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% -i.h V . %-i f j.- ; ' y. .- ;g. ' fV Ml " ' ' : } J •V ¥ ' ■ y o NV ATTENTION! BAR CODE IS LOCATED ON INSIDE OF BOOK! I •J H J ,A a ' . Mlk 55, i y . rJ jL. ■ ' A c- ■ V . i ' . f ' f S ■j e At A X V V ' aV ,i? . 5 y V " V . ' ' S h - -A ji t ' ' ' t ■ . r ' 4i . -T l - ' v C) ■ i «. - n 7- op 0 0 ' f ( 6 0 Solo 9 Poo ; ' o Published By The Senior Class ' ? 6 0 Angola High SchooF ? Angola, Indiana ' ' X; ' ' ' Diane Ralston, Editor f v 1 - i Vi Linda VanAman, Business Manager OQ Wl i 1 Vr " tlUUUl -•-3t- „«H«5 . ,„ .. ..-J ' ' ::-N5v . ' ALLEN COUNTY PUBLIC L BRARV GENEALOGY 977. EOE AN AHS 1965 ur nev?r glancing many incidents both lalVR ' hich have brought us this far. We shall turn the pages ' Key as if each were a separate step containing a memory cherished. Table of Contents FACULTY Page 1 5 CLASSES Page 3 1 ACTIVITIES Page 77 SPORTS Page 1 07 Entrance to Knowledge ; ; The students who looked up as they went through his door of learning will long remember the familiar Public Library - School Parking Lot Across the street from Angola High School is the Public Library, where students spent much of their study time. The librarians are very helpful, especially when term papers are due. Our school parking lot is a great convenience to both students and teachers. It has also been invaluable foi those attending other school activities such as athletic events or other programs held in our school. W Public Library School Parking Lot I Pleasant Lake Scott Center A number of members of the cl.iss of ' 6 started their educational chmb within the walls of the Pleasant Lake School. They cherish many memories of the time spent in this school building. The freshman basketball team use the gym m this building for their practice sessions. Some of our graduating seniors remember Scott Center School as the starting point of their education. For the past few years Scott has served as only an elementary building and will not be used at all after this year. Carlin Park School In Carlin Park Elementary School, the newest of our school buildings, many young students receive their first formal instruction. They enjoy the advantages of a cafeteria, an all-purpose room, up-to-date equipment, and fine teachers. A new addition has increased the facilities available to the students at Carlin Park. New Building Hendry Park School The modern Hendry Park School and its faculty provide an excellent educational foundation for future study. Grades one to six attend here. The new extension on the south wing of the building supplies additional rooms, put into use for the first time this year. Angola is proud to have this up-to-date school within its system. New Addition From the Air Three of the buildings in our school system were captured in this picture when the photographer took to the air. Our Gymnasium As usual, our gymnasium and arts building has been the scene of continued activity throughout the year. In Appreciation The past year has been one filled with many activities and accomplishments. These achievements would not have been possible if it were not for the direction and leadership of Mr. Morin, the class sponsor during our junior and senior years of high school, and Keith Wyatt our senior president. We, the graduating class of 1965, wish to express our sincere appreciation to you, Mr. Morin and Keith, for your unfailing guidance and understanding. Prior to our senior year, our class presidents and sponsors were Freshman - Chuck Nedele and Mr. Dygert; Sophomore - Pam Van Meter and Mr. Bray ton; Junior - Dave Yarian and Mr. Morin. It goes without saying that our appreciation is extended to these people who gave of their many talents to guide and direct our class. In Appreciation In order for a group as large as our senior class to produce something of any merit, it m ust be guided by someone with the ability to organize pnd plenty of patience. We find these qualities in both our supervisor, Miss Shultz, and our editor, Diane Ralston. These two have been working side by side for many weeks in preparing our year book. The dedication of their time and talent will long be appreciated by all, especially those who accept this " Key " as a treasure of memories of their final year at Angola High School. In this way we wish to extend to you, Miss Shultz, and you Diane Ralston, many thanks. You deserve much credit for the quality of the 1965 " Key. " Thank-you both! With this " Key " go many thanks to the head photographer, Don Hale. He was the true spirit of the " candid camera. " Wherever there was action — there was Don! Here Sally is the subject. r BM tM S£8 AA£ ! FACULTY ., =?,, OUR SUPERINTENDENT We appreciate the work Mr. McCutchin has done for our school. This is the second he has served as Super- intendent of the Metropoh- tan Schools of Steuben County. We feel he has done an excellent job, and we sincerely thank him for all his help and guidance. SECRETARIES Mary Sanders and Edith Cox are the secretaries in Superintendent McCutchan ' s office. Although they were busy, they were always willing to help the students too. BOARD OF SCHOOL TRUSTEES The success of the school year depends upon the efforts of the Board of School Trus- tees. We owe much to them, for they have worked extremely hard on many problems throughout the year. We, the Class of 1965, wish to extend our sincere thanks for their work to make our school life better and more enjoyable. OUR PRINCIPAL Mr. Hammel has work- ed very hard to make our high school years the best possible. He has always been available to help us with our problems, no matter how large or small. Thank you, Mr. Hammel, for your kind- ness and for a job well done. BOARD OF SCHOOL TRUSTEES R. L. Nedele, Secirfary; Robert Bcrkes,Treas!irer; F. K. McCutchan, Supcrinteii- dcnt; Burdettc Hall; (Insert) D. G. Mason, President. % W ' ' - V ' .-r-S, ,mM11111]|i . " 1 ; Faculty OUR ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL Mr. Johnson, besides serving as our assistant principal, is also our athletic director. Even though he was very busy, he still took the time to help us in any way possible. We, the Class of ' 6?, wish to express our sincere appreciation to you, Mr. Johnson. SECRETARIES Rita Burrell, Kathy Fisher, and Kitty Rozell, secretaries in the high school building, are always ready and willing to assist any of the teachers or the students at any time. We, the Class of ' 6 5, wish to express our thanks for the help they have given us. Faculty MR. KOLTER and MR. FLEMING, our new guidance counselors, have been a great help in assisting us with our problems of selecting colleges and applying for scholarships. MRS. MORT- ORFF is the secretary in their office. DR. HORRALL, our school psychologist, and MRS. MORT- ORFF, her secretary also, seem to be discussing an interesting subject. MRS. HOWELL, our speech and hearing therapist, is talking with Nita Burrell about some of the interesting phases of her work. MRS. HOULTON ' , our new librarian, assists Tcrri Haley in locating some material for her English term paper. Faculty MISS SHULTZ and MRS. LAVENS discuss their English classes. Perhaps problems of both |unior high and seniors are being considered. Although MR. ATKINS teaches algebra, he seems very much interested in the progress of MR. PROSSER ' S Spanish Club. Faculty what do you suppose the topic of conversation is when MR. THOMPSON, MR. SIRK, and MR. MORIN get together - Latin, United States history, or govern- ment? MRS. OWENS on her way to English class stops for a chat with MR. CABLE about his trigono- metry and senior math work. MRS. CLARK and MR. MONTGOMERY evaluate a lab report handed in by one of their science students. Faculty Typing, shorthand, or English will be the topic under discussion by MRS. CLINE, MISS IDD- INGS, and MR. BARKDULL. At present it seems to be typin ;. MRS. LONG, our school nurse, takes time out from her day to check over some health records. MR. SCHLOSSER, MR. ETZ- LER and MR. WEARLY are dis- cussing projects in the industrial arts department. Page Tii ' cnty-two Faculty Music would be the topic of interest for MR. NICHOLS and ISS SIEBOLD. MRS. CHOKEY gives Larry Lehman some pointers on an Eng- lish theme. MR. DYGERT is telling MR. ARNEY, of the chemistry depart- ment, about the physics test he has just given his students. Vage Tivciity-tbree MRS. GREER, . new mem- ber of our faculty, is discussing a typing test with Sylvia Crone. Faculty MRS. BUSE and MRS. TRENNEPCHL seem to find their homemaking work very amusing or was it a |oke this time? " Avez-vous etudie votre lecon? " asks MRS. OWENS, of the French department. " Je viens de la finir. Elle etait tres facile, ' ' replies Jane Williamson. • «G Faculty MRS. GRABILL and MR. NESBITT take a few minutes from their physical education classes to pass the time of day. MR. BRAYTON, of the English department, is discussing a magazine article with Sharon Brandeberry. Stephanie Slanina is pleased as MR. AVERY, of the English de- partment, praises the speech she has just given. Faculty MRS. CONROW, a new member of our English depart- ment, is showing a book to MR. KELLEY and MR. FIANDT. It could be about history or English. MRS. SCHULZ, our new study hall teacher, stops between classes to talk with Sharon Randol. MR. MYERS, who teaches geometry, stops to ask MRS. KILE what the students are doing in her math classes. Faculty MR. IMMEL discusses with Connie Anderson one of the art projects. The art room is always an interesting place to be. MRS. MANALIO is explain- ing to Mike Bratton a difficult problem in arithmetic. Page Twenty-seven Our Custodians We owe many thanks to our custodians — Lester Shelton, Carlton Erwin, Jerry Rumsey, Tom German, and Don Wyatt for the services they h ave performed at A. H. S. Their work is never done. They clean the floors, repair the furniture, replace burned out light bulbs, shovel snow off the walks, and do countless other jobs necessary for a smooth running school. We thank you. A Busy Place L1A ' K ];mW Clitton Nil on, Carl W Kenneth German, Jess Greenamyer, Ed SECOND ROW Larrj Klink, Charles Libev, Mis. Naomi Van Meter, Mrs. Helen Linnemeier, George Coney, Foidyce Johnson, Otto Linnemeier. FRONT ROW: Duane Rose, Hollis Fisher. Bus Drivers Morning and evening, no matter what the weather, our reliable drivers make their rounds. They also willingly take students to outside school activities such as basketball games or on field trips. We appreciate their efforts in helping us have a fine school. Safety Patrol Harry Sowle ' s was the re- sponsibility of seeing that many students in the Angola schools safely crossed Highway 17 each day. Harry cheerfully greeted the students in all kinds of weather; he is a friend of everyone. Vage T%uenty-nine s i .-J 1 j 1 f 1 k [ i jfi a s .ci 0 S ■ CLASSES 4V ' - .v U-2 ' ' " ,1 ' CA : - V ' •+ VT c . -1 ■ Ptf e Thirty-one m BLAINE E. ALLESHOUSE TERENCE C. ANDERSON Podunk Pep Club II: Operation Brain Power 11; Hi-Y II, III, IV; Basl etball I, II; Baseball I; Student Council II: Matliemati ' ' - Contest II, III, IV; Golt III; Junior Clas.sical Lea- gue II, III, IV; Intramural Vollev Ball I; Footiiall 11, III: Chess Team I; Intra- mural Basketball I, I ' ; National Honor Society IV; yVttended Mount Saint Francis Seminary I, Seniors REBECCA ANN ADAMS Hornet St itf Til , Band I, II, III: ir. lusiia II. Ill; District Soli. Cent. SI I, II: District Ens. -mid.- ' intt-st I. II: State Ensemble Con- test II; Y-Teens II; Junior Classical League I, II; School Nurse Assistant IV; Accompanist I. II, III. FRED LYNN ALDRICH MELVIN EARL BABCOCK Hoosier Boys ' State III: Hi-Y ' I. II, III, IV: Basketball I, II, III, IV; Student Council IV; Cross Country III, IV; Mathe- matics Contest IV; Junior Classical League II, III, IV; Science Research Team III: Operation Brain Power I, II; Badminton lUinner- up II. JOHN RICHARD ANDREWS C. STEVEN BEARD Football I, II, III, IV. CRAIG T. BENSON High School Choir III, IV; Boys ' Glee Club I; Mixed Chorus II; Vocal Quartet I; Three one-act Play Cast I, II; H ' -Y II, III, IV; Mathematics Contest II: C " ub De Espanol III. IV; Science Assistant I; Science Research Team II; U.N, Test II; Spanish Fiesta Chairman IV; Ope- ration Brain Power I, II; Republican Model Conyen- tion IIP Nati.iniil Society IV. Seniors NANCY JEAN BOWLING Attended Warren Cen- tral High School. IiKliana- polis, Indiana I. II, III. First Semester IV: Krencli Club II: Pep Club II, III: Home Ec. Assistant II: Dramatics Club Plav II. Ill: Hi-C Bible Club II, III, IV: Warrennettes II, HI. IV. CONNIE LEE BODLEV Key Staff Art Editor IV: Hoosier Girls ' State III, Alternate: Y-Teens II, III. IV: Girls ' Athletic Club I, II, III, IV: Club De Espanol III, President IV: Pep Club I, II: Art Assis- tant III; School Nurse Assistant IV; National Honor Society IV. SHARON ANN BRANDEBERRY F. T.A.I. II: Hornet Staff IV: Kev Staff IV: Y- Teens II, III, IV: Pep Club I. II: Junior Classical Lea- gue I: Music Assistant III. GARY JOSEPH BUMGARNER Hi-Y III. IV: Mathe- matics Contest IV: Golf II. III. IV: Junior Classical League II. III. IV: Consul III: Football II. Ill: Ope- ration Brain Power I. II: National Merit Commen- dation. NITA JEANNFTTE BURRELL Hornet Staff III. IV: Key Staff Senior Pictures IV: School Nurse Assistant T ' : " ome Ec Style Show HI. IV. JERRY LEE BURRELL JOYCE ELAINE CALL Dramatics Club Stage Crew III; F.T.A. I, II, III, IV: Key Staff IV: Three one-act Plays Stage Crew III; Band I, II, III, IV: Orchestra III. IV: District Solo Contest I: District Ensemble Contest I, II, III, IV; State Ensemble Con- test II: Hoosier Girls ' State III; Girls ' Athletic Club II; Latin Contest I; Pep Club III; IV: Poetry Contest IV; Essay Contest IV: Junior Classical Lea- gue I. II. III. STEVEN C. CABLE Boys ' Glee Club I: Hi- Y I, II, III, IV; Track I; Basketball I, II, III: Bas- eball II, III. IV: Mathe- matics Contest II, III. IV; Essay Contest IV: Junior Classical League II, III, IV: National Honor Soc- iety III, IV: Science Assis- tant II: Science Research Team II: Football I, II, III, IV: Model Hepublican Conyention III. J tk MITCHEL C. CHRISTY High ac ' hool Choir I, II: Band I; Hi-Y I. II. Ill; Football I, II. KATHLEEN MARIE CLANCY Di-aniatius Club Pla ' IV: Dramatics Cl ' ib Stage Crew IV: F.T.A. I. II, III, IV: Three one-act Pla " s Stage Crew II: Three one- act Play Cast I, III: Na- tional Thespian Society I, II, III IV: Orchestra I. II, III. IV: State Orchestra, Band and Choir Contest I, II, III, IV: T-Teens II. Ill, IV: Girls ' Athletic Club I, II, III, IV: Pep Club I, II, IV: Poetry Con- test IV: Merit Award IV: Junior Classical League I. II III, IV: National Honor Society III, H ' : Art Assis- tant ill: Junior Classical Leaa-ue Tnasurer II, Con- sul IV. Seniors NANCY L. CARRICK Orchestra I. II, III, I - : Y-Teens II. HI. IV; Pep Club I II. HI. IV; Home Ec- Stvle Show I. II. HI. IV. ROBERT S. CHAMPION DICK COLEMAN Football I: Track I; Basketball I: Art Assis- tant I, II, III. MICHAEL L. CONCUS JR. MAX E, CONVERSE Band I, II, III, IV: Pep Band 1, II, 1 H. CYNTHIA COOK High School Choir II. HI, IV: Vocal Ensemble HI, IV: Dramatics Club Play I. II: Three One-act Plav Cast I: National Thes- pian Society I, H. HI, IV, Treasurer HI, President IV: District Ensemble Con- test III, IV: Model Repu- blican Convention HI: Y- Teens II, HI. IV, Treasurer HI, Secretary ' IV: Student Council II: Girls ' Athletic Club I, II, HI: Pep Club I. II, HI, IV; Junior Classi- cal League I. II, III. IV; National Honor Society III, IV: National Merit Letter Dt Commendation IV; Thes- pian Musical IV. Seniors REX ALLEN COX Boys ' Glee Club I Band I, II, III, IV; Orches tra II, III, IV: Distrit ' Solo Contest I, II. MI, District Ensemble Contest I: State Ensemble Contest II: Hi-Y I, ir. III, IV; Track I; Mathematics Con- test Til, IV; Pep Band I II, III, IV: Poetry Contest IV: Science Research Team II: Un ' ted Nations Histor Test II; Operation Brain Power I. II. CELESTINE MARIE CUNEO Hornet Staff IV; Y- Teens I; Pep Club I; Home Ec Assistant IV: Junior Classical League I: Home Ec Style Show II. Ill, iv PENNY LYNN DAVIS Y-Teens II, III; Pep Club I: Physical E;d. Assistant II. Ill: Art Assistant I- Home Ec. Style Sliow I, II. III. IV. CLAUDIA ANN DAVIS Girls ' Glee Club I: Three one-act Plays Stage Crew I, II: Band I, TI. Hi Orchestra II. Ill; District Solo Contest I, ir State Solo Contest I: District Ensemble Contest I, If; Y- Teens II, III, IV; Girls ' Athletic Club I. II, III; Pep Club I, II, III, IV; Junior Classical League I, II. III. IV; State Band Contest 1 II, III; State Orchestra II. Ill: Science Fair I McmIcI Republican Convention HI. riMOTHY GERALD DELLER Boys ' Glee Club I; 3and I: District Solo Con- est I: District Ensemble Contest I; Hoosier Bovs ' itate III; Hi-Y I, II. III. V; Track I. II. HI; Bas- ketball I, II; Student rouncil IV: Essay Contest V; Wrestling III, IV i ' ootball I, II. HI; Pcdunk ' ep Club II; Basketball ntramurals III; Operation irain Power I, II. VIOLA WANEICE DEMOREST High School Choir II III. IV: Key Staff IV: Na- tional Thespian Society III; Poetry Contest I: School Nurse Assistant IV. RODNEY FLOYDE DENT Hornet Staff IV: Key Sta ff IV; Hi-Y I. II. in. IV: Golf I. II. Ill, IV: Football II. Ill, IV. JANE MARIE DEMING Y-Teens II, III. IV: Girls ' Athletic Club I Pen Club I. II: Art Assistant III: Home Ec Style Slicw II, III, IV. Attended .H.S. First Semester of IV. Seniors JAMES C. DUGUID Junior Plav Stage Crew III; High Sclinol Choir I, II, III, IV, Bdvs ' Glee Cliili I: Hi-Y I, II, III, IV; Poilunk Pep Clul) I, IT; Art Assistant IV; Foiitliall I II. WILLIAM ROBERT DOCTOR Hornet Staff III; Key Staff IV; Football I, II; Basketliall Manager I; Student Council II; Pod- unk Pep dull I, II. JO ANN DUGUID High School Choir II, III, IV; Hornet Staff IV; Kev Staff IV; Thespian Society III. IV; Thespian Plavs III; Y-Teen II, III, IV; Pep Club III; G.A.A. I, II. Ill; Poetry Contest I; Vocal Solo Contest I, II, III; District Solo Contest III, IV. THOMAS D. FRANZE Podunk Pep Club I, II. REBECCA ALICE GRAMLING High School Choir ITI, IV; F.T.A. I II, III, IV; Band I, II, IV; Orchestra I: District Ensemble Con- test I, II; State Ensemble Contest I; Pep Band I, II: Y-Teens HI, IV; Junior Classical League I, II, III. ALANA R. FRENCH Key Staff IV; Y ' -Teens II, III, IV; Pep Club I, II; Physical Ed. Assistant I, II; Library Assistant III. LINDA S. GIBBENY High School Choir III, IV; Girls ' Glee Club I; Alixed Chorus I; Y-Teens II, III, IV; Home Ec Assis- tant II III, TV; Home Ec, Style Show 1, II. HOLLY ANN GOLDEN F.H.A. II; Girls ' Ath- letic Club I, III; Pep Club I; Art Awards I. II. Seniors GAYLE LOUISE GREENAMYER KT.A. I. II, III, IV: Key Staff IV; Band I, II, III, IV: Orchestra II, III, IV: District Solo Contest I, II: State Solo Contest II: District Ensemlile Contest III: Girls ' Athletic Club I, II: Poetry Contest IV: Junioi- Classical Lea£; Lie I. II, III. DON HALE High School Choir II. Ill: Key Staff Photnsra- pher IV: Hornet Staff Photographer IV: Photo Cliili r, II, III, IV. BARBARA JEAN HANSELMAN High School Choir II, III, IV: Girls ' Glee Club I: P.T.A. II, III, IV: Secre- tary IV: Three one-act Play Cast II: National Thespian Society II, III, IV: Band I, II, III, IV: Orchestra II, III, IV: Dist- rict Solo Contest I, II III, IV: District Ensemble Con- test I, II, III, IV; State En- semble Contest I, II, HI. IV: Band Contest I, II, HI, IV: Choir Contest II, III, IV: Orchestra Contest II, III, IV: 4-H Purdue Round- up; Y-Teens II, HI. IV; Track Relays Queen ' s Court: Girls ' Basketball III IV: Girls Athletic Club I, II, III, IV: Treasurer II, President HI: Pep Club I, H, III, IV, Vice President I, II: Y-Teen Summer Conference II; Junior Clas- sical League I, II, III, IV: iVational Honor Society HI, IV; Thespian Musical IV. MICHELLE JO HALL High School Choir II, HI. IV; Girls ' Glee Club I: F.T.A. I, II, HI, IV, Secre- tary III, IV: Three one- act Plays Cast I, II, III; National Thespian Society H, HI, IV: Band I, II, III, IV: ( )rcliestra I, II, HI, IV: lii.stiict Solo Contest II HI, IV: State Solo Contest II, HI, IV: District En- semble Contest I, II, HI, IV: State Ensemble Con- test II, III, IV: Hoosier Girls ' State III; Triple Trio I, II, III, IV: Girls ' Bas- ketball III, IV: Psi Iota Xi Music Scholarship III; Y- Teens I, II, III, IV: Vice President III. President TV; Girls ' Athletic Club I, II, III, IV, Secretary III; Pep Club I, II, HI, IV, Secretary II, Vice Presi- dent HI: Poetry Contest IV: Essay Contest IV; Jun- ior Classical League I, II, III, IV; National Honor Society HI, IV; Industrial Arts Assistant III, IV: School Nurse Assistant IV; Pep Band I: Thespian Musical IV. ROGER HARNISHFEGER Baseball HI: Mathe- matics Contest HI, IV: Photo Club IV. TED V. HASSELMAN Podunk Pep Club I. CHARLES La GRANDE HEDGLIN Band I. II. Ill, IV; Dis- trict Ensemble Contest II; Football I, II, HI, IV: Wrestling III, IV; Pep Band III, IV; Operation Brain Po " wer I, II. GARY S. HOLLY Hornet Staff IV: Pep Club II, HI; Mixed Chorus HI. Attended Melbourne High .School, Melbourne, Florida H, HI. Sp: LYNN KRISTINE HAYNES Dramatics riul) Stage Crew II, III, IV; Hornet Staff, Editor IV: Tliree one-act Play Cast II, III; National Thespian Societ ' II, III, IV; Band I, II: District Solo Contest I: District Ensemble Contest I. II: Hoosier Girls ' State III: Y-Teens II, III IV; Girls Athletic Cluh I, II. Ill; Pep Club I, II, III, IV: Junior Classi- al I,-:i ::; iic I, II, III, IV; N:il ;M M.lit Letter of CMiriin.ri.l.i i ]on IV: Ball Stat.- As.s.inl.l v Deleg-ate IV: B.O.v. Con- test I, II; Science Research Project TI; Youth Council Representative I, II, Secre- tar • II: National Honor Society IV. SALLY JO HOFFMAN High School Choir II, III, IV; Girls ' Glee Club 1; Vocal Triple Trio I, II. HI, IV: Dramatics Club Play II, HI; F.T.A. I, II. in. IV, Vice President III: Tliree one-act Plays Stage Crew II. Ill; Three one- act Play Cast II, HI: Na- tional Thespian Society II, 111, IV: Vice President " IV: Band I, II, HI, IV: Hist- rict Ensemble Contest I, H, HI, IV; State Ensemlde Contest II, IV; Y-Teens II. HI. IV; Girls ' Athletic Club I, II, III IV; Mathe- matics Contest I, II, HI; Pep Club I, II, III, IV; Poetry Contest IV; Essay Contest IV; Junior Clas- sical League I. II. Ill, IV; National Honor Society III, IV; Secretary-Treas- urer IV; Girls- Basketball Team HI. IV, S. h..,,! Nurse Assistant 1 ' i luidaip-. ' As- sistant I ' : ' rii.spi.t (1 Musi- cal IV: All Stat.- IV. Seniors (OHNIE M. HENNINGER RICHARD D. HILTON Key Staff IV: Hi-Y HI, I ' : Trai-k I, II. HI IV; Wrestling HI. IV. THOMAS VERN HORNBACKER Class Vice-President IV: Hornet Staff IV: Key Staff IV; Christmas Prom King III; Hi-Y I, II, III: Chaplain HI; National Honor Society IV. PATRICIA MARIE HOSACK F.T.A. II. Ill, IV: Band I, II, HI, IV; District Solo Contest I, II: District En- semble Contest I: Y-Teens II, Ill, IV; Girls ' Athletic Club II, HI, IV; Club De Espanol IV: Pep Club I. II, III, IV; Junior Classical League I, II, III, IV; Youth Power Conference HI. JAMES LEE IRELAND Dramatics Club Play IV; F.T.A. II, III, IV, Parliamentarian IV; Club De Espanol IV: Poetry Contest IV; Essay Con- test IV. Attended South Side High School, Fort Wavne, Second Semester IV. BONNIE JO JACKSON High Scliool Choir I, II; Y-Teens IV; Pep Club I, II; Essay Contest IV: Library Assistant II. HI. Seniors BEVERLY J. EDWARD WILLIAM JOHNSON KARASEK Y-Teens 11; Pep Club Hornet Staff III. SUSAN KAY KING Hornet Staff IV; Ban.l I, 11, III; District Ensem- ))le Contest I, 11, III; State Ensemble Contest I; Y- Teens II, III; Girls ' Ath- letic Club II, III; Club De Espanol III: Pep Club I, II, III: Poetry Contest IV; Junior Classical I-,eag:ue I, II. Ill: Science Assistant in. KEITH ARTHUR KOLB Junior Plav Stage Crew III; Hornet Staff IV: Kev Staff IV: Band I; Hoosier Boys ' State III; Hi-Y ' I, II, III, IV; Track I. II, III, IV; Basketball I, II, III; Essay Contest IV: Junior Classical League I, II, III, IV. KATHLEEN ELLEN KRANTZ High School Choir II, III, IV; Girls ' Glee Club I; Triple Trio I, II III, IV: Key Staff IV: Orchestra I, II, III, IV; District Solo Contest I, II, III: State Solo Contest II: District Ensemble Contest I, II. Ill, IV: State Ensemble Con- test II; Y-Teens II. Ill, IV: Girls ' Athletic Club I, III; Pep Club I, II, III, IV; Poetry Contest IV; Essay Contest IV; Junior Classi- cal League I, II, III, IV; State Orchestra and Choir Contest I, II, III, IV. SANDRA LEIGH LANCASTER Hornet Staff IV: Kev Staff IV: Band Jr. High: Girls ' Athletic Club I: Pep Club III, IV. KENTON L. LANDIS MARY ALICE KUCKUCK Y-Teens II, III, IV: Pep Club II; School Nurse Assistant IV; Home Ec Style Show I, II, III. GALE L. LINNEMEIER Band I: Hi-Y I. II. Ill IV: Club De Espam.l nr. Pep Club I: Football I. II, III. IV. k.m WILLIAM R. LIPMAX Clays Business Mana- ger IV; High SclT ol Choir II. III. IV: Bo.vs ' Glee Club I: Dramatics Club Plav IV: Key Staff IV: Band I. II, III. IV: Orchestra II, III. IV; District Solo Contest I: District Ensemble Con- test I, II, III, IV: State Ensemble Contest II III. IV: Basketball I, II: Base- ball II. Ill, IV: Cross Country III, IV: Club De Espanol III, IV; Essay Contest IV: F fep Band I, III, IV: Badminton Cham- pion II: Pins Pong Run- n-r-t ' p 11. Seniors NANCY LIGHT Key Staff IV: Band Jr. Hish: Junior Classical League II, III, IV: 4-H I Lslit Year. ' : Junior Lea- der I. II. Ill, IV. DALE G. LINNEMEIER High School ( hoir I ' : Boys ' Glee Club 1: Band I. II, III, IV; Orchestra II: District Solo Contest I, II: District Ensemble Contest II: Pep Band I. II. III. IV: Football II, III, IV: Hi-Y II, III, IV; Industrial Arts Assistant IV: Wrestlini; TIT. IV. DORIS J. LOWER Hornet Staff IV; Y- Teens IV: Pep Club III. IV: Home Ec Style Show I, II, III, IV. ROBERT W. MAINS Track I. II: Podunk Pep Club I. II. IV; Library Assistant II. III. IV. KERMIT EDWARD MANN HiKh Sihool Choir II. III. IV; Vocal Quartet I: ' ocal Trio III, IV; Band I. II, III, I ' ; Orchestra II, III, IV; District Solo Con- test I, II, III, IV: State Solo Contest I. II, III, IV; District Ensemble Contest 1. II, III, IV; State Ensem- ble Contest II, III, IV; Hoosier Boys ' State HI; Pep Band I, II, III, IV: Hi-Y II. Ill, IV; Track I: National Honor Society III, IV; Music Assistant II, IV; German Band II, III; Psi Iota Xi Music Scholarship II: Thespian Musical IV: All State On licstia IV. DENNIS KAY MAUGHERMAN Hornet Staff IV: Key Staff IV; Band I; Hi-Y II, III, IV; Track I II, III, IV; Basketball I: Baseball III, IV: Football II. Ill, IV; fTymnastics III, IV; State Gymnastics Meet III, IV. Seniors RON D. MAUGHERMAN JAMES ALLEN McCLISH Football I, II; Track I. II: Hornet Staff Assistant Editor IV. SUE ANN MAXTON Girls ' Choir I. II; F. T.A. I; Key Staff IV; Y- Teens II, III, IV; Girls ' Athletic Clul) I, II; Pep Club I, II, III. IV; Library Assistant I, II: Home Ec ■■ tyle Show I. II, HI, IV. JANET LOUISE McCUTCHAN Girls ' Glee Club I; Mixed Chorus II: Drama- tics Club Play II, III. IV; Dramatics Club Stage Cre ' w I, II, II, IV: Three one-act Plays Stage Crew III; Three one-act Plays Cast II; National Honor Society III, IV: Band I, II, III, IV; District En- semble Contest I, II, III, IV; State Ensemble Con- test I; State B.O.V. Con- test I, II, III; T-Teens II, III, IV; Girls ' Athletic Club I, II, III, Treasurer IV: Mathematics Contest III: Pep Club I, II, III, IV: Y-Teens Summer Confer- ence III; Essay Contest IV; Junior Classical Lea- gue I, II, III, IV; National Honor Society III, IV; Model Republican Conven- tion III. DENNIS W. McKOWN Hornet Staff IV: Key Staff IV: Football II, III; Wrestling III: Hi-Y II; Podunk Pep Club I, II. BETH ANN MENDENHALL High School Clioir IV; Dramatics Club Stage Crew III; Key Staff IV; Y-Teens II, III, IV: Pep Club II; Home Ec. Assistant II, III; Essay Contest IV; Home Ec Style Show I, II, III. RANDALL STEVE MEREDITH Hi-Y ' I. II: Track T. II; Physical Ed Assistant IV; j ' mnastics I, II. MICHAEL G. MEYER Thespian Play Cast IV; High School Choir II, III, IV; Band I; Hi-Y I, II, III, IV; Track I; Bas- ketball I, II: Wrestling III, IV; Football I, II, HI, IV; Thespian Musical IV. Seniors PEGGY JO MILLER Y-Teens 11, III, IV; Pi-p Cliili I, II: Physical Kd. Assistant I, II: Art Assisiiiiit III: School Nurse A M.-,i;nit IV: Hornet Staff iV Key .Staff IV; Three " II. -.Mt Plays Stage Crew II, III: National Thespian Society III, IV; Thespian Play Stage Cre%v IV; Thes- pian Play Stage Crew III. PATTY SUE MILHOLLIN Hornet Staff IV. Key Staff IV; Band I, JI, III, IV: District Solo Contest I: District Ensemble Con- test I, III: State Ensemble Contest I: Girls ' -Athletic Club II, III; Pep Club T. II. IV: Physical Ed. Assis- tant IV; .Junior Classical League I: .School Nurse Assistant IV: Pep Band III, IV, ROGER L. MORSE Art Assistant I, II. BARBARA ANN MORSE Key Staff IV: Y-Teens II, III, IV; Pep Club I, II: Home Ec .Style .Show I, II. Ill DON MICHEL MOTT Hi-Y I: Track I. 11: Basketball I; Football I. II: Podunk Pep Cluli I. IT. WILLIAM MUNN FREDERICK CLYDE ARLY MYERS ( lass Business Mgr. Ill; Hornet Staff IV: Band I: Hoosier Bovs ' State III; Hi-Y ' I. II, III, IV: Student Council IV. President IV; Poetry Contest IV: Junior Classical League II, III, IV; National Honor Soc- iety HI, IV; Science Assis- tant TIT, IV: United Nation Test II. LEWIS L. MYERS Hornet Staff IV: Key Staff IV; Hi-Y II, III, IV: Essay Contest IV: Podunk Pep Club I. II. Seniors ERIC JON NELSON Hi-Y I, II, III, IV; In- cUi.strial Arts A.ssistant IV; Footliall I. II, in. IV. BRUCE E. NELSON Band I; Hi-Y I. II. III. IV; Inclu.strial Art.s AssLs- tant IV. m jk CHARLES LEWIS NEDELE Clas.s President I; Hi.tih School Choir It. III. IV; Boys ' Glee Club I; Dra- matics Club Plav IV; Hor- net Staff IV; Business Manager I ' ' ' ; National Thespian Society IV; Band I; District Ensemble Con- test I; Football I, II; Hi- Y II, III, IV: Secretary II, President III, IV; Track I; Basketball I. Ill; Base- ball HI; Student Council I; Cross Country III; Cllristmas Prom King Candidate I: Prom Kine: IV; Gymnastics III; Thes- pian Musical IV. ION WILLIAM NEDELE Class Secretary IV : Class Treasurer IV; High S.-hool Choir II. Ill, IV; Boys ' Glee Club I; Hi-Y I, II, III, IV; Track I II; Basketball I, II; Golf III; Poetry Contest IV; Foot- ball I, II; National Honor Society IV. CAROL LOUISE NICHOLS High School Choir II, III, IV; Girls Glee Club I; Dramatics Club Play II. IV; Dramatics Club Stage Crew II, III, IV; F.T.A. I, II. Ill, IV; Key Staff IV; Three one-act Plays Stage Crew II, III; National Thespian Society II, III, IV; Band I, II, III, lA Or- chestra I, II, III. IV; Dist- rict Solo Contest I, II. Ill IV; State Solo Contest I, II, III, IV; District En- semble Contest I, II, III, IV; State Ensemble Con- test I, II, III. IV; Hoosier Girls ' State III; Y-Teens II. Ill, IV; Girls ' -Athletic Club I, II, III, IV; Pep Club I. II; Junior Classi- cal League I, II, III, IV; All-State Band III, IV; Vocal Ensemble I, II, III, IV; Pep Band I. III. IV; State Band Orchestra Vo- cal Contest I. II, III, IV; National Honor Society IV. SHEILA KAY NOLL Girls ' Glee Club I; Mixed Chorus I; Y-Teens II, III, IV; Pep Club I, II; Home Ec Assistant I; Lilo- rary Assistant I; Home Ec Style Show I. II. HI. IV. JANICE COLLEEN PARKS High School Choir II, III. IV; Dramatics Club Stage Crew II, III; F.T.A. I, II, III, IV; Key Staff IV; Classes Editor; Band I, II, III, IV; Orchestra I, II, III, IV: District Solo Con- test I; Di ' strict Ensemble Contest I, II, III. IV: State Ensemble Contest II III, IV; Hoosier Girls ' State Alternate III; Y-Teens II, III, IV; Girls ' Athletic Club I, II; Pep Club I, III, IV; Essay Contest IV; Junior Classical League I, II, III, IV; State Band Orchestra and Choir Con- test I, II, III, IV. LINDA R. NICHOLS Girls ' Glee Club I; Dramatics Club Play II; Dramatics Club Stage Crew II, III, IV: F.T.A. I. II, III, IV; Hornet Staff III; Key Staff IV; Band I, II, III, IV: District Solo Contest I: District Ensem- ble Contest I, II, III; Y- Teens II, III. IV; Pep Club I, II, III. IV; Pep Band IV; Purdue Round-Up II. 1 KARAN SUE PERKINS Pep Club II. Ill; Hor- net Staff IV: Future Busi- ness Leaders of America I, II. Attended Central High Siliool. Fort AVavne I. II, III. GAIL JEAN PENIX liraniatius Club Pla ' I. II. HI; Dramatics Club Stage Crew I. II, III, IV; F.T.A. I, II, III, IV, Con- vention Delegate III; Key Staff IV; Associate Editor; Tliree one-act Pla " s Stagre Crt w I; Three one-act Plav Cast II, III; National Thespian Societ.v I, II, III, IV; Orchestra I; Cheer- leader III, I ; Hoosier Girls ' State III; Y-Teens II, III, IV; Student Coun- cil IV; Girls ' Athletic Cluli III: Mathematics Contest I, TI; Latin Contest I; Pep Club I. II; Physical Ed. Assistant II; Poetry Con- test IV: Junior Classical League I, II, III. IV: Na- tional Honor Societv III. IV: Art Assistant II; Ro- tary Speech Contest IV. Seniors LORENE MARIE PATTERSON High School Choir I, II; Hornet Staff IV; Y. Teens IV; Pep Club I, II. .Attended North Central tl. Pioneer, Ohio, T. I 1. III. DIANNA LEE PETRE Cirls- in,-,. cinl. I; F.T.A. IV: Band I, II, III; District EnsemVjle Contest I, II; y-Teens II III, IV; Girls ' Athletic Club I, II. Ill, IV; Pep Club II, III. IV; Physical Ed. Assistant III: Home Ec. Style Show JEFFREY W. PLANK Thespian Play Cast II, III IV; High School Choir I. II, III, IV: Trio HI, IV: Thespian Plav Stage Crew I, II; Key Staff IV: Three one-act Play Cast III, Na- tional Thespian Societv IV: Band I, II, III. IV: District Solo Contest I, II; District Ensemble Contest I, II, III, IV: State Ensemble Contest III, IV: Hi-Y I, II, HI, IV; Track I: Basket- ball I; Baseball II, III, IV: Cross Country III, IV: iVIusic Assistant III; Thes- pian Musical IV. SANDRA KAY PRESLEY Y-Teens II, HI, IV: Pep Club I; Home Ec Style Show I, 11, III, IV. DEWEY DEAN POWERS Bovs ' Glee Club I; Kev Staff IV: Band I: District I-msenible ( ontest I; State Ens,-nible Contest I: Hi-Y 1, H , III, Sergeant-at-arms HI; Track I: Basketball I, II, III, IV: Baseball II: Student Council III; Essay Contest IV; Junior Classi- cal League I. II, III, IV: Captain of Football Team IV; N.B.I.C. Ill, IV. RONI RAE PUFAHL Thespian Play Stage Crew I; High School Choir III, IV: Girls ' Glee Club I, II: F.T.A. I, II, HI, IV: National Thespian Society I, II, III. IV: Band I, II, III, IV: Orchestra I. II, HI. IV: District Solo Con- test I, II, HI, IV: State Solo Contest I, II, HI: District Ensemble Contest II, III; State Ensemble Contest HI: Y-Teens II, III, IV: Girls ' Athletic Club I, II: Pep Club I, II, IV; Junior Classical League I. II, III. IV: Psi Iota Xi Scholar- ship II: All State Orches- tra IV. Seniors JUDITH DARLENE RANDOL Hornet Staff III; Key Staff IV; Y-Teens II. Ill, IV; Pep Club I, II; Physi- cal Ed. A.ssistant III, IV; Home Eo. Style Sho v I, II, III, IV. PHYLLIS ANN QUIMBY Y-Teens IV; Pep Club I, II, 111, IV. DIANE MICHELE RALSTON Hisli School Choir III, 1 ' ; F.T.A. I, II, III, I -; Key Staff IV, Editor in Chief; Band I, II, III, IV : District Solo I, II, III, IV; State Solo Con- test I, II; State Ensemble Contest Accompanist I, II, III; Y-Teens II III, IV; Girls Basketball III; Stu- dent Council I; Oirls ' Ath- letic Club I, II, III, IV; Pep Club I, II, III, IV: National Honor Societ.N ' III, IV; Music Assistant IV; Psi Iota Xi Scholar- ship IV: Girls ' Glee CluV. I, II; Accompanist I, II, III, IV. NADINA SUE RENSCH High School Clioir II, III. IV; Girls ' Glee Club I; F.T.A- I, II, III, IV; Secre- tary III, Vice-President IV; Key Staff IV. Lay-Out Editor; Band I, II, III. IV; Orchestra I, II, III, I ' ' ' District Solo Contest I, II, III; State Solo Contest I, II, III; District Ensemble Contest I, II, HI, IV; State Ensemble Contest I, II, III, IV: Y-Teens II, III, IV, Treasurer IV: Junior Classical League I, i, ni; Triple Trio I, II, III, IV: Psi Iota Xi Scholarship III. Psi Iota Xi Scholarship III: National Honor Society IV; All State Orchestra IV. ALEXANDER K. RISTOFF Class President I; Bas- ketball I; Essay Contest IV; Reporter for French Club I; Operation Brain Power II; Intramural Bas- ketball III, IV. Attended Stryker High School, Stry- ker Ohio, First Semester II. TERRY LEE ROBERTS Hi-Y II, III; Basket- ball II, III, IV: Baseball II, III, IV; Cross Country III, IV. LAWRENCE BARRY ROWE Art Assistant II. MARILYN LOUISE ROWE Y-Teens II, III, IV; Student Council IV: Pep Club II: Key Staff IV; Girls ' Vocal Group I; Home Ec Style Show I, II, HI, IV. 0 ' - Seniors ROBERT H. SCOTT Hornet Staff JV : Kev Staff IV i Hoosier Boys ' State III: Hi-Y 11, III. IV. Community Service Cliair- maii IV; Basetjall III. IV: tudeIlt Couni-il III: llatlie- niatk-f; II: Foot- l.all I. II III. n . SUZANNE KAY SANDERS GLORIA L. SAPP Uirls ' Glee Club 1. 11. Dramatics Club Play II: Dramatics Club Stage Crew. I, 11; Hornet Staff IV: Key Staff IV; Band I. II. III. IV: District En- semble Contest I. II; Y- Teens II. III. IV; Girls ' Athletic Club I II; Pep Club I. II. IV; Poetry Con- test IV: Essay Contest IV; Junior Classical League I, II. 111. IV: Thespian Musi- cal IV. LARRY G. SEEMAN Hornet Staff iV: Ke Staff IV; Hi-Y I. II. 111. DON A. SHEETS KENNETH L. SHELTON Hi-Y I, II, III, IV; Podunk Pep Club I, II; Golf II, III, IV; Football I. JUNE ANN SHEPHERD Hornet Staff IV; Key Staff IV; Orchestra I; Y- Teens II, III. IV; Girls ' Athletic Club I; Pep Club I. II, III, IV; Physical Ed. Assistant III. IV; Library Assistant III. IV; Home Ec Style Show I. II. III. IV. NINA KAY SHEPHERD Hornet Staff IV: Key Staff IV; Y-Teens II, III, IV; Girls ' Athletic Club I; Pep Club I; Physical Ed Assistant III; Library As- sistant IV. Seniors BEVERLEY ANN SHIRE Y-Teens I, II: Pep Club I, II: Home Ec Style Show I, II, III. RODNEY LYNN SIDERS Hornet Staff III: Hi- Y I, II, III, IV; Track I; Basketball I: Junior Clas- sical League I, II. HI. IV: Program Chairman: Wrest- ling III. DEBORAH ANN SPANGLE Class Vice-President I; Girls ' Glee Club I. 11; Dra- matics Club Play I; F.T.A. IV; Kev Staff IV; National Thespian Society II, III, IV; Band I, II, III, IV; Orches- tra IV; District Solo Con- test I; District Ensemble Contest I, II, III. IV; Y- Teens II, III, IV: Y-Teen Cabinet III. IV: Girls Basketball II, IV: Girls ' Athletic Club I. II, III, IV, Secretary II, Vice Presi- dent III: Pep Club I, II, III, IV: President IV; Y-Teen Summer Conference II, III. JUDITH ANN STEVENS F.T.A. I. II, III, IV: Dramatics Club Stage Crew I, II, III; National Thespian Society II, III, IV; Band I, II, III, IV: District Ensemble Con- test I: Hoosier Girls ' State III; Y-Teens I, II, III, IV; Scrapbook IV; Girls ' Ath- letic Club I. II, III, IV: Treasurer IV: Pep Club I, II, III, IV: Junior Clas- sical League II, III, IV; Treasurer III: Girls ' Bas- ketball III, IV; 4-H I, II, III, IV, President II, III, Photography Club II; Na- tional Honor Society IV. DENNIS EUGENE SPALLINGER F.F.A. I, II, III, Ser- gent-at-Arms: Junior Play Cast HI: Boys ' Glee Club I, II, HI; District Solo Contest I: District Ensem- ble Contest I. II: State Ensemble Contest I, II; Football I. Attended Lafay- ette Jackson High School, Lafayette Indiana I, II. III. JAMES WIGHT STIRLING Attended Elmira Free Academy, Elmira. New Y ' ork, I. II, III; Rotary Speech Contest IV. STEPHEN FRANK STROCK High School Choir IV: F.T.A. IV: Band I; Dist- rict Solo Contest II: State Solo Contest II, III: Foot- ball I, II, III, IV: Hi-Y II, III, IV: Baseball II. Ill, IV; Club De Espanol IV. MICHAEL S. SUNDAY Library Assistant II: Podunk Pep Club I, II; Pro- jectionist I, II. Seniors TRACY L. STROH MARGARET ANN SUTTON F.T.A. I. II. III. IV: Treasurer IV; Key Staff IV, Chairman of Organi- zations Committee: Band I: District Ensemble Con- test I: T-Teen.« II. III. IV: Pep Club I, II. IV: Home Ec Assistant I ' : Regional Science Fair I. TERRY L. SWAGER Poclunk Pep Club I, II. SUSAN SWAGER Kev staff IV: Band I: Y-Teens I. II. Ill: Pep Club I, II. Home Ec Style Show I. II. Ill, IV. LESLIE WAYNE TANER Hornet Staff IV: Club De Espanol IV: Junior Classical league I. II. III. IV: FrH.tliall III. DENNY TANNER JIM THOMPSON Band 1: Hi-Y I. II. Ill: Physical Ed. Assistant IV: Gymnastics III, IV. SARA DIANE THOMAS Y-Teens III. IV: Cheer- leader I. Attended Fremont Ross High School. Fre- mont. Ohio. I, First Se- mester n. Seniors JACK E. TRITCH PAMELA VAN METER Class President II; Class Vice-President III; F.T.A. I, II, III, IV; Band I, II, III. IV, Twirler I. Drum Major II, III, IV: 4-H I, II, III, IV; T-Teens II, III. IV. Chaplain III, IV; Girls ' Athletic Club I, II, III, IV; Pep Club I, II, III, IV: Poetry Contest IV; Essa.v Contest IV: Junior Classical League I. II. Ill, IV: Attended Smith Wal- bridge Drum Major School. LINDA KAY VAN AMAN Dramatics Club Play I; Dramatics Club Stage Crew I, II: F.T.A. I, II, III. IV; Key Staff IV, Business Manager IV; Band I, II. III. IV; Orchestra I. 11. Ill, IV: District Solo Con- test I, II, III, IV: State Solo Contest I. Ill, IV; District Ensemble Contest I, II. Ill, IV: State Ensem- ble Contest I, II, III, IV; Hoosier Girls ' State IV; ,State Band, Orchestra and Choir Contest: T-Teens II, III, IV; Student Council I, III; Girls ' Athletic Club I, II, III, IV: Mathematics Contest II, III: Latin Con- test I; Pep Club I: Essay Contest IV: Merit Award IV: Junior Classical Lea- gue I, II, III, IV: National Honor Society III, IV: Psi Iota Xi Music Scholarship IV: N.S.F. Summer Science Training Program IV: Science Research Project II; Class Valedictorian. DIANA LYNN TRITCH Dramatics Club Stage Crew I, II: F.T.A. II. III. IV: Hornet Staff III: Key Staff IV: National Thes- pian Society I, II, III: T- Teens 11. III. IV: Latin Contest I: Home Ec As- .«istant IV: Poetry Contest IV; Essay Contest IV; Lib- rary Assistant II: School Nurse Assistant IV; Study Hall Assistant III: Fresh- man Vocal Group I: 4-H Assistant IV: Home Ec Style Show I, II, III, IV. PAUL ANTHONY VIERLING F.T.A. IV: Hi-Y III: Physical Ed Assistant III: Football III. DEANNA SUE WAITE High School Choir I, II, III, IV: Vocal Triple Trio: Hornet Staff IV: Band I. II, HI; District Solo Contest I: District Ensemble Contest I, II, III: State Ensemble Con- test I, II: Y-Teens II III, IV: Girls ' Athletic Club I: Pep Club: Home Ec Style Slinw I, II. Ill, IV. REGINALD WARREN DIANNA LEE WARSTLER Kev Staff IV: Y-Teens II. Ill, IV: Girls ' Basket- ball I; Pep Club I. II, III; Girls ' Athletic Club I, II: Physical Ed Assistant I, II, III. IV: Library As- sistant IV: Home Ec Style Show I, II, III. IV. VICTORIA JANE WILLIS Class SecTetary-Treas- nr. ' i- II, High School Choir II, III. IV; Girls ' Glee I ' liil. I; Triple Trio I, II, III, IV; Dramatics Club Plav II, III; Dramatics Cluii Stage Crew I, II, III; F.T.A, I, II III, IV; Treas- iiier III, President IV; Hornet Staff III, Editor; Three one-act Plays Stage I rc v HI; Three one-act I ' l iv Cast II; National Tli.-spian Society II, III. I ' : l;and I, II, III, IV; or.hestra I, II. Ill, IV; liistrict Solo Contest I, II, III. IV; State Solo Contest I, II III, IV; District En- semble Contest I, II, III, IV; State Ensemble Con- test I, II, III. IV; State B.O.V. I. II, III, IV; Dist- rict Science Fair I; Pep Hand I; Science Research Team III; Model Political " ' ' nnention III; Y-Teens II, III. IV; Girls ' Athletic Club I. II. III. IV; Latin I ' ontest I District and State; Pep Club I. II. Ill, IV; Secretary-Treasurer IV; Jlerit Award IV; Jun- ior Classical League I, II, III, IV; National Honor Society III, IV; All-State Band III. IV; Psi Iota Xi Scholarship to Micliiiian State Uniyersit ' Music Program I. II; Thespian Musical IV; Class Valedic- torian; D.A.i;. Good Citi- zen Award IV. JANE ANNE WILLIAMSON Hiijh School Clioir IV; ' lirl.-- (;lei. Club I; Mixed I ' us II ; l ' ' .T.A. I, II, III, I , Hand I. II, III, IV: I ' leliestra II, III, District III; State Ensemble Con- test II; Hoosier Girls ' State III; Y-Teens II. III. IV; Girls ' Athletic Club I. II. Ill, IV; Pep Club I, II, III, IV; Physical Ed As- sistant IV; Poetry Contest IV; Essay Contest IV; Junior Classical League III. IV; Girts ' Basketball III, IV; Guidance Assis- tant III. Seniors GORDON WOLF Basketball Jr. High. ROBERT DANIEL WELLS Key Staff IV; Ar sistant II, III; P Pep Club I. DENNIS WILLIAMS Coachmen Auto Club .Secretary- Treasurer IV; Attended Odessa High School. Odessa. Texas I. II, HI, First Semester IV. DAVID L. YARIAN Class President III; Class Secretary I; Class Treasurer I; Boys ' Glee Club I: Key Staff IV; Band I; Hi-Y I, II. Ill, IV. Vice President HI. Chaplain II; Hi-Y Summer Conference ' H, III; Track I. II. HI; Basketball I, II. III. IV; Mathematics Contest II, III, IV; Junior ( ' lassical League III . ;il ;,] M.ilMM Society III. IV, President IV; Science Research Team II; Football I. II. HI. IV; Republican Model Conven- tion III; N.S.F. Scholar- ship HI; Honorable Men- tion on NEIC All-star Basketball Team. GAYLE F. WYATT Podunk Pep Club I. II. KEITH K. WYATT I ' lass President IV; Football II, HI IV; Bas- ketball I; Baseball HI. IV. Senior Class Officers PRESIDENT Keith Wyatt VICE-PRESIDENT Tom Horn backer SECRETARY-TREASURER ]oit Nedele BUSINESS MANAGER Bill Lipiiicin COLORS Turquoise aud White MOTTO " h, Onrseh ' es Our Future Lies " FLOWER White Orchid SPONSOR Mr. Marin After High School People who have graduated Always return and say, " The best years of my life Were in my high school days. " But we, today, as seniors, Think they surely must be wrong. For it ' s days like theirs, of freedom. For which we seem to long. However, when we graduate, I imagine we too, shall tell Of all our glorious high school days. That we enjoyed so well. — Pain Vati Meter •g ' C -a- Class Officers PRESIDENT Phil Meyers VICE-PRESIDENT _ Steve Wheeler SECRETARY-TREASURER Joan Dygerf BUSINESS MANAGERS Dai e Goodwin, Cheryl Fisher, Bruce Moody . . COLORS Red and White MOTTO " We Will Find a Way or Make one " FLOWER Red Rose SPONSOR . . Mr. Thompson Juniors Top Row: Rita Adamsons, James Alcock, Ama AUeshouse, Mark Allion, SECOND ROAV: Jim Anderson. Dennis Barnes, Terry Sue Barnum, Hike Beard, Jim 3erlien, Ronnie Bickel, Rosie Lee Blanton, Larry Boiler. ' ' A ' ' L h. .... ■ ,. , „ ' S ' tI ' S ' ' - ? " ? ' ' . !- ' ' ' " ■ Dianna Campbell, Xaiicy Camp)i,ll, J.-niiv Canadav Bettv Carrick, Kathy Chadwick, Nyal Chiddi.ster, Glenn Cliristen. naua.x, rietix SECOND ROW: Don Clark, Ron Clouse, Michael Cogge.shall, Jerry Cope Sandv Counterman, Bob Crain, Ted Grain, Don Crone. i?aiiu THIRD ROW: Steve Crooks, Dennis Croy, Gary Crinii. Tony Culver Pes°v Day Joan Dygert, Richard Fee. Steve Ferris. " " ' " ' ' ■ «= = J Da , Juniors 1. , ' ' ' ' ? , ' " ' " V- ' ' ' i " " l I ' ' sher, Katliy Fisher, Leslie Fisher, Alan Flegal. Beth Flegal Robert Florentine. Doug, Goodhew. ' eo »i. «reen ' T? °Hn i ' v ■ rl " ' ' ' ' , S ' " ? " " ' " ' ' enAa (5oudy, Larry Gray, Jon Green. Ruth Ann Gi een, Jim Haddix, David Halderman, Terri Haley. w=,Jh!.l?° nf ' - ' d ' " ' i ' Haneork, John Hart, Patrieia Harter. Anne Hartnian, Bob Hawthorne, Charles Heckathorn, Roxana Hedglin, Mike Hensel. TOP ROW: Ciitliic Hi-rl. I ;iii .1. Ililf. .lohn Hillpi ' , Mavy Jane Iliiitz, Dave Hoffman, Janet Hnlman, Siizy lloltznian. Shii-li- - H.Milihain SBI ' ONI) RiiW; I ' hk ll " rM ' . Stevr Hull, Marihn liinian. ,!i yri- J.iliiisun, Robert JohnsdR, Diana Kay i;.ili,.it Kanfman, Kathle.-n Knlb. THIRD ROW; Jan. I K ' nkntsis. Kathryn T anman, Dai-rj- belinnin. Jo I.eininger, Lonnie Libey, JacU Linn. Carolyn Locke, Harold Locke. FOURTH KOW; Kmncth Maier. Gary Mansberger, PIincKt Mason, Greg Mason, Phyllis Mason, Larry May, Marilyn MrBride: Class Sponsor, Mr. Thompson. Top ROW: .1 ' Uu .M(C,,nTi.-]l, MrCormiik, Joe Meek, Phil .Mc. ers, Melinda Mick. Milliceiit Mi.k, lock Millii, Snsic Miller. SECOND Ro ' : J, an .Mills. lUindy Mills, K ' a, - Minster, Uruce Moody, John Moor, Andy Moore. Hal C..nnic M. ers. THIRD ROW: ilar - Xewnam. Joan Xicbols, AIar. - Nichols, Steve Norman, Norman Packer. Kathy Parsell, Jerr. - Petre, Ted Pollard. I TOP ROW: Itita Prior, Dennis Radabaugli, Dianna Ranilol, Sliaron Randol. Carl Ransburg. Bill R athbnrn, Dave Reamer. Mickey Resler. SECOND ROW: Ardith Riehmond. Barbara Itiemke, Teresa Rigelman, Steve Rine- liart, Pbilip Kiitter. Jennifer liyan, Glenda Sams, Mimi Sclieuring. THIRD ROW: .loAnn Selilosser, Ken Schortgen, Lois Sellgren, Frances Senger, Melvin Sheets. .lolni .Shonp. Steiilianie Slanina. Pliil , ' mathers. Juniors TOP ROW: Doug Smith. Steven Smith Mary Lou Sprinkle. Cathy Steiner. Steve Terry, Jan Thomas. Judy Thomas. Richie Tliomas. SECOND ROW: Marsha Tiffany. Jim Tritch. Yvonne Underwood, Hilda Vierling. Judy Wall, Richard Warstler. Richard Wells. Steve Wheeler. THIRD ROW: Connie May Whipple, Dennis Whitlow, Nancy Wilder. Marleen Wise, Jimmy Wolf. Steve Woodworth. Jan Wunderlin, Mary Beth Zuber. Not Pictured: Canles Jon. Vickie Osborne Class Officers PRESIDENT Bol, Vat, Auk.-n VICE-PRESIDENT Bill W ' cllmun SECRETARY-TREASURER j a, lice CbariJ COLORS Mm Gnrn ami White MOTTO .. " With a Better Today We Build a Better Toiiiorrou " FLOWER White Orchid SPONSOR ....- Mr. Braytoii Sophomores TOP R(; •: J-e All.rijilit, Ste -ii AUeshouse, Jeff Annrews. Jim Andiew-s, Dave Anspaugh, Glen Arme . Susan Austin, lioberta ilartcn. et; Cc4 ■ . hk " Tlr , f ' , l i TOP ROW: Danny Clark, Terry Coggeshall, Kay Coif, Linda Cope, Terry Jo Cotner, Vicki Crone, Jack Croxton, Diana Ciineo. SECOND ROW: Dennis DeMara, Cliarles EastercUiy, Cliarlotte Eastertlay, Phyllis Eff. Stephen Eley, Jim Elliott, Mike Erwin, Nancy Field. THIRD ROW: Greg- Fifer, Lee Fisher, Cheryl Flegal, Stephen French, Susan Fulton, Donita Good, Elsie Gordon, Rick Goxvthrop. Sophomores TOP ROW: Roger Green, Paul Grieser, Bill Guthier, Brad Hale, Karen Hamm, John Hammel, Marlene Hai " t, Don Harter. SECOND ROW: Lynn Hilton, Jim Hornbacker, Don Hosack, Bruce Householder, Jerry Hubart. Roger Huliart, Helene Hubler, Christine Hull. THIRD RC)W: Steve Ickcs, Connie Jackson. Marlene Johnson, Gene Julian, Jim Kaufman. Ronald Kelly, Karline Kirchen, Cindy Landis. TOP ROW: Mike Liechty, Liiirla Linn. Kit Long ' . Bevtrly Maier, pliyllis Mann, .Steve Mason, Alan Maugherman. Mitchell McConnell. SECOND ROW: Kay WcKadden. Mary Mesta. Cheryl Meyers, Ann M.Mire. lic.h, Carolee Moore, Debbie Molenz. Jan Morley. Sophomores TOP ROW: Dennis Petrt-. Steve Pini ry. Janie.s I ' ullard. Joe Potts. I)eniiis F ' utnmn. Cheryl Ralston, Danny Reese, Kichard Reynolds. SECOND ROW: Robert Reynolds. Donna Richards, Rebecca Richmond, Paul Kine- hart, Gil Rogers, Richard Roniine, Jim Sandidge, Kathy Sanxter. TF IRT) KOW: Karen Schindler. Randy Sht-ets, Georgre Shepherd, Ginny Sh«.ui». Margie Smitli, Glenn Snidle, Jean Stt- " ens, L ewis I». Straw. ,T()P ROAV: Linda Sunday, Bob Tarpley. Linda Teegardin. Linda Thobe, Bonnie Tritch, Kim Tnbergen, B0I3 Van Auken, Jean Van Aman. SEOOND r;OW: Vikki Velkoff, Linda Vogtman, Verna Waite. Bill Wellman, Jean Wells, Tom Weniiel, Ronald West, Linda Whitlow. THIRD ROW: Marilyn Wild, Connie Willig, Barbara Wilson, Patty Wyatt, Ricky Yarian, Nancy Zabst, Linda Zimmer; Class Sponsor. Mr. Braj ' ton. NOT PICTLTI:p:D: Paul Harmon. Angola High School In Winter ' ' «t . iii ' liUi ' t , Class Officers PRESIDENT Dciuns Pyaiiscb VICE PRESIDENT _ Tom Wya i SCERETARY-TREASURER Mary Aim Kmg COLORS ..._ Blue and While MOTTO " Today Wc Follow; Tomorrow Wc Lead " FLOWER White Orchid SPONSOR Mr. Barkdnll Freshmen TOP ROW: Jim Al)bott SECOND ROW: Steve Allen, Peggy AUeshouse, I ' atiicia Alwnocl, Jchn Anrit-ison. Liz Andrews, Cindy Ballard. David Barlett, Connie Barniini. THIRD ROW: Rex I ' artlett. Ronald Bartlett. Howard Beekman. Jean Beekman. Tony Bickel. Clayton Blanihard, Bohliy Boyle. Steve Kruhaker. m o £X TUP ROW; tMchard Briiner, Gary Biitz, Mike Cable, Richard Call, Robert Chapman, Linda Clancy. Darlene Cox, S ' lyia Crone. SECOND ROW: Joey Crossley, Darrell Curtis, Mary DeLong, Donald Demorest, Garland Derb ' shire, Dayid Dilts, Mary Donnelly. Jerry Duguid. THIRD ROW: Stan Dunevant, Ellen Eberhardt, Daniel Ehvorthy, Mike Emerick, Edward Ed yin. Linda Everett, Dick Fau.sht, Carol Ferri.s. Freshmen TOP ROW: Dian Flegral, Debbie Foglesong, Michelle P ' ranze, Martha Fulton, Marlin Gil, Leslie Gowthrop, Harry Greenwalt. Ralph Hall. SECOND ROW: Ryan Harnishf eger, John Hartman, Re. Hartnian, Roger Harvev, Tom Hasselman, Shann Hetty, Brad Hill, Bob Hoffman. THIRD ROW: Sheila Hoffman. Theresa Howard. Howard Hubler, Mike Hull, Steven Johnson, Karen Jones, Michael Julian, Rex Kelly. V TUP KUW: Dorsey Ketzenberger, Rosalee Kilburn, Mary King " . Joe Kinlieii, Uay Knecht, Jeannine Landis, Dianne Lanman, Alice Lawson. SECOND ROW: Donna Docke. Roger Mann, Wendy McBride. Mike MeClelland, Jolin McFadden, Brian Mead. Erik Mellby, Vicki Meredith. THIRD ROAV: Judy Miller, Stan Monroe, Cynthia Morenz. Keith Mortorff. Tom Mott, Bonnie Miinn. Philip Murden, Keith Myers. Freshmen TOP ROW: Larry Myers, Nancy Neuenschwander, Neil Nix, Mar.sha Ore yiler. ilary Ann Orlosky, Jim Parsell, Brent Pastor, William Penick. SECOND ROW: Greg Persons. Howard Petre, Milton Petre. Phelan, Larry Pike, Eddie Radabaugh. Dennis Rausch, Hugh Reamer. THIRD ROW: Dan Reese, Shirley Reichard, Diana Richmond, Linda Rinehart, Randy Ritter, Joyce Rockwell, Michael Itomine, Mike Rose. TOP RUW: Rita Rowe, Paul Rutter, Anne Ryan. Ijaura Sailor. Danna Sanders, Geraldine Sanders, Greg Sassman, Larry Sauter. SECOND ROW: Larry Schieber, Jerry Schlosser, Greg Sharrow. Jim Shire, fharles Shiveley, Linda Shumaker. Dale Smathers, Linda Smith. THIRD ROW: Deborah Somerville, Shirley Stoker, Kay Stowe. Tom Strawser, Michael Thomas. Wendy Tressler, Stephen Tritcli, Sheila Underwood. Freshmen TOP ROW: Gloria Waggoner. Linda Walsh, Darrel Walter, lionald Warstler, Shirley Williams, June Williamson, Mike Wisner, Don Wolf. SECOND ROW: Larry Wyatt. Charolen Zeigler. Michael Zeigler, Michael Zuber, Robert Bird, Robert Budd, Gary Spallinger; Class Sponsor, Mr. BarkduU. NOT PICTURED: James Sandidge, Karen Schindler. _ Classes General Business is being taught this year By a new teacher named Mrs. Greer. World History is a class and a half, Now that Mr. Sirk is on the staff. H;re is a class in English IV; Seniors ' heads hold more and more. In business law the students study with zest; Mr. Barkdull is about to administer a test. Classes Mrs. Choksy teaches English III, A shining group of seniors to be. Mrs. Owens is smihng it ' s true, But her Enghsh students know term papers are due. Mr. Immel ' s class looks smart; Everyone should study art. Mr. Brayton in English II Tells his sophomores what to do. Classes Mr. Nichols waves his faithful baton, And the band plays cheerily on. Mr. Kelley is a history fan; Every student work as hard as he can. While Mr. Prosser plans a fiesta, His estudiantes would rather have a siesta. " Take care of the test tubes, " Mr. Arney might say. As general science gets under way. Classes English is Mr. Avery ' s specialty. And the Juniors love it, it ' s plain to see. Figures the students all know, Under the direction of Mrs. Manalio. Latin lives today at A. H. S. Mr. Thompson puts it to the test. If that problem has you on a limb, There ' s Mr. Myers - just ask him. Classes Mr. Atkins will tell you it ' s true, Algebra II ' s not easy to do. Senior Math is headed by Mr. Cable, And all his students arc eager and able. Mr. Dygert knows his stuff; Household physics is quite rough. Mrs. Trennepohl in her class of homemaking. Teaches the finest of sewing and baking. Classes Metal shop with Mr. Etzlcr is really great they say; With his boys he makes much progress each day. Do their talents never ceas:? Each boy ' s knowledge is bound to increas2. From kitchen cabinets to a cedar chest. In wood shop Mr. Schlosser knows best. Two industrious senior boys Investigating that mysterious noise. Classes Miss Iddings in typing lA Enlightens her students in many a way. Mrs. Conrow knows her English, without doubt; It appears that these freshmen are finding this out. Special instruments can be fun; The ' study them all, one by one. Mr. Montgomery is showing them how To finish an experiment here and now. Classes In French we say, " Parlezvous francias " While jMrs. Owens says, " Sil voLis plait. " These boys would have to get up pretty early To get through mech. drawing without Mr. Wearly. Though no classes are held in study hall, Mr. Brayton might say, it ' i the best place of all. fl ft ( io Physical Education Classes The first three pictures show the sophomore girls ' physical education classes in action. First we see Cheryl Myers and Michelle Franze on the balance beam. Jump high, Linda! Here, Linda Zimmer is practicing on the trampoline. Kay Cole, Judy Mortorff, and Beverly Boyd are dem- onstrating a stunt on the side horse. The fourth group is the eighth grade boys ' physicial education classes taught by Mr. Nesbitt. Randy Mere- dith is an assistant. ,- - «5«u- " Suinmer Driver Training Classes Angol.i was the first school in the state to start a driver education program in 1947. Since 19 5 7 this class has been given only during the summer months. Students receive thirty-two hours of class room instruction and twenty-six hours in a car, six of which are behind the wheel. The instructors last summer were Mr. Cable, Mr. Kelley, Mr. Ryan, Mr. Etzler, Mr. Morin, and Mr. Frymier. Familiar Entrance School Bus Arrives Student During the school year the teachers are assisted by students in their various classes. The students gain more experience and information in their chosen fields while helping. The first group helped Mr. Etzler in the metal shop department. Michelle worked in the office. The next picture shows assistants working on a project for woodshop. Helping Mr. Wearly are his stu- dents in mechanical drawing. Below we see the film projector oper- ators with Mrs. Houlton. Movies and slides would not be possible without them. They unpack films, sort them, and show them in the classrooms where they are scheduled. Hats off to all these students who willini ly work in their chosen departments! Jl Assistants Mr. Immel is aided by his art assis- tants. Much checking materials and clean up work must be done. Next we see the students who help in the music department, putting away music, hanging up choir robes, and doing several other jobs. The science department receives help from stu- dents pictured. The student librarians are receiving instruction from Mrs. Houlton, the faculty librarian. Mrs. Buse and Mrs. Trennepohl are shown talking things over with their home- making assistants. Next are a number of girls who work in the girls ' physical educa- tion department. Lois Sellgren and Sally Hoffman are pictured with Mrs. Mortorff while they assist her with the work in the guidance department. The school nurse, Mrs. Long, is aided in her work by the group of girls pictured. They stay in the health room during their free time, aid in whatever way they can, and call Mrs. Long if she is needed. i S uaI ACTIVIT Q o vj eA o Q. i ' f " o viVN $ OO ' N.AX PJ. M P« (? Seventy-seven IP .u yv A- S i;i iITi iR-iii-CHIEF Hiane Ralston Sally Hoffman James Ireland Peg- Miller Jane Williamson APSOCIATK Jean Penix Jeff Plank .Michelle Hall Terrv Anderson Roni Rae Pufahl Judy Stevens Lynn Tritch Linda Nichols LAYOUT EDITOR N ' adina Rensch Lana French Vaneice Demorest !Jayle Greenam ' er Beth Mendenhall SENIOR PICTURES Nita Biirrell Peg Miller Judy Itandol Jane Williamson CLASSES Janice Parks Sharon Brandeberry Xancy Light June Shepherd ORGAXIZATIOXS Peggv Sutton Carol Xichids Janet Mci ' utchan FEATURES Barbara Morse Joyce Call Janet McCutchan DRAMATICS Michelle Hall Jean Penix Roni Rae Pufahl SNAPSHOTS Debbie Spangle Joyce Call Ju ' dv Stevens Peggy Sutton Diana Warstler ART Connie Bodley Kathy Clancy Marilyn Rcwe Danny Wells Pat Milhollin Vicki Willis TYPISTS Gloria Sapp Jane Williamson Sue Maxton BOYS ' SPORTS Dewev Powers Rod Dent Doug Hilton Tom Hornlmcker Keith Kolb Bill Liipinan Dennis Maugherman Bill Munn Alexander Ristoff Terry Roberts Dave Y ' arian PHOTOGRAPHY Don Hale Roger Harnishfeger BUSINESS STAFF Linda Van Anian Terrv Anderson Bill Doctor Bill Lipman Peg Miller Sheila Noll Janice Parks Jeff Plank Marilyn Rowe Nina Shepherd Lewie M ' ers 3am Seeman Kenny Sheltc The Hornet The journalism classes went all out this year to make The Hornet the best ever. For the first time the school newspaper was professionally printed. Journalism students became involved in display, makeup, typography, and advertising, and the cir- culation was expanded as the publication was sold to the public as well as to students. Through deter- mination and hard work on the part of the staff The Hornet was an agent to distribute news and opinions throughout the school and community and a source of pride for the staff, students, and faculty of A.H.S. THE STAFF Editors Lynn Haynes, Nita Burrell Associate Editors Jack Linn, Jim McChsh Business Managers Sue Waite, Bob Scott, Chuck Nedele Boys ' Sports _ , .Keith Kolb, Bill Munn, Tom Hornbacker Dennis Maugherman, Rodney Dent Girls ' Sports Bobbie Leininger Exchange Editors ..Karan Perkins, Peg Miller James Ireland Society Editors Anne Hartman, Kathy Parseil Feature Writers Diana Jones, Sharon Brandeberry, Lynn Budd, Doris Lower, Cele- stine Cuneo, Peggy Day, Barbara Riemke, Gary Holly, Rita Prior, Janet Kukutsis, Sandra Lancaster, Susan King, Lorie Patter- son, June Shepherd, Nina Shepherd News Writers ...Tom Hornbacker, Karan Perkins, Gregg Goodhew, Steve Strock, Bob Scott, Gloria Sapp, Pat Milhollin, Larry See- man, Lewis Myers, Leslie Taner, Dennis Mc- Kown. Editors Talk Things Over Editors And Business Manager The Hornet Is Out Hornet Is Being Sold Get Your Copy! National Honor Society Election to National Honor So- ciety is an achievement of which every member can be proud. Fifteen percent of the graduat- ing class are eligible for membership. Ten percent are elected in the junior year and five percent, the senior year. Members are elected from the upper third of the class ranked scho- lastically with a B average. They are chosen by the faculty on the basis of scholarship, character, leadership, and service to the school. Members of the senior class elect- ed in their junior year were: Steve Cable, Kathy Clancy, Cynthia Cook, Michelle Hall, Barbara Hanselman, Sally Hoffman, Kermit Mann, Janet McCutchan, Billy Munn, Jean Penix, Diane Ralston, Linda Van Aman, Vicki Willis, and Dave Yarian. The senior members named this vear were: Terry Anderson, Craig Benson, Connie Bodley, Lynn Haynes, Tom Hornbacker, Jon Nedele, Carol Nichols, Nadina Rensch, Judy Stev- ens. The students elected from the junior class this year were: Mike Beard, Nancy Campbell, Kathryn Chadwick, Joyce Johnson, Jack Linn, Greg Mason, Marilyn McBridc, Me- linda Mick, Mellicent Mick, Bruce Moody, Phillip Myers, Kathryn Par- sell, Carl Ransburg, Phillip Rutter, Mimi Scheuring, Phil Smathers, Steve Terry. The local chapter was organiz- ed in 193 5 and the total membership is now 395. The officers of the organization elected before the close of last year were: Dave Yarian, president; Cyn- thia Cook, vice-president; and Sally Hoffman, secretary-treasurer. Mr. Fleming was the faculty ad- viser. SENIORS TOP Rt ' W; Terry Aiulerson, Michelle Hall, .Steve Cable, Linda Van Aman. Tom Hornbacker, Barbara Hanselman, Craig Benson, Diane Ralston, Billy Munn, Vicki Willis, Ker- mit Mann, Jon Nedele. FRONT ROW: Judy Stevens, Kathy Clancy, Janet McCut- chan. Carol Nichols. Jean Penix. Connie Bodley, Nadina Ren- sch. Lynn Haynes. JUNIORS TOP ROW: Steve Terry, Phil Smathers, Phil Rutter, Carl Ransburg, Bruce Moody, Phil Meyers, Jack Linn, Greg ' Mason, Mike Beard, FRONT ROW: Penny Mick, Kathy Parsell, Kathy Chad- M ' ick, Marilyn McBride, Joyce Johnson, Lind " Mick. Mimi Scheuring. Nancj ' Campbell. OFFICERS Huffman, Dave Yarian, President Billy Munn Addresses Group Sludent Council The Student Council is designed to encourage better understanding and cooperation between the student body and faculty and to promote worth- while activities to benefit the school. The major project of the council this year was a paperback book rack. Other projects were the sale of Hornet booster pins and travelogue tickets, and plans were made for a school bicycle rack. This was the first year that the president of Smiling Officers Student Council was chosen by an all-school elec- tion. The president had been chosen in previous years by the members of Student Council. Membership in the organization consists of four representatives of each high school grade and two representatives of each of the two junior high grades. This year ' s members were Seniors — Jean Penix, Marilyn Rowe, Mel Babcock, Tim Deller; Juniors — Suzy Holtzman, Penny Mick, Bob Crain, Bill Rathburn; Sophomores — Anne Moore, Cheryl Ralston, John Hammel, Kim Tubergen; Freshmen — Wendy McBride, Wendy Tressler, Ralph Hall, Hugh Reamer; Eighth Grade — Cheryl Somerlott, David Putman; Seventh Grade — Mary Hammel, Jeff Ott. The officers this year were Billy Munn, Presi- sident; Tim Deller, Vice-President; and Penny Mick, Secretary-Treasurer. Mr. Arney was the faculty adviser for Student Council. Paee Eighty-one Hi-Y The Angola Hi-Y Club, formed in 1921, is a member of both state and national organizations. The club has 92 members this year. The purpose of the club is to create, maintain, and extend through- out the home, school, and community high standards of Christian character. The Hi-Y activities throughout the year in- cluded parking cars at football games, putting on the Christmas Prom, " Wonderland by Night, " and picking up Christmas trees for the annual " Burning of the Greens " sponsored by the Lutheran Church of Angola. Harry Kelley was the guest speaker at this year ' s candlelight induction of new members, held in the Hendry Park Gym. Twenty-nine members join- ed the club this year. The programs at the regular meetings, held on alternate Wednesdays, were varied. Superintendent F. K. McCutchan talked to the club on schools of the future. A film, " Mechanized Death, " which dealt with traffic safety, was shown at one of the meetings. Mr. Morin addressed the club. Phil Sniath;rs attended the fifth Indiana Youthpower Conference held March 4 and 5 at Hotel Severin in Indianapolis. The theme of the conference was " Food Come First, " with the ob- jective of emphasizing to our young people the tre- mendous importance of proper nutrition, good eat- ing habits, and an understanding from the farm to the table food story. He was one of a total of 101 young people who represented the 9 foUowmg youth organizations in the state: F.F.A., F.H.A., 4-H, Sun- A Meeting In Progress Mr. Wearly and Phil Mr. Wcirly At The Mike Keith Addresses Meeting Pennies For Prom King shine Society, Camp Fire Girls, Hi-Y, and Rural Youth. Mr. Wearly was a chaperon. Phil Meyers, representing Indiana, attended the fifteenth national council of Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y at St. Olaf College, Northfield, Minnesota. The council met three days before ths eleventh National Hi-Y Congre ss. The club participated in a newly formed na- tional Youth and Government Program. Phil Meyers and Bill Munn are delegates representing the club. Phil was also chosen to run for governor in the pre- legislative session. The territory will include the northern third of the state of Indiana. Similar as- semblies will be held in the two other thirds of the state with the eventual state-wide conference deter- mining the winners in the various offices. Each club also will present to the legislative conference a pro- posed bill on some field such as transportation, pub- lic health and safety, or taxation and finance. This model legislation will be co-sponsored by the two voting delegates. The purpose of the Youth and Government Program is to provide young men and women with the opportunity to better understand the moral and political leadership required by our American democratic process. The officers this year are: Chuck Nedele, presi- dent; Phil Meyers, vice-president; Phil Smathers, secretary; Steve Terry, treasurer; Steve Wheeler, chaplain; and Carl Ransburg, sergeant-at-arms. John W. Wearly is the faculty sponsor. AT TPiE PROM Chuck Nedele and Gail Franklin reigned as king and cjueen of the Christmas Prom this year. The dance, sponsored by the Hi-Y Club, was a big success and greatly enjoyed by the many vho attended. The king was elected by the members of the student body, each paying a penny a vote. The last picture shows the Hi-Y hoys hard at work preparing for the Prom. Page Eighty-four Y- Teens Y-Teens is a world-wide organization of high school girls from sixty-five countries, which is affi- liated with Y.W.C.A. The many social events held during the year include the formal initiation of new members, the cookie sale, the decoration of the school Christmas tree, installation of officers, the Senior Swing Out, and the Pa-Ma-Me Banquet. One of the outstand- ing events of the year was an impressive Christmas Candle Lighting Service attended by both Y-Teen and Hi-Y members. The club also presented the school Thanksgiving program. During the summer two members, Debbie Spangle and Janet McCutchan, attended the Y-Teen Summer Conference. Represen- tatives sent to the Winter Conference were Bar- bara Hanselman and Michelle Hall. Although Y-Teens enjoy many social events, they also are a group dedicated to helping others. Aiding the local service clubs in various projects, sending birthday and Christmas cards to the in- mates of the county home, and helping needy chil- dren are a few of the numerous service projects. The officers for the 1964-6? school year were: Michelle Hall, president; Suzy Holtzman, vice- president; Cindy Cook, secretary; and Nadina Rensch, treasurer. The cabinet consisted of the elected officers and all committee chairmen — Bar- bara Hanselman and N ' ancy Wilder, program; Sally Hoffman, social; Janet McCutchan, publicity; Barbara Brown, finance; Pam Van Meter, chaplain; Diane Ralston, pianist; Joyce Johnson, song leader; and Kathy Chadwick, scrapbook. The faculty advisers were Miss Iddings and Mrs. Houlton. Members of the adult council includ- ed Miss Shultz, Mrs. Buse, Mrs. Owens, Mrs. Hansel- man, Mrs. Hoffman, Mrs. Spangle, Mrs. Swank, and Mrs. McCutchan. Cookii Initiation Candles Lighted Mike Beard, Mike Henscl And Don H.ilc Ready To Develop Pictures Photography Club The Photography Club is now in its fourth year as an organization in Angola High School. The purpose of the club is to provide boys and girls who are interested in photography an opportunity to learn more about it. Equipment which they have available includes a Bessler enlarger, paper, and chemicals, along with a complete set of photography encyclopedias. Also members of the photo club have at their disposal a 3 5 -mm Pentax camera and a 200 watt electronic flash outfit. Accessories for the near future include a sink for convenience and a fan for ventilation which arc both necessities for a complete darkroom. This year the main job of the photo club in- cluded taking pictures for the Key and the Hornet. Mr. Dygert is the faculty adviser. Club Members Enjoy Their Work Spanish Club Una Noche En Un Jardin Espanol, a Spanish Fiesta, highlighted the activities of the Angola High School Spanish Club this year. Decorations carried out the theme of a Spanish garden. The party consisted of a supper with some Sp anish dishes fol- lowed by dancing and various kmds of entertam- ment presented by club members. Approximately 125 students attended the fiesta as well as some faculty members. The fiesta was partially financed by the profits made from the sale of candy by club members earlier in the year. The 90 members of the club were mainly Spanish I and Spanish II students. They met twice a month having a business meeting during home room period and an evening meeting for entertain- ment and enlightenment. Mr. Hile, Spanish teacher at Ashley, showed a film and talked to club mem- bers about the trip to Mexico he and some of his students made last summer, at one entertainment meeting. At another, club members presented skits on careers. New officers were inducted at a formal cere- mony early in the year. Each outgoing and incom- ing officer made a brief speech at that time. New members had to perform such feats as finding their ways blind folded through a maze of chairs when they were initiated at a later meeting. Officers this year were: Connie Bodley, presi- dent; Bob Crain, vice-president; Jean Stevens, sec- retary; and Carol Chokey, treasurer. Craig Benson was the fiesta chairman. Senor Jack Prosser was faculty adviser. Mr. Prosser Addresses Meeting Christmas Decorations Candy Sale Jean Selling Latin Paper Anne Alias Venus Junior Classical League It is the aim of the Junior Classical League to further an interest in the classics. Members gain an appreciation of the cultural aspects of ancient Greece and Rome and learn how many of these customs have influenced our lives today. The Angola chapter of Junior Classical League was organized in 195 3 and meets every even Tues- day of each month. Each spring, J. C. L. entertains its new mem- bers with a slave auction or Olympic supper. This school year the organization sponsored a money making project. Ball point pens in the school colors were sold by the members. Officers for this year were: Kathy Clancy and Dick Horny, consuls; Ginny Shoup, scribe; Judy Mortorff, questor; Jean Pcnix and Rod Siders, pro- gram chairmen; and David Yarian, song leader. Mr. Thompson is the club ' s faculty adviser. Officers and Sponsor UULJ Future Teachers of America Is teaching the profession for you? Mem- bers of the Future Teachers of America are given the opportunity to answer this question for themselves through actual teaching ex- perience. They may explore their own abilities and interests related to the teaching profession, cultivating the qualities of personality, char- acter, and leadership, which are essential in good teachers. Club members experience the pleasure of helping others. Attending state and area conferences, servmg as guides at school open house, helping teachers grade papers, teaching classes, helping at the district contest, participating in panel discussions — these activities were enjoyed by club members during the year. Officers of the Future Teachers of Amer- ica were: Vicki Willis, president; Nadina Rensch, vice-president; Barb Hanselman, sec- retary; Peggy Sutton, treasurer; James Ireland parliamentarian; Suzy Holtzman, historian. This year the club had sixty-seven mem- bers, who met on alternate Thursdays during activity period. Mrs. Gladys Kile was the F.T.A. faculty adviser. Members Assisted At Open House B O 4 The Next Production Is Discussed National Thespian Society The Anijola Chapter of the National Th ' spian Society was organized m 195 2. It replaced the former dramatics society known as Alpha Delta Chi. This society is an honorary organization established for the promotion and ad- vancement of dramatic art in secondary schools. It is composed of students who have earned the required number of points for meritorious work in play production. " Junior Miss " , a three-act play, was the first prduction of the year. Also a suc- cessful production was " Miracle at Potters ' Farm. " The Thespians closed the year with their first musical production, " Sal. " During the year several Thespian members presented various skits and monologues for the programs of local service clubs. The Thespian officers were: President, Cindy Cook; vice-president, Sally Hoffman; secretary-treasurer, Debbie Spangle; sergeant-at-arms, Don Crone. The sponsors and directors were Mrs. Chokey and Mrs. Lavens. Studying Lines At Rehearsal " Junior Miss " " Junior Miss, " a successful Broadway comedy, was the Thes- pians ' first production this year. The plot concerns the transforma- tion of a young tomboy into a lovjly " junior miss. " Judy Graves, is the tom- boy, who at the age of l.i not only has a roily poUy companion. Tubby, and an amazing capacity for food, but also has a burning desire to grow up to the glamor- ous age of 16. This is accomplish- ed in the course of the play. The cast included Elsie Gor- don, Pat Bryan, Bob Hawthorne, Carol Nichols, Tony Culver, Chuck Nedele, Janet McCutchan, Kathy Clancy, Waneice Demorest, Steve Norman, Bill Lipman, Jeff Plank, Glenn Snidle, Dick Fee, Don Hosack, Gil Rogers, Jim Ire- land, Mike Meyer, and Kim Tub- ergen. The play was under the direc- tion of Mrs. Chokey and Mrs. Lavens. Which one will it be? Jud} ' shows them how it ' s done. Lois and her many admirers. Th make-up crew at work. " Miracle at Potters ' Farm • •) For the first time this year the Thespians presented a play to the entire student body as an as- sembly program. The play, " Miracle at Potters ' Farm, " concerns the five orphaned Potter children who are desperate- ly in need of equipment to make a go of their farm and keep the family together. It remains for Brucie, the youngest, to provide the innocent solution. Believing that a person gets what he prays for as long as it isn ' t for him- self, he prays for everything from chickens to tractors; and on his birthday the farm is deluged with such gifts from all around the world. The play was produced with unusual effects. The stage set itself was merely suggestive of the poor rundown farm house. Changes of scene were shown by blackouts rather than curtain clos- ings. Motions were used to take the place of numerous stage pro- perties. The cast consisted of Bill Lip- man, Bob VanAuken, Joan Nic- hols, Jack Croxton, Ton Chaudoin, Linda Clancy, Bobby Burch, Betty Carrick, Jan Morley, Doug Fogle- song, Nicky Nix, Dale Smathers, Richard Reynolds, Mike Meyer, Jim Flornbacker, Glenn Snidlc, Chuck Easterday, Steve Norman, and Dennis Putman. Mrs. Chokey and Mrs. Lavens were the directors. n ' Brucie shows his " big catch. " The crew gathers for a chat. The Potters ' home. a Sal 99 " " Sal " , the first of its kind presented by the Thespians, was a hillbilly musical comedy in one act. The plot is centered around a " pistol-packin ' gal " named Sal Skinner. Sal, the sheriff of Goose Neck Creek, falls in love with an East- tern gentleman and is able to save the day by helping him find the trail to happiness. Musical numbers included: Overture-Instrumental group; Op- ening Chorus-Cal and Boys; " What Do I Need With You? " - Sal and Cai; " Win, Lose or Draw " - Cal; " Jest Serposin " - Corpus, Hank, Jim, Jessie, Bessie, Tessie; " ' Love Is A Itchy Feelin " ' - Sal; " Scena " - Ensemble; " Reprise " - Sal; " The Lost Trail " - Sal and Rocky; Finale - Ensemble. The cast included: Sal Skin- ner, Michelle Hall, Cal King, Kermit Mann; Rocky Lawson, Jeff Plank; Corpus Christie, Chuck Nedele; Razorback Hank, Mark Allion; Quickfoot Jim, Dick Fee; Jessie Clayton, Sally Hoffman; Tessie Clayton, Carol Chokey; Bessie Clayton, Marilyn McBride; Mrs. Nettie Norris, Joyce John- son; Myrtle Norris, Margie Bur- ger; Tom Weston, Bob Haw- thorne; Connie Weston, Vicki Willis; Bud Ricketts, Mike Meyers, Lightning Rod Sam, Bob Crain; Essie Clayton, Gloria Sapp. Cow- boys — Gary Crum, Bill Lipman. Bus passengers — Nancy Wilder, Charles Easterday, Phil Rutter, Cindy Cook, Barbara Hanselman, Dick Horny and Susan Austin. Reggie Warren was the piano player. The director was Mrs. Chokey assisted by Mrs. Lavens. 1 n-jCI;. , D Cowboy and Cowgirl Chorus Bus Passengers Sal and Rocky TOP ROW: Nancy Wilder, Barbara Brown. Joyce Johnson, Janice Parks, Katliy Parsell, Steve Ferris. Phil Rutter, Craig Benson, Carl Fiansburg ' , Dale Linnemeier, Jim Duguid, Don Hosack, Bill Bryan, Kim Tubergen. Sally Hoffman. Jane Williamson, Marilyn McBride. SECOND ROW: Chervl Fisher. Frances Senger, Barb Hanselman. Vicki Willis. Michelle Hall. Don Hale, Phil Meyers, Jim Sandidge, Mike Meyer, Jeff Plank, Mike Hensel, Rick Yarian, Bill Rathburn, Waneice Demorest, Beth Mendenhali, Phyllis Mann, Susan Fulton, Caiol Nichols. High School Choir The Angola High School Choir was a very active group this year. Their first performance was at Fort Wayne for a general meeting of the Northeastern Indiana Teachers Association. The theme for their Christmas concert wis " Christmas Everywhere. " The choir sang several of the songs from this concert at the Christmas assembly program for junior high and high school. They performed in March at the combined Band and Choir concert and again in May for their Spring concert. The Choir won first place in the State Band, Orchestra and Vocal Contest held in Angola April 3, This group was composed of 71 sophomores, juniors and seniors. The choir was directed by Miss Nancy Siebold, who made each concert a huge suc- cess through the use of her skill, imagination, and hard work. Miss Siebold Page Ninety-four o o O t THIRD ROW: Kathy Steiner. Roni Rae Pufahl. Linda Sunday, Joan Dygert, Chuc Nedele, John Hammel, Bill A ' ellman, Rob Crain, Bill Lipman, Jon Nedele, Kermit Mann, Bob Hawthorne, Mark Allien, Terri Haley, Kathy Krantz, Glenda Sams. Jan Morley. FRONT ROW; Linda Gibtaeny, Kathy Fisher, Anne Hartman, Susan Austin. Steve Wheeler, Leslie Fisher, Dick Fee, Phil Smathers, Steve Strock, Glen Christen, Suz, Holtznian, Sue Waite, Nadina Rensch, Margie Berger, Cindy Ccok. ACCOMPANISTS: Diane Ftalston, Jean Stevens. NOT PICTCRED: Kay Brady, Becky Gramling. Senior Triple Trio Sue Waite, Carol Nichols, Nadina Rensch, Kathy Krantz, Sally Hoffman, Cindy Cook, Michelle Hall, Vicki Willis and Barbara Hanselman are the members of the Triple trio. The members of this group have been singing together, with two replace- ments, for four years. This year, the ensemble received a superior rating in both the district and state music contests. Diane Ralston accompanied the group all four years. Ready For The Contest I IjI I I s I Nit 1,11 In I 111 Minstliiian Anne Haitman J met McCutchan, Penny Mick I ithv steiiii I I, nidi in ni(ii itki Willis UBOD Ga le Greenamyer, Lindy Mick I ss( II i i,iiin sh lilt 1- 1 INKT Jo ce Call aneKe Demorest, Susie Fulton, Mar J nil Hint Fit Milhiilliii Jin Mi i les Carol Nuhols Linda NRhols. Kathy Parsell, (Jlenda hams Ivath .sinxter Jurt st.x.ns Ijind i Suiidi Jetn Wells. Marilyn Wild. ALTO CLARINET Gloiia Sapp Hehl le s, ui„le l. ss I LA.R1MT i-ar.,l Chokey. John Hillei Sall Hoffman Jane Williams n LTu sWiipHiiM K ithy iliadxvi.k. Terri ( otner Bl enda Gc ud Maiil u McBiide lume Ptiks Judi ill TLXOU SAXOPHONE: Liibelta Baiton Chei l Ralston Diane Ralston BARITONL SAXOPHONE: I at Hosaek. Concert Band The Angola High School Concert Band is composed of 90 sophomores, jun- iors, and seniors. The band presented three concerts this year. Because of the band ' s ability to play a wide variety of music, their concerts ap- pealed to everyone ' s taste. Many of the members of the band en- tered the district music contest and sev- eral represented the band at the state music contest. The members received many high ratings. The Concert Band won first place in the State Band, Orchestra and Vocal Con- test this year. The Concert Band is under the di- rection of Mr. Nichols. He works very hard with the band and also devotes much of his time to working individually with the band members. Mr. Nichols Page Ninety-six Phil Rutter. HOltN: Dick Fee, Becky Gramling, Phyllis Mann. Dennis Putman. Frances Sender. Jean Stevens. Pam Van Meter. CORNET: Roger Call. Charles Easterday, Leslie Fisher. Gregr Goodhew. Paul Harmon, Bob Kaufman. Bill L,ipman, Ronda Nichols, Jim Sandidge, Steve Terry, Jean Van Anian. TROMBONE: Bill Bryan, Ted Grain, Jack Croxton, Kermit Mann Joe Meek, Nadina Kensch, Doug Smith, Nancy Wilder. BARITONE: Mark Allien, Dave Goodwin, Michelle Hall, Kim Tubergen. TUBA: Glenn Christen. Max Converse. Charles Hedglin. Don Hosack, Phil Meyers. Dale Linnemeier. PERCUSSION: Jim Andrews, Rex Cox, Kathv Kolb. Carl Ransburg, Bill Wellman, Steve Woodworth. TRUMPET: Jetf Plank, Stephani Slanina. BASS: Reggie Warren. CELLO: p;oni Rae Putahl. DIRECTOR: Mr. Nichols. Music Parents ' Club The Music Parents ' Club is an organization of the parents of the students who are in all of the music groups. The main purpose of the Music Parents ' Club is to support the music students in any way [XJssible. This year the District Solo and Ensemble contest and the State Band, Orchestra and Vocal contest were held in Angola. The Music Parents helped to plan for the contests and they served food to the contestants. The officers for this year were Gerald Wall, president; Mrs. Ronald Pufahl, vice- president; Mrs. Wilson Shoup, secretary; and Laurence Call, treasurer. Senior Band Members STANDING: Dale Linnemeier. Charles Hedglin. Rex Cox, Jeff Plank, Bill Lipman, Max Converse. BACK ROW: Carol Nichols, Vaneice Demorest, Joyce Call, Linda Nichols, Pat Mil- hollin, Judy Stevens, Pam Van Meter, Becky Gramling, Pat Hcsack, Michelle Hall, Diane Ralston, Janice Parks, Nadina Rensch, Kermit Mann. FRONT ROW: Vicki ' Willis. Linda Van Aman, Barb Hanselman, Janet McCutchan, Olor ' n Sapp, Deliliie Spans-le, Jane Williamson, Sally Hoffman, Gayle Greenaniyer. .-Serf r- ' If . P ' LUTE: Dian Flegal, Gay Ann Kneclit, Wendy McBrirte, June Williamson OBOE Wendy Tressler. CLARINET. Steve Allen, Peg Alleshouse, Connie Barniim, Me e Biunei Linda Cope. Mary Connelly. Eric Mellhv. Judy Miller Nancy Neuen c-hw andei Anne Ryan. Pat Soinerville. SAXOPHONE: Tlieresa Howard. Linda Vogtman. COIINET: Joiin Anderson. Marts ' Fulton. Mar ' Ann Kins ' , Jim Parsell. Dennis Rausch, Jim Sandidge. Varsity Band The Varsity Band, directed by Mr. Nichols, is composed of 42 members mostly from the freshman class. The Varsity Band serves as the training organization and helps the members pre- pare for the Concert Band as some of the members of this band will be chosen to fill the vacancies in the Concert Band next year. The band performed in two concerts this year. Several of the members entered the district music contest and received high rat- ings. The Varsity Band combined with the Eight Grade Band received an excellent rating in the State Band, Orchestra and Vocal Contest this year. A Happy Moment JUNIOR BOYS ' TRIO The members of the Junior Boys ' Trio are Bob Crain, Bob Haw- thorne and Leslie Fish- er. They have been singing together for one year. Dale Smathers. HORN: Ellen Eberhardt. TROMBONE: Bob Chapman, John Hartman. John MoFadden, Stan Monroe, Greg Sharrow, Mike Thomas. BARITONE: Jerry Duguid, Mary Ann Orlosky. TUBA: David Barlett, Mike McClelland. PERCUSSION: Darlene Cox, Jim Elliott, Steve French, Alice Lawson, Keith Myers. Greg Sa.ssman. DIRECTOR: Mr. Nichols. Pep Band The Pep Band added spirit and excitement to all of the home games. Their music was greatly appreciated by all the fans. Mr. Nichols was the director of this group. At The Ligonier Game vfM { iP- sT " ±} 1 m m mF ' _ m W m iip x v ' pv B H 1 ' 1 ' - ' iN H v m t r . , fe lips ■ l W J i ifj W_. ' ' rM W FIRST VIOLIN: Kathy Clancy, Kathy Kranlz, Marilyn McBiiile, Xadiiia Ueiisch, Ann Kiihardson, Sandy Sheffer. SECOND VIOLIN: Jackie Areaux. Ann Birchman. Kathy I ' had wick. Cheralyn Fee, Joyce Inman, Karen Mote, Stephanie Slanina, Lynn Tritcli. VIOLA: Judy Clancy, Sandra Day, Carol Nichols, Zoe Ann Noll, Jean Wells. Bill Westen- haver, CELLO: Connie Barnum, Nancy Carrick, Doug Deller, Jeff Duguid, Debbie Good, Roni Rae Pufahl. FLUTE: Penny Mick, l,inda Van Anian, Vicki Willis. OBOE: Gayle Orchestra The Angola High School Orchestra had several new members this year. The grade school and junior high school string players were given the experience of play- ing with the orchestra. The orchestra presented a concert, played for the Tri-State Commencement, and provided music for one of the Thespian plays. Several of the members entered the district music contest and received high rat- ings. Roni Rae Pufahl, was the only A.H.S. string player, to represent the orchestra in the State Music contest. The Orchestra won a superior rating in the State Band, Orchestra and Vocal Con- test on April 3rd. Good Entertainers Folk Trio The Folk Trio had a good time per- forming for many groups in the commun- ity. The members are Jeff Plank, Joyce Johnson and Kermit Mann. This group received an excellent rat- ing at the district music contest this year. CreHTiamver, Limlv .Mirk. ( ' LARI.XKT: Jovre Cali, Katliv ParstU. I incla Sunday. BAS- SOON: Ginnv Shnup. ALTO CL. I : I.N ' ET: Debbie Spangle. ALTO S. XOPHONE: Janice Parks. HORN; Ellen Ebeihaidt, Mit-helle 7-Tall, Dennis Putman. TRUMPET: Bill Lipman, Steve Terrv, Jean Van Aman. TROMBONE: George Gilbert. Kerniit Mann, Nancy Wilder. PERCUSSION: Rex Cox, Barbara Hanselman. DIRKICTOR: Mr. Nichols. All-State Orchestra The All-State Orchestra is a new group this year, and Angola is proud of the three A.H.S. orchestra members that were chosen to be a part of this organization. These members were Kermit Mann, Roni Rae Pufahl and Nadina Rensch. The group met at Indianapolis and presented a concert on March 21, the same time the All-State Band and All-State Chorus also appeared. Congratulations! String Festival Five music students — Roni Rae Pufahl, Nadina Rensch, Marilyn McBride, Connie Bar- num and Jean Wells — had the privilege of playing in a 150 piece orchestra at Manchester College, March 27, at the annual String Festi- val. Roni Rae, Nadina, and Marilyn were chosen to be in the select orchestra. Chosen for All-State Band We ' re Proud of Them The Angol.i High School music department is especially proud of four of its band members. Sally Hoffman, Vicki Willis, Carol Nichols, and Phil Meyers were chosen for the All-State Band this year. This was the second year that Carol and Vicki were chosen. This band, which is composed of 108 members from all parts of the state, met at Indianapolis and presented a concert on March 21. Brass Quartet The Brass Quartet members — Bill Lipman, Jeff Plank, Kermit Mann, and Michelle Hall — have been playing together for two years. The quartet attended the District Contest both years. This year they receiv- ed an excellent rating. Ready For Rehearsal Page One HiDulrcd Two Smiling Musicians Clarinet Quartet Carol Nichols, Kathy Parsell, Linda Sunday, and Jean Wells have been playing together for two years. The Clarinet Quartet received a superior rating at the district contest and entered the state contest both years. They received an excellent rating at the State. Ready To Perform Flute Trio Vicki Wilhs, Linda Van- Aman, and Barbara Hanselman have been playing together all through their junior high and high school years. The trio received a superior rating in both the dis- trict and state contests this year. Page One Hundred Three beauties on the Stairway Girls ' Barbershop Quartet Joan Dygert, Suzy Holtzman, Marilyn McBride, and Nancy Wilder are the mem- bers of the Girls ' Barbershop Quartet. They received a superior rating at the district and the state music contests this year. Junior Boys ' Quartet The Junior Boys ' Quartet is composed of Phil Meyers, Carl Ransburg, Mark Allien .ind Bill Rathburn. This group received a superior rating at the district music contest. Strum Us A Tune, Carl Page One Hundred Four Majorettes Our highstepping ma- jorettes added color and pep to the Marching Band this year. Pat MilhoUin and Pani Van Meter completed their third year as drum majors. The twirlers this year were Terri Haley, Mary Jane Hintz, Brenda Goudy, and Glenda Sams. They Lead Our Band Marching Band The Angola High School Marching Banci, which consisted of 90 members, per- formed at most of the home football games. Their half-time shows were enjoyed by ail the " Hornet " fans. The band also marched at the Auburn Street Fair. This group is under the direction of Mr. Nichols. Before the Auburn Fair m»mm Choirs Present Christmas Concert TliL " Triple Trio per- formed At the Christmas concert. They are Sue Waite, Carol Nichols, Nadina Ren- sch, Kathy Krantz, Sally Hoffman, Cindy Cook, Michelle Hall, Vicki WiUij, and Barbara Hanselman. The high school choir participated in several con- certs throughout the yea " . Here they are entertaining their audience at the con- cert, " C h r i s t m a s Every- « ' here. " The vocal classes took part in the concert also. For the Christmas concert a group of freshman girls demonstrated a foreign dance for the audience. The last picture shows the vocal classes ready for another number. Activities Throughout the Year This is a group of stu- dents who have been taking a Spanish test in the langu- age laboratory. Mr. Prosser is the instructor. The physics students take a break from their study of radioactivity. They are grouped around a Geiger counter. Billy Munn, president of the student body, is con- ducting an important stu- dent council meeting. The student council has accom- plished many worthwhile projects this year. The Y-Teen Candle lighting service was held at Christmas time. Joyce Johnson is leading the group in Christmas hymns. Rev. Antle was the guest speaker. I . M iAy J ' • - f: c - Page One Hundred Nine ANGfiU, Ste e Cable, Tai kit Bob Scott, £ ;; Gale Linnemeier, Center Charles Hedglin, Guard ■i3 ' fA.,jS»M» « , I : ..Ja, ii l - ' i,, V Mike Meyer, Tackle Dewfy Po k ers, £ ( 1 ) I I 1 I I i EiER, Tackle Keith Wyatt, Guard € ? 1 " £ , AWGilLA n 10 LA Avert A JB4 22 ' so .63 v Varsity The Hornet footb.ill team this year played the toughest schedule our school has had. They won two and lost seven. The Hornets started out the season against Concordia of Fort Wayne and battled to a 0-0 tie. In the next few contests the Hornets just could not keep going the whole game and as a result they were beaten. First they fell at the hands of Elmhurst 0-13, the Hornets losing the game in the second half. Next we played Auburn and looked good until the last few minutes of the first half in which Auburn scored twice, mak- ing the final tally 21-0. Then the Hornets played New Haven, which was probably the best team in our conference; New Haven won 3 3-0. Garrett was our next foe and in a hard fought contest they came out on top 13-0. Then we traveled to Bluff ton where we finally broke our score jinks but a bit too late, Bluffton winning 34-7. Howe Military came to Angola with big ideas this year, but the Hornets came COACHES Leroy Cable, Varsity: Ned Sehlosstr. Head Varsity; Phi] Hull, Junior High; Jack Prosser. Bee Team; Harry Ivelley, Hee Team; Joe Sirk, Junior High. _ ANGOLA W " ANGOLA-!- ' - ANGOLA 32; ' 31. 74 ANGOLA Season arsity TOP ROW; Bud Derbyshire, Mike Meyer, Bill Bryan, Eric Nelson, Steve Cable, Dale Linnemeier. Phil Meyers. SECOND ROW; Larry May, Steve Wood- worth, Jim Berlien, Dave Yarian. De ye ' Powers, Red Dent, Don Hosack. THIRD ROW: Mike Beard, Carl Rans- burg, Charles Hedglin, Keith Wyatt, Bob Scott. Bill Booth, Steve Strock, Doug Hilton. FRONT ROW; John Hammel. Bill Rath- burn, Steve Wheeler, Steve Crooks, Randy Meredith, Mark Allion. Dennis Maug-herman, Gale Ijinnenieier. up with their first victory of the year running over Howe by a 29-13 score. Next the Hornets took on their arch rival Kendallville here and hit the fired up Comets hard 20-7 for our second victory in a row. Heart break followed the next week as the Hornets took on highly rated T t- catur. With the score tied 14-14 and the Hornets in possession of the ball, Decatur intercepted a pass with 7 seconds left and scored. The final tally was 21-14 in Decatur ' s favor. MANAGERS ALL NEIAC HONORS Steve Cable was named on the first NEIAC team; Dewey Powers, second team; Dave Yarian, Bill Rathburn and Mike Beard, honorable mention. Keith Myers. Bill Goodwin, Gar ' Crvmi, Ste ' e Beard, Keith Kolb. Statistics oc M ■- " ' a TOTAL OFFENSE Z U fii H cC • Z a; H t2 : Rathburn 436 80 5.5 4 8 2 4.0 444 Powers 36 8 4.5 3 79 14 27. U 4 41 Yarian 294 92 3.2 47 5 9.4 341 Beard 197 47 4.2 1 30 6 5.0 227 Meredith 56 3 8 1.5 61 5 12.2 1 117 1544 PASSING Ransburg Yarian Rathburn Powers EXTRA POINTS: Powers 8 out 10 PUNTS: Rathburn 27 for 30.7 ave. SAFETY: Powers (Howe MiHtary) ! U - i- c 51 22 313 2 7 22 7 174 2 2 5 2 44 1 3 2 27 TACKLES S. Cable D. Powers D. Yarian R. Meredith M. Beard K. Wyatt D. Linnemeier B. Bryan Z H O 80 14 9 52 18 9 44 6 7 42 9 8 37 6 7 32 8 9 27 14 9 20 6 9 Mike Beard Has The Ball X yCF, Varsity Line TOP i;OW: Phil Meyers, Bill Booth, Bill Bryan, Don Hosack, Steve Crooks. Steve Wheeler, Larry May, Bud Derbyshire, John Hammel. FRONT ROW: Gale Linnemeier, Dewey Powers, Steve Calale, Dale Linnemeier, Mike Meyer, Erie Nelson, Keitli Wvatt, Bob Scott. Dennis Maughernian, Rod Dent, Charles Hedglin. Backfield Mike Beard, Bill Rathburn, Doug Hilton, Carl Haiishnrg, Mark Allien, Steve Strock, Da ' e Yarian, Handy Meredith, Jim Eerlien, Steve Wimdworth. Pane One Hundred Sixteen -V cV ' t :c€J ' !r BEE TEAM TOP ROW: Mike Meyers, Dick Fee. Dorsey Ketzenlierger. Roger Mann, Stan Dune- vant, Doug Fogelsong, Roger Hubart, Greg Sassman, Mike Wisner. SECOND ROW: Jerry Hubart, Rick Yarian. .Jack Ormiston, John Anderson. Jim Hornbacker, Don Harter, Dennis Rausch. John Hartman, Larry Wyatt, Rand ' Ritter, THIRD ROW: David MacFadden. Bill Guthier, Mike Zuber, Jim Shire, Rick Bruner, Mike Cable, Tom Mott, Jim Kaufman, Hue-s- Reamer, Steve Brubaker. Gene Julian. FRONT ROW: Brad Hill, Dave Anspaugh, Bill Wellman. Mike Lie.hty. Tom " U ' enzel, Bob Van Auken. Nicky Nix. John Harte. Keith ilycrs. Bee Team Season Angola Angola Angola Angola Angola Angola 13 12 7 13 7 Kendallville KendallviUe Garrett Garrett Eastside Auburn 19 17 13 28 6 14 Action Varsity Players Steve Rinehart, Junior Forward Mel Babcock, Senior Forward Dave Yarian, Senior _ _ Guard John Hammel, Sophomore Guard Bruce Moody, Junior Center Carl Ransburg, Junior Forward Jim Berlien, Junior _ _ Guard Don Hosack, Sophomore Forward John Hiller, Junior ..Forward Bill Rathburn, Junior Guard Dennis Whitlow, Sophomore Guard Dick Horny, Junior Forward o? i o ( Go r ' sS 30 25 44 45 f l . i 50 7 TUP ROW. Coach Kelley. Mel Babcf)c yteve Rhineharl, John Hiller, Don Hosafk FRONT KOW: John Hammel, Bill Katliliui i low. l)ick Horny. Carl Kansburg, Bruce Moody, L ave Varian, Jim Berlien. Dennis AVhit- Season In Review With 5 wins against 1 5 losses, the Hornets closed their 1964-6 5 regular season. The first game was played at Churubusco and the Hornets were defeated 80-54. In their first home game Butler edged the Hornets 64-56. Angola then played five straight conference games with five good basketball teams and lost them all. The first three of these were away as the Hornets lost to Columbia City 85-45, Bluffton 66-48, and Elmhurst, 79-38. The other two were played at Angola. New Haven beat Angola 73-5 1 in the first one. Then Auburn ' s Terry Habig swished the net for 41 points as the Red Devils rolled over the Hornets 90-64. Our first victory came in the Holiday Tourney at Kendallville when Angola defeated Kendallville 65-56. In the championship game, Garrett, one of the best teams in the state clobbered the Hornets 75-31. In the tough schedule Angola was pitted against Garrett in the next regular season game. Garrett again defeated Angola 93-44 at Garrett. Then the Hornets gave Berne a good battle in a home game but lost 73-61. The next game was with a strong high-scoring Waterloo team at Waterloo. The Wild- cats won it 99-5 1. Angola registered their second victory in a wild home game against highly-rated Ligonier by a score of 57-46. Next the Hornets lost a 79-65 game to a hot-shooting Decatur team at Decatur. The Hornets lost a thrilling 5 1-50 contest at home to Albion. It was evident that they were getting better. Next, the Hornets traveled to Huntertown and lost to a fine team 66-45. Angola then had a successful weekend in which they won two ball games at home. The Hornets roll- ed over Kendallville for the second time during the season by a score of 68-47. The next night, the Howe Military Cadets fell to Angola 70-54. In the game at Lakeland with their strong team the score was Lakeland 90, Angola 60. The Concordia Cadets fell before the Hornets 6 5-61 on the Angola hardwood as the season closed with a flourish. In the Sectional Tourney the Hornets bowed to Hamilton 63 to 45. Page One Hundred Twenty-tivo VARSITY CHEERLEADERS This yea r ' s varsity cheerleaders are Jean Penix, Anne Hartman, and Linda VanAman. They have done a terrific job in promoting school spirit. Their enthusi- astic cheers have led the pep club and boosted the morale of the team. We would like to thank the varsity cheer- leaders for a job well done. Mrs. Grabill was their facul- ty adviser. Our Coaches The school has no group of individuals more dedicated to their work than the coaching staff. A coach must be willing to spend a great amount of time and effort in preparing for each contest, and his job is often a thankless one. We want these men to know that we as students sincerely appreciate their unselfish efforts for the boys and for the school. Harry Keller - Head Var.sitv Ba.sketball Coach. B-Team Football; .1. Robert Johnson - Athletic Director; Jack Pros.ser - K-Team Football, .lunior Higrh Basketball Intramural Plav, Track; Russell Bravton - Golf; Phil Hull - .lunior High Football; Charles Avery - Wrestling; Lerov Cable - B-Team Basketball, Assistant Varsity Football; Ned Schlosser - Head Varsitv Football Coach, Freshman Basketball; Carroll Nesbitt - Gymnastics, Track; Joe Sirk - junior High Basketball. Football: Charl.-s Dygert - Baseball, Cross Country. In the Dressing Room The dressing room is an important part of the game of basketball which the spectators never see. It is in the dressing room where great teams are made. In this en- chanted place out of sight below the bleachers the coach instills into his players the feeling of determination that it takes to win. Each player has to be mentally ready for each game. NEIC HONORS Dave Yarian and Steve Rinehart were named to the honorable mention list of the Northeastern Indiana Conference All-Star team this year. STUDENT MANAGERS Phil Myers Wmfliii Mike McClelland Freshman Basketball Tom Chaudoin Wrestling Steve Allen Cross Country Steve Crooks Baseball Larry May Basketball Roger Call Basketball Jack Croxton __ Basketball Duane Blanchard Freshman Basketball % Bill (Jiithier, Kim Tnbergen, Bob A ' an Aiiken. Don Hosack Jar (Vum Toach Cable, Don H artel " . IUrk Hnrii , Dennis Whitlow. John Hammel Ru k Cn thr " p Bee Team Season Nov. Nov. 20 Angola IS ... 2N ' htiruliusi. ( ' oluinbia Hluffton Klnihurst .Xtw Hav .- ul urn . c;:irrett . Heme Waterloo Ligonier Decatur o City ... sn 46 32 40 41 60 40 38 Jan. 2; Angola 37 Feb. 1 Angola 40 Feb. Angola 24 Feb. 6 Angola 49 Feb. 12 Angola 31 Feb. 19 Angola 36 Jan. 23 Four-Way Tourney Angola 38 Angola 41 The Bee Team won 7, g 5 are out of the last lu gar Albion Huntertown Kendallviile 43 35 Nov. .33 22 Dec. Dee. Dec. Dec 4 Angola 11 Angola ... IS Angola ..... 23 Angola 5 Angola 9 Angola .... 37 3 ' J 31 36 41 ...-31 Lakeland Concordia at Lakeland Kendallviile Lakeland ames out of 20, a nes played. 39 50 Jan. Jan. 42 32 44 20 45 36 61 Jan. Jan. Jan. 15 Angola ... 16 Angola ... 22 Angola 36 43 41 nd those BEE TEAM CHEERLEADERS Our Bee team cheerleaders, Ann Moore and Ginny Shoup, always kept the gym rocking with peppy cheers and chants. These two tireless girls can be congratulated on a job well done! FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS Mary Ann King and Martha Fulton were our freshman cheerleaders for the 1964-6 5 season. They could be depended upon to give the team a real boost when the chips were down. Both girls did an outstand- ing job and we can expect much from them in the fu- ture. Freshman Season Angola 25 Angola 23 Angola 27 Angola 27 Angola 30 Angola IS Angola 18 Angola 26 Kendall ville 30 Garrett 34 Eastside 44 Huntertown 34 Waterloo 24 Churubusco 56 Columbia Citv 41 Eastside 31 Angola 24 Angola 30 Angola 36 Angola 20 Angola 27 Angola 30 Angola 19 Angola 35 Kendall ville 37 Garrett 31 Auburn 49 Kendall ville 44 Lakeland 24 Leo 31 Albion 33 Garrett 45 TOP ROW; Larry Wyatt, Steve Brubaker. John Anderson, Bob Chapman. Mr. Schlos- ser, Ralph Hall. Huey Reamer, Erik Mellby, Dennis Rausch. FRONT ROW: Mike Wisner, Tom Mott, .John McFadden, Jim Parsell, Larry Myers, Itick Bruner. Rickie Call, Mike Cable. NdT I ' TCTFRED: Greg Sassman. TOP ROW: Ed Erwin, Jim Kaufman, Mr. Nesbitt, Steve Mason, Dennis Mauglierman. Fi;ONT ROW: Keith Meyers, Tom Wenzel, Mike Myers, Paul Rutter. Jolin Iriartnian. NOT PICTURED: Randy Meredith. Lee Armey. Gymnastics Led by Mike Myers, the Angola gymnasts had a season that they can be proud of with 7 wins and 3 losses, Carroll Nesbitt is the coach. In the first meet of the season Angola hosted Wabash and defeated them by a score of 78-27. The gymnasts next met defeat at the hands of the reign- ing state champions. Concord, 81-31. Angola won their next two meets, defeating Hoagland 101-5 3 and New Carlisle 67-62. ThL ' next contest for our gymnasts was the Warren Central Invitational at Indianapolis, where they placed fifth among eight teams. Mike Myers came home with the all-around trophy for having the highest total number of points on the five Olympic events. Scoring ran as follows: Concord 124 ' 2; Warren Central 87; Columbus 67 ' 2; Madi- son Heights 5 7; Angola 52; Clarksville 40; Elkhart 18; North Central 0. Angola then traveled to Wabash to meet Wabash and Madison Heights in a double dual meet. Angola defeated Wabash 64-43, but lost to Madison Heights 88-64. Concord hosted Angola and Hoagland when Angola dropped another to Concord 102 ' 2 - 50 ' 2. but defeated Hoagland 88-64. When Hoagland host- ed Angola, Angola won 95-5 9. the last meet of the year Angola played host to Carlisle and topped them 74-5 8. 1 I ilaced seventh at the State Gymnastics t ( i-d High School March 13. Mike Myers . ace in Free Exercise, a sixth on the and tied for seventh in tumbling. man won ninth on the side horse. ig-la be proud of the fine showing the s , and next year should see an even ,cs team. Wrestling This was the second year for the Angola wresthng team and the members showed much improvement over last year, even though the team finished the season with a 0-10 record. The team traveled to Howe Military for their first meet and were defeated by the score of 38-18. They then met a strong Edgerton team and lost 34-6. The next week the group traveled to Lakeland where they lost a very close contest by the margin of 28-22. Angola was host to New Haven in the next meet and lost by a score of 34-20. To mark the half-way point of the season, the Hornets met a tough Decatur team and were defeated 43-5. The team traveled to New Haven, where they were defeated by a score of 42-10. They then hosted Howe and were beaten by 39-13. The next week Angola traveled to Decatur and were downed 39-13. Angola was then defeated by Edgerton 31-20 but showed much improvement since the first meet. The Hornets then par- ticipated in the Howe Military invitational tourney and finished third. In the last meet of the season Angola played host to Montpelier and lost a heartbreaker by the score of 28-25. In the sectional tourney at Elkhart, Tim Deller, Steve Woodworth, and Bill Bryan all received third place in their individual weight classes. Ron Clouse received a fourth place. Much credit should be given to C " ' . Avery for keeping the boys ' spirit high. TOP ROW; didge, Leslie Converse. SECOND Crain. Joe Mf FRONT . Woodworth, (iKlin. Jim Andersen. Steve Crooks. Jack Ormiston. Jim San- Cable, Jeff Andrews. Charles Shiveley, Dave Reamer. Max y, Bob Grain, Mike Liechty, Don Crone, Doug Hilton, Ted on Clouse, tJennis Radabaugh, Tom Chaudoin, Phil Meyers. iT.Tra, Mike Beard, Bill Bryan. Jim Tritch, Tim Deller, Steve Stroh, Terry Coggeshall. Roger Hubart. Ti IP l;() V: I.xiin lliltMii. Flegal, Carl Ransburg-, George Shoup. Glenn Barlett, Bruce iliii.dy, Pliil ileyei-s, I yiin Mauglierman, Bill Bryan. Tom Ciiehran, Ken Gulcher, Mike Meyers. SECOND ROW: Jerry Hubart. Larry Waite. Les Fislier. Jim Berlien. Daye Yarian. Dennis Maugherman, Roger Call. Ron Cloiise. Mike Beard, Steve ■ Vood voith, Mark AlHon, Tim Deller, Mike Liechty. FRONT ROW: Jim Peniik, Dou.g Hilton. Gary Crum. Jim McClish, Dale Linnemeier, John McConnell. Bill Wellman. Jolin Hammel. Bill Rathburn, Steye Wheeler. Jim Horn- backer. Track The Angola track team ended the 1963-64 season with three wins and five losses and two new school records set. Angola started the season against Concordia and the Hornets suffered their first defeat 66 ' ..-32 ' j. The Hornets then became the victim of Columbia City 71-38. The thinlies then bounced back to defeat AviUa 84-47 in a meet held at Boomershine field April 10. Next the Hornets won a three-way meet April 17. The scores were Angola 60 ' 2, Waterloo 48 ' 2, and Eastside 28 ' . The Hornets then dropped their last meets to Kendallville 69-40, Garrett 69 7 12-29 5 12, and Auburn 671 2-41 2. Howe also fell victim to the Hornets ' sting. Angola traveled to Columbia City for the N. E. I. C. meet and placed seventh. Carroll Nesbit is the coach. NEW TRACK RECORDS Ron Clouse broke his own record of 4.48 in the mile run with a time of 4.36. Glenn Barlett also set a new record of .21 in the low hurdles. Page One Hundrcil Thirty-two I ' M {:• I M ' k Horny, Lee Armey, Douii " Smith, Li ik 1 ill iiii|.niaii. .SLt- c iUiinehart, Steve Allen, Mel Babeock. SECOND ROW: John Hiller, Ralph Hall, Rich Call. Rick Gowthrop. Bol;. Walter. Charles Shiveley, Roger Call, Bruce Moody, Ron Clouse. Kim Tuberg en. FRONT ROW: Bob Crain. Steve Hull. Jim Parsell. Terry Roberts, Jeff Plank, Bill Lipnian, Rich Thomas, Coacli Dygert. Cross Country This year the cross country team made a fair showing, winning 3 and losing 6 meets. If we consider this as only the second year for this sport, the team fared well. Mr. Dygert is the coach. Ron Clouse, our leading harrier, placed well in individual competition. Ron placed third in the NEIAC meet, fourth in the sectional, and sixth in the regional. Anyone that thinks he is man enough to survive cross country .ind Ron is welcome to join the team next fall. This year in cross country something new was started — the 20U mile club. To be a member, a runner must run 200 miles in practice and meets combined. The members of this club are: Roger Call, Richie Call, Ron Clouse, Ralph Hall, Bruce Moody, Jeff Plank, Charlie Shiveley, Mike Thomas, Kim Tubergen, and Bob Walter. Course Record - Ron Clouse. Time 10:3 Angola — 3 4 Angola — 31 Angola — 36 Angola — ,55 Angola — 43 Angola — 39 Angola — 24 Angola — 4 3 Angola— 42 Fremont— 30 Fremont — 35 Auburn — 24 Lakeland — 31 Hunter town — 20 Auburn — 20 Eastside— 31 New Haven — 20 KendallviUe— 19 Kendallville- 36 2nd 1st L. 3rd L L W •V«%- ,f. %.. f » » « « II - m MM T( IP UOW L, nn Mallgluiinan Mi i i a ' t ' arl Ransburs. Teir lioliei f., Gi egg Goodhew Bill Rathburn, Laii% Ma . Bill L.ipman FRONT ItOW: Coach Dygert, Keith Wyatt. Beard, Roger Call. Butoh Boyer, Dennis Maushe Mark Allion, Bob Kaufman, Steve Crooks, iM ILiiis, Im ill ], tl I ' l ink .lini Berlien, John H.iiiinit 1 Baseball Angela S Angola 13 ■ " Angola 5 Angola 5 ' ' ' Angola 4 Angola 4 ' ' ' ' Angola -! ' Angola S " Angola 4 ' Angola I ' l ■ ' ' Angola Angola 6 ' Confeiente Games Bdon Kendallville 6 Concordia 1 Columbia City 4 Bluffton 4 Huntington 6 New Ha ' en ---- 4 Auliurn - 1 Kendallville 1 Bluffton 7 Decatur 3 Howe ALL-CONFERENCE HONORS Lynn Maugherman was the only Hornet to be chosen for the first all-conference team. Bill Rathburn and Steve Cable ■were chosen for honorable mention. BATTING TOTALS Ab Hits Runs Jim Berlien 25 5 fi Steve Cable 39 6 4 Jack Deller 31 5 8 Dave Hanselman 39 11 fi Lynn Maugherman 35 11 11 Terry Roberts - 1,5 3 2 Bill Rathburn 32 fi 4 Keith ■W yatt 22 4 7 Bill Lipman ...13 4 4 John Hammel 26 n " , Carl Ransburg 17 3 3 Bob Scott 6 1 Jeff Plank 2 Larry May 7 1 Gregg Goodhew 10 TOTALS 31 65 60 PITCHING RECORDS IP H R Lvnn Maugherman 37 26 20 Terry Roberts :..- 26 12 18 Gregg Goodhew 4 6 4 SO Ave, 9 .200 12 .169 4 .161 10 .282 ,5 .314 5 .200 .187 8 .182 4 .308 5 ,192 ,177 1 .166 1 .000 2 .143 ,000 71 .210 BB W L 18 3 2 11 4 Page One HunJrcd Thirty-four Golf The Angola Golf team had its best season ever last spring (1964) by compiling a record of 8 wins and 5 losses. The team started out the right way by defeating Garrett 7-3 there and also de- feated Butler 10-0 at Auburn. Then they seemed to have some trouble and consequently were defeated by Auburn } ' 2 to 6 J 2 and Kendallville 4 to 6. The Angola golfers found the line again and de- feated Howe 8-2, St. Augustine 7-3, and Howe, again, 7-3. This gave them more confidence to face their roughest foes, Kendallville and Auburn. Kendallville once again proved too tough as they defeated Angola by a 3 to 7 score, but Auburn was another story as our golfers squeezed past them by a 5 ' j to 4 ' j count. The Angola Golfers finished their successful season with a 12 to shut out, when they had their match with Butler. TOP i;u V; Kim Tubergen, Charles Easterday, Erik Mellby, Dennis Ptausch, Jim .Stir- ling, Rod Dent, Greg Mason, Tom Van Auken, Doug Smith, Don Hosack. FRONT ROW; Terry Coggeshall, Lynn Hilton, Dick Fee, Jim Parsell, Neal Nix, Tom Wenzel, Gary Bumgarner, Nicky Nix, Coach Russell Brayton. Pep Club The Pep Club has been a very active organization with 165 members this year. During the basketball season the members wore dark skirts and purple vests over long-sleeved white blouses at the home games. They sat in block formation, the sen- iors occupying the front row and the juniors, sophomores, freshmen, and junior high following in that order. During the season many fine flash card programs were given. The Thanksgiving and Christmas displays received much favorable comment. The formation of the American flag was especially outstanding. Most of the designs presented were created by the members themselves. Th Pep Club sponsored a very successful Hornet Rally last August 27, at a football scrimmage. The officers of the club were: Debbie Spangle, president; Penny Mick, vice-presi- dent; Vicki Willis, secretary-treasurer. Mrs. Janet Grabill was the club sponscr. Officers Spend A Pleasant Moment In Mrs. Grabill ' s Office Page One Hundred Thirty -six G. A. A. The purpose of the Girls ' Athletic Association is to increase each girl ' s interest in various sports and to develop friendship, better sportsmanship, and cooperation among the girls. The club meets every Monday during the acti- ' ity period and the girls participate in such sports as volleyball, basketball, dodgeball, soccer, gymnastics, and Softball. Various playdays engaging different sports arc attended each year by G.A.A. members. This year our club sponsored a G.A.A. campout in the fall and a playday in February. Serving as president of the club this year was Barbara Hanselman; Joyce Johnson was vice- president; Nancy Wilder, secretary; and Judy Stev- ens, treasurer. The faculty advisor is Mrs. Grabill. Happy Officers A Basketball Game Starts TOP ROW: Mrs. Grabill, Carol Ferris, Marty Fulton, Marv Ann King, Bobbie Jo Leininger, Shirley Williams. FRONT ROW: Vikki Velkoff, Susie Fulton, Susan Austin, Judy Miller, Rita Rowe Michelle Franze. Gymnastics Team The gymnastics team practices during the regular G.A.A. period. They worked individually for the A.A.U. Olympics Development Program held in April at Warren Central High School in Indianapolis. During the year they worked with the balance beam, the trampoline, free exercise, the side horse, and tumbling. Basketball Team The girls ' basketball team practices from seven till eight in the morning, three times a week. The team consists of sophomores, juniors, and seniors. They have par- ticipated in several play days. „.,,TOP ROW: Miss Wilhelm, Michelle Hall. Barbara Hanselman, Debbie Spangle, Jane ' " •!A???-?T ' i " iir Stevens Sally Hoffman, Judy Clancy, Ginny Shoup, Mrs. Grabill. UKONT ROW; Janice Chard, Joan Dygert, Nancy Wilder, Susie Holtzman, Jan Morlev, Nancy Zabst, Jane Chard. Y-TEENS IN ACTION FIRST ROW: Mrs. Swank helping with the rui.kies; Y-Teen initiatio]i: Sophomores mixing cookie doiig " ]i. SECOND ROW: Diane; Cookie makers: Miss Idding ' s .ioins in. THIRD ROW: Cabinet at initiation: Michelle lights the candles carried by the new members; Cookies, cookies and more cookies! Page One Hundred Forty AS THE CAMERA CAUGHT THEM FIRST ROW: Xina at tlie poles; Hungry seniors at the Key sales party; Get busy, 1 ! SECOND ROW: Watch out below; Thespian initiation; Dave; Busy Carlton. THIRD ROW: Christmas derorations going up: Gossip between classes; The Romans! WE KNOW THEM ALL FIRST ROW: Ellen Eberhart and Connie Barnum with science project; Sj-lvia Crone with her project: More science projects: Terry Cog-g-eshall and Rick Tarian: Alana; Miss Hanna lielping Tony. SECOND ROW: Miss Hanna: Steve studying; Jean and Melvin; Mr. Sirk and Mr. Randolph: Paul Rutter with his science project. THIRD ROW: Mr. Nieliols a long time ago; Miss Wilhelm and some helpers: Why are you getting all pretty. Pat?; Smile. Chuck: Happy birthday, Mr. Dygert! FOURTH ROW " : Steve; Mr. BurkduU buying the Hornet; Gary and Jim; Mrs. Greer and Janice; Mr. McCutchan. FIFTH ROW: Jane ' s slumber party; Joyce and Kathy; Kay and Jennie typing: Tim and Melvin. Page One Hundred Forty-two SCENES TO REMEMBER FIRST ROW: What ' s in the locker? Faithful Harry: Surprised, Kent? Student Coun- cil presidential campaign; Bob Bird. SECOND ROW: The new bookstore; Mr. Brayton and Lynn; Linda and Ann selling season tickets; Toot, Sue; Judy. THIRD ROW: Nina and June ready for the prom; Books for sale; Old pals — Steve and Jim; Marsha and Marlene; Jane D. looking " prettv. FOI ' RTH ROW: Watch out, Judy; Linda R. and Jim; Nita and Mrs. Howell smile beautitulb : Mary Jane at Camp Rainbow; Sandy and her project. FIFTH ROW " : Claudia and Nancy w-ith their science projects; G.A.A. Camp out last fall; Linda and Michelle — the grlamour girls. PAST EVENTS FIIIST ROW: Three seniors and their prizes; Senior trio at a picnic; Jane ' s birthday party. SI ' ; ' iNT) ROW: Senior party; Hungry seniors some time ag ' o: Pleasant Lake seniors. THIRT) ROW: Senior swim: Jan M. and sophomore friends; Cindy, Jean, and Vicki. !• ' ( H ' RTH ROW: Sophomores - volleyball champs; Joyce ' s birthday party; Twist, evt ' ry.inel I PAST AND PRESENT FIRST ROW: Vicki and Linda on their snow horse; Four little bluebirds: Fegsv is ready for the prom: Sophomores in sixth grade. . T- ?59 ' ROW: Pat and June: Shirley and Terri: More bathing beauties; Breakfast at Kolbs . THIRD ROW: Happy New Year! I: Barb and Jane: Terry ' s beatnick party. FOURTH ROW: Claudia and Roni Rae - slumber party; Barbara and Sally Senior swim party at Linda ' s. Page One Hniidrcd Forfy-fivc Calendar SEPTEMBER 1 Football Jamboree at Auburn 8 First day of school 18 GAA Campout OCTOBER 6- 7 Individual school pictures taken 7 Key sales party 10 Career Day at Tri-State College 15 Auburn College Night 16 First Hornet issued End first grading period 22-23 Teachers ' Association NOVEMBER 2 Voting at school 10 Open House 1 1 Veterans ' Day — No School 13-14 " Junior Miss " 2 5 Y-Teen Thanksgiving Program Football Is Under Way Key Sales Party In Progress Spanish Club Initiation J. C. L. Program Everyone Votes Calendar DECEMBER 1 Betty Crocker Test 4 End second grading period 5 S.A.T. Tests 9 Seniors measured for caps and gowns 1 5 Junior Class rings arrive 16 Y-Teen Christmas Candlelight Service 19 Prom, " Wonderland by Nite " 2 1 Choir Concert " Christmas Everywhere " 24 Christmas vacation begins. 30 Holiday Tourney at Kendall ville JANUARY 4 School reconvenes 7 Military aptitude test 22 End first semester 3 Instrumental solo and ensemble contest here Basketball Season Tickets On Sale Junior Rings Arrive Y-Teen Candlelighting Service Y-Teens Trim The Chrsitmas Tree Chuck is Christmas Prom King N Calendar FEBRUARY 2 3 " Miracle at Potter ' s Farm " 4 Open Flouse 6 Piano, vocal, string contest at Fort Wayne 13 GAA Play Day I 8 School Science Fair 20 State Solo and Ensemble Contest at Butler University 2 5-27 Sectional Tourney x MARCH 5 End fourth grading period 6 Regional Tourney 12 Band and Vocal Concert 20 State Tourney 26 Una Noche en un Jardin Espanol F. T. A. Members Help At Open House Grade Cards Again! " Junior Miss " Principals Evaluate A. H. S. Student Council Has Book Sales Calendar APRIL - 3 " Sal " - 7 Pa-Ma-Me Banquet 10 State B.O.V. Contest here 1 5 End fifth grading period Hi-Y Easter Program 22 Style Show 2 5 Orchestra Coffee Concert MAY 4 Physical Education Show 1 1 Achievement Day Athletic Awards Night 17-18 Choir Concert 21 Senior Class Day Seniors Dismissed! 22 Junior-Senior Prom — " Shangri-la ' 27 Baccalaureate Service 2 8 Commencement!! Miss Burt Helps With Term Papers Record Hop at the Armory Latin Paper Goes on Sale Everyone Reads the Hornet Science Fair Project Is Shown Bits About ' Em NAME HOBBY AMBITION MEMORIES Rebecca Adams Music, art Fashion merchandising Tourneys, working at Azars, summer of 1 964 Fred Aldrich _ Drag racing Top fuel eliminator The National Drag Races in the world Blaine Alleshouse Hunting, fishing Working Mrs. Manallo ' s gen. math class Terence Anderson Snow skiing Be a surfer Snow banks fountain Be a sucess, and have fun John Andrews Women, cars in my life The trips I ' ve taken Melvin Babcock Basketball, girls To be a success Mr. Kelly ' s stories, especially the one about the Holiday House Steve Beard Airplanes, autos To be a millionaire Ail of my years in football, hops after games, all the happy moments I had on dates Craig Benson Politics Diplomatic attache Mr. Morin, Mrs. Vosteen Connie Lee Bodiey Dancing, sewing Interior designer __ Art class Nancy Bowling Swimming To have a stand in life Of Indianapolis Sharon Brandeberry Collecting pictures ....Teaching ....Halls, friends. Miss Shultz, Journalism Class Gary Bumgarner Golf To enjoy life Mr. Condon Nita Burreil Horseback riding College, marriage Work on " Hornet " , " Key " Jerry Burreil Cars and cycles Businessman Shop classes Steve Cable Sports College Proms, football games, tests, and Mr. Porter ' s art class Joyce Elaine Call . Reading, dancing .To become a secretary Friends, all the fun we had together, parties, classes, especially Mr. Barkdull ' s shorthand class Reading, outdoor Nancy Carrick sports Go on into a good life Basketball games, all my happy adventures, home work Bob Champion Golf, hunting ..To become a pharmacist ....A few of the card games at my house and Bruce ' s Auto repairs, Mitch Christy Engine swaps Mech. engineer Halls of A. H. S. Kathy Clancy Reading Psychologist Classes, teachers, friends, parties, plays, orchestra, clubs, games, vacations, S.A.T. tests, term papers. Dick Coleman .Cars To get married Mr. Johnson and Mr. Hammel To be a factory worker Michael Concus Fishing, hunting and farmer My memories are of the four years I lived at Ft. Benning, Ga. Cynthia L. Cook Bridge, sewing Biology Physics, gov ' t, plays, proms, friends Page One Hundred Fifty Bits About ' Em NAME HOBBY AMBITION MEMORIES Max Converse Florist My last year at school Coin Collecting, Rex A. Cox Hunting, fishing __Surgeon ___ „ Concerts, gov ' t class, friends Celestine Cuneo Drawing, sports The field of art The old gym, the building of the new, good times Claudia Davis Music X-Ray technician Mr. Morin, my one night term paper Penny Davis ._ Skating Go on to a good life ...Fun at good old A. H. S. Tim Deller Water skiing, cars ..-Lawyer or surf bum . Mrs. Chokey ' s class, Mr. Condon Jane Deming Art work To be a clothing model The friends I ' ve made and art class with Mr. Porter Waneice Demorest Listening to records . Accountant ....Mrs. Chokey, directing a play Rod Dent Golf Dentist Football games, econ. class, golf Poker, skiing, Bill Doctor (Mouse) records Very little Biology class. Summers at Lake James Ice hockey, skeet Jim Duguid shooting Commercial artist Mr. Porter ' s and Mr. Etzler ' s classes. Tom Franze Cars Retire early Gov ' t Dancing, record Live in Cal., be happy as a Alana French hops, ballgames secretary wife Singing in Mrs. Chokey ' s class, the old barn record hops, proms with a certain boy, regional Linda Gibbeny Piano Secretary Basketball tourneys Holly Ann Golden Art Beautician Cypress Gardens Becky Gramling .Sewing, music Accounting P. Lake girls ' slumber parties, concerts Gayle Greenamyer Reading Elementary teacher Miss Shultz, the noon hr. Mr. Barkdull Don Hale Photography Chemical engineer Choir, chemistry, all the lovely pictures I have made, also the Photo club Michelle Hall Sewing Recreation dir., teacher Sports Barbara Hanselman Music, girls ' sports ... Get through college Proms, basketball, Y-Teen, tourneys Roger Harnishfeger ...Photography Mathematician Biology in ' 62-63, English with Mrs. Chokey To own the fastest street Ted Hasselman Chevys rod in town Week ends Discovering new ways of life, trying to To live a life like none understand my other ever has or ever own will Scrounge Club, Claudia and our parameoium, Sadie Hawkins Dance, Hornet, play rehearsal Lynn Haynes Page One Hundred Fifty-one Bits About ' Em NAME HOBBY AMBITION MEMORIES Charles Hedglin Boy Scouts Forester Sophomore English Johnie Henninger Make money Halls in A. H. S. Doug Hilton Sports Draftsman All the classes and athletics Sally Hoffman Sports and Music Psychologist _ --_- Every one and everything Own a chain of speed shops, Gary Holly Working on cars top fuel Eliminator The Fla. State Drags To be successful at what ever walk of life I Tom Hornbacker Good Books pursue _ _ _ High school itself To become a registered Patricia Hosack Being quiet! nurse My quiet speech class and my productive year m typing! Art, music, James Lee Ireland _ creative writing To be a minister Friendships Bonnie Jackson Playing piano, organ , Professional accounting All of the kids I have met from different schools Beverely Johnson Beautician .- All the kids Ed Karasek Traveling To be a Professional California Suzy King Bowling, dancing Cytotechnologist __Summer of ' 64, Econ Keith Kolb Driving places Dentist " Pooper, " " Coz " and summer Kathy Krantz Music Secretary ____ Teachers, proms, games, record hops, term papers Mary Alice Kuckuck . Cooking Receptionist __My friends, the fun I had in my class Sandv Lancaster Horseback riding Beautician Parties, art class Kenton Landis Workmg on motors Mechanic school Red 64 Corvette Collecting stuffed To be an accountant, Nancy Light toys someday a wife All the fun in Spanish, also all the other fun in high school Dale Linnemeier Drawing Engineer The fun of going through school, people I ' ve met Gale Linnemeier Hoarding money None Football collecting in the auditorium To be another Senor Bill Lipman Hunting golf balls .. _ Prosser __ Marilyn McBride To be a telephone Doris Lower Horseback riding operator All the fun I had m the freshman year Go to work and get a new Robert Mains Fast cars .,„ car (GTO) Shop class Kermit Mann Skiing, fishing _ ____College Music, teaching Student directing, concerts, gov ' t, term papers Weight lifting. Real Estate (business for Dennis Maugherman _ Sports myself) The kids and classes Two radios, Ron Maugherman archery, girls To get a job Teachers, kids at A. H. S. Page One Hundred Fifty-tivo Bits About ' Em NAME HOBBY AMBITION MEMORIES Sue Maxton Tap dance Stock trainers Hard work Jim McCIish Cars . Pilot or engineer School work Janet McCutchan Bridge, reading Nurse Thespian Plays, Mr. Morin, term papers Dennis McKown Cars, Cooking, sewing Graduate The Office Reading, summer Beth Mendenhall _. sports Bookkeeper Lunch hour in the study ; hall, Miss Shultz, style shows, Mr. BarkduU Randy Meredith Gymnastics Automobile Designer .Fooling around in the halls Mike Meyer Snow skiing To be rich, fireman Anderson ' s proms, football, parties at Dewey ' s Pat Milhollin Painting, Drawing . . Art teacher Teachers, and all the friends I have had and fun we ' ve had together Make a lot of money to be Peg Miller Water Skiing happy Fire alarm, Presley, Proms and friends Barb Morse Just having fun .. .Get married All the good times I have had with my friends To write or Roger Morse draw cartoons Join the Navy My past Don Mott Cars To graduate .. The parking lot Billy Munn Reading, talking College, politics Mr. Thompson ' s Latin class, Mrs. Vosteen ' s world history class, junior stand Repairing equipment, Clyde Myers woodworking Farming Senior girls and teachers Lewis Myers Pool Public Relations — The office, Springs Chuck Nedele Guitar, Reading Lawyer Hi-Y Experiences Jon W. Nedele Fun M.D. Junior year Bruce Nelson Cars Engineering Mr. Morin and games Eric Nelson Sports To be filthy rich Decatur football games, gov ' t class Carol Nichols Music Teacher Caroling, plays, contests, All-State Band, Jr. stand, ensemble, concerts. Girls ' State Modern jazz Linda Nichols dancing Career in social studies Jr. stand, basketball games, class meetings Cooking and Sheila Noll piano Accountant or bookkeeper .Dates, proms, parties, teachers record hops Horseback riding, Janice Parks Music Teacher ..Basketball games, parties, clubs, Y-Teens, cookies sales Page One Himdrcd Fifty-three Bits About ' Em NAME HOBBY AMBITION MEMORIES To have a successful marriage, to do what I can to promote Lorene Patterson Singing _ Christianity Mr. Morin ' s class, Journalism class, and all the fun I ' ve had Psychologist or social Jean Penix Playing bridge worker Cheerleading, proms, Mr. Porter, plays, all the kids and my brilliant discoveries Dancing, skating, Karan Perkins _ swimming Secretary Memories of Fort Wayne and all the fun I had Dianna Petre Pool and knitting Accountant Basketball games and Mr. Morin ' s class Jeff Plank Uke singing International relations Senior athletic abilities Sandy Presley Making friends Secretary Tourney games, parties, record hops Dewey Powers Sports — Accountant Camping parties Roni Rae Pufahl Music Secondary English teacher .Concert, contests, studying Phyllis Quimby Art, sewing, music . ..A secretarj ' ..Teachers, all the fun I had Diane Ralston Music Elementary school teacher The kids and proms Riding horses. Getting married, raising Judy Randol cooking a family Proms, kids, ball games, record hops, the long drive Sandy, Dede and I took for nothing Coin collecting. Secretary, play in the Nadina Rensch music Philharmonic Orchestra The kids, Mr. Barkdull and good old A. H. S. Any kind of Go on a tour of the U.S. Alexander Ristoff sports activity after graduation Halls, classes Bowling, sports, Terrv Roberts reading, dating Successful engineer Basketball games, baseball team, " DEBBIE " College, business Lawrence Rowe Hunting, model cars . administration Friends Marilyn Rowe Sketching portraits Interior decorator Classes, basketball games Suzanne Sanders Organ Secretary _ Fun at basketball games, in study hall, shorthand and econ. classes Gloria Sapp Dancing, bowling X-ray Tech. Basketball games, proms, " scrounging " , Mrs. Vosteen Playing cards, record Bob Scott albums Accountant Mr. Morin, and seniors Playing pool, cards Larry Seeman winter football Card shark Mr. Morin To graduate, to succeed Don Sheets Fishing, swimming . in life A certain girl and my Ford. Pai c One Hundred Fifty-four Bits About ' Em NAME HOBBY AMBITION MEMORIES Kenneth Shelton _PooI Business field Mr. Johnson, Mr. Fleming, Econ. class Swimming, skiing, winter sports. Go to beauty school, get June Shepherd sewing, skating married The proms, all the fun I had at parties, my friends and . . ,1. every one at school Swimming, bowling, Nina Shepherd dancing Housewife „.All the fun I had in my four years of high school Hiking, singing, Beverly Shire sketching Art co-ordinator Gov ' t class with Mr. Morin, basketball games Water skiing, Be successful, have fun in Rod Siders bowling, tennis life Mr. Morin and the kids Dennis Spallinger Driving cars To be a farmer Special things in the past Debbie Spangle Fun Kindergarten teacher Proms, parties, kids Judy Stevens Photography Elementary teacher Girls, basketball team, history, English classes Jim Stirling Golf Be happy New friends at A.H.S., golf trips Steve Strock Eating Elementary teacher The locker room after football games, good times in Spanish class Tracy Stroh Cars Mechanic Proms, goofing off Mike Sunday Cars and women Make a success of life All the fun I had during the school year and during the summer Peggy Sutton Having fun Teacher All four years of high school, all the extra activities, all the kids Susie Swager Goofing off Secretary and wife _ Regional, Mr. Avery ' s speech class, the gang, record hops Terry Swager Drag racing To graduate Mr. Johnson ' s office and detention Leslie Taner Building car models -Accountant Econ. and gov ' t class Denny Tanner Dancing To get the best out of life -Junior and senior proms Diane Thomas Dentist assistant Basketball games, proms, classes Water sports and Jim Thompson Ford products - - Engineer Mrs. Chokey ' s class-fan bus, football games Jack Tritch .Cars To be decided later Parties Diana Lynn Tritch Music To be an accountant Y-Teen Candlelight services and initiations Linda VanAman Reading, music Research scientist " My Three Angels " and ill the kids To be a successful Pam Van Meter None in Particular -_. elementary teacher Y-Teen Cabinet meetings, marching band Page One Hundred Fifty-five Bits About ' Em NAME HOBBY AMBITION MEMORIES Paul Vierling Reading Accountant Bookkeeping teacher Sue Waite Bowling Secretarial work and wife _ All the fun I had at A. H. S. Reggie Warren Anatomy Concert artist Mr. Johnson Swimming, bowling, dancing, beauty Dianna Warstler work Beautician The fun I had in pep club, as a Phys. Ed asst., the fun I had with the kids at school The time the school caught on fire, Mr. Porter ' s art class Odessa Bronchos winning district championship m football .Golf Physical education teacher ..4:30 basketball practice, J.C.L., Bill Rathburn Vicki Willis Music College Term papers, teachers, proms, general confusion, physics labs, music contests Stereo Hi Fi, Something to do with Basketball games my Gordon Wolf Photography business freshman and sophomore years Basketball and Gayle Wyatt football Machine operator Teachers and the halls Keith Wyatt Sports Engineer Football games Professional college Dave Yarian Sports student . Studying World War II in Bernie ' s Class Danny Wells Oil painting Commercial artist Dennis Williams Car racmg Chemical engmcer Jane Williamson SENIORS LONG AGO FIRST ROW; Pat MilhoUin, Dave Yarian, Debbie Spangle, Cindy Coolc, Connie Bodley, Don Slieets, Judy Randol. SECOND ROW: Marilyn Rowe, Dennis Maugherman, Linda Van Aman. Lynn Tritch, Nadina Rensch, Jeff Plank, Gloria Sapp. THIRD ROW; Dianna Petre, June Shepherd, Steve Cable, Lewie Myers. Sam Seeman, Chuck Nedele, Doris Lower. FOURTH ROW; Lynn Haynes, Dick Coleman, Jane Deming, Tom Hornbacker, Kathy Krantz, Bob Mains, Dale Linneineier. FIFTH ROW; Michelle Hall, Beverly Johnson, Chuck Nedele, Sheila Noll, Tracy Stroh, Gary Holly, Randy Meredith. Page One Hundred Fifty-eight MORE STUDENTS LONG AGO FIRST ROW: Lynn Tirtch, Roger Call, Kay Brady, Kathy Parsell, Bill Rathlmrii, Marilyn Wild. SEC OND ROW: Joyce Call, Dan Bakstad, Mike Meyer, Glenna Sams, Judy Mortorff, John Henninger. THIRD ROW: Ron Clouse, Rex Cox, Sue Waite, Roger Harnishfeger, Steve Beard, Linda Van Aman, Don Sheets, Steve Strock, Suzanne Sanders. FOURTH ROW: Marilyn Rowe, Sandy Presley, Connie Bodley, Chuck Nedele, Pat Hosack, Debbie Spangle, Carol Nichols, Tracy Stroh. Bonnie Jackson. FIFTH ROW: Jim Thompson, Diane Ralston, Peggy Sutton, Sandy Presley, Gordon Wolf, Susie Swager, Beverly Shire, Sharon Brandeberry, Lori Patterson, Becky Gram- ling. SIXTH ROW: Scott Center Gang; Phyllis Quimby, Mary Beth and Jeff; How ' s the ■v ater, boys?; June Shepherd; Randy Meredith. IN THEIR YOUNGER DAYS FIRST ROW: Pat and Don Hosack and the Saturday night scrub: June and George; Lynn T. : Sharon B, : Sun Bright, Blaine and Diane? SE ' JOXD ;O V: Bruce and Eric; Pat-a-cake Pat; Problems, Terry R.?; S-.;e M.; Celes- tine; Doctor Cindy. THIRD ROW: Smile, Nadina: Sut King. Connie with her stories: Gale W.; Lynn; Happy Rodney. FOURTH i;OW: Barb and Roger M. : ,Iune and George: Jim D. ; Seven year old Dennis. WAY BACK WHEN! FIRST ROW; Ramlol sisters; BaiiVn ready for ridinii,-, I ' at ard Jeff; Pat M. and close frierid. SECOND ROW:Sharon Brandeberry; Shy Sheila; Terri and Kathy coloring; More Bluebirds. THIRD ROW; Doris Lower; Sue Maxtou and Diane Campbell; Boo, Linda!!; Mike and Keith at play. FOURTH ROAV; Rodney and old faithful; the Suttons; Gayle G.; June in a box; Teresa plaj ' ing dress up. Page Ouc Hundred Sixty-one IN DAYS GONE BY Susie Swager, FIRST i;OW: Kathy Clam.-y, Joyce Call, Jc.hii NecUle, Vicki Willis Bill Munn, Nadina Rensch. SECOND ROW; Sheila Noll, Janet McCiitclian. Tim Deller, Janire Parks, Roni Rae Pufahl, Gale Ijinnemeier, Keith Kolb. THIi;i) ROW: Dave Yarian, Terry Anderson, Dale Linnenieier, Doug Hilton, Becky Adams, Mike Sunday, Jean Penix. FOURTH ROW: Jane Williamson, Sally Hoffman, Judy Stevens, Pat Hosack, Barbara Hanselman, Pamela Van Meter, Kermit Mann. FIFTH ROW: Dewey Powers, Jane Deming, Beth Mcn lenhall, Rodney Dent, Terry Roberts, Jim Duguid, Bruce Nelson. Page Otic Hundred Sixty-two PICTURES FROM HERE AND THERE FIRST ROW: The seniors at a get together some time ago! Jane ' s birthday party: Karen Perkins. SECOND ROW: Senior PJ party: Old neighborhood gang: Smile pretty, campers. THIRD ROW: Harry and some friends: Guess who? — senior girls: Miss Hephner and senior boys. FOt RTH Pi( ) ' : Janice has the mumps: Sophomore part ' : A ' ieki, Button.s and .lanet: AVIn- art- vnu s.-aVf-d. I;arb? ANCIENT HISTORY FIRST ROW; Lynn T. has a birthday. Gordon with his doll; Janice; A school day for Clyde; Mrs. Allien and her students. SECOND ROW: Chow for Sal, Vicki and Kathy; Play nicely, girls; Jane and Debbie; Fiye little girls ready for school. THIRD ROW: Bathing beauties Debbie Spangle and Kathy Krantz; Becky; Marilyn Rowe eating animal crackers; Ready for the prom, kids?; Camp Rainbow. Pat FOURTH ROW- Blaine A; Patty H. ; Koltas and Cuneos; Juniors at Bluebird meeting ; Jane ' s Birthday party; Keith Wyatt getting his Saturday night bath. Page One Hundred Sixty-four AWAY IN THE PAST FIRST ROW: Becky Gramling; Sleep tiglit, Sal and Kathy; Jane ' s birthday party. SECOND ROW: Strock monkeyshines; Junior party; Jean and Vickie Shepherd. THIRD ROW: G.A.A. canipout: Carol Xlrliol, i.s at it again: Pleasant Lake seniors In first grade. FOURTH ROW: Surprise!!; Lynn T. ; .Ann and Carol; Peg and Shirley; Barli and Linda. Alumni 1964 John Alaura — Tri-State College, Angola, In- diana. Colleen Anspaugh — Working At Steuben Printing Company, Angola, Indiana Harold Anstett — Working at Lakeland Con- crete Production, Angola, Indiana Bob Baldwin — Tri-State College, Angola, In- diana Glenn Barlett — Tri-State College, Angola, In- diana Forest Bodiker — Warner Gear, Fort Wayne, Indiana Phil Beard — Purdue University, Lafayette, In- diana Randy Beechy — Tri-State College, Angola, In- diana Sally Bolinger — Working at Glass House Res- taurant, Angola, Indiana Darrell Boyce — Lions Truck Stop, Angola, In- diana Tuiren Butler — Regis College, Massachussetts Rita Burrell — Secretary at Angola High School, Angola, Indiana Jim Burrell — Working at White Motor Co., Montpelier, Ohio Barbara Byers — Redkey, Indiana Roger Caton — Tri-State College, Angola, In- diana Joe Chaudom — Tri-State College, Angola, In- diana Mary Chiddister — Working at Brokaw Thea- ter, Angola, Indiana Larry Clark — Working at All Metal Spinners, Angola, Indiana Pat Clark — Ball State University, Muncie, In- diana Tomy Cochran — Tri-State College, Angola, Indiana Mary Alice Cole — Indiana University, Blooni- ington, Indiana Janie Cotner — Parkview School of X-Ray Technology, Fort Wayne, Indiana Mark Crain — Indiana University, Blooming- ton, Indiana Jack Deller — Albion College, Albion, Michi- gan Beverly Dygert — Ball State University, Mun- cie, Indiana Sharon Elliott — Mrs. Peter G. Robitaille, New Baltimore, Michigan Bob Erwin — Tri-State College, Angola, In- diana Phyllis Everett — Indiana Medical School, In- dianapolis, Indiana Steve Ferro — Working at Home, Angola, In- diana Kathy Fisher — Secretary at Angola High School, Angola, Indiana John Flegal — Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana Barry Frisinger — Butler University, Indiana- polis, Indiana Jack Fry — Working at Sunoco Station, An- gola, Indiana Jim Garner — Tri-State College, Angola, In- diana Carol Ann Gebhart — International Business University, Fort Wayne, Indiana Dennis Goudy — Tri-State College, Angola, In- diana Janet Gould — At home, Angola, Indiana Pam Gould — At home, Angola, Indiana Kristene Green — Mrs. Jerry Boyer, Angola, In- diana Dave Hanselman — DePauw University, Green- castle, Indiana Phil Herl — Warner Gear, Fort Wayne, In- diana Nancy Hoffman — Ball State University, Mun- cie, Indiana Marvin Holman — Ball State University, Mun- cie, Indiana Sam Holtzman — Miami University, Miami, Ohio Charlie Honcss — Adrian College, Adrian, Michigan Barbara Horman — U ' orking at Sandy ' s Drive- in, Angola, Indiana Harry Hubler — U. S. Marine Corps Julia Inman — International Business Univers- ity, Fort Wayne, Indiana Ray Johnson — Training School for Use of Heavy Construction Equipment, Indiana- polis, Indiana Ed Johnson — Pontiac Garage, Angola, Indiana Danny Johnstone — Campbells Factory, Brigh- ton, Indiana John Johnston — Working, Angola, Indiana Linda Kiess — Humbolt College, Minneapolis, Minnesota Arlene King — At home, Angola, Indiana Jeanne Laird — Secretary at Tri-State College, Angola, Indiana Page One Hundred Sixty-six Alumni 1964 Joe Law — Indiana University Extension, Fort Wayne, Indiana Janet Leininger — Hillsdale College, Hillsdale, Michigan Steve Linnemeier — Tri-State College, Angola, Indiana Linda Lovejoy — Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana Loretta Lower — Mrs. Larry Streich, Pleasant Lake, Indiana Jean Ann MacRae — Tri-State College, Angola, Indiana Margaret Maiston — Mrs. John Lusk, Angola, Indiana Don Mason — Kalamazoo College, Kalamazoo, Michigan Lynn Maugherman — Adrian College, Adrian, Michigan Larry McCormick — International Business University, Fort Wayne, Indiana Gatha Mendel — Working, Angola, Indiana Marshall Mitzman — San Jose College, San Jose, California Buster Moor — Working at Underhills Grocery Store, Butler, Indiana Roger Moser — Working at Kroger Store. An- gola, Indiana Annette Myers — International Business Uni- versity, Fort Wayne, Indiana Margaret Nagel— Porter College, Indianapolis, Indiana Louise Patenge — Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan Phil Pollard — Working at Soya Factory, An- gola, Indiana Linda Poole — Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio John Potts — Warner Gear, Auburn, Indiana Elden Powers — Ball State University, Muncis, Indiana Elten Powers — Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana Phil Pristas — Working at Sunoco Station, An- gola, Indiana Larry Putt — Working at Azars, Angola, In- diana Curt Rausch — Yale University, New Haven, Connecticut Vicki Reamer — Working at Stonestreet Gravel Company, Angola, Indiana Tim Reese — Tri-State College, Angola, Indi- ana Todd Rigelman — Strassinbergers, Toledo, Ohio Ben Schaftner — Warner Gear, Auburn, Indi- ana Sharon Schnetzler — Mrs. Tom Pristas, Angola, Indiana Fred Schroeder — Tri-State College, Angola, Indiana Laurel Shirley — Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana George Shoup — Oberlin College, Oberlin, Ohio Ahce Smith — Mrs. Darl Wilson, Angola, In- diana Paul Sparks — Manchester College, North Man- chester, Indiana Sam Steiner — Great Lakes Bible College, Lans- ing, Michigan Mike Stevenson — Working at Tri-State Col- lege, Angola, Indiana Roger Sunday — Adrian College, Adrian, Mich- igan Sue Swank — Flower Hospital, Toledo, Ohio Bob Tuttle — Working at Moriarty Pole Build- ers, Angola, Indiana Sharon Urbine — Working for father, Pleasant Lake, Indiana Pat Van Aman — Adrian College, Adrian, Michigan Tom Van Auken — Tri-State College, Angola, Indiana Metodi Velkoff — Indiana University, Bloom- ington, Indiana Linda Vincent — Mrs. Dennis Barnes, Angola, Indiana Larry Waite — Ball State University, Muncie, Indiana Jerry Walcutt — Working at Motor Wheel, La- Grange, Indiana Judy Warren — Working in Coldwater, Michi- gan John Wellman — Tri-State College, Angola, In- diana Darlene White — Address Unknown Steve Wild — DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana John Wilder — Purdue University, Lafayette, Indiana Judy Wiley — Mrs. George Underwood, An- gola, Indiana Diana Wyatt — Secretary at Tri-State College, Angola, Indiana Phil Zabst— U. S. Navy Page One Hundred Sixty-seven Teachers In Our Elementary Schools CARLIN PARK SCHOOL Mary Slagle, kindergarten Alberta Allion, first Mildred MacFadyen, first Nadine Plemitscher, first Judy Dunne, second Linda Lou Ayers, second Juanita Teegardin, second Dolores Richards, third Colista Gnagy, third Carol Sebald, third Helen Healy, fourth Ruth Stevens, fourth Evangeline Fuller, fifth Robert Sharrow, fifth Avada Grain, fifth Laura Frank, sixth Thelma Hephner, sixth Gurt Rathburn, principal HENDRY PARK SCHOOL Molly Gaffin, kindergarten Rose Glark, kindergarten Mary McGormack, first Ruth Patenge, first Jane Flail Haney, first June Gollins, second Alice Meyers, second LaVerne Flauber, third Sallv Palmer, third Flora Hedglin, fourth Pauline Schwab, fourth 3Cilma Flarmon, fifth Joseph Frymier, fifth Mildred McGool, sixth Mary Stevens, sixth Walter Schubert, principal PLEASANT LAKE SCHOOL Shirley Hull, kindergarten Bessie Lepley, first Susan Weidner, first Berta McAlpin, second Violet Hollopeter, third Sharon Rozell, third Hilda Ghrysler, fourth Phil Hull, fifth Gleota Pfingstag, fifth Norma Milhollin, sixth Virginia Lehman, special education Gharles A. Ryan, principal SPECIAL TEACHERS Wilma Hall, music Rita Hoak, music Bcrnice Horrall, psychologist Carole Howell, speech and hearing therapist Nancy Newnam, librarian Pa e One Hundred Sixty-eight MOMENTS OF RELAXATION FIRST ROW: Must be important; Hang on; Look out below! SECOND ROW: A wild Youth Center record hop; Senior triple trio; It is really true? THIRD ROW: Pals at TASC; Mr. Morin gives Jane award for top Key sales; Chorus line. FOURTH ROW: A friendly chat; Sally and Michelle reading the Hornet; the Hornet on sale: The line up. Page One Hundred Sixty-nine Patronize Our Advertisers ABSTRACTS: Goodale Abstrjct Company .. 665-2314 AUTOMOBILE DEALERS: Gehron Motor Sales 665-3106 Jim Mclntyre Pontiac-Buick 665-6513 L. G. Maxton Sales, Inc. 665-2195 L M Motors, Inc. 665-2125 Wild-Arnold Motor Sales 665-6414 AUTOMOTIVE PARTS: Golden Auto Parts 665-5261 BANKS: Angola State Bank 665-2861 First Federal Saving Loan Assn. of Angola 665-2910 First National Bank of Angola 6 65-2962 BARBER SHOPS: Bud ' s Barber Shop Clark ' s Barber Shop BEAUTY SHOPS: Beauty Clinic, 5 10 S. Wayne .-_ 665-3262 Kurl Korner Beauty Shop Willa Jean Resler Rainbow Beauty Gift Shop 665-5515 BOOK STORES: Munn ' s Book Store 665-3212 BOTTLERS: Pokagon Beverage Company 665-3263 BOWLING LANES: Angola Bowl Inc., Harry Sarver 665-9312 Redwood Lanes, Dean Goings 66 5-6218 BUILDING PRODUCTS: Bodley ' s Building Products 665-2912 CANDY DEALERS: C. A. Ncdcle Sons, Wholesalers Candy, Paper, Tobacco 665-2463 CAR BODY SHOPS: Folck Body Shop 665-6013 Mann Body Shop 665-5915 CLEANERS: Angola Dry Cleaners 665-2814 McBride Cleaners 665-2715 CLOTHIERS: Jarrard ' s Toggery 665-6612 Strock ' s Men ' s and Boys ' Wear 665-2213 Ted ' s Casual Wear 665-6212 DENTISTS: Dr. W. R. Aldrich .__665-3016 Dr. C. B. Anderson 665-5712 Dr. Jack D. Brooks .„..665-3458 Dr. Leif Steenerson 665-5014 DEPARTMENT STORES: J. C. Penney Company 665-2512 Ransburg Sons, Pleasant Lake 475-262 5 Scars, Roebuck Co. Catalog Store --665-3154 DITCHING AND EXCAVATING: Herb Alleshouse Drainage Company __„475-2915 Kenneth German, Excavating 665-6555 DRESS SHOPS: Angola Dress Shop __66 5 -68 13 Ann ' s Dress Shop ___665-2013 Harman ' s Ladies ' Shoppe 665-6912 Ritter and Ferry Dress Shop 66 5-6412 The Teen Shop ..665-3966 DRESSED POULTRY: Kay ' s Dressed Poultry 66 5-6913 Piii c One Hundred Seventy Patronize Our Advertisers DRUGGISTS: Hamilton Son Drugs 665-2106 K H North Wayne Pharmacy 665-5215 Roger ' s Drug Store, Walgreen Agency 665-5312 White ' s Drug Store -665-2166 ELECTRIC CONTRACTORS: AAA Electric Co., Inc. 665-6211 ELECTRIC SHOPS: Foutz Electric Supply 665-6017 Shaw Electronic Supply 665-5611 FACTORIES: All Metal Spinners, Inc 665-2192 Moore Business Forms, Inc. 66 5-3181 Weatherhead Company 66 5-2154 Wohlert ' s ._ 665-3174 FARM IMPLEMENTS: Chard Implement Company , 665-6305 Covell Implement Store 665-2711 FEED STORES: Hamma Feed and Supply — Feeds, Seeds, and Garden Supplies --665-3711 FILLING STATIONS: Bob ' s Hy-Flash Service Station 665-6314 Goodwin ' s Phillips 66 Station 665-6713 Kain ' s Shell Service 665-6215 Bob Meyer Sunoco Service 665-9221 Pleasant Lake " 66 " _ 475-9175 Swager Service, Pleasant Lake 475-2255 FINANCE COMPANIES: Interstate Finance 665-31 14 FIVE AND TEN CENT STORES: W. R. Thomas 5c to $1.00 Store 665-3012 FLORISTS: Pleasant Lake Greenhouse 475-2775 Throop Florist 665-5061 FROZEN LOCKERS: Angola Frozen Locker Storage 665-6814 FUNERAL DIRECTORS: Klink Funeral Home 665-2121 Weicht Funeral Home 665-3111 FURNITURE STORES: Kay ' s Furniture US 27 South 665-5816 Swank Wayside Furniture 1 Mile North on US 27 665-3 121 GARAGES: Al Lonsbury ' s Garage and Wrecker Service 665-5165 Shorty ' s Machine Shope 665-6618 GARDEN EQUIPMENT: Garden City Depot, Railroad Garden Equipment Supplies . __665-2180 GAS COMPANIES: Consumers Natural Gas Corporation 665-3964 GIFT SHOPS: Fred Smith, Gifts and Greeting Cards 665-5365 GRAVEL COMPANIES: Orville Stroh, Pleasant Lake Gravel „475-2241 GROCERY STORES: August Food Market, Pleasant Lake ....475-2622 Kaiser ' s Foodland Super Market 665-6514 Page One Hundred Seieiify-oiie Patronize Our Advertisers HARDWARE STORES: Gamble ' s Hardware and Furniture 665-5761 Moore ' s Hardware, Pleasant Lake ,-475-3105 Seagly Brothers ' Hardware — Appliances, Bulk and Bottled Propane Gas Service 665-2563 Western Auto Associate Store, Glen Maxwell ....__ ,, 665-5662 HEATING SUPPLIES: Howard Dodge and Son, Heating Air Conditioning 665-6617 HOME EQUIPMENT STORES: Hosack ' s, Since 1915 — Electrical Appliances 665-3361 INSURANCE AGENCIES: Croxton Roe Insurance Service 665-2462 Jacob Insurance Service 665-3194 Philip S. Johnson Insurance Agency _-665-3714 National Heritage Life Insurance Co. 665-3102 Weaver Booth Insurance Agency 665-2515 JEWELERS: Liechty Jewelry 665-3613 Turtle ' s Jewelry 665-3715 KIDDIE SHOPS: Lucille ' s Kiddie Shop 665-6511 LAUNDRIES: Duds In Suds, Lake James 665-3598 Speedy Service Laundry ___ 665-2615 MOTELS: King ' s Motel __-.__ , 66 5-2 362 Lakeview Court, Pleasant Lake 475-2882 Tri-State Motel 665-3171 MUSIC SHOPS: Jax Music Center 665-3415 Rippe Music, Inc. Baldwin Pianos Organs 665-3315 NEWS STANDS: G K News Stand 665-5112 OIL COMPANIES: Sinclair Oil Company Ray Lovejoy, Agent 665-5914 OPTOMETRISTS: Dr. M. J. Blough 665-5450 PHOTOGRAPHERS: Clarke ' s Studio 665-5015 Gentry Photographic 665-3456 PHYSICIANS: Compliments of Dr. M. M. Crum 665-2131 Compliments of Dr. Donald G. Mason 665-2144 PLUMBERS: Curtis Bros., Inc., Heating Plumbing Contractors 665-6509 Selman Heating and Plumbing 665-6011 PRINTERS: Steuben Printing Company Printer of this Annual 665-3118 PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANIES: Northern Indiana Public Service Company 665-3137 RADIO EQUIPMENT AND PARTS: Lakeland Radio and TV Supply 66 5-6311 Page One Hundred Seventy-two Patronize Our Advertisers RADIO STATIONS: Station WTVB-WANG SKATING RINKS: 665-6715 Skateland — Verl and Lurline Holly, Props. 665-5361 REAL ESTATE DEALERS: Ralph J. Staffan, Realtor — Farm, City, and Lake Property -665-2714 RESTAURANTS: A W Drive-In, William H. Stych 665-5063 Angola Dairy Queen — Home of the cone with the Curl on Top .665-3249 Azar ' s Big Boy Drive-In, North Wayne St. ...___ ......665-6517 Boyce ' s Restaurant, US 27 North 665-9120 Brown ' s Ice Cream Christy ' s Coney Island 665-9126 Circle 41 Restaurant 665-2 564 Gay Barn Restaurant 66 5-5013 Golden Treat Drive In 665-3 598 Half-Way Truck Stop Restaurant, Pleasant Lake 475-9195 North Wayne Restaurant 665-5415 Sandy ' s Drive In 665-2963 Wellman ' s Grill 665-9224 ROOFING COMPANIES: Brock ' s Roofing Company Pleasant Lake 665-3758 SHOE REPAIR SHOPS: Louie ' s Shoe Repair Shop SHOE STORES: The Bootery __.. Family Shoe Discount Store -665-6312 .665-2916 SIGNS: Reed Bros. Signs — Silk Screening, Art Work SPORTING GOODS: Ace Sportsman ' s Supply 665-591C Angola Sporting Goods, US 27 North 665-5464 Bob ' s Sports Shop 665-3614 TELEVISION SALES AND SERVICE: Arkwright ' s TV — Motorola TV ' s and Radios ..665-6613 THEATERS: Brokaw Theatre 665-3912 Strand Theatre 665-3812 TIRE SALES: Newnam Tire Service 66 5-6712 TRUCKING COMPANIES: Associated Truck Lines, Inc. 665-6465 Dundee Truck Lines, Inc. 665-3712 VACUUM CLEANERS: Electrolu.x Sales Service Ed F. Hauke -...665-3 561 WELDING SERVICE: Botts Welding Supply 665-5811 Glenn ' s Welding 665-5326 YARDAGE SHOP: Angola Yardage Shop 66 5-2413 Page One Hundred Seieuty-three ELEGY TO THE CLASS OF ' 65 THE END OF THE BEGINNING The processional its pomp proclaims. Commence the march sublime. Ring out the proud orchestral strains. Our class is passing by. The flashing of bulbs, the laughter, the sighs Are part of the occasion ' s grandeur. The friends all smile, a mother cries, The Siblings sit silently wide-eyed. The terminating music awakes An anxious, solemn air. A man whom all respect now takes His yearly honored chair. The speaker, of course, is introduced Who • — ■ no matter how distinguished- Must repeat the adages of annual use To praise, to enthuse, to admonish. But the senior ' s mind is far away In years to come or now passed. Ambition and confidence will pave the way For this wondrous senior class. Many seniors these glorious halls will leave; But never again will exist A group of young people who so staunchly believe They ' ll earn and attain success. —Roni Rac Piifabl THE EMPTY HALL It ' s empty now; I see it for the last time; I can hear laughter. But it fades. It ' s empty now. Etched in the walls is learning. It will remain there, Awaiting the next. I turn my back, Knowing I ' ll never forget. Memory clings; It will not fade. — Carol Nichols CAN I? The day has come for which I ' ve waited; The cap, the gown-all anticipated. I ' m filled with joy, but yet I find A sadness mars my peace of mind. I leave all safety; to college I ' m hurled. And now I wonder, can I face this world? — Lynn Hayna It is over. The time has come for me to leave; I no longer belong here. As I walk These halls for the last time, I silently Thank them for all they have given me; and I Know that I must now say good-bye. Standing Here, my eyes move over the familiar Structure before me. Then I turn my tear-stained Face and quietly walk away knowing That it is only the beginning. — jaiif Williamion MY CAP AND TASSEL My cap signifies the end of the first chapter of life, And that part may be recalled only by sweet memories. Each strand in that tassel holds a suggestion Of all my high school trials and tribulations. Which are quickly coming to a close. One represents my " green " freshman yea r. Which held many new and exciting discoveries. In others I see my sophomore and junior years And all the gay times, parties and our junior stand. Still another strand depicts my most glorious year of superiority in memories of When I was a mighty senior and had the halls. Many of the others hold cherished teachers and homework. But especially of all the friendships That have been molded through the years. The remaining strands symbolize the key That will lead me to my future destiny. Chapter two of the book of life is about to unfold. So let the pages turn, for life must always move on. —Pat MilhoUiu THAT DAY Once I looked upon a senior, So tall and full of knowledge. And wished and prayed with all my heart To be so near to college. What a wonderful time it would be For that great day to come, When I will conquer all the world. And my high school days are done! But now that day has come upon me. So fast — I ' m suddenly afraid. And yet I know I must be strong And fulfill the plans I ' ve made. — Sally Hoffman Page One Hundred Seventy-four MEMORIES FIRST ROW: Freshman and Bee Team cheerleaders; What are you guys up to?; Kim and Kathy. SECOND ROW: Cross Country team at Shoaff Park: What ' s so interesting?; Barb. THIRD ROW: The Hornet for salel; Watch it, Roger; Four are too many tor one hoop, girls; Linda, Gail, Vicki, with a friend. FOURTH ROW: Sally - the football hero; Kermit and Lynn: Sue and a friend; Deb ' s got some pretty PJ ' s. FIFTH ROW: English class; Bluebirds here again: Kitty R. : Sleepy, girls? Page One Hundred Seventy-five Unforgettables HsrneIsP ' ' Senior Day ( Mr. Morin Senior Coat Check I 1 -v Stacked Lockers r jGcJxernment and E Sectional Tourney Basketball Games Class Rings F.T.A. Miss Shultz Term Papers Junior Stand G.A.A. Senior Pictures Track Football Games Mr. Hammel Hi-Y " Wonderland by Xight " S.A.T. Tests S " V Y-Te Vl , Y-TeS(a Senior Scholarship Fund I ' Nfunior Miss " Is, wy " AcHievement Day " Macbeth " y- ' pym Pep Club usic Contests The Key Wrestling Team Mr. Barkdull ' s Shorthand Class il4lir Band Bus Trips ' Junior-Sifiior Projn ' J Priple TJ io ■ i V Music Contest fj n ; jj Poetry and Essay . y sA L J if a ' ji Page One Himdred Sev ty-six . Epilogue We, the Class of 1965, descend these stairs for the last tiniKjonljvto uhdertalj e next flight which leads us to even greater heights in our sear (chi fort-rut ilce suf ;ess. This book contains just a small segment of those gi linger forever in the hearts of all. The knowledge we have a)ttamed Xjid t ment we have received during our years at Angola High S ' c|joql ' - and the guidance and understanding given to us by the fciculty gotten. " Vj Through this Key it is with heavy hearts we bit our la t)) f May it be a key to the past as we tread the unknown paths o - . jM. l M ClA J jjuJl - If I- 29 ' JO ).3ua -c5C jQ.j y X} K S. tl ■ 1 _ " lit : ] ' H - «■ :i- . J ' • y .-V ' --V N «W " Autographs % • s ■ N J • - • V ' %0- H - , - " ' » » Autographs ' V r ' " " - - v. - -- M Autographs i ' (J2 3 4r, - , V?!t . ' . ' " K ' x X y i nAx £ . u« ;-o Kc ' ' .OK V ■ I O ' ,, • v -J " ..p- ' . ' 5 ' .

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