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Text from Pages 1 - 168 of the 1962 volume:

: J G iO 3 1833 01802 1789 GENEALOGY 977. EOE AN AHS 196E 1962 KEY ANGOLA HIGH SCHOOL - ANGOLA, INDIANA PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS Leslie West Editor Glenn Jacob. Business Manager mi 1 jfi BBIWPWi ' w ' 1 ■M k 1 IKBIS .,, 1 . New Gyninasiuni FOREM ORD We, IIk senior class of 1962, present this year- book, which is deioted to things iihich iiill be our best loved memories of Angola High Sc mol. We bojie the following pages will help you remember them ill the years to come. Pleasant Lake School Members of the Class of ' 62 who come from Lake cherish many happy memories of time spent in this school building. They attended first grade here and went quite a distance up the ladder of learning w ithin these walls. Henclrv Park School Hendrv Park School, in which the elementary grades are taught, is a new build- ing with the most modern equipment. The cafeteria is located here and the all-purpose room has been the scene of many high school social functions. Carlin Park School Carlin Park School is the newest of our school buildings, having been completed only last year. It has beautifully colored walls, most modern school furniture and shm- ing floors. Indeed it is a joy to behold — and we think a joy for the children to attend. Public Library Across the street from A.H.S. is the Public Library, the scene of fran- tic search and concentrated effort when term papers were due. Here we also found many books on every subject to help us on that rugged path of learning. Contents FACULTY Page 1 1 CLASSES Page 2 5 ACTIVITIES Page 67 SPORTS Page 93 School Parking Lot This pleasing sight, the parking lot at A.H.S., has solved the faculty and student parking problem. It was constructed last fall at the site of the old gymnasi um. , - . • " - 1 £-Jr . ,- m ; 1i m jiaiiaiflfiii The class of 1962 wishes to express its appreciation to Mr. Avery, our sponsor for the past two years, and to our class president, Jim Love- joy, who has guided us through our four years of high school. We should like to express our many thanks for their guidance and understanding. Their contributions to our class have helped to make these four years much more enjoyable. Page Nine li hi FMi m OUR SUPERINTENDENT We, the graduating class of 1962, would like to express our gratitude to our superintendent, Mr. Boomershine, who has always been a great help to us. His smil- ing face greeted us whenever we met him in the halls of A.H.S. or whenever we entered the office. He has never been too busy to talk with us if we needed guidance. Administration ro ■ OUR PRINCIPAL During our four years of high school, " Mac " has always been ready to help us in any way possi- ble. He has been a true friend and he was ready to listen to our problems at any time. We wish to thank Mr. McCutchan for making our high school years at A.H.S. pleasant and profitable. H. C. Wisner, Treasurer; D. G. Mason; H. H. Stevens, President; R. L. Nedele, Secretary; Paul Strock, Vice-President. BOARD OF EDUCATION Much credit is due the Board of Education of the MetropoHtan Schools of Steuben for the wor they have done to make our school life more pleasant. At their reg ular meetings, the board has me problems regarding the financia program, the planning of the school curriculum, the selectic teachers, and the legislatior general school rules. SECRETARIES The school secretaries — Edith Cox, Bonnie Wilcox, and Kitty Rozell — are always ready to lend a helping hand. They help students and teachers skillfully and with never ending energy. The Class of ' 62 thanks them for their assist- ance during our high school days. .ilxi Faculty MR. MILHOLLIN, our counselor, is speaking to MR. GIBBS about the advantages of studying economics, Mr. Gibbs ' favorite subject. You can bet shop, English and business are favorite topics of conversation when MR. ETZLER, MR. AVE- RY, and MR. THOMPSON get together. MR. CABLE looks as if he is preparing one of his famous aleebra tests. Pa " e Fuin een MR. GODLEVSKI and MISS SIEBOLD seem to be engaged in a lively conversation. Could it be about music? JOHN POTTS goes over a math paper with an agreeable teacher, MR. HAMMEL. MRS. CHOKEY is showing an English paper to MR. BARK- DULL and MR. DRUCKAMIL- LER. Faculty MRS. KILE and MR. MEYERS are discussing something interesting in MISS REED ' S Spanish room. They will soon be off to their math classes. plays. MR. AVERY and MR. PORTER have id a prop for one of their high school MISS SHULTZ has stopped in MRS. CLINE ' S room for a chat about English. Page Sixteen MR. WEARLY, our shop teacher who also has charge of first period study hall, is interested in some records kept by Sheila Noll, student librarian. MR. JOHNSON explains .a detail in mechanical drawing to Jim Thompson, one of his students. A chat about home economics is restful to both MRS. BUSE and MRS. TRENNEPOHL between classes. Faculty MR. CONDON and MRS. VOSTEEN find time, while mimeographing tests, for conversing on their favorite subjects, Eng- lish and history. MRS. CLARK enjoys seeing Tarry Gray taking an interest in science — via examin- ing things through the microscope. Pai c Eighteen MR. KELLEY and MR. NESBITT go over the appointments for up-and-coming sports events. MR. NMCHOLS, band director, goes over some music arrangements with our , MISS SIEBOLD. The parts of a sentence can be difficult but interesting. MR. BRAYTON explains a construction to Marjorie Dalrumple. MRS. ROUSH wishes all young people would take a more active interest in phys- ical education. Her pupils are Pat Harter, Ann Geb- hart, and Cathy Fisher. Faculty MR, MONTGOMERY is discussing some recent scientific work with MR. BERNHARDT and MR. DYGERT in the new science lab. MRS. LONG, school nurse, I ' ork checking students ' records CUSTODIANS We owe much to our faithful custodians, TOM MYERS, CARL- TON ERWIN, LESTER SHEL- TON and TOM GERMAN. They cheerfully clean the floors, mend broken desks, replace burned out light bulbs and do a thousand other things around the building. Tom German works at the new gym and cheerfully swept the floor around the junior stand and the senior coat check room, as well as looking after all the other rooms of the gym. Our h.its off to all of our cus- todians! A.H.S. In Winter Rain, shine, snow, and sleet cre- ate familiar weather scenes around A.H.S. throughout the year. Al- though sometimes hazardous, the snow seems to welcome students into the warmth of the school ' s interior. We ' re proud of our school and Its many seasonal be SCHOOL SCENE Page Tuenty-tti ' o Bus Drivers If--, Y f- " . r ' j - mssEs ' ii v (AMES ANTHONY DONALD RICHARD Page Tiventy-iiine LEE WAYNE GILBERT DIANN MARIE DELBERT L. LEHMAN JAMES ALLEN LOVEJOY CAROLYN LOUISE MANN SUE ANN MANSBERGER SUSAN CAROL NEDELE MICHAEL L. NOLL ■l4ib MICHAEL L. E, PARKER CAROLYN SUE PETHERS Page Thirty-fii tfe 4t MAURICE LYNN STEINER DAVID LEE STEVENSON Page Thirty-seven JANE KATHRYN WILMOTH DARL DUANE WILSON DONALD L. WILSON HAROLD EDWIN WYATT CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT - " " Loi ' ejoy VICE-PRESIDENT Darl Wihon SECRETARY-TREASURER , -.- Barbara Rarisburg BUSINESS MANAGER Susan Nedele SPONSOR Mr. Avery COLORS -- Greet7 and White FLOWER - - White Carnation MOTTO " Today We Follow; Tomorrow We Lead " Oh, To Be A Freshman! " Oh, to be 1 freshman; So young and starry-eyed! Oh, to be a freshman! " Or so this senior sighed. " When I was a freshm: The world was in m And I faced the future, Without a fear or qualm palm. Page Fort) " Now I am a senior. And see folly in all this. Oh, to be a freshman. When ignorance was bliss! " 1 i— , Senior Directory WILLIAM E. ABBOTT KATHLEEN ELIZABETH CARNEY FRANK HENRY ANSPAUGH CONSTANCE L. BABCOCK Mixerl Chorus I; Y-Teeus II. HI. IV; S DAVID N. BLOUGH LINDA RUTH CARR F.T.A. II. Ill, IV; Kay Staff IV; Thespian Socie- ty III, Secretary-Treasurer IV; District Solo En- semble Contest T. II. III. IV; Y-Teens II. TIT. IV; P..C). -. Cintest 1. II. HI. IV; Pep chili I - ; .J.C.L. I, SARAH ELIZABETH BOARDMAN IMi- " l 1 • - , 1 l TlH,- ' |M,n, ; ■!- W Th.-K- s.V:,, .V i:,,., ' )„i,i. ■■,.,!,. M " iv -- ' r..,.,i: II, iiT ' iV; Sin,. l;..., . Conte it 1, 11, HI. IV; IJ.A.A. 1, 11, HI; M,,Ui. niatics Contest II; liuglish Contest III, IV; Hs.av Contest IV; Di Immortliles Staff II; J.C L. I, II, P.rtty Crocker Award IV; United Nations Speech LOU ANN BOYER JANET LEE CARRICK lvT,. , 1, II, III, [ K, . .-;,,il l rii, mo;hi So- cielx- III, l -. Til. .-1 : li . Ill ; -! , ■■., H, HI l - IM..1I I, . ,- , , , , , 1 . ,, , • 1 , Y- Te..ii,- 11,111, l l: r III i I ' ep Clul, i -, i: . 1 i;.,,, , ,,,,,, , i |,, I,, n.iles StalT 11; ,I,l.M., I, II, HI, IV; iMeshman choir I; Concert Band HI. IV; Dance Band IV; Marchin,g PniHl HI, IV; National Honor Society IV. Hisfh S -hool Chiiir n-, n,,in..t Staff IV; Kev Staff IV; T-Teens II, III, IV, IMiV. Contest IV; Pep Club IV; GA.A, IV. PHILIP GUY CHIRICOTTI JAMES ANTHONY BROOKS Tl,. .|..,,,, S... ,..!» I TL. |,,,,M |■i,l •.. III. IV; ALBERT ( . ( IIRISTY III. .Vationa ' l " l.. ' ri ' t Srhnla rjli i|, S. ' ini ri , !lHs ' t ' u ' . " " ' " High School CI Vocal Quartet IV: Thespian Society l M, ,.,.,,,,. I ' lavs IV; District Solo Ensemhle i ' ..!ii.-i 1 II lloosier Bovs ' State HI; Hi-Y I, II, III. n . l;..,sketliall I. II; Baseball I. H. HI IV; Safet ■ Patrol 1. Poetry Contest I; Foot- l.all I. H, HI; Band I, II; Freshman Choir I; Hi-Y MARK BROXON P.askethall III, IV, Hornet Staff IV; Key Staff IV; Thespian Plays IV; Di Immortales Staff II. CATHERINE SUE COLLINS Mixed Chorus I; F,T,. . I; Hornet Staff HI; Key DONALD RICHARD BURRELL Staff IV; Y-Teens II, HI, IV. Hi-Y I, II. RONALD E. COOK NANCY ELLEN BURRELL T-,T.A, II, III, Parliamentarian IV, H-rnrt Staff IV; Y-Teens II, III, IV; Student Lihraii.iu HI. Hornet Staff IH; Key Staff IV; Hoosier Boys ' State IH; Hi-Y H, IH, IV; Mathematics Contest IV; Essay Contest IV; J,C,L. I; Football II, III, IV, GLORIA JEAN CALL F.T.A. I. Vice President II. Ill, IV, Hornet Staff Assistant Business Manager IV, Thespian Society III, IV; Thespian Plays III, IV Orchesti a II. III. IV; B.O.V. Contest II. Ill, IV Pep Club President IV; Mathematics Contest I Essay Contest I, IV; J.C.L. I; Freshman Choir I RICHARD COPE Key Staff IV; Baseball I, 11. RUTH ANNE GRAIN F.T.A, I, It, HI, IV; Hoosier Cirls ' State III; Y-Teens 11, HI, IV, 1 Senior Directory SUE ELLEN CRONE SHARON KAY GERMAN ■ ' ' ir Mi ..) Choi-iis I; 1 , s.Mi.M TV: Thespia A i:ii.-.. nihle Contes i-ni.M I; Student cli..l,ISl II, •.T.A. I; „ Pla.s Council IV Hornet Staff IV; K.v Staff I -; Y-Ti-eus II. Ill G.A.A. I. SHARON L. GIBBENY wu III LIA IV M G. DAILEY Track I, II. III. IV; ••.... than Co Hig-!i School Choir II. Ill: District Solo En ible Contest II. Ill: Y-Teens II, III, IV; B.O.V itest I, II, III, IV. RICHARD L. DETAR jlo Ensemble Contest II: Hi-Y 1, ifetv Patrol I, II: Poetry Contest I: ■St IV: J.C.L. I, II; State Latin Confe LINDA DIANE DICKMEYER H Staff IV; Key Staff I " ; Y-Teer DAVID D. DIRRIM ft III; Hi-Y " I; Basketball Manage LEE WAYNE GILBERT JOHN MITCHELL GLASGOW High School Choir III, IV: Orchestra III, IV; District Solo Ensemble Contest I: Hoosier Boys ' State III: Hi-Y I, II. Ill, IV; Basketball I: Baseball I; B.O.V. Contest I. II. III. IV; Essay Contest I; Football I, II, Manager III, IV: Pep Band II. IV; Marching Band I, II, III. JEANNE LOUISE GRAY I, II; Key Staff IV; District Solo En- JANFT SUE DYGERT CATHERINE M. GRIFFITH DAVID HAROLD EFF faff ' ; Key Staff IV; The JOAN ELKINS F.T.A. II: Y-Teens II. III. led Salem ' Ce ' nter High Scho RONALD HAGEWOOD staff 1 JOHN JOSEPH HARPHAM SA.VDRA MAT HAWTHORXE J.C.L. I. ra I, II, . III. IV: DELLA ANN FORTUNE Pep Club IV: vTtzerland II; Wi •p Club; Panorai MARY JANE GECOWETS MARJORIE JEAN HOLLY Y-Teens II. IV: G.A.A. I; Attended Houghton Lake. Micliigan. High School Junior Y ' ear— School Paper Staff III: Pep Club III: Annu al Staff III: GLENN W. JACOB, JR. BARBARA JEAN GERMAN Girls ' State III; ' Local and State I man Choir I; Con II, III. IV: Dance tet I. II; Saxophi i n g Senior Directory PATTY KELLER staff 111. Key Staff IV; Y- GARY R. KNOX Hornet Staff III: Key Staff ' ; Track J, II; Basketball I. I II; Baseball Manager III, IV. CORAL KAYE MENDENHALL III, IV; Pep Cli test I, IV; Di ■.T.U. Essay Ton ble Cuntest III; Y-Teens Poetry Contest I: Essay tales Staff II; J.CL. II; " oncl Plare I. KATHLEEN JANE NEDELE DIANN MARIE KRAMER Hnrnet Staft IV; Key Staff IV; Thespian Socie- ty III, IV; Thespian Plays III; Y-Teens III, IV; Pep Club Vice President IV; G.A.A. Ill; Essay Contest IV; Attenfled Huntington Catholic High School I: Lakeyiew Senior High School II— Y-Teens II. ; n. N. Speech III; . Oood Citizen IV; -Sciphomore Track DELBERT L. LEHMAN Iff IV; Safe SUSAN CAROL NEDELE CARL J. LONGSWORTH, JR. SHARON LOUCKS FT.A. II, IV; Thespian Society III, IV; Orches- Y-Teens II, III, IV; B.O.V. Contest III Pep Cll 1) IV; J.C.L. I, II: Freshmai Choir I. JAMES ALLEN LOVEJOY ■s ' tiI; Hoosier Boys ' State ' ll I; H -Y I. 11, III tin] Contest IV |. ' ,., tli ill I, II, III, IV. CAROLYN LOUISE MANN Orc!iestra III, IV; District Solo Ensemble test I, II, III; Hoosier Girls ' State III: Y-Teens III, IV; B.O.V. Contest I, II, III, IV; Essay Con- IV: Pep Band II, III, IV; Dance Band I; Fresh- 1 Choir I: Marching Band III, IV; Key Staff IV. MICHAEL L. NOLL Assi stant Bii ille.s , Ma lager TV t (■ IV ■ Na iona ir IV; Matl tics Cent est S ate Training Prog GARY S. PAGE High School Choir II, III; Key Staft IV; District Solo Ensemble Contest I: Hoosier Boys State Al- ternate III: Hi-Y II, III, IV; Track I, II, III, IV: Basketball I. 11. Honorable Mention All-Conlerence Basketball III, i 1 : i V. Contest II, III; Student Council 1 l ' . i ' ,,,,1, I TV; Di Immortales Staft II: J C.L. T. II l: ' i. 1,1 II; Football I, II, III, IV: First Teiiiii Ml ' ,,, lire (NEIAC) Quarterback SUE ANN MANSBERGER et Staff IV; Y-Teens II. III. IV; ; II, IV; Essay Contest IV. MICHAEL L. E. PARKER PAULETTE AGNES MELLBY NANCY JO PARR CAROLYN SUE PETHERS Senior Directory ROBERT C. PETTY DAVID LEE STEVENSON Hl-Y I, II; Safety Patml I; Pn.jei ti SAM PRESLEY Basketl.Hll I: lasehall I. Attended Pleasant Lak BARBARA JO RANSBURG JOHN F. STOCK High School Choir II. III. IV; Mixed Chorus IV; District Solo Knsemble Contest II. Ill, IV; Hi-T Til, Vice President IV; Hi-Y All-Star Basketball Team IV; B.O.V. Contest II. III. IV; Boys ' Trio II. Ill, IV; Hi-Y Summer Camp III. II. Vice President III. Program v. Contest II. III. IV; Essay Con- .itales Staff II; J.C.L. I. II; Eng- JACK A. STRITE High School Choir II. III. IV. Vocal Trio II. Ill, IV: Key Staff IV; Thespian Plays IV; District Solg Ensemble Contest I. II, III IV; Hi-Y I, II, III, IV: Basketball I, II; National Honor Society III, Vice President IV: Poetry Contest IV. KENNETH JAY ROBINSON Track I. II. IV: Basketball I. II. III. IV: Base IV: Football I. II. III. IV. Lietterman II. Ill; Ser Worker 1. II. HI. IV; Intramurals I. II. Ill: Att. ed South Side Hish School in Fort Wayne I. II. JERRY SCHENKEL DAVID LOUIS TYLER RONALD E. WATERS Hi-Y II. III. IV: Track II; Ilas.ball Manage LIBB ' ANN SCOTT LESLIE JO WEST Tri-Hi-Y III Board II; Secret High School in II; Girls ' League Scroll III; School Attended Hastings DOROTHY C. SENGER HELEAN I. SHATTO IV; Stude GENE RICHARD SHAW luiol II. III. IV; Horn( IV: nistrict Sob. Ensemb ketball II: Contest 1 ■lioir I: Pep Band IV: Dane et Staff IV ! Contest I II. III. IV ELLEN AMBER STEENERSON 1 Sri,,„,l Choir II. III. IV: F.T.A. I. II: Key 1. .IIS II. III. Secretary IV; Student I |. I ' lub IV; Freshman Choir I; Pep " uid I, II, III, IV; Saxophone III, IV: Student C-ii I; Essay Contest I Queen ' s Court Frt-.l CHERYL ANN WILLIAMS Mixed District Sc Teens II. : JANE KATHRYN WILMOTH in l - Hoi-net Staff IV; Key Staff I r - III. Y-Teens II. III. Secretary I .1 .iv- Contest IV; Attended T ' arwi -- - Mol, Warwick. Rhode Island, a . ,. I.. .- iident Council I; G.A.A. I; Stude DARL DUANE WILSON Class Vice President IV; Class Treasurer I Vo cal Quartet IV; Key Staff Distribution Chairmar IV; Christmas Prom King IV: Hi-Y I, II. III. IV Track I. II. III. IV; Basketball I. II, III. Studenl Council II. Ill; Freshman Choir I; Football I. DONALD L. WILSON High School Choir IV: Hi-Y III. CLASS OFFICERS s. ;iosTr ENT VF,. -i ' i:i:siDENT R ■|;i:tart- :|.:asi-rer ith Shank U ' SI.X :;SS MANAGE] ■;i ' i S()R .;ree , ' !u ' !d ' vinte w • ' LOWER ■Tlirou Todaj gh Knowledge We Acquire Class TOP ROW: Sandy Al- len, Frederick Bachert. John Baldwin, Ronnie Barlett, Fred Beck, Chick Blakesley. SECOND ROW Boyd, Carol Bryan. THIRD ROW: Jii Page Forty- « TOP ROAV: John Cat ard Cisco, P a ( SECOND ROW: Kath- THIRD ROW; Crowl, Cindy D Linda DeLancey, DeLong, Patrick ins. Gerald Demo d J f ' 63 FOURTH ROW: Elai Dent, David D e t a Irene Dowidat. Jo Ai Dug-uid, Gailen Eati s?er. Lynford Elt. FIFTH ROW: Marcia Fenyves, Susan Floren- tine, Mick Fradenburg, Linda French, Phyllis Gebhart, Pam Gorrell. Page Forty-seven !■ £f£M le TOP ROW: Emily leston, Darlene Rath- urn, ally Rathburn, iclnev Reese, Judith ;eitenoin-, Gary Rey- SECOND ROW: Donald Rinehart, Toni Roberts, Jufly Rose. C b e r y 1 Sack, Mike Sapp, Don- ald Senneville. THIRD ROW: Ruth Shank, Walter .Sliutt. X a n Smith, Richard S o m e r 1 o t t, Steven Southern, Scott Sparks. f ' 63 f ( d lart Ati Ak : i A« t ' RTH ROW: Karen FIFTH ROW: Charles Wilsev, John Taylor, Charles Tiffany, Dane Tubergen, Paul Under- SIXTH ROW: Dale Warstler, Dick Waters. Karen " W hite, Don Wyatt, Sandra Stubbs, Mr. Gibbs. N " OT PICTURED: Da Page Forty-nine CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDE • SECRETARY- TREASURER Peg-gy Fast MOTTO ■■Wear Not the Cro-n ' r :.f Knowledge -n ' ithou the Dust o( Toil.- Clas THIRD ROW: Linda Brown, Tuiren Butler, Roger Caton, Joey Chaudoin, Mary Chid- dister, Duane Childs. Punc Fifty TOP ROW; Marjor Dalrumple, Jack Delle Beverly Dygert. Sha SECOND ROW: Peggy Fast, Steve F e r r o, Kathy Fisher, John Flegal, Barry Frising- er, Jack Frye. THIRD ROW: Janie; Garner, Ann Gebhart Marsha Gomez, Denni: Goiidv, Janet Gould Pamella Gould. f ' 64 FOURTH ROW. Kr Hart, Dor FIFTH ROW: Stev Hemming. Philip Her Dave Hanselman, Nan cy Hoffman, M a r v i SIXTH ROW: Charles Hones.s, Barbara, Hor- man, Mary Howser, James Howe, John Huhler, Julie Inman. Page Fifty- IP ROW: Edwai-do SECOND ROW: THIRD ROW: Linda K. Donald Ma? Larry Putt. Page Fifty-two Clasj FOURTH ROW: Jea Ann MacRae. G a t h Mendel, Diana Merc dith, Marilyn Mestoi Marshall Mitzman. Bus ter Moor. FIFTH ROW: Eoge Moser. Annette Myers Margaret Nagel, Louis Patenge, Frank Patter 5on, Phil Pollard. SIXTH RO " W: Linda Poole, John Potts, El- ian Powers, Phil Prist- TOP ROW: Curt Rausch, T i m Reese, Reese, Steve Richard- son, Todd Rigelman, Carolyn Roge nard Schaftner Ber- SECOND ROW. Shar- on Schnetzler, Fred Schroeder. Dale Sheets, Laurel Shirley, George Shoup, Dale Simedru. THIRD ROW: Alice Smith, Anita Spauld- ing, Paul Sparks, Sam- uel Steiner, Mike Ste- venson, Roger Sunday. f ' 64 FOURTH ROW: Sue Swank, Bob Tuttle, Sharon Urbine, Tom Van A u k e n, Metodi Velkoff, Linda Vincent. FIFTH ROW: Larry Waite, Jerry Walcutt, .ludy Warren, John Wellman, Judy Wiley. Steve Wild. gt££ Page F if y- three CLASS OFFICERS . f fM9M Page Fifty- JP ' -jfeil .0 - Rowe, Law- SECOND ROW: Pame- la Salisbury, Suzanne Sanders. Gloria Sapp, Penny Sarpa, Starr Sedler, Sam Seeman. m i]S w «eJ Shelton, Bever FOURTH ROW: Stev. Shirey, Rodney Siders Dale Smith. Debbie Spangrle. Judy Stevens Stephen Strock. Trae: Stroh. of ' 65 In Session [n Session These scenes show boys at work in the excellently equipped mechanical arts de- partment m a section of the new gymnasium. Everything IS modern, really a shop worker ' s dream! Driver Training classes in Driver Training were conducted during the summer. The course in- cluded thirty-two hours of classroom discussion and twenty-six hours in a car, six of these behind the wheel. Before going out on the road, the students had psychophysical testing — depth per- ception, peripheral vision, reaction time under certain conditions, steadiness of nerves, and resistance to glare. Each student also completed a project book. L. G. Maxton Sales, Inc., provided for the use of the students two 1961 model Chevrolet cars equipped with automatic gearshifts. Steuben County Motors provided two 1961 Fords with automatic transmissions. The instructors last Mr. Kelley. ner were Mr. Druckamiller, Mr. Sapp, Mr. Ryan, and S v y j) Ill In V irious departments throughout the school. student ssistants gladly a,d the teacher and n this way gair more i iformation about their chose 1 sub- jects. Gary Page s havmg a good time ookm? in a microscope. He works n the science lab. Carol Brown h dps out in the a rt room The issistants of Mrs. T renne pohl ar d Mrs . Buse pictured below a re Kath ' Ishe r, Jud% Rose Joan Students Help Ou Elkins, Mary Houser and Hclean Shatto. In the last picture Mr. Bernhardt is explaining a theoiy to his assistants — Jim Brooks, Katie Car- ney, Loren Bernhardt, and Richard Cisco. The student librarians are indispensable to Miss Ohlman. One of them works in the library each period during the day. Those pictured are: Dennis McClelland, Nancy Parr, Shei la Noll, Pat Stohler, Connie Babcock, Darlene Rathburn, and Sue Max- n Different Departments ton. Not pictured are Sue Mansberger, Sharon El- liott, and Linda Vincent. Janice Moor, a home economics assistant, is ar- ranging material on the bulletin board. The scene in the art room shows Paul Under- wood, Roger Morse, and Lawrence Rowe are putting the finishing touches on " Mighty Manfred. " The boys are art assistants. The picture at the bottom of the page shows students who operated the film projectors this year. This group includes Dave Eff, Richard Cisco, Dave Stevenson, Dennis McClelland, John Glasgow, Mark Broxon, Ron Cook, Jim Garner, David Beard, Tony Culver, Gary Mansberger, Dennis Croy, Lee Gilbert, Carl Ransburg, Phil Bernhardt, Steve Ferris, Bob Reynolds, Ray Johnson, Jackie Ormiston, and Don Hosack. Marshall Mitzman is not pictured. Miss Ohlman is threading the projector. i 1 ACTIVITIES m m. The Key 1 IMTdR IlRAMATICS ASSISTANT EDITOR SaniU Ha«thoM,e Jan Dygeit Paillette Mellb ALl-MXl Cheiyl William LAY-OLT ELUTORS a5 v " iS;,n,a I ' HATFllES TT-slNnsS STAFF 1 1 Ti.ob Helean Shatto Sue Collins Diane Dickme Mary Jane Gee Sue Ann Mansl ,M„k CLASSES Helean Shatto BOYS ' SPORTS " Vv,lii...;j Jim Lovejoy Gary Knox Gary Page ART EDITORS Gene Sl a y lulette Mellliy m Brooks SENIOR PICTURE Ellen Steenerson ..I:.:. XI7.ATI ' iNS Nanoy Burrell Dee Fo.;tune rolyn " ' ether. Jane ' NYilmofh lek St rite etty AA oil CIRCULATION- Darl -iVilson PHOTOGRAPHY Bill Abbott Connie Babcock ave Blough Don Burrell vnn Steiner ave E« Rieharrt Cope Ruth Anne Grain MCSIC Lee Detar a tie Carney Mike Parker ilin Glasgow Gary Reynolds ,roly„ Mann Dorothy Senjer . k Strite Ed AVyatt The Hornet The Hornet was published monthly by two staffs, putting out alternate issues. The members of one staff included: Edi- tor, Kathie Nedele; associate editor, Diann Kramer; business managers, Gene Shaw, Dave Blough; exchanges, Cheryl Williams; boys ' sports, Jim Lovejoy; art editor, Emily Preston; feature writers, Lou Ann Boyer, Sandy Allen, Gen Chadwick, Mick Fraden- burg, Elaine Dent, Susan Nedele, Toni Rob- erts; news writers. Bill Abbott, Barbara Haddix, Ken Harris, Sue Heier, Sally Mains, Ed Wyatt, Mark Broxon, Gary Rey- nolds. Helean Shatto was the editor on the sec- ond staff. Other staff members were: As- sociate editor, Sally Boardman; business managers, Mike Parker, Gloria Call; ex- changes. Sue Mansberger; feature writers, Nancy Burrell, Dave Eff, Sharon German, Diane Dickmeyer, Mary Jane Gecowets, Lynn Steiner, Vivian Mitzman, Jan Stev- ens, Judy Reitenour, Richard Cope; news editors, Jim Burrell, Linda Burtch, Patty Stohler, Jane Wilmoth, Charles Wilsey, Betty Wolf, Inez Posada. Stages of the Hornet Page Sixty- National Honor Society One of the greatest honors given at Angola High School is being elect- ed to membership in the National Honor Society. Fifteen percent of the graduating class are eligible. Ten percent are chosen in their junior year, and the remaining five per cent are chosen the following year. They are chosen from the upper third of their class ranked scholastically, by the faculty on the basis of leadership, citizenship, service, and character. Members of the present senior class elected in their junior year are: Jim Brooks, Sandra Hawthorne, Glenn Jacob, Jim Lovejoy, Kathie Nedele, Susan Nedele, Mike Noll, Barbara Ransburg, and Jack Strite. The senior members named this year are: Katie Carney, Janet Carrick, Gary Page and Dee Fortune. The students elected from the jun- ior class this year are: Fred Bachert, Richard Cisco, Pat Clancy, Susan Florentine, Eric Hall, Karen Kramer, Judy Kuckuck, Mike Sapp, Don Sen- neville, Steve Southern, Jan Stevens, and Dane Tubergen. The local chapter was organized in 193 5 and the total membership is now 3 34. This year the National Honor So- ciety has become a far more active club. The society meets the first Monday of the month during activ- ity period. Among other activities, the club sponsored a program for the student body. The officers of the organization elected before the close of last year are: Mike Noll, president; Jack Strite, vice-president; Sandra Hawthorne, secretary-treasurer. Mr. Milhollin is the faculty advis- BACK ROW: Gary Pagre, Glenn Jacob. Jim Lovejoy, Jim Brooks. FRONT ROW: Susan Nedele. Dee Fortune, Janet Carrick, Kathie Ne- dele, Katie Carney, Barbara Rans- BACK ROW nevile, Eric Fred Bachert Tubergen. Hal " , Patric evens. Do Steve So a Clancy, n Sen- " Dan " e FRONT ROW: Jud ard Cisco, Susan F Kramer, Mike Sapp. Kuckuck orentine. Rich- Karen Jack Milhollii presiden Strite , facu t; Sa Ity adv idy Ha president iser; Mike wthorne, ; Mr. Noll, «S ' An Important Matter Is Under Discussion Student Council The Student Council was organized in 193 2 with the purpose of promoting cooperation between stu- dents and faculty, providing opportunities for stu- dent self-direction, fostering all worthy school ac- tivities, and creating and maintaining high standards of citizenship. The group this year cleaned all the trophies and transferred them to the new gym, placing them in the trophy case there. The council also collected money for the March of Dimes at a basketball game. The Student Council is made up of four repre- sentatives from each high school class. This year ' s members were: Seniors — Kathie Nedele, Ellen Steen- erson, Diann Kramer, and Mike Noll; juniors — Sid- ney Reese, Janice Stock, Jim DeLong, and Rick Cot- ner; sophomores — Linda Kiess, Jean Ann MacRae, Lynn Maugherman, and Larry Clark; freshmen — Linda VanAman, Gail Franklin, Tom Hornbacker, and Larry Fast. Kathie Nedele served as president of the counc this year; Rick Corner, vice-president; and Jani( Stock, secretary-treasurer. The faculty adviser is Mr. Bernhardt. Officers Exchange Ideas . 1 A Cabinet Meeting In Progress Y-Teens Y-Teens from sixty-five different countries are in fel- lowship with the Y.W.C.A. Their purpose is " To find and give the best, " words found in the Y-Teen slogan. They met every other Wednesday during the activity period in the high school auditorium. All sophomore, junior, and senior girls are eligible for membership. The year began with a formal initiation of new mem- bers. This year the Y-Teen club sponsored the Christmas Prom, " Mystic Magic. " The cookie sales and the Pa-Ma- Me banquet were two of the year ' s highlights. The officers are: President, Susan Nedele; vice-presi- dent, Karen Kramer; secretary, Jane Wilmoth; treasurer, Jan Stevens; program chairmen. Barb Rans- burg and Linda Crowl; social chairman, Paulette Mellby; service chairman, Peggy Fast; finance chairman, Gloria Call; public- ity chairman, Mary Jane Gecowets; chap- lain, Dixie Page; song leader, Sally Rath- burn; and pianist, Susan Krantz. The faculty advisers are Miss Ohlman and Miss Iddings. Members of the adult council include Miss Reed, Miss Shultz, Mrs. Boomershine, Mrs. Hanselman, Mrs. Rathburn, Mrs. Ransburg and Miss Myers. Wally Discusses A Project Hi-Y The Angola Hi-Y Club, the first club organized in the state, is a member of both state and national organizations. The platform of the club, revised this year, is in four parts — clean living, clean scholarship, clean sportsmanship, and clean speech. Officers were sent last summer to the Hi-Y camp, where they learned different ideas in conducting the club activities. Wallace Liechty, the sergeant-at-arms, was elected a representative of District 3 and journeyed to a state Hi-Y Conference at Indianapolis. The officers this year were: President, Don Palmer; vice-president, John Stock; secretary-treasurer, Ross Butler; chaplain, Mike Sapp; program chairman, John Stock; and historian, Dave Blough. The office of historian is a newly created one. The faculty sponsor was Mr. Wearly. Future Teachers of America The purposes of F.T.A. are to enable each mem- ber to explore his own abihties and interests related to the opportunities and responsibilities of the teach- ing profession, to learn of its important roll in our democracy, and to cultivate the qualities of person- ality, character, and leadership, which are essential in good teachers. The John L. Estrich Club, the local chapter of F.T.A. , had 76 members this year. It met on alter- nate Thursdays during the activity period. Its mem- bers attended state and area conferences, served as guides at the school open house, honored the retired teachers at a tea, and took charge of elementary grade classes so the teachers might attend a confer- ence on reading. The officers for the year were: Barbara Rans- burg. President; Gloria Call, vice-president; Tuiren Butler, secretary; Lana Hale, treasurer; Nancy Bur- rell, parliamentarian; Sharon Loucks, historian; and Sally Boardman, librarian. Mrs. Gladys Kile was the faculty adviser. Sally Teaches A Gym Class Committee CI Sally and Pupils Junior Classical League The purpose of the Junior Classical League is to encourage among young people an interest in and appreciation of the civilization, languages, liter- ature, and arts of ancient Greece and Rome, and to give them some understanding of the debt of our culture to that of classical antiquity. The National Junior Classical League was founded m the fall of 1936. The Angola chapter was organized nine years ago in 1 9 S .1 . Representatives are sent to the state and national Our local chapter meets on the even numbered Tuesdays of each month. Among the photos on this page are scenes from the annual Roman banquet in April. One picture shows Linda VanAman passing some Roman cheese cake. Officers for this year were: Consuls, Richard Cisco and Tuiren Butler; scriba (secretary), Pat Kaufman; quaestor (treasurer), Nancy Hoffman; and nuntiae (reporters), Vivian Mitzman, Judy Herman, and Andrea MortorfF. Miss Reed and Mr. Thompson are the J.C.L. ad- visers. Consul Richard Cisco Presents A Project Page Seventy-five G.A.A. The puipose of the Girls ' Athletic Asso- ciation IS to increase each girl ' s interest in dif- ferent kinds of sports and to develop friend- ship, better sportsmanship, and cooperation among the girls. The club meets every Wednesday after school and the girls participate in such sports as basketball, tumbling, ice skating, bowling, Softball, volleyball, and deck tennis. The officers are: Linda Crow], president; Jan Stevens, vice-president; Andrea Mortorff, secretary; and Sally Rathburn, treasurer. Mrs. Roush IS the faculty adviser. TOP ROW Mr.s Rniish, Debbie Spangle, binda Van Aman Jane Willi; nan Ju(U Stex ens L% nn Ha ne-, Pani Van Metei, Vu ki Willis, Vivian SECOND ROW Dave Eff, Gleni n Mitzman, Barb Ransburg, Jam BOTTOM ROW Kathie Nedele ramer, Diann Kr Call, Linda Carr Judy Reitenoui National Thespian Society The National Thespian Society is an honorary organization established for the promotion and ad- vancement of dramatic art in secondary schools. Students who have earned the required number of points for their work in play production may be- come members. The Thespian Society presented " Who Dunit?, " " My Three Angels, " and the three one-act plays this year. The officers are: Paulette Mellby, president; Dave Blough, vice president; and Linda Carr, secre- tary-treasurer. Mr. Condon, Mr. Avery, and Mr. Porter are the faculty advisers. Angehc Dane in ' Who Duni Oftcers Talk Things Ove Page Seventy-eight Advisers In A Pleasant Mood l i The plot concerned a mystery writer, Alexander Ar- ington, who had been murdered. When Alexander reach- ed heaven, he asked Archangel Michael to let him go back to earth and live the last day of his life so that he might find out the identity of his murderer. This day was re- lived, but Alexander did not learn the identity of his mur- dered until he again ascended into heaven. The cast included: Alexander Arlington, Glenn Jacob; Archangel Michael, Dane Tubergen; Vivian O ' Dell, Emily Preston; George Brewster, Dave Hanselman; Annie, Sally Rathburn; Flo, Sue Crone; Andrew Arlington, Dave Eff; Harry, the gardener, Al Christy; and Miss Jenkins, Judy Reitenour. The play was under the direction of Mr. Condon and Mr. Avery, assisted by Mr. Porter. Paulette Mellby was the student director. Paulette Paints Scenery Marie Louise ' s Plight Is the Concern of All My Three Angels " pres " My Three Angels " March 9 and 10. The play takes place on Chr 1910, in Cayenne, French Guiana. It cor cerns Felix and Emilie Ducotel, a Frenc storekeeper and his wife, played by Da Hanselman and Kathie Nedele, and t|- problems they have when Felix ' s cousii Henri Trochard, played by Dave Eff, comi to make sure his investment in the store The business is not thriving because of credit given to Mrs. Parole, portrayed by Barb Ransburg. Rick Cotner portrays Paul, Henri ' s nephew, who has strung along Marie Louise Ducotel, portrayed by Linda Van Aman, in the hope of marriage. The three angels, Joseph, Jules, and Al- fred, are actually convicts from Devil ' s Is- land who work for Mr. Ducotel at his store. They are portrayed by Glenn Jacob, Jim Brooks, and Dane Tubergen, respectively. The three criminals solve the Ducotel ' s problems by using their cell block talents, much to the chagrin of Henri, Paul, and Mme. Parole. Bob Baldwin played the Lieu- tenant. Page Eighty A Scene from " The Happy Journey " One-Act Plays The The Society presented three one-act plays on January 19. " The Happy Journey to Camden and Trenton " was a comedy in which the Kirby famdy made a trip to visit their daughter. The cast included: Ma Kirby, Sally Rath- burn; Pa Kirby, Dave Blough; Caroline Kirby, Cynthia Cook; Arthur Kirby, Don Crone; Beulah, Sally Hoffman; and the Stage Manager, Steve Wild. " The Twelve Pound Look " was a more serious play which concerned Harry Sims and a secretary hired by Mrs. Sims, Sir Harry ' s first wife. The cast included: Sir Harry Sims, ' W ' ally Liechty; Mrs. Sims, Shirley Crone; Kate, Kathy Clancy; and Tombes, Bob Baldwin. " The Man in the Bowler Hat " concern- ed a man and his wife whose home was the scene of a chase to find the hiding place of a valuable ruby. The cast included: Man, Dave Hanselman; Wife, Dixie Page; Hero, Rick Corner; Heroine, Linda French; Chief Villain, Jim Brooks; Bad Man, Marshall Mitzman; and The Man in the Bowler Hat, The student directors were Dave Eft ' , Judy Rcitenour, and Barbara Ransburg. Faculty advisers were Mr. Condon, Mr. Porter, and Mr. Averv. ngc Eighty-one Our Stage The stage is empty now ; nothmg is left but the s ymbols of many enjoyable eve- nir gs. Props anc musical in struments shadow the still stage and wait for a new year to begin. Plays, programs. debates, concerts, and the most memorable to seniors, the Se nor Day Program take pi ice here. It is dark now. but it will always be bright in our memories. 1 ■H m 1 " A ' AtWi 1 — - k ¥ SSg AW ' %% . % ' fi ' ! ii»r y M ' - fi 1 i| ■ ■ T H 1 ■fa 1 IK i; THESPIANS AT WORK BEHIND THE SCENES operates the curtains; Lots of pr pening- nig-ht; Ricky, my Itow you Page Eighfy-thr BOTTOM ROW Choir The Angola High School Choir has 67 mem- bers, chosen from the sophomore, junior, .ind senior classes. iss Siebold with a Background ot Music On December 17, the choir presented a fine con- cert entitled " A Musical Christmas Card. " Both religious and popular cards were featured. Again this Christmas, the halls echoed with sea- sonal harmony as the choir sang carols for the school. An enthusiastic audience applauded " Barefoot " and " Oklahoma, " two of the chorus ' s favorites, along with other selections at the combined choir and band concert on February 12 in the new gym. A spring recital was thoroughly enjoyed by a capacity crowd. Miss Barbara Bowles, our student music teacher, helped Miss Siebold make the seniors ' memory of their choir days an everlasting one. NEW FACILITIES 1 he students of the music department are very proud of their new equipment and facilities. There are two large group rooms, three offices, SIX practice rooms, and adequate cabinet space for instruments, robes, and uniforms. These nev cthc .iccommodations make prai and much more enjoyable I6i J ' f: ' - ' r %% AX l-lliKn [i Phjlhs Everett, Emi iu-li, AI.uv Houser. Dixie Page. KilTRTH now Susan Nedele. Judv H BOTTOM ROW Sharon Urliine. Pat K, Music Parents ' Club The Music Parents ' Club is an organization ot the parents of the students in all of the music- groups. This club contributes funds and time to help the music department. It sponsored an Awards Dinner in April to present music honors. The officers are: President, Ronald Pufahl; vice- president, Ray Tubergen; secretary, Mrs. Clark Holtzman; treasurer, Mrs. Burton Pas e. JUNIOR QUARTET The members of the Junior Quartet, Steve Southern, John Taylor, Ken Harris, and Tex Bachert, have had their first year together. The boys have sung at many concerts and social events throughout the year. They re- ceived a superior rating at both the district and at the state vocal and ensemble contest. Two of their song favorites ha " Jamaican Farewell " and " Poor Man L e b-vn Singing " Poor Man Lazarus " ( n - ' fk i I ■IKST II. I, I.N .XiMlina Rensch, Sandy Hawthorne, Janet Gould, Gen Chadwick, Katliie Krantz. Gail in. JhMilin M. l;r SECOND VIOLIN: Ann Hartman, Loren Bernhardt, Stephanie Slanina, Kathy ck, K il:i.).i. I ' at Kaufman, Pat Clancy. VIOLA; Gloria Call, Mary Jane Gecowets, Carol Nichols. Janit ■■nil. k, . li.,i..n Loucks, Carolyn Mann. CELLO; Sally Boardman, Roni Rae Pufahl. Nancy Car- rLAl:i. l " r T...n Harman. Judy Horman, Judy Rose- OBOE: Andrea Mortorft. CORNET: Randy Beecli Frisinger, Lynn Steiner. FLUTE: Nan Smith, Ann Gebhart, Barbara Hanselman, Vicki man. SAXOPHONE: Janice Parks. BARITONE: Michelle Hall. TROMBONE: Glenn Jacc inn Jensen. FRENCH HORN: John Glasgow, Bejky Gramling. BASSOON: Sue Krantz. Kolb. CONDUCTOR; Mr. Godlevski. Randy Willis, PERCUSSION: Orchestra The orchestrj is one of the important music or- ganizations of Angola High School. Its members have provided the music before the first curtain and between acts at all of the Thespian plays this year. This group has also played for the Tri-State Col- lege baccalaureate service and for the high school commencement this spring. Three orchestra members — Janet Carrick, Roni Rae Pufahl, and Nadina Rensch— were chosen to play in a selected northern Indiana string orchestra at the annual String Festival at Manchester College on March 17. ' The orchestra presented an enjoyable concert on April 6. Donald Godlevski is the director of this organ- ization. The orchestra was a first place winner in the state contest this year. Singing " Jingle Bells Prti ' f Er bty-ih The group has competed at the district contests and has received a superior rating each time. These ratings entitled it to enter the state contests. Here the trio won excellent ratings each time. Their selection this year was " Danse my Comrades. " Other favorites of the boys are " Ruby Red, " " The Gypsy Rover, " and " Yelk Junior Sextet The Junior Sextet — Janice Stock, Linda French, Sally Rathburn, Shirley Crone, Dixie Page, and Pam Harbour — has been singing for two years. The girls have sung at many local programs and have participated in the Angola High School Choir concerts. This year they received a superior rating at both the dis- trict and the state solo and ensemble contests held at Fort Wayne and Indianapolis, respectively. The girls ' selec- tion was " Jingle Bells. " Pa ic Er hh BAbbUO.N ; ■e, Pam Van Sliaw, Geoi Renscli, San- -itt, Don W. 1 Nichols Judy Rose Laurel Shirlej Debbie Spangle Jud-v Ste ens, Tc tones ' . ALTO CLARINET Linda Tiench Gloria Sapp BASS CLARINET SAXOPHONE Jim Garner Barb German CaroINn Mann Ka e Mendenhal E Kristene Green Ellen Steenerson BARITONE SAXOPHONE Carol ( FRENCH HORN: John Glasg-QW. Becky Gramling, Marshall CORNETS: Fred Beck, Randy Beechy I. TROMBONE: Sharon Gibbeny, Glenn John Taylor. BARITONE: Michelle Hall o:in Gather, acob. Mary Mike Meye Larry M. i.nn Jens PKRCUSSION: Alice Cole, Ler Sally Rathbii ermit Mann, 1 ave Hanselm Concert Band The Angol,! High School Concert Band, direct- ed by Mr. Nichols, has eighty members selected from the four upper classes. Tryouts were held in Sep- tember to determine the members ' places. Two very enjoyable concerts were given during the year, on December I and March 2 3. On Febru- ary 13 the band presented a concert with the High School Choir, the lirst music program given in the new gymnasium. The group also played for the Tri- State College commencement in June. This the band advanced from Class BB to Class B, a rating for schools with enrollments be- tween five hundred and seven hundred fifty. Individual members and groups were very suc- cessful at the N.I.S,B,0,V.A. and state solo and en- semble contests. Many took top honors. The Concert Band received second place in the state contest at New Haven this year. The members of the Concert Band are grateful to Mr. Nichols for his deep interest and friendly helpfulness. Pep Band The Pep Band has boosted everyone ' s spirits at all of the home games and many of the pep ses- sions. Mr. Nichols is the director. It may be small, but it makes the gym berate when it blasts out the Twist, wails the or respectfully plays the A.H.S. school song. Pep Band at a lasketball Game Page Eighty- ALL-STATE BAND HONORS Two of our band members were chosen to play in the Indiana High School All-State Band this year. The group is a band made up of about select band members of all the schools in Indiana. It is a very high honor to be a member of this band and we are very proud of Barry Fri- singer and Tom Harman. i r ' 4l, 1i mm - - 1 1,1 ' I I. I .n I. Hanselman, Jan. i M . i - i n 1 li 1- i;.iiiu r,i..|. iiii Hartman. Laurel l.iii.ri M M l l I I i II nn - K Lou Sprinkle, Peggy Sutton, Diane Petle. Limla .Ni. lioN i;eik Artams Sta James, Nancy Light, Waneice Demorest, Linda Camp, Ruth Ann t win. Stefani Slanina, Charles Hedglin, Steve Strock C ' luck Nede Call, Steve Terry, Jeff Plank, Greg Goodhew SAXOPHONES Marilvn McBride, Biuce Nelson, Diane Ralston, Patty Hosaek, Brenda Goudy. FRis NCH HORN Penny Sarpa, Rom Rae Pufahl. Richard Lee. Larry Leh man. BASSOON: Gail Franklin. TUBA: Phil Mvers TROMBONES Doug Smith Jimmy Thompson. Phil Bern hardt, Steve Mathis, Nancy Wilder. OBOE: Gayle Greenamyer. PERCUSSION: Bill Munn, Jon Nedele, Keith ?hadwick, Penn Mitk -ell, Pat MilhoUin Mar Stan Sadler. Jane Williamson. Nanci ' ORNETS Bob KaufEman, Dave Good. Maugherman, Jim Deller, Roge Da Dann Yar sbur Ste, ' Woodv Greg Mas itchel Varsity Band The varsity band, under the direction of Mr. Nichols, has done a fine job during its second year. It has played at all of the concerts and has been well received by the audiences. The band is composed of high school and eighth grade musicians. The Varsity Band received second place in the state contest this year. Majorettes The majorettes gave color to the Marching Band this year by their flashy twirling at the home foot- ball games and their high stepping in the parades. Katie Carney is completing her third year as drum major of the Marching Band; Linda Kiess serves as the head twirler; the other twirlers are: Linda Van Aman, Pam Van Meter, Sharon Schnetz- ler, Alice Smith, and Kristene Green, Majorettes Lead the Marchmg Band Marching at the Auburn Fair lEs Marching at Campus Day Marching Band The High School Marching 100 (plus 6) pre- sented sparkling half-time shows at all the home football games. The band proudly stepped off its 8 by 5 down the field in the new black and gold uniforms. At the Auburn Street Fair contest the group pLiced J close second and marched oif with the first place trophy in the Tri-State Campus Day Parade. This year ' s innovation was the Christmas March- ing Show presented at the Elmhurst basketball game. The program was arranged and supervised by Miss Bowles, our student music teacher from Ball State Teachers College. Mr. Nichols directs the band. Sparkling Majorettes TOP ROW: Kristene C3reen. Alice Smith. Shar- on Schnetzler. Linda Van Aman, Pam Van Meter. FRONT ROW: Linda 4 1 mMA SPORTS Mr. BarkduU Discusses the Season Coaches Chuck Dygert coached the baseball team through a memorable season. John Hammel did a wonderful job as coach of the Varsity team this year, taking his second con- secutive holiday tourney, and most important, his boys taking the Sectional and playing in the finals of the Regional. He was also line coach of the var- sity football team. Bob Johnson was the head coach of our excellent football team. He was Bee team coach for basket- ball and led his team through a record season. Carroll Nesbitt coached our track team and jun- ior high football. Harry Kelley served as coach cf B-team foot- ball, junior high basketball, and track. Leroy Cable was the freshman coach and he is to be commended for his fine job. A. B. Barkduli, athletic director, was responsi- ble for handling the whole athletic program. Charles Avery was the coach of a newl ized sport in A.H.S., wrestling. Mr. Sapp ' s untiring efforts helped make ior high football program the success that The athletic achievements we attained could not have been possible without our c ing coaching staff. the iun- his vear utstand- Russell Brayl ■as our golf coach. MANAGERS Steve Southern, Dave Boomershine, and Sam Holtzman were our faithful and loyal basketball managers this year. John Glasgow, Ray Johnson, and Steve Wild were the football managers. The work these boys do is not often realized and they are to be commended for doing a fine job. Steve and Dave Talk It Over VAIISITY— TUP l;oW Coaeh Join Bachert, Ken Robinson, Eiic Hall Hanime JMlke Sapp, Uai Page, FRONT ROW Dick Waters. Jim Jerry Boyer. Lo ejoy, Rick Cotnei. Ro=i Butl Varsity Roundup The Angola Hornets, consisting of four seniors and eight juniors, opened the season with a 45-41 victory over Columbia City. This was the first varsity basketball game played in our new gym. The next night Angola dropped a close game to the Cadets of Concordia, 5 0-48. The Hornets traveled to Butler and won the contest 60-5 5 in an exciting overtime. December 2, Churubusco visited Angola and they fell to the Hornets 61-43. A tall Bluffton team invaded the Angola gym and handed the Hornets their second defeat of the year, 79-65. The following night the Hornets lost their third and final game of the year; Berne upended the Angola squad 69-49. The high-flying Elmhurst Trojans was the team Angola defeated to start a long winning streak. The Elmhurst boys were beaten 61-56. The Hornets then journeyed to New Haven and beat the Bull- dogs 60-50. The Holiday Tournament was held at Angola and proved to be very exciting. The host Hornet team defeated LaGrange in a lopsided afternoon contest 66-52. In the evening game the Hornets stunned a rugged Waterloo team 64-44 to capture the tournament two years in succession. Mr. Hammel ' s Hornets started the second half of the season by defeating Auburn 62-5 6 on the Au- burn floor. The following evening Waterloo once again was stopped in a low scoring contest 33-31. A good Garrett team visited Angola and could not break the Hornets ' win streak. They were sent back with a 65-59 loss. January 20, the Hornets traveled to Ligonier and upset a very tall team 6 5-5 5. Decatur was at Angola ' s mercy, and an- other foe was beaten 56-45. The Angola club traveled to a Fort Wayne school, Bishop Luers, and defeated them in a high scoring event 83-73. LaGrange again tried to crack Angola ' s winning streak but was defeated 48-37. Kendallville was host to the Hornets and was beaten 5 2-44. This victory gave Angola a share of the N.E.I.C. crown. Angola traveled to Howe Military the next night and scored many points in defeat- ing Howe 98-46. The Hornets finished their fine season by downing A villa 7 5-43. For the first year in the new gymnasium Angola amassed a record of 17-3 in the regular season and were champions of the conference. Page Ninety- fit |IM LOVE JOY Gmm GARY KNOX Center 1 l ' m 1 RIO BOM R DON PALMER rani 111, I Forward s kl NY ROBINSON Foru ' cml GARY PAGE ForuaiJ ERIC HALL Forward I H 1 B E 1 K K C OTMR ROSS BUTLER Guard ) ISAC III RT FanuirJ Tourney Scenes 1962 Sectional and Regional Angola finished its winning season by capturing the Sectional. Entering the Sectional against home team Churubusco with a fourteen game win streak, the Hornets upended the Eagles 72-63. The follow- ing evening Angola edged Auburn in a real barn- burner, 57-5 6. Saturday afternoon the Hornets, playing in their own gym bounced Ashley out of tournament play with a 70-43 drubbing. In the championship game the mighty Hornets outlasted the Butler Windmills, 63-57 " ; On the following Saturday Angola invaded the Coliseum at Fort Wayne for the Regional and pull- ed a thrilling upset. The Hornets regained their prestige, after being beaten by Berne 20 points earlier in the season. They squeaked out an over- time victory 5 7-56. In the evening game, the Cen- tral Tigers proved to be the better team and An- gola bowed out 59-45. This loss snapped a nine- teen game win skein and finished the Hornets ' sea- son with a 22-4 record. INDIVIDUAL RECORDS Player Gary Knox 1-1 ; |. ' T li ' S 114 1112 4 7 14[, 3S 5 i; 3 1 .5 10 Sectional R, li.jUll.l 11 111 4 1 6 s TP 170 360 2.51 32S 3(1 11; 7 ■if ' " !425 .426 .379 .340 .333 .278 :ii4 .270 .4S4 Kenny l;ul,h,s,,n Mike Sapp Ross Butler Fred Bachert Eric Hall Rick Cotner At the - » (i- r -:.3i ' fi P ( ;r Ninety- nine All Eyes on Mike Sapp 111 the Dressing Room The behind-the-scenes discussions hold fond memories for the bas- ketball players. Here Mr. Hammel and the Hornets are having an in- foimal meeting that has a special significance for them. Such times were pleasureable for everyone concerned. High Jumping Pays Off Cheerleaders We should like to present our varsity cheerleaders — Kathie Nedele, Janice Stock, Tuiren Butler — and our B-team cheerlead- ers — Dixie Page and Linda French. They have helped to promote our athletic pro- gram by keeping the school spirit high dur- ing every football and basketball game. We thank our faithful cheerleaders for a job well done! ss m. Review of Bees ' Season Coach Bob Johnson another year with his Bee team. They lost only 2 games while win- ning IS. They defeated Columbia City in the first game ever to be played in the new gym, 37-34. The next 1 61 Second Team Touinev Trophy night they lost to Concordia, 41-3 7. This was the first of the two losses of the season. Then the Bees traveled to Butler, and beat them 48 to 32. Churubusco was downed next in a real- ly close game, 45-43. Then Bluffton fell to the tune of 44-3 8. The Bees really stunned Berne, beat- ing them 46-29. Elmhurst lost by almost the same score, 47-29. Angola scored 5 9 points in the next game to defeat New Haven, 59-45. In the Bee team tourney, the Bees won all the marbles in front of the home fans. They bested Kendallville in the afternoon game 46-3 8, and then stung Garrett in the final, 34-31. Auburn was the next victim, losing 4 5-42. Wa- terloo fell next, losing 46-3 3. Garrett avenged their tourne)- defeat by winning 44-3 2. This ended a Ligonier was defeated 46-3 3, and Decatur fell next, 38-27. Angola won the next two fairly easily. They defeated Bishop Lures 44-3 5, and LaGrange, 50-35. Kendallville was beaten 42-40 in one of the Bees ' best games. Howe Military suffered a loss the next night in a low-scoring contest, 24-14. In the last game, the Bees defeated Avilla 3 3-25. " ■ mm MIDDLE ROW BUI Do Linnemeier. FRONT ROW: Tim Dellei Kt-ith att, Lrti. 1 Lipman, Larry Fast. Freshman Team FRESHMAN SCHEDULE, 1961-62 A.IHM, ,M, ll Kendallville Tlier fell Si I Varsity Football The Hornets posted a 4-2-2 record, not including the Jamboree, for the 1961 sea- son. Although there were not many seniors on the team, the young and in experienced sophomores did a very fine job, and showed that they had a lot of desire and drive. The Hornets had their first big test in the Jamboree. They defeated Auburn and Garrett 6-0, playing each team for one quarter. In the first regulation game, which was played at home, the H ' Decatur 18-6. The Hornets stayed on the winning track by rolling the second NEIA Conference win. urned back Elmhurst, . 3-0. This In the third home game of the season, the Hornets battled the Auburn Red Devils to a 14-14 tie. This was probably one of the hardest games ever plaved on the Hendry Park Field. Next the local lads traveled to New Haven, where they were turned back by a tough Bulldog team, 15-7. , ' hich ended with the The Hornets next played Howe Military in a day Hornets on top, 21-7. The next week Bluffton invaded Angola, but they were turned back, 34-0. This was the largest number of points ever scored by an Angola football team. Garrett was the next foe for Angola. The Hornets battled their NEIA Confer- ence foes to a 12-12 tie. In the final game of the season the mightv Hornets were turned back 6-7 bv Ken- dallville. Gary Page and Bill Daily were chosen for the NEIA Conference first team. Gary Page was named to the all-conference backfield, while Bill Daily was named to the all- conference line. v ' c Om- HunJml Sn " ™i ' .g " i gy ' ' ' ' " ' g BBSBSH (rlpiin Bailett Lari riai k Tied F iK U (, m Page John Baldwin Ken Rob DailN Ra Johnson student manage: SECOND RO Fied Bac ' iert Mike Sapp Steve Southein Don Pal Hanselman Gene Shaw Jen Bo ei John Tlegal Bob Book Tom Cochran FRONT RO ' n Jim Lo eJo L nn Manghermin Dick Marino fhiuk M T lei Jerl ■nalfiitt Da e Boonici sliine Rii k ( otnei Leir Cif oks " ill I OUR COACHES They st.irc with Big Chief Kelly; Mr. Cable t.ikes the call; Mr. Hammel le.ids to victory ' ciuse he ' s .ilw.iys c the bail. Mr. Sapp and Mr. Ryan are a workin ' up steam. Getting exercises ready for Johnson ' s football tean They ' re a runnin ' and a jumpin ' for Nesbitt now: Porter keeps the tape and And Avery shows him how. Mr. Dygert ' s in there pitchin ' ; Mr. Brayton ' s got the drive; Mr. BarkduU ' s got the gumpti LI 4 to keep tl ' We think our coaches are the best. They ' re sure ahead of all the rest. Let ' s really show we think they ' re grand, By giving them a great big hand! i - dC J ' Ti ' Z rf ; Vo v nSjin 3JJ (s : -ooJs r Cr ? L -c ' - Prt,s;f 0;;f Hundred Eight Us: SENIOR FOOTBALL POSITIONS Kenny Robinson Halfback Bill Dailey Center Jim Lovejoy Halfback Ron Cook Tackle Gene Shaw Guard Dave Tyler End Gary Page Onartcrback Scenes at the Auburn Gami Page One Hundred Nine VARSITY BACKFIELD BACK ROW ' aimer, iaiv Page MIDDLE ROW; Jim Love- joy, Mike Sapp, Joliii Flegal, Lynn Maug ' herms ' ' ' VARSITY LINE BACK ROW: Curt Rausch, Glenn Barlett, Gene Shaw, Tom Cochran, Ron Cook, Bill Dailey, Larry Clark, Larry MIDDLE ROW: Dave Boomershine. Dick Marino, Chuck Moore, Fred Bachert, Steve Southern, Larry Book. FRONT ROW: Bob Bald- win, Dave Tyler, George Shoup, Wallace Liechty, Dave Mth Kolb, Tim Reese. Larry Book. FRONT ROW: Dale Siniedru, Doug: H :1, Tracy Stroll, Randy Meredith, ,]ol B-Team Season The B-Team started their 1961 season by wi ig two games. They defeated Auburn on i The Bees walked over Howe Mi home field, tary, 5 2-19. Kendallville pulled out a squeaker and won, 13-6. Angola got back on the winning feating their arch rival, Auburn, 14-6. Angola New Haven pro ed too much for th e Bees and dct eated them. 1-0. ' Once again Ke nd. II ville beat the Bees but th s tin e the score « as 6 -0 The Bees won a total of three games, while los- ing three. The team members learned a lot of foot- ball, and will be quite valuable to the varsity next year. Pai;c Oin ' Hnudrcd Elc Speaking of Football ' f FIRST ROW: Gary and Bill receiving awards fo Football Team: Two happy football fans: Let ' s hope SECOND ROW: Kinda brisk at football games football pictures: Mr. Porter ' s keeping everyone info keeping in touch. THIRD ROW: The pep band FOURTH ROW: Anyone for -right, Mr. Milhollin? being selected for All-Conference I ' re ahead! ! right, Sharon?: Mr. Page taking led about the game: Mr. Nesbitt etball game: No I i ' m ■KMidfc . « ' r ' %f ; : ' ' f : f;[ ( t ' 4 TOP ROW: Glenn Barlett, Larry Clark. SECOND ROW: Tim Reese, Ed Johnson, George Slioup, Steve Linnemeie THIRD ROW: Lynn Maugherman, Jerry Boyer, Dave Hanselman, Jim S FOURTH ROW: Terry Arkwright, Mick Haley, Mike Sapp. Erie Hall, J FRONT ROW: Gary Knox, student manager; Dick Waters, Jim Lovejo r, Mr. Dygert, coach. Baseball 1961 The Angola baseball squad, coached by Mr. Dy- gert, started their 1961 season by defeating Orland 5-0 at Pleasant Lake. The team then traveled to Concordia and were beaten 3-1. The Hornets thumped Howe Military 21-0 in an abbreviated contest. Angola was host to Bluffton and dropped a close one 5-4. Columbia City visited Angola and pounced on the home 13-9. To start the second half of the season Angola traveled to New Haven and lost a thriller 6-5. Au- burn was the May 18 victim of the Hornets by a score of 4-2. A rugged Kendallville team held An- gola in check and beat them 6-1. Decatur seemed much the weaker team and was downed by Angola 3-0, ending the season. Angola ' s re cord was 4-5 for regular season play. Angola topped off its season by winning the Co- lumbia City Invitational Tournament. The Hor- nets faced Columbia City in the opening game and beat them 9-7. The following day Mr. Dygert ' s club crushed Syracuse 12-4. Later the same day they chnched the championship by downing the Allen County All-Stars 4-1. HumlrcJ Thh-tc Track 1961 In the first meet of the 1961 track season, the Hornets were defeated by a strong Columbia City team, 79 2 15-20 13, H. The Hornets then were host to Albion. Angola downed the visitors 67-42. In the next meet Angola took on Avilla and Butler. The local lads defeated both teams 69 ' 2-39-28 li. The Hornets kept in the winning streak by defeating Waterloo 76 ' 2-32! 2. Angola traveled to Kendallviile where they were without the services of a few boys, and they lost 31 ' 2-77 ' --2. The Hornets were next defeated by Concordia H-57 and Garrett 50-58. Angola got back on the winning trail again by defeating Auburn 70-39. The Hornets placed fifth in the New Haven Re- lays. Although they did not win, they made a very good showing. In the NEIA Conference meet Angola placed fourth, with the mile relay team taking first place. The Angola Freshman-Sophomore Relays were dominated by a very strong Angola team. In the track sectional at Elkhart, four boys qual- ified for the regional. They were Gary Page in the high jump and mile relay, Dave Tyler in the 440 and mile relay, Jerry Boyer in the mile relay, and Larry Sunday in the mile relay. NEW TRACK RECORDS the 1961 track season two school records were broken and one track record tied. Dave Tyler broke the school record in the 440 yard dash. Dave broke the record by nearly two seconds, while running against very tough compe- tition. Although Dave was first denied first place, a photo later showed him winning the race. In the Sectional meet the quartet of Larry Sun- day, Gary Page, Jerry Boyer, and Dave Tyler placed second in another record breaking time, 3:37.2. This relay team was also NEIA Conference mile relay champions. Gary Page twice tied the Hendry Park Track record for the high jump, with leaps of 5 ' 9! 2 " . Golf The A.H.S. golf team completed its eighth se.ison List spring, 1961. The team played Butler, Garrett, Kendallville, and Auburn, each twice. Howe Military was a one time opponenet. Angola won a meet for every one that they lost during the season. The NEIA Confe held at Garrett, and Auburn was the vict Golf is finally on a hrm footing again in A.H.S. This year ' s team was the best for a long time, and next year ' s promises to be as good. Interest continues to grow among the underclassmen. The team members last year were Curt Rausch, Barry Frisinger, Cliff Rjan, Bruce Anderson, and Ken Harris. The golf coach is Mr. Brayton. Page One H II ml red Fifteen THIS OLD GYM To the tunc uf " Thii Old Hon Its rafters sh.ikc with the victors This old gym has been the home For many a HORNET team! It has seen our boys come and go; It was once a coach ' s dream. The old gym is now a shamble; The windows and lights are out. The floor is full of dead spots. And the pigeons fly about! This old gym is either hot or cold. The showers won ' t work, it ' s said; Pop drips through the balcony And hits you on the head! This old gym is full of Of our hopes and all our fears. Its rafters shake with the victors ' And its floor is stained with tears! This old gym will only stand to sc The HORNETS play once more. To it we pledge this promise A VICTORY " on its floor! THIS NEW GYM The old gym is gone forever; It has finally met its fate. Now we offer you this new one, The finest in the state! The old gym was antiquated. And it made the critics smile; But this one is so spacious You can see a country mile! The opponents used to claim That the posts got in their way; But when the HORNETS wm tonight. We wonder what they ' ll say? This new gym is Oh so beautiful! And we ' re so very proud. But now let ' s hear you say it — A big rear from the crowd! (Response: A bit WOW!) CHORUS We ' re gonna win this game, you HORNETS! Gonna win this game tonight, Gonna hustle every minute. Gonna buckle down and fight. Cause we ' ve got the greatest ball club. And we ' ve got the finest gym! So Go! Go! Go! you HORNETS! We ' re gonna win again! CHORUS Ain ' t agona use this gym no longer; Ain ' t agona need this gym no more. Ain ' t got time to fix the showers; Ain ' t got time to fix the floor. Ain ' t got time to shoot those pigeons, Though they made the floor a mess; This old barn won ' t be forgotten By the grads of A.H.S. Page One Hundred Si ei bt Inside, Outside Our New Gymn.isium THE SENIOR YEAR SENIOR CORDS ARE HERE TO STAY As I finish my senior year, The memories of the past appear. The freshman year that came at last. And the sophomore year that went so fast! As a junior I could hardly wait To enter the " big " senior ' s gate; And now as a senior I realize, That all my future ' s before my eyes. — Mary Jane Gccowcts LOOKING BACK Memories abound at A.H.S. They give one a chance for a reverie; The memories are varied and enjoyable, From Thespians to a referee. The activities were many at A.H.S. They suited everyone ' s fancy; Some of them the teachers frowned upon. And turned out to be quite chancy. The memories are pleasant of A.H.S. It really is good to live them; But years from now when we want to look back It will really be great to relive them! FROM A SENIOR TO AN ADULT " Today we follow, tomorrow we lead; " This is the motto that our seniors heed. We are the ones that someday will be, The leaders of our country and big problems we A corduroy skirt painted purple and gold Will remind us when we get old Of Messrs Gibbs and Avery twisting away, Thespian Society and F.T.A. And all the war stories that were ever told. " NEIC " champs painted down one side. Coach John Hammel taking a ride. Holiday trophy . , sectional nets, A basketball team that never forgets That they came home with the Berne Bear ' s hide! With a cartoon character here and there, Fred Flintstone and Yogi Bear, Dragstrip cars and little " bugs, " Italian bottles and root beer mugs. The decorated skirt receives a stare. As an Angola senior, I must say. Senior cords are here to stay! — Srt r Boanliitai! THE SENIOR YEAR At last, the senior year is here With all the fame, fun and cheer. It started with class breakfasts. Teachers, tests, and tardy passes. The middle months brought measurements For caps and gowns for our big event. As time rolled on, the tourney came. And seniors stayed up to proclaim our fame. Now the year is almost gone. But I still have tests to think upon. And as I look back o ' er those days, I think I ' ll hate to go away. —Gloria Call With our heads held high and our shoulders thrown back. It will be experience not knowledge which we lack. We ' ll make the decisions and some will be rong. But all in all, mister, we ' ll make this country All countries in unity will be our big goal. And if we ' re successful, one time followers will hold the big role. —lark Strife MEMORIES OH, TO BE A FRESHMAN AGAIN! Oh, to be a freshman again. Carefree, happy, and gay! No cares or worries of money or cars No bills or tickets to pay! Remember what fun we had those years With proms and ball games and all? But now we are ready for life itself. Confronted with society ' s call. —A Chria y As I leave these halls For the last time, I remember all the previous Experiences that were mine. The classes and teachers. The games that we won. These are the memories that Will never be gone. —Ka ,r Ca IN RETROSPECT The years ahead may bring But when I reach those tomorrows, I shall with happiness respond. To things of which I ' ve grown fond. Among them the memory of my Senior Year. —Panlcttc MclU ' - Pa,KC Om- Hundred Eighteen i£s Calendar SEPTEMBER 5 Football, Angola 18 — Decatur 6 6 Enrollment 12 Juniors order class rings n Football, Angola 30— Elmhurst 1 S Karl Oscar Green addresses students 22 Football, Angola 14— Auburn 14 21) Football, Angola 7— New Haven 2 Charles S. Strong gives lecture OCTOBER 3 School fire 7 Football, Angola 21— Howe Military 7 10 Picture takmg at school 13 Football, Angola 34— Bluffton (I 14 Career Day at Tri-State College Twirling contest 17 P.S.A.T. tests 15 Y-Teen initiation 20 Football, Angola 12 — Garrett 12 2S Football, Angola 6— Kendallville 7 26, 27 Teachers Association Pan ' One HunJnd Turn ) Y-Teen Initiati. Spear from Lapla Calendar JANUARY 2 School gain: asketball, Angola 62 — Auburn 5 6 Basketball, Angola 3 3 — Waterloo 31 Basketball, Angola 6 5— Garrett 5 9 Thespian Plays, " The Happy Journey to Camden and Trenton " " The Man in the Bowler Hat " " The Twelve Pound Note " End of Semester Basketball, Angola 64 — Ligonier 5 3 Basketball, Angola 56— Decatur 45 rintr contest New Parking Lot Christmas Decorations Basketball, Angola 8 3 — Bishop Luers 73 Basketball, Angola 66 — LaGrange 5 2 Basketball, Angola 5 5— Kendal! viUe 45 Basketball, Angola 98— Howe Military 46 Band and choir concert Basketball, Angola 7 5— Avilla 43 State Solo and Ensemble Contest 22, 24 Hornets win Sectional! 2 End of fourth grading period 3 Regional Tourney 8, 9 Thespian Play, " My Three Angels " 10 Semi-state tourney 14 But! Uni ' assembly ty Wind Ensemble for P„: r One Uuiulvcd Turiity tnn Calendar State tourney Band concert Achievement contests 3 1 Science Fair 5 Pancake supper 6 Orchestra concert 7 State vocal contest B 13 End of fifth grading period 14 State band and orchestra cont 20-2 3 Easter vacation 24 School again! 27 School exhibit 29 School dedication services Spring Baseball Reading the " Key ' 1 Music awards dinner 8 Vocal concert 11 Track sectional IS Athletic banquet 17 Senior class day Seniors dismissed 18 Track regional Golf sectional Seniors pick up caps and gowns 20 Baccalaureate 25 School dismissed Commencement 26 Track state Golf state Page One Hull J red Tueiity-three AT ODD MOMENTS TOP R( T « paikins l " t unrlei- way; Lvs and Harry rearly to offer assist- an e L 1 is light Patty? ■-1 I iiv at his post; Carol giving the announcements; Inez and i THI 1 hall preparing his Science Fair project; Michelle, Jane, and Di ne at 1 Sue Ellen strikes a pose. HERE AND THERE TOP ROW: Mr. Gibbs, Kathie ana Lynn at the junior stand; Why so glum, ki( y headed for home. SECOND ROW; Chuck and Dick admire famous hunter ' s spear; Find anytci jstiniT, Dave and Judy?; Vivian displays her science project. THIRD ROW: Cheer up. Mike: Two mighty hunters; We have to sing our 1 j, - One Hundred Turn y-fit LIFE IN AND AROUND A.H.S. FIRST ROW: Chick Blak and friend!: Sandy Hawtliorne: SECOND ROW: Four bat show a film: Jim Lovejoy, acrol THIRD ROW: Having fii Delbert Lehman at Tyler ' s pa FROM HERE AND THERE off; Smile, pleas y day in Journalism class; Glenn about John; Homework, homework, homewort SECOND ROW; Inez at the Roman banquet: Harry directing traffic; Caught yot oft guard, huh Joe?; Jeff and Tex pose for a picture; Mike brought ' em a coke at the junior stand. THIRD ROW; Kathy ' s feeling happy; Jim and Diann between classes; Juniors re- ceive their rings; What are you up to now. Gene?; Pat ' s typing for a Hornet in the making. FOrRTH ROW; Taste good. Kathie?; Carla and Kathie at Pokagon; Smile prett K athie; Dee hard at work; Mr. Gibbs gazes at a new junior class ring. Pa " e One Hundred Twctify-sevcn Bits About ' Em MEMORIES HOBBY AMBITION Football games Cars .-- Mechanic -Shop Sports Undecided -Art class, Mr. Porter Drawing Commercial Dancing, Hi-Fi NAME NICKNAME William Abbott, " Bill " ,. Frank Anspaugh Connie Babcock, " Cookie " Dave Blough, " Blow " All my friends .Electrical engineer Sally Boardman, " Sal " ....Studying! ...Water skiing ...Teacher Lou Ann Boyer, " Lou " Basketball games, record hops Dancing Secretary James Brooks, " Jamie " Art, plays, new gym, all the kids ..Loafing Science Mark Broxon, " Marcus " Good friends Summer sports ..Mechanic Nancy Burrell, " Nan " Graduation, Mr. Gibb ' s gov ' t. Dancing, class Ice skating History teacher Donald Burrell, " Don " Kids Sports Engineer Gloria Call, " Glor " Tests, Sectional Having fun English teacher Kathleen Carney, " Katie " School activities, teachers. Ice skating, friends water skiing Medical career Linda Carr, " Linda " ..Kids at school, Sectional Reading Nurse Janet Carrick, " Jan " Proms, activities Reading, ice skatin Mechani Teacher ..Archaeologist . Chemical engineer Be Phil Chiricotti, " Flip " Past times with a few frienc Al Christy, " Alfonse " Springs, class breakfasts, " The Old Gang " . Baseba Sue Collins, " Susie " Kids, parties, proms, graduation . Knittii Ronnie Cook, " Ron " Mr. Brayton, Mr. Gibbs, Having fun class breakfasts . . Loafing Accountant Richard Cope, " Dick " Basketball games Sports Join service Ruth Anne Grain Teachers, friends Painting, reading Doctor of medicine Crone, " Cronie " T.S. boys, proms, da ' ater skiing, dancing Secretary Dailey, " Will " A number 17 in K ' ville game that never finished Football ...Accountant Lee Detar, " Sunny " Parties, good grades? Collecting odd items Navy Diane Dickmeyer, " Di " .. Friends Water skiing ..Dental hygienist Dave Dirrim, " Dude " Mr. Etzler Loafing Florist Janet Dygert, " Jan " Teachers, friends Reading English teacher Dave Eff, " Beefie " Plays, basketball games, Reading Playboy the old gym in Mr. Avery ' s Room Journalist Joan Elkins, " Joanny " Proms, New Year ' s Eve Sewing, records Secretary-housewife Delia Fortune, " Dee " Mr. Gibbs ' class, kids, games .... Sailing, reading Foreign Service ary Gecowets, " Ge Barbara Gern Class breakfasts, proms, old gym, homework Having fun Teacher Basketball, proms, parties, old A.H.S. Having fun Technician-housewife Vagc One Hundred Twenty-eight Bits About ' Em NAME NICKNAME MEMORIES HOBBY AMBITION Sharon German, " Germ " (Nut) -Ernie --.- Having fun Housewife Sharon Gibbeny, " Sherri " .- Friends, teachers, springs .. Lee Gilbert, " Speedy " Safety patrol, Mr. Druckamiller Elec Having fun, reading Undecided Technical advisory work John Glasgow, " John " Jeanne Gray, " Jeannie " Cathy Griffith, " Griff " Ronnie Hagewood, " Ron " Joe Harpham, " Hairpen " Sandra Hawthorne, " Sandy ' -61-62, parties, proms, teache -Proms, parties, Mr. Morin Having fun .- Graduate from Ball State Joan and Nancy - Dancing, listening records - Senior year . Senior year -Senior year, proms, parties -Cars -Sports Beautician -State police Air Force Marjorie Holly, " Trolly " Parties, friends, A.H.S. Glenn Jacob, " Jake " Proms, senior year, golf Ice skating. High school math having fun teacher -Horses Secretary il - Golf Pharmacist Patty Keller, " Pat ' -Kids and acti -Dancing, records Gary Knox, " Stretch " Basketball, Sectional Diann Kramer, " Dlann " Proms, teachers, seni( summer before - - Delbert Lehman, " Dub " Parker Carl Longworth, " Jim " - ..Football Beauticia .Business -Having fun Private secretary - ' 60 Ford Funeral director .Skiing ---.■- Navy officer Sharon A. Loucks, " Sharon " People, ball games, teachers, Mr. Bernhardt - Having fun - -- Medical technology James Lovejoy, " Lovey " - -Sports, proms, record hops in Graduate from Indt the gym -- Sports Carolyn Ma -Baseball games, graduation owlmg, dancing I.B.M. operator, housewife Sue Ann Mansberger, " Susie Q " .Miss Shultz ' s class Music Work with disabled children Paulette Mellby, " Mellby " Plays, art class ... C. Kaye Mendenhall, " Kaye " - . Senior coat check Kathie Nedele, " Kathie " Chemistry, sports, proms, Sectional -Baby sitting, teaching - - Graduate from college Sewing, knitting Housewife Sports Teacher Susan Nedele, " Susan " - Everything connected with high school, proms, etc. Having fun Elementary teacher Mike L. Noll, " Jake " All of the kids, basketball games My ' 5 5 Merc Mechanical engineer Gary Page, " Gar " Football, basketball Sports, studies Dentist Michael Parker, " Mick " When a school bus hit my ' 57 Ford ' 57 Ford Nancy Parr, " Jo " Dancing Funeral direct Housewife PaX ' ' One Hundred Twenty- Bits About ' Em NAME NICKNAME Carloyn Pethers, " Pethers " Robert Petty, " Bob ' MEMORIES Last summer and partii rties, games in the new gyr HOBBY Dancing Skiing, ice skating . ,. Hunting and ... Sam Presley, " Sam " Pleasant Lake school days, old friends Barbara Ransburi;, " Barb ' -Plays, people, Mr. Morin Kenneth Jay Robmson, " Robby " .Meeting new people in school, senior year Jerry L. Schenkel, " Red- Elizabeth Scott, " Libby " Dorothy C. Senger, " Dot " Helean Shatto, " Bootsie " Gene Shaw. " Geno " Ellen Steenerson. " Steeny " Lynn Steiner, " Lynn " -Sailboats, horses, dates parties -A.H.S. Reading Proms, dates, kids Horses . Anything that was fun Guns, cars Polisher -Having fun - Teacher All sports, working on Coach, teach Phys. different cars - Ed., wood metal Hi-Fi -Electrical engineer Getting as much tan as possible in a summer .Creative writing — Secretary or housewife ..Beautician .To be a success Hi-Fi, telling jokes -The T.S. banquet at Embers, Smging, water dates with Mitch - skiing and ice skating . .Secretary -Mrs. Chokey, senior year ..-- -.Goofing around -. - -To be a salesman David Stevenson, " Dave " . - -Shop class, Mr. Gibbs - -My hot rod Race mechanic John Stock, " Yohon " ..Kids Sports, music --Rich farmer Jack Strite, " Allan " Lots of fun, choir Singing Engineer Dave Tyler, " Flash " Setting school record in track Karen White Funeral director or and car teacher Ronald Waters, " Ed " Mr. Etzler and Mr. Gibbs - - Coin collecting -Policeman Leslie West, " West " Graduation, Christmas, Stuffed animals, Mr. Gibbs knitting. Butch Secretary and wife . - A.H.S. Playing the piano and organ - - Beautician Homework Cleaning house? Mrs. David Vincen Donald Wilson, " Don " Summers -. Enjoying life - Mechanic Darl Wilson, " Will " Kids, proms Sports - Engineer Betty Wolf, " Bet " Class breakfasts, basketball Dancing, Cheryl Williams, Jane Wilmoth, " W ' lllie ' games buying clothes Eddie Wyatt, " Ed " Work, future house . wife Baseball Undecided Ptf.iJ ' ' One Huitdrcd Thirty lis IN THE SCHOOL AND NEW GYM FIRST l!OW: Christmas carols sung in tli dith; Mary Alice Cole playing the chimes. SECOND ROW: Linda Kiess and Sharon Sc at the ball game: Choir singing: carols. THIRD ROW: Kathie Nedele and Coleen Ans concert time. FOURTH ROW: rhnjv Mi-? Bowles: 1; .Miss SielM.ld and Diana Me ;ler practicing t virling; Pep Ij; ugh in choir: Choir at Chr UN AT WORK AND AT PLAY FIRST liO-W: Are liing to smile abou SECOND ROW: M SCENES WE WANT TO REMEMBER lut. Lllirli Hoi net I tudying- hard. FOURTH ROW Our majoiettes displaying the t on ' t ha e that ball for long football game, He UP AND DOWN THE HALLS OF A.H.S. Stilted at hi .king at old Kej nile for the Pa,i e One Hundred Tfvrfy-fii 1961 Alumni Kari Aldrich — Indi.inj University, Blooming- ton, Indiana Bruce Anderson — Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana Terry Arkwright — Purdue University, ' Vi ' est Lafayette, Indiana Kay August — Lincoln Life Insurance Com- pany, Fort Wayne, Indiana Kay Bailey — Manchester College, North Man- chester, Indiana Sandy Barto — Indiana University, Blooming- ton, Indiana Jack Berlien — Purdue University, West La- fayette, Indiana Marilyn Blough — Bowling Green State Univer- sity, Bowling Green, Ohio Diana Boyer — International Business College, Fort Wayne, Indiana Judy Brad) — Marshall Fields, Chicago, Illinois Leroy Cable — United States Air Force Acad- emy, Colorado Springs, Colorado Susan Carr — Wisconsin State College, Super- ior, Wisconsin. Julia Caton— Fort Wayne Commercial Col- lege, Fort Wayne, Indiana Kay Christen— Mrs. Dean Rozell, Angola. In- diana Bill Cole — Tri-State College, Angola, Indiana Kaye Converse — Fort Wayne Beauty College, Fort Wayne, Indiana Woodice Conway — Beauty Clinic, Angola, In- diana Sylvia Crowl — Albion College, Albion, Michi- gan Barbara Croxton — Stephens College, Columbia, Missouri Elaine Deller— Ball State Teachers College, Muncie, Indiana Mike Deming— U.S. Navy Sam Dirrim— Toll Road Plaza, Hammond, Indiana Diane Disbro— -Ball State Teachers College, Muncie, Indiana Barbara Dole — Ball State Teachers College, Muncie, Indiana Tom Douglass — Automotive Paint and Sup- ply, Angola, Indiana Ed Everett — U.S. Air Force Linda Ewers — Milligan College, Johnson City, Tennessee Connie Fisher — Elkhart Business University, Elkhart, Indiana Konita Forbes — Taylor University, Upland, Indiana Vickie Fradenburg — Bassett ' s Restaurant, An- gola, Indiana Pete Garner — Tri-State College, Angola, In- diana John Gramling — Purdue University Extension, Fort Wayne, Indiana Helen Greenamyer — Post graduate, Angola High School Judy Griffith— Ball State Teachers College, Muncie, Indiana Bill Griffiths — Tri-State College, Angola, In- diana Merrilee Haines — At home, living in Wash- ington State Mike Hale) Tri-State College, Angola, Indi- ana Mickey Haley— Ball State Teachers College, Muncie, Indiana Janet Hanna — Elmhurst Hospital, Angola, Indiana Sharon Hann.i— Ball State Teachers College, Muncie, Indiana Ruth Ann Hanselman — DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana Marilyn Harris — Fort Wayne Commercial College, Fort Wayne, Indiana Joyce Hevel — Western Michigan University, Kalamazoo, Michigan Nancy Hindman — Telephone Office, Angola, Indiana Sandy Hubart— Fort Wayne Bible College, Fort Wayne, Indiana Richard Hullinger— U.S. Air Force Tom Hutto — U.S. Air Force Frances Ickes — Gay Barn Restaurant, Angola, Indiana Tom James — At home, Angola, Indiana Kenny Johnson — Thermo-Electronics, Angola, Indiana Raymond Jones — U.S. Air Force Roger Karr — U.S. Navy Jim Kelly — Overmyer Mould Company, Fre- Elery Kimes — Kroger Store, Angola, Indiana Jeanette Kuckuck — Mrs. Elery Kimes, Angola, Indiana Pa- ' c One HiiiulrcJ Thirty-six 1961 Alumni Sharon Lacey — International Business Collejje, Fort Wayne, Indiana Carol Leibel — At home, Hudson, Indiana George Libey — Purdue University, West La- fayette, Indiana Linda Mains — At home, Angola, Indiana Sharon Maugherman — Manchester College, North Manchester, Indiana Barbara Maxton — Mrs. Terry Oster, Waterloo, Indiana Barbara McKinley — At home, Angola, Indiana Sandra Meston — Working in Fremont, Indiana Sharon Miller — Mrs. Jack Lepley, Fort Wayne, Indiana Bonnie Mott — Mrs. Richard Moor, Keeslar Air Force Base, Mississippi Dick Musser — Construction work, Angola, Indiana Phil Musser— Hillsdale College, Hillsdale. Michigan John Newnam — Purdue University, West La- fayette, Indiana Betty Nichols — Butler University, Indiana- polis, Indiana Russell Noragon — U.S. Navy Daniel Oberst— Tri-State College, Angola, In- diana Bill Parks — Tri-State College, Angola, Indiana Vickie Phelan— EvansviUe College, EvansviUe, Indiana Larry Pingry— Tri-State College, Angola, In- diana Phil Preston — Indiana University, Blooming- ton, Indiana Karen Prior — Ravenscroft Beauty School, Fort Wayne, Indiana Tom Pristas — Tri-State College, Angola, In- diana Ann Ramsay — Toledo University, Toledo, Ohio Marialana Rensch — Ravenscroft Beauty Col- lege, Fort Wayne, Indiana Glen Rogers — Rogers Wreath Company, An- gola, Indiana Jack Routsong — Fort Wayne Commercial Col- lege, Fort Wayne, Indiana Lynn Routsong — Farming, Pleasant Lake, Indiana Karen Rowe — Ravenscroft Beauty College, Fort Wayne, Indiana Cliff Ryan — Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana Roger Sailor — Rogers Super Market, Fort Wayne, Indiana Bobbie Sue Sapp — Beauty school in Chicago, Illinois Bob Schannen— Hindman ' s Phillips 66, Pleas- ant Lake, Indiana John Sellgren— Purdue University, West La- fayette, Indiana Carol Sheets — Working in Fort Wayne, Indi- ana Mike Shirley— Tn-State College, Angola, In- diana Susie Siegel — Indiana University, Blooming- ton, Indiana Mary Slanina — Saint Mary ' s College, South Bend, Indiana Donna Smith — Olivet Nazarene College, Kan- kakee, Illinois Judy Smith — Elkhart Business University, Elkhart, Indiana Vern Smith — Moore Business Forms, Angola, Indiana Nancy Snyder — Mrs. Bert Hastelford, Balti- more, Maryland Sig Somerlott— Ball State Teachers College, Muncie, Indiana Bill Steele — Case Institute of Technology, Cleveland, Ohio Bruce Steinke — U.S. Navy Dixie Stonecipher — Working in California Larry Stoy — Farming, Ashley, Indiana Dave Stroh — Ball State Teachers College, Muncie, Indiana Larry Sunday — Tri-State College, Angola, In- diana Joan Thiele — Mrs. Jerry Thibodeaui, Angola, Indiana Marna Thompson — At home, Pleasant Lake, Indiana Jack Tuttle— Tri-State College, Angola, Indi- Tom Waite — Farming, Angola, Indiana Pat Waters — Receptionist for Dr. O. J. Straw- ser, Angola, Indiana Pam Wright— Mrs. Mike Hantz, Angola, In- diana Judy Yockev — Parkview Memorial Hospital, Fort Wayne, Indiana Pa, c One HiinJnJ Thirty-seven IN BY-GONE DAYS - i ' lims on the playgi-oimd . Sally Boartiman ' s ' ' birfhday party, 1, ii iierger with her kitten; Barb G. looking very pretty; 1 i : Bonnie Wilcox (wonder how she sot in here?); John ' " ■. ' i ' ' ' ,? ' V ' iiii ' M ' " ' l„,,li. aii.l J,;h,,,.. ,,t i party; Sally Boardman; Joe Har- n " Kiii ' " si ' i. ' .- .Tiin., Sii. i ' ' ,-n.. ' ,, ' mi ' i. ( ;. having fun; Glenn Jacob; (be- IN BY-GONE DAYS Havi: King TOP ROW: Pleasant Lake seniors, wher Nancy Burrell; Susan Nedele and Pat h SECOND ROW: Seniors in the flftli gr ister enjoying a ride in the wagon: Dian ig very pretty. THIRD ROW: Sopliomore Relays Queen ig fun on the playground— Katie Carney, FOURTH ROW: Meg, Katie anrl Susan; and Queen of the Junior High Prom. ind Karen Kr Patronize Our Advertisers Telephone ABSTRACTS: Goodale Abstract Company 665-2314 ATTORNEYS: Hubbard Oberst, Attorneys-At-Law ,. 665-9317 AUTOMOBILE DEALERS: " Chuck " Fours Rambler Sales 66 5-6214 Bob Lamoreaux Pontiac Sales Service 665-6513 L. G. Maxton Sales, Inc. 665-2195 Poinsatte Motors, Inc., New Cars - 2 ' n 1 Soft Water 665-2125 Wild-Arnold Motor Sales, Mercury, Comet 665-6414 Telephone BUILDING CONTRACTORS: Bodley ' s Construction and Building Products 665-2912 BOWLING ALLEYS: Tri-State Lanes, Dean Goings 665-6218 Angola Bowl, Inc., Harry Sarver . 66 5-9312 CANDY DEALERS: C. A. Nedele Sons, Wholesale Candy, Paper, Tobacco 665-2465 CANVAS SHOPS: Fairview Canvas Shop 665-5562 AUTOMOTIVE PARTS: Dewey ' s Auto Parts 665-3716 Golden Auto Parts 665-5261 BAIT STORES: Angola Bait Sporting Goods 665-2376 BANKS: Angola State Bank 665-2861 First National Bank of Angola .,..665-2962 BARBER SHOPS: Bud ' s Barber Shop Clark ' s Barber Shop Lakeland Barber Shop Subway Barber Shop BEAUTY SHOPS: Beauty Clinic 665-3262 Rainbow Beauty Shop 665-5515 Studio of Hair Design - 665-6464 CAR BODY SHOPS: Folck ' s Body Shop 66 5-6013 Mann Body Shop 665-5915 Munson-Beck, Inc., Auto Body Rebuilding 66 5-6611 CHEMICAL LABORATORIES: H.ckorv Chemical Laboratories .665-3589 CLEANERS: Angola Dry Cleaners ...„ ...665-2814 Custom Cleaners, Ashley ,.. ... Ashley 5 87-3344 McBride Cleaners .665-2715 CLOTHIERS: jarrard ' s Men ' s Store .665-6612 Strock ' s A-len ' s and Boys ' Wear 665-2213 Ted ' s Men ' s Store 665-6212 COAL COMPANIES: Angola Brick and Tile 665-2712 BOAT LIVERIES: Elmer ' s Marine Sales 665-5561 Cinder ' s Motor Service, South Side, Crooked L,ike 665-5270 Lake Gage Marme Orland 829-3331 BOOK STORES: Munn ' s Book Store 665-3212 BOTTLERS: Pokagon Beverage Company ..665-3263 DAIRY EQUIPMENT SUPPLIES: Meyers Dairy Service . 665-2961 DAIRY PRODUCT COMPANIES: Page Dairv Company 665-3562 Pure Sealed Dairy 665-3061 Sunrise Dairy 66 5-2663 DEPARTMENT STORES: J. C. Pennev Company 665-2512 Ransburg Sons Dept. Store ...PI. Lake 475-2625 Page One HuiiJrcJ For ) Wk Patronize Our Advertisers Telephone DENTISTS: Dr. W. R. Aldrich 665-3016 Dr. C. B. Anderson 66S-5712 Dr. Leif Steenerson 66 5-5 014 DITCHING AND SEWAGE DIGGING: Kenneth German 665-6555 DRESS SHOPS: Ann ' s Dress Shoppe — 665-2013 H.irman ' s Ladies ' Shoppe .665-6912 Ritter .ind Ferry Dress Shop 66 5 -64 12 DRESSED POULTRY: K.iy ' s Dressed Poultry .665-6913 DRUGGISTS: K H North Wayne Pharmacy, Inc. . 665-5215 Kratz Drug Store .665-2106 Rogers Drug Store, Walgreen Agency .665-53 12 White ' s Drug Store 665-2166 ELECTRIC SHOPS: Foutz Electric Supply ......665-6017 Shaw Electronic Supply 665-5611 ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS: A. A. A. Electric Company, Inc., Bob Wells 665-6211 FACTORIES: All Metal Spinners, Inc. 665-2192 Moore Business Forms, Inc. „ .665-3181 Weatherhead Company 665-2154 FARM BUREAUS: Steuben County Farm Bureau Co-operative Association 665-3161 FARM IMPLEMENTS: Alwood Tractor Sales 665-2211 Covell Implement Store 665-2711 Oliver Sales Company 665-2611 FEED STORES: Hamma Feed Supply, Feeds, Seeds and Garden Supplies 665-3711 Telephone FILLING STATIONS: Bob ' s Marathon Station 665-9113 Frazier ' s West Texaco ...665-5814 Goodwin ' s PhiUip ' s 66 Service 665-6713 Noll Brothers Oil Co., Hudson Ashley 5 87-9211 Bob Meyer Sunoco Service 665-9221 Schaeffer ' s Standard Service 665-2411 Swager Service Station, Pleasant Lake ...475-225 5 Walston Brothers Shell Service 665-6215 FIVE AND TEN CENT STORES: Danner ' s Variety Stores .... ...665-6012 W. R. Thomas 5c to SI Store 665-3012 FLORISTS: Pleasant Lake Green House ., PI. Lake 475-2775 Throop Florist . 665-5061 FROZEN LOCKERS: Angola Frozen Locker Storage . . .. .665-6814 FUEL OIL DISTRIBUTORS: Sinclair Oil, Ray Lovejoy, Agent .. 665-5914 FUNERAL DIRECTORS: Klink ' s Funeral Home 665-2121 Weicht ' s Funeral Home 665-3111 FURNITURE STORES: Kay ' s Furniture, Floor Coverings, Westinghouse Appliances .. ... .665-5816 Swank Wayside Furniture, One Mile North on U.S. 27 . . 665-3121 GARAGES: Al Lonsbury ' s Garage and Wrecker Service " 665-5165 McKee ' s Garage, Hudson Ashley 587-3322 Tritch Garage, Pleasant Lake 475-222 5 GAS COMPANIES: North State Gas 665-6969 GIFT SHOPS: Fred Smith, Gifts and Greeting Cards .665-3615 GRAIN ELEVATORS: Strock Elevator, Hudson . . Ashley 587-3711 Prt ijc One HniulrcJ Forty-one Patronize Our Advertisers Telephone GROCERY STORES: August Food Market, Pleasant Lake -- .475-2622 Casselman ' s Grocery, Bower Lake 665-5004 Kaiser ' s Foodland Super Market, Inc. 665-6514 Lakeside Grocery, Lake James 665-3791 Model Food Market 665-6313 HARDWARE STORES: Gambles Department Store 66 5-5761 Hudson Hardware, Hudson Ashley 587-3831 Moore ' s Hardware, Pleasant Lake 475-3105 Seagly Brothers, Hardware, Apphances Bulk and Bottled Propane Gas Service . . . 665-2563 Western Auto Associate Store, Home Owned, Glen Maxwell 665-5662 HATCHERIES: Holtzman Hatchei HEATING SUPPLIES: R. L. Ryan Heating 665-5411 HOME EQUIPMENT STORES: Hosack ' s, Since 1915, Electrical Apphances 665-3361 HOSPITALS: Compliments of Cameron Hospitals, HOTELS: Hotel Hendry 66 5-3 1 96 INSURANCE AGENCIES: Farm Bureau Insurance, West Broad St. 665-3414 Jacob Insurance Service 665-3194 Philip S. Johnson Insurance Agency ...66 5-3714 Nagel Insurance Agency 665-3814 National Heritage Life Insurance Co. .665-3102 Watkins and Croxton Insurance Agency 665-2462 Weaver and Booth, Insurance 665-2515 JEWELERS: Liechty Jewelry - 665-3613 Tuttle ' s Jewelry 665-3715 Telephone KIDDIE SHOPS: Kiddy Korner, Hazel Metz 665-6714 Lucille ' s Kiddie Shoppe 665-65 11 LAUNDRIES: Speedy Service Laundry 665-2613 LUMBER COMPANIES: Angola Lumber Company 665-3125 J. T. Horstman, Inc., Lumber, Supplies, Millwork Building, Pleasant Lake 475-3 505 Daniel Shank Lumber Company 66 5-3109 MACHINE SHOPS: Shorty ' s Machme Service ... ......665-6618 MANUFACTURERS ' AGENTS: Joe Clancy and Company, Inc. 665-2561 MEAT PACKING COMPANIES: Clyde ' s Packing Co., Inc. 665-2162 MOTELS: King ' s Motel ...66 5-2362 Lakeview Court 665-3 803 Silver Lake Trailer Court 665-3785 Taylor ' s Tri-State Motel and Gift Shop . 665-3171 MOTOR TRUCK LINES: Dundee Truck Line, Inc. 665-3712 MUSIC SHOPS: Rippe Music Studio 665-3712 J. Q. Smith Music and Hobbies 665-3415 NEWS STANDS: G K News Stand 66 5-5 112 OIL COMPANIES: Sinclair Oil Co., R,ay Love joy. Agent .665-5914 OPTOMETRISTS: Dr. M. I. Blough 665-5450 Dr. R. C. Snook 66 5-3463 PAINT COMPANIES: Automotive Paint and Supply 665-2134 Economy Wall Paper and Paint Company 66 5-5 916 Page One Hundred Forty-two m Patronize Our Telephone PHOTOGRAPHERS: CLirk ' s Photo Service eeS-SOH Gentry Photographic 66S-3456 PHYSICIANS: Comphments of Dr. Richard Artz . . 665-2144 CompHments of Dr. Robert Barton 665-2144 Comphments of Dr. M. M. Crum 665-2151 PLUMBERS: Heating and Plumbing . . .665-6011 PRINTERS: Steuben Printing Company, Printers of this Annual 665-3118 Printing Co. 665-5461 PUBLIC SERVICE UTILITIES: Consumers Natural Gas Corporation 665-3964 Northern Indiana Public Service Company 665-3137 RADIO EQUIPMENT AND PARTS: Lakeland Radio and TV Supply 665-6311 RADIO STATIONS: W ' TVB Studios, Angola and Coldwater 665-6715 REAL ESTATE DEALERS: Ralph J. Stcftan, Realtor, Farm, City, and Lake Property 665-2714 RESTAURANTS: A W Root Beer Drive-In 665-5063 Boyce ' s Drive-In Restaurant 665-9120 Brown ' s Ice Cream Cardinal Cafe 66 5-922 5 Christy ' s Coney Island 665-9126 Duke ' s Restaurant 665-2416 Gay Barn Restaurant 665-5013 North Wayne Restaurant 665-5415 Sandy ' s Drive-In . - 665-2963 Circle 41 Restaurant Top Hat Drive-In 665-65 17 Wellman ' s Grill .665-9224 Advertisers Telephone SEPTIC TANKS: Lake Concrete Products, Mfg. Blocks and Septic Tanks, Pleasant Lake .. ... .475-2655 or 475-3335 SEWING MACHINES: Singer Sewing Machine Company, " We Sell The Best and Service The Rest " .665-5812 SHOE STORES: The Bootery 665-6312 Family Shoes Discount Store 66 5-2916 Fashion Shoe Store . 665-2315 The Glass Slipper 665-2620 SHOE REPAIR SHOPS: Louie ' s Shoe Repair Shop SPORTING GOODS: Bob ' s Sport Shop 665-3614 TELEVISION SALES AND SERVICE: Arkwright ' s TV - Motorola TV and Radios 665-6613 Star Television Sales and Service 665-6411 THEATERS: Strand Theatre 665-3812 TIRE SALES: Newnam Tire Service 665-6712 TYPEWRITER SALES: Angola Typewriter Sales 665-5912 WREATH COMPANIES: Rogers Wreath Company .665-6217 YARDAGE STORES: Angola Yardage Shop . . 665-2413 P,i; c One Hundred Forty-three Teachers In Our Grade Schools CARLIN PARK SCHOOL Mrs. Mary Slagle, kindergarten Mrs. Pauline Helsel, first grade Mrs. Mildred MacFadyen, first grade Miss Susanna Lemley, second grade Mi: ita Teegardin, jnd graa Mrs. Alberta Allien, third grade Miss Jessie H. Emerson, third grade Mrs. Edna Ehrhart, fourth grade Mrs. Helen Healy, fourth grade Mrs. Evangeline Fuller, fifth grade Miss Ruth Stevens, fifth grade Miss Laura Frank, sixth grade Miss Thelma Hephner, sixth grade Curt Rathburn, elementary principal PLEASANT LAKE SCHOOL Mrs. Shirley Hull, kindergarten Mrs. Rose Clark, first grade Mrs. Bessie Lepley, second grade Mrs. Berta McAlpi n, second grade Mrs. Violet Holopeter, third grade Mrs. Hilda Chrysler, fourth grade Mrs. Norma Milhollin, fifth grade Mrs. electa Pfingstag, fifth grade Charles A. Ryan, sixth grade Mrs. Velma Potts, exceptional children- ungraded Charles A. Ryan, elementary principal HENDRY PARK SCHOOL Mrs. Emma Druckamiller, kindergarten Miss Vera Myers, first grade Mrs. Darleen Wodrich, first grade Miss June Collins, second grade Mrs. Alice Meyers, second grade Mrs. LaVerne Hauber, third grade Mrs. Catherine Schrider, third grade Mrs. Flora Hedglin, fourth grade Mrs. Pauli ;hardt, fourth grade Miss Wilma Harmon, fifth grade Louis Sapp, fifth grade Mrs. Mildred McCool, sixth grade Mrs. Mary Stevens, sixth grade Walter Schubert, elementary principal SPECIAL TEACHERS Miss Doris Cauble, art Donald Godlevski, music Miss Carol Knudsen, speech and hearing Mrs. Nancy Newnam, librarian Mrs. Mildred Long, school nurse Page One Hundred Forty-four AT ODD MOMENTS Lkets: At Mary Jane ' s birthday party; Jiidj TOP ROW: Juniors buying tol SECOND ROW: Roman cheese cal e in Latin class; study hall; Mrs. Chokey and Karen found something interesting. THIRD ROW: Bathing beauty Mary Jane G. in the good ol ' summer time!; Bon- nie at her usual occupation; Type it well, Helean; Romans for a day! FOURTH ROW; Lunch time in study hall: Jack and Jim concentrate!; The line Senior Side Lights Class Breakfasts Proms Senior Hat Check Sectional Champs Key Sales (TWIST) Party School Fire Regional Tourney " Cafe Mon Ami " Our brand new gym! All-n.ght Party " Mood Indigo " Senior Cords F.T.A. Teaching Music Contesst Purdue Glee Club Snake Dance Through Town Bonfire Back of Gym " My Three Angels " One-Act Plays " Who-Dunit? " Y-Teen Conferences Pa-Ma-Me Banquet Class Rings Choir Carohng in Halls Iowa Tests Choir Concerts Mr. " Mac " Track Meets Baseball Games N.E.I.C. Champs Junior Stand Mr. Bernhardt Mr. Boomershine New Grade Cards Senior Trio Mr. (Tony) Gibbs " Fuzz " Mr. Morin Senior Pictures and Name Cards Mr. Avery, a great sponsor The Hornet Field Trips Stacked Lockers Science Trip The Key Mr. Milhollin ' s Guidance Program Trampoline Acts Hi-Y Basketball Tournaments Econ Term Paper Homework Podunk Pep Club Poetry and Essay Contests SENIOR DAY GRADUATION BACCALAUREATE SENIOR PROM " TEMPUS FUGIT " P i,?r Otic Hundred ¥ort Autographi i , " 4 y £■ A ' % ' ' . . ' " . ' 1 i

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