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 - Class of 1958

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Text from Pages 1 - 136 of the 1958 volume:

H EI .. ' 1. " i. • .EN COUNTY PUBLK 3 1833 03576 9238 GENEALOGY 977.202 AN4AHS 1958 I fort w( L FORT WAYNE ■ ■ CO. 1 DESIGNERS • RETOUCHERS engraving :; COMPLETE PRINTING PLATE SERVICE INDIANA H CLi£ ' . SUtJE I r.O • % Published by the Senior Class Angola High School Angola. Indiana o Angola High School . . . Joys and sorrows, victories and been equally shared ivithin thesl defeats, have four ivalls. ■ ' -■ -. " i W 1 , .--.i 5 V-. tB 4 ; -.. A.;- 1 .. : li " ' ' " ' m ■3. i -■ho i — «? It-— -H " i ' . " ' : 8 i ■ .■ -1) • ■ s ■ ■ m ■ ■■ ■ i m i ., ..- ; 5i. Here Lies the Key to Success and Happiness ANGOLA SCHOOL SONG All for thee, Angola High School; We will ever do our best; When the challenge conies to serve thee, We will never fail the test. May we bring thee naught but glory. As ive loud our voices raise; Through the years, Angola High School, We ivill sing thy praise. " W ' :r-Ir -i- ;!) 51 ;%:;■;- i ' i ' - - ■in! i ' - ;f VJ ' T: L " ' ' ,r ■■ ' ■ " : :■ ; i ' •■; ;! ' i ] ■ ;-, " : 1 i ' ' ' ■ ■ i. ■ ! ' r; ■ ' ; ' ■■ i ,; ' ; K-i:::::; r t : x: . ;■ . ' " ' . %... W ' ■ ■ " ; -TV ... .-■ . ■ ; - W ' ■ . ■ ■ ¥. ■E ' . ■ •VI If-- 5 " m 1: ' h. " ' ■ 3SSii Appreciation We, the Senior Class of 1958, wish to express our sincere appreciation for the efforts of Mr. DruckaiuiUer, who has been the class sponsor throii; h our four years of hii:,h school, and of Dave MacFadycn, who has been our class president for three years. They, with patience, tact, and iinfailinji, good hntnor have ; iiided oiir class. They were always there with a helping hand and a cheerful word when prospects looked bleak, and they were the first to give us a word of commendation for work ivell done. Through the aid and guidance of these two, all suc- cesses of the seniors came about. We sincerely thank you, Druck and Dave. Paf;e Six Foreword Our yearbook is The Key to a year ' s activities at A. H. S. We shall shoiv the students and teach- ers who make up our school. We shall i ii ' c the reader an idea of our activities at work and at play. We hope you enjoy reading it as much as we enjoyed writing it. Swil FACULTY ■ Our Superintendent During our four years of high school our superintendent has con- stantly been a great help to us. His smiling face greeted us whenever we entered the office. He never has been too busy to talk with us whenever we needed guidance. We wish to thank you, Mr. Boomer- shine. Our Principal " Mac " has been a true friend to us in our four years at A. H. S. He has always been ready to listen to our troubles and to help us in many ways. We wish to thank Mr. McCutclian for making our high school years very prohtable and pleasant. Pfl. f Ten R. L. Nedele Robert Berkes He Wis Harold Stevens Carlton Chase Board of Education Much credit for the success of the school year should be given to the members of the Angola Board of Education. At the regular monthly meetings throughout the year the board has met many problems in regard to the financial program, the plan- ning of a school curriculum to meet the state requirements, the selection of teachers, and the legislation of general school rules. Th e members of the board are: Carlton Chase, president; Harold Stevens, secretary; Heyman Wisner, treasurer; R. L. Nedele; and Robert Berkes. We, the graduating class of 195S, wish to extend to them our sincere thanks for the work they have done to make our school life better and more pleasant. Grade School Principal A faculty member we could not get along without is Curt Rathburn, the grade school principal. He divides his time be- tween Hendry Park School and the Wayne Street building. No problem is too large or too small for him to consider. Hats off to a very efficient administrator and a good friend. Pa " e Elcicn EDITH KUNKEL We, the CKiss of ' 5 8, wish to express our sincerest thanks to Edith Kunkel for all her help throughout our high school days. She was always there in time of need with a word of encouragement. BETTY SERVIS A bright new personality to help the seniors to a more enjoyable year is Betty Servis. Her cheerfulness and helpful sug- gestions have been an aid to all of us. ROBERTA FISHER Roberta Fisher, the secretary at Hendrv Park, is also a registered nurse. Thus she has added responsibility and deserves much credit for a job well done. Secretaries I ' a e Twelve MR. BARKDULL and MR. XICHOLS must have heard something funny in either the commercial or music department that mornmg. MR. HAMMEL is looking at a good al- gebra test paper while MR. STACKMAN has left the history room long enough to admire it too. MRS. TRENNEPOHL has just come into the grade library to discuss some mag- azines for home economics with MISS OHLMAN . Faculty Pa " e Thirteen Faculty MR. CONDON and MR. MYERS have been working on plans for English I when perhaps one of Mr. Myers ' geometry students comes in. Of course figures modeled in art class are of interest to MR. PORTER and MRS. PILAT. MISS SIEBOLD is engrossed m the plans for the coming spring concert, " It ' s a Big, Wide, Wonderful World. " Paf;e Foiirleen MISS SHAXTZ his found something interesting about physical education in that magazine while IR. SEIGEL looks on. MISS REED relates a humorous Incident about the Appian Way. MR. XESBITT is mterested in Roman hiscorv ' too. That experiment in Science 9 will have to work if MR. DYGERT gets everithing ready. MR. BERNHARDT is thinkmg about the next chem laboratory p eriod. Faculty Pj ' .- Fifteen MRS. FULLER shows MISS FRANK ;ind MRS. RUGGLES some art work done in her fifth j;rade. Mrs. Ruggles also teach- es fifth sjrade and Miss Frank, sixth. MR. JOHNSON and MR. WEARLY just found a project they can use in either shop or mechanical drawing. MRS. KILE explains to MR, DRUCK- AMILLER exactly what her math classes are doing. " Druck " teaches junior high history. Faculty Pa;jf Sixteen MRS. CLINE and MISS ULERY pa the time of day in the upper hall. Mrs Clinc ' s English class and Miss Ulery ' s Typ- ing I .ire " just around the corner. " MISS STEVENS is showing MISS SHULTZ some of her English papers. Miss Stevens teaches fourth " rade. MRS. CLARK is getting equipment re.idy for an expermient in Science 9 in the new science laboratory. Faculty Pfl?c Seventeen MRS. HART puts the finishing touch- es on an art project in the third grade. MRS. SCHRIDER, also a third grade teach- er, holds other grotesque masks. MRS. HEDGLIN supervises work of one of her fourth grade pupils. MISS LEMLEY tells MRS. MACFAD- YEN what the second graders have been doing. Mrs. MacFadyen teaches first grade. Faculty Page FJghtccn MISS HEPHNER and MR. RYAN dis- cuss sixth grade activities in the Hendry Park School. A friendly chat at Hendr - Park — Par- ticipants are ' MISS HARDY and MRS. ESPY, who teach third grade, and MISS COLLINS, second grade. MR. SAPP shows MISS HARMON a paper written b)- a fifth grader. Miss Har- mon also teaches fifth " rade. Faculty Page ' Nineteen CUSTODIANS Harry Sowle Lester Shelton Carlton Erwin Archie Allen Willis Parker BUS DRIVERS Blaine Demorest Mike Rodman Earl Butz Kenneth German Clifton Nilson Fordyce Johnson Norris Lehman Loren Dixon MRS. REICHARDT and MRS. EHR- HART discuss fourth grade activities for the day — with autumn decorations in the background. The first grade teachers at Hendry Park, MRS. GARN, MISS MYERS, and MRS. BOYER, are in happy mood. Notice the ducks and Easter rabbits! MISS TEEGARDIN and three of her second graders look at all the pictures. This scene is at Hendry Park. Faculty Pa c Twenty iftliii II I iTiMrtfllTttiaiiiniMiafii fN ! m CLASSES f l lXlllxl mm Seniors WILLIAM LEONARD WRIGHT He:iriim ' imisiof I ' eople beiiij;;- j ny: Look for Bill not far awiiy. Junior Play Stagre Crew. 3: Junior Play Cast, ?. ; Senior Play Sta§:e Crew. 4: Senior Plav Cast, 4: High School Choir. 1-4: Boys ' Glee Club. 1: F.T.A.. 2-4: National Thespian Society, 4: Band. 1-4; Orchestra, 1-4; District Solo Contest. 1. 2: District Ensemble Contest, 1: Hi-T, 1-4: Junior Classical Leag:ue, 1-4; Operetta Cast, 2; Operetta Chorus. 1, 2. DAVID L. SOUTHERN Always ready and glad to aid. Of stioli line stall ' is Dave made. Junior Plav Stage Lighting, 3: Senior Plav Stage Lighting. 4: Hornet Staff, 4; Key Staff, 4: Three One- Act Plays Stage Lighting. 4; Hoosier Boys ' State, 3; Track, 1. ;, RICHARD L. DAY I ' liis liri lit .toiiii; l:iil di ' o e the te:ifli« li:ill ' iiiMiI. EDDIE SMITH ii man tmulit K y . lHli, i li. ' ik uift li. JUNE KAY PRIEST llldntle, MtaliK ' Miine, exofle, l ' N. m lieltfr linlf. .lunior Play Stat? - ( ' rt: v. ' . ' ,: .Senior Plav .Stnt e Crew, 4: JliKh .S ' hool Clioir. 1-4; F.T.A., 2-4; PreHldent, 4: Three ' )!i :-Arl Play Cact . ' ! ; Ulslrlct .Solo Cont(«t, 2; Dl Im- rnortalen Ktaff, 1; lloo«l ;r OirlH ' Stat -, ?,: y-Teen.s, 2-4; . iinl ' .r f:la " l ' al l .-aKue, I-l: .Student Council, etta ' ' IiorUH, 1, 2: Olrlx ' Trio, . ' !, 4 Jrjnior Town M r«,-tln ?, . ' J, .lunior Pla ' Stage Crew, 3: Senior Plaj- Stage Crew, 4: High School Choir, 1; Key Staff, 4; Band, 1-1: Dis- trict Enserhble Contest, 2, 3: Hi-Y, 4; Track 2; Base- ball, 1, 2; Projectionist, 1. PATRICIA LOUISE COLLINS A iiiy l:isN, with ;i joviiil :iir. !l:iI l»y-Ki»-luckj ' , free from » ' nr€ ' . Junior P!a - Stag-e Crew, 3 : Senior Plav Stage Crew, 4; Hornet Staff, 4. Key Stalf, 4; Y-Teens, 4; Librarian, 4. BARBARA JOYCE DETAR So iBi;iiiy are the frieiMl t . " he h:is ioii. BiirLi is cute niiil Io:mIk of liiii. Junior Play Stage Crew, 3: Senior Play Stage Crew, 4; F.T.A., 4: Hornet Sta(T, 4; Key Staff. 4: Three One-Act Plays Stage Crew, i; Y-Teens. 4; G.A.A., 4; Student Librarian, 1, i . MARY ELIZABETH SCHRIDER S veet :iii;J simple — .hi. l |il;iiii nice; She ' ll h:i e fi-ieitHs I liri iiKlioiit her life. Junior Play Stage Crew. 3; Senior Play Stage Crew, 4; Hornet Stafl " . 4; Key Staff, 4: Editor-in-chief, 4; Three One- Act Play Cast, 3, 4; National Thespian Society, 4; Band, 1-3; Orchestra, 1-3; District Solo Contest. 1, 2: Di.strict Knsemble Contest, 1 -3 ; Di Immortal es Staff, 1; Y-Teens, 2-4; Student Council, 3; Betty Crocker Home- maker Award, 4. - ,2: Oper- Que .-riH ' Court, 2; Seniors JAMES VERNON WALCUTT T » err is hiiiiiaii, to foi-gi e divine. High School Choir, 1. 2: Bovs ' Glee Club, 2; Band, 1-3; Hi-Y, 3, J; Safety Patrol, 1. BARBARA DIANN ROWE A quiet iiiiss vitli a quiet ■ v:iy Stores ui kiio vledee day b daj. Junior Play Stag ' e Crew. 3; Senior Play Stage Crew, 4; Y-Teens, 2; District Mathematics Contest. 3; State Mathematics Contest. 3: Librarian. 3, 4: Essay Anthology, 4; Hoosiier Student Jjibrarian Association, 4. ROBERT LEE PRIOR llo|ie .s|)riii;i ' s etei ' n:il in tlie liiiiiu Attemif d l ' reni()nt Higli Scliool, 1-3. JEAN MARIE WILLIBEY TiiiM iN the A ery ecstasy of love. Class President, 1 ; Class " ' ' ice-President, Class Secretary, 2; Junior Play Sta Cast, 3; Senior Play Stage Crew, 1-4: Three One-Act Plav Cast, Society, 4: Band. 1-4; District Hoosier Girls ' State, 3: Y-Teens, ta, 3: Steuben County Music Festival, 1-3: Attended Metz High School, 1-3; National Honor Society. 4 Crew, 3: Junior Play 4; High School Choir, 4: National Thespian Ensemble Contest, 4 ; 4; Operetta, 1: Canta- THOMAS LEE GUTHRIE Cjiim- tc. 11» lioi Ill (;:ii-re1t (. (loi I ' l ;;it us , rnii;i ' He ' ll l e inir 1 lieml -VII life loiiiL;. Senior Play Stas ' e Crew, 4: Kev Staff, 4: Hi-Y, 3, 4; Track, 2-1; Basketliall, 1, 2; Operators ' Club, 1, 2; Golf, 4; AttenOei.1 Garrett High School, 1-3; Salutatorian, 4; Xationiil Honor Society, 4; District Mathematics Contest 4. KAREN DEE REESE A sivoct, attractive kind of iL;r:ice — Junior Play Make-Up Crew, 3; Senior Play Make-up Crew, 4: Hornet Staff, 4: Key Staff, 4: Three One-Act Plays Make-up Crew, 2-4 ; Di Trnmortales Staff. 1 ; Y- Teens, 2-4, Cabinet, 3, 4 : Junior Classical League, 1-4 ; Student Art Assistant. 4 . JAMES R. GRIEM His hest friends are liis ten fingers. Key Staff, 4 ; Safety Patrol, 1, Hornet Staff. 4: Projectionist, 1-4. JOHN D. RORICK I et the vvtMid slide; Laboratory Assistant, 4: Staff, 4; Key Staff, 4. ll uut Iinrtsc an iiieli. Shop Assistant, 3; Hornet Seniors AXX MARGARET SLANINA A linri]- v«irkiii;; ' . i-hariiiiii;; hiss. a itii le|)eiu1:ilM)ity and i iiiic1ii:itity :ii!(1e«1. Junior Play Cast. 3: High School Choir, ' 2-i: F.T.A.. 3 Xational Thespian Society, 4: Three One- Act Play Cast i: Band. 1-3: Orchestra. 1-4: District Ensemble Contest 1-3: Di Ininiortales Staff, 1 ; Junior Classical League 1-4: Operetta Chorus. 2: Cantata, 1; District English Contest, 4. JANE STRONG Sii« ' li :i joy :iiiibitioii tiiids. Junior Plav Stage- Crew. : ; St-nior Plav Stag " e Cre v, 4: Girls " Glee Club, l. 2: High School Choir. 1-4; Hornet Staff, 4: Key Staff, 4: Y-Teens. 3. 4; Junior Classical League. 3. 4: G.A.A.. 4: Tri-Hi-Y, 1, 2: Dramatics Club, 1, 2: Devil ' s Journal, 1: Future Nurses, 1, 2 : Attended Auburn High School. 1: Attended Leo High School, 2. KOSALVX ANN BURTON lliTi- ' to III! ' uirl %vitli ;i ln-iirt anil a miiiIU-, lio iiiak K tlie liiibhle of life ivitrf li ivhile. Cla.s.s So ' T- ' tary, ); Junior Play Stat; .- ' yt- v. :■, : Senior Plav Cstm. 4: Hii h S ' -lioo) Choir. 1-4: Hornet Staff, ' 1: I- Jitor-in- ' ' hi rf, I: Key Staff, 4: Thre.- One-A -t Piay Ca«t. 4: National Th(:HpUin So -iirty, 4: District Solo Con- t ;Hl, 1, 2; V-T ' -on- , Z-i: i ' ahinet, ' ■ ' ., 4: Junif)r T ' lassical I :aKufe, J-l: Operfctta Chorus, :i: Cantata, l; National Honor So«-l«.-ty, ' i. 4: Prr-Hid fnt, 4; Gir!. ' " Trio, 3, 4: Dis- tri ' l Kn llKh Contc-Ht, 4. KARHN ANN DAY .-h.-.Tfnl ulrl ilh lotH of rrrciiiU llvr Mi- II Ml lt lllllMll. Junior PUty ' nyf, 3: Pan ' i, ]- 2. Z. : Orchestra, 3 JACK ALLEN MILLER Niiorts, studies, and tun. Jack ' -, conitiined them into one. Hi-Y, 1-4: Track. Student Coun . il. 1; 1. 2. 4; Basketball, 1-4; Baseball, 1: Cross Country, 1. DAVID J. MACFADYEN So 1 11 be me. Misehiet ' liirk.s — Class President, 2-V. Junior Plav Cast. 3: Senior Plav Stage Crew, 4; Senior Play Cast, 4; Kev Staff, 4; Alpha Delta Chi, 2: Three One-Act Plays Stage Crew: Three One-Act Play Cast, 1, 2, 4: National Thespian Societv, 2-4; Band, 1; Hi-Y, 1-4; Vice-President, 4: Basketball Manager, 1-4; Baseball Manager, 1-4; District Mathe- matics Contest, 1, 3, 4; State Mathematics Contest, 1, 3, 4; Golf, 1-4. SANDRA L. VAN WAGNER A elite little 1;isn With eyes of hr » vll, A truer t ' rleiiil eolllil not be f« llii(l. .Junior Play Make-up Crew. 3: Senior Plav Make-up Crew. 4; Hornet Staff. 4: Key Staff. 4; Three One-Act Plays Make-up Crew, 4; Di Immortales Staff, 1; Y-Teens, 2-4: .Junior Classical League. 1-4; G.A.A.. 4. DONNA JEAN SOMERLOTT Brevity llie Noul of it. Junior Plav Stage Crew, -J: Junior PUn ' Cast, 3 : High School Choir. 1-4: Key Staff. 4; Band, 1-4: Y ' -Teens, ?,, 4: Operetta, 1: Steuben County Musical Festival, 1-3: At- tended Metz High f chool, 1-3. Seniors NANCY JO RANDOLPH A ' irtiies, pleiisures. iinHiidiiality All flieMe eqiinl jin ' s persoiialitv. Class Secretarx-, l ' : Junior Plav Cast, 3; Senior Plav Stage Crew, 4: Senior Play Cast. 4; High School Choir, 1-4; Girls ' Trio, 3-4; F.T.A., 3-4; Hornet ftaff, 4; Kev Staff, 4: Three One-Act Plav Cast, 2, 3; Director, 4; Na- tional Thespian Society, 3, 4; Secretary. 4; Band, 1, 2; District Solo Contest, 1, 2; District Ensemble Contest, 1, 2; Di Immortales Staff, 1: Hoosier Girls ' State. 3: Y- Teens. 2-4; Junior Classical League. 1-4; Operetta Qhorus, 1. 2; Student Librarian, 2-4; Poetry Anthology, 4; Junior Town Meeting, 3. CAROL SKOVE .She like.s work; it fjisciiiiites her. Junior Pla ' Business I Ianager, .3; Senior Plav Student Director. 4; F.T.A.. 2; National Thespian Societv. 4; Di Immortales Staff, 1; Y-Teens, 2-4; Jun ' or Classical League, 1-4; Latin Contest, 1; Librarian, 2-4; H.S.L.A., 4; Business Manager, 3; National Honor Society, 3, 4. SYLVIA JOAN BUTLER A clii.s.sitiate of whom we ' re proud to tell. Junior Play Stage Crew, 3; Senior Plav Cast, 4; High School Choir, 1-4; Vocal Sextet, 1. 2; F.T.A. 4; Kev Staff. 4; Three One-Act Play Stage Crew. 3; Three One- Act Play Cast. 1; National Thespian Societv, 4; Or- chestra. 1-4; Band. 1-4; District Solo Contest. 1-4; State Solo Contest, 1, 3; District Ensemble Contest, 1-4; Di Immortales Staff, 1; Y-Teens, 2-4; Junior Classical League. 1-4; Operetta. 2; Cantata. 1; D.A.R, Good Citi- zen A ' ard, 4; Essay Anthology. 4; Poetry Anthology. 4; Art Assistant. 4; Queens ' Court. 1; National Honor Societj " ; National Scholastic Art Award. 4. MARGARET JEAN ALBRIGHT Life ' s no i f .still;;, hut :i iiKtviiiji ' : IjQt litM- life lie tieeil nii deed. Junior Play Stage Crew, 3; Senior Plav Stage Crew, 4: Senior Plav Stage Manager. 4: Girls ' Glee Club, 1, 2: Key Staff, 4; Di Immortales Staff, 1: Hoosier Girls ' State, 3: Y-Teens, 2-4: Junior Classical League, 1-4 ; Regional Mathematics Contest, 1-4; State Mathematics Contest, 1-3; Rotary Speech Contest District T ' inner, 2: I Speak For Democracy Contest, Local, County, State " Winner, 1 ; H.S.L.A., 4 ; Student Librarian, 2- 4 : Poetry Anthology. 1; Essay Anthology, 4; National Honor Socie- ty, 3, 4: Secretary, 4; Junior Classical League Secretary, i ; A ' aledictorian. JANET DEMING She e:iiiiiot be ii:ii t y unless slie is kiiidliearted. Junior Play Pubiicit ' Committee, 3 ; Senior Play Pub- licity Committee, 4: National Thespian Society, 4: Y- Teens, 2; Student Council, 1; Student Librarian. 2. LINDA ELAINE EATINGER .she eriii do iiotliiiiK well witlKuit ,ioy. And a iU ' ood eoiiseieliee is the iU;roiiiids for .joy. Class Secrptar " , 1; ,Tunior Play Stage Crew, 3; Senior Play Stage Crew, 4: High School Choir, 1; Hornet Staff, 4; Key Staff. 4; Y ' -Teens. 2-4; Attended Scott Center High School. 1. STEPHEN KNOX lt:ili iiiu to frieiid-sliip ' s e;ill. •teAe a jis leli-Iiked by .111. Class Vice-President. 4; Junior Pla - Cast. 3; Senior Play Cast. 4; High School Choir. 1-4; Mixed Chorus. 1-3; Key Staff. 4; Three One-.A.ct Plays Stage Crew. 4; Na- tional Thespian Society, 4; Hi-Y, 4; Basketball, 4; Stu- dent Council, 4. NORMA L. LAW oriii:i ' s Nl:itiii-e reseinble.s :i Thiiii her aeeuiiiiilishiiieiit ' s tately here Seniors GARY GRIFFITH (.■:iry ' N the hero of our basketball team: An aU-around guy, he ' s everj ;tirr dreaui. Class Treasurer. 2; Senior Plav Stag:e Crew, 4; Key Staff, 4: Track. 1-4: Basketball. 1-4: Baseball. 1-4: Stu- dent Council, 1-4 : Vice-Presitlent, 3; President, 4. JERRY VICTOR BYERS If he iii:ike reIi;K ioii his business. Gtnl will make it his ble -setiiies . Hig-h School Choir. 1. 2: Bovs ' Glee Club, 1: Vocal Sexttft. 1, 2: Hornet Staff. 4: Key Staff. 4: Band, 1. District Solo Contest, 1 : District Ensemble Contest, 1. Di Immortales Staff. 1: Track. 1; Baseball. 4: Safety Patrol. 1: Cantata. 1: Operetta. 2; Projectionist. 1, ANN ELIZABETF-I KUGLER sh fe;irs lo Junior Play Slat o Crew, ' . ' ,: K.-y Staff, 1. r h «- re U It i I h i II tc k« Krea I I li a t for her friend. RICHARD E. BAADE f ' lill of run, fitll or jot, joMt .-i l | M-:tl nifrW-iiii iio.%. Junior I ' ia; ", Z: .Senior I ' lav Sta o Crew, 4: Thr ; : One-A ' .t Play Cant, 4; National Thespian Society, 4: Hl-V. 2-1; Track, 2, 4; DlHtrict Drawing ContcBt, 2; State Drawing ConteHt, 2: FreHltman Footba,lI, 1; Rifle Team, 1: Atl .-n»le ' l Fort Wayne Soutli .Side, 1. BEVERLY J. GREENAMYER There :ire many thing ' s to eoiiie in life. Senior Plav Stage Crew, 4; Hornet Staff, 4; Kev Staff, 4; Y- ' IVens, 2-4. DALE JAMES DAILEY Cfiiiie wh it eniiie iii:i . I ' iiiie and (he liinir runs f lirouuli the rnimhest day. Junior Play Sta e Crew, Z. Hi-V. 2-4; Track. 1. 2; District Mathematics Contest. 2. 4; District Drawing- Contest, 2. Its I) If KEITH BEECHY li ]»e na1iir:i| ivbeii dn ' re iialiiraliy iiii-e. Junior Play Stage Crew, 3; Senior Play Stage Crew, 4; High School Choir, 1: Kev Staff, 4: Three One-Act Plays Stage Crew, 3; Hi-Y. 4; Track, 1-4; Basketball, 1: Stu- dent ' oun il. 1 : Safety Patrol. 1 : Cross Countr ' , 1-3. MARGARET ANN BURNS Petite and Peppy, ' I ' liat ' s our . nne; lier iiit ttt al%vays iw " I ean. " Class Vice-President, 1; Class Secretary, .3. 4: Junior Play Cast, ? : Senior Play Stage Crew, 4; Senior Play Cast, 4 ; F.T.A., 1-4 : Vice-President, 3 ; Secretary, 2 : Hornet Staff. 4; Assistant Editor, 4: Key Staff, 4: Three One-Act Pla " Cast. 3 : Director. 4 ; National Thespian Society, 3, 4; Treasurer. 4; Di Immortales Staff, 1; Hoo- sier Girls ' State, 3: Y-Teens, 2-4; Cabinet, 3, 4; Junior Classical L,eague, 1-4: Student Council, 3, 4; Secretary. 4; Essay Anthology, 1, 2 ; Poetry Anthology. 1, 4 ; National Honor Society, 3, 4: Vice-President, 4; Junior Town Meeting, 3; Art Assistant, 4; Queens ' Court, :! : District Ensiish Contest, 4. Seniors PATRICIA ANN PETTIT She is gentle, slie is slij. But there is iiiisehief in iier eye. Hornet Staff, 4; Key Staff, 4: T-Teens. 2: F.T.A., 1, 2; Office Helper, 3; Stmleiit Lil rarian, 3: Absent Sheet Staff ' , 3; Attended .Voith Side High School, Columbus, Oiiio, 1, 2, 3. MARY ELIZABETH SELMAN ' I ' lie tiTinkle ill her eye :iiul lier pl ' ;rs:iiit smile I:ike one ' s lite al vajs %vortlMvliile. Junior Play Cast, 3: Senior Play Cast. 4: Kev Staff, 4; Three One-Act Plays Stage Crew, 3; Three One-Act Play Cayt, 1, 2; Director, 4; National Tliespian Society, 1-4: Band, 1-4; District Ensemble Contest, 1-4: Di Inimor- tales Staff, 1: Y-Teens, 2-4: Presiilent. 4: Hoosier Oirls ' State. 3: Student Council, 2: May Queen ' s Court, 1-3. Leiiriiiiii;- BARBARA RANEY is but an adjuiiet to ourselves. Junior Play Stag " e Cre v, 3: Senior Play Stage Crew. 4; Hornet Staff. 4; Key Staff. 4: Band. 1-4: District En- seml ' Ie Contest, 1-4; Y-Teens. 2-4: Student Librarian, 2. JUNE DELORIS KELLY To sorro«-, I bade iiiorro v. Junior Plav Stage Crcw. 3: Senior Pla " Stage Cre v, 4; Girls ' Glee Club. 1; Y-Teens. 2-1: Junior Classical League, 1-4. JANIS MAY BRAND The mile sea ure v eivil jit her suii X ' . Senior Play Stage Crew, 4; Key Staff ' . 4: Band, 1-4; Orchestra, 3, 4; District Solo Contest, 3, 4; District En- semble Contest, 3, 4: Y-Teens, 3, 4; Majorette, 1-4: Fu- ture Xurse Club, 2: Attended Quincy High School, Quincy, Micliigan, 1, 2. ROBERT CHARLES EFF II lien he ([4 e.s iHtt llHve :i Ktxxl re;ls ui for (loinu a thiiiK. he li:is one for letting if alone. .lunic.r Play Cast, 3: Senior Play Cast, 4: F.T.A., 3, 4; Kcv Staff, 4; National Thespian .Society, 4: Hoosier H.. s ' State, 3: Hi-Y, 1-4; Safety Patrol, 1: Higrh School I il rar - Association, 4: Librarian, 2-4; Art Assistant, 4. GERALD J. FAST Men of fe v vord?. are (he best men. Track, 1; Basketl)all, 1, 2; Cross Country, 1, 2, JOHN H. FIANDT Of .Tolin «e ;ire very proud to tell: Whatever he diil, he did vell. Class Treasurt-r, 3, 4; .lunior Play Cast, 3; Senior Play Cast, 4; Hig-h School Choir, 1-4: Boys ' Glee Club, 1; Key Staff ' , 4; Band, 1-4: Orchestra, 1-4; District Ensemble Contest, 1-4; District Solo Contest, 1-4: Di Immortales Staff, 1: Hi-Y, 1-4; Baseball, 3: Junior Classical League. 1-4; Operetta Chorus, 2: Cantata, 1. Seni lors J. STEVEN DICKMEYER All iiitelli j ent, goort-Iiearted lad is he; A hifi; siifuess Tve kiio- v he ' ll be. Junior Play Stage Crew, 3: Senior Plav Stage Crew, 4; Key Staff. 4; Three One- Act Plays Stage Crew, 4: Na- tional Honor Society, 3, 4; Honor Roll, 1, 2. SHARON LEE HERENDEEN Toil kiio ' w she sa .s just ivliat slie tliiiiks, mid of liin; more nor less — she e;iiiiiot sa j " one ' I ' liiii :iih1 iiie:iii another. Junior Plav Stage Crew, 3 Three One-Act Play Cast. : test, 1; Student Council, 4; Seniur Play Stage Crew, 4: ; Y-Teens, 2-4; Latin Con- Librarian, 4. JANEAN LOUISE FREED she adds a precious seeing; to the eye. Junior Plav Stage Crew, 3: Senior Plav Stage Crew, 4; High School Choir, 1-4: Vocal Sextet, 1, 2: Hornet Staff, 4; Key Staff, 4; Band, 1-4; District Ensemble Contest, 1-4: Y-Teens, 2-4: Operetta Chorus, 2: Cantata, 3, 4. JOHN KELLER He ' s a sreat jj " ? " A ■wonderful friend; On him everyone can depen l. Junior Play Stage Crew, Senior Play Stage Crew, 4. CLASS OFFICERS President Dave MacFadyen Vice-President Steve Knox Sec elary .Anne Burns Treasurer John Fiandt Adviser ,..E. L. Druckamiller Colors Pink and White Flower ..Pink Carnation Motto " With the Ropes of the Past We ' ll Ring the Bells of the Future " In Loving Memory r M Jerry Miller Richard Brokaw Ri ' in iiiscciices of things that iie ' vc held dcay — Old Nines, old faces seem to live a ' gaui Under Death ' s hypnotic sleep. Wc long to relive what is not, And pine for dreams forgotten. Lest wc forget — Take lis back - - We naiit to dream a while. — Marsaret Anne Burns Class History September 4, 1946, proved to be a day of new experience for seventy-four bright- eyed boys and girls. The following is a list of the original seventy-four: Margaret Jean Albright Pollie Bailey Jane Lou Bair Thomas O. Bente Boyd Belger Bruce Brock Milton J. Brokaw Richard L. Brokaw Clinton J. Brown Linda Kay Brownwell W ' lUiam B. Buck Margaret Anne Burns Sylvia Joan Butler Richard G. Campbell Larrj ' Carson Roger K. Coleman Kenneth Cope Mary Ann Dalton Karen Day Richard Day Janet Deming Sue Ann Dirrim Barbara Lee Ellis Jerry Fast Barbara Joan Ferris John H. Fiandt Janean Freed Marie M. Gillette Miriam D. Gillette Linda Faye Gordon Beverly Greenamyer Milton G. Griffith Lynn A. Griffiths James R. Griem Fredric L. Guerra Paul J. Harris John B. Henley Sharon Lee Herendeen Mary Ellen Hollenbaugh Beverly S. Jewell Lawrence J. Keller Norma Law Larry W. Leonhardt Carol Ann Long Harold M. Lowe Barbara Ann Mains Dale Miller Jerry Lee Miller Gordon A. Mitchell Norma R. Nichols Kay Don Orewiler Grace Ellen Parks June Priest Nancy Randolph Barbara Raney Karen Reese Shirley Richardson John Rorick Barbara Rowe Stanley Schaeffer Mary Schrider Beth Selman Roger Shiley Carol D. Skove Ann Slanina Ruth Ann Smith Wauneta Jean Smith Sandra VanWagner Roger D. Wilson William L. Wright Sandra Lee Wynn It seems like only yesterday when we were " Freshies " looking at the numbers on all the doors to be sure we were in the right room. At this time we learned what " up- perclassmen " were and yearned to be one of them. Initiations! Our sophomore year started us in our activities. There was a club meeting for every night. " Come Out of the Closet, " a hilarious comedy; the candy stand; and the maga- zine sales made our junior year full of fun and proht. We now are seniors after twelve years at Angola Public School. We have worked and played. We presented the class play " Dear Ruth. " We have studied and we have taken tests. Graduation is approaching rapidly. These twelve years past are something we shall never forget. These twelve years molded our lives. Pa; e Th rly-lwo Seniors - In The First Grade Top Rovx ' : Barbara Ellis, Janet Doming, Karen Day, Polly Bailey, Jane Lou Bair, Ann Slanina, Nancy Randolph, Mary Schrider, Sue Ann Dirrim, Barbara Raney, Sylvia Butler, Carol Ann Long. Front Row : Beth Selman, June Priest, Anne Burns, Jean Albright, Mary Ellen Hol- lenbaugh. Norma Law, Carol Skove, Barbara Ferris, Beverly Greenamyer. (Insert) Richard Brokaw. Third Row : Anne Burns, Norma Law, Marv Schnder, Ann Slanina, John Fiandt. Fourth Row: Beverly Greenamyer, Jerry Fast, Roger Wilson, June Priest, Jean Al- bright. Fifth Row-: Gordon Mitchell, Gary Grif- fith, Carol Skove, Nancy Randolph, Barbara Raney. Sixth Row: Beth Selman, Sylvia Butler, Janet Deming, Jimmy Gricm, Bill NX right. Seventh Row : Jnnmy Griem, Jerry Mi ler, Robert Larry Carson, John Fiandt. Eighth Row: Bill Wright, Richard Bro- kaw, Gary Griffith, Jerry Fast, Stanlev Schaef- fer, Roger WHson. (Below) Phil Harris, Bill Buck. m vh r 4 . f f C? Piivc T bitty -three Class Will Ve, the class of 1958 of Angola high school, situated in the city of Angola, in the county of Steuben, in the state of Indiana, in the United States of the America, being of unsound mind do hereby will and bequeath in this our first and last edition of the Kev, the following items to our beloved fac- ulty and the underclassmen before we take the big step over the threshold into outer space. To Mr. Druckamiller, our sponsor, we leave our sincere thanks and appreciation for his wonder- ful guidance through our four years of high school. To Mr. McCutchax, we leave a world of thanks for giving up his time to explain our sub- jects and schedules to us. To Mr. BooMERSHixE, we give our appreci- ation for keeping Angola high school a fine school in which we have obtained our high school educa- tion. To THE REST OF FACULTY, We leave all the knowledge we left unlearned so that they may try to teach it to other students. To THE Juniors, we leave the name and repu- tation of the Senior class to maintain and protect. To THE Sophomores, we leave our ability to have two class plays without making a profit on either of them. To THE Freshmen, we leave the well-worn path to the office in the hope that they do not have to use it as much as we did. I, Jean Albright, do hereby will and bequeath to Tom Philipp all my tests from Mr. Hammel ' s class so that he will not have to study in his senior year. I, Dick Baade, do hereby will and bequeath the duty to keep Tuesday sacred in Angola high school to Bonnie Page in the hope that she won ' t muff it as someone else did. And to my brother, John, Locker 5 53 if and when he becomes a senior. I, Keith Beechy, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to stay up all night before the class break- fast to Tom Caswell in the hope that he can stay awake that long. I, Janis Brand, do hereby will and bequeath all my problems to Linda Howe. I, Anne Burns, do hereby will and bequeath to my sister, Melinda, Jack Berlien to give her ad- vice on her " love-life " as Steve Knox has done on mine; and to Sandy Rust, I leave my old scrapbook on Gary Griffith that for certain reasons I never fin- ished. I, RosAi.y.N Burton, do hereby will and be- queath my ability to sneak in to my first period class late without being caught to anyone who is as slow as I am. I, Sylvia Butler, do hereby will and bequeath to Bonnie Page my ability to get to school one min- ute before the bell rings in the hope she will make good use of it. I, Jerry Byers, do hereby will and bequeath my bright porch light to Janis Hart in the hope that she will be able to find her way home on those dark nights and my ability to mix all the left-overs together in chem lab without blowing anything up to any future chem students. L Pat Collins, do hereby will and bequeath Mr. Seigel to my sister Sue in the hope she will get along better in English than I did. I, Dale James Dailey, do hereby will and be- queath Susie Yoder to my brother. Bill, to try to keep happy after I am gone. L Karen Day, do hereby will and bequeath to Martha Barlett three empty Kleenex boxes of mine, the contents of which she used during this year. 1, RichL ' iRD Day, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to get along for four years in high school without the use of a car, to anyone who needs it. I, Janet Deming, do hereby will and bequeath to Mr. Porter one partially sanded plaster bust of the queen, Nefertiti. I, Barbara Detar, do hereby will and be- queath to my little sister, Georgia my ability to leave out of town boys alone, with the sincere hope she will use it better than I did. 1, Steven Dickmeyer, do hereby will and be- queath my ability to use the same pencil for one school year to Mickey Haley. I, Linda Elaine Eatinger, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to drive two years without be- ing stopped by the police to my sister, Juanita, pro- vided she doesn ' t drive any faster than I did. I, Robert Efl, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to get along extremely well with my teachers especially out of class to John Baldwin. I, Jerry Fast, do hereby will and bequeath my seat in Miss Ulery ' s Bookkeeping class, to anyone who wants it, and hope he has as much fun as I did. L John Fiandt, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to be class treasurer the last two years of high school to Martha Wilder, in the hope she will be as efficient as I was. I, Janean Freed, do hereby will and bequeath my band medals to Kari Aldrich, as an incentive to reach state as many times as I did. I, Beverly Greenamyer, do hereby will and bequeath the pleasure of driving to school every other day, to my sister, Rosalyn, in the hope she drives more carefully than I. I ' a);e Thirty-four I, James Griem, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to flunk English to Doug Essenberg in the hope he does better the second time than I did. I, Gary Griffith, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to study to my sister in the hope that she can accomplish something. I, Tom Guthrie, do hereby will and bequeath to any lucky one my ability to miss half -days of school on days when book reports are due or I have tests, and " golfitis. " I, Sharon Herendeen, do hereby A and be- queath to my sister, Karen, my efforts for the past two years to lose ten pounds in the hope that she will succeed as I haven ' t. I, John Keller, do hereby will and bequeath the ability to keep clutches in my car to John Brox- on. I, June Kelly, do hereby will and bequeath my long hair and all the luck that goes with it to Mary Nagei in the hope that she uses it as I have. I, Steven Knox, do hereby will and bequeath m - abdity to be a big brother to all love-sick i irls to Jack Berlien, and to my brother, Bruce, I will my skill and ability to drive a " hot " Studebaker during my senior year. I, Ann Kugler, do hereby will and bequeath my books to any junior who can find time in his senior year to make good use of them and my ride to school every noon to any girl who can get one. I, Norma Law, do hereby will and bequeath my worn out sax reed to Sandy Rust, and my ability to pass chemistry to anyone who is as poor a sci- entist as I am. I, D. J. MacFadyen, do hereby will and be- queath the cherished presidency of the BRSC to my understudy. Jack Berlien, along with Mike Erick- son ' s ability to grow whiskers. I, Jack Allen Miller, do hereby will and be- queath my ability to wear my red and white strip- ped practice shorts for three years to Cliff Ryan. I, Patti Pettit, do hereby will and bequeath all of my books and hard work to my brother. Bill. I, June Priest, do hereby will and bequeath my driving ability to Joan Kolb. I, Bob Prior, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to skip school to Glenn Wilber. I, Nancy Randolph, do hereby will and be- queath my ability to eat anything fattening and not gain an ounce to Bonnie Page in the hope she gains more weight than I did, and my job as love counselor and cupid to lucky Lynda Gentry. L Barbara Raney, do hereby will and be- queath to Kay Kelley all my Bookkeeping papers in the hope she will make better use of them than I did. I, Karen Reese, do hereby will and bequeath my red hair to my sister, Sidney Sue, so that the tra- dition will not be lost at A.H.S. I hope that she has as much fun wearing it as I have had. L John Rorick, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to argue with Miss Shultz without get- ting any place, to any one who has better sense than to use it. I, Barbara Rowe, do hereby will and bequeath to my sister, Karen, the ability to get to school on time, study hard, but still have fun during the last three years of school. I, Mary Schrider, do hereby will and bequeath the love notes that Gary Chapman wrote me in the seventh grade to Marcia Meyer. I, Beth Selman, do hereby will and bequeath one beautiful, large, woolly dog to anyone who is willing to take care of her during the years that I am away at college. I, Carol Skove, do hereby will and bequeath my seat in chemistry class to Phil Gindcr so he will quit worrying about it. I, Ann Slanina, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to be the Catholic Church organist to my sister, Mary, and I hope that she will enjoy it as much as I have. I, Eddie Smith, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to be bashful with girls to Duane Ward, and hope that he may not be as bashful as I was. I, David Southern, do hereby will and be- queath my sport coat with the built in chest and shoulders to Bud " skinbones " Crum. L Jane Strong, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to be faithful to the Navy for four years and my Naval insignia to Marcia Sams in the hope it will bring her as much luck as it did me. I, Donna Somerlott, do hereby will and be- queath my bashfulness to Sandy Rust. I, Sandie Van Wagner, do hereby will and bequeath one-half of my seat on old bus six, to Dinah Taylor and the other half to Linda Ewers. 1. Ja.mes Walcutt, do hereby will and be- queath my ability to get along with the students at Angola high school to my brother, [erry. I, Jean Willibev, do hereby will and bequeath 111) ' long hair to Laura Rupert and my good grades to Donna Willibey. I William Wright, do hereby will and be- queath my ability to catch on to jokes five minutes after they are told, to Susan Rathburn. In testimony whereof, we hereunto set our hand and seal and declare this to be our Last Will and Testament, this twenty-eighth day of May, in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and fifty-eight. Signed: The Senior Class Per: DAVE SOUTHERN JERRY BYERS STE E DICKMEYER ANN SLANINA EDDIE SMITH Page Thirty. five Class Prophecy It is the year 19SS A.D. The members of the class of ' 5S have met for their reunion. Where? In the White House in Washington, D. C. We have chosen this place to prove the faith we place in our motto, " With the Ropes of the Past We ' ll Ring the Bells of the Future. " Let ' s take a look around the room and see how far our class has advanced. Look who have just driven up in a big limou- sine! They are none other than Nancy Randolph, a famed Broadway actress, and Bill Wright, who is starring in a great Metro-Gold wyn Mayer movie! Looking around we see Jerry Byers, a famous Olympics wrestler. With him are Jack Miller and Gary Griffith, who have requisitioned the state of Indiana to train future basketball stars. Our host is none other than the President of the United States, D.wid MacFadyen. With him to greet the guests as they arrive is John Fiandt, the current Secretary of the Treasury. The first to arrive is Jean Albright, who now is chairman of the nationally known " Voice of De- mocracy " contest. The well known golf pro, Tom Guthrie, now enters. Tom is the only golfer to hold the international golden trophy and not be con- ceited about it. Here comes Sharon Herendeen, who raises horses on her 100-acre ranch in Texas, and Sandy Van Wagner, who is busy training them. Ann Kugler also arrives with the girls. Ann is employed on Sharon ' s ranch to present the horses in shows. ■W ' atch out! Here he comes! The one and only skiing champion, Dick Baade. ' Dick is just in from Russia where he received a first place trophy. Coming into the room are Eddie Smith, John Keller, and Jim Walcutt, discussing a big con- struction job that they have just signed. We le arn that Barbara Rowe will be the architect for the job. By the way. Barb has just designed the Pres- ident ' s new oifice. It seems as if Mary Schrider and Ann Sla- NiNA couldn ' t bear to leave dear old A.H.S., for they are now on the teaching staff there. Coming in with them is Mr. Druckamiller, our class sponsor. Anne Burns and Rosalyn Burton are seen next. Rosalyn is editor of the " Hornet Free Times, " and Anne is the brainy associate editor. It is rumor- ed their paper is sent to all corners of the globe. In the fashion field, we see Bob Eff, who has replaced the Dior fashions with his own. We see Dale Dailey and Jerry Fast zooping into the room. These boys are the inventors of the fastest hot rod in the world. Right behind them is another car fiend, John Rorick. John is associated with the Dodge division of the Chrysler corporation. Here comes June Kelly, who is the head of the greatest modeling school in the United States; and with her is June Priest, who is the model of the year. Pa; e Thirly-six Class Prophecy Following closely is Karen Reese, the hair stylist of the year. Karen has promoted the idea of matching the hair colour with the outfit worn. Barb Detar is heard telling about the airplane crash she was almost in. Barb is the head steward- ess for T.W.A. Here comes Janet Deming. Janet was just recently chosen the " Best Secretary of the Year. " Janeax Freed, Pat Collins, and Janis Br.axd are seen laughing over a letter they received from one of their readers. These girls collaborate in an " advice to the love-lorn " column in The New York Times. Steve Di ckmeyer comes strolling into the room with Sylvia Butler. Steve, who is top man on Wall Street, is trying to get Sylvia to invest in a certain stock. Sylvia has just flown back from Paris, where she received an award for her famous paint- ing. Among our guests is Da ' e Southern, recent- ly voted the most eligible bachelor and the flashiest " Man About Town. " Donna Somerlott and Jean Willibev are the next to arrive. These two girls are the greatest food specialists. They are the ones that prepare the President ' s banquets. Carol Skove and Steve Knox are coming in discussing their theory that the moon is basically made up of cheese. They plan to take the next rocket leaving earth for the moon. Keith Beechy, who is the head of Weather- head plants throughout the United States, is seen talking to the President. Coming up to join them are Bob Prior and Jim Griem, who are the super- visors in the Weatherhead plants of Indiana. Entering the room now is Norm.a Law, the psychologist of the year, trying to psycho-analyze Karen Day. Karen is the head X-ray technician m New York City. What is the gale of laughter we hear? Here ccmes none other than the General of the Air Force, Richard Day. He is telhng a story of a funny maneuver to Beth Selman, the leading woman pol- itician of the Neutralist Party. LiND. Eatixger is seen with Beverly Green- amyer and Patti Pettit. Linda has a chain of taxi cabs throughout the United States, and Beverly and Patti are the chief overseers. Barbara Raney and Jane Strong are the last of the class of ' 5 8 to arrive. Both girls have been named the top homemakers of the year and now have their own TV home-making show. All of our classmates have now arrived, and everyone is happy to greet all the others again after such a long time. —KAREN REESE, Chairman BARBARA ROWE JOHN FIANDT ROBERT EFF Page Thirty-scicii Juniors President Tom Philipp ice-Prcsidcnt David Dent Secretary Peg Jarrard Treasurer Connie Gary Business Manager — ...Connie Grain Adviser Robert Stackman Colors Blue and Silver Floirer White Carnation Motto " With the Steps of Today We Shall Build The Ladder of Tomorrow " ' -r? rt ■ ' FIRST ROW: Alan Alaura, Elaine Art man, Karen Beei- ' h ' , Carol ' n Berning:, Karen Bro- kaw, Sharon Brokaw. SECOND ROAV: Ri -ky BrookK, Connie Brown, John Broxon. I en Bry- an, John B LI r r e 1 1 , T ij m Casw.:-ll. TFJin.D ROW: Oary Cliapman, Larry C0I5- Icnlz, Janice Conver ' se, I lai-rif.-t ( ' (rok. Connie Ci ' aiii, Tom T ' rain. FIRST ROW: Bud Crum, Janice DeLancey, David Dent. Dave Dy- g " ert. Doug:las Es«eh- beig-, Ward Farlow. SECOND ROW: Joy Keaser, Carol Ferro, Rosalie Ford. Susanne I ' isher. Janie Flesal. Connie Garj " . THIRD ROW: L y n d a l.lentry, John Gibbeny, James Gibson. Tom G i ' e r. Deanna Sue Goodliew, Jean Griffln. ffj fa FOURTH ROW: Bar- bara Grifflths. Herman llantz, Janet Hart. I ' liyllis Harter, Tonv Holtzman. Jerry Jack. FIl ' -TH ROW: Pes Jar- rard, Terry Jolinston. Kay Kelley. Joan Kolb. Bruce Knox, Don Lee. -SIXTH ROW: Jeffrey llcClelland. WiUard ilcKinley, Jack Mitch- ell. Richard lloor. Shar- on Musser, Barbara Mv- ,f f f1 7! f l ' FIRST ROW: Thomas Arthur M y e r s, Ken Nagel, Mary N a g " e I, Deann N■e vbauer, Lewis Newnam, Frank Nora- go n. SECOND ROW: Bonnie Page, Reginald P a r- rish. Tom Philipp. Imo- gene Potts, Jerry Ran- dolph, Susan Rath burn. THIRD ROW: Donna Reed, Max Ritter, Janet R o w e, Jane Rupert, Sandra Sailor, Eileen Schaeffer. n c( p Q o I ' -OrUTH ROW: Tom Schmielire, Rose Sellin- g " er, Sandra Shank, Brenda Smith, Susie ,Steenerson, Barbara Strite. nni ' TH ROW: David . tukey, Gerry Tlirel- l e]d, Gordon Van Mar- tcr. Ditane A ' ard, Tom Waters, Mary .Jo AA ' il- li SIXTH l;OW: Glenn Wilher, Mr. Stackman. KOT PTCTl- ' RED: lUehie Shear. Sophomores Prcihlciif Pete Havholm Vice-President . Wjyne Hantz Secreftiiy-Treasurcr Sharon Babcock AJiiser Miss Sara Ulery Colors Crimson and White Flower White Orchid Motto " Wear Not the Crown of Knowledge Without the Dust of Toil. " FIRST ROW: Sharon Babtoik. Martha Bar- lett, Pamela B e a t t y, Jiulith Beekman, Bruce B o a r d m a n, Sandra Claar. SKCciXD nOAV: Jerry t ' lark. Danny Cope, Dennis Crooks, Bill Crotty, Duke Deller, Georgia Detar. THiriD r.O ' V: R.inny l-ti ' dd, Juanita Eatin- §:er. Robert E 1 s t o n, Linda Lee Everhart. S-birley Farlow, Donald Fisher. f a FIRST liOW: Tnomas Flegal, Dean Fuller. Karen Gecowets, Dee jilbert. Elaine Gilbert, Phillip Ginder. SECOND RO " V : Carol Graniling:, Nancy Green. R o s a 1 y n Greenamyer, James Griffin. Wayne Hantz. J an is Hart. THIRD ROW: Pete Havliolm, Emory Havi- land. Jerry Hoffman, l dchard Houlihan, Lin- da Howe, Kenna John- son. FIFTH ROW: Patric-ia Lash, William Linne- meier, Beth MacFady- en, Nancy M a x t o n, Kathy Mi-Mullen. David Meyer. SIXTH ROW: Marcia Mf yer. G a i 1 Morrell, Kent M u I- 1 J li y , Judy No- ble, Mike Noragon, Ronnie Odle. FIRST ROW: Ruby Opdyt ' ke, Barbara Or- iiiiKton, Lib Owens, Tom Owens. Chuck Parker, James Parker. SIXTH nOW: Donna Willibey, Tom Wyatt. Pt-te Yarg " er, S u .s a n Yoiler. Marilyn Young, ; Iiss Ulery. NOT PICTURED: Ralph Hunt. Peggy Xisongrer, ( ' arnll Shear, Martha ' I ' liiele. Freshmen President Bruce Anderson Yice-Presidcnt Dave Spilis Secretary-Treasurer Cliff Ryan Adviser Ray Condon Colors - Blue and White Flou ' er .-. Pink Carnation Motto " The Future Belongs to Those Who Prepare for It. " FIRST ROW: Kari Al- drich, Bruct- Anderson. Terry Ark w right, Nor- nian Amstutz. John Baade, Kaye Bailey. SECOND ROW: Ronald Bai ' lett, Jack Berlien, Joanna Bert rand, Mari- lyn Blong ' h, Judy Bra- d " , DaN ' id i ' -ran nan. THTRD ROW: Sandra Breeding " , Julie Brokaw, Susan Carr, Julia Caton, Kay Christen, Car la Claar, FIRST ROW: Bill Cole, Larry Coleman, Kaye Converse. AA ' rmdice C ' jn- way, Kenneth C o p e, James Allen Grabill. SECOND ROW. Sylvia Crowl, Barbara Croxton. Elaine Deller, Ronnie Deller, Phillip Deller, Mike Deniing ' . THIRD ROW: Sam Dir- rim. Diane Disl ro, Stel- la Donle " , Tom Doug- las , Rinda Ewers, Ed- ward Kinrh. no [m M . h It a ilk Jilll FOr liT H ROW : Connie Fiyher, Konita Forties, ' irki F r a d e|n b n r gr, Peter Garner, Kathy Gibson, Lee Gilbert. FIFTH ROW: Marvin Aidt-n Gill, Barbara Gi.udy, Elaine Grand - qiiist, Hflen Greena- niyer. Judv Griffith. Bill Griffiths. SIXTH ROW: Mike Haley. Mirkey Haley, Janet Hanna, Sharon Hanna, Ruth Ann Han- selman, Marilyn Harris. An FIRST ROW: Mary Jane Henderson, Karen Herendeen, M a r j o r i e Holly. Gary H o r n- Inickle. Sandra Huhart, Richard HuUinger, SECOND ROW: Thomas Hutto, Nellie In man, Tom C. James. Kenny Jolinson, Roger Karr, Elery Kimes. a ' ' 1 ' O fy. ' ' ■ ' V, n A n O a FOURTH ROW: Linda Mains, Diana Manges, Jerry Mann, Janet Mar- tin. Sharon Maugher- man. Barbara Max ton. FIFTH ROW: Sandra Meston, Dann ' Mit .-h- e 1 1 . J o li n M o r a n , Dickie Musser, Phillip Musser. 1 la rba ra M ■ K i n 1 1- y . SIXTH RO V: J o h n . ' M nam. Betty Nichnls. IIiiHsi ' M Nnragron, I );i nit- 1 Hii-i ' st, l ' ' Tank Parker, r.lll Parks. i ' UiST ROW: Vickie Plielan, L.ucv Pickett, Billy Powell. P hi i 1 i p Preston, Karen Prior. Thomas Pristas. A n n Hamsay, SECOND i;( iW: Maria- lana Rensch, J e r r y Reynolds, Glen Rogers, Karen Rowe. Cliff R an, Roger Sailor, Bobbie Sue Sapp. THIRO ROW: Judy See- man, John Sellgren, Ed- die Sessford, Claudette Shatto. Susie Siegel, Bonnie Simp.son, Mary Slanina. l n FOURTH ROW: James Smith, Judy Smith, " U ' alter Smith, Xancy Sn der, |Sig:rid Sumer- lott. Dave Spilis, Bill Steele. FIFTH i;OW: B r u u Steinke. Carol Steinke Dixie Stonecipher, Lar- ry Sunday. Dinah Tay- lor, Patrick Taylor Alice Ann Tylor. SIXTH liOW: James Vierling " , Patty Waters. James Wilber. Don M ' il- son. Pamela Wrigrht, I ' a r 1 e n e Zimmerman. -Mt " , " oiidon. XOT PICTURED: Eddie Mathews. Michael Shir- ley, Tom Waite, David Young ' . Eighth Grade FIRST ROW: Stephanie Al- drich, Frank Anspaugh, Nan- cy Artman, Constance Bab- iLock, Joyce Beeknian. .SKC(JXl) ROW: David Blough. Sallj- Board man, Ka - Bolin- ger, Mark EJroxon, Donald Burrell. THIIID ROW: Nancy Burrell. ' ■rl ' .ri:L Call, Kathleen Carney, Linda Carr, Janet Carrick. FOURTH ROW: Phil Chiri- cotti, Albert Christy, Kathryn Clark. Sue Collins. Ronnie Conk. FIFTH ROW: Richard Cope, Ruth Crain, Sue Crone, Wil- liam Dailey, David Day. SIXTH ROW: Bill DeLancey. Sunny Detar, Diane Dick- meyer. Gene Diehl, David Dirrim. SEVKNTH ROW: Linda Dir- rim, Michael Espy, Mary Jane Gecowets, Barbara Ger- man. Sharon German. EIGHTH ROW: Sharon Gib- beny, Meg ' Goudy. Jeanne Gray, Edna Harmon, Karl a Havholm. NINTH ROW: Louie Havi- land, Sandy Hawthorne. John Howe, Johnny Hutto. Eighth Grade FIRST HOW: Larry Inman. Glen Ja(--ob, Francis Johnson, .Terr ' Karasek, Patty Keller. SECOND ROW: Gary Knox, Gene Ktihn. Dell-)ert Lehman, Carl Longsw ' orlh, Jim Love- .ioy. THIRD ROW: Carolyn Mann, l: o b e r t McBride, Panlette Jlellby. K a y e Mendenhall, Kathie Xedele. FOURTH ROW: Susan Ne- dele, Dayid Nichols, Gary Page, Mike Parker, Gary Re -nolds. FIFTH ROW: D..nald Uine- hart. .Ind - Rust, Carmen Schumaker, Mike Seg ra es, Dorothy ' Senger. SIXTH r;OW: Martha Shatter, Helean Shatto, Gene Shaw, Marian Siiaw, Jim Sihert. SKVEXTH ROW: Ellen Steen- erson, L ' nn Steiner, Dayid Steyensnn. Jack Strite. Da ' id Tyler. EIGHTH ROW: Roger Van Dyne, Robert Vrchota, Ed- ward Waters, Leslie West, Lee Williams. NINTH ROW: Darl Wilson, Eddie Wyatt, Mrs. Estelle Cline. NOT PICTL ' RED: Glenn INIiinre, liaymond Spaulding. fti ri n ( C P 5 . 1 .:: i ' :i ' - A ' • o ft i t !. -» n ? ( Seventh Grade FIRST ROW: Juris Aciam- sons. Sandra Allen. Frederick Backert, John Baldwin, Fred Beck. SKCOXD ROW; Robert Book, Da " id Booniershine, La r r y Boyd, Carol Brown, lUchard Bryan. THIRD liOW: Melinda Burns. James Burrell, Sharon Kuse, Ross Butler, Sue Carson. FOURTH ROW: Kathy Cas- well, John Cather. Mary » ' hristen, Richard Cisco, Pa- tricia Clancy. I ' -IFTH ROW; Janice Claar, Ronald Cook, Ricky Cotner, Cheryl Cox, Shirley Crone. SIXTH ROW: LeRoy Crooks, Linda Crowl, Cynthia Davis, hinda DeLancey, Patrick L)f niing " . SE ' KXTH FiOW: Jerry Demorest. Alice Elaine Dent, Dean Detar, Irene Dowidat, Gene Eatinger. EIGHTH ROW: Mickey Frad- enhiirs. Linda French. Phyl- lis G. ' liliart, Harvev Gill, .lolni Coiihl. NINTH ROAV: Konald Graml- i ni?, J " hn Greenamyer, Dana Male. Eric Hall, Jim Hanna. TI-:NTM ROW: Tommy Har- man. AVilJiani Hart, Judy I lorinan, I ' atricia Kaul ' man, l ' ;iMi ' ii K (dh.-y. l- ' Ioise Kimes. Seventh Grade I ' IKST HOW: Cotleeii Knox. Susan Krantz, ' etha Cech- leidner. Wallace Liechty. Al- len Leland. SECOND ROW: Tommy Mc- Hride. Dennis McClelland, Sallj ' Mains, Lois Maul, " i ian Mitzman. THIRD ROW: Janice Moor, James Moor, Andrea Mortorff, Frankie Miirr, Patricia Murr. K jL ' i;TH ROW: D u li g- 1 a s Musser, Dixie Page. Donald Palmer, James Pentico. Emi- ly Preston. FIFTH ROW: Sally Rath!. urn, .Sidne ' Reese. Toni Roberts, IMichael Sapp, Jiulitli Schumm. SIXTH ROW: Susan Segraves, Ruth Shank, Helen Sibert, Nan Smith. Susie Smith. SEVFXTH R O W: Ricliard Somerlott, Steven Southern, Karen Steinke, Janie Stevens, Pattv Stohler. KIGIITH ROW: Joe Stone- cipher. Edward Sutton, Joim Taylor, Charles TilTany. Dane Tubergen. NlXTIl ROW: Pam Van Ma- ti-e, Dick Waters. Larry AN ' h e a t o n. Karen White, Charles AA ' ilsey. TEXTH ROW: Richard AYil- son, Jody TA ' or thing ton, Don Wj ' att, Dennis Zimmerman, S a n d r a Zimmerman, Mrs. Otadvs Kile. XOT PICTURED: Kathy Car- penter, Dewig ht Hosteller, Carl Dewitt Lower. Mac Mor- ley, Rog er Parks. I-arry Porath, Anita Spauling. Jud - Waite. i A ( Classes Mr. Bernhardt explains a chem- istry formula — -with a humorous twist — to the seniors. Miss Shultz ' s English IV stu- dents are concentrating on " Mac- beth. " Eighth grade art students are ready to sketch — under Mr. Por- ter ' s watchful eve. Mr. Maxton gives " Druck " the keys to the new driver ' s training car to be used next summer. TOP ROW: Mr. Boomershine: Mr. Condon and Mr. Myers; Miss Shultz and Mr. D.vgert. Nesb1u ° ' ° ° " ' ' " ' ■ ' ■ • " ' f ' l " ' I " ' - Hammel; Mr. Johnson and Jolm Keller; Mr. THIRD l;OAV: JIr.s. Buse. Mrs. Kile; Miss Stevens, Miss Sluiltz. and Miss Frank, and ' hey?; ! ; ' ;?;;,, ' " " " ' " ' ■■■ ° = ' - ' ' ' ■ - - " " ' " ' ' l - - M-- - Sohnder Page Fiffy-three , j if i ii5 a. j?ii ' u i laif ! Wii f y • AiiJL - lUJt: ' i AlCftVniES ■--..■ ' iV -: MUSIC Bill Wright Janis Brand SNAPSHOTS Sharon Herendeen Jean Albright Pat Collins Karen Day Janean Freed June Kelly ALUMNI Norma Law John Rorick Barbara Detar PHOTOGRAPHY Tom Guthrie Jane Strong- Dave Southern , CLASS WILL Jerry Byers Dave Southern Steve Dickmeyer Ann Slanina Eddie Smith CLASS PROPHECY Karen Reese Bob Eff John Fiandt Barbara Rowe The Key EDITOR-IN-CHIE F iMary Schrider ASSOCIATE EDITORS Norma La " " " Jean Albright Carol Skove Jane Strong June Priest Barbara Detar BUSINESS STAFF Barbara Detar Dick Baade Anne Burns Rosalyn Burton Janet l3eming Steve Dickmeyer Steve Knox Dave MacFadyen Nancj ' Randolph Karen Reese John Rorick Mar ' Schrider Carol Skove Ann Slanina ART EDITORS Sylvia Butler Janet Deming June Priest Jane Strong DRAMATICS Beth Selman Anne Burns ISTancy Randolph CLASSES Sandy VanWagner Karen Day Sharon Herendeen June Priest FEATURES Patti Pettit Beverly Greenamyer Jim Griem Barbara Raney SPOR-TS Gary Griffith Dave MacFadyen ORGANIZATIONS Linda Eatinger Jane Strong CIRCULATION Keith Beechy Dale Dailey Richard Day Jerry Fast John Keller Ann Kugler Robert Prior Donna Somerlott Jean Willibey James Walcutt The Hornet The " Hornet " is a monthly pubhcition put out by the journahsm class of A.H.S. Between its cov- ers are found school news, feature stories, editorials, gossip, sports, exchanges, jokes and other interesting material. In 1949 " The Hornet " staff was admitted to membership in the Quill and Scroll, the Internation- al Honor Society for High School Journalists. The members of the staff also belong to the Nationa. Scholastic Press Association and the Columbia Press Association. The members of the staff this year included: Editor-in-chief, Rosalyn Burton; associate editor, Anne Burns; business manager, John Rorick; art editor, Karen Reese; sports editor, Jerry Randolph; exchanges, Barbara Detar; news writers, Pat Collins, Jim Griem, Beverly Greenamyer, Norma Law, June ' Priest, Barbara Raney, Mary Schrider, Nancy Ran- dolph; feature writers, Dave Southern, Jayne Strong, Sandy Van Wagner, Jerry Byers, Linda Eatinger, Mary Nagel, Patti Pettit, Janean Freed. Miss Shultz was the facultv adviser. The editors plan file next issue. The mimec ' graph in operation. Typists at work. Everyone buys a Hornet! Posters in the making " . Student Council A meeting: is in progress in tiie liome economirs i-ooni. Bud Crum is probably sug jesting tliat tlie Ma " Prom l e helil in tiie recreation room at Hendr - Park Sclrool. The Student Council was organized in 193 2 to promote cooperation between stu- dents and faculty, provide opportunities for student self-direction, foster all worthy school activities, and create and maintain high standards for citizenship. This organization has sponsored and participated in many activities this year. These include: Sponsoring a sock dance; participating in the sale of basketball season tickets; sponsoring the selection of cheerleaders; striving to arouse school spirit; lighting the trophy case; sponsoring the May Prom; and working on school problems in general. The Council consists of four members, two girls and two boys from each high school class. This year the members of the Council were: Seniors — Gary Griffith, Steve Knox, Anne Burns, and Sharon Herendeen; juniors — Sandie Shank, Susan Rathburn, Gordie Van Marter, and Bud Crum; sophoinores — Pam Beatty, Marcia Meyer, Wayne Hantz, and Tom Wyatt; freshmen — Judy Brady, Linda Ewers, Bill Steele, and Jack Berlien. The officers were: President, Gary Griffith; vice-president. Bud Crum; secretary- treasurer, Anne Burns. Mr. Bernhardt was the faculty adviser. Pay - I- if ) -(■ . ' A National Honor Society Honor aiul seem t, meiiiiu-rs at a inetrtiim 111 llie stU(i " hall. All ar read " to listen to their piesident, flofabn Burton. One of the greatest honors t;iven at Angola High School is to be selected for mem- bership in the National Honor Society. Fifteen percent of the graduating class are eligible. They are selected from the upper third of the class, ranked according to scholastic achievement, and chosen by the faculty on the basis of citizenship, service to the school, and character. Ten percent of the class are chosen in their junior year and the live percent in the senior year. This method of choosing members was inaugurated last year. The senior members are Jean Albright, Sylvia Butler, Anne Burns, Rosalyn Burton, Steve Dickmeyer, Tom Guthrie, Carol Skove, and .Jean W ' illibey. The students elected from the junior class this year are Connie Crain, David Dent, Barbara Griffiths, Peg Jarrard,, Bonnie Page, Tom Philipp, Susan Rathburn, and Marv Jo Willis. The officers, elected before the close of school last year, are: Rosalyn Burton, pres- ident; Anne Burns, vice-president; and Jean Albright, secretary. Mr. McCutchan is the sponsor of the organization and its treasurer. The local chapter of the National Honor Society was established in 19.i and the total membership is now 277. A scholarship fund was set up in 1938. Each member contributes one dollar to the fund each year for the first five years he is a member. The money is used in the form of a loan to send a high school graduate to college. PiT.ijc fiiffy-ijiiic Y-Teen Cabinet Y-Teens The Y-Teen Club is a junior branch of the Y.W.C.A. Y-Teens are a world-wide fellowship of girls of every race, creed, and color, in Y.W.C.A. ' s in sixty-five coun- tries. The purpose of the club is fully explained in the Y- Teen slogan, " To find and give the best is our purpose true, earnest, honest, and our slogan — to face live square- ly too. " This year for the first time, the Y-Teens held their meetings from 11:00 to 11:30 every other Wednesday forenoon. Since there were over one hundred members this year, the club was very active. The fun and activities began with the informal initi- ation and potluck supper. Other activities throughout the year were; Y-Teen conferences at Waterloo and South Bend, sponsoring the Christmas Prom and the annual Pa- Ma-Me Banquet jointly with the Hi-Y, and holding a cookie sale, the receipts from which were sent to World Service. The officers were: President, Beth Selman; vice-pres- ident and membership chairman, Connie Gary; secretary, Bonnie Page; treasurer, Lynda Gentry; program chairman, Connie Crain; social chairman. Peg Jarrard; service chair- man, Marcia Meyer; finance chairman, Karen Reese; song leader, Elaine Artman; pianist, Rosalyn Burton; chaplain, Anne Burns. The advisers were: Miss Frank, Miss Ohlman, Mrs. Boomershinc, Mrs. Jarrard, Mrs. Crain, Mrs. Skove, Miss Shultz, Mrs. Maxton, Miss Reed, Mrs. Stevens, and Miss Ulery. Miss Myers was a n honorary adviser. Hi-Y Cabinet Hi-Y The Angola Hi-Y Club, organized in 1922 by former Superintendent John L. Estrich, was the first in the state of Indiana. The club is a member of both the state and national organizations. The purpose of the club is — " To create, maintain, and extend throughout the home, school and community higher standards of Christian Character. " The club mem- bers have carried out their purpose this year by sending officers to both fall and spring district Hi-Y conventions, holding a joint father-son, mother-daughter banquet with the Y-Teens, sponsoring sock hops after basketball games, sponsoring an auditorium program at Easter and also spon- soring, jointly with the Y-Teens, the Christmas Prom, " Silhouettes in Silver. " The Hi-Y Club was host to the spring district Hi-Y, Junior Hi-Y, and Tri-Hi-Y meeting. The club met every other week on " ednesday fore- noons. The program included outside speakers, films, and discussions by the members. TafF)- was sold throughout the school with the proceeds going to the World Brother- hood Drive in the United States. The officers were; President, Bud Crum; vice presi- dent, Dave MacFadyen; secretary and treasurer, Tom Schmiege; chaplain, Ronnie Dodd; service chairman, Dave Dent; and program chairman, Jerry Randolph. The sponsor was John " . W ' early. Girls ' Athletic Association I EL :! b K m Pi H ; » ■B V ifc T i l B ui il W 1 m tiife yL ILli Hnm G. A. A. Officers The Girls ' Athletic Association was an ac- tive group this year headed by Connie Grain, president; Gonnie Gary, vice-president; Kay Kelley, secretary; and Nan Trich, treasurer. The faculty sponsor was Miss Joan Shantz, the physical education instructor. The purpose of the club is to increase the girls ' interest in various sports and to develop friendship, better sportsmanship, and co-oper- ation. The club met every Monday afternoon from 3:30 to 4:45 o ' clock. The club ' s officers enjoyed a weekend camp-out last fall with officers from many ether clubs. Representatives participated in .1 basketball clinic at Kendallville and a bad- mmton clinic at Kokomo. Other sports enjoyed during the year were: Baseball, bowling, basketball, volleyball, arch- erv, badminton, and tumbling. BACK ROW: Connie Ciain, Connie Gary. Judy Griffith, Harriet Cooli, Joan Kolb. Carol Gramling. Miss Sliantz. FROXT ROW: .Sue I ' lmer, Martlia ' ilcler. Sliarnn Mauglierman. Ruth Ann Hansel- man. Xan Ti-ieli. Jane Strong, Barl:»ara Maxton. antl Peggy Nisonger. Pa ' e Sixty -I wo TOP ROW: Mr. Druckamillt- r. Wyatt. Pat Taylor, Sam Dirrini, Ed.lie Sessforfl, James WiDaer, Tom James, Ed Sutlun, ita id Vny. SECOND P.OT ' : Janis Hart, limine Uarlett, Jerry, Riihard Hullinger, Richard Mlisser, Billy Powell, l-loli Jl I!riilH, Pen Bryan, Franeis Jnlin. " n, Xcnnian Am- stutz, Janet Hart. FRONT l;OW: Robert Vri hota, Rirliard Ciseo, James Longsw.nth, Iiavid Blougli. Da id Dirrim, Jod ' Worthiiigt ;in. Jim Pentieo, Tom McBride, Frank Mnrr. Da id Steven- .son, I ' rank Anspallgh. X(IT PICTI.-RED: Robert ELstoii, Tom Hntto. Safety Patrol White belts, fl.ishing yellow lights, .intl red ,ind white stop signs are evidence that the members of the safety patrol for the Angola schools are on the job. This is the eleventh year the patrol has been functioning. The safety patrol members received the Safety Award given by the Chicago Motor Club this year for having a perfect safety record. The members of the safety patrol were guests at the Shriners Circus at Fort Wayne and at a banquet given by the Angola Lions Club. With Captain Tom Wyatt, and Lieutenants Bob McBride, Richard Hullinger, David Blough, and Robert Vrchota assigning each member to the post he or she is best fitted for, we can expect the patrol to function smoothly regardless of the weather or anything else that might interfere. During this year the boys did not patrol Felicity Street, Glenn Anspaugh taking over the job. E. L. Druckamiller was the patrol supervisor. Piiac Sixfy-fbrce Future Teachers Of America The AngoLi Chapter of Future Te.ichers of America was organized in 1949, with Principal F. K. McCutchan as its first adviser. The organization was named the " John L. Estrich Club " in honor of a former superintendent of Angola Schools. Mr. Mc- Cutchan was the adviser of the club for two years. Miss Joyce Dunkin sponsored the club during the 195 1-52 school 3 ' ear. Miss Gladys Leas was the adviser during the 3 ' ear 1952-55. Mrs. Gladys Kile is the current adviser and has been since 1954. During the year the members hold meetings on alternate Wednesdays, give a tea for the present and former teachers, take part in student teaching, sponsor dances, have charge of an auditorium program, go to conferences and area meetmgs, and do every- thing possible to promote good future teachers. Ofiicers for the year were: President, June Priest; vice-president, Susan Rathburn; secretary, Elaine Artman; treasurer. Peg Jarrard; historian, Eileen Schaeffer; parlia- mentarian, Lvnda Gentv. The President Gi Instructions Club Officers N. ancy leacncs m Fifth Grade TOP nOAA " : Jean Albright. Kcriha : Jo)in Fiandt. consul : T ' aynt! Hantz, praetor: Joy Feaser, tiuiiestor: Pat Lash, scriba : guests and sla vt- at the Roman Banquet. SECOND ROW: Roman guests are ready for after- dinner entertainment ; Pete, the host (also consul of J. C. L..), honors the house- hold §:ods. Romans, Pete and AA ' ayne. discuss the situation with reference to the praetors and the tribunes; Miss Reed and two Roman slaves. Librarians Whenever you need a book for school work or pleasure, one of the many stu- dent hbrarians is always ready to help ou find the book which would hold your interest. Besides doing this, the student librarians shelve books and check them in and out. They also teach the grade school children to find desired books by themselves. All student Ubra- nans are members of the Hoosier Stu- dent Librarians Association. They are under the supervision of Miss Joyce Ohl- man. Audio- Visual Director. Miss Ohlman gives directions for card filing. Projectionists To operate the motion picture pro- jectors for the teachers is the main job of the student projectionists. They do this job at both the South Wayne and Hendry Park Schools. This year the new equipment to aid them included a new projector and push carts for carrying the projectors. These students are of a great help to the entire school. They are di- rected by Miss Ohlman. The opaque projector is being studied. Pd.?( ' Sixiy-s x Art Assistants " Paper, scissors, and rulers, please, " is the request the art assistants hear daily. Getting these, however, is only a small portion of their duties. Attendance must be taken and the store room kept clean and orderly. The art assistants are re- sponsible for all supplies left in the room. To Mr. Porter, they are all-around help- ers. In the picture are: Anne Burns, Karen Reese, Sylvia Butler, Bob Eff, Dee Gil- bert, Harriet Cook, and Janet Deming. Mr. Porter is the art supervisor. Laboratory Assistant s The care of the science equipment is one of the important duties of the labo- ratory assistants. They prepare for ex- periments along with making their own experiments. Demonstrating and helping Mr. Bernhardt with his other classes are also some of their many duties. Each assistant was picked from one of the sci- ence classes. In the picture are: Fred Smith, Frank Parker, Jeff McClelland, Wayne Hantz, Mr. Bernhardt, Steve King and Chuck Parker. Other assistants are: Dennis Crooks and John Sellgren. Mr. Bernhardt is the laboratory super- visor. Project Winners of 19)7 Regional Science Fair Richard Hoolihan Duke Deller Chuck Kuhn Chuck Parker Frank Parker John Newnam Bill Steele Thespian Society Anne Describes .1 HumuroLis Situation The Thespian Society of A.H.S. was organized in 1952. It replaced the former dramatics society known as Alpha Delta Chi. The organization is composed of students who have earned a certain number of points by participating in the dramatics department. The highlight of the year for the Thespians is the production of the three one-act plays. These plays were produced under the supervision of student directors on No- vember 21 this year. The plays were: " Sorry, Wrong Number, " directed by Beth Selman; " Good Neigh- bors, " directed by Nancy Randolph; and " What ' s Wrong With the Girls, " directed by Anne Burns. The officers of the club are: President, Susan Rathburn; vice-president, Beth Sel- man; secretary, Nancy Randolph; treasurer, Anne Burns. The faculty sponsor is Robert Seigel. Pa; c Sixty -ciy ht Three One-Act Plays The action of the comedy, " Good Neighbors, " concerned a meeting of a women ' s club. The cast included Adelaide Winton, Mary Jo Willis; Cicily Smith, Karen Beechy; Dottie Hefflefin- ger. Norma Law; Laura Drake, Beth MacFadyen; Jennie Fuller, Connie Grain; Kate Kloppenberg, Sue Ulmer; and Se- nora Liares, Sandie Shank. In the play, " What ' s Wrong with the Girls, " a professor gives his views on girls in a very uncomplimentary man- ner. The scientific demonstration is in- terrupted by Hazel Duckworth, who in- dignantly challenges the professor ' s facts. The cast included: Chairman, Dave MacFadyen; Professor Coots, Pete Havholm; Miss Duckworth, Susan Rath- burn; First Actor, Fred Smith; First Actress, Barbara Strite; Second Actor, Bruce Boardman; Second Actress, Elaine Arlman; Third Actor, Dave Dent; Third Actress, Janie Flegal; Fourth Act- or, Lewis Newnam. " Sorry Wrong Number, " was a tale of a neurotic invalid who overhears on her telephone plans for a murder, which turns out to be her own. The cast included: Mrs. Stevenson, Suzy Steenerson; First Man, Dick Baade; Second Man, Herman Hantz; First Op- erator, Suzie Yoder; Chief Operator, Jean Willibey; Second Operator, Linda Ewers; Third Operator, Ann Threlkeld; Fourth Operator, Kari Aldrich; Fifth Operator, Barbara Griffiths; Information, Ruth Ann Hanselman; Hospital Recep- tionist, Rosalyn Burton; Western Union Man, Keith Beechy; Sergeant Duffy, Jerry Randolph; Lunch Room Attend- ant, Frank Noragon. nr) n f) f ac ' jfi SCENES DEPICTED " The Girls " break up their meeting in riotous disorder. Professor Coots gives scientific facts. Mrs. Stevenson and all those she con- tacted by phone. Mr. Seigel and the student directors — Beth Selman, Anne Burns, and Nancy Randolph. " Dear Ruth " " Dear Ruth, " .1 comedy in three acts, was presented by the Senior Class on the evenings of October IS and 19. The play takes place during the days of W orld ' ar II. Trouble begins when Miriam, Ruths younger sister, carries on a correspond- ence in Ruth ' s name with Lt. Seawright. When Lt. Seawright comes home with the in- tention of marrying Ruth, complications arise, and Ruth discovers what Miriam has been do- ing. Since Ruth is already engaged, the sit- uation is even more complicated. But after many humorous episodes the young lieutenant wins Ruth, and everyone is happy with the ex- ception of the rejected suitor, Albert. The cast mcludcd: Robert EfF, Judge Harry Wilkins; Nancy Randolph, Mrs. Edith W ' ilkins; Beth Selman, Ruth Wilkins; Anne Burns, Miriam W ' ilkins; Steve Knox, Lt. Sea- wright; Bill Wright, Albert Kummer; Sylvia Butler, Martha Seawright; David MacFadyen, Sgt. Chuck Vincent; Rosalyn Burton, Dora; and Philip Snyder, Harold Klobbermeyer. The play as under the direction of Mr. Robert Seigel, with student director, Carol Skove. " The Family Nobody Wanted " " The Family Nobody Wanted, " a three- act comedy, was presented by the junior class Thursday and Friday, March 15 and 14. The story, based on the book by Helen Doss, presented real life experiences of a young minister and his wife, who have adopted chil- dren of different nationalities, Japanese, Bal- inese, Mexican, and full-blooded American Indian. Don, the oldest, falls in love with Nan, whose parents are prejudiced against those of other nationahties. Nan ' s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Johnson, visit the Dosses and stay for a meal. Mr. and Mrs. Doss, having nothing else, serve rattle snake meat, which adds to the bad impression. Later Mr. John- son remembers the best friends he ' d ever had were Mexicans when he was " wildcating " for oil. Also the six Doss children tell the John- sons they want to sign an agreement that they ' ll never see Don and Nan after their mar- riage. Mr. and Mrs. Johnson change their at- titude completely. The characters were: Mrs. Doss, Susan Rathburn; Mr. Doss, Jeff McClelland; Donny, Dave Dent; Nan, Barbara Strite; the other Doss children — Timmy, Terrj ' Johnson; Ted, Gerrj- Threlkeld; Alex, Tom Phihpp; Diane, Mary Jo Willis; Laura, Susie Steenerson; Bita, Lynda Gentry; Bill, the photographer. Ward Farlow; Miss Reilly, from the newspaper, Con- nie Grain; Mr. Johnson, Frank Noragon; Mrs. Johnson, Barbara Griffiths; Mrs. Allen, Eileen Schaeffer; Mrs. Hardy, Harriet Cook; Mrs. Parkinson, Elaine Artman. The play was under the direction of Mr. Seigel, with Bonnie Pai e as student director. .• ' ffV vV ' •] wV ' vAWV.A.«= .•v •A " . A,... :p XA " T % ' • M. , fm ?:-m - %»A ; I A ♦o tf CLARINET: Susan Ulmer, Sandra Shank, Janis Brand, Martha Wilder, Mary Slanina, Beth Selman, Harriet Cook. Jane Flegal. Barbara Raney, Susan Carr, Woodice Conway, Barbara Croxton, Elaine Deller, Barbara McKinley, Sigrid Somerlott. FL.UTE: Sharon Erokaw, Elaine Art man. Bonnie Page. Jean Willibey, Sylvia Crowl, Elaine Grandquist. Ruth Ann Hanselman, Ann Ramsay. OBOE: Mary Jo Willis. SAXOPHONE: Susan Pcathburn, Norma Law. Sandra Rust, Elaine Gilbert, Donna Somerlott. CORNET: John Fiandt, Richard Day. Betty Nichols, Terry Jolniston, Dennis Crooks, Norman Amstutz, Terry Arkwright, Sandra Breeding, Judy Seeman. BARITONE: Judy Griffith, Janice Converse. Band A very active musical organization at A.H.S. this year was the high school band, made up of 68 members, and under the direction of Mr. Nichols. The band played at all the home basketball games throughout the year and pre- sented a Christmas program with maneuvers at the Hoagland game. The winter concert presented by the junior high and high school bands on Janu- ary 17 was one of the best received in years. The music played at the concert varied from modern " jump " times to an overture in classic style, the program showing the versatility of the band members. The band also gave a spring concert on April 18. The organization entered contest competition this year also. The selections play- ed were Overture in Classical Style by Mozart and Gypsy Baron. The band won .i superior rating at the district contest at Concord Township and entered the state con- test at Valparaiso where they also won a superior rating. They will play for the Tri-State College Commencement after the close of the high school year. Several ensembles appeared for civic organizations throughout the year. Valine Scictily-lwd TROMBONE: Barbara Griffiths, Marcia Meyer, James Gibson. Kay Converse, Sandra Hubart, PliiUip Musser. DRUMS: Karen Broka%v, l inda Ewers. Jack Mitcliell, Bruce Anderson. Sharon Babeoek. Barbara Goudv. Ste e Kin£ . r onna " U ' illibey. BASS CIjAl I- XET: Janean Freed. AijTO CLAlilXET: Joan I eatherman. BAIIITOXE SAXOPHONE: Susan Yoder. BASSOON: Dianne Short. HOFiX: Svlvia Butler. Ivaren Beechv, Konita Forbes, Kari Aldrich. TENOR SAXOPHONE: Bill Wrlsht, Marilvii Harris, Marialana Rensch. TL:BA: Sam nirrim. Bill Griffiths, Fred Smith. Marching Band The oucstanding .ictivity of this year ' s marching band was its participation in thi Band Day parade at Ball State Teachers College at Muncie. Thirty-five other band participated. Before the football game the A.H.S. band headed the parade of band around the field and between halves they played as a part of the mass band. The band will also take part in the Memorial Day Parade. DRUM MAJOR AND MAJORETTES The high step marchmg and clever twirling supplemented by striking maneu- vers of the drum major and majorettes lent color to the band in all their marching ap- pearances. During the half time show at Band Day at Ball State Teachers College last fall, this group presented a twirling demonstration. Bill Wright is the drum major; the ma- jorettes are Norma Law, Janis Brand, Sandy Shank, Bonnie Page, Sharon Babcock and Dianne Short. VIOLIN: Sharon Brokaw, Bill Steele, Phil Musser, Mary Slanina. Suzy Yoder, Susie Steenerson. Katliy Nedele, Sandy Hawtliorne, Patty Clancey. VIOLA; Mar - Jo " V ' illis. Ann Slanina, Barbara Strite. CELLO: Bill Wright, Karen Brokaw, Betty Njcj-iqjj Sally Boardman. STRING BASS: Susan Rathlmrn, Sue Ulmer. FLUTE Elaine Artman, Bon- Orchestra The high school orchestra, under the direction of Mr. Nichols, is made up of 3 members. They have played for the junior and senior class plays and the style show at exhibit time. They played for the Tri-State College commencement and for the high school commencement. The orchestra entered the district contest on March 29 and received a superior rating. They then went on to state competition. A spring concert was presented. Two members of the orchestra — Bill Steele, violin, and Karen Brokaw, cello — won superior ratings in the district solo contest and played in the state contest. The junior high orchestra played for the three one-act plays for the first time in the school history. This group also won a superior rating in the district contest. Pa ' e Sevetil) -four iiic Page. OBOE: Eileen Schaeffer. CLARIXET: Sandra t hank, Jauis l;i,ui.l. SAXli- PHOXE: Norma Lbav, Elaine Gilbert. FREXCH HORX: Svlvia Butler. Kunita Korbe.s, Karen Beefhy. TRUMPET: John Fiandt. Lynn Steiner. Fred Beek. TROMBOXE: Bar- V)ara GrifRtlis, Janice Converse. PERCUSSliDX: Bruce Anderson, Donna Willibey, Steve King " . Music Parents ' Organization Much help and guid.ince have been given by the Music Parents ' Organization during the past year. They purchased the senior awards and helped pay the transpor- tation to the contests. The otficers are: Leland Shank, presi- dent; Mrs. Doyle Hoffman, vice-president; Mrs. Clyde Shaw, secretary; and Wendell Jacob, treasurer. TOP ROW: Jack Mitchell. Tom OweiiK. Mike Haley, John Fiandt, David Dent, Steve Knox, Tom Flegral, Jerry Kandolph, Jerry Hoffman, Doug Essenberg, Bill Wright, Gordie ' an 2 Iarter, Tony HoUzman. SECOXD ROW: Re£!:gie Panish, Mike Deming, Gary Hornbuokle, Don Wilson, Larry Sundaj " , Jack Berlien. John New nam, Sam Dirrim. Tom Philipp. Norman Amstutz, Terry Johnston. Kent Murph ' , Terr " Arkwright, Cliff Ryan, Mickey Hale ' . Choir The high school choir, directed by Miss Siebold, has worked hard this year and accomphshed much. They have appeared at various programs throughout the year. The group presented a Christmas Concert, " The Christmas Crib, " on December 16. At this program also appeared the freshman girls ' chorus, pupils from the third grade and the junior high choir. The theme of the Spring Concert, given on May 13, was " It ' s a Big, Wide, Won- derful World. " The group entered the Northern Indiana District Contest on March 29 and won a superior rating; they then went on to compete for state honors. The choir sang for Tri-State College baccalaureate. PiJ. ' s Seventy-iix THIRI Ri tW: Ann Slanina. Rosalyn Biu-ton, Jaiif t liuwe, Jaiu- Simng, Sandy lUi- t. Connie Crain, Martha " Wilder, Carol Graniling:, Janean Freed, Elaine Artman, June Prie ' t, Peg " Jarrard, Karen Brokaw, Pam Beatty, Nancy Randolph, Bonnie Page. Barbara Grif- fiths, Elaine Gilbert, Donna ' SViUibev, Eileen Sthaeffer. FRONT ROW: Janice Converse. Mary Jo T ' illis. Kathy MeMullen, Joy Feaser, Lib Owens, Sylvia Bntler, Connie Gary. Barbara Strite. Siizy Yoder, Janie Flag ' el, Marcia Meyer, Sandra Shank, Su.san liathburn, Harriet Cook. Lynda Gentry. Dianne Short, Sue Ulmer. NOT PICTl ' UEEn Sharon Brokaw, Peggy Nisonger, Caroll Shear. Vocal Ensembles Vocal ensembles have appeared on var- ious school and community programs. Some of the most active are the senior trio — June Priest, Nancy Randolph, Rosalyn Burton; sophomore trio — Sue Ulmer, Suzy Yoder, Dianne Short; sophomore- junior trio — Donna Willibey, Elaine Gilbert, Bar- bara Griffiths; boys ' quartet — Gordon Van Marter, David Dent, Terry Johnston, Tom Philipp; girls ' barbershop quartet — Susan Rathburn, Lynda Gentry, Karen Brokaw, Elaine Artman. E, i iP i ■( ■ ' - - ' ..jum- ' M f A E J k ATHL w. ' " Ml i- ' S ' fe..., TOP ROW: C..a li JmIu. li.immel, Steve Knox. John Gibben . J ii Hoffman. Don P(»wtrrs, Gary Griffith. FHOXT HOW: Tom Philipp, Gary Chapman, Gordon Van Jlarter, Criim. Dave Dyg ert. Uandulph. Jerry Jack Miller. Bucl Basketball Season In Review The Hornets started out the 1957-5 8 season by a home game with Waterloo. They were defeated by the Wildcats 52-39. By November 8, the Hor- nets began to show improvement in their shooting and defense. They traveled to Berne and snowed the Bears under by a score of 62-3 5. On Novem- ber 15, a real test of the Hornets ' strength came in a game on the home floor with LaGrange. In a real thriller the Hornets edged out the LaGrange team by a score of 66-62. The Hornets had to go on the road for the next three games. They went to Ligonier on No- vember 27, to Concordia on November 23, and to Butler on November 27. Ligonier squeezed out the Hornets by a 56-53 score; a superior Concordia team then overcame them by a score of 82-56; and But- ler completed their losing streak by connecting for 74 points to the Hornets ' 5 6 points. Again on their own floor on December 6, the Hornets defeated the South Whitley team by a score of 72-50. They next traveled to Howe Military on December 13. There they were beaten by a score of 62-54. Home games with Riverdale on Decem- ber 14, and Hoagland on December 20, completed the Hornets ' schedule before Christmas. The Hor- nets outplayed b(jth teams, and the resulting scores were 53-44 and 55-53, respectively. Many fans are of the opinion that the game with Hoagland was the Hornets ' best game of the season. In the Holiday Tourney on December 27-28, the Hornets were forced to bow to the Garrett team by a score of 81-49, but in the consolation game they edged out Butler 62-60. The next regular game of the season was with Auburn on January 10. A fired-up Auburn team won the game by a score of 63-5 on their own floor. On January 18, the Garrett Railroaders came to Angola again to defeat the Hornets to the tune of 51-43. The Hammel men next played two games away on one weekend. On January 24, a tough New Haven team beat them by a score of 57-51; and on January 2 5, they were downed by the Fre- mont Eagles 74-47. The next game the Hornets played was on the home floor with Decatur on Jan- uary 31. In a bitter battle Decatur won over the Hornets 5 7-47. Elmhurst was next on February 7, and the Hornets suffered a 46-44 loss on their home floor in a thrilling overtime. The Kendallvllle Comets dis- playing a potent scoring attack, defeated the Hor- nets 73-66 at Kendallvllle on February 14. Angola displayed a new offensive punch and downed Avilla 75-60 on the Hornets ' own hardwood February 21. This rounded out the playing season with 7 wins and 13 losses. In the first game of the Garrett sectional tour- ney Angola bested the Waterloo Wildcats 64-60. They went to the semi-finals at Churubusco and were defeated by the Butler Windmills 51-40. ■ ' k ' ' t- :, ' ; ! ■ ■ ■J ' Cheerleaders Our four cheerleaders, Connie Gary, Karen Beechy, S.indy Rust, .ind Bonnie Page, have done an excellent job keeping up school spirit and team support throughout the year. They worked out many new cheers and improved the old ones. Miss Shantz has worked with them. Managers We ' re proud of our student managers, David MacFadyen, Bruce Boardman, and Herman Hantz. Dave was the manager of the varsity team; Herman, assistant who kept all charts and records; Bruce, manager of the Bee team. They have done much to add to the success of the Hornets. Coacrit:: John Haninicl did a fine job of coaching the varsity basketball and golf teams. He was assist- ed in basketball coaching by Bob Johnson. Mr. John- son was also the head football coach. Chuck Dygert was the baseball and freshman basketball coach. Carroll Nesbitt coached the track and Junior High basketball teams. A. B. BarkduU served as an efficient athletic director. The Class of 5 8 says " Thank you " to these five men for their excellent work. ' :J --g . ilVl Pet. TP o 84 51 .607 207 Van Marter .. ..-..91 3 8 24 .63 2 206 -;Sert 5 9 3 .333 9 Farlow ..... 3 1 .3 3 3 1 Miller 75 58 28 .48 3 178 Powers .....40 62 43 .694 123 Cnim 17 3 26 19 14 .633 .538 73 50 Waters 1 2 .000 1.000 " ) Randolph . 18 Phliipp 3 8 Griffith - - 92 83 3 57 1 .687 .333 241 1 Hoffman Gibbeny .- 2 1 .500 .000 1 Knox Varsity Gary Griffith, Center, Senior Gary Chapman, Foritard, Junior Bud Crum, Forward, Junior Jack Miller, Guard, Senior Gordon Van Marter, Guard, Junior Steve Knox, Center, Senior Jerry Hoffman, Forward, Sophomore John Gibbeny, Foruaril, Junior Dave Dygert, Forward, Junior Tom Philipp, Guard, Junior Don Powers, Forivard, Sophomore Jerry Randolph, Forward, Junior TOP ROAV: Coach Bob Johnson, AA ' ard Farlow, Tom Fleg-al, Jerry Hoffman, Mike Stohler, Sam Dir- rini, Wayne Hantz. SECOND ROW: Bill Crotty, Tom Waters. I ' ront Row : Larry Sunday, Jack Her lien. Cliff U an, Kent Murphy, Ronnie Odle. Bees ' Season Scores Angola 17 Angola 26 Angola 40 Angola 5 1 Angola 3 3 Angola 3 8 Angola 34 Angola 37 Angola 37 Angola „ 43 Angola 2 8 Angola 25 Angola 4 5 Angola 39 Angola 31 Angola . 42 Angola - - 47 (Overtime) Angola 5 5 Waterloo 30 Berne 3 5 LaGrange 42 Ligonier 46 Concordia 45 Butler 42 South Whitley . 49 Howe Military 46 Riverdalc 27 Hoagland - 34 Auburn 3 3 Garrett 34 New Haven 3 8 Fremont 3 5 Decatur 40 F.lmhurst 3 7 Kcndallville 44 Avilla 38 SECOND TEAM TOURNEY Angola Angola 3 5 27 Auburn Butler .. 41 3 5 arles Dygert, Student Manager Bill Parks. Mike Hale ' , Dave Managei ' Norman Amstutz. James. Larry Coleman. Larry Sunday. Dan IMitohell. Mike FRONT ROW: Jim Kolb. iliekey Haley. J. dm I Inriin. Terry ArkwriyiU. Freshmen FRESHMAN SEASON SCORES Angoi.1 18 Angola „ 2 5 Angola 27 Angola 18 Angola 26 Angola 18 Angola 2 5 Auburn Waterloo . Garrett Kendallville . 5 3 8 44 42 Auburn . 42 Waterloo i2 Garrett Tourney at Kendallville First Game Angola . . 17 Garrett Second Game Angola . 14 Kendallville . Although the Treshmen have won any games, they tried hard gained valuable experience. 35 46 43 not and Pai c Ei ' hly-cij ht J.oi ltU oMi Li -,cil I. icli fj-ai ■ t liapni ni L ' rt c AIc- c-i lill ti ll I , nnif l odd Jell B eis aMie Hantz lorn " att Alike I ' ieesf T ni Fhilii p Mike - tihlei Don Powers. FRONT ROW: Gary Griffith, Dare Dent. Jerry Rainlolph, Bud Prum. Tom Waters, Herman Hantz, Toni Cn ' en?-, Gordon Van ilarter, Tom Grain. Baseball The Hornets had a mediocre baseball seAson again this year, ' mnlng three games and losing three. For the first game of the season the Hornets traveled to Riverdale, where they were defeated by the narrow margin of 10-9. Nex t the Hornets play- ed host to the Waterloo Wildcats and lost by the score of 5-3. The Hornets came back with three consecutive wins. The first win came against Butler by the score of 10-4. The next game of the season the Hor- nets handed Ashley a 9-3 defeat. For the third win the Hornets worked off a grudge against Waterloo by retaliating with an 8-4 victory. In the last game of the season the Hornets couldn ' t avenge their loss to Riverdale, losing to them the second time by a score of 12-4. WlUuj. - i - . Football Football, our new sport at Angola, has met with surpris- ing success. The players have been the seventh, eighth, and ninth graders. Bob Johnson, our new coach, felt our boys re- sponded to their training very well, with the result of no in- juries and an increasing interest each week of the season. Forty- three candidates received uniforms August 15 with sixty-two boys turning in uniforms at the end of the season — Proof posi- tive of the interest and enjoyment shown by the team. Next year we will play our first inter-scholastic game. The coach and boys can hardly wait. The following is a list of the boys taking part in our foot- ball program: SEVENTH GRADE— John Baldwin, LeRov Crooks. Michael app, Ronad Gramling, Frederick Ba.hert. Larrv Bovd Donald Palmer, John Gather, Robert Book, James Pentico, Wallace pt.kv " h„?„ ' ' " ' ' ' ? " " fe ' ' ' D ' Eoomershine. Steven Southern. I.ukj Cotner, Jim Moore. Mickey Fradenburg, Dane Tuberg-en. EIGHTH GRADE— Albert Christy, Mike Parker David Dir- ' .l; ' " ; , ' 3a ' " y. Pag e Gene Kuhn, Robert McBride, Glen Jacob, Bill V, V ■ ' t " , ' ' % ' X Williams, Francis Johnson, Robert I chota, Michael Espy, David Tyler, Carl Longsworth, Bill De- Lancey. Mike Segraves, Gary Knox. -vi . ' ' m " ' ? , ° ; ° ' ' ° ' ' ' Brannan, Thomas Pristas, Danny Hale- »■ " ' " - ' ° - " - ' - - " ' -? Anderson, TeriT Arkwright, Mick Pre Cli James Smith, Eddie Sesstord, Don Wils Glen Rogers. i.i.„eu jonn ;«oran, Bruce Anderson, Terry Arkwright, Mick laley. Bill Cole, Dave Spills, Roger Sailor, Bill Griffiths, Philip . ■ ' ? ' °?. ' ■ ' ' ' J ? ' ' ' " ' .Larry Sunday. James Wilber. Tom James, liff Poan, Mike Haley, Kenny Johnson, Richard Hullinger Garj ' Hornbufkle, Assisting Mr. Johnson in the coaching job were John Ham- mel, Louis Sapp, Charles Ryan and Carroll Nesbitt. ' Angola Joins Athletic Conference Angola high school was accepted for member- ship in the Northeast Indiana Athletic Conference this year. The membership becomes effective in Septem- ber, 195 8, when Angola will compete in athletic sports with other schools in the conference; these include baseball, basketball, track, cross country and golf. Football competition will be extended to An- gola in the fall of 1960. Schools now composing the NEIAC include Columbia City, New Haven, Decatur, Bluffton, Garrett, Kendallvilie, Concordi.t and Angola. Mem- bership is restricted to schools that can qualify in high school athletics both in training and in facil- ities and equipment. BASEBALL BATTING AVERAGES (Possihic 42 Inii ' nigi) AB Crum 17 Chapman IS Powers 17 Griffith IS Waters 19 Grain ...21 Hantz, H. ...19 n Marter ...15 Randolph 9 Dent 5 Hantz, W 2 Meyer 2 Ryan 2 Reese 1 Philipp 1 Owens 2 Stohler 1 W ' yatt 1 Dodd 1 Byers Grotty Hoffman H R Avg. 6 U) .353 7 5 .5 89 8 5 .470 6 7 1 .3 3 5 .15S 5 5 .143 5 1 1 4 1 1 .263 .067 .111 1 .000 .000 .000 .000 ,000 .000 .000 .000 .000 .000 .000 .000 .000 Dave MacFadyen, Bruce Boarclman. Gordon Van ilarter, Tom Guthrie, Ken Nagel, .Ste ' e King " . Golf The golf team completed its fourth year this year. The season ended last spring, 1957, with a record of one win and five losses. The golf team played Garrett, Kcndallvillc, and Harlan both there and at Angola. The boys journeyed to Brookwood Golf Course in Fort Wayne to participate in the sectional on May 16. They finished seventh out of twenty-four teams, the best rank so far that the team has had. Team members included Doug Sharrow, Dean Harter, David MacFadyen, Gordic Van Martcr, Tony Ftoltzman, and Bruce Boardman. The coach was Basil Holmes, and the business manager was John Hammel. .Mr. Hammel is the coach for this spring season. l ' a: c W ncly-lun IIA ' . ' K l ' ' ■-aril Cauoll W-l ; W n.l FhiIow, Tohn (.Mi i TMr - I ian.lolph, :Mike Stohler. l)a Kl Dent, Dun Po H! Tal Giithth SECOND ROW: Biaue Knn , Gai Chapman Da e D gfit, Bud Cium. Tom James, Keith Beechy, Herman Hantz. FRONT ROW; Dirk Baacle, Larry Sunday, Jack Berlien, ClilT Ryan, Tom Philipp, Tom Schmiege. Track The Angola Hornets started their 19 57 track season by phicing first m a three- way meet with Howe Mihtary and LaGrange. The Hornets emerged the victor with a total of 63 points compared to 47 ' ' for LaGrange and 27 ' j for Howe. Our track team was then defeated by a strong Kendallville team, 75-34. In a three-way track meet at Garrett the Hornets were again defeated by a talent- ed Garrett squad, 73-42. Central Catholic emerged third in that meet with 22. The Hornets set back Avilla in their next outing, 87-22. The team bowed only to Huntington as they captured second place in the New Haven Relays. The Angola thinlies next surpassed a strong Auburn team 72) 2-3 6 ' :: and main- tained their winning spurt by defeating LaGrange 79 ' 2-57 ' j. In an after-sectional meet the Hornets defeated the W ' iterloo Wildcats 41 5 6- 40 1 3 but rated second place with Butler leading with 54 5 6. No points were given in the Garrett Invitational, but Angola brought home sev- eral ribbons. The Hornets made a fine showing in the sectional by placing third. Mike Erickson placed in the 100 yard dash and the 220 yard dash while Phil Rorick and Gary Griffith placed in the high jump. Dick Finch rated honors in the pole vault competi- tion. In the regional Dick Finch placed third in the pole vault and Griffith tied for third place in the high jump contest. Dick Finch, a member of the Class of ' 57, brought honor to A.H.S. by placing first in the State pole vault. The track coach was Carroll Nesbitt. New Records Dick Finch Pole Vault 12 ' 7 ' 2 " Dick Finch .Low Hurdles 21.1 Tom Priest 440 Yard Dash 54.1 Pii«r Nincfy-thrce ■ " . .■ - ' •TS ' ' -fK ' ilike Parke;-: Let Wmi n;s; " manage? ' ' ' ' ' " " " ' ' " " " ' " ' ' K " ° ' J " " Libert. Mr. IfpS ' ' ' ° ' ' ' ' ' - - ' ' ' ' ' " , °Glen Jacob, Bob WcRride, Darl Wilson, Gary Page, FROXT RO -: J im Love.ioy, Jack Strite, Hike Sapp, Jlike Espy, Eddie Wyatt. Junior High Basketball EIGHTH GRADE SEASON RECORD Angola . 4 J Angola 3 3 Angola .. . 3g Angola 16 Angola 32 Angola 30 Angola 29 Angola 25 Angola 24 Angola .... 26 Angola 34 51 34 Auburn .. Butler -Z l- ' ZZ! " " " Garrett 41 Fremont 23 Kendallville 23 Harrison Hill 32 Butler JO Fremont 33 Garrett 33 Kendallville 2I Auburn 33 Won 5 — Lost 6 TOURNEY SCORES Angola 22 An,gola 41 Garrett 35 Auburn .. 42 I ' liye Ninety-fi iir Cheerleaders Judy Rust, Ruth Shank, Judy Schumm, Meg Goudy Junior High Basketball SEVENTH GRADE SEASON RECORD Angola 25 Angola 25 Angola 3 1 Angola 2 5 Angola 21 Angola 3 2 Angola „ 3 Angola 23 Angola 26 Angola 2 5 Auburn 29 Butler 22 Garrett 27 Fremont . . 8 Kendallville 40 Butler 18 Fremont 22 Garrett 15 Kendallville ,36 Auburn 27 Won 6 — Lost 4 TOP ROA ' : Larry Wheatnn. nianajiVi-; Fred lia.hert. Dane Tuberg ' en. Hi ' ll Gramling " , r:oss Butler, .ferr " Deniore-sl. Don W ' att. .SECOND ROW: David Boomersliine, Kric Hall. Cliui-k Tiffany, Tom JIoRride. FROXT HOW: Mr. . " e.slntt, Diok Waters, Don Palmer, LeP.oy Crooks, Rickey Cotner, Charles T ' ilse, " , Mr. .Sapp. Calendar SEPTEMBER 4 Students enroll 13 Juniors select class rings 2 Key sales completed 2 3 Curtis magazine sales start 2 5-26-27 Iowa tests 29 Band day at Ball State OCTOBER 1 Science program in auditorium 3 Pictures of underclassmen taken 4 First football games here 1 1 End first grading period IS- 19 Senior Class Play " Dear Ruth " 22 Merit Scholarship Test 24-2 5 State Teachers Association NOVEMBER 1 Waterloo game here — Wildcats win 52-39 8 Berne 62-3 5 in our favor 19 Art students go to Chicago 12 Open house 15 LaGrange 66-62 in Hornets ' favor 16 Ligonier beats Angola 5 6-53 20 Jean Albright wins State VOD Contest 22 Dramatics Club Plays 2 3 Concordia beats Hornets 27 Butler downs Hornets 27 End second grading period 28-29 Thanksgiving vacation! DECEMBER South Whitley defeated 72-50 Howe Military downs Hornets 62-54 Riverdale-5 3-54 in Hornets ' favor Christmas program Hornets defeat Hoagland-5 5-53 Christmas dance Ian. 5 Christmas vacation 27-28 Holiday Tourney at Garrett JANUARY School starts Pictures for yearbook taken Auburn beats Hornets 63-50 Band Concert Garrett wins 51-43 Senior class chili supper 24 New Haven takes g.inie 57-5 1 24 End first semester 2 5 Fremont game there 3 1 Decatur here — Yellow Jackets win 57-47 FEBRUARY 1 Piano, String, and ' ocal Contest 7 Elmhurst wins 46-44 S Instrumental, Solo, and Ensemble Con- test Variety Show Kendallville there State Piano, Vocal Contest Hornets down Avilla 75-60 22 State Instrumental Contest 26 Sectional tourney — Hornets sting Wildcats MARCH 1 Sectional tourney — Windmills blow Hornets 7 End fourth grading period Calendar 8 Regional tourney 13, 14 " The Family Nobody Wanted ' ' 1 5 State semi-finals 22 State finals 24 District Hi-Y meeting 29 District BOV Contest 29 Achievement Contests here APRIL 4-7 Easter vacation! 12 State BOV Contest 18 End fifth grading period IS Band Concert 19 Spelling contest here 26 State Achievement Contests at I.U. 29 Scholarship tests MAY 2 School exhibit 9 Track sectional 9 Achievement Day 13 Vocal Concert 16 Regional track meet 16 Senior class day 17 Golf sectional 17 May Prom 18 Seniors off for New York! 24 State track and golf meets 2 5 Baccalaureate 25 Pupils dismissed! 28 Commencement!! YEARS AGO! TOP RCn ' : Fred Smith; Gary and Judy Griffith; Janean Freed: Barb Croxton and Judy Griffith Kari Aldrich and Lib Owens; Sandy Rust and Judy Griffith. SECOND KOT ' : Dave llacFadyen: Linda Eatinger; Linda Ewers, Marilyn Blough; Sig ' Somerlott and Sliaron Leroy. THIIID RO ' W " : (Over) June and Mac; Nancy and Butch. FOUr.TH ROW: Janean, Brenda. Beverly, Charlene; Mes Goudv; Diana Manses: Mike Deming; Dinah Taylor: Judy Griffith; Judy Brady; Linda Ewers. FIFTH ROW: Patti Pettit: Janean Freed: Konita Forbes; Ann Slanina, Norma Law, Beth Selman, Mary Ellen HoUenbaugh, Mary Sebrider; Greetings, Nancy!: Sue Ulmer. ' ■ H TOP ROW: Hi, Diok, Tony and Gienn:; Beverly and Roy; Pat and Darlene: Nice looking girls. SECOND ROW: Barb: Beth MacFadyen; Darlene T ' ard; (above) Hi kids!; Jon sur- rounded by Engiish IV students. THIRD ROW : Janean, Pat and Da ' e ; waiters and ' a i tresses at the Seniors ' eighth grade May Prom ; What are ou smiling at, Karen? Pijgc N nefy-}j iic Bits About ' Em Xame Hobby Memories of A.H.S. Jean Albright (Je.inne) Writing letters The Voice of Democracy Contest Richard Baade Dick) Anne and Gertrude Girls! Keith Beechy Keith) Cars and Dianne Students, class breakfasts Janis Brand (Jan) Skating ....Junior class breakfasts Anne Burns (Fix) Dramatics Basketball, going steady Rosalyn Burton (Roe) Reading Friends and parties Sylvia Butler (Sibby) Art, Music, Traveling Teachers, homework, the fun Jerry Byers (Vic) Cars Teachers ' help, classmates Patricia CoUins (Pat) Ray Junior class breakfasts Dale Dailey (Jig) Hi-Fi Keeping Susy Mary Karen Day (Karie) Listening to music Junior class breakfasts Richard Day (Dick) Girls — Junior class breakfasts Janet Deming (Jan) Art Homework, posters for plays Barbara Detar (Detar) School activity scrapbook Four-girl senior party Steven Dickmeyer (Dick) Collecting money Government Linda Eatinger (Linda) Music, collecting wish bones Breakfasts, ticket sales Robert Eff (Bob) Art interest Mr. Porter Gerald Fast (Speed) My car Study halls John Fiandt (Gabby) Reading Algebra I class Janean Freed (Jan) Music Band picnics, class breakfasts Beverly Greenamyer (Bev) Flower arrangements and sewing . Last day of school James Griem (Jim) Cars and boats Teachers Gar ' Griffith (Griff) Getting rust off my car Proms, basketball Thomas Guthrie (Tom) Skiing Government class Sharon Herendeen (Shari) Water Skiing Class breakfasts John Keller (John) Cars Girls I never dated June Kelly (Jay or Dee) Collecting Pictures or Music - Junior class breakfasts Stephen Knox (Steve) ....Sports in general Basketball, girls Ann Kugler (Putt Putt) Horses and dog shows May Prom, classmates Norma Law (Norma) Reading, water skiing Proms, all my friends David MacFadyen (Dave) Cars Summer vacations Jack Miller (Tobby) Cars ...Kari Aldrich Patricia Pettit (Pat) Swimming, ice skating ..Classmates, homework June Priest (Prune) ....Dancing, listening to music Proms, teachers, fads Robert Prior (Bob) Cars and girls ...Memories of Fremont High Nancy R andolph (Nan) Dramatics -- Basketball, proms, and Eric Barbara Raney (Bobbie) ..Skating Junior class breakfasts Karen Reese (Dee) Dancing and reading ..Proms, the many friends John Rorick (John) .. Fixing cars and dating Classes Barbara Rowe (Barb) Stamp collection Physics, chem, trig, teachers Mary Schrider (Schrider) Eating and sleeping Proms, all of my friends Mary Selman (Beth) . . Swimming ..Basketball, May prom Carol Skove (Carol) Arguing ...Grade School Library Ann Slanina (Ann) ..Playing the organ Band, Junior class play Eddie Smith (Ed) Cars Certain teachers Donna Somerlott (Donna) .. Sewing and music Band, going up and down stairs David Southern (Dave) Collect and restore old cars Class plays, breakfasts Janic Strong (Jayne) Cliff Homework Sandra VanWagner (Sandie) . Horseback riding ..- -Mr. Seigel and speech class James Waicutt (Jim) .....Cars Shop class Jean Willibey (Jcanie) Reading, skating ..Band, Senior Class Play William Wright (Bill) Music Sock hops, classmates Pa: ' c Cjfie 1 hind red HI-Y INITIATION Exciting- was the time of the lli-Y initiatii ' M. During tiie week preceding it, the prospertiveniemheis came to siliuol " all dressed up " every day. Tliey were required to carry the lioolis of the older Hi-Y members whenever requested. The formal initiation ceremonies took place in the study hall on Wednesday evening. The snaps above show scenes during initiation week and at the time of the induc- tion ceremonies. Page Oih- HuiiJrcJ One FUN AT PARTIES TOP ROM ' iMike and Xancy: Tony and Anne: Sweet Sixteen and never what? SECOND RO " : Senior girls when they were at Camp Rainliow: June and Gary: Rosalyn. why are you so sad? THIRD RO " ; Diana Scheuring and Fred Smith: Seniors at a partv: More senior and an intruder (of last year. ) Reflection The year is over " We are now prepared to face the world. Behind us lie twelve years of fun and learning. Ahead, the uncharted future! It is now time for us to leave Now we must say good-bye. But good-bye is a word too impersonal for one leaving a known path and enter- ing the unfamiliar world. For one who has always been protected by books and schedules and the beauty to be fovmd m a man ' s soul! Farewell is a nice sounding word, But it has such a lonely sound. It is a word to be used before the death of a loved one, or the sailing of a ship, Not a word said to an old friend to whom we will return many times in our thoughts. And so we shall simply laugh and talk of summer and our plans for fall. We shall not let the sadness in our hearts reflect in our eyes. We shall go out the door — and never look behind! — ROSALYN BURTON Reminiseense My senior year is over; Graduation is on its way! But the memories I have of my school days Are in my heart to stay. Remember the proms and the banquets? " Come Out Of The Closet " and " Dear Ruth " — our class plays? The satisfaction of knowing we were " big wheels! " Ah! Those were the good old days! How I love to recall all those memories. And think of the things that I ' ve done! And now after thinking it over, I wish graduation wouldn ' t come! —ANNE BURNS To High School As the end draws near, I know That all my work was not in vain. In the last four years I ' ve learned a lot; I ' ve grown up to face the world. And when I go out to brave reality, I hope that you ' ll be proud of me — You ' re the school I hold so dear; I ' ll hold you ever in my mefnory; You ' ll be with me through the years. And on to eternity —DICK BAADE Piii c One HunJrcii Three YEARS AGO! TOP ROW: Jane Strong:: Eeverlv Greenamyer: Jack ililler: Having fun, girls?: Hi, Barb! SECOND KOW: Dale Dailey: Xice ride girls?: Jane. Carolyn and Karen in a fine pose: Cart: ' l -n and Jane — when he called ; Sand " Shank, nature lover. THIRD ROW: Nice looking ' , Kay: Y-Teen initiation: Linda Ewers; Richard Day: Senior g;irls " slumber party! FOURTH ROW: Hello, girls: Jane Strong:— and friend: Hi, Carol: Whatcha makin ' , Dick: Roman slaves — Pat and Diana. T ' ' 1 ' U " .» " : .Si ' piinnnti-e girls — several years ai;i : higrh jumping- days: Seniors in their younser days SECOND riOAV: Who ' s your friend, Karen Reese? Reese again va ing- at her friend. THIRD ROW: Jane Strong: Sharon Musser and Duane Vard: Pat Lash and Linda Howe: Juniors — What are you up to, g-irls? FOL ' RTH U ' ' AV: Tourney champs!: To the victor belonq-s the spoils ' Th ay.ain. ui-y ' Iniliil. ;nil ' little sister " Juniors—way liaek when: Karen L-hampions Alumni 1956 Marleno Aldrich — Mrs. Rex Barton, An- gola, Indiana Bob Andrew — -U.S. Navy Mary Barlett — Mrs. Bill Jones, Lisbon, Ohio Rex Barton — Angola Dri-Gas Store, An- gola, Indiana Jane Brokaw — Ball State Teachers College, Muncie, Indiana Roberta Brokaw — I n d i a n a University, Bloomington, Indiana John Book — Texaco Gas Station, Angola, Indiana Janie Cleland — Indiana University, Bloom- ington, Indiana Sha rron Coffman — Mrs. Larry Moore, Fort Wayne, Indiana Kay Creel — Mrs. Phillip McHaney, Phoe- nix, Arizona Doreatha Carpenter — School of Nursing, Battleground, Indiana Ned Cook — U.S. Coast Guard Tim Culver- — Purdue University Extension, Fort Wayne, Indiana Larry Deller — U.S. Air Force Pete Dick — U.S. Marines Kenny Dowell — D-X Gas Station, Angola, Indiana Lue Ann Eff — Toledo Hospital School of Nursing, Toledo, Ohio Ned Fifer — U.S. Air Force Kay Fry — The Palace Restaurant, Angola, Indiana Dick Gecowets — Tri-State College, Angola, Indiana Nancy German — Mrs. Edward Klink, An- gola, Indiana Eldon Gurtncr — U.S. Air Force Janie Hamma — Ball State Teachers College, Muncie, Indiana Mike Hantz — Omco Plastic Mold, Fremont, Indiana Arleen Kaylor — Mrs. Ronald Sutton. Ann- apolis, Maryland Eddie Klink — Klink Funeral Home, Angola, Indiana Lois Lonsbury — Mrs. Alan Waltenberger, Sandusky, Ohio Sandra Leatherman — Mrs. Louis Meyers, Fort Wayne, Indiana Rosemary Lower — Mrs. Walter Aronen, Virginia, Minnesota Katy MacFadyen — Franklin College, Frank- lin, Indiana John Maloy — Butler University, Indiana- polis, Indiana Gene Maxton — General Motors School, Flint, Michigan Anita McClellan — Mrs. Ricky Smith, An- gola, Indiana Mac Mclntyre — Indiana University, Bloom- ington, Indiana Mary Lou Miller — Mrs. Donald Deibert, Garwood, New Jersey Mary Nelson — Working in Indianapolis, In- diana Fred Philipp — Tri-State College, Angola, Indiana Dave Ralston — U.S. Marine Corps Lee Schaeffer — Pre-medical School, Indiana University, Indianapolis, Indiana Shirley Miller — Mrs. Roger Wilson, Angola, Indiana Sally Snow — Ball State Teachers College, Muncie, Indiana Nancy Stevens — Ball State Teachers Col- lege, Muncie, Indiana Ron Steenerson — Purdue University, La- Fayette, Indiana Donna Strite — Mrs. Gary Groshon, Angola, Indiana Jim Taylor — Working in Fort Wayne, In- diana Don Waite — Purdue University, LaFayette, Indiana Pat Walsh — Purdue University Extension, Fort Wayne, Indiana Joan Ulmer — Mrs. James Kaufman, Ango- la, Indiana Carl Unger — Working in Fort Wayne, In- diana Alan Waltenberger — Working in Sandusky, Ohio John Weiss — Purdue University, LaFayette, Indiana Ellen Wicoft — Milligan College, Johnson City, Tennessee Cynthia Willis — Northwestern University, Evanston, Illinois Carol Wilsey — Telephone office, Angola, Indiana Willie Nelson — Working for Trucking Company, Kendallville, Indiana I ' a; e One llumlrcj Six Alumni 1957 Judy Braman — Fort ' " ayne Business College, Fort W iyne, Maurice Barlett — Tri-St.ite College, Angola, Indiana Ray Brown — Tri-State College, Angola, In- diana Cathe rine Broxon — School of Nursing, St. Joseph Hospital, Fort ' ayne, Indiana Mike Erickson — Purdue University, LaFay- ette, Indiana Al Eatinger — Shell Oil Company, Angola, Indiana Jean Crain — Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan Paul DeRosa — Notre Dame University, South Bend, Indiana Louis Chiricotti — Tri-State College, Ango- la, Indiana Sharon Crain — Indiana University, Bloom- ington, Indiana Carol Collins — Mrs. John Campbell, Ango- la, Indiana Tom Priest — Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan Connie Dygert — Fort " ayne International Business College, Fort Wayne, Indiana Jim Maxwell — Valparaiso University, Val- paraiso, Indiana Larry Eyster — Kroger Store, Angola, Indi- ana LaMar Brown — Tri-State College, Angola, Indiana ' anda .Musser — Mrs. Jack Landis, Angola, Indiana Judy Brown — Working in Fort Wayne, Indiana Bonnie Gary — Mrs. Larry Deller, Arizona Phil Rorick — Mann ' s Body Shop, Angola, Indiana Dave Griffin — U.S. Navy Nancy Wood — Indiana University, Bloom- ington, Indiana Gaylon Myers — U.S. Coast Guard Margaret Field — At home, Angola, Indiana Gary Forbes — Taylor University, Upland, Indiana Jon Holtzman — Indiana University, Bloom- ington, Indiana Jim Hildebrand — Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio Kenneth Hullinger — U.S. Army Jerry Hart — U.S. Marine Corps Tom Hoffman — Ball State Teachers Col- lege, Muncie, Indiana Janice Laird — Potawatomi Inn, Angola, In- diana Allen Kunkel — Purdue University, LaFay- ette, Indiana Dean Harter — Kaiser ' s Foodland, Angola, Indiana Barbara Rondot — Mrs. Robert Shupinka, Berwyn, Illinois Bob Lowther — Moriarty Pole Barn, Angola, Indiana Raymond German — W ild-Arnold Mercury Sales, Angola, Indiana Judy Fair — Mrs. Gail Brauchla, Angola, In- diana Bill Johnson — Holtzman Hatchery, Angola, Indiana Janet Hantz — Mrs. Kenneth D owell, Ango- la, Indiana Sharon McLeland — Fort Wayne Interna- tional Business College, Fort Wayne, Indiana Dick Finch — U.S. Marine Corps Doug Sharrow — Purdue University, LaFay- ette, Indiana Marcia Short — Mrs. Jack Davis, Angola, Indiana Bill Sheets — Purdue University, LaFayette, Indiana Lucinda Newnam — Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana Tony Romero — Tri-State College, Angola, Indiana John Shaw — Indiana University, Blooming- ton, Indiana Richard Steinke — U.S. Navy Richard Servis — U.S. Air Force Jim Wyatt — Wyatt Gravel and Construc- tion Company, Angola, Indiana Gene Weicht — Embalming School, Indiana- polis, Indiana Ronnie Wuest — U.S. Marines Judy Tritch — Tri-State College, Angola, Indiana Bill Stonecipher — U.S. Navy Phillip Wilson — U.S. Army Jean ' " icoff — Milligan College, Johnson City, Tennessee Ken Williamson — Indian a University, Bloomington, Indiana John Williamson — I n d i a n a University, Bloomington, Indiana Margaret Williamson — Telephone Office, Angola, Indiana Steve Mansfield — I n d i a n a University, Bloomington, Indiana Pii " l ' One lliiiidrcd Scicn TOP ROW: Eddie Sutton and patrol sponsor, Mr. DruckamiUer ; patrol girl, Janet Hart; Paul DeRosa — at the Cliristmas Prom: Jon giving " award to Syl ' ia for theme on " The American Girl: ' ' Steve Southern. SECOND ROW: llary and Ann working on " Hornets: " Donald Palmer and John Baldwin: Bob and Barb: Tom Guthrie receives an award too! THIRD ROW: Mickey Fradenburg, Dane Tubergen, Fred Bachert, and Jim Moore — Prepare for a contest: Judy Bradj ' takes it easy. FOURTH ROW: At an early senior breakfast: Phyllis Jennings : Druck caught big ones. FIFTH ROW: Jon— from Iran: Rosalyn; Lib Wilder enjoys the sun: Mrs. Clark. At the Park again : ilrs. Kunlcel and Owens: Sig Somerlott; Kari ; Martlia I TOP liOW: Nellie Inman and Janet AVilder at the style show: That ' s a lovely skirt, Pat: Beverly is ready for a dance: Your skating: skirt should make a hit at the rink, Barbara; Pat again in another " neat " dress she made — displayed at the style show. SECOND ROW: Barbara ready for an exciting e " ening: Jody, Miss Frank and Kay plus the Christmas tree: Fiftli graders present a Spanish program on Pan American Day. THI IID RO ' : Seni(. ' r band at pep session: Dave MacFadyen. FOURTH liOW: Hi h school students warm up for a big game: Jack ililler: Bill ' rigllt directs his fifth grade Spanish class. FIFTH ROW: Spanish students give pledge to the flag Un Spanish t : Juniors in Spanish program; June as Miss Pan America. TOP ROTV " ; Beth Selman. Pat Summers. Judy, Tom Priest, Tony Romero. .lohn Vil- liamson, Mary Sc-hrider, June Priest. Ken ' Williamson — Hallowe ' en partv!; June ' s birth- day party— Tom Priest. Beth Selman. June, Anne Burns, Nancy Randolph. SECOND ROW: At Camp Rainboxy— Ann Slanina. Mary Ellen Hollenbaugh, Marv Ann Goss. counselor. Nancy Randolph. Norma Law. Beth Selman. Mary Schrider, June Priest: Beth Selman: June Priest — beside her telephone. THIRD ROT ' : Junior High Band — when the seniors were in Junior Hish: Crowded girls? FOURTH ROW: Ah, that sun tan. Karen!: The Slaninas; Band members have been playing Christmas music — Ruth Ann. Bill and Sharon. TOP ROW: Popping: corn at Camp Rainbow way back when!; Dick and Anne; Butch. Nancy, June and Mac. SECOND ROW: Look at Pat — with an onionl; Y-Teen initiation; Carol singing at Cliristnias. THIRD RijA ' : Blis ' Anne and Mary at the mimeogi ' aph machine; Lib Owens; Janear Frt- ed : lore Y-Teen initiation. Po ' -c One HniiifrcJ Elcmi " I H- ' ffl Patronize Our Advertisers ABSTRACTS: Goodale Abstract Company Telephone ....151 ATTORNEYS: ' illis K. Batchelet 30 G. Kenneth Hubbard, Sr. ..317 Gaylord S. Gilbert 64 CAR BODY SHOPS: Folck Body Shop Mann ' s Body Shop Telephone 17 3 CIGAR DEALERS: Willis W. Love Company Wholesale Tobacco, Candy, Paper 25 6 AUTOMOBILE DEALERS: Steuben County New Car Dealers ' Assn. AUTOMOTIVE PARTS: Automotive Paint and Supply 539 Golden Auto Parts 275 Western Auto Associate Store 421 BANKS: Angola State Bank First National Bank of Angola .188 CLEANERS: Angola Dry Cleaners 43 8 McBride ' s Dry Cleaning 277 .255 COAL COMPANIES: Angola Brick and Tile CLOTHIERS: Jarrard ' s Men ' s Store .197 Strock ' s Men ' s and Boys ' Wear 129 Ted ' s Men ' s Store 483 BARBER SHOPS: Clark ' s Barber Shop Cotner ' s Barber Shop Fisher Barber Shop BEAUTY SHOPS: Beauty Clinic, 510 S. Wayne 833 Manor Beauty Shop 577 Rainbow Beauty Shop 467 BOAT LIVERIES: Lake Shore Marine, Inc. 71S .534 BOOK STORES: Munn ' s Book Store BOTTLERS: Angola Bottling Works 9182 CONFECTIONERS: Meet Me at Cub ' s 18 CONSTRUCTION COMPANIES: Angola Sand and Gravel, Excavating and Construction Work, X ' ilbur Wyatt 837 I.. O. Moriarty Pole Builders, Inc 5 53 DAIRIES: Sunrise Dairy 426 DAIRY SERVICE: Meyers Dairy Service 63 3 DENTISTS: Drs. S. F. and " W ' . R. Aldrich 304 Dr. C. B. Anderson .....:.. . 71 Dr. Leif Steenerson 6 BOWLING ALLEYS: Tri-State Lanes, Dave Yarian .522 DEPARTMENT STORES: J. C. Penney Company 47 ? ;,(; ■ O " ' ' Hundred Thirteen Patronize Our Advertisers Telephone DRESS SHOPS: AngoLi Dress Shop 80 Cirherine Ladies Shop 164 Herman ' s Ladies Shoppe 171 Ricter and Ferry Ladies Apparel . . 288 DRESSED POULTRY: Kay ' s Dressed Poultry .119 DRI-GAS STORES: Angola Dri-Gas Store 484 DRUGGISTS: Kratz Drug Store 147 Rogers Drug Store Walgreen Agency ... 3 07 Willis Drugs 23 ELECTRIC SHOPS: Foutz Electric Supply 36 FACTORIES: Weatherhead Company 18S FEED STORES: Hamma Feed and Supply Feeds, Seeds and Garden Supplies 99 Steuben County Farm Bureau 701 FILLING STATIONS: Aaron and Book Texaco Service 9180 Bob ' s Marathon Service 9168 Dowell ' s D-X Service Station 810 Frazier ' s X ' est Texaco Service 671 Lee ' s Standard Station McCabe ' s Sunoco Service 9144 Saint ' s Friendly Service 9191 Schacffer ' s Standard Service 9159 WaKton Bros. Shell Service 9178 Telephone FARM IMPLEMENTS: Alwood Tractor Sales 617 Boots Farm Service 809-J Chard Implement Company 6J9 Covell Implement Store 83 FIVE AND TEN CENT STORES: V. R. Thomas 5c to $1 Store 835 FLORISTS: Sharon Ann Floral and Gift Shop 178 Throop Florist 310 FROZEN LOCKERS: Angola Frozen Locker Storage 44 FUEL OIL DISTRIBUTORS: Cities Service Oil Co. 194 Sheets Oil and Gas Corp. 66 FUNERAL DIRECTORS: Klink ' s Funeral Home 362 Weicht ' s Funeral Home 321 FURNITURE STORES: Wilder-Sanxter Furniture Company Furniture, Floor Coverings, Westinghouse Appliances ...246 GARAGES: Angola Garage .9162 Al Lonsbury ' s Garage and Wrecker Service ..3 5 Lakeland Motors " 66 " 9286 Shorty ' s Machine Shop ...386 GROCERY STORES: Community Food Mart 414 Kaiser ' s Foodland 3 5 6 Lake Side Grocery, Lake James 8189-J North Wayne Grocery 32 Rondot Super Dollar Market 389 Payr Oik llitiii rcif }-oiirtccn Patronize Our Advertisers Telephone GIFT SHOPS: Fred Smith, Gifts and Greeting Cards — 90 Telephone LUMBER COMPANIES: Angola Lumber Company 117 Daniel Shank Lumber Company 26 HARDWARE STORES: Gamble Store 466 Seagly Brothers, Hardware Appliances, Bulk and Bottled Propane Gas Service 208 Williamson ' s Hardware Store 169 HOME EQUIPMENT STORES: Hosack ' s, Since 1915 Electrical Appliances HOSPITALS: .106 Compliments of Cameron Hospitals, Inc 448 Compliments of Elmhurst Hospital, Inc. 560 MILK COMPANIES: Pet Milk Company „ 137 MOTELS: Lak eland Court, Mr. and Mrs. H. J. Thorp 8191-X Panorama Motel 668 Silver Lake Court 8036-X Taylor ' s Motel 1 5 7-L Webster Motel 831 Wise Stop Motel ..836 MUSIC STORES: J. Q. Smith ' s Music and Hobbies 526 HOTELS: Hotel Hendrv 38 NEWS STANDS: G K News Stand .200 INSURANCE AGENCIES: Farm Bureau Insurance 701 Jacob Insurance Service ....102 Nagel Insurance Agency 8129-Y Philip S. Johnson, Insurance Agency 463 RoUand J. Weaver, Insurance 43 5 Watkins Croxton 6 1 JEWELERS: Liechty Jewelry .322 Tuttle ' s Jewelry — 61 KIDDIE SHOPS: Kiddy Korner 67 5 Lucille ' s Kiddie Shoppe 313 LAUNDRIES: Lemley ' s Laundry and Dry Cleaning 5 3- OPTOMETRISTS: Dr. M. J. Blough 505-L Dr. R. C. Snook 63 5 PAINT COMPANIES: Economy Wall Paper and Paint Company ... 272 Reese ' s Paint and Wall Paper Store 5 24 PHOTOGRAPHERS: Cline ' s Picture Shop 10 Gentry Photographic 234 Morcland ' s Modern Portraits 100 PHYSICIANS: Compliments of Dr. M. M. Crum 333 Compliments of Dr. Knight L. Kissinger 261 Pat i- One Hniulrcd Fifteen Patronize Our Advertisers PLUxMBERS: Selman Heating and Plumbing 72 PRINTERS: Reflector " Your Friendly Shopper " ' «■. A. Honett, Publisher 163 Steuben Printing Company Printer of this Annual 29 PROPANE GAS: North State Sales 89 PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANIES: Northern Indiana Public Service Company 14 RADIO EQUIPMENT PARTS: Lakeland Radio and TV Supply 70 Mike ' s Radio Sales Service 915 Shaw Electronic Supply 291 RESTAURANTS: Bassett ' s Restaurant 22 1 Boyce ' s Drive In 9145 Cardinal Cafe 9 199 Dew Drop Inn, Leonard and Margie Reese ..516-L Dixie Restaurant - ---684 Duke ' s Snack Bar - 112-X Italian Kitchen -..804 Morris Restaurant 51 North Wayne Restaurant 690 Palace Restaurant 806 5-Y Sandy ' s Drive In 698-L Top Hat Drive In 801 Town House 82 5 X ' ellman ' s Grill 9280 REAL ESTATE DEALERS: Casebeer and Arnold, Real Estate Brokers 75 Ralph J. Stcffan, Realtor, Farm, City, and Lake Property, and Business Opportunities - 238 SHOE STORES: The Bootery 904 Fashion Shoe Store 126 SHOE REPAIR SHOPS: Angola Shoe Repair Shop Louie ' s Shoe Repair Shop SPORTING GOODS: Stohler ' s Sporting Goods and Hardware 627 Van ' s Sport Shop 109 STOCK YARDS: Johnson Stock Yard Daily Market -.593 TAXI STANDS: Courtesy Cab — Avis-Rent-A-Car 296 TELEVISION SERVICE: Star Television Sales and Service 719 THEATRES: Brokaw Theatre 11 Strand Theatre 63 TIRE SALES: Newnam Tire Service 377 TRUCKING COMPANIES: Expressways, Inc. 8 WREATH COMPANIES: Rogers Wreath Company - - 24 YARDAGE STORES: Angola Yardage Shop .108 ?a: ' i (jiir lliiinlnd Si icii Our Gyninasium Many are the memories that our dances, club meetings and ym holds for us. We have attended practices, gs and pep sessions here. This gymnasium represents part of our social life. It has been the scene of many e.xciting games! Many times have we cheer- ed the Hornets in victory or defeat in this building. We shall cherish in our memories the associations we have had in the A.H.S. gym. Hendry Park School New construction work was done at the Hendry Park school during the past sum- mer and now it is a much larger and more beautiful school building than before. Additions include six classrooms; a teachers ' lounge; cafeteria kitchen; an all-pur- pose hall — to serve as auditorium, cafeteria, physical education room, and center for other group activities; dressing rooms to serve for the varsity and junior varsity in the baseball, track, football and other summer activities program; several store rooms. Angola citizens can be truly proud of their two beautiful and up-to-date buildings. High School Building Pa; c One Hundred Eighteen Appreciation We, the class of 19 5 8, wish to extend our sincere thanks to Miss Shukz for her careful guidance in the preparation of our yearbook. We hope she will remember the good times we had working and discussing problems together. In later years, when our thoughts turn back to Angola High School, our friend. Miss Shultz will linger in our cherished memories. Pd ' ' c One Hundred Nineteen .•--Ai f.: , V - ■— ;. ji- :!JB.--,,,,, ' •380- l ' 0m -««? ' ■ mi ' ® g ? j C ' . J ' . ' ' % -h ' ■■ , . ' Kf ' i ' ' im ' %;; V 5 t . ?4 » 1 ' I -.0 ' } f; ' M 1 -tt I f X ' ' . - ' ■ )t J J» i? N ' V ,L -, : r ' -- Wh-A ' r-: I ! f I 11 ' ' - -J ,. V •- ■ 4:,«s;ae«e!5aBSt»«- «%--: iv ' . , ■ ■■ ;iv- =f -3j »....- J ' i -::;; Autographs I ' u-. ' c One tluinlni! Tuciily-luo Autographs Page One Hundred Tuenl -th y-tbree Autographs I ' a e One Hundred Twcnfy-four Autographs Page Otic Hniiilrcd Tii fii -fii f Autographs Paze One HundnJ Tucut -six Autographs Page Our Hundred Tucnfy-scicii ' -. , ■ I

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