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Text from Pages 1 - 128 of the 1960 volume:

A €E % ■h Ji. I) • . - . ' . f« 1 « « oa( ' £ «. . :r 2Sftr.: ' - KEY PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS ANGOLA HIGH SCHOOL ANGOLA, INDIANA -« i ' .. ' . i ,4 -W i " « ' ' 7 « ' I! •;. - .. V •■ ? iilli mil fli 11 i ■BIT -TTTTTWwif VfrMlJ • J £V. . = - W fllB ' 1 Familiar Scenes familiar scenes around A.H.S., views of the school huiiiliag in the aiifniini and in the winter, tlw ptihl c library, the g ni, the football field, are all dear to lis because of many associations. Faculty Page 8 A Classes Page 20 Activities Page 48 Foreword Wc have JciofcJ .xsc pages to srcncs atiil actnitics of Angola High School. Wc present to you ' ' ) )• faculty, our elas inates, and the uuilerclassnien, and the r actii - itiei. We hope the fortheoimng pages will help you remember them in the years to come. Sports Page 74 Appreciation We, the Senior Class of 1960, uish to express our sincere appreciation to our sponsor, Mr. DriickaniiUer, and our class president, Tom Wyatt, icho bare both guided lis through our last two years of high school. They always had a " thank you " for everyone icho help- ed. They have done much to add to the success of our class. We sincerely thank you, Druck and Tom. Pave Seven Our Sujjerintendeiit Always a pleasant smile and a happy greeting were given to us by our superin- tendent, Mr. Boomershine. We wish to thank him for the helpful guidance he has given us during our high school days. Board of Education Busy people are the members of the board of education and we appreciate the work they do. Problems regarding the financial program, the build- ing program, the planning of a curriculum, the se- lection of teachers and the legislation of general school rules are all a part of their work. We, the graduating class of 1960, wish to ex- tend our most sincere thanks to them for making our high school years enjoyable. The members of the board are Heyman Wisner, Mack ' an Auken, Leland Nedele, Paul Strock, Robert Berkes, Harold Stevens, and Carlton Chase. Our Principal A true friend to us during our four years .n A.H.S. was our principal. A helping hand was always extended as " Mac " listen- ed to our troubles and helped us in many ways. We wish to thank Mr. McCutchan for making our high school years very profitable and pleasant. Secretaries Edith Kunkel and Phyllis Ott are our faithful there to lend a helping hand whenever needed. We and competent secretaries, who perform then- tasks give them our thanks for their assistance during with never ending energy, and who are always our high school days. MR. BARKDULL pauses outside MRS. KILE ' S math room before going to one of his commercial classes. MR. MYERS or MR. HAMMEL must have heard something funny in one of their math classes and are sharing it with MRS. KING before she calls one of her bookkeeping classes to order. Faculty MISS REED and MR. AVERY are enjoying a short conversation between their Latin and English classes. MRS. BORING, who teaches junior high English, is telling MISS SIEBOLD how much she enjoyed the Christmas vocal concert. Page Twehe r ' MR. MILHOLLIX, our counselor, is telling MR. JOHNSON of ,1 student who has just decided to go to college. Who knows? Maybe this student will major in Mr. Johnson ' s field, industrial arts. MR. DYGERT, MR. KELLY and MR. CABLE discuss a few of their coaching problems. Faculty MRS. CLARK is answering one of Peggy Miller ' s questions on a science problem. Leaving his chem lab a few minutes, MR. BERNHARDT brings along a ' txiok on the chemical structure of foods :o show MRS. TRENNEPOHL, our home economics teacher. Page Thirteen Before school has taken up in the morning MR. DRUCKAMILLER explains to MR. NICHOLS and MR. NESBITT his plans for junior high history — or maybe he ' s telling them a joke he heard the day before! MR. BRAYTON is telling about the vocabulary test he just gave to the sophomores whom MR. MORIX will have in historv next year. Faculty iMISS SHULTZ and MRS. CLINE en- gage in a discussion on spelling for their English classes. Misspelled words, look out! MR. GODLEVSKI finds just the book he needs for his next music class and thanks MISS OHLMAN for her as- sistance. Pa?? Foiirfeen lasBESBssossei MR. AVERY and MR. PORTER discuss what stage equipment is needed before starting the senior class play. MR. WEARLY and MR. MILHOLLIN relax in the office between classes. Faculty Sally Rathburn is helping MRS. ROUSH grade physical education test papers. On her way to a home economics class MRS. BUSE has stopped to chat with MRS. O ' BRIEN, the school nurse. Page Fifteen MR. CONDON and MR. THOMPSON jre discussing a pleasant topic before school starts. Mr. Condon teaches Enghsh and Mr. Thompson, Latin and commercial work. Faculty Custodianj RALPH MYERS, LESTER SHEL- TON and CARLTON ERWTN, three of our efficient custodians, can be seen every day as they do their jobs uncom- plainingly. HARRY SOWLE is helping the other two custodians repair a desk. Sixteen «■ JT ' mm I A „ ' J|iiL ik - ' :-- Jesse Greeiiamj-er, Clift ' tn Xilson. Mrs. Helen Tjiii- nemeier, Mrs. McClellan. FurUyce Johnson, Ora McClisli, Hollis Fisher, Carl Waymirc-, Kenneth German, DeWayne Braman, John Thrush. AT RIGHT: Burton McClellan. Our Bus Drivers We want to our f.uthtul bus drivers, whose work is especially hard with our icy winters. They remain friendly and courteous to us always, regardless of the weather. Waiting For The Last Bell To Ring Pave Seventeen Safety Patrol Formerly composed of students, the S.ifetv Patrol now consists of adult watchmen for the three main crossings this year. We greatly appreciate the work of our Safety Patrol for helping children cross the highways before school, at noon and after school. Harry Sowle, a former custodian, holds his post in front of the school; Robert Gebhart is at the Washington and Maumee crossing; and Don Culver patrolled the Fe- licity and Wayne crossing during the first semester. Xot pictured is Blaine Demorest, who has taken over this post. Robert Gebhart Mike Meyer and Fiarry Sowle Don Culver Pleasant Lake School Hendry Park School The Pleasant Lake School building holds many wonderful memories for a number of our present students, as it is the one that they attended through their first years of school. Last year Pleasant Lake consolidated with An- gola, and grade school and junior high only are now being held in this building. Hendry Park is Angola ' s modern grade school. We have faced both victory and defeat on our base- ball, track, and football fields, which are located here. One of the nicest rooms in this building is the all purpose room, which has been the scene of many social events for the high school students. Here have been held dinners, proms, parties, and other programs. This is the first year for a modern cafeteria at this school. A, □ JQOL Seniors WILMA PATRICIA ALCEBO International Relations Club, III; Coldwater: Spanish riuli. Ill, Coldwater; attended Institute De Segunda De Knsenanza De Cardenas, Cuba, I; Coldwater High s. h( " .l. II, 111. PATRICIA LOU ALLESHOUSE F.H.A., I-II; Sophomore Chorus, II; High School Choir, I-II: Hornet Staff, IV; Kev Staff, IV; T-Teens, IlI-lV; Senior Play Stage Crew, IV; attended Pleasant Lake High School, I-II. PAMELA LU BEATTY Junior Play Stage Crew, III; Junior Play Cast, III; Senior Play Cast, IV; High School Clioir, II-IV; Vocal Quartet, IV; Vocal Sextet, " " " " " ' Staff, IV; Assistant Editn Editor; Three One-Act Pl.ivs Stage pian Society, III, IV, Vir,.- I ' r, sid.ii chestra, I, II; District SmI,, ,v I ' .i!.- . Y-Teens, II-IV; Social i 11:1 ii lua n, I-IV; Student Council, I, II. iV, lie] Junior Classical League, I, II; Poetry Contest Essay Contest, I, II, IV; Di Immortales, I. ■-iii. ' st, I-III; ' i, ' . I ' ontest, I ' ; CJ.A.A., I; II, IV; STEPHEN R. KING Band. I-V; Orchestra, I; District Solo Enseinble Contest, II, IV; Hi-Y, II-IV; B.O.V. Contest, I-IV; Essay Contest, II, IV; Pep Band, III, IV. SHIRLEY JOAN FARLOW Junior l ' la - . lau. ' 1 Crew, IV; U --:i si 1 1 ' Staff. IV; V- ' l ' (-.-]i-. I ll-l " St. Paul Hit li Si, .SI. Ill, S. iiior Play Stag-e I: ll.iiii,.| staff, IV; Key .«liin. Sm, i,.|v, I; attended JUDY BEEKMAN Y-Teen.s, II-IV. DONALD O. FISHER Junior Play Stage Crew, III; Senior Play Stage Crew, IV; Hornet Staff, IV; Key Staff, IV; Alpha Delta Chi, IV; Three One-Act Plays Stage Crew, II-IV; Thes- pian Society, IV; attended Edon-Northwest High, Edon, Ohio, I: attended A.H.S. until second semester of IV. PHILLIP E. CINDER Junior Play Stage Crew, II; Junior Play Cast, II; Band, I; District Solo Ensemble Contest, I; Hi-Y, III. IV; B.O.V. Contest, I: Safety Patrol, I; Projec- tionist, I-III; Lab Assistant, I-III. Page Tiventy-two Seniors JUDITH iMAY NOBLE MICHAEL D. NORAGOX SafetN- Patn.l. I; Pinje.t ionist. J-I ' . ROBERT JOSEPH STEFFAN Junior Plav Stage Crew, V. IV; Hornet Staff, IV: Kt Plays Stage Crew, III, IV III: Senior Play Stage y Staff, IV; Three One- ; Safety Patrol, I: Pro- MICHAEL D. STOHLER Junior Plav Cast. Ill; State, III: Hi-Y, II-III-IV, IV; Cross Country, III; P.aseljall. I-II: Student Cc A ' iee President, III; Natioi Key Staff. IV: Hoosier Boys ' President. III. Viee-Presiflent Traek. II: Basketliall. I-IV uneil. I-III-I- -. President, IV ,al Honor Societv, III-IV. BARBARA KAY ORMISTON Junior Play Stage Crew, III: Senior Plav Stage Crew, IV: F.T.A.. IV: Hornet Staff. IV; Key Staff, IV: Y-Teens. II-IV: G.A.A.. I, 11. IV; Junior Classical League, I-IV; Essay Contest, IV; Di Immortales Staff, I: Science Fair, II; 4-H Club, six years. JAMES M. PARKER Junior Play Cast, III; Ho ■net Staff. IV: Key Staff Hi-T, III-IV: Cross Cr untr V. Ill; Track, I-IV nee Fa ir, I-II. i JUANITA KAY EATINGER Junior Play Stage Crew, III: Senior Pluv . tage ' rew, IV; Hornet Staff, IV; Key Staff, IV; T-Teens, II- l ' ; G.A.A.. III. IV; Essay Contest, II: Fort Vi ' avne Art ontest, Two Gold Key Awards, III. CAROL L. GRAMLING Junior Play Stage Crew, III: Senior Play Stage w, IV; High School Choir, II-IV: F.T.A.. II. IV: ii-t Staff. IV: Key Staff. IV; Three One-Act Plays i.- Crew, IV: T-Teens, II-IV: B.O.V. Contest, II, IV; out Librarian. It-IV: G.A.A.. I. II. Ill: Junior -sical League, I: Physical Education Assistant, I. Page Tivciity-fhrce ORCIE L. ROUTSONG, JR. H.M.sifi- Bovs ' State, III: Cross Countrv, III, IV; Basketball, I, II: attended Pleasant Lake High School, I. II. NANCY MAXTON Junior Play Stage Crew. Ill; Senior Plav Stage Crew, IV; Key Staff, IV: Three One-Act Plays Stage CreAv. III. IV; Y-Teens, II-IV; G.A.A., III. IV; Poetry Content. I: Essay Contest, IV; 4-H Club, nine years. Seniors RICHARD A. HOOLIHAN jMICHAEL EDWIN REESE Flay Cast. Ill; Senior Plav Cast, IV; Hornet .- taft. I ' : Kev Staff, IV; Three One-Act Plavs Stage (•re«. II: Thespian Society, IV: Hi-Y, I-III: Baseball, I- IV; Safety Patrol, I; .lunior Clasical League. I; Di Im- ni.:.rtales Staff. I; Prr).iectionlst, I-II. BARBARA MAXINE KELLER BRUCE EARL BOARDMAN .Jnni..r Play Cast. Ill; Three One-Act Plays Cast. II; Hi-y, II-IV, Sergeant-of-Arms, IV: Cross Countrv, I, III, I ' ; Tia( k. III, IV: Basketball, I-IV, Manager; Golf, I, II; Mnthematiis Contest. Ill, IV; Junior Classical league. i-lV. I ' onsul. III. IV: Iii Imnu.rtales Staff, I, II. ROBERT L. ELSTON Junior Play Stage Crew, III; Safety Patrol, I-III. FREDERICK CARLIN KOEHLINGER age Crew, III: Hornet Staff, IV; Lata Assistant, I. Page Titcufy-jour Seniors JUDY ANN POTTS lioi- Play Stage DON ALAN POWERS Class Vice-Pifsident. I: Kev Staff, IV: Christmas Prrim King:. II; Hi-Y, Il-IV; Ti-ack, I, II: Basketball, I-IV: Baseball, I-IV. Attentled Jletz High School, I. NANCY JANE GREEN Junior Plav Stage Crew, III: Senior Play Stage Crew IV: F.T.A.. I; Hornet Staff, IV: Key Staff, IV; , enior Piotures Chairman: Three One-Art Plays Stage Crew 11; Y-Teens. II-IV: Student Librarian, IV: G.A.A., III, IV: 4-H Clul:i, eight years. FRED GRIFFITH SMITH Junior Play Cast. Ill: Senior Play Cast, IV; High Sihool Choir, III. IV; TOiree One-Act Plays Cast. I-IV. .-■indent Director. IV: Thespian Society, III, IV: Band. T-IV- E)istrict Solo Ensemble Contest, III; Hoosier 3ovs- State. IV: Hi-TT. II-IV; B.O.V. Contest, I-IV: Es- sav Contest. IV; Senior Ensemble, IV; Senior Boys .-e ' xtet IV; Pep Band, III. IV; Science Fair, III. CAROLYN MAY HORNBROOK Mixed Chorus. II; Y-Teens. III-IV; attended Metz High School, I: Fremont High School, II. MARSHA KAY SAMS Juni u- Plav Stage Crew " , III: Hornet Staff. IV; Key Staff. IV; Y-Teens. II-IV: Student Librarian, III: Junior Classical League. I. i:iV. - JOHN THOMAS OWENS High School Choir. I-IV; Hornet Staff. IV; Key Staff IV- Hi-Y ' , I-IV: Basketball, I. II, Manager, III, IV: Baseball. 1-IV. RICHARD A. WHALEY Junior Plav Stage Crew, III; Senior Play Stage ?w, IV; Hornet Staff, IV: Hi-Y ' , III. IV; Safety Patrol, Page Twenty-fivc REX SCHENKEL Class Vi !Ce-Presi. lent. I; Hoi- net Staff, IV: Basket ball, I, II: Basebal 1. I. 11. At tended I ' leasa nt Lak. High School, , I, II. KATHLEEN MARIE McMULLEN Junior Play Cast. Ill: Senior Plav Cast, IV: High School Choir. I-IV; F.T.A.. IV: Key Staff, IV: Three One-Act Plays Stage Crew. HI: Thespian Society, IV; T: -Teens, II-IV: B.O. ' . Contest, II-IV: May Queen ' s Court, III: Junior Classical League, II; Poetry Contest, II: Essay Contest, lY. Attended Notre Dame Acaderav, Page Tiieiify-s x Seni lors BARBARA E. WOLF High School Choir, I, II: Key Staff, IV: Band Mainr- ■. I, II; Y-Teens, III. IV: Twirlina Contest. District. 1: Sophomore Ensemble. II; F.H.A.. I. II. Attended sant Lake High School. I. II JOYCE ANNE TRESSLER High School. I, 11. BONNIE RAE WILCOX Class Treasurer. I: High School Choir. I; Kev : 1 -Teens. III. IV: Student Librarian, I; F.H.. President, II; Sophomore Girls ' Ensemble. II. ded Pleasant Lake His:h School, I, II. ORA S. McCLISH. JR. Junior II; F.T.A., Sta ge Cre State, III: tes t, IV: Clu Vi. six : Phi SHARON KAY ROW ' E ew, Stage Cre y, III; High School Choir, I, Key Staff. IV: Three One-Act Plays ; Band, I-III. Twirler: Hoosier Girls ' i-ieens. Ill, IV; Girls ' Golf, III: Essay Con- F.H.A., I, II: Sophomore Ensemble, 11; 4-H years. Attended Pleasant Lake High School, BILLY MACK PRESLEY Class Treasurer Baseball. I-IV; Hoi Lake High School, Seniors KENT J. MURPHY Junior Play Cast, III; High Suhool Choir. T-IV; Mixed Chorus, IV: Vocal Sextet, IV; Hornet Staff, IV; Key Staff. TV: Hi-T. II-IV: Easkethall. I. II: Baseball, I; B.O.A " . Contest. I-IV: E ' a Octet, IV. ■ ntest. I: llixe.l Ensem- RONALD L. DODD Hornet Staff. Ill: Junior Three One-Act Plavs Stase Cr lain. II: Baseball, I. II: Junior V- Stage Crew, III; : Hi-Y. I-III, Chap- sical League, I. SHARON KAY FIFER Class Secretary. I; Junior Plav Stage Crew, III: Senior Play Stage CreAv. IV: High School Choir. I: Key Staff, IV, Features Chairman: Three One-Act Plays Stage Crew. IV: T-Teens, III. IV: Student Librarian. II: Student Council, II: llathematics Contest, I, II; Mav Queen ' s Court, III; F.H.A., I, II, Treasurer, II; Sopho- more Ensemble, II: Spartonian Staff. II: Xational Hon- or Society, III. IV: Homernaker of Tomorrow Award, IV; English Achievement Contest. IV: Valedictorian. Attended Pleasant Lake School. 1. II. JACK DARYL HOLLOPETER Junior Play Cast. HI: Senior Plav Stage Crew. IV; High School Choir, IV: Hornet Staff. IV: Kev Staff, IV; Three One-Act Plays Cast, III. IV; Thespian Society, IV: Cross Country. Ill: Basketball. I. II: Baseball. I. II; Golf. IV: Senior Ensemble. IV: Senior Bovs ' Sextet. IV. Attended Pleasant Lake High School, I, II. ROBERT L. DELONG Class Vice-President. IV: High School Choir, III, IV: Baseball, Student Manager, III, Player, IV; B.O.V. Contest. III. IV: Senior Ensemble, IV; Senior Boys ' Sextet, IV; Xational Honor Society. IV. Attended Flint High School. I. II. MARCIA ELIZABETH MEYER Class Secretary. I; Junior Plav Student Director, III: Senior Play Cast, IV: High School Choir, II-IV; Vocal Quartet, IV; Vocal Sextet, HI; F.T.A., I-IV, Treasurer, HI. President. IV; Kev Staff, Associate Edi- tor, IV: Alpha Delta Chi, IV: Thespian Society, IV: Band. I-I •; District Solo Ensemble Contest. I-III: Hoosier Girls ' State, III: Y-Teens. II-IV, Cabinet, II: B.O.V. Contest. I-IV; Student Council. II; G.A.A., I: Latin Contest. I: Junior Classical League, I-II; Poetry Contest, IV: Essay Contest, II: Debate Team at Rotary Club. IV: Pep Band. II-IV; Dance Band, IV; National Honor Society. III. IV. Secretary, IV; English Achieve- ment Contest, IV: " Mv True Security " Essay Winner, IV. THOMAS M. FLEGAL High School Che lall. III. I ' : Senior ] IV: Xational Honor S I-IV ELAINE GILBERT Chiss Treasurer. I: Junior Plav Cast, III: Senior Plav Stage Crew. IV: High School Choir, I, II. HI. IV; Kev Staff. IV. Editor; Three One-Act Plays Stage Crew, II: Three One-Act Plays Cast, III; Thespian Society, III. IV, Secretary-Treasurer, IV; Band, I-IV; Orchestra, II-IV; District Solo Ensemble Contest: Solo, I-IV, State, I. Ill, IV. Ens. H-IV. State, II-III; B.O.V. Contest, I-IV; T-Teens, II-IV. Vice-President, IV; Poetry Contest, II; Essay Contest, IV; National Honor Society, HI, IV; Vocal Trio, II, III: Singing Seven. Ill; Senior Ensemble, IV; Pep Band. III. IV: Dance Band. III. IV; 4-H Club, nine years: Vocal Quartet, IV. Attended Metz High School, I. Senior? NATHALIE KAY CHIDDISTER .Iiiiiior Pla - Stage fiew. Ill: Hornet Staff, I " ; T- Teen.-. Ill, n ' . Attended Fremont Histh School, I, II; Future Homeiiiukers of Tomorrow, II. Secretary, II. ROSLYN JO GREENAMYER CONNIE F. HARTLEY snior Play Cast, IV; Key Staff, IV: Y-Teei V: May Queen ' s Court, III. Attended He ;r High School, San Diego. California, first se ;i: attended Central Catholic High School, •rdale. Florida, second semester. II. DONNA RUTH WILLIBEY Class Vice-President, I: Junior Plav Cast, III: Senior Play Cast. IV: Three One-Act Plavs Cast, II, III, Student Director, IV; Thespian Society, III. IV ; Band, I-IV; Pep Band, III, IV; High School " Choir, I-IV: Or- chestra, II-IV; Dance Band Vocalist, III, IV; Senior Ensemble, IV: Singing Seven, HI; Vocal Trio, II, III: Vocal Quartet, IV; District Solo Ensemble Contest, II-IV: State Solo Ensemble Contest, III-IV: B.O.V. Contest, I-IV; F.T.A., IV; Key Staff, IV; Y-Teens, II- IV, Treasurer, IV, Song Leader, III: Student Council, I, III; Junior Classical League, II: Poetrj- Contest, II; Mny Queen ' s Court, III; National Honor Society, III, I ' : 4-H club eight years. Attended Metz High School, I. LINDA LOU HOWE Junior Plav Stage Crew. Ill: Junior Plav Cast. II " Senioi- Plav Stage Crew. IV; Hornet Staff. Ill: Ke Staff. IV; y-Teens. II-IV: G.A.A., I: ilay Queen ' s Cour I: .lunior Classical League, I. ROSCOE DEAN LIGHT GEORGIA MAE DETAR in or Play Stage Crew, IV II-IV: May Queen ' s Court, II •. I; 4-H Club, I. DUKE LAMAR DELLER Junior Play Cast, HI: Senior Plav Cast, IV: Three One-Act Play Cast, III, IV; Thespian Society, IV: Hi-Y, II-IV, Treasurer, IV; Student Council, III, " IV; Poetry Contest, I: Essay Contest, II; Purdue Summer Science Program. Ill; Rotary Speech Contest, III; Science Fair, T, II: Lab Assistant, IV: 4-H Club, nine years; National Honor Society, IV. Page Tucnty-cight Sand, I, II: Paslietball, I. Assistant Manager: Prr.- inist. Ill, I -. Attended Pleasant Lake High : I, I. II. Seniors JAMES I. GRIFFIN Hornet Staff. IV: JANIS GENEVA HART Junior Play Crew, Til; Hornet Staff, IV; Kev ?taff, IV; Student Librarian, I-IH; Safety Patrol. I-IV. LINDA LOU LOOMIS Y-Teens, III; Student Librarian, III; G.A.A.. I. II; Junior Clas.sical League, II. Attended Fremont High School. 1, II. .attended A.H.S. until Feliruarv of sec- ond semester, IV. NANCY ARLENE CHILDS 4-H Club, huol, T, II. JEFFERY L. HEIER Hig-h School Choir, IV; Mixed Chorus, IV; Se-Ktet, IV; Three One-Act Plays Cast, IV; Hi-Y, IV; Cross Country, III; Track, IV; Basketball, I, III, IV: Freshman Class Play, I. Attended Elkhart Hish School, Elkhart, Indiana, I, II, JERRY HOFFMAN Junior Play Cast, III; High School Choir. I-IV: Vocal Se.Ntet, IV; Mixed Ensemble, IV; Octet, III-IV; Hi-Y, II-UI: Cross Country, II; Basketball, I-IV; B.O.V. Contest, I-IV; Student Council, I. GAIL ELIZABETH GRAMLING Class President, I; Class Secretary, II; Class Busi- Manager, III, IV; Junior Play Cast, HI; Senior Plav Stage Crew, IV; Mixed Chorus, I, II: Key Staff, IV: Thespian Society, III, IV: Band, I, II: District Solo Ensemble Contest, I: Y-Teens, III, IV, Program Chairman. IV: Student Librarian, I, II: Student Coun- cil, I: Mathematics Contest. I, II: Student Director of line-Act Play, IV: Rotary Speech Contest, IV; F.H.A., I. H, Treasurer, I, Secretary, II, X.E. District Historian, H; Sophomore Ensemble. II; Local D.A.R. Good Citizen . yard. IV: National Honor Society, III, IV, President, IV: Scholarship at Western Michigan Uniyersity, III. Attended Pleasant Lake High School, I, II: Salutatorian. THOMAS L, W ' YATT Class President. Ill, IV; Junior Plav Cast, III: Senior Plav Cast. IV: Key Staff, IV: Three One-Act Plav Cast, " ill, IV: Thespian Society, HI, IV: Hoosier Bovs ' State. Ill; Hi-Y. II-IV. Secretary-Treasurer, II, HI, Program Chairman. IV: Student Council, II; Na- tional Honor Societv, IH. IV; Safety Patrol, I, II. Seniors ELIZABETH ANN OWENS unior Play Cast, III; High Sohool Choir, II-IV; I Quartet, IV; Vocal Sextet, III: F.T.A.. II-IV, Re- r. II, Secretary, III, IV; Three One-Act Pl.-iyp Cast, espian Society, IV; District Solo Ens. miiU- iiin- III; Hoosier Girls ' State, III; Y-T. , us, 1 1 1 - 1 ' , 1 Committee Chairman, IV; B.O.V. Coin.-i. ll-l ' ; ir Classical League, I-IV; Poetrv Coni.-si. II. Es- ?ontest, IV. CHARLOTTE ANN WELLS Junior Plav Stage Cn-w, 111; Crew, IV; Hornet Staff, 111; Key Societv, IV; T-Teens, II-IV; G.A.A., ton High School. Bluftton, Indiana Senior Play Stage Staff. IV; Thespian I. Attendetl Bluft- ANNE THRELKELD ( ' las.-s Treasurer. I; Junior Play Cast, III; Hornet Staff. IV; Kev Staff, IV; Three One-Act Plays Cast, II; Y-Teeiis. II-1 " V; Student Librarian, III: May Queen ' s Court, II; F.H.A., I, Secretary, I. Attended Taylors- ville High School, TaylorsviHe, Kentucky, I, Lone Oak High School. Lone Oak, Kentucky, Second Semester of II. SUSANANNE ULMER Junior Play Cast, III; Senior Play Student Di- rector, IV; High School Choir. H-IV; Vocal Trio, II, HI; Senior Ensemble. IV; F.T.A., I-IV; Hornet Staff, IV; Kev Staff, IV; Three One-Act Plays Cast, II-IV; Thes- pian Society, III, IV; Band, I-IV; Orchestra, I-IV; Dis- trict Solo Ensemble Contest, I-IV; Hoosier Girls ' State. Ill; Y-Teens, II-IV, Program Chairman, III, President, IV; B.O.V. Contest. I-IV; G.A.A., I-IV, Sec- retarv, III. Treasurer, IV; Y-Teen Summer Conference, III; Junior Classical League, I-IV; Poetry Contest, II, I ' ; State Solo Ensemble Contest, I-IV; National Honor Societv. Ill, IV. JAMES EARL ROCKWELL Class Vice President, II; Junior Plav Cast, III; Key ff. IV; Cross Country, III; Basketball, I-II; Baseball, Student Council, I; Candidate for King, III. At- dert Pleasant Lake High School, I, II. DENNIS E. CROOKS Junior Play Cast, HI; Senior Play Cast, IV; Key staff. IV; Three One-- ct Plays Stage Crew, IV; Thes- pian Society. IV; Band, I, II; Mathematics Contest, III; Junior Classical League, II; Essay Contest, II; Science Fair, II, III; Lab Assistant, II, III. KAREN SUE GECOWETS Junior Play Stage Crew. Ill: Junior Plav Cast, III Senior Play Stage Crew. IV: Hornet Staff, III; Ke Staff, IV; Three One-Act Pl ays Stage Crew, IV; The-- pian Society. IV: Y-Teens. II-IV: G.A.A., I-III; Junioi Classical League, I, II; Poetrv Contest, I. BARBARA JANE TAYLOR Play Cast, HI; Senior Play Cast, IV; Horm iey Staff, IV; Three One-Act Plays Stai ' -Teens, II-IV; Poetry Contest, II. Page Thirty Seniors DEE A. GILBERT staff, IV: Art Key MARY SUSAN YODER Higli School Clir,ii-, II. Ill, IV; Voc;U Quartet, IV; Vocal Sextet, III: A ' oeal Trio, II, III; F.T.A., I-IV; Hornet Staff. Assistant Business Manager, IV; Key Stalf, IV; Tliree One-Act Plays Cast, II, III; Thespian Si ciety, III, IV, Play Director. IV; Band, I-IV; Or- chestra, I-IV; District Solo Ensemble Contest, I-IV; Y-Teens, II-IV, Piano Player, II, III; B.O.V. Contest, Contest, I-IV; Student Council, III, IV, Secretary, IV; Pep Band. Ill, IV; Mathematics Contest, I; Junior C- ' Iassical League, I; Essay Contest, Il-IV; Saxophone Quartet. II. Ill; Dance Band, III, IV; Alternate for Purdue Speech and Hearing Therapy Clinic, III. BARBARA ANN WHEATON Junior Plav Staee AV. IV: Key Staff, ] ure Business Leaders CreA ' III; PATRICIA ANN LASH Jill Play Stage Cre v, III: Senior Play Stage Cren: IV; F.T.A.. I-III; Hornet Staff. IV; Key Staff, IV: Three One-Act Plays Stage Crew, IV; Y-Teens, II-IV; Student Librarian, I-IV; Girls ' Athletic Associa- tion, II-IV; Junior Classical League, I-IV, Secretary, I-IV: Poetry Contest. IV: Di Immortale.s Staff. I: As- sisted Phvsical Kil. Teacher, II. MARTHA KAY WILDER ' -oiiLeaL, JL-J.V. «j..rt...rt.., i-ijLx, J. leasurei ' . lii; Jl,ngiish Contest, III, IV; T-Teen Summer Conference, II; Junior Classical League, I; Poetry Contest, I, IV: Essay Con- test, II; Local Rotary Speech Contest, III; Vocal Trio, II; Pep Band, I-IV; National Honor Society, 111, IV. JANET IRENE WILDER Junior Play Stage Crew, III; Senior Play Stage Crew, IV; Hornet Stall, IV; Key Staff, IV; Three One- Act Plays Stage Crew, IV; T-Teens, II-IV; G.A.A., I; Poetry Contest, IV. JAMES RONALD ODLE Class President, I; Junior Play Stage Crew, III; Senior Play Cast, IV; High School Choir, I; Hornet Staff, IV: Key Staff, IV; Three One-Act Plays Stage Crew, III; Hi-Y ' , II-IV; Track, I-IV; Basketball, I, II; Baseball, I-IV; Student Council, I. Attended Metz High School, I. WILLIAM D. LINNEMEIER Junior Play Cast, III; Senior Play Cast, IV: The pian Society, I ' ; Hoosier Boys ' State, III. Pfl. f Thivty-unc Seniors SHARON ANN BABCOCK riass Secretary, II-IV; Class Treasurer, II-IV; iir Play Stage Crew, III: Band. I-IIl; Cheerleader. V-Teens. II-IV, Chaplain, IV: B.O.V. Contest. I-III: .lent Librarian, III; Twirler. I-III; Pep Band, I. II; . Queen ' s Court, I; G.A.A., I. RUBY LOIS OPDYCKE Junior Plav Cast, III; F.T.A., III, IV; Hornet Staff. Ill: Key Staff, IV; Y-Teens, II-IV; Poetry Contest. I, II. IV: Essay Contest, IV. MARILYN LOUISE YOUNG afr: IV; Y-Teens, II-IV; Student, CLASS OFFICERS PnsiJciif - Tom Wyatt V rr-Pns Jiii Bob DeLong Secret ary -T rcciiurcr Sharon Babcock Business Miiinr cr Gail Gramling Sponsor Mr. Druckamiller Colors Crimson and White Floiicr White Orchid Motto " Wear Not the Crown of Knowledge Without the Dust of Toil. " Ill ll HI III III .!: " Hi „ ni III Class of 1961 CLASS OFFICERS VICE-PRESIDEXT Tfiry Arkwrigiu IIOTTO Future Belongs to ise Who Prepare FIRST ROW: Kari Al- drieli, Bruce Anderson, Norman Amstutz, Ter- ry Arkwright, Kay Au- gust. SECOND ROW: Kav Bailey. Janet Hanna, Jack Berlien, Marilyn Blough. Diana Boyer. THIRD ROW: Judy Brady, Leroy Cable, Julia Caton, Susan Carr, Kay Christen. FOURTH ROW: Jerry Clark, Bill Cole, Larry Coleman, Kaye Con- verse, Woodice Conway. FIFTH ROW: Sylvia Crowl, Barbara Crox- ton, Elaine Deller, Mike Deming-, Sam Dirrim. SIXTH ROW: Diane Disbro, Barbara Dole, Tom Douglass, Eddie Everett, Connie Fisher. Class of 1961 FIRST RiiW: Konita Fuibes, ViUki Fraden- bin-g. Pete Garner. Kathy GiliSDii, Barbara Goiicly. SECOXD RciW; Gramling-. Helen Green- am " er, Judv Griffith, " V " illiam Griffiths. Mick- ey Haley. THIRD ROW: Mike Haley. Sandra Barto, Sharon Hanna. Rutii Ann Hanselman. Mari- lyn Harris. FOURTH ROW: Karen Herendeen, Joyce He- yel, Nancy Hindman. Sandra Hubart, Rich- ard HuUinger. FIFTH P;OW: Thomas Hutto. Thomas James, Kenneth Johnson, Ray- mond Jones, Roger SIXTH ROW: Elery Kimes, Sharon Lacey, Carol Leibel, George Libey, Linda Mains. Class of 1961 FIR8T ROW: Sliaron Mauglierman, Barbara Maxton, Barbara Mc- Kinle " . Sandra Meston, Sharon Miller. SECOND ROW: Bonnie Mott, Phillip Musser, Richard Musser, John Newnara, Betty Nichols. THIRD ROW: Russell Noragon, Daniel Oberst, William Parks, Vickie Phelan, Sam Presley. FOURTH ROW: Philip Preston, Karen Prior, Thomas Pri.stas, Ann li a m s a y, Marialana lienseh. FIFTH ROW: Jer- ry Reynolds, Clavton Routsong, Jack Rout- song, Karen Rowe, Cliff Ryan. SIXTH ROW: Roger Sailor, Bobbie Sue Sapp, Robert Schan- nen, Judy Seeman, John Sellg-ren. Class of 1961 FIRST ROW; D o u Shirev, Mike Shirley. Susie Siegel. Mary Slanina, Donna Smith. SECDND Rl ' : James Smith, Judy S m i t h, Vern Smith. X a n c y Snyder. Sigrid Somer- lott. THIi;i RiiW: Gerald Stalker. William Steele, Bruce Steinke. Carol Steinke. Dixie Stone- cipher. FOURTH ROW; Duane Stoy, David Stroh, Lar- r V Sunday. Joann Thiele. Marna Thomp- FIFTH ROW: Jack Tuttle, Tom Waite, Pa- tricia Waters. Donald Wilson, Pamela Wright. SIXTH ROW; Pete Targer. Judy Yockey. Mr. Morin. sponsor. Class of 1962 CLASS OFFICERS SECRETARY- TREASURER Barbara Ransburj l-Ti;ST ROW: Strphanie Aklrkh, Frank Ans- paugh, Constani-e Bab- cock, Jo Anne Bass, Donald Bearrunner. SECOXD U(lW: Jovce B e e k ni a n, C h a r 1 e s B 1 a k e s 1 e V. D a - i d Blniigh, Sallv Board- Jlian. Kav Boling-er. THIRD R(:)W: Arlean Boyce. Lou Ann Bover, James Brooks. Mark Broxon. Xancy Burrell. ••OURTH RCiW: Donald -iurrell. Linda Bnrtch, iloria Call, Kathleen ' arne " . Linda Carr. FIFTH ROW: Janet Carrick, Albert Christy, Phil Chiricotti, Sue Col- lins, Ron E. Cook. SIXTH ROAY : Cope, Ruth Cr Crone. William Bill DeLancey. Class of 1962 FIRST ROW: Lee De- tar. Diane Diekmeyer. Da ill Dirrini, -lanet Dygert. David Eff. SECOXD l: i V: .Joan Elkilis. Thunia. ' s Foi-cl, Mai-y Jane Geeowets. Earl ara German. Shar- on German. THIRD ROW; Sharon Gibbeny, Lee Gilbert, John Glasgow. aieg Goud. ' . Jeanne Gray. FOURTH ROW; Cathy Griffith, Eugene Hold- erman, Joe Harpham, Louie Hayiland, Sandra Hawthorne. FIFTH HOWE; Mar- jorie Holly. Edna Har- mon, .lohn Howe. John- ny Hutto. Glenn Jacob. SIXTH ROW: Earl Johnson, Francis John- son, Patti Keller, Gary Kno.K, Jim Kolb. Class of 1962 FIRST R ' lW: Delliert Lelinian, ' ' arl Longs- wnrtlT. J i m Lo ' ejoy, Shanm Loiicks, Bob McBiitle. SECOND i:oW: Marga- ret Ditten, Car o 1 y n Mann. Sue Ann Mans- berger, Paillette Mell- by, Kaye Mendenhall. THIRD r.OW: John Moran, Katie Xedele, Susan Nedele, Mike Noll, Gary Page. FOl ' RTH liCiW: Mike Parker, Nan(■ - F ' arr, Carolyn Pethers. Rob- ert Petty, Barbara F:ansburg. FIFTH RCiW: Sandra Rempis. Gary Reynolds, Donald Rinehart. Glen Rogers, Judv Rust. SIXTH ROW: Jerry Schenkel. Carmen StJiu- maker, Dorothy Senger, Edward Sessford, Mar- tha Shaffer. Class of 1962 FIRST ROW: Heleaii Shatto, Gene S h a w James Sibert. Ellen S t e e n e r s o n, L. ' n ii Steiner. SECOND ROW; David Stevenson, John Stock, Jaik Strite. Alice Ty- ler, Dave Tylt-r. THIRD ROW: James Vierling. Robert Vi-cho- ta, Betty Warren, Bud Warren, Edward Wa- ters. FOURTH ROW: Leslie West, Cheryl Williams, Jane Wilnioth, Darl Wilson, Betty Wolf. FIFTH ROW: Bill Ab- bott, Eddie Wyatt, Mr. Brayton, sponsor. { I. ' i ii JiiA. L ■| . B ! . Hl jpi K Mm t Page Forty-one w J- y - Class of 1963 CLASS OFFICERS SECRETARY- TREASUItER : ' am Van Matr. MOTTO ■■Through Knowleds Today We Acquirt Honors Tomorrow ' FIRST KOW: Sandra Allen. Fredrick Baih- ert. John Baldwin. Ron- nie Barlett, Fred Beok, Robert Book. SECOND ROW: Da- vid Boomershine, Larry Boyd, .Jerry B o y e r, Carol Bro vn. Richard Bryan, Jim Burrell. THIRD ROW: Sharon Biise. Ross Butler, Den- ny Campbell, Sue Car- sou, Jolin Cather, Gen Chad wick. FOURTH ROW: Diana Chiddister, Howard Sheets, Mary Christen, Kkhard Cisco, Patricia I ' lancy. Kathryn Clark. FIFTH RO ' O ' : Suzan Colbart, Carol Cole, Ronnie E. Cook. Ricky Cotner. Cheryl C o . l, Shirle ' Crone. SIXTH ROW : L e r o y Crooks, Linda Crowl, Cynthia Davis, Linda DeLancey, James De- Long, Patrick Deming. Class of 1963 FIRST l;oW: J f 1- r y Demorest, Elaine Dent, Dean Detar, I r e n e Dowidat, Jo Ann Du- guid, Gene Eatinaer. .SECOND ROW; Bnnnie Emerick. Susan Floren- tine. Micliey Fradeli- burg, Linda F r e n u h, Jerrv Frve, P li v 1 1 i .s GeWiart. THIRD RiiW: Samuel Gill, Harvey Gill, Pam Gorrell, John Gould, r;on Gramling, Michael Green. FiiURTH ROW: John Greenamyer. B a r li a r a Haddix. Dana Hale, Erie Hall, James H a n n a, Pamela Harbour. FIFTH r; O W: T o m Harman, Kennv Harris, William Hart. Russell SIXTH i;OW : J u d y Hornian. Cheryl Huff- man. Karon Hughes. Larry Inman. Marv .Ann Jensen. Russell .John- U -1.. i ' A . f P f Class of 1963 FIRST ROW: Keith Johnston. Patr ic la Kaufman, Eloise Kimes. CuUeen Knox. S u .« a n Krantz, Laura Lehman. SECOND ROW: T " a 1- lace Liechty, Sally Mains. Dick Marino. Virginia Matson. Tom M.-Briile. Dennis Mo- Clelland. ROW: Sylvia Janice Moor. Mitzman. Jini (i ' liuelt Moore, FOURTH ROW: Andrea Mortorff. Robert Mun- cie. Frank Mun-, Pa- tricia Murr. Musser. Da ' id Nicliols. FIFTH ROW: Dixie Page. Don Palmer. Con- nie Penick. -Jim Penti- co, Judith Petre, Emily Preston. SIXTH ROW: Darlene Rathburn. Sa.lly Rath- burn. Sidney Reese, Toni Roberts. Judy Rose. Mike Sapp. P» T Class of 1963 FIRST ROW; Ruth Shank, Duane Chihls, Helen S i b e r t. Nan Smith. Susie S ni i t h, l;ichartl Somerlott. SECOND ROW: Steven Southern, Anita Spauhl- ing, Raymond Spaul l- iiig, Karen Steinke, Janice Stevens. .Janire Stock. THIRD RO ' W: Jeffrey Stock, Patty Stohler, Joe Stonecipher, Mi- chael Stowe, Edward Sutton, John Taylor. FOURTH R O W E ; Cliarles Tiffany. Dane Tuhersen. Larry Under- wood, Patil Underwood, Pamela Van Matre, Ju- dy Waite. FIFTH ROWE: Dale Warstler. Dick T ' aters, Mary Watson, Larry Wheaton, Karen White, Charles Wilsey. SIXTH ROW: Richard Wilson, Jody Worth- ington, Don ' Wyatt, Mr. Dygert, sponsor. NOT PICTURED: Caro- line Bunch, Jerry Karasek. Classes at Work A class in Journalism is probably con- sidering different kinds of headlines or may- be copy reader ' s marks. Donna W ' illibev has just heard the an- swer to an important question in Book- keeping I ' . Mr. Hammel has just explained an im- portant problem in Algebra II. The seniors think hard under Mr. Morin ' s direction in Government class. Driver Training classes in Drivei: Training were conduct- ed during the summer. The course included one week of twenty hours of classroom dis- cussion and twenty-six hours m a car, six of these behind the wheel. Before going out on the road, the stu- dents had psychophysical testing — depth perception, peripheral vision, reaction tmie under certain conditions, steadiness of nerves, and resistance to glare. Each stu- dent also completed a project book. L. G. Maxton Sales, Inc., provided for use of the students two 19 f 9 model Chev- rolet cars equipped with both automatic and conventional gearshifts. Steuben County Motors provided two 195 9 Fords with auto- matic transmissions. The instructors last summer were Mr. Druckamiller, Mr. Sapp, Mr. Ryan and Mr. Cable. •il ' 1 kaHMH WiiM nSi 1 I ■r ■ L ii The Key r r A. it Seniors at Work EDITOll ORGAXIZATIOXS Elaine Gilbert Sue Ulmer Marcia Meyer ASSOCIATE Linda Howe EDITORS Marilyn Young- llarcia Merer Kathy McMullen Martha Wilder Donna Willibev SENIOR PICTURE Connie Hartley Nancy Green Linda Howe Ruby Opdvcke Sue Ulmer Jane Taylor Ann Threlkeld Nancy Maxton Janet Wilder BUSINESS STAFF Tom Wyatt PHOTOGRAPHY Don Fisher Jack Ho lopeter Ronnie Odle Judy Beekman Kent Murphy Donna Willibey Barbara Wheaton Sue Ulmer FEATURES Ronny Dodd Sharon Fifer Jim Parker Bonnie Wilcox Dee Gilbert Gail Gramling Tom Fleaal Jim lUickwell BOYS ' SPORTS Dennis Crooks Mike Stohler Shirley Farlow Tom Owens Brute Boanlman Orcie Routsong Phil Ginder Don Powers Jlike Reese Bob Steftan ALUMNI Barbara Wolf Donna Willibey Carol Gramling Rosalyn Greenamyer Joyce Tressler Marcia Meyer ART EDITORS DRAMATICS Charlotte Wells Pam Beatty Karen Gecowets Fred Smith Pam Beatty Duke Deller Sliaron Rowe Lib Owens CIRCULATION Bill Presley CLASSES Judy Noble Barbara Ormiston Janis Hart Pat Lash Dick Hoolihan Pat Alleshouse MUSIC Susan Yoder Kathy McMullen The Editors Make Plans Asscmbh ' Line Typists Selling Hornets The Hornet The " Hornet, " a monthly publica- tion, was put out this year by two different staffs, made up of students of the two journalism classes. They produced alternate issues. The members of one staff this year included: Editor-in-chief, Kent Mur- phy; associate editor, Kay Bailey; bus- iness managers, Tom Owens and Sue Ulmer; boys ' sports, Mickey Haley; art editor, Vicki Fradenburg; feature editors, Pat Alleshouse, Nathalie Chiddister, Woodice Conway, Dee Gilbert, Pat Waters, Sandra Meston, Marsha Sams, Jim Parker; exchanges, Barbie Goudy; news editors, Judy Smith, Ann Threlkeld, Rex Schenkel, Bobbie Sapp, Caroyln Hornbrook, Dick floolihan, Jerry Hoffman, Janis Hart, Judy Beekman, Ronnie Odle, Bill Presley; typist, Barbara Ormiston. Martha Wilder headed the other staff as editor-in-chief. Other staff members were: Associate editor, Pam Beatty, business managers, Jack Hol- lopeter and Susan Yoder; exchanges, Carol Gramling; boys ' sports, Tom James; art editor, Juanita Eatinger; feature editors, Janet Wilder, Sandra Hubart, Mike Reese, Nancy Green, Shirley Farlow, Don Fisher, Rosalyn Greenamyer, Pat Lash, Judy Noble, Vickie Phelan; news editors, Maria- lana Rensch, Fred Koehlinger, Pete Yarger, Richard Whaley, Eddie Ev- erett, Bob Steffan, Jim Griffin, Nancy Hindman; typist, Jane Taylor. At the Mimeograph Machine Editors and Business Managers Student Council The Student Counc Xew Code of Dress The student council was organized in 193 2 with the purpose of promoting co- operation between students and faculty, providing opportunities for student self-direc- tion, fostering .ill worthy school activities, and creating and maintaining high stand- ards of citizenship. The most important accomplishment of the student council this year was its work with the Code of Dress. The members of the council asked the opinion of the student body, and from the ideas obtained, wrote the Code of Dress. It was easily passed and has worked successfully since its adoption. The council also collected money for the March of Dimes at a basketball game, brought the track records in the gym up to date, and helped with plans for the Youth Center activities. Members of the student council consist of two boys and two girls from each high school class. This year ' s members were: Seniors — Mike Stohler, Duke Deller, Susan Vo- der, and Pam Beatt)-; juniors — Ruth Ann Hanselman, Judy Griffith, Tom Pristas, and Leroy Cable; sophomores — Glenn Jacob, Darl Wilson, Kathy Nedele, and Leslie West; freshmen — Don Palmer, Lerov Crooks, Ruth Shank, and Karen White. Mike Stohler served as president of the counci and Susan Yoder, secretary-treasurer. The facultv advisor is Mr. Bernhardt. with Leroy Cable, vice-president; Pa c Fifty-tiLO National Honor Society Smiles Greet President Gail Gramling One of the greatest honors given at Angola High School Is election to membership in the National Honor Society. Fifteen percent of the graduating class are eligible. They are chosen from the upper third of the class ranked scholastically, by the faculty on the basis of citizen- ship, service to the school, and character. Ten percent of the junior class were chosen this year and the other five percent will be selected next year. This method of choosing members from both classes was inaugurated in 1957. The senior members named this year are Duke Deller, Bob DeLong, and Tom Fle- gal. Members of the present senior class elected in their junior year are Sharon Fifer, Elaine Gilbert, Gail Gramling, Marcia Meyer, Susan Ulmer, Martha Wilder, Donna Willibey, Mike Stohler and Tom Wyatt. The students elected from the junior class are Bruce Anderson, Kay Bailey, Jack Berlien, Leroy Cable, Susan Carr, Sharon Hanna, Ruth Ann Hanselman, George Libey, Thomas Pristas, Mary Slanina, Donna Smith and Bill Steele. The local chapter was organized in 193 S ,ind the total membership is now .304. A scholarship fund was set up in 193 8. Each member contributes one dollar to the fund for the first five years of his membership. The money is used in the form of a loan to send a high school graduate to college. The officers of the organization elected before the close of school last year are: Gail Gramling, president; Martha ' ildcr, vice president; Marcia Meyer, secretary. Mr. Milhollin is the advisor of the society this year. Page Fifty-three s " " Y-Teen C.ibinet Meecin " Y-Teens Y-Tcens is a world-wide organiz.ition of high school girls from sixty-five countries. It is affili.ucd with the YWCA and has an adult cabinet. During the year the Y-Teens attended various conferences, including the fall conference at Gar- rett, the mid-winter conference at Fort Wayne, two planning conferences at Kendallville, and the cen- tral regional conference at Cincinnati. The Y-Teens make money by selling Christmas ice-box cookies. After this project last year, they decorated the Christmas tree in the main hall of the high school and sponsored the Christmas Prom, " Moonlight in Vermont. " Other activities included sponsoring the Thanks- giving program for the student body and the annual Pa-Ma-Me banquet. As a service project this year, the club donated to UNICEF. Cabinet members this year were: president. Sue Ulmer; vice-president and chairman of the member- ship committee, Elaine Gilbert; secretary, Sharon Hanna; treasurer. Donna Willibey; chaplain, Sharon Babcock; program chairman, Gail Gramling; social chairman. Lib Owens; service chairman, Kay Bailey; publicity chairman, Diane Disbro; finance chairman, Sandy Meston; song leader, Meg Goudy; and pianist, Kari Aldrich. Sponsors, Miss C)hlman, Mrs. King. Mr. Wearly Presents . PLin Hi-Y The purpose of Hi-Y is " to create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school, and com- munity higher standards of Christian character. " The Hi-Y meets bi-weekly. During the year the boys enjoyed such programs as: a panel discussion on a code of ethics and dress for Angola High School, a debate on " Industries for Angola " by a Y- Teen group, a speaker from Saudi Arabia, a tilm on narcotics, a speech from Sheriff Tom Hanselman, and a film on YMCA work in foreign lands. They held their annual initiation In October. In March, the} ' sponsored a dance and a cand sale, and they were in charge of the Easter program for the student body in April. Larry Sunday and Terry Arkwright attended a Hi-Y officer summer camp at Delphi, Indiana. Larry Sunday was elected representative for Dis- trict .i at the state Hi-Y and Tri-Hi meeting. Serving as officers this year were: Larry Sunday, president; Mike Stohler, vice-president; Fred Smith, secretary; Duke Deller, treasurer; Terry Arkwright, chaplain; Bruce Boardman, sergeant-at-arms; and Tom Wyatt, program chairman. The facult advisor is Mr. Wearlw -f " " Future Teachers of America The purposes of F.T.A. are: to enable the member to explore his own abilities and interests related to the opportunities in teaching; to learn about the teaching profession, its opportunities, responsibilities, and its important role in our democracy; and to cultivate the qualities of personality, character, and leadership, which are essential in good teachers. This year the club has seventy-two members who met on alternate Wednesdays after school. It sends members to at least two F. T. A. con- ferences during the year. Other activities include exchanging meetings with clubs in neigh- boring cities, serving as guides at the school open house, and honoring the faculty and retired teachers at a tea. This year ' s officers are: Marcia Meyer, president; Kay Bailey, vice- president; Lib Owens, secretary; Carmen Schumaker, treasurer; Sandy Hawthorne, parliamentarian; and Kathy Nedele, historian and librarian. The faculty advisor is Mrs. Kile. Junior Classical League The purpose of the Junior Classical League is to encourage among young people an interest in and appreciation of the civilization, languages, litera- ture, and arts of ancient Greece and Rome, and to give them some understanding of the debt of our own culture to that of classical antiquity. The national organization was founded in 193 6 and not only state but also national conventions are held each year. Our local chapter meets four to six times a year, and once for a Roman banquet. Among the photos on this page are scenes of activities at one of the banquets — including a Centaur! Officers for this year were: Consuls, Bruce Board- man and Leroy Cable; scriba (secretary), Pat Lash; questor (treasurer), Linda Carr; and muntia (re- porter), Sharon Hanna. The faculty advisors are Miss Reed and Mr. Thompson. The Centaur At the Latin Banquet Roman Celebrities Bruce Arranges Latin Display Student Librarians Whenever we need a book for pleasure or for reference for a theme assignment, our stu- dent librarians are always ready to help us in any way possible. Their duties also include shelving books and checking them in and out. All student librarians are members of the Hoosier Student Librarians Association. This year ' s student librarians were: Sue Mansberg- er, Marilyn Young, Kay Bailey, Karen Steinke, Pat Lash, Nancy Parr, Nancy Green, Carol Gramling, and other students appointed as assistants. The faculty supervisor is Miss Ohlman. Projectionists The fine films we have enjoyed throughout the vear would not have been possible without the effi- cient service of our projectionists. They execute then- duties not only at the high school, but also at Hendry Park grade school. This year ' s projectionists were: Dean Light, John Sellgren, Ed v ' aters, Ray Johnson, James Garner, Dave Hanselman, Richard Cisco, Carl Longsworth, Jerr- - Clark, Larry Wheaton, Mark Broxon, Marshall Mitzman, John Hutto, Lee Gilbert, David Eff, and other students appointed in various classes. Miss Ohlman is the audio-visual director. Science Lab Assistants A number of students in the science dep.irtment were very willing workers during the year. They ably assisted Mr. Bernhardt whenever jobs needed to be done, and many times they volunteered their services. The students pictured are Bob DcLong, Duke Deller, Fred Smith, Phil Ginder, Donna Smith and Richard Cisco. Art Assistants Taking attendance, keeping the store room clean and helpmg Mr. Porter with the high school and junior high art classes are the duties of the art as- sistants. The students who helped this vear were: Russell Noragon, Carol Brown, Pat Deming, Charlotte Wells, Karen Gecowets, Barbara Maxton, Dee Gil- bert, Doug Musser and Dean Detar. Thespian Society This honorary organization, the Thespian Society, is composed of students who have earned the required number of points by participating in various dramatics activi- ties. The three one-act plays, which were pro- duced with Thespian student directors, were very well received when they were presented to the public on January 2 2. These plays were: " The Dear Departed, " directed by Fred Smith; " The Elevator, " directed by Gail Gramling; and " A Little Bird of a Woman, " directed by Susan Yo- der and Donna Willibey. " The Shock of His Life, " a one-act com- edy, was produced by the Thespian Society as an auditorium program on February 16. Donna Willibey was the student director. The officers of the club are: President, Fred Smith; vice-president, Pamela Beatty; secretary-treasurer, Elaine Gilbert. The fac- ulty sponsors are Ray Condon and Charles Avery. The membership includes: Pamela Beat- ty, Duke Deller, Fred Smith, Mike Reese, Martha Wilder, Tom Wyatt, Donna Willi- bey, Marcia Meyer, Sue Ulmer, Jack Hollo- peter, Gail Gramling, Elaine Gilbert, Su- san Yoder, Charlotte Wells, Dennis Crooks, Bill Linnemeier, Lib Owens, Kathy McMul- len, and Don Fisher. Thespians and Directors Consider Plans Waiting for the Curtain After the Last Curtain Call A Thespian Meeting One Act Plays The Society presented three one-.ict plays on January 22. " The Dear Departed " was a clever play based on the De Maupassant story of a man who pretended to be dead to find out what his family actually thought about him. The cast included: Abel Merry weather, Duke Deller; Mrs. Slater, Barbara Maxton; Mr. Slater, Doug Shirey; Victoria Slater, Gail Penix; Mrs. Jordan, Karen White; Mr. Jor- dan, Russell Noragon. In the drama, " The Elevator, " a sinister ex-convict tampered with the wires of an elevator, leading the occupants to believe that they were doomed. The cast included: Joe Gormo, Bill Cole; Philip Meredith, Bill Griffiths; Monty Slade, Jack HoUopeter; Elaine, Ruth Ann Hansclman; Rosario Ga- lento, Tom Wyatt. " A Little Bird of a Woman " was a com- edy in which Miss Agatha conducted a subtle campaign to create some scandalous gossip in her house so she could be on a par with the other landladies. The cast in- cluded: Agatha, Paulette Mellby; Miss Addams, Betty Nichols; Martha, Kathy Nedele; Carrie, Sue Ulmer; Norman, Jeff Heier. The student directors were Fred Smith, Gail Gramling, Susan Yoder, and Donna Willibey. The faculty advisors were Mr. Condon, Mr. Averv and Mr. Porter. The Directors Talk It Over Scene from " A Little Bird of a Woman " " The Dear Departed " " The Elevator " fj Kfj I! f ft •f • 7 • ] i vfy •fl ii Lost Horizon •t " Lost Horizon, " a drama in three acts, w,is pre- sented by the Senior Class on October 30 and 31. The story deals with tour kidnapped travelers from a wrecked plane who find shelter in Shangri- La. An elderly Chinese meets the party and says he ' s been " expecting them. " Conway is fascinated by the strange atmosphere of the place and by Helen, a lovely girl whom he finds there; Mr. Ber- nard, the big, breezy American, is delighted to stay on, and Miss Brinklow, the little missionary lady, doesn ' t intend to specify where she will best serve the Lord. But Mallinson is eager to get back to " civilization. " The High Lama reveals to Conway the secret of Shangri-La — that people never grow old and that it is dedicated to preserving the culture and wisdom of the past. In a conclusion of great power, Con- wav must decide between his faith in Shangri-La along with his love for Helen and the claims of Mal- linson. A prologue and epilogue set the plot and conclude the story in an English dinmg room. The cast included: Myra, Jane Taylor; Elizabeth, Pamela Beatty; W ' yland, Dennis Crooks; Ruther- ford, Steve King; Chang, Duke Deller; Conway, Fred Smith; Mallinson, Mike Reese; Miss Brinklow, Martha Wilder; Henry Barnard, Tom Wyatt; Lo Tsen, Marcia Meyer; Helen, Donna Willibey; High Lama, Bill Linnemeier; Tashi, Connie Hartley; Ai Ling, Kathy McMuUen; Tibetan, Ronnie Odle. Sue Ulmer was the student production manager, and Charlotte Wells and Karen Gecowets were the stage managers. The faculty directors were Mr. Condon, Mr. Aver-i-, and Mr. Porter. I • 4i (,(, Curtain Going Up ' " Curtain Going Up, " the junior class play, was presented on March 2 5 and 26. The story deals with the production of a play in high school and the young director. Miss Burgess, is faced with a myriad of obstacles: a grouchy jan- itor, the disappearance of the play books the first day of rehearsals, a set of comically crossed up high school romances, a charming young heroine who be- comes stage struck, her bewildered boyfriend, a campus " actor " with a swollen head, the disgrun- tled athlete feeling out of place on the stage, a flam- boyant professional actress with advice, and perhaps the most unexpected of all, a romance for Miss Bur- gess herself. The solution of the mounting compli- cations at the end set forth a worthwhile theme. The cast included: Diane Disbro, Miss Irene Bur- gess; Ruth Ann Hanselman, Lorry Fuller; Barbie Goudy, Nancy Leveridge; Sylvia Growl, Miss Car- olyn Moran; Sandy Barto, Miss Henrietta Rivers; Judy Brady, Elsie Hunter; Kay August, Sylvia Moore; Marilyn Harris, Janet Young; Kari Aldrich, Joan White; Barbara Maxton, Kyle Roberts; George Libey, Mr. Norman Carter; Leroy Cable, Andy Full- bright; Mickey Haley, Jocko Guthrie; Jack Berlien, Milt Sanders; Bill Cole, " Buck O ' Hara; Bill Griffiths, Mr. Richard Leveridge; Doug Shirey, Mr. Tom Peterson; Betty Nichols, Middle Aged Woman; Su- san Carr, Second Woman; other characters, Kay Bailey, Konita Forbes, Sharon Hanna, Judy Yockey. The play was under the direction of Mr. Con- don, assisted by Mr. Avery and Mr. Porter. Terry Arkwright was the student director. A Tense Moment Rehearsals Begin Page Sixty-three DRAMATICS SIDELIGHTS TOP ROW; Scene from -Lost Horizon " : the High Lama; tnrtain call. SECOND ROW: Behind the scenes: a dramatic moment; Chang. THIRD R-CW; A meeting of the Thespians; Ai Ling; Thespian initiation. FOURTH ROW: A scene from " The Dear Departed " ; rehearsal for " A Little Bird of a Woman. " Page Sixty-four TOP ROW: Mrs. Roiish. Patricia Lash, Sandra Allen. Barbara Ormiston. Jiiauita Eating-er, Nancy Maxton. Sharon Lacey, Nancy Green. Toni Roberts. Sallv Rathburn. Dixie Page, Jan Stevens, Betty Nichols, Ruth Ann Hanselman. Marv Jane Gecowets. Joan Dugiiid, Judy GritBth. SECOND ROW: Karen Stelnke. Sue Ulmer. Patricia Kaufman. Elaine Dent. Ruth bhank, Linda Crowl. Helen Sibert, Pam Harbour. Barbara Maxton. Karen Hughes. Eloise Kimes. Pam Van Matre, Sharon Maugherman. Konita Forbes, Sylvia Crowl. Cindy Davis. FRONT ROW; Katie Carney, Kaye Converse. Carmen Schumaker Susan Nedele Sally Boardman. Cheryl Hoffman, Karen White. Linda French, Linda DeLancev, SU ' iie Smith, Kathy Nedele. Marv Matson. Girls ' Athletic Association The purpose of the Girls ' Athletic Asso- ciation is to increase each girl ' s interest in various sports and to develop friendship, better sportsmanship, and cooperation among the girls. The club meets every Monday after school to participate in such sports as vol- leyball, trampoline, tumbling, basketball, ice skating, Softball, and badminton. This year the tumbling team, consisting of Sue Ulmer, Pat Lash, Juanita Eatinger, Judy Griffith, Ruth Ann Hanselman, Sylvia Crowl, Barbara Maxton, Linda Crowl, Sally Rathburn, Kathy Nedele, Sally Boardman, Konita Forbes, and Ruth Shank, presented tumbling shows at a basketball game and for the student body at the Pleasant Lake School. Various playdays engaging different sports are attended each year by G.A.A. members. Angola members attended the Garrett playday in January this year. Three members — Barb Maxton, Sue Ul- mer, and Judy Griffith — are eligible to take the final tests for the State G.A.A. Award. Serving as president of the club was Judy Griffith. Carmen Schumaker was vice- president; Sylvia Crowl, secretary; and Sue Ulmer, treasurer. The faculty advisor is Mrs. Roush. tiS n v I ( Band The Angola High School Bjnd, under the direction of Mr. Nich- ols, had a very active year. The band presented a concert on November 6 and another on Feb- ruary 5. The group played con- temporary band music and some patriotic numbers also. A spring concert was held on May 10. Playing for the Tri-State com- mencement in June is another very important activity for the band. MAJORETTES Our colorful and attractive ma- jorettes caught everyone ' s eye as thev marched on the field at our home football games this year. Linda Ewers opened the year as our drum major. After she left Kathleen Carney swung out and led the majorettes through the re- mamder of the year. The majorettes are: Dixie Page, Barbara Croxton, Konita Forbes, Ruth Ann Hanselman, and Nan Smith. Page Sixfy-six ,.. CLARINET; Sharon Buse. Kathleen Carney, Linda Carr, Mary Lynn Christen, Susan Colbart, Carol Cole, oodice Conway, Linda Cro yl, Barbara Croxton, Elaine Deller. Pamela Harbour, Tom Harman Judv Hor- man. Barbara Mclvinley, Susan Xedele. Judy Rose, Ruth Shank, Mary Slanina, Sigrid Somerlott, Jan ' stevens Sue timer, Pamela an Matre, and Martha Wilder. ALTO CLARINET: Linda French. BASS CLARINET- Susan ( arr and Meg Goudy. BASSOON: Susan Krantz. FLUTE: Gen Chadwick, Sylyia Crowl, Ruth Ann Hanselman. SJ?,- ' C.t? ?? ' ,Ca -men Schmaker, and Nan Smith. OBOE: Shirley Crone and Andrea Mortorff. ALTO SAXO- ir-t f ' Barbara German, Elame Gilbert, Carolyn Mann, Kaye Mendenhall, and Bettv Warren TENOR tT--- - ' - ' PHONE: Marilyn Harris, Marialana Rensch. and Ellen S teenerson. BARITONE SAXOPHONE ' Susan pa1:?t ' t-, VT? - " HORN: KariAldrich, Albert Christy, Konita Forbes. John Glasgo ami Mike Sapp ' EARITtjNE: Terry A -kw-r.ght Judy Griffith. Don Palmer, and Dane Tubergen. CORNET: Norman Amstutz, f, ' ' " ' ' §. ' " ' r - r ? ' Beck, John Gather, John Graraling, Jeanne Gray, Chuck Moore, Jim Moor, Mac Morlev, Betty Nichols, Sally Rathburn, Gene Shaw ' , and Lynn Steiner. TROMBONE; Kaye Converse, Sharon GibbenV, Glenn Jacob, Mary Ann Jensen, George Libey, Marcia Meyer, Phil Musser, and John Taylor. TUBA; Sam Dir- and Fred Smith. DRUMS: Bruce Anderson. Lerov Crooks, Lee Detar, Pete Garner, Barb g. Judy Smith, Donna Willibey, Don T ' yatt. and Ronnie Gramling. Marching Band The marching band has designed and presented many different figures at our home football games this year. During the summer they also marched in the " Frontier Day Parade. " The band is under the direction of Elwood Nichols. Page Sixty-seven VIOLIN: Bill Steele, Mary Slanina, Susie Yoder, Kathy Nedele. Sandy Hawthorne, Nadlna Rensch, Janet Guuld, Gen Chadwick, Stephanie Slanina, Marilyn McBride, Kathy Krantz, Liiren Bernhardt, Kathryn c ' hadwick. Kathv Plancy. Patty Clancy, Ann Hart- man. VKiIvA: Carol Xichols, (ilcnia I ' .ill. Marv Ceiow et . CELLO: Betty Nichols, Sally B.ianlinan, linni Rae Piifahl. STlilXi! I ' .ASS Siit- rimHr. .Tannt Carrick, Carolyn Mann. Orchestra For eleven years the orchestra has been a part of the music program at Angola High School. This year it provided music for the Senior Class Play and the Junior Class Play. It also played for such occasions as the Tri-State Commencement and the high school commencement. The orchestra played in a concert with the Croxton-Aldrich ballet students. This year the orchestra is under the direction of Mr. Godlevski. CONTEST RESULTS The A.H.S. band and orchestra received superior ratings in the District contest held at Columbia City April 2. The choir received an excellent rating. The band and orchestra went on to state competition at Concord Township High School April 9. Page Sixty-eight J l ' ' l rTK rUlth Ann Hanse] ma ii, Ann l;.ini .i i ' I,AI:IM:T M.iillii W.l.l. ' l. T-iti Har-, r.osK. SAXI IPHONI-:. 1:1.1111. Cillifit, .Mauhii II, 1111- rUMNCll U ' lKX Koiiita P ' TRrMI ' KT: SalU Uathhuni, lMe l L;e.k, l Mui Slf-uit-r. TltuMUnNi;. Glenn Jacob. George Liliev. PEK TSSIUX. Donna Williliey, L.eiov Grnoks. Music Parents ' Club The Music Parents ' Club has been a great help to the music department this year. They gave financial backing for new choir robes, for various contests and trips, and are building up a reserve for new band uniforms. The officers are: President, Steve Woodworth; vice-president, Dr. C. B. Anderson; secretary, Mrs. Warren Krantz; treasurer, Mrs. Byron Gramling. Tci ,it I knJiv Park w TMF ' pjiW J. II . am, Terry Ark SECiiXI ' k ' lW " S,.i,, Mirrim, Xorman .A THI FOX ' - FIFTH l ' Inn Sil.nrt. Pari A ' llson, I.a SIXTH K ' lW Sh:ii-ii .:u■ ■. Jim T nve.if.y. SEVENTH :i ' ' MiiiiKi M. K ' iiil. -. 1-. ' ih EIGHTH H ' i " SKh • II I ;iMm.|i, . i;,r - Sl.i NINTir KiiW " i:il. h ' i. . iH r.--ii, Siusiin ■! TEN ' TH K : ' : ilaillia Wll.icr, i:lizabi-Ul L ELEVENTH ROW; lluthh Ana Hanselnia Shaw, ■k Tiittle. rbara German, .laugherman. Kansburg. c ji i: 1 1 i 11 .. . " . • Barbara Maxton, Donna Willibej FRONT ' ROwV ' Janer iiyser ' t, " Barbara Dole. Kathleen McMullen. Choir The Angola High School choir, under the direction of Miss Nancy Siebold, is one of the busiest, most progressive and popular groups in the music department. It has sev- enty members. The group has en- tertained on a number of different occasions. An annual custom of the A.H.S. choir is carolling at Christmas time in the halls of the high school building, of Hendry Park grade school, and of the Pleasant Lake grade and junior high school. TOP i;OW: Jeff Heier, Jack Hollopeter, Tom Fleaal. SKCOXD ROW: Kent ilurphy, Tom Owens, Jerry Hoffman. THIRD ROW: Don BearRunner, John Stock, Bob DeLong. ForRTH ROW: Bill Griffiths, Bill Cole, Fred Smith. FIFTH ROW: Glenn Jacob, Don Wilson, Jack Berlien. SIXTH ROW: Jack Strite, Cliff Ryan, Marilvn Blough. SKVEXTH ROW: Meg- Goudy, Kathy Nedele, Karl Aldrich. EIGHTH ROW: Carmen Schumaker. Judy Griffith. Betty Xi.liols XIXTH RO ' W: Susan Nedele, Elaine Gilbert, Sue Crone. TEXTH ROW: Sally Boardman, Judy Rust, Carol Gramling. FRONT RO ' W: Sue Ulmer, Kay Converse, Kay August. NOT PICTURED: Marcia Meyer, Pamela Beatty. Choir left open so that everyone Classroom doors a: may enjoy the music. The choir presented a Christmas concert, " Silver Bells, " assisted by the junior high choir, the boys ' ensem- ble, freshman boys and girls and the junior girls ' ensemble. A spring concert was given on May 4, with " It ' s Spring " as its theme. SENIOR ENSEMBLE The senior ensemble sang for the Thanks- giving program and at the Christmas Prom. The members are Donna WiUibey, Mar- tha Wilder, Elaine Gilbert, Sue Ulmer, Kent Murphy, Jerry Hoffman, Jack Hollo- peter, Tom Flegal, Jeff Heier, Fred Smith, and Bob DeLong. Kari Aldrich is the ac- companist. SENIOR GIRLS ' QUARTET The senior girls ' quartet, although or- ganized only one year, has been quite an ac- tive group. They have sung for many dif- ferent community programs. Because of illness in the group, however, they were un- able to enter the District Ensemble Con- test. The members are Susan Yoder, Elizabeth Owens, Pamela Beatty, and Marcia Meyer. CLARINET QUARTET The clarinet quartet has earned quite a name for itself musically this year. The group played for many community pro- grams and they played " Allegro Con Brio " for the Fine Arts Program in Fort Wayne. They also received firsts in both the Dis- trict and State Ensemble Contests. The members are Sue Ulmer, Martha Wilder, Mary Slanina, and Tom Harman. BILL STEELE AND TOM HARMAN These boys were among nineteen out- standing music students in the state who auditioned for the privilege of doing solo work with the Indianapolis Symphony Or- chestra. Bill and Tom did not achieve the honor of being soloists, but they regard this as a very memorable experience. Playing the " Blues ' ' THE STARDUSTERS The high school dance band, " The Stardusters, " has been in full swing as an organization again this year. The) ' have played for auditorium programs and other occasions. Mr. Nichols is the director. PEP BAND The pep band appeared at all the home games and the pep sessions preceding them. The group added color and excitement and their efforts were greatly appreciated by the student body. Blare Out With " Peter Gunn " L LM ' - " ' x te aT ' ' . I ' w m » jJMF i Coaches Listen to Mr. B.irkdull Coaches John Hamniel coached the Hornets in one of the most successful basketball sea- sons in recent years. He deserves much credit. Bob Johnson did a fine job as head foot- ball coach and assistant basketball coach. The Manai Talk It Over Leroy Cable coached the freshman bas- ketball team through a very successful sea- son. Chuck Dygert led the baseball team through a commendable season with only Carroll Nesbitt coached the track team and Julius Milhollin was coach for the cross countr) ' team. Russell Brayton was the golf coach. Harry Kelly, a new addition to the An- gola coaching staff, was in charge of the new junior high athletic setup. A. B. Barkdull, our athletic director, ar- ranged the sports schedule, looked after the finances, and attended to many details in the sports program. The success we attained this year could not have been easily reached without the wonderful cooperation of these men. MANAGERS Tom Owens, Bruce Boardman, Tom James, and Johnny Hutto were the man- agers for the Hornets and Bees this year. These bovs should receive much credit for a job well done. Review of the Varsity Season The Hornets started out on the right foot this year by defeating LaGrange, 64-5 6, on Angola ' s floor, November 13. On November 20 Columbia City invaded the Hornet stronghold and was beaten 65-57. The next night Angola traveled to Con- cordia and dropped their first game of the year, 5 6- 50. On November 2 5 the Hornets traveled to But- ler and downed the Windmills 62-60. Angola ' s next game was a home game with South Whitley on De- cember 4. The Hornets emerged as victors bv a 76-5 5 score. The following week-end Angola played host to Bluffton ' s tall and talented Tigers. The Hornets won their third in a row 56-5 5. The following evening, December 12, Angola played at Berne and lost a 54-52 struggle in a double overtime. The Hornets met Hoagland, December IS, on the An- gola hardwood and won easily, 80-5 0. On Decem- ber 23, New Haven downed the Hornets 71-53 on the New Haven floor. On January 2 the Hornets competed in the But- ler Holiday Tourney and were beaten in the first game 70-6 5 by host, Butler. Angola took the con- solation game, winning 8 9-56 over Orland. On January 8 the Hornets played their arch-rivals, the Auburn Red Devils, at Auburn. Angola ran away with the game and won easily 95-57. The next eve- ning the Hornets met Waterloo at Angola and emerged with an 8 2-62 victory. Angola played host to Garrett ' s Railroaders Friday, January 15, and ran away with the game 83-5 6. The Hornets ' next game was on Saturday, Januarv 23, at Ligon- ier. The Hornets won this one 78-5 7. The following Friday, Januarv 29, Angola met Decatur on the Angola floor and won by a 54-48 score. Angola next played and defeated Kendall- ville on February 12 at Kendallville. The final score was 61-5 0. The Hornets closed out their most suc- cessful season in many years by defeating Avilla 68-5 8 at Angola February 19 and then downing Howe Military 67-49 at Howe on February 20. The Hornets " overall record was 15-4. They had a 9-ganie winning streak going into the sectional. During sectional play Angola tripped Ashley 5 1- 39 on Wednesday, then downed Churubusco 66-5 3 on Thursday. Garrett then took semi-final honors by defeating the Hornets 4 5-41. B. CK R:) " : Lar l-v Hr.ffman, Hon Pc iT.( )XT Ki . V: .lack ,Iaik Tiittle Jeff Heier, Jeff Charges Through Season Record FG Stohler !i!) Powers i:Ui Hoffman yS Heier 72 P ega) IS Berlien lOS Cable 22 Ryan ..— 15 Haley 1 Tuttle 2 Sunday Dirrim 1 Pc. ' T 1 " T 34 4 1 2 413 S2 370 .-fi 2S0 3SS 44 306 13 333 IN 500 — 4 00 — Tp r; 2{;o isi 42 260 1S9 14S Page Seventy-nine In The Dressing Room Thoughts of the dressing room always bring a feeUng of warmth to a player. Laughter and joking can be heard here after any practice session. On game nights the players share their joys or sorrows over victory or de- feat. Thinking of the dress- ing room always brings a player wonderful memories. This room will always plav an important role in anv sport. Everybody pushes for sweets at the Junior Stand. f ■t BACK ROW: C,,; ■y Page. FRONT RO ' ; J i ll(il) JMrBvicle Bees The Angola Bees started the season with 15 sophomores and two juniors. They tasted defeat their first three games: LaGrange 44-43, Columbi.i City 4S-25, Concordia }7-}{). Then they beat Butler 42-25 and South Whitley 45-.i2 and things began to look better. Then they took a nose dive and lost five straight, Bluffton 33-32, Berne 45-2S, Hoagland 46-33, New Haven 46-45, and Auburn 44-43. The Bees looked good beat- ing Waterloo 41-33 but lost the next week to Garrett 47-31. The tension was high as Angola won over Ligonier 45-41 and lost to Decatur 44-33. The next day was tourney day at Auburn for the Bees. Angola drew Butler in the afternoon and finally decided they had more talent than they had thus far shown. The Bees defeated Butler by a score of 71-43 to reach the finals and tangle with a tall Kendallville rive. The finals proved to be a hard fought game with Angola on top at the gun 47-46. This tourney victory seemed to be the inspiration needed to finish the season strong. The last three games found the Bees looking like a new team as they met Ken- dallville and won 31-30, then Avilla, winning 31-26. The final game of the season was played at Howe and the Bees were on the top side of a 34-20 score to finish a strong season, with 9 wms mcluding the two tourney gamas and 10 defeats. Freshmen The team, co.iched bv Mr. Cable, compiled .1 record of 13-2 for the season. The Freshmen won their first game 46-29 .igainst LaGrange on the Angola floor November 16. On November 24 Angola met Albion here and won 40-3 3. Angola ' s next game was on December 1 against Kendallville on the Angola hardwood. The Angola lads won this one 49-37. On December 9 the Freshmen traveled to Garrett and suffered their first loss of the campaign 36-34. Angola met Butler at home on December 14 and won easily 36-23. Angola ' s next game was at Auburn December 22. Angola edged the little Red Devils by one point 32-31. On January 6 the Freshmen w ent to Butler and defeated them 5 1-3S. Angola met Auburn at home on January 12 and walked away with the game 51-3 5. Angola ' s next game was against a tough Co- lumbia City team on the Angola floor, January 18. The Freshmen rolled up their high- est score of the year in winning 59-5 0. Angola competed in a Freshman tourney at Garrett on January 2 3 and took top honors by dropping Auburn in the first game 3 5-24, and edging Kendallville in the finals 33-27. This ran Angola ' s winning streak to seven games. On February I , in a game played at LaGrange, the Freshmen dropped their second game of the new year 46-39. On February 8 Angola defeated Avilla 42-25 at Angola. On February 10 Angola traveled to Albion and won 45-34. The Freshmen closed out their season with a 3 5-12 victory over Garrett, February 16, in a game at Angola. TOP l;OW: .Stu(I( ;-, Barrv HoUopet Cable. FRONT ROW: Dave Booraershine n M.-Biiile, Mickey Fradenbin-g. K ipp, R ' ln Gram- ' . L.«m„jL, Yea, Team Fisht! Cheerleaders Our three Hornet cheerleaders, Kay August, Sharon Babcock, and Judy Rust, and the two reserve team cheerleaders, Meg Goudy and Helean Shatto, have done a very fine job in leading our teams throughout a wonderful season. Hats oft to our loyal cheer- leaders! Meg and Helean Lead Cheers for Bee Team Baseball - 1959 The Angola Hornets, coached by Chuck Dygert, the Hornets, scoring six runs in the second inning opened the 19 5 9 spring baseball season April 13 at and an 8-1 victory. Butler. In this non-conference game the Hornets were held to a 2-2 deadlock called after five innings , " ° - ' ' " " ° " " - ' ' ' ' ' " " non-conterence game because of darkness. " ' : ' ' ' ' " ' ' " ' Lake. The Hornets won 11-6 without the aid of the seniors. The Hornets opened their Northeastern Indiana . Conference schedule on April 15 by defeating the , " 8° ' ' " ' t ' " ' ' ' " " " " ° " " ' ' T ' ,, Concordia Cadets 12-4 on the Pleasant Lake dia- ' ' " ■ ' ' ' ' conference victory as they beat Kendall- mond. In this game Bill McKee posted nineteen strike outs against the twenty-five men he faced and allowed the Cadets only one hit. BATTING AVERAGES I 1 J T-, A M ,, 1 Spring, 1959 Angola next traveled to Uecatur on April 22 and held off a late inning Yellow Jacket rally to record „ Ganit-s AB l: H BA , , . T-T ■ • • Power. i s :;4 ; 12 .oOO a j-2 victory. ihis game went two extra innings Waymire 7 22 4 7 .31S before the Hornets scored a run to win in the ninth. i ' hapnian ' ' ' 7 i 4 ■: ' Is H-i ' nl- . ' ' . ' . . ' . ' .Z. ' ..Z: i: 2 4 !235 The Blulfton Tigers were the next foes for the iiain i; lO 4 2 .200 T, 1 • J J 1 TT J- 1 -M ICee 7 23 2 4 .174 Hornets as tliey invaded the Hornet diamond on riuin li 12 r. 2 .167 May 4. Gordie Van Marter scattered five hits as .johnso l ' • ' i -i ' 667 Angola posted their fourth straight conference vie- uuens s . ' 2 2 .400 ■ t. „ ■ Brrlien ?. 5 u 2 .400 tory with a 7-0 win. Reese 4 . ' . " " .400 Cable 4 3 3 1 .333 The Hornets then traveled to New Haven where h7 IT ' t 2 1 11 ;000 thev suffered their first and only defeat of the sea- Christy i 2 o o .000 ■ -ru TVT i-j ■ J . i- Jacob 1 1 ' .000 son. ihe JNew Haven nine proved too strong tor aioran i i n o ooo TOP ROW: Coach Chuck Dvat-rt, Bill Presl .11 Powers. Boh DeLong, Jim Sibert, Gai-y Pa SECOND ROW: Glenn Jacob, Ken Harris, iristy. Jerry Boyer, Dick Waters. FROXT ROW: Ross Butler. Lei-o - CpMe. .1 Reese. Jim Lore.ioy. Jack Tiittle. Tom 0 yens. Tom Flegal. ■ry Sunday, Eric Hall. Sam Dirrim, Al k Moran. iMi.-key Haley, .Tack Berlien. .,7 33,7 E|7 0 .7 1 l( O y i2«8 3 , 5 3 H1 r 5 4 3c-4 5 t r l k M Football This wjs .1 big year for tootb.ill in Angola. First of all, we had installed for us new lights so we might play our games at night. We now possess one of the finest lighted fields in northern Indiana. Second, we played a complete eight game schedule, four of these teams being full varsity, even though we didn ' t have any seniors on the squad. A fine group of boys reported to Mr. Johnson, football coach, on August 15. Only the 5 high school boys reported at this time as the junior high did not start until the opening of school. In the first game Bremen rolled over the Hornets 45-0. However, we came away without any injuries and felt we had learned a lot. Our next game was our first one at home under the new lights and against a rugged Garrett eleven. The Hornets were great in this game and won 12-7. We then traveled to Hicksville, Ohio and lost 32-14. Then rival Auburn sprinted to a 12-0 vic- tor ' over our boys. Our next three games were at home. W e beat Elmhurst 20-19, then lost to Howe 2S-0 and to Hicksville, Ohio, 26-13. The Hornets finished their season at Garrett with a 13-6 loss. Mr. Hammel worked ' ■ith the line, and Mr. Cable coached the " B " team. Our " B " team played four games, winning one and losing three. Mr. Xesbitt and Mr. Sapp coached the junior high football team. They were pleased with the effort put forth by the 70 boys participating this year. Coaches Show How It ' s Done ; .--, K . , ' 1 » m» - V fT? TOP ROW: Cuach Juhiisun, Coach Hammel, Coach Cable, Gary Knox, Ftonald Gramling, Eleiy Kimes, Frank Anspaiigh, John Cather, Donald Palmer. John Glasgow, Mike Parker, Wallace Liechtv, Larry Boyd. David Boomershine, Manaaer David Eft, Manager John Taylor. SECOND ROW: Bruce Anderson, David Stroh, Ronnie Cook. Jim Sibert, Bill Dailey, John Baldwin, Garv Page, Jack Tuttle, Bob McBride, Bill Cole, Bob Boo k, Albert Christy, Dick Marino. Chuck Moore, Jim FROXT ROW: Lerov Cable. Larrv Sunda George Libey. Tom Douglass. Mickey Haley, Mik Sapp. Jack Berlien. Cliff Ryan. Mike Shirley, Schenkel. Dave Tvler. Tom Pristas, Terry Ark Steve Southern. Bill Grifflth . Tex Bachert. Crooks. Jer right Lero Hornets Shown In Action Against Elmhurst cached by C.irroll Nes- last sprinj; by winning V The 19S9 tr.icl, bite, posted a .5 00 four and losing four. The Hornets lost their first two meets of the sea- son to Kendallville and Auburn by scores of 82-27 and 77-32. Angola then evened their record by beating LaGrange 66-43 and Butler 79-SO. Angola was then beaten by Garrett 73-36 in their next meet. The Angola team traveled to New Haven next to compete in the New Haven Relays. Fort Wayne Central won the relays easily with the Hornets fin- ishing fourth out the nine teams entered. The Hornets emerged victorious in their next two meets as they beat Waterloo 6 5-44 and edged Avilla 57-52. The Hornets then dropped their final meet to a strong Columbia City team 86-2 3. Angola, Kendallville, Garrett, and Butler com- peted in the first Freshman-Sophomore Relays held at Angola. The Kendallville team took home top honors and Angola finished third. In the Sectional at Elkhart Tom Philipp quali- fied for the Regional in the 100 and 220 yard dash and the Broad Jump. Bud Crum qualified for the Regionals in the High and Low Hurdles. Tom Philipp also competed in the State, but did not place. BACK li ' jW : FRO.XT KcjW BearRunnei ' , Jerr l;;. Lynn K ait .,ii-. -■e Buardnian. Gene Katint;e er, Coach Jlilholliii. Cross Country Cross Country changed its work-out area last fall to Hendry Park, after work- ing out the fall before last at Pokagon State Park. The Cross Country team ran against Hamilton and Ashlev. The Cross Country sectional was held in Fort Wayne at Franke Park last fall. At the sectional the boys who represented Angola High School were Joe Stonecipher, Lynn Routsong, Orcie Routsong, Bruce Boardman, Don BearRunner, Jerry Bover, and Gene Eatinger. The coach would like to see more students participating in Cross Country this coming fall. He would like to see a lot of eighth graders, freshmen, and sophomores trying out. The Cross Country team was coached by Mr. Milhollin. RECORDS IN TRACK One school track record was broken and one tied last spring. Tom Philipp broke the school record of 20 feet 3 inches in the Broad Jump by leaping an eyen 21 feet. Bud Crum tied the record of 15.6 seconds in the High Hurdles. Page Eighty-nine Golf The A.H.S. Golf Team completed its sixth season last spring, 195 9. The team played Auburn twice, Garrett twice, Kendallville twice, Concordia once, and Decatur once. The Golf Sectional was held last season at Decatur, with Kend .illvule as the win- The coach expresses the hope that more students will participate in this sport dur- ing the coming season. He would especially like to see more eighth graders, freshmen, and sophomores participating. The team members last season were John Xewnam, George Libey, Bruce Anderson, David Stukey, and Jeffrey McClelland. The Golf team was coached by Mr. Bravton. Page i ;c ' 3 Our Trophies Too m.iny of us daily pass our trophies without thinking of the skill, determination, and sweat that went into winning them. Yet we are proud of these symbols of our victories — and especially of the boys who have eiven us the honor of having these tokens in our case at A.H.S. Page Niticty-onc High School Calendar .» " . M, OCTOBER 2 — Football — Elmhursc 9 — End of tirsc grading period! — The truth comes out! 2 — Juniors and Seniors take Scholarship Tests Cross Country Sectional 2 2 — Teachers Association 2 3 — More vacation 2S — Another Hornet appears 3U-31 — Lost Horizon presented by the seniors Baseball Begins SEPTEMBER 1 — Students enroll 2 — School opens — back to the books! 4 — Football — Bremen Baseball— Butler 7 — Labor Day vacation 8 — Juniors order class rings 1 — -Baseball — Hamilton 1 2 — Football — Garrett Baseball— Orland 1 6 — Baseball — Riverdale 1 8 — Football— Hicksville Baseball — Salem Center 22 — Iowa Tests 2 3 — More Tests 2 5 — Still more tests! 30 — Hornet staff back at work — First Hornet of year lootball Under the Lights Page Nincty-tuo It jll Juniors Order Class Rings NOVEMBER -College Night — Auburn -Band Concert -Open house -Vacation — Veterans Day -Second grading period ends Basketball season starts — LaGrange beaten 64-56 -Columbia City defeated 6 5-57 -Concordia wnis 5 6-50 -November Hornet issued Thanksgiving program presented by Y-Teens 17 — Thanksgiving vacation High School Calendar DECEMBER 1 — Senior i;irls take Betty Crocker tests 4 — South W ' hitlcy bows to Hornets 76-5 S 10 — Gov ' t students visit Court House 1 1 — Y-Teens decorate Christmas tree Students present Mr. McCutchan with birth- day cake at pep session Bkiffton defeated S6-5S 12 — Berne downs Hornets 54- 2 Christmas Prom DECEMBER 1 5 — Thespian initiation 18 — Hoagland loses to Hornets 80-5 U 19 — Christmas Prom — " Moonhght in Vermont ' 22 — Christmas Choir Concert Choir sings in halls 23 — December Hornet comes out 24 — Christmas vacation starts!!! After the Fashion Show JANUARY 2 — Four-Way Holiday Tourney 4 — Ever) ' body is sleepy this morning. A long va- cation ends. 6 — Style Show at Hendry Park S — Auburn is downed 9 5-57 9 — Waterloo bows to Hornets 82-62 1 5 — First semester ends — what a relief — no tests for a while! 22— Three One Act Plays — " Dear Departed " " Elevator " " Little Bird of a Woman " 23 — Hornets take Ligonier 78-57 29 — Decatur is defeated 5 4-48 3 — District music contest Carolling in the Halls FEBRUARY 5 — Band Concert 6 — District Solo and Ensemble Contest 12 — Kendallville loses to Hornets 61-5 20 — State Solo and Ensemble Contest 24 — Sectional games start Basketball Hornet issued 27 — More of the Sectional 26 — Fourth grading period ends Prt ' ' ' Ninety-three High School Calendar Thespians Plan Activities MARCH — Regional — Orchestra concert — Scmi-Finals -ly — Seniors attend World Affairs Institute — Hornet ' s out again -26 — -Junior Class Play — " Curtain Going Up ' -26-27 — Science Fair — Achievement Tests Here — j.C.L. Peasant Supper Lecture on " Spies an d Traitors " APRIL 2 — District B.O.V. contest 6 — F.T.A. give Faculty Reception 9 — State B.O.V. contest 12— Pa-Ma-Me Banquet 12 — Baseball — Con oy Union 1.1 — Hornets meet Butler 14- ly — Easter vacation 18 — Baseball — Rome City 2 — Baseball — Howe Military 2 3 — New Haven Relays 2 5 — Hornets vs Windmills — Baseball 2 8 — Baseball — Kendallville here 30 — State Achievement Tests Seniors attend Political Convention at Kalamazoo The Hornet Comes Out MAY 2 — Blutfton vs Hornets — Baseball 4 — Choir concert 4 — Last Hornet appears 6 — Track Sectional 9 — Baseball — Concordia 10 — Band concert 12 — Achievement Day Hornets vs Columbia City 13 — Senior Class Day Track Regional Junior-Senior Prom 14 — Golf Sec tional 1 5 — Seniors leave for New York IS — Howe Military — Baseball 19 — New Haven — Baseball 21 — Golf and Track State meets 2 2 — Baccalaureate 2 5 — Commencement — another year ends!! Page Ninety-four High School Side Lights " Onions In the Srew " " Lost Horizon ' Three One-Act Plan ' s Concerts Junior Stand Pep Band Football Games Basketball Games Marchmg Band G.A.A. Twirlers Proms Class Breakfasts Slumber Parties Mr. Druckamiller Pizza Parties Mayfair Top Hat Fish Fry Class Trip Senior Day Graduation Cub ' s Teachers Music Contests Talent Shows English lY F.T.A. ' -Teens Mr. Boomershine Iowa Tests Hi-Y New Year ' s Eve Parties Ice Storm Hayrides Class Rings Winning Sectional in 19 59 Dances at the Gym after Games Baseball Games Mr. McCutchan Dance Band Choir Carolling in the Halls Band, Orchestra, and Choir Top Honors at State B.O.V. Contest 1959 Page ' Ninety-five WAY BACK WHEN SECOXD ROW: Katlileen Stolte, Carol Gramlingr, Linda Howe: Basketball champs — in the gradesl: Real cute, Pat!: More Seniors — Nancy Green. Susie Yoder, jMarsha Sams. THI1;D ROW: Senior girls!; Remember these students?: Can you sit on those braids, Patty? FOURTH ROW: Mr. Druckamiller has always caught big ones: Barb: (lielowi Bon- nie: Sig ' ; Xo v what kind of mischief Ryan?: Patty: (below) Pat Lash and Miss Reed: Glamorous!: Nice pigtails, Eloise! Page Ninety-six MODERN AND ANCIENT HISTORY ig 1 ;..!:. kins; La.- t lU ' taiU (.11 tlu- Hornet:: We don ' t Im SECOXD ROW: Barb Keller-and her lolly pop; Y-Te Elaine Gilliert in liir.G: Jlaking Christmas rookies; (lielo French. ifflth, a frien.l. Barb Cr.: Bits About the Seniors Name Nickname Memories of A.H.S. Ambition Dee Albert Gilbert Dee Four years of art Manage a theater Georgia Detar George Crowded halls and Miss Shultz Secretary Dennis Crooks Peter Government — ...Attend Purdue Rosalyn Greenamyer ...Rosie Senior year Commercial field Charlotte Ann Wells -—Shorty ..Art classes Undecided Barbara E. Wolf Barb or Wolf ..All good times Secretary Phillip Ginder Phil Teachers and mainly Mr. Bernhardt ..Teacher Bonnie Wilcox Willie . ..Senior year Secretary Joyce Tressler Tressler My two years at A.H.S — Secretary Rex Schenkel Rex Record hops in the gym .Dana Corp., Auburn Bruce Boardman Puddles and Ski King Managing ball team Engineering Jane Taylor Jane Plays and teachers Executive secretary Juanita Eatinger Jonnie Teachers and all four years Art and phys. ed. teacher Don Powers Gunner Winning the Sectional Business Richard A. Hoolihan ...Dicker Basketball games Certified public accountant Linda Loomis Linda Winning the Sectional by Fremont and Angola Nursing Sharon Fifer Fife All the parties in our senior year ... Secretary Ruby Lois Opdycke Rub Ball games and friends — Teacher Robert Elston ...Bob Basketball games Join the Navy Shirley Farlow Shirley Halls between classes Undecided Orcie L. Routsong Horse Basketball games Undecided Michael D. Stohler Mike Basketball games Business field Wilma Patricia Alcebo ..Pat Income tax problems in economics ..Airline stewardess Sharon Ann Babcock ...Sharrie Proms, slumber parties Airline stewardess Martha Wilder Martha Record hops and proms Journalism work Marsha Sams ... Marsh Basketball games Housewife Patricia Ann Lash Pat Journalism class Cosmetologist Susananne Ulmer Sue Senior Christmas Prom Professional musician Bob Steffan Bob Mr. Morin ' s class Aircraft mechanic Marilyn Louise Young ..Wendy Senior year Business Judith May Noble Judy All of the kids I went to school withUndecided Donna Willibey Wibly Being able to come to Angola and making so many friends Secretary Mary Susan Yoder Susie Choir . Secondary school English teacher Nancy Marie Maxton . ...Nancy Sectional and Regional Secretary or accountant Frederick Koehlinger ...Fred Junior Prom Mechanic Jerry Hoffman Ollie the Dragon Basketball Businessman Pamela Beatty Pam Friends and Gordie Secondary school English teacher and wife Judith Kay Beekman ...Judy Working at cafeteria Beautician Kent James Murphy ...Murph The superior schooling Super salesman James M. Parker Jim My first day as a freshman Own a sporting goods store Page ' Ninety-eight Bits About the Seniors Name Nickname Memories of A.H.S. Ambition J.imes Gritfin Jim Just having fun Air Force career Carol Gramling Carol ....All the swell times Beautician Elaine Neysa Gilbert Gillie Senior parties Secretary Barbara Wheaton Barb Basketball games Commercial work Ronnie Odle Ron Girls and everything Designer Kathleen McMullen Kathy ...Senior parties Secretary Patricia Alleshouse Pat Consolidation with Pleasant Lake ...Undecided Jeff Heier Elwood My two years here Drawing Barbara Ormiston Barb Breakfasts and clubs Executive secretary James E. Rockwell Jim Senior year and class trip Business Administration Gail Gramling ..Gail Play rehearsals Foods Research Chemist William Linnemeier Bill Ball games Farmer Michael E. Reese Mike Senior Day Salesman or phys. ed. teacher Richard Whaley Dick Eighth grade and rubber bands Mechanic Ronald L. Dodd Ron or Toad ..Proms Make a million dollars Jack Daryl Hollopeter .. Jack Record hops Make two million dollars Michael Noragon Mike The gym Farmer Thomas Lee Wyatt Tom All the wonderful classmates Business Administration Stephen R. King Steve-o Homework Chemist or pharmacist Judy Ann Potts Potts Senior year Housewife Ora McClish, Jr. Sam Junior-Senior Prom Bookkeeper Roscoe Dean Light Stormy Junior beach party General Electric apprentice training Robert Lee Delong Bob All of the wonderful smiles we meet in the halls Phase of wild life conservation Duke Deller Deller Basketball games and plays Teacher Thomas Flegal Tom Basketball team Geologist Marcia Meyer Marsh Band and choir concerts Elementary teacher Elizabeth Owens Lib Dramatics Testing and counseling teacher Linda Lou Howe Chief Slumber parties Secretary Carolyn Hornbrook Carol My senior year Dental nurse Nathalie Chiddister Nathalie Senior year Beautician Nancy Green Nan Sectional Tournament Beautician John Thomas Owens ...Tom Basketball and baseball games Business or coach Janis Hart Jan Teachers Secretary in government Connie Hartley Con Senior year (the great times!) Medical lab technician Sharon Rowe Rowe Senior year — Stewardess Barbara Keller Barbara . All four years of high school Secretary Nancy Childs Nan Teachers Nurse Karen Sue Gecowets ...Chester Plays and teachers Nurse or beautician Billy Mack Presley Bill Selling candy with the girls Go to college Frederick Smith Fred Mr. Seigel ' s English class A doctor ' s degree in veterinary medicine Anne Threlkeld Rebel 1957 Christmas Prom Homemaker Janet Irene Wilder Jenny ..All the wonderful kids Cosmetologist Page ' Ninety-nine FUN SNAPS TOP ROW: Slumber party girls! ' .!; Surprised, Gillie??; Tense game!; Do, Re Mi... SECOND ROW; Is it real ; Time out for refreshments— Cliristmas Prom; DeMolay Dance; Crazy legs — Sandy Meston; Cute hat, Po-wers. THIRD ROW; Sue ' s slumber party; Lacey ' s slumber party; Y-Teens mal ing cookies; Surprised, girls? FOURTH ROW; Wake up, srirls!; Nice outfits, Carol and Sue— Y-Teen initiation; What a party!; Freshmen campaign for prom king candidate; Mr. Johnson receives Christmas gift. FUN SNAPS TOP ROW: Last year ' s Jlay Piom; FJot in the auditorium; Loitering P(? f 0; ( ' Hundred One Class of 1958 Jean Albright — Telephone Ottice, Fort Wayne, Indiana Dick Baade — Tri-State College, Angola, Indiana Keith Beechy — U.S. Army Janis Brand — Working at Moore Business Forms, Angola, Indiana Anne Burns — Mrs. Edwin Ludwig, Una- dilla. New York Rosalyn Burton — Cincinnati Bible Insti- tute, Cincinnati, Ohio Sylvia Butler — Butler University, Indiana- polis, Indiana Jerry Byers — U.S. Army Pat Collins — Mrs. Douglas Curtiss, Angola, Indiana Dale Dailey — Tri-State College, Angola. Indiana Karen Day — Studying Beauty Culture, Hammond, Indiana Richard Day — U.S. Army Janet Deming — Mrs. Henry Firnhaber. Benton Harbor, Michigan Barbara Detar — International Business Col- lege, Fort Wayne, Indiana Steve Dickmeyer — Purdue Extension, Fort Wayne, Indiana Linda Eatinger — Mrs. Roy Ritter, Sturgis, Michigan Robert Eft— U.S. Air Force Jerry Fast — U.S. M.yines John Fiandt — Ball State Teachers College, Muncie, Indiana Janean Freed — Mrs. Gene Craft, Angola. Indiana Beverly Greenamyer — Mrs. Ray Shiltz, New Philadelphia, Ohio James Griem — U.S. Army Gary Griflith — Purdue University, ' West Lafayette, Indiana Tom Guthrie — Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana Sharon Herendeen — Mrs. Lynn Huss, An- gola, Indiana June Kelly — Telephone Office, Angola, In- diana Steve Knox — Purdue University, West La- fayette, Indiana John Keller — U.S. Army Ann Kugler — Mrs. Henry Stram, Boston, Massachusetts Norma Law — Mrs. Ray Shaft ' er, Edwards- ville, Illinois David MacFadyen — Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Cambridge, Massachu- setts Jack Miller— U.S. Marines Patti Pettit — Working in Chicago, Illinois June Priest — Mrs. Richard Maclntyre, In- dianapolis, Indiana Bob Prior — Weatherhead, Angola, Indiana Nancy Randolph — Ball State Teachers Col- lege, Muncie, Indiana Barbara Raney — Beauty Clinic, Angola, In- diana Karen Reese — Manor Beauty Shop, Angola, Indiana John Rorick — Mann ' s Body Shop, Angola, Indiana Barbara Rowe — University of Illinois, Ur- bana, Illinois Mary Schrider — University of Kentucky, Lexington, Kentucky Beth Selman — St. Mary ' s College, South Bend, Indiana Carol Skove — Western Michigan College, Kalamazoo, Michigan Ann Slanina — St. Mary ' s Novitiate, South Bend, Indiana Eddie Smith — Hamma Feed Store, Angola, Indiana Dave Southern — University of Miami, Mi- ami, Florida Jane Strong — Mrs. Don Straub, Fort Wayne, Indiana Donna Somerlott — Redmond Company, Angola, Indiana Sandy Van Wagner — Mrs. Bernard Rose, Fremont, Indiana Jim Walcutt— U.S. Navy Jean Willibey — P urdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana Bill Wright — Butler University, Indiana- polis, Indiana Pa- L- Om Huihlrcd Two Class of 1959 Karen Beechy — Redmond Company, Ango- la, Indiana Richard Brooks — Working at home, An- gola, Indiana Karen Brokaw — Mrs. Russell Shire, Hud- son, Indiana Douglas Essenberg — U.S. Army Carolyn Berning — Working at Mayfair, Angola, Indiana Joy Feaser — Memorial Hospital School of Nursing, South Bend, Indiana Connie Brown — Memorial Hospital School of Nursing, South Bend, Indiana John Broxon — U.S. Air Force Lynda Gentry — Ball Memorial Hospital School of Nursing, Muncie, Indiana Chloe Gramling — Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana Ken Nagel, Jr. — Barber School, Toledo, Ohio Ben Bryan — U.S. Navy Janie Flegal — Mercy School of Nursing, Toledo, Ohio Gary Chapman — Arizona State University, Tempe, Arizona Tom Caswell — Redmond Company, Ango- la, Indiana Anita Chrysler — International Business Col- lege, Fort Wayne, Indiana Janice Converse — Mrs. Robert Baxter, Ho- bart, Indiana Larry Coblentz — D-X Station, Angola, In- diana John Burrell — International Harvester Company, Fort Wayne, Indiana Jerry Jack — Tri-State College, Angola, In- diana Rosemarie Sellinger — Redmond Company, Angola, Indiana Harriet Cook — Ball State Teachers College, Muncie, Indiana Thomas Philipp — Tri-State College, Ango- la, Indiana David Dent — DePauw University, Green- castle, Indiana Bud Crum — University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan Connie Crain — Texas Western College, El Paso, Texas Clayton Patterson — Lake Shore Marine, An- Angola, Indiana Tom Crain — Purdue University, West La- fayette, Indiana Mary Nagel — Mrs. Cleon Jackson, Angola, Indiana Janet Hart — Mrs. Larry Harrness, Metz, Indiana David Dygert — Tri-State College, Angola, Indiana Kitty Ferro — Working at Tri-State Col- lege, Angola, Indiana Joan Kolb— Weber College, Babson Park, Florida Connie Gary — Mrs. Larry Eyster, Secretary at Hendry Park School, Angola, Indiana Sharon Dodge — Mrs. Max Wolf, Hudson, Indiana Susanne Fisher — Redmond Company, An- gola, Indiana Rosalee Ford — Rocky Haven Restaurant, Fremont, Indiana Judy Glasgow — Indiana University, Bloom- ington, Indiana John Gibbeny — U.S. Air Force Imogene Potts — Mrs. Harold Hornbrook, Fremont, Indiana Sue Goodhew — Parkview Memorial School of Nursing, Fort Wayne, Indiana Peg Jarrard — Indiana University, Bloom- mgton, Indiana Lowell J. Johnson — International Harvest- er, Fort Wayne, Indiana Terry Johnston — U.S. Army Bruce Knox — Purdue University, West La- fayette, Indiana Barbara Griffiths — Ball State Teachers Col- lege, Muncie, Indiana Jean Griffin — Redmond Company, Angola, Indiana Herman Hantz — Elkhart University — Elk- hart, Indiana Willard McKinley — Redmond Company, Angola, Indiana Beverly Light — Telephone Oftice, Angola, Indiana Phyllis Harter — Warner Beauty College, Fort Wayne, Indiana Laura Rupert — Redmond Company, Ango- la, Indiana Bonnie Page — Butler University, Indiana- polis, Indiana Pfl;;f 0}ic Hundred Three Class of 1959 Al Hobson — Electric School, Fort Wayne, Indiana William McKee — Western Michigan Uni- versity, Kalamazoo, Michigan Tony Holtzman — U.S. Navy Lewis Newnam — Tri-State College, Angola, Indiana Jackie Lepley — Working at Irene Byron Sanitarium, Fort Wayne, Indiana Richard Moor — Bay Boats, Angola, Indiana Janice Delancey — Redmond Company, An- gola, Indiana Jeff McClelland — I n d i a n a University, Bloomington, Indiana Mary Jo Willis — DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana Ralph Hunt — Indiana University, Bloom- ington, Indiana Tom Myers — National Guard and Farming, Angola, Indiana Sandra Sailor — International Business Col- lege, Fort Wayne, Indiana Susie Sutton — Mrs. Dick Adams, Angola, Indiana Jerry Randolph — U.S. Army Jerry Threlkeld — Redmond Company, An- gola, Indiana Eileen Schaefter — -Indiana U n i v e r s i t v, Bloomington, Indiana Susie Steenerson — Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana Barbara Myers — Welfare Department, Fort Wayne, Indiana Sharon Musser — Redmond Company, An- gola, Indiana Susan Rathburn — Parkview Memorial Hos- pital School of Nursing, Fort Wayne, Indiana Tom Schmiege — Purdue University, West Lafayette, Indiana Jack Mitchell — Post Graduate work at A.H.S. Don Waymire — Ball State Teachers Col- lege, Muncie, Indiana David Stukey — Indiana University, Bloom- ington, Indiana Barbra Strite — BowHng Green University, Bowling Green, Ohio Janet Rowe — Redmond Company, Angola, Indiana Donna Reed — Telephone Office, Angola, Indiana Maribeth Powers — Mrs. Mike Green, Ed- gerton, Ohio Gordon Van Marter— Tri-State College, Angola, Indiana Tom Waters — U.S. Army Glenn Wilber— U.S. Navy Duane Ward — Glass House, Angola, Indi- ana Frank Noragon — Redmond Company, An- gola, Indiana THROUGHOUT THE YEAR TdP l;OW: Proiul I ' rt.sliinan Toinn, x .haiiips. Ctf Triini T..iiiiify thamps; Tlnx.- e ' e.s. Mr. llorin! SECOND ROW: Senior literature elass: Happy Birtlitlay. Elaine!; In the halls Ije- tween classes. THIRD i;OW: Y-Teeiis ileri, rating Christmas ti ee lancssi IM i i i.iinrl -npeiMsui- FOURTH Ri)W-. 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Smith ' s Music and Hobbies 526 Rippe Music Studio 543 NEWS STANDS: G K News Stand - - 200 OIL COMPANIES: Sheets Oil and Gas Corporation 66 OPTOMETRISTS: Dr. M. J. Blough 5 05-L Dr. R. " C. Snook 63 5 PAINT COMPANIES: Automotive Paint and Supply - 5 39 Reese ' s Paint and Wallpaper Store ....524 Patronize Our Advertisers Telephone PHOTOGRAPHERS: Gentry Photographic . .234 Kellett Studio, Orland Orland 9-3 631 PHYSICIANS: Compliments of Dr. M. M. Crum 333 SHOE STORES: Telephone Compliments of Dr. Knight L. Kissinger --26 1 The Bootery 904 Fashion Shoe Store 126 The Glass Slipper ......204-X SHOE REPAIR SHOPS: Louie ' s Shoe Repair Shop PLUMBERS: Selman Heating and Plumbing 71 PRINTERS: Steuben Printing Company Printer of this Annual 29 PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANIES: Northern Indiana Public Service Company -.- 14 RADIO EQUIPMENT AND PARTS: Lakeland Radio and TV Supply 7u REAL ESTATE DEALERS: Andrews and Harvey Realty 339-X Casebeer and Arnold, Real Estate Brokers 750 Ralph J. Steflfan, Realtor — Farm, City and Lake Property, Business Opportunities 238 Richardson Realty Service ....807 SIGNS: Mitchell Sign Service 94-L SKATING RINKS: Skateland, Marie and W. E. Best .. -. .-809-L SPORTING GOODS: Stohler ' s Sporting Goods and Hardware 627 Van ' s Sport Shop 109 STOCK YARDS: Johnson Stock Yard, Daily Market 593 TELEVISION SALES AND SERVICE: Arkwright ' s TV — Motorola TV and Radios .398 Mike ' s TV Sales and Service .915 Star Television Sales and Service 719 THEATRES: Brokaw Theatre, Inc. 11 Strand Theatre 63 RESTAURANTS: Angola Dairy Queen 408-R A W Drive-In, William H. Stych 8183-J Bassett ' s Restaurant 22 1 Brown ' s Ice Cream Cardinal Cafe 9 199 Christy ' s Coney Island 9156 Dixie Restaurant 684 Duke ' s Snack Bar 112-X Gay Barn 949 Morris Restaurant 5 1 North Wayne Restaurant 690 Sandy ' s Drive-In 698-L Top Hat Drive-In 801 Town House 82 5 Wellman ' s Grill ...9280 TIRE SALES: Newnam Tire Service 377 VARIETY STORES: Psi Iota Xi Bargain Bin WREATH COMPANIES: Rogers Wreath Company 24 YARDAGE STORES: Angola Yard Shop 108 The class greatly appreciates contributions from friends. fage One Hundred Nine AT ODD MOMENTS TOP ROW: Sixth grade toiiniey champs (now seniors); The line up— at the noon hoiirl: Mr. Avery. SECOND ROW: Future scientists— looking at an owl: Mike learns al:iout .iob open- ings: " Where ya oft to, Sam? THIRD ROW: Spanish students— and a pinata: Seniors— late as usual!: In the shop. Prt?c One Hundred Ten FROM HERE AND THERE TOP ROW: Having- a good time!: Jeff—!: Kari. SECOND ROW: Mike: Parties are fun: Studious Coach Hammel: The last bite, Fred?: Cliff Ryan— long ago: Juniors picking- out rings: Senior equestriennes: How- many Monstfrs, Elaine ' . ' Pane One HuiiJrcil Eleven Poems of Remembrance A SENIOR ' S FAREWELL Foygo tcii drcaiin of tijc frcshiium year, Sophomore crushes. . .junior tears, All of these and many more Are memories we shall adore. hniHiuerablc are all such things, From English I to steadies ' rings! All of these we shall caress Farewell, adieu, to A.H.S. — Pamela Beattv THE SENIOR YEAR The most important of years in school Is the one called " The Senior Year " We wait so long, and some shed a tear For then — all too soon — it ' s here. We cannot seem to stop the flying time In this last, busy " Senior Year. " Soon will come joy and sadness and fear — GradnatKjn tnne is near! — Sue Ulmer LOST DAYS Whi did they Where are the ' The joys, the s(ni-oHs, The laughter, the tears, The high scho(d days ice spent. Memories trcasiirej all through those years! They are left in glimpses of yesterdays, todays, and tomorrows. — Connie Hartley SENIOR REIGN Ml reigi) as a senior Will last but one short year, But when I leaie, I shall not fear, For life is but an open door That leads to higher things. 1 do not know the path I ' ll follow As through the door I go; But I will sadly leave my crown. As I shed my senior goiin To face the world and higher things. — Linda Howe MEMORIES ARE MADE OF THIS Quickly, oh how quickly, our senior year tcill end! And still if seems, we ' ve just begun but — We ' ll have memories to cherish. Class breakfasts, slumber parties, regionals, Macbeth, oing steady, FFi-Y and Y-Teen meetings, Iowa tests ' , and HOMEWORK!!! Then there ivere Key sales. Hornets, and mag sales; Let ' s face it, kids; there isn ' t a thing 60 ' s class couldn ' t sell Still, it seems, I shall never forget my first Prom and the day we ordered our class rings. And yet, we have senior day, the year book, The class trip, and graduation to anticipate. Though school is nearly over, these memories icill ahvays remain. Sorrows and happiness, A.H.S. I loved you! — Sharon Rowe REMEMBRANCE The dream has ended . . . Our high school days are over. We go now to face the world With happiness and hope shilling in our faces. And uncertainty of the future. But we leaie behind the memories Of our happy high school days That throughout the years ahead We ' ll never, neier forget. —Martha Wilder Pfl?f One Hundred Twelve A Memento And .IS we walked out of A.H.S. for one of the last times in our lives as seniors, we stopped to have this picture t.iken. Soon after we shall be sitting on the stage in our fluffy dresses and our best suits and be singing " Halls of Ivy " for our Senior Dav. We ' ll then dance till midnight at our last prom, " have a ball " at the all-night party, and speed to New York for a perfectlv marvelous trip. Then our beloved high school days will be all over! For as we walk p roudlv down the familiar aisle in our unfamiliar caps and gowns and receive our long-coveted diplomas, we realize that when we leave the building this time, we shall be alumni. This senior picture and our yearbook will be only memories — mementos of the happy days we spent at dear old A.H.S. P«,!jf One Hundred Thirteen Autographs Page One Hiiiuired fourteen Autographs Paf e One Humircd Fiffc Autographs Paof Out ' Hundrtd Sixteen Autographic Pa e One Hundred Setriifeeii Autographs Page One Hundred Eighteen Autographs Pa c One Humlrcd Nineteen Autographs Page One Hundred Twenty

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