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Text from Pages 1 - 96 of the 1947 volume:

aura leacfiead For fbc' pas! four yvrzrx zu' haw bmz ably nssisfvd by our fnczzlfy, ffar life CUlIfC'l' of sfbool. Tbrozrgfa fbc mfmizzis- frnfiozz luv buzz' C'IIj0j'f'l1 H10 bcvzvfffs of rl wry XIlCC'6'SSfll1 CIlI'l'ilxIllIlIlI. EA X M 1 JABS 'S-"xx '-wr-fm 2 k L if I NF- ' -5. . 35 , Q 3 F' X C 5 , 7? 55926 ' i f is ,-. ,-A' If ' ', -A "I f ' ' ,3.,. vb 4 1 ,M , ,.Qb,,, f . . - " fs Gsgrekf, 1 , A . 1 ' - r fi f- , -' , ,X ' . - V , 'ffsv . .. ' - fab-Txa. f JOHN L. ESTRICH pa. . al I listened to .1 man give a very short impromptu speech this evening. He had missed several meetings of his Club - he,d been in a hospital. But he was cheerful and grateful because he'd been remembered While away. He concluded by saying - 'IAnd I want to attend regularly because I wish to be of service to others." It impressed me. I talked with a boy today, in a friendly sort of way. He had tl problem. The solu- tion? "Do a little more for others than you're expected to do. It'1l work wonders." This idea of service for others must more and more permeate our daily living if life is to have purpose and meaning in this materialistic age. I sincerely believe this ideal is .1 big motivating factor in the lives of the people who make up Angola High School. It is evidenced repeatedly in "a day at school." 10 H. Elliuff Page F1 flat Military men have found that the best marksmen come from among boys who have been reared in the open country. One of the factors accounting for this is that these boys are accustomed to viewing objects at con- siderable distances. It is equally true that those young people who most consistently register "bull's eyes" in life are those who keep an eye on the distant futureg who are concerned not only with what they are doing tonight, to- morrow, and next week, but also with what they hope to be doing in Hve years, ten years, twenty-Hve years hence. XVhy not cultivate "far sightednessu in life?--jobfz L. Etiricb. C. H. ELLIOTT ef We, the senior class, wish to extend our sincere thanks to the mem- bers of the Board of Education for the help they have given in forming the general school policies. Wfe appreciate the need for an efficient school organization. CORNEAL R. BRATTON Mr. Bratton is the presi- dent of the Angola Board of Education. He has s e r v e d faithfully for the past six years. As'the executive head, he presides over all monthly meetings. When he is not at work on the board. Mr. Brat- ton may be found as manager of Golden's Garage. N'..,.5,', X Y. K v-'-f ' -1 ",'-Tv' HA ,Ist 1 . .U L Q.:-. ,Hui . "Fs'1""' HAROLD STEVENS Mr. Stevens is the new- est board member. This is his first year and he is secretary of the organization. He keeps all the records of the meet- ings and handles all the cor- respondence. "Steve" is pro- prietor of the Lakeland Radio Shop. CARLTON CHASE Mr. Chase, the cashier of the First National Bank, is the treasurer of the board. He takes care of the financial matters encountered by the school board. This is Mr. Chase's third year of service. Page Ame '11 ' 'FL-4 Q I ,Bi I, Page Ten by .,. Iffzodewlzc JOHN L. ESTRICI-I A. B. Ohio Siufr U1ziz'f'rsi!3 A. M. Columbia UlIf1'f'1'Sif3 Superintendent BETTY MILLER Tri-Staff' Collvgv Secretary RUSSELL F. I-IANDY A. B. Tri-Sfafr Collvgv Dfdkf' Ul1ll'Fl'Slf3' Butler Uzzizwsify Ball Shih' Tcacbws Collrgf LllIlL'L'l'Slfy of Clvinzgo A. M. Ul1ll'LTI'SlfJ' of Micbigmz Social Science. Biology EUNICE B. REED A. B. Dvfialme' Collvgc UIIlZ'Cl'Slfj' Of Wixc'011xi11 Ball Sfnfv Tvavbvrx Collvgr McGill Unirvrxity Rorky llIOZlIIftllII Svlwol of LIIIIKQIILIQQFS Latin, Geography. Spanish CLAYTON H. ELLIOTT B. S. Obio Sfalv Uvzirersitj M. S. Pzzrzlm' U11ll'07'Sifj Principal Chemistry. Agriculture MILO K. CERTAIN A. B. Cfnfral Normal College Cvlzlzfzbia U7lll'l'I'SlfJ' Commercial Xvork RUBY SHULTZ A. B. Iazdiafza UlIlZF7'Sif'X Uwziwrsify of W'ixf0115izz Colllllzbia Ul1il'6,7'Sjfj MvGiII Ul7lll'I'Sff3 English, journalism LILLY KOHL B. S. Tri-Staff College M. S. Uziiwrsify of Chicago Home Economics wil' aaa MARY CATHERINE LIPPINCOTT A. B. Ball Sfafv Tvacbvrs Collvgz' Vocal Music EMERY L. DRUCKAMILLER A. B. lmlinua UlIll'L'l'Slf-V Alt7lIl'l7l'Xft'I' Collrgv DHIll'lllt' Normal Collvge Health, History Physical Education DOTA CLAUDIUS BROXVN B. S. Ball Slafv Tvavbvrs Collvgv Art - AUGUSTUS GONDRING A. B. lmliamz Ullll'l'7'Slfy Art BARBARA KINDIG A. B. Albion College Instrumental Music CRYSTAL REES A. B. Ball Sfafv Tmvbvix C0111-ge Physical Education, English Speech JOHN ROSE A. B. Hiram College Nl. S. lllrliana UlllL'l'l'Slf-1' Mathematics, Physics MAXINE RINEHART Tri-Slate Collrge Secretary up... mm 'N--' Page Elm on any, f i :pd-ww-V Top row: John XY, Rose, Russell Hanfly, Emery L. Drtu-kamiller, TI. 17. Brown, C. H. Elliott, Harold Harman, Betty Miller. Sevontl row: Thelma Hepliner, Eunice Reed, Vera Myers, Laura l-ielle Bates, Mary ' I ' ' l F' I' kl W E 5 H. P, E P UQ .a X- ...'Tl 'uw UQIZEW 55:27 v-14-V-,-ff-4 ,- -. 91:39 HQWEV4 wifi-T3 Efnlwi 4L.f-L" M352 ZUDIJFQ m-'-: ', igiii TF' E, E' or? eealg Zi-1133 ' 3--'-c ggi-4 Sims Fffgz w VH' :EQE-1 rzwfi oc. -- .4 C35 O Zmsilr : f, Szfxg I','I....,'l' 5-1Nt-.- A seg '42,-' FE: Ddq 4 7. fr- f' "I .L 5 II fT ,.I. L E 2 D . "1 A :E if el :L o E q 1 fr' 'T' .1 E f: A H . 5 E F 3 fl' IU 1 DD 1 3 ef' '-1 Q, - -S 'L D I Z Z Z X Z X X Z Z X Z X Z Z Z Z Z Z Z X Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z 7 Z Z X Z Z f Z X Z Z X Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z Z X A Vern Ray Harry Easterday , -W, XF .Ah V32 lf" , , 90 .iq W, W... fa. -' 4 11.11- :Z-wtf!!! Z' ' .ra ..,,, f. Z f f 1 'Z ' Z f Z K' 5 'fax i , yy, 4 1 . .. I I f"f lf I ,. Ztpzzgif l g fx Ml, 4:47, U Z I ,Z Q f Z 4 4 L, f 1 f f, Z Z 4 ,Q Z as , X ,vm M, , Z " 2 ,, Q7 f 1 ' 4 4 , ff Q A There are many peo-ple that are necessary for the smooth running of the public schools. The most important group is the faculty. The grade teachers help the children learn the elements of arithmetic, English and science. The high school teachers prepare the students for their future lives in college, in business. and in the home. The custodians keep our school building clean. They help to surround us with the right atmosphere for study. Ralph Freed joined the staff last March. We could not get along without the cooks. They prepare Well balanced meals for the students who are not able to go home for their lunches. Nor do we forget the friendly Police Officer Purdon in front of the building. We wish to pay tribute here to the memory of Theodore Hopkins, police chief, who endeared himself to the pupils of the Angola schools while he for two years guarded their safety in crossing XVayne Street in front of the building. As his efforts were untiring. so our fond memory of him will be everlasting. Mrs. Wm. Mrs. Chas. Freeman Sowle Kunkel Stevens f "fi . h, n If ' ' B A G- 'Q' , j 'ffl Aj, XA 5,51 3 -. , gg' 1 ' , E' .- S 'r I N ' -' " 2. ,- " . . V ,, . , xx 3 M , Vg 24411, X . V. 75 i E I I H 4:-1' Q 5' V X L ' '.?:', fag 5 Y V ' , . an 53' fs ' ,'i,f1,l 'fi ' ' ,J n .4,i'Pjv." ly , ' 544 , r.' Z i 5 , i t ? ew U I I in i' 4 1 ' af ll ' . g, , ,,,h,.,,gf4v,, 4 'G 1 - ' 1 .. J , . ' e.Z:1ArcA 1, 1 l ' 'Q , .,f'-QA ' as-A2 -. . W Theodore Hopkins in cfcvifi Hc'l'1' llc' :IIT ill UILIVX - ll NH my fmt any vlan. Swim'- fizuus uw ful-I uv aw uvfl fm'- jnmwf for flu' jwrimf will luxunzx za'Vif1'4'l1 mm' qItL'x1'irn1.f f -,fx I fi F X if X Ki S! I ,. ff' xx fifi4" 'j l :L 4 if fi f CW uuxu wwf. Tfruu offvur Ju-y Q L, j W . . ' 1 zu' rv llllf Llnllv r'nn1'j 5 lm! V ' jwrfnlju zu' SZ7UflI1f7I'f fufk I an -I -' ' ,4, ' zlfmllf flml. If lnkwx rl ur'-1 M , . " W, ' rlnxx ju-rimf, will? um' mix- 34,1 p . , , A 4 , , fafcrx 411111 our m'rr:u1jvf1xlv- ,Jian 4 lllfllfi, fn zmlku 115 ufmf up arc. v , 31,41 ,J 4 . ff'-e ' - f '7 Q Y ' ik' -vw - -4.4 'Q psi' Q. "1 . ,:, 5 ' ' .lg-A 1 .. ,. . . 1: g -gf.. A I 'fgpwf y Q ,.fi'?w Aw -f -V A .rw EC ..g5v.,, :gf-.-9342 G --- .. 5 S P -lr . '- - ' brian M0ff0TtQSOfDCIhiHg attempted, Something donef' Colors-Blue and White. FI0lL'Fl'TXVhiKC Gardenia Zfnofiewfaade I xl' 1 0 FflIl1'fC'L'77 OFFICERS Prc'siJ011z' .eeeeteeeeeet DOH Sell Vin' P1'vsiu'c'11ft,, e Harriet Rose Sam-cfafy eetetet,, t Red Loomis T!'L't7SIll'f'l' t e tte. Clifton Nilson JGQJLGJ SHIRLEE I. ALLEN Sbirlnvis a L'lJCt'l'fIll lass u'lJ0 enjoys living. Snpllulllnl'vZ G. ll.Z GleE'Clul1Z Speech Play l,'l'eu': l'I4,l1'net Stzlffi Alpha Delta Chi. .luniurz G. ll.: Glee Clulvi Mix-All Chorus: String Trim: Juniur Play Crew: Alpha Del- ta Cm, V Senilir: Y-Teen: Glege Club: Mixed Clwrusi A Cappella Fhllii-, Key Staff: Seuilli' Play. ROSE MARIE ASHLEY Rosh' lmx llltltlc' mm' leap! nznny frirmls by lIllL'l1j'S lzviug loyal. SO1'vl'lOlll4l1'ui G, Il.: GleeCluh1 Xlixelil Clwx-uf: St-xtette: Di Im- llll'l'lllll,'S Stntll .luniorz G, ll.: filet- Clul-1 Mix:-fl Clmi-us: Student Cwun- :ilz -Tlllllul' l'l:1y Pin-W. Seuiorg Y-'IX---11. lller- Clulli 3I1x.,.l 1 llHlll5. A 1,111-pellzl l'h-'iii Key Stull: Student 1'+fL1n-Aili Senil-1' I'l1l3'. GRETA JE AN BODIE A lwrilliarzf xfmlvnf u'iflJ an vyu 1'o1c1ml flu' fzrfzzrv, vs- pufinlly in St'll'llt'4'. Slqwlimuorez 13. li.: .Xlfwlul Delta Chi. V.lLl1llOl'Z G, ll.: Sl-f-ffvli Play Cust: Alpha Delta: Chi. Senipr: Y-Ter-11: Glee Clulv: Key Stuff: Alplizt lveltu Chi: Seglllfll' Play. BARBARA A. BRATTON Shu is a clark lmirnl bftlllfy, who ix one of mn' mos! fal- svzfnl svniors. Supll-vlimre: G. ll.: Ili Im- nwrtalee Staff. .lunil-ri G. IZ.: Dzuulg Glee "lull: Mixed l"lmrus: Student 'Tv-uncil: Hfmsilfr Gil-le' Smit-L Junior Play Crvw. Senior: 1'-TU"llIl'Qil9.IBLlllClI Key Staff: Senior Play, fd' . lv.. X l fe, . 'l'i:'?f2' 5 S' vii' . 2 Q, QL.. vw RN W a A ' 5? Tr ' . ' fi' v fr' ' 'H vga "w 3 ,N Jfz- - -. A:-az' t-.:11'.--mazfiff .. mt-.,--......,,5 . ry" . .s"""?,,M.Z1-'L.'-IU 'xy eifq' -Qwmafaffim -.g ..,......---..:- -- at ti-,L'......:-2152. -.g:fr:xg . - rf-.iz---.L-ll' 56 -1' XV. MAC ARNOLD His ZIIIIIIUI' aml ui! will gm' Mac fm' in fbis u'0rla'. Freshman: Haskethallg Base- l-ull: Student Council. Sfwplmiii-ire: Hi-Y: Class Sec.- Trezis.: Buekethall: Baseball! Speech Play Cast: Hornet Stulfz Di Ixnmurtales Staff: Alplm Delta Chi, Jtluiorz Hi-Y: Basketball: Baseball: Ilmisiei- Boys' State: Junior Play Crew: Track: A1- pha Delta l'hi. Senigrz llasketllall: Base- ball: Sree:-li Play Cast: Key Stuhf: Assn--lat-1 Ed. of Hoi'- net: Alplm Della Chi Tre-as.: Slfllllll' Play. MARGARET ANN FLETTER Shi' il NX fl'1lL' IIS fbi' Hltlfk. ilu' nffclifzx. Sijlpllrilllulwi li. 11.1 51396011 Pl l'lNI' -X11 lll llfltllwlll ay1.'.,l4 .luuif-in 44, 12.1 .luni-'11' Play Cnet: S114-ewli l'l:ly Crewg Al- lvhzl Della Vlli. Seniflrj Y-Teen: Kf-3' Stafft .-Xlpliu Deltu Chi: Seuiui' Play. Attlfnll.--l Nwrth Side High 5-'li--1.1. I-nrt Xl ayue, I. JEAN A. BOYER Slvfx Zltlflflbl'-'gli lufky, full of ppp amz' rigor, null Iilm lwrsus. Swvlllivllwrw-: G. ll, .lunivwrz ll. lt.: wllee Club: luuilli' Play 4'1'ew, Seniwrg Y-'IH-eh: G. A. A.: Glee Clul-5 K1-y Stuff: Senior Plu- PATSY ELAINE CREMEAN Pafsy is flu' arfis! of the class aml sln' is frivmlly to all. Sqlplimn-5-re: G, R.: Di Im- ml-rtzlles Star? Poppy Poster Award. Junior: 14. ll.: .Tuniflr Play Cast and Pvt-xv: Speecli Play Crew: PODIIY l"F14tE'l' Award. Seniwr: Y-'Telell Service Com. Clhr.: G. A. A.1 Student Coun- cil: Key Staff: Alpha Delta Chi: S-Anim' Play. Page Fifleefz easliiaid 11? LAVERNE EASTERDAY Tfwm' is ezfznzyx glzivfy H1111 f1111 ll'l7t'II LKIIICVIIL' is tlffllllltl. If'1'esllu1:1111 'Slew Club. hlqllll-Ilmiw. 41. I.,.4,1lQ-I-1 llllu. Mix'-rl Vliwfrus. .Iu111fl1'. li, Il.. lil'-il Vinh. Jlllllrll' I'I2lj' Vrww. S+-uiwr: Y-'IX-eu: Km' SLVIITL -SUIIIUI' l'Iu5'. CAROLYN JANE BENDER E-wx llglllll' and 41 xnzifv llnzfi gzlyf Fan' zz'01'1'il's Ullftll' Ctll'flIJ'lI'S 11,1131 I'II'r"IllIl1lllI Glue Club. S4lpl1u1i1u1'm-1 ti. Il.1 lil:-me l'IuIv: Lli IIl'll1l0I'KilIPS Stuff. .luninrg G. ll.: Glen- Club: ll uniur I'lziyL'1'Pw1 1'l1w:1-lrezuli-l'. S4-'llIlll'Q Y-Turefl. Illvv Vllllr. A Vslplwlla L'lmi1': Sffiiiwi' l'l:n'. LELAND EXVERS JR. Thi.: hzfl amf likvnfvfl' Im! fmx ffm wpzlhlfiofz of living ilu' faxfvxf tIIl'iZ'E'l' am! lllllfllg flu' sfozwsf fwlzpvl' in A.H.S. I-'iw-slimaiii S1Hi't"'IlIY'IilYI1PiSI. 4-ll Vlull. Sw1'lw111"1"': Ili-Y. llgiskvt- lfnll. Invllmll. .lllillwix Yi'-fl If'1-vsg Ili-Y. l:.+sl4'-twill: .Iuniwr Illaly IRIN-NY, SQ-nillr: Ili-YL l'Zz14k,-tlfall. li'-v Stuff: Senior Play. 4, 'iii 1151, 161. . 4 I , ng iM lb, .' 'f f A 'ov '- f '," A A f f W 1 S' f ff' 4l X '- .. V4 .51 " 2. 1' , BE-FTE JUNE - IIf'rHx a lass zwffn blolllfv A 4' I 'I ' Eli? l'I11glIA'fX am! fl IIJIHIXIIIKQ jwr- Q c , 'A wmzfffj .ffmf fum ZLYHI fm' Q 1. ll- , ,, ' 11111113 frlqmlx. ,V gh-, 1 5 ' I'r-+l.1mv1l: Swln-lliilw Sfwivlyi l 513. W ' fs. A. A. ' 31 S"l'II"l:lnl'v:Z Slllwllilw Suvi- 4 1' 4" "LIE lf, .lllyliwri Sullxlliuf' Sm-lilly. ' 'W-mlm-1-f inl Vlulr. Mi:-:Url Ulm- W i swyllffl- xr'1'M-ll. fm-A vm.. Q ff: sfif ' 4 sfA,.1f.r imp.-. 5, .Xtlwzlflwl l1"11sw:l:u'r lligll x, I QI, I- ' swllflffl I, II, III. Pagz' Sixfvczz 'ffwff KATHRYN M. DOUDT A11 Uzfw' dvpwzdable and mzfun' lass who is zzvu' to us fl7lS jvar. I-'rv-slmlsxilz G, A. A. Slqlllonwrez G. A. A. .l111liw1':45.A. A.. Swniurz Y-'I'eH1Z G. A. A.: HIM: Club: Key Staff. Hwrn-ft SHUT: Swniui' Play. .Xttvmlf--I 'I'iptu1i, Ind., High N ll :ll ll III ,H-'ul l I ANDREW CRAIG EMERSON Amlj' is L1 likcuble lad, who fujojs zz good fizue. Hzfwellall Mgr. w--fllf-imma: Hi-Y: Di Im- I' IN,-SIllll?lllI . . HI'I llumsl.-1' Iwy l'lHv Vast. I uwl'talPx Staff. I ll im i Hi-Y: Baseball: S' Statw Junior 5.-AME-S I 'leii Sv-liiurz Hi-Y: Key Staff: la 'll lu hir ' t P+-pg-1 4..f Svniul- Play. BETTY LOUISE PEAGLER Mum' is bw' iuzzvr-mos! flwozzgbf and bar flvozzgbfs are lmlllfifzzlfj' v.x'Lb1'fssCJ. S+q,l1n11w1'e: Glee Club: MIX- wl l'lwi'uQ: Di Iminortales Steiff. Juni'-1': Glev Clulu Mixed l"llHI'llQ1 T1'i1.l1 Junioi' Play 4'1'vw. Senior: Glee Clulv: MiX'?d Vlluriis: A Cappflla Choir: Tri-lg Ku' Staff: S-fnior Play. ANGELA L. FOUTZ HN' frivmfs are mmzj: D011 is fwfr Sf7L'L'fL11f-Y. Snlpllulllfvlk Plnli Ili I Alpha Delta .IllllI4'rl'I 13. Alpha Delta I G. TI.: Spare-Eli 1N111OI'Iz1lx-ES Chi. Hg Junior Chi: Hornet Seuiwrz Y-Teen: Key Alpha Delta Chi: S:-niwr Staff: Plajf: Staff. Staff: Play. wmkecl hm! R. DALE MQCLELLAN He maalv many frirmls ana' parfirijvairzl in many school arfiz'i1'vs. Freshman: Class oflicer: Mixed Chorus: Play Cast: F. F. A.: 4-H Club: Otlicer F. F. A. Sophomore: Class officer: Basketball: Mixed Chorus: Student Counvil. Junior: I-li-Y: Mixed Chorus: Student Council: Junior Play Cast. Senior: Hi-Y Pres.: Mixed Chorus: Key' Staff: Boys' Quartette: Vale-dietorian: Sen- ior Play. Attended Flint High School I and LaGrange High School Il. BETTY MAE MILLER Sbc' always has a frivmlly smilv and a willing baml. Sophomore: G. R.: Di Im- lll1.ll't?.lIl'S Staff. Junior: G. ll.: Glee Club, Senior: Y-Teen: Glee Clubl Senior P12151 LEONARD EDWIN OTT His Vfllllj' wif aml nzisrbirf will be nzissml 111 fha fzzfurv. Freslimanz Treas. of Class: Baseball: Band: German Iland. Sophomore: Hi-Y: Di Im- mortales Staff: Hornet Staff: German Band. .T u n i if r: Hi-Y: Rasehall: Hand: Mixed Chorus: Student C:-uni-il: Play' Crew: Cheer- leader: German Band. Senior: Hi-Y: Band: Alpha Delta Chiz Northern Indiana Distriut Url-liestraz Key Start: Senior Play. JAMES E. NEUKAM Tlfix rugged l'lJL1l'dC'ft'1' is our of flu' Ag. boys: also br "bulky fl1l'klL'l1l'tln HIIIFZI of fbv lima. lfreshman: I". F. A. Sophomore: F. F, A. Junior: Pres. of F. F, A.: 4-H Club: Junior Play Crew, Senior: F. F. A., Reporter: 4-H Cluh: Key Staff: Senior Play, ',"b' fe-F' iw? x- .W ,A ,- . , , If 4 I J, ..J:"i-'gf'-IH ' .N fl i I v Q., 1 --tix RICHARD A. LOOMIS He 'lbflll gvf along 111 M15 zvorlalg lJ0,ll ln' a SIlCCl'S5fIll l7llSIlI6'SS man. Freshman: Basketball Mgr.: Ifolvthall Mgr.: Baseball Mgr.: Trai--k Mgr.: Dir. of Sports l'nlvli4'itl': I,ette1'man's Club: Student Council. Sophomore: Basketball Mgr.: l-'nothall Mgr.: Baseball Mgr.: Trai-k Mgr.: Dir, of Sports Pnl-lil-ity: IJE'lKE'l'lll11ll'S Club. .luniorz Hi-Y: Dir. of Sports Pulilicity: Junior Play Crew: Hornet Staff. Senior: Ivir. of Sports Pub- licitv: Hornet Staff: Key Staff, Ed.: Senior Play. Attended Griffith H i g h S1-hool, I, II. JEAN E. MILLER A capable' young lazly u'lJ0 bas scrz'ml zwll af lam' 111a11y ilzzfivs. Sophoinore: G. Ii.: Class Vive-President: G. A. A.: Glee Clulv.: 1IlXe-CI Chorus: Di Im- inortales Stalf. W .luniorz G, ll.: Class Sevre- taryz Glee Club: Mixed Cho- rus. Trio: Junior Play Crew. Senior: Y-Teen! G16-e Clulvl Mixed Chorus: Trio: A Cappel- Ia Choir: Studi'-nt Council: Key Staff. Alpha Delta Chi. LEONARD J. MITZMAN He is a IIIIIII of lvigb iilualxg be u-ill lu' a profvssor of pbysirs ill lqooil ole' A.H.S. some Jay. ' Freshman: llasel-all: Yie- tory 4'nrpx-G1'ouncl Group. Sopln-inure: Track Team: Svienre Club: Model Club: . , , A Siu-tih Llulw. Junior: 4-H Clulv: Science rflul-: Allied Youth Cluh. Senior: Mixed Chorus: Key Sturt: Alpha Delta Chi: Senior I'l- V a. . .Xtlel'tI+-fl Ifzills l'l1u1'L'h, Va., Iligh S+-lnool I and Kenmore N. Y., High St-ht-ol II, III. CLIFTON N. NILSON A fricflzdl-1' grcvfiizg ana' goufl sz'r1.'1f0 will make IIS rf- zzzmzlfw' fbis boy zrifb a lvorn. Freshman: Hand: German Band. Sophomore: Hi-Y: Trumpet Trioi Brass Quartet: German l-land: Pit Orrhestra for Oper- etta "False Fcrnandof' Page ut Indianapolis. .luniorz Hi-Y: Class Treas.t Hand: Rllked Chorus: Trumpet Trio: Hoosier Boys State: Jun- ior Play Crew: First Div. State Trio Contest. Senior: Hi-Y Officer: Class Cltlit-er: Fraud: Mixed Chorus: Trumpet Trio: Key Staff: Al- pha Delta Chi: Senior Play. Page Seventeen GERALD C. PEARSON "Gt'I'l'j',, is ll 111'1n'111111'1' M115 Yw111', 1111! 11f1'l'111z'y 17115 10011 n 1111110 in flu' 11111175 of flu' sf111ff111'x. S+A111111'i Hi-Y: Mix:-1l1'lw1'11s. Svrii-.V Plziv, Atty-lvl-lvl Ruwlifl 41-11t1':1l High S--llc-111. Iiuvli-I, Ullio. I, II. III. LAUREL EUGENE RICHMOND L11111'u1'.s l1111gl1 will ln' 111ixx- mf 111 f11l111'v .Q!lL'L'l'IIIlIt'1llL vlzzxsvs. I7I'6'SlllIHlllI F. F. A. gl'1I'1IlU1lll11'EI Hi-Y: F. F. A. -Tlllllfllf Hi-Y: F. If. A.: .Yun- if-xi Play Crew. Qrlllfrlw Hi Y T" I" -X DEXVAYNE ALLEN RICHMOND DHIV111 Ill' ix 11 big Img' ami 11 big f1'1v111l nf l'l'L'V'1'Ul1t' in ffm Sl'11ior Claw. l"1'vNllm:l1'1: Min-fl 4"l11-mls. .Ii1niw1" .IIHIIUF Play f'x'ew. S1-ill:-1-' Iii-Y: F. F. A.: Mix- '-ll 1'l111r11s. S.-riiur l"lz1Y. BARBARA ELLEN SANDERS A f1111'1f-11'u1'ki11g, 1'f1111'111i11g ffm, 11116 1f1'j1f'111f11f1iIi1'j' 111111' f111111'l1111fil-1' zzffzfnf. F'1'f-kl.111:ll11 Vluws I'1-1-S, rf1pl111111f11'rA: fl, li.: F11111.1nt 'M 11.111 Ii--1111111111 Sym.-wll Plzu' "rf-".'. lfi I11l111111't:LI1As SV:'ll'I'l 1114.11 11,111.1 f'111. .ivluiffr 42. il.. SY1'i11:' 'I'1'i'fZ I miffr' I'!:v'.' f'rf".v: Spill-1-Il l'l:1' "lf-'.'.'. .Xlyflln IH-lin Vhi. sl 11.111 Y-'r1-.ln Vim- r'V..,3 I-ff-' Hlntl' Alplnzn, In-ltn f'l11. illllvw' ffl llffrrl-4.51-11i11l' I'l1fu' Page Eigbfem Qdzfn-f. .. :fm IU! Me ANTOINETTE MARGARET OWENS At!lt'l1fIll'fJll.V iv Margig bm' f1'i111111'x arf' f'1v1'3zc'fJr'1'1'-111- z'f11J111g 11L'1gf2l1o1'.i11g lou 11.1. l'1'+4Qlll1m11: Se:-,trftlw Sl 1fl--:lt 1'-.11ll"il. Swyrlwlllrllf-. Clais rp--, .limi-fr: Vlnw 'l'rw:e1f. Sf-111-11' Y-T1--lrl' 'il-+ 'lift A Vxumw-lla "l.1,1ii': Kwjs Staff: Slmffr' Plzrf. .ltlwnflf--l 3Iilwa'1k-9: I'l'1'fl- .lr S1-illixmii' II. III. I-IARRIET L. ROSE O111' uzlpaffls IILT-pl'L'SiLlc'lIf, 11 girl ZLJJO has llllliif 111 ber Sfllll. s..I1l,111111'1'ff. G,I'1l Glu-"lub: Ili Ilwilliflrtalf-S Staff, .Ii11111V.r, 11, Ii.: 4311+ "lil-2 Blix?-l 4'IlfII'llNf .luniur Play Vast and Vzw-wi Alf-lizl lv-lm. Phi' 4'r1i'1I'I"tt'- .,1 Q. S0-'IIIUTI Y-Twrl. Vive. Prel. ..1' Flags: 411.-1: lflull: RIIX'-VI f'l11.y-1121 Trim: A lfalrp.-lla 4'l.1.i1': K.-y Staff: .-Xlplla Fwlza Vlxi RICHARD LEVVIS ROMERO Lifu is K1 101 of f1111 - ll itb 41 l111pp-3 51711510 for F1 111'jo11f. Fresh man: Band. S1+1'f!if+1ii01'e: Hi-Y' 'El3l'l1lt-I. Triw-. Di Iiiiiiiortallw FIHII. .Illnic-r: Hi-Y: I-'askfrl-alll Fluud: Play Cr-EW. Svui-Jr: Hi-Y: Haskfrl-all: Hand: .-kngolafs Jubilee Iiiiigi 9:-l'lI"l' Play. CRYSTAL PARRISH Cris is Llllflff amf 1'r5v1'zu1f, 1111! u11j0j'5 life' just flu' 51111112 .Iunwri Y-Teen: Glee 'Ellll"1 limi'-1' Play l'reW. Sfmilwi Sfnil-1' Play. jawn-:fem aawue MARILYN SERVICE Sbe's imlusfrious, bappy, always smiling, aurl izrrw' zvifboziz' a IL'0l'll' abou! Bill. Freshman: Glee Club: -l-H Club. Sophomore: G. R.: Glee Club: 4-1-1 Club. Junior: G. ll.: Junior Plal' Crew. Senior: Y-Teen: Senior Play. RICHARD D. SHANK Dick is quife a "man abou! f0lL'l1Hj zubvn all is said aml flow, fbougb, br"s a swell ffl- lozr. Freshnian: F. F. A.: Base- lrzlll. Sophomore: Hi-Y: I". F. A.: Treas.: Baseball. Junior: Hi-Yi F. F. A., 'I'reas.g Baseball: Junior Play Crew. Senior: Hi-Y: F. F. A.: Se-C.: Key Staff: Baseball: Senior Play. DONNA G. STEVENS Quifc' rf'srr'z'z'a' is sbv, buf always really lo girc a bvlp- ing band. Freshman: Sextette. Sol.-lioniorez G. Ii.: Glee Club: Svxtette: Di Immortales Staff. Junior: Cf. ll.: Glee Club: Mixed Chorus: Sextettel Jun- ior Play Cast. Senior: Y-Teen: Glee Club: Mixed Chorus: S6Xt8tt9I A Cappella Choir: Key Staff: Senior Play. BEN I-I. NVELDON, JR. Bm is fbc erm' serious pal, fliougb always belpful along fbi' way. Freshnian: Class Prof. Chr.: Eanil. Soplioinore: Hi-Y.: Band: Trumpet 'l'rio: 'Fruinpet Quar- tet' lf-1'ass Quartet. Junior: Hi-Y: Baneli Trum- bet Trio: Play Crew: lst Place- iu Iris. and Stats- Contests. Senior: Hi-Y: liandi Mixed Chorus: Trumpet Trio: Key Staff: Northern Indiana Dis- triot Orrlue-sti'a. 3 .QA .Q- S ' .A .Y,Nv if 'va -: ' rg.. l Qs, ' "Q, xi. -fix: . .:bLf.,.l?ff- 'ff lf'-. 1 X4 ' :'14f.'i. 3 Lf. fe-. RH ' zz DONALD R. SELL In ibe tbree yvars tba! D011 bas been l.u'rc be bas been a greaz' assef fo our srbool. Freshman: Pres. of Class: Baseball: Band: Mixed Chorus: F. F. A., Vice Pres.: -l-H Club. sophomore: Hi-Y: F. F. A., Treas.: Di IIl'lITIOl'l2.1PS Staff: Brass Quartette. Junior: Hi-Y: Baseball: Play Cast. Senior: Hi-Y: Pres. of Class: Key Staff: Alpha Delta Chi: Pepsi Cola Seholarship Candi- date: Senior Play. I Attended Flint High School CHARLES ROWLEY SHEETS He bas "tba means" and bis friwzils ara many. Freshman: F. F. A, S0l1lwxnore: Hi-Y: F. F. A.: Di lminortales Staff. Junior: Hi-Y: F. F. A. SBC.: Mixed Chorus: Speech Play Casti Choerleaderz Alpha Del- ta Cii. Senior: Hi-Y: F. F. A. Treas.: Mixe-fl Chorus: Alpha. Delta Chi Play Cast: Cheerleader: Kes' Staff: Hornet Staff: Sen- ior Play. LEE SUTTON A bamlsoma laa' zciib ivbai if fakes fo make good. Freshman: Vice Pres. of Class: Basketball: Baseball. Sophomoi-ff: Hi-Y: Basket- I-all: Baseball: Di Iinniortales Staff. Junior: Hi-Y: Basketball: Iiuselrallz Play Crew: Hornet Staff. Senior: Hi-Y.: Basketballg lflusehzillp Key Staff. LORNA JEAN XVAITE Sbfs a lass uitb really fonguvg sbr bas mailr a bosf of friwnls. I-'reslimanz Sextette. Sophomore: G. li.: Glee Club: Si-xtotto: Di lnimortales Staff. Junior: G. ll.: Glee Club: Mixed Chorus: Sextotte: .lun- ior Play Crew. Senior: Y-Teen: Glee Club: Mixed Chorus: A Cappella l"lioir: Sexte-tte: Key Staff: Svllior Play. Page N iucteen J. EDXVIN JACKSON Happy-go-lzzrky zvifb l10f I1 ZL'0l'l'-Y in fbi' lL'O!'llI'. F1-t-Shman: Basketball: Hase- luzlll. Soplioinore: Hi-Y: Basket- llall: Baseball: Spwet-li Play Cast: Alpha De-lta Chi. Juni-'l1': Hi-Y: Basketball: Etawt-hall: Junior Play: Alpha IQM-lla Chi. S-fniori Hi-Y: Hasketliall: East-hall: Student Council: Senior Play: Key Staff: Alpha Di-Ita Chi. FORREST LIONEL JOHNSON, JR. If fmra' work is miyf I0 lQl'L'!Iflll'SS, Forrvsf is ffm grazi- l'sf. I7l'4.'Nl'l1TlB.T1I State Math Con- IHNI. Soplioiiiore: Hi-Y: C l a S S Pr'--Q.: State- Math Contest. Junior: Secretary of Hi-Y: Stud!-nt Counwil Sev.-Tre-as.: .luniwr Play Cast. SHIlIlll'I Vice Pres. nf Hi-Y: Ki-y Staff: Pepsi Cola Stzliolar- Qliip Contest. JOAN ELIZABETH KUNDARD S110 is fl Slllffll' lL'Ol'kC'I' wifb iz Fl7!1l'llIfl7g f7FI'S0l1t1llfJl, al- lL'!l-TS nfzzlly fo bvlji 11 fallow xlmlwli. 11'y.:alnnan: G. A. A.: Glo? Club: Mixerl Chorus: S-fxtette: Studi-nt Council Sew.: Cheer- leavlvfr. Soplioiiiorei G. II.: Glee- Club: M i x e d Chorus: Sextette: Sylvia-li Play Cast: Alpha Delta Chi Sew.: Hornet Staffg May 92111,-1-11's f"r.iuI't. Junior: G, R.: Class Pres.: Glow Clulig Mixed CIIUVIISQ Sex- pqr.-, Alpha Delta Chi: May 'Jll0"'ll, Senior: Y-Teen P1'025I'am 1'hi'.3 film- Cluh: Mixvtl Chorus I'l"'4.l A Cappella Choir: Sex- ri-tr.-, Kffy 5121111 Ass01'ia.tf1 lid.: Alpha Irvlta Chi Pres.: Senior l'l:x'-'. Alt'-riflrful F1'+'lilf1l1t ll i g li rf-Ilmil I. LOIS ANN LEMAN Lois ix flue girl zviflz ilauc- iug fvzfl flllcl fuzz in bw' ln'111'l. l"1"--llriiail: GI--if Vllili. S1,pln,nmi'f-: G. ll.: fllf-etjlulv: H--:if-vw.. llornlet Staff. Junlfir: 11. ll.: Him- ffluli: f'llrirl1s1 Se-xt'-ttlfg Jun- .flr l'l:ij,' f'iw-W. if-niwr: Y-Tw-ii Sew: A Cap- g-fllzl "hr-ir: Sf-xtffttff: Key' Si:1Y'1'. H'-nior Play. Page Twenty ia me PAT HARMAN Pu! is the girl uuifb a big smile and a swell jycrsozzality. lfiw-sliman: Band. Soplioniorez Band: G. Il.: Di Iinnnirtales Staff. Junior: G. IL: Junior Play Cast. Seiiiurz Y-Teen Pl'f:Q.I Key Staff: Senior Play. BONNIE LOU KESSLER Those f7l'l?ffJ' eyes, Bo111zie.' They will work Zl,'U11LfL"l'3 for you sonzt' rlay. l"1'v-SlllIl3llI Girls' Baiket- ball: G. A. A.: Band. Sviplioziifwez G. R.: Girls' Ifaskt-tlmall. Junior: G. R.: Glee Club: Junior Play. Se-nirir: Y-Teen: G. A. AJ Glue Clulr: Key Staff: Alpha. Dalta Chi: Senior Play. DORIS SUSAN KYLE Hvri"s a czzfe, prcffy miss who wzjoys life' zum' bas llltllljl good Hmm. If're-shman: Hand Majorette. Shplioinore: G. R.: Glee Cluh: Di linmortales. Junior: G, R.: Glee Club: Mixe-il Chorus: Sextette: Jun- ior Play Crew. Senior: Y-Teen: G16-e Club: Mixed Chorus: Sextette: Key Staff: Senior Play. VVILLIAM M. LEMLEY Bill siamls as zz llI071ZllIIf'I1f fo vozzsisfeazry, rrliabilify, bard work, and good gl'l1t1,t'S. Fresllinan: BaSketl5-a11:Base- hall. Soplioiiiore: Hi-Y: Basket- ball: Basel-all: Student Coun- t-il: Di Immf-rtales Staff: Trask Te-ani: Hornet Staff. Junior: Hi-Y: Fasketlwall: l-Ease-hall: Mixed Chorus: Boys State: .lunior Play Crew. St-nior: Hi-Y: Basketball: Base-hall: Mixed Chorus: Key Staff: Alpha Delta Chi: Boys' Quartette: Salutatorian: Sen- irvi' Play, foadfzoacfm' BURTON LEE NVHITLOCK A rungy rbaji, bc ran lu' fozimi almosf any uigbf in a Crrauz-tolormi Cln'z'r0lrl. Fresliman: Baseball. Sophomore: Hi-Y: Flaselwall: Speer-li Play Cast and Crew: Alpha Delta Chi. Junior: Hi-Y: Haskethnll: Baseball: Mixed Chorus: Jun- ior Play Crew: Speech Play Crew: Alpha Delta Chi. Senior: Hi-Y: Baseball: Mix- eel Clwrus: Key Stuff: Alpha Delta Chi: Senior Play. XVILLA SUTTON Hm' fboziglvfs are as u'vvp ax Ihr ocean, ami fm' smilrs as brigbf as fin' skies. Suplinrrmii-: G. TI. Junior: G. R.: Glee Club: Junifwr Plax' Crew, Senior: Y-Teeni Glee Club: Key Staff: Senior Pluy. ROBERT S. OSBORNE llnliert was -'u'is'iiially fl inenilu'-r Of the class of 'lfI. lluring his three Years in A. ll. S. he was espevially nv- tiy-' in F, F. A. XYhen the war start:-tl he dill defense work until lie Went tn work for Vin-li, Sam in the V. S. Navy, He served 1X inontlis in the Puviiir- and li mwntlis in the Atlantiv theaters ut' irpelul- tions. He was uwui-rl.-rl th'- Iwrunze star, Presidential Unit Citfition: 2 stars. liiiriipeuii Afrivan Middle liustern Area: II stars, Asiatic Pai-itil' Area: 1 star, Philippine l,ihei'ntinn. Yif-twry Ribbon, Aineriran Area XYorltl XY:ir Il. After stiidyiiig while in the Navy and passing: refluirefl Pxaniin- ations. he is receiving his di- pl--ma with the n-lass of '4T. 55,5-1 GiQs"l -I D. ROBERT WALTER He bas proved to be Har' life of our parties and the spark of Ibc class. Freslimani Basketball: Base- Liull: Track Team. Sophomore: Hi-Y: Baseball: Traffk team. Junior: Hi-Y: F. F. A.: Mix- ed Clwrus: Junior Play Crew. Senior: Hi-Y: F. F. A.: Mix- ed Chorus: Key Staff: Boys' Quartette: Senior Play. WILLIAM H. XVARREN, JR. Sion' buf sim' zviib never a ll.'07'7'-1' for ilu' fzziure, fbafs our Bill. Snplionmre: I-Ii-Y. Junior: Hi-Y: Junior Play Fri-W. Senior: Hi-Y rutlit-er: Key Smit. Senior Play. ROBERT D. XVILLIAMSON Bob is izlzcuys in the fmzfcr Of fbiugs, fJ11m01'o11s 01' srri- ous m'fiz'ifir,i. Freshman: lifisketballg Base- bnll: Iluncl. Sopllolniwei Hi-Y: Basket- ball: Basehull: llnndi Trumpet Trio: Play Cast: Alpha Delta Chi: Truinpel Quurtette: Brass Quartett-in Junior: I-li-Y: liaiid: Trum- pet Trif-3 Junior Play Cast: Alpha Delta Chi: lst Plaee in Dis. and State Contests Senior: Hi-'YZ Hand: Trum- Det Trio: Student Council Pres.: Key Staff: Alpha Delta Chi: Senior Play. Page Tuvnfy-one lfnedummifid This is the story of one of the most famous groups of explorers that ever set out to climb the mount of education in the Angola Schools. CHAPTER I It was a tired but happy group which assembled at the base of High School Mount. A census of the population of the Eighth Grade community showed that S4 boys and girls had successfully explored Grade School Valley and were ready to attempt to scale Mount High School. CHAPTER II At the first landing, called Freshman Inn, on the long ascent of Mount High School there were 62 boys and girls in the party. It was here that they picked up Mr. Dygert as an adviser to the group. His aid proved valuable and under his guidance the group made steady progress toward the top. The ascent was carried on in a scientific and educational manner. The group was given periodical tests to determine their ability to continue the climb. It was here the individuals found they had to stand on their own two feet. CHAPTER III When our group arrived at the overnight place called Sophomore Lodge, there were 60 members in the party. The air became too thin for some of the group and they dropped out along the way, but the party was joined by members from other expedi- tions, It was here that our group lost Catherine Combs, Matthew Crooks, Fred Nelson, Ralph Northup, Margaret Owens, Roger Parsell, Carlton Rinehart, Kathryn Randol and gained Peggy Fletter, joan Kundard, Douglas Cox, Dean Luke, DeWayne Richmond, Laurel Richmond, Don Sell and Carolyn Bush. CHAPTER IV When the group came to rest on a platform known as Junior Paradise, they could see the summit ahead. It was during this resting period they gave their Junior Play, held their Junior-Senior Banquet, and attended the May Dance. When the group was ready to journey on, they left behind Dick Barnes, Leonard Bloomfield, Joyce Cox, Edyth Gilbert, Mary Preston, Donnalee Stage, and Dean Luke. They took on additional mem- bers who were Loren Heckler, Red Loomis, Dale McClellan, Leonard Mitzman, and JoAnn Tribby. CHAPTER V The climbers were on the last lap of their four year climb now. They took with them new members Gearld Pearson, Margaret Owens, Bette Griffin, Kathryn Doudt, and Mr. Rose as adviser, and dropped a few of the veterans by the wayside. They were our sponsor, Mr. Dygert, Bud Jones, Loren Heckler, Patricia Lampman, Mary Lou Wolfe, Carolyn Bush, and Ronald Wells. The climb became more steep now and the Page fwcfzfy-lufo 4 lillunb J T nr 1 ,,, -Q "P Y ...J L5 A . 1 . s E- f 4 V: in . 'ij X W 'L V 'S 5 Q x . - " A' X 5. , Q . AA , B ,, Q E , Q S , ' Q Y ' . . ' .-tif ' f I ' .. , , -.1 . M ,Q - . A V . 5 ., iw ,i p up 4 v ,WE A ,. 4 H. ai . ' .4 -. i f n - "SL N 5 V' K . ,., r lfirst row: First ,futile 1'Iiui-k Slieetsu Di:-k llomero, lid .Int-kson, Puts' Cremeuu, Vrystzil Pzirrisli, Blzirpxaiiw-t Uwe-tis, l,f.-oii:1i'cl Utt, R:'ii'lmal'a Bruttou. Sm-oiiul row: Ilill I,t-iiilvy, In-it Sutton, Sliirlee Allen. .loan Kuntlard, Ben XX'6'ldl'll, Anilrew lilnir-iwiin, Group IIlK'IllI't"-'lilTlKll'l'S.'i1l'lt5'Il 'lays Top row: .lolinny 1"1'uxt1m, Hill Crrixton. Farlton Ilinelizirt, Hen XVe-lfloii, Anily Iiiiiviwoii, .life Hrukziw. Front row: Ma1'5,'aI'et Owens, Molly l'Iosai'k, .loam Iiiiiiduiwl, l'!:ii'liai'ii liiwittoii, Mary Lois linker, Ellie Hwens, Doris Austen. Tliii-il row: l"I'f'Sill1lA4Il' l.'zirolx'ii Ht-mlei', l"oi'1'est .lUllllS0ll, lizirliara Sanders, 3I3.1'gLll't'I nwens, tiretzi ltodie. lfourth row: Harriet ll-use, 4A'lit't1vn Nilsuii, .lnsqt-In Ifoutz, Aiiilrexv Eiiiemiin. Fifth rf-xv: l"oui'tli pfiultle--Vlvoiiiizi Stevens, Hill Le-niley, Putty' Hzirinuii. .loan Kun- dartl, l'T2lI'lrg1l'zl SZclllflt'l'S, l'ui'olyii I-it-iuleig Margaret Uwe-ns, H1i1'l'i"t Hose, l'illI'tUll NYl1itl.,i-k, Dick lloiiii-1'-i, llzirliarai ltraittoii. way, narrow. The rocks became more treacherous. Numerous times the group stopped and took mental survey of their position before they reached the summit. As a reward for the accomplishments of the brave group who had spent twelve years in educational exploration, the Angola High School held a public program and each member of the exploration received a high school diploma. As the group basked in the glory of their accomplishments they looked toward the future and new summits to attain. -BILLY WARREN, Jr. Page Tufmfvy-flfree Medan Would you like to know what is in the future for the Class of ,47? Well, wonder no longer for having consulted the stars, moon, and a few comets for good measure, we feel that we have mastered astrology and can give you a first class report on the future. Let's take a look into the year 1957! Of course, the first place that takes our atten- tion is Angola, which is really booming since Don Sell started an automobile factory nearby. He is aided by his private secretary, Angela Foutz. "Sell's Mighty Midgets" have outsold every other car on the market. Shirlee Allen is also interested in carsg she is making a fortune buying and selling antique models. Another addition to the city is a beauty salon, The El Pompador, owned by Lois Leman and Rose Marie Ashley. Patsy Cremean, Crystal Parrish, and Kate Doudt are also living in Angola. Patsy decor- ates Windows at the Golden Garage, Crystal teaches bookkeeping in high school in place of "Pop"g and Kate is the future house mother of Alpha Lambda Tau Fraternity. At Tri-State we find Lee Sutton coaching basketball and football. Corky Johnson is busy designing a new skyscraper, even larger than the Hotel Hendry. It will be used for a radio station. A correspondence school has sprung up in Angola also. It is being conducted by Jim Neukam and DeWayne Richmond, and their main course is "How to Make Atomic Bombs in Ten Easy Lessonsf, Many things will be happening in the areas surrounding Angola. In Flint, joan Kundard and Barbara Sanders are starting an exclusive school for girls. Patty Harman has set up a series of ice cream stands from Angola to Coldwater. In Coldwater Margaret Owens and Lorna Waite are conducting a date bureau for the convenience of Angola girls who wish to spend their spare time in that city. Burton Whitlock is competing for the championship of the 100-meter dash in the Olympic Games which will be held in Pleasant Lake this year. Another sports event of the year will occur when the Zollner Pistons of whom Ed Jackson is the captain, will play the Angola Hornets. Looking in on our nationls capital we find quite a few of the members of our class. We find Congressman Laurel Richmond being criticized for monopolizing the debates in the Senate. Dale McClellan is Secretary of the Navy under the new Republican pres- ident, Andy Emerson. Clifton Nilson, who is Secretary of the Treasury, has announced that he has secured the advice of Carolyn Bender, mathematics expert, on how to lower the national debt. Turning our attention to New York we find Mac Arnold playing the part of the wolf in the Broadway production, "Little Red Riding Hood." Willa Mae Sutton is the Page Tu c nty-four hair dresser of the famous dramatic star, Peg Fletter, who is also starred on Broadway. In one of the large New York radio stations we iind Betty Feagler as a featured "Boogie Woogie" pianist on Betty Miller's radio program. Betty Miller is the successor to Joan Davis. Bob Williamson is putting his talents to use as an auctioneer for the American Tobacco Company on "Your Hit Parade." In the newspaper world we find Red Loomis editor of the sports section of The New York Times. Jean Miller and Harriet Rose are also in New York. They are preparing a sequel to their best seller, Advice On Married Life. Bill Lemley practices medicine on swanky Fifth Avenue. He says his beautiful lady patients declare him the greatest medico that ever held their hands- to take their pulses! In Chicago Bill Warren and Jerry Pearson are running a Super Grocery and Meat Market. All their products are grown especially for them at a huge farm in California owned by Dick Shank. The products are shipped to Chicago by an airplane piloted by Dick Romero who is employed by the American Transport Co. Bob Walter is also in Chicago. He is the manager of the shoe department of Sears, Roebuck and Co. In Hollywood Barbara Bratton is playing in the movies opposite Roy Rogers. Their latest picture is "The Wolves of '57." Ben Weldon is competing with Harry james on the trumpet. A movie short is being made by jean Boyer and Bette Griffin demonstra- ting the powers of mental telepathy. Doris Kyle and Donna Stevens are great artists working for Walt Disney. Some of the members of our class are not settled in any one place. Leonard Mitz- man is gaining fame as a Russian dancer. He has appeared in Paris, Moscow, London. and other capitals of the world. Chuck Sheets and Leonard Ctt are singing salesmen going from house to house sellng Ott and Sheets' Perky Pink Pills. junior Ewers is preparing to make a trip around the world on a motorcycle run by jet-propulsion. LaVerne Easterday is taking a trip to Alaska in a new Pontiac and Bonnie Kessler, cap- tain of the world's greatest women's basketball team, is traveling through the United States with the other members on an exhibition tour. W'ell, that's what the stars say, and if it doesn't happen, blame them, not us. ' -MARILYN SERVIS GRETA BODIE Page T1LC71fJ fn e Zaufmli We, the Class of '47 of Angola High School, situated in the city of Angola, in the county of Steuben, in the state of Indiana, being in an unusually sound state of mind and memory, do make, publish and declare this our last will and testament, leaving our cherished possessions, which we have accumulated during our four years of high school, to the underclassmen and faculty. To the school, we hereby will and bequeath all of our worldly belongings con- sisting of pencils, erasers, tacks, matches, acid-resisting physics books, and many other things too numerous to mention to be sold at public auction, the proceeds to be used to build a new gymnasium. To Mr. Estrich, our superintendent, we hereby will and bequeath all the good thoughts that assembly speakers have attempted to pass on to us. We, full of ambitions, have no room in our already too full heads for these thoughts. To Mr. Elliott, our principal, we hereby will and bequeath all of the good disciplinary measures that the faculty has tried to give to us. As everyone knows, be- cause of our quiet and reserved manner, we no longer need these measures. In addition to these bequests we wish to dispose of some of our more personal items as follows: I, Shirlee Allen, do hereby will and bequeath all my nicknames to Lois Spangle. I, Mac Arnold, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to be high scorer in every basketball game to "Red" Radcliffe. I, Rose Marie Ashley, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to get straight "A's" in bookkeeping to my sister, Phyllis. I, Carolyn Bender, do hereby will and bequeath my civics class and Mr. Handy, to Shirley Brokaw. I, Greta Bodie, do hereby will and bequeath my short name to Barbara Gwiazdowski. I, Jean Boyer, do hereby will and bequeath my 'Qpug noseu to Mary Jane Hender- son. I, Barbara Bratton, do hereby will and bequeath my interest in horses to' Paula Randolph. I, Patsy Cremean, do hereby will and bequeath my petite figure and size 4-IQ shoe to Molly Lee Hosack. I, Katherine Doudt, do hereby will and bequeath my serene composure in physical education class to Waddy Myers. We, LaVerne Easterday and Willa Sutton, do hereby will and bequeath our favorite parking places on Fox Lake road to Tillie VanWagner. I, Andrew Emerson, do hereby will and bequeath one well-worn path to Mr. Elliott's oiiice to Bob Sewell. I, Breezy Ewers, do hereby will and bequeath my tendency to be stopped by state cops to Dewey Nodine. I, Betty Feagler, do hereby will and bequeath my music to Gloria LeVine. I, Peggy Eletter, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to stay away from basket- ball players during my senior year to Phyllis Smurr. M I, Angela Foutz, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to be the best dressed senior girl to Shirley Brokaw. I, Bette Griffin, do hereby will and bequeath my dislike of school to anyone inter- ested. I, Patty Harman, do hereby will and bequeath my freckles to Ileen Nelson. I, Ed Jackson, do hereby will and bequeath my art ability to the Harris boys. I, Corky Johnson, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to get straight "AE" in math and mechanical drawing to my brother, Cy. I, Bonnie Kessler, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to handle a small car fPontiac coupej and stay out of trouble with it, to Elinor Loomis fCadillac special.j I, Joan Kundard, do hereby will and bequeath my horn rimmed glasses to John Elliott and my nickname "Pumpkin', to Mort Meek, who was the originator of it. I, Doris Kyle, do hereby will and bequeath my third period gym class to Jim Willis. I, Lois Leman, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to argue with Pop Certain to Donna Phinney. Pa IL fu only-six wzlledlamafi I, Bill Lemley, do hereby will and bequeath my old beaten-up tired-out, saddle shoes to any underclassman that has a real appreciation of the finer things of life. I, Red Loomis, do hereby will and bequeath my very thin stature to Shirley Bro- kaw. I, Dale McClellan, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to go with older blondes in miniature model cars to "I-Iie" Dowell. I, Betty Miller, do hereby will and bequeath my well-worn shorthand books to Annette Aranguren. I, Jean Miller, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to drive a Ford with no brakes, no windshield wiper, no windows, no muffler, no heater, no doors that stay shut, and no lights to Brice Clark. I, James Neukam, do hereby will and bequeath my ability in Ag. class to Keith Newnam. I, DeWayne Richmond, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to skip school any time to go to Fort Wayne to Don Nelson. I, Clifton Nilson, do hereby will and bequeath my heart to Mary Alice Myers. I, Leonard Ott, do hereby will and bequeath my beard to Owen Amstutz. I, Margaret Owens, do hereby will and bequeath the family car for further out-of- town use to my sister, Elinor. I, Crystal Parrish, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to keep from going steady to "Dee" Seeman. I, Jerry Pearson, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to stay clear of the oflice to Jim Shank. I, Laurel Richmond, do hereby will and bequeath my crutches to Joe Douglass. I, Dick Romero, do hereby will and bequeath my tremendous physique to Denny Druckamiller. I, Harriet Rose Maynard, do hereby will and bequeath my marriage certificate to any member of the Junior class, and also my ability to keep a secret to Waddy Myers. I, Barbara Sanders, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to think of some- thing fantastically different for Journalism to Barbara Gwiazdowski. I, Don Sell, do hereby will and bequeath my manly build to Charles Swager. I, Marilyn Servis, do hereby will and bequeath my height and slenderness to Janice Jones. I, Dick Shank, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to get sent to the office three times a week to Bill Crain. i I, Chuck Sheets, do hereby will and bequeath my pick-up appeal, accessories and approaches included, to Junior Erbe and jim Willis. I, Donna Stevens, do hereby will and bequeath my draft card, if and when I get one, to Mary Ellen Redding to use to best advantage. I, Lee Sutton, do hereby will and bequeath my baseball spikes to Susie Lemley. I, Lorna Wfaite, do hereby will and bequeath my typewriter and eraser to Erl Raney. I, Bob Walter, do hereby will and bequeath the right to go out with Michigan girls to Harold Dowell. I, Bill Warren, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to go steady with one girl to Erl Raney. I, Ben Weldon, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to play .1 trumpet to Owen Amstutz. I, Burton Whitlock, do hereby will and bequeath my worn out Chevrolet to John Bond. I, Bob Williamson, do hereby will and bequeath my curly hair, as much as there is of it, to Bud Bodie. I, Leonard Mitzman, do hereby will and bequeath my nickname of "Moe" to my brother, Robert. In testimony whereof, we hereunto set our hand and seal and declare this to be our Last Will and Testament, this twenty-ninth day of May, in the year of our Lord one thousand, nine hundred and forty-seven. Signal: THE SENIOR CLASS Per: Forrest Lionel Johnson Jr. Page Tzvcrzfy-se1'm OUR FUTURE Youth has always looked forward to the future. Children of four and five are always eager to enter elementary school. Tomorrow holds for them a brilliant future. Their thoughts, though they cover a comparatively short period of time, are very important. It is then that they Hrst form a basis of personality and may I say-their future? Elementary school is a training period. Through classes in the grades a student learns to study, to be attentive and most important of all-to plan. What the student learns here adds to his personality. His attitude toward school, gained in the grades, will mainly determine his scholastic ability and record in high school. Our high school training will undoubtedly play a great part in our future. The greatest single factor which determines one's personality is perhaps his association with others. He learns from this association in high school. By the time a student graduates he has positively formed the basis of his future. From high school we have learned many things. The ability to work with others comes from the athletic program. The ability to work alone and rely upon one's self comes from the various courses studied. These two abilities are very important. Students have learned them in varied degree according to their aptitudes. This, in turn, is a determining factor in our future. There are many factors which should be considered. The training received at home is vitally important. This is influenced almost entirely by the parents. I do not believe that this can be overstressed. The religious aspect is another very important. and too often overlooked, part of our education. These three parts of our preparation form a triangle, personality, formal education. and home training combined with religious training. Like a triangle. the whole is dependent upon the completion of all its parts. Today we are skepticalg yesterday we were eager. XVhat does tomorrow hold for us? For many it holds success, happiness, prominence, and all of the good things of life. As we approach our graduation we realize how large and formidable the world really is. It is, today. in a very unstable condition. It has not yet recovered from the ravages of war, starvation, and inflation. Even after many years these memories will live on. All of these thoughts lead us to wonder just what thefuture holds for us. Perhaps life will be a bed of roses: more than likely, however, the roses will also bear thorns. WE must take these troubles in our stride. Xvhen our parents were graduated from high school. the world was in a worse state than it is today. They were undoubtedly full of perplexity and wonder. Prom them we gain encouragement. XVe feel that the condition-'of the world has never been so bad that it could not have become worse, nor has it ever been so good that it could not have improved. Nevertheless, the world has always held a future for youth. Shall we live in pomposity or in necessity? That is entirely up to the student. May we remember Henley's famous lines: "I am the master of my fate, I am the captain of my soul." I am convinced that our future shall be what we make it. --DALE McCLELLAN Pa gt' T wenls -eigbt lla EDUCATION, A NECESSITY FOR DEMOCRACY We, the senior class of the year nineteen hundred forty-seven, are about to step out into a new world. We have spent the previous twelve years of our lives in school, gain- ing an education. It is said that an education is needed by our future citizens to prepare them for the way of life in a democracy. One may ask, "Just what do you mean by the word, education?" The dictionary gives the definition: Education is the knowledge and abilities gain- ed through the training of the moral and intellectual faculties. This dehnition has a broader meaning, however, and it may be expanded to meet the needs of our present day society. This does not mean that schooling alone will impart knowledge: it means that one must have constant practice in applying what he has been taught. The war that has been fought and won in the last few years is finished as far as the actual hostilities are concerned. But this is only the first part of the great task that faces us today and there are many lessons yet to be learned. We must now try to secure an everlasting peace for the whole world. This may sound like a note of optimism, but peace can be obtained on one condition. That is, if the people of the world are educated sufficiently to understand their own needs. An educated man must have an open mind, he must be willing to listen to reasong and he must act with confidence in himself. This doesn't mean he is gullible and accepts the first argument that sounds as if it could possibly work, but he collects all the facts, weighs them with the utmost careg then, and only then, he comes forth with an intel- ligent decision that will benefit all concerned. In a democracy there is no room for prejudice. Prejudice is an emotion, not the result of right education. It causes blindness to the facts, and the results of such blind- ness may bring hardships to untold numbers of innocent people. Racial prejudice and political prejudice are two of the greatest enemies of democracy. They can not be over- looked, for they are not matters that will right themselves if they are left alone. XVe must make studies and then effect compromises which, if carefully planned and carried out, will bring satisfactory results to all. The right to vote is a weapon of democracy, although it is often abused by ignor- ance. People can be persuaded to change their vote if the promise or reward is big enough to justify the means. If people will do their own thinking, they are using their education to the best advantage. But if they listen to only' one side of the story and guide their acts by emotions, they are throwing away education and its advantages. Some of us are planning to go on to college after graduating, in order to gain technical knowledge for our future jobs. This additional training that we will receive will better equip us to take our place in society and be useful to our associates. Education does not stop when the schooling stopsg it continues through life. If a person will keep his mind clear and be alert to his surroundings, he will learn some- thing new every day. Education is part of the process of growing up and one's mind can be constantly improved if the individual himself really has the will to learn. Franklin D. Roosevelt, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and Albert Einstein are all examples of well educated men. They were all specialists in different fields, but each. in his own way, gave something to the world. W'e can't all be as great as these men, but by educating ourselves to the best of our ability, we can be worthy of our great democracy. -BILL LEMLEY Page Tu t rzfj 111116 iyk .., ........, , B ,137 -vi Zi. , ,AW 'A wp" -W ,V mx , I ,ff A X, VNV' Y ' -as W.. , V 1 W1 1 2 6, fy mf. ,,, q-1 my 42 va., 5 Ii .. .4 an -3 , .fu ..,. 5, ," f. ,V . ., V , - , Iwy: 1-fu, .Xnuf-lu IW-lllz. hl111'l--1-All:-11,.I1-1111 A.lHr'1'. I.fNvBIa1'11- Awhlwy, 111111 be-ll. S--1111111 1-nw' I1f1r11:1 Hfalirv, Iifftlx Mille-r, 12111111111 Ii-lfslmx .TOH11 1Q1111dzx1wl, - Imrrl 1'ww Imrlnal XX 111111. 1111'f-H11 I,v11-I.-1', l.z11'l1:11':1 I,1'utt-111 1111 Uillrl. Hz11'1'1f-I I.-se. 1,1111-11. XX'I11l1u-'li Imm-111 1'-vw l,:1Y--1'11-- lG:1s1.11':l:1y, Imlfy Vnw-111--1111, Divk I'1vx11'A1m, T'-'vis Kyiv, H1111 xnxx' ftlflwlv- 1-111:11-1-s lwlfywu, .Imm Iirllnlhwfl, 4'liI't1111 Nik-111. 15.11. XX'illm111s1-11 ffvzwmlillur, S1-,111 lww, lh-M XY:111"1', Vlifl 11 Nilrffn 111:41 l'i1'li II1-111e1'H. Tmlv 1I1'l'l1fllz111, 3ILtI'23l1'v-I 1 mwf11x:1u11I lL:11'lf:11'n Iirnllwlz, In.1u1111 SI.-x--lux l,Ll'f1' Tfwirfy P" I" ii R, F 'S -e ' llgw, x A First row: P1'eLt3' girlw' I,aY.1rm- and XViIl:ig Si-nimw nut .lf 41'lw1nist1'A': Mrs. lluliert Maynard: Mrs. "Mike" Priestas: I'i'unil Seniors--lm.-, Chris,.Murilyn and "'l'rinky." Sen-unsl Vow. YVliy sn sour. lf':il'.': l-21-tty Milli-r lamking pleasant: Taken :it tht- fair, Runnin' '72 XVlin-ix-'s "Angie," Imn'.".'1 l':it unrl liusie lwokinfsq ful' inisixliif-fl Allen in 21 SlZl.l.'l'j' innncl: Sandy, Shirley and Peg' at T:45: XYIU' Su lizippy, Carwly1i'f1 Ilffrt-'s "Angie," Imnfl Tliird row: l,'arlns's girl: "1'utie Pic-",lli1'l-ilk-I "Lumix" waitin: fin' ai trnllo-YL llarillyf tw Ilnwv Ill'lllll, SHlldl'?1 Allen zinil Sunily being' "m.y"1 Huy, what al Slllliv, l,uii,- and lmiiiml lfvinrtli row: Saiicle-Vs :in-l hifi' me-ng ls it 1-nhl, lmnna and',', M-:rv S4'lllHl'S1 Ilzivin: xi l-ite to eai-these S6'I'll0l'Sil XVilliB, Dale, XYa1t, but wliert-'s Egypt, maybe. lui, , ,Jw 'Q-Q, 'QP su-- . gb Q W i 5 'fx . 'B i?" W 4 U. " L X57 f ' ..- Lg M A":,1, i?q, i 3 i ' ,Z -Cf A, U1 I Y ' af-f A, X-X .Vi -,, A in 2 I I A V-v- I Q , 1 ,.,, - V -' In H ' f "ee ,.. . 3 . f, me 1 AVQ- M V i t i ,Ak . f N 1 - 'zg rlikgs-. .. .ak 4 4:11 5' -1: L 4 i -is A ,. Hz Q! I- 5 it , ,. fx M Q, I ,I 'mf ' 2 sie .V S , -2,8 ," Q' ve I if - . ,, ' rf 9. ' Q ,, 4' as ,L I 1 v.,, , lp I A Z 7 ' , ft M Q, 1 "N ff " Q in Y-V f ' fm: i ' ' ,viigfv ',pi,,. ,,,, 5 ,, ' ,, KR' ' ' 'I N ' ae-.I ' ff 15 ' I Q2 5 2:49, ' af 91. Page Tbirly- I wo i :,f:. f- fri A l 6 Zhue wfza CLASS OFFICERS Pwxidvfzl ,7,,,,V, ,, ,.f,, ,7,,7,7, , ,John Elliott Vim' Prvsizfrzzl ,,,, ,, ,7,,,,7,, Dean Sutton SC'Cl'L'ftll'j' .,.., .. A7777,, Shirley Brokaw Tl'FdSIll'f'l' , ,l,, I ,, .,,,.., jim Willis Svrgvnlzf-zz!-A1'n1i , ,,.Carl Raney Moifo-"A quitter never wins and a winner never quits." Ffozwl'-XY'hite Chrysanthemum. Colm'-Kelly Green and White FIRST Row Phyllis Porter - Carft Help Lovin' That Man Bill Crain-If I Had A Dozen Hearts Annette Aranguren-You Came Along Harold Dowell-I Should Care SECOND Row Elinor Loomis-Chicago John Elliott-XY'hy Does It Get So Late So Early? Mary Jane Henderson-eDarli Eyes Loren Heckler-Cow-Cow Boogie THIRD Roxv Molly Hosack-Gotta Get Me Someone To Love Junior Erbe-Blowin' Up a Storm Donna Shaffer-Oh, But I Do Carl Raney-Wfho Cares? FOURTH Roxv Sheila Harman-Sornebody Loves Me George Close-Janie Helen Neukam-It's the Talk of the Town Phil Hull-You Are Too Beautiful wfiffaffe FIRST Row Shirley Brokaw-My Beloved Is Rugged Donna Phinney-After You've Gone Dick Fisher-If Dreams Come True Margaret VanXVagner - Jingle, Jangle, Jingle SECOND Row' Basil Miller-Oh, What It Seemed To Be Mary Alice Myers-Frantic Rhapsody Keith Newnam-In Love in Vain JoAnne Thrasher-If You XVere the Only Girl THIRD Row Sam Harris-Your Eather's lylustache Jim Harris-Cowboy from Brooklyn Barbara Gwiazdowski-NVarsaW Concerto Don Chaddick-Concerto No. 2 in C Minor FOURTH Row' John Eldridge-Doin' It the Hard Wfay Delight Rinehart-Easy Don Seely-Summertime Lois Spangle-I'm in the Mood for Love FIFTH Row Edgar MacGregor-The Sheik of Araby Ileen Nelson-They Say It's Wfonderful Jim Wfillis-Prince Charming Mary Lois Baker-I've Told Every Little Star SIXTH Row Burdett Jackson-I'll Get By Doris Seeman-Ain't Misbehavin' Tom Jck-There Must Be a XVay Dean Sutton-Hold ,Em, joe SEVENTH Row Cloyce Clark - Doin' Whait Comes Nat- urally Elinor Owens-Sophisticated Lady Dale Lonsbury-In My Merry Oldsmobile Claire Smith-Making Believe EIGHTH Row James Cutler-Show Me the Way To Go Home Elsie Castner--Wfhen Irish Eyes Are Smiling Chuck Dygert-I'm Goin' To Love That Gal Mr. Handy-An Apple for the Teacher NOT PICTURED Brice Clark - Take Me Out to the Ball Game Donna Lee Yates-Easy Street Nancy Pence-XVe,ll Gather Lilacs in the Spring. x LU , I Um. . L I xv- ' p S lf . , ' 4. 'K if' T' 'K Y ' -f., fqlxp f n ' lr I 5 f 1 " ' 'A R '- ,I " W' -xr Q. K? 1 ,IV L I ,. 5 S Y N i , in p EX A !l, is i V Q G I fi- Z I - :Q . M 1: 1 X f-ag z a g . Y - 1. . up - 'A 'gy 6 iv ,D .L A , L jg P 4 if - l 4 T- U ' I S1 B, 1 M.. X V ,A A L ' u K T ' v F3 A M? A 33 -. fl- 'ff ' 24, .4 3 " V '-wt , .I , L, ' , Q - - . 4 ' EI: W -A .p gt A 'iff' X V2 . X A WH lm Q x y, I I A "' UE. e ' r E4 A., - .1 -.v' yvg, Q Q J .bg L -. v X S cas Page Thirty-fbrce ,. Q ,iff .c ., 4 ,, A 3 ,. 4 W - f f 7 as f , I . l it ' ' ' 4 - 3 I ' A l . A 4 A I. I A I , li 7"-M ' , ,, vi 5 f I F- r ' .. . i' 24 E- ? ,I ,L X Q L , 'V V V W iN y in ,. W p rf , " ' If .Ziff , f Q My ' L 4, fy i Q4 an I L' C v i I i 'N 'P , i ,Wal I 51 b M- "X H A' - 'A . ff ' 'L 'Z-I 'Tis Q " O 4' Q l I4 'iw " 1 75 51 1 Q i fl 'I . ! V Page Tfnir!3 -four V33 1' 'unf- Q . A lf:-Meuuldzhua CLA SS OFF ICERS l'rf'5iilr'11! Marion Jensen Vin' PI'l'Kil!t'lIf Lou Ann Phillips Sl'L'l'L'fHTj jean Anstctt TH'z1.I111'L'i' Dorothy Malgley St'i'g1'a11l-af-Arm.x james Murray Nlfiffo-"ln ourselves our future liesf' Colon-Black and Vfhite Ffozfw'-Talisnuan Rose FIRST Row -lean Anstett-Not So Quiet, Please Owen Amstutz-You C:m't Keep a Good Man Down Marysue Kring-Honey Marion Jensen-ln the Moon Mist SECOND Row Morris Eggleston-'Lil Augie Lois Sams-Lady. Be Good Phyllis Smurr-I Get :I Kick Cut of You Dick Andrew-XY' Ya Gonna Do? THIRD Row Paula Albright-Solo Flight Eugene Meek-Prisoner of Love Dorothy Harris-Can You Beat It? Phyllis Ryan--Patience .Ind Portitude FOURTH Row Beverly Robbins-lf Pm Lucky Bob Servis-Any Place I Hang My Hat Is Home Martha Renner-Bill Phyllis Ashley-Scatterbrain FIPTI-I Row Raymond Scott-Young Man with A Horn Leona DeLanCey-Blue Flame XVill.I June Ritter-Am I Blue Marjorie Brinley-Margie 1090 FIRST Row Wilbur Fisher-Exactly Like You Willis Fisher-Exactly Like You Gloria Sewell - Ain't That just Like a Woman? Jerry VanWagner-Ilm just XVild About You SECOND Row Gloria LaVine-You Go To My Head Janice Jones - On the Sunny Side of the Street Marilyn Rahrer-Star Dust Joe Douglass-Hoodle Addle THIRD Row Pat Harman-That's For Me Marilyn Harman-My Pretty Girl Melvin Nodine-just One of Those Things Marilyn Kling-Life Can Be Beautiful FOURTH ROW James Murray--How Cute Can You Be? Mary Ellen Redding-Wait for Me, Mary Herbert Sanders-Where Did You Learn to Love? Dolores Zimmerman-People XVill Say We're in Love FIFTH ROW Mary Miller-Remember Me Carl Shupp-Dixie Dorothy Magley--It's My Lazy Day Kathleen W'ise-Tabu SIXTH Row Lou Phillips-Good. Good. Good Jack Harman-Come for a Ride Mary Ann Wfilliamson - You Stole My Heart Sue Meyer-Row, Row, Row Your Boat SEVENTH Row Hugh Babcock-Southern Fried Donna Sutton-Swing Angel Arlene Gould-Hold That Tiger Fred Romero-It Couldn't Be True EIGHTH Row Jeanne Anne Webb-Symphony Robert Heingarrner-Sooner or Later Jerry Sims-Breathless Mary Beard-Caledonia Mr. Certain-Florida Skies NOT PICTURED Bob Sewell-I Don't Know Why Norma Goodall-Th.1t's My Girl John Goodhew-That's It Don Nelson-Stranger In Town Martha Reinoehl-Everybody Has a Laugh- ing Place Richard Hurd-Soldier on Parade Kathryn Rowlison-Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah 5 , 9 .rf 3. 0 . '- I . t Q, A. ,I q " - S n- Q . IA lx l -'W V51 Xx X 'I Q Q T" 'M' J.. ' .. . - Y, E '19 1 as-fr "1 fan, ' . 5, "'?.' I 'ii H Il'-I I " 2 V' ,lx .. S . , 5 1 J g' 4. l DSN ' . y R- 7 f . if fi til "Q" " 'K ,gf ,I ,, X Elsa, t Q i H 3, A ? -1 .L ' K, 'L , , , , A ,,.,,,. .vi A X '73 -4 R - 'QL ra - U v 1-I LJ - Q' 1 .I T11 K , P ugr Tlliri-1'-j'i1'e eff , UH! " .4 ' 7, ' ff v1Z9..'Ff?f"?g,ff ,, "fir ,gt 5, , xfiarfi ff-,f-f:""", ,ly ,ff sn ff 'f QW-4 , Wgzram 5 ,W 1 1,414 rf ' N if 'es ,I li 'i ,M 2 V , I :ff Wig S ' MX - 'ff "" 1 f - ftp- - 1 sF A I T i- R i af L as ' Z' ii' -'X X 'V x , ' W , 5? .f , 1 ' it ..-' , Se? . ff Pzzgfc Tf1i1'l3'-six liwee mme CLASS OFFICERS Pl't'SjtI'l'IIf Jim Fisher Vice Pl'l'3itIIl'lZf Dorothy Petersen Sz'z'n'lar3 , sally W'illiamson 71l'C'll.X7ll'l'I' Arlene McClellan Mafia-"United we stand: divided we fallf, l"lowi'1'-Red Carnation Color-Red and XX'hite FlR5T Row Phyllis Fanning--Small Batch of Nod Denny Druckamiller-Sharp Shooting Sheik Stella Buroff-Night Special John Bond-Surrender SECOND Row' Billie Jo Hopkins-These Foolish Things Nancy Sutton-Swingin' on a Star Beverly jordan-Sure Thing Raymond Bodie-Pig Foot Pete THIRD Row Margaret P31'1'T3ly Heart Sings Howard Clark-Jelly Bean Sally XY'illi.1mson-You Satisfy Ruth Rinehart-My Pretty Girl FOURTH Row Carlton Erwin-How Do I Know It'5 Real? Eugene E.1stei'day-Gotta Be This or That Denie Cotner--Star Eyes Thola Miller--'Xvith 3 Song in Bly Heart N x?- t ss I M K "' M an he 40 17:13 ff. ' FIRST Row K ' E ,K 1, L Hadley Davis-Out of Nowhere ea, L I Q Louise Brinley-Louise -'A ' ii" Junior Pentico-Everywhere If Q., R ,i Sondra Randolph-Strange Enchantment qs- :?""" 74' y dn. I SECOND Row I LY' Karl Wuest-Pushin' Sand Cp- N X I . ii, Dorothy Petersen-Sweet and Lovely H A V ' Joe Beck-Nobody's Sweetheart I xxx Juanita Demorest-I Feel S0 Good " ., " I H I 2, ' X Q 5 THIRD Row . .:" 3- , , , Bill Radcliffe-Billy the Kid N Bonnie Groshon-I Got Rhythm l , "' Kenneth Neukam+Five Minutes More " is ' ' V Minnie McKellips-Happy Journey D FOURTH Row A R QT, - up - it L-ei , It -I Ii.. 'X ' "' ' Robert Mitznian-Well, All Right it xg' - I x .3 Arlene McClellan--Ain't No Misery In Me 'Q' . . Jim Shank-Detour 0 i V' J Susanna Lemley-Personality sf! '.t M FIFTH Row Donald Blum-Skaters, Waltz Robert Badders-Blue Skies Katie Williamson-You Make Me Feel So Young Danny Munson-Cottontail SIXTI-I Row Larry Seagraves-My Heart Isn't in It Jean Williamson-Ain't She' Pretty Glen LaVine-Beware Waxfa McEntarfer-So They Tell Me SEVENTH Row Lewis Mounts-Flat Feet Cyrus Johnson-Come Rain or Come Shine Louella Smith-The Girl That I Marry Charles Swager-Here I Go Again EIGI-ITI-I Row Mr. Druckamiller-I-Iere's to the Cream and Crimson NOT PICTURED James Fisher-The Best Man Jack Bledsoe-I'Iu1IIOresque Dick Meredith - Doctor, Lawyer, Indian Chief F sf 'K ' ' .ni " I i' Z ' ., ' fn . Ls?" . ,iwhw-Q y ' -I j an f In we I FW is E , an I 'W ' , 1 5' ii- L, Y I 1 . i . X Ie- 1' E "1 '- ., Q X 1 av' XR I V f, , "1 K 5 z . ' f Pugv Tbirfy-sfz'I'1z 1:1 , ,V- f is I lb, fsgu, i- 12 , 1 1 1 g ' ' V gg: A ,1 1. e V, lug, -.1, iv- Q1 n ,Q Vgwx. L 1? " 4 -t I ' ' I 1 V s .1 -x ff f f-,, -4, 11 Q 4. ' 1 , -0 5 .. 1 , 1 1 3 - A 1 u 'XX '-- I -Fl ' a " f' K E 'Z . L i ' . QA ' ' '11 fig' - 'T " gv 1 ' J 1- - 1 5 ,, Q. 1 17' Y, 2. , I . 1 f J . If-In 1 . I P 1 1 '32, '51 3212, K 1 , 'E . A "-. I . EZ I 'Z ,, ff, " 1- 4 Luz' i , '1- 1 'fm 1 FQ I fy 1 -,. 4-1. . 5 1' Z -1 4 ' " 1 V .' I 'ji' 1 A - 11' ff: x. U f gi ' , 'x .. , , r M 4 ,V Q- 1 34 , , " 1 .4 ' , Q' X Y 5? . A' 1 by M, -U Z iw f, ' I ' 7, 161 I... 9, 1 ' ' -N 1 1 . , '. g - Q' 1 I ls K , I z , ,f L ' ' ' 1-. 1 4 f 1 X? ,J 4 ' '1 ILA., 5 , I 2, Q- Zdf 1 Pllrfff' Tf1i1'ly-fiqfif wlliffz Me eigfrlfn glmcfe MR. HARMAN'S ROOM 1"I1lF'l' IUJXY Nz111114 l11fs1'1iiI1I11111 14111141 l1:11111u111l1-- Prettv 1111111:111ti1' 111-11111111 1111551111 l1:1rting llitlwfr 512ll'11I2l 111111:--lIi,g'11U' l111L:'2'1Afl 1.1111211111 51111111--L11f-ky Smith .X1111:1 1,1111 A15111'l0'YYN"':Xl1g'11ki'S Little Misa-l1if:f Sl-ICUNIJ ILHXY 1211111111 Nivllwlx -linlfl Nivllwlv .lillltll Mir1f11'f.10yf1uQ Miss 'WIN' l,f:l'f+fl-l'lcr1iLI11 Lassiffll! l'11ili11 N11xx'11:1111- -l'1'1ett5' N113- A111111- .I111111Hu11-Ad111i1'z1I116 Jz1111- TIIIIID ILHXX' 1911111'g'1: 42111-Uxvetx 430-5111211 49.-111214 l111rf11l1y lwiiiing l,1:11'i11s I1+4111111z l'111411+-1i11s I11A1'11111'1-st -4'z2111tix'211i1'1z' l1.,111y S111- .Iz11'kw111 Swmst J1. M1151 S1-11111-flki' Mizlilv S111111't'.' l'1,11'11'l'H ILHXY XX1l111:1 141111111 111111111-mix lun: lv111:. 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MISS REGISSERS ROOM FIRST HUNT Nanle Des1I11'i11ti1i-11 M1111 A1111 Kiesta-1'-3ligl1ty' Kid 1'11:11'l1fQ H11mphries-C11z11'111i11if Huw, .11-1'l'y 811111114-JuSt Sweet 1'21X'i41 11k11if1B'-DR1'H' 14111111151-1115 31:11'y' .-Xllll Mon1'e-Ma1'1'el-'111s M115 SECOND TUDXY 1'ill'11121 V'a1'11e11te1'-4"11t-f C11-111ette 1"--1-11111 A1111121111-n-1"11a1A111i11er Always lCi1'I1z11'f1 M1-ek-l'If1111a11ti1' 31111111-111. 11:'1111f'1nz1 S111111'r-Re-ally' S1f11Q:1ti1111al Vwryl 1'z11'I1e11te1'-AVe1'y l'l1a1'111i11g THIRD 1:1f1Y1' 11111-111 111111Q-1'1a112.'l1-C1119 1111-1 11311111111 111111 Tz1y1111' 110111119 '1'1111111t l"1'z11117'rN Elliott-l7ait11f11l l21'f111'ts liiwliy Sl111f11fIY:+?f11 S111f11.111 Nznxwy XY11it-f--Nat11ra11y 1Vise FOURTH HOU' Mary A1111 I1:11'1'is-11121111 llz1111ly 1,111-y 111111111-k-Little 3111111113111 1'Ix'1111:f,-1i11e Amstutz liver Amlviti-Bus 312l1'1'12l 11115-1-1-Y-Bliw'l1im11111s I-11'1111ett1f 1':1r4-1 1':1C11'111S.'6+CL1tE- Eye-full FII? TH IIOIY 1'11111'11w Y1111112--l"l1111-111i11a' Y1111111 11-11'111l1y 111111----I1113' 1111-111111-1' 111111111 1'111111-1'---11-1'ilifl1 C1111-1 Klux I,11we-fM11:'11i11f4--111 1.1111 111111 ll11I'i-Dz1s11i11g' 1'1vf-1111111 SIXTH IIOIY X1il1'11l'I1 KV-ASQ --Must 1V1111111f1'f11l ll-Ally 11511f11'111f--ITea11tif11l 151151501 Marla Millei'--Mi1-key M-111Q+- Misx Rflgisgpr-BIQ1-1-3' Ruler NOT P1l'T1'111CD Mary' .xllll Gfiss-Ile-1'1'y 111111 Gay 1'11lli1- Tr1Wc1'S--PIWBIIA' '1'1'i1'1i r Nb . . ,., . 5 . 0 Q3 I ,' , I G G- J-60 f T T X Q - . AR' P 1 1 A ' Q - Q 0 f fl ' MRS. CAPPELLIINO S ROOM ' 'W' C ' ' 2 , . ' Name- D-eS1'1'il'li+'l1 5 Q L ,' r- 0 FIRST now 1 . 1 1 f HXJ 'S A Nnnvy Clarke--Flirtatious N Ilzu'1v14l Valli-Ileliulvle " - 5 A ' - K, Alice Fair-Baslifnl ' , K Q " f Curl SIn,n't-4-Alvsrnt Minded '-1. , 5, Q' ' Rosalie Mitulie-liCute .. f sl-:C-UND now "' F ' Q - I Kenneth M1u'tin-'AIisr-lii--v-'wus i'n..e1,e BIill"l'fPlllj'l-lll ' 5 llinlmxwl llwse-Ifwlwinlalwlv M., Mary Anton-Sweet ' Ylru-'e Martin--Tvawl' R ,N O ' 'rl-111:11 now ,, V ' X A - I-'nttx' ' rr - , .Y if , Gelluilcl Ij:l'DXYEl'Ii111lli'J, K. lg, . f' Iiayf- W1ilianwm-sensii-1.f -k H fy X All,--rt Gnilfnrfif-1':a1-e X i 14 - f - - Dunnu Davis-Adorable 'K FUl'IlTIl IIOYY ' . lim' Cnx -Artistic f .. Betty Se1'vis-Cliarming A ' - ,Z ' I Q ' ' Thmnas Pearson-lf'usalmva 't' . ,5 ' Suzanne L'nger-Durable Arthur Myers-Mysterious N' j FIFTH ROV' Q ' ' K ,Mali Sainswlntelligent ilayvnnnd liamlal-Likeahle , Num-3' Alspacli--Jolly ,. I Dill Salman-Gvnnine i - 1- Q ,, W ' Shirley Sutton-I"1'iendly A ' A ' I C SIXTH IIOXY "' 1 ' l"1a1'l'l'S orey--Qnirt Q Mary Davis-Tempestuwus N i- JK 4 A Ivnnuld Henderson-Slow Iilianu Ile-ntty-Pram-tical Mrs. Cannellino--Teacher - x " NOT PICTVRED 1-Iliznlwth Cutlier-Pleusing 'Y ' bfi ' ' -- ' A - A ' Ilwlwrtu Bvrkes-I2fI'i1:iq-nt 2 4, 1, L ,- 5 r' ' KA : X . . . - 'X f MISS BATES ROOM ,-A' YN N gq Naunw Ami-itifvn 'D A A , .1 , 2' .5 - f FIRST ROV' - 5 ' - ' ' 1 Opal Dif'kv'I'1-art-lin: ' , P Ilpnny I"'llr:l'7IDllIll'ilnQ'I' . .Xnitzi I,nwtlu-rAlI:ills-Q-wife -' L GeUx'u't- Pirnhu l-1'z1rpentm' ' .loyr-v Allvn- A.-Xrtixt 5 slivnxiif In IW ' ' , f Qylviu Mwl-fntgwfr-1' -Nurne 75 ' - Q 'UI 1 A x ' Vlnristinw Sinis--Ilan-:lner . L I Q , ,, Phillip 1-:.,n.1-Pn..r , D A I ' 5 'f ' Mary Lwn Ifziliiiiriifllmiv1--1' Tminn Alain' -S41-A-1wt:'11'y. 4 4 '-- TIIIICD HOV' f Pliiilip II"nly-Exp!-'rel' . .Innut tie-'inxwts--.X1'ti4t , AInr:'air+AL lhirriw Alissiwiialiw " ' 7 :Z 3 ' uf! ' Yunim I,--v Ili-Imililf-W Artist L ' - L , Q Vvnnallii Martin--Ilaskf-tluill Plays-1' ' - if-,vL'1:'1'11 iurm' 7 x Q' lhwtzi S.-we-ll--Iluiivliwr ' R, x an if .1. XLN liill l.1viuiwli--I-'1-1"-st Iianpfer ' Uni---lyri Ilalu-5'-Sv-A1'eta1'5' I Q Snszin Xvufrutl-1?il0l Q J - ' Ifmnulrl Gl'iffil1-Cl'3fIS!llLlll in YY:-,mi 4 ' xl Q , LQ. ' I-'II"TIfI l:OYY -- ' - l'hilliQ I'2nsli1.I'--N111-Q., '- . K .lurk Se-linger-Army Q " .lu Ann V11rr-'1'1'uv-Jling ' .I--:in Ile--'k---Army Nurse Ilil,-Ixaiwl 121111111-fLx..rtH1' ,I N SIXTH mm' 4, A N. , 0 X'ulvrizi Iiri-'ksr-li---Miisiviuii 1. . lg 'A - ' 2 ' tllorizi lii-1-ri--'l'ruin-ling' ' ' 5 Y TIXKIIIIQIQ lilwk-I-Ixipaiiwvi' I 'i' I":1tri--in Divl-C-Nursp I L Q' i J l'mx'id Nffnknin-Flusvlfall Plzlyvr 4 , , SI-IYICNTH IIOXX' 4 F Marx' I,-Ae Sz-ll--Deli-vtive I Q ,Q Misc l:LlIPS7'TI'1lX'Blill2 , U - NUT PIPTURED ' M ,.-- .Izunes Rledsm---I-Irising-ss XVHIQ1 llivlnaimlsmi-Y-IIndio Singer "J Pugu Tbirf-1-lzifzv I'1I'bl nm. l'l'lZv XYIIIIIPI. "'I'1u'z41n" XY.-141-In. .Ivan Mzmrivj Ilwlfpivf zum ymlf. N-vfmrl xww: Im' mu, 1':Il'ulfYII, "I-'1-wZ.". Simi. YFIIIIVI ITIXVZ I l'IIlIl xrzulv "gl-:ulf", AI:-rw "l'w1'UFl1"I IJHVN Sefflnang Sn earIy, Hanvljf and '41 -In '11 'i " " U-" 1 nl "W:Ill"1 Luis Sums: "XY1llif:'s" sister: f'an't4'ha rezul, zirls?i I mt 1 xx XXIIII ll x, Kin-lim, Slnf-il-1 'mul l'!1i1I"i11 ym1n:4-1' fl:xyS. L 2 Z - f , , ,f 1 'fill iii? Z3 W . f , f ' , ,, 1 vm- 49' I? 1 I Sw I .Xa Q .E I !. H V.y, ..-.1 wazfhrbe iecam B11xk1'ffn11l g111111'x l111i11f I - 1 lprhu vs L A W Mx x v Q5 x 1 X E. X59 A ack ? 'nfl iff f 1 111u1'1111'g 1111 flu' fn11'1f11'001f uv f I -1 f1'111'11 1111111 goml' xj1m'1x1m111- kx N X ship Vftlllj' ixg zu' uwzjny ilu' 4 1 j flrrill of ,wciflg our Ivan! Ill f arlinzz. If ZFOIIIJ fn' iflzjwxsiblv for IIS in 1111111 11 1111-1' af Srfmo lfjfbllllf 11111' fm1111. 1 4 nel' fzafmeh 'PHIL HULL-Junior-Phil was the rebounder on the team: though not very tall, he made a competent center because of his aggressiveness and fight. He was one of the leading scorers on the team and should be hard to stop next year. DEAN SUTTON-Juuioz'-"Deanie" was the tallest member of the Hornet squad and proved mighty handy at the forward position helping Phil rebound. Deanie had a great one hand shot that was hard to stop, which netted him the honor of second highest scorer on the team. BRICE CLARK-Junior-Brice led the Hornets in scoring this year. Brice, though small, was very fast and had a good push shot. Brice will long be remembered for his 23-point scoring splurge against Concordia. MAC ARNOLD-Senior-Mac was the steadying in- fluence on the Hornet attack. He was captain most of the games and handled the team in a stern but commendable way. He was always in the thick of the fray and has many good games to his credit. ED JACKSON-Senior-Ed was another hard driv- ing guard who was plenty fast and a value to any team. Ed had many good games this year. Ed was a good defense man and a scrapper all the way. He will be hard to replace. ROD ROMERO-Senior-Rod was another big boy on the Hornet squad. Rod was usually sent into the game when Phil wasn't going well, and he gave several good relief roles. He was big and hard to keep off the back- boardsg he would be an asset to any team. WOODIE DYGERT - jzmior - Wfoodie is probably the most improved player on the Hornet squad. He ad- vanced from a sub on the "B" team during his Sophomore year to a prominent role on the Varsity. YVoodie isn,t as much the offensive type of player as he is the feeding and rebounding type. LEE SUTTON-Senior-Lee has the most dangerous long shot on the team and also was a great free throw artist. He had his best game against Fremont, scoring eleven points in the Hornet S9-Z9 win. JOE DOUGLASS-Soj1b011101'r-Joe started' the sea- son on the "B" team, but was soon promoted to the Var- sity. Joe played some good ball until he was injured in an automobile accident which put him out for the duration of the season. As he is only a Sophomore much will be ex- pected of him in future years. JOHN ELLIOTT-Jzmior-Johnnie, though very small, is fast, and possesses a good basket eye. We look for- ward to seeing him play next year. BILL LEMLEY-Svfzior-Bill was a dependable, con- sistent reserve who was ready for action any time and whose cooperative spirit will be greatly missed. JUNIOR EXWERS-Sefziol'-"Breezie" was another tall boy who helped out a great deal. He played forward. He also was injured in an automobile accident and was forced to quit in mid-season. Page Forty-fzuo K I 'ar Yi Fi ! . WZ ul", like ina' The season's record of seven wins and twelve losses included wins over LaGrange, Fremont, Garrett, Howe Military, Avilla, and Salem Center and losses to such powers as Auburn, Kendallville, Port W'ayne Con- cordia, W'aterloo, Coldwater. and Garrett. And yet with their poor record the Hornets outscored their opponents over the season. The Hornets compiled a total of 745 points to their opponents total of 697. The first four games were at home with some of the toughest competition th: Hor- nets had to face all season. Kendallville, who won their sectional and had a season record of 18 and 3. was first and they handed the local five a 32-25 defeat. XY'aterloo elsed out .1 close 33-32 decision in the second en- counter. Concordia handed the Hornets their third straight loss but only after a free-scoring battle, 65-52. Auburn was the last of the first four home battles and the Red Devils finally won out 47-43 after hav- ing the Hornets down 18-6 shortly after the beginning of the second quarter. The Hornets then hit the road to de- feat LaGrange 65-29. Garrett came here to absorb a 34-32 licking. Back on the road the Hornets lost to Butler 37-34 but won at Fremont S9-29 in their best display of of- fense and defense. Still on the road the Hor- nets placed Howe Miltarv on their list of victims. 33-30 but lost to Garrett 41-40. Fremont came here and was beaten 43- 30. The Hornets traveled to Waterloo and were beaten a second time 41-32 at the hands of the XY'ildcats. Then came the big upset of the season as Salem Center caught the Hornets on their heels and beat them 30-21. Avilla was next to be defeated 43-39 here. The Hornets then traveled to Cold- water to lose 49-42. N Butler and Berne closed out the regular season schedule in the local gymnasium and both came out victorious. Butler won 40-35 and Berne 35-33. Coach Emery Druckamiller closed a highly successful coaching career during the 1946-7 season. "Druck" was promoted to the athletic directorship after twenty-one years as a mentor. This includes five years at Tri-State College, two years at Syracuse. and fourteen here at A. H. S. His overall record for high school was 260 victories against 120 defeats for a .684 percentage. This includes thirteen countv championships. three sectional wins and nine times in the finals of the sectional. 3'X "A T W1 c 151. ,flxylfeif -, , ' .-ss. 1, . , 1 ,.:.,.- , 4, -t.q:.' .- ,,,S. 1 . chem lamina Members of the squad will not forget the grand work of o u r cheerleaders. C h u c k Sheets and Mary Ellen Red- ding. They could be depended on for a real boost when the chips were down. Chuck was in his second year as a cheer- leaderg Mary Ellen was enjoy- ing her first in the honored position. .a 4.5. 1z , ap: x"...1 .,, k gr 89 17 OP v'- ,A 'Flip row: 1111121-lie l-Iarsteiwlcny, Jw- lim-li, 1-'red 111-im-im. Mort Mm-lc, Hui'- vlett .lei-'kson, l-lill lizirlvlilft. llerllert Silllf1+3l'4, zsvwoiinl row: .Inuit-s Willis, Jllllll lulliott, Ho--flue 1flNKel'i, Ln-nny' llruvli- aimillr-V, John lionfl. , I-li-nt rim. Rl'-rms luuglt-e1..11, Vy .Iol1nQ.,n. .laxml-s Rlllrrzay, .Terry Vain- 1Na:'1u'b1', lXHl1l1"Ill Nvllkillll. 66 The second squad followed up their 17-1 record of last year with a 15-2 se.1son's mark for this year. They also gained L1 new name in .1 con- test sponsored by the Hornet. The name selected was the Bees. Three of the squad's members. John Elliott. Chuck Dygert and Jim Murray. were promoted to first team duty late in the season. in . ijlfk , ,67 92 29 49 186 D, SUHOH SY 66 26 43 176 Hull 65 44 35 63 174 21- Arnold ,27 13 15 37 67 -lackson ,22 25 13 40 67 I.. Sutton , 9 2 3 11 20 Douglass ,t 5 3 7 6 13 Romero A 4 4 S 9 12 Dygert 3 3 1 13 9 Murray , 2 S 1 S 9 Elliott , 3 1 S S 7 Lemley W 0 4 1 1 4 Ewers , , 0 1 1 1 1 '6' "1 145 286 745 39 642 717 S57 .464 659 .400 31:0 .444 750 S33 111 S00 YUO 604 Pays Forfj -ffl U Me cfafu of 7947 fzfzedenlld . THE KEY la a faq al' anqafa high dcfzoaf PIl!7liS!.7t'Ll, uf Angola, I1m'm1m Rfc'fJHl'lf A. L00111is, Effifol' Donald R. Sell, Bnxifzvss Mazzngm' S 's X The Hornets easily defeated Scott Center in the diamond opener , 24-3. Next the Hornets journeyed to Edon. Ohio. Edon, one of the better 1 ' high school teams in Ohio, dropped the Hornets 9-3. The Hornets next . 5 journeyed to Ashley, where they easily meted out a 14-0 shutout to "bf 'MX 1. " Coach 1:rederie1s's boys. Sept Sept. Sept Oct. Oct. Page .. , 1 - - V, ..,. f"'.':1WC,-1 The Hornets coasting on a Z won 1 lost record, again met Edon, this time on their own diamond. Edon threw their star pitcher, Held. at .,gm'fff, 1 ,Q , . - 1 1 '1 the Hornets in anticipation of a tough battle. Held, who had allowed Q 5 only one run and one hit in his previous four games, allowed the Hornets X 4 hits, one .1 home run by Dean Sutton. The game went into one extra inning before Edon put together a double, and a single for the winning ag tally and .1 Z-1 victory. 5 The Hornets got back in the win column with a 5-4 victory over XVater1oo. NWate1'1oo had a previous record of 7 victories and 1 defeat. N "' AB H R SB PCT. Shank, 31D 11 1 6 7 1,199 L. Sutton, cf 14 3 7 7 214 COALH DRlJtjKAMlL1.IZR Hull' C. 20 7 5 2 BSO D. Sutton. 1b , 20 8 S 4 .400 Whitlock, rf 15 S 5 3 333 and 463434 E. Jackson, ss . 20 7 8 4 350 Clark, p .. 16 Z 4 S 125 18 . Angola Z4-Scott Center? Cram- 01 - 13 1 3 U '-'33 257 VY N Angola 3-Edon 9 Murray, 2,13 14 3 2 4 214 77 A I H-A may U Dygert, of . l S 1 0 0 125 " ' " ngo 'I S 31 B. Jackson, p., of 3 1 1 0 333 1 f- - -Angola 1-Edon 2 Lemley, of ,, , 0 0 1 1 000 4 ,,.. .. .... Angola 5-W'ater10o 4 Miller. of .. 1 U 0 0 000 XXS3 01, , ., 4 . , 1 -1- I.1f11 11111, 1111 1.1-11111-3, I11111 N-11133 Twill .l.11-li. Mer.. l1111'1"11 XX.11t11-1-li. Mm' A1'11ol11. 111-1111511111111 S1---111111 1'-my 1'1.:11'11 1l1'11'12I111l11v'1', .liiii XX'111i . .I1f1'1'y' X-2l11XY1l!11m1'. F1111--k DYQ1-1't. Morris 151:11 rlwll, 1.--1- Sutton, 11P'l'1'1'1'1 141111111-iw, llirk Slizinli. Ifi'-1111 row: 12111 1'1'a1i1:. .1111111 1411111-Il, 1111-111-tl -11l11iSI'11. 1T1'i-1- 1'1z1rk. Jim 1Iui'r:13'. E-1 .111-'kr-1111,1'1111 111111. l7o1'fy-six W, .-, indie The youth of today re- alize bow important it is to participate in as many dif- ferent kinds of self-goverm ment and social activities as possible. So clubs are now a part of our day at school. 1.17-in s2 Hill E5 ' q-lieend, T1111 1'11w: Miss M51-rs, 191111-1:1 1.:f1X'i11e, M:11'iI5'11 S1-rvis, 1'e::L:'X I"i+1tt1-1', 131-tw Griffin. K:1t111'5'11 I1111111t, l1111'11111y A1:1u'11'y, .111:111 :X1lSl4'll. 11:11'i1y11 l1:1111w-1', 431111111 S1-Weil. .X1'lPY1" 111111111, .111A1111 '1'111':1s111J1', 1111111111 S1111t'1'1-1', 17:11'l1:11':1 111x'iz1z1111ws1:i, Mziry .1:,11111 111-1'111+11w1111. Blurb' .X1i1-1- Myf-1's, 1114-11 Neison, S11i1'11'y 1'!1'111t:1w, Molly llosuvk. Miss 1,1111-i111'111t, Miss lie-ffl. H1-1-111111 row: lNl2l1'X .X1111 XYi111z1111s1111. 1111111111 S11ttr111, 1i111111i1- Iiesslfr-1-, .login Kuylqgiyfl, Mztrilyii II:11'111:111, .11-1111 1,115-1'1', 1'z1t ll111'111?l1l, 12111141 A1i11'i:'ht. 1'I1:si1: f'11St111-1'. Mzirjf Lois 111110,-1', Imris S141-111z111. lietty M2111 Miller, Mary B1i11+-1'. Alilfy l':llE'1l 11+Af11,1i11g. Phyllis Iilfffili. 1Q1i11111' UW1-11s, 1'l11'1lis 1'111'1+-1', 1,11is S11:111::11-, Mrs. 1ii1111i:i'. '1'l111'11 Vow: Miss Shultz, H:11'1'i+"1 llosv, .l1'2l1l Miller, 12111'11z11':1 121'11tt-111, Lf11'r111 XYaite. 1i:11'11z11':1 S:111d1-1's, Am:g111:1 Ifoutx, xviilii Allll' Sutton. M:11':u1'1-1 f5XYv-HF. :il211'Il1P1 12'-11111111 l1111111ws Zi1111111-1'111:111, M111'u:11-1-I Yz111XY:1g111'1', 1'1'5'Sl:11 1':11'1'is11, 1i:11l11e1f11 XYNF, F1154 311-jver. 1,1111 rxllll 1'l1111111s. A1a1'11111 .l1111s1:11. Phyllis Aslilc-X, .I1f1111111f A11111- XX141111. Miss Im-111. 11'1'o11t roxy: 1111111111: 1,1111mis, Sliirlm' Allen, 11111-is KY11-. 1,1A1111:1 111-1,:1111-ey, Patty' Lf111 llillI'111il11, Lois l4n'1112lll, 111-1111 1!o11i1g, S1111i111 1Tz11'111z111. .It-1'1'3' Sims, 1,--is S:1111s, Mari13'11 Ki111:. .11111i1:1- .111111fs, Phyllis Sm111'1', 1L11s11 M:11'i1A Asiiivy. 1':11'1113'11 1Ie11-1-A11 1111111111 P11i11111f5'. Patsy: 1'1'1--11111:111, Ilmw-1'1y 1i111111i11s, 1l1i1'YSllP lf1'i11!'. Name: Y-Teens formerly Girl Reserves-organized in 1927 under the direction of Miss Kathryn Dewees. Purpose: "To find and give the best is our purpose true, earnest, honest: and our slogan, to face life squarely toof, Oiiicersz President, Patty Harman: vice president, Barbara Sanders: secretary, Lois Leman: treasurer, Barbara Bratton: program chairman: joan Kundard: social chair- man, Donna Stevens: service chairman, Patsy Cremeang iinance chairman, Peggy Fletterg pianists, Harriet Rose and Lorna White: song leader, Molly Hosack. Miss Lippincott. Mrs. Kindig. Mrs. Steyens, Mrs. Sutton, Mrs. Phillips. Mrs. Redding. and Miss Kohl. Sponsors: Miss Myers, Miss Shultz, Miss Reed. of Activities: Y-Teen Conference at Pokagon Girls' Camp. Y-Teen Christmas Prom. Singing at County Flrm. Pa-Ma-Me Banquet-Theme "Starlight.', Meetings: Meetings are held every other Monday after school until 5:00 The business meetings are opened with the usual roll call and the SCC1'CIZ11'Y,S report. The pro- grams consist of an address by A speaker or discussions by the girls, devotions. music. and the "C.1t's -.- V W , , M Meowf, CoN1'1111ENc13 01-'ITICERS Page Forty-eight Ag. Top row: Mr, Elliott, Toni Jack, Hen XYQ-ldun, ff'liftf-n Nilson, Hill XVarren, Divk llc.- mero, Forrest Johnson, Leland Ewers, Melvin Nmline, Dean Sutton, George Close, James Cutler, Burton XYhitlm-k, Chuck Sheets, Mr. Estrioli. Set-mid row: Holi XValter, Phil Hull, Hill Leinley, Carl Haney, Leonard Ott, Lee Sutton. Disk Shrink, Andrew lflniersun, Keith Newnaln, lion Cliadclivk, Eugene Meek, Laurel Rich- mond, l'il'L'Cl Iluineru, Dun Sevly, Dale 1AlllSllLll'Y, Clwyue Clark. Front row: Mr, Fertain. lbule Ml-fill-ll:m, Ed .Ins-kson, Huh XVilli:iinson, Owen Ainstutz. .Iulin Elliott, James Murray, Morris 1:Ig.2.'lestoii, Iiildie lX1s'Gimgui-, Brice Ulurk, liusil Miller, llarolil Imwell, XVoorlie llygt-1't, .luniur lilrlwe, JEIIIIPS XVillis, .lurk Harinun, Herbert Sanders. Name: Hi-Y Club-organized in 1922 by Mr. Estrieh. The Angola Club was the first in the state. Purpose: "To create, maintain, and extend throughout the school and Community high ideals of Christian character." Oflicers: President, Dale McClellan: vice president, Forrest Johnson Jr: secre- tary-treasurer, Clifton Nilsong sergeant-at-arms, Williilni NVarren Sponsors: Mr. Certain and Mr. Estrich. . Activities: Hi-Y skating party for the high school. Father and Son Banquet. Mother and Son Banquet. Hi-Y vs. F.F.A. basketball games. Meetings: The club meets every other Monday evening from 7:00 to 8:00. The meeting is called to order by the president and after roll call a chapter is read from the Bible, followed by the Lord's Prayer. During the year the club entertained many very interesting :incl educational speakers. Page Forty-uint' A A l ' ' :aku ff - -' fc- 4 .-. LX B 1? F' 2' 2' i ' P Lab, as W to r.. ., :, A 5 ft , il .:"'4 1 - ii - ' 431 ' V I s 1 S 'yi Z' " gl Q' fe Y? by '- l . 5 ir. . l A 3 K f ' "' 4 o Q. , i s Q1 C A R. a. i ALTA. 'x , MX 1 ,, T f-W - , .2 - . is 2- 'f . G Q, Aff' Q M if w 4 . L , !-I Y N . 3 I R9 Q Z, ' , I Z " B 6 D ,, 9 ,M g E X, I K0 . C. 'x 'h 1' ' L sr ," A, , ik in - 3-'w 2 l Q f sg! 'S' dv I I . L K i, is 1 ' i l Q 21 i ff 1 L 5 Q45 f -L' ft' A V , V, x lay - 9 . G- , 3x..k Af F .,,, '2 4 I ' 3 ,av " wr i fi 4 L ii I L I"ift5 WWW Auufizllv lftfilorx joan Kundard Porrest Johnson Peggy Pletter Donna Stevens Blzsialrss Managers Don Sell Bill Lemley Dale McClellan Leonard Mitzman Rose Marie Ashley Ed Jackson AVI Eifilors Patsy Cremean Betty Mae Miller Sfzajufmfx Barbara Bratton Peggy Fletter Doris Kyle Margaret Owens Dick Romero Shirlee Allen Boys' Aflvlrtifs Lee Sutton Girlv' Aflvluiics Bonnie Kessler Kathryn Doudt Orlqtzfzigufimzs LaVerne Easterday Wvilla Sutton I11sfv'11111r11fi1f Music Clifton Nilson Ben W'eldon Bob W'illiamson Ciruzzlafioiz Aldlhlgt Greta Bodie Laurel Richmond Bob W'alter S!707I5fJ1' N15 is Shultz Voral Allhlt' Betty Feagler Lois Leman F.I".A. Ifilifmw Dick Shank james Neukam Fnzlzm' W7rifrrs Jean Miller Harriet Rose Class Pl'flll7lJf'I'3' Marilyn Seryis Greta Bodie Class WVU Forrest johnson Gerald Pearson Carolyn Bender Chuck Sheets Class HjsYffll'-H Bill W'arren DeW'ayne Richmond Burton Whitlock jokes Mac Arnold Leonard Ott Senior Acfiz ifivs Andrew Emerson Barbara Sanders Leland Ewers Joan Kundard CIIILNL5 Donna Stevens Lorna Waite Calvlztfar Patty Harman Bette Grinin Crystal Parrish Aflllllllj Angela Poutz Jean Boyer On behalf of the editorial staff. I Wish to express my sincerest feeling of gratitude to all the members of the Key Staff who worked through thick and thin. surmount- ing obstacles of large proportions. to make this book a success from a financial stand- point and from a standpoint of content. Richard A. Loomis, Edirol'-ii:-Clvicf ? N Wife ,r 54 Q l K I X of-X ,K Standing: George Close, Harriet Rose, Jean Miller, Earl-ara Gwiazdmvski. Di-niixi Shairfer, l'lllli'li Sheets, Miss Shultz, Mac Arnfvld. Seated: lied Looiiiis, Kathryn Doudt, Nornizi lflomlall, Put Harinan, l::R1'l'l8.l'ii Saiiders, The school paper was started in 1918 and given the name "The Key." the same as the yearbook. Its name was changed again in 1934 to "The Spectator," and in 1935 it was called "The Hornet." The front and back covers of The Hornet this year were printed by the Steuben Printing Company. They had pictures of some of the school organizations, as the music groups, the first and reserve teams, cheer leaders, and action pictures of the games. The first issue had a picture of the school building on the front cover. The inside pages of the paper were mimeographed here at school. One of the outstanding issues of the year was the Christmas issue. The fronts of the paper were done by the art classes, under the direction of D. C. Brown. The cover picture showed the shepherds pointing to the star. The back cover pictured the activities of the art department. The course in journalism gives the students experience in writing. As well as publishing The Hornet, they wrote articles for the "School Notesu in The Steuben Republican. This year's journalism class consisted of twelve members. seven seniors, three juniors. and two sophomores. The work in the journalism department is under the supervision of Miss Shultz. Page Fzffj one ,. . ,, f ,M 4 M1 ,Q ffW W fff V , ,,., U 1 fu,-1,f5:,..g,m. ' 'f ' N . 1' " ,. .,.., , , is ' J, 'Q V . ,,,1v . .ff , , , ,,,, V 2.-hi: 'ff - "7 ww ffn ' J M , ,V ,,,- , of X ff ,,,fg,'9 ' ffgf " Q AMERICAN LEGION AWARDS For the past fifteen years the American Legion citizenship award has been presented to one boy and one girl of the senior class. The Angola Post No. 31 makes this award. The criteria for judging the winners are honor, courage, leadership, and service to the school. The selections are made by faculty votes. The winners in the class of '47 were Clifton Nilson and Joan Kundard. NATIONAL HONOR SOCIETY To be chosen for the national Honor Society is to a Senior one of the greatest honors to be given in Angola High School. The members of the Society are from the upper third of the class and are chosen on the basis of scholarship, service, citizenship, and character. Fifteen per cent of the class is eligible. The honor this year was given to the following members: Patty Harman, joan Kundard, Bill Lemley, Red Loomis, Dale McClellan, Barbara Sanders, Donna Stevens and Don Sell. Each member, every year, contributes one dollar to the scholarship fund for the first five years of his membership. This fund was established in 1938 for the purpose of lending to a high school graduate wishing to attend college. The local chapter of the National Honor Society was established in Angola High School in 1935 and now consists of 189 members. At the fist meeting of the active National Honor Society an election of olhcers was held. The oflicers elected were: President, Bill Lemleyg vice president, Barbara Sand- ersg secretary, Red Loomisg treasurer, Principal Elliott. St:i1111in:': Ileil Loomis, Don St-ll, 1-Iill Lelnley, Dale M4-Vlellzxii. Sealed: Lmiinzi Stevens, Iiarlmiwi Szinders, .Joan Kundard, and Putty Hzirmali 'WA Page lfifly-flaw al The student council of Angola High School has had another prosperous year. They have provided opportunities for student self-direction, encouraged closer co-operation between the students and the faculty, and maintained high standards of citizenship in our high school. The council was organized in 1932 and this year marked our hfteenth year of progress. Each member was given responsible positions on various committees through- out the year. The council carried out the following activities: Election of cheer leaders: selling of basketball schedule pencilsg supervision of drawing of sectional tourney ticketsg providing auditorium programs for the second semesterg arranging for the May danceg and purchasing pins for each of its members. The members were: Seniors-Bob NVilliamson, Patsy Cremean, Ed jackson, jean Miller, Rose Marie Ashleyg Juniors-Phil Hull, Sheila Harman, Elinor Owens, XY'oodie Dygertq Sophomores-Mary Ellen Redding, Eugene Meek, Norma Goodall, Bob Hein- gartner: Freshmen-Denie Cotner, Nancy Sutton. Denny Druckamiller, Eugene Easter- dayg junior High-Veryl Carpenter, Nancy Clarke, Billie London. Paula Randolph. jean Miller, senior council member was graduated at mid-term and Rose Marie Ashley was chosen to take her place. Thth t th P dcBbXXll drPllHll e o 'cers 'or e 'ear were: resi en, o "i iamsong vice resi en , ii u 3 secretary, Sheila Harman: reporter, Ed jackson. Mr. Brown was the sponsor the first semester and Mr. Gondring. the second SCIUCSICF. Toi: row: l':Yl!"Ilv l'Iqist+1iwliiy, !-Ilinni' lNYrl1S. .li-:in Mill-1'. M111-5 l'ill1'Il llf-vlding, Xllvinu ljmalzill, Yvryl Cari-pelil.g1'. SM'-ii,.l rniv: Mr. liiuixvn. H1-Ii Ilifinpaiilalif-i', ll-,li XX'illi:inison. "l1llf'li Dygert, litlgeiiis Me:-lc. 1'liil Hull, l-Ii! .lgivksoir 11+-iiny' lfru-'knlnilli-1', xvillililll Lon-I-in. I"1'wlit1'--wilkilllzi llaiiiihilplm. PatsyL'1'e1i1i-ull.IJe1iiiA4'4il1iv1i'. Niinf-A l'1:ii'k", Xni1v3'S111l4-ii. She-lla Ilzirmain. 1345 is 33-6 1? Q '? gb Pugi Fifty Init 9 answers :ref we was i RFK? 13523 EM!! '2 R5 QNX' '!iAZ?'8,- '. i' ,sv .1 .f rfffwfzlf' :JC ' Z". .7 v'..,:,'..z . ,..6 I 1 PM 4 'Frm 1-ow: lwggy l"lt-tts-r, lii?iI'lrHl'21 Szmrlers, Honniv Ki-ssleig liill l.+11illey'. Hurt-'In lYliit' lock, Clifton Nilson, Mary Alive Myers, Marv Ann XYillia1nson, Gloria Sewell, Paula Al- hright, Gloria L,aVine, Mary June Henclhrson, Keith Newiiaxn, Tom Jack, John I-Ildridge, Harolcl Dowell, Don Se-eljv, Sevniifl row: Ge-o1':Ie Close. l'JE'0l'l?ll'f'l Ott, Boll XxvllllIlIl'lSfPll. lid Jai-kson, Jeanne Anne VVebliv, 1l'I2lI'S'.'l'll'43I Owens, Sally XVilliamson, Sondra liainlolpli, Jean XVilliainsfln. Susanna Lemley, Nam'-y Sutton, Ilenie Votner, Dorothy' PQ,-te1'sen, Barbara Gwiazdowski, Ileen Nelson, Molly llusavk, Marilyn Servis, Leonard Mitzman. Third row: John Elliott, Phyllis Ashley, Phyllis Vljvnn. Marion Jensen, Lou Ann Phillips. Angela Fnutz, Pat Harman, Marilyn Harman. Katie XVillia1nsmn. Jean Miller, Harriet Rose. Sue Nleyer, Beverly liolnbins, Marysue Kring, Mary Ellen Redding, John Bond, Bob Bad- -lers, ltayiiwiiil Botlie. l3'ront row: Phyllis Smnrr, Greta Roriie, .lerry Sims. Lois Sanus, Sheila Harman, Mar' -QPHOIG. Elinor Owens, Mrs. Cnppellino. Ji-an Kundaril, Phu:-k Sheets, Patsy' Vreniean. lxuthleen XYi:se. Iieona lPeL:1m'ey, Tmnnu Sutton. lilinor Lomnis. Alpha Delta Chi, the Angola High School dramatics club, was organized in 1945. Its membership is now open to anyone in high school who has an interest in the stage or entertainment field. The club has a membership of sixty-seven. Its colors are black and whiteg its motto, "All the Wo1'ld's a Stagef' and its flower, the white rose. The first meeting of the year was in the form of an initiation banquet in the high school lunch room. Our president, Joan Kundard, acted as toast mistress. This was followed by a Truth or Consequences program in thegauditorium with Ed Jackson as master of ceremonies. Dramatics Club productions this year have been the following one act plays: Not Quite Such A Gooseg The Ghosts Walkg Fireman Save My Childg Sparklin'g and Yes Means No. The club also sponsored an Amateur Hour program, bringing to light talent from every year in school. The first semester otiicers were: President, Joan Kundardg vice president, Chuck Sheetsg secretary, Ellie Owensg treasurer, Mac Arnold. The second semester officers were: President, Clifton Nilsong vice president, George Closeg secretary, Peggy Fletterg treasurer, Greta Bodie. Mrs. Jane Cappellino was the club sponsor. Page Fifiy-foil 1' faameu a ' The Future Farmers of America is an organization of farm boys who are interested in agriculture. It was organized in Angola in 1931 under the supervision of Mr. Elliott. Every boy who is in the vocational agriculture department is eligible to join the F.F.A. The organization held its combined alumni-father and son banquet at Potawatomi Inn on December 3. Ninety-six members and guests attended. Former Senator Raymond E. Willis gave the main address. He compared ways of farming in foreign countries to our more highly developed methods. Bill Crain gave the welcome address and Marvin Green. a former president of F.F.A., gave the response. In December the Angola Chapter sold Christmas trees, continuing a project started in 1945. The chapter organized a basketball team, which won a series of two out of three games from the Hi-Y. The F. F. A. team defeated the Coldwater F. F. A. on February l l. The Angola chapter's dairy judging team, Dick Shank, Bill Crain, John Elliott, and Bill Carr, placed seventh in the district contest last year and the team members attended the state judging contest at Purdue in July. This team won first place in the Steuben Countydairy judging contest held April 19, and represented the county in the District Contest, May 1. Our chapter sent two delegates, Dick Shank and Bob Wfalter, to the state convention at Purdue University in April. Dick Shank received the Hoosier Farmer degree. The chapter has twenty-two active members and a host of alumni. The otlicers for the present year were: President, Bill Craing vice president, Bill Carrg secretary, Dick Shankg treasurer, Chuck Sheets, and reporter, Jim Neukam. Mr. Elliott is the adviser. I-Zack row: Bob XX'nlte1', Laurel Ili-sliinontl, Loren Het-kltfr, .lame-s Ni-ukzini, Keith Ne-wnum. Middle row: lilurwlett Juvksoii, lvivk Shank. Hill Crain. 1"l1ui'k Sheets, lPeXYayne llieli- lllilllfll, Mr. Elliott. Front row: Hadley Iluvis. Dick Anelrew, Jerry' YanXX'a2ner, Uwe-li JXIHSIUIZ, liilyllllllld Svott, Herbert Sanflt-rs. P4104 F1 M ,cv I! I v,,, ' ""' if 4 ,, ,,,, , ,, -4 ,,.,, ,, 1, WN, acfcaqajftcfnaallktneamlfnedame Girls eonze elasbing info fbe library wifb fales of lasf nigbfs rlafes. Fellows are frying fo ge! fbeir pbysies eonzplefezl before Class. "How are yon going fo flae baseball or baslzefball ganze fonigbf?" Tinze fo lainie grazlnafion piefiires faken. "Have you a clafe for flae Cbrisfnzas Prom?" Tben fbere is fbe Cbrisfnzas exebange. Sbonlcl I say more? . . . Vaeaiion, exains, play lryonfs, and big assignnzenfs wben ibere isn'f an yfbing else fo keep ns bnsy! Cborzzs rebearsal for fbe Spring Coneerf, rlafes for Innior-Senior Banqnef, plans for bonse pariies, praefiee nzarebing for BtIl'CtIltIIll'f'lIIlf' anal finally Conznzeneeznenf e.x'ereise.s.' So, Ibis is sebool! Ob, lean' nie fo if. H, Jef udkye MII "Stage Door," a comedy in three acts by Edna Ferber and George Kauffman, was presented by the senior class on Thursday and Friday evenings, March 27 and 28. The action takes place in the Foot Lights Club, somewhere in the West Fifties in New York City, and the story deals with the girls who live there and their friends. The ambition of every girl there is to become an actress, and many are the appli- cations at all the casting offices, which the girls visit daily. Sometimes the girls are given minor parts and the shows fold up within a week, or parts as understudies, with the leading actresses never becoming ill. Pat Devine gets a job as a night club entertainer. Terry Randall gives recipes on a radio program and later resorts to selling blouses at Macey's. The life of Kaye Hamilton ends in tragedy because of no work and accumulated debts. Jean Maitland is offered a part in a moving picture and goes to Hollywood. She returns a year later to appear on Broadway and as she is followed by reporters and cameramen, she is lionized by the girls at the Club. Much of the interest is centered upon Terry Randall, who admires a young play- wright, Keith Burgess, and helps him write a play. He secures a producer who refuses to hire Terry to play the leading role. Keith later succumbs to the demands of Holly- wood. Terry is also offered work in moving pictures by a producer, David Kingsley, but he gives her his personal advice to remain true to the legitimate stage. Later Mr. Kingsly brings another producer, Adolph Gretzl, to the Footlights Club to have Terry try out for a part. He declares her incompetent, but David buys the play from him and secures Terry for both his leading lady and his bride. The cast included: Olga Brant, the pianist, Betty Feagler, Mattie the colored maid, Bonnie Kessler, Frank, another colored servant, Bob Williamson, Terry Randall, Peggy Fletter, Pat Devine, Lois Leman, Mary Harper, Big Mary, Patsy Cremean: Mary Mc- Cune, Little Mary, Bette Griffin, Bernice Niemeyer, Carolyn Bender, Madeline Vauclain, Barbara Sanders, Judith Canfield, Lorna Waite, Ann Braddock, Doris Kyle, Kaye Ham- ilton, Greta Bodie, Linda Shaw, Angela Foutz, Jean Maitland, Margaret Owens, Bobby Melrose, Donna Stevens, Louise Mitchell, Rose Marie Ashley, Susan Paige, Barbara Brat- ton, Kendall Adams, Shirlee Allen, Tony Gillette, Jean Boyer, Ellen Fenwick, Betty Miller, Mrs. Orcutt, Joan Kundard, Sam Hastings, Chuck Sheets, jimmy Devereaux, Don Sell, Fred Powell, Burton Whitlock, Lou Milhouser, Dick Romero, David Kingsley. Bill Lemley, Keith Burgess, Andrew Emerson, Mrs. Shaw, Patty Harman, Dr. Randall, Leland Ewers, Larry Wescott, the reporter, Mac Arnold, Billy, the photographer, Bob Walter, Adolph Gretzl, a producer, Leonard Mitzman. The stage set was beautifully constructed with a central archway. The lighting effects added much to the performance. The costumes were very colorful. Much credit for the success of the play should also go to the stage crew and Vern Easterday and to the students who worked on committees. The complete production was under the skillful direcction of Charles Edwin Shank. -s. ......,......g..-. WT' v .g2iz1f+r?a Pa qt' Fifty-sit ua Jule wif!! jmiqn "A Date With Judy," a three-act comedy, was presented by the junior class on February 5 and 6, to very appreciative audiences. The plot centered around Judy Foster's humorous efforts to become queen of the "Community Relief Fund Ball" by raising the most money in the campaign sponsored by this organization. The resulting complications involved the entire family in a series of laughable events which held the attention of the audience throughout the performance. The cast included Judy Foster, a teen-age miss, Sheila Harman, Melvin Foster, her father, Dick Fisherg Dora Foster, her mother, Ileen Nelson, Randolph Foster, her younger brother, John Eldridge, Hannah, the maid, Molly Hosackg Barbara Winsocket, Judy's friend, Elinor Owens, Oogie Pringle, the man in Judy's life, George Close, Mitzie Hoffman, another of Judy's friends, Mary Alice Myers, Mr. Martindale, a theatrical producer, Harold Dowellg Mrs. Hotchkiss, the laundry woman, Mary Jane Henderson, Eloise Hotchkiss, her daughter who elocutes, Lois Spangleg Mrs. Shultzhammer, of the P.T.A., Shirley Brokaw, Rexford Meredith O'Connor, a new boy in town, Phil Hull, Susie, Rexis kid sister, Elinor Loomis, Radio Announcer, Tom Jack, and the messenger, Dean Sutton. The' production staff was as follows: Student director, Margaret Van Wagner, assistant, Claire Smith, business manager, Don Chaddickg stage manager, Loren Heckler, stage crew, Tom Jack, Dean Sutton, Jim Willis, Carl Raneyg property manager, George Close, assistant, Bill Crain, program committee, Don Chaddick, John Elliott, Keith Newnam. The ushers were Donna Phnney, Jo Ann Thrasher, Donna Yates, Elsie Castner, Donna Shaffer, and Mary Lois Baker. The music during intermissions and before and after the play was provided by the High School Band, directed by Mrs. Kindig. Two numbers were sung by the sophomore octet, Lou Phillips, Jeanne Anne Webb, Phyllis Ashley, Marysue Kring, Phyllis Ryan, Mary Ellen Redding, Martha Renner, and Beverly Robbins, with Miss Lippincott at the piano. The play was under the direction of Mrs. Jane Cappellino. P413 U Fifi-5'-xi'1'z'11 gbzh' wffnfeiic adfiacialion ,g 'L 5 2-,s ? , fg ' . 1 1 , C' 'Vim row: Num-y Sutton, lvorotliy IH-tersoii, Ivenie ""IIlv'l', I':it Harnian, Sally XYilli:im- son, Iionnie Kessler, Miss lit-es, Jenn XYil1i1uiisoii. .Iv-rry' Smis, I-iillie .I-4 Hof-kiiis, Stella llui-oI'r'. I"i'olit row: Suzainiin I.:-mley, Luis Sums, 3l2l1'llYIl Klinz. Blarilyii Hariiiun. Sondra llaliirlollih, Ijmiwitliy Bingley, Patsy f'l't-'lNt'1lIl. IhAvei'ly lioliliins, Iizitie XX'il1izin1soii, The Girls' Athletic Association is active again after being non-exstent for five years. It is under the leadership of its president, Marilyn Kling. She is assisted by vice president, Bonnie Kessler. The gals that keep the records are jean Boyer, the recording secretary. and Denie Cotner, the corresponding secretary. Pat Harman is the banker. Miss Rees. the physical education teacher, is the sponsor and executive head of the or- ganization. You have all heard the old adage. "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boyf' The same thing holds true for jill. The Girls, Athletic Association provides such games as basketball, baseball, volley ball, and many other sports. Every Friday night from -1- till 5 olclock you can hear strange noises isqueals. shrieks, ohs, and yellsj in the gym. Yes, if you would investigate, you would find the girls in the midst of an exciting game. They also have tobogganing parties. skating parties, and other outside entertainment. The girls have a business meeting once a month. The purpose of the organization is to stimuate the girls' interests in variuos sports. to promote good sportsmanship and cooperation. and to develop character and ability. Membership is open to all high school girls. The organization must abide by laws of the National Girls' Athletic Association concerning the point system. awards. and the constitution, but the members of the local organizations choose their own sports and the amount of dues to be paid. If 1 I1 I5-eight First row: XYaitiu' ful' tile mail In i-miie: in. Ilw,-11: Phyllis and Jeanine: f'lie111ist1'y wluss uf '46, Se-Urlid ruw: Iilxvr-Vllt' and Mrs. Maynard: Cnld, Miss lleeeifg Believe it or nut, it'4 Patsy: Miss I-Ieplineri NYhat's on ywui' mind, Ph3'llis'?? 'I'lii1'd row: Dale and Arie-nv Mvtjlcllaiil Carwlyu Flofxiflelt Eli, I:-vtifi "Im-ly" and her vzlti The Kun11:u'ds, "Jw" and "Ti:-k." Fourth row: EQ-ve1'ly and Phyllis: Young couple--Keith Newnuin and Lorna TVaits: Ain't it the t1'utli'? 1-ang' ,, lk! x gf CHILDREN jflllecfaua '1'lP1'1l1ZU1'I' 11111 1'--11' P1111 111111, 1if1ilI1 N1-w11:1111. 111-111211 C111s1'. 1111I'11'll XY11it10Ck. Den YVe1+11-11. 111,-NYay11H 111--11111f1111i1. Cliftifn X11X1-11. 111111 4'11111111111Q. 1-111 1,v11111-1-I V11111-11 S111-1115. v ' 'P S1-1111111 1111" .X1'11'111- M1'4'1--111111, .11-2111 M11111, .111A1111 '11l1'L'l411t'1', M11r11X11 1l1111r1A1', 111.1111 1fI11111It. Harwlfl Dr-W1-11. Owen 1X111w1111x, 111111 511111, Miw 1.i1111i11-11111, 1,1-1111411-11 A11IZ111i111, 11011 XYLl11L'I', G+A1'i1l11 1'L-urs--11, 11a111- 11-'1'1n-112111, M11113' Hffsack, 511111-11 1i1'1-1i111x', 11111-11 N1-1-1111. 11:11'1'i1-1 11151-. 1'1"111l 11111, l'111NA1' S1-Hsi1111s, 1,-11-1111 1121111-. ,11-11111111 .X1I1l'x' 111111. Mnrif-11 .11-119911. 1"1111y' 1-H-ag1e1'. 1.1-11 .-311111 P11i11ips. l':11'111'1'11 1:4'I1'10'1', 1'111'111s 1i1'1111. ILUNV M411'11A 1Xf111+-Y. Shirlew A111-11. D1y1'iS Kyl-f. 3I211'YX1,1" Krinz. 1,-11N Le11'11111. Sheila 11v11'111f111. 111-11-1'1v 11111-11111s, 1v111111:1 1'11111111-v, lmif Sp1111:11-, l2111'l111' 1V1XYfQ'1'l9. D11-111111 Sutra-11. .11-4111 K111111111'-1. Sue Meyer, Jean ,X11x11-11 M1-11111--1f 11111 111 11i1'11z1'--' 1C11u1'111- M-wk, 111--Ii .-111111-11111 Ji1lYlE'S BI111'1'I1Y, Mary E11-311 111-1111i11g. I-'11y11is .-X4111E'f-', P1.15'11iS 511:111'1, 1511111-1' 1,11111111s, A1il1'T1l1i 1111111-11-1111 S1C1'1IXl'1 GROVP '1'1111 1'f11v: M111x' .X1111 1Yi111:1111f1111, M:11'i1y11 1L:111r1f1'. 1141111121 S11111'I'w1', Patsy S14sQi11112. 1"111'--13'11 PCe1111vr. .11i1A1111 T1'1r3S11er. V ,111:1n ,x11.1'1'. 121.1-,,1'11 .I4Il'11il11, Willa .11111-- 11111111-, 11111311-1-iv H1-1111m', 111-rv1t115' 1111215-Y, .IH.111 Austen. M-1113' H-asa.-k. J-:-an K1111f1:11'114 Mis 1,111111111111l, S11i1'11-3' 111'+1k:111'. Mary' Aliwl Myers. .X1'1P11n- 1311111-1, 5111- Meywr. Arlene M-:1,'11f11a11. Sa115' Wil- 1i:1111-f1111 1111--11 N1-INH11, 1l1-111114- 1i11Sa1+-1', lf2l1111'X1l 1m1111I, ll1o1'iz1 1.21x'111v. S111--11111 rwwz 11:11-11111 .I1111s1-11, 1.-111 4X1111 1'11i11111N. .T111111ita 1MA1111v1'1'st, 1,11V--1'1w Rael.-1'-11151 I-11419 1'ast11er. Fieverly .11,1'11:111, 11111'111111' 1'11111's1f11, S11i1'11'1' A111f1'1, .11-:111 XYi11i:1111s1-11. Mary 111115 1311111-1', Mary' Miller, 1,1w1Q S1'1a11:1e. Mary' E111111 Red- f1i11:, 1L11s1- M:11'1-- .M1111-X, 1'115'11is 1Cy:111, 121-111' xlflx' M1111-11 N"11'1111L H111--1:111. S1111111'11 111111111-11'1l1. Jean B1-Yer. Di-111111 P111Dll6f'. 11. 11111 r1111f111, M:11'11-,11 11:11'111:111,1'z1t 11n1'111:111. '1'11111:'1Mi111-1', E1111111' HW1-115. 11111111-I 1:1-sv 1111111 1-,nxt 1:11111 11-11u'1111'. 1,111-11:1 1121111-, .11-411111-- A11111- XY'A1'1'. 11H1'iS KYIQ-, 1'v'l"1"Sf Zillmli-1'111a11. IY1111e Jean HC1I'ki1'l5- 1 x x l'1,"1,ix s1,,11,',-4 IN.. .'11,,,, ,'11s:1111111 1.1,-ml,-yy li:11111'y11 1,1111 XYi11iz1111sf-11, 1.1-uiw 12ri1111-Y, 1':11111I1' L...-.n1is, Greta Ftndie. Mary- s11, 1i1'111:1 1'111'111s 1':11111111:', .1:111i"11 ,1r,1111's, 1.11ix 1,11111:111, M:1l'i1B'11 15111123 M2'l1'2'1U'CY V311M'3i11r1'. Phyllis .-XS111631 Nan-23' s11v11111. 511111111 11:11-111:111, 111-11111 C'11t11p1', I1.,1'111-ly l:oI1l1i11s, Mnrtlm 1:1f11111-1-, Mi111'1iL- 211-:Ke-1111-5, Lfnug D11La11Cey. Donna S111,1f111, 15111171 A1111'i:111. AI1111111111's 11111 111 1111-1111-11: 1111111111-1 F41-mlmn, xwlvgl 11.-15,1131-ff-1'. S11-11a B111-1-1'1', 1:11n11 lf111E'11Ll1'f. F1T1I'1'R1'3 Gwiazdovvski, M:11'I11:1 111-i111111111, 11111'11:11':1 1Z1':1t1f111, 11f11'111:1 S1111-11s, 121-tru Gl'iml1. Priya' Sixly I I MIXED CHORUS The mixed chorus has a membership of Hfty this year. It is under the direction of Mary Catherine Lippincott and the accompanists were Betty Feagler, Elinor Owens, and Don Chaddick. This group participated in the Spring Concert. The oHicers are: Joan Kundard, president, Elinor Owens, vice president and librarian, and Lois Leman, secretary. These oiiicers also served for the other vocal music groups. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB The Girls' Glee Club this year has eighty-four members. They presented a program, along with the band, in the auditorium on November 15 with the theme, "A Pretty Girl Is Like a Melody." All of the small vocal ensembles participated. The glee club took part in the Spring Concert, given in the auditorium on May 2. The group is under the direction of Mary Catherine Lippincott and the accompanist is Betty L. Feagler. A CAPPELLA CHORUS The a cappella chorus is a new organization this year. Thirty-six girls are enrolled. They sang at the superintendents' meeting at Potawatomi Inn on November 7. The chorus presented a very impressive Christmas Cantata, "The Wondrous Storyv by Bellaire and Kountz. The a cappella chorus sang numbers in the Spring Concert. Mary Catherine Lippincott is the director. fl'op row: Jeanne Anne XYebb,'JoAnn Thrasher, Carolyn Bender, Lorna. YVaite, Rose Marie Ashley, Sue Meyer, Molly Hosaek, Shirley Brokaw, Jean Anstett, lleen Nelson, Elinor Owens, Harriet Rose. Second row: Marion Jensen, Elsie Castner, Mary Lois Baker, Phyllis Ryan, Phyllis Ashley, Joan Kundard, Arlene McClellan, Donna. Sutton, Donna Stevens, Donna Phinney, Marilyn Harman. 4 Front row: Lou Phillips, Betty Feaggler, Shirlee Allen, Doris Kyle, Jean Miller, Mary- sue Kring, Lois Le-man, Mary Ellen Redding, Lois Spangle, Margaret Owens, Beverly Rob- bins, Sheila Harman, Miss Lippincott. Members not pictured: Martha Reinoehl, Elinor Loomis. - Page Sixty-cme -Ins. '21-I A ,A x as ' zz' ' of Q1 - if ,mfr ' 1 i nf 4' A 1 5 14- . .1 iii, 2 wad ememdlu JUNIOR QUINTETTE Back row-Molly Hos- ack, Sheila I-Iarman. Front row - Elinor Owens, Shirley Brokaw, Lois Spangle. JUNIOR QUARTETTE Elsie Castner, Jo A n n T h r a s h e r, Donna Shaffer. Mary Lois Baker. FRESHMAN SEXTETTE Back row-Dorothy Pe- tersen, Sally Vfilliamson. Ar- lene McClellan. Front ro W - Suzanna Lemley, Nancy Sutton, De- nie Cotner. SENIOR SEXTETTE B a c li row - Carolyn Bender, Joan Kundard, Lorna Waite. Front row-Doris Kyle, Donna Stevens, Lois Leman. SOPHOMORE OCTETTE Back row-Lou Phillips. Jeanne Anne Webb, Mary Ellen Redding, Martha Ren- ner. Fron t row - Phyllis Ryan, Phyllis Ashley, Mary- sue Kring, Beverly Robbins. can Flute, Valrie Ii1'ivksri1i: lillinn-', Plwel-e Miller: L'l!1l'lllPl5. Ili:-lizirrl Ilfiiiieiw, lion 1i'li:ulilivli. Elinor Looinis. l:1lYllllJllll Ser-tt. Dori 'l'ayl1vr. Llutlie Vvitiif-i', Nainwy XYliite. liillv Loriwl-vii, Susan .lo YVootl, Phyllis Bislioiifl Alto Clztrinet, Mary Lee Sell: liassooii. T1J.ll'1'Y Kunkiz-lg Sax- opliones, Tliolnas Ott, Mary Dnvisg t'ui'n--ts, Lt-oiizti'-l IPII, Vlift-in Nilswn, lien XVel-lon. linliert XVi11iamson, Owen Ainstutz. Diana Beatty: Frenf-li Horns, Arlene M1'l'lt-llaii, Ili-uve Martin: Baritone, Richard Meek: Trombones, David Handy, Thomas lie-ek, Tron Hutt: Sotisaiilioiies, Wharles Humphries, David Smith, Dick Andre-wg Pi.-rcussion, Morris Eggleston, Barljiara Urattwn, Glen LaYine. Marry Alice Myers. 'l lf:-e on " The instrumental department, under the direction of Mrs. Barbara Kindig, was very busy this year. They played at the iirst four basketball games and numerous other school activities. They marched on Decoration Day. They also marched for the Governor of Indiana and other celebrities at the grand opening of the 'XVeatherhead Factory in Angola. The band presented a public concert on January 29 and appeared in a concert with the vocal department on May 2. The trumpet trio, Ben NVeldon, Bob XVilliamson, and Clifton Nilson, have ap- peared in a number of programs throughout the year. Last year they received first rank- ing honors in the State Music Contest. A trio made up of Ben XVeldon, Bob XVilliamson and Leonard Ott won iirst place this year. The clarinet trio is another prominent music group. The members are Dick Romero, Don Chaddick, and Elinor Loomis. Other music groups that appeared in the concert are the brass quartet, Owen Am- stutz, Diana Beatty, Arlene McClellan, and Tom Reekg the string trio, Sue Xveiss, Garna Lee Golden, and Sylvia Jackson, the Woodwind quintet, Valrie Erickson, Billy Londony Susan Jo XVood, Phyllis Bishop, and Larry Kunkel, and the brass sextet, Leonard Ott, Ben Weldon, Arlene McClellan, David Handy, Dick Meek, and Charles Humphries. The school bought two new instruments, a brass horn.and a tenor saxophone, for the band this year. Three soloists, Larry Kunkel, bassoong Valrie Erickson, flute: and Don Chaddick, piano, placed in the first division of the state music contest held on March 29.5 The Band Mothers' Club had a bake sale in the fall. They bought sweaters for the seniors that were in the band and gave pins to the pupils who were in the band but not in high school. The officers of the band this year are: Clifton Nilson, presidentg Ben Wfeldon, vice presidentg Morris Eggleston, secretary and treasurerg and Bob Wrilliamson, property manager. 1 'q N 26 -1' f kg -- at ' .. - 'e , me' l ik A., M -r First Huw: Hub 'll limb: liixsgllt rum-N and n tllfvrni Hf:0l'g'ie!l Swvmnl naw: Nl4fI'l'X!1 S4-nifrrslfi Slug Iinfll Lrmkit at that rronvertl Thirll VUXVZ "Dfw" and l,1LV4frnr-3 XY1ulrl5', you'll gf-1 WWII: flu-14,w, "Mmf":"I:ohir1imor1" f'l't'I1lt'2lIl, Phyllis SIIllll'l'Q Misw Myers P, lf2il'IUH.Ilf Sulltll uf that Bmwlf-12 Fuurtll ruw: A Seniux' and tllrefg Suphx XVQ-Map "l1usU"'1 "Garg:m11,1a" Xxvi-l.lf,f'I'I Lf-aning "Snplns", Wy f fm' ' ? L35 f FQ IS . , I f , 5 . 'Qifafi ? . K Q W 2 . .,,, My f " 11 ' 1 -, , ,.4,, : :eu 1 74272: Vf 4 , Z:-new ,I 11 f V M, .4 fx 'V ' 'W 3: 4 1 z Z' 3 PY 2 U1 3, 99545. uf. f 4:1 Ma.. 5 IEE X Z ,f ,P ,mam J a The Y-Teen Christmas Prom opened the holiday festivities for all Y-Teen members and their guests and all Hi-Y members and their guests. The Prom was held at the Masonic Temple on Saturday evening, December 14, 1946. There was the scent of gardenias and mistletoe and the swishing of formals to add to the holiday spirit. The decorations were in accordance with the Christmas theme. About fifty couples attended. Charles E. Shank presented two selected numbers during the intermission. The junior quintet, Elinor Owens, Molly Hosack, Sheila Harman, Lois Spangle, and Shirley Brokaw, sang "All the Things You Are" and "I'1l See You in My Dreamsf, Patty Lou Harman was the general chairman for the aifair. Other committee chair- men were: program, joan Kundardg decorations, Patsy Cremean and Donna Stevens, tickets, Peggy Fletterg and publicity, Barbara Sanders. , The chaperones were: Mr. and Mrs. Harold Stevens, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Redding. Mr. and Mrs. Hermon Phillips, Mr. and Mrs. Herschel Sutton, Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Kindig, Mr. and Mrs. Milo Certain, Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Elliott, John L. Estrich, and the Misses Lilly Kohl, Eunice Reed, Ruby Shultz, Mary C. Lippincott and the chief spon- sor of the Y-Teens, Miss Vera Myers. Page Sixty-fi zft' , if Page 7 Page 13 Pzlgc' 41 Pagv 47 First rf-xv: Nfvtif-me--b'm1iu1's with lmuksi XX'aQling YUUI' timu, g'ii'lS'!?Z Luis I4-Hl'l'1Sl 1'11t1- klttviis -er!! Sewnisl Nw: limn't he maid, "l'hi1l": Vute pusnf, Gloria: Must be Sunvlaju, . vhii :mil Lzilirzi ulius lnnly and lmiiiiai "Ellie" 2.1111 lnfi' vurl-4 f-li I-Ziflcw Third ruwi llwfliis and XVaite: in Milwaukffeq l'Jmmr,mohm,----IizivinQ' trovilulvf, "Stew-"!. -1m.kwufn1" Sewvll: lJf111,2'l21sS and Ilui-inanq Hifll'P1'DY, 1"'2lI'fI Hmmmmmmmmm Gini-ia. l'wul'tl1 rww: "l'sins" in our yuL1i12,'1'1'cl21yH: 'NVlm's wiiming, lIUYSf"l Xllsltel' and his slung. Z s M, wmv fm -cd." .K, X , My , 11 N 'Xwm First ruwi Nu mailfli Rm- an-I Murilyng flngluuXYl I-Iariiiuii twins in thi-ii' ywiiiiui-1' lluyx Qmile pn,-tty, prirlw: lI21l'2'ic' and Ellie: XYhat ya gut. Phi-VF sw--,ml rmv: XVlwi'v's Ilill, Sllvrvl Pat Harman: HI:LllTiIVS"I Snzil-:ing up all the Quin Kathy? I-1111 I-, 11 few SllllllTIt'l'S ugh: Hivwaiwl Arn-wld and his uffspriiipi, Third ruw: 'True lmwfg IAM Xtrll mzike it. P. Asl1lv5"T: Hiwywle built fm' thrw-, XYhuI pretty' liwxvwrsi Mari-Inf ll'-vu1'tli iwlw: Mrs, Kunkel 111111 MIN. Str-veiisi Sitting' plwftly: l'e-te! :irl in livr 3-miiigul' days: Soplis. 'v 42+ A5 li ., if: 54, '15 Y si -r 1 fi i owe! L UWB' Pa DONGEEQL l'30o,VG! ' Q 3 ' 'I :QU 111 SL'pfL'IlI!7t'I" 5 XVith smiles on their faces, 208 students en- tered high school 6 Corridor committee members elected 9 At their first meeting the former Girl Re- serves changed their names to Y-Teens 12 F.F.A. boys "tripped" over to Montpelier to the fair. Did you see a lot of livestock boys? 13 Home room election. Don Sell was elected president of Senior Class 14 Hi-Y formal initiation 17 Faculty enjoyed themselves at a picnic at Po- kagon 20 Constitution Week observed. Student Council election 23 Dramatics Club was organized with Jo Kun- dard as president 24 Again the F.F.A. boys attended a fair, this time Hillsdale. First G.A.A. meeting. 25 Edon's baseballers spanked the Hornets to the tune of 9-3 27 Angola had a shut out victory over the Ashley Aces 14-0. Student Council elected Bob Williamson president October- 1 Edon 2g Angola 1. First issue of Hornet ap- peared 4 Wade Quartette entertained high school. An- gola defeated Wfaterloo 5-4 here. Marilyn Kling heads G.A.A. 9 Dramatics Club initiation supper 10 Freshmen initiated under care of Sophomores 11 Sheets and Redding elected cheer leaders. Key annual sales started 12 Y-Teens held district conference at Pokagon Girls' Camp 15 Juniors received finger hardware 16 Dramatics Club meeting 18 Speech class had charge of auditorium program ge .Sixfy-eight 22 23 24 28 30 N0 1 5 7 8 11 15 IS 19 20 25 27 28 30 Roman Banquet was held by second year Latin class "Red" Loomis elected Editor-in-chief of Key annual -25 Teachers gave students rest while they went to association Y-Teen formal initiation and pot-luck supper Charm Quartette entertained high school and grade school. Seniors attended trial at court house Z'f'1lIf7Cl"- Seniors canvassed for U.S.O. drive Faculty entertained students with an assembly program Northern Indiana Superintendents' Club were guests of Mr. Estrich At our Hrst basketball game the Kendallville Comets shot over the Hornets 32-25 XVe paid solemn tribute to a world at peace Music department displayed their talents at auditorium program. Angola was scratched by Wfaterloo Wildcats 33-32 Hi-Y had their annual Father and Son Banquet Concordia defeated Angola 65-52 F.F.A. had a special meeting. Wonder what cooked! Thanksgiving program was feature of Y-Teen meeting Rev. Finley spoke at auditorium program. Va- cation started Anticipation fTurkeyj-Realization QNoonj -Regretting fBromoj Auburn played on Angolais court and after a red hot game won 47--I-3 Df'c'i'111bw'- 2 3 6 7 11 13 Back to the old grind F.F.A. Alumni Banquet at Potawatomi Inn. G.A.A. had business meeting. Angola was en- tertained by Stevens Puppet Show. Second teamigained new name. You will now know them as the "Bees" "We came, we saw, we conquered" by beat- ing LaGrange 65-29 Marion Jensen and Gloria LaVine attended the Debate and Legislative Conference at Purdue In a furious game Hornets came out victorious over the Garrett Railroaders 34-32 Alpha Delta Chi presented "Fireman, Save My Child." The Hornets traveled to Butler, but were defeated 37-34 14 19 20 21- Y-Teen entertained the people at the County farm by singing Christmas Carols. Angola Civic Theatre was organized Music Department presented a very impres- sive Christmas program Angola journeyed to Fremont with great re- sults, winning 59-29 Jan. 6 Hooray! Two weeks! Everyone gets a vacation from everything. Think so??? Ian.1mrv- 6 Back to school again! Tough luck! 11 Angola Hornets buzzed over to Howe and buzzed back victorious by 33-30 13 Mr. Estrich addressed Y-Teen and Hi-Y Clubs. G.A.A. had a Toboggan Party 14 Wayne Beauty School provided a demonstra- tion for all girls. "Ellie" Owens and Marilyn Servis volunteered to have their hair set 15 Cliff Nilson was elected president of Drama- tics Club for the new semester 17 Garrett gained revenge on their own court by stopping the Hornets 41-40 18 Exams! Horrors! XVe didn't know we could forget so much! 22 Angola was again victorious over Fremont by an 8 point margin 24 Waterloo Wildcats whipped the Hornets again 41-32. Art teacher, Dota Claudius Brown alias "Brownie" left old A.H.S. for good. Shame on you, Harriet and Jean, keeping secrets from your fellow class mates-getting married like that 27 The art classes initiated a new art teacher, Mr. Gondring 28 Salem Center beat the Hornets 30-21 29 Band Concert was another musical success 30 No lights! No school! Q 31 Angola vs. Berne game postponed - no lights Fl"bl'1ltlVj'i 3 "Pop,' Certain left for Florida 5 First night of Junior Play 6 A grand performance was given both nights by the cast of "A Date XVith Judy" 7 Avilla ventured to Angola to be beaten by Angola 43-39 9 Y-Teens attended Christian Church services in a group 11 All cars traveled to Coldwater to see Angola play. Hornets lose 49-42 13-14 Civic Theatre play "I Remember Mama" 14 Windmills fan Hornets 40-35. Seniors thrill students with Auditorium program. Pepsi-Cola Scholarship tests were taken by Don Sell, Andy Emerson and !'Corky" Johnson. Many hearts float about oblivious of bodies 18 Berne 35-Angola 33, delayed action 26-Mar. 1 Sectional at Auburn Mareb- 7 Hornets packed up to see Regional at Fort Wayne 11 Y-Teeners thrilled their parents with a Pa-Ma- Me Banquet 14 Semi-Finals at Muncie 22 A few of the Hornets traveled to Indianapolis to see the State Finals 27 Opening night for the Senior Play 28 Seniors brought down the house with their big contribution to school activities, their Play 29 District Music Contest April- 4, 5, 6 A breathing spell to recuperate and then push forward to the end of school. Seniors begin to feel bad about leaving A.H.S. 12 Rev. Borders addresses Y-Teens. 23 Albion College Band and Crchestra entertained in the evening May- 2 Dick Romero, Leona DeLancey elected Jubilee King and Queen candidates. 2 Joint Concert was given by vocal and instru- mental music groups 16 Awards Day for A.H.S. 25 Baccalaureate Services at Christian Church 28 Junior-Senior Banquet 29 Commencement. Class Day 30 Grade Cards. School's out. Three months, va- cation for everyone except the Seniors! College for some. Marriage for a selected few. XVork for all. wwf f Z 7 I 26509 W .V fx ' I Tig frrgfi -- Page Sixty-111110 Pa on lfze Last night I held a little hand, So dainty and so sweetg I thought my heart would surely break, So wildly did it beat. No other hand in all this world Can greater solace bring, Than that sweet hand I held last night, Four aces and a king! Burton: What's the hurry? Jackson: I bought a text book and I'm try- ing to get to class before the next edition. Frosh: XVhat's Professor Owens talking about? Junior: Integration, you half-wit. Froshs Is he for it or against it? "Now, jim Willis,,' said the teacher, "listen to me carefully. If I had five eggs in this basket and laid three on the table, how many eggs would I have?" "Eight," was the cheerful reply. Owens: Officer, this man is annoying me. Oflicer: But this man isn't even looking at you. Owens: I know it. That's what annoys me. Mr. Rose: Lou Ann, can you define nonsense? Lou: Yes, teacher. An elephant hanging over a cliff with his tail tied to a daisy. Pop: Pneumatic is misspelled in this letter. XVhy did you type it "neumatic"? John E.: The "k" on my typewriter isn't working. One skunk to another: "You do too." On the back of Dale Lonsburyis truck is the following inscription: "Caution-this truck stops for all railroads, intersections, stop lights, bru- nettes, redheads, and will back up one half mile for a blonde." Groom: Now perhaps I'll be permitted to point out a few of your defects. Bride: It won't be necessary, darling. I know them. They kept me from getting a better man than you. ,QF Seventy lzehm uafe The ship was sinking, and the captain called all hands aft. "Who among you can pray?,' he asked. "I can," replied an ensign. "Then pray, shipmatef' ordered the captain. "The rest of you put on your life jackets. We're one short." If a boy tries to kiss a girl and gets away with it, he's a hero. If he tries and doesnit get away with it, heis a brute. If he doesnit try but would get away with it if he tried, he's a coward And if he doesnft try to kiss her and wouldnit get away with it if he did-hels a wise man. -Herb Sanders Mr. Handy: There's a young man in this class making a fool of himself. Wfhen he's through, I'll start. He tilted Her lovely head Toward him And bent over Her tremulous mouth. He gazed Intently at her For a moment, Then said softly, "I'm going to have To pull that toothln Sam: Wfhat is an optimist? Jim: An optimist is a cross-eyed man who is thankful he isnit bow legged. Mr. Elliott: Did you have any luck when you were duck hunting? Diluckz Yeah, I shot at one and missed him. Then Iishot at another and hit him in the same place. "It is only too true that a girlys ideal is shat- tered," said a writer. More often he is just broke. FAMOUS NEGATIVES XVhen one refers to Uthe conservation of wild lifef' he does not refer to night clubs. A diamond CUUZC1' is not the man who cuts grass on the baseball diamond. Joan of Are was not Noah's wife. Harley Allion-Cement Plant, Cement City, Michigan. Roy Charles Bodie-Printer, Tri-State, Angola, Indiana. LaMar Buck-Bowling Alley, Angola, Indiana. Lowell Collins-Adv. Manager, Nash Kelvinator, Detroit, Michigan. Albert Cramer-Wfeiss Machine Shop, Angola, Indiana. Byrdena Dando-Mrs. I-Iermon Sranz, Coldwater Lake, Michigan. Josephine Dilts-Mrs. Ed. Mathison, Hughes Springs, Texas. Joseph Douglass-Williamson Hardware, Angola, Indiana. Princess Ewers-Mrs. Sam Brooks, Ashley, Indiana Dorleska Gay-Mrs. Byron Pence, Chicago, Illi- nois. Ora German-Painter, Fort XVayne, Indiana. Lois Golden-Mrs. I.aMar Buck, Angola, Indiana. Ruth Golden-Mrs. James Austin, Angola, Indi- ana. Maynard Harter-Pet Milk Co., Angola, Indiana. Ruth Haywood-Mrs. Johnson, Los Angeles, Cal- itornia. Kenneth Hemry-Farming, Angola, Indiana. Stephen I-Iorn-Pet Milk Co., Angola, Indiana. Harry Klink-Klink Funeral I-Iome, Angola, In- diana. Geneva Lewis-Fort Wayne, Indiana. Robert Lowther-Northern Indiana Public Serv- ice Co., Angola, Indiana. iaf'.27 Leona Mallory-Mrs. Aselton, Clauson, Michigan. Lucille Metzgar-Mrs. XValter Grill, Medford, Oregon. Bonnie Myers-Mrs. Mervin VanXVagner, Orland, Indiana. Russell Miller-NVilliamson Hardware, Angola, Indiana. Irene Patterson-Deceased. Wfanda Ogden-Mrs. Jack Teaching, Port XVayne, Indiana. Milton Olmstead-Physician. Velma Quas-Mrs. Ted Willianison, Angola, In- diana. Royal Reek-Bendix Aviation Corporation, South Bend, Indiana. Ledgar Shank-Pharmacist, Kokomo, Indiana. Cleo Shoup-XVeatherhead Co., Angola, Orland, Indiana. XVava Shuman-Mrs. Ancil Bassett, Fort XVayne, Indiana. Ruth Somerlott-Mrs. Elston, Union City, Mich- igan. Raymond Sutton-J. I-I. Parsell's Sons, Angola, Indiana. Sue Wfaller-Mrs. John Menke, Sacramento, Cali- fornia. Leon Wfilder-President American Flyaway Asso- ciation, Dayton, Ohio. Marguerite XVyatt, Mrs. Van Husan, Bronson, Michigan. George Yotter-Auto Parts Business. Indianapolis, Indiana. Page Si'z'r'11f3'-1 L mni0f'45 Donna Anspaugh-Mrs. Carl Shupp, Angola, In- diana. Don Badders-Navy. Paul Bii'chman-Working, Angola, Indiana. Robert F. Btitz-Working, Angola, Indiana. Don L. Brooks-Army. Mary Lou C1'.1in-Working, Texas. Betty L. Bolinger-Mrs. Max Carpenter, Angola, Indiana. Georgia DeLancey-Mrs. Al MacRae, G ra nd Rapids, Michigan. Delia E. Fisher-Angola, Ind. Dean Dygert-Paratroopers. Evelyn Geoi'ge-Working, Cleveland, Ohio. Barton R. Golden-Buck's Recreation-Bowling, Angola, Indiana. Donnabelle Goodhew-Deceased. Joan Grifhths-At Home, Angola, Indiana. Paul Hollinger-Farming, Angola, Indiana. Pauline Hollinger-Mrs. Moffett, Angola Dress Shop, Angola, Indiana. Treva I. I-Iuntington-At I-Iome, Angola, Indiana. W'illiam V. I'Ioagland-Purdue University, LaFay- ette, Ind. Mahlon L. Jacob-Purdue University, LaFayette, Indiana. Mary Elizabeth Kyle-Mrs. Ned Rose. Angola Indiana. Roland K. I-Iughes-Purdue University, LaFay- ette, Indiana. Mary Louise Martin-Ward Belmont College. Nashville, Tennessee. Betty Ruth Noragon-Mrs. Wfilliam Lewis Foster, Fremont, Indiana. Noreen Wells-Mrs. Gerald Jones, Angola, Indi- ana. Catherine A. Munn-Working, Angola, Indiana. Ronald KI. Jackson-YVeatherhead Co.. Angola, Indiana. Page Seventy-two Raymond Kiess-Working, Indianapolis, Ind. Betty J. Leman-Nielson Construction Co., An- gola, Indiana. Barbara Ann Myers-McMurray College, Jackson- ville, Illinois. Burdette Nelson-Army Air Corps. Carl H. Randolph-Marathon Service Station, Angola, Indiana. Carlos E. Randolph-Marathon Service Station, Angola, Indiana. Patricia Randolph-Kratz Drug Store, Angola, Indiana. Eleanor M. Servis-Purdue University, LaFayette, Indiana. Sue R. Sims-Mrs. XVarren C. Andresen, Angola, Indiana. Beverly jane Stevens-McMurray College, Jack- sonville, Illinois. James W. Troyer-Tri-State College. Angola, In- diana. Mildred June Myers-Mrs. Chuck Hill, Angola, Indiana. Mary Lou Young-Mrs. Wfilliam Hendricks, An- gola. Indiana. Martha Lee Warren-Miller Jones Shoe Store, An- gola, Indiana. Trois XVagner-Mrs. Loyal Wwilson, Angola. Indi- ana. Carl Strait-Tri-State College, Angola. In- diana. William VanNWagner-VanVVagner Bros., Angola, Indiana. Elizabeth Jean XVolfe-Mrs. Ed. Suche, Angola, Indiana. Donna L. Zimmer-Mrs. Fred Vesey, Olivet, Michigan. Margaret M. Zuber-Wayfne University of Beauty Culture, Fort Xvayne, Indiana. Loene M. Kiser-Angola State Bank, Angola, Indiana. Donald D. Nichols-Army. Robert C. Elliott-Purdue University, LaFayette, Indiana. Richard W. Mondhank-Army. Robert L. Bledsoe-Working, Angola, Ind. Robert B. Purdy-Indiana University, Blooming- ton, Indiana. Beverly Jean Randolph-Mrs. Ronald Kundard, Edon Ohio. Ramona Irene Zeis-J. C. Penney Company, An- gola, Indiana. Patricia Lynn Johnson-Midway Junior College Midway, Kentucky. Roma Lee Penick-Dr. Bloughls Otlice, Angola Indiana. Mary Jean Kohl-Mrs. Barton Golden, Angola Indiana. Carolyn Sims-Wforking, Angola, Indana. Eleanor Kabel-Mrs. Glenn XVambold. Angola, Indiana. Bonnie Jean Powers--Mrs. William Harrison Angola, Indiana. William Carr-Farming, Angola, Indiana. -Iacquelyn Ann Shank-Nurses' Training at Lu- theran Hospital, Fort Wayne, Indiana. s 9 v af '46 Barbara J. Hubbard-XVayne University of Beau- ty Culture, Fort XVayne, Indiana. Keith Folck-Maxton's Chevrolet Service, Angola Indiana. Barbara Dee Purdy-Dr. Steenerson's Oflice, An- gola, Indiana. Patricia Ann Ritter--Indiana University, Bloom- ington, Indiana. David L. Smith-Williamson's Hardware, Angola Indiana. 1 Charlotte Ruth' Strait -Indiana University Bloomington, Indiana. Patricia Jane Fletter-Vogue Beauty Shop, An- gola, Indiana. Metra Jean Parr-NVorking in Fort XVayne, In- diana. Yvonne Humphries-Indiana University, Bloom- ington, Indiana. Frank E. Jones-Navy. Warren Johns Jr.-Army. Midge Jones-College Inn, Angola, Indiana. Nancy .lane W'ebb-At home, Angola, Indiana. Ellin Joan Hobbs-Mrs. Art Hanna, Angola, In- diana. Betty Lou Whitman-Rainbow Beauty Shop, An- gola, Indiana. Page Srwrzly-Ibrc'c' 10 ,,., 1 1' -f'1' A -f z 1 Y lfilwt I'ow:,Grmrl nl' summer ti Dim-R1-y t'1ltc'l'tall1illg the basketball Ser-mild rnw: Zip in lwr' ynllnfsfer Ilfvlu YVi1l1z1mson and Bula XV211tff1' w 'I'hi1'd rl-W: If. History rlziss and Jim. l"uu1't11 ruw: Stuxleuls new at 1 after lH?1'4'Jl11ill,iL' Mrs, 1Vf?LYl'l2l1'1'l. Fifth 1-OW: lvlvmbers of band sf- ny wlayg Lw011fil'4l Mitzmzxn in yfxllns. af 1 I 1 1. . 4 1 ff I f- 1 wh -1' V. V aj, 5. a.. First row: Th1'ee's and "Gypsy" Sanders, Se-eond row: Three cool-iin', sc-lnml marnis? Third row: "DrmdB"' an crmvdl: Soplmximifs ugainllz "L,!llE'Qlll'4" Allen, "Goldie" Fletler Surne sign!! and "Pl1id": Going for ii ride. 'I'rvm'."7I PMSA' C1'm-mean: Pat an-l Marilyn Harman in California: YVhfI1u are you waitin' for, kids'f'? Fourth row: Don, taking it eawt Cute dugiflz These Seniors: Mud, Pl1yllis'?'?: BIVFII' Seniors. ., is ,,,1n-ur xr inwnkeysug "Yx'mtn,liff" Dygerti Guin' tw a I'IZiI'IY, Imu Ann?: XYl1at's fmkk Ali'., , ,, .A MA Ulll' G. WENDELL DYGERT H713 1i!Jf7 SFlIi0l' Class of 1947, z1'1sfJ fo 11'e11'1- mic' Olll' 11121111111 fo Mr. Dj'kQf'l'f, OIII' f01'7lIC'7' Class 51101151113 ZLJJO 50 s11vc'v5sf11l13' KQIliL'Il6't2I 115 ffJ1'011gfJ 0111' f11'xf 1'fJ1'm' jwzrs ill high svfaool. Af f!.7iS llilllf' 111' lL'tIlZf fo e,x'p1'c1ss 0111' g1'11fif1111'e 111111 fell yon, Mr. Dygawf we fbinfa j'011,1'r g1'f1111f. -. aememimncea af Jaya Having More Money Than Any Other Class junior Play - Dajwfuzv Basketball Boys, Feed At Druek's Senior Play-Stage Door F. F, A. and Hi-Y Basketball Games Ka-See's at Toledo May Dances House Parties Final Exams B.1ec.1l.1ureate and Commencement Exercises Friday Night Dances Pep Sessions Spirited Alpha Delta Chi Meetings Assembly Programs Senior Class Y-Teen Christmas Prom Meetings -. XVeatherhead Dedication Day XVith Governor Gates As a Guest junior And Senior Banquets c' Scitflzfj'-.six Freshman Parties Magazine Subscriptions Campaign First row: 'Blow hard, Angelalz Rlefim-yi! Alumni and Seniors: Row, row, row your boatg King Ott and Queen Kyle on a hayrnle. Secrmrl row: John and Cluse are "raising" XYillis: Ice wild vnkes. l3arl.varu'?: Getting up, of course?'?'?'."?'????!I Third row: Senior girls with another strange-r: Close again: Senior girls at Owe-nf. Fourth r-nw: Blulm, b1ulJ1 Superman-Sheets, Elliott, Se-ll, Bledsoe. YYhitl0ck and girls: Loomis at liar Halloween party. 30, Qt Y3., ,Q 4'5" . IQ!! C NAME aenzaaaaaweknawdnem NICKNAME Shirlee Allen ,,..,,,.,,,...,,,,,, Slim ,,,,,,,,,, 7 7. NV, Mac Arnold ,,..,,,,,.,,,,, Mac7 ,.,, 7 Rose Marie Ashley ....,,,,., 7 Rosie ,,,,,,,, Carolyn Bender e,,e,.,,, Carr1e7777777 Jean Boyer7 ,,,,,,,....,...,,,,7 Balance ,,,,,,, 7 Greta Bodie ,,,,,,.... .....,,. G reta ,,,,,,,, Barbara Bratton ,,,,.,.....,,,, Barb .,,,,,,,,,,, Patsy Cremean ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Skipper ,,,,,,Y, Kathryn Doudt ,,,..,,., Kate777777777 LaVerne Easterday .f,.r 7 77Simp7 .,,, Andrew C. Emerson Leland Ewers Jr .,,,,,, 77 Breezy ,,e,, Margaret A. Fletter ,.r. .7 7 Betty Louise Feagler ,e,, Angela L, Foutz ,,,, .,..,,,,, Bette Griffin ..,,tA, 7 Patty Lou Harman777 Edwin Jackson ,,,,,,..,,,,,,,, Forrest L. Johnson Jr. 7 Bonnie Lou Kessler ,,t,, ,,,,t, Joan Kundard 7 ,,.. ..,, 7 Doris Susan Kyle ,,,,,, Lois Ann Leman ,,.,,, Richard Loomis ,s,, ,.., Williani Lemley ,,,,,,,..,.., R. Dale McClellan ,,,s Betty Mae Miller ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 7 .7 77 Gump7777777 Betty ,,,,, 77 7 Peggy ,,,,s,, 7Soph1e7 ,,,,,, 7 Bett ,,,, Lattie Pou Ed ,,ss,,,s, 77 7 Corky ,s.,., Boney ,,,,, 7 Jo ,,,,,,..,,,, Dody ss,.,s,, Loie s,,,. 77 7 Red ,,,.,,, ,7 Bill ss,s,ss.,ss, 7 Romeo ,,,,.... Betsy ,...,,.. Jean Miller ,,,,,,,,,,.,........,.., Jeannie ,.... Leonard J. Mitzman .,..,,,s Mitsy77 Clifton Nilson ,,s,.,,,.. ,s,,, 7 Cliff .s....i,, Margaret Owens ,,,,,, ,,.,.,,, 7 Margie ...,ss.., Leonard Ott 7 ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,., Chief ,.,.,,, 7 Gerald Pearson ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Cr1s7777777777 DeWayne Richmond ,,,,,... Crystal Parrish ,,,,,,,, Jerry ,,,,,,,, Laurel Richmond ,,v.., .,,,,,, H ar-Low .,..,,, Richard Romero ,,,,,. ..s,s R odney ,,,,, 7 Harriet Rose ,,,,,.. ..s,,,s,, E mma ,,,,.. Barbara Sanders ,,,, 7 7 Sandy7777777 Donald Sell 77 ,,,,,,,,,,,, 77 Marilyn Servis Richard Dewan Shank77777 7, Sonny ,,,,,, 7 Blondie ,...,,,. Hank ,s,,...i,, Chuck Sheets ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Charlie ,,,,,,,, Donna Stevens ,,,.,..,.. .s,, 7 77 Dohna7777 Lee Sutton 77 ,,,,,,, ..Y. L evie ,,,,,, 77 Willa Sutton 7 .7 7 ,.., 7. Doc ,,,,,,,,, Lorna Waite77 ,,,, 7 Lerner7777 Walt7777 7 7 Bill Warren Jr. 77 7 Ben Wfeldon Jr. ,,,,,,s, 7 Robert Walter 77 7. XVilliam 7777. 7 Prof .77777777 Burton Whitlock 7777777777777 Whit 77777 . Robert Williamsoi1.7 ,777 77 XVillee77777 James Neukam .777777777 77 Curly 7777.7 7 Pa ge Sr'z'f'11lj'-eight Richie 7777777777777777,77 FAVORITE SAYING Later, Much Later .777 Who Told You 77 That Is .777777 7 77777 That's Not Cute 77777777 Crummy Individual 7777 Oh, Darn It. 7777777777777777 7 No Kidding 7 7 77777 77 Are You Kidding? 77777777 O, Phooey7 777777777777777 ,. Oh, Jeepers ,77777777 77777777 I Got My Doudts 77777777.7777 Oh, Pot 7 7 7 Good Grief77 77 77 Pish Tosh 77777777777777 77 77 Oh, Honey 77 77 Oh, For John's Sakes Pou-Oh, Darn 7777777777 Canit Put It In7 Shucks 777777777777 77 7 Huh 7 7777777777 77 77 77 77 Oh, Yes77 7 7 Donna, Hurry Ah, Shut Yer Mouth My Friends7 777777 777777 7 7 Uh-Huhhhh 7777 7 Hamm-Pi-ee-ciSigigIfQ I Donit Know 7 77 XVhere's Harriet? 7777 7777 I Don't Know777 Nuts ,777777 777777777 7 77 Coldwater 77777777 77 Eh Rat 77777777 7777777, 7 Hubba Hubba 77777777777777777 I 'pose So 777777,77777777777777777 Always Be Courteous No. Mr. Handy 7777777.77777 Hey Pete 7777777777777,77.777777777 XVfhere's Jean 7777777777 Hi Everyone 777777 Oh, Nuts 777777777 7777777 Hi Bill7 777777777 77 7777 77 Bowdy Hoys 7777777 7777777 Poh Oop 77777 7777777 77.,777 Whit For Me 77777777 7777777 Bi Hoys 777777777777777 7777777 Mercy f777 77777777777777777777777.7777 Scares Me 777777777777.77,.77777777 XVho Can Make Me 777777777 Monkey 77777777777777777 77777777777 Don't Wforry About It 7s777 Purrrrrrr 777777,,7777777777777777777 Beats Me .,77 ,777.77777.7777777777 Bi Hoys 77777777 HOBBY Collecting Souvenirs Sports Dancing Lee Riding Reading Riding Art Horses '46 Pontiacs Book Collecting Motorcycling Horses, Music Knowing Christie's Patrons Don Sell Traveling in Her Com ertible Breaking Habits Prairie Chicken Lincoln Continentals Driving Spending My Time wylfll Louie Chuck Dancing Sports Autographs Sports Old, Small Cars Art Getting Letters Stamps W'addy Going North Music Flying, Air Craft Stud! Going To California Selling and Repairing Old Cars Playing Pool Flying Polishing the Ivories Making Friends Angela Going Out Baseball Horses Playing Football Sports Fo1't XVayne Coldwater Guns and Hunting Martha Music Cars, Chevies Mona Going to Fort YVayne First row: Phyllis Ashley, hefurcg Having t1'oub1.p, girls?'?g Phyllis Ashley, after: Where you gning, girls? Second row: Silly Sophs: Bonnie K. Can fish, toog Re-inoehl, liyan and XVQIHJ again'?'?: Lou: Sophisticated "Sophs" when "F1'eshies." Third pow: Typical A, H. S. Juninrs QSc'h0ol Lifeb: 0119-TXVO-'fhl'Q6-Iiil'k1I The llur- mans: Pic-nic, Paula ?: Sunning, Pat? lfuurtli 1-uw: V-,firlsll Angela: Jeannie and her dogs: Ponclws. div -I Y G' isnt- !g'. a-N h . .J 5 A ,A Q 'fi' A V . wa. X4 I l .-.. P ,. ,ur iv 55.3 NVQ ,M A - w 45 ', A.- -f N W if .. , 6: ' -I " 7-in 4, , , i T1-p i-mv: 1,':ii'1wlyzi :mil Mousivz Cliff and Xiluldiez Ott and Kyle: liil and Peg. Sw-mul rfrw: I'iw'1ii4' rlftysl Pat and Dun: Carolyn and Levi. Tliiiwl row: limb zuiwl .lui Pliifl and Cliuvkg Mike and Jean: Put and Dun with A. II, N iiiwpli-'i'e. Fiiiirlli row: 1'211'lIij'Il and Ott: Smiling ful' the birrlif-1 Marilyn K. rliinks ill a ju is Irwvel niore smiles. Twp ruw: Senifvrsfi inure SOi'lll4rl'S1 still lllll1'f: sellinws- -wlxatvlul gut? Second row: See our fair 1-ity: llunnu fee-ling puppy: -liggfx' Dmly: Shirlm- Allvn- believe it or nut: Dmly and lmrnaz suplmistivutwl Allen: f111'ever pals, liam 'l'hi1'd row: Xxvfllliy waiting for some-one: Patsy and Harriet---fifth grulleg XVul1vr, XYil sou, and umnpnny: t'zu'11lt3' pin-nic: tlu-low! studiuus V71 seniwrs uuaing lumpy snplns. Fourtll row: "Pul1'lu-iturlt-" during vacation: frnsh--aml pm-1-1111 lvullmingz Iweautv: tw-- CUUIGYS Zllld EL BFUXYII. h un A I , in AZN ri "3 ' 'K- N -F, V .N .fb ""'!' ..-- x My 'IJ' n' . -' I4- gx ' Y a " qT: N . ,-Wil. fi fl' 1 K . f. -V l if 1 ff 'Q 54 'E wr f"f' ABSTRACTS: Goodale Abstract Co. ,7,, , AIRPORTS: Tri-State Airways Y ,,,,,, , ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT: Dad I-Iarter, Goshen, Indiana Van's Sport Shop ,, ,, ATTORNEYS: Willis K. Batchelet ,,,, ,,,, G. Kenneth Hubbard Harris W. Hubbard ,,,,,,, Conn H. L. Smith . .. Wood Sc NVood ,,,,,, ,,,, AUTOMOBILE DEALERS: aclamiuma .- 151 836-J .. 109 ,. 30 317 ,, 64 345 ,, 148 Adams SL Fradenburg Auto 86 Imple- ment Sales ,,,,,ss,sss,,s,,s,,..,,,,,,, ,..,,,.,,.,,,,,.,., 4 5 1 Alwood Motors ,,,,,,,,,.,.,,,.,, ,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, 9 S Casebeer 86 Arnold s,,,.,,., ,.,,,, 1 08 Gulf Tower Pontiac Sales ,... . 20 Maxton Chevrolet Sales ,,,, ,,,,,, 1 82 Owens Motor Sales ,,,.s,,.,.. ...,,.,,.. ,.,,., 2 6 7 Ed Sellgren Buick Co .,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,, 444 South Side Motor Sales, Dodge and Plymouth s,,,,s.,s,,,.s,., ....,.,..., s.,,,,s,,......, BAKERIES: Angola Baking Co. Beatty's Bakery ,. 205 359 195 BANKS: Angola State Banks ,,,, ,S ,ssss,, s,,,,, 1 88 First National Bank of Angola ,,,,, 1 BARBER SHOPS: Clark Barber Shop Fisher Barber Shop Subway Barber Shop BEAUTY SHOPS: Angola Beauty Shop 1 ,,,,, ,, 447 Manor Beauty Shop ,,,, 805-L Rainbow Beauty Shop ,,,,s, Vogue Beauty Shop ,,,s,, Page Eighty-two 467 200 BODY SHOPS: Munson's Auto Body Shop ,,.,,, Randolph 86 Powers Auto B finishing Shop ,-,,-,,,,4,,,,,,,,vv,,,,MA BOOK STORES: College Book Store ,,.,. Munn's Book Store ,..., BOTTLERS: Angola Bottling Vforks BOXVLING ALLEYS: Buck's Bowl CABIN CAMPS: Angola Cabin Camp W'ells, Silver Lake Court ,..,, , CIGAR DEALERS: Ody Re- 267 Willis W. Love Company ,t,,,,,tt, CI-IEIXIICAL LABORATORIES: Hickory Chemical Laboratories CLEANERS:: Angola Dry Cleaners ,,,,.. McBride's Dry Cleaning sss,, CLOTHIERS: jarrard's Toggery ,,,,,,, Ted's Menis Store ,,,,,,.,,,,, Tri-State Haberdashery COAL COMPANIES: Angola Brick 85 Tile Co .,.,.,,, Linder Coal Co. ,,,.,,,,,,,,,, , CONFECTIONERS: Ashley's Place ....,,.,.:,.,.,,, Christyls Sweet Shoppe Duke's Soda Bar ,,,,,,,,,,., DAIRIES: Crone's Guernsey Dairy ....,. Gaycrest Dairy ,LL ..,,,,,,.,, Sunrise Dairy ,,,,, 598 ,H 534 368 , 804-Y 256 438 277 197 483 112 255 107-L 7 374-Y 18 112 I S54-J 453 426 DENTISTS: Dr. S. F. Aldrich ,....... Dr. L. Steenerson ,,,,,, DEPARTMENT STORES: J. C. Penney Company 7,,,,,,, DRESS SHOPS: Angola Dress Shop ,,,..7,,,,, Catherine Shoppe .,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,, Harman's Ladies' Shoppe ,...77,,,7 DRUGGISTS: Kolb Bros. Drug Store 77 Kratz Drug7Store 7 Loomis Drug Store 7 ELECTRIC SHOPS: Field's Home Equipment Co .77,. Foutz Electric Shop ......,.,..,..., ENGRAVERS: Fort Xvayne Engraving Co. Engravers of this Annual EXPRESS AGENCIES: Railway Express Agency 77 77 FACTORIES: XVeatherhead Co. 77 FARM IMPLEMENTS: Angola Farm Equipment ,:,,,: Covell's Implement Co. ,,,. 7 Oliver Sales Co. :,,,,..,,:,,,, 7 FILLING STATIONS: Bond Texaco Service ,,,,,,., I-Iarman's D-X Station ,,,,,,,,, ,,,, Netvnam Shell Service ..,.,......,,::. ,,:, Randolph Bros. Marathon Service ,:::,::, Tiffany's Sinclair Service ..,::.,:,..,, XVard's Service Station ,:,::,: ,,,,:,,,,: FIVE CENT TO 51 STORES: XV. R. Thomas Sc to S1 Store7 77 Tribolet Co. 5c to S1 Store 77 304 7 6 17 47 77 S0 77 16-1- 77 171 723 77 1-17 77 507 77135 736 7105 77 185 77 501 7 S3 77 298 7 507 7 487 9518 9511 .-194 903-X 77 97 3 FUNERAL DIRECTORS: Klink,s Funeral Home ,.,,,, ,::,:, 3 62 XVeicht's Funeral Home ,,,.: 321 FLORISTS: Sharon Ann Florist Shop ,.....,. ,.,... 1 78 Throop Florist ,,,,,,,.,,:,,,:::,,:, ,,.,,. 3 10 FURNITURE STORES: Carver-King Furniture Co. ,,s,,,t 77 2-16 GARAGES: Angola Garage ,,,,,,,.,,,,,.,, . ..,. ...... 4 10 Golden Auto Parts ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 7- 275 Lonsburyls Steuben Sales Garage ,,,.,. 480 Parsons' Garage ,,,.,,,, ,,,,,,, 7 ,,,.:. 1 76 GAS DISTRIBUTORS: Cities Service Oil Co. 77 77 194 Sheets Oil Co. 777.77.7777777 66 GENERAL APPLIANCES: Andy's Firestone Store 77 7777, 166 Gamble Store 777,777777 7 .,., -1-66 GIFT SHOPPES: The Modern Store 77 90 GROCERY STORES: Dick's Grocery and Market 32 HuFf's Model Food Market 77 7 7 389 Johnsons Food Market 7777777 77 .7 25 Kroger Grocery St Baking Co. 7 7 77 73 North End Economy Grocery 777777 77 96 Richardson's Grocery 777r 7 77777 7 260 XVilliams Grocery Sl Meat Market 777777777 100 I-IARDXVARE STORES: Xlfilliamson Sl Co.. Distributor Hard- ware, Electrical, Automotive Products77 169 HOTELS: Hotel Hendry 77777777777777777777777 777777 3 S Hotel Lakeview, Lake James Silver Springs Inn 77777 77 7777 777777 S 56-J Page Eighty-flme Pa ICE CREAM and SANDWICH SHOPS: G Chuck's Hamburg Shop , ,,..,,,.,,,,,,, ,,,,.. 2 33 Gay Barn ,,,, ,,,,,,, 353-L INSURANCE AGENCIES: Brant Insurance Agency .7,,,, . ,,,, . . 127 Northwestern Mutual Life Insurance Co. G. W. Dygert ., ,,,. .. ,,,, .. 134-,I Union Central Life Insurance Co. Bill Goodwin ,,,,,, .. ..,,,, . r.,r,r, .. 122 Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. Hugh Harman ,, ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, . 101-,I Jacob Insurance Service .,t,, 102 Philip S. johnson ,,,,,.,,,... .. ,,,,. 463 Tri-State Improvement Co. PLUMBERS: Holland Plumbing 85 Heating Co. 303 Romero Plumbing, Electric 86 Heating Service ,,,.,f, . .,stt.,,,, .. . ,.,..,,ttt,,.....,, . 133 Selman's Heating 85 Plumbing ,,ttts. 72 PRINTERS: , .. 29 Steuben Printing Co. , Printers of this Annual RADIO SHOPS: C. J. Pilliod ,:.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, 2 -IS Frank O. Watkins and Son , 61 Rolland Weaxfei' ,.,,,,,,,,., ,, ,,,,, 435 JEWELERS: John's Jewelry ,,,,, ,,,,,, ,,,,,, ,,,,, 3 2 2 M. E. Tuttle, Jeweler. .,.,,, ::::. 6 1 LAUNDRIES: Lemley's Laundry 86 Dry Cleaning ,,,,,, 532 LUMBER COMPANIES: Angola Lumber Company ,,,:, . .,,:,, ,. ,::,:, 117 Daniel Shank Lumber Company ,,,,,,,,. 26 MEAT MARKETS: Mast Bros. Meat Market ..,.. 400 NEXVS STANDS: G. Sc K. News Stand . . .. 236 OPTOMETRISTS: Dr. M. Blough 509-L PAINT CONIPANIES: Economy Wall Paper 81 Paint Co. ..,.. 272 PHOTOGRAPHERS: Brown's Photo Lab. .... .. 285-R Cline's Picture Shop ,,,, , 10 ge Eighty-fozzr King Radio 81 Mobil Service ....... , 48 Lakeland Radio Sc Supply ..,, 70 RESORTS: BIedsoe's Beach, Lake James, ,.... 837-J Hollywood Landing ,,,, ,,,,,, , , H 838-J RESTAURANTS: Bassett's Restaurant . 221 Cardinal Cafe ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,. 1 62 College Inn ,,,.,..,. ...... 3 86 Eat Restaurant , ,,,,,,, ,,,.,, 1 77 Green Apple Inn ,.,,,,. 936-J Paradise Cafe ,,., 836-R Patsy Ann Inn ,,,,, 947-L The Pines .....,....., 902-X Unique Cafeteria ,.....,, 242 Zubers' Restaurant .,..,, S1 SHOE COMPANIES: Badders Shoe Co. ,....,,.... ., 126 Miller-jones Shoe Co. SHOE REPAIR SHOPS: Angola Shoe Repair Shop Shroyer Shoe Repair Shop THEATERS: Brokaw Theater .2 Strand Theater . VETERINARIANS: Dr. Hornbacker ..,. ,. 11 63 .. 57 am eainl' nl aeifhea il a lx l l As this 1947 Key Annual draws to a close, Superintendent John L. Estrich an- nounces the close of his years of service in the Angola public schools. During his admin- istration many important developments in the school property and the entire school system have occurred. Mr. Estrich came to Angola as .1 teacher of mathematics and science in 1920 and became high school principal in 1921. He succeeded Heyman Allman as superintendent in 1924. Outstanding in the physical development of the Angola Schools during his admin- istration xvas the construction of the present splendid school building. It was erected in 1932. With the increased facilities came the transfer of all pupils from Pleasant Town- ship and an increased teaching staif. During Mr. Estrich's administration the Hi-Y club was established in 1922 and the Girl Reserves, now the Y-Teens. in 1926. These clubs have accomplished much in developing finer qualities among the students who have belonged to them. The high school activities accounting system, a combined school iinance plan for societies and activities engaged in by the students was inaugurated by Mr. Estrich. A system similar to that later was adopted by the state throughout the schools generally. Improvements in the playgrounds and the acquisition of additional grounds east of the building, now being conditioned for the use of the pupils, have been outstanding accomplishments. Also of great significance, 1200 young people have been graduated from the schools during Mr. Estrich's administration. The school and the community owe much to the untiring efforts of our faithful superintendent. The students will also greatly miss the services of Mr. Handy, history and biology instructor: Mr. Rose, mathematics, and Miss Lippincott, vocal music. Pagi Ewblq ze in wppaeciajian 111 apjweeirzfiozz of lais lyelpful- ness and fbe iuferesf be lms fnkefz in ns, we fbe Senior Class of 1947, zuisla fo fbmzk Mr. Rose for faking ozfer our spousorslaip elzzrizzg our lrzsf year of lvigly selyool. .J gn Miss Slmlfz has gone abozzf lyer zlufies on fbe dlllllllll zzlzlzofieeu' year llfftll' j'Cfl1'. H76 zlc'c'iclc'zl fo frills' 1'l1iS 0j7po1'1'zz11iz'y fo flmnla ller for all of ber swell ideas mm' IllIllZC'flXII1'zIblL' worla. Wiflyozzf ber eo-operafiofz amz' help we realize if zvoula' be impos- silale fo ffzvklv ll year'-lzoolc. Page Five lligfrlly Pax EINM3 -Sul 5 'li' 1 In A.1Iu ,Fi .41 . , 1 f . I . 1 1 1 ' ' . - v I. ,Wulf y - V1 ,. 'fs I Q.. u k f . V . 1 1 far 'tri H ,- ?. I - V 1. ,Ei L , 5 Aa --.- .1 5-Ul',vn ' .1 . xp -Q " v, .- 1 .,' l ll 'uv . W' 3 f, ur. .- -nl 'I , ' 1 1 3 ' f 5, ,r K .w ' M w 1 1 w J, .-- , , -" lu 1' 'J 1' .2" f .i"'f,".1Qx' ., . -':.'a-- 'Y' '9"' ix. ," Bl-L-,Jim " v-up-5-,'fi+A 'Y'1!H1ul-ll O -I il -Hifi! In Lv I, Y. 0 ' A 'Q A idimwg 'rx h'Xl.'N 1' ' ,A I, , -, - I. U' - ' ' . IL-L ': A 5 'i' "-1 9 7 - ' ,l- Q. . ' .qsg1.,, - 'A . I I ' L iv I 'I I I 4 I Nl . AX- X . j. 1 'TF i If .. I .rw ef ' '5r, . HVN4 . A Ib f -4 I " 31 "I W 5- 1.7 1 l ' 2 . V ' A de , iv A ' V 0 " ' 1 - - , 3. KXEFTV :,, ' .' 9' Q I 5" 'fi ,Q - A ' I! 1 nf jkkflx N-I ' f I 1 V 9. , ,, :ff ' 1 Vu fn ,.-. A' 1 ' . ' f ' .,

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