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Text from Pages 1 - 128 of the 1957 volume:

ll1f'fjj -X Klmm, One sunny morning in 1945 the bright shiny faces of seventy-one young Ameri- cans could be seen at the portals of Angola Schoolg they were to occupy its halls for twelve years. Of the original seventy-one, thirty-one are graduating with the class of 1957. Others have joined the class to bring the total up to sixty members. The original seventy-one are: Jeanette M. Crain Sharon R. Crain Jerry R. Cronin Sandra L. Davidson Michael Erickson Lorraine Aldrich Lucinda S. Newnam Don Arlin Andrew Tommy Joe Priest Phillip Rorick Robert Rose Maurice Barlett Judy Lee Brown Deanna Kay Deller Stephen Dygert Richard Finch Thomas J. Giver John Gleason Frederic L. Guerra Franklin Handy XY'illiam R. Harris Joyceann Kingery Xlfayne Kring Allen Kunkel Janice Laird Lina Le Livensparg Lloyd Long Anita L. McClellan Darrell McDougle Sharon NIcLeland Norma Nichols Burdena Nichols Bob E. Lowther Vanda L. Musser Nancy McCormick Marion D. Rozell Charles D. Rozell Richard F. Servis XVauneta Smith John Shaw William H. Sheets Paul E. weiehf Phillip D. Wilson Nancy E. NVood James D. Albright Lynn E. Andrew, Jr Maria I. Aranguren Mildred A. Barto Judy Lou Braman Lyle LaMar Brown Judith Chambers Judy Lee Pair Sonda Ferris Margaret Field Gary L. Forbes Raymond E. German Richard Harter Clara Henderson Roy D. I-Iollopeter Mary Jenkins Billy R. Johnson Beverly Stout Darlene K. Wallace John E. Williamson James XV. Wyatt Ronald L. Wuest Wfanda M. Caywood Mary E. Collins Marjorie Mclintarfer Ken H. Williamson Ready to take on the name "Creenie" in 1953, we entered high school This wsa the first of our four glorious and memorable years. Mr. Kuebler was our sponsor. By the time we were sophomores we knew the upperclasmen better and took part in many of the activities available. Mr. Barkdull took Mr. Kuebler's place when the latter moved away. Our junior year was a real credit to us. We were awarded a plaque for selling more magazine subscriptions than the juniors in previous years. Our junior play, "All in the Family," was .1 huge success. The Junior-Senior Banquet was the greatest thrill we had ever experienced. At last-Wfe finally made it! We were seniors. XVe started off with a big bang! Our senior class play, "Time Out for Ginger," was put on expertly. The juniors really showed us a wonderful time at the Junior-Senior Banquet. The May Prom after the banquet will never be forgotten. The class trip to New York was a new and wonder- ful experience for everyone. Then it came time for Baccalaureate and Commencement. With mixed emotions vie walked across the stage to receive our diplomas. We were on our own then. This was good-bye to the friends and teachers, and a big hello to the world. But the memories of A.H.S. will always be with us wherever we go! -JUDY FAIR DAVE E. GRIFFIN CAROL COLLINS I1 6Uh2n,1'hc,.5QnLbJ2A,H!'m1z,jn,flLajV 5 Q9- I fl. 59' f--Neff' -J " 'Y lg b as as QP! :Gif : 4911- 4,-v .1 . ' -. blk f A'-Q, nn vw - 5, lv ' 'J.: gm 38 ag. -1 -fu, ,QL -ew di? .. -or- 1"IIlST I'l1 "l'l'HlC Tlll' IUHXY: Ii:-11 XYilli:unswn. .T-vim NYilli:emsf.lw. llm'vl'lX Slum, .lim XYy:1tI, .111-U liz-Jammu, l.u1'1':1inf- Alllrim-ll, .Il-rm 1'r-min. Lynn Axldlw-ui Sl-IVHNI' RHXY. .IHLIY l"ui1'. llzllv lfm-In-5, Swnm l":-rris, .Imlv 1'lm1nln-Vs, J'-:ul 1'r:lm. lfil-lc Svrvls. Mary' llvlx-lerswll, Ill-3' lwzxn Iiulll-lwtelg liilly .I--llnsuu, 'l'lllllI" ICHWQ linlr l.nwll1e-V, Vlurqx lflevnflf-1'wI11. I.:xMa11' Itnwnvn, Jlmnilam Smith, 'I'+v11X' ll-llnel'-1. Mu1'jw1'ie All-IfI11ta1rI'1-r, Make lCl'ivks-rn, .Iunn-s Allvriulxt, Ilzlrlf-nv XYz1ll:1-e VIIHNT I-NNY: Marial :Xl'HllS,lll't'll, Mn: l"i4-l-l, .luniuy tlt:I'lllilll. Iwaxn R-4.1114 1,m:l1l.f l.-lzell. lwaiu llzlrlv-V, rllxlrmn 1,r.nm, Mllllre-l I-url-V, 5.11111 Rl--1 urxnll-li, SlZm'uNlv l'Il'TIwI:l': 'THI' IIHXY, 42--nu XY:-ivlxt, ll:11'1'l-ll M1-lmlxulf-. ll-11. An-lrmv, Mullrilw- llgxrlv-ll. llxll Slum-ts, .lim Hll4ll:'lPl'llI1ll, l"1'unlili11 Hamlv. Sl-IVHNII HUXV: l'h1llip Ilwrivk, lllluh-:lu Ni-lmlx, Anim RI-41'lell.m, Judy Tri-'ll. I.i1l-ln I.lX'wl1s1uu'2:e1', Allen liunkf-l, Tum I'1'il-NI. .I--lm Slmw, Sululru I,--v lluvl-ls-nl. THIHIP IUIXYI Phil NX'ils-'11, .luzly lilwvwln. l,lo3'1l'. l"1w-:ll-1'i-' Lilvm-l 1lu.41'1':l. 1.11- 1-imlu N1-wmnn, XYZIYIP: lluxwly, llivk l4'i1u-'11, ,lzlllxf-lf Lair-l, Ste-lvlu-n lP5'gr1't. l'IlHNT IIHXY: .Iqwliiv Glezls-lux. Tum llixr-V, li--l-v-rl llwsfl, Kam' lmn H1'-Axvilf-r, IM,-nllllzl In-llwr, Slmlwm M-'1.1-lund. .Ivy-' lflllgvl'j', Nwrxnzn Xi--lwlx, lmruy' ll:-ml P1138 Avfllfffl'-5L'Z X' .X- av ' -fx -.. " Q fs 4' s '1. L 'I l'.zw f.111f! -11 ff WU- , '41, '- t' -. ,, v 1: Q ann if :Mc ,wr a, f , , . 'L ,I 4 A lil! Hfrkk .X Ilgzlwxw-4-H ymllx in-lmllmq 'I'4Im I'1'i1-sl, Alzury S4-Iu1'i1h-lg, 'Imam Wm. XX'11lm:w-fm, I1-Ili Sflnmu, Juan- I'l'iv-ft, llml K1-I1 XX'iIl1:nn:4mx, Ill-nv XY1-lflll Y NMH4 r .www MH 11. ,V M..x.M.1NI ganna.-. Nllkw Ilri-'lawn 1.14 ilu- In-null, I 'ffl' IIHU. ,Xxmf Iimnr, Hn: XX'IHi:ulnxf-yn .nwl muslim- Hi:-mlw, Sllslrnn RIVIJPIJIIIII w 5':fwl.1-, film- ,Xlflwlrm-1 .wh-1'1f lhir lam". 'IHH'Iv PJVU' .I-mf VII'--I, .lnlm XX'lII1:unrw1n, 'Yum I'rin-xt. :ln-I K:-n XY1lli1ulus--xl. M1 w f 11 :I Mn: 'mmf ny. M:cvp.n1--I Ifi.-lvl mm mx I-'nu 11:41. 1'v'Ii'l'II IQHKX' .Inn Ilwl-ffm.-I+-!, Slmuwn 1If'I.1-Iuml, Alikv I'Ilif'lnfm. I'iwk S1-1 ifm .wx-lr, I,1'lmI,. f.f-'.-.n:1m, Flurl' .Xlflulguyul Inrrl :Hull- -surly Q S H 'mx LA! 'Mn!mq.aftablea, "Time Out For Gingern Junior-Senior Banquet Hornets Parties Senior Trip Iowa Tests Music Programs Hi-Y Sock Hops Class Rings Bermuda Shorts Golf Rock and Roll Shoes Elvis Presley School Exhibit Christmas Prom Baccalaureate Y-Teens junior Stand Faculty Basketball Chili Supper Auditorium Programs Student Council Tourneys Award Day Three One-Act Plays "Senior Daly" Knee Socks Commencement Track Meets Pancake Supper Going steady "All in thc Family" Hair Buns Vacations Study Hall Teachers May Prom Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Spike Jones llf' llllrlzfrrif J Senabnb., Not much time for me to roam Down the halls of my foster home! All the things I have put off doing, After me are now pursuing. Gladly did I let the work slide by As I sat and gazed up at the sky. Never seemed to get my homework done 'Cause I never worked, always had fun. My grade card is full of F's and D's And a few lonely, scattered Cs. As I stood. stammered, and marked time, My credits dropped far, far behind. My classmates are glum for each one knows That his senior year draws to a close. But I'm not glumg I am full of cheer, For l'm to be a senior again next year! -JOHN SHAW Every spring around this time A certain nostalgia comes to mind. The seniors learn that this yearls their lastg Their time has comeg the die is cast. No more early breakfasts at the park Getting up at 5, driving in the dark. We'll have no more ice skating thrills, No more hockey, no more spills! s Desert boots, bubbles, loafers, and bucks. jimmy Dean, Ivy Leagues, D.A.'s and such! Pony tails, "Elvis.U Bermudas, and Cokes, Laughter, tears, troubles, and jokes! These happy memories our minds will holdg Our high school days will never grow oldg So, good-by high school and all our friends, Here, life begins, and our childhood ends. -KIANICE LAIRD mga rt Another year is over, But this one has been our last. The fun I've had will always remain: I'll never forget the past. The days were crowded with much to do, XVith never .1 minute to waste. As I look back. I remember the proms. The banquets, and also the Keys: The basketball games and sock hops, Yes, everyone went to these! I'll never forget the breakfasts. Out at Pokagon State Parkq The steps to the beach were hard to see, Because it was always still dark. The slumber parties I'll never forget, And open houses where everyone met. They all come once in a lifetime, The memories we hold so dear, The joys and sorrows we all have shared, In our glorious senior year! -MARGARET FIELD H 5QI'I,i0!lZ., How slow the minutes tick away. The teacher's voice drones on. The dull routine by hour and day: And then, the years are gone! In retrospect I see the fun, The carefree, joyful memories, And time that passed before begun, My plans and loves, my life of ease. If only I'd perceived it then, How stealthily the time would fly, Instead of wishing gone the life Now lost to me eternally! -LUCINDA NEXVNAM Page Oni' H1nm'rn1' Om Name 5114. dlwuf. Zin. Nick-name Hobby Maurice Barlett -,,,.-.,... -------..--Mauri ,,,...,.,,., ,.,,,,,. C lothes .,,R,...... - .,..,,,,.,,....,,,, Judy Braman .......,....... in.-.Judy ...,,... ,,.,,,..,., Bo ating and water skiing ..... - Judy Brown ,,., ------il-Judy ,,,,,,v.,,, .Skating .............,..,,..,.,.....,,,,,.,,v, - LaMar Brown ,,,,, ,.....A..... .. The brain ,,,,.. ....,i., R eading ,.A.....,,...,.,,......., - .... - .....,.. Ray Brown ,,,...,...,.......,........ - ,..,. .Ray ..,i,.,,. - ,,.,....,., ,,,,,,,, C ars and hunting .,.,. Kathy Broxon .A... --..-......---Cathy ..,... - .,..,............ -Sports ....,.,...,,....,,.... Louis Chiricotti .,,., L ....... L ....,...... Louie .,..,. - .,,. - ,,..... Girls and cars ..... ,.,,i,,.,. Carol Collins ..... ..A... L -------.-.Jeanie .. ....... Outdoor sports ,..A...., Jeanette Crain ...... L ,.,. L ,,.. - ....... Jean .... - ....,.... -Chess and tennis - ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,, . Sharon Crain ..,,, Paul DeRosa .,,,,,, Connie Dygert rs,.,, Al Eatinger .,,,,,,,, Mike Erickson .,,,, Larry Eyster ,,,,.,, Judy Fair ,,,...,.,,,,,. Margaret Field ,,,,,, Dick Finch ,,,,...,, Gary Forbes .,,, Bonnie Gary .,,, Tom German ,,,,. Dave Grifiin ...,,,, ............-Shari . L ,,,r, -Rosa ..--....Connie - ,,,,,,,,.r. -Al ,,,s, ........Eric ......--Daffy ........Fanny ...Mag ,,,, ........D1ck .-.-L...-'XVhango 'K 1" .Bones ,,,,,,,, ......--Junior ...-Dave Janet Hantz -.-- ..,.,.. ......,.. .. Jan .,.,...r . jerry Hart ..,,. - ,,,,,,, .,,,,.. - Dean Harter ,,,, - ,.,,f,, ,,.... jim Hildebrand ,,,,,, Tom Hoifman ,,,,,, .Smiley ,,,,,, -Deannie ,,.,. ..-Jim ......,,..,., . . . ..,,.. -Tom-Whan go Jon Holtzrnan .s,,, L ,,,,,,,, ,..,, - Jon ,,,,,.,,,,,,,, Kenneth Hullinger ,,,r .....,.,...,,.,,, K en ,,,,., Bill johnson ,,,,,,,,,, L ,,...,,,,.. Bill .,,... Allen Kunkel Janice Laird ..,,,, Bob Lowther ,,,,..,,r. Steve Mansfield . .. . jim Maxwell ,,,,...... Sharon McLelarid .. Yanda Musser ,,,,,. Gaylon Myers ,,,,,,,, Lucinda Newnam .. Tom Priest ,,,,,, ..,. Tony Romero .. Barbara Rondot Phil Rorick Richard Servis Doug Sharrow . John Shaw . Bill Sheets Marcia Short . Dicl-: Steinke . . Bill Stonecipher . ,Iudy Trich .. Gene 'Nllfeicht .lean Xlficofi Ken Xlfilliamsrin Iohn Williamson Margaret XY'illiamson l'l'iil XY'llSUI'! Nancy Wood Ronnie Xlfuest lim W'y.1tt ....-,.....,Bob ...............--Steve -..-.-..-..Jim ,..,,.,, Sherry .......Vanda .......Sonny . ,,,,.. Lucy ,,.,.,. . .......Tom .L.. ........Tony ........Barb .......Phil .......Dick .. .. ...Doug -Red . . .....-.B1ll .......... ,......Marsh . .Rich . . ..B1ll ... .. .Judy . . ..Gcno ., . . .jean . .Ken . .. .Wimpy .Mag .Phil . . Nan . ....Ron lim . ............-All types of music and food Sports in general ,,,,,,,,,..i,,,,ri,, .Watching baseball games ...... .Model airplanes ......................... .Basketball ........................... L ....... ........G1rls ........Water skiing and music ......--Water skiing, records and ice skating .Track and acting .......,....................... ........ Sports ...... ......... . .Girls ............................. - .,....... . Boating, cars and hunting ..... .. .All kinds of recreation ....... ........Baseball, sleeping and eating ........Sports ........G1rls and cars Spike Jones, photography ...... ........Speaking .......-Racing ........Roller skating Television and sleeping ........ Records and riding horses ....... ........Cars ......-Cars and girls ........Working in the store ...................-.I-Iorseback riding - ...... -..--None ................... ......-.Cars and girls .Music ............................ ................ ....... L ...... -Water skiing and track ..... .Hot rods, custom and model railroading ........Danc1ng ......-.Cars ........Roller skating ......-.Golf Astronomy ................... - ......... .Hi-Fi, hot rods and guns ...... , ...... H1-Fi . .... ,.......... ........... . . ,..,....Cars and girls .......Cars, sports and fellas ......-A1itiqL1e guns .......Smging .......Roller skating .......Basltetball .......Stamps . ,. .......Cars and work .....Water skiing .. .... Sleeping ....., .. ...Giving out gum 'fxvhy 1 U Ambition To be a success ,,,, To be a success ..,, To be a successx ,,,,,,,,,,. Aeronautical engineer ....,,,,,,, ,,,,,., Manager of my own store .,,,, ,,,,, asm., asm fm Memories of A. H. S. Classmates ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.. ,..,...,, Study halls and classmates ,,,, Dances and band . ...,, .,,. , The study halls ,,,,,.,.,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, My first district vocal contest , The swell kids ,,,,,,..,....., c ,,i,.,,,,,,, To be a success ,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, To be a success ,,,, To be a success ,.,, To be a success ,,,, To be a success ...,,, Drive in the "soo" Join the XVaves Tobea Engineer ,,,, , ,. SUCCESS ., .,,,,,,,,,,, , ,,,,,,,...,, 4, To get out into the cruel world ,,,, Hair stylist ,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,, A ,,,,,,-, N -,,, W Be Go to Olympics , To be a success .,.. successful ,,,,,,,, , ,,,,.,..,. To be a success ,,,,,, To be a success ....ii.,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, Make a career of the Navy ,,,,,,,,., To be a success ,,,.,,,,si,, ,i,,,,,,, ,, Five star general , To be a success ,.. Mechanic ,,,,, , ,c , , ,,,,, Teacher ...,. . .,.......,,,,,,,,,, , Travel in a space ship ,..,,,, ,.., To make a success of life Last two years and prom ii.,,,,, House parties and classmates ,,.., Play practice and prorns ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Slumber parties and play practices Plays ..,. ,,,,,,,,,,,, W ....,., ,,,,...,.,,,,...,,.,, C ,,...,,,. Basketball games ,,,,, Last year of shop ,C ,....,,,,,, State basketball tourneys ,,,,,,,,,,,,, Passing all the high school years Senior slumber parties ....,,,,, ,. , Parties and ballgames 1956 track season and ,,,,, State basketball tourn ' eys ,... . ..,sss..,s,,., Slumber parties ,,..,. ,..,,,. , W The kids ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Basketball games ,,,,,, New acquaintances ..,,,, Underclasmen ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Basketball and baseball games ,,,,,,,,,,,, Study halls, basketball, and Georgia Nancy and A.H.S. parties ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, Plays , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, W Last day of school for me ,,,, Favorite Saying "Oh, be quiet" "Oh, shoot" How 'bout that" ..Fuff,, U Don't believe thatu Let's face it" HoW's that gi'ab ya?n Reallyn You'd better believe itu Oh, you guys" XVing-Dingl' ,.Yea,, H ff 1. 1: How's the World treating "That's the way it goes" Oh, horse feathers" H Like those potatoes?', Ohhh, My good Heavens" "XVell, then, thei'e, nowy' "How ya going to soundo? ff Very good" Oh, goodie" How 'bout that" Very good" Hi, you slobn ls that right?,' u iv Ooooo neat" "That's life" "No kiddin'?" you? ,, Be a farmer ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,., , Get a million dollars ,,,,,, To get through college ,,,, To be a success ,,.,,,,.,,,,,,,,,, Going to college and be a su Business or sales manager H Secretary ,. . ..,.,...,, Telephone operator ,, To be a success .t.,.t To be skinny Very little ,,,,,,,,,,,, To have money ,,,,,,, To be a good wife To be a success ,,,, Air Force career .,,, None what-so-ever ,,,,. Optometrist ,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,, College and a good job ,,,, To be a success . ....,.....,. . Engineer .,.....,..,,..,,......,, Make a career of the Navy A millionairess ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , Be a funeral director ,,,,, Voice teacher ...,,.,..., Air Force ,,,,,,t.,.....,,,,. Manage a men's store Secretary , ,....t...,....... . Test pilot ..,. Teacher ..,.,....,... ..,,, To be a success ,,.....,i...c,..., To take over Pop's business CCCSS English class ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,.,i. May Prom and sports ,,,,, Summer vacation ,,,,,, . All the kids , , Senior parties ,,,,,,,, ,,,,, Dates, parties and fun ., Basketball games , ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, , , All of the teachers I have had ,,,, Classmates and underclassmen Everything . .,,,,,,,, ,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, , Track and parties Are you kidding? . Study Track halls ,,,,.. .,, meets Vacations ,,,,,. ,, ,, ,,,,, ,, Auditorium programs ,,,,,,,,,, , Band Contests and Junior G-Men The fun of it all .,..,, ,,,,.,.,,....,,,. All the kids ,,,,, ,,..,..,...,.,,.. Track and cross country ,,,,,,.. Putting up my electi'ic devices Slumber parties ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , . Chemistry lab .... Basketball .,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Ball games and dances .,.., Karen Erbe and sports ,,,,. Study Tourn halls .,,.,,........,,,,,,,,. eys ......,,,,.....,.....,,.... Going steady and parties Sports and proms ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,Iunior stand ,,,,.c,, ff l've had it" Oh, Dandy!" "That's for the birds" Age before beauty" Pork" U "Honestly" "Oh, "Oh. no" ich" You think notu cookie crumblesn "The "Hotv's that grab ya?', Hey dad" Oh, for Heaven sakesn How does that grab you?" M Oh, Heavensl' "My cowu "Fish eggs" Oh my" "Gad" ff ie Better luck next time" "Snutf said' Tough lifen Horse feathers and gun "Oh, brother" Dirt before the broomu "Not finished, just begun" "Oh, fiddle' That,s about the size of it" "Oh, pooh!', Fm gonna tell" Letls get it donew .Q " smoke 1: .1 fr rf Zi f"'-lfrv. ZZ ZZ N, + is, 1. 121, ZZ . f Iv v ,ZZ 'I S MZ L-A I' 'II IIIIJIII I I Iwlw We YI I I H' Y III' SIIIIAI- III .XII X1 HIV- lI.I.IlI all III 'IVI ,I IIII SIIIII. I-I.Ilu, :ills II1, AI1 I II I I I I I XI XXI II I I III XII NI II IIII II II I II IIII ll: NI -if I., ,ig .3 X x , ' .1 , wr"' . 1. 12: 1 X., -"Na j1m,aLUdd 9710 TMP IIUXY: Nifw var ywu lmvf-, Hilli Smilw p1'f11L5', .lung The 1-zu' Jun, Sli1f1rXl'v IUAY: Hev, Ma: and Hill, what :uw you".'1 Sf-ui-urs in their Xullllgffl' days: Ned vim- mm Judy ulmwl.. THIRD RHXY1 I.ind:1 FIzLtin:.'vr: Nam, whuL's the jukm-'.'L Slululn-r pzlrtyl Bill, what do ywu l1:1vrf'.' FUVIZTH IZMNX' Stmliwux Nm-lxinrs in the-ir yullrngf-r lluys. 1'4u'wI 1'--llins. .luxly lfuir, Num-y XYU-nl frzun-A411 lfivlc SP-Yves Alznwiqu Slwrl. 4-v. .Q Hr 1 . '. N ' .' wg ,.1 Q J5- Q I 4 'Mr- .sx ,' n'k1 .L .K .4 ' M 14 gb V. ' ':T'Y-'51-2' ' ' 'N " 'lfvf 7-1.1. ' - . , ' I l uv " ri- "T - '- . 'F X xi, ' 5 D f ' NN. ' 2 :VX il ' - ' - 5 N F 34-SQ-if --N .- ' . t 3.-,lg-T :A- - W :Q--kg IQvEs..T3'sf 5 4- N ga: U n.,, 1 T' , Q ' in Y- 'NA 1 ' fl ' 1 I ' -lm - Q. V - , ' J - f x iv ' X V l ' L' A I: : A , ' 1 v .Q Q e f 'Q r I ,I wh, 1 en...- . ' ff' fb- ..,i,.....--. V V 1 l . U' ., - wha vs, 1 if c ffl' A ' ' 'V - xii ,fn 4- ,gl A1 1 . ,N vtxl K A , , , . :. -4-. . '-. .. ,-7 I 6 14 lf IS :U 26 27 ZS 1 5 12 I3 1, IH 73 24 25 26 29 in 6' SEPTEMBER School opens-back to the old grind! junior Class Rings-NVill they keep them? Curtis Magazine Sales-Sell 'em. kids! Safety Program Angola defeats Riverdale 9-O Teachers' Picnic-They ate a lot! Iowa tests More tests Butler nips Angola nine 4-2 Senior dance in Ovm D. OCTOBER Y-Teens have pot-luck and initiation Cheerleader tryouts End first grading period Band Marching Contest-Oh-h-h, my aching feet! Cross Country-South Side Senior Class Play-The best ever! Cross Country Sectional State Scholarship tests-The brains at work Teachers' Association More vacation Thespian tryouts Pancake supper--"NVatch that diet!" f Om lllrmlwif Sit NOV EMER Wfaterloo Wildcats downed 58-56 Cross Country State Auburn--College night Band Concert Open House Hornets defeat LaGrange 69-60 Ligonier nips Hornets 48-45 Dramatics Club Play Concordia downs Angola 66-59 Thanksgiving Vacation-Yea! More of the same End second grading period-Oh gosh! DECEMBER Betty Crocker test-Senior girls South Whitley defeats Hornets 63-52 Angola trips Howe Military 71-69 Riverdale downed 66-43 Vocal Concert-Do Ra Me Fa Christmas vacation-10 days-hurray! Y-Teen Christmas Dance--"Dance with me, Henry" JANUARY School Reconvenes-Heck! Hornets bow to Garrett 49-45 Auburn bests Angola 54-52 in overtime End Hrst semester Berne loses to Hornets 63-62 New Haven stepped on Hornets 79-66 Fremont victorious 60-59 District piano and vocal contest 6' FEBRUARY Decatur wins by 93-65 score District Solo and Ensemble Contest Elmhurst downs Hornets 70-58 Y-Teen Record Hop-"Rock Pretty Baby" Kendallville trounces Hornets 56-49 State Solo and Ensemble Contest Aville edges Angola 59-57 Sectional tourney-Beat' em Hornets! Sectional tourney MARCH End fourth grading period Regional tourney junior Class Play, "Come Out of the Closet" More Class Play Semi-final tourney State tourney APRIL Track meet-Kendallville F.T.A. Supper-Judy Fair's birthday End fifth grading period School dismissed-Goody! School reconvenes-Gosh! Track meet-Garrett New Haven Relays-Putfl Puifl XVinter comes to library across the street MAY 3 School Exhibit-We show the best! 10 Track Sectional 11 More track 17 Track Regional Seniors dismissed--Yea! IS Golf Sectional 19 Senior Trip-New York. here we come! 24 All pupils dismissed 25 State Track Meet State Golf Meet 2 6 Baccalaureate ZS Commencement-XY'hew! XYZ: made it! john Adams-Goodwin's Standard Station, Angola, Indiana james Babcock-U. S. Marines .lack Binkley--Toll Road, Angola, Indiana Donna Book--Mrs. Paul Buschard, Angola, Indiana Margo Brannan-Mrs. Michael Urgitus, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Bea Burnett-Olivet College, Olivet, Mich- igan Phyllis Crain-Mrs. james Riveria, Chi- cago. Illinois Donna Crum-At home, Angola, Indiana John Elston-NVorking, Quincy, Michigan jerry Essenberg-Ball State Teachers Col- lege, Muncie, Indiana Carolyn Goudy-Tri-State College, Angola, Indiana XVilliam I-Iarter-Mobile Gas Station, An- gola, Indiana Judy Healy-Ball State Teachers College, Muncie, Indiana Shirley Henley-St. Joseph Hospital, Fort NY'ayne, Indiana Phyllis Horn-Telephone Office, Angola, Indiana Marilyn Huff-Tri-State College Oflice, Angola, Indiana XY'alter Julien-U. S. Navy Phyllis ,larrard-Indiana U n i i e r si t y, Bloomington, Indiana Robert Kelly-U. S. Army I.orin Krueger II-U. S. Air Force Acad- emy, Denver, Colorado Clyde Lonsbury-U. S. Navy Richard Maxton-Maxton Chev rolet-Olds- mobile, Angola, Indiana la 'll ll1imlrr.l lplgglil 7 955 Charlene McNett-Mrs. Lloyd Easterday, Angola, Indiana Lynda Miller-Mrs. Dayle Stevens, Elk- hart, Indiana Fred Musser-U. S. Navy Carlita Porter-Working in Fort Wfayne, Indiana Thomas Randolph-U. S. Marines Doris Raney-Mrs. August Kurtz. Jr.. Flint, Indiana Gerald Richmond-Auburn Cord Com- pany, Auburn, Indiana Charles Rose-Weatherhead Company, An- gola, Indiana Beverly Sams-Mrs. Joe Cluster, Jackson, Michigan Pat Scott-Indiana University, Blooming- ton, Indiana Dick Seeman-Kroger Company, Angola, Indiana Ken Short-U. S. Air Force, Lackland Air Base, San Antonio, Texas Kay Smalley-Hillsdale College, I-Iillsdale, Michigan Chuck Southern-At home, Angola, Indi- ana Ronald Sutton--U. S. Navy, Cuba ,lim Swift-Tri-State College, Angola, In- diana .lanet Umbaugh-Telephone Office, An- gola, Indiana john XVilcox-Working, Sturgis, Michigan Nancy Wyatt-Telephone Oflice, Angola, Indiana Marlene Aldrich-X-Ray T e c h n i c i a n School, Indianapolis, Indiana Bob Andrew-Navy Mary Barlett-Mrs. Bill Jones, Lisbon, Ohio Rex Barton-Zimmerman Dry-Gas Com- pany, Angola, Indiana Jane Brokaw-Ball State Teachers College. Muncie, Indiana Roberta Brokaw-I n d i a n a University, Bloomington, Indiana John Book-Carpenter work, Angola, In- diana Janie Cleland-Indiana University, Bloom- ington, Indiana Sharron Coffman-Mrs. Larry Moore, Fort W'ayne, Indiana Kay Creel-Mrs. Philip MCI-Ianey, Angola, Indiana Doreatha Carpenter-School of Nursing, Battleground, Indiana Ned Cook-Purdue University, Lafayette. Indiana Tim Culver-Purdue University, Lafay- ette, Indiana Larry Deller-Air Force Peter Dick-Marines Kenny Dowell-Texaco Station, Angola, Indiana Lue Ann EH-Toledo Hospital School of Nursing, Toledo, Ohio Ned Fifer-Air Force Kay Fry-At home, Angola, Indiana Dick Gecowets-Tri-State College, Angola, Indiana Nancy German-Ravens-Croft School of Beauty, Fort Nvayne, Indiana Eldon Gurtner-Air Force janie I-Iamma-Ball State Teachers College, Muncie, Indiana Mike Hantz-Onco Plastic Mold, Fremont, Indiana Arleen Kaylor-Mrs. Ronald Sutton, Cuba Eddie Klink-Indiana School of Mortuary Science, Indianapolis Lois Lonsbury-Telephone Office, Angola, Indiana Sandra Leatherman-Mrs. Louis Meyers, Fort Nvayne, Indiana Rosemary Lower-Mrs. Nvalter Aronen, Angola, Indiana 'I96 Katy MacFadyen-Purdue University, La- fayette, Indiana John Maloy-Michigan State University, East Lansing, Michigan Gene Maxton-General Motors Institute, Flint, Michigan Anita McClellan-Mrs. Ricky Smith, An- gola, Indiana Mac McIntyre-Indiana University, Bloom- ington, Indiana Mary Lou Miller-Angola State Bank, An- gola, Indiana Shirley Miller-Redmond Factory, Angola, Indiana Mary Nelson-Olinger Distributing Com- pany, Indianapolis, Indiana XVillie Nelson-Navy Fred Philipp--Tri-State College, Angola, Indiana Dave Ralston-U. S. Marines Lee Schaeffer-Elkhart Business University, Elkhart, Indiana Sally Snow-Ball State Teachers College, Muncie, Indiana Nancy Stevens-Ball State Teachers Col- lege, Muncie, Indiana Ron Steenerson-Purdue University, Lafay- ette, Indiana Donna Strite-Mrs. Gary Groshon, Angola, Indiana jim Taylor-NVelding School in Ohio joan Ulmer, Mrs. jim Koffman, Angola. Indiana Carl Unger-Indiana University, Bloom- ington, Indiana Don Vfaite-Purdue University, Lafaytete, Indiana Pat Walsh-Purdue Extension, Fort W'ayne, Indiana Alan W'altenberger-Salesman for Sears. Roebuck Sc Co., Sandusky, Ohio John XVeiss-Purdue University, Lafayette, Indiana Ellen W'icoff- Milligan College, Johnson City, Tennessee Cynthia W'illis-Northwestern University. Evanston, Illinois Carol Nvilsey-Telephone Otlice, Angola. Indiana Pagi' Om' Hlllliff 1 nz 5 will pLlf!7.0I'I,l3..Q, 0107, ddr: Telephone ABSTRACTS: Goodale Abstract Company 7777,, ,151 ATTORNEYS: Willis K. Batchelet , ,S 30 Gerald Deller eeeeee as as S 7 7,503 G. Kenneth Hubbard, Sr. ,, ,317 AUTOMOBILE DEALERS: Steuben County New Car Dealers' Assn. AUTOMOTIVE PARTS: Automotive Paint and Supply 2, , 539 Golden Auto Parts tttut tuut S to tttt 275 NVestern Auto Associate Store , , 421 BANKS: Angola State Bank ,,,, 188 First National Bank of Angola ,, ,tt, , L1 BARBER SHOPS: Clark's Barber Shop Fisher Barber Shop BEAUTY SHOPS: Circle Salon 7 447 Ginny's Beauty Shop ue ,, 406 Rainbow Beauty Shop 7 so L L ,, ,, 467 BOOK STORES: Munn's Book Store ,,,,,, N534 BOTTLERS: Angola Bottling Wforks , .,t,,, C368 BOWLING ALLEYS: Tri-State Lanes, David E. Yarian 522 CAR BODY SHOPS: Eolck Body Shop ,, Mann's Body Shop 7 s,,, 27 .,,,3 Telephone CLEANERS: Angola Dry Cleaners C 438 McBride's Dry Cleaning 277 COAL COMPANIES: Angola Brick and Tile 255 CLOTHIERS: jarrard's Men,s Store S 197 Strock's Men's and Boys' XVear 129 Ted's Men's Store 483 CONEECTIONERS: Meet Me at Cub's S 7 13 CONSTRUCTION COMPANIES : Angola Sand and Gravel, Excavating and Construction W'ork, W'ilbur Wfyatt , S 8167-X XVaite Construction Co. 8129-X CONTRACTORS: Earl Hantz rrr, , 8102-Y DAIRIES: Sunrise Dairy DAIRY SERVICE: Meyers Dairy Service s,,, DENTISTS: Drs. S. E. and XV. R. Aldrich Dr. C. B. Anderson L Dr. Leif Steenerson DEPARTMENT STORES: J. C. Penney Company DRESS SHOPS: Angola Dress Shop Harman's Ladies' Shoppe Munson S Body Shop i 7' 7 160 Ritter and Ferry Ladies' Apparel CIGAR DEALERS: Xvillis XV. Love CO. :,,, , ,, , 256 DRESSED POULTRY: Wholesale Tobacco, Candy, Paper KHYIS Dressed Poultry 426 633 304 71 6 47 80 171 288 119 Pagi' Om' Hznnfrmf E161 FILLING STATIONS: Paffzofulge Um ddr: Telephone DRUGGISTS: Kratz Drug Store L , XY'illis Drugs, North Side of Square ,, 23 L ,,,, M147 ELECTRIC SHOPS: Foutz Electric Supply Lrr, 36 FACTORIES: Xveatherhead Company . , , ,,,L L 185 FARM IMPLEMENTS: Chard Implement Company 2 659 Covell Implement Store , L 83 IMPLEMENTS 3x FARM HARDXVARE: Ford Tractor Sales , ,S ,, ,W617 FEED STORES: Hamma Feed and Supply at 99 Feeds, Seeds and Garden Supplies KI. H. Parsell's Sons L 250 Poultry, Eggs, Feeds and Supplies Steuben County Farm Bureau Co-operative Association, Inc. 701 Telephone FROZEN LOCKERS: Angola Frozen Locker Storage ..,t..,.., 2 44 FUNERAL DIRECTORS: Klink's Funeral Home ,,,, rrrrr,,,, I 362 Weicht's Funeral Home , I 777777,,,, 321 FURNITURE STORES: Wilder-King Furniture Co. t,Lt, ,S as 246 Furniture, Floor Coverings, Wfestinghouse Appliances GAS DISTRIBUTORS: Compliments of Cities Service Oil Company ttt: rrrr ,,,, L L,,,, , 1 94 Sheets Oil and Gas Corp. ,S L. 66 Fuel Oils GARAGES: Angola Garage 2, 2 2 2 2,9162 Al Lonsbury's Garage and Wrecker Service 2 2 ,H,350 Shorty's Machine Shop L 2 at 2386 Bill's Texaco Service Bob's Marathon Station Goodwin,s Standard Station Howards Sunoco Service North State Gas Station Saint's Friendly Service Schaefferk Standard Service Throop Shell Service XY'ise's D-X Service Station FLORISTS: 9180 9168 422 9144 89 9191 9159 314 810 Sharon Ann Floral and Gift Shop 178 Fred and plane Bodeker SI-liffzfnp FlUl'lSI 110 I fluf ll11f1lr'f.f'l'u.'l1f GIFT SHOPS: Fred Smith, Gifts and Greeting Cards ,, 90 Golden Treasure Chest ,, , S818-R Gifts and Cards GROCERY STORES: Community Food Mart 2 414 Impton,s Super Market 25 Kaiser's Supermarket 356 Lake Side Grocery, Lake James 8189-J North Wayiue Grocery 32 Rondot Super Dollar Market 389 PAINT COMPANIES: pfLf!l0I'l.l3.Q, ULUL Hdv Telephone GUN HOUSES: The Gun House B. C. Brown, Gene Xveicht HARDNVARE STORES: Gamble Store Seagly Brothers, Hardware, Appliances, Bulk and Bottled Propane Gas Service XVilliamson,s Hardware Store HATCHERIES: Holtzman Hatchery HOME EQUIPMENT STORES: Hosackys. Since 1815 Electrical Appliances HOSPITALS: Compliments of Cameron Hospitals, Inc. Compliments of Elmhurst Hospital, Inc. HOTELS: Hotel Hendry INSURANCE AGENCIES: Jacob Insurance Service Nagel Insurance Agency 321 466 208 169 705 106 448 560 38 102 8129-Y Philip S. johnson, Insurance Agency 463 Tri-State Improvement Co., Telephone JEXVELERS: Liechty Jewelry . 322 Tuttle's jewelry 61 KIDDIE SHOPS: Kiddie Corner, Hazel Metz 675 Lucille,s Kiddie Shop 313 LAUNDRIES: Lemley's Laundry and Dry Cleaning 532 LUMBER COMPANIES: Angola Lumber Company W 117 Daniel Shank Lumber Company 26 MOTELS: Lakeland Court, Mr. and Mrs. H. AI. Thorp 8191-X Silver Lake Court , S036-X Taylor's Tri-State Motel 157-L Xvebster Motel 8103-X MUSIC STORES: Baldwin's Music and Hobby Store 526 NENVS STANDS: G 81 K News Stand 200 OPTOMETRISTS: Dr. M. AI. Blough 505-L Dr. R. C. Snook 635 Gillis Pilliod 248 Roland Xveaver, Insurance 435 XVatkins K Croxton 61 Steuben County Association Insurance Agents ICE CREAM STANDS: Dairy Queen 408-R Economy Xvall Paper and Paint Company Reese's Paint and Xvall Paper Store PHOTOGRAPHERS: Clinels Picture Shop Gentry Photographic Moreland's Modern Portraits 272 524 10 234 100 Pilhqr Om' IIIIIILKITAII Tlvirfi pLlffl0I'1,l3'.Q, Uwe ddumtiwm, Telephone PI-IYSICIANS AND SURGEONS: Compliments of Dr. M. M. Crum s 333 Compliments of Dr. Knight L. Kissinger , PLUMBERS: Romero Plumbing, Heating and Electric Service 7, Selman Heating and Plumbing , PRINTERS: Steuben Printing Company Printer of this Annual PROPANE GAS: Sheets Oil 81 Cwas Corp. PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANIES: Northern Indiana Public Service Company RADIO EQUIPMENT Sc PARTS: Lakeland Radio Supply Shaw Electronic Supply RESTAURANTS: A ESL XY' Drive In Iiassettls Restaurant Cardinal Cafe Christy's Coney Island Dixie Restaurant Dul-:e's Snack Bar Cay Barn Italian Kitchen Morris Restaurant North Xlfayne Restaurant Sandj."s Ilrive ln Top Hat Drive In To i.i .'n House f 'iii' lflrrlfril luurlr 261 133 72 29 784 14 70 291 603-X 221 9199 9156 684 112-X 9141 804 Sl 690 698-L 801 825 Telephone REAL ESTATE DEALERS: Ralph Steffan, Realtor, Farm, City, and Lake Property, and Business Opportunities s 2 1 SHOE COMPANIES: Fashion Shoe Store SHOE REPAIR SHOPS: Angola Shoe Repair Shop Louie's Shoe Repair Shop SPORTING GOODS: Stohler's Sporting Goods and Hardware ,, Vanls Sport Shop STEEL ERECTOR: Tower Builders Company, Radio and Television Tower Erection, Minor L. Botts, Jr., Mgr. , ,, STOCK YARDS: Johnson Stock Yard Daily Market TELEVISION SERVICE: Star Television Sales and Service , TI-IEATRES: Brokaw Theatre s Strand Theatre TIRE SALES: Newnam Tire Service TRUCKING COMPANIES: Expressways, Inc. TRAILER DEALERS: North State Sales, Trailers XVREATH COMPANIES: Rogers Wreath Company 238 126 627 109 824 S93 2719 11 63 377 8 89 24 dufnqfzaplm, 4130 Om' Hzfmff U 4. I 1 23 A I 'bxftf' f 's WWW! nm' of 115 f7dX1I,f frvwz ffl ffm' f'rozufs pivflrxwf? If is Nt'c'1lr'S ffm! 11111 IYVIIIIQ Imrk mlm' of our fnznfrxf 111L'1110rivx. ab' 1 dutvqJza,alm, fu mf: dufvqmfzfw data uf HI!7I.lV's'Lf Ninn' Quin vQ I- L 'QI gkf . A ' ,.'5 Jaw e 1 F 11,1 4 4 yP3 4 - 4 4 1 -. ', ' -. .4. 1 I . 4' w 0 1 'G Q 1 I .,- . ' I ' v . I 4' , i Q m . . .. F' 1 1 . 1 1. O O Lv F' G.. .+V -. .qw . ,. , - ,Amp 4 O' n V -5 W ml-I 4: . . f , o I . 6 n z 5 .'., 4 J ,L I. '.- 'r I u u. Q .42 L1 1'-a.", .,, . 3 -a. ,.. ...A ,. A .- ' . K 5- n ... nf ,.., E .m r . , N. . Q I x , -. 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Hmmm dction Nouns, pronouns, vcrbs .111 pose p1'oblcn1s for the stu- dents of English ll. piloted by NIV. Scigcl. In I 1111110 ECUIIOITHCS I Mrs. T1'cnn:pol1l is describ- ing .1 1110151.11 NYJB' ru nuke cup cnkux tl1.1t mul: in nnck ITIOLIIII. P1A0PLJSifiOl1S, fl1L'U1'I11N, and fL71'l1lLll.1S .11'c .111 .1 IJ.ll'I uf nh: study of thii gc11n1ct1'y CIJNN, Llllglll by N111 Xlvcxw. "Cups dicnf' ii .1 wlog.1n tl1.1t gOYCl'I1S activities in I..1ti11 I, under Nliw Recd! direction. gi mm 91.1 STS, 'QAM l5g, .-.YL Q F gf.,f.,SW 67laA.4.Q4 .121 Qctcbn. Thi: frcshmcn study English composition - A l 0 n 'ig with many othui' things -with Miss Shultl dircuting. M 1's. Clinc is Vending throu- tions for J project in the first suction of English S. Seventh gixxdc hoys hc.11' .in cxpl.m.1tiun of machine op- cixllion by Mr. c,il'tlh.ll'l'1. lt's pixlcticc timu for the A. II. Qi. linnd with MV. Nichcils thrusting. 6JjHAd,QA UL dcflbn. Mrs. Clark supcrviscs xtudx' in .1 seventh guide Sciunuc clms. A movie is to be shown in Chemistry chu. Mr. Burn- lmixit gives the Students .1 briufing bcforcliand. Mr. XY'c.1rly gives directions bctorc the x1CCil.Il' Draw- ing I Stunicnts begin work. Special construction work is under way in Mr. Portcfs seventh guide Art class. .':., 335 ,... 59:2 gf. --ill DRIVER rwma 'H L. G. MAXTOR SALES INC. Driver Training Class-Mr. Klaxton gives "Druck" the keys. Gaiam, J .. Driver Training is offered to all sophomores in our high school. The training consists of twelve weeks of behind the wheel instruction. This includes the fundamentals in handling an automobile in city traiiic, out on the highway and on gravel roads. Questions sent out by the American Automobile As- sociation must be studied and an- swered. A project book must also be filled out. This deals with traffic laws, dangerous road situations, road signs, construction of the engine, mental attitudes, and many other things that confront a mod- ern driver. Starting this coming June, driv- erls training will be given during the summer months. Mr. Druck- amiller is the instructor. .- 'ff I f fl ' ,ls 1' "' . , . . , ,Q V lr:-q Center of All Activity-lt is 4 ' ,fn , ., limrn lit-ru that the young drivers 1 Y r ,L , rr A 1 N- R M-1 , .,"a . .' I A' . I ' , I ' t ,Usa 'elf :itil "' ' ra, ' - ' ' 1 ' A . 4- -' - si 1114 .iid wind nun l',1 11 lzlwfilf I rl Jmamwf . T ' 11 .TT""Qi--.. l i. ., 511,-. 'vi .ru .+, ...Q ff' ve, ,,.,,3X 1 4 v Y 'W -S? 4 f ll in, P41 . L' 19' 1' N , x 5 fi IISGOT 5 K - LDUKS , ' - ssmusff! .1 nn ' wmirow i X ,- 3541-Q3 ., gum ' A IU 'IMI l11IXX'.S:-rx:-ww Q.. rw U.-- pl-ilx l,m1I.4 Ilwx--Nvu11f11fwvi X2-mul-' Ihg.-451-1v1r.1.: ll 111 IN rh.- Imp :...,,1, 1mxl.l" Sl I UNI' IXHXX w',.1'.r.'ri.. frm' lmllfrx'-1 lvfr wh, 1'lunx'm.+5v1..-p1'.wr5, M., f IIIIIIIP IUIXX I.Hr1v!. um. 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Ilnys' IIIIIIIII-I'sII--II lgII.'I'If-I 1, II-II'III-I SIIIIT I. lim Stuff 4. IlIsII-iI-I SI-III :III-I ICIIMIIIIIIII- IU-III.-.QI I. SLIII- SIIII- IIIIII lCIIsI-IIIIIII- IHIII- Isxl I, I'II:II'iIII SI:II'I' 3, I'I---fs IIIIIIIIIFY 2. II-III' IZ: Safe-IB' I':III'I l-I. I.IIIIII I'HllII'5I 2. :IllI-IIIII-II RIIIVIIIII IIILIII S 'IIIII-I I. CATHERINE ANN BRQXON The Nill-:Ivo oflvn of pure illllmwllm- I I-rsllzuln--. ullen sllwlkillu fails. IIIII'lII-I SIIIIT I. Kvv SI.II'l' I, Y-'IU-IIIIS 33, I, IIIIIIII I'II1If if xl I, 3. .IIIIIIIIV I'I:IHxlI':II I,IIII:III- fl. :IIII-IIIII-II I7II1'I I . . - . .I XX:IxIII- If-IIIIIII 4,IlII--III' IIIuI1 NIIIIIII I, -, IIIICI-IAEL D. ERICKSON lh- In-:Ium In-lliml him xvurtlny ihilll-1S. Klnl ilu- s:Ilisl':I1-tion ul' In-ks he-ll doin-. 4'I:I+ I'I'I-.4iIII-III IfI. FI-IIII-r I'I:I5' Sturm- I'I-I-xx' I. Iliuh HI III-III I'IIIIiI' I-I, Ihqs' IIIIII- VIIIII I, I. XIIXIIII VIIIIIIIIS I. J. I I-IIC I',II'II--INIIi1- rgII1II'II-I Il, I. 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Stmlvtnt I,tIIt'qt1'1:m I. l'1'-qt---liulttst II, 4 JERRY RI. HART llis merry nays :lnll sparkling: eyes, liixe vent to the mirth that within hiln lies. ICI-I' SIIIIT 4 VV--xr t'.,IIutt'y JI 'I'tgII-Ii I-Ii I'1,ufIn-III:tII I Lf IL.tN--Iv:III I. I FVIIIIHI I':tlH-I' Q I-II I, I. ztllvtulf-II I,:I- Iltrlltw- Iliuln SI'It1fI I, 2, THUMAS MARTIN HOFFMAN llixitlell Une tn unrk. lln- other In plzly. In-nu-en Inn llmuullls cnt-h day, Flaws Yin- I'tw-with-Int I. I'I:tfx 'I'1'fA.1rI1l'I-t' I' .IIIIIII-1' I'I:ty Smut- 4't'v-xv 31. SI-ltiwt' l'ltIy I'.nNt I. IIIQII Swlt--I-I VII--11' I Mix-III I'Iwt'I1f I. If. T A. -I, Ii.-3' St.u1'I' I, Iflusin--ss Mutt :mu-'13 'I'IIx'I-I- Im.--.wt I'I:t5' I':ust I: 'l'III-spiuu Suvivlx' I I"It'IsI1n:IN I'1wIm Kin: I. Ivt-rt'i-t SHIU tm-I Iinsf-mI-Ie I'--ut'-rt I. -I. 5I1tlv' S4-In :tu-I I-IIINVINIIIIA I'I'lIl"Nl I2 1'1'wsS Vt-xtltttw IZ, I 'I'r:twI: I-I, Imsk.-tl-:III I-I: Math--mznli-Q IHIIIIIWI I. I'l' I Nzttiwtml IIIIIIIII' S-wi.-ty I ntl:-IMI:-Il .Xrlxums IH-ttttzll IIi:It S1'I1mvI, MIvtlt'u.A, In-li:tlI:t I, 3 ,IANICIL ROBERTA LAIRD Nu! al szlinl. nut Il sinner. llut :u loyal frienll :incl :l nilzner. Vlnsr 'I're:1:Qltv.-1' '7. ,Iultlttr I'I.ny' St:t:.- Chen' Sli Svni-It' I'I:1y Stuxw- Vlw-xx' I. Iliuill SI-Ittml Vltmt' 2. II, I, Mix:-Il I'Ix-lrttx I-I. Ywvzll SI-xt'-t I. KI-3' Stztft' 41 .Xllvltzt Ilvll-I l'Ivi I. 3. Thr.-U Im---.uI'l I'I.ux Sl-liiw' Vrv-xx' I, II. if Tluww- Illtr--1tIl l'Inx' Vast I. 'I'IIf-spttett SI'-'1--ly I-I Ihtn-I I-I. Iltrls' ISI.-V t'It1I- I. 'It'-'It'-xt1'zx I Iligtri-'I SHI-I :nn-I Iixnm-1I1IIIv Until:-NI I, 2, FI, Stattt- SUII- :mtl lima.-tnI-1.1 'Um t--xt I. I: Y-'IH---ns 2, ZZ, -I. Iitllin-It I. SIIIIII-nt 1'.,ImI'iI 31 Girls' .XlI1Ivti.- Asst-I-itttiunm I. III-mv-Itqt VIII-rlts J, .i, AIIIY Lyle-I-yt I'm1t't Z. I'IwtI'5' Vwlxlvwr I. lisrquv I'-Int'-ft I, II. In-tty I't'It.-In-1' ..t' T.Itn--rtwvw S-It--lzarxltip I1 Y-'IN-I-n Ifis- t1'1I-t I'.vttl't-t-I-tu.-v I. Sfhlbhd, MARGARET ANNE FIELD lfull of xim. xiaur. Illlll xilsllity, She possesses :l ph-:l-in,: pn-rsnnzlliu. Iltl111I'I'Ix1'Ir" Q III I I'IIx 1't'r I II rttr . --' . .5 .. .-- I. .5 . H 1- S KI"-' Sllttt' I, .XII-lm II--Ilat VII: I, 3. 'I'lt1w-.- Im.--qtvt lltx Vatu I, 'l'It1'wpi:tn Sm-It-ly I I'lum-l'lI-.III--r 1, 1, I II III Ilirlw Stub- 11 Y-'I'.-t-!- J, '1, I Stvt-I.-ntl Vfwxtu ll - I intw-lmx.'l'r--.IfI11'fA1- -It Slml--ltr Vuvzzttxl L. I tl AIIII.-In Aan,-1.ulIvIlI L 1I.m Qty,-FI, I'.,IIt't JZ, I-mu-I I , I--aI GARY LEE I-ORISE5 llnil I-'4-llnu. um-Il niet! "lu-x S.-wt-t.I1'I I Iltult wi,---Il Vlwll I-I I IX II f'IuII I. I Mu.-.I VIII-tub I. Z. I. Inq! I't1-III I I tguzttl--I IZ. I. lim Sl.nI't' I 'I'Itv-sl-izm SI-wt'-my 4. I ml I-I. 'VI'4'III"5II'1I l. 3, Ivistt-i--I S-IIN .md l2nf.'mII I nt r I-I. Qltllv- S--In .ttttl I'It1x.-n.I-l.-I'-Itttvst I-I II 1 1 I .IIN I-' Stztl- -XII.-rlt.nt.A IZ, III-N I-I 'I'r.nIIq I-I ILI I :I III I I r . N-IMI - N , I.- n..:I .,.Iy,.-'.- ,I It IIII mlm IIIII Ixttt 'tt H114-I II't VIIIVI14 I " " XII'II"'Ill 4t'nI MUNI-' S-It Int Itlp .Xltvt nun- Saab ALLEN DALE KUNKEL Ask me no questions. And I'll tell you no tilis. Higil Sfq1.l,4--l Clxoir lrl. FZ-Jys' Glee Clulw 1, 2: Mixed ','l1f1:':1x 1. 2, 4. Key' Staff 4: Band 1-4: Disrrivt Solo limi liusf-iulilw 4l'f'llLrSI 1-41 State Sw.-lo and Ensemble 1,-:nest 1-4. Trask 1. Basketball 1, 2, -L: Bzwel.-all 1, if: H19-eiwvra Clif-tus 3, 21: Pi'-lje+-ri-mist 1--LA RICHARD DEAN HARTER XYhen duty calls he will n0t shirk, Just su duty iNn't work! H1-1-1.-1 SLUT 4. Kev Staff 4. Tra-'li 1, 3, 22: Iflasketlvall X' l-4. I-Zixsl-lnlll l-4, , 3, ,K ' i V Q . .xv ff f ,, A - BARBARA MAE RONDOT ,I lt's easy to he pleasant when life's a sung, X fl 5 bt, But liarh van smile when all goes wronug. 5 C V Juniul' Play' Staawh rwwfw 33: Mixed C'l1o1-us 1, 2: Harriet 'Q Staff 42 Key Siaff -l: Y-Teens 2, 31, lf F. H, A. l, 22 A , Girls' Atlilerin- Assw-iatiwm 1, 2. 'Q A 97-Y 5 ROBERT XV. LOXVTHER N-' Full ni fun. full of joy, Just a typical Ann-rim-an hoy. .luuinr Play Stage Crf-xx' II: Seniur Play Stage Crew 41 Tliree llll9-ILVL Play' Stage View 1: Hi-Y -1: Trax-li 1-4: ,I Safely l"ali-nl l, I. 6' Sf' 14.1" 1- s 1 ui 'ix RAYMOND E. GERMAN Thx-re's nlixvhief in his eyes And friend-hip in his heart. .Iuniur Play Staswf View 3: Senior Play Stage Crew 4: 'Flnwe lfllv-il4'l Play Stage Pr-aw li Hi-Y 41 Baske-th 1, Z. Safety l"at1'ul 1-1. Vaptain Cl, 4. ' s OU' , JUDY LEE FAIR Let it he known that she is surely The essence of 2jl'!lK'i0llhlll'hS and beauty. Juuiwr Play Stage View 2:3 l-lurnet Stal? -1: Key Staff 4: 'I'ln'em- Une-avr Play Stage Vrew l: Gi1'lS' G16-e Clulw 1, 21 Y"I'el-ns 1--l, Y-'lweni Se-4'retai'3' -li Girls' Athletif- AS- saviariun 1, 3, -l, l'i'vsi1lent Girls' Athle-tif' Assoviatirwii 43 muy Qui.-4-an 4'm11'l 171 I-'neil-y mwmte-st 2. BILLY R. JOHNSON An orderly 3:1-ni to Hay the least: Sim-erity for him shall never vease. .lvuliar l'lay SUILU' f'r+-xv SJ: Safety Pan-nl -1. JANET HANTZ ldllie-in-nl and ever nlepl-nflahle. Anil all of her dem-slr are vumnu-mlahle. .luniwr l'la,v Vast ZZ: Sf-nim' Play Slam- l'l'l'XY 43 Hillh s.'1',l,..l rlmir 1, 3, 1:3 Ilnrm.-1 Stall' I1 Key Staff -I: Girls' lllw- Vlvlll 1. Ilfmxin-r Girls' Slate ffl Y-'Tvffns -li 13111-'l'11l.l2'L Vaal 33 fvpm-1-ltr: 4'l'11,rx1s 21 Studs-nl l1llPl'1ll'l?lll l, L53 Na- tiwnal llfaml' Suriv-ty li Szulutalwrizin -ll fntlffnrlerl Metz lliull Svllmnl 1, Lf, II. -gun- .l.iQ,f 3-32, all f'Vg X39 C ,v X DOUGLAS SHARROXY' A :rm-:lt su-p lounrwlr- illlh-In-llclvlllw ls :l ,Luunl llumorm-nl xhnnzlvll. II:-rllvl Stull' I. Kr-V Stull' I. Tliiw-.A Hill--:lvl l'I:1y Smu- "rwx' 31. I'll:lrl..1 Stull I1 ll-msi--I' lhlxf' Slum- l Ili Y 1, Il. I. TNI li 1. Ilzirkr-Iluill I-4. IRIX.-l-gill I-I 17-'Il' .'. 27, 4. MARCIA KAY SHORT K pls.-nsinr: mlllllti-ll:lll1'v ls il -ih-nt rn-4-ummm-mlzltion. ,lliinilvr 1'l:1y Slugl- Vw-xx' 52. SI-liivli' l'l:Ix' Slum- Vu-xx' I Illlrm-I SI:ll'I' 4, Tlirf-If 'iIln'-.InI l'l:ux Siam- VI'--xx 2. I Girls' HIM- Ulm. I, 1, ll.,..fif,1' flurls' Sunil.. 51. Y-T..-il. I. IZ, I. I". H A. 1, 'iirls' Atllllflil' .Xfsmiglllwil 1, Simi'-lil LIi'I'Lll'1.'lll -4. XVILLIAM H. SHEETS And tllnlluh hc- promin- in his loss. - HQ- nulkvs his prnulin- gmul. .limi-li' I'l:u Sl ASL- 4'l'n-XX' 'L Hiull S-'lllwi Vilwil' 1-I Vflxs 'll--fl Vlulv 1. 3, Muxwl 1'll-41115 I, Tlliw- Imp-:I-r l'l'lv Slillo' 1'1"-W 2. 'l'li1-spinal Swiuli Zi. 4 lixlil-I l, I, 21: lux- tri-t S-'lil mul iiiis.-mlllp 1'--ill--Nl I. 2. I. Iii-Y I-I. S--1, 42 lllmsilli' Ihfys' Suriv li. Tixillq I-I. Siu-ll-nr V.-vlulll -. Ulrriwlial Vzlxt fi. 'llw-l'vlI:x 4'liwrv1s l, J. l'fwl1'x N.-lil--xt I. LUCINDA SUE NEXYNAM 'l':lle-nt. vulture. illtn-llil:.a-Irvs-. :lull fun. I.un-y has mixed them :xll into mu-. JlIlliHl' Play Uflst SZ. Svnillr PIM' Mist 4 llizli S-'ll....l 1l1u1INIixlll1i11l -IXIilIr1l I-' T. A. 1. 3: Km' Stull' 4. .Xlplxzi Twllai 1'lii I, 3. Tl11'--.- -. -I. NI-v'l'r'K11l'3 jr-4' ' H' S , I, 1 VI: S-X F' , Q. fl? 'lil'--:I-'t Play' Stfiiv I'1'vw 1. 'Thin-.I Uiiv-:lvl Vlziy Vilwt 'nf Thr-spiziii S.,--iwty Sl, I. liziml l--I. Girls' Glu-l'll1ll1g1111114111 1 In nut N -V .Q -5 , 3, 31, Q J-'lil :Ind lin .af-mlllv Vmitest 1-43 State Sl-lil :mil Iinse-ml-Iv 'iI'NI+'Yl 1-4: Y-T.-4-ni 2. fl. -I1 Pianist ul' Y-'l'v--in I. Nami:-1x:il Y- 'I'+-I-ii l'unt'f-iwiiwe 4: Girls' Athi:-tiw Asslwixntil-n l, ,. Sf--'iw-I:1i'y' uf G. A. A. 21 Maltlu-m:itu-'s IU-utr-st I. 2, 41 linulifli Uuntest ST: Ulwlv-ttzi l'lw1'l1s 3, Il: TW'-'IN' 'WH' tvst l. I: I-Issziy U:-lxtesr 'IL Wmliily XYi1m.-1' 1-I' "i Sllvilii -If l'MJimwiA:I1'B"' 4. I'-nliily' lim-Il Vilizw-in Awur-I 4. .lrmilvl 'I'wwn Mwllinr ZZ: Tluiw-e Nm--:Ili l"l:lx' l'1ilw-vim' I Vsi llltu Xi Blush- SI-lwl:ii'4l1ip I: lfiiiailisl N:ili4+lml M1-ri! Sf-lwl:ii'sl1ii1 I. Vail:-Iliw-tfv1'ia11: Nuiilmall ll-'mul' S.,-'il-ly I PHILLIP ANTHONY ROMERO He has nuuio :Ind kvpt many frivlule nv :lluslyx heim: lllylll. .Yum--1' Flux' Smart- l"iw-xx' if: S--iliwr l'l1Ii' Slum- 1'1'--xx' I High Svlq-.UI llwil' 1-4. lillyg' Him- Vlllll I, I. Mix:-Il "l1Hrus I, 3. 41 Alplm IM-llzi Vhi I. 2. Tlil'-W lm---.14-I Play Stuck- l'rf-W Il, 4. iiililli 1-4. l'fislriI't S-flu :nu-I lin- svml-lf' V:-iiif-rt 1-41 Stun- Sflll- :xml I5fns+-n1lIlI'- Flint: I 1, SI. I. Hi-Y 'L 4, Vive- I'1'r-ri-lr-nt :Ili Hi-Y I. Ulu-r--lY.l I lu-ills 2. -1. Hi-X l-'ilu-imi-IA 4. JOHN STUART SHAW All :rent men :ire flying: oll': l'x f ' will If ll nllt vvllllu' sn ' lllysc' . St-nil-1' Play NI Sage- Crew 4: lim' Stuff I: Pun-I 1-4 Ur:-he-st1':1 l-4: Ilislrivt N-ln :in-l luiisr-lnlilo lv-nh-sl l-I Stan- S1-1-J an-l Ense-rnl-lv lifillll-'Nl Il, -l Ulmriwt Stuff Hi-Y 1--I. Pr'-Qidvnt of Iii-Y ZZ: Rlntlimnaiti-'S Vuilt--sl Latin Fw-nlest 1: Junior Clawsivzil I..-aisiw 1-I: Nui-I Honnr Society 4. ual SQFILUJIA, SHARON KAY XICLELAND I hzlvv nu utlu-r hut :I uuln:ln's rvzlsun: I think him su. In-1':lllsc I think him Nu. 1.-l.-ill Iwilv-Iwi' -fr .Illini-li' 1' I'l:1y 3: lim Sllll 4 X11-lw In-Ir.l Illi l. -, l..Iilll l-I 4-iilw nl., Kllll l '11 ll--frm l. 3. i'lNII'l"L S-'lu .ln-l lillxl-nlllll-A lv-lm l l Maw S..1.l .lull l'.ilsvAnllvl-- Illini-Q1 I Y-'IU ul I Virlx' Allllf-li-f Aww.-'irmil-il l, 3 RICHARD XYILLIANI I-'INCH sy :,nin,:.'. fnlu-3 frvv. 1- rx-uzlrll for work. hv ln-in-r vuulnl son- 'linli S-E,....1 Vlwii l. lzwxx' 1ll--.- Vlvlll l. Q Tl'.I1ix l I 'Isla il Ill Q. llzlx.-llzlll Z. 1. I ill.-rw l',Ii14-l l. Q Ili x ll, MIM I lim' 51.1.1 I 'C' QN, ix Q S, , RICHARD L. STEINKE 'l'uil. -:lyx the nrnxm-rl: ls the sim- uf funn-. S1.4f Vwxx 'E Smzhl' I'I1u Stag' ' f "ZIV ' IKM- Smuf- 4'1"-xx f ' 2 ii:-N ' , Vx' Af "wz1.1jv 1 .BIy.,.- S-1,15 I'..1:w11, RICHARD E. SERYIS nu let nn- vliniln mann- mountain XE In-re fur hnrinrn- nwel the 03 1-. -' F' Ii V' f' Siu? Q IUIIII-F II 'I SM 1, 'aw Irw- -- l'vwI1r11..g- hl h I I I-1 rI..- I ic'Y 4 RIANIES XV. XVYATT Ile- In-:ave-s In-hinnl hini fur nurthier things than tvurs- 'I'he luxe nf friend-, witlmln :I gingle fue, .IIIlII"I' I'Iq1y Smal- r'1.4w it Smuiwr Play' Smut- 1'1-vw 41 IC'-" Smrf I. III-Y 4, Hi-Y Ylv.--plw-siwIr-111 fl, Tru-Ii 2. ii I:.lFr4I'?lII I. SQIIMU' I'zIt1'-'I I-I. 1':11'Iui11 IT, J, I'I11sf Im-in--sr Murmciau-1' IE. I. PAL'L EUGENE XVEICHT l 1Ion't lmther uurk you Nev. Anil work wun'l lmtlwr nu-. S--:II I' I'I:Iy Suu- Vw-W 4 II-ws' UMW 1'I11I+ I, I'Ist1'i1-I Slll- .In-I Iil1s--mIIIf- fwxitvsr 1 llm-sn-1' I--ys' Suu 32, III-Y I. I. RONALD L. XYUEST It isn'! my fault I'm made that way. I hat to unrk. hut I like to play: "MAS YIIYA T'1'v-si-'I-nl It .Iuniur Play 12151 27: SQ-niny 1'1giy Www- 1'1"-xx' I II1:I1 S-in..-I 1'I14.11' 144. Iinyx' lllr-v VIH! I, I Min-II VI.--I-ns I Ii-15 Stuff 41 Thr.-.1 IIIIQWIIII PILI5' Siu- Vww 4 'I'I.r.4.- H11'--ml l'luy C1141 il. Tlmvsy-mn Sw I"I'- Cl. 4 Ilgm-I I-4. L'IbII'l'1 S-1111111111 I-Inv-ml-I-' 04-11- :wv 3, 4 Sum- S--I-I :nn-l I-Ins--mhlv 1'--xmffx 1, I' Hi-Y I-I VV-In lmvznlu I-I 'Tx-:awk IMI. Hp.-xv-1111 1'I11-V115 1, ,IUDY TRICI-I She ix :llunps in ilu- 1-vnu-r of things. llnlnurunx or serious :u'lil'iti0s. 5 A A 1, 'I IIfs.u V:-nl--NIA LJ, Il lIil'Is' I,-.uunv Z. IL 1? A .K I'I:IH:I.m Q, FI Si:in:x1nwIVl-5 I! AVI s'I11I. Sw- iffmx-' 'C S-IIWAI I'uI-Iifilx' 4'f11n1nIlTf-11 31, SIIIUI I'u1II-I' I1-lwvlvl' il S--nl-Il' I'I.uN Sinai- VV--xx -I' K.-x Stuff 4, 'I'lI:v. Hn'--:I-I I'I.Ix' Slum- VV.-w I. rnllvnull--I 1'11Ix'.-1' IIILA NIHIIII, VMI'-1-I' VZIY, 4':IIiIE., I, I, Il. XYILLIANI BENBIAKIIN STONECIPHIZR Ilzlppp-go-llu-ky Hill: nnl al uurry in thi- uurlal. Ilwrw-1' I'I.I'. Sway- Vrvxx' Z5 Km Slzlfl' IZ VIUM m'..nlIl1'5 1lwI.I41' I. 'I'x'.I-II 3I:m.:i:.-I' I. Sul?-U' 1':1!lwI I. 1, 73, PIIILII' DEAN XVILSON I :un what I :ini Xml thnlk :III I inn. .I Im I I'I.11 Slum' VV'-W II, S1-lsifvl' I'I:u' Slzuzv- l'l'vxx' I, III:M rffwvf-I Vlwvvll I-I Ilwyn' Ill:-v l'lI1I2 1. I, RIIX-'fl 'Iwv-V I J I Inn! l1:nx'II--:Alu-If Qvlrnrtwl -I Ii..x 511411 1 'I'II1- 'vn--.Ml l'I.I'. Smurf Vnfn 4 'I'lu-NIIIIIII Sufi:-I3 , A I.I:,-I 1.3 Ifx-Irv! S-'Iv' :nn-I Ilnw-lnlrlv l'HlIl--sl I. Q I 5111, Sf'Ifv:1wI Ijnwynlvl-I "1-MIX! I I, I III-Y I-I, 'mms I.wI,I-Ir-:III I fllwrflln riff! L, SZ 1ny,.1l'v-Nz: I 'I- I IC-nfl Inwnn Nw'-'V I. JOHN EDXVARD XYILLIANISON .K luxlulxonw lzul uith :1 lu-:lrt of uolll. Ile wus frivnllly hut not hm lmlml. S-111-11' l'I.1y Sums Pr.-W 4 lliuh S-l. '--! l 1'l111i1' 1-4 5-H! ffm- 4'lv1l1 1 Slim-fl 1'l1-11":f l-4 Y-1-111 S:-Nh-1 l-Q K. 2 Surf 4. 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J V3 l'Nl!'xT S+'l1Iv'Ql'-l' -rf -B. pi gm oggzcm ' P1'1'xi11'1'111' Mike Erickwn Yin'-P1'1v111'111t Tom Hollmln S1'1'1'1'f.11"1-Tr1'11x111'11' Bonnie Gary lim XY'y,11c A. B. B.1rkdull Blzxilzuvx Af111111gg1r .-l1l'zn1'1' , , , CEIIIHVX .. , . Scarlet .md Gray Flnzrw' ,. , , Rm: Muflu-"The Higher WE Rim the Broader the vicxx"' jrzmbfm, JEAN E. wcorr Nlnzun-vm-r the tln-me. the muirlvn sang: AN if In-r -nn: 1-1-ulfl luue no 1-nwlinu. 111.11111 I'l.1x' wks: 'i llllll Sf.--i -'l-1,1 1 1 RI' 1" 11r:1N 4 lin 5l1:ll' 1 l1z111-l I-1 191125 'il-M f'l'1l1 1 'rrlw-I1'.a I. T l'Xll.'l Sf1l-- .111l lI11sf-1:1'1L,- 1-1 Sl 4115 .111-W lC11ff-11131l'- 1'-rlrlvxl 1 Y-'I'-1-1.4 I 2 Y-T "11l'11.'1 4 "5-f-1'ff11.1 I'l1-11 :f .3 l1'.11':' Vlzvfi :1l IW11 I-If-.uv "111.1ff1 L, J. 4, KEN WILLIAMSON K little lxunsn-lim' now :Incl xllvn ls re-lisln-cl hy llu- lu-Nt of mon. I-11-11'-1 Smit' 4 lim, Sum? 4 '1'l.1-I H11 f l'.'1 Sv. w1-1-- z' ll1Y ' 1 Q11'1"1".----'1 -' il 455 Q1 .gQ:x, A 1 ,Ng sf X -1 A ,, -vw.--,. '1111 1X l'l11'f mum- 11-P-1-. rf-:1w1' l'1.1j. 4'1:.. 1v,.-,v 1 ,al f XI1: Boumerxhine Mr. lx'lCCLlfCllLll1 ufz, ' The gI'L1LlLl.lIlI1g cl.1ss of 1997 gives its sincere tlunlm to our SLlpcrintendcnt, Howard Boomcrshine. Our welfare .ind the etanding of our school has been of prime concern to him during the past Lleuade. Um pwwgm Never too busy to listen to our troublcx and offer advice, "M.1c', has been .1 true friend no us in the pmt four ye.u'5. Tlmnlx you an much for .ull you h.1x'c done for us, Mr. NlCClllCll.lI1l XVe sincerely .ippreciate yuur ll'llCIAUNl. 01111, Lea. We the 1957 seniors, wish to tiilxc rliis fippnriunily up express our sincerest ll1.lllliS ind Lleepewl gl'.1lillIklU to our secreL.1ries, lflnli Kiiiilel Ifdiih Kunkel .ind Phyllis Jennings, for .ill M,-'III' I.--I-,,f,,,m., ll1L'lI' help Il1lAUI.Igl'lULIl nur high selwnl days. li lui! ff! 1-Icyman XVisner Harold Stevens Carlton Chase R. L. Nedele Robert Bcrkes Hamid 01 f ' n, Nluch of the success for the smooth op- eration of the Angola schools should be credited to the Board of Education, .-Xt their meetings the problems regarding the financial program, the planning of .1 school curriculum to meet state requirements, the selection of teachers, .ind the legislation of school rules are considered. The members of the board are: Pres- ident, Carlton Chase, secretary, Harold Stevensg treasurer, Heyman XVisnerg R. L. Nedele, and Robert Berkes. We the graduating class of 1957, wish to extend to them our most sincere thanks for making our high school years so enjoy! To Nlr. Rathburn, the grade school able. principal, we should like to show our appre- ciation for the splendid work he has done keeping things running smoothly both at Hendry Park and at the High School Build- ing. Mr. Rathhurn Milli -uint fu -as , .. 5. ' ' V57 'iffy- jarulfg, Mr. Holmes and Mr. Hammel .ire talking About last night's bas- ketball practice while Mr. Druck- .imiller listens in. Something funny must have lmppcned if we judge by rhe smilex of Miss Shultz .mil Miss Reed. Miw Ulery .md N111 B.11'kilull are bazzh interested in what lmppens in the eumme1'ci.1l department. X11-. Bci'nh.n'dt explains to Phil how the mechanism of thc cyc operates. X111 Porter .mil Mrs. Rinzic talk over the activities of the .irt ilcf partmcnt for the day. Q A dixiwing should bu ilonc cur- rcctly with borh Mr. XY'c.ii'ly .ind NIV. looking un, -'A 6 fl 5 14 . EEElI1"""W x i - b-A Gif, ? ig - .n K' A. 2 M ""'S,,,::-Y'Yw'i?SisA "-..Cs.f'-fx 1 . 3 fy is-irwgi, : . A -.' wg, , u,,.q5'z'g , V . -- 'li'--ph wff' ' W E- A '. ' f - 'z A . Q .1 ' i I . : ,,. if t A . Q . . Xxx, ft, 1 .Q J '1 Mr. Shepherd is showing Mr. Myers how to locate some cards for iilm strips for geometry class. lmpormnt matters in the Eng- lish department .ire being consider- ed by Mr. Seigel .intl Mrs. L.iVine. Miss Siebold has just had .1 very good choir practice which she is telling Mr. Nichols about. His band has probably tlone very well too. --..-- iv f..x ,yoj I MJ., . .av , I faculty, Mrs. Cl.l1'k is prcp.11'ing equip- ment for .III experiment in .1 jun- ior high science cl.1sQ. Tlic LlI1LlU1'lyll'1g pri11ciplc5 of food prcp.11'.itior1 l1.11'u been up for Llixciissimi in Home Fcuiiuiiiicx l .mol now Mn. TI'ClII1Cl7LJl1l l.1yQ down thc cl1.1lk. Klux 5l1.1I1Il is p.1NRlI'lg thu timq of diy" in Kliss l:I'.'ll1l-RNS sixth gixulc 11111111 lvcforc going to .1 wcvunrli grade girls' gym alms. gd r., FH ' -4- . 'A 'S'-.A ' A '-.3 v- .1 1 ,, ,, . - S1 K--J I ,- Z -P, L I -S4 . 6 1 v. A ,Q 6- gi.. 'T'- H fi ,aan Things look rosy in the junior high Clep.irtment if we judge by the expressions of Mrs, Cline, Mr. Nesbitt and Mrs. Kilo. Mr. Ryan has found .1 map that could be used in fifth or sixth grade: lie's showing it to Miss Hephner .ind Miss Harmon. No- tice the apple! Mrs. lfuller and Mr. Sapp are considering fifth grade projects. jacultq, Mrs. Scliritler is explaining "pumpkin faces" for tlie benefit of Mrs. Hart .ind Miss Lemley. Miss Stevem, Mrx. Reielintlt .intl Mrs. Gernant .ire mllxing over fourth grade reading ni.itei'i,il. Mrs. M.iel'.itlyeii lux .i pleasant 4 expi'eSsion .is Qlie tells Mix, lletlglin .llitlllf tlie Llixiwings on tlie fiiwt gixitle bulletin boaixl. Qrri ,fa n we O ..- sv! p--5""" - , q, 1 nv' - - 1? acultq, Mrs. Roe .md Mrs. Gnrn .ire talking over projects for the day. The little clown on tlie table lis- tens Tliey .ire .it l'lendry l'.11'lt. A unique paper iimelie mmlt is tlie Subject Cf Miss H.i1'dy's .mol Miss Collin! COl1VC1'N.lflOl'1. The ciirn shock suggests Hallmveeii 100. Mrx. Boyer, Miss Myers .mtl Miss Tecgartlin .ire .ill interested in .1 lwula-possibly un "NVliy Julinimy Cum lientlf' Tliey .ill te.1eli first gixitle .it Hemlry Parlx. .I ,, flwfvdla' Very important people in the school buildingQ .ire the m.1inten.1nee men. One thousind .ind one tasks they .ire .raked to do. They cheek the heat. sweep the tloors, build mage Sets-in fact they do every- thing! Here we See Bill Parlier in the room .it Hendry Park. -less Reynolds prepares to mop the floor in the high school building. Lester Shelton and Harry Soxvle are sweeping the floor in the gym. Bud, Qfubmm, Our f.iithful bm drivers .ire .ilwivs on the iob, no matter what the condition of the we.1ther or the roads. Theirs ix .1 job of great responsibility .Ind Seldom do they receive .ill the credit that is their due. Rich one of them is .1 personal friend of every pupil who rides on his bus. The driyeiw this year were Norris Leh- man, Blaine Uemorest, E.1rl Butl, Clifton Nilson, lfordyce Alohnion, Kenneth .ind Loren Dixon. ,aff ,, - 6, 4 -Q- .,. t 3 - 'fr' .Q 1 4 4 .Jn A - I - ' .-.-'.,Q4.:g .. I X .,Y-" ,fip-h'::, QQ! Pn'xnlf'11f Surrwffzrjy AJ: ixrr 13,011 ur' -,.... F- I, ', .PLJ."'-1 , 7- J:-.. ...W-,:.,,, - f- fa of J , W ',-, afwiin "' 1 W? I ,-,Q-gr. A -- -. .-.,.,.,.-3. , fl- ,,-,..-f- gf , .2 6 'fr- I 'IQ X 35 fax ...A .ua Ft:-5x1 'x o-I , fx Vm'-Pwxlffclzt Tn'11x1m'1' ,, CJIIIHA Y, ,,,,,,Dnve MncFndycn Roger XVilson , , ,,Annc Burns ,, , ,John Fiandt Emery Druckamiller Pink And YVhitc , Pink Cmnation Hiffln-"XVitl1 the Ropes of the Past NVc,l1 Ring the Bells of the Future" L' IUXY: .ff-:an Allu'i2ht lriwk lluzluln, Tfwiill Br:-+-4'l1Y "" 'Q -, . - lurns. ,fi 3 4 SICVHNIH l:HW: Ii1N:1lx'n lim- , hm, Sylvia I:llllt'!', .Ivrry By "A K' us, 'IU-m 4'ZlSXYt'll, Pill V1-llinw -1,, V f i ,..,, -- I L .,...f - .. Q 5 ' . W -I.A,. f, in a -, -9 dh- 5A V J , In ' ' ,,, A . H. 'gr im i?.e::::r.'f:: , W -. '. , .- . - :ard Hu IWW' U I'fll'Ii'I'H ILIPXYZ S11-vu IYli1'k lm-X4-r. Inn-lan I'.:xllll:4ufr, IMD I"I'I' I4-rrv l"'wt lulm I"i'ln-ll 113 .QL -:nr K . .J 4"" X-4 0 , III jophomofzm, Pruxiilrfll l'i4'L'-PJ'r'Sfnfc'Ilf Sc'4'l'L'fiIVj , , Trmslz Vw' fl41lfXL'l' , C nl mx ,. ,,,,Tom Philipp ,,,,,GorCl0n Van Martel' Dee Newbauei' Connie Gary Mrs. Josephine LaVine Blue .md Silver Mnffo-"XVitl1 the Steps of Today NVe Slmll , V Build the Ladcler of Tomorrow" 11.5, 'Ni 5 ,N-K. b 3' ,H Iiizsi' mvwz .xml Alzilil . " M" , ar U: lilalinf- Artinaxi, Dfiimlliy' Rm Y, f ,qnfnkl 5 lett. K:ll'v'll IZ,-f-4-liyl 1':srolxl1 i f '45 I vrninzx l In - ..' ' x-' 1'-1' ,, WS. - , F2 5 1 , , ,, eee,.fq, - A Q1-maxi, izmvz I'3'Ni-: Ilie 1 , .. -1- do 5-I 1 'I - hlrfp, Kuiw-ii Ili-uliziw, Slum dl ' i Z" I,1'wk:ixx', lliilu' 121-mike, ,Inh x .. . KW' 'A' I K lllwixmy , 'V , 'ff , 1 11: 4 il 5 -11' ' I :V My 4 ,A 4 i ,f f4'f"M X- i . . f ""0"y Tlllllll mm: v..m.i.A 111-im 1 Q -f Q I W lhln l1l'X'1llI, lmli Iiiirlf-xv, linux 4' ' 'tj 1' i 9' it 35 5:4 " ' i t'Ii:ipm:in, Kam' 1'l:l:i1'. Q, ' 1 .eff ' --v .41 " -A A, HW, . , J ,- f 1 v I ' f ,.. , , ., -. - v we A P4 2 1wx'u:'l'u 1:-mt .11i,.i.'.. iw . I if-xx.-, Ilzirrii-1 mmlg, imliiin A A- L 7,3. A 4'l'z1ili, Tum 4'l':nin, llml 1'1'Hm .44 ' 1 L I --' ' H 4 . T' 'F . 1 -D , 4.5 v ' 5, ' . , 1 ,J I I"ll"'I'lI IUPNYL .l:l1lii'1- IH " 65 l.:nyn:w-v, IHIX1- Ivygiwl, .T1 N i-t 'a Y 1' I'ii:nM-1', l':nr-.l I".-im., .Izumi 74 .A fu N, ' its V , l'Ii-unl 'T i in X'I'Il IUIXV' 1'f-nlmni llzlix I,ymIgi 424-uiliw, ilim flilrsull - J - W ' ,. .lim lll'if'm, .lvzlli Hrilllu. J' ,I ,, f Ll A l .,- -WR L -f , 9, 5 1 My Jfilixw , i' if: , llzi 4 A.. A I-'INST IIIPNY: Sm- 4if.mlI1'-W, .Inlv-I Ilanrl, Phvllis H.1rt.,-V, 'IV113' lil-ltzmgm. .I--1'1'3' .I.1,li. sl-IVHNIH IUINYI lu-a Jnrlwlr-1. 'l'.-rm' .If.Iul1stun, lirny IC.1ll"Y. .1 :lu Kwllr, Imxl I.:-I-. 'VHIIII' IUVXYZ .lk-IT ll-'Vlwl' luuxl, .Luk Mit-lx'-ll, llil'h1lIVl llwvvlw, Slml'--xl Muxsl-13 lim'- Muvn Mx. Vs, 1-V'l'11'l'll IQHXX' K'-11 N.44.I. Nldrx Nzluvl. lh-:nunv Nvw- ', I,.-wis N4-wnznn, Ifrxmli N1-mann l4'lI-'TH HHH" lmy, 1Fl'fXXilv!', I!--mm l'.l:--, ll--:uw I'.+r'rlf'w. 1'..uXIHru l'.1Ir.'xx.y11, T'-In l'I1H- llq. SIXTH IIHXY' llnx-rx--up I'--me l,.'x:i:u Ihulnlwl. .lvrry 1111114 llfwlg-lx. Svlmn Haulhlwlru, Imm- lvu Ilfw-i, SliYliN'l'll IUIXY: S11 11 Al I ,x 4.:xl..x'. II1I.v.-In S-Im.-IT'-V, 'lmm S-Inn.--4-f, ll-Nw BI Svllnm-I Sswllv Slmuli. !fl'?II'I'NI IIIIXY, lllvlxum Slzmxp, Ilx'--n-1.1 Smith, Sum S111 ru--lx-yn. lT.ll"uu'.1 Shir.- Hwlvllv X':nuKlnI'Tv1'. NIXTII IUIXY: Ivlxnln- XY:lrd mln-lm NX1lIv.-1', Marx' ,I-v XXII- llf. Mrs. I,z1X1n1-. NHT I'I4'Tl'RTCl"1 J.-1111 1'lf-x'.- lun-1, Urn--.A Knox. 1 1' iv 'oe I1 f N. .1 - +L? i ' -4 ' A gg -fr' N- X .., W X 1 .-' ,VA - - u,-, , .5 'nr . N l 3 , at S-S A4 FG. t Ns, x "" . . V- ' - " is .,:-igikzk N f - ,vf 'R' . :ia ,fbigc " "' ,I f J 0 up an N-X 4 Q Q1 Jil f J fi - "' 7' ' f Mizsflfify-' '- A f -'wi f ' ,, . !fn,':!' ,miffl Jr . J, 1 . f if . ,X , .43 'X 'V "sn . 2' J ag 5 1 fix I t fu, ":' ,sg sq Nj 3, Q5 .A ' 1,46 LY' , uf. X ' gn A ' ik- Q, 4' -, 9 "" xs l '33 :Xa 'B N arm , -mv Va - ' up -:- -2 , . , 'W .x.,. A 'fs , 1'w.," "--1 N ,ff n yi V Ain, . , -N .r :M V .K , Q- an W ax ' Q' 'gl iff -if ' .af I K , I X ...f ' x IX -6 iw ft- N .9 ...Q - Q: 4 X -.M Y -.32 ' X. in ..- J 171' - .4 ' 1 -4 -gf f ,, b , We 1 X I 1 . f 1? Iwo' T 3 Pl'CSf11FI1f ,,,,,,,,, Vic?-PI'c'Sf.fn'l1f Sm'1'cfa1'3' T1'unS111'ur A1I'1'i5fr 'Q ,.-, -:tt bk Wa i '. - I ? 2 A ,, s 1- Q A we- xi IL ' P 431 fv -+V K if Q' ,Q S2 f ff LL l ' 4. 5. f 9. - V- f.- 2 , QW:-f 1,2 ' xv 3 "5 I ff 1- I 'O x - x ty. , X V , I NN jim? ' - 'J V! " ' ' ' P' L 'A-- r Q ' J 1. . 1 ' rswiim 3? A S' -J I i 'I 'K 4 J 'X Y 1 JS" - k..1 lm... ,A L A: . , -ja 4 r - 1 "E ' -' .1 Q fd"-ff'Tgi,' Jn Z. rg 2 ' ' .,. Z 5 ,dy Q ,u V r -' , V' M 'W Q I E .N G , V 5 N I A. 2 ' I I f K H I . ,A 7' L f 3 nu- A' - 46 gh' l Q nv ,ii S gg Q- ' 21- 41 4 - r ' , ' ' 1 4 - ' W 4 ' 1 2 W I IX , 1 A '24, " -,.., ' 5 -'I " 1 ..5, 1 -S ' 1? G' 1 .... n J , 1' ' X Q at fa 'G T3 -. ' I., - N ' -s Q f. - " "- ' . M! -J xr 'I 5 1 Q X 4 t .' ' , -"' ' x J 521 1 1 Q. S 4' c L A Ea' . is 14 .3 -' 43' ' Q 1-1 ""' Tj 'G ' '17 It af 1 . 4 V IQ Y ,x I I I B, 'SP Rv? 1 ' - , ' , 1.1 ,,,..Pete Havholm ,,,,,,,Charles Parker .. ,,,, Marcia Meyer .,,,,,Dorothy Rankin ,,,,,Miss Sara Ulerv FIRST IIUXY1 Sharmx BSU'- Cmik. Martlm Burlett, Pam Hfatly, Judith Reel-:ma u, Bruve Dmirwlluall. S 3 n d 3' Flu-11' Sl-24 'FIND IU PNY: Jvrry Clark. Ivuxnmy Ffh!-c. Ksnny' Cope, I'-unis 1"1'mv1is, Pill Crcvtty, llxakv DRUG-l'. THIRD ILHYY1 Phil Ddlexx Hem-:ie Twtar, Ilonnjv Dodd, Juanita Iiatinge-r, I-Yoh Els- tfwn, lion: Essexxglvelg. I-'HITQTH RHXY: -IE'!'l'1' Fer- HWINUU, I-Iddie Finf-h, Tom Iflvual, Ifflfell GQf-MYMS, Ilee Gilhfx-1, Lvl- Gilbert. l1'll"I'I'I RHXV: Phillip Ginder, l':u-ff! 12r:m1linu', Niulvy Green, I-ins--1311 1P1'u:e1m111yv1', .Timmy llrillin, Szmdru Ilan.-51 SIXTH HFIXYZ XYZIYIIL' HAHIZ, Izmir-11 Hurt, l"1-tv Halvhmlm, I'Jm:.ry lluvilfulll, Hill Ilen- ln.-:-fpy, ,IL-rry Huffnmn .?!l.Q6fll4'l.QI'l, ,'lilS'I' RUXT. Ifiik II-..i1ili.iH, Hmxwf, Nvlliu Inman. K-'i11i.l Jvllinsviu. I!1ax'lv-1111 Kwi- Ifu. Tim Kprlin. SIIVNXTI IZUXY' .Thu Kxuliiii Sr, 1f- Kin: .Im ilu'-liii., Kirk. Xiiiim ICH- V. I-'iw--1 Km-'.li1i:f-V. "i..ii'1'-s Kilim. Viiilliv !1vrXY' Ihr I..+sli, Vi.4i11: I,--f-. Iiii Iliiimiiiv-11 1'. 'iziz I.M1iwii1i1'5'. Iwk Ifiurii. 'ii 11.11 iii-ixulil. i4'H?'ll'l'H IUIXX' .If-rrv RI.m11. N411-fx' Mawr' ii, I'1lYz' H+-Ye-i'.'v 1:4 Mr-yn-1', iiziil M1-1'1"-ll, K--ur Mviiqfliy. FII-ATN IIHXY: .Iii-15' Nui-le. 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A ' 4 ' LzEf?2f..x Q . --A Ziff' - Hfzada, l-'IIIST R1 NV: Karen Chaney, Vllilil' Pre-Sum, linthann Han- Nvllllilll, Ilussrll N ii r a g 0 ri, Suzie Siegel, Janie-s XYilhQi-A SICVHNID IIHXYZ Barbara S n 3' rl e r, Norman Amstutz, lilf-ry Kimes. Ilinnu Mangeq, l.:irl'l' Sunrlziy. llusunn De 92' 'l'llllll1 IKHXV1 '1'hum:ls Hutt-W, Sliniwm Hunnu, Tlinnms Pris- lns, .lnlizi 4':xtnn, till-il Huge-rf llzirlizlrzx Rlnxtnn I'1Il'H'l'll RUXY1 .lnhn New- llillll, ,luliv lflruliuw, Frank I':irkf-r, Marilyn li l lv ll 2' h, 17:11-y Ilnrnlni-'lcle, Kan' Iknile-52 l"ll"'l'll HHXY: Milan Haley, S lu :i r n n Mzi11g'llvrz'miI1, Bill Stwflv, l.rQ-nilzi Vliilllvi-4, Put- ri--li 'l':u3'lf-r, Sainmlrzi Hnlmrt. SIXTH HUXY. Iiilly Pnwnall, Irixiqg Slum-l'i1ilxei', XYH lter Smith, Iizili-l llziv, Linda llalins, llnnailfl Ilnrlvtt. 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SIXTH IIUXY: 1YViI'lilll T113'lnr. .Iv1'r5' llwyllnllls, Mary' Sluni n:1. AI2'll'jHl'iE' Holly. .Tnhn Sellixrwn. Jwunml Il'-rtrun-i. SICVI-INTH IIVIYVZ Txilllli' Dis- lvrw, Ellwarll Sr-Ssfnrd, Purlzz l'1:1:nr, Tlamvirl Meininier. Yin'- kir- Phe-lan, 011111111-tte Shattn. ICIGIITH IUTPXV: Iinlmie Sue Supp, Tlnsn-1' I.l?hlNIllI, Kathy Gilrsnn. Eddie Mathew, Karen II.-lwrlrle-F-xl, .Inn Dnzule. NINTH IIOXV: Janella Erwin. I-Irs G I fl 11 3' s Kile-, Mrs, Marion Clark. f S WM if E3."""' I A ef it ' Q ' 3:1 A' I - E3 " V, r , - i vu. 'Q 4 - :ss Mil. g qv 3 'lj - 'X ,.. T43 5 ,KW :Q ""'f' 5 -Y-D -' V N A ' , N , 5 ' ' ' ' ,A - 'N' -N ,X fgx , A fa .x'xf't5 ' " -- XA X Q , r Q ,,,, ' E , g Wx- A.. A -: -sr.. ... 4. ,' qi' ff 4 wg ,Q T - 'SN ,I -Q-Q . -7 ' J r K H Y ,, gil. Nw A? .E Q k B. 1, :-QS. 'ff' 'N 3 - A-1 Av- ' -2- " 5.3 I 0 ,... , 52' 'ww -qw Q N I ,Q .g,Lx,L. 5 'Mffiff' ff Q 323112 ' f 'Q G N . V A V Q.,:-.firm V' : 3 'ga A -t 451 k 7 . 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H1'l'1"" I1-ITB H11I11.AI'n ' ' I'lIil li1I1'1-'k Ilan' RFflYX'Il .l1Il'1I1 Shaw Hill Sh:-I-is li,-I1 XYilli:1mQOn .lllll YYy:1tI CIM l,'I ATION IMI, XYIIr11I1 S+, 11. l.:IIII141-r ART EDITORS Q11, II,1It I I11 IlIlIl1111.111-l NI11115' XYIIIIII IS.-11.1-I Il111lII1:f1' llllll' lIl'lAlllPlYl I,ll" ,IIIIIII-1111 IlI1I'I1zIl':1 lC11II1lf11 '.f1:1 Bl I-IX .llllllf Trifh I, .I SHIIIWII-I1-I' 5I:I1'::1I'w1 NYIIIIIIIIIH-I1 Dcp.1I'tnIcrIt llcacls Ifolluw ORGANIZATIONS ,Izunf-s Maxwell 4'4rIl!lll-' Ilyuwrt TIIIII Priest .I+-:III XVif'4II'f ALUMNI MIR? lC1'ir'l-:Sf-n AlzIIII'i4-.- 1211111-It Ivivk l'lll'1I'll .I:1Ixi1'1- Lair-l lull, Imwth.-I' 4 1 xg DRAMATICS JI-:III Frain l,1I1'iI1-la Nr-wnam CLASSES John Shaw Wilt-Ilt' XYIJII-III .Inn llnlrzznan PHOTOGRAPHS f'aIl1y R1-axon ,Indy HI-IIWII 4"p1r11l Imllins Sl1e1I'1fII M1'l,elE1IId Maru-i:I Short M111'g:11-vt Williamson Xvlillllil AIIIFSHI' Fl-A'lIL'RIiS .llluly Piilll' Ilnvf- 1lI'ifFIII 1':1Iw.1 tmlling SI-OIITS I':111l I wllnexl lmu: Sl111I'1w1w .I11l111 XXIIIIIIIIISIIII IQIIIIIIII- XVIIQ-st CQLASS XVIII. .l.111.-I IIIIIIIZ I.:13l:1I' llI'1.w1I I,-luis l'lIiI'i1-niti II1I'l1:I1'1l Stwinkf- X':1111l:1 Al11s4uI' lx--11 XXIIIIIIIIIHIIII CIASS PIIOIIHECY SIIII I 1111 4'I'niI1 .IIIIIY lxllll' Al11I':11Iw-I I9'i11l1l IZIIIIIIII- l1:11',x' -vig I1 jim Jlofumt, The "Hornet" is the school paper put out monthly by the journalism class of A. H. S. It contains news, editorials, exchanges, gossip, jokes, sports and other interesting material. It was started in 1918, when it was called the "Key" as well as the yearbook. In 1949 the "Hornet" staff was .admitted to membership in the Quill and Scroll, the Inter- national Honor Society for High School Journal- ists. The members of the staff also belong to the National Scholastic Press Assocation. Putting the Hornet Together The members of the stat? this year inclutletl: Editor-in-chief, Tom Priest, associate editor. Alean Crain: business iiianager, jon I-loltzmanq assistant, Judy lfairg art editors. Richartl Servis. klutly Fzranian: exchanges, Barbara Ronclotg ath- letics, Dean Harter, Doug Sharrowg news writers, Margaret Field, Carol Collins, Sharon Crain, Gay- lon Myers, Margaret Xvilliamson, Dave Griffin: feature writers, Cathy Broxon, Ray Brown, Janet Hantz, Ken NY'iIli.imson, Vanda Musser, kludv Brown, Phil Rorick: typists, Bonnie Gary, Marcia Short. Miss Shultz was the faculty adviser. Page Ififfri -lfirrt' "To find and give the best is our purpose true, earnest, honest, and our slogan-to face life squarely too." This Y-Teen slogan can be heard every other Monday when the sixty-tive members of Y-Teens meet. XVith 'the banging of the president's gavel the business meeting pro- ceeds and plans are discussed for the big Christ- mas Prom, this year called "Crystal Fantnsyf' The Y-Teens, .1 junior branch of the Y.W.C.A., Pa-Ma-Me Banquet, besides many other activities. The Y-Teens, fl junior branch of the Y. XV. C. A. stands for a Christian way of life and does much to influence the student body. Many inspiring meetings have been held. The otlicers were: President, Sharon Crain, vice president and membership chairman, Anne Burns, secretary, Judy Pairg treasurer, Beth Sel- mang program chairman, Janice Laird: social chairman, Nancy Nvoodg service chairman, Ei- leen Schaeffer, finance chairman, Karen Reese, song leader, jean Wfiicoffg pianist, Lucinda New- namg chaplain, Rosalyn Burton. The advisers were: Miss Frank, Mrs. Wood, Miss Shultz, Mrs. blarrard, Mrs. Boomershine, Miss Reed, Mrs. Crain, Mrs. Skove, Mrs. Stevens, and Miss Myers. cf v A The Angola Hi-Y Club, organized in 1922 by former Superintendent john L. Estrich, was the first in the state of The club is Sl member of both the state and national organi- zations. The purpose of the club is-"To create, m.1int.1in, and extend through the home, school and community the high st.1nd.1rds of Christian character." The club members have carried out their purpose this by sending othcers to both fall and spring district Hi-Y conventions. hold- ing .1 joint father-son, mother-daughter banquet with the Y-Teens, sponsoring .in auditorium pro- gram .it Easter and .ilso sponsoring, jointly with the Y-Teens, the Christnus Prom, "Crystal Fantasy." The club met every other week. The pro- grams included outside speakers, films, and dis! cussions of general interest to the members. The orhcers were: President, Jim Maxwell: vice-president, jim XVy.1ttg secretary, Bill Sheetsg treasurer, Ben Bryan: chaplain, john Fiandt: service chairman, Tony Romerog and program chairman, John Shaw. The sponsor was Mr. NVe.1rly. 6 .T ,, Q' YR Hi-Y Cabinet .I 'u.Q ,, s ,Q Dm ww, ,-3 ll Dzlafdfhlatic uatw' '11, The Girls' Athletic Association is an active group in our school this year. This organization is for all girls in high school interested in athletic activity. The purpose is to increase the girls' interest in various sports and to develop friend- ship. better sportsmanship, and co-operation. Ilveij' Friday afternoon from 3:50 to 4:45 the girls participate in sports such as baslxetball, volley bali, and soft ball. This year's otiicers are: President, Judy Fairg vice-president, Connie Crain: secre- tary. Connie Gary: and treasurer, Phyllis Harter, The faculty sponsor is Miss joan Shantz. the physical etlucation instructor. Miss Shanti and Club Urlicers Settle An Important Question Judy Talks About Club Activities Gu- X-I ', -T 'I'HI' HHH' l':it 'I':iy'l--r. liill .l-iliiis-iii, Glen llouerw, Phillip tiinilt-r, lili-rx' liinii-5, Ali- lizifl llul--5, Illini NYiIl-wr, lqhlllllllllll 15+-rmnn, .lim XYy:1tt, lieu' lil'-'iwil, John 11+-iili-3: SICVHNIP HUXY: .Iac-lt IC.-rlit-n. Tom lmu:lusf. Tom Hutt-I. XY:ilter Smith. lioiigilil llgirlivlt. l'zirol Ste-ink:-, Ii:il'lr:il'al Siiy-li-r. Iiiililiiv Suv Sum., Blsirtlial Slliifiki-l', JHI1 llzizul--, llzixiil lilouuli. .lziniws XYilI.+4r. Albert Vrifty, I-'run--is .Ii-lins-fn. l-'IUPNT lllllyt Mr liiniliziiii, Holm-rt l-llilon. llzlviil S14-xviis-Iii. lhilw Y1'ilioI.i, lwll-i-rl l,1-li- mziu, lhliw Ixuun, .l-'linux' Hutt-I. Sunny lu-lzir, Iiol-i-rl M- Hi-i-li-, Ili:-li:iril llulliiizvr, llruii- Ftf-iiiltr, lmxiil Imy, lvivlcw Musxer. Sulidlff PML White belts, flashing yellow lights, and red and white stop signs are evidence that the members of the safety patrol for the Angola schools are on the job. This is the tenth year the patrol has been functioning. It iQ in this group that the parents of the community place their faith that their children will get to and from school safely. XVith Captaini -lim Xvyatt, Junior German, and Lieutenant Ray Brown axsigning each member to the poxt he or she is best rittetl for, we can expect the patrol to func- tion smoothly regardlesw of the weather or anything else that might interfere. U. R. Graham is the patrol supervisor tliii year. Pug i. ,. . ,. L' Hvfla-wii'i1 IV Many Things Are Considered By This Group 3 mchmm, UL ' The ure Teachers of America Club was organized for students who have an interest in teaching and think they would like to enter the teaching pro- fession. In the club they are told what qualihcaitons they must have to become teachers. Then hy the means of student teaching, movies, and talks given by teachers and other professional workers the students decide whether or not they have the quali- ncations to become teachers. john Estrich Put The activities during the past year consisted of meetings on alternate Xvednesdays. a faculty tea. sock hops, conferences, an auditorium program, and student teaching. The orlicers for the vein' are P I . . 1: resident. Bill XV1' rl and setretarv-t - ' i it, mtg vice-president. Anne Burns: I rtasurtr. Carolyn Burning. The club! faculty adviser is Mrs. Gladys Kile. -421'-M-,+v..w ,.,.-,. ,, l - .,,,, J ky A Council Meeting Is About To Start some gi, ' The Student Council was organized in 1932 to promote co- p . dents and faculty, provide opportunities for student self direction, foster all worthy school activities. and create and maintain high standards for citizenship. This organization has sponsored and participated in many activities throughout the year such as: sponsoring a sock hop: selling basketball tickets: sponsoring the selec- tion of cheerleadersg striving to arouse school spirit: sponsoring the May Prom: spon- soring an auditorium programg and working on the school problems in general. The Council consists of four members, two boys and two girls, from each high school class. This year the members of the Council were: Seniors-Nancy Xvood. Mar- Fielcl Ion Holtzman, and Tom Priestg juniors-Mary Schrider, Anne Burns, so homores-Ianie Flegal, Sandie Shank. Cwordie Van Short Xlike Stohlei' and BCH SILI- o eration betw garet , A ' A cl Rover XVilsong p K i Bcatty, Dianne , . A "" ' Cary Griththg Gary Grifhth, an g Marter, and Qleriy Randolphg freshmen-Pam Jerry Hoffman. The othcers are: President. Nancy Xvoodq yice-pitsidtnt. 1 secretary-treasurer, Margaret Field: and reporter. Jon Holtzman. V Mr. Bernhardt is the faculty adviser. J rl :iffy -11 T i ?' ' l""" ll , ,p1"""' n"',fnv' -f'...'2f'f"""""' An lmportant Meeting 1s In Progress '7ZafionaL Hamm, Soiciatq, Ona of the special honors given to the seniors of Angola High School is to lu: suluctcd for mcmluurship in the National Honor Society. faftcun pci' cunt of tht- class arc eligible. They arc sclcctcd from thc uppcr thirtl of the class. rankud according to scholastic achicvemcnt, and chosen by the faculty in :lic basis of citilcnship, survicc to the school, and character. Thosu who rccuivctl the honor this year arc: LaN1ar Brown, Paul DeRosa. Janet 11,1I1IZ. Tom Hotlman, Elon Holtzrnan. Lucinda Ncwnam, Richard Scrvis. John Shaw and Nancy Wbotl. Thu officers for thu 1957 group arc: President, Tom Hoffman: vice-pwsitlciat. Paul Iluliosa: suurutary, Nancy XY'ood. Mr. Nlcflutchan is thc trcasurcr. Thu local chaptur of thu National Honor Socicty was cstablishcd in 1955 and thc mtfmburship is now 261. A scholastic fund was sun up in WEN. Each mcmlncr contributes one dollar to thc fund for thu first hw years he is a member. The money is usccl in the form ot a loan In hulp semi a grarluatt of Angola High School to collcgu. Mr. Shepherd 3' Gives Instructions 1 W Qi aiu ' pfwgeaw' Activity every hour of the day marks the life of the student librarians. NX'henever any student wants a book or magazine, the librarians are always willing to help him find it. Xvhen the librarians are not locating material for other students, they are taking care of the books and keeping the tiles in order. We greatly appreciate their service throughout the year. Movies, film strips. the record player and the tape recorder are all a part of the day's work of the film projector operators. The audio-visual program of the school is expanding each year and is a very important part of regular class work. The projectionists are always eager to do their work and the four lilm projectors are very frequent- ly in use. Audio-visual aids make classxvork fun. Projectionists Have a Preview Of a Coming Attraction i Consuls Address the Citizens . ' t T C cal League is a national organization composed of local classical ior high schools throughout the Linited States and its territories. i 'ie Nl. C. L. is to encourage among the young people an interest in 1 ne civiizzations of ancient Greece and Rorne and to give them f the :ieot of our own culture to that of classical antiquity. e local club are: Consuls. John Shaw and john Fiandt: Scriba. L Ci uitor. Miss Reed. N i ne distinction of having attenclecl all the state conferences during schooi. NY'l'ien a sophomore he served as chairman of one of the la. T1 Pianit and Norma Law' have also attended state meetings. as rreribers ot :ne club, mf , Romani jon, dn -A Y: Luz- yy -,-, :,...- LY- ,- ,,-.-. .- A : V-- :A- .2 ,, .:,.. .. v..- .x,,,.-,.: ... L.. . V ..... - 4. - ..,,, Q.. .,4.. .- ..,.., - --,.., ,.,. ., .,,.,A. P C T T 'Aix X--4 U mmm, sum, The Angola Chapter ot the National Thespian Society was organized in Angola High School in 1952. The organization is composed of students who have earned a suftieient number of points, through service to the drainatics department, to enter the society. The Thespians produced three one-act plays under the supervision of three stu- dent direetors on Novembei 20. These plays were "Golden Slippers," directed by Jean Lraing "Curse You, jack Dalton," directed by Jon Holtzmang and "Love Errantf' di- reetetl by Lucy Newnain. The otheers of the club are: President, xlon Holtzinang vice-president, Paul De- Rosa: secretary. Lucy Newnamg treasurer, jean Crain. The faculty sponsor is Robert Seigel. IH' " 13412, 0141. frm, Hwgm, "Time Out For Ginger," a comedy in three acts, was presented by the senior class on Friday and Saturday nights, October 19 and 16. The plot dealt with the antics of Ginger, v Q . V ik raffle . Il i 5 4 K Q W ? '- 1 2 .j i K A s Q M3 Q 1 , !1 in Y Q Q if fi ,X if . Q 5 1 2 i f .1 0 . . X ii . K 2 a girl who would rather play football than be .1 lady. and her worried family. Father was on Gingerys side all the way because she was his 1 ,I Pkfli P M. z "son." Action came to a head when Ginger's 5 i two older sisters, loan and Jeannie, joined a V In B boycott against the team because of Ginger's I 5 participation. Mother with her level head, A 'fs , helped the situation to smooth out perfectly. ,V Vf' Q' ES The cast included: Paul DeRosa as How- Kiki 1 ii ' ard Carol: Lucy Newnam, Mrs. Carol: Jean if I' 1 Crain, Gingerg Judy B1'L1IH.lH,, Lizzy, the maid: l, i '-," S ' Mag Field, Jeannie: Sharon Crain, Joan: Jim f 1 C , , l--f . Hildebrand, Eddie: Jim Maxwell, Tommy: i Xl i ' ' A--"All w 5 Jon Holtzman, Edwardq Tom Hoifman. Mr. A Jr ivy N XVilsong and John Shaw. a messenger boy. K is 4 E D 1.+.. A The play was under the direction of Mr. '." V Seigel, with student director, -lohn Shaw. SCENES Behind the Scenes Helpers Set The Stag Ginger Obeys All Training Rules. The Family Receives A Shock. Tiniid Tommy Stands Up to Eddie. U! -Q 'rfgfjyiigqfq A: 'N - --v 4? 19' x -T - 85 ? . . ....1Q... .. ' .s:'i'TI.1',-39-5:S'+ Vs ' . -fe '- T135 . a ' .Q , as as ,Ee 4 ' .f -. t a el z. -,tgllxq . . ,N is :J M. X i i, . ,?f"f'f3"fY7jZf4'f- gif" 47 'f 41-. . ,- , ,. '. Wag! D, , , frjyfff' ,. - A s-,V , 4: ,A . A ' "'A 3 fa2C751?:'fn -M 4-tfffw 'Y T , 'Zs'?!,??5 ' 5 'fr in ,fi E 15, ,, - L Q . ,Q W gf 1 .ftlffff z 42' 42, - ' ' 'K' f 'T"'.-A .-64 "1-- '-ivy 4 -1 ' ' . ii5?.'?:1:. T' " 4 V' rr. ' I A1,j'fY',-g,:f- J' l v Q'-: V l 'gf-5: rj, N I , di' ,t V-' H, . I V W "iv tv' 1. nt 3 ll- t 4 .3 .4 - - -' 5 . V' I ',.,, 4 'N ff ' 7,40 '4lN'g:, - ' fc: 3' ' 'Q X Q.,"v ' W wa- af. im ' ' -QL . .,f,'9' - -91.1 3 ,mg . 'J "f'vfhf vw g Q ,W 'fi A , ,V N 1. ...,. .H- '-' f 'Q V K ... Q. .N A- ., '--vw---'. X A Nw x 1 s .J-lL5g4x'.:"gn..,... .. . , , - V ' .f " K 4 :lv-nsnavuq, 'li-0+-'....,,, -- - -.z-v.,- .M 4- lg I . ... .Q ,955 k4L.g,... ' f x- . '. - A-f?-...'F -..,.'-M . LN !"'Ff-lub. ... -4 v' Kf' 131 - - ,. X- " me md. og Jae gram " "Come Out of the Closet," a mystery comedy in three acts, was presented by the junior class of Angola High School on Thurs- day and Friday evenings, March 14 and 15. All action took place in a rundown apart- ment in New York City, which three unex- perienced girls had rented. Mysterious figures appeared from the closet, which had no key. Close neighbors were eccentric and their land- lady was greedy. Events turned out for the best as the mystery was solvedg the police ar- rived in timeg and the girls reached a friendly argument with their landlady. Featured in the cast were: Ann Slanina. Mrs. Maloneg Norma Law, Hilda Hawkinsg Beth Selman, Irene Gleasong Anne Burns. Jen- ny Pottsg Karen Day, Ammonia Mullinsg Nancy Randolph, Abbie Phillipsg Bill Xvright, Guthrie Rosewaterg Dick Baade, Mr. Cutterg Bob Eff, Hercules Jones: Dave Maclfadyen, George Hansong and John Fiandt, Sweeney. Mr. Seigel was the director and Carol Skove, the business manager. SCENES Mrs. Malone Speaks Her Mind. Mr. Cutter ls Victim of Circumstances. Guthrie Rosewater In Command. The Stage Is Prepared. ,fs- jhfuze 01112.-det Playa, The Thespian Society presented three one- aet plays in the auditorium on November 20. "Curse You -lack Dalton" was an old- fashioned melodrama in which the hero saves the heroine from the villain's clutches. The cast included: Nancy Randolph, Mrs. Daltong Sharon Herendeen, Anna Alyaradog Anne Burns, Bertha Blair: .lim Maxwell, Egbert Van Horn: jerry Randolph, Jack Dalton: Mary Schrider, Eloise Dalton: and Tom Holfrnan, Richard Blair. "Love Errant," a comedy based on high school life, featured Susan Rathburn as Anng Pete Havholm, Jim Howard: James Hilde- brand, Guy Thomas: and Elizabeth Owens. Eve Terrance. "Golden Slippers" was straight drama. The cast included: Elaine Artman, Ann Toddg Paul DeRosa, Joe Malloy: June Priest, Miss Morgang and Lynda Gentry, Maggie. The student directors were Jean Crain. ,lon Holtzman, and Lucy Nexynam. The Thespian sponsor is Mr. Seigel. SCENES XVilliam ls Apprehended ln "Curse You lack Dalton." Problems of Young Loye In "Love Errantf' Ann Todd Complains Birrei-ly In "Golden Slippers." Directors Discuss Problems, ixfli Band The band is a very active organization around Angola High School. It is under the direction of Elwood Nichols. Last year, 1956. the band won a superior rating at the district contest which was held at Angola. The following week it won an excellent rating at the state contest, which was held at Kendallville. This year, 1957, the group won an excellent rating in the district contest held at Concord Township school. The outstanding event of this year's marching band was its participation in the Band Marching contest held at North Side High School in Fort W'ayne. The band was led by Phil NY'ilson, drum major. The twirlers were Janis Brand, Sandra Shank, Bonnie Page, Norma Law. and Sharon Babcock. The band played in the contest this year. The selections were: Crosley March by Henry Fillmore. "Symphony in E Flat" by Saint-Saens, and Ballet Parisien by Offe- loach-Isaac, The band played at all the home basketball games throughout the year and pre- sented a special Christmas program at the Salem game. 'l,'-Ill, l,'l-' .Imif livniifl H'u':4vi I'lm1r, Friiiilizi Slmrilt, ,Kim Slannlnu, .I4-:um-Ili llvif ir I-ml. lC1l,i Silviiari, ".i:fil'li lliiiiiliu, I'll1Ilip llinflf-V, M:ul'1li:i XYil1I4-i' i,.i ll. iiiziva Iiniiw, Illlli ,XI:ifI:wIxiui Vlrilfil-I'l'N .lolili llwlnlwy, Hlizilwin 1'l':liln i iii. iii, l'liiH4gi lliiui-Iii, Jviil' Iii-van, Iliflinrul Imy, 'll-1'l'y ,Iv-linrloiu, lim'--ri i i l,,fi.ilr ,lfil ii .-lm' 'l'lZ".XIIifv.'rJI'lS I':ivil l'1lIur:l, IL'-:J4-I' Xyilrfm, .Ii-:Ili XX'i""I'I' e .lfI.f wi lnviii- 'fin ii i .Xlaiiigi Mimi, .lrimi-:J llilwiin liAIll'I'HNI'IS. 'Pom - 'ifiiiif-i, '..ii, .Xliivlivg Iifiiialil Umgl, Multi- liilfltwm. 'I'l'IL,XS. .Xllvli lilllultil fi! ll 1 fi! jwbzlcvm, Qfuufn, '1'l7a,iofL Twirlcrs: Dianne Short. bandic Shank. Bonnie Page, Nur1n.1 LAW. Shnon Babcock, 1.11119 Bl'.lIILi, IUFLIIN major: Phil XY'1lson. T-1111 l'l1il1111-, I"1'--11 Sl1111l1 l'ICII4'l'SSI'1N Krnlw-11 IZ1-11k.1x1', 12111 XY1'l:I1t, .l.111111- I,.111-I. S1-'xv Kina. .Luk M11-lwll, 51141-1111 IL11111-1lq I-'l.l'TI'ZS 5111111111 151--14.111, II1111111-- l'.1 ICI1111111 .X1'l111:111 I-'I2l'IN1'Il II-INXS 1Z.11'x I-'--11-W, 31.111 81411-1111-1'. Sxlx1,1 111111-'11 li.11 1 I!-f1---1151 l':1n1--111 IZ.-.1111 1II!11I-IS 1,11-1114.1 N1-x111.11n. I-21114,-11 S1'l1m-l'l--1'. M1111 .l-- XYiIl1x AI,THS.XX1'l'lI'1Xl11S N-11'111.1 l,.1x1, S11-1111 l1.11l1?-111'11, l'I1iTli1: XYiIr1-11, S.1111l1'.1 121151 'l'l-IXUI' S,XXUI'lIUNl'I, SVISIO' Sir-1-111-rr-111 li.XliI'l'1'NI-f S.XXHl'lI1'Nl-I' 8115.111 Y-HI--1'. ILXSSN1 I'i111111v SI11f1l. ILXSS 4'l..XIllXl-I'l' .I1-:111v-1111 I-'ln-1--I, 1-11 ful' YIULINS: Sliai-on lliwikaw, Dill Steele, Lynda Gentry, Phillip Musser, Susan Yoder, Suzy St.--Anerson. Mary Slillllllil, Kathy Ne-dele, Kay Kelley, Sztndrzi Hzuvthorne. l7l,L"l'lCSi I-Ilaiiw .-Xrunaii, Itonnie l"u.2e, Vvliuldz Eileen S4-liueffi-r. HASSOUN: Dianne Short. SAXO- PHONE: N-frnizi Law. 4'l,Al:lNI2T5: Sandy Shank, .Tnnis Brand. YIOLAS: Mary Jo XY1lliS, Ann Slnninsi, B2lI'liiil'il Slritv. FELLOS: Karen Hrokaw, Bill 'iV1'ight. HASSES1 Susan lizithhurn, Suszin TvllTlt'l'. HHRNS2 Sylvia Butler, Mary' Sifliricler. THUMPICTS: .l"rl'll'l Sliziw, John ljlklllflf, TRHMI-ZONIAI: Janice fmiiwi-se. PERCVSSION: Bruce Ander- son, St-we Kinz. l1.lS Hal' 0 Under the direction of Mr. Nichols the orchestra. now consisting of 35 members, aided in various school activities in the Angola High School auditorium. The Sen- Class Play, the Junior Class Play, and the Dramatics Club Three One-Act Plays were made more entertaining by the music of the orchestra. for the the Iwi lla i p The orchestra also presented pi concert on March 26, featuring the Grieg Concerto Piano and Orchestra with Lucinda Ncwnam as piano soloist, The last portion of concert was devoted to Ballet, Gypsy Dances, Slavonic Dances, and The Waltz of flowers from the Nutcracliefs Suite. A superior rating was won last spring, 1956, by the orchestra in the District Con- held at Angola. The group won an excellent in the State Contest at Kcndlalville. The orchestra won .1 superior rating in the District Contest at the Concord Town- school this spring, 1957, and an excellent rating at the State Contest at Knox. Cornet Trio: john Shaw, john Fiamit, John Henley. Quartet: Phil NVi1son. Gary Forbes, Mike Erickson, Paul Dc- Rom. Miss S i c b 0 I d .iccompaiiying Gary Forbes. -Q ,Q if r I IHI IUIW AIIMI Iiwlrnlivl, .I.,I1x1 II.-ul.-xg .lv-rw' II " ' 'Z Q-PXX v'I'fIny ll--ml-1'--, Kwm AIYIIIIIPY, T-rx I. . , .Ur lm llmln ,1,IIm11 114uxx'- ,Inn HMIIZIIIAII, 4:1415 l4'.,1-In-5, 'lmm lim X nm I In1I11 p . . 'XX Twm Ill:-::II, 4.m'vI1'1n Mm 5l.IrIm', I-1Il XXr1L.Iul IHXY: Iimw-n Il1'4-Imw. Sumlx I1:IlI1lmr1I. Mila- I-lri lx :I Iv: I II ll SIXTH IHIXY: Ii.1r'-11 Il-w-'IIA1 Sznxnlrza Slmnli, IZ4-mniv l'4x I MII.. I'1'x-+I. SI-IYICNTII IUPXYZ I,x1III:I lh-ulry, Ilnrriv-1 4'-wk, Nzmvi Km -IMIIIII, ":nf,I5n llvrnmu. I'IIIIII'I'II ILHXY. .I.n1Ii-:- 1'.f11x.A1'S.-, .I.u1ui4 1- l..xl14I, Xcolvy' XY' .I ,II III'--Wu INSIIIYI' Mixf .lmnxwvlv It-IIIIIIM. gfw, .X YLVI. 1ITIPUI'I,Il'll gruup in th: mum: 4Icp.1rtmunt ix thu Hugh School Choir, undux' II III'Lxli'II :II ,Nlxxx Xancy Slchuld. Ihu .XngoI.1 khrur sang ll'l thu dnstrrul choir umlcst IJNI spring, 1996. .md thu' ru- -. UI .1 Iwi. .Mun the dlstrlcr umlust wax thc xl.lIc contcst in which thc choir rc- I LI thru Mrf r -- 1 - cu sumrcs In lhuir srnymgs and .1 purfccl scorc on sight I'L'.'lkIII1j,Q. ,Iiur .I1f'S 'U V ' , ' IfS7 Sq mr rn 1 ., num xx rm I3 thL Choir this yur, J . in thu district contcst .xt f I. ur I In n hm LIIJUI md In I 'I I s 1 . ' llc sum umtcst held at Knox. 11111 e' 'VMI' IIHXX' .I+-lin I'i:in-!t, T1-ni Hu:-tis, 'l'-'in S-liini--at-, SICVHXIP IIHXY. 1'.ivi1 In-H-isu, ,lim Blaxwi-ll, lnwis Xi-xx'n.iin, It-:nnilvl Vciirisli Tllllll' ILHXY. Jwliii XYilli.linsH1i. l'llili1v XYils-ru. lil-iiiil-l n.-sl l'1ll'l:'I'Il IUIXY .Tm-k Mitvli.-11. Ito:-Ai' XX'iIsi-n, llnx Ilr-iwn. l4'll4'TH IIHXY. .If-.ill XYIUVIT, Jzinh- Ifli-ual, 4'-innlw 151.1-yi J.-gin l l.llll SIXTH IIHXX' Iiili-1-ii S-'liuwI'1':-13 I7.ii'lI.ii'.i Siriii-, .lziiufg Sli'-mu, liii iii4l.i Xi-xyimiii SlCYl'1N'l'll IIHXYL Iilluinfs, ,' l-'iw-i-41. Slinri-ii lrolqnw, Sylvia Ilntlwr, liI1III'I'II HHW: Rosalyn lturt--ii, Ann Slziiiiim, Shzii'-iii Vrnin, try' Ji. XYiIlis. INSIGHT, Miss Nan-5' Siffl..-lil, fhvbz, The members of this group have been very busy this year also. They gave a won- derful concert at Christmas time which included A musical story. " 'Twas the Night before Christmas." along with a variety of other Christmas songs, Miss kleanette Bourne. who was a student teacher here, directed two of the songs. A spring concert featuring American numbers was presented. lt included music from "The King and I," Cowboy songs and many other enjoyable selections. PUSH SP1 Vllfj -f TOP IIOXVQ Allen Kunkel, Tony Rmnero, Tom Hoffman, Ronald YYLIQ-st, Paul De- Ilf-sai, Ilay Brown. MIDDLE ROYV: Judy Brown, John XYil1iamson. FRONT ROYY: Mivltael P11-it-ksoii, Jon Holtzlnan, Jean KVicoff, Lucinda Newnana, Jean 1"rain, Sharmi Crain, Nancy XVoo1l, Janiue Laird, Philip YYi1son. UnmL fmwwlm, A number of vocal groups have been formed this year and have appeared on various programs at the school and at entertainments for other organ- izations. Besides the senior ensemble and senior quartet, these include: ,Iunior trio-june Priest, Nancy Randolph, Ros- alyn Burton. Sophomore ensemble-Altos, Karen Brokaw, Su- 9 A number of ensembles made appearances on school programs and at various club meetings. Three groups represented the school at the Mu- sic lzdueators' Association contests at Indianapolis. These were: The string quartet-Sharon Bro- l-paz-.'. violin, Karen Brokaw, Cellog Lynda Gentry, niolin: and Nlary .ln Wfillis, viola. 'ay S1'iw1l',-fwzrr' san Rathburn, Janice Converseg second sopranos, Suzy Steenerson, Lynda Gentry, Sharon Brokaw. hrst sopranos, Mary Jo Willis, Barbara Strite, Con- nie Gary. Freshman trio-Sue Ulmer, Martha Wilder, Di- anne Short. Gary Forbes has contributed much to the music department by singing for different groups and clubs. He has never said no to a request to sing. fnaanfzblea, The Woodwind trio-Eileen Schaeffer, oboeg Sandra Shank, clarinet, and Bonnie Page, flute. Brass sextet-Paul DeRosa, tromboneg Mike Erickson, baritone, Allen Kunkel, tuba, Gary Forbes, French horn, John Shaw, Cornet, John Wil- liamson, cornet. ANGOLA SCHOOL SONG All for thee. Angola High Schoolg XVe will ever do our best: Xvhen the challenge comes to serve thee, XVe will never fail the test. May we bring thee naught but glory, As we loud our voices raiseg Through the years, Angola High School, Vfe will sing thy praise. MUSIC PARENTS' ORGANIZATION The band parents have been a great help to the music department this year. The otheers of this organization are: Presiednt, Clyde Mel.elandg see- retary, Mrs. Kenneth Steele: and treasurer, XY'endell jacob. They raised money from the annual panealte sup- per and the exhibit night supper. They have given money to the department for a strobo-tuner and an auido-hailer. They also paid for the transportation to district :ind SKSLIE contest. MARCHING BAND The Angola High School marching band took part in the parade at South Bend at the opening of the toll road last fall. Many schools were repre- sented in this event. The band also participated in the marcliing con- test in Fort XV.iyne and received .1 very good rating. Tu TMI' RMIT: V131-iiif-t triii Viiiwilyii Ili-riiiiiu. .I:iiiii- Flwxxil. .lzinis llrziiivl. Miss Sielii-ld :iiiil ,liiiiis Iil'1lIlil. SICVONIP RHXY: Xhiiiilwiiiil Iillllilm-I Sylxizi ltnll-fr, liiaiiiie Shi-rt, Sue I'1nir-it Mui-y .Iii XYilIis. lflziiiii- .Xi'tiii:iii, .laiii--' "on- X.-Vsr. .S-X'R',siUK 5- in M?x,v3iHSi'.QKxfi ""'1-I "P T' -N 4-,Q -4 1' Q. fl. "",. '12 A "QP f',Y4'1f'L', Q..-A '-L-, U , ' MLK! -.a.,1"'WiiQaiE4v'Sd IX E t i ? 5 s S be i 5 Q n E m. -1 1 R A if ll KS 1. E 5 L-JI' N Ns r X Z - .V ,- Z X .i x X g M- 4' 1, , H Hi Ll ii iliig , ... .Aug il' 01111, ,gym ' , will 2,-.fu l'l.l'.'L' nttumlcil bill gnmcs, chnccs, practices, club muctings, ul.1'-ascx, .md pep Llmnl building rcprcscnls our wuriuus side, the gym rcprcscnts part of our social life. I i i ill "fA rvil lim fir: 'S ' A 'I JIU ur ili- ' VVACIS in victury or L1CfCLlI in this building. This picture brings l3.1CQ many .J g 7? 11 . . 'I'-' " 1 N TIII' IUHNX' rmiwli John lltimmi-l, Ti-in l'T'IlTllIllH, L'-1115 Sl1111'1-ow, 121111 Ilelzoszi, .-X111-1. Ii .Lk--I, 49.11-1 Gritiiili, 1I:1i11'1-P 1111111-tt. VIQHNT HHH" John XX'i1Ii:11nso1i. .lgwk Miller, H1111 lillillflllilll. Miki- Iiri--las-111. G111'5' 1 it in 1l.ii.i .9 HQ ' The Hornets started the se.1son with J bang by The next week the Hornets bowed to G.1rrett ,kiL.I'UM,,m w'Mw.1UU SS-S6 .md Lagrxmgc 69-60. +9--H. XY'hen they met Al.ll3Ll1'1'l'S Red Devils here Then they lost .1 tough q.1me to Ligonier. The next they plflycddjnc of that huest gimes' but lost by ' ' ' ' two points in .111 overtime contest. The score was S4-92. The next week s.1w Angola win .1 very close contest from the Berne Be.1rs by the score of 63-62. New Haven invaded Angola .md went .1w.1y witl1 .III e.1sy victory, 79-66. The next night AUf.!,Ol.l '1 :ell the hoys pl.1yed .1 fine game, but eould not de- ft-.1t C,.l1I1e1lI'tll,1 ,ind lost by .1 65-S9 seore. Butler ther. 1n'.1ded Angola .md found the Hornets too tiiuelw for them. .'xI'lQ,f1ll.'l won by 70-57. The te.1m trnneled to South XY'hitlev and lost HWY thfil' bl! 1'i1'11ls Ffcmom- -md lost the S-UNC ill iii 1 :ootl Bulldog te.1m by .1 S2-63 50,1-U,i'1'1qC HU,-- the final seconds by .1 6U-59 score. A hot shooting IMT. '.'.' ent h1el1 home tok meet the Howe NlIllI.ll'V DCC-WUI' Wilm beat the HOUWYS at DCC-Wm' by 93-65- LLU... xyngwill LM,-N ,mt on the mp of A 71-69 IilITll1Lll'SK followed by downing the Hornets 70-YS ,wmv TM mm mxht thcy plllyud Riw,-dxllc M in their new gym. Kendallville bested the Hornets ..l.LllUL1I'H ,1ni.l 'fron e.1sily 66-43, S.llCf11 proved .1i1- 5549- L-Utly' HWY WCW edged bl' Awllll 59-57 in 1 A f . 'V , , 7 4 . , i.tii.r eipj. oiwponeiit .1s the Hornets downed them vhs lvlf Xl'-15114 L9l'5LUm- "1 AU' . l- . f ., ' 1 , . l 'JZ 'Xl'l'l'lt llk onli' 'wild thmd tlmt.Anlwl'l PM In the Sectional Angola downed Salem Center out or the holid1f,' totirney w.1s money for the nth- 7i-46 and then trouneed Metz 64-36. Garrett hm. ilepirrnuerit. They lost their hrst game to .111 . , bested the Hornets 49-41 in L1 very good game. ii'iijir'o1':',l lititler hue hy 70-56. ln the eonsolation .wine the teim .igiin disappointed by their play ci.ll'y lforbes and Mike Erickson were named on 1 'hex lu 1 In lremont hx' .1 HZ-71 seore. the All-Seetion.1l Tourney team. P11 311.111,-1 COACHES .Iohn Hammel and Basil Holmes are our coach and .iswistant coach, whose ex- cellent jobs of training playeri brought out the best in every boy and made the Hornets and the Bees always tough teams in competition. Carroll Nesbitt is the valuable coach who brought the seventh and eighth grade teams through .1 good Qea- son. A. B. Barkdull is respomible for the handling of the whole athletic program. MANAGERS NVe're proud of our student man- agers. Dave Maeliadyen and Bruce Boardman. They looked after .ill the little things that add much to .1 success- ful weaton. CHEERLEADERS XVh.1t would we do without our four excellent cheerleaders? Mar- garet Field. Bonnie Gary, Bonnie Page, and Sandy Shank have done .1 wonderful job keeping up school spirit throughout the basketball season. x L 1 5 rp A iki' . 'X ZS. S Z Q f-X.. f 1 a g- 2 4 ' y , 9 E 3 . l i i emvllx1r.m-... 1 . .X .al 5 . fbi ,gf N' Tom H01 1 MAN CAM VORBI s 1ffr'unrJ Gmznl Senior Scnior Nl.-XLRIKI BxR11'rT Pnl 13lRONX I"m'z1u1wl cifllfff Ssniur Senior .rzfj-H1 ff 'V' 115: SEN 1 f 1 I I 1 X- , 11 1 1 91 11 If , ,U1 5 4 U3 xt-11' M21 1 JZ. .1 1, Q Y 1 I A is 0' ' lv., N. 'IHI IIPXX 1 -.1111 1.11511 111-1111 1111111111 X111 NI 111 1 111 xx 1 .'1 " VH' 511111-115. 111 1' 111 -11 "-1 11,. XX.1111r- 1I.1111x, 11111-1 11521-1'1, .I--1'1x' 11111111-111111. 11-rw' 1111 1111111111 1-" 11" 1N'l IUIXX T11111 191--2.11, '1'11111 V111111 li--1111111 Y:1:1 KL111.-1. 111111 11.1111-114 lx.-111 REVIEW OF THF BFES' SEASON 1 Nov 2 Angola Nov. 16 Angola Nov. 17 Angola Nov. 21 Angola Nov, 50 Angola Dec 7 Angola Dec 1-1 Angola Dec li Angola Dec 21 Angola Alan. 4 Angola Alan. 11 Angola jan. 18 A ngola Klan. 29 Angola Klan. 26 Angola Fcb. 1 Angola Feb. b Angola Feb. li Angola ZX Bi 39 Sl 29 41. 38 SS 95 56 -1-1 31 -H1 34 26 51 17 xY'.lICl'l00,1l'.lI1gC Ligonier Concordia Butler South XVl11tl1:y Howe Xlilitary R1v1:11lalc Salem Garrett Auburn BCYIIC-l:l'CI1Cll New Haven 15 1'1:n1o n I Uucat Lll' Elrnlxurst Kcmlallx'1lls 14 -43 No Basketball c1.lI11C ls CQo1nplctc 11 -10 -1 41 26 7 ES -1-1 -16 l w 33 SH 1 -1 -48 46 3-4 XYitl1out the Pop Corn 51.11111 jfzack IL gli., Review Angola was victorious in tl1eir iirst meet of the season last spring, 1956. They romped over .1 weak Hamilton team to the tune of S0-29. The next meet was .1 tl1ree way one with Avilla and Kendall- ville. Avilla took first place with Angola a close second: Kendallville finished OL!! of tl1e running. Butler was Angola's next victim as the powerful Purple and Gold harriers handed them a 65-46 "licking" The Red Devils of Auburn could not restrain the mighty Hornets as they romped to a 62211-4S1S victory. Angola's next opponents. Ham- ilton and XY'aterloo. also felt the Hornets' sting. An- other vietory was elialked up as the Angola harriers rolled over both Howe Military and NVolf Lake. The next meet held much stiffer competition. Angola was .1ble to take second place in .1 three way meet with Garrett and Central Catholic of Fort Wfiyne. Garrett with a strong squad took top honors. In the annual New Haven Relays the Angola squad placed fourth out of .1 held of over twenty. Several records fell as the day's events progressed. Dick Finch broke the pole vault record with a jump nf 11'-V1 Dave Ralston shattered the shot put mark with a heave of 4-fl". sf ILJ. . .fy Last year was the iirst running of the Garrett Invitational, an event in which outstanding boys from Steuben, DeKalb, and Allen counties took part. The boys from Angola turned in many line per- formanees. The climax of the season was the Sectional track meet held at Elkhart. Despite the weather condi- tions and a water-logged track many fine perform- ances were given. As .1 team Angola placed second, the winner being Elkhartg but individually our team was strong. The boys captured first places in the 100 yd. dash, the pole vault, the high jump, and the shot put. Mike Erickson, Dick Finch. Gary Forbes, Gary Grithth, Phil Rorick, and Dave Ralston qualilied for the Regional meet. Dick Finch was the only boy who qualified for the State. The track team was coached last spring by Art VanMatre. The team is now being coached by Carroll Nes- bitt, who formerly was the coach of tl1e Junior High track team. v 1 'y 1 ,pf gg: .xy r'1.,,.p, 75. MIII, 'I'f.m H1 lnrniwu:-, Hziry Ifoi-In-s, K1-ith In-wi-lla, .lrii'1'a' A i1:1.,11I1, .lfmn Ufillisiin-rin, Hill 511142:-, M:iril'ir-i- li:ul'Ir-II, IH-111 Ilzixlmlm. .-lyuifllr ISHN, Inldi' I lwh, lvwlc l'in1'I1, ilifllniff XYuv-HI, Ilirlmwl Stn-inlti-, Hnra' Hzirlili. l'r.:l '.'.il"fn 'l'4fvii"l:iI1i, Imxiil All-xi-1 p'l'r1j.'1' lg4i1,', l.,.I l1,, 'lm,,, Vin 1, Miki Iiri-ks'-ii, 'I'om IIf.l'I'mnn, l'liiI Ilorii-lt, .I-'J Hur' '17 lv. l'Ml.ig1l1 dw lwffl -lun TUI' HUXY: lQ'n:ii'l1 t'zu'i'ol1 N4-shirt, Toni lifvliflllllll, Keith IH-L-vliy, Paul In-Ri-sn, Alain Alziurzi, lliwim- I'1o1ii'1I1uziil, Hill Stiiiievilaln-i'. Iiuiliager. FHHNT RUXY: .Iohn YYi1li:iiuson, Hi--hard Sl-liiiko, Phil Rliriek. Ilmiiiie XVII--st, A!1iuri1'e Ilurlf-It, Tom Priest. ffwzm, Cn This year the cross4eountry team was sparked by the returning lettermen: Maurice Barlett, Ron XY'uest, Tom Priest, Phil Roriek, Dick Steinke and Tom Hoffman, all of whom were seniors, and Keith Bcechy, a junior letterman. New faces on the squad this year were John XVilliamson, Bruce Boardman, Paul DeRosa and Alan Alaura. The Hornets got otf to a slow start with losses to Camden, Butler, Howe Military and Coldwater. The Hornets then won their first victory against Ashley. They then traveled to Fort XY'ayne and won second place in a three-way meet with Concordia and Arcola. The Hornets began to show improve- ment and the team then ran their best meet of the year against South Side of Fort XVayne and were defeated by only a narrow margin. The Hornets ended their season by participating in the sectional meet at Fort XY'ayne on October 23. IQS6. The Hornet cross country coach this year was Carroll Nesbitt. Page Eig Na'-Ili: U .. ,. fy -E ' N ' h - if f' .. .i . M N , Ii pi x. , B my .frfi 4 A It 1. ' TMP ROXV: Tom Svliinieze, .Jerry Ilanmlolpli. John lfiaiult. Gary' Griffith, T-Im XYyatt. Gary ijhapinan, Jerry H1-Iiman, Doug Shar-row, Burl Vruni, lit-nt Murphy, Mike Iles-se, 1'--awh John Hammely I-'HUNT RUXY: Gary I4'orlves, Jon Kaylor, Jerry Hurt, Dean Harter. Mike Eriekson, Iiiwk i-'ini-h, fioivioii Van Mnrter, 'Film Vrain, T1-ni Ivwens, Mike Stohler. Bmibad The Hornets had a mediocre baseball season this year, winning three and losing three. The team got off to a fast start by rolling over the Wildcats of Nvaterloo by the score of 15-S. The Hornets then journeyed to Ashley where they were handed their first defeat in two years to the tune of S-7. The team climbed back into the winning column by white washing the Butler squad 21-4 on the Angola Legion dia- mond. Our nine chalked up another victory as they shut-out the Riverdale Comets 9.0 The last two games of the season were filled with gloom. The Ashley Aces again succeeded in licking the Hornets 11-8, and in the last game Butler came out on top with 4-2 victory. uf l,l:fff! ', - Jour 1'-.nth llnlnii-s, Tiny If--l1xm:iii, llriiff- ltoiiiwliiiaiiu, lawn: Slniri'--xv. l':iii1 If-fllosi, lluiwliiii Ygiii 11.111,-i'. lnix-A 1I:iil":iilX'v-li, Mr, H-lIll!Nr:'l Hull The golf team completes its third year this year. For two years Angola lost all their games, but last spring, 1956, they finally broke into the winne1"s eirele by taking their last three matches. The golf team ended the season with a record of three wins and three losses. The golf team played Garrett and Kendnllville twice and Concordia and Harlan once. The team journeyed to Fort XY'ayne to participate in the sectional held at Brook- wood Municipal Golf course on May li. Although they didn't qualify for the state they made a good showing by finishing fourteenth OLII of twenty-four teams. Team members were John Weiss, Ronnie Steenerson, Paul DeRosa. Doug Sharrow. Dave MaeFadyen and Gordon Vannlarter. john Hammel was the coach. Scenes at Basketball Games janfzilakm, jlcrznm, mmm Jaya Srluwl, s J' if fu 331 X 'K' K s , , .X , f, V --L . r . X if G .Xi x ' , W lu lf fig-1 Q., v -. ..- .'X,,, awe 'VHP IUWXV' Vnswlm Nlfelrirt, lllliv Hzllpy, l,.aI'!'Y Sun-lux. Rlslnuuwx' K+-nnv ,l4,l11'lsn11. 'P Sum lY'll'l'ilH, linger Ltlllllilll, Bl'll1'1' Am 11-1- F114 'XT RUN' T:-nm l'x'lwIzls, Tw1'l'N' .Xl'l-iXYI'lLl'lll, lhlll Mitmfllxsll, Blivli H1114-y, 1'liIT llyzlll, V'l-1' Iwminu, .In-l-Q lZf1'IifA11, . Lqhth gfzacla, NVon 2 Lost 10 -Xngnla 37 Auburn 29 -Xnfgmln 18 Ci.11'1'ctt Sl Xngnlg 33 NV.1L:rloo -li 'Xngnlg 37 Kcmlallvillc 42 -Xnlgnlm 27 Hamilton ZS Xngnla 26 Fremont 27 jlxllgfllll ZS l"l.ll'l'lSOl'l Hill 29 Xnlqnlll I9 l:l'L'H10I1I 33 Xngnla 27 Auburn S1 Xngnln 21 l'l.1miltnn 5-l' .Xngnll 29 licndnllvlllc 33 Xngnlg 19 Cl.1l'1'ctt 36 IUNIK JR Hlffll 'l'OL'RNliY l II'SL fume Cnfvsulntixm Chmu .Xu gill 34 .-Xulwurn 47 fXngml.1 24 C,1.11'1'ctt 21 fl: B.11'b.11'.1 Croxton. judy Rust. I , Ellen Stccnerson. xlmly Bxznly. ' - X W b , .- A ' , -'N , A wwf: -W VQEW W-- - , ' Angolm Ixllglllj Angol.1 Angola Angola Allgklld A ngnla :Xngol.1 .-Xngol.1 Angola Angola 5QU.QI'lfh, Wvon -l 94 l 36 24 39 34 35 16 34 IS I6 23 9 Lani f :Xuburn G.11'11-tt XVA tcrlun Kcn+,l.1llx'illc I-l.1mi l run Iircnmm lil'Cl11UH I Auburn , l-lamilton Kund.1llx'illc Garrctt . f ' ,ff n" gg X xx f ,-., D,-L.. .N -s - A.-. .Qi ,X ..- l , XD? x.c.rwl TNI' HMXY, mum-'lx NL-slfitl, Gnu' lilul-, .lim Sil-.-rt, Milo- I'.1x'k--13 Inxrl XYllNHn, NRG Munn:--r Imxill lvlrrxm QIPV4 rYIn 1 mn lW:nAilN'r IHNY: :le-uv Slmw, ISM. Mwlrl-14 le, Hlvn Jn-ull, Illxll Il 11-'11 'XI 1Nll!'lXI'V FHHNT RUNY: Gene Kuhn, Ixulllwf-1-L 1.4-lxnmn, .Im-k Slriu-, .Inn 1.1-x--wx, llhl-lip Wynrr. flaaa, CUYZL XY'e, the class of 1957 of Angola High School situated in the city of Angola, in the county of Steuben. in the state of Indiana, being of sound mind and body, do hereby make. publish and de- clare this to be our last will and testament. To MR. B.-XRKDULL, our sponsor, we leave our sincere thanks and appreciation for his wonderful guidance, To MR. INICCUTCHAN, our principal, we leave our best wishes for success in guiding the future classes through the trials and tribulations of high school as he did us. To MR. boOsIERsHINE, our superintendent, we leave all good thoughts that we have received from assembly speakers. To THE REST OI' THE FACULTY, we leave our best regards and the wish that they may instruct many other classes in science. Latin, English, and other subjects. We also leave the memory of the class of '57 to do with as they may see fit. To THE JUNIORS, we leave our ability to up- hold the Senior name, in the hope that they will do as well as we have in our last year. To THE SOPHOMORES, we leave our ability to make money on the money-making projects. To THE FRESHMEN, we leave our ability to get along with the faculty and to have as much fun as we have had in the four years of high school. In addition to those bequests we wish to dis- pose of some more of our personal items as follows: I, AIAURICE BARLETT, do hereby bequeath my locker, number 554, to Dick Baade and Keith Beechy in the hope that they keep it clean. I, JUDY BRANIAN, do hereby will and bequeath my Hornet covers to any unsuspecting junior. I, JUDY BROwN, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to pass every class in high school to any future freshman who might need it. I, LAMAR BROWN, do hereby will and bequeath one very slightly used calculus book to Mr. Ham- mel, it being his in the first place, in the hope that like me, he will have very little time to read it. I, RAY BRONYN, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to tell jokes in Miss Shultz's class to Gordie Vanfiflarter. I, CATI-IY BROXON, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to do everything wrong to my brother, John, in the hope that he will try to overcome it. I, Louis CHIRILOTTI, do hereby will and be- queath one well worn 'Sl Chevrolet to anyone who needs any mechanical experience. I, CAROL CSOLLINS, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to go steady with one boy for two years to my sister, Pat, in the hope that it will last as mine has. I, JLAN CHAIN, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to ride to school every morning with four wonderful boys, to my "little" sister, Connie, In the hope that she arrives as safely as I did. I, SIIARUN CJKAIN, do hereby will and bequeath my amaying ability to make stupid remarks in class to my brother, Tom, in the hope that he may be as good at it as I was. I, PAUL DEROSA, being of unsound mind and body, do hereby will and bequeath one slightly worn sweat shirt to Doug Sharrow in the hope that Illl get one from him in return. I, CONNIE DYGERT, do hereby will and be- queath my ability not to go steady through three and a half years of high school to my sister, Janet. I, AL EATINGER, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to work at the Glass House to anyone who wants it, provided he can afford to break as many dishes as I do. I, MIKE ERICKSON, do hereby will and bequeath to Dave MacFadyen my ability to grow whiskers. I, LARRY EYSTER, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to work at Krogeris all the way through high school to anyone crazy enough to do it. I, JUDY FAIR, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to go on a diet for two weeks, lose ten pounds then gain ten pounds plus two back in two days, to June Priest. I, MAG FIELD, do hereby will and bequeath my curly mop to Nancy Randolph-in the hope that she'll never use "silky stratef' I, DICK FINCH, do hereby will and bequeath my ability not to be able to get into a school play to somebody that has the talent I have. I, GARY FORBES, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to stay home and sleep without my moth- er's knowing it to Jerry Randolph in the hope that he uses it to his advantage. I, BONNIE GARY, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to get passes out of study hall to my sis- ter, Connie. I, RAY GERMAN, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to get out of study hall to Glenn Wilber. I, DAVE GRIFFIN, do hereby will and bequeath to Sharon Herendeen the ability to get mad and for- get it, and to Marsha Sams the keys to my car for two years while I am in the Navy. I, JANET I-IANTZ, do hereby will and bequeath to Metz students entering Angola next year my ability to study in study hall and also my locker. I, JERRY HART, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to get a driver's license whenever I want it to anyone in need of one and my ability to go with girls to Dave Southern. I, DEAN HARTER, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to miss only Ili days of school while in high school to Dave MacFadyen in the hope that he will do as well. I, JAMES HILIJEBRANIJ, do hereby will and be- queath to Tom Caswell my standing as the tallest boy in high school in the hope he will not lose it. Also, I give my well worn map of Toledo to any- one who wants to drive that far. I, THOMAS M. HOI-'IfMAN, do hereby will and bequeath to anyone who wants it, my ability to study hard as a senior in the hope that he will use it throughout his years in school. I, JON HOLTZMAN, do hereby will and be- queath to the sophomore class, toward whom I have always been like a Dutch uncle, my rabbit's foot, in care of my brother, Tony. I, KENNETH I-IIJLLINGER, do hereby will and bequeath to David Southern my ability to drive for two years without getting picked up by the cops. I, WILLIAM JOHNSON, do hereby will and be- queath to my brother my well used Junior English book. I, ALLEN KUNKEL, do hereby will and be- queath my refinished horn, full of dents, and my love to play good marches, to "Iilip,' Philipp in the hope he will soon play some right notes. I, JAN LAIRIJ, do hereby will and bequeath to Phil Snyder my ability to make good grades and still have fun, and to Dee Newbauer my home- making "ability", and the will power to ignore eer- tain boys. I, ROBERT LONYTHER, do hereby will and be- queath my two Junior English books, nearly new, to Mr. Seigel. I, STEvE MANSI-'IELo, do hereby will and be- queath my ability to get good grades in Mr. Seigel,s class to Ken Nagel, who needs it. I, JANIES IVIAXXYELL, do hereby will and be- queath to Mr. Holmes my highly treasured picture of our nation's great leader, Ike, in the hope that he too will gain confidence in the future from look- ing at itg to Mr. Bernhardt, a new thermometer, to Mr. Hammel, a container of the yet unproved ele- ment ether. I, SHARON MQLELAND, do hereby will and be- queath my black band tie to Janice Converse and hope that she enjoys it as much as I have. I, XTANDA MUSSLR, do hereby will and be- queath my seat in journalism class to my sister, Sharon. I, GAYLON IYIYFRS, do hereby will and bequeath 'ny bubble-skirts to put on Tony's hot M.G. I. LUCINDA NEXX'NALI, do hereby will and be- queath my ability to keep from blushing when I Im embarrassed to my little brother, Johnny. I, TOM PRIEST, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to pass physical ed two years out of three to any freshman or sophomore who possesses the in- ability to pass it two years in a row. I. ToNY RoIxIERo, do hereby will and bequeath to Miss Shultz a wig, in the hope she will no longer tear her hair. To Janice Brand, I leave my power to get along with people and to Dave MacFadyen, my ability not to get a ticket from the city police. I, BARB RONDOT, do hereby will and bequeath my faithful little alarm clock to my neighbor, Linda Ewers, although the alarm will go off only at 7 o'clock. I, PHIL RoRIcR, do hereby will and bequeath to my brother, John, my ability to argue upon any subject anyone wishes to mention. I. RICHARD SERYIS, do hereby will and bequeath my unruly hair to John Broxon in the hope that he can train it better than I did. I, JOHN SHAXY, do hereby will and bequeath to John I-Iammel my first telescope so that other physics classes may have as much fun as our class did with it. I, BILL SHEETS, do hereby will and bequeath my old combs and toothbrushes to any and all un- derclasmen who want them, and my driving ability to anyone who can use it. I, Douo SHARRow, do hereby will and be- queath my ability to break glasses to anyone whose father happens to own a glass factory. I, NIARCIA SHORT, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to get stuck with typing programs for plays to my sister Dianne in the hope that she learns to center things better than I did. l, RICHAIXIJ STEINRE, do hereby will and be- queath my ability to get along with all the high school teachers, to anyone who wants it. I. BILL STONECIPHER, do hereby will and be- queath to Mr. Seigel my well-used English book, and to Leroy Reed .Ind Glenn XVilber my intelligence to pass also my ability to get along with Barbara Shipley to anyone who may need it. I. JUDY TRICH, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to get aolng with Mr. Seigel to Nan and Georgie. I, GENE XVEICHT, do hereby will and bequeath to Mr. W'early of the Industrial Arts Department, one good. unabused screwdriver-another first. I, JEAN NVIQOI-If, do hereby will and bequeath my poetic ability to Doug Essenberg, hoping that he may use it to get out of a tight spot some time. I, JoHN WVILLIABISON, do hereby will and be- queath my poetic ability to Doug Essenberg, hoping he may use it some time. I, KEN NVILLIAMSON, do hereby will and be- queath .1 well used map of Fort Xvayne and the sur- rounding area to anyone who has good use for it, especially Ken Nagel. I, NIARGARET XXIILLIABISON, do hereby will and bequeath to Janet Wilder my aiblity to occupy every seat in study hall within four years with the hope that she does not cut up as much as l. I, PHIL XKVILSON, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to get to school at 8:29 in the morning to Jack Miller, to Gary Grifiith my ability to psas chemistry, and to my brother, Roger, my ability to get out of work. I, NANCX' XVooIx, do hereby will and bequeath to Peg Jarrard and Lynda Gentry my ability to sit by calmly with nerves of steel while the said two wrecklessly took the wheel of a car for the first time, using the accelerator pedal as a brake and the brake as an accelerator and paying no attention to the fact that the car belongs on the street. I, RON XVUEST, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to have fun on New Year's Eve to Keith Beechy provided he can use it to the best of his ability. I, JINI xY'YATT, do hereby will and bequeath my two English books to Mr. Seigel. In testimony whereof, we hereunto set our hand and seal and declare this to be our last will and testament, this twenty-eighth day of May, in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and fifty-seven. SIGNED! THE SENIOR CEL.-XSS PER: JANET HANTZ LOUIS CHIRICOTTI LAMAR BROXVN RICHARD STEINKE VANDA MUSSER KEN XVILLIARISON , X3 41- mv: 1 k I ' o 1 5 ' u ,1 ,uf Q-10 . ' " cl a 4 vb ,cl X ' 1 . A., ml li. f1,,,..J . . f., 5 'full ."f E'fJ4'k"'1 W! 1011-., X ul 15 2-I 2 4 . Q f"' 5 I 1 A 1 .Q +1 "'-1 1 S ,-, P. , l',1 1 ,'.111! TNI' IZHKN 'I'1ll H11-111, XII ",111',l1II41XX 11.111114 .1l ' - 1-11111-, .l11111. '11I1l'I1I1'IUf .NI1 .4-1:1l 1 11111,1 Y,',.1111 '41Wl1'I'lI ICWU II1-3 1111 1'lVV 1'11'.' 1111-11 1111 111 V V1 ,1 IJ111, pf 'Q Wh. TA! W-1 !2'Q ",1..f1, XX1-:11Ix Ilill .1111l Ifliif-1-11. II1'1'11 11111111w .I1-11111 Jim XYXAII, II1- fI.11-, .l11I111" S1-111111' M1111 1l:15, XYl1:11's xx'1'11l1:4, M:1:.L'.'. 111 111-11-. XX'i111f1- 1-I1111 1111 51111 111111-, Al:1u'.', S111-1'1'x II1-1-1-114 I'111I 411 1I111' S111'1111K1-1I, AI:1L:" .X lq11111'l111111' -1I,I,1,1 XXI1.11 .111 1-111 1111111111: l'1'I', ui1'l!,'. l,1111Ii 111 II11- SI1.11 ' I I I I f 1 4" , 'FUI' IUHX' Ill-Y iznitmtl-ful M--Ivy 4'luiflm.1x, M-NU Nw- lln+Y m11i.uvi--m Sl4I1'1'NIv UMW. A1 X-'IN--An pw-'nil Alf-rv sp.-Us-Nl-N Y-'I'1'.'n lV.1l'.llI"H 'Fllllilv IIHXY, Y-'IN---In 11V--:mm 1-frmlnilxv-V m-lux. lfmn-I' fw1111:11111-W um'-uw Y-'I'--wa lllIll.IIiwn :l:.llx1 l"Ul'Ii'TII IIHXY AI Ili-Y miliuliwn .I-rlly. l'1. lull XII' Sm:-I in .4 lmplr' :M-L-I X-V -lml'-w-1nliw1l't il, ulrlx' Ihzqu Xinuly -1111 611-M pfwphfui- It is now the year 1970 and several members of the class of "S7" have met on board the ocean liner, U. S. S. Hornet, which is bound for Honolulu where the class will hold their reunion. It is smooth sailing all the way under the steady hand of our dis- tinguished captain, RONALD NVUEST. Our depend- able steward, TONY RORIERO, is always on hand to meet our every need. SHARON CRAIN is our ship's cute hostess and she is talking to the famous Euro- pean news correspondent, JOH I"lO1.TZNiAN, who is telling her all about his exciting experiences abroad. QIUNIOR CERRIAN, sole owner of the largest tractor firm in America, and his business associate. Soxwv MvERs, are on their way to close a big bus- iness deal with 3IRs. GAIL BRAUCHLA, the former jtm' FAIR. who owns a vast pineapple plantation on th: island. The famed actor, PAUL DliROSA, is on his way to Honolulu, not only to attend the reunion, but to meet the beautiful JEAN CRAIN, who is co-star- ring with him in the movie "South Pacific." Strolling along the deck we see millionaire play- boy BILL SHEETS and his pretty private nurse, MAR- r,ARIT FIELIJ, engaged in .1 game of shuffle board. We hear there are two of the business world's most etiicient secretaries on board: juni' BRAMAN, who IS the secretary of the world's biggest yacht club in America: and CONNIE IJYbIiliT, who is the ship eaptain's secretary. Oh! Here comes .IOIIN VC'II.I.IAxIsON wearing the latest Van Hild suit designed by KIIM HlI.lDIg- Ian ixn. New York's leading designer of men's cloth- ing. l'J"I ,Nilflil -fu fi NANCX' XVOOD, who is now the greatest por- trait artist in the world, is doing sketches for every- one on board. XVe overhear DOUG SHARROVV, manager of the winning team of the World Series this year, talk- D ing to EAN HARTER, his most valuable player of the year. Dick STEINRE, the ship's communicator, tells us we are nearing the shores of Honolulu. As we look toward the shore we see CAROL COLLINS danc- ing to the guitar music of the leading American comedian, R.-xi' BROWN. As the gang plank is lowered, MAURICE BAR- LETT, the designer of beautiful English tweed top coats, comes ashore. There is a huge commotion and a barking of dogsg and as we turn around we see SI-IARON MCLELAND and her dog trainer, JERRY HART, leading her famous Dandy Dinmount, who was just voted the world's most beautiful dog. Back of Sharon we see MAIKGARET XVILLIANISON, the win- ner of the woman's discus throwing award in the Olympics, and her manager, VANDA MUSSER. AL EATINGER has all of his cabs waiting to take us to the Pineapple Grove Hotel, owned by LOUIS CHIRICUTTI. MAYOR JAMES MAXWELL is presenting the gold key to the city to MIKE ERICK- sON, Mayor of New York City. The band, led by ALLEN KUNREL, is loudly playing as JEAN WICOFF sings "Little Grass Shack." There is a hum of a Cris Craft and TOM PRIIisT and Dick FINCI-I zoom by on water skis. They are practicing for a show at the famed Cy- press Gardens of Florida. KMA Wfwpfvwf Looking off in the distance, we see the dome of JOHN SHANXJS elaborate observatory. LANlAR BROXVN and John came down to join us with their technical assistant, JANET HANTZ. XVith a sereech of brakes out jumps GENE XY"'EICHT, the island's mortieian, from his sleek black Cadillac. With him is the famous corporation lawyer STEVE MANSI-FIELD, who is vacationing after a try- ing ease. PHIL RORICR and RIQHARD SIiRvIs, the well known news critics, are here on their much needed vacations. PHIL WILSON will arrive later. Phil is the own- er of a chain of the most modern gas stations on the island. Ca.-RRY FORBES, the island's preacher, and TOM HOFP'BIAN, the superintendent of schools in Hono- lulu, arrive on the scene. XVe all go to the Dairy Queen, which is owned by NIARCIA DAVIS fthe former Nl.-XRCIA SHORTJ for a snack. It is being run by CATHH' BROXON and JUDY BRONVN at the present. NVe see the former BARBARA RONDOT and she invites us to come to her mansion to meet her hus- band, who is an engineer on the island. XVe are interrupted by the roar of an airplane and we look just in time to see MRS. LARRY DELI.ER, the former BONNIE GARY, landing with her hus- band in their private plane. XVI: hear laughter and we know DAVE GRIFFIN, famed radio-television comedian, has just told a joke. NVe go on to the Pineapple Grove where BILL STONE- cim-IER, the hotel detective, meets us along with KEN XYVILLIAMSON, who is the manager of the ho- tel. JANICE LAIRD is at the hotel modeling her own famous hair styles. LUCINDA NEYYNARI, the hotel's hostess comes rushing out to greet us. As we enter the lobby, we see TONY l'lL'l.LlNGI5R, BILLY JOHN- SON and Jixi XYVYATT coming down the stairs dis- cussing a big business transaction. LARRY EYSTER is at the desk as we register. He is the hotel's assistant manager. BOB LOYYTHER. a big contractor, joins us and tells us he is in Hon- olulu to build a new type of thateh houses. .JUDY TRICI-I, the world's greatest horsewoman, joins us and tells us about the latest rodeos she has entered. Just before we leave the hotel after a wonder- ful time in Honolulu, we settle our hotel bill with -JIBI Xv7YATT, the business manager. After a final farewell, we board our ship for the long journey home. Seeing our old friends has inspired all of us to go on to even greater things in the days ahead. SHARON CRAIN MAG FIELD JUDY FAIR BONNIE GARY Page Nizzvly-M111 gg I Q 4 ..,-i s "'F?"4iv:?V: Q I 5 I 'I :III In II , III- III 5I,I:, xII.,II .II XIII IIIIIII I lxll II all I I II II IIIII. I, I,IIIII'I MV, WIIIII :I III' Ilx :lx lxtll N IIIIN H1411 I , ,I I II. IIIIIII IIIIIII IIIII 11112141--I, .XII I II III IIII 'lu XII lII1lIl I I I I 'LUN IIIIII I I I I- ,,II-I III' I - In-xIIIIII-II IIIII IIII 11II. IIIN IIIX

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