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WMU W Mfiffpfjsxlig WLM wi , Qeflffkff wfmififigi E If ' fyfffij Q 3 1 jjj? G50 7 JW' - I -f " ff!! N , WW! ,wfafffff 7a4g7L " W ff fff ff,l'57WW ??fJ1Lj3 PM if f 3 if ' mf' ?,ff7, 0L UM ZZ ,MW W grim L V 42, .J 'QHJP N x, . . ' I t J Qi , Q' F W ' 4 X X NJ 'JJ-f ,,N,,. CBZJUON 2 x , O X -' in ! I, lv vi x. N-JQJJ rn' ' fwf, 45. 1,1 JJ- MUxfJJ,f.Q MJ f '-' v,,- u IL +1 N... -. M k 4, 1, wx 'W M,sUhXx ?X,21.KA,.x QJJA if Q2 'QS L X .QQJJJJLH 'V LLJ,ff.f '?LA.3-f..,,,X k 'U 'f3vQ,LQ . 1 :J X 931. TQ!! xg ' daJ2Jx Qui, JV Uyilyjkibfw Cb-1 ' E' ' rx H KN-1, 6 Jud 3 QJ"""-j MIX lxM "3."". lk-2 ij, Xb 'fx I 11. , J' up- 19 K QVNJ- LJQIZ, 'f5JL1.,J.- Fjuflfsi- N Iv J-23 K' AJ J apt, 4 J-M en up Qi N Q 4 I P. ' s .,:-RJJNS , y' , ' L Q ws., Un, SWG-. gan , ,f My-iCLMJ I WW Qkgidibm T3-ILMN x l-I 1 b Q x Ax ,. MD QM X v 'xA,vQj- 'kg Ju "'9f'50i9- we 1 JULL M FF BA f A Q, k X AJ, J , bi-ajll ' V., .XD ',' "'p "f4'EX 'U A X SU www ' U A I GMA .U XJ QL-J ex " UN, 2 5 f My ,MJ ML xg 3'wywv-f 4-V' N?wLJ,Q-,..I JAM 'JU R WX wax 5QX 1 ' 'vgs 5lfL,,,., QA, A h ,N :XD f,3XXn'b,. 1 V 1- Q- 'Ji-Ax., gfcqjug WWNX Cam--1f,,Xym x A Ni QQ""" S2 ff JMX Af MRA? QQ: M f fy, X if ,, fi? Qfgiff EA wK?9gF? f ' , Q di 40 X ZR 22 - N A 6' 6 L X RR if -f Q film fa? Q25 Q- QEKQQ - ' ' S QQ K E MQJWM MWMQQ as M33 DMM !QjJf 1:7 . Vij- QfWi,J-1 QQ f g iw? KE 'I9 ZSXQ , ' 626 fjfcfceyggf '7'7fvca,qf J Nw' M, x N gg WwgzQ QQ WFJ Qgygi SQQNWQNNE 6553? GZ SQQQVQQQQLH QJNXSN N Pubzzmz by me Smm Clam gg , if v joluzwfmd We, the class of 'S 4 have puhlished this au- riual as a record of the events which we shall re- memher ahout our high school days. Ou all the guide pages, and ou the cover, you will see a pic- ture of a small horuet. We have picked this as a symhol in the hook as it is the name of the haslzezfhall team aud the school paper, which are hozfh mdisperisahle fo our high school life. We hope you, the reader, will derive hoth heriept arid pleasure from this, our auriual. fnffzannz, Many fi111f6S have we entered this gateway to knowledge and as we pass through it for the last time we feel a pang of sorrow, which can he dispellect only hy hright hopes for the future. H4 J 'IT' ,. at 2' 6 J ,F ..,.. is S55 9, . !' 5 Y fx 4 . zz, ' M25 ik if 5? a ,7ll0,l'l'L 660112, Deep in our hearts forever will he memories of this great building of learning, good ole A.H.S. May it provide educational experiences and good times for other classes in the future as it has done for us. In this hornet's eye view from ahove we see it along with many other huildings very familiar to us in "our town." Qwmwna, Administration Page Ten Classes Page Twenty Activities Page Forty-jhur Sports Page Seventy-two Page Six Q '11, It is with great affection and admiration that we, the Senior Class of 195 4, dedicate our "Key" to Berl Walradth, who has faith- fully and earnestly guided us through our years of high school. He was always there when things looked the worst with an aid- ing hand and a cheerful word. He was al- ways there when things loolzed hrightest to give us a word of coininendation. He has heen our true friend and counselor. . R gf? , A L 2 .4 1 M, W, Ju rg i 'il if ix. Qwdw Ein if 4 32 ' iii? 11 jim, Jimi The spring hut, in Polaagon State Park, was the scene of wiener roasts, soinetiines in winter with a frigid atmosphere outside. In warni weather many hreakfasts and noonday or evening picnics were enjoyed here. It was a familiar sight if we went on hikes or trail rides through the park. Long shall we reineniher the good tirnes we had at Pokagon during our high school days! Page Eight ""'m 3 1 jim Public cflhaaq, A Tbe snow, covered evergreens in front of tbe City Library suggest a familiar scene'across tbe street from A.H.S. It is a scene tbat bas be- come dear to as because of associations. It was easy for as to a'asb across tbe street to get a book tbat we just bad to bave for tbe next day's class. May it always be as easy for as to find tbe best tbings in life- just across tbe street! Page Nine SUPERINTENDENT PRINCIPAL SECRETARIES BOARD OF EDUCATION FACULTY CUSTODIANS .X as Page Ten i I 1 IF, I v .M no' uv .M 1 1 WM Www, MMM www. NM, Page Twelve Planning for the future is our superintendent, Howard Boomer- shine, as he works out some of the details for the new school. Mr. Boomershine has been our superin- tendent for seven years and never once has he been too busy to lend us a helping hand or straighten out our difliculties. We thank you for your kind consideration, Mr. Boomershine. ..! Floyd K. McCutchan has been our principal for three of our four years in high school. With us he has always shown great under- standing and much patience. We appreciate all you have done for us and the school and we thank you, Mr. McCutchan. M-.awk 0 W.a...g.a 6 ........m- fr...-of Here are the people behind the scenes who are indispensable in the efficient running of the school or- ganization. Though they are weighed down by many duties, they are never too busy to speak a kind Word and give a friendly smile. We, the class of '54, wish to ex- press our deep appreciation to Edith Kunkel and Betty Servis. fi Bound nf, fducairbn, At the close of every successful school year it is only fitting that credit be given to the An- gola Board of Education. The board has regular monthly meetings throughout the year at which it considers many problems in regard to the fin- ancial program, the planning of a school curri- culum to meet the state requirements, the selec- tion of teachers and the legislation of general school rules. The members of the board are Carlton Chase, president, Harold Stevens, secretary, Heyman C. Wisner, treasurer, Harold Fisher and R. L. Nedele. Howard Boomershine is the superintendent of schools. We, the graduating class of '54, wish to ex- press our gratitude and appreciation for the Work they have done to make our years in A. H. S. more pleasant. Page Thirteen was N ,,, MM, W -Www ,Nw ma wwbr ,gem-Q: gE?'f"i , iw ai LL wan aww' Q. 3 fi Q5 555 i l -""'lm. e"" v- ,-fin faculty, ARTHUR VAN MATRE Goverrtment, Psych0l0g36 His- tory, Physical Education Mr. Van Matre was always ready for a good discussion about any- thing and everything. PHYLLIS RENBARGER WALKER H ome Economics For nothing lovlier can be found in a woman than the art of home- making! EMERY DRUCKAMILLER Health, History, Director of Athletics Never shall we forget those breath- taking minutes behind the wheel in Driver's Training class. ELWOOD NICHOLS Instrumwatal Music "Music, Maestro, Please!" This is what we think when We hear Mr. Nichols' name mentioned. We have fond memories of our many contests, music classes, and band rehearsals. Jwlulflff CHARLES G. SHARPE En glish, Dranzatics Long shall We remember our re- hearsals of "Down To Earth." Under the fine direction of Mr. Sharpe our senior class play was a success. MARY JEAN BIDDLE Physical Education Although she has not been with us long, her friendliness was an in- spiration to all. JOHN HAMMEL General Mazfhenzatics, Algebra, T1'igono1netry, Coach Ah, the thrill of a basketball game wth Coach Hammel urging on the mighty Hornets! NANCY SIEBOLD Vocal Music "The Bells of Normandy" under the direction of Miss Siebold will long live in our hearts. Jawlilif NANCY PAUL Librarian, Direcior of Audio- visual Program In the future we shall appreciate more the things we learned through the books and movies that Miss Paul provided for us. BERL WALRADTH Business Mathematics, Shorthand, Ty pin g We shall always remember Mr. Walradth as "one of the best,', and we thank him for trying to help each one of us be "one of the best." RUBY SHULTZ English, journalism Miss Shultz was always ready with assistance when we were putting out the Hornet, working on the Key or just worrying about where to put commas. HOWARD FELDMANN Physics, Biology, General Science Mr. Feldmann introduced us to the realm of science and we became aware of the world we live in. Jvwdfli- GEORGE KUEBLER A1'If Designs, drawings and droodles are some of the things we shall remem- ber in connection with out art pro- gram. Charcoal, pastels and oils were a part of our education. BURT KEPLER Indnst1'ial A 1f i s, Mechanical Drawing Through Mr. Kepler's industrial art classes the boys learned to be better craftsmen. GLADYS LEAS Typing, Shorthand, Bookkeeping Miss Leas knows her typingg She knows her bookkeepingg Fond memories of her we have in our keeping. EUNICE REED Latin, Spanish We shall think of Miss Reed always as "una maravillosa persona," a wonderful person. wr TOP ROXV: Howard Boomershine, Elizabeth XValton, Thelma Hephner, Eunii-e Reed, Nancy Paul, Pauline lleiehardt, Molly Gaflin, Betty Servis, Gladys Kile, Gertrude Hart, Gladys Leas, Vera Myers, Phyllis XValker, Edith Kunkel, Floyd McCutchan. SECOND ROXY: lluhy Shultz, Mary Jean Biddle, Shirley Hull, Barbara Burbank, Nancy Siebold, June Collins, LaYerne Hardy, Frances Smith, Juanita Teegardin, Kath' Boyer, Mildred Mar-Fadyen, Catherine Schrider, Ruth Stevens, Jean Pfingstag, xxvlllllil Harmon. FRONT ROXV: Bert Kepler, Charles Sharpe, Louis Sapp, Berl XYalradth, George Kuebler, Curt llathlmurn, Emery Druekamiller, John Hammel, Art VanMat1'e, Elwood Nichols, Arthur Ryan, Howard Feldmann. We, as a student body, owe much to the faculty, Whose efforts have made our school one to be prour of. Many of these teachers have helped the members of the Class of '54 along the road to a successful life. We shall remember them with appreciation and esteem. fuiaiodzkzna, Our custodians are the good friends of everyone. They have kept our school clean, warm and beautiful. We especially want to thank them for their aid during our junior and senior plays. Hats oil to Ben Weldon, Dick Forbes and Harry Sowle! Page Eighteen Many events have taken place in this room. Here awards well earned are pre- sented. On the stage amateur actors and actresses have given plays and operettas. In this auditorium band concerts have pleased many audiences. Christmas plays and carol services have brought the Christmas spirit to life, Here we have bowed our heads in memory and in prayer for our soldier dead on Armistice Day. In fact every season of the year has been observed in this room. Classes may come and go, but the memory of the hours spent here lingers on. Page N inefeen SENIORS UNFORGETTABLES HISTORY PROPHECY LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT JUNIORS SOPHOMORES ERESHMEN EIGHTH GRADE SEVENTH GRADE 6' X X NN Vai, .wiv A l ' . ff 'JS K: 9. 'IKSQQQE ' ' w- ,px Page Tfwcfniy 55' y. AS, M, 53- 5 J ' ngwggfm-mmm mgww ' fm. Q Fam ,ni P-'-X68 Q F' Q ,vga ,Aff 97 M5552 K . 422' f .W , ,.,.,A... ,,. ew v sz ,H V Q . gg ,J 3 MQ , 6 n , F61 S www: ' K1 Page Twenty-two .SQ i CLASS OFFICERS President ,,,..,,,,,,,,,R, .,,,,,,,, L ynn Fisher Vice-President ,,,.,,,. ......... D avid Laird Secretary ,,,,,,...... ,,,,,.. S herry Murphy Treasurer ,,,... ,..,...... S andra Deller Sponsor ,,,.,, .....,,,, M r. Walradth Colors .,,,, ....,,,.. G reen and White Flower ,,,.... ,,,,......... L . .,,,........ White Carnation Motto ,,.... ....,, ' 'In Ourselves Our Future Lies" ju ' IL It's graduation time, We are grown up now. The foundations of our lives have been laidg Although many circumstances have influenced the building, We ourselves have always had the power of decision. We have chosen the material with which to buildg Now it is time to erect the rest of our lives on these foundations. Adulthood will not accept the excuses of youth and inexperience. It will not care if our foundations are weak. It will not wait while we rebuild. Life is upon us now- With a promise of freedom, enjoyment, and fulfillment. If we are not ready to accept it now, We have already lost its richest rewards. -SANDY BARKDULL DOROTHY MARIE QUIMBY EL"f'I'j'011C excels in something in which another fails. Senior Play Stage Crew, IV: Band, I, II.: Dorothy attended Coldwater High School, Cold- water, Mic-higan, for the first two years. Key Staff IV. ROBERT WORTHINGTON The true, strong, and soiimi mind is thc' mimi that can C nz h 1' ll C e eqzuiiiy great things and small. Di Inimortales Staff, II: lllathernatit-s Contest, I: Latin Contest I: English Contest IV: Key Staff IV. 1 , . SHARON DIANNE MURPHY Nothing is so difficult but that it may hcffoiimt out by seeking. N f Class Secretary, II, III, IV: Senior Play Cast, IV: Girls' Glee Club, I, II: Mixed Chorus, I, II: Hornet Staff, IV: Key Staff, IV: Y-Teens, II, III, IV: Student Count-il, IV: F. H. A., I: National Honor Soeiety, English Contest IV. FELIX N. WELDON A quiet 11llfIll'l' has hc, But mischief lurks beneath. Class President, I: .Iunior Play Stage Crew, III: Senior Play Stage Crew, IV: Key Staff, IV: Hi-Y, TI: Traek, I: Fiasketball, I, II, III: Baseball, I, ii, III, iv. CAROL MAY HOLLABAUGH Hn' nzerry ways and her bright eyes Gizfc z'f'11t to the mirth ,that .zlblifhtll bm' lies. Girls' Glee Club, It Miyed Chorus, I: llornet Staff, IV: I'ldito1'-in-rliief, Key Annual, IV: Hoosier Girls' State, III: V-Teens, ll, III, IV: Student Count-il, II: F. H. A., I: Math- ematics Contest, I: M a y LJueen's Court, II: National Honor Sovil-ty. BARBARA ANN REED A good heart is,h0ttf'1' than all the heads in thc' -world. Junior- Play Stage Crew, III: Senior Play Stage Crew, IV: Girls' Glee Club, I, II: Mixed Chorus, I, II: Key Staff, IV: Alpha Delta Chi, IV: Y- Teens, II, Ill, IV: F. H. A., I, Il. HAROLD LYNN FISHER HFS our ,l11'f'sific'11t, lauown as rrGHS,n A guy rated tops hy all of TIS. Class President, III, IV: .Iunior lllay Cast, III: Senior Play Cast, IV: High Sehool Choir, III, IV: Boys' Glee Club, II, III, IV: Vocal Quar- tet, IV: Key Staff, IV: Alpha Delta Chi, II, III, IV: Three One-as-t Play Cast, II, III, IV: National Thespian Soviety, III, IV: Hand, I, II, IIT, IV: llistrirt Ensemble Contest, I, III: Hoosier Boys' State, III: Basketball, I: Student Coun- I-il Vive-President, III: Cross Country, I: Operetta Chorus, IV: State Ensemble Contest, IV: 'Fhespian Soviety, IV. JOYCE ELAINE LA VINE A iass wh0's strong and quite C0 111 uumclifig, With yawts and yards of 1incicr'stana'i11g. High School Choir, II: Girls' Glee Club, Ig, Mixed Chorus, I, II: Vo0al,Sextet, III: Hornet Staff,fl'V:,Key Staff, IV: Alpha Delta Chi, I, II, III, IV: Dis- trict lflnsemble Contest, IH: Stage Ensemble Contest, III: Y-Teens, II, Illjf IV: Student Count-il, IV: F, H. A., I: Girls' Sports Club, I, II. JANET LEE BAKER What? No 1nen in heaven? Then leave nze here! Junior Play Stage Crew, III: Senior Play Stage Crew, IV: High School Choir, I: Girls' Glee Club, I, II: Mixed Chorus, I, II: F. T. A., I: Key' Staff, IV: Alpha Delta Chi, II, III, IV: Band, I: Y-Teens, II, III, Vice-President, IV: F, H. A., I, II, III: Girls' Sports Club, I. ALYSE DEMING She faves. a lively argninent , toxpass the time away. Junior Play Stafzqe Crew, III: Senior Play Stage Crew, IV: Girls' Glee Cluh, I, II: Mixed Chorus, I, II: Key Staff, IV: Alpha Delta:'Chi, IV: Di Immoi-tales Staff, II: Y-Teens, II, III, IV. Page Twenty-four PATRICIA LEE DRUCKAMILLER Being good is an awful tire- some job. Junior Play Stage Crew, III: Senior Plav,Stage Crew, iv. High scr1bBi'C110n-, I, II, III, IV: Girls" GleelClub, I, II, III: Mixed Chorus, I: F. T. A., I,,II, IEII, President, IV: Hor- net Staff Business Manager, IV: Key Staff Assistant Edi- tor,XIV: Alpha Deltaifihi, I, II, Vice-President, 'III: Three One-act Play, Cast, III: Band, I, II, III,,IV: Orchestra, II: District Solo Contest, I, II: District Ensemble Contest, I, II, III, IV: State Ensemble Contest, III: Di Immortales Staff, II: Y-Teens, II, III, Pro- gram Chairman, IV: Student Council, II: Operetta Chorus, I, IV: Girls' Sports Club, I, II: Poetry and Essay Con- tests, IV: National Honor So- ciety. ROBERT EUGENE GECOWETS Dzvzdea' between two thoughts each day, One to work ana' the other to play. , Junior Play Stage Grew, III: 'Senior Play Cast, IV: Boys'iGlee Club, II: Key Staff, IV:,Alpha Delta Chi, I, II, III: Three One-act Plays Stage Crew, II: Three-One-act Play Cast, II: Band, I, II: Hi-Y, II: Track, III, IV: Basketball, I: Baseball, I: Safety Patrol, I: Operetta, I. JAMES A. CHASE Men of few words are the best vnen. Junior Play Stage Crew, III: Senior Play Stage Crew, IV: Key Staff, IV: Movie Film Operator, I, II, III, IV. SANDRA MAE DELLER Her heart is like a nzoong There's a man in it. Class Treasurer, I, Il, III, IV: Junior Play Cast, III: Senior Play Stage Crew, IV: High School Choir, I, Il, III, IV: Girls'3 Glee Club, I, II: Mixed Chorus, I, .,II: F. T. I2 Editor-in-chief, Hornet, IV: Associate Editor of Key An- nual, IV: Alpha Delta C-hi, I, II, lIIj Booster Club, II: Band, I, II,-III, IV: Distrir-t Solo Contest, II: Di Iriimortales Staff Assistant Editor, II: Hoosier Girls' State, III: Y- Teens, II, III., Trgeasurer, IV: Girls' Sports Club, I, II: Math- ematics Contest,lII: Opcretta acc-oinpanist, IV: Operetta Chorus, I: District Ensemble Contest, IV: State Ensemble Contest, IV: Salutatorian: Na- tional Honor Society. A., DONALD T. HAYWARD A town that boasts inhabit- ants like me Can have no lack of good society. Junior Play Cast, III: Sen- ior Play Cast, IV: Band, I, II, III, IV: District Solo En- semble Contest, I, II, III, IV: State Ensemble Contest, IV: District Solo Contest, III: Basketball, I, II, III, IV: Baseball, I, II, III, IV: Hi-Y, II, III, IV: Safety Patrol, I: Film Operator, II, III, IV: Hornet Staff, IV: Key Staff, IV. JUDI A. ELLIOTT She was ever fair and never proud: Had tongue at will, yet was never loud. Junior Play Cast, III: Sen- ior Play Stage Crew, IV: Girls' Glee Club, I, II: Mixed Chorus, I, II: F. T. A., I: Hor- net Staff, IV: Key Staff, IV: Alpha Delta Chi, I, II, III, IV: Three One-act Play Cast, IV: lJi Immortales Staff, II: Y- Teens, II, III, IV: Student Council, I: F. H. A., I: Latin Contest, I: Thespian'SoCiety: English Contest IV. JEAN MARIE BEGIN When words fail, music speaks. Senior Play Cast, IV: High School Choir, I, II,'sIII, IV: Girls' Glee Club, ,I, II, III: Mixed Chorus, I,,e,II: Vocal Sextet, If II, III, IV: F. T. A., I, IV: Key Staff, IV: Alpha Delta.Chi, I, II, III: Booster Club, II: Band, I,, II,'III, IV: Orchestra, II, III, IV: District Soloe- ontest, II, III: State Solo Contest, II, III: District Ensemble C5?Ite,St, I, II, III, IV: State Ensemble Contest, II, III, IV: Y-Teens, II, pi- anist, III, IV: Student Coun- cil, III: Girls' Sports Club, I: Operetta Chorus, I, IV: Drum Majorette, IV: May Queen's Court, III: Accompanist, Boys' Glee Club, III: Michigan State Music Soholarsliip, Psi Iota Xi, III: National Honor Soci- ety. JANE ALYCE JACK A pleasant smile, a pretty face, She'll make this world a het- ter place. Junior Play Stage Crew, III: Senior Play Stage Crew, IV: High, School Chdir, II: Girls' Glee Club, I, III, III: Mixed Chorus, I, II: Key Staff, IV: Alpfha Delta Chi, I, II, III, Secretary, IV: Booster Club, II: Band, I, II, III, IV: Orchestra, II, III: District Solo Contest, II: District En- semble Contest, I, II, III: State Ensemble Contest, III: Hoosier Girls' State Alternate, III: Y-Teens, II, III, Secre- tary, IV: F. H. A., I, II: Girls' Sports Club, I, II: Thespian Society, IV. MARY LOUISE ' STONECIPHER Never too quiet, never too gay: V, Always conducts herself in just the right way. Senior Play Stage Crew, IV: Girls' ,'7Gle6,Club, IZ Mixed Chorus, I: F, T. A,, III: Key ygfaif, IVQ F. LH. A., III. Mary attended New London High School, New London, Connec- ticut, in her junior year. DONNA JOAN BARLETT They that stanal' high have many hlastslrto shaker them. Key Sta1iEf!AI'V:,.Qihior Play Stagb Crew, III,:".enior Play Stag? grewgi : Band, I, II, III,se:,f 3 District Ensemble Contest, III: Mathematics Contest, II. HAL MOORE As many men, so many minds: Every one his own way. Junior Play Stage Crew, III: Senior Play Stage Crew, IV: Key Staff, IV: Basketball, I, II, III: Baseball, I, II, III: Student Council, I, II. DAVID A. A. FIELD A swell fellow who has won many., friends simply by he- invg one. F Key..Staff, IV: Track, I, II, III, IV. GEORGE GOODRICH Easy going, fancy free, The rewards for work I could never see. Key Staff, IV. George at- tended Gage Park High School in Chicago, Illinois, the first two years of high school, ANITA L. WILLIS Friends, if we he honest with ourselves, we shall be hon- est with each other. Junior Play Cast, III: Girls' Glee Club, I: Mixed Chorus, I: Key Staff, IV: Di Immm-tales Staff, II: Hoosier Girls' State, III: Y-Teens, II, III, Chaplain, IV: Latin Conteg II. R ,rfre if ,if xl Q, ij'-"' If ff -.,j.. JAMES MAC FADYEN DON BRYAN Resist the devil and he will If school is liherty, give nie flee from yon. Key Staff, IV: Hi-Y, II: Basketball, I, II, III, IVQ Baseball, 1, 11, 111, IV. JOHN DAVID LAIRD Do your hest and leave the rest, What is the use of worry? Class Vice-President, III, IVQ Junior Play Cast, III: Sen- ior Play Cast, IV: Key Staff, IV5 Band, I, II, III, IV, Dis- trict Solo Contest, I, IIg State Solo Contest, Ig District En- semble Contest, I, III, IV: State Ensemble Contest, 3 IV Hoosier Boys' State, IIIg Hi- Y, II, III, IV, Page Twenty-six death! Key Staff, IV. LAURA MARIE SMI H Bright as the sun r ye sh , and i t esu I s e on a alike. A I .T 'o l Sta Crew, ' S 1or P S e Crew, IV' K Staff, V: JUNE KATHERINE YAT She is very sinal d dark, And always p as a lark. Junior P y age Crew, IIIQ Senior l Y Cast, IVJ Mixed Chorus, , ornet Staff, IV: Key Staff, V: Alpha Delta Chi, ' Y- ee s, II, III, IVQ F. H. ., I, II Queen's C0 A II , Nati a Honor 5 so I GLENN B. FORDYCE Speech is great, hut silence is greater. Boys' G e Club, : Mixed Chorus, 3 'ey Sta , ,Safe- ty rr a, I. JAMES CHARLES SIEGEL How pleasant is Saturday night when I've tried all the week to he good. Junior Play Stage Crew, III: Boys' Glee Club, I: Mixed Chorus, I: Key Staff, IV: Hi- Y, Il: Track, I, II: Basket- lmll, I, II: Student Council, Ill: Operetta Chorus, I. SHIRLEY ANNE EYSTER Happy, pretty little miss, Always rea f r a is Junior Pl st, II Se - ior Pl S, Cre I 1 Girls' G1 e Cl , Ig y Sta , IV: o Et ' St , ASSI ltant Edito f lp el Chi, 11, IIIQ - 11, llllll MARY ANN FAST She is pretty to walk with, And witty to talk with, Anil pleasant too, to think on. Junior Play Stage Crew, III: Senior Play Stage Crew, IV: Girls' Glee Club, I, II: 'Mixed Chorus, I, II: Hornet ge Staff, IV: Key Staff, IV: Alpha Delta Chi, I, II, IV: Y-Teens, II, III, IV: F. H. A., I: Girls' Sports Club, I, II, PATRICIA JEAN ESSENBERG She likes claneing, fnn and jest, But that's not what she likes the hest. Class Vice-President, I: High School Choir, II, IV: Girls' Glee Club, I, II, III: Mixed Chorus, I, II: Vocal Sextet, I, II, III, IV: Key Staif, IV: Alpha Delta Chi, I, II, III, IV: Booster Club, II: District Ensemble Contest, I, II, III, IV: State Ensemble Contest, II, III: Cheerleader, I: Y-Teens, II, III, IV: Oper- etta Chorus, I, IV. BARBARA GEANE WLSQN She is mauer lhss at leisnre than all leisure. .Tuning 'Play iStage Crew, III: Senior Pla! Stage Crew, IV: ' s' Glee Club, I, II: Mixed Aiorus, I, II: Key Staff, IV: Hgrnet Staff, IV: Alpha Delia hi,fI, II, IV: Booster Club, II: Dhglmmortales Staff, IINYVPQE-ns, U, III, IV: F. H. Af I: Girls' Sports Club, I, II: Thespian Society, IV. MAXINE EUGENIA SPANGLE She hegan talking when quite a ehilel, Anel her talking is far from rnilel. Junior Play Cast, III: Sen- ior Play Stage Manager, IV: High School Choir, I, Il, III, IV: Girls' Glee Club, I, II: Mixed Chorus, I: Vocal Trio, III: F. T. A., I, II: Key Staff, IV: ,Alpha Delta Chi, I, II, III, President, IV: Three One- act Plays Stage Crew, I, III: Three One-act Plays Cast, II, Director, IV: National Thes- pian Society, III, IV: Booster Club, It Band, I, II, III, IV: Orchestra, III: District Solo Contest, I, II, III, IV: State Solo Contest, III: District En- semble Contest, I, III Y- Teens, II, III, IV: Girls' Sports Club, I, Vice-President, II: Operetta Chorus, I, IV: I Speak for Democracy Contest, III, IV: Thespian Society, IV. SANDRA BARKDULL S0 proper and sedate a lass, We selcloin know she's in the class. F. T. A., III, IV: Junior Play Stage Crew, III: Senior Play Cast, IV: Key Staff, IV: Alpha Delta Chi, III, IV: Three One-act Play Cast, III: National Thespian Society, III, IV: Y-Teens, I, II, III, President, IV: Student Coun- cil, I: Girls' Sports Club, I, II: Mathematics Contest, I: Eng- lish Contest, III: Operetta, II: Essay Contest, III: Poetry Contest, IV: Valerlictorian: National Honor S o 0 i e t yi Thespian Society. Sandra at- tended Muncie Burris, Muncie, Indiana, the first two years of high school. SHARON KAY CLARK A little woinan is as eapahle as a hig man, when raising 611111. Junior Play Stage Crew, III: Senior Play Crew, IV: High School Choir, II, IV: Girls, Glee Club, I, II, III: Mixed Chorus, I, II: Vocal Sextet, I, II, III, IV: Alpha Delta Chi, I, II, Treasurer, III, IV: 'Rhree One-act Play Cast, I, III: National Thespian Society, III, IV: District En- semble Contest, I, II, III, IV: State Ensemble Contest, II, III: Y-Teens,'II, III: Song Leader, IV: Student1Council, III: F. H. A., I: Operetta Chorus, IV: Poetry Contest, IV: May Queens Court, II: Thespian Society. NANCY LEE OREWILER A giggling lass with light hrown hair: Girls like her are very rare. Junior Play Cast, III: Sen- ior Play Stage Crew, IV: Girls' Glee Club, I, II: Mixed Chorus, I, II: Hornet Staff, IV: Key Staff, IV: Y-Teens, II, III, IV. JERRY LEE ROBERTS 'Egpeqry man has hnsiness which he must attend to. .IuniorAP,lay Cast, III: Sen- ior Play Cast,,fIV: Key Staff, IV: Basketball, II-Ig Student Council Presidefilt, IV. Jerry moved here from.Muncie, In- diana 'at the beginning of the junior' year. "" ' , .1 RITA GEANE SELLINGER True wit is nature to atl- fuantage rlressicl, What oft was thought, hut ne'er so well expressetl! Junior Play Cast, III, Sen- ior Play Cast, IV, Girls' Glee Club, I, II, III, Mixed Chorus, I, II, Hornet Staff, IV, Key Staff, IV,,Alp-ha Delta Chi, I, II, ,III, IV: Three One-act Play Director, IV, Band, I, II, III, Y-Teens, II, III, IV, F. H. A., I, II: Girls' Sports Club, II, Thespian Society, IV. ANN MARIE REDDING Her hair shined like stairs at night, Her eyes glowed like rleep pools of light. Junior Play Stage Crew, III, Senior Play Stage Crew, IV, High School Choir, I, II, III, IV: Girls' Glee Club, I, II, III, Mixed Chorus, 1, II, Vo- cal Sextet, I, II, III, IV, Hor- net Staff, IV, Key Staff, IV, Alpha Delta Chi, I, II, III, Three One-act ,Plays Stage C1'ew, I, II, Th1'ee One-act Play Cast, III: Booster Club, II, May Queen's Court, III, District Ensemble Contest, I, II, III, IV, State Ensemble Contest, II, III, Cheerleader, I, III, IV, Y-Teens, II, III, IV, Girls' Glee Club, I: Operetta Cast, IV, Operetta Chorus, I. WILLIAM WARREN MYERS Look' yon, I ani concerned with great interests. Junior Play Cast, III: Sen- ior Play Stage Crew, IV, High School Choir, IV: Boys' Glee Club, I, II, III: Mixed Cho1'us, I, II, III, Band, I, II, III, IV, Operetta Chorus, IV. VVarren attended Perrysville High School, Perrysville, Indiana, the first three years of high school. MICHAEL DANE CLAUSEN Why should the devil have all the goocl times? Junior Play Stage Crew, III, Senior Play Stage Crew, IV, Hornet Staff, IV, Key Staff, IV, Hi-Y, II, III, Bas- ketball, I, II, III, IV, Base- ball, II, III. ARTHUR LEONARD XVARREN A little nonsense now and then Y Is relished hy the hest of men. Junior Play Cast, III, Sen- ior Play Cast, IV, Key Staff, IV, Hoosier Boys' State Al- ternate, III, Hi-Y, II, Track, I, Basketball, I, II, Baseball, I, II, III, IV, Student Coun- cil, I, II, Vice-President, IV. SUZANNE ELIZABETH WEISS Nothing is pleasant that is not spiced with oariety. .Iunior Play Stage Crew, III, Senior Play Crew, IV, High School Choir, I, II, III, IV: Girls' Glee. Club, I, AII, Mixed Chorus, I, II, Hprnet Staff, IV: ,.Key Staff, IV, Alpha Delta Chi, I, II, III, IV, Urohestra, II, III: Di Immor- tales Stalf II: fYf-Teens, II, III, Chairman Social' Commit- tee, IV, Booster' Club, II, Girls' Sports Club, I, II: Oper- etta Chorus, I, IV, Hoosier Girls' State Alternate, III, 'Ithespian Society. NORMA JEAN MALONE A dark-haired, dark-e y e fi charming vniss, A a'ate with her is SZlf1'Clj',,: hliss. Q Norma attended Harhilton High School for 3k ,years. Senior Play Cast, IV,'1Hami1- tonian Staff, IV: Librarian, I, II, Girls' Basketballkgourney, III, Girls' Sports Clu, , I, II, III, IV, Y-Teens, IV, Alpha Delta Chi, IV, Thespian Soci- ety, IV. Page Twenty-eight 'lflnfoaqattalvlu Breakfasts Christmas Prom Freshman Initiation Marching Contests Graduation Senior Day May Dance "Oh Brother!" Senior Trip Junior-Senior Banquet Cubis Basketball Baseball Baccalaureate Houseparties Court Jewelry - Argyles Y-Teens Middy Blouses "Down To Earthv Vacations Pep Sessions Crew Cuts Hi-Y White Bucks Three One-Act Plays Suede Jackets Going Steady Bullet Bags Pegged Pants Poodle Cuts Consideration Of Teachers Sectional Stoles Tri-State Study Hall Psychology Class Junior Stand H0fHCfSl Sock Hops Y-Teen Come-as-you-are Breakfast Putting out the "Key" Peroxide Journalism Class Magazine Sales Passes BlEdSOC,S Parties Card Sales Chili Supper Paper Drive New Year's Eve Pierced Ears Page Twenty-nine Page Thirty Klan, Jfiafo The class of 'S 4 entered the hallowed halls of AHS in September of 1950. Sixty five students were enrolled. These included: Jim Chase Pat Druckamiller Carol Hollabaugh Anita Willis Mike Clausen Phyllis McEntarfer Barbara Nelson Max Collins Judi Elliott Betty Ritter Margaret Weiss Rosalie Harman Larry Lamborne Barbara Shank Laura Smith Arlene Grubb Mary Etta Hughes John Book Mary Ann Fast Sherry Murphy Don Hayward Nancy Orewiler David Laird Sandra Deller Jim MacFayden Lynn Fisher Ann Redding Bob Gecowets Maxine Spangle David Field Joan Hudgens Sharon Clark Jeannine Griffith John Randolph Norma Hollinger Leonard Warren Jane Jack Georgianna Jensen Junior Ritter Joyce LaVine Rita Sellinger Richard Miller Glenn Fordyce Norma Richardson Jean Begin Ben Selfridge Robert Worthington Pat Essenberg Dick VanWagner Mary Stonecipher Felix Weldon Barbara Young Donna Barlett Hal Moore Dorothy Robbins James Siegel Barbara Reed June Yates Frank Elder Alyse Deming Bernie Smith Suzanne Weiss Our Freshman year was not marked by great activity but we had great hopes for the future. In our sophomore year we were still considered "little cogs" but we felt that our importance was growing by leaps and bounds. As juniors our activity picked up greatly. We entered the realm of "big businessn with the junior stand and the magazine subscription sales. These things along with the junior' class play, "Oh Brother," told us that finally we were "big wheels." And finally the big moment arrivedg we were seniors. One of the more important things was the senior class play, "Down to Earth." We were busier than ever with bake sales, a chili supper, paper drives, and other money making schemes to help fin- ance our class trip. We put on the class day program and attended the Junior-Senior banquet-as guests this time. We enjoyed the May Dance. We went on our never-to- be-forgotten trip to New York City! Then came baccalaureate and last of all the crowning glory of commencement! We walked down the aisle to the the strains of "I-'omp and Circumstances" and after that we were on our own. Life will be what we make it! -DAVID LAIRD BOB WORTHINGTON Q jfuubfm, - Way, fuck Uh.erz-! TOP ROXV CLEFT SIDED: Maxine Spangle, Leonard XVarren, Patricia Druc-kalniller, Nancy Orewiler. SECOND ROXV: Ronnie Sutton, Rita Sellinger, Janet Baker, Don Bryan. THIRD ROXY: liosalie Harman, Sharon Clark, Alyse Deming, Jane Jack. FOURTH HOSY: Dave Field, Lynn Fisher, Jim Chase, Ann Redding. FIFTH HOXY: Hal Moore, Felix XVeldon, Don Hayward, David Laird. SIXTH ROYY: Laura Smith, Pat Essenberg, Anita VVi11is, Sandra Deller. SEVENTH ILOXV: Sue XVeiss, Mary Ann Fast, Glenn Fordyce, Joyce LaVine. TOP PICTURE QRIGHT SIDEJ: Present seniors in the first grade, SECOND PICTURE: Fourth grade-Teacher, Mrs. Doris Keckler. THIRD PICTURE: First grade!-Teacher, Miss Vera Myers. Page Thirty-one I Kid-M 69fwPfwf-If Here it is 1974 and time for the big reunion of the class of ,54. It's being held at one of the restaurants in Shirley Eyster's chain of up-to-the minute eating places. Alyse Deming is her head waitress. Some of the class is being flown to the reunion in the Moore Super-Jet, recently invented by Hal Moore and Sandy Barkdull. Jim MacFadyen pilots the plane and we find that Judi Elliott is the communications captain and Janet Baker is the chief stewardess. Nancy Orewiler is business manager. First to arrive is Ann Redding, a famous opera star, who has just starred in "When the Chicks Cheep,', a movie filmed in Jim Ghaseis new 4-D. Maxine Spangle zooms up in a cloud of dust. She is the first woman to win the S00 mile race at the Indianapolis speedway. Accompanying her are Jim Siegel and Glenn Fordyce, world's foremost mechanics who repair her cars. Mary Ann Fast tells us that Barbara Nelson and Sharon Clark can't come because they are working on an important case for the F.B.l. Mary Ann now has high school "hang-outsv all over the U. S. Hearing the tramp of marching feet, we see Leonard Warren coming in. He is captain of the National Guard. With him are Warren Myers, National Guard drum- mer, and his old buddies, Jerry Roberts and Bob Gecowets, who now own and manage all the ASLP stores in the world. Taking everything down in shorthand are June Yates, Carol Hollabaugh, and Sherry Murphy. They are all top flight secretaries and can type over 200 words a minute. Anita Willis comes in with her pet elephant which she acquired while doing mis- sionary work in Africa. Leafing through an Esquire magazine, we see that George Goodrich is now the editor and Don Bryan its main artist. We are interrupted by Joyce LaVine's sales talk on her "Walk-Sure" crutches. Pat Essenberg decides to buy a million and sell them at a special rate in her 5 81 10c stores Page Thzrty two glam Pfzophecy, Many changes have taken place in Angola since 1954. Don Hayward is president of Tri-State University fit's growingj and Donna Barlett is teaching drafting there. Felix Weldon designed and built the mammoth Angola Coliseum. Mary Stonecipher's Rollar-Skating Revue is now showing there and we understand that next week Barbara Reed's world renowned horse show is scheduled. We had an interesting talk with Jane Jack, first woman Secretary of State, and Bob Worthington, famous interpreter of Spanish for the U. N. Another big wheel from the class of '54 is Sandy Deller, who is now running for her fifth term as mayor of Fremont. Norma Malone is now principal of Hamilton high school. We are going to be entertained tonight by Jean Begin and Pat Druckamiller, the worldis greatest song and dance team. Sue Weiss, RCA recording artist, will play the violin. Later Lynn Fisher and his Jive Five will play for dancing. Above all the noise we hear Dave Field, just voted the world's best dressed traffic cop. All the girls are lining up to receive advice from Rita Sellinger, owner and opera- tor of "Rita's Beauty Shop." Laura Smith tells us that she has just had her first art show in New York and Dorothy Quimby is writing articles on interior decorating for House Beautiful. After the Class of '54 left A.H.S., Mr. Walradth suddenly and unexpectedly gave up teaching and went into the undertaking profession with Dave Laird. They now feature Funeral Service with a Smile. Mike Clausen promises to throw a big party for us, after the dinner at the restau- rant, at one of his Hollywood Landings which he has established on every lake in the country. During the winter he plays professional basketball. We must be going, but hasn't the class of '5 4 done some terrific things? -SANDY BARKDULL JUDI ELLIOTT LYNN FISHER JANE JACK Page Thirty three CULZL We, the class of 1954 of Angola High School, situated in the city of Angola, in the county of Steuben, in the State of Indiana, being of extremely sound mind and body, do hereby make, publish and declare this to be our last will and testament. To MR. WALRADTH, our sponsor, we leave our sincere appreciation for his wonderful guidance. TOAMR. MCCUTCHAN, our principal, we leave our best wishes for his continued success as principal of A. H. S. TO MR. BOOMERSHINE, our superintendent, we leave our best wishes for the construction of a beau- tiful new school building. TO THE REST OF THE FACULTY, we leave the memory of the class of '5 4 to do with as they see Ht. To THE JUNIORS, we leave our ability to have fun. To THE SOPHOMORES, we leave our money- making projects to do with what they may. To THE FRESHMEN, we leave our ability to get along with the faculty and hope that they enjoy school life as much as we have. In addition to these bequests we wish to dispose of some more of our personal items as follows: I, PATRICIA DRUCRAMILLER, do hereby will and bequeath to Mike Erickson my driver's license and my ability to drive, and he may do with them as he sees Ht. I, MAXINE SPANGLE, do hereby will and be- queath the right to keep good track of who is there and what they do at 413 South College St. I, ALYSE DEMING, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to fall upstairs and trip Over my shadow to my sister, Janet. I, JUNE YATES, do hereby will and bequeath my worn out pencil from writing journalism stories to any future journalism student who I am sure will need it. I, DOROTHY QUIMBY, do hereby will and be- queath to my sister, Barbara, the ability at her Own will to go with the same guy at his own will as long as she has him at her own will and of his own will. I, LYNN FISHER, do hereby will and bequeath my nickname, "Gus,,' and my old broken down Dodge to John Maloy in the hope he can make it run and make the best use of it. Page Thirty-four Jmiament I, PATRICIA ESSENBERG, do hereby will and be- queath my ability to go out with someone's "steady" without her findng out, to anyone who thinks she can get away with it. I, JANE JACK, do hereby will and bequeath my driving ability to Ned Fifer in the hope that he has many good times. I, NORMA MALONE, do hereby will and bequeath my white sweater to Phid Horn, and to Barb Van Marter my long hair in the hope they can make good use of them. I, FELIX WELDON, do hereby will and bequeath the well worn road to Fremont to anybody who can use it to as good advantage as I have. I, BARBARA REED, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to get through school to my brother, Le- roy. I, ANITA WILLIS, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to take dictation at 150 words a minute to Mr. Walradth. I, SHERRY MURPHY, do hereby will and bequeath my good times in high school and my clean, neat locker to my brother, Kent, in the hope that he never gets his in such a mess. . I, SHARON CLARK, do hereby will and bequeath to my sister, Nanci, Mike C., Jerry R., and Leonard W., to give her advice on her "love-life,' as they have me on mine. I, JOYCE LAVINE, do hereby will and bequeath my bamboo cane to Rex Barton and my ability to take a 3 months, 6 weeks summer vacation to any- one who Wants it. I, MARY ANN FAST, do hereby will and be- queath my ability to date Tri-State students while I am in high school to Margo Brannan. I, DON HAYWARD, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to sell season basketball tickets to Jean- ette Crain in the hope she can make good use of it. I, LEONARD WARREN, do hereby will and be- queath to Cocky Porter my well worn white and blue polka dot shirt in the hope that she won,t wear it every day as she claims I did. I, ANN REDDING, do hereby will and bequeath to Carlita Porter the Lane next to our house to use as she sees fit. But, Cocky, donit get stuck the way I did. I, JIM MACFADYEN, do hereby will and be- queath my car and my ability to get to school 30 afaAL6u'ilL seconds early every day to Gary Forbes in the hope he can use them both to his advantage. I, JUDI ELLIOTT, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to go steady with one guy for almost two years, with only minor breaks, to Kay Smalley in the hope she makes good use of it. I, MIKE CLAUSEN, do hereby will and bequeath my private study hall to Tom Randolph in the hope that he uses it to good advantage. I, JERRY ROBERTS, do hereby will and bequeath the bumpy road to Books' house to- a certain fellow in the hope that he makes better use of it than I did. I, SANDRA DELLER, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to be good, have fun, and not get caught in Mr. Walradth's typing class to any oncoming seniors in hope that they mind the way I did. I, WARREN MYERS, do hereby will and bequeath my enthusiasm for Government to any Junior who thinks he needs it and I will just leave peacefully. I, DONNA BARLETT, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to get A,s in shorthand to Carolyn Goucly and my physics book to my sister, Mary, in the hope she can do better than I did with the work I didn't put into it. I, SUE WEISS, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to "run offi' the Hornet to any Junior who thinks he can do it. I, CAROL HOLLABAUGH, on this the fourteenth day of May, being in my right mind, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to get along with teachers and get A's to Janet Umbaugh in the hope that she uses It. I, JIM SIEGEL, do hereby will and bequeath my expert typing ability to anyone that isnlt particular about his grades. I, LAURA SMITH, do hereby will and bequeath my well-worn pen and empty stationery box to anyone that Wants them. I, BARBARA NELSON, do hereby will and be- queath John Elston to Phid Horn in the hope that she is good to him when I am gone. I, JANET BAKER, do hereby will and bequeath Marlene Aldrich and Pat Scott my worn seat in the bus. I, SHIRLEY EYSTER, do hereby will and bequeath anything and everything that connects me with school to anyone that wants it. I, NANCY OREWILER, do hereby will and be- queath my laugh, sneeze, paper filled locker, and my jmiamnnf, good, but worn out loafers to Majorie McEntarfer to do with as she sees fit. I, SANDY BARKDULL, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to be unemotional at basketball games to Katy MacFadyen-also I will drive for her when she is in the northeast part of town. I, BOB GECOWETS, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to make it through high school by the skin of my teeth to anyone who needs it. I, GLENN FORDYCE, do hereby will and bequeath my hard learned driving skill to- my kid brother, Phil Rorick. I, MARY STONECIPHER, do hereby will and be- queath my well filled locker to Sara Anderson. I, JEAN BEGIN, do hereby will and bequeath my French horn to Gary Forbes. I, HAL MOORE, do hereby will and bequeath my abliity to crunch fenders against any light poles within 50 feet of the road to "Driving,, Jimmy Al- bright to use as he sees fit. I, RITA SELLINGER, do hereby will and bequeath my ability not to miss a day of school, but to take spot vacations during school to Annette Voorhees. I, DAVID LAIRD, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to take care of my car to anyone who needs or wants it. I, BOB WORTHINGTON, do hereby will and be- queath my ability to type to anyone that doesnlt need it. I, DON BRYAN, do hereby will and bequeath my ability never to get into trouble to Ronnie Sutton. I, DAVID FIELD, do hereby will and bequeath my old '34 Ford to Chuck Southern in the hope he doesn't brag about it. I, JIMMY CHASE, do hereby will and bequeath two pairs of 3-D glasses to Miss Paul, one for the eyes in front of her head and one for her eyes in the back. I, GEORGE GOODRICH, do hereby will and be- queath by ability to get up early in the morning to Ronnie Sutton. In testimony whereof, we hereunto set our hand and seal and declare this to be our last will and testament, this twenty-fifth day of May, in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and fifty- four. SIGNED: THE SENIOR. CLASS PER: NANCY OREWILER DOROTHY QUIMBY Page Thirty-five Aak' ,Fa-01 ...wav CLASS OFFICERS Presidcn L' ,,,,A,,., Vice'-Prtfsident .--..,-Jerry Essenberg ,,,,,Chuck Southern Secwtury ,,,.,,, SSSS..,.SS,S P at Scott T1'easzzrc'r ,,,,,,,,,,,,7 ,,,.,,,., P hid Jarrarcl Sergeant-at-Arms SL0011s01' W Colors ,,,, ...,..Richard Maxton ,,,,,,Mr. Feldmann ,,,.,,Red and White FIOWU1' ........,,,,.......,,,,,,,..,,,,,,,, Red Carnation M0270 ,,.. "We'll Find a Wa Puffc' Tfonty-six y or Make One" Um, TOP ROXY NAINIE John Adanw ..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Sara Anderson ,,,A, Jim Babcock ...... Jack Binkle-3' ,,,,. Donna Book ,,,,,A,,, Margo Brannon .... Bea Burnett ..,.,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,A Phyllis Crain ,,,,,,,A,,,,,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,w, SECOND ROXV Donna Crum A,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,, A,,,,,.,, Y John Elston ...,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,A Jetty Essenberg ,.,., Allen Fair ,..l,,ll,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, THIRD ROXV Carolyn Gnurly ,,l,,,,,,,,,,,,l,,,,,,,,,, VVi1lian1 Harte-r ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Judy Healy ......,..,,..,,,.,,.....,,v....... FOURTH ROVV Shirley Henley ,,,,,,,l,...,.,.,,,,,,,,,,, Phyllis Horn ,,,,,,,,,,,,,AAA,AAA,,,,Yv,,V,,, Sharon Hughes . 452' NICKNAME ,........Johnny .............Andy ........Jim ......Jack ...,....Dee .....,Margo .,,.,,.,Bea ......Phid .......Crumie ...,....,John .......Speed .,....Ca1ico ......VVillie ......,Hudy .....,.Sllll'l6Y .........Phyl ...,..Dale TOP R OW Marilyn Huff ,,,,....,..,..V,..,.........,,. Phyllis Jarrard ..,.,,.,........ Walter Julian .... Bob Kelley ........ Lorin Krueger ,,.,,, Clyde Lonsbury ...,,. Richard Maxton ......,,,,..............., Charlene McNett ..............,,,,........ SECOND ROW Ronald Meek .,.,...,...,......................... Lynda Miller ,,,,. .... Fred Musser ......... Carlita Porter .,,,..,. Barbara Quimby Tom Randolph ,..... Doris Raney ........,... Gerald Richmond gumbzm, ,,,,,,Marney .,,.,,...Phid ,,.....,Walt ...,,,..Bob ...,.,,Lorin ...,,.Ding' ......Diek ,....,Char .Little Mort ,....,....Shorty ......,,.F1'ed ,.....Cocky ....,.Gale ,......Tom ...,...,.,,Dee ......,,Jerry THIRD ROW Charles Rose .....,.............,.,..,.,....... Beverly Sams ,,..,,,,....,.... Patricia Scott ..,,, Dick Seeman ..... Kenneth Short ..,,. ,.....Ba.S ....,,Bev ......Pat .......Rich .....,..,..Ken Kay Smalley ...........,., ..,.,, S melley Charles Southern ..,,.......,,....,.,.... . ..,...... Chuck Ronald Sutton ,.,,,.................,.....,.,.. ........ R onnie FOURTH ROW Jim Swift ........................................... ...... J im Janet Umbaugh ...,....,,.l.........,.,.... .Y,....,, J an Barbara VanMarter Sharon Winkler ....., Robert Porter ...,... Nancy Wyatt ,.,...,.. Terry Lockwood .,.. Mr. Feldmann ...... .......,.Barb ........Sharon ,,.,,,,....Bob ..........,Nan .,,.,,..,Stacey ..V..,Sponsor Page Thirty-seven . -' I M9 in x jvphomomza, TOP ROYV NAME AMBITION Fred Philipp .....,,,,.,......... Mechanical Engineer Kay Creel ,........,....,,,. ,.......... F ashion Designer Marlene Aldrich ..... ,..........,......,.. P harmacist Robert Andrew ,... .................... F armer Mary Barlett .,,... ........,,i..i., M issionary Hex Barton ..,.. ,..... T urkey Farmer CLASS OFFICERS President .,..,..,,,,,,,,,.....,,,,..,,,,,,,,, Fred Philipp Vice-President ...,,,i Nancy Gleason Secretary ..,,,,. ,,,....,,,.,,,, S hirley Miller Treasmfer .... ,.v,.. M ary Jane Hamma Sponsor ..,,, ..,.,,.......... M iss Reed Colors ,,,. ,... - -.Scarlet and Gray Flower ..,,.e,..,...........,,..,.........,, Rose Motto ,,,,, .,.. ' 'The Higher We Rise the Broader the Viewn ' W? ., 3,2 A X 4 f rw' A . if Gail Rrauchla ........,...,..... Building Contractor Jane Brokaw ..,,,,,,........,,,,.......,ii.,..,,.,....,. Teacher SECOND IIOXY Roberta Brokaw .,,..,,..... ' ' Suzanne Caris v,,, ...,.,,,..,,., Janie Cleland ..... ,. Shirley Collins ,.,,. Ned Cook ....,,,,.,...,.. ..........,,............Mus1c1an ,,,,Commercial Artist M........,,,.......Housewife .,.....Englis'h teacher ...,l.............Engineer ...,.......,Housewife Shirley Cotner ....,,,,. Alan VValtenberg'e1' .... . Donna Crone ...........,...,... THIRD Tim Culver ........,, Pete Dick ........,,... Kenny Dowell Lou Ann Eff ...... .....,Mechanic .....Um....4.,....Housewife ROYV ,........,..........,.........Pharmacist ......,..,,........Accountant ,..,Physical Th erapist Ned Fifer .,,.,,. ..,,ii,...,,........,,,. M echanie Sharon Hefty .... .................. H ousevvife Kay 'Fry .,...,....,,,,.............,...l,,,.,...,.......,...l,.... Nurse Dick Gecowets .l,.........,.......,... VVindoW VVasher FOURTH ROXV Nancy German ,,.,................ Dramatics Teacher Eldon Gurtner , .,,..,.... ,...., .,,.. l.,. , ................. 1 7 a rmer Mary Jane Hamma i,,. ....,..,. . ..Englis-h Teacher Fl FT H' IIOXV lfatricia Hole .......................l Interior Decorator Lanny Hollinger ......,......,...................,...... Success Arlene Kaylor ...,......,....,.. Housewife ,ex nr 3 if f X -Q., ,I ,aw at i fii w eft T ., . - "-lA' . ,Y nusglblun. A an VT M 33 f,,,,..,.y . Q, 5 ,Q ':- E 1 i A .3 ,,.,. f ,ff TOP ROXV NAME AMBITION Leora Keller ........,,.,....,,,,....,. ........ H ousewife Eddie Klink ..... ...,.....,YA.,..... M ortician Marilyn Koch ,,,. .,,.,,,,..,,.,,,.,.. H ousewife Carolyn Kolb ,,,,....,,..... ,..,.,. C omrnercial Artist Gene Maxton ,,,,,,,,...,...,,, ,,,......., C ivil Engineer Sandra Leatherman ..... .,............... H ousewife Lois Lonsbury ,.,,.,......... ..,,.,..,.,....,,.,... S ecretary Rosemary Lower .,,,,.,,.........,,,,...... ............ N uI'Se SECOND HOVV Katy Maclfadyen ,........ ....,,,,,,.....,,......,.. S uccess John Maloy ,,,,,,..,,...................,,. Gold Prospector Anita McClellan .....V.,,,.,.....,......,...,.Y,.,.......... Pilot Nancy Gleason ......,.........,... Dramatics Teacher Dave Mendenhall ..,. Professional Blacksmith Karen Meyer ,,,,,..,........,,,,,.,................. Housewife Mary Lou Miller ,,,,..,,...,.,....,..,,..,........., Musician Shirley Miller ,.,,,...............,,,,.... Science Teacher THIRD ROVV Dennis Munger ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,........,,,,.... Carpenter Beverly Musser ............,,,..,.................. Housewife Mary Nelson ....,,, ......... B asehall Player David Ralston ...... ...............Y, ,...... .......... P 1 l ot Yolene Rinehart ...... .,,..,, T elephone Operator it M, ea Q-' -.. X 9 . jul It-H if if .. in .M lg' ravi Lee Schaeffer ................ Gas Station Attendant Sally Snow ........,,,,............,,....,.,.,,.............,., Nurse Ronnie Steenerson ,..,..,.........,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,.... Doctor FOURTH ROVV Nancy Stevens ..........,,.....,.....,,,,... Music Teacher Donna Strite ............,.,,.....,.,,,,.,,,. Music Teacher Jim Taylor ,,,,....,,,,.... .....,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, M illionaire Antonia Thomasello ........Y,.. Commercial Artist Roseann Thomasello .,........,..........,,,........ C. P. A. Joanne Ulmer ,,,.....,...,..,....,..Y.Y............,...,i., Success Carl Unger ......,...,......... Successful Businessman Annette Voorhees ...,..,...,,.... Dramtics Teacher FIFTH ROXV Don VVaite ........,.....,,................,,.... Civil Engineer John Weiss ..,.,.........,,.,.......,..,....,.. Shop Manager Cynthia Vvillis ...,. Carol vYVi1sey .,... Don VV ise ............,.., .....,..,.,,.J0urna11st ...,..,.,.,,,.Secretary .,....State Trooper Sharon Woodard ,. .,...,..... Secretary Phyllis VVyatt ,,,,....,,,,.,..,,,,......,,,...,,..,, Housewife Miss Reed .....................................,,............. Sponsor NOT PICTURED Pat XValsh ,,,,.......,...........,.... Marry a Millionaire Eleanor Shank ................................ Be Successful - fig' 9-Ci TOP ROVV SECOND ROWV NAME NICKNAME -. - - - - Mike Erickson -.,- 4 AA.,.A ------,. ..- A-A--,.---...-- M ike 1I6?,?l5a,?h35S?fU..i1ii1111i1111"3iii""'1"' e1L'j1'k3?I5 Juanita Ba?Se '---AAA --------f-- B Ionqie Sharon Coffman' W lf..jCurly 'Runes Albrlght ------ -'--A"---" J lm Carol Collins , .. Carol ?l?51vAIglf12fg1Vg"n ------4- ----'-- 3 Jeanette Crain" .,.. .,.... ' .4..Jean ' , ""' """' , A -I8l'l'y Cronin ........ .... J. erfy lfladlflogroliiflett ""'gl,1Icf',f1Q2 Deama Della? -----4'4--------4A-4----- ------- D 'ie Lalviar Brown-'----1 MHFIIQII Deltrlck .,A.,,,,..A,.,....... ,. .... ...Marll THIRD ROW Paul DeRosa ,......... ..,,........ , ...... .....A.. P a ul CLASS OFFICERS La,-ry Eyster ,-44,, WLM-ry Pffffflwf ,,A- ,v--------, -- --14-. Mike Erickson ifL?gaf3'rfa'gfa'4'1i1111111111111111Q11111iii... iiiiiiivfgigii Vice-President .... ,.,.., R onny Wuest FOUPTH POW W K A Secretary ....v .. .v,.. G ary Forbes Dick Finch .........,..,....... ,... .........A... ....,.,. D 1 Q k ' ' Gary Forbes .,...............,.,.......,,,.. ........... B rad Treafurer ""' """ -I lm Albright Bonnie Gary .,,,,, .Bonnie Adviser ,,... ,.--... M r. Kuebler Junior German ..A.....,....,.......A... ......... T Om . FIFTH ROVV Colors ..... Blne and XVl'nte Lois Harmon WW---Lois Flower .......,,,..,,,..... Whxte Carnatlon Dean Hafter ....---,...... ...- ,-V-. 1 - ----DSEMI .. - - J H'1d b d .,.. . Molto ,-, Not Fmlshed, Just Begun" J2H1e1iI01tQmgnraf.m-U ......,J1m .......J0n , 1 ,.:: V M , aa M fb isis it 3 ,. J lznlz 2 i 4 i E i , ,,.- , i J X M rf 19, :if at -: 1' Yfffifr " if le ,ei ww ilu 2 TOP ROW NAME Kenneth Hullinger ................ Billy Johnson ........... Michael Kirk ......... Ilonnie Kope Allen Kunkel ,... Janice ,Laird ....., . Robert Lowther ......,,.... 3 NICKNAME .,,,,,....,,......Tony .....,....Mike ........Corky .,.,...Jan ......Bob James Maxwell .............................. .... . ..-Tim SECOND Marjorie McEntarfer ROVV ,.,,,,,,4,Marj Sharon McLe1and ....................... Larry Moore ............,. 1 Vanda Musser ...,..... Lucinda Newnam Burdena Nichols ..... ......Sherry Larry ...,.....Van ................Ll.lCy , ......... . .... Deenle Matt Ratekin .,.,........,,........ ........ .................... M 3. tt Leroy Reed .....,........................ .......... R Oman Nose THIRD ROW Phillip Romero ......,........ , ............ ....... T Oni' Barbara Rondot ..,. Phillip Rorick .,.. Richard Servis ....,..Barb ........Phil ...,.,.Dick Douglas Sharrow ...,...Doug John Shaw .,.,....... ........ J ohn William Sheets ............................ ............. B ill Marcia Short ......,.................,,......... ..,.... M arcia FOURTH ROVV Richard Steinke ........................... ...... D ick Larry Stevenson .........l................ ....... L arry Billy Stonecipher ..... James Walcutt ........ Darlene Wallace ...,. Phillip Wilson ...... .....l..Bill ...........Jim ..,..Dene .......Phil .....Gene Eugene VVe1cht ........,................. John YVilliamson ........ FIFTH ....,,..John ROVV Ken VVilliams0n .,....................... ...,..,... K en Nancy VVood .........YY......,............ .......l.... v Nan Ronald Wuest .,.., ....,.. R onnie James Wyatt ............, .......... J im Alwyn Wycoff ............... ........A. A 1 Margaret Williamson ...Marge James Young ................................. ............l J im Mr. Kuebler ..l..................................... ...... S DOHSOI' NOT PICTURED Tom Priest ......................................-f .. ...... TO111 'fini Hzmcln, mar TOP ROYV: Glenn Vvilber, John Morris, Carol Skove, Richard Crist, Janet Deming, Donald Lee, Phillip Snyder, Barbara Rowe, Larry Leonhardt, Shirley Elston, Gary Griflith. SECOND ROXV: Barbara Mains, Clyde Smith, Barbara Detar, Rosalyn Burton, Ben Bryan, Jean Al- bright, John Rorick, Sharon Herendeen, Harold Cain, Sandra Van XV.-signer, Dale Dailey. THIRD ROYV: Geraldine Kaylor, Jack Miller, Ann Kugler, Roger Coleman, Patricia Collins, Richard Brokaw, Karen Reese, Don Orewiler, Sandra Wynn, Bill Buck, Anne Burns. FOURTH ROYV: Gordon Mitchell, Judith Binkley, Edward Thomas, Mrs. Gladys Kile, Steven Dick- meyer, Mary Schrider, Keith Beechy, John Henley, Jr., Nancy Randolph, John Fiandt, Beth Selman. FIFTH RONV: Jimmy Griem, Sherry Conner, John Mees, Norma Law, Ronald Lee, Sylvia Butler, Billy Wriglit, Judy Krutsch, David Southern, Mary Ann Basse, Eddie Smith. SIXTH ROVV: Beverly Greenamyer, Norma Nic-hols, Janean Freed, Roger Shiley, Brenda Brauchla, David MacFadyen, June Kelly, Roger Vvilson, Jerry Fast, Charlene Collins, Richard Day. SEVENTH ROWV: Sandra Menke, Adrian Cook, Barbara Haney, Tommy Caswell, Ann Slanina, Jerry Byers, Mr. Curt Rathburn. NOT PICTURED: Robert Burlew, June Priest, VVilllarn Haviland, Page Forty-two SW VV XV .V VV . V VV ,,.. V :VE V VV VV .VF ,.r... Z law, VV , I' VV f V4 Z.,-J-,V V vc - ., "" V , Z 1' ' , V V .- . ' VV 45, , Q 'Z VV VV , r ' ' lk V, - r J' X Z" "': ' . K ' 5 A, wi "' A Q , X ' VV i Q G gi f , W g. 9 H " "ir Q -.,.' ' ".. . ' A A 1 e ,. -ff. .,. zz., -1 ,. P - M. ,4r,, W , ,., ' N-f, , -,., Q l l , - 5, . V-ff" f-J . V' 53 Vi V 1 . .. I ie"-5, .4 f , C , ' , F - ' U ' PM G . " ,wi ,Q f-' i '-'. .- Q' ,G 1: ez i F. , Vi., A V any I: lk. T T I .:.,... VV V,.L, ..,- ' ' ' I J ' l :-- - ,,A , Q., ,J .W W J T. , 5 v . --.,.- T - will 5 .K?x"'f J i i WS ' A 4, ,of lflvvi , dbg '.' V' -if Q, . 5 --- Vs VV , Q Q. V, . : 1 2 , ' Q . 1 ,W 55 V . , V V fl i l V g322we1ls21 ---' if 1 i. " 9' I Q wi afsw iiiig , H' V V -V VV Qs qw V , V V .. V V31-Q X ,tri ,V M . M . . . .i... VV V XV- , VV 'AA, . H, up V-. ..:f2:, V V L. if ,qu rl A A 'MV 'A ' 5 iff. ' 5 " f - K ' ' ' if? . .Q . g ,V ,L ss' A ng. , fa V .3 ...': f , '.'-A :V ,ga i V V. ,,,. M Zig. t J ,xii if z fiitf? A., jf i ' iff? ' . E " l ' . dw .21 J-ali AV. ' W. fi ....... I K . ---. 'is 5,353,753 . i .....2 ' ,.... 4 I . 4 ..... V , . .. -Z i 'ae' We A' 5 2 , iw f " -.A.,. . 1 fi' " ' Vs: A 2- H55 "dm a f 1 ...-xii " f.. 'f- ' , . , . H 21 . A 1 - - -": . H ' L. .5231 f -' ' . gig., , V VV Ugg, -vvl V IV, , V fy . . ,VV :Q , V. Q .:A: -.,'.-, V -. 3' - Z' V. 5 .3 , S E L 1. .. 1 VA ' K .-" VV "Q: . 9 .A..' 1 , ' , ' ,Q 5 . ' ' , at, ,K V V V Y, VV .V V V, V .. ..VVVV I. V , i , . -g a VV : W ie 1. 'mm H 1 . H A V Seventh, Hlzada. TOP ROXV: Sharon Musser, Bob Hole, Joan Kolb, Brenda Smith, Ralph VVitham, Jean Griffin, Jerry Randolph, Joy Feaser, Howard Crum, Lena Jones, Kay Claar. SECOND ROW: Tony Holtzman, Connie Crain, Barbara Strite, Jeffery McClelland, Mary Jo Franklin Lee, VVayne Wilcox, Suzy Steenerson, Peg Jarrard, Clarence Richardson, Judy Kling. THIRD ROVV: Phyllis Harter, Kenneth Cope, Donna Reed, Bob Burt, Rose Marie Sellinger, Sue Goodhew, Robert Steinke, Lonia Knafel, Dorothy Barlett, Reginald Parrish, Carolyn Stewart. FOURTH ROW: Tommy Philipp, Gloria Lepper, Mrs. Elizabeth Walton, David Dygert, Sandra Judy Waloutt, Gary Meyer, Karen Brokaw, Lewis Newnam, Janice Converse, Douglas Essenberg. FIFTH ROXV: Connie Gary, Bonnie Page, James Gibson, Harriet Cook, Gordon Van Marter, Brown, Carolyn Berning, Edward Bishop, Martha Flegal, Duane Yvard, Karen Beechy. SIXTH ROW: Frank Noragon, Janice DeLancey, Gary Chapman, Lynda Gentry, Tim Kerlin Rathburn, James Koch, Shirley Richardson, Jerry Jack, Eileen Schaeffer, Alan Alaura. SEVENTH ROVV: Sharon Brokaw, Richard Moor, Mickie WVhite, Jack Mitchell, Karen Erbe, Jack An- derson, Karen Johnson, Mr. Louis Sapp. f NOT PICTURED: Barbara Baldwin, Elaine Artmanf Willis, Deanna Shank, Connie , Susan Page Forty-three ORGANIZATIONS NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY SCHOOL SAFETY PATROL MUSIC CLASS PLAYS CLASS SCENES 25... nfiib .F r 4 . Lv ' ,I jf .. I ff.: Ii. ig'-.' ix 3 ,235 :j-1:4 . W 1 ,,.,,, N ,E .-fri SIP!! 2 M - -A I --' ., ' : .L ' ., -ag T " .w .' .J ,: .. vial f Page Forty- four E 2 Q 5 s 2 5 s X ASSOCIATE EDITORS JiQy,5fvl!!f The first annual of A.H.S. was published in 1905. It contained a record of the year's activities and was called "The Spectator." The name was changed in 1919 to "The Key." By 1934 the annual had become very much like the present day issue. As the years passed we Hnd new things that catch and hold our interest and some of the old things are dropped. The former issues have given the future mem- bers of the yearbook staffs something to live up to. May the future issues be as interesting and complete as those of the past! The members of the 195 4 staff are pictured here hard to work. They are: EDITOR CLASS PROPHECY Sandra Barkdull Judi Elliott Lynn Fisher Carol Hollabaugh Pat Druckamiller Shirley Eyster Sandra Deller Sue Weiss BUSINESS STAFF June Yates Don Hayward Mike Clausen Don Bryan Maxine Spangle Sharon Clark Pat Essenberg Ann Redding Janet Baker Barbara Reed Alyse Deming ART EDITOR Sue Weiss DRAMATICS Ann Redding CLASS WILL Nancy Orewiler Dorothy Quimby CLASS HISTORY David Laird Bob Worthington MUSIC Jean Begin CALENDAR Barbara Nelson Jane Jack SPORTS STAFF Mike Clausen Don Hayward Jerry Roberts ORGANIZATIONS Sherry Murphy Mary Stonecipher Donna Barlett Joyce LaVine PHOTOGRAPHY- SNAPSHOTS Jim Chase George Goodrich Mary Ann Fast Maxine Spangle Rita Sellinger Jim Siegel ALUMNI Hal Moore Laura Smith Glenn Fordyce Anita Willis CIRCULATION Warren Myers David Field Bob Gecowets Jim MacFadyen Felix Weldon ADVISER Miss Shultz Planning an issue of the Hornet Jlvmai A small magazine called the "Key" was published in 1918. For eleven years the history, general high school news, gossip, editorials and feature stories were published in this form. Next the "Key" became a newspaper containing four pages of four columns each. The following year the newspaper was expanded to four pages of Hve columns each. The "Key,' was renamed the "Spectator" in 1934 by the journalism class. The "Spectator" was published in booklet form containing about twenty-five pages. It was printed by a mimeograph process in the school office. In 1935 a contest was held to choose a different name for the newspaper. Mr. Druckamiller, then athletic coach of A. H. S., submitted the name "Hornet," The paper has retained the name "Hornet,', for nineteen years. The 1953-1954 editions of the t'Hornet,' contained about thirty-five pages of news stores, editorials, feature stories, exchanges, gossip, jokes, sports, and other interesting material. Seven issues were published this year by the journalism class, The paper is published by the mimeograph process. The covers are either drawn by the students and mimeographed or printed by the Steuben Printing Company. In 1949 the "Hornet', staff was admitted to membership in the Quill and Scroll, the International Honorary Society for High School Journalists. The members of the staff also belong to the National Scholastic Press Association. The members of the 1953-54 staff were: Editor-in-chief, Sandy Deller, associate editor, Shirley Eyster, athletics, Mike Clausen, Don Hayward, art editors, Sue Weiss and June Yates, feature writers, Ann Redding, Judi Elliott, Mary Ann Fast, Carol Hollabaugh, Barbara Nelson, news editors, Joyce LaVine, Rita Sellinger, Nancy Ore- wiler, Norma Malone, exchange editor, Sherry Murphy, business manager, Pat Drucka- miller, faculty adviser, Miss Shultz. - Page F orty seven 'M-Janna, The Angola Y-Teen Club is a member of the the state and national organizations and is a branch of the Y.W.C.A. The ambitions of the club are stated in the slogan of Y-Teens: "To find and give the best is our purpose true, earnest, honest, and our slogan to face life squarely too." This year activities of the club have been many. The club has sponsored sock hops after the basket- ball games. The Christmas Prom, "Fantasy in Blue," was the main topic in the A. H. S. halls around De- cember 19. This year to add to the interest of the Prom there was an election of a Christmas King. As the new year bgean, we started planning to attend the conference at Gary, Indiana, on February 21, 1954. When the end of the year started tumbling towards us with so many events, the two that are Page Forty-eight most outstanding are: "Come as you are" breakfast and the Pa-Ma-Me banquet. The ofiicers were: President, Sandra Barkdullg vice-president, Janet Baker, secretary, Jane Jack, treasurer, Sandra Deller. Cabinet members were: Program chairman, Patricia Druckamiller, social chairman, Sue Weiss, service chairmen, Joyce LaVine and Mary Ann Fast, finance chairman, Sherry Murphy, song leader, Sharon Clark, pianist, Jean Begin, and chaplain, Anita Willis. The adult advisers were: Mrs. Baker, Mrs. Boom- ershine, Mrs. Jarrard, Miss Myers, Mrs. Redding, Miss Reed, Miss Shultz, Miss Paul, Mrs. Stevens, and the chief adviser Miss Leas. ZLL The .Angola Hi-Y Club, organized in 1922 by former superintendent, John L. Estrich, was the first in the state of Indiana. The club is a member of both the state and national organizations. The purpose of the club is- "To create, main- tain and extend throughout the school, home and community a higher standard of Christian charac- ter." Toward this purpose the club participated in the following activities during the year: Sent of- ficers to both the fall and spring district Hi-Y con- ventions, sponsored several charity projects, and held a joint father-mother, son-daughter banquet with the Selling Taffey! Y-Teens. The club sponsored an auditorium pro- gram at Easter and also sponsored, jointly with the Y-Teens, the Christmas Prom, "Fantasy in Blue." The club meet every other Tuesday afternoon at 3:30. The meeting was called to order by the president, and the Lord's Prayer was given in unison. The programs featured outside speakers, panels, films, and discussions of general interest to the members. The officers were: President, Lorin Krueger, vice- president, Ned Fiferg secretary-treasurer, Ronnie Steenerson- cha lain im Swift. J P 7 The sponsor was Mr. Kuebler. A regular meeting Page Fifty Talking things over 9'ZatzbnaL Jlonofz, Qfocicfy, One of the highest distinctions to be given to seniors of Angola High School is to be selected for membership in the National Honor Society. Fifteen per cent of the class are eligible. They are chosen from the upper third of the class, ranked according to scholastic records, and chosen by the faculty on the basis of citizenship, service to the school and character. Those who received the honor this year were Sandra Barkdull, Jean Begin, Sandra Deller, Patricia Druckamiller, Carol Hollabaugh, Sherry Murphy, and June Yates. The officers of the 1954 group are: President, Pat Druckamillerg vice-president, Sherry Murphyg secretary, Carol Hollabaugh. Mr. McCutchan is the treasurer. The local chapter of the National Honor Society was established in 1935 and the total membership is now 239. A scholarship fund was set up in 1938. Each member contributes one dollar to the fund each year for the first five years he is a member. The money is used in the form of a loan to help send a high school graduate to college. School problems under discussion ,jfudeni fanned The Student Council was organized in 1932 to promote co-operation between students and faculty, provide opportunities for student self-direction, foster all worthy school activities, and create and maintain standards of good citizenship. The group consists of four members, two boys and two girls, from each high school class and one from each of the seventh and eighth grade rooms. The organization has sponsored and participated in several activities this year such as: A dance in the gym, selling basketball season tickets, sponsoring the selection of cheerleaders, getting valuable ideas for making pep sessions more interesting, taking up the March of Dimes collection in the gym, working on school problems in general, and sponsoring the annual May Dance. The members of the Studet Council were: Seniors: Joyce LaVine, Sherry Murphy, Leonard Warren, Jerry Roberts, Juniors: Phyllis Horn, Carlita Porter, Charles Rose, Chuck Southern, Sophomores: Shirley Cotner, Annette Vorhees, Pete Dick, Eddie Klinkg Freshmen: Jeanette Crain, Bonnie Gary, Paul DeRosa, Jon Holtzmang Eighth Grade: David MacFadyen, Jack Miller, Seventh Grade: Eileen Schaeffer, Tony Holtz- man. Meetings were held twice a month. The officers for 1953-54 were: President, Jerry Roberts and Charles Rose, vice- president, Leonard Warren and Pete Dick, secretary-treasurer, Chuck Southern, and reporter, Phyllis Horn. Miss Nancy Paul was the sponsor of the group for the current year. Page Fzfty one SIDE ROW: Kenneth Kope, Richard Brokaw, John Henley, Jerry Byers, Jerry Fast, Roger Shiley, Dennis Munger, Rex Barton, Chiddenl David Mendenhall, Dick Gecowets, Dick Finch. TOP ROW: Sandra Wynn, Carol Skove, Sandra Van Wagner, Carolyn Stewart, Dorothy Barlett, Charlene Collins, June Kelley, Norma Nichols. SECOND ROW: Sharon Musser, Mickey White, Geraldine Kaylor, Patty Collins. FRONT ROW: Larry Leonhardt, Capt., Adrian Cook, Junior German, Jim Albright, Lieutenant, Billy Stone- cipher, Larry Eyster, Lieutenant, Ken Williamson. THE FOLLOWING HAVE XVITHDRAWN: Dick Geoowets, Rex Barton, David Mendenhall, Ken Williamson, Norma Nichols, Dorothy Barlett, Roger Shiley, Jerry Byers. THE' FOLLOWING HAVE BEEN ADDED THE SECOND SEMESTER: Ronnie Kope, Don Wise, James Wal- cutt, Bob Lowther, Jim Taylor, Shirley Elston, Mary Ann Basse, Barbara Mains. ni PafJwL The School Safety Patrol has 29 members with Larry Leonhardt as captain and Jim Albright and Larry Eyster as lieutenants. This is the seventh consecutive year the Safety Patrol has been active since its re- organization at the Angola School. The purpose of the patrol is to protect the school children in crossing U. S. 27 in front of the building. This year marks the seventh one an Angola Patrol has received the Safety Award presented by the Chicago Motor Club for a perfect safety record. Girls as Well as boys are participating in the patrol program. Members of the Safety Patrol and their guests enjoyed a roller skating party at the Silver Moon rink on April 9. Burt Kepler is the patrol supervisor. Page Fifty-two Future teachers discuss their plans J J nf, Hmmufca, The Angola Chapter of Future Teachers of America was ogranized in 1949, with Floyd McCutchan as its first adviser. The organization was named the "John L. Estrich Club," in honor of the former superintendent of the Angola Schools. The purpose of the club is to encourage in its members the qualities of character and personality necessary to successful teaching. The club,s activities this year included giving a tea for the faculty, having charge of the hall bulletin boards, visiting different colleges, sponsoring dances, and giving its members student teaching experience. F.T.A. oiiicers for this year were: President, Patricia Druckamillerg vice-president, Nancy Gleasong secretary-treasurer, Annette Voorhees. Mrs. Gladys Kile was the faculty adviser. Page Fifty-tloree 'Unwn Jo frmth, " "Down to Earth," a comedy in three acts, was presented by the senior class of A.H.S. on Thursday and Friday evenings, October 15 and 16. The first scene was a fantasy showing three angels coming down to earth to con- vey two souls back to heaven. The rest of the play took place in Miss Augusta Apple- gate's home. The story dealt with the activities of the three angels, two of whom were full fledged angels, and one only a "half angel." During their stay on earth many amusing situations arose, as the "half angeli' tampered with the affairs of the mortals whom he met. The play provided great amusement for the audience. The cast included: Sharon Clark as Miss August Applegate, a weathly old spinster, Rita Sellinger, Diana Clump, the maid, Leonard Warren, Pilone, the mischievous "half angelu, Sandy Barkdull, Agnes, an angel with a cosmic counter, Jerry Roberts, Wilfred, the other full fledged angel, Sherry Murphy, Grpha Teel, an aspiring mother, Jean Be- gin, Ruthie Teel, the daughter, Rosalie Harman, Millie Bromsley, Bob Gecowets, Baxter Bromsley, the inventor, June Yates, June Bromsley, the daughter, Lynn Fisher, Her- man Howell, the old sailor, Don Hayward, Richard White, June Bromsley's boy friend, David Laird, Robert Hanley, the wealthy young man. The prompters were Nancy Orewiler and Barbara Reed. The play was under the direction of Charles G. Sharpe. Page Fifty-four 'Uhc Bbihopl mmap, " "The Bishop's Mantlev was the Junior Class Play, presented on the evenings of March 18 and 19. The story dealt with the problems of Hilary, the new rector of St. Matthew's Church. The moment he first walked into his study his trials began. Hilary was very much concerned with the people living in the poverty stricken area near the church and he felt that he must help them as well as the fashionable members of his congregation. He insisted on marrying a poor couple in the church. In his concern to be at a dearhbed in the tenements, he forgot to appear at a society wedding. Obstacles also stood in the way of Hilary,s marrying Lex, a girl of high social position. But Hilary stood firm for his ideals and for the woman he loved. The play was one with tension, humor, and the inspirational power of a good man in a tough fight. The cast included: Hilary Laurens, che courageous young rector, Lorin Krueger, Lex McColly, the beautiful girl whom Hilary loved, Phyllis Crain, Dick Laurens, Hilary's happy-go-lucky younger brother, Chuck Southern, J. V. Dunn, the prominent church member and would-be matchmaker, Jerry Essenbergg Maudie Dunn, his re- bellious daughter, Judy Healy, Samantha Adams, warm-hearted wife of Hilary's as- sistant, Janet Umbaughg Hastings, Terry Lockwood, Mr. Alvord, Fred Musserg Miss Mowbray, the efficient one, Donna Book, Mrs. Warner Reed, Kay Smalley, Miss Hettie Breckenridge, Lynda Miller, Mary Perkins, Carlita Porter. The play was under the direction of Charles G. Sharpe. Page Fzfty fi Page Fifty-si "Spa1'kin' " "The High Windowi' "The Plum Treev Directors consider plans alpha, malta gat Alpha Delta Chi was organized in 1945 by the speech class under the supervision of Mrs. Elna Hunter. The meetings of the club were held on every other Wednesday night. Its activities included entering a play in the contest at Muncie and presenting an "Evening of One-Act Playsu under student direction. The plays this year were "High Windowf' directed by Lynn Fisher, "The Plum Tree," directed by Maxine Spangleg and "Sparkin',,' directed by Rita Sellinger. The motto of the club is l'All the World's a Stage", its colors are black and white, and its flower is the white rose. Last year nine members formed a troupe to be afhliated with the National Thespian Society. This organization is composed of members from high schools all over the United States, its purpose is to promote dramatics and interest in dramatics. The members for this year are: Seniors--Lynn Fisher, Sharon Clark, Sandy Barkdull, Max- ine Spangle, Suzanne Weiss, Judi Elliott, Jane Jack, Barbara Nelson, Rita Sellinger, Norma Malone, Juniors--Chuck Southern, Judy Healy, Sophomores-Katy Mac- Fadyen, Nancy Gleason, Cynthia Willis, Kay Creel, Suzanne Caris. There were 65 members in Alpha Delta Chi this year. The ofHcers for the year Were: President, Maxine Spangleg vice-president, Chuck Southern, secretary, Jane Jackg treasurer, Judy Healy. The faculty sponsor was Mr. Sharpe. X 13114, ' ' dawclhizbn, The Girls' Athletic Association is active again after replacing the Girls' Sports Club. This organization is for all girls in high school interested in athletic activity. The purpose is to stimulate interests in various sports, to promote good sportsmanship and co-operation, and to develop character. Every Tuesday evening from 3:30 until 4:45 the girls have lots of fun partici- pating in many different kinds of sports. They attended a volleyball play day at Auburn in November and during February they entertained nearby G.A.A.'s., playing volleyball games. They went to Fremont and enjoyed a play day there in March. A point system has been introduced and each girl may earn an award. This year's ofhcers were: President, Phid Jarrardg vice-president, Joanne Ulmerg secretary, Mary Lou Millerg and treasurer, Cynthia Willis. The faculty sponsor was Mrs. Mary Jean Biddle, the physical education instructor. Making Pyramids Moment of relaxation A strenuous game of basketball Officers playing badminton Beverly calls the meeting to order Jufwaafv vga ' The Angola Chapter of the Future Homemakers of America was organized in 1948. This ' ' ' ' ' 'vities-and-programs. A chili supper was held at the beginning of the school year. The girls sponsored a style contest for grades 9-12, closing in February. Their motto, "Toward New Horizonsf' expresses the purpose of the organization- learning to live better today in order that the girls, lives and those of their families may be better tomorrow. The colors are red and white, symbolic of youth and purity and home life. The flower is a red rose, symbolic of glowing health. The emblem is octagon- al in shape and features a house supported by two hands in the center. The hands are of the youth of today, youth who have courage and an unwavering determination to succeed. The oflicers for the year were: President, Nancy Wyatt, vice-president, Barbara Rondotg secretary, Marilyn Koch, treasurer, Judy Bramang and historian, Donna Crone. The sponsor of the F.H.A. was Mrs. Phyllis Walker. Page Fifty-eight :W ..,,. CLARINET: Jane Brokaw, Ned Cook, Jeanette Crain, Tim Culver, Patricia Druckamiller, Nancy Ger- man, Nancy Gleason, Mary Jane Hamma, Mary Lou Miller, Gerald Richmond, Patricia Scott, Maxine Spangle, Nancy Stevens, James Walcutt, Phillip Wil- son. FLUTE: Roberta Brokaw, Kay Creel, Jane Jack, Cynthia Willis. OBOE: Lucinda Newnam. BASS CLARINET: Darlene XVal1ace. SAXOPHONE: Shirley Collins, Carolyn Goudy. BASS SAXOPHONE: Robert Andrew. ALTO SAXOPHONE: Donna Barlett. TUBA: Don Andrew, Maurice Barlett, Don Hayward, Allen Kunkel, FRENCH HORN: Jean Begin, Suzanne Caris, Gary Forbes, Dick Gecowets, Mary Lou Miller, Anita McClellan. BARITONE: Gail Brauchla, Lorin Krue- ger, Ronnie Steenerson, Ronnie Wuest. CORNET: The first major event of the year in which the Angola High School Marching Band participated was the Marching Contest held at New Haven last fall. The band received an excellent rating. Jean Begin was the drum majorette. Bancl just before the Christmas holidays, at the half of the Salem Center basketball game, the band maneuvered, playing Christmas Carolsg "Here Comes Santa Claus," signaled the arrival of Dancer and Prancer, with Santa bearing gifts for Mr. Nichols and Miss Begin. Page Sixty Konami dganal A very important 'and very active music or- ganization is the Angola Concert Band. Last spring, 1953, the Concert Band entered the District Contest at Kendallville, and went on to the State Contest at Norh Manchester, receiving superior ratings in both. This year they won a superior rat- ing at the District Contest held here and an excellent rating at the State Contest held at Knox. The band presented Weekly outdoor concerts during the summer of 1953, and many concerts dur- ing the school year. They group also played at all home basketball games. Elwood Nichols is the director. Judy Brown, Lynn Fisher, David Laird, John Maloy, Tony Romero, John Shaw, Bill Sheets, Joanne Ulmer, John Vlfilliamson. TROMBONE: Sandra Deller, Paul DeRosa, John Elston, Michael Erickson, Sharon Mc- Leland, Matt Ratekin, James Swift. DRUMS: Ned Fifer, Shirley Henley, Janice Laird, Karen Meyer, Warren Myers, John VVeiss. TIVIRLERS: Darlene VVallaee, Joanne Ulmer. 0 Under the direction of Mr. Nichols the orchestra, One-Act Plays, and the Junior Class Play were spot- now in its fourth year, has aided in various school lighted by the orchestra. I , , , , h 1 H, h S h 1 d, , The group won Superior in the District Contest, Hcfwlfles m t C Ango a 13 C 00 au ltonum' and went on to win a Superior rating in the State The Senior Class play, the Dramatics Club Three Contest this year. FRENCH HORN: Dick Gecowets, Mary Sehrider. CORNET: Fred Musser, John Hen- ley, John Shaw, Pamela Beatty. TROMBONE: Ronnie Steenerson, Mike Erickson, OBOE: Lucinda Newnam. CLARINET: Nancy Stevens, Mary Jane Hamma, Karen Erbe, Shirley Miller. DRUM: Shirley Henley. VIOLIN: Sharon Brokaw, Linda Gentry, Mary Jo Willis, Bill Steele, Susan Yoder, John Newham, Phillip Musser, Susan Steenerson, Ann Slanina, Mary Slanina. VIOLA: Cynthia Willis, Jane Brokaw. CELLO: Karen Brokaw, Anita McClellan. BASS: Roberta Brokaw. PIANO: Jean Begin. Page Sixty-one HLQIL Srhrwl Don Andrew Morris Barlett Rex Barton Jean Begin Gail Brauchla Roberta Brokaw Suzanne Caris Sharon Clark Jeanette Crain Kay Creel Donna Crone Donna Crum Tim Culver Sandra Deller Paul DeRosa Peter Dick Patricia Druckamiller Mike Erickson Patricia Essenberg Ned Fifer Dick Finch Lynn Fisher Gary Forbes Dick Gecowets Nancy Gleason Marilyn Huif Lorin Krueger A very important group in the vocal music department this year was the High School Choir, made up of fifty-five members, under the direction of Miss Nancy Siebold. The band and vocal concert in February was high-lighted by the performance of this group. They also sang carols in the halls just before the Christmas vacation. This year on April 3, the District Contest was held at Angola High School with the band, orchestra, high school choir and Boys' Glee Club participating. The choir won a Superior rating in the District and also in the State Contest held at Knox, April 10. The Boys' Glee Club won Excellent in the District, Last year Boys' Glee Club, Girls' Glee Club and the high school choir attended the District Contest at Kendallville with the Boys' Glee Club going on to the State and receiving a Superior at North Manchester. Page Sixty-two ghayt Allen Kunkel John Maloy james Maxwell Mary Lou Miller Shirley Miller Warren Myers Fred Philipp David Ralston Ann Redding Tony Romero Patricia Scott Bill Sheets Maxine Spangle Ronnie Steenerson Nancy Stevens Donna Strite Joanne Ulmer Janet Umbaugh Barbara Van Marter James Walcutt Darlene Wallace Suzanne Weiss John Williamson Cynthia Willis Phillip Wilson Ronnie Wuest Lucinda Newnam Shirley Collins Our Director .9 lfnaomblm, Ensembles and soloists from the instrumental department performed before several audiences among which were those of the Christian, Methodist and Congregational churches, Psi Iota Xi, Garden Club, Music Parents Club, and they also made several radio broadcasts. The Brass Sextet, Flute Trio, Brass Quartet, String Ensemble, and the Woodwind Trio were a few of the instrumental ensembles participating in the District Contest this year at Fort Wayne. These groups went on to the State Contest at Indianapolis with the Flute Trio, Woodwind Trio and the String Ensemble receiving a Superior rating. BRASS SEXTET: Baritone, Lorin Krueger, trombone, Sandra Dellerg French horn, Jean Begin, Cornet, Lynn Fisher and David Laird, tuba, Don Hayward. FLUTE TRIO! Kay Creel, Cynthia Willis, Roberta Brokaw. BRASS QUARTET: Cornet, John Maloyg French horn, Dick Gecowetsg cornet, Joan- ne Ulmerg baritone, Ronnie Steenerson. STRING ENSEMBLE: Mary Lou Miller, Linda Gentry, Cynthia Willis and Karen and Roberta Brokaw. WOODWIND TRIO: Lucinda Newnam, Cynthia Willis, Shirley Miller. Page Sixty-three " himm, nf, Wlvlwmndq, " An operetta, "The Chimes of Normandy," by Robert Planquette was presented by the high school choir in the school auditorium on Thursday and Friday evenings, No- vember 12 and 13. The story taking the audience back to seventeenth century Normandy, involved intrigue, personal jealousy, and the struggles of an old miser to marry his niece to the governor of the district. All ended happily when the identity of the niece, Germaine, was discovered and the Count of Corneville, previously long absent, claimed her as his bride. The principals included Lorin Krueger as Henri, Count of Cornevilleg Cynthia Willis, Germaine, Ward of Gaspardg Ann Redding, Serpolette, Ward of Gaspardg Rex Barton, Gernicheux, a Fisherman, Dick Gecowets, Gaspard, a Miserg Tim Culver, Bailli, the Village Governor, Joanne Ulmer and Nancy Gleason, Gertrude and Nanette, Girls of the Village. The choruses consisted of Maid Servants, Men Servants, and Other Townspeople. The school orchestra, under the direction of Mr. Nichols, played before the first curtain and between acts. The entire production was under the direction of Miss Nancy Siebold. Sandra Deller was the accompanist. Page Sixty-four Umcal, fnumlzlm, The Angola High School vocal music students appeared throughout the year in many programs. The senior sextet sang at the Christian Church, at a Y-Teen meeting, and at the Spring Concert. The members are: Ann Redding, Jean Begin, Nancy Stevens, Patricia Druckamiller, Sharon Clark, Pa- tricia Essenberg. The Sophomore sextet performed for the Psi Iota Xi and at the Band and Vocal Concert. The mem- bers are: Cynthia Willis, Shirley Miller, Kay Cfeel, Marlene Aldrich, Nancy Gleason, Donna Strite. The Freshman Mixed Ensemble, a newly formed group this year, also appeared at the Band and Vocal Concert. The members are: Phillip Wilson, John Williamson, Maurice Barlett, Tony Romero, Gary Forbes, Allen Kunkel, Jeanette Crain, Deanna Deller, Lucinda Newnam, Darlene Wallace, Janice Laird, Nancy Wood. The Boys' Quartet sang at the Moose Hall, Christmas prom, high school assembly program, over the radio and at the Band and Vocal Concert. The members are: Lynn Fisher, Dick Gecowets, Lorin Krueger, and Paul DeRosa. The Girls' Quartet performed at the Chris- tian Church, Methodist Church, and assembly pro- gram, and Psi Iota Xi meeting and they broadcast over the radio. The members are: Darlene Wallace, Jeanette Crain, Pat Scott, and Joan Ulmer. The groups all entered the District Contest at Fort Wayne, with the Sophomore Sextet and the Freshman Mixed Ensemble going on to the State Contest at Indianapolis. SENIOR SEXTET Pat Druckamiller, Sharon Clark, Jean Be Pat lissenberg, Ann Redding, Nancy Stevens. BOYS' QUARTET Lynn Fisher, Dick Gecowets, Lorin Krueger, Paul Dellosa. FLUTE QUARTET Jane Jack, Kay Creel, Roberta Brokaw, Cynthia XVi11is. Page Sixty-five flau, jrnnm, ART It is Mr. Kueb1er's job to make artists out of udoodlersf' BOOKKEEPING Students learn their debits and credits with the able assistance of Miss Leas. LATIN I Latin becomes easy under the guiding hand of Miss Reed. ENGLISH III Nominatiive, objec- t i V e, and possessive cases are soon under- stood in this class under Mr. Sharpe. Page Sixty-six Klan, Seann, ENGLISH IV Keats and Shakes- peare come to life once more with Miss Shultz teaching. U. S. GOVERNMENT The seniors pick up their history credits under Mr. Van Matre. MECHANICAL DRAWING These boys learn to be future architects and draftsmen in this in- teresting class. HOME ECONOMICS Learning to cook and sew under Mrs. Walk- er's supervision. Page Sixty-seven flaw, Seann, TYPING II To type 60 Words a minute is the goal of this class under the instruction of Mr. Walradth. GENERAL SCIENCE These freshman scientists are learning much with Mr. Feldmann teaching and explaining the facts. Page Sixty-eight SHOP The boys are building for the future under Mr. Kepler's watchful eye. ai flaw, GEOMETRY Geometric signs and equations are learned easily with Mr. McCutchan's skillful PHYSICS These diligent students with Mr. Feldmanxfs help are working out physics formulas. DRIVERS TRAINING Mr. Druckamiller explains to the young drivers the steps in parallel parking. Page Sixty-nine Qfubm, jfuzininq, e fall of The Driver Training program was started in Angola High School in th 1948. From 1948 to 1954 a total of 438 students have taken the course. h 1 t The first dual control car was donated to the school by the Maxton C evroe d S l if A, la. A Chevrolet was used for three years. The fourth year the Alwoo a es o ngo Motor Company donated a Ford. The fifth year a Chevrolet was used. The next d 1 d b the year Ted Chapman Motors gave us a Ford. The dual controls are onate y American Automobile Association. The students are given eleven weeks' training in t e w d d the last few lessons on the main highways. The twelfth week is spent in the roa s an class room answering three hundred questions asked by the American Automobile As- ' tisfactoril he sociation on rules of the road. If the student passes all requirements sa y, or she will receive one credit toward graduation. This course does not guarantee to make excellent drivers out of all students. That 1 must come through practice and using common sense behind the whee . Mr Druckamiller, the instructor, received his training at Indiana University, b'l A ia havin taken a course set up by the university and the American Automo 1 e ssoc - ' h g tion. The course included four hours class room work and three hours behind t e Wheel each day, answering questions and passing road tests. If this was done satis- factorily, the student was given a teaching certificate. Within a few years practically every high school in the United States will have h l t cut the Driver Training Program. The authorities have agreed that t e on y way o down the terrible slaughter on the highways is to educate the younger drivers. The older drivers are beyond that stage. beh' d h heel on the country Drivers Training classes started here. Page Se1fe1zfy AY5 Student librarians hear Miss Paul Film projector operators learn about che slide projector For the auditorium stage STUDENT LIBRARIANS The help given by the student librarians during each study hail period throughout the day is greatly appreciated, They also assisted Miss Paul in the Grade Library. They are always willing to locate and check in and out the books desired and to give any other assistance requested. 1 FILM PROJECTOR OPERATORS The audio-visual program, which greatly aids the students in their regular class work, could not be carried on without the work of the film projector operators. They served both high school and grades during any period in which they were not in class. Three projectors, two portable and one stationed in the auditorium, have been in use this year. An average of twelve films each week have been shown. Miss Paul directed the work. Page Seventy-one VARSITY INDIVIDUALS VARSITY SQUAD CHEERLEADERS BEES BASEBALL TRACK Page Sevcvzty-zfwo Sponia, . 54, Q -4 -112. 4 I u cff- W1 I. .f 1-li 9.-,gm 21 Mg: ,g IEW' I '- :3,,.' Ub.. q. lj ,. ,: r 5. iiifygjjgyi' N1-:fg:3':s:1vszIYZ5:?gi,z' f , fmgwvf ff.w,f , 'w if A A m i . 52- -if f N 7 mf ,fmf f ' MQQW' f f, 1-wvzzy ' Wa Q f " M gmi gjiiggtwgag r fmwww -'4 Q mf' 6 1, if , ,wff A, .N W ff,lM1iJ5 92:5 Mx 'Am xr 'Hwy .jlwwvf wines :sh , . Y X if?71 , WMD h ,uma N,,,WQV , , r KJ ,,.g..A.4,g4.Af.M.M.,, . -Wm ,Y .177 Mvfy- my. vii J kg'-Jlsxi, ' .iygggwwfggk 1, .'ffMiLf'gff Q gg :,r,:g.H21 fiifiwswff -55125232 H' " " an 'gsx.MJ.,M f f QWV ,M K - , M ' - v- Q, ' , .1 ,,:r.:iQ,3gg4g1L ' W ,M-iam 3, ,. Y 2fQx5312?::gsz:,: 5 S WgEgwwW?, , E, E,,,,,,m5yW5 W , ,, i, ., ,, fgiifvwfp 1 , - ,T -Ji v- i , L. 1, .iw-:W ,: ,:w . - U f 'QWLZMH ,Q . 1-wfsfffximifwfwg QE E4 Mwmsfmwyml-mmfkihwy, - Q my iwz 4 M f df ' 'LL' ifff ' gailxlffcl l34fJfiiigiQ46W ' ' fi lvmglm Wzfiffi- L' W f f f: W 4 -, f "fa" Mas: A Hz, ' 'Yi , I , ..,., . .,,.....,... - -v-' '. f H if ga, M-:::,4. ... ,Q q,"mi,fA3a,gg-f.::NKwNmkWWufV1Yi ' 2 , , wg: QW: mmf ., 'FS 4 vs mf e iiisii ifziiwgg L ii'?Q'2ifi3i 2-wmsib i :.. -aa a f ""' 2 4:7 ' 'ir if 2 Vi ,- x 5- 'zyez ,: gffle: , Q xx Q :5.-:. ' QR: mess? 5 giigggw Iii f: 313522024 whey KW. J if , 4 yew Qf55':.1wsgv' 'W A W. Q.. ' 75559155521 mv Q P i xqggjfg-' ,QSM -' -' My U ,V 2553 'k gh- N ww TTVTZQQK ' 4 Q ' J 'Z fxrfx 12523 Xi 'wmni ' if 951' g gs? ,, ,H fwfwif M e, w V ff? 'fhfswgag Yffsyimw 4- Q 326 .V W. -f '35 f 2. S5 E 5 ik TOP ROVV: Coach Hammel, Don Wfaite, Gail Brauchla, Tom Randolph, Mike Clausen, Jim MaeFadyen, Student Manager Jerry Essenberg. FRONT ROXV: Charles Rose, Don Hayward, Mike Erickson, Gary Forbes. U'46'aAAmf.balL The Hornets opened the season against Waterloo and outplayed the Wildcats 48-46. The Concordia Cadets were the next foes of the Hornets. Angola, playing on an out-of-town floor, couldn't get going and lost 55-35. The LaGrange Lions traveled here and in that contest, the Hornets "stung" the Lions 54-52. With Randolph scor- ing 25 points, the Hornets defeated the Edon Bombers 80-49. The Hornets then journeyed to Butler, where the Windmills were too "breezy,' for them. The score was 58-44. Next the Hornets played North Manchseter, who beat them 66-55. South Whitley found the range on the Hornets' floor and Went away with a 57-54 victory. Salem next felt the sting of the Hornets 59-50. The Hornets couldn't get going on the Red Devils, floor, Auburn won 64-45. Angola then lost the services of one of their leading scorers, Gail Brauchla, because of an attack of yellow jaundice. For the first time in many years Angola played in a holiday tourney at Butler. The Hornets were no match for the Windmills in the first game and Angola lost 66-57. They also bowed to Avilla 66-46 in the consolation game. After the Christmas vaca- tion Angola played Hillsdale and came away with a 50-48 victory. A Montpelier quintet traveled here to suffer a 58-49 lacing from the Hornets. The Waterloo Wild- cats outplayed the Hornets on the Waterloo floor. Waterloo won 52-49. With a spark before unseen during the season, the Hornets overpowered the Gar- rett Railroaders 72-53. Steadily improving, the Hornets went to Berne, where they won 63-46. Next on the schedule came the Fremont Eagles at Fremont. The Hornets bowed to them 62-46. The sting of the Hornets was next felt by the Butler Windmills, Butler being de- feated on the Angola floor 55-48. Elmhurst proved too much for the Hornets and the Trojans won 60-47. The last regular game was with Kendallville on the Comets' floor and the Hornets were again defeated 53-50. In the Sectional this year the Hornets went down before a "red hot" Churubusco five with a score of 74-57. Thus ended the basketball season with nine wins and nine losses on the regular schedule to make it even, plus the tourney games. Only three players on the regular varsity are seniors, so next year's team will have experience to build on. Page Seventy -six W: E I an 1 Fwww w l Bk E .Awww we an Q 5 K kbs W 3 2 .55 QQ E Q2 Q ,rr L' - Our cheerleaders this year were Ann Redding, Barbara Van Marter and Joanne Ulmer. The rafters of the gym really did ring when they were out there leading yells. They proved their worth when the Hornets were having trouble, and did a good job of leading the vic- tory chant. Ann is a senior, this being her second year as cheer- leaderg Barb is a juniorg and Joan- ne represents the sophomore class. SEASON'S SCORING FOUR WAY TOURNEY SCORING Guns. Fouls Pts. Avg. Glns. FG FT TP Fls Clausen .......... ........ 1 8 50 213 11.26 Clausen ....... ...... 2 12 3 27 7 MacFadyen .. ,..,..,, 18 55 165 9.16 'Rose .............,.. ,..... 2 4 11 19 6 Randolph ....,,.. 17 29 144 8,47 Maclfadyen .... ...... 2 8 2 18 4 Brauchla ...., ....,,.. 1 1 30 137 12.45 Randolph ..... ...... 2 6 3 15 6 NYaite ,,,.... ...... .,..,.., 1 S 131 7.27 XVa.ite .,,.,.....,,.. ...... 2 6 5 17 7 Mendenhall .. ........ 16 17 99 6.18 Mendenhall .... ...... 2 4 6 14 6 Hayward ..,.. ,....... 1 S 25 36 2.00 Gecowets ,,,.. .,.... 2 1 3 5 3 Iilrickson ........ S 12 23 2.87 Erickson .. ...... 2 2 1 5 5 Rose .......... ........ 1 6 21 15 0.9 Hayward .. ...... 2 0 1 1 5 Meek ..... ..... 7 6 9 12.8 Forbes ...... 2 0 1 1 2 Forbes , ..,, 1 1 0 0.00 Uwz, Qbuzctoft and p!Z.l7'liClpLlL Mr. Druckamiller was the athletic director again this year. He arranged the basketball schedule and took care of all the sports finances. Druck knows about the problems of an athletic program from many years of experience. His services have been very valuable. Mr. McCutchan, as principal, stood back of the athletic teams and program. He helped to .arrange transportation to out of town games. He worked for a close harmony between the team and the rest of the school. An athletic program would not be possible without our principal. Page Se1fe11ty-eight TOP ROW: Coach Van Matre, Douglas Sharrow, Ronnie Steenerson, Maurice Barlett, Tim Culver, Phillip Rorick, Student Manager Jim Albright. FRONT ROVV: Dean Harter, Allen Kunkel, Alan YValtenbe-rger, Phillip VVilSon, Gary Forbes. Bw, The Angola Bees won 8 and lost 10 games in the season's play. They gained much valuable training which they will bring to the varsity quintet next year. Angola Angola Angola Angola Angola Angola Angola Angola Angola Angola Angola Angola Angola Angola Angola Angola Angola Angola BEES' RECORD VVaterloo .. , ,,.l., 24 Concordia LaGrange .......32 Edon VQ ,,,..,,-. Butler i .......32 No, Manchester .......37 South VVhitley Salem Center.. Auburn Hillsdale Montpelier ,,.....26 XVate1'loo ., .......24 Garrett ....35i Berne ....35 Fremont Butler Elmhurst 36 Kendallville Page Seventy-11ine -4- 4 TOP ROXV: Coach Hanimel, Douglas Sliarrow, Don XVaite, Dave Mendenhall, Dick Seeinan, Tom Randolph, John Maloy, Ronnie Steenerson, Felix NVeldon, Mike Clausen, Gail Brauchla, Alan XValte-nberger, Maurice Barlett, Student Manager Jerry Essenberg. FRONT ROXV: Paul DeRosa, Gary Forbes, Mike Erickson, Dean Harter, Allen Kunkel, Leonard Xvarren, Don Hayward, llonnie Meek, Jim MacFadyen, Tim Culver. a8mmbalL Angola opened its baseball season by going to Waterloo, where they played having a 6-6 tie. The game was called at 12 innings because of darkness. Ashley then downed the Hornets 8-3. Angola then won the next six games, downing Concord 10-3, Butler 8-2, Rome City 25-2, Waterloo twice 8-1, 18-9, fthe latter a play-off of the tie gamej, and Ashley 9-3. Angola was then tied for the league championship, which Butler won in a play- off game at Waterloo 17-4. The season's record was 7 wins and 2 losses. jmck The Hornet track team won three meets and placed second in three during the season last spring. Don Wise received second in the 880 yard dash at Kokomo. Art Van Matre was the coach and Bob Andrew and John Maloy were the student man- agers. The meets in which Angola participated in- CROSS COUNTRY Student Manager Don Andrew, Chuck South- ern, Dick Geeowets, Ronnie Sutton, Ronnie VVuest, Charles Rose, Phillip Roric k, Don Vi'ise, Coach Art Van Blatre. TRACK TEAM BACK ROXV: Student Managers Don Andrew and John Maloy: Charles liose, David Ralston, John Elston, Phillip llorick, Maurice Barlett, Mike Erickson. Richard Steinke, Ronnie Meek, Tim Culver, Pete Dick, Dick Finch, Bob Gecovvets, Coach Art Van Matre. FRONT ROXY: Gary Forbes, John Rook, Gail Brauchla, Ronnie Sut- ton, Chuck Southern, Ronnie XV uest, Don XVise, Dick Gecowets, Dave Field, Fred Phil- ipp, Ned Fifer, eluded: Hamilton and Salem at Fremont, Ashley and Metz at Ashley, Garrett at Garrett, LaGrange, Wol- cottville and Topeka at LaGrange, Avilla at Avilla, Orland and Hamilton at Fremont, Kokomo Relays at Kokomo, Ashley and Spencerville at Fremont, Sectional at Fort Wayne, Auburn at Auburn, Fre- mont Relays at Fremont Junior High, Elkhart Re- lays at Elkhart QFreshmenj, DeKalb County Meet at Garrett. TOP ROVV: Ben Bryan, Mgr., Keith Beechy, Roger Vvilson, .Terry Randolph, Gary Chapman, Gordon Van Marter, David Mach'adyen, Mgr. SECOND ROXV: Coach Louis Sapp, Lewis Newnam, Clyde Smith, Richard Brokaw, Jack Miller, John Morris, Gary Griffith, Jerry Byers. THIRD ROXV: Douglas Essenherg, Connie Gary, Norma Law, Nancy Randolph, Karen Been-hy, David Dygert. FRONT ROVV: Edward Bishop, Reggie Parrish, Jerry Fast, Tom Philipp, Howard Crum, Alan Alaura. .JL .f Although this year,s team didn't win a great percentage of its games, it showed much improvement at the end of the season. The final game of the season was an over- time thriller, the locals bowing to Garrett 37-36. Garrett was the only team to defeat Fremont this year, and Auburn was the only conqueror of Garrett. Angola,s team was led by eighth graders Gary Griffith, who was a good leader and rebounderg Jack Miller, a good scorer, Larry Leonhardt and John Morris, adept at feeding to team-mates, Roger Wilson and Keith Beechy, who furnished the drive and ball-handling. Richard Brokaw, Jerry Byers, and a trio of seventh graders were able substitutes. Much enthusiasm was generated at all games by the yell leaders, Nancy Randolph, Norma Law, Connie Gary, and Karen Beechy. SEASON'S RECORD The first team lost to Garrett 26-34, Fremont 28-39, Auburn 25-34, Butler 26-28, Waterloo 28-33, Auburn 22-40, Waterloo 32-44, Fremont 29-40, Garrett 36-37. They defeated Ashley 33-23 and Butler 33-22. The second team defeated Fremont 34-18, Auburn 35-23, Fremont 22-17, Ashley 26-25, Scott 20-16. They lost to Garrett 21-28, Waterloo 21-29, Auburn 33-42, Waterloo 24-33, Garrett 15-29. Page Eighty one NAME Mary Ann Fast ..... Barb Nelson ,.,,,,,, Rita Sellinger A..... Judi Elliott .,...,..,. Sherry Murphy ,r..,,, Nancy Orewiler ..... Joyce LaVine r,,,,, Sandra Deller ......... Carol Hollabaugh .... June Yates ,,.,..........,. Patricia Druckamiller Alyse Deming .,..,,.,,. Barbara Reed ,,-,...,,--. Robert Worthingtong James Chase ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Janet Baker ........ Laura Smith .,,..... Anita Willis ,,,, Norma Malone ,,,, Glenn Fordyce ....... James MacFadyen ,,,,,, Sandra Barkdull ...,. David Field ........... Donald Hayward ,i,.i, George Goodrich ,,,,,, Donna Barlett .,,c... David Laird ....... Maxine Spangle ,,,,, Leonard Warren ,,,,., Jane Jack .....,..... Sharon Clark ...., Suzanne Weiss ,.,,,,, Jerry Roberts .,... Felix Weldon ,,,., James Siegel .,..,,, Shirley Eyster ....,.. Ann Redding .,,,,i....., 63111 dbvuf, fm NICKNAME -Sweet Pea ...,...... .,...,, -.-,,---Barb .-,-----Sell ,---,----Jud1 --.-----Sherry -,---,--Nancy --,,,,-.Cripp ,,i------Sandy ,-...--i,Kernels ---. ,,,,i-.--Trinka Pat ..,,,, ,,,,i-..-Leesie ----.. ,-,,-,,-.Barb W., -,...-..-Bob ----.----J1m ..-------Jan --.----,,Lolly ....,,,- ..-..-,-.Nita ,---.---,Norm -,-------Glenn .---.---- m Ji -..,,,,--Sandy --------.Dave ,,,i,,--.Don ,----.Georgie -.,- ,-,,,----Tootsie --------.Dave ---------Squirrel --,-----.Lefty ,-,.,,v,----Starchy --, ..... Sharky ---- ---,-----Suzie -.-- -Robin ...... ----,,,-.Topper --...t,.-J1m ,,,,,---.Sh1rl -,-- ---------Roonie Patricia Essenberg .,...,, ,,....... P at .....,.... Warren Myers ....i,..., Robert Gecowets ...,.. Don Bryan .,,,,,..,.... Mary Stonecipher .,,.,i Jean Begin .,,.,...,.,.. Hal Moore ..c.r,,,,. Michael Clausen ,....... Lynn Fisher ......,.,,. Dorothy Quimby ...,., Page Ezgbty-two -----.--.Warren ----.----Bob --------.Bruiser -..---,--Maggie ---WW -,-------Beanie .---,--.Hal --.,----.Mike ---------Gus ---.--,--Dot FAVORITE SAYING Oh Dad! ....,,,,,,,.,,.,,, By Jinx ,,,., -----,.J11'lg16S -..---.Oh, Don! ,M ,-,,,--It's the most -..---.Many things .,--.-.Oh, shoot! --,,,--Graham -.-.,,,Not too neat, are you? ----,--Ronnie! ,-.---.Honest! ,-,---.Huh! ,------Gosh! .------None I'l1 tear you in half! -----,.Holy Crowfish! --.,,-.Oh, geeps! .... That would be nice ,,,----How ya gonna sound? ,,-,---Oh, I don,t know -------Ohhh! don,t believe it! ,...---None --.-.,,I believe ya! -.-,,,.None ,,,---.That's what you think! None .,,...........,,,,,,,. ....rrr --.---.Shut up, Dan! --.---.Sharon, you Idiot! ---r,--Oh, darn! ,,--..-Hope to tell ya! --.---.That's how it goes! --,,---Get a load of this! ,...-,-None 9 don t know W., ,-..---Maga-bone -----aSure --t-,-.Cr1pe! reckon ,,,,,-.Fooey on ya! None ..,,,,............,,,,,,.,,,, .,,---,Fiddle Faddle Fooey! ,-----.You bet! Miserable! ,.,,,,,,,,,.,,,, None ......,,,,... ,-----,You bet! Ya don't say! ..... am arm- fm A.H.S. MElViORIES HOBBY AMBITION Junior May Dance -----Y,Y---,-,, YY,,,,,, M en ,,,, -Make l0tS of money junior May Dance ,,,.,.,.,,,.,,A,,,...,,,A. Men .... .N0ne Senior and Junior Play Cast ..,,..,,,,,. None ,,,.,,, .Graduating Junior Play ,,..,...A...........,,.,........,,,,,, Don ,.v.,,,,, .SLICCCSS Senior Play ..,..,, ,,,,A... R eading ....,,,, .TO travel Junior Play ,,,,,,.,,,, ,-..,. ee..,eeA M e n ,eeeAe4.eee.e,.,Ae.. .,eeAe... B eing a success Years of ,50-'51 ,,,,.,.,..,,,.,.,,,,...,...... Chasing men ,,.,,,,,,.,.,,, .,....,,, M arry 21 n'1illi0n21ir6 junior Play, Christmas Prom, '53 --Being with Graham ,...,, ,,,,...,w S LICCESS and be happy Going Steady AA------A---AA-,,,,,,L,-AA---,--,A Writing to Bill ,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,,. G et the most out of life Senior Class Play ,,,,,,,,,, Sophomore May Dance ..... Senior year ,-,,,,,,,,,,,...,,,, Junior-Senior Banquet .,... Ball games ,...............,... Senior year ,,,,i,...,......i Shorthand II ,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,, Junior-Senior Banquet ..........,, Junior-Senior Banquet, Junior Class Play ,........,.......,..,.,..... Last half of senior year ,,,., Going steady .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,, Chemistry Lab ...... - ..,,.... -- Chemistry and Physics ....,,, Parties ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,..,,...,..,,.. Senior Class Play -.,,,,,,., Junior-Senior Banquet ..... Band Contest .,,.,...,.... junior Play ,,,,.,,.,,,... Junior Play ....... Senior girls ,,,,,,, Studying ,,,,,,..,,,.,.,.,.... --- Junior-Senior years .....,,,....,,,,,, Junior-Senior Open House '53 Sharon and Airplane ,,.,,i,.,,i.,. Fremont and baseball ..... Men ....,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,, Read .,.......,...,...... Skating ........,,,,.,,,... Horseback riding ,,,.... ..,,.,,i Reading ....,,,.,,,.,,,,,,, Women ....,,, Navy ,,i,. Skating ,.,.,, Photography ,.,.i...i,. .-------Messing around -lm,--Cars Spats ....,,, -------.Read --------Cars --------Baseball --------Horses ----- --------Music --------My car ,,----.Dan .............,.. --------Causin g trouble --------Knitting ,-------Flying ------Knitting --,,,---Women ,,-,--,.Cars .- None ,,,,,,,,,i,.,,l.l,..,,..........,,,,. ........ M essin' around ,,,.... Junior Class Play ,,,,,,,,,,,.....,...,....... Frank ........,......... Sophomore and Junior Year ,,........ Keith ,i..... Summer of '53 .,.,,,,.,,..,...,.........,,.... Flying ,,.,. Senior Play ,,,,,i. School iii.....,,.. ,,,,,,l Parties ,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,.,.,,,,,,...l,, Concordia game of '52 .,,,,, Senior Play ,,,,i...,,,,,,,.,... Senior year ,...... Senior year ,.,.,,, Everything ......t Junior Play ...,,,, .,,-----Radio --------Women --------Going to office ----.---Crocheting -------.Music Crinkling fenders ,...,. .,...,.. Rummg my car ..,,,t,,.,,, ........ .Keeping out of work Ska tm g .,..................,, ,....... Be a success in life -Elementary music teacher ---------Be a good wife and mother -Get married -Graduate ---------Stay single -Airline stewardess ---------Get married ---,-----Bookkeeper -Nothing delinite -Be a success ---------To be a success -Get through college ---------To be a success --------.Own a Cadillac -Stay single -Get married -Get through college -X-ray technician -Pilot ---------Go to college ---------Laboratory technician ---------Succeed in college .To be happy ---------To be a success Skid Row -Get married and travel .To be happy -To be a success .Be an engineer -Mechanic Make a million -Get married -To be a success -To be happy -To grow up -Be a success -Be a good wife Page Eigbly-three TOP HOXV: Two in loveg YVyy, Tom: Hi, Nancyg Anita and Herbg Lost, lylzxry Ann?: W'ouldn't be ready for a tourney, would you? SECOND ROVV: Acrobat Shirley: Studying, T0lllAfQ You lost too, Maxine? Kibitzing in class: Junior oH'ic'ers at play. THIRD ROVV: Hi, Pat: VV1'1o's your friend, Barb?1 John ll. and Pat D.: XYiliat'S so funny, Judi'?: No wrestling here: VVe'ye gilt your picture. FOURTH ROVV: lJon't hold us up, Jark: Judy 17. and Darlene YV.: Miss Heed, Rosalie and the Dillatai fbelowb Donna: Sun too briglit, Mary Ann'?: Dun Bryan and Hal Moore years ago. BOTTOM 1-IOXV: Grass wet, Phid C. and Sue XV.'?: The freshmen found at good bookg Sm-are ya, To1n'?: Junior-Senior baiiquvt. Page Eighty-four TOP HOW: Seniors, years ago: Backstage talkg Take a bite, Keith-says Annie: The SVa11'adths: How about 2. game, John? SECOND IZOXY: XVhat c-lass is this?: Sittin' down again: Ouchl: -XX'1lElf,Q1'1B. hidin', girls? THIRD ROXV: Tourney FOURTH IIOXV: Ahhh Nive looking, no?: Sherry. BOTTOM ROXV: Haven' tree holds: Trapped. hound-or bustl: Mmmmm: XVhat's f.'11iS?Q Alyse and Barbara. haalg Jane: Glug-gf-g Look out, Louielg Chew much gum?g s we seen you two before'?g Sara A.g STOP: Janet: Hope the Page Eighty-five TOP llOXY:Nim-Q car.: Smile please for Mai-leneg XY-110 clae?: Guin' swimmin'?: Judi li. Comfortable, Joyf'e?3 Biggest catvli this year. SECOND IIOXV: Margo: All tangled up-Iflou:-me party Donna: Donna Crum in her ynunger daysg Did wv sc-are THIRD ROXV: Open the door a little wifln-1' please: fortable, gil-ls'?: bathing UE1?lllIit'SI Hi, Barb--House party FOYIITH RUXY: Four people :ill Wet: Tzxrxuu Fifer: JoAnu'?: 'l'hii'sty, Hex? 73 Hi, Sue: Vhitn-li thu birdie you, Sandy? Nico looking Oar, Phill: Vom- in '523 Slll'1J1'iSE3d, JO.-Xllll? Those girls again: Now what BOTTOM HOXV: Surprise: Getting a suntzux: Sleeping beauty: Pat Dru:-k at 5-1'1'2ld6 picnic: Sara A. ready for the beau-h, Page Eig foiy-six TOP ROVV: Safe: VVhat's So funn5'?1 lfrosli-Judy and Juanita-bored stiff: Yvith only six or seven Chairs handy the acfrobats sit on the Iloor. SECOND ROXV: Ride 'em, Cowgirlli A custom built Ford4complete with women: XVlio's behind you, Janice?g Sun in your eyes, Sandy D.? THIRD ROXV: Druckg Lookin' for a needle, Maxine?g At the park: Hug her tight: Ann R. in a pensive mood. , FOURTH ROXV: Family portrait: Sno' fun: .Tanetg Look out behind you, Kay! Page Eighty-seven d,.JL.5,. I wwe! T- ,vW'C" DON -L: STOOIVGH1 ' Q3 1 5 2 3 7 '1 -1 SEPTEMBER Back to school at 9 a.m.! Angola 65 Waterlooo 6 Juniors started selling magazines Ashley 85 Angola 3-Juniors ordered rings Jerry Roberts elected president of Stu- dent Council Angola 105 Concord Township 3 Y-Teens hold first meeting Angola 85 Butler 2 Iowa tests-Lecture on Character Traits in auditorium Iowa tests More Iowa tests-Angola 255 Rome City 2 Angola 85 Waterloo 1 Angola 185 Waterloo 9 OCTOBER Angola 95 Ashley 3 Senior paper drive Y-Teens held informal initiation at Tri-State Park-Hi-Y receives new members-Cross Country Meet at Ash- ley Angola 45 Butler 17 Yell leader try-Outs Band Marching Contest "Down to Earth,', Senior Class Play More "Down to Earthv Basketball season tickets go on sale Page Elglaty ezgbt Aiea, Cross Country Sectional Teachers Association More vacation, same reason Maxine Spangle was elected President of Alpha Delta Chi Pancake Supper State Cross Country Meet NOVEMBER F.T.A. holds formal initiation Angola 485 Waterloo 46-Senior Dance -Juniors receive class rings Seniors visit the jail Open House at school Merritt Boyer speaks at Armistice Day program Operetta, "Chimes of Normandyn More "Chimes of Normandy' Angola 395 Concordia SS Seniors measured for caps and ggygns- WOWO program at Elkhart Seniors sponsor Chili Supper Angola S45 LaGrange 52-Junior Dance-F.H.A. enjoys chili supper Angola 805 Edon 49-Freshman Dance Thanksgiving Vacation More Vacation Band plays on mound for Santa Claus - gyda 4 ?f!'Et , d,.JL.5,. 971.Ql'l'l0!LliQA.. DECEMBER Angola 449 Butler 58 Angola 555 North Manchester 66- Bookkeeping Class visits bank Angola S45 South Whitley 57-Soph0- more Dance Band Concert Y-Teens decorate halls Mr. Boomershine addresses the Govern- ment Classes Angola 59g Salem 50-F.T.A. Dance Christmas Prom, "Fantasy in Blue" Angola 455 Auburn 64 Christmas Vacation Holiday Tourney at Butler JANUARY More Holiday Tourney Back to school! Angola S05 Hillsdale 48 Angola 58g Montpelier 49-Student Council Dance Angola 495 Waterloo 52 Angola 725 Garrett S3-Junior Dance Angola 63g Berne 46 County Scholarship Tests here FEBRUARY Dramatics Club Plays Angola S55 Butler 48-Y-Teen dance District Solo and Ensemble Contest Elmhurst 603 Angola 47 - Senior dance Mid-Winter Band-Choir Contest WOWO Broadcast with Avilla here Kendallville 53g Angola 50 State Solo and Ensemble Contest Sectional Tourney Finals of Sectional Tourney MARCH Regional Tourney Semi-Finals of Tourney Junior Class Play, "The Bishop's Mantle" More Junior Class Play State Tourney Finals Indiana University Achievement Con- test here APRIL Pre-music Contest District Music Contest here Tri-State Scholarship Contest State Music Contest Easter Vacation Vocational Guidance Day I. U. State Achievement Tests Hi-Y and Y-Teen Pa-Ma-Me Banquet School Exhibit MAY Track Sectional - Awards Day Alternate Track Sectional Vocal Music Concert Science Fair at Purdue University May Dance - Senior Day - Junior- Senior Banquet Seniors leave for New York!! Baccalaureate Service Commencement Pupils dismissed-Vacation! ,,.,., If 524 , , -. I xl li of-' 'f lf? N B., - f 5 .. . :SI K c6?jfZg - Page Ezghty 1111113 Page N inety TOP ROVV: Annie---horse back riding: Phill Jawrard and Ann: Sailor boy Nancy O.: Anita XVillis: Chelowj Anita again: Sandy Deller began at one year old: Sue XV. and Mary Ann. SECOND ROXY: Present seniors in fifth grade: Mrs Ken-kler's fifth grade groupi Put D., "Punk," and Denny D. THlRD IIONY: Sandy Deller--2 years old: Ann ll.: Annie--all dressed up: Donna Bar- lett going ricling: A. ll. S. belles--long ago. FOL'll'l'H IIOXY: Jim, Pat, Nancy, Mary, Janet and Carol. BOTTOM HOXY: Ponies are funiz Mary Ann--and doggiel: Present Seniors in Fifth grade: Carol Hollzibaugh. 52 ESQ 1 1. sf K' , .,.,.. . 5, 2 f 'Tk 'Gil gwQjfS?:z:fff5 ,......,y. . TOP ROYY: Sandy Deller: Pat and Jerry lissenbergz Pat E. by lierselfg Ann Redding- yars iflgfilll Bill Sheets: ibelowj Sandy Deller and L-amine pal, Ann Iiedcling: and Phid Ja1'1'ax'clZ Sliarmi Clark: Ann Redding' playilig g'al'dnel'. SECOND HOXV: Put Essenlluerg---ffroggles and all: Belles uf 1945-Kay Creel, Phyllis .l., Ann li,, Marilyn Huif, Marlene Mvllougal, Patty, Peg: Anita XY.: Ann loves llogslg Seniors some time ago: Carol ml an morning jauntg Ali, Cindy! Cbelowj Six musketeersf- Ronnie, Hob, Jim, Dave, Don, Gus. THIIID ROXV: A. H. S. sirens-Pat Drunk, Je-an Begin, Maxine S., Hurbaiwn N.: 'Smatteiy Rita?: Tired, Sandy'?: Ann, .lean and Pat D.: fbelowl Sziurly and Alyse--Duper girls? Dave Field: Reclclingeuhlz Hello, Sharon C. BOTTOM ROXV: is it goml, Barb :md Mary A111172 Senior acrolmtsi Sherry-winter wonclerlumlg Judy Healy: falmvej Mary Ann Ifastg Tom R. at class picnic. Page Ninezfy-one Bruce Martin-Indiana University, Bloom- ington, Indiana Janet Jarboe-Mrs. Robert Goin, Angola, Indiana Anita Lowther-Van Wert Hospital, Van Wert, Ohio Mary Lee Sell-Mrs. Charles Humphries Greta Sewell-College in Manhattan Beach, California Valrie Erickson-Michigan State College, East Lansing, Michigan Fern Van Marter--Kansas State Teachers College, Emporia, Kansas Ann Travis-Mrs. Arden Sirles, Conyng- ham, Pennsylvania Joyce Allen-Mrs. Jerry Fradenburg, An- gola, Indiana Joan Baldwin-Mrs. Robert Lee Morse, An- gola, Indiana Denny Deller-U. S. Navy Nancy Clark-Elkhart Business University, Elkhart, Indiana Suzanne Unger-Mrs. William Gordon, South Bend, Indiana Les Peeler-U. S. Navy Donna Coffman-Married, living in Cali- fornia Phil Healy-Michigan State College, East Lansing, Michigan Pat Osborne-Mrs. Pat Flannigan, Angola, Indiana Bill Selman-U. S. Army Carolyn Raney-Mrs. Robert Galyean, Richmond, Indiana Diana Beatty-Albion College, Albion, Michigan Jo-Anne Carr-Telephone Ofiice, Angola, Indiana Roberta Berkes-University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan Jeanette Sheets-Mrs. Paul Birchman, An- gola, Indiana Kaye Williamson-Telephone Oliice, An- gola, Indiana Donna Davis-Mrs. Tom Pearson, Angola, Indiana Betty Servis-School Secretary, Angola, In- diana Tom Pearson-Jarrard's Men,s Wear, An- gola, Indiana Richard Rose-U. S. Air Force Richard Hefty-U. S. Air Force Page Nmety-two '52 Richard Bruhn-U. S. Navy David Neukam-U. S. Navy Bill Steffan-Tri-State College, Angola, In- diana Philip Krein-U. S. Air Force Jack Sellinger-Ford Garage, Angola, In- diana Donn GriHin-Capehart-Farnsworth Co., Fort Wayne, Indiana Arthur Hockey-Purdue University, La- Fayette, Indiana Alice Fair-Model Market, Angola, Indiana Norma Kugler--Mrs. Francis Devine, An- gola, Indiana James Bledsoe-Tri-State College, Angola, Indiana Arthur Meyers-U. S. Air Force Charles Kelly-U. S. Air Force Tom Reek-Wiess, Machine Shop, Angola, Indiana Michael Crowl-U. S. Navy Janet Gecowets-Coney Island Stand, An- gola, Indiana Joan Beck-Telephone Office, Angola, In- diana Mary Davis-Clyde's Drive In, Angola, In- diana Joann Mote-Tri-State College, Angola, In- diana Bill London-Michigan State College, East Lansing, Michigan Billie Meade-State Teachers College, West- chester, Pennsylvania Nancy Alspach-Michigan State College, East Lansing, Michigan Albert Guilford-Tri-State College, Angola, Indiana Josephine DeRosa-Albion College, Albion, Michigan Nancy Snow-Secretary for Dr. Anderson, Angola, Indiana Phyllis Bishop-University of Toledo, Tole- do, Ohio Mary Jane Mann-First National Bank, Angola, Indiana Gloria Reed-Telephone Company, Angola, Indiana Joanne Zimmer-Mrs. Bloom, Angola, In- diana Mary Fanning-Elkhart Business Universi- ty, Elkhart, Indiana Blaine Nichols-Working at Angola Bakery, Angola, Indiana Marvin Aldrich-Working for his brother in Angola, Indiana Herbert Amstutz-Indiana State Teachers College, Terre Haute, Indiana Jim Austin-Working in Angola, Indiana Barbara Bodie-Working for U. B. Press, Huntington, Indiana Ruth Bryan-Workng in Fort Wayne, In- diana Tony Cather-U. S. Navy Frances Cimbal-Mrs. Jerry VanWagner, Angola, Indiana George Cimbal-Working in Angola, In- diana Joyce Clark-Michigan State College, East Lansing, Michigan Tom Cline-Michigan State College, East Lansing, Michigan Jim Crouch-Milligan College, Johnson City, Tennessee Shirley Dixon-Methodist Hospital, Fort Wayne, Indiana Lloyd Easterday-U. S. Navy Bill Eberhart-Marquette University, Mil- waukee, Wisconsin Bill Foutz-Tri-State College, Angola, In- diana Keith Geren-U. S. Navy Garna Golden-Mrs. Tom Miller, Angola, Indiana Larry Harman-U. S. Navy Don Hintz-Working for Pokagon Bottling Works, Angola, Indiana Wendell Horn-U. S. Navy Norma Hutchins-Married, living in An- gola, Indiana Sylvia Jackson-Michigan State College, East Lansing, Michigan Linda Kepner-Indiana University, Bloom- ington, Indiana ' 5 Larry Klink-Cincinnati School of Em- balming, Cincinnati, Ohio Gordon Kope-U. S. Air Force Larry Kunkel-Purdue University, LaFay- ette, Indiana Sharon Lampman-Hillsdale College, Hills- dale, Michigan Bette Lucas-Sienna Heights College, Ad- rian, Michigan Steve Maloy-Purdue University, LaFay- ette, Indiana John Morris-U. S. Air Force Susie Mummert-Elkhart Business College, Elkhart, Indiana Tom Ott-Tri-State College, Angola, In- diana Danny Patterson-International Business College, Fort Wayne, Indiana Jim Rodebaugh-Indiana U n i v e r s i t y, Bloomington, Indiana Shirley Ruth-Working in a hospital, Elk- hart, Indiana Stanley Smith-Tri-State College, Angola, Indiana LaMarr Stroh-Working in Auburn, In- diana Marilynn VanWagner-Memorial Hospital, South Bend, Indiana Phyllis Wheaton-Working at Angola State Bank, Angola, Indiana Joan Wilkinson-Mrs. Jim Eyster, Angola, Indiana Peg Williamson--University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan Mattie Wisner-Ball State Teachers College, Terre Haute, Indiana Jim Monroe-Moved from Angola Nancy Barr-Moved to Washington, D. C. Page N znety three Pafmmgc Uwz, ddr: Telephone . Telephone ABSTRACTS: CIGAR DEALERS: Goodale Abstract Company .,,,.... ,...,... 1 51 Willis W- Love C0mPanY -------- ffffff-fff 2 55 ATTORNEYS: CIAEAFUEDRS gl 438 eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee.eeeeeeoeeeee eweeeeee 3 17 M2:2:::,:fs G. Kenneth Hubbard ,.,........,............,,,,. ,,...... 3 17 ry i Harvey E. Shoup, Attorney and Real CLQTHIERS: Estate Broker .-...-......,....,,-,,............... ........ 2 78 , , . Jarrard s Men s Store ......,,, 197 Conn H' L' Smith "too"""""' " """""" """" 3 45 Jerry Jacobls Men's Shop ...... 129 AUTOMOTIVE DEALERS: Ted S Men S Sm ---------eeA----ee 483 Adams and Fradenburg Auto Sales ,,,.,,,.,,....,,.A 451 COAL CQMPANIESg Angola Motor Sales, Mercury .............,............ S56 Angola Brick and Tile AA-Af 255 Ted Chapman Motors, Ford Sales and Service ..., 93 Bob Lamoreaux Pontiac Sales and Service ,.s....... 20 CO'NFECTIONERS! Martin,s Auto Sales .....,,..,,,.,.,.....................,....., 218 Cub's Sweet Shop .....................,..,,,,,,,...,,,,,,,r,.,,,, 18 Maxton Chevrolet Sales .,.....,....,,......t,..,,,.,,..,... 182 Ed Sellgren Buick Company, Inc. .,.,,,,,,t,,.....t,. 444 Tiffany's Motor Sales and Sinclair Products .... 494 AUTOMOTIVE PARTS: Golden Auto Parts ....,,.............. ,,...,,, 2 75 Western Auto Associate Store ..,. ,,,..,,, 4 21 BANKS: Angola State Bank ,,,.rr,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.. r.,..,,. 1 88 First National Bank of Angola -.-.. ,,,,,,,,, 1 BARBER SHOPS: Clark's Barber Shop Fisher Barber Shop Subway Barber Shop Umbaugh Barber Shop BEAUTY SHOPS: Circle Salon ,,,,,,r,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,-.,, 4 47 Rainbow Beauty Shop ,,,.,,, ,,,,,,,, 4 67 BOARDING CLUBS: Hoagland's Board .,..,,,,,, ..,.,,,, 4 S4 BOTTLERS: Angola Bottling Works ,,,,,,, ,,,r, , H368 BOOK STORES: College Book Store , r,v,,,,- 398 Munn's Book Store ,,,,,,,. ,,,,.,,, 5 34 BOWLING ALLEYS: Tri-State Lanes, David F. Yarian .,.-,.., ,,,,-,-- 5 22 BUILDING LOTS: Gunnison Homes and Building Lots, Isaac Eyster ,...,.....,.,,,,.,,.,,.,........,,,r . -..., ,,,,,,,, 2 89-R Page Ninety-four CONSTRUCTION COMPANIES: Angola Sand and Gravel Excavating and Construction Work, Wilbur Wyatt ....,, 8167-X Bob Bryan Construction Company ,,,,,,,,,,,, 816 5 -Y CONTRACTORS: Perry Waite and Sons Complete Building Service ,...,,,,....,.,,....,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,t,....,,.r,,r,,,,, 3 6 0-J CREDIT BUREAUS: Credit Bureau of Steuben County, Warren Gulick .,.,,,,,...,....,,,,,r...,,,,,,, r,,,,,r DAIRIES: Gaycrest-Crone Dairy ,,,,,,, Sunrise Dairy ,,..,.............. DAIRY SERVICE: Meyer's Dairy Service ,,,.. ,r,. DENTISTS: Drs. S. F. and W. R. Aldrich ,,.... DEPARTMENT STORES: J. C. Penney Company ,r,.,,,r,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,v, DRESS SHOPS: Angola Dress Shop ,,,,,,,,.,,.,,v. Harman,s Ladies Shoppe ,,......,,,,, ,,,,,,, Ritter and Ferry Dress Shop .,,,,,, ,,,,,-, DRESSED POULTRY: Kay's Dressed Poultry: ....,,,,,,r ,, ,,,,, DRY GAS COMPANIES Angola Bottled Gas Store ..,.,,, ,,,,..,r,, DRUGGISTS: Kolb's Drug Store r, Kratz Drug Store .,.: Roger's Drugs .,.,,. 190 453 426 633 304 E47 B80 171 288 119 484 --23 1 47 ----,-,3 0 7 pLlf!l0I'l.l:3.Q, Unit ddr: Telephone ELECTRIC SHOPS: 7 Foutz Electric Shop .........,,., ,,.....,,, 3 6 EXPRESS AGENCIES: Expressways Inc. ,,,.....,,,,., .,.,.,,. 8 FACTORIES: Weatherhead Company ,...,.. ...,,,,. 1 85 FARM IMPLEMENTS: Chard Implement Company ,.,,...w..,.,,,.,ll.l...,.,, 659 Covell Implement Store ,,,.,...............,,..v,...,.....,,, 83 Farm Equipment, Allis Chalmers Tractors .... 5 01 Oliver Sales Company ,.,.......,i,.............,v.,..,.,...., 298 FEED STORES: Hamma Feed and Supply, Feeds, Seeds, Fertilizer and Garden Supplies ........,.,i..,,.,.,.... 99 J. H. Parsell,s Son, Poultry, Eggs, and Feed, Wholesale and Retail .i.......,...,..........i... 250 Steuben County Farm Bureau Co-operative Association, Inc. ,.........,,,..,.....,.............,,,i...,, 701 FILLING STATIONS: Goldsmith Motors, Inc. .,,.vi.,,.,.. ..,..,,,.,,.. 9 168 Goodwin's Standard Station ,..,.,., ...,..,,. 4 22 Max,s Texaco Station Moor's DX Station ....,,...... Newnam Tire Supply ....,... -9181 -,----.-75 8 --,--,-----4 8 7 Samis Sinclair Station .....-..,-,,,..............,,,,.,..... 9160 Throop Shell Service ,...........,....,..,.......,..,...,...,,, 603 FIVE AND TEN CENT STORES: W. R. Thomas Sc to S1 Store ....,....i..............s... 97 Tribolet Co. 5 c to S1 Store FLORISTS: Sharon Ann Floral Shop, Fred and Jane Boedeker ..........,.i.,.....,.,.......,.,,,.,,.,.........,.,,.,. 178 Throop Florist ..........,.,,.........,.,,.............. ,,,.,... 3 10 FROZEN LOCKERS: Angola Frozen Locker Storage ........ ,.....,... 4 4 FUNERAL DIRECTORS: Klink's Funeral Home ..........,,,v,, .,.,.,.. 3 62 Weicht's Funeral Home ,,,r..,... ,..,.... 3 21 FURNITURE STORE: Wilder-King Furniture Company .,,,.,.. .,,.... . 246 GAS DISTRIBUTORS: Cities Service Oil Company, Andy Wicuff, U. S. 20 West .,.......,....,.I...........,........,,,........ 71 Sheets Oil Company, Fuel Oils ..... .......... 6 6 Telephone GARAGES: Angola Garage ............ ....i... 9 162 Al Lonsbury's Garage ,.,,.....i.. . ..,... .,,,... 3 50 Mann's Body Shop ...........s............... ......,..i. 3 Munson's and Folckis Body Shop ,,,i.... .,.......... 2 7 Shorty's Machine Service ..............,.. ...i... 8 133-X GIFT SHOPS: Fred Smith, Gifts and Greeting Cards ....,...,,,,,1 90 GROCERY STORES: College Grocery ,,,,.......,...,,.,..,..... ....... 2 20 Model Market ,,.........,.,,,..............,.,,, ........,t 3 89 West Side Grocery, Crooked Lake ,,.......... 8061-Y HARDWARE STORES: Seagly Brothers, Hardware, Appliances, Propane Gas Service ................,..................... 208 Williamson and Company, Wholesale and Retail Hardware, Wilco Distributors ..........t. 169 HATCHERIES: Angola Hatchery ,.............................t........... 113-R HOME EQUIPMENT STORES: Field Home Equipment Co. ,.,i..............,. ....... 1 35 HOSPITALS: Cameron Hospitals, Inc. ..... .......... 4 48 Elmhurst Hospital, Inc. ,.... .....1. 5 60 HOTELS: Hotel Hendry ............1..............1... ......... 3 8 INSURANCE AGENCIES: Jacob Insurance Service ..................................,. 102 Phillip S. Johnson, Insurance ,......,.........,........,, 463 Tri-State Improvement Co., Gillis Pilliod ........ 248 Watkins 85 Croxton Insurance Service ,............. 61 Rolland J. Weaver, Insurance ......:..........1..,..... 435 JEWELERS: Liechty's Jewelry ........ ,...... 3 22 M. E. Tuttle ..............,..., ......... 6 1 KIDDIE SHOPS: Kiddie Corner, Hazel Metz .... ....... 6 75 LAUNDRIES: Lemley's Laundry and Dry Cleaning ...... ....... 5 32 LUMBER COMPANIES: Angola Lumber Company ................................ 117 Farm Bureau Co-operative Association Coal and Lumber Yard ............................. 158 Daniel Shank Lumber Company .......,................ 26 Page N inety- five 67abwm3.Q, Um, ddvmfizmfm, Telephone MACHINE SHOPS: Weiss Machine Company ,-.-, MEAT MARKETS: Van Wagner Meat Market ,,,,,,. A........ MOTELS: Lakeland Court ,....,......,, Silver Lake Court ,,.. ., ....., , Taylor's Tri-State Motel ,,,.,,,,, Webster Motel .....,,.,r,,r.,,,,, MUSIC DEALERS Baldwin's Music 81 Hobby Store L NEWS STANDS: G. 86 K. News Stand ,,,.,,,...,..,.., NURSERY COMPANIES: Angola Nursery ,,,.,,..,...,,,,,,,,.. OPTOMETRISTS: Dr. M. J. Blough ,,,.,,.. Dr. R. C. Snook ....,.,...i,,i PAINT COMPANIES: Economy Wall Paper and Paint Company O9 .8132-R 8124-X 8004-Y 57-L 3 02-L ,,....526 ....,.200 8168-X 5 0 S -L ,,,,,,63S ,..,,.272 PHOTOGRAPHERS: Cline's Picture Shop ,,,,....,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,..,, 10 Gentry Photographic .,,,,,,,,.,.....,,,,...,,,,,,,,,,,..,,,, 234 PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS: Compliments of Dr. M. M. Crum .,l,,,,,,,,.,...,,, ,333 PLUMBERS: Selman Heating and Plumbing ....,,,,,, ..-,,,,72 Max Spangle, Heating and Plumbing ,,,,,,..,ri.,,,, 3 08 PRINTERS: Steuben Printing Company, Printer of This Annual ..l,,,,,,,,,....,,,,,,,,,,,,,...,,,i,,,,, ,..,,,. 2 9 RADIO CERAMICS: Radio Ceramics Corp. ..,.,... ,,,,,,,.. 1 S3 RADIO SHOPS: Lakeland Radio Supply ..,,...,,,,.....,r REAL ESTATE DEALERS: ---,,.,70 Casebeer and Arnold, Real Estate .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,-- 750 Joe S. Chaudoin, Farm, Lake and Town Properties ..,...,.,,,,,,,...,..,,,,,,.,. , .,rr,,.,.,,,,-,-,r,,,,,,,,,-- 9 Page N inety-six REFRIGERATOR SALES: Telephone I'Iosack's Frigidaire, Maytag, Hoover, Philgas -.106 RESORTS: Bledsoe's Beach, Lake James ,,,,...,.. Crooked Lake Recreation Center RESTAURANTS: Bassett,s Restaurant ,,,,,,,,,,., Chuck's Hamburg Shop ..,,,, 3 7-J ,,,,-,,,,22 1 3 Clyde's Drive-In ,,,,,.,,r,,,., ..,,,,.... 9 195 Dew Drop Inn ,,,,....,,,v, ,,,,.... 6 os-X The Diner .,,,,,,,.,... .....,.. 6 46 Dixie Restaurant ,Q ,,,,, ,.,..,..r, 9 190 Eat Restaurant v,,.,,,,,,,,,,......,,..,.,.,.. ,.,...,,,,,,,,.. 1 77 Gay Barn Restaurant ....,,,,,...,,,,,,,,,,,,.,.......... 3 53-L Jerry's Truck Stop and Restaurant .... P. Lake 9002 Morris Restaurant ,,.,,,,..,...,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,......rr,,v,,-,,, 51 North Wayne Restaurant Paradise Cafe ,,,.....,...,.,,.,..,,,, .,,,,,,,. 8 036-R Top Hat ,,,,....,i.,,,..,,,,...,.. .,.r,,,,,,,, 5 S3 SHOE COMPANIES: Fashion Shoe Store ,,,,,,,,,,,,,. SHOE REPAIR SHOPS: Angola Shoe Repair Shop Louie's Shoe Repair Shop SNACK BARS: Duke's Snack Bar .,,.,,,,...., Sandy,s Incorporated SPORTING GOODS: 1 26 112-X Unger's Sporting Goods and Hardware .,..,,,r,,,, 627 Van's Sports Shop ,,,,.,,.,,........,.,,,i,,,..... ,,,,.,,, 1 09 STOCK YARDS! Johnson Stock Yard Daily Market TELEVISION SERVICE: Star Television Sales and Service THEATRES: Brokaw Theatre ,,,,, Strand Theatre ,,,.,,,,,,,,.... TRAILER DEALERS: North State Sales, Trailers and Bot TYPEWRITER AGENCIES: S 9 3 1 9 1 cle Gas ,,,,,,,, 89 Don Boyer Typewriter Agency ........ ,,,,,--, 7 18 5 is f 9 'B J Aw., " ' fha, y!1,0,LU'l,6L " This picture portrays a turning point in the history of the Angola Metropolitan School System. It is the beginning of the new grade school. The first unit will con- sist of seven rooms. Three more units, each consisting of six rooms, will be built in 1956, 1959, and 1962, consecutively. The school board is most proud of the fact that through the sinking fund they will be able to pay cash for the proposed unit and will not have to bond it. Zlonfuz, mnomica, Jfzhhm, New equipment added during the summer and put into use at the first of the school year greatly brightened the appearance of the home economics kitchen. l , The new additions consisted of three complete sets of gaily colored tables and chairs, a red and chrome tea tray, a bulletin board and new inlaid linoleum covered benches along the wall. f It is surely a pleasure to Work in this up-to-date kitchen, and the girls taking home economics and Mrs. Biddle have been enjoying it very much this year. TOP ROYV: YV1l3,tCll2L cloin', kids'?g At e-awe: Hot seat? XVh0's the boy? SECOND ROXV: A five headed ccentipecleg Batter uplg Take my picture: House pa1'ty'? THIILIJ ROXV: At the State Park: Portrait in miniature: Graceful: Cold, Czu'ol'?Z T01n's borwl. FOURTH ROXY: Nancy, Barbara, Alyse, Arlene, Sherry: NVhere'S Glenn, Cl1arlene'?: Donna Bzlrlett and boyfriencli Cbelowb Pat, Don and a Convert: XVaitin' for Howclie? Page N irzety-nine TOP IIOVV: The A. H. S. bandj Memorial Day parade: Vlaitin' for the bell. SECOND ROW: The May queen and her court: The O1JEl'6tl21Q Hi, Judyli Dnn't look :lt us like that, Tony. THIRD IIOXV: Hu1ig1'y'? fJLll'llOl'-S6lll01' banquetj: More of the operetta: The Spanish ulass and the pinata. FOURTH ROVV: And Six to make music f.Iunirn'-Senior banquetjg soplioinore beau- ties: Like snow, Sherry?: Twenty pam-es, Inu-k to hawk, BOTTOM lIO'VV: Haltig 'XVhat's this, more beauties? Carol Un :L P01'C'l1 rail. Page One H1ll1tfl't'!1f jnnjon, jafmwell, As we, the class of '54, Hle out these doors for the last time, we leave behind many happy experiences. But with this "Key" We shall carry all these memories with us. We shall also think of this "Key,' as opening our Way into the future. We should like to thank each and every person who has helped to make our twelve years in the Angola school the happiest time of our lives, as well as the time in which We learned many, many things. , 1 'Al sf" 1 ?"?-,Ph ', ,,y!!U ' ,flax f, r 2 'fr' x" JY ff ff if X V' 'Lf J b 'M x U xx W Q!!! I f :"jkr! -. f P ,' ' J L . li? flv ,W V 151, ,Jr ,OJ . 7 ,418 f A M q1w fw W ff H if A K- A fy' 'JY ',XlJ"Nff J!! Q Nj 'J NVQ' if Rf f Nw ws 1 Q,,f" rx ,Qi , 'by jffif! is Qu yin 5 f Sf ,lf , , V W' E A J QW R ! SCLAOOL Song if I ff 1 gegfj' -.:.-:F 4 Q A L.'Ajlr:f'kg wq -V nf . ' f ,Q X" y I avxttxxiffgb ' rp - ,L " A , Q al-4 1 . . .4- Cf" ' v-if ' M, --f 153 :Il , 'V IP' I, 2 5 5 3 9 ' H .MU pf? " I I: ' A mf" "- ,iskw N ,Y Q X ' Q ffl!! qu-g qll- at Y'ul l'veQ-,,g-6 Ella, ,Fijier 4., 'iii A Q 'UM fx! A , T Uh ni H-,gf ,flu 'mans IJ your lk-gR-W3 rn 5 1 5 sl ffm? ' R glrsclll-'EF' :mana ge--I I k 1 . W I-,f , , , 9 I Algal.-. H-3k SJw-I A"1"" Hqks 'U ' a' - P - : mv i?-j1'llOEs10' " . XJ fax '41 YOU, activase I-'qu' Trl' Nhrlih :gif ""'. E Af Hb ? -1 !' Y sms .,L....: 1---f -,wi-1-S 'Mf- r 1 Page One Hu1z,1,,ea1 Two A f MJ? HS W af WWW f ? xQjTy'J.J J fl' My ff W jf MA MJ , UW 4 My lw 2 QW WW W WV? gg? W igvffj wc? W wwf 95,91 W Woavyjifvw Qi X, tr W9 W w'Wf W ff h,ffffXHljXgW Nw V wl5V'UWOfCi?yw:9jW K. ,Z QQ QQQJQQW W W W WWW W www A fy fw ifw fxffj? 1 iii ,WWW X x is :DMM QWWWMLEWM l iffy W 53YyjZ?f?wfl3 ff RWWZMWQW i'9yf4W5,9Qf?gLf uf' , N- Nw 'V ,5, M A f X60 Md J ., ,U A iA.A"g ,H N aff- M' -' xx , fv is f if fp , N ., 2 , Q' Q' ,Lf ' U x l 1 , 1 , v , 1 ' 1" ' - 4 X J fl' f u , W X , 4. 1 , ,. A -vi N' 55 .A . x , I 1 'JJ N ,MX . if ,x :W L vm Will 0 X Lp f f 'J N J xx 'sw X ' . 1 1 X 9, 5 .1 , . s , 1 4 ,f . 1 s -In u, , . Q . ,Q ff gm .Z N .-6 4 'i v ' ar h U, fqqal Ufpf 273 f 1' f C ' iv 'I iq ' iv ! if 1 . "' ' ' ,A 'L . ' .1 7 , A U JV my Us gan ff' n 4 J 5 f .W "5 ' N4 Sfff ii " ffVJJ,1ZwVbV L vi I L, v g I 1 1 F f 1 VL' W! ci! ei! , J 7' 1V 5 Q, p. Q E f ! 'U' 1 QQ.: ff J J 1 I , ' , 1 , 5 L' W mf' af 4 I f1'4'P!VJ-if ' jwffvlff fl!! , lf!! U jf ,f WL V . 2 15 ' , , J 4 6 1i f fi jf Q fl!" 1 I 1 1' if ' I Je J 'ff 5 wjxv Xfjaf, ML 'XJ V 'aww All 'WI , df ff' .U fffgfb LM, ,Wo ' X3 I f ' .2 ' ' fff! jjlb' .,4,4fx" , , fl J V ' j AM, x W. 5 414417 1 I jufig fl 5,1 - Am' 6 7? ,fjxzj ' ff if ,f5"' AMN V HPR' U My if U VV W K H! , ffrjflj 1 jffu K X 'fin '1 XM, L ,M if f W ll " Qjjjfj Z Xu X T' lfxi ay 1 if Ujf M V wx iff . F 5 f 3 ff' U J j 11 nf: JJ 'nf yniBvwJf,,,QXW4 , X f J Aff N ' Q if VX-. 'X f I 1. L MJTK-5 yu U 'Af XM My REA ! g 21' 9 vWWfW!f 'ix' .xx xf x wr ,Q Q T , .X 1 ' I 1' K x ,A ,, . W W ' u fx .f ,X 4 ff 1 ' .v a 4' 'M mg j I .JK A-jixf X 1 IM' U1 yf NX LP! ' V , f L, fl " W yy!! V V-jj 'V X ' 1 , . K . 4 1 v 7 v fv. v E' VIX, ' ' Mx 5 "W 31 g - fl. ' Y J , my' V M If ,ff W hiv? U1 lib L xr lyk Vt fp!!! 1 . , k Af' Nag x

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