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 - Class of 1955

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Text from Pages 1 - 116 of the 1955 volume:

X x X :Sh X , , Q.3g:5,E.-aj. , ,ug 1.55 h .JEFF 1' 9-ff. ,' .fqsg-A-15:0-'1Q.-fp , fiiififzilffi Y, 311155 Q: . g5gLfvS5lf1?f5 '2jYff3- -21. .y,f'S5mSLS.,Mg4 ' 211 mfs- X a N Nw-eze+:s'e- PX.-mrs -:A firm wqsqe 4'.'M:Wef:,:21'-X , . ,x,.?,. w.I,,,d,. N, . U Y ' -f -- .ggi'grSgsuiA3gy?-gig: AMY- , I mjggi, 1' ' A W K Q,-.Qu 4 ml. wx.. .- .21 rw-,-:H - ,- .-X L.- r ,Q xg ff,-.' wf,.2,:-:'x...f . W 35 L-4f'v 3.1.'333t:5Z' if ' lik., i 3-335 91-T' if -Qi' ::.!1 mel:-ff U mx: :. w .x KAW-'41,11I,3::.', ,f -'gf j-:ggi it , -: Y gm ??,'X?1g9:5Q?? 71N-iig.'f:W' Qf' .- '4 wA:.xg-,.,1s W w 0 fu-v ,wg-.L.-.Q gf, A XMia,,WA:i4QiiLsg215gf m ,gym W.-.xw,':tY wifi -M. ' ' V !Yii'-g-1.ffs'1 'fi gyxaissfai ag. E QT Qi Mmgtii.. M ' L..f,,... J-., ' Wm 'WA 6 f X 1.143 - 1 ,. X 'Ls .- QL X fiigqxiag-Qc.1,1E?gg,w:g-gvfgw.,., X A .'Qb'??efe1fs' 1 A Q, ps wp vwewsk,wvfffff wave- V , aw ax f',x4W'w.L:-4 xw,1v:,Q.Amq.f. ' am- -- . 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JPN?-i!?NW.5G:,23!AP15, . ff 5 Qw- in 'C v A .1YgQn.r,5QQ5.r W ii,-.-3715335 - 'QA JB fiiqvir xv '9Qf7e:t.1g4qv2 ifwg-f.p4:.,.., W , Rsfav'Qigw:MQ4.f.1 Z 4'1X:ff -1,-f, 9 .Nmffwm fm4':W.Q-,Q0'f.. -u 1 - 9 4351-f0f,5-ftfyfvwP-fs illf-,Ma 1-f-T-:ca .efagx '- .',H4L'fA,,a45,f':-3, 4 1, V 15' 1 1: ,J 3 4 1 , ,,f Lf: 3, f ' v, . '-'Ka age, j r ' w f'. '.l,-, 17' 'Lt f ' iQ,,,,4'2gf1':' x -Ax SA 2 TT? EL .PAM 'il ,H 54. gh. .,.A R.. '1 . QE: an ..:A- ,Av .Aff an qw. Sd 24:4 1, , , , ,,. E1 ' if ir' M., An, ..v. 13' 'N .w,Q.'..4-.- vt, Q., -41, It 7- K.. 1.. 4+ f L QA Q-. ai' QQ L , 5., A Qu if fgj S .1 ' 1. 'F QA gf A A .u TAUPTY? 5.111 A. A 1 A ' A , , 1. 1 ff' A 1'N'+-:gi 'A A AA rxxiigxggg 1-- 'Q I H A TL, :,. '4+' Lf a A. ' .' 1' nfl-: A.Aax. 'im 71?-55, 7 .A Z A ' 'v , A A ,A1. A fx,,Ax,j,J 'jMfAlrA , j, A A Ag.. X -EA, P+ 1:-' . , N-, - S-A 3'',L 'l-A A' J f A 'if -- A' 'H ,- Nah'-1, A -Q-. Q':.j::,5 -.' ' A - ' if ,A A QM' A l'l?E?A1.E?-WN. Q-Af 'A .7:Z v'Wf?'A'A .f .A 14 'I .QASWSQ '!A'f1f3531?3iAl XM 57,147+J,.AAAA1,,A5.m A ,.., A,..AAMpm,, fffnwmf fy ffff 1 11.1. y1gAxfSQm.wxAx.uA, pgmepi-Q'i5 A- Y2vfp'iAf4f1fJ'1JF9a1 A j ' WW' A f A V! Xb-RWLRQXAXFQ-QA'vwKIA2Al5'i !'zfAfj7.ff'E7',A', Q1 utr,fQfffdf,gz1-ALA! -M wwf NQQNf?xNNA'i4XKK Wg5zA'feVfkglgwari :gm - Aff! 1' J? K Ahffff J' 'U 7'f ' lxhla'-WX?-W135.wizeflvfxkf Aww--Iww WA A V Am ff AA, N 'fff fm? 'wif' Af-AAA ASA'-1 sW3i1gA1A,A22::2fx .AL,Air:ffqs'AfA':a'5,'-A-p3?al:g!!'AAfffweiiwH9111-QQQA iii, Af fJi'ff ? 1 W A ' A' WE'Hip-:PWSAWNf 3511ie'Eiif'ff 5535,1+k.AX:.,Q.QAA.gfAIN-AgYArA,,x,i,,,,4f4.fQaL'f,xa'-fi-fffgfyi ZA V, A QA. ,uvA!,1, sg:A112' AA:-imff- 4.-Aug: 53? HA: 4f,1' A .4 1 ,A. ' ' :X i A j?,ji'L,fg A .A 2512 161149 ,iff-f:.2,2ffQ3ss:5.y S5-i'2g3Q?5s,'-RA-i!f1f:Y,2'A Q..- --,A -. f J Xa-. A X' , 'X -' A 'I - Y p ' r 'lf ,uf 'Q W1'3 q-F5- 5: I- -1'Xx,--.-xgwxvy gist. GQARQ ?YQ1fyA'AxK ,T f1:fl!f'6ffK Qs?-?wQ'f'Xwf--.MNXQA fa- A f,f. 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'Jambi 1 'F' gn ..z1zm 4 LN 3 , :QTISCL ? 1 v IS . 5 3 ,I ai 2 1 W 1 ' 1 f J B 7 ' 5' .Nfl fx, A- rv L - ...Xa 31 ' A Q. 1 1 V. n n -r 3' ' F' .- 1 5 ' 1 Publislywl by the Senior Class Angola High School Angola, Imliana Nm ii h.LJl 1lll 5 In H15 ifhgw f i'HUl S 'if i mss w ggi Sf, M . fn 1- -u f Q jlnizewvflci May this, our Key, serve as a re- miiifler of all the good times 1U!?,'l!6 had, the things we'vc' learncfcl, and the friwzds wc zfe made. May it he a key to fhe past as we tread ihz' zznicnown paths of ihe future. KWH hope the 1'f'!lCI'l'l'S will derive hofh hwzffif and pleasure from our l g01'f5. Ffzvuify h Page Eight Acfivifies hh,hhhhh ,i Page Forty Cifzsscfs h hhhh i iiPagc' Tweizfy Sporfs h hhhhhh Page Sixty-eight T' 4-.1 W I Jim public Iibnazuf, Across tbe street fro1n dear old A. H. S. lll7l0lIg many stately trees, stands our public library, wbere students vnigbt dasb between classes to obtain tbe last bit of infownation, in addition to tbat wbicb can be ob- tained in A. H. S. Tbe public library will be re111e1nbered by all of ns seniors as tbe beautiful building witb tbe fountain in front, wbicb stood ready to supply any information needed. Page Four 'Haw Jlerwbzq, Punk ,Sched This herznfifnl structure is fhe pride and joy of Angola. This is the new Hendry Park School! We seniors feel that if is indeed an honor to he the hrs! class to have zz piefure of this new elenzeniary school hnild- ing in fhe Key. The piefnre at fhe lower right was Isezken on Veferrzns Day, when all of the sfndenfs rzffended the Ceremonies and the dedienfion of fhe flag pole presenfed by the All1C7'iCdl1 Legion. Page Five we iw ,. e, v-V Q IL We, fhe senior class of 1955, wish fo rlerli- eafe fhis our Key, to all fhe people who have helpecl as fhlfoughoazf oar school yea1fs,..ihe faealty, whose patience, we have endlessly fried . , .zfhe hasinessnzen, who have always eo-ope1f- azfea' wifh as in our P1'0jCCfS...tll16l, last half nzosf inzporfanf, fo our parents, who have given ns so nzneh. We are fully aware fha! wifhouf fhe help of all fhese people oar saeeess would not have been possihle. We sincerely thank eve1fyone for four alzfozfgezffahle years. Page Six HPF 'IL We, the class of 1955, wish to express our czpprcfcicztiolz to our present sponsor, Mr. Felclnzmzn, who has guided us through our jzmior and senior years of high school, and to Mr. Druokanziller, who 136119051 us through our first two yeczrs in A. H. S. Our sincere thanks are given to these two czctzfisers for their endur- ing jmtielzoe, IllIl16'7'Sffl17flil1g, and aid. As we, the Class of 1955, hid fczifewell to A. H. S., we exfcvm' our host wishes to Drink and Howclie. A' xx , . 5 4 Keg. V , 1 ual. 'J X Q. . an . 1 , .. Mggf. Q A V44 New W if . , M V 1 .,,.....1......Y.,...,,.,m ,. ... an' ' .Q ,,.5 R M 4 W 3 ff QW V7 m 0 M rw g p Iii: ' ,Mi xg? X ,, K, '4., X , 39 C P C '2 0 'f 1 6 VD 4 F? Xxx . WN 37 Rflafwwhfvi ' KAW WH may wmwm mm mm!! Um, Um, Sup ' We pause a azoimerizf fo express our appreciation io our sziperia- teiieleni, Mr. Boonzershiize, for ihe help he has always hall finze to give to anyone who ueealea' if. For fhe past four years his gziizlanee has airl- erl all of 715. We egvzfeizcl our silzeere fhaizks io him. Page Ten Pfurzupai Mr. MCCz11feha1z hy his friemlli- ness aizil fair Ireaimeni of all has helpeel iis meet amz' solve the many prohlems confronting as clziriizg our four years of high school. He was never foo hzisy fo leizel us a helping haiifl. He has won ihe respeef of all. Wfe wish fo say, Thank, you, Mr. Mae. l'May I have an absence slip, please? One or the other of our able secretaries has always been willing to supply that absence slip or any other need. Mrs. Kunkel has been with us during our four years in A. H. S. Phyllis Jennings has been here for only one year, but we have already learned to know her. Haalwl of fdwcation, l 'Uhl in our city are the members of the board of education. Witlu- Esteemed very no y out these men it would be impossible to operate our school system smoothly. We, the ' ' d 'mcere thanks to these men who devoted much of seniors of 1955, wish to exten our su their time to o ur school and for our benefit. Harold Leland Harold Carlton Howard Heyman Fisher Nedele Stevens Chase Boomershine Wisner Page Eleven 3 GEORGE KUEBLER Ari 'KA work of art can truly describe Mr. Kuebler's drawings and his teaching. We feel very fortunate to have him as our art instructor. JOHN HAMMEL Algebrrz, T1'ig0l70'll1!'f7'jI, Physics, Afhfrfif Coach After seeing a basketball game coached by our Ham,,' you'll know why we have real school spirit. His math students learned a lot too. GLADYS LEAS Typing, Slaortbaml, Bookkeeping, Girls' Physical Ea'11ca1fi0n After we have been under the guidance of Miss Lens, we ind doing bookkeeping, typing and short- hand a pleasure instead of a task. PHYLLIS WALKER Home Erolzomics Teaching our girls to be better homemakers was Mrs. Wfalkeris job for the first semester, the time she was with us this year. NANCY NEWNAM Librarian, Direcfor of Audio-Visual Program With Mrs. Newnanfs excellent guidance and the card catalogue completed under her direction, we have been able to select books for reports and speech- es that often brought us A's! HOWARD FELDMANN General Science, Biology, Clavmistry As our guide and sponsor, Mr. Feldmann taught us the difference between H20 and HZS O4 and the art of making money for the class. EMERY DRUCKAMILLER Health, Hisfory, Dirr'r'for of Afbiriirs We shall never forget what we learned in Driver's Training class. Mr. Druckamiller had the courage to ride with us during those trying days. RICHARD CLEMENS Industrial Arts, Merbanical Drawing The boys in Mr. Clemens shop classes have learned to become excellent craftsmen. Mr. Clemens also directed the Safety Patrol. Pa ga Thirteen RUBY SHULTZ English, ,Iwzrnalism Misspelled words and incorrect punctuation are Miss Shultzis pct peeves. She aided us in putting out the Hornet and this, our Key. HARLAN BOND 1lIXfl llIl1f'l71lll1 Music Music, Maestro, please!,' Mr. Bond helped wherever and whenever he was needed in the in- strumental music department. Hats off to a very good director! EUNICE REED Lalin, Spazzisb Languages are il relaxation for Miss Reed. She also knows the myths of Greece and Rome and the legends of Spain and Mexico. A. B. BARKDULL Sl7U!'fZ7tllItl,, Typing, Business Mafberlzafirs Figures donit lie, says Mr. Barkdull in business math. He also pilots students through Typing I and Shorthand H. ,- wfa'235ia.3-,fi lm. - 2 NANCY SIEBQLD Vocal Music The Lowland Sean and Q'The Grasshopper will live long in our hearts and memories. And welll not forget the A. H. S. choir and vcoal ensemble achievements, under Miss Siebold's direction. CHARLES G. SHARPE English, Speech, ,Dl'd7llllfiCS As our English and speech mentor, Mr. Sharpe was great. Thanks to his patient and helpful guid- ance the senior class play, The Little Dog Laugh- ed, was a big success. We had a wonderful time producing the three one-act plays, too. ELYVQCD NICHOLS Ifzsfrzzuzefzfal Music Give that IIOIC two beats! These words may be heard spoken by our patient and Very helpful band director, Mr. Nichols. Much did we learn in music practice. ARTHUR VAN MATRE GflL'L,l'IIIIIC7Zf, Psychology, Hisfory, Physical EJ- 1lt'cIfi0ll We seniors shall never forget Mr. Van Matre's enduring patience and helpful suggestions in making our torch light parade and our patriotic and relig- ious programs well worth our efforts. Page Fiffc'f'11 mdej GERTRUDE HART ALICE STILES Third Grazlf' Sf'ii'lIl'l' junior High School faculty, BETH TRENNEPOHL Home Emizmzzirs Under Mrs. T1'ennepoh1's direction the home- makers of tomorrow cooked meals and made clothes She took Mrs. XYI21lkC1',S place the second semester. HELEN TAYLOR Tlaira' Grade .. . . , M WWYW ,. , , V W ,ww 1, -we-ws. wwf H H .s'ss,2'QHuv'Q ., gawwawswyezwwawgxsww,f,.,w.AMMMM .vl .f .sn ma 4, -H in Hfmda, faculty CURT RATHBURN Prizzrijml of G1'em'e School JUNIOR HIGH SCHOOL Gladys Kile, Mzzflnfzzafzu Estelle Cline, Englzib Carroll Nesbitt, I'I1s1'011 Physical EllIlL6llll0lI Jeanette Scoops, SKIFIICI' SIXTH GRADE Laura Frank Thelma Hephner Louis Sapp Charles Ryan FIFT Evangeline Fuller Catherine Schrider Wfilnm Harmon FOUR Pauline Reichardt Shirley Hull Ruth Stevens Hhacla, faculty, Helen Hockey Beverly Chizek THIRD GRADE Ellzslbeth Wgllton FIRST GRADE Mildred MacFndyen Pwrlf, gicluwf. THIRD GRADE Jein Pfingstag L1Verne Hardy SECOND GRADE Susan Lemley FIRST GRADE Katy Boyer Vera Myers Juanita Teegardin SECOND GRADE June Collins CUSTODIANS One thousand and one tasks our custo- dians are asked to do as the days roll by. They check the heat, they sweep the floors, they build stage sets-in fact they do everything! Dick Forbes works at the Hendry Park School. You see a part of the heating plant in the picture. Ben Weldoim, Lester Shelton and Harry Sowle take care of the A. H. S. building, and a mighty good job they do! jaudtq, UM, Huwwl TOP I-UAV: Tim lwinn-ipzxls talk things mu-1': MV. I-Bernd 4-an 'Xlix ilI1Yt11i11H'I M1 Xnlll lNlu11'c1 lmvlcs tlm1lp:'I1lfLil: HV. l7!'Ili'kZ1IHil14'l' in study hull: Mrs, N1-wnzun: Nl: Fvld- zxuu wurks- and 'Pom XVill1'11E'SI Miss Shultz in lilxglisll I1 Nr. QTIBIIIQHS looks I'P1E'2l'S2lHl. Hr, Slmlfu- G'Xllll1iNL'S lralln-rs: Miss Sic-bwld mul girls 1J1'z'u'tiw--I Miss livwl in ia D1l'2lHElI'lt msd: M11 Nivlwls, Miss Sielmldi Mixs Stoupsz MV. Mckfutw-111111 f-lt3l119L'l'illl'SI Mrs. 54'lIl'l!l4,l. NIV. Feldlxmlnlmi M12 Sfmrpw. Pagv Ni!Il7f67l'I1 m Y 4 f V a M K , 4 Sw M 2 ,,:q QW X ff'U,..14,F1 51 wif JK 1 v t- ..,. , QA 4-r 42' . '9 L, CHARLES W. ROSE There is mischief ill his eyes, A1111' friemlsbijz l1Z bis laearf. Class President IV: Sun- ior Play Cast IV: Key Stalf IV: Track I, II, III: Bas- lietliall I, II, III, IV: Stu- rlent III, IV: -lill'1f3f'S Court fllII'lStlII2IN Prom IV. JOHN FREDRICK ELSTON Silelwe is golzleng Tb II 5 if 11c'e0111,l1lixbes 11111el9. Boys' Glf-0 Club IV: KQY Staff IV: Hand I, II, III, IV: Track III, Safety Pa- trol IV: Operetta Chorus IV: Distrivt Enseiiilile Unn- test IV: Football I, II. .lolm attenuled ilzirrett H i Ll' I1 SC-Iionl, Garrett, Indiana, the first two years of high Svlmol. PATRICIA ANN SCOTT Tzzlemf, L'1llfIlI'C', iufelli- gwzee, 111111 fllll. Pai bas 'IIIAVCKI 11170171 all 111- fo one. Class Sevretary III, IV: Senim' Play Cast IV: Hi::I1 SL-linol Cllnir II, III, IV: Girls' Glee Club I, II: Vo- 1-al Quartet III, IV: I . T. A. III: Key Staff IV: Alpha Ilelta Clii II, III: Tlirue- U11e-Amst Play Vast III: Band I, II, IIT, IV: District Solo M Eiiseniblu Uoiitt-st I, II, III, IV: State Solu QQ I-Ir1se111I1Ie Cmltest II, III, IV: Di IlllIIl0I'IiIlES Staff II: Iioosicr Girls' State III: V-Teens II, III, IV: Ilegfinn III'?lfOl'lI'2II Ffiiitest XXIIHIIQI' IV: Student Cf,JIIIIl'll I: flirle' Sports Pluli III: Op! wrt-tta III, IV: Operetm l'lIOI'IIS III, IV: May Queen Ifnurt II: National I-Ionfir Sfwiety IV. RICHARD SEEMAN WY' w0111le1' when fbere will ever be, Al70fZ76'I' as well likefl IIS be. Junior Play Stage Crew III: Key Staff IV: Baseball III lx' CLYDE FREDRICK LONSBURY A jolly jml 'lL'l7t'l1 fhings are gay, A fIflflC'I1f one zvlveu fZJlI7gX go 'ZUI'0I1g. Junior I'Iay Stage Vrew III: Seninr Play Cast IV: Ilorm-t Stall' IV: Key Staff IV: Safety Patrul II. THOMAS LARRY RANDOLPH 117 misehief 4fl'07lI' IIIIILIIIIIII until s,l71'i11g: A smile -was 11111111315 Tezlzljfs fo l11'i11g. Junior Play Stage Crew III: Senior Play Stage Crew IV: Hi-V III, IV1 Travk I, II: Iiasketliall I, II, III, I V: Baseball II, III, QIV: Safety Patrol I: f'I1riSt- mas Prom King' III, PHYLLIS ROSE CRAIN Her fI'lt'l1tl.i are 111111131, Her f0t'S1tIl'C fl7t'l'I' any? .Iu11inr Play Fast III: Senior Play Nast IV: High Smfhuol Choir IV: Girls' fllt-e Vinh I, II: Ilornet Staff IV: Key Staff IV: Ecl- itrn- lit-y Annual IV: Alplia In-Ita I'l1i I, II: National 'llllvflllflll Sorit-ty III, IV2 Y-'Iwens II, III, IV: Vico Piwsitleiit F. H. A. II: Op- ervtta IV: May Queen l nu1't II: Voir-c of IYJUIIIOC- ravy Contest III: Poetry' Omitest IV: Essay Contest IV. ,IOHN WALLACE ADAMS Wforkx zuifb 111o1'01's, likes fv fly: Here'x 61 1111111 who 7U0lZ,f say zlie. .Iuninr Play Stage Crew III: Senior Play Stage Vrew IV: Key Staff IV: II1-N, III, IV. 5 PHYLLIS ANN ,IARRARD I-Iz'rf's fo flu' girl ufiflu fl faearf and cz xmilv, Who nzakvs fbi' bwfzblc of life' worffy wbilv. Class 'I'1'm1Ht1i'n1' III: .Ian- inr I-'lay Stage Crt-xv III: SQ-niwr Play AFSiNtant Iii- lwwtwi' IV: Girls' Gloe Fluli I, I1: F. 'I'. A. II, III, IV: Sew-. M 'Frm-ai. I . 'l'. A, II: Presimlvnt I . 'I'. A, IV: IIm'- net Staff IV: lit-3' Stall' IV: ,-Xsstwiate Editur Key An- nual IV: 'l'Ii1'4-I--1I1'w-.-Xu! I'layw Stage Uruw II, III: 'I'IirvcfO1i4i-Art I'Ia3' Di- rectnr IV: National 'Flies- IIIQIII Smiwioty' IV: lIiI1nm0r- tales Staff II: Ilrfnsivi' Girls' State III: V-Teens II, III, IV: Girls' Sports Club I, III, IV: Girl! Spurts I'IuI1 I'1'c-sirltint III: Iinglisli Cmitev III, IV: Latin Font:-st II: Max Quucn I: Y-TPI-n Summa-r Co11I'e1'Q-live III: Natifwnal Hmmm' Soc-it-ty Sw-retai'Y IV. XVILLIAM T. I-IARTER CIIIH1 in 111c11111f'1', imfrf- jzcfmlcvzf of mind, Toward' fllflllfllg WiIIiz' is i11z'li11c'zI. .Iunirir I'lay Staple Crt-W III: Safety Patrol I, IV: Ke-3' Staff IV. JACK D. BINKLEY IFS nirf' fo ln' 1'It1fZH'LlI, IWZNPII iozfrv lldfllfdllf 3 nifr. 'ri-at-k II, III: Key Staff IV ROBERT LEE KELLY Wbfll flzzfy falls he will 11014 sbirfa, just so lillfj' ISlI,f work. .Iuuiur Play Stage Crew III: Senitn- Play Stage Urew IV: Hornet Staff IV: lit-5' Stal'I' IV: TIirce-One- Ast Plays Stage Crew IV. BERNICE BURNETT RUIIQIIIIKQ io fricfmlsbijfs fall, Wvll ff2011gIJf Of, WWII liked by aII. Vlass SL't'I'Qtiil'V II: Jun- iur Play Stags Crm-W III: Senior Play Stage Urn-W IV: Svnior Play Cast IV: Girls' Glen Clulw I, II: F. T. A. II, III, IV: Hornr-t Staff IV: lim' Staff IV: V- Tw.-ns II, III, IV: Y-TL-wus Sf-vretary IV: Girls' Simits Club I, II, III, IV: Girls' SIIIPYIS Cluli Prvsidont IV. FREDERICK HOLMES MUSSER Full of fun, full of joy, Ilzsf ll fyjzinzl fIll1I'I'Il'!llI boy. Junior Play Cast III: Senior I Iay Vast IV: Hwy' Stall' IV: National Tliespi- an Sam-it-ty IV: I-Ianml I, II: O1'clnesti'a III: Ili Imlnur- talvs Staff II: I-Ii-V III, IV: Hi-V Chaplain IV. LORIN BURTON KRUEGER II Class Prvsitlcent IZ Junior Play Vast III: Senior I'laY l'a4t IV: High School Choir I, II, III, IV: Boys' Glen Vlulv I, II, III, IV: Vocal Quartt-t III, IV: Key Staff IV: Assm-iate .Editor Key Annual IV: Alpha Delta. Ulii I, Il: 'I'III'0G-O114-'-,ADIZ Play Cast II, III, IV: State Vuntvst Iffn' One-Avt Plays III, IV: National Tliespian Sfmuii-IY III, IV: Rand I, II, III, IV: llistrivt Solo Q En- sernlvle Fonts-st I, II, III, IV: Stati- Snlo X linsumlsle Contest III, IV: Hi-V II, III, IV: Hi-Y President III, IV: 'I'1'2Il'Ii II, IV: IBHSQ- ball I: Iaeprion Orzitnrifgal Contest IV: Student Coun- ffil I, II: Lrwal M lbistrivt XVIIIIIGV, I Speak Fur In-- infn-1':u'y Cuntest IV: Sal- ulatririan: Drum IN'Ia,inr IV: National Ilonm' Sm'-it-tY PI't:FICII'III IV: Hpelwllta II, III, IV: Olwrottal Clinrus I. JOHN E. XVILCOX I am wlmf I am, and fhufis all I am. .Iunior Play Stage Crew III: Mixed CIIIIVLIS I, II, III: rI'IlI'6t'-Ollt'-.-XK'I Plays Stage Frew I: Hwostc-1' Club I, II: 'Pravli I, II, III: Basketball I: lf, I . A. 'I'rPaSuroi' II. .Iulin attended Orland High Sz-Iiunl the First three years. WALTER EDWIN JULIEN Mwz of few iuorrls are fbe basl 111011. .Iunior Play Stage Crew III: ,Senior Play Stage Crew IV: Key Staff IV: Di Iinmortales Staff II. MARILYN ,IANE HUPF Noflying is so zlijjfifzilf but That it may be fouml by svvlting. Junior Play Stage Crew III: Senior Play Stage Crew IV: High School Choir I, II, III, IV: Girls' Glee Club I, II: Vocal Quartet III: Key Staff IV: District Ensemble Contest II: State Ensemble Contest Il: Y-Teens II, III, IV: F. H. A. I: Mathematics Con- test I: Operetta III, IV: Operetta Chorus III, IV: Senior Ensemble II: Vale- dit-torian: National Honor Soviety IV. SHIRLEY ANNE HENLEY WlJz'11 fha clisiuiif bell of lime jntvzls, Shell! sfill ba' living 11p to lycfr izlrals. .Iunior Play Stage Crew III: Senior Play Stage Crew IV: Key Staff IV: Band I, II, III, IV: Orolies- tra II, III, IV: District Solo Q l+lnseinble Contest ll, III, IV: State Solo di: lilnsenible Contest III: Di lnimortales Staff II: Hoo- sier Girls' State Alternate Ill: Y-Teens II, III, IV: Latin Contest I: Band Li- brarian II, III, IV, CARLITA PORTER A Iitflr nzischirf, by ibn' way, ls jiisz' fbe fbing to Spire the day. Junior Play Cast III: Senior Play Cast IV: High School Choir I, II: Girls' GI-ie Club I, II: Hornet Staff IV: Key Staff IV: Alpha Delta Chi I, II, III: Tliroe-One-Act Plays Stage Urew II: Tliret--Om--Ac-t. Play Cast IV: National Thespian Soviety IV: Y- Teens II, III, IV: Student Council III: Girls' Sports Club II. GERALD A. RICHMOND lorry is ri frirml wr bail: IVL' lumzu ibut bv will never fail. Class President II: .Iun- ior Play Stage CrewVIII: Senior Play Stage Crew IV: Iioys' Glee Club I1 Km-5' Stall' IV: Rand I, II, III, IV: Ilistrii-t Idnseinble Con- test I, ll, IV: Ilasketball I, II: Ilaseball I, II: Stu- dent Counoil I. KENNETH ALLAN SHORT Mm of frm 'zvords IIN' fbi' limi: Sonzezfiuzex ills flary who have thi' jvsf. Senior Play Stage Crew IV: Key Staff IV: Di Ini- mortalvs Staff I, II. JUDITH ANN I-IEALY Slac is gf'i1fl1': slut' is shy: Bill fbvrcf is misvlaicf in bm' eye. Class 'Freasurer II: .lun- inr Play Fast III: Senior Play Vast IV: Girls' Glee Club I, II: F, T. A. I, II, III, IV: Key Staff IV: Alpha Delta Chi I, II: 'I'lii'ee-Une--Act Play Cast II. III, IV: National Thes- pian Son-iety III, IV: Y- 'i'l-1-ns ll, III, IV: XY-TOPIIS Pri-sidt-nt IV: Stutll-nt Council II: Girls' Sports Club I, III: State Contest for Ono-Avi Plays II, IV: National Honor Society IV. ,IAMES ARTHUR SXVIFT Alfzvays rmnly fzml glnfl to dill, Of xzirlz jim' stuff fine frif'mlx are nmile. .Iunior Play Stage Crew III: Senior Play Stage Vrexv IV: Senior Play Cast IV: Iloys' Glee Club I, II, III, IV: Key Staff IV: Alpha Delta Chi I, II: Tllree-One-Act Plays Stage Crew I, III: National Thes- piau Society III, IV: Band I, II, III, IV: Hi-Y II, III, IV: Ili-Y Treasurer IV: Student Council IV. DONNA BELLE CRUM She fizrrirs the stars in her rym, Arzcl fhe sun in her frieizfl- ships. Junior Play Stage Crew III: Senior Play Stage Crew IV: High School Clnilir II, III, IV: Girls' Glee Club I, II: F, T. A. III, IV: I-Inrnet Staff IV: Key Staff IVE: Alpha Delta. Chi I, II, III: Tliree-One- A4-t Play Cast IV: Di Im- mortales Staff II: Hoosier Girls' State III: Y-Teens II. III, IV: Student Coun- 4-il IV: Uperetta III, IV: May Queen Court III. JAMES D. BABCOCK Full of fun, 71f'lfC1' hzirries, Cdl1,f iinrlrrsfamz' why iznyone worries. Junior Play Stage Crew III: Senior Play Stage Crew IV: Key Staff IV: Basketball I. .Smiv CHUCK SOUTHERN A fozwz fhizzf honsfs inhab- ifazzis like mc, Can haw no lurk of good society. Class Vive President III: .Iunior Play Cast III: Sen- ior Play Cast IV: Alpha Ilelta Chi T, II: 'I'll1'99-OII9- Act Play Direvtor IV: 'I hree-One-Ac't Play Cast II: National Thespian So- viety III, IV: Thelspian So- c-iety' President IV: Di Ini- lnortales Staff II: Hoosier Boys' State III: Track I, II, III, IV: I-Sasketlvall I: Student Council Sec. Sz Treas, III. JERRY ESSENBERG Diififlml lnrizucfrzz fwo fhozighfs meh Jay, One fo work-fha other to play. Class President III: Class Vive P1'6Sltl6llt IV: .Iunior Plax' Cast III: Sen- inn' Play Cast IV: Basket- liall INIFIIILIQQGI' I, II, III, IV: Baseball Manager I, II, III, IV. CAROLYN RUTH GOUDY Anil sfill the wonclvr grows, Thai one small head could Carry all xhe knows. .Iunior Play Stage Crew III: Senior Play Stage Urttw IV: Hornet Staff IV: lil-3' Stall' IV: Ilancl II, III, IV: Distrirt Ensemble Con- test IV: Di Imniortales Staff II: Y-Tet-ns II, III, IV: Girls' Sports Club QI, IV. ILETA KAY SMALLEY Her joys arf? as ilceji as the Ormiz, Ami hrr rczrrs as light as ifs foam. .Iunior Play Cast III: Senior Play Cast IV: Girls' Glare Club I: F. T. A. III: Hornet Stallf IV: Key Staff IV: Alpha Delta Phi I, II: Tlu-t-tk-One-Act Play Cast IV: National Thespian So- ciety III, IV: Di Immor- tzili-s Statf II: Y-Teens II, III, IV: Y-Teens Vice Pri-Sident IV: Girls' Sports Club II, III, IV: Y-Teen Summer Conference II. I NANCY LOU WYATT Likvahlv, lovable, this ifrzic 1111113 Shvix a frimnl, fhrozigh ami fhrough. Junior' Play Stage Crew III: Senior Play Stage tifrew IV: Editor-in-chief, Ilornt-t IV: Key Staff IV: Y-Teens II, III, IV: Y- 'Veens Chaplain IV: F, H. A, President III. RONALD LYNN SUTTON Whji work? Wlrji not play? Do it fonzorrow, why fo- Jay? Junior Play Stage Crew III: Senior Play Stage Crew IV: Boys' Glee Club I: Key Staff IV: Alpha Ilelta Chi I, II: Tlhree-One- Art Playa Stage Crew I, II: Three-One-Act Play Cast II: Hi-'V I: Trat-lc I, II, III: Safety Patrol I. DONNA M. BOOK H01' 151111: sbinvs like Sf!lI'S af 11igl1f5 Hcr sj11z1'lzli11g eyes are deep pools of Iigfaf. .Iunior Play Cast III: Senior l'la.y Stage Crow IV: Girls' Glee Cluh I, Il: Ilurnet Staff IV: Key Stuff IV: .-Xlplia Delta Chi I, ll, III: National Tln-spian So- ciety IV: Y-Teens II, Ill, IV: F. ll. A. I, II. BEVERLEY JEAN SAMS Made just floc righf way, N019 foo s0I1'11111-11r11' foo gay. Junior Play Stage Crew III: Senior Play Cast IV: Assoc-i-ite Business Alan- :ISJQ-i' I-Iuruet Staff IV: Key Staff IV: Y-Teens IV: F. II. A. l, II, Ill: F. I-I, A. Presillent II. QIQIQLIJJLA, PHYLLIS IRENE HORN Life' is ll jokrg Fl.'f'I'Yj'1lbil7g shows ifg Ona' I fhozzghi sog now I kl'l0lU if. Class Vice I'rt-side-nt II: Class 'l'I'6zliSIll'I'I' I: Senior Play l :lSt IV: l7. T. A. I1 Key Stuff IV1 Alpha Delta Phi I, II. III: 'lllI1'6G-flllO- Att Play Cast III: Nation- al Tliospiau Sm-iety IV? Iiaud I. II: Distric-t Solo Contest II: Y-Teens II, III: Stulluiit Cotiiil-il Ill: I . H. A. I: Gii-ls' Sports Uluh I, II. JANET UMBAUGH A IPITLLIIJI rml hcfml with tl l11v11f1f of gold, D011 is bw' 1111111 wr bam' bmvz fold. Junior Play Cast Ill: Senior Play Nast IV: High Sc-hool Choir III: Girls' Glee Club II: I-Iornl-t Staff IV: Kew' Stall' IV: National 'Fhespiaii Sol-iety IV: Y- Teens III: Student f.V'Ull11Ull IV: F, H. A. I, II, III. I CHARLENE ROSE MCNETT A 5111116 for all, ll g1'c'c'zfing glad, A likvczble way UYII' Char- lfvzv 111111. Junior Play Stage Crew Ill: Svuior Play Stage Crt-xv IV: Hornet Stall' IV: Key Stallf IV: Alpha Delta f'hi I. Il, III: Y-Teens II, III, IV: I . H. A. I, Il, III: I-'. H. A. 'Freasurer II. DORIS R. RANEY A fbing of bgllllfy is tl joy f01'0vc'1'. .Iuuinr Play Stage Crew III: Senior Play Cast IV: Hornut Stal? IV: KI-y Stall' IV: National Thespiau So- ciety IV: Y-Tee-ns II, III, IV: I-'. H. A. I, II. MARGO ANN BRANNAN Sho likes Zffllffilfg, fun, 111111 jesf, B111' tbnfs Hof what sfac' Iikvs fbc' brsf. Junior Play Stage Crew III: Senior Play Stage Crew IV: I-Ioi-net Stuff IV: Key Staff IV: Y-Teens II, III, IV: May Queerfs Court III, LYNDA MAY MILLER She is fair cum' vzfry zzvafg A jinvr frieml you will 1102? 111c'f'f. Class 'I'rt-rtsurer IV: Jun- ior Play Cast III: Senior Play Cast IV: F. 'I'. A. Sec. Treas, IV: Key Staff IV: Alpha Dt-Ita Chi I, II: Tlll'L'0-OIIB-IXl't Plays Di- re-vtoi' IV: National Thes- Diatu Society III, IV: Cheer- leader I: Y-Teens II, III, IV: Student Count-il I: I . H. A, I: Girls' Sports Cluh I, Il, III: National Honor Soc-it-ty IV. RICHARD L. MAXTON Do your best and leave the rrsfg Wba!'s the use fo worry! Class Sergeant-at-z1rmS H: Kev Staff IV. SENIOR OFFICERS P1'C'SlllCI1If ,,,,,, ....,,,.. C harles Rose Vivo Prrsirlenf ,.... ....,.,.. J erry Essenberg Secrcfary ,,,,,,, ,,.,,A,,,,,7,,, P at Scott Treasurer ,,,. , ,,,,,,, Lynda Miller 'IIA LUIZ BENEDITO AVELAR de OLIVEIRA From Brazil comes fbis fricfmlly larlg A smile for ozwyovztf be had Attended Angola high st-110111 the first semester of Senior YEZIF. Ht- previously attemlefl Cole-gin Mnrista, Rec-ufe Pernzlmlmuco, Brazil, S, A. Class Colors SSSS to to Red and White Class Flower ,, tttttttt C tttttt stts tttt C C Red Carnation Class Molffo tst. ssss We,11 Find a Way or Make Oneu gamafafv- One sunny morning in September, 1943, sixty-three shining faces entered the port- als of the Angola School, to occupy its halls for twelve years. Of that original sixty- three, only twenty-three are graduating with the class of 1955. Others have joined their ranks. The original members are as follows: Phyllis Crain Tom Randolph Donna Crum Doris Raney jerry Essenberg Jerry Richmond Judy Healy Charles Rose Phyllis Horn Beverley Sams Marilyn Huff Patricia Scott Phyllis Jarrard Richard Seeman Walter Julien Ileta Kay Smalley Clyde Lonsbury Jim Swift Richard Maxton Janet Umbaugh Fred Musser Nancy XVyatt Carlita Porter In all the glory of ugreeniesn we entered high school in 1951, with sixty-three members. We were roughly initiated and began the first of four of our most won- derful and memorable years. As sophomores we initiated the freshmen. NVe were well on our way to becoming the big wheelsi' of A. H. S. We had lost our sponsor, Mr. Druckamiller, who did a wonderful job of guiding us our first two years. When our junior year came, we were at last established. Our Junior play, 'lThe Bishop's Mantelf, was a huge success. We received a plaque for excelling all pre- vious records in magazine subscription sales. Our Junior-Senior banquet was a never to be forgotten affaiir. The theme was Mardi-Grasf, Mr. Feldmann became our sponsor for our last two years. At last the crowning glory-we were seniors! What a wonderful year! We started out with the senior play, The Little Dog Laughedf, Our Torch Light Pa- rade and patriotic program were a wonderful experience for all of us. We had a marvelous senior trip to New York City. The juniors outdid themselves in giving us a banquet. Then it was time for Baccalaureate and Commencement. We walked across the stage with mixed emotions to receive our diplomas. This was good-bye. We were ready to take our place in the world. NVe had been well prepared for the future by all of our wonderful teachers, parents and friends. Our memories of A. H. S. will always linger in our minds and hearts. --JUDY HEALY NANCY XVYATT Page Twefzfy-eigbzf TOP ROXV: 'Pom 1la11dolpl1, Beverley Sams, 110111121 Preston, Marlene Mc-Dongle, Phyllis Crain, Glenda N01'l.l'lll0llSt', Mic'l1avl Dovu, Clyile l.tJDNllLll'y. SECOND ROXV: Anita XVil1is, BlXl'?ll0Ll vlf1'lll2, .Iz111i1-if Ruth, Donna Book, Janet De- lLll'Cl13Y, Delores Gillette, Mary Jane I'Ilcl1'it-11, C11111-les llnse. 'l'HIllD ROXY: Lynn Hagwmmd, Fred BlllSSt'1', Doris Rainey, YVilliz1m Hztrter, Bobby Keller, Max Iql6'l1llil1l,2'llI, Kenny Dowell, Kay Smalley. TOP ROYV: Miss Stevens, Bula l'o1'te1', Patty Benningliolf, Gary Hz1l'lJe1', Larry Hage- wnod, Carlitzt Porter, Pat Si-ott, Jerry Nisonger, Jim Babcovk, Ronnie Meek, Phid Horn. SECOND IIONV: A111121 Mae lC11glisl1, Donna l'1'lllN, Ronnie Van Dyno, James McNabb, Pllid JilI'I'2l1'Cl, Nancy NV5'z1tt, Ma1'ily11 Huff, Allen Fair, l'a1'1'oll Stout, Jerry lrlliillllilbllfl. THIRD ROXV: Shirley Henley, Lo1'ett:1 Hulbert, Iiic-liard Maxton, Kaxthleen Baker, Janet U111l1au,: .1, Sue XVolfe, Judy Healy, Mable Patterson, .Iol111 Minor. imiofza, - 914, jlukwl H11 Those were the days, back in the third grade in Miss Hardy's and Miss Stevens' rooms! Remember the hair ribbons, pig tails, Halloween parades through the school building, Christmas parties, Valentine boxes, and a thousand other interesting and exciting things? The seniors have traveled nine years on lifeis highway since those days. Gone are the long curls and the hair bows, but still remain the friendly smiles to greet as- sociates whom we meet. May those smiles always remain as we travel the part of life,s highway that involves college or finding our places in the busy work-a-day world! Page Twcwzfy-11i11e ,pw .41 s I W f-.,.n-:if Q CL fi..- I Nam v Nickname FIRST ROXV lirecl Philipp ......,,,,.k.13 Shirley Miller ,,,,. lx 115 1 reel .,.,,,..... llolnert Andrew Jonnni- Vlmer . SECOND G21 il Bram-lila .. Mzlrlenr- Alclrivli R-fx Burton ,.,.,. Anita Mclflellan .,,..17roc1 ,,,Sl1irlu3' .,,,,..,.Bulv HOV' ,,,....,,,,Gail ...,....,,.,Stii1ky ........Rex D va cl E 5' e .lolln NN elss .,....,,,,, ,i.,i. THIRD RUXV Arlone Kaylor .. .. .,,,, .Tuhn ..,,,,........Ar1c-ne Iulclfmn Gurtner ..i,,,,,,,,,..., Elnlon Mary Lou Mille-1' ,,,, Mary l,mL1 John Malloy ......,......,.,....,... John Nalin' Stevens .... ,,....Y,,,..., N nn FOUIITH RK PNY Shirley' Collins ...,,,A Sliirl Janie Cleland .... A ,..., Janie Ned Fifer ,..,..., ,.,...... N ml Sully Snow ....,,, Jnines Taylor FIFTH 1 llfrHU1'1l2ll'y Lowe-r Lon Ann Elf ,,,,, it NY .,...,Sa1lA' 1 ni ,,...1losie ...,,.,l.,1Recl David Ralston ..Y.,.,..... Marx' .lane Halnnin .,,, Gene Mzixtun ..,,. SIXTH RU XV K':u'0Iine Kolb Dick Gevowets .... .lilllv Brokaw .,,,, Furl Unger ,..l,,,, Nilllify Glvason SEVENTH Katy Mac-Fadyen , ,,,, have Iflanimy ......Uen-e C'2L1'uly11 .,,.,.Dick ..,l...ln n e ,,,,,..C2ll'l ..Gle:ise R O XY ,.,,,,,..,,.,,Iiat5' Suzanne Caris , ,,,.,..... limialil Steeiwixwii Slmriinl Hefty ,,,,,,,.,l,,,,l .,...Y.,SL1si+f ..,,..1iunnie 7Sllill'4'l1l Sundrzi IJCEitllL'1'1Tl2ll1 ,.,.,. Szindy EIGPITII HOV' Dun XVnite ...l..l..,,,,.,,,...l,.. Butch Rolwgrtn Brokaw ,, ,.,,,. Bnrdy lndslie lxllllk .,..,,,,.,, , ...,,...,, lllll Alun XX'z1ltmilnei'ge1' hay Fry' ..,. ...,,,,,,, ......A lan CLASS P1'vsir1c'ut 77 Vice Presizl 137125 Svcifetwy ,Y77 Tl't'!lS1lI'C'7' Colors Flower 7 M0170 77 7 777 Th Name FIRST R OFFICERS Fred Philipp 777777R0nnie Steenerson 7777Nancy Gleason Bob Andrew 77777Scarlet and Gray Rose e Higher We Rise the Broader the View Nick im me OXY Ellen V lL'Olf ........7.....77.i.,V l'.llP1l lloora Keller 7. Mary Nelson Pete-1' Dir-k 77..7 .7.7,,7L0m'a .7.....7Nelly 77777..77Pete Donna Crime ...,,. 17011113 SICVOND ROYV Ned Cook 77..............,...... ......, N ed Beverly RIUSSQI' 77.. .....7.. B GV Lois Lonshury .7.7...Lois Tim Culver .....i.... .......Y,V ' Kim Cynthia NYilliS ....... Cindl' THIRD ROYV Pat XVz1l,Sl1 ..7....... ....v.... P lit Dun XYi:-ze .i.77...777777 .... 7777.7 I W Vlll Nziuwy Germziu 77...7ii7.7ii..... Nam' Sliuron XXvOOdiL1'd ....7....... ShR!'Ull Kenny Dowell 77... .....77..7. I lie lnmnzi Strite 7.,,7 7 7....7 Drmnai FOURTH ROXV Mziry Bartlett 7777........,7...7..77 Qlary t'zi1'ul XVilseY 7.7. NYill Nelson .777 Blu rilyn K och Ima- Suliaeffoi' 7... Miss Reed ,77.. 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H.,-nnessey fllzflfhf 511 FIRST ROYV 31V1'L1'Y Ju U'i11iS .lainie Flegzll Jack Mitchell .Tunic-rl Conversw Curolyii Berning' SECON I7 ROXV Thomas ASC'h11'liC'2'B Shank S?L11dI'?l Judy YVzi1cutL Phili py- T 0 mm y Linda Gentry THIRD HUXV Marc Speehnnn Karen Erbo Harriet Cook Rin-haiwi Blum' Karen Beevliy FOVRTII ROXV Connie Brnwn .Dunes Gibson Barbara, Stl-ite Gordon Van Mater Connie Gary FIFTH 11 Howard Crum Suzie Steenerson Alan Ahiura Bonnie Page Ji-1'1'y Jzwk SIXTH R Shan-on B1-ukaw Tim Kerlin Mary Nngwl X 1' 'IPX' K ihamnan If , Susan Rathburn Ka F4311 I'i1'il x i k Ku iw-n Eihws n Lewis SR VENTH .Tohnson Nora gon Brokaw Sf-ln1o1'1'v1' N41-wnunl M1-s. Estclle Cline f ri M 'iii , Mix, QW' , 5 and E 2 . f Mn. 41 19 'wi 'E' ,wp i ,jnvlmfh 911 lfl RST ROXV .lim Parkm' Marc-in Meyer Jani- Taylor Linrlu Howe lriob SE-ffun S lC COND TIOWV Alurtlizi Barlett Woody Krueger l'2lll16:l2l Boutty Klint Murphy Susan U111101' TH I HD TTOW l.,u1'1'Y XVise Putty lic-Q-Yes Bill Crfmtty Susan Ymlel' .Iavk Gilvhrist F'Ul'll'l'H UOXV Shirley XYil1iams Tom XV5'att Sandy Rust Kenny C0119 .lzicquelinu Kirk FI IFTII ROYV Irinnnm- Sliurt rl-'DHI l-'legal 1I?Ll'tl'l2L XXYHKIQI' Rzillnf- Lee Karan Gevuwets SIXTH IIOYV H1-uve Lloarillnan Judy' Noble Richarcl l.1Ulf'ilS Both Mm-Failyell F11-ml Smith SEVENTH Slizuwwn lifilncom-li Steevv King' Elimilwtli Owens Je1'1'y XYise Marilyn Yuung ROYV EIHHTII ROYV IME lvlilln-l'l .1 un ixnylwl' Qu .l num-tie Stoops NOT li'IC l'U1'lED l?lL-msg Luililnoiwg llLll'l,H'll'1l Ormiston jmmnflz, Banda, FIRST ROW Judith Ferpquson Robert Elslon Pete Yargfer N0l'111a KNOX Lee Gilbert SECOND IIOXV Tioslyn GreenzLn1yer .lim Griffin llill Linnenieier' Kenna, Johnson Tom Owens THIRD ROYV liinnry Haviland Nanvy Green Mil: Q Norngon Georgian Dotar Edward Finch VO URTH ROW Sam Lonsbury Sandra Claim' Danny Cope Donna Rae V1-uhota Mike Reese FIFTH RGYV Charles Kuhn Carol Gramlinz Richard Hoolihan Fred Koehlinger lllarsha Sams SIXTH IIONV Jerry Clark Bzu'ba1'a Shipley Pattx' Lash lfrank Lee Beverly Leonhardt S ICVENTI1 ROW Clarc-nc-1- lliuluwclson Bin-lulrzl Keller Da v id Mc-Yer Judy Hl'L'lilllZlll Ricl1:11'cl Xvllllllllf' ElGTT'l'H ROYV Tlflnalrl Dndd .Indy Coleman Mr. Nesbitt NOT PICTURED llill Taylor .I ll net Smith X 1 i I I S 5 2 1 E Q 5 3 Y 3 2? E? ig E B W sl P Twzsmfszazx ,- 'R wi A wwf is A ,f My Qwww 4 v2f+3e1fs:2-z'swwLf6L5w:2:wM2wW :S d xwmxww 'A ' ' ' .14 ' ' 4- -- ' Plans for The Key are made Jing, Sin!! The Spectatorn was the first yearbook published in A. H. S. in 1905. The name was changed to The Keyu in 1919. By 1954 the annual had become very much like the present day issues. Each year, however, new things are added and some of the former features are discarded. The former issues have given the future members of the yearbook Staffs something to live up to. The members of the EDITOR-IN-CHIEF Phid Crain ASSOCIATE EDITORS Phid Jarrard Marilyn Huff Lorin Krueger BUSINESS STAFF Nancy Wyatt Charlene McNett Beverly Sams Jim Swift Clyde Lonsbury Bob Kelly Jerry Essenberg Ronnie Sutton Jack Binkley 1955 staff are: ART EDITORS Bob Kelly Margo Brannan DRAMATICS Lynda Miller SPORTS STAFF Charlie Rose Tom Randolph Chuck Southern CLASS HIS'FORY Judy Healy Nancy Wfyatt CLASS PROPHECY Doris Raney Phid Crain CLASS WILL Beverly Sams Janet Umbaugh Walter Julien Fred Musser SNAPSHOT EDITORS Donna Crum Carlita Porter Kay Smalley Janet Umbaugh Jim Babcock MUSIC Par Scott Carolyn Goudy Shirley Henley Lorin Krueger CLASSES Donna Book Shirley Henley Phid Horn OIRGANIZATIONS Bea Burnett Jerry Richmond Kenneth Short ALUMNI Charlene MCNett John Elston Williain Harter CIRCULATION Richard Seeman john Adams John Wilcox Richard Maxton z ' l journalists at work Jlafmni The Hornet contains all the latest news, per- ' ' f n sonals, jokes, gossip, and features. It 1S sold or te cents per copy, and contains about thirty-six pages. ' ' ' d to over three This year the circulation has increase hundred. The Angola school paper was started in 1918 and given the name The Key, the same as the yearbook. In 1934 the name was changed to The Spectatoru and again in 1935 to The I-Iornetf, The present name was chosen from those entered in a contest. It was suggested by Mr. Druckamiller. alisrn class consists of sixteen The 1955 journ '1z. seniors and two juniors. Nancy Wfyatt was Editor- in-Chief and Donna Crum, assistant Edito1'. Bea Burnett held the position of Business Managerg Bob Kelly, Art Editorg and Carolyn Goudy, Exchange other members of the staff did both and feature work. Editor. The straight news was admitted to In 1949 The I-Iornetu staff membership in the Quill and Scroll, the Internation- al Honorary Society for High School Journalists. h tiff has maintained the same Since that time eae s Q 1 i ' h blica- high quality of work. Miss Shultz was t e pu tions supervisor. A Cabinet Meeting in Progress 'IJ-jeelu, The Y-Teen club was originally called the Girl Reserves and was organized in Angola in 1927. The Angola chapter is a member of the state and na- tional organizations and is a branch of the Y. W. C. A. Our ideals are well stated in our slogan, K'To find and give the best is our purpose true, earnest, honest, and our slogan-to face life squarely too. We met every other Monday after school in the Study Hall. Any girl who had attained the rank of sophomore was eligible to join. A wonderful Y-Teen year was enjoyed by all members. We held a sock hop which was a huge success. In November we gave money toward World Fellowship. On December 18 we sponsored the an- nual Christmas Prom, Silver Bells, in conjunction with the Hi-Y. The school elected Pete Dick as King Kris to reign over the dance. In February Prom Formal Initiation rw vwwymmswrtmw m fn 7 sqzseaiaiifagwsma W. .. - .W .su many of us attended the annual conference in South Bend. We sent a friendship scarf to Liberia. We also held a slumber party and come-as-you-are breakfast which everyone enjoyed very much. In April the Pa-Ma-Me Banquet was given by the Y- Teens and the Hi-Y. The officers for the year were: President, Judy Healy, vice president and membership chairman, Kay Smalley, secretary, Bea Burnett, treasurer and pianist, Pat Scott, program chairman, Phid Jarrardg social chairman, Lynda Miller, service chairman, Phid Crain, finance chairman, Marilyn Huff, song leader, Donna Crum, chaplain, Nancy Wyatt. The adult advisers were Mrs. Boomershine, Mrs. Jarrard, Mrs. Crain, Mrs. Wood, Miss Myers, Miss Reed, Miss Shultz, Mrs. Newnam, Mrs. Stevens and our chief adviser, Miss Frank. Informal Initiation ll A Motion Is In Order Jill The Angola Hi-Y Club, organized in 1922 by former Superintendent John L. Estrich was the first in the state of Indiana. The club is a member of both the state and national organizations. The purpose of the club is- To create, main- tain and extend throughout the school, home and community a higher standard of Christian charac- terf' To fulfill this purpose the club participated in the following activities during the year: Sent ollicers to both the fall and spring district Hi-Y conventions, sponsored several charity projects, and held a joint father-son, mother-daughter banquet with the Y-Teens. The club sponsored an auditor- ium program at Thanksgiving and also sponsored. 'ointl with the Y-Teens, the Christmas Prom Sil- I ver Bellsf, The club meets every other Monday afternoon at 3:30. The meetings were called to order by the president, and the Lordys Prayer was given in unison. The programs featured outside speakers, panels, films and discussions of general interest to the members. The officers were: President, Lorin Krueger, vice president, Fred Philippg secretary, Paul DeRosag treasurer, Jim Swiftg chaplain, Fred Musser. The sponsor is Mr. Kuebler. Ofhcers Page Forfy-six Future Plans Being Made q1LZfLbl'I6I,L Jlnnvfz, jvubtq, Olne of the highest distinctions to be given to seniors of Angola High School is to be selected for membership in the National Honor Society. Fifteen per cent of the class are eligible. They are chosen from the upper third of the class, ranked according to scholastic records, and chosen by the faculty on the basis of citizenship, service to the school, and character. Those who received the honor this year were Judy Healy, Marilyn Huff, Phyllis Jarrard, Lorin Krueger, Lynda Miller, and Patricia Scott. The officers of the 1955 group are: President, Lorin Krueger, vice president, Judy Healy, and secretary, Phyllis Jarrard. Mr. McCutchan is the treasurer. The local chapter of the National Honor Society was established in 1935 and the total membership is now 245. A scholastic fund was set up in 1938. Each member contributes one dollar to the fund each year for the first five years he is a member. Th ' A of a loan t h l e money 1S used 1n the form o e p send a graduate of Angola High School to college. ,Shwlcni four: ', The Student Council was organized in 1932 to promote eo-opera dents and faculty, provide opportunities for student self-direction, foster all worthy school activities, and create and maintain high standards for citizenship. This organization has sponsored and participated in many activities this year. These include: Sponsoring a sock dance, Icicle Idioeygn selling basketball season tickets, sponsoring the selection of cheerleaders, striving to improve pep sessions, organizing cheering blocs at the games, expending effort to arouse greater school spirit, lighting the trophy ease, taking up the collection for the March of Dimes at two basketball games, working on school problems in general, and sponsoring the May Dance. The group consists of four members, two girls and two boys, from each high school class and one from each of the seventh and eighth grade rooms. Meetings are held twice a month. 1 the members were: Seniors-Charles Rose, jim Swift, Donna Crum, k Kit lVllCF lClY61'1 Nancy German, ition between stu- This yea' U biughg Iuniors-Iohn Maloy, Pete Dic , 1 y 1 . , Jnice Laird Margaret Field, Freshmen- H ltz- Janet m 1 x L Sophomores-Jon I-loltzman, Bill Sheets, a . , t Gary Griffith, Roger Wilson, June Priest, Janet Demingg Eighth Grade-Tony 0 man, Connie Gary, Seventh Grade-Thomas Flegal, Patty Lash. The officers were: President, Pete Dick, vice president, John Maloyg secretary d x and reporter, Donna Crum. treasurer, Katy MacFa yei 5 Weighty Problems Discussed Page F01'z'y-seven swat saga, paflwr The School Safety Patrol has 53 members with William Harter as Captain and Elizabeth Owens and Bob Lowther as Lieutenants. This is the eighth consecutive year the Safety Patrol has been active since its re- organization at the Angola School. The purpose of the Patrol is to protect the school children in crossing U. S. 27 in front of school, at Prospect Street and at Felicity Street. Girls, as well as boys, are participating in the Patrol program. The schedule is arranged so that no one has to miss a class recitation. The year 1954 marks the eighth one an Angola Patrol has received the Safety Award presented by the Chicago Motor Club for a perfect safety record. This year members of the patrol were equipped with new all-white raincoats and helmets, which were purchased for them by the Angola Lions Club. Richard Clemens is the patrol supervisor. 'FOP TIOXV: John ll'enleY, llill Hzivilzznd, Keith Pevvliy, Jim Young, Jerry Essen- berg, Kenny Howell, Holi Lowtln-r, Jim Alhriglit, Junior German, John lillston, Doug lflssenlmemf. SECOND RONY: Tony Holtznian, Hob Eff, have D5'g'0l't, Blease Lattiinore, Linda Howe, Uarol Graniling, Kenna Johnson, Judy Cole-main, Gerzilmline If21Xl0l', Bzil'lmi'a Mains, Mary Nafzqel. 'THIRD ROXY: Bob Ste1'I'an, Don Orvwiler, Bolr Steinke, Rieliarsl Lucas, Bl'llf'Q Bourd- man, Jefl' McClelland, Beth lNlacFatlyen, Susan Yoder, lilarthzi Xxvllf-lQl', Marcia Meyer, Put Ile-eveS, Uonnie Gary, VVillie Hurter. 'FRONT RONY: Jimmy Griem, Dick llnolihan, Edilie Bishop, Kenny Cope, Rahne Lee, l+ 1'od Smith, Kent liluvphy, Szinrlrsi Clnair, Beverly Leonhardt, llonnie Dodd, Patty' hush, Elizabeth Uwt-11s, Lzlrry l..e'HIlllZll'flt, Mr, Clelne-11s, supervisor. Page Forfy-eight J jnachmm, og dmmica, America,s future rests with her teachers. The ever increasing demand for more teachers has created a need in our high schools for a club like this to encourage young people to pursue the teaching profession. Our local chapter Was organized in 1949 With Floyd McCutchan as its first adviser. The group was named the john L. Estrich Clubn in honor of the former superintendent of the Angola schools. During the year the members hold meetings on alternate Wfednesdays, give a tea for the faculty, take part in student teaching, sponsor dances, and have charge of an auditorium program. This year they visited Purdue University on their annual campus tour. They presented a program for the Auburn F. T. A. and also appeared before the Delta Kappa Gamma Society. Gfficers for the year were: President, Phid Jarrardg vice president, Cindy Willisg secretary-treasurer, Lynda Millerg and acting secretary-treasurer, Nancy Stevens. Mrs. Gladys Kile is the club's faculty adviser. F. T. A. Plans Program Page Iiolfy-fzifze 'f7luz, ofdfla, Eng, The Little Dog Laughed, a comedy in three acts, was presented by the senior class on Thursday and Friday nights, October 14 and 15. The story dealt with the lives of the Hunting- tons whose daughter, Laurie, the college sophomore, starts to psychologize them logically, unmerciful- ly, and with complete unconcern for ordinary hu- man feelings. Members of the family are seen wan- dering around with thermometers in their mouths to find their Energy Peaks. Later the family turn- ed on Laurie with devastating results. The cast included: Lynda Miller, Laurie, the college sophomore, Lorin Krueger, Sid Huntington, Laurie's touchy, forceful father, Pat Scott, Mrs. Page Fifty Huntington, her gracious but somewhat strained mother, Chuck Southern, Wally, an easy going high school junior, Phyllis Horn, Gus, fussy house woman, July Healy, Joan Wood, who has eyes for NVally, Jerry Essenberg, Ted Wood, Sid's business rival, Kay Smalley, Lillian, his wife, Charles Rose, Mark Bradford, a quiet fellow who finally takes Laurie in hand, Fred Musser, Horatio Honeywell, Carlita Porter, Amelia, Doris Raney, Caroline, Janet Umbaugh, Grace, Phid Crain, Walola, Bea Burnett, Therese, Jim Swift, a newsboy, Clyde Lonsbury, man with a dogg and Beverly Sams, a woman passer-by. The play was under the direction of Charles G. Sharpe. 'yhnai Ldanieci Ghost Yvantedfi a mystery-comedy in three acts, was presented by the junior class on March 17 and 18 under the direction of Charles G. Sharpe. The action took place in a lonely house on Ramshead Rock, off the coast of Maine. Granny Kate took a sudden interest in zombies and to cure her of this belief, her granddaughters put an ad in the paper-'lGhost Wfantedf' Hugo and Jeff got the job. Hugo, dressed in his best ghost gear, was ready to run, however, at the first scream. The underground passages of the house had an interesting and surprising contribution to make to the solution of the mystery. Hair-raising incidents sent chills up and down the spine. In the end it was discovered that Granny knew all the time that Professor and Madame Zolga, sup- posed voodoo artists, were really government agents and she was working with them. The cast included: Hugo Bromley, a young man out of a job who finds himself in the ghost busi- ness, John Maloy, Jeffrey Hall, his friend and gen- eral manager, Ned Fifer, Troddy, maid and cook for the Stormgay household, Jane Brokaw, Ginger Stormgay, a pretty girl in her late teens, Joan U1- mer, Gale Stormgay, Ginger's sister, a little older, Nancy Gleason, Hatcher, the Stormgays' house man, Dick Gecowets, Granny Kate, the girls' ener- getic and capable grandmother, Sally Snow, Pro- fessor de Vallan, an authority on voodoo and zom- bies, Carl Unger, Madame Zolga, his strange assist- ant, Cynthia Willis, Azalea, a lobster woman from the nearby village, Janie Hamma, Nora Vane, a woman with a nose for investigation, Katy MacFad- yen, Mr. Bradshaw, the sheriff, Ronnie Steenerson, the monster, pantomimed by Don Wise. Page Fiffy-0116 ' IL Society, The local chapter of the National Thespian Society was organized in A. H. S. in 1952 by nine students. The Society now has twenty-two members. It replaces Alpha Delta Chi, the former high school dramaties club. The Thespians produced An Evening of One-Act Plays under student direction on January 25. These plays were Three on a Benchf, directed by Chuck Southern, Thirty Minutes in a Street, directed by Phid Jarrardg and Happy Journeyf' direct- ed by Lynda Miller. To the Muncie Conference were taken two plays, Happy Journeyf' a comedy, and Aria Da Capo, a platform reading play. Both plays won in their divisions and three awards were brought home by individual students. Paul DeRosa was best plat- form readerg Jean Crain, best actress of the day, and Judy Healy, best actress in the humorous division. The officers of the club were: President, Chuck Southerng vice president, Lorin Kruegerg secretary, Sally Snowg treasurer, Cynthia Willis. Charles G. Sharpe was the elub's sponsor. P! F1 fy in 0 . , . I 3 511116, dfhlaftc dzmouafwn, The Girls' Athletic Association is an active group in our school this year. This organization is for all high school girls interested in athletics. The purpose is to increase the girls' interest in various sports and to develop friend- ship, better sportsmanship, and co-operation. Every Friday afternoon from 3:30 to 4:45 the girls participate in sports such as basketball, volley ball and soft ball. This year's officers were: President, Bea Burnett, vice president, Mary Lou Miller, secretary, Lucinda Newnarng and treasurer, Cynthia Willis. The adviser was Miss Gladys Leas. MEMBERS: Mary Nelson, Bea Burnett, Plaid JEll'lTll'i'l, Pyiitliizi XVillis, Lu Ann Eff Margaret XVllllR1'llSO1l, lXIui'gareL Field, Judy Fair, Bonnie Gary, Miss Lezts, adviser. exe' .m a wa s 61: Band One of the most important and one of the most active organizations in the music department is the Angola Concert Band. Mr. Nichols is the director. During the spring of 1954, the Concert Band participated in the District Con- test held in Angola and also in the State Contest at Knox, Indiana. The band received a superior rating in Angola and an excellent rating at Knox. The band played several concerts during the school year, among which was a con- cert in the Scottish Rite Auditorium in Fort Wziyne, for the opening day of the North- ern lndiana Teachers' Association. During the summer of 1954 the band was kept busy with the outdoor summer concerts. Another activity of the band was its playing for the home basketball games. The group played two concerts on a day's tour, one at Hamilton High School and one at New Haven. The band won hrst place in the district contest at Columbia City and entered state competition at Wfhiting in the spring of 1955. VIOLIN: Mary Lon Miller, Sharon Hiwnliau Linda Gentry, Mary Jo XVil1is, Phillip lXIusser, John Newnani, Eetty lleeyes, Mary Slanina, Ann Slanina Susan Yoder, Susan Steeiie-iwrwii, Bill Steele, Linda Iiwers, OBOE: lnicinrla Newnain. FLl l'E: Kax Vreel. CLARINET: Mary Jane Hamma, Karen Erbe. CORNIGTZ John Henley, 1'an1 Beatty, .lfvhn Shaw, .lflhn Fiandt. VIOLA: Cynthia NYil1is, Jane Brokaw, STRING BASS: Roberta Brokaw, Paul DeRosa, Rich ard Krueger. TPBA: Tommy Philipp.. CICIJLO Karen Brokaw, Shirley Miller, Bill NVrigl1t. HORN Dick Getrowr-ts, Sylvia Hutler, Mary Sehrider. TIIOM HONIG: Mike Erin-lcwon, Jean XYicoff. PERCUSSION Shirley Henley, Bruce Anderson. PIANO: Donna Strite. DIRECTORS: Elwood Nichols, Harlan Bond. NOT PICTURED-FLUTE: Bonnie Page. YIOLA Barbara Strite. f LARlNICT: Shirley Miller, Mary Jane Hzunma, Pat Scott, Nancy Stevens, Ned Cook, .Ianean Freed, Nun:-5' GL'l'lllLlll, Jeanette Crain, Jerry Iiielimoiul, Beth Selnimi, A1111 Sluninei, Brenda Bl'illlL'lllH, Barbara Iiziiwy, Jiminy YVz1l43utt, Jerry ljye1's. BASSOON: Marx' Lou Miller. Tl'iOMl73ONE: Mike Erieksim, Paul Deliosa, Rogzei' XVllS011, Jim Taylor, .lolin Elston, Jim Swift, Matt Ratekin. Sharon M1-Leland. FLUTE: Uyntliia XX'illis, Kay Creel, llohertn. Brokaw. QBOE: lint-infla NUXVll3lll. HORN: Dick Gecowc-ts, Gary l'wUl'l5GS, Sylvia Butler, Mary Sc-lirimleiy Nanci Ilandolpli. S.-XXOPHUNTCS: Shirley Follins, fY'2ll'OlYll Goucly, Norina liuw, Tim Culver, Phillip YlYllSi7ll, Nancy Glea- son, Jane Brokaw, liluh Andrew. li.-XSS: Allen Kun- kel, Don Antlrew, Maurice Barlett, NORNICTS: John lXTnl0Y, Joan Ulmer, Bill Sheets, Jluly Browii, Tony llomero, John Henley, John YVllll?lll'lSOll, .lohn Shaw, Pat Gravely, John Fianwlt, .l-liehartl Day. RARITONIC: liorin Krueger, lrlllen TVivoff, Ronnie NV11est, Ronald Steenerson. PICllC'l'SSION: Ned lfifer, Janine Laird, .lohn XVQiss, Hill XX'right, David MaeFadyen, Shirley l-leiiley, DIRECTOR: Elwood Nic-hols. 0 As one passes the auditorium on any Tuesday or Thursday evening after school, he can hear the music of the orchestra. This is the sixth year for this organization in A. H. S. The group played for such occasions as the Senior Play, the Three-One-Act Plays, and the junior Play. They also participated in the Northern Indiana State Band, Orchestra, Vocal As- sociation Contest held at Columbia City, on April 2, and won first place. Angola had the distinction of being the only school with an enrollment between 150 and 250 stu- dents that had an orchestra participating in the contest. This group entered state competition at Whiting on April 16. The orchestra has been under the joint direction of Mr. Nichols and Mr. Bond. 4.. A.:wwf5515226.afsmessom.wa3Sq2SS?QZiaRiiJ.?i3 S listiif 1 - i W fi TQ 9 Ensembles and soloists from the instrumental department performed many times this year for various audiences, among which were the Rotary Club, Moose, and Lions Club. Soloists and ensem- bles were featured in the February concert of the band and choir. Many of these participated in the District and State Solo and Ensemble Contests. The Marching Band participated in several events this year. The most important of these was the first Annual Band Day held at Purdue on Oc- tober 9, when eighty-three bands appeared on the Held. Our band also marched at three ball games. These were the Concordia game, the Salem game Mixed Clarinet Quartet Junior Brass Quartet --F lfnaemblea, The various ensembles included the brass, wood- wind and reed instruments. String ensembles were also included. These groups rated very well in the contests this year. They have given us good reason to be proud of them. Kwai at which the band put on their Christmas show, and the Fremont game. The drum major is Lorin Krueger, the twirlers are Joanne Ulmer and Norma Law. The band is under the direction of Mr. Nichols. Drum Major and Twirlers ,,,, TOP ROXV: Ned Fifer, Fred Philipp, John XVilliamson, Tim Culver, Richard Bro- kaw, John Morris, Maurice Barlett, Tony Romero, John Maloy, Dick Gecowets, Peter Dick, David Ralston. Q SECOND ROXV: Phillip NVilson, Don Andrew, Bill Sheets, Ronnie lYue-st, Gary Forbes, Bill Xlfright, John Fiantlt, Mike liric-kson, Keith Beeehy, James Maxwell, liex Barton, Lorin Krueger, Allen Kunkel, Roger XVilsnn. THIRD ROXY: Donna. Strite, Shirley Miller, Kay Creel, Donna Crone, Kay Fry, Marilyn Huff, Naney Randolph, Ellen XYico1'f, Donna Crum, Nancy Stevens, Jeanette grain, Nancy Gleason, Sylvia Butler, Jane Lon Hair, June Priest, Rosalyn Burton, Judy inkley. FRONT ROXV: Nancy Siehold, director, Mary Lou Miller, Janean Freed, Shirley Collins, Marlene Alclrieh, Roberta Brokaw, Brenda Brauehla, Mary Jane Hamma, Susie Caris, Joanne Ulmer, Phyllis Crain, Janiee Lairrl, Lucinda Newnam, Nancy 'Woocl, Deanna Deller. AT PIANO: Cynthia Vifillis, Pat Scott. NOT PICTURPIDI Paul Deflosa. Jaya, semi gm , Another important organization in the music department is the High School Choir, under the direction of Miss Nancy Siebold. The band and vocal concert in February was opened with the singing voices of this organization. Other events on the agenda of the choir included singing for the Tri- State Baccalaureate and Christmas caroling before Christmas vacation. The choir participated in the District and State Contests in 1954 along with the band and received superior ratings in both events. This vocal group won a superior rating at the District Northern Indiana Band, Orchestra and Vocal contest at Columbia City on April 2, 1955, and entered state Competition at Whiting on April 16. maya' yin, gm The Boys' Glee Club this year had a membership of twenty-five. Rehearsals were held every Monday evening. Mr. Nichols was the director. We are happy to have this singing group as a part of the music department. Pave F1 fy seven Girls, Barbershop Quartet Boys, Barbershop Quartet Junior Sextet Page Fifty-eight UML gnwwrm, Another group of ensembles was made up of vocalists of Angola High School. These ensembles performed for school programs and also for outside organizations. A few of these ensembles included the Girls' Barbershop Quartet, the Boys' Barbershop Quartet, junior Sextet and Freshman Ensemble. These groups participated in the District and State Contests this year and rated very well. We can be proud of their good Work. AN OUTSTANDING SENIOR MUSICIAN Music is the universal language of mankind. The music department of Angola High School lends a great moral and spiritual atmosphere to the student body of our school. Some of our students spend many hours a day making this possible. Pat Scott, a member of this year's graduation class, has given generously of her time and talent to help make our music department what it is to- day. She has been an outstanding member of the senior band for seven years. This in itself is not unique, but the extra things which Pat has done are not the usual occurrence. She has given much of her time to helping other students, especially this year when she did an excellent job of accompanying several solo and ensemble groups at the contests and concerts. Pat is also an accomplished pianist and solo clarinetist. She is a true musician, and the sincere thanks of the Angola High School music depart- ment go to you, Pat Scott. BACK ROYV: Kenny Dowell, Carlita Porter, S n n tl 1' a Leatherman, .lerry Essonherg, Donna Crum, Judy H e a l y, Phyllis Horn, Marlene Alelrieli. S E A T lil D: Nancy XVootl, Mrs. Newnani, zidviseri John Elston. NOT PICTURED: Anita McClellan, Phyl- lis Crain. cab . The student librarians are kept very busy during a school year. Whenever any student wants a book or magazine, the librarians are always willing to help him Hnd it. When the librarians are not locating material for other students, they are taking care of the books and keeping the files in order. We all want to rake time out and sa , Thanks, librarians, ou have done a fine A Y Y job throughout the yearf' dm, Pfznjactm, Upmafnfm, Do we have a movie today? Will it explain this process? Will we have a chance to see it twice? These questions and many others are asked by the students in connec- tion with our audio-visual program. This work could not be carried on without the help of our faithful film projector operators. They showed films in the high school and both grade schools. Pour projectors, three portable and one stationed in the auditor- ium, have been in use this year. Twelve or more films were shown each week through- out the school. ....., sf' .15-' 'I 112 f Y il K . ii 4 E? gill- Y' BACIQ IIOVVZ .TllYlH15' 3 MQ G 1' i em, Larry Leon- W Eiaiwlt, Larry Stevenson, Roh Andrew, Allen Kunkel, Gene Maxton, .Jerry Essenberg, Jim Swift. SICATED: Mrs. New- nam, adviser: Carl Un- ger, D a v e Ralston, Louis Chiricotti, Ben Bryan, Don XViSe. NUT PI C TU RE D: Chuck Southern, Harold Cain. 914, jim, flanmionffzfla, The mysteries of the scientific World are re- vealed in 3 movie in Mr. Feldmunifs science class. T e mp u s fugiti' when students study under Miss Reed's di- rection in Latin I. Whzlt happened in the ages past is brought to light in Mr. Druck- ZlI'11iiiC1',S World history class. UG o 0 d position- rencly-type, says Mr. Barkdull in typing I. Un, Jhn, flaAAJw11mA. The freshmen learn the fundamentals of the business World in general math class. Miss Stoops is in charge. The homemakers of tomorrow are about ready to serve 21 meal, under Mrs. NValker's guidance. The mysteries of the English language are solved in Miss Shultz's English I. Mr. Sharpe explains predicate nominntives, indirect objects an d other intricacies of sen- tence structure in Eng- lish III, 914. jim L'1aAAJwn1fmL Under Miss Leas, di- rection bookkeeping becomes a pleasure. Great mechanics of the future work with lathe and saw, with Mr. Clemens in charge. Artists of A. H. S. use with skill the brush or pen in Mr. Kuebler's nrt class. Mr. Druckamiller glances carefully around the hrst period study hall. 911, jim, flaasfmovma. The equation 2x'l'3 Iy makes sense in Mr. Ha1nmel's algebra I class. The way the United S t a t e s government agencies function is shown by Mr. Van Matre. The seniors study hard. Klazmm, The buzzer ringsg books are shutg Class is overg another hour is up. Our wise teachers, who have been to college, Have tried to give us some of their knowledge. Life is made of classes, toog How you pass or fail is up to you. Experience is the teacher here, .And much is learned with each passing year. -Indy Healy Page Sixty-three Qfulwtj 9n,5l.JL . The students in the driver training classes in A. H. S. are given eleven weeks' training behind the wheel on the country roads and the last few lessons on the main highways. The twelfth week is spent in the class room answering three hundred ques- tions asked by the American Automobile Association cn the rules of the road. A 'SS dual control Chevrolet ear was provided for the use of the clriver's training students this year by the Maxton Chevrolet Sales of Angola. OUR BUS DRIVERS Our faithful bus drivers could be called the men behind the scenes and often they donit get all the credit that is their due. They FHLISE drive the school busses in all kinds of weather and over all kinds of roads. Theirs is a job of great responsibil- ity. And each one of them is the friend of every pupil who rides on his bus! The drivers this year were Loren Dixon, Morris Lehman, Kenneth German, Duane Rose, Fordyce Johnson and Earl Butz. me-Je t M, -z' 'ff ax..Ae:,,M..-,'wei?i,g1?1f:L, f Hey fsf.,z:'H'1n :f Mr. Maxton gives Druek the keys Driver's Trainmv students-all smiles jmnmdi mm pm School Miss Teegardin and Sl group of Hrst graders give the pledge to the Hag. Miss Hardy reads a story to her pupils of the third grade. Miss Myers and an- other section of the first grade enjoy a story, perhaps about :'The Three Bearsf, Pupils at Hendry Park coming into the hall after morning re- cess. f l! 2 ww 5-ff, i 'W f 'umm f aw. . ,7xswwm:M,, gg sw ww K A 533512 Swarm, 914, Review The Hornets closed this season's regular playing schedule with 7 wins and 11 losses-plus a win in the Holiday Tourney at Fremont, and three wins in the Sectional. All of the games were played hard, and the margins were not great between the scores. Their first ball game of the season was a great loss, although it was won. One of the two senior boys, Charles Rose, was injured in the first quarter. It was later found that he wouldn't be able to play the rest of the season. As stated Angola won that first game with Waterloo 52-49. A losing streak then fell upon the Hornets as they lost the next five games to their opponents- Concordia 59-45g LaGrange 59-415 Edon 62-59g Butler 70-503 and Avilla 76-61. There were two more games to be played before the Holiday Tourney at Fremont. Angola won both by scores running Angola 70-South Whitley 63 and Angola 67-Salem 63. In the Holiday Tourney the Hornets defeated Fremont 68-65. The Hornets went on to play Gar- rett in the Hnals, but lost to them 50-45. The Hornets' next game was with Hillsdale. In this game Angola racked up a score of 109 to Hills- dale's 40. This was Angola's highest score in a number of years. Then as before their luck changed and the Hor- nets suffered five more losses. They went down be- fore Montpelier 65-63, Auburn 65-54, Garrett 63- 55, Berne 50-36 and Fremont 72-61. The Hornets then traveled to Decatur where they won a ball game to the tune of 61-60. That same week-end, they bowed to Manchester Central 59-60. The last two games were wins. The Hor- nets dropped Elmhurst 74-57 and in the Kendall- ville thriller Angola defeated the Comets 63-57. This was the first time in 19 years that the Hornets defeated a Kendallville squad. In the Sectional the Hornets downed Waterloo 63-41 in the first game. In the scheduled season game with Waterloo we won by only 3 points. Metz, our next opponents in the Sectional, were defeated by the Hornets 56-52. In the third game the Hor- nets nosed out the Garrett Railroaders 56-55. This was the first time the Hornets have worked their way to the finals in six years. In the final game of the Sectional, with Tom Randolph scoring 28 points, the Hornets still could not get by Auburn. They lost to the Red Devils 65-57. Tom Randolph received the honor of being named on the all-star team of the Auburn Sectional. TMP ROXV: Dick Gee-owots, Gail Bl'2lLli'l1lZ1, Torn ilandolpli, Dave Mi-ndenlmii, Ron- nie Steenersfm. SEFOND HOXY: Gary Forbes, Nike lilrir-kson, Tim Culver, Don XVaite, Charlie Rose. FRONT IIUXV: Alun XVztlte1i1ve1'g'e1', TiI2WLl1'lK'L' Bnrleit. aw? Wmmmw uw M Y .Y L.. V, z gf M 'Q gl fi 4 dnqola, HRM, The Angola Bees racked up nine wins as compared to nine losses in the regular season's play. The games the second team has won and the scores are: Angola 33, Vfaterloo 29, Angola 46, Edon 13, Angola 43, LaGrange 31, Angola 59, Salem Center 405 Angola 35, Hillsdale 26, Angola 44, Montpelier 24, Angola 40, Manchester 29, Angola 33, Elmhurst 31, Angola 35, Kendallville 28. The losses included: Butler 54, Angola 36, Concordia 30, Angola 19, Avilla 51, Angola 36, South Whitley 37, Angola 285 Garrett 49, Angola 27, Auburn 43, Angola 143 Berne 37, Angola 273 Fremont 46, Angola 26, Decatur 40, Angola 32. XVe shall look forward to seeing all these players in action next year. TMP RUXY: Cozlvli Van Mizxtre, John lllorris, Gaim' Grillltll, Muurii-e Barlett, Doug' Slim'- row, P-1111 lloriek, Ibave 1Nl4u'Fac1ye11, Student Mau:lg'e1'. l5'1'iON'l' RCW: Dean lTa1'tm-, Roger XXv1lN0ll, Allen Kunkel, Junior Germain, Jack Rliller, Dir-li Finch. TOP ROYV: .Terry Essenlwie, Mgr., Doug Sharrow, Tom Randolph, Dare lwlenilenliall, Ronnie Steenerson, Mr. Hummel, Coach. SECOND liOXX': Mike E1-iekson, Fred Philipp, Don XYaite, Dick Seeman, Larry Leon- hardt. FILONT ROXY: Tint Culver, Gary Griffith, John Malloy, lbeun Harter, Dirk Finn-h, Gary Forbes. A6'azmball, The baseball team had a very good season, winning six games and losing only one. Angola won the first three games, beating Wfaterloo ll-4, Butler 7-O, Ashley 16-4, and then losing to Riverdale S-l. The next game was with Waterloo and the Hornets came through winning 9-0. Riverdale forfeited the next game, so Angola and Butler were tied in first place. Unfortunately the playoifs for the trophy were not held because of bad Weather and the starting of the basketball season. CROSS COUNTRY TEAM BACK ROXV: Billy Stonec-iplu-r, Student Blzinugerz Font-h Vun Mzitrt-, Phil Rorirlt, Jack Miller, Don XVise, llflaurivt- Burlvtt, Clmrlt-s l-lose, Dirk Get-owt-ts. FRONT ROXY: Roux-1' NX'ilsfin, llonnie XVuest, Ji-rry Frist, Tom Priest, Ray Brown. .lim Albright, Keith Bt-t-vliy. -, fstw-M gig . W wmv fwzm, Hou , The cross country team was tops in their trade last fall, as they were undefeated in their five scheduled meets. They defeated Kendallville, Qrland, Metz, Ashley, Avilla, Rome City, Wolf Lake, Howe Military, Fremont, Topeka and Riverdale. The team traveled to Fort Wfayne to win over South Side and other large schools in qualifying for state competition. Angola received third in the sectional at Fort Wayne. They went to Indianapolis to iind stiffer competition in the state meet. Art Van Matre was their coach. Team members who went to the state were Don Wise, Dick Gecowets, Maurice Barlett, Keith Beechy, Tom Priest, Ronnie Wtiest and Jim Albright. jamie The Hornet track team.had a very good season last spring. The 880 yard relay team received fourth place at the Kokomo Relays. The team won other numerous awards throughout the season. Art Van Matre was the coach and Bob Andrew and John Maloy were the student managers. The meets in which Angola participated were those with Hamilton, Auburn, Metz, Butler, Waterloo, Scott, Salem and Fremont. TRACK TEAM 'TOP RUXY: Uliarlie Rose, Dori XX'uite, Fred Philipp, lion XYise, Mallrice Barlwtt, Gail Brziuclilu, Pete lbit-li, Dave lizilstmi, Rivliai-il Sit-inkt-. Art Yun Matte, Coztvli. SECOND HOW: .John Maloy, Student Manager. Gordon Mitvholl, Roger Xllilson, John Iilstun, Rivlizird I-Zrokziw. Keith 121-evliy, Phil Ilorivk, Gene Mztxton, Jerry Fast, Bob An- drew, Student iXi2lllRR't'l'. FRUXT ROW: Mike lirivkson, Dean Harter, Jim Allrriglit, Ronnie NYuest, Gary Griflitli, Toni Prim-st, Cline-k SOl1t'lllll'U. NOT PIf'TI'lil3ID: Gary Ifrirlws, flohn Morris, Jac-li Miller, Dave Suntht-tn, Lovin litilr-g'e1'. Dick Finch. Jerry Byers, Dir-li Gevowi-ti Irlill Sheets, Jerry .l:lL'lllllOlili. 5 mam, 91, ,leant f 2 tea TOP IKOXY: Foavlx Nesbitt, Alain Alaurzi, llziry Clizipinzln, Jerry Ililllllfilllll, XVzi5'ne 1'i1'ZiHl. Louie Newnzini, Jerry Jack, Stllilvlll Maiiziger. FRONT IIUXYZ Connie Gary, lit-ggiu P1ll'l'iSl1, Gordie Yun Mater, Howard Crum, Dzlve Dygrert, Tom Philipp, Bonnie lfagi-. Team-work, team-spirit, an attitude of good sportsmanship combined with all- around ability produced a winning season for the eighth grade team this year. Running up an eight game winning streak the junior High Hornets first tasted defeat at the hands of Auburn, came back to win against Kendallville, faltered and lost to Garrett, surged from behind to defeat Fremont and fell before the tall boys of Hillsdale. The regular season ended with a record of ten wins and three defeatsg however the team traveled to the Garrett Invitational Tourney and by defeating Garrett and Auburn came home with the championship. Gary Chapman was selected as honorary captain by his teammates. A IUOSE valuable player was not selected as each boy on the team was of value throughout the season. SEASON SCHEDULE Angola M37 Ashley Angola ,,,, 30 Fremont Angola ,,,,36 Wfaterloo W, Angola N E42 Kendallville H Angola ,,,,.., 44 Ashley ,,,,, Angola ,,,,,, 49 Wfaterloo ,,,, Angola ,,,.., 25 Auburn ,, Angola ,,,,,, 27 Garrett 7 Angola ,,,.,,t 32 Auburn ,,,,,, Angola ,,,,,, 38 Kendallville N Angola ,,,,, 36 Garrett ..r.., Angola ,,,, 3 5 Fremont ,,,, Angola ,,,, 32 Hillsdale , GARRETT INVITATIOIWAL TOURNEY Angola , ,,,,, ,,,,,, .,,,, ,,,,,,, 3 4 G arrett ,,,, ,,,,.. , Angola . 36 Auburn Page ScfL'1'11fy-xix jewznfh, Shade, J TOP HOXY: l'm1w11 Ns-slmitt, 11111 Cimtty, 'Pom F11-gjul, 'Pom Oweiis, 1:1L'l1k11'fl I,11ez1s, Ed -l'11llL'1'1, Doug l':SSt'11lli!l'Ll', Stullvnt M:111f1p:'e1'. FRONT HOXY: 1,111 Owens, .lim Griffin, XYQ11113' K1'11eg1-r, K1-nt AILl1'IUl1j', liarry XVNQ, 5l1Z1l'1J11 B:1l1en:'k. The seventh grade team came up with a season record of four wins and eight losses. The team, comprised of small but determined boys, was led throughout the season by Xvoody Krueger, who was selected honorary captain and most valuable play- er by his teammates. Highlight of the season was the team,s first victory over Fremont, when the Bees scored fifty-six points to the Eagles' twenty. SEASON SCHEDULE Angola W H .16 Angola W ,,,,, 56 Angola ,A ,t,,, 31 Angola W ,,,,, 19 Angola ,,,, ., 7,21 Angola 27 Angola H ,,,,, 22 Angola .,,. W S Angola ,,,, ,,,,,. 1 1 Angola U ,,e,e 16 Angola ., ,,,, 20 Angola , ,,,,,,,, ,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,, 1 6 Total Points ., ..,,,, 260 Ashley ,, ,H36 Fremont 20 Wzlterloo . ,,,, ,32 Kendallville H33 Ashley ,,,,,, ,,,,, 1 3 Wfaterloo Y ,,,, 20 Auburn W ,...,4O Garrett , ,39 Auburn ,,,,,,,, ,,,,, 4 4 Kendallville ,,,, , .,,, 27 Garrett ,t,,, ,,,,t 4 4 Fremont ..,,,, 9 Total Points ,t,,, W 7,3 57 Paffv Sr'z'c'11z'y-sezmz 6 flaaa, Pfwphecq, Ah, here it is, the year 1960, and the class of SS is having its first reunion at the famed Waldorf Astoria Hotel in New York City. The hotel is now under the 'management of Nancy Wyatt. As we enter we hear the sweet music of a marimba coming from the Blue Room, with no-other than Shirley Henley playing. As we look around, we recognize many familiar faces. There is Jim Babcock, who now owns a chain of modern motels all over the United States, talking with the famed wrestler, Jack Binkley. Ronnie Sutton, who represented the U. S. in the Olympics last year, just came in with Richard Maxton, now associated with the Chevrolet division of General Motors, Ken Short, the manager of the Indianapolis Speedway, and Dick See- man, who now owns a large car agency. There is a lot of noise coming from outside the Blue room. Shall we take a look and see who's there? Why the newcomers are none other than Phid Horn, who now teaches English in Brazil, Tom Randolph, the Zollner Pistons' star basketball player, and Chuck Southern, who owns the largest boat livery in Indiana. They just flew in on T. W. A.'s new jet airliner on which Phid Crain is hostess. Oh, look who are coming up the walk! Marilyn Huff and Beverly Sams, who are partners in the drug store business, with Clyde Lonsbury, the owner of all the A 86 P stores in the U. S., and Bob Kelly, the famed artist, following right behind! Well, look who just drove up in a big limousine! They are none other than Judy Healy, the great Broadway actress, and Fred Musser, who, by the way, has just signed a contract to star in another great Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer movie. Here comes Doris Raney, the head of the greatest modeling school in the U. S., and with her are Margo Brannan, the famous fashion designer, her model, Carlita Porter, and Bea Burnett, who designs and models hats. Pa ve Sc'1fe1z1fy eight Klum, PM Watch out! Here they come! They're the inventors of the fastest hot rod in the world, John Adams and Walter Julien, followed by the great motorcycle dare devil, John Elston. We see that Jim Swift and Phid Jarrard just couldn't bear to leave old A. H. S., for they are now serving on the faculty. Jim gives trombone lessons and Phid teaches physical education. With them is Mr. Feldmann, our class sponsor. Here come Carolyn Goudy, who raises horses on her S00 acre ranch in Texas, and Donna Book, who is busy training chem. Charlene McNett, the chief operator of the General Telephone Company, is following close behind. Well, look over there! How did they sneak in the door without our seeing them? They're Wfilliam Harter, owner of the biggest dairy farm in the world, Jerry Rich- mond, who is vice president of the Armour Packing Company, and John Wfilcox, pres- ident of the National F. F. A. Club of America. XVh there are Donna Crum, a re istered nurse, and err Essenber , who works ' Y, n D g r , Y g I with the F. B. I., talking with Charles Rose. He must be telling them about his famous book, 'zHow to Prevent Broken Legs. He didn,t hold their attention long enough because they're running to greet Lynda Miller, who is the secretary to the President of the U. S., and Lorin Krueger, head of West Point Military Academy, with Kay Smalley, the owner of the famous Barlett Fashion Shoppe on Sth Avenue here in New York, and Janet Umbaugh, the famous hair stylist. Well, we do believe we are all here now so let,s all go back into the Blue Room where Pat Scott, a very famous pianist, is going to play for us. BY PHID CRAIN DORIS RANEY Page Scvmfy 711110 Pzzgf' Eigbfy Tu lwmm!'. P RUXY: BI6ll1!,ll'illl Uni' p:11'z1v,lv: Hi, Krwgli Stflllfll' S1'vr'x11sur: lwillltiltfl, Thu Gras,- SIGCOND ROW: Pep sessiwn: Mr. Bavkdull on hall duly: XYl1nl's the Sl'f7l'LJ? THIRD IUPXY: XYhnt's wrwrng, .Twhu'!: Sulxiurs ill thv moumlz Janet LI: Hwrnels fm' Sul:-I: Mr. Nesbitt nu the play gxwnllul. FOURTH RUXY: Mow pep sessifm: Il:-turn In sinh 1ve1'iUd vluss: Junim' stand at lllrlrll. FIT iniziatwl. TTI ROXY: Chow tinlv-Y'Twf11 iuitizltiwu: SL-nim' gnlsi Suplmoxnolw givls bein: TUI' IIHXYZ Slllilv, Sharon: I1un't full, Nan: XYl1el'i-'S your lint, Iiubin HHOJT: Iluw' cli1iilving2,', .Teium'?Z Rm-is ll.: H1111-li out for the poisoii ivy, Kay. SEUUNIQJ ROXV: Plxid nnfl Env at T-luck Lake: Latin luximlmt ilim-if years ago: ljm good job, Nancy: Oni' trophy n-use: Y-Teen initiation. 1 S U. THIRD RHXY: Hi, Javklg XYln1t's so funny, John 5 I-Inruot Iinauviul returns: Bone- of that, kidsiz XVhat wvre you going to say, .Iuhn'? I OUR'I'H IIONV: YYlie1'u you goiiig, Margo 3 xvhlillll you talking tm, 11011112172 Hi, Jo: YVliaL's tht- iiwtu-x', Pat--amid 1lobe1'ta'?: Lovers: Sophoniure :ii-1:4 nt Bludsne's. . 1 FIFTH HOXV: Helplg Fiwspmiiieii at workl: XVhnt say, John'?: XYhy so blue, Pam?: Louk In-re, Jtllllll Turn around, Janean. P my x age' Eigfyzfy-0110 .l'aAL6clilL We, the class of 1955 of Angola High School, situated in the city of Angola, in the county of Steuben, in the State of Indiana, being of sound mind and body, do hereby make, publish and declare this to be our last will and testament. To MR. FELDMANN, our sponsor, we leave our sincere thanks and appreciation for his wonderful guidance. To MR. MCCUTCHAN, our principal, we leave our best wishes for success in piloting the future classes through the trials and tribulations of high school as he did us. To MR. BOOMERSHINE, our superintendent, we leave all the good thoughts that assembly speakers have attempted to pass on to us. TO THE REST OF THE FACULTY, we leave our best regards and the wish that they may instruct many other classes in science, Latin, English and other subjects. We also leave the memory of the class of '55 to do with as they see fit. TO THE JUNIORS, we leave our ability to up- hold the Senior name, in the hope they will do as well as we have. To THE SOPHOMORES, we leave our ability to make money on the different moneymaking subjects. To THE FRESHMEN, we leave our ability to get along with the faculty and to have as much fun as we have had in the four years of high school. In addition to these bequests We wish to dis- pose of some more of our personal items as follows: I, JOHN ADAMS, do hereby will and bequeath to Louie Chiricotti my superior motorcycle riding ability in case he gets one someday. I, JAMES BABCOCR, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to run the 220 in ten seconds at 8:29 in the morning, to Fred Philipp. I, JACK BINRLEY, do hereby will and bequeath to my sister, Judy, my ability to study intelligently. I, DONNA BOOK, do hereby will and bequeath all the fun I have had in high school to my cousin, Jim. I, MARCO BRANNAN, do hereby will and be- agc Eighty-two queath my ability to come to school every Monday morning to Judy Fair. I, BERNICE BURNETT, do hereby will and be- queath to my sister, Katy, my old pair of longies. I, PHYLLIS CRAIN, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to have fun and make good grades to my sisters, Jean and Connie, in the hope they will use it to the best of their advantage. I, DONNA BELLE CRUM, do hereby will and be- queath my ability to get in on time on week-ends to Beth Selman. I, JOHN ELSTON, do hereby will and bequeath my seat in study hall to Ben Bryan. I, JERRY ESSENBERG, do hereby will and be- queath my ability to get C's in Government to Ed- die Klink. I, CAROLYN GOUDY, do hereby will and be- queath one beat upn bookkeeping workbook to any- one needing it, and my saxophone to Norma Law and I hope she uses it better than I did. I, WILLIAM I-IARTER, do hereby will and be- queath my ability to get passes from Mr. Clemens to Kenny Dowell. I, JUDY HEALY, do hereby will and bequeath a well worn recipe for chocolate chip cookies to any girl who is lucky enough to need it. I, SHIRLEY HENLEY, do hereby will and be- queath my trusty bass drum stick to Dave Mac- Fadyen, my bent tymp sticks to Karen Brokaw and my well worn seat in the bus to my brother, John, hoping they will make good use of them. I, PHYLLIS HORN, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to go to Brazil to Marlene Aldrich if she can get a permanent visa. I, MARILYN I-IUEE, do hereby will and bequeath my beautiful, beloved, horn-rimmed glasses to Mar- lene Aldrich in the hope that she will break them into little pieces and throw them away. I, PHYLLIS JARRARD, do hereby will and be- queath my trombone to Caroline Kolb in the hope that she will practice on it as faithfully as I have, and also I give her my well-worn grey loafers to wear when hers wear out. I, CHARLENE MCNETT, do hereby will and be- OHS C2111 mY my the CIJLLLWMLJ I, WALTER JULIEN, do hereby will and bequeath loaded basketball to the team in the hope they win more games with it. I, ROBERT KELLY, do hereby will and bequeath artistic ability to Willie Nelson. I, LORIN KRUECER, do hereby will and bequeath acid-scarred chemistry apron to Fred Philipp in hope that it will keep all acid Off his clothes and l1l1'Il. I, CLYDE LONSBURY, do hereby will and be- queath my nickname, Ding, to Alan Waltenberger. my I, FRED MUSSER, do hereby will and bequeath ability to break test tubes, spill acid and burn sulfur, to the chemistry class of next year. mY I, DORIS RANEY, do hereby will and bequeath ability to chew gum scientifically to my sister, Barbara. I, GERALD RICHMOND, do hereby will and be- queath my ability to play the clarinet to Barbara Rondot. mY I, CHARLIE ROSE, do hereby will and bequeath crutches to Fred Philipp in the hope that he doesn't have to use them, as I did. mY I, BEVERLY SAMS, do hereby will and bequeath ability to draw megaphone Hornet posters to any future Journalism student. I, KENNETH SHORT, do hereby will and be- queath my car to my sister, Marcia, so I don't have to keep taking her places anymore. I, CHARLES SOUTHERN, do hereby will and be- queath my ability to be a good driver to my brother, David. I, RONALD SUTTON, do hereby will and be- queath my ability to be an ideal Spanish student to Pat Walsh. I, RICHARD MAXTON, do hereby will and be- queath my psychology book to my brother, Gene. queath my messy locker to John Rorick and my stack of old newspapers to any future Journalism student. I, LYNDA MILLER, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to get to school at 8:29M to my brother, Jack, in the hope that he will make good use of it. I, CARLITA PORTER, do hereby will and be- queath my nickname, Cocky, to June Kelly in the hope that she can carry it through high school as I did. I, THOMAS RANDOLPH, do hereby will and be- queath my old road maps to Bluffton to Don Waite and Don Wise in the hope that they will keep the road clear going there. I, PATRICIA SCOTT, do hereby will and bequeath to Roberta Brokaw, for I know she,ll never make use of it, my ability to go to a solo contest and gen- erally come home with nothing but a headache. I, RICHARD SEEMAN, do hereby will and be- queath my locker to Janean Freed in the hope that she can keep it cleaner than I did. I, KAY SNIALLEY, do hereby will and bequeath locker number S18 to Maurice Barlett in the hope that he will keep it as neat and clean as I did. I, JAMES SWIITT, do hereby will and bequeath to Jim Taylor the right to copy all the music for the trombone section in band. I, JANET UMBAUGH, do hereby will and be- queath my ability to get along with and win all arguments with Mr. Shrape to Tim Culver. I, JOHN WILCOX, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to get along with other people to Carolyn Stewart. I, NANCY WYATT, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to get out of study hall to my brother, Jim. In testimony whereof, we hereunto set our hand and the seal and declare this to be our last will and testament, this twenty-eighth day of May, in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and fifty-five. SIGNED: THE SENIOR CLASS PER: BEVERLY SAMS JANET UMBAUCH FRED MUssER WALTER JULIEN Page Eighty-three TOP ROXY: 15152 Duisiui: XX'hiQh encl's up'.'g XVl1om you posing fur, Bm' and Charlene? SECOND ROYV: Marilyn sitting pretty: 'I'e1'1'il1le sun, Le-oraiz XVl1ere'1l you get thwwc lllllFK'lt'!4, L1Yl'lll?I VVIUVS your friend, girls? THIHD ROXV: Huw's the weather, Couky'?: Tlnwdzs il Crowd: Xvllilt X011 ilfvinpzy girls? Be careful, John: Smile mwtty! Page Eigbfy-fou r l UL'l'i'l'H ROXV: Sunshine- Girls: Don't tip UVt'l', Plxilg Relaxing .Lt the Dax-li. i 'FOP ROXV: Good old Indiunalg XX'hz1t are ynn trying to prove, Pliid'?: Having fu NX'l1e1'e's your bafliing suit, lJfn1i1a'!: Meuw! Pretty kitty! Il: SECHND ROW: llaving a piuniv, girls? Been swimmiif, Pl1id'?: Niue Cnr, Lyndu and Jim: XYateh the birdie! THIRD ROW: XVhat you aiming at, D4DllIl2l?I Wlinse i-ing, t,'l1nrlene'.': 'Wlnfs the thi 1' d pai'tv?: Sit down, .ludyg Kay Smalley, Shirley Millet' :ind Bea Burnetti Dnnna li. in at pensive mood: Pretty Smile, Shirley. FOURTH' ROW: Where did you get the tain, :i1'ls'?: Say 1-lieesef' Ji-an and friend Judy and Marilyn: At the park: tbuluwl Seniors at liouse-party. 1 Il'TH IIOXY: Play pretty, Katy: Beautiful musie, Pliid: Hi, Bev: NVl1ex'e did you get that cai ?: Keith B.: Beautiful scenery, Jan! Page Eighty-fire Marvin Aldrich--Working for his father in Angola, Indiana Herbert Amstutz-Purdue University, La- fayette, Indiana Jim Austin-U. S. Army. Nancy Barr-Moved from Angola. Barbara Bodie-Working for U. B. Press, Huntington, Indiana. Ruth Bryan-Living at home, Angola, In- diana. Tony Cather-U. S. Navy. Frances Cimbal-Mrs. Jerry Van Wfagner, Angola, Indiana. George Cimbal-XVorking at Fremont, In- diana. Joyce Clark-Michigan State College, East Lansing, Michigan. Tom Cline-Michigan State College, East Lansing, Michigan. Jim Crouch-Milligan College, Johnson City, Tennessee. Shirley Dixon-Mrs. George Gecowets, Fort Knox, Kentucky. Lloyd Easterday-Working in Kendallville, Indiana. Bill Eberhart--Marquette University, Mil- waukee, Wisconsin. Bill Eoutz-U. S. Navy. Keith Geren--U. S. Navy. Garna Golden-Mrs. Tom Miller, Angola, Indiana. Larry Harman-U. S. Navy. Don Hintz-U. S. Air Force. Wendell Horn--U. S. Navy. Norma Hutchins-Married, living in Cleve- land, Ohio. Sylvia Jackson-Michigan State College, East Lansing, Michigan. Page E1 , lafy-six 'ag 7953 Linda Kepner--Indiana University, Bloom- ington, Indiana. Larry Klink-Working at Klink's Funeral Home, Angola, Indiana. Gordon Kope-U. S. Air Force. Larry Kunkel-Purdue University, Lafay- ette, Indiana. Sharon Lampman-Hillsdale College, Hills- dale, Michigan. Bette Lucas-Working at Angola Dress Shop, Angola, Indiana. Steve Maloy-Purdue University, Lafay- ette, Indiana. James Monroe-Moved from Angola. John Morris-U. S. Air Force. Susie Mummert-Working at Elkhart, Indi- ana. Tom Ott-Tri-State College, Angola, Indi- ana. Danny Patterson-International Business College, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Jim Rodebaugh-I n d ia n a University, Bloomington, Indiana. Shirley Ruth-Working in hospital, Elk- hart, Indiana. Stanley Smith-Tri-State College, Angola, Indiana. LaMarr Stroh-Working at Kendallville, Indiana. Marilyn Van Wagner-Memorial Hospital, South Bend, Indiana. Phyllis Wheaton-Working at Angola State Bank, Angola, Indiana. Joan Wilkinson--Mrs. Jim Eyster, Angola, Indiana. Peg Williamson-University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan. Mattie Wisner-Working at Jacob's Insur- ance Oifice, Angola, Indiana. Janet Baker--Indiana University, Bloom- ington, Indiana. Sandra Barkdull-Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, Massachusetts. Donna Barlett-Mrs. Robert Sawyer, living in Michigan. Jean Begin-San Mateo College, San Mateo, California. Don Bryan-Working at Ercl Furniture Co., Coldwater, Michigan. James Chase-Tri-State College, Angola, Indiana. Sharon Clark-Working at Gay Barn, An- gola, Indiana. Michael Clausen-Working at Ford garage, Angola, Indiana. Sandra Deller-Mrs. Graham Sellers, Fre- mont, Indiana. Alyse Deming-Mrs. Richard Freeman, Kansas City, Kansas. Patricia Druckamiller-Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana. Judi Elliott-Mrs. Don Monroe, living in California. Patricia Essenberg-Florida Southern Col- lege, Lakeland, Florida. Shirley Eyster-Mrs. Dean Williby, living in California. Mary Ann Fast-Mrs. Mike Boardway, St. Joseph, Michigan. David Field-Tri-State College, Angola, In- diana. Harold Lynn Fisher-Deceased, December 26, 1954. Glenn Fordyce-Working Covell Imple- ray Technician ment Store, Angola, Indiana. Robert Gecowets- U. S. Army. George Goodrich-Purdue University, La fayette, Indiana. Donald Hayward-Tri-State College, An- gola, Indiana. Carol Hollabaugh- Training to be an X- at Cameron Hospital, Angola, Indiana. Jane Jack-Elkhart Business University, Elkhart, Indiana. M5794 David Laird-Tri-State College, Angola, Indiana. Joyce LaVine-Working for General Tele- phone Co., Angola, Indiana. James MacFadyen-U. S. Army. Norma Malone-Working at Kroger Store, Angola, Indiana. Hal Moore-Tri-State College, Angola, In- diana. Sharon Murphy-Working A 85 P Store Angola, Indiana. 3 Wfarren Myers--Tri-State College, Angola, Indiana. Barbara Nelson-General Electric, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Dorothy Quimby-Mrs. Jim Nickerson, Coldwater, Michigan. Nancy Orewiler-Working at Clyde's Drive-In, Angola, Indiana. Ann Redding-National School of Aero- nautics, Kansas City, Missouri. Barbara Reed-Mrs. Richard German, An- gola, Indiana. Jerry Roberts-Working at A 81 P Store, Angola, Indiana. Rita Sellinger-Working at Sandy's, An- gola, Indiana. James Siegel-Indiana University, Bloom- ington, Indiana. Laura Smith-Mrs. Carl Short, Angola, In- diana. Maxine Spangle-International Business College, Fort Wayne, Indiana. Mary Stonecipher-Mrs. Jerry Anderson, moved from Angola, Indiana. Leonard W a r re n-Attending military school, Fort Benning, Georgia. Suzanne Weiss-Ball State Teachers Col- lege, Muncie, Indiana. Felix Weldon-Working at Sunoco Station, Angola, Indiana. Anita Willis-Working in Fort Wayne, In- diana. Robert Worthington-Tri-State College, Angola, Indiana. June Yates-Mrs. Ronald Mitchell, Au- burn, Indiana. Page Elgbiy sewn TOP IIOXV: Seniors at AIIIJIIVII Fair: Liitin hnuqueti f'liu1'Iie ll.: XV1mt are you luck- iug at, XYi1lie'!: Dum- :it Ufiristiuas time -plus .It-ri-y Byers. SECOND RUXY: XYhu is yuux' Wide-eyed friend, Mzu'gn'?: 1'i1'E'Sll11lt111 at Canip: C'a11't we hav e smue, L0uie'.': Bev at State Park: Uh, noi THIRD HOXV: Tom, the wo1'kei': Anne H: Big fish, Jimi: liieliuivi M.: Play it right, Diary Luu: burin KJ YYhum you smiling: I'c,11', LA'ndz1'?: They must be lvitiug. Jim! FOURTH IIONV: XVo1'king' -hard, Cl1z11'1e11e?: Take ezire--TPou't tear, Shirleyi Rezil Cute, Cuukyi I,ihera4-e's sister: Did KVA' Svare yuu, Harb? Page Eigbiy-right TOP RUXY: Home Ev Class: Musvle man Rzmdollvhi BEZIYUH days gone by: Going' out for lvarwbzlll, Pl1i1?: Sul tlwm up, Ulydmfi XYl1e1'c you gUi1lH', Drvllllzl? SIGCHND ROXV: Cmnfy, S11i1'Iey'?: Nice- bout, Phid: Uweloxvj The liml-uplz I-Imlsnh arty: Lovin as 21 Rvmun l11USiC'iElll. 'THIRD HOXY: Surprise! Surprisolg Margo: XXYIICFG are you, Iq21Y?Q Freshnlun boys: Irwl, unotlu-1' llolnzlu musician. Pa ge Eiglzfy-lzilw 14 17 20 21 22 23 24 28 29 12 14 15 19 20 21 22 26 29 Page Ninety K Summer vacation is over-School be- gins with a buzz 9 a. m.-Hornets down Waterloo 16-4 Angola noses out Butler 10-7 Juniors order class rings-Ashley wins three way track meet SEPTEMBER Juniors started selling magazines Hornets win over Ashley 16-14 Beginning of lowa Tests. Some fun! More Iowa Tests-St. Joe tops Hor- nets 5-1 Finally the tests are over-Angola whips Waterloo 8-10-End of Key sales contest Students enjoy trapeze artists, per- formance in auditorium program Angola wins cross country meet- Pete Dick elected president of Student Council OCTOBER Seniors and juniors present Torch-light Parade Concert pianist, Theodore Ullman, de- lights audience with program Joanne Ulmer and Marjorie McEntar- fer chosen cheer leaders Band Day at Purdue University The first issue of the Hornet appears Seniors present their first performance of The Little Dog Laughed Standing room only on the second night of 'lThe Little Dog Laughed - End of Hrst grading period Track team places third in sectional cross country meet Student Council members start selling season basketball tickets We enjoy a big vacation while the teachers attend Teachers' Association- Band plays at Shrine Auditorium Still vacationing Music Parents hold pancake supper Government classes present patriotic program in auditorium Hornets participate in State cross country meet Hallowe'en ..,.,, Witches and spooks abroad! NOVEMBER Angola nudges out Waterloo S2-49 School holds open house for parents Veterans Day Program is presented by American Legion Songs from South PaciHc featured in assembly program-David Menden- hall places first in season ticket sales- Band presents tribute to Sousa at ball game-Hornets bow to Concordia S9- 45-Seniors sponsor first dance, The Harvest Hop Government classes visit city council meeting LaGrange Lions down Hornets 59-41 The Lowland Sean operetta and The Grasshoppern cantata are presented by high school choir More music Edon defeats Angola 62-59 We all eat turkey! Relaxing and enjoying our vacation! DECEMBER Butler takes Angola 70-50-dance sponsored by juniors, Y' all Come Avilla nudges out Hornets 76-61 Band and Orchestra concert is enjoy- ed by audience Hornets are victorious at South Whit- ley 70-63 Choir sings for Tri-State College Bac-- calaureate Y-Teens Deck the Halls Hornets sting Salem 67-63- Icicle ldiocy sponsored by Student Council Silver Bellsv Y-Teen-Hi-Y Christmas Prom Christmas issue of the Hornet is read and enjoyed 6 Grade School Operetta Beginning of Christmas vacation 30 Fremont Tourney-Angola takes Fremont 68-65-Bows to Garrett 50- 45 JANUARY Back to school! Hornets tip scoreboard on Hillsdale 109-40-Future Teachers sponsor New Year's Nonsense Montpelier outmaneuvers Angola 65- 65 Auburn Red Devils take Hornets 65- 54-Junior dance Double A Hop Garrett Railroaders roll over Hornets 63-55 Berne drops Angola 50-36- Frosh Hop is enjoyed by all-End of first semester Dramatics club one-act plays, Thirty Minutes in a Street, The Happy Journey, Three on a Bench College Day is very interesting and ed- ucational Fremont Eagles fly over Hornets 72- 61-Y-Teens sponsor dance, Turn About's Fair Play -January issue of the HornetD comes out on schedule FEBRUARY Hornets slide over Decatur 61-60- Pat Scott wins local oratorical contest Manchester wins over Angola in an overtime 60-59-Everyone enjoyed the Hoop Hop -Many students partici- pated in the District Solo and Ensem- ble Contest Y-Teen come-as-you-are breakfast- One-act play, The Happy Journey and a platform reading win firsts in Dramatics Contest-Three first prizes are won for individual acting ability Music Concert pleases audience Auditorium program--students give platform reading play for high school -For the first time in 21 years, Ken- dallville bows to Hornets 63-57 Music majors enter State Solo and En- semble Contest. Many rated high- Y-Teens attend annual conference School dismissed for first day of Sec- tional Tourney. Hornets defeat Gar- rett 56-55 and bow to Auburn 65-57 Pat Scott places fourth in District Oratorical Contest MARCH The fourth grading period ends Regional Tourney Semi-Final Tourney Junior Class Play- Ghost Wanted More entertainment offered by juniors State Tourney Juniors sponsor Chili Supper I. U. Achievement Contest at Angola APRIL District Band, Orchestra, and Vocal Contest at Whiting-Three wins! Easter Vacation beginning With Good Friday End of fifth grading period State Band, Orchestra and Vocal Con- test I. U. State Achievement Contest MAY All-School Exhibit Vocal Music Contest All students in music enjoy picnic at park Track Sectional-Seniors present en- joyable program for Senior Day More Track Sectional Meet May Dance-Junior-'Senior Banquet- Track Regional Golf Sectional-Continuation of Track Regional Baccalaureate Commencement Pupils Dismissed State Golf and Track Meets Page Nmefy one ,' 9' TOP ROXV: Senior boys-in the firit grade-Miss Myers' ruom: fbeiriwj Senior girls -sanie grade: Veterans' Day program at Hendry Park Sc-howl. SECOND ROXV: Phid Crain: Mailing ai letter, Sharon? Ifreslinian general math dass: Flag' pole dedication and ilag raising: Kenny D. Page Ninety-two THIRD ROXV: Y-Teen advisers: Kids in the auditorium. FOURTH ROXV: Cub's Sweet Shrip: Juniors at C'ub's: Seniors at Cub's. is pHf!l0I'I13.Q, Uufz. Hdv Telephone ABSTRACTS: Goodale Abstract Company ..... ,,,,,.... 1 51 ATTORNEYS: Gerald Deller ,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,, .,,,,,.,. 5 03 G, Kenneth Hubbard ,,,,....,.. .,,,,, ...317 AUTOMOBILE DEALERS: Steuben County Car Dealers, Association New Car Dealers of Steuben County Telephone CLOTHIERS: Jarrard's Men's Store ....,,..,,.....l .,... ...,,,,, 1 9 7 StrOCk's Men's and Boys, Wear ,,,, ,,,,..,, 1 29 Ted's Menis Store ,,,,,,,...,,,...,,,,,, ...,.,,, 4 83 CONFECTIONERS: Meet Me at Cub's ,,,.,,,,.,.,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,....,,,,,.. 18 CONSTRUCTION COMPANIES: Angola Sand and Gravel Excavating and AUTOMOTIVE PARTS: Golden Auto Parts ,,,,,,,...,,,.,,,.,,, ,,,,,,,., Western Auto Associate Store ,... BAKERIES: Angola Baking Co. ., BANKS: Angola State Bank ...., ,,,,i,.......,,,...,,, .,,...... First National Bank of BARBER SHOPS: Clark,s Barber Shop Fisher Barber Shop Uinbaugh Barber Shop BEAUTY SHOPS: Angola Circle Salon ,t..,..,,........,t,, Rainbow Beauty Shop BOTTLERS: Angola Bottling Wforks BOOK STORES: College Book Store .,,, Munn,s Book Store ,e,,,. BOWLING ALLEYS: Tri-State Lanes, David F. Yarian ,,i.,, ,,,,,,.,, CIGAR DEALERS: Willis W. Love Company ,,,,,, CLEANERS: Angola Dry Cleaners McBride's Dry Cleaners COAL COMPANIES: Angola Brick and Tile ,,e,, 275 -421 359 188 ,,-,1 447 467 368 398 534 522 256 438 277 255 Construction Work, Vfilbur Wfyatt ,,,,,, 8167-X Bob Bryan Masonry Construction Co. .,,. 8165-Y DAIRIES: Sunrise Dairy ,,.,,,,,v,,., DAIRY SERVICE: Meyer's Dairy Service A ......,.426 ....-.--63 3 DENTISTS: Dr. C. B. Anderson ,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,, v,,,,,,.,, 7 1 Drs. S. F. and W. R. Aldrich ........ ,....... 3 04 DEPARTMENT STORES: J. C. Penney Company ........,.,... ........,. 4 7 DRESS SHOPS: Angola Dress Shop ............. Harmanis Ladies Shoppe ......... Ritter and Ferry Dress Shop .,,... DRESSED POULTRY: 0 ..-----.171 8 8 Kay's Dressed Poultry ,,,,........, .r.,,,.. 1 19 DRY GAS COMPANIES: Angola Bottled Gas Store ...,...... ........ 4 84 DRUCGISTS: Kratz Drug Store ......,,.................. ........ 1 47 Roger's Drugs ...........,........................ ....... .307 Willis Drugs, North Side of Square, Prescriptions our Specialty, C. Willis, R. Knecht ..................,..........,....,.................,. 23 ELECTRIC SHOPS: Foutz Electric Shop ...,,,... EXPRESS AGENCIES: Expressways Inc. , ,....,,,... Railway Express Agency Inc. 6 ............105 Page Niizeiy-z'b1'z't' Fabzomgz Um ddv Telephone FACTORIES: Weatherhead Company ,,..,,, ...,,,,,,.. 1 85 FARM IMPLEMENTS: Chard Implement Company ,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,o,,,,,.. 659 Covell Implement Store ,,,,,,,7,7,,,,,,7,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 83 Farm Equipment, Allis Chalmers Tractors ,,,, 501 Ford Tractor Sales ,,,,,,,,. ,.,,,,,, ,..r, r.,,,, . ,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 9 8 Oliver Sales Company ,,,,,,,,l,,,r , ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 298 FEED STORES: Hamma Feed and Supply, Feeds, Seeds, Fertilizer and Garden Supplies ,,,,,,,,,,.. .i,, ,,,,,,, 9 9 J. H. Parsell's Sons, Poultry, Eggs and Feed, Wholesale and Retail ,,,,,,,,...,,,.,,,..... M250 Steuben County Farm Bureau Co-operative Association, Inc. c,,,,,,,..,. . ...,,,,,,,,,,....,,,,,,,,,,,. 701 FILLING STATIONS: Goodwin,s Standard Station ,,,,.,,, ,,,,c r.,, 4 2 2-9181 Ve1'yl's Texaco Service ,,,.,,..,.. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,.. 3 14 Throop Shell Service .,..,,,c,c,,,,, ,,.. . , ,,,,,,,, 603 I-Iarman's D-X Service Station Newnam Tire Supply ,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,, ,,,,.... 3 77 FIVE AND TEN CENT STORES: W, R. Thomas Sc to S1 Store ,,,t.,,, . ,..,,,,,,,,........ 97 Tribolet Co. Sc to S1 Store FLORISTS: Sharon Ann Floral Shop, Fred and jane Boedeker ,, ..,,..,, 178 Throop Florist ,,,,,,..,.,,,,.,.. .....,.. 3 10 FROZEN LOCKERS: Angola Frozen Locker Storage ,tt,,.. ,,,.... 4 4 FUNERAL DIRECTORS: Klink's Funeral Home ,...,,,..v,,,Y ,....... 3 62 Weicht's Funeral Home ,,,.,,.., ....A.,, 3 21 FURNITURE STORE: Wilder-King Furniture Company ...... N246 GAS DISTIBUTORS: Sheets Oil Company, Fuel Oils ..,. ,,,.... 6 6 Page NiM6fj,V-f01lT Telephone GARAGES: Angola Garage ,,,.,,,,,,,,,.,., ,,,,,,,t,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,..,,,, 9 162 Al Lonsbury,s Garage and Wfreclier Service ,,,, 350 Manns Body Shop ,,,,,,,,,c,,,,,,,,,c,,c,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,. 3 Munson and Folck Body Shop ,t,.,,,,,,,,,,,.i,,,,,,,. .27 Shorty's Machine Service ,,,,,,c,c,,,, ,,,,,., 8 133-X GIFT SHOPS: Fred Smith, Gifts and Greeting Cards L GROCERY STORES: North Wayne Grocery Model Market ...,,,,,.,.,,,,,,..,,, Impton's Quality Market ,.,.t HARDWARE STORES: Seagly Brothers, Hardware, Appliances, Propane Gas Service ,,,t,,t,t,,,,,,t,t,.,,,.. Williamson and Company, Wholesale and Retail Hardware, XVilco Distributors L HOME EQUIPMENT STORES: Hosack's Frigidaire, Maytag, Hoover, ,,,.,90 89 25 ,,,,.i,t208 169 Philgas, Seigler, Tappan ,,,,,,,,,t,,..,., ,,,,,V, 1 06 HOSPITALS: Cameron Hospitals, Inc. ,,,, ,,,,,,... , 448 Elmhurst Hospital, Inc. ,,t. ,t,t,.. 5 60 HOTELS: Hotel Hendry ,,,, .. INSURANCE AGENCIES: Hubbard Insurance Agency ,....,..,,,,,,, Jacob Insurance Service ,,,.,,,,,,,,.,..,,,,..,..... Philip S. Johnson, Insurance Agency ,,,, Tri-State Improvement Co., Gillis Pilliod 3 8 17 ,,,,,,-,102 -,..,.,,463 .-,,,,248 Watkins Sl Croxton ...,,,,,....V,,,,,....,...,.,,fvvf.'V,VV,g 61 Rolland J. Weaver, Insurance ,t,, ,,,,,,,. ,,,,,,,,.,,,, 4 3 5 JEWELERS: Leichty Jewelry .....,i. Tuttle's Jewelry ,,,,,,,, KIDDIE SHOPS: Kiddie Corner, Hazel Metz ,,,,,, Lucilleys Kiddie Shop ,.,,...,,..., 22 ,,,,,.,.61 ..,,,,,675 1 3 Pafnnmlgc Uwz, dd!! Telephone LAUNDRIES: Lemley,s Laundry and Dry Cleaning ...,,... LUMBER COMPANIES: Angola Lumber Company ,,..,,,,,,,,,, Daniel Shank Lumber Company ,,,,,,, MACHINE SHOPS: Weiss Machine Company ,,,.,,, MOTELS Lakeland Court Y,u.77,,,,,,7fffiiiiffff......,,,.,,,,,,7A Mounts View Motel, Mr. and Mrs. .. ..... 532 17 ,,,,,.-,26 09 8191-X Lewis Mounts, Proprietors ii,...,,,, .....,... 6 81-L Taylor's Tri-State Motel ,,,.... Webster Motel ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i MUSIC DEALERS: Baldwin's Music 86 Hobby Store NEWS STANDS: G 86 K News Stand .,,.,,,. OPTOMETRISTS: Dr. M. J. Blough ii,,.,. Dr. R. C. Snook ..,.,.... PAINT COMPANIES: 57-L 8103-X ,.,,,,526 ,,.--,200 5 0 5 -L ,,,,,,63S Economy Wall Paper and Paint Company ,,,, 272 PHOTOGRAPHERS: Cline's Picture Shop ,,..,,t.,,,,. Gentry Photographic ...,.,.. A ,,,,,,,., ...---,,,,,10 ,,,,-....234 Morelands Modern Portraits ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,,,, 100 PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS: Compliments of Dr. M. M. Crum .,,,,,,...,,,,.... 333 PLUMBERS: Selman Heating and Plumbing ,..... PRINTERS: Steuben Printing Company, ,,,,,,,,72 Printer of this Annual i,,t,.,.,,,,,...,t..... ........ 2 9 PUBLIC SERVICE COMPANIES: Northern Indiana Public Service Company ...... 14 Telephone RADIO SHOPS: Lakeland Radio Supply .,..,,..,,,i,, ,,,,,,,,,, 7 0 REAL ESTATE DEALERS: Casebeer and Arnold, Real Estate ,,,,,,...,,.i.,,,,,, 750 Ralph J. Steffan, Realtor, Farm, City, and Lake Property, and Business Opportunities E238 RESTAURANTS: Bassett's Restaurant ,O ,,,...,, 221 Dew Drop Inn ,:ii. r,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,ww,,, 6 0 8-X Morris Restaurant ....,,,,,,,,....,, ,,,,,,,r,,,,,, S 1 North Wfayne Restaurant ....... ..,,,,, 1 57-X Top Hat ,,,,,,,,.,,,. ,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,,, ,,,,,, 5 3 3 SHOE COMPANIES: Fashion Shoe Store ,...,,,s,i.,.., SHOE REPAIR SHOPS: Angola Shoe Repair Shop Louis DeRosa Shoe Repair SNACK BARS: Dairy Queen Duke's Snack Bar ..,,,,,.,, Sandy's Incorporated Christy's Coney Island SPORTING GOODS: Unger's Sporting Goods and Hardware Van's Sports Shop ,,,,,,,....,.....,,,,i.,,,,i,,,, STOCK YARDS: Johnson Stock Yard Daily Market ,,,,.,..,, TELEVISION SERVICE: Dura Television Antenna Towers, ,8192-X Star Television Sales and Service . ,,.,. . Swager Tower Company -,,,,,r,,,,, ,,,,,,,, TI-IEATRES: Brokaw Theatre ...., Strand Theatre .....,.,,, TRACTOR SALES: Ford Tractor Sales ....:,,,, TRAILER DEALERS: North State Sales, Trailers , 1 2 6 12-X ..-,..627 .,..,,,,109 ,,..-.593 ,...-,719 1 -----.--63 .,.,,,,,9S .--..,,S9 Page Ninety-fizfc TOP ROXV: XYaiting for Ve1'yl'?1 How's the Water, Shi1'le5'?g Birdie in the tree! alias Beth Selman. SECOND ROXY: XVI15' don't you gut in, Pl1itl'?g XVhat have you therp, Doi-is?: Class pit-nicg Getting in fu' out. Janet? THIRD ROXY: Leaving town, Phid and Bull'?g XYhy all dressed up, Do1'is'?: Family portrait : Cold, Sharon 'Z FOURTH ROXV: lfreshman slumber party: Looks like fun, kicls!: XVl1at you eating, Margoifg Need any help, Bea? Page Ninefy-six Iii - 'l'UP IIOXVL Gold old A. II', S.: My-11w1'ie's of good times: Frwnt dom' of A. H. S. SECUND ROW: Om' faithful bus drive-1's-Mo1'1-is Lehman, Duanv Il0se's Standfby, Ifnl-rlyve .IHl'IIlSUU, Kenneth l.2e1'rn:1n's substitute, Loren Dixon and Earl Butz. THIRD RUXY: Christmzls Window L.lQK'Ol'HIiUUS-YXYllY d0n't you gm in, lvoys'?: Dir-k buys a Hornet: Chas and Donna at Cluristmas Promg King Kris. IPOUILTH HOW: Kids ut work before game: VVhat'S your l1u1'1'y, gi1'1S?7C'f'll'iStlI12lS pa1'ty'?: Y-'Fe-en lmndiwork-first prize! age Nil1FfJ'-Si'l'FIZ 431, IUXY: G14 ing' -1-ffl' fm' 1 -1-l1 'LII 11 '21 1-1 fi Hfbillpi' again, I'l1i11'.'1 Nuw I It 1111 theta 1111111 rl llll ,lanetfi Make yn111's1'-lf at 111111155 1511111 WTI-AIN' Yfrll Lfffiilg. J21K'li'7 bI4IL,'OND IIUXY: NYhat's coukinag, L1-01111 and A12ll'N'?f J1111ir11' Eirlsi llvpeat 1111-ass: Ili Judylz Margo at work. -Y I M V THIRD ROXV: Stand 1113, Ju-ly: Nam-5' and Pat: Xvililillg for sc1111+-1,1115-, lwris 3 XVURI 3'-111 putting up yuur hair fur, Judy'?! Win-vc are you, 1211111-k'? ' FOVRTH ROXY: Margo at lmuse 1m1'ty: Say it, Dun: XYhat yuu mad at, Pl1id'?: XYhat il 1'll2lllH'E1!1 XYhum you writing: to, lJo1111a':': Luok ahead, liev. Pzzgc' Nillcfy-right FIFTH ROXT: lmn't stup uuw: Iamlc pretty, Nam,-yg Girls' state: D1-n'l 1-Heat! ,J- wozlt, .I1-1'1'y'?: Tire-ml, P'21K'?1 A. H. 1'l11-e1'le:1fl1-1's: N111'111z1 :lt Svlnmli A 11ig'l1L at Lln- A11l'11 sf -in TMP HHH: l,'l1:1s and Lllbllllil 111 tl11- I'z1i1 lmris and llml gn-tti11:,' 1111-ir 11i1-t111'v taken: 1 Kills at LI11- l'1'r1111: XYl1y so 1'llt'A:'l'l.1ll, Pl1il'?1 Ilan- fllll, liifls, SLIUHNIJ ILOW: Shit,-1'S1 Sl1z11'1-11 :xml Jim: lli, girlsfi 'l'1-1'1'il'5'i11g' i11'11sm111-1 L,'u111f411't- 1l1lQ, Tlorisl' THIRD HHXV: C'l1e1-1' 1111, B1-:1!: Jmly and 'I'l1ifl zxl f'11l1'f: D111-is: 1'111'1'f-4- 111111-, Patil: XYN2-1t's ww i11te1'1-stixiyq, L5'111lz1'?3 l'l1z11'lm11- z1114l l11-1' Q11-z11lA'. FOL'll'l'H HOW: Mz11'g'4,1 211111 hem' 1-1111si111 XYI11-iw M111 g:'ul11g, lio1111i1-'31 XX'l1y llllf- spurt l1'il 11111. l-'Il TH RONY: lI111'1'y nt the lrHllK1llt'I1 T'I1'1i0yi11S the 1111114111911 Play HS fl tum-, Pali. 1172111 with 1111- 1101-111 All 1-4-udp' 1'1Q11' 1111- l'1'11n1. P age' Nil7l'fJ'-lIflIC7 TOP ROXY: Seniors in fifth g'l'H.dc'7f,'Ol'H Ken-kler's rmnn-First rnw-Ulvde 1,unsbu1'v Donna. Prestuu, Bob Prwter, Michael llowlin, Bea liurni-tt, Num-y XY3'aLt, St'l'UI1ll row-- Pliid Jarrnrd, Annu Male- lCng'liSh, Ev1ll'iD2ll'R lvlai-sliall, Donna Crum, Front l'HXY1'C'1lB.l'1PN llfmse. Riclialwl Maxton, Norma Evers, Jllfll' Healy, Jerry Essenbe1'g', Phill Crain: Nancy XYyatt-in je-alms: Lynda Miller. SECOND HOXY: Nunn-Y YV. again: Tommy Randolph-at 141 flwluwl Doris Rzlnevi Lynda. Miller: Beverly Sums and Hliltui' Julien: LynL1a's birtlnlziy pivuirlf. I THIRD IIUXYZ Jam-t L'1nln2,1lg'l1: lzilmveb Ulmrlie Iiose: Lynda, looking wav: ibeluwb Ibm-is Haney: Beverly Sums and Tum: Sailor Jim Hain-Qcli: C'l1z1rlm1e McNett zind vzlnine pal: Doris peeks out: Jerry lisseiilag-1'g looks Comfortable. Page Our H11 mfrezl TOP ROYV: Lynda Miller: Lynda's lvirthclay party 19423 finserty Ronnie Sutton Marilyn Huifz Kay Smalley. SECOND HOXV: Marilyn Huff: .Ianvt Umbaugh: Marilyn again-going riding: Janet- in a hat: Kay Smalleyg Nancy NYyattfaf1er a Fishing trip. THIRD ROXV: Marilyn H. in a different pose: Beverly Sams: Pliid Crain: Bea Bur nett: Janet LTlIlll2lLlgh4l'6C1iIllflgI fcirclep Lynda Miller. FOURTH ROYV: Margo Brannan: fcircleb Jim Babcwwk: Kay Smalley: flu-lowj Margo again: Qabovel Hub Kelly: Lorin K.: Chucky Clyde: Margog Doris llaney. Page One HIll1lfVl'll Om' Mzzgmqnffable, The Little Dog Laughed Christmas Proms Baseball Hi-Y Study Hall Vacations Duck Tails Tourneys Class Rings Commencement Faculty Spring Concert Y-Teen Basketball Games Passes Junior Stand Hornets! Bermuda Shorts Pencil Sharpeners Torch Light Parade Mac Choir in the Halls at Christmas May Dances Cub,s Freshman Initiation Parties Going Steady Senior Day Senior Trip The Bishop's Mantel Junior-Senior Banquet Knee Socks Pink and Black Cashmere Sweaters Assembly Programs Baccalaureate Houseparties Selling Magazines Memorial Day Parade Award Day Three-One Act Plays Track Meets Driver's Training The Hornet Page One Hzlmlred Two Cicnjofuf Jnfmwnll At last rouzas thc time for the rlass of SS to say farewvll to A. H. S. Dewar' arc the 'nzamories of thc frirnrfx wa haw had time past four years. But this is not the and of thc' road, for wc shall striuc for snfrfss after we Ivaw tha halls of A. H. S. Our ycarhook, The Kay, will he the kay to tha past and an inxjziration for the future. It is with one last look at the halls of A. H. S., that we leave thc' rfalm of high sfhool fIdj'S and hcfgin to walk down thc' sunny path of the fzzturc. It is with heavy haarts we hid our fast fawwcfll to you, a'c'ar A. H. S., and we say thanks .,.... thanks for CL'!'l'yfbil1g. Page Ono HIll1l11'Fd Three Page Om' I'IIllZtI,I'l'l'1 Four dutvqzzaplm, 6i1,dv Page One Hzzmlrea' Five Page Om' Hundred Six Page One Hzmdred Seven . N

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