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ti tev-h .GA ' m 3 1833 01802 1847 GENEALOG ; 977. EOE AN AHS 1966 . (■ li. s o • ' ' SSh ' PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS dnqola. dUqh. SchooL Angola. Jack Linn, Editor Penny Mick, Binimis Manager " CUl. wsL had. o . jdjl smduMA. a. pif. wiihlyv uA.; CHI. the. maL o . UpL Ia. lovsdisut, A. thoAiL ipahA. " -CUU hjdL Box. CI " When Crcu and Captain unilcntami each other to the core. It takes a gale and more than a gale to put their ship ashore. " — Kipling HGARY CRu JHB niKr-R£n£NICKY ■STfVE . CR0DK5 1 :■ A ■■h Ll [ r ,65, 64 m 1 5 , J Ill III rii III ll|r li m III " B il the merry hells ring fhc licfory. " — AtKin. " Come aii ' .l trip it as you gOt On tin- Ir-l it fiintii tic toe. " — Milton ' ■Jl. WWy Xi „ -jA«-..fihafD«i««ai tafc«M«S 3MI« i jH " As long as I coujif the ro is, a hat arc you going to do about if? " — Will a III Tui ' cd I ' m 5fc-.:??% " Oh, frab]oHs day! " — Letcis Carroll 10 " Don ' t zi. ' Orry and fret, faint-hearted. The chances have just begun. " — Bradley " She moves a goddess, and looks a queen. " — Pope . Jl " Great is the glory, for the strife is hard! ' ' ■ — Wordsivorth 12 " One hour ' s sleep before midnight is worth three afferiiarjs. " —Herbert 13 14 " Studies serve for delight, for ornament, and for ability. " — Bacon ifil 15 £V " Don ' t never look back; soinethin ' might be gainin ' on you ... " — ■Satchel Paige V- p |s-v ■ rn TJT ' " The tiger, on the other hand, is kittenish and mild; He makes a pretty playfellow for any little child. " — Belloc " Are yon a boy, or are yon a girl? " — The Barbarians 17 rjr© " Never again will I spend another wijifer in this accursed bucketshop of a refrigerator . . . ' — Kipling 19 " Knowledge aclianres by steps, ami not by leaps. " — Maeanlay I ;:: ; " " Readiii " inakcth a full incvi. — Bacon X f ' ' km . M X- 21 " Often do the spiii s of great ctcii s stride on before the events. " ■ — Coleridge f s smsm: i W " All fur one, one for all, that h our device. " — Diinuis IS Tloihinji}, qMoL ivjoa. wsJl jadwwsid. " And I forgot my spoon! " —Mad 28 v. 29 " Stolen kisses are always siveeter. " — Hunt " So many, and so many, and such glee! " — Keats 30 y-.. 31 f PmHh h ! i K ■ jH| Jft " He dreams awake. " — Planfies " Dance ivhile you can. Dance, dance for the figjire is easy; The tune is catching and will not stop; Dance till the stars come down with the raften. Dance, dance, dance till you drop. " — Aiidcii 3 2 33 34 " Biif noble souls, f jrongh dust and heat, Rise from disaster and defeat, The stronger. " — Longfelloiv 5J " An elephant ' s faithful one-hundred percent. " — Dr. Suess 37 " I don ' t care if it ' s light or uioug; it ' s loiiiing up the game. " — Casey Stengel 39 " Pleasure and action make the hours seem short. " — Shakespeare 40 41 " you ' re gnnna foul ' em, foul ' em good! " —William Doha 42 " •N : ( ir " Every great and commanding moment in the annals of the Ivor Id is the triumph of some enthusiasm. " — Emerson 43 «««? " The terrible burden of hating no hing to do! " — Despreaicx " we ' re anything brighter than even the sun ( ue ' re everything greater than books might mean) we ' re every anything more than believe {with a spin leap alive we ' re alive) we ' re luonderful one times one " — e e cumminns 4J p iifa 1 HHk V 1 mmi LiJ -i jj " Miis c blips not the toothache. " —Herbert when are yoti gcft iig married, Mr. Haiighey? " » ' ' ' Say ; " £« enough ami if uill make you u ' ise. " —Lyly 49 " Let each man exercise the art he knows. " — Aristophanes 50 li J2 " As the proverb says, ' A good beginning is half the business, ' ami ' to have begnn well ' is praised by alt. " —Plato J3 J ' oajJisj r K A OuA, Supsi unjbmjckni. You hair made an excellent start hi the attempt to become an educated person. Ymi have worked hard and played hard at the various activities in and around school as illustrated in the pages of this yearbook. Now this is all in the past and you must be continually looking to the future and always trying to become better educated. You will have many times of anxiety and uncertainty but an educated person feels at home during these uncertain times because he is able to make the proper adjustments. It is mir hope that you haic learned to share ideas, to accept criticism, to recognize the judgment of others and to make good, sound judgments of your oivn even during times of stress and criticism. The ability to do this is a mark of an educated person. Even though you will make many mistakes, it is from these mistakes that you will con- tinue to become educated. As your edjication continues, you must have long-range, broad goals with adjustable patterns of procedure. As you reach for your life ' s goals, you must rely more and more on good, sound judgment rather than memory, because our eier changing society con- tinjially brings neic challenges ivhich can best be met by reasoning and making decisions based upon this reasoning. — F. K. McCufchan $6 Owe Pjunapjol. Time, patience, and perseverance can ; aiii i rea lirforics. Our : raduating seniors haie used these attributes to adi anta; e and mm are at the commencement of a different phase of their lives. This neiv phase mil demand many of the same success-giving ingredients that have brought the seniors to this stage in their lives. We hope they have learned much and are as well prepared as possible to carry on to a fruitful, prodncfiie lifetime of service to themselves, their families, and their country. May each of you find your fondest dreams attainable. ■ — John F. Hammel 57 Mr. Kelley, Assisfaiif Principal Rita Herl, High School Secretary Kathy Moor, High School Sccrcfary 58 Miss Sanders and Mrs. Cox, Secretaries of the Superintendent Robert Berkes, treasurer; F. K. McCutchan, superintendent; Paul Strock; R. L. Nedele, secretary; Burdette Hall; D. G. Mason, president. 59 Mr. Kolter and Mr. Fleming, Guidance Ccmnselors; Mrs. Sanxter, Guidance Department Secretary Mrs. Houlton, Librarian; Mr. McCutchan. Superintendent; and Mrs. Mortorff, Assistant to the Librarian 60 Mrs. Riccono, Scbuul Niirs: Mrs. Howell, Speech and Hearing Therapist Dr. Horrail, Psychologist; Mrs. Mortorff, Her Secretary 61 t, " , « fr 4 !( f« Ni Cu Zn Go Ge As S, K. Rh Pd A9 Cd In Mr. Arney, Science Mr. Aver} ' , English, Speech Mr. BarkduU, Comtnerce; Mr. Myers, Mathematics; Mr. Thompson, Latin, Commerce 62 Mr. Berry, Iiuinsfrial Arfs Mr. Bowers, Science 63 Mrs. Boyer, Mafhematics, Engliih Mr. Brayton, English 64 Mrs. Buse, Hoincinaking, Social Studies Mrs. Chokey, English 65 Mrs. Clark, Science Mrs. Cline, English 66 Mr. Prosser, Health, Spanish Mr. Doba, Mathematics Mr. Dygert, Mathematics, Science 67 Mr. Etzler, Diversified Cooperative Ediicafiou, Imluitrial Arts Mr. Fiandt, Social Studies Mrs. Grabill, Girls ' Physical Education 68 Mr. Heicr, Health, hiditstrial Arts Mr. Haughey, Social Stiulics, Psychology Miss Iddings, Coiniiierce 69 Mr. Immel, Art Mrs. McFadden, Study Hall Snpcriisor Mrs. Thalls, Mathematics, English Mrs. Kile, Mathematics 70 Mrs. McKeever, English t ?T Mr. Montgomery, Science 71 Mr. Morin, Social Studies Mr. Nichols, hntrumental Miis Mrs. Rose Owens, English 73 Mrs. Winifred Owens, trench Miss Sieixild, Vocal Music Miss Shultz, English, Joiirnalisi, 74 Air. Sirk, Social Studies Mr. Thalls, Commerce Mrs. Trennepohl, Hoiuciuaking 75 Miss Teegardin, Insfniiucnfal Music Mr. Wearly, huiustrial Arts Mr. Wells, Boys ' Physical Education 76 CUSTODIANS Don Wyait, Carlton Erwin, Lester Shelton, Tom German SAFETY PATROLMAN Harry Sowle BUS DRIVERS Top i-oAv: Don Anstett, Ross Holmaii, Mrs. Naomi Van Meter, Mrs. Janice Nilson, Mrs. Helen i:jinne- meier, Otto Linnemeier, Dale OrcUvav, Ed Reese, Jesse Greenamj-er. Front row: Clifton Nilson, Kenneth German, Carl T aymire, Fore. -•; Johnson, Hollis Fisher, George Coney, Duane Rose. Not pictured: Larry Klink, Charles Libev, Herbert Moore. ( LoAiJlA. Ifcte CLASS OFFICERS Jan Thomas, Treasurer; Jenny Canaday, B7i$ine5s Man- ager; Greg Mason, Pres cle??f; Ron Clouse, Vice-President; Joan Dygert, Secretary; Mr. Thompson, Sponsor. Terry Sue Barnum Michael Wayne Beard James R. Berlien Rosie Lee Blanton WiUiam P. Booth Linda P. Boyer Richard Arlen Boyer Roberta Kay Brady ' WiL wUL d. a. Ama Kay Alleshouse Mark C. A ' .lion lim Anderson Dennis R. Barnes 80 woji} oh. mahsi. onsL, Dennis H. Brandt Elizabeth Anne Brooks Barbara Jane Brown Lynn Dell Budd 81 Ronald Lynn Clouse Michael E. Coggeshall " JJuA. CJOUdlsL hcdtpL Gerald Dean Cope Sandra Grace Counterman 82 Roger Dale Call Dianna Lee Campbell Xancy Sue Campbell Jennifer L. Canaday Bettv Jane Carrick Kathr ' n Jane Chadwick Glenn O. Christen Donald " endle Clark CL phoAanL Mat, f$ Bob Crain Theodore Charles Crain Don L. Crone Steven D. Crooks 83 Dennis Lynn Croy Gary Lee Crum Tony Culver Peggy Joyce Day Vjtiu qjoodl Kathy Lou Fisher Leslie Bruce Fisher Alan L. Flegal Sara Beth Flesal Robert H. Florentine Edwin Douglass Foglesong Gregg P. Goodhew David William Goodwin S4 Joan A. Dygert Richard A. Fee Steve Ferris Cheryl Hope Fisher iwwA wsiqIl, ff 85 Brenda Louise Goudy Larry C. Gray Jon Clair Green Ruth Ann Green " iZ L ipivi. hsuViL Charles E. Heckathorn Roxana Sue Hedglin Michael D. Hensel Cathie Lvnn Herl ijDiL hww hiL hiqhL, James Allen Haddix Linda Jeanette Hancock David S. Halderman Terri Jean Haley John Hart Patricia M. Harter Anne Windsor Hartman Robert J. Hawthorne 87 " £siL JawwhdqsL qhow Joyce Ellen Johnson Rnben Gene T ' linsnn Diana Kay Jones Robert Lyie Kaufman John R. Hiller Mary Jane Hintz Warren David Hoffman Janet Elaine Holman Suzette M. Holtzman Richard Allen Horny Stephen E. Hull Marilyn L. Inman pwm. mohSL Jb moM.. tj Kathleen Elizabeth Kolb Janet Louise Kukutsis Kathryn P. Lanman Keith Edward Lehman 89 Larry Gene Lehman Bobbie Jo Leininger Jack A. Linn Carolyn Ann Locke " dnd. JiJAA hjUTL with. Larry Hal Ma) ' Marilyn Jo McBrid ; John McCorme ' Ronald L. McCormici Joseph L. Meel Phillip Kent Meyer; Melinda Mae Mick, Millicent Louise Mick 90 Harold Raymond Locke Kenneth Maier Phyllis Mason Gregory Rolf Mason CL qlo UOUA. VJUdoAl .. I? 91 Richard Lee Miller Jean Ann Mills Randy Mills Kay A. Alinsccr ' CbL invsJdmsmL in. hwwlsidqsL n Vickie Lee Osborne Nancy Jane Osmun Norman L. Packer Kathryn Lynn Parsell pjcufA. JthiL ba t inijihQ i , J. Bruce Moody John M. Moor Andrew Joseph Moore Hal Edward Mullett Connie Sue Myers Mary Louise Newnam Joan Marie Nichols Stephen J. Norman 93 " Such, pif D.ivid R. Renmer Joseph Michael Rcmcnicky Mika Lynne Resler Ardith Louise Richmond 94 Jerry A. Petre Ted Pollard Rita Anne Prior Dennis W. Radabaugh Dianna Gay Randol Sharon Kay Randol Carl Fee Ransburg William Curtis Rathburn ombHiofL ddul r Barbara A. Riemke Teresa F. Ri elman Steven D. Rinehart Philip A. Rutter 95 Jennifer Joan Ryan Glenda Kay Sams Mimi Anns Schiurin Jo Ann Schlosser " Si uiA.! S miifv! (BaWsL C - Philip Max Smathers i Q. Douglas Smith ; Steven Michael Smith i I Mary Lou Sprinkle ' Catherine Louise Steiner Steven Lynn Terry Judith Ann Thomas ' Jan Dee Thomas 96 Frances Marie Senger Melvin Sheets John D. Shoup Stephany Josephine Slanina V-1-C-T-O-R-Y! fr 97 Marsha Anne Tiffany Jim L. Tritch Yvonne R. Underwood Judith Lynnette Wall " J ' HW JthinqA. cUisl impDAAiblsL 98 Stephen E. Woodworth Jan Wunderlin Mary Beth Zuber to diUqsmoL anxL AkilL, ff Richard L. Warstler Richard K. Wells Steven C. Wheeler Rosalyn Sue Whitcomb Dennis J. Whitlow Nancy Lynne Wilder Mary Marleen Wise James Lewis Wolf 99 dsjdiadsL JthiA- jptaqsL D ouUl djoAAmcdsL, Jd Uvsl In, hsmhiA, ksL Isiausidu b hinjcL 100 S JnLo i, (bbuudti)hij AMA KAY ALLESHOUSE Hornet Staff IV; Pep Club I. II. III. IV; Y-Teens II, III, IV; Style Show I. II. Ill; 4-H seven yrs., .ir. leader four yrs.. vice pres. two yrs., reporter one yr.. treasurer one yr., Kev Staff IV; National Thespian Society IV. MARK C. ALLION Cast of Thespian Musical ill; Dramatics Club Play Stage Crew III; High School Choir II, III, IV; Science Fair I. II. IV; Pep Band I, II, III, IV; National Thes- pian Society III, IV; Marching Band I, II, III. IV; Concert Band I. II. Ill, IV; Boys ' Vocal Quartet II, III, IV; District Solo Ens. Contest I, II. HI. IV; State Solo Ens. Contest I. IV; Football III; Basket- ball I, II; Cross Country I, II, IV; Baseball I, II; 6 Week Summer Science Training Program at W. M. U. Ill; State B. O. V. Contest I. II, III, IV; Hi-Y I, II. Ill, IV, Chaplain IV; Track I. II. III. IV; National Honor Societ.v Navy Science CruiKer Award, Regional Sci- ence Fair Y ' Indiana Science Talent Search A vard IV: Regional Winner in Ford Foundation ' s Future Scientists of America Program I " ' . ROSIE LEE BLANTON Style Show 1, II, III, IV. WILLIAM P. BOOTH Hi-Y II. Ill; Footba.l I. 11. Ill; Wrestling 11; Art Club Secretary IV. LINDA P. BOYER Dramati cs Club Play Stage Crew I, II, III, IV; Junior Classical League I; Three One-act Plays Crew II; Y-Teens 11, III, IV; Golf I; Style Show 1. RICHARD ARLEN BOYER Track I; Football I. II; Basketball I, II; Baseball I, II; Shop Assistant IV. JIM ANDERSON Wrestling III; Metal Shop Assistant IV; Member of the Youtli Council. ROBERTA KAY BRADY Dramatics Club Play Stage Crew I, II. Ill; High School Choir III, IV; F. T. A. I; National Thespian Society I. II. Ill, IV; Pep Club I. II, 111, IV; Y-Teen II, III. IV; Student Council II; Style Show I. II; Homemaking Assistant 111 IV. DENNIS H. BRANDT Junior Classical League II, III: Hi-Y II, III, IV: Wrestling II. Ill; Poem Published IV; Christmas Prom King IV. ELIZABETH ANNE BROOKS Hornet Staff IV; Spanish Club II, III, IV; Essay Published IV. BARBARA JANE BROWN High School Choir HI. IV; National Thespian Society I, II, III, IV; Pep Club I, II, III, IV; Girls ' Glee Club 1; T-Teens II. Ill, IV, Cabinet HI IV: Girls ' Basketball I, II; Girls ' Athletic Association I, II, IV; Spanish Club II; Poem Published IV: Style Show I, II, III, IV: Home- making Assistant IV; Volleyball Chanips IV: Co-ed Correspondent IV. LYNN DELL BUDD DENNIS R. BARNES Boys ' Glee Cluli 1; I: Football III, IV. Junior Classical League I: Track TERRY SUE BARNUM Dramatics Club Play Stage Crew II. Ill; Junior Classical League III. IV; Three One-act Plavs Stage Crew IV; Pep Club I; Y-Teens HI, IV; National Honor Srjciety W. MICHAEL WAYNE BEARD Class Sergeant-at-arms HI, IV; Kev Staff IV; Na- tional Honor Society HI, IV; Hi-T H, III, IV: Track I, 11: Football 1, II, III, IV; Basketball 1; Baseball I, II; Wrestling II, III; 4-H eight yrs.; Photo Club II, III. IV; President of Photo Club IV; Science Assist- ant III. JAMES R. BERLIEN High School Choir II: Hi-Y I, II, III, IV. Program Chairman HI: Track I. II. Ill, IV: Football I, II, III, IV; Basketball I, 11, HI, IV; Baseball I. II. III. IV: Key Staff IV; Hoosier Boys ' State Alternate III. 101 ROGER DALE CALL Bovs ' Glee Club I; State B. O. V. Contest I, II. Ill, IV; Pep " Band I. II; Marching Band I, II. Ill, IV; Concert Band I, II, III, IV; District S ' ..lo lOns. Contest I, II, III, IV; State Solo Ens. Contest I, II, III. IV; Hi-Y I, II, III, I ' ; Basketball I; Cross Country II, III, IV; Base- ball 1, II, III, IV; Wrestling II, Spanish Club III, IV; Vice-President IV: Basketball Mgr. Ill, I ; Cornet Quartet I, II. Ill, IV; Brass Se; tet I, II, III, IV; Track I, II, III, I . DIANNA LEE CAMPBELL Dramatics Club Plav I, II, ;il; Dramatics Club Play Stage Crew I, II, III; Science Fair I; F. T. A. I, II, III, IV; Kev Staff IV; Three One-act Plays Stage Crew I; .lunior Classical League I; Three One-act Play Cast I, II; Pep Club I; Cheerleader I; Y-Teens II, III, IV; Girls ' Gymnastics I, IV; Spanish Club III, IV ' ; Style Show II; Exploratory Teaching IV; Student Director Thespian Play III; Baseball Queen Fall Festival IV. NANCY SUE CAMPBELL Dramatics Club Play Stage Crew 1, II; F. T. A. I, II; Hornet Staff IV; Junior Classical League I. II. Ill; Kev Staff IV; National Honor Society III, l ' ; National Thespian Society II, III, IV; Pep Club I, II, III. IV; Y ' -Teens II. Ill, IV; Girls ' Athletic Association I; Spanish Club III, IV: Style Show I, II: Hoosier Girls ' State Alternate III. JENNIFER L. CANADAY Class Business Manager I ' ; Stage Crew of Thespian Musical IV; Dramatics Club Play Stage Crew I, II; Kev Staff IV; National Thespian Society IV : Pep Club II. Ill; Y ' -Teens II. III. IV; Diversified Co-operati . ' e Education IV. Reporter IV; Si. le Show II. Ill; Girls ' Intramural Basketball II; Attended New Castle High School. I; Tri-Hi-Y I: Office ' ' , ' orker I. GLENN O. CHRISTEN High School Choir II; Marching Band I, II; Concert Band III; Diversified Co-operative Education IV. DONALD WENDLE CLARK RONALD LYNN CLOUSE Class Vice President IV; Track I. II, III; Cross Country II, III, IV; " O restling HI, IV; Chairman of Senior Float IV; P. E. Assistant IV; Attended New Haven High School I; Holds Three School Records for Cross Countrj ' . MICHAEL E. COGGESHALL Wiestling II; Spanish Clulj III, IV; Metal Shop Assis- tant IV; National Honor Society IV. GERALD DEAN COPE Track I. SANDRA GRACE COUNTERMAN stage Crew of Thespian Musical III. IV: Dramatics Club Plav Stage Crew I. II. Ill, IV; Junior Classical League I, II, III, IV; Three One-act Plays Stage Crew I, II, III; National Thespian Society III, IV: Pep Club I, II, II, IV; Girls ' Glee Club 1, II; Y-Teens II, III, IV; Girls ' Athletic Association I, II, III; Spanish Club II, TIf, IV. BETTY JANE CARRICK Dramatics Club Play I, III; Dramatics Clul Play Stage Crew I, II, III: Junior Classical League I; Key Staff IV; National Thespian Societv II, III, IV; Pep Club II, III, IV; District Solo Ens. Contest I, II; Y ' -Teens II, III, IV; Girls ' Athletic Association II, III; Spanish Club III, IV: Mixed Vocal Ensemble I, II; Health Room Assistant IV ' ; Intramural Basketball III. BOB GRAIN Cast of Thespian Musical III. IV; High School Choir II, III, IV: State B. O. Y. Contest I. II, III. IV; National Thespian Society IV; Concert Band I, II; Boys " Vocal Trio II, HI, IV; Hi-Y ' II, III, IV, Vice-President IV; Golf II, Track I, III, IV; Cross Country III, IV; V ' restling III; Student Council III, IV; Spanish Club II, III. IV, President IV; National Honor Society IV. 1 ■ 1 y ..- ■. iiSIP ' ' " ' ' M ii B ■ i... % v 4 ■ i 1 » .. ■ K Tft - " - ' ' , ivso KATHRYN JANE CHADWICK state B. O. V Contest I. II. Ill, IV; F. T. A. II. III. IV; National Honor Society III. IV; Three One-act Play Cast I: D. A. R. Good Citizen IV; National Thes- pian Society III, IV; Pep Club I. II, IV: Marching Band I, II, III, IV; Concert Band I, II, III, IV; Orchestra I, II, III, IV: District Solo Ens. Contest 1, II, III, IV; State Solo Ens. Contest I, II, III, IV Y ' -Teens II, III, IV; Girls ' Basketball II, HI, IV; Girls ' Athletic Association I, II, III, IV; Mathematics Con- test TI, IV ; E. ploratory Teaching IV; Y ' -Teen Cabinet III, G. A. A. Secretary IV: Student Librarian III: Intramural V ' olleyball Champs IV: Intramural Basket- ball Team Winner IV; All State Band IV; Pep Band II. III. IV; Junior Classical League I. II. Ill, .IV: Key Staff W Assistant Editor. THEODORE CHARLES GRAIN Marching Band III. IV; Concert Band III, IV: Essay Published iV; Wrestling III, IV. DON L. CRONE stage Crew of Thespian Musical IV; Dramatics Club Plav " l. 11. IV; l ramatics Club Play Stage Crew 1, II: Three One-act Plays Stage Crew II: Three One-act Play Cast I; National Thespian Society I, II, III, IV, Sergeant-at-arms III, President IV; Wrestling III. STEVEN D. CROOKS Class Sergeant-at-arms I. II. Ill; Science Fair I; Hi-Y I, II, III, IV; Basketball I; Wrestling II, III; Baseball Student Manager I, II, III, IV; Football I, II, III, IV. DENNIS LYNN CROY Marching Band II; Basketball I; Gymnastics I; Student IManager I: Shop Assistant III, IV. GARY LEE CRUM Class Sergeant-at-arms IV; Cast of Thespian Musical III; Dramatics Club Plav Stage Crew IV; National Thespian Society IV; Hi-T I, II, III, IV; Track II, Mgr. IV; Football I, III. IV; Basketball II; Cross Country II; Basketball Student Mgr. IV; Football Student Manager III, IV. TONY CULVER stage Crew of Thespian Musical III: Dramatics Club Play Stage Crew III, l Dramatics Club Play III, IV; Hornet Editor IV; Junior Classical League I ' Three One-act Plavs Stage Crew III; National Thespian Society III, IV; Hi-Y I, II, III. IV; Football I: State Hi-Y ' " Representative for District IV; State Hi-Y Camp IV; Hi-Y ' State Youth and Government Program III, IV; Hi-Y ' Program Chairman IV. 102 PEGGY JOYCE DAY stage Crew of Thespian Musical IV: Hornet Staff III; Science Fair I; Tliree One-act Plays Stage Crew 11, III; National Thespian Society I, II, III, IV; Pep Club I, IV; Y-Teens II, III, IV; Girls ' Athletic Association IV; Style Show I, III, III; Phys. Ed. Assistant III. JOAN A. DYGERT Class Secretary II, HI, IV; Class Treasurer II, III: Cast of Tliespian Musical IV; Dramatics Club Play Stage Crew I, II, III; High School Choir II, III, IV; Key Staff IV; Three One-act Plays Stage Crew II; National Thespian Society II, III, IV; Pep Clvib I, II, III, IV: Homecoming Queen IV; Girls ' Glee Club I; Girls ' Barbershop Quartet II, III, IV; District Solo Ens. Contest II, III, IV; State Solo Ens. Contest III, IV; Y-Teens II, HI, IV; Student Council I: Girls ' Athletic Association I, II, III, IV; Intramural Basket- ball Team Winner IV. RICHARD A. FEE Cast of Thespian Musical III, IV: Dramatics Club Play III, IV; Dramatics Club Play Stage Crew III; High School Choir II, HI, IV; Boys ' Glee Club I; State B. O. V. Contest I, II, III, IV; Science Fair I; Pep Band I, II, III, IV: National Thespian Society II, HI, IV: Marching Band I, II, III, IV; Concert Band I, II, III, IV; District Solo Ens. Contest I, II, III: State Solo Ens. Contest 11; Hi-Y ' I, II, III, IV; Golf 11, III, IV: Track I; Football I, H, III; Wrestling III; Student Manager II: Spanisli Club IV; Essay Published IV. STEVE FERRIS High School Choir II, HI, IV: District Solo Ens. Contest I, II: Golf I: Track I; Football I; Wrestling I. CHERYL HOPE FISHER Ciass Business Manager III; High School Choir HI, IV; State B. O. V. Contest III, IV: Junior Classical League I, II, III, IV: Pep Club H, III, IV: Girls ' Glee Club I, II: Y-Teens II, III, IV: (Jirls ' Athletic Associa- tion I, H: .Spanish Club III, IV. DAVID WILLIAM GOODWIN Class Business Manager III; Boys ' Glee Club 1, II: Pep Band I, II, IV: Marching Band H, III, IV: Con- cer Band II, III, IV: Hi-Y I, II. Ill, IV; Football Mgr, I. II III, IV: H-Y Pre-Legislative Conference III, IV Birch Bayh Seminar on Governmental Affairs IV Smith Walbrige Band Camp II, III; Chairman of Hi-Y School Service and Constitutional Amendments IV. BRENDA LOUISE GOUDY State B. O. V. Contest I, II, III, IV: Junior Classical League I, II, III, I ' ; Pep Club I, II, HI, IV: Marching Band I, II, HI, IV: Concert Band I, II, III, IV; Dis- trict Solo Ens, Contest 1; Y-Teens II, HI, IV; Twirler I, II. Ill, IV. LARRY C. GRAY Gymnastics I, IV: Audio Visual Assistant HI, IV. KATHY LOU FISHER High School Choir II, III, IV; State B. O. V. Contest II, HI, IV; F. T. A. HI, IV; Junior Classical League I, II, HI, IV; Y ' -Teens II, HI, IV; Girls ' Athletic Association II, HI: Spanish Club II, III, IV. JON CLAIR GREEN High School Choir I; Projectionist III, IV; Library Assistant HI. LESLIE BRUCE FISHER High School Choir II, III, IV; State B. O. V. Contest II, HI, IV; Pep Band III, IV; Marching Band II, III, IV: Concert Band II, III. IV; Bovs ' Vocal Trio II, HI, IV; District Solo Ens. Contest I, II, III, IV, Track I, II, HI. RUTH ANN GREEN Dramatics Club Play Stage Crew I: Key Staff IV; National Thespian Society I, II, HI, IV; Pep Club I, II, III; District Solo Ens. Contest I: Y-Teens II, III IV; Girls ' Athletic Association I, II: Diversified Co-Operative Education IV, Vice-President IV: P. E. Assistant III. ALAN L. FLEGAL JAMES ALLEN HADDIX Golf I. SARA BETH FLEGAL Pep Club I, II, HI, IV; Girls ' Glee Club I, II. DAVID S. HALDERMAN ROBERT H. FLORENTINE EDWIN DOUGLASS FOGLESONG Three One-act Plavs Stage Crew I, II, III; National Thespian Society I, II, HI. IV; Basketball I: Football I. TERRI JEAN HALEY Cast of Thespian Musical IV; Dramatics Club Play Stage Crew 11, III, IV: High School Choir HI, IV: State B. O. V. Contest HI. IV: Junior Classical League I, II, III: National Thespian Society H, HI, IV: Pep Club T, II, III, V; Marching Band II, HI, IV; Y-Teens II, HI, IV: Girls ' Basketball HI: Spanish Club III, IV: Poem Published IV; Style Show I, II; Twirler I, II, III, IV. GREGG P. GOODHEW Pep Band III; Hornet Staff III; Marching Band I, H, HI, IV; State Solo Ens. Contest I, II, HI, IV; Track I, II: Football II: Basketball I, II: Baseball I, II. HI, IV: Cornet Quartet I, II, III, IV; Concert Band 1. H, HI, IV: District Solo Ens. Contest I, II, III, IV. LINDA JEANETTE HANCOCK Pep Clul I, II. HI. IV: Y-Teens II, HI. IV; Girls ' .athletic Association I, H; Style Show I, 11. Ill, IV; P. E. Assistant III. 103 JOHN HART Marching Band I: Football I, III; District Solo Ens. Contest I; Spanish Club III, IV. PATRICIA M. HARTER Pep Club I, II. III. IV: Style Show I. II. III. ANNE WINDSOR HARTMAN Dramatics Club Plav II; Dramatics Club Play Stage Crew I. II, III; High School Choir II. Ill, IV; State B. 0. V. Contest I. II, III. IV; F.T.A. I. II, III, IV; Hornet Staff Assistant Editor IV; Three One-act Plays Stage Crew II; Three One-act Play Cast I; Pep Club I; March- ing Band II, III, IV; Concert Band II, III, IV; Girls ' Glee Club I; Orchestra I; District Solo Ens. Contest 1, II. Ill, IV; Di Immortales Staff I; Cheerleader I, II, HI, IV; Hoosier Girls ' State Alternate III; Y-Teens II, III, IV; Girl ' s Athletic Association I, II, HI; Prom Chairman III; Current Events Assembly IV; Thespians II. Ill, IV; F.T.A. District Conference IV; Miss Gymnas- tics IV; Current Events Contest IV; Cheerleaders Camp I, II; Cheerleaders ' Clinic II, 111, IV; Girls ' Barbershop Quartet I; National Honor Society IV. MARY JANE HINTZ Dramatics Club Plav III; Dramatics Club Play Stage Crew I, II, IV; Science Fair I; F.T.A. I, II, IH; Three One-act Plavs Stage Crew- I; National Thespian Society II; Pep Club I, II, III, IV; Marching Band I, II, III, IV (Twirler); District Solo Ens. Contest I. II; Y-Teens II, III, IV; Girls ' Athletic Association I, II, III; Span- ish Club III. WARREN DAVID HOFFMAN Hi-Y I, 11, III; Shop Assistant Two Years; Basket- ball I, II; Baseball I, II. JANET ELAINE HOLMAN Pep Club I, II, 111, IV; Y " -Teens IV. SUZETTE M. HOLTZMAN Cast of Tliespian Musical III, IV; Dramatics Club Play I, II, IV; Dramatics Club Play Stage Crew III; High School Choir II, HI, IV; State B.O.V. Contest II, III, IV; F.T.A. I, II, HI, IV, Historian III; Juni or Classical League I; Three One-act Play Cast H; D.A.R. Good Citizen Hunner-up IV; National Thespian Society II, III, IV; Pep Club I, II, HI, IV; Girls ' Glee Club I; Girls ' Barbershop Quartet I, II, HI, IV; District Solo Ens. Contest I. II, III, IV; State Solo Ens. Contest HI. IV; Y-Teens II. HI. IV, Vice-President IH. President IV: Girls ' Basketball HI, IV: Student Council HI: Girls ' Athletic Association III, IV; Exploratory Teaching IV ' ; Intramural Basketball Team " Winner IV; Intramural Volle balI Champs IV. RICHARD ALLEN HORNY Hornet Staff IV; Junior Classical League II, III, IV, Consul HI; Hi-Y ' III; Basketball II,III,IV: Cross Coun- try II, III, IV: Baseball III, IV; Spanish Club HI, IV; Thespian Musical III. STEPHEN E. HULL Track 111. IV Basketball HI. Cross Country III; Intran;iural MARILYN L. INMAN I ' .T.A. [, II; Hornet Staff IV; Junior Classical League I, II, III, l ' ; Pep Club I, H, HI; Girls ' Glee Club I: Y-Teens H, HI, IV: Girls ' Athletic Association I, II, HI; Style Show I; Girls ' Basketball Team II. ROBERT J. HAWTHORNE Cast of Thespian Musical HI, IV; Stage Crew of Thes- pian Musical III, IV: High School Choir II, HI. IV; Science Fair H; Junior Classical League II, IH, IV: National Thespian Societv III, IV: Boys ' Vocal Trio II, III, IV; Hi-Y II, III, IV; Essay Published IV. CHARLES E. HECKATHORN ROXANA SUE HEDGLIN Pep Club I, II, IV; Y-Teens IV; III, IV: Hoosier Girls ' State Alternate Poem Published IV; Style Show I. MICHAEL D. HENSEL High School Choir III. IV: Science Fair I. 11: Key taft IV; Hi-Y II, III. IV; Photo Club I. II. II, IV. CATHIE LYNN HERE Stage Crew of Thespian Musical HI: Dramatics Club Plav Stage Crew I, II, III, IV; Hornet Staff IV: Key Staff IV: National Thespian Society I, II, HI, IV: Pep Club I, II, HI, IV; Y ' -Teens II, III, IV; Girls ' Athletic Association I, II; Poem Published IV; Style Show I, II; Health Room Assistant HI, IV. JOHN R. HILLER Dramatics Club Stage Crew III, IV; Science Fair II: Pep Band IV; Junior Classical League II, IH: Three One-act Plavs Stage Crew III: JMarching Band I, II, HI, iV; Concert Band I. 11. III. IV: Basketball I, II, III; Cross Country II, IV: Student Council I. JOYCE ELLEN JOHNSON Thespian Musical HI, IV; High School Choir II, III, IV: State B.O.V. Contest II, III, IV: Science Fair II; F.T.A. IV: National Honor Societv HI, IV: Psi Iota Xi Music Scholarship HI; One-act Play Cast IV; Pep Club II, III, IV; Girls ' Glee Club I; District Solo Ens. Contest I. II, III; State Solo Ens. Contest II, HI; Hoosier Girls ' State HI; I ' -Teens II, HI, IV: Song- leader III, Chaplain IV; Girls ' Athletic Association II, HI. IV, V ' ice President HI; Mixed Vocal Ensemble IV; Style Show Narrator III; Folk Trio II, III: Teachers of Tomorrow: 4-H President II, III; National Thespian Society HI, IV. ROBERT GENE JOHNSON Di ' ersified Co-operative Education I ' : 4-H Nine Y ' ears; Metal Shop Assistant IV; Projectionist II. Ill, IV; Li- brary Assistant 11, HI. DIANA KAY JONES Stage Crew of Thespian Musical II: High School Choir II: Science I ' air I. II; Hornet Staff III. IV: Key Staff IV: Pep Club I, II; Girls ' Glee Club II; Y ' -Teens III, IV; Style Show I, II, III; Physical Ed. Assistant HI, IV; Attended Mississinewa High School I, II. ROBERT LYLE KAUFMAN Bovs ' Glee Club I: State B.O. ' . Contest I, H, IH, IV; Pep Band II, III. IV; Marching Band I. H. HI, IV; Con- cert Band 1. II, IH, IV; District Solo Ens. Contest I, II, HI, IV: State Solo Ens. Contest II, HI, IV; Hi-Y ' IV; Baseball II, HI, IV: Wrestling HI, IV; Student Manager I, III, IV: Mathematics Contest I: Spanish Club HI, IV; Cornet Quartet II, HI, IV; Band Assistant II, IV. 104 KATHLEEN ELIZABETH KOLB stage Crew of Thespian Musical IV; luaniatirs Club Plav Stage Crew I, II. Ill, IV; Pep Band II. Ill; State B. O.V ' . Contest I, II, III, IV; F.T.A. I, 11. Ill IV. I ' vea. IV; Hornet Staff Kditor IV; .lunior Clas.sital League 1. II. Ill, Key Staff Associate Editor IV; Pep CUib I, II, IV; Marching Band I, II. Ill, IV; Concert Band I, II, III, IV; District Solo Ensemble Contest I, II III, IV: Y-Teens II. Ill, IV, Social Chaii-man 1 V ; c.irls ' Athletic Association I, 11, III, Secretar.v II. Ill: Span- ish Club II. III. IV. Secretary II. III. Treasurer IV; Essay Published IV: Jr.-Sr. Prom Committee Chair. Ill; ' Girls ' Glee Club I; Thespian IV; F.T.A. District Conference IV. JANET LOUISE KUKUTSIS Blue Triangle I. 11; G.A.A. II; High School Clmir III: Hornet Staff III. IV: Y-Teens III. IV; Style Slc.w 1 ' : Attended Garrett High School I, II. KATHRYN P. LANMAN Pep Club J ; Hoosier Girls ' State III: Y-Teens III, IV; Spanish Club IV. KEITH EDWARD LEHMAN F.F.A. I. II. Ill; Track I. Attendeil ijidumbia City High School I. II. III. HAROLD RAYMOND LOCKE Diyersified Co-operative Education IV: F.F.A. I. II; 4-H Nine Years. Attended Orland High School I, II. KENNETH MAIER GREGORY ROLF MASON Class President IV; Boys ' Glee Club I: Pep Band I; Junior Classical Ijeague III; National Honor Society III. IV: Marchi ng Band I: Concert Band I; Golf I, II, III. IV; Mathematics Contest II, IV: Latin Contest 1; Ball State Assembly IV: Rotary Spepch Contest III: High School Honors Science Program at M.S.U. Ill; Hi-y I. II, ITT, rv; Class Salutatorian. PHYLLIS MASON Key Staff TV: Style Show I. II. HI. LARRY HAL MAY Thespian Musical IV : Junior Classical League III: National Thespian Society IV; Hoosier Boys ' State III: Hi-Y " I; Football I, II, III, IV: Basketball I, II; Base- ball I, 11, III, IV: Student Manager Basketball HI: in- tramurals Basketball III, IV: Intramurals Volleyball III. LARRY GENE LEHMAN stage Crew of Thespian Musical III: Three One-act Plavs Stage Crew III: National Thespian Society III, IV: Marching Band I. II: District Solo Ens. Contest I. II: State Solo Ens. Contest I, II: Hi-T I, II; Gym- nastics II: Shop A.ssistant III, IV. BOBBIE JO LEININGER Hornet Staff III; Junior Classical l..eague I; I ' ej) Club I. II, III: Y-Teens II, III, IV: Basketball Intramurals II, III; Girls ' Gymnastics III, IV, President TV; Girls ' Athletic Association I, II: Spanish Club III; Essay Published IV; P. E. Assistant II. III. MARILYN JO McBRIDE JACK A. LINN Stage Crew of Thespian Musical III; Dramatics Club Play Stage Crew II; Dramatics Club Play II: F.T.A. IV; Kev Staff Editor-in-Chief IV: National Honor So- ciety III. l : Hi-Y I, II, TIT, IV, Publicity Chairman IV; Student Council Secretary of Publicity I: Spanish Club IT III. IV. President II. Fiesta Chairman IV; Art Club I: Hornet Staff Feature editor I. Editor-in-Chief II, asso- ciate editor III; editor and business manager IV; Home- room President I. Attended Glenridge Jr. High School, ■UMnter Park, Florida I. CAROLYN ANN LOCKE style Show III. Attended Orland High School I, II. Thespian Musical III. IV; High School Choir II, III, IV: State B.O.V. Contest I, IT, III. IV: Pep Band I, II, III, IV; F.T.A. I, II. Ill, IV: Hornet Staff IV: Junior Classical League I, II. III. IV: Key Staff IV; National Honor Society III, IV: Psi Iota Xi Music Scholarship IV; National Thespian Society I, II, III, IV: Manchester College String Festival IT, III, IV: Thespian Play Stage Crew I, II: Intramural Basketball Team " inners IV: F.T.A. Convention IV: Student Librarian III. IV; All State Band IV: Pep Club I. IT. III. IV; Marching Band I. IT, III. IV: Concert Band I, II. III. IV; Girls ' Glee Club I: Girls ' Barbershop quartet T. II. III. IV: Orches- tra I. II. III. IV: District Solo Ens. Contest I, II, III. IV; State Solo Ens. Contest I. II. Ill, IV; Dl Im- mortales Staff II; Cheerleader I: Y ' -Teens II, III, IV: Girls ' Basketball II, III, IV; Girls ' Athletic Association I, II, III, IV: Essay Published IV: Sax Sextet III, IV: Volleyball Champs IV; Y ' -Teen Song Leader IV: Smith- Walbridge Cheerleading Champ I: Smith-Walbridge Band Camp I. II. HI: Miss Basketball IV; Band Assis- tant II. IV. JOHN McCONNELL Track II. Ill: Cross Country IV. RONALD L. McCORMICK Diversified Co-operative Education IV; D.C.E. IV. President of JOSEPH L. MEEK Marching Band II. III. IV: Concert Band IT. TIT. TV; Wrestling IT, III. IV; Spanish Club III. TV; District Solo Ens. Contest I. PHILLIP KENT MEYERS Class President I. II. Ill; State B.O.V. Contest I. 11. III. IV: High School Choir II. Ill, IV; Science Fair I: Pep Band I, IT, HI, IV: Junior Classical League III: National Honor Society TIT, IV: Orchestra I; All State Band HI; Marching Band I: Concert Band I, II, III, IV; Bovs ' Barber Shop (luartet II, III, IV; District Solo Ens. Contest I, IT, III. IV; State Solo Ens. Contest I. IT. TV: Hoosier Bovs ' State III: Hi-Y I. IT. ITT. TV: Track I, 11: Football I. II. III. IV; Basketball I; Baseball I. II. TV; Wrestling I. IT: Student Council IV; Student Manager TIT. IV: Essay Published IV; Student Body Pres- ident TV: Hi-Y Vice-President ITT; State Hi-Y Vice-Presi- dent HI; State Hi-Y President IV: National Hi-Y Chap- lain IV: " Outstanding Citizen " nt Hoosier Boys ' State III: Hi-Y Model I egislature III; Pli-Y Pre-Legislature III, IV: Boys ' Nation III: Youth Senate Candidate IV: Boys ' Intramural Basketball Champions IV; Delegate World Youth Conference IV. 105 MELINDA MAE MICK stage Crew Thespian Musical III, IV; Dramatics Club Play Stage Crew I, II. Ill; State B.O.V. Contest I, II, III, IV: Science Research Team I; F.T.A. I, II, III, IV; Junior Classical League I, II, III; National Honor Society III, IV; Three One-act Plav Cast I, II; National Thespian Society II, III, IV; Concert Band II, III, 1 : Girls ' Glee Club I; Orchestra I, III, IV; District Solo Ens. Contest I, II; Cheerleader I, II, IV; Hoosier Girls ' State III: Y-Teens II, III, IV; Gymnastics IV; Girls ' Athletic Association I, II, III: Essay Published IV: Style Show IV: Key Staff Committee Chairman IV: Cheerleader Camp I, II; 4-I-I Seyen Years; Vice Driexiot (.Committee M ' oman at Hoosier Girls ' State HI; Pep Club III: Marching Band II, III, IV. MILLICENT LOUISE MICK stage Crew Tliespian Musical IV; Dramatics Club Play Stage Crew I. II. IV; State B.O.V. Contest I, II, III. IV; Science Research Team I; F.T.A. I, II. III. IV; Junior Classical League I, II, III; Key Staff Business Manager IV; National Honor Society HI, IV; Three One- act Plays Stage Crew II: Three One-act Play Cast I: National Thespian Society II, III, IV; Pep Club Vice Presi ' ient III; Marching Band II, III, TV: Concert Band II, III, IV; Girls ' Glee Club I: Orchestra III, IV: District Solo Ens. Contest I, 11, III; Clieerleader I, II, IV: Hoosier Girls ' State III; Y-Teens II, HI, IV: Gym- nastics IV: Student Council I, II, III, IV; Secretary Treasurer II, IV: Girls ' Athletic Association I, II. Ill; Latin Contest I: Style Show IV: 4-H Club Seyen Years; Cheerleading Camp I, II. RICHARD LEE MILLER Di " ersified Co- ' iperati ' e Education IV; Third ' ice President of D.C.E. IV. JEAN ANN MILLS Pep Club I. II, III, IV: Three One-act Plavs Stage Crew I; Y ' -Teens II, III, IV: Girls ' Athletic Association I, II, Spanish Club I; Style Show I, II, HI, IV. JOAN MARIE NICHOLS Dramatics Club Play III; Dramatics Club Play Stage Crew I: F.T.A. II, HI, IV; National Thespian Society I, II, III, IV; Pep Club III; Y-Teens II, HI, IV; Style Show 1, II, IV. STEPHEN J. NORMAN .stage Crew of Tliespian Musical HI, IV; Dramatics Club Play HI; Dramatics Club Play Crew HI, IV; Science Fair I: Key Staff IV: Three One-act Play Stage Crew III; Three One-act Play Cast HI; National Thes- pian Society III, IV; Hi-Y II, III, IV: Spanish Club HI, IV: Essay Published IV: Photography Club I. VICKIE LEE OSBORNE Key Staff IV; Pep Club I, II, III; Marching Band, I, II, HI, IV: Cheerleader I; Y " -Teens I. II. HI. IV; Gym- nastics I; Student Council IV: Diversified Co-operative Education IV; Treasurer of D.C.E. IV; Majorette Featur- ed Twirler I. II, HI, IV. Future Nurses of America II, HI. Attended Clarksville High School I. Shortridge High School 11. i;ichmond Senior Higli HI. NANCY JANE OSMUN lloiiut staff I ' : Pep Clulj IV; Y-Teens IV; Girls ' Ath- letic Association I, II, III, IV; Student Council I, III: G.A.A. President II, III: Band I, II, III, Marching and Concert: (Thio Girls ' State Alternate HI; Spoondrift Newspaper Staff HI: Y ' ell Club I, II, III: Intramurals I, II, III, TV; Future Business Leaders of America III; F.H.A. Ill: One-Act Play III; Junior Class Play III; Junior-Senior waitress II; Prom Committee III: In- tramural Basketball Team ' inner IV: Volleyball Champs IV; Attended Hicksville High School I, II, IIL NORMAN L. PACKER RANDY MILLS Football I. II. KAY A. MINSTER .Stage Crew r.f Thespian Musical I; .Science I air I: National Thespian Society I. II. Ill, IV; Pep Club I, II. HI. IV; District Solo Ens. Contest I; Y-Teens II. III. IV: Style Show I, II, HI, IV: Home Ec. Assis- tant IV: Band I, II. J. BRUCE MOODY Class Assistant Business Manager III; Bo -s ' Glee Club I: National Honor Society III, IV; Hoosier Boys ' State III; Track I, II, HI. IV; Basketliall I, II, HI, IV; Cross Country II, III, IV; Summer Course M.S.U. JOHN M. MOOR Boys ' Glee Clul) I: Junior Classical League I; Foot- ball II; Basketball I: Baseball I: Spanish Club I. ANDREW JOSEPH MOORE Hornet Staff IV. Key Staff IV; Track II: Football I, II. AVrestling II; Essav Pulilished I: Poems Pulilished I, II. KATHRYN LYNN PARSELL HAL EDWARD MULLETT Industrial arts assistant I ' . CONNIE SUE MYERS Style Show I, II, HI, IV. MARY LOUISE NEWNAM Dramatics Club Play Stage Crew I, II, HI; F.T.A. I, II. IV; Hornet Staff IV; National Thespian Society II, III, IV; Pep Club I, II, HI, IV; Y ' -Teens IT, III, ' IV; Girls ' Basketball Team II; Girls ' Athletic Association I. II: Spanish Club HI; Art Club Coordinator IV; Stvle Show I. II; Key Staff, art Editor IV. Cast of Thespian Musical IV; Dramatics Club Play Stage Crew II: High School Choir IT, III, IV: State B.O.V. Contest I, II, HI, TV: Science Research Team I: Junior Classical League I, IT, III, IV; Hornet Staff III; F.T.A. I, II, HI, IV; National Honor Society III, IV, Secretary-Treasurer IV: Pep Club I, II, III, IV; Mari-hing Band I, II, III, IV; Concert Band I, II, III, IV: Girls ' Glee Club T, Accompanist: Orchestra I II, III. IV; District Solo Ens. Contest I, TI. Ill, IV; Accompanist IV; State Solo Ens. Contest I, II, HI, IV; Hoosier Girls ' state Alternate III: Y ' -Teens II, ITT, I ' : A ' ice-President IV: Girls ' Athletic Association I, II, III: Essay Published IV: Exploratory Teaching IV: Band Assistant IV: Three One-Act Plays Stage Crew 1; Psi lota Xi Music Scholarship HI. JERRY A. PETRE 106 TED POLLARD Diversified Co-operative Education W: D.C.K. president IV. RITA ANNE PRIOR Hornet Staff III, I ' II, III, IV. Y-Teens TI. Ill, IV; .Style Show I, DENNIS W. RADABAUGH Hi-Y I; Football I, II: Baseball I; Wrestling ' I, II; Christmas Play I; Phys Ed. Showing I. Attendeil Elm- hurst High School I. DIANNA GAY RANDOL stage Crew of Thespian Musical IV: Dramatics Club Play Stage Crew I. II, III. IV; Key Staff IV; Three One- act " Plays Stage Crew III: National Tliespian Society III. IV; Pep Club I, II, III, IV: Y-Teens II. III. I ' ; Girls ' Athletic Association I, II: Essay Published II; Poems Published IV; President Diyersified Co-opera- tive Education IV; Style Show I: Basketball Intramurals I, II; A-olleyliall I, II, III. SHARON KAY RANDOL Cast of Thespian Musical III; Dramtics Club Play Stage Crew III; Hornet Staff IV; Three One-act Plays Stage Crew II, III; National Thespian Society IV; Pep Club I, II, III, IV; Marching Band I; T-Teen.s II, III, IV: Girls ' Basketball II: Style Show I, II. CARL FEE RANSBURG Dramatics Club Play IV: State B.O.V. Contest II, III, IV; High School Choir II, III, IV: Boys ' Glee Club I: Science Fair I; Key Staff IV; National Honor So- ciety III, IV: Marching Band I. II: Concert Band I, II, III, IV: Boys ' Vocal Quartet II, III, IV; District Solo Ens. Contest I, II; State Solo Ens. Contest I; Hi-Y ' I, II, III, IV: Track I, II; Football I, II, III IV: Basketball I, II, III, IV; Baseball I. II, III, IV; Student Council I, II: Spanish Club III, IV; Key Staff Boys ' Sports Chair- man, IV. ARDITH LOUISE RICHMOND State B.O.V. Contest I: District Solo Ens. Contest I, II; State Solo Ens. Contest I, II. Ill: Y ' -Teens II III, IV: Style Show I, II, III, IV: Phys. Ed. Assistant III, Library Assistant III. BARBARA A. RIEMKE Hornet Staff III; II. III. Y " -Teens II, III, IV: Style Show I, WILLIAM CURTIS RATHBURN Class Sergeant-at-arms II, III: Thespian Musical IV: High School Choir II, III, IV: State B.O.V. Contest II, III, IV; F.T.A. IV; National Thespian Society IV; Bovs ' Vocal Quartet II, III, IV; Hi- ' II, III, IV; Track I, II. Student Council III, IV: Spanish Club III, IV: Explora- tory Teaching IV. Football I, II, III, IV: Flasketball I. II, HI, IV: Baseball I, II, III, IV. TERESA F. RIGELMAN Three One-act Play Cast IV; National Thespian So- ciety IV: Pep Club I, II, IV; Y ' -Teens II, III, IV: Stvle Show I, II, III, IV: Vocal I, II; Office Assistant IV; Band I II. DAVID B. REAMER Dramatics Club Plays II, III: Dramatics Club Stage Crew II, III, IV: Key Staff IV; National Thespian So- ciety II, III, IV: Golf I: Wrestling II, 111: Spanish Club II, III, IV: Art Club IV; Treasurer of Spanish Club II; Chairman of Key Cover Design Committee IV: Publi- city ' Chairman for Spanish Fiesta. JOSEPH MICHAEL REMENICKY National Honor Societv III. IV; Bovs ' State South Dakota 111: Football III, IV: Baseball tV: Mathematics Contest II, III; Student Council I: Basketball I: W ' est River Industrial Arts Fair III; Math Club I, II. Ill: Scholastic Team II. III. Attended Whitehall-Yearling High School, Columbus, Ohio. I: Douglas High School. Rapid City, South Dokota I, II. III. MIKA LYNNE RESLER Hornet Staff IV: Key Staff IV; National Thespian So- ciety II, III, IV; Pep Club I, II; Y ' -Teens II, III, IV: Girls ' Athletic Association II: Spanish Club II; Art Club and Art Co-ordinator IV; Art Assistant III, IV: Operation Brain Power I: Student Director Thespian Musical " Fanny " IV: Page Indiana House of Representatives, Page Indiana Senate. STEVEN D. RINEHART Boys ' Glee Club I; Track I; Football II; Basketball I, H, III, IV; Cross Country III. IV: Spanish Club IV: Essay Published IV: NEIC All Star Basketball Team III: Intramural referee III. PHILIP A. RUTTER Thespian Musical HI; High School Choir III, IV: State B.O.V. contest I, II. Ill, IV: Science Fair II; Pep Band III, IV: Merit Award IV; National Honor Societv III, IV; Marching Band II. III. IV; Concert Band I, II, III, IV; District Solo Ens. Contest III. IV: Mathe- niatics Contest I: Mixed Vocal Ensemble IV: Spanish Lab assistant HI: Xu-e President National Honor So- ciety lY ' : Ball State American Assembly IV: Cur- rent Events Assembl - JV: National Science Foun- dation Summer Science Training Program, Nevada II: Rotary Speech Contest IV; Saxophone Sextet III, IV; Saxophone Quartet IV: Director Thespian Skit I ' . JENNIFER JOAN RYAN Kev Staff IV: National Thespian Societv I, II, III, IV; Pep Club IT. III. IV: Y ' -Teens II. Ill, IV; Spanish Club I: Poem Published IV; Style Show I. II: Diversified Co-operati e Education I ' . 107 GLENDA KAY SAMS Dramatics Club Stage Crew I, II, III. High School Choir II, III, IV; Junior Classical League I, II, III, IV: Three One-ace Pia s Stage Crew I, II: Pep Club I II III, IV; Twirler for Marching Band I, II, III; Con- cert Band I, II, III; Y-Teens II, III, IV. PHILIP MAX SMATHERS Thespian Musical IV; Dramatics Club Play IV; Dra- matics Club Play Stage Crew IV; High School Choir III, IV; State B.O.V. Contest HI, IV: National Honor Society III, IV; Hi-Y II, III, IV; Hi-Y Secretary III; Hi-Y President IV; Hi-Y State Chaplain IV: Spanish Club HI, IV; State Hi-Y Officers training camp III, IV. MIMI ANNE SCHEURING Dramatics Club Plav Stage Cre y I, II: Science Ite- search Team I; F.T.A. I, II; Junior Classical League I II, III; National Honor Society III, IV; National Thespian Society II. HI: Y-Teens II, HI, IV; Mathe- matics Contest H; Spanish Club II, HI. IV; Latin Con- test I: National Merit Semi-Finalist IV; Betty Crock- er Homemaker-of-Tomorrow I . Class Valedictorian. Q. DOUGLAS SMITH Pep Band H; Hornet Staff Editor IV: Key Staff IV; Marching Band I, II, HI, IV: Concert Band I, II, HI, IV; District Solo Ens. Contest I; Hi-Y II, III, IV; Football II; Basketball I, II, III; Cross Country III: Spanish Club II, III, IV. JO ANN SCHLOSSER Thespian Musical IV; Junior Classical League I, II, III, IV: Essay Pub ' ished IV; Diversifi ed Co-operatiye Education IV; President of D.C.E. IV; National Thes- pian Society III. IV; Pep Club I, II, HI. IV. STEVEN MICHAEL SMITH FRANCES MARIE SENGER High School Choir III, IV; State B.O.V. Contest I. II III. IV; Junior Classical League II, III, IV; Pep Club II, III, I ; Marching Band I. II. HI. IV; Concert Band I, II, III, IV; Girls ' Glee Club I, II; District Solo Ens. Contest I; Y-Teens III. IV; Spanish Club III. IV. MELVIN SHEETS JOHN D. SHOUP Track I; Football I: Basketball I; Metal Shop I, H, III; Wood Shop I, II, III, IV. STEPHANY JOSEPHINE SLANINA Dramatics Club Play IV; Dramatics Club Play Stage Crew III; Science Fair I; Pep Band III: Junior Classi- cal League I. II, III. IV; National Thespian Society III, IV; Pep Club III, IV: Marching Band I, II, III: Concert Band I, II. Ill; Orchestra I. II, III. IV; District Solo Ens. Contest I: Hoosier Girls ' State HI; Health Assistant HI. IV; Chemistry Assistant IV; Essay Pub- lished IV. n MARY LOU SPRINKLE Thespian Musical Costume Chairman HI; Dramatics Club Play III; Dramatics Club Play Stage Crew I, II, III; Science Fair I; F.T.A. IV; Junior Classical League I. II, HI, IV; Three One-act Plays Stage Crew I, II, III; National Thespian Society HI. IV; Pep Club I, II. Ill, IV; Marching Band I, II, III, IV; Health Assistant IV; District Solo Ens. Contest Accompanist II, III, IV; State Eolo Ens. Contest Accompanist II, III, IV; Y-Teens II, III, IV; Latin Contest I, II; Essay Published IV; Style Show IV: Exploratory Teaching IV; Indiana State Youth Power Conference III; Accompanist for Thespian Musical IV ' ; Band Assistant III, IV; National Youth Power Congress III. CATHERINE LOUISE STEINER High School Choir II, III, IV: State B.O.V. Contest I, II, III, IV; F.T.A. Ill, IV: Marching Band II, III, IV; Concert Band II, III, IV; Girls ' Glee Club I; District Solo Ens. Contest I, II, HI; Accompanist IV: Ex- ploratory Teaching IV; Health Assistant IV. STEVEN LYNN TERRY Class Secretary-Treasurer I; Boys ' Glee Club I; State B.O.V. Contest I, II, III, IV; Pep Band I, II, III, IV; Cincert Band I, II, III, IV; Junior Classical League I. II, 111, IV, Consul I: National Honor Society III, IV. Marching Band I, II, III, IV; Orchestra II, III, IV; Dis- trict Solo Ens. Contest I, H, HI, IV; Hi-Y I, II, III, I ' ; Treasurer HI, Memt ership Chairman IV; Stu- dent Manager I; Mathematics Contest I. II, IV; Cornet Quartet II, III, 1 ' : Band Camp I, II; Hi-Y Camp II; Sextet I, II, 111, IV; Band Assistant II, IV; Sum- mer Scieiice Training Program at Western Michigan Universit. - HI; State Solo Ens. Contest I, II. HI. I ' . I 1 1 f ' JAN DEE THOMAS Class Treasurer IV; Cast of Thespian Musical IV; Stage Crew of Tliespian Musical III. Dramatics Club Play II, HI, IV; Dramatics Club Play Stage Crew, I, II, HI, IV; High School Choir IV; Hornet Staff IV; Junior Classical League I, II, HI: Three One-act Plays Stage Crew III; D.A.E. Good Citizen Runner-up IV; National Thespian Society II, III IV; Pep Club I, II, HI, IV; Y-Teens II. III. I " : Basketball intramurals III, IV; Style Sliow 111; Thespian Vice-President IV: Intramural Kasketliall Team Winner IV. 108 JUDITH ANN THOMAS style Sliow II, IV. Attended Start High School, To- ledo, Ohio I. MARSHA ANNE TIFFANY ROSALYN SUE WHITCOMB High School Choir I. II. Ill; Pep Band II, III; Pep Club I, II; Mareliing Band I. 11; Concert Band I. II. Ill; District Solo Ens. Contest I. II, III; GirUs ' Athletic Association I. II; Mixed Vocal Ensemble I; Style Show I. II: Girls ' Sextet (Vocal) I. II. Ill; 4-H Nine Years; Junior Leader Four Years. Hornet Staff IV; Kev Staff 1 ' : National Thespian So- ciety IV; Pep Club 1, II, III, IV; T-Teens II, III, IV; Stvle Sho y II, III. DENNIS J. WHITLOW JIM L. TRITCH Dramatics Club Play Stage Crew III, IV; Science Fair I; Junior Classical League I, II, III, IV; National Thespian Society III, IV; Wrestling II, III; Latin Con- test I, II. Dramatics Club Play IV: Dramatics Club Play Stage Crew IV; F.T.A. IV; Three One-act Play Cast IV; Foot- ball IV; Basketball III. IV; Baseball IV; Phys. Ed. As- sistant I % . NANCY LYNNE WILDER Cast of Thespian Musical HI, IV: Dramatics Club Play Stage Crew 1, II; School Choir II. Ill, IV; State E.O.V. Contest II. Ill: Pep Band II. Ill, l ' : Junior Classi- cal League I. II. HI. IV: Key Staff IV: National Thes- pian Society 111. IV: Pep Club I. IV; Marching Band III, iV: Concert Band II, III. IV: Girls ' Glee Club I; Girls ' Barbershop Ouartet I. II. III. IV: Orchestra II. Ill, IV: District Solo Ens. Contest I. II. III. IV; State Solo Ens. Contest III, IV: ' J-Teens II. HI. IV: Girls ' .Jthletic Assoc aticn I. II. III. IV: Secretary III. Presi- dent IV: Essay Published IV: Intramural Volleyball Chamos IV; Miss School Spirit IV: Intramural Basket- ball Team Winner IV; National Honor Society IV. MARY MARLEEN WISE Hornet Staff IV: Key Staff IV: Pep Y--Teens II. III. IV; Style Show II, III. JAMES LEWIS WOLF Club I, II; Baseball IV: 4-H Fiye Years; IV: Library Assistant I. II, III. Film Assistant II. Ill, YVONNE R. UNDERWOOD National Thespian Society I. II, III. IV: Pep Cluli I. II. Ill, IV; Y-Teens II, III. IV; Girls ' Athletic Asso- ciation I, It; Spanish Club II: Art Club IV: Style Show I, II, III. IV: Mixed Vocal Ensemble I. II. STEPHEN E. WOODWORTH High School Choir IV; State B.O.V. Contest I. II, III. IV; Pep Band III: Marching Band I. II. III. IV; Concert Band I. II, HI, IV; Track I. II. III. IV: Football II, III IV; Spanish Club IV; Baseball II; Wrestling II, III, IV. JUDITH LYNNETTE WALL Dramatics Club Play Stage Crew II, III; State B.O.V. Contest II, III, IV: Science Fair I; Pep Band III. IV: Junior Classical League I, II, III, IV: National Thespian Society HI. IV: Marching Band II. Ill, IV: Concert Band 11, III. IV; Orchestra IV; District Solo Ens. Con- test I, II, IV; State Solo Ens. Contest IV: Y ' -Teens II, III, IV: Cabinet IV; Girls ' Athletic Association I. II. HI. IV; Snanish Club II. HI. IV; Y-Teen Summer Con- ference HI; Style Sho y II: Pep Club I. II, IV. RICHARD L. WARSTLER RICHARD K. WELLS T ' restling " II. TIT; Gymnastics II: Diversified Co- op e r a t i ' e Kdu r a t i T) n I V. JAN WUNDERLIN Hornet Staff IV: V-Teens III. IV: President IX: Style Show II, III. IV. Art Club IV, Co- STEVEN C. WHEELER Class Vice-President I, II, HI: High School Choir III, IV: State B.O.V. Contest III, IV; Science Fair I. II; Key Staff IV; Hi-Y I. II, III, IV. Chaplain III; Baseball I. II: Hi-Y Summer Camp HI: Golf III. IV: Track I. II: Football I, II, HI, IV. MARY BETH ZUBER stage Crew of Thespian Musical II. Ill; Three One- act Plays stage Crew I. II, III, IV: Three One-act Play Cast II; Pep Club I. II. III. IV: Y-Teens II. Ill, IV: Art Club I " : Style Show I, II. III. IV: Dramatics Club Play I, II: Dramatics Club Play Stage Crew I. II. HI. IV: National Thespian Society II, III. IV. 109 nl idu CLASS OFFICERS President Jim Hornbackcv Vice-President John Hainmcl Secretary-Treasurer -Janice Chard Business Manager Charles EasferJay Assistant Business Manager ...Charlotttc Easferday Sergeant-at-Arms Bill Bryan Sponsor Mr. Morin " With a better today ive build a better tomorrow. " Joe Albright Steve Alleshouse Jeff Andrews Jim Andrews David Anspaugh Lee Armey Susan Austin Roberta Barton David Beard Eeverlej ' Boyd Alice Brabandt Cris Brown Pat Bryan Bill Bryan Margie Burger Jack Burrell Jun Carson lane Chard J.xnice Chard Tom Chaudoin Lonnell Chiddester Carol Chokey Judith Clancy Danny Clark 110 Terry Coggeshall Kay Cole Lynda Cope Terri Jo Cotner Vicki Crone Jack Croxton Diana Cuneo Dennis DeMara Charles Easterday Charlotte Easterday Diana Easterdaj ' Phyllis Eff Sandra Eggleston Jim Elliott Mike Erwin Nancy Field Greg Fifer Lee Fisher Cheryl Flegal Stephen French SiTsan Fulton Donita Good Elsie Gordon Rick Gowthrop Roger Green Paul Grieser Bill Guthier Brad Hale John Haniniel Paul Harmon Marlene Hart Don Harter Lynn Hilton Richard Horn Jim Hornbacker Don Hosack Bruce Householder Jerry Hubart Roger Hubart Helene Hubler Chris Hull Steve Ickes Connie Jackson Marlene Johnson Gene Julian Jim Kaufman Ronald Kelly Cindy Landis 111 Susan Lehman Michael Leichty Linda Linn Beverly Maier Phyllis Mann Alan Maugiierman Mitch McConnell Kay McFadden Mary Mesta Virg " inia Meston Cheryl Meyers Anne Moore Carolee Moore Bob Moore Jan Morley Judy Mortorff Richard Moser Mike Myers Ronda Nichols Nick Nix Jack Ormiston Kevin Parrish Glen Patterson Jim Penick Dennis Petre James Pollard Joe Potts Dennis Putman Cheryl Ralston Danny Reese Richard Reynolds Donna Richards Rebecca Richmond Lucretia Rockey Gil Rogers Rick Romine James Sandidge Kathy Sanxter Karen Schindler Randy Sheets George Shepherd Ginny Shoup Margie Smith Glenn Snidle Jean Ste ' ens Linda Sunday Bob Tarpley Linda Tliobe 112 Bonnie Ti-itch Kim Tubergen Jean Van Aman Bob Van Auken Vikki Velkoff Linda Vogtman Verna Waite Linda Wang Bill Wellman Jean Wells Tom Wenzel Ronald West 4 7 f ■ " Well, folks, tvhat do you want to do today? " — Avery Linda Whitlow Connie Wliipple Marilyn Wild Richard Wilkie Connie Willig Barbara Wilson Patty Wyatt Rick Tarian Nancy Zabst Linda Zimmer Class Sponsor Mr. Morin 113 ..v. f . ' T! ii k ' Steve Allen I ' eggy Alleshouse Patricia Alwood John Anderson Elizabeth Andrews Cindy Ballard David Barlett Connie Barnum Howard Beekman Tony Bickel Bob Bird Duane Blachard Robert Boyle Sue Brand Steve Brubaker Richard Bruner Gary Butz Richard Call Robert Chapman Linda Clancy Scott Cowell Darlene Cox Sylvia Crone Joey Crossley Darrell Curtis Mary Lou DeLong Don Deniorest Bud Derbyshire Dave Dilts Mary Donnelly CLASS OFFICERS President Dennis Raiisch Vice-President Ralph Hall Secretary-Treasurer Wendy Trcssler Sponsor Mr. Bar kd nil " Today we follow; tomorrow we lead. " 114 Jerry Duguid Stan Dunevant Ellen Eberhardt Danny Elworthy Ed vard Erwin Linda Everett Richard Faught Carol Ferris Dian Flegal Debbie Foglesong Michelle Franze Pamela Friskney Marty Fulton Pete Gammiere Marlin Gill I eslie Gowthrop Harry Greenwalt Ralph Hall Ryan Harnishfeger Roger Harvey Tom Hasselman Brad Hill Bob Hoffman Sheila Hoffman Jon Hostetler Theresa Howard Howard Hubler Mike Hull Arthur Hutter Mike Julian Rex Kelly Stephanie Kersten Dorsey Ketzenberger Rosalee Killburn Joe Kirchen Gaj Knecht Jeannine Landis Diane Danman Alice Dawson Donna Locke Roger Mann Wendy McBride Mike McClelland John McFadden Brian Mead Erik Mellby Judy Miller Stan Monore 115 Keith Mortorff Tom Mott Bonnie Munn Philip Murden Keith Mej ' ers Larry Myers Nancy Ne u en sch wander Neil Nix Martha Orewiler Mary Ann Orlosky Jim Parsell Brent Pastor Hornets on the warpath! OOH! AAHr «fev i " ' : ' Sharon Payne Bill Penick Howard Petre Lisa Phelan Larry Pike Joy Pryor ICddie Radabaug ' h Dennis Rausrh Hugh Reamer Shirley Rei chard Teri Remenicky Linda Rinehart Randy Ritter Joyce Rockwell Mike Roniine Mike Rose Rita Rowe Paul Rutter 116 Anne Ilyan Laura Sailor Danna Sanders Oeraldine Sanders Greg Sassman Larry Sauter Ilog " er Schimmoller Jerry Schlosser Greg " Sharro v Jim Shire Charles Shiveley Linda Shu maker Dale Smathers Linda Smith Deborah Somerville Gary Spallinger Kay Stowe Tom Strawser Michael Thomas " Wendy Tressler Steve Tritch Sheila Underwood GhJi ' ia Waggoner Linda Wal h Boll " Walter Uonald Wars tier Sliirley Williams June Williamson Mike Wisner Don Wolf Larry Wyatt Charolen Zeigler Mike Zeigler Michael Zuber Class Sponsor Mr. Bark dull (Not Pictured) AUir il ' n Meisner ;»K.r L " Tis education foniis the common miinls Just as the tu ; is he ill the tree ' s inclined. " —Pope 117 J hSL kmovL ■ ». !- ,i. l l M-ivl A . A irC i ' IkX,- ' ! i Connie Anderson Jacquie Andrews Eric Anspaugh Terry Archbold Jacqueline Areaux John Artz Alan Eal L-arry Banta Joe Barger Gary Earlett Larry Bassett Becky Beekman Vicki Berry Edward Bickel Dave Bird Marsha Birch Pat Blanton Joe Bledsoe Tammy Bledsoe Tony Boling " er Robert Brady Cynthia Braman Linda Bro vn Mike Brunbaker Bruce Bryan Bob Budd Denny Bumgarner Paula Burris Joe Carpenter Janet Chiddister George Clark Jeff Clark Cyndi Cope Judy Counterman Debra Croy Dan Derbyshire Tony DeRosa John Disbro Lynn Eddy John Elliott Vickie Elliott Linda Elworthy i Henry Ei-win Cheralyn Fee Carlos Figueroa Barbara Gates Judy Gebhart I ' ara German Penny German George Gilbert Jane Gilchrist Geneva Gill Douglas Good Sara Goodwin CLASS OFFICERS President Dennis Butngarner Vice-President ..- ....Bob Brady Secretary-Treasurer Cheryl Somcrloft Sponsor ...iVfr. Brayton " The toil of today is the triumph of tomorroiv. " Gene Gorrell Jim Goudy Betty L.OH Gould James Graham Greg Griffis, Sally Guthier Mary Hagerty Charlotte Halsy Carol Hancock Kathy Haney Becky Hanson Ron Harnishfeger Chris Hart Clara Haviland Jeannie Haynes Richard Hedglin Debbie Hemrick Jane Holderness 119 l f p 7 c. J ' -1 (- ' lark Holtzman Denny Hoolihan Tom Hoover Don Horman Kristina Horn Judy Horny Keith Huffman Robert Hull Carolyn Hut chins John Hutter Stanley Johnson Doug: Jones ' Dosf thou fhnik bccau. e thou art i rtiious there ll be no wore cakes and Coke? " K | Barhara Kaufman Marilyn Kelly Xnrnian Kintc Dale Krantz Jat ' k Lancaster Carol ?ue Likes Jerry Lower Penny Malston Lee Ma eon Linda Mason Debbie Maugrherman Mike McBride Larry McCutchan John Meek Vivian Meston Mark Miller Ijinda Mortorff Tom Morse Eric Nolan Jeff Oberlin Mike Osborne Connie Pardue Michael Parrish Karen Pearson Buzzy Penix David Putman Sally Jo Putt Gary Ransburg Avery Rathburn Ann Richardson Marlene Rickman Tom Ringle Sharon Ritter Sherry Ritter Lee Rockey Mary Rosencrantz Sandy Rowe Michael Ryan Lynn Sack Ron Sanders Marilyn Sehannen Marilyn Schimmoller Todd Schworm Pamela Sedruley Evelyn Sheets Sandra Shetter Kent Shelton Jeri Shire Ronnie Smith Sharon Snidle Cheryl Somerlott Wayne Spallinger Mindy Spurgeon Sybil Steiner Jo Ellen Stevens Beth Ann Summers Sherry Sunda ' Robert Sutton Marsha Swank Steve Thalls 121 James Thirkell Jerry Throop Linda Tuttle Scott Van Wagner Jackie Velkoff R ex Wall Lynette Walters Judy Waltniire Pat Wandel Audrey Warstler Dick Waymire Don Wenzel Kathleen West Scott White Richard Wilcox Robert Wilson Jeft Wolf Marilj ' n ' •att Marie Yoder Class Sponsor Mr. Brayton (Not Pictured) William K. Hughes Charles Poteat Bill Queen " We are great; tve are fine; tee ' re the class of ' 69. " 122 M 1 i Ij Studying Depth Perception CtoAdJidu Testing Reaction Time % 123 N uctiuitk . B Is if- OjtL Ciub The Art Club, organized by Mr. Immel, art in- structor, is a new addition to our school. The club consists of eighteen students who are especially interested in art. The Art Club ' s main concern is to do art work for teachers and for school organizations. The club usually handles posters, programs and stage settings for the Thespian productions. Members have de- signed and made programs for the Christmas Candle- light Service of the Y-Teen Club, for the style show, and for other clubs. The Art Club has started a small treasury by do- ing jobs for a few clubs in the community. The money may be used for field trips later in the year. The officers of the club are Jan Wunderlin and Tom Chaudoin, presidents; Bill Booth secretary; Cheryl Myers, treasurer; Mickey Resler and Mary Newnam. co-ordinators. 126 (DwanAJL juut QoofistJiaiwii. Education, This year a new organization joined our school, the Diversified Co-operative Education Club. The students in this program were selected the preceding year by a group consisting of Mr. Hammel, Mr. Johnson, the guidance counselors, and several other members of the faculty. The club has thirteen members — Jenny Canaday, Dianna Randol, JoAnn Schlosser, Ruth Ann Green, Vickie Osborne, Jennifer Ryan, Glenn Christen, Dick Miller, Harold Locke, Richard Wells, Ron Mc- Cormick, Ted Pollard, and Robert Johnson. The students attend regular classes half a day and in the other half they work in actual commuity businesses. D. C. E. members are positioned through- out the school district and the jobs are widely varied. The students may apply things they have previously learned and also obtain new knowledge. The club has been in action constantly. The group has attended state conventions and held a paper drive and cake sale. A banquet is also given at the end of the year for all the students and their employ- ers. Mr. Etzler is the group co-ordinator. On the following two pages are pictures of D.E.C. students and their employers. 127 Jenny Ryan and Mr. Haney at Moore Business Forms Dick Wells with Jack Bryan at Weatherhead Bob Johnson and Lewis Wolf at L M Motors Ted Pollard and Andy Pristas at Research Machine Tool Co. Vickie Osborne with Mrs. Wood at Cameron Hospital Ruth Ann Green and Mrs. Lanman at Sears, Roebuck Co. Cataloe Store 128 Dianna Randol with Mrs. Decker at General Telephone Co. Glenn Christen and Bill Eyster at Tri-State Airport ;i- - -- 5. ! : ! MaBWi«aa = ' i Dick Miller with Red Easterday at Alwood Tractor Sales Ren McCormick and Don Mikkleson, salesman, at Wild Arnold Motor Sales Jenny Canaday with Mr. Skove at Weatherhead Harold Locke and Mr. Sack at Wohlert ' : JoAnn Schlosser with Mr. Peel at Weatherhead 129 • 1 ' ■ ' 5 :n. -1! m ' t)Mv m -s ' r ' ■-r r: Exploratory teaching is a new course offered to seniors in Angola High School this year, through which students in- terested in teaching grades kindergarten through eight gain experience and more knowledge of the teaching profession. The work was organized by Roger Etzler, also DCE adviser. The students enrolled were Kathy Chadwick, Bill Rathburn, Dianna Camp- bell, Suzy Holtzman, Mary Lou Sprinkle, Kathy Parseli and Cathy Steiner. For the first six weeks of the semester, the students met daily for text book study and class discussion, made oral and written reports, and heard guest speak- ers; they also observed classes. After this initial preparation and more observa- tion, the students began actually assist- ing the teachers. Sometimes they helped with languages, crafts and other kinds of art work. The teachers over them had periodical contact with Mr. Etzler, discussing the students ' work. The exploratory teach- ers had forms to fill out concerning their work and also continued text book study. The program is worked out through the F.T.A. Club, of which all explor- atory teachers must be members. These pictures show Kathy Parseli working with a group of kindergarten children taught by Mrs. Rose Clark at Hendry Park School. 130 i u J ' iduAiL JsaxJwAA. D dmnAJuca 1 H M ■ H p 1 V M H 11 r a i H I • ■ ■u 1 L 1 8 At Open House The F.T.A. club is an organization which gives its members an opportunity to learn about the teaching field and expose their own abilities and interests related to the teaching profession. The club is also designed to help its members cultivate the qualities of personality, character, and leadership, which are essential in good teachers. This year the F.T.A. has been active in many areas. In the fall a large group of members attended the area conference at Woodlan, Indiana. Later, girls served as guides at open house. They have also helped teachers grade papers and teach classes. Officers of the F.T.A. were Kathy Kolb, presi- dent; Dave Anspaugh, vice-president; Jean Van Aman, secretary; Kathy Fisher, treasurer; George Shepherd, parliamentarian; and Judy Clancy, his- torian. Mrs. Gladys Kile is the F.T.A. faculty adviser. 131 ' jUiIa! OiPdsdk (hAockdion. The purpose of the Girl ' s Athletic Association is to increase each girl ' s interest in various sports and to develop friendship and ccoperaticn among the girls. The club meets every Monday during the activity period and the girls participate in such sports as volleyball, basketball, dodgeball, and gymnastics. The G.A.A. campout this year was held in the gym after one of the home football games. The officers this year were: Nancy Wilder, president; Janice Chard, vice president; Kathy Chadwick, secretary; Jan Morley, treasurer. It©- - 132 spim J cmL A girls ' gymnastics team was organized for the first time during this school year. Practice was held every Monday during home room and continued until twelve o ' clock. A few dedicated girls came quite often in the mornings before school. The team did not compete with other schools, but they participated in the annual physical education show in May and in an A.A.U. meet in Indianapolis. Awards were given by the club to members with outstanding attendance records and extra credits. Officers of the club are president, Bobbie Jo Leininger; vice president, Suzy Fulton; secretary-treasurer, Shirley Williams. 133 d{L-% The Angola Hi-Y, a branch of the Young Men ' s Christian Association, was formed in 1921. It is also a member of both state and national organiza- tions. The purpose of the club is to create, main- tain, and extend throughout the home, school, and community high standards of Christian character. The club had 82 members this year. Hi-Y members helped direct the parking of cars this year at football games as a school service project. Jim Hornbacker, chairman of the School Service Committee, was in charge; and the club received a special note of appreciation and thanks from Assist- ant Principal Harry Kelley for this project. The club also helped solicit money for the United Fund. The boys picked up Christmas trees for the Lutheran Church ' s annual " Burning of the Greens " ceremony as a community service project. Dave Anspaugh, chairman of Community Service, was in charge of this project. The club sponsored a candy sale for world service, a project headed by Steve Crooks, World Service chairman. Superintendent F. K. McCutchan, was the guest speaker at this year ' s candlelight induction of new members, held at Hendry Park Gym. Other speak- ers during the year were Dr. Kissinger; Mr. Haughey, varsity basketball coach; Mr. Doba, varsity football United Fund Collection coach; Willis K. Batchelet, State senator; Eugene McCarty, local conservation officer; and Tom Han- selman, county sheriff. A film on the work of the " Building for Brotherhood " project, for which the money for world service was given, was also shown. The club participated in the Youth and Govern- ment Program for the second year of its existence. Ten members of the club and the two faculty advis- ors, Mr. Wearly and Mr. Bowers, attended the pre- legislative assembly at Manchester College. The purpose of the program was to acquaint the delegates with the legislative processes and present some basic guidelines for the Model Legislature to be held in Indianapolis in the statehouse. The state was divided into three sections, and each section held its own 134 CLF.AH SdOLABSHIP Mr. Bowers Is New Co-Sponsor Pre-legislative assembly and nominated various offi- cers to run for election in the Model Legislature. At the Pre-legislative assembly, Dave Goodwin ran for the office of bill co-ordinator; and Phil Smathers, State Hi-Y chaplain, led the opening devotions, the Legislators ' Pledge, and closing prayer. Bob Grain and Phil Meyers were elected from the club to represent it in the Model Legislature as a Senator and Repre- sentative respectively. Dave Goodwin also ran for office in the Pre- legislative assembly and acted as chairman of one of the standing committees. Each club presented to the model legislative conference a proposed bill on some field such as transportation, public health and safety, or taxation and finance. The purpose of the Youth and Goverment Program is to provide young men and women with the opportunity to better un- derstand the moral and political leadership required by our American democratic process. This year ' s officers were: Phil Smathers, president; Bob Grain, vice-president; Kim Tubergen, secretary; Steve Wheeler, treasurer; Mark Allien, chaplain; and Bill Bryan, sergeant-at-arms. These officers along with Tony Culver, program Induction Ceremony 13S NATIONAL HI-Y, TRI-HI-Y COUNCIL National President Ron Davenport, Montgom- ery, Alabama; vice-president, Doug McBeth, Los Angeles, California; secretary Ann Grase, Tucson, Arizona; Chaplain, Phil Meyers, An- gola. chairman; Richie Call, athletic chairman; and Phil Meyers attended Officers ' Training camp at Delphi, Indiana. Here the opportunity is provided for anyone who so desires to run for a state office. The Angola Hi-Y club has been quite active in the past few years in presenting several candidates and this year was no exception. Phil Meyers, past State vice- president, moved into the office of President, and Phil Smathers was elected State Hi-Y Chaplain. Phil Meyers also attended the National Hi-Y Council at Northfield, Minnesota, and at this meet- ing was elected National Hi-Y Chaplain. Phil was also picked as one of five delegates from the State of Indiana to attend the World Youth Conference at Stavanger, Norway, June 25 to July 7. Y.M.C.A. organizations from all over the world will be repre- sented. The group will tour Northern and Central Europe. Other activities during the year included the Thanksgiving program arranged by the Worship Committee, headed by Bob VanAuken. The club also sponsored a volleyball tournament with Richard Call, Athletic chairman, in charge. A Founders Day banquet, at which Don Reap, associate state secretary of the Y.M.C.A. was the speaker, was held April 6. Dave Hanselman, George Shoup, Phil Meyers and Phil Smathers were honor- ed for outstanding achievements in Hi-Y work. John W. Wearly and Michael Bowers are the faculty advisors. State Hi-Y Chaplain Phil Smathers 136 Latin word games, skits, and group singing were all included in the programs presented at the meet- ings of the Junior Classical League this year. The purpose of the organization is to promote in- terest in the study of the classics and to show how many ot the ancient customs and beliefs have be- come a part of our present day civilization. The Angola chapter of J. C. L. was organized in 19 5. , with Miss Reed as its sponsor. Since then the enrollment has greatly increased, the present enroll- ment now being 63. The float entered in the Fall Festival parade fea- tured two football players, Keith Huffman and Robert Wilson dressed in Roman togas battling it out for a victory. Judy Clancy and Sherry Sunday were seated on white wrought iron thrones. The theme of the float was " Veni, Vidi, Vici! " (I came, I saw, I conquered.) The annual Roman banquet and slave auction made up the spring projects. Officers for this year were David Putman and Jack Croxton consuls; Ralph Hall and Dick Horny, scribes; Kim Tubergen, questor; Don Hosack, song leader; Dennis Rausch, program chairman; and Mary Lou Sprinkle, chairman of Fall Festival float com- mittee. Mr. Thompson is faculty advisor. 137 Membership in the National Honor Society is the highest hon- or which a student in our high school can receive. Members are chosen by the faculty from those students rank- ing in the upper third of their class and maintaining a B average. The faculty vote on the basis of character, leadership, scholarship, and service to th e school. MemlDers of the senior class tiected in tlieir junior year are Blike Beard, Nancy Campbell, Kathryn Cliadwick, Joyce Johnson, Jack Linn. Greg Mason, Marilyn McBride, Mclinda Midi. Millicent Mick, Bruce Moody, Pliillip Meyers, Kathryn I ' arsell, Carl Ransburg, Philip Rutter, Mimi Schenring Philip Smathers, and Steve Terry. Micliael Remenicky is a transfer member from a South Dakota chapter. Tlie senior members named this year are Mark Allien, Terry Sue Barnum, Michael Coggeshall. Bob Crain, Anne Hartman, and Nancy Wilder. Students elected from this year ' s .iunior are Jack Cro.Kton, i " harIotte Easterday. Sandra Egg- leston, John Hammel, Don Hosack, Jan Morley. Judy Mortorff. Dennis Putmaii, Cheryl Ralston, Virginia Slioup. Juan Van Araan, Linda Wang, Bill Wellman, and Jean Wells. Tile local chapter -was organized in 193.5 and the total membership is now- A%. The officers of the organization elected before the close of last year are Carl Ransburg. president; Philip Rutter, vice-president; and Kathryn Parsell, secretary-treas- urer. Mr. Fleming is the faculty ad- viser. 138 TlcdhmaL JJwAfiian. Soxdjdi . The Thespian society is an organization estabhsh- ed for the promotion and advancement of dramatic art in secondary schools. Troupe 1264 of Angola High School is composed of students who have earn- ed the required number of points for meritorious work in play production. Angola ' s productions this year were ' Hobgoblin House, " " They Put On A Play, " and the final production, a hit musical " Fanny. " The Thespian officers were President, Don Crone; vice president, Jan Thomas; secretary, Ginny Shoup; sergeant-at-arms, Kim Tubergen. This year the club made a special effort to give all members a chance to show their talents. For every meeting skits were put on by older members and by those seeking membership in the club. Also this year students were encouraged to take part in the Angola Community Theatre productions. Many students helped behind the scenes while others had the chance to take an active part on the stage. The Thespian troupe would like to thank their sponsor, Mrs. Chokey, and her assistants, Mrs. Owens and Mrs. McKeever, for their help in making the organization a real success. 139 " dijDbqDblm, HduAsl ■•«V i d © ill fj IH 1 ' 2© ,, ,. 1 JKr i .k % , ' " " 1 ♦ ; 4 1 ! f ,. V i M 1 i " Ki.T-r ' " 1 f II 1 1 " :-:.f " ' ' r ' ■ H :;.. • ' . ' - I ' M " Hobgoblin House " was a mystery-com- edy presented November 5 and 6, the first Thespian production of the year. The members of the audience had to hold on to their seats as Miss Priscilla Cart- er, her nieces and servants moved mto a house alleged to be haunted. The house, call- ed " Hobgoblin House " , produced many ghostly manifestations including the lost head of Nellie Bronson and a screaming skull. To add to the excite- ment there was even a homi- cidal maniac running loose. The cast included Don Crone, Jan Thomas, Dennie Whitlow, Teresa Rigelman, Stephany Slanina, Ronda Nichols, Linda Sunday, Dick Fee, Dennis Rausch, Phil Rutter and Carl Ransburg. Mrs. Chokey di rected the play with the assistance of Mrs. McKeever. 140 " Jann tf " Fanny the Frivolous Flapper " was the musical comedy presented by the Thespian society this year. The story concerned the discovery of the sale of sto- len jewels under cover of an exclusive dress shop operated by Mile. Suzette. " Biff " Bang, a detective, made an unusual model but solved the case. Members of cast were Mile. Suzette, Joyce Johnson; Fanny Fannington, Suzy Holtzman; " Biff " Bang, Bill Rathburn; Lotta Stile, Pat Bryan; Scarlette White, Marilyn McBride; Tot, Terri Haley; Dot, Joan Dygert; Will Chase, Steve Wood- worth; Butch Ellis. Bob Hawthorne; Upson Downe, Phil Smathers; Chorus of Flappers and Their Boy- friends — Michelle Franze, Bob Crain, Jo Ann Schlosser, Larry May, Margie Burger, Dick Fee, Cynthia Braman, Dick Wilkie, Susan Austin; Models — Wendy McBride, Kathy Parsell, Linda Clancy, Nancy Wilder, Jan Thomas, Ginny S h o u p; Band — Kathy Chadwick, Bill Bryan, Bill Wellman. Mrs. Chokey was the di- rector, assisted by Mrs. Mc- Keever. Mickey Resler was the student director, and Mary Lou Sprinkle was the piano accompanist. Mr. Im- mel was the art director. 1 A ' O ' A " JPuii}. (put A one-act farcical comedy, " They Put On A Play, " was the second production of the year for th3 Thespians, Feb- ruary 1 and 2. The play, actually a play within a play, was pres;nt- ed to the student body in an attempt to arouse interest in the art of dramatics and the Thespian Club. The comedy concerned i group of people putting on a play and capturing an es- caped criminal. The cast included Carol Ferris, Ann Richardson, Joyce Johnson, Carol Cho- key, Sharon Snidle, Mike Parrish, Tom Chaudoin, Gil Rogers and Steve French. Mrs. Owens directed this one-act play, assisted by Gloria Call, student teacher. ■ Bk . I ps Bt k: i B 1 W Director and assistant 142 PsfL Ciub Our school spirit has been on the rise this year, and at the center of all the activity has been the pep club. This year the pep club has been following the away basketball games as well as those at home, and has given an extra boost to our Hornets. The awarding of a trophy to " Miss School Spirit " , which began this year, and engraving class numerals on the pep brick, started last year, were used by the pep club to reward individual and class support. The favorite cheers of the pep club and team this year were " Hornets on the war path " and " Hornets, Hor- nets, " to the tune of " Louie, Louie. " The pep club officers were: Joan Dygert presi- dent; Judy Mortorff, vice president; Anne Moore, secretary-treasurer. Mrs. Grabill was the faculty sponsor. 143 (pkoJtDqJialihjf, Qlub The Photo Club is now in its sixth year as an organization in Angola High School. The purpose of the organization is to provide boys and girls interested in photography an opportunity to learn more about this work. Equipment which club members may use includes a 3 5 mm Pantax camera, an en- larger, printing paper, and chemicals for use in developing pictures. The main job of the Photo Club is the taking of pictures for the yearbook, the Key, and the Hornet, the school newspaper. Mr. Montgomery is the adviser. The Mikes in action 144 fijublkaiionA. The Hornet The Hornet, the newspaper of A. H. S., has main- tained during the present year the same format adopted last year, with more pictures, more cartoons, and a new nameplate designed by Mr. Immel. It was pubhshed once a month by the two journal- ism classes who write for it as a supplement to their text book work. Besides providing the students with news and features, the paper gave the journalism classes first hand experience in newspaper writing and editing. The paper was printed professionally. In one class the position of editor was rotated while in the other class the editor and assistant re- mained the same. The business managers remained the same throughout the year. The Hornet had a circulation of about 600; it was sold to students and in various locations in the city at 1 5 cents a copy. The editors were Tony Culver, Ama Alleshouse, Jack Linn, Kathy Kolb, Jan Thomas, Marsha Tiff- any, Marleen Wise, Doug Smith, Bonnie Tritch, Beverly Maier, Janet Kukutsis. and Mary Jane Hintz. The business managers were Nancy Campbell, Jack Linn, and assistants, Andy Moore, Marleen Wise. 145 X - x ; " . t- lEi -J- " . 1-- - - The Key The Key staff committee heads: Editor-in-Chief — Jack Lin)! Associate Editor — Kafhy Kolb Assistant Editors — Kafhy Chadwick, Marilyn Mc- Briih, Anne Hartman, Tcrri Haley Senior Pictures — Mclinda Mick Classes — Mickey Reslcr Organizations — Vickie Osborne Typing — Ruth Ann Green Dramatics — Dianna Campbell Art — Mary Newnam Boys ' Sports — Carl Ransburg Music — Joan Dygert Photography — Mike Beard Business Staff Penny Mick, Ama Alleshause, Cathie Herl Features — Jenny Ryan 146 A Winning Float SjpmuJkh Qlub The Spanish Club has completed its third year as an organization in Angola High School. In these three years the club has informally adopted the " Spanish Club Fiesta " as the highlight of its yearly activities. Plans for " Fiesta Tijuana " this year were big and a number of money-making projects were carried out. The fiesta this year had the theme of a Spanish night club with a stage show and other features of holidays south of the border. These along with a banquet and a dance provided a very enjoyable evening for those attending. Another highlight in Spanish Club activities is the initiation of new members, and a hilarious evening was enjoyed by both former members and those initiated. In the fall of this school year the Spanish Club was privileged to have a first prize winning float in the " Hornets A Go Go " parade. This entry fea- tured a colorful sombrero lying on a blanket of crep paper, a dancing Mexican hornet, and maraca play- ers. Meetings for the club are held the first Monday of every month and usually one evening of each month. During the Christmas season this year a program bas- ed on Christmas and New Year ' s Eve in Spanish speaking countries was presented by new members at one of the evening meetings. Other meetings fea- tured local entertainment. Officers this year were Bob Crain, president; Roger Call, vice-president; Marilyn Wild, secretary; and Kathy Kolb, treasurer. Jack Linn was fiesta chairman. Senor Prosscr is the sponsor. 147 Siudsmt Spanish Boys ' Physical Education Library Uf BM 148 CiAAiAtanJtA. Guidance Department Mechanical Drawing Audio Visual Department Science Wood Shop 149 SiudanL Z M JtanJtA, Metal Shop Art Girls ' Physical Education Metal Shop Health Rooir ■ ti. ' ■ f B 1 ' ■ ■1 fe " !: U) StiidsmL QoiuvdL Since 1932 the Student Council has represented one of the most important fundamentals in our democratic way of life, that of self-government. Through this organization any student or faculty member may express his opinions, or give his sug- gestions, pertaining to the betterment of the school. A fall festival, " Hornets A-Go-Go, " was sponsor- ed this year by the Council to maintain better school spirit. Other Council accomplishments have included the completion of an Opinion Board, a contribution to the March of Dimes by selling bread, an amendment to the Council Constitution, and the presentation of awards to deserving scholars. The group also con- tinued the paperback book sales in the upper hall. Plans were made this year for the sponsoring of i foreign exchange student. The members of the Council are seniors-Bob Crain, Phil Meyers, Penny Mick, Vickie Osborne, Bill Rath- burn; juniors — Anne Moore, Cheryl Ralston, Kim Tubergen, Bill Wellman; sophomores — Wendy Mc- Bride, Randy Ritter, Mike Thomas. Sheila Under- wood; freshmen — Tammy Bledsoe, David Putman, Marilyn Shannen, Robert Wilson; eighth grade — Mary Hammel, Lynn Smathers; seventh grade — Karen Hull, Larry Ransburg. The officers were: Phil Meyers, president; Kim Tubergen, vice president; Penny Mick, secretary- treasurer; Bill Rathburn, activities chairman. Mr. Arney is the faculty adviser. Student Body President, Phil Meyers 151 ? - Jcc t4-. Y-Teens is a world-wide organization of high school girls from sixty-five countries, which js affiliated with the Y.W.C.A. The Y-Tcens were very active this year, sponsor- ing many successful events. The biggest project was the Christmas prom, " Emerald Ecstasy. " Other events of the year were the formal initiation of new members, the record breaking cookie sales, the decor- ation of the school Christmas tree, installation of officers, the Pa-Ma-Me Banquet, the decoration of the Hornets A-go-go float, and the annual Christmas Candle Lighting Service which was attended by both Hi-Y and Y-Teen members. Girls attending the Y-Teen Summer Conference were: Carol Chokey, Judy Mortorff, Judi Wall and Kay McFadden. This past year Y-Teens aided the local service clubs in various projects, sent birthday and Christ- mas cards to the people at the County Home, sold bread and gave proceeds to the March of Dimes and contributed to the Sheltered Workshop. 1J2 The officers for the year were: Suzy Holtzman, president; Kathy Parsell, vice-president; Lee Fisher, treasurer; and Jean Wells, secretary. The cabinet consisted of the elected officers and the appointed committee chairmen — Nancy Wilder and Cheryl Ralston, program; Kathy Kolb, social; Jean Van Aman, publicity; Barbara Brown, service; Judy Mortorff, finance; Joyce Johnson, chaplain; Marilyn McBride, song leader; Judi Wall, scrapbook; and Jean Stevens, pianist. The faculty advisers are Miss Iddings and Mrs. Boyer. Members of the adult council include Miss Shultz, Mrs. Rose Owens, Mrs. Buse, Mrs. McBride, Mrs. Swank, Mrs. Sprinkle, Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Sanxter. 153 Top Row: Wendy Tressler, Becky Kichmond, Kathy Parsell, Joyce Johnson, Kinny Shoup, Jim Sandidge, Erik Mellby, Don Hosack, Phil Kutter. Second Row: Nancy Wilder, Barb Brown, Marty Fulton, Cheryl Fisher, Bill Wellman, Phil Smathers, Greg " Sharrow, Rich Call. Third Row: Cheryl Ralston, Frances Senger, Joan Dyg ' ert, Linda Sunday, Cathy Steiner, Dick Fee, Steve Wheeler, Jolin Hammel. Fourth Row: Susan Austin, Anne Hartman, Lee Fisher, Pam Friskney, Pat Bryan, Keith Mortorff, Rit-hard A ' ilkie, Rick Yaiian. diiqk, SchooL ( JwjUl The Angola High School Choir ' s first performance this year was the Christmas concert. With many enjoyable selections, they pleased a very large crowd. The theme of the concert was " Heme For The Holidays. " Later the chou ' appeared on tckvisicn using songs froin the Christmas concert. The choir gave a concert in March, along with the bands, and in May the Spring Concert. A superior rating was won by the choir in the District Music Contest at LaPorte in April. Miss Nancy Siebold, choir director, must be congratulated for her hard work and patience. She has made the choir a huge success this year, as in years before. TTLuAk. PwicniA. ' C The Music Parents ' Club is an organization of parents whose sons and daughters are members of the music department. The group helps with different projects of the music department, raising money and assisting in the music work. The officers for this year are president, Bill Fee; vice-president, Mrs. Virgil Areaux, secretarv, Mrs. Carl W ' avmire, and treasurer, Mrs. Lamar Powers. 154 f •• ?•» ■ ' " •V Top Row: Steve Ferris, Carl Ransburg, Kim Tubergen, Mike Hensel, Jon Carson, Bill Bryan, Kay Brady, Nancy Neiienst-hwancler, Wendy McBride, Jan Thomas. Seicind liow: Phil Meyers, Jerry DiiKniil. Jim Parsell, Randy Hitter, Jean VanAraan, Marilyn McBride, Terri Haley, Susan Kiilton, Phyllis Mann. Third Row: Bob Grain, Bill Kathburn. I-eslie Fisher, Kuthy Fisher, Jean Wells, Glenda Sams, Carol Chokey, Jan Morley. Fourth Row: Mark Allion, Bill Guthier, Bob I£awthoi-iie, Peg Alleshouse, Nancy Fields, Margie Burger, Suszy Holtzman, (. ' arol I ' Vrris. Not Pictureil: I..ucretia Rocky. Accompanists, Ellen Ebcrhardt and Jean Stevens with Miss Siebold 155 ' r • ' : I . i% i l « B jPP t ' J5 dlL-StcdsL Band. Three students — Marilyn Mc- Bridc, Kathy Chadwick and Jean Wells — were chosen to play in the All-State Band this year. This band, made up of students from all parts of the state and directed by Dr. William Revielle of the Uni- versity of Michigan, gave a con- cert at Butler University on March 20. onaUiL Sand. The Concert Band presented three concerts this year and the group have a wide variety of songs which they play very well. Mostly juniors and seniors make up this organization. Many of the members went to the district contest and received high ratings. The Band received an excellent rating in the District Contest. Mr. Nichols, the director, must be commended on his fine work. He has devoted much time to the Concert Band and the members. FLUTE: Penny Mick, Anne H:irtman, Cathy Steiner, Elsie Gordon, " Wendy McBride, Gay Kneeht. OBOE: Lindy Mic-li. Wendy Tre.ssler. CLARINET: .lean Wells, Kathy Parsell, Linda Sunday, Connie Barniim. .Jan Morley. Mary Lou .Sprinkle, Kathy Sanxter, Pick Bruner, Marilvn Wild. Erik Mellby. Scott Cowell. Lucretia Rocky, Peg Alleshouse, Susie Fulton, Judv Miller. Debbie Summe rx ille, Mary Jane Hintz. TENOR SAX: Cheryl Ralston. BARITOXE SAX: Phil Rutter. BAIUTONE: Mark Allion, Kim Tubergen, Dave Goodwin. Mary Ann Orlosky, Jerry Dusuid. TROMBONE; Bill Bryan. Nancy Wilder. Doug- Smith, Mike Thomas, Ted Crain, Joe Meek, Stan Monroe, Bob Chapman, John Mc- 156 S lOAA, S t The Brass Sextet, consisting of five seniors and one junior, worked hard this year on many different numbers. They received an excellent rating at the district contest. The members are Dennis Putman, Nancy Wilder, Mark Allien, Phil Meyers, Steve Terry, and Roger Call. Fadden. TUBA: Phil Meyers, David Bartlett, Don Hosack, Greg Sharrow. CORNET: Jean Van Aman. Steve Terry, Roger Call. Gregg Goodl e v. Leslie Fisher, Bob Kaufman. Ronda Nichols. Jim Sandidge, Dennis Rausch, John Anderson. Martv Fulton. TRUMPET: Charles Easterday, Dale Smathers. FRENCH HORN: Ellen Eberhardt. Phillis Mann. Den- nis Putman. Frances Senger. Jean Stevens. Dick Fee. Jim Parsell. CLARINET: Richard Wilkie. B. SS CLARINET: John Hiller, Carol Chokev. Steve Allen. ALTO CLARINET: Nancy Neuenschwander. Anne Ryan. ALTO SAXOPHONE: Marilyn McBride, Kathy Chadwick, Judi Wall, Terri Jo Cotner, Brenda Goudy. PERCUSSION: Carl Kansburg, Steve Woodworth, Kathy Kolb, Bill Wellman, Greg Sassman Keith Myers. 3 f 157 (JcUUkiiij (Band. The Varsity Band consists mostly of freshmen. Several members entered the district music contest this year and they all received high ratings. Most of the Varsity members will be chosen next year for members of the Concert Band. Tyiapo ' isdJt A, Our majorettes added much color and pep to the marching band this year. Their performances in half-time shows and parades were enjoyed by all. Susie Fulton completed her first year as drum majorette. Twirlers this year included Brenda Goudy, Terri Haley, Margie Burger, and Mary Jane Hintz. Vickie (Jsborne was feature twirler. sfss TOfff-v-r rsrEaafSMEjBKSw™! 158 CLAUINET: Joe Barger, Jim Graham, L.arr ' Banta, Judy Waltmire, Jeri Shire, Doug " Good, Clieryl Sommerlott, Tammy Bledsoe, Carol Hancock. ALTO CLARINET; Lynn Sack. BASS CLARINET: Jean Haynes. I- ' LUTE; Jackie Areaux, Sally Putt. ALTO SAXOPHONE: Sandra Sheffer, Sarah Goodwin, Judy Gebhart. TENOR SAXOPHONE: Bar- bara Gates. BARITONE SAXOPHONE: Connie Pardue. BARITONE: Gary Ransburg, Bruce Bryan, David Putman. TROMBONES: George Gilbert, John Di.sbro. John Meek. Tony DeKosa, George Clark, Alan Bal. TUBA: Scott White, John Elliott, Tom Ringle. PERCL ' SSION: Buzzy Penix, Jeff Wolfe, Corky Holtzman, Jim Goudy. BASE: Jo Ellen Stevens. CELLO: Dale Krantz. FRENCH HORN: Cheryl Fee, Mindy Spurgeon. fflsifi, (Band. The Pep Band is a group of musicians who get together and practice on Fridays during home room period. They went to the basketball games and played their lungs out. We wonder who en- joyed it more, the fans or the Pep Band itself? They traveled to Fort Wayne to entertain at ths Veterans ' Hospital in February. Mr. Nichols is the director. CLARINET; Jean Wells, Connie Bai ' mmi, Joe Barger, Jim Graham, Larr " Banta, Judy Waltmire. ALTO SAXOPHONE: Marilyn McBride, Kathv Chadwick. TENOR SAXO- PHONE: Judi Wall. BARITONE SAXOPHONE: Phil Rutter. BASS CLARINET: John Hiller. CORNET: Steve Terry. Bob Kaufman. Larrv MoCutchan, Ronda Nichols, Leslie Fisher, Dick Waymire. FRENCH HORN: Ellen Eb ' erhardt, Dennis Putman. Dick Fee. BARITONE: Mark Allion. David Goodwin. TROMBONE: Nancy Wilder, Bill Brvan. Mike Thomas, George Gilbert. John Meek. TUBA: Phil Mevers, John Elliott, Scott White. PERCUSSION: Bill Wellman. Corky Holtzman, Jim Goudy. 1J9 OjucPui iJvcL The Orchestra is composed of grade school, junior high, and high school students. They meet two days each week after school. This group .It the present time is being rebuilt. They attended the district contest and received a good rating. Several members of the organization went to the district solo and ensemble contest and received high ratings. The Orchestra is directed by Mr. Nichols and Miss Teegardin. FIRST VIOLIX; Marilyn McBride, Sandra Sheffer, Jackie Areaux, Anne Richards. SECOXD VIOLIN: Kathy Chadwick. Lyle Tritch, Clieryl Fee, Anne Birchman, Nancy Sheffer. VIOIjA: Jean Wells, Judy Clancy, Sandy Day, Bill " W ' estenhaver. CELLO: Connie Barnuni, Sue Boardnian, Debbie Good, .Teff Duguid, Doug: Deller, Dale Krantz. FLUTE: Penny Mick, Wendy McBride. OBOE: Lindy Mick. CLARINET: Kathy Parsell, Linda Sunday. BASSOON: Ginny Sboup. SAXOPHONE: Judi Wall. HORN: Ellen Eber- hardt, Dennis Putman. CORNET: Steve Terry, Jean Van Aman. TROMBONE: Nancy Wilder, George Gilbert, John Meek. 160 ScocophmuL S ixiet The Saxophone Sextet, consisting of Marilyn McBride, Kathy Chadwick, Terri Jo Cotner, Judi Wall, Cheryl Ralston and Phil Rutter, have done a fine job this year. They received a superior rating at the district contest. WjoUichinq (Band The Angola High School Marching Band performed at the home football games and their halftime shows were enjoyed by all. The Varsity and Concert Bands combined to present " Circus Daze " , complete with animals and three rings of activities, at the Decatur game as a part of the Fall Festival. The Marching Band participated in the parade at the Auburn street fair in the fall. The directors were Miss Teeeardin and Mr. Nichols. 161 QfAmL Quanht Bob Kaufman, Gregg Goodhew, Roger Call, and Steve Terry are members of the Senior Cornet Quartet. They received an excellent rating at the district contest. QjuaAiid, Phil Rutter, Joyce Johnson, Carol Ferris and Bill Bryan are the members of a newly formed mixed quartet. They have performed at many club meetings throughout the school year. Miss Siebold is pic- tured with them at the piano. 162 Carl Ransburg, Phil Meyers, Mark Allien, and Bill Rathburn, the Senior Boys ' Quartet, performed throughout the county this year. The)- pleased their aud- iences with many en- joyable songs. The boys have been singing together for nearly three years. They received a super- ior rating at the dis- trict contest and an excellent in the state contest this year. They were first place win- ners in the Community Talent Show, sponsored by the Business and Professional Women ' s Club. (BcUih A hofi Marilyn M cB r i d ;, Suzy Holtzman, Nancy Wilder, and Joan Dygert are the members of the Senior Girls ' Barbershop Quartet. They have been singing together for four years and have performed for many groups through- out the area. They re- ceived a superior rating at the district and state music contests this year. They also won an award in the Business and Professional Wo- men ' s Community Tal- ent Show. 163 ■M 164 (BaruL anxL QPwih. in. TricVudL 165 SpoJdA, 4 j til z y TOP ROW; Don Harter, Uoger Hubart, Pete Gammiere. Hugh Reamer, Gregr Sassman. Steve Bru- baker, Jim Shire, Brad Hill, Jim Hornbacker. SECOND ROW: Dave Anspaugh, Gene Julian, Jerry Hubart, Roger Harvey. Tom Wenzel, Bud Derby- shire. John Anderson, Tom Mott, Milie Leielity. THIRD ROW: I arry May, Bill Guthier. Bill Bryan, John Hammel, Jack Ormiston, Bill Wellman, Don Hosack, Mike Myers, Dennie Whit- ]o v. FROXT ROW: Jim Berlien, Carl Ransburg ' , Steve Crooks, Mike Rem- enicky, Mike Beard, Bill Rath- burn, Steve Wheeler, Phil Meyers, .Steve Woodworth. 168 OcUi iJbif J ooJtball. Under the guidance of new head coach Bill Uoba and assistant coach Jack Prosser, the Hornets raised last season ' s record of two wins and sjvan Icsses to a four and four record. After some tough early season setbacks, the entire Hornet squad proved that they had the desire to be a good football team by coming back in the second half of the season to beat their foes, topped by a season finale against a strong Decatur eleven in the first annual homecoming series. The Hornets opened their campaign in the tradi- tional Jamboree by playing Auburn to a 0-0 stand- still in the opening period. They came back in the fourth quarter and yielded seven points to Garrett. Angola again failed to score. The visiting teams, Garrett and Auburn, were victorious over the home teams, Kendallville and Angola, 53-0. However, only seven of these points were yielded by the strong Hornet defense. Angola launched their regular season with a vic- tory over Columbia City on the opponents ' field 14-0. Both touchdowns were scored on short plunges. The Hornets tasted defeat for the first time, being edged by Auburn as time ran out. With three sec- onds remaining, Auburn tallied on a short pass play. The deadlock was broken when Auburn converted the placement. The final score was 7-6. The gridders then journeyed to New Haven, los- ing to a strong Bulldog team 31-13. Angola led at intermission; however. New Haven came roaring back in the second half to post the triumph. Angola next journeyed to Garrett, only to be defeated by a 27-0 score. The state-ranked Rail- roaders proved to be the superior team in this game. Bluffton invaded Angola the following Friday. The visiting team squeaked out a 14-7 win in a thrilling contest. The home team had the lead at intermission but fell behind in the second half. Eastside then met Angola in a game here in which the Hornet seniors were not permitt;d to play be- cause of the newness of the sport to Eastside. The under-classmen dealt the visitors a sounding blow, defeating them by a 26-6 count. The Hornets next travelled to Kendallville, beat- ing the smaller Comets 31-13. Many of the Hor- net players broke into the scoring column in this game. The final game of the season climaxed a season of hard work. On the Hornets ' field, Angola de- feated Decatur 2 5-0. A combination of a strong defense and a capable offense provided the victory. The eleven seniors on the squad and Coaches Doha and Prosser will have a ood season to remember. 165) Mq H. UinLju 170 TYUisL .e- X 9- • i ' lA few T U . , xz csJlS) ' 5V--u y 171 Rushing: Carries Yards Gained Average T.D. Bill Rathburn 101 449 4.4 Mike Remenicky 47 211 4.49 Carl Ransburg 34 78 2.3 Mike Beard 28 83 2.96 Jack Ormiston 14 62 4.43 Tom Wenzel 14 94 6.7 John Hammel 9 59 6.56 Passing: Attempts Completed Interceptions Yards Percent Carl Ransburg 39 41 14 469 41.4% John Hammel 6 2 18 3 3.3% Steve Brubaker 6 2 23 33.3% Receptions: Receptions Yards T.D. Jim Berlien 11 148 1 Dennis Whitlow 9 70 1 Bill Rathburn 8 95 1 John Hammel 7 63 Defense: Tackles Mike Beard 54 Bill Bryan 49 Don Hosack 47 John Hammel 38 Bill Rathburn 37 Dave Anspaugh 34 Steve Woodworth 3 1 Bill Wellman 30 Jack Ormiston 30 Dennis Whitlow 27 172 QocudkoA, Bill Doba, Head Varsity; Abe Thalls, Junior High; Rod Wells, Junior High; Gus Haughey, Junior High; Jack Prosser, Assistant Varsity; Joe Sirk, Bee Team; Phil Hull, Junior High (pictured below) . OIL Qon QMnxjL Bill Rathburn and Carl Ransburg were named on the all conference second team; Mike Beard and John Hammel, conference third team. Don Hosack and Bill Bryan received hon- orable mention. Tyianjaq AA, STANDING: Jim Goudy, Dave Goodwin, Gary Crum, Jim Thirk- ell. KNEELING: Duane Blanch- ard, Keith Myers. 173 (JoAAihj (Bwdifisdd, STANDING: Mike Myers, Jack Ormiston, Dennis Whitlow. Mike Remenicky, Tom ' en- zel. KNEELING: Jim Berlien, Bill liatlilnirn, Mike Beard, Carl Ransburg-, Steye Woodworth. OaJUiihf £msL BACK ROW: Bud Derbyshire, John Anderson, Don Harter, Don Hosack, Bill Wellman. FRONT ROW: John Hammel, Bill Bryan, Steve Crooks, Larry May, Steve Wheeler, Phil Mej ' ers, Da " e Anspaug " h. 174 TOP ROW: Rog-er Harvey, Jce Kirchen. Tom Mott, Greg Sassman, Brad Hill, Ed Radabaugrh, Bob Erwin. SECOND ROW: Larr - Wyatt, Pete Gamniiere, Hugh Reamer, Steve Brubaker, John Mel ' adden, Jim Shire, Rick Bruner, Roger Mann, Dorsev Ketzenberger. FRONT ROW: Jerry Hubart. Mike Myers, Jim Hornbacker, Tom Wenzel, Mike Leichty, John Anderson, Bill Guthier, Roger Hubart, Gene Julian. B SL J am SsucL mL The Angola Bees finished the 196 5 football season with a 1-6 record. Though the Bees suffered more setbacks than they had victories, valuable experience was gained by many future Hornet grid stars. The Bees twice played varsity teams of schools who are just starting football. Sept. 9 Angola 14 Auburn 7 Sept. 18 Angola Lakeland (varsity) 3 3 Sept. 21 Angola 7 Prairie Heights (varsity) 14 Sept. 28 Angola 14 Kendallville 21 Oct. 5 Angola 7 Auburn 21 Oct. 12 Angola Garrett 21 Oct. 18 Angola 7 Kendallville 3 5 J ' JxsAhman S adjyvL The Angola Freshman football squad, in addition to seeing action in regular Bee team games, partici- pated in three exclusively freshman games. Sept. 9 Angola Auburn 13 Sept. 16 Angola Garrett 25 Oct. 12 Angola 7 Garrett 14 TOP ROW: Gary Barlett, Mike Brubaker, Dennis Hoolihan, Bob Brady, Gary Rans- hurg, Ste ' e Thalls, Larry Bassett, Joe Bledsoe, Bruce Br ' an. SECOND ROW: Rob Wilson, Jeff " tt olf, Eric Anspa ' ugh, Dennis Bumgarner, Larry McCutchan, Bill Disbro, Ronny Sanders, Greg Griffis, Richard Hedglin. FRONT ROW: Lee Mason, Tom Morris, Ed Bickel, Alan Bal, Scott Van Wagner, Don Wenzel, Buzz Penix, Terry ArchboUl, Keith Huffman, Dan Derbyshire. 175 Qocudksidu Behind all Angola Hornet teams are men who are devoted to the athletes ' betterment. We are proud of these coaches who show such a strong interest in our boys and who donate so much of their time and effort to promote successful athletic seasons. Queen ' s Float in Fall Festival Charles Avery, .., Wrestling ; Harry Kelley, Athletic Director; Rod Wells. Junior High Football and Basketball; Jeff Heier, Junior High Basketball and Assistant Track; William Doha, Head Football Coach. B-Team Basketball Coach; Jack Prosser, Head Track Coach, Assistant Varsity Football; Paissell Brayton, Golf; - -- - — - Basketball Coach, Assistar " --- - . .-.-.-... . ,, , Cross Country; A Football, Freshman -uc oncMa Not pictured, Tom Berry, Assistant arsity Football; Paissell Brayton, Golf; Gus Haughev, Head :h. Assistant Football Coach; Charles Dygert, Head Baseball Coach, Head Abe Thalls, Junior High Football, Assistant Track; Joe Sirk, B-Team man Basketball. Gymnastics. Assitant Baseball. 176 BcuJisdbalL 177 Jim Berlien, Guard Carl Ransburg, forward. Dick Horny, Forward Bruce Moody, Center Dave Anspaugh, Guard Dennie Whitlow, Guard Steve Rinehart, Center Bill Rathburn, Guard John Hammel, Guard Don Hosack, Forward TOP ROW: Carl Ran.-sburg, Steve Plinehart, Bruce Moody, Don Hosack, Dick Horny, Coach Gus Haughey. FRONT ROW: Dave Anspaugh, Bill Rathburn, John Hammel. Dennis Whitlow, Jim Berlien. SsijoLMm. Qn (Rwisw The 1965-66 regular season closed with a 7-13 record. The Hornets played their first game here against Churubusco and downed the Eagles 74-57. In the next two contests Angola suffered defeat at the hands of Eastside 61-39, and Bluffton 57-49. On December 10 the Hornets traveled to Howe Military and returned with a 5 7-5 3 win. The next night Angola met Columbia City who is ranked second in the area and were beaten 77-40. Angola split the next two games, losing to New Haven ' s Bulldogs 79-62 and defeating Auburn 68-65. Angola again entered the Holiday Tourney, los- ing to Garrett ' s number four state ranked Rail- roaders 71-45 and downing Ligonier 71-66. On Jan- uary 7 Angola again met Garrett, this time being downed 8 5-68. The next evening the Hornets better- ed Berne 77-71. The following week the Hornets broke even, beat- ing Waterloo ' s Wildcats 64-52 and losing a squeaker to Ligonier 76-75. The next contest found Angohi defeating Decatur by the score of 73-62. January 28 closed with Angola losing to Albion 59-53, while the following evening the Hornets were defeated by Huntertown 84-71. In the follow- ing contest Kendallville defeated the Hornets 71-63, and Leo added their coal to the fire winning 67-5 5 the following day. The Hornets met Lakeland here with a score of Angola 61, Lakeland 74. Their last regular game was A ' ith Concordia tn the Cadets ' home floor and the Hornets were defeated 8 0-54. The Hornets faced Topeka in the first game in the Sectional and were defeated by the Bears 60-58. 180 NEIA C Dennis Whitlow and John Hammt,! both received NEIAC honors this year. Dennis was selected as a mem- ber of the all-conference second team, and John received honorable men- tion. Qn ihsL £oxJi A, Jhjojn, 181 ChsisiAkjoudsUiiu With their peppy cheers and snappy songs, our varsity cheerleaders really helped promote school spirit. This was Anne Hartman ' s fourth year on the cheering squad and Lindy and Penny Mick have been cheer- leaders for three years. Nice job, girls! ShidsmL TyiannqsiAA, Gary Ci-iim, Football, Basketball; Phil Meyers, Wrestling; Clavton Blanchard, Football, Basketball; Roger, Call, Basketball; Tom Cliaiidoin, Wrestling; Jack Croxton, Basket- ball; Scott White, Freshman Basketball; Dick AVaymire, Freshman Basketball. 182 (BmL Joam. TOP ROW: Steve Brubaker, Krik ilellljy, Don Harter, John Anderson, Kalph Hall, Dennis Rausch, Coach Bill Doba. FRONT ROW: Greg- Sassman, Bill Guthier, Richie Call, Rick Gowthrop, Larry Wyatt, Larry Myers. QhssUikjodsiAA, Michelle Franze and Al.ucy Ful- ton were our Bee team cheerlead- ers for the 1965-66 season. This was Marty ' s second year as a cheerleader and Michelle ' s first year on the squad. We can expect much from them in the future! 183 (BssL J nam. Ssiadjm. Nov. 16 Angola 32 Churubusco 34 Nov. 24 Angola 43 Eastside 26 Dec. 3 Angola 34 Bluffton 45 Dec. 10 Angola 40 Howe Military 38 Dec. 11 Angola 36 Columbia City 38 Dec. 17 Angola 31 New Haven 37 Dec. 22 Angola 3 5 Auburn 28 Jan. 7 Angola 54 Garrett 82 Jan. 8 Angola 32 Berne 5J Jan. 14 Angola 36 Waterloo 38 Jan. 15 Angola 60 Ligonier 32 Jan. 21 Angola 47 Decatur 46 Jan. 28 Angola 49 Albion 41 Jan. 29 Angola 38 Huntcrtown 39 Feb. 4 Angola 42 Kendallville 52 Feb. 5 Angola 40 Leo 49 Feb. 13 Angol.1 41 Lakeland 50 Feb. 18 Angola 31 Concordia 64 Dec. 21 Tourney at Angola Angola 48 Eastside 34 Angola 33 Games won 7; Kendallville Lost 13 47 184 Our freshman cheerleaders were Jean Haynes and Linda Mortorff. They helped organize fan buses for away games and their tireless ef- forts were greatly appreciated. This was the first year for Jean and Congratulations on a job well Linda to serve as cheerleaders, done! J ' hsUkPiman. SsbOL ovL Angola 18 Angola 23 Angola 21 Angola 18 Angola 20 Angola 23 Angola 21 Angola - 33 S i Kendallville irufutft ......32 Garrett ......40 Eastside ... 27 Huntertown 36 Waterloo ......43 Churubusco .....33 Columbia City .... ..60 Eastside ......3 5 Angola 2 5 Angola 42 Angola 16 Angola -. Angola 46 Angola 3 3 Angola 50 Angola 36 Auburn 3 5 Kendallville 43 Auburn 3 5 Kendallville Forfeit LaGrange 52 Leo 46 Albion 38 Garrett 54 .STANDING: Larrv McCutchan, Joe Bled.soe, Larry Ba.ssett, Dennis Hoolihan, Gary Harlett. Bob Brady, Steve Thalls, Coach, Joe Sirk. KNEELING: Larry Banta, Dennis Bumgarner. Riihanl Hedgiin, Gary Ransburg, Tony Del ' tossa, Keith ITuffnuin. Itoliert Wilson. 185 S ntnjci JtuiA Led for the second year by Mike Myers, the Angola gymnasts closed the 1965-66 season with 3 wins and 6 losses. James Berry was the coach. To start the season the Hornet squad was victorious over Quincy SOYz- S ' z in the Angola gym on December 14. Angola journeyed to Wabash the following week and was defeated 8 8-65. Angola hosted Hillsdale on January 8 and lost a close one 93-83. At Hoagland in the next contest, the Hornet gymnasts came out on top 88 ' i-64 ' 2. The Hornets were defeated in a double dual meet held January 1 5 at Hillsdale. The host team was victorious 82-46, and North Farmingtcii won 88-40, with Mike Myers of Angola the leading scorer in both con- tests. The Hornets finished fourth in the invitational meet at Concord on January 22. Concord ' s State Champs downed Angola 105-47 here February 5. Hoagland ' s gymnasts downed the Hornets 79-75 in a close battle all the way February 12 at Angola. A victory was won by the Hornet gymnasts in the final meet of the season when Angola defeated Quincy 74 to 5 3, ' 2 at Quincy on Feb- buar) ' 19. Angola placed fourth in a field of eight at the regional at Concord. Mike Myers qualified for the state meet at Terre Haute on March 12. Mike Myers placed second m two events, free exercisa and tumbling, at the state gymnastics meet in Terre Haute March 12. He placed sixth in all around standings, and his scoring brought sixth place for Angola in the state rankings. Mike Myers, the only high school competitor in the National Gymnastic Meet at the U. S. Air Force Academy, Colorado Sprmgv placed twelfth in floor exercise and fifteenth in long horse vaulting. Lee Mason, Clark Holtzman. Lee Armey, Don ' Wenzel, Larry Giay, Mike Myers. John Artz, Dan Derbyshire, Paul Rutter, Keith Myers, Mike McBritle. Hj fl V a. A at r ' hf, « J TOP ROW: Steve Woodworth, Bill Bryan, Glen Patterson, Joe Meek, Bruce Bryan, Jack Ormiston, Jeff Andrews. SECOND ROW: Bob Kaufman, Lynn Hilton, Cliarlie Shiveley, Jerry Hubart, Ron Clouse, Tom Morse, Coach A ■ery. FRONT ROW; John Meek, Ted Crain, Alan Bal. (j MAJtUng Angola ' s wrestling team, having completed their third year of inter-school competition, was consider- ably improved over the squad last year. This year ' s record was 5 wins, 6 losses. The Hornets met a strong Howe team in the Angola gym for the first meet and bowed to the Cadets 3 5-19. The matmen of Edgerton were also victorious over the Hornets 30-23 in the next con- test. Angola, however, triumphed over Lakeland 28-26 in a meet there December 9. Angola then came up against a strong New Haven team and lost 3 3-13. A strong Decatur team proved too much for our matmen and defeated them 40-8 in a contest there December 21. The Angola wrestlers suffered defeat again 3 5-9 at the hands of a powerful New Haven squad in a meet held here. A return match with Howe there was next on the schedule, with the Hornets coming out on top 28-25. The Lakeland Lakers downed the Hornets 31-25 in a match held in Angola January 18. In the follow- ing contest the Hornets defeated the Kendallville Comets 3 5-21 at Kendallville, A powerful Edgerton squad defeated the Hor- nets 36-6 in a return match at Edgerton on Januarj ' 25. Angola closed the regular season with a second win over Kendallville 31-10 in the Comet ' s gym. The Hornet squad participated in the area wrest- ling sectional at Elkhart, scoring 2 5 points and com- ing seventh in a field of stiff competition. In the invitational tourney at Howe Military on January 29 in the Hornets finished fourth. Angola had one first place winner. Bill Bryan at heavy- weight. Steve Woodworth served as captain of the group this year. Charles Avery was coach. 187 TOP ROW: Larry Wyatt. Les Fisher. John ilcConnell, Jim Penicli, Bruce Moody, iVIike Thomas, Bill Bryan. Jim Berlien, Doug Hilton. Keith Kolb manager. FRONT ROW; Bob Grain, Roger Call, Mark Allien, Mike Myers, Steve Woodworth, Bob Walter. Ron Clouse, Joe Kirchen. JaocL and. J ' biLdL The Hornet track and field squad opened their 1965 season meeting Columbia City- April 9. The Eagles overpowered the Hornets 90-19. On April 13 Angola participated in a three-way meet with Kendallville and Lake- land. Kendallville emerged the victor with a score of 76 ' j; Angola placed second with 41; and Lakeland tallied 33 J j points. The Auburn thinlies downed Angola 77-32 in a meet there April 20. On April 22, Garrett trounced Angola 83-26 in a meet held at Boomershine Field. The Hornets participated in the New Haven Relays on April 29. Ron Clouse placed first in the mile run with a time 4:5 0.4. Howe Military ' s track and field squad downed the Hornets 65-41 on April 30. Ron Clouse set a new record for the half mile run, as he toured the course in 2:07.1; this broke the old record of 2:08.0. Mr. Nesbitt was the track coach. 188 Q)wA6u QoumiJiif. This season the Cross Country team made its best showing in three years running, with a record of five wins and five defeats. Ron Clouse was again our leading harrier as he placed well in individual competi- tion Angola was invited to the first running of the Fort Wayne South Side Invitational Cross Country meet and Ron Clouse finished second. Angola placed eighth in the meet. In the NEIAC meet he turned in .i performance placing first among 63 run- ners. As a team Angola finished fifth. At the Sectional Ron finished ninth and the team placed sixth of fifteen teams. Last year a 2 00-mile club was established by the coach, Mr. Dygert. It is based on the number of miles run in practice and meets combined. Members of the club are: Mark Allion, Rich Call, Roger Call, Ron Clouse, Bob Crain, Ralph Hall, John Mc- Connell, Larry Myers, Jim Penick, Jerry Schlosser, Charles Shively, Mike Thomas, and Bob Walter. SEASON SUMMARY First Angola 31 Hamilton 46 Fremont 44 First Angola 31 Hamilton 44 Fremont 48 W Angola 22 Auburn 3J Double Dual L L Angola 45 43 K ' ville 18 Lakeland 19 L Angola 32 Huntertown 26 W Angola 20 Auburn 35 W Angola 18 Eastside 40 Double Dual L L Angola 46 34 K ' ville 17 Pierceton 21 TOP ROW: Dav e Greiser Kevin Parri h, Kim Tubergen R uk Gowtlirop, Steve Allen. SECOND ROW: Coach Chuck Dygert, Ralph Hall, Larry Myers, Carles I ' " igueroa. Jim Penick, Steve Mason, Steve Rinehart. THIRD ROW: Koger Call, Bolj Crain, Ron Clouse, Mark Allion, John McConnell, Dick Horny, Bruce Moodv. FRONT ROW; Erik Mellby, Ricliie Call, Bob Walter, Jerry Schlosser, Charlie Shiveley, Mike Thomas, Bob Chapman. 189 (BoMhalL Ang ' ola --- 1 Angola 4 Aiiij ola 11 Angola 2 Angola 7 Conference Games Spring Concordia 4 Columbia City .... 9 Bluffton ... 2 Huntington 1 Garrett 1 1965 ' ■ ' Angola 6 Angola 4 Angola 5 Angola 3 Angola 10 T on — 7 Lost — Auburn 7 Huntington Prairie Heights .. New Haven 11 Kendallville 1 4 SEASON AVERAGES At Bat Hits Rathburn 35 10 Plank 39 S Hammel 32 7 May 31 9 Berlien 29 6 Guthier 13 2 Ransburg 8 Cable 31 S Roberts - 16 5 Reese 27 7 Meyers 15 5 Horny S 1 Call 5 1 Goodliew 4 3 Ave. Runs B B S O .286 7 6 7 .205 9 1 3 .220 8 6 4 .290 4 7 8 .242 S 7 5 .154 2 1 1 .000 1 2 .258 6 6 2 .312 2 1 4 .259 3 1 .333 3 2 6 .125 2 1 .200 2 3 1 .500 2 3 1 SUiMMER 196 5 Angola High School participated in the Vim Tri-County Summer baseball league in the summer of 1965. The highlight of the summer campaign was the Angola High Nine ' s winning the league championship and a huge trophy for their triumph. Members of the successful Hornet Team are: Season Average James Berlien 283 Roger Call 089 Bill Guthier 236 John Hammel .--- 357 Brad Hill 090 Don Hosack ISS Richard Horny .160 Larrv May 433 Phil Meyers 167 Charlie Shivelev 000 Louis Straw 333 Carl Ransburg 400 Rill Rathburn 383 Dan Reese 178 Larry Wvatt 000 TOP ROW: Coach Chuck Dygert, Ralph Hall, Mike Cable, Richie Call, Managers- Bob Kaufinan, Steve Crooks. SECOND RO " W: Larry Mav, Phil Meyers, Dick Hornv Jeff Plank, Steve Cable, Terry Roberts, Bill Guthier, Roger Call. FRONT ROW: Jim Berlien, Danny Reese, Gregg Goodhew, Bill Rathburn. John Ham- mel, Carl Ransburg. S ttri K.M ' 190 STANDING; Greg Mason. Jack Croxton, Coach Brayton, Erik Mellbv, Nicky Nix, Rick Tarian, Doug " Smitli. KNEELING: Tom Wenzel, Jlike Liechty. otl The Angola Hornet Golf Squad competed in 10 meets last season, finishing with a 5-5 record. The team opened the season April 1 3 at the Lake James Country Club against Garrett. They emerged victorious with a match medal score of 5 ' , j - 4 2. Next, Angola lost to the Auburn Red Devils IV2 - 6 1 2 and to Kendallville 3-7. But the Hornets bounced back, blanking Eastside 10-0 and Howe Military 6-4. For the following match, Angola journeyed to Cedar Lake to meet Howe Military where they downed the Cadets by a medal score of 175 to 178. In the next match Auburn defeated Angola 221-237 again on a medal score basis. The Hornets lost to Garrett 5 12 - 4 ' 2 and to Kendallville 6-4 but defeated East- side ' s Blazers 9 J 2 - Vz on the home course. 191 (paJtAoni OuA. CMvuhiiMJibu ABSTRACTS: Goodale Abstract Company 665-2314 ADVERTISING: Jack ' s Service Company, R.R. 3, Box 240 Angola 829-2845 ATTORNEYS: Trennepohl, Berger Shoup -665-6215 BEAUTY SHOPS: Beauty Clinic, 510 S. Wayne 665-3262 Kurl Korner Beauty Shop Willa Jean Resler Rainbow Beauty Gift Shop 665-5515 BOATING SUPPLIES: Quiet Harbor Marina, Everything for Boating .405-273 5 -665-3141 665-3263 BOOK STORES: Tri-State College Book Store BOTTLERS: Pokagon Beverage Company BOWLING LANES: Angola Bowl, Inc., Harry Sarver 665-9312 BUILDERS: Moriarity Pole Builders U. 5. 17 S - . .- .665-2151 AUTOMOBILE DEALERS: L. G. Maxton Sales, Inc. 665-2195 Jim Mclntyre Pontiac-Buick 665-6513 L M Motors, Inc. 665-2125 Steuben County Motor Sales 665-3106 Wild-Arnold — Mercury, Comet 665-6414 BANKS: Angola State Bank 665-2861 First National Bank of Angola 66 5-9411 BARBER SHOPS: Bud ' s Barber Shop Clark ' s Barber Shop BUILDING PRODUCTS: Bodley ' s Building Products ... 665-2912 9 . 192 CANDY DEALERS: C. A. Nedele Sons, Wholesalers Candy, Paper, Tobacco 66 -2463 CAR BODY SHOPS: Folck Body Shop 665-6013 Mann Body Shop 665-5915 CLEANERS: Angola Dry Cleaners 665-2814 McBride Cleaners 665-2715 CLOTHIERS: Jarrard ' s Toggery 665-6612 Strock ' s Men ' s and Boys ' Wear 66 5-2213 Ted ' s Casual Wear 665-6212 il CONTRACTORS: Northwest Materials, Inc. 665-2052 Rex L. Whitcomb, Contractor 829-3765 DISCOUNT STORES: Top Discount Center 66 5-3013 DITCHING AND EXCAVATING: Kenneth German, Excavating 665-6555 DRESS SHOPS: Ann ' s Dress Shop 665-2013 Harman ' s Ladies Shoppe 665-6912 Ritter and Ferry Dress Shop 665-6412 The Teen Shop 665-3966 DENTISTS: Comphments of Dr. W. R. Aldrich 665-3016 Compliments of Dr. C. B. Anderson ...665-5712 Compliments of Dr. Jack D. Brooks 665-3458 Compliments of Dr. Rodney W. Springer 665-3915 Compliments of Dr. Leif Steenerson 66 5-5014 Compliments of Dr. Stephens White 66 5-3 861 DEPARTMENT STORES: J. C. Penney Company 665-2512 Ransburg Sons, Pleasant Lake 475-262 5 Sears, Roebuck Co. Catalog Store 665-3156 DRESSED POULTRY: Kay ' s Poultry, Produce, Frozen Foods ... 66 5-6913 DRUGGISTS: Hamilton Son Drugs 665-2106 K H North Wayne Pharmacy 665-5215 Roger ' s Drug Store, Walgreen Agency .665-5 312 White ' s Drug Store 665-2166 ELECTRIC CONTRACTORS: AAA Electric Co., Inc. 665-6211 ELECTRIC SHOPS: Foutz Electric Supply ...- 665-6017 193 FACTORIES: All Metal Spinners, Inc 665-2192 Modernair Corporation 1105 Williams St., Angola 665-2175 Moore Business Forms, Inc. 665-3181 Weatherhead Company 665-2154 FARM IMPLEMENTS: Alwood Tractor Sales 665-2211 Ford Tractors Implements Chard Implement Company 665-6305 Covell Implement Store 665-2711 H S Farm Store 665-2964 FEED STORES: Hamma Feed and Supply — Feeds, Seeds, and Garden Supplies -665-3711 FILLING STATIONS: Bob ' s Hy-Flash Service Station 665-63 14 Goodwin ' s Phillips 66 Station 665-6713 Kain ' s Shell Service 665-6215 Lake Standard Service 475-9165 Bob Meyers Gulf Service .665-9221 Pleasant Lake Phillips 66 475-9175 Schaeffer ' s Standard Service 665-2411 ' " ' W- 4.:;: ' - 5 : f- ' -2 i? FINANCE COMPANIES: I I Interstate Finance 665-3114 ' I FIVE AND TEN CENT STORES: ! j W. R. Thomas 5c to $1.00 Store 665-3012 | ! I I I FLORISTS: I Throop Florist 665-5061 i FROZEN LOCKERS: Angola Frozen Locker Storage 66 5-6814 FUNERAL DIRECTORS: Klink Funeral Home 665-2121 Weicht Funeral Home 665-3111 FURNITURE STORES: Swank Wayside Furniture 1 Mile North on U. S. 27 665-3121 GARAGES: Al Lonsbury ' s Garage and Wrecker Service 665-5165 Shorty ' s Machine Shop 665-6618 GARDEN EQUIPMENT: Garden City Depot, Railroad Garden Equipment Supplies 665-3413 GIFT SHOPS: Fred Smith Gifts and Greeting Cards 665-5 365 GROCERY STORES: Erwin ' s Market, Pleasant Lake 475-272 5 Kaiser ' s Foodland Super Market -- 665-6514 194 HARDWARE STORES: Gamble ' s Hardware and Furniture 665-5761 Moore ' s Hardware, Pleasant Lake 475-3105 Seagly Brothers ' Hardware — Appliances, Bulk and Bottled Propane Gas Service 665-2563 Western Auto Associate Store, Glen Maxwell 665-5662 JEWELERS: Liechty Jewelry 665-361 3 Tuttle ' s Jewelry 66 5-3715 KIDDIE SHOPS: Lucilie ' s Kiddie Shop -.. 665-6511 -665-2613 PiEATING SUPPLIES: Howard Dodge and Son, Heating Air Conditioning 66S-6617 HOTELS: Potawatomi Inn, Pokagon State Park 665-6518 HOME EQUIPMENT STORES: Hosack ' s, Since 1915 — Electrical Appliances 66 5-3 361 INSURANCE AGENCIES: Croxton Roe Insurance Service 66 5-2462 Jacob Insurance Service 665-3194 Philip S. Johnson Insurance Agency 665-3714 National Heritage Life Insurance Company 665-3102 Weaver Booth Insurance Agency 665-2515 LAUNDRIES: Speedy Service Laundry MEAT MARKETS: Van Wagner ' s Meat Market 66 5-6815 And Slaughter House 665-2279 MOTELS: King ' s Motel 665-2 3 62 Tri-State Motel 665-3 171 MUSIC SHOPS: Jax Music Center 665-3415 Rippe Music, Inc. Baldwin Pianos. Organs, Guitars Amplifiers 665-3315 NEWSSTANDS: G K Newsstand 665-5112 PHOTOGRAPHERS: Clarke ' s Studio 66 5-5015 Gentrv Photographic 665-3456 PHYSICIANS: Compliments of Dr. Richard Artz 665-2144 Compliments of Dr. M. M. Crum — 665-2131 PLUMBERS: Selman Heating and Plumbing -- 665-6011 195 PRINTERS: Steuben Printing Company Printer of this Annual 665-3117 PUBLIC UTILITIES: Consumers Natural Gas Corporation „..66 5-3964 Northern Indiana Public Service Company 665-3137 RADIO EQUIPMENT AND PARTS: Lakeland Radio and TV Supply 665-6311 RADIO STATIONS: Station WTVB-WANG 66 5-6715 REAL ESTATE DEALERS: Ralph J. Steffan, Realtor — Farm, City, and Lake Property 665-2714 RESTAURANTS: Angola Dairy Queen — Home of the Cone with the Curl on Top 665-3249 Azar ' s Big Boy Drive-In, North Wayne St. 66 5-6517 Brown ' s Ice Cream Christy ' s Coney Island 66 5-9126 Circle 41 Restaurant 665-2 564 North Wayne Restaurant 665-5416 Outpost Restaurant 66 5-9273 Rice Bowl 665-6615 Sandy ' s Drive In 665-2963 Wellman ' s Grill 665-9224 196 — I I SHOE REPAIR SHOPS: | I Louie ' s Shoe Repair Shop I I I I I SHOE STORES: | Don Sell ' s Bootery 665-6312 j Family Shoe Discount Store 665-2916 | I I I I SPEED SHOPS: j Potential Power Supply 665-2356 I SPORTING GOODS: Ace Sportsman ' s Supply U. S. 27 North Vi mile 665-5910 Bob ' s Sports Shop 665-3614 TELEVISION SALES AND SERVICE: Arkwright ' s TV — Motorola TV ' s and Radios 665-6613 THEATERS: Brokaw Theatre 665-3912 Strand Theatre 665-3812 TIRE SALES: General Tire Co.. Inc., Fort Wayne 744-3332 Newnam Tire Service 665-6712 VACUUM CLEANERS: Electrolux Sales Service Ed F. Hauke 665-3561 YARDAGE SHOPS: Angola Yardage Shop 665-2413 dioDiL a. jptkn uomL AummafL! 197 CL Jjattsi t, pwm. thjL £dih)A, From the earliest stages of [ ' htiiiiing, to the faking of pictures, to the pasting of (hiinmies, and finally to the last minute proof reading, this annual has been a product of confusion. The reason for this is a simple one; we wanted our book to be different from those of past years. The first staff meetings in the fall were often vague and occasionally turned into mere social gatherings. We all knciv though, that zi ' e wanted to break away from the traditional format of the Key annual. After a great deal of thought, we decided to add a new section to the book that would tell the story of the year in informal pictures. Since ice were so liberally changing the book ' s format, we decided also to break away from trite, worn-out, melodramatic themes such as students climbing stairs of knowledge to enter a big, new world. Instead, in conjunction witl.i the new section we chose to show students in ivork and play. The remaining four sections of the Key still serif as a record of the eients of the 196 5-66 academic year. The process of publisljing a yearbook is certainly not an easy one. T lie first job is that of designing a coicr. Then comes tlie seemingly never-ending task of planning ivhat the book is to contain. Before pictures are taken, a list of what the editor wants must be given to the photographers. Early in the year subscriptions arc sold. This year the class of ' 66 sold a record number of Keys making it necessary to order 880 books. All copy has to be written and edited. As pictures come in, they arc sorted. Approximately 3 3 per cent of those submit led are accepted for publication. A preliminary dummy is made, and the editor determines tlie si:.e and crops for the pictures which are then sent to the engraving company. Ads are solicited from local merchants since the money brought in from subscriptions pays for only a fractional part of the book. So, as you can see, this annual is no little operation. The final layouts are made when the halftones come back from the engraving company, and the book is then sent to the printing company where still an infinite amount of work lies. Errors are corrected when the proofs are pulled. By this time little remains to do except hope that readers will like the book. My thanks go to all the people who have contributed their time and talents to making this annual possible. I owe a special thank you to my parents who responded to my moods wit I? patience and understanding. In this Key ive have tried to capture a way of life at Angola High School — - a life of friendship and a life of scholarship. We realize that these years are filled with crazy phases and changing moods. We are told to live these years, our happiest, and yet work these years, so very important. In a nutshell that ' s wljat this book is all abend. I sincerely thank you for alloiving vie to present if to you. — Jack Linn Editor 198 dudtDqhapkA. OjudtoqJiafthA. (hjdDqJiaphA. (hjdtDqhaftk u duivqAajikdL. ChjdtDqAajphA, dudtDqJuafihA. OjuiDqhaphA. duJjDqJmphA. ChjdtDqJiajfihA. I J " - - at,--:: . ftr " ' : ' : ' . r%-:-l . ' v ' l m .: F ' J fi i J ■ Jf: ■ •. ' ' ' v ' : ' i ' - " • s

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Angola High School - Key Yearbook (Angola, IN) online yearbook collection, 1970 Edition, Page 1


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