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35 W .., , I' .Q ff x 3 1. -, X -'C' . ' K 's , 1 . r- A 'Z 1 1 1 R YYY XXx..' V V " W u , xy N L U' C c in , 1, ' 1 gs 5 3 - W 4 , ! V: 1 V N -Jig' XX 4 ,I 'K ' X S.: ir rin. .V '1 H7141 1.3 :,r. Il"'.1IN"!.1, IH' .4 Q- An-1.-rf--11, - A' -. 4 ' S : , , I4 li Bluff-2' lin'-Y-11 541.511 n li Ev I ' ISLIN' SEASON 5QORES Ilhrxn 94 An O13 -I-S Gurett Lxgwrmmur 43 An U11 26 New Haven Q nlumbm Cru -43 .-Xn ull 52 Dccstur , Qrvn,-min 35 Angola ,33 Fremont Q4 B.LIiCI' .-Xn Ula -H Kundallville -Q Nmuijq Xyhmlu- nf ,-Xngull 39 Avillg Biumun :H .Xu uh 41 Howe Nlilimry HUM, W TOURNFY SCORES fimilmki 3- 'Xu ull 42 Auburn 'Mg-dy,-A .S .Xn uh 33 lhrcnwnt 'Wgrrr j 36 The Numunk record is 9 won. 11 lon. 1, Q. 4 4-3 P? bm i K 'C X4 v -1 " "Q -I 3 3.1512 is lv 'Q' T011 1:f'1XY' .-Xl11111't l'111'ift5', I'1'11l1'1i'S 1!1111cf1S1r-y, 11111 11.111113 11.111 k1111x. .11111 S1111-1'l, Mil-ir 1'111'1iv1', 4'4Ii14'1l 11111114 S1-IVKINIP IUIXY' 51111111111 111z111:1:'1A1'. I1:1x'11 11i1'1'1111, .11111 1.-111-,1-H. 111114' 1':1:1-, I1111'l W1ls1111, 121111 l14'1:1'1111', 111111- T511-1 1'1:"N'1' 1-IUXX' .1p11k S11'iv1-, 111141111 .11111.I1, ,IQ-1'1'5' 5-111-11- 1iv'1, .IH1111 111.1w:111x, 1',111111- XXXLHI, ,111 U3 .Xhi-1 .X11 .X11 .5111 ,XI1 .X11 ,X11 .5111 .X11 '1'I1 V, 11,11 XY, 11:1 N11 X':1 1'-1 V11 "nz In' 111 111.21 11 II' 11111 1l:111v1f11lf1 111 ,,11 5111111111 114 M42 tw 511.1 :Ll I1 1121 11151, xx.. .1N11 .IZN1 ,ffdlll .1171 .lm .::xT .135 41s .2::11 .1117 ,jim ,411111 ,ISM ,I11111 ,IHHI -111111 r Q 0 Vw, s I IA ,vig 4 PQDZJ. r T i N 'Xt Us o,, il .6 RANK RHKY' Ivxiviul Ilyzert. .In-'k llollops-tim. lmyi-l lv-ut. I'--u I'-inf-rs, T--ni Flffuzil, .lorry llziiiilolpli, IM-ii Wiiyliiii-,-, imgifli Vlivi--k IH:'-ri Sl-21'1vNIv IIUXY, Hoi, ln-1,1-nu. T1-in XY:ii+4i-. Twin wus-ns. Miki- I:--1-se. T-im 1'r4iin. ll--rmzin Ilnnlz. I!-il: M-'llri-li, 'larry' Vliziliiiiaii. l"llUNT IZHXY' ijniwlii- Vain 3l:il't:-r, limi-l l'ii1iii, Iilll Mili.-e Baseball Angola had a perfect season this year with 11 wins and no losses. The team did very well in bringing home three trophies, one for coming out with the best average in summer play, the second for having the best record for fall play, and the third for winning the play-oifs at the end of the regular season play. Angola started od with one of their toughest opponents, Ashley. In a close game, Angola eame out on top with a score of 4-3. For the second game Angola went to Butler and won 7-3. Next Angola played host to Fremont and snowed the Eagles under 12-3. Then Angola slaughtered Ham- ilton 23-U in a five inning game at Hamilton. Angola then traveled to Orland where after 7 innings the seore was tied 3-3. The game went into extra innings and the tinal seore found Angola on top I4-3. Angola played Riverdale next on the Pleasant Lal-ae diamond. Angola walked over River- dale 14-l. Angola then went to Salem Center for another shut out game of 14-U. The Hornets then defeated NVaterloo on the Pleasant Lake diamond 7-3. Angola won its last regularly seheduled game by downing lflint 9-1 on the Angola diamond. ln the play-oil games Angola dropped River- dale 9-V and Butler beat Ashley IU-3. Angola then played Butler at Pleasant Lalie and won the deciding game 16-3. Chuelt Dygert was the eoaeh. Ja. A 4 rw Ks S!-:Z - W sf: X H N1 Y . s 5 5 Football Highlights Football uniforms were issued to over one hundred boys, in grades 7, S, 9. and 10, on August 14, and the lirst practice under the hot summer sun began on August 15. As this was the first year of actual competition with other schools, enthusiasm ran high. At the start of the season Coach johnson had over forty varsity boys eager to begin the season's play. The first game with Kendallville there was lost in .1 real heartbreaker 7-6. The first home game. with Auburn, was feted with a parade, bands, and all the trimmingsg however the boys came out on the wrong end of a 15-O score. The Garrett power- house then rolled over the team with a score of 35-0. ln spite of this, however, the Hornets held a fine New Haven team to a 20-13 victory in their next game. The Hornets got on the trail to victory by taking revenge on Auburn to the tune of 19-13. The final game of the season saw Angola winning .1 20-7 victory over the Howe Military Cadets. Nlr. Johnson and his stall of coaches, Mr. Hammel, Mr. Sapp, Mr. Cable, and Mr. Nesbitt, felt that the boys had .1 fine season, when we take into consideration that this was their first season of competition. s. All Mx. lv Angola Competes in EIAC Angolfs membership in the Northeastern lndiann Athletic Conference became effective in September, 1998, when we began competi- tion in sports with other schools in the con- ference. These sports included baseball, bas- ketball. trick, cross country .ind golf. Foot- bull competition will be extended to Angola in the fall of 1960. Schools now composing the NEIAC include Columbia City, New Haven, Decatur, Bluff- ton, Garrett, Kendnllville, Concordia, Auburn, Elmhurst and Angoh. Membership is restrict- ed to schools that can qualify in high school .ithletics both in tiziining .ind in facilities and equipment. 5 li.-Xl'K RHXV: Philip Piw-sifiii, Sum lvirrim. Brin-.4 Ainlffrsori, llaviil Sfl'Ull, ,lini Silwrt, Hairy' Knox. Ri-:er Sailor. Vmivli .loliiison, l,eiwiy Viilvlv, Rin-liaril Porter, Hill llzrili-y, .lolin Se-llgri-ii, llill Viale, Toni .lzxni1:S, I'liI'1' Hyun. SIGVHNIP RHNY: Terry .XrkWri:lit, lfrziiii-is .Inlin- slwn, l-'rzink Aiis1v:i1lg'li, Mikie Vzirli--r. 'I'-lin lmiiglziss, llzinnx' Mitvliell, Inirry Sun-lily. .lm-k Ili-rli.-ii, Don XYilsoii, lliwliziiwl Rlnxwi-ll, lfairl XYilsiin, Hairy Pu:-'. lmvi- Tyler, I'll1'N'I' IUDXY' .KIM-rt I'liri:stx', .li-rry S--lif-nkel. T-ini Vrislzis. liill llritlitus, .I-llin Morain. Mil-R+-3' Hull-5. .lim Inixigii-y, Glenn .Iii-mln, Miki- Sf-:'l'zixws, .Iolin Hl:is:iiw, .liivl-c Strii-1, Imxw- llIl'l'llll, lmxw ICIT, In-+1 Xl'illi:iins, Blur. in 5 "lY"C ,f 'ip -. 4 I v"'4. TNI' RHXY l'1Iuli:' Wuvil, .Iziinee Inn-Itwell. Ilruiiw- Ihiiiiwliiiziii, .Iini I':irltei', I'Zi'1ii'e lxiw-x 44--ii Xl ull li llli In lslgugq' lguxx 411---in liniiis-mu, ,I--1'1' livier, .Ir-ri-3' HwI'r'lii:in. Mike Stulil--r, .lzivli lliillnyii-it-1' NHT l'l1"l'l'I'Ll-Ill' liviiii Hfllllwiiiu, llill 1'1':-ily. ross Countr Cross Country was started again last fall after being discontinued for one year. The four boys who answered the hrst call were Bruce Boardman, jim Parker, Bruce Knox and Bill Crotty. This group worked under various handicaps for 11 time, attempting to increase the number in the team, find a suitable place to practice, and schedule meets with other sehools, Arrangements were made to work out at Poltagon State Parlt and the team grad- ually grew to twelve members. This year Angola ran just three meets besides the sectional. The boys who rep- resented the school in the sectional were: Bruce Boardman, Oreie Routsong, Lynn Routsong, Hill Lrotty, jim Rockwell, Alim Parker, and Bruce Knox, The team was coached by Mr. Milhollin. RFI? 'si' f ,, , :M 4 -1 s.,, 4. 14 'L 5 '4 2 1 ' f , , 'sm Qi.. .1 ' ' , it FW 4' Q 5 2 KYT: lil: ' f . ,E 1 fy . .' ft Q -, 4 Track Angola had a mediocre track season last spring. The first meet was held April 1. 1958, at Kendallville. The score was Kendallville 7112, Avilla 3315, Angola 32. The Angola team then traveled to XVaterloo and suffered another loss with the score of XVJ- terloo 5712, Butler 4915, Angola 2912. On April 11, Angola held its first home meet on the new track and football field. In a close battle Angola defeated Butler with a score of 5422 to 5413. In the follow- lowing meet Angola bowed to Garrett 92-17. Angola played host to Auburn and Avilla April 28. The score was Auburn 8912, Angola 32, Avilla 1512. On May 1, Angola held its third meet at home. The Hornets overpowered a weaker LaGrange team with a score of 66--13. Angola then held its final home meet March 6. In a very close meet Howe nudged out Angola 5-15 7-54 2 7. In the final meet of the season Angola traveled to Columbia City. The score showed Columbia City the vic- tors with 6713 points, Angol.1 scoring -1312 points, and LaGrange 26 points. Gary Grirlith placed second in the pole vault at the sectional. He was the only Hornet to go to the regional. Mr. Nesbitt did a fine job coaching the track team last springg he was assisted by Mr. Johnson. The class of '59 says "thanks" to both of these men for their patience and hard work. 'FUI' RHXY: Mr. Nr-sl-lit, liriifw- li--zii'i1m:1i1. 1v:ix'-- Inu:-rt, limi 1"riiiii. Jwfl' 11'-it-V. .Tfflin rlililn-ily. Ii:ix.- In-nt, 11111 Iniili-i, Gary' Knox. S1im'1'rN11 IIHXY. liziry 121:41-. .I'-rry Svli--nlci-1. llviailie XYQH'-1. .lim 11-if-liwell, 111-rinain Uuntx. .lanif-s 1'zirkwi'. Tom S+-Iiniie-ui-, 1'1iI'I' llxain. Alike 1':ir1i--r, 11:ir1 XYllSl'11. VIZHNT IUPNY: .1-'lun Mi-1-1111, 'I'vrri' A1'li1X1'1Lfl11. I..-roi' 1211111-. liarry Slllhlilf, llriii-if linux, ,lar-li 171-rlieli, Flilllll Pliilipp, Milk.-5' llailfy. V I ' ,K 17 5 ' . .V U A ' l . 1. l ' A 'fi . ' P A ' ' 1 F ' A ,, 1 "j.:i.... .W ,- tt , K 1 . 1. . ,-3 . t V 1' 4 5 1 J 13? p 5 5 1 a A A , -.-.,, A X ' ti 'C F' r - Q . ' rl li A .go i s 1 ' 1 ' f y I It :Q " ' A H ' 'Q . wifi. -Apl WWA ff -' . -' -. Y ' K- -M V 1 Wi' iii?-M . .1 Page Om' Hzzmfrml Tlvrvu I .Lfrf XI-Vliflliiii-I, Flor-li-' Yun fllnrlf-r. llriiiw- .Xiimlel'smi, S11-vw Kin:.1', GPQIWIO Tiilvny, I 1. i- li Lim if-ii Tli wins an Tlx x ille. 'flu fats' .Nl ,i i' llLl IAH '-X-' Golf e fiolf team completed its tiftli season last spring, 1958, with a record of 2 tl 4 losses. e ,golf team played Cailunibia City, Loneortlia, Garrett, Harlan, and Kendall- e first meet was lieltl at C,olun1luia Lity April 20, Angola tlefeatccl Columbia but lost to Caineortlia. xXnIi4ol.1 played at liome on tlae Lalic llarnes Golf Course 7, and was flefeatetl lay Kendallville and Ciarrett. Angola then traveled to Au- liere tlaey tlefeatetl llarlan in a eluel meet. On May IZ, Angola tlcfexltcnl Con- enrtlia on tlie lal.e Iames fiolf Course. Un .Nlay I7., tlie Moll' Sectional was laeltl at tlie Iirooliwootl Coll' Course in llort lifaxrie, f,eritral faitliolit' .intl Kulsomo tietl for first place. Ilit- term riiemlvqrs inelutletl fiortlie Van Marter, Bruce lioardnian, David Mac- l ivljwn 'limi fintlirie, .tml llavitl Sltilaey. Tlie eoacli was -lolin llammel. llfffffif f lf .ln llrayton is tlie eoaeli for lliis spring season. AH! X- , lf' A Q .5 'X 4 ,,,4m.-- .f W X A I a 1'. 3, I. 115 -0- , . Q, 1 A 1 'f . , : . A X q 3 , av, ,cgv,..4v !'! x '. ' 5 5 99 X , .Qf,.Q ' : ' X A f ' 1, XXX X 9 5- , 1-' X X"- Q: 5 lg ' if I ,. ,X I .IX I of Tomorrow . Steps to Sportsmanship Side Steps f A I A- l f 'X xrri , A 5. .1 - Y E. 29, Sh-H FACULTY Ihzgqf CLASSES PIIIQI' U ACTIVITIES Ilzgf -ts SPORTS Ihftqf- xc PIIQI' S Class of 1957 Judy Braman-NVorking in Fort XVayne, Indiana Maurice Barlett-Tri-State College. Angola. Indiana Rav Brown-Tri-State College. Angola, Indiana Catherine Broxon-School of Nursing, St. joseph Hospital, Fort Xvayne, Indiana Mike Erickson-Indiana University, Bloom- ington, Indiana Alvin Eatinger-Shell Station, Angola, In- diana Jean Crain-Michigan State University. East Lansing. Michigan Paul DeRosa-Notre Dame University. South Bend, Indiana Louis Chiricotti-U.S. Army Sharon Crain-Mrs. David Field, Angola, Indiana Carol Collins-Mrs. John Campbell, An- gola, Indiana Tom Priest-Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan Connie Dygert-Mrs. A n ton Cather, Bloomington, Indiana jim Maxwell-Valparaiso University, Val- paraiso, Indiana Larry Eyster-Produce Manager of Kroger Store, Angola, Indiana LaNIar Brown-Tri-State College, Angola, Indiana Vanda Musser-Mrs. jack Landis, Angola, Indiana Judy Brown-Working in Fort W'ayne, In- diana Bonnie Gary-Mrs. Larry Deller, Home- stead, Florida Phil Rorick-ILS. Army Dave Grithn-U.S. Army Nancy Wood-Indiana University, Bloom- ington. Indiana Gaylon Myers-U.S. Coast Guard Margaret Iiield-Kaiser! Foodland, Angola, Indiana Gary Iorbes-Taylor University, Upland, Indiana ,Ion Holtzman-Indiana University, Bloom- ington, Indiana Kenneth llullinger-Uh, Army jerry llart-US. Marine Corps f ic' llurzilml S11 Tom Hotfman-Ball State Teachers Col- lege, Muncie, Indiana Janice Laird-Mrs. Phillip Snyder, New York, New York Allen Kunkel-U.S. Air Force Dean Harter-Tri-State College, Angola, Indiana Barbara Rondot-Mrs. Robert Shupinka. Berwyn, Illinois Bob Lowther--Moriarty Pole Builders, Inc., Angola, Indiana Raymond German-XVorking, Angola, In- diana .ludy Fair-Mrs. Gail Brauchla, Angola, In- diana Bill Johnson-Holtzman Hatchery, Angola, Indiana janet Hantz-Working in Kalamazoo, Michigan Sharon McLeland-Public Library, Angola, Indiana Dick Finch-U.S, Marine Corps Doug Sharrow-Bowling Green University, Bowling Green, Ohio Marcia Short-Mrs. Jack Davis, Angola, Indiana Bill Sheets-Vlforking in Florida Lucinda Newnam-At home, Angola, In- diana Tony Romero-U.S. Air Force john Shaw-Indiana University, Blooming- ton, Indiana Richard Steinke-U.S. Navy Richard Servis-U.S. Air Force Jim Wyatt-U.S. Army Gene Weicht-Weicht Funeral Home, An- gola, Indiana Ronnie Wuest-U.S. Marines Judy Trich-Potawatomi Inn, Angola, In- diana Bill Stoneciphcr-U.S. Navy Phillip Wilson-U.S. Army jean Wicoff-Milligan College, Johnson City, Tennessee jim Hildebrand-Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio Ken Williamson-U.S. Air Force john Williamson-Ted's Men's Store, An- gola, Indiana Margaret Williamson-Mrs. Dale Cham- pion, Angola, Indiana Steve Mansfield-U.S. Air Force lass of 1953 Jean Albright-Indiana University, Bloom- ington, Indiana Dick Baade-Purdue University, LaFayette, Indiana Keith Beechy-U.S. Army Janis Brand-NX'orking at Moore Business Forms, Angola, Indiana Anne Burns-Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois Rosalyn Burton-Cincinnati Bible Insti- tute, Cincinnati, Ohio Sylvia Butler-Butler University, Indiana polis, Indiana Jerry Byers-U.S. Army Pat Collins-Mrs. Douglas Curtiss, Angola, Indiana Dale Dailey-Tri-State College, Angola, Indiana Karen Day-Studying Beauty Culture, Hammond, Indiana Richard Day--At Home, Fremont, Indiana Janet Deming-Mrs. Henry Firnhaber, St. Joe, Michigan Barbara Detar-Kaiser's Foodland, Angola, Indiana Steve Dickmeyer -Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana Linda Eatinger-Mrs. Roy Ritter, Sturgis, Michigan Robert Eff-Rogers Drug Store, Angola, Indiana Jerry Fast-U.S. Marines John Fiandt-Ball State Teachers College, Muncie, Indiana Janean Freed-Mrs. Gene Craft, Angola, Indiana Beverly Greenamyer-Mrs. Ray Shiltz, New Philadelphia, Ohio james Griem-U.S. Army Gary Grithth-Purdue University, LaFay- ette, Indiana Tom Guthrie-Purdue University, LaFay- ette, Indiana Sharon Herendeen-Mrs. Lynn Huss, An- gola, Indiana June Kelly-At home, Angola, Indiana Steve Knox-Purdue University, LaFayette, Indiana john Keller-U.S. Army Ann Kugler-Telephone Oiiice, Angola, In- diana Norma Law-Stephens College, Columbia, Missouri David MacFadyen-Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, Massachusetts jack Miller-U.S. Marines Patti Pettit-NY'orking in Chicago, Illinois June Priest-Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan Bob Prior-XVeatherhead, Angola, Indiana Nancy Randolph-Ball State Teachers Col- lege, Muncie, Indiana Barbara Raney-Rogers Drug Store, An- gola, Indiana Karen Reese-Manor Beauty Shop, Angola, Indiana John Rorick-M.inn's Body Shop. Angola. Indiana Barbara Rowe-University of Illinois, Ur- bana, Illinois Mary Schrider-University of Kentucky. Lexington, Kentucky Beth Selman-St. Mary's College, South Bend, Indiana Carol Skove-Nvestern Michigan College, Kalamazoo, Michigan Ann Slanina-Catherine Dress Shop, An- gola, Indiana Eddie Smith-I-Iamma Feed Store, Angola. Indiana Dave Southern-University of Miami, Mi- ami, Florida jane Strong- J o u r n a l-G a z e t t e, Fort W'ayne, Indiana Donna Somerlott-Redmond Factory, An- gola, Indiana Sandy Van NVagner-Mrs. Bernard Rose. Fremont, Indiana jim Xvalcutt-U.S. Navy Jean XY'illibey-Purdue University, Lafay- ette, Indiana Bill Xvright-Ball State Teachers College. Muncie, Indiana Pngi' Om' Hlllliil' 1 Patronize Our Advertisers Telephone ABSTRACTS: Gooclale Abstract Company ,,,, .,,..... . 151 AUTOMOBILE DEALERS: Imported Motors Inc. Economy. Sports, and Luxury Cars ,..,,....... Steuben County Automobile Dealers' Assn. 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XY'estinghouse Appliances ,,,,,, ,,,... ., 246 GARAGES: - Al Lonsbury's Garage and XVrecker Service JSO Shorty's Machine Shop ,, , GROCERY STORES: August Food Market, Pleasant Lake Kaiser's Foodland Super Market I Lake Side Grocery, Lake james Model Food Market , ass Pl. Lake 26:2 me S ,WSIS9-sl ,389 llllqi' Om' IIIIIIJVCI, Nun Patronize Our Advertisers GIFT SHOPS: Telephone Fred Smith, Gifts and Greeting Cards ,,.. ,.,.. 9 0 GRAIN ELEVATORS: Strock's Elevator, Hudson ..., ...Ashley 26 GUN SHOPS: Compliments of Bill's Gun Shop ,,,, ,, ,,,,,,,, 908 HARDXVARE STORES: Gamble Store ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,t.,,,,, , 466 Hudson Hardware, Hudson ,,,..., ,, Ashley 57 Moores Hardware, Pleasant Lake , Pl. Lake 3105 Seagly Brothers, Hardware, Appliances Bulk and Bottled Propane Gas Service ,a,,,, 208 NVilliamson BL Co. Hardware ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 169 HATCHERIES: Holtzman Hatchery ,. HEATING SUPPLIES: Howard Dodge SL Son, Premier Heating, Pleasant Lake , ,,,, Pl HOME EQUIPMENT STORES: Hosack's. Since 1915 Electrical Appliances . HOTELS: Hotel Hendry ,. , INSURANCE AGENCIES: .Iacoh Insurance Service ,, , Nagel Insurance Agency JEXVELERS: Lieehty Jewelry Tuttle's Jewelry KIDDIE SHOPS: Kiddy Korner Lucilleis Kiddie Shoppe :fe Um' llmnfred Ten .........705 Lake 2 954 ,106 , 38 102 , 2,8129-Y 322 , 35 675 , 313 LAUNDRIES: City Laundry and Dry Cleaning ,,.,,,, LUMBER COMPANIES: Angola Lumber Co. ,,,,,,,,,,...,,, , Daniel Shank Lumber Co. MOTELS: Lakeland Court, Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Thorp , Tri-State Motel ..............,........,.... XVebster Motel .,,,,,,,.. ,....,. MUSIC SHOPS: J. Smithis Music and Hobbies Rippe Music Studio ........,..... - .,......., NEWS STANDS: G Sc K News Stand ,,....,, OPTOMETRISTS: Dr. M. LI. Blough , Dr. R. C. Snook PAINT COMPANIES: Telephone ,,...,...532 ,,.......117 26 , 8191-X .........83l ,........526 ..........543 .,.......2O0 .,..505-L ,,...,,.,635 Economy Wfall Paper and Paint Company ..I, 272 Reese's Paint and Wiillpaper Store ., PHOTOGRAPHERS: Cline's Picture Shop , Gentry Photographic ., ....,... .. Moreland's Modern Portraits , PHYSICIANS: Compliments of Dr. M. M. Crum ,,,, Compliments of Dr. Knight L. Kissinger PLUMBERS: Selman Heating and Plumbing , ,, Herschell Deller 86 Son, Plumbing, Heating and Electrical ., .,... . 10 N234 ..100 ,, ..... 333 , M261 , 72 , H191 Patronize Our Advertisers Telephone PRINTERS: Reflector "Your Friendly Shopper" XV. A. Honett, Publisher , ,,,7,,,7 ,, 163 Steuben Printing Company Printer of this Annual , , , . 29 PROPANE GAS: North State Sales, James Baker , . 89 PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANIES: Northern Indiana Public Service Company 14 RADIO EQUIPMENT AND PARTS: Lakeland Radio and TV Supply REAL ESTATE DEALERS: 70 Casebeer and Arnold, Real Estate Brokers ., H750 Ralph J. Steffan, Realtors, Farm City, and Lake Property, and Business Opportunities RESTAURANTS: A SL XV Drive-In, XVilliam H. Srych , Bassettis Restaurant ,,,,,,,,,, H ,,,,,,, ,,,,, , , Cardinal Cafe ,, ,,,, , ,,,,,,,,,,, , H Christy's Coney Island Dixie Restaurant ,,,,, , Duke's Snack Bar , ,,,,,,,, , Mayfair Restaurant ,,,,,,,,, Morris Restaurant ,,,,,,,, , , North NVayne Restaurant ,, , Palace Restaurant ,,,,,, , ,, Sandy's Drive In , , , Top Hat Drive In ,,,, Town House H , ,H238 177-X N221 , 9199 . 9156 M684 112-X H9293 51 ,,,,690 .9290 698-L ,,,,801 ,WSZS Varsity Cafe ,,,,..,, ,, ,,,,,, 9195 NVellman's Grill , H ,,,,, 9280 SCRAP METAL DEALERS: Norm Bossell's Standard Iron and Scrap Metal Co., Auburn ,,,,, , , ,,,,, Auburn 848-XV SHOE STORES: The Bootery ,,,,,,, ,, , ,,,,, 904 Fashion Shoe Store ,,,,,., 126 Telephone SHOE REPAIR SHOPS: Angola Shoe Repair Shop Louie,s Shoe Repair Shop SIGNS: Mitchell Sign Service ,,,,,,, 594-L SKATING RINKS: Skateland, Verl and Lurline Holly, Props. ,, , 809-L SPORTING GOODS: Stoliler,s Sporting Goods and Hardware 627 Van's Sport Shop ,,,,..,, .. .. ., ., ,, 109 STOCK YARDS: johnson Stock Yard. Daily Market ,,,,,,,, S95 TAXI STANDS: Courtesy Cab, Avis-Rent-a-Car ,,,,,,,, ,296 TELEVISION SALES AND SERVICE: Arkwright's TV, Motorola TV and Radios ,,,, Mikeis TV Sales and Service ,, Star Television Sales and Service TI-IEATRES: Brokaw Theatre . Strand Theatre ,,,, TIRE SALES: Newnam Tire Service TRUCKING COMPANIES: Expressways, Inc. , ,, XVREATI-I COMPANIES: Rogers XVreath Company ,..,, , YARDAGE STORES: Angola Yardage Shop , 39S 915 , 719 ,, 11 ,63 ., 377 S 24 103 Page Om' Hzlllifrmf Elm 1 X 5 -wr.-,.,..-..1 X: -M ,su H 1 , t 5 x ' I . ,X-." , 1 ' ' ' so t Q ' A- 5 K S. st st.. ' 'X' ' f sw-, - g- 1 a,-.dal , 1 .- , - " NWN.. y '. Q ,,,,., X W Lf' WV A, .:' "M s fi f ' ""Wg-A: . , t -l5i,tswi'f"'a"' ' ' '. t uf!-' ' QNX' T ' 1 7' :.,, - "" f 1 Q im .. Hendr Park chool Hendry Park is Angola's very new and very modern school building. The high school athletic department, track, football and basketball teams have used some of its facilities. The spacious all- purpose hall has been the location of a number of social activities for the high school students. It has been the scene of proms, parties and other programs. The beautiful halls and classrooms at Hendry Park are also a joy to behold. Pleasant Lake chool The Pleasant Lake School building is the one where many of our present students attended their first years of high school. lt holds many wonder- ful memories for them. This year our freshman basketball team held practices in the Pleasant Lake gymnasium and that means much to these boys and their coach. 5 , i . 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TZ11' 111fz'i1'1' of Mr. Sf111'k 1111111 1111.1 111111155 fv1'1'11 11 f11'111'1111 of figfvf in J11111' ffm' 11115 fn x111'1'1'.xsg 111111 lll,l'I1l,l'l,l' ll 11 111'1'11'- mf 11 Z7l'1f7fll.Q f111111f, ffn' l1'.11f1'1'xf1jj1 of Tlllll, C!llIlIf4', 11111f C?Ul'lljL' f111x f21'U11 ffu' i11xf1i1'11fin11 ff1111' 11'11x 1'1'xj11111sif1f1' for 0111' f1'i1111zj1l1. WH' sI111'1'141'fj ffhlllk 51111. P11Nq1' Xim' FACIIHY Steps Of Guidance . , , . . . C.: '. 'I . . . . '. . . . 'a I. '.g. . . . ., ... . . . . .,... '- '- . ., . . . . . . . '-I-Z'. 'l'o'l . . ., . . . -.g. . ur uperintendent The man with the big smile and the cheerful word is a good description of our superintendent, Mr. Boomershine. He has always been the first to commend us for a job well done or perhaps guide us if we undertook a dirlicult task. NVe wish to ex- press our appreciation for all his help along the way. ecretaries An etlieient secretary and friend in the othce is Fdith Kunkel. XVheneyer we need- ed a pass or perhaps some information on school affairs, she has always been on hand to help us OLII. Our thanks to her for all her help throughout our four years of high school. The sparkling personality and bright smile which belong to the second of our secretaries. Phyllis Ott, have helped to make our final year in high school a more enjoy- able one. Her cheerfulness and helpful suggestions have been a great help to us. ur Principal A friendly "Hello, come on inn was sure to greet us at the door of "Mac's,' oiiice. XY'hether it was a personal problem or per- haps a question about a class project, his words of counsel have always aided much. XY'e sincerely thank you for all your help during our four years of high school, Mr. Nlccutchan. .f X, X. Board of Education finances, school curriculum, and school policy are just a few of the many problems our erhcienr board of education deal with in their monthly meet- ings. Because of the consolidation with Pleasant Lake their duties have been increased. but they have continued to work in the same commendable man- ner ro make our school life and that of our new stu- dents a happy and protitable one. We the Senior Class of 1059, wish to thank them. The members of the board are: Heyinan NYisner. Klack Yan Auken. Roscoe Xedele. Paul Strock. Robert Berkes, Harold Stevens. and Carlton Chase, - N .wa- Y . Wx. , Our gixulc schnul principll, MR. R.-XTHBURN. ruguixms' YlNiIU1AN. liotli old .md young, in liis -irfiku ,II Hendry l,.1I'lx. Hu is ncvci' Luo busy tu give .im cinuuixigiug xyuiml to everyone. MR. DYGERT .md MR. BERNHARDT scru- tinizc some pliysics equipment tlmcy will use next liour. Facult YIRN. lxll l, uiulius up mi mln- l.iu-sr spurls iicws 'ii .1 -.uiixi-i's.1L1uii with NIR. Xl-lSIil'I"I' .iml MR. ll XXV-ll l. ir must lw gfuril if wc iudgc by tllc Yml, HH llltil' f.1x.L'N, ll!! ..4 ,. ' Q. . , , , T. " 2 8 lin! if NIR. lJRUClRANlll.l,lfR l1.1s just mimuogillplicnl some questions for .1 liistory lust. MR. KIOHNSON .ind NIR. ST.-XLKMAN lmvu joined him to uxclmngc jokes. fi I o ! NIR. NIILHLYLLIN .ind MR. BRAYTON relax Possibly the complicated macliine in tlie back- in the urliee to pass the time of day before liistory ground is the topic of eonx'ers.1tion for MR. and lfnglisli elasies start. XY'EfXRl.Y and MR. HUHNSUN. both uf tlie intlux- irial arts department. Faculty NIISS SHULTZ and MRS. CLINE engage in an MR. MYERS ix interested in tlie progresx uf NIR. after selwnl discussion of the English work. XY'atcl1 CABLIT5 Algebra l claw. out, comma apliees and dangling participles! X 4? 1.44 ima- Iliff i 111: ws ' A DESIGNERS 1, RETOUCHERS fort W engraving f' O M 9 L E T E PWHTINV PLME Y' I .f M I .. J :GH fume 1-.Dura S E P 1 I C E Z.!f 1' Yo i X ,4- NIISS SIYISOLIU .md MISS ULIZRY have buai- Something is funny, but NVC,I'C not sure whether new in rhe- uilice. lt must lWCPlC.1N.lI1fQ they'1'e all it has to do with music, art, or English-MR. Nmilw. NICHOLS, MR. PORTER, .mul MR. SEIGEL. Facult Xlli. IG,XRIiIJl'l I. .md NIR. LONDON .irc MRS. CLARK discusses some problem in science miqlil-im iii the N ulh emi uf mln- upper lull of with MRS. LVBRIEN, the school nurse. .x.ll.S., xi it - can in rli l'-ii fir uJI'I"L'I'N,1f1UH em tu get tugcthci' for .1 me F- Ei ,,., l x s if MW . f V , .:'-,:..p.,:f -f .mf- 1,:+ 5 Jig, .wp 5'1r5ig.V- - x,,.q1g,-mf. .fri-zj',1f.... i W ,. . A ,, . .. ,,,,....,, , , :fwvzi 71' i -K - 1: -ivy? I1 V if 1'-ii Xfl FH li-.17 - ir -qi ,, . 'AQOW . . igi if' sw. MR. THOMPSON pauses on hir way from the Arixinging flowers is one of those little extizis in study lull to clmt with MRS. ROUSH, who is housekeeping. MRS. BUSH dernonxtixitei the .1rt. probably going to .1 health class. Faculty MISS UHLMAN pays .1 visit to MRS. THEN- Playing .iecompaniments is one of the numerouy NEPOHL in the home economies room. Probably duties NIR. GODLEVSKI fulhlls .is muaie instruct- films are to be ordered, or. Susie Steeneraon i5 working lurd. IK, Pilxqi' Si'1i'a1li'rr1 3. :1 df NIR. VAX TUYI. may be suggesting to Mary MR. XVEARLY explains u detail in ll mechanical Slanina some of the many uses for geometry in drawing problem to Mike Parker. ex'eryd,ii' life. just how these Spanish projects should be dis- During first hour study hall MR. MYERS looks played for the school exhibit is the topic of discus- on as Don NY'aymire locates some important facts. sum for MISS Rlilgll and Marilyn Young. .., XX 1 Jr 4' 'Z Y' V -a 'J-. h , , ' ' kj 1' I E LQ N ' f-f:JNng,. ' -X T ' .Q' N ' U 5' .:'- ' I xl . f ' f X 1 ' . Q Y K . I ll fill ll M45 ,7 4. X 5-.QA 1 X , 4 if x .o id V! MR. JOHNSON and MR. RATHBURN ex- Our faithful custodians, LESTER SHELTON cliange .1 hurried word in the middle hall. Everyone CARLTON ERXVIN. and HARRY SOXVLF ut has just arrived for tlie morning session of classes. gathered around the desk in a basement room. Tlitir duties are legion and book work is one of tliem ur Bus Drivers Our faitliful bus drivers are a very definite part of our seliool. Tliey are always on liand to take students to and from scliool in all kinds of weather over all kinds of roads. Tlie students' safety is in tlieir liands. Hats otf to tlicm! TMI' HHXX' Aliln-, Mi-. Il--l--ii l.1iinviiii-11-i', Mil liluini- lnliiviiw-sl, lu-ni:--Ili il-frinziii. ,Ioliii 'I'Iiriis1i. FIIHNT IIHXY, N--rris In-liniziii, Hr.: Ali-Vlisli, Iwiw-ii Dix-- Ilulu-llr. NHT I'll"I'Vl1l-II' Hollis I-'islivig In-XY:iXi..A Ilixiiiixili ham v, s wr . Vi' 'xii-ii 4IiIliiii Nilsiiii, -flxw, li line,-ii, Iliiiy 4. i .4 Q 3 g . HASSES Steps To Knowledge I 's n , x 1 M K4 J Y xxxrinf. 1 I . Y, 1, . k e 5 K '. X ,-,. . . 1 I 1 KAREN EILEEN BEECHY Jimi- I' I'l1iY Slnuw- Vrew, III: SI-niwi' Play Vast, IV: High Svhi--Il I'IIUII'. II. IV: VIII-III Sf-xtet, IY1 I'.T.A.. II1 -rii--I Sufi, Assistant Editing IY: Key Stuff, Assistant liiitwr, IY. Tliiw-e Une--Act Plays Stage Urmv, II: Three Hur-A-'I Plays Ifusl, I, III, IV: Nzitiminl 'I'1iespizui Susie- U II, IV. Bun-I I-IV: Hi'vIivst1'z1. III: 1'iistrivt SIIIIYI and Iiisviiihlf Iwiitz-sr, I-IV, State, I. II: IxlIEc'I'I6'1IClt'I', III, . Y-Tr'-ns, II-IV: ILA..-X., II: Blziy Quee-n's Cnurt. II: vim' AIIIIIIIII-gy IW-lite-st, II: Essay Antliiilngy Vwiite-st, Il IIIsI1'l+-I ILIIAY. VI-iitest, I-IV, Slate, 1-IV. ALLEN ALAURA TIN:--Q 011+--AI I I'I1u' Cust, II: I'rI-ss 1"III1iit1'3', II: nt- IIIE-I A.HS, until s+--:-I1i1l seiiit-su-1' uf IV. UIIJY ANN VEASIZR .II-iff I'I.' Slum- VII-v.', III, SI-ni'I' I'l:uy SIJIIJI- ' I'.' II.: SIII1fwI"IIwIl, III, IV. I",'I-A, I-III. K14' ' If 'I'I.I'I 'III'-.XII I'III',s Htsugi. :'iw'xx', III, IV: IIIII 'I I-7II:III Sw-I-I , IY, III IIIIIIIIII-ml'-s SIJIIT, I, II 'I'-'I'--D: -, II-I'.' .IIIIIIIII Vlzissiwil I,f:I:IIII, I-IY, I-Isszny "fIv,1. I III IZHX' IUIIIII-1-I, IIIfIY. pcmxli-, II. Isicowm' III I'.' ,-'bww' f'I'- III-IV SI-IIIIII' I'l:I'I' Hinuf' I I. I 'I' IX' ICI- Slzull, IV, 'I'IIl'w- IHII'-AVI yn, I - 4- III III IJIIIIIIIIHI 'I'IIf-sgimii S1Iv'IIAtv, gf I I I I IIIIIII-uri, I III.-IIIII S-III. N' Iilnsf-IIIIIIII I If, IIIIIIIIIIIII--7 ,-VIII, II, YA'I'f-4-vis, I-IVL I ,- -:II I,f.I:II.., Liv, RICHARD ALAN BROOKS Km' Stuff, IY. KAREN BROKAW High SI-Iionl 4'Iwir, I-IV: Band, I-IV: Girls' Barbvr Shwii Quartet, III, IV: Hn-Iwsti'z1, I-IV: llistrict Solo S: Idiisenihle Ijmitnest, I-IV, State, I-IV: Y-Teens, II-IV: 4I.A.A,. I-Hg Ivperettii Cast. I: I-'UI-t1'y Antliulugy Con- I tits L t II fist, I1 S1 1 B,II,Y. 'unit-S, - V: Km' Staff, IV. Seniors J. DOUGLAS ESSENBERG .Iiiiiiur Play' Stage C'i'I'w, II: Senior Play Vast, IV: High S-'limil 1'liIiii'. I, III: Tliree Une-Avt Play Stage 1'i'vix', IV. Ifurisiwl' Buys' Stifltth IV: Ili-Y, IVZ IITISI:-Iulllv II. I'i'ojI-vtimiiiisl, I, III: Ii.U.V. lfwliitest, I, III, CAROLIN SUE BERNING High SIIIIIIIII f'Imii', II: If'.T.A., I-III, Hw'i'et:1i'y-'I'i'eus- lII'0'l', II. Km' Stuff, TY: Tliiw-0 Milf--.XI-I Plays Stage I'i'+-xv, I, II: I1:1iI4I, I, II: lPisti'iI'I Swim lik liiisenilile Umi- t4-st, I, II1 Y-'IN-I-11s, II-IV: G,A.A., III UI'It'I'rellzI Vast, IIC Iissuy .iiitliwlw-Hx' VI-ntest, IV. Attviirlf-II 1'I-iitral Wallin:- IiI- IIiI:,'Ii Svli-ml, Furl Xikiyiw, Iiinliuiiu, sa-vuiicl swiiz-still' In I' ,illiiinr Ycilll rw-. 'Di you CHLOE ADELINE GRAMLING J11111111' I'1:15' h11121- ll'1-XV, 1111 .I11111.1r 1'1:1y 11141, 111. H1211 S--1111.11 l'1111I1', I-IV. Ii.-y 511111, IV, N:11i-- T11t'S1111II1 S111-11-ty, IV. II111111. I-IV. H1'1'111-N11'11 IV. Y ewns, IV, F.11.A., 1, 11, III. Iisszu' .Xn111f-Iuuv V111111-X1 IV: Ifl.H,V. 1'1111tt-sl. IV. N11ti..11:1I 111.11111 S-wiety, I X111-11111-fl I'11-11Q1111l 1.:1k1- 11ig.1 S1-1111.11 I-111. KEN NAGEL, JR. .111111111- I'1:15' St:1:41- 1'1'--xv. 111: 114-V111-1 S11111, IV. 111 X, 1-IV. O Semors KIOHN BENNET BRYAN .11111i111' I'1:1y Slum- l'1'e11'. 111, S1-111111' 1'111y S1.1:1 irvw, I-IV. 1'1'-1,11-"ti11111s1, 1. 111-Y, I-IV, T11-11s111'1A1'. 111 x:1lI1-15' Putrnl, III. MARTHA JANE PLEGAL .lLl11i1..- l'1.1y Slam.. 1'1.-111 111, Sv11i111' I'1115' Slum- rew, IV, 111:11 S1-11-1111 l'11+1i1', I1-IV: 1".T..V, I-IV, lim Stuff, IV. '1'111-.Ae H111--A1'1 l'111ys Stuue- 1'1'.-xv, I-IVI 'I'111'1-1- 11111--.M-1 1'I:1y 1'11sI, III, N11ti.111:11 T111-s1111111 F1--'11-15, 111 .X I'l1 1X,1.111b 4.11.-111111. 1. 1.:1n11, 1411. 111x11111 5.11.1 v 1-1111-1.1 12.1111-sl. I-IV. V-T1-e11s. I1-IV. S111-11-111 V.-1111 11, I-IX. May' 13111Ae11s 41.111't. III. 14.v11y ,X111111114-:X "'1l- l1-NI IV IXIIV 4'1111l1's1 1-IV. -IOHN BROXON 11111111-1 811111. IV. K1-5' S111l'1', IV. ICSS113 A111111+l-MB' 1,1111.+1. I. LYNDA HALL GENTRY .l11111..1' 1'1111' 4z1s1, I11, F1-1111.1 1'1:15' 1'11s1, IV. 1111111 S1'111111l l'1'11111', I-IVL V11-'11l 1.j11:11'11-1. III-IV. l-'.'1',A,, II- IV. 1'1'vsi111f11l. 111 Kvx' Slzlff, IV. AFs11.'i:1l1A 1'I11it-11', Tl11w-- 11111-All 1'I11ys S1:1:.- 1'l'4-up IV. 'T'111'.-.- 11111--Avi P1111 l':1s1. 1-III. Y:1li1111:11 '1'111w11i:111 Slrvin-IV. 111-IV, AVI Axsislnnt, IV. H1'1'11f+11':1, I-111. I'iN11'1-1 SHI.. N 14211- sz-111l11v l'11111vs1, I-IV, Slut:-, I. Il. 11111.-11-1' lhrls' S1g1l1-, 111: V-Tv--11s. IIYIVJ 31111111-111.111-S1'111111Asl, 11. 1.111111 V111111-st, I, .1l1II14'1' 1'1:1swi1':11 1,1-:1:111', II, 1'..1-113' A11- 11111111:1 1'1.111.-sl. 1. 1:,11V. V1-11I1Asx, 1-IV. N111-111:11 1I..11..1' S111-1.-11. IV. 14I11:11N11 V1-111--s1. IV. "MV '1'1'111- S-1w111'113" l'4.1111-sl 1,1.4-.11 111111 4'..11111x' XVI11111-11, IV. GARY CHAPMAN 11121151-11.1.11V111111' I-IX' Ixm 511111 IX 111-X. 1.11. "I'1':1-'1i, 1. 11. 1111:-In-t111111, 1'1V. 111151-111111, 1-IV: ILHV, I'--11l.fs1, 1-IV. TOM CASXVELL 111:11 S111111-1 V11--11', I. Il1x11'i11 S-'In .v 141115.-1111111 0111111-SI, 1, 51.1112 1, I111s1i-A111z111, 1. 1Ta1s1'1-.111, I VN' ev R. LAXVRENCE COBLENTZ uni-ii' Plan' Stziue Vrew, III: Senior Play' Stage 1i xi, IV. Atti-iiflt-il Metz High S-lifiol. 1-II. ,IOI-IN BURRELL Arieii-li-il M.-iz Ilizh S:-liool. I-II. Seniors JERRY xv. JACK If'-' SI.: If. IV. ROSEMARIE SELLINGER Iwiiifii' l'l:ij,- Singh Viw-ii, III1 Senior Play Stage f ix' I ' " ' vi Iiiiiiifirizilf-s stall. I, II, X-Teene, II. III, I Iuiiiifi' Vlzisfivsil IA-:num-, II. 3' 'st ANITA CHRYSLER Junior Play Stage Crew, III: Senior Crew, IV: Key Staff, IV: Essay Anthology Contest, IV. Attended Pleasant Lake High School, I-III. Play Stage JANICE EVONNE CONVERSE Junior Play Stage Crew, III: High Svhool Choir, I-IV: F.T.A., I-IV: Hornet Staff, IV: Key Staff, IV: Three One-Aet Play Cast, III: Band, I-IVZ Orchestra, I-IV: Ilistrie-t Solo LQ Ensemble Contest, I-IV, State, II: Y-Teens, II-IV: Operetta Fast, I: Junior Classit-al League, I-IV: B.O.V. Contest, I-IV. HARRIET JOAN COOK Junior' Play Fast, III: Senior Play Stage Crew. IV: High S.-Ii-ml Choir, Il-IV: I+',T.A,, Il-IV: Three Une- Avt Plays Stage Ui-ew, IfIV: National Thespian Socie- IY, III-IV, Sewiw-t:ii'y, IV: Hzinll, I-IV: Art Assistant, III-IV: Iristrin-t Solo IQ I':llSE'l'I1IlI9 Pontest. I-IV, State, IV: V-'l'ea-ns, II-IV: f?.A.A., II-IV, Vive-President, IIA I 1 IV: I,,II,V. Vontest, I-IX: National I-lonor Soviety, IV: I'o4-ty Aritlinlrigy Contest, IV. THOMAS CARL PI-IILIPP Vlzise-z I'I'Q'SIIIf'llI, I, II, III, IV: Junior Play Fast, III: S1-ninr I'I:1A' Vast, IV: Ililih Svliool Choir, II-IV: Boys' l.,Juzir1--1, II-IV: Tlii-we Une-Art Plays, IV: National 'I'Ii+-spinn Hoc-if-IX, I-IV: Iizuitl, I, II: National Honor Sf..-if-ly, III, IV: Dist:-if-L Solo M Ensevnlmle Contest, II- IV, Still!-. II-IV: Trzu'k, IV: I5ilSI-IQIIIEIII, l, Il, IIIZ Base- bnll, I, II, III: H.O.V. Vnnlest, I-IV: Mutlieinntia.-s Con- tf-st, I, III, Iiistriv-t zinrl State. DAVID R. DENT Class Vive-Prvsiflent, III: Junior Play Fast, III: Senior Play Past, IV: High Sw-howl Vhnir, I-IV: Vw-al Quartet, II, IV: Key Staff. IV: Threp One-Am-t Plays Cast, III, IV: Natimml Tllespiml Suvie-ty, III, IV, Presi- dent, IV: National Hlllllll' Sm-if-ty, III, IV: Ilistriwst S1110 N I':llS8IIlI5IEt Contest, IV: Ilfmsiel' Boys' Stat'-, III Ili-Y, III, IV: Truck, III. IV: East-hull, I-IV: Iissay Antlmlwgy' I"onteSt, III, IV. Attellflwl Snuw Hill Iligh Svluml, Suww Hill, Maryland, I, II, BUD CRUM Plass Vive-Prvsidwril. I: KI-y Stziff, IV: Iiuncl, I: Ilis- ti'i1'l Soln R I':lISt'IllIrIt' Funtest, l: iii lllxlrwmzlles Staff, I-II: Hmwier Buys' State, III: Hi-V, I-IV, 1f'wsulI-iii. III: Trzlvk, II-IV: lizisln-tluzlll, I-IV: Ilziselrull. I-IV: Stn- rleint I,'UIIlll'II, III, IV, Vresizlvnt, IV: Junior lflnssii-all In-ugue, II. .1-YN' fff ff. I LQ .ifiif CONSTANCE KAY CRAIN :Inninr I'l:u' Vast, Ill, S.-niffl' Play Pant, IV: Hiarli Svllviul Vllrmir, III, IV. II1'l'II1'I Stuff. IV, .Xs4m'ia1I1- Iilli- twr, IV: li--3' SILIIT. IV. Tlzrw- lin:--Avt Illuys Stum- Vrew, II-IV. 'l'h1w-4- Hn--fAw'l Play Vznsr, I-III. Nu- Iiwnul Thu:4pi:xn Sfwn-IX. III. IV, Tx'--:nsllr-.-1', IV: Nai- tinnnl liflnui' S+-1-ivlv, III, IV, S.-1-1'Pt:ii'x', IV: Ilnsin-Ass RI:1I1uuf-1' -ll' Viuss, III. Iii Inl111n1'l:Ilew Stuff, I-II, Illi- tnr, II: Y-'INV-ns, Il-IV. Stnlli-nt Vi-uni-Il, IV: S1--'1w-tu1'3'- 'I'1'e:1surQ-1', IV, G.A,.X, I-Ill, I"1'--siilvnl. III, Viv'L--Pl'esi- ml.-nl, I. May Qin---lik 1'-In1'I, ll :.Inni-ix' Vlzwsivul 1,-1:12111-, II: IH-vI1'y Aintlnil--qv rmnl--NI, l. Iissuy ,Xntlwl--ay l'nll- lvxt, I, I!,U,V, I'ullIi-sl, III, IV. CLAYTON D. PATTERSON Kvy Stuff, IV: Nzlliwlnil Ifulnn Sm-iply, III, IVQ Ili- Y, III, IV. .IL-IS Svivllvw Vinh, III. .XIII-mln-II Sllzwwmnl Iliirin S--I1-mI.iSlu-1'n'1i fl, Ulm., I, IC-lg.-rt-n1 Hi::'Iu Swlx-nil, I'I1lg1-1'Iw1n, lihlu, II, Ill, 0 Semors THOMAS MARSHALL CRAIN JR. Swninx' I'lny Vast. IV: IIi2'l1 S1-lwnl I'l1nir, IV: Km-Y Stuff, IV: llimsiel' IC-ws' Slznlv, III: Hi-Y, I-IV1 Iinskvl- 9' I-ull, ll: Iius.-lnili, IQIV, firvv MARY K. NAGEL IIIIIIIQI SHUT, III. lim' StLII'I', IV: Y-'I'Hf:ns, II, lll. IV. I JANET RUTH HART Junior Play Stage Vrew, III: Se-nim' I'luy Smgv Uri,-W, IV: Key Statf, IV: Safe-ty I'11tr-rl. II-IV. DAVID HALL DYGERT Key Staff, IV1 1'zmtain nf lie-y Sall-s Twain, IV: sv Trzick, III, IV: llasketlxall. II, III. IV: Base-Iiiill, IV. Q3 X, 'lj , lA M L J. Q1 :QW sw FVJ .14 ' iff Ji- -.Liv 1.4. "ln "fuk 'vids ' 1 P ' :mi -4 I gif" . . will - ,, -' 9 .+L 'gil'-J',.,'A . ll I '- : ' 2 L-gf :Ir Ai I-1 7 , ' - Ft , . + - -4 A --Ip - I L 1 I .V Jfz'-:I ' -lr' 'I ,,'I - l. - V'-.sL."bQ:-'V' hgvfl I- - I L Il -I ...I 0 V' ,m..- -+1 ,-"U-, if-'-p.- .Lf-' fy ,Vu-., , ,HL -I - :. I pq' - i Us A IN '-I Y I ' Q I ll-I J 5 - B -I D '-130' F' Y L-'-v-I ug . J- 1 I - -I - : gl " -3.9 -En --- 1 ' ,:..'1x I 'H D 4 er' M' 'Yi111' f., 'F' i J' '3 '15-Q '55 jim 1' ig? L? L-wif f- Yhlq +1 V t".-i -I F77 V- : ' I 'b' -r I-Dye' 4 - V - .- f 1' -. .. 1. . +- 3f2 ,153- ELT, 9 I 'I . v -'H i get GJ + 1 V ' wr 'S -- 43, - U 1. 1' . Iii 'Q' by iq.. 'tp tl 'nh b HC Seniors KITTY FERRO Juni-It' Play Stage Prew, III: Senior Play Stage fre-w, IV: Key Statf. IV: 'Flirt-e Oiie-.-M,-t Plays Stage Vrew, III: Di Inmi+i'1'taIeS Staff, I: G..-LA., II: Junior Vlawiwal League. III, JOAN KOLB Jlltiinr Plgty Stage Crew. III: I'.'I'.A., I: Three One- Awt Plans Stage Iftwfw, IV: Girls' Glee Clul-. I: Swim- miiia' Tfatxi, I. Latin Vlulv, I, Ili Ininwrtetle-s Staff, I, II: Y-Tffviix, II. III. IV. 1i,A.A,, I, II, III: Sports Head, II. III: .Itmior Vlasxit-til I,eu-sine, Il. Atte-ride-:I Pine Crest I'twf1-:ti'ator5' Svlilml, I-'wrt I.aucle1-dale, Flnritla, I, A -, Te- ' if - 4ff'f.4ii1,. .1-,ffvi " '31 , . - , A h ir, gf ' . V ' K., fr 1. YJ ,J P' Nl 7- ' N-5 N ,Z LONA QIUDITH GLASGOW IIIKII Sflifml I'IIf'II', I'IX'. Ilrmsit-1' Girls' Srzntfl, III: 'I'-'I'--A-rl-. IV: I'.II,A., II Msitllf-rnzitifw Vvlritvsr, I, II1 Iis- -zv .1.rifhf,I'.:': rmylw-I, IV. H:lIw1t,:lw1'iuri, IV: Nutif-mtl Ilftw-1 Sw 1--I , IV. Attvmlwfl I'I:-nsztnt 1.111411 IIi1:l1 S' ull, I-III. -IOI-IN GIBBENY Sf muy' I'I:i'.' Sings-1'1'r--,x', IVZ Mt'-:MI Vllny-uw, I2 'I'rpif-Ig, III I'. Ii:1-Im-IIMIII, I, III, Iinsfllmll, I, II. Atl'-11111-Il LIMA IIIJII Sthwfl, I, II. CONNIE JOAN GARY Class Se-v1'Pta1'y, IV: Class Treasurer, II-IV: High Si-Iiuol ffliwir, I-IV: Hornet Staff, Erlitwr, IV: Kei' Ftulf, IV: Distrif,-t Solo Q Hnsenible Contest, II, State, II: 1'lwe1'lez1rler, I-IV: Y-Teens, Il-IV, Vice-President, III: G,A,A., S444'I'6I3l'Y, I. X'I4'e-PI't'SIlIelIt II: May Que-en's lmurt, I: B.O,V. IIIIIIIEFI, II-IV. SHARON K. DODGE Class Sm-re-tm'y, I-III: Juuirri' Play Cast, III: High Svlwul Clmir. I-III: K+-5' Staff, IV: 1Q'heerleatIer, II, III: I7.I'I.A., I, LiIw1'a1'ian, II. Atte-titled Plwztsaiit Lake High Svlirml, I-III. SUSANNE FISHER Class I'resi4lent, I: Junimt Play Stafzi- 1,'1'eu', III: Mixed 4'I1r:1't1s. II1 Y-Te-eni, III-IV. IisSny Antlwlogy Ifurltest, IV. Attenrlefl Metz Hlg'II St-Iirml, I, II. ROSALEE FORD flnss St-wt-txii-y, I: Juniur Play Stage Vrew, III: SEIIIIII' Play Stage Pix-w. IV: Key Staff, IV: Librarian, I, II: 1IfI'i1-f- Helper, II: Y-T:-eiw, III-IV. Attended Metz Iligli Swliwvl, I-II, 3342? F35 'X' it MARGARET ANN JARRARD Vluss 594-11-tzIl'5'. III: JIIIIIUI' Play Singh I'I'r-XV, III. Senior I'Ia3' Stage l'i'vxx', IV. High S--Iiiml I'Imii', III, IV: I".'I'.A.. II-IV, TV'-:1sl1I'eAI', III: Ilurnrt SIJIIT. IV. Ilusiness BIRIIIRILZVF, Iiuy' SIIIIT, IV, Asswvixitf- I-Iilitnr. Thru- Une-Art Plays Stuff- l'1'f-W. I-IV. Nuti-fxi.iI Thvs- maui Sw-ivly, III. IV: IIU.vsiw1' Giris' Stun-, III: V- 'I'er-ns, II-IV, Vi:-v-I'ri-sieieiit, IV: G,.X.A., I-III. Y-Tw-ii Suninif-r 1"r1iiI'w-i':-ilvw. II. Mau' 4,JilmAii's Vnllrt, III. I'-'11-111' AntI1..I1's:'3' Vuiitf-sr, I-IV. I-Issuy Antlwl-'us' 1'--niwst. I- IV: I:.4r.V. emiirvsi, III-IV. Ivisrrivr Art 1'-.nn-sm. III, IV: Imvzll Vuiw- iff In-iii-wiwif-3' Viviun-sl. IV. Naiti-mall Ilmiin' Sm.-iely, III. IV. Iiiiuiish 4'1.iiit1-st, IV. LOXVELL J. JOHNSON .IIIIIIHF I'Iiiy I':Isl, III: Iliiskvlllull, II-III: Ihisehull, II-IV. Attf-lull-II I'Ie:IsqIIlt Ilalkr- High Svlig-nl, IYIII. TERRY GLENN JOHNSTON Vlnss I're-siilvnt, I: .Iuiili-1' I'I1l5' Vast. III: Se-Iiimr Plzn' Vast. IV. High Sviiiml VII-Iir. I-IV: Vw-:xl Lgmlrti-I, III. IV: ICI-3' Stuff. IV. Tlir-A+' Hire-Art Plays Valst, IV: Nutiniizil 'I'Iivslviun H-if-ivty, IV. Ilziiui, I-IV. Ivistrl--I S-:III :ind Iinsi-mi-is imiiu-St, I. II. IV, Stutv, IV. Ihisv- I1uII, I. Iiuslu-IMIII, I. .Ilmi-vi' Vlnssii-:II Imuslii-, II: ESA szly Alitiwlwgy Vwiiti-sl, III. IV, Ii.4I.V. IH-iii.-sl, II. III. IV. AIIMIIIMI IEIIIII III:'I1 SVIIHHI, I. BRUCE ALAN RNOX .IIllII"I' I'I:u' Singh Vin-W, III. S.-iimi' I'I:xy Stun. Vrew, IV. High Hvh-I--I I'IlHII'. IV. Km-x Staff, IV: Tliiw- Uiiw-Awt Plgus Slzlpu- V11-W. III. Hi-Y, III, IV 'l'rmIV I, III, IV: I1.1I.V. 1'-'nt--st. IV. Vruss I'I1llIlll'X. IV. AI- lenmlml Swv-etsvi' High 5--Iiiml, Sxvwflsi-i', Iml., I, II Seniors IMOGENE POTTS II--riwl St:iI'1', IV. K+-y Stuff, IV: Y-TI-.-ns. II. III IV. DEANNA SUE GOODHEXV .IlIIIIlIl' I'Izxy Slzixv 1'rrAW. III: I".'I',A.. II-IV: Iii Im u1i1i'I:iIvs SIQIIT, II: Y-Tmfiis, II-IV. .Illiiiur Plas I,mI?li1i-, II-IV. 'Tx u t-'ps www? BARBARA JOAN GRIEFITHS Vlgiss s.Ii'.-ini-y, I. .Illlilur I'I1iy Vaisr. II, III, Simi Plan' Vzist. II, III. High S-'IIWII Vhwir, I-IV: Ii'.T..-X., III IV. ICI-5 SIAIIT, IV, Iiziiui, I-IV: Xaiti..n:1I II:-ni-1' Sm It III. IV: Vaxlwiiwt-ri'iiii1. IV: Hi'-'Iii-siiui, III. IV, Tvirtiil SHIU .V Iiiisv-niiilvf Imiiivsr, III, smiv, III. VI.,-Q-1-1v.i III I. II. II-fr-snr Girls' Suriv. III, V-'IW--iis. III, IV, Pu 1 III-111, IV. Stu-IQ-lit lwiiii--il, II. Iissxix' Aiitlwlnuy' Inn IX I HX liliill IX Im Il lx1wI Lmxliii I' XI . . . rIX.IIllI Ie-sl, . Z. . , 'I -s. '. .vi : ' j Xxx'-ix'-I IV Iilks Smile- Nzxli--xml IH-v1iiiI.lti-iii M4 s '- Ifiw Simi-Aiil Aw.ii'-I, IV. Ali-4111.1-I BI--lx Iliuh Svh HI I, II JEAN GRIFFIN III-riwl Siziflf IV, Ii.-3' Stuff. IV: .Iviniur I'Ia1y S11 I C'i'i-xv, IV: S1-iiiur I'I.iy Stxiarv 4'i'vw, IV, Ili Iniinfvrtile QIQIIT. II: .Illiiu-1' I'I1lSSIl'IlI IMAIIEIIIA, I1 Stud:-nr. I1 I-i':ii'iilii, IV. 00 ff -..xg ,A4. BEVERLY ,IUNE LIGHT Seniors I-IERMAN EUGENE HANTZ High S1-1111111 CI11'1i1-, I, II1 IIIII'llQt Staff, IV: Three IIII?-:XVI I'IllXN Stagr V11-W, III1 'I'h1'1-Q Une-Act Plays Vast, III, IIZIIIII. I, II1 I-I1-Y, III, IV, Trac-k, I, III, IV: Iiz1sk19lI1:1II, I. II: H1181-I1z1II, I-IV: IIJLY. Cmltest, I, II. A111-1111.111 A11-1x 11111111 S1111--11, 1, 11. CARL WILLARD MCKINLEY Flaws V11-11 1Y"l'f'SIIIt'III, II. Flaw Se-1-1'eta1'y, I3 High '11i111l 1'h11i1', I, Il, IV: Key Stuff, IVQ Band, I, II: Hi- Y, III, IVQ Iiz1sIietI'1alI, I, II1 Hz1SeI1aII, I, IIC I3.0,V. 4'm'1111est, I, II, IV. Atlc111Ie1I Metz High S11'I1011I, I, II, II1'111-1 r111l'1', IX' K1-5' 511111. IV: Y-T1-1-ns, TV' I H X II lljxggq' ,X111I111l11:y I'1111XzASI, IYZ IIIIIV1- IIIVI, ,F I11 1111.-1-S111-111 511111 III, s1111I11-111 1.1111-:11'i1111, III, At- I , , 1 1 1 1 1-1.1.1111 1.11m 111:21 s11111--1, 1. II, III. 'Wm PHYLLIS I. HARTER 'iwl"""'Z"f"' IX II111'1'11-1 S1 11111111- I'I:1v r1.1:11 4'1'.-xv, III h1a111111' I'IIlX' 51:121- IIT, IY. ICQ SUIT. IY1 II' Il 1 114 1 YI'.t.IIvI ,X 1 1 1 'r 51.111 I I-Ir-1-IIN. II-IX .-X..-X., II, III, I1 11, 11 1 II X LA UR A ,IANE RUPERT 11151 X1-11-I'1'1-G11 111 II II1 I1--:1w111'1-1', I. .IIIIIIIII 4 . II1 1.1111 411-W, III S1-111111' I'I'13 Slnum- 1'1'1-W, IY II 11 X111-111I I'I.111I', I Il Y-'I'--- iw. III. IY. .XII1'111I1'1I NI II1xI1 S I111-1I. I, II. BUNNIE ,IEAN PAGE I1111 1 II:1'1' Sl111I1-111 l'i11-1'l111', IIIQ Srluiwl' I'I'1V 1 I IX II1 1 Sf I11111I 1I111i1', II III IV. II11l'111fl Stuff :ESQ - 1 11- II1I1I111'. IV K1-1 Stull, .-Xsruvizxlf' I'I1Ii1I11', IV P II11 II1---X11 I'I11'.r, III. N.1li4111:1I 'I'h1-s1111111 S111'i+-IX. I' I 11.11, I-IX' N111I1111.1I II1-111-1' 441111115 III, IY I I 1 1. IX' A111 '1111-II1-, I-IY H1'f'I1--s11':1. I-IYZ IIN 1 1 - 11 A- I11,w111I I1- 1'-11111-X1 1 IY. 51:1 -. - 3 hu, I1 1-X S1:1II. I. II 1'I,f-1I1-:11I111 II, III. IV. Il1111f11-1' Q.,-v-'V 4' 11- "' -IV, S1-111-1:1'X', '. 11 .X,.X.. I 'M-' 1 I-11.11, II 1 1 IX II 11 1. 111.11111 1'-1111 1 II I11 I1 I1 V111111-ft. III, II1 1 1 1 IX .I11111111 11.15-1 1I I 1:1111, I-III I'11--11'1 .1 I1 1 I 1111-X' I II, IX' Ilwszxx XI1lI11'I11:Y l'111lI1'rI .4 1. I I I I 1111-51, I-IX If1N11'111 '1111l 5I2lII'. X1111'1- 1 I 1 1. 1111111--1 III IX -'--xr 'E' 11 AL HOBSON Plans I'1-1-S1111-111, II. III1 .I1111i111' I'Iny Fast, III2 I"1sIc1-1I141II, IfIII: SL111I1-111 4'1111111'iI, I-III. Atlvllnled l'I1-:1Q:1111 I,:1k1- IIi:4'I1 S1'I11111I, I-III. WILLIAM McKEE l'I:1w 'I'r1-:1s111'141', I, II, II, .l1111i111' Play' Stage f"1'vW. III. It11111I, I, llzwlu-lI111II, I-III: I7:1s11I111lI. I-IV. Alu-114I1ed I'I1:1s:111l I.11k1. IIip:I1 S1-'11111l, I-III. Seniors ANTHONY KIOCK I-IOLTZMAN High S1'I1mII lfhnir, III, IV, KL-3' Stuff, IV: Hi-V, I- IV2 Stufh-nt VKIIIIIVII, I, II. Sufwty I':1t1-111, 13 I1,u,X Vwntest, III, IV. LEXVIS NEXVNAM High 5111111111 'V'II4lII', I-IV, 'I'h1-W. 1111:--A14 I'Ig1y mln III: BZIIIII, I: Llisirivt SUI11 Ak lC11s+-mI1II- Imnu-NI, 1 Ulu-rettzi l,'I1111'11s, I. wr- --f- V MARY .IOSEPI-IINE WILLIS BJLV. l'HI1tQ-Nl. IliSll'i1'I, I-IV, Sintra I-IV: .l1111111 Play Vast, III, SQ-ninr Phu' I'1-111I111'ti1111 Mnllaigvr, IV High S1-I1ooI I'Il0iI', I-IV: I".'I'..-X., I-IV, Vi1w'-Prvsim-11t IV: KM' Stuff, Assistant I'I1'Iit1-1', IV: 'I'l11'v1,- H11---Art Phiys Vast, I, III, SIIIIIPIII Ili1'H1'l111', IV. Nzulwlml TI11-5 pian Society. III, IV. IIZIIIII, IVIVL Nzitimial II1111'I1' S1--'ie ty. III, IV: Triplf- 'I'1-111, I, II, H1-1-I1ext1'z1, IVIVL Ifstrivt S1110 R Iiiisr-111I1I1e Vnxntvst, I-IV, State, II: Ilmisie-1' Girls Slate. III: Y-'I'eens, II-IV, Sl-'1'I'k'I.ZIIAl', IV: G,A.A:, II Uperelm Cast. I: Junior Vlassi-'all Ii:-umxe. II. I'1wt1'3' Anlhulnpgy Contest, I, II. Iiwsuy A11lI111I-125' 1'1'11tQ-st, IV: Ilutary Speee-I1 Uwiilvst XVi1111e1', Imvzil 411111 llixtri--1, III I I I Speak I"01' Ile-111111-1':11'y XXVIIIIIEV, I.m':1I 111111 I ist1'i'l, IV. Betty 1'1m1,-lull' H111111-111aIiv1' Aw:11'1I, IV. RALPH HUNT Se-ninr Piilj' Cust, IV: I-Inrimt Sl:1l'I', IV, Key Stuff, TV: Three Une-Avi Plays Slugw- I'1w-xv, IV: III-Y, ,IV Essay AnlI10I11s.'y Vwixtest, IV. Atwmle-II lIud1I11nl1wl1I High S1-Imul, Had1I1-uric-III, N. J., I, II. R 'N X JACKIE LEE LEPLEY 3 Vlnss V1-'I--I'r1-xi1Iv111, I, .Il111I-11' I'lz15' "mst, III. 'I'1'11-'Ii, I, Iizwlivtluill, I-III, Ilzlsi-I-:1II, I-III, St111Ie11l I'4llIlIl'II I, I-'.I"..-X., II. III. Al1w111I1-II I'I1-znsamt Luke IIi:'I1 S1-Iim1!, I-III. RICHARD L. MOOR Ii1III1I, I. HifV, I-III. AIANICE LORRAINE DILLANCEY 111:11 s.-11.1411 4'ilIIIl', 11 Y-'1'.-.-HN. III-IV, JEFFREY C. MCCLELLAND .I1111i111' I'I:15' Vast, III, S1-11i'1' I'I.1x' Wuxi, IV, I'.'I'..V, II-IV. IC:-3' Staff, IV: 'I'I11'.A.Y Im.--A111 I'I113'S, IV, Ili1'e1'tm'. IV, Natl-111:11 TI11-spiuii S111-ivty, III, IV, XIIVL'-I'I'vSI1It'III, '- 'A ' '- -1 ---.- - 41:1:m 1'1'+fw, II. ICS- IX.b.1Iql3 I.1111I, I, Il. H111 11.1 . say A11tI111I":y Vmilf-st, IIIL 4211111 IV. Seniors TOM NIYERS niiii' I'Iii5' Smuu- V11-W. IV. Attenmlecl Metz High N I I. I. II. DON LEE Ix I XIII IX Xl -' . . I, . I rf-ii-Iv-II .-VHA, until SI-vniiil se,-ini: 5- 1 Y IV IiII.IiIpN ESTHER SCHAEFFER SANDRA SAILOR .Iunior Play Staple l'i'ew, IIIL Hnrnut Stuff, IV1 Y- Teens, IV. SUSIE SUTTON Vlnss Si-wiw-tai1'y. II1 .Inninr Play Feist, III: .IllllIiil' Play' Stage 4'ro-W, III. High Svlimril Vlivvir, I-IV: Spar- tunifin Stuff, II, III. Key' Stuff, IV. Hitt.-rsweet. III: National 'I'Il+-'SIJIQIII Snvii-ty. IV: Y-Teens, IV1 Student Cnliiic-il, I-III, Sw-in-tzii'5'. II: I:.O.V. mint--r, I: Snftlvall, I, II. Attenrlwl Vlvziszint Luke High Sr-limvl, I, II, III. JERRY LYNN RANDOLPH SI,-ninr I'I:iy 1':i-t, IV. High Svli-ml l'hHii', Il-IV: lifvrnet Staff. III. K4-Y Stuff, IV, I':lIlIl'1I'. Tlirrw Um-- Avt Plays. II, III: NRIIIIIIIHI Tlif-snizin Sm-it-IV, IV: Vi'-ws IIUIIIIIFV, I, Ili-V, I-IV. Vi-'r-Pri-Ni-In-lit, IV. 'I'i'1u'k, II,III. Iazislxvtlvzill, I-IX. Inav-lvzill, II-IX: html-Ant innin- uil. II. Iissziy A1itliwI4-545' Vinnie-t, III, IV. J. GERALD THRELKELD Plziss I-,l'0NIlIl'III, I, IIL .Illnior Flay Feist. IIIL Svnim' Plan' Vast, IV2 K:-3' Stuff, IV: 'l'I1i't--I Um--.Mit VIHYS Stage Vrew, III. Nzitiffiml Tlwspiuii Sm-ie-ty, IV: Hi-Y. III, IV. Att:-nil'-rl 'I'ziyIII1'Nx'ill+3 High Svlimil, "l'z13'llvI'S- Ville. K+1ntl1wli5'. I, II Iiziiffi I'i.I Vgi-I, III, S-fnivfi' I'I'ii' Htziprv- I'i'v:xx', IV' II I Silwwi VIIIIIV, II-IV, I"'I'..-X- I-IV1 Koi' Stuff, IV I 'ww-,XII I'I,i'- Swim- "Vo-xx, I-IV. Nzitinnnl Tiiifs- 'ww-'z III. IV Iinml. I, II lIlIIuf'sli':i, I-IV: Ibis- XMM -x' Iii,---mivlf' Iwiitifst, I, II. III, Stain-, II1 Y II-IV 'I'r1-:I-in---1: IV IZJLV, Iriwtrnt Vfiiitvsi, I '-v- I-IV ?I,iliwn:iI Ilfvnnl' Swli-IV, IV, Nzlliunul I in ff-'.',' VHVI-I, IV, SUSIL STEENERSON I'l.. 'M-I, IV Iliuli Sf-Iifml "Ishii: II1 I".'l'.,V, If- ,4'IIJ, If 'I'II1'w- Ulu'--,XVI I'Izl',' 4':l:-T, I, III 1. 'I'vI---I-mv: Hff'if'Y', III, IV Ilunfl, I, II. 'I'I'iI1Iv I II 'fr--In--vi:i, I-IV, Iviftrivl Still, N Illnsvinlili- ' I .-'HI--, I 'I'-'I'rAvl'if-, II-IV AVI Vfrlliv'-I, IV -,I 'I MIM: 'Ufnif--I, I Iiullmzirk Ilmifir I'rizig :invl I xl :III I I --1 in Av, IV. -4' inf--Y SUSAN RATHBURN Juiiiwi' If'Ia15' Vast. III. Iliuh S1-Iimfl 4'hnI1', I-IV: SQ-niui' I'I:iy Vzut. IV, Vmlul IJIIIIYIUI. III. IV: 'I'ripIQ- Trim. I, II: I".T.A.. II, III, Vive-I'i':'SixIr-iii, III: Key Staff, IV: T'u1'et- lmu-Avt Plays Vast, I-III, Stiillviit Ibi- iu-I-tur, IV: Nuiiuiifii TIlefpizm S-wiifly. II-IV, Presi- dent, III1 Plainzl, I-III: Art Assistziiil, III. IV: Nzitimiul Hl'llI1'II' Sfwif-ty, III, IV, Aviv:--I"l'e4IlIw-III, IV: Ui'w'I1i-vtiul, III, IV: Ivistrir-t SI-In Ifliisviiililg lmiiu-st, I-IV, Siam, II, IV: Y-Tee-ns. II-IV, Vliuplaiiii. IV: Stu4Ient Q".-uiicll, III: G.,-VA., II: Upeiw-lui 4'Imrus, I: .Iviniwr Iflassivul I,ez1,Q:m-. III Iii Iiumortxilf-s Stuff, III: IH.Hti'y AutIi1-liixy Pointe-St, I: Iissay' Aiitliwlwiy 1'--iitq-sl, III: Puiwlue SDI-ei-Ii and Heziriiig' XX'wi'IcsIin1v, Alt'-I'lI1'xle'. III: IT.'J.V. Ui-rite-st, IAIV. Slzite. I-IV. THOMAS J. SCHMIEGE St-mini' I'l:iy Srusrw 1'i'Qw, IV. lIi:h S1-Iii-UI l"Ii-wir, Il: Ke-3' Stuff, IV: 'I'in'w- 41111--Aw: Plays Stziiv l'1'1-W. IV: Band, I, II: Ivistrivl SHIU N Iiiisviiilfli- 1'--lit:-st, I. II. Hi-Y, I-IV. TI't'2tNlIl'HI', IV: Ti'au'Ii, I-IV: Banu-IILIII, I. II: Safely' I":Il1'wI. I, II. If'uvti'y Alilli-Iluuy Vuntest, I: IZALV. 110111.-st, I, II, Stsite. I. II. JACK EDXVARD MITCHELL High Swiimil 1'Xmii', I-IV: LI:ixuII, I: Hi-V. III, IV. DON G. XVAYMIRE Vlziss Vi-wAfI'iwsi4IrAiit. III: .Iiiniur Play Cust, III: Ku' Stuff. IV: Aiiiiuiil, III, S1-Iimil I'alpI-V, III: Hi-Y, IV: I?lz1skeLIr:iII. I-IV: I-Iuseiiull, I-IV, Stihl:-lit ix4'lIII4'II III: King' of l'Iirist1iias PIVIIII, IV. Niitii-nul Hffiiui' Society, IV. Attemiwl I'Ivusunt Luke High SvI1I"'I, 1' III. Seniors BARBARA JUNE MYERS Y-'IMI-ins, II-IV: Stud.-lil xmiliivil, I: IIA,A. I, II I Im-11-5 .xiillml-Iggy 1'..iin.-gn. I, SHARON KAYE MUSSER .IlIlIIl'l' Play Slug? Viww, III. H-irm-I Sl:i1T. IV. Iii Stuff, IV: V-'IMI-ins, IIVIV. agk LT' 'YM I ...-.Q DAVID SPENCER STUKEY Senior Play' Vast, IV: Iligh S+-Iiimi r'IiHEi', IV. Km Staff, IV: Gulf, III. IV. Ili-V. III, IV. Alien-IwI AI--IIL lu-Iiui' High S--hi..-I. I. II. BARBRA ANNE STRITE .Iuni-'ri' Iluy 511129 4 I'L'XV. IX. High N-Iii..,I Vliiiir. I IV: Key Staff, IV. Tlurfw Une-Avt Flaws, III: Nfilimiii Tliesnizui S-wit-ry, III. IV: Triplu Trim, It Il- xlwii Qiiurtet. III IV, Hiw-Iivsti':1. I-IV. l'i4ti'I--t Sulum IQ Eh svml-Ie Pinata-st, I-IV, Suite, III, IV: I'-'I'-Aww. II-IX Mnllieiiiaiti--S Vuiiu-st, III: Art wliiivsr. III, IV: I'-wui AIll11'JI"gY ifwiilflst, I: B.H,V. Vuiilf-st, I-IV: Strqitiiiii-11: Nalin-xml Awaiiwl in Art, IV. I..- Qf - ,Si I. .4-rx Pg.. . x . S 0 1 I I I emors If " FS A X 1. , ' JANET C. ROWE "' .?""f, Juniur Play Sluprv I'1'I-w, III: Scniur Play Stagme ' 'I 1V'I'l'XV, IV: High Svlu-nl t'Imir', lfIV1 'l'h1'eI- Une--Am-I Plays Stugw I'I'r-WV, IV: 1'Iwel'IvueIel', I: YTHJIIS, III, IV. fe, '- 'db' Atlwmle-ml Me-IZ llialh Svlmul, I, II, X' x....?'1' I DONNA REED 1: :Lux .Iuniwr Play Stugq- Vrew, III: Iinrnet Slzlff, IVL K:-5' MARIBETH POXVERS .Iuni-Il' I'1zI5' Vuxt, III. IIixI1 Svlm-II Vlwir, I-III: Ke-N' Staff. IV. IL1tlv1'sxx'v-+41 Sl:1l1', III1 Girls' Swftball. I II PIM--1'Ir:uIf-r. I, III. Stmh-nt 1'--ullvil, Il, M1ItIxenmtis'S 4"-ntwl I II XII'-ml.-II I'Iw:1sqnnI I,:II-H lI1:I1 hwluml, I. III. III,4 ' ' ' GORDON VAN MARTER Vluss Nlwl-I'1'ws14I1-111, II, III, IX, bn IV: IIi::'I1 Svlw-'I V11-Iir I-IV' Vw-'II IIun1te'l,. II-IX I 'niur 'I 'Ia y Cust luY Smurf Ilusinvsf Aluxnznuvxg IV, Ilzuul, II, 1Il3 Iiiftrift Snlo R Iinselulvlv Iwlxlrfrl, IV, 3412111-, IVL III-Y, I-IV1 Basket- Imll, I-IV, IIJIXPIIQIII, I-IV, SIIIIIVIII I'mIlI1'II, I-IVL G1rIf I-IK. I.,llX,Iul1lvSI,I-IV,SIAllP,I-IV RUSSELL T. XVATERS 'Ins I'1'fw:1I--nt, II, S1-ni-Ir I'Iuy Stnuf- Vlwfxx, IX. II1,..fn-1' Iifrys' Stun-, III III-Y, III. Trzwli, III1 Basket- IHIII. I, II Imxwllzall, I-III, .XID-IMI:-II XlvIZ IIIMII Qvlwml I, II. GLENN VVILBER SAI'-I I':nv1'fI, III ,XIII-ml'-II Iflwlrmlnt IIi:II Qvlm-II II il gpg' -Juan .. 1 Stuff, IV: Y-'IW-wus, II-IV. A z a DUANE LAMAR WARD IIrn'n4-I SI'll'l' IV' Km' Stuff IV' Hi-Y IV' Crrwss FRANKIE L. NORAGON tl :,' "1 rx, 'Q Hm'nGt ':II'I', IVL KIA' SIHIT, IV, 'I'I1l'm- Flin--AVI llnys, II. N21- Ilnlml 'I'IlvSpi:ln SIWII-IY, IV: Ilunsiq-1' Iinys' Slut:-, IVC S1113-ty Pzlllml, IV. I'l'1Ij1-vlifrrnlsl, I-IV. POST GRADUATION Sports, proins, and wondvrful things- Tha shiny bell of memory brings. Menzorirs of days gona' hy- Hou' my high srhool yvars did fly! Tinlzling silantly through thc' halls, A thousand days of laughtvr it refalls, The thoughtful travhvrs and smiling frirmls. Murh too soon this pvriod ends! -Tom Crain OUR STAIRWAY, A.H.S. As we pausv upon a landing, On our stairway to tht' sity, look hark with rvn1ii1isci'ncr' To our sfhool, whvrv nivmorirs J a sigh we wish to turn hafk, Yvt mow on with pvnsirf' tvars, wa know thrsv trawlvd stairways Will load us through the ycars. We may tread steps soft as wlrvt, Or steps hard, fold, and harvg all thasv steps load on and up, Our dvstiny only points zvlavrf. loo likf' the many othrrs, Will pass hy, unknown, uncarrd, glad wr' go hvvazzsc' wc' know Those stops will still lui thank -Ralp We 1 liz Wifi For Yvt We, But h Hunt CLASS OF 1959 Prcsidvnt ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,, T om Philipp Vi 1'f' -Prvsidrnt ,,,-,,,,s.,,, Gordie Van Marter Svrrvtary-Treasurer ,,,, ,,,,,,,,, C onnie Gary Sponsor ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,, M r. Stackman Colors ,,,,,, ,,.. . ,Blue and Silver Flowcfr ,,,,, s,.,,,,,..,,,. W hite Carnation Motto ..,.,, .,,s ' 'With the Steps of Today We Shall Build the Stairway of Tomorrow" Poems i THE CHALLENGE Our hvarts an' fillml with plvasiiws, With H1L'N1UI'tt'X of yvstvrday, And though wa' svrk thu futurv, WH' silvntly yvarn to stay. Our minds han' lwfn vrzlightvlwil By truths and prartiu'd skillg Bl'dl't'lj' wv'll fam' tomorrowg Our drvains nw must fulfill. Although wr"d Iikv to lingvr, Things would fhangu if wa' rvnzainvd. So with joyful pridv and praycrful hopa, Xvvlll rhzlllallgz' flu' Illltlffdlilfll. -Peg Jarrard AS A SENIOR Glad yvt mist fillvd, Our wistful cyrs tain' om' last gazr upon thusv four walls of wisfloin. Many past trrasurvs flash quickly lwfori as gay sparks at Fourth of july. WI' haw loft our small mark within thrsv wisv old walls. INou' it is our turn to fast our vyvs toward a towrr of grratm' knowlrdgz' within our Vast world. ' IIS V -Barbra Strite -A gif- A f . ' ,K I -N -XJ -.rf .- A r i? 3 K . 3, 'xx :S 3 'O -.7 Off l96U l'1'1w'.f111I Tom W'y.1Lt W X'111wl111w11l111! XV.1y11c Haut! N 5"f1'1frI1'1-'I' v'4'1 111111 1' Sl1.11'1111 Babuxck H11 1111 , NI111111,1j11' f,.11l f,1'.1111l1ng Yffffl 'ff' N111 IJ1'11cl4.1111illcr f'ff'11 f,I'1l11SHI'! .IIILI XX'l11tc lfffz. 1 1' XVIHLQ Urchid Wffflw "XX1',1r Nut the c,l'UXVI'l uf f',I ff'--f f 11111 x s .A f ,1 1 J L . 'T7' Q 5 1 1, A 5 , 1915 .1 '3 , 1 1-'J 1 . . .A. 1 .5 ' 1 , " fffi-'Ari-" -feel? -V J -2 r - 4' Jn 7 ,A A , .3 X --. -J I 1 ,Q ff' ' ! Q X '-'A , 1 b - 'V f'1,H'f: Y Y - ,,,, , .D A ...g V "' -3 -7 TT' 'I , .Q , 5 ff. , V 'I X1 .i ' 1 if .pf -f , - 'Q f 1 - , ,,. ,z.111 z-z ggif Kl'Il,'xK'ICkIIiLC XY'1ll1r,L1L llw Uuxt wi' VI.'IlI.H Class of FIRST RHXY: I':1t1'i1'if1 All.-Qlwlwf-, M1111-1,11 Enh- .11--k, I':1111.-l:1 In-nity, .lluly l!w1k111z111, l21'11+'e lZ41:11'4l1111111. SICVUNIP IUPXY1 Xulllal- li-A l'I1irl1liStv1'. NUH41' Vhilvls. IN.-111115 4'1'-MRS. irill 1'1-4,1153 lvuke Ir.-1- lu-12 Tllllllv R4 INV: Iluhf-1't In-I11111:, G1-u1':.i:1 IPQ-lull l1411111i1A Imlld. Jllilllilli I'Ia1Ii11L2v1', lL11lw1'l EH- 11111. l+'Hl'Ii'I'H HIYXY' SEIU'- Im' l"11r111w, Sl1:1l'1111 lfiff-1', lim! l"i111'l1, 11111111111 Ifishv-1'. T11111 l"11-gill. lf'II"l'll IIA HY: lfilfn-ll 42.11-1.1xw1s, In-v 1?1l!w1't. l'I1:1i11v lllllwrt, l'l1il1i1+ 12111111113 l':11'11l l1l'1llll- 111111, 1 1 i 1 1. X 4 fm' -A 0 , N , X -' , , - - v 1f1Rs'1' R11 w: 111111 1 "" 'Y '-3 'xv' l1l'?ill1liI1S,', N111111' A?1'ew11, G. - ' R1'1sl5'11 111-141-11111115'r-14, K HQ X James G1'iI'i'i11, XX':1Y11u " 'TB me Hnntz. 'Q yr 11 mf , . 4'-V s14:1'wN1+ Rl mt J:1111N ' IIz11't, 1'u1111if- I1:11'11v5'. 131' e 111 Heiwr. .leffw-y Q - Heier, K il 1' 11 I He-11- ,J I1iIlS,'l'l'. .5W3,'1 K K AZ,-lbw.: 1 THIHI1 ILOXY: .Ir'l'l'X ,. "" IIMT1111111, .la-'Ii H1-1141 X pete-1', Iliwhalrll H--1-li ,j 111111. l':11'u1v11 II111'11 'fp' 'Q -.21 mwmlc. Li114l:1 llwxxw-. qw ,.-55255 11.11. if ' ' .- ,Afnf .., r .. . I-V I .. 3,183 1fm1'1:TH 1:11112 1cHn1.11 ' " m .Iul111s--11, PIz11'I'-11111 Kel- ga, ,,.,. ' -8' A .Up I.-1'. S1vpl1e11 Kina, Ifrt-11 ' I Z ' i J? X IiweI1li11:'fA1', P11 1 1' 1 1- 1 11 .N,,,, . Q whf,-X S1241 X lf- Lush, Y I M ' , 'J f ' ' 1 E .1 , ' is 9 A 4 1, rf 5 t - 1 1-'1lf'1'1f1 1:1 ww: R1,S.41,.- ' ' Lisiht, Xxvllliillll I,11111e- ' INl'it'l', ll:-111 Mzewlfaul- - J N ' , -ff., ANA11, S:1111 Al1'1'lisl1. 3 ' W Lx' ,.,., W " , l':tl l A M -M ll . ' 1 Nl' V ' - -4 x 1 1 en Il 1 ll 1411 K is in A ' Q3 :X gd z : - f ' 11 351 1 . fp 32 he fu : tx ' 1' 1 2, 1 - y, P. 7 -1,-Mi, ,. -- X 1' - --5,-1.101 1,31 s 'fa -. 1 - A 2 N. 1 -- ...,.,,1.....1--. ,, '-mm. Lv: -. Pulqv Tlvirf-1-ffl if f F. I' J V .1 1q1'- 1 f WW ' .4l1II 10- I -. . tx 95,1 l- .'l.'-:- iw . fails " , "" -." Q- ' M +' 'F' 'L fl" ' 'ff,+-,.-FJ 54 T' J"" -ff 'I 4,1 ' 'J!'!!fl'FvEQii1' I-..L.i.4,L, an ,il B -rhfagfl :mic L 45. ' - J " LIT' -I I -. . H... 4-"C" "Hp: M' 'IT' 'i' ' ' LP? Q IF Q92 wlrihg -Jw' 4 . IL P 3 4 -'A 'ag ll I , ' ,V 4 Z .gp ",fli Y 1, L3-'91 , '- 'LL'-Q vo f .. sg- 'kwin ,EES " " ff-'jf I ""' ' L- Q- 'f' " ' "5-A-:J 4, 1 rw i , an .g yy ff' . I' -Y 1 " 5, ' ' 'liz I.. ' 'J 411' -P? " "' 1' "gl la, V .1 .IN 'Cr LI .I - - I in V 1 . -A IT I I i F' 72" , ' 'FJ' 'f?i,1i p nf- r ,J .35 gffgfjl -. ,Qff, '1,AESf rgmfww A ww fi- ,:.+ M 5-if "--.'-r-:P ,K I ,Q - 4 ff 'R 4 x X -I ht lx 'x Q' ..., .,.,.. f 'wr' '+I ., -v , 2.5 4 1 x X I - ,. l fu 1 y -' ff 4. f J.: 46" fx, J Class of I-'INST Huw: Nanvy Maxxum, lSIz1r'4-in Bien-r, Jim Blmvrq-, Gail Mur- rvll, Ke-nt nlllffllly. SI'1l'UNlr IXIPXYI .llnlilln NUM:-, Mivhznfl Nora- gnn, Rf-nniv mulls, Rully up-lyvl-u-. lturlrura Hr- mist1,m. 'I'HlRlb HHXY. Iilizalmllm Hwr-ns, Tn m tlxxwxw. .lnnme-Q Parke-r, J u :I 3' Putts, Imn Iwlxvt-l's. I4'Hl'RTH IUPXVL XYil- lllllll l'l'4-slvy, M i k c live-:Qf-, .lsnnvs lim-kwa-ll, H1'1'iv IIUKIQSUIIII. Slxnrun llnwz-. l"ll"TlI Ill IXY: Sulldrzl ltuwt, Mnrslm Su ms. R+-K S-'lu-nk'-l, llizmlzn S4-M'-llring, Vnrull Slum-1'. 1960 I"II!S'I' R4 lXX't Il I 1- I1 i +- Slwur, I'l:I1'I::1l':1 SI1ipleX', Iliunm Qhurl, l"r.-II Smith, It-.ln-rl SIvI'l'un SI'fI'l Stull INIP IlHXX': Mike- l I lun 'I'1xIur 1- ', .-Xnn 'I'II1'vlIn-Isl, .Iuyve 'I'rwasIfJ1', Nun TVII-I1. 'l'I I Ililr IL1 IXX' Suxunm- llmvr, l'I1:Il'I1+xlv XX'vIlN. 1.14 Imrzl XXI '1:Ilf'X', Ilzll- I-:Iru XXII.-111011, Il.-mllv XX'il1 -4 IK. V4 Il'Ii'I'II I :I rXX'. ,lun-It XX lIlIt'I'. Manrllm XX II-I1-V, .--9 X4 U in , I fl? k A Q' L ,pus 4-JI. ww, Ill. I Iulvm ,Is , In-mm XX'iIIiI..Ay, llzxr- Ivzlrzl XXX ' " - A XX'X:nII. I"II4'TlI ILIIXXY I'vlv X':11'p4.Ar, Susana Xlnle-r, 5I:nl'iIx'n X' :I ll lx 2, Mr. IIl'm'Ii:u1IiIlv1'. NHT I'lI"I'l'llI'II1, Ime- I1'm'sl, I.:IX'vwnmA AVUHIQI, I,m1l:1 I.1-I-mms, Tu XXX III vw . ' -v Q fs- .ui 3 ' 2 3, if .wig A , ,,,,, 3 -Q fm -J 1 ,iv 11 - J' X ,Q , -- 1. J.. . I.. X 1. -1' ,N 'Y ".w"'xf.-" 1'-"QF X' gif. ...,-Q. 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Sm'4'r'1'I111'-1-Trrmlxlmw , Cliff Ryan Sfmumr Mr. Brayton Culurx ,, Blue and Xvhitn, Hvzwr , , , ,, ,,,,,, ,Pink Carnation Malin ,, , "The Future Belongs to Thosu W'ho Prepare for It.', I. iff f!,1 1961 I-'IICST IUPWQ 5.1111 Dir- I'il11. l'ia111-- Ilislvr-1, T11111 111.11:I:1ss, I-I1l1l1c lC1'.11'- 1-tt. I,i111!11 IfI11'1A1's, P1111- 1111- I'lS1It'l'. SIfI1'HNlv ILHXY: K1.11i1.1 lw11'h1,s. 'I'l111111:1N Fvml. X'i1-K1 I'1':11l1-11I1111'r1', Ifwte 451111111113 Ii:1ll1y llihs-111, LM- 1211111-1't. Tllllllh I:11XY: l7111'I1111':1 1111111113 .I--1111 1l1'111nli11u, x.,A: ,,'. .Y.- I-Il11i111- 1l1'11111111ist. II.-11-11 1111111111111 l111I1 1111 Hill. xxlilliillh 1l1'iTIi1l1Q. l4'4ll'II'I'H IIHXY: M1-'liw' H:1l1-y, Milo- H11 If-X. .I:1111-I H11111111, 511:11-1111 Il:1l1I1:1, lflllll QXIIII II:111s1-l111:111, M 11 1' i l 3' ll lI111'1'is. I4'II"l'lI I-UPXY: li111'v11 H111-11111-1111, .lm-v Ile- vwl, N111111' H111-lm1111, Gurv ll111'11l1111-1111-. 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'P ' , - " ': 0 N3 4 .. tr ' CLASS OF 1962 - ' , ' 'M , M. . ,4 if Pl'L'Xf1lk'llf , jim Lovejoy Vim'-Pn'siJw11' , ,,Glcr1n Jacob .S1'l'I'A'f117'j' ,,,, ,Jim Sibert T1'mx111'u1' ,HDMI Vyilson .Sl7UlIXUV" , , ,, ,,,, Mr, Dygert Malia , ,"Tod.1y XVe Followg Tomorrow XVG Lead." - I 4 ,4 PJ lurfry-1110 1962 . 2 3 , V 2 - 'A - , V '-9 1 L: L 4, -5 1-'1l:s'1' num" 11111111111 f - . -' 0 V11--k, Ivif,-k P11111-, Ilulh ' 1 , ' 1 , A1111 1'1'11111. S1111 V1--11111, T. 1' "'! ""'a I L," I.-1' 3' l'111l1-13 XYilli:1111 '-R' 'wwf N 9 f, '- 1 , 1,:,ii:.y' L. JY'-'L QA fl hd" I ii r Q 1 Xl Pu' 1 '1 4- 1 ,gf 'J 'D H+' S -j4'1vA' 1 ,ii 1 1z1V11 ' , 1111 1. 11111 11.-1,1111.-1-1-, 19, M... 1 -'Q Pllllllp Iwlla-V, 11111111111 4 'A 1. In-llc-1'. LM- In-l.11'. 11111111- I1i1k111m'1-1'. 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J J , n J 1111p1x 4 111 e511111N "f uv., 'H l'11 Iwi, -1'f7H' f'-ff 1962 IVIIIST IIVVW: Donald llinvllzlrl, Glen Rrvfrelw, .Indy Rust, Jerry Svhen- kvl, lfzxrlnen S1'llllIllllli- er, Mikr- Se-g1'zu'e4. Sl4ll'lDND RUXY1 DUI 'llllly St'llLfPl', Mnrtlm Sll'llfQ'l' 1'l:1n1lvtte Slmttw, Hfl mln Slmltw. 4h-mg Slmw. .lLllllt'S Sill!-rt. Tlllllli HHXYZ NY:1l- tm' Smith. RL1X'll1lPl1ll Spnulmling, lilly-n Stvvn- f-rswn. Lynn St'-inf-1', l'!rl1ve- Str-inlie, lmvhl Stax vns-ln. l"41l'IlTH IUIW' .Illhn Sim-li, .lnvk SIl'IIQ', Alive Tyln-r, Dave- Tyler, Imr- Vy l'nsh-1'wnml, lingf-1' Yun Ilync. l"Il'TH RHXY1 In-lmrt Xwlmntu, 5Ix'X'w'll XY:1ll. Betty XYiil'l'4:'ll, lCllu':u'1l llvzllvrs, lmslil- U1-Sl, l'w'il XYllil1'1'lnlv. SIXTH HUXYZ l'ln-l'Yl XYilli:1nlx, In-.' xYllllillllS, llurl Hllsnn, lil-ttx Nl'ulf, liflllifl XY3':lLI. llr. l'VQ'r4l'i. X' Vl' l'll'Tl,'Rl'lIJ1 Stella Ml- Fu rlin. - -l ,wr . . .ix A -J x ' ,A y-Q K X JY- "QA lr' N Tx .9 J cn ' ,, -9 -' n. 'I -J 2 A Ji N . sta 4- 5 Q , wa ,sig ""? 2 'Q l ni bl fl if 4, - I, - f R., -' , v. 9 -an '- -J' , Q 4 RN- 5' f ' ' .l::R?1Td NM' w rf is P , -wr -J 'ff ' K Mn l l n Q J fi .1 l ff , -1 W" J A ' lil I U :E l, at Qs ' V l E A , b wi W A' . ' ' YW - lm f -av 'll 4? 4 I, : , ' T7 Q ,l,l f "' ,,., . . ..,...,.., 1 ...I .,... I N -l,' -G . ' as N l " i u - if -5 '4 Q3 X1 2, ",, . MJ, , A lilly, A I E E ,-. -Q 9 T E: Pllgv l"r1l'lj'-flz U His NNXXXXXXNXXNXKNXXNNSE ' KQXXNXXXXXNXWXXXKWXXXxXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXNNXXKXNNNXXNNXXXNXXXXXkX WXXNXNXXXWNNXXXNN No. 00l, AN IGH SCH a0lA H sS - AN sv me SENIOR CLA ED PUBUSH Classes in Driver Training were conducted dur- ing the summer. The course included one week of txventv hours of classroom discussion and twenty-six hours in .1 c.1r. six of these behind the wheel. Before going out on the road, the students h.1d psychophysical testing-depth perception, peripheral vision. reiction time under certain conditions, stead- iness of nerves. .ind resistance to glare. E.1ch stu- dent also completed .1 project book. l.. G. Xlsxton Sales Inc. provided for use of the Driver Training In A.H. . students live 1958 model Chevrolet cars equipped with both automatic and conventional gearshifts. The instructors lust summer were Mr. Druck- amiller, Mr. Sapp, Mr. Ryan, Mr. Glasgow and Mr. Cable. Last winter Angola was honored to be selected as one of il group of twenty-five schools throughout the state to send representatives to draw up n course of study for driver training in Indiana. Mr. Druck- .imiller will attend this conference during the C0111- inv summer. D , -v-f A' 'll' QW-1 Ire' " M IFE?" - 2--WW. -i iF..'FHi55:' K?5rL'ffEV:E'4Q+..' 'S' W. 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The Key IiIlIT1IH Jerry Iillllliliillil ,-XSSUVIATIC EIPVIWIIIS I,ynml:i 411-ntrv Mum' .IU NX'il1is Pwgg .laliwzirml L2-wnxuiv imma Kureu lim--'Du' lit'l'l'X Tlnw-lin-id TIVSINIGSS STAFF G01-iliv Yun AiLli'lt'l' Slmiwm INHILLQA Ilurllzxrzl Blyvrs lim'-A1'ly' I,i:'llt Maury' Num-l .Ie-IT 3Iv1'l'-llnmi SlwG..mlI1.-xv llalph llunl Imxw- Iwuerl lfxnve In-nt 'i'+:'l'I'Y .inimstnn Gary r'l1:ipmnn limi XYznX'1nirv ill'Ilr'+- linux Phill Ilznrlvl' lie-rmnn Iiunlz .Iam-1 Ilnrl IPAV1- Slllkwy ART I'Il'I'l'1lllS IRAQ: .i:u'l':i1'll ilnrlrrzn Strin- iiilm-vn S4'in:n-IT1-1' Kitty i"1-i'rn VIHKSSICS Jannli- lfh-uzil Slwzirlnv- Fislnvi' iiulliill lim..-il .If-:ill llriliiu UiUl.fXNlZ.X'I'TUNS Jwy If.-:im-1' 4'hIv.v llraimliinr .Indy lIl:isu"rw S:1n:I1':l Suiifn' tmuiiniw lin-null SI-INI1 all I'It'Tl'liES 1'1illlIi4:' 1'1':1ix1 Susan iizithimrn I'HHTH1li!APHh Tumi Sf-lainie-:ml 4':1r:ll5'n H1f1'11ing,' Juan Knllu Suwie Suttmi Slizwlrn AIIISSVI' llmmfvlie Putts .Izliwt Runw- i"l'I.-XTVRICS Bizzriin-til Ihnxw-l'S Hnsilivr l"nl'1i Anita 1,'lu'yslui' .-XI.I'MNI 1'-mniv Gary .l:ini4-+- 1'm1veI'si- 'I':my Hultzmam MVSI4' Kuren Hxwilmw iizirriet tm.-K ilunniw 11:121- Mary .IU XYiiiis IPILAM.-XTIVH Ilzirhuru Grifiitlis I.ymi11 Wh-nlrx' Susir- Stes-in-1-xml I:4vYS' SIMIITS iluul Vrum I-'rzmk Nwi'aiL:'4wll 'Yum Vhilillp K'Il:i'I'I,ATI1lN 'Imm Vrziin .Iuiun Hruxmi iiii-ky Iirfmiis XYill:u'rl Mwlilnlvy Kvn Nzlrvl Vlzivlnn i'2lflt'l'wrl1 lummi XX'a11'4l Iwi: imc .I4-l'l'x' .Im-li The Hornet '1'111- "1i111'11et" if 11 1111111t111y 111111111-11111111 11111 11111 13' 1111- ,i11111'11:11is111 1-hiss. "All I11e 111121 111' A,I1.S." is 11s 4111x1111 111111 i11 11 :11'1- 111111111 s1-1111111 111-ws, l'11z11l11'1- w1111'i1-S, 1-11i1111'i211s, gussip, sports, 1-x1'l1:111:I1-Q, ,l111i1-s, 1'111'11-1-11- 111111 I'111t'14 11111-111N1i11g 1111111-1'i:11. 111 151151 1111- H111-1'111-1" sniff w:1s:111111i11e11 11- 1114'111- l1111's11111 111 1111- 11311111 111111 511-111, 1111- 11111-1'11:1111111:11 N111-11-15 1111' 111g11 51-1111111 .l11111'11:111s1s, 1111- 11111111111-115111 1111- Stull z11w11 111A11111g' 111 1111- 511111111111 b1'11111z1sl11- 1'1'1-Ns x5s1,11-111111111 :11111 1111- l'1-11111111111 1'1'1-Ss Ass111'i111i1111. 'Phe' 111+'11111L'1'N 111 1111- Nt111'1i this 31-:11' 1111111-11-11: 1'I1111111'-111-1-11i1-1', l'11111111- 11:11'Y1 :1ss111'i:111- 1-1111-'1's, 1'1111- 1111- f'I'-1111, 1l111111i1- 1'11:1-. 1111sin1-ss 11111111121-1'. l'1-LL .1111- 1'z11'11. a1s5111-i1111- 1111si111-ss 111:111:1:1-1', 1i1I1't'11 l11:1-1-1131 21111 1-11i1111's, 1i111'1-11 111-1'11111-ts, 111111111 111-we-, 4'11:11'111111- XXX-11s, .I1111i1-11 1'1-1111-rs.-, 11113-4 51111111 111-1'1111111 11'11111X, 1-'1'z111k N111':1:1-112 1-x1'111111:es. .11-.111 111'i1'H11. 111-ws w1'i11-rs, .11.1111 1-71'11x1-11, Il111111i1- 1l111111, 1'11x'llis 11:1111-1'. Eew-1'1y 1.i:111, 1111111111 R1-1-11, K1-11 Nnuw-1. 1'1-.11111'1- w1'i11-1'x, 112111111 1111111. S11111'1111 1111SS+'1', 111111g1-111- l'1111x, ID11:1111- 1Y:11'11, S1111111':1 811111111 11111-1' 111111y1-111-, Miss ihultz wus 1111- 1':11'11l11' :11lx'1N11x .U ,K ,V 1 , -1? 'Lb V1 1-9.1 , 1 Am-311 .1 .0 f ,' 1 ' fx! iifwxf? as asia x vi-"fs HW so President Bud Crum Makes An Announcement tudent Council The Student Council was organized in 1932 to promote cooperation between stu- dents and faculty, provide opportunities for student self-direction, foster all worthy school activities. and create and maintain high standards for citizenship. This or anization has s onsored and artici ated in man activities throu hout it A P 1 P P I Y l s the year. These include: W'0rli1ng on school problems in general, sponsoring the se- lection of cheerleaders, strivinf to arouse better school s irit, and s onsoriri the Ma' ls g Prom. The council consists of four members, two girls and two boys, from each high school class. This year the members of the Council were: Seniors-Bud Crum, Gordie Van Nlarter, Janie Illegal, and Connie Craing juniors-Mike Stohler, Suzy Yoder, Duke Dellcr, and Dianne Shortg sophomores-Leroy Cable. Judy Brady, Tom Pristas, and Linda liwersg freshmen-Gary Page, Dave Tyler, Kathie Nedele and Leslie West. The oflicers were: President, Bud Crumg vice-president, Mike Stohlerg secretary- treasurer, Connie Crain. Mr. Bcrnhartlt was the faculty adviser. ffl,-1141, ational Honor Societ One of the greatest honors given at Angola High School is election to member- ship in the National Honor Society. Fifteen percent of the graduating class are eligible. They are chosen from the upper third of the class ranked scholastically, by the faculty on the basis of citizenship, service to the school. and character. Ten percent of the junior class were chosen this year and the other live percent will be selected next year. This method of choosing members from both classes was inaugurated in 1957. The senior members named this year are Harriet Cook, Lynda Gentry, Judy Glas- gow, Chloe Gramling, Eileen Schaeffer. and Don Xvaymire. Members of the present senior class elected in their junior year are Connie Crain, David Dent, Barbara GriI'1'iths, Peg Jarrard, Bonnie Page, Tom Philipp, Susan Rathburn and Mary jo Wallis. The students elected from the junior class are: Sharon Fifer, Elaine Gilbert, Gail Gramling, Marcia Meyer, Mike Stohler, Susan Ulmer, Martha NVilder, Donna NY'illibey, and Tom Xvyatt. The local chapter was established in 1935 and the total membership is now 292. A scholarship fund was set up in 1938. Each member contributes one dollar to the fund for the first five years of his membership. The money is used in the form of a loan to send a high school graduate to college. The otiicers of the organization elected before the close of school last year are: Bonnie Page, president: Susan Rathburn, vice presidentg and Connie Crain, secretary. Mr. McCutchan is faculty sponsor of the organization and its treasurer. Ready for A Meeting to Begin s' 'vrggfsff .if-13'35E:' f i.'S'-3'g::E::.... .. -'ff-1...-, WT ln- Ci-Mw' W ri... M' :Ai RI" n - ....---"'...-'-:::::,- fr,,:....-s3,,.....- L ::..-++-...-- Pzlgi' Fifty -f "f x.,- N. if 3 ' Y , ' av .. ' ff' M, 1 -' - - - - 4- Fall Round-up Christmas Prom Cookie Making Y-Teens "To lind and give the best is our purpose true, earnest, honest, and our slogan-to face life square- ly too." Y-Teens is a world-wide organization of high school girls from sixty-tive countries and is the junior branch of the YNVCA. The membership of the A.H,S, Y-Teen Club reached 150 girls this year. Nleetings were held on alternate XVednesdays at the activities period in the school auditorium. The year's work began when Angola was the hostess club for the District Y-Teen Fall Confer- ence, held at Pokagon Girls' Camp. Other activities included the informal initiation at the 4-H Park, the cookie sale, a clothing drive for the lfort W'ayne State School, and the sponsoring of the Christmas 3 Prom, "Mood Indigo," and the Pa-Ma-Me banquet jointly with the Hi-Y. The orlicers were: President, Barbara Grirlithsg vice-president and membership chairman, Peg Jar- rardg secretary, Jody Wfillisg treasurer, Eileen Schaef- fer, program chairman, Sue Ulmerg social chairman, Martha Wilder, song leader, Donna Willibeyg pian- ist, Susie Yoderg chaplain, Susan Rathburn. The advisers were: Miss Ohlman, Miss Ulery, Miss Frank, Miss Reed, Miss Shultz, Mrs. Boomer- shine, Mrs. Crain, Mrs. Qlarrard, Mrs. Anstett, Mrs. Maxton, Mrs. Hanselman, Mrs. Rathburn, and Mrs. Stevens. Miss Myers was an honorary member. Cabinet Members Listen to lresident Barbara Cvritfhhs - h Q ' 'WM . -'WW'-'.2f .i 5 LT' Hi-Y The Angola Hi-Y Club, organ- ized in 1922 by former Superin- tendent -Iohn L. Estrich, was the first in the state of Indiana. The club is a member of both the state and national organizations. The purpose fo the club is- "To create. maintain, and extend throughout the home, school and Community higher standards of Christian characterf, This year the club has sent othcers to both fall and spring district Hi-Y con- ventions, held .1 joint father-son, mother-daughter banquet with the Y-Teens, sponsored sock hops, after the ball games, sponsored a Thanksgiving auditorium program and sponsored jointly with the Y- Teens the Christmas Prom, "Mood Indigo." The club met every other week on Wednesday' forenoons. The pro- grams included outside speakers, films, and discussions by the mem- bers. Tatfy was sold throughout the school with the proceeds go- ing to the Xvorld Brotherhood Drive in the United States. The othcers were: President, Mike Stohler: vice president, Jerry Randolph: secretary and treasurer, Tom Wfyattg chaplain. Larry Sun- dayg se r g e a n t-a t-a r m s. Tom Schmiegeg and program chairman, Gordie Van Marter. The faculty sponsor was john W. XVearly. Pennies for YVaymire, King of Christmas Prom Selling Salt Water Taify Hi-Y Cabinet Make Plans .2 2 , 3 A lf ,I 9 A 5-1 pjy. , 5? 7 lf' 0- V -gk' 4, ' 7 - 'w J ,Q 45" 0 'Is' ' 'X ' J .d Kr l ' ' 5 -, ' 'S 66,52 gf, ... ,- ':Yd4. jo' 'X 2 ',f:Tkl I 3 , ' E ' . "NS-.., I Xi '- fi, . , My ' I 'XIX 1. x f . Ml 'Ji Y l I 'V ' . ' 2:43, 'my Y IG u Q 'H' ,fE, M ,' ge ,5?l. , JY?" if 'H fi-2 n I i 2 I Y if 4 , TQ: .- Tx . :5 Y 4 ' R 1 g ""' v ily ' ami' N 'qi ia' ff 11 N". we 3 + II aw' A 1. ' z l 1 1 ill 1 ,4- f? . ' 1 5 i q 's-4: L3 -' 1"'r?' ,EAW 1 ff Ja., si! lf? ie'ii'1"f'1"g!43 i 71,0 Q g -V Li Y 'V A wifi! pf' I A at . li? f f, I :I x- f' M' , . -X. RNNNK I ' T.. fd 3 A 11" GQ I is xi' 1 1 4 sq ,Q - . - ...z ' S-1 4 ""-1' 'ff y X! ""' mi I I , 'll 11 T1 I U if ws ' 22 -ln .Ag if sh 1 l "'1"T 'vi s 2 Q S 1 ' .47 4 , li L iff' ..f sf -an STANIPING. .Iliily tlitiiiitli. llzirtlizi NYiIdi-1', Sue- l'lli'l4-'l', .liiztiiitsi liatiiigigeixiBal'i1a1'a Miixton. 1'ii1'i1'1i-11 Sc-l1il111:1ki-1', Nant-y Maxloii, Sully I14m1'il111:l11, Mary' Jane 4Qei'owetS. Nitin-it 151-M-11, Slisiiwm 11:14-1-y, Fzilih-tte Mi-llliy' l4ll2lI'l'7ll TxlZlllf3flll'l'lH2lIl, Harriet CUHR, IH-: .l:ir1':i1til, SlCA'l'l'lIv: Mrs, Tlfiiish, -llllllgf IPXLU-1't, Steiliziliie .AlllI'll'l'l, hlkilfllil Sl1HtTe1', Kathie I N---lv-l--. Konitzi F--1-In-S, Kaye i'i-1111-rsv, Sxlvizi Crt-wl, Lit-tty Niehols, Ruth A1111 Hansel- inziii. .liini-I l'11l'I'l1'k, SIISQ111 N1-'le-le. Girls' Athletic Association The large membership of the Girls' Ath- letie Association made the year a very busy one. The president of the organization was xludy Grifrithg vice president, Harriet Coolsg secretary, Sue Ulmerg treasurer, Martha XVilcler and reporter, Peg jnrrard. The girls were untler the guidance of Mrs. Sue Roush. The purpose of the club is to increase the girls' interest in mrious sports :tml to develop friendship. hetter sportsiiunship, and eo-oper- ation among the girls. The club met every Nlontlny afternoon at the Hendry Park School aetivity room from 3:30 to 4:45 oiclocls. Representatives attended L1 tumbling clinic at Churuhuseo, Some of the members partic- ipated in a tumbling show for the junior high and high school. The club earolleel at Christ- mas and worlsed on several projects through- out the ye.1r. The girls .ilso enjoyed lmslsetball, tumbling, '.'olleyl'mll, trampoline activities, ice skating ,intl sfiftlmll. llff',- li QM ' f'f:w. ' -,eexief D10 iw X" lu .JV 1 ,,,!- Fd - " -' is ' sw. lf.. -1 Y X x .sf 1 ' mi ,fdqyf .wwdHWwmW6QW?i Ofhces . ,s.,if,-1 ' -. .mx - gm' . swf '- ab. V. '71, if- . ' f " ' 1 Student Safety Patrol White belts, flashing yellow lights, and red and white stop signs are evidence their the members of the safety patrol for the Angola Schools .ire on the job. ln r.1iny weather their white raincoats could nlwsiys be seen. This is the twelfth year the patrol has been functioning. The members of the safety patrol this year were guests at the Shriners Circus in liort NV.1yne and .it .1 ban- quet given by the Angola Lions Club. The othcers of the organization for the current year were: Captain Bob Elston .md Lieutenants Richard Musser, Tom james, David Blough, Robert Vrehota, Lee Gilbert, and Janet Hart. This year the students patrolled only the highway in front of the South Whiyne Street school building. Mr. Druekamiller was their faculty adviser. P 1 in 1 X i 4 if IZ HIT Ill . it ' 'H il A Ib 4' UNT 'l '1 ' -: ,. -Son.-" XX PPI' " I, A 'R' ', 'A ',.'l , t '1 -". TH ll IXY. Iinlwrt Mwllriil.-, Sn lvirriui, 'Vim NYj:ilI, M2 llI'll1'l-illllllllh-l'. SIGVUNIH Ii IXY: .Iginis Hurt. .l2lI't Hurt. llnxiil Illmiuh. Htl Niitliin. E11 Sf-ssl'--ril, lim' ilillwrt, Tum Hutt:-. lfrzinvis .luhnsi-ii, ine XV I, To I mfs, Ri 'i iwl Xliisw-r, Rivhziril lllIlllllffE'l'. lR It 'XX I.iii5 XX 111 iii-li lin I -iplifi Imii Xjult, Rol t Vlillull Tom XI-l'ii4lr H1 lnrt l'lsl 'll l'iiIiii'-l "ls-1' HHN' lol iii lohii ll th- lvuid ltlllllll lrvllll Ti lol insi .. ll , 1' .. i5 '- I N " ? , 2 1 was President Lynda Reads the Rules-Everyone Agrees inf 'Y' rf 1- ""'Q?'v Future Teachers of America The Angola Chapter of Future Teachers of America was organized in 1949, with Principal F. K. McCutchan as its first adviser. The organization was named the John L. Estrich Club in honor of a former superintendent of Angola schools. Mr. McCutchan was the adviser of the club for two years. Miss Joyce Dunkin sponsored the club dur- ing the 1951-S2 schoo lyear. Miss Gladys Leas was sponsor during the year 1952-53. Mrs. Gladys Kile is the current sponsor and has been since 1953. During this year the members held meetings after school on alternate Vfednesdays, took part in student teaching, acted as guides at the sehool's Open 1-louse, went to state conferences and area me:tings, entertained the retired teachers of the community and the present faculty of the Angola Schools at a tea, and did everything possible to pro- mote good future teachers. The oflicers for the year were: President, Lynda Gentryg vice-president, Mary jo Wfillisg secretary, Elizabeth Owensg treasurer, Marcia Meyer: historian, -Iudy Bradyg parliamentarian, Julie Brokaw. Sue and Barbara Address :i Meeting Llody Teaches Spanish In Fifth Grade All Listen to the Serilm Junior lassical League The junior C,l.1ssic.1l League is .1 argui- 17.111011 composed of local classical clubs in junior .incl senior liigli schools tliroiigliotit tlie Unitecl States .incl its territories. Tlie purpose of the AI.C.L. is to eneouixtge .trnong young people .in interest in .tml .ippreci.1tion of the civilization, l.lllgLl.1gC, liteiziture .ind .irt of ancient Greece .ind Rome, .incl to give tliein some under- standing of tlie debt of our own culture to tlut of antiquity. The .I.C,.1.. WAS touncletl in tlic 1.111 ot 1956. ln Selling the Di lmmortales 1937-1958 tliere were 16.11112 members .intl 1,255 cl1.ipters over tlie n.ition. The Angola group held mnntlily meetings, tlie programs c.irrying out the purpose of tlie na- tional O!'g.1I'l11.1I1OI1. A Peasant Supper was lielcl in tlie lirinie economics ruuni in the spring, Ll.C.L. nienilwers lielpetl tencli I..1tin in Miss Fr.1nk's sixtli grmle room when tlieie pupils were studying Runnin liistury. Wayiie Hantz .intl Bruce Bo.1i'rlni.1n .ire tlic cun- suls: Pit L.1sli, scribn gsecretuyjg Dianne Sclieur- ing. questor llfI'C.lSL1I'CI'j1 .incl Sluron 1-l.inn,1, niunti.1 ireportery. Nliss Reed is the Tficulty .itlviseiz Banquet Roman Style tw? ' f is ,.,, - i 4, . ,ss x 2.31 . rt' L- s Nliss Ohlman Explains Library Techniques l'mjectionists w'.1ICl1 llemrmstration tudent Librarians Whenever' we need a book for pleasure or for reference material for a talk or a theme assignment, our student librarians are always ready to help us in any way possi- ble. It is a part of their Work to shelve books as well as check them in and out. All student librarians are mem- bers of the Hoosier Student Li- brariuns Association. They are under the supervision of Miss Ohl- man, audio-visual director. Pro jectionists The line films we have enjoyed this year would not have been pos- sible without the ethcient service of our projectionists. They do this job both at Hendry Park and at the South Wayne Street School. Our thanks to them and to Miss Ohlman, the faculty director. Art Assistants Taking attendance, keeping the store room clean, and helping Mr. Porter with his high school and junior high art classes are the du- ties of the art assistants. The stu- dents that helped this year Were: Harriet Cook, Barbara Maxton. Charlotte Wells, Dee Gilbert, Lynda Gentry and Susan Rath- burn. Award inners Barbra Strite, Eileen Schaeifer and Suzy Steenerson were among the top live Hall- mark honor winners at the Scholastic Art Show in Fort Vlfayne last February. In national competition in New York B.l1'lDl'.1iS painting won the Strathmore award, the only one given in the United States and considered the highest honor in the New York show in the high school exhibition. Suzy was declared the winner of the Hall- mark award, chosen from the top live in each of the 33 regional exhibits. Eileen was ai winner of one of the gold medals given to 100 entries in the New York exhibition. Eileenis painting, "The Nestf, is shown in both group pictures on this page. Suzy's work is "The Secreti' at the left below. B1irbra's "The Lady" is the picture in the center below. All paintings were oils. i l ff sg' ' qi x Q., -' ah 5 'i Susan Reads a Proposed Play Thespian ociety The Angola Clmipter of the National Irespmn Society was OI'l!j.ll'lllCd in 1952 .md replxced the Iornier Ll1'.lI11.1IiCN society, the .Xlphg Delta Lhi. .U , HS l1Ul1OI'.'lf'Y UI"' ,.1I1ll.lll4JIl is composed iii. slutlclils Vfhll l1.lY- ' l ritimher ui- points by p.1rticip.1t' iitis Activities. e came tie required ing in var- Nluch enthusiism wls di l d li . . sp .iye t mis year vheri the Thespiins produced three one-Act "ll,1f.r cn Nmember 23 under the direction of three student directors. These plays ,ere "The liathmrmi Door." directed bv 5pi1in Hithhurng "l'.il'r ' S . emi cenef' direct- ul lvj: lerTrey hlCC,lLJll.lI1d1 .ind "The Glori- .tl Brit." directed hy ,Iody Xlfillis. The fniicers of the club .irez President, llxtld llerit: ticefpresident, tlegrey NlCC,lCl- ir.,1: -1,-cretary. llgrriet Lrmlag treasurer, ffmriie f,l',llI1. l'f.ri-r' S-1 "" l ,.t ,,,,. 1 I1' 511, luv The faculty sponsor is Ofiieers THE BFITH Vv Three ne-Act Plays The Thespian Society presented three one-act plays in the auditorium on Novem- ber 25. In the drama, "Balcony Scene," the spirit of a deceased young man returned to earth to attend his own funeral, only to learn how false his friends really were. The cast included: Man, Terry Johnston: His Friend. David Dent: Mother, Barbara Grif- fiths: Daughter, Dianne Short: Gangster. Tom W'yatt: Husband, Fred Smith: Wfife, Donna XX'illibey: A Girl, Barbara Grifliths. "The Glorificd Brat" was a comedy con- cerning a blind man's daughter who had been spoiled by her father's theory of "spar- ing the rod." XVhen the "glorified brat's', new mother began to manage the house- hold, she made some necessary changes. The cast included: Steven Travers, Gordie Van Marter: Claire Travers, Susie Yoder: Am- sey, Elaine Gilbert: Emily, Sandy Rust. The action in the comedy, "The Bath- room Door," concerned the waiting line of the occupants of a rooming house to use the bathroom. Because the door wouldn't open, everyone decided that the young lady's husband had done away with him- self: but the door was only jammed. The east included: Young Man, jack Hollo- peter: Young Lady, Martha W'ilder: Elderly Gentleman, Tom Philipp: Prima Donna, Karen Beechy: The Boots, Duke Deller: Little Old Lady, Sue Ulmer. The student directors were Susan Rath- burn, kleff McClelland, and Jody Xvillis. The program was under the direction of Mr. Seigel, assisted by Mr. Condon and Mr. Porter. At the Funeral-"Balcony Sceneu Father Evens the Score for the "Gloriried Brat" Suspense in Front of "The Bathroom Door" Student and Faculty Directors Page Si i I y-flmu sg!" Q4 .S x 4 -4 66You Can't Take It lith You" "You Cant Take It NVith You," a com- edy in three acts, was presented by the Sen- ior Class on October 17 and 18. The story deals with the happy, care- free, lovable Sycamore family whose mem- ers do as they like with no questions asked. In contrast to these delightful people are the unhappy Kirbys, who cannot under- stand the way the Sycamores live. Tony, the attractive son of the Kirbys, falls in love with Alice Sycamore and brings his pJI'CI1tS to dine at the Sycamores' home on the wrong evening, Things are finally straightened out when Tony, who will not give Alice up, convinces his parents that they are wrong and the Sycamores' way of living is best. The cast included: Penelope Sycamore, Suzy Steenersong Paul Sycamore, Ralph Hunt: Martin Vanderhof, jeff McClellandg Alice Sycamore, Barbara Griffiths: Essie, Bonnie Pageg lid, Terry Johnston: Mr. De Pinna, Tom Philippg Mr. Kirby, Jerry Randolph: Mrs. Kirby, Susan Rathburng Tony kirby, Gordie Van Marterg Rheba, Lynda Gentry, Donald, Gerry Threlkeldq Boris Kolcnlihov, Frank Noragong Hender- son, Dave Dentg Gay XVellington, Connie Craing Olga Katrine, Karen Beechyg three men, Tom Crain, Doug Essenberg, Dave Stukey. The play was under the direction of Mr. Seigel, with assistants, Mr. Condon and Mr. Porter. Jody Wallis was the student pro- duction manager, and Barbara Strite was the stage manager. ,., . . uflnions in the tew" "Onions in the Stew" was presented by the junior class on March 12 and 13. Gail Gramling played the role of Betty MacDonald, the mother. and Fred Smith played Don, the father. Pam Beatty and Dianne Short presented the daughters, ,Ioan and Anne. NVayne Hantz played Howard, Anne's boyfriend, who lives in Seattle. Tom W'yatt was Roger, who is also interested in Anne. Claud, a boy interested in joan, was played by Bill Linnemeier. Sue Ulmer played Claire Fessenden, a neighbor, and Lib Owens portrayed Lesley Arnold, an af- fected neighbor. Margo, Lesley's aunt, was played by Linda Howe. Other characters included: Miss Garvey, played by Martha XVilderg Bee Gee, Donna W'illibeyg Salsie, Kathy McMullen: Kitsie, Elaine Gilbert: Harry, Mike Stohlerq New Motor Marvin, Kent Murphy, Mr. Curtis, Mike Reese: Lyda, Karen Gecowetsq lim. -lack Hollopeterq Uotty, Ruby Opdyckeg joey, Duke Dellerg Phil Murray, Bruce Boardman, Delia Murray, Georgia Detarg Old Buddy, Jerry Hoffman, Mrs. Curtis, ,lane Taylor, Sailors, Phil Ginder, -lim Rockwell, Lee Gilbert, Dennis Crooks. The play was under the direction of Mr. Seigel, with Marcia Meyer as the student director and Charlotte XY'ells, the student technical director. Mr. Condon and Mr. Porter also assisted in the production. 1, 'f 1217311 ,661 . I fig T. f b W - -Q - 2 .':,v4 . ag"f -if ' , f .-,gg ' , 5 5 cf'f"Qs' 4 gm .irf-S? ' vm- f L , 2103? -S' 'Qing 3' if 4 4 gtk l.w..kd..- 4 4 ? -'ff Jigga- fx1 n, - K 4 faggfyi 4 , Q. . M., ., ima, 4 A x -Jn-2 Jw' 'fu Pix- - L H v V MQ.. . , 3 ,M V ' fl " 411 a-'ASW al--snow., ""1"' "i'Q5-rhkv-xg ,,,sr. ' x 1 .-5. xx at .V , -u V +- ,X x .... , .. we-9,-mx? x-- f- L. , --LJ.. ..,- . v' . ,ig 4 I.-N 1 " ZNE.-h .QMALL-4l.1:L-4---1-A . . ..... A A i i o 1... ' T Ql:qr,.. ku' BEHIND THE SCENES 'YHI' Elf". 'l'v.. :W-1 -.H IA--x 1,1 ilu -I-mm 'max' Ir:-lmw' wurt-:in time- 41-xnivfrx Imlml ,M fm I.,f.'r,4. rid' H' I' il':K'. 1,14 ,lull 11-xx rmml-nw lwlxxw-1-In ww-:ws ul ilu Iluu mu--:lvl lvllny-. 'N gfvl-gun vw-.-. 1.1.1, mlmw Ihr- Ylnln'-14,114--:nlx 'WHEN' I"f',', .--uw: I-iw :1Ii1 :ilu 'Mrk In 54 I F n lulvlf llll .null July xx 4 'I -I1 fwvwllw .xml fum! ffl llw rfuim' lrlznx :url "lumix: it, Hp" Ihr ull: plmlw ffl 'ff,! 'rf'-vw V vmg., .J uu .p hx--Q' Nino " it FEQ5 3 iam llvff 'ff H1243 ...A -5 Ever: -jjj , ""1'sl"' 'Jin' N 1'l..XlilXlG'l'S Katie 4'zi1'1i-fy, liin-Iii 1':irr, Suszin 4':ii'i', Xlkioilim- 1'oiixx'zl3', Harris-I I'-I--li, Sur lilleu Vi-rip-, Lhirluirai Vi'-fxtuii, l-Iltiiue Iieller, .lainie l-'lf-gall, Mm.: tloiuly, Shall'- oii luv-N, lI:ii'lv.ii':i Al-liiiilftv. Susiiii Ni--lele, Mziry' Slziuiiizi, Siztriil Soiin-rluir. Susie- Sul- r-rii, Sn-A l'liiiei'. Al.ii'tli:i Wil-li-i .Xl.'I'fl 1'l.ARlNlC'l' Alilv- Sf-:'l':u'i-s. ISASS l'l,ARlNl-IT. lwiii 1,5-:nl--i'm:iii l-'l,l"I'l-I, Sxlx'i.i 1'rowl, liutli .Xnii lluiiseliiiziii, ll-iuuie l':ip:w, Juilx' ll isv. .-Xiii, l:.iiii.s.u, 4':ii'ui-'ii S4-liuiimln-1' 'IHHIC1 .If--ly Willis ALTU SAXilI'll4lNlC: lint'- Miin 'if-riu,iii, lilziiip- llillif-rt, f':ir-vlyu Munn, Sandi llusl HAHITIPNIC S.'XXlPl'l-IHNl'Ii Sus- Y---l--i' 'l'lINHli SAXHl'llHXi'I M.irilyii llauiiif. 5lui'iailuii.i lie-us-li, llllf-ii St.-exif-iw Band The ,-Xngol.1 High School Band under the direction of Mr. Nichols has lud a very .ieuxe year. The band presented .1 concert November 7 .ind .1 Christmas concert for the stu- dent body. Much of the music w.1s played in popular style and .1 m.iin feature was the llixicland B.1nd. The hand gave .1 spring concert on Nlarch 20, The org.1nil.1tion entered the district contest in Angola on April 4 .md won J su- perior mting. They also won .1 superior rating in the st.1te contest .it North Manches- ter. April ll. The selections for competition were Knightsbridge March, Billet Music from XYilliani Tell Overture, .ind Black Culnyon of the Ciunnisons. The hind .ilso played for Tri-Slate College Commencement in June. The pep hind pl.1yed for .ill of the home luslsetbnll g.imes. 1781. 1 T ,ia . 'W' 'iff Tl,-ff. E B Q,h R .A in ii.. !a,.o'.r ,sn rg. .P - filiiil tis? vin. HHIIN 1i:11'i ,X1111'i111, K:11'1'11 17141--1112 .Xl11vf1'1 l'I11'is11, 101111111 I"-11'111-s. V111 1111:, l!.1ll1'I'l1Xl-I .I11111111 V1-1111-is--..l111l1 1111111111 1'1111N11I'l' N--1-1111111 A11151111,z1 11111111 1,411 11 111111111 'l'1'1'1-1' ,fXI'1iXX'I'121I1, .I111111 1I1:1111l111:, .l1-:111111.- 1l1.11, 'IH-111 .I-111114-111. 11-111 A1111 1 1I.11'1' I'i1e1', .1l111j S1--f111:111,471-1111 S11.111. 1,11111 S1-1111-11' 'l'Il11AIl:11X1C Ii.1L1-- 1'1 1111-rse, SI1 1111 45111111-111. 1Z:11'I1:11':1 ll1'1I11111S, 1111-1111 .1111'1111. 11-1-11:v 1,l11111, 31:11-1:1 N11-11-1', 1'1111 Musa 1 1.1-11 1111111111151 'I'l'1lA' 5:1111 1111'1'1111. 11111 'l1'1l11l11r, I"1'1-11 51111111 l11l1'N1S 11111 111111-iw 11 S11:11'-111 1111111-111'1t, Ii:11'1A11 111111t1111, 1.11111,1 l-f1111s, 1'1-1. 11.11'11111', 11.111-.11.1 111111111, 51 1-1 1i111 1111111111 111111111-1. arching Band The nmrching band took two trips this ye.1r. The iirst was to Elkhart to p1.1y in the Centennial Parade. The second was to Purdue to play for the annual Band D.1y there. Mr. Nichols was .1 guest director in the mass band participation. The marching band .1150 .ippeared .lt the home footb.111 games this year .ind in the Tri-State Co11ege Campus Day Parade. The band will march in the Memorial DA1' Parade, DRUM MA JoR AND MAJORETTES Our pretty and highstcpping mzljorettes caught e1'eryone's eye as they marched down the street. Our hve rnajorettes led by our drum major, Linda Ewers. gxve the band .1 co1or- fu1 and attmctive appearance. The majorettes are Shxron Babcock, Sharon Rowe, Konita Forbes, Bonnie Page and B.1rb.1r.1 Croxton. I'1.lff 1 1 Urehestra For ten years th part of the ngo a High Sih l - A ' ' c oo. Each year it provides music for the Senior Class Play, the Junior Class Play and the Three One-Act Plays. It also e orchestra has been a music program at A l plays for such occasions as the Tri-State commencement and the high school com- mencement. The orchestra played in a concert April 10, with the grade school orchestra and the Croxton-Aldrich ballet students. A superior rating was won by the orches- tr ' he ' " ' Angola and g was theirs in state a in t district contest in another superior ratin competition at North Manchester. This year the or chestra was under the direction of M r Nichols ind M . , . r. Gocllev- ski. 4- mlei: Kathy Nwlvle, Kzithv Kraiilv 0.11111 . Sziiilv llustlioiiw M. . ir.-lv Marx' Slziiiinzi, Susi Y xllllx 4'I.'i1IWi4'li, Hi-vi 4'l1'i4IWi1'l' 1 iiiilul I iiii Iiiiiliildt I ilu 1 XX x , , 1 ' ' ,, Susie Slvr-iiiwsimii, .Inns-t , 'A K' 'laiiivyy Nzulina lit-iiwli, Kathy l'1:iii1'y. VIULAZ Mary Jo ill I iilii Nllllv I'I-II.IAl. Kziiw-n l'1i'mfkt1w, Helly NI4'll4PlS. Sully I-2o:i'l 'in ' ' Hai- I'HI'giIil, STRING I2ASSi Susan llzitliliurn Qu-11 ' : I ifm. , lmnnie , , stu llmer. l"l l'Tl"' 1'nnni . ,. . t- Page, llulh R ,ue X usic Parents' Club nts' Club has as its aim l The Music Pare ' the Hnancial and moral backing of all tae music groups in the school. Through the parents' efforts the students are able to at- tentl the various contests. The parents al- so provided robes for the choir members, suits for the band members, and music awards presented to the seniors. This year the major project to raise H le of music booster tick- wis the sa money . ets for the different programs. The otlicers are: President, XVendell ja- cob: vice-preisdent, Quentin Hawthorne: secretary, Mrs. XVarren Krantzg treasurer, Mrs. Burton Page. Ann llslllsellnslli. t'I.AIllNl'I'I', Mzlrtliu XYil4I.'l'. 'I'oin llurmzun NIH!!-I l-Iilo-vii Svllzn-II4-I, .XIXFH SAXHPIIIDNIC' 1-Ilziin.. miillwi-1, 'l'l4ZN1vIi Sl-XX41l'll1vNl4I llnrilyn llgirris, llwl X ' ' ll'--i'l+e-S. Vlili-e 1lr1lmlin::'. Tlll'3Il'I'IT Sully llntlilwurn, lfrn-il lt.--lt, I.5'nn Slvlllvl. ' lll'llllllIS. Juni-w 1'--iix'f'i's-1. 'I'l'lZ.X' lull tlrillillis. l'l-Ili1'I'SSl"N, lXUlllT1l 'I'RHRIllHNli: l!ui'luu.i LP lllll XYillilwx' 1 :JJ ralfui-nm "W ' 5, ww....-.. '1'4iI'IUJXY' Iii-me Knox. SICVHXIP I-LHXY: .lerry H4-lTinziii. K+-nt Miiiqvliy, Mivkey Hull-y. 'I'lIlIiIr IIHNY Iluxe Iveiit, l"i'wl Sinilli, I,ai'i'5' Siiiiilziy. I-'4rI'IITH IUIXY, Imxw- SIll"liV, Terry .loliiistoir Twin lxllililill. I4'H4'TH RHXY. Iwwis N-Awiinni 4'lil'I' livzin .Invk Ili-rliesii P 1 SIXTH Ill XY 'F-ny llUllZl115lIl. Kziren Iirukaw, Iwg .I:iri':ii'r'l. Sl'IYI42N'I'II IIHXY: Karen IIN-4-IW, Siissin IizithIii,irii, lionnie Page. ICIKPIITH HHN' I':ini lleutty, Hzirrivt twink, Susie Sutton. NINTII ICHXY: Vuiiiiii- Vriiiii, l1zxi'lw:ii'zi ilrifiiths, lmiimlzi tleiitry. 'I'l'IN'I'H I-:HW Viiiwil lliwiiiiliiiar, Al2ll'4'I2l Meyi-i', lclilllll' llillwrt. I-'IiflN'I' IIHXY: liilw-ii Sf-l1zielTe'i', .lainie lnlinffill. Suu' l'lnn-i'. Choir The Angola High School choir. under the direction of Miss Nancy Siebold, is one of the busiest, most progressive and popular groups in the music department. It has sixty-four members. The choir presented a concert on january 28, featuring popular songsg the last group of selections were from Carousel. A spring concert was given on May IZ. The choir entered competition in the district contest on April 4 and won a first plaee. Then they entered state competition and won another superior rating. The members of the choir sang carols in the halls of Hendry Park, Pleasant Lake .ind the South W'.1yne Street Schools at Christmas time. They sang for the Tri-State College baccalaureate service in December and they will sing for the service in June. lun 4-4 1 TMP IHIXY: Hairy lllllllvlllllll. SIC4f1'lNl'D IUINY: John Nvxviizun. Mikie Hzilvy, .li-rry liuiiilolpli. THIICIP HHXY: Tum Vrfiin. Nol'm:in Amstiilz, Sum Di1'1'im. FOVIITII RHXY. Iron XX'i1son, .ln-'lt Aliu,-lwll, Tom Fleatnl, FIFTH HHXY: Terry Arkwright, Huiwlie Yun Marte-i', XX'illu1'il M SIXTH IUIXXY Hill llrilfiths, Mike IH-minif, Tom Hwulis. SICVICNTH RHXY: .Ir-3' l"eziSer, 1'hlm,- Grziinlinu. HOT' l"'l1"l1:1- --Kinley. ICIGHTH HHXV: Lat Yoiiiie Ariiol-I, Mzirtlm XYi1-ler, Judy Glasgow. NINTII ICHXYZ lllilllllc' Sliwrt, Sum' Y-ide-i', Vniiniw Gary! TFINTH TIVNY: Immizi XYillilwy, I.iIi Uwe-iis, llairhrzi Strltv. FIUDNT HHXYI Jody YVillis. .Tziiiivv l'UI1Yz'l'Nv'. .lllllill lhfwi-. ork Well Done Angola High School can be especially proud of all of the music organizations this year. The band, orchestra and choir each won top honors in the state contest. The twelve judges who scored the students in the different groups all agreed in placing each unit in the superior class- ification. All of the judges complimented the students for their high degree of musicianship in addition to their technical skills. Much credit is due the students who put in long hours of practice and to their very competent teachers, Miss Siebold, Mr. Nichols, and Mr. Godlevski. ? I X STRING QUARTET The string quartet receiv- ed a superior rating at the District Solo and Ensemble Contest and went on to the state. The members are Bill Steele, Mary Slanina, Mary jo W'illis and Karen Brokaw. In the state competition Susie Yoder substituted for Bill Steele. GIRLS, AND BOYS' QUARTETS The girls' barbershop quartet and the boys, quar- tet, although being organized only two years, have been very active groups. They have sung for talent shows, concerts, auditorium pre- sentations. and the different community programs. The girls' barbershop quartet received .1 superior rating in both the District and State Solo and Ensemble Contests. The boys' quartet received an excellent rating in the district competition. Since all the members of both groups are seniors. An- gola will lose two very line vocal groups this ye.1r. Girls' quartet-Karen Bro- l-aaw, Susan Rathburn, Lynda Gentry B.1rbr.1 Strite. Boys' quartet-Dave Dent, Gordie Van Matter, Tom Philipp, Terry Johnston. SOLOISTS Much solo work was done in the vocal concerts in the last four years. Three of the senior girls who helped out in this department were Bar- bra Strite, Connie Gary and -Iody Willis. haf? a. 'Q I The Stardusters Playinff a Popular Numbtr Possibly Bird Do THE STARDUSTERS For the Hrst time Angola has a dance band, "Th: Stardustersf' This group has played for the Ro- tary Club and the dances after the band concerts. It also played for some of the sock hops after the basketball games. Mr. Nichols, as organizer and director of the dance band, says it has made much pro- gress during this first year and pre- diets it will have .1 bright future. The members are: Alto saxo- phone-Eliane Gilbert. S .1 n d y Rust: tenor saxophone-Marilyn Harris, Marialana Rensehg bari- tone saxophone-S u s i e Yoder: trumpet-Betty Nichols, John Gramling, Gene Shawg trombone- Barbara Grifliths, Glenn Jacob, Sharon Gibbeny: piano-Phil Mus- serg bass-Sue Ulmer: drums- Bruce Anderson: vocalists-Lynda Gentry, Donna XY'illibey. PEP BAND The pep band appeared at all the home basketball games and the pep sessions preceding them. The group added color and excitement and their efforts were greatly ap- preciated by the student body. -. 'v J wid A 1.0-'N 1 'R'-A N, x' 'Na Sis Ui . ,651 '. , Q'-rg :AX x Calendar September W? School's ln Session Back to Work 'z ,. f ' ,,.A , T. SME WW 'sr jf557Z4 i 'Q Q' 4 " ' ' , vi wis h! .5.,e.9- 'si.iQ..m,e.., A. , I 6 4 5 , ey f I. The Champs in Action The Baseball Trophies I 'v liirst Issue The Marching Band of the Hornet Steps High Goes to Press 11 i- Swuuli-Kia Bring Smiles Calendar October N Y-Teen Round-Up Seniors begin Proves Successful Macbeth l :- Frank Dons Make-up The Senior Play for Dress Rehearsal Cast Prepares for It Hit -lillll 47 Mr. johnson Gives Juniors Begin Important Directions the Long Money-Making Campaign Page Sr'1'f'11fy-5v1'vr1 Calendar November Hornets Mount the Karen, Bonnie and First Step in I1 Xvinning Connie Rest Between Season Cheers M Q li Wi Senior Skirts Are The Pep Band Adds the Best Yet! Spirit with a Rousing Selection After-Game Record Directors Arc Happy Hops Are in Full With the Successful Swing Three One-Act Plays lu 1 'pf 1 f 1123-wlzfffl Calendar December Y-Teens Decorate Thespinns Initiate the Christmas Tree New Members in the Main Hall Christmas Cookies The Choir Sings Are Made by Four Christmas Carols in Able Y-Teens the Halls Tony Emcees at ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, ,The Christmas Prom Pugv Su: vnty-nim 5 Calendar January 1 N: Holiday Tourney Fans , , ,, , , ,,,,, ,xvlioop Ir Up N WWW Vw' 5 0' ,qv 2!yQf'w :i2g'U,2 rv 1-re - - A 1 . www! if Qf',4. ., . I '- .xp U, 4,' , .X '- ' - Q s l fw fsa.fx , 4' X b 3 f ll 1 A 1 r, " "-ST , N- . x ,rt ,. , - '- - , -'C ,"7 x ,Az fn A , 5-.5 ,954 - I ,W ,aj,,?,q z4r K QQ , ?i"'f'f3 H S.f-ii7f'ii' ., '51, Q' 'akiwffff ' ",.-i ' l'f'342k K-1 L-if . " A W' .1w2f.' ',.WEx.' "EY al '..,-p -:.vyv'lr,E:z , , 153- 'J xv, , f L 1 ,fr Q. . if ,l ' A Tirsr Semester Deadline lmmmx Alxcad :mama LM E --N.. l N -I, lu: Storm Cripplm Angola Choir Cuncurt lkliglm All lu lfffl, Calendar Februar ,7 ,T Q Seniors Recover Ensembles Practice from Semester Exams for the District Contest i. . in - -:grew - if-X.-1 - We my - 'Q if ff rr 'N fi i ...nge 6 5 ' ASA Y 5 +G Abi, .Q g. A Q , r e t 1 . 55 -30 lf "A- - V ' :vi - ,q,,f55-Q .rpm V...-: . , Q if vi A 5 E if 9 'G xt X 'ffvgik f- " 7- ,:-pr, , K x U W., - .ps . Mr. Porter Talks Over List Minute Art Contest l'rep.1r.itione Are in Order Cheerleaders Lead Seniors Make Sectional Fans in Plans for Chili n Victory Yell Supper Pilgi' Ifig lifx -I Calendar March ? 553295, MNwWMWW,Q. .A1. r fwwssw, - i s:fqmwywf L ',lH - ' gss'2il:fs'5i Back to W'ork After Mr. Bernlmrclt and Easter Vacation Bill Steele Discuss Plans for the Science Pair K Mr. Seigel Directs Mr. Jolinsonls Shop Aluninr Class Play Class ls Always qu 5131213 -lu ff A.H.S. ls Proud Donna Receives of Its Dance Band Instruction from Mr. Burns on the Business Machines Hard at XVork Calendar April .-'lg' N5 Q1 Band Prepares for the B.O.V. Contcst , X 5 . 3 . rs! M 1 'VV A Vmiiiiii 35 , A A in 4- W J if' 1 I X Q -i ' I 5 i-will if " Puff,,,Puff ..,. Track Mechanical Drawing Time Again Class Is in Good Hands V " ',f' 4,1 ,-. Y Q F.-A f . Spring Is Here Mike Conducts a Hi-Y Meeting Pizgv Eiglvfy-fb ,, W l ,.4a . Calendar a School Exhibit Dancers Swing to tlic Time ls Here Music at the May Prom 1 ,2Tf:fg,,,,i rr P 2 2',""--'i.?fi.f 'TYVS V. WW: . , i pi . 4 i 1'- , ffl. .Y V ..,s., 5 ',12:Q:' ,. n f '?'f'1Y Sf' lf 5 ' i. I . fl. iv 3, Seniors Practice Tom Displays His Procussional Talent on Senior Day ' Sclmolk Out And so the Day Arrives at Last! lu llffffy-ffllll' nforgettahles Magazine Sales Science Trips Slumber Parties Bledsoes Y-Teen Initiation Varsity Drag Three One-Act Plays Hi-Y Initiation Basketball Games Record Hops "The Family Nobody XVanted" Track Meets Eighth Grade Tourney Ice Cream Social Music Contests junior-Senior Banquet Christmas Proms Girls' State Boys, State Baseball Champs Leotards Senior Skirts Football Games "You Can't Take It XVith You" Key Sales Party Government Scrapbooks Term Reports Crew Neck Sweaters Christmas Caroling New Year's Eve ,59 Sectional Champs Pizza Regionals Hallmark Awards Chili Supper Cheerleaders Chemistry Projects Hornets May Proms Senior Day Year Books Class Trip Graduation Page Eigbfy-fre Ni' J s v an' 5- 1 E R vi 4.1. urG m 'VI Tlvp jury nf ziulurly, ffm' w1'1'rm nf 1f4'f1'11l, 1' 1 llllllnlf of rllll' mrk fmfrx, flu' n11111'11J1'1f1ij1 of 41111 ju j1 nun x,f4'fU!'X', 11'vf4'11l, 1'111111111u', n11111111l1xf1i11, mu' 111 x11111 fl7iII1QX u'l1i4'f1 ZNIIL' 1111111 .11'u1111.l um' gy 111 1-11111 IIIA 1 nriu for In 1111. SPURTS Steps To Sportsmanship IOOOOOOOOOOOIOOOCCOOOOOCOIOO x.. 542, 'as X x N' , H P 1 A 6, 3, A f""'-S, 41.- -fx X - : , r' ! Kai v . A cs, K . ll! Jig. ' , ,. ' .N jeaielii. A Nlanagers Talk It Over NIANAGIQRS l 'jf fl l,lLlClll lsl'l.lll.l!UrN llllh ycalr NK'L'I'Lf ilrwiii f1'.'ei'iw, lirute lioardman, and Tom lone. 'l'l'ifgj.' dnl an excellent job of look- 1:.g -fur ants, lfallm. and towels and doing :noun film' flung. for the llornet and rhe li' Ywilii ."1 f ll ffl,--nfl! Coaches Listen to Mr. Cable Coaches -Iohn Hammel coached the Hornets through a winning basketball season and on to the Sectional Championship. He deserves much credit for the accomplishments of the team. Bob johnson was head football coach and assistant basketball coach. He stood by Mr. Hammel in the hour of triumph. Leroy Cable was freshman basketball coach. Chuck Dygert was coach for our bi- county championship baseball team. Carroll Nesbitt coached the track team and -Iulius Milhollin was coach for the cross country team. Russell Brayton was the golf coach this year. A. B. Barkdull, as athletic director, ar- ranged the sports schedule, looked after the finances involved, and did many other things in the course of the season. These men have led Angola High School to outstanding athletic achievements. "N-v. I fy.: ?6.e,..fq X X f - R, :froze A J - g , t " Rr, , F 3 1 , ' x ' p ,, . Ii -01 71 " ' ' I v D J XX fi' Xt-,ff lk 1 f Iv '4 J '1 Q , A 1 .f X - X ' 1 1 x ' . 5 , YJ If 51 y , i 1 . fi K f ,Y XX " 1 : 1.1! fs' f W, -- Q "' 5 i 5 ' Q , , : :P 5 3 J 5 5 - -'ff s 7 3 , i, '- K X 3 ke ...--'Qi' , X 11-4 33 L 1 ' .a- R :s.- x , 5 . X, Y N 'tt' - r AJ ji., K 1 X 1 1. s. , ' , ,,.. 1 '- . ..,. , ,, .' - ' -' ' , qt v . -v-' THP RHXV: Don IH-wi-rs, Miki- Stolili-r, .1e'1'1'5' Ilainrliilpli, Jerry Hoffninn, Thin XVz'i5'- mire-, 111111 Vrum, Uozivli Hiimme-1, 1'111'lN'1' RVYXY: Gary 1'1i:i1ini:in, 111-i-ilie Yun Rlzirli-r, Irqive Iwui-rt, .luck Di-rlii-ii. eason in Review The Sectional Championship and playing in the Regional finals meant much to the Hornet team members and Coach Hammel this year. lt was the first time since 1934, that Angola took the Section- al. Advancing to the Regional finals will also go down in A.H.S. athletic history. The Hornets buzzed into their regular season November 14 with a 59-55 victory over the La- Grange Lions. The next night they met Ligonier on the Angola floor where they were defeated 54- 53 in a hard fought battle. Columbia City was next on the Hornets' sched- ule. Here they met defeat at the hands of the Eagles November 21. The final score was 71-65. Now followed three consecutive wins for An- gola. On November 22 Concordia fell to the Hor- nets, 78-71. The Butler XVindmills were defeated S1-69 on November 26. And South NVhitley met a similar fate on December 5, being defeated on their home floor 81-68. Blufi'tcn's Tigers were a little more than the Hornets could take. On December 12 they defeat- ed Angola 66-54. The next night the Hornets re- gained their pride when they stung the Berne Bears S8-67. On December I9 Angola lost to Hoagland by 14 points. The final score was 52-38. In the Holiday Tourney at Garrett, Angola beat lfremont 67-50 in the first game but lost the cham- pionship game to Garrett, 61-54. The Auburn Red Deivls. age-old rivals of the Hornets, were next to bow to Angola 84-54. On January 10 NVaterloo beat Angola by a nar- row margin of one point, 45-44. Carrett's Railroaders dealt another blow to the Hornets on January 16. Garrett made 53 points: Angola, 46. The New Haven Bulldogs were the victors in a game played January 23 at Angola. The Bulldogs ran off with a score of 78-66. Now the Hornets rallied to take Decatur's Yel- low-iaclsets by 15 points in a game played at De- catur on Alanuary 30, the score being S1-66. Kendallville's Comets fell to Angola on Febru- ary 13. The Hornets emerged with a 70 to 63 vic- tory. Feathers flew the next night when the Hornets defeated the Fremont Eagles by 35 points. Angola was victorious with a score of 79 to Fremont's 44. The Hornets wound up their playing season very successfully. They stung the Avilla Panthers 71- 37 at Avilla on February 20 and dropped the Howe Military Cadets 47-41 the next night on the home floor. Page Efgbf-1'-llfllt 1 X FSL Z ,,, -'lm .typ P ii PS LIN EUP Bud Crunl-Cufzlvr-Senior Gordic Van M.11'te1'-C1141VJ-Senior Gary Chapman-Forznzm'-Senior Don XVayn1irc-Ifuru'IIVJ-Senior Ihvid Dygcrt-l"m'u'auf-Senior jerry 110HI'l'l.lIl1Cjl'lIfl'l'T1Lll'liO1' Don Powers-lfurlc11111-junior Mike Stohler-Forzaunf-,Iunior jeff HCiCFLCt'IIft'Y'iJLlUiOf Jack Berlien-GnuVJ-Sophomore Jerry RAndolph-Furla'frm'-Senior Due Dygcrt jerry Randolph VARSITY RECORD ,I.,. ,MJ If-if 1... IXX lil. mr If' '.n I A r 1o.1.l o 5 IIN. -a-we,,,,s , 2 XX JR X 3 :fd ww- x 2 Sec tional Tourney Scenes Top picture: A moment of great exlmltntion for Hornets and eoneh. Setond row: Loaelm lhmmel has completed uutting down the net while team mem llera re.1el1 for the pieces-Assistant C,o.1el1, Bob johnson, helps to lmoltl itg Bud Crum jurnpa llI4LQl1. Plllfr .'X.1n.l-', lun nf fi Sectional Tourney Scenes Top row: Tumi, I'l1.lI'l.lgCIAS .ind Assistant Cfimcli -Iolmsiin wlioop it up .imuml Quifli Hainincl, who is on tlic b.ill!g Bnnnic P.1gc .ind cliccring suction in Action. Second row: A tense mumcnt in rhc game .is klurry iumpsg Llubilmit lc.iw rliu gym. Tliird row: Hornet team incinbcrs 1'c.icli for tourney ri-opliyg Coixlic l'C.lLly to liit .1 jump ball: Hornets are in tlicrc pitching. Piivqi' N lrlulj'-I AIN i 2 S J mn , . . 1 my -1-.14-.-1-.-.i

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