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J? a 1 n iP ' liii 3 1833 01802 2373 GENEALOGY 977 . S02 AN4AHS 1964 t. £ff » %v.-a ?- ' . ? ' ' Published By The Senior Class Angola High School Angola, Indiana Pat Van Aman, Editor Louise Patenge, Business Manager Foreword The Angola High School building itself, our friends, and cur activities throughout the years we have spent here have given us many memories to cherish. We have published this Key in the hope that as our readers look through it in the future years they may recall happy moments, sad moments, and proud moments, that they may use this Key and unlock the door to high school memories. CONTENTS FACULTY Page 17 CLASSES -Page 33 ACTIVITIES Page 83 SPORTS -Page 113 • ■ ■■■■ ii w ID 21 ' ' •■ . Mm -e - 5 — i A.H.S. At Night The lights shine bright in this night scene at the Angola High School building. Carlin Park School Carlin Park is the newest of our school build- ings. All of its up-to-date equipment and its fine teaching staff should make it great fun for the ele- mentary students to attend school here. Pave Four Pleasant Lake School Many 1964 seniors received their first educational background at this school. The freshman basket- ball team members use the gym in this building for their practice sessions. The Pleasant Lake School means much to many people. Lunch Hour Classes have been dismissed for lunch. The hungry students of A.H.S. hurry home or to the downtown restaurants to avoid the rush at noontime. -J The Hendry Park School is one of the first stepping stones to higher education. Its facilities are among the best in the country. Many stu- dents have eaten lunch in the cafe- teria here or have attended social functions in the all-purpose room. Hendry Park School Public Library Students have spent many profit- able hours in the Public Library across the street from Angola High School. The librarians have helped much, and the reading room is a popular place when term papers are due. T " M , lb A 43s. ■ Scott Center School Some of the seniors spent their first six years at the Scott Center School and have many happy memories of those years. Now Scott Center is a part of the system of the Metropolitan Schools of Steuben County because of consolidation. Football Field The Boomershine Athletic Field has been the scene of many Hornet football games since being put into operation. Perhaps this young gentleman will play here in fu- ture years. Jn IGomttg To Louis Sapp We Respectfully Yearbook The memory of Louis Sapp, a man dedi- cated to the principles of education and de- velopment of Angola youth, will always be held in the highest esteem by the teaching staff of the school and by all the students who were associated with him. In his years at Angola he served as a fifth grade teacher when the grades were located in the present high school building and also at Hendry Park School. He taught driver training in the summer school ses- sions. He was a coach of junior and high school football and was loved by all the boys. His contributions to the school are last- Page Ten and Dale Simedru Dedicate Our the 1964 Key Dale Simedru, a senior and friend of everyone, participated in many activities throughout his high school years. He was a member of the varsity football team, the track team and the gymnastics team. He held a position on the staff of the school paper his senior year, was a member of the Hi-Y Club for two years, and belonged to the Junior Classical League for four years. He also exhibited projects at the Science Fair his freshman and sopho- more years. Dale ' s memory will always remain in the hearts of those who knew him. Page Eleven At 3:30 we see students leaving the building to go to their buses. All are happy as they think of a day ' s work well done! The school parking lot, used by students and teachers throughout the year, has been a great con- venience. It has proved invaluable for school pa- trons attending athletic meets and many other school activities. In Appreciation We, the members of the class of 1964, wish to express our appreciation to Mr. Thompson, our sponsor for the past two years, and to our class president, Jack Deller, who has guided us through the past four years of high school. We should like to express our many thanks for their patience, tact, and unfailing good humor. Their contributions to our class have helped to make these past four years more enjoyable. To Jack and Mr. Thompson we again say " Thank you. " Pa°e Thirteen Seniors When I was a meek and lowly freshman, I admired the seniors with a wide-eyed stare. It seemed an eternity before I could be one; But I knew I would some day be there. Now at last, here I am. Graduation is drawing near. Those three " long " years went by in a flash, With time running short, I fear. All the good times are memories; The kids will go their separate ways. If only I could relive once more, Those carefree, happy days! But time marches on and never stops; Our great class must move aside. There are others who want our pinnacle, And by their demands we must abide. My message to you, future seniors, is " Good luck and have lots of fun! " For in this whole great school of ours, The senior class is second to none! — Jeanne Laird Page Fourteen Scenes at A. H. S. " ,• i : ' FACULTY Page Si ' i cut ecu OUR SUPERINTENDENT This was the first year for Mr. McCutchan as Superin- tendent of the Metropolitan Schools of Steuben County. We, the class of ' 64, wish to thank him for all his guidance and help through our four y;ars of high school, the first three as our princi- pal, and the last as our su- perintendent. We all feel that he has done an excellent job. BOARD OF EDUCATION We are deeply grateful to the Board of Educa- tion for their efforts to make our school one to be proud of. At their regular meetings they have solved problems regarding financial matters, curric- ulum, selection of teachers, and legislation of school rules. SECRETARIES Mary Sanders and Edith Cox are the two secre- taries in the superintendent ' s office and they have many important responsibilities. But they are al- ways willing to lend a helping hand to students also. OUR PRINCIPAL Mr. Hammel, Principal of our school this year, has done everything in his power to keep up th„ " high standards of our school and whenever possible to make them high- er. He always had time to discuss a personal problem or perhaps a class project. We wish to thank M. Hammel for the help he has given us. John Hammel BOARD OF EDUCATION Paul Strock; D. G. Mason, President; Kenneth Henney; Leland Nedele, Secretary; Reginald Hale, Vice President; Gerald Wall; Robert Berkes, Treasurer. Faculty John R. Johnson OUR ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL As Assistant Principal and Athletic Director, Mr. Johnson has had much work and responsibility this year. He has done his job well and we thank him for his interest in us. SECRETARIES Kitty Rozell and Pat Johnson, our secretaries, are always ready and willing to help anyone who asks them. Their cheerfulness and helpful suggestions have been a great aid to us. They certainly have helped to make our final year of high school an en- joyable one. Kitty Rozell, Pat Johnson Page Twenty . Faculty Pausing between classes MISS SHULTZ finds out from MR. NESBITT the ratings in the latest gymnastics meet. DR. HORRALL, school psychiatrist, talks with her secretary, MRS. MORTORFF, on new findings in her field of work. MR. WEARLY is working hard on a piece of wood. Perhaps it ' s to show his next period class. Faculty MISS SIEBOLD is thinking about the next vocal concert coming up. MR. PORTER goes over some class records with Mary Chiddister, art assistant. Page Twenty-two Faculty MR. AVERY and MR. ARNEY investigate the contents of their mail boxes in the morn- ing. MRS. VOSTEEN, history teacher, sur- rounded by books and maps, major aids in her teaching. MR. MYERS, MRS. KILE. and MRS. MANALIO dis- cuss some new projects for their math class. Page Twenty-three Faculty MRS. BUSE and MRS. TRENNEPOHL have been probably discussing a test which was just given to one of the home economics classes. Taking a few minutes rest from coaching our newly formed " Lady Hornets " bas- ketball team is MRS. GRA- BILL. She is one of the new members on our faculty this year. MR. SPRUNGER and MR. MILHOLLIN are al- ways ready to help us with our problems of selecting colleges and applying for scholarships. To assist with their clerical work is MRS. MORTORFF. Faculty MR. HOFFMAN, MRS. CHOKEY, and MR. KELLEY have just heard something funny. Whether the joke was about English or history we ' ll never know. Any subject in the commercial studies field is often the main topic of conversation be- tween MISS IDDINGS and MISS SERVIS. Here they are looking at some recently graded papers. A discussion about seventh and eighth grade English keeps MRS. CLINE and MRS. D ' AGOSTINO occupied. f t ■I FT MR. ETZLER and DARRELL BOYCE talk over the work a machine in the shop room can do. MR. SCHLOSSER, MR. FIANDT and MR. NICHOLS make a happy trio. They are probably discussing sports or music. Faculty MR. CABLE shows PHIL PR1STAS how to work a problem in math. Faculty MR. BRAYTON is giv- ing SHARON BRANDE- BERRY a few pointers on sentence construction. SUE WAITE and LINDY MICK seem to be enjoying their music lessen with MISS HOAK. Perhaps MISS TAPP is helping MARY BETH ZUBER to find something in a refer- ence book. Facult v- JENNY RYAN and :SflL PROSSER look though they are enjoying the Spanish lesson. MR. MONTGOMERY explains to BETTY CARRICK part of the nitrogen cycle. Facult MRS. O TEXS shows MR. ATKINS m E ' . 7 ■ . : :;•: : — i: 1 ot these teachers joined the A - z :.- -.- : :- MRS. LONG, the school nurse. i . JANE VTILLIAMSOX ' S health record. MRS. HOSTEL!. ;rerj- r:-t. is ::t:r.i ;;- " - -;:;; := ::: ; r- - ■ - ! • - Jerry Rumsey, Carlton Erwin, Tom German, Lester Shelton Our Custodians To our faithful custodians we wish to express our appreciation for all the services they have performed for A.H.S. The custodians ' work is never done. In the high school building they clean floors, repair broken desks and tables, help with sets for plays, and render countless services that the school could not do without. In the gym, Tom German keeps the floor clean for ball games, r epairs broken equipment, and does many other things. Custodians, we salute you! m u» - . v TOP ROW: . Ii . Naomi Van Meter. Carl Waymire, Clifton NHson, Dale Somer- lott, Otto Linnemeier, Charles Libey, -Mrs. Helen Linnemeier, lira. Clifton Xilson. FRONT ROW: Larry Klink. Hollis Fisher, George Cowey, Fordyee Johnson, Duane Rose, ( insert i Kenneth I ' .erman. Bus Drivers Our bus drivers make their rounds in all kinds of weather day after day to provide each child in our school area a way to school. Without their services our school could not function properly and efficiently. Safety Patrol Certainly one of the most dedi- cated men associated with the Metropolitan school system is Harry Sowle. Harry is on the job day after day making sure that students may proceed across High- way 27 safely. The picture shows some students who have stopped to chat with him. ■ ■ m I M B K IH CLASSES Page Thirty-three Julia Jean Inman Claude Ray Johnson Page Forty-one Margaret Amanda Malston Donald G. Mason Lynn Frederick Maugherman Larry R. McCormick John K. Wilder Judith Elaine Wiley Page Fifty-one Class Officers Po ems ClaSS Of 1964 Officers THE BALLAD OF THE CLASS OF ' 64 PRESIDENT Jack Deller VICE-PRESIDENT . Curt Rausch SECRETARY-TREASURER Sharon Scbnetzlcr BUSINESS MANAGER . Sue Swank SPONSOR Mr. Thompson FLOWER Yellow Rose COLORS Aqua and White MOTTO — " Wear Not the Crown of Knowledge Without the Dust of Toil. " DOUBTS My high school days are near an end; I feel a pang of sorrow. I wish I could foresee right now Just what I ' ll be tomorrow. For years they ' ve trained me for this day, When I would take the step Into that big, bad world out there; But now I feel inept. In science and math I ' m well prepared. My Latin is quite quaint. It ' s English that I ' m worried about. Is I ready or is I ain ' t? — George Shoup THE LAST MOMENT As I start to walk out the door, I turn and survey the empty halls. I can feel the pulsing life and emotions of the past year. I feel sorrow, joy, tragedy, excitement. I hear laughter, shouts, crying. I see smiling faces and tear-stained cheeks. All these things are spun into one fleeting moment. Then pushed back in my mind as a book is placed on a shelf. My last moment is gone. — Jeanne Laird In 1960, a class, the likes of which never seen before, Entered their freshman year. That was the class of " 64 " . They were eager to win recognition, As a class with great ambition. That first year was one of work; When there was a different assignment, thev didn ' t shirk. Each freshman learned the meaning of study; They practiced math till they were almost nutty. Their sophomore year was gay-hearted; They listened to war stories, in biology, from Mr. Bernhardt; Study with Mrs. Vcsteen in world history. Made the whole thing a wonderful mystery. The junior year went in a flash. Leaving little time to relax. English could have been more enlightening If Mrs. Erickson had not been so good-looking. The senior year was one of worry, Trying to finish government themes in a hurrv. This their last high school year forever more! They will leave but never forget the class of " 64 " . " —Metodi Velkoff THE LAST YEAR IN HIGH SCHOOL Our school life here is almost at its end, And our life positions lie just around the bend. The time has flown by so fast, It seems we should be still in the past. The idea of being on our own Is both sad and happy, as you know. But we must do our best in life No matter what the struggle or the strife. So on we will go, some far, some near. But never will we forget the good times here. — Katby Fisher THE BALL GAMES The flags are waving; the people cheer; And everywhere one can hear From his best friend the latest news In speculation of who ' ll win or lose. The yells, the gang, and the old school cheers. The memory of which will last for years! — Roger Caton Page Fifty-three I Senior Directory i JON ALAURA COLLEEN RUTH ANSPAUGH Senior Ensemble ( ocaD 1, II, Ilx, iV; District Solo Ensemble Contest I, II, III, IV; State Solo Ensemble contest II; Choir II, III, Iv; Ptp Club Ii, III, IV; Y- Teens II, Finance Chairman III, President IV; Hoosier Girls ' State III; Mathematics Contest II; B.O.V. Contest III IV; National Honor Soc ' ety III, IV; G.A.A. I, II, III; Poetry Contest I: Betty Crocker Homemaker of To- morrow Award IV. HAROLD LEROY ANSTETT Projectionist I, II, III. ROBERT JAMES BALDWIN Thespian Society I, II, III; Thespian Plays 1, II, III, IV; Key Stalf IV; Football 1, II, III, IV; Track I, II. GLENN DUANE BARLETT Thespian Plays III; Hornet Staff Business Manager, Art Editor IV; Key Staff Art Editor IV; Baseball I; Football I, II. Ill, IV; Basketball I, II, III, IV; Track I, II, III. IV; Hi-Y II. PHILLIP HOWARD BEARD Hi-Y II, III, IV; Student Council President IV; Purdue Round-Up I; Science Fair I; 4-H Nine Years, Junior Leader Fiye Years; State Junior Leader Council III; State Junior Leader Conference III, IV; Junior Leader of the Y ' ear 1963; Actuarial and Mathematics Contest IV; National Honor Society IV. RANDALL S. BEECHY Thespian Society III, IV; Thespian Plays III; German Band IV; Senior Band II, III, IV; Marching Band I, II, III, IV; Pep Band II, III, IV; Orchestra I, II, III, IV; District Solo Ensemble Contest I, II, III, IV; Choir II, III, IV; Band Summer Camp I, II, III; Cross Country IV; Science Fair I; Science Research Project III. FOREST F. BODIKER Spartan Staff (Lima Senior High newspaper) II, III; Print Shop II, III; Home Koora Representative II. At- tended Lima Senior High School, Lima, Ohio, I, II, III, and first half of IV. SALLY JOAN BOLINGER Y-Teens II, III. DARRELL GENE BOYCE Gymnastics I; Basketball I; Baseball I. JIM BURRELL RITA ANNETTE BURRELL Hornet Staff IV; Key Staff IV; G.A.A. Ill; Attended Hamilton High School, Hamilton, Indiana I, II, III. TUIREN A. BUTLER Class Secretary I; Class Treasurer I; Thespian Plavs I; Senior Ensemble (vocal) I, II. Ill, IV; F.T.A. I, II, III, IV, Secretary II; Senior Band I, II; Marching Band I; District Solo Ensemble Contest I, II, III, IV; Cheer- leader I, II, III, IV; Y-Teens II, III, IV, Treasurer III, Secretary IV: Student Council IV; Mathematics Contest II. Ill; B.O.V. Contest I, III, IV: National Honor Society III, IV, Vice President IV; Junior Classical League I, II, I lonsul II; G.A.A. I, II. BARBARA BYERS F.T.A. IV: Key Staff IV: Y-Teens III, IV; student Librarian IIT. IV: Junior Classical league III, IV: Pep Club I; Sunshine Club II; Attended Albany High School, Albany, Indiana I, II. ROGER CHARLES CATON Hornet Staff IV; Key staff IV; Hi-Y ' I. WILLIAM JOSEPH CHAUDOIN Key Staff IV: Football I; Track I; Podunk Pep Club III: Hoosier Boys ' State III: Proiectionist I. II, IIT, IV; Legion Oratorical Contest III: Mathematics Contest I: Science Fair I: Program P.A. System Student Manager I, II, HI: Electronics Room Assistant 1. II; Science I ' • -• arch Team III. MARY CHIDDISTER Key Staff IV; Y-Teens II, III, IV; Student Librarian II; Art Assistant IV. LARRY JOHN CLARK Key Staff IV; Football I, II, III, IV; Basketball 1, IT, III, IV; Track I. II, III; Baseball I, II; Su.den t Council I. PATRICIA ANN CLARK Pep Club III, IV; Y-Teens II, III, IV; G.A.A. II, 111; Essay Contest IV: Poetry Contest I. TOMY COCHRAN Key Staff IV; Football I, II, III, IV; Basketball I, II; Track I, II, III, IV: Hi-Y I, II, III, IV; Science Fair I. MARY ALICE COLE Piano Accompanist I, II, III, IV: F.T.A. I, II, III, IV, Vice President III, President IV; Key Staff, Assistant Editor IV; Senior Band II, III, IV; Marching Band II, III, IV; Orchestra I; District Solo Ensemble Contest Accompanist II, III, IV; Pep Club II, III, IV, Secretary- Treasurer IV; Y-Teens II, III, IV, Scrapbook Chairman IV: Y-Teens Summer Conference III; Hoosier Girls ' State Representati e, Precinct Committeewoman III: Student Council Vice President III: Latin Contest I; B.O.V. Contest I, II, III, IV: National Honor Society III. IV, Secretary-Treasurer IV; Junior Classical League I, II, III, Program Chairman II; Science Fair I, 1st in Engin- eering " National Junior Classical League Convention I " State Latin Summer Conference II: Chairman Junior- Senior Prom III; D.A.R. Award Runner-up; 4-H Six Years, Reporter I, Secretary-Treasurer II: World Affairs Institute IV: Salutatorian. Page Fifty-four Seoior Directory JANIE LORRAINE COTNER Girls ' Basketball IV: Y-Teens II. Ill, IV: Pep Club II; hoosier Girls state III: Student Council I. II: Purdue Round-Up II: Junior Classical League I. II, III, IV: G.A.A. I, II, III: Make-Up Committee for Thespian Plays II. JACK E. DELLER Clacs President I. II. III. IV; Key Staff IV, Chairman of Lovs ' Athletic Comm ' ttee; Football I. II. III. IV. Basketball I. II. III. IV: Track I, II. Ill; Baseball I. II, III. IV: Hi-Y III. IV; Purdue Round-Up I; National Honor Society III, IV; Junior Classical League I, II: Science Fair I; Essay Contest IV; Actuarial and Math- ematics Contest IV. At The Coat Check MARK M. CRAIN Thespian Society HI. IV: Thespian Plays III: Hornet Staff IV: Key Staff IV: Football II; Track I. II, III: Hi-Y II. III. IV. Secretary IV: Hi-Y Summer Conference III: Student Council IV: Spanish Club IV. BEVERLY ANN DYGERT F.T.A. I. II, III, IV: Hornet Staff III; Key Staff. Feature Editor IV: Girls ' Basketball IV: Pep Club II. III. IV: Y -Teens II, III, IV; English Contest IK: Latin i " ' on ' e--t T: G.A.A. I. 71. III. TV: Poetry Contest IV Choir II. III. IV; National Honor Society IV. SHARON KAY ELLIOTT H:, net Staff IV: Key Staff IV: Y-Teens II, IV: Student Librarian II: Junior Classical League I. ROBERT JAMES ERWIN Key Staff IV; Podunk Pep Club III; Projectionist I. II, III, IV: Mathematics Ccntest I; Science Fair I Pro- gram P.A. System Assistant Manager I. II, IH: Electron- ics Room Assistant I. II: Science Research Team III. PHYLLIS ELAINE EVERETT Senior bnsemo.e (.vocal) i, il. Ill, IV: District Sob. Ensemble i ontest I, il, Hi, IV; State Solo Ensemble Contest III; I. huir il, III. I ; Pep Club III, I " : Y-Teens II, III, IV; Purdue Round-Up I: B.O.V. Contest III; G.A.A. I, III: Poetij Contest I : Freshman Girls Choir I. STEVEN EDWARD FERRO Hornet Statf IV; Key Staff IV: Basketball I. KATHY LOUISE FISHER Pep Club III, IV; Key Staff IV: Y-Teens III, IV, Finance Chairman IV: Heme Economies Assistant II; Choir II, III, IV; Purdue Round-Up II. I ' .o.V. Contest III; Essav Contest IV; Indiana State Fair Girls ' School III; 4-H Achieyement Trip to Chicago IV; 4-H Dress Revue Grand Champion III; 4-H I. II, III. IV, President IV; National Honor Society IV. JOHN ANTHCNY FLEGAL Football I. il. III. IV: Basketball I, II: Track I, II. III, IV: Purdue Round-Up I; All-Conference Football Team Honorable Mention: Spanish Club IV: Science Fair II. BARRY L. FRISINGER Senior Band I, II, III, IV; Marching Band I, II. Ill, IV; Pep Band I. II, III, IV; Orchestra I, II, III, IV; District Solo Ensemble Contest I, II. III. IV; State Solo Ensemble Contest I, HI; Choir II, III, IV: Cornet Trio I, II. III. IV: All State Band II; Smith Waldridge Summer Camp I, II, III. IV; B.O.V. Contest I. II, IL, IV; Golf I. II, III. IV. JACK FRYE Wrestling II: Student Council III. JAMES M. GARNER Thespian Society IV; Key Staff IV: Senior Band I. II, III, IV; Marching Band I, II. III. IV; Pep Band IV; Thespian Plays Stage and Lighting Crew III. IV: Track I, IV; Cross Country I: Baseball I: Podunk Pep Club II : Project onist I, II. III. IV; Hi-Y I. II. III. IV: B.O.V. Contest I. II. Ill, IV. CAROL ANN GEBHART F.T.A. I, II. LI. IV: Hornet Stall III: Key Staff TV: Senior Band I. II, III, IV; Marching Band I. II. III. IV: Orchestra It, III. IV: District B.O.V. Contest I. II: State B.O.V. Contest I. II. III. IV; Choir IV: Girls ' Glee Club I: District Solo Ensemble Contest I, II, III. IV; Pep Club II, III. IV; Y-Teens II. Ill, IV; G.A.A. I. II. III. IV: Thespian Stage Crew IV; Science Fair I: Coed Magazine Correspondent IV: 4-H Club II. Ill, IV. Reporter III. DENNIS E. GOUDY Key Staff IV: Football I; Purdue Round-Up I. JANET MAY GOULD Orchestra I, II. Ill, IV: Y ' -Teens II. III. IV: B.O.V. Contest I. II. HI, IV; Junior Classical League I. II. III. IV; Freshman Girls ' Choir I. PAMELA SUE GOULD Key Staff IV: Pep Club II: Y-Teens II. III. IV: G.A.A. I, II. KRISTENE SUE GREEN Key Staff IV: Senior Hand II. HI: Marching Band I, II. Ill, IV: Varsity Band I: Faml Contest II, III; NISBOVA Solo Twirling Contest I, II. Ill Stat NISBi V. Twirling Contest I: Y " -Teens II. III. I ' . DAVID LEE HANSELMAN Class Vice President II; Thespian Society II. ' II. L " . Vice President II. IV: Thespian Plays I. II. III. IV Senior Eand I, II. IV: Choir II. Ill, IV: Marching Band I: District Solo Ensemble Contest I Boys ' Glee Club I; Football I. II. III. IV: Basketball I, II. HI. iv- Track I, II, III: Baseball I. II. III. IV: Baseball N.E.I.C. All- Conference Second Team III: Hi-Y I. II. III. IV. Serg- eant-at-Arms IIT: Hi-Y Summer Conference II III. IV: Indiana State Hi-Y Vice President III Indiana State Hi-Y President IV; National Hi-Y Chapl i- ' ' " a • Hi-Y " Congress IV: National Hi-Y Coune;] HI. IV; B.O.V Contest I. II. IV; National Honor " •let ' - IU. TV- jun ' o- Cla« = i -al Leas-ue I: Ball State Assembly IV: Youth Powei Conference III. PHILLIP C. HERL Football H Hi-Y T Page Fifty- five Talking Things Over Buddies First Donation for Scholarship Fund NANCY LOU HOFFMAN P.T.A. II, III, IV; Hornet Staff HI; Key Staff IV; Girls ' Basketball IV; Pep Club II; Y-Teens II, III, IV: Student Teacher IV: Purdue Round-Up II; Junior Class- ical League I, II, III, IV, Treasurer II; G.A.A. I, II; Essay Contest IV: Key Staff Party Chairman IV. MARVIN RAY HOLMAN Key Staff IV; Basketball I; Hi-Y II, III. IV; Mathe- matics Contest III, IV; Actuarial and Mathematics Con- test IV. SAMUEL MILES HOLTZMAN III Basketball II, III, IV. Student Manager; Track I, II, III, IV; Hoosier Boys ' State III; IT. N. Speech Contest II; National Honor Society IV. CHARLES ED WARD HONESS Thespian Society III. IV: Thespian Plays III, IV: German Band III. IV: Senior Pand II. Ill, IV; Marching Band I, II, III, IV; Pep Band III. IV- District Solo Ensemble Contest I. II. HI: Football II, III, IV: Track II, III: Wrestling IV; Hi-Y III, IV; B.O.V. Contest I. II, III, IV; Science Fair I, II. Senior Directory BARBARA JEAN HORMAN Key Stait i . oen.or i and II, III, IV; Marching Band I, II, III, IV; Pep Band II, III, IV: District Solo En- semble Contest III, IV; Varsity Band I: Freshman Girls ' Choir I; Y-Teens II, III, IV; Purdue Round-Up I; District B.O.V. Contest II, III, IV; State B.O.V. Contest II, III, IV; G.A.A. I, II. Ill, IV: Physical Education Assistant III, IV; Physical Education Program II, III; Girls ' Basketball IV; Junior Classical League I: Junior-Senior Prom Committee III. JOHN HARRY HUBLER Hornet Staff IV; Key Staff IV: Basketball I; Track I; Hi-Y " I, IV; Projectionist I; Podunk Pep Club III. JULIA JEAN INMAN F.T.A. II, III, IV- Key Staff IV; Pep Club IV; Y- Teens II, III, IV; Hoosier Girls ' State Alternate III: Junior Classical League I, II, III, IV; G.A.A. I, II, III, IV, Award I, II, III; Girls ' Basketball IV. CLAUDE RAY JOHNSON Key Staff IV; Football I, II, III, IV, Student Man- ager; Hi-Y I, II, III, IV: Projectionist I, II, III, IV; Purdue Round-LTp I: 4-H Nine Years. State Junior Con- vention II, Junior Leader Four Years, District Junior Leader Meeting I. EDWARD J. JOHNSON Hornet Staff IV: Key Staff IV: Football II, III, IV: Basketball I. II, III, IV; Track I, II, III; Gymnastics II; Hi-Y IV; Baseball I, II, III, IV: Choir IV DANNY LEE JOHNSTONE JOHN JOHNSTONE LINDA KAY KIESS F.T.A. I, II, III, IV; Hornet Staff III; Key Staff Assistant Editor IV; Majorette I, Feature Twirler in Marching Band II, III, IV; District Solo Ensemble Contest I; Pep Club II: Y-Teens II, III, IV: Student Council I; Freshman Sophomore Track Relays Court I; Freshman Sophomore Track Queen II; Christmas Prom Court I; G.A.A. T. ARLENE KING Hornet Staff IV; Key Staff IV; Y-Teens II, III, IV; Physical Education Assistant III. JEANNE ELIZABETH LAIRD Hornet Staff III: Key Staff IV: Pep Club II; Y-Teens II, III, IV; Purdue Round-Up I; Freshman Girls ' Choir I: Junior-Senior Prom Committee III. WARREN JOE LAW Hornet Staff III; Key Staff IV: English Contest IV. JANET KAY LEININGER Hornet Staff IV; Key Staff IV; Girls ' Basketball IV: Pep Club II, III, IV, Senior Representative on Rules Committee IV: Y-Teens II, III, IV; Purdue Round-Up I; Junior Classical League I, II. Ill, IV; G.A.A. I, II, III. STEPHEN O. LINNEMEIER Hornet Staff IV; Kev Staff IV; Football II, IV; Basketball I, II; Track III; Hi-Y II, III, IV; Science Fair I; Baseball I. LINDA KAY LOVE JOY Senior Ensemble (vocal) III, IV; F.T.A. II, III, IV: Hornet Staff IV; Key Staff IV; Pep Pand II, IV; District Solo Ensemble Contest III, IV: Pep Club II, IV: Y ' - Teens II, III, IV; Purdue Round-Up " I: B.O.V. Contest III, IV; G.A.A. I: Science Fair I; Hoosier Girls ' State Alternate III; Physical Education Assistant II; Freshman Girls ' Choir I; High School Choir II, III, IV. LORETTA JEAN LOWER Y-Teens IV; G.A.A. I, II, IV: Science Fair I; Physical Education Assistant III, IV; Freshman Girls ' Choir I. JEAN ANN MACRAE F.T.A. IV: Key Staff IV: Pep Club I, II, III, IV; Y- Teens II, III, IV: Student Librarian III: Student Council I: Jun-or Classical League I. II, III, IV; G.A.A. I, II, IV: Rotary Contest III: Girls ' Basketball IV; Freshman Sophomore Relays Queen ' s Court II. MARGARET AMANDA MALSTON Pep Club II, III, IV: Y-Teens II, III, IV: Junior Classical League II, III: G.A.A. II, III, IV. Page Fifty- Senior Directory DONALD G. MASON Key Staff Photographer IV; Football I, II, III. IV: Track I. Ill, IV; Gymnastics IV: National Honor Society III. IV: Poeti ' Contest IV: Summer Science Training Program III; Actuarial and Mathematics Contest IV. L.YNN FREDERICK MAUGHERMAN Key Staff IV; Football I, II, III, IV; Basketball I, II, III, IV: Track I, II, III, IV; Baseball I, II. III. IV: All N.E.I.C. Football Second Team IV: School Track Record S80 Yard Relay Team III: Hi-Y I. II. III. IV. Publicity Committee Chairman IV: Choir II. III. IV: Choir Assistant IV; Boys ' Vocal I: Student Council I. II: Mathematics Contest III; !-:.( . V. Com est III; National Honor Society ITT. IV; : cience Fair: Honorable Mention All-Conference NEIAC Easketball Team. LARRY R. McCORMICK Kev Staff IV; Hoosier Boys ' State III. Purdue Round-Up I. GATHA LORAINE MENDEL Hornet Staff IV; Key Miff IV: Y-Teens I, II. Ill: Student Librarian III. MARSHALL H. MITZMAN Thespian Society II, III, IV, Sei geam-at- Arm- III, Thespian Plays II, III. IV: F.T.A I. II, III, IV: Marching Band I, II 111. IV : Key Staff IV; Football I III. IV; Projectionist I, II, III. IV; III. IV: Senior Band III. IV; Pep Band II, Track I; Hi-Y I. II. Science Fair I: Essay Contest III: Poetry Contest IV; Operation Brain Power II: District NISBOVA Contest II. Ill, IV, State III, IV. Rotary Speech Contest III; Contest IV. choir I. II, III. IV; English EDWIN L. MOOR Hi-Y III, IV: Projectionist I, II: Podunk Pep Club I. ROGER MOSER Podunk Pep Club I, II; Football I. ANNETTE SUSAN MYERS Hornet Staff III: Key Staff IV; Senior Band I. II. Ill: Marching Band I. II, III: District Solo Ensemble Contest I. II. Ill; State Solo Ensemble Contest I. II. Ill: District B.O.V. Contest I, II. Ill: State B.O.V. Con- test I, II, III; Varsitv Band I; Freshman Gir ' s ' Choir I: Pep Club II. Ill, IV: Purdue Round-Up II: G.A.A. I, II, III. MARGARET ANN NAGEL Pep Club I. Ill: Y ' -Teens II. Ill, IV: Junior Classical League I, II. III. IV; Freshman Girls ' Choir I. LOUISE B. PATENGE Thespian Society II, III. IV: Thespian Plays I, II, IV; Key Staff IV; Pep Club II, III, IV; President IV: Y-Teens II. Ill, IV, Social Chairman IV; Hoosier Girls ' State III; student Council III, IV, Secretary IV: English Contest II. Ill; Latin Contest I: Junior Classical League I, II. III. IV: G.A.A. I. II, III, Tumbling Team I: Science Fair I; Purdue Round-Up I: I.O.O.F. United Nations Speech Contest II: D.A.R. Good Citizen Award IV: United Fund Speech Contest IV: Operation Brain Power I. PHIL POLLARD Attended Shelby County High School. Shelbyville, Kentucky I; Eastern High School, Middletown. Kentucky II. LINDA RUTH POOLE Thespian Plays III, Play Committees III: Senior Ensemble III. IV: F.T.A. I. II. III. IV: Key Staff IV: District Solo Ensemble Contest II, III: State Solo Ensemble Contest III: Peo Club IT: Y ' -Teens II. Ill, IV: Y-Teen Cabinet III. IV: Y-Teen Summer Conference III: Hoosier Girls ' State Alternate III English C ntest III B.O.V. Contest III: Junior Classical League I. II: Science Fair I: Essay Contest III: Spanish Assistant: Choir II, III. IV: English Contest IV. JOHN JAMES POTTS Hornet Staff IV: Key Staff IV: Pep Club I; Hi-Y I. II. Ill; Podunk Club President II. Cheerleader III; Attended North Side High School, Fort Wayne, First Semester IV. ELDEN L. POWERS Key Staff IV. ELTEN LEO POWERS Thespian Society III. IV, President IV; Thespian Plays III. IV; Hornet Staff IV: Key Staff IV: Football I; Spanish Club IV; World Affairs Contest IV; National Honor Society IV. PHILLIP R. PRISTAS Hornet Staff I ; Key Staff IV; Football 1. II. III. IV; Track I. LARRY E. PUTT Hornet Staff IV: Key Staff Photographer IV: Senior Rand I. II; Football I. II. Ill, IV; Track 1, II, IV: Scienc Lab Assistant II. III. IV; Photo Lai. II, III. IV. CURT NORMAN RAUSCH Class Vice President III. IV; Marching Band I: District Solo Ensemble Contest I; Football I, II, III, IV: Basketball I, II. Ill: Golf I. II. Ill, IV; Hi-Y II. III. IV: Mathematics Contest I. II. Ill, IV; National Honor Society III. IV. President IV; B.O.V. Contest I: Junior Classical League I, II; Science Fair I: Poetry Contest I: Actuarial Mathematics Contest II, III. IV: State Geometry Contest II: All Conference Football III, IV; Valedictorian. VIKKI REAMER Thespian Plays III; Hornet Staff IV: Kev Staff IV Pep Club I, III; Y ' -Teens I, II, III, IV; G.A.A. I, II. Ill Drama Club 1: Booster Club I; Prep Glee Club I: Junior Glee Club I; German Club II; Drama II: Debate II Attended Adams High School, South Bend, Indiana, I Riley High School, South Bend, Indiana. IT. TIMOTHY LEE REESE Hornet Staff IV; Kev Staff IV: Football I, II. III. IV: Basketball I. II: Hi-Y ' I. II. III. IV; Baseball I. II. III. IV: Intramural Basketball IV. TODD RIGELMAN Class Vice President I: Key Staff IV; Track I. II. Ill: Cross Country IV: Hi-Y II, III. IV. CAROL ROGERS Hornet Staff IV; Key Staff IV: Y-Teens II. III. IV; Junior Classical League I: Attended Angola High School up to Second Semester of Sen ' or Year. BEN SCHAFTNER SHARON KAY SCHNETZLER Class Secretary-Treasurer III, IV: F.T.A. II, III, IV: Hornet Staff III; Key Staff IV: Marching Band II. III. IV: District Solo Ensemble Cutest III: Pep Club II Y ' -Teens II, III. IV; G.A.A. I. » ■ a 1 1 • ' " Jl «p h ■(rfpT " JrjMfc aTi Senior Directory fl W 5 DALE PATRICK VANAMAN v fl Hornet Staff III; Key Staff Editor IV; Football I, II; Basketball I, II; Golf II, IV; Wrestling IV; Class Sergeant-at-Arms II: Old Guard 11. Attended Howe Military School, Howe. Indiana, I, 11. TOM VANAUKEN - " -, M Choir I, II. Ill, IV; District Solo Ensemble Contest I, II, III: State Solo Ensemble Contest I, II, III: District B.O.V. Contest I, II, III, IV: State B.O.V. Contest I, II, III, IV: Pep Band III, IV: Senior Band II, III, IV: Varsity Band I: Marching: Band I, II, III, IV; German Band III. IV. METODI VELKOFF Key Staff IV: Wrestling IV; Essay Contest IV; S " ien " e Assistant IV: Attended Cairo High School, Cairo, Illinois, I. r Five of a Kind FRED D. SCHROEDER JOHN DALE SIMEDRU Hornet Staff IV: Football I, II, III, IV: Track I, II, III, IV: Gymnastics IV; Hi-Y II, III: Junior Classical League I, II, III, IV: Science Fair I, II. LAUREL D. SHIRLEY F.T.A. II, III, IV: Key Staff IV; Senior Band I, II. Ill, IV: Marching Band I, II. Ill, IV; District Solo Ai Ensemble Contest I, II, III: State Solo Ensemble Con- test I. II, III: Pep Club II: T-Teens II. III. IV; Hoosier Girls ' State III: B.O.V. Contest I. II, III, IV: Junior Classical League I: G.A.A. I. GEORGE BERNARD SHOUP Kev Staff IV: Senior Band II: Marching Band I, II: District Solo Ensemble Contest I. II: Football I, II, III. IV: Basketball I. II. Ill, IV, All-Conference Second Team III: Track I. II. Ill, IV; Baseball I. II. III. IV: Hi-Y I. II. III. IV, Treasurer III. IV: State Secretary IV: National Hi-Y " Congress IV, Hi-Y Summer Conference III. IV: Hoosier Boys ' State III: Mathematics Contest I, II, III: National Honor Society III. IV: Essay Contest IV: Freshman Chorus I: Choir II. Ill, IV; National Merit Letter of Commendation IV: Actuarial and Mathematics Contest IV; All Conference NEIAC Basketball Team IV. ALICE LORINE SMITH Hornet Staff III: Kev Staff IV: Marching Band II, III: Pep Club II; Y-Teens II. III. IV: Student Librarian IV: G.A.A. I. II. PAUL W. SPARKS Key Staff IV; Football II, IV: Basketball I: Track I: Gymnastics IV: Hi-Y I, II, III. IV: Hi-Y Winter Con- ference: Junior Classical League III. IV: Science Fair I; Essay Contest IV: Poetry Contest IV. SAMUEL E. STEINER Key Staff IV: Senior Band II, III, IV: Marching Band II. IV; Pep Band II, III, IV: Orchestra T. II: Football III: Wrestling IV: B.O.V. Contest I, II, III, IV. MICHAEL D. STEVENSON ROGER D. SUNDAY Thespian Plays IV: Kev Staff IV: Football I: Track II: Hi-Y III, IV; Essay Contest IV: Operation Brain Power I. SUE ELLEN SWANK F.T.A. I, II, III, IV, Publicity Chairman II, Service Chairman III. Social Chairman IV: Kev Staff, Associate Editor IV: Pep Club II, III. IV: Y-Teens II, III, IV, Pro- gram Chairman III. IV: Y-Teen Summer Conference II: Hoosier Girls ' State City Chairman III: National Honor So iety III. IV: Science Fair I: Class Business Manager III. IV: Girls ' Glee Club I: Junior Classical League I, II: World Affairs Institute IV. ROBERT K. TUTTLE SHARON LOUISE URBINE Pep Club III, IV: Y-Teens II. Ill, IV; Poetrv Contest IV; Choir II; Freshman Girls ' Choir I. LINDA LEE VINCENT Page Fifty-eight Conversation Before Class Hornet Staff IV: Key Staff IV Student Librarian II. Y-Teens II, III, IV LARRY A. WAITE Key Staff IV: Track II, III, IV; Science Fair II, Second Place. JERRY A. WALCUTT Librarian IV; Football I. II, III: Track I, II: Wrestling II; Hi-Y I. II, III. JUDY WARREN Kev Staff IV; Y-Teens II: Student Poetry Contest III. IV. JOHN N. WELLMAN Mathematics Contest I. II, III. ELSIE DARLINE WHITE Y-Teens IV: F.H.A. Ill: Vocal Assembly I, II: Science Project II: F.H.A. District Convention II. Attended Southeast High School, Bradenton, Florida, I, II, III. STEVE WILD Thespian Plavs II: Football II, III, IV: Track I, II, III, IV: Hi-Y I, II, III. IV; Hoosier Bovs ' State III: Choir II, III, IV; B.O.V. Contest III; Essav Contest III; English Contest IV. JOHN K. WILDER Thespian Society IV; Thespian Plays III. IV; Key Staff IV: Football II: Track I, II, III. IV: Cross Country IV: Gymnastics IV; Hi-Y I, II, III, IV: Latin Contest I: Junior Classical League I, II; Essay Contest IV: Science Lab Assistant II. Ill: Research Project III: Choir II, III, IV. JUDITH ELAINE WILEY Senior Ensemble (vocal) I, II, III, IV: District Solo Ensemble Contest I, II. Ill, IV; State Solo Ensemble Contest II; Freshman Girls ' Choir I; Choir II, III, IV: B.O.V. Contest III, IV: G.A.A. I, II, III. DIANA JEAN WYATT Key Staff IV, Day-Out Editor; Y-Teens II. Ill, IV; National Honor Society III, IV: Junior Classical League I. II. III. IV: G.A.A. I. II; Poetrv Contest I, IV: Freshman Girls ' Choir I. PHILLIP NEIL ZABST Football I, II, III, IV; Golf II. mi Around School TOP ROW: Mr. Morin and Rod at the junior stand: Rita types for the Hornet: Phil Beard alias " Atlas " . SECOND ROW: Peggy Miller!: (above) Darrell R. : Marshall: Tom German and Mr. McCutchan; Harry cutting a caper: ibelow) Harold A.. Jim; Mary Alice at the bulletin board; Dale: seniors at the coat check, THIRD ROW: Senior coat check, Roger working; Mary in the art stock room: Colleen looking pleasant: Laurel ready to go places: Kristene in a serious mood. FOURTH ROW: A Hornet is assembled Pat Clark: Roger in deep thought: Barb and the Christmas tree; Acrobat Linda Lovejoy: George is thinking too. Page Fifty-nine Class of 1965 Officers PRESIDENT Dave Y ' avian VICE PRESIDENT .. Pam Van Meter SECRETARY-TREASURER Larry Book BUSINESS MANAGER Billy Munn SPONSOR Mr. Morin FLOWER ..... White Orchid COLORS .-Turquoise and White MOTTO " In Ourselves Our Future Lies " Rebecca Adams, Fred Aldrieh. Blaine Alms- house. Tertm ' e Anderson, John Andrews, Melvin Bab- eock. Danny Bakstad, Sue Ann Beamer, Steven Beard. Craig Benson, Connie Bodley, Larry Book Diana Boyre, Sharon Brandeberry, Lynn Budd. Gary Bumgarner, Jerry Burrell, Nita Burrell. k -.:■-- Si. ve i ' al.l.-. Joyce Call, Na m y Carrick. Robert Champion, Sus- an Childs, Mitch Chris- ty. Kathy Clancy, Richard Coleman, Michael Con- Max Converse, Cynthia Cook, Rex Cox. Celestine Cuneo, Clau- dia Davis, Penny Davis. Tim Deller. Jane Dem- ing, Waneice Demur- Dale Linnemeier, Wil- liam Doctor, Jim Du- Kuid. Oail Franklin, Thomas Franze, Alana French. Raphael Garcia, Linda Gibbeny, Rebecca Gram- ling. Gayle Greenamyer. Bar- bara Griffith, Karen Gulcher. Norman Hagewood, Eu- gene FTalderman, Don- al.l Hale. Michelle Hall, Barbara Hanselman, Roger Har- nishfeger. Ted Hasselman, Lynn Haynes, Charles Hedg- lin. Richard Hilton, Sally- Hoffman, Tom Horn- backer. Patricia Hosack, Tom Howe, John Henninger. James Ireland, Nancy James, r;. . erly John- Edward Karasek, Susan King, Keith Kolb. Kathleen Krantz, Mary Alice Kuckuck, Kenton Land is. inoy Light, Rodney .■nt, Gale Linnemeier. Bill L i p m a i], Lincl Locke, Steve Logan. Judith Ann Loomis, Doris Liiw.r. Robert Mains. Kermit Mann. Denni Maughernian, Ron Man gherman. Sue Maxton, Jim Mc- I ' lish, Janet McCutchan. Dennis McKown, Bet M endenhall, Rand Meredith. Mike Meyer. Patty Mil hollin, Peggy Miller. Barbara Morse, Ro. Morse, Floyd Mosley Don Mott. W ill ia Munn, Clyde Myers. Lewis Myers. Charles Nedele, Jon Nedele. ruce Nelson, Eric Nel in, Carol Nichols. Linda Nichols, Sheil Noll, Janice Parks. a n Penix, D i a n n a itre, Jeff Plank. Dewey Powers, Sandra Presley, Roni Uae Pu- fahl. Phyllis Quimby, Diane Ralston, Judy Randol. Nadina Rensch, Max R ey n o 1 l s, Alexander Ristoff. Terry Roberts, Law- rence Rowe, Marilyn Rowe. Suzanne Sanders, Gloria Sapp, Robert Scott. Larry See m a n, Don Sheets, Kenneth Shel- June Shepherd, Nina S h e p h e r d, Be erlj Chloe Showalter, Rod Siilers, Deborah Span- gle. Judy Stevens, Steve St rock, Tracy Stroh. Margaret Suton, Susan Swager, Terry Swager. Leslie Taner, Denny Tanner, Sara Thomas. f. Jim Thompson, Jack Tritch, Lynn Tritch. Linda Van Aman, Pam- ela Van Meter, Paul Vierling. Sue Waite, Reginald Warren, Dianna Warst- ler. Bonnie " YVeller, Danny Wells, Jane Williamson. Vicki Willis. Gordon Wolf. Gayle Wyatt. Keith Wyatt, David Yarian, Class Sponsor , Mr. Morin. Class of 1966 Officers PRESIDENT .. Phil Meyers VICE PRESIDENT ... ....Steve Wheeler SECRETARY-TREASURER . ...Joan Dygert SERGEANTS-AT-ARMS . ..Mike Beard, Steve Crooks, Bill Rath kirn SPONSOR Mr. Brayton FLOWER .. ...Red Rose COLORS .. ....Red and White MOTTO .... " We ' ll Find a Way or Make One " Rita Adams on a, Ama Alleshouse. Mark Allion, Jim And- erson, Dennis Barnes. Terry Sue Barnnm, Micheal Beard, Jim Berlien. W " , ) , Ronnie Bickel, Rosy Blanton, Larry Boiler. Bill Booth, Linda Boy- er, Richard Boyer. Ka r Brady, Dennis Brandt, Betty Brooks. Ba.rbara Brown, Roger Call, Dian Campbell. X;un y I ' aniplK-ll, .Jenni- fer Canaday, Hetty Car- rick. Kathy Chadwick, Julie Chenoweth, Nyal Chid- dister. M ichael Coggeshall, Jei i y Cope, S a n d y Cou merman. " iKiin Christen, Dnn Clark, K.,n Clouse. Sle, - Crooks, Dennis Cloy, Gary Crum. Robert Crain, Ted Crain, Don Crone. Danny Eader, Fliehard Fee, Steve Ferris. Tony Culver, Joan Dy- gert, Peggy Day. Alan Flegal, Beth Fle- gal, Robert Florentine. Cheryl Fisher, Katby Fisher, Leslie Fisher. David Goodwin, Brenda Joudy, Jon Green. Doug Foglesong, Larry Gray, Gregg Goodhew. Linda Hancock. John Hurt. Anne Hartman. Ruth Ann Green, Jim Haddix, Terri Haley. IVTike Hensel, Cathie Ilerl, Mary Jane Hint .. Patricia Harter, Bob Hawthorne, R o x a n :i Hedglin. Richard Horny, John Hiller, Margie Ickes. Janet Holman, Sir .y Holtzman, Shirley I !.. .— lihan. Marilyn inman, Joyce Kll ' 11 Johnson, Robert Johnsi m. f ' anlcs Jones, Robert Kaufman, Kathleen Kolli. Sandy Lancaster, Kitty Unman, Larry Lehman. Bobbie Leining " er, Lnn nie Liliey. Jack Linn. lb ITM K a r c n Listenherger, Gary Mansberger, Ken- neth Maier. Greg Mason, Phyl lis Mason, Larry May. Marilyn McISride, John McConnell, Ronald Me- I ' orniick. Joe Meek. Phil Mevers Melinda Mick. Millieent Mick, Dick Miller. Susie Miller. Jean Mills, Randy Mills. Kay Minster. R r u c e Mocdy, Andy Moore. John Moor. Hal Mullet, Connie My- ers, Mary Newnam. Joan Nichols, Mary Nic- hols, Stephen Norman. Norman Packet " . Kath- ryn Parsell, Frank rat- terson. Jerry Petre, Ruth Petre, Ted I ' ,, Hard. Ginny Poole. Rita Prior. Joy Pi ' vor. I hi una Randol, Sti.i r on Randol, Carl Ranslmrg. Bill Rathburn, Dave Reamer, Mickey Resler. Ardith Richmond, Bar- bara Riemke. T e r • s a Rigel man. Steve Rinehart, Philip Rutter, Jennifer Ryan. Glenda Sams, Jo Ann Sehlosser, Mimi Seheu- ring. Susie Schwartz, Lois Sellgren, Prances Seng- er. M e 1 v i ii Sheets, John Shoup, Stephanie Slan- in a. Phil Smathers, Douglas Smith. Steven Smith. Cathy Steiner, Mary Sprinkle, Mike Sunday. Jack Sutton, Steven Terry, Judith Thomas. Jan I ee Thomas, Richie Thomas, Jim Tin p. .Marsha Tiffany, Jim Ti it! h, Hilda Vierling. Richard Warstler, Judi Wall, Richard Wells. Steve Wheeler. Nancy Wild.-r. Marleen Wis,- Steve Woodworth, Jim- my Wnir. v v ii n n e I rnderw 1. Jan Wnnderlin. .Mary Reth Zuber, Mr. Bray- ton. Xi it PICTURED — Harold Locke, Carolyn Locke, Kay McFadden, Eddie Rada- baugh. Class of 1967 OFFICERS PRESIDENT ... Bob Van Auken VICE-PRESIDENT John Hammel SECRETARY-TREASURER — Jean Van Avian SPONSOR .. Mr. Barkdull FLOWER .. ...White Orchid COLORS . Mint Green and White MOTTO " With a Better Today We Build a Better Tomorrow " Joe Albright. Steve Alleshouse, Jeff An- drews, Jim Andrews. David Anspaugh. Lee Armey, Susan Austin. Wavne Babb, Kristin Bak- stad. Roberta Barton. David Beard. William Bickel, Mike Blan- ton. Page Sixty-eight ?ris Brown, Alice Bra- irandt, Beverly Bovd. Jack Burrell, Pat Bry- an, Bill Bryan. Jane Chard, Jon Carson, Shirley Byers. Kathy Chenoweth, Turn Chaudoin, Janice Chard. Judy Clancy, Carol Chokey, Lonnel Chicl- dister. Kay Cole, Terry Cog geshall, Danny Clark. Vi ' ki Crone, Terri Jo Cotner, Linda Cope. Darrell Curtis, Diana Cuneo, Jack Croxton. Phyllis Eff, Dennis De- Mara, Lloyd Daub. Mike Erwin, Jim El- liott, Stephen Eley. Lee Fisher, Greg Fifer, Nancy Field. Stephen French, Bob Ford, Cheryl Flegal. ' Clsie Gordon, Marlin Grill, Susan Fulton. Nevin Grenawalt, Rog- er Green, Rick Gowth- rop. 1TOT Brad Hale. Ken Gulch- er, Paul Grieser. M a r 1 e n e Hart, Paul Harmon, John Hammel. Don Harter, Charles Heckathorne, Lynn Hil- ton. Mack Hosack, Jim H o r n b a c k e r, Bruce Householder. Jerry Hubart, Rog ' er Hubart, Helene Hubler. Christine Hull, Steve Hull, Steve Ickes. Kathy Ireland, Ruth James, Marlene John- son. Gene Julian, Jim Kauf- man. Ronald Kelly. Earline Kirchen, Cindy Landis, Mike Liechty. Linda Linn, Guy Logan, Kit Long. Beverly Maier, Phyllis Mann, Ernest Mason. Steve Mason. Alan Maugherman, Mitchell McConnell. Mary Mesta, Cheryl Meyers, Anne Moore. Carolee Moore, Robert Moore, Jan Morley. Judy Mortorff, Dickie Moser, Michael Myers. Honda Nichols. William Nix. Jack Ormiston. K in Parrish. Glen Patterson, Jim Penick. Dennis Petre. Fred Petre, Steve Pingry. Cheryl Ralston. Dennis Putman, James Pollard. Robert Reynolds. Rich- ard Reynolds, Danny Reese. Rebecca Richmond, Donna Richards. Linda Rheinheimer. Paul Rinehart, Bonnie Ridley. Bob Rickman. Aaron Root. Richard Koniine, Gil Rogers. Kathy Sanxter. James Sandige, Kenneth Rus- sell. George Shepherd, Ran- dy Sheets, Karen Schindler. Jean Stevens. Glenn Snidle, Virginia Shoup. Bob Tarpley, Linda Sunday, Lewis Straw. Bonnie Tritch, Linda Thobe. Linda Teegar- den. Bob Van Auk en, Jean Van Aman. Kim Tub- ergen. Verna Waite, Linda Vogtman, Vicki Velk- off. Jean Wells, Bill Well- man, I i .hard Warren. Connie Willig. Marilyn Wihi. Tom Wenzel. Rick Y a r i a n. Patty Wyatt, Barbara Wilson. Class Sponsor Mr. Barkdull, Linda Zim- mer. Nancy Zabst. (NOT PICTURED) Ronnie West Classes Future bookkeepers are busy under the direction of Miss Iddings. Dressmaking is being taught in Mrs. Trennepohl ' s home economics class. At Work English IV class enjoys Macbeth. Algebra II students work hard under the instruction of Mr. Atkins. At Work Future scientists under Mr. Montgomery ' s direction are watching an experiment. Everything seems to be under control in Mr. Morin ' s United States history class. Members of M. Myers ' ge- ometry class are hard at work. Mrs. Owens reads a selec- tion for the ninth grade lit- erature class. Classes Orchestra rehearsal goes smoothly under Mr. Nichols ' direction. A class of eager Spanish I students " estudian espanol " in Mr. Prosser ' s class. — — At Work ■ N 1 ■ 1 ■3 Iwifl LL ■ ' I: :■ jr 3 A United States history class under the direction of Mrs. Vosteen. Art objects are in the making. Classes Mr. Thompson ' s students learn about the Roman gods and goddesses in Latin II. Mrs. Chokey gives some individual help in English II. ft. y i u s » r Individual talks are the order of the day in Mr. Brayton ' s English III class. Pat Milhollin has everyone ' s attention. Summer Driver Training Classes Page Seventy-nine Student Throughout the school year students as- sist teachers and help out in the various classes. This enables the students to gain more experience and information in their chosen subjects. The first group help in the home eco- nomics department, straightening the shelves, decorating the bulletin boards, and assisting Mrs. Buse and Mrs. Trennepohl in whatever work they might have to do; the second picture shows two art assistants, Mary Chiddister and Richard Coleman who are a great help to Mr. Porter; the third scene is the science laboratory. Students who aid the science teachers are examining a piece of equipment. Below we see the film projector operators with Miss Tapp. Movies and slides would not be possible without them. They unpack films, sort them, and show them in the var- ious classrooms where they are scheduled. Since these pictures were taken, other students have volunteered and are helping out in high scho;l departments. Hats off to all these students who will- ingly work in the departments of their choice! Assistants Here we see the students who help in the music department, putting away music, hanging up music robes, and doing many other things; the second group work in the girls ' physical education department. Penny Davis and June Shepherd are physical edu- cation assistants also. The third is a group of student librarians who are receiving in- structions from Miss Tapp, faculty librari- an. Marshall Mitzman and Larry Gray re- ceive special training from Miss Tapp, on a newly purchased projector. Below we see some student assistants check the films which come in and out of Angola High School; Kay Cole and Mar- lene Johnson do typing for the library. Good Workers at A.H.S. ■ HE Hi £-H u £ Ha ■ ■1 li • s ■9 £■ IBM i m ■■l .-v ACTIVITIES Page Eighty-three I! ( The Key Editors Make Plans Larry Explains a Picture, Elten Gives Final Instructions EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Pat Van Aman ASSISTANT EDITORS Mary Alice Cole Linda Kiess Sue Swank LAY-OUT EDITORS Diana Wyatt Marshall Mitzman BUSINESS STAFF Louise Patenge Bob Baldwin Randy Beechy Barbara Byers Larry Clark Tom Cochran Sharon Elliott Kathy Fisher Joe Law Linda Lovejoy Larry McCormick Marshall Mitzman Elden Powers Larry Putt Paul Sparks Larry Waite Judy Warren Phil Zabst ART EDITOR Glenn Barlett Jean Ann MacRae MUSIC Linda Poole Phyllis Everetts PHOTOGRAPHY Larry Putt Tom Cochran Don Mason DRAMATICS Elten Powers Jim Garner BOYS ' SPORTS Jack Deller Mark Grain Dave Hanselman Marvin Holman Ed Johnson Ray Johnson Tim Reese George Shoup Curt Rausch Metodi Velkoff John Wilder SENIOR PICTURES Jeanne Laird Kathy Fisher Kristene Green Arlene King Gatha Mendel Margie Malston Marshall Mitzman Vikki Reamer Judy Warren CLASSES Steve Ferro Rita Burrell Jim Garner Julie Inman Jeanne Laird Steve Linnemeier Linda Vincent SNAPSHOTS Annette Myers Nancy Hoffman Linda Kiess Linda Lovejoy Jean Ann MacRae Louise Patenge Vikki Reamer Sharon Schnetzler Laurel Shirley Alice Smith ORGANIZATIONS Janet Leininger Ann Gebhart Linda Vincent CIRCULATION Lynn Maugherman Mary Chiddister Jim Garner Marshall Mitzman Roger Sunday Page Eighty-four The Hornet It is the aim of the Hornet staff to: re- port the news efficiently and accurately, support all worthy school activities, co- operate fully with the faculty and board of education, maintain high moral stand- ards, and to publish enough variety to sat- isfy the interests of the majority. The Hornet was put out monthly, the students ot each of the two journalism classes working on each issue. The members of the staff included: Edi- tors — Jack Linn, Vicki Willis; associate editors — Steve Ferro, Dale Simedru; busi- ness managers — Phil Pristas, Glenn Barlett; assistant business managers — Steve Linne- meier, Vikki Reamer; art editor — Glenn Barlett; boys ' sports — Ed Johnson, Mark Crain, Rod Siders; exchanges — Becky Adams, Sharon Elliott; feature editors — Larry Putt, Roger Caton, Nita Burrell, Di- ana Boyce, Lynn Tritch, Linda Lovejoy, Linda Nichols, Harry Hubler, John Potts; news editors — Rita Burrell, Janet Leining- er, Elten Powers, Judy Randol, Sandra Presley, Gatha Mendel, Arlene King; typ- ists — Rita Burrell, Sue Swank, Linda Love- joy. Mimeograph operators — Steve Ferro, Steve Linnemeier, Glenn Barlett, Ed John- son. Faculty adviser — Miss Shultz. Editors and Business Managers in the First Journalism Class Officers in the Second Class At the Mimeograph Machine Selling Hornets An Issue Being Assembled National Honor Society Election to National Honor Society is an achievement of which every member can be proud. Fifteen percent of the graduating class are eligible. Ten percent are elected in the junior year and five percent, the senior year. Members are elected from the up- per third of the class by the faculty on the basis of scholarship, character, leadership, and service to the school. The local chapter was organized in 193 5 and the total membership is now 369. Members of the senior class elected in their junior year were Colleen Anspaugh, Tuiren Butler, Mary Alice Cole, Jack Deller, Dave Hanselman, Don Mason, Lynn Maugherman, Curt Rausch, George Shoup, Sue Swank an.l Diana Wyatt. The senior members named this year were Phil Beard, Beverly Dygert, Kathy Fisher, Sam Holtzman, Elten Powers. Students elected from the junior class this year were Steve Cable, Kathy Clancy, Cynthia Cook, Karen Gulcher, Michelle Hall, Barbara Han- selman, Sally Hoffman, Kermit Mann, Janet McCutchan, Billy Munn, Jean Penix, Diane Ralston, Linda Van Aman, Vicki Willis and Dave Yarian. The officers of the organization elected before the close of last year were: Curt Rausch, president; Tuiren Butler, vice president; and Mary Alice Cole, secretary-treasurer. SENIORS Top row: Sam Holtzman, Jack Del- ler. Dave Hanselman. Lynn Maugher- man. Elten Powers. George Shoup, Don Mason. Phil Beard. - Front row: Kathy Fisher, Diana Wyatt, Colleen Anspaush, Beverly Dy- gert, Sue Swank. JUNIORS Top row: Kathy Clancy, Cynthia Cook, Michelle Hall, Dave Yarian, Steve Cable, Billy Munn, Kermit Mann, Diane Ralston, Vicki Willis, Karen Gulcher. Front row: Linda Van Aman, Janet McCutchan, Sally Hoffman, Barbara Hanselman, Jean Penix. OFFICERS Curt Uausch, President; Mary Alice Cole, Secretary; Tuiren Butler, Vice- President ; Mr. Mil h ci 11 in, Faculty Ad- viser. !1||| Hi- Ml I 1 j f President Phil Addresses Group Student Council The Student Council offers an opportunity for the student body to help govern themselves through representation. This is achieved through the cooper- ation of the faculty and students. The main project of the group this year was an analysis of the current activities program. Two all-school pep sessions were held through the efforts of the council. They also revised the student council constitu- This organization consists of four representa- tives of each high school class. This year ' s mem- bers were Seniors — Phil Beard, Mark Crain, Louise Patenge, Tuiren Butler; Juniors — Dewey Powers, Bob Scott, Gail Franklin, Linda Van Aman; Soph- omores — Kay Brady, Penny Mick, Carl Ransburg, Mark Allion; Freshmen — Kim Tubergen, Ken Gul- cher, Kristin Bakstad, Ann Moore. The junior high representatives were Eighth grade — Dennis Rausch, Diane Flegal; seventh grade — Cheryl Somerlott, Gary Ransburg. The officers this year were Phil Beard, president; Carl Ransburg, vice-president; Gail Franklin, secre- tary-treasurer; and Tuiren Butler, reporter. Mr. Sprunger was the faculty adviser for the student council. Officers in a Happy Mood Page Eighty-seven Hi-Y Hi-Y Pins Presented Formal Initiation Gathering Up Christmas Trees The Hi-Y, a branch of the Young Men ' s Christian As- sociation, gives boys a chance to help their home, school, and community through high standards of Christian char- acter. The Angola Hi-Y Club, organized in 1921, is a mem- ber of state and national organizations. The club had 120 members this year. Hi-Y members helped park cars at football games, picked up Christmas trees for the Lutheran Church ' s an- nual " Burning of the Greens, " played a Hi-Y basketball tournament, had a Hi-Y vs faculty basketball game to meet yearly expenses, sponsored a candy sales drive for world service, and made picnic tables for the 76 Club, a section of the county club park reserved for Steuben county citizens. Burt Jaggert, state associate secretary of the YMCA in charge of Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y in Indiana, was the guest speaker at this year ' s formal induction of new mem- bers. Other speakers were Mr. Berlien, a former grad- uate of Angola High School; Mr. Morin, who spoke to the club about the " Experience and the Qualifications of President Johnson " ; Mr. Bray ton, who spoke to club members on the best Christmas present one can give; and Mr. Milhollin, who discussed the importance of a college education to those seeking jobs. A film on the work of the YMCA in Ecuador was shown at one meeting, and at another, a sports movie. Dave Hanselman was elected state president of the Hi-Y; and George Shoup, state secretary, at summer train- ing camp, Camp Tecumseh, in Delphi, Indiana. Dave Hanselman, Chuck Nedele, George Shoup and Mr. Wearly went to the national Hi-Y congress where Dave was elected national Hi-Y chaplain. II Hi-Y Seven members of our local club attended a district meeting at Mishawaka to learn more about planning pro- grams and to hear Jesse Owens, former Olympic star, speak about the YMCA and his experiences in the Olym- pics. George Shoup was a delegate at the Youth Power Conference at Indianapolis in March. Dave Hanselman was the key-note speaker there. Angola Hi-Y officers and Dave Hanselman attended a state meeting in April at Butler University. Officers this year were Chuck Nedele, president; Dave Yarian, vice-president; Mark Crain, secretary; George Shoup, treasurer; Tom Hornbacker, chaplain; and Dewey Powers, sergeant-at-arms. New officers were inducted in May. John W. Wearly, club adviser, was appointed as a member of a national YMCA group, the Committee on Youth Program. The purpose of the committee is to give national unity and national leadership to the work of the YMCA in the United States. Another honor bestowed upon Mr. Wearly was the appointment as adviser to the state Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y Council. His work there will be much the same as that of local adviser except he will be working with several others and on a much broader scale. Dave at Boe Memorial Chapel on St. Olaf Campus Dave Receives Bible from Former National Chaplain A State and National Officer Dave Hanselman, a student of Angola High School and a member of our local Hi-Y Club, auto- matically became state Hi-Y president this year after having been elected vice-president the year before. Dave holds not only this high office but is also the national Hi-Y chaplain. He was chosen Hi-Y chaplain last summer at the Tenth National Hi-Y Congress at Northfield, Minnesota. To attain the office of chaplain, he had to give a speech, telling why he was best qualified, before 15 36 delegates f rom Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y chapters throughout the United States. Dave ' s du- ties as chaplain are to set the mood for council meetings and to attend various meetings in many cities in the United States representing the national Hi-Y. Page Eighty -nine National Hi-Y, Tri-Hi-Y Officers Chaplain Dave Hanselman: Pres. Charles Sampson, Laurel Miss.; Adviser J. R. Fisher; Sec. Janet Ellis, Houston, Texas; Vice Pres. Bruce Kahl, Sacramento, California. A State and National Officer At the National Hi-Y Council a motion was passed against racial discrimination. Dave also heard Dr. Charles C. Noble talk on " This I Believe. " He discussed how we get our beliefs, how our beliefs are constantly changing, and how to get to know God. " The Authority and Lordship of Christ " was the theme of the Ecumenical Youth Study Confer- ence, Dave ' s first meeting as r epresentative of the national Hi-Y. The conference t6ok place August 24-30, 1963, at Kenyon College in Gambier, Ohio. As state Hi-Y president, Dave attended the 1963 Plenary Meeting at the Sheraton-Jefferson Hotel in St. Louis, Missouri, in September. The theme of the meeting was " World Service in the Develop- ment Decade. " Executives of the YMCA and its affiliated organizations from many parts of the world attended. In June, Dave will attend the Fifteenth Na- tional Hi-Y Council in Chapman, Kansas, the site of the oldest Hi-Y chapter. Dave was the keynote speaker at the Youth- power Conference in Indianapolis on March 5 and 6. The topic of the talk was " Food Comes First. " Nine of the leading Indiana youth organizations were represented. The State Hi-Y and Tri-Hi-Y Spring Conference was held at Butler University in April. There Dave heard Judge William J. Obermiller speak on the topic, " This I Believe. " Page Ninety Cabinet Members Hear President Y-Teens The Angola Y-Teen organization began the year with a formal initiation of new members. Highlights of the year included the annual cookie sale, the Christmas Candle Lighting Service, which was attended also by Hi-Y members, and the Pa-Ma- Me banquet. " Starlight Sleigh Ride, " the Christmas prom, was sponsored by the Y-Teen group. Debbie Spangle, Mary Alice Cole, Linda Poole, and Barb Hanselman attended Y- Teen summer camp. Colleen Anspaugh was the president of Y-Teens this year; Michelle Hall, vice president; Cindy Cook, treasurer; and Tuiren Butler, secretary. Cabinet members consisted of the elected officers and all committee chairmen — Service chairman, Debbie Spangle; social, Louise Patenge; program, Sue Swank and Barb Hanselman; finance, Kathy Fisher; publicity, Linda Poole; scrapbook, Mary Alice Cole; chaplain, Pam Van Meter; song leader, Kathy Krantz; and pianist, Diane Ralston. Miss Iddings and Miss Servis were the chief Y-Teen advisers. Other adult council members were Mrs. Vosteen, Miss Tapp, Miss Shultz, Mrs. Swank, Mrs. Spangle, Mrs. Hoffman, Mrs. McCutchan, and Mrs. Hanselman. Initiation Christmas Cookie Making Future Teachers of America Members of the local chapter of Future Teachers of America are given the op- portunity to explore their own abilities and interests related to the teaching profession, to learn of its important roll in our democracy, and to cultivate the qualities of per- sonality, character, and leadership, which are essential in good teachers. This year the club had seventy-six members, who met on alternate Thursdays dur- ing the activity period. During the year members attended state and area conferences, served as guides at school open house, helped teachers grade papers, taught classes, and helped at the dis- trict music contest, which was held in Angola. The officers for the year were: Mary Alice Cole, president, Sally Hoffman, vice- president; Nadina Rensch, secretary; Vicki Willis, treasurer; Pam Van Meter, parlia- mentarian; Diane Ralston, historian. Mrs. Gladys Kile was the F.T.A. faculty adviser. Slave Auction Masters and Slaves at Peasant Supper Junior Classical League The Junior Classical League is dedicated to a furthering of the classics. It is a club to familiarize those students who have taken at least one year of Latin with the social, religious, and cultural aspects of life in ancient Rome and Greece. Through films, skits, and other programs members gain knowledge in mythology. The two big events each year are the publication of a Latin paper and the slave auc- tion banquet. The local chapter of J.C.L., which meets on even Tuesdays every month, was organized in 195 3. Mr. Thompson was the only faculty adviser this year after the retirement of Miss Reed. Officers for this school year are Gary Bumgarner and Cynthia Cook, Co-consuls (presidents); Michelle Hall, Scribe (secretary); and Judy Stevens, Questor (treasurer). Officers and Advisers Study Projects I SaSk Mr. Prosscr Has Everyone ' s Attention Spanish Club " We learn to speak by speaking " is the motto of Angola ' s newly formed Spanish Club. It is an organization to stimulate students ' interest in Span- ish and to help students better themselves in speak- ing the language and understanding those who speak it. The Spanish Club this year was composed of ap- proximately 40 Spanish I and Spanish II students. The club had meetings twice a month, one business meeting and one evening meeting for entertainment. All meetings were conducted in Spanish. The Spanish Club had a few money-making pro- jects; however most of the semester was spent in organization work so that in the near future the club may become a member of the National Spanish Clubs. Entertainment at the evening meetings was composed of talks by guest speakers, films about Mexico, and short Spanish skits presented by club members. Officers this year were: Jack Linn, president; Elten Powers, vice-president; Kathy Kolb, secretary; and Dave Reamer, treasurer. Senor Jack Prosser was faculty adviser. Appraising A Photograph STANDING: Don Mason, Mike Efensel, Larry Putt. SKATED: Brad Hale, Don Hale, Mr. Dygert, Mike Heard, Dave Grieser. Photography Club Larry Uses the Enlarger The Photography Club of Angola High School was formed three years ago for the purpose of allow- ing those boys and girls who showed an interest in photography a chance to learn more about it. The equipment in the photography laboratory consists of a Besslar enlarger, paper, chemicals, and a full set of photography encyclopedias. The stu- dents of the photo club also may use a 3 5-mm camera and a 200 watt Strob lamp. This year the main job of the photo club was taking pictures for the Key. Mr. Dygert is the faculty adviser. Page Ninety-five The National Thespian Society is an honorary organization in that all members have earned a re- quired number of points by working on the produc- tion of plays. This year troupe 1264 of Angola High School presented two three-act plays, " Harvey " and " The Robin Hood Caper, " and two one-act plays, " The Teacup Tree " and " Miss Twiddle and the Devil. " Thespian Society Officers for this year are Elten Powers, presi- dent; Dave Hanselman, vice-president; Cynthia Cook, secretary-treasurer; and Charles Honess, ser- geant-at-arms. Mr. Hoffman is the faculty adviser and Mr. Porter is in charge of set designing and scenery. The Thespians of A.H.S. would like to thank Mr. Hoffman and Mr. Porter for their valuable assistance and encouragement throughout the year. Mr. Hoffman Discusses the Next Play Harvey " Harvey, " the Broadway hit, movie, and television play by Mary Chase, was presented by the Thes- pian Society on November 8 and 9. The plot concerns Elwood P. Dowd, a very unusual man and his friend Harvey who is an invisible, six foot rabbit. This strange re- lationship causes domestic strife in the Dowd household and Elwood ' s sister, Vesta, decides she can stand it no longer and tries to have El- wood committed to a sanitarium. This proves to be very difficult when, after Elwood ' s sister is mis- takenly committed, the head of the sanitarium strikes up a friend- ship with Harvey. The cast included Marilyn Mc- Bride as Myrtle Mae Simmous; Mi- chelle Hall, Vesta Simmous; Elten Powers, Elwood Dowd; Jan Van Aman, Miss Johnson; Mary Beth Zuber, Mrs. Chauvenet; Kathy Sanxter, Ruth Kelly; Bob Baldwin, Wilson; Dave Hanselman, Lyman Sanderson; Charles Honess, Dr. Chum ley; Janet McCutchan, Betty Chumley; Marshall Mitz- man, Judge Gaffney; Dave Ream- er, E. J. Lofgren; and Harvey as himself. Mr. Hoffman was the faculty director and Jean Penix was the student director. Harvey ' s Hat Examined Harvey ' s Picture Directors A precious Teacup from the tree. Scene from " Miss Twiddle and the Devil. " Directors and Production Staff Committee Heads. " Harry " The Teacup Tree " WW Miss Twiddle and the Devil » " The Teacup Tree " and " Miis Twiddle and the Devil " were pre- sented by the Thespian Society on February 1 1 . " The Teacup Tree " features a small-town spinster who causes a stir by hanging teacups on a tree in her back yard. They are cracked and no longer usable, yet still full of beauty — just as dreams and hopes are beautiful, even if they can never be realized. The towns- folk form a committee to abolish the tree, but they are taught to appreciate its worth. The cast included: Mary Jane Hintz, Marthabelle; Kathy Clancy, Edith Duncan; Jeff Plank, Bill Crane; Jean Penix, Aronda; Elten Powers, Gowdy; and Dave Ream- er, the Photographer. Mr. Porter was the faculty di- rector and Cindy Cook, the stu- dent director. " Miss Twiddle and the Devil " depicts a short stay of Satan on this earth. The inhabitants of a New York boarding house are the subjects of the devil ' s effort to lead people astray. But Miss Twid- dle, an obstinate and cantankerous individual, upsets his plans by fall- ing in love with him. Rather than put up with Miss Twiddle for eter- nity, the devil performs a task painful to him. He endeavors to turn her into a sweet, lovable per- son. The rolls in this play were taken by Bob Baldwin as Nicholas Q. Nicholas; Don Crone, Harry; Mi- chelle Hall, Miss Twiddle; Lois Sellgren, Miss Simons; Lindy Mick, Miss Marchbanks; Marshall Mitz- man, Mr. Humperdinck; Tom Chaudoin, Mr. Dooley; Jan Thom- as, Miss Plum; Suzy Holtzman, the maid. The faculty director was Mr. Hoffman and the student director, Marilyn McBride. " Robin Hood Caper ' . i " The Robin Hood Caper, " a three- act comedy, was presented by the Thespians on April 9 and 1 1. The story concerns four indomitable old reprobates who have changed their ways in the later years of their lives to do good for society. The problem is that the only trades they know are those that sent them to jail years earlier. These skills are, however, employed very successfully. When the nephew of one of these senior citizen Robin Hoods starts an editorial campaign in his newspaper, the corrupt mayor of their town threatens to run him out of business. A golden opportunity appears for " Charities Anonymous " to help him out by blackmailing the mayor. The scheme fails, however, just as Fred- rick " Rugged " Ruggles, the man who arrested this little group years earlier, arrives. He recognizes them as ex- cons and he also recognizes the mayor who makes a quick exit from town. The students who played the roles were Michelle Hall, Flora; Mary Jane Hintz, Emily; Anne Hartman, Jess- ica; Elten Powers, Richard; Charles Honess, Jason; Bob Baldwin, Philip; Jack Croxton, Hubert; Bob Van Auken, Frederick; Tom Chaudoin, Warren; and Waneice Demorest, Sylvia. Mr. Hoffman was the faculty di- rector and Terri Haley, the student director. Mr. Porter was in charge of the art work and scenery. Aunt Flora Being Carried Out A Scene in Rehearsal Committee Chairmen, Student Di- rector, and Director WORKERS BEHIND THE SCENES These students all helped in the production of " Harvey " and many of them worked on the production staffs of the other plays. To them also goes credit for suc- cessful plays! ABOVE: Teachers Examine New E quipment; Miss Tapp Ready To Use Transparency. BELOW: Mr. Nichols and Mrs. Trennepohl Use Projectors: Equipment Is Being Unloaded. New Equipment Awarded A.H.S. Angola High School was one of 500 schools chosen from more than 14,000 United States schools submitting proposals, to receive $3,000 worth of visual communications equipment from the 3M Company of St. Paul, Minnesota, this year. The equipment included ten classroom overhead projectors, one portable overhead projector, two copying machines capable of producing 4-second transparencies, trans- parency film, and Thermo-fax copy paper. Schools were selected on the basis of their proposals on how they would use the equipment if they were to receive a grant. Angola High School was the only public high school of the six finalists of the northern Indiana area and representatives of the 3M Company said Angola was chosen because the local school used progressive and experimental teaching methods which would lend themselves well to the use of this visual education equipment. Pave One Hundred One TOP ROW (Reading Across Two Pages): Samuel Steiner, Steve Wild, Bob Baldwin, Lynn Maugherman, Phil Meyers, George Shoup, Dale Linnemeier, Jim Duguid, Tom Van Auken, Jeff Plank, Dave Hanselman, Bill Rathburn, Bob Hawthorne, Kermit Mann. SECOND ROW: Don Hale, Chuck Nedele, Bob Crain, Randy Beechy, Ed Johnson, Mike Meyer, Craig Benson, John Wilder, Carl Ransburg, John Nedele, Leslie Fisher, Steve Strock, Mark Allion, Marshall Mitzman. THIRD ROW: Linda Gibbeny, Roni Rae Pufahl, Beverly Dygert, Cathy Steiner, Nancy Wilder, Michelle Hall, Joyce Johnson, Janice Parks, Kathy Parsell, Sally Hoffman, Waneice Demorest, Tuiren Butler, Glenda Sams, Phyllis Everett, Ann Gebhart, Nadina Rensch, Kathy Krantz. High School Choir The Angola High School Choir has been an outstanding group this year and the members have taken part in many activities. The choir sang for Fremont High School the first part of the year. The combined Band and Choir Christmas and Spring concerts delighted their audiences. Miss Nancy Siebold, choir director, has added much to these concerts by using imagination in their themes and presentation. One of the choir ' s most pleasant customs for both members and audience is carol- ling in the halls at Christmas time. The choir won first place in the State Band, Orchestra, and Vocal contest on Apn! 18. The choir is composed of 69 sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Page One Hundred Two w o FRONT ROW: Ann Hartman, Kathy Fisher, Joan Dygert, Gail Franklin, Barbara Hanselman, Linda Poole, Vicki Willis, Linda Lovejoy, Judy Wiley, Marilyn McBride, Carol Nichols, Cindy Cook, Mary Alice Cole, Kathy Fisher, Susie Holtzman, Sue Waite. ACCOMPANISTS: Diane Ralston, Colleen Anspaugh. NOT PICTFRKD: Becky Gramling. Music Parents ' Club The Music Parents ' Club is an organization for the parents of the students who are in the band, or- chestra, or choir. They help raise needed money for the music department. This year they helped to organize the District Sclo and Ensemble contest which was held in An- gola. Many of the parents worked at the contest, also. The officers this year are Gerald Ralston, pres- ident; barren Krantz, vice-president; Mrs. Donald Neuenschwander, secretary; and Mrs. Robert Rans- burg, treasurer. Miss Siebold Choir Director First row, FLUTE: Vicki Willis, Linda VanAman, P McCutehan, Sue King, Ginny Poole, Ann Hartman, Cat Second row, CLARINET: Carol Nichols, Jean Well VanMeter, Frances Senger, Larry Lehman, Phyllis Man Ginny Shoup, Gail Franklin. ALTO SAXOPHONE: Jim G Marilyn McBride, Janice Parks. Third row, CLARINET: Tom VanAuken, Charles Ho Linda Nichols. CORNET: Stephani Slanina, Bob Crain, L Steye Terry, Jean VanAman, Jeff Plank, Randy Beech Rutter, Pat Hosack, Diane Ralston, Jane Williamson, Sa Back row, CLARINET: Joyce Call, Waneice Demor Lou Sprinkle, Pat Milhollin, Sue Waite. DRUMS: Ma Cox, Kathy Kolb, Barbara Horman. TUBA: Phil Meye Max Converse. BARITONE: Dave Goodwin, Mark Alii Nadina Iiensch, Nancy Wilder, Sam Steiner, Kermit Ma BAND DIRECTOR: Mr. Nichols: ASSISTANT DIRE enny Mick, Ann Gebhart, Barbara Hanselman, Janet hy Steiner. OBOE: Lindy Mick, Gayle Greenamyer. s, Kathy Parsell, Linda Sunday. FRENCH HORN: Pam n, Dick Fee, Marshall Mitzman, Jean Stevens. BASSOON: arner, Brenda Goudy, Kathy Chadwick, Judi Wall, ness, Laurel Shirley, Karen Gulcher, Claudia Davis, eslie Fisher, Greg Goodhew, Bob Kaufman, Roger Call, y, Bill Lipman, Barry Frisinger. BASE CLARINET: Phil lly Hoffman, Debbie Spangle, Rebecca Adams. est, Judy Stevens, Glenda Sams, Mary Jane Hintz, Mary ry Alice Cole, Steve Woodworth, Carl Ransburg, Rex rs, Dave Hanselman, Dale Linnemeier, Charles Hedglin, on, Michelle Hall, Joe Meek, Ted Crain, Doug Smith, nn. CTOR: Miss Hoak. Marching Band This year we saw our Marching Band stepping smartly during the half of the home football games. They also marched at the Bryan Street Fair, the Auburn Street Fair, and the Kendallville Centen- nial; they took part in the Tri-State Campus Day Parade and the Firemen ' s Convention Parade. All in all our Marching Band has had a very busy year. The director was Mr. Nichols. HI EBJ — - - - :-. Tift -. v, »S " »W • - wWj Pi % J sS ' r Ai 4 » E d V ■ Ir -- f " F i -ap rr ■ ■ MAJORETTES The majorettes added color to shows this last football season. half- Our majorettes were Brenda Goudy, Glenda Sams, Shirley Hoolihan, Kristene Green, Mary Jane Hintz, Sharon Schnetzler, and Terri Haley. Our drum majors, Pam Van Meter and Pat Milhollin, led the band and our feature twirler, Linda Kiess, highlighted the group with solo twirling. Concert Band The Angola High School Concert Band, under the direction of El wood Nichols, is composed of 8 8 members representing all four years of high school. The group has performed many different kinds of music at their concerts. Their repertoire ranges from light musical comedy to classical overtures. The ability of the members to play a variety of mu- sic well has made their concerts very successful. Many band members entered the District and State Solo and Ensemble Contest, and the school is very proud of the large number of first ratings re- ceived. The band entered the State Band and Orchestra Contest on April 18 and won first place. Three Angola band members — Barry Frisinger, Carol Nichols and Vicki Willis — were chosen for the Indiana All-State Band. This group had 120 members from all parts of the state. They met at Anderson, Indiana, and presented a concert on Sat- urday, April 4. The A.H.S. Concert Band has done an outstand- ing job this year. Varsity Band The Varsity Band, directed by Elwood Nichols, is the training organization for the Concert Band members. From this band the best performers are picked to move into the vacant seats in the Concert Band each year. This band is composed of 64 junior high and high school students. They play in two concerts a year. Many band members played in the District Solo and Ensemble Contest, and most of them received high ratings. The band received an excellent rating in the State Contest held at Columbia City on April 11. CORNET TRIO Bill Lipman, junior, and Randy Beechy and Barry Frisinger, seniors, have been playing together, except for one replacement, for six years. The trio has participated in district contests, and has also gone to the state contests in Indianapolis. The trio has played at band concerts, for the Lions Club, and for the Order of the Eastern Star. They have made Angola High School proud to have them in their music department. Front row. CLARIXET: Connie Barnum, Dennis De Gordan, Wendy McBride, Diane Flegal, Gay Ann Kne Second row, CLARIXET: Marilyn Wild, Kathv San FRENCH HORN: Ellen Eberhardt. BARITONE SAXci mond, Carol Chokey. SAXOPHONE: Roberta Barton, Ch Third row, CLARIXET: Diane Petre, Melinda Donn Cope, Eric Mellby. CORNET: John Henderson, Jim Pa Ronda Nichols, Dennis Rausch, Dale Smathers, Jim Sa Chapman, John Hartman, Jack Croxton, Ken Gulcher, B Orlosky. Back row, PERCUSSION: Linda Teegardin, Keith M man, Rick Yarian. TUBA: Glen Christen. DIRECTOR: Mr. Nichols. Not pictured. BARITONE: Kim Tubergen. CLARI Teresa Rigelman. TROMBONE: John McFadden. TUBA Mara, Jan Morley. Peggy Alleshouse. FLUTE: Elsie cht. June Williamson. OBOE: Wendy Tressler. xter, Susan Fulton. Judy Miller. Steie Allen. Ann Ryan. PHONE: Linda Hancock. BASE CLARINET: Ardith Rich- eryl Ralston, Terri Jo Cotner, Kristin Bakstad. elly, Nancy Neuenseh wander, Barbara Wilson, Linda rsell, Mary Ann King, Marty Fulton, Dennis Putman. ndidge, Paul Harmon. TROMBONE: Greg Sharrow. Bob ill Bryan. BARITONE: Terry Coggeshall. Mary Ann yers, Bill Wellman, Jim Elliot. Jim Andrews. Greg Sass- N ' ET: Kay Minster. Don Hosack. DRUM: Steve French. SAXOPHOXE: SENIORS IN BAND TOP ROW: Marshall Mitzman, Dave Hanselman. Sam Steiner, Mary Alice Cole. Barbara Horman, Jim Garner. FROXT ROW: Ann Gebhart. Janet Gould. Tom VanAuken. laurel Shirley. Charles Honess. Randy Beechy, Barry Frisinger. VIOLINS: Nadina Rensch, Janet Gould, Marilyn McBride, Kathy Chadwick, Jackie Areaux, Cherylin Fee, Kathy Krantz, Gail Franklin, Kathy Clancy, Stephanie Slanina, Sandra Shetfer, Carol Hancock. CORNETS: Steve Terry, Randv Beechy, Barry Frisinger, Bill Lipman: CLARINETS: Linda Sunday, Kathy Parsell, Joyce Call. OBOE: Gail Greenamyer. VIOLAS: Jean Wells, Judy Clancy, Carol Nichols. BASE VIOL: Reggie Warren. TROMBONE: Nancy Wilder. FRENCH HORN: Ellen Eberhardt, Jean Van Aman, Michelle Hall. BASS CLARI- NET: Jane Williamson. SAXOPHONE: Janice Parks. PERCUSSION: Barbara Hanselman. Rex Cox. FLUTES: Ann Gebhart. Linda Van Aman. Vicki Willis. CELLOS: Nancy Carrick, Roni Rae Pufahl, Dale Krantz. Orchestra The orchestra has been very active during the school year. Besides presenting their usual enjoy- able Spring Concert, they played for all the Thes- pian plays, the Tri-State Commencement and our Angola High School Baccalaureate and Commence- ment. They entered the State Orchestra contest at Con- cord Metropolitan School on April 1 8 and won first place. Mr. Nichols directed this group. SENIOR SEXTET The senior sextet is composed of Linda Poole, Linda Lovejoy, Colleen Anspaugh, Judy Wiley, Tui- ren Butler, and Phyllis Everett. This year they have sung for concerts, a Psi Iota Xi program, and have participated in the District Music Contest. Folk Trio At Christmas Concert JUNIOR STRING QUARTET The String Quartet has been very active this year. They have played for many local clubs, and have appeared in concerts. Also, they received a first rating in the State Music Contest. Members of this group are Nadina Rensch, Gail Franklin, Carol Nichols, and Roni Rae Pufahl. CHOIR PRESENTS CHRISTMAS CONCERT JUNIOR VOCAL ENSEMBLE Sue Waite, Nadina Rensch, Cindy Cook, Carol Nichols, Sally Hoffman, Vicki Willis, Michelle Hall, Gail Franklin, Kathy Krantz, with Diane Ralston at the piano. SENIORS IN VOCAL DEPARTMENT Top row: John Wilder, Bob Baldwin, Steve Wild, George Shoup, Lynn Maugher- man, Ed Johnson. Front row: Mary Alice Cole, Linda Poole, Beverly Dygert, Tuiren Butler, Linda Love- joy, Colleen Anspaugh, Judy Wiley, Phyl- lis Everett, Kathy Fisher. BRASS SEXTET Steve Terry, Roger Call, Nancy Wilder, Dick Fee, Mark Allion, Phil Meyers. FOLK TRIO A new addition to Angola High School this year was the Folk Trio. They partici- pated in concerts and the contests. Kermit Mann, Joyce Johnson, and Jeff Plank com- pose this group. Miss Siebold accompanies the group. Linda Kiess Feature Twirler German Band The German Band has provided very colorful music for concerts and local clubs this year. Their costumes also add much to their performance. Members of this group are Phil Meyers, Kermit Mann, Jeff Plank, Tom VanAuken and Charlie Honess. This was their second year playing together. Pep Band The Pep Band played for all the home basketball games and pep sessions and their music always added spirit and excitement. Al- though small in number this group could really make the gym ring. These musicians were greatly ap- preciated by the sports fans. Mr. Nichols was the director. (i !•-••••••■ ..•.•.•••••••••• y i Mm m 1 ¥ QiG : Jl a Hfrw il I ' + + ' + ' ' -£ ' ' " SPORTS Pave One Hundred Thirteen IT K.Mfim i fr- ' .i.uiaah 1 vr Varsity Players Tim Reese Guard Larry Putt Center Don Mason Center Phil Pristas Guard Curt Rausch Tackle Paul Sparks . Halfback DAvrD Hanselman . Tackle Dale Slmedru End Bob Baldwin Guard Charles Honess Guard Jack Deller .... Quarterback John Flegal . Fullback Lynn Maugherman Halfback George Shoup . Halfback Phil Zabst End Glenn Barlett . End Tom Cochran Halfback Steve Linnemeier Tackle Larry Clark End Ed Johnson Halfback ' Season In Review The Angola Hornets completed a successful lent ball se.iMin with .1 i - ' over-all record and .1 4 1 standing in the NEIC — a very good record! Opponent I ' l.i We They Garrett " " Kendallv lie 7 W Auburn " ' Kendallv lie Tie Elmhurst Here 12 6 W Auburn Here 22 13 w New Haven Woodlan 7 13 L Howe There 33 W Bluffton Here 27 6 w Garrett There 18 L Kendallville There 12 7 W Decatur 1 lei e 7 25 L " Jamboree games — one quarter with each team The Hornets opened their season with the annual jamboree in which they seemed to be the farthest advanced of the teams competing. They then played host to Elmhurst and handed them a 12-6 defeat. This was one of Angola ' s better games. Auburn was the next victim of the Hornets. The Red Devils were beaten 22-13. The following game saw the Hornets defeated by New Haven, 13-7. The Angola team played a tremendous game, but New Haven is definitely one of the toughest teams on our schedule. The next two games were won by Angola with apparently little effort. Howe was the victim of a 33-0 defeat and Bluffton was downed 27-6. How- ever, the Hornets did not look so sharp in these games as they had earlier in the season. Angola then fell at the hands of Garrett. The Railroaders beat the Hornets 18-0, but Angola did not play up to par that night. Angola won the next contest with the highly rated Kendallville team 12-7, the Hornets ' defense being up to ex- pectations. The last game, with the tough Yellow Jackets of Decatur ended in a 2 5-7 victory for De- catur. Coach Ned Schlosser can feel very- proud of his team ' s accomplishments in the over-all picture and the twenty seniors on the squad will have a great season to remember. ALL CONFERENCE HONORS Lynn Maugherman, Larry Clark, and Glenn Bar- lett were named on the all conference second team. John Flegal and Jack Deller received honorable mention. Page One Hundred Sixteen TOP ROW: Dale I innemeier, Curt Rausch, Steve Li memeier, Steve Table. Larry Clark, Steve Bt-ard, Terry Anderson, Gary Bumgamer, Erie Nelson. I arry Book. SECOND ROW: Steve Strock, Jack Del ' er, Larry Putt, Dave Yarian, Tim Leese. Mike Beard, Bob Seott, Phil Meyers. John Flegal, Dewey Powers, Dennis McKnown. THIRD ROW: Tom Cochran, Doug Hilton. Charles Hedglin, Randy Meredith, Keith Wyatt, Dennis Maugher- man, Rodney Dent, George Shoup. Lynn Maugherman, Bob Baldwin, Steve Wild, Manager. FRONT ROW: Paul Sparks. Dave Hanselman. Ed Johnson. Dale Simedru, Glenn Barlett. Phil Zabst, Don Mason. Charles Honess. Phil Pristas, Tim Deller, Ray Johnson, Manager. FOOTBALL SEASON SCORES Sept. 13 Angola 12 E ' .mhurst 6 Sept. 20 Angola 22 Auburn 13 Sept. 2S Angola 7 New Haven 13 Oct. 5 Angola 33 Howe Military Oct. 11 Angola 27 Bluffton 6 Oct. IS Angola Garrett IS Oct. 23 Angola 12 Kendallville 7 Nov. 1 Angola 7 Decatur 25 COACHES Harry Kelley, Ned Schlosser, Car- roll Nesbitt, Leroy Cable, Jack Prcsssr, Louis Sapp. •i»5S? Page One Hundred Seventeen VARSITY LINE =-» ? Dale Simedru, Glenn Barlett, Tim Reese, Steve Cable, Bob Baldwin, Charles Honess, Larry Putt, Dewey Powers, Steve Linnemeier, David Hanselman, Don Mason, Curt Rausch, Phil Pristas, Darry Clark, Phillip Zabst. BACKFIELD Paul Sparks, Ed Johnson, Larry Book, John Flegal, Lynn Maugherman, George Shoup, Tom Cochran, and in front. Jack Deller. JUNIOR LINE Phil Meyers, Dale Linnemeler, Rodney Dent, Tim Deller, Dennis MoKnown, Keith Wyatt, Bob Scott, Charles Hedglin, Erie Nelson, Terry Anderson, Steve Beard. JUNIOR BACKS Mike Beard, Gary Bumg ' arner, Steve Struck, Randy Mereditl Maugherman, and in front, David Yarian. Doub Hilttin, Iieiinis TOP ROW: Don Hosack, Bill Bryan, Andy Moore, Jim Berlien, Steve Wheeler, Carl Ransburg, Larry May, John Moor. SECOND ROW: Robert Kaufman, Bill Rathburn, Steve Crooks, David Anspaugh, Bill Booth, Steve Rinehart, Doug Smith, Don Harter. THIRD ROW: Mike Erwin, Ricky Yarian, John Hammel, Greg Goodhew, Ken Russell, David Beard, Jack Ormiston, Dennis Barnes, Roger Hubart. FRONT ROW- David Goodwin, manager: Jim Hornbacker, Jerry Hubart, Michael Myers, Tom Wenzel, William Nix, Bill Wellman, Mike Liechty, Steve Woodworth, Bob VanAuken, Tim Elliott, manager. BEE TEAM SEASON Auburn 13-7 Win Howe 14-7 Win Auburn 20-7 Win Kendallville 7-0 Loss Kendallville 14-6 Win Garrett 21-19 FRESHMAN SEASON Loss Garrett 7-7 Tie Garrett 13-0 Loss Hold That Line ! p- Varsity Players George Shoup, Senior ...Center Forward Ed Johnson, Senior Guard Melvin Babcock, Junior ..Guard, Forward Lynn Maugherman, Senior Guard Keith Kolb, Junior Guard Dave Hanselman, Senior Guard Varsity Players Dave Yarian, Junior Guard Jack Deller, Senior Guard Larry Clark, Senior Forward Glenn Barlett, Senior Forward, Center Terry Roberts, Junior Forward Dewey Powers, Junior Forward J. ROBERT JOHNSON — Athletic Director: CHARLES DYGERT — Baseball, Cross Country; RUSSELL, BRAYTON — Golf; HARRY KELLEY -- Head Varsity Basketball Coach, ' B-Team Football; CHARLES AVERY — Wrestling; CARROLL NESBITT — Track, Gymnastics, B-Team Football, Junior High Football: LEROY CABLE — B-Team Basket- ball Assistant Varsity Football: NED SCHLOSSER -- Head Varsity Football Coach. Freshman Basketball; JACK PROSSER — Junior High Football, Junior High Basketball. Coaches Angola High School certainly has an excellent coaching staff, with each coach extremely dedicated to his particular sport. The job of a coach is often a thankless one, and h; must be willing to spend a great amount of time and effort in preparing for each contest. We feel that these coaches should be commended for a job well done; we greatly appre- ciate their unselfish efforts. VARSITY CHEERLEADERS This year ' s varsity cheerleaders — Tuiren Butler, Jean Penix and Linda Van Amen — did a wonder- ful job of promoting school spirit. Their peppy cheers provided a great deal of encouragement for many Hornet games. We would like to thank our faithful cheer- leaders for a job well done. Mrs. Grabill was their faculty adviser. TOP ROW: Dewey Powers, Glenn Barlett, George Shoup, Terry Roberts, Larry Clark, Melvin Babeock, Dave Hanselman. FRONT ROW: Ed Johnson, Lynn Mangherman, Jack Deller. Keith Kolb, Dave Tarian. Varsity Roundup The Angola Hornets completed their 1963-64 season with 9 wins and 1 1 losses. The Hornets, carrying seven seniors backed up by five juniors, first played on the home floor and defeated the Churubusco Eagles 65-60 for their first win. The Hornets then traveled to Butler where they were handed their first defeat 80-66. On Novem- ber 30 the Angola squad played host to a strong Columbia City team which handed them their sec- ond defeat 62-5 5. A tall Bluffton team then fell under the Hornets ' sting 73-65. The local five then toppled a highly rated Elm- hurst ball club in an upset 45-43. The next week the Hornets fell prey to the New Haven Bulldogs in an away game 62-53. The Holiday Tournament was hjld at Angola and proved to be a heart-breaker for Hornet fans. The Hornets lost the first game to Garrett in a thriller 67-62. They then came back to win the consolation game over Kendallville 70-5 8. After the Holiday Tourney the Hornets went into a slump losing four straight to Auburn 71-70, to Garrett 64-48, to Berne 5 7-5 3, and to Waterloo 61-58. The Hornets then rallied to win two straight, the first over a strong and highly favored Ligonier team 83-75, and the next week over Decatur 60-57. The Elornets again hit a slump, losing two in one week-end to Albion 68-6 5 and to LaGrange 75-64. Hope was not lost for the Hornets, though. They won over Kendallville 54-52, defeated Howe Mili- tary 77-5 8, and rolled over Avilla with a 72-5 5 score. In the last game of the season they fell before the taller and highly rated Concordia Cadets 98-77, making Concordia NEIC basketball champions. The Hornets bowed to the Ashley Aces 5 3-3 5 in the Sectional Tourney at Angola. The Aces went on to win Sectional honors. Thus ended an eventful season. Page One Hundred Twenty-five TOP ROW: Sam Holtz- man, basketball, track: Ray Johnson, football: Steve Wild, football; Steve Table, basketball: Neith Kolb. football, track; Jon Xedele, basketball; Dave Goodwin, football; Jim Sandidge. wrestling;. FRONT ROW: Brad Hale, basketball: Dick Fee, football; Tom Chau- doin, basketball: Mike Er- ■ win, basketball. Student Managers The student managers play an important role in the smooth operation of our fine athletics program. The managers ' duties include the issuing, care, and maintenance of athletic equipment, keeping records, and fulfilling many other responsibilities that are helpful to the coaching staff and the athletes. The Key staff salutes this whole group for the outstanding job they did. Season Individual Records Rarlett 96 I ' lark 80 Deller 192 flanselman 91 Johnson 201 Maugherman 171 Shoup 336 Babcock 35 Kolb 5 Powers 6 Roberts 8 Yarian 6 Team Totals 1227 Visitors 1221 Jump Balls — We 125, They 91 Opp. Average 62.1 Def. Average 63.9 s 1. U. % X K a •J X E- C? 42 .438 25 14 .560 51 3-S 16 43 98 19 60 26 .325 2S 16 .571 66 56 13 49 68 16 t 9 72 .375 54 30 .556 46 65 27 45 174 76 82 36 .396 31 21 .677 37 46 11 27 93 44 6j 72 .358 56 33 .589 94 7 2 32 60 177 96 SO 61 .374 79 62 .785 68 59 21 61 190 49 si 1X0 .536 126 92 . (30 167 77 47 63 452 45 84 12 .3 4 3 S 6 .7.-.0 13 6 3 6 30 4 ■ ■ 1 .200 2 2 1.000 4 4 3 4 4 12 2 .333 4 1 .250 3 4 1 6 4 12 2 .250 3 1 .333 7 5 9 a 11 1 .167 16 7 .438 6 ,i 1 s 9 5 16 510 .416 432 2S5 .660 562 437 175 374 1305 360 59 4 500 .410 522 34 1 .653 343 1341 Page One Hundred Twenty-seven TOP ROW: Jim Berlien, John Hiller, Carl Ransburg, Doug Smith, Bruce Moody, Steve Rinehart, Gary Crum, Richard Hcrney. FRONT ROW: Larry May, Bill Rathburn, Greg Goodhew, Steve Wheeler, Richard Eoyer, Mark Allion. Bee Team Season Scores Nov. IS Angola 39 Nov. 27 Angola 35 Nov. 30 Angola 29 Dec. 6 Angola 50 Dec. 13 Angola 38 Dec. 20 Angola 38 Jan. 3 Angola 37 Jan. 10 Angola 31 Jan. 11 Angola 36 Churubusco East Side (Butler) Columbia City .43 .43 .38 Bluffton . 52 Elmhurst 41 New Haven 46 Auburn 52 Garrett 40 Berne 44 Jan. 17 Angola 46 Jan. 18 Angola 51 Jan. 2 4 Angola -.49 Jan. 31 Angola — 52 1 Angola 42 7 Angola 35 8 Angola ...41 14 Angola 43 21 Angola 41 Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. Feb. " Waterloo 41 Ligonier 44 Decatur 38 Albion 34 LaGrange 29 Kendal hi lie 58 Howe Military 31 Avilla 44 Concordia 56 BEE TEAM CHEERLEADERS Anne Hartman and Penny and Lindy Mick were this year ' s Bee team cheerleaders. These three girls did a fine job in support- ing the Bees through the entire season. Their tireless efforts were greatly appreci- ated. FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS The Freshman cheerleaders — K r i s t i n Bakstad, Ann Moore, and Kathy Sanxter — certainly did a fine job in backing this year ' s Freshman team. The enthusiasm of these three girls was always very encouraging. K . • ■■■. ' ■1 C ; 1 . Mjgi. .. ' ' " i " " i 1 • r i 4k ' ■ • V i " L y Freshman Season Angola 29 Angola 40 Angola 22 Angola 23 Angola 3 4 Angola 22 Angola 28 Angola 23 Angola 27 Albion 33 Garrett - 46 Eastside 31 Huntertown 54 Waterloo 40 Churubuseo 29 Columbia City 41 Eastside 29 Auburn 33 Angola - 2S Angola 2S Angola 31 Angola 37 Kendallville 35 LaGrange 34 Leo 51 Garrett 60 TOURNEY Angola 31 Angola 30 Kendallville 37 Auburn 29 TOP ROW: Mike Erwin, manager: David Anspaugh. Jack Ormiston, Rick Tarian, Steve French. Jim Kaufman. Don Harter. Bill Bryan, Bob VanAuken, Don Hosack, Bill Wellman, Tom Ohaudoin, manager. FRONT ROW: Nicky Nix, Jim Elliott, Rick Gowthrop, John Hammel, Kim Tubergen, Terry Coggeshall, Danny lteese. Brad Hale, manager. mi S3 ' 9 M In The Dressing Room The dressing room has been the scene of many discussions on basketball strategy. These informal talks have proved to be very valuable to the Hor- nets. Here Coach Kelley talks to the team about the Friday night opponent and his plan for victory. Final Honors Final honors were announced after the close of the basketball season. George Shoup was named on the NEIAC all-conference first team. Jack Deller and Lynn Maugherman received honorable mention. Our Athletic Program We should like to salute the entire Athletic De- partment for the fine job that they have done this year in extending the opportunities for participa- tion in athletics. Two new sports, gymnastics and wrestling, coached by Mr. Nesbitt and Mr. Avery, respectively, have been added to the school ' s athletic- program. These sports have become very popular and are certainly an attribute to our school. One of the greatest contributions to school spirit is the feeling that everyone is participating. In very large schools this feeling is hard to achieve. This year Mr. Prosser, Mrs. Gabill and countless other faculty members, have been successful in es- tablishing a fine intramural program,, for both boys and girls. Students can now enjoy themselves in a program designed to promote fun and physical fitness. We are proud of our two new sports and our new intramural program. The entire student body now has the chance to participate in some type of athletic program. We want to thank the teachers and coaches who have been instrumental in secur- ing these activities. Page One H mi: mi Thirty fp fS3 v V ill ' M [■ w B. ' k . ' ' H " Ml I J ' TM 1 sy AT THE GYM George leads out on the floor. Dewey has the ball. Pep band in action. Senior coat check and junior stand. Senior scholarship project. Wrestling This was the first year for the Angola wrestling team and the members gained much valuable experience for the seasons to follow. The team finished the 1963-64 season with a 1-7 record. The team played host to Howe Military at their first meet and were defeated by the score of 3 5-21. The team then met a strong Edgerton team and lost 45-12. The next week the group traveled to New Haven where they lost a very close contest by the margin of 27-2 5. Angola was host to New Haven in the next meet and won their only contest of the season by the score of 3 5-9. The team traveled to Howe Military, where they were defeated by a score of 42-6. They then went to Decatur where they faced a very tough team and were defeated 42-6. The next week Angola faced Edgerton at Edgerton and were defeated 3 3-16. In the last meet of the season Angola hosted Decatur and lost 43-8. In the sectional tou rn;y at Elkhart, Charlie Honess, Metodi Velkoff, Mike Meyer, Sam Steiner and Tracy Stroh all received fourth place in their individual weight classes. Mr. Avery was the coach, assisted by Pastor Reyelts, who helped give the boys pointers whenever he had the time. TOP ROW: Sam Steiner, Roger Call, Steve Crooks, Dennis McKnown, Bill Booth, Dennis Brandt, Mike Coggeshall. Andy Moore, Rod Siders, Jim Sandidge, manager. SECOND ROW: Ccach Avery, Steve Woodworth, Doug Hilton, Metodi Velkoff, Gil Rogers, Charlie Honess, Mike Meyer, Dale Linnemeier, Phil Meyers, Bruce Householder, Charles Hedglin, Mike Beard. FRONT ROW: Dennis Putman, Tracy Stroh, Jim Tritch, Tim Deller, Lynn Hilton, Dick Wells. Larry Book, Pat VanAman. Page One Hundred Thirty-three TOP ROW: Steve Crooks, Carl Ransburg, Roger Call, Steve Strock, Mike Beard, Chuck Nedele. SECOND ROW: Phil Meyers, Steve Wheeler, Steve Cable, Jeff Plank, Dewey Powers. Mark Allion, John Moor. THIRD ROW: Jim Berlien, Greg Goodhew, Ross Butler, Dick Waters, George Shoup, Tim Reese, Terry Roberts, Bill Rathburn, Larry May. FRONT ROW: Lynn Maugherman, Jack Deller, Dave Hanselman, Mike Sapp, Ed Johnson, Jerry Boyer, Bill Lipman, Mr. Dygert, coach. Baseball Season The Hornets had one of their best seasons this year, winning 7 games and losing 1. They shared the NEIC crown with Decatur. For the first game the Hornets traveled to Concordia where they handed the Ca- dets a 9-0 loss. The next game with Columbia City the Hornets won 4-1. The Hor- nets then entertained Bluffton and defeated them with an 8-0 score. The Hornets traveled to Decatur where they defeated the Yellow Jackets 7-2. The only defeat for Angola came when they traveled to New Haven. They lost by a score of 4-3. The Hornets then won their last two games of the season by de- feating Auburn 7-0 and Kendallville by a narrow margin of 1-0. ALL CONFERENCE HONORS Eric Hall, Mike Sapp and Ross Butler were placed on the all conference first team. Dick Waters and Dave Hanselman were named on the all conference second team. SEASON AVERAGES At Bat Hits Ave. Runs BB SO Waters 23 6 .261 5 3 1 Deller 20 6 .300 5 3 3 Sapp 23 6 .261 7 3 3 Butler 18 8 .444 4 3 5 Hall 20 3 .150 2 5 4 Maugherman j 24 7 .292 4 13 Hanselman 16 7 .438 5 5 2 Boyer 17 2 .118 5 4 2 Johnson 15 4 .267 2 3 4 Reese 1 1 l.noo Shoup 3 1 .333 Page One Hundred Thirty-fa TOP ROW: Mr. Xesbitt, coach; Mike Myers, Paul Sparks, Dennis Maugherman, Dale Simedru, Don Mason, Randy Meredith, and Jim Thompson. FRONT ROW: John Wilder, Bob Tarpley, Ken Gulcher, Chuck Nedele, Mike Liechty and Tom Wenzel. Gymnastics Gymnastics had its first season at Angola this year under the direction of Mr. Nesbitt. The team traveled to Warren Central of Indianapolis for their first meet. The good Warren Central team de- feated Angola and Columbus with a score of 71, Angola placing second with 39, and Columbus placing third with 3 1 points. Concord hosted An- gola and defeated the team by a score of 6 5-3 7. The Angola gymnasts again traveled to Indiana- polis to the Warren Central Invitational and placed seventh among eight teams. The scores ran as fol- low: Clarksville, 134 ; Concord, 94; Warren Cen- tral, 70 J 2 ; Broad Ripple, 6 V 2 ; Madison Heights, 36; Columbus, 31; Angola, lOj i; and Hoagland, 0. Angola defeated Hoagland by a score of 59-37 at Hoagland. In the first gymnastics meet ever held at An- gola, Concord won with 69 ' ; ' z points, Angola plac- ing second, with 34 points, and Hoagland placing third with 8 ' j points. Angola met defeat again as they hosted Warren Central. Warren Central had 60 and Angola, 52. For their first year of competition the gym- nasts team did quite well. With this experience they should expect a very good season in the coming year. TOP ROW: Randy Meredith, Dennis Maugherman, Tim Deller, Bob Crain, John Flegal, Doug Hilton, Jerry Halderman. SECOND ROW: Mark Grain, Todd Rigelman, Bruce Moody, Leslie Fisher. Dick Boyer, Greg Goodhew, Jim Berlien, Roger Call, Ron Clouse, Tom Cochran. THIRD ROW: Larry Waite, Don Mason, Glenn Barlett, Dave Yarian, David Hansel- man, George Shoup, Steve Linnemeier, Dale Simedru, Jack Deller, Ed Johnson. FOURTH ROW: Carl Ransburg, Richie Thomas, Bill Rathburn, Steve Woodworth, Jerry Cope, Mark Allion, Mike Beard, Steve Wheeler, Phil Meyers, Bill Booth. FRONT ROW: John Wilder, John Nedele, Lynn Maugherman, Tex Bachert, Don Palmer, Mike Sapp, John Baldwin, Eduardo Jenkins, Buck Boyer, Ross Butler. Track The Angola track team ended the year with four wins and four losses, and set two school records. The Hornets started out on the wrong foot by losing to Columbia City 2 5-84 at Columbia City. They came back strong and beat Albion 77 ' 4-31%. Next, in a three- way meet, Angola came out on top 72 to Avilla ' s 3 3 ' A and Butler ' s 31 4. Angola then defeated Waterloo by a 83J4-25J 2 score. The Hornets then traveled to Kendallville, where they came out second with 48 compared to Kendallville ' s 78 and Avilla ' s 13. The Angola thinlies then suffered a 34-75 defeat at the hands of Concordia. The Hornets again bounced back and de- feated Garrett 67-42. The Hornets then traveled to Auburn where they lost 74-3 5. At the New Haven relays Angola placed fourth in a field of nine teams. Angola traveled to Elkhart for the N.E.I. A. Conference track meet and placed seventh in a field of ten teams. The Reserves had a 1-1 season, beating Concordia 63-33, and losing to Garrett 70 2 3-38 1 3. NEW TRACK RECORDS Ron Clouse streaked to a new school record in the mile run of 4.48, beating the old record of 4.51 held by Don Wise since 1954. The 1963 track season saw the 880 yard relay team of Jerry Boyer, Ross Butler, Lynn Maugherman, and Larry Waite, break their own record with a time of 1.3 5.5. TOP ROW: Chuck Xedele, Dick Homey, John Hiller, Gary Crum, Bruce Moody, Mr. Dygert, Coach. SECOND ROW: Bill Lipman, Ken Gulcher. Mark Allion. Randy Beechy, Ron Clouse, Kim Tubergen. FRONT ROW: John Wilder, Todd Rigelman, Melvin Babcock, Terry Roberts. Jeff Plank, Roger Call, Jim Andrews. Cross Country After the cross country season drew to a close, a quick look at the results showed a successful first season for the Hornets. Ron Clouse, Angola sophomore harrier, made a spectacular record, winning first place in the sectional and going on to the regional. In the first meet of the year, the Hornets placed third in a three-way cross coun- try meet. Angola finished with 34 points while Fremont placed second with 33 points, and Hamilton placed first with a total of 29 points. Our second meet cf the year was also a three-way meet at Hamilton with Auburn. Hamilton was first with 28 points. Angola ' s 3 3 points were good for second place, while Auburn placed third with 5 5 points. The third meet of the season was a two-way meet with Auburn here. This time Angola captured first place with 24 points; Auburn was second with 46 points. The fourth meet of the year was with Huntertown. In this meet, Angola was defeated on their home ground by Huntertown, by a score of 2 5 for Huntertown and 36 for Angola. For their next meet, Angola traveled to Kendallville, where they were defeated by a strong Kendallville team. The score of this encounter was Kendallville 20, and Angola 43. Next, Angola was host to Butler, and trounced them soundly by a 21 to 43 score. Angola again tasted victory as they downed Howe Military by a score of 26 to 29. Angola then ran into a strong New Haven team, and on their home ground New Haven totaled 20 points while Angola ended with 43 points. The next meet was among Angola, Auburn, and Columbia City. Columbia City managed to squeak by a strong Angola team and finished with 3 3 points. Angola captured second easily with 3 5 points, and Auburn placed third with a total of 5 5 points. Angola ended the season in sixth place in Conference standings. I STANDING: Bob Crain, Pat VanAraan, Steve Terry, Rodney Dent, Greg Mason, Gary Bumgarner, Danny Bakstad, Barry Frisinger. KNEELING: Kim Tubergen, bob VanAuken. Dick Fee, Niekey Nix. Golf The Angola Golf Team, coached by Mr. Brayton, finished the 1963 season with , ' . record of 3 wins and 7 losses. The season saw the Hornets drop a pair of matches each to Auburn, Howe, and Garrett while winning a pair from Butler and splitting with Kendallville. The team also traveled to Bluffton for the Conference Meet, and strug- gled over a soggy course in pouring rain at the Elkhart Sectional. Low individual scores for the year were: Barry Frisinger, 38; Dan Bakstad, 40; Curt Rausch, 41; Doug Smith, 45; Greg Mason, 45; and Gary Bumgarner, 46. Among the notable feats of Mr. Brayton ' s charges were: Barry Frisinger ' s eleventh place medal at the Conference Meet, Curt Rausch ' s 13 strokes on a par 3 hole, Dan Bakstad ' s shooting a 40 but still losing the match, and Doug Smith ' s astounding 79 for 9 holes. The team had a lot of fun and will have many pleasant memories of the 1963 season. Cross Country Sectional and Regional Angola then went to South Bend Riley, where th; fastest country crosser in the Sectional, Ron Clouse of Angola, captured first place honors. Going with first place was a medal, and the right to compete in the cross country Regional. The last run of the season by an Angola harrier was made by Ron Clouse when he placed 15 th in the Regional with a time of 10 minutes 11 seconds. The Angola team ended their first season in several years with three firsts, five seconds, and one third. Page One Hundred Thirty-eight Officers See the Funny Side Pep Club The Pep Club had new uniforms this year which the girls made themselves and wore to the home games. They were purple vests and were worn over long-sleeved white blousrs. The girls were seated in a block for games and they wore white gloves to per- form hand motions during the half of the games. The Pep Club purchased flash cards and used them late in the season to present special programs. They hope to use them more next year. The one hundred and forty members were led bv the following officers: Louise Patenge, president; Michelle Hall, vice president; and Mary Alice Cole, secretary-treasurjr. The club sponsor was Mrs. Gra- bill. Pep Club Ready for Action Girls Athletic Association The Girls Athletic Association had almost one hundred members this year and par- ticipated in a variety of sports. They met during the activity period on Monday and participation points were given to each girl who attended six meetings for one sport. The girls participated in volleyball, dodgeball, basketball and gymnastics plus several spring sports. A Sports Day was sponsored by the Girls Athletic Association on February 22, and area schools were invited to participate in basketball and gymnastics. The officers were: Barbara Hanselman, president; Debbie Spangle, vice president; Kathy Kolb, secretary; and Janet McCutchan, treasurer. Mrs. Grabill was the sponsor of this organization. G.A.A. Officers A Game Starts Girls ' Basketball The Lady Hornets basketball team was organized in January of this year. The girls tried out for the team and were selected on the basis of ability, attitude, and sportsmanship. They participated in a G.A.A. tournament at Waterloo. They were beaten in their first game by Waterloo 28-12 but came back in the consolation game to trip up Auburn 22-20. The team also had a Sports Day tournament on February 22 with Auburn, Waterloo, Orland, Hamilton, and Fremont participating. The girls practiced after school twice a month at Carlin and Hendry Park Schools. They certainly enjoyed the season and hope to add more games to their schedule next year. TOP ROW: Julie Inman, Michelle Hall, Xancy Hoffman, Diane Ualston, Jane William- son, Judy Stevens, Sally Hoffman, Tuiren Butler, Jean Ann MaeRae, Janie Cotner, Mrs. Srabill, coach. FROXT ROW: Janet Leininger, Mary Newnam, Marilyn Inman, Barbara Herman, Beverly Dygert, Barbara Hanselman, Debbie Spangle, Linda Van Aman. FIRST ROW: Mr. Kelley goes in for a lay up, Jump high. Mrs. Chokey; The choir caroling in the halls. SECOND ROW: Juniors getting their class rings; Gloria smiles; A junior slumber THIRD ROW: Waiting to cross the street; Sing pretty. Kids! Page One Hundred Forty-two AS WE SEE THEM TOP ROW: Pat makes an announcement on tlie public address system; The Hornet is being put together: At the Prom. SECOND ROW: Christmas candle lighting service; Our band in Firemen ' s Convention Parade: Hi-Y boys plus old Christmas trees. THIRD ROW: Dignified (?) seniors: Atop tlie Christmas tree pile: Noonday league game in progress. FOURTH ROW: Elden takes it easy; Mary Alice — two years ago; Slaves at tlie Peasant Supper. Calendar SEPTEMBER 3 Football season begins 5 First day of school 12 Miss United Fund Contest 2 5-26 Frosh and seniors take Iowa tests OCTOBER 7 F.T.A. Initiation 8- 9 Individual school pictures taken 1 2 Career Day at Tri-State 16 -Teen Initiation and Roundup 17 Auburn College Night 18 Cross-country Sectional 29 Hi-Y Initiation NOVEMBER 1 Choir concert at Fremont 4 Season tickets go on sale 7 First Hornet is published S- 9 " Harvey " 14 Open House Ready to cross the street Hornets in action Marching band Ron Clouse at track meet Hornet appears Calendar 1 5 Key sales party 2 1 Class rings arrive 22 President Kennedy ' s assassination 24-2 5 Teachers ' Association 26 Y-Teen cookie sale 27 Thanksgiving program 28 Seniors measured for caps and gowns 3 Faculty Sports Night DECEMBER Band concert Betty Crocker Test Intramural sports begin Angola ' s first wrestling match Tuberculin tests " Starlight Sleigh Ride " SAT Tests Thespian Initiation NROTC Qualification tests Overhead projectors received Choir Christmas concert Y-Teen Candlelighting Service Caroling in the halls Christmas vacation begins Holiday Tourney here 4 5 6 7 11 14 15 17 27-2S Hi-Y boys receive pins Ray gets tuberculin test Season ticket sales Junior class rings Y-Teen cookie makers • A Calendar JANUARY 4 Angola ' s first gymnastics meet 7 Senior boys take Military Aptitude Test 22 Hi-Y-Faculty basketball game 2 5 Solo and Ensemble contest 2 8 Spanish Club organized 30 Gymnastics program FEBRUARY 1 Solo and Ensemble contest here 1 1 Thespian plays, " The Teacup Tree " and " Miss Twiddle and the Devil " 1 5 State Solo and Ensemble contest 1 8 Science Fair 26-29 Sectional Tourney t " t J ■ T— 1 J MARCH i ▼ 7 Regional Tourney 14 Semi-State Tourney 20 Band and choir concert 2 1 State Tourney 26 Y-Teen Easter program r l , ' - " J?: ' lZ r I M tl Y-Tcen initiation Contribution for Senior Scholarship fund Thespian initiation ' l rrtfdritf ' . " : ' : Faculty basketball game Science Fair l i 1 PHRPA1CIUA J HMOEBR 1 Calendar APRIL 3 9-11 18 25 28 Orchestra Coffee concert " The Robin Hood Caper ' State B.O.V. contest New Haven Relays Physical Education Show MAY 1 Band concert 5 Music Achievement Night 8 Track Sectional 11 Athletic Banquet 2-13 Choir concert 13 High School Achievement Day 15 Golf Sectional Track Regional Senior Class Day Seniors dismissed! 16 Junior-Senior Prom 23 State Golf and Track meet 27 Baccalaureate Service 28 Commencement ! ! Yearbook arrives Spanish Club organized Editors work on the Key Hi-Y boys collect Christmas trees Caroling in the halls King and queen of the Christmas prom Bits About ' Em NAME, NICKNAME AMBITION MEMORIES HOBBY Cars and Jon Alaura weight lifting Engineer .. The Halls Colleen Anspaugh Reading and music .Teacher Choir, kids, and classes Harold Anstett, " Butch " .Loafing Mechanic Term papers for Mr. Morin Water sports, Girls, plays, Dian, A.H.S., Bob Baldwin, " Ace " hunting, girls .. Own a wholesale house sports, and Hublti Glenn Barlett, " Barley " Hunting Draftsman Track and an Phil Beard, " Flip " Beta Black Angus Electrical engineer Mr. Morin and Mr. Hammel ' s math class Randall Beechy, " Randy " Skiing Electrical engineer . Record hops Forrest Bodiker, " Bod " Ice Skating .. Wealthy Printer Print Shop at Lima Sally Bolinger, " Jo " Playing piano Law secretary Government class Darrell Boyce, " Darl " Music Mechanic Summer James Burrell, " Jim " Sports Work Friends in Kendallville Rita Burrell, " Rit " Phil To graduate and be happy . Government class, friends, and the fun I have had Tuiren Butler, " T " Sports Computer programmer Cheerleading and teachers Barbara Byers, " Barb " Reading Nurse Government, " Macbeth, " basketball games, junior stand Roger Caton, " Doc " Guitar Business management All the homework William Joseph Chaudoin, Cars, friends, Mrs. Chokey, " Joey " Radios and cars .. Business management Mr. Morin, girls, and jobs Mary Chiddister Water skiing Secretary Mr. Porter, kids, and activities Larry Clark, " Larry " Hunting Naturalist Ball games, parties Patricia Clark, " Pat " Reading and Basketball games, teachers, swimming Teacher . and classes Tom Cochran, " Tom " ..Radios and cars .. Electrical engineer . Football practice, games, all things in school life Mary Alice Cole, " Nicky " .Water skiing and Senior year, student teach- people Guidance counselor ing, Mr. Morin ' s classes Janie Cotner, " Jessica " Riding around . X-ray technician Proms, Mr. Morin, parties, and housewife . Vikki, ball games, and going with Dale Mark Crain, " Mark " Sports Own my own business Track practices, Key party, or be a lawyer proms, girls, all the guys Jack Deller Sports Career in math Sports, winning the Sectional Beverly Dygert, " Bev " Music and sports Teacher Mr. Hammel ' s math class, Scott, teachers, 3 Regionals Proms, the old gym, all the teachers, all the fun I have had Bob Erwin, " Bob " Electronics and cars Engineer People and cars Phyllis Everett, " Phiddie " ..Sports . ..Airline reservationist The nights Sharon and I went out in my Ford Steve Ferro Pool .. Go to the big city . Friends, ball games, and weekends Kathy Fisher, " Kate " Music, skating, Proms, Hornets, good old and sewing Secretary A.H.S. John Flegal, " Juan Fegouski " (Notre Dame) Football None Espanol Sharon Elliott, " Sherri " Cooking and sewing Beautician and housewife Page One Hundred Forty-eight Bits About ' Em NAME, NICKNAME Barry Frisinger, " Bare " HOBBY AMBITION MEMORIES Dates Musician The good old days in sixth grade Jack Frye, " Small Fry " . Cars ..To bj a success .. Shop class, a day at work Jim Garner, " Jim " ...Bowling Pro-bowler A.H.S. Ann Gebhart, " Annie " . Music . ...Medical secretary . . Basketball games, plays, classes Dennis Goudy, " Big D " Hunting and fishing.. Electronics technician .. ...Government class Janet Gould, " Jan " ..Baking ...A good housewife Government class, friends, and mother and book reports! Summer sports and X-ray technician Homework, government dancing .... and housewife essay tests, games, all the kids Twirling . . Accountant .. Mr. Morin, basketball games, proms, all the fun in the senior year Sports Surgeon Athletics Rita To be happy ...Lots of them Friends, parties, sports, Legal secretary .. and everything Pamella Sue Gould, " Pam " Kristene Green, " Kris " .... Dave Hanselman, " Dave " . Philip Herl, " Fuss " Nancy Hoffman, " Lulu " Dancing and sports Marvin Holman, " Merv " ...Playing cards .. Be a teacher .. Mr. Mcrin, basketball games Samuel Miles Holtzman Banjo Architect . Easy going life of high Charles Honess, " Charlie ' school Summers . Fishing Engineer or salesman Barb Horman, " Barb " Sports Physical education teacher Games, slumber parties, Mr. Morin Harry Hubler, " Avriel " Playing around Maybe a little bit Good times with Bob, of everything getting into trouble when I goof around a little Julia Inman, " Julie " Having fun Secretary Basketball games, senior party, Mr. Morin, and " Macbeth " Ed Johnson, " Frank " Sports Marine Winning the Sectional Ray Johnson, " Raymond " Riding horses, 4-H work - - ..Farming Shop and Mr. Morin Danny Johnstone, " Dan " .None Be happy Shop John Johnstone Meditating and Lots of them, mostly recent doing nothing Engineer ones, like that of SAB; I ' ll never forget her Linda Kiess, " Lin " Twirling and sports Social worker Sports, fun, and 63-64!! Arlene King, " R " None To work where it ' s warm Games, teachers, being the year around Gatha ' s friend for six years, and just being an A.H.S. student Jeanne Laird Driving Corvettes . English or government Teachers, my friends, and teacher or writer sports Joe Law, " Joe " Sports Journalism ...Marleen and government Janet Leininger Sports Physical education teacher Teachers, girls ' basketball, and kids Steve Linnemeier, " Rotor " Sports Mechanical engineer The men and a few parties Linda Lovejoy, " Lin " Knitting and " Clubfoot " dancing Legal secretary Proms, rcgionals, Mr. Morin Page One Hundred Forty-nine Bits About ' Em NAME, NICKNAME HOBBY AMBITION MEMORIES Loretta Lower, " Retta " Being lazy Graduating from Angola High School, Mr. Angola High School Avery and Mr. Morin Jean Ann MacRae, Sewing and Girls ' basketball, teachers, " Goofy Jean " basketball Draftsman Mr. Johnson, classmates Margie Malston, " B.M. " $ $ $ $ $ $ ' 62 Donald Mason, " Don " Photography .Research chemist Photography work in school Lynn Maugherman, Government and sports " Lynnfred " Sports Teacher and coach activities Larry McCormick, " Larry " Sports —Business administration School! Also summers! Gatha Mendel, " Gate " Horseback riding Being friends with Arlene and sports Physical education teacher all during high school and government class Marshall Mitzman, " Mitz " .Radio Broadcasting —Career in service . Angola High School classes and activities Edwin Moor, " Buster " Cars and Mr. Morin ' s class, senior reading Butcher class party, and Mr. Etzlers ' classes Roger Moser, " Mosh " Rodder Mechanical engineer Fords will return! Annette Myers, " Susie " Modern jazz Dentist technician Mr. Bernhardt ' s class! Biology, proms, govern- ment, sports. Class of ' 64 Margaret Nagel None To be a success All the fun at the games, dances, the whole senior year Louise Patenge, " Lui " Sports Government teacher or Tourneys, proms, teachers business administration . . and Azar ' s Phil Pollard, " Sonny " Guitar Electronics engineer The day I dropped the glass and minister lid of Mr. Bernhardt ' s aquarium Linda Poole, " Pooley " ...Music Music teacher " Macbeth, " music theory, Spanish tests John Potts, " Pottsie " Rods Race driver Senior Class Elden Powers Sports Accountant Basketball games Elten Powers, " Elsie " Record albums Teacher " Inside Lester " and " Harvey " Phil Pristas, " Phil " Cars Mechanic Football and senior year Larry Putt, " Putt " Sports and cars Insurance business Mr. Morin, football, and Mrs. Chokey Curt Rausch Studying Graduate from college Sports, senior math, and chauvinistic government class Vikki Reamer, " Wink " T.V. serials Psychologist South Bend Tim Reese, " Tim " Sports Accounting Senior parties, sports, Frank, and tourneys Todd Rigelman, " Toad " ...Sports Accountant Government and " Macbeth " Carol Rogers, " Ski King " ...Sports and Mr. Morin ' s class and skating . Beautician Mrs. Chokey ' s class Ben Schaftner, " Ben " ....Cars Mechanic Shop and Mr. Etzler Sharon Schnetzler, Sewing and Proms, basketball games, " Snertz " . dancing Beautician and housewife marching, Mr. Morin, all the kids Page Otic Hundred Fifty Bits About ' Em NAME, NICKNAME HOBBY AMBITION MEMORIES Fred Schroeder, " Sleepwalk " . Fun . College and fun .. Fort Wayne on weekends Laurel Shirley Water skiing and Sports, proms, all the kids, dancing Legal secretary .. homework, and Mr. Morin George Shoup, Play college ball Regional, government, and " Big George " Soccer . and be filthy rich Hi-Y Dale Simedru, " Dale " Sports . Accountant Parties, sports, and the guys Alice Smith Water skiing Accountant and housewife . Proms, Mr. Morin, slumber parties, class breakfasts, and basketball games Paul W. Sparks, " The Summers, Mrs. Vosteen, the Col. " and " Pauly Baby " .Summer sports Business time we rolled a certain V.W. and other good times Samuel Steiner, " Sam " ..Working . To be a success .. Mrs. Chokey and my English class Mike Stevenson, " Mike " Cars Mechanic . Cars, cars, and more cars Roger Sunday, " Rog " Cars, radios, and drums Industrial sociologist My 18th birthday party! Sue Swank, " Suzie " Being with Junior stand, Mr. Morin, people Registered nurse . Girls ' State, all experiences in high school Bob Tuttle, " Tut " ...My car ..To earn money ..The good times I had with Ron and the rest of the g-ing Sharon Urbine, " Sharon " -Ice skating and Espanol and Mr. Hyde, reading Legal secretary . all the kids Dale Patrick VanAman, " Pat " Pool - Become a millionaire Senior year, Mr. Morin, hustler and friends Tom VanAuken, " Tom " . German band Engineer South Side prom Metodi Velkoff, " Velkoff " Sports Doctor Mr. Bernhardt, Mr. Morin, and basketball games Linda Vincent, " Lynn " Playing piano . Beautician .... Mr. Morin ' s government class Larry Waite, " Larry " Skating Engineer Mr. Morin vs Roger Moser Jerry Walcutt, " Jerry " Cars Engineer, teacher or athletic director Shop class Judy Warren, " Susie " Almost anything Real estate Life at the " little house " John Wellman Cars, pool, and Graduate from college Trip to Nevada Mdls with football and get a good job .. Sam, fun with Steve, and our football games every Sunday Steve Wild, " Steve " Loafing Big business Football and Mrs. Chokey John Wilder, " John " ...Sports . Doctor or teacher ..Fun in my high school years Judith Wiley, " Judy " Music and Term papers, choir, basket- dancing Beautician and housewife ball games, and Sept. 14, 1963, my diamond Diana Wyatt, " Diana " Sports Medical secretary Tourneys, Mr. Morin ' s class, and Mrs. Chokey Phil Zabst, " Phil " Hunting and W.W. II ...U.S. Navy ...U.S. History and Mrs. V. Page One Hundred Fift- -one TOP ROW: Steve Ferro and Sharon Schnetzler — aren ' t they cute?; Phil Herl and Annette at the eighth grade prom: Joey Chaudoin and Roger Sunday - don t fall Joey! SECOND BOW: Dave Hanselman and Jack Deller. Whom do you see ave., Janet and Pam Gould looking pretty; Lee and Elten Powers dressed for a grand occasion. Annette Myers and Billy Munn are ready for a swim. „, „ „■ rooks as THIRD ROW: Nancy Hoffman and Steve Ferro are ready for cold weather Looks as if Barb Horman is taking good care of Terry Schnetzler; Annette Myers and Judy V He} are having fun. Page One Hundred Fifty-two PARTY TIME FIRST ROW: Sharon, the ole pro; Senior Key Sales Party: Rog, you look tired; Glenn just received his silver dollar. SECOND ROW: Senior party; Looks good! A party at Mrs. Choker ' s. Our favorite Senior. THIRD ROW: More Seniors: Our party at Mrs. Choker ' s; Class breakfast at Janet ' s. FOURTH ROW: Edwardo; Sure is good; Something funny? Don ' t he so sad Jean Ann. Have fun, kids. LONG AGO TOP ROW: Pat Bryan. Larry Gray. Marilyn Inman, Jean Penix, Mike Sunday, Peggy Miller. SECOND ROW: Judy Wiley, Margie Malston, Kathy Fisher, Pat Clark, Tom Van Auken, Phil Herl. Phyllis Everett, Harold Anstett. THIRD ROW ' Phyllis Everett. Julie Inman. Elden Powers, Elten Po wers, Marilyn Inman, Coleen Anspaugh. Tom Van Auken, Judy Wiley, Lin Lovejoy, Laurel Shirley. FOURTH ROW: Pat Van Araan, Tuiren Butler, Janie Cotner, Annette Myers, Pam Gould, Barb Morse. FIFTH ROW: Marshall Mitzraan, Diana Wyatt, Sharon Schnetzler, Lin Lovejoy, Lin Kiess, Annette Myers. BY-GONE DAYS I JS SL w Powers Colleen Anspaugh, Annette Myers. Marshall Mitzman. Janet (jould, . ancy Hoffman, Linda Vincent, Judy Warren. Rovr S e E( ¥ D T?°Y : , Larl ; 5 - M oi-mick, Pni l Herl, Tom Cochran, Julie Inman. Darrell Bo } ce. Tom Van Auken. Kathy Fisher. Phyllis Everett, Elten Powers, Boh Baldwin ner, T lSre ?a P i°o er L 5u wlle . ' gJSgS ri n ner Har ° ld " " " ■ Ben SChaft " Marif a JulTlnm swAn nl! ' 3 ' ' elaXinS: KathJ " F ' Sher: " Put ' em up ' " Jack Delle - good aneTGould at? ; . 11 " d0 " ; L ° reUa With d ° SSy: H PP ' Dennis: that ' s ONCE UPON A TIME FIRST ROW: Kathy Fisher, John Wellman, Carol Rogers, Darrell Boyce, Linda Love- S ' SECOND ROW ' : Janie Cotner, Roger Caton, Curt Rausch, Sharon Schnetzler, John Wilder, Jean Ann MacRae. , . „ , , t ..-„-„„„ THIRD ROW: Julie Inman, Barb Horman, Bob Baldwin, Steve Ferro, Barry Fi lSinger, JOey FOURTH " ilOW: Jeanne Laird. Janet Gould, Mary Alice Cole, Jon Alaura, Pam Gould, ' ' Vifth ' iiOW: Phil Herl. Steve Wild, Tuiren Butler, Diane Wyatt, Larry Waite, Sue Swank. U , " WE WERE THERE, ONCE! " TOP ROW: Pam awaits her encore; Don ' t be shy. Bob!; Curt; Ann, your knees are showing!; " Rock-a-bye, Nancy, in the tree tops! " SECOND ROW: Pam and sister bathing?; Nancy, Joey, Betty, and Janet having; a picnic: Dave, showing 1 off his new suit; Nancv and lover? THIRD ROW: Janet G. playing in the sand; Throw it here, Jack! FOURTH ROW: Get busy, Nancy: Ann and pets: Wow, Sharon!; Nancy, all dressed up, waiting for someone special: Mary Alice zooming around. 1963 Alumni Sandy Allen — Secretary at Modernair Corpor- ation, Angola, Indiana Fred Bachert — DePauw University, Green- castle, Indiana John Baldwin — Tri-State College, Angola, Indiana Ronald Barlett — Moore Business Forms, An- gola, Indiana Fred Back — Tri-State College, Angola, Indiana Dave Boomershine — U.S. Air Force Larry Boyd — U.S. Air Force Jerry Boyer — Working with father, well drill- ing, Angola, Indiana Card Brown — Mrs. Asa Harvey, Angola, In- diana Richard Bryan — Ventura College, Ventura, California Jim Burrcll — Working at home, Fremont, In- diana Linda Burtch — Mrs. John Schinda, Akron, Ohio Sharcn Buse — Bowling Green University, Bowling Green, Ohio Ross Butler — Ball State Teachers College, Muncie, Indiana Dan Campbell — Poinsatte Motors Inc., An- gola, Indiana Sue Carson — International Business College, Fort Wayne, Indiana John Cather — Tri-State College, Angola, In- diana Gen Chadwick — Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan Diana Chiddister — Mrs. Tom Waite, Angola, Indiana Mary Lynn Christen — At home, Angola, In- diana Richard Cisco — Indiana University, Bloom- ington, Indiana Pat Clancy — University of Minnesota, St. Paul, Minnesota Kathy Clark — Mrs. Larry Miller, San Diego, California Shirley Crone — Lincoln Life Insurance Com- pany, Fort Wayne, Indiana Leroy Crooks — Tri-State College, Angola, In- diana Linda Crowl — Butler University, Indianapolis, Indiana Linda DcLancey — Modernair Corporation, An- gola, Indiana Jim DeLong — Purdue University, Lafayette, Indiana Pat Deming — U.S. Navy Gerald Demorcst — U.S. Air Force, Rantoul, Illinois Elaine Dent — International Business College, Fort Wayne, Indiana David Dctar — Unknown Irene Dowidat — Secretary, Ace Sporting Goods Company, Angola, Indiana JoAnn Duguid — At home, Pleasant Lake, In- diana Gene Eatinger — Angola Wire Company, An- gola, Indiana Susan Florentine — Potawatomi Inn, Angola, Indiana Mickey Fradcnburg — I n d i a n a University, Bloomington, Indiana Linda French — Onita Teachers College, Bain- bridge, New York Phvllis Gebhart — International Business Col- lege, Fort Wayne, Indiana John Greenamyer — Moore Business Forms, An- gola, Indiana Barbara Haddix — Mrs. Dan Wood, Fort Wayne, Indiana Lana Hale — J.C. Penney Company, Angola, Indiana Eric Hall — Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, Michigan James Hanna — Moore Business Forms, An- gola, Indiana Pam Harbour — Ball State Teachers College, Muncie, Indiana Thomas Harman — Eastman School -of Music, Rochester, New York Kenneth Harris — University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky Barry Hollopeter — Tri-State College, Angola, Indiana (udv Horman — General Education Course, Tri-State College, Angola, Indiana Karen Hughes — International Business Col- lege, Fort Wayne, Indiana Mary Jensen — International Business College, Fort Wayne, Indiana Page One Hundred Fifty-eight 1963 Alumni Keith Johnson — International Business Col- lege, Fort Wayne, Indiana Pat Kaufman — Ball State Teachers College, Muncie, Indiana Eloise Kimes — Modernair Corporation, Ango- la, Indiana Colleen Knox — International Business Col- lege, Fort Wayne, Indiana Karen Kramer — Moved to Detroit, Michigan Susan Krantz — International Business College, Fort Wayne, Indiana Judy Kuckuck — Mrs. Larry Stoy, Ball State Teachers College, Muncie, Indiana Wallace Liechty — Indiana University, Bloom- ington, Indiana Sally Mains — Mrs. Fred Nicholson, Orland, In- diana Dick Marino — Indiana University, Blooming- ton, Indiana Dennis McClelland — Tri-State College, An- gola, Indiana Silvia Meston — Moved to New Mexico Vivian Mitzman — Indiana University, Bloom- ington, Indiana Jim Moor — Kraft Candy Company, Kendall- ville, Indiana Chuck Moore — Tri-State College, Angola, In- diana Mac Morley — Azar ' s, Angola, Indiana Andrea Mortorff — Butler University, Indii- napolis, Indiana Doug Musser — Moore Business Forms, Angola, Indiana Dixie Page — Milligan College, Johnson City, Tennessee Don Palmer — Indiana University, Blooming- ton, Indiana Emily Preston — Bethany College, Bethany, West Virginia Sally Rathburn — Purdue University, Lafay- ette, Indiana Sidney Reese — Indiana University, Blooming- ton, Indiana Don Rinehart — Wohlerts, Angola, Indiana Toni Roberts — Modernair Corporation, Ango- la, Indiana Judy Rose — Dew Drop Inn, Angola, Indiana Cheryl Sack — International Business College, Fort Wayne, Indiana Mike Sapp — Ball State Teachers College, Mun- cie, Indiana Susan Showalter — Kansas State University, Manhattan, Kansas Walter Shutt — Tri-State College, Angola, In- diana Nan Smith — Indiana University, Blooming- ton, Indiana Richard Somerlott — Farming, Angola, Indiana Steve Southern — Indiana University, Bloom- ington, Indiana Scott Sparks — International Business College, Fort Wayne, Indiana Karen Steinke — Rogers Drug Store, Angola, Indiana Jan Stevens — Parkview Memorial Hospital School of Nursing, Fort Wayne, Indiana Janice Stock — At home, Pleasant Lake, Indi- ana Jeff Stock — Working at home, Pleasant Lake, Indiana Pat Stohler — Danner ' s 5 10 cent Store, An- gola, Indiana Mike Stowe — Gehron Rambler Sales, Angola, Indiana Ed Sutton — Layton School of Photographic Art, Milwaukee, Wisconsin John Taylor — U.S. Air Force Chuck Tiffany — Tri-State College, Angola, Indiana Dane Tubergen — Purdue Unversity, Lafay- ette, Indiana Paul Underwood — Working at Kaiser ' s Super- market, Angola, Indiana Judy Waite — Working in Indianapolis, Indi- ana. Dale Warstler — Farming, Pleasant Lake, Indi- ana Richard Waters — Throop Florist, Angola, In- diana Karen White — -International Business College, Fort Wayne, Indiana Charles Wilsey — Tri-State College, Angola, Indiana Don Wyatt — Working at Angola Sand and Gravel, Angola, Indiana Page One Hundred Fifty-nine SCENES WE WANT TO REMEMBER FIKST ROW: Y-Teen rookies; Our secretaries; Journal ' sm class? Edith Liebel. SECOND ROW: Class ring selection; In the hall: Car trouble?; Jeanie and Nancy " on stage " . THIRD ROW: Hard working Steve: Waiting for class rings; Like your rings, girls?: Cold, Tim? FOURTH ROW: Ken Gulcher and science project; Judy Clancy; Don Harter; What ' s so funny Jane WAY BACK WHEN FIRST ROW: Party time at Bob ' s: More party, Cindy Cook. SECOND ROW: Bob ' s party again: Campfire girls: Peg Miller in Europe. THIRD ROW: Those good ole days; Our senior bovs?; Peg Fast. FOURTH ROW: Hey, look what we made!; We ' re dafodils; A Brownie — Linda Reinheimer. Page One Hundred Sixty -one Lasting Memories Teachers Basketball Games Semester Tests KEY Sales Party Senior Coat Check Thespians Hi-Y Underclassmen Senior Scholarship Fund Mr. Morin Caroling in the Halls Sectional Tourneys Christmas Proms Passes F.T.A. Mr. Porter ' s Boilerettes " Harvey ' Hi-Y-Faculty Games Science Fairs Junior Stand " Hornets ' Football Gymnastics Auditorium Programs The Public Philosophy Mr. Hammel Track G.A.A. Basketball Games Class Breakfasts Y-Teen Candlelighting Service Concerts Pep Sessions Mr. " Mac " Wrestling Team Guidance Counselors Miss Shultz Music Contests Coach Kelley Junior-Senior Proms Miss Liebel Classes Lockers Junior Classical League SAT Tests The " Beattles " Our Gym One-Act Plays Overhead Projectors Espanol Income Tax Forms Girls ' Basketball Tourneys SENIOR DAY BACCALAUREATE COMMENCEMENT Page One Hundred Sixty-two Y-TEEN ACTIVITY SCENES FIRST ROW: Colleen crowns the kins: Barb and King Tom: Mark and Cindy. SECOND ROV: Suzy and John: Refreshments at the prcm: Glenn and Colleen. THIRD ROW: Girls voting for King: Y-Teen candlelight service: Jean and Chuck. Page One Hundred Sixty-three Patronize Our Advertisers Telephone ABSTRACTS: Goodale Abstract Company 665-2314 BOWLING LANES: Telephone Angola Bowl Inc., Harry Sarver 665-9312 Tri-State Lanes, Dean Goings 665-6218 I AUTOMOBILE DEALERS: Gehron Motor Sales 665-6214 Elsie Lamoreaux Pontiac Sales 665-6513 L. G. Maxton Sales, Inc. 665-2195 Poinsatte Motor Corp. 665-2125 Wild-Arnold Motor Corp. . 665-6414 AUTOMOTIVE PARTS: Automotive Paint and Supply 665-2134 Golden Auto Parts 66 5-5 261 BANKS: Angola State Bank 66 5-2 861 First National Bank of Angola 665-2962 BARBER SHOPS: Bud ' s Barber Shop Clark ' s Barber Shop BEAUTY SHOPS: Beauty Clinic, 510 S. Wayne 665-3262 Rainbow Beauty Shop 66 5-5 515 495-3712 BOAT LIVERIES: Lake George Marine BOOK STORES: Munn ' s Book Store 665-3212 BUILDING PRODUCTS: Bodley ' s Building Products .665-2912 CANDY DEALERS: Nedele Wholesalers — Candy, Paper, Tobacco CANVAS SHOPS: Fairview Canvas Shop 665-2463 665-5562 CAR BODY SHOPS: Folck Body Shop 665-6013 Mann Body Shop . 665-5915 Munson-Beck, Inc., Auto Body Building 665-6611 CHEMICAL LABORATORIES: Hickory Chemical Laboratories 665-3589 CLEANERS: Angola Dry Cleaners 66 5-2 814 McBride ' s Dry Cleaning 66 5-2715 CLOTHIERS: Jarrard ' s Men ' s Store .. 665-6612 Strock ' s Men ' s and Boys ' Wear .. 665-2213 Ted ' s Casual Wear 66 5-6212 BOTTLERS: Pokagon Beverage Company 665-3263 CONSTRUCTION COMPANIES: Waite Construction Company .. Lorin Waite - Vernon Waite 665-2616 Page One Hundred Sixty-four Patronize Our Advertisers COAL COMPANIES: Telephone Angela Brick and Tile 665-2712 DENTISTS: Dr. W. R. Aldrich 665-3016 Dr. Leif Steenerson 665-5014 DEPARTMENT STORES: J. C. Penney Company 66 5-2 512 Ransburij and Sons, Pleasant Lake 475-262 5 DITCHING AND EXCAVATING: Kenneth German ' s Excavating 665-6555 DRESSED POULTRY: Kay ' s Dressed Poultry 665-6913 DRESS SHOPS: Angola Dress Shop .665-6813 Ann ' s Dress Shoppe 66 5-201? Harman ' s Ladies ' Shoppe 665-6912 Ritter and Ferry Dress Shop .665-6412 Teen Shop 66 5-3966 FARM IMPLEMENTS: Telephone Chard Implement Company .665-6305 Covell Implement Store .665-271! FEED STORES: Hamma Feed and Supply — Feeds, Seeds, and Garden Supplies 66 5-3711 FILLING STATIONS: Bob ' s Marathon Station 665-9113 Goodwin ' s Phillips 66 Station ...665-6713 Kain ' s Shell Service . 665-6215 Bob Meyer Sunoco Service . 665-9221 Pleasant Lake " 66 " . .475-9175 Schaeffer ' s Standard Service .. 665-2411 Swager Service, Pleasant Lake 47 5-22 5 5 FIVE AND TEN CENT STORES: W. R. Thomas 5c to $1.00 Store .. .665-3012 FLORISTS: Pleasant Lake Greenhouse Throop Florist .475-2775 .665-5061 DRUGGISTS: K H North Wayne Pharmacy 665-5215 Kratz Drug Store 66 5-2106 Roger ' s Drug Store, Walgreen Agency .66 5-5 312 White ' s Drug Store 665-2166 ELECTRIC SHOPS: Foutz Electnc Supplv FROZEN LOCKERS: Angola Frozen Locker Storage FUNERAL DIRECTORS: Klink ' s Funeral Home .... Weicht ' s Funeral Home ... 665-6814 665-2121 .665-3111 665-6017 FACTORIES: Moore Business Forms Inc. 665-3181 Weatherhead Company 665-2154 Wohlert ' s 66 5-3174 FURNITURE STORES: Kay ' s Furniture US 27 South Swank Wayside Furniture 1 Mile North on US 27 665-5816 .665-3121 Page One Hundred Sixty-five Patronize Our Advertisers GARAGES: Telephone Al Lonsbury ' s Garage and Wrecker Service 665-516$ Shorty ' s Machine Shop .. ...66$-6618 Telephone INSURANCE AGENCIES (Cont.) Nagcl Insurance Agency .. ...665-3814 National Heritage Life Insurance Co. ... 66 $-3 102 Weaver Booth Insurance Agency 665-2515 GAS COMPANIES: Consumers Natural Gas Corporation 665-3964 JEWELERS: Liechty Jewelry 665-3613 Tuttle ' s Jewelry 665-3715 GIFT SHOPS: Fred Smith, Gifts and Greeting Cards 665-5365 KIDDIE SHOPS: Lucille ' s Kiddie Shop . .665-65 11 GROCERY STORES: August Food Market, Pleasant Lake Kaiser ' s Foodland Super Market .. .475-2622 ..665-6514 LAUNDRIES: Speedy Service Laundry .665-2613 HARDWARE STORES: Gamble ' s Hardware and Furniture .. 665-5761 Moore ' s Hardware, Pleasant Lake 475-3105 Seagly Brothers ' Hardware — Appliances, Bulk and Bottled Propane Gas Service 665-2 5 63 Western Auto Associate Store 665-5662 LUMBER COMPANIES: Angola Lumber Company 665-3125 Daniel Shank Lumber Company 665-3109 MEAT PACKING COMPANIES: Clyde Packing Company .. ... 665-2161 HATCHERIES: Holtzman Hatchery .. . 665-2180 HEATING SUPPLIES: Howard Dodge and Son, Premier Heating .. .... 665-6617 HOME EQUIPMENT STORES: Hosack ' s, Since 1915 — Electrical Appliances .. 665-3361 MOTELS: King ' s Motel ...665-2362 Taylor ' s Tri-State Motel 665-3171 MUSIC SHOPS: Jax Music Studio „ ...665-341 5 Rippe Music Studio . .665-3315 NEWS STANDS: G K News Stand .. ...66 5-5 1 12 INSURANCE AGENCIES: Croxton Roe Insurance Service .665-2462 Jacob Insurance Service . .665-3194 Philip S. Johnson Insurance Agency 665-3714 OIL COMPANIES: Sinclair Oil Company, Ray Lovejoy, Agent 665-5914 Page One Hundred Sixty-six Patronize Our Advertisers OPTOMETRISTS: Telephone Dr. M. J. Blough .. 66 5-545 Dr. R. C. Snook 665-3463 SHOE REPAIR SHOPS: Louie ' s Shoe Repair Shop Telephone PHOTOGRAPHERS: Clarke ' s Studio 665-5015 Gentry Photographic 665-3456 SHOE STORES: The Bootery 665-6312 Family Shoes Discount Store 665-2916 Fashion Shoe Store 66 5-2315 PLUMBERS: Selman Heating and Plumbing ... 665-6011 SKATING RINKS: Skateland — Verl and Lurline Holly, Props. 665-5361 PRINTERS: Steuben Printing Company Printer of this Annual 665-31 18 PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANIES: Northern Indiana Public Service Company 66 5-3137 SPORTING GOODS: Ace Sportsman ' s Supply 665-5910 Angola Sporting Goods, US 27 North .665-5464 Bob ' s Sport Shop 665-3614 TELEVISION SALES AND SERVICE: Arkwright ' s TV — Motorola TV ' s and Radios 665-6613 RADIO EQUIPMENT AND PARTS: Lakeland Radio and TV Supply ..665-6311 REAL ESTATE DEALERS: Ralph J. Steffan, Realtor — Farm, City and Lake Property .665-2714 THEATERS: Brokaw Theatre .665-3912 Strand Theatre 665-3 812 TIRE SALES: Newnam Tire Service 665-6712 RESTAURANTS: A W Drive-In, William H. Stych ...665-5063 Azar ' s Big Boy Drive-in, North Wayne St. . 665-65 17 Bassett ' s Restaurant . 66 5-5 5 14 Boyce ' s Restaurant, US 27 North 66 5-9120 Christy ' s Coney Island 665-9126 Circle 41 Restaurant 66 5-2 5 64 Gay Barn Restaurant .66 5-5013 L M Grill 665-9225 North Wayne Restaurant 665-5415 Wellman ' s Grill ...665-9224 TRUCKING COMPANIES: Associated Truck Lines, Inc. Dundee Truck Lines, Inc. 665-6465 665-3712 WELDING SERVICE: Glenn ' s Welding 665-5326 WREATH COMPANIES: Roger ' s Wreath Company ...66 5-6217 Page One Hundred Sixty-set en TOP ROW: Senior in Mrs. Boyer ' s first grade class; Mrs. Hart ' s third and sisters. SECOND ROW: The fifth grade Antique Show: Mrs. Hart ' s whole third gr Jeff Plank and Linda Van Aman. THIRD ROW: Roger. Joey, and friends in one wagon?; Curl ' s 8 years old tod;i Jean admiring the country; Baby Margie; Pat C, now don ' t cry! FOURTH ROW: All the boys at Dave ' s house doing hard work??; Happy Birthday, Pam; Mrs. Hart ' s little rabbits: Debbie Spangle: (below) Nancy Hoffman: Ann Gebhart; Loretta Lower — in the country! AT ODD MOMENTS TOP LOW: Harry with his sign; Football on Sunday afternoons: Y-Teens making Christmas cookies — mm good!: Vieki ' s solo, yea, Yea, yea? SECOND ROW: Class ring- orders lor Juniors; Her lirst corsage!; the Hornet in the making " !: Buddies. THIRD ROW: Harry and the girls: King Phil and Queen .loan at Junior High Prom .smile. Mr. Porter: Coke, anyone? i.TRTH ROW: Study ' hard. John: Jeanne; Lynn Tritch, are you cleaning your locker. ' : Buster driving: Mr. Nesbitt; Caroling. FIFTH ROW: Hula, Peggy?; Study hard, girls!; We ' re happy: Two beauties; Three dolls; Peek-a-bon. Teachers In Our Elementary Schools CARLIN PARK SCHOOL Nadine Plemitscher, kindergarten Mary Slagle, kindergarten Mildred MacFadyen, first Alberta Allion, first Marilyn Kaye Duncan, second Juanita Teegardin, second Ingrid Lehfeldt, third Linda Lou Ayers, third Helen Healy, fourth Ruth Stevens, fourth Evangeline Fuller, fifth Robert Sharrow, fifth Laura Frank, sixth Thelma Hephner, sixth Curt Rathburn, principal HENDRY PARK SCHOOL Emma Druckamiller, kindergarten Ruth Patenge, first Rose Clark, first June Collins, second Alice Meyers, second LaVerne Hauber, third Delores Richards, third Flora Hedglin, fourth Pauline Reichardt, fourth Wilma Harmon, fifth Joseph Frymire, fifth Mildred McCool, sixth Mary Stevens, sixth Walter Schubert, principal PLEASANT LAKE SCHOOL Nadine Plemitscher, kindergarten Shirley Hull, kindergarten Bessie Leplcy, first Berta McAlpin, second Violet Hollopeter, third Hilda Chrysler, fourth Cleota Pfingstag, fourth Phil Hull, fifth Norma Milhollin, sixth Virginia Lehman, special education Charles Ryan, principal SCOTT CENTER SCHOOL Molly Gaffin, kindergarten Mary McCormack, first and second Colista Gnagy, third and fourth Avada Crain, sixth and principal SPECIAL TEACHERS Wilma Hall, music Rita Hoak, music Bernice Horrall, psychologist Nancy Newnam, librarian Carole Howell, Speech and Hearing Therapist Page One Hundred Seventy Y-TEENS THROUGHOUT THE YEAR ' l ' " 1 ' lt i V Kiirnm] initi: n. Mr- Throop gives Jane : sage; At initiation. SECOND ROW: Y-Teen cabinet meeting; Actors in a clever skit; Trimming the Christmas tree. THIRD ROW: Christmas candle lighting service; Colleen addresses the group: Y-Teen advisors at cookie making time. Page One Hundred Seventy-one PEOPLE WE KNOW TOP ROW: Miss Orewiler is helping Jack Linn and Nita Burrell find information; Tourney ticket sale time; Gil Rogers sells Hi-Y candy! SECOND ROW: Bob gets made-up well!; Sharon Brandeberry helps out; More ticket sales. THIRD ROW: Conferen a weighty subject; Seniors study newspapers; Helpers at the District Musi,- Contest here. YESTERDAY AND TODAY TOP ROW: Nancy and Phil Zabst; Clieri Greenwood; Phil Z., what ya lookin ' at?: Lynn Maugherman, Little Leaguer. SECOND ROW: Y-Teen cabinet at Sue Swank ' s house; Miss Siebold looks agreeable: Janie and Dale: Larry at his favorite occupation: (below) Mrs. Hanselman and Miss Iddings, Y-Teen advisors: scene from " Miss Twiddle and the Devil " . THIRD ROW: Morning service at Y-Teen cabinet house party: another scene at the lake; beauties at the J.C.L. peasant supper. Autographs Page One Hundred Seventy-four I ■ ; ' " v -: ■■■ ' " " ' ■ " " - I, . 1 • i

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