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Text from Pages 1 - 168 of the 1963 volume:

Cs kh G£» ALLEN COUNTY PUBLJC LIBRARY 3 1833 01802 2431 GENEALOGY 977. 20S AN4AHS 1963 U o Published By The Senior Class Angola High School Angola, Indiana Linda French, Editor LeRoy Crooks, Business Manager ' .- 4Sfc — ai« i- : i ■-v •S fl gjy " - ■ " « - «v». a %, ' » ,, 5 - at . V ,V OUR GYMNASIUM Forword With a key in our hands , we unlock the door to many golden memories of our dear Angola High School. We have published this, our annual, as a record of the year ' s events. We have tried to up- hold the high standards of cur school and we have included many incidents both great and small with which our readers in the future may refresh their memories of the 1962-63 school year. School Parking Lot Contents FACULTY Page 13 CLASSES Page 27 ACTIVITIES Page 71 SPORTS Page 101 The school parking lot has proved a great convenience for both students and teachers. It was built in the summer of 1961 on the site of the old gymnasium. It has b:en filled with cars during school ses- sions ever since. Page Four Pleasant Lake Some Seniors of 1963 have many happy memories of time spent in this school. They first started their educational climb within these walls. Carlin Park School Carlin Park School is the newest of our school buildings. Its modern equipment make going- to school a pleasure for the elementary grades. i9 - ' Hendry Park School The Hendry Park School is one of the newest grade schools in this area. Its all- purpose room with the cafeteria has been the center of many social activities. Public Library The Public Library across the street is a part of the familiar surroundings of A.H.S. It was often necessary to find supplementary reference material so our path then led to its doors. Appreciation We, the class of 1963, wish to express our sincere appreciation for the efforts of Mr. Morin, our class sponsor, and of Steve Southern, our class president, who have guided us through our four years of high school. They have always been willing to lend a hand and give an encour- aging word. We should like to express our thanks for their understanding and guidance. Pa°c Nine f • I • amiiiar h scnooi scenes al angola high warn ;. LJ : nmnmama jiimiMim : il r i - 1 G J - CHOOL 1S11111« ' 1v 4 l t - — w i -S v •«... ■. . ' -C5 J T r U I i i ■ - IT " , i zr ' AN ' Bto FA OUR SUPERINTENDENT It has been through Mr. Boom- crshine ' s efforts that we have been able to attend one of the finest schools in Indiana. Even with a busy schedule he was never too busy to talk, over a problem we might have. We, the class of ' 63, sincerely thank you, Mr. Boomer- shine, for your kindness and for a job well done. BOARD OF EDUCATION Much credit for the success of the school year should be given to the members of the Board of Education. They work throughout the year solving many problems con- cernin g our school. We, the graduating class of 1963, wish to extend to them our sincere thanks for the work they have done to make our school life better and more pleasant. Robert Berkes Treasurer D. G. MASON President R. L. Nedele Vice-President PAUL STROCK Secretary Reginald Hale Howard Boomershine Superintendent OUR PRINCIPAL " Mr. Mac " has worked very hard to help and to make our four years of high school the best pos- sible. The door to his office was always open whether a personal problem or a class project needed to be discussed. Thank you, Mr. McCutchan for all your help in our four years of high school. OFFICE SECRETARIES We, the class of ' 63, wish to express our thanks to the secretaries — Bonnie Wilcox, Kitty Rozell, and Edith Cox. They were always ready to help the teachers and the students in any way possible and with never ending energy. Kitty Prepares the Records MR. MONTGOMERY shows CONNIE MY- ERS the results of an experiment in General Science. Faculty MRS. CHOKEY and MR. BRAYTON go over English materials in Mrs. Chokey ' s room. Note the students eager to get in! Page Sixteen Faculty MR. BARKDULL and MR. JOHNSON discuss the football schedule when they stop between classes. Typing or shorthand would be the topic of con- versation between MISS SERVIS and MISS IDD- INGS. MR. KELLY and MR. HAMMEL, our coaches, may be getting some advice from MRS. HOWELL, the speech and hearing therapist for our school sys- tem. Page Seventeen Faculty MISS HOAK is ready to give GAYLE GREENAMYER and ANDREA MOR- TORFF an oboe lesson. MR. BERNHARDT helps SIDNEY REESE with a difficult chemistry problem. - V; — ■ MISS TAPP checks a list of audio-visual equip- ment. Page Eighteen Faculty MR. NICHOLS, band director, talks over some music arrangements with our choir di- rector, MISS SIEBOLD. MRS. VOSTEEN checks some United States his- tory papers. MR. AVERY shows some interesting mail to MR. MORIN and MR. THOMPSON. Perhaps it concerns the Latin or history departments. Faculty MRS. TRENNEPOHL pauses from grading home ec tests for MRS. BUSE to show her a new recipe. MR. BARKDULL shows a difficult problem in business law to MR. MYERS. Mr. Myers seems interested even though geometry is his field. MR. DYGERT tells MR. AVERY and MR. BRAYTON, of the English Depart- ment, the latest experiments in physics. Faculty MR. CABLE is explaining to MAC HOSACK a difficult algebra problem. MISS SHULTZ and MRS. CLINE chat about English before classes start. MR. DRUCKAMILLER asks MRS. LONG, the school nurse, about the results of the Tine Tests. MR. ETZLER explains the method of operating one of the machines in shop to BARRY HOLLO- PETER and DICK WATERS. Faculty MR. JOHNSON shows the tests given his health class to MRS. ROUSH, who teaches physical edu- cation. MR. MILHOLLIN and MR. SPRUNGER look over the results of the Iowa tests. BOB REYNOLDS and JEFF ANDREWS drop in after class to have a problem ironed out by MR. WEARLY. Faculty MR. HOFFMAN stops to ask MR. NESBITT what is going on in the history classes. It must be interesting! MRS. CLARK explains to KATHY CHENO- WETH the importance of guinea pigs in scientific research. This one ' s a nice pet! MR. CONDON of the English department and MR. ETZLER seem to be deep in conversation. JOHN BALDWIN shows MR. PORTER his latest art project. Pa°e Tuetity Three Our Custodians We wish to show our appreciation to the custodians — Tom German, Tom Myers, Carlton Erwin, and Lester Shelton — for the services they have performed at A.H.S. They have done myriads of things for the students and the school. Custodians in the high school building have repaired desks, cleaned floors and walls, put up stage sets for the plays, moved furniture, driven buses on occasion and gone on errands for the school. Tom German, in the gym, has swept the senior coat check room, wiped up grease at the junior refreshment stand, mended broken equipment, mopped the entrance way during games, and done a thousand other things. Custodians, we thank you! Safety Patrol The safety of our school population is in the hands of our faithful patrol men at the various street crossings. Dan Cope is on duty to help children across Williams street in front of Carlin Park School. Harry Sowle is always in front of the high school building to help people across Highway 27. William Pendill is on patrol at the North Wayne and Mill street crossing. Lynn- ford Eff is at the Felicity and South Wayne street crossing. Bus Drivers Morning and evening, day in and day out, in all kinds of weather, our reliable bus drivers make their rounds. They greet their passengers with a smile in the morn- ing and they are always lined up in the street ready to go when school is out. We could not have our fine consolidated school without their services! Bus drivers, hats off to you! TOP ROW: Clifton Nilson, Kenny German. Carl Waymire, Dale Somerlott, Mrs. Helen Lannemeier, Otto Linnemeier, Hollis Fisher. FROXT ROW " : Charles Libey, Ora MeClish, Larry Klink, Duane Rose, Fordyee John- »«• ■ Page Twenty-five f w « ■Sw. K ¥ • J CLASSi Seniors SANDRA LEA ALLEN Girls ' Glee Club I; F.T.A. II, III, IV; Hornet Staff III; Key Staff IV; Y-Teens II, III, IV; Pep Club III, IV; G.A.A. I. II: Poetry Contest I; J.C.L. I, II, III, IV. FREDERICK E. BACHERT High School Choir II, III, IV; Boys ' Glee Club I; Vocal Quartet II, III, IV; Hornet Staff IV; Solo Ens. Contest, District, I; Hoosier Boys ' State III; Hi-Y I, II, III, IV; Basketball I, II, III, IV; B.O.V. Contest, Dis- trict I, II, III, IV; B.O.V. Contest, State I, II, III, IV; National Honor Society III, IV; Football I, II, III, IV; Track I, II, III, IV; Poetrv Contest 11, III; Senior Band I, II, III, IV; Marching Band I, II, III; Vocal Solo Ens. Contest III, IV. LARRY J. BOYD Basketball I; Football I, II. JERRY BOYER High School Choir II, III, IV; Boys ' Glee Club I; Cross Country I; Track I, II, III, IV; Basketball I, II, III, IV; Baseball I, II, III, IV: Football II. III. Page Twenty-eight RONALD R. BARLETT Safety Patrol I. JOHN PHILLIP BALDWIN II High School Choir II, III, IV; Vocal Quartet II; Hoosier Boys ' State III; Hi-Y ' I, II, III, IV: Track I, II, III, IV: Basketball I: Football I, II, III IV; All Confer- ence Fullback IV; Hi-Y ' Basketball II, III, IV. FREDERICK J. BECK Solo Ens. Contest, District III, IV; Track I; Senior Band I, II, III; Marching Band I, II, III: Solo Ens. Contest, State I, II, III. DAVID HOWARD BOOMERSHINE Track I, II: Basketball, Manager I, II. Ill, IV; Foot- ball I, II, III, IV. JIM BURRELL Hornet Staff III. LINDA K AYE BURTCH Y-Teens II, III. IV: Attended Garrett High J ' ' 1 1 II: Blue Triangle I: G.A.A. I. SHARON ANNE BUSE Hornet Staff IV; Key Staff IV: Solo Ens. Contest, (istrict 1. II, III. IV: Y-Teens II. III. IV: B. i V. i ' .mii-st. district I, II, III, IV: B.O.V. Contest, State I, II, 111. I V : 5.A.A. I, II: Poetry Contest I: Essay Contest I V ; J.C.L. : Senior Band I, II, III, IV: Marching Band, I. II. III. V: Band Summer Camp I. II, III. IV; S ' l. Kns. i ' wi- est, State I, II. Ill; Purdue Round-up II. ROSS A. BUTLER Class Vice President I: High School Choir II, III, IV: lornet Staff IV; Kev Staff IV: Hi-Y I. II, III. IV: Secretary and Treasurer III: Track I, II, III, IV, Basket- rail I, II, III, IV: Baseball I, II, III. IV: Student Coun- il. President IV: Hi-Y " Summer Camp II. Seniors CAROL ANNE BROWN F.T.A. 1, II, III. IV: Kev Staff Art and Business Committees IV: Y-Teens III. IV. Ks-av c.ntest IV J.C.U I, II. III. IV. Art Department Assistant I, II, III, l , dills ' Clee ClUb I. RICHARD RODGER BRYAN High School Choi,- III, Bovs ' Glee Club I: Kev Staff, Art Committee 1 V : Thespian Plays II; Hi-Y, II, III, IV; Poetry Contest, I; Ait Assistant II; Science Fair I. DAN K. CAMPBELL Hi-Y I. II. Ill: Track I. SUE ELLEN CARSON Y ' -Teens II. 111. I V . J.C L. IV. £M Page Twenty-nine H Seniors JOHN C. CATHER Orchestra I: Solo Ens. Contest, District I. II: Senior Band I, II, III; Marching Band I, II, III; Solo Ens. Contest, State 1. II. GENEVA CHARLOTTE CHAD WICK High School Choir II, III, IV; Vocal Trio III, IV; FT. A. I, IV; Hornet Staff 111; Key Staif IV; Orchestra I II, III, IV; Solo Ens, Contest, District II, III. IV; V-Teens II, III, IV: Pep Club III: Essay Contest III, IV: J.C.L. I; Senior Eand I, II, IV: IVarching Band I, II. IV; Solo Ens. Contest, State III, IV; English Contest IV. DIANA JEAN CHIDDISTER Key Staff IV; Y-Teens II, III, IV; Pep Club III, IV. MARY LYNNE CHRISTEN Girls ' Glee Club I; F.T A. I: Key Staff IV: Solo Ens. Contest, District I, II, III; Y-Teens II, III, IV: G.A.A. I; Essay Contest I: Varsitv Band II; Senior Band I, III; Marching Band I. II. III. RICHARD LEROY CISCO Thespian Plays II; Hi-Y I, II, III, IV: Natlona Honor Society III, IV; Mathematics Contest II, III, IV Poetry Contest I: J.C.L. I, II, HI, IV; Projectionist I, II: Science Research Team IV. PATRICIA JOAN CLANCY Mixed Chorus I; F.T.A. I, II. III. IV; Key Staff IV; Orchestra I, II, III, IV; Y-Teens II, III, IV: B.O.V. Con- test, District I, II, III, IV; B.O.V. Contest. State I, II, III. IV: Pep Club III, IV: National Honor Society III, IV; Mathematics Contest II, IV; J.C.L. I. II, HI, IV. KATHRYN LOUISE CLARK Y-Teens II. SHIRLEY ANN CRONE High School Choir II, III, IV; Girls ' Glee Club I; Mixed Chorus III, IV; Vocal Sextet II. III. IV; F.T.A. I: Key Staff, Senior Pictures Chairman IV; Thespian Society III: Conference Committee IV: Thespian Plays II, III ' , IV: Orchestra I: Solo Ens. Contest, District I; Y-Teens II, III, Secretary IV; B.O.V. Contest. District I, II, IV; B.O.V. Contest, State I, II. IV; Pep Club III; G.AA. I, II: Essay Contest IV; J.C.L. 1: Senior Band 1: Marching Band I: Vocal Solo Ens. Contest. District II, III, IV: Vocal Sol,, Ens. Contest. State III. IV. Page Thirty I- LEROY W. CROOKS Boys ' Glee Club I: Key Staff, Business Manager IV: Orchestra I, II. Ill: Solo Ens. Contest, Distrlcl I: Hi-Y I. II. Ill, IV: Track I, II: Basketball II: B.O.V. Contest, District I. II. III. IV; B.O.V. Contest, State I, II, III, IV: Student Council I: Senior Band I, II, III. IV; Marching Band I. II. III. IV: Pep Band I, II, III. I V: Football I, II. III. IV: Rules Committee for Senior Scholarship IV; May Prom, Chairman III. LINDA LU CROWL Key Staff, Assistant Editor IV: Thespian Society IV: Thespian Plays II. Make-up committee III. Student Director IV: Solo Ens. Contest, District 1: Y-Teens II: Program Chairman III: Chaplain IV: B.O.V. Contest, District I, II: B.O.V. Contest, State I. II: Pep club III: G.A.A. I. Treasurer II, President III: Y-Teen Summer Camp III: J.C.L. I, II; Senior Band I, II: Marching Hand I. II: Solo Ens. Contest, State I: Vocal Solo Ens. Contest I. PATRICK DEMING Hi-Y I, II. IV. GERALD LAVERN DEMOREST Baseball, Manager IV: Podunk Cheering Block III. Seniors LINDA LOU DELANCEY Y-Teens II, III. IV; Pep Club III: G.A.A. I, II. JAMES F. DELONG High School Choir II. III. IV: Boys ' ' lice Club I: Key Staff IV: Hi-Y II. Ill, 1 V : Student Council III; Essay Contest I. ELAINE ALICE DENT F.T.A. III. IV: Hornet Staff III; Key Staff IV: Li- brarian IV: Thespian Society III, IV: Thespian Plays IV Y-Teens II, III. IV: Pep Club III, IV: G.A.A. I. II. III. IV: J.C.L., I, II. III. IV: Girls ' Glee club I. DAVID DEAN DETAR Boys ' Glee Club I: Student Librarian IV: Projection- ist IV. Page Thirty-one H Seniors IRENE M. DOWIDAT Kev Staff IV: Thespian Plays IV: Y-Teens II, III. IV: Pep Club III IV: J.C.L,. I. II, III. IV: Latin Contest I. JO ANN DUGUID High School Choir II. Ill, IV; Hornet Staff IV; Key Staff IV; Thespian Society III, IV: Thespian Plays III; Y-Teens II, III, IV; Pep Club III: G.A.A. I, II, III; Poetry Contest I: Vocal Solo Ens. Contest, District III. IV. PHYLLIS JEAN GEBHART High School Choir II. Ill, IV; Vocal Trio 111; K.T.A. I. II, III. IV: Key Staff IV ; Thespian Society III. IV: Y-Teens III, IV; B.O.V. Contest. District II: Pep Club III, IV; G.A.A. I. II. Ill; Poetry Contest I; J. CD. I, II, III, IV: Vocal Solo Ens. Contest, District III; Thespian Plavs I, II, III, IV. JOHN KIMSEY GREENAMYER Kes Staff IV; Ili-V I. II. III. IV. • GAILEN E. EATINGER Cross Country I; Track I. SUSAN A. FLORENTINE F.TA. III. IV; Treasurer IV: Hornet Staff, Editor IV; Hoosier Girls ' State III: Y-Teens II, III: Social Chairman IV; National Honor Society III; Vice President IV: Poetry Contest I; J.C.L. II, III, IV; Miss United Fund Contestant IV. MICKEY LYNN FRADENBURG Hornet Staff III; Key Staff IV: Hi-Y I, II. HI. IV; Basketball I. LINDA LEE FRENCH High Schorl Choir II, III, IV; Girls ' Glee Club I; Vo- cal Sextet I, II. Ill, IV; F.T.A. I; Key Staff. Editor IV: Thespian Society III, IV: Thespian Plays II, ID. IV: Solo Ens. Contest, District I, II, III, IV: Cheerleader III: Y-Teens II, III, IV; B.O.V. Contest, District I, II. Ill, IV; B.O.V. Contest, State I, II, III, IV; G.A.A. I: Poetrv Contest I, IV: J.C.L. I; Cheerleading Summer Camp 111: Solo Ens. Contest, State I, II, III: ocal Solo Ens. Contest, District I, II, III, IV; Vocal Solo Ens. Contest. State II, III, IV: Freshman Sophomore Track Queen II; Marching Band I, II, III, IV. Page Thirty-two Seniors ERIC B. HALL Class Vice President II. III. IV: High School Choir 31, III IV: Boys ' Glee Club I: Hoosier Hoys ' state III: Hi-Y II. III. IV: Track II, III, IV: l.nsketball I. II, III: Tiasehall I, II, III. IV: B O.V. Contest, District II, IV: B.O.V. Contest. State II. IV: National Honor Society III. JV. Football Manager IV. JAMES WALDO HANNA Track I; Poetry Contest I: Projectionist II. PAMELA SUE HARBOUR High School Choir II, III. IV; Girls ' Glee Club I: Vocal Sextet II, III, IV: F.T.A. I. II: Key Staff IV; Thespian Society IV Thespian Plavs II. Ill, IV; Y-Teens II, III, IV: Student Council IV: Pep Club, I usiness .Manager III: G.A.A. I. II: Essay Contest IV: J.C.L. I. II: JSenior Band I. II. III. 1 V : Marching Band I, II. III. IV; Solo Ens. Contest, District I. II. Ill, IV: Solo Ens. Contest. State II. Ill, IV; Vocal Solo Ens. Contest, State II, III. IV: Pep Band II, III, IV: Typewriting Award III: B.O.V. Contest, D. strict I. II. in l I O.V. Contest. State I, II, 1,1. IV. THOMAS LEE HARMAN High School Choir II, III: Boys ' (ike Club I Orchestra I. II. III. IV; Solo Ens. Contest, I i- t ri.-t I II. III. IV; Solo Ens. Contest. State I. II. III. IV Tra.k I, II: B.O.V. Contest I, II. Ill, IV: B.O.V. Contest State I, II, III, IV: Senior Band I. II, III, IV; Marchinf Band I, II, III, IV; Interlocken Musi. Camp I, II, 111. IV Pep Band I, II, III. BARBARA ANN HADDIX F.T.A. III. IV; Hornel Stafl III- Key Staff IV; Y- Teens II, III. IV: J.C.L.. II. Ill, IV. LANA DARLENE HALE High School Choir II, III. IV; Vocal Trio III. IV; F.T.A. II: Treasurer III: President IV: Solo 10ns. Con- test, District I. II. IV; Y-Teens II, III. IV: Student Council II: Vocal Solo Ens. Contest, state I. II, III, IV: Queen ' s Court of Freshman-Sophomore Relays II; National Honor Society IV. KENNETH R. HARRIS BARRY L. HOLLOPETER Boys ' Glee Club I: Hi-Y II. Ill: Cross Country I: Basketball I; Podunk Cheering Block III. IV. Page Thirl i -three Seniors MARY ANN JENSEN Girls ' Glee Club I; FT. A. Ill, IV: Key Staff IV; Thespian Society IV; Orchestra II. Ill, IV; Y-Teens II, III. IV; B.O.V. Contest, District I, II, 111. I V ; B.O.V. Contest State I, II, III, IV; Pep Club III; G.A.A. Ii; J.C.L. I, II, III, IV; Senior Band I, II, III, IV; Marching Band I, II. III. IV: Band Summer Cam]. II. Ill KEITH LEE JOHNSTON Boys ' Glee Club I; Key Staff IV: Thespian Plays III, IV; Hi-Y I, II. Ill, IV; Podunk Cheering Block I COLLEEN MAE KNOX High School Choir III, IV: Thespian Society III, IV; Y-Teens II, III, IV; Pep Club III, President G.A.A. I. II; Vice President IV. KAREN ANN KRAMER Key Staff IV; Thespian Society III, IV; Thespian Plays II, III: Hoosier Girls ' State III; Y-Teens II, III; Vice President IV; Pep Club III; National Honor Society III, Secretary and Treasurer IV; G.A.A. II; Attended Lakeview Junior High School — G.A.A. I; Thespians I; Journalism Club I: Student Council I: Choir I. JUDITH ANNE HORMAN High School Choir III. IV: Vocal Trio IV: F.T.A. I, II. HI, IV: Key Staff IV; Thespian Society III, IV; Orchestra I, II, III, IV; Solo Ens. Contest, District I, II, III, IV; Solo Ens. Contest, State I, II. III. IV: Y-Teens II, III, IV; B.O.V. Contest, District I, II, III, IV; B.O.V. Contest, State I, II, III, IV: Marching Band I, II, III, IV; Vocal Solo Ens. Contest, D:strict IV; Vocal Solo Ens. Contest, Stale IV; Pep Club III; J.C.L. I, II, III, IV; Senior Band I. II, III, IV; Michigan State Musk- Scholarship II: Girls ' Glee Club I; Thespian Plays III, IV; Pep Band II, 111, IV. KARON DEE HUGHES Girls ' Glee Club I; F.T.A II. Ill, IV; Key Staff IV; Y-Teens II, III, IV; Pep Club HI. IV: G.A.A. 1, II: Poetry Contest I. PATRICIA ANN KAUFMAN High School Choir III, IV: F.T.A. Ill, IV: Key Staff IV; Thespian Society III. IV; Thespian Plays II: Orches- tra II, III, IV: Y-Teens II, III, IV; B.O.V. Contest, Dis- trict II, IV; B.O.V. Contest. State II. IV: Pep Club III, IV; G.A.A. I, II. Ill, IV: J.C.L., Secretary and Treasurer II. Secretary III, IV; Science Fair II; Girls ' Glee Club I; National Honor Society IV. ELOISE M. KIMES Class Secretary IV: Y-Teens II, III, IV: Pep Club III, IV: G.A.A. I, II. Ill: Essay Contest IV: J.C.L. I, II, III, IV; Queen ' s Court of Freshman-Sophomore Relays. Pa c Thirty-four a Seniors WALLACE LAYNE LIECHTY Kev Staff IV: Thespian Plavs III: H...,m,.i Boys ' State III; Hi-Y I, II: Sergeant-at-Arms III: President IV: Track I. II. III. IV: Student Council II. Football I. II, III: Hi-Y Summer Camp II. Ill: Christmas Prom King IV. SALLY JEAN MAINS F.T.A. I, II, III, IV: Hornet Staff III: Key Staff IV: Thespian Society IV: Thespian Plays II. Ill, IV: i ' -Teens II, III, IV: Pep Club Ill: G.A.A. I: .1. C. L. I, II, HI. I V. Girls ' Glee Club I. RICHARD P. MARINO Kev Staff IV; Hi-Y I. II: Track I. IF, III; Football pi, II, III, IV. DENNIS PAUL McCLELLAND Hornet Stiff IV: Kev Staff IV; Student Council I: Pilot, tcraphy Club IV SUSAN MARY KRANTZ High School Choir II. III. IV: F.T.A. I. II, III Orchestra II. I . Sol,, tins. ontest, District I, II, IV Y-Teens II. HI. IV; B.O.V. Contest, District I, II, III. IV B.O.V. Contest, State I. II. III. IV: Senior Band I. II III IV. .Marching Band I. II, III. Solo Ens. Contest, State I. JUDY ANN KUCKUCK Key Staff IV; Hoosier Girls ' State III: Y " -Teens II. 111. IV: Student Council I V ; National Honor Societv III, IV: G A. A. II; English Contest III. IV; J. CD. Ill, IV. SILVIA RUTH MESTON Poetry Contest I. Ill, IV: Essav Contest IV: W.C.T.U. Contest, I, III. IV. Second Place State Winner I: Vale- dictorian. VIVIAN LEIGH MITZMAN i ; iris ' Glee Club I: F.T.A. I. II. Ill: Service Com- mittee Chairman IV: Hornet Staff III: Kev Staff IV; Thespian Society II, III. IV: Thespian Plavs III: G.A.A. II. Ill: J.C.L. I: Program Chairman II, III. IV: Rotary Speech Contest III: Art Assistant IV; Assistant Business Manager III: American Legion Speech Contest III: Di Immortalis Staff; National Honor Society IV. Page Thirty-fire Seniors JAMES KENNETH MOOR Solo Ens. c.ntest. District I. II: Ili-Y I. 11. Basketball. Student Manager I: B.O.V. Contest, District 1, II; B.O.V. ( ' ..litest, state I, II; Safety patrol I: Poetry Contest I; Podunk Cheering Block IV; Varsity Band I; Senior Band II; Marching Band 1, 11: Sold Ens. Con- test, State I. CHARLES WILLIAM MOORE Key Staff IV: B.O.V. Contest, District I, II, III. IV; BOA ' . Contest. State I. II, III, IV: Podunk Cheering Block III. IV: Senior Band I. II. III. IV: Football I, II, III. IV. DONALD PALMER Key Staff IV; Hoosier Boys ' Stat.- IV: Hi-Y I. II; Secretary and Treasurer III; President IV: Track I, II, III: Basketball I, II, III, IV: B.O.V. Contest, District I, II, III; B.O.V. Contest, State I. II, III; student Council I: Football I, III, IV: Hi-Y Summer ( ' amp II, III; Senior Band I, II, III; Marching Band, I. EMILY RUTH PRESTON High School Choir III, IV; Hornet Stall III; Thespian Society III. IV: Thespian Plays III, IV: Y-Teens II, III; Pep Club 111: Poetry Contest I. II: Girls ' Glee Club I. MAC LYNN MORLEY Solo Ens. Contest, District I, II; Track I, II; Basketball I; Podunk Cheering Block IV; Varsity Band I; Senior Band II, IIT; Marching Band I, II, III; Solo Ens. Contest, State II. ANDREA KAY MORTORFF F.T.A. IV; Kev Staff IV; Orchestra II, III, IV; Solo Ens. Contest. District II, III, IV; Solo i- Ens. Contest. State III; Y-Teens II, III, IV; B.O.V. Contest, District I, II, III, IV; B.O.V. Contest, State I, II, III, IV; Pep Club III: G.A.A. II: Secretary III; President IV; Latin Contest I: J.C.L. I, II, III, IV: Senior Band I, II, III, IV; Marching Band I, II, III. IV: Michigan State Music Scholarship III: Salutatorian. DOUGLAS KENT MUSSER Basketball I: Podunk Cheering Block III, IV. DIXIE LEE PAGE High School Choir II, III, IV: Girls ' Glee Club I; Vocal Sextet I, II, III, IV; Thespian Society IV; Thes- pian Plays III, IV: Solo Ens. Contest, District I, II, III, IV; Cheerleader III, IV; Hoosier Girls ' State, State Party Chairman HI; Y-Teens, Chaplain II, III, Program Chairman IV: B.O.V. Contest, District I, II, III, IV: B.O.V. Contest State I, II, III, IV; G.A.A. I, II: English Contest III, IV; Essay Contest IV: Di Immortales Staff I: J.C.L. I, II, III, IV; Senior Band I, II, III, IV: March- ing Band I, II: Twirling Summer Camp I, II; Drum Major Summer Camp II: Cheerleading Summer Camp III, IV; Solo Ens. Contest, State I, IV; Vocal Ens. Con- test, District I, II, III, IV: Vocal Solo Ens. Contest, State I, II, III, IV: Psi lota Xi Music Scholarship I: D.A.R Good Citizen Award IV; Rotary Contest, Local and District Winner HI, IV; Science Fair, Air Force Award II. Page Thirty-six »■ " SALLY JO RATHBURN High School Choir II, III. IV: Girls ' Glee Club I. ' .A. I. II, III, IV: Key Staff, Art Editor IV; Thespian •ietv III, IV: Thespian Plays III, IV: Orchestra I. II, : Solo Ens. Contest, District 1, II. Ill; Solo Ens. nte-t, State II, III: Hoosier Girls ' State IV; Y-Teens III, IV: Songleader III: President IV; B.O.V. Contest, strict I, II, III, IV; B.O.V. Contest, State I. II. Ill, IV: P Club III; G.A.A. I, II, III, IV: Treasurer III; Y-Teen miner Camp IV; Essay Contest IV: Senior Band I, II, , IV; Marching Band I, II. III. IV; Vocal Solo Ens. itest. District II, III, IV: Vocal Solo Ens. Contest, te II, III, IV; Voice of Democracy Contest Winner IV: vernor ' s Youth Council IV: English Contest IV; Na- na! H ' irior Society IV. SIDNEY SUE REESE Girls ' Glee Club I: F.T.A. I. II, III, IV; Hornet Staff ilV: Key Staff IV: Thespian Society III, IV; Thespian Plays I, II, III, IV; Y-Teens II, III, IV; Student Council IIII; ' Pep Club III; G.A.A. I, II; J.C.L. I, II, III, IV. JUDY ANN ROSE F.T.A. I. II, III; Orchestra II, III; Solo Ens. Con- test, District I, II, III, IV: Hoosier Girls ' State IV; Y- Teens II, III, IV: B.O.V. Contest, District I, II, III. IV; B.O.V. Contest. State I, II, III. IV: Senior Band I, II, III, IV; Marching Band I, II. III. IV; Solo Ens. Contest, State I. II. CHERYL SACK Y-Teens II, III. IV: Attended Southeastern High School. Detroit. Michigan I. II, III: Biology Club I. [I; Swimming Team I, II. Seniors DONALD RINEHART Key Staff IV. TONI MARIE ROBERTS F.T.A. I. II. III. IV; Hornet Staff III: Key Staff IV: Thespian Society III, IV; Thespian Plays I, II, III, IV: Y-Teens II, III, IV; Pep Club III. IV; G.A.A., I; J.C.L. I. II. Ill, IV. MICHAEL ALLEN SAPP Boys ' Glee Club I; Hoosier Boys ' state III; Hi-Y I, II: Chaplain III: Vice President IV: Track 1, II. III. IV: Basketball I. II, III, IV; Baseball II. III. IV; B.O.V. Con- test, District I, TI: B.O.V Contest, State I. .1 ivational Honor Society III. IV: Foi tball I. II, III. IV; Hi-Y Sum- mer Camp. Ill: All-Conference First Team Basketball IV: All-Conference Second Team Football IV. SUSAN ANN SHOW ' ALTER Hornet Staff IV. Attended Rome City High School 1, II. Ill; Class Treasurer 1. High School Cho.r I. II, III: Outstanding Student II. Ill: English Cutest IV. Page Thirty-seven Seniors WALTER L. SHUTT Basketball II; Safety Patrol I; Podunk Cheering Block IV; Football I, IV; Attended Michigan Lutheran Seminary, Saginaw, Michigan I. NAN LUCILLE SMITH F.T.A. I, II, III, IV: Key Staff IV; Thespian Society IV; Thespian Plays III, IV; Orchestra II. Ill; Solo Ens. Contest, District II, III; Hoosier Girls ' State III Y-Teens II, III, IV; B.O.V. Contest, District I. II, III B.O.V. Contest, State I, II, III; Pep Club III; G.A.A. I, II 111: J.C.L. I, II: Senior Band I, III; Marching Band I, II III: Twirling Summer Camp II; Solo Ens. Contest State I; Psi Iota Xi Music Scholarship III; Science Fair II. ROBERT SCOTT SPARKS Kev Staff IV; Hi-Y II. Ill, IV; Attended Avilla High School I: Track I; Basketball I. KAREN R. STEINKE High School Choir I; Hornet Staff IV: Y-Teens II, III. IV. Student Librarian 1, II, III; G.A.A. I, II, III; J.C.L. I, II, III, IV. RICHARD DALE SOMERLOTT Hi-Y I. STEVEN C. SOUTHERN Class President I, II, III, IV; High School Choir II, III, IV; Vocal Quartet II, III, IV; Hornet Staff Assist- ant Editor, Sports Editor IV; Key Staff IV: Hi-Y II, III, IV: Track Mgr. II, III, IV: Basketball Mgr. I, II, III, IV; Golf I; B.O.V. Contest, District State II, IV: National Honor Society III, IV: Football I, II, III, IV; Second Team NEIC All Conference Football IV; Rotarv Speech Contest III. JANICE ROSE STEVENS Hornet Staff III; Key Staff IV; Thespian Society III; Secretary and Treasurer IV; Solo Ens. Contest, Dis trict I. II, III, IV; Solo Ens. Contest, State I, II; Y-Teens II; Treasurer III; B.O.V. Contest, District I, II, III, IV; B.O.V. Contest, State I, II, III. IV: Pep Club III, IV; National Honor Society III, IV: G.A.A. I, II; Vice President III: J.C.L. I, II, III, IV; Senior Band I, II, III. IV: Marching Band I. II, III, IV: Attended Gov- ernor ' s Youth Council IV; Science Research Team IV; Science Project I, II; Photography Club IV. JANICE KAYE STOCK High School Choir II, III, IV; Vocal Sextet III, IV; District Solo Ens. Contest II, III, IV; B.O.V. Contest, District II, IV; B.O.V. Contest, State II, IV; Vocal Solo Ens. Contest, District III, IV: Vocal Solo Ens. Contest III, IV; Y-Teens II. Ill; Vice President IV; Student Council Secretary and Treasurer III; Cheerleader, Varsity III, IV. Page Thirty-eight 1 != ■ Seniors JEFFREY LYNN STOCK Basketball I. PATRICIA STOHLER Hornet Staff III; Key Staff IV: Y-Teens II, III, IV: Student Librarian III: Pep Club III, G.A.A. Ill: Poetry Contest I; J.C.L. I, II. Ill, IV. MIKE STOWE Attended Crystal Lake High School, Crystal Lake, [11., II, III. V. EDWARD SUTTON Key Staff IV: Hi-Y I. II. Ill, IV; Poetry (.-..ntest I; Projectionist I, II, III, IV: Photography Club IV. JOHN J. TAYLOR High School Choir II, III. IV: Boys ' Glee Club I: Vocai Quartet III, IV; Orchestra I: Hi-Y I, II, III; Track Safety Patrol I: Varsity Band I; Senior Band II: Marching Band I: Vocal Solo Ens. Contest. District I. II: Vocal Solo Ens. Contest. State I: Football. Stu- dent Manager I. CHARLES FRANKLIN TIFFANY Boys ' Glee Club I; Podunk Cheering Block III. IV Hi-Y " I, II, III, IV: Golf IV; Football II DANE L. TUBERGEN High School Choir II. III. IV: Key Staff IV: Thes- pian Soeiety III; President IV: Thespian Plays II. Ill, IV: Hoosiers Boys ' State III; Hi-Y I. II. III. IV: Stu- dent Council IV: National Honor Society III: President IV: Senior Band I. II, III. IV: Marching Band I. II. III. IV; U.N. Trip Sponsored by Odd Fellows III: B.O.V. Con- test, District I, II, III. IV: B.O.V. Contest, State I. II. Ill, IV; Solo Ens. Contest. District I: Local Rotary Speech Contest III: Science Research Team IV. PAUL EDWARD UNDERWOOD Key Staff IV; Poetry Contest I. Paee Thirty-nine Seniors JUDY ANN WAITE Hornet Stall ' IV: Key Staff IV; Y-Teens II. Ill, IV Pep Club III, IV. DALE DEWAYNE WARSTLER Hornet Staff IV. RICHARD LYNN WATERS Hi-Y I; Track I, II, III, IV: Basketball I, II, III; Baseball I, II, III, IV. KAREN WHITE Key Staff IV; Thespian Society II. Ill, IV: Tbespian Plavs I, II, III; Y-Teens II, III, IV; Student Council I; Pep Club III: Treasurer IV; G.A.A. I, II: J.C.L. I. II, III, IV. CHARLES LYNN WILSEY Hornet Staff III; Key Staff IV Basketball I, II; Baseball IV. Hi-Y II, III, IV; DON LYLE WYATT Boys ' Glee Club I: Orchestra I; Solo Ens. Contest, District I: Podunk Cheering Block III, IV: Senior Band I, II, III, IV: Marching Band I, II, III, IV: Solo Ens. Contest, State I. OH, TO BE A SENIOR! Oh, to be a senior — It ' s been my life-long dream, But now that I am a senior, To me, how does it seem? Memories of school I will never forget. But there ' s a whole wide world to explore. There ' s a life of experiences to live, but yet — I ' ll prob ' ly wish to be a senior once more! — Lana Hale Page Forty Class Officers PRESIDENT Steve Southern VICE PRESIDENT Eric Ha ' .! SECRETARY-TREASURER ...Eloise Kimes BUSINESS MANAGER Jim DeLong SPONSOR Mr. Uorin FLOWER .......White Rose COLORS Green and White MOTTO .. .... " Through Knowledge Today We Acquire Honors Tomorrow " Memories Will Remain We can ' t take with us classes, friends, or books; Ws can ' t take the teachers ' commanding looks; We can ' t take the parties, the dances, or plays; We ' ll have to leave a lot from the good ol ' days. But we can take the knowledge that we have, And we can take the memories dear. Ah yes, the memories — how distant they seem! But thev ' ll remain forever in cur world of dreams. — Sandy Allen Talking Things Over Page Forty-one SENIORS HERE AND THERE FIRST ROW: Our " great photographers!; Seniors chat before their first class: John Greenamyer and Dale Warstler are interested in Linda ' s paper. SECOND ROW: Jo Ann, Kathy, and Karon look at old yearbooks; Students in ' the library; One of the steady couples of A.H.S., John and Linda! THIRD ROW: Can ' t you seem to concentrate, Dick?; More jabber among senior girls: Lana and Barb look over an assignment. Pa c forty-two MORE SENIORS FIRST ROW: Sharrie and Don look surprised. What ' s wimiis, kids ' I ' miples of A.H.S. : Mick Fradenburg studying?; Ross and LeRoy between classes. SECOND ROW: Lin and Pam ask help of Miss Selman; Our valedictorian at leisure: Seniors raise money for scholarship: Karen and Ed talk over problems. THIRD ROW: Joke time for Sidney, Nan and Dane: Seniors working hard at coat and hat check, natch!: Dane and Pat discuss National Honor Society. FOURTH ROW: Emily caught in action!: Before the prom, dices.- !; Vivian and Elaine: Pat teaches grade school children Spanish; Judy and Dick talk over business. WE SEE THEM IN THE HALLS l I RST MOW I ' r.m. and her pals Between classes Wallj gives Pam a sidi glance Kirchoooo! SECOND ROW: Home room: Janie, Judy and Susan do homework: LeRoy smile ' Troubles Emily? TIlIIMi ROW: Senior bo Locker secrets. discuss government; Elaine and Scott; Susie and Pat; FOURTH ROW: " There the hoys are! " Nan. Sidney and Linda feel a joke coming on; Popular Ken smiles: The Homet editors. Pa c Forty-four AT WORK AND PLAY FIRST ROW: Mr. Morin attempts the hoola: Don and Dane have a man to man talk, ahout cars, boys?!: Janice votes: Carol wasn ' t expecting that camera staring her in the face, were you, Carol? SECOND ROW: Senior giris laugh it up!!: Senior Lit. Class: Love at first sight! We knew it all along! THIRD ROW: Steve, Dane and Eric talk things over; Cheryl Sack studies diligently: Pat and Ed between classes: Something wrong, Mr. DeLong?! FOURTH ROW: Our Hornet typist: English class surely must be interesting ' Or is it the student teacher?!; The big and the little of it!; " Hey Ken. put that money down " Boys work in senior coat check. AS WE KNOW THEM FIRST ROW: Look intelligent, Sue and Irene!: Sal smiles pretty; What did vou say, Ross?; John calls for order!; Jerry studies hard. SECOND ROW: Fred Beck poses with a car in the background!; Senior bovs discuss- ing shop; Sally Mains at work; Smile, Judy. THIRD ROW: Our future .journalists; Sal, Gen and Mary feeling gay!; Money enough to go to the plays! FOURTH ROW; Seniors l " " k intelligent! ' . ' ) ; Journalism class in session; More seniors discussing big things! HIGH SCHOOL MEMORIES I think of our past with a mixture of feelings, Of the things we have done — both bad and appeal- ing. But the past is the past and will never return. For our school years are gone; We must use what we ' ve learned. So we ' ll go ' to the world with its troubles and joys And act like adults rather than just girls and boys. As adults we will face life with a confidence true, For our memories of high school will carry us through. — Tex Bachert CHEMISTRY Tubes are broken; breakers are dropped; Specimens are caged and bottles are stopped. Liquids bubble, beeble and pop, Amazing processes that never stop! We study much and work hard too, And analyze various tubes of residue. — Mickey Fradenburg HIGH SCHOOL Oh to be a senior, they all say! To be a senior, carefree and gay! But, frosh, every year is great; So take it from a senior, Don ' t wish them away! — Dane Tubergen MY GRADUATION GOWN Just as my senior gown is something new. So is my graduation. But my gown is something special; Each fold holds a memory. The first fold reminds me of my freshman year, Filled with novelties and wonderment. Folds numbered two and three hold the middle years. Class breakfasts, the junior and senior stands, and a Sectional Victory Are crowded into the fou rth fold. The prominent following fold holds memories of teachers, tests, and homework. The rest of my gown reminds me of the shortest year of all — senior year. One of these remaining folds holds all the sleep I ' ve lost through the year, While I finished my term papers! There is one very large and special fold that is never to be forgotten; It holds the memories of all the friends I ' ve made. Graduation day, all the joy and tears combined, rill a happy fold. The dark fold stands for what is to come tomorrow. In my hand I hold the key to light my future — My diploma! — V ilia n Mi tz ma 11 As I pass through the halls of A.H.S., I shall always remember vividly — Class breakfasts, sectionals, plays, Government, and, of course, English IV. Although these wonderful times Have quickly come to an end, I shall always have memories To cherish and hold dear. — Toni Roberts THANK YOU FOR THE MEMORIES Thank you for the memories You have bestowed on me through the years; Most bring happy sighs with them — A few bring reminiscent tears. You are a wonderful old school, A.H.S., For you didn ' t have to be a friend to me; You could have been cold and aloof, Leaving nothing in retrospect. But you have given me courage to go out, Away from the protection of your walls; I ' ll not forget the happiness you brought. For I have left a part of me within your halls. — Dixie Pave COMMENCEMENT They call it Commencement, But it ' s really the end. We all know It ' s time to go, To say farewell Ringing a closing bell. They call it Commencement, But the chapter is over. We close the book, Take a last look, Say good-bye to friends; A phase of life ends. The) r call it Commencement, But the curtains have closed. It ' s the end of Act One, Yet there ' s more to come. Act Two will now start; Let the curtains part. — Sally Rathburn DAYS GONE BY Graduation day is coming close; In fact it ' s almost here! And the memories still remain Of the school I ' ve held so dear. I remember all the fun I ' ve had, Through the years that have gone by. With a tear I wish to turn back time But must go on with pensive sigh. — Dick Marino Page Forty-seven t- . m 1 ' kW fc •■ " " ' W L m If V fl ft 1 i. - f ■ 1 % m m X " " 7 " " n g 1 ST SSI ■ ■■.-.- ' ■ ' ' ' .■ ' ' 1 ™ 1 | 1 ' m • i mil llWlllllllllllllllIll 3 ST cca kM mii ■ CLASS OF 1964 OFFICERS PRESIDENT Jack Deller VICE PRESIDENT Curt Rausch SECEETARY-TREASUKEH Sliaron Sehnetzler BUSINESS MANAGER SU ' e Swank SPONSOR Mr. Thompson FLOWER Yellow Rose COLORS Aqua and White MOTTO " Wear not the crown of knowledge without the dust of toil. " Class of 1964 I TOP ROW: Jon Ala lira. Colleen Anspaugh, Har- old Anstett, Robert 1 aldwin, Glenn Barlett. SECOND ROW: Phillip Beard, Randy Beechy, Loren Bernhardt, Sally Bolinger, Bob Book. THIRD ROW: Darrell Boyce, Linda Brown, Tuiren Butler. Barbara Jean Byers, Roger Ca- ton. TOP ROW: Joey " iau- doin. Marv Chiddister, Larry Clark, Pat Clark. Tomy Cochran. SECOND ROW: Mary Alice Cole, Janie Cot- ner, Mark Crain, Jack Deller, Beverly Dygert. THIRD ROW: Sharon Elliot. Bob Erwin, Phyllis Everett, Steve Ferro, Kathy Fisher. FOURTH ROW: John Flegal, Barry Frisinger. Jack Frye. James Gar- ner, Ann Gebhart. FIFTH ROW: Dennis Goudy, Janet Gould, Pam Gould, Kristene Green, Jerry Halder- man. SIXTH ROW: Dave Hanselman, Bill Hart, Phillip Herl, Nancy Hoffman. Marvin Hoi- man. SEVENTH ROW: Ram Holtzman, Charles Heirl- ess, Barbara Herman, Mary Houser, James Howe. 6 © ' © TOP ROW: Harry Hub- ler, Julie Inman, Ed- uardo Jenkins, Edward Johnson, Ray Johnson. SECOND ROW: Danny Johnstone, John John- stone, Linda Kiess, Ar- lene King " , Jeanne Laird. THIRD ROW: Joe Law, Janet Leininger, Steph- en Linnemeier, Linda Lovejoy, Loretta Lower. FOURTH ROW: Jean Ann MacRae, Margie Mats ton, Donaid Mason, Lynn M a u g h e r m a n, Larry MeCormick. FIFTH ROW: Gatha Mendel, Marilyn Mes- ton, Marshall Mitzman, Buster Moor, Roger Moscr. SIXTH ROW: Annette Myers, Margaret Nag ' el, Louise Patenge, Phil Pollard, Linda Poole. SFVICNTH ROW: John Potts, Elten Powers, Elden Powers, Phil Pristas, Larry Putt. TOP ROW: Curt Rausch. Bernard Schaft- ner, Yikki Reamer, Tim lU-t- t-. Todd Rigelman. SECOND ROW: Carolyn Rogers, Fred Schroeder, Laurel Shirley, George Shoup, Dale Simedru. THIRD ROW: Sharon Schnetzler, Alice Smith, Paul Sparks. Sam Stein- er, Mike Stevenson. FOURTH ROW: Roger Sunday. Sue Swank, Bob Tuttle, Sharon LTrbine, Pat VanAman. FIFTH ROW: Tom Van- Auken, Metodi Velkoff, Linda Vincent, Larry Waite, Jerry Walcutt. SIXTH ROW: Judy War- ren, John Wellman, Steve Wild, John Wild- er, Judith Wiley. SEVENTH ROW: Jody Worthington, Diana Wyatt, Phil Zabst, Mr. Thompson. : llli SpSS ,JS Ha?:: JISI CLASS OF 1965 OFFICERS PRESIDENT Pam Van Meter VICE PRESIDENT Larry Book SECRETARY-TREASURER Vicki Willis SPONSOR Mr. Brayton FLOWER White Orchid COLORS Turquoise and White MOTTO ' Tn ourselves our future lies. ' Class of 1965 TOP ROW: It e b e c c a Adams, Lynn Aldrk ' h, Blaine Alleshouse, Ter- ence Anderson. John Andrews, Melvin Bab- cut- k. SECOND ROW: Danny Bakstad, Carl Beard, Diane Bellinger, Craig ' Benson, Connie Bodley, Larry Book. THIRD HOW: Diana Royce, Sharon Brande- berry, Gary Bumgarner, Jerry Burrell. Steve Calile, Joyce Call. FOURTH ROW: Nancy Carrick, Kim Chaney, Susan Childs. Mitchel Christy, Charlotte Cis- co, Kathy Clancy. T P ROW: Richar d Coleman, Michael Curi- ous, Max Converse, Cyn- thia Cook, Rex Cox, Chelestine Cunio. SECOND ROW: Claudia Davis, Penny Davis, Tim Deller. Jane Dem- ing, Waneice Demorest, Rodney Dent. THIRD ROW: Bill Doc- tor, Jim Duguid, Steve Fast, Gail Franklin, Tom F r a n z e, Alana I- rench. FOURTH ROW: Ra- phael Garcia, Linda Gib- beny, Rebecca Gram- ling. Gayle Greenamy- er, Barbara Griffith, Karen Gulcher. FIFTH ROW: Norman H a g e w o o d, Eugene Holderman, Donald Hale, Michelle Hall, Barbara Hanselman, Roger Harnishfeger. SIXTH ROW: Ted Has- selman, Lynn Haynes, Charles Hedglin, John Henninger, Doug Hi ' t- on, Sally Hoffman. SEVENTH ROW ; Tom Hornbaeker, Patricia H o s a c k, Tom Howe, Christine Inman, James Ireland, Nancy James. EIGHTH ROW: Beverly Johnson, Edward Kara- sek, Susan King, Keith Kolb, Kathleen Krantz, Mary Kuckuck. Page Fifty-three ffi It (■■IB N TOP ROW: Sandra Lan- caster, Kenton Landis, Nancy Light, Dale Lin- nemeier, Gale Linne- meier, Bill Lipman. SECOND ROW: Linda Locke, Steve Logan, Doris Lower, Bobby Mains, Kerroit Mann, Steve Mathis. THIRD ROW: Dennis M a u g " h e r in a n, Ron Maugherman, Sue Max- ton, Jim Modish, Jan- et McCutchan, Dennis McKown. FOURTH ROW: Randy Meredith, Marcia Mes- ton, Mike Meyer, Patty Milhollin. Peggy Miller, Barbara Morse. FIFTH ROW: Bruce Nelson, Don Mott, Billy Munn, Clyde Myers, Lewis Myers, Jon Ne- dele. SIXTH ROW : Roger Morse, Eric Nelson, Carol Nichols, Linda Nichols, S h e 1 i a Noll, Janice Parks. SEVENTH ROW: Jean Penix, Dianna Petre, Ruth Petre, Jeff Plank, Dewey Powers, Sandra Presley. EIGHTH ROW: Terri Pristas, Roni Rae Pu- fahl. Phyllis Quimby, Judy R a n d o 1, Diane Ralston, Darlene Reich- ard. Page Fifty-four Tnl» ROW: Xadina Rensch, Max Reynolds, St ven Richardson, Al- exander Ristoff, Terry Roberts, Lawrence SECOND ROW: Marilyn Rowel Suzanne Sanders, Gloria Sapp, Penny Sar- pa, Robert Scott, Sam Seeman. THIRD ROW: June Shepherd, Nina Shep- herd, Kenny Shelton, Beverly Shire, Chloe Show-alter. Rod Siders. FOURTH ROW: Dale Smith. Deborah Spangle, Anita Spaulding, Judy Stevens, Stephen Strock, Tracy Stroll. FIFTH ROW: Mike Sunday, Peggy Sutton, Susan Swager, Terry Swager, Leslie Taner, Jim Thompson. SIXTH ROW: Linda YanAman. Pamela Van- Meter. Paul Yierling " , D e a n n a Sue Waite, James T-hroop, Lvnn Tritch. SEVENTH ROW: Regi- nald Warren, Diana Warstler. Danny Wells, Jane Williamson, Vicki Willis. Ric ' .iard Wilson. EIGHTH ROW: Gordon Wolf. G a y 1 e Wyatt. 1 ;i ,- Y a r i a n, Keith YYyatt. Eeth Mender- hall, Chuck Xedele. Mr. Brayton. NOT PICTURED: Diane Thomas and Audrey Shelton. Page Fifty-five CLASS OF 1966 OFFICERS PRESIDENT Phil Meyers VICE PRESIDENT Steve Wheeler SECRETARY-TREASURER Steve Terry SPONSOR Mr. Dygert FLOWER Red Rose COLORS Red and White MOTTO " We ' ll find a way or make one. " Class of 1966 TOP ROW: Rita Adam- sons, Mark Allion, Jim Anderson, Dennis Barnes, Michael Beard, Jim Berlien. SECOND ROW: Phillip Bernhardt, Rosy Blan- ton, Larry Boiler, Bill Booth, Li nda Boyer, Richard Boyer. THIRD ROW: Kay Brady, Dennis Brandt, Betty Brooks, Barbara Brown, Lynn Budd, Shirley Byers. FOURTH ROW: Roger Call, Linda Camp, Dian Campbell, Nancy Camp- bell, Josephine Carpen- ter, Betty Carrick. FIFTH ROW: Kathy C h a d w i c k, Steven Chaney, Jul ' e Cheno- weth, Nyal Chiddister, Glenn Christen, Don Clark. TOP ROW: II i c h a e 1 Coggeshall. Jerry Cope. Sandy Counterman, Bob Crain, Ted Crain, Don Crone. SECOND ROW: Steve Crooks, Dennis Croy. Tony Culver. Peggy Day. Gary Crum. Ann Derbyshire. THIRD ROW: Joan Dy- gert, Danny Eader. Larry Emerick. Rich- ard Fee, Steve Ferris. Cheryl Fisher. FOURTH ROW: Kathy Fisher, Leslie Fisher, Alan Flegal. Beth Fle- gal, Robert Florentine. Doug Foglesong. FIFTH ROW: Susan Gomez, Gregg Goodhew. David Goodwin, Brenda Goudy, Larry Gray, Jon Green. SIXTH ROW. Ruth Green. Jim H a d d i x, Terri Haley. Linda Han- cock, John Hart, Pat Harter. SEVENTH ROW: Anne Hartman, Charles Heck- athorn, Roxana Hedg- l.n, Mike Hensel, Cathie Herl, Mary Jane Hint ' .. EIGHTH ROW: Janet Holman, Suzy Holtz- man, Shirley Hoolihan. Richard Horny, Steve Hull. Mike Huser. » Page Fifty-set en TOP ROW: Margie Iek- es, Marilyn Inman, Rob- ert Johnson, Canless Jones, Robert Kaufman, Kathleen Kolb. SECOND ROW: John Kramer, Laurel Laur- ent, Larry Lehman, Bobbie Jo Leininger, L o n n i e Libey, Jack Linn. THIRD ROW: Terry Longsworth. Kenneth Maier, Gary Mansberg- er, Ernest Mason, Greg Mason, Phyllis Mason. FOURTH ROW: Larry May, Marilyn MoBride, John McConnell, Ron MeCormiek, Joe Meek, Phil Meyers. FIFTH ROW: Melinda Mick, Millicent Mick, Dick Miller, Susie Mil- ler. Jean Mills, Randy Mills. SIXTH ROW: Kay Min- ster, Bruce Moody, John Moor, Andy Moore. Hal Mullett, Connie Myers. SEVENTH ROW: Mary Newnam, Joan Nichols, Mary Nichols, Stephen Norman, Eugene Op- dycke, Norman Packer. EIGHTH ROW: Kath- rvn Parsell, Jerry Pet- re. Ted Pollard, Ginny Poole, Rita Prior, Joy Pryor. Page Fifty-eight TOP ROW: Dianna Ran- dol. Sharon Randol, Carl Ransburg. Bill Rathburn, David Ream- er, Mickey, Resler. SECOND ROW: Ardith Richman. Bonnie Lou Ridley, Barbara Riem- ke, Teresa Rigelman, Steve Rinehart, Phillip Rutter. THIRD ROW: Jennifer Ryan, Jay Salzbrenner, Glen da Sams, Mirai Scheuring, JoAnn Schlosser, Richard Sch- wartz. FOURTH ROW: Susie Schwartz, Lois Sellgren. Frances Senger. Melvin Sheets. John S h o u p. Stephanie Slanina. FIFTH ROW: Phillip Smathers. Doug Smith, Ste en Smith, Mary Lou Sprinkle, Catherine Steiner, Steven Terry. SIXTH ROW: Jan Dee Thomas, Richie Thomas, Marsha Tiffany, Jim Triteh, Yvonne Under- wood, Hilda Vierling. SEVENTH ROW: Judy Wall, Richard Warren, Richard Warstler. Dick Wells. Steve Wheeler. Nancy Wilder, Marleen Wise. EIGHTH ROW: Jimmy Wolf, Stephen Wood- worth, Mary Beth Zub- er, Jan Wunderlin, Ron Clouse, Tim Goetcheus, Mr. Dygert. NOT PICTURED: Canaday, Bob thorne. Jenny Haw- Page Fifty-nine Mr. Hammel Keeps the Spirit Up In His Trigonom- etry Class A Film Is On the Agenda In Mrs. Chokey ' s Room Classes in Students Learn General Science Under Mr. Mont- gomery ' s Guidance All Is Well In Mr. Hoffman ' s Morning Study Hall Mr. Condon Is Getting His Point Across In English 9. Students Work Hard. Vlr. Avery Gives Individual Help In Junior English Class Mr. Thompson ' s Latin I Class Is Hard at Work Session Future Secretaries Are Busy Transcribing Their Notes In Miss Iddings ' Advanced Shorthand Class Mr. Morin Has Threatened to Use His Paddle Again In His Senior Econ Class Mrs. Trennepohl ' s Home Ec Class Has Prepared a Meal Future Scientists Under Mr. Bernhardt 1 ! Directioi Mrs. Vosteen and U.S. History Students ARIL Classes in Session p Dressmaking Is the Order of the Day In This Home Ec Class Miss Reed ' s Students Are at Work In Spanish I Business Math is Studied Here In Mr. Barkdull ' s Class Artistic Objects In the Making The Ancient Romans Live Today They Are the Topic of Study Here English II Students In Mr. Brayton ' s Class Students Study " Macbeth " In English IV Mrs. Roush Directs Connie Willig and Pat Bryan In Physical Ed fv . , - Industrial Education Department Our Industrial Education Department coordinates the power of the brain with the dexterity of the muscle. Three major areas of industry are being taught — Mechanical Drawing, Metal and Wood Shop. Four years of drawing may be taken in one of the finest rooms, with all of the latest equipment. Both hand and machine wood techniques are featured in our dust free up- to-date wood shop. Beautiful furniture, lamps, and plastic projects are turned out at all times. The Metal Shop features work in foundry, welding, sheet metal and ma- chine metal work. All of these class rooms are complete in every detail and the stu- dents learn skills they can use throughout their lives. Mr. Wearly heads this depart- ment and is assisted by Mr. Etzler and Mr. Johnson. ABOVE: John Taylor and Roger Morse im- prove each minute. Mil H L 10: Ivluarcln Jenkins and Eric Nelson are at work in mechanical drawing ' class. BELOW: Eighth Grade Shop Class jiiiTiii-iT u in III if ?i hi in 1 in hi ii Driver Education The summer driver education program of An- gola High School has been given a high rating this year, fourteenth of the top 44, in an analysis of 106 schools in the nation, made by the Traffic, En- gineering and Safety department of the American Automobile Association. Angola was the first school in the state to insti- tute a driver education program in 1947. Driver education is now given only in the summer, this plan b:ing started in 1957. Each driver training student receives thirty-two hours of classroom instruction and twenty-six hours in a car, with six hours or more behind the wheel. New testing equipment purchased this year in- cluded instruments for testing steadiness of nerves, color blindness, reaction time under certain condi- Mike Meyer Operates a Drivotron at Tri-State Col- lege. Sheila Noll, Lynn Haynes and Tim Deller Look On tions, peripheral vision, depth perception, and re- sistance to glare. The Snellen Eye Chart is used. L. G. Maxton Sales, Inc., provided for use in the course two 1962 model Chevrolet cars and Wagner Ford Motor Sales provided two 1962 Fords. The instructors last summer were Mr. Drucka- miller, Mr. Cable, Mr. Sapp, Mr. Kelley, Mr. Ryan and, Mr. Et .ler. Student Assistants I hroughout the school year stu- dents assist teachers and gladly help out in the various classes. This enables the students to gain more experience .xnd information in their chosen subjects. The first group help in the mu- sic department, putting away mu- sic, hanging up choir robes, and doing many things; the second group work in the girls ' physical education department; the third help Mrs. Buse and Mrs. Trenne- pohl in home economics. Below we see the film projector operators, with Miss Tapp in charge. No movies or slides would be possible without them. Sue Maxton is one of the stu- dent librarians. Next we see the art assistants grouped around Mr. Porter. They are a great help in the art department. 1 line Christen straightens the shelves in the home economics de- partment. A group of other stu- dent librarians get instructions from Miss Tapp, faculty librarian. Below is a scene in the science laboratory. Students who aid Mr. Bernhardt, Mr. Dygert and Mr. Montgomery are examining some scientific apparatus. fcJt Richard and Dane Take Care of Mice Science Research Pr oject The $100 T. A. Kleckner Junior Science Award granted by the Northeast Indiana Heart Association was presented to Angola High School students working on the pro- ject, " Cumulative Effects of Insecticides on Warm and Cold Blooded Animals, " the work being done in the A.H.S. science department. The presentation was made by Dr. B. Trent Cooper, president of the Indiana Heart Association, at an assembly program on December 20. Fifty mice were purchased for the experiment to test the effect of insecticides on warm blooded animals. They were kept in gallon jars fitted with cages and were studied first under normal growing conditions and later after insecticides had been ap- plied. The large group of students was divided into smaller groups, each specializing in one certain area of the project. A few of the general areas were: general appearance and behavior, physical responses, blood clotting time and blood cell count. Other students in the science department later joined the original group. Mr. Bernhardt and Mr. Montgomery are the instructors in charge. Mr. Montgomery Accepts Check for Group Seniors Display Stereo Senior Scholarship Fund The class of 1963 of Angola High School have organized a Senior Scholarship Fund to be given in the form of a cash grant to an Angola high school senior. This grant will be made to aid him with his college finances. Members of the Angola faculty and of the student body wrote a charter which stated the exact purpose of the fund and the qualifications necessary for the student to receive this grant. It will be on the basis of need and the abilities of the student. The class planned various projects to help raise money for the scholarship fund. The seniors hope that classes in years to come will also follow this program and have a similar fund for the benefit of a deserving senior. Pasc Sixty-nine I ACTIVJ v Editors Talk It Over The Key Colleen Types Copy Staff Members Confer ART EDITORS Sally Rathburn Dick Bryan Carol Brown ORGANIZATIONS Jan Stevens Diana Chiddister Vivian Mitzman PHOTOGRAHPY Ed Sutton Richard Cisco Dennis McClelland MUSIC Andrea Mortorff Gen Ohadwick Tom Harman DRAMATICS Dane Tubergen Karen Kramer FEATURES Karen White Sandy Allen Pam Harbour Karen Kramer Sally Mains Toni Roberts Nan Smith EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Linda French ASSISTANT EDITOR Linda Crowl ASSOCIATE EDITOR Elaine Dent Susan Florentine Vivian Mitzman Dixie Page Karen Steinke Jan Stevens LAY-OUT EDITORS Jim DeLong Ken Harris Janice Stock BUSINESS STAFF LeRoy Crooks Judy Kuckuck Sandy Allen Fred Beck Carol Brown John Cather Diana Chiddister Linda DeLancey Pat Deming Irene Dowidat Mick Fradenburg Barbara Haddix Lana Hale Pain Harbour Karon Hughes Mary Jensen Keith Johnston Eloise Kimes Sally Mains Dennis McClelland Vivian Mitzman Toni Roberts Pat Stohler Judy Waite Charles Wilsey CLASSES Pat Clancy Phyllis Gebhart Pat Kaufman SNAPSHOTS Sharon Buse JoAnn Duguid Karon Hughes Judy Waite BOYS ' SPORTS Wally Liechty Tex Bachert Ross Butler Erie Hall Don Palmer Mike Sapp Charles Wilsey SENIOR PICTURES Shirley Crone Pam Harbour Susan Showalter Ed Explains His Camera The Hornet The Hornet was published monthly by the members of the jour- nalism class. The members of the staff included: Editor, Susan Florentine; as- sistant editor, Steve Southern; business manager, Ross Butler; art ed- itors, Sharrie Buse, Marilyn Meston; boys ' sports, Steve Southern; ex- changes, Karen Steinke; feature writers, Jack Linn, Jo Ann Duguid, Beverly Dygert, Judy Wake, Ann Gebhart, Alice Smith, Joe Law, Annette Myers, Nancy Hoffman; news writers, Linda Kiess, Jeanne Laird, Dennis McClelland, Sharon Schnetzler, Susan Showalter, Pat Van Aman. The typists were: Karen Steinke, Linda Kiess, Sharon Schnetzler, Beverly Dygert, Pat Stohler, Carol Rogers. The mimeograph oper- ators were Steve Southern, Dennis McClelland, and Joe Law. Miss Shultz was the faculty adviser. Editor, Business Manager Assembly Line Steve And Dennis at Work Christmas Hornet Goes On Sale National Honor Society Fifteen percent of the graduating class are eligible to membership in the National Honor Society. Ten percent are chosen in their junior year, and the remaining five percent are select- ed in their senior year. They are chosen from the scholastically ranked upper third of their class, by the fac- ulty on the basis of leadership, citi- zenship, service, and character. Members of the senior class elected in their junior year were: Fred Bach- ert, Richard Cisco, Pat Clancy, Susan Florentine, Eric Hall, Karen Kramer, Judy Kuckuck, Mike Sapp, Steve Southern, Jan Stevens, and Dane Tu- bergen. The senior members named this year were: Lana Hale, Pat Kaufman, Vivian Mitzman, and Sally Rathburn. The students elected from the jun- ior class this year were: Colleen Ans- paugh, Tuiren Butler, Mary Alice Cole, Jack Deller, Dave Hanselman, Don Mason, Lynn Maugherman, Curt Rausch, George Shoup, Sue Swank, and Diana Wyatt. The local chapter was organized in 193 5 and the total membership is now 349. This year the National Honor So- ciety worked on a five-year follow-up study of graduates. The society met every other Monday during activity period. The officers of the organization elected before the close of last year were: Dane Tubergen, president; Su- san Florentine, vice-president; and Karen Kramer, secretary-treasurer. Mr. Millhollin was the faculty ad- viser. Seniors Juniors Officers and Adviser Ross Presents A Plan Student Council The Student Council was organized in 1932 for the purpose of promoting co- operation between students and faculty, giving the students an opportunity to help direct themselves, fostering all worthy school activities, and creating and maintaining high standards of citizenship. The group this year discussed school activities and projects including a school fallout shelter and a shelter over the walk between the school and the gym. The Student Council is made up of four representatives from each high school class. This year ' s members were: Seniors — Judy Kuckuck, Dane Tubergen, Ross Butler, and Pam Harbour; juniors — Jack Fry, Dave Hanselman, Louise Patenge, and Mary Alice Cole; sophomores — Chuck Nedele, Diana Ralston, Cindy Cook, and Terry Ander- son; freshmen — Carl Ransburg, Mark Allion, Joan Dygert, and Penny Mick. The officers this year were: Ross Butler, president; Mary Alice Cole, vice-president; and Louise Patenge, secretary. Mr. Bernhardt was the faculty adviser. Mr. Bernhardt Gives Advice Page Seventy-five President Sally Addresses Cabinet Y-Teens Y-Teens is a world-wide organization of high school girls from sixty-five countries, which is affiliated with the YWCA. Their purpose is " To find and give the best. " The year began with a formal initiation of new members. The annual cookie sale and Pa-Ma-Me banquet were held. One of the out- standing evening meetings was the Christmas Candle Lighting Service. This service was at- tended by both Y-Teen and Hi-Y members. The officers were: Sally Rathburn, presi- dent; Janice Stock, vice-president; Shirley Crone, secretary; Tuiren Butler, treasurer; Dixie Page and Sue Swank, program chair- men; Susan Florentine, social chairman; Karen Kramer, service chairman; Colleen Ans- paugh, finance chairman; Cindy Cook, public- ity chairman; Linda Crowl, chaplain; Linda Poole, song leader; and Susan Krantz, pianist. The faculty advisers were Miss Iddings and Miss Servis. Members of the adult council in- cluded Miss Reed, Miss Shultz, Mrs. Boomer- shine, Mrs. Rathburn, Mrs. Swank, Mrs. Han- selman, and Miss Myers. Candlelighting Party Making Christmas Cookies Wally Talks Co Hi-Y Cabinet Hi-Y Regular Meeting Time Christmas Prom King and Lady The Angola Hi-Y club, organized in 1921, is a member of both state and national organizations. This year the Hi-Y sponsored the Christmas Prom, " Winter Fantasy, " helped plant trees in November at the Fireman ' s Park, and made picnic tables in the spring for the park. They picked up Christmas trees for the " Burning of the Greens " sponsored bv the Lutheran Church. The members sold candy to make money for the World Service Fund and held a volleyball tournament with- in the club. All of the officers had summer training at Camp Tecumseh in Delphi, Indiana. Representatives received district leadership train- ing at Camp Eberhart at Corey Lake, Michigan, and attended the state spring conference at Indianapolis. Dave Hanselman was elected state vice-president of Hi-Y at summer camp and he will become the state president next year. The club, which had approximately one hundred members after initiation in November, met on the odd Wednesdays of each month during the activity period. The programs included panel discussions, talks by Mr. Nesbitt, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Huq, and others, and a film on YMCA work in foreign lands. Officers this year were: Wally Liechty, president; Mike Sapp, vice-president; Chuck Nedele, secretary; George Shoup, treasurer; Dave Yarian, chaplain; and Dave Hanselman, sergeant-at-arms. Mr. Wearly was the faculty sponsor. —r Sally Instructs in Physical Ed Department Pat Teaches Spanish to Fifth Graders at Carlin Park Judy Instructs First and Second Grades at Hendry Park Future Teachers of America Members of the local chapter of F.T.A. are given the opportunity to explore their own abilities and interests related to the teaching pro- fession, to learn of its important roll in our democracy, and to cul- tivate the qualities of personality, character, and leadership, which are essential in good teachers. This year the club had seventy-three members, who met on alter- nate Thursdays during the activity period. During the year members attended state and area conferences, served as guides at school open house, honored the retired teachers, took charge of elementary grade classes for teachers so they might attend conferences, and taught special subjects to grade school stu- dents. The officers for the year were: Lana Hale, president; Mary Alice Cole, vice-president; Michelle Hall, secretary; Susan Florentine, treas- urer; and Judy Horman, parliamentarian. Mrs. Gladys Kile was the faculty adviser. President Lana Talks to Officers Consuls and Officers Settle Problems Junior Classical League To encourage an interest in and an appreciation of the civiliza- tion, language, literature and arts of Greece and Rome among young people and to give them some understanding of the debt of our own culture to that of classical antiquity is the purpose of the Junior Classical League. The Angola chapter of Junior Classical League was founded ten years ago in 195 3. Each year representatives attend the state and national conven- tions. Last year Mary Alice Cole was chosen to attend a conference at Indiana University. Linda Poole attended a conference at Purdue University before the end of school last year. Our local chapter, with seventy members, met on one of the even numbered Tuesdays of each month. Through the past year numer- ous Latin skits were presented by the club members. Officers for this year were: Cindy Cook and Steve Terry, consuls; Pat Kaufman, scriba (secretary); Kathy Clancy, quaestor (treasurer); and Vivian Mitzman, Judy Horman, and Andrea Mortorff, nuntiae (reporters). Miss Reed and Mr. Thompson were the J.C.L. faculty advisers. Kathy In Noble Roman Garb Pat Takes in the Money Slave Auction Progresses Mr. Condon Talks To Thespians Officers National Thespian Society Directors of One-Act Plays I 1 1 The Angola Chapter of the National Thespian Society was organized in 19 5 2. It replaced the for- mer dramatics society known as the Alpha Delta Chi. This honorary organization is composed of stu- dents who have earned the required number of points by participating in various dramatic activ- ities. This year the Thespian Society produced two three-act plays entitled " Girl from Outer Space " and " Inside Lester. " The Thespians also presented three one-act plays, " Hold on to your Hat, " " Be- yond the Door, " and " Give and Take. " The facul- ty directors for all the productions were Mr. Con- don and Mr. Hoffman with Mr. Porter in charge of the stage sets. The officers this year were: President, Dane Tu- bergen; vice-president, Dave Hanselman; secretary- treasurer, Jan Stevens; sergeant-at-arms, Marshall Mitzman; council members, Shirley Crone and Cyn- thia Cook. The members of the Thespian Society would like to thank the advisers, Mr. Condon, Mr. Hoff- man, and Mr. Porter for their encouragement and assistance in making the 1962-63 Thespian produc- tions a success. At Thespian Initiation Make-Up Time Three One-Act Plays " Hold Onto Your Hat, " a comedy- drama with an all girl cast, was one of the one-act plays presented January IS. The plot involved Hattie, Barbara Hanselman, who makes women ' s hats but can ' t sell them, and Anna, Louise Patenge, an 1 8 year old orphan, who is fascinated by Hattie ' s hats and helps to sell them. Anna demon- strated her sales ability on Janet McCut- chan. Miss Hope; Vikke Reamer, Mrs. Brice; Lindy Mick, Flora; Penny Mick, her twin sister Dora; Anne Hartman, Susie Brice; and Mary Beth Zuber, Mrs. Von Flont, customers in the hat shop. Jean Penix was the student director and Mr. Condon, the faculty director. " Beyond the Door, " a mystery, was pre- sented by Emily Preston as Ruth Dodge; Michelle Hall, Alice Dodge; Glenn Barlett, Officer Morgan, Dave Hanselman, Paul Vanneck; Craig Benson, Doctor Fry; and Sally Hoffman, Lucy. Sally Hoffman was also the student director and Mr. Porter was the faculty director. During the course of this play a fleeing murderer takes refuge in a house inhabited by two elderly ladies, who offer to shelter him if he will marry their sister, Lucy, who seems to reside just off stage in a little room beyond a locked door. " Give and Take " concerned two famil- ies, the Mortons and the Bradleys, who are having a backyard picnic to celebrate fif- teen years of friendship. A chance remark about a rosebush turns the picnic into a riot that only the touch of fate can stop. The touch comes and a barbershop quartet results. The cast included Charles Honess as Sam; Vicki Willis, Louise; Dian Campbell, Sally; Elten Powers, Dick; Kathy Chadwick, Ada; Bob Baldwin, Phil; Mark Crain, Temple; and John Wilder, Appleby. Dane Tuber- gen was the student director and Mr. Hoff- man, the faculty director. Scene from " Hold Onto Your Hat " The Mortons and the Bradleys The Mysterious Bride from " Behind the Door " Page Eighty-one ft f ( fc j " The Girl From Many stories have been written about invasions from other planets, but this one concerned a girl! This three-act comedy was pro- duced by the Angola Thespian Soci- ety on Friday and Saturday evenings, November 2 and 3. " The Girl from Outer Space " takes place in our modern age. Zelda is a beautiful space traveler sent to gather scientific information about Earth women. But as she happens into the Cormcr household and sees the boy friends of the Cormer daughters, she decides that Earth men are much more interesting. She has a ray gun that freezes people, so who can stop her from kidnapping all four boys and taking them away on her space ship? Mother Cormer has an idea. Poor father takes the punishment, but the day is saved. In fact when Zelda finds out what they really did to her, she wishes she ' d never been to Earth. Two casts were chosen, one for Fri- day night and another for Saturday night, so more students would have a chance to participate. Zelda Lines Them Up " Come On, Queen! Let ' s Jive ' Papa Gets Attention Directors Get Linda ' s Joke ffirv Page Eight} -two Outer Space ' The Casts Herbie — Don Crone and Doug Foglesong Father — Dane Tubergen and Dave Hanselman Steve — Elten Powers and Jeff Plank Joe — Randy Beechy Randy — Charles Honess and Mark Crain Queen — Terri Pristas and Sally Hoffman Zelda— Vicki Willis and Cindy Cook Mom — Emily Preston and Sally Rathburn Debbie — Gloria Sapp and Susie Holtzman Judy — Elaine Dent and Michelle Ha Gerry — Debbie Spangle and Sidney Reese Marilyn — Linda Nichols and Carol Nichols The directors were Mr. Condon and Mr. Hoffman Zelda and the Hep Cat Final Instructions Mom Tries to Explain Production Staff Listens to John Kramer Page Eighty-three Lester Rescued Mrs. Gordley Smith Gets Blankets A Tense Moment Production Staff ». Inside A three-act comedy, " Inside Les- ter, " was presented by the Angola Thespian Society on March 29 and 30, under the direction of Mr. Con- don, Mr. Hoffman, and Mr. Porter. The story involves Lester Pelham, a mild mannered writer and creator of the world ' s leading, two-fisted pri- vate eye, Tough Molloy. One day a package is delivered which contains a stolen diamond. Les- ter inadvertently swallows the stone, and when the thieves show up to re- capture it, they take Maggie, Toni. and " the world ' s most valuable stom- ach " along with them. Beck and Louie, amateur gunmen, deliver the three captors to their boss, George Fleming, and his girl friend Casa. Lester ' s attempts to escape from the island and his try at playing the part of " Tough Molloy " are long to be re- membered. THE CASTS Louie Don Crone Dave Reamer Beck Charles Honess Mark Crain Maggie Linda Crowl Emily Preston Toni Cindy Cook Terri Haley Josephine Carol Nichols Jean Penix Lester Dane Tubergen Elton Powers Casa Shirley Crone Karen Gulcher Fleming Dave Hanselman Bob Baldwin Page Eighty-four Lester f Pembina Linda Poole Michelle Hal Radio Announcer Randy Beechy (both casts) Student Director Sally Hoffman ODE TO THESPIANS The Thespians highly entertained A great audience attentive. Much pleasure and knowledge they gained Through hard work and incentive. The first production went well. Zelda, the " Girl from Outer Space, " Thought males were quite swell; She was enhanced with the entire male race. The three one-acts came to stage. " Give and Take " was quite a hit. Two families flew into a rage; But it was over in a bit. The thing " Beyond the Door " Which gave the audience chills, Soon filled the convict with horror, And provided many thrills. " Hold Onto Your Hat " found Hattie With hats all fancy and frilled. But she went almost batty Until her shop was with customers filled. The last big play of the year Took place near the end of the semester. A diamond was swallowed, I fear! That ' s why it was " Inside Lester. " So the year draws near to a close. Thespians have made great gain; And with each play their skill grows. This high standard, they hope to maintain. — Ian Stevens Play Within a Play Who ' s Who? Hold up on the Stairs More Workers Behind the Scenes Page Eighty-five Behind The Scenes i Many of the unsung heroes of play production are the students who work behind the scenes. They do the many tasks that make the play successful. They round up the. properties and costumes from everywhere possible. Scenery must be painted. Stage hands place the furniture on stage before the play and then help move it around between acts. Properties must be removed or added also. The actors must be made up before the play and their make-up retouched between acts. Sound effects committee members are responsible for producing the proper noises at the right times. Someone must operate the lights and curtains. Such is the life backstage! Page Eighty-six Thespians at Work FIRST ROW: Giving Michelle the finishing touches! Mr. Porter ' s fierce with make- up; Flowers for the one-act plays: Comfy-cozy, John Kramer— the lighting crew. SECOND ROW: Freshmen watch with interest the plav rehearsal; Sal and Carol look on: Marshall gives helpless girls a hand. THIRD ROW: Mr. Condon shows them how it ' s done; Peek-a-hoo, Charlie ' - Mimi listens back stage: Kathy smears Michelle with eye make-up. G.A.A. Officers Girls ' Athletic Association The aim of the Girls ' Athletic Association is to increase each girl ' s interest in different kinds of sports and to develop friendship, better sportsmanship, and cooperation among the girls. The club met every Monday during the activity period. The sports in which the members participated included: basket- ball, tumbling, volleyball, deck tennis, bowling, and Softball. The officers were: Andrea Mortorff, president; Colleen Knox, vice-president; Debbie Spangle, secretary; and Barbara Hansel- man, treasurer. Mrs. Sue Roush was the faculty adviser. FRONT ROW: Jean Mills, Ruth Ann Green, Lois Sellgren, Kathy Chadwick, Marilyn McBride, Gail Franklin, Micheile Hall, Dianna Warstler. SECOND ROW: Julie Inman, Ann Gebhart, Beverly Dygert, Colleen Anspaugh, Annette Myers, Alice Smith, Barb Horman, Pat Hosack, Dianne Petre. THIRD ROW: Connie Bodley, Charlotte Cisco, Karen Gulcher, Carol Nichols, Vicki Willis, Pam VanMeter, Janet McCutchan, Judy Stevens, Sally Hoffman FOURTH ROW: Nancy Campbell, Ginny Poole, Mary Newnam, Roni Rae Pufahl, Janice Parks, June Shep- herd, Barb Hanselman, Diane Ralston. FIFTH ROW: Marilyn Inman, Bobbie Leininger, Ann Hartman, Joan Dygert, Sandy Counterman, Joyce Call, Waneiee Demorest, Gayle Greenamyer. SIXTH ROW: Lynn Haynes, Kathy Parsell, Penny Mick, Kathy Kolb, Kathy Fisher, Judy Wall, Jane Williamson, Linda Van Aman. SEVENTH ROW: Margie Malston, Sue King, Gloria Sapp, Mary Jane Hintz, Nancy Wilder, Lindy Mick. -Mrs. Roush. EIGHTH ROW: Pat Kaufman, Elaine Dent. Andy Mortorff, Colleen Knox, Debbie Spangle. NOT PICTURED: Pat Clark, Cindy Cook, Claudia Davis, Jo Ann Duguid, Phyllis Everett, Linda Lovejoy. Sue Maxton, Janet Leininger, Louise Patenge, Sally Rathburn. Judy Wiley. Rita Adamsons, Cathie Herl, Mary Nichols, Joy Pryor, Vikki Reamer, Yvonne Underwood, Diane Randol. Marshall Carries the Flaj Pep Club In Action Pep Club — Purple Out Pep Club Officers Pep Club The Pep Club, an energetic new organization last year, has proved very success- ful again this year. Everyone of the one-hundred-eighty members, clad in white and purple reversible blouses backed the Hornets enthusiastically at all games at home and away. This spirited support of the team was accomplished by the untiring efforts of the members and the cheerleaders. The officers were: Colleen Knox, president; Barbara, vice-president; Michelle Hall, secretary-treasurer; and Karen White, business manager. The faculty adviser was Mrs. Roush. Page Eighty-nine TOP ROW: John Taylor, George Shoup, Steve Southern, Erie Hall, Mike Meyer, John Baldwin Jim DeLong. Bill Lipman. SECOND ROW: Dixie Page, Lynn Maugherman, Steye Wild, Mitehel Christy, Chuck Nedele, Bob Baldwin, Sam Steiner, Marshall Mitzman. THIRD ROW: Sally Hoffman, Vioki Willis, Michelle Hall. Shirley Crone, Janice Stock, Colleen Knox, Emily Preston, Gail Franklin, Christine Inman. FRONT ROW: Marilyn Meston, Linda Locejoy, Janice Parks, Barbara Hanselman, Linda Poole, Mary Alice Cole, Jo Ann Duguid, Patricia Kaufman, Gen Chadwick. High School Choir The Angola High School Choir is composed of 69 sophomores, juniors, and seniors. Each year three major concerts are given by the choir. On December 17, the group presented the Christmas concert, " They All Came. " For the combined band and choir concert, held February 12, the choir ' s favorites were " Climbing Up the Mountain " and selections from " The Music Man. " The spring concert was enjoyed by the many people who attended. The choir won first place in the state Band, Or- chestra and Vocal contest at Lowell, Indiana, on April 20. Miss Joan Liehe, a student teacher from Butler University, came to Angola to work with the high school music department and she directed the choir in several numbers. Miss Nancy Siebold, who has been working with the choir for several years, continues to use her imagination to give the concerts a special finishing touch which makes them all the more interesting. iVjn vtf I TOP ROW: Barrv Frisinger, John Wilder, Ross Butler. Ken Harris. Tom VanAuken. Dave Hanselman. ine Tuhergan, Fred ' Bachert. I. SECOND ROW: Jon Nedele, Kermit Mann, Loren Bernhardt, Randy Beechy, Jerry Boyer, Jeff Plank. Jim lig-uid. Sally Rathburn 1 THIRD ROW: Carol Nichols, Terri Pristas, Lana H tie. Pam Harbour, Judy Wiley. Judy Horman. Tuiren ■ tier, Waneice Demorest. Colleen Anspaugh. [ FRONT ROW: Kathy Fisher. Sue Waite, Linda French, Nadina Rensch, Kathy Krantz, Phyllis Everett, nthia Cook, Susan Krantz. Phyllis Oebhart. Beverly Dygert. Music Parents ' Club The Music Parents ' Club is an organization of the parents of the students in all the music groups. They sponsored several chili suppers during the year to help finance the music organizations. They purchased senior music awards, and helped provide money for music, instruments, contest fees, and other items. The officers for this year were: President, Ray Tubergen; vice president, Gerald Ralston; secretary, Mrs. Don Fulton; and treasurer, Mrs. Harol d Bach- ert. Miss Siebold Page Ninety-one 1 Concert Band The Angola High School Concert Band, directed by Elwood Nichols, has 91 members. The group presented three concerts during the 1962-63 season, on November 30, February 12, and April 3 0. The band entered the Band and Orchestra Contest at Lowell, Indiana, on April 20 and won first place in this state contest. Many band members entered the District and State Solo and Ensemble contests and received a record number of Superior Ratings for Angola. These contests were spon- sored by the State Association of School Music Teachers. The District contest was held in Kendallville and the State, in Indianapolis. The band members are from the top four grades in high school. Overall the band had an outstanding school year. Marching Band The Marching Band stepped off proudly last fall with many musical half-time shows at our football games. Also the marchers were seen in their stunning black and gold uniforms at the Auburn Fair Parade and the Tri-State College Homecoming Pa- rade. Marching At New Haven Game First row, FLUTE: Vieki Willis, Linda VanAma King ' , Janet McCutchan. BASSOON: Gail Franklin. Sus Second row, CLARINET: Tom Harman, Pam Harb VanAuken, Laural Shirley. FRENCH HORN: Pam Van Becky Gramling, Chuck Moore. ALTO SAXOPHONE: J wick. Janice Parks. Third Flow, CLARINET: Judy Rose, Sharon Buse, .1 Pat Milhollin. Waneice Demorest. Linda Nichols. COR Garv Goodhew, Jeff Plank, Randy Beechy, Bill Lipma PHONE: Gen Chadwick. Diane Ralston. BASS « ' LAR1 Stevens. ALTO CLARINET: Rebecca Adams, Gloria Sa Fourth row, CLARINET: Kathy Pars. 11, Claudia I) tine Inman. TUBA: Charles Hedglin, Max Converse, D Back row, DRUMS: Mary Alice Cole. Kathy Kol W Iworth, Rex Cox, Don Wyatt. BARITONE: Greg M BONE: Phil Bernhardt, Doug Smith. Nancy Wilder, N Band director: Mr. Nichols; Associate director: M n, Ann Geb-hart, Dixie Page, Barbara Hanselman, Sue an Krantz, OBOE: Gayle Greenamyer, Andrea Mortorff. our, Carol Nichols, Judy Herman, Charles Honess, Tom Meter, Frances Senger, Marshall Mitzman, Dick Fee, im Garner, Judy Wall, Marilyn McBride, Kathy Chad- 03 ' ce Call, Karen Gulcher, Debbie Spangle, Sue Waite, NET: Bob Crain, Bob Kaufman. Sie..- Terry, Roger Call, n. Sally Kathl.uin. B.ury Frisinger. TENOR SAX( i- NET: Nancy James, Jane Williamson, Sally Hoffman, Jan pp. Linda French. avis, Annette Myers, Lynn Haynes, Judy Stevens, Chris- ale Linnemeier, Phil Meyers, Dane Tubergen. b, LeRoy Crooks, Carl Ransburg, Barb Horman, Steve ason, Mark Allion, .Michelle Hall, Fred Bachert. TROM- adina Rensch, Mary Jensen, Sam Steiner, Kermit Mann. iss 1 1 :tk Majorettes Our highstepping majorettes caught everyone ' s eye as they marched down the football field. Our three twirlers, Kristene Green, Alice Smith, and Sharon Schnetzler, and the band were led by drum majorettes Pam VanMeter and Pat Milhollin. Linda Kiess, featured twirler, added much color to the group with her fire and double baton acts. Our twirlers added pep and gave the band an attractive appearance. i -fl Varsity Band The Varsity Band, directed by Elwood Nichols, con- sists of 60 members from the eighth grade and high school. This group has participated in two concerts, one on November 30 and the other on April 30, and played well on both occasions. The band members received many high ratings at the District Solo and Ensemble Contest. They are not eligi- ble for the State Solo and Ensemble Contest. The Var- sity Band is a training group with members working hard, so they may be able to fill vacancies in the Concert Band next year. rr[TT[[r First row, FLUTE: Penny Mick, Ginny Poole, Lindy Mick, Cathy Steiner, Elsie Gordon. BASSOON. Vir- ginia Shoup. Second row, CLARINET: Jeanie Wells. Linda Sunday, Ruth Ann Green, Marv Lou Sprinkle, Dennis De- Mara. FRENCH HORN: Cheryl Fisher, Penny Sarpa, Jean Stevens, Phyllis Mann. Larry Lehman. ALT " SAX- OPHONE: Roberta Barton, Phil Rutter, Teresa Rigelman. Brenda Goudy, Terry Jo Cotner, Kristen Bakstad. Third row, CLARINET: Kathy Sanxter, Linda Camp, Susan Fulton, Mary Jane Hint .. Glenda Sams, Kay Minster. CORNETS: Glen Christen. Terry Coggeshall, Dennis Putinan, Bill Goodwin, Leslie Fisher. Stephanie Slanina, Jean VanAman. BARITONE: John Halt. Kim TubelSen, Mike Hensel. HAUITd.N ' K SAXOPHONE: Nay Cole. Patricia Hosack. ALTO SAXOPHONE: Linda Hancock. TENOR SAXOPHONE: Cheryl Ralston. TROMBONE: Ted Crain, Joe Meek, Jack Croxton, Ken Gulcher, Bill Bryan. Fourth row, CLARINET: Jan Morley, Marilyn Wild, Ruth James, Diane P -tre, Carol Chockey. Ardith Richmond. Back row, Miss Joan Liehe, student teacher. DRUMS: Dennis Croy, Mike Mevers, Jim Andrews, Jim Elliott, Ricky Yarian. TUBA: Don Hosack. Director Mr. Nichols Not pictured, FLUTE: Anne Hartman. TOM HARMAN WINS HONORS Tom Harman has won many music honors during his school career. He played with the Fort Wayne Philhar- monic Orchestra when he was in grade school. He was a student for six summers at the National Music Camp at Interlochen, Michigan, winning a scholarship given by the Indiana Federated Music Clubs in 1960 and the con- certo auditions at Interlochen in 1961. He is the re- cipient of the David Cohen Memorial Scholarship in clar- inet to Interlochen for next summer. Tom has been in the all-state band for three years, earning first chair position. This last December he ap- peared as soloist with the Indianapolis symphony. He was guest soloist at the annual Youth Concert of the North Manchester Civic Symphony in February. Tom has been accepted by the Eastman School of Mu- sic, affiliated with Rochester University, for his college work next year. Orchestra The high school orchestra has been very active throughout this school year. This group provided music before the first curtain and between acts for the Thespian plays. Its members also played for Tri-State College commencement. Nadina Rensch, representing the orchestra, played a violin solo at the Tri-State College baccalaureate program. The string members of the orchestra furnished music for the style show presented by the home economics depart- ment on April 9. The orchestra gave a very enjoyable spring concert. This year special emphasis was placed on playing music from recent and current Broadway musicals. On April 20 the organization entered the State Band and Orchestra Contest at Lowell, Indiana, and won first place. Elwood Nichols is the director. CORNET TRIO Bill Lipman, sophomore, and Randy Beechy and Barry Frisinger, juniors, have been playing together, .except for one re- placement, for five years. The trio has gone to district contest each of three years, on two of them going on to the state. This year they played a very modern piece and received a first at district contest and miss- ed a first at State by one point. The trio has played at band concerts, and for the Lions Club and the Order of the Eastern Star; they also played for the home- coming of General Hershey and on other occasions. The trio once played over the Coldwater Radio Station advertising a com- ing concert. CLARINET: Tom Harman, Judy Horman. OBOE: Andrea Mortorff. VIOLINS: Gen ' had wick, Nadina Rensch, Janet Gould, Marilyn McBride, Gaii Franklin, Kathy Krantz, Loren Bernhardt, Stephanie Slanina, Pat Clancy, Kathv Clancv, Patricia Kaufman. Janie Boomershine, Kathy Chadwick. CORNETS: Randy Beechy, Barry Fris- inger. VIOLA: Carol Nichols, Judy Clancv. BASS VIOLS: Nancy James, Reggie Warren. Mary Kins. TROM- BONES: Marv Jensen. Kermit Mann. FRENCH HORNS: Michelle Hall. Jeanne Van .A man. Ellen Eberhardt. BASSOONS: Virginia Shoup, Susan Krantz. BASS CLARINKT: Jane Williamson. SAXni ' M ' iXK: Janice Parks. PERCUSSION: Barbara Hanselman, Rex Cox. FLUTES: Vicki Willis, Linda VanAman, Ann Gebhart. CELLOS: Roni Rae Pufahl, Nancy Carrick, Reeky Adams, Claudia Davis. Excellent Music Facilities The students and the teachers have found it much easier and more enjoyable working together in our new music department. The two large group rooms, three offices, six practice rooms, and the much needed cabinet space have proved to be the acme of efficiency. The student assistants this year were Jim DeLong, Eric Hall, Andrea Mortorff, Marshall Mitzman, Pat Kaufman, and Jan Stevens. They put way music, hung up choir robes, helped store other supplies and aided in every way possible to keep the music rooms looking neat during almost constant use and to make sure the supplies were readily available. Long will the music students remember the hours of practice, the pleasant associ- ations, and the valuable training gained in this department. Page Ninef) -si i en 7 49 (% ■ Senior Vocal Ensembles BOYS ' QUARTET The members of the senior boys ' quartet are Ken Harris, John Taylor, Tex Bachert, and Steve Southern. They have been singing together for two years, during which time they have worked up a large repertoire of songs. The boys received a superior rating at both the District and State Contests when they sang " In Good Old Colony Times. " GIRLS ' TRIO The senior girls ' trio — Judy Horman, Lana Hale, and Gen Chadwick — have been singing together for one year. At the District Contest the trio received a superior rating and at the State Contest they received an excellent rating. They chose for their contest selection, " Now From Every Chris- tian Steeple. " John Taylor, Steve Southern, Ken Harris Tex Bachert Judy Horman, Gen Chadwick, Lana Hale, Miss Siebold r GIRLS ' SEXTET The senior girls ' sextet has been or- ganized for three years. The girls have sung at a Psi Iota Xi Banquet, Lions Club Banquet, Republican party meet- ing, Trout Club Banquet, Kiwanis Ban- quet, Y-Teen Variety Show, concerts, and auditorium programs. The girls received a superior rating in all three of their District Solo and En- semble Contests and superior ratings at two of their State Solo and Ensemble Contests. Since all of the girls are sen- iors, Angola will lose a very fine vocal group this year. Linda French, Pam Harbour, Janice Stock, Dixie Page, Sally Rathburn and Shirley Ann Crone. Page Ninety-eight Pep Band Pep Band at a Basketbal Game German Band They Are Playing Rousing Music PEP BAND The pep band appeared at home basketball games and pep sessions. This rocketing group gave much color and boosted everyone ' s spirits at games. The group was greatly appreciated by both students and adults. THE GERMAN BAND The German Band — clarinet, Charlie Honess, Tom Van Auken; trombone, Kermit Mann; bass, Phil Myers; trumpet, Jeff Plank — have often enter- tained this year. The tie boys have played in many local programs and have participated in a band concert. They have added gaiety and color with their pieces and outfits. J- Ptigc Ninety-nine r 0 ' " •■BjB SPOE t This year Angola finished the season with 3 wins and 5 losses. This record, however, is not bad if we look at the statistics. No opponent ever scored more than 14 points against a fine Hornet de- fensive team. At the same time Angola was never shut out and the Hornets failed to get into double figures only twice. Angola out scored all opponents 140 to 67. The Hornets journeyed to Garrett on Septem- ber 1 to participate in the football Jamboree. Angola beat Garrett in the second quarter of play 6-0 and played Auburn to a 0-0 tie in the third quarter. Three days later Angola traveled to Decatur, where they beat the Yellow Jackets 14-6 in a muddy con- test 1 ' On September 14, the Hornets played Elm- hurst at the South Side stadium and came home with a 34-7 victory. " ' Angola ' s next foe was Au- burn. Auburn defeated the Hornets 14-3 in a hard fought game. The very next week Angola was caught napping by New Haven and lost their record game of the season 14-6. The Hornets started out the month of October with a bang by defeating Howe 2 5-7 :: " . Next Bluff- ton felt the Hornets ' sting as they went down 34-6. Garrett fell next 6-0 in a hard fought defensive game. Angola fini shed the season at home with an 18-13 victory against the Kendallville Comets. :: Asterisk denotes game lost due to forfeiture on account of an ineligible player. Pa " c One Hundred Two TOP ROW: Eric Hall. Steve Wild, Dave Boomershine, Mgrs. SECOND ROW: Line Coach Mr. Hammel, Larry Book, Steve Cable, Dewey Powers. Head Coach Mr. Johnson. THIRD ROW: Larry Putt, Larry Clark, John Flegal, Dave Hanseiman. Glenn Bar- lett. Curt Rauseh. Eduardo Jenkins, Don Mason, Charles Honess, Jerry Walcutt. FOURTH ROW: Ed J. hnson, Jack Del- ier, George Shoup, Lynn Maugherman. Boh Baldwin, Phil Pristas, Phil Zabst, Tim Reese, Tom Cochran, Sam Steiner. FRONT ROW: Chuck Moore. Dick Ma- rino, Steve Southern, Mike Sapp, Walt Shutt. John Baldwin, Rick Cotner. LeRov Crooks, Don Palmer, Fred Bachert. COACHES Mr. Ncsbitt, Mr. Kellev, Mr. Johnson, Mr. Cable. Mr. Sapp. Mr. Hammel. % John Baldwin Fullback Chuck Moore Guard Steve Southern Guard VARSITY BACKFIELD ■y Boo Deller, I LeRoy Crooks, George Shoup, John Baldwin, Larry Book, Lynn Maugherman, Mike Sapp, John Flegal, Rick Cotner, Jerry Walcutt, Jack Deller, Ed Johnson. . e? h : v . -■ S ■■HnBHEHSI Tex Bachert End Varsity Seniors Walt Shuti Tackle Dick Marino Guard LeRoy Crooks Halfback Action Against New Haven TOP ROW: Terry Anderson, Steve Beard, Dave Goodwin, Eric Nelson, Mike Meyer, Randy Mills, Dale Linnemeier, Phil Meyers, Dennis Maugherman, Mitch Christy. SECOND ROW: Rodney Dent, Charlie Hedglin, Bob Scott, Bill Booth, Doug Hilton, John Kramer, Leslie Taner, Carl Ransburg, Phil Beard, Steve Wheeler. THIRD ROW: Dennis Barnes, Jon Nedele, Larry May, Steve Crooks, Steve Strock, Keith Wyatt, Jim Ber- lien, Bill Rathburn, Rany Meredith, Andy Moore. FRONT ROW: Coaches Mr. Kelly and Mr. Cable, Dennis McKown, Butch Boyer, Tim Deller, Gary Habbegar, Gale Linnemeier, Dick Fee, Ray Johnson, Mgr. B-Team Season The Angola Bee Team football squad, coached by Mr. Cable and Mr. Kelley, had a good season, ending with three wins and three losses. More im- portant than the record is the experience gained by each of the boys. Angola 14 — -Auburn 7 Here Angola 26 — Howe 7 Here Angola 6 — Kendall ville 14 There Angola — Auburn 3 2 There Angola 7 — Garrett Here Angola 7 — Kendallville 14 Here VARSITY STATISTICS Angola Total Rushing 2,055 yds Passing Yardage 413 yds. Pass Completion per cent Team Average per Carry Leading Tacklers — Opponents S90 yds. 499 yds. 5 4 ' ; 42% 5.7 yds. 3.3 yds Flegal L.B. 40 Moore ' ....: G. 30 Sapp " ' ..., H.B. 29 Marino G. 21 ALL CONFERENCE HONORS At the close of the football season Mike Sapp and Steve Southern were named on the all confer- ence second team and John Baldwin, on the all con- ference third team. VARSITY SEASON ' S SCORES Angola 14 Angola 34 Angola 13 Angola 6 Angola 25 Angola 3 4 Angola 6 Angola 18 150 Pai c One Hundred Six Decatur fi Elmhurst 7 Auburn 14 New Haven 14 Howe 7 " Bluffton . fi Garrett Kendallville 13 67 Swift Action on the Field VARSITY LINE TOP ROW: Phil Zabst. Olenn Barlett, Larry Puu. Curt Rausch, Larry Clark. Dave Hanselman, Hon Mason, EiJwardn Jenkins, Bob Baldwin, Charles Honess, Phil Pristas, Sam Steiner. FROXT ROW: Tom Cochran, Tim Reese, Walt Shun, Chuck Moore, Dick Marino, Steve Southern Tex Bachert, Don Paimer, Steve Cable, Dewey Powers. Hornets vs New Haven u Mike Sapp Forward Ross Butler Guard Tex Bachert Forward Varsity Basketball Don Palmer Forward Jerry Boyer Forward George Shoup Guard Jack Deller Guard Ed Johnson Guard SfN Maugherman Guard Glenn Barlett Center Larry Clark Center Dave Hanselman Guard Curt Rausch Center Season in Review Coach Hammel ' s Angola Hornets finished their season with a 14 to 6 record. Angola shared third place in the NEIC standings with Concordia. Our team consisted of five seniors and eight juniors. The first game of the season was November 16 at Columbia City. The Columbia City Eagles de- feated the Hornets 67-48. The mighty Hornets played host to Butler en November 2 1 and defeated them 76-60, for their first win of the season. Chur- ubusco was also downed by Angola 68-5 8 on De- cember 1 at Churubusco. The Hornets played at Bluffton on December 13 with the tall Bluffton team defeating Angola 6 5-56 for Angola ' s second loss of the season. The Elmhurst Trojans were de- feated by the Hornets December 14 at Elmhurst by a score of 54-46. On December 21, the Hornets were downed by New Haven 66-56 in Angola ' s gym- Angola did not win either game at the Holiday Tourney held December 27 at Kendallville. Ligonier downed the Hornets 78-72 in the first game and Garrett defeated Angola 67-5 6 in the consolation game. The Auburn Red Devils were overcome by the Hornets 63-56 on January 4 at Angola. The Hor- nets won over Waterloo 70-57 on January 5 on the Wildcats ' floor. Garrett was defeated by Angola 62-48 on January 11. On January 12 the Hornets were edged cut by the Berne Bears on the home floor 48 to 5 1. On January 19 the Hornets played host to Ligonier and beat them 72-57. De- catur was downed by the Hornets 69-63 on Jan- uary 2 5 at Decatur. Albion was stung by the An- gola boys 71-62 on February 1 in the local gym. LaGrange played host and lost to the Hornets 78- 56 on February 2. Kendallville was beaten by the Hornets 81-57 on February 8 at Angola. Angola defeated Howe Military 8 5-48 on February 9 at Angola. Angola played at Avilla on February 15, the Hornets winning 72-5 1. The Hornets took the last game of the season, a conference tilt with Con- cordia, 5 8-49. Page One Hundred Nine COACHES: Mr. Avery, Wrestling; Mr. Nesbitt, Track. Junior High Football; Mr. Johnson, Varsity Football. B-team Basketball; Mr. Kelley. B-Team Football, Junior High Basketball: Mr. Hammel, Varsity Basketball, High School and Junior High Football; Mr. Brayton, Golf: Mr. Dygert, Baseball; Mr. Earkdull, Athletic Director: Mr. Cable, Fresh- man Basketball, B-Team Football. Coaches Angola High School has on its faculty some of the finest coaches in Indiana; all of them are specialists and all of them dedicated. When the Angola Hornets win a contest in which they are competing, no matter what sport, we should remember that it is a combination of the team ' s desire, the team ' s ability, and the coaches ' ingenuity. No one coach wins a game; the games are won through the combination of the minds and efforts of all the coaches and the team. To these coaches the players owe many thanks. Cheerleaders Our Varsity cheer- leaders, Janice Stock, Tuiren Butler, and Dixie Page, have done a wonderful job keep- , ing up school spirit throughout the year. Their snappy yells en- couraged the Hornets to many victories. Congratulations to them for a job well done! Mrs. Roush was their faculty adviser. Dixie Page Janice Stock Page One Hundred Ten oTLoA h°M im h°ts urn, - vv ' S S . l 4 o ' 2 3 WJgV ■ % ' 21 V . 1 j ™ a a VGO v G0 GOZ, TOP ROW: Mike Sapp, Tex Bachert, Larry ( " lark, Curt Iiauscli, Glenn Barlett, George Shoup, Don Palmer. FRONT ROW: Dave Hanselman, Jack E)eller, Lynn Maugherman, Ed Johnson, Rosa Butler, Jerry Boyer. Season Individual Records . o jz w a CU b ai fe Sapp - 69 375 159 42.4 Butler 40 186 86 46.2 Bachert 73 173 84 48.6 Palmer 71 188 84 44.7 Boyer 38 46 16 34.8 Waters 5 1 20.0 Shoup 54 260 128 49.2 Clark 9 13 4 30.8 Barlett 20 51 IS 35.3 Deller 26 52 20 38.5 Maugherman 23 37 12 32.4 Hanselman 2 7 2 28.6 Johnson 17 53 18 3 4.0 Rausch 2 4 Team 444 1451 632 43.6 Opponent 460 1386 528 38.1 174 78 136 3 20 39 IS 620 11 1 60 37 42 16 14 1 409 375 63.8 76.9 67.3 64.6 55 2 100 72.8 00 50.0 66.7 63.6 50.0 38.9 66.0 25S 96 1S2 148 61 3 187 16 92 29 61 36 36 36 17 5 45 4 12 17 13 •i 11 30 5 « fig — be a I =r 27 ' Busco 19 Ashley 19 Albion 20 Ligonier 11 Elmhurst Ligonier 31 LaGrange 4 Elmhurst Hi Howe Military Or land S Butler Garrett 7 Riverdale 3 Butler 8 Butler Team Average 147 64.3 149 55.0 Page One Hundred Eleven v. % 44 i V The Angola Hornets started their 1963 Sectional conquest by defeating the River- dale Comets 62-26, at Churubusco, on Feb- ruary 27. The following night, at Churu- busco, the Hornets were almost up-ended by the Ashley Aces. In a game that no Angola fan will soon forget, the Hornets came out the victors by a narrow score of 51-50. The team easily defeated the Or- land Tigers 86-70 in their afternoon game at Angola. Being the defending Sectional champs and knowing the sweet taste of victory, the Angola squad fought extra hard in the final game Saturday night. This effort paid off in full, as the Hornets de- feated their long time rivals, the Garrett Railroaders, 62-47. Without a day to spare, the team worked hard for their contests at the Fort Wayne Regional. On Saturday, March 9, the Hor- nets played their first game in the Regional against Albion. The team ' s week of prac- tice proved valuable as they defeated Albion 62-49. In the night session Angola faced the tall Berne Bears. The Hornets fought with all they had, but the Bears ' height and dead-eye shooting were a little too much as the Hornets lost in an overtime 54-52. 1963 Sectional and Regional Berne vs Angola in the Regiona Pave One Hundred Thirteen ov ' m:nw BACK HOW: Coach Bob Johnson, Steve Cable, Terry Roberts, Mike Mever, Melvin Baboock. FRONT ROW: Tim Deller. Bill Lipman. Dewey Powers, Keith Kolb, Dave Yarian. Bee Team Season Nov. Nov. Dec. Dec. Dec. Dec. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. Jan. 16 — Angola 31; Columbia City 39— There 21— Angola 38. Butler 32— Here 1 — Angola 40; Churubusco 39 — There 7— Angola 29; Bluff ton 50— There 14— Angola 36; Elmhurst 43— There 21 — Angola 37: New Haven 40 — Here 4 — Angola 36: Auburn 40 — Here 5 — Angola 49; Waterloo 4S — There 11— Angola 34: Garrett 32— There 12— Angola 43: Berne 47— Here 19— Angola 57; Ligonier 29 — Here 23— Angola 33; Decatur 39— There Feb. 1— Angola 4S; Albion 29— Here Feb. 2 — Angola 51; LaGrange 54 — There (Overtime) Feb. S— Angola 44; Kendallville 27 — Here Feb. 9 -Angola 47; Howe 22— Here Feb. 15— Angola 36; Avilla 40— There Feb. 22 — Angola 4s; Concordia 47 — Here Angola 36 Angola 36 Season ' s record 4-Way Tourney Kendallville 41 Butler 40 9 wins, !i losses BEE TEAM CHEERLEADERS Penny and Lindy Mick and Linda Van Ainan were the cheerleaders for the Bee team. This was the three girls ' first year as cheerleaders, and they did an out- standing job. They were behind the team every minute from the beginning to the end of the season. BACK ROW: Dan Kaufman, Steve Terry, Gary Crum, Don Rinehart, Bruce Moody Doug Smith, Rick Buyer, Coach Cable. MIDDLE ROW: Larry May, Phil Bernhardt. John Moore, Phil Myers, Gary Ransbrrg Roger Call. Mike Beard. FRONT ROW: Greg Goodhew, Jim Berlein. Mark Allion, .Steve Crooks, Steve Wheeler Tim Goetcheus. Freshman Season Nov. 19 Angola .....20 Albion ...30 There Nov. 26 Angola Angola 34 .42 97 Dec. Garrett ...30 Here Dec. 17 Angola 45 Avilla ...28 Here Dec. 20 Angola .. 42 Churubusco ...28 There Jan. 7 Angola 211 Columbia City ....48 There Jan. 1 1 Angola 29 Butler ...26 Here Jan. 24 Angola • " .: Auburn 32 There Jan. 28 Angola 25 Kendallv ille 20 There Jan. 31 Angola . :;s Butler 40 There Feb. 4 ::i LaGrange 29 Here Feb. 7 .....33 Auburn .34 Here Feb. 11 Angola .. 44 Albion 34 Here Feb. IS Angola .. 24 Garrett 32 There 4-WAY TOURNEY Dec. 15 Angola .. 97 Kendallville .. .to 1 1- i . Dec. 15 Garrett 4S Here FRESHMAN CHEERLEADERS Hats off to the freshman cheerleaders, Diann Camp- bell, Marilyn McBride, and Anne Hartman, who cheered their team on to many vic- tories! They were always enthusiastic and we can ex- pect big things of them in the coming basketball sea- sons. In the Dressing Room In the dressing room many of the ideas which have proved invaluable through the years for our Hornets have originated. Here the team and Mr. Hammel discuss strategy which they hope will prove beneficial for the next game. They also talk over things that will guide the boys later in life. ALL CONFERENCE HONORS At the end of the season Mike Sapp was named on the all conference first team and George Shoup, on the all conference second team. Managers The managers of our athletic teams do more work than meets the spectator ' s eye. They are al- ways in demand for carrying out the supplementary duties before, during, and after the contests. When the teams play an out-of-town game, the managers ' duties are increased. The managers play a vital role in the mainten- ance and well-being of our teams. Sam Holtzman, Basketball. Track Dave Boomershine, Football, Basketball Ray Johnson, Football Steve Southern, Basketball, Track Eric Hail, Football Steve Wild, Football Loyal Hornet Fans Janice Leads A Cheer Scenes at the Games The Micas A demonstration on the trampoline was present- ed by the " Micas, " Mike Myers and Carroll Nesbitt, between the halves of the varsity Angola-Concordia basketball game, February 22. The various acts included front rolls, back rolls, hand springs, front and back flips, head spring, bal- ance stunt, and ground gainer. Mr. Nesbitt first appeared in a clown ' s costume to add to the fun. Podunk Cheering Block The Podunk Cheering Block was made up of boys wishing to belong to a group to yell and en- courage the team to victory. They occupied a sec- tion of the gym next to the Pep Club and worked hard to urge the team on. Their officers were: Chuck Moore, president; Barry Hollopeter, vice-president; Mac Morley, secre- tary-treasurer; Don Wyatt, sergeant-at-arms; Chuck Tiffany, John Potts, and Doug Musser — cheerleaders. Dave Tvler Gary Page Track The Angola track team had a great year in 1962, winning 8 and losing only 2. This record was the result of a lot of boys ' going out for track and creating inner squad competition. The Hornets started out on the wrong foot by losing to Columbia City 8-41. They quickly came back though and beat Albion 73-36. Next in a 3-way meet Angola came out on top 76V 2 to Avilla ' s 44 and Butler ' s 16 - Angola next traveled to Waterloo and came home with a 70-3 8 victory. Concordia fell to the Hornet thinlies 63-36. Next Angola lost to Garrett, in the snow, 58-51. The Hornets resumed their winning ways against Howe 88 2 3-20 1 3. Then Angola hosted Auburn and won 63-46. The New Haven Relays proved to be the highlight of the ' 62 track season. Angola took first place over the 9 teams en- tering. The Hornets received a hearty welcome home with fire trucks and fanfare. Next the Hornets journeyed to Columbia City for the N.E.I. A. Conference meet. They did not do quite so well as at New Haven but finished a respectable third of the 10 teams entered. They finished the regular season against Kendallville on a winning note, 6 5-44. The Reserves had a 2-2 season, beating Auburn 6S ' z to 40J and Kendallville 56 2,3 to 48 13. They lost to Con- cordia 37 ' Zj to 67 z and to Garrett 43 ' ' 2 to 46 2 . T11] 1 ROW: Kermit Mann, Tom Cochran, George Shot.p, Dave Hanselman, Jack Deller, Larry Clark. Chuck Nedele, Jon Nedele, Todd Rigelman, Mark Crain, John Wilder, Darl Y il.son SECOND ROW: Jeff Plank, Steve Mathis, John Chiricotti, Roger Sunday, Bob Baldwin, Charles Honess, Larrv Putt, Tim Deller, Tim Reese. THIRD ROW: Phil Herl, Jim McClish. Tex Baohert, Wally Lieehty, Eric Hall, Ross Butler, Lynn Maugherman, Jerry Walcutt, Larry Waite, Dale Simedru, Glenn Barlett, Larry Fast FOURTH ROW: Danny Bakstad. Dennis Maugherman, Larry Book, Dave Yarian, Randy Meredith, Mike Meyer, Steve Cable, Rex Cox, Melvin Babcock, Dewey Powers. FRONT ROW: Coach Neshitt, John Flegal, Ed Johnson, Kenny Robinson, Gary Page, Dave Tyler, Jerry Boyer, Dick Waters. Jim Lovejoy, Mike Sapp, John Baldwin, Don Palmer. TUP ROW: Jerry Demorest, Deller, Mr. Dygert, Coach. SECOND ROW: Jim Lovejoy, Larry Clark, Ed Johnson. Eric Hall. Dick Waters. FRONT ROW: George Shoup, Lynn Maugherman, Ross Butler, Mike Sapp. Dave Han- selman. Baseball The Angola baseball squad, coached by Mr. Dygert, ended the 1962 spring season with a 4-3 conference record. They tasted defeat on their very first outing when they were overcome by a strong Decatur team by a margin of 4-3. The team then traveled to Columbia City, where they were defeated once again by a score of 8-4. The following week the team played host to New Haven only to be defeated once more by a 5-2 verdict. However, this proved to be the last defeat for the team. They traveled to Bluffton and swamped them by a score of 19-2. The following week the team hosted Auburn and squeezed out a 4-3 victory. Two days later Angola pinned an overwhelming victory on Concordia, the final score being 13-3. The last game of the season Angola visited Kendallville and came home with the final victory by a margin of 3-2. NEW TRACK RECORDS SET The 1962 season saw three old school records fall. Dave Tyler scampered to a 5 0.0 seconds in the 440 mark, beating his own old mark of 5 2.3 seconds. Gary Page chopped 4 tenths of a second off Chuck Southern ' s and Bud Crum ' s old high hurdle mark. Gary did it in 15.2. Dave Tyler, Kenny Robinson, Jerry Boyer, and Gary Page set a new record of 3:32.7 in the Mile Relay. This beat the record of 3:37.2 set last year by Dave Tyler, Larry Sunday, Gary Page and Jerry Boyer. In th. 1963 season the Half Mile Relay team — Jerry Boyer, Ross Butler, Larry Waite, and Lynn Maugherman — set a new school record of 1:36.4 bettering the old record of 1:36.5, which has stood since 195 5. Page One Hundred Twenty-one Dan Bakstad, Curt Rausc Mr. Brayton, coach; Doug Smith, Barry Frisinger. 1962 Golf Season The A.H.S. golf season started in April, 1962. Three games were won, six lost, and one tied. The games played and the results were: Angola iy 2 Angola 1 Angola 3 Angola 8 Angola ..7 Angola 2 l 2 Angola Angola 8 Angola 3 Angola 1 Garrett 5 l z Auburn 9 Kendallville 7 Butler 2 Kendallville 3 Howe 7 ' 2 Auburn 1 Butler 2 Garrett 3 Howe 7 The Angola team traveled to the Auburn Country Club for the N.E.I. A. Con- ference Golf meet on May 12. Because of rain the meet was called by general consent of the coaches after 9 holes. Of the nine teams entered, Angola finished sixth, being downed by Auburn, Con- cordia, Elmhurst, Decatur and Garrett in that order. Then came Kendallville, Co- lumbia City and Bluffton. New Haven did not participate. Barry Frisinger was low for Angola with a 9 hole total of 42, followed by Ken Harris with a 48; Glenn Jacob, 49; and Curt Rausch, 52. Mr. Brayton is the golf coach. Page One Hundred Tucnty-two AT THE GYM Great has been the activity inside the gym doors this yej year. The juniors worked hard at four different refreshment stands to supply the basket- ball fans with popcorn, candy, cokes, hot dogs and other refreshments. The seniors operated the coat check as a service to the fans and as a financial aid to the class. Many are the gleaming trophies to be seen in the case as one enters the front doors of the gym. There are trophies won in every sport. The case is flanked on either side by the Greek figures symbolizing dramatics and music. LIFE AT A.H.S. FIRST ROW: Classes all in session — peace!; Classes dismissed!: Our school! SECOND ROW: Sylvia tunes in to one of her classes: Sharrie tunes in Sylvia at school: Our gym. THIRD ROW: Time for lunch!; Hungry students rush uptown: The parking lot. Page One Hundred Twenty-jour ROMANS FOR A DAY slave auction at auction; Miss TOP ROW: Linda Poole, who attended a Purdue Latin conferenc peasant supper; slave and mistress. SECOND Ko V: More slaves at auction Mock: eager bidders at slav Reed at J. C. L. meeting. THIRD ROW: J. C. L. scene: another part of J. C L. audience. FOURTH ROW: Richard Cisco, a brave Roman; in tue soup to nuts " line ' Flovd helps out at the " cena. " Calendar SEPTEMBER 1 Football Jamboree 5 School begins 1 1 Juniors order class rings 27 Frosh and seniors take Iowa Tests OCTOBER 4 Individual school pictures taken 10 Y-Teen formal initiation 13 Career Day at Tri-State 16 Key sales party at Hendry Park NOVEMBER " Girl from Outer Space " Students hold mock election Basketball season tickets go on sale Open House 2-3 5 7 13 22-24 Thanksgiving vacation 30 Band concert DECEMBER 1 Scholastic aptitude tests 18 Christmas choir concert 19 Y-Teen cookie sale 2 1 Caroling in the halls Senior Scholarship Fund Raising Pennies for King 22 " Winter Fantasy " 27-28 Holiday Tourney at Kendallville JANUARY 2 End of Christmas vacation 7 Students take tuberculin tests 18 Thespian plays, " Hold Onto Your Hat ' " Beyond the Door " " Give and Take " 26 Band, Instrumental, Solo, and Ensemble Contest Calendar FEBRUARY 2 Piano, Vocal, String, Solo, and Ensemble Contest 1 J Band and Choir concert 16 State Solo and Ensemble Contest 19 Local Science Fair 22 " The Micas " present trampoline act 27-28 Sectional Tourney starts MARCH 2 Hornets win Sectional! 9 Regional Tourney 16 Semi-State Tourney 23 State Tourney 29-3 " Inside Lester " 30 Achievement contests here APRIL 5 12 Navy Band gives concert Easter vacation begins 1 6 School reconvenes 20 State B.O.V. contest 2 3 Pa-Ma-Me Banquet at Hendry Park 27 New Haven Relays 30 Band Concert in gym MAY 3 Physical Ed. Show 10 High School Achievement Day Track Sectional 13 Athletic Banquet 14-15 Choir Concert 1 7 Track Regional Golf sectional Senior Class Day Seniors dismissed! 18 " Moon River, " Junior-Senior Prom 2 J Golf and Track State Meet 26 Baccalaureate 27 Commencement! Bits About ' Em NAME NICKNAME HOBBY AMBITION MEMORIES Sandra Allen, " Sandy " Having a good time, reading, psychology ...Secretary for psychologist . Friends, teachers, grade cards Fred Bachert, " Tex " Playing bridge .. M.D. Winning sectional John Phillip Baldwin, " J.B. " Corvette . ...Be successful Good times with friends Ronald R. Barlett, " Ron " Taking pictures Farmer Grades Fred Beck, " Fred " Driving Retire Parking lot, vacations, teachers, sports David Boomershine, Teachers, especially " Boomer " Flying and hot rods .Business man Mr. Etzler, sports Larry Boyd, " Larry " ...Cars Mechanic A.H.S. kids Jerry Boyer, " Buck " Sports To do something Track Carol Brown, " Carol " Water skiing, bowl- ing, reading .To be a success .. High school Richard Bryan, " Jingles " Drawing ...Architect A great big bunch of wonderful kids Jim Burrell, " Edward " ... Fishing . ...To work in factory .... Study hall Sharon Buse, " Sharrie " Sketching and Fashion designer or child Proms, tourneys, sectional, dancing (Jazz) . psychologist . friends, Mr. Bernhardt ' s war stories Linda Burtch, " Linda " ..Ice skating . ...Housewife Mr. Gibbs Ross Butler, " RAB " Golf ...Work in athletics . ...Athletics and dances Dan Campbell, " Ace " ...Cars Automotive Design .. The teachers, classes and senior year Sue Ellen Carson, " Sue " Having fun . .Private secretary . Fun filled senior year John Cather, " Johnny " Cars To be a success Linda Gen Chadwick, " Gen " Giving music lessons ..Go to Michigan State and become a vocal music Choir, band, orchestra, teacher Miss Siebold Diana Jean Chiddister, Mr. Morin, proms, basketball " Jeanie " ...Cooking and sewing ..To be a success .. games, all the fun Mary Lynn Christen, Playing electric All the fun, games and " Lynne " .... organ ...Airline stewardess Friends Richard Leroy Cisco, Mr. Morin, science lab, " Cisco " .Collecting coins . ...Medical research . senior class breakfasts Ice skating, any Patricia Clancy, " Pat " sport Nurse . .. Basketball games, gov ' t class Kathryn Clark, " Corky " Ceramics ...Secretary All the fun and friends Singing, piano, Breakfasts, sports, school Shirley Crone, " Skinny " .... skiing, dancing . ...Executive secretary .... spirit Picnics and breakfasts at LeRoy W. Crooks, " Le " Building ..Motor transportation Steve ' s Linda Crowl, " Linda " Plays To go to college My lab buddy and plays Linda Lou DeLancey, Dancing, bowling. Proms, breakfasts, John, " Linda " swimming .. Secretary Mr. Morin, Miss Shultz James DeLong, " Jim " Teasing people . Commercial pilot . .. Mr. Morin, gym Patrick Deming, " Pat " Cars Career in the service The halls Gerald Demorest, " Red " Cars Mechanic Friends Elaine Alice Dent, Sewing, traveling, F riends, dances, basketball " Elaine " having fun . Nurse and football games Dean Detar, " Deno " ...Goofing around . .Electrical engineer " Fun I ' ve had " Kids, proms, Mr. Morin, Irene Dowidat, " Rene " ...Skiing, sewing ...Legal secretary senior year Swimming, horseback JoAnn Duguid, " Jo " riding, reading ...Cosmotologist .... Proms, concerts, classes Model airplane build- Gene Eatinger, " Gene-o " ing, gymnastics . Scientific experimentation .— Senior year Page One HmiJrcil Twenty-eight Bits About ' Em NAME NICKNAME HOBBY AMBITION MEMORIES Sports, creative Physical education Susan Florentine, " Susie " writing . instructor .The " great " class of ' 63!! Mickey Lynn Fradenburg, Cars, skiing, Class breakfasts, classmates, " Mick " swimming Be a success .... homework Class breakfasts, proms, Linda French, " Lin " Music Secretary sectionals Ball games, classes, teachers, Phyllis Gebhart Tobogganing Career in medicine friends To go to college and John Greenamyer, " Kim " Far ming . graduate .. ...Mr. Etzler ' s shop class Barbara Haddix, " Barb " Sewing, having fun Nurse Friends and activities Basketball games, music Lana Hale Music Go to college contests Eric B. Hall, " Herb " Collections Make good Athletics Friends, cars, basketball James Hanna, " Jim " Cars Mechanical engineer games Pamela Sue Harbour, Wally, parties, Mr. Morin, " Harb " Water skiing, music Executive secretary Mr. Avery, music contests Mechanical things Tom Harman, " Tom " along with radios Musician ...Everything Lunch hours, contests. Ken Harris, " Haires " Baseball, hockey Political scientist Study halls Earn as much as possible Beating Chevys, with working as little Barry Hollopeter, " Yog " skiing . as possible ...Proms, record hops Judith Ann Horman, Music, teaching Elementary or music Junior, senior years, parties " Judy " Spanish teacher and kids Dancing, roller Become an elementary All the great times during Karon Dee Hughes, " Dee " .. skating, sewing ... teacher my school years Water skiing and Proms, class breakfasts, Mary Ann Jensen boating Secretary .... parties Keith Johnston, " Keith " ... Rods, hunting ... Office management . Cars, kids, senior year Patricia Ann Kaufman, Reading and teach- Kids, teachers, basketball " Coffee " ing Spanish Elementary teacher games, and all activities Eloise M. Kimes, " Ellie " Having fun . ..Secretary ...Mr. Morin, kids, proms Colleen Knox, " Knoxie " Sports and cooking Medical secretary . Ball games, classes Karen Ann Kramer, Prom, kids, good ole Mr. " Shortie " Water skiing Legal secretary Morin All of my junior and senior Susan Mary Krantz, " Sue " .. Music Secretary years Judy Kuckuck Reading ...Elementary teacher Proms, term papers, kids Wallace L. Liechty, Fun with Pam, track, " Wally " Sports Lawyer proms Sewing, cooking To be a good wife and Friends, ball games, proms, Sally Jean Mains, " Sally " .... and dancing mother senior year John Baldwin and Richard Marino, " Dicker " Skiing .... I don ' t know basketball games Dennis McClelland, " Dennis " Photography Accountant Proms Reading and photo Silvia Meston, " Sov " tinting Homemaker ...Everything The many friends and Vivian Leigh Mitzman, Traveling, souvenir Graduate from college activities during my 12 " Viv " collecting, sports .... with a teacher ' s degree .... years Restyling cars and Mr. McCutchan and Mr. Jim Moor, " Rebel " dates with my girl Own my own business Morin Charles W. Moore, Scuba diving and " Willard " cars . Electrical engineer Football and " the barn " Mac Morley, " Mac " Chevys To b. ' comfortably rich . ...Penny Pti r One Hundred Twenty-nine I Bits About ' Em NAME NICKNAME HOBBY AMBITION MEMORIES Andrea Kay Mortorff, Theory class and band " Andy " Water skiing Career in music contests Doug Musser, " Doug " Painting To su cceed . Mr. Porter ' s art class Cheerleading, proms, Mr. Dixie Lee Page, " Dix " Music and sports Foreign minister or lawyer Morin Don Palmer, " Big Don " Reading Accounting — Class breakfasts, picnics Emily Ruth Preston, To get good grades " Emily " Painting in college " Girl From Outer Space " Sports and Physical education Sally Rathburn, " Sal " creative writing teacher The great Class of " 63 " Water skiing and Sidney Sue Reese, " Sue " . cooking Nurse Games, classes, friends Donald Dean Rinehart, " Don " Cars Navy Mr. Morin Reading, cooking, Toni Roberts, " Toni " movies Dietician .. . Classes, friends, teachers Study hall, all the kids Judy Rose, " Rose " Oil painting Travel and fun Cheryl Rose Sack, Swimming, roller Mr. Morin, kids, and all the " Cherrie " skating Beautician fun at A.H.S. Micheal Allen Sapp, " Sappy " — Playing poker „ Be rich . My experiences in athletics Susan Showal ter, " Susie Q " Traveling Psychologist Friends, classes, weekends Mechanic, outboard Walt Shutt, " Wally " motors Accountant major Mr. Morin Nan Lucille Smith, To go to college Speech class, flies, cleaning " Nanny Smiff " ...Having fun .. and graduate . test tubes Richard Dale Somerlot, " Dick " Mechanic Farmer Shop Steve Southern, " Southernman " .. Lapidary work ...Medicine ... ...Varsity football Robert Scott Sparks, Eating and anything " Scotty " that is fun To graduate from college ....My senior year Karen Roseann Steinke, Dancing and roller " Angel " skating Registered nurse Mr. Morin, proms, friends Reading and Janice Rose Stevens, " Jan " traveling Nurse High school in general Students, teachers, being Janice Stock . .....Reading and singing ..Private secretary varsity cheerleader Jeff Stock, " Jeffie " .... ...Farming . Rich farmer Speech class Patricia Lou Stohler, " Frani " ...Dancing . Private secretary ... T.S.C. and last summer Mike Stowe Having fun Navy Fun I ' ve had with friends Edward Sutton, " Ed " Photography Photographer Proms John Taylor ...Archery and guns Air Force .... Fun at A.H.S. Charles Franklin Tiffany, " Chuck " Corvettes .... ...Work for Ford Motor Co. . People at A.H.S. Dave Tubergen, " Dane " Folk music Veterinarian Plays, gov ' t class Paul Underwood, " Butch " .Skin diving Skin diver . New gym, and art class Cooking and Judy Ann Waite, " Judy " planning .... Beautician Mr. Morin Farming and Dale Warstler, " Dale " working on cars Work in factory .. ...Mr. Etzler ' s shop class Dick Waters, " Dick " Jokes and sports .. ...Coaching ... Mr. Morin Karen White, " Snowball " ..Having fun ...Executive secretary ...Dave, parties, Mr. Morin Basketball, driving Charles Wilsey .. around ...Forest park manager . ...Freshman class and sports Donald Wyatt .. Fishing . ....Truck driver .. ...Ball games Page One Hundre d Thirty £ FROM THE PAGES OF HISTORY TOP ROW: Gen Chadw ' ck, Eloise Kimes. Mary Lynn Christen. Emily Preston, Dixie Page, Linda French. SECOND ROW: Dennis McClelland, Judy Horman, Doug Musser, Dick Bryan, Elaine Dent, Karen Steinke. THIRD ROW: Sally Mains, Don Wyatt, Pam Harbour, Lana Hale, Jan Stevens, Irene Dowidat. FOURTH ROW: Suzan Krantz, Linda Delancey, Mary Jensen, Gene Eatinger, Pat Clancy, Karen White FIFTH ROW: Jim Moor. Andrea Mortorff, Steve Southern, Linda Crowl, Keith John- son, Pat Kaufman. Page One Hundred Thirty-one WHEN THEY WERE YOUNG AND GOOD LOOKING Prestoif R0W: Wall Liechty, Don Wyatt, Dale Warstler, Tom and Judy Walte, Emily SECOND ROW: Sandy Allen and her aunt, JoAnn Dtiguid and Jerry Rogers Don Palmer, Irene Dowidat. THIRD ROW: Don Palmer likes cars: Susan Showalter: There ' s Don Palmer again w-itn a car: Keith Johnson. , F9 rRTH ROW: Ross Butler and pal, Sandy Allen. Toni Roberts, Chuck Wilsey Diana L niaaister. Page One Hundred Thirty-three — IN DAYS GONE BY TOP ROW: Senior class when in the first grade; seniors when in kindergarten. SECOND ROW: Seniors when in first grade; other seniors when in kindergarten; (below) Phil and Emily Preston. THIRD ROW: Another group of seniors when in the first grade; smile, girls — Sidney Reese, Ruth Shank and Mindy Burns. Page One Hundred Thirty-four WAY BACK WHEN! TOP ROW: John Greenamyer, Toni and Terry Roberts, Glenn Barlett, Phyllis and Ann Gebhart, Judy and Barb Horman. SECOND ROW: Sharrie Buse, Scott Sparks, Carol Brown, John and Bob Baldwin — following in Elvis ' footsteps, Ijarry Boyd. THIRD ROW: Don Wyatt, John Cather, Ron Barlett— and goat, Eloise Kimes, Karen Steinke, Phyllis Gebhart. AWAY IN THE PAST FIRST ROW: Swingin ' Sidney: My, but Dane Tubergen surely looks sweet- A little young- for Driver Training, aren ' t you, Eddie Suttton?; Sidney again?; Jan Stevens is all smiles: SECOND ROW: Is that you, Dane? What a marvelous disguise! You look like Cindy P u , : F £l l ' ?oks disgusted: Debbie Spangle: A cheerleader, did you say? Oh, Diann Camp- bell!; Gloria Sapp!: Laurel looks glamourous. THIRD ROW: Janice Stock surely looks cute!: John Taylor: What ' s wrong Lvnn ' - Jack ' s not too photogenic, did you say Tuiren?: Is this Sue Waite?- (below) LeRov Crooks in an evil mood!; Sidney surely is popular! FOURTH ROW: Bathing Beauties: A slumber party!; Para looks comfy!: Isn ' t Linda Crowl a doll?! HERE AND THERE FIRST ROW: Mr. Barkdull talks over a problem with Mr. Mao: Kitty at work: Puppy love, Jeanne?: Mrs. Rathburn and Miss Servis, Y-Teen advisers, help with Christmas cookie making; Vicki Willis at the Science Fair. SECOND ROW: Nan and Diane, what are you looking for?: Y-Teens ' evening meet- ing; Peggy Sutton and her science exhibit: The guys talk it over. THIRD ROW; Say A-a-h!!!; Bonnie as busy as ever; And this is our Thespian crew?!: Another science exhibit on display— Steve Tenv ' s. FOURTH ROW: Tim Heller?: Jeanne Laird looking lovely: Vivian— long ago: Why. Hoffman!: What are you doing now. Mr. Porter, among the stage curtains? FIFTH ROW: Marshall!?: Our hem. Mike Sapp: Wallace Liechty, we presume: Now, Judy, count to ten first! Page One Hundred Thirty-sci en 1962 Alumni William Abbott — Bait Business, Angola, Ind. Frank Anspaugh — -Motor Wheel Factory, LaGrange, Ind. Connie Babcock — Potawatomi Inn, Pokagon State Park, Angola, Ind. David Blough — Bowling Green University, Bowling Green, Ohio Sally Boardman — Indiana University, Bloom- ington, Ind. Lou Ann Boyer — Secretary for Steuben Coun- ty Highway Department, Angola, Ind. Jim Brooks, Rice University, Houston, Texas Mark Broxon — T H Products Co., Angola, Ind. Nancy Bur ell — South Macomb Community College, Warren, Mich. Don Burrell — Farming, Angola, Ind. Gloria Call — Ball State Teachers College, Muncie, Ind. Kathleen Carney — Wellesley College, Welles- ley, Mass. Linda Carr — Ball Memorial Hospital School of Nursing, Muncie, Ind. Janet Carrick — Ball State Teachers College, Muncie, Ind. Phil Chiricotti — Working, Chicago, 111. Al Christy — Tri-State College, Angola, Ind. Sue Collins — Mrs. Mike Shirley, Lake James, Angola, Ind. Ronald Cook — Tri-State College, Angola, Ind. Dick Cope — National Guard, Fort Polk, La. Ruth Ann Crain — Indiana University, Bloom- ington, Ind. Sue Cron? — Lincoln Life Insurance Company, Fort Wayne, Ind. Bill Dailey — Tri-State College, Angola, Ind. Lee Decar — U.S. Navy Dianne Dickmeyer — Potawatomi Inn, Poka- gon State Park, Angola, Ind. Dave Dirrim — Throop Florist, Angola, Ind. Janet Dygert — Ball State Teachers College, Muncie, Ind. David Eff — Northwestern University, Evan- ston, 111. Joan Elkins — Associates Investment Co., Fort Wayne, Ind. Delia Fortune — Swarthmore College, Swarth- more, Penn. Mary Jane Gecowets — Secretary at Tri-State College, Angola, Ind. Barbara German — Mrs. Joe Chapin, Angola, Ind. Sharon German — Mrs. Ernie Pink, New York Sharon Gibbeny — Mrs. William Brown, Ham- ilton, Ind. Lee Gilbert — Quick Radio Repair, Angola, Ind. John Glasgow — Indiana University, Bloom- ington, Ind. Jeanne Gray — Ball State Teachers College, Muncie, Ind. Kathy Griffith — Ravenscroft School of Beauty, Fort Wayne, Ind. Joe Harpham — Farming, Pleasant Lake, Ind. Sandra Hawthorne — Radcliffe College, Cam- bridge, Mass. Marjorie Holly — Working in Florida Glenn Jacb — Butler University, Indianapolis, Ind. Patty Keller — Warner Beauty College, Fort Wayne, Ind. Gary Knox — Tri-State College, Angola, Ind. Diann Kramer — Secretary at Tri-State College, Angola, Ind. Delbert Lehman — Tri-State College, Angola, Ind. Carl Longsworth — U.S. Navy Page One Hundred Thirty-eight 1962 Alumni Sharon Loucks — Ball State Teachers College, Muncie, Ind. Jim Lovejoy — Purdue University, West La- fayette, Ind. Carolyn Mann — Mrs. Charles Bailey, Milwau- kee, Wis. Sue Ann Mansberger — Wellman ' s Grill, An- gola, ind. Paulette Mellby — St. Olaf College, Northfield, Minn. Kaye Mendenhall — Mrs. John Emerson, Hud- son, Ind. Kathie Nedele — Butler University, Indiana- polis, Ind. Susan Nedele — Butler University, Indiana- polis, Ind. Mike Noll — Purdue University, West Lafay- ette, Ind. Gary Page — Indiana State College, Terre Haute, Ind. Mike Parker — Klahn Funeral Home, Fort Wayne, Ind. Ronnie Hagewood — Working, Florida Nancy Parr — Working, Ashley, Ind. Carolyn Pethers — Green Parrot Cafe, Water- loo, Ind. Bob Petty — Working, Fremont, Ind. Sam Presley — Farming, Angola, Ind. Barbara Ransburg — Ball State College, Muncie, Indiana Kenny Robinson — Milligan College, Johnson City, Tenn. Jerry Schenkel — Working, Huntington, Ind. Libby Scott — Central Michigan College, Mt. Pleasant, Mich. Dorothy Senger — Automation Training, Inc., St. Louis, Mo. Helean Shattc — Mrs. James Graham, Pensa- cola, Fla. Gene Shaw — Tri-State College, Angola, Ind. Ellen Steenerson — Porter Business College, Indianapolis, Ind. Dave Stevenson — Lakeland Radio Supply, Angola, Ind. Lynn Steiner — Milligan College, Johnson City, Tenn. John Stock — Farming, Angola, Ind. Jack Strife — Purdue University, West Lafay- ette, Ind. Dave Tyler — Yoder-Culp Funeral Home, Goshen, Ind. Ed Waters — U.S. Marines Leslie West — Mrs. Butch Bash, Fort Wayne, Ind. Cheryl Williams — Mrs. Dee Anstett, Pleasant Lake, Ind. Jane Wilmoth — Mrs. Dave Vincent, Vermont Darl Wilson — Tri-State College, Angola, Ind. Don Wilson — Working, LaGrange, Ind. Betty Wolf — At Home, Pleasant Lake, Ind. Ed Wyatt — Weatherhead Co., Angola, Ind. UNUSUAL MOMENTS FIRST ROW: Marilyn McBride ' s Roman hairdo with Suzy Holtzman as the beauty operator; Junior girls show off new class rings!; Student teacher, Miss Warren, and Mr. Brayton. SECOND ROW: Our journalism class; Miss Tapp and Mr. Barkdull; Why, Steve Ferro ainl Sharon Srhiit ' tzlf r! ! THIRD ROW: Senior girls attend Sidney Reese ' s birthday party; Junior and senior girls have a slumber party — Tired girls?: Bathing beauties — Sidney Reese and Ruth Shank. FOURTH ROW: In the science laboratory; Some studious seniors, no doubt!; Gen surely was cute! Sfi SCHOOL LIFE AT ITS BEST teache Ipanteh Senior cords art here a S ai " : Hornets being put together; Judy Herman SECOND ROW: Popular Mike Sapp, huh girls?: Home Ee students study hard. whaiFrve " o ' Yav D P -° Ster draws attention: Choir caroling at Christmas time: " See FOURTH ROW: The busy junior stand: Auditorium program. Page One Hundred Forty-one Unforgettables Three One-Act Plays Key Sales Party Mr. Morin Income Tax Forms Term Papers Senior Coat Check Junior Stand Conduct Posters Podunk Research Projects New Curtains in Auditorium Semester Tests Basketball Games Cla: Christmas Prom Miss Shultz Junior Classical League Thespia Signing Keys Hi-Y Mock Election G.A.A. Auditorium Program Science Fair Season Ticket Sale Regional Tourney Snow — No Schc Mr. " Mac " Holiday Tourney Y-Teen Candlelight Service Mr. Boomershine Absence Slips Passes Sectional Tourney Style Show Mr. Milhollin ' s Guidance Senior Scholarship Fund Caroling in the Halls Class Breakfasts F.T.A. The MICAS Senior Day May Prom Mr. Bernhardt BACCALAUREATE COMMENCEMENT Page One Hundred Forty-two FAMILIAR SCENES TOP HOW: Senior journalists: Steve Terry at Science Fair: A. H. S. belles and Harry! SECOND ROW: At a V-Teen meeting; Emily does the ironing: lunch in Mrs. Choker ' s room. THIRD ROW: A social evening— Tom Waite, Judy Waite. Doug Musser, Lion Wyatt, Diana Chiddister; Charles Wilsey: pals-Mary Jensen and Sharrie Buse; Les rakes the lawn. FOURTH ROW: Y-Teens make Christmas cookies; (ileiin Barlett caught a whopper: Hornets on sale. Patronize Our Advertisers Telephone ABSTRACTS: Goodale Abstract Company . .665-23 14 Telephone BOTTLERS: Pokagon Beverage Company .. .. 665-3263 ATTORNEYS: Alfred R. Gutstein 66 5-69 5 1 Harris W. Hubbard, Attorney at Law 665-5715 AUTOMOBILE DEALERS: " Chuck " Fouts Rambler Sales 66 5-6214 Bob Lamoreaux Pontiac Sales Service 665-6513 L. G. Maxton Sales, Inc. 665-2195 Poinsatte Motors, Inc., Plymouth, Valiant, Chrysler, Imperial 66 5-212 5 Tiffany Motor Sales -665-6413 Wagner Ford, Inc. 665-3191 Wild-Arnold Motor Sales, Mercury, Comet 665-6414 AUTOMOTIVE PARTS: Automotive Paint and Supply 665-2134 Golden Auto Parts ...665-5261 BAKERIES: Holsum Bread BANKS: Angola State Bank 665-2861 First National Bank of Angola .665-2962 BARBER SHOPS: Bud ' s Barber Shop Clark ' s Barber Shop BEAUTY SHOPS: Beauty Clinic . .. . 665-3262 Lynn Ellen Beauty Salon .665-5414 Metz Beauty Shop . 665-2683 Rainbow Beauty Shop 665-5 5 15 Studio of Hair Design 665-6464 BUILDING PRODUCTS: Bodley ' s Building Products 66 5-2912 BOWLING ALLEYS: Tri-State Lanes, Dean Goings .665-6218 Angola Bowl, Inc., Harry Sarver . .665-9312 CANDY DEALERS: C. A. Nedele Sons, Wholesale Candy, Paper, Tobacco .665-2463 CANVAS SHOPS: Fairview Canvas Shop 665-5 562 CAR BODY SHOPS: Folck ' s Body Shop 66 5-6013 Mann Body Shop . 665-5915 Munson-Beck, Inc., Auto Body Rebuilding 66 5-6611 CHEMICAL LABORATORIES: Hickory Chemical Laboratories . .665-3589 CLEANERS: Angola Dry Cleaners .. ...665-2814 McBride Cleaners . 665-2715 CLOTHIERS: Jarrard ' s Men ' s Store 665-6612 Strock ' s Men ' s and Boys ' Wear . 665-2213 Ted ' s Casual Wear .. 66 5-6212 COAL COMPANIES: Angola Brick and Tile .. 66 5-2712 BOAT LIVERIES: Lanky ' s Landing, Lake James 665-2404 DAIRY EQUIPMENT SUPPLIES: Meyers Dairy Service 665-2961 BOOK STORES: Munn ' s Book Store 665-3212 DAIRY PRODUCT COMPANIES: Sunrise Dairy 66 5-2663 Page One Hundred Forty-four Patronize Our Advertisers Telephone DEPARTMENT STORES: J. C. Penney Company 665-25 12 Ransburg Sons Dept. Store, Pleasant Lake 475-2625 DENTISTS: Dr. W. R. Aldrich 665-30 1 6 Dr. C. B. Anderson 665-5712 Dr. Leif Steenerson .665-5014 DRESS SHOPS: Angola Dress Shop 66 5-6813 Ann ' s Dress Shoppe .. ...665-2013 Harman ' s Ladies ' Shoppe .. .665-6912 Ritter and Ferry Dress Shop .665-6412 Teen Shop 66 5-3 966 DRESSED POULTRY: Kay ' s Dressed Poultry ...665-6913 DRUGGISTS: K H North Wayne Pharmacy, Inc. 665-52 15 Kratz Drug Store 665-2106 Rogers Drug Store, Walgreen Agency 66 5-5 312 White ' s Drug Store 66 5-2166 ELECTRIC SHOPS: Foutz Electric Supply .665-6017 Shaw Electronic Supply ...665-5611 FACTORIES: All Metal Spinners, Inc. —665-2192 Moore Business Forms, Inc. .. ...665-3181 Weatherhead Company ....665-2154 FARM BUREAUS: Steuben County Farm Bureau Co-operative Association ...665-3161 FARM IMPLEMENTS: Alwood Tractor Sales 6652211 Covell Implement Store .665-2711 Oliver Sales Company .66 5-2611 FEED STORES: Hamma Feed Supply, Feeds, Seeds and Garden Supplies 665-3711 Telephone FILLING STATIONS: Bob ' s Marathon Station 665-9113 Frazier ' s Texaco Service .665-5814 Goodwin ' s Phillip ' s 66 Service 66 5-6713 Bob Meyers Sunoco Service ...665-9221 Pleasant Lake Phillip ' s 66 Service 475-9175 Schaeffer ' s Standard Service .665-2411 Swager Service Station, Pleasant Lake 475-2255 Walston Brothers Shell Service .. 66 5-6215 FIVE AND TEN CENT STORES: Danner ' s Variety Stores .. . .665-6012 W. R. Thomas 5c to $1 Store 665-3012 FLORISTS: Pleasant Lake Green House . 47 5-2775 Throop Florist 665-5061 FROZEN LOCKERS: Angola Frozen Locker Storage .665-6814 FUEL OIL DISTRIBUTORS: Sinclair Oil, Ray Lovejoy, Agent 66 5-5914 FUNERAL DIRECTORS: Klink ' s Funeral Home . .665-2121 Weicht ' s Funeral Home 665-3111 FURNITURE STORES: Kay ' s Furniture, Floor Coverings, Westinghouse Appliances .665-5816 Swank Wayside Furniture One Mile North on U.S. 27 665-3121 GARAGES: Al Lonsbury ' s Garage and and Wrecker Service 665-5165 Tritch Garage, Pleasant Lake 475-2225 GAS COMPANIES: North State Gas . ...665-6969 Shellane Bottled Gas, Water Conditioner, Harold Householder, Distributor 665-5811 GIFT SHOPS: Fred Smith, Gifts and Greeting Cards .665-3615 Page One Hundred forty-five Patronize Our Advertisers GROCERY STORES: August Food Market, Pleasant Lake Telephone ....475-2622 Kaiser ' s Foodland Super Market, Inc. 665-6514 Lakeside Grocery, Lake James 665-3791 Model Food Market 665-6313 HARDWARE STORES: Gamble ' s Hardware and Furniture .. 665-5761 Moore ' s Hardware, Pleasant Lake 475-3105 Seagly Brothers, Hardware, Appliances, Bulk and Bottled Propane Gas Service 66 5-2 5 63 Western Auto Associate Store, Home Owned, Glen Maxwell 66 5-5662 HATCHERIES: Holtzman Hatchery .665-2180 HEATING SUPPLIES EQUIPMENT: Howard Dodge Son Heating 665-6617 R. L. Ryan Heating 665-5411 HOME EQUIPMENT STORES: Hosack ' s, Since 1915, Electrical Appliances 665-3361 Telephone KIDDIE SHOPS: Kiddy Korner, Hazel Metz .665-6714 LAUNDRIES: Speedy Service Laundry 66 5-2613 LUMBER COMPANIES: Angola Lumber Company 66 5-3125 J. T. Horstman, Inc., Lumber, Supplies, Millwork Building, Pleasant Lake 475-3 505 Daniel Shank Lumber Company 66 5-3109 MACHINE SHOPS: Shorty ' s Machine Service 66 5-6618 MANUFACTURERS ' AGENTS: Joe Clancy and Company, Inc. 665-2516 MEAT MARKETS: Van Wagner ' s Market 665-6815 MEAT PACKING COMPANIES: Clyde ' s Packing Company, Inc. 66 5-2162 HOSPITALS: Compliments of Cameron Hospitals, Inc. 66 5-2 141 HOTELS: Hotel Hendry, Ollie Bassett 66 5-3196 INSURANCE AGENCIES: Farm Bureau Insurance, West Broad St. ... 1. ,. 665-3414 Jacob Insurance Service 665-3194 Philip S. Johnson Insurance Agency .. 665-3714 Nagel Insurance Agency 665-3814 Roe Insurance Service 665-3915 Watkins and Croxton Insurance Agency 665-2462 Weaver and Booth, Insurance Agency .665-2515 MOTELS: King ' s Motel 665-2362 Taylor ' s Tri-State Motel and Gift Shop 665-3171 Webster Motel 665-2018 MOTOR TRUCK LINES: Dundee Truck Line, Inc. 665-3712 Marion Trucking Company, Inc. 665-3712 MUSIC SHOPS: Rippe Music " 665-37 1 2 J. Q. Smith Music and Hobbies ...665-3415 NEWS STANDS: G K News Stand 665-5112 JEWELERS: Liechty Jewelry 665-3613 Tuttle ' s Jewelry 66 5-3715 OIL COMPANIES: Sinclair Oil Co., Ray Lovejoy, Agent - 665-5914 Page One Hundred Forty -six Patronize Our Advertisers Telephone OPTOMETRISTS: Compliments of Dr. M. J. Blough .66 5-5450 Compliments of Dr. R. C. Snook 66 5-3463 PAINT COMPANIES: Economy Wall Paper and Paint Company 665-5916 PHOTOGRAPHERS: Clark ' s Photo Studio ...665-5015 Gentry Photographic 665-3456 PHYSICIANS: Compliments of Dr. Richard Artz 665-2 144 Compliments of Dr. Robert Barton 665-2144 Compliments of Dr. Knight Kissinger 66 5-6717 Compliments of Dr. Norman W. Rausch 66 5-2 144 PLUMBERS: Selman Heating and Plumbing .665-6011 PRINTERS: Steuben Printing Company, Printers of this Annual 665-3 118 PUBLIC SERVICE UTILITIES: Consumers Natural Gas Corporation . 66 5-3 964 Northern Indiana Public Service Company 665-3 137 RADIO EQUIPMENT AND PARTS: Lakeland Radio and TV Supply 665-63 11 RADIO STATIONS: WTVB Studios, Angola and Coldwater 665-671 5 REAL ESTATE DEALERS: Ralph J. Steffan, Realtor, Farm, City, and Lake Property ...665-2714 RESTAURANTS: A W Root Beer Drive-in 66 5-5063 Bassett ' s Restaurant 66 5-5 514 Boyce ' s Drive-in Restaurant 665-9120 Brown ' s Ice Cream Cardinal Cafe 665-9225 Christy ' s Coney Island 665-9126 Telephone Circle 41 Restaurant ...665-2564 Duke ' s, The Friendly Restaurant .. .665-2416 Gay Barn Restaurant 665-5013 The Ice Cube, Pleasant Lake, N. 27 North Wayne Restaurant —.665-5415 Sandy ' s Drive-in ...665-2965 Top Hat Drive-in ... 665-6517 Wellman ' s Grill 665-9224 SALES COMPANIES: Southern Sales Company 665-3961 SEWING MACHINES: Singer Sewing Machine Company, " We Sell The Best and Service The Rest " 665-5 812 SHOE STORES: The Bootery .... 665-6312 Family Shoes Discount Store . 66 5-2916 Fashion Shoe Store .. .665-2315 SHOE REPAIR SHOPS: Louie ' s Shoe Repair Shop SPORTING GOODS: Ace Sportsman ' s Supply .665-5910 Angola Sporting Goods .. 665-5464 Bob ' s Sport Shop .. 665-3614 TELEVISION SALES AND SERVICE: Arkwright ' s TV - Motorola TV and Radios 665-6613 THEATERS: Brokaw Theatre 665-3912 Strand Theatre ...665-3 812 TIRE SALES: Newnam Tire Service ...665-6712 WELDING SERVICE: Glen ' s Welding 66 5-5 326 WREATH COMPANIES: Rogers Wreath Company ...665-6217 YARDAGE STORES: Angola Yardage Shop .66 5-2413 The class also greatly appreciates contributions from friends. Pii r One Hundred Forty-seven AT IMPORTANT MOMENTS FIRST ROW: Students in first hour speech class; Tourney tickets going fast!; Carol does lots of typing; Mrs. Chokey way back when! SECOND ROW: Making costumes for Civic Theatre; Mrs. Erickson and members of speech class; Sectional Tourney ticket line again. THIRD ROW: Three Musketeers?: Interesting conversations in the hall; Miss Tapp and Mrs. Buse confer about dress patterns. FOURTH ROW: Slumber party at Tuiren Butler ' s house; Pat in a pensive mood; Jim; Linda smiles. Page One Hundred Forty-eight V 1 HAPPENINGS NOW AND THEN FIRST ROW: Girls hear program on applying for a job; Chemistry experiments are fun; Carlton, our faithful custodian. SECOND ROW: Chuck and Jeff talk things over; Judy buys a tourney ticket; Writing themes in English IV. THIRD ROW: Junior high girls ' band alias Louie Armstrong ' s combo; Lind F. and Jim Lovejoy ready for the Junior High Prom. Teachers In Our Elementary Schools CARLIN PARK SCHOOL Mrs. Mary M. Slagle, kindergarten Mrs. Pauline Helsel, first grade Mrs. Mildred B. MacFadyen, first grade Mrs. Susie Berger, second grade Miss Juanita M. Teegardin, second grade Mrs. Alberta Allion, third grade Mrs. Brenda Oltean, third grade Mrs. Helen H. Healy, fourth grade Miss Ruth Stevens, fourth grade Mrs. Evangeline Fuller, fifth grade Robert Sharrow, fifth grade Miss Laura Frank, sixth grade Miss Thelma Hephner, s ixth grade Curt Rathburn, elementary principal HENDRY PARK SCHOOL Mrs. Emma Druckamiller, kindergarten Miss Vera A. Myers, first grade Mrs. Ruth E. Patenge, first grade Miss June E. Collins, second grade Mrs. Alice Meyers, second grade Mrs. LaVerne Hauber, third grade Mrs. Catherine Schrider, third grade Mrs. Flora E. Hedglin, fourth grade Mrs. Pauline Reichardt, fourth grade Miss Wilma I. Harmon, fifth grade Louis Sapp, fifth grade Mrs. Mildred McCool, sixth grade Mrs. Mary Stevens, sixth grade Walter W. Schubert, elementary principal PLEASANT LAKE SCHOOL Mrs. Shirley Hull, kindergarten Mrs. Rose B. Clark, first grade Mrs. Berta McAlpin, second grade Mrs. Violet Hollopeter, third grade Mrs. Bessie Lepley, third grade Mrs. Hilda Chrysler, fourth grade Mrs. Cleota M. Pfingstag, fifth grade Mrs. Norma Milhollin, sixth grade Charles A. Ryan, sixth grade . ' Miss Virginia Lehman, special Charles A. Ryan, elementary principal SPECIAL TEACHERS Mrs. Wilma Hall, music Miss Rita Hoak, music Mrs. Carole Howell, speech and hearing Mrs. Nancy Newnam, librarian Howard Boomershine, superintendent Page One Hit ml re J Fifty AT ODD MOMENTS TOP HOW: Journalism t-lass: a thorn between two roses; studious kids! SECOND ROW: Mr. Condon at work; junior boys at their leisure: student teacher Miss Selman with Miss Tapp, librarian. THIRD ROW: Cheese!— sophomore girls at a slumber party; senior girls " the morning after the night before " : Y-Teen cabinet members. FOURTH ROW: Study hall; Pleasant Lake junior girls long ago; English IV girls study " Macbeth. " I ! Autographs i I f " ■ " ■ ' ■ " % Is . — - .ii

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