically inclined co-eds Hornet athletes were always vigorously stimulated by the rousing cheers of the entire Pep Club throughout all of the Angola football and basketball games during the 1968-69 sports season. PEP CLUB OFFICERS: Debbie Maugherman, vice president; Mrs. Heier, sponsor; Pat Jarrard, treas- urer; Beth Summers, president; Cheri Fee, secre tary. With hope and a smile, the cheerleaders led the Pep Club through indoor sports in the warm gym and through victorious football games on a cold field. bring variety to Pep Club and G.A.A, This year there was enough in- terest stimulated within G A,A. to form a bowling team which entered the state competition. The team placed tenth of forty-four teams, with LuAnn Eyster placing tenth individually. A new sponsor, Mrs. Sue Heier, brought personal vigor and enthu- siasm to Girls Athletic Association and Pep Club. Both clubs developed new constitutions which were voted on and passed by their members. G.A.A. was reorganized on a point system with 25 points being required for membership. This year the girls enjoyed volleyball, bowling, gym- nastics, soccer, tennis, track, and basketball. The Pep Club boasted a record membership of over two hundred. New uniforms were made, consisting of gold jumpsuits of corduroy and two Hornet booster pins, with seniors wearing the traditional senior cords. New support and spirit was shown as the girls also attended wrestling and gymnastic meets as well as football and basketball games. G.A.A. OFFICERS: Pat Jarrard, vice-president; Connie An- derson, president; Mrs. Heier, sponsor; Valorie Banta, treasurer; Mindy Dygert, secretary. Above: Th- members of the F.T.A. club, with the help of their president Judy Horny, strive to learn more about teach- ing from speakers at their meetings. Left: The Art Club often helps the school by making scenery and props for the Thespian plays. Providing training for aspiring photographers, artists, and teachers, A.H.S. students have available to them the Photo Club, the Art Club, and the F.T.A. Club. Making posters, designing and painting sets for the plays, and mak- ing program covers keep the mem- bers of the Art Club busy. Under Mr. Neil Robinson ' s direction, the mem- bers participate in other school events. The Photo Club, now sponsored by Mr. Tony Wright, undertakes de- veloping pictures for the yearbook, the newspaper, and their own bene- fit. The Future Teachers of America Club, under the directions of Mrs. Kile and Mrs. Meyerrose, investigates the teaching profession. Special pro- grams this year included the evening initiation and a birthday party for Mrs. Kile given by the members and Mrs. Marion Clark. Photo Club, Art Club, and F.T.A. ART CLUB OFFICERS: Mary Hagerty, vice-president; Connie Pardue, president; Debbie Maugh- erman, secretary-treasurer; Mr. Robinson, sponsor. 92 -H The P.T.A. members appreciated Mrs. Kile ' s work for the club so much that they honored her birthday at a club meeting. F.T.A. OFFICERS: Sandy Rowe, vice-president; Sara Goodwin, secretary; Judy Gebhart, treasurer; Steve Sut- ton, parliamentarian; Mrs. Kile, sponsor; Judy Homy, president; Mrs. Meyerrose, sponsor. lend their services to the school PHOTO CLUB OFFICERS: Jeff Du id, presi- dent; Mr. Wright, sponsor; Bill Scott, secretary. The enlarger and the photographic chemicals in the darkroom are very familiar surroundings for members of the photography club. 93 The speakers at the athletic banquets are always interest- ing. They have come from as far away as Southern In- diana and as close as Angola High. Their talks, however, remain consistently intriguing and thought provoking. Letterman ' s Club recognizes outstanding athletes The purpose of Letterman ' s Club is to pro- vide an organization for young men who have perfomied well enough in athletics to earn a major award. The coaches at Angola feel that these boys enjoy and are dedicated to sports, and need an organization to further their com- mon interest in athletics. Their main func- tions are the three banquets held at the end of each season in the athletes ' honor. Funds for the banquets are raised by operating the concession stand at football games. BA iimm The highlights of each banquet are the moments when the most valuable player awards are given to one athlete in each sport. Mr. Thalls, co-sponsor; Joe Bledsoe, treasurer; Denny Bumgarner, secretary; Jeff Wolf, president; Tony DeRosa, business manager; Jlr. Sirk, co-spon- Interested seniors find Exploratory Teaching a Often the fun of Exploratory Teaching is the result of helping to extend young creative imaginations. rewarding experience New sponsor, Mrs. Schubert, found her group of Exploratory Teachers almost tripled by the second semester this year. Starting with five students, the class grew to fourteen with five of the new members being boys. Open to the seniors, those students interested in the teaching profession were scheduled with the first hour of the day being free. After learn- ing basic ideas and methods of the profession, each exploratory teacher had a chance to be an observer in the class of his or her choice. They were then gradually expected to help the teacher with short assignments or any classroom as- sistance that could be given. The exploratory teachers this year were found in all three grade schools. One girl even helped the " ungraded " class at Pleasant Lake each day. Experiences and knowledge were the rewards these young people gained as well as decisions concerning their future. Back Row: Debbie Hemrick, Jo Stevens, Steve Sutton, Mike Brubaker, Belh Summers, Sara Goodwin, Cheri Fee. Front How: Mrs. Schubert, Don Wenzel, Bruce Bryan, Marilyn Schannen, Sherry Sunday, Sandy Rowe, Denny Bumgarner. The Key unites the year in words and pictures The staff owes its gratitude to editor Scott White for his endless assistance and untiring devotion. KEY STAFF. Back Row: Mr. Servis, sponsor; Marsha Swank, sales; Jo Stevens, faculty editor: Beth Summers. Second Row: Scott White, editor-in-chief; Tammy Bledsoe, copywritpr; Sandra She ' fer, associate editor; Penny Malston, organiza- tions editor; Jackie Areaux, academics editor. Front Row: Steve Sutton, art editor; Larry McCutchan, sports editor; Larry Banta, business manager; Steve Thalls; John Elliott, associate editor. Above: Mr. Bell, the publisher ' s representative, was indispensible to the publication of the Key. Right: Staff meetings began early in the year and often lasted long hours. 96 while the Hornet relates present highlights Published monthly by the A.H.S. journalism de- partment, " The Hornet " is the school ' s personal news media. Under the direction of Mrs. Sharon King and editor Jane Holderness, the staff covers all newsworthy events happening around the school. Whether reporting on a football game or the car of the month, " The Hornet " presents stories that appeal to all. Undertaken annually by a staff of interested sen- iors, the Key is a project that requires many hours of devoted labor. Mr. Servis, yearbook advisor, and editor Scott White attended a summer training ses- sion at the University of Detroit to learn modern yearbook techniques. The application of these tech- niques and strong leadership were combined to pro- duce a type of annual new to A.H.S. Many skills are required in the publication of any newspaper. There is always the task of sorting notes and writing stories. HORNET STAFF. Bark Row: Tom Morse, business manager; Jane Holder- ness, editor-in-chief; Jeff Oberlin, news editor. .Second Row: Mrs. King, spon- sor; Alan Bal, photography; Tammy Bledsoe, exchange editor; Sara Good- win, feature editor. Front Row: Eric Nolan, assistant business manager; Cindy Braman, exchange editor; Denny Bumgarner, sports editor; Connie Par- due, art editor. After copy is written, much work is stil quired before it can be sent to the printer. 97 BOYS PHYS. ED. ASSISTANTS. Back Row: Chuck Law- son, Harold Diltz, Dan Hoffman, Lynn Eddy. Front Row: Don Foglesong, Bruce Zeiger, Gary Ritter, Mr. Wells. ART ASSISTANTS: Marilyn Schimmoller, Pat Wandel, Debra Coleman. Mr. Robinson was the sponsor of this group of assistants. LIBRARY ASSISTANTS: Back Row: Mrs. Mortorff, Tracy Counterman, Susie Dygert, Mary Day, Becky Hanson. Front Row: Candy Converse, Janet Pentico, Mrs. Houlton, Jane Hershburger, Paula Burris. DRAWING ASSISTANTS: Mr. Lange, Denny Hoolihan, Tony Bolinger, Terry Archbald. Assistants aid in school operation HEALTH ASSISTANTS. Back Row: Tammy Bledsoe, Cheryl Sommerlott, Vivian Meston, Mrs. Fulton. Front Row: Marsha Birch, Sandy Day, Patty Bennett, Pam Meston. PROJECTIONISTS: Mrs. Houl- ton, Henry Erwin, Greg Aldrich, Mark Nelson. HOME EC. ASSISTANTS. Back Row: Mrs. Buse, Debbie Croy, Sharon Snidle, Connie Anderson. Front Row: Linda Tuttle, Karyl Hilton, Mrs. Trennepohl. Under the direction of Miss Nancy Sie- bold, the vocal music department pre- sented a series of memorable concerts. The Christmas- concert featured a ten- minute choral presentation of the Clirist- mas Story arranged by Miss Siebold. The New Day Singers were highlighted in the spring concert, as well as the high school choir, which sang such numbers as " Man of La Mancha " -and " Battle HjTTin of the Republic. " The choir journeyed to Fort Wayne to be videotaped for presentation of WANE T.V. in their Christmas concert series and received a high rating in the NIS- BOVA Music contest at Garrett in April. Much credit for their successful year must be given by the choir to their tal- ented accompanist, Ann Birchman. Va- riety and interest were added to several selections by the instrumental accom- paniment of Jackie Areaux and Clark Holtzman. Christmas program and concerts highlight musical year for choir Adding to the Christmas program, the Junior High choir made-up of eighty seventh and eighth graders, sang various seasonal favorites. Below: The winter concert consisted of selections from modern music to lullabies accompanied by drummer Cork Holtzman and flutist Jackie Areaux. Right: Expressing the choir ' s thanks for a job well done, Scott presents Miss Siebold with a token of thanks from the group. Back Row: Ann Richardson, Jo Stevens, Marsha Swank, Priscilla Porter, Terry Butz, George Clark, Eric Anspaugh, Roger Eberhardt, George Gilbert, John Johnson, Randy Plank, Bob Brady, John Meek, Chuck Thomas, Pam Ger- man, Debbie Stoll. Second Row: Penny Malston, Jo Ann Arbuckle, Sybil Stie ' er, Sandy Sheffer, Tammy Bledsoe, Scott White, Alan Bal, Bill Lewis, Steve Thalls. Uruce Bryan, Lynn Smathers, Tom Nedele, Debbie Hemrick, Mindy Dygert, Sara Goodwin, Pat Meyer. Third Row: Candy Converse, Marilyn Walcutt. Kathy Ryan. Linda Mortorff, John Thompson, Bill Lonsbury, Jeff Wolf, Gary Ransburg, Bill Disbro, Joe Barger, Jeff Oberlin, Judy Geb- hart, Mindy Spurgeon, Cheri Fee, Chris Randolph. Front Row: Sally Guthier, Dian Lee, Cindy Richmond, Cork Holtz- man, Larry Banta, Jeff Ott, Ted Alleshouse, director, Miss Siebold, Patty Fulton, Dale Krantz, Sally Putt, Judy Waltmire, Lynn Sack, Mary Hammel. Jackie Areaux, Carolyn Hutchins. Accompanist: Anne Birchman. Lead soloist for the choir. Dale received a first at the state music contest and also sang locally at various 101 £« With over thirty senior members leaving the Con- cert Band, the members of the Varsity Band will play a large part in the success of future bands. Mr. Frisinger will direct this young group in the fall. " ■ Varsity Band experience will help Concert Band in future The Varsity Band will add a good deal of needed depth to the Concert Band in several sections. Al- though they are somewhat lacking in low brass, the addition of strong clarinet, flutes, cornet, and low woodwind sections will improve the band ' s sound next year. Top: Because of the leadership of many seniors, th band has little to worry about at concerts. Risht: Throughout his career Mr. Nichols has done nearly everything to improve the quality of his bands. Below: Besides receiving a first at the state con- test, the flute trio has performed before many groups and at a concert. Band rewards Mr. Nichols ' final year with fine concert performances At the beg-inning of the year The Concert Band showed signs of becoming one of the best Angola bands in several years. Three fine concerts and a high contest rating sup- ported this prediction by Mr. Nichols. Marine Band director Captain Dale Har- pham, a native of Pleasant Lake, was guest director at the spring concert. Among the selections played were " The Silver Quill. " wi ' itten by Captain Harpham, and the diffi- cult " Overture 1812. " Because of the retirement of Mr. Nichols, Mr. Barry Fi-isinger will direct the band next yeai ' . Valuable experience gained from his close work with the bands and Mr. Nichols promises to aid Mr. Frisinger in continuing the success- ' of the instrumental music pro- gram. In spite of the before-concert rush, Bobbie find time to practice their favorite hobby. ' ■mm -— - . ' ■ " ' - .-- Back Row: Susie Goodwin, Diana Lee, Jackie Bal, Director Elwood Nichols, Pat Jarrard, Jo Stevens, Chris Randolph, Jeff Wolf, Buzz Penix, Eric Anspaugh, Doug Zuber, Tom Ringle, John Elliott, Margie Nichols, Gary Ransburg, Candy Converse, Assistant director Barry Frisinger, Kirk Mow, Bill Disbro, George Clark, Patty Fulton, John Meek, George Gilbert. Second Row: Val Banta, Danette DeMarra. Dick Powers, Bill Lonsbury, Gary Hancock, Debbie Clark, Randy Plank, Molly Wheaton, Carolyn Hutchins, Larry Ransburg, Roger Eberhardt, Connie Hoyer, Dick Waymire, Larry McCutchan, Chuck Thomas, Jeff Oberlin, Patsy Dailey, Connie Pardue, Barb Gates, Jim Meyers, Sara Goodwin, Judy Gebhart, Mary Hammel, Terry Butz, Sandy Sheffer. Third Row: Prisrilla Porter, Jane Guthier. Barb Hutchins, Julie Mann, Sharon Chrysler, Sybil Steiner, Bobbie Fulton. Colleen Patterson, Mindv Spurgeon, John Stevens, Cheri Fee, Ruth Beer, Judy Call, Barb Carr, Cheryl Somerlott, Tammy Bledsoe, Lynn Sack. Front Row: Larry Banta, Joe Barger, Jim Graham, Mindy Dygert, Debbie Good, Judy Waltmire. Sarah Beer, Pam J? ' -k=nn, Pat Meyer, Jackie Areaux. Not pictured: Bruce Bryan, John Day, Scott White. Mr. Frisinger ' s first year brings improvement to bands Under the direction of Mr. Frisinger and Mr. Nichols, the Marching Band presented four football shows, partici- pated in the Auburn Fair, and marched in the Homecoming Parade. John Stevens, drum major, led the band through a good season featuring Robin Osborne and Cindy Grain, twirl- ers, in several shows. A.H.S. Alumnus, Mr. Frisinger, designed several shows and arranged much of the music used. The Pep and Stage Bands also di- rected by Mr. Frisinger, had a full year playing at basketball games, the three one-act plays, and a Pvepublican rally. New pop hits and arrangements of " Windy " and " Mission Impossible " brought enthusiastic response from the members and the audiences. The Marching Hornets presented programs of Kroadway musicals such as " Hello Dolly " and " Bye Bye Birdie. " Above: Band members practice a dance rouHne to the hit tune " Kids. " Left: Mr. Frisinger spent many hours with the band ironing-out precise movements in halftime shows. Above: Mr. Frisinger grimaces as the cornets miss a note in " ' Classical Gas. " Left: Cornet players Chuck Thomas and Jeff Oberlin put heart, soul, and volume into " The Work Song. " Pep Band members play the school song j after a victorious Hornet game. ( fi i Nichols bows out to " Overture 1812 " : Captain Harpham guest conductor IT ¥ 1- f (1 Above and Uight: After many years as director of the Angola High School Band, Mr. Nichols plans to retire to starting grade school bands. Mr. Nichols deserves congratulations on his successful career. Mr. Barry Frisinger, a former student of Mr. Nichols, will take over as director of the junior high and high school bands. 108 Captain Dale Harpham, assistant director of the United States Marine Band, was guest conductor of the Varsity Band and Concert Band at the Spring Concert on May- second. His wit, humor, and directing techniques quickly made Captain Harpham a hit with the members of both bands. 109 One of the most popular vocal groups ever formed in Angola, the New Day Singers have made many public performances. They are: Bruce Bryan, Bob Brady, Debbie Hemrick, Steve Thalls, and Gary Ransburg. f|» 9 no SWING CHOIR. Above: Back Row: Susie Dygert, Julie Mann. Priscilla Porter, Chris Randolph. Mary Hammel, Pat Meyer, Debbie Good, Patty Fulton. Front Row: Jo .4nn Arbuckle, Kathy Taylor, Katie Ryan, Cindv Brown. Margaret Nichols. Mindy Dygert. JUNIOR BOYS ' TRIO: Left: Jeff Ott, John Johnson, Ted Alleshouse. Vocal and instrumental ensembles expand musical developement and provide entertainment One of the best ways to improve musical lity is to play in an ensemble. Above: Danette Demara and Val Banta. Below: Debbie Good and Val Banta. Left: Dick Waymire , Larry McCutchan, and Jeff Ober- lin. A time to practice ATHLETICS and a time to perform, An experienced Hornet football squad nearly captures conference The class of ' 69 finally came into its own this year as a predominantly senior team cashed in a sparkling- 5-2-2 record — the best in Angola history. The seniors, who throug-h- out their high school years have been matched against much older teams, began to see a bright spot last year, and became Angola ' s bright spot this year by finishing with the first " winning " football season since 1964. Not all the credit, by any means, can be given to the seniors. Lynn Smathers ' outstanding job as first-string quarterback, and the equally sterling performance of Jeff Ott running behind several strong junior l inemen were an important part of the Hor- net attack. Mr. Sirk, in his second year as head foot- ball coach was very pleased with the team and rates it as a very dedicated group of young men crediting much of their success to the intense pride they held in themselves both as individuals and as a team. " With more boys of their caliber, " he states, " Angola would take a back seat to no one in Northeastern Indiana. " Wi ««aoL» .A ubdD. .itr kBZ iissi Wf fait Everyone knows that the assimilation of carbohydrates is essential in developing a fatty layer as insulation from the cold . . . SENIORS. Front Row: Greg Griff is Bill Dis- bro, Ed Bickle, Denny Bumgarner, Don Wen- zel, Ron Sanders. Mike Brubaker. BSck Row: Bruce Bryan, Jeff Wolf, Larry Bassett, Keith Huffman, Dennv Hoolihan, Bob Brady, Steve Thalls. LnAn nfl, ' T ' ' ' " ' " " " " ' -o " " ' ! attack, as thP Hn3 u ' f°TI ' ' ' " " ' this ere not rare a carry backfield averaged almost six yards t Zlh ll l , for any athletic contest must be mental to l Phys " f •• " d a dedicated pep club dops its best to make sure the team is " up " for every game. Left: Only a very " happy " corch " " ' ' ° ' ' ' ° ' ' ' ° " ' ' ° " ' P ' " d ' Good coaching is the foundation of success Above: Placing a strong emphasis on pride in self and team. Coach Sirk cultivated a mental attitude instrumental in his team ' s success. Right: Lynn Smathers proved a capable ramrod, piloting his team to the best season Angola fans can remember. COACHES: Mr. Schock, freshman and reserve; Mr Wells, freshman; Mr. Hull, Mr. Thalls, Mr. Harter, Jr. High; Mr. Simon, reserve; Mr. Prosser, varsity line; Mr. Sirk, var- sity backfield. VARSITY FOOTBALL TEAM. Front Row: Keith Huff- man, Greg Griffis, Mike Brubaker, Ron Sanders, Denny Hoolihan, Steve Thalls, Jeff Wolf. Don Wenzel, Denny Bumgarner, Bruce Bryan, Ed Bickle, Bill Disbro, Bob Brady, Larry Bassett. Second Row: Tom Bledsoe, Steve Bruner, Kedric Beard, Lynn Smathers, Jeff Ott, Terry Butz, Tom Needle, Morgan Bowden, Jim Spangle, John Johnson, Bob Huffman, Paul Osborne. Top Row: Terry Archbold, Gary Ransburg, Jim Thirkell, Jim Holse, Dick Powers, Bill Lonsbury, Greg Resler, Larry Anderson, Dennis Merillat. The Hornets remained top contenders for the conference title throughout the season. The battle raged to the final game when they were taken out by a tough Columbia City crew. 1968 FOOTBALL SEASON Angola Opponent 7 Jamboree 14 South Adams 14 Dekalb 14 33 Lakeland 14 Garrett 13 Bluffton 19 27 Eastside 48 East Noble 6 Bellmont 7 Columbia City 26 117 Hornet reserves meet rugged competition 1968 RESERVE FOOTBALL RECORD Angola High Opponent 7 Prairie Heights 21 7 East Noble 28 6 Dekalb 14 7 Garrett 13 I- Garrett 14 Nothing does quite so much to inspire the players as well as the fans before a big game as an all-school pep session. RESERVE. Back Row: Greg Ridenour, Mark Moore, Mike Holcomb, Mike Bassett. Dick Powers, .Jeff Folck. Second Row: Doug Kersten, Rick Pardue, Rex Nichols, Greg Leininger, Mark Bowden, Dave Pufahl, Gary Smith, Greg Branning, Jim Hemrick. Front Row: Larry Anderson, Huffman, Steve Bruner. Morgan Bowden, Jim Spangle, John Johnson, Dennis Merillat, Greg Resler, Bill Lons- bury, Tom Nedele. 118 FRESHMAN. Back Row: Greg Ridenour, Dean Opdycke, Randy Skaggs, Mike Bassett, Gary Smith, Phil Boyer. Sec- ond Row: Jerry Banta, Mark Moore, Randy Elliott, Mike Holconib, Jeff Folck, Terry Shumaker. Front Row: Gary Holse, Chuck Lewis, Derold Covell, Gary Leininger, Chris Bryan, Bruce Zeiger. Not pictured: Reid Mocherman, Tom Powers, Chris Presley, Gary Shoup. Freshman football season emphasizes participation 1968 FRESHMAN FOOTBALL RECORD Angola High Garrett 6 Avilla Garrett Dekalb Opponent 25 Coach Wells looks on with pride at a promising freshman foot- ball squad during a rough, rugged practice. L Tension mounts on the Hornet bench during one of their exciting c- tones. Coaches Wells and s7rk worked hard with the boys through- out the season. SL -s - ,-- ' . : - j fi. £ t Looks of dismay, anger, and disbelief cover the faces of Hornet fans and players after a controversial Debbie Summers could always be counted on to keep spirits high and hopes alive. Hornets open cage season by stopping Eastside, Howe The Varsity basketball team suf- fered a slightly improved but still discouraging year. Injuries to key players, which also lowered team morale, were the main reasons for the disappointing season. Denny Hoolihan ' s iniury in the middle of the year took away a big part of the Hornet attack. Other injuries to reg- ulars Paul Osborne and Lance Zim- mer cut further into the team ' s fire- power. There were two encouraging devel- opments for an improved 19fi9-70 season. The Juniors on the Varsity showed signs of developing into a good team nucleus, and the advance- ment of Reserve players to the Var- sity squad will bring needed shoot- ing ability to the Hornet scoring punch. Two tall ' forwards, Denny Hoolihan, a senior, and Jim Holse, a junior, both proved to be in- valuable assets to the Hornets this year. 121 Junior guard Lynn Smathers began a year of steady performance for the Hornets by scoring 11 points against The action of Hornets on the floor draws fans ' 122 Above and Right: Our cheer- leaders not only help boost en- thusiasm but lead the pep club as well. These girls are to be Left: Every minute is valuable in basketball. Coach Wells takes advantage of a brief time-out to review game plans with Doug Franze. Above: The Hor- nets often made errors, but they never gave up during a game. support through thick and thin Capturing rebounds is as important ir as shooting, dribbling, and good defense. the game basketball 1968-69 VARSITY BASKETBALL RECORD Angola High Opponent 55 Eastside 41 46 Bluffton 71 59 Howe 48 41 Columbia City 70 46 New Haven 72 35 Dekalb 71 50 Garrett 94 55 South Adams 69 47 Churubusco 61 il Bellmont 81 54 Prairie Heights 73 34 Carroll 77 56 East Noble 54 56 Leo 85 50 Lakeland 67 51 Middlebury 88 38 Concordia 84 54 West Noble HOLIDAY TOURNEY 83 47 West Noble 78 55 East Noble 74 1969 RESERVE BASKETBALL RECORD Angola High Opponent 36 Eastside 33 31 Bluffton 71 47 Howe 24 32 Columbia City 43 48 New Haven 60 40 Dekalb 56 38 Garrett 74 45 South Adams 38 43 Churubusco 37 53 Bellmont 51 43 Prairie Heights 33 27 Carroll 63 19 East Noble 52 33 Leo 51 41 Lakeland 28 48 Middlebury 41 46 Concordia 60 31 West Noble TOURNEY 45 22 East Noble 52 35 Lakeland 50 Height, or lack of it, again proved to be one of the problems encountered by our less than towering Bee Team. Bees show promise of better seasons to come The sophomores provided a ray of hope for Hornet basketball fans, finishing with an 8-10 season. BEE TEAM. Front Row: Bill Lonsbury, Dave Rowe, Pave Pufahl, Rex Nichols, Doug Kersten, Garry May. Back Row: Randy Plank, Jim Hemrick, Norman Thomas, Dick Powers, Greg Golden, Greg Branning. Qmall freshman team gains experience for future seasons Left and Below: The freshmen travelled to Garrett for their last game of the season. They played a valiant first quarter, trailing only 12-10 at that point, but could not maintain their momentum. 1968-69 FRESHMAN BASKETBALL RECORD Angola High Opponent 25 Lakeland 31 23 Garrett 49 30 Eastside 40 22 Carroll 44 47 Prairie Heights 39 40 Churubusco 43 30 East Noble 39 36 Columbia City 51 46 Eastside 43 35 Dekalb 43 36 East Noble 49 35 Leo 39 41 Albion 27 29 Albion 32 16 Garrett TOURNEY 48 26 Garrett 60 25 East Noble 46 5rJX FRE.SHMEN. Back Row: Paul Birchman, Gary Smith, Gary Shoup, Bruce Zeiger, Gary Lininger, Mike Bassett. Front Row: Jerry Banta, Jeff Folck, Derold Covell, Tim Kraft, Chuck Lewis. Not Pictured: Reid Mocherman, Dana Clark, Chris Bryan. Back Row: Steve Jiiui.i-. .In, ' Shoup, Kieth Huffman, Steve Thalls, Joe Bledsoe, Larry Bassett, John Johnson, Jim Holse, Boh Brady. Second Row: Bob Huffman, Denny Bumgamer, Larry Banta, Tom Nedele, Don AVen- zel, Larry McCutchan, Greg Griffis, Gary Barlett, Bruce Bryan. Front Row: Manager Alan Bal, Mike Os- borne, Mike Bassett, Larry Concus, Jim Meek, Terry Shumaker, Rick Penix, Alan Nichols, Scott Ingram, manager Joel Holtzman. Not pictured: Lynn Smathers. Field events were the Hornets ' weak spot, and injuries to some key field events men did not help the team any. Greg Griffis prepares to congratulate Lynn Smathers as he finishes the rec- ord-setting mil? relay race. Lynn has held the 880 record and anchored the Blue Blazers for two years while Greg, who has run everything from the 100 to the mile, was elected this year ' s most valuable player by his teammates. When team captain Denny Bum- garner hurt his leg midway through the season, the Blue Blazers were a man short. Bruce Bryan volun- teered to run and worked hard to fill the empty spot. A shortage of hurdlers this year forced seniors Bob Brady and Larry Bassett, two consistently good high hurdlers, to run the lows also. A victory at the Howe Invitational and 3 school records highlight a great track season For the first time in many years the A.H.S. track team brought home trophies, records, and a season of accomplish- ments to their school. Hard workouts started early in March, when the team adopted the term " dedication " as the key factor to a successful season. Each team member immediately became dedicated to his school, team, self, and job to be done, and remained so throughout the sea- son to produce the winning combination of muscle and desire for all the meets. The backbone of the team was the group of twelve seniors with whom Coach Prosser had worked since they were freshmen. There were several sectional qualifiers in this bunch, including Gary Barlett in the two mile, Bob Brady in the high hurdles, Kieth Huffman in the mile. Bruce Bryan in the shot put, and Greg Griffis in the 440. Greg went on to qualify for the regional where he ran the quarter in a time which would have tied the school record, but there were not enough official watches on him to qualify it as a record. The high point of the season came on a Saturday after- noon at the Howe Invitational. Angola tied for first place with Westview in a field of six teams and brought home a first place trophy. Two weeks later at the Lakeland In- vitational the team only finished third of six but took with them nine of the twenty individual first place trophies. It was at this meet that the three school records were set. Gary Barlett ran the two-mile in 10:17.9, Lynn Smathers turned a 2:03.8 half-mile, and the Blue Blazers, our fast mile-relay team, shaved almost five seconds off the old record, which also qualified them for the sectional. Gary Barlett is the only one who has ever held the school two-mile record. This year he broke his own record twice and was practically undefeated. L969 TRACK RECORD Angola High Opponent 36 Concordia and 911 2 Heritage 361 2 42 East Noble 76 77 Eastside 41 34 Columbia City 84 78 Fremont and 46 Howe Military 35 48 Garrett 70 35 Dekalb 74 54 Lakeland and 31 Prairie Heights 63 Back Row: Coach Dygert, Denny Bum- sarner, Randy Plank, Dick Powers, Gary Carpenter, Paul Osborne, Greg Resler, Dick Waymire, assistant coach Warmbier. Front Row: Jerry Banta, Jeff Ott, Bill Lonsbury, Kedric Beard, Doug Franze Dave Pufal, Rex Nichols, Jeff Wolf. The inexperience of the young team showed itself in many instances, but valuable experience was gained for the future. . M ' Under the coaching of Mr. Dygert, each boy was able to per- form to the best of his ability. Young Hornet baseball team promises future success in spite of discouraging record After starting the season with a five-run win over Concordia, the 1969 baseball team never slackened in desire and detei-mination even though their winning momentum could not be maintained. Losing games because of one stroke of bad luck in the last inning would be enough to discourage any ball club, but not this group of boys. They gave their all from the first out to the last, always play- ing to win whether they were ten runs ahead or ten behind. The team had a strong pitch- ing staff with a lot of depth, a solid infield, a good outfield, and substantial hitting, but lacked the experience and often the luck to come out on top. Considering the factors that make a good ball club, Coach Dygert certainly deserves to be proud of this team. 1969 BASEBALL RECORD Angola High Opponent 11 Concordia 6 4 Garrett 5 2 East Noble 7 12 New Haven 3 South Adams 6 4 Bellmont 7 Dekalb 3 2 Garrett 3 8 Bluffton 9 6 Columbia City 10 2 Concordia 5 1 129 Standing: Doug Kirsten, Gary Ransburg, Dave Rowe, Tony DeRosa, Jim Hemrick, Larry Barnes, Randy Elliott, Wynn Hensel, Coach Brayton. Kneeling: Derold Covell, Mike Hol- comb. Putting, probably the most critical part of the game, requires many hours of practice in order to be perfected. Golfers have successful season: end with 1 0-2 record A strong varsity four backed up by a good field of reserves led the A.H.S. golf team to their second suc- cessful year in a row by losing only to East Noble and Dekalb. The team came back later in the year to defeat both schools, and against Dekalb they tied the team high school record with a score of 200. Although the team showing at the conference was not as good as last year ' s, two team members, Larry Barnes and Tony DeRosa, received high honors by placing fourth and sixth medal- ists respectively. With the loss of only two seniors and with a field of eight promising underclassmen, A.H.S. should see winning golf seasons for many years to come. Above: In his fourth year as a varsity golfer for the Hornets, Tony DeRosa was selected as the most valuable player for the team. Left: Larry Barnes, the only junior on the varsity, proved his value to the team by capturing the medalist spot several times. Above: Jim Hemrick, a sophomore, shows signs of developirg into an outstanding varsity golfer. Left: Dave Rowe had the best indi- vidual round this year when he tied the high school record with a 35. 19f,9 GOLF KECORl) 1 Ansol I HjoI, OppolHH 2] ) ■ (■ li Ml 220 ■ ' 1. T t ' 246 ' 5 uip 187 11. 207 Noble 208 - e Militaiy 182 lett 224 • laiiie Heig-hts 175 T ' l East Noble 165 1 ISO 1 ' ' ' ' Dekalb E-i-t i(le - ■ ' ■ ' • y Albion 1 B Hornet Harriers reject disappointing In spite of seventeen discouraging the 1968 Hornet Cross Country team man- aged to maintain enough momentum through the season to keep their hopes for next year very high. Picking up two inspiring wins over Fremont early in the season and fin- ishing fourth among seven teams at the Lakeland Invitational were the bright spots of the season. Team captain Gary Barlett was this year ' s most consistent perfoiTner, and was selected Most Valuable Player by his teammates. Gary turned in an outstand- ing perfoi-mance at the Lakeland Invita- tional, finishing second individually. Joe Bledsoe, another senior on the team, was also a steady performer for the Hornets. Next year ' s prospects look bright with five sti-ong underclassmen returning, among them Doug Franze, a fast-improving junior and Norman Thomas, a strong sophomore. Good luck to Coach Dygert and the Har- riers for the 1969 season. Gary Barlett, selected most valuable player for the Angola Har- riers this season, set a new course record of 10:34. Two miles is a long gi-ueling i-un in football weather. 132 season with high hopes for next year Back Row: Alan Bal, Norman Thomas, Coach Dygert, Dave Rowe, Alan Grain. Front Row: Greg Gold- en, Gary Barlett, Doug Franze, Joe Bledsoe. -KISIKSSISKir - ' •MEKt-S, .- " 1968 CROSS COUNTRY RECORD Angola High Opponent 45 West Noble 18 36 Hamilton 21 24 Fremont 31 42 Dekalb 18 42 Concordia 19 40 Hamilton 18 24 Fremont 31 39 East Noble 22 44 Prairie Heights 19 34 Lakeland 21 33 Dekalb 24 38 Garrett 21 45 Prairie Heights 19 39 Lakeland 25 43 East Noble 18 45 West Noble 19 34 Wawasee 26 41 Garrett 18 28 Eastside 27 L 133 Precision and strength Above: Lee Mason contributed greatly to the team ' s score in almost every meet by taking first place on the side horse. Right: Wynn Hensel promises to be a strong leader in next year ' s team. Coach Nesbitt, Clark Holtzman, Mike Holcomb, Steve Wagner, Don Wenzel. Lee Mason, Eric Anspaugh, Dan Derbyshire. Ralph Holman, Gerry Sanders. Wynn Hensel, Brent Clark, manager Tom Nedele. Perfect form is required to achieve a smooth routine in any gymnastic event. are required of all gymnasts to produce a winning team i -i ' k ' After a three year period out of coacliing, Mr. Nesbitt returned to sports this year to bring the 1968-69 Gymnastics team home with eight victories and only five losses. The team, led by four outstanding seniors, had more over-all balance in all events than any pre- vious Angola gymnastics team. They made an impressive showing by scoring highly in every meet from the first of the season to the end, placing third in the sectional and four- teenth in the state. Leading performers on the team included Don Wenzel, team captain, who consistently displayed remarkable ability on the trampo- line. Eric Anspaugh, another senior who worked on the trampoline, proved his worth by placing eleventh in the state in this event. The most valuable player for the gymnasts this year and by far the highest scorer was senior Clark Holtzman. He received all-around first place in the sectional meet and all- around seventh-place in the state to success- fully complete an outstanding four years in gymnastics. With the loss of four seniors, next year ' s team will have four returning lettermen and ten strong underclassmen which should pro- vide a good well-balanced team and another successful A.H.S. gymnastics season. The year ' s best performances on the rings and the high bar came from two juniors, Ralph Holman, top, and Wynn Hense!. Ralph climaxed his season by placing- twelfth in the state on the rings. 19fif) GYMNASTICS KECORI ( An ;oh Hig h Oppon i H 71 Hillsdale 3 H H 6S Elkhart H 85 Hillsdale H 581. Jimtown s l ri-i Dekalb H 122 Heritage i H 55 Concord H ()(; Jimtown H 79 Heritage 7 H 95 Dekalb H 91 Portland G l 10() Wabash 4 m ■ pDekall. , 1 135 While waiting to perform, Debbie struggles for peace of mind and concentration amid an almost deafening silence. Above: The girls made a fine showing, capturing one first three seconds, and three thirds. Right: The tension of performance is relieved as teammates crowd around with congratulations for a completed routine. Left: Coordination and practice pay off for Pam. 136 Effective practice must be a directed effort, and gym- nastics practice starts with a rousing pep talk and work schedule. An enthusiastic girls ' gymnastics team makes an impressive debut The A.H.S. g:irl.s ' gymnastics were at last rewarded with an opportunity to iirove themselves, as they held their first school- sanctioned meet here on Feb. 19. Our girls made an outstanding showing despite the obstacles they faced. Defeated by a veteran Jimtown team, the i erformers were a credit to their school, themselves, and the coach- ing of Mrs. Heier. Starting with only the enthusiastic girls and the determination of Mrs. Heier, the team was begun last year with the help of Mr. Nesbitt, but had to go it alone this year as he returned to the post of boys ' gymnastics coach. Plagued by scarcity of practice time in the gym, the girls were forced to come in at 7:00 a.m. and in the evenings showing a genuine desire and true dedication. Poise and agility are always important to the gymnast, as Carol shows in one of the difficult movements on the balance beam. 137 Rick Penix brings a sectional championship home to tough Hornet wrestling squad After many years of receiving little recognition and little support from fans, the Angola wrestling team finally came into its own, finishing the 1968- 69 season with a 6-4-1 record. Hornet grapplers have never been able to boast a winning season be- fore, and Coach Charles Avery deserves to be very proud of a team that stimulated much interest in wrestling within both the high school and the com- munity. The highest individual recognition this year was received by Rick Penix, the 95-pound " Supernat. " After completing the regular season with an unde- feated record, Rick went on to place first among seven boys at the Conference meet, first among fourteen at the sectional, and second of four at the regional. Nobody in the history of Angola High has ever accomplished any of these tasks before. Rick was elected most valuable player by his fellow wrestlers. The loss of seven graduating seniors on the var- sity twelve will mean that next year will be one of rebuilding. There were few sophomores and jun- iors on the squad, but several freshmen promise another strong A.H.S. wrestling team in a few short years. Congratulations again to Coach Avery and his wrestlers on a great ' 68- ' 69 season. In spite of the tea his advice to help ; score, Coach Avery always offers wrestler win his match. RESERVES. Back Row: Bill Disbro, Greg: Griffis, Dave Harpham. Front Row: Jim Meek, Greg Sanders. VARSITY. Back Row: Manager Larry McCutchan, John Johnson, Bruce Bryan, Ron Sanders, George Gilbert, Tom Morse, John Meek. Front Row: Larry Banta, Jeff Oberlin, Mark Moore, Alan Grain, Terry Shumaker, Rick Penix. 138 Above: The 165 weight class always brings tough opponents, but Ron Sanders is doing well in this match. Below: Bruce Bryan, an experienced senior, starts a match aggressively. Right: Bruce finds that aggressiveness pays off as he nearly pins his man. • W-iS.0,. ' -viv.- 1968-19(79 W KESTLING RECORD Angola Hi 2:h Opponent 35 Howe 13 ■1 Ed 2;erton 3 ■ ' Lakeland 38 1 O ' i New Haven 18 26 Concordia 22 20 Bellmont 29 50 South Adam. 10 24 Howe 24 10 Lakeland 37 ; i Dekalb 13 k: East Nohio . M L 139 A time to linger CLASSES . . and a time to advance, L 141 JUNIOR HIGH Vickie Andrew Sandra Austin Rorie Ball Bryan Barnum Cheryl Beck Karl Beer Donald Bledsoe Susan Bouet Elaine Bratton Linda Burton John Carney David Carr Karen Carson Cynthia Champion Patty Charles Janice Cherry Larry Clark Vince Clark Rhonda Clausen David Cleverly Todd Coggeshall Peggy Sue Combs Harry Cope Larry Cope Rebecca Cope Jeff Counterman Roberta Crain David Cuneo Claudia Damron Terry Davies Deborah Day Marcia DeWolf Thomas Dirr Diane Douglass Tony Fansler James Firestone Gina Fisher Linda Foglesong Larry Franze Marsha German Lilli Gonser Gregory Hackett 142 The seventh grade basketball team crowned a successful season by capturing the Prairie Heights Invitational Tourney. 1. Karen Hahn Mary Hale Arthur Hall Jan Hall Danny Hammel Randall Hammond Ronald Harter Charles Hastreiter Kevin Hawkins David Heckathorn Christine Heier Lynn Higbee Richard Hill Cherl Hinman Douglass Hoffman Linda Holse Juanita Jo Hombrook Gail Ingrram Darrell Johnson Randy Julian Stephanie Kaiser Susie Kelley Merry Kennedy David Kimpel Michael Klete Michael Klebe Vickie Klink Daniel Koomler Danise Kratz Carl Kuckuck Richard Kunce Dennis Kyle Dwight Lanman Jody Lavengood Donald Light Lonnie Lonsbury Seventh Grade Captures Trophy L 143 Beverly Lytle Jeffrey Martin Floyd Ronald Mason Kenneth Mason Julie Maugherman Kenneth McCormack Pamela McEntarfer James Means James Meek Gail Merillat Debbie Meyer Robert Meyers Eddie Miller Gail Miller Marcella Miller Karen Millikan Carleen Mocherman Elvia Morales Tina Mortorff Douglas Moser James Myers James Neuenschwander David Newman Kelly Nichols Sharon Nunally David Oneal Steven Osborne Debra Parker Mike Parker Scott Parrish Janice Payne John Penick Edward Petry Jack E Potts Janice Richards Jarretta Richards Ruth Richmond Timothy Rothrock Melody Ruckel Brenda Rudolph Patrick Ryan Gregory Sanders For the first time in the history of Angola High School there has been enough interest in the Junior High to form a Cross Country team. Mi AM M Susan Schmidt Mark Scott Cynthia Sharrow Mary Sheets Jill Simons Stuart Smith George Snellenberger David Snyder Peggy Snyder Arvilla Stackhouse Neva Stoy Ricky Strang Kimberly Straw Douglas Summers Gregory Sutton Charlene Thobe Susan Tilbury Beth Tubergan Pamela VanWagner Gerald Wappelhorst Robert Wappelhorst Starr Ward Elaine Warstler Jordan Wells George Whipple William Wilder Edward Wise Julie Wisner Nancy Wisner Perry Wogomon Laura Word Kenneth Yates Stephen Zerby Elaine Almond Galen Anspaugh Cynthia Anstett Danny Areaux Bruce Ayers Gerald Babcock Robert Bal Beverly Barnes Linda Bassett Wayne Bassette Renee Beard Melody Beevers Steven Beevers Constance Birchman Robert Bledsoe David Blossom Alice Bowden Donna Boyd Anita Brown Gloria Brown Patty Brown Tom Brown Dennis Brubaker Beverly Bruner Barney Bryan Danny Burris Lyle Call Mary Carrick Kevin Gary Joan Cherry Jerry Clancy Howard Clark John Clark John Clifton Randy Coffey Mike Colbart Eighth graders look with anticipation Tim Crimmins Bob Damron Roger Davies Candy Deller Sharlee Deller David DeMara Phillip DeWolf John Dove Ron Eddy Brad Emerick Dale El-win Judy Erwin Debbie Eyster Alan Fanning Jan Pansier Bill Fee Edwin Flegal Vickie Foster Rolla Frisinger Lori Fulton Shery Gaffin Bruce Gibson Teresa Gibson Jodee Glenn Rhonda Goings Jim Guthier Suzanne Halderman Greg Hamilton Linda Hantz David Harpham Gloria Heckathorn Jane Hersberger William Hill Jody Hoffman John Hombrook Jackie Hubler to the next four years at A.H.9, 147 Pamela Huffman James Hutter Chuck Klink Rhonda Knecht Irene Konrad Madiljm Krantz Terrv Lancaster Mike Leland David Light Janine Lininger Doug Lovell Mike Martin Mary McDarby Sue McKeever Michelle Meek Colleen MeriHat Bill Milhollin Fred Miller Lucinda Miller Mindy Miller Bradley Moore Terry Moore Mary Morton Dennis Mow Gary Myers Joe Neff John Nilson Vicki Nix Patricia Oberlin Danny Olis Connie Ordway Larry Orewiler Thad Orten Ronald Parker Bill Parnin Michael Young 148 Karen Penick Sheila Penick Nancy Penix Jim Pilling Rosemary Porter Jim Ray Lynn Ridenour Ripley Ridenour Joe Rinehart Rick Ritter Gary Roberts Connie Rosselot i ff. -f © li! f £4 ©f. I f-f g M Sandy Rowe Jeff Rumsey Marda Sailor Phillip Sanders Kenny Sapp Dawn Scott Violet Scott Kirk Schock Tom Sell Loraine Senger Billie Jo Shaw Martha Sheets Carolyn Silbert Sandy Skaggs David Slaybaugh Curtis Smith Kathy Smith Dave Somerlott Brian Spurgeon Jay Stevens Lavon Stomm Penny Stroman Barbara Taylor Marcia Tinipe Christina Tritch Debbie VanDyne Mike Wenzel Joe White Toby Williams Debbie Wisner Mike Yoder James Yotter UNDERCLASSMEN Sheila Anderson Rosalind Arbuckle Lu Ann Archbold Richard Artz Dinah Baldwin Jerry Banta Mike Bassett Bruce Beattie Nancy Beck Pamela Beer Delores Berry Paul Birchman Phil Boyer Pam Braman Paulette Brown Esther Bruner Chris Bryan Jaclyn Bryan Robert Bryan Laura Budd Gail Bumgarner f . J. Linda Burch Cindy Call Larrv Carpenter Kathy Carr Denny Carrick Claudia Chapman Janny Charles Carla Chiddister Bob Christen Denise Chrysler Dana Clark Glenda Cleverly Gene Coffey Larry Concus Steve Cope Derold Covell Mike Cox Alan Crain Lucinda Crain Steve Cummings Marv Cuneo Bill Darnell Sandra Davis Mary Day Ingrid Dehn Bruce Dilts Julie Duguid Jill Egly Randy Elliott Tammy Erwin 151 Carolyn Everett Lu Ann Eyster Robert Faught Celestia Firestone Neil Flanagan Dave Foglesong Jeff Folck Steve Franze Connie Fulton Galen Gates Jerry Gibbeny Carolyn Gibson Terry Goble Sue Goudy Larrv Greenwalt Cindy Griffis Jim Hale Pat Hall Sally Hammel Diane Hanson Tim Hasselman Kim Headly Jim Heath Marilyn Heier Debbie Hensel Allan Hentzell Mike Holcomb Pat Holland Garv Holse Dave Horman Julie Hostetler Barry Householder Anita Huffman Scott Ingram Tim Inman Dick Jenkins Bob Johnson Steve Johnston Jill Kennedy Debbie Kimpel Cathy Knecht Tim Kraft Debbie Kratz Jennifer Landis Gary Leininger Chuck Lewis Leslie Libey Danny Likes Connie Level! Roger Lytle Vickie Maier Randy Mann Marjorie Markiton Joan MaugheiTnan Joyce MauEfherman Kathy McCormack Denice McNaughton Jim Meek Diane Metz Shirley Miller Vicki Miller Reid Mochei-man Ruth Mochei-man Rita MocheiTnan Mark Moore Gary Morales Neil Murden Anita Musser Pam Myers 153 Sharon Myers Alan L. Nickols Dean D. Opdycke Becky Opliger Pat Orlosky Robin L. Osborne Diane Pardue Jon W. Parrish Rick L. PaiTish Rick Penix Linda Pentico Tom Powers Chris Presley Cheryl Randolpli Patricia Reese Linda V. Richardson Ores Ridenour David W. Romine Kathy Rose Jerry Rosselot Pat A. Rothrock Donna Rowe Martin Rowe Karen R. Sanxtei- Carol Sattisor William Sattison Sharon L. Sauter Terry Schnetzler Wayne Scott Ricky Shaw % t f L 154 Th -l ' : mm Bruce Zeiger Sandra Zerby Donna Sheets Nancy Sheffer Vickie Shepherd Roxanne Siierburne Diana Shipe Donna Shipe Gary Shoup Cathy Sliumaker Terry Shumaker Randy Skaggs Gary Smith Ram Somerville Ram Sorg Steven Sorg Edward Sova Steven Spallinger Cindy Sparks Deborah Stackhouse Virginia Stevens Marjorie Stokes Kevin Strock Sharon Taner Jody Taylor Jayne Thomas Cindy Thrush Sandra Tritch Kathy Underwood Jacquelyn Van Wagner Vonda Varner Melanie Walcutt Janet Wall Carol Waltmire Jack Wang Steve Wilson Nancy Word Linda Yates 155 Many sophomores participate in various school activities Dennis Albro Greg Aldrich Bobby Anstett Sheila Arnold Vicki Austen Jackie Bal Valorie Banta Ruth Beer Jack Berry Anne Birchman Linda Bird Mai ' k Bowden Gene Braddock Gary Branderry Greg Branning Kim Branning Nancy Bright Susan Brown Debbie Burkett Bob Butz Donna Caccamo Judy Call Barbara Carpenter Jo Ann Carpenter Sue Carrick Right: Girls forget about diets when they eat in Floyd ' s cafeteria. Below: Sophomores are a valuable addition to school activities, including the orchestra. 156 A ' Mike Ciolcas ) Sheila Clancy 4 Brent Clark Steve Cleverly Debbie Coleman Bonnie Conley Carol Cope Wayne Corley Above: The opening of school is also a reunion time with many old friends. Left: From the looks of the students, Mr. Sny- der makes Biology a very interesting sub- ject. Tracy Counterman Ann Crimmins Marsha Crone »i£ i Ladonia Crossley i ' g f Dona Croy Kathy Daler Sandy Day Doug Deller Danette Demara Kathy Dowidat Susan Dygert Sue Easterday Jeff Erwin Jay Fansler Mike Flegal Paul Flegal 157 Don Foglesong Diane Franze Bobbie Fulton Geneva Gill Debby Goings Greg Golden Lizabeth Gonser Debbie Good Susan Goodwin Jane Guthier Gary Hancock Jeanne Harvey Richard Hawthorne Dan Headley Vivian Heier Jim Hemrick Laurie Herl Pam Hill Roger Hohl Mike Holland Joel Holtzman Linda Hoover Ron Hostetler Connie Hoyer Edna Hull Karen Hull Barb Hutchins Joyce Inman Doug Kersten Pat Lampe 158 Allen Lancaster Chuck Lawson Greg Leininger Deborah Leslie Edith Lininger Lu Ann Long Bill Lonsbury Carol Lough eed Thomas Lytle Julie Mann Devon Marks Loretta Mason Dara MaugheiTnan Garry May Rita McCoi-mick Linda McKeever Mike Meek Pamela Meston Jim Meyers William Meyers Debbie Morrison Chuck Morse Karen Mote Kevin Mote Kirk Mow Kathy Neff Margaret Nichols Rex Nichols Rene Odle Roger Ordway Marcia Petre Randy Plank Margaret Porter Dick Powers Dave Pufahl Cathy Ralston Larry Ransburg Tom Ray Greg Resler Darlene Richmond Holly Ritter Jim Ritter §1 ' -1 ' rf- - ' I »j?i ' 4 Judy Roth Dave Rowe Kathy Ryan Jerry Sanders Daryl Schimmoller Barbara Sheets a L Kevin Shively (W ' l ■ ' ' , f ' Al Sommerlott ' " t- .S ; - Valeri Somerville John Stevens Jeff Strite Larry Stroman Kathy Taylor Judy Thobe Norman Thomas Tom Throop Mary Tyler Mickey Velkoff Ron Waite Dave Warstler Bill Westenhaver Molly Wheaton Debbie Williams Jean Williams Diana Willig Bernard Wogoman Paula Woodward Larry Zabst Juniors ready themselves for their final year at A.H.8, Ahdy Alleshouse Ted Alleshouse Larry Anderson Carol Anspaugh Joann Arbuckle Tom Bal Becky Barnes Larry Barnes Kedric Beard Bobbi Beekman ' i i: A hard morning of classes and study finds its reward of food and conversation at the lunch table for the junior boys. Lana Beer Sarah Beer Patty Bennett Diane Bir Tom Bledsoe Morgan Bowden Mike Bratton Cindy Brown Dennis Brown Kei ' ry Brown Steve Bruner Bob Burch Terry Butz Vickie Call Gary Cai-penter g t l f Barbara Carr Sharon Chrysler Debbie Clark Sally Clouse Sue Clouse Kathy Coggeshall Tim Concus Candace Converse Marcia Cummings Patsy Dailey John Dav Harold Dilts Tim nirr Jeff Duguid Rick Dygert Mindy Dygert Roger Eberhardt Connie Everett Ted Everetts Gary Fansler Deborah Fifer Doug Franze Neal Frye Patty Fulton Bonnie Gibson Rick Gorrell Mike Gowthrop Nancy Gramling Junior float-building ingenuity cap- tured first place in the A.H.S. Fall Homecoming float competition. Solemn looks on the juniors ' faces mark many years of the eager anticipation of finally receiv- ing their prized and symbolic class rings. Karen Hagerty Mary Hammel Dan Hardiek Jeannie Hartman Marty Haugh Daphne Hauke Wynn Hensel Karyl Hilton Danny Hoffman Greg Hoffman Ralph Holman Rex Holman Jim Holse Brenda Houselholder Bob Huffman Pam Jackson Pat Jarrard John Johnson Bill Lewis Norman Light Cheryl Linninger Jana Mansfield Joy M ark i ton Kay Markiton 164 Sue McDarby Dennis Merillat Charlene Metz J Pat Meyer Barb Meyers Karen Miller Mike Moore Cathy Munn Barb Myers Tom Nedele Mark Nelson Jean Neuenschwander Judy Nichols Julie Nilson Fred Orten Paul Osborne Jeff Ott Colleen Patterson Rita Payne Janet Pentico John Pentico Tim Peterson Dorothy Pilliod Priscilla Porter Mark Proehl Jerry Putt Chris Randolph Chris Ray Al Reichard Rick Rensch Dave Richardson Cindy Richmond Jeff Ridenour Gary Ritter Wayne Rowe Randy Sanders Phil Sandidge Glenn Sapp John Schindler Bill Schnetzler Bill Scott Debbie Sell Joe Shoup JoAnn Shumaker Janet Silberg Lynn Smathers Sharon Smith Jim Spangle Doug Stackhouse Jackie Stevens Debbie Stoll Debbie Summers f ii Brad Sutton Susie Thirkell Chuck Thomas Karen Thomas Katliy Thomas John Thompson Lyle Tritch Pat Waggoner Steve Wagner Marilyn Walcutt John Wappelhorst Chriss Wild Ed Williamson Denise Worcester Lance Zimmer Doug Zuber 167 SENIORS L " S«I- . - ' . Connie Lee Anderson Jacquelyn Sue Andrews Eric L. Anspaugh Alan Dale Bal Larry E. Banta Joseph B. Barger Gary Lee Barlett Larry Steven Bassett Becky Lee Beekman Steven D. Beer Nancy Regine Berthemy Edward Paul Bickel Marsha Lyn Birch Dave Alan Bird Patrick Lee Blanton 171 U- Linda Brown Michael Lynn Brubaker Bruce 0. Bryan Dennis Michael Bumgarner Paula Lee Burris George Rogers Clark Jeffrey Mitchell Clark Cynthia Samantha Cope Judy Lynn CounteiTnan Anthony Louis DeRosa John WilHam Disbro Lynn Allen Eddy John Howard Elliott, Jr. Vickie Sue Elliott Henry John Erwin Cheralyn Jean Fee Barbara J. Gates Judy Lynn Gebhart Pamela Kaye German Penny GeiTnan George W. Gilbert Douglas Pvudel Good Sara Louise Goodwin Gene D. Gorrell James Morse Goudy Betty Lou Gould James L. Graham Gregory Alan Griffis Sally Jo Guthier Mary Frances Hagerty Rebecca Jean Hanson 174 Christine Diana Hart Richard Thurman Hedglin Deborah Ann Hemrick Jane Alison Holderness Clark W. Holtzman Dennis Michael Hoolihan — ' i - Tommy Lavern Hoover Donald Horman Judith Anne Horny Keith Patrick Huffman Robert Neal Hull Carolyn Sue Hutchins Stanley Calvin Johnson Barbara Ann Kaufman Dale Emily Krantz Charles Edwin Lampe 176 Gerald Thomas Lintz Jerry Lee Lower Penny Sue Malston Lee F. Mason Debra R. Maugherman Michael L. McBride Larry J. McCutchan Carol Joyce McNeal John G. Meek Vivian Belle Meston Richard Paul Miller Thomas W. Morse Linda Lee Mortorff Shirley Ann Musser Eric W. Nolan Jefferv D. Oberlin 177 Michael Lyman Osborne Connie Sue Pardue Michael L. Parrish Robert Arlin Penix Sally Jo Putt f Gary Fee Ransburg | Ann Inez Richardson Thomas Lee Ringle Sharon Kay Ritter Sherry Elaine Ritter Sandra Lea Rowe Lynn Elizabeth Sack Ronald Paul Sanders Marilyn Louise Schannen Marilyn Sue Schimmoller Todd L. Schworm Sandra Kay Sheffer Kenton Lee Shelton Jeri Lee Shire Jeananne Mari e Smith Sharon Ann Snidle Cheryl Joyce Somerlott Wayne M. SpalHnger Mindy Darlene Spurgeon Sybil Sue Steiner Jo Ellen Stevens Beth Ann Summers SheiTV Ann Sundav Robert Steven Sutton : Marsha Elaine Swank I Steven Mark Thalls James Michael Thirkell Jerry Greg Throoi) Ir lSih Linda Lou Tuttle William Scott VanWagner Jacqueline Suzanne Velkoff Rex A. Wall Lynette Kay Walters Judy E. Waltmire Pat Marie Wandel Richard F. Waymire Donald James Wenzel R. Scott White Richard A. Wilcox Robert Alan Wilson Jeffrey M. Wolf Marilyn Louise Wyatt Ada Marie Yoder Marlene Rickman Bundy 181 182 COMMUNITY and a time for leisure, u 183 Chenl and Jake know that the perfect outfit for that special occasion can be found at THE VILLAGE 11. John Williamson is always ready to assist his customers in their selection. 184 DR. K. O. DUNLAP has fitted many satisfied customers with convenient contact lenses. Several A.H.S. students receive his professional attention, among them Jeff Ott. These i,miN ktmw that every successful party must be- gin with a trip to KAISER ' S FOODLAND for supplies. From the looks of things, Lynn and Judy are going to have a " biggie. " FETZER ' S BAKERY provides one of the most delicious ways imaginable to totally blow a diet. Their pastries are always demanded by students. The experienced and competent clerks at J.C. PENNEY CO. are always ready to provide prompt, courteous ser- vice for their customers. 185 TRI-STATE INSURANCE offers complete insurance pro- tection and fast, efficient claim service. •5 ' ;j.wi .5 Bargain-hunting is a favorite pastime among the sharply dressed girls at A.H.S. Marsha and Penny know that it ' s always open season at the TOWNE SHOPPE. f , . " ■1 Famous for their delicious pizza and submarine sand- wiches, " DOC " CACCAMO ' S PIZZERIA is always ready to fill that empty spot after a swim or a ball game. The tasty food and warm, friendly atmosphere f SANDY ' S RESTAURANT make it the perfect place to stop for an after-school or after-movie snack. Cft Whether the mood is serious or fanciful, a card or gift for almost any occasion can be found at FRED SMITH ' S GIFTS. Everything you need for your garden, lawn, or pet care can be bought at HAMMA ' S FEED STORE. -W mJ . J, " i " How would this look? " If your own persona! advisor isn ' t handy, John or any of the other members of the staff at JARRARD ' S will gladly provide counsel in matters of dress. Don Clark and his staff at THE BOOTERY, realizing the necessity of good fit for foot health, make sure that every shoe they sell is correctly fitted. W. R. THOMAS STORE is a handy, one-stop supplier of nearly all your needs from school supplies to Halloween goodies. Roses for the big dance or a floral arrangement for that special occasion? THROOP ' S florists are ready to satisfy customer demands in almost any price range. Flying is rapidly becoming very popular with guys at AHS. They are trained in modern planes by the qualified instructors at TRI-STATE AIRPORT The dashing, fearless men at WHITE ' S DRUG STORE stand ever-ready, eagerly awaiting to fulfill your phar- maceutical needs. 188 The A.H.S. homemaking department is just one of the many satisfied customers of HO- SACK ' S APPLIANCES. The girls learn how convenient the appliances are to operate. TRI-STATE MOTEL KNIT SHOP has an ex- cellent assortment of yarns, many of which are displayed in sweaters made by Mrs. Braman. J ' E l HJ M 3 SL. ' " " Nw ■ Everyone knows how good the food is at the DAIRY QUEEN, but why the big smile, Terry ? Is it the calories or the waitresses that caught your eye ? POK AGON BEVERAGE COMPANY ' S many thirst-quenching flavors are perfect for soothing a raspy throat after a half of hard cheering. POTAWATOMI INN, overlooking beautiful Lake James, is well-known for its hospitali- ty, excellent food, and pleasant atmosphere. The Inn is open on a year-round basis and its facilities are conveniently geared to both winter and summer sports activities. Recently added to the after-school hangouts and weekend rendezvous is Angola ' s PEN- GUIN POINT. The low food prices stretch the teenage dollar far beyond the imagina- tion. John Artz ' s 1967 Camaro is a groovy example of the large selection of new and used cars which can be found at L. G. MAXTON SALES. 190 HAMILTON ' S REXALL DRUG em- ployees cheerfully perform all the ser- vices required of any friendly comer drug store — exept it isn ' t on a corner! r ' ' vsw ' Mmmmi Lee Mason knows that the manufacturer ' s guarantee is an impor- tant factor to consider in buying tools. DISBRO ' S LAWN AND GARDEN CENTER backs their line of brand-name merchandise with excellent service. STROCK ' S MEN ' S WEAR is noted for its broad selection of fine quality clothing. Would you like to try that pair on, Obie ? The thirst-quenching root beer served at the A W DRIVE-IN make it the ' perfect place to beat the summer heat. Hey, Guys! Tired of doing the same old thing all the time? Ready for a change of pace ? Want some excitement ? Then take your dollies to HOLLIES FOLLIES! 191 The CIRCLE 41 RESTAURANT provides a relaxing atmos- phere for soothing jangled nerves after school and at the same time offers a wide array of taste-tempting foods. I Need a quick cleaning job? THE ANGOLA CLEANERS aim to please with their fast two hour service. Looking for something new to do on those weekend dates ? Why not try your luck at the REDWOOD LANES? Better make sure that your girl isn ' t a bowling champ! For all your home improvement jobs, the ANGOLA LUMBER COMPANY can provide the supplies you ' ll need. Be sure to pick your new addition from their modern assortment! 192 When selecting your next new or used car, stop by and look over the new Catalinas, G.T.O., Firebird, Electras, and other Pontiacs and Buicks on display at JIM MCINTYRE PONTIAC— BUICK SALES. Whether you want the latest in psy- chedelic colors to liven up your room, or an everyday color to soothe your parents— the AUTOMOTIVE PAINT AND SUPPLY has both. CLARKE STUDIOS records the important events of your life in pictures of permanent beauty. Mr. Clarke will immortalize your grad- uation, wedding, anniversary and other memorable moments in por- traits with a personal and professional touch that makes them a possession you ' ll treasure forever. LAKELAND RADIO SUPPLY Electronic Parts and Equipment for Everyone Radio Amateur, Experimenter- Serviceman An Example of Free Enterprise at Work Started in 1933 With a Capital Outlay of $18.00 Angola, Indiana S. West St. and W. Pleasant Need to gas up for that big date ? The attendants at GOOD- WIN ' S PHILLIPS ' 66 STATION will gladly serve your needs, using the finest petroleum products and service parts. j i w z " j y J 1 1M S V JiiRi m ' - r tefe m im Ufl The personnel at the RAINBOW BEAUTY AND GIFT SHOP are always anxious to aid in beautifying you and your home. What lies in your future? The people at NATIONAL HERITAGE LIFE INSURANCE are fully prepared and willing to assist teenagers and adults in planning ahead. Keep up on the latest agricultural equipment by viewing the modem array at OLIVER SALES. Whether you merely have a lawn to mow or acres to cultivate, your selection is unlimited there. Remodeling or adding on to your home? Lumber and accessories are a necessity and HACKETTS BUILDING AND SUP- PLIE.S are perfect to complete the job. MC BRIDE ' S CLEANERS guarantee fast dependable service. Suits, coats, dresses, shirts, sweaters, and skirts receive ex- pert attention from their efficient staff. For the latest in hairdryers, radios, toasters and other elec- tric appliances for your home and personal needs, stop in and see the attractive displays at FOUTZ ELECTRIC STORE. Planning a new room decor? The salesmen at SWANK ' S WAYSIDE FURNITURE will be glad to advise you in all your interior decorating plans. Gossip in the round? Whether you want to hear the latest news or just to fill a prescription, the staff of the K H PHARMACY is prepared to competently assist you. 195 To treat your date to a memorable evening, be n by eating at PLATNER ' S STEAK HOUSE. It ' s the per- fect place and the meals are made to satisfy your appetite. For the little girl in your life you ' ll find all her ward- robe needs at LUCILLE ' S KIDDIE SHOP. From the expression on Susie ' s face, she has found something she likes. WELMAN ' S RESTAURANT provides a restful place to enjoy meals you would be proud to serve your- self. 196 Area Business Patrons AAA ELECTRIC AZAR ' S BILL ' S PIZZA CHICKEN HOUSE CAROL ' S CUT CURL CLARK ' S BARBER SHOP COLONIAL BEAUTY SHOPPE CONSUMER ' S NATURAL GAS CROXTON ROE INSURANCE M. M. CRUM, M.D. HOWARD DODGE SONS DO-MOR DRY CLEANING JOHN ERWIN FARM BUREAU INSURANCE FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS LOAN FOLCK ' S BODY SHOP GARDEN CITY DEPOT GENTRY PHOTOGRAPHIC ED HAUKE JACOB INSURANCE JAX MUSIC CENTER PHIL JOHNSON INSURANCE KAIN ' S SHELL STATION KLINK FUNERAL HOME KURL KORNER LOUIS SHOE REPAIR MAXWELL ' S WESTERN AUTO MODERNAIR CORPORATION C. A. NEEDLE SONS N.I.P.S.C.O. PIZZA KING PUNCTUAL PRINTING COMPANY WEIGHT FUNERAL HOME DR. STEVEN S. WHITE, O.D. 9enior Directory CONNIE LEE ANDERSON: F.T.A. II, III, IV; National Honor Society III, IV; Pep Club I, II, III, IV; Y-Teens III, IV; Girl ' s Gymnastics II, IV; G.A.A. I, II, III, IV, President IV. JACQUELYN SUE ANDREWS: G.A.A. I, II; Pep Club I, II, IV; Hornet Staff IV; Spanish Club I; Thespians III, IV; Homecoming Queen IV. ERIC L. ANSPAUGH: Concert Band IV; Pep and Stage Band IV; Choir III, IV; Hi-Y III; Letterman ' s Club III, IV; Football I; Bov ' s Gymnastics II, III, IV. TERRY LEE ARCHBOLD: Hi-Y III, IV; Letterman ' s Club III, IV; Spanish Club I, II, III, IV; Football Manager I, IV; Wrestling III; Track Manager II, III, IV. JACQUELYN ANN AREAUX: Varsity Band I; Concert Band II, III, IV; Orchestra I, H, III, IV; Choir III, IV; French Club III, IV, Vice-President III; G.A.A. I, II, III; Na- tional Honor Society IV; Key Staff IV; Thespians II, III, IV; District Solo and Ensemble Contest II, IV; NISBOVA I, II, III, IV; Michigan State Psi Iota Scholarship III; Class Valedictorian. JOHN D. ARTZ: Art Club III; Letterman ' s Club II, III; Boy ' s Gymnastics I, II. ALAN DALE BAL: Varsity Band I, II; Choir II, III, IV; Hi-Y I, II, III, IV; Hornet Staff IV; Spanish Club II, III, IV; Thespians I, II, III, IV; Football I: Cross Country IV; Wrestling I. LARRY E. BANTA: Varsity Band I; Concert Band II, III, IV; Pep and Stage Band I, II, III, IV; Choir II, III, IV; Hi-Y I, II, III, IV, Chaplain IV; Letterman ' s Club II, III, IV; National Honor Society III, IV, President IV; Photo Club IV; Key Staff IV, Business Manager IV; " Oklahoma! " Cast IV; N.S.F. summer program at Western Michigan Uniyersity III; Basketball I; Wrestling II, III, IV; Track I, II, III, IV; Baseball II; District Solo and Ensemble Contest I, II, III; State Solo and Ensemble Contest II, III; NISBOVA I, II, III, IV. JOSEPH B. BARGER: Varsity Band I; Concert Band II, III, IV; Pep and Stage Band I, II; Choir II, III, IV; Spanish Club I; Hi-Y III, IV; NISBOVA I, II, III„ IV; District Solo and Ensemble Contest I, II, III; State Solo and Ensemble Contest I, II, III; Student Council II. GARY LEE BARLETT: Hi-Y I, II, III, IV; " B " Team Football I, II; Cross Country III, IV, Most Valuable Player IV; Basketball I; Wrestling II; Track I, II, III, IV. LARRY STEVEN BASSETT: Hi-Y II, III, IV; Letterman ' s Club II, III, IV; " B " Team Football I, II; Varsity Football III, IV; " B " Team Basketball II, III; Basketball I; Wrestling HI; Track I, II, III, IV. BECKIE LYNN BEEKMAN: Art Club III, IV; Pep Club I, II, III, IV; Hornet Staff IV; Thespians I, II, III, IV; Style Show I, II, III. STEVEN D. BEER: Letterman ' s Club II, III; " B " Team Football III; Varsity Football III; Wrestling III; Attended Prairie Heights I, II. NANCY REGINE BERTHEMY: A.F.S. Foreign Exchange Student; French Club IV; Pep Club IV; Spanish Club IV; Y-Teens IV, EDWARD PAUL BICKEL: Class President III; Letter- man ' s Club II, III, IV; National Honor Society III, IV, Vice- President IV; Hornet Staff IV; Spanish Club I, II, III, IV, President IV; Mexican Study Trip III; Football I; " B " Team Football II; Varsity Football III, IV; Basketball I; Wrestling II, III, IV; Track I, II, III; Ba.seball II. MARSHA LYN BIRCH: Art Club I, II, III, IV; Pep Club I; Hornet Staff IV; Thespians IV; Health Assistant III, IV. DAVE ALAN BIRD: Art Club I; Varsity Band I; Concert Band II, III; French Club II; Hi-Y I, II; Cross Country I; Track I, II, III. PATRICK LEE BLANTON: Art Club III. JOSEPH ROY BLEDSOE: Hi-Y II, III, IV; Letterman ' s Club II, III, IV; Secretary IV; National Honor Society IV; Hi-Y Model Legislature III, IV; Hi-Y National Congress III; Hoosier Boy ' s State III; Football I; Cross Country II, III, IV; Basketball I; " B " Team Basketball II; Varsity Basketball III, IV; Track I, II, III, IV, TAMARA JO BLEDSOE: Varsity Band I; Concert Band II, III, IV; Pep and Stage Band III, IV; Choir HI. IV; F.T.A. II, III, IV; Secretary-Treasurer III; G.A.A. I, II, III; Na- tional Honor Society III, IV; Secretarj ' -Treasurer IV; Pep Club I, II, III, IV; Hornet Staff IV; Key Staff IV; Spanish Club I, II, III, IV, Treasurer IV; Y-Teens II, III, IV; Student Council I; Health Assistant III, IV; Hoosier Girl ' s State III; " Oklahoma! " Cast IV. TONY L. BOLINGER: Drawing Assistant II, III, IV. ROBERT E. BRADY: Varsity Band I; Concert Band II, III; Choir II, III, IV; Class Vice-President I, II; Hi-Y II, III, IV; Sergeant-at-arms III; Vice-President IV; Letterman ' s Club II, III, IV; Student Council III, IV, Vice-President IV; Basketball I; " B " Team Basketball II; Varsity " B " Team Football I, II; Varsity Football III, IV; Track I, II, III, IV. CYNTHIA K. BRAMAN: Twirler I; G.A.A. I, II, III, IV; Pep Club I, II, III, IV: Hornet Staff IV; Spanish Club I, II, III, IV; Y-Teens II, III, IV; Style Show III; NISBOVA I. LINDA BROWN: Art Club II; Hornet Staff III; Art As- sistant II, IV. MICHAEL LYNN BRl BAKER: Class Vice-President III; Exploratory Teaching IV; J.C.L. IV; Letterman ' s Club III; Hornet Staff III; Thespians IV; Football I; " B " Team Foot- ball II; Varsity Football III, IV; Basketball I; Wrestling III; Track III; Baseball I. BRUCE O. BRYAN: Varsity Band 1; Concert Band II, III, IV; Pep and Stage Band II, III, IV; Choir II, III, IV; Explor- atory Teaching IV; Hi-Y IV; Letterman ' s Club III, IV; Ser- geant-at-arms IV; Thespians IV; " Oklahoma! " Cast IV; " B " Team Football I; Varsity Football II, III, IV; Wrestling I, II, III, IV; Track I, II, III, IV. DENNIS MICHAEL BUMGARNER: Class President I, II; Class Business Manager III; Exploratory Teaching IV; French Club III; Hi-Y I, II, III, IV, Chaplain II, Secretary III, State Vice-President III, Local President IV, State Presi- dent IV; Letterman ' s Club II, III, IV, Treasurer III, IV; Na- tional Honor Society III, IV; Hornet Staff IV; Football I; " B " Team Football I; Varsity Football II, III, IV; Basketball I; " B " Team Basketball II; Track I, II, III, IV; Baseball I, II, III, IV. PAULA LEE BURRIS: Art Club I; G.A.A. I, II; Pep Club I, II; Hornet Staff IV; Thespians IV; Library Assistant II, III, IV; Style Show I, II. GEORGE ROGERS CLARK: Varsity Band I; Concert Band II, III, IV; Pep and Stage Band II, III, IV; Choir III, IV; Hi-Y, II, III, IV; Wrestling III; Track II. JEFFREY MITCHELL CLARK: French Club III, IV, Vice- President IV; Hi-Y II, III, IV. CYNTHIA SAMANTHA SUZANNE COPE: Art Club III, IV; F.T.A. I, II; G.A.A. I, II; Pep Club I, H; Hornet Staff IV; Thespians I, II, III, IV; Y-Teens I, II, JUDY LYNN COUNTERMAN: Art Club I, 11; G.A.A. I, II, III; Pep Club I, II, III, IV; Spanish Club I, II, III, IV; Thespians I, II, III, IV. DEBRA ANN CROY: Pep Club I, II, III, IV; Thespians IV; Y-Teens III, IV; Style Show I, II, III, IV; Home Econom- ics Assistant III, IV. DANIEL LEE DERBYSHIRE: Art Club III, IV; Letter- man ' s Club III, IV; Spanish Club I; Football I; " B " Team Football I, II; Boy ' s Gymnastics I, II, III, IV. ANTHONY LOUIS DEROSA: Varsity Band I; Concert Band II; J.C.L. I, II, IV; Photo Club IV; Hornet Staff III; Letterman ' s Club II, III, IV, Business Manager IV; Basket- ball I; Golf I, II, III, IV; Student Manager II, III, IV. JOHN WILLIAM DISBRO: Varsity Band I; Concert Band II, III, IV; Pep and Stage Band III, IV; Choir III, IV; Hi-Y III, IV, Treasurer IV; Letterman ' s Club IV; Football I; " B " Team Football II, III; Varsity Football III, IV; Wrestling III, IV; Track II, III. LYNN ALLEN EDDY: Physical Education Assistant. JOHN HOWARD ELLIOTT, JR.: Varsity Band I; Concert Band II, III, IV; Pep and Stage Band I, II, III, IV; National Honor Society III, IV; Photo Club IV; Key Staff IV, Associ- ate Editor IV. i VICKIE SUE ELLIOTT: G.A.A. I; Pep Club I, II, III, IV; Hornet Staff IV; Thespians I, II, III, IV; Y-Teens II, III, IV. HENRY JOHN ERWIX: French Club I, II; Thespians I, II; Audio-Visual Assistant I, II, III, IV. CHERALYN JEAN FEE: Varsity Band I; Concert Band II, III, IV; Choir II, III, IV; G.A.A. I, II, III, IV; Exploratory Teaching IV; Pep Club I, II, III, IV; Treasurer IV; Spanish Club I, II, III, IV, Secretary III; Y-Teens II, III, IV; NIS BOVA I, II, III, IV; Student Council II, III; District Solo and Ensemble Contest I, II, III. BARBARA J. GATES: Varsity Band I; Concert Band II, III, IV; Pep and Stage Band IV; G.A.A. I, II, III, IV; Pep Club I, II, III, IV; Thespians IV; Y-Teens IV; Girl ' s Gymnas- tics I, II, III, IV. JUDY LYNN GEBHART: Varsity Band I; Concert Band II, III, IV; Choir II, III, IV; F.T.A. II, III, IV, Treasurer IV; G.A.A. I, II, III; Pep Club I, II, III, IV; Spanish Club IV; Y-Teens II, III, IV, Treasurer III. PAMELA KAYE GERMAN: Art Club III; Choir III, IV; French III, IV; G.A.A. II, III, IV; Pep Club I, II, III, IV; Y-Teens II, III, IV; Science Fair II. PENNY GERMAN: Art Club IV; G.A.A. IV; Pep Club IV; Thespians II; Y-Teens IV. GEORGE W. GILBERT: Varsity Band I; Concert Band II, III, IV; Pep and Stage Band I, II, III; hchestra I, II; Choir II, III, IV; Class President IV; Hi-Y I, II, III, IV, Secretary IV; J.C.L. I, II; Letterman ' s Club III, IV; National Honor Society III, IV; NISBOVA I, II, III, IV; " Oklahoma! " Cast IV; Cross Country III; Wrestling III, IV; Track III; Michi- gan State Psi Iota Scholarship I. SARA LOUISE GOODWIN: Varsity Band I; Concert Band II, III, IV; Pep and Stage Band IV; Choir II, III, IV; Explor- atory Teaching IV; F.T.A. Ill, IV, Secretary IV; G.A.A. I, II, III, IV; Pep Club I, II, III, IV; Hornet Staff IV; Spanish Club I, II, III, IV; Y-Teens II, III, IV; NISBOVA I, II, III, IV; District Solo and Ensemble Contest I, II, III, IV. GENE E. GORRELL: D.C.E. III. JAMES MORSE GOUDY: Varsity Band I; Concert Band II; Pep and Stage Band I, II; Choir II, III, IV; Spanish Club I; Basketball I; " B " Team Basketball II. BETTY LOU GOULD: F.T.A. I, II, III, IV; G.A.A. I; Pep Club I, II, III, IV; Y-Teens II, III, IV. JAMES L. GRAHAM: Varsity Band I; Concert Band II, III, IV; Pep and Stage Band II; Student Council II; French Club III, IV, President IV; Hi-Y I, II, III, IV; Photo Club II, III; Hoosier Bov ' s State III; District Solo and Ensemble Contest I, II, III; NISBOVA I, II, III, IV; Science Fair I, II. GREGORY ALAN GRIFFIS: Letterman ' s Club III, IV; Hornet Staff IV; Football I; " B " Team Football II; Varsity Football III, IV; Wrestling IV; Track II, III, IV; Baseball II, III, IV; Christmas Prom King IV. SALLY JO GUTHIER: Choir III, IV; Pep Club I, II, III, IV; Thespians III, IV; Style Show I, II, III, IV; Pep Club Secretary III. MARY FRANCES HAGERTY: Art Club III, IV, Vice- President IV; Pep Club I, II, III, IV; Style Show I, II, III, IV. REBECCA JEAN HANSON: F.T.A. I, II, III, IV; G.A.A. I; Pep Club III, IV; Y-Teens III, IV; 4-H II, III, IV. CHRISTINE DIANE HART: Art Club III; G.A.A. I; Pep Club I; Hornet Staff III; Thespians IV; Style Show I, III; Attended South Bend Riley III. RICHARD THURMAN HEDGLIN: Varsity Band I; Con- cert Band II; Hi-Y I, II; J.C.L. I, II; Basketball I; Wrestling II. DEBORAH ANN HEMRICK: " B " Team Cheerleaders II; Varsity Cheerleider III, IV; Exploratory Teaching IV; F.T.A. II; G.A.A. I, II, III; National Honor Society III, IV; Pep Club I, II, III, IV; Hornet Staff IV; Spanish Club I, II, III, IV, Treasurer IV; Thespians III, IV; Y-Teens II, III, IV; Mexico Study Trip III; NISBOVA I, II, III, IV. JANE ALISON HOLDERNESS: Class Secretary III; G.A.A. II, III; National Honor Society III, IV; Pep Club I, II, 111, IV; Hornet Staff IV, Editor IV; Spanish Club II, HI, IV; Thespians IV; Y-Teens II, 111, IV; D.A.R. Good Citizen IV. CLARK W. HOLTZMAN: Varsity Band I; Concert Band II, III, IV; Pep and Stage Band I; Choir II, III, IV; Hi-Y III, IV; Letterman ' s Club I, II, III, IV; Spanish Club I, II, III, IV; Boy ' s Gymnastics I, II, III, IV, Most Valuable Player IV. DENNIS MICHAEL HOOLIHAN: Hi-Y I, II, III. IV; Let- terman ' s Club I, II, III, IV; Hornet Staff IV; Student Council III, IV; Football I; " B " Team Football II; Varsity Football III, IV; Basketball I; " B " Team Basketball II; Varsity Bas- ketball 111, IV, Most Valuable Player III; Track Manager I, II, 111, IV. TOMMY LAVERN HOOVER: Hornet Staff IV; Spanish Club I; " B " Team Football III. JUDITH ANNE HORNY: French Club III, IV, Secretary III; F.T.A. I, II, III, IV, President IV; G.A.A. II; Pep Club I, II, III, IV; Hornet Staff IV; Thespians IV; Y-Teens II, III, IV. KEITH PATRICK HUFFMAN: Hi-Y I, II, III, IV; J.C.L. I, II, III, IV; Letterman ' s Club III, IV, President IV; Football I; " B " Team Football 11; Varsity Football III, IV; Basketball I; " B " Team Basketball II: Varsity Basketball III, IV; Track HI, IV; Baseball 11. CAROLYN SUE HUTCHINS: Varsity Band I; Concert Band 11, III, IV; Choir III, IV; G.A.A. I, II, III; Pep Club II, III, IV; Y-Teens II, III, IV. STANLEY CALVIN JOHNSON: French Club IV. BARBARA ANN KAUFMAN: Art Club II, IV; G.A.A. I, II, III, IV; Pep Club 1, II, III, IV; Style Show I, II, III, IV; 4-H 1. DALE EMILY KRANTZ: Choir II, III, IV; G.A.A. I, II; Pep Club I, II, IV; Hornet Staff IV; Thespians III, IV, Vice- President IV; Y-Teens II; " Oklahoma! " Cast IV; District So- lo and Ensemble Contest III, IV; State Solo and Ensemble Contest III, IV. CHARLES EDWIN LAMPE: National Honor Society HI, IV; Baseball 1, 11. GERALD THOMAS LINTZ: Class Vice-President IV; Hi-Y III, IV; Spanish Club II, III; Thespians IV; " B " Team Bas- ketball II; Varsity Football III; Baseball II, HI. PENNY SUE M ALSTON: Choir III, IV; G.A.A. I, II, 111, V; J.C.L. I, II, IV; National Honor Society IV; Pep Club I, II, 111, IV; Key Staff IV; Y-Teens II, 111, IV, Chaplain ill; J.C.L. Consul II, Program Chairman IV; Girl ' s Gymnas- tics I, II, III, IV. LEE F. MASON: French Club III; Hi-Y III, IV; Letter- man ' s Club II, III, IV; Football 1; " B " Team Football II; Boy ' s Gymnastics I, II, 111, IV; Golf I, II. DEBRA ROSE MAUGHERMAN: Art Club II, III, IV, Sec- retary-Treasurer IV; G.A.A. I, II, III, IV; J.C.L. II; Pep Club I, II, III, IV, Vice-President IV; Thespians IV; Y-Teens II, III, IV; Style Show I, II, III, IV; 4-H I, II, III, IV; Co-ed Correspondent IV; Girl ' s Gymnastics I, II, III, IV. MICHAEL L. McBRIDE: Art Club 1, II; Hi-Y 1, II. LARRY JOE McCUTCHAN: Varsity Band I; Concert Band n. III, IV; Pep and Stage Band I, 11, III, IV; F.T.A. I, II, III; Hi-Y I, II, III, IV, Chaplain III; Letterman ' s Club II, III, IV; National Honor Society III, IV; Photo Club IV; Dis- trict Solo and En semble Contest I, II, III, IV; NISBOVA I, II, III, IV; Football I; Basketball I; Track 1, II, III, IV; Wrestling Manager II, III, IV; N.S.F. summer program at Western Michigan Uniyersity III; Mathematics Contest Win- ner III, IV; Key Staff IV. JOHN G. MEEK: Varsity Band I; Concert Band II, III, IV; Pep and Stage Band I, " II, III; Choir II, III, IV; F.T.A. I; Hi-Y 11, 111, IV; J.C.L. I, II; Letterman ' s Club 11, HI, IV; NISBOVA I, II; Wrestling I, II, HI, IV; Track HI. VIVIAN BELLE MESTON: Orchestra 1; Choir III, IV; G.A.A. II, III; Pep Club I; Y-Teens II, III, IV; Health Assist- ant IV. RICHARD PAUL MILLER: Hornet Staff IV; Football I; Basketball I; " B " Team Basketball II. THOMAS W. MORSE: Letterman ' s Club III, IV; Hornet Staff III, IV, Business Manager IV; Football I; " B " Team Football II; Wrestling 1, II, III, IV. LINDA LEE MORTORFF: Choir II, III, IV; Cheerleader I; " B " Team Cheerleader II; Clas Secretary-Treasurer IV; F.T.A. II, III, IV; G.A.A. I, II, III, IV; Pep Club I, II, III, IV; Hornet Staff IV; Spanish Club I, II, III, IV; Y ' -Teens II, 111, IV. SHIRLEY ANN MUSSER: Choir II; Hornet Staff IV; Thespians IV; Y-Teens IV; Audio-Visual Assistant II. ERIC W. NOLAN: Hornet Staff IV. JEFFERY D. OBERLIN: Varsity Band I; Concert Band II, III, IV; Choir II, III, IV; Pep and Stage Band III, IV; 199 Hi-Y II, III, IV; Letterman ' s Club III, IV; Hornet Staff IV; Thespians III, IV; Michigan State Psi Iota Scholarship III; Science Fair I, II; Wrestling II, III, IV; Golf III, IV. MICHAEL LYMAN OSBORXE: Art Club II, III; Hi-Y III, IV; Track IV; Baseball II. CONNIE SUE PARDUE: Art Club I. II, III, IV; Varsity Band I; Concert Band II, III, IV; Pep and Stage Band II, III, IV; G.A.A. I, II, III, IV; Pep Club I, II, III, IV; Hornet Staff IV; Thespians IV; Y-Teens IV. MICHAEL L. PARRISH: Art Club I, II, III; Hornet Staff IV; Thspians I, II, III, IV, President IV; Art Assistant I, II. ROBERT ARLIN PENIX: Varsity Band I; Concert Band II, III, IV; Pep and Stage Band II, III, IV; Football I; " B " Team Football I, II; Wrestling II, III; Track I, II. SALLY JO PUTT: Varsity Band I; Concert Band II, III Choir III, IV; F.T.A. I, II, III, IV; G.A.A. I, II, III; Pep Club I, II, III; Thespians III, IV; Y-Teens I, III, IV. GARY FEE RANSBURG: Varsity Band I; Concert Band II, III IV; Choir II, III, IV; Hi-Y ' II, III, IV; Letterman ' s Club IV; Football I; " B " Team Football I, II; Varsity Foot- ball Manager III, IV; Basketball I; " B " Team Basketball II, III; Golf III, IV; Baseball I, II; Christmas Prom King III. ANN INEZ RICHARDSON: Art Club III, IV, Orchestra I, II; Choir II, III, IV; G.A.A. I, II; J.C.L. I, II; Pep Club I, II; Hornet Staff IV; Thespians I, II, III, IV; Y-Teens II. THOMAS LEE RINGLE: Varsity Band I; Concert Band II, III, IV; Pep and Stage Band II, III, IV; Hi-Y III, IV. SHARON KAY RITTER: G.A.A. II, III; Pep Club I, II, III, IV; Spanish Club III; Y-Teens II, III; Style Show I, II. SHERRY ELAINE RITTER: Art Club I; Pep Club I, II, III, IV; Thespians I, II, III, IV. SANDRA LEA ROWE: Exploratory Teaching IV; F.T.A. II, III, IV, Vice-President IV; G.A.A. I, II, III, Treasurer III; National Honor Society III, IV; Pep Club I, II, III, IV; Spanish Club I; Y-Teens II, III, IV. LYNN ELIZABETH SACK: Varsity Band I; Concert Band II, III, IV; Choir III, IV; French Club IV; F.T.A. I, II, III, IV; G.A.A. I, II, III, IV; Pep Club I, II, III, IV; Thespians IV; Y-Teens II, III, IV; Girl ' s Gymnastics I, II, III, IV. RONALD PAUL SANDERS: Letterman ' s Club III, IV; Hornet Staff IV; Spanish Club I, II, III, IV; Football I; " B " Team Football I, II; Varsity Football II, III, IV, Most Valu- able Player IV; Wrestling II, III, IV; Track II, III. MARILYN LOUISE SCHANNEN: French Club I; F.T.A. II, III, IV; G.A.A. I, II, III; Pep Club I, II, III, IV; Spanish Club I; Y-Teens II, III, IV. MARILYN SUE SCHIMMOLLER: Art Club III, IV; Y- Teens IV; Style Show I, II, III, IV; Science Fair I. SANDRA KAY SHEFFER: Varsity Band I; Concert Band II, III, IV; Pep and Stage Band II, III, IV; Orchestra I, II, III, IV; Choir II, III, IV; F.T.A. I, II, III, IV; G.A.A. I, II, III; National Honor Society IV; Pep Club I, II, III, IV; Key Staff IV, Associate Editor IV; Y-Teens II, III, IV, Scrapbook Editor III; NISBOVA I, II, III, IV District Solo and Ensem- ble Contest I, II, III, IV; Science Fair I; Class Valedictorian. KENTON LEE SH ELTON: Varsity Band I; Football I; Track I; Baseball I. JERI LEE SHIRE: Varsity Band I; French III, IV; G.A.A. II, III; Pep Club I, II, III, IV; Y-Teens IV. JEANANNE MARIE SMITH: G.A.A. II, III; Pep Club II, III, IV; Style Show II, IV. SHARON ANN SNIDLE: F.T.A. I, II, III, IV, Vice-Presi- dent III; G.A.A. I, II; Pep Club I, II, III, IV; Spanish Club I, II, III, IV; Thespians II, II, III, IV; Y-Teens II, III, IV; Home Economics Assistant III, IV. CHERYL JOYCE SOMERLOTT: Varsity Band I; Concert Band II, III, IV; Choir III, IV; Class Secretary I, II; French Club IV; G.A.A. I, II, III, IV; Pep Club I, II, III, IV; Y-Teens II, III, IV. WAYNE M. SPALLINGER: D.C.E. Ill; Physical Educa- tion .Assistant. MINDY DARLENE SPURGEON: Varsity Band I; Concert Band II, III. IV; Pep and Stage Band II, III, IV; Orchestra III; Choir IV; Pep Club IV; Spanish Club II, III, IV; Y-Teens IV; Style Show I, II, III, IV. SYBIL SUE STEINER: Varsity Band I; Concert Band II, III, IV; Choir II, III, IV; Thespians I, II; G.A.A. Ill; Y-Teens III, IV. JO ELLEN STEVENS: Varsity Band I; Concert Band II, III, IV; Pep and Stage Band III, IV; Choir III, IV; Explora- tory Teaching IV; F.T.A. I, II, III, IV, Treasurer III; G.A.A. I, II, III; National Honor Society III, IV; Pep Club I, II, III, IV; Key Staff IV; Spanish Club I, II, III, Treasurer II; Y-Teens II, III, IV, President IV; NISBOVA I, II, HI, IV. BETH ANN SUMMERS: Explorato ry Teaching IV; G.A.A. I, II, III, IV, Secretary III; J.C.L. I; Pep Club I, II, III, IV, President IV; Hornet Staff IV; Thespians IV; Y ' -Teens II, III, IV; Student Council IV; Girl ' s Gymnastics III. SHERRY ANN SUNDAY: Exploratory Teaching IV; F.T.A. IV; G.A.A. II, III; J.C.L. I, II; Pep Club II, III, IV; Thespians II, III, IV, Secretary IV; Y-Teens II, III, IV. ROBERT STEVEN SUTTON: Exploratory Teaching IV; French Club IV; French Club IV; F.T.A. I, II, III, IV, Parlia- mentarian IV; Hi-Y I, II, III, IV; J.C.L. I; National Honor Society IV; Hornet Staff IV; Key Staff IV; Thespians I, II, III, IV. MARSHA ELAINE SWANK: Choir III, IV; F.T.A. I, II, III; G.A.A. I, II, III, President III; Pep Club I, II. Ill, IV; Key Staff IV; Spanish Club I, II, III, IV; Y-Teens II, III, IV, " Vice-President III; Student Council III, IV. STEVEN MARK THALLS: Choir III, IV; Hi-Y II, III, IV; Letterman ' s Club III, IV; Football I; " B " Team Football I, II; Varsity Band Football III, IV; Basketball I; " B " Team Basketball II; Varsity Basketball III, IV; Track I, II, III, IV. JAMES MICHAEL THIRKELL: Letterman ' s Club III, IV; Spanish Club I, II, III, IV; Thespians IV; Football Manager I, II, III, IV; Audio-Visual Assistant I, II, III. LINDA LOU TUTTLE: Art Club II, III, IV; G.A.A. I, II, III, IV; Pep Club II, III, IV; Thespians IV; Y-Teens IV; Style Show I, 11, III, IV; Home Economics Assistant III, IV. WILLIAM SCOTT VAN WAGNER: Hi-Y I; Hornet Staff IV; Football I; Track I, II. JACQUELINE SUZANNE VELKOFF: Art Club II; G.A.A. I, II; Pep Club I, II, III, IV; Hornet Staff IV; Thes- pians I, II, III, IV; Y-Teens II, III, IV. LYNETTE KAY WALTERS: F.T.A. I, II, III, IV; G.A.A. I, II, III; J.C.L. I, II; Pep Club I, II, III, IV; Y-Teens II, II, IV. JUDY E. WALTMIRE: Varsity Band I; Concert Band II, III, IV; Pep and Stage Band I; Orchestra III; Choir III, IV; French Club IV; G.A.A. I, II, III; Pep Club I, II, III; Y-Teens II, III, IV; 4-H I, II, II, IV. PAT MARIE WANDEL: Art Club I, II, III, IV; G.A.A. I, II, III; Pep Club I, II, III, IV; Y ' -Teens IV; Style Show I, II, III, IV; Girl ' s Gymnastics III; Physical Education As- sistant III, IV. RICHARD F. WAYMIRE: Varsity Band I; Concert Band II, III, IV; Pep and Stage Band I, IV; Hi-Y I, II, III, IV; Letterman ' s Club III, IV; National Honor Society III, IV; Spanish Club II, III, IV; District Solo and Ensemble Contest I, II, III, IV; NISBOVA I, II, III, IV; Basketball Manager I, II, III, IV; Baseball II, III, IV. DONALD JAMES WENZEL: Exploratory Teaching IV; Hi-Y II, III, IV; Letterman ' s Club I, II, III, IV: Hornet Staff IV; Football I; " B " Team Football I, II; Varsity Football III, IV; Boy ' s Gymnastics I, II, III. IV; Track I, II, III, IV; Base- ball II; Physical Education Assistant II. R. SCOTT WHITE: Varsity Band 1; Concert Band II, III, IV; Pep and Stage Band I; Choir II, III, IV; Hi-Y III. IV; Letterman ' s Club II, III, IV; Photo Club IV; Key Staff IV, Editor-in-Chief IV; Spanish Club I, II, III, IV; NISBOVA I, II, III, IV; District Solo and Ensemble Contest II; Basket- ball Manager I, II, III, IV. ROBERT ALAN WILSON: J.C.L. I, II; Hornet Staff III, IV; Student Council I, IV, Student Body President IV; Hoos- ier Boy ' s State III; Football I; " B " Team Football II, III. JEFFREY .M. WOLF: Varsity Band I; Concert Band II, III, IV; Pep and Stage Band II, III, IV; Choir IV; Class Business Manager IV; Hi-Y IV; Letterman ' s Club III, IV; Football I; " B " Team Football I; Varsity Football II, III, IV; Baseball II, III, IV. MARILYN LOUISE WYATT: F.T.A. II, III, IV; G.A.A. I, II; National Honor Society III, IV; Pep Club I, II, III, IV; Spanish Club I, II, III, IV; Thespians IV; Y-Teens II, III, IV, Secretary IV; Home Economics Assistant III, IV. ADA MARIE YODER: Art Club I, II, III, IV; F.T.A. I, II; G.A.A. I, II; Pep Club I, II; Hornet Staff III; Spanish Club I; Thespians I, II, III, IV; Y ' -Teens I, III. 200 Index -A— Albro, Dennis 156 Aldrich, Greg 140, 156, 159 Alleshouse, Andy 162 Alleshouse, Ted 36, 162 Almond, Elaine 146 Anderson, Connie 91, 99, 136, 169. Anderson, Larry 117, 162 , 189, 48, 49 Anderson, Sheila 5, 78, 150 Andrew, Vickie 142 Andrews, Jacquie 38, 39, 86, 169, 184 Anspaugh, Carol 162 Anspaugh, Eric 105, 169 Anspaugh, Galen 145, 146 Anstett, Bobby 156 Anstett, Cvnthia 146 Arbuckle, Joann 79, 162 Arbuckle, Rosalind 32, 92, 150 Archbold, Lu Ann 150 Archbold, Terry 36, 38, 88, 98, 117, 16: Areaux, Danny 36, 146 Areaux, Jackie 104, 105, 169, 195, 41, 96, 180, 208 Armey, Tony Arnev, Harold 67, 84, 85 Arnold, Shelia 156 Artz, John 169, 190, 181 Artz, Richard 150 Avery, Charles 11, 12, 31, 51, 62, 138, 94 Austin, Sandra 142 Austin, Vicki 156 Avers, Bruce 146 Babcock, Gerald 146 Bal, Alan 97, 133, 170, 126 Bal, Jackie 15, 105, 156 Bal, Robert 146 Bal, Tom 162 Baldwin, Dinah 150 Ball, Rorie 142 Banta, Jerry 125, 150, 153, 128 Banta, Larry 34, 74, 76, 77, 83, 37, 96, 105, 138, 170, 126, 180 Banta, Valorie 31, 34, 45, 75, 82, 83, 91, 105, 156, 111 Barger, Joe 6, 25, 46, 76, 105, 141, 170, 171 Barlett, Gary 14, 26, 27, 40, 86, 132, 133, 170, 127, 126, 165, 166 Barnes, Becky 162 Barnes, Beverly 146 Barnes, Larry 162, 189, 130, 126 Barnum, Bryan 142 Bassett, Larry 27, 114, 117, 170 Bassett, Linda 146 Bassett, Mike 78, 84, 125, 150, 126 Bassette, Wayne 4, 16 Beard, Kedric 117, 162, 128 Beard, Renee 146 Beattie, Bruce 150 Beck, Cheryl 142 Beck, Nancy 150 Beekman, Beckie 170 Beekman, Bobbie 162 Beer, Karl 142 Beer, Lana 18, 162 Beer, Pamela 150 Beer, Ruth 105, 156 Beer, Sarah 105, 140, 162, 185 Beer, Steve 36, 169, 170, 192 Beevers, Melody 146 Beevers, Steven 146 Bennett, Patty 99, 162 Berkes, Robert 53 Berry, Dolores 150 Berry, Jack 156 Berthemy, Nancy 41, 86, 170, 165 Bickel, Ed 31, 87, 88, 114, 117, 170, 206 Bir, Diane 162 Birch, Marsha 99, 171, 13 Birchman, Anne 140, 156, 159 Birchman, Connie 146 Birchman, Paul 125, 150 Bird, David 171 Bird, Linda 156 Blanton, Pat 171 Bledsoe, Don 142, 143 Bledsoe, Joe 25, 120, 132, 133, 170, 171, 94, 126 Bledsoe, Robert 84, 146 Bledsoe, Tammy 34, 75, 83, 87, 96, 97, 99, 105, 171, 195, 206, 81 Bledsoe, Tom 25, 117, 162 Blossom, David 146 Bolinger, Tony 98, 171 Bouet, Susan 142 Bowden, Alice 146 Bowden, Mark 156, 194 Bowden, Morgan 78, 117, 162, 163 Boyd, Donna 146 Boyer, Phil 150 Boyer, Sue 67 Braddock, Eugene 156 Braman, Cindy 97, 171, 195 Braman, Pam 150 Brandeberry, Gary 156 Branning, Kim 156 Bradv, Bob 6, 27, 33, 76, 77, 83, 84, 85, 112, 114, 117, 171, 126 Brayton, Ealine 84, 142 Brayton, Mike 162 Brayton, Russell 62, 130 Bright, Nancy 156 Brown, Anita 146 Brown, Cynthia 162, 186 Brown, Dennis 162 Brown. Gloria 146 Brown, Kerry 162 Brown, Linda 172 Brown, Mary 150 Brown, Patty 146 Brown, Paulette 150 Brown, Susan 156 Brown, Tom 146 Brubaker, Dennis 146 Brubaker, Mike 6, 20, 36, 95, 114, 117, 172 Bruner, Beverly 146 Bruner, Esther 150 Bruner, Steve 105, 112, 117, 162, 126 Bryan, Barney 146 Bryan, Bruce 27, 33, 83, 95, 117, 138, 139, 172, 127, 126 Brvan, Chris 150 Bryan, Jaclyn 5, 39, 86, 150, 151, 153 Bryan, Robert 150 Budd, Laura 150 Bumgarner, Denny 26, 76, 77, 95, 97, 112, 114, 117, 172, 94, 128, 126 Bumgarner, Gail 39, 84, 150 Bundy, Marlene 181 Burch, Bob 162 Burch, Linda 151 Burkett, Debbie 29, 156 Burnau, David 64, 141, 171 Burris, Danny 146 Burris, Paula 98, 172 Burton, Linda 142 Buse, Helen 99 Butz, Bob 156 Butz, Terry 105, 117, 162, 189 — c— Caccomo, Donna 156 Call, Cindy 151 Call, Judy 105, 156 Call, Lyle 146 Call, Vickie 162 Carney, John 142 Carpenter, Barbara 156 Carpenter, Gary 162, 128 Carpenter, Jo Ann 156 Carpenter, Larry 151 Carr, Barbara 79, 163 Carr, David 142 Carr, Kathy 151 Carrick, Denny 151 Carrick, Mary 146 Carrick, Sue 156 Carson, Karen 142 Gary, Kevin 146 Champion, Cynthia 142 Champion, Claudia 151 Chapin, Barbara 56 Charles, Janny 151 Charles, Patty 142 Cherry, Janice 142 Cherry, Joan 146 Chiddister, Carla 151 Christen, Robert 151 Crysler, Denise 32, 75, 92, 151, 154 Chrysler, Sharon 99, 105, 163 Ciolkos, Mike 1,57, 159 Clancy, Sheila 157 Clark, Brent 26, 140, 157 Clark, Dana 151, 191 Clark, Debbie 99, 105, 163 Clark, George 59, 105, 172 Clark, Howard 146 Clark, Jeff 89, 172 Clark, John 146 Clark, Lan-y 142 Clark, Marion 60 Clark, Vince 142 Clausen, Rhonda 142 Cleverly, David 142 Cleverly, Glenda 151 Cleverly, Steve 157 Clifton, John 146 Clouse, Sally 163 Clouse, Sue 163 Coggeshall, Kathy 163 Coggeshall, Todd 142 Coffey, Gene 151 Coffey, Randy 146 Colbert, Mike 146 201 Coleman, Debbie 98, 157 Combs, Peggy Sue 142 Concus, Larry 151, 126 Concus, Tim 163 Conley, Bonnie 157 Conley, Mike Converse, Candance 25, 98, 105, 163 Cope, Carol 157 Cope, Cynthia 172 Cope, Harry 142 Cope, Larry 142 Cope, Rebecca 142 Cope, Steven 151 Corley, Wayne 157 Counterman, Jeff 142 Counterman, Judy 172 Counterman, Tracy 29, 98, 157 Covell, Derold 125, 151, 153, 130, 131 Cox, Edith 56, 57 Cox, Mike 151 Grain, Alan 133, 138, 151 Crain, Lucinda 151 Grain, Roberta 142 Crimmins, Ann 157 Crimmins, Tim 147 Crone, Darrell 173 Crone, Marsha 157 Crossley, Ladonia 157 Groy, Debra 99, 173 Croy, Dona 157 Cummings, Marcia 163 Cummings, Steve 151 Cuneo, David 142 Guneo, Mary 151 Dailey, Patsy 105, 163 Daler, Kathy 157 Damron, Bob 147 Damron, Claudia Darnell, William 151 Davies, Roger 147 Davies, Terry 142 Davis, Sandra 151 Day, Deborah 142 Day, John 163 Day, Mary 98, 151 Day, Sandra 5, 75, 20, 157, 158 Dehn, Ingrid 151 Deller, Candy 147 Deller, Doug 32, 42, 156, 157 Deller, Sharlee 147 DeMara, Danette 29, 34, 45, 105, 157, 111 DeMara, David 147 Derbyshire, Dan 173 DeRosa, Tony 173, 187, 188, 94, 130, 164 DeWolf, Marsha 142 DeWolf, Phillip 147 Dilts, Bruce 151 Dilts, Harold 98, 163 Dirr, Thomas 142 Dirr, Tim 37, 163, 166 Disbro, John 76, 77, 105, 114, 117, 138 173, 187, 164 Douglass, Diane 142 Dove, John 147 Dowidat, Kathy 156, 157 Duguid, Jeff 93, 163 Duguid, Julie 151 Dygert. Chuck 50, 66, 88, 132, 128 Dygert, Melinda 30, 32, 83, 91, 105, 136, 163, 195 Dygert, Phyllis 56 Dygert, Rick 162, 163, 186 Dvgert, Susan 83, 98, 157 —E— Easterday, Sue 15, 157 Eberhardt, Roger 105, 163, 49 Eddy, Lynn 98, 173 Eddy, Ron 147 Egly, Jill 151 Elliott, John 87, 93, 96, 105, 173, 193, 206 Elliot, Randy 151, 153, 130, 131 Elliot, Vick ie 173 Emrick, Brad 147 El-win, Dale 147 Erwin, Henry 99, 173 El-win, Jeff 157 Erwin, Judy 147 Envin, Tammy 151 Everett, Carolyn 152 Everett, Connie 163 Everett, Ted 163 Eyster, Debbie 147 Eyster, Lu Ann 152 Fanning, Alan 147 Pansier, Jan 147 Pansier, Jay 157 Pansier, Tony 142 Paught, Robert 152 Fee, Cheri 33, 38, 90, 95, 105, 174, 164 Pee, Bill 147 Fiandt, John 65 Fifer, Deborah 163 Firestone, Celestia 152 Firestone, James 142 Fisher, Gina 142 Flanagan, Neil 142 Flegal, Ed 147 Flegal, Mike 157 Flegal, Paul 157 Fleming, Jim 54 Poglesong, David 152 Foglesong, Don 98, 158 Fogelsong, Linda 142 Folck, Jeff 125, 152, 153 Foster, Vickie 147 Franze, Diane 45, 158, 186 Franze, Doug 25, 120, 122, 133, 162, 163, 128 Franze, Larry 142 Franze, Steve 152 Frisinger, Barry 31, 50, 72, 105, 106, 107, 108 Frisinger, Rolla 145, 147 Fulton, Connie 15, 152, 153 Fulton, Irene 54, 99 Fulton, Lori 147 Fulton, Patty 15, 44, 59, 75, 82, 83, 105, 163, 206, 48 Fulton, Roberta 23, 45, 47, 82, 105, 158, 160 Frye, Neal 163 Gaffin, Shery 147 Gates, Barb 99, 105, 136, 174 Gates, Galen 152 Gebhart. Judy 7, 32, 36, 83, 93, 105, 174, 185 German, Marsha 142 German, Pamela 19, 174, 190, 13 German, Penny 174, 186 Gibbeny, Jerry 152 Gibson, Bonnie 163 Gibson, Bruce 147 Gibson, Carolyn 152 Gibson, Tresa 147 Gilbert, George 6, 10, 75, 76, 77, 82, 83, 87, 105, 138, 174, 206, 168, 80, 13 Gill, Geneva 158 Glenn, Jodee 147 Goble, Terry 152 Goings, Debby 40, 158 Golden, Greg 124, 133, 158 Gonser, Lilli 142 Qonser, Lizabeth Good, Deborah 23, 45, 105, 136, 158, 111 Goodwin, Sara 97, 105, 93, 95, 174 Goodwin, Susan 39, 105, 158 Gorrell, Gene 174 Gorrell, Richard 163 Goudv, Jim 174 Goudy, Sue 152 Gould, Betty Lou 16, 174 Gowthrop, Mike 163 Graham, James 17, 38, 76, 86, 89, 105, 171, 174, 187 Gramling, Nancy 163 Greenwalt, Larry 152 Griffis, Cynthia 5, 38, 152, 190 Griffis, Greg 27, 38, 78, 117, 138, 174, 126 Guthier, Jane 34, 105, 158 Guthier, Jim 147 Guthier, Sally 174 — H— Hackett, Gregory 142 Hagerty, Karen 164 Hagerty, Mai- ' 92, 174 Hahn, Karen 143 Hahn, Terry Haldei-man, Suzanne 147 Hale, Jim 152 Hale, Mary 143 Hall, Arthur 143 Hall, Jan 143 Hall, Pat 152 Hamilton, Greg 147 Hammel, Danny 142, 143 Hammel, John 21, 50, 147 Hammel, Mary 24, 30, 37, 84, 105, 164 Hammel, Sally 75, 84, 152 Hammond, Randall 143 Hancock, Gary 105, 158 Hanson, Becky 98, 174 Hanson, Diane 152 Hantz, Linda 147 Hardiek, Dan 163 Harpham, David 138, 147 Hart, Christine 175 Barter, Mrs. Dean 56, 57 Harter, Dean 116 Harter, Ronald 143 Hartman, Jeannie 164, 165 Hasselman, Tim 152 Hastreiter, Charles 143 202 Haugh, Marty 164 Hauke, Daphne 164 Harvey, Jeanne 5, 20, 158 Hawkins, Kevin 143 Hav thorne, Richard 158 Headley, Dan 40, 158 Headlev, Kim 152 Heath, James 152 Heckathorn, David 143 Heckathorn, Gloria 147 Hedglin, Richard 175 Heier, Christine 143 Heier, Jeff 51 Heier, Marilyn 152 Heier, Sue 73, 90, 91, 137 Heier, Vivan 158 Hemrick, Debbie 28, 7, 36, 74, 88, 95, 122, 169. 175, 48 Hemrick, Jim 78, 124, 158, 161, 130, 131 Hensel, Debbie 152 Henrel, Wynn 113, 130, 164, 135 Hentzell, Allan 152 Herl. Laurie 29, 45, 156, 158 Hershberger, Jane 98, 147 Higbee, Lvnn 143 Hill, Pam 158 Hill, Richard 142, 143 Hill, William 147 Hilton, Karyl 16, 23, 40, 74, 78, 99, 122, 137, 163, 164 Hinman, Cheri 143 Hoffman, Danny 98, 164 Hoffman, Douglas 143 Hoffman, Greg 98, 164 Hoffman, Jodv 147 Hohl, Roger 158, 159 Holcomb, Mike 84, 152, 130 Holderness, Jane 7, 16, 36, 83, 97, 175, 193 Holland, Mike 158 Holland. Pat 152 Holman, Ralph 26, 192, 164, 135 Holman, Rex 164 Holse, Gary 152 Holse, Jim 112, 117, 120, 121, 123, 207, 126, 164 Holse, Linda 143 HoltAiian, Clark 27. 35, 41, 175 Holtzman, Joel 158, 126 Hoolihan, JDenny 7, 36, 28, 84, 85, 98, 114, 117, 120, 123,169, 175 Hoover, Linda 158 Hoover, Tom 40, 175 Honiian, David 152 Hornbrook, John 147 Hornbrook, Juanita Jo 143 Horny, Judy 92, 93, 176 Hostetler, Julie 152 Hostetler, Ron 158 Houlton, Kathy 70, 98 Householder, Barry 152 Householder, Brenda 164 Hoyer, Connie 105, 158 Hubler, Jackie 147 Huffman, Anita 151, 152 Huffman, Bob 117, 126, 164 Huffman, Keith 5, 38, 41, 86, 114, 117, 141, 176, 126 Huffman, Pamela 148 Hull, Bob 176 Hull, Edna 158 Hull. Karen 158 Hull. Phil 116 Hunter, Deborah 158 Hutching, Barbara 34, 105, 158 Hutchins, Carolyn 18, 34, 105, 176 Hutter, James 148 Hutter, John Ingram, Gail 143 Ingram, Scott 152, 126 Inman, Joyce 158 Inman, Tim 152 Jackson, Pam 104, 105, 185, 164 Jarrard, Pat 90, 91, 99, 105, 164 Jenkins, Richard 152 Johnson, Bob 153 Johnson, Darrell 143 Johnson, John 23, 117, 162, 126, 164 Johnson, Stanley 176 Johnston, Steve 153 Julian, Randy 143 Kaiser, Stephanie 143 Kaufman, Barbara Ann 176 Kelley, Harry 21 Kelley, Susie 143 Kennedy, Jill 153 Kennedy, Merry 143 Kersten, Doug 124, 158, 130 Kilburn, Rosalee 57 Kile, Gladys 67. 93 Kimpel, David 18, 143 Kimpel, Deborah 153 King, Wayne 164 King, Sharon 63, 97 Klebe, Michael 143 Klete, Michael 143 Kline, Jo 164 Klink, Chuck 148 Klink, Vickie 143 Knecht, Cathy 153 Knecht, Rhonda 21, 148 Konrad, Helen 158 Konrad, Irene 148 Konrad, Sharon 84, 164 Koomler, Daniel 143 Kraft. Tim 125, 153 Krantz, Dale 5. 75, 82, 83, 86, 176, 181, 80 Krantz, Madilyn 148 Kratz, Danise 143 Kratz, Debbie 153 Kuckuck, Carl 143 Kugler, Ralph 164 Kunce, Richard 143 Kvle, Dennis 143 Lampe, Chuck 87, 141, 176 Lampe, Patricia 158 Lancaster, Allen 159 Lancaster, Terry 148 Landis, Jennifer 153 Lange, Jim 77, 80, 98 Lanman, Dwight 18, 143 Lavengood, Jodv 143 Lawson, Chuck 98, 159 Lee, Dian 105, 164 Leininger, Gary 125, 153 Leininger, Greg 159 Leland, Mike 148 Leslie, Deborah 159 Leslie, Vicki 164 Lewis, Bill 20, 30, 83, 195, 164 Lewis, Charles 125, 153 Libey, Leslie 153 Light, David 148 Light, Donald 143 Light, Norman 164 Likes, Danny 153 Lininger, Edith 159 Lininger, Janine 148 Linninger, Cheryl 164 Lintz, Jerry 7, 36, 88, 177, 187, 189 Long, Lu Ann 159 Lonsbury, Bill 32, 33, 105, 124, 159, 192, 128 Lonsbury, Lonnie 143 Lougheed, Carol 159 Lovell, Connie 153 Lovell, Doug 148 Lower, Jerry 177 Lytle. Beverly 144 Lytle, Roger 153 Lytle, Thomas 159 Maier, Vickie 153 Malston, Penny 88 177, 181, : Mann, Julie 34, 75, 83, 105, 159 Mann, Randy 153 Mansfield, Jana 164 Markiton, Joy 164 Markiton, Kay 164 Markiton, Marjorie 32, 92, 153, 154 Marks, Devon 19, 159 Martin, Jeffery 144 Martin, Mike i48 Mason, Donald 53 Mason, Lee 47, 170, 177, 191 Mason, Loretta 159 Mason, Kenneth 144 Mason, Floyd 144 Maugherman, Dara 19, 37, 39, 84, 122, 156, 159, 164 Maugherman, Debra 32, 90, 92, 177, 189 Maugherman, Joan 153 Maugherman, Joyce 153 Maugherman, Julie 144 May, Garry 124, 159 McBride, Michael 177 McCormack, Kathy 153. 44 McCormack, Kenneth 18, 44, 144, 187 McCormick, Rita 159 McCutchan, Floyd 53, 168 McCutchan. Larry 25, 34, 44, 76, 87, 93, 96, 105, 138, 177, 182, 186, 206, 111, 126, 180, 208 McDarby, Susan 38, 165 McDarby. Mary 148 McEntarfer, Pamela 144 McFadden, Martha 56 McKeever, Linda 156, 159, 192 McKeever, Olive 63 McKeever, Sue 148 McNaughton, Denice 153 McNeal, Carol 174, 189 Means, James 144 Meek, James 144 Meek, Jim 153, 138, 126 Meek, John 105. 138, 177, 192 Meek, Michelle 148 Meek, Mike 159 Merillat, Colleen 148 Merillat, Dennis 31, 117, 165 Merillat, Gail 144 Meston, Pamela 159 Meston, Vivan 99, 194, 177 Metz, Charlene 165 Metz, Diane 153 Meyer, Debbie 144 Meyer, Pat 36. 89, 104, 105, 165 Meyerrose, Sharon 93 Meyers, Barbara 165 Meyers, James 59, 105, 159 203 Meyers, Robert 144 Meyers, William 159 Mil ' holin, Bill 148 Miller, Eddie 144 Miller, Fred 148 Miller, Gail 144 Miller, Karen 165 Miller, Licinda 148 Miller, Marcella 144 Miller, Mindy 148 Miller, Richard 177 Miller, Shirley 153 Miller, Vickie 5, 125, 153, 154 Millikan, Karen 144 Mochemian, Carleen 144 Mocherman, Reid 153 MoeheiTnan, Rita 153 MocheiTiian, Ruth 153 Monroe, Barbara Moore, Bonnie 57 Moore, Bradley 148 Moore, Mike 165 Moore, Mark 138, 153 155 Moore, Terry 148 Morales, Elvia 144 Morales, Gary 153 Morrison, Deborah 159 Morse, Charles 159 Morse, Thomas 138, 97, 177 Morton, Mary 148 Mortorff, Linda 169, 177, 187 Mortorff, Ramona 70, 98 Mortorff, Tina 144 Moser, Douglas 144 Mote, Karen 159 Mote, Kevin 40, 159 Mow, Dennis 148 Mow, Kirk 59, 105, 157, 159 Mummert, C. J. 65 Munn, Cathy 163, 165 Murden, Neil 153 Musser, Anita 153 Musser, Shirley 177 Myers, Barb 165 Myers, Gary 148 Myers, James 144 Myers, Pam 153 Myers, Sharon 154 -N- Nedele, Tom 37, 117, 163, 186, 126, 165 Neff, Joe 148 Neff, Kathy 156, 159, 161 Nelson, Brent 159 Nelson, Mark 99, 165 Nesbitt, Carroll 65 Neuenschwander, James 18, 144 Neuenschwander, Jean 165 Newman, David 144 Nichols, Elwood 34, 72, 104, 105, 1C8 Nichols, Judy 165 Nichols, Kelly 144 Nichols, Margaret 105, 159 Nichols, Rex 124, 159, 128 Nichols, Alan 154, 126 Nilson, John 38, 148, 192 Nilson, Julie 38, 99, 163, 188, 165, 166 Nix, Vicki 148 Nolan, Eric 19, 46, 97, 177 Nunally, Sharon 144 Oberlin, Jeff 33, 40, 97, 105, 138, 177, 111, 165 Oberlin, Patricia 148 Odle, Rene 4, 45, 78, 122, 159, 160, 161 Olis, Danny 148 Oneal, David 144 Opdycke, Dean 154 Opliger, Becky 154 Orday, Connie 148 Ordway, Roger 159 Orewiler, Larry 148 Orlosky, Pat 154 Orten, Fred 70, 163, 165 Orten, Thad 148 Otbome. Mike 27, 178, 126 Oiborne, Mike 159 Osborne, Paul 21, 117, 120, 128, 165 Osborne, Robin 154 Osborne, Steven 144 Ott, Jeff 37, 77, 84, 117, 120, 123, 185, 128, 48, 165 Oweu, Rom 63 Owens, Winifred 71 Paleocrassas, Michael 178 Pardue, Connie 32, 92, 97, 105, 178 Pardue, Diane 154 Pardue, Ricky 159 Parker, Debra 144 Parker. Mike 144 Parker, Ronald 148 Pamin, Bill 148 Parrish, Jon 154 Parrish, Mike 75, 178, 188, 80 Parrish, Rick 154 Parrish, Roxanne Parrish, Scott 144 Parson, Geraldine 159 Parsons, Ronnie Parsons, Teresa Pastor, Monica 159 Patterson, Colleen 40, 86, 88, 105, 165, 166 Payne, Don 159 Payne, Janice 144 Payne, Rita 165 Penick, John 144 Penick, Karen 149 Penick, Shelia 159 Penix, Nancy 149 PenLx, Rick 138, 154, 94, 126 Penix, Robert 19, 105, 178 Pentico, Janet 16, 98, 165 Pentico, John 165 Pentico, Linda 154 Peterson, Kristin 159 Peterson, Tim 165 Petre, Marcia 159, 160 Retry, Edward 144 Pilliod, Dorothy 88, 186, 165 Pilling, Jim 149 Plank, Randy 32, 83, 105, 124, 132, 157, 160, 192, 128, 81 Porter, Margaret 29, 45, 160 Porter, Priscilla 32, 34, 83, 105, 165 Porter, Rosemary 149 Potts, Jack 144 Powers. Dick 26, 105, 117, 124, 160, 128, 129 Powers, Tom 154 Presley, Chris 154 Proehl, Mark 165 Pros.ser, Jack 7. 27, 31, 70, 89, 116 Pufahl, David 124, 160, 128, 129 Putt, JeiTV 162, 165 Putt, Sally 171, 178, 194 — R— Ralston, Kathv 157, 160 Randolph, Carla 105, 48, 165 Randolph, Cheryl 154 Ransburg, Gary 40, 105, 178, 117, 130, 131, 165 Ransburg, Larry 83, 105, 160 Rathburn, Judy 63, 79 Ray, Chris 165 Ray, Jim 149 Ray, Thomas 160 Rea, Laura Reese, Patricia 154 Reichard, Al 166 Rensch, Rick 166 Resler, Greg 160, 117, 128 Richards, Janice 144 Richards, Jarretta 144 Richardson, Ann 178 Richardson, David 166 Richardson, Linda 154 Richmond, Cynthia 18, 166 Richmond, Darlene 169 Richmond, Ruth 144 Ridenou r, Greg 154 Ridenour, Jeff 166 Ridenour, Lvnn 149 Ridenour, Riplev 149 Rinehart, Joe 149 Ringle, Tom 105, 178 Ritter, Gary 98, 166 Ritter, Holly 160 Ritter, Jim 160 Ritter, Rick 149 Ritter, Sharon 178 Ritter, Shen-j ' 178 Robinson, Neil 92, 98 Rodman, Jerry 61 Romine, David 154 Rose, Kathy 154 Rosselot, Connie 149 Rosselot, Jerry 154 Roth, Judy 160 Rothrock, Pat 154 Rothrock. Timothy 144 Rowe, David 38, 124, 133, 160, 130, 131 Rowe, Donna 154 Rowe, Martin 154 Rowe, Sandy 93, 95, 178 Rowe, Sandy 149 Rowe, Wayne 166 Ruckel, Melody 144 Rudolph, Brenda 144 Rumsev, Jeff 149 Rvan, Kathy 45, 160 Rvan, Patrick 144 Sack, Lynn 19, 38, 83, 99, 105, 178, 185, 190 Sailor, Marda 149 Sanders. Gregory- 138, 144 Sanders. Jerr ' 158, 160 Sanders, Marv 57 Sanders, Phillip 149 Sanders. Randv 166 Sanders. Ronald 114, 117, 138, 1 39, 178 Sandidge, Phil 166 Sanxter, Karen 154 Sapp, Glenn 20. 166 Sapp, Kenny 149 Schannen. Marilyn 95, 178 Schinnnoler. Darvl 157, 160 Schimmoler. Marilyn 98, 178 Schindler. John l(i(i Schnetzlcr. Bill 166 Sattison, Carol 154 Sattison. William 154 Sauter. Sharon 154 Schmidt. Susan 145 Schnetzler. Terry 154 Schock. Kirk 149 Schock, Paul 55. 116, 171 Schubert, Madelyn 66, 95 204 Schworm, Todd 178 Scott, Bill 93, 166 Scott, Dawn 149 Scott, Mark 145 Scott, Violet 149 Scott, Wayne 154 Sell, Debbie 186, 166 Sell. Tom 149 Senger, Loraine 149 Servis, Richard 62, 89, 96, 169 Sharrow, Cynthia 18, 145 Shaw, Billie Jo 149 Shaw, Ricky 154 Sheets, Barbara 160 Sheets, Donna 155 Sheets, Martha 149 Sheets, Mary 145 Sheffer, Nancy 34, 155 Sheffer, Sandy 22, 96, 105, 179, 48, 181 Shelton, Kent 179 Shepherd, Vickie 155 Sherburne, Roxanne 155 Shipe, Diana 155 Shipe, Donna 155 Shire, Jeri 179 Shiveley, Kevin 20, 30, 160 Shoup, Gary 125, 155 Shoup, Joe 25, 84, 163, 126, 166 Shumaker, Cathy 155 Shumaker, Joann 166 Shumaker, Terry 155, 126 Siebold, Nancy 35, 72, 74, 82, 87 Silberg, Janet 166 Silbert, Carolyn 149 Simon, Dick 116 Simons, Jill 145 Simons, Thomas 53 Sirk, Joe 64, 115, 116, 120, 94 Skaggs, Randy 155 Skaggs, Sandy 149 Slaybaugh, Dayid 149 Smathers, Lynn 23, 25, 28, 117, 120, 122, 123, 163, 126, 166 Smith, Curtis 149 Smith, Gary 125, 155 Smith, Jeananne 179 Smith, Kathy 149 Smith, Margaret 71, 89 Smith, Rocky Smith, Sharon 166 Smith, Stuart 145 Snellenberger, George 145 Snidle, Sharon 43, 99, 171, 179, 189 Snyder, Dave 12, 61 Snyder, Dayid 145 Snyder, Peggy 145 Sommerlott, Al 160 Somerlott, Cheryl 14, 36, 40, 99, 105, 154, 179, 165 Somerlott, Dave 149 Somerville, Pam 155 Sommeryille, Valerie 161 Sorg, Pam 155 Sorg, Steven 155 Sova, Edward 155 Spallinger, Steven 155 Spallinger, Wayne 179 Spangle, Jim 117, 166 Sparks, Cindy 155 Speicher, Barbara Spurgeon, Brian 149 Spurgeon, Mindy 179, 189 Stackhouse, An ' illa 143 Stackhouse, Deborah 155 Stackhouse, Doug 166 Steiner, Sybil 42, 83, 180 Sterling. David 53 Stevens, Jackie 166 Stevens, Jay 149 Stevens, Jo 79, 95, 96, 105, 195, 180, 208 Stevens, John 30, 83, 84, 105, 161 Stevens, Virginia 153, 155 Stokes, Marjorie 155 Stoll, Debbie 166 Stomni, Lavon 149, 145 Stoy, Neva 145 Strang, Ricky 145 Straw, Kimberly 145 Strite, Jeff 83. 159, 161 Strock, Kevin 155 Stroman, Larry 161 Stroman, Penny 149 Summers, Beth 7, 16, 36, 38, 85, 90, 95, 180 Summers, Debra 74, 79, 88, 121, 166 Summers, Doug 84, 145 Sunday, Sherry 7, 33, 36, 95, 196, 180 Sutton, Brad 167 Sutton. ' Gregory 145 Sutton, R. Steven 37, 41, 76, 86, 93, 95, 96. 180 Swank, Margaret 56 Swank. Marsha 41. 78, 84, 88, 96, 186, 180 — T- Taner, Sharon 155 Taylor, Barbara 84, 149 Taylor, Kathy 43, 161 Taylor, Rick Taylor, Sarah 155 Thalls, Abe 116. 94 Thalls, Betty 66, 79 Thalls, Steve 4, 25, 83, 96, 122, 123, 112, 114, 120, 117, 196, 206, 126, 1 Thirkell, James 170, 180 Thirkell. Susie 167 Thobe, Charlene 145 Thobe, Judy 161 Thomas, Chuck 29, 105, 107, 167 Thomas, Jayne 155 Thomas, Karen 167 Thomas, Kathy 167 Thompson, John 167 Thomas, Norman 124, 133, 161 Throop, Jerry 180 Throop, Thomas 161 Thrush, Cindy 155 Tilbury, Susan 145 Timpe, Marcia 145 Trennepohl, Beth 99 Tritch, Christina 149 Tritch, Lyle 167 Tritch, Sandra 155 Tubergen, Beth 145 Tuttle, Linda 36, 99, 181 Tyler, Mary 38, 158, 160, 161 Undei-wood, Kathy 155 VanDyne, Debbie 149 Van Wagner, Jacquelyn 155 Van Wagner, Pamela 145 Van Wagner, Scott 181 Varner, Vonda 155 Vaughn, Hal 33, 80 Velkoff, Jackie 181 Velkoff, Mickey 161 — w— Waggoner. Pat 167 Wagner, Steve 194, 167 Waite, Ronald 161 Walcutt, Marilyn 167 Walcutt, Melanie 155 Wall, Janet 155 Wall, Rex 181 Walters, Lynette 181 Waltmire, Carol 155 Waltmire, Judie 29, 105, 185, 181 Wandel, Pat 98, 181 Wane, Jack 155 Wappelhoist, Gerald 143 Wappelhoist, John 167 Wappelhoist, Lawrence Wappelhoist, Robert 145 Ward. Starr 145 Warmbier, Carol 70, 88 Warmbier, Dan 55, 128 Warstler, David 161 Warstler, Ealine 145 Waymire, Dick 17, 34, 75, 87, 105, 170, 190, 206, 111, 128, 181 Weimer, Pat 63 Wells, Jordan 145 Wells, Rod 73, 98, 116, 120, 122 Wenzel, Don 26, 27, 36, 95, 114, 117, 126, 181 Wenzel, Mike 149 Westenhaver, Bill 39, 84, 161 Wheaton, Molly 105, 161 Whipple, George 145 White, Joe 145, 149 White, Scott 32, 96, 83, 181, 208 Wilcox, Danny Wilcox, Richard 181 Wild, Chris 167 Wilder, William 145 Williams, Debra 161 Williams, Jean 161 Williams, Toby 149 Willig, Diana 84, 161, 81 Williamson, Ed 167 Wilson, Robert 11, 84, 85, 191, 181 Wilson, Steve 155 Wilt, David Wise, Edward 145 Wisner, Debbie 149 Wisner, Julie 145, 194 Wisner, Nancy 145 Wogoman, Bernard 161 Wogoman, Perry 145 Wolf, Jeff 41, 83, 105, 114, 117, 169, 94, 128. 181 Woodward, Harold 161 Woodward, Paula 161 Worcester, Denise 167 Word, Laura 145 Word, Nancy 155 Wright, Tony 77, 93 Wyatt, Marilyn 171, 189, 181 Yates, Kenneth 16, 145 Yates, Linda 155 Yoder, Marie 181 Yoder, Mike 149 Yotter. James 149 Young, Michael Zabst, Lan-y 161 Zeiger, Bi-uce 98, 125, 155 Zerby, Sandra 155 Zerby, Stephen 145 Zimmer, Lance 120, 123, 167 Zuber, Doug 105, 167 205 To everything there is a season, [V? H HB Til Ml Ill ■ m P l l and a time to every purpose. 207 June 9, 1969 Readers, As I reflect upon the past year of producing the 1969 Key, I can recall many long hours of fitting layouts, writing copy, and proofreading final tripli- cates. However, I feel, as the entire staff does, that each and every moment spent was a part of a worthwhile endeavor to produce not only a differ- ent yearbook but a more complete, correct, and much improved record of the 68-69 school year. Recently, the yearbook at Angola High has re- ceived much criticism mainly due to the use of a summer or fall delivery type book. As a counterof- fensive to this, I can only hope that the changes we have made in this year ' s Key will help its readers to realize the value of an extra 3-4 month wait. When I started working on the ' 69 Key, the first thing which I knew would be crucial to the success of the yearbook would be a good hardworking staff. Looking back, I must say that no editor could have asked for more cooperation and willingness to work than that which came from the small group that produced this book. To each and every one of them I owe more thanks than can be expressed in this letter. To guide the staff in its decisions and keep them diligently working was our advisor, Mr. Servis. The entire staff, I ' m sure, appreciates liis valuable guid- ance and assistance. If you have even scanned the pages of this pub- lication, I ' m sure you have noticed many changes we have initiated throughout the book. We have among other things, updated our advertisement section, added a theme, and attempted to improve the copy in the book. The source of these changes was a two-week summer journalism session at the Uni- versity of Detroit. I must thank them for opening my eyes to the outdated, old-fashioned yearbooks being produced at AHS. I also offer a " thank-you " to the local merchants who responded to our new advertising method with open and enthusiastic minds. Their co-operation was certainly appreciated, especially at the finan- cial end of things. A special measure of gratitude also goes to Mr. Garvice Clarke who was most willing to offer ad- vice and assistance any time the need arose for either. In closing, I must say that it is my utmost desh-e that you found all the enjoyment in reading the ' 69 Key as I have had in editing it. Sincerely, Scott White Editor-in-Chief

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