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Text from Pages 1 - 102 of the 1953 volume:

The Clam' qf 1953 pmenlf TI-IE KEY Angola High School Angola, Ina'iana STARTING A YEAR 1 sw M M. 'fi 41. . .fw- ,:1f , JM x , j if M ,. we 1552 - im. 'Lamar K J , ,Q 1 1 - A Q I i S . ..... : EQ , ia ' ' ' 1: f3'tQ wX. 2 w 5 V Q 5+ pi 1, ,T- is L DEDICATION It is with real ajection that we, the Senior Class, ded- icate our Key to "Howdie" Feldmann, who with patience, tact, and unfailing good humor has guided the ship of the Class of 195 3 through uncharted seas, sometimes stormy and sometimes calm, for the past four years. SCHOOL SONG Angola High School, Angola High School, We are all for you. While the love of right still lingers, Let your name ring true. Rah! Rah! Rah! Angola High School, Angola High School Let your courage flaine Till the nation shouts aloud Your glorious naine. CONTENTS Aalrninistration Page Nine Classes . Page Seventeen Activities Page Forty-one Sports . Page Sixty-three FOREWORD A year at Angola High School is the theme of this, our 195 3 Keyee We shall show you glimpses of the activities of our school throughout the The stuelents and teachers will he pictured as they appeared in the halls and in the class rooms. We hope you enjoy reading this yearhoolz as much as we have enjoyea' working to prepare it. SENIOR FAREWELL We, the Seniors of nineteen hundred and fifty-three, eo1ne to hid our farewell. Long will the rnernories of A. H. S. he held in our hearts. In the years to eoine when we turn our "key" to the past, we shall know how rnueh we owe to those four years in A. H. S. So we are grateful to you, A. H. S., for huilding the foundation of our future. Page Seven ADMINISTRATION E 2 54 1 ly -ww REA . QA'f+WWYN5RwGzWEE3i5 ?WS:i4Z5?5?'15SS'l9M'u"N?k - MEl'Z'?F?7YI.w2?LIH k 'QJMFQAQQQ-, V,-V' ' wiv f:7L??E5'2 3YE:iA'iZl' M .CQZSH w...,,.A . -V S fi l Page Ten OUR PRINCIPAL Although Mr. McCutchan has been our principal for only two years, the memory of his helpfulness will remain with us through the years. He has helped us with our problems with patience and understand- ing. We want to thank him for all he has done and we are certain he will always be helping the students of A. H. S. OUR UPERINTENDENT During our four years of high school our superintendent has never been too busy to give guidance or help to whoever needed it. N0 situation was too trivial to merit his attention. As we find our places in life, these considerations will be greatly appre- ciated. We all thank you, Mr. Boomershine. BOARD OF EDUCATION Much credit for the success of the school year should be given to the members of the Angola Board of Education. At the regular monthly meetings throughout the year the board has many problems to meet in regard to the financial program, the planning of a school curriculum to meet the state requirements, the selection of teach- ers, and the legislation of general school rules. The members of the board are Carlton Chase, president, Harold Stevens, secretary, H. C. Wisner, treasurer, Harold Fisher and R. L. Nedele. Howard Boomershine is the superintendent of schools. We, the raduatin class of '53, as well as the facult and remainin student I g g . - 1 Y g body, Wish to express our gratitude and appreciation to these men for the work they have done to make our school life more pleasant. SCHOOL SECRETARIE The smooth running of the school organization has been greatly aided by the eflicient work of the school secretaries. Never have they been too busy to help us with our problems. We owe much to Edith Kunkel and Betty Servis. Page Eleven We 'Ns 1.5 Page Twelve LTY EMERY L. DRUCKAMILLER A, B. Indiana University: Manchester Collegeg Danville National College. Director of Athletics, Health, History, Civics HOWARD FELDMANN B. S. Illinois State Normal Universityg M. S. Purdue Uni- versity. Physics, Biology, Chemistry NANCY PAUL B. S. Ball State Teachers College. Librarian, Director of Audio-Visual Education EUNICE REED A. B. Defiance Collegeg Uni- versity of Wisconsing Ball State Teachers College, Mc- Gill Universltyg Rocky Moun- tain Sehool of Languagesg Escuela Interamericana de Verano, Mexico. Latin, Spanish GEORGE F. KUEBLER E. S. Manvhester College. Art GLADYS LEAS B. S. Ball State Teachers College. Ty ping, Sho rthana', Bookkeeping ANITA CLARK B. S. Purdue University. Home Economics C. T. FULLER A. B. Ball State Teachers Collegeg University of Flor- ida. English, Dramatics ELWOOD NICHOLS B. S. Central Normal Col- lege: M. M, Jordan College of Music of Butler Univer- sity: American Conservatory of Music: Vandercook School of Music. Vocal Music, Band MARY FELDMANN B. S. Illinois State Normal University, Physical Education ARTHUR VAN MATRE B. S. Ball State Teachers College. Government, Psychology, History, Physical Education BERL WALRADTH B. S. Ball State Teachers College. Business Mathematics, Shorthand ,' Ty ping FACULTY RUBY SHULTZ A. B. Indiana, Universityg University of Wisconsing Mc- Gill Universityg Columbla Universityg Escuela Inter- americana de Verano, Mexico. English, journalism NANCY SIEBOLD B, M. Michigan State Uni- versity. Vocal Music BURT KEPLER B. S. Ball State Teachers College: -Tri-State Collegeg Manchester College. Industrial Arts, Mechanical Drawing JOHN HAMMEL B. S. Indiana University: M. S. Indiana University. General Mathematics, Algchra, Trigonometry, Coach E A -3 Page Thirteen E TIRE STAFF Top row: Edith Kunkel, Thelma Hephner, Molly Gaflin, Mary Feldmann, Pauline Reichardt, Vera Myers, Gladys Kile, LaVerne Hardy, Betty Servis, Nancy Paul, Catherine Schrider, Anita Clark. Second row: Howard Boomershine, Shirley Brokaw, Ilene Nelson, Laura Frank, Ruth Stevens, Gladys Leas, Eunice Heed, Katy Boyer, Juanita 'l'e-egardin, Gertrude Hart, June Collins, Mildred Mac-Fadyen, VVilma Harmon, June Plingstag, Nancy Siebold, Ruth Van Matre, Ruby Shultz, Front row: C. T. Fuller, Emery Druckamiller, Howard Feldmann, Louis Sapp, Carl Tausig, George Kuebler, John Hammel, Curt Rathburn, Art Van Matre, Elwood Nichols, Burt Kepler, Berl XValradth, Charles llyan, Floyd McCutchan. The members of the faculty of A. H. S. have done much for us during our years in school. With understanding and patience, they have labored to teach us not only the three 'lR's," but good citizenship as well. 0 CUSTODI NS Our custodians have kept our school clean, warm and beautiful. We especially Want to thank them for their aid during our class plays. They were willing to give their time and effort to us, who as amateurs needed their help so badly. Mr. Book was with us only a short time at the first of the year. Ben VVeldon, Charles Book, Dick Forbes, Harry Sowle, Vern Easterday, Page FOZl1'fL'C'I1 AT ODD MOMENTS CLASSES as SENIORS L3 s 2 Preszdent ., . ..... Vice-President Secretary .. , Treasurer Adviser .r..r.. Colors .s.... Flower ,..., Motto .,..s, Page Eighteen SENIOR CLASS OFFICERS Bill Eberhart Larry Kunkel sL---,Herbert Amstutz ,-LLLLLTom Cline Feldmann --,-----Green and White Rose -wf'Nothing Succeeds Like Successv LARRY K. KUNKEL "The little foolery that wise 1nen have makes a great show." Freshman: Boys' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Band, District Solo Contest, Track, Basket- ball, Baseball, Student Coun- cil, Cantata. Sophomore: Class Secretary, Boys' Glee Club, High School Choir, Band, Operetta Cast, Film Operato1', Hi-Y, Track, Basketball, Baseball. Junior: Boys' Glee Club, High School Choir, Class Play Cast, Vocal Quintet, Three One-Act Play Cast, District Ensemble Contest, State En- semble Contest, Film Oper- ator, Band, Hi-Y, Basketball, Baseball. Senior: Class Vice-Presi- dent, Boys' Glee Club, High School Choir, Class Play Cast, Mixed Ensemble, Key Staff, Band, Track, Co-Captain Bas- ketball Team, Baseball, Hi-Y, District Ensemble Contest, Film Operator, District Solo Contest, State Solo Contest, State Ensemble Contest, Na- tional Hlonor Society. MATTIE MARLENE WISNER "Society, therefore is as an- cient as the worlalf, Freshman: Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, F. T. A., Can- tata. Sophomore: Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, F. T. A. Secretary-Treasurer, Booster Club, Alpha Delta Chi, Three One-Act Plays Stage Crew, Di lmmortales Staff, Operetta Chorus, Y-Teens. Junior: Class Play Cast, F. T. A. Vice-President, Y- Teens, Alpha Delta Chi, Three One-Act Plays Stage Crew. Senior: Class Play Stage Crew, Girls' Glee Club, Alpha Delta Chi, Key Staff, Y-Teens Treasurer, T h r e e One-Act Plays Stage Crew, National Honor Society. GEORGE E. CIMBAL "Let every man 1nina' his own business." Junior: Class Play Cast, Safety Patrol. Senior: Key Staff. SUZANNE MUMMERT' "Thou gh I am always in haste, I ani never in a hu rry." Freshman: Attended L0- gansport High School. Tri- Hi-Y, Band, High School Choir. Sophomore: Attended Lo- gansport High School Hrst se- mester. G. A. A., Band, Span- Glee Club, ish Club, Girls' Alpha Delta Chi, Three One- Act Play Cast, Y-Teens, Mix- ed Chorus. Junior: Class High School Choir, Y-Teens, Alpha Delta Chi, Three One- Act Play Cast, Cheerleader. Senior: Class Play Cast, High School Choir, Y-Teens, Associate Editor Key Staff, Vocal Mixed Ensemble, Alpha Delta Chi, National Thespian Society, District Ensemble Contest, Cheerleader. Play Cast, SHARON LAMPMAN "There is no disputing ahout taste." Freshman: Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Vocal Sextet, F, T. A., Alpha Delta Chi, Three One-Act Play Stage Crew, District Mathematics Contest, State Mathematics Contest, Cantata. Sophomore: Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Vocal Sextet, F. T. A., Alpha Delta Chi, Three One-Act Play Stage Crew, District Mathe- matics Contest, Operetta Chorus, Booster Club Secre- tary, Di Immortales Staff, Y- Teens. Junior: Girls' Glee Club, High School Choir, Class Play Cast, District Ensemble Con- test, Y-Teens, Vocal Sextet, F. T. A., Alpha Delta Chi, Band. Senior: Girls' Glee Club, High School Choir, Class Play Cast, Vocal Ensemble, Y- Teen President, Band, Key Staff, "I Speak for Democra- cy" Contest, National Honor Society. JAMES E. CROUCH "Of a good beginning cometh a good end." Freshman: Boys' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Cantata, Base- ball, Basketball, Track. Sophomore: Boys' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Basketball, Track, Class Vice-President, Di lmmortales Staff, Hi-Y. Operetta Chorus. Junior: Class Vice-Presi- dent, Class Play Cast, High Svchool Choir, Basketball, Hi- Senior: High School Choir, Hornet Staff, Key Staff, Dis- trict Ensemble Contest, Bas- ketball, Baseball. SYLVIA ELIZABETH JACKSON "By the work one knows the workinanf' Freshman: Class Secretary, High School Choir, Girls' Glee Club, Vocal Sextet, Alpha Delta Chi. Three One-Act Play Cast, District Latin Con- test, State Latin Contest, Can- tata. Sophomore: High School Choir, Girls' Glee Club, Vocal SGXWL Alpha Delta Chi, F. T. A., Booster Club, Di Immor- tales Staff, Y-Teens, Girls' SDO1'ts Club, Operetta Chorus, Local and District winner "I Speak for Democracy" Con- test. Junior: High School Choir, Class Secretary, Class Play Cast, Vocal Sextet, F. T. A. Treasurer, Alpha Delta Chi, Y-Teens, Girls' Sports Club, District English Contest, Three One-Act Play Cast, Lo- cal Vvinner "T Speak for De- mocracy" Contest. Senior: High School Choir, Class Play Cast, F. T. A, President, Hornet Stai, Asso- ciate Editor Key Staff, Alpha Delta Chi, Three One-Act Play Director, National Thes- pian Society, Y-Teen Vice- President, District Solo Con- test, Local and District Win- ner "I Speak for Democracyn Contest, National High School Essay Anthology, State Solo Contest, National Honor So- ciety, Salutatorian. R. LAWRENCE KLINK "Because to laugh is proper to the manf' Freshman: Track, Baseball, Basketball. Sophomore: Booster Club, Hi-Y. Junior: Hi-Y, Hoosier Boys' State, Basketball. Senior: Class Play Cast, Hi- Y Chaplain, Key Staff. THOMAS DAVIDSON CLINE "The more we argued the question the more we clidrft agree? Freshman: Track, Basket- ball, Baseball. Sophomore: Booster Club, Di Immortales Staff, Hi-Y, Track, Basketball, Baseball. Junior: Class Treasurer, Class Play Cast, High School Choir, Boys' Glee Club, Vocal Quintet, Hi-Y, Basketball, Baseball, Hoosier Boys' State. Senior: Class Treasurer, Class Play Cast, Class Play Stage Crew, High School Choir,.Boys' Glee Club, Hor- net Staff, Business Manager Key Staff, District Ensemble Contest, Hi-Y, Captain Bas- ketball Team, Baseball, Amer- ican Legion Oratorical Con- test, National Honor Society. ROBERT KEITH GEREN "Boldness, again boldness, and ever boldness." Freshman: Attended Spring- field High School, Springfield, Ohio. Sophomore: Baseball. Junior: Basketball, Class Play Stage Crew, Hi-Y. Senior: Class Play Cast, Key Staff, Basketball, Base- ball. HERBERT E. AMSTUTZ "I would help others, out of a fellow feelzngf, Freshman: Boys' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Alpha Chi, Three One-Act Stage Crew, F. T. A., Band Librarian, District Solo Con- test, Cantata, 4-H President, Junior Leader. Sophomore: Home Room Secretary, Boys' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Hi-Y, F, T. A., Alpha Delta Chi, Three One- Act Plays Stage Crew, Band Librarian, District Solo Con- test, District Ensemble Con- test, Operetta Chorus, 4-H Re- porter and Junior Leader, Booster Club, Orchestra, Lo- cal YVinner American Legion Poppy Poster Contest. Junior: Boys' Glee Club, High School Choir, Class Play Stage Crew, Hi-Y Delegate to State Camp, F. T. A., Alpha Chi, Three One-Act Delta Plays Delta Plays Stage Crew, District Ensemble Contest, Band Li- brarian and Manager, 4-H President, Reporter, and .Tun- ior Leader, VVinner Local American Legion Poppy Post- er Contest, Class Business Manager. Senior: Class Secretary, Boys' Glee Club, High School Choir, Hi-Y Sergeant-at-arms, Band Manager, Class Play Stage Crew, Alpha Delta Chi, National Thespian Society, Three One-Act Plays Stage Crew, Hornet Staff, Associate Editor Key Staff, District Solo Contest, 4-H Junior Leader. THOMAS E. OTT "The style is the rnan him- self." Freshman: Student Council, Track, Basketball, Baseball. Sophomore: Student Coun- cil Vice-President, I-Ii-Y, Bas- ketball, Baseball, Booster Club. Junior: Class Play Stage Crew, Basketball, Baseball, Hi-Y, Student Council. Senior: Class Play Stage Crew, Hi-Y Secretary-Treas- urer, Basketball, Baseball, Student Council, Key Staff. JANETH M. LADOW "My rnan's as true as steel? Freshman: Attended Salem Center High School. Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Class Play Stage Crew, Stu- dent Council. Sophomore: Attended Salem Center High School. High School Choir, Booster Club. Junior: Class Play Cast, Alpha Delta Chi, Three One- Act Plays Stage Crew, Di Im- mortales Staff, Hoosier Girls' State, Y-Teens. Senior: Class Play Cast, Key Staff, Alpha Delta Chi, Y-Teens. Did not complete the senior Yeflf. JAMES W. RODEBAUGH "Better late than never? , Freshman: Class Vice-Pres- ident, Boys' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Track, Cantata. Sophomore: Boys' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Booster Club, High School Choir, Track, Operetta Chorus. Junior: Class Play Stage Crew, Hoosier Boys' State, Hi- Y President. Senior: Class Play Stage Crew, Hi-Y President, Track, Associate Editor Hornet Staff, Key Staff. RUTH IRIS BRYAN "The mirror of all courtesy." Flint Freshman: Attended High School. Class Play Cast, Girls' Glee Club, Acting Pres- ident F. H. A. Sophomore: Attended Flint Play High School. Class Cast, Girls' Glee Club, F. H. A. Vice-President, Class Pres- ident, Student Council Presl- dent. Senior: Class Play Cast, Hornet Staff, Key Staff. LARRY L. HARMAN "Young fellows will he young fellows? Freshman: Boys' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Cantata. Sophomore: Boys' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Operetta Chorus, Booster Club, Hi-Y. Junior: Class Play Stage Crew, Hi-Y. Senior: Class Play Stage Crew, Key Staff. BILL D. EBERI-IART "Blushing is the color of 'vir- tue." Freshman: Attended Howe Military Academy. Sophomore: Booster Club, Mathematics Contest, Hi-Y, Student Council. Junior: Class President, Class Play Cast, High School Choir, Boys' Glee Club, Hi-Y. Senior: Class President, Class Play Stage Crew, Key Staff. PHYLLIS JEAN WHEATON "Fair and softly goes far." Freshman: Mixed Chorus, Girls' Glee Club. Sophomore: Mixed Chorus, Girls' Glee Club, Y-Teens. Class Play Stage Junior: Crew, Y-Teens. Senior: Class Play Stage Crew, Y-Teens, Key Staff. SHIRLEY ELAINE DIXON "Those eyes, the greenest of things hlue, The hluest of things grey." Freshman: Mixed Chorus, Alpha Delta Chi, Three One- Act Plays Stage Crew, Vocal Sextet, Cantata, Student Council. Sophomore: Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Vocal Sextet, Alpha Delta Chi, Y- Teens, Di Immortales Staff, Operetta Chorus, District Solo Contest. Junior: Class Play Cast, Vocal Sextet, Alpha Delta Chi, Student Council, Y-Teens, Hoosier Girls' State, District Solo Contest, State Solo Con- test, National High School Essay Anthology. Senior: Class Play Cast, High School Choir, Key Staff, Alpha Delta Chi, National Thespian Society, Y-Teens, National High School Essay Anthology, National High School Poetry Anthology, Three One-Act Plays Direct- ior, District Ensemble Con- est. LAMARR EUGENE STROI-I "Hail fellow, well met." Freshman: B a s k e t b all, Baseball, Safety Patrol. Junior: Class Crew. Senior: Class Crew, Key Staff. Play Stage Play Stage GARNA LEE GOLDEN "My heart is like a singing hirclf' Freshman: H i g h School Choir, Girls' Glee Club, Vocal Sextet, Mixed Chorus, Alpha Delta Chi, Three One-Act Play Stage Crew, Girls' Sports Club, Cantata. Sophomore: High School Choir, Girls' Glee Club, Vocal Sextet, Mixed Chorus, Alpha Delta Chi, Booster Club, Di Ixnmortales Staff, Y-Tcens, Girls' Sports Club, Operetta Chorus, Operetta Cast. Junior: High School Choir, Vocal Sextet, Class Play Cast, Girls' Glee Club, Y-Teens, Girls' Sports Club. Senior: Hih School Choir, Girls' Glee Club, Vocal Mixed Ensemble, Class Play Stage Crew, Alpha Delta Chi, Key Staff, District Ensemble Con- test, Y-Teens. JAMES WILLIAM MONROE "What man dare, I flare." Sophomore: Track, Basket- ball. Junior: Class Play Cast, Basketball. Senior: Class Play Stage Crew, Key Staff. STEPHEN E. MALOY "By music, minds an equal temper know, Nor swell too high, nor sink too lowf' Freshman: Alpha Delta Chi, Band, District Solo Con- test, District Ensemble Con- test. Sophomore: High School Choir, Boys' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Band, Alpha Delta Chi, Three One-Act Play Cast, Booster Club, District Solo Contest, State Solo Contest, District Ensemble Contest, Operetta Cast, Operetta Chor- us, Hi-Y, Junior: High School Choir, Boys' Glee Club, Class Play Cast, Vice-President Alpha Delta Chi, Vocal Quartet, Three One-Act Play Cast, Band, District Solo Contest, State Solo Contest, District Ensemble Contest, State En- semble Contest, Michigan State Scholarship, Hi-Y, Na- tional High School Essay An- thology, Vice-President Stu- dent Council, Hoosier Boys' State. Senior: High School Choir, Boys' Glee Club, Class Play Stage Crew, Alpha Delta Chi, Vocal Mixed Ensemble, Hor- net Staff, Editor-in-Chief Key Staff, National Thespian So- ciety, Band, Drum Major, Dis- trict Solo Contest, State Solo Contest, District Ensemble Contest, State Ensemble Con- test, National High School Poetry Anthology, National High School Essay Anthology, H'i-Y Vice-President, Three One-Act Play Stage Crew, National Honor Society. STANLEY S. SMITH "Beware the fury of a patient man, In husy companies of men." Freshman: Safety Patrol. Senior: Key Staff. NANCY BYRD BARR "No pleasure endures unsea- soned hy variety." Freshman: Alpha Delta Chi, Girls' Sports Club, Mixed Chorus, Girls' Glee Club, High School Choir, Three One-Act Play Stage Crew, Cantata. Sophomore: Y-Teens, Girls' Glee Club, High School Choir, Alpha Delta Chi, Noon Day League, Booster Club, May Queen's Court, Operetta. Junior: Attended Auburn High Schoolf Tri-Hi-Y, Girls' Sports Club, Banquet Commit- tee. Senior: Alpha Delta Chi, Y- Teens, High School Choir, Class Play Cast, Hornet Staff, Key Staff, Three One-Act Play Stage Crew. ANTON B. QTONYJ CATHER "The nearest way horne's the farthest way about." Freshman: Class President, Boys' Glee Club, Mixed Chor- us, F. T. A., Band, Cantata. Sophomore: Class Treasur- er, Boys' Glee Club, High School Choir, F. T. A., Alpha Delta Chi, Three One-Act Play Cast, Booster Club, Band, District Ensemble Contest, Operetta Chorus. Junior: Class Play Cast, Boys' Glee Club, High School Choir, Vocal Quintet. F. T. A., Alpha Delta Chi Treasurer, Three One-Act Plays, Stage Crew, Band District Ensem- ble Contest, Film Operator. Senior: Class Play Stage Crew, High School Choir, Mix- ed Vocal Ensenible, F. T. A., Key Staff, Band, Film Oper- ator, Student Council Pres- ident. SHIRLEY JOAN RUTH "All Nature wears one uni- versal grinf' Freshman: Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, F. T. A., Can- tata. Sophomore: Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, F. T. A. Secretary, Alpha Delta Chi, Di Tmmortales Staff, Booster Club, Y-Teens, Operetta Chor- us. Junior: Class Play Stage Crew, Girls' Glee Club, F. T. A. Vice-President, A l p h a Delta Chi, Y-Teens. Senior: Class Play Stage Crew, Y-Teens, Alpha Delta Chi, Key Staff. MARILYNN J. VANWAGNER "After a st0r1n e01nes a ealmf' Freshman: Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Alpha Delta Chi, Three One-Act Play Cast, B a n d Majorette, Cantata, Girls' Sports Club. Sophomore: Gi rl s' G l e e Club, Mixed Chorus, Alpha Delta Chi, Three One-Act Play Stage Crew, Booster Club, Band Majorette, Girls' Sports Club, Y-Teens, Di Im- mortales Staff, Cheerleader. Junior: Class Play Stage Crew, Alpha Delta Chi, Band Majorette, Y-Teens, Cheer- leader. Senior: Class Play Cast, Y- Teen Cabinet, Alpha Delta Chi, Cheerleader, Key Staff, Hornet Staff, Band Majorette, Three One-Act Play Stage Crew. WENDELL D. HORN "Is this that haughty, gallant, gay Lothariof' Freshman: Basketball Baseball, Band. Sophomore: Class Sergeant- at-arms, Hi-Y, Track, Basket- ball, Baseball, Band. Junior: Class Sergeant-ab arms, Hi-Y, Class Play Stage Crew, Basketball, Baseball. Senior: Key Staff, Baseball, Class Play Stage Crew. JOAN WILKINSON "Smooth runs the water when the hrook is deep? Freshman: Attended Metz High School. Sophomore: Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, F. H. A., Alpha Delta Chi, Y-Teens. Junior: Class Play Cast, F. T. A., Y-Teens. Senior: Class Play Cast, F. T. A., Y-Teen Cabinet, Key Staff, Student Council Secre- tary-Treasurer. DANNY L. PATTERSON "Men of few words are the hest men." Sophomore: Booster Track, Basketball, Hi-Y. Stage Club, Junior: Class Play Crew, Boys' Glee Club, Hi-Y. Senior: Class Play Crew, Key Staff. Stage LLOYD L. EASTERDAY "It is a world of startling possihilitiesf' Sophomore: Hi-Y, Alpha Delta Chi, Three One-Act Play Cast. Junior: Class Play Stage Crew. Senior: Class Play Stage Crew, Key Staff. FRANCES ANN CIMBAL "Could swell the soul to rage, or kindle soft desire." Freshman: Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Vocal Sextet, Alpha Delta Chi, Three One- Act Plays Stage Crew, Can- tata. Sophomore: Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Vocal Sextet, Alpha Delta Chi, Booster Club, Girls' Sports Club, Y-Teens. Junior: Class Play Cast, Alpha Delta Chi, Y-Teens, Girls' Glee Club, Senior: Class Play Stage Crew, Key Staff, Hornet Staff, Alpha Delta Chi, Y-Teens, Three One-Act Plays Stage Crew. BARBARA ANN BODIE "Such joy ambition jinrlsf, Freshman: Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, F. T. A. Re- porter, Cantata, Alpha Delta Chi, Three One-Act Plays Stage Crew, Girls' Sports Club, F. H. A. Secretary- Treasurer. Sophomore: Girls' G l e e Club, Mixed Chorus, Alpha Delta Chi, Booster Club, Girls' Sports Club, Y-Teens. Junior: Class Play Crew, Class Play Cast, Girls' Glee Club, Alpha Delta Chi, Y-Teens. Senior: Class Play Stage Crew, Business Manager Hor- net Staff, Key Staff, Y-Teens Secretary, Alpha Delta Chi Secretary, Student Council Reporter, Three One-Act Play Cast. Stage MARVIN R. ALDRICH "A nice unpartieular man." Freshman: Band. Sophomore: Booster Club, Band, District Ensemble Con- test. Junior: Class Play Stage Crew, Band, District Ensem- ble Contest. Senior: Key Staff, Hornet Staff, Class Play Stage Crew. GORDON L. KOPE "Hang sorrow! Care will kill a eat, and therefore let's he merry." Sophomore: Alpha Delta Chi, Three One-Act Play Cast. Junior: Class Play Stage Crew. Senior: Class Play Stage Crew, Key Staff. DONALD K. HINTZ "Give thy thoughts no tongue." Freshman: Attended XVill- oughby Union High School. Sophomore: Basketball, Baseball, Di Immortales Staff. Junior: Basketball, liase- ball, Hi-Y, Class Play Cast. Senior: Basketball, Base- ball, Hi-Y, Track, Class Play Stage Crew, Hornet Staff, Key Staff. MARGARET JAY WILLIAMSON "My appetite comes to me while eating." Freshman: Choir, Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, F. T. A., Vocal Sextet, Alpha D e l t a Chi Vice-President, Three One-Act Play Cast, May Queens Court, District En- semble Contest, Mathematics Contest, Cantata, Student Council. Sophomore: Choir, Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Vo- cal Sextet, Alpha Delta Chi, Three One-Act Play Stage Crew, Booster Club, District Ensemble Contest, Student Council, Operetta Chorus, Di lmmortales, Y-Teens. Junior: Class Play Stage Crew, High School Choir, Alpha Delta Chi, Three One- A4-t Play Cast, May Queen's Court, Hoosier Girls' State, Y- Teens, Student Council, Senior: Class Play Stage Crew, Choir, Alpha Delta Chi President, Three One-Act Play Director, Key Staff, Na- tional Thespian Society, Y- Teen Chaplain. JOYCE ADAMS CLARK "Music is the universal lan- guage of 1nankznal." Freshman: Class Treasurer, Choir, Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, F. T. A., Alpha Delta Chi, Band, District Solo Con- test. Sophomore: Choir, Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, F. T. A., Alpha Delta Chi, Band, District Solo Contest, Y- Teens, Operetta Chorus. Junior: Hoosier Girls' State, High School Choir, Girls' Glee Club, District Solo Contest, State Solo Contest, Michigan State Scholarship, Y-Teens, Band, Class Play Cast. Senior: I-ligh School Choir, Girls' Glee Club, Class Play Stage Crew, F, T. A., Key Staff, District Solo Contest, District Ensemble Contest, Mixed Vocal Ensemble, Y- Teen Program Chairman, State Solo Contest, National Honor Society, Valedictorian. BETTE LUCAS "A decent holrlness ever meets with frzenclsf, Freshman: Alpha Delta Chi, Three One-Act Play Cast, Girls' Sports Club, Mixed Chorus, Girls' Glee Club. Sophomore: Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Girls' Sports C l u b Tireaiurer, Student Council, May Queen's Court, Noon Day League, Booster Club, Alpha Delta Chi, Three One-Act Play Cast, Y-Teens, F. T, A. Historian, Di Immor- tales Staff, Cheerleader. Junior: Alpha Delta Chi Secretary, Three One-Act Play Cast, High School Choir, Class Play Cast, F. T. A. His- torian, Y-Teens, Girls' Sports Club President. Senior: Class Play Stage Crew, Alpha Delta Chi, Na- tional Thespian Society, Y- Teens, Key Staff, Hornet Edi- tor, High School Choir, Three One-Act Play Cast. Page Twenty- four LINDA ELLEN KEPNER "We are dancing on a vol- Cano." Freshman: Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Cantata. Sophomore: Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Operetta Chorus, Y-Teens. Junior: Y-Teens. Senior: Y-Teens, Key Staff, Class Play Cast. JAMES GOLDEN AUSTIN "The truly civilized man has no enemiesf' Freshman: Attended Flint High School, Flint, Indiana. Sophomore: Operetta Chor- us, Hi-Y, Alpha Delta Chi, Boys' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, High School Choir, Three One-Act Play Stage Crew. Junior: Class Play Stage Crew, High School Choir, Dis- trict Ensemble Contest, Band. Senior: Key Staff, Class Play Stage Crew. JOHN MORRIS "He seems so near, and yet so far." Freshman: Attended Syra- cuse High School. Basketball, Glee Club, Speech. Sophomore' Attended Syra- cuse High School. Basketball, Vice President of Glee Club. Junior: Attended Syracuse High School nrst semester. Basketball, Vice President of Glee Club, Prophecy Commit- tee. In Angola: Boys' Glee Club, High School Choir, Di Immortales Staff. Senior: Class Play Cast, Hi- Y, Key Staff. WILLIAM R. FOUTZ "E1fe1'ytloing is sweetened by ris . Freshman: Mixed Chorus, Boys' Glee Club, Safety Pa- trol, Basketball. Sophomore: Mixed Chorus, Boys' Glee Club, Safety Pa- trol, Basketball, Hi-Y. Junior: Class Play Stage Crew, Hi-Y. Senior: Class Play Stage Crew, Iiey Staff, Hi-Y. NORMA LEE HUTCHINS "Gentle of speech, beneficent of mind? Freshman: Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Cantata, Sophomore: Girls' Glee Club, Mixed Chorus, Operetta Chorus, Alpha Delta Chi. Junior: Class Play Stage Crew. Senior: Class Play Stage Crew, Key Staff, Hornet Staff, Girls' Glee Club. kv N First row: Just a few Sophonioresg Hungry, gi1'1s?g Juniors!-taking it easy. Second row: Our Mac'--busy :Lt Worklg Four custodians in the Work roomg Study hard, kidslg Our hard Working sen-retary: The seniors' patient sponsor. Third row: Dick and Ben hard at workg That's a big one, Druckg Miss Heed and her paig Got a question, Fred? Fourth row: Have EL good time, g'ir1s?: Smile at the hirdieg Something on your mind, Phid?g Going somewhere, Barbifq D0n't fall, Beverly! P age Twcfnty-five Page Twenty-six E IORS- AY B CK WH ! TOP ROXV: Lloyd Easterday, Garna Golden, Larry Kunkel, Peg Williamson, Sylvia Jackson, Danny Patterson. SECOND ROW: La.Ma1'1' Stroh, Norma Hutchins, Tom Cline, Larry Harman, Shirley Ruth, Ruth Bryan. FIFTH GRADE GROUP-TOP ROXV: Damon Cox, Sylvia Jackson, John Van Dyne, Cleon Jackson, Bill Eberhart, Robert Wolfe, Mrs. Cora Keckler. MIDDLE ROW: Larry Klink, Tom Ott, Richard Davis, Louis Pristas, Peg Williamson, John Mor- ris, Sharon Lampman. FRONT ROW: Bill Foutz, Tony Cather, Wendell Horn, Larry Kun- kel, Mattie Wisner, Dean Yates, Toni Cline, Barbara Bodie. FIFTH GRADE GROUP-TOP ROYV: Kathleen Patterson, Mary McNabb, Jim Porter, Jim Monroe, Stanley Smith, Donald Giver. SECOND ROW: Shirley Ruth, Harold Cox, John Randolph, Mar- garet Pentico, Shirley Dixon, Jim Rodebaugh, Steve Maloy, THIRD ROVV: Ruth Bowernian, Robert Vforthington, Larry Harman, Sally Delucenay, Frances Cimbal, Patricia Meyers, Lloyd Easterday. FOURTH ROW: Gordon Kope, Danny Patterson, Bob Cox, Herbert Alnstutz, Marilynn Van VVagner, LaMarr Stroih, Norma Hutchins, Linda Kepner. THIRD R O YV findiVidualsJ: John Morris, Sharon Lampman, Mat- tie 'Wisner, Frances Cimbal, Herbert Amstutz, Gordon Kope. FOURTH ROW: Tom Ott, Tony Cather, Steve Maloy, Barbara Bodie, VVende1l Horn, Bill Eberhart. CLASS HI TORY The opening day of school in September of 1941 was a joyous and hilarious one for the seventy happy faced pupils who- started school activities. They were as follows: Jane Charla Austin Leslie Albright Barbara Bodie Charles Kilmer Ruth Bowerman Lou Ann Christoffel Laura May Dannells Phyllis Dolph Charles Ewers Marcie Ann Fee Joanne Fowler Larry Harman David Barger Herbert Amstutz Ira Bartlow, Jr. Tony Cather Frances Cimbal Thomas Cline Lloyd Easterday Bill Eberhart Marchia Fisher Clyde Foster Garna Lee Golden Jane Hoover Wendell Horn Norma Hutchins Gordon Kope Sharon Lampman Beverly Leas John Morris Danny Patterson Norma Richardson Rachel Ruby Shirley Joan Ruth Bernie Smith Edward Rakestraw Marcia Grabill Larry Hagewood Margaret Hughes Mary Etta Hughes Sylvia Jackson Larry Klink Larry Kunkel Stephen Maloy Spencer Myers Stanley Smith Our freshman year there were forty-nine greenies trooping through the halls, starting the busy activity of being high school students. By the time we were sophomores we gleefully waited for the freshman initiation with all sorts of pranks in store for the greenies. LaMarr Stroh James Tidbeaux Oshel Ward Mattie Marlene Wisner Robert Wolfe Robert Worthington Jack Nelson Phyllis Richardson Bobbie Porter Jimmie Porter Marilynn Van Wagner Ethel Fowler Thomas Ott Richard Reichen- bacher Joyce Rinehart Betty Ritter James Rodebaugh Natomi Shaffer Peg Williamson Florence Brade Evelyn Henderson Bonnie Lou Boyle We considered ourselves upperclassmen in our junior year. Last year was a busy and a prosperous one for us. The junior magazine campaign brought us a trophy for high sales. The concession stand added a lot to our daily activities. Our junior class play, "Our Miss Brooks," was a big hit. The high light of the year was the class tourney, which we won. This year is the last year for the class of 1953. It will long be remembered by the forty-four seniors who graduate this May 29. -SHIRLEY RUTH BILL EBERHART JAMES MONROE Page Twenty seven CLASS PRUPHECY The year is 1963. We, Frances Cimbal, journalist,and Barbara Bodie, fastest lino- typist in the world, are on our way out to Bledsoes for our class reunion which is in honor of Howard Feldmann, our class sponsor in high school. In case you don't re- member, this is the class of '53. For this gala occasion, Stanley Smith has designed and built his new "Bombsmobile" especially for us to ride in. Arriving at Bledsoes, we are welcomed by the "master of ceremonies," Bill Eber- hart. A blare of jazz music coming from the bandstand interrupts us. As we ap- proach the dance floor we find it is none other then Larry Kunkel and his musical "Firehouse Three Plus Two." These world famous musicians include Joyce Clark, trombone, Tony Cather, cornetg and Shirley Dixon, pianist. Larry is also featured on the drums. America's number one singer, Garna Golden, has come all the way from California to sing with Larry's band on this great occasion. Standing next to us is Sylvia Jackson, WKZO-TV's new T-V director and news commentator, trying to get Larry Kunkel's band an audition on Jim Rodebaugh's "Gamble of a Lifetime" show. As we walk to the miniature golf course we see four of our classmates practicing for the World's Championship Golf Tournament. Larry Harman and Wendell Horn are competing against Danny Patterson and Don Hintz in this game. As we leave the golf course, our attention is immediately directed toward the water where a shrill scream is coming from a helpless, floundering damsel. Lifeguard, Jim Crouch, bravely plunges into the water to save her. After he rescues her, we find she is Marshall Field's top model, Nancy Barr. With his medicine kit, Tom Cline rushes to the scene to revive the victim and Marilynn Van Wagner, registered nurse, is there to help. Bill Foutz is on the spot with his camera to take pictures for the An- gola Associated Press and Herbert Amstutz can write up the account for the New York Times. Tom Cline now has his own hospital and Sharon Lampman is the dieti- tion on his staff with Linda Kepner as head laboratory technician. In a case of death, Larry Klink and his assistants, Jim Austin and Lloyd Easterday, are called upon to re- move the body and take it to Klink's Mortuary where Larry applies his new scientific system of embalming. Page Twc11ty-eight CLASS PROPHECY Walking on the dock toward the snack bar we meet Norma Hutchins, famed hair stylist known all over the world. Norma made an experiment by giving Susie Mum- mert and Shirley Ruth her new 'tWonder Permanent," then let them swim for twelve hours. When they got out of the water she compared their hair with Joan Wilkin- son's, Mattie Wisner's, and Janeth LaDow's naturally curly hair. The permanent has turned out to be a success and these girls will be giving experiments far and wide. We finally reach the snack bar and find many of our classmates sitting at the tables. The smell of Ruth Bryan's "Florida Fried Hamburgers" makes all of us hungry. As we wander to the first table, we find Keith Geren, now head of the largest and only men's modeling agency, talking over plans with Tom Ott, his top model. Bette Lucas and Peg Williamson are also sitting at the table. They style clothes for Keith and have just finished their latest fashion in clothes, 'iThat Geren Look." Phyllis Wheaton is Keith's private secretary but hasn,t arrived yet. All of a sudden there is a screeching of tires! Gordon Kope, Jim Monroe, and Marvin Aldrich come walking in. Gordon has just completed the world's record for turning' cars over on the Ford testing grounds and Jim Monroe was his follow-up. Marvin Aldrich is their manager and is trying to talk them into doing Dare Devil driving. At the next table are seated LaMarr Stroh, world's heavy-weight lifterg John Morris, head of the Bachelor Agencyg and George Cimbal, manager of the largest Penney Store in Europe. The hour is getting late and we must leave the reunion. On our way to our "Bomhsmobile" we meet Steve Maloy and his twenty-five different species of cats. We say so long to everyone and go on our Way. -FRANCES CIMBAL BARBARA BODIE Page Twenty nzne LASS We, the class of 1953 of Angola High School, situated in the city of Angola, in the county of Steuben, in the State of Indiana, being of an un- usually sound state of mind and memory, do make, publish and declare this to be our last will and testa- ment. To MR. FELDMANN, our sponsor, we leave our sincere thanks for his wonderful guidance through- out four years. To MR. MCCUTCHAN, our principal, we leave our best wishes for his future success as principal of A. H. S. To MR. BOOMERSHINE, our superintendent, we leave our ability to make money, as it will require much to build a new school. To MISS SHULTZ, our English teacher we leave our thanks for all her help in clauses, nouns, pro- nouns, and her help in editing the "Key." To MR. FULLER, our play director, we leave our warmest thanks for his patience and time in direct- ing our plays. To MR. VAN MATRE, our government and psy- chology teacher, we leave our ability to put on a good auditorium program and torch light parade. To MR. HAMMEL, our coach, we leave the hope that his future years of coaching will be as success- ful as this has been. To the rest of the faculty, We leave our sincere a reciation for the knowled e we have obtained PP g from them. To THE JUNIORS, we leave our ability to uphold the Senior name, in the hope they will do as well as we have. To THE SOPI-IOMORES, we leave our ability to make lots of money. To THE FRESHMEN, we leave our hope that they have as much fun in their four years as we have had. In addition to these bequests we wish to dispose Of some of our more personal items as follows: I, BETTE LUCAS, do hereby will and bequeath my well worn little chair in the office to Pat Drucka- miller. I, FRANCES CILIBAL, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to help "run offv the Hornet stencils, to any junior that is going to take journalism next year. Page Thirty WILL I, BARBARA BODIE, do hereby will and bequeath my typing ability to anyone who needs it. I, JOYCE CLARK, do hereby will and bequeath 360 more glorious mornings on the school bus to Bea Burnett and Shirley Henley. I, SHIRLEY RUTH, do hereby will and bequeath to Jim Babcock my Gene Autry Joke to replace his Shaggy Dog Story. I, JANETH LADOW, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to get along with teachers to Maxine Spangle in the hope that she can make use of it. I, JOHN MORRIS, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to type 20 words per minute to Miss Leas. I, JIM AUSTIN, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to dream in study hall to Phid Crain. I, TONY CATHER, under my own power and in a terrible state of mind, do hereby will and bequeath my infrequent trips to Fremont to a very deserving boy, Kenny f"Hie" and "Butch,'j Dowell. I, STEVE MALOY, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to stay out of trouble to my brother, John. I, GORDON KOPE, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to stay home on New Year's Eve to- Ron- nie Meek. I, LARRY HARMAN, do hereby will and bequeath a well worn map of U. S. Highway 27, from Angola to Fort Wayne, to anyone who has a worthy cause to use it. I, NANCY BARR, do hereby will and bequeath all of my used, worn out shorthand notebooks to Joyce LaVine. I, LAMARR STROH, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to enjoy myself to Brown Ritter. I, PHYLLIS WHEATON, do hereby will and be- queath my old worn out books to anyone who wants them. I, BILL FOUTZ, do hereby will and bequeath my nickname, "Squirrelie," to Junior Ritter. I, HERBERT AMSTUTZ, do hereby will and be- queath my saxophone to Phyllis Horn. I, LINDA KEPNER, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to mix together all left over chemicals and have nothing blow up, to Kay Smalley, who will need it when she takes chemistry. I, JIM CROUCH, do hereby will and bequeath my old white converse to Gail Brauchla. He is also Wel- LSS come to my nickname, "Jaime.,' I, DANNY PATTERSON, do hereby will and be- queath my worn out pen to any future bookkeeping student who may have use for it. I, RUTH BRYAN, do hereby will and bequeath my long hair to Sharon Clark, one golden earring for the right ear to my brother, Don Qfor luckjg and my ability to be faithful to the same "steady" for Signed : THE SENIOR CLASS four years to Charlene McNett. I, GAB HORN, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to drive a car expertly to Dick Van Wagner. I, BILL EBERHART, do hereby will and bequeath my cooking ability to Art Van Matre. I, KEITH GEREN, do hereby will and bequeath the dusty road to Reddings' to anyone who wants it in the hope that no one will rake it. I, NORMA I-IUTCHINS, do hereby will and be- queath my height to Pat Essenberg. I, PEG WILLIAMSON, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to get yellow pass slips to Mike Clausen, provided he needs them-as I have my doubts. I, JOAN WILKINSON, do hereby anything anyone wants to anyone will and bequeath who wants it. I, MARILYNN VAN WAGNER, do hereby will and bequeath my bright yard light that burns until I get home to any kids that can't the house. I, SYLVIA JACKSON, do hereby my motto, "Variety is the spice Klink to do with as he sees fit. I, GEORGE CIMBAL, do hereby my ability to get good grades on anyone who can use them. I, JIM RODEBAUGH, do hereby my ability to get to school one bell rings to anyone who can do I, STANLEY SMITH, do hereby my ability to study like mad and find their way to will and bequeath of life,', to Eddie will and bequeath my report card to will and bequeath minute before the it. will and bequeath get next to noth- ing on tests to anyone who doesn't want it. I, TOM CLINE, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to have technical fouls called on me in close games to Gail Brauchla, David Mendenhall, and Don Waite, in the hope that they will benefit from my experience. I, MARVIN ALDRICH, do hereby will and bequeath WILL my ability to have a good time anywhere to Topper Weldon. I, LLOYD EASTERDAY, do hereby will and bequeath my nickname of "Hooks,' to Bob Porter. I, SHARON LAMPMAN, do hereby will and be- queath to Ronnie Steenerson, two new jokes to be told next year during band practice only. I, JAMES MONROE, do hereby will and bequeath by ability not to have a wreck while driving on a permit to Sharon Winkler. I, DON HINTZ, do hereby will and bequeath my six foot one uframei' to Hal Moore. I, GARNA GOLDEN, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to make the seven foot frames for the games to Annette Vorhees, in the hope that she makes some for the team in the future. I, SUSIE MUNIMERT, do hereby will and bequeath my cool, calm, and collected manner to Cynthia Willis. I, SKIP KLINK, do hereby will and bequeath all my well used parking spots to Gail Brauchla, in the hope that he can make good use of them! I, TOM OTT, do hereby will and bequeath my handsome beard to Freddie Musser. I, MATTIE WISNER, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to ice skate to Butch Waite. I, LARRY KUNKEL, do hereby will and bequeath my brother, Allen and his tuba to Betty Weiss-in place of me and my bassoon. I, SHIRLEY DIXON, do hereby will and bequeath to any incoming senior girl who thinks she can live through it, charge of Christmas Prom decorations. In testimony whereof, we hereunto set our hand and seal and declare this to be our Last Will and Testament, this twenty-ninth day of May, in the year of our Lord, one thousand nine hundred and fifty-three. Per: MATTIE WISNER SUSIE MUMMERT Page Thirty-one i v i E rw ie e 33 . L Eu' . ,Z . Li Q t n ', w Y ,. A., -.-.:" Q. I .fig s . ,JY 'M 4023: 6' r X + Ai X N, fix y Q ,,,, .-"Q ,. 'ii-f vw . .,,,-- sf AE' in H :" i- we is .,.., Z J ' f 2, 5 I M5 B Page Thirty-iwo es!" , 4 U IOR CLASS OFFICERS P1'K'SidC7'lf .,,,,,...,., Lynn Fisher Vice-P1'esidc111f ,,,. David Laird Secretary ...... Sherry Murphy Treasmfer ......,,,, Sandra Deller Adviser ,r,,,...., Mr. Walradth Colors ,,,..,., Green and White Flower ,,,,,,.. White Carnation Motto ,,,. "In Ourselves Our Future Lies" TOP ROYV Name Song Resemblance Lynn Fisher-"Some Enchant- ed Evening" Sharon Clark-"Just One of Those Things" Mike Clausen-"YVOnder BoY" Sandra B a r k d ull- "Love Somebodyu Jean Begin - "H o W M a n y Loves Have I?" SECOND ROXV Don Bryanvul XVHHTL a Girl" Rosalie Harmanf"You Call Everybody Darling" Sandra. Deller-"Taking a Chance on Love" Jim Chase-"The Man on the Flying Trapeze" Janet Baker-"T11ere'll Be Some Changes Made" THIRD ROW Alyse Deming-"D i at in o n d s Are a Girl's Best Friend" Pat Druckztmiller-UAin't She Sweet?" Dave Field-'fTonight YVe're Setting the Woods on Fire" Judi Elliott-"I've Got My Love To Keep Me NVarm" Pat Essenberg-i'BeWitCl1ed" FOURTH ROV' Bob Gecowets-"The Rovin' Kind" Shirley Eyster-"Love Is Bet- ter Than Ever" Mary Ann Fast-"Full Moon and Empty Arms" George Goodrich-'fXValkin' to Missouri" Arlene Grubb - "My Silent Love" UNIOR TOP ROXV Name Song llesemblance Don HayWarcl4"VV'l1en I Fall in Love" Carol Hollabaugh-UT a k e S Two to Tango" Jane Jack-"XVOnderin' " Dave Laird-"Too Young" Joyve LaVine 7 "lVl1o Stole Your Heart Away?" SECOND IZOXV Jim MacFadyen-4'Zing a Lit- tle Zong" Hal Moore-"Pretty Boy" Sherry Murphyi"Outside of Heaven" Barbara Nelsoneuliasy on the Eyes" Nancy Orewiler--"My Ro- mancel' THIRD ROVV Anne Redding4"She XVears lied Feathers" Barbara Reed-"Boots and Saddle" Donna Bar1ett4'AH a r d to Handle" Jerry Roberts-WA Love of My Own" Rita Sellinge1'4"Temptation" FOURTH ROW Jim Siegelf"Nobody Loves Me" Laura, Smith-"Dancing in the Dark" 1 7 Maxine Spangle-"Easy To Love" Mary Stoneciplier - US i n 0 e Gone Away" Lenard VVa.r1'en 3 "Happy-Gm hu 1-k y Guy" FIFTH ROXV Marg'ax'et YVeiss-"There'll Be a Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight" Suzanne 'Vifeiss--"You Belong to Felix VVeldon--"Gee, I VVish I Had a Girl" Anita VVillis-"Un1lec'iflecl" llohert Ylfortliington 4 'iDark Eyes' SIXTH ROYV June Yates4"Love Me T0- night" Barbara Youngg"So They Tell Me" Memla HHFIIIOI1-6KSfl'flllgE1' In Town" Sandra Day-"So Long"' Mr, XValradth-"For He's a Jolly Good Fellow" pf ,,. N , i F 4 gr 51 ........ ,ff o .,,,,, V.,, I Z 'fg :f fl Mwsi. 1,-': 'wi . 55.22325 ll 2: ia i' I lzvl 5 E, . Page Thirfy-ibrec l 1 E I 3 I l l 1 1 I I Page Thirty-four 'A ,- R. . ,,,, ,:,k in .. I dzu Kzuz A Q N uuu Q b IE: ,. ,,.' ,,,1 3 ,Il I Q c, I 5 .,.--v Z:- -Li 5 .'f- .. - s A rv 'A QT S A yi., we "'Q lg? iQ, 1 .- Us? Q I .... . ,V OPHOMORE CLASS OFFICERS President ,,,,,,,,.,,,,, Jerry Richmond Vice-President ........,,,. Phyllis Horn Secretary ,,,,,,,,, ,,,,7 B ernice Burnett Treasurer ,,,.........,.,,..,,., Judy Healy Sergeant-at-A1'1ns ,,Chuck Southern Adviser w,.,,,,,,,,,l ,Mr. Druckamiller Colors .... .,,,. R ed and White Flower W ,,,,,,,, Red Carnation Motto , "We'll Find a Way or Make One" TOP ROVV Name Song' Resemblance Chuck Southern-"Silly Dreams" Phyllis Crain-"Because of You" Bernice Burnett-"Never Been Kiss- edu William I-Iarter4"I'll Be Around" Donna Book-"VVhy Don't You Be- lieve Me?" SECOND ROXV Kenneth Dowell-"Hotrocl Race" Donna Crum-"Don't Let the Stars Get in Your Eyes" Margo Brannan-"Milk B u C k e t Boogie" Judith Bergman-"Boomerang" Jim Babcock-"Bye Bye Blues" THIRD IIOVV John Book-"It's in the Book" John Driver-"Gone But Not For- gotten" Bob Drudge-"Jambalaya" Jerry EsSenbe1'gf"Tiptoe Through the Tulips" Glenn Fordyce-"Life's Too Short" FOURTH HOYV Allen Fair-"lvIan About Town" Carolyn Goudy--"Carolina Moon" Jack Binkley-"Brown Eyes" Judy Healy-"Somebody Loves Me" Shirley Henly-"Ballerina Dance" FIFTH ROW Phyllis Horn-"Even Now" Marilyn HuffAt'Houseparty Hop" Sharon Hughes-"Tell Me Your Dreams and I'll Tell You Mine" Phid Jarrard-"Oh Happy Day!" lValte1' Julian-"Hello Out There" SOPHO ORE TOP ROYV Narne Song Refsembl-ance Robert Kelly-'Takes Two to Tan- go" Lorin Krueger!"Boots and Saddle" Ken Short-"Feet Up" Dick Van VVagnerf"I Don't Care" Ronnie Meek-"Jealous" SECOND ROTV Linda Miller-"VVedding Bells" Fred Musserg"Trumpeter's Lulla- bV,. Charlene McNett-'iYVho Kissed Me Last Night?" Bob Portergul Laughed at Love" Carlita Porter-"Diamonds Are a. Gir1's Best Friencli' THIRD ROW Donna Preston4"Laughing Eyes" Sara Anderson4"My Little Girl" Linda YVest-"Texas Little Dar1in"' Torn Randolph-"Lies" Doris Raney-"Five Feet Two" FOURTH ROW Charles Rose-"Turkey in the Straw" Janice Ruth-"Keep It a Secret" Beverly Sams-"VV'here Are You?" Pat Scott-"Rhapsody in Blue" Jim Swift4"Nature Boy" FIFTH ROVV Vivian Sheets-'The Red Silk Stock- ings and the Green Perfume" Clyde Lonsbury-"Shot Gun Boogie" Kay Smalley-"Glow Worm" Junior Ritter-"He Wares Red Feathers" Bob Smith-"Blacksmith Blues" SIXTH ROW Dick Seeman-"Huggin' and a Chalkin' " Ronnie Sutton-"Funny" Barb Van Mater-"My Baby's Corn- ing Home" Barb Quimby-"Pretty Eyed Baby" Richard Maxton-"Don't Tempt Me" SEVENTH ROW Sharon Vlfinklei'-'iAll I YVant for Christmas Is My Two F1'out Teeth" Nancy Wyfatt-"Lady of Spain" John Adams-"Goodnight, Irene" Janet Umbaugh-"Love Letters" Mr. Druckarriiller-"When a Fellow Needs a Friend" NOT PICTURED Jeary Rioli1nondA'fA Fellow Needs a irl" John Elston-"Tuxedo Junction" Paula Watson-"Haunting Southern Skies" f iw ff' I ,X , wk' ' ii' I -V 62 - VZ. S 1 2:1 '51 y . so ' ,, .ff I I Lb 1 I .ww ,..,,: - ,. -, Eg ,- .5 I wif ,N .V i:,:: : Page Thirty-five - 3 -,.. 1 FRE H EN CLASS OFFICERS President .,.,,,,,,, Fred Philipp Vice-President Katy Macljadyen Secretary ....,. Cynthia Willis Treasurer ,,,,,l.,.. Eddie Klink Sergeant-at-Arms Y,,............... Gary Groshon Adwser ..... .........., M iss Reed Colors .....,.. Scarlet and Gray Flower .,,.,,,.,.................., Rose Motto ,,,,,,,, "The Higher We Rise the Broader the View" TOP ROYV Name Comic Character Resemblance Fred Philipp-Uncle Ray Marlene Aldrich-Millie, the Model SECOND ROVV . Bob Andrew-Donald Duck Dana Barlett-Capt. Marvel Rex Barton-Dick Tracy Gail Brauehla-Casey Ruggles Jane Brokaw-Annie Oakley 4 Q -:'+"i ' W ., I, ," ' 52, i .f V tk yi Abln- -:H .,, , w , m l .V , an ..Li:,i ........:. -T K V. D i H Q K '1-r-., , 1 E W ' . img in Z-EE:-V i Q ' ..'. fix x A Fi r 2 2, " i . '-f- I 51521 T M A i , it eee - T M r .ff 'Y gi Q. 1, 2-1 "i-' : :.' ii Q M" 5' .515 iii, '- " . : , - K 'er-r K Rx "' 2 '-'-' 'ii' - ..'., z ,, .,, A 4 for ,F fy ' --.. e'n' f ..-1 i ' . Le, ' ' ',,' Q ,. ' 'gave ,' "ii i liiill Lag? -e - 2' l y y he O, Q 2 a e K Q if , pr li' , T Q Page Thirty-six Roberta. Brokaw-Rosle O'- Grady THIRD ROW Suzanne Caris-Joan Arden Doreatha Carpenter f Fl'itZi Ritz Sharron CoffmaneEthel Shirley Collins-Brenda Starr Ned Cook-Louie Shirley Cotner-Cindy FOURTH ROW Kay Creel-Daisy Mae Donna Crone-Katy Keene Tim Culver-Crooked Arrow Pete Dick-.Toe Palooka Lue Anne Eff-Annie Lou Ned Fifer-Smoky Stover FIFTH Kay Fry-Sis Dick Gecowetsg ROW' Mighty Mouse Nancy German-Little Lulu Nancy Gleason-Minnie Gary Groshon-Steve Roper Eldon Gurtner-Dagwood FRESH TOP ROW Name Comic Character Resemblanoe Mary Jane Hamma-Nancy Sharon Hefty-Santa Claus Patricia Hole-Dark Eyes Nancy HollingereGertie Arleen Kaylor-Katie Leora Keller-Daisy SECOND ROXV Eddie Klink-Pa Bottle Marilyn Koch--Little Iodine Ronnie Kope-Mickey Sandra Leatherman-Cookie Bill Lock-Rex Morgan, M. D. Lois Lonsbury-Fuzzy THIRD ROYV John Maloy-Red Buttons Gene Maxton-Capt. Video Dave' Mendenhall-Dribble Karen Myers-Pigtails Shirley Miller-Blondie Anita McClellan-Little YViz- ard FOURTH ROW Katy MacFadyen-Mrs. Nebb Lloyd McEntarfer-Hewey Dennis Munger-Dewey Beverly Musser-Dixie Dugan Mary Nelson-Kellie Kenton Nichols-Henry FIFTH ROW Nancy Preston-eSa1ly Sickle David Ralston-Alfred Kathryn Richardson-Kathy Laura Richardson-Mazie Yolene Rinehart-Mable Lee Schaeffer-Curly SIXTH ROVV Sally Snow-Mrs. VVillet Ronnie Steenerson-Superman Nancy StevensABucky Donna Stizite-A Jackson Twin Antonice Thomasello-Dollie lloseann Thomasello-Dillie SEVENTH ROYV Joan Ulmer-A Jackson Twin Carl Unger-Pete Annette Voorhees-Little Su- sie Don lVaite-Lone Ranger Betty Weiss-Stella Dollar John VVeissiArchie EIGHTHXROVV Cynthia VVi1lis-Lois Lane Carol VVi1sey-VVillie Don Vlfise-Flash Gordon Sharron WoodardMPenny Phyllis WyattfElla Cinders Miss Reed-Director back stage NOT PICTURED Eileen Chambers - S C a, rl e t O'Neil Rosemary Lower-Jackie Mary Barlett-Sarah Page Thirty-se1fe1z l 'N f Q I P' ya' Q B .Wal D f ,..r?W 5 Q5 W , --vi . 1 ,A lzflilf-.2 af- i WV' -x W, ,J-as 1 1' '21 , will Y ,,. www EIGHTH GRADE TOP ROYV: Gerald Hennes- sey, Ruth Jones, Norman Cook, Larry Eyster, Marilyn Deitrick, Leroy Reed, Doug- las Sharrow. SECOND ROYV: James lVal- Cutt, Deanna Deller, Lewis XYilliams, Jeanette C r a i n, James VVyatt, Burdena. Nich- ols, Phillip Romero, THIRD IIOVV: Don Andrew, Judy Braman, Larry Steven- son, Marcia Short, Ken YVil- liamson, Carol Collins, Phillip liorick. FOURTH R O XV: Ronald XVuest, Nancy VVood, James Young, Kenneth Hullinger, James Hildebrand, V an d a Musser, Dean Harter. FIFTH ROVV: Jon Holtz- man, Matt Ratekin, Lois Har- mon, James Maxwell, Thomas Priest, Margaret YVilliamson, Louis Chiricotti, SIXTH ROXV: E u g e n e XVeicht, Mrs. Gladys Kile, Gary Forbes, Barbara Ron- dot, John Shaw, Philip XVil- son, Judy Fair. SEVENTH IIOXV: Michael lCric'kson, David Barr, Dar- lene YVallace, Allwyn VVyu- koff, Billy Johnson, Lucinda Newham, Maurive Barlett. IG I G H T H R O VV: Judy Brown, James Albright, Mar- ga ret Field, Richard Finch, l.aMar Brown, Billy Stone- vipher, Marjorie MeEntar1'er. N I N T I-I ROXV: XVil1arcl Smith, Jo h ii XVillia1nson, Janice Laird, Jerry Cronin, Rivharcl Steinke, Sharon Mc- Leland, Paul DeRosa. TENTH ROXV: Robert Low- ther, Juanita Basse, Franklin Handy, Stephen IJYgert, Mivh- ael Kirk, Ilicfliard Servis, Al- len Kunkel. ICLEVENTH ROXV: Amber Furry, Junior German, iVil- liain Sheets, Mr. Louis Sapp, Mr. Curt llathburn. SEVENTH GRADE TOP ROXV: Jeanne Berg- man, Jimmy Griern, Sandra Menke, Tom Caswell, Sylvia Butler, John Henley, Judy Adamson. SECOND ROYV: Jerry By- ers, Brenda Brauchla, .Tack Miller, June Priest, Richard Crist, Betty Grubb, Barbara Raney. Til-I I R D R O W: Keith Beechy, Jean Albright, Tom Acton, Norma Nichols, Dale Dailey, Janet Deming, Sandra VVynn. FOURTH ROVV: John Mor- ris, Nancy Randolph, John lilorick, Charlene Collins, John Fiandt, Janean Freed, Beth Selman. FIFTH IIOXV: Phillip Sny- der, Ann Kugler, Harold Cain, Karen Reese, Roger Shi- ley, Geraldine Kaylor, Eddie Smith. SIXTH ROVV: Carol Skone, Miss Laura Frank, Billy VV1-ight, Judy Binkley, Roger VVils0n, Barbara Detar, Mary Ann Basse. SEVENTH ROVV: Donald Lee, Judith Krutsch, Jack Ar- nett, Sharon Herendeen, Billy Barr, Vilaunita Smith, David Southern. ETGHTH ROVV: Adrian Cook, Beverly Greenamyer, Larry Leonhardt, Ann Sla- nina, David MaCFadyen, Sher- ry Conner, Gary Griffith. NINTH ROXV: Norma Law, Ben Bryan, Patty ACollins, Jerry Fast, Roger Coleman, Bill Buck, Anne Burns. TICNTH ROYV: Sandra Van XVagner, lliohard Brokaw, June Kelly, K. Don Orewiler, Ronald Lee, Mary Shrider, Barhara Mains. ELICVENTH ROYV: Richard Day, Barbara Rowe, Gordon Mitvhell, Mr. Arthur Ryan. NOT PICTURED: Shirley Elston. 1 ACTIVITIES --L, ,f -W I I 1 :zv -QZV .., .. J' IIA 1 v I I W -I .'A' .," q"'::':'A S I 4A V sra II I I i 2 ,.A - ,' Q H M .Qgf :-,. 6 3 If I I 5 ull' 3 : 2 Q I in -Z :-A I ., I.. - a s I 5 I s 'v-:. Q -A "" si W Zi I ' ' aa a sa I A l. , r r I I' f' sa A -'f': f ' - if ff W ' I AI I l V' I :E,, I EQQL ':-2"" A "'Q1 I g l I ':' i :I -'-- I W Zig i, gf if 'S E y A Y i I 3' if 0 W we br sy ' 2 , W b 3- .A "'- 1 I ,. r ."-,V S ff- ' . , nil E , , ,:,..,V . Anvil :5., gi I ,, ,. ,A:,, I I I ":' ' . ,.. 4 I I S ,,.:-, : I ,, , I1 I . , 5 .,., I -'.-,, I A , ' ' 7 ' ,. I i '-' l 3 """""' it ..,.' ' '::5i 32fi.f3':f-iii : 45' si .. ' bfi M,,liS4SRe, 'fiif ' 'I " f? rs., Page Forty-fwo KEY STAFF EDITOR Steve Maloy ASSOCIATE EDITORS Susie Mummert Sylvia Jackson Bette Lucas Joyce Clark Herbert Amstutz BUSINESS STAFF Tom Cline Mattie Wisner Larry Klink Linda Kepner Larry Harman Janeth LaDOW Danny Patterson Tom Orr Marilynn Van Wagner Gordon Kope Keith Geren Susie Mummert ART STAFF Peg Williamson Sharon Lampman Garna Golden Joan Wilkinson Shirley Dixon DRAMATICS . Bette Lucas Steve Maloy CLASS WILL Mattie Wisner Susie Mummert FEATURES Linda Kepner Peg Williamson Nancy Barr CLASS PROPHECY Frances Cimbal Barbara Bodie CLASS HISTORY Bill Eberhart Jim Monroe SPORTS STAFF Jim Crouch Don Hintz Wendell Horn Tom Cline Larry Klink Tom Oct ORGANIZATIONS Sylvia Jackson Ruth Bryan Joyce Clark Herbert Amstutz PHOTOGRAPHY Bill Foutz Larry Kunkel SNAPSHOTS Marilynn Van Wagner John Morris Phyllis Wheaton Shirley Ruth Norma Hutchins MUSIC Tony Cather Sharon Lampman ALUMNI Jim Rodebaugh LaMarr Stroh George Cimbal Lloyd Easterday CIRCULATION STAFF Jim Austin Stanley Smith Marvin Aldrich ADVISER Miss Shultz HOB ET STAFF In 1918 a splendid recorder of history came into existence. This recorder took the shape of a small magazine and was called the "Key." It was published for eleven years in this form. It contained general high school news, gossip, editorials, and fea- ture stories. The t'Key" next became a newspaper containing four pages of four columns each. The next year it was expanded to five columns. In 1934 the "Key" was renamed the "Spectatoru by a group of aspiring journal- ists, who were steeped in English literature. It underwent another change, this time it took the shape of a booklet of about twenty-five pages and was printed by a mimeo- graph process in the school office. The next year's class decided that a different name was needed. A contest was held and it was won by Mr. Druckamiller then athletic coach of A. H. S. The name selected was the "Hornet." The paper has retained that name to this day. The present day "Hornet,, contains about forty pages of news stories, editorials, feature stories, gossip, exchange items and other interesting materials. It is published monthly by the journalism class. It is printed by the mimeograph process and the covers are either mimeographed or printed by the Steuben Printing Company. Much student art work appears in each issue. In 1949 the "Hornet" staff was admitted to membership in the Quill and Scroll, the International Honorary Society for High School Journalists. The members of the staff also belong to the National Scholastic Press Association. The members of the 1952-53 staff were: Editor-in-chief, Bette Lucas, associate editor, Jim Rodebaugh, athletics, Jim Crouch, Tom Cline, Don Hintzg art editor, Frances Cimbalg feature writers, Marvin Aldrich, Steve Maloy, Sylvia Jackson, Marilynn Van Wagner, news editors, Herbert Amstutz, Nancy Barr, Norma Hutchins, Ruth Bryan, business manager, Barbara Bodieg faculty adviser, Miss Shultz. Page F0126 ibut Y-TEE The Y-Teen Club, formerly called the Girl Reserves, was organized in 1927 under the direction of Miss Kathryn Dewees. The Angola chapter is a member of the state and national organizations and is a branch of the Y. W. C. A. The aspirations of the club are Well summed up in the statement, "To find and give the best is our purpose true, earnest, honest, and our slogan-to face life squarely too." The activities of the club have been many this year. Several sock dances were sponsored. In October the club was hostess to the district Y-Teen conference. The Misses Reed, Leas, Shultz, and Frank attended the state advisers, conference in South Bend. The annual Christmas Prom, "Stairway to the Stars," was held in the Masonic Temple by the Y-Teens and Hi-Y on December 20. In january, the girls attended a conference at Elkhart where Angola provided a part of the program. Also in January the Y-Teens sponsored an auditorium program. A "come-as-you-are" breakfast and the annual Pa-Ma-Me Banquet were other highlights of the year. The club met every other Monday immediately after school. Featured on the program were outside speakers, music, style shows, and talks by faculty members, Devotions were led by a member of the group. The meetings were closed by group singing and the repeating of the Y-Teen slogan. Officers for the year were: President, Sharon Lampmang vice-president, Sylvia Jackson, secretary, Barbara Bodieg treasurer, Mattie Wisner. The cabinet consisted of program chairman, Joyce Clark, social chairman, Shirley Dixon, service chairman, Joan Wilkinson, finance chairman, Marilynn VanWagnerg song leader, Frances Cimbalg pianist, Jean Begin, chaplain, Peg Williamson. The advisers Were: Mrs. Baker, Mrs. Boomershine, Miss Frank, Mrs. Jackson, Mrs. Jarrard, Miss Leas, Miss Myers, Mrs. Redding, Miss Reed, Miss Shultz, Mrs. Stevens, and Miss Paul. TOP ROXV: Miss Paul, Carolyn Goutly, Sherry Murphy, Rita Sellinger, Joyce LaVine, Sandra Deller, Sandra Barkdull, Phyllis Crain, Judith Bergman, Barbara Quimby, Donna Book, Marilyn Huff, Pat Essenberg, Phyllis Horn, Shirley Ruth, Pat Scott, Miss lieed. SECOND ROVV: Sue VVeiss, Shirley Eyster, Barbara Nelson, Mary Ann Fast, Phyllis Jarrard, Donna Crum, Jane Jack, Charlene MeNett, Judy Elliott, Janice Iiuth, Doris Haney, Margo Brannan, Bernice Burnett, Janet Umbaugh, Sharon VVink- ler, Janeth LaDow, Miss Shultz, Miss Frank. THIRD ROXV: Shirley Henley, Aylse Deming, Barbara Reed, Pat Druckamiller, Rosalie Harman, Carol Hollabaugh, Anita XVillis, Linda Kenner, Maxine Spangle, Sharon Clark, Margaret VVeiss, Linda Miller, Linda VVest, Carlita Porter, Barbara Young, Susie Mummert, Bette Lucas, Nancy Barr. FRONT ROXY: June Yates, Nancy Orewiler, Judy Healy, Garna Golden, Marilynn Van VVagner, Shirley Dixon, Barbara Bodie, Joyce Clark, Joan XVilkinson, Sharon Lampman, Mattie VVisner, Sylvia Jackson, Peg YVilliamson, Jean Begin, Frances Cinibal, Kay Smalley, Janet Baker, Barbara Van Marter, Phyllis VVheaton. - rf .. .,., . Page F orzfy- four HI- TOP ROW David Laird, Don Hintz, Bill Eberliart, Keith Geren, Vilendell Horn, Larry Harman, John Moiris Bill loutz lain Ixllflli, Tom Ott, Mike Clausen, Felix Vveldon, Tom Cline. QECOND ROVV: Mr, Kuebler, Jim llodebaugli, Steve Maloy, Danny Patterson, Larry Kunkel, Robert Poiter Don Hay xx nd Hexheit Amstutz, Jim Swift, Lorin Krueger, Gail Brauihla, Peter Dick, Dana. Barlett, Kenton Nirhols TROXT l OH Eddie Klink, Eldon Gurtner, Ilonnie Kope, Lloyd McEntarfer, Dick Gecowets, Gary Groelion John XX eiss Dennis Nlunhei Carl Unger, Gene Maxton, Ned Fifer, Tim Culver, Ronnie Steenerson, Ned Cook. The Angola Hi-Y Club, organized in l922 by former superintendent, John L. Estrich, was the first in the state of Indiana. The club has been a member of both the state and the national organizations for three years. The purpose of the club is "To create, maintain and extend throughout the school and community a higher standard of Christian characterf' Toward this end the club participated in the following programs during the year: Sent officers to both the fall and spring district Hi-Y Conventions, sponsored several charity projects, sent a dele- gate to the state Hi-Y Training Camp, and held a joint father-mother, son-daughter banquet with the Y-Teens. The club sponsored as an auditorium program, the Man- chester College Choir, and also sponsored the annual Christmas Prom, "Stairway to the Stars" jointly with the Y-Teens. The club met every other Friday afternoon at 3:30. The meeting was called to order by the president, and the Lord's Prayer was given in unison. The programs were films, outside speakers, panels, and discussions of general interests to the members. The officers were: President, Jim Rodebaughg vice-president, Stephen Maloyg secretary-treasurer, Tom Ott, assistant secretary-treasurer, David Lairdg chaplain, Larry Klinkg sergeant-at-arms, Herbert Amstutz. The sponsor was Mr. Kuebler. Page fonfy ve NATIONAL HO 0 OCIET Y TOP ROVV: Mattie YVisner, Sylvia Jackson, Sharon Lampman, Joyce Clark. FRONT ROWV: Stephen Maloy, Larry Kunkel, Tom Cline. One of the highest distinctions to be given to seniors of Angola High School is to be selected for membership in the National Honor Society. Fifteen percent of the class are eligible. They are chosen from the upper third of the class, ranked according to scholastic records, and chosen by the faculty on the basis of citizenship, service to the school and character. Those who received the honor this year Were Joyce Clark, Tom Cline, Sylviaijack- son, Larry Kunkel, Sharon Lampman, Steve Maloy, and Mattie Wisner. The officers of the 1953 group are: President, Larry Kunkelg vice-president, Sharon Lampmang and secretary, Sylvia Jackson. Mr. McCutchan is the treasurer. The local chapter of the National Honor Society was established in 1935 and the total membership is now 232. A scholarship fund was set up in 1938. Each member contributes one dollar to the fund each year for the first five years he is a member. The money is used in the form of a loan to help send a high school graduate to college. Page Forty-six ST DE T CUUNCIL TOP ROW: Betty Weiss, Jim Siegel, Fred Philipp, Peter Dick, Jerry Richmond, Lorin Krueger, Tom Ott. MIDDLE ROW: Cynthia Willis, Sharon Clark, Jon Holtzman, Gary Griffith, Tom Acton, Janice Laird, Pat Scott, Judy Healy. FRONT ROVV: Joan Vvilkinson, Barbara Bodie, Lynn Fisher, Tony Cather, Miss Paul. The Student Council was organized in 1932 to promote co-operation between students and faculty, provide opportunities for student self-direction, foster all worthy school activities, and create and maintain standards of good citizenship. The Student Council consists of four members, two boys and two girls, from each high school class and one from each of the seventh and eighth grade rooms. The Council sponsored and participated in many successful activities this year such as: Sponsoring a dance, selling basketball season tickets, sponsoring the selection of cheerleaders, selling basketball buttons, sponsoring an auditorium program, and mak- ing announcements for the ofiice over the public address system. The members of the Council were: Seniors-Barbara Bodie, Joan Wilkinson, Tony Cather, Tom Ottg juniors-Jean Begin, Sharon Clark, Lynn Fisher, Jim Seigelg sopho- mores-Judy Healy, Pat Scott, Lorin Kreuger, Jerry Richmond, freshman-Betty Weiss, Cynthia Willis, Peter Dick, Fred Philipp, eighth grade-Janice Laird, Jon Holtzmang seventh grade-Tom Acton, Gary Griffith. Meetings were held twice a month. The officers for 1952-53 were: President, Tony Cather, vice-president, Lynn Fisher, secretary-treasurer, Ioan Wilkinson, and reporter, Barbara Bodie. Miss Nancy Paul was the sponsor of the group for the current year. Page Forty-seven CHOOL FETY P TROL TOP ROVV: Dana Barlett, Kenton Nichols, Maurice Barlett, VVil1ard Smith, Juanita Basse, Amber Curry, Mr. Kepler, Barbara Raney, Jeanne Bergman, Lieutenant: Ronnie Kope, Eldon Gurtner, Richard Brokaw. FRONT ROVV: Jack Arnett, Richard Day, Jerry Fast, Lieutenant, Gordon Mitchell, Billy W'right, David Ewers, Larry Leonhardt, Captain, Jerry Hennessey. Junior German, Gary Forbes, Billy Stonecipher, Adrian Cook. The following members have withdrawn: Richard Day, Gordon Mitchell, Billy XVright, David Ewers, Jerry Hennessey, Amber Curry, and llonnie Kope. These have been added: Roger Shivley, Judy Brown, Larry Stevens, Ken XVilliamson, Ben Bryan, Vanda Musser and Berdina Nichols. The School Safety Patrol has 24 members with Larry Leonhardt as captain and Jerry Fast and Jeanne Bergman as lieutenants. This is the sixth year the Safety Patrol has been active since its re-organization at the Angola School. The purpose of the Patrol is to protect the school children in crossing U. S. 27 in front of the school building. The Chicago Motor Club honored the Patrol again this year by presenting them with the Safety Award. This is the Patrol's sixth award. Girls as well as boys are participating in the Patrol program. The schedule is arranged so that no one has to miss a class recitation. Burt Kepler is the Patrol supervisor. Page Forty-eight F UT RE TE CHER MERIC The Angola Chapter of Future Teachers of America was organized in 1949, with Mr. Floyd McCutchan as its first adviser. The organization was named the "John L. Estrich Club" in honor of a former superintendent of Angola School. Mr. Mc- Cutchan was the adviser of the club for two years. Miss Joyce Dunkin sponsored the club during the 1951-52 school year. The purpose of the organization is to encourage in its members the qualities of character and personality necessary to successful teaching. Meetings of the local FTA are held on alternate Wednesdays after school. The clubys activities this year included giving a tea for the faculty, having charge of the hall bulletin boards, and giving its members student teaching experience. FTA officers for 1952-53 Were: Sylvia Jackson, president, Pat Druckamiller, vice- presidentg Phid Jarrard, secretary-treasurer, Judy Healy, historian. The adviser was Miss Gladys Leas. TOP ROXV: Jane Brokaw, Joyce Clark, Cynthia Willis, Phyllis Jarrard, Miss Leas, Katy MaeFadyen, Sandra Barkdull, Sylvia Jackson, Betty Weiss. FRONT ROW: Patricia Druckamiller, Joan Wilkinson, Annette Voorhees, Judy Healy, Mary Jane Hamma, Nancy Gleason. Page Forty-nine GGMOTHER IS A FRE HMANW "Mother is a Freshman," a comedy in three acts adapted from the original material of Ralph David Blan by Perry Clark, was presented by the senior class of Angola High School Thursday and Friday nights, October 16 and 17. The Hrst scene took place in a corner of the living room in Abigail Abbott,s home, the other scenes were in the reception room of Green Hall Girls' Dormitory, Pointer College, Pointer, New York. The story dealt with the life of mother as a freshman at the same college where her daughter was sophomore. The trials, tribulations and general confusion in the midst of which mother found herself provided constant amusement for the audience. The cast included: Shirley Dixon as Mrs. Abi- gail Abbott, the mother, Susie Mummert, her daughter Susan, Tom Cline, Professor Michael of the Zoology department, Larry Klink, the crusty Dean Gillingham, Linda Kepner, Bunny, a co-ed at Pointer College, Sylvia Jackson, another co-ed, Marilynn Van Wagner, Clara, a co-ed whose life closely touched those of Susan and her mother, Larry Kunkel, BoBo, the big wheel of the campus, Keith Geren, Jack, Gordon Kope, Howie, John Morris, Bill, Sharon Lampman, Sylvia, Carrie, Nancy Barr, Marge, Joan Wilkinson, Ruth Bryan, Mrs. Miller, the housemother. The prompters were Shirley Ruth and Mattie Wisner. The play was under the direction of C. T. Fuller. Page Fiffy OH, BROTHER! The Junior class play, "Oh, Brother!" a comedy by Christopher Sergel, was presented in the audi- torium on March 19 and 20. The play presented the trials and tribulations of eighteen-year old Paul Jones. Paul, an ama- teur photographer has caused a small fire in the living room of Jane Willoughby, the girl of his dreams and daughter of his dad's boss. In an effort to redeem himself, Paul takes an expensive enlarger from Willoughbyis store in order to make a beautiful picture. Mr. Wil- loughby becomes suspicious and comes to the Jones' home. He finds that the lens of his four hundred dollar camera, which Paul borrowed, has been ruined because of a thorough cleansing with Penny Jones' newly invented kitchen cleanser. Angered by two showers in sepia dye and a shipment of ridiculous spring hats which Mr. Jones bought for the store, Mr. Willoughby Hres Paul's father. After Paul has been jailed for killing eighty-seven chickens with seventeen dol- lars worth of kitchen cleanser sold as chicken feed, he Hnds himself in deeper trouble because of a picture of the hats which he sold to the evening paper. When the picture creates a sensational rush for the hats, Mr. Willoughby forgives all and hires Paul as a catalog photographer with a twenty dollar advance to buy Jane anything she wants. The cast included: David Laird, Paul Jonesg Shirley Eyster, Mary Jonesg Jerry Roberts, Jack Willoughby, Judi Elliott, Jane Willoughby, San- dra Deller, Mrs. Jones, Lynn Fisher, Mr. Jones, Anita Willis, Mrs. Willoughbyg Leonard Warren, Mr. Willoughby, Maxine Spangle, Penny Jones, Nancy Orewiler, Lilahg Rita Sellinger, Mildred, and Don Hayward, the policeman. The play was directed by C. T. Fuller. Page Fifty one FUTURE HUM MAKER OF ERIC TOP ROYV: Doreatha Carpenter, Marjorie McEntarfe1', Marilyn Dietrick, Carol Collins, Deanna Deller. SECOND ROW: Leora Keller, Jean Crain, Lois Harman, Vanda Musser, Sandra Leath- erman, Marilyn Koch, Nancy Vvood. THIRD ROYV: Sharon Hefty, Beverly Musser, Donna Crone, Judy Braman, Eileen Chambers, Janice Ruth, Lois Lonshury, Miss Clark. FRONT ROW: Phyllis Crain, Charlene McNett, Janet Umbaugh, Doris Raney, Donna Book, Nancy Wyatt. NOT PICTURED: Beverly Sams, Phyllis YVyatt. The Angola Chapter of the Future Homemakers of America was organized in 1948. The activities of the girls have been many, such as: The traditional candlelight initiation ceremony, bake sales, sponsoring a dance, caroling at Christmas, and in April, the mother-daughter banquet. ' Their motto, "Toward New Horizonsf' expresses the purpose of the organization -learning to live better today in order that the girls' lives and those of their families may be better tomorrow. The colors are red and white, symbolic of youth and purity and home life. The flower is a red rose, symbolic of glowing health. The emblem is octagonal in shape and features a house supported by two hands in the center. The hands are of the youth of today, youth who have courage and an unwavering deter- mination to succeed. Officers this year were: President, Beverly Sams, vice-president, Doris Raneyg secretary, Nancy Wyatt, treasurer, Charlene McNettg historian, Phyllis Crain, song leader, Donna Book, chapter mother, Mrs. Sams, chapter adviser, Miss Clark. Page Fifty-two LPH DELT CHI Alpha Delta Chi, the high school dramatics club, was organized in 1945 by the speech class, under the direction of Mrs. Elna Hunter. Anyone in high school is eligi- ble for membership in the club. The clubis meetings this year were held on alternate Wednesday evenings. Its activities included entering a one-act play in a contest at Muncie and presenting "An Evening of One-Act Plays" under student direction. These plays Were: "Which is the Way to Boston " directed by Shirley Dixon, "Glorified Brat," directed by Peg Williamson, and "Undertow,,' directed by Sylvia Jackson. "All the World,s a Stage" is the club's motto, its colors are black and White, and its flower, the white rose. This year nine members of the dramatics club formed a troupe to be afliliated with the National Thespian Society. This organization is composed of members from high schools all over the United States, its purpose is to promote dramarics and interest in dramatics. The charter members of the Angola Troupe of the National Thespian Society are: Susie Mummert, Sylvia Jackson, Maxine Spangle, Herbert Amstutz, Bette Lucas, Shirley Dixon, Peg Williamson, Sharon Clark, and Steve Maloy. There were S6 members in Alpha Delta Chi this year. The club's officers were: President, Peg Williamson, vice-president, Pat Druckamillerg secretary, Barbara Bodieg treasurer, Sharon Clark. Mr. Fuller was the club's sponsor. TOP ROVV: Hobert Porter, Mary Jane Hamma, Katy MacFadyen, Shirley Miller, Bob Gecowets, Lynn Fisher, Lorin Krueger, Ned Fifer, Herbert Amstutz, Jane Brokaw, Shirley Cotner, Shirley Collins, Kay Creel, Betty VVeiss, Marlene Aldrich, Joan Ulmer, Steve Maloy, Mr. Fuller. SECOND ROW: Nancy Gleason, Annette Voorhees, Nancy German, Sally Snow, Rita Sellinger, Joyce LaVine, Sandra Deller, Sandra Barkdull, Donna Crone, Carlita Porter, Pat Essenberg, Jean Begin, Leora Keller, Lois Lonsbury, Mary Nelson, Sharon Hefty, Suzanne Caris. THIRD ROW: Cynthia VVi1lis, Jane Jack, Phyllis Jarrard, Donna Crum, Janet Baker, Rosalie Har- man, Charlene McNett, Judy Elliott, Linda XVest, Margaret YVeiss. Marilyn Huff, Shirley Dixon, Janeth LaDow, Patricia Scott, Phyllis Wyatt, Nancy Hollinger, Shirley Ruth, Donna Strite. FOURTH ROW? Shirley Eyster, Barbara Nelson, Mary Ann Fast, Sue Weiss, Judy Healy, Marilynn Van Vilagner, Garna Golden, Barbara Bodie, Peg Williamson, Patricia Druckamiller, Sharon Clark, Mattie XVisner, Sylvia Jackson, Maxine Spangle, Kaye Smalley, Barbara Van Marter, Frances Cimbal, Bette Lucas, Nancy Barr, Susie Mumniert, Donna Book. Page Fifty-three CLASSES ART II Students developing their artistic abilities under Mr. Kuebler,s direction. ENGLISH II The sophs study all about parts of speech with Mr. Fuller direct- ing the activities. GENERAL SCIENCE The freshmen learn what makes people uticku with Mr. Feld- mann's aid. TYPING I "Place a clean sheet of paper in your type- writers, please." AT WORK GENERAL MATH "Would you explain this problem, Mr. Hammel?,' LATIN II "Labor Omnia Vin- cit:" - Labor conquers all. BUSINESS MATH Mr. Walradth will teach us how to bal- ance these columns. ADVANCED HOMEMAKING Under Miss Clark,s able supervision, we'll soon learn how to cook. CLASSES AT WORK U. S. GOVERNMENT Seniors learning how our country functions. SHOP In Mr. Kepler's shop class, the boys are al- ways busy. DRIVER TRAINING A really ambitious group are the students taking driver training. They may be seen any day, rain or shine, in the driver training car, under Mr. Druckamillefs watch- ful eye. Page Fifty-six SEEN AROUND SCHOOL STUDENT T LIBRARIANS Standing: Susie Mummert, Bill Foutz, Miss Paul, Doris Raney, Barbara Bodie. Seated: Sharon Larnpman, Janice Ruth, Marilynn Van Wagner. FILM PROJECTOR OPERATORS Standing: Larry Kunkel, Jim C h a s e, Don Hayward, Tony Cather, Keith Geren, Gene Maxton. Seated: Bill Foutz, Ronnie Meek, Kenny Dowell, Jerry Essen- berg, Richard Maxton. STUDENT LIBRARIANS Great is the assistance given Miss Paul during each study hall period by the stu- dents Who locate and check in and out the books in our library. FILM PROJECTOR OPERATORS The audio-visual program carried on throughout the school would not be possible Without the Work of these students. Page Fifty-seven C0 ERT BAND BARITONES: Sharon Lanipman, Lorin Krueger, Ronnie Steenerson, Gail Brauehla. BASSOON: Larry Kunkel. BASSES: Don Hayward, Allen Kunkel, Maurive Barlett. CLARINETS: Stephen Maloy, Pat llruckainiller, Pat Scott, Shirley Miller, Maxine Spangle, Nam-y Stevens, Nancy German, Rita Sellinger, lvlziry Jane Hamma, Jane Brokaw, Nancy Gleason, Tim Culver, Jerry Richmond, Ned Cook, Philip XVilson. BASS CLARINET: Darlene XVal1ace. ALTO CLARINET: Donna Barlett. CORNETS: Lynn Fisher, David Laird, Joan Ulmer, Tony Cather, John Maloy, Franklin Handy, John Shaw, Bill Sheets, Fred Musser, John XYilliz1mson. FLYTES: Roberta Brokaw, Cynthia XVillis, Jane Jack, Kay Creel. FRENCH HORNS: Jean Begin, Dirk Gem-owets, Gary Forbes, Sue Caris, Judy Brown, Anita MeClellan. OBOE: Lucinda New- narn. SAXOPHONES: llerloert Arnstutz, Shirley Collins, Phyllis Horn, Bob Andrew, Carolyn Goudy. PERCUSSION: Ned Fifer, John YVeisS, Janice Laird, Karen Myers, Shirley Henley. TROMBONICS: Joyce Clark, Mike lfI'lC'lISOH, Paul Deliosa, Sharon Mclleland, Jim Swift, Sandra Deller, John Elston. TYVIRL- ERS: Marilynn Van XYagner, Joan Ulmer, Darlene YVallaee. DRUM MAJOR: Stephen Maloy. The most important event of the year for the Concert Band was the Northern Indiana State Band, Orchestra, and Vocal Association Contest held at Kendallville April ll. The band, under the direction of Mr. Elwood Nichols, presented Weekly outdoor concerts during the summer of 1952, and many concerts during the school year. The group also played at all home basketball games. MARCHI G BAN Here they come everybody! The Angola High School Marching Band! The band, sixty-Hve strong, led by drum major Stephen Maloy, senior, received a superior rating in the Marching Contest, held at New Haven, Indiana, October ll. The biggest feature of the year for the Marching Band was its performance on "Angola Night" at the Allen County War Memorial Coliseum in Fort Wayne. Page Fifty-eighf ORCHESTRA BASSOON: Betty XVeiss. BASS VIOL: Roberta, Brokaw. CELLOS: Anita McClellan, Karen Brokaw. CLAHINICTS: Mary Jane Hamma, Nancy Stevens. CORNETS: Hill Sheets, John Shaw. FRENCH HORN: Suzanne Caris. OBOE: Lucinda Newham: PIANO: Jean Begin: TTLOMRONE: Sharon McLe1and. VIOLA: Cynthia VVi11is. VIOLINS: Mary .To VVi1Iis, Susie Steenerson, Ann Slanina, Linda Gentry, Susan Yoder, John Newnam, Sue XX eiss. This year our orchestra has been very active. They performed at the Senior Class play, the Dramatics Club Three One-Act Plays, and the Junior Class Play. This was the third year for the orchestra, and the future looks bright. Elwood Nichols is the director. Band In Formation ,vw 5. if I., , M,,,..f fr e 2 if wkqwia nfl' fs Page Fifty-nine HIGH CHGOL CHOIR Page Sixty TOP ROXV: Dick Gecowets, Herbert Amstutz, Ned Fifer, Peter Dick, Gail Brauehla, .Tim Crouch, Tom Cline, Tim Culver, Rex Barton, Lorin Krueger. SECOND ROWV: Sandra Deller, Betty NVeisS, Sharon Lampman, Peg VVilliamSon, Billy Lock, Steve Maloy, Larry Kunkel, John Maloy, Donna Crum, Cynthia YVillis. THIRD ROYV: Marilyn Koch, Marilyn Huff, Pat Druckamiller, Pat Scott, NancY Barr, Joyce Clark, Ann Redding, Shirley Dixon, Donna Crone. FRONT ROYV: Sylvia Jackson, Donna Strite, Maxine Spangle, Susie Mummert, Jean Re-gin, Gai-na Golden, Sue YVeiss, Shirley Miller, Nancy Stevens, Joan Ulmer, Kay Fry, Miss Siebold. The High School Choir, under the direction of Miss Nancy Siebold, consists of forty members. During the school year the choir has presented several programs, in addition to participating with other groups in musical activities. Highlights of the year were its appearance before the District Convention of Womei1's Federated Clubs, the High School Christmas Program, the High School Band and Vocal Winter Concert, the Northern Indiana State Band, Orchestra, and Vocal Association Contest, the Spring Music Concert, and the Commencement Exercises. GIRLS' GLEE CL B The forty members of the Girls' Glee Club, under the direction of Miss Nancy Siebold, appeared at the Christmas Program, the Winter Band and Vocal Concert, and the Spring Music Concert. Accompanists for this group were Cynthia Willis and Patricia Scott. VOCAL ENSEMBLES Programs in which the Mixed Ensemble, the Junior Sextet, and the Freshman Sextet have appeared during the school year include various school programs, the Christmas Concert, the Spring Concert, and the District Convention of Women's Federated Clubs at Potawatomi Inn. A superior rating was won by each of the ensemble groups at the Northern In- diana District Solo and Ensemble Contest at Fort Wayne on February 7. The Junior Sextet also won a superior rating at the State Solo and Ensemble Con- test held in Indianapolis on February 21. The Freshman Sextet won a rating of good. The Mixed Ensemble, although eligible, was unable to participate. The members of the Freshman Sextet are Betty Weiss, Donna Strite, Marlene Aldrich, Kay Creel, Shirley Miller, Cynthia Willis. The Junior Sextet includes Ann Redding, Jean Begin, Rosalie Harman, Joyce LaVine, Sharon Clark, Patricia Essenberg. MIXED ENSEMBLE BACK ROW: Sylvia Jackson, John Maloy, Larry Kunkel, Steve Maloy, Jim Crouch, Tom Cline, Tony Cather. FRONT ROVV: Garna Golden, Joyce Clark, Susie Mummert, Marilyn Huff, Sharon Lampman. NOT PICTURED: Shirley Dixon. Page Sixty-one SPORTS iiwfsfm 'MQ VW, V .- wwx- 4 ,Q V ff: qh .UM v. MVN 4 A J ww, 5 H WML, . , W , M 4 , why QA, Q wk. ,ww . fm, sa-SVP GAIL BRAUCHLA-Frffsbmmz Gail was the only freshman on the varsity this year, but his play- ing ability was on a par with our opposition. Ile had plenty of fight and Could hit well. If Gail keeps iniproving' and working, he will be a great help for Angola in the years to come. JIM MAC FAYDEN-junior Although .lim didn't see a great amount of action this year, his spirit and iight helped the team a lot, He has a good one-handed push shot from Center court. He will he a great help to the team next year. TOM CLINE-Senior Tom was ii co-captain and one of the big guns in the Hornet attack this year. His passing and feeding was of the best and kept the team on top many times, Tom could also he counted on to svore and he had zi good two handed set shot from center oourt. It will take a Very good player to fill Toms shoes next Ytltlf. TOM RANDOLPH-Sojlfaomore Tom was another second team member who was moved up to the varsity for the tourney. Tom has the size necessary for at good cen- ter and with a little more experi- ence can play' regularly. TOM OTT-Senior Although Tom was one of the smaller men on the team, he was a good drihbler, and a line ball handler. Tom was not among the top scorers but he had a good long shot and could be Counted on when needed. His all round play will be greatly missed next year, KEITH GEREN-Senior Keith probably showed more im- provement this year than any other member of the Hornet squad. He was a good all round player and could be counted on for his best every game. Many times when the rest of the team was in a slump Keith kept them on top with his jump shots. He could shoot with either hand and was a superb feed- er. Keith's replacement next year will have a hard job filling his shoes. DON HAYVVARD-junior lion was moved up to the varsity in mid-season and both Don and the varsity benehted by the move. As he will be with Angola next year, we shall see much more of his playing. LARRY KUNKEL--Senlor Larry was one of the co-captains of this year's team. He saw quite a bit of action and was a great scrapper. Although he didn't score much, he made up for it by his feeding and ball handling. His team spirit will be missed in a big way next year. MIKE CLAUSEN-Iunior Mike was one of our regulars this year and his ability to rebound helped the team very much. He has a good two-handed set shot from the side and Will be a great help to next yearfs team. JIM CROUCH-Scfniozf Jaime was the big offensive gun for the Hornets this year. He was the one who usually hit the import- ant basket to get the team rolling again. As he was the big man, he led the team in rebounds, and from the keyhole he was able to feed for numerous baskets. A full time player with a cool head and a good eye, .Tim will be greatly missed next season. DON HINTZ-Senior Don was one of the reserve for- wards on the varsity this year. Don could hit well from either the pivot or out on the floor, and many times he gave our big men some much needed rest. DON WAITE-Fresbmu1z Don was moved to the tournel' twelve this year although he didn't see much action. His floor play on the second team though showed that he will be a great asset to the Hornets in the years to come, TOP ROW: Coach Hammel, Mike Clausen, Tom Randolph, Don Hintz, Jim Crouch, Gail Brauehla, Felix Vleldon, Assistant Coach Van Matre. FRONT ROXV: Student manager Eddie Klink, Larry Kunkel, Jim MacFadyen, Tom VARSITY The Hornets started out the season this year with the traditional game with Kendallville. As usual, the jinx was still there and the Comets went home with a 61-50 victory. Our boys next traveled to Waterloo where they managed to beat the Wildcats 48-45 in a close one. The first surprise of the season came next, when the Hornets defeated Concordia for the first time 54-50. The next two games were on the road and the Hornets brought home the bacon both times, 56-48 from La- Grange, and from Edon 57-22. Cline, Keith Geren, Torn Ott. Their next time out they easily defeated a good Butler team to the tune of 58-49. South Whit- ley was the champ of Whitley county this year but that didn't stop the Hornets as they rolled over the Bull Dogs, 74-60. The Hornets next drowned Salem Center 68-54 proving that the Hornets were tougher than some people thought. The Hornets next played host to the Auburn Red Devils and gave them a very good game before bowing out, 56-50. The team enjoyed the Christmas vacation with a seven-two record. After coming back from the Christmas vacation, the Hornets defeated Garrett 75-67 on the Railroaders' home court. Our boys then played two games away in one week end, defeating Hillsdale, Michigan, 53-51, and Montpelier, Ohio, 51-41. The Hornets' next game was at home with Waterloo and our team proved that the first time was no fluke as they shattered Waterloo's zone defense to the tune of 46-38. The next time the Hornets took the floor told a different story though as little Berne humbled the Hornets 51-49. This defeat didn't seem to bother the team, however, because they next beat Fre- mont, the county champs, 62-55. For the first time in the season the Hornets lost two in a row as Butler defeated them 68-65 in an overtime and Elmhurst downed them 45-42. Proving that Hillsdale was very lucky in coming so close to the Hornets previously, our team whalloped the boys from Michi- gan 69-48 to wind up the regular season play. In the 18 games of our regular season the Hornets won 13 games and lost five. They averaged 55.88 points per game to their opponents' 49.94. In the sectional this year Angola met a very strong Garrett team in the first game and defeat- ed them 55-48 in one of the best games of the year. That night the Hornets rolled over Metz to the tune of 81-50. In the semi-finals the Hornets ran into a fired-up Auburn team and went down to de- feat 65-45. Auburn went on to win the sectional. Page Sixty-six Page Sixty-s01fc'1z OUR CHEERLEADERS Our cheerleaders this year were Ann Redding, Susie Mummert and Marilynn Van Wagner. Whether the team was winning or losing the team members never forgot that the fans were behind them. These girls did a magnificent job and the team was proud of its cheerleaders and cheering section. Susie and Marilynn are seniors and Ann is a junior. We know that Ann will be a fine cheerleader next year also. OUR MANAGERS Our managers this year were Jerry Essenberg and Eddie Klink. These boys worked hard for the team, taking care of the balls and uniforms. They were always ready to help the coach when he needed them. As both of these boys are underclassmen, An- gola is assured of having good managers for several years to come. BASKETBALL MENTORS John Hammel was our head coach this year and he did a fine job as he piloted the team through a very successful season. John was very popular with the boys and there wasn't a boy on the team that wouldn,t play his heart out when he was playing under John Hammel's direction. This was John's first year as head coach here at Angola and if he is as popular and successful in the years to come as he was this year, Angola will be seeing much more of his coaching. Art Van Matre was the assistant. coach this year and he piloted the Bees to a very successful season. He was always present in practice and never hesitated to lend a helping hand when it was needed. Art was a very able assistant to Coach Hammel and Angola should be seeing quite a bit of him in the years to come. Mr. Druckamiller was the athletic director again this year and took care of the sports finances. Druck knows about the problems of an athletic department from many years of experience and is very capable in this capacity. Mr. McCutchan, as principal, created a very close harmony between the team and the rest of the school. He always let the team know that win or lose, the school was behind them. Page Szxty czght BEES TOP ROW: Coach Art Van Matre, Manager Jerry Essenberg, Allen Fair, Felix Weldon, Tom Randolph, Dave Mendenhall, Jerry Roberts, Manager Eddie Klink, FRONT ROXV: Tim Culver, Don Waite, Don Hayward, Hal Moore, Ronnie Steenerson. The Angola Bees had a very good season this year With fourteen games Won and four lost. These players should provide the first team with some very good material next year. INDIVIDUAL SCORING SEASONS RECORD Gms. Fouls Pts. Avg. V, Jim crouoli ,, 18 53 274 15.22 QQEZE gif 2i9af',flfgHf0111e Tom Cline ....,.,.. 18 199 11.06 Angola 38 Concordia """ Keith Geren 149 .27 Angola F0 Laorang-o Mike Clausen . 117 .50 Angoh 16 Edon Tom Ott -f--A--'--- 98 76 Angola 40 Butler gf Angola 37 South XVhitleY .lim Maclfadyen 27 25 222212 32333.11 """""""" Don Hintz .... 25 66 """""" F 1. r V, ld - 50 Angola 42 Garrett .... DQIXH 'ff find-H 2 '66 Angola 52 Hillsdale Ton P35 lgdf I - 3 00 Angola 30 Montpelier .... Om 33910111 0 00 Angola 34 YVaterloo DOH Walte ------' Angola 41 Berne ........ Angola 40 Fremont ..,,. Angola 40 Butler ...... SECTIONAL TOURNEY SCORING 5.133313 QQ gigigggqit Glfrls. FG FT TP FIS. ""' Jim Crouvh 8 Tom Cline ,..... 10 Keith Geren ..,. 9 Mike Clausen ..... ,... 3 Tom Ott ............ 13 Larry Kunkel ........,.., 3 Gail Brauullla ............ 6 Doll Hintz .................. 4 Tom Randolph 2 Don Hayward ......... 2 Page Sm ty nzne ASEB LL On the baseball diamond this year, the Hornets compiled a season's record of four wins and four losses. Angola opened the season with two straight victories, beating Rome City 9 to 8, and Wolf Lake 13-1. Kendallville dealt the Hornets their first loss with the score of 6-4. The team added victory number. three to their record, as they bested Vfaterloo 13-12 in a high scoring affair. Ashley and Albion both downed the Hornets 6-0, and 7-1, respectively, as the team failed to get a hit in either game. In the last home stand of the year, Butler fell before the Angola attack 15-8. Rome City spoiled the Hornets, bid to stay over the .500 mark, as they won the final game of the season 8-2. TRACK TEAM Angola had a very good track team this year. Coach Van Matre had several boys back from last year's squad who did a very fine job. Last year the members of the track team were winners in all meets participated in during the track season. They Won the DeKalb County Championship for eighth graders. They placed third in the Flanner House relays at Indianapolis last spring. They also won the Steuben County Eighth Grade Championship. BASEBALL TEAM-TOP ROYV: Mr. Hammel, John Maloy, Ronnie Steenerson, XVendeIl Horn, Don Hintz, Gail Brauehla, Felix VVeldon, Mike Clausen, Jim Crouch, Keith Geren, Jim MacFadyen, Jerry Essenberg, Manager. FRONT ROVV: Ned Cook, Don Waite, Hal Moore, Tom Cline, Ronnie Meek, Tom Ott, Larry Kunkel, Don Hayward, David Mendenhall, Leonard VVarren, Tim Culver. TRACK TEAM-TOP ROYV: Bob Gecowets, Larry Kunkel, Jim Rodebaugh, Don Hintz, Ronnie Sutton, David Field, Eddie Klink, Dick Geeowets. SECOND HOVV: Gary Groshon, Ned Fifer, Don VVise, Charles Rose, Chuck Southern, .Tim Siegel, Don VVaite, Lee Schaeffer, Dennis Munger, Mr. Van Matre. FRONT ROVV: Bob Andrew, Mgr., David Ralston, Rex Barton, Gail Braucnla, Tim Culver, Fred Phillip, Bob Porter, Lorin Krueger, Carl Unger. Page Seventy FIRST TIOXV: Sleepy, gals? HOW was the water, ButCl1?: Just resting, Phid'?: Charlene McNett. SECOND HOXY: Nice tan, Barb, N'Vl1at's on your mind, Marilynn?: Just passing by, Don't get too dark, girls, Nice pose, Carl, Enjoying the ocean, Nancy? Tl-HRD ROXV: Like the sun, Doris?: Troubles, .Ianet?g Two new statues: Phyllis XVheaton: Having fun, kids?g Joyce Clarkg Joan and Garna. FOURTH ROVV: Going some place, Norma?: Don't fall, Janice: Quite a catch, huh, DruUk!: NVliat's the matter, Keith'?g The Three Musketeers. Page Seventy-one FIRST ROVV: Larry Kunkel, Gzmrua Golden, Herbert Amstutz, Linda Kepner. SECOND RONY: Shzu-on Lampman, Norma l'lUtC'xli1'lS, Barbara Bodie, Steve Maloy. THIRD ROXY: Mattie XYisner, Joyce Clark, fbelowl Marilyuu Van XXY3.gl1Ql', Sharon TJRIIIDHIZLII, Steve Maloy. FOURTH ROXV: l,aMa1'1' Stroh, Linda Kepner, Phyllis XYl1eaton, Steve Malay, Hel'- bert Amstutz, Larry Kunkel. Pfzgf' Svwrzfy-fzuo FIRST TIOXVQ Linda Kepner, Marilynn Van Nhlgner, Shirley Ruth, Bette Lucas, Shirley Ruth. SECOND HOXV: Franvis Cimbzil and Sally Deluvenay, Mattie NVisner, Larry Harman and Marilynn Van VVagner, Shirley Ruth and Janice, Garna Golden. THIRD HOXV: Shirley llutli, .loyce Clark, Garna Golden, Frances Cimbal, Mai-ilynn Van VVagne1'. FOURTH ROYV: Norma Hutchins' birthday party, Frances Cimbal, Joyce C lark, fbelowj Nancy Barr, Beverly Ritter, Steve Maloy, Peg XVilliamson, Marsha Grabill. Page Seventy-three Name Marvin Aldrich BIT BO T THE SENIOR Nickname --.-------Mfarv Favorite Saying Don't do anything I wouldnt do .,.-.....-...... A. H. S. Memories Parties ,,,.,...,...,,,.,i , ,.......... . Herbert Amstutz ........ Herbie ...-,...... .I'm so tired ,,i.,,, .,..,... H elping the teachers ....iii . Jim Austin ...,,,..,.,-,,.,.. Jim ,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, .That's it ,,,,,.,,,.,..,........ Study halls ,.--i,,,,,,. ,,,-.,,,, Nancy Barr .............. .Byrd ,,..,......... Your a Had Dad All my friends .... .....,,,, Barbara Bodie .,..,,.,.,-... Bo ,,,.,,,,,,.,.,,.. .Judas Jenny ,,,--,,,,,,,,,,- Junior class play .,,,,,,,.,,, I Ruth Bryan ......, ,,..... S andy ,.,..,,.,., ,Oh Shucks ,,,,,, ,,,,.... S enior class play .,,,,,,,,,,,. . Tony Cather .--,-,,.....,... Ton .-,-,,,,,,..-,., Huh! ,,........ ........ E verything about A.H.S.,, Frances Cimbal ,,,,,,,..... Fran ,.... . ....... Must be nice ,,..,.........., Senior year ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.. Joyce Clark ..,.. Jim Crouch ,,... Tom Cline .,,.,. ---,.--Clark Jaime ..........,.. . -.-.,--Tom Shirley Dixon ............ -Shirl ,,,....,i,... . Lloyd Easterday Bill Foutz .,,,v, ,,,,,--.--Nooks Squirrely ,..,.,,, Don't know, do you? -- That's the way it goes.. Last four years ,,.,.........,. . Playing basketball ,,,,,,,,,,, Y Thanks a lot ,,,,,,,.,..,.... Junior and senior years That would be telling, Shucks ,,,,,,,,,v,,,.,,,,.,..--.. Sure-sure Y,,. Music contests, proms, basketball games and class plays ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,....,..... Junior class play ,,,,,,,,,,,,. , High school days at A.H.S. it..........t,..i........,... . Ambition To become a millionaire Mortician Q To be a success To meet a lot of interest- ing people To be a linotypist To be a good Wife Be a bachelor To be good To be successful Be a success To be successful and happy Successful in everything I undertake To retire To beat the draft for the next four years To beat the draft To be happy To be a millionaire To have a good time To spend Lar's millions To become a beautician V. . un Keith Geren ,,,,, .,...-. K eth .,.,,....,,,. .Sure-sure ,,,, ........ A nnie ..-.,,, ,,,,,,,, Y Garna Golden ,.,........... Garna ,v,,,,..... .Be good .......... ........ S enior year ,, v,,,.,, ,, Larry Harman .....,...... Lar , ,... ..,.,,,,, C ho-Pad'-I-Da ,........... Parties ,,,,,,,,.....,. ....V,t., Don Hintz ,,r, ,...... H untz ,,,,,t,,,.. ,Oh, nuts ....,.. ........ B asketball games ,,,,,,,.,,,.. . Wendell Horn ,,.,,,,,,,.... Gab ...........,,,,. Tbat's a lie ,,,v. ........ M y trips east .,.,.,...,,.....,,,. Norma Hutchins .....,., Hutchie ,,,,,.,, Like chicken ............,... Junior and senior years You're sweet-in a Sophomore year, crystal Sylvia Jackson -,,,,,,,,,.. Slylv .,...,,,,,,,..., repulsive sort of Way --capers .,,.,..,.,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, , Page Seventy- four To write a book BITS ABOUT THE ENIOR Name Linda Kepner .......... Larry Klink ..... Gordon Kope , .... Larry Kunkel ,...,.,..,,,. Sharon Lampman ,... Bette Lucas ...,,,, Stephen Maloy ........,.. Nickname .Lin ,,,,,,,,.,,.,,. . -Skip ........,,..... , Curly ,,,,....... -Kunk --,-Share , .Luke -Tee Vee ,,..,,,,.. James Monroe ,............. Stude ,,,,,,........ Marilynn Van Wagner-.Maril .....,,.,.... . John Morris ,,......,... -Frederick ...... Susie Mummert ,.,,.,-v.... Mummy .,,.... , Thomas Ott ..... ........ O tt .........,,A... . Danny Patterson ,,..,,... Jim Rodebaugh ,,,.,...... -Dan , ,,,t,,,,...... . -Jaime ,...,........ . Shirley Ruth ,...,.-..,,,.... Agnes ,,,.,...... . Stanley Smith ...........,.. Stan ..,..,...VA.. . LaMarr Stroh ..........,.. .Moe ..,,,,,.,,,.... . Phyllis Wheaton ,,....,,.. Phyl ,,,..,,,.. Joan Wilkinson ,,,...,,.. Joannie ....,,..f . Margaret Williamson ,Peg ,,,A,,,.,A.. Mattie Wisner ,,,..,..,..... Cuddles ,...,,,.., Bill Eberhart , ,,,,,,.,....... Eb .,,,,, ,,...,,. . George Cimbal ,,,,,...,,, ,Gene ,.....,..... .. Favorite Saying I don't believe it .,,,.... Huh! ,...,............,,.,,..,... .Neverl ,,..,,..,.............,... Who pulled. your chain? ,,..,.........,,,,..,... I gotta check with Sarah ............................ A. H. S. Memories House parties .... .,.......,.. . Parties ,,,.,., ....,... . Parties .................,,,........ .. Christmas prom in senior ,.year ,..........,. F ,.,,...........s Study halls and Steve and Larry .,,...............,,..,... New Year's parties and Oh hechtl ,,,,, .,,,,.... T .S.C. .....,,,,...,..........V....A A Wow! .,,, ,.,,.,... H ouse Parties ..., ...,,... . Any time .................... Parties .........V.V,u .....f.. . You did a dandy .....,,. Sophomore year .....u..,....-. . Nuts -SWvvss,sss.,.....,......... Senior year ,,...... .r,....f V Just skip -,s,sss .,...... Se nior year ..,,,,v. ....,... . Neat ,,,,.,,,, ......,.. B asketball .,,.,.. ...,,,.. f Don't be bitter ............ Don't be bitter ,...,....... Don't know, do ya? Darn .,,,.,,.,...,.............. - s I don t know ....,........... Oh, I don't know ......,. Great scott .,,,...,,,.,...... Basketball games ..,,. Breakfasts ..,r,,.. ----Senior year Senior year , Freshman year ,- Senior year ..,,,,,, Junior year ,,,,,, Well, dang it ,............. Senior year,....f V. GOOCI heavens M,,,,Y,,-,,,,. Basketball and p21I'I2lCS Sure! ,,,,,,,.,,,,, ......... P arties ....,...........,I...-..fff.V 7 Oh, I dunno ,,,. ,,....... Basketball games .,,,,,s...... . Ambition A ranch with all the horses and dogs I want Toi get through college To be a millionaire Make a lot of money in hurry so I can loaf To be a success To be a millionaire Bohemian To be famous College Be a nurse Civil engineer Be happy Make money Succeed in whatever I attempt Make good in college Do something great Aircraft designer Be a success Secretary Be an aviatrix To be a success Secretary Navy Factory work 3 Page Seventy-five Page SC"l!l'l7fy-S FIRST HOYV: XY21tuh it, kidslg Carl Niro car, M?1l'll5'1'lD. SECOND ROVV: NiCefJe2ln!2 Preft Kind of young aren't you, Peg XVill Sliziron. THIRD IIOXV: Sleepy, girls?g You Clmrlene?: A penny for your thoughns FOURTH ROVV: YVhat do you hav Hammelg Careful, Norma, Charlene an ix lm ' 4 ,gy wif l Km .,.,.,:: .:-. .:.:.-: r .: gi ,K sew .- i .gf ,gn W .,.,, .. , 533: X ' W? ' J-W W. Nil- "wi-ZH 1:2 ' in H lk W ' I" A ii ' - - 'W if 'f r:..x" , W M A if -48' Eisfaf' W - 'fri 55 5122 S 5 fissile' ' ,' Q. Q ,. T gif QQ, rw 52 m'2Lf"w L Nh? is y fi ..,, , .. F N, 5 s R W . + , r ll ig, i, .... .....,. , g 5. .- :-5-: - M. .fffww 3, -y l if T if K if 'B 5' .fi.a'::3f:51f5" 5: A , . ' 3 gal, if- T f . 5121? " J .-2: J r Q: '-ES:-I S1 V ....' ."S:-::- l"'-,:-':EE:'1:InEE'5Eff - A lim. , .faSr.' . Q.':5: ' "T fl .... 2 ' ,-' 5 " xr imma, fi, -25 2.5255 5 ..., 1 All , , fl . - K mi -i r 7'-15, I ' .5FE rZi.:i-5s ,Efl 5ffE ' 1 -1- -, sf f-1 555563 fl' :f'i'1"":'i 5523 , .- - -rw -- . " ' , ' 4 --T ..., 511.-1 i ' - .X ' V M9 ' -P if wifi ' KV, . 5 iYf 5aQ1l:2arV1::'.:s:z flS:"S:5?75 .T 2E.EtEr: , . Q' 4 ggi gg, '33 Q :T fl , ,Q 1 L: il . -. f X Q Y gf' H se, .,.-egg r . ' -4-4 5 if ww. i ilqgifswgw ' Ggefggrg I ' Q gf V Y 2, " - Q-. ' ' wi i -' lf X Qw-M .Q 1 mei' 4539 ,W ' A .V ' W, N.:-.53 ,: 9 k .. -.3 .Q . mg. rug ,J X- fi--TMI? , , -f ff-W ?i.,:g3wi :WQgt ':1e K, L . ,. -3 . - f. , , . up-N . xi. 5523? -::-:g- xi gg., .fn--.s.5lj:j::-5-'j-ggg E 3 . ' and Leora: Troubles, girls?: Comfortable, 9' big fish story, Dru:-k: Been somewher xamson and Barbara B71 Nice lmekgroun tell him, Billlg VVhat have We here, Co , Doris: VVhat's so funny, girls? e, P6g?I Tired, l3ette?g Miss Paul: Miss Cl cl her brother. Sharon ?: e, girls? d there, 1-ky and arkg Mr. TOP HOXV: Phyllis Wfyatt: Lookin' for something, Nam-y?: Smilelz Hidin' something, Sue?: Smile for the birdie. 'SECOND HOXY: Sleepy time gal: Little athleteg Nive time, Bette 1 Barbara and Carlitag Class oflicers-Seniors that is! THIRD ROXV: Nice lmuseparty, girls?: Six juniorsg nice pose, Cookyg Marlene and Nam-y. FOURTH ROXV: HoW's the sun, girlsifg Xvliere you goin', kiclsifg Messin' arounclg Margo Brannaux Cold, isu't it?: Sharon Lampman. FIFTH ROXY: llelaxing, gi1'ls?g Huw! the llOLlSQ'D2l1'ty?Q Takiu' life easy, kids?g Three sophomores 3 Betty XVeiss. Page Svwnfy-sevezz . H. S. MEMORIE - 19 2, 1953 SEPTEMBER School starts at 9:00 a. m. Angola downs Rome City 9-8 on local diamond Hornets trounce Wolf Lake 13-1 John Elliott tells of experience in Ger- many Kendallville downs Hornets 6-4 School dismissed, teachers survey city Hornets nip Waterloo 13-12 Junior magazine sales start Ashley downs Hornets 31-23 Freshman baseball team defeats Water- loo frosh 24-0 Seniors complete yearbook sales Albion downs Hornets 24-23 Hornets conquer Windnaills 35-27 25. 26. Iowa tests! Rome City beats Hornets 8-2 OCTOBER Quick change artist and reader enter- tains Freshman initiation Y-Teen conference at Pokagon Girls' Camp Torch light parade by government classes End of first grading period Angola wins "superior" in band march- ing contest at New Haven 17. Senior class play "Mother is a Freshman" Latin students attend "Olympics" Page Seventy-eight Y-Teen dance, "Cactus Kick" Basketball season tickets go on sale 24. Vacation for teachers' association Band marches at Manchester College Band parents sponsor pancake supper NOVEMBER Kendallville drops Hornets 60-50 Sophomore dance Government classes give program Junior town meeting of the air Hornets down Waterloo 48-45 Band contest Russell Handy gives Armistice Day address Open house Corcordia loses to Hornets 54-51 Purth McFarlin gives concert Hornets defeat LaGrange 56-48 End of second grading period Hornets take Edon 46-25 DECEMBER Unicycle artists give program Hornets down Butler Windmills 58-49 Hornets drop South Whitley 74-60 Hornets roll on, beating Salem 68-54 Y-Teen, Hi-Y Christmas prom Christmas concert Hornets lose to Auburn Red Devils 56-50 . . .MEMORIE -1952, 19 3 Rev. Sapp addresses students Jan. 5. Christmas vacation JANUARY Hornets dump Garrett Railroaders 74-67 Hornets defeat Hillsdale 53-51 Hornets down Montpelier 51-41 Band presents show in Coliseum Movie of Luzon Island Angola defeats Waterloo 46-38 End of Hrst semester Juggler gives auditorium program Berne tops Hornets 51-49 in a thriller Hornets defeat Fremont 62-55 Seniors take scholarship test Juniors sponsor t'Heart Hop" FEBRUARY Dramatics club one-act plays 11. Art exhibit held Angola loses to Butler in overtime 68-65 Hi-Y opens historic letter Northern Indiana district solo and ensemble contest in Fort Wayne Music program-soloists appear Angola downs Elmhurst Trojans 45-42 V Vocal and band concert Hornets defeat Hillsdale 69-48 Sectional tourney at Auburn-Hornets down Garrett and Metz End of fourth grading period More sectional tourney-Red Devils defeat Hornets MARCH" ' Band concert in auditorium Regional tourney at Fort Wayne Coliseum F. H. A. dance Super-regional also at Coliseum "Oh Brother" junior class play "Oh Brothern again Finals of state basketball tourney F. T. A. tea for faculty I. U. achievement clay Spring vacation begins APRIL Easter rabbit Comes Back to school and full of pep! Manchester choir entertains District band contest at Kendallville Sci-math fair at Purdue End of fifth grading period State band contest Drama festival at Ball State State achievement Contest Pa-ma-me banquet MAY School exhibit Achievement day Concert in auditorium 14. Senior Hnal exams Senior class day program May dance Seniors leave on trip to New York Baccalaureate 27. 28. Final exams Commencement! ! Page Seventy-11i1ze 5 Page Eigbfy FIRST ROXV: Don't fall, Rosalie: F1'anc-os: On the way to Florida: Freshman linc- upg Comfortable, Carolyn und Janim-0? SECOND IIOVV: Seniors when the-Y were sophomores: Nothing like being' friendly: lBon't Work too hHI'il7f1'f3Shl1lE'l11 initiation: Those are niCe Clothes, girls. THIRD ROXY: Lose something, :.'irls'?: Happy, kids?-f1'esh1nan initiationg Shall we clzuu'e?: The greenies after initiation. FOURTH ROXV: Linda and Doris: XVhat's so funny'?g Long' way down, girlsg Thirsty, Butvh? FIFTH IIOYV: Troubles, kids?g Sleepy time gals: Cacrossj The musical quintet, FIRST ROVV: Just a few seniors: Question, ,9gi1'ls?: Keith and Anneg Gary and Kay. SECOND ROIV: Kind of old-fashioned, isu't it?: Nice car, girls Ctorch light pzmraclejz Fran, Barb and Marilg Stay off railing please, Norma. THIRD ROVV: Is that so?: NYhat's so funny, kids?g Lovely Xveatlier-liuli, gir'1s?: Beverly Samsg Don't be too stern, Shirley. FOURTH ROXV: HoW's Rock City, gir1s?g How are things in VVashington, Peg and Nancy? Heavy, gi1'ls?3 Hi, Bev! FIFTH ROVV: Jim Rodebaugh: Sitting prettyg XVhat do you see, Phyllisifg Taking pictures, Bev?g Hi, Tonylg NVelI, Gab?g Hi, Bill! . Page Eighty-one UMNI '51 Evangelene Amstutz-Spring Arbor Col- lege, Spring Arbor, Michigan Carma Carpenter-Mrs. Dale Lonsbury, Angola, Indiana Veryl Carpenter-Texaco Gas Station, An- gola, Indiana Larry Geren-Coast Guard Mary Ann Goss-Memorial Hospital, South Bend, Indiana David Handy-Franklin College, Franklin, Indiana Don Huff-Tri-State College, Angola, In- diana David Kaye-Purdue University, LaFay- ette, Indiana Mary Ann Moore-Ball State Teachers Col- lege, Muncie, Indiana Irene Nelson-Nurses' Training School, Lutheran Hospital, Fort Wayne, In- diana Philip Newnam-Indiana University, Bloomington, Indiana Carol Rodebaugh-DePauw University, Greencastle, Indiana Steve Sanders--Working on farm, Angola, Indiana Martha Rose-Mrs. Jack Groves, Angola, Indiana Jerrie Shank-Nurses' Training School, Lutheran Hospital, Fort Wayne, In- diana Marjorie Smith-Mrs. Carlton Rinehart, Angola, Indiana Carlton Waite-Purdue University, LaFay- ette, Indiana Ramona Smurr-Working in clinic, South Bend, Indiana Don Taylor-Purdue University, LaFay- ette, Indiana Page Eighty-two Marilynn Weiss-Ball State Teachers Col- lege, Muncie, Indiana Sue Jackson-Milligan College, Milligan, Tennessee Norma Coffman--Working in California Max Schaeffer-Indiana University, Bloom- in gton, Indiana John Caris-Indiana University, Blooming- ton, Indiana Dottie Cotner-Indiana University, Bloom- ington, Indiana Bruce Warren-U. S. Navy Dick Meek-Carpenter work with father, Angola, Indiana Dorothy Dove--Telephone office, Angola, Indiana Corky Demorest-U. S. Air Force Adele Johnson-Office of Tri-State College Angola, Indiana Wilma Keller--Mrs. Richard Going, Fort Wayne, Indiana Beverly Miller-Mrs. joe Pristas, Angola, Indiana Jack McNett-U. S. Army Paula Randolph-Working in Angola, In- diana Keith Shiley-Shiley's Market, Angola, In- diana George Gecowets-A 85 P Store, Angola Indiana Dorothy Deming-Office of Tri-State Col- lege, Angola, Indiana Charles Humphries-Tri-State College, An- gola, Indiana Marilyn Renner--Frozen Locker Plant, An- gola, Indiana Clarence Bal-Working, Ashley, Indiana Anna Lou Mathews-Mrs. Carl Shupp, An- gola, Indiana ALUMNI '52 Bruce Martin--Wabash College, Wabash, Indiana Janet Jarboe-Mrs. Robert Goin, Angola Dress Shop, Angola, Indiana Mary Jane Mann-Angola State Bank, An- i gola, Indianaiif Anita Lowther-Elkhart Business Univer- sity, Elkhart, Indiana Gloria Reed--Telephone office, Angola, In- diana Mary Lee Sell-Civil Service Work, Elkhart Indiana Greta Sewell--College in Manhattan Beach, California Valrie Erickson-Michigan State College, East Lansing, Michigan Joanne Zimmer-Working in Angola, In- diana Fern Van Marter-Expressways, Inc., An- ola Indiana g a Ann Travis-Mrs. Aden Sirles, Conynghan, Pennsylvania Joyce Allen-Mrs. Jerry Fradenburg, An- gola, Indiana Joan Baldwin-Baldwinis Music Store, An- gola, Indiana Denny Deller-U. S. Navy Nancy Clark-Elkhart Business University, Elkhart, Indiana Suzanne Unger-Mrs. William Gordon, South Bend, Indiana Les Peeler-Working in Columbia City, In- diana Donna Coffman-Married, living in Cali- fornia Phil Healy-Michigan State College, East Lansing, Michigan Pat Osborne-REMC office, Angola, Indi- ana Bill Selman-St. Ambrose College, Daven- port, Iowa Carolyn Raney-Mrs. Robert Galyean, Richmond, Indiana Diana Beatty-Albion College, Albion, Michigan Jo-Anne Carr--Telephone office, Angola, Indiana Roberta Berkes-University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, Michigan Jeanette Sheets-Mrs. Paul Birchman, An- gola, Indiana Kaye Williamson-Telephone office, An- gola, Indiana Donna Davis--Mrs. Tom Pearson, Angola, Indiana Betty Servis-School Secretary, Angola, Indiana , Tom Pearson-Jarrardis Men's Wear, An- gola, Indiana Richard Rose-U. S. Air Force Richard Hefty-U. S. Air Force Richard Bruhn-Tri-State College, Angola, Indiana David Neukam-U. S. Navy Bill Steffan-Tri-State College, Angola, In- diana Philip Krein-Indiana University, Booming- ton, Indiana Blaine Nichols--Phillips 66 Station, An- gola, Indiana Jack Sellinger--Brauchla Construction Co., Fremont, Ohio Donn Griffin-DeForest Television School, Chicago, Illinois Arthur Hockey-Purdue University, La- Fayette, Indiana Alice Fair-Model Grocery, Angola, Indiana Norma Kugler-Mrs. Francis Devine, An- gola, Indiana James Bledsoe-Tri-State College, Angola, Indiana Arthur Myers-U. S. Air Force Charles Kelly-U. S. Air Force Tom Reek--Tri-State College, Angola, In- diana Michael Crowl-U. S. Navy Janet Gecowets-Working at the Coney Island, Angola, Indiana Joan Beck-Telephone office, Angola, In- diana Mary Davis-Telephone office, Angola, In- diana Joann Mote-Angola State Bank, Angola, Indiana Billie Meade-Ball State Teachers College, Muncie, Indiana Bill London-Michigan State College, East Lansing, Michigan Nancy Alspach-Michigan State College, East Lansing, Michigan Albert Guilford-Tri-State College, Angola, Indiana Mary Fanning--Telephone office, Angola, Indiana Josephine DeRosa-Albion College, Al- bion, Michigan Nancy Snow-Secretary for Dr. Anderson, Angola, Indiana Phyllis Bishop-Elkhart Business Univer- . sity, Elkhart, Indiana Page Eighty three FIRST ROYV: Seniors in the sixth grade: Loafing, Mary Ann? Life can be beautiful! 9 huh, Sharon. SECOND ROXY: Seniors in the H1-St gradeg Just thinking, Joe?g Nice weather-huh, Clizulene ?: K215' Creel. THIRD ROXY: Hi, Drucklg YVhat are you eating, gi1'1S?Q Anne and Sharong XVIIQFS are you going, gals? FOURTH TIOXVQ A few Seniors when they were first gradersg Just palsg Seniors when they were in the sixth grade. Page Eigfaty-four OUR ADVERTISER Telephone Telephone ABSTRACTS: BOOK STORES: Goodale Abstract Company ,,,, , ,.,,,,. 151 College Book Store ,,,,7, ,,-,,,,A 3 98 Ki Y K i K ok Store ,,,e,, ,,--,,-, 5 3+ ANITI : iWali3Fil?EjS 157 X CATERING SERVICES: q S -'w-" M-'O'A - Waller Catering Service ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,, 1 57-X ATTORNEYS: CHEMICAL MANUFACTURING: G. Kenneth Hubbard and Gerald Deller ....,,,, 317 Hickory Chemical Laboratories, WSH Harris Hubbard ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,....,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,1,,,.,.,,,,,,-, 64 products --A-----'---fffffffww---------b-M--,fffMiwi-if-fifi- 8061-J Harvey E. Shoup, Attorney 86 Real Estate Bfvkef -,--eeee-- t --eeeeeeAA-----ve-----eeeleeAl----,-v---------.--. 2 78 CIGAR DEALERS: Conn H' L' Smlth """"" """' 3 45 Willis W. Love Company ,,,,.i. ,,,,1, 256 AUTOMOBILE DEALERS: CLEANERS: Angola Motor Sales, Mercury .,,,.. .,,,... S S 6 Angola Dry Cleaners ......i.. ,i,,-,,, 4 38 Ted Chapman Motors .,,,.,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,1 ,,,,,,, 9 8 McBride's Dry Cleaners ,,,,,,,, ,,,,-,-, 2 77 Hughes Motor Sales ..,,.,4,.,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, 15 9 Bob Lamoreaux Pontiac Sales and Service ..,,,. 20 CLOTHIERS: Maftinis Auto Sales --------ff--a-----------------------44,---fe 218 Jarrard's Men's Wear .,,,...., ,-,-,,ww 1 97 Maxton Chevrolet Sales ------------------------- ------- 1 82 Jerry Jacob's Men's Shop .,i,,, ,,,,,,v, 1 29 Ed Sellgren Buick Company, Inc. ,...,......,..,,.,.. 444 Ted'S Merfs Stgfe ,------------r--,r rrrrrrrrr 4 83 Al Stolte Co., Dodge and Plymouth i,......,...,.,r 760 Tiffany's Motor Sales and Sinclair Products 494 CONFECTIONERS5 Cub's Sweet Shop .,,,,,ir,,,,,,1,,,,,,,,, ,---- 1 8 AUTOMOTIVE PARTS: Andy's Firestone Service ,,,.,,, .,,,... Golden Auto Parts ...,.,..,,..,,,,.-,,,,,. ,,...,, Western Auto Associate Store ,,,-,, ,,,.,., BANKS: Angola State Bank ....,,..........,,,. .,,,,i, First National Bank of Angola BARBER SHOPS: Clark's Barber Shop ...., Fisher's Barber Shop ...,. Subway Barber Shop ,,,.,i Umbaugh Barber Shop ........ BEAUTY SHOPS: Circle Salon ,,,,...r,,i.,, ,,,,,,, Manor Beauty Shop ....,,. ...,,.. Rainbow Beauty Shop ,...,, ,,-,,,, BOAT LIVERIES: 166 275 421 188 1 447 577 467 Elmer's Boat Livery, Crooked Lake ...,...... 8118-X Lake Shore Marine Inc.--Formerly Meyer Boat Livery .,......i,......,,,.......,...............,.,. 8137-L BOTTLERS: Angola Bottling Works ,.i... ...,,. .368 CONSTRUCTION COMPANIES: Bob Bryan Construction Company ,.,,,,,,,,-, 816 S -Y CONTRACTORS: Harley O. Martin ..,,-,.-.,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,--,.,,,, 280-R Perry Waite and Sons Complete Building Service ,,,.....,,,.,,,,.-,,,,.,,..,,,,,,r,,-,,,,,,,,,,,,,,V,,,, 3 6 0-I DAIRIES: Page Dairy Company ,,,,, --,------ 2 1 Gaycrest-Crone Dairy ....,. ,,v,,-,-, 4 S 3 Sunrise Dairy ,,,.....,,,,r.,., ,,,,,,,,, 4 26 DAIRY SERVICE: Meyer's Dairy Service ,,... ,,,,-,,- 6 33 DENTISTS: Dr. C. B. Anderson ,,,.....,,,,,.,,, ,-,,,---, 7 1 Drs. S. F. and W. R. Aldrich .,.,,,-, -,.,...,, 3 04 DEPARTMENT STORES: J. C. Penney Company r,i,,,,. ,-,,, 4 7 DRESS SHOPS: Angola Dress Shop ................ ..... 8 0 Harman,s Ladies Shoppe ,...,.,.. ....,,-- 1 71 Ritter and Ferry Dress Shop ...... ........ 2 88 Page Eighty-five OUR ADVERTISER DRESSED POULTRY: Kay's Dressed Poultry ,.,,. DRUGGISTS: Kolb's Drug Store ...,, Kratz Drug Store ....... Loomis Drug Store ,,,A. ELECTRIC SHOPS: Foutz Electric Shop ....,. EXPRESS AGENCIES: Expressways Inc. ,,,...,.,,,. . Railway Express Agency .,,,, FACTORIES: Weatherhead Company ..,,. FARM REPAIR: Telephone 19 2 3 .---.--.- 147 --.,,.---3 07 3 6 8 1 05 1 85 Glen's Farm Repairs-Acetylene and Elec- tr1c Welding and Cutting ,,,..,,,A.I.,v,,,,,,,,,, 571-J FARM IMPLEMENTS: Chard Implement Company Covell Implement Store ,...,,,... Farm Equipment Sales ....,,,.. Oliver Sales Company ,.... FEED STORES: 5 9 8 3 5 01 S 9 Hamma Feed and Supply, Feeds, Seeds, Fertilizer and Garden Supplies ,,,.,......,,,,l,,,, 99 J. H. Parsell's Sons, Poultry, Eggs, and Feed, Wholesale and Retail I,..,I,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 250 FILLING STATIONS: Goodwin's Standard Station ,....., ,,v,,, 4 22-9181 Newnam Tire Service ,,,,..... Andy's Firestone Service ,..,,.,,,,.,,,, FIVE AND TEN CENT STORES: W. R. Thomas Sc to 351 Store ,,,,,,, ,,-.-..--.487 1 66 97 FLORISTS: Throop Florist ....,,,,,,..,,..........,........rI...,,,,,,,,.,,, 310 Sharon Ann Floral Shop-Fred and Jane Boedeker .,..,,,.,...,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.....,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,..,. 178 FROZEN LOCKERSz Angola Frozen Locker Storage .,,,,,, FUNERAL DIRECTORS: Klink's Funeral Home ,,,,. Weicht's Funeral Home Page Eighty-six 44 62 21 FURNITURE STORE: Wilder-King Furniture Company ,,,,., GARAGES: Angola Garage ,,,.,,,.. Mann's Body Shop ,,,i,,. Munson's Body Shop ....,, Parson's Garage ,,,,,,..I., Shorty's Machine Service - GAS DISTRIBUTORS: Telephone .--,...246 1 62 27 ,--...176-X .--,8133 -X Cities Service Oil Company-Andy Wicuff U. S. 20 West .........,,r.,,......,,,.,........t..t,,.... 71 Sheets Oil Company, Fuel Oils GIFT SHOPS: Fred Smith, Gifts and Greeting Cards GOLF COURSES: Lake James Golf Course and Country 66 90 Club .... , ....I...t.......,....,...................,.......,. 8 034-X GROCERY STORES: Lake Side Grocery-Lake James ..... ........ 8 137-R Model Market ......,1.........,.................... West Side Grocery-Crooked Lake ,,,,, HARDWARE STORES: 8 9 8 06 1 -Y Seagly Brothers, Hardware and Appliances .r.. 208 Williamson and Company, Wholesale and Retail Hardware, Wilco Distributors ,,,.1,..,.,... 169 HATCHERIES: Angola Hatchery ,........... HEATING EQUIPMENT: Russell L. Ryan ....................... HOME EQUIPMENT STORES: Field Home Equipment Co. ....,,, HOSPITALS: Cameron Hospitals, Inc. Elmhurst Hospital, Inc. ,,,, , 13-R H485 ,,,,,,,135 , ,...,. 448 r....-,560 HOTELS: Hotel Hendry ......................... ....... 3 8 INSURANCE COMPANIES: Jacob Insurance Service ......,,,....,,i,.,...,.,,.....,si.. 102 Phillip Si, Johnson, Insurance ,.,.,,..........,,.......... 463 Tri-State Improvement Co.,-Gillis Pilliod ,,,, 248 Frank O. Watkins and Son Insurance 61 Rolland J. Weaver, Insurance ....,................... 435 OUR ADVERTISERS Telephone JEWELERS: Liechty's Jewelry ,,,,,,,,,.. ,,,,,,,,,.....,.......,,,,,,,... 3 22 M. E. Tuttle ,,,,,,,,,...............,,,.,,,........,,,..,l.....,.. 61 KIDDIE SHOPS: Lucille's Kiddie Shop ..... LAUNDRIES: Lemley's Laundry and Dry Cleaning .,,,,,,.,. Self Service Laundry ,....,,,....,,,.,........... LUMBER COMPANIES: Angola Lumber Company ,,,,..,.,,..,, -. Daniel Shank Lumber Company ,,,,,,, MACHINE SHOPS: Weiss Machine Company ,,,,,,, MEAT MARKETS: 13 3 2 -WL745 17 26 09 Van Wagner Meat Market ,,,,, ,r,...,,, 8 132-R MOTELS: Lakeland Court ,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,.. ,........ 8 124-X Silver Lake Court ,.,.,,,,......,,,. ......... 8 004-Y Taylor's Tri-State Motel ..... t....,,, 1 57-L MUSIC DEALERS: Angola Music Center .....,vv,,,,,,,.,,., ......... 7 41 Baldwin's Music 86 Hobby Store ,,,.... NEWS STANDS: -.,,,-526 G. 85 K. News Stand .,,,. .,,,.,... 2 00 OPTOMETRISTS: Dr. M. Blough ,,...., ......., 5 05-L Dr. R. C. Snook ,,,,,..... ......... 6 35 PAINT COMPANIES: Economy Wall Paper and Paint Company PHOTOGRAPHERS: Cline's Picture Shop Gentry Photographic PHYSICIANS AND SURGEONS: --,,,.27 2 10 Compliments of Dr. M. M. Crum ...... .......A. 3 33 PLUMBERS: Albright Plumbing .,,,a...,.......................... ......... 3 90 Deller Plumbing and Heating Company Fremont 4186 Selman Heating and Plumbing .....,.....,..........v..... 72 PRINTERS: Steuben Printing Company-Printer of This Annual .,..,,,.,,,.,,..,,....,...... .. ........,.A....-.-.. 29 Telephone PRODUCE MARKETS: Five Acres .,r,.....,,.,l...............,,,. ,,,............. 6 30-Y z ,A Lakeland Radio Supply ,,,,... REAL ESTATE DEALERS: Casebeer and Arnold, Real Estate s,,,,,, REFRIGERATOR SALES: ,,,.,...70-X 5 0 Hosack3s Frigidaire, Maytag, Hoover, Philgas --106 RESORTS: Bledsoe's Beach, Lake James ..-..,, Crooked Lake Recreation Center SLLS37-J Hollywood Landing, Crooked Lake ..,.,....... 8138-J RESTAURANTS: Bassett's Restaurant ...., ....,,,,.. 2 21 Captain's Cabin ....,,,,,,,,..,.,,. ....... 8 187-X Chuck's Hamburg Shop ...... ......,...,., 2 33 Dew Drop Inn ,....,...,..,,,,. ......... 6 08-X The Diner ..,.,.....,........... .......... 6 46 Dixie Restaurant ,...,,...... ........ 9 190 Eat Restaurant ,...,.,...,,...., ...........,, 1 77 Gay Barn Restaurant ,,.r... .......... 3 53 -L Morris Restaurant ,,,..., ....,..... 5 1 Paradise Cafe .....,.,..... ...,r., 8 0 3 6-R Top Hat ,,,,.,,,..,,,,,,,,,. .......... 5 5 3 SHOE COMPANIES: Fashions Shoe Store ,,,,.. SHOE REPAIR SHOPS: Angola Shoe Repair Shop ....,,, SNACK BARS: Duke,s Snack Bar ,,,.... SPORTING GOODS: Unger,s Sporting Goods and Hardware ,-,,,r.126 112-X --,,,,,r-,627 Van's Sports Shop ....,,,,,,,.,,..,,,.,...,......... ....... 1 O9 STOCK YARDS: Johnson Stock Yards .... THEATRES: Brokaw Theatre ,..,,,...... TRAILER DEALERS: North State Trailer Sales ,,,. TYPEWRITER AGENCIES: Don Boyer Typewriter Agency .-,,,,, VETERINARIANS: Dr. Hornbacker ,,,,, ,,..-..593 1 1 89 .--.--.718 57 Page Ei gloty-seven TOP ROXV: Good ole A. H. S.: Sleepy, Donna?g HOw's the water, Peg? SECOND ROVV: "Stairway to the Starsf' H0w's the vote 3 Time to vote! THIRD ROXV: Voting clay is about over: Nice dog, Anneg Sharon Clarkg Rita Sel- linger: Fresh air fiend: XVi-estling, boys?g Surprised, Cocky? FOURTH ROVV: Berg Freshman vlass officersg Pat Svottg Look, Lindalg Betty Servisp Trouble, Barb ? FIFTH ROXY: YVhere'cl you get the car, Bev'?: Sunbathing, JaniCe?3 Lookin' for soinehody?g Trying to get 21 tan, girlsifg Donna Hook. Page Eighty-right UNFORGETT ABLE "Mother is a Freshman" Slumber Parties in T-rig Glas? in Class Rings Hi-Y Conference '52 Class Tourney Lockers Tri-State House Parties The Hornet Senior Trip "Our Miss Brooksv Picnics at Pokagon Halls between Classes The Key Passes from Study Hall Vacations Sophomore Auditorium Program Vocal Ensembles Senior Trip Magazine Sales Graduation Workiiig at the junior Stand Semester Exams Class Breakfasts Initiation Christmas Proms junior-Senior Banquets Sectional Tourney Latin I Class Y-Teen Conference Pa-Ma-Me Banquets Our Class Sponsor The Torchlight Parade Senior Cojjfee Class Music Contests Bledsoe's Government Auditorium Program Tests Movies Louie's Basketball Games Page Ei ghty-nine Page Ninety FIRST ROXV: Takin' it easy, Phi4l'?: Nive houseparty, huh, Cll21l'l6IIO?I VV1mt's so funny, girls?: Nice place, girls. SECOND ROYVZ Smile for the birdie: fall, Jean: VVhat's the matter, Barb? THIRD ROVV: Cold, IJOnna'?3 Taking up stunt riding, Janiceffg A few bathing beau- ties: The gang: Maggie and Fred Philipp. FOURTH ROYV: Fred and Betty XYeiss, IJon't stumble, Anne: Lorna and Dong Play- ing baseball, gil-1s?: The seniors' last house party. FIFTH RONV: How's the travk meet con1ing'?: Skip and Anne: Cleanin' Hsh, Keith?: Hungry, Sue? Kind of late, isn't it gii'ls'?3 Pat Scott: Don't Hi-Y and Y-Teen Pal's Names Here HI-Y AND Y-TEENS PREPARE FOR CHRISTMAS PROM Page N1 y Y Y, CLOSING A YEAR I r E W. L1 1 Q f 1 I r i i I i AUTOGRAPHS AUTOGRAPHS

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Angola High School - Key Yearbook (Angola, IN) online yearbook collection, 1956 Edition, Page 1


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