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Text from Pages 1 - 144 of the 1961 volume:

ANGOLA HIGH SCHOOL - ANGOLA. INDIANA PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS ' ' M il M ft " t m i!; if 4 1 1 S fl Hl ■nMii H IH km • Jp - ' iSiv-. ■ " ' — 8?«te Contents FACULTY Page 10 ACTIVITIES CLASSES Page 22 SPORTS Page 54 Page 80 Foreword The purpose of this book is to arouse placed iiifbiii these covers a record of our in the mind of the reader an abiitidaiice of best reii embered activities and accoiuplish- meniories. We, the class of 1961, have meats. Appreciation Wc, the gvadiiatiiig class of 1961, wish to express our appreciation to Mr. Morin, who has been our class spon- sor during our junior and senior years of high school, and to Bruce Anderson, our class president for all four years of high school. Our in any thanks are given to these two for their understanding and guidance. From the entire graduat- ing class — a fond farewell, Mr. Morin and Bruce! May your future years bring you only successes. Septe mber ™e wed thl- fW SUN MON W " . 9 4 5® ® 7S 26 27 2S 29 Octobi ■er SUi Mo, - iL 3 4 5 6 9 JO 11 J2 j3 J6 17 J8 19 14 15 20 21 22 ' 26 27 28 29 Calendar SEPTEMBER— 6 — Football begins — DecJtur 13 — Juniors order class rings OCTOBER— 8 — Marching Band Contest 19 — Y-Teen and Hi-Y initiations NOVEMBER— 4-S — " Bull in a China Shop " 16 — Senior Key sales party 19 — Hornets down Concordia 62-61, here DECEMBER— 17 — " Drifting and Dreaming " 20 — Choir Concert JANUARY- 20 — Three one-act plays Z ' i — District Vocal Contest February UN MON TUF. WED THU FRl SAT 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 @ 15 16 17 (i 19 20 21 © 23 24 (g 26 27 28 • ♦ 2 © 4 5 6 7 ;0 n n B 14 ' 6 J 18 ]9 6 FEBRUARY— 4 — District Band Contest 12 — Hornets down Riverdale in Sectional 2 5 — Hornets meet Garrett in Sectional Finals MARCH— 9-10— " Take Care of My Little Girl " 2 5 — Regional Achievement Tests District B.O.V. Contest Science Fair APRIL— 1 8 — Orchestra Concert MAY— 12 — Achievement Day 17 — Senior Class Day, Seniors dismissed 2 1 — Baccalaureate 16 — Commencement! April , -„,£ WED THU iOS N»N " , . 7 3 4 5 6 T 9 10 11 12 I l6l ®r,V 24 25 26 27 SUN MO.N TUE UED THU FRI SAT • 12 3 4 5 6 7 8 (9) 10 11(!2) 13 14 15 16 ©18 ©22 23 24 2 27 28 29 30 31 Superintendent Always smiling and greeting us with a friendly " Hello " is ovir superintendent, Mr. Boomershine. He never has been too busy to talk with us whenever we needed coun- sel. We sincerely thank you, Mr. Boomershine, for making our school a top rate institution of learning, and we are proud to say we attended Angola High. ADMINISTRATIO Principal Mr. " Mac " has been a true friend to us tfuring our high school days here at A.H.S. He has al- ways been very willing to help us with any problem, be it personal or pertaining to school work. We wish to thank you, Mr. McCut- chan, for your help and guidance and for your helping to make our four years so pleasant and profit- able. Page Eight H. C. Wisner. Treasurer; D. G. Mason: H. H. Stevens. President; R. L, Nedele. Sec- retary; Paul Strock, Vice-President. Board of Education Secretaries We owe much to the Board of Education, who have worked extremely hard on the building pro- gram and many other matters throughout the year. Our efficient secretaries have always been willing to help us with our problems and answer all our questions. Kitty Ferra, Betty Servis, Bonnie Wilcox, Edith Cox. .rTfT- • Faculty Even though MR. DRUCKA- MILLER ' S interest is history, he wants to know about the progress of the senior math, chiss that MR. HAMMEL teaches. MRS. CLINE and MRS. CHOKEY are discussing the accompHshments of the English classes, and MR. BARKDULL stops before going to bookkeeping class. Counselling appears to be enjoyable work for MR. MILHOLLIN. MRS. TRENNEPOHL and MISS REED have accepted his advice with broad smiles. During a locker-side visit MR. CABLE is giving a graphic account of a Freshman basketball victory that would be of interest to MR. DY- GERT before physics class begins. p-T T " r Faculty MR. MYERS and MR. AVERY pass the time of day before geometry and speech classes start. MRS. CLINE Is inquiring how MR. HOFFMAN, the student teach- er, enjoys teaching literature. MISS SHULTZ listens in. MRS. PHILLIPS before science class listens to MR. DENHARDT ' S explanation of a shop project. Is MR. MORIN asking MRS. VOSTEEN whether she can name the counties in Indiana? She can! Faculty MISS SIEBOLD, after a successful choir practice, is pleased to hear of MR. GODLEVSKI ' S plans for orches- MR. WEARLY Is giving JOHN KRAMER of the seventh grade some sugs;estions on his mechanical draw- MR. BERNHARDT is impressing upon two students, BILL HART and JOE STONECIPHER, the need of thinking through some scientific ma- terial. MR. CONDON is replying to MR. THOMPSON ' S inquiry concerning the progress of the current play prac- tice. Faculty MISS OHLMAN and SHARON LACEY are going over some library cards. MISS IDDINGS is checking LE- ROY ' S typing. It ' s probably okay. MRS. BUSE is showing MRS. BORING and MRS. HERBER one of the sarments made in home econom- MRS. CLARK is interested in a toad that MIKE BEARD has brought to her attention. The field of science is made up of wonders. Faculty MR. NICHOLS has stopped in the hall to exchange a few words with MR. NESBITT .ind MR. DRUCKA- MILLER. The conversation must be interesting. MRS. CROW has the plans finish- ed for her physical education classes. MR. THOMPSON, MR. JOHN- SON and MR. BRAYTON are in an interesting discussion. It could be about anything — Latin, mechanical drawing, English or maybe a football practice. MRS. KILE is looking over the bookkeeping paper MR. BARKDULL is correcting. Faculty MR. AVERY and MR. PORTER are examining some stage equipment. These three coaches — MR. DY- GERT, MR. KELLEY, and MR. CA- BLE must have all their difficult problems solved! Custodians Our faithful custodians — LESTER SHELTON, CARLTON ERWIN, and RALPH MYERS— are examining a new vacuum pump to be placed in the furnace room. Jesst ' Ji et-nani er. Mrs Helen Linnemeier. ( ' ttn Ijiniiemeier, Kenneth German, For- dvee .lohiiMin. ' arl Wavmire, Robert Morlev, Hollis Fisher. Clifton Nilson. Loren Dixon. iia i ' ( IT I ' lC ' ITIIIOn: DeWayne Branian, I arry Klink. Our Bus Drivers Many of our students arrive at school regularly and en time each day because of the faithfulness of our friendly, courteous bus drivers. We want to thank them for their service. Safety Patrol The safety of the students of our school is guaranteed by our very capable safety patrol who are on duty every morning before school, at noon, and after school in the afternoon. HARRY SOWLE takes his place in front of the school to help us safely across busy Highway 2 7. EARL V. ADAMS patrols the Felicity and Wayne crossing. ROBERT GEBHART is at the Washington and Maumee crossing. We should like to extend our thanks to you. Safety Patrol. •1 " Wl ' ■1 -wi lB|P ' « -r — , t ' .l »b.i - PLEASANT LAKE SCHOOL Dear to the hearts of many of the seniors is the Pleasant Lake School, where they first started on their educational climb. HENDRY PARK SCHOOL The Hendry Park School is one of the newest grade schools in this area. Its modern equipment and sunlit rooms make going to school a pleasure. mil III I ■■; " yi " il l f ill | || m ii m iiiii iiiniiiinrtmii m niminin ijm n j uj i A. ■» liLLLP ' ' LLLbi.iM - k . CARLIN PARK SCHOOL Carlin Park School, our newest grade building, is a joy to behold with the beau- tifully colored walls, the shiny desks and sparkling floors. It was completed this spring. OUR NEW GYMNASIUM Our new gymnasium is under construction. The underclassmen are looking for- ward to gym classes, basketball games, music practice and many other activities with- in this huge building. Seniors CONNIE LOUISE FISHER V-Tet-ns II. III. IW Latin Contrst I. THOMAS LEE WAITE Tiaek I: Basketl.all I, II: Baseball I: Attended Pleas ant Lake High School I. JACK L. ROUTSONG Hornet Stall IV. Attended Pleasant Lake High School I. JEANETTE KUCKUCK Class Treasurer III; High School Ohoir I; T-Teens IV. Attended Talleson High School, Talleson. Arizona, 1 semester; Pleasant Lake High School 1 semester; Edon High School i years. F.H.A. Historian III; Teen Club Sergeant at Arms II; Vice-President F.H.A. ot Williams County, Ohio. III. SYLVIA SUE CROWL Junior Play Cast III; High School Choir III, IV; F.T.A. I, II. in. IV, Parliamentarian III; Hornet Staff Business Manager IV; Key Staff IV; Three One-Act Plays Stage Crew I. Ill; Thespian Society III, IV, Secretary-Treas- urer IV; Band I, II. Ill, IV; Girls ' Glee Club I; District Solo Ensemble Contest I, II, III, IV; T-Teens II. Ill, IV; District B.O.V. Contest I, II, III, IV; State B.O.V. Contest I, II. Ill; Girls ' Athletic Association II, III, IV, Secretarv III; Junior Classical League I, II, III, IV; Pep Hand lli; Tunililina Team II, III, IV. SIGRID DIANE SOMERLOTT Seni ir Plav Stage Cren- IV; F.T.A. I, II, III; Hornet Staff IV; Key Staff Chairman IV; Band I, II. Ill, IV; Girls ' Glee Club I; Girls ' Octet I; District Solo Ensem- ble Contest I, II, III, IV; Y-Teens II, III, IV; B.O.V. Contest I, II. Ill, IV; May Queen Court III; Essay Con- test I; Pep Band I, III, IV; Mixed Woodwind Ensemble III IV; Clarinet Ensenil le I. II; Track Queen Court II. LARRY RAY SUNDAY High School Choir I. II. III. IV; Vocal Quartet I ' ; Key Staff IV; Hi-Y I. II. HI. I " ; Oliaplain II, President III, Vice-President IV; Track I. II, III. IV; Basketball I, II, III; Operetta Chorus I; Hi-Y Summer Camp III; Hi-Y National Conference III; Football I, II, III, IV; Grasshopper Cantata III, IV; Vocal Octet I, III; Thes- pian Play Cast IV. BOBBIE SUE SAPP Hornet Staff HI; Key Staff . Y-Teens II, III. IV. Page Twenty-four Seniors BARBARA S. McKINLEY Junior Play Stage Crew III; High Scliool Choir III: Key Staff Associate Editor IV: Band I, II. Ill, IV: Dis- trict Solo Ensemble Contest I, II: Y-Teens II, III, IV; B.O.V. Contest I, II, III, IV; Pep Band I. BRUCE R. STEINKE Safety Patrol I, II. III. TERRY JOE ARKWRIGHT Class Vice-President III, IV: Junior Play Student Di- rector III; High School Choir I. II. III. iV; Key Staff Sports Editor IV: Three One-Act Pla s Stage Crew III; Three One-Act Plays Student lUi. iMr I ' ; Thespian So- ciety III, IV; Band I, II, III, I : ilniHinias Prom King- IV; District Solo Ensemble I ' oni. i II. Ill; Hoosier Boys ' State III; Hi-Y I, II, III, IV, i. ' haplain III, Presi- dent IV; Track I, II, III, IV; Basketball I, II: Baseball III, IV; B.O.V. Contest I, II, III. IV; State B.O.V. Con- test I. II, III; Student Council Secretary-Treasurer IV; Junior Clasical League III, IV; Poetry Contest IV: Foot- ball I, II, III. IV: Hi-Y State Summer Camp III, IV: School Play Stage Crew IV. KAY BAILEY Class Business Manager III; Junior Play Stage Crew III: High School Choir IV; F.T.A. II, lit, IV; Hornet Staff Editor III; Key Staff Editor IV; Three One-Act Plays Stage Crew III; Hoosier Girls ' State III: Good Citizen of Girls ' State City; Y-Teens II, III, IV, Cabinet III, IV: Student Librarian II, III: Attended National Y ' .W.C.A. Conyention III: Junior Classical League I, II, III, IV: Poetry Contest II; Essay Contest III, IV: De Immortales Staff II; All School Play IV: D.A.R. School and County Good Citizen Award; National Hon- or Society III, IV, Secretary IV: Rotary Speech Contest IV; Freshman Choir I. JACK K. BERLIEN Junior Play Cast III; High School Choir I. IL III, IV: Vocal Quartet III, IV: Key Staff IV; Three One-Act Plays Cast IV; Thespian Society III, IV: Hi-Y " I, II, III, IV: Track I, II, III, IV: Basketball I, II, III, IV; Baseball I, III, IV; B.O.V. Contest I, II, III, IV; Stu- dent Council I: Mathematics Contest II, III, IV; Foot- ball I, II, III, IV; National Honor Society III, IV, Presi- dent IV. FRANCES V. ICKES Y ' -Teens IV: Attended Pleasant Lake High School I, II; Orland High School First Semester HI. JUDY ELLEN BRADY Junior Play Cast III: F.T.A. I, II, III; Historian II; Hornet Staff IV: Key Staff Chairman IV: Three One-Act Plays Stage Crew I, II, III; Thespian Society III, IV; Cheerleader II, IV; Y ' -Teens II, III, IV; Student Li- lirarian III, IV: Student Council I, II; Latin Contest I; May Queen Court I, III: Junior Classical League I; Poetry Contest IV; Essay Contest III. ROZELLA KAY AUGUST Class Secretary III, IV; Junior Play Cast III: High School Choir I, III, IV: Hornet Staff Editor IV: Key Staff IV; Cheerleader I, II. III. IV: Y ' -Teens II, III, IV, Cabinet IV. Attended Pleasant Lake High School I. Page Twenty-five Seniors PHILLIP DONALD MUSSER Band I, II. III. IV; Orchestra I; Ui- tii.t . ' nl,, - En .■iemhie Contest I. II. Ill, IV; B.O.V. (;c.iit. st I. II. II. IV Junior Classical League I, II. Ill, IV; l sa, Cutest IV Psi Iota Xi Scholarship to Michigan State I ' uiversity III; Pep Band II. III. IV; Dance Band II. Ill; World Af fairs Institute IV. HELEN ROSALEE GREENAMYER Junior Flav Stage Crew III; F.T.A. II. III. IV; Hornet Staff IV; Key Staff IV; Y-Teens II, HI, IV; Junior i lassical League 1; 4-H N ' ine Years; Junii.r Leader Two Years; Freshman Clioir I. JUDITH ANN GRIFFITH Class Treasurer III, IV; High School Choir III, IV; Vocal Sextet I, II; Band I, II, III, IV; District Solo Ensemble Contest I, II, III, IV; Y-Teens II, III. IV, President IV; B.O.V. Contest I, II, III, IV; Student I ' ouncil III; Girls ' Athletic Association I. II, III, IV. President II. Ill; Mav Queen Court III: Band Camp I, IT; ;raKshopper Cantata III, IV; Girls ' Tumbling Team II. Ill, IV; Brass Sextet II, III, IV. MARILYN ANN HARRIS Junior Plav Cast III; Hornet Staff IV; Key Staff IV; Band I. II. Ill, IV; Girls ' Glee Club I; Orchestra II, III. IV; District Solo Ensemble Contest I. II. III. IV; Y-Teens II. III. IV: B.O.V. Contest I. II, III, IV; Junior Classical League I: De Immortales Staff I; State Solo Ensemble Contest III. WILLIAM CHARLES GRIFFITHS Junior Plav Cast III; High School Choir II, III. IV; Three Due-Act Plavs Cast III; Thespian Society III. IV; Band I, II, III, IV; Orchestra II, III; District Solo Ensemble Contest I, II, III, IV; Hi-Y II, III, IV: B.O.V. Contest I, II, III, IV; Mathematics Contest II; Football I, II, III, IV. VICKI NADINE FRADENBURG FT. A. 111. IV; Hornet Staff III; Key Staff IV: Three One-Art Plavs Stage Crew III; Three One-Act Plays ' ast IV Y-Teens II. III. IV; Freshman Girls ' Choir I; G.A.A. I; 4-H I. RUSSELL LEE NORAGON Junior Play Stage Crew 111. Tlir, III; Pro.iectionist I, II. III. -Act Plays Cast SHARON KAY MAUGHERMAN Junior Plav Stage Crew III; High School Choir III, IV; Mixed Chorus III, IV: Hornet Staff IV; Key Stalt Associate Editor IV; Three One-Act Plays Stage Crew I: Thespian Society III. IV; District Solo Ensemble Contest I; Y-Teens II, HI, IV; B.O.V. Contest III. IV; Girls ' Athletic Association I, II, III, IV; Junior Classi- cal League I, II, III, IV; Essay Contest IV; De Im- mortales Staff II; Freshman Choir I. Page Tiveiify-six Seniors JACK DEW AYNE TUTTLE High School Choir III, IV; Kev Staff IV; Track I, II, III, IV; Basketball I, II, III, IV; Baseball I. II; Golf I, 11: B ' .F.A. II; Football III, IV; Freshman Class Plav I; Attended Hamilton High School I, II. KARI JO ALDRICH Junior Play Cast III; High School Choir III, IV; F.T.A. I, II, III; Hornet Staff IV; Kev Staff IV; Three One-Act Plays Stage Crew IV; Three One-Act Plavs Cast I; Thespian Society IV: Band I, II, III, IV: Or- chestra II: District Solo Ensemble Contest I, II, IV: Y-Teens II, III, IV, Pianist III, IV; District B.O.V. Con- test I, II, III, IV; State B.O.V. Contest I, II, III, IV: Piano, Vocal, String Contest I, II, III, IV; Pep Band I, II, III, IV: Girls ' Vocal Ensemble I, II, III; Junior Classical League I, II. Ill, IV; Psi Iota Xi Scholarship for piano to Michigan State University III. MARY STEFANY ANN SLANINA High School Choir III, IV: F.T.A. I, II; Kev Staff IV: Band I, II, III, IV; Orchestra I, II, III, IV; District Solo Ensemble Contest I, II, III, IV; State Solo Ensem- ble Contest II, III; B.O.V. Contest I, II, III, IV: Mathe- matics Contest II; English Contest III, IV: Latin Con- test I: Junior Classical League I, II, 1X1. IV; Poetry Contest I, IV; Girls ' Ensemble I, III; Grasshopper Can- tata III, IV; National Honor Societv III, IV; National Merit Scholarship Semi-Finalist IV: Pep Band I, II, III, IV: National Science Foundation Scholarship III: Class Valedictorian IV. RAYMOND JONES Key Staff IV. SANDRA L. MESTON Junior Play Stage Crew III: Hornet Staff III: Key Staff Assistant Editor IV; Hoosier Girls ' State Alternate III: Y-Teens II, III, IV, Cabinet III; Student Librarian IV; Poetry Contest I; Home Economics Assistant III, IV. SAMUEL CLYDE DIRRLVI High School Choir I, II, III; Band I, II, III, IV; Dis- trict Solo Ensemble Contest III: Basketball I, II, HI: Safety Patrol I, II; Football II. MICHAEL DEMING High School Choir I. II: Hi-Y II, III; Poetry Contest II: Key Staff IV. Basketball I: NANCY JEANETTE SNYDER Junior Play Stage Crew III; Hornet Staff IV: Kev ?taff IV; Y-Teens II, III, IV. Page Tiventy-seven Seniors KAYE ELAINE CONVERSE Higli Srli,,.,l Chnir III, IV; ' ocal Sextet III; Key Staff ClMi.iii;!!! IV; Band I, II, III, IV: Girls ' Glee Club I; On liisd ;i IV; District Solo Ensemble Contest I, II: Y-Tt ' tiis II, III. IV; B.O.V. Contest I, II, III, IV: State U(i ' . Contest I. II, III: Girls ' Athletic Associa- tion tl, III, IV; Pep Band III, IV: Dance Band III. THOMAS R. DOUGLASS Junior Play Stase Crew III; Key Staff IV: Tliree One- Act Pla-.s Stage Ciew IV; Thespian Society IV; Hi-T II. HI, IV: Track III: iMM.tball I. II. Ill, IV. CARL EDWARD EVERETT Hornet Staff III; Hoosier Bovs ' State HI; Traik I: Basketball I; l;asel all I; -l-H four years: Attended Pleasant Lake HiMh School I. LINDA LEE EWERS taft ' 11, IV: Mines Folk Drum li Choir IV: Vocal Sextet I: Key S man IV; Three One-Act Plavs Cast I; Band I, istrict Solo ilv- Cu .Tolde C " -,,i,tfSt T. Y-Te.iis 11, Contest I, 11 ; . ' SI II li-iii i ■,,ii,,, n |, 1 1 i ;ii Is ' Ai hi. iation I, II; i:--s.m .-Miiti-si 1 - 1 i,. InnnMii; II; Attended r.iMice -Mines lliyh Srii.iol. i;r , Canada, III: Choir III; May Queen Court Dance Display HI; Drum Majorette IV; Atten Majorette Camp II; English Contest IV. MICHAEL L. SHIRLEY Staff IV: Hi-Y II. HI. IV : Track II; SUSAN CAROL CARR Junior Play Stage Crew HI: Junior Play Cast HI; High School Choir IV; F.T.A. II, HI, IV: Key Staff IV: Three One- Act Plavs Stage Crew III; Thespian Society HI, IV: Band I, II, III, IV: Girls ' Glee Club I; District Solo Ensemble Contest I, II, HI, IV: State Contest III: Y-Teens H, III, IV: B.O.V. Contest I, II, III, IV; State B.O.V. Contest I, II, III: Mathematics Contest II, HI; Junior Classical League I, II, III, IV: Essay Con- test I; National Honor Society III, IV. Vice-President IV: Music Librarian II, HI: 4-H Nine Years: Science Fair I. DAVID LEROY STROH High School Choir I; Football II. IH. TV; Atten. 1 Pleasant Lake High School I, ANN LYNNE RAMSAY Band I, II; Orchestra III, IV: District Solo Ensem- ble Contest I, II, III, IV: Y-Teens II. HI. IV: B.O.V. Contest I, II, III, IV; Junior Classical League I, H. III. IV; Essay Contest IV. Page Tivcnty-eight Seniors THOMAS ANDREW HUTTO Safety Patrol I. II: Siience Fair I, II, III, IV. PAMELA WRIGHT Junior Play Stage Crew III; Hornet Staff IV; Kev Sta ff IV; Three One-Act Plays Stage Crew IV- Y-Teeni II, III, IV; Girls ' Athletic Association I. SANDRA JEAN BARTO Class Vice-President I; Class Secretary II: Junior Play Cast III; High School Choir I, II; Key Staff IV- Three One-Act Plays Cast IV; Band I; District Solo Ensemble Contest I; Cheerleader I; Y-Teens III, IV; Student Council IV; Mathematics Contest II; May Queen Court III; Essay Contest IV; F.H.A. I, II; GoVernor ' s Youth Council IV; Attended Flint High School I, II; National Honor Society IV. THOMAS C. JAMES Hornet Staff III; Key Staff IV; Three One-Act Plays Stage Crew III: Basketball I; Safety Patrol I, II: Foo ' t- ball I, II; Pro,iectionist IV: Basketball Manager II, III. SHARON KAYE HANNA Junior Play Stage Crew III; Junior Play Cast HI; F.T.A, I, II, III, IV, Vice-President IV; Key Staff As- sistant Editor IV; Three One-Act Plays Stage Crew III; Thespian Society III, IV; Y-Teens II, III, IV, Secretary III, Cabinet III, IV: Junior Classical League I, II, HI IV. Scriba II; De Immortales Staff II; National Honor Society HI, IV; All School Play III; Thespian Play Di- rector IV. SHARON LOU LACEY High School Choir I. Ill, IV; Key Staff IV; Three One- Act Plays Stage Crew IV ; Band I, II: District Solo Ensemble Contest II; Y-Teens II, III. IV; Girls ' Athletic Association II, III, IV; Junior Classical League II, III, IV; Librarian Assistant IV; F.H.A. I; Junior Girls ' En- semble III; 4-H Four Y ' ears, President III. Attended Pleasant Lake High School I. BARBARA ANN DOLE Class Secretary I, II: Class Treasurer I, II- High School Choir I, II, III, IV; F.T.A. Ill, IV: Key Staff As- sistant Editor IV: Band II, IV; Y ' -Teens III " iV- BOV Contest I, IV; Student Librarian I, II: Student Council I, IV: Booster Club I, II; Junior Girls ' Ensemble HI; Attended Salem Center High School I, II LARRY GENE COLEMAN Hl-Y I, II, III, IV: Basketball I; Football II: Pro- jectionist II. Vage Twenty-iiiiie Seniors ROGER B. KARR T-Cey Staff IV. BARBARA B. CROXTON Junior Play Stage Crew III; F.T.A. I. II, III, IV; Key Staff IV; Three One-Act Plays Cast IV; Thespian So- ciety IV; Band I, II, III, IV; Girls ' Glee Club I; Dis- trict Solo Ensemble Contest I, II, III, IV; State Solo Ensemble Contest III; Y-Teens II, III, IV; District B.O.V. Contest I. II, III, IV; State B.O.V. Contest I, II, III; Junior Classical League I; Poetry Contest IV; Ma- iorette II, III, IV; T virling Camp I, II. Ill, IV; Band Camp I; District Twirling Contest I. II, III, IV: State Twirling Contest III; Variety Show I. VICKIE LYNN PHELAN Junior Plav Stage Ciew III; All Scliool Play Stage Crew IV; F.T.A. II, III, IV; Hornet Staff III; Key Staff IV; Three One-Act Plays Stage Crew IV; Thespian So- ciety IV; Hoosier Girls ' State III; Y-Teens II, III, IV: Girls ' Athletic Association II, III, IV; Junior Classical League I, II, III, IV. JOHN C. GRAMLING Rand I. II, III, IV; District Solo Ensemble Contest II, III, IV; B.O.V. Contest II, III, IV; Student Basketball Manager I; Attended Pleasant Lake High School I. JOHN ARTHUR SELLGREN Senior Plax s Act Plays Si:iu. II, III, IV; .M: l-Vjotball II: I ' n 1. w IV; Key Staff IV; Three One- IV; Thespian Society IV; Hi-Y I, liis Contest IV; Science Fair I; list I, II, III, IV. ELAINE JOAN DELLER Junior Plav Stage Crew III, Play Cast IV; Key Staff Associate Editor I ' . riuspi.iri Society IV; Band I, II. Ill, IV; District S..I.1 v i:iis.-mble Contest I, II, III; Y-Teens II, III, IV: l!.( ' . - Cnutest I, II, III, IV: Mathematics Contest II, IV: Poetry Contest I, IV; ■J-H Eight Years: Pep Band I: Science Fair I, II, IV; Music Librarian III, IV; National Honor Society IV. JUDITH KAYE SMITH Hornet Staff III. Key Staff IV; Band II, HI, IV; Y- Teens II. Ill, IV; B.O.V. Contest II, III, IV: Youth Cen- ter Junior Leader HI, IV. MARILYN GENE BLOUGH Junior Play Stage Crew III; High School Choir III, IV; Kev Staff IV; Three One-Act Plays Stage Crew II, III; Thisi.iMii ...i.iv HI, IV; Y-Teens II, III, IV; B.O.V. Cont.M III. I ' I HI Is ' Athletic Association I; Mathe- mati ' .■ I ,,iii..-i II, III: Junior Classical League I, II, III, I " : Ii - Innn.iitales Staff I, II. Page Thirty Seniors THOMAS A. PRISTAS Track III, IV: Student Council II, III; Football I, II, III, IV; National Honor Society III, IV. KAY K. CHRISTEN Y-Teens III, IV; Girls ' Atliletic Association I. KAREN LYNNE PRIOR Junior Play Stage Crew III; Hornet Staff IV; Key Staff IV: Y-Teens II, III, IV; Student Librarian IV. JOHN ALBERT NEWNAM Junior Play Stage Crew III; High School Choir I, II. Ill, IV; Key Staff IV; Three One-Act Plays Stage Crew III; Hi-Y II, III, IV; Golf II, III, IV; B.O.V. Contest I, II, III, IV; Operetta Chorus I; Grasshopper Cantata IV; Freshman Ensemble I; Thespian Play Stage Crew IV. MARIALANA K. RENSCH Junior Play Stage Crew III; Hornet Staff III; Ke Staff IV; Three One-Act Plays Stage Crew II; Band i. II, III; District Solo Ensemble Contest I, II, III; Y- Teens II, III, IV: B.O.V. Contest I, II, III: Junior Classi- cal League I, II, III, IV; De Immortales Staff II; Pep Band I, II, HI; Dance Band II, III. MICHAEL HALEY High School Choir I, II, III; Hoosier Bovs ' State III Basketball I: B.O.V. Contest I, II, III. MARNA SUE THOMPSON High School Choir I; Hornet Staff IV; Kev Staff IV- Y-Teens II, III, IV; 4-H I; F.H.A. Historian 1; Attended Pleasant Lake High School I. WILLIAM K. STEELE Orcliestra I, II, III; District Solo Ensemble Contest I, II. Ill; B.O.V. Contest 1, II, III; Student Council I; Latin Contest I: Junior Classical League I, II, III, IV Essay Contest IV; Science Fair I, III: Mathematics As- sociation of America Award to Western Michigan Uni- yersity Summer Program III; Included in Honors Group of 20th Science Talent Search, Based on Science Project IV; National Honor Society III, IV; Class Valedictorian I ' ; Local Winner of Mathematics Association of Amer- ica and Society of Actuaries Contest II, IV; Math Achievement Contest IV. Vage Thirty-one Seniors JIM KELLY Class Treasurer 1; Junior Pla III; Basketball III: Football I, Chester High School I, II, III. JUDITH ANN YOCKEY Junior Play .stage Crew III; Junior Play Cast III; High School Choir I; Hornet Staff IV; Kev Staff IV; Band I; Majorette I; Y-Teens II, III, IV; Student Coun- cil I; Essav Contest III; 4-H I; Attended Pleasant Lake High School I. DIXIE C. STONECIPHER Key Stalf TV; Y-Teens II, III. VERN SMITH JR. Tiack I; Basketball I; Baseball I; Student Council I; Attended P ' leasant Lake High School 1. KONITA JEAN FORBES Junior Plav Stage Crew III; Junior Play Cast III; High School Choir III, IV; Vocal Ensemble II; F.T.A. II, HI, IV; Kev Staff IV; Thespian Societv IV; Band I, II, III, IV; Girls ' Glee Club I; Orchestra J, II, III, IV; District Solo Ensemble Contest I, II, III, IV; State Solo Ensemble Contest II, III; Y-Teens II, III, IV; Rotary Oratorical Contest Local and District Winners III; District B.O.V. Contest I, II, HI, IV; State B.O.V. Contest I, II. Ill, IV; Girls ' Athletic Association II, HI, IV; Junior Classical League I, II, III. IV; Poetry Contest I; Brass Sextet I, II, III, IV; Girls ' Tumbling Team I, II, III, IV; Variety Show I; Ma,1orette II, III, IV; Twirling Camp I; Band Camp I, II; District Twirling Contest I, II; World Affairs Institute IV. PATRICIA SUE WATERS Junior Plav Stage Crew HI; Hornet Staff HI; Key Staff IV; Y-Teens II, HI, IV; Student Librarian IV; 4-H six . -ears. DANIEL C. OBERST Key Staff IV. SHARON ARLENE MILLER Junior Plav Stage Crew HI; High School Choir I; Hornet Staff Editor IV; Key Staff IV; Y-Teens H. Ill, IV; Student Librarian I; Attended Plea.sant Lake High School I. Vagc Thirty-two Seniors JOYCE ANN HEVEL Junior Plav Stage Crew III: High School Choir I KeA- Staff IV: Three One-Art Plays Stage Crew IV Band I: Hoosier Girls ' State III: Y-Teens II, HI. IV Junior Classical League II. Ill, IV: Essay Contest III Psi Iota Xi Scliolarsliip for .Speech and Hearing Therapy to Purdue IV. Attended Pleasant Lake High School I. ELERY ELLSWORTH KIMES II WILLIAM JOSEPH COLE Junior Play Cast III: High School Choir III. IV: Senior Boys ' Quartet IV: Boys ' Octet III: Grasshopper Cantata III. IV: Three One-Act Plays Cast III: Thes- pian Society III, IV: Hoosier Boys ' State III: Hi-Y I; Track III, IV: Football I, II. III. IV. JOANN MALINDA THIELE High School Clioir I: Y-Teens IV: F H.A. Parliamen- tarian I. Attended Pleasant Lake Higli .School I. SANDRA KAY HUBART Hornet Staff III: Band I: Y-Teens II. III. IV: B.O.V. Contest I: De Immortales Staff I. GLEN WOLCOTT ROGERS DONNA MARIE SMITH Hig-h Scliool Choir IV: F.T.A. III. IV: Y-Teens IV: Junior Classical League II, III, IV: De Immortales Staff II: Debate Contest III: Rotary Speech Contest III: Na- tional Honor Society III, IV: English Contest IV. At- tended Redford High ScliooI, Detroit. Michigan, I. LARRY J. PINGRY Track II, III: Golf I: Student Council I, II. Attended Winchester High School, Winchester, Indiana, I, II, III. Fage Thirty-three Seniors KENNETH WAYNE JOHNSON B:i.sketl all I; Fuutliall I: Science Fair I. II BARBARA LOU MAXTON Junior Play Cast III; High School Clioir III: Key Staff IV; Three One-Act Plays Stage Crew I, II; Three One-Act Plays Cast III; Thespian Society IV; Hoosier Girls ' State III; Y-Teens II, III, IV, Cabinet IV; B.O.V. Contest III; Girls ' Athletic Association I, II. Ill, IV; G.A.A. Tumbling Team I, II. Ill, IV; Three One-Act Plays Director lY : Vocal Ensemble II. III. CAROL ANN LEIBEL .liinior Plav Stage Crew III; Hornet Staff IV; Key Staff IV; Essay Contest III; Chorus I. Atteniled Pleas- ant Lake High School I. RICHARD T. HULLINGER Hi-Y I; Safety Patrol I. II; Football I. PETE C. GARNER Three One-Act Plays Stage Crew I ' Hoosier Boys ' State III; Hi-Y II, III, I ' cal League I, II, III, IV. KAREN LE ROWE Key Staff IV; Y ' -Teens II, III, IV LYNN ROUTSONG Hi-Y II. III. I. 11; Football IV. BONNIE MOTT Class Vice-President II; Junior Play Stage Crew III; High School Choir I, II; Vocal Sextet I, II; Key Staff IV; Band I, II; District Solo Ensemble Contest I, II: Cheerleader I: Y-Teens III, IV: Mathematics Contest District and State II; Class Salutatorian IV. Attended Flint Higli School I, H. Page Thirty-four Seniors LARRY DUANE STOY iasketbaU r: Attended Pleasant l.ake High School I. JANET ELAINE HANNA IV; De Im- NANCY MARIE HINDMAN Junior Play Stage Crew 111; High School Choir I: Hornet Staff III: Key Staff IV; Three One-Act Plavs Stage Crew IV; Y- Teens II, III, IV; Girls ' Athletic As- sociation IV; Junior Classical League 11, III. TV; F.H.A. Vice-President I. Attended Pleasant Lake High School 1. MICHAEL LEE HALEY Junior Play Cast III; High School Choir I, II, III, IV; Boys ' Glee Club II: Key Staff IV; Hornet Staff III; Three One-Act Plays Stage Cre y III; Thespian Society III, IV, ' ice-President IV; All School Play III, IV; Hi-Y I, II, III, IV; Golf IV: Football I, II. Ill, IV. ELIZABETH R. NICHOLS Junior Play Stage Crew III; Junior Play Cast III; High School Choir III, IV; F.T.A. I, II, III, ' IV; Hornet Staff Associate Editor IV; Key Staff IV: Three One- Act Plays Stage Crew I, III; Three One-Act Plays Cast III; Thespian Society III, IV; Band I, II, III, IV; Girls ' Glee Club I; Orchestra I, II, III, IV: District Solo Ensemble Contest I, II, III, IV; State Solo Ensemble Contest I, III, IV: Hoosier Girls ' State III; Y-Teens II, III, IV, Cabinet I ' V; District B.O.V. Contest I, II, III, IV: State B.O.V. Contest I, III , IV; Girls ' Athletic As- sociation II, III, IV: Junior Classical League I, II, III, IV: Essay Contest III: Youth Center Council III, IV; Science Fair I: Dance Band II, III; Pep Band I, II, III, IV: Brass Sextet I, II, III, IV; Band Camp I, II, III; Girls ' Vocal Ensemble I, III; Grassliopper Cantata III, IV: 4-H Eight Years: Betty Crocker Horaemaking Award IV: National Honor Society IV. LEROY DAVID CABLE II Class Vice-President II; Junior Play Cast III: High School Choir I: Key Staff IV; Three One-Act Plays Cast IV; Thespian Society III, IV; Hi-Y II, III, IV, Chap- lain IV; Track I, II, III; Basketball I, II, III, IV; Base- ball I, II, III, IV: Golf IV: B.O.V. Contest I: Student Council II, III, IV, Vice-President III, President TV; Mathematics Contest I, II, III, IV; Junior Classical League III, IV, Co-Consul III; De Immortales Staff III; Art Club I; Archery Club I : Cross Countrv I; National Honor Society III, IV; Football II, III, IV; Political Club III, Vice-President III; Football II, III, IV; Science Fair Winner of American Cancer Society Award IV, At- tended Adams Central Higii .sJe-hool, ilonroe. Indiana, I. V.. - Vtt DIANA BOYER High School Choir I; Key Staff IV: Cheerleader I: Y- Teens II, III, IV; Student Council I; Mathematics Con- test I: Attended Pleasant Lake High School I. RICHARD EUGENE MUSSER Basketball II, 111; Safety Patrol I, IT. Page Thirfy-fiie Seniors JAMES EDWARD KOLB Hi-Y I. II, III, IV: Basketball I: ( 1, II; Safety Patrol I, II; Projectionist I, II. Higli S ' 1 1 Librarian 111; tended Waterb If, HI. CAROL ANN SHEETS I ' li.iii- 111; Band I: Y-Teens IV; Student liirls ' .Athletic -Association II, III. At- High School I, Fremont High School WILLIAM A. PARKS Bo s ' . ' tate III; Basketball I; Golf III; At- tended Hronson High School. Bronson. MiL-higan, first part of I. MERRILEE HAINES Class Secretary- I, II: Majorette I, II, III: Freshman Homecoming Queen Attendant I: F.T.A. II: Key Staff IV: Band I, II: Orchestra 1, II: Y-Teens IV: May Queen Court III: Attended Frankfurt American High School in Frankfurt, (Termany I, II, HI. CLIFFORD DEAN RYAN Class Secretaiv I. 11; Class Treasurer I. II; High School Ciicir I, II, III, IV: Vocal Quartet IV: Key Staff I ' ; Hoosier Boys ' State Alternate III: Hi-Y ' I, II, III, IV; Track I, II; Basketball I, II, III, IV: Golf III, IV; B.O.Y-. Contest I, II, III, IV: Grasshopper Cantata III, IV: A ' ocal Octet I, III: Football I, II, III, IV; Thespian Plav Stage Crew IV. LINDA LEE MAINS Hornet Stalf IV; Key Staff IV: Y-Teens II. Ill, I " . WOODICE ANN CONWAY F.T.A. I, 11, IV: Hornet Staff III; Kev Staff IV: Band I, II, III, tV: District Solo Ensemble Contest I, II, III, IV: State Band and Ensemble Contest I, II, III, IV; Y ' -Teens II, III. IV: B.O.V. Contest I, II, III, IV: Junior Classical League I, II, III. IV: De Immortales Staff II; Pep Band III; Quartet I, II, HI, IV. ROGER JAMES SAILOR Hi-Y I, 11, III, 1 ' Page Thirty-six itball 1, II, IV. Seniors C. BRUCE ANDERSON JR. Class President I, 11, III, IV; High School Choir III, IV: Band I. II. Ill, IV: Orchestra I. II; District Solo Ensemble Contest I, II, III, IV: Hi-Y I, II, III, IV; Baslietball I, II, III; Golf III. IV; B.O.V. Contest I, II, III, IV: Football I, II, III, IV; National Honor Society III, IV: Dance Band III. DIANE ELIZABETH DISBRO Junior Play Stage Crew III; Junior Play Cast III; Senior Play Cast IV; F.T.A. I, II, III, IV; Key Staff Chairman IV: Thespian Society III, IV, President IV; Hoosier Girls ' State III; Y-Teens II, III, IV, Cabinet III; Girls ' Athletic Association III: Essay Contest III; National Honor Society IV. RUTH ANN HANSELMAN Junior Play Cast III: High School Choir III, IV: F.T.A. I. III. IV, President IV; Three One-Act Plavs Cast I, III, IV: Thespian Society III, IV; Band I, II. Ill, IV: Girls ' Glee Club I; Orchestra II, III, IV; District Solo Ensemble Contest I, II, III, IV: State Solo Ensemble Contest I, II, III: Hoosier Girls ' State III, County Sheriff of Girls ' State; Y-Teens II. Ill, IV, Cabinet II, IV: B.O.V. Contest I, II, III, IV: Student Council III: Girls ' Athletic Association I, II, III, IV. Secretary IV; Mathematics Contest I, III, l : Y-Teen Summer Conference II; Junior Classical Leasrue I, II, III, IV; Essay Contest I; De Immortales Staff II; Ma- jorette III, IV: National Honor Society III, IV: Pep Band I, II, III; Girls ' Tumbling Team I, II, III, IV: Grasshopper Cantata III, IV; Junior Girls ' Ensemble III; 4-H I, II, III, Secretary I, President III, Health- Safety II. ROBERT H. SCHANNEN Class President I; Basketball I, II. Attended Pleasant Lake High School. SUSAN A. SIEGEL Junior Play Stage Creiy III; F.T.A. I, III, IV: Kev Staff IV: Girls ' Glee Club I: Y ' -Teens II, III, IV: Girls ' Athletic Association I, III, IV: Junior Classical League I, II, III, IV: Youth Council III, IV, Secretary IV: School Play Stage Cre y IV. PHILIP GOLDEN PRESTON Hoosier Boys ' State III: Mathematics Contest III: Football I, II; Regional Scien ' -e Fair I, II, Winner of American Cancer Society Award IV. JULIA LEE CATON F.T.A. IV: Y-Teens H, III, IV. GEORGE STEWART LIBEY Class Vice-President I: Junior Play Cast III: High School Choir I: Key Staff IV; Band I. II, III, IV; Or- chestra III, IV; District Solo Ensemble Contest II, III, IV; Golf II: B.O.V. Contest II, III, IV: Mathematics Contest I: Junior Classical League I, II, III, IV; Poot- Ijall III, IV; All Conference Honorable Mention for I ' ontball IV; National Honor Society III, IV: Bo.y Scouts 1, II, III, IV; National Science Fotmdation Scholarship to Purdue III; 4-H I, II, III. Attended Pleasant Lake High School I. Fage Thirty-seicn Senior Nostalgia Our senior year is over; A high-school course is done; But often we ' ll i-emember All the victories we ' ve won. Our classmates and our teachers. The proms, plays, and tourneys, too- I shall always think of them With nostalgia — won ' t you? Yes, when we ' re reminiscing Throughout the dim, future years. We ' ll remember high-school days With a smile through wistful tears. — Mary Slaiiiiia CLASS OFFICERS Prciidciit . Bruce Anderson Vicc-Pnsicient Terry Arkwright Scrrcfary Kay August Treasurer Judy Griffith Spdiisor Mr. Morin Colors Blue and White Floiver Pink Carnation Motto " The Future Belongs To Those Who Prepare for It " Page Thirty-eight SENIORS — HA VING FUN! FIRST ROW: Cliff to the rescue; Larry Sunday and John N ' e vnam: Senior enjoying themselyes at their Ke. ' sales supper. THIRD ROW: Cable goes " beat " ; Mr. Morin and family and Miss Shultz; Group of hungry seniors. Page Thirty-nine Class of 1962 CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT -..Jim Lovejoy ' ICE-PRESIDENT ...Jim Sibert Si:i ■I:1-:TARY-TREASURER Barbara Ransburg l;l SIXICSS MANAGER Susan Nedele tfl ' u.XSUli Mr. Avery COLORS Green and " SVliite FLOWER White Carnation MOTTO .... " Today We Follo-vv: Tomorrow We Lead. " Class of 1962 TOP ROW; Bill AIi- bott, Stephanie Alclrich. Frank Anspaugh. Con- nie Babcock. D a " i d Blough. SECOND ROW: S a 1- y Boarclman, Arlean Boyce, Lou Ann Boyer, Jim Brooks, Mark Broxon. THIRD ROW: Don Bur- rell, Nancy Biirrell, Linda Burtcli, Gloria Call, Katie Carney. FOURTH ROW: Linda Carr, Janet Carrick, Phil Chiricotti, Al Christy, Donna Coe. FIFTH ROTT: Sue Col- lins, Ronnie Cook, Dick Cope, Ruth Crain, Sue Crone. SIXTH ROW: Bill Daile. ' , Lee Detar, Di- ane Dicknieyer, Dave Dirrim, Jane t Dysrert. SEVENTH ROW: Daye Eff, Joan Elkins, Diana Garrison, Mary Geco- " wets, Barbara German. Page Forty-one Class of 1962 TOP ROW: Sliarun Ger- man. Sharon Gibbeny, Lee Gilbert, John Glas- gow, Meg Goudy. si:rii. L) ROW: .Jean- ne Gray, Cathy Grif- ritli. Joe H a r p h a m, Sandra Ha vthorne. Sue H iei. THIRD ROW: Jl.irjorie Holly, Johnny Hutto. " i 1 e n n .Jacob, Earl .Inhnson. Patti Keller. Fi URTH ROW: Gary KnoN, Diane Ivramer, Delbert Ijehman, Carl L ongsworth, S ll a r o n Louck.s. FIFTH ROW: Jim Lovejoy. Carolyn Mann, Sue Mansberger, Bob MiBride. Margaret Mc- I ' ov. SIXTH ROW: Paulette Mellb.v, Kaye Menden- hall, Kathie N e d e 1 e. .■ usan Xedele, Mike Xoll. SKYJ5:NTH ROW; Gary Page, Mike Parker, Nanc. ' Parr, Carob ' n Pethers, Robert Petty. Class of 1962 TOP ROW: Sam Pres- ley, Barbara Ransburg, Gary Reynolds. Judy Rust, Jerry Schenkel. SECOND ROW: Carmen Schumaker, D o r ot h y Senger, Martha Shaffer, Helean Shatto, Gene Shaw. THIF;D ROW: Doug Shi! ' , Jim Sibert, El- len Steenerson, Lynn Steiner, Dayid Steven- son. FOURTH ROW; John Stock. Jack S t r 1 t e, Alice Tyler. Dave Ty- ler, James Vierling. FIFTH ROW: Bob Vrchota, Ed Waters, Leslie West, Cheryl Williams, Jane Wil- moth. SIXTH ROW: Darl Wil- son, Don ' W ' ilson, Betty Wolf, Eddie Wyatt, Mr. Avery, Class Sponsor. Vage Forty-three Class of 1963 CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT Steve Southern VICE-PRESIDENT Eric Hall SECRETARY-TREASURER Ruth Shank SPONSOR Mr. Brayton COLORS Green and White PLOWEfi White Rose MOTTO " Through Knowledge Today We Acquire Honors Tomorrow. " Class of 1963 TOP ROW: Sandra Al- len, Karen Arnold, Fred Bachert, John Baldwin, Ronnie Barlett, Fred Beck. SECOND ROW: Charles Blakesley, Bob Book, David Boomershine, Larry Boyd, Jerry Boy- er, Carol Bro vn. THIRD ROW: Dick Bryan, Carolyn Buncli, Jim Eurrell, Sharon Buse, Ross Butler, Dan- ny Campbell. FOURTH ROW : Sue Carson, John Cather, Gen Chadwick, Diana Chiddister, Mary Chris- ten, Richard Cisco. FIFTH ROW: Patricia Clancy, Kathryne Clark, Sue Colbart, Carol Cole, Ricky Cotner, Shirley Crone. SIXTH ROW: Deroy Crooks, Linda Crowl, Cynthia Davis, Bill De- Lancey, Linda DeLan- cey, Jim DeLong:. SEVENTH ROW: Pat Deming, Jerry Demor- est, Elaine Dent, Dean Detar, Irene Dowidat, Jo Ann Duguid. EIGHTH ROW: Gene Eating-er, Lynford Eff, Susan Florentine, Mic- key Fradenburg, Linda French, Phyllis Geb- hart. Vage Forty -five Class of 1963 TOP ROW: Danny Gold- en, Pam Gorrell, Ron Gramling, John Greena- myer, Barbara Haddix, Ronnie Hagewood. SEC JN D 1 i ) V : La na Hale. Krir Hall. Jim Hanna, F ' ani Harbour. T 1 1 ni H a rni an. Ken H a r - ri.s. THIRlt R( V: L u u i e Haviland. Barry Hollo- peter. Judy Horman, Kart ' ii Hughes. Larry Tnnian. Mary Ann Jen- sen- FOURTH ROW: Rus- sell Johnson, Keith Johnston, Patricia Kaufman. Eloise Kinies, f ' oleen Knox, Karen Kramer. FIFTH ROW: Susan Krantz, Judy Kuckuck, Laura Lehman, Wally Lieehty. Dana L u s k, Sally trains. SIXTH ROW: Dick Marino, Virginia Mat- son, Tom M c B r i d e, Dennis McClelland. Sil- via Meston, V i ' - i a n M i t z m a n . SEVENTH ROW: Jan- ice Moor, Jim Moor, Chuck Moore, Mac Mor- ley, Andrea Mortorff. Frank ] Iurr. EIGHTH ROW: Patri- cia M u r r, Doug-lass Musser, Dixie Page, Don Palmer. Connie Penick, Juily Petre. Page Forty-six Class of 1963 TOP ROW : Emily Preston, Darlene Rath- burn, Sally Rathburn, Sidnej- Reese, Juditli R e i t e n o u r, Donald Rinehart. SECOND ROW: Toni Roberts, Jud ' R o s e. Mike Sapp, Ruth Shank, Howard Sheets. Helen Sibert. THIRD ROW: James Smith, Nan Smith, Su- sie Smith, Dick Somer- lott, Steve Southern, Robert Sparks. FOURTH ROW: Karen Steinke, .Janie Stevens. Janice Stock, Jeffrey Stock, Patty Stohler, Joe Stoneeipher. FIFTH ROW: Michael Stowe, Edward Sutton, John Taylor, Charles Tiffany, Dane Tuber- gen, Paul Underwood. SIXTH ROW: Judy Waite, Dale Warstler, Dick Waters, Mary ' V ' atson, Karen White, Charles Wilsey. SEVENTH ROW: Don- ald Wilson, Richard Wilson, Don Wvatt, Mr. Brayton, Class Sponsor. NOT PICTURED: Wal- ter Shutt, Charles Has- ty, Phillip Hasty. T ' age Forty-seven Class of 1964 CLASS OFFICERS PRESIDENT - Jack Deller VICE-PRESIDENT Todd Rigleman SECRETART-TREASURER ....Tuiren Butler SPONSOR Mr. Dygert COLORS Aqua and White MOTTO " Wear Not the Crown of Knowledge Without the Dust of Toil. " Class of 1964 TOP ROW: Jon Alaura, Blaine Allesliouse. Col- leen Anspaugii. Harold Anstett, Robert Bald- win, Glenn Barlett. SECOND ROW: Phillip Beard, Randy Beecliy, Loren Bernhardt, Sally Bolinger. Darrell Boyce, Linda Brown. THIRD ROW: Tiiiren Butler, Roger Caton, Joey Chaudoin, Mary Chiddister, Dnane Childs, Larry Clark. FOURTH ROW: Pat- ricia Clark, T o m y Cochran, Mary Cole, Janie Cotner, Mark Grain, Marjorie Dal- rymple. FIFTH ROW : Jack Deller, Beverly Dygert, Sharon Elliott, Robert Erwin, Phyllis Everett, Peggy Fast. SIXTH ROW : Steve Ferro, Kathy Fisher. John Flegal, Barry Frisinger, Jack Frye. James Garner. SEVENTH ROW: Ann Gebhart, Dennis Goudy, Janet Gould, .John Gould, Pamela Gould, Kristene Green. EIGHTH ROW: Cheryl Greenwood, Susan Griein, Jerry Haider- man, David Hanselmfrn, Ronald Hart, William- Hart. Page Forty-nine Class of 1964 TOP l;o V: Stephen Hemming ' , Phil Herl. Nanc ' Hoffman, Marx ' in Holman, Samm - Htiltz- man, (Miarles Honess. Si:(;o. Li l; iW: Harl ara Horman, Mary Houser, .Jimmy Howe, Hairy Hvililer, George Ickes, .Tulia Inman. THIRD R(i V: 1-;(1 Jc.hii- son. Jerry Joimson, L-a- Mar J ' o li n s o n, f t a y Jolinson, Wesley John- son, Danny Johnstone. FOURTH ROW; J..lin John.stone. l inda Kies! , James Kiles. A r 1 e n e K i n g, Jeanne Laird, Elaine Laisure. FIl ' TH ROW; P. olilpy Jjanrtis. .Iiie L.!UV. John I., e e, Janet Leininger, y t t p li e n Linnemeier, ( ' an)l n Ijongsw ' orth. SIXTH ROW: i. i n .1 a Loye,io ' , Lnii-etta Ijitw- er, Jean Ann Ma ' Rae, Margaret Malston, Don- ald Mason, Lynn Maug ' herman. S|.; -|;. " I ' H UuW; Louis llct ' artx , L a r r y M c- Cormick, Gatha Men- del, Diana Meredith, Marilyn Meston, Mar- shall Mitzman. EIGHTH ROW: Edwin (Buster) Moor, Roger Moser, Annette Myers, Margaret Nagel, Louise Patenge, Franklin Pat- terson. Page Fifty Class of 1964 TOP ROW: Linda Poole, Donna Porter, John Potts, Elden Powers, Elten Powers, Phillip Pristas. SECOND ROW; Larry Piitt, Curt Rausch. Tim Reese, Steven Riehard- s o n, Todd Rigleman, Carolyn Rogers. THIRD ROW: Benard S c Wa f t n e r, Sharon Schentzler, Fred Sehroeder. Dale Sheets, Robert Shelton, Laurel Shirley. FOURTH ROW: George Shoup, Dale Simedru, Alice Smith, Dale Smith, Paul Sparks, Anita Spaulding " . FIFTH ROW: Samuel Steiner, Michael Steven- son, Roger Sunday, Sue Swank, Robert Tuttle, Sharon I ' rbine. SIXTH ROW: Tommy VanAuken, Linda Vin- cent, Larry A " aite, Jer- ry Walcutt, John Well- man, Larry Wlieaton. SEVENTH ROW: Steve Wild, John Wilder, Judith Wiley, J o d y Worthington. EIGHTH ROW: Diana Wyatt, Phillip Zabst, Mr. Dygert, Class Spon- sor. NOT PICTURED: E d- wardo Jenkens, David Nichols, Francis Havi- land, Sharon Curtland. Fagc Fifty-one Senior Classes at Work Mr. Morin is lecturing to the United States Govern- ment Class. The Chemistry Class is con- ducting an experiment un- der Mr. Bernhardt ' s watch- ful eve. Bookkeeping gets these stu- dents ' undivided attention. Mr. Barkdull is the instruct- Miss Shultz ' s senior English students seem to be enjoying a lucid interval. Driver Training Classes in Driver Training were conducted during the summer. The course in- cluded thirty-two hours of classroom discussion and twenty-six hours in a car, six of these behind the wheel. Before going out on the road, the students had psychophysical testing — depth per- ception, peripheral vision, reaction time under certain conditions, steadiness of nerves, and resistance to glare. Each student also completed a project book. L. G. Maxton Sales, Inc., provided for use of the students two 1960 model Chev- rolet cars equipped with both automatic and conventional gearshifts. Steuben County Motors provided two 1960 Fords with automatic transmissions. The instructors last summer were Mr. Druckamiller, Mr. Sapp, Mr. Ryan, Mr. Cable, and Mr. Kelley. Page Fifty-three f Editors Study the Layout The Key ASSOCIATE EDITORS Sharon Hanna Barbara Dole Elaine Deller Betty Nichols Sylvia Crowl Nancy Hindman Sharon MaugViei man Barbara MoKinley John Sellgren Marna Thompson BUSINESS STAFF Kari Aldrich Marilyn Blough Diane Boyer Barbara Croxton Mike Haley Joyce Hevel Tom JaiTies Roger Karr Bonnie Mott Philip Preston Bill Parks Vickie Phclan ■n I ' n cts Nanc - Sn der Dave Stroh Pat Waters Pam Wright Dixie Stonecipher ART EDITORS Vicki Fradenburg Merrilee Haines FEATURES Judy Brady Woodice Conway Helen Greenam er Rutli Ann Hanselman Carol Eeibel MUSIC Marv Slanina Bill Steele Marilyn Harris Ann Ramsay CLASSES Janet Hanna Marialana Rensch Donna Smith SENIOR PICTURES Linda Ewers Konita Fortjes Jeanette Kiickuck Sharon Lacey Sharon Miller BOYS SPORTS Arkwright .1.- Jli.k.x I hi Icy Elei- ' Kinies Cliff Ryan Larr ' Sunday PHOTOGRAPHS Sig Somerlott John Newnam Sandra Hubart Sandra Meston Bobbie Sue Sapp Judy Smith Pat Waters Carol Sheets Ruth Ann Hanselman ALUMNI Kay August Karen Prior Judy Tockey ORGANIZATIONS Mike Shirley Marilyn Harris Susan Carr Mike Deming DRAMATICS Diane Disbro Barljara Maxton CIRCULATION Kaye Converse Fran Ickes Linda Mains Glen Rogers Karen Rowe Raymond Jones George Libey Daniel Oberst - The Hornet The Hornet, a monthly pubUcation, was put out by two staffs, made up of students of the two jour- nalism classes. They produced alternate issues. The members of one staff included: Editor, Kay August; associate editor, Sharon Maugherman; bus- iness managers, Kari Aldrich, Judy Rust; boys ' sports, Gary Knox, Ronnie Cook; feature writers, Helen Greenamyer, Delbert Lehman, Carol Leibel, Linda Mains, Karen Prior; news writers. Glen Rogers, Doug Shirey, Nancy Snyder, Marna Thomp- son, Pam Wright, Jack Routsong, Kay Bailey, Dave Dirrim. Sharon Miller was the editor on the second staff. Other staff members were: Associate editor, Betty Nichols; business managers, Judy Brady, Sylvia Crowl; boys ' sports, Frank Anspaugh, Elery Kimes; featu re writers, Marilyn Harris, Sue Mansberger, Sue Collins, Jim Smith; news writers, Sig Somerlott, Karen Rowe, Judy Yockey, Patti Keller, Elvira Camacho. The typists were: Kay August, Linda Mains, Carol Leibel, Kari Aldrich, Judy Yockey, Karen Rowe, Kay Bailey; mimeograph operators, Dave Dir- rim, Gary Knox, Ronnie Cook, Delbert Lehman, Doug Shirey, Frank Anspaugh. At the Mimeograph Machine Hornets on Sale! Vage Fifty-seve?t Student Council The student council was ori;anized in 193 2 with the purpose of promoting cooperation between stu- dents and faculty, providing opportunities for stu- dent self-direction, fostering all worthy school ac- tivities, and creating and maintaining high standards of citizenship. The most important accomplishment of the stu- dent council this year was its passing of the quali- fications for cheer leaders. They will go into effect the following school year. The council also encouraged the senior class to sponsor two representatives to the Governor ' s Youth Council in Indianapolis. Members of the student council consist of two boys and two girls from each high school class. This year ' s members were: Seniors — Leroy Cable, Terry Arkwright, Barbara Dole, and Sandy Barto; juniors — Sue Crone, Kathie Nedele, Glenn Jacob, and Darl Wilson; sophomores — Linda French, Lana Hale, Wallace Liechty, and Leroy Crooks; freshmen — Larry Clark, Dave Hanselman, Peggy Fast, and Janie Cotner. Leroy Cable served as president of the council this year, with Kathie Nedele, vice president; and Terry Arkwright, secretary-treasurer. The faculty adviser is Mr. Bernhardt. Ready for the Call to Order Page Fifty-eight National Honor Society One of the greatest honors given at Angola High School is election to membership in the National Honor Society. Fifteen percent of the graduating class are eligible. They are chosen from the upper third of the class ranked scholastically, by the faculty on the basis of citizenship, service to the school, and character. Ten percent of the junior class were chosen this year and the other five percent will be selected next year. The senior members named this year are: Sandra Barto, Elaine Deller, Diane Disbro, Janet Hanna and Betty Nichols. Members of the present senior class elected in their junior year are: Bruce Anderson, Kay Bailey, Jack Berlien, Leroy Cable, Susan Carr, Sharon Han- na, Ruth Ann Hanselman, George Li- bey, Thomas Pristas, Mary Slanina, Donna Smith, and Bill Steele. The students elected from the jun- ior class this year are: James Brooks, Sandra Hawthorne, Glenn Jacob, James Lovejoy, Kathie Nedele, Susan Nedele, Mike Noll, Barbara Ransburg, and Jack Strite. The local chapter was organized in 193 5 and the total membership is now 318. A scholarship fund was set up in 193 8. Each member contributes one dollar to the fund for the first five years of his membership. The money is used in the form of a loan to send a high school graduate to college. The officers of the organization elected before the close of last year are: Jack Berlien, President; Susan Carr, vice president Kay Bailey, sec- retary. Mr. Milhollin is the advisor of the society. BACK ROW: Kay Bailey, Sharon Hanna, Georg " e Libey, Jack Berlien, Bill Steele, Bruce Anderson, Tom Pristas, Leroy Cable. Mary Slanina, Diane Disbro, Janet Hanna. FRONT ROW: Susan Carr, Ruth Ann Hanselman, Elaine Deller, Sandra Barto, Betty Nichols, Donna Smith. BACK ROW: Mike Noll, Jim Love- joy, Jack Strite, Jim Brooks, Glenn Jacob. FRONT ROW: Kathie Nedele, Su- san Nedele, Sandra Ha " thorne, Bar- bara Ransburg. Mr. Milhollin, facult.v adviser: Su- san Carr, vice president: Kay Bailey, secretary; .Jack Berlien, president. Y-Teen Cabinet at Work Y-Teens Y-Teens from sixty-five different counties are in fellowship with the Y.W.C.A. Their purpose is " To find and give the best. " These words are found in the Y-Teen slogan. They met every other Wednesday during the activity period in the high school auditorium. All sophomore, junior, and senior girls are eligible for membership. The year began with a formal initiation of new members. The club sent representatives to the Ken- dallville conference. They enjoyed a Christmas party. The cookie sales and the Pa-Ma-Me banquet were two of the year ' s highlights. The officers are: President, Judy Griffith; vice president, Barbara Ransburg; secretary, Ellen Steen- erson; treasurer, Susan Nedele; program chairmen, Kay August and Kay Bailey; social chairman, Ruth Ann Hanselman; service chairman, Sharon Hanna; finance chairman, Barbara Maxton; pulicity chair- man, Paulette Meilby; chaplain, Dixie Page; song leader, Betty Nichols; and pianist, Kari Aldrich. The faculty advisors are Miss Ohlman and Miss Iddings. Members of the adult council include Miss Reed, Miss Shultz, Mrs. Boomershine, Mrs. Max- ton, Mrs. Hanselman, Mrs. Rathburn, Miss Frank, Mrs. Anstett, Mrs. Bailey, and Miss Myers. Christmas Tree Trimmers Making Cookies Page Sixty Cabinet Make Plans Hi-Y " To create, maintain and extend throughout the home, school and community, higher standards of Christian character. " This is the purpose of the Angola Hi-Y club, which was established in 1922, by former Superin- tendent, John L. Estrich. The club is a member of the state and national organizations. This year the Hi-Y club sponsored the Christ- mas Prom, " Drifting and Dreaming, " a basketball game between the Hi-Y members and the faculty men, and held a " Best Girl " banquet. They donated money to the " Building for Brotherhood " drive and pamted signs on the sidewalks of Angola during the fall election to mark the polling places. Terry Arkwright, Leroy Cable, John Baldwin and Don Palmer attended the state Hi-Y officers ' camp at Delphi, Indiana. Larry Sunday attended the national Hi-Y convention at Miami University, in Oxford, Ohio. Mr. Wearly and the officers at- tended the state Hi-Y meeting in Indianapolis. The club, which had approximately ninety mem- bers, met twice a month on Wednesday during ac- tivity period. The program schedule included films, outside speakers, panel discussions and joint meet- ings with the Y-Teens. The officers were: President, Terry Arkwright; vice president and program chairman, Larry Sunday; secretary and treasurer, Don Palmer; chaplain, Leroy Cable; sergeant-at-arms, John Baldwin. John W. Wearly was the faculty adviser and a great help in making the club successful. Page Sixty-one Officers Talk Things Ovcr Kay and Fifth Grade Spanish Pupi Future Teachers of America The Angohi Chapter of Future Teachers of America was organized in 1949 with Principal F. K. McCutchan as its first advisor. The purpose of F.T.A. is to prepare students for the important role of teaching. Members are able to examine their own abilities and relate them to the opportunities in teaching. The qualities needed for good teachers are cultivated. The members assisted in actual teaching whenever they were needed. This year the club had fifty-eight members who met on alternate Wednesdays after school. Activities included exchange meetings with neighboring clubs, serving as guides at the school open house, and honoring the faculty and retired teachers at a reception. This year ' s officers were: Ruth Ann Hanselman, president; Sharon Hanna, vice preside nt; Kathie Nedele, secretary; Ruth Shank, treasurer; and Sylvia Crowl, historian. The faculty adviser is Mrs. Kile. Diane Teaches Spanish to Third Graders Kathie Helps Miss Myers with First Graders Vagc Sixty -two Plans for a J.C.L. Meeting Are in the Making Junior Classical League To encourage an interest in and an appreciation of the civihzation, language, literature and arts of Greece and Rome among young people and to give them some understanding of the debt of our own culture to that of classical antiquity is the purpose of the Junior Classical League. The National Junior Classical League was found- ed in the fall of 1936. The Angola chapter was or- ganized eight years ago in 195 3. The club held meetings every month and a Roman Banquet was held in April. Representatives are sent to the state and national conventions. Richard Cisco and Andrea Mortorff are the con- suls; Pat Kaufman, the scriba; and Vivian Mitzman, the aedile. Miss Reed and Mr. Thompson are the J.C.L. ad- visers. Romans for a Day The Roman Banquet Looks Good Page Sixty-three Student Librarians of great assistance to Miss Ohlman and to the student body were the student librarians this year. They located all kinds of reference material, cata- logued new books, checked books in and out, re- placed them on the shelves, and did many other jobs. This year ' s student librarians were: Karen Steinke, Karen Prior, Judy Brady, Sharon Lacey, Sandra Meston and Pat Waters. The alternates were Elaine Dent, Helean Shatto, and Nancy Burrell. The faculty superviser is Miss Ohlman. Projection ists The projectionists render a great service to the audio-visual department. They show films not only for the grades and high school classes at the South Wayne street building but also at the Hendry Park School. The showing of film strips and the oper- ation of the opaque projector are also included in their duties. The projectionists this year were: Ray Johnson, Richard Cisco, John Sellgren, Marshall Mitzman, Carl Longsworth, Buster Moor, Johnny Hutto, Ed Waters, Dave Dirrim, David Stevenson, Jim Gar- ner, Tom James, Dave Eff, Joe Stonecipher, and Lee Gilbert. Page Sixty- four Student Assistants ART Many jobs including tak- ing charge of the store room, taking attendance, and help- ing Mr. Porter with the art classes fall to the capable art assistants. The students who helped out this year were: Dick Bryan, Karen White, Carol Brown, Russell Noragon, Marilyn Meston, and Barbara Maxton. HOMEMAKING Arranging material on bulletin boards, keeping equipment in condition, typ- ing records and assisting in the homemaking department were some of the duties of the girls who helped Mrs. Trennepohl and Mrs. Buse in the homemaking department. The girls who did this work were Jeanette Kuc- kuck, Sandra Meston, and Virginia Matson. SCIENCE Many things need to be done in the science labora- tory. Students who helped do this work this year were: Wallace Liechty, Richard Cisco, Sandy Barto, and Donna Smith. BILL STEELE WINS HONOR Bill Steele was one of the 2 1 high school seniors in the state to be included in the Honors Group of the 20th Science Talent Search. Bill won this honor on his science project, " An Experiment in the Proton Magnetic Reson- ance of Water, " entered in the Regional Science Fair in 1960. Pictured are Mr. Dygert and Bill examining some ra- dio equipment. Discussion Thespian Society The National Thespian Society is an honorary organization established for the advancement of dra- matic arts in secondary schools. It is composed of students who have earned the required number of points for meritorious work in play production. This year the Thespian Society had charge of all three major dramatic pro- ductions, " Bull in A China Shop, " " Take Care of My Little Girl, " and the three one-act plays. Mr. Condon and Mr. Avery are the faculty spon- sors. OFFICERS presid?:nt Diane Di.sbro VICE-PRESIDENT Mickey Haley SECRETARY-TREASURER Syl " ia Crowl PROGRAM COMMITTEEMEN Stepliane Aldricli Sliaron Hanna Louise Patengre ' I ' ' ' : s ' Bull In A China Shop 99 " Bull in a China Shop, " a three-act comedy, was presented on November 4 and 5. The plot concerned six spinsters who lived to- gether in an old-fashioned house with Miss Hilde- gard, their landlady. Each was impressed by a plain clothes Irish detective from homicide division named Dennis O ' Finn and kept an almost constant watch of his apartment across the street. To focus OTinn ' s attention on them, they decided that murder was the only recourse. As a result two murders occur- red and a newspaper reporter from the Herald Globe, Jane Rogers, was brought into the case. She also be- came interested in Detective OTinn and so she was lined up as a next victim before the case was solved. The play w ' as originally published in Ellery Queen ' s " Mystery Magazine " and was performed as one of the Alfred Hitchcock Presents series. The cast included: Detective OTinn, Jim Sibert; Kramer, Mickey Haley; Hildegard, Kari Aldrich; Birdie, Elaine Deller; Amantha, Kathie Nedele; Lucy, Barbara Ransburg; Elizabeth, Karen White; Nettie, Janet Carrick; Jane, Diane Disbro; Johnson, Jim Lovejoy; First Stretcher Bearer, Jim Brooks; Second Stretcher Bearer, Larry Sunday. The play was under the faculty direction of Mr. Condon and Mr. Avery, assisted by Mr. Porter and Mr. Hoffman. Sharon Hanna was the student di- Directors at Work Victim Number One All Eyes on Apartment Across the Street O ' Finn W ' anti Intormation Page Sixty-seven Before the Prom Jim and Ann and Other He.irt Throbs One-Act Plays The Thespian Society presented three one-act plays on January 20. " Five for Bad Luck " was a comedy in which Effie, a student in a larjje university, decides to use deceptive plans when she learns her date for a col- lege prom is her escort only because of a bet. The cast included: Effie, Sandra Barto; Bert, Le- roy Cable; George, Bob McBride; Artie, David Blough; Dick, Richard Cisco; Lois, Gloria Call; Jean, Barbara Croxton; and Hester, Vickl Fraden- burg. The comedy, " Love Errant, " concerned two high school seniors who had dated one another stead- ily and then sought new friendships, only to find An Attempted Getaway The Directors that " the grass is not always greener on the other side of the fence. " The cast included: Jim, Larry Sunday; Ann, Ruth Ann Hanselman; Eve, Sue Crone; and Guy, Jack Berlien. " The Elopement " was another comedy in which Mathews, a butler, tries to help instigate an elope- ment for financial reasons at the Wentworth Man- sion without interference from Miss Wentworth, the owner. The cast included: Mathews, David Eff; Miss Wentworth, Barbara Ransburg; Eric, Glenn Jacob; and Madelyn, Karen Kramer. The student directors w ere Barbara Maxton, Di- ane Disbro, and Terry Arkwright. The faculty advisers were Mr. Condon, Mr. Avery, and Mr. Porter. Vage Sixfy-cighf ii Take Care of My Little Girl nr " Take Care of My Little Girl, " a three-act comedy, was presented March 9 and 10. The story concerns Elizabeth, for whom Mid- western University is a bright new world. As soon as she arrives at this university, she is rushed by the Queens, her mother ' s sorority. It is this sorority that her mother has written, saying, " Take Care of My Little Girl, " and the Queens proceed to do just that. As the action develops we see the inner work- ings of the sorority. It is while Liz is in this social whirl that she becomes too busy to remember her friends and tries to be the kind of girl fraternity men admire. However, she soon sees other aspects of college life and becomes acquainted with girls that the Queens consider " not our kind. " She faces new situations and the fear of losing her steady boy- friend, Joe. She meets this challenge admirably in the final scene. The cast included: Kari Aldrich, Elizabeth; Linda French, Becky; Kay Bailey, Adelaide; Mary Slanina, Merry; Karen Kramer, Marge; Sue Crone, Dallas; Kathie Nedele, Casey; Patricia Kaufman, Mother Apple; Paulette Mellby, Mrs. Bellows; Dave Hanselman, Joe; Jim Sibert, Chad; Dane Tubergen, Sam; Tuiren Butler, Thelma; Cheri Greenwood, Alice; Helen Sibert, Grace; Louise Patenge, Marie; Diane Kramer, Justine; Barb Croxton, Polly; Linda Crowl, Marilyn; Shirley Crone, June. The play was under the faculty supervision of Ray Condon, Charles Avery, and Gene Porter. Ruth Ann Hanselman was student director. Bottom Left— The Directors Bottom R ; ht — Scene from Play Tea at the Sorority House -n—r II BEHIND THE SCENES TOP ROW: Dave Eff plus? grease paint: Leroy watcht-s proceedings; On stage! .SECOND ROW " : More grease paint: Practice is over: Beliind tlie drum. THIRD ROW: Practice— " Bull in a China .Sliop " : Director- at wrrk: Stage hands Page Seventy Stage Memories As we look at our vacant stage after the plays are over, memory carries us back to other days. Plays, concerts, spelling bees, and our Senior Day program — all these took place on this stage. How wonderful are these memories, and also how sad to bid farewell to this phase of our lives! ' ■:f i fVO m " mtmrnwrnSi ■IW— 1— • wmmmm man m i IB If ' ! 1 . f i ■i IB ■ I. Ill I. .it i ' arne , I. I man, Jud ' Hi Jan Stevens ■|. i:iM:T Susan Carr. Men Cuu ] I n i S . i ilili iXE ( " arnl i 1. ii.lciih.ill TKNliR SAXi H ' llc i.N ' i: .MiiiUii Harns, Ellen Steeneison villi 1 ■! i.w I Anil I.. I ' ll III K ' II. h. a Mi.rtortt. CLAiaXKT - iMon, Elaine Deller, Pini H i L.iurel Shirley, Mary Slanin HI. Ill I;, II I. ,11. 1 Jl. ' - Al I ' (i I ' LXUKVET. Ii I l.iTii ;» i-ni.m, i;Ai;iTi Xi; saxci- I 1,1 ' ]■! ■! maker ( 1J()E . ni 1. Conway, Linda Ciowl Kinley, Judy, Km Linda Freni-h 11. V.-- Carrih H IM.iliii K i PHdXI ' - .- 11-111 Xi.l.l. liASSiKiX Susan Krant l ' l:i ' i-M imltN Kari Alrtri. li Ki.nit.i Fm he-., ,li,hn gow, .Mik. ,iii l: IOT l ' " l;.iiheit, l:...|i I i . .1 Keek, Barry FnMnt;ei, J.ihii Ci.imlini;. Jianne Graj , Ma. ilui 1. , Ikttj Xi.-huls, Salb liatlibum, lieiie sha«, Lynn Steinei. BAUITUXE. Tei r Aikwriglit, Jud5 Griffith, D in Palmer, Dane Tubergen. TRUMBUNE. Ka e Converse, Sharon Gibbeny, Glenn Jaeob, Mary Ann Jensen, George Libey, Phillip Musser, John Taylor. TUBA- Sam Dirrim, Bill Griffith , David Hansel- man. STRING BASS. Janet Carriek. PERCUSSION: Bruce Anderson. Leroy Crooks, Barbara Dole, Linda Ewers, Jiidv Smith, Don Wvatt. Concert Band The Concert Band is composed of selected high school players and is directed by Elwood Nichols. The band presented two concerts, one on De- cember 2 and the other, the senior concert on March 17, honoring the graduating players. The band also participated in a joint band-choir concert in Febru- ary. The Concert Band won a superior rating at the District Contest and a superioi r.uiiii; .it tlic St.itc Contest. Marching Band The Marching Band has presented the half-time shows at the home football games. It also marched for the Tri-State College Campus Day Parade and for the Auburn Fair marching contest. The new uniforms are particularly attractive and make both the concert and marching bands stand out. Mr. Nichols is the director of the marching band. MAJORETTES AND TWIRLERS The majorettes and twirlers are im- portant members of the marching band. Linda Ewers and Katy Carney are the capable majorettes. The twirlers — Ruth Ann Hanselman, Konita Forbes, Dixie Page, Dana Lusk, Linda Kiess, and Bar- bara Croxton — have a very effective flag routine. The group appeared at the home foot- ball games. Varsity Band A new band has been created this year, composed of eighth graders and any high school players not chosen for the concert band. The varsity band marched at the LaGrange Corn School in October and also play- ed in the concerts. This group entered the District Contest at Auburn and received a rating of excel- lent. Mr. Nichols is the director. FLUTE: Barbara Hanselman, Janet McCutchan, Li CLARINET: Joyce Call, Mary Lynn Christen, Claudia D tine Inman, Annette Myers, Carol Nichols, Gloria Sap Waite, Jane Williamson. ALTO CLARINET: Becky Pull SAXOPHONE: Terrenee Anderson, Jim Garner, Kristi FRENCH HORN: Becky Gramling, Marshall Mitzman, R NET: John Cather, Mark Grain, Tim Deller, Larry Fas Jeffrey Plank, George Shoup, Curt Rausch. BARITON Mann, Nadina Rensch, Sam Steiner. TUBA; Dale Linne Gram ling, Barbara Herman, Keith Kolb, Jon Nedele, La nda VanAman, Vicki " Willis. OBOE: Gayle Greenamyer. avis, Susan Griem, L " nn Haynes, Charles Honess, Chris- p, Debbie Spangle, Judy Stevens. Tom VanAuken, Sue am. BASS CLARINET: Starr Sedler, Sally Hoffman. ae Green, Bruce Nelson, Janice Parks, Dianne Ralston, jni Rae Pufahl, Pam Van Meter, Cheryl Williams. COR- t, Bill Lipman, Jim Moore, Chuck Moore, Chuck Nedele, E: Michelle Hall, Mike Meyer. TROMBONE: Kermit meier, Dewey Powers. PERCUSSION: Peggy Fast, Ron rry Putt, David Yarian, Phil Zabst. m f ,- » ■■- Orchestra A major organization for the music program is the orchestra, under the direction of Mr. Godlevski. A concert was presented April IS. The group played for the Tri-Scate College baccalaureate and commencement and for the high school plays. This year as in past years, the orchestra will play for the high school commencement. A superior rating was awarded the orchestra at the District Contest and the group also won a su- perior rating at the State Contest on April 8. Angola High School has had an orchestra for twelve years. This is a notable achievement as many schools the size of Angola High do not have band, choir, and orchestra. Sophomore Sextet The sophomore sextet — Linda French, Pam Har- bour, Di.Kie Page, Helen Sibert, Sally Rathburn and Shirley Crone — have appeared on many programs for both school and community throughout the year. They sang " The Lord ' s Prayer " in the band- choir concert. Susan Krantz is the accompanist. Music Parents ' Club The Music Parents ' Club had a very active year. They sponsored the purchasing of 100 new band uni- forms. The group sold booster tickets and they or- ganized magazine sales as a money makmg project. A recognition dinner for the high school music students was held in April. The officers are: Quintin Hawthorne, president; Ronald Pufahl, vice president; Mrs. Kennard Meek, secretary; Mrs. Roscoe Nedele, treasurer. VIOLINS: Mary Slanina, Katliie Nedele, Sandy Hawthorne, Nadina Rensch, Janet Gould, Gen Chadwiok Stephanie Slanina, Marilyn McBride, Kathy Krantz, Loren Bernhardt, Kathryn Chadwick, Patty Clancy, Anne Hartman, June Shephard, Mary Alice Cole, Patricia Kaufman. VIOLAS: Carol Nichols. Gloria Call, Mary Geco- wets. CELLOS: Betty Nichols, Sally Boardman, Roni Rae Pufahl, Nancy Carrick. STRING BASS: Janet Car- rick, Carolyn Mann, Sharon Loucks. FLUTE: Ann Ramsas ' , Ruth Ann Hanselman, Nan Smith. OBOE: Shirlev Crone, Andrea Mortorft. CLARINET: Judy Horman, Judy Rose. Tom Harman. SAXOPHONE: Janice Parks, Marilyn Harris. BASSOON: Susan Krantz. CORNET: Barry Frisinger, Randy Beech v, Sallv Rathburn, Lynn Steiner. FRENCH HORN: Konita Forbes, John Glasgow. TROMBONE: George Libev, Kave Conyerse, Sam Steiner, Mary Ann Jensen. TUBA: David Hanselman. PERCUSSION: Carl Ransburg. Points Junior Trio The music groups have a point system as a basis for the senior awards. In order to receive the major award, a jacket, 6000 points must be earned in any of these main organizations: band, choir, and or- chestra or a combination of them. About 2 5 sen- iors received jackets this spring. This vocal ensemble has sung for many programs at school functions, for service clubs; in fact for any occasion when good music is desired. " Ol ' Joe Clark " was their selection at the band-choir concert. The boys, all juniors, are Glenn Jacob, John Stock, and Jack Strite. Miss Siebold is the accom- panist. Choir Miss Siebold Miss Hay The Angola High School Choir is a very active organization in the music department. A concert with all religious music was presented December 2 0, and a gay spring concert was given May 9. The concert band and the choir together gave a performance February 14. The choir also sings for the Tri-State Commencement. Christmas carols echoing through the halls of Angola High School, Hendry Park School and the Pleasant Lake School are presented annually by the choir. Classroom doors are opened so that all may enjoy the music. The choir won a superior rating in the District Contest at Auburn and a superior rating in the State Contest at Lowell on April 8. The choir is under the direction of Miss Siebold. Miss Hav was the student teacher in the vocal mu- sic department. TOP ROW: Bill Gi-ifflths, Bill Cole. SECOND ROW: Ja .k Berlien, Eric Hall. John Stock, Jim Sibert. THIRD HOW: Jim DeLong, Steve Southern, Jerry Boyer, Al Christy. FOURTH ROW; Cliff Ryan. Ross Butler. Fred Bachert, John Glasgow. FIFTH ROW; Judv Griffith, Glenn Jacob, Ken Harris, Jack Strite. SIXTH RO ' ; Meg Goudy. Betty Xichols. Sally Rath- burn, Marilyn Blough. SEVENTH ROW: Susan Krantz, Pam Harbour, Pliyl- lis Gebhart, Linda Ewers. EIGHTH ROW; Linda French, Lana Hale, Karl Al- drich. Kathie Nedele. BOTTOM ROW; Kay Bailey, Kaye Converse, Susan Nedele, Sally Boardnian. TOP ROW; Jim Lovejoy. SECOND ROW; John Newnam, Gary Page, Gene Shaw, Darl Wilson. THIRD ROW: John Taylor, Mickey Haley. Dane Tubergen, Larry Sunday. FOURTH ROW; Bruce Anderson, Don Wilson, Terry Arkwriglit, Lynn Steiner. FIFTH ROW: John Baldwin. Jack Tuttle. Dixie Page, Shirley Crone. SIXTH UO ' U ' : Donna Smith. Janice Stock, Jo Ann Duguid, Barbara German. SEVENTH ROW: Ellen Steenerson. Helen Sibert, Barbara Ransburg, Mary Slanina. EIGHTH ROW: Ruth Ann Hanselman, Sharon Maugherman. Gen Chadwick. Susan Carr. BOTTOM ROW; Sharon Lacey, Barbara Dole, Konita Forbes, Sylvia Crowl. NOT PICTURED: Kay August, Tom Harman. Vage Seventy-ii Music Groups In Our School PEP BAND The pep band played for all the home games and some pep sessions so that the theme of " Peter Gunn " will long echo through the gym as the band played it so enthusiastically. This music added much spirit and excitement to the games and the group was greatly appreciated by the crowd. BRASS SEXTET The brass sextet — Betty Nichols, cornet; John Gramling, trumpet; Konita Forbes, French horn; Judy Griffith, baritone; George Libey, trombone; Bill Griffiths, tuba — was a very active and popular group this year. They played " Suite for a Brass Sex- tet " for the band-choir concert. They achieved a superior rating at the state contest. All the mem- bers are seniors. THE GRASSHOPPERS The grasshoppers are Jack Berlien, Cliff Ryan, Vage Seventy-eight Mary Slanina, Sharon Maugherman, Betty Nichols, Judy Griffith, Larry Sunday, Bill Cole, and Ruth Ann Hanselman. All are seniors. They earned their name by presenting " The Grasshopper Cantata " for many local organizations. KARI ALDRICH Kari Aldrich is the accompanist for the choir and for many ensembles and soloists. She received a superior rating with a piano solo in the state con- test this year. TOM HARMAN Tom Harman was selected by the Indiana School Band Masters Association to play first clarinet in a concert by the All State Band in March. Tom was one of four young musicians chosen from 22 from the state who engaged in auditions for the Indianapolis Philharmonic Symphony Or- chestra this year. Musical Moments TOP ROW: Cliiiir rehearsal: Hiss Hay looking happy: More vocalists in action. SECOND ROW: Pianists for tlie Christmas program: Junior vocal trio in action: Carolling- in the hall at Christmas time. THIRD ROW: Twirler Barbara in action: Christmas program reliearsal; Stage operations: Ter ry cleans up; More caroUers. 33 Coaches John Hammel did a tine job of coaching the bas- ketball team this year as varsity coach and captured his first holiday tournament. He deserves much credit for the accomplishments of the Hornet team. Bob Johnson was the head coach of our tri- umphant football team. He was the assistant coach for basketball. His B-team also had a very success- ful season. Leroy Cable coached the freshman basketball team to be a tough one in competition. Chuck Dygert led the baseball team through an- other commendable season. Carroll Nesbitt coached the track team and Rus- sell Brayton was the golf coach. Harry Kelley served as the eflicient coach of the B football team and junior high basketball and track. Julius MilhoUin coached the cross country team; however this group was not active last fall. It will be continued when interest is increased. A. B. Barkdull, our athletic director, was re- sponsible for the handling of the whole athletic program. The outstanding athletic achievements we at- tained this year could not have been possible without the wonderful cooperation of these men. MANAGERS Steve Southern, Dave Boomershine, and Johnny Hutto were our faithful basketball managers this year. Ra)- Johnson, John Glasgow and Johnny Hutto were the football managers. They can all look back on a job well done. Haniiiifl, i;.il. Jlrl;ii,i,,, Varsity Roundup The Angola Hornets started the season with five seniors and six juniors. They got their first taste of victory at LaGrange, downing the Lions 51 to 44. Angola ' s next game was at Columbia City. The tall and talented Eagles were a little too much for the Hornets and we went down 5 7-45. The Hornets played host to Concordia the next night and beat the Fort Wayne foe, 62-61. Angola entertained Butler ' s Windmills the next week and pulled out a close one by winning 45-44. On December 3, Angola traveled to Churubusco where they met with their second defeat of the year, 63-45. The Hornets visited the Bluflfton Tigers on December 9 and came from behind to beat Bluflfton 66-49. Berne-French invaded the Angola gym and broke the Angola home game winning streak by downing the Hornets 67-48. Angola traveled to Hoagland where they grab- bed another close game 5 3-52. New Haven ' s Bull- dogs fell to the Hornet varsity for the first time since the two teams ' first meeting. The final score was 71-67. The Holiday Tournament at Butler proved very exciting this year. The Hornets beat the Butler team, which they defeated by only one point earlier in the season, by the score of 59-36. In the night game they knocked off a tough Waterloo team 5 5- 34 to take their first holiday tournament in history. The second half of the season started out badly. The Hornets lost their second game of the year on our home floor to Auburn, 67-56. Waterloo was next in line. The Hornets pulled out a squeaker there by nipping the Wildcats 33-31. Garrett, the next foe, downed the Hornets on the Garrett floor, 71-59. Ligonier ' s big boys came to play Angola ' s Hor- nets in the next game. They were sent back with a stunning 73-67 loss. The Hornets traveled to Decatur and were out- scored in a high scoring battle 82-72. Bishop Luers, a new Fort Wayne school on the Hornets ' roster, were beaten at the Angola gym in a close contest, 67-64. Every player on the Hornet team scored that night. Kendallville was the next team to go down to defeat in the Hornet gym by the score of 74-66. Howe Military also was defeated the next night in the Angola gym 77-5 2. A week later An- gola traveled to the Avilla gym where they lost a game 70-63. So all in all the Hornets had 13 wins and 7 losses this season. Pa,i;f Eighty-three w oi -c exou Season Record Wvj»A V Shot Shots Made Jack Berlien 440 162 I.erov Cable 23S 88 Cliff Ryan 29 9 llkk Haley 25 5 Jim Siliert - 32 11 Gary Knox 196 84 Pet. .368 Made Pet. 86 .628 4.5 .563 2 .167 12 .600 10 .526 Re- Total bounds Points 138 410 111 221 12 U jL Shots Darl Wilson 14 Bob McBride l.i Jack Tuttle 20 Jim L-ovejoy 127 Gary Page 209 Mike Sapp 29 Ross Butler 7 Made Pet. Re- Total hounds Points 171 236 41 10 Season Record C. Z tML f. W fc A 1 Old Reliable Makes Another A Tip for Knox Struggle Under the Boards Jack Battles for the Ball 9 t ' .f «l! In The Dressing Room Our Trophies Junior Stand Page Eighty-seven Sectional Tourney The Hornets did well in the Section- al! They downed Riverdale 76-60 in the first game and Churubusco 62-60 in an overtime in their second contest. Then Angola defeated the Butler Windmills 63-47 in the semi-finals but went down before the Garrett Railroad- ers 62-43 in the final session. The first two snaps on this page show tense moments in the Garrett game. In the third picture Captain Jack Berlien accepts the runnerup ball for the Hor- nets from Jason Smith, principal of Churubusco High School and in charge of the Sectional held in Churubusco. Bee Team TOP ROW: Coach Juhnson, Mike Sapp, Tex Bachert. Walter Shutt, Ron Gramling, Jerry Boyer, Eric Hall. FRONT ROW: Dick Waters, Ricky Cotner, Tom McBride, Ken Harris. Ross Butler, Leroy Crooks, Charles Wilse -. Freshmen TOP ROW: Tom Cochran, Lynn ilaugherman, Steve Llnnemeier, Curt Rausch, Glenn Barlett, Larry Clark, Dave Hanselman, Ed Johnson, Coach Cable. SECOND ROW: Sam Holtzman, Darrell Boyce, Jack Deller, John Flegal, George Shoup, Tim Reese, Marvin Holnian, Steve Ferro, Paul Sparks. FRONT ROW; Steve Wild, Jim Kile. Managers. Bees Roundup Coach Bob Johnson can be proud of the Bees. They started the season following in the varsity ' s steps by beating LaGrange, 51-21, and losing to Co- lumbia City 37-3 3. They then stunned Concordia 42-14 and nipped Butler 41-39. Churubusco stopped the Bees, 3 0-27, on the " Busco " floor in a hotly contested game. Bluffton fell victim to a sharp shooting Angola team, 5S-36. Berne ' s flying Cubs tripped the Bees, 37-27, on the Angola floor. That was the last loss for the Bees for some time to come. They downed Hoagland, 37-23; New Haven, 44-32; Auburn, 47-3 5; Water- loo , 33-31; Garrett in a tight game, 40-39; Ligonier, 51-25; and Decatur, 41-34. These victories came from hard work, determination, and teamwork. The Columbia City " B " team tournament was next. The Bees drew Mississiniwa. They beat this team 49-3 6 and went to the finals where they met a big Kendallville team. Kcndallville outclassed a fighting and determined Bee team, 44-3 9. This was not a let down for the Bees though. They fought back, defeating a young Bishop Luers team 45-30. Kendallville was next and the Bees were really up for this game. They trounced Kendallville, 41-27, avenging the earlier defeat in the tournament. Howe Military fell a night later to the tough Bees, 48-21. The Bees defeated Avilla 34-3 3 at Avilla in a thrill- er, their last game. The Bees came out on top for the season losing only 4 games in the twenty played. Freshmen s Season Angola 48 Angola 47 Angola 47 Angola 29 Angola 3 3 Angola 40 Angola 48 Angola 41 Angola 44 Angola 44 Angola 40 Angola 52 Angola 5 2 Angola Albion 44 (Overtime) Kendallville 33 Garrett 27 Howe -20 Butler 56 Auburn 42 Churubusco 49 (Overtime) Columbia City 31 Butler . i6 Auburn 31 Kendallville 44 (Overtime) LaGrange 25 Albion 48 -34 Garrett 43 TOURNEY SCORES Angola 26 Auburn 27 Angola 34 Kendallville 36 Cheerleaders Meet our varsity cheerleaders — Kay August, Meg Goudy, Judy Brady and our B-team cheerleaders — Tuiren Butler and Kathie Nedele. They have kept the school spirit roused at every football and basket- ball game. Hats off to our loyal cheerleaders! Barry Frisinger, Randy Beechy, Leroy Cable, Mickey Haley, Bruce AmUrson, Cliff Ryan, Coach Brayton, Glenn Jacob. Golf The A.H.S. golf team completed its seventh sea- son last spring, 1960. The team played Auburn twice, Concordia twice, and Kendailville twice. The N.E.I.C. conference meet was held at Ken- dailville with Kendailville as the winner. The outlook for the golf team is good. More interest is being taken in golf than ever before, es- pecially among the eighth graders, freshmen, and sophomores. The team members last season were Bruce Ander- son, Cliff Ryan, John Newnam, Dave Blough, and Glenn Jacob. Mr. Brayton is the golf coach. Page Ni7iety-fiL0 BATTING AVERAGES SPRING 1960 NAME AB R H Powers 27 9 11 Cable 42 13 14 DeLong 20 5 6 Berlien 43 9 11 Owens 25 4 G Butler 20 6 4 Lovejoy 35 7 6 Haley 19 1 Sibert 21 3 4 Presley 11 2 Flegal 7 11 Christy 12 1 2 Boyer 2 11 Page 15 1 1 Hall 9 " 2 Arkwright 12 1 2 Waters 10 i Stohler 2 Cope 2 (I Heier Reese 6 BA 407 300 256 240 200 171 033 190 000 143 167 500 000 000 000 000 Baseball 1960 The 1960 baseball season started off very well for the Angola team. They traveled to Conway Union, Ohio, for the first game of the season. They beat the Ohio team 6-3. Butler was next. It was a very cold and windy day but the Angola team battled to a 3-1 victory. Howe Military traveled to Angola, where they defeated the Hornets 13-3. Angola next played at Edon and beat this Ohio team 11-5. The Hornets really trounced a visiting Rome City team 17-0. Then Angola went into a tail spin and lost the last seven games of the season. They were beaten by Kendallville 6-5; Bluffton 16-3; Columbia City 7-0; Howe Military 6-3; Decatur 6-3; Concordia 15-4; New Haven 6-1; and Kendallville 7-4. An- gola ' s overall record was 4-9; N.E.I.C. 0-6. Mr. Dygert is the coach. TOP RO V: Ed Waters, Manager; Dick Waters, Rickv Cotner, ErR- Hall. Mike Stohler, Gary Page, .Jeff Heier, Dick Cope. SECOND ROW: Leroy Cable, Ross Butler, Mickey Haley, Jim Sibert, Jerry Boyer, ■1 -T,- ...- Tevvy . rkwright. " ' ™ P ' gal, Al Christy, Jim Lovejoy. Jack Berlien, Bob DeLong, Tom • ' .K m m a f III I Bi A ! fliiillliiviii iVf Ittr TOP ROW; Da e Boomershine, Manager: Jim Hanna, Wally Liechty, Leroy Cable, Gary Page, .lolin Baldwin, Tom Douglass, Tom Harman, Larry Sunday, John Taylor, Manager. SECOND ROW: Mickey Haley, Ed Waters, Garj- Knox. i:)iik AVaters, Gene Eatinger Ricky Cotner, Eric Hall, Leroy Crooks, Dan Campbell, Tom Pri ' j FPONT ROW- Ji Eo iov, Darl AVilso- Girls ' Athletic Association The purpose of the Girls ' Athletic Association is to increase each girl ' s interest in different kinds of sports and to develop friendship, better sports- manship, and cooperation among the girls. The club meets every Monday after school and the girls participate in such sports as baseball, volley- ball, bowling, ice skating, basketball, tumbling, soft- ball, and trampoline. Susan Griem is pictured working out on the trampoline. The tumbling team, composed of Louise Pa- tenge, Sylvia Growl, Ruth Shank, Konita Forbes, Ruth Ann Hanselman, Judy Griffith, Barbara Max- ton, and Linda Growl, put on a show at the Ken- dallville game. Kathie Nedele and Sally Rathburn put on a trampoline act at the Howe Military game. The officers are: Susan Nedele, president; Colleen Knox, vice president; Ruth Ann Hanselman, secre- tary; and Linda Growl, treasurer. Mrs. Grow is the faculty adviser. TOP ROW: .Ian Stevens, Mary Ann Jensen, Sharon Buse, Cheri Greenwood, Linda LoVfjuN, ,Sall ' Rath- burn, Sidnej Sue Reese, Alice Smith. Ahuy Jane Gecowets, Jane Wilmoth, Jan l ; ' ri, (■ Cole, Susie Siegel, Vickie Phelan, Beverly 1 Suit, Julie Inman. SECOND ROW: Louise Patenge, Phyllis Gelshart, Colleen Knox, Annette Myers, Coleen Anspaugh, Diane Meredith, Judy " Wiley, Janie Cotner, Sue Griem, Elaine Dent, Karen Steinke, Sandy Allen, Jean Ann MacRae, Janet Leininger, Diane Kramer, Turlen Butler, Kathie Nedele, Karon Hughes, Mrs. Crow. THIRD ROW: Eloise Kimes, Susan Colbart, Judy Kuckuck, Joann Duguid, Sharon Maugherman, Sylvia Crowl, Kaye Converse, Konita Forbes, Judy Griffith, Nan Smith, Linda Crowl, Susan Nedele, Ruth Ann Hanselman, Ruth Shank, Sharon Lacey, Barb Max- ton. BOTTOM ROW: Linda Kiess, Kathy Fisher, Lor- etta Lower, Phyllis Everett, Barbara Horman, Pam Gould, Laurel Shirley, Karen Kramer, Ann Gebhart, Sallv Boardman, Peggy Fast, Sharon Schentzler, Andrea Mortorff, Pat Kaufman, Vivian Mitzman, Linda DeLancey. or)r t ,,A-. f A i NffWi " % Cc 4 f (I V I) Wl. jijy Senior Members of Varsity Mick Haley Guard Bill Cole Tackle Larry Sunday Fullback Bruce Anderson Tackle George Libey Guard Jack Tuttle Eiid Leroy Cable Halfback Roger Sailor End Jack Berlien Halfback Cliff Ryan Halfback Tom Pristas Guard Terry Arkwright Halfback Tom Douglass Guard Not Pictured Dave Stroh Tackle Lynn Routsong End 1 noib.ill , knto Our Coaches They start with Big Chief Kelly; Mr. Cable takes the call; Mr. Hammel leads to victory ' cause he ' s always on the ball. Mr. Sapp and Mr. Ryan are a workin ' up steam, (jetting exercises ready for Johnson ' s football team. They ' re a runnin ' and a jumpin ' for Nesbitt now ; Porter keeps the tape and Milhollin shows him how. Mr. Dygert ' s in there pitchin ' ; Mr. Brayton ' s got that drive; Mr. BarkduU ' s got the gumption to keep the team alive. We think our coaches are the best. They ' re sure ahead of all the rest. Let ' s really show we think they ' re grand. By giving them a great big hand! A Practice Session TOP ROW: Jerry Schenkel. Al Cliristy, Jim Love- Joy, Chuck Moore, Jolin Baldwin, Bob MoBride, Ron- ald Gramling. Dave Stroh, Ron Cook, Lynn Routsong. Tom Douglass, Gene .Shaw, Mick Haley, Dave Tyler, Bill Griffiths, Tom Pristas, John Glasgow, Manager; John Hutto. Manager: Mike Sapp, Terry Arkwright, Cliff Ryan. Leroy Cable, Larry Sunday, Gary FRONT ROW: Jim Sihert, Bruce Anderson, George Libey, Bill Dailey, Steve .Southern, Bill Cole, Roger Sailor. Page Ninety-eight .-f f At the Garrett Game Here s Varsity Football Our first year of varsity football with seniors turned out well. The Hornets fin- ished with a respectable 4-4-1 record for the season. The Hornets first ventured to Auburn to play in the Jamboree with Garrett, Kendallville, and Auburn. In a half the Hornets downed Auburn 6-0. Angola remained on the road as they traveled to Decatur, but were met by a fired up team. The local lads were turned back by a 19-0 count. The Hornets then traveled to Elmhurst where a brilliant second half rally beat the Trojans 13-9. The following week the Hornets traveled to Auburn where the Red Devils tried to avenge their loss in the Jamboree, but the game ended in a 7-7 draw In their first home game, Angola met a strong New Haven eleven. The fast, hard- hitting Bulldogs outplayed the Hornets to the tune of 47-0. Howe Military was the next Angola foe, hut they proved too much for the Hor- nets as they defeated our boys 27-7. The Hornets then traveled to Bluffton and won 13-U. Angola returned home the following week and played one of their best games as they upset Garrett 12-7. The Hornets finished out the season with a 45-0 shellacking from Kendallville. The varsity is losing fifteen boys via graduation, but some of the freshmen and sophomores looked quite promising in the latter games of the season and they hope to improve their previous record. Mr. Johnson was the head coach. Mr. Hammel, Mr. Nesbitt, and Mr. Cable worked with the line. Mr. Sapp and Mr. Kelley worked with the backfield and Mr. Kelley coached the B team. More Action Airainst Garrett TOP ROW: Jerry Boyer, Bob Book, Dave Uanselinan, Tex Bachert, Larry Clark, Larry Putt. Glenn Barlett, Curt Rausch, Dennis Goudy, Lynn Maugherman, Jim Kiles. MIDDLE ROW: Jerry Walcutt, Roger Sunday, Tom Cochran, John Flegal, Ricky Cotner, Chuck Moore, Leroy Crooks, Bob Baldwin, Chuck Tiffany, Wally Llechty, Tim Reese, Don Palmer. FRONT ROW: Ray Johnson. Manager; Joey Chaudoin. Phil Zabst. Jack Deller. Ed Johnson. Dale Simedru, George Shoup, Phil Pristas, Dave Boomershine, Dick Marino, Don Mason. B-Team Season The B-team started its 1960 season with a sensation. They defeated Garrett and Auburn with scores of 27-0 and 14-0, respectively. The third game and last for the month of September was lost to Howe with a close 13-15 score. October started as a bad month for the team as Kendall ville tied them with a 12- 12. They snapped back by defeating Auburn by a 6-0 score. Garrett lost to the fight- ing Bees with an 18-7 tally. Kendall ville returned to beat the team by a score of 18-13. The B-team won a total of four, tied one, and lost two games. None of the play- ers were seriously injured. The B-team retired the season with a good record and ach- ing muscles. Mr. Kelley was the coach of the B-team. Pa " c One Hundred One CANDID CAMERA SHOTS FIRST l;c i V: Seniors play basketball at their party; Tom Douglass: Man, I ' m beat! SECOND ROW: Poor Joyce is tired (on train): Tlie Horizon Club: Sharon M., Sylvia C. and Betty Nicliols. THIRD i:OW: Nancy Hindmanl: Seniors at tlieir pot-luck supper; Beatnik party at Croxtons " . PLAY PRODUCTION SIDELIGHTS TOP ROW: " Marry mel " : Terry and Mr. Avery read plays. SECOND ROW: Reading lines at first rehearsal; Actors Bff, Berlien, and Cable. THIRD ROW: Mr. Avery lives dangerously. Karen Kramer— in a happy moment. FOURTH ROW: Stage hands can do anything: Rehearsal on stage, Mr. Condon directing. Page One Hundred Three i ' f illh. J .f ' f 0 4MM- , i i IN THE DAYS LONG AGO FIRST ROA : Is the sun in your eyes, Leroy?; Barb Croxton and Nan Smith are ready to play: Posing, Marilyn Blough?; Barb is ready for church in her new Easter clothe : Tva ' Aiiirust. Si: ' ' ' iXI ' K ' lW: Marshall and Viyian Mitznian, don ' t hurt the puppy; Head them oft at tin- |i.i-s. I ' liil Herl: Barbie %vas an angel — once; Big businessman, Terry; Tom Doug- lass: .i;Mk i:. ' riifn. THIKU ilijW: Judy Brady; Jim Sibert, take care of sister, Helen: Leroy Cable; Linda Ewers: Pam Wright: John Sellgren. FOLTRTH ROW: Jim Loyejoy; Mick Haley; Bobbie Sue Sapp: Sig Somerlott; Sandra Hubart; Tom James: Sylvia Crowl. FIFTH ROW: Tom Pristas: Mike Deming: Linda French: Pete Garner: Woodice Conway; Ken Johnson; Vicki Phelan : Joyce Hevel. Page One HimJirJ Four MORE ANCIENT HISTORY FIRST RO V; Seniors at Camp Fire Camp; Camp Fire Girls; The seniors in third grade; Sylvia Crowl. SECOND ROW; Seniors in sixth grade; More seniors long ' ago; Betty, Konita, and Mary — equestriennes. THIRD ROW; Julia C, Judy S., and Judy B. ; Sam D., Sharon H., Linda B., Kaye C, and Dinah T. ; Cliff and Mick. FOUFlTH ROW; Sylvia lias a party; Terry; Donna Smith and pal. Bits About Etn Name .ind Nickname Memor) ' of A.H.S. Hobby Ambition Kari Aldrich, " The Big K " Kids, parties, teachers Dramatics and music Modeling Bruce Anderson, " Andy " Golf team Drums Civil engineer Terry Arkwright The kids and teachers Athletics Veterinarian Kay August, " Rosie " Friends, ball games, pep sessions - Records Medical secretary Kay Bailey, " Asbestos " Trips, teachers Reading Political science Sandra Barto, " Ivan the Terrible " -Chemistry class Water skiing . Medical technologist Jack Berlien, " Hose Nose " ..All the good times Athletics Civil engineer Marilyn Blough, " Mar " Graduation and classmates Sleeping Doctor Diana Boyer, " Di " Teachers, friends, games Reading Accountant Judy Brady, " Nose " First six weeks of senior Lit. Playing chase . Buyer Leroy Cable, " Mo " The great teaching and coaching Athletics and staff models Lawyer Susan Carr, " Susie " Activities, kids, and teachers Sewing Elementary teacher Julia Caton, " Julie " Ball games Having fun IBM operator Kay Christen, " Chris " ...Teachers, classes, and fun Oil painting Beautician and marriage Bill Cole, " Billy " Football games — Sleeping Electrical engineer Larry Coleman, " Chief " Teachers and kids Cars Pilot Woodice Conway, " Woodie " Proms, friends, games Water skiing Beautician Kaye Converse B.O.V. contests Collecting antiques Beautician Barbara Croxton, " Barbie " Ball games, proms, graduation Baton twirling Jazz dancer Sylvia Crowl, " Syl " Games, music contests Music Undecided Elaine Deller, " Red " Basketball games, people Sewing, reading .Teacher Mike Deming, " Miguelito " Parties and math class Sleeping Mechanical enginee r living in So. Amer. Samuel Dirrim, " Sam " Ball games and parties Sports Business Diane Disbro, " Dizzy " Tourneys Oil painting Teacher Barbara Dole, " Doley " A certain government teacher and friends Skating Business Tom Douglass Football and goofing around after school Hi-fi Teacher Carl Everett, " Ed " Classes, ball games, and proms Hunting Radar technician Linda Ewers, " U " All the classes! Going to Canada ..Speech therapist Connie Fisher Kids, teachers Oil painting Airline work Konita Forbes, " Skits " Music events. New York Baton twirling, music — - Guidance counselor Vicki Fradenburg, " Vik " Basketball games, play practice ... Art, studying ...Undecided Pete Garner Tourneys Water skiing ...Restaurant business John Gramling Basketball games Records Farmer Helen Greenamyer Friends, pep sessions, teachers Sewing, reading Nurse Judy Griffith, " Griff " Parties, games, teachers Athletics Phys. ed. teacher William Griffiths, " Bill " Things in general Models Mechanical engineer Merrilee Haines Ball games, parties, our clan Water skiing ...Technician Mickey Haley, " Mick " Ball games, girls, plays Sports Graduate from college Page One Hundred Six Bits About Em Name and Nickname Memory of A.H.S. Hobby Ambition Michael Haley, " Mike " Everything Anything to amuse me Teacher or politician Janet Hanna, " Jan " Ball games, graduation Dancing Secretary Sharon Hanna, " " Sharry " Record hops, teachers, friends, Dancing and games, plays reading Teacher Ruth H.inselman, " Ruthie " Friends, games, teachers, " Hornet " Music Teacher Marilyn Harris Basketball games, music contests -Having fun Career Girl Joyce Hevel, " Shorty " Games, proms, class breakfasts ...Reading ...Occupational therapist Nancy Hindman Classmates, teachers Looking for trouble Social worker Sandra Hubart, " Sandy " ..Senior class Painting Homemaker Richard Hullinger, " Teddy " Basketball games Hi-fi Chain store manager Tom Hutto . A good high school Staying out of trouble Serve God Frances Ickes, " Fran " Graduation Horseback riding Beautician Tom James Teachers Cars, girls Surveyor Kenny Johnson, " Hot Rod " All the kids, teachers Cars Pilot Raymond Jones, " Ray " Chem and government Fishing To be good Roger Karr, " Rog " Jr. history, senior class day, Taking short teachers trips Be President James Kelley Classes, kids Short trips Be Vice President Elery Kimes, " Celery " Graduation, picking up paper Red " 5 5 " Merc ..Own my own pharmacy Jeanette Kuckuck, " Jan " Friends, fun Swimming ...Airline hostess Jim Kolb Mr. Morin Racing Architect Sharon Lacey, " Lace " Teachers, classmates, proms. Helping in the games office Secretary Carol Leibel Friends, pep sessions Dancing Secretary George Libey, " Libe " Wonderful kids, teachers Sports, model cars Undecided Linda Mains, " Lindy " Proms, graduation Dancing Beautician Sharon Maugherman Everything Piano Secretary Barbara Maxton, " Barb " Plays, parties, ball games Sports Bookkeeper Barbara McKinley Classes, fun Oil painting Nurse Sandra Meston, " Sandy " Beatnik Day Sewing Undecided Sharon Miller Kids, class breakfasts Horseback riding Get married in June Bonnie Mott, " Bon " Friends, Halloween, ball games, Dancing and proms Hi-fi Secretary Phillip Musser, " Phil " Government class Music Concert pianist Richard Musser, " Dick " Shop class, games Racing dogs Undecided John Newnam Kids, teachers, government class ..Hi-fi, golf, photography ..Electrical engineer Elizabeth Nichols, " Betty " Games, parties, people Playing bridge ..Teacher Russell Noragon, " Russ " Mr. Porter Models Commercial artist Daniel Oberst, " Dan " Lots of Work Farming Engineer William Parks, " Willy " The Gang Everything Political science Vickie Phelan, " Vick " Games, tourneys Water Skiing ....Undecided Page One Humhed Seven Bits About Em Name and Nickname Memory of A.H.S. Hobby Ambition Larry Pingry, " Ping " . Art class - Water Skiing Undecided Philip Preston, " Phil " Teachers, chemistry Hunting, fishing Zoologist Karen Prior Senior Day, Beatnik Day, friends Talking on the phone Beautician Tom Pristas Football Cars Mechanical engineer Ann Ramsay Teachers, work Sewing Nurse Marialana Rensch Classes, proms Goofing Off Beautician Glen Rogers Classes Cars, work Run my father ' s factory Jack Routsong ...Faculty, classmates Music Music Lynn Routsong Kids Girls Telephone lineman Karen Rowe, " Karen " Games, teachers, classes Skiing Beautician Cliff Ryan Goofin ' off time Athletics, cars . Architect or business manager Roger Sailor, " Rog " Football None Undecided Bobbie Sapp -- Games, proms, stuff Horseback riding Undecided Robert Schannen, " Bob " ..Kids, teachers Catting around ..Farmer John Sellgren Classmates, teachers Fii-fi Engineer Carol Sheets Classmates, teachers Sewing Telephone Operator Mike Shirley, " Squirrel " Kids, fun Water skiing, cars Engineer Susan Siegel, " Susy " Proms, games, graduation ....Skiing and swimming Social worker Mary Slanina Proms, kids, music Music Live a good life Donna Smith, " Don " Teachers, kids, fun Ice skating, reading Missionary Judy Smith Friends, games Dancing, horse- back riding ... Undecided Vern Smith, " Smitty " Teachers Sports Tool and die maker Nancy Snyder Teachers, proms Sewing, cooking -. Beautician Sigrid Somerlott, " Sig " Fun, games, kids. Cliff Having fun Undecided William Steele, " Bill " Lots of things Music ...Physics research Bruce Steinke Kids Model building Navy machinist Dixie Stonecipher Graduation, kids Dancing, swimming Secretary Larry Stoy Good-looking girls Ping-pong Farmer Dave Stroh Friends, teachers, classes Water sports ....Teacher Larry Sunday Proms, teachers Water skiing, high school sports Electrical engineer Joann Thiele, " Jo " Games, proms Swimming Homemaker Marna Thompson Classes, work Cooking, sewing Become practical Jack Turtle, " Tut " Getting teachers angry with me ..Getting in trouble Undecided Tom Waite Ball games, proms Hunting Machinist Patricia Waters, " Pat " Graduation, teachers Roller skating. Housewife, sewing photographer Pamela Wright, " Pam " Classes, parties Water skiing ...Undecided Judy Yockey Friends, games, typing for Hornet ..Reading X-raj ' technician Page One Hundred Eight HI-Y AND Y-TEEN HIGHLIGHTS FIRST ROW: The Hi-Y pennies count for king; Seniors vote for Terry; Sliaron is decorating- the Christmas tree. SECOND ROW: Y-Teens are busy making cookies; What ' s wrong, Dixie?; What a mess, Janet! THIRD ROW: Y-Teen initiation; Hi-1 " boys; Officers in the Hi-Y ' Club. Page One Hundred Nine " DRIFTING AND DREAMING " FIRST ROW: Jvuly and Tom aiv rfady tn c-mwii the king " ; and queen of the Christmas Prom. SECOND ROW: The couples enjoy themselves at the prom; court; Sandy and Terry lead off the danue. THIRD ROW: Fiefreshments are ser ed: ] inda K. and l-. nn fr»r kins: Jim. and date. Sandy and Terry; King King, queen, and their M., freshman candidate MORE " DRIFTING AND DREAMING " FIRST ROW: Jack, Linda, Pam, and Jim; Sandy and Terry; Resting (or a wliile? SECOND ROW; Mr. Hoffman, vhat are you doing?; Leroy Cable; The prom was a big success. THIRD ROW; Dick and Rick; Sue W. and Don W. at the prom; Sam and his date. Page One Hundred Eleven Our Gym OUR GYM Sfiiiiilini here iiliinr, 1 lixik anci ' iu at ifs faniiliiir on flinc ; My eyes moie ilouly oier the uell kmniii pattern before nu From weathered roof, to [tatiit-sealej uiiidoiv frames and uoru steps. It is more than an old buildin; lini ering imeerfainly on borrowed time. Bygone froms, pep sessions, soek hops, elasses, ball games. Make it an integral part of a pleasant interlude in our liies. Without looking to see uhether anyone is nearby to overhear, I softly say aloud, " Goodbye, Old Gym, ue ' re both leaving. I ' ll never forget you. " — El.iine Deller GOOD-BYE, OLD GYM Band suppers, pep sessions, hops, and games! You ' ie serieil us lery well; You haie a place uifhin our hearts Of uhich ue ' re proud to tell. Good-bye, old gym! Your rafters have rung uith shunts of joy; You ' ve seen some tears shed too; You ' re filled our needs all through the years. Once yon were big and new. Good-bye, old gym! Now it ' s time for you to leave; A bigger gym will take your place; But yon hold all the seniors ' love That nothing can erase. Good-bye, old gym! — Barbara Croxton GYM UNDER CONSTRUCTION Steel girders standin sfraii ht against the starlit sky— This is the thing ivhich is seen by the passerby; A mass of metal, cement, and stone Greets the viewer as he walks along. The construction of a gym is making progress; It ivill be a building where spirits effervesce. But there is yet much work to be done; ' When it is finished, it will be fun! —Bill Steele THE OLD GYM SPEAKS am the old g in , Constructed many years ago. You have heard me speak in divers uays — the cheers of victory and the fears of defeat, With bouncing basketballs and running feet Through the blaring brass of the pep band. And the cool notes of a pop record. I hive seen many budding romances; Air walls hair usually contained happiness. But when the last echoes of cheers have died away. And there is nothing left but scrap paper and memories, A black cloud of lo neliness einelops my darkened interior And I am silent. Soon I ivill be razed and replaced B a oung and new descendant: But consolation will be mine in tl.ic thought That I will live on in the memories Of those ivho shared my happy moments. —Bill Griltiths THIS OLD GYM TLiis old gym has been the home For many a " Hornet " team! It has seen our boys come and go. The old gym is noiv a shamble. The ivindou lights are out. The floor is full of dead spots And the pigeons fiy about! This old gym is either hot or cold. Tlie shoners uon ' t uork, it ' s said; Pop drips through the balcony And hits you on the head! This old gym is full of memories Of our hopes and all our fears. Its rafters shake with the victors ' chant And its floor is stained with fears! This old gym will only stand to see The " Hornets " play once more. To it we pledge this promise A " VICTORY " on its floor! CHORUS: Ain ' t agona ' nse this gym no longer. Ain ' t agona ' need this gym no more. Ain ' t got time to fix the shoivers, Ain ' t got time to fix the floor Ain ' t got time to shoot those pigeons. Though they made the floor a mess; This old barn won ' t be forgotten By the grads of A.H.S. Pa e One Hundred Twelvi The Old Order Changeth Yielding Place to New " Our Gym Sees Action tt " . — «i I ' ff y tJjjaJ It Waits in the Sun New G ' m Goes Up to Replace the Old Alumni 1960 W ' ilnia Patricia Alcebo — Working at First National Bank, Angola, Indiana Patricia Lou Alleshouse — Halfway Truck Stop, Pleasant Lake, Indiana Sharon Ann Babcock — Reservation Clerk, American Airlines, Chicago, Illinois Pamela Lu Beatty — Albion College, Albion, Michigan Judy Beekman — At Home, Angola, Indiana Bruce Earl Boardnian — Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana Nathalie Kay Chiddister — X ' orklng in Hamilton, Indiana Nancy Arlene Childs — Lyon ' s Truck Stop, Fremont, Indiana Dennis E. Crooks — Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana Duke Lamar Deller — Ball State Teachers College, iMuncie, Indiana Robert L. DeLong — Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana Georgia Mae Detar — Bassett ' s Restaurant, Angola, Indiana Ronald L. Dodd — United States Air Force Juanita Kay Eatinger — Working at Coun- try Club, Auburn, Indiana Robert L. Elston — United States Navy Shirley Jean Farlow — Anderson Bible Col- lege, Anderson, Indiana Sharon Kay Fifer — Secretary, Tri-State College, Angola, Indiana Thomas M. Flegal — Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana Karen Sue Gecowets — At home, Angola, Indiana Phillip E. Ginder — Dewey ' s Auto Parts and A P Store, Angola, Indiana Carol L. Gramling — Warner Beauty Col- lege, Fort Wayne, Indiana Gail Elizabeth Gramling — Purdue Univer- sity, West Lafayette, Indiana Nancy Jane Green — Warner Beauty Col- lege, Fort Wayne, Indiana Rosalyn Jo Greenamyer — IBM School, Fort Wayne, Indiana Dee A. Gilbert— B O Railroad, Wells- borough, Indiana Elaine Gilbert — Ball State Teachers Col- lege, Muncie, Indiana James I. Griffin — Danners, Dunkirk, Indi- ana Janis Geneva Hart — Mrs. Richard Matting- ly, Angola, Indiana Connie F. Hartley — Mrs. Jim Rockwell, Defiance, Ohio Jeffrey L. Heier — Indiana State Teachers College, Terre Haute, Indiana Jerry Hoffman — Pokagon Beverage Com- pany, Angola, Indiana Jack Daryl HoUopeter — Manchester Col- lege, North Manchester, Indiana Richard A. Hoolihan — Tri-State College, Angola, Indiana Carolyn May Hornbrook — Potawatomi Inn, Angola, Indiana Linda Lou Howe — Telephone Office, An- gola, Indiana Barbara Maxine Keller — International Bus- iness College, Fort Wayne, Indiana Stephen R. King — Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana Frederick Carlin Koehlinger — United States Air Force Patricia Ann Lash — -Mrs. Richard Strong, Fort Wayne, Indiana Roscoe Dean Light — United States Navy William D. Linnemeier — Purdue Universi- ty, West Lafayette, Indiana Nancy Maxton — Ball State Teachers Col- lege, Muncie, Indiana Sam McClish — Army Reserves Kathleen Marie McMullen — Working in bank, Rockford, Illinois Marcia Elizabeth Meyer — Indiana Univer- sity, Bloomington, Indiana Kent J. Murphy — Tri-State College, An- gola, Indiana Judith May Noble — At home, Angola, In- diana Michael D. Noragon — United States Air Force James Ronald Odle — -United States Air Force Ruby Lois Opdycke — Manchester College, North Manchester, Indiana Barbara Kay Ormiston — Fort Wayne Com- mercial College, Fort Wayne, Indiana Elizabeth Ann Owens — University of Wis- consin, Madison, Wisconsin John Thomas Owens — Ball State Teachers College, Muncie, Indiana Billy Mack Presley — Fort Wayne Commer- cial College, Fort Wayne, Indiana Judy Ann Potts — Wohlert Corporation, Angola, Indiana Don Alan Powers — Tri-State College, An- gola, Indiana Page One Hundred Four c Alumni 1960 James M. Parker — United States Air Force Michael Edwin Reese — United States Air Force James Earl Rockwell — Defiance College, Defiance, Ohio Orcie L. Routsong Jr. — Stautzenberger Business College, Toledo, Ohio Shar on Kay Rowe — Ball State Teachers College, Muncie, Indiana Marsha Kay Sams — Mrs. Dave GrifHn, An- gola, Indiana Rex Schenkel — Wayne Knitting Mills, Fort Wayne, Indiana Fred Griffith Smith — Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana Robert Joseph Steffan — United States Air Force Michael D. Stohler- — Tri-State College, An- gola, Indiana Barbara Jane Taylor — International Busi- ness College, Fort Wayne, Indiana Anne Threlkeld — Mrs. Jack Wylie, Angola, Indiana Joyce Anne Tressler — International Busi- ness College, Fort Wayne, Indiana Susanne Ulmer — Butler University, India- napolis, Indiana Charlotte Ann Wells — Mrs. Jerry Rake- straw, Fremont, Indiana Richard A. Whaley — Walston Brothers, Angola, Indiana Barbara Ann Wheaton — Goodale Abstract Company, Angola, Indiana Bonnie Rae Wilcox — Secretary, Angola High School, Angola, Indiana Janet Irene Wilder — Moore ' s Business Forms, Angola, Indiana Martha Kay Wilder — Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana Donna Ruth Willibey — Ball State Teachers College, Muncie, Indiana Barbara E. Wolf — At home. Pleasant Lake, Indiana Thomas L. Wyatt — Ball State Teachers College, Muncie, Indiana Mary Susan Yoder — DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana Marilyn Louise Young — Fort Wayne Com- mercial College, Fort Wayne, Indiana Fage One Hundred Fifteen OH MY GOODNESS FIRST RUW: Tom UuugluKS and Bai-ljie Croxton. Konita, Sylvia, and Susan C: Senior class picnic at Garner ' s; Karen W. SECOND ROW; Seniors at Camp Rainbow; Barli C. Judy G., and Barb Maxton; Judy Brady. THIRD ROW; Senior boys playing basketball; Judy B. and Kari; Sharon M., LiniUi K.. and Karen R. Page One HnnilrcJ Sixteen REMEMBER AND FORGET FIRST ROW: Senior girls Avhen tliey were younger: Kari and L.ib: Linda Kwers imitates Elvis: Tuiren leads a yell. SECOND ROW: Marilyn and Ruth Ann: Junior Classical League Banquet: Senior girls when they were sophomores. THIRD RO ' ' : Seniors sign the " Keys " : Bob McBride: Mr. Hoffman on stage: The new " Keys. " SNAPS AROUND SCHOOL FIRST ROW: Juniors at work; Seniors; Mrs. Crow. SECOND ROW: Miss Shultz ' s literature class; Sandy H. and Gloria Call; Seniors reading " the " Hornet. " THIRD ROW: J.C.L.. Supper; The Junior Classical League-Romans for a night! Dick M- giving Mr. Denhardt a Christmas present. Page One HiniJreJ Eighteen VARIOUS VIEWS FIRST ROW: On the playground: Coming to soliool: Mat-. Ten-y, Pam, and Sandy. SECOND ROW: Mike, Sue. Alice, and Roger: Safety Patrol: Tom and Kay— plus bubbles! THIRD ROW: Senior party: A.H.S. teachers in the hall: Refreshment line at prom. Senior Side Lights " Curtain Going Up " " Hornet " " This Old Gym " New Football Field Butler Trophy-Holiday Tourney Y-Teen Informal Initiation Music Contests Science Fairs Basketball Games Homework Income Tax Forms Old Gym KEY Sales and Party Christmas Proms Senior Cords Hi-Y G.A.A. Tumbling Team Thespians Junior Stand F.T.A. Teaching " The Grasshoppers " Mr. Morin ' s Board of Education Junior Classical League Play Practice with Mr. Condon and Mr. Avery Mr. Porter ' s Golden Gloves Faculty Beatniks (Art Judges?) Speech Class Concerts Mr. " Mac " Mr. Boomershine Pep Sessions Class Breakfasts World Affairs Institute Governor ' s Youth Council Girls State Boys State College Entrance Tests Mr. Milhollin ' s Guidance SENIOR DAY GRADUATION BACCALAUREATE ALL NIGHT PARTY Miss Shultz - " Whoopee Days " Choir Caroling in Halls May Proms New Gym Beatnik Day Fires in the Basement Mock Election Stacked Lockers Semester Grades " Bull in a China S hop " " Take Care of My Little Girl " " TEMPUS FUGIT " Page One HintdrcJ Tucnty MOMENTS TO REMEMBER FIRST ROW: Mr. McCutchan and Miss Iteed; Tom and Judy; The prom chaperones. SECOND ROW: The king " and queen; Processionl; They repose in state. Page One Hundred Trcenfy-one Patronize Our Advertisers ABSTRACTS: Telephone Goodale Abstract Company - 15 1 ATTORNEYS: G. Kenneth Hubbard 317 Willis K. Batchelet 30 Gerald Deller 5 03 AUTOMOBILE DEALERS: " Chuck " Fours Rambler Sales 1081 Bob Lamoreaux Pontiac Sales 20 Al Lonsbury Garage 3 50 L. G. Maxton Sales, Inc. 182 Poinsatte Motors, Inc. 218 Don Rogers Motors, Inc. 3 2 Steuben County Motors, Inc. 98 Wild-Arnold Motor Sales, Mercury, Comet 5 56 AUTOMOTIVE PARTS: Dewey ' s Auto Parts 561 Golden Auto Parts 275 Western Auto Associate Store 421 BAIT STORES: Angola Bait Sporting Goods 8005-X Fishin ' Hole, Lake James BANKS: Angola State Bank 188 First National Bank of Angola 1 BARBER SHOPS: Clark ' s Barber Shop Corner ' s Barber Shop Lakeland Barber Shop Subway Barber Shop BEAUTY SHOPS: Artizan Beauty Shop 948 Beauty Clinic 83 3 Rainbow Beauty Shop 467 Studio of Hair Design 5 77 BOAT LIVERIES: Elmer ' s Marine Sales 8118-X Cinder ' s Motor Service South Side, Crooked Lake 8048-J Lake Gage Marine Orland 9-342 5 BOOK STORES: Munn ' s Book Store 534 ?agc One Hundred Tucnty-tuo BOTTLERS: Telephone Pokagon Beverage Company 9182 BUILDING CONTRACTORS: Bodley ' s Construction Building Products 368 BOWLING ALLEYS: Tri-State Lanes, Dean Goings 92 3 Angola Bowl, Inc., Harry Sarver 1044 BUILDING MATERIALS: Northwest Materials, Inc. 155 CANDY DEALERS: C.A. Nedele Sons Wholesale Candy, Paper, Tobacco 256 CANVAS SHOPS: Fairview Canvas Shop 977 CAR BODY SHOPS: Folck Body Shop 27 Mann Body Shop 3 Munson ' s Body Shop 160 CHEMICAL LABORATORIES: Hickory Chemical Laboratories 8176-J CLEANERS: Angola Dry Cleaners 438 Custom Cleaners, Ashley Ashley 10 McBride ' s Cleaners 277 CLOTHIERS: Jarrard ' s Men ' s Store 197 Strock ' s Men ' s and Boys ' Wear 129 Ted ' s Men ' s Store 43 8 COAL COMPANIES: Angola Brick and Tile 255 CONCRETE COMPANIES: Lake Concrete Products PI. Lake 265 5 CREDIT BUREAUS: Compliments of Credit Bureau of Steuben County 190 DAIRY PRODUCT COMPANIES: Page Dairy Company 21 Sunrise Dairy 426 Patronize Our Advertisers DENTISTS: Telephone Dr. S. F. Aldrich .. 304-X Dr. W. R. Aldrich 304-L Dr. C. B. Anderson 71 Dr. Leif Steenerson 6 DEPARTMENT STORES: J. C. Penney Company 47 DITCHING AND SEWAGE DIGGING: Kenneth German .774 DRESS SHOPS: Angola Dress Shop 80 Harman ' s Ladies Shoppe 171 Ritter and Ferry Dress Shop 288 DRESSED POULTRY: Kay ' s Dressed Poultry 119 DRUGGISTS: K H North Wayne Pharmacy, Inc. 1055 Kratz Drug Store 147 Rogers Drug Store - Walgreen Agency 307 White ' s Drug Store 23 ELECTRIC SHOPS: Foutz Electric Supply 36 Shaw Electronic Supply 291 Thomas Electric Shop 105 3 ELECTRICAL CONTRACTORS: A. A. A. Electric Company, Inc., Bob Wells 8 1 6 1 -J FACTORIES: All Metal Spinners, Inc. 1006 Moore Business Forms, Inc. 920 Redmond Company, Inc. 838 Weatherhead Company 185 and 9198 FILLING STATIONS: Bob ' s Marathon Station 9168 Brockner ' s Gulf 509 D-X Service Station 811 Goodwin ' s Phillip ' s 66 Service 422 Manley Oil Company Noll Brothers Service Station, Hudson Ashley 89 Schaeffer ' s Standard Service 73 3 Swager Service Station, Pleasant Lake PL Lake 22 5 5 Walston Brother ' s Shell .1080 Woody ' s Hy-Flash Service Station 625 FEED STORES: Telephone Hamma Feed Supply, Feeds, Seeds and Garden Supplies 99 Steuben County Farm Bureau, Elevator 701 Office 43 FARM IMPLEMENTS: Alwood Tractor Sales 617 Boots Farm Service, John Deere Implements 809-J Chard Implement Company 659 Covell Implement Store 83 Oliver Sales Company 298 FIVE AND TEN CENT STORES: Danner ' s Varsity Stores 169 W. R. Thomas 5c to $1 Store 83 5 FLORISTS: Pleasant Lake Green House PL Lake 2775 Throop Florist 310 FROZEN LOCKERS: Angola Frozen Locker Storage 44 FUEL OIL DISTRIBUTORS: Sheet ' s Oil and Gas Corp. .. 66 FUNERAL DIRECTORS: Klink ' s Funeral Home 362 Weicht ' s Funeral Home 321 FURNITURE STORES: Kay ' s Furniture, Floor Coverings, Westinghouse Appliances 246 Swank Wayside Furniture One Mile North on U.S. 27 199 GARAGES: Al Lonsbury ' s Garage and Wrecker Service ..3 50 L. G. Maxton Garage 41 McKee ' s Garage, Hudson Ashley 6 Shorty ' s Machine Shop 386 Tritch Garage, Pleasant Lake PI. Lake 222 5 GAS COMPANIES: Great Plains Gas Co. 13 j North State Gas 89 Page One Humlrcd Tiienty-three Patronize Our Advertisers GIFT SHOPS: Telephone Angola Pottery and Gift Shop, U.S. 27, North . . 8105-L Fred Smith, Gifts and Greeting Cards 90 GRAVEL PITS: W. Sams, Sand, Gravel, Fill Dirt 8152-1 Stroh Sand and Gravel PI. Lake 2061 GROCERY STORES: August Food Market, Pleasant Lake . PL Lake 2622 Casselman ' s Grocery, Bower Lake — -8205-Y Kaiser ' s Foodland Super Market 3 56 Kroger Grocery and Baking Co. 56 5 Lakeside Grocery, Lake James 8189-J Leas ' Quality Market 9177 Model Food Market 3 89 HARDWARE STORES: Ashley Flush Door and Hardware Co., Ashley 34 Gambles Department Store 466 Hudson Hardware, Hudson Ashley 5 7 Moore ' s Hardware, Pleasant Lake ..PL Lake 3105 Seagly Brothers, Hardware, Appliances, Bulk and Bottled Propane Gas Service 208 Top Discount Center 762 HATCHERIES: Holtzman Hatcherv 705 HEATING SUPPLIES: R. L. Ryan Heating 48 5 HOME EQUIPMENT STORES: -106 Hosack ' s, Since 1915, Electrical Appliances HOTELS: Cold Springs Hotel Hamilton 3 525 Hotel Hendry 3 8 INSURANCE AGENCIES: Philip S. Johnson Insurance Agency 46 3 Nagel Insurance Agency 1096 Roe Insurance Service 1032 Watkins and Croxton Insurance Agency 61 Weaver and Booth, Insurance 106 JEWELERS: Telephone Liechty Jewelry 3 22 Turtle ' s Jewelry 3 5 KIDDIE SHOPS: Kiddy Korner, Hazel Metz 675 Lucille ' s Kiddie Shoppe 513 LAUNDRIES: Speedy Service Laundry 745 LUMBER COMPANIES: Angola Lumber Company 117 or 8244-X Daniel Shank Lumber Company 26 MACHINE SHOPS: Lake James Machine and Tool 8039-L MANUFACTURERS ' AGENTS Joe Clancy and Company, Inc. 796 MOTELS: King ' s Motel 9 1 2 Lakeview Court PI. Lake 2882 Taylor ' s Tri-State Motel and Gift Shop 916 Webster Motel 83 1 MUSIC SHOPS: Rippe Music Studio 543 J. Q. Smith Music and Hobbies . 526 NEWS STANDS: G K News Stand 200 OIL COMPANIES: Sheets Oil and Gas Corporation 66 OPTOMETRISTS: Dr. M. J. Blough 505-L Dr. R. " C. Snook 63 5 PAINT COMPANIES: Automotive Paint and Supply 539 PHOTOGRAPHERS: Clark ' s Photo Studio 10 Gentry Photographic 234 fagc One Hundred Tuenfy-four Patronize Our Advertisers PHYSICIANS: Telephone Compliments of Dr. Richard Artz ...1008 CompUments of Dr. John J. Hartman 261 Compliments of Dr. Knight L. Kissinger .261 Compliments of Dr. Norman W. Rausch ...1003 PLUMBERS: Romero Plumbing, Heating and Electric Service 133 Selman Heating and Plumbing 72 PODIATRISTS: Compliments of Dr. Robert J. Kolb 520 PRINTERS: Steuben Printing Company Printer of this Annual 29 The Reflector 163 PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANIES: Northern Indiana Public Ser ' ice Company .... 14 RADIO EQUIPMENT AND PARTS: Lakeland Radio and TV Supply 70 REAL ESTATE DEALERS: Andrews and Harvey Realty 339-X Casebeer and Arnold, Real Estate Brokers 75 Ralph J. Steffan, Realtor — Farm, City, and Lake Property 23 8 Tri-State Realty 140 RESTAURANTS: Angola Dairy Queen 408-R A W Drive-In. William H. Stych 932-X Bassett ' s Restaurant 221 Brown ' s Ice Cream Captain ' s Cabin, Bruce Phelan 8187-X Christy ' s Coney Island 9156 Duke ' s Restaurant 112-X Gay Barn Restaurant 949 Golden Treat Drive-In Restaurant, Lake James, Open Year Around 8174-R The Hamburger Shop 233 L V Dairy Sweet Drive-Up 8183-X The Mayfair . 9293 Morris Restaurant 5 1 North Wayne Restaurant 690 Sandy ' s Drive-In 698-L Top Hat Drive-In ......801 Town House 825 Wellman ' s Grill 9280 SEWING MACHINES: Telepho Singer Sewing Machine Company, " We Sell The Best and Service The Rest " ...754 SHERIFF: Compliments of Steuben County Sheriff 131 SHOE STORES: The Bootery 904 Family Shoes Discount Store 177-X Fashion Shoe Store 126 The Glass Slipper 204-X SHOE REPAIR SHOPS: Louie ' s Shoe Repair Shop SPORTING GOODS: Bob ' s Sport Shop 109 TELEVISION SALES AND SERVICE: Arkwright ' s TV — Motorola TV and Radios ..398 Star Television Sales and Service 719 THEATERS: Brokaw Theater, Inc. 1 1 Strand Theater 63 TIRE SALES: Newnam Tire Service 377 TYPEWRITER SALES: Angola Typewriter Sales 780 VARIETY STORES: Psi Iota Xi Bargain Bin WELDING EQUIPMENT: Tru-Arc, Inc., Welding Supplies and Equipment 8165-L WREATH COMPANIES: Rogers Wreath Company 24 YARDAGE STORES: Angola Yardage Shop -108 Page Otic Hundred Turn fy- five DURING CLASS HOURS FinST ROW: Elvira Camacho; Seniors during class; ilr. McCutchan: Carlton Erwin, our faitliiiil riistiKlian. SECiiNii i:ii V; Kav August typing for the ■■Hornet " ; Projectionists, Dave Eft ' and Joe Stone, ipher: A.H.S. trophies. THIRD ROW; Journalism class: Seniors take a test; Mr. Hoffman teaching the English ilass. Page One Htindred Tu ' enty-sis THINGS THAT HAPPEN TOP ROW: Mr. Mac at bat; EiU S. and Mr. D.v.gert discuss scientific progress: Holi- day tourney seniors view tropliy. teacli pliysical ed: Tuiren Butler and lier SECOND ROW: Sally Ratliburu help: physical ed class: At the lunch hour. THIRD ROAV: Projectionists Dave Kft ' and Joe Stonecipher make sure it ' s right; That Holiday Tourney trophy is popular: Time for lunch again. Poems of Remembrance OH, TO BE A SENIOR! THE FOUR YEARS O ' , to be a senior, With all his iutclVr eucc and iiit! Oh, to he a senior — That ' s one dream I ' ll not fory ef! But now that I ' m a senior. What do I have to show? Why, the long corseted diploma From the greatest school I know! — Cliflf Ryan HIGH SCHOOL DAYS As I linger solemnly, Thinking of my past, I ' ll not forget the teachers That hare helped me to tin ' last. Proms, tourneys, plays. And all the wonderful things Are the never forgotten memories That life in high school brings. Our high school days haie ended. But ice must travel on In the hope that ive ' ll succeed As our lives in college dawn. — Sii! Somerlott OH HAPPY DAYS! The senior year is over; The future lies ahead. I wonder who is thinking Of what is to be said. The years go fast and time does fly ' . What does this future hold? Plans and hopes and many dreams! So ahead we march and all are bold. We grasp our plans with a steady hand And work and think, just to be told That we ' ve succeeded once again. Oh, what a happy feeling That our toil was all wortLi while! The future ' s bright! Our plans were right! — Woodice Conway The freshman year was u (inderful, A big neic surprise for all; As sophomores ur ivere proud to be More grown up and not so " green; " Our junior year rolled around Too fast for all of us; And now our senior year is here, Our last at A.H.S.! We leave behind many thoughts Of joys, sorrotvs and tears. And know that many of us Shall neier return again. We love our alma mater And never shall forget All tLie times of fun and ;oy We shared at A.H.S.! — Konita Forbes THE BIG SENIORS the grades we thought they ivere giants With so much knowledge they could face the world Without a doubt of their strength or wisdom. Remember how we could hardly icait To be one of those senior giants? " lust waif, " we said. " We ' ll get to be important like that And come and go just as ue please. " This year uas our " great big " year. And now as a vapor it vanishes before our eyes. We ' ve been in line and had our turn. Come nou kids, the big seniors must moie on! — Donna Smith SENIOR ' S LAMENT Now I ' m in my senior year. So soon I ' ll take my leave; The memories of A.H.S. are dear. And my leaving is hard to believe. In retrospect I see the fun. The studies, proms and plays; Yet I knotv that life has just begun And soon we ' ll go our separate ways. — Sylvia Crowl Page One Hundred Twenty-eight Scribble Here Pal! Page One Hundred Twenty-nine Scribble Here Pal! Tge One Hundred Thirty Scribble Here, Pal! Page One Hundred Thirty-one Scribble Here Pal! Page One Hundred Thirty-two Scribble Here, Pal! Page One Htindreii Thirty-three Scribble Here Pal! Page One HuiiJreJ Thirty-four Scribble Here, Pal! Page One Hundred Thirty-fivi " Tt- ■■ ■ ' ■ 5 .- •H-. ,. -- . J % ' i? -. .- ■ ' - ■ %•-

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