Angola High School - Key Yearbook (Angola, IN)

 - Class of 1956

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Angola High School - Key Yearbook (Angola, IN) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 124 of the 1956 volume:

'f-fi V ' Nl-xx Q vw 7, 1' ' I ' . lr I f I -Q-U uv' , . l' Tivfgj ' ' 1 j . ,A":gv I . . Y JM, , ,:,. vi r i ,X -J. 'K u' w I IQ! ,..llI'f',fl :l.1'fv,'.'l' IZMU. fx-nw. :Iv-1 Tfvl' IZUXX' Y-'IU--1: H1-Y' rm: 'Lvl ,l,4I'w vI.1 'IVIWVVV ISHN Hum: In .n. --ls : hr: tmms IH-um: Kina' Jllllwl 41114-1-111 'l'1':1f1i 4. 4 nrlx V--Irfwinlnmffuls nw- S4-rx--nl, IHQQ quulvl 11,11-xx: l.1n 1, Sf-I llw yvlw-Hx' slum-si H-fu' lvx'--Hx OUP ,N v N TNI' ILHXY: XY.: s11mmx't our Ivillllf Tlx-D lu-ft vlnssi XYIIQ-lv-'Q 5'-'ur npplv. Ilul-4l1',' SICVHNI1 IIHXY: S.,-niwr l-wkvus. l-'ri--ndlx ll'1'll1' H11--ll xxillv THIIIII IIHXY: Iizuking' thv- lvilllll XY:1t--lxmu' sn-ni4-1' pl.u' 1-1'1wli-44. lvilw-vllll: lun Ifr--Ili' Him IHIAQL' Nimfx -.wuz L UML We the class of 1956 of Angola High School, situated in the city of Angola, in the county of Steuben, in the state of Indiana, do hereby make, publish and declare this to be our last will and test- ament. To Miss REED, our sponsor, we leave our thanks for her expert guidance in our four years at A.H.S. To MR. BICCZUTCHAN, our principal, we leave our appreciation for his fine guidance and adminis- tration during our four years. To MR. BOOBIERSHINE, our superintendent, we leave all the good thoughts that we have gained from the assembly programs. To THE REsT or THE FACULTY, we leave our sincere thanks for their efforts to teach us the in- tricate subjects included in the high school curricu- lum. In addition to these bequests we wish to dis- pose of more of our personal items as follows: I, INIARLENE ALDRICH, do hereby will and be- queath my nickname "Stinky" and ability to wear a class ring to Rosalyn Burton in the hope that she makes better use of it. I, ROBERT ANDRENV, do hereby will and be- queath to Barbara Detar two more long and joyous years of high school. I, NIARY A. BARLETT, do hereby will and be- queath my ability to get along with people to Mary Lou Gibson. I. REX BARTON, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to get along well in chorus to Ronnie Xlfuest. I, -IOHN BOOK, do hereby will and bequeath all my books to anyone who will accept them. I, JANE BROKAVU, do hereby will and bequeath to Tony Romero all the old gum wrappers, candy bar wrappers, and peanut shells in my locker in the hope he wonit clean it out either. I, ROBERTA BRoRAxY', do hereby will and be- queath my deftness in the chemistry laboratory to my sister, Sharon. I, DOREATPIA CARPENTER, do hereby will and bequeath to Mr. Bernhardt my chemistry book in the hope that he gives it to someone else so that some other student can cram valences and formulas into his head with better luck than I had. I, IANIE CI.EI.AND, do hereby will and bequeath to Anne Burns all my abilities except of course, the ones that I will need in college. I, SHARRON Cor I NIAN, do hereby will and be- queath to ,Iune Kelly my "pony tail," in the hope she won't take it. I, NLD Iz. Cook, do hereby will and bequeath one Chevy, of vintage 1950, fondly nicknamed the "Blue Ing Si:-L," to Gary Chapman so that he may I'ia'.'e a Chevy to brag about beating a Iiord. I, KAY CRI ri., do hereby will and bequeath my ability to make it to class on time for four years to if ,"fn1fl',-i1"f1l Nancy Wood, in the hope that she can, during her senior year, get to school before the bell. I, TIM CULVER, do hereby will and bequeath to Rosalyn Burton my ability to make it to school on time, in case she might need it. I, LARRY DELLER, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to go with one girl for six years to any- one who thinks he can do it. I, PETE DICK, do hereby will and bequeath to Gary Griiiith two more years in Student Council and at least one of these years as president. I, KENNY DowEI.I., do hereby will and be- queath my great artistic ability to Karen Erbe in the hope that she will use it. I, LUETTA EEE, do hereby will and bequeath my ability, such as it is, to type to my brother, Bob. I, NED FIEER, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to say something smart at the wrong time, to junior German, also one "bald" tire to Jim Albright in the hope that he will go as far on it as I did. I, KAY FRY, do hereby will and bequeath my bookkeeping ability of coming out one cent over or short, to any junior who needs it. I, DICK GECOWETS, do hereby will and be- queath my French horn to Gary Forbes in the hope that he will not drive Mr. Nichols mad as I did with my crazy playing. I, NANCY GERMAN, do hereby will and be- queath my great driving ability to my brother, Jun- ior German. I, ELDON L. GURTNER, do hereby will and be- queath my locker stand to Richard Clemens to do with as he sees Ht. I, MARX' JANE I-IAMMA, do hereby will and be- queath to Don Andrew one worn out chemistry apron and the abiliyt to get mixed up on experi- ments. I, MIKE I-IANTZ, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to stay away from the girls in Angola to Tom Crain. I, ARLEEN IQAYLOR, do hereby will and be- queath my typing workbook, what's left of it, to jean Albright and I also give my ability to chew gum and not get caught, to anyone who needs it. I, EDDIE KLINK, do hereby will and bequeath my time of arrival at school every morning to who- ever is brave enough to try it. I, MARILYN KOCH, do hereby will and be- queath to Carol Collins my old pair of Levis that I wore when we went horseback riding in the hope that they don't fade or tear anymore. I, SANDRA D. LEATHERMAN, do hereby will and bequeath to Mr. Seigel one of the cigars he passed out when Gregory Allen was born and to my sister, joan, my ability to keep my locker clean. I, A. Lois LONSBURY, do hereby will and be- queath my overstuffed locker to any incoming sen- ior to do with it as he sees Fit. I, PATRICIA A. WALSH, do hereby will and be- CUYZL I, ROSENIARY LOWER, do hereby will and be- queath to Judy Brown, my extraordinary typing ability, so that she may not use it to her advantage. I, KATHRYN MACFADYEN, do hereby will and bequeath my book of familiar quotations to John Hammel so he will have an appropriate quotation to read each day. I, JOHN MALOY, do hereby will and bequeath my track shoes which have carried me to "many" victories to Mike Erickson in the hope that he can be as fast and good as I was. I, L. GENE MAXTON, do hereby will and be- queath to Jim Albright my government book with testsg and to Dave MacFadyen my driving ability on the Fremont road. I, ANITA MCCLELLAN, do hereby will and be- queath my ability to do the eeriest of dances to Mar- jorie MCEntarfer, that she may use them to scare the teachers as I have so often done. I, RICHARD B. MCINTYRE, do hereby will and bequeath to my little brother, Bob, my rides home and all my A's and BIS: and to Bill Wright my deep bass voice. I, MARX' LOU MILLER, do hereby will and be- queath the grade "A" bassoon to Diane Short in the hope that she won't become as angry with it as I have. I, SHIRLEY MILLER, do hereby will and be- queath my ability to get places on time and in good condition, complete with lipstick and my hair comb- ed, to Sylvia Butler. I, MARX' A. NELSON, do hereby will and be- queath my Davy Crockett button to Mag Field in the hope that she will guard it with her life. I, WILLIS H. NELSON, do hereby will and be- queath my ability to "fix" any car on the market to Bill Stonecipher. I, FRED PHILIPP, do hereby will and bequeath my position as president of my class for four years to my brother, Tom, in the hope that he takes as much pride in the oflice as I did, also to Harry Sowle one gallon of prune juice which I know he likes so well. I, DAVE RALSTON, do hereby will and bequeath my "beau ideal" leopard skin shirt to John I-Iammel because of his extreme admiration for it. I, LEE SCI-IAEEEER, do hereby will and bequeath my job as Mr. Bernhardt's lab assistant to anyone who desires it. I, SALLY A. SNOW, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to pass all my semester exams to Carolyn Berning, and my mud-Spattered, well-worn saddle shoes to Peg Jarrard in the hope that she will wear them as faithfully as I have. I, RONALD STEENERSON, do hereby will and bequeath my February issue of "Playboy" to Gordon 7 Van Marter and hope that he won't read it too much in band. I, NANCY STEVENS, do hereby will and be- queath my ability to get things confused to Lucinda Newnam in the hope that she doesn't use it. I, DONNA M. STRITE, do hereby will and be- queath my ability not to go steady all through high school to anyone who wants it, especially to my dear sister, Barbara Anne, who doesn't want it. I, JANIES TAYLOR, do hereby will and bequeath my band repair trade to Jim Gibson for the next few years. I, JOANNE ULMER, do hereby will and bequeath to any needy underclassman my wonderful ability to be able to get to school just in the nick of time without getting picked up for speeding or reckless driving. the the use old I, CARL J. UNGER, do hereby will and bequeath wonderful driving experience that I've had in past to any underclassman who can make good of it. I, DON WAITE, do hereby will and bequeath my practice pants to Mike Erickson and my road maps to Bluffton to anyone who wants to drive that far. queath my ability to stay out of trouble to June Priest, and my beloved alarm clock to Sylvia Butler in the hope she will treat it kindly. I, ALAN WALTENBERGER, do hereby will and bequeath my seat in Mr. Barkdull's study hall to Ray Brown in hope that he holds it with as much wis- dom and royalty as I did. I, JOHN WEISS, do hereby will and bequeath to Dave MacFadyen my ability to drive MacFadyen's cars without a minor mishap. I, ELLEN WICOEE, do hereby will and bequeath my S feet, 1134 inches to Janice Converse and Paul DeRosa, my ability to get good grades to my sister, Jean, and my ability tostudy silently in the study hall to Kay Kelley. I, CYNTHIA WILLIS, do hereby will and be- queath to my sister, Jody. my lucky green contest sweater and my noon rides home from school, pro- vided that she first learns about the problems of hot rods. I, CAROL L. WIILSEY, do hereby will and be- queath my ability to skip school and get caught every time to any deserving junior or sophomore. In testimony whereof, we hereunto set our hand and seal and declare this to be our last will and test- ament, this eighteenth day of May, in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and fifty-six. SIGNED! SENIOR CLASS Per: PETE DICK FRED PI-IILIPP JOHN WEISS Page Alillffrl-VIII! X . 5. 4, A u A .., - SS5- 'vb ' . 1' K iv ,. Q' J 's - Q .A 'H at 'E ai?" E" H ,x ,r I I ,S 3?- 'I"fI' IMAX" I'ffxx xx xx xxlxvfn 1111- Nupll-fln1n1'1-s xxwrv ynllllll.. Nivv 11111. Jllllyi 'l'h1- 11141 s1,4'1'jxJlx kfrxk' 1 .I 1411 K-xx, 'fr' 1xHI1'll :sf-I FHVII' fwxt xxwl. Tlwyv- lf:-M171 Plmrminu :N Hxhzxr jf..x ,..r,N:1n 'llfllllf ILHXX' XXHV, hawk xxfn-rx Tim, Nnlxly :xml NHVITIJI, NYllzxt':4 rw flll1IlY, I"rn-nI'.'1 4. YH. A xl lmlx, I':eV X 1 l'Il1-r 'Alxl Vllslx Xxilliw Um llilflxlffll R! wzifk 'C N--.-.- 1 1. '- ' 'D 'ii' .3 'N f gg. 'TFSELQ . . 1-vu xw ,QNX 1 f v-R f A .,,,.4n1 p W all C: I 1 f Y gl-,L ,- V X 'f 'MN OL TOP ILHXY, Tin- I'1tI'lX' .lt ' " huh, kids" I I llx-A lllmxv XXlu:el 4111- Xull Juana, lmxf Nlw- I1llIll', SI-IVHNIP IQHXY: XYh:nl :1 vlu-1--1'l'ul Lzxmllpf: Slumminu, Qirlsi' Is iz :W-J, K-'irl." TIIIIUJ I:1rXX' XX' lmn- uw- llt'l'v', Shirl--3 :ln-1 li113".'. lI:11'y', put fl--un that 1-.m' 'etly lws--. .Xrlm-ni Yml -lu pn-Itx' uw-I1 If--V. Alun. l'1II'll'I'H HHH' NYIW, Szmwly, ulm!'s wx--1u:'. Ihr--'Q um: ur-'nw mann Vwfmly. vX . In--'lx :at that hv-mann? 5 Q. IUIAQ1' Um' IIIIIIAIITLI Om' Janet Baker-Indiana University, Bloom- ington, Indiana Sandra Barkdull-Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, Massachusetts Donna Barlett-Mrs. Robert Sawyer, Bu- chanan, Michigan Jean Begin-Mrs. Ron Ingals, San Mateo College, San Mateo, California Don Bryan-W'orking with Bryan Con- struction Co., Angola, Indiana james Chase--Tri-State College, Angola, Indiana Sharon Clark-School of Comptometry, Fort Wayne, Indiana Michael Clausen-Working with Coca Cola Bottling Works, Angola, Indiana Sandra Deller-Mrs. Graham Sellers, Fre- mont, Indiana Aylse Deming-Mrs. Richard Freeman, Kansas City, Kansas Patricia Druckamiller-Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana Judi Elliott-Mrs. Don Monroe, Angola. Indiana Patricia Essenberg-Florida Southern Col- lege, Lakeland, Florida Shirley Eyster-Mrs. Dean Williby, living in California Mary Ann Fast-Mrs. Mike Boardway, St. joseph, Michigan David Field-Tri-State College, Angola, Indiana Harold Lynn Fisher-Deceased, December 26, 1954 Glenn Fordyce-Working at Covell Imple- ment Store, Angola, Indiana Robert Gecowets-U. S. Army George Goodrich-Purdue University, La- fayette, Indiana Donald Hayward-Vforking with Caycrest Dairy, Angola, Indiana Carol Hollabaugh-Working at Cameron Hospital, Angola, Indiana .lane -lack-Mrs. Brad Linscott, St. Louis, Missouri ll IlumlmfT1m nfl 794 David Laird-Working at Weatherhead Company, Angola, Indiana Joyce LaVine-Working at Telephone Of- fice, Angola, Indiana james MacFadyen-U. S. Army Norma Malone-Working at Dri 85 Die, Fort Wayne, Indiana Hal Moore-Tri-State College, Angola, In- diana Sharon Murphy-Working at A 8: P Store, Angola, Indiana Warren Myers-Tri-State College, Angola, Indiana Barbara Nelson-Working at General Elec- tric, Fort Wayne, Indiana Dorothy Quimby-Mrs. Jim Nickerson, Coldwater, Michigan Nancy Oreu'iler-Working at Clyde's Drive In, Angola, Indiana Ann Redding-Mrs. Keith Geren, Norfolk, Virginia Barbara Reed-Mrs. Robert German, An- gola, Indiana Jerry Roberts-Working at A BL P Store, Angola, Indiana Rita Sellinger-Mrs. Ronald Wolfe, Co- lumbus, Ohio james Siegel-Indiana University, Bloom- ington, Indiana Laura Smith-Mrs. Carl Short, Angola, Indiana Maxine Spangle-Mrs. Don Fahey, Wood- ridge, New Jersey Mary Stonecipher-Mrs. jerry Anderson, Angola, Indiana Leonard Warren-Tri-State College, Ango- la, Indiana Suzanne Weiss-International Business Col- lege, Fort Wayne, Indiana Felix Weldon-Working at West End Sun- oco Station, Angola, Indiana Anita Willis-Working in Fort Wayne, In- diana Robert Worthington-Tri-State College, Angola, Indiana ,Iune Yates-Mrs. Ronald Mitchell, Au- burn, Indiana John Wallace Adams-NVorking at Good- win's Standard Station, Angola, Indiana james D. Babcock-U. S. Marines jack D. Binkley-Working on the Toll Road, Angola, Indiana Donna M. Book-Mrs. Paul Buschard, An- gola, Indiana Margo Ann Brannan-Mrs. Michael Ur- gitus, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania Bernice Burnett-Ball State Teachers Col- lege, Muncie, Indiana Phyllis Rose Crain-Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana Donna Belle Crum-Ball State Teachers College, Muncie, Indiana John Frederick Elston-W'orl-ting in Quin- cy, Michigan Jerry Essenberg-Golden's Auto Parts, Ari- gola, Indiana Carolyn Ruth Goudy-Tri-State College, Angola, Indiana William T. Harter-Working for Waite Construction Co., Angola, Indiana Judith Ann Healy-Miami University, Ox- ford, Ohio Shirley Anne Henley-St. joseph Hospital, Fort Wayne, Indiana Phyllis Irene Horn-Working at Telephone Oiiice, Angola, Indiana Marilyn Jane Huff-Tri-State College, An- gola, Indiana Walter Edwin Julien--U. S. Navy Phyllis Ann Jarrard-Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana Robert Lee Kelly-U. S. Army Lorin Burton Krueger II-U. S. Air Force Academy, Denver, Colorado Clyde Frederick Lonsbury-U. S. Navy Richard L. Maxton-Maxton Chevrolet Sales, Angola, Indiana 'ng 1955 Charlene Rose McNett-Mrs. Lloyd Easter- day, Angola, Indiana Lynda May Miller-South Bend Memorial Hospital, South Bend, Indiana Frederick Holmes Musser-U. S. Navy Carlita Porter-Working in Fort Wayne, Indiana Thomas Larry Randolph-U. S. Marines Doris R. Raney-Mrs. August Kurtz, An- gola, Indiana Gerald Richmond-Auburn Cord Co., Au- burn, Indiana Charles W. Rose-Weatherhead Company. Angola, Indiana Beverly jean Sams-Mrs. joe Cluster, Jack- son, Michigan Patricia Ann Scott-Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana Richard Seeman-Working for Kroger Company, Angola, Indiana Kenneth Short-Working at McCray Re- frigerator, Kendallville, Indiana Ileta Kay Smalley-Lake Erie College, Plainsville, Ohio Chuck Southern-Wabash College, Craw- fordsville, Indiana Ronald Lynn Sutton-U. S. Navy james Arthur Swift-Tri-State College, Angola, Indiana janet Umbaugh-Working at Telephone Office, Angola, Indiana John E. Wilcox-Working in Sturgis, Michigan Nancy Lou Wyatt-Working at Telephone OtIice, Angola, Indiana Luiz Benedito Avelar de Oliveira--Tri- State College, Angola, Indiana Pdgz' OHL' Hllllrffllf Tfwrm 1 , XY wk . Fri f Lam . 25 L ,,,-f I .S N 'FUI' ICHW' Sivlwliulns 'fn Nw Y-Tw-n fwrmzxl initizltinni XVlw1w- ure N011 gninw, NNY! I.-ws' 'n'-'Vw-vm .nfl if--rx ggfjwvyln IQHXX' Y-'IU1-uw im-,rmzul imli:11i1+n, Why, Mary, zulu- you l1lmlln::, :1 nmrsh- l1wil'w'J" 'lmuuh Iufk, lmsnlvn! 'l'HIIlI: ILHXX' Yf'l'4'f-In zlflviwws naming A1111-Q inilinlimll 4m1nl'm-lgllplq-, N11nwy',' Paw' Um' ll11mfr1'J lvmr 'il' , 7.4 Ai. l"' UIIKIIII5. 'Q k :lt 11.0. Pup' Om' x f Q! ..n, Wfv, fbc' Swzior Chix: of 1956, zvislz fo ax prvss our xizzuw' fzjvfvwri- IIfi0lI for Ibm' vjforfs of Miss Ellllift' Rcm1', Olll' XPOIISOV, mm' I"1'nl Pbifijnjz, our j71'0siu'U11f, ufw zriflw f7rIffC'l1t'C', facf, mm' llllfllilfllg goml ZHHIIUI' fmw gllilffll OIII' dass ff1ro11glJ four j'l'1Il'X of high xrbnal. Tbvy zwrf' !IllL'!Ij'S ibm? zriilw tl Z7t'l17fIIkQ fnzmf mmf 11 f'fn'u1'f111 zmnz' ll'l7l'1I fJl'0Sf7l't'fS lrmkmf bfmzfe mn! zum' flu' ffrsf fn gin' IIS t7 110111 of mm- 111a'mlL11'io11 ZVZTCII fbizzgs zcwz' Ifrigfvf. U Stl L P ABSTRACTS: Goodale Abstract Company .,., ATTORNEYS: Gerald Deller .,,,,,,,, G. Kenneth Hubbard ,,,, , ,,,, , AUTOMOBILE DEALERS: gaemueddv Telephone M151 ,, M503 H317 L. G. Maxton Sales, Inc. ,,,,,,,,, ,,,, , ,,,,,, 4 1 or 182 Steuben County New Car Dealers' Association AUTOMOTIVE PARTS: Automotive Paint and Supply Golden Auto Parts ,,,, . XY'estern Auto Associate Store BAKERIES: Angola Baking Co. , ,,,,,,,,,,, , ,, 539 ,WH275 .,,,,42l 359 "The Finest in Retail Baking" BANKS: Angola State Bank First National Bank of Angola BARBER SHOPS: Clark's Barber Shop Fisher Barber Shop Umbaugh Barber Shop BEAUTY SHOPS: Circle Salon ,,,,,,,,,,,,. . Rainbow Beauty Shop , H W'altenberger's Beauty Shop , BOTTLERS: Angola Bottling Works , , BOWLING ALLEYS: Tri-State Lanes, David F. Yarian CAR BODY SHOPS: Mann! Body Shop ,, , , Mattk Body Shop ,, , Munson and Folck Body Shop CIGAR DEALERS: NX'illis Love Co. Wholesale Tobacco, Candy, Ian- Um' llnmlrul Sn , H188 L1 , V447 CD40 , 608-L M368 , H522 CLEANERS: Angola Dry Cleaners .,,,.,. McBride's Dry Cleaning ,,..., COAL COMPANIES: Angola Brick and Tile ....: CLOTHIERS: Jarrard s Men s Store ,,,aT,.,,,,,,,,,, Strock's Men's and Boys' Wear Telephone 43 8 ,..,,..277 ,......255 ..,.,,,197 ,,,,,,,l29 Ted s Men s Store ..... L ,,,,,,,,,r,.. .,,.... 4 83 CONFECTIONERS: Meet Me at Cub's ,,,,,..,,,a...,,,,,,,,,,,...,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,.. 18 CONSTRUCTION COMPANIES: Angola Sand and Gravel, Excavating and Construction Work, Wilbur Wyatt ,,,, 8167-X Waite Construction Co. .,.,rr.. . DAIRIES: Sunrise Dairy ,,,,.,,,,, DAIRY SERVICE: Meyer's Dairy Service DENTISTS: Dr. C. B. Anderson ,,,,,,,,...,,,,,.,,,..,,, Drs. S. F. and W. R. Aldrich .,,,,,,,, Dr. Leif Steenerson ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,, DEPARTMENT STORES: J. C. Penney Company ,,.......,,,,,, DRESS SHOPS: Angola Dress Shop ......,, ,. Harman's Ladies Shoppe ,,,,....,, Ritter and Ferry Dress Shop .,,,,,, DRESSED POULTRY: Kay's Dressed Poultry ,,,,,,,,, ,, DRY GAS COMPANIES: ,,,.8129-X ,,,,.,,-126 ,,,,,,,633 71 ,,,,,,,304 6 47 80 .,,,,,,I71 H288 119 -Y-S83 Angola Dri Gas Store ,,,,,,,,,, , ,484 , I 27 DRUGGBTS Kratz Drug Store ,,,,,.,.,, , ,,,.., ,,,,,, , . ,.,...,,,, 147 Rogefs Drugs ,,,, ,,,, ,, ,,,,,, ,,,,.,,,,..,.,,,.. . H307 , 256 Wllis Drugs, North Side of Square , ,, ,, 23 Paper Prescriptions, C. Willis, R. Knecht 67 3e0wr,ddv ELECTRIC SHOPS: Foutz Electric Supply ,,,,, EXPRESS AGENCIES: Expressways Inc. ,...,,,.,,, , 36 8 FACTORIES: Weatherhead Company ,, ,185 FARM IMPLEMENTS: Chard Implement Company ,,,l,,,, ,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,, 659 Covell Implement Store ,,,,, ,,,,,,, , ,, , ,,,,,,,l,l ,, 83 Farm Equipment, Allis Chalmers Tractors ,,,, 501 Ford Tractor Sales ,,,,,,,,, ,, ,, Steuben Implement Company ., FEED STORES: Hamma Feed and Supply ,, 99 Feeds, Seeds, Fertilizer and Garden Supplies 98 218 J. H. Parsells Sons ,,,,,,,.,,,,,,, ,, , ,,,,2S0 Poultry, Eggs and Feed, Wholesale and Retail Steuben County Farm Bureau Co-operative Association, Inc. ,,,, ,,,,,, , , ,, ,, ,, FILLING STATIONS: Goodwin's Standard Station Harman's D-X Service Station ,,,, , Howard's Sunoco Service .,,., ,, Newnam Tire Service , ,,,,,, ,, Saint's Friendly Service ,, Schaeffefs Standard Service Throop Shell Service A ,.,, , Verylls Texaco Service FIVE AND TEN CENT STORES: W. R. Thomas Sc to S1 Store ,,,, Tribolet Co. 5c to S1 Store FLORISTS: Sharon Ann Floral Shop ,,,, ,,,,,, Fred and Jane Boedeker Throop Florist ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, FROZEN LOCKERS: Angola Frozen Locker Storage FUNERAL DIRECTORS: Klink's Funeral Home ,,,.,,,,, ,.,,, Weicht's Funeral Home ...,. 701 H422 ,,,,,,811 ,494 ,377 9191 ,,7S2 H603 ,314 ,97 ,178 310 .44 ,,.,.,362 321 Telephone FURNITURE STORE: XVilder-King Furniture Company , ,,,,,, 246 GAS DISTRIBUTORS: Sheets Oil Company ,,,, , ,, ,, ,,,,,,,, , , , 66 Fuel Oils and Propane Gas GARAGES: Angola Garage , , ,,,,,,, ,, ,, ,, 9162 Al Lonsbury's Garage and XVrecker Service ,,,, 350 Shorty's Machine Shop ,,,, ,,,,,,,,, , ,, ,, ,,386 GIFT SHOPS: Fred Smith, Gifts and Greeting Cards , , , 90 GROCERY STORES: Community Food Mart ,,,, 414 Model Market 1, ,. H 339 North XVayne Grocery 32 HARDWARE STORES: Seagly Brothers, Hardware, Appliances Bulk and Bottled Propane Gas Service ,,,,,208 NWilliamson's Hardware Store ,,,,,,,,,., ,,.,.,,,, 1 69 Gamble Store ,, . ,,,, ,,,,., , ,,, ,,,, ,,,,. . .W466 HATCI-IERIES: I-Ioltzman Hatchery ,. .,,.,.,,,, 705 HOME EQUIPMENT STORES: Hosack's Electric Appliances ,,,, ,, , 106 HOSPITALS: Compliments of Cameron Hospitals, Inc. 448 Compliments of Elmhurst Hospital, Inc. ,,,, 560 HOTELS: Hotel Hendry ,.,, ,, 33 INSURANCE AGENCIES: Hubbard Insurance Agency , ,,,,, 317 jacob Insurance Service ,. , , . , ,,,,,,, ,, ,102 Nagel Insurance Agency , ,, ,,,.,, , , ,,,, ,S129-Y Philip S. Johnson, Insurance Agency , ,,,,,,,,, 463 Tri-State Improvement Co., Gillis Pilliod ,, H248 NVatkins X Croxton ,,,,,,,,,,,..,,.,,,..,, ,,....,,,a.,, . 61 Rolland J. NVeaver, Insurance , ,,,,,,,,, 435 Pagi' Om' Hzzrzilnuz' Sul 67 gm Uwe ddumtiamm, Telephone JENVELERS1 Liechty jewelry ,422 Tuttle's Jewelry KIDDIE SHOPS: Kiddie Corner. Hazel Metz . Lucillefs Kiddie Shop LAUNDRIES: Lemley's Laundry and Dry Cleaning , LUMBER COMPANIES: Angola Lumber Company , ,,,,,,,,,,, ,, Daniel Shank Lumber Company ,,,,,,, BIACHINE COMPANIES: Yfeiss Machine Company ,,,,,,,,,, MOTELS: Lakeland Court , , , Silver Lake Court , ,, ,, ,, Taylor's Tri-State Motel , , YY'ebster Motel , ,,,,,,, ., NEXVS STANDS: G 81 K News Stand OPTOMETRISTS: Dr. M. J. Blough , , Dr. R. C. Snook , , , PAINT COMPANIES: Economy XY'all Paper and Paint Company PHOTOGRAPHERS: Clineis Picture Shop Gentry Photographic , Morelandis Modern Portraits , P1-IYSICIANS Compliments of Dr. M. M. Crum , Compliments of Dr. xlohn Hartman Compliments of Dr. Knight L. Kissinger AND SURGEONS PLLIMBERS: Selman Heating and Plumbing A , PRINTERS: Steuben Printing Company , , Printer of this Annual it Om lllzmlrrrf Eiglnl 61 675 '13 ,, ,HS32 ,,,,,,117 26 309 S191-X S036-X ,157-L ,8103-X . 200 SOS-L ,,,,,,635 , 272 , 10 E234 100 , 333 261 261 72 29 Telephone PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANIES: Northern Indiana Public Service Company v,,. 14 RADIO EQUIPMENT St PARTS: Lakeland Radio Supply A...,...,.................,.....,,.. 70 Shaw Electronic Supply ,...,,..... REAL ESTATE DEALERS: 291 Casebeer and Arnold, Real Estate .,......,,.,,,,,,,,, 750 Ralph J. Steffan, Realtor, Farm, City, and Lake Property, and Business Opportunities 238 RESTAURANTS: A 86 W Drive In ,,,,,, B SL K Drive In ,,,,, ,,,,,, Bassett's Restaurant ,,,,,.,., Christy's Coney Island ,,,,.. Dew Drop Inn ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, Duke's Snack Bar ,,,i,,,,,,, Morris Restaurant ,,,,,,,, ,,,, North Wayfne Restaurant ,,,,,, Sandy's Drive In .,,,,,,,,,,.,,, Top Hat Drive In ,,,,,,, SHOE COMPANIES: Fashion Shoe Store ,,.,..,. ,,.,, SHOE REPAIR SHOPS: Angola Shoe Repair Shop Louie's Shoe Repair Shop SPORTING GOODS: .,,,.,,.630-X ,,,.....698-X ,,,,,,,,,221 91 S6 ,,....,,608-X 12-X S1 ,,,,,,,,157-X 698-I., ,,,,,,,,,801 ,, ,,,.. 126 Ungerls Sporting Goods and Hardware ,.,,,,,,,, 627 STOCK YARDS: johnson Stock Yard Daily Marke TELEVISION SERVICE: Star Television Sales and Service THEATRES: Brokaw Theatre Strand Theatre , , , TRAILER DEALERS: North State Sales, Trailers YARDAGE STORES: Angola Yardage Shop E 2,593 , ,,,, 719 ,r 11 ,, 63 , S9 'S 3 'iw K 52 5 - mu HI 1' DHI! lil! f , , ,Q ,X ,M mf x 41 in vg' u k,,,..-N-M , , Q- NZ 'S 1. , 3 3 ff, ex. - T J ,415 xi A A . . NS F. ,. Inf 21,1 - 1 ,J Q. 5,1 4 ' Z.. I Fa' , 5, 'L 4- 5 ' I X 1 ,fv , b . 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It could be in social stmlies. science or math, Mr. Nichols .tml MN Sic- buld talk over mmip pllm for the day. Mr. Niclmlx thinks of lnantl .mtl orclmcxtra. Miss Siuboltl has thu choir on luur mmtl. Hr. Slmplucrtl typus .1 Hlm wlmutlulc wlulc Klux Rt-cd .mtl Mrs. Trunnupolml luult 011. l'c1'l1.1px llw films .lrc for latin .mtl lmmt' cunmmniu. 3 Miss Shultz and Mr. Sci- gel discuss high school Eng- lish requirements. Mr. Clemens and Mr. Gini- ham compare notes bcforc .1 11lCCl1.lI1iC.ll dixiwing class bc- gins. Mr. Porter and Miss Harms are considering art projects for the day. Notice the Figures on the table! Qiml GRY "X -ff 1 , 1 Qu--IZ... ,, ....AL-, , ,, Jawlfw Mr. B.'ll'liLlLlll and Mrs. Stiles are talking about the relative values of bookkeep- ing .incl geometry in every- Cluy life. Miss Lens is in 11 pensive mood just before tlie next typing or gym class. She could set the time Clock for typing or blow the whistle on her desk. Mrs. Cline, Mrs. Kile, :incl Mr. Druelmmiller are at the south end of the upper liall in the junior liigli depart- ment, Mr. Druekzimiller nl- so teaches liistory and driver training in liigli selmol. 3 Mr. Rathburn, g 1' .1 ll c school principal, sits at his dusk .it Hemliy Park School. He also his .1 desk .lt the high school building. NIVQ. Clark .md Mr. Nos- birt look over .1 patriotic poster used in junior high xchool. Mrs. Cl.i1'li tcaclicw wicncc .iml Mr. Ncxbitt, his- IOl'y .mil physical CLlUC.1flOl1. Miss Hcphncr xliows Miss Frank .ind Mr. Ryan .in "nr- tiwticu I-Inllowc'cn witch drawn by .1 Qixth gixulc itu- dum. . 'fi' ww -.vw a -I .L .14 ,- , ,v ine l l i .pi Q, T-7 X A X- M M ' . 4,5 . . X . -X. - . N. ,, ',. .,.f..,,..Q.,,.1.,::W.:.... Mr. William J. Carr 01 W Harcourt Rd. Apt. l45D Angola, 46703-8809 ..f .nf fig ,- kms ., , . -if s-. t ll Q 'H . uk dr .. 1 I a I 0 me-ww-'wr 1 janulfzp A safety poster in the fifth grade room engages the attention of Mrs. Fuller, Miss Hxrmon, and Mr. Sapp. Mrs. Hull, Mrs. Reic- lmrtlt. and Miss Stevens study some fourth grade les- son plans. Mrs. Hart and Mrs. Seliri- tlcr plan third grade activi- ties for the coming Week. aww Miss Lemlcy :ind Mrs. Hockey talk about second grade Halloweyen projects. Notice the bulletin board! Mrs. Mglelladyen is con- templating .1 new book for the first grade. Her pupils have just drawn butterflies! Miss Teegardin, Mrs. Boy- er and Miss Myers are sitting in front of Ll bulletin board with pictures illustrating first grade stories. They teach .lt Hendry Park. 0c'r .J 1454 R. f' , C, USTOD IA NS ti.,1,l t-.nltl not funttion 1 if vin, 'f,l".1x.csfil our faith- 'wiliiri lll2'J", 5ok'.lt', Hun iz,-5 lqfwr' Sliulmn. 'liliuy ,llwrig llml Ilt'i,"l's U1 lik' LIN V Illfl ".lIIlCl'. l iirfl lwrlf, liuu tll,ll"'u nl ,N ii'-1,1111 if llfgiiillw l'.1l'l.. . Meet Miss Collins and Mrs. Chizek! They teach second grade at Hendry Park. Miss Hardy is doing some lettering for third grade while Mrs. Gal-n looks on. Their rooms also :irc at Hen- dry Park. 5 ..., . i " i X K ., V .Q A . 'W ff Y' Q . , ,,.a-if ,gf.:L-ff' i T e f ,cvs .il rg I- ,HK 'ki -" fi -5-W" - ' ampza, gdwfm gzwm TUI' RUXY: Tlw llug Ilies at A. Il. S.: lion-lry Park in thc wiuwr. SECOND IUJXV: Angola Hiuh in tht- full: nur gym. THIRD ROXV: The 1-Llslmlizuxs dn- rm-pzlil' u'-wk: Ilily-'Iv haven. Pugv Nimfuwl 3. N 4 H M 2-,Na v xx .-f' U . 1 J ggi 9,3 lliwf' 1 : b is P , ., X Eg - Sfykm , W XX -I N 5. 0' . ' . a vw X Q ' L 0 t ' 1 4 A I H :-i,+: , . '-av r, :,. - ' N J ' f "' i .GWLEHQ ',, .,: ,., , " 5:21w'- ' H -H jisfa-2 , . 1 1 ' ' ' ,, :.9:?f:.-,Z 4.N5w,.':-3.:f,j,,,3Q5 ,ff ' , , - -4,,Q.ggs,, . -b , ,., . , -X-f ,. X. Q is, .IQ X .- Mfg f Q B. , :. 'Rf' x... . "'?!0', . 1 Q X RCBERT CRESS ANDREW' To mu. our sill-1 hzsk is likf t111ofln'r." 1 lass Treasurer IT, -1 Plug' Stage Crew, Stage Mgr.. 31. High School Choir 1. Boys' Glee Club 1. HH:-net Start -1: Kes' Staff 1. Band 1-4: lfilni Pro- jector' Up-srutf-r 2. Dis- tri--t S1-l-1 S liiisenihle Con- tf-s: li Di Iinrnortales 1, 1: '1':-111,-lc. Mer. 1-rl: Safety P.:Il',l 1. MARY ANNA BARLETT A pearl' abort' all carib- 1-1 ifigzzificsf Attended Hamilton High S"li.n..1 1: Senior Play Cast 4: Ptfetrjv Anthology 3: Y- Teen- Ii Aineri-'an Legion 'Jrtitori-'al Contest 3. JANE VENETTE BROKAXY' "B1111lii11g is ilu' mlm' of zzrluvf' if, T. A. 1-1, Yif'--Pi'esi- if-:if 9. llfiriw-L St:11'i', Rus. 31:1-.. 4 K-5 Stuff 1 Threw 1'2"-.A'1 P1111 Stun- Vrew 4 '1'.,r--' Hnf--A1 t Play 1 -' it N.11i11I1:1l 'l'li--spiziii 11-tj' IZ. ii Ilzinil 1-4, 1 Ag fg1,.., lfflvili 1: Or- :,---1t.- Q-5. Ifistri1 L S1111 sg li:.-1-11. 1l-- 'writ'-st 1-1. r' 511111 tt 1-Ins-nililp .: Y-T--1-im J-41 - .11 lf-111 A--f.1ig1tif-n li'-'IN'-ri S'1n11'n--r 1'--ii- SUZANNE MARGARET CARIS "Ou flu" flag uflwz ffn' 101111 Hmirrzcftl, Ala , mj, mind um slug- IIIvZ.H .f 1 'ir l',:1 Y1!w- "'l'v"1'.' f-J 1' l'.::j Stziifl- 4'1'r1',',' 11,4 .411-,nl 'hair 1-1: 13- .42 '! 2 fnlplizi. I1--11:1 ' 1 f '1'11'4+ "lm--Aft. l'l:i'.' ' H l-fl Tlirrw .1 l"1' V11-r 1-'Z , T 4"-11lJ1Y1 S011--V'-' 5 iL.1r.-1 I-1 fl1rl-' 'Elef- ' "film--tm, l, 1 'i .11 -'.: lui, --1111111 ,-wvi. 51,10 fy 1f.,,v..fv 3 ','. J111' Alhllli' I f11,..rf.v1,1 , 1 1 if qu ,N-I ,ZH pq. MARLENE RUTH ALDRICH "She will stay fc1m'c1' and elzrbarzfedf, Y Senior Play Cast 4: High School Choir 1--1: Hornet Staff 3: Key Staff 4, Edi- tor: Alpha Delta Chi 1: Three One-Act Play Cast 1: Girls' Glee Club 1, 2: District Solo K Ensemble Contest 1, 2: State Solo 8: linsemhle Contest 1, 2: Y- Teens 1, 2: Operetta Cast 4: Operetta Chorus 3: May Queen Court 1. REX BARTON "Diz'ir1'eJ bc'fwf'c1z two fbozzgbls vacb day, Our fo zuorlz, the ofber to playf, High School Choir 1--1: Boys' Glee Club 1, 2: Key Stnif 4: Poetry Anthology -1: Track 1: Safety' Patrol 1: Operetta Cast 1-43 Operetta Chorus 1-4. ROBERTA BROKAXV "Music is fbe mziuersal Imzgzmgc' of ll1d71l1i7Il'!.D .lunior Play Stage Crew 33 Senior Play Stage Crew 41 High School Choir 2-41 Kes' Staff 4: District Solo .Q Ensemble Contest 1-4: State Solo .SE Ensemble Vnntest 1-4: Y-Teens if-41 Uperetta Cast 3: Oneretta. Chorus 4: English Contest -13 National Honor Society. DOREATHA CARPENTER "HW bvarf is like a sing- ing bird." Attenrleil Scott Center High School 2, 3: Class S me 1- r e t at r Y-'1'renSurt-r 21 Junior Play Stage Crew :iz .luiiior Play K Vast 34: Hiuili S1'l111ul Clxuil' 22 Mixed Clwi-us 3: Scottie Stull' Ii: Hliili hzmtler 32 Key Staff -1: Three One-Act Plan' Slut-Te Crew 21 Girls' Gln-0 Vllllr ll I". I'I. A. 1. ELEANOR JANE CLELAND "S111'f1 tl joy 1111111111011 j'11111'x." Att'-mlerl South S i d e lligll S.-Imnl 1: Juni--1' Play' Past, Student Di- re-1't0r 33 Senior Play' Stsluf- Viww -lj F. T. A. 2, 3: Key Stuff 4: Three One- A--t Play Stare Wren' 2: Girls' Gln-rf Fluh 1: Girls' Atl1l1-tif' ,-Xsso--izitiwli 1. 2: ICSQ115' Allilif-lugy 4: l'Ii Tm- nwrtules Staff 2: Y-'T'w-11 S u in Jn v 1: 1'111ifs-1'm1r't- Il: Latin P-1111't-1'e111-0 2. NED E. COOK "Tl11'rr is 1111 11'1x11'n111 liku fr1111k111'vx. ,- SQ-nif-r Plus' Past l: K1-y SHUT 1, Tlir.-., fxnr--Art l'l:lx' Past IZ: Nllflinlllil 'l'l'll'4I'll1lll Sovioty' 4: lizlufl 1-li liistrivl S1110 N lin- Smnlxlf- f"w1ite-st 1--it l'1i I1n1nm'l11l-Is 1 1 1'!aQ.'-hfill 1: State iffllu-.XVI Play' Con- la-st fl. TIM DOUGLAS CULVER "A jolly goml f1'1111z1' ix fJ1'.v H1511 Sw-lif-111 Choir 1-4: Days' Filer- Plulv 1, 2: KQV Stuff li Tl iroe 131111-Ar'-t 1"lz1y Pfwt 31: Rrind 1-l: Distrivt Solf- S Ensemble Funtest l-fl: Di lmmnrtzxles Stuff 1: Ili-Y 1-SI, Truck 1, 2' llziskf-tl-:ill 1--1: llzlsw- I-zlll 1-l: 'lp-'Au-Ita Crist 1, 2: 01-1-1'e'-11:1 lY'll1'll'l'lF 1-4. KENNETH XV. DOWELL "W'ln'11 July 1101' slrirk, 11151 so 1111151 falls br will is11'f '11'01'k.,' Seniur Play Stage Crew 41 Key Staff 4: Safety Patrol 2, 3. 256 7? 'ffm X 1 kj Q SHARRON L. COl:l:hlAlY "Shu L'LIl'l'j1'.Y Mn' Siam 111 !Jt'I' L'-JLS.H .lunif-r l'l:+x' Smile Pr-fw .2 S--uiwr l'1:13' Start- Crew l ll111'n--1 Stuff 4: Key Stull' I Girls' Glen Club I. Y-'13---nf I-4: F. ll. A. 1-II. Girl-' Athletic' As- sn-'i.1ii-,111 3, 31, Student Li- l'l'.ll'lilll 35, -l, CARULYN KAY CREEL "Kali is 1'l'1'y .Yll'l'l'll, fix 11 f1'11'111f NZM' lllllif 175 l7m'1lf.U Juniwr l'l:1y Stufe Crew 33, Sf-nijvr l'l:1x' Stage Cr:-W I. 5r'lllI'l' l'1.15' Llwt. Stu- llvllt llilw--'lm' 1. Pm-lry .Xlllli-flrlry' l High S1-llrml Vll--ir l-li K1-5' Stull -li ,Xlpllgi lf--1111 Phi 1. Three 41111--.X-'l l'luy Siam: fhw-xv I-II' Till4"r' 4111.1-.-Xwt Play Vast 1-32. Nntimizll Thes- 1-1.11x Suwir-ly 3-4, Dzind 1-1: Girls' rllf-G Club 1, 22 illYll'll'l Sul-1 .Q Ffzlsr-11111113 4'1111t1-st 1-4: State S-,lo Q l'lllSr4ll1l'lv Vwxiimfst 1-32 Y- T1-1-ns 2-I, S.--'retnry 4: 5111111-nt 1'-lun-'il, Tmfzxsuror l flirle' .Xthleti-' Asxsnvizl- liwu 1: Hneretta C111-rus I--4: Stub- Une-Aft Play' 1'--nies! Il, National Honor S1wi-:TY 4, LARRY DELLER "L1l1'gl' 1111111 xnmff fmj: I.111'1'3 ix 11f11'11w1v f'1Ur1l zrifll 10,11 Attexnlwl Scott Cvvmtf-r lliili Svli-'ml 1-31 "lass l'1:-S1111-111 fl: Class S1--'rr-- lIll'1'-Tl'iA1lSlll'4:F 1: Juniwr l'l:L3' Past il Senirnr l'l:1Y Stzxgf- iA'l'0'XY 1. High Swli-1-11 1'li11ir 2, 22 Mixed Cl1.11'11Q 2, 21: Swottif' Flilfl' 31 ilirli I.:1n-lf-1' Stuff fi: Key Stuff 1: Tliiwt- 0119-Act Pluv Sing? l"r1-w 1, 21 Bfislwl- llull 1-lt 121151,-l-all 1-4. PETER ELLSXVORTH DICK "ll"r z1'011lfr1' if 1'11r1'1' will 1'l'1'7' f'1' A11f1fl1r1' 111 111115-Iilqrlf 115 ZTLZH Senior Play' Stage Crew 4: High Sr-E1-ml Choir 1--lt Nuys' Glue- Club 1, 2: Key Stuff 4: Dletrict Solo S: linseiulvlv Civntest l, 2: Slzlli- Sulrw .Q Ensi-ml1le 1'--ntest 1. lfll14"Q!'lE'ZlilQl' -1: lli-Y 1, 2: Track 1-IT: 11111-11-Ita Cliuriis 1--1: Stu- llv-nt l'0un+'i1 1-4, Vive- I'1'+,-siwluril 2. President IE, li lYllll'lSl'l1l1l9 Prum Kin! 31, Natir-nal Honor So-'li-13' LLYETTA ANNE EFF "A zur3 Iikmlvlc wifi ' SKIN, Bllf 115 5113 as slit' can .I'1i1iwi' Play Stzlxe Crew TT' St-ziwi' Play Surge Crew 4 Girls' Glu- l'luI- 1 fl' I-I--413' Antlii-li-gy'-2: Latin -'--riff-1'-rifle 2. IH lmmur- Lilvs E-lirwr Qi Y-Tw-ns 1-1. -Girls' Atlxlvti-P As- -11111111011 2, 3, KAY FRY 1' 1 w ll OI 1 Ill Un n fn x L ,mx ZZ 1. 1 MII J 111 1 fl E' lt iq! N ill L1 1: z' NU 0 .114 'l l ' J H ES .' '. ,..1:Ore- f-tm I'l.C'l'll4 J, -1. ELDON LYNN GURTNER "Min of fun' Jcords ara' ffm' buff Hll'lI.', 'VM' 1-1 I s.,rv-vg,- 1.111 U1 ' III' Surf' 4. XI.-XKY JANE HANINIA "A ztiuuzng ILIIQ has .'IIar3 janv, flu! lm cfforlv t'1l'L"I1,f in lain." I I- ' ,Ivin- ' I ' ' 1 I I' I , III,II r+IIfIf,l , I 1' 'IJ'--'VI .- I. f: 'Im -N.-v Iii' I 1 mfr: 1.1.- , ,- 'frm-11:1 l--.. '- In. I--Mal. -' A 51.11. A--Irs I I:.:1.r I 1,f,,, 'Q I I .-.. l-I nlprn In lm LEON NED FIFER "All grfaf nzwz are zfyiug Ulf: I'nz not frrling so well nzysr'If." Junior Play Cast 3: High Svhf-ol Choir 1-43 Boys' Glee Club 1, 2: Key Staff -1: Alpha Delta Chi 1, 2: Three One-Ast Play Cast 2-I: Three One-Act Play Stage Crew 1: Natiwvual The-spian Society 3, Vive- Preiiclent 4: Band 1-4: Hi- Y 1, Vive-I"resi1lent: Trzu-k 1: Basin-thnll 1: Operutta l,'I14'bl'llS 1-C2 RICHARD DELOYD GECOWETS "Dirk is zz good busier!- I1aI1 l'71l13'l'I'j You Ctlllvf film' one gay- Ur." Jimioi' Play Cust 31 Sl-nmr Play Stage Crew -I. Iligll Srllonl Choir 1-41 Ki-3' Stull' li Hand l-43 IIl'l'hE'FT.l'll 1-JE: D i s t r i v t S010 K Ensemble Uuntest 1-I: State Suln LQ Ensffm- lvle Pwiitust 1-4: Travk 1-4: llnslietluill 1-42 Safety Patrol 21 Operetta Cast 2: npr-re-tta Vlmrus 1, 2: Vrnss lQ'm111tl'B' 2-4. NANCY LEE GERMAN "Skis qzlivl in school, Bllf 0IlfXilll'--J'0ll,tI be s111'jJrixz'J." Junim' Play Stage Crew 3, Senior Play Stage Vrvw I1 Key Stull' 43 Alpha Del- ta. Chi 1, 23 Band 1--lg Girls' wilt-e Club 1, 2: Dis- trirt Suhr tv Elin-mhle i'nnt1-st 1--1: State Rolo Q l-Inseinlxlu Punts-st 1, 2, -li lii IITllN4ll'lllIf'S Stuff 21 Y.'l'e-1-114 2-lg Student Vuunvil II, 42 45. A. A. 1. 21 IXIQ15' .lin-1-11 1-uurt 3. MARION L. HANTZ "Full of fun mul fzvzfvr bn rrirs, Calf! Illlftlt'l'Sf!l7Ill why 4111310110 u'0r1'ivs." Att'-lull-wl Srutt Vvlitel' lligli Swlifml l-713 Vlziss l'rt-sirlvnl 1: VIILSS S1-1'l'1-A tary-'I'rl-nsuri-1' 3g .Iuniur l'Iny Slziul- 4'rvxv Ii: Mixwl Vlmrus 11, Ilg IIi:::h Lumlvr III Ilalskn-Ilmll I-'ll Hass:- Iunll I-I2 Iii-y Stuff -1. ARLEEN KAYLOR rrEl'I'l'J'O11C' v.x'n'ls in some- thing in which another fails." Hornet St:-tif -li Key Staff 4: Girls' Glee Cluh 1, 2. F. H. A. 2, 3. SANDRA DEE LEATHERMAN "Busy, fhvurfzzl nml so xzwrf, Shaft fhr' fypr girl yoifil like fo viral." Hwrnet Staff 4: Key Staff 4: Girls' Glef- L'Iul.v 1: Dis- trivt S010 Enseinhle Con- test 1: Y-Teens 2: Essay Antltolugl' 41 F. H. A, 1-3: Girls' Athletic Association 1. LOIS A. LONSBURY "A giggling lass with golzlru hair, Girls Iikv hcr are wry rarvf' Seniwr Play Stage Crew 41 Hornet Staff -li Kei' Smit ll Alpha Delta Chi 2: Y-Teens 3, 21: F. H. A. 13 Girls' Atliletir- Assovia- tiiin 1. KATHRYN BAKER NIAC FADYEN "A really bright gal wifh persomzliiy plus, Shrfs rz iop fnrorilc ufifh all of us." Class xvll"9-Pl'ESl4iGHl 1: Puetry Anthology 4: Jun- ior Play Cast Ili Senior Plan' Cust 4. F. T, A, 1-3: Key Staff 4: Alpha Delta Chi 1: Three One-Avt Play Stage Crew 1: Three One- Act Play Cast 2-4: Stu- dent Direi-tor 4: Nzttiunal Tlxespian Snriety' 2-4: Girls' Glee Clulx 1: Y- Tee-IIS 2--iz Vive-President li Student Council 1-32 Sevretury-T r e at s ure 1- 3: Girls' Athletiv Assm-lation 1, 2: Mathematics Contest 1, JZ, -li Y-Teen Summer Pmiferem-e Essay A11- tlwlogy 4: Salutat-Jrianl National Hnnnr Society 4. EDXVIN KLINK "lVifh laughing vyvs and :Tally wif, Erik zz ffllou' ur 'u'0n't f0l"71.'f.U 0 Vlztss Treasurer 1: Senior Plriy Stage Crew -ll Hiih S:-limwl Ch--ir 13 Buys' tllee Club 1: Key Staff 4: llwvsit-1' ll-fys' State 32: Hi- Y 1, 2: Tru-'lc 1: Basket- lrnll 1: Student i?l'Yl1l'i4'l1 1. MARILYN LOU KOCH "A fhcvrfizl girl zvifh hixius jus! right, Shfs hofh ihv in mill oilf- iluor iyjnf' High School Choir 1: Hwruet Stuff -ll Y-Teens 2. F. ll. A. 1, 22 Girls' A t li l e t i v .-Xssmriatiwii 12 Key Stuff 4. Attended A. H. S. llnly' until li1ll'L'h 2 in the seniwr year. ROSEKIARY LOXVER NAIIIJK' in jim' fht' righ! zway, Noi foo solrnin-izof 1'00 sfu'-" Sr-inmr 1'lzly Slilum- l'i'w-W V . -. Y .1 -l. lx.-y hturt 41 X-Teens -- -l JOHN F. MALOY "Tops in mnsif mill ilramu, 1111111 uhout iozwz, Thurrfx fivzw' 41 Lllzll 1110- mrnf ll'h7L'lI our Iohifs , urouml. ' Junior Flux' Cust 33 Seu- if-r Play Cust -ll High swlim-1 vhoir 1-2:1 Buys' nilee Club 1, 2: Hornet Stuff li Key Stuff 4: Three mine-Act Plny Cust 4: Ntiti-mul Tliespiun Swciety 3, -ll linnil l--ll Plutf-'rin llemlin: Contest 32: Dis- tri-'t Sfvlu X Ensemble Vmxitest. 1. 2. l: Suite Sulo Ak liusentlwli- Cf-ritest 1, 2, -lg Tran,-lc 1-4, Student Mgr. 1, 2, Ensehall 1-4: Stu-,lent lk'rilll'lt'il, Vice-President 33 upeiwitzi. Chorus 2, 31 XVOXYU .T u u i Q 1' 'Fawn Meeting il. 4.4, fr s 3 V as ? b af 'n ...Q n Am. -1- , if 9: L .. ,.,...-Q.. l 4 Q 1358! 3 " is "Vf.M:-- " ' 'S . Q b -A. M,-Q Qs 5, Q 58 :ff . ix' ' 44. ,1- X . -, .. -Q s U ' "'-" -' k 1' 1 "' ' ar, vc ws GENE MAXTON "A smilie for 1111, iz Juirzz- iug for fzmg Gunn is 11 friflm' fo l"lI'1'j'- ous." Class Tice-President 4: Junior Pla? Stage Crew 13: Se-iii-:ir Play Stage Crew 4. 1-Kurs' Glee Club 1, Z: Key Staff 4: Alplm Delta Chi 2 Ho-Wsier Boys' State 3: Hi-Y 1: Track 1, 11, -1. Vi-use "uui1ti'y 3. 42 SufetY Parr-- I1. RICHARD RIC INTYRE "A lifflu zzzixrliirf, In flu' ui:-1. I5 ilzif flu' flung fo sjiiu' fbi' Jug." Arlen-1e-J Sun Lorenzr- Hish Si-11001 1-3: Senior Play' Stnfe Crew 4: Hornet Staff 4' Key Staff 4: Three Une-Art Play' Cast -1: I tr ill ' ' ' -'im ' ., -, 'Z JI Vxi-est1in2 FRED A. PI-IILIPP "Hr'v our prrslzlvrzl 1211111111 at Fmf, Ralitf MP5 by 1111 fJr's Inf." " I If X - 'cSi4If-ill I-I. Hill. Sflm-il ffhnir 1-1 Ilfijr-' file-L Club 1, 3. Kr' SYM: - "'l1f-I-i'lf':i1lv-i' 1 III- if-1: I.w.'s Slut.. I7 Iii- T ., Yi'---1'i'esi-lf-i.t Ili Tim 1, 'L . Iin-1-bull S2 S' .bw fmml-il 11 'wor- '-I':. 1' urn- I-li Nzillnlml ire.-I. sf,f-..ftg.- 4. XBTILLIS H. NELSON "A Iiiflcf IZUJISFIIXC' now am! lfwz I rrfi fmf by Hu' fam! of l7Ix'lI.H " I ' ' F' IE"f'fJ Ill -HY-IIVIIIF' ' 15:41 1, gg In-lu-1l.:il1 Z Ile- N i Fri:-fx' Im- , 1 Www. in... NNN- . me- .guns -4lll""' Q3 li aff' 7 l -Q-v ANITA LOUISE MC CLELLAN "GFI7fIl' of spwrb, bww- fircnt of mind." C1aSs Secretary -1: Senior Play Cast 4: F. T. A. 1, 2: Hornet Staff 3: Kei' Staff -I: Band 1, 2: Girls' Glee Club 1: Orchestra 1, 2: Distrivt Solo Q Ensemble Contest 1, 2: State Solo ek Iinsenible Contest 1, 2: Y- Tr-ens 2-41 Girls' Athletic Assisi-izttion 1, 23 Latin Contest 1: May Queen Cnurt 2. MARY LOU MILLER "Hn: fl701lgbI'S are mrrimf rm in flu' nzzzrnznrings of a sougf' Attended Martini- ville High School 1: Senior Play Stage Crew 4: High Svhrrol Clinir 1--1: Key Staff 4: All-ha Delta Chi 2: Xa- tiunzil Thespian Souiety -1: Ruud 2-41 firm-lie-stra 1-4: Girls' Glee Club 1: Die- tri-'t S010 K Ensemble Contest 1-4: State Solo lk Iinsm-mble COnteSt 1-4: llmusier Girls' State 32 Y- Teene 2--ll G. A. A. 1-3, Sei-retary 2, Vice-President 12: lllperetta Cust 4: Oper- ettu Chorus 1-4: Three One-Avt Pla5' Stage Crew 2: English Contest 4. SHIRLEY JEAN MILLER "SM is iufvllcrfzzal and rr- fined, Wifb brains and bralzfy url! rouzl1if1vil." Class Sevretary 2: Senior Play Cust -I: High School Clinii' l-4: I". T. A. 2-4, 1"r-sident 1: Alpha Delta Chi 1: Band 1-4: Girlq Glee- Vlub 1: Y-Teens 2-4: Or- 4-hestrn 2-4: Distrivt Solo M linsemble Contest 1-4: State Solo .Q Ensemble Vuntt-st 1-4: Operetta Cast fl: OIYt'l'ElI2'l. Clmrus 2-4. MARY A. NELSON "Sln:'x 1101 what yozfd will 1n'rfz'cfg Slnfx xml what yozfrf Call lunfg Slrrii just lifu' fbi' rvsf of ns Am! ,giggling is ber fad." Seninr Play Stage Crew -I: llfirnet Staff 4: Key Stuff 4: Alpha Delta Chi 1, 3: Y-Teens 2--1: G. A. A. ., -1 DAVID PAUL RALSTON "Honor lim in lionrsf milf' .Iuniur Play Cast 3: Senior Pluy Stage Crew 41 lfigflj S1-lirml Choir 1-4: Buys' Gif-e Club 1-3: Key Stuff 4: Poetry Antho- lfvgb' -1, Ilistrivt S010 S: 1-Ins.-nihle Contest 3: State Suln .Q lflustginhle Uontest Iii Trai-k 1-1: Student Cuunril -l: Ops-rettn Chorus 1-I. RONALD L. STEENERSON "I lnvzrn' flu' -ymirx firfc l1ll'llj'- XVIII not lima bn! wait for inf?" Class Vive-President 3: .Iuniur I-'lay Vast 3: Senior Play' Cust 41 Hi2'h Schonl Vhuir 2, Boys' Glee Club 2. Key Stuff I1 Alpha In-lta Vhi 2: Three Une- Art l'la1r Cast 2, 3, Student Iriimvtui- 43 Nntiimal Thes- pinn Sm-iety il, 4, Presi- dent -1: 1-Iuntl 1--1: Or- 1-lu-Stra 2: Distrirt Snlo ci linseinlile Coiitc-St 1: State Suhr .Q linseinblc Contest 1: Iii immurtales Staff 1: Hmisier HONG State 3: Hi- Y 1-4: Gulf 2-4: Basket- lvnll 1-4: llzisehglll 1-.ig Mntheinativs Contest 1, 2, 4: Opt-i'etta Churus 2. NANCY BETH STEVENS "WU 171170111 fm' jwrolnfly, A glurinzzx spri11g'x brail- fy." .Iunior Plzly' Stage Crew: Su,-iiiur l"lziy Stage Crew 41 High Svlifml l'l10ir 1-41 lkinil 1--l. Oi's'lieStl':1 1, 22 Girls' Glen- Vluh 1: Dislrirt Suln M 12114-fiiilily Vnntest 1-4: State Snlu K Flnsemble Contest 32, 1: Key Staff 4: Hurnet SHUT I: F. T. A.. Sei-reta1'5'-'l'i'ezisuiwr 3, His- turiun -1: Y-Teens 2-4, President 4: 1.5-,firm Ora- turivul Contest 4: G. A. A. 1, 2: Hperettzt Cliurus 3, 4: May queen 1-uurt 2: Na- tiwnul Hunor Soviety 4. JOANNE ULMER "That smilr! If ronzvs of bring gay." Juniwr Play Cast 3: Senior Play Unst 4: High S4-liunl Clmir 1-4: Hornet Staff 41 Key Staff 4: Al- pha Delta Chi 1, 2: Three line-A-'t Phu' Cast 3, 4: National Thespian Society 21, 4: Band 1-4: Girls' Glee Club 1: Distrirt Solo R Ensemble Contest 1-3: State Solo .Q Ensemble Contest 1, 2: Di Immor- tnles Staff 1: Cheerleader 2, 3: Y-Teens 2-4: G, A. A. 1: Vice-Pre-sinlent 1: Oper- etta Cust 3: Operetta 0 Cliorus ..-4. fi f ki-v-if" 'Q ..- C9 Samba NJ LEE SCHAEFFER "SHN zuzfvr runs dc'vjJ." Senior Play Stage Crew 4: Kel' Staff 4. SALLY ANN SNOW' "Small xln' is and like a fairy: Yu11'z'r lIl'1'L'l' xt-rn 411150110 in NICl'l'j'.H Juniur Play Cast Sen- iur Play Cust 41 Key Staff 1: Alpha Delta Chi 1: Thrr-tf One-A1-t Play Stage Crew 1, 2: Three One-Act l'1:1y Cast 2: Nati--nal 'Flivspittn Soviety 2-4. Sec- rvtnry 3: Y-Teens 2-4: Es- say Anthology -1: G. A. A. 1-17: Latin Conferenve 2: Girls' Glee Club 1, 2: Bet- ty Prof-liei' Cuntest 4. DONNA MAE STRITE Huvrllfll IIUVLIS fail, music' 1 XI1l'fIkA. ' .lnniur Play Stage Crew 12, St-uinr Play Stage Crew I' ilixh Si-litml Choir 1-41 lf, 'li A, 2, 52: Key Staff 4: Girls' Hlee Club 1: Or- rln-strri II, 4: Distrirt S010 N Iiiist-inlile Contest 1-4: Suite Suln M Ensemble Umitt-st 1-4: Y-Tet-ns 2, 3: Student 1'uuni'il 2: Opel'- Q-ttai Cust 4: Ops-retta l'lmi'iis 2-1. JAMES M. TAYLOR "Lani uiglif lu' ifi'Um1zt'i1'- Toifnvi' ln' ili'ra1r15.', Stair-if Play Cast 41 lhiyx' 1:11-e Pluh 2. Ke-3' Stuff 4: Band 1-1: Traek 3, 11 Szifetx' Pntiw-1 2: Cross- 1'..unLry 4. DON LYNN XVAITE 'Tlia1'r's Nzisflvicf in bis FYUS Arm' friufztzkbip in his Zu'.1rf." Keg' Staff 4: Track 1, 3: Yilselvfell 1-4: Basketball 1-si Essay :X1lIIluIOS'Y 4: P-Jerry' Anthology 4. CYNTHIA ANNE XVILLIS "SIM alzadjs .HJ fm' 155- swls 11511, A rltzssuzufr of irliom 1Lu'rf jirO11tf to NU." Vlgtss Su:1l':'Lll!'j' 1. Jun- I1' Iitaif Past if: Senior '1'," "gist 4: Hiili Sllimrl 'l.i'.:' 1-4. I-'. T. A. 1-3, ' it --I"'resi4le1.t 55. Kei' fini' 4. Alplia helm Clli , Three One-Ai-t Play Ytsi 1-I'. Student L1ire1' ' Natiiiiittl Th-Qpitan SH- oif-ig: ::, 4, Tl'-:tsurer Ittznl 1-4: Drum Hajm' 4: iris' Gi'-P V'l'.1l- 1, I. Av- coiiig-azsi-i: Esau-' Antlw- f:j' 12 Hi"-lie-S1111 1-4i l"iQ- tri I Stl-I N I-Insenilrle '-mit--t l-4: Stine Swlw k I:.- HQ- I'-'ntert 1-4. Iii- li1'.:., s Sfliipll--ily Atl- dit!-1. Q, 11: III---liar Girls' 4' n- I Y-T,-V-ns 2-4: Stu- il,-ti 1"ii.xzuil l' G. A. A. -.. Tr--'texr'-1' 2, Si IHS- trl T x Sim- Latin 4'f-n- -sz 1 l"ietz'ii't .v State XI-.i 11,1121 s 'IHHIVNL 21 Ii-iriii tv Fmt- l-Inxlisli 'mf---t :':. 4 Lwal XYinne1' I Spf-:tl-1 1114- 1'-11111-ruf'5"' t 9 ulgie-in-ttzi Cu-t . 1. " Still'-i,t I'ir-'tm- 4t Nl,-" 1 1---11 '."Zfzrr Il: Yule- rli ' i.+r. Ntniiwnztl II--n--1' 1 f--1" Pr---irlerlt 4, ELLEN LOUISE XYICOFE 'Likmlvlg Ioznblv, 5l1c's fmt !71I!EQ Sfu' tl f1'lt'lItI, flvrnzrxqfv Ju! Mu-H11,qfv.' fm' I-I-ft! II I III Q'I JZ llizj. 5'IlHf'I 'I , I-I--j' FK Ill' 41 14- ' fly?-' "Elf-M 4','lv1I' I P ' gnriflll'-1Jj,' 1 I ee i-11,-,-r.,l,1-- ' T Q IIHI- f-l' 'QITI-' Q- -. '.'-T-tw fr. 4: fy. "EMF 1- 1, .Xi - I., :l.if,w.:fl II AL,-XN R. Y':'.'AI.TI1NIfI:.IAfJIiIi "flint ', ffff'-I aw! arf 71fm'.' iff Ilfrffzwfv lift fvfll ffazf' .I'IHl.U f " -- 1 Mr 1- . 1 lllult I - ,.'. v 4.473- ' Q 12-.1 l ,, - will 1'1-: i!..' -- fit, I ...Q qua CARL JAMES UNGER "As u man fbizzkeib in his bmrf, S0 is be." Junior Play Cast 3: Sen- ior Play Cast 4: High Sfihool Choir 2: Boys' Glee Club 1-3: Key Staff 41 Three One-Act Play Cast 4: National Thespian S0- 1-iety 3, 4: Hi-Y 1: Student Librarian 4: Film Projec- tml' Operator PATRICIA ANN WALSH "Nofbing is plcasafif that is not spirrd ufiffa rari- dy." Attended Central Catho- lif' High School 1: Junior Play Staffs- Crew 3: Sen- iwr Play Cast 4: Key Stat? 4: Natiunul Tliespian So- ciety -1: Y-Teens 2-4: G. A. A. 1. JOHN CARL WEISS "A fown fha! bonsfs in- bflbifllllfi Iikc me Can have no lark of goof! socivfyf' Senior Play Cast 4: Key Staff 41 Three One-Act Play Cast 3: Band 1-43 Distrivt Solo 8 Ensemble Lmiitest 1-4: State Solo 8: IEITSGIIIIPIE' Contest 2, 43 Mutliematirss Cfvntest 3. CAROL LEE WILSEY "Always wazly and glarl to aid, Of such sfujjr fine f1'ic'11a's arc' 11mJr'." Junior Play Stage Crew 2: Sc,-ninr Play Stage Crew 4: Ilni'nr-I Staff 41 Key Stull' -1: Alpha Delta Chi gg Girls' Glec- Club 1, 23 Y-T4-1-ns fl--I1 G. A. A. 2, 31 I". T. A. 1. uv 5' Y IOHX CHARLES BOOlx 7 I ,lb UNK 711 1 A ' ' I ,H ig "Tf1'r11li11,q5fui1i is ' A' , will III I1 'k 111 ' , A. I . Sf, 'ix - ' 11111111 I. 'l'1'11-li 1, L' ' IZJNIQ4-vligill I N11 I 1':1!iw.I 1. .Xtlfiihil H-mil '- S1 iiiiii' Hiull X limi II. I 4 111111, 1'.1I1lF1r1111 N A , ' A Colnrs Flozwr , Moffo Pl'i'Si1I'L'rll S1'i'v'1'1'11r'v3 Tr1'11511V1'1 Slioumr Vim'-P1'i'xl1f1'11f 1 . Suubfm. ,"Thc Higher NVQ Risc the CLASS QFFICERS Scarlet .md Gray . , Rosa B1'0.1dc1' the Vicwn Fred Philipp Gmc Maxton Anita McClcll.m Bob Aiuircw Mies Recd l'afjf Thirla fluent' The Angola School threw open her doors on September 11, 1944, to greet a group of mischievous. yet angelic. little children, who are now her seniors. reall The original seventy members of the class of '56 included: Donald Abbott John Adams Dana Barlett Mary Barlett Leah Barto janet Beekman Charles Boomer Mary Bowerman David Boyle James Brock Jane Brokaw Roberta Brokaw Suzanne Caris Sharron Coffman Shirley Collins Donald Copas Shirley Cotner Nancy German David Gillette Nancy Gleason Nancy Hullinger Leora Keller Sharon Keller Eddie Klink Marilyn Koch Caroline Kolb Ronald Kope Charles Leslie Tommy Lipman Beverly Locke Billy Locke Lois Lonsbury XValter Lowther John Maloy Nancy Preston Richard Reppard Janice Richardson Kathrine Richardson Laura Richardson Yolene Rinehart Lee Schaeffer Stephen Sims Harold Smith Phillip Smith Wauneta Smith Xvillard Smith Nancy Stevens Carl Unger Betty Weiss John Weiss Roger Wfheaton Ned Cook Gene Maxton Betty Wiard XY'ava Cox David Mendenhall Carol Wilsey Kay Creel Shirley Miller Sharon XVoodard Donna Crone Tim Culver Peter Dick Robert Minor Kenton Nichols Jimmy Young Larry Zeigler XY'e entered our freshman year in the fall of 1952, and we realized that we were y high school students. NVe were proud of ourselves and we hoped to make a suc- cess of our four years of high school. In our sophomore year we were getting better acquainted with the other students and we took part in many different activities. Our junior year was a great credit to us. W'e presented our junior play, "Ghost XY'anted." which was a great success. XY'e received a plaque for topping the previous record in magazine sales Our 5luniorfSenior Banquet was a never-to-be-forgotten af- fair. with all the rustling formals, the gala colored decorations, and the Eiffel Tower carrying out the Paris theme. And then we were seniors! It was a marvelous year! W'e began with the senior play. "George Xlfashington Slept Here." Our patriotic program was a thrilling ex- perience for all of us. NVe had a marvelous senior trip to New York City. A very pleasant memory for us was the Junior-Senior Banquet. Then it was time for bac- calaureate and commencement. XVe walked across the stage to receive our diplomas with mixed emotions, as this xx as good-bye. We were ready to take our places in the world. We had been well prepared for the future by our teachers, parents and friends. The memories of our twelve years of school will remain in our minds and hearts for- ever. -ANITA McCLELLAN SI-IARRON COFFMAN MARILYN KOCH Jfwm J Inky fingers, borrowed gum, Cracking jokes and having fun, Slumber parties, giddy and gay, Learning lines for the senior play! Exchanging pictures-name cards, too Those horrible days with report cards due, Chopped off hair, and pop-it beads, Tourney timeg such excitement it breeds! Jn 5.amb'm, Bermuda shorts, that Saturday date, Cramming for tests when one knows it's too late, That fabulous banquet that left us so poor, The senior trip that we all waited for! Awaiting with glee those carefree vacations, Our very first promg such magic fascinations! These things the seniors of the '56 class Tuck away with memories of A. H. S.! It's time now to go our own separate ways, To end our glorious ruling days. The world our own special talents we'll show, And find out how much we really don't know. CYNTHIA WILLIS ' bzjbmf. Efmwla, a K 4 'fi fx im' 'iv .4 S I 1' 'I ri I .,l" ,-, . .a g I wg Q h "E it ' - - M V ,rip 'QP xii- s ' J 5 'L V FIRST IIOYV: Nunn,-y Gleason, Gene Mnxtun. Slmrron Cofl4ni:in, John NYeiss, Jane Brokaw, Carl Unger. SECOND ROW" John Malloy, Mnril3'n Ko-'11, Ned 1'-role, Nun-'3' Stl-N'--ns, Pi-te Dick, Carol XVilsey, THIRD ROXY: Ilolvs-1'tn Brokaw, Dave Mt-1111.-lilxznll. BIIW3' I1.l1'1:.-lt. lie-e S"lI.IE'ffl:'l', Nunn' German, Tim Culver. FCIVRTH ROXY: Eddie Kliuk. Lois I,onsIn11'y', 4'zu'-'line K-i-ll-, Shirley Miller, Kay Creel. I-:nh Andrew. Page Tlvirfy-one 655' 34' ff? 1 I If I Y' I ff I 2... - as ,B 4 --. ,., 'o-. I f . :UNA L1 " i. ,Q A "!'?' :L .vs . v f I , N. W 5, N., ,,...v" X if W ' X 5, - 1'-N333 -jg gif .5 3 . I 1: 2--A Q ' I 5g.rff21fQfx-1. .sis X iff 1 . Ie Q Q-N' ",-ff? ggi.-. j ' ' 1 v .-, ,I 5 ,f ff, 1 -' I in 4 'Z 15 1 I D "' , 'J'- ,lfkl lj -4 I ,. I' ' I X I , ,- .7 nr --. , ' Q M' 'af " 'Q - 1 v N 1,5 1' Y' f' 'A 'ro is N' 'S it ' "5 'uh 'f i -- I " .ll I' I 1 1 v Ifll-IST IIUXY: .Tim Allnright, I '--n Andrc-W, M11l11'i-ye Dai'- IQ-lt, I!:u'In1r:1 Ilnrm-tt, Judy III'llI'I1llll. S li 1' H N D Il O XY: Judy 1.11m ll, I .akin x' III'lvXVl'l, Rny In-lixvlu, Knlhy Itiwxmi, Louis 4'llil'i4'nl1i TIIIIIII HUXYZ l":ll'1ll I"1-I- IIHF, Nulrwii IIVJIIII. Pzinl DI-- Iiu I inuvr. -7 lmwzl, IIIPIIIIII' Ihv"1-rt XI 957- Pl't'.Yf1fl'llI' ,, ,,,, Mike Erickson I"'iw'-Pnfxiilvlzt Svv1vhzr'y T1'4'ilx1m'1 S fm nm r Cnfnrx 15111 zwr Moffn I"1r I' Il l'Iri-'li:x.+li, l':iir. Maurice Barlett , Bonnie Gary , ,Janice Laird ,, Mr. B.11'kcIuII Blue and XVhite XVhite Carnation ,,"Not Finished, just Begun" 'VII IIHXV: Miko I4.nrr5' Iilyst.-i', Judy I" I I" 'I' II Ill! XY: M:lI'u:Il'vI I"if-lvl, Invk I"Ill4'II, fin 1' 5' lfurlws, Iinimii- Henry, Tum I1l'I'lllIIII. SIX'l'Il IUIXV: RIJIVA' I,ml fiil-H--in, I'-:I 111-:nu-ly, Ilnxv- Hrullin, INN Ifzirmf-n, .llgrry II.nrI. F I ' uv 2- 1 -,' , n . , . :re A -- .4 l1'Il:S'I' RHXY: Iwun Hart--r, f U 3- Q V im IIil4h-Ivrglnml, Tom lI..1'l'- W. -f . . f mam. Jun llv-Ilzmun, IXCIIIIUIII ' Hullinuer. N V.: in z, x , S. I ' H u 'Af x . A lf, , V K - ,V up C' slew'-+NIf lawn' I-Kill .1-.1.1.- 4- 7' " c:.ffC9' 'E Q " '- Q-Lxn, Bliknf Kirk, All:--N Kuukvl, All f -' Ianni:-.A Lnilxl, Ibm 1,1-wllne-l'. lg ' '--- ' k 5 1 'S' 1 -f ' 1 l Nf l , .- 'Tllllllv www. Jim Mm! , A gg 1, ii ,. 1, ti, an I xv.-1 I, Rlnrgn- M-'I-Iulzwl'--x', qw' V Slmlwwlx lfvlmlguxu-1. X,1lIl4lC! Mus- ' "' I "' ,,, .....f sn-V, 411x3'1-In RIM-Vs, "7 ' ' 1 L .J-nf' b I , -- " Tx t . " - A 'ri - .39 X . - 4 1 , ., , , X -N ' if S' ' 1 r' -Vx' 3: , K .Q 'A ' if f', , If I'Hl'RTlI IQHXYQ I1Il1'ill1l1l ,-- 1 Nvxxn.1n1, Ilul-:lrnn Nivh-vlw, A 430 90 l' .r' Q ' fir 'IH-m I'1'1t-st, Blznl Ifillvlilll, K- ,. 'lmny' I!'n ,.I., -r 1' ' - , 1, N -- 'J , 4 ' I N "' ' 1 9 ' . 4 1 "-'eX,...,g.'I"" f "HIS J . 4 15 . Fl VT II IHINYQ Imr1u.m 3 .v gp fr -N .K '- 1:.-mllfl, um l:'Il'il'k, lfi--li L "' "x N 'YV' -'7' " 4 ' ' S-wxxx, Imu: Slmrx'-vw, .I-fhu ' -Q -' - .- Slmxx' ' 'RL' " 'Q 'L' I w-H" v' Q. 1 'AX K N s1x'ru Izmx' lull sn.d.-ms, qs N, Q M, cf BI:l!'11.l Shwrl. llivk SI--mlin, " . ff ", Illll Sl-rm---i1rl1-,l', .lim XY:xI- '-" Q -'I ,g "V, mall, 'Y 0' Q , , 'aff x .SQ AL . ' ' gl : 'Judi i h SICYI-INTII HUXY: flu-lw "' H, x N xxmi.-1.1, J.-1.1. XYi1-1-I'l'. K.-H .- "' , - J " ,- ' " XYiIl1:n1ns1.n, .Kuhn Xyillilllll' D 9 - sun, M.ur:.11w-1 XY11li:nxusf-n. -.f - , I IIL' 1. , I' X I giqf,-Jf"7"!' ' '.',':4'1 ,'1,.'f'l N -X 5 ill1iH'l'II VUXYI Phil NYU- X . ' . , . W ' .515-'Y 5.-1. M1114-5 XX ...IL hmmm- g- 1 " 0- , 1' ' ""' Xxwln.-Nm, .hm XX'y.11l.lM1: linrlal- 7, ' -" dull, fy---uswr. - . ,. , - , -K . xd, .X F Y ,- 1' ,-A 3 -RS: . . V ., ,A .. . g4!v5 .- T' Q 1, ' 4, x .X i QR. " .i i 1 . ff' 3 :f I . xg:-,aim . -9131 " 2 - .. A -- .- --4 ,QLLC,..ig1.g' 'i x QR-X RZ. A?-., 1 2.6 9 . -11"'S-2-1-' lirllk ii I ...R N 3 .0 1. ,' 5 Y as 'vw J- . L Vp.: f-" I: -4, -Q or - 'E - - ' X UI 1 - H-ffl-.i'5a-5 Q x , ,.1. xg W.. SE f-, . ,s vs Q -4' ' " -vu , ,gil -.I , A, 7 N l Q . f r , ' 4' , '- ' ' '4 13951 5 vs- 4 i- , ! 1- fx cf , F. 7 .3 3. .4 P: Q. x- " I 4 I Y 'S -' . ,-,,, i , 1 - . f I fx R51 3 g-2. X ' -w,.N,..u+ ,F pw Q 'J Q yu, ',-,E snuff. l 4-5,5 U' 1 4 ...,-, may , xx, . 5 FIRST ILUXY: J:-2111 Al- bright, llivk Iizlafle, Kvith I-Zi-evliy, Judy Hinkley, Pat Llraiillcy. SIGCONII IUIXYL Di:-1: Bru- kzlw, Ili-liiert liilrlew, Anne Burns, Rwsiilvii Ilurt-fn, Sylvia ltutlcr. 53142511 -19 5- Prvxiflvzzf Dave M.1cF.1dyen Virv-Prrsin'011f, Roger Wilson SL'l'!'l'flIl'J' Nanci Randolph Tl't'l1SIlVL'l' Gary Gritiith SINJIISOI' ,, Mr. Druckamillcr Culorx , H Pink .md NVhite lffozwi' , , Pink C.1l'I1L1IiOD Muffn-"XVitl1 the Ropes of thc Past XVc'll Ring the Bulls of thc Fu- turcu Tllllilv IZIIXY: .li-rry I7yi-rs, 'I'-rm Viiswi-Il, V111 smllilis, l':l1 Flwuiulix, lmli- Imlli-Y. I"HI'II'I'II IUINY' Kurw-il Imy, l:ii"::inl lmx. .lam--1 In-mins. Il:ir'luir:1 IM-lair, I.iml:i ICI- lHlLC1'I'. I"I I4"l'Il Ill PNY lhili ICIT, Hlmirlf-x lilsuli, Jo-lm' lfzlsl, ,lnlm I"i:1mlI, .Inru-:ilu lfri-1-ll. H.-1"-xx-I1-L-11, .I4-lm K1-11+-r, Jun.- Kf-lly, liwlwzllwl Kimmvl, .Iurly " ,A 'a Q ' . I ,, -1: . . 1? I F I ll S T I2 U XYZ BLAK'EI'1Y ' A ' t I ' ' . Glu-r-11:nlx15'e1', .lim l:l'it'll1, Gary Wh' ., '.' M ' " , 1 - f. lriifillm. Lesliv IIMIYIIIS, Jnhn -li' 5, ' ' ' - 11, X:.'X,lFI' 1 5 N , Iflellh-5. -:Sew Q. i, 5 - , ...fn 1 . I . fx 'f if ."?,E'Xff'T'.! SIC1'HNlv l:uXY3 Slnnrnu - , 'Q 'R 'T ea -:J irutih. , ""' uh, Q f I A, THIRI1 RHXY, Ann Kuulvr. ,, K I 1 ' 1 : 1.-JL N 1' 1' IN zu Lzlw, lmxw- Mm- "' A 5 4 4' n" ' 1 ' I4'111lU:lx, IKM, 1I4'lNlXl'v, Jan-li - ,- I if., Mill'-V, M ' V., ,f , x RY - 1for'1:'1'1I IQOXV1 1: 1, 1- .1 U ll Q 'x . -Q Q ,Lo L .t X N mlm-11w11, Kvu Num-I, 'am-ry -A X' ea- WFS. Ll 3 Q-V C. b lmtls, .Tunv Prn,-wt, Nznllm' 1 A R1Tll'lIVlIVll. Y y 5 x K K " 2 W ' -' asf. L R , ,. ,V,. x F I I7 T II H 'Y XY: IT1lI'l11ll'21 it -i Rum-3'. Le-1'--5' lbw-I, Kurvn 1 - G- . Q. Ih-.-sm-. .T1-lm Il:-rwk, TI:1rl-anril .- ,4 -Q. X, lzmw. 'W' ' -- ' -f , ,, if-i ' SIXTH RHXXY Mnry ,, - ,D S--lwriflx-1'. IZ--th Sf-Imxxn, 1'1l1'I-l " 1- t .ag ,f "" "' - Sliuxw, ,hm Slzulminzl, ldwlvlim- - A -Q Slililll. -N X' ,, ' ..,-A V X N. "Qf'QIx . ' , Q ., .emyg Mseiyw LX-3., , ,. 355.3 . 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S 7' . ,,, ,N f I9 1 FIRST ROXY: Alan Alaura, Elaine Artmun, Dorothy Ear- lett, Charles Bzirrows, Karen Heechy, I"u1'olA'11 Herning. SECOND ROXY: Eddie- Eis- hup, Slmzwwn Brokaw, Karen Brokaw, Rivky I-Hooks, Fun- nie Brown, Ben B1'x'ur1. THTIIIY RUNV: John liil'lJXUlI, .Iwo lim-kness, Haxwdil Vain, Garry Clmpnlfln, KAY 'i4lL121I', Jzlnim- 1'w11w-Ive. J iz, -79 9- PI'L'Xit1,L'lIf , ,,,Tom Philipp Viva-Prc'xin'f'rzf . ,, ...Reginald Parrish Sz'r1'c'1'z11'Yy ,,Deanne Newbauer TI't'HXI!l'l'l' Howard Crum Spolzmr W ,,,,,,,, Mr. Porter Colors ,,,,. Blue and Silver Moffo-"XVith the Steps of Today XVC Shall Build the Ladder of Tomorrow" l"CrI'l1'I'H RUXY: H111-Viet Ur-Ula, Uunnif- Vrain, Tum Uruin, Ilud "I'lIllI, .Yann-.A IN 1.111111-y, Phillip In'-Ili,-1', I"II"TII IUJXY: Fmvill Dy- gqvrt, lfHI'4'll lirlw, Dau: lis- s4-11lw1'g, 1"nrnl I5l.'l'l'O, .Imiiu I4'l4f,:o:11, .Toy IM-:u:w1'. SIXTH lguwz twmniu G:u'Y. l.yml:l !lr'1lll'5'. 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N f -I 3 'Z i:ul'l'ai':i fYI'lniQtOl1, Gi--w1'grie N 'X I N 'E " vs " "VV IM-tar. " - - F Y-7' xv 'Q ' x ' 1 . , 5 ff V A ..- Vx N Y 7' f. "Nl xi 'H S" ?"' f ' Q V X . A .-W2 Sl'IYEX'l'lI IUPXV: Elizzlluetll W Oxw-iis, Iuivid Rlwyer, F'lr1riene A -5 Queen, Vhn:-lc Kuhn, Ju4lY v, fi J' '- ' 6 O ' .Q -1. 'TS :T Nulslf-, 'rl -. I . . 1 if ' Q., V 4' - v ' .' i X " ' l-IIGHTH IIOYV: I-'rzlnklin In-e, Ronnie Dodd. Jane Tay- I lor, Jimnu' Griffin, Martlm - v 4- A XYilder. , vi- .' .rg -S? ew- 9 " " - -a S, . 'f .iv 1--f B V . - Q p .X f Y Q - -r NIXTII 1:0W: Mike Stoh- ff li-V, ilarlem- Zimmerman. I Y 7 T- i v NUT I'Il"l'VRI'IU: Janice Rwlrlvins, Vurulyii Heide-rman, Nellie Inman, Hilly Burlew, 'P L fn, ,N If Sandra Hainoy, X , x ,f ' i LJ i iwnnth, Shade, FIRST ROXV: Mrs, Kile, Mrs. Stiles, Yirki F1'HI1El1- burg, John Newnani. Sizrid Sfmwx'l4ftt, I.m'r5' Sunday. SE1T'4'rND ROXV: Judy O'- Dell. John Sellgren, Janet Hanna, .lame-s Smith, Shurwn Hanna, Jerry Gosle-v. THIRD IIOXV: Diane- Dis- hrr., 1101121141 lYilsm1, Betty lYixe, Glen lilogwrs, Carol P1?1I'l'l1011, James XYilIinr, FUVHTH RVIXY: YY4'v4J4li4"e .V , . 2 ua 1 171 wh.. 4-'fx fran- -S 5- V-f, "- N - - 4 1. Q r 1 -' . . "" ' L ' xl: , - pv ..- .4 .,,- , ,V S yi . ' X' Q QL' . ' v fy Qi :- F x - 5 - ,K 'I 646 3 at ' WA 5 L .W xii, A xg W mf-B, 27, ,Fi .Q .,, 'U s I - 'ex i " Sq - ,-A 4 i L.. J XLR! 1 A ' . . X Q uv K 1 , , Q fa' Lk -Ii ' 1 ..- --f 'ZEN Jgr- A, "' A 6 -" . .Llf D H- L Y, 4 , f X 1, vig X y A ...ff 1 F ' X- A I if , -.-Y ,ix '- , ' , 1 , ,,, A... ' - ., ' -. LT f Q ,,, .L -A 1' " I- 5 Q -v ' , r , ,, -ff ' ' Y H 1 f 1 ' A , y V..- '-'-.- . - 2 , Y: , - ' -' 4'-M.. ., 1 W ' ,nf K I ' ' ,J 1 If 3 H 5 l 5 f- ff ,fr--fi' , 'S -1' Q fu- 1-if A gs- , ,, -. .1 1' ' A AK -. -X - el, QA, - I 4 4 1 .,- 3 4 If ., K 1 ., 1 i i i - Vw 7 T 4- Q- , ff - -.' . 'J' :i eg ' QT ,Tl U 4 ' 49" M " gi ' 1 4- 4- if 'I ... 44. Wi r , 'J A 4-N W- -as ' A 4 V A A . ' 1 XXX - ' X , , . . T . 1 f 4 W if " .' I I , ' :fl --- 1' " " 4 M B ff ff: .4 Ulf K V A , ' ' A 1 i ' D-ze' cf 4' f..- "' "ff "' 'QQ' , 'JA Q! ,X 4 'K fi! 5 ,I Q4 " " 1' nw 'X Q ,as ,4vv,,, fu' L is ll'0l'lXVZ1Y, Carol Ste-inke. Bruce Andi-rson, Barbara Maxtrm, Phillip Muswar, Karen Heren- dee-n. FIFTH TIOXV: Pete-r Garner, Karen llowe, Gary Horn- hnvkle, Pamela XYright, Stan- ley llc-vlzey, Patric-ia. Binkiey. SIXTH ROXV: Mike Deming, Marilyn Rlriilgli, M i 41 h a Q1 Huh-X, Judy Brady, David Iloliwn, .1u4lith XYil4-mx. SICYIGNTH 1'l4'lXY: Kenny .lUil11N4i11, Bnhliie Sue Supp, lmnny Hnlhe-11, Linda Mains, lVilli:xm Stu-le, Kay Cliristen. ICIGHTII RUXYZ .lzlvli 1:4-'l'- lien, Slmrnii Imwc-i'y, liiery Kinws, Mzxiwillizl A 111111111-1, N ri r in Rl n Amstutz, Dixie Slum-4'i1v1144l'. NINTH RHXY: Susan Carr, 'F4-rrx' Arlcwri+"ht Pwrlw 41l'i'u' . H.-- cf' Su mm 5' llirrinl, 1"12l'l1I1P1tf1 slmlm, Rugwr Lehman. 'PICNTII Rlilxvl 12 r P n 112. 4'l1j14l4-rs, 'I'lmm:ls llristxls, 9 ,-Sv .,, f 5 ,, K R' 1' , -.Y ' A in M . . N .W A.,- H .- 5, A .agp J 1 pg Q ' ,V f ruth, 3, T i , T -M K, Af 1 --PQ i 1 , 1 gi x ' B. 7 Hfzaala, ' .""'5 . . ,J' ..- .- 1 "Q 4, K. V' 'K .Q s. ' gg. .., "", 'W' " FIRST ROXY: Kaye Con- ,' , , . X V Verse, Kathy Gibson, Mickey ' -' i W' IIuleY, Judy Seeman, Jerri' f it V Reynolds, Susan Siegel. in sf'i3'f , T '13,-Q--Z .x -. SECOND Huw. l'Wzu'iil Day, ,-- ' f .. . ,-. , .,.,,... Betty Nic-hols, Jon Bazide, 'ft f b Z :X ' R A , Q. Qs . bf' A I l' Judy Griffith, Thumus Doug- , -W--f " ' "' ' lass, Mary Slanina. ' ' f l v ,. 2 A ,. f X 5 'f if THIRD ROXY: T h U in u s Sliinn, Joan LE21lllt'l'lllIiI'l. Hil- die Mathews, H:ll'llZ1l'i'l Crox- - 1 1 ton, Richaril Pliilil-91-s. Julie -I .4 " ' fi 'S W :Q - 1: gy. ... -. Brnkaw. Y , , Q N ik X -ff" ' FoL'11:TH Roux Du,-1: Mus- -512 1-' A .' H QM 1 L ser, Carulynne Henley, James N, Y i e rl i n g, Janelle Erwin, .1 - Roger Sailor, Linda Ewers. Q ,V X YM x " ,- -.- -.Se ,.. A '21 "-3. - -- 2- 'W M. . " 'K s . , ' , . - -N n FIFTH Row: James Koui, I J , ' l ,,, Y ' Dinah Taylor, Edward Sess- "Q 4 gg I ford. Sandra Hubart, Bruufe g 12-W Steinke, Betty Reeves. ,X ' W- .M - if ar- . gf. - .Q . 1-I gf SIXTH Roni Julia mr-m, "" ' "" 'A' "' "' ' -- " Steve Krutsn-li, Yii-kip Phi-lun. - H I f- f N 'I QM- - n R u S s e I1 Nora:-i'un, Si21'i'1 -' .f x -, :N 43 ' Suinerlott, Clifford Rynn. ' ,,,.Q l -'ff' ,S itu I' - SEVENTH ROXV: R 0211111 H A' 'ij 1 Dega, Kari .Io Aldriwh, Philip N -, B - , - Pre-son, Ann Ramsay, Mzlr- A3 ,-' 9 f' Q A 'Q ' p 1 Q3 'SZ' . 1 tin Brannan, Kay Bailey. ' 1 fo .5 - .,,, . 5 rf I fl. , - A, 1 3 ff '- Q ., R w A P3 V' 91' ' ."'f IEIGHTH Imw. 110 ll Q1 1 fi lg ,A ' . 5' B a 1' 1 e t t, Ba1'lvara1 Snyder, I t l ' 'E ' Thomas James, Mary Agnes in , Gary, Buddy uY2ll'1'6ll, Elaine 1"ranquist. ,,,. .Ax 2 , ' ' -..fl 'V' 'Av R- , 1 , . ,. . A fl x h Av 'W R X -4-" 5 KM, Q 'R ' NINTH Row: Syn-in P1-fiwl, f' Q -"l ' K X M . , , ,. Nash Musselwhite, K Z1 r e n I A ' - 1 Q Phaney. Patrick Taylor, V ' 1' 1. -3 3 Marinlana Ilensvh, Ilivhzirfl f4"'5'fg,.x .V . s 5. -. .,-,. l"llll1lI1g6'l'. .,2"' "Ni -3 " .yn .A NJ - A ,,,.,Q ' , . .5 Y jf 1 " " -vb W' - '23 T E N T H It 0 W: YValter " " ' M . Smith, Konita Forbes. - , .ww ' f 5 ' "' ' ' 5 if ' ' 1 1 1 . - . NOT PICTVRED: Bonnie Burlew, Tom Hutto, and Jim- my Sims. l 4- F 'GF' Ji, T- is 5 d,.JL.5,. ' ' , Yfiiv Q' v , X I X 1-www, . ,X .tra RYE-S191 5,351 NPSA' jic .4- nhl. f?'i.1lN E: .L X N, . ..-.-Y-we-fs-,-4-sn-x.v.-A.,- w- g. , fu ' Kwik-3 ' m In the future when "Oft in the srilly night Ere slumber's chain has bound me, Fond Memory brings the light Of other days around me-" Ishall recall the activities connected with the auditorium of A. I-I. S. Ishall re- call the hours spent in band. orchestra and choir rehearsals, and the exciting moments of concerts and music contests. I shall recall the junior and senior class playsg the operettasg the magician actsg the sacred programs at Christmas and Easter: the patriotic programs on Armistice Dayg the seniors' presentation, "For God and Countryf' awards day, class day-and Commencement! Indeed the school auditorium holds its memories for each member of the Llass of ,56. Pdf lfi! flu: 911, loving, nf, ULUL Srhvvlnuzian, g I .1 -4 ,.., W :zz .. ., ,.:-f 1 if JJ gs-., ,uf X iffy Richard Brokaw ' QJIQQWL Lifu is but a fnznsivul Jrvanz flmf floats IIS lbrozzgb a world of mn' WT rin' 1117011 an il'iJ4'xn'11f IIIIHJ14' zmiil if 17I1I'SfX, ami uv arc varrml info 1l,'fI1tiX of Gmf. WN-f,.., ,..--J , 1 1 A, I, ..,i ' 'N ..1il.5:1,l- 2 M A . 34,1 X1 . ' N 'KY ,. Sin, wi--if ' mms vllwfl' . .suns 1 1"t M '- V :ragj , s, ' A 1 . ' .Vg U l 4 V , K 1 Y, ,Ulpgi wi uwrl mm . 1, Nllll, .sf Www 30 .Ui ull? 'sa ' HI. - .. ,, - L ,"""' ...ex pzrmxqj ,gp . 5 .X mi ' Q w MRS-SM mfg Y? mn, Q l'ft'l'lIff-X' by fbv L'l'l'I'-l7l'l'l'11iIf71g -KAY CREEL ? iss? John Morris Page I'-0l'fJ-fblfc . :,- - msgs , 3 . v .lik : T. VPU ,ii --1 1 GD PUBLISHED BY THE SENIOR CLASS, ANGOLA HIGH SCHOOL, ANGOLA 2' Th N '.'b .4 ,- 7, f 2:23,-' M ,,.,W,, PREPARING COPY FOR THE KEY lac sets .I deadline. Q udlrors plan IlIc layout. Iiupartrnunt heads make plum. Tlng tjfpixta arc busy. alum EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Marlene Alwlri-'II ASSOCIATE EDITORS Janill Cleland Kay 4'I'1-b-1 SHIIIIIQI LL-:Ithe-I'III:III Katy' Bl1I1'F'R4lywII lf'3'IItlIi:1 NYilliS BUSINESS STAIfIf Nan'-y 47:6l'l'l1HI'l Ne-l Vmlk Kenny lmwi-ll Nell l-'ifm' Eddie Klink Man- MwlI1tx'I'e Gunr Mnxton Dave lizllst-In Lee Svllalnffel' Sullx' Snnw f"zII'l l'nu'wr Dun XY4nite Put XYillSll Alun Walt.-1Ilwx':vI' Dnn XYisI,- ART EDITOR NHHV5' Stevexls DRANIATICS Jrrlxn Mnlwy' lilly Ura-nl CLASSES Rfylwy-nl In-f.kmv IXIHVN' Lou Miller SPORTS Run SI.-elle-I'suIl John Malloy' Tail-lc 4'le'I-nxvets Tim f7'lllVQ1' ORGANIZATIONS SlIiI'lm' Miller Maury lIzII'1E-IL' Luv' Annu E11 .ILIIIIU llilllllllll -qxf. , ALUMNI lflnll AIIIII-.Jw Luis LoIIslruI'y MIIB' Nelson MUSIC t'ynthi:I XYilliS Hex E:2ll'l4rll June U1-nlizlw Elle:-II YYil'r'lff CLASS XVILL Pflte IH'-1: lfrell ljllllllbll Jnlln XYL-iss CLASS PROPHECY Nunn-5' Stl-vvxus l'YIlllll2l XX'illis CLASS HISTORH' Anita lUL41'lE'llZlll Sll3l'l'lrll 4'nI'fIIIuII Marilyn Knvh SNAPSHOTS J:wAnIm5- Vlmer lxLlY 1' VY Ilmwezltlm 1'IlI'peIIte-I' lrnxxnu Strito ,lim Taylnl' FEATURES Varnl XYilSf-3' Arleen lf2lYl4hl' Iirwselxlznli' Lower CIRCULATION lfxwfrl Philipp lIill'l'j' In-llvr lilclnn 1lI1I'tIIQI' Alllfllrll Ilzlntz 6 I X I 1 - 1 I W 'jp "E 1 7 f . . .,w'Q,,,,J L J ffww- 'I K 'f A W l , i""Yl ' l 4?A,gW,M V 'Su-In I, iw 90' , , A qv 4 Q 'ww 'Z . ,Vw in .l 5 ' , . , '-4 V-'fl ,A ,V , , '-..' 2' YU "X , W' ' ' 'S . ' I bv ' 22:55 I ' 1I", '1" ,. O if jim, Jf0!ll'l.Qf, The "Hot . y publication put out by the journalism class of A. H. S. It con- tains news, feature stories, editorials, exchanges, gossip, jokes, sports and other interesting materi- al. netn is 1 monthl Its existence goes back to 1918, when it was called "The Key" as well as the yearbook. In 1934 it was renamed "The Spectator," a title which lasted only one year. The name "The Hornet" was suggested by Mr. Druckamiller in a contest the next year. and so the paper has been called since then. In 1949 "The Hornet" staff was admitted to membership in the Quill and Scroll, the Inter- national Honor Society for High School Journal- ists. The members of the staff also belong to the National Scholastic Press Association. The members of the staff this year included: Editor-in-chief, JoAnne Ulmer: associate editor, Kay Fry: business manager, Jane Brokaw: art editor, Nancy Stevens: sports editor, -Iohn Maloyq exchanges, Arleen Kaylorg news writers, Lois Lonsbury, Bob Andrew, Mac McIntyre: feature writers, Carol Xvilsey, Mary Nelson, Marilyn Koch, posters, Sharron Cotfman and Sandra Leatherman. Miss Shultz was the faculty advis- er. K Q. ' 12 if Q- Juv -, If 4 I 1 f 1 'sa as I I 4' h,,,v,. , xy if-Ig Q PUTTING OUT THE I-IORNET Fun at the mimeograph machine. Hornet posters in the making. The assembly line putting the pages together. The ed itor types-with two assistants. S . -.C,L FM' N XX ew' .-azxzrsz I XX . AVF?-l Christmas Prom Voting for King Christmas Xvindovs 'U-72211 The Y-Teen club was originally called the Girl Reserves and was organized in Angola in 1927. The Angola chapter is a member of the state and nation- al organizations and is a branch of the Y. XV. C. A. Our ideals are well stated in our slogan, "To rind and give the best is our purpose true. earnest, hon- est. and our slogan-to face life squarely too." We met every other Monday after school in the Study Hall. Any girl who had attained the rank of sophomore was eligible to join. A wonderful Y-Teen year was enjoyed by all members. The sock hop which We held in the gym- nasium was a huge success. In November a student from Tri-State College came to speak to us about his native land, India, and later we gave a program at the County Old People,s Home. On December 23, we sponsored the annual Christmas Prom, "Crys- tal Fantasyfl with the Hi-Y. The school elected Gary Grirhth as "King Cris" to reign over the dance. In January we held a Friendship Tea for the Fremont Tri Hi-Y. In February Helen Seidel came and spoke to us on the meaning of Y-Teens. In April the Pa- Ma-Me Banquet was given by the Y-Teens and Hi-Y. The othcers for the year were: President, Nancy Stevensg vice-president and membership chairman, Katy MacFadyeng secretary, Kay Creelg treasurer, Mary Jane Hammag program chairman, Janie Cle- land: social chairmen, jane Brokaw and Cynthia Wfillisg service chairmen, Nancy German and Pat XValshg Hnance chairman, Sally Snowg song leader, Mary Lou Millerg pianist, Roberta Brokawg chap- lains, Ellen Wicolf and jane Brokaw. The advisers were Mrs. XVood, Miss Shultz, Mrs. Boomershine, Mrs. Jarrard, Mrs. Stevens, Miss Reed, Mrs. Skove, Mrs. Crain, Miss Myers, honorary, and our chief adviser, Miss Frank. Y-Teen Cabinet Talk Things Over , ,i- --1' I i-. . A . a l f ,n o V' 42 :Q KY'-0 IQNTFQ. ,.,, . 1 Christmas Prom Selling Taffy Ofhcers and Sponsor The Angola Hi-Y Club, organized in 1922 by former Superintendent John L. Estrich, has the hon- or of being the first club to be formed in the state, and it is a member of both the state and national organizations. The purpose of the club is "To create, main- tain, and extend through the school, home, and com- munity high standards of Christian character." To fullill this purpose the club participated in the fol- lowing activities during the year: Sent oiiicers to both the fall and spring conferences, sponsored sev- eral charity projects, and held .1 Pa-Ma-Me banquet with the Y-Teens. The club also sponsored the may 'WVOXVO Record Hop," and with the Y-Teens, the Christmas Prom, "Crystal Fantasy." The club meets every other Monday afternoon or evening. The meetings are called to order by the president and the Lord's Prayer is given in unison. The programs consist of talks by outside speakers, panels, films, and discussions of interest to the mem- bers. oiiicers were: President, John Shaw: vice- Jon Holtzmang secretary, Phillip XVilson: treasurer, Paul DeRosa: chaplain, Roger XY'ilson, Mr. Shepherd The president, was the club sponsor. A Meeting in Progress an Q' Eg' wp llflj, Katy Gives Her Views '7lativnaL mm smog, One of the highest distinctions which can be given to seniors of Angola High School is to be selected for membership in the National Honor Society, Fifteen per cent of the class are eligible. They are selected from the upper third of the class. ranked according to scholastic records, and chosen by the faculty on the basis of citizenship, service to the school, and character. Those who received the honor this year are Kay Creel, Pete Dick, Katy Macliadyen, Roberta Brokaw, Fred Philipp, Nancy Stevens, Ellen NVicoff, and Cynthia Xvillis. The oihcers for the 1956 group are: President, Cynthia Willisg vicefpresident, Katy Nlaclnadyeng secretary, Roberta Brokaw. Mr. McCutchan is the treasurer. The local chapter of the National Honor Society was established in 1935 and the membership is now 252. A scholastic fund was set up in 1938. Each member contributes one dollar to the fund each year for the first live years he is n member. The money is used in the form of a loan to help send a graduate of Angola High School to college. 50' The Student Council was organized in 1932 to promote co-operation between SILI- dents and faculty. provide opportunities for student self-direction, foster all worthy school activities, and create and maintain high standards for citizenship. This organization has sponsored and participated in many activities this year. These activities include: Sponsoring two sock dances, "The Fir Tree Frolicv and " '56 Fra- casg' selling basketball season ticketsg sponsoring the selection of cheerleadersg striving to improve pep sessionsg expending effort to arouse school spirit: sponsoring the May danceg and working on the school problems in general. The student council consists of four members, two girls and two boys, from each high school class. The meetings are held twice a month. This year the members were: Seniors-Pete Dick, Dave Ralston, Kay Cruel and Nancy Germang juniors-Gary Forbes, jim Albright, Margaret Field, Nancy XVoodg Sophomores-Gary Gritlith, Keith Beechy, Beth Selman, Norma Lawg Freshmen-Tony Holtzman, Gordie Van Marter, Janie Flegal, Barbara Myers. The otlieers were: President, Pete Dickg vice-president, Gary Gritlithg secretary, Nancy NVoodg treasurer, Kay Creelg and reporter, Margaret Field. Mr. Bernhardt was the faculty adviser. A Motion ls In Order i' xv! I F Q :il Z' 5 ... 1 t T' - 1' Page Fiffy-one Faffwi ,ffm . ,A iw ilhi. Wwliwlx miiilllllmw 4,1 ' K. lihilllvliislllf Wlihxilillll f ,- mE.i.iM.xli.M iwwvmwilh- X VN N WW. my W... xii. A 3wl3"'.W 'iffy "Wim i' , if.. iii i A eii wywx iww :Ni . "A . it ,y my K .iw 'M ..Ai,,y:W xii' A in . .-- I . -A. - ,A aff' ,Q A fm' ...v :fi Till' IUDXY: Flin:-les Iiziri-ows, .Iunior Germuii, Mr. Giuiliniii, .Tim XVYZI I-'rzuik Nniiigmi. ,,,, THIIIII IUIW: Philip fiilVl1'1', Kenna .1ohnson, Plnriene Qin-1-ii. Brin' l:U:'ii'ilni:in, Miki- Nn1'n,goii, Iioliliie Supp, Eddie Mathews, Lf-e Gilln-rt, Toni S1 liiiiivuw- Putty Lash, .Ie-fire-5' Mi'l'le-llunil. llivliaiiwl Childers. SIGVUND WAV: Glen Ito,:'ers, Eddie Iiishun, E14-:ry Kinies, .Tnnies Vl'il- lwr, .Iurnvv Yierling, .luilith XYili'nx, Sztniiny Dirrim, liruve XX'ile0x, Bill Inriinlinf-ii-i', Juil5' Nmile. Imviil Imy, Mivhael Haley. l"ILHN'l' IIHXVZ Divliif- Hoolilizin, Donna Ilzie Vreliotzi, Linda Mains, Shui-4.11 l,im'm'y, Pm-nl Stir-nke, Ronald Harll-tt, Toni James, Iiieharil lliillintu-i', Iflvkie XYli:i1i-y, Iiiilr IGlStun, Toni XYyzLtt, XYz1lti-i' Smith, Jaek lzwrliilii. XVhite hylts, flashing yellow lights, and reel and white stop signs are evidences that the safety patrol for the Angola schools .ire on the job. This is the ninth year the patrol has been functioning. It is in this group that the parents of the community plate their f.iith that their children will get to and from school safely. With Laptain jim Wy'.lCf and Lieutenant -Iunior German assigning each member to the post he or she is best httetl for, we can expect the patrol to function smoothl regardless of the weather or anything else that might interfere. ll. Ii. Gmham was the patrol supervisor this year. Pajf' Iliff,-1160 Y tt J J 11,2 dmmica, The John L. Estrich F. T. A. Club was organized in 1949 for students who have an interest in the teaching profession and think they would like to become teachers. In the club these students have the opportunity to discover whether or not they have the necessary qualifications for successful teaching. They are encouraged to develop such qualities so they may pursue their interests. During the year the members hold meetings on alternate Wednesdays, and the club activities are planned. Student teaching was a service of the club' in which members showed their abilities to teach. The club plans an annual tea for the faculty and a campus tour of a favorite college. They sponsor dances and take part in conferences and programs. Officers for the year were: President, Shirley Millerg vice-president, Jane Brokaw: secretary-treasurer, Anne Burns. The club's faculty adviser is Mrs. Gladys Kile. Shirley Calls the Meeting to Order Page Fifty-lbree ,A..:: . , J ,P we 'giftwa- 5 ' i 1 , .Y T.. . ,,,,,, '71'ff""T3' 3 Y 'T 5 4 l K K ,e . .., .yu ,, .. .h r ---..,,.. ,.., C. '11 g,,,.,.ffii'3, X X S E, it X? ,Zig l 2 Q rx i ,, 5 ' I I I. 2 gl , i I i is X x fp S - all tt' V .VV ,WV ,I Q-fa 5' , fi' ' 0 2 ...W X, Sad, q - hx-J gl .-,--N TT .M I ,x ' fra ' ff 1 4 if? "gm-.qt wwwfm 96 ll The Senior Class presented "George NVashington Slept Here," a comedy in three acts, on Thursday and Friday nights, Octo- ber 2l and 22. The play takes place in an old farm house in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, which Newton Fuller has just purchased. Newton, with the help of the caretaker, Mr. Kimber, restores the house. After it is Hxed up, Newton finds out he needs 55,000 to keep the place. Annabelle Full- er, who didn't like the house, sympathizes with Newton and realizes she likes it after all. Uncle Stanley, a supposedly rich un- cle, visits them and gets them out of the jam by blurling Mrs. Prescott into thinking he has the money. The CLISI included: Newton Fuller, who loves the country, Ron Steenersong Annabelle Fuller, his helpful wife, Katy Macliadyeng Mr. Kimber, a slow witted caretaker, Carl Unger: Madge Fuller, daughter, JoAnne Ulmer, Steve Eldridge, the artist, John NVeissg Katie, the maid, Mary Barlettg Mrs. Douglas, a friendly neighbor, Mary ,lane Hammag Clayton Evans, an actor, Jim Taylor, Rena Leslie, his wife, Cynthia Willis, Uncle Stanley, who comes to the rescue, John Maloyg a mean little nephew, Ned Cook, Hester, a maid, ,lane Brokawg Mrs. Prescott, a malic- ious neighbor, Pat Wzllshg week end guests, Katy Frazer, Sally Snow, Debbie Hughes, Anita McClellan, Sue Barrington, Marlene Aldrich: Miss Wilcox, Shirley Miller. The play was under the direction of Robert Seigel, with Kay Creel as student director. 'HIL 911, Jim family," Q'All in the Family," Il three-act comedy, was given by the junior class on March S and 9 under the direction of Mr. Seigel with Sharon McLeland as student director. The action took place in the living room of the Fred Miller family, Home-town, U. S. A. The story dealt with modern family life. In order to meet their son,s accusations about the lack of unity in the home, Mr. and Mrs. Miller decided to have an old- fashioned family get-together one evening. Their daughter was compelled to break her date with her boy friend, who decided to remain also. Rather disastrous results occurred, and Mr. Mil- ler disappeared to spend a day in the library study- 1 1 W " I S 3 3' Q i 12+ T it l ww.-N... . V, - 1 i I' I , a S H7 " xfagggg ., il A ing modern family relationships. He returned in time to give his son and other high school members of a radio panel some very sound logic. fP?2'5USE.'2"'PU'9, '-'. Q49-rummg, nh: P-177'-' raw' Fl ,ill f7.'3r-r ...f .... .,, mm.. fd mfs'-fa2'f5"'?-i 7UF,5'Jo-fa'.,,H7::1- Q':l1'0m::G':.ifA"'n' DQ'-'YBKQ 01-ff-vida Duc- :inn Hi-.5 "",:1n,,,v-HQ es 0.4 Wm'-,Hi-1-,105-no ,Jw :,'Uo,'g?gf"n3 'EL40,U53-Y-fr-in OU' e:mE'51LC"0e-sE'1,.fn pg- 03"-r.-ui P1 L5k':f-'5'L.7C1C5Q" H' 5" D':rc:' eigjfizro COW'-ijg. rn --fm P-1 L: Quin'-'-f-0-.""1 owns Urol?- QE-zrg L-'Tir' gg ea?Em5i-5:0 S-O"3"5e f ,. W, FEFFTQ 7:72 rw """N ?':iiO.Om .-.5s4:-F-- ,,.'-"" vii Q.5i.5'f? 5' ,,UU,.r55m,..7,,::g :'w3f-1--"via K2 HSQH :?22Q2 DQ:-SE2?wgS9.g:: 241 9:5-img?-T ..Tl"Of-3 Kd' ,, r: ooggw -U wa. g,FG"2'CU22CU:E -'1 Q . - ...F Hdnwesiia 5 2-':L,E'Ngf bg: a3???F5??f? MWA s rg ' is 'ywf-wr , - ,,-J'W--u-NLAX T S Ns 1 I Q M' I.. F., fC.Q. 'Q il us' JW M5 ' .,,v' iwgw ww ,Q U ga 4.1, ., I - v-- -s.s ,qs .,,, Q 'N l Q- X ' . ' 3- , - ' Q, 'A 'T,5...C-55.1-.,,.4q, M D. 1 A ,- X ' .gl Li'xf'v-'Jijf"?i'1'!df. 'Q f ,. , '55, 'tj-Egg, Q V W -X W ,Q r62Jw9QQww1,M X 1 F -v. :N .1,,'3h5 I.,-x, .. ---ix rg I ,...,, 6 Ulm- The three one-act plays presented by the Thes- pian Society this year were very well received. H.-Xntic Springf, a play showing the trials of three teen-age couples on a picnic, was done in pan- tomime without properties. The cast included Susan Rathhurn. James Maxwell. John Maloy, Suzy Steenerson. Dave KIacFadyen and Mary jo XY'illis. Katy Hachaclyen was the student director. "Opening Night," by Cornelia Ctis Skinner, showed the state of near hysteria of the friends of the star performer on opening night. The star her- self. Cornelia, remained calm and administered to their wants. Cynthia Willis was the student direct- "Cpening Night" The Directors f 2 so f le 2 y W A- v n ,' 2 or. The cast included Nanci Randolph. Carl Unger, JoAnne Ulmer, Lucinda Newnnm, Margaret Field, Lynda Gentry, Beth Selman, Karen Beechy, Sharon Crain, Connie Crain and Elaine Artman. "Submerged" was u tense drama taking place in a submarine on the bottom of the ocean. It dealt with the reactions of the crewmen when they learn- ed that they had little or no chance of survival. Ronnie Steenerson was the student director. The members of the cast were: Paul DeRosa, Ronnie XVuest, Ned Fifer, Mac McIntyre, Jon Holtzman and Mike Erickson. Mr. Seigel supervised the entire production. "Submerged', "Antic Spring" 'Y f ! Mr. Seigel and Thespinns Plan Activities The Angola Troupe Number 1264 of the National Thespian Society was organized in A. H. S. in 1952 by nine students, Susie Mummert, Sylvia Jackson, Maxine Spangle, Herbert Amstutz, Bette Lucas, Shirley Dixon, Peg Yi.7illiamson, Sharon Clark and Steve Maloy. Mr. Fuller was their adviser. This organization is composed of members from high schools all over the United Statesg its purpose is to promote dramatics and interest in dramatics. The chapter now has twenty-one members. It replaces Alpha Delta Chi, the former high school dramatics club. This year the Thespians produced three one-act plays, "Amie Spring," "Opening Night," and "Submerged,', under student direction. The odicers of the club were: President, Ronnie Steenersong vice-president, Ned Fiferg secretary, Lucinda Newnamg treasurer, Beth Selman. The sponsor was Robert Seigel. Page Fifi-V-si'L'L'11 FI,l'Tl'I lilxiiiiv Arinieiii, lhilii-i'tn lliw-lcxiw, Sliziiw-ii I.I1'i-liuxv, Katy Fri-el. lliinxiie l':i:'e, "jintlii.i XYillis, HIZHIC, 1.111-inilzt N-Wnziiii, liilw-ii S--li:ii1fIiei', Maura' Ji, XX'illis, 4'I.AIiINlCT, f'.ir1ilNii liwI'lllIlL, ll.llkl'li'l V1-ok, Nw-l i'---ill, Keirvii lirliff, Mzirlliu Jzini' Ifleyzzxl. Jain-nn i"i'e+fil. N.iii-3' 42-friiinii, Shirley Miller. ll.irliiirzi Rainey, lieth Selnizin, S.iiiilrn Slniiik, ,Xian Sl.iiiin:i, Mara' Jzine lliimnizi. Naiiii-3' Slevi-tis, .lim XY1ili:utl, ALTO 4'I.AliINlCT' .Iunr Itiw-kuxx IZAFS m'l,.l.lllNIiT: 1'--nniv lliwiwii, Al,'I'lv S.'XX'71'HllNl':l Nornni Law, SIISHH Ilntiili-irii, 1'hiliii XYilxoii. Tl-INlrIl SAXHVIIIFNI-I: Tllll Fulter. Svlszln Stu-iivi'S-iii. IZAHI- 'IWINIC S.XX1'l'HHNli li-ili Ainlri-w, H.-XSS4eiiiN3 Mary Lou Miller. IYIIICNFII HIPRN. Karen HLUQUL A very active organization around Angola High School is the combination march- ing and concert band composed of 75 members. It is under the direction of Elwood Nlt.l'lUlh. Last year, 1955. the band won superior ratings in both the District Contest held at Columbia City .ind the State Contest held at XVhiting. The otitstandingeg activity of this yeans marching band was its participation in the second annual Purdue High School Band Day. The band was led by drum majorette. Lyntliia Wallis. The twirlers are JoAnne Ulmer, Norma Law, Bonnie Page and Sandra Shanl-.. The band played at all home basketball games throughout the year and presented ti speeial C,hristrnas program at the Salem game. li llf!,ilfi! ji' l 41 Bee--lay, Sylvia Hiirler. Suzanne- Parris. Gary I"-irl-1-S. Di-'lc Ht-1--owls. Nuliw' l12lY1'l"1I'h. Marry' S-'lirimlf-in 1f1,IIlNlCT: .Imly llr-iwii, Sliuroii Vrain, Howzil'-l Vriiin. Kari,-ii DAY, llivli- iiil lhiy, John lfizinrlt, Pail I1i':u'ely, J"llIl llenli-X. .If-lin Malloy. Tony Riiiiit-iw. .Ii-lin Slizuv, liill Sheets. Jmin Pliner, Jnily' lYnlwutt, .lolin xVllllLlll'lN'lIl. 'I'H1,rMllHNl-I: Mike liri-ksnn, Paul ln-R1-sa, .laiines llilison, Shari-n Mt-l.1-ltiri-l, .liiines Tuyl-fi: Jenn XYii,-off, lloger XYilsiin. l1AlLI'l'HNl'I: llonnie Stf--in-i's-iii, 42:-rilon Yun Marte-r, I-Ill:-ii XYlwir't', Iionnii- XYUPSL Tl,'HA: l'-in Aiiilrew, Alkillldit' Bzirlm-lt. Allen liunl-cel, Twin l'liiIip1i. PlCRl'l'SSlHN. Karen lirii- kitw. Nerl l-'iI'e1r, Jiiniw- Lair-l, Jr-lin XY+Aiss, Ilill XYri:lit, Band The concert band presented several concerts throughout the school year. They also completed .mother year of the weekly summer concert series played in front of the Court House. These concerts have attracted the attention of many summer visitors as well as the local citizens. Because of increased enrollment in Angola High School, the band and the other musical organizations are now in the classification of class BB for the first year. This means that the music the band prepares for contest work must be more ditlicult. This year's District Contest was held in Angola. The selections played for this year's con- test included 'Syniphony in B Flat" by Fauchet-Gillete: "Eroica Overture." Slsorn- ickag and "March of the Spanish Soldieryf' Smetsky-Falil. Angola won a superior in the District Contest and an excellent in State competi- tion at Kendallville. They won a superior in sight reading at the state. PiI"L' Hffri -Him' 0 The fastest growing musical organization in Angola High School is the orchestra, now consisting of 57 members. The orchestra performed for several dramatics productions, including both class plays and the three one-act plays. They also received superior ratings in both the Dis- trict and State Contests in the spring of 1955. A superior rating was won this year by the orchestra in the District Contest held at Angola on March 24. The organization won an excellent in the State Contest at Kendallville on April 7. The only orchestra ensemble which will be broken up this year is the string quar- tette composed of: Violins, Mary Lou Miller and Linda Gentryg viola, Cynthia Willisg cello, Karen Brokawg and string bass, Roberta Brokaw. The orchestra is under the direction of Elwood Nichols. VIOLIN: Mary Lou Miller, Sharon Brokaw, Linda Gentry, Mary Jo YVillis, Bill Steele, Susan Yoder. Susan Steeneisnn. Phillip Musser, John Newnain, Ann Slanina, Mary Slanina, Betty' Reeves. VIOLA: Fynthia YVi1lis, Jane Brokaw, Barbara Strite. PELLO: Karen Iflrokaw, Shirley Miller, Bill KVright. BASS1 Robert Brokaw. FLUTE: Elaine Artman. Iiimiiie Page-. OBUIC: Lui-incla Newnam, Eileen Schaeffer. CLARINET: Karen Erbe, Sandra Shank. BASS CLARINICT: Connie Brown. ALTO SAXOPHONE: Norma Law. H.-XSSUON: Diane Slmort. Flfll-ZNCII I-IORN: Sylvia Butler, Mary Sehrirler. CQRNET: John Henley, John Shaw, Pain Beatty, John Fianclt. TIIOMBONE: Je-an XYi0off, Janice Con- vvfrsr. TVIJA: Tom Philipp, PliR4'I'SSI4'rN: Bmii,-e Anderson. PIANO: Donna S-trite. V V A-f...-....,...,,... . ,- . . ,,,.,,,,.,,W,,,M I-,W . , ,.M,,,.-I V TOP ILOXYZ Tim Vulver, Holm Andrew, .lolin XVe-iss, Nell Fifer. SEVUND RIJNY: Ned Cook, Nam-3' Steve-ns, Shirley Mil- ler, John Mxxloy, Dii-li ijt-umm-ls. THIRD IIVIXY: .lane H1'oknw, Nant-y German, Mary June Hummu, Uyiitliizi XVillis, .lim Tu3'loi', Ellen YYir'uff. FRONT RUXY: Sue 1"a1'is, JoAnne Vlmer, lloherta Him- kuw, Mary Lou Miller. 512. .. With the graduation of this ye.1r's seniors the band will lose more members than it ever has lost before at one time. Out of the Hfty-six members of the class of '56, twenty-one played in the band. The sen- iors were very active in ensembles, and some of the groups which will be broken up by their graduation include drum en- sembles, n flute trio, woodwind trios, clar- inet quartettes, and various brass ensembles. Page Sixly-one , ww ,.., '27 ,Q -1 fv 1221 'vs 1 ILXSS ICS AIXIV YS Alniillw- IL:il'lf-li. I'iAi.- Ann Sl1inin.i lwk. Ili!! Slim-tw Iillvn NX'ic'ul'Ii. JuiI3' Iii' Ii 'hw-ixxw-ls, Hairx Ilrnwn 4"i.i1in1ain June- l'i'l4-Qt, .Tun Laird Ilnn ,Xlnlr--W, It ri LL 4- 1' Kriri-n 1'!rnk:ixx', Janice- Wilwiii 1'ullY4'I'Si- l':iI:I ln-liiwzi, Iiunnii- SIISZHI Il1lIIlIilIl'll, Mail'- NYIIUFI If-ne' .-Xl1IVif'll, .In l'1- Nf-il I-'ilbr INQJI' liiw-fl Vliilipp Itnln-i't:x lhrulislw. Kay' I'IiiIi1. XYilsUn, .I :i I' li Viwwi, Linilzi tif-ntry Miifln-ll Iv..m1:i String Karen Ili-:Qin I':il'i'isli, I: :I Y IC:-In' Ifl'UXYIl Slim'-in Ilrwkzixx' tsuprn- lIirI I':il'Ifi1I':i SKI'ilw ISUIIVII- IIUI The Angola High School Choir, Linder the di- rection of Mies Nancy Sieboici, consiits of 60 mem- bers. At the District Contest in Columbia City Inst spring, 1955, the choir received ll superior rating, .md went on to Wfhiting where they won another superior. 3 . p- Q. 'K' 'pf' I S4 'PRAX1 IS I.iif-in-ln N.-wiiuiii. .l:i- Mary' .lane llilllllllit. iivqlil I-'iw-+-il Vyntliizr XYillis Sylvia llutlr-r. lilaiinv Nam-5' Sir-veils. Sliirlex' Artmaiii Mille-r Mziry .lil XY1llis, llosu- llziry' I.--ii Miller. .IQ-:iii lyn l'illl'lUll XYir-off lxaiy' llry, 511:11-on rrgiiu This year the choir won a superior rating in the District Contest and went on to win a superior at the State Contest. The first major project of the choir w.1s the preparing of the operetta. "Smoky Mountain," which was presented to the public November 22 and 23. The story concerned the lives of mountain folk, and was told with folk songs and ballads. The cast included Jess, Donna Striteg George, Rex Bar- TICN1 PRS llvx Itsirt-vii, l,lru'e llxils- l,.-iris Xewiiqlin, nl-assi ti-ii .lumi-s llgixxxwll Tim 1'iilx'er, qliiissl Gary Furl-r-N, .li-lin Mike liri- ltson I-' ltllvll 'l' iv ii 5' llwziiei-fi, Allen .li-liii llf-iiley, D o ii g lflllllii-l lllssr-iilieiu' 19 1'-li-ii Yan Rlillff-'l'. Dill XX'1'i:liT. tong Ben. Cary Forbesg Arabella, Mary Lou Rlillerg Aunt Sara, Marlene Aldrich: Grandpa, Philip XVil- son: and Andy, the gentleman of the hills, Bill Sheets. Cynthia XVillis was assistant director. This important organization also presented sev- eral concerts during the school year. The Spring Concert, which featured music from "Hans Chris- tian Andersonf' was especially enjoyed by the pub- lic. Pagi' Si yfvi -flirtu Jw ' VOCAL ENSEMBLES Three vocal ensembles will be broken up this year because of graduating seniors. They are the Boys' Barbershop Quartette, the Girls' Barbershop Quartette, and the Senior Girls' Trio. All of these groups have performed for various meetings, and have entered the Solo and Ensemble Contests. The members in- clude- Boys' Barbershop Quartette: Dick Geco- wets, Paul DeRosa, Gary Forbes, Mike Erick- son. Girls' Barbershop Quartette: Kay Creel, Roberta Brokaw, Mary Lou Miller, Nancy Stevens. Girls' Trio: Donna Strite, Kay Creel, Cynthia Willis. MUSIC PARENTS' ORGANIZATIGN The biggest attractions of the music de- partment this year probably are the new pur- ple robes with reversible collars purchased last spring by the Music Parents' Organization. This active group consists of the parents of the students in all the music groups of the Angola Schools. This yearls officers were: President, Clyde McClellandg vice-president, Mrs. Donald Creelg and treasurer, Mrs. Stephen Slanina. The meetings are held on the second Tuesday night of each month. The money earned by the Music Parents from pancake suppers and exhibit night sup- pers is used for Senior Awards. uniforms and contest entry fees. Boys' Barbershop Quartette Girls' Barbershop Quartette E 1 in W Q Girls' Trio QIIIQILQIIQII, Jima yn HIGH SCHOOL ENSEMBLES This year the judging of the Solo and En- semble Contests was much stricter than it has ever been before. Nevertheless, Angola man- aged to send a good percentage of her con- testants to the State Contest at Indianapolis. Sixteen soloists and nine ensembles qualified for state competition, and out of that group eight soloists and four ensembles received su- perior ratings. A new project of the Band Parents' Or- ganization this year has been the recording of solos and ensembles for use as dinner music for various service clubs and organizations. This project has proven very successful. En- sembles and soloists have also performed in person on the programs of these clubs. TWIRLERS AND DRUM MAJORETTE A colorful addition to our band is our twirlers, Bonnie Page, Sandra Shank, Norma Law, and JoAnne Ulmer. They appeared on the Held at the Purdue High School Band Day. They twirled when the band presented a Christmas program at the Salem game, De- cember 16, in our gym. They also took part in other programs and whenever there was an all-band parade. Cynthia Willis has been a faithful drum majorette throughout the year. She led the band in maneuvers at Purdue. at the Christ- mas program in the gym, and in all-band pa- rades. She served as student director for many band selections during the basketball season. String Quintette Cynthia directs the Band Twirlers and Drum Majorette 'T 5 - F X .Q Wu 'E F 1 Al' if ,Q 4 , N 1-3' W 4 X Q . ffxih I -I. 4 1'v,..4L-... .. . . - "C4f'-ar"-at ...I nk' -tnsvupgk ',""1'k -4 V ?-P' wg., -1 ' - -'f-clit .1 . .XL .M W 'vgwiln A' W'-vb' iiiinv- xvw """ " ' . Aa- .."-I " , 4- N .. ? 1 I A Q4 tit' is .3 in D -of ' -t N l,A"-6 i 'T lc iff l .. 0 . . 2 "N .WL 6' df, Ltfvfzk Future famous building designers are at work in me- chanical drawing, under the direction of Mr. Clemens. Typists are lustily at Work on the new electric type- writers in Mr. Barlidullis first ye.1r typing class. General science is much easier when Mr. Bei'nl1.irdt explains Ll theory or problem. Angles, circles .ind squares are m.1in topics of study in Mrs. Stile's geometry class. Klaanm di, Cclnnlz, Guarding, jumping, and shooting baskets are explain- ed by Miss Leas in her high school gym class. Swish goes the paint brush out comes a picture as sev- enth grade artists are at work, Miss Harms directing. Seventh grade hi s t o r y seems to be very interesting under the supervision of Mr, Druekamiller, The equation 4x+3y:2S seems Greek to us but is un- derstood easily after the ex- planation given by Mr. Hammel in algebra Class. 1, - A 1 Q ,Yu il 2 i vii six S ,w x X , sz. .M NX... . QS' tri' .J-1 Ce ,wind 'am ' '51 A" NKVY Ai? HL wllhk Mr. Clemens explains how to operate the metal working machines in the shop. The class is studying hard as Mr. Seigel explains some prepositional phrase in Eng- lish IH. Shakespeare, Milton and Pope are among the topics considered in Miss Shultz's English IV. In senior government Class Mr. Van Mntre explains how our government operates. 5 ,diwnhk A discussion on dress dc- sign is being held in Mrs. Ti'ennepohl's home econom- ics Ill and IV. Y ,-Ii. I b 21.9 .14 ymmj lag , . iS:':"i.' " . f A 't .'m'sats.Qm.1, Los estudiantes espanoles tienen una eonfereneia con la Senorita Reed. lil Senor Mon- toya es un visirador. wr, 'New A new trampoline was purchased this year for the students of the at 1 etie ttpnt ment of A. H. S. It is nine feet wide and sixteen feet long when it is o wtntt portable and closes to six by nine feet for storing. It consists of an aluminum Ti une and a canvas fastened with nylon ropes. Classes from grades seven through ten have used it, under the instiuttion ot X11 Nesbitt. Below we see Tom Philipp getting a workout. "He floats through the air with the greatest of easel' - S Driver Training Class Ted Chapman Gives "Druek,' the Keys OUR BUS DRIVERS Our faithful bus drivers are a '-tiff definite part of our selwol. ilrlicji are ali-favs on hand to take our students to and from school ii all kinds of weather over all iziils ot i-iiitls, The students' safe- it in in their hands. llats oil to rlif-rn' il'l'iej.' are as in the picture: lilizng- IJ',i'mii'e4.t, Kenneth German, luren IJi1.viri, Kliftfin Nilson, lur'f, lfilinzfin, lzarl Butz, and'i'i l,fgliii'ifin. Qnivm, JM. . Driver Training is offered to all sophomores in the school. Twelve weeks of behind the wheel instruc- tion is given, which includes all the fundamentals in handling an automobile in trailic, on the high- way and on gravel roads. The last week is spent answering examin- ation questions sent out by the American Automobile Association, 300 questions in all. A project book also must be iilled out. This book deals with traflic laws. dan- gerous road situations, road signs, construction of the engine, mental attitudes, and many other things a good driver must know. D.-Xifk IUJXXQ lin, Vurol Skt-ve, Mary Xue--1, II:r1'b1im Ilan.-v. .hint-I 11-Anim: I-'HUNT RUXY: Mi: Sliepliertl, Arle-en Kiiylr-i', Samlm Legrtln-riimn, Jenn Allvriglit, S .Tune Priest, Pat l'i-onli.: NUT PIVTVIIICII' l':1l'l I llgL'l'. ow ' pfwpcftzf' The many student librarians make the high school library the useful information center that it is. VC'ithout their many hours of patient work the library would fail to be a helpful place for all of us. NVe all need to do little things that would make the student librarians' work easier, and sure- ly to say "Thank you" more often. Although the students do receive a small amount of academic credit for their work, the serv- ice rendered is worth .1 great deal more to the many students they serve. "Are there any films for Sth hour?' "I get the one in the auditorium!" "Are there any films for the new school?" These and many more are the questions asked by the projeetionists, for they en- joy deing their work. which is so very important in the audio-visual program of the school. They are eager to do their part in getting the films shown when and where they are expected. The four pro- jectors are very frequently used and the films play an important role in the educational program of the school. Il,-XVK HHXY I-'rxliik N--raison, 'I'--ny HulIin:.i-V. I.zi1'i'5' Sly-M-lusoiu, Mr Slit-1-In-rd, 1"l1:z1'lf-sz Barra'-ms, Louis 4'l1ii'i1'otli, All:-ii Kuuki-1, Miki- Kirk, Ili-'lmril Slvlllliv, .lqrnnts llilvsuu, ll:-no Mnxton. IPIZHNT RHNY: lirlilii- Iiislmp, lmu: l'IsseIiIwi'u, .I--I'l'rt-5' M-'Iit-llzliul, .Im-li Mill'-r. K--ii Nnu'--I, Ilxive llzilston. . J - X xl 2 ,. g...,R -un. E?- il 4 XX-V X , 6 ' fi? 1 ,. Q ,...- I f, D 1 . 4 Zlvmnta, DLAN HARThliiIIIIIHIV-CJL1.1I'Cl GARY GRIl'I IT!I-Sujrfm111vm'-l3o1'xv.l1'd DON XYVAI'l'lp-St'lIfHl'-C5LlL1l'd DICK CQLLLOXYI:I5'-Swlfril'-ITOI'W.11'd RUN SA1 EHNIiRSON1SL'IlilIl'iCCl1fCl' CQAR Y Youngs-Izfllinr-G u.11'd M.vxL'1uLE Bmxlwl r'r-lzmiur-Comer Mimi ERICKSUN"lIH1iIlV1C3Ll.ll'd Ihxklu' IJLI 1 1,R-Swrllrrr'-GL1.1rd Tun Hon 1 NIANil1lllfHlT,"0I'XV.lI'Ll A Busy Moment at the junior Stan O f Grit1it1'1 Hoifmnn Forbes Gecowcts Steenerson Barlett , White ,,,,, Erickson Dellcr ,, Culver , Hantz ,, I-Iartcr , Hawrin, SEASQNS SCORING T 146 33 67 211 195 18 196 235 16 1 1 13 Our Clmcerleadcrs Get Results! AVO U. 7.30 1.65 3.3-1 10.55 9.75 0.9 9.79 11.75 0.8 0.11 0.11 1.03 Gms. 20 Z0 20 20 20 20 2 0 20 20 9 9 12 vwm 73 V,,v " ,k .v ,Z 'W Q rf' -fr Public, lil: A zwfl f1'0lflll'l1 jmlln lim l1c'fza'c'r'1z our .wlwol ami ifu' Pzzbfir' I,j!7l'tIl'j', zuiffn vzvrj sfwjn l1Zl'llIIj1I.Q ffm! 11 fflfllll' is !'UI7lf7ll'ft'tl or XUIIII' l't'ft'l'l'llt't' zzznfcviul fum lzrwz fnumf. Wv, ffu' Claw of '56, Zulu' fu'c'11 ,Ql'C'lIflj' bvljml iq ffm 1'l'tltffll,Q zmzlvriuf, llllll so in our 111z'n1m'ic'x lu' xfmll afnwixfv lfn' llllflfff' f,f!71'lIl'-H 11617188 lfn' slrr'r'f. V 5 Iv!! 'V' 1 5 5' X Qx 6 I :N , ,Q 9 4.6711 g X lt vjgmg, .1 5, 4. 3 wwf saw' ., is 'Ig x ,Eg DN 'li' s 51, HQM fl ' ' if Kiggf I, ' , ' W 3" 9- . A Qf"'g,. 2' K Q, lg 4 IQX. -7 .1 rf -Q 1 an L :ul ru 4-an vt-P ,,.. i l I 1 . ' H N 11" -'Q f' .f I . 1- I U. I I . i . ,se are f asian. ,I f E. X ' 'il '-- - 1 1 ' ' ' . V' wk , 'i ,..- xg, gl I f T V iss 1 g ,yr sg : R: - k.., M. ai-5" ii 1' 'g 1' ii 'af :uv 4 A l,,..- if if . ' 5: ' 5 lgx Y .d m ,X fl. K ' 1255, . ' ' . .',, 1 ' -Y 1 . 1 : S,-f X 41:4 in SA A A . t- nf - Q L Egfr' XM, ni! y ,V . A 'P'-Le - 1 L , ' - ' ' i Q- f ,wo-"' I 4 ' " za.: 0 ,: L . . A l YW It ,Ea ,xx .iw a s r W Q b i- a-ff :ga - . . A . ' U "" "" H I . .- i"'T TNI' RHXY, Rlgiuri-'e liLll'l1'11, Iii--lc 15.--any.-ts, Il-innie St--exif-rs-Iii, Tom H1llll11-l1I. I--l1'N rlriliith. I-HURT IIUXX: Hairy I4'or1vi-x, Alike Ilrivksoii, IA1I'l'Y IM-111-i'. IN-:in Ilil17It'1', Ifoii 1Yail--. n,.9fL Hwiew The Hornets had a fairly good record this sea- son and they gave the fans some games long to be remembered. Angola started the season by whal- loping NVaterloo 64-46. Next they traveled to Con- cordia, where the Cadets' height was a little too muchg the Hornets went down fighting 53-44. An- gola had a poor shooting night as they lost a home game to LaGrange 54-46. At Ligonier the Angoli- ans managed a 49-44 yietory. Back home again Angola dropped a close 37-36 decision to Edon in the last minute. Over at Butler the boys had shooting trouble again and were beaten 60-48. Avilla, one of the best teams the Hornets faced, defeated Angola on Angola,s home court 77- 65. A game South Whitley team came from behind to eke out a 68-67 verdict in Angolzfs gym. In the last game before Christmas the Hornets easily whipped Salem Center S1-29. In the holiday tourney at Garrett, the Hornets crushed Fremont 69-55, but lost to Garrett in the championship game 64-41. After the holiday break Angola played Garrett again but lost to the tall Railroaders 63-49. Angola made 36 foul shots to defeat Montpelier S6-43. The first of four road games produced one of the sea- son's best games as the Hornets beat their long time rivals. the Auburn Red Devils, 61-58. In an after- noon game on Saturday the boys defeated Berne 60- 56. At New I-Iayen it was a different story as An- gola lost to a tough New Haven team 71-51. Fremont turned back Angola to avenge an earlier defeat. as the Eagles came out on top 76-67. The Hornets put up .1 good tight. but the Decatur Yellow jackets downed them 43-39 on the Angola floor. Also on the home floor the Hornets defeated Elmhurst to the EL1l'lC of 59-49. The last game on the regular playing schedule was with Kendallyille there and the Hornets won 51-47. The Hornets fought hard but were downed by the Auburn Red Devils 4S-44 in the first game of the Sectional at Churubuseo. Thus ended the 1955- 56 season. Page Si'11'f1f'i-n'zu11 dnqvla, Baca, The Bees, who are the future Hornets. gave the fans some exciting games to watch this year and everyone was proud of them. Wliterloo defeated them, however, in the first game 40-34 and Concordia dropped them in the sec- ond 4'-41. The Bees won the next three, defeating L.zGr.mge in .ln overtime 34-33, and downing Lig- onier 34-29 .md Edon, Ohio, 57-22. Butler won the next contest 37-35. Angola took the next three defeating Avilla S7-37, South Xvhitley 44-31, and Salem Center S2-15. Garrett defeated the Bees 49- 45, as did Montpelier 42-37, Auburn S3-29, Berne 46-32 and New Haven 60-38. Angola beat Fre- mont 41-34 but lost to Decatur 40-35. They won over Elmhurst 41-31 .ind lost the final game to Ken- dallville 42-35. THE' ILUXY' Co:1-li Art Yun Bl-lIl't', Di--li lfiroliiiw. Jerry' Ilnndulpli. Doug Sl1zu'1'oxv, l'l11l H-'ri-li, I-I-141ie Ilisli-qi, Stu-lent 31:11 S1i1"'NI+ RUXY. 121111 KY'1'll111, .111-'k Bllllx-l', Gary Clialvliifiiu, Keith 12.-Q-1-lay. .le'l'l'j' Feist. FIUHNT RHXY. Toni Pliililrp. liovwlif- Yun Mfirtelx 12-'ig'e1' XYils:-11. -'Q 'I TSI p Ci ,QT Q I V' t .xv ' Q S C 1 '44 4, p i xii Mk---3 ' . -1 'Fi' F' . J, x'- P'-' i - 'SMH' - r- , A , f 1 V ' Y , I I ,, ,Q gi 0 4 3 5 1 if - ii 3 X- " l H -ii ' it l Q ,rl 1 I X ,, U x ' Q gc' ' 51 r J -,JZ WM' V v b ' ,I -an .Q -.Q e 2.4.1 Nl" "a-.ri-is in X A ,QMS ' ,vv-- X. e V! A 6 Q S Coaches Student Xl.lll.lgCI'S Koarhm. John Hammel And Art Van Matre .ire our coach and Assistant co.1eh, whose out- standing jobs of codching brought out the best in every boy .ind made the Hornets .md Bees .1lYV.'lyS tough teams to defeat. Mr. Druckamiller is the one responsible for the superb handling of the whole .ith- letic program. Mr. Nesbitt is the excellent coach of the seventh .ind eighth gixide teams, the junior Hornets, who will be the future Hornets .ind Bees. Student Here Are the student of our IC.1Il1S-D.1X'ld hl.lCF.'ldyCI1. IN.lI1.1gC1' of the Hornets, and Eddie Bishop, manager' of the Bees. They worked h.ird .ill se.1son helping the coaches and players. Kham Meet our cheerleaders who have led our cheers .ind helped develop the spirit of the school, Pete Dick, Fred Philipp, Connie Gary, Mag Field. XVe hope future elieerleaders can work together as well as these. 1 - . r Q Y X X 4 fi. ,,,. X t in xl yi 4 w . I X fx Y 1 VV 1 6 N, ...z-" 'i t Q 1 TOP REMV: Dave M21-e-Fadyeii, student manager. John Maloy, Doug' Slmrrow, Marion Hzintz. Gary Grirfitli, Tim Culver, Ronnie Ste-enerswu, Coal,-11 .Toliu Hummel. SI-IVUND IIUW: Tum St'liinieg'e, Dun YVaite, Ilmvard Crum, Gnry Ifiwlres, Gary Chap- inzui. Ireun Ilzirter. Lri--k Fini-li. I"ilHNT RHXY: Toni lrlfillll, Gm'-1011 Yau Bl31'lQl', Mike- I'I1'il'kS1m, La1'ry De-ller, Doug I-Isse-iiI,nf1':', Ill-ldiw liishop a6'azm6alL The Hornets had one of the most successful seasons in several years as they won five games and lost none. The team finished in the Bi-County league and won an attractive trophy. Angola started the season by whipping Ashley 9-5. Then the Hor- nets clabbered Riverdale 21-O. They defeated a tough Waterloo team S-2. At Butler thu Hornets came out on top in Z1 slug-fest ll-8. In the final game of the season An- gola defeated Riverdale again in a close battle 6-2. 611.044, 6'vw1.bu4, It is generally recognized that considerable effort has been devoted to building Cross Country and Track at Angola. In the Track season of 1955 the Hornets showed good promise for future years- the building program is in full swing. Although the Cross Country and Track are essentially young sports much credit and recognition is due graduating seniors on borli squads. These boys were responsible for some outstanding performances and did .1 fin: job of teaching the underclassmen a good team spirit and .1 few tricks of the running game. The Cross Country team won five, lost one, and tied one. They placed in the sectional winning meets. Art Van Matre is the coach. THI' RUXYZ llouwr XYilson. Jerry' Hurt, Tom Hoffman. Phil Ilurif-k, Divk Ch-'.'oWtAts, Jim Albriglit. IfllHN'I' RHXY. hilly S11-in--'ipln-x', student nmnnger, Rf-nniif XYuest, Tum l'ri.-st. Maivlru-P Iiairlwtl, K1-ith Iii,-ei-liy, Vim:-li Art Van Mtitre. 5 f . tk Yuma, .QQ New ,ae N156 - 1 2 TNI' RHXYQ 1'--11--li Art Yun Mzitre-. 'IH-m Svhniie-ge, Goiwloii Mitvhell, Dale liaileiy llaixw llalst.-ii, Jerry llziiidolpli, Pliil Riirivk, Jack Miller, .Jerry Hurt, llogert NYilso .I+-rry' lfzist. Trim l'i'zii1i, liill St"Ilt"'lI'll1rl', student lllllllllf-fell Sl-IVHXIP R1 HY: Mzivirivi- Hzirletl, Gene- BIElXlflI'l, Gary Clizipiiiaii, Tum Hoffimin, Larry Iwller, Keith Bee-vliy, Tw-m Priest. Eldon Gurtner. VIUINT ll1lXV: Ilill Sheets. Jim Albright. Dii-k l-'inn'l1, Gary Forlies, llii-li Ge-wixvets, Mike lirivksoii. llriiiiiif- XYUE-st. Gary Griffith, Tom Pliilifvp. The Angola track and cross country team, under Coach Art Van Matre, got off to a fast start in the 1955 campaign with twelve wins and one loss. Gail Brauchla, a senior now lost to Fremont, Ohio, was an outstanding performer. Chuck Southern was also an outstanding point getter in the hurdles. Sectional winners and qualifiers for the regional were: Gail Brauchla in high jumpg Chuck Southern, low hurdlesg Don XVise, mile run. 9111! This is just the second year that Angola has had a golf team, the team being organ- ized in 1954. The golf team participated in meets with Concordia, Garrett, and Kcndallvilleg and although they failed to defeat any of their oppnoents, they did play good golf which resulted in some exciting meets. The team journeyed to Fort Wayne to participate in the sectional held at Brook- wood Municipal Golf course on May 15. Playing against very stiff competition they could not manage to qualify for the state meet. Team members were Doug Sharrow, John Weiss, Paul DeRosa, Ned Cook, Dave Maclfadycn, and Ronald Steenerson. john Hammel was the coach. ay Izifjfflfi-lluf Il. if A0 A EW 'M D Aw 599 Q -- t 5 L lx. , P' I ' . L 5 . M ,134 1-I IQ 1 E .Q 1 'X N... I2 ,vs SEVENTH GRADE TEAM 'FUI' IIHKV. Milo' Ilulvy, Ilzwrx' Sun-lny, I-nptnin. Stun Ihwln-x, Iluuer llvlllllilll, I1l'lI4'e- .X1nI4-rsun, 13,114 II Nt-slritl. I4'I:HN'I' IIHXYQ 'I'-Im Prixtns, 'l'r'I'l'X' .-XI'liXYI'ILllII. Mi-'Iivy Ilnl.-I, .Invk I'2m'Ii.-II. Mikp INIIIIIIILL. vlih' Ryan. CHEERLEADERS Ilinnh 'I':nyI-Ir, Sun-Iy llust. .Indy I11':I-Iy. Lib Iuwens. 'IS I I , , :E I A r 1 , " 'Q EIGHTH GRADE TEAM 4 'I 3 , Tul' NNW: Bruw- Ilnurwl- as t A X' X 475 I ' nmn, stud.-nt IIIl'll'HlSQL'l'1 Jerry I ' ' val- I IH-1'g115f+1x, Jerry Hnffmsln, Bill f R 3 Q , P 'S X ' 1 ' Hiflxnrnls-In. Tum UW ff n S, 5 is It , , Imam-I1 Nvshitt. . -,, :LQ N K l4'RHN'I' IUIXVI Tunl XYy:1lt, Tum I-'II-:'nI, Dave hh-yer, Jun Tnylwr, Mike Stolmler, Kent AIIIVIIIIY. EIGHTH Ang-'In An ulal ,Xrxuwllxl Anhulzl An 0111 An Ula An--'nla An!-,Ia Allgfjla .xnamlu A n Sola SEVENTH GRADE TEAM 24 IT IN I3 IS II ZIII IT 4:3 jx it N Il. XYatPl'l-nz A u IJ u r n Kendalllx illn- XYate-rluu Auburn Kemlzillvillv Garrett . Ifrerlwnt Tlix'er4Ial.- Army-la Anafnlzl Anxnla Angola :XYIHOILI Ansnla Angula Angola Xnrnlzi -XIIWHIQI ,VII Irlive-rulnlw . Garrett ., LHST ZZ WHN JUNIOR HIGH TOURNEY IRST SICSSIHN FINAL SICSSIUX Angnln N 1"u'r.Att ,I Kf-nd:1IIx'ilI+- 373 Xn MII I C:'I1'lwftt ' Ix :XIIIHIVII 4 Anhuln ,, IIIUINIII-Ili-'lu ucunwr lux'm'li11wl .In III! 31. gx :II 16 In L' PM It is the year 2006 A. D. The class of ,56 have met for their golden reunion. Where? On a rocket ship headed for outer space! XVe have chosen this place of meeting to prove the faith we hold in our motto, "The higher we rise, the broader the view." And truly great heights have been reached by many of our classmates. Let's take a look around the ship and see some of its occupants. First we must get out our teleceiver, a little gadget by which one may watch anyone within a radius of 100 miles by mere- ly spelling out his name and pressing a button. And who was the inventor of this ingenious device? None other than our own REX BARTON, who Hrst invented it for the sole purpose of keeping an eye on MAR- LENE ALl7RICH.l And no one could blame him, be- cause Marlene has become the nation's leading model, and has been having quite a social life! Among her recent escorts have been CARL UNGER, recently voted the worldls most eligible bachelor, and DICK GECOXYETS, the newly elected president of the A. S. B. B. L. fAmerican Society of Barbershop Quar- tettes with Bass Leadj. As our teleceiver comes into focus we see FRED PHILIPP, who has united all of the countries of the world into one nation over which he presides. He is discussing lecture points with his chief consultant and campaign manager, PETE DICK, better known as The Golden Throat. Taking notes on this dis- cussion is Fred's private secretary, SALLY SNOW. One of the chief projects completed under Fred's ad- ministration has been the total annihilation of ju- venile delinquency in the world. This job was spear- headed by JANE BROKAXV, with assistance from R0- BERTA BROKANY' and ELLEN Wicor-If, who have cul- tivated the musical interest of the children of the world to such a great extent that they now prefer classical music to bop. What is this that our tele- ceiver is picking up? It's a scale model of Fred's XX hite House being shown by KAY CRILEL, who has been assigned the job of redecorating the interior. Also, near by, is LIGIA DE OLIVEIRA on her way to ' :jr Illiflifj-fflflf Mars to learn their language, the only known one which she has not so far mastered. What is this gale of laughter we hear? It's coming from none other than the comedy sensation of the world, JOHN MALOY. So far he has replaced Jackie Gleason, George Gobel, and Red Skelton. The reason for this great outburst was a joke strip writ- ten by our own WILLY NELSON known as Willy's Wows. Glaring at John's pleasure is Willy's rival Creator, LARRY DELLER, known for Larry's Lulus. It has been hinted by CAROL WILSEY, the new Lu- ella Parsons, that a law suit is in the making between these two famous joke writers, and that Larry will be represented by the world's greatest lawyer, KATY MACFADYEN. It is a well known fact that she has never lost an argument. Both of these joke strips are examples of the feature attractions of the Solar Star, the most widely read newspaper in the world. The editor-in-chief is CYNTHIA WILLIS, and on her staff are Lois LONSBURY, who writes the love-lorn section, and MARY NELSON, who has been writing many articles in an attempt to revive the song, "Davy Crockett." Recent headliners in the Solar Star have been SHIRLEY MILLER, recently voted the most beautiful school teacher in the world, and MARY JANE HAMMA, named the world's most effi- cient school principal. Also headlining has been KAY FRY, the outstanding WAC of the year. Oh, what is this? A flaming meteor appears! It's heading for the ship! To the rescue! RICHARD MCINTYRE, EDDIE KLINK, and NED FIFER sound their "charge" yell, for which they have become famous. They have been hired by some of the world's greatest race horse owners. The greatest of these owners, who puts complete faith in this charm, is none other than MARILYN KocH, who together with SANDRA LEATHERMAN and SHARRON COFFIWAN runs the greatest horse and pony farm in the world. Sharron's job is to groom the horse and pony tails, and she has created many new styles in this field. Sitting next to Marilyn is her neighbor, Bois AN- Klum, Faopltecq, DREXV. Together with MIKE HANTZ and ELDON GURTNER he has developed the first farm completely mechanized by robots. Jllvi TAYLOR and JOHN Book helped to weld these robots. We next direct our teleceiver in the direction of our classmates who have gone into medical fields. First we find Dr. RONALD STEENERSON looking over his dentist journals. He is believed to be the first completely painless dentist, but we know his secret. When the patients enter his office, he treats them to a dish of "rocket royal delight," created by the great food specialists, DOREATHA CARPENTER and ARLFEN KAYLOR. After eating this out-of-this world treat, the patients are able to remember only the pleasant thoughts for a period long enough for Dr. Steenerson to perform the necessary task. There are three other class members who have become suc- cessful in the field of medicine. SUSIE CARIs and ROSENIARY LOWER have become nurses, and at the present time are working in LUE ANNE EFE's new million dollar nursing home. We now focus our teleceiver on TILT CULVER, another classmate of whom we are very proud. While mixing prescriptions in his drug store, Tim came upon the sceret of Dr. Jekyll. He is now work- ing on a method of controlling his discovery with the aid of NED COOK, who is serving as his guinea pig. Sitting next to Tim is DON WAITE, who has recently taken over Crooked Lake for the develop- ment of promising young athletes. Our teleceiver is momentarily blanked out while we stop to let JOHN WEISS off at the moon. Here he plans to gain positive proof for his theory that this satellite really is basically made up of cheese. After a refill at one of the stations in LEE SCHAEFI-'ER,S chain of overhaul space ports, we are off to Mars! Here we must leave off MARX' BARLETT, who will be the first missionary to try to convert the Marsmen, and Ligia. XVe shall also pick up an- other passenger, KENNY DOWELL. Kenny has found a satellite near Mars which closely resembles an is- land in the South Pacific, and here he lives in com- plete luxury. What is this commotion in a corner of the lounge? It seems that the tremendous gravitational pull of the moon on our takeoff has caused one of our more delicate passengers to faint. DONNA STRITE, our space ship stewardess, appears on the scene to aid PAT WALSH, the second Amy Vander- built. Quick! Help her into one of the contour chairs invented by ALAN WALTENBERGER. We find that Alan has introduced these chairs into the school rooms of the world. Standing around Miss Walsh we find JOANNE ULIAER, the leading wed- ding consultant, and MARY LOU MILLER, famed Metropolitan Opera soprano. We notice that both of these girls and Miss Walsh are wearing colored hair styles to match their outfits. This fashion was promoted by NANCY GERMAN. Looking through the teleceiver, one might won- der why after fifty years everyone seems to look just as he did in 'S6. This is a result of the invention of the rejuvination machine by DAVE RALSTON and GENE MAXTON. This invention has been voted one of the most valuable of the Century. And now let,s go into the control room to watch our approach to Mars. Here we find our pilot, NANCY STEVENS, giving directions to her co-pilot. ANITA MCCLELLAN, for the landing. Near by is JANIE CLELAND, who has been keeping a poetic journal of the entire trip. Our stop on Mars has been completed, and it is time to go on-On into space and on to new uheightsu for the class of '56!! NANCY STEVENS CYNTHIA XVILLIS Page Eiglwfy-fit 'Z in 147' 'Sk 1:-A N -1' 'Q A ' h , I f f. 1- 1 Q '. f .af I u 1 1 -wx. K... Q.. if X qv' -aw, was ,-,J .... 1 ff, .. at ' "" 'H ."g,,4 ------1 -1-un-I I . 1, ,- 'N ' .v'?f., K- Q-'40-if ,,,.-,.,g- I .1 - .v..J..'-f..,'.-H ., . Q,-.J', L, - 'J' ' ' ,.'fn - Q . -Q, A-Q-. 4 W .,, i.: 'J' ...xl-A.. 1 4'-.11-FP:-"i .1 1 -v.',.'.,'3-vqT..,, -I., . ' . . A nl 01111, Hqmnmjum, XV1' bam' jJ11sx1'1f 1'br1111gl1 flllffl' XVIII! 1l11111'x 1111111-1' f11111's 11'111'i11,q 11111' bigb .ufrool y1'111's. WU' 1'1'1111'111l11'1' ffm 1111111-u' filllljs 111' 1'f11'1'1'1'1f 11111' f1'11111 011 fu l'iL'Il0!'AH' 11111f l11'11f 11111' b1'111ls f11'111111'f-x 1'1'1'11 ill 1f1'f1'11fg 111' 1'1'1111'1111'11'r flu' 1'111s51's ill pl1j'si1'11l llllfl-llfjflll 111111 M11' Illtlflix tqtllllvlys 11111111 111' j1f11-mx! so l1111'1fg 111' 1'1'1111'111I11'1' ffu' .mvk f111f1s 1111111 Ill' 1111111111 X11 Mn' 11111515 of 1'1'1'111'11'x PIII-j'l'l1 111'1'1' Mu' 1111121111 111f1f1'1'xx x-wf1'111. Tf7l'.Vl' 1111'111111'i1'x z1'1lf 111' 11'ifl1 IIX fl7l'OIlKQZ701lf 0111' film. " X. - +'7P', 'V .iv f af 6 'H "1 . - e . Ee, A X 4, fs , I -- .- .2 ' ""'l1K-3- V I , K' ' :' ' f ff 5153 " ' .r ' 15 f -' ,f ' ' 1 1 ,bf ' .-af-Q' if' 1 - n . F - , 1- 'WJ'-",r Wf- 5-1 I- nl' HHXY: Pnssin: llu- limv of dup' :xl tln- sn-num' In-Eq1l:l':lst, Thx- nf-wlyw.-,kg liglxinl' lun, hmm. lllll'lX uml .I-w SICVHNIJ IHPXYQ XYh:1t's fm' lfxw-nkf:1:4t','L S--lui-ll' pluy' 1J1'u-'ti-'--' XX':xI4'l1 mul. R--llniv THIHI' RHXX: Allllflllgi lvlunsl xvllkilll lll'. S-'ll-ml -lliril, Puvqv Eigfvfg NAME AMIBITION FAVORITE SAYING Aldrich, Marlene ,,,- ..,, -.To be a success ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, NM,-"Ol-1 sugar" Andrew, Robert ..-..--To be a success ,.s.,,..........,..,,..,,.., ,.,.., ' 'Way to fire" Barlett, Mary ........,To be a good wife and mother .,,,,,, ,,.,.. ' 'No comprendon Barton, Rex ........,., - ,...... .To be a success ...............,,,...,,,,,,,.., s,,,,. ' 'Oh, shucks" .,,,,, Book, John ,,,,,....,, -- .,,,,.. To get a high school education ,,,,,s,, ,,,,,s ' 'Glory be" ,,,,,, , Brokaw, Jane ..-- ....,......... Teacher .,,...,.............,,,..,.. .,.-..-,.- ...,,.,,,,...,. "Big Deal" ,,,. Brokaw, Roberta ,,,,,, - .,,, WTO be successful and happy ..,,, ,,,,., ' 'Hdssoabu ,,,,,,,,s, W, Carpenter. Doreatha - .,,,a. Registered nurse ,.,.,,, W r..,,..... .,.. - 'If you say so" .....Yc,,,, Cleland, Janie ,,,.,,,.-,,.,,,, -Specialize in medicine ,,.,,, ,,,,,. ' 'How 'bout that" ,,,,, Coffman, Sharron ..,...,..,.. Airline Hostess ....,,,,.... ....... ' 'Don't" ,,..,,....,,...,, Cook, Ned ,,,,u, ,,,,,.,, , ,,,,,. B e a millionaire ,,,, ,,.,, ,,,,.,,,. ' ' Ehh?" ,l,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, Creel, Kay ,,,,,,, - ,,,,,, - ,,,l,,, Happiness ,,,,,u,,,, ,,--,,, - ,-,..,. ' 'Ch my goodness" Culver, Tim ,,.., -------..Pharmacist .,,,.... A .,......,.. "Better believe it" --,, , Deller, Larry ,,,.,,,..,...,,,,,,. Air Force ,,,,,,, , ,,,,,..,,,.,,,,,,,,.,,.,-,,,,,.,.,, ,,-.,,"I know it" ..,,,,,ii.. Dick, Peter ,,,i ,W ,,v,,,,.,,,,,. Mechanical Engineer ,,,,,,,.,,,.,,s,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,ii,,,. "How's things?" t,...,, Dowell, Kenny .,,, - ,,,,,,. To be a millionaire and own hot-rods ,,,,,,,, fNonej Eff. Luetta ,...t..., ,..,,. . ..To be a R. N. and get married ,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,., ' 'That went over like a lead balloon Fifer, Ned ,,r.. .t,r.,,,, T o be a bum with four Cadillacs and nine Continentals ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,-,.,,..,,,,,,,.,.,,,. ..-"Oh, oh, get out the car" Fry. Kay .,..t ..,,,.,,t... - - ,.... Beautician ...t....,.,,,,....,.....,...,.....,.., , .,.,.. "Oh heck" U., ,......,.,..r..,,, Gecowets, Richard ,,,.,,t, cPhys. Ed. Teacher and Coach ,,-,,,, ,-,,,,,,,, ' 'You don't say" ,,-,, , ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,, German, Nancy ,,..,,.,..,,,. To be a success ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,...,,.,,.,,,,, .-,.-"Oh heck, you're crazyl' ,,.,,,.. Gurtner, Eldon ,,...,.., ..., . ..Farmer ,.,,.,,..,,,.......t,,,.,,,.,,,.i,..,., ,.,... ' 'Take that and smoke it in your pipe Hamma, Mary Jane To be a success t...t, .,.i...,...,,.., ,,,...,,.. ' ' Oh, heavens" ,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,.Y,,,Y,....,. Hantz, Marion ,,,,..,.,,.. ,..To be a success ,,,,,, E..- ,,r,,,i ,--"Hain't got none" ..., , Kaylor, Arleen ,,..,,t,,,,, ,..To get married ,,,,, ..,,... ' 'Betchan .,....,,,,,, Klink, Eddie ,,,,, U.- -,,, To be a success ,,,,,, i'Better believe it" Koch, Marilyn . ,,,,,,, Leatherman, Sandra ,,........ Lonsbury, Arlene ,,,.,,.,, ,. Lower, Rosemary .,...... ,, To To To get married ,,,,,,,. get married get married ,,,., Housewife ,,,,,i..,,,.,,,.,,,.,,.,..,,.., ...,. Macliadyen, Kathryn ..,,,, To be happy in life .,,.,,,,,,t.,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,. Maloy, John , ,.,,..,,,,,.. .,i..,. T o be successul in anything I do ,,.,, , Maxton, Gene ,,,,,r,.,. M ..... Air Force or lawyer ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, McClellan, Anita ,,,,,,,,,,,. McIntyre, Richard ,,,,,,t. , Miller, Mary ,,,, ,,,,,. Miller, Shirley , A Nelson, Mary , Nelson, Vvillie , , Philipp, Fred . Ralston, Dave Schaeffer, Lee Snow, Sally ,. Steenerson, Ronald S V Steven, Nancy , . Strite, Donna Taylor, james Ulmer, joAnne . Unger, Carl Xlifaite, Don Vfalsh, Patricia Waltenberger, Alan Vfeiss. John Xificnff, Ellen Xbfillis, Cynthia Wilsey, Carol Haus Frau ,,,,,,,,,,,, , To get ahead ,.,....., fr ff "Oh, shut up!" .. .. .. "You boilin me" H Smell you" ....,,,, fa n Oh nuts ,,,,.,.... I am hungry" ,,,, Oh-baby" tttutttttt Neatie or Man" Wanta Fight" .. What's happnin an hat you can put off till Be a musician ,,,,,,, ,.,...., N ,.."Eee gads" ,,,,,.., To be successful ,,,,,,, -..-,-"Oh, man" To be happy always ,,,,, ,.,.,. ' 'I-Iell0" Expert mechanic W, tt,t .,..... ' 'Hello" 7 Graduate from college , ,,,,,,.....,,...,,,,,,,,,,,,.., .."Tough hobs" .......,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, To become a 5-Star General in V.S.M.C, ,,.. "Why do today w tomorrow" ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,...,.,i . To be a millionaire ,,,, ,,.,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,.. ' 'Nice move" ,,,,,,..,,,, , ,,,,,,,, To be :4 success , Teacher ,,,, .,,,. ,, Air To To To To own a million dollar welding shop be happy always ,, , , , be successful and happy , be an engineer , .. Happiness ,. H ,,,, . To attend G. M. I. , , ,, , Graduation from high school To be a success , W , Raise a basketball team , ., , To he an executive secretary , u is Heavens ,,,,,., ...,..,,, , ,, To succeed ,,s,, Y ., ,,,,,, fNonej ,,,...."That's the way it goes" line Stewardess ,,,.. ,,,,.,...,,,s..,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,. n u -Q u Q. .1 4. Mercy . ....,..,,.,,..,,,,,,,... , I don't dig you, dad" ,,,,, Oh, horsehairn ,,,,..,, Way to go" Nice going" Oh-Groanl' , ,.,,...., ,.,., , ,, , ,, He who hesitates Wh at? ,,,,,,,,...,....,,,, is lost" ,,.., "Heavens to Betsy" Good Enough" Sure ya do" ,,,,,. MEMORIES OF A. H. S. All of the senior activities ...., Senior breakfasts .,.,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, Senior Class Play .,,, Auburn game ...,,. Basketball ........... Games ,,,,.,,.......,...... Slumber parties ..,.. Dates with Jim ,.,,...... Laughs and tears ,,,,,r,..,,,,,,,,,..,, Library science ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Dances, ball games, band trips ,,.,.. junior Class Play ,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, Junior and senior year parties ,,..,, Senior year .,,.,,,,. ,..... ......,,,r........ Class breakfasts, May prom ,,,,,,, Angola beating Auburn ..,,,, Ball games ......,,,,..,...,,,, r.,,, Angola beating Auburn .,,,.,... ,,,,,, Ball games, senior breakfasts ,,,,,,,,,,,, Junior Class Play, "Ghost Wanted" , ., Proms, parties, going steady ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, Teachers .. .,,, ,,,,,,,,.,,,,. - ...............,.. - . Plays, basketball games, proms A, Girls of A. H. S. -,,,,r... L ,... L ,,,,, , Getting tardy passes, pep sessions ,,,,, ,,,,,,,, Ball games ,A,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,r,.,,,,,,.,,,s Ball games and pep sessions ,,,,.. journalism Class ,,,,,,,,,,r,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Being a senior, going on dates ...,,, Cub's, basketball .,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, House parties, junior-senior years Plays, games, dances, and parties Sports, parties, senior class ,,,,r,,,,,,,i, Being hypnotized, parties, sock hops Sock hops, Auburn game, plays ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,. Music contests, sports, teachers Basketball tourneys, dances ,,,,,,,, ,,,,, House parties, Cub's, tourneys, plays Class of '56 , ,.,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,s,, , Teachers, basketball games, dances . Study hall ,.,..,... . Basketball games ,i,i,.,.,,.. r..,,,,..,,,,., Basketball games ..,....,....,.....,r,,.,.,... L ,.,,,,,.... Parties, basketball, band, science trip Proms and my dates for them . ,.... . Friends ,,,,...........a,,,.,,,,..,,,,,,,,.., junior-Senior prom 'S 6 i..., Class plays ..,.,,....,.,...,,.....,..,,.,. , ,,,.,,,, ,,,,,,,, All the fun in the last four years ,, Halls between classes . ...,.,,, .,., , ,, Vacations .,.,....,,..,.,...,........... First date ,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,,. , ,,,,........ Garrett game and sock hops ,,,,... Senior year ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,s,,,,,r,,, Music contests, class plays ,,,.,,i.,,,,,, junior and senior years, sock hops ,, HOBBY Reading and swimming ,,,,,, ,,,-,,,.I'Iunting Croquet ,,,,,,, Swimming ,,,,,, Horses ,,,...,,,., Painting ,,,..,.,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,.,,,, L ,,,,., Skiing ,,,,..... , ,,.,.....,,,..,,,,,.,,,,,. L ,,..., Trying to be silent and dancing Painting figurines ,,,,,,.,,,,,,,r.,,,,,,,,, Ronnie , ,,ir,,,.,,,,..,,,.,,...,,,r,,,...,,., , Messin' around ,,,. Cooking ,,.,,,,,,,,,, Ice skating ,,,.. Bonnie ,,....,i,,,,,,, Girls ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,, Cars and women ....,,,., ,,.,.,.,a...,..,,, Reiinishing furniture ,.,,,...... . ........, -,,.--., Cars and other men's girl friends , ,, NICKNAME Stinky' Andy" "Merracus" Reb" John" J. B." "Berrien ..DOt,, Amosandrau Sherry" Cookie" Cre-eelv Tim" Larry" "Pedro" Ken" Lue Anne" Happy Buzzard" Tiny Davicli' Ice skating ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,r,,,r,,,,, ,.,., F ranny Plays, basketball ,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,. , "Dick" Ice skating and swimming ,,,., Nanc" Horses ..i,,,..,,,.,Y.,,,,.,,,,, , ,,,..,,,, Genius" Music ,,,,,, , s,,,.i,,.. - Janie" Collecting earrings ,,,.,,,i,,,,.,,,r Mike" Buttons ,,,,ttt,i,t,,,tt,,,.t L ,,.,,,.,.,ttt.,Vt Sug" Boats, cars, airplanes, a woman ,,,,, Ed" Horseback riding and sewing ...,, "Marilyn Collecting stuffed animals ,,,,,,, Sandyi' Going out ,,,,..,,,,......,,,,...t..,,,.... Lois" Dancing, reading, going out ,,,,,, Rosai' Nothing in particular ,,,.,,,... "Katy" Collecting sports items ,,,,,,,,,,,, Terence" Messin' around ,,,,...,..,,,........,..,,ir..,,,,,,,,.,...,,, Gene" Hunting, spearing, hiking, stamps ,,,,,,.... ,,"Nita" No special one .,,,,,,,..,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,....,,,,,,,i ...., ' 'Macn Music, all sports ,,,,r L ,,,.,,,,r. ,,,,,,....,,, ..,, ' ' Louie" Reading ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i,,, Shirl" Men and baseball ,,,,. Nelliei' Guns . ..,,,,,, ..,,,,.,. W ill" Reading .,.. Fred" No hobby ,,,,,,,, Television ,,,,,,,,,..,.. Leev Sitting at Cub's ,, ,,,,,,,,,,, Sain Messin' around ,.,..,.,,,.,...... Ron" Marionettes and puppets ,,,,,,,, ,,,,, ' 'Steviei' Music and sports .,....,...,.....,,..,. . Striten Hunting and reading of hot rods jim" Collecting dolls ,,,,.....,................,,,,....,,,...,,,. "JO" Automobiles and phonograph records "Carl', Xvoodwork ,.,,, ,,,,,,,ii,.,,,,,,.,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, B u tchi' Watchin' ,,,i,,,,,,,,,,ii,,,,,,, Patv Mechanics .,..,,..,...,..,..,.... AIU XVorking after school ,,,,,, , XVohn" Painting and music ,,,,,,,, Shorty" Sailing ,,.i,,,,..,,,,.,,,,,,.,. Cindy" Music . "Carol" 1 as Q. N-'FT r f- I u 1.1-3 I 'I IH' 'III II IIIIIIIIIIII-III, XII' I'I-I-IIII-I'sIII1II-. I'-II'5l :41':IIII- II-:II"Im-rs :It III-IIIIVA' I I I I IIII I I III II If II-.IIII-I' XII, Il:IIIIIIIII'II :IIIII Ml, Y.III llullw- I'IIIIx'I-ISIIILL, I I I I 'IM IIII IIIIIII III.II, XII' AIIVIII-'II:III, Mr, III'II-IIQIIIIIIIII-I' III IIIIA lilII':II'5, Mr. II I III I III XIV- I'IiIII-, Mixs SII-If-IIN, IIII II I XII III-IIIIII IIII IIII- 'IIII-I4 W:IIIlI-Il" Nmap NAI Miss NIIIIIIZ III I'I1IsS, I I III III-I-1 IN-III--x, IIIxIIIIIi:III II-In III II--IIIIVI I'zII'Ic II:II'I'x' SIIIIII I- IQIII- -IIIII XII' VIIIII' I-:IlIII: IIIIIIII QIIIIIIIII III:II IIIIIVIII-5' Iual I I I III I I II.IIIIIIIII ,IIIII XII ILIIIIIIIII-IIIII--, Mr. VII-llxffns :IIIII MISQ IIIII-II I I II I1.II.II.II--II All SVI:-II :III-I XII' 4lI':III:IIII xii id -5 hh 4 I, C KJ - W' , ..4.. .9 1 my I Q i A r I a x xg, -.L. .., R, 4 PHP, ,L TOP ILUXYZ S1lI1!1lil'llS7flt .Illl1iUl'-St'IliUI' Iualmllet lust j'E'Lll'. Hur spa-ala,-r. Fxwf-,ll Hur LVLIIIS' members ut Ilsmquetg Mmlels in style show. SECOND ILOXYL NV'11at are you eating, girls? Hi, llllftiilfl lfl-ie-mls: 1'l1umm3'. THIRD RUXY: Stage sg-L fur Wllwsl Wanu-dz" Ht'H1-sys: Our May Quwfxx. Phi-1 Vllllll. Pagu 'wi Nifzufy'-ml 'M Q .7!zfwuqlL Jim One to eight and nine to twelve, Thus go the years we treasured so. The yearbooks stacked upon the shelves, The friendly faces come and go. The rising early in the morn, The dirty shirt, the dress that's torn From playing with blocks and then the crayons, To junior high wearing slacks and rayons. XY'e then progressedg how we did grow 'Twould be one year till we would know The freshman joys, the petty fights, Trying to live with senior rights! This year passed quietly and slowg The time was near we soon would go. Our sophomore year was full of fun, Band and vocal medals won. Our junior year we worked and slaved, For our class trip the money saved. But still the time crept swiftly byg Our senior year came with a sigh. XVe toiled and stayed up late at night Trying to bring our grades up right. Graduation! the day did come, The joyous day our hardwork won! These few small hours we'll remember well, For years to come to live and tell. W'e're on our own, secure positions, Teachers, dentists, and physicians. These are the things we'll remember best- Our four grand years at A. H. S. Uwe Hmm. "Tough as nails. hard as bricks. Angolzfs class of Fifty Six!" ls often heard loud and clear liar above the smile and sneer, Before a pep session, after our play, Night :ind morning, all times of day, ln the Urangc House at lfort XVaync, ln the sunshine and in the rain! Till the girls are women and the boys are men, Yell ir mer :ind over and over again! -DAVE RALSTON fa .Niiriilyfficff -PAT WALSH jafuuvalla, To the empty booths at Cub's, To the empty hall at noons, To the teachers who tried to teach us In those now desolate rooms, Come the voices of the Seniors, Bidding their last farewells. "Ghost Wanted" Driver's Training Awards Day Selling Magazines Christmas Proms The Hornet Three one-act plays Track Meets Memorial Day Parade Houseparties Baccalaureate Cashmere Sweaters Knee socks Assembly Programs junior-Senior Banquet Senior Trip "George XVashington Slept Herei' Going Steady Pep Sessions Senior Day Parties Cubis Choir in the halls at Christmas "Mach Pencil Sharpeners Sock Dances Pep Rally Bermuda Shorts Junior Stand Hornets! Faculty Spring Concert Band Contests Tourneys Senior Cords Y-Teen Baseball Study Hall Class Rings Ducktails and Flattops Vacations Hi-Y Commencement Basketball Games Breakfasts Flannels Underclassmen Play Practice Pizgf Xivlvly-fb 7 13 IS 16 19 Zo 24 J U 27 28 29 50 7 14 20 21 Zi 27 254 6' l wus! --: ,DWG DON l :'. : QQ 1523 -V11 SEPTEMBER School opens-back to the books! XY'aterloo here Riverdale here junior Class Rings-How long will they have them? Curtis Magazine Sales-They're off! Butler there Band to Purdue-Oh, what sore feet! Yearbook sales completed-269 books sold. XVaterloo here Iowa Tests More tests Riverdale there Still more tests! OCTOBER Leadership conference at Purdue. Sen- ior breakfast End of first grading period--The truth comes out. "George Wlashington Slept Heren pre- sented by the seniors. Last night of the class play Cross Country Sectional Pancake Supper--mmmmm-good Teachers Association-teachers get a vacation, ha! .Wore vacation dff' Ximfly ,four NOVEMBER "I Speak for Democracy" Contest XVaterloo here-Off to a good start. Open house Concordia there F. T. A. holds formal initiation LaGrange here Ligonier there Operetta-"Smoky Mountain" "Smoky Mountain" Rev. Sapp gives Thanksgiving talk. Edon here. Nancy Stevens wins Good Citizen Contest. Thanksgiving vacation begins junior Town meeting-Angola stu- dents artici ate P P Gregory Seigel arrives fvia storkj Deep River Quartette entertains stu- dents DECEMBER Butler there End of the second grading period Avilla here South Whitley here Orchestra plays for Tri-State com- mencement Band gives Christmas floor show at Salem game Y-Teens put up Christmas decorations Crystal Fantasy is sponsored by the Y-Teens and Hi-Y january 2 Christmas vacation-How ray! Holiday Tourney at Garrett More of the same

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