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NISM .... by exmvqble fbrozzgb 77Z67Qf6Z!f1f'6Zf7ZflZg fbfozzgb g7'0Z,QU azffizfifief fbffozzglr fazizflzblazy Life-long f1'je11d.rlvilm Zmre Ol 2' 1 ffvefe fum' zz'.zfl.r. fo-U mm' diff! :fefeufx of aff kilza' 1 1 Q N1 'f zrmf. I v X P S Auditorium V . .X X YN. ..- ,, -.Qty . N t 5 Q x , J. 9 X "'ii4E:'i' vpn . -. 54 ilfifg- n X - .. Me. 2 i N ' "'-1 . ,.w.,, . K, . 14.59 "W '-"'9""'s- .--sm X' . ' 'X Haag. I e g- . e Q 1- e V. 4 I ' l I gl .5 si ' Q Lg! 31: , :ss ai na, L' 3 5 Ali. sneer menwriesf . . . pep sessinns each Friday to spur our basketball bnys nn tw victury , . . eliupel prngiziins featuring the best in the entertainment field . , . mmies at mmn , . . and our Seniur play! Mnntlily P 'If A. pmgixiins . . . meetings of the Music Mothers . , . con- terts. debates. .ind tliscussinns, bunk reviews . . . all in our auditorium. Our leregrr rliry. Commencement, May lil . . , xvlmt il thrill we experienced nn tlie plrirfwrin x-:lien nur cliplnnizns were given to usf QMERICANISM -1, , .Q 4. X 5 , I A l . " u '- - K j Q X, xf HX J' mmf? ' v,,,gff, ,K ' 'h er ' 5 F . I' g sk X ' ' fl' 'N fx ,e,, 1 x MX f - W K ' 5 4 , V "N X 1 m Qf' ' X f . ' A Q '-N - . ' V . . fr- , 'xx X .f ' Q ' , N. Y 14 1 5 s N .H X . ,Z 'Y : ,X .- XX.-,Aef'2 RA X c . , h X 1 N, f' f f SX 1 vi 2 , ' ' X J V Ex, H, 5 ,.-' 3 s A '. , X r' V k - , ,- 5 s -ages. . - Q N 'rf M Tlvmngb 1116 fE47d6I'J'!7f . lb of fbe f.1v1rff.1' ue lmre xfrizlezz' 10 Iaefome' better jfI1fl"t1If.f W' ' and L1f1Z6'11.f. Page Nin JOHN L. ESTRICH Superintendent of Schools 1925 -1944 Ky CLAYTON H. ELLIOTT Principal of High School C TL'D 1932 - 1944 School Heads The response of American Youth to the national emergency commands the admiration of all. lf there ever was any doubt as to the type of citizenship being developed in America, it has been dispelled by the wholehearted, intel- ligent, eflicient service now being laid on the altars of our country. ln the perplexing days ahead America may continue to rely on the same high quality of consecrated service from the young people of our fair land. 1101711 L. Esfricfa. Our boys-Angola boys, are on battle- fronts in every corner of the world today. They are fighting to preserve certain principles and inalienable rights in which all Americans be- lieve. Among these are: respect for individual rights, religious liberty, equality of opportunity, economic independence, and wholesome living conditions. XVe designate these as "democratic principles". They are gifts which are ours by virtue of our citizenship. Qnly as We use these rights and privileges for the betterment of all mankind are we living examples of American- ism. American citizenship is a gift. American- ism means sharing the ideals of this gift With the World. -Clzzyfou H. Ellioff. v2"f"ff?z.,. " , JEROLD ESSENBERG CORNEAL BRATTON XYENDIZLL ,IARRARD Aww ln thv I 5, Nu Administration llnjflv the L".X't:'L'llf1:l'tf l'L".fl2J' of flu' flzzgofa High Salma! 211 llnf lnz11L2',v of flvc Iimzm' of Edmnzfzrufz, Ill' Kunz ffw f7l'flj7t1' mff1'dZ1,n1fjo11 Of Ifw Zzzzpmmfzf ffm- L'l7flIcf1'-1' nf gEl.7c'lll.! .YLAZ70U! fzlmmgfzizffzf, fl! iff l'c'glIfLI1' fziffzzffvfy zzzcefixfgf. fZ71'OllgZ7Ul1f flve "1't'4Il' five bmzrn' lm! lznrliy f71'Ub!f:'1HJ' I: meet 211 l'6'gLI1'If In flu' fqlldllfjnlf pmgnzzlz, ffye efeffiwi of ft1ZLKbt'l'.f. flw pfufzlzifzg of L1 .fL'!.700f L'lH'l'jL'!I!lll1l F0 meet five .ff.IftJ 1'eq1z21'e111w1f.v mid' flu-N felqzffglfiffzz uf tQtlic'I'.I! .vulmnf rzzfu. X C. H. ELLIOTT JOHN L. ESTRICI-I TI-IELMA VVISNER Page Elcven Guidance JOHN L. ESTRICI-I Gvonzclry, Pbysirs CLAYTON H, ELLIOTT Cbmzzixfry, Vovafiozzal AgI'iL'IlIfIlf'l' EUNICE B. REED Lafiu, Spcmixb, English DONNA BELLE RISK Plwysinrf ELIIICIIILIUII, Hvalflv, Biology AIILO K. CERTAIN C0111 7lIl'l'L'ill1 W'0rf4 MARY CATHERINE LIPPINCOTT Mum' RUSSELL F. HANDY Sofirlf Svicvzfr, Sjwvrb Nou' a Clmplairz in U. S. AIIIIX THELMA WISN ER St't'l't'fl1l'j' LILLY KOHL Hmm' EFOIIOIIIIFX G. XVENDELL DYGERT A'Infln'111afivx, Ariafinzz EINIERY DRUCKAMILLER Hivfnry, Plvysival EIIIIIIYIHUII RUBY SI-IULTZ English, IOIIVIIHIIXIII PHYLLIS GOSHORN Cflllllfj' Num' -IANIS ERANTZ A rf, Lf!7l'dI'iLIll CHARLES E. SHANK Sjm'z'l1, DI'LlIIIllfIt',i MINARD ROSE Sflriuf Sr'i4'l1z'1' I' ',, , Y If .. X iff' L 1 . Arif , l , I ' .. Q i, g , :fx , ' FY' .7"' E + ' W v-il Q A ,w r ' Y Vik .. tt' : ' -5 . 1 f Q X.'A! 1 - . A, aw .QE - 'Q 5 L, , , I 5 A in , " sw. if kJ, J K i i , t r 5 2 i 5 my x y 1, J n - .A., f ,f gi 4 W 4 k R ,U + Faculty Snaps Firat row--Trying tu prove .1 fish Story, Drucl-1? Smile pretty, Mr. Hintlyz XX'h.1tA N-I funny. girly: Roast one tur meg Pmud Papa. I Second ww-Going sumu pl.1ce, Mr. .md Mrs. D. .md f.unily.'g Pupg Druck, xvlmt .irc vi-u frmvning about? Our principal deep in wurkg Dtuck in his younger daysp Mr. Enrich. Third row-1BelowJ Hey. Fink, Huw did yuu get in thercfg Our pal Verng W'h.1r yru citing. Mr. H.1rman?g W'h.1t'5 the matter-Can't you stand up. Misa Riskfg Miss Shultz with spring lever. Fourth row-Mr. Esttich. explaining .1 pmblemg Lmik .it the birdy. Miss Myers .ind Min Stevens: The Gingg W'lmt's your hurry. Miss Rrrdk Pup, wlw told the luke' Page Thirteen 44, Q Q Q5 t.,t: U It XY HIP Tp I-jtl.L.I Dnnm Belle Risk, Emery Sec-md rim'-hlzlty Ruth Stevens. L.lW'.lYl.1 M Tllirtl ruwi-Blilu K. Lippincott. Gpal Ollnger. Fuurtli rim'-H.irnltl Frtec-vid, llwjfbflllf nm' ft lure im ftflllllffflll zz Une inte ufm gl' wlvouf. Sfzzdezzff 11111 rervt' !ff,l'l1lz1!lf7!iILi6 if ue do uilbozzf ozzr Vert, lgf ,'f'r'l.w, Hill c lwiurlucn vs. General Staff ixrricli. Cl.u'r-in H. Elliott. -I.1nis Frantz. Russell Handy. Tl1elm.t Hephner. Druiikumiller. Regismer. W'endell Dygert. Lilly Kohl. Doris Keckler, Hester Gilbert, Ulbflff. Certain, Rubs' Shultz, jlllllllhl Teegjrdin, Thelma Wbner, Mary Crrtherlne Eunice Recd. H.1rm.1n. L.1ur.t Belle Bates, Pauline Cnmelius, Vcr.t Myers, Karherzne lfllffj' flwre zmzzfd be no taboo! . , . zvifb fbeir befp uf 'wifi zrlvjfe. live gife um' tbm1k.f for their 5erz'ife,r. ufeffff fo nm' jmzilorf for tba effifielll uvzjf fbej' keep our izzzimf of their i1zc1'eLz.vm' dzzlitgf and om' ,tfbool zvonfd be cl if Zl'c"i'E NUI for ffyeif' fozztfiwlfiozzr zz ark. flmf zrlml ,fl7OZlflf e.x'pw'2e11c'ez2' Cook' Klneplel HnrryS1iwlc Darwin H.1rm.1n Mrs. Becker AMERICANISM mania! " X M ,,..5 ,T ,. ff- .Ii , A ,..d1,f,ff-. ' ' CSVW ' 5 3 . Q ,L '4 , 1" I if eg. 5 .HI ',1- 3 :gf ff' MUN A .es 3 L X . -in ff' ,., zyjbmn S 'k:lll2,lx N 2 Y , - .1 f W f , '-+,1' ' v' - -,4., , X,., XM. , 2: . V ' Q . , s3'15,,fffQ, X . 31 'Am ,, f ' ' W 1 S-NW QX" N Q 5 'gli-gf . L N M' K V . 2 115 ,Q LLM' "E " A Q .'.., ' . - QM,-,,,,.. , , I , Tbeye are 01115 fo lDreJerz'e mid t'l7t3l'j,fb. cz flmf- lenge for all. Page Fif ICED ve K, A: Mit nl. 712 if if V - .. n A ' q- .Lg-v -' . 1. , ,,' . .. . . , - 1 ', , L 7:56, A vw xv lv , 1. ,. .2 v f .V 4. .1 f -,-- - A X. ',W'l1'x I 1 n 3 ' 1 .- -ws, 4 ,f -y 4. -m x W A k f N ,As , ,Q . , V , V .. ' - ,s 'ff Q' . x 1 ,- - .Q I A ' 1 1 .r-M. ' . ,, , a. f x , , . r L, , .,,, ,, .,?' - , .. I 1 . . . r , x I 'QQ I W p W., . p . , x N Q- - .42 A " ',ms..f1.5 tfigiffi .' .azlzlamw , , , ,s K Q- N fk y X ' . . . gn : -r .X '92 r 'ef ' 'ffl teen Seniors CLASS OFFICERS President LYNN GARN Vice President EVELYN PENCE Secretary -IOANNA BARTLEY Treasurer DON FULTON Sergeant-at-A rms ALLEN BOYER IXTOTTO--f-"llNe'ff Fimf id llwtzij ilI.1ke One" COLORS-Black tml! llvlvire FLOVUER-Trzli,rn1.1u Rare STUDENTS LIKE , . . Mr. Certain . . . vacations . , Senior Day . . . Christy's . . cal-:es . . Butch haircuts . . . Rose's car . . THEY PREFER . , . afternoons otl . . . evening dances . . chewing gum . . more vacations. TEXT BOOKS SHOULD HAVE , . . fewer pages . . . more pictures . . . flyweight paper. . . blank pages . . . all anwsers . . no questions . . , SCHOOL SHOULD HAVE . ,. more young bachelor teachers . . . coke machine . . . plush seats . . . escalators . . . more vacations . . . two lunch hours . . . lounging rooms . . larger lockers . . . swimming pool ...a 1 vailable con- vertibles . . . STUDENTS HATE . . . home work . . . solids . . . exams . . . unexcused admits . . . de.idbe.1ts . . . Hitler . . . TEACHERS SHOULD . . . do away with exams . . . tell new jokes . . . forget admits . . . chew gum . . . jitterbug . . . CAN'T DO XX'lTHOL7T . . . chewing gum . . . annuals . . . basketball games . . . lunch . . . vaca- tions . . . woliing . . . XVHAT XWE GET OUT OF SCHOOL . . . a diploma. GLORIA I. ALDRICI-I Trier, Tfier, belt ber 111.111- Fwd Iver .J lneffcr one 11' j0Il can G, R. II, III, IVg G. R. Pianist: Class Secretary I: Orchestra I, II: Band IIL Girls' Glee Club I. II, Vice Presider-1 III: President IV: Mixed Chorus I, II: Key Annual Stall: Di Immortales Stall II: Public Speaking Play ll: Christmas Cantata I. II. III, IV. Senior Class Play: Junior- Senior Banquet Ct:-mmitreeg "False Fernando" Operetta IV. BETTY E, ENSLEY N01 .1 f.1111t .uid no! .1 .iimzer Bill .1 l03.1l friend .md .1 z1'i1111ef. G. R, II, III, Secretary IVQ Class Secretary Ill: Home Room Treasurer Ig Cheer Leader III: Girls' Glee Club I, II. III, Mixed Chorus II, III: Key An-nual Staff IV: Di Im- mortales Stall: Christmas Cantata Il. III: G. R. Basketball Team IV: junior-Senior Banquet Committee: Senior Class Play Usher and Tickets and Posters Committee, BILLYE NELL CERTAIN C011f11f1'1r !Jj1Tl7l.v' .zdrlre heed. fi 1r1t'11J like Bfllpe. Ile all used. G. R. II, III, Cabinet IV: Orchestra I. II. III: Btnd I, II. III: Girls' Glee Club I, II, III, IVQ Mixed Chorus I. II: Senior Pageant I: Girls' Sextette IVQ Key Annual Starl I-Vg Christmas Cantata I. II, III. IVg benior Class Play and Properttes Com- m.ttee: ,lunxor-senior Banquet Coma mittee, American Legion Award: "False Fernando" Operetta IVg Girl Reserve Camp III. MARI-JEAN CHADDICK Hel lmix' ilvifzeii like .t'l.11gt .11 nzglvr. Her rats' lube deep ,f100l,t of liglil. G. R. II. III: Song Leader IV: G. R. Basketball Team IV: Girls' Glee Club I, il, iecretarv III, IV: Mixed Chorus I, II, Illg Student Council IV: Senior Pageant I: Girls' Sexrette III: Key Annual Staff IV: Di Im- mottales Statfg Senior Class Plat' and Properties Committee' Yluntor-Senior Banquet Committee: "False Fernan- do" Operetta IV: National I-Ionor Society. Seniors X- ROBERT G. ANDREWS :liz 07'iE1'l-'l ,gerzl 10 1.1-1 five lull, S1t1rer11y f01 lvim ilu!! 11e1err'e.1ae. Hi-Y II, III, IV: Class Vice-Presb dent II: Orchestra I. Il, Vigge Prest- dent Ill: Band I, II, President Ill: German Band II. III: Senior Pageant I1 Key Annual Stall IVQ Dt IIT!- mortales Staff: Senior Class Play and Scenery and Decorations Committee. ,lunmr-Senior Banquet Committee. B, ALLEN BOYER I-I lf,i11.l.t'0r11e wif brad llllfl .1 l7e.17'l of gold. He 11.11 lI'lE'lr1lj, lm! 1101 100 60ld. Htl' ll, III, lVg Home Room ber:- eantat arms ll, IVg Basketball ll. III, IVQ Baseball III, IVQ Boys' Glee Club II, Mixed Chorus II: Student Council III: F, F, A, Ig Treasurer I, III, Vice President IV, Public Speaking Play IIIg Speech Club lIIg ,lunior-Senior Banquet Committee: Senior Class and Stage Committee, IOANNA BARTLEY Siu ,1l1i.1yr lull lm' lrtmfzt zrsll, .al l.1.ti' of 11110111 urht p1011.l I0 l 1rfl,. G. R. Il. III, Cabinet IV: Class Sec- retary IV: G. R, Basketball Team IVJ Girls' Glee Club ll. III. IV: Mixed Chorus ll. III: Student Council III: Iles Annual Staff IV: Senior Cla-s Play Ifslter and Business Manaser, "Fair I'etnand'1" Or-ereita IVQ Vale- dicttttiarz. ROBERT rl. DYGE RT Full nf lllll. I1t'1t'l' l111r1'fct, C.Hlil 1111rltrt.'.111.l zilij .11:,i'011g ll 111r1w. Home R-worn Vice President III: Bass ketball I. II. III: Baseball I. II. III: btutlent Council I: Kei: Annual Stall: Di Immortales Starl II: Senior CUSS Plas: ,lunior-Senior Banquet Committee. Page Seventeen MARGARET E. FISHER 5f':N:..:f :eva .-'.'f:.1l.' .v:.l .fl.7I'iC. .'lf.'.: .1.:t.:x.f f.'.:!h.:vj ,rf ,z ,l.1ri. G. R. II. III. Vice President IV: G. R.1BgsI:5:5alI Telrtig G. A. C, I: L-v:.5' Gtee Lluk II. III: Mixed Cyrus II. III' Key Annual Stan IY: Class Hwtorzan: Di Immortales Surf: rea:-J: Clsss,l'l.:i Ijsliet and Scenery :.:Q De. ritz-.-ns C-i-rnrnlttee. ,IOI-IX If. CARVER Iluftf .r'.'I.J'i t'.1llv lu Zllll im! Illini. li' .' .I .lxffm 101.1 1zw'f.' H:-Y II. III: H-sys' Glec Club II: rgeecn Club III: Kev Annual Star? Ili Alunmr-Sen:-it Banquet Commit- 7::: benlor Class Plat-. s'fi'2'zite with I'. Xtlvy DON I., FULTON ll. .1i..l Jw ,'f.",:xwbiif iliitlittliffn. for :rl l'1'Y.IfIOI1 11.11 Bella Lnii. il, III. IV: Class Ptesi-lent I: Claw: Ttxs-urer IX: Basl-zetliall I: 'AVi:.:-'ral IL Mixed Chorus I, Key 1 '-gl Stan: 'Iuniot-Senior Banquet I1 ' f.- rnmrtfee, Senior Class " ' :sue f1I.I Xfifa ,XIAF C1fJI.DIiX 1.4 .we :fffnlti ,uwzi . I f.. if..:,'i f..1.i w,vl.l lffflll . fft lrzfftz . .' ll 'I' :x I, II I'x'.I1infI V '. Ulu. Ll it I':, ni ' '-I Q f' fr. Piaril' I XIIII ' I' I. Vfzng 'Inn I, II " Ply- Ill fffutli ll, f ' ',Ir'.'i I II s,w,g'. 1 U: ' "lt, Iwnn nm! II-,nur I' tue I' xzhteen Seniors SHIRLEY K. ERBE E K.1ll1'if1g lo f1'iei1il,vbi,h'.r nzll, II"ell Ilvaiiglit of, well liked by .1ll. G. R. II. III, President IV: Home Room Vice President II: Student Council Secretary II. III, IV: G. R. Basketball IV: Twirlcr I, II: Cheer Leader II: Kel' Annual Stall: Di Immortales Stall: Christmas Cantata II. III: Junior-Senior Banquet Re- ception Committee: Senior Class Play and Stage Committee: Girl Reserve Camp III: Ntriunal Honor Society. ILENE M. FORDYCE Slve ii xQt?I1Il:, .rlve if l'f7j'. B111 lime ii 11.'l.Vl.'lJltf in ber ew. G. R. I: G. A. C. I: Key Annual Stall: Di Imtnottales Staff II: Latin Club: Iunlor'Senlor Banquet Invita- tion Committee: Senior Clast Play Usher and Program Committee IV. SUE ZANE M. GOUDY lil .Ill the it f,ipet'i.1ll1' fiillud. xllllmfigla tl lillle lime ilu' 1ii.1y lure killeil. G.-R. II, III: Cabinet IV: Class OH'tcet II: G. R. Basketball Team IV: Girls' Glee Club I, II: III, IV: Mlxetl Chorus II. III: Senior Pageant I: Key Annual Staff IV: ,luniore Senior Banquet Docoratlons Com- mittee: Senior Class Play ancl Props er-ies Committee: "False Fernando" Operctta IV. LYNN C. GARN II"t zrmizltfi' if llwqre twill c'I'LI' be flixullvtr' .ii full lilttl .11 lux HAY II, III, IV: Class Presnlent II. III, IV: Home Ronin Presttlent IL Orclmestra I, II. III: Hand I, II. IIIL Cheer Le.:-.let III: Key Annual Stall IV: Editor or Di Iminnrtalesg ,Iumor-Senior Banquet Committee: Senior Class Play. ILENE KATIQS 1lI.1J1 11111 1111 I'l.Ql7f Il.Il, N111 11111 1111111111 7 11111 11111 gnu. G. A. C, I. II, III- Orclmbrm III. IVQ Ihnd III, IV3 Gul! Glcc Club I. II, III. IV: Mmccl Clwrux I, II: Sc11111r P.lgc.1nl I3 Key Annual S1.1II IVQ Pullllc Sp.-.1I1x1n: PIM' II, Spccclr Clulwg .lun111r-bunulr Blnqucr C1111 1111110143 Scnmr CIAN Play L'xI1cr .md Mung C11m1n1lr1:c. "False I7c1n.1n1I11' Opunua IV. IIZAN PATRICIA I-IL'I.L H.11.f 1111 img, P11111-1 .1111f 11111, xl 111111.! 111 Llcll 11111, 11111. G. R, II. III. IV: Q1 A C. I, IIL Ly. R. Bmlxurlwxll Tum IV: Km Annull SIIIII IV, Hnrncr Null IV: D1 I1111'1111r.1Iu 51,11I', Pulwlu Spclklnu PI.1v Ilg Speech Clubg wIun111rfSun1111 B.1wy111.1 Arrnngcniunri K.11n11'111uuu. SU111111 Lfl.1ss Play L'5I1cr .1nLl Tukcta .md Ijmlru C,11n1n117lcc. RALPH I-I. MARTIN D111.1'1J 011111111 11111 11f11111tQf11,1' 1.110 1f.1'1. 011. 111 111115, llw 111011 111 11f.11'. H1-Y II, III, V102 Pruaulcnl IV: Hum: R1..1111 Officer Ig Urulxcxrm I. II, Illg Bxngl I, II. III, IVQ Stu-.Icnt C1.1unc1l III, Prcsudcm IV: Sumur Pauunm I, Gurnnn I. II. III: Km .'Xnnu.1I Stall IV. ,lunxor-Sunmr Bmqucr Cnxmmnxuucez Sruclenr D11ccr111 111 5.11115 IV: Scnmr Chu PI.1v .lull IXl1.1s1C C-1m11111rcc1 H11.'151c1 I'W1n'N' Sure IIIQ 1-Xmcr1c.1n 11211111 .-Xw.1r1I. N111-1n.1I H11n11r Sucicry. IZVFLYN MARIE PIZXCIT FJ-1 .!11'.'.1111111 1151 lllll 1.1143 A 44111111 1111111g1.1pl1c1' .Ju zriff 111.11412 C, R, III. IV: C. R, Calumet. CI.1w Van Pruulum IV1 Humu Runm Suc- rc1.1rv-'l4r1:.1s11rc1' III, lim Annu.1I SUR D1 I:n:1111rl.1lcs 51.15. jumnr- Scnmr Ihnqucl C1111n1111rrcu III: Scmur Chu Plny. Seniors EDXYARD ARTHUR JACKSON CIJIFII III 1'1.1111111, i11Je11111J111I of 111i111.f. T1111'.11'1f .11111J11.111111'1' X11 If 1111'I111eaI, f'I.15i 'I're.1xu1'c1 I3 Kev Annual SUIT. Pul1I11: Spmlcxng PIM II, Scnnur Clam I-'Ing Mcmlwx' 1-I T. 5. C, Gai Model Club III: :Kam S11c1e1v III. Nun' Q1-1'X111: with II1-- .Xr11'1jx' .XIV I"-11-1-1-. KATI-II-'RINIY JOAN GRIFFIX :I -1,1112 1111 .1fI, ,1 4311111111 .Q1'.1,1l. . , 1 .-I f1h,:711c 11.17. 111.111 !1,1.f. K1 II. II III. IV. hlrlx' L1ILc Club II: fl-H fflulv I. II: H--mul Surf. KCI :Xnnu.1I bull: ,lu111111Nu111--1 Bnnuucl I,111u1111ucu: Scuwr IIl.Iv. PI.1I L'xl1cr .mkl P11 3132111 K.11m11'.1:1L-C. XYILLA I.. KOPI3 L1i1.1f11'f, Lo15.1f1I1. 1113 11111 fv,'11:.' S113 .1 f1111:.f. r1'11111,g1'1 .111.1' !!11'1'111gf7 I-I.1w Sccrumru II: Sruklunl Cuunixl It lxu A11nu.1I 51.1113 Iun111r-Scnmr B.1n- uuc: f,11m1111uc1:. Sun11-r ffllix PIM I'xl1cr .md Sccnurv .1mI Dcc11r.1r1ur15 ff11'111111ucc, IAMES M. KECKLFR TM ,111 1f1.11 11.151 Ill JU l,1fE UWM, :I .g1111.f 1l.'1.f111f, ,1 11111111 11f fm'- f1111'1', .1 11f11: U11 lik' fllllakf- l.1!1' flow. H1'Y II, Secretary .xml Trc.1xurfr III Ilruvdun: IYQ I-Ionic R1'1r1111 Orlicur II: lI.1w III, B.1xIqerIw.1II I II III. IV1 B.1::Im1ll I, II. IX'gVSun111r Pageanr I: Kev Annual Full: D1 Irnnmrmlcc Surf: ,Iun11i1I- Nunmr Bmquu If11111n11uce3 Huosmcr Il.1u 9111: III, 5:11101 C1155 Plgv, Page Nineteen LOIS E. XYEAVER Sie .'.:.'igfl'f.f amz' 5065.27 from .I7.1-I 5.7 J.:-'I .' fin: from ber llEJ'fi7II,i .five .fidzfz J'.'f,Zj. G. R. II, III. Treasurer IV: G. R. Basketball Team IV: G. A. C. I. II. III: Gxrls' Glee Club I. II: Mixed Chorus II: Key Annual Scarf: Di Irrimorrales Stan. Public Speaking Play II1 Speech Club II: ,Iunior-Senior Banque: Comrtziireez Senior Class Plas ancl Book Holder RONALD ROSE lV'1.'b uorrief .v:.1' mref mmzlfer- jug fill' HJII .1'r.:zl nsmzn .1 Urloou fur mu. I-I:-Y II. III. IV: Boys Glec Club I. II: Mixed Chorus I. II: Srudcnr Ciiiurzcil I. IV: Senior Pazeanr I: Key Xnnaal Sui: -Iuriiorricnior banquet C-1-mmftteei Senior Class Play and Suse Commirree. ETANGELINE MAE TIFFANY Her frierzjf me mam. Iain' feel -- .fre rhere Jrzyf Q F.. II, III. IV: G, A. C, I, II: Luis' Glcc Club II: Mi:-:ed Chorus I: 153.11 Pageant I: flew' Annual Sraff, '.:. R. Bykctball Team IV: Chrisr- :aj Cantya IYII: Di Immorzalcs var' II: Inf.:-fr-:crniir Bfiriouct Com- 7."::' Smiir Class Pla: Business RICHARD I.IiIf KIILLER ul 'fmiz mon. l.'!.Iu2"fl.Z'.' QVHUIIQ ffm: KOIUIJJ fm! bf IOIUILi,' ll. fi 'ax I-'lf' Jimi-me f.zi'ii'zi'c if: V iizire of 131' IOIlIIl7'I, :rg Hur. aim me flaw ig -J., ' . i-+jJ'ii.irial 'rim in :hc'.':f-r. nl' his . r"V'ir'a'fl killvil uf ICIQ 'l"i,iiirn 'i i ff. rim I'a:': THR cntjr Seniors MARJORIE ANNE YODER II"'ber1 Ilve diflxzzt bell of lime pealf, Sf7e'If rtzll fre firing up Ia ber .lvzgb ide.1I.r. G. R. II. IV: Class Vice President I. Class Treasurer III: G. A. C. I: Girls' Glee Club II: Editor of Key Annual: Di Immorrales Staff: Junior- Senior Banquei Committee: Senior Class Play and Make Up Cornmirreeg Christmas Canzara II: Srudenr Coun- cil IIg Nacional Honor Society. WALTER F. RICHARDSON F1111 of fuzz, full of joy, 1111! pl typiml Anzerirmz bay. Hi-Y II. III, IV: Band. I, II, III: Key Annual Staff: Public Speak- ing Play II: Speech Club II: Senior Class Play and Properries Committee. JE AN SESSFORD C1115 .md my mm' .iby HMI 1136, A rziref girl yalfll fzerer ree. G, A. C. I, II. III: Key Annu-al Sraffg junior-Senior Banquer Comma:- tce: Senior Class Play Usher and Scenery and DCC'lf3lIODS Committee: Public Speaking Play II, fi 'P 8 fx.. Sa, B. Alu' an "hay tl A. :- Seniors ?I Fun YHXX-LYPI1 G.1mg XI.1r1-'Ic.u1 Clhlddlikl Lwxi XY1.1xf4r.Tr111 Dvurt: ,I11.1r1 Gflhill XI.11'111r1c Xudfr. SCCHHJ rmx'-Trop .md his dugg Gle:m1.1 Mug Cl1uuk: Bcm' Enilcy. Thud l'HNYf4vIl!Tl Kccklur' Dul1.1 .md M,11'sg.1rctg Hub .md li1.1111gcI111ug N.11'1--Ts.111. Fuurlh mxx'-GI:-111.1 Aldr1cl11 Ed Lxukwng Bubhw. I.1111n11c1 XY.1lrL1'. R.1lp111c. M111-IL.1r1. 111111, Flfrh fl'XX'iG1Uf1Il.l .md In-r pupfg B1llx'c .md MJ11'-1. I.y11r11 SLIXIC, F 1 Q , IL Twc11t1'-one I J, QV-c Lo. Future Sting of the Hornet Y'lm,w 131511 zziff L-J7'I',1 ilu' .ffizztgf of flw Hffwzci gr Afz!Q'w1'.z Hzuylv fo ffm' L'71cIlliL'I .11 .m 121,111-1 Hifi! + ffm qifzgffff H1511 km 711111 dfmitg ,uf 'zzLff. NAME Gloria Aldrich Robert Andrews Joanna Bartley Allen Boyer john Carver Billye Nell Certain Mari-Jean Chaddick Bob Dygert Betty Ensley Shirley Erbe Margaret Fisher Ilene Fordyce Don Fulton Lynn Garn Glenna Mae Golden Sue Zane Goudy Joan Gritfin Edward jackson jean Hull Ilene Katus jim Keckler Wlilla Kope Ralph Martin Evelyn Pence Wfalter Richardson Ronald Rose .lean Sessford Evangeline Tiffany Lois XY'eaver Marjorie Yoder Bits About the Seniors N ICKWAME Aus Count joannie Red Gus Wlhitfy Shadrack Troj Betts Erp Fish Skipper Butch Charlie Goldie Shapeless jo Slipstream Pat lkey Schmuck XY'illie Meathook E, P. Cuddles "Blackie" Jeanie Titf Lois Annie AMBITICN Singing Pharmacist Housewife Farmer Navy Air Corps Nurse Doctor Coach Housewife Stenographer Housewife Nursery Supervisor Army Air Corps Pharmacist Radio Ensemble work Commercial Artist Secretary Army Air Corps Mortician Artist Certitied Accountant Army Nurse Corps Succeed His Father Stenographer Electrician Cartoonist Read Books Typist Army Nurse Corps Teacher HOBBY Playing House Photography ljnderclassman Athletics Skipping School Taking Snapshots Ping Pong Athletics Eating Sailors XYol1ing Collecting Xlilishbon He l"XY'onders" Billards ES Collecting Indian Relics Bleu Reading Airplanes Collecting Ernie Py Drawing Athletics Dancing Telling jokes Sleeping Yv'orking on Radios Buying Cars Reading Books Xlfriting Letters Taking Pictures Sailors le's Columns Page Twenty-three Ualedicfofztl THE POXWER OF EDUCATION Out of the numerous and varied things of which a democracy is composed, one of the most important is education. It is one of the barriers that stands between us, the American people. and a tyrannical form of government. Education perpetuates a democracy. Xvhen a people are well-informed, and well- educated, no one person or group of persons can lead them into a road at whose end lies only destruction and decay. By the word "education", we should not necessarily mean 12 or 16 years of school- ing, with a diploma to show for one's work. XY'hile that is very important. the real meaning of the word has a deeper significance. A person can continue his education as he goes through life by keeping a clear and open mind: by being ready at all times to accept facts even though they had heretofore been strange or different to himz by showing a great tolerance and broad understanding of other peoples and their problems. It is the realization of this fact that is so valuable to every individual. XY'e, the graduating class, are going to have a hand in the shaping of a new world after this war. And this world is going to demand some solid foundations. We cannot afford to blunder through such an important and vital step. Wfe must be clear-headed, and straight-thinking in all our plans. Before us lies this enormous task of building anew. Wfe can promise you this, that we will make our greatest effort to face courageously the job that must be done. XY'e are conndent that the education we have received, and will continue to receive throughout our lives. will be of great help in solving the problems which lie before us. -joanna Burley. nt -tour galutat fu., YOUTH XVe, the youth of America, have a stupendous task before us. XY'e have on every side conflicting statements such as thcse: Wk shall have the burden of the war on our shoulders, heavy debts, unemployment, and over all depression beyond anything the world has ever seen: and in contrast, we shall reap the fruits of technological dex elop- ment, utilize the inventions, discoveries and skills developed by the war, lt is up to us which of these suggestions will shape our course. The poet says. "XX'e have no time to sport away the hoursg All must be earnest in a world like ours" Wle must keep our youth. Youth is courage, seeing clear, living clean. loving with- out greed, giving without regret: Youth is keeping alive the truths of life. As we develop our individual talents. so will we be able to contribute our full share in the building of future America. Emerson told us that we must build our own world. "Hitch your wagon to a star," he said. How can we be idealistic in times like this, you ask. Right ideas alone are success- ful. There is always a place for these ideas and they bring their fruitage with them. Our ideas and ideals are our own individuality. This we must develop. A little boy who had won first place in a flower-growing contest, on account of his large and beautiful speci- mens was asked how he had raised such blossoms. for it was known that he had only a small and unfertile plot on which to grow them. I-le answered simply, "l saw the blossoms when I planted the seeds." Wfe must see more of the blossoms. Do not they typify that springtide of the heart. when one reioices in the dawn of hope and faith in the future? It is vitally important for us to maintain .1 joyous outlook. a kindly attitude. and the daily expectancy of good if we would bring them into our own experience. james Russell Lowell left these beautiful lines for us: "New occasions teach new dutiesg Time makes ancient good uncourhg They must upward still. and onward. who would keep abreast of Truth: Lo, before us gleam her camp-tires! we ourselves must Pilgrims be. Launch our Mayflower. and steer boldly through the desperate winter sea, Nor attempt the Futui-e's portal with the Past's blood-rusted key." -Glezzmz .ll.1e Guliiefs Page Tw entx tix e f fast an 7-esfczment Be it remember that we, the Class of of 19-14 of Angola High School, situated in the town of An- gola in the County of Steuben in the State of Indiana, being in our usual unsound state of mind and mem- ory, but mindful of the uncertainty of this life, and our approaching dismemberment, do make, publish, and declare this our last will and testament, hereby revoking all former wills by us made. After the payment of all our just debts, funeral charges, grudges, and expenses of administration, we dispose of our estate as follows: To our Principal. Mr. Elliott, who has been our faithful guardian for four years, we give the ex- treme leasure of gettin rid of us, Ma' he never have another class as tr 'in as this one. P c S 5 5 S To Mr. Estrich we bequeath our share of pencil marks on the school walls, and our equity in every stray cat and dog which his encamped on the school property during the past four years. To Mr. Druckamiller. our athletic coach, and Miss Risk, our commando instructor, we bequeath all sprains. bruises. broken noses. teeth and legs, cuts, kicks, and black eyes we will not be around to take personally after graduation. To Mr. Druckamiller, we also bequeath the school gymnasium and baseball diamond. which we do not need and, furthermore, which we do not own. We hope they will have many successful athletic teams now that we are going. Wfithout us, anything may be possible. To Mr. Dygert. our skilful teacher of mathematics, we give and bequeath every had word we uttered in our hopeless attempt to master algebra and geometry. W'ith his natural ability added to the possession of our natural vocabularies. he should be able to make mathematical wizards of all his future mathe- matics pupils. To Miss Reed. our linguistic teacher, we give the magnificent collection of translations we have so laboriously writtten into all the school Latin books. Her future classes will seem smarter with less etfort than we expended. although we do doubt their ability to expend less effort. To Mr. Handy, teacher of history, we bequeath the Civil Wlar, Alexander the Great, and the Tower of Babylon History may repeat itself. But in matters of discipline, Mr. Handy did not repeat himself. We always heard him the first time. To Miss Shultz, instructor of English, we endow our libcral supply of slang. VC'ith it we offer the free advice that such picturesque slang is only appropriate when accompanied by a large chew of plug tobacco. May she master both arts during the coming years. To the junior Class. we give and bequeath our seats in the senior room, including such of our initials is .irc inscribed upon the desks, and our erasers, pencils, spitballs, pieces of chalk, and cuds of :um which 'ae neglected to remove in the haste of our departure. May these small tokens help them to tuile away a year of senior learning as they have us. To the Sophomore Class, we bequeath such grutlges as the faculty of this school may still hold agairisr us for our sins of commission and omission May they bear the brunt of these grudges in a riitel: .intl humble spirit to which they have not already become accustomed. To the lfrtshman class, we have nothing left to bequeath but .1 lot of good advice. Do not study X Pa t T'.'.'er.ty-sif- too hard, for it will make you sick and unhealthy, and no future employer wants a sickly graduate any more than a horse thief desires to take an unsound horse. If you would obtain good grades without study. then laugh heartily at all your teachers' jokes even though you are hearing them for the hundreth time, ask your teachers questions about the lessons after class, and give each of them a red apple every morning. and a valentine on February 14. Always carry a lot of books with you to and from school and classes but never look within their covers. The inside pages of your school books are laden with microbes from the contaminating use of former classes. Whenexfer you are caught in any odense look very scared and sorry and your punishment will be light. If you will obey all thc-se rules, then three years from now you will be occupying these places of solemnity and dignity with a minimum of effort and wear and tear. In addition to these bequests we wish to dispose of some more personal items as follows: I, Gloria Aldrich, do hereby will and bequeath my flat feet to Mary Jean Kohl. I, Robert Andrews, do hereby will and bequeath my marvelous ability to stay awake in Civics-most of the time, to David Smith. I, Joanna Bartley, do hereby will and bequeath my dimples to Mildred Myers. I, Allen Boyer, do hereby will and bequeath my squirt gun to Mr. Handy. I, john Carver. do hereby will and bequeath my new hub caps to Mac Arnold. I, Billye Nell Certain, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to get in trouble during sextette prac- tice to Delia Fisher. I, Mari-jean Chaddiek, do hereby will and bequeath my tive feet seven to Lois Leman. 1, Betty Ensley. do hereby will and bequeath my ability to sleep and type at the same time to Mary Lou Martin. I, Shirley Frbe. do hereby will and bequeath my ability to argue with "Pop" Certain to Patricia Randolph. I, Margaret Fisher, do hereby will and bequeath my small figure to Margaret XY'olfe. I, Ilene Fordyce, do hereby will and bequeath my second year Latin grades to Barbara Bratton. I, Don Fulton, do hereby will and bequeath my cradle robbing ability to Barton Golden. I. Lynn Garn, do hereby will and bequeath my much used road map of Ohio to Bill Van W'agner. I, Sue Zane Goudy, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to lure men to Evelyn George. I, Glenna Mae Golden, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to play "Turkey in the Strawn to jack Howe. I, joan Griffin, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to eat a chocolate pie and drink a quart of milk every night before retiring to Elizabeth XVolfe. I, jean I-lull, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to collect rings and fraternity pins to Noreen Wells. Page Twenty-seven I. Ilene Katus. do hereby will and bequeath my curly locks to Treva Huntington. l. james Keclder, do hereby will and bequeath my basketball ability to Don Brooks. l. Vfilla Kope. do hereby will and bequeath my freckles to Shirley Allen. l. Ralph Martin. do hereby will and bequeath my Hat feet and overbite to Raymond Kiess. 1, Evelyn Pence, do hereby will and bequeath my well W01'I'1 Sl101'f l'l?1I'ld tablet to Beverly SLCVCFIS. I, XV.ilter Richardson, do hereby will and bequeath my hard work on school studies to Leonard Ott. l. Ronald Rose, do hereby will and bequeath my favorite parking space between Webbs' and Kohls' to Barton Ray Golden. I. .lean Sessford, do hereby will and bequeath my acrobatic ability to Georgia DeLancey. l. Evangeline Tiffany, do hereby will and bequeath my typing skill to Betty Leman. I, Lois iXY'eaver. do hereby will and bequeath my shower crooning to Barbara Myers. l. Marjorie Yoder. do hereby will and bequeath my slacks to Mary Lou Crain. l. Robert Dygcrt. do hereby will and bequeath my ability to get into trouble to Mac Arnold. l. Edward jackson, do hereby will and bequeath my gas model world to Burdette Nelson. Besides these gifts of an ordinary nature, we leave, of our own free will, our blessing upon this school and its teachers, fond memories of our pleasant four years spent in association with these teachers and other pupils of the school. and our pledge of friendship and cooperation in all school activities of the future. May Angola High School prosper and grow with the years. All the rest of our property, whatsoever and wheresoever, and of what nature, kind and quality, after the payment of all our debts and funeral expenses, we leave to our Angola School Board. May they grow rich and independent from the proceeds. ln Testimony whereof, we hereunto set our hand and seal, and declare this to be our Last Will and Testament, this 2-ith day of May, in the year of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and forty-four. Signed: The Senior Clrur Per Ilene Fofdyre Ilene Kam: l 1 Tn-henry-eight gb b n nv ' 5 i, l f ,ar 'N 1 'I And Seniors ---- Fnrxr row-Scnwr Shciksz Lnve IH blownug Skmppin sclm-ful? Oh. happy d.1yYg Hi, .Imnfg Lm .lr rhc hmrdy. Luiif Scuvnd ww-L1-.1hn': Is ywur plc good. Spwvkfp Smxlc pmcrry. gxrlm Day drc.m1mg. Bsrxlcy Sh.1df.lCk. Thxrd rmv-My. Such gr.xC1:-Gsvldcng Hi, -In-lug Sprmu fucri Surprxscd' Fourth ruw--lndusrriuus Scnwrg Such .1 prurty amllcg Luc lgain, 'I.1ckrun!1 'Ihr Scnwrs, Pug 9,-:Liga P , fr X Y .L 'k e Twenty-nine Thirty Station I0 Reporting Station IOU in the Tower of the Court House Building in Angola, Indiana. Good morning folks, here is your night owl reporter with the latest news flashes brought to you by Amalgamated Non-Rust, Non-Bust Toothpicks and Bobby Pins. Flash-China, May 25. 196-L . . . The big torpedo boat, Zipoit, reached here from America at exactly 9:36 center of the earth time. The crew reported nothing exciting on the trip. but one quart of milk and three sandwiches were consumed on the way. As you may know the distance between the two continents is cut many miles by the new routing. They are said to have cut through melted lava for 7,000 miles of the trip, encountering no snow. The crew was captained by the honorable Don Fulton. well known among the students of Angola High School as a member of the class of '4-1. Podunk Center . . . XVord has been received that Miss Mari-Jean Chacldick, famed metropolitan opera star. who formerly lived here, will give a broadcast tonight on this station. She will sing, "Yes, There Ain't No Honey in a Bumble Bee's Sting." Battle Creek Sanitorium . . . Dr. Billye Nell Certain today announced that the sanitorium staff had discovered a way to combat laziness in high school students. This new discovery is expected to revolutionize the high school scholastic records of the nation. In her studies Dr. Certain was ably assisted by Nurses Lois Vlfeaver and Wfilla Kope. Students of Angola High School were used for experimental purposes in the research work. Viasliington, D. C ..,. At a press conference yesterday the President's secretary, Miss Shirley Erbe. told a few of the high lights of her most recent fishing trip. During her two days' absence she fished in two oceans and seven seas. She told with enthusiasm about the one that got away. Yale University . . . Coach Dygert of the Yale football squad announced today that he expects to white wash the team of Coach Keckler of the Army when the two teams clash in Alaska Rose Bowl next Fourth of july. Chicago . . . The debate teams of two of the most fashionable girls' schools in this city are in a deadly argument on the question, 'Do men prefer blonds or brunettes?" Miss Bartleys School of Slick Chicks at Sleepy Slope are strongly in favor of the blonds and Miss Fishers Select School for Girls at Sunny Slope on Chicken Creek is all out for brunettes. At this point Miss Bartley's Slick Chicks are in the lead. Capital City . . . Governor Martin conferred with Speaker of the House, Richard- son, and Floor Leader of the Senate, Garn, today regarding the building of 30,000 miles of highway across the Atlantic Ocean in the near future. Chief Engineer Edward lackson. who will have charge of the construction of this watery highway was also present at the conference. Midway. Pacitic Ocean . . . The Pacific Ocean swimmers passed the half way mark early this morning. Sceming to be in the bert of spirits they lunched on popcorn and hot dogs before continuing their swim across the ocean. Miss jean Hull was first in elapsed swimming time at this point. Hollywood . . . Fairamount Studios headed by Bob Andrews announced today the find of a new star. They discovered her making sauerkraut out of garlic in an east side apartment in New York City. You will see the name of Gloria Aldrich in lights very soon. She is starring in the picture release, 'Flames of Youth." This picture has taken three days and a half to produce at a cost of the stupendous cost of 36.50. Boston . . . One of the worlds best sellers seems to be "How to Chew More and Bigger Nvads of Gum." The book is a scientific treatise which required four years in the writing. The name of Evangeline Tiffany appears as the author. The book is illus' trated by Ilene Katus. Miss Katus, by the way, is working with her high school class- mate, joan Gritiin, now the owner of Griffin Publishing Company. Paris . . . Madam Ensley. worlds foremost designer of dogs clothing, announces that she will enter the field of designing for men and women next fall. She predicts that her styles will set the pace for the whole world. Speedway Run . . . .lolin Carver set a new record here today for an automobile speed when he went down the course at 500 miles an hour. john used to make everyone eat his dust back in his high school days. More miles to the gallon next time, Carver! New York City . . . The new song sensation of the season is the work of that famous violinist of Tin Pan Alley, Glenna Mae Golden. The catchy. snatchy little title is, "W'hen the Sun Shines There's No Fog in My Eyes, But You," New Orleans . . . The very limber Miss jean Sessford found herself in quite a bad spot while working out a new routine for the Lower Basin Theater. Miss Sessford has figured out how to tie herself in a square knot but doesn't seem to be able to straighten herself out. Fort Wayne . . , That busy little home maker, Ilene Fordyce, is at it again stirring up new prize winning recipes. She has just created a sensational hash made of the left over grapefruit. This little lady is cooking her way to fame. Philadelphia . . . Miss Marjorie Yoder, founder of the Sizzling Sisters Dramatic Colony. will go on tour next fall. She expects to travel on horse back in an effort to organize dramatic clubs all over the world Detroit . . . Mr. Ronald Rose has just been acclaimed the most successful business man of this generation. He followed in the footsteps of Henry Ford and found success and fortune in the automobile industry As you all know Mr. Rose is the originator of the master of streamlined etliciency, the Rosey Roadster. It is rumored that Mr. Allen Boyer has made quite a name for himself in the agricultural field. This gentleman farmer is harvesting crops on top of a 2.000 story building in the heart of the largest city in the world. New York. As I came into the studio this morning I nearly fell over Miss Sue Goudy's ladder. That very talented artist is painting a 500 toot mural on the side of IOU studios. Miss Goudy has painted all the great personages in Europe and has returned to Angola for a short vacation. Ladies and Gentlemen, please remember, if you want well groomed hair and tceth, never forget Amalgamated Non-Bust Toothpicks and Bobby Pins. -Night Ou! Repffrfer. E1 efuw Pence. Page Thu ts one Senior Progress Time marches on S so goes the old saying. And with the passing of time a new generation is born. Let us look at this new generation and watch the process by which they grow to be young men and women through education. Thus started this great race of seniors in the civilized world, changing and shaping into new and better men and women until they reach maturity. Always eager to learn something new each day to strengthen their education, they began their progress. After their first foot-step on the soil of the school campus they groped and strug- gled and pushed forward. They blundered from one grade room to another, slowly unlocking the door to education and moving on their way toward the time when they too might become seniors. From there they join many others in the strife to reach the top. The years seemed to fly by and time marched steadily on, to the tune of the tramp- ing of the class of '-i-i. Their hrst experience in the grades had gone by leaving only memories behind. Now looking ahead they see mysteries of the unexplored plains of the coming high school days. The first pilgrimage was to be in the Freshman land. This siege was longer and harder than the others and time wrought hardships on the seniors. At the beginning of this year they numbered 493 they gained Robert Reed and Robert Dygert. They lost Ernest Boulware, joan Grifliths, Gaylord Kope, Richard Miller, Helen Morse, Barbara Murphy, Eugene Nichols, john Rinehart, Keith Ritter, Anita Straw, Dale Ickes, Lafe Shively, Mickle Henry, and George Myers. At the be- gining of the second year their number had decreased to 57, they gained Anne Austin, Joanna Bartley, Patricia Drummond, Ilene Fordyce, Harland French, Don Fulton, Eleanor Hagerty, Onedia Halsey, Max Moor, Evelyn Pence, Mike Pristas, jack Sharpless, Yavonne XY'olfe. They lost Patricia Drummond, Eleanor Hagerty, jack Sharpless, Frank Fast. Harold Green, Edward jackson. Marching steadily forward, they came to their third year with the number 44, they gained Connie Curran. Donna Herb, Mary Kelly: they lost Anne Austin, Onedia Halsey. Max Moor, W'arren Bennett, Norman Cook, Lois Pence, Betty Varner. The most important year of all, their fourth year, had come at last, giving them a start with -iOg they gained Edward jackson and lost Harland French, Mike Pristas, Yavonne Wfolfe, Arnold Bell, Keith Castner, Marjorie Forbes, Robert Lee, Marilyn Thumm, Connie Curran, Donna Herb, Mary Kelly. By this time the faculty, underclassmen, all, along with the seniors, were awaiting the inevitable time when the seniors would receive their diplomas and leave the portals of A. H, S. One day the graduation exercises came: but instead of cheers and applauding, there were many solemn, unhappy, forgiving faces left behind. Another class of seniors has passed the test and graduated into their place in the outside world of success or failure. Hail to the seniors! irtj. -two It All Comes Back To Me Now Who can forget those shy Freshman days when we were in school . . . Oh yes, and what ambitions we had - we were going to be great - maybe even president - tsk! tsk! Such optimism!! . . . How bright and eager we were each morning to come to school . . . We met new friends each day and worked Qwe were Freshmen then!j with them in class and played with them outside . . . A few months went by and the sun come up over hundreds of times . . . What a difference that made in our character, attitude and sense of humor!! From those green Freshmen we became those wise Sophomores who "knew it all" . . . so we thought . . . That's the year most of us worked the hardest and barely had any extra time . . . well anyway, SOME people worked hard. That was the year Lynn Garn started as Class President . . . Heil Charley! !! ln that year a Mr. johnson came to our school . . . remem- ber him? . . . that's enough sighing, girls . . . And isn't that the year we got stabbed in the back by the japs? . . . Well, we showed them . . . How??? Well, we collect scrap iron . . . bought stamps and bonds . . . Anything for victory! Two years went by and then we were full-fledged juniors . . . only one more year of struggling left . . . groan . . . Charley was our President and Bob Andrews our vice- president . , . Remember the junior Senior Banquet? . . . Oh Boy!!! Did we have a swell time . . . it was worth promising to cut our neighbors lawn all summer because we borrowed his car .... Wlell, here we are . . look at us . . . XVe're running the school now and if you classmen don't like it, well-!-Y--!! . . . Yes, we're all "big shots" now . . . But thank goodness we haven't become so self-centered that we don't know our friends any more . . . By now our life has been just chosen for us - if we could only start over again. XVe'd do it the very same way! !! Charley was our president this year- yep!!! held his otiice three years!!-And who can forget that performance of "junior Miss" for our Senior Play? . . . Nope you can't even compare it! . . . well, how about after play practice . . . have any fun? . . . Well, let's see what we got this year . . . calling cards, invitations, evening gowns, and . . . and . . , just loads of things . . . How did we pay for them? . . . oh, we just sent them COD .... Call on Dad!!! . . . Oh boy!!! . . . There's the Prom . . . Every time you see someone in the hall your heart starts "palpitating" to swing time . . . you know what I mean . . . That night will live long in our memory . . . Everything except what Pa said when we come in like a culprit at 4 a. m .... Well, it's time to go, friends . . . Commencement's here . . . and you can hear the faculty breathe 1 sigh of relief . . problem children, weren't we . . , and I thought they'd be sorry to see us go . . . From school some got educations, others got experience . . . some got heart trouble . . . a few got A's . . . many got special Reports . . . But we all have our memories. Page Thirty-three uniors J, Donna Anspaush e Don Badders ,.,,., Paul Bircbman .... Berry Bolinger Don Brooks .,. Kinnerh Butz , Rnlwerr Butz . Nlabi Carpenter .. Mary Lou Crain Georgia De-Laneey .. . listelle lDCl'l'l.lITlUTCl' Dean Dyvuert la e 'llwurty'-fotir -xi, K xg gf' 0? Devilish, Adorable .....,Dandy, Bashful ..,,...,....PraCtical Boy .Bashful Brunette ..,,...Deueedly Brave ,.,Kind Buddy ,,,.,Real Boy . .,..... Merry Classmate Modest. Loveable, Cute . , .Good 'n Daring .. ,. ..... Ever Dear , Daring Dreamer CLASS OFFICERS President BART GOLDEN Vice President Par RANDOLPH Secretary Bii.L Hoaoraxo Treasurer BEVERLY STEVENS MOTTO-Good, better, best! Never let it rest, Until the good is better And the better is best." COLORS-Red and Wfhite FLOXVER-Red Carnation Bob Fanning ,. Lester Fenner .. .. , Delia Fisher ,.., .. Barton Golden .,,.. Iivelyn George ., ,... A. Donnabelle Goodhew loan Gritliths . ...r... . Bill Hoagland Paul Hollinger .,.., , Pauline Hollinger .. .lack Howe ....,,,.,... Bud Hughes ..,. ....,. Treva Huntington .. ......,...,Basketball Fan .........Likeable Friend ........,,,.Darn Friendly .,.....Basketball Glory , ...,.. liver Gorgeous .........Dandy Girl , .....,,......,... jolly Girl Bnshful n' Handsome ..,.....,...,...Pretty Happy ........Peppy n' Happy ...ajunior Heart-throb Heart ...,...Truly Happy Ronald jackson .. Mahlon Jacobs -., Raymond Kiess .. Mamie Kyle ..,,.. Betty Le-man , .... . Mary Lou Martin Catherine Munn .. Barbara Myers ..... Mildred Myers Burdette Nelson .. Betty Noragon ..... Carl Randolph Carlos Randolph . Patricia Randolph Eleanor Servis .,... ...........,.Real jolly Mighty Junior .........Radical Kid ..,....Mighty Keen ........,..Beautiful Lass Most Lovely Maiden Miss .....Becoming Manner ..,.,,.Mighty Mirthful ......Bashful n' Nice ......,Behaves Nicely . .,..... Carefree Romeo .......Carefu1 Romeo .,.....Pretty, Refined Ever Serene Sue Sims ...,,,..... ...,.,..Spre1ds Sunshine Beverly Stevens . ....... Beautifully Sedate Carl Strait ....... jim Troyer ........ Bill Van XVagner ....,..Common Sense ust "Gimme" Time But Very XVitty Trois Wfagner ...... .........,.,...... T ruly Wise Martha Warren .....,, Merrily Wonderful Noreen Wells ..,.... .............,. N atural Wit Elizabeth Wolfe ...... Donna Zimmer .... .....,.Ever Willing ......,Darling Zeal Margaret Zuber ..,... .....,.......... M uch Zest Eva. Parker ...,.... ....... Ever Purposeful Marian Mounts .... .. Yavonne Wolfe ...... ..... ...,.....,,Much Might .Youthful Wonder , - ' 1 1 -9 . 'Ig-, .4 x ' 1 e ' - 2 3 ht- if ,A wr X ' ' T , Y. ' 1 -.-, - - A -, . 4 i V -,,, f--:Stk-.i ---7:1115 . gm! it . ,... fx QF , L' - ' A -5 F -in ' ' 'sis' : , N h " mv e---'Q -555-- e f- -qi-fri eh M s t--at -:"""W,l,,t- - ,ax Y if 'ii-G ' ,Q -'e ik ,Qu 'g jig sv V-Ye, - " - i - I: I 1'-:Elf -f y' - 5 , ' 4 My-4: x -s as J V, E 5, .L ,V S. Q Q51 I ...- , P- Q .'.-tm , ' . 1:--, --1' I . -vs, - 4 J Q s , T 3' - c Q - Al, Q ll F - Q f ,, ,V V , , "fix Lp 5 .5, V. : iff: 'QL pw -'iq-'rx . 3,5-.:f,-5 rr- 5? .14 F . , - , .. .. is-Q. . , -0 .. ew-sf , .. lei- ,- f N - , - van- -I - ,, 1 -,g ss f - mf 1 , 5 '3-21 , 3 i 9, , 3. 1 fe , - 19 . A si - N- ' ' 4 ' " . - , wsisl gg, 'r'.1',1sfz f i 'st' -, -'-tw f , - . 5 f ' to - - i ' it 'Steffi ' 'ish' ' 5 if . V ' ' ' ' . I 1 ,T . 1 ,t gy' A ,X I, - i. . . , A . . W . ,, - ' " " ' T""'1"f ---i- "'i"'1 ' ff.-- . "if" Q' www 4-5 ' 5 H., .S-' - 1 ' 25' ' T , ' I ,': ' "' ' ' 1 , - - . ff-+V: . ag. ,, t ' if ' , : sr. '. - i "' r 4 ' G by 6 R Q i I if ' ' 5 . 'A t .555 'fi ' P ' fi' - ' " - I ,.. -g. 1 ' :4 :Yi - ' -,s . 1 b - ' j -t -1-- 'Safer' v it . , ' Q , ' -P 4 V . 2 '1'-I ' AS- V, , ' V eff it g- - ' , A . ' Q. A ,V ,V A s V - t V 3 XXI , h:fQy,? ,V. Gi dip, V . A ..v...,. . ,,,A, ., N, -f .,,.., , ,,.,,., . .. t t k gift 9 ,P I -'L .,. T""Q i A T' if 1 1 te e Q -:-' 1 S, 'if' ' "SPM C- at - - L ' -' ,ii .' ' - ' K - s f -Q Q ' ' ' ' , 112- 4.3 Q I Q , W-gt' . ..,?, .VA ky Q, Q N , , i , . V . M -L 7, ,, t, , , ,, .Q X. ffl- 1" ' ' ,4 LR LAW . V Top roxviDonn.i Ansptiugh, Bill Hoagland, Catherine Munn, Burdette Nelson. Marv Lou Crain. Deun Dygert, Estelle Derhammer, Don Brooks, Delia Fisher, Evelyn George. Barton Golden, Second row-Pat Randolph, Carl Strttit, Martha XY'.u'rf:n. Kenneth Butz, Donntibelle Goodhexv, Paul Hollinger, Betty Bolinger, Max Carpenter, Treva Huntington, Eva Parker, Raymond Kiess. Third row--Beverly Stevens, Libby XX'olfe, Bob Fanning. Georgia Delancey, Curl Randolph, Eleanor Servis, Jack Howe, Donna Zimmer, Bob Butz, Sue Sims, Betty Norzlgon. Fourth row-Paul Birchman, Pauline Hollinger, Betty Leman, Ronald jackson. Mamie Kyle, Marian Mounts. Bud Hughes, Mickey Myers, Trois Wagner, Bill Van NX'.1gner, Noreen XVells. Fifth row-Mary Lou Martin, Carlos Randolph, Barbara Myers. jim Troyer, Y.1xonne XX'olfe. joan Grithths, Lester Fenner, Charles Hutchins, Mr. Druckamillcr. Page Thirty-hx e Sophomores Top row-Mary jean Kohl. Bob Davis, Loene Kiser. Bill Carr. Bob Ferris, Pitt johnson, Dick Mann. Betty XX'hitman. junior Bovverman, jackie Shank, Ellora Mae Dole. Sect nd rovv-Frank Baxter. Bob Bledsoe. Charlotte Strait, Bob Blum. Betty Sellinger, Arthur Hanna. -Ioan Hobbs, David Smith. Barbara Hubbard, Junior johns, Nancy W'ebb. Third rom-Keith Folck. Bonmt Powers. Billie Dick. Eleanor Kabel. Bob Elliott. Kathleen Sutton. Dick Mondhunk. Beverly Randolph, Don Nichols, Metra jean Parr. Ben Ohmnrt. Fourth rovv-Romu Lee Penzck, Fred Pentico, Don Robbins. Bob Purdy, Barbara Dee Purdy. ,liimes Yfebb. Patricia Ritter. D.1rrell Goodh-ew. Carolyn Sims. Margaret Vfolfe, Vlllbur Hatter, Fifth ro'-v-Mary Richurdson, Miss Reed. Mr. Handy. Funk B.1xter ..... ,,,..,..... F riendly Boy Bob Bledsoe ...,, ...., B .tsketball Booster Bob Blum . .... .. ,,..,.,....,,., Busy Boy ,lunior Boxverman . , ,........ -lust Bashful Bill C.irr ., . ,,,.. .,... B usy Councilman Bob Dmis . .. .. Busy Dreaming A A HIM DM: yylnv Avlu ..'.VV.."w'.."44 B L It Dchnitcly Darrell Goodhew ..,.. .,..,,. D tizzling Genius Ellori 31,114 Dole Bob Elliott .....i. Robert Iferris LISIVC. Mysterious, Dmmtttic ,..,....Bursting Energy ,,,....Regul.1r Fellow Arthur Hanna .... ..,..Always Happy Wfilbur Harter .....,.. Willing Helper joan Hobbs ......, , ..,.....,,,.. just Happy tcm, tum ,, ,Kinda ifiimrious Bafbm Hubbard i""4A BUSY Hustler Warren johns ....., ,....,.... W itty jokes Patricia johnson ....,....... Pretty Jolly Thirty-si:-4 Eleanor Kabel ...,. .,.... Exceptional Kid I Loene Ixiser ,.,.,.,..... .,......., L oolcs Kissable Mary 'lean Kohl Richard Mann ,.....Merry, jolly, Kute .....,,..... Rowdy Mister George Call ...,...,... Dick Mondhank .,..,.., Don Nichols ......... Ben Ohmart .,....... Metta 'lean Parr ..... Roma Lee Penicl-: .. Fred Pentico ...... ..... ........Generally Clever ........Darling Man ,..,....Darn Nice ,..,..Mighty Joyful Person ..,.,..Radiar1t Little Punk ,,....,Friendly n' Pleasing Bonnie Powers ........ ..........,.......... B ashful Person Barbara Dee Purdy Robert Purdy , . Beverly Randolph Mary Richardson Patricia Ritter . .,..,. , Beautiful Doll Personality ....,..,.......,Really Peaceful ....,..But Romantic ........Mighty Rosy ...,.,..Pretty Regular MOTTO-"BQ C Sfvarp COLORS-Blue ,wtf Silzer FLOWER-Pirie Rfire CLASS OFFICERS President DON NICHOLS Vice President Bos ELLIQTT Secretary DAVID SMITH Treasurer Boa Pt'Rm' Sergeant-at-Arms Bl.-XRGARIQT Worm Don Robbins ..... jackie Shank ..,.... Carolyn Sims ..... David Smith ..,... Charlotte Strait ..,... Kathleen Sutton ..,.... . james XY'ebb ,. ...,., .. Nancy jane XY"ebb Betty Lou Wfhitman Margaret Xvolfe ,,... Owen Richmond ..,,. Margaret Davis .... Paul Loman ..........,,. Betty Lou Sellinger .,.....,. Dashing Romeo Swell .,,,Coy and Simple ,,.....,,Daring Sophomore Can be Studious .......,Kute n' Sweet XY'itty ..,.,...N1ce. jolly, Vifonderful ,,Butch's Little Wfonder ...,,.,..,.,..Magnetic Wfays ,.......,...Only Reasonable ........Mysterious Darling . ,................ Powerful Logic .,.Bright Laughing Soph Page Thirty-seven Freshmen .V ii ' I ' ff 1 ' L 'A - is sr A .. , w it e, , F W., Q. A ' ' M B 'I ' fs- , .SQQ ,J I all if -f F .' I ' lxbje ,, - a, li: 'gi kd! 1 f l 1. 0 v ,, , ,.Q ,H itz,--5 R A ..H:l 1:-ai X st il ,.-'Xu 'fi ' .rs ,gm - :lS:f,,,,.,' ,Q , PNN-as ' - , , 5 . J' " ' -' 'I ' 9' ,. , I A K 46: ' , Rf, A . ,l .. ,K t 4 . f , , . -In I.. , B Q D, Rf so , , - . ,P 'A' ' A 'fi 1 A ' , -ff 1 ' i I-we Q. 1-iff , ' . , V A 3 7 ' , 3,5 f. Q V , .gh , V 1 3 gi ' N P Q , - - V V 5 I A 1 1. , . j: ,, -- , , t ' .Te l :A l , '- ir. , 1 ei, ,A f' get 4 A - 1 A- "VA Snr xvrl L ,9 ,, A N . , 14-1 1 af Q- ' .4 - L2 , s I A ' 3 V Q, F' , , l h if ea., , V , C ' B ,rf F . . U,,4:4,,,4 , wk Top row-Shirley Allen, Mac Arnold, Rose Marie Ashley, Claude Baxter, Greta Bodie, Carlton Rinehart, Lois Leman, Andrew Emerson, Patricia Lampman, Edwin Jackson, Doris Kyle, Dick Barnes. Second rowHAngel: Foutz, Button Wfhitlock, Lorna Waite, Dick Ruby, Edyth Gilbert, Bill Lemley. Carolyn Bender, Forrest johnson, Catherine Combs, Dick Romero. Joyce Cox, Kathryn Randol. Third row-Bob Williamson, Barbara Sanders, Ruger Parsell, Donnalee Stage, Ben Weldon, Donna Stevens, Bill Warren, Betty MaeMiller, Ralph Northrup, Barbara Bratton, Fred Nelson. Patty Lou Harman. Fourth row-Leonard Bloomfield, Betty Feagler, Matthew Crooks, Mary joan Preston, Chuckie Sheets. Crystal Parrish, james Neukitm, Margaret Owens, junior Ewers, jean Boyer, Lee Wayne Sutton, Mary Lou Wolfe. Fifth row-Bob Walter, LaVerne Easterday, Clifton Nilson, Patsy Cremean, Harriet Rose, Leonard Ott. Marilyn Servis, Ronny Wells. W'illa Mae Sutton. Dick Shank, Mr. Dygert. Shirley Allen .,,... ., ,.,... Surely Adorable Mac Arnold , .,,.. ,..... . . ....., Much Ability Rose Marie Ashley .,.,,. ...,.. R ather Ambitious Ditk Barnes ,,,.....,,. A ,......,.,,. Dandy Boy Claude Bzxter ..,,.., Carolyn Bender .. Leonard Bloomfield Greta Bodie ....,...,, Barbara Bratton . nge Thirty-eight ........Carefree Boy Charming Beauty ..,Likeable Blonde . ,,,........ Gay Belle .,,"Black Beauty" jean Boyer Catherine Combs . joyce Cox .......,... Patsy Cremean ..., Matthew Crooks . LaVetne Easterday Junior Ewers ,.,, Andy Emerson . Betty Feagler .....t .....,.just Bashful ..,...Cute an' Coy ...,........just Cute Pretty Clever ....Mighty Carefree H 'i'jAQiQiiQ"E Loyal, Victorious arnesc, Energetic .....,..., .....,.... A lways Efficient ........Best Friend Angela Foutz ,,... Friend Edyth Gilbert .,........ ....................... E asy Going Patty Lou Harman ..........,...., Pretty Light Hearted Edwin jackson ...... ....... E nergetic Jokester Barbara Sanders ....... ..,...,.. B rilliant Student Forrest johnson ..., ......., F orever jolly Doris Kyle ....... ............ D arn Kute Lois Leman .,.. Bill Lemley ..... ..,...Liltle an' Lively ............Brilliant Lad Betty Miller ..... ,.,............. . ..Bashful Miss Fred Nelson ...,. ...,..... F riendly Neighbor Clifton Nilson ..,... ......., C unning Naturalist Jean Miller ,........ .............., J ust Modest james Neukam ...... ............. J oyful Nature Ralph Northup ,..... ,........ R eal Neighborly Leonard Ott ...,....... ..,..... L ikes Opportunities Margaret Owens ..,...... Mighty Optimistic Crystal Parrish ........ Charming Personality Roger Parsell ........... ........,,...,. R eally Pleasant Mary .Ioan Preston ,..,. ............. M ost joyful Person Carlton Rinehart ..... .....,. Certainly Resourceful Kathryn Randol ,. .. ........ Kind of Reserved MOTTO-"Sonzvflwing affwzzpfnf Smzielbiug done" COLORS-Bfne rum' llnlviie FLOXVER-Wflwifu Gdl'lLt'!Iid CLASS OFFICERS President Liaaimui-x S.aNnnRs Vice President Lifr XYAYNIE SL'TToN Secretary-Treasurer LIEON.-XRD Orr Committee-Chairman BEN VUELDON . ,Q my . -1 X Dick Romero ..,,.. Harriet Rose ...r.. Dick Ruby ........ Marilyn Servis ...... Dick Shank ,...... Chuckie Sheets .... Donnalee Stage ,,..... Donna Stevens ....... Lee Wayne Sutton .... W'illa Mae Sutton ..........,...., Lorna Waite .......... Bob Walter ........... XVilliam XVarren ...... Ben Weidon ...., Ronnie Xwells .,... Burton Wfhitlock .... Bob Wfilliamson ..,. Mary Lou Wfolfe ..... Patricia Lampman ......,,.. De Wayne Richmond Lau rel Richmond ...,......, Ruth Sutton ................ .,,...,..Dashing Romeo ....I-Iappy an' Radiant ...,....Daring Redhead ..,......Modest an' Silent ...........Darn Swell .....,...,.,..Class Snoozer ..,.,..Delightfully Sweet ....,..,,...Darling Smile ,Little XVays Studious Willa's Mighty Sweet .,........Lovely Wfarble .....,.....,Bashful, Wise ,........Winning Ways ...,..,..,Boy XY7onder .......Rather Wfindy ........,But Wonderful ...,..........,Busy Ways .....Much Lasting W'it ....,.....Pleasing Looks .,,...,Dude Rancher .....,..Lasting Regards ........R.lther Sweet in VPSSS Page Thirty-nine 1'5- in --nal L, v, - 4. up l fi A, I -7 vi' f f-J. ,.xNQ1g,g Y we 33' 3 if 'S Q, sf rx I V 2. Hp: .v 'S M .ln "" W A Nr 1-v.-, fnunl' rulnng, BL-fly MM-ig I.um1,-ul nml Ilunc Nclwn all lhc Smtc P.u'k1 Hurry up, L. mv' l rm- I-UI mmgg Iwlurm lun .md Im '.iCm1'y Algaulcni Below-GlCf'n.1 aml ELlWQlI'Cl. vfffnll nm XX':fIlnn.u. Dclmh H.1ppx' lwmu party days: Smile pretty. Mcrmg Putty .md hcl' Il- lmrlllrzu lWL.ll1'IffS --M.4rrm .nml Sh.ulr.1cl4: I.r1rn.l XV, .lml Dunn,Al5cllc G. III llltll' yuuniucr Llaysg l l x f ' jf f lj.. Ifrf lm New glml Dqug Senior Iiuluryg Hey, jack-is llmr guodf Tllrrfl FU'-'V Dccp III .4 lmuulmnll ,u.uncg Chung lTlQ'ClIf1g, lunrlxg ls yuur Cillkly guucl, Snphs?g Iwi!! XXL w,mp.1rl1izL- wi:l1 vnu, -lun' Huw much Jn you uC1gl1. lxl.ll'Ilfll l ,gg l f-rtj. AMERICANISM QW a . .. 'B 5 N rv . ,S , ' rx. vi, , ..,, . 'X 1 'ff 4: W? ,X ' ' ' W XB W , ' Q. I X .- - H W g Q X , N ' ix -.-N f' s 0.0 . Y L ww-N , . o .M A N I f K :.. 1' 'X "xl ' ' .w N X, . ffm . -. " , A ' F. ,N -Q35 fi ' gfumm -- . , .. X ,. Q ' Q si X X K K ul' vf XR X :L MW Loyalty. .fi11ce1'ify. bo11e,x'f'1'. gzmfjly - feurnizzg to work zvifb one another. Page Forty-one G. R. The Angola Girl Reserve Club was first organized in 1927 under the direction of Miss Kathryn DeXY'ees. Its program has expanded during the years and its activities have been carried on with ever increasing interest. At the meetings this year many interesting talks were given by outside speakers, among whom were the Reverend Humfreys, Mr, Estrich, Mr. Shank, and Mrs. Metz. At Christmas a group of the Girl Reserves sang for the people at the County Farm as well as :al-:ing them a treat of oranges. The Hifi' boys entertained the Girl,Reserves at an ice-skating party at Little Center Lake on janu- arv 10. Refreshments of hot chocolate and doughnuts were served and a good time was had by all. On March ', the Girl Reserves returned the favor and invited the Hi-Y's to a party held in the school build- ing. The students enjoyed ping-pong, square dancing, and round dancing After a floor show two door prizes were given and refreshments were served. The annual Pa-MaaMe banquet was held at the Christian Church on March 28. The theme of the banquet was "The U.S.S. Friendship" which was carried out in table decorations, favors and toasts. The guest speaker was Miss Mary Ellen Osborne from the Fort Wfayne Y.XW.C.A. Shirley Erbe acted as toast- mistress: Mari--lean Chaddick. song leader: and Gloria Aldrich, accompanist. The G. R. Sextette sang two numbers. Marjorie Yoder gave a reading. Toasts were given by Betty Ensley, senior: Mr. Certain, guest 'Pa": and Mrs. Goudy guest "Ma". There was no district conference this year: however Betty Ensley and Shirley Erbe attended the Northern Indiana Girl Reserve Conference at Gary, February 19. The theme of this Conference was "Ceilings Unlimited". Interesting talks were given by several speakers and the conference proved to be well worth the long trip. The oflicers this year were: President, Shirley Erbez vice-president, Margaret Fisher: secretary, Betty Ensley: treasurer. Lois Wfeaver: program chairman, Billye Nell Certain: finance chairman, Evelyn Pence: social chairman. Joanna Bartley: service chairman, Sue Zane Goudy: song leader, Mari-jean Chad dick: and pianist. Gloria Aldrich. The advisers were: Miss Myers, chief adviser: Miss Reed, finance: Miss Shultz, program, Mrs. Stevens. group chairman: Mrs. Myers, membership: Mrs. Fisher, group secretary: Miss Kohl and Mrs. Estrich, social: Miss Lippincott, music adviser: and Mrs. Sutton, service T-ip row--Miss Reed, Miss Kohl. Miss Lippincott, Gloria Aldrich, Joanna Bartley. Charlotte Strait, Ellora Mae Dole. Patricia Ritter. Sue Sims, 'Ioan Gritiin. Patricia Randolph, Barbara Myers, Beverly Stevens, Betty Leman, Miss Mjcets. Bliss Shultz, Second to-v'-Sue Zane Goudyq Evelyn George, Evelyn Pence, Mari-jean Chaddick, Estelle Derhammer, Martha Yfarren. jackie Shank. Betty Noragon. Treva Huntington, Eleanor Servis, Carolyn Simms, Blill'Lfi1l'Cl XXf'olfe, Evangeline Tiffany, Lois NX'eaver. jean Hull, Third frw-Beverly Rdntlolpll, Mary -lean Kohl. Betty Enslcy. Trois XX'agner, Marjorie Yoder, Bettv Bolinger, ,loan Gtirntlxs. Marv L-'tu Cram, Mamie Kyle. Mary Lou Martin, Donna Zimmer, Bobbie Hubbard, Roma Lee Penick. Xanq' lane Webb. Eleanor Kabel. Fourth '.w7P.1t johnson, Betty Lou XXil1lUll.lD, Barbara Dee Putdv, Sh'rlev Erbe, Billve Nell Certain, Pauline H, Qlifiggf Delia Fiehffh fxiiltifed Myers, Bonfire Powers. Kathleen Sutton, Metra jean Parr, Margaret Fisher, Marian M utr-, ,loan Hobbs. Loene Kiser. Donniihelle Gi-otlhew. cv la c lfirtv-tn-.'o HI-Y Ill llli gh . --A Top row-Charlie Hutchins, Lester Fenner, Bill Carr. Don Xiclwls, Paul Loman, james Vfebb. Raymond Kiess. Bob Bledsoe. David Smith, Robert Butz, Buddy Hughes. Bob Blum. Don Fulton, Paul Birchman. Second row-junior johns, Dick Mann, Ben Ohmart, Bob Fanning. XX'alter Richardson. jack Howe. Max Carpenter. Allen Boyer. Bob Andrews, Ronald Rose, XX'ilbur Hatter, Bobbie Davis, Don Brooks, Keith Folek. Third row--Mt. Estrich. Fred Pentico. Bob Elliott. Ronald jackson, Dick Mnndhank. 'lun Troyer, Ralph Martin lim Keckler, Carl Strait. Lynn Garn, Art Hanna. Don Rnhbins. Bob Ferris, Darrell Goodhew. Bob Purdy. The Angoia chapter of the Hi-Y club was organized in 1921 by Mr. Estrich. and was the tirst Hi-Y club to be organized in the state of Indiana. The purpose of the club is "To create, maintain, and extend throughout the community high ideals of Christian character." A large number of the weekly meetings, held on Monday evenings. were devoted to discussions, led by Mr. Estrich, on "Knowing Yourself." Among other activities members of the club enjoyed were an ice skating party held at Little Center Lake with the Girl Reserves and members of the faculty as guests, and a party at the school building given by the Girl Reserves. The club also played three basketball games with the F. F. A., being victorious the first two times, and losing to the Future Farmers in the third game At the beginning of each meeting .1 chapter from the Bible was read. This was fol- lowed by all members standing and repeating the "Lord's Prayer." The meetings ended with the reading of the "XVhangdoodle". the club scandal sheet. Every member had a chance to write and read the "XVhangdoodle" sometime dur- ing the year. The otticers for the year were: President, jim Keckler: vice-president, Ralph Martin: secretary-treasurer, Carl Strait: sergeant-at-arms, Allen Boyer. Mr. Estrieh was the adviser. Page Forty three Key Staff Marjorie Yoder. Editor-in-Chief: Bob Andrews, Lois WEHY'Cf, Assistant Editors: Ralph Martin, Business Managerg Mari-jean Chaddick. Glenna Mae Golden. Assistant Business Managersg jim Kecl-cler, Boys' Athleticsg Billye Nell Certain. Snapshots: Joanna Bartley, Organizations, Allen Boyer. Boys' Arhleticsg Evangeline Tiffany Alumni: Ronald Rose. Arr Editorg Sue Goudy. Assistant Art Editorg Don Fulton, jokesg Gloria Aldrich, Music: Lynn Gam, Featuresg Shirley Erbe, Classesg joan Grittin, Assistant on Calendargje-an Sesstord, Assistant on Prophecyg jean Hull, Assistant on Snapshots: Bob Dygert. Assistant on Alumni: Wfilla Kope, Assistant on Organizationsg XX'alter Richardson. Assistant -in Music: Ilene Fordyce. Class VC'ill, Betty Ensley, Assistant on Classesg Evelyn Pence. Prophefyg Margaret Fisher. Calendar: john Carver. Assistant on Jokesg Ilene Katus. Assistant on Class Wfillg Edward jackson. Assistant on Fea- tures: Miss Shultz, Adviser. The yearbool-: staff this year has shown exceptionally time teamwork in the putting together of this Key Annual. They all cooperated with their Editor-in-Chief. and did their best work .tr .tll times. The main thought of every senior during the l.1st few weeks in February Centered around the Key Annual. Sorne typical snatches of conversation were: "I've just got to get this in by Monday." . . . "Did you bring your baby picture this morning?" . . . 'Now I want th.1t Article centered like this." . . . "She wants this typed double-spaced." . . , And so. fir on into the sehoolday. After A good deal of rushing around, the Key Annual xxxis finally .isstmbltd ,ind sent off to the printer. It was the desire of the start to put out rt Key Annual that would portray school lite to its fullest extent. This we h.u'e tried hard to do, and we sincerely hope that, in the eyes of the student body. we have succeeded, l' e lofty-four Student Council The Student Council was founded in order to promote closer relationship between active organizations. Each year it has operated with greater hnesse and has led the school on to greater achievements. The Student Council was founded in order to promite closer relationsip between the students and the faculty, to provide opportunities for the students to become good citizens and leaders, and to improve school conditions by increasing school spirit and scholarship. This 'ear's suonsor was Miss Frantz, who vuided thc council throuvh a successful 5 l A A I n ' S N . A - as n year. Some of the activities ot the council were: Supervising the election ot the cheer- leadersg decorating the high school gymnasium tor the county basketball tourneyg securing the second semesters chapel programsg and setting dates tor school parties. The members were: SeniorsSShirley Erbe, Ronald Rose, Mari-jean Chaddick. Ralph Martin. juniors-Mary Lou Crain, Mary Lou Miirtin. Buddy Hughes, Bill Hoag- land. Sophomores-jackie Shank, Bill Carr, Mary jean Kohl, James W'ebb. Freshmen -Margaret Owens. Mac Arnold. Donna Stevens, Roger Parsell. junior High-Donna Phinney, Marilyn Kling, Patty Harman. John Elliott. The onicers were: President, Ralph Marting vice president, Ronald Rose: secretary, Shirley Erbeg reporter, Mary Lou Crain. Top row--Ralph Martin, Buddy Hughes. Bill Carr. james Webb, Bill Hoagland, Mac Arnold, Ronald Rose. Second rmv-lNIary Lou Martin. Mary ,lean Kohl. Mari-lean Chaddick. bliss Frantz. Shirley Erbe. john Elliott, Ri wg:-r Parse-Il, 1 Front iwrwfhlary Lou Crain. Donna Phinney. Parry' Hitman. Marilyn Kling. Donna Stevens, Margaret Ovens. lackie Shank. R' . s ' it sz - Q' " . S s-.2 S . . X - ti .. , . Q ,fi ' 1 ' 'R' V f X' .. T " , 1 H Q f if as ' +1 ' 1. gf 1 t -"mi X- ' , 'KT . . H.--is . Q. -K , v P sy qss I . 'ms ww., 1 msg 3 -L . X 'ii' X vs -Q . - . - ' ' QL" 1 . . tg-L K 1. Q 'T -1,1 e 1 - Page Forty-tive The Om we p 72185214 efzican ,-Mrw.,r4,,,...i"' 'M-' , , X n 1 X a , ' 1 w 1 , K R xl! T X1 E' N V, W Q N Yi W Y W 'fi3?f f u' x KK 4 1 Published by The Senior Cla A g I High S hool A l I d wav as fauglzf af angela H4911 Honor Top row-Mciriiwie Yoder. Glenn.i MAC Golden. Shirley Erbe. Fri-nt row-Ralph Martin, Chdildiclq. One ol' the gre-.itest honors thiit c.1n be bestowed upon .1 senior is to be chosen for the National Honor Society, Fifteen percent ot the senior class is eligible' for this honor .incl the students .ire chosen hy thc- tnciilty on the basis of schollrship. service. leadership. and Cl1J,1'L1CtQI', The student-2 chosen for the Society this yeeir were: fNI.1ri-,lean Chnddick, Shirley Ifrbe. Glenna Bile Golilcn, Rilph M.irtin, .ind Mnrporie Yoder. A scholnrship fund mis estnblished by the society in 1938. Each member contributes .1 dollar to the fiind every This is iisetl to help send .1 high-school gr.idu.ite to college. This society vixis stgirted in Angold High School in 1955 .ind the total meinbersliip in now 16y. The otliecrs elected this year were 1 ljfeslclcllt, R.ilph Mgrting vice-president, Shirley Erbe: secretary. Qlilclrlick. Legion Awards The Americari Legion citizenship nwsrd is presented e.ich year by the Angola Post No. 51 of the Americnn Legion to one senior boy .incl one senior girl of Angola High School. These awards have been given for the past twelve years. The basis for judging the winners .ire honor. courage, leadership, and service to the school. Students are selected by faculty votes. The 194-i winners were Billye Nell Certain and Ralph Martin. The Key staff wishes to ex- Rnlph Nlnrtin Billyc Nell Cermin tend to them their henrtiest congratulations. lorry-six MM sis --15 1 me Senior Play The Senior class this ye.1r presented the broadway hit 'Junior Miss" in our auditorium, February 6 and 7, 1944. The play aroused not only thc interest of the high school students but that of the entire community. This was probably due to the popularity of the Stage play in New York and London as wc-ll as our well-organized publicity campaign. XVith one of the most beautiful stage sets in this community for some time and unique portrayal of all characters the play was definitely a success. The cast will never forget scripts, late rehearsals, belated lunches, no classes. sleepless nights, and the evening performances. The play was under the direction of Charles Edwin Shank. The cast included: Harry Graves, Ralph Nlarting Josie, the elevator girl, Shirley Erbeg Grace Graves, Evelyn Pence: Hilda, Sue Zane Goudyg Lois Graves, Mari'Jean Chaddickg Judy Graves, Gloria Aldrich, Fully Adams. Marjorie Yoder, B. Curtis, James Keckler: Ellen Curtis. Billye Nell Certaing XVillis Reynolds, Allen Boyerg Barlow Adams, XValtc-r Richardsong Vifcstcrn Union Girl, Lois Wleaverg Merrill Feurbach, Lynn C. Garng Sterling Brown, Edward Jackson: Albert Kunody. Robert Andrews: Tommy Arbuckle, Robert Dygertg Charles, John Carver, Henry, Ronald Rose, and Haskell Cummings, Don Fulton. The play dealt with the activities of the two girls, Judy and Futfy, who through their scheming and planning to help the family out managed to get a romance started, caused Judy's father to lose his job, created the impression that an uncle was an ex-jailbird, and drove the family almost fc, separation. All was cleared up though when Judy, through no fault of her own got her father a junior part- nership in the firm and all lived happily ever after. Page Forty-sex en unior Play The junior Class presented the play "Don't Take My Penny," a comedy in three acts, on Monday, December 6. The story revolved about the efforts of Penny Pringle, .1 movie struck school girl, to get the lead in a new movie, "Stars in Her Hair." Her devoted chum, Joanna, was concerned only with Penny's welfare. Also interested in the movie part was Sally, a former child actress, who posed as a maid in the Pringle household. Kerry, Penny's long suffering boyrfriend, and his pal, Greg, attempted to turn Penny's attention to the coming tennis tournament. How they, with the help of Penny's grandmother managed and at the same time solved the trouble of the other members of the family, provided the fast moving plot of the play. The cast was: Sally, a maid with a purpose, Mary Elizabeth Kyle, Norman Porter, a publicity man, Raymond Kiessg Penny, a pretty little maid, Donna Zimmer: Caleb, her absorbed father, Roland Hughesg her farm minded brother, Dean Dygertg Mavis, her attractive sister, Barbara Myers: Lydi-1, her busy mother, Martha Warren, Joanna, her loyal girl friend, Delia Fisher, Kerry, her resourceful boyfriend, William Van Wagner: Greg ,his pal with ideas, james Troyerg Gram, just herself, Trois Wagnerg Mousieur Henri, a French designer, Don Brooksg Claire, Elsie, and Lucile, pretty young models, Sue Sims. Noreen Wells, Mary Lou Marting Red, a delivery boy, Ronald Jackson: Harrison Day, .1 young author, Carlos Randolph. The play was a big success and enjoyed by all. It drew an enthusiastic audience. The play was under the good direction of Russell F. Handy and the music before the play and between the acts was provided by the Angola High School band under the direction of Miss Mary Catherine Lippincott. . A si l'orty-eilight Hornet Staff X Standing-Jean Hull, Miss Shulu, ,Ioan Gritlin, Bob Fanning, Dick Manny Hub Bledsoe, Barbara My Nichols. ' ' " ' ' ' 7 'd S ith heated-Bill Van Xxtljlfltl. Baiton Golden. Bob 1.lliott.Daxi in . The school paper was first issued in 1918, and was called "The Key." In 1934 the name was changed to "The Spectator." Prexious to 1954 all the printing had been done ' ' ' ' 4 - ' be- A Q Y anh-d at school. at the printing othte but from then on the paper has een mimtopry t The next year, 1955, tht name was changed to "The Hornet" and has remained the same since then. The course in journalism is taught to give students experience in interviewing people and in writing articles for publication. In addition to publishing "The Hornet," the journmlism students write all the articles lor the column ot "Angola School Notes" in the Steuben Republican. The Hornet usually appears each month with a bright and dilietent colored cover and with lots of news and jokes. Until this year "The Hornet" staff was composed of juniors and seniors of the student body, but this year it was composed of four sophomores, three juniors, and two seniors. In February a tournament edition of "The Hornet" was published by members of the sophomore class. On the cover appeared pictures of the varsity squad and Reserve team. The issue contained basketball news ot all kinds. Each Vear "The Hornet" staff tries to vary the issues and make them a little better than the preceding ones. May the future Hornets continue to measure up to the standard set in the past! Miss Shultz was the faculty adviser of the publication. p ers, Don age Forty-nine Band CLARINETS ALTO SAX TROIVIBONES TL'BA Bud Hughes Thola Miller Ralph Martin David Smith -lim Ti-oyer CORNETS Raymond Kiess STRING BASS Dick Romero Leonard Ott Bob VUalter Ilene Katus Molley Lee I-Iosack Clifton Nilson Bob Blum Mary Lou Martin Patty Lou Harman Bob Wfilliamson FRENCH HORN PERCUSSION Raymond Scott Ben Xweldon Keith Folck Glenna Mae Golden Don Taylor Mildred Myers George Call Ronald jackson ALTO CLARINET Don Blum BARITONE Bob Davis Don Bill Chaddick Den Badders Roger Parsell Morris Eggleston Dottie Corner jean Ann Vlfebb A blare of bugles, a rumble of drums. a flash of colors, and here they come! Yes, you guessed it the band is passing by. The Angola High School band had a membership of 52 in the 19-13'-I-I school year. During the winter the band made regular appearances at the basketball games. They played for the junior and senior class plays, the Christmas entertainment, the Armistice Day chapel program, and a regular chapel program on March IO. The orhcers of the band were: President, Ralph Marting vice-president, Dave Smithg and secretary, Mary Lou Martin. The student directors were Ralph Martin and Glenna Mae Golden. Mary Lou Martin was elected drum major. The majorettes were Phyllis Porter. Doris Kyle, and Margaret Van Wagner. The band was under the direction of Mary Catherine Lippincott, A class in twirling was organized this year, with the majorettes as student directors. A group of rwtnty twirlers presented .1 demonstration between time halves of the Avilla-Angola basketball game. Music Mothers' Club The Music Mothers' Club worked on a project this year to buy some new instruments for the band members. The olhcers of the organization were: President, Mrs. Mark Sandersg secretary, Mrs, Imo Smithg .ind treasurer, Mrs. Ray I-Iosack. age Iiifty Fisher. Patricia PRaiitli-lpli, 'xq ary Lou lNl.ll'IlI'L Gloria Ald- 'nj Vocal Groups Top ixivxflvfiss Lippincott, Donna Zimmer, Carolyn Bender, Mary Elizabeth Kyle, -Ioanna Bartley, Mari--lean Chaddick, Ilene Katus, Treva Huntington, Pat Randolph, Eleanor Servis, Trois Xwagner, Mary Lou Martin, Don Bill Chaddick, accompanist, Front rovv--Ioan Gritlirhs, Pat johnson, Berry Lou XX'hitman, Delia Fisher, Donna Lee Staue, Catherine Combs. Mary Lou Crain, Elizabeth WX'iilfe Gloria Aldrich, Mildred Myers, Catherine Munn Lois Leman, Nor in picture Diinna Anspaugh, Billy: Nell Certain, Mary ,lean Preston, Bcverlv Stevens, Sue Zane Giiuilv. Margaret Zuber. GIRLS' GLEE CLUB The glee club, made up of thirty members, under the direction of Mary Catherine Lippincott, took part in the annual Christmas Pageant on December 21 and 22, The pageant depicted the Christmas story and the hidden choir sang the many familiar carols. The high school glee club and the junior high chorus were combined for the pageant. An operetta, "F1lse Fernando" by David Stevens and Roy Staughten, was put on by the glee club in the spring. The operetta was produced with an all-girl cast. The main parts Were ably carried by Mari- 'lean Chaddick, Dc-lia Fisher, Billye Nell Certain and Mary Lou Martin while the choral parts were done very nicely by the glee club. SEXTETTE The sextette vvas quite active this year. They sang for the Rotary Club in Angola, for the Girl Re- serve Pa-Ma-Me banquet and for a G. R. program at the school. The girls sang for chapel on March lll. lfl DeC1:lTl'DeI' the Girl RCSCTYCS gave fllelf .1m'1L1,1l pl'0Ql',ll11 for Sorosis at whic x h the sextctrc sang .1 number. The group was under the direction ot Mary Catherine Lippincott. af, Q... i ' l ra -5.- Betry Lou XX'hitman, Delia - 23- 2,-,,.s1, L- 1 ' is. '- ch, Billve Nell Certain. ,V , Ns 5 Q ,Z N. - s -x -Q. x Page Fifty-on -H Club ,I-llc 4-H club is open to all girls in this school between the ages of 10 and 20 who are interested in Home Economics. The club had business meeting beginning in mid winter and extending into the month of june. The club also enjoyed parties such as pot-lucks and swimming parties. In july there are demonstra- tion and judging contests, 'I-lat: winners of these were then sent to district contests and could go as far as the state or national competition. In August there was a county exhibit of all projects completed in A-H work during the year. This year cash awards were wen by Ileen Nelson. Marilyn Harman. Marilyn Kling, Mary Ann Moore. Lois Spangle. and Eleanor Seryis. Eleanor Seryis was also grand champion in clothing. Her dress was sent to state and earned a cash award there. Miss Kohl was the adult leader for the girls' -1-H work the past year. The boys' 4-H club is made up of boys who are below high school age. The older boys are eligible but they usually join the IT. E. A. The :lub met every two weeks. The programs of the meetings consisted of a study of Parliamentary rulesg learning the -i-H pledge and mottog and entertainment in the line ot games or picnics. In August the members exhibited their projects at the annual 4-H fair held at the County Park. There was a later show for the boys' project in November. Mr. Elliott was the leader for the club. The otlicers of the -LH club were: President, john Elliottg vice president, Billy Craing secretary- treasurer, Gloria La Vine. The four H's represent Head. Heart, Hand. and Health. Our pledge is: I pledge my Head to clearer thinking, my Heart to greater loyalty. my Hands to larger service, and my Health to better living for my club, my community. and my country. The motto: "To make the best better." The national colors are green and white. Top rfiwf-,lerry Smith. billy Crain. Keith Neunam. Mr. Elliott, Molly Lee Hosack. Eleanor Seryis. Harriet Rose. LA Verne EINIEFCIPY. Miss Kohl. Robert Heingurrner. -lack Bledsoe, Frederick Romero. sefoml row--Ilene Nelson. jean Marie Ansrette, Martha Renner, Helen Stout. Gloria Sewell. Lois Spangle. Luclld I'etre.iNf.ir1ly1i II.lIm.1C.IbIiifj'ADU XVilliamson. Marilyn Renner, Phyllis Ryan, jean Anne Wfebb. Gloria La Vine. beai,l.ili Cox. Doty Cotnei. Third row- Msrk Miller Billy Ra-.lclitie Buddy Ln Vine, LeRoy Hawk. Owen Amsvurz, Max Lowe. john Elliott. 'lack Ha:n'i'n. Marilyn Kline. Exangeline Amstutz. Carol Ann Roclc-hnugh, Katy W'illi.imson, Dorothy Dove. Marilyn Weiss. Mary Ann Moore. Mfry Ann XX'eister. jerry Shank. 1 L... .... .Zu j .sr .Q .ngwf age lilly'-two F. F. A. Trip row-Paul Loman. Bill Carr. Paul Birchman, Billie Dick. Bob Fmriinu, Lester Fenner, james Neukani. Second row-Clauck Sheets, Dick Shank, Max Carpenter, Allen Boyer. Bobbie Davis. Paul Hollinger. Carlton Rinehart. Nr. Elliott. The Future Farmers of America is a club formed by Vocational Agriculture stu' dents in the United States and possessions. The Angola chapter has been active in Indiana this year. Bill Benson, of Rural Route 1, Angola, an associate member, was elected tice president of the Indiana Association for 194-A. The Future Farmers of America is one of the very busy organizations which allows its vneinbers to take an active part in the affairs of the club after they haxe been graduated from high scliool. The local chapter initiated a new chapter at Flint. Indiana, at a regular meeting in Decemberg they also held tl pest contest with the Flint chapter. Angola was the host at a district roller skating party held at the Silver Moon Rink on March 1. The F. F. A. and Hi-Y played three basketball games, the first two of which were won by the Hi-Y and the third by tnc F. F. A The local chapter has bought Sill worth of XY'ar Bonds this year, bringing the total amount of XY'ar Bonds which they have purchased to 5125. Page Fifty-three Q ,- yn za' a QSM. .., ' x ' .x w vf S' o H la 'ii- '50 ft 'z Q 3 N C Q 1 -ani 2- n A4155 x lm ' f,w,'1Q. .null urls fumllxrl ,lml Mmryf. The Frulumu Fung Dave xml Annu in thcir yuungcr kl.l5s 'V' w 1 glfl. N :fl rw- 'luv ww. .xl.I1J lvl l.vf::l.l XXl"lllllLLjfQ XX'ln. f.l1.ul4ll1lx" ll.II'l7.lI'.!, lmmlq .lr YUM! xlwrr l1.l11'. l Y : ffml, 1 ply- l'1v mll lllwlvx' XXL thru. liumllwu xxnnu, Cmnrml, Hutch .xml Mulzlmmfk ,1 dl li- X ' ljfl W l" 'lf llwwx ', l'.ur Vslw. mx lull. .qvn l l. ' Vw N- ' l'ml XX'l:', w wxxmsllll. A1x.g1l.uA 'XX'l1vx'L 5'-ru puny' Bu 'Q BCIIIIY. l' J F Vf.-l,u,::A AMERICANISM WWW fm 11104 bk V QW -21' ' .. if-,V .X E: ., F1 ' V, 5 fx PQI Q ' - W. X 3'-W K ,f Q X Q K x ' 1+ . , xx , my , I 'A i 5 . . S W, V. ' " J K W ' 5 - ' 3 4, f , Q f .Y . N if -Yu: Qi fffbv'-' ' 5 UV 3 L A, J A X -51, - 5 Q 23 f:" Q .iv ' EES : 'X P' F. I X y A ff' 0 X ' E ' X X x U 9' 1 gi M x 1 -' . x 'Q Team . . . zz'o1'k. Jllwif. .rff01'f.v111L1115biltv, .flwzrfd fic Ilve gon! .ill c'l'Cl"1' gmfze. Page Fifty-tix mefzicanism . . . an wlzaf if means fo us agus, M Su fJ1'01n1'lj' zu' 121121 flu 3 S XS 4' flag Of ibn' Ulfif- V FJ SfcIfZ'S of fx1lICl'jLYl I J ! i' I l 9 1' 6, 1 I F C, Hornet Squad lc r--xx - Dnnl Smxrh. lhxrnond Kress. Ly-flrlcm. Don Xrfhuls. lw blk L l 'JW 1, H.,.1gl.1nrl. C.1rl brmrr. lr 'W r-wx - Allcn Br-wr. h lgllron.'Co.1ul1 Druclm- Hr lull X.m XX Jgncr. -hm l A ll1'Y1.f'.I' - PX- FIRST TEAM SCORES Angola Opponunts Angola vs. Butler , ,,., Z! 37 Angola vs. Kcndsllville .. .. 50 54 Angola vs. W.1tcrloo .,,... 40 50 Angoln vs. XVollrottville .. So 20 Angola vs. Auburn ...,.... Z0 41 Angola vs. Frrmont ., 36 22 Angola vs. S.1lcm C. ,,,.. 29 26 Angol.1 vs Gnrrutt ,, BS 47 Angola vs. Pl. Lake ,, .. 29 25 Angola vs. Ashley ......, 40 27 Angola vs. Garrett ,.,.. 53 il Angola vs. Goshen .,,... , . . 25 -19 Angola vs. Fremont .,... is 55 Angola vs, Orldnrl ..... 46 23 Angola vs. I..1Gr.mgu .... -12 56 Angol.1 vs. Av1ll.1 ....... -W 58 Angola vs. Butlur ,...... . 51 33 Totals ....,..,...,....................... 630 S72 fumes won IU: g.1ITl:5 lost 7. COACH Nlr lDl'L1Lli.llT1IllLl' lms .rllqr xxorlunw xsltll lllf, lr:- .nlmlrn-l hy has lr:-.-mls .mn lwryom lgr 'ml' ' rr-surm-rl vonrhing .lt Angola High School Stm- Collugr- tuam for 5L'YL'I'.ll ycumrs, Hu is fmrol hy hrs opponents on thu wood. Drunk" hrs dom- .1 time joh of CO.lL'l1lI1g thus yr-.1r. Drunk hrgh 4!L'.lllllL.lllOfl5 for thu roaching job. bc! olllsq- rt' his prrvions conrhing work .lt Angoln High and Tri-Stat: Collrgf, HL- h.1s high hopus lor mxt yc.1r's loam, , 'ze 5? A ,gg ' 1 ,-5.5 flax, Q -as .' , .X-- A ' S: "'-'F . - t - ' - FIRST TEAM SINGLE SCORES AND TOTALS Name Elllott Hoaglgnd Sutton jnckson Nichols Bledsoe Boyer Golden Kiess Van XY'.1g Kcfliler Dil' ll S Pct HUD. . No. Foul 7' 16 5 5 9 O 6 O H 59 ll 50 9 1 -1 25 lO 22 3 So l l 1' E.T 10 O C 1 15 43 1 2-1 19 17 13 Ku. ot Games . Eb T-1n1lPl.lyed -L 18 11 5 6 6 1 2 1 1 5 l WS 129 17 S1 206 17 O 1 5 20 671 16 17 55 16 -ll 99 17 IS -49 12 CHEER LEADERS Every school his lts cheer leaders. Angola had line ones this yur, B.u'b.1rn Myers ,md Delil Einher. They were always on the job. .md Could get the crowd to cheer, even when defeat looked Certain. Hornet Reserves Baile row-Art 1-l.1nn:1, Bob XY'.1ltcr. Mac Arnold. Kexth F1-lck. VC'ilhur Hart- cr. Dlck Mondlunk. Second row - Bobbie Davlx. Bxll Lemley, Roger Pdrwell. From ron-Lee Sutton. Bob XX'nlli.unson. Coach DI'LlCli.1I11Illr.'1', Edwin jmck- wn. Bnh Purdy. 'fx 1 2 Page Fifty-Qcven Hornets KECKI.ERf-Gunn! "Keck" was in the thick of the battle at all times. He usually started and kept the team under control Keck was .1 good feeder. getting many points. jim was not enrolled in school the second semester, missing the last few games and the Sectional Tourney. He was greatly missed by the team-Senior. NICHOLS-For ll .mf Doc" wus 1 consistant scorer making ciuite .1 few points every game. On the bnck- boxrd Nichols and Bledsoe were very valuable. getting quite .4 few "tipins"sSophomore. HOAGLAND-F0l'11 ,mf "Hoagy" was another substitute sent in when the going was tough for "Doc". He was deadly on long shots-junior. BC,X,ER-Cjlltilld 'Red' was not seen in action very much this year because of an injury. He did get in A few of the later games.--Senior. l',Zg': l lil 3'-uiglif Q . 4' Q21 Hornets BLEDSOE - Cezzfer "Louie" was the big man on the team. making most of the points in most of the games. Vifith experience he will become 1 much bigger threat to his foes-Sophomore. KIESS - G11.1rJ "R,1ymie" was L1 big fellow in size. usually inamging to get .1 few otl the bacl-aboard. l-le w.1s L1 very good feeder, XX'ith this ye1r's ex- perience he should prove v.1lu.1ble next ye.1r. -Junior. ELLIOTT --f Gmzi-if "Bob" w.1s the substitute sent in. in the he.1t ot the g.1ine when things werent going so well. I-le usiislly did .1 pretty good job ot straightening things Lip. m.1n.1ging to get .1 few points. He will be v.ilii.1ble in years to tome.-Sophomore. 'VAN XVAGNER - Gifrtmf "XY'illis" ' .1 f.1st m.1n on the CLII for the brsket, gttting in .1 long now .ind then. He m.1de the points when they were needed. -junior. GOLDEN - Gzmmz' 'Sunshine-" proved to bc .1 severe threat .is .1 long shot artist this year. He was also .1 good feeder. Bart will prove extremely v.1luA .1ble next ye.1r.-Junior. Page Fifty-nine Baseball Standing-Carl Strait, David Smith, student managers. Don Nichols, Bob Wfalter, Barton Golden, Raymond Kiess. Bob Bledsoe. jim Keckler, Art Hanna, Coach Durckamiller. Kneeling-Leonard Ott, Bobbie Davis, Lee Wayne Suttfn, Edwin jackson, Bob Elliott, Bill Van Wagner, Allen Beyer. Dick Ruby. Roger Parsell, Bob W'illiamson. The Angola High School baseball team won 4 games and lost 4 games during the 1943 fall 563503. The team lost the first game on Orland's diamond to Orland by a score of 11 to 8. The team then came back in good form winning games from Pleasant Lake by a score of 6 to 5 and from Scott Center, 12 to 6. The Orland team again proved too much for the Hornets when they defeated the Hornets on the Angola diamond by a score of 5 to 7. Angola was then dropped from competition for the corner conference championship by Waterloo :o the tune of S to 5. Angola went into the county tourney with few odds in their favor, but came out better than most people expected. The Hornets trounced Metz in the first game of the tourney by a score of 10 to 9. The home team then proceeded to eliminate Hamilton in a hard fought game, the final score being 5 to 4. Angola was hnally downed in the last game of the tourney by Salem Center's tough team. The score was 5 to 1. VanVC'agner and Webb did most of the hurling this season, sharing honors about equally. Bledsoe pitched part of one game. Boyer caught all season. At Base Name Bat Hits Runs Name VanXWagner 35 7 6 Nichols .,.. ,. Elliott ,, 32 2 4 Walter Boyer , .. 5-4 S 14 Jackson .... .. 'Webb ,,,.. 33 12 2 Bledsoe .... .. lxecl-:let .... 29 3 6 Kiess ........ .. l e Sixty Golden .. At Base Bat Hits Runs 32 6 7 33 9 7 52 2 O 9 2 2 22 2 3 1 O O - v-.F Y' hx , I 5 'Q Q-...x ,- --f ' ' viz, - . .N . 4 - ' 'Ld iw fm? , ' n fw-m., 'N' " YC! ie'-w -. ,+. if ,fs xx! 'E'- 7 Fivr n-xv---I-3.1rl1mg beauziesl wlmr y--u pmnung dr, Iidf: Wldrcr .md the Spmlslm gxrlsg Iwf: thc hm-clc .1 lmlc bmp. Clmrh fur! Second ruw-Clmufk IH Fort NY'.1ync1 Bclmvgclnlrlurrc un hcr blkcg Sun: .md Evxc lI'l thc d.1ys gun: hyg Green- lwrn Bcndcrg Bev! wrcr. Dumug -Iumn: Flaih. Bflmv-XXI-wdfgling bgrhing guirb, Mdry .Ig-.ln .md Llbby? Aldrich wurklng hard in thc mummcrg Chuck .md Count ln. "them there" days. Thlrd rww-Cryszalg Chlldhood swccrl1c.1rrs. Glwria .md Iim: D-'nm Srcwm .md p--wch: Clnfnufs hm Invc. XY111' IIIS Clmrlie .xqgung My goodness-Runnicg! Oh cunn nx-xv, knds--CrvQr.d, Ium. .md unwr. 1 . . . . , . Page Sixty-one x' ' l emo! --: DWNB ' D V200 'N Q3 NG' 1523 1-11 gvenfs 06 flue gem SEPTEMBER S-School begins lllleofllfld defeats Angola 1if5enio:. Sophomore. Freshmln officers chosen 16fAg boys atrend Montpelier fair 1'-Angola 6: Pleasant Lake 5 2+-Goodie family entertains school 2'--Resume war bond and stamp sile OCTOBER 5-luniors sponsor Cake X'i'.1llc L'-Sslem wins county blseball tourney 11-Columbus Day program lf-Dr, Ross interviews Martin and Chsddielq 15-G R skit on food prorluerion IQ-Hi-Y rough inirilrion. Ho: lunches snrred 2'-Xsvy DQ: program given 51'--lxniors eolleer old piper NOVEMBER if--Hr Y formal iniriazion I-lnriivielual picrures mken Q-Aljef pgrgne helore first gmne A--P, T :L meeting. Army and Nui' rest gl'x'gI1 111--junior elses Choose elsi for play ll'-Armisti:e Dsjf Program Legionp Z1--lirnrillliille 541 Angols S-iv '+G R. formal inirilzion ar Sorosis rooms lyfs -fl-Iornets stung Yfilelegrs. 411 to 50 Q:--Reverend Borders gives Thsnksgiving :ill-Q i- -Sqhool Againf T' DECEMBER - V 1-Agbgrn 111 Angol., len - j A l ff- 4.10 if ss vlan. 'Dont Tfke Mn' ' ' is A , E - 4 4, 4 T - .J lfreffont SIA Angell 56 r 1 g ' W fi -5..le:'.i Csmlingls 26: Angola Hornets 25 , '.,9 - 1 iw -Mi.. gnsltz rerieis The bsxenrh Christ- Fig, l 1 1 .Q Currett eleliqlfv Angolx, 4'-5-i '-lr' Ili? 1m Xxfrnrrlsi iile yarns for -lunior eliss -I xii' 4- '- l' -Pvpgiiologj' ull-1 bf: Mr lfsrricn fl T E' P.iI...L1e bows tr .-'xngoli lu' to ' 'Nz 0 x 2-2 gi JANUARY 5-Back to School '-Angola -LOQ Ashley 27 ' 10-G, R.-Hi-Y ice skating party 12-15-County basketball tourney here. P. Lake victorious 21-Garrett wins 51 to 53 23-Hi-Y boys defeat F. F. A. 25-Angola 58g Fremont 55 FEBRUARY -L-Hornets down Crland at Orland T-8-Senior class play "junior Miss" 9-Hornets drop LaGrange -12-56 11--Maurice McClew gives talk on Lincoln I-L-Roller skating prarty at Silver Moon IS-fPl.1y Butler there to wind up season - Butler 331 Angola 51 22-Hornet tourney endition out 2-A-25-26-Sectional Tournament at Butler - Garrett winner MARCH 9-Class tourney - Sophs victorious 7-G R.-Hi-Y party A 'hir 9-Sophomore victory dinner and party for Mr. Handy 10-Music chapel program 10-Movie on etiquette 13-Rev. Borders talks at G. R. meeting 15-F, F. A.-Hi'Y basketball game 16-Faculty party for Mr. Handy and Mr. ,larrard 21-Seniors get spring fever 21-The young men's fancy turns to love 23-Pa-M1-Me Bmquet by G, Rfs APRIL 5-End of fifth six weeks 1--Fools' Day pranls played 10-Girl Reserves discuss etiquette 11-Abi Spring! H-Spanish class observes Pan-American Day ,J MAY .2 F' Q , 1 12-Awards presented in chapel 7 16-Hornets defeat Howe nine l 19-Speech Class gives three one-act plays I ' .I 21-Baccalureate service Y 9 f 22-'All school picnic at Hamilton Lake CE F A ! 15-junior-Senior Banquet f' . C471-LZ. - 2-L-Commencement J- e Sixty-three P 1 le Eifgr foxy-Sniile prerry. C.1rolyn1 Our Senior musician and Puckettg Loene, before she mer Dizg You look quite happy-Lornag Marrhew Crooks in his younger daysg Never Mind-lr's just Fink. Second row-Fink .ind Lirrle Moose acring upg Senior Sheikg Freshies seven-Donna, Lorna, Stubbie, Pat Rosie. B.ub .md Mui-gg Par our woltingg Libby as a Freshieg Below-W'hon1 you posing for, Mary? '9'?'e 42 .. .ii f. Thifj row-Puls. ,loe .ind Clifton: lr's Carolyn again: Wfhom you working for, Bev-VC'.P.A.? How did you ver in there Again. Fink? Airft love grand, Troj? Fourrh row-ls musr be curching. Ir's just 11 couple of Freshies, Srubbie and Donnag The Sophomore sheiks F if xl 'I ,lg f--, Q, , ,, 4, ' A s, fi rl" 5,3 S ' A' - ' ' NQWQX 522, r- ' ,. zscisyiywe, E554 . " C ef f - X C 3 Y o an P X . ' f W R X-smkfisegixi 1wP?:X-'b we H '- X , Xfgwir Q su C .liigpq fo ' KVSYCY r:xll'- C 3?l':h?3Ei":3riIE"I'f!i'' " , W PX - 1 rr ry K Qi 4 ix, 1 r YL: 5 1 X 'Y . 51.26 '1 ' 1. 5' x 2 if l 1 K. ,. 7 I I 0 1 1 I 'i-1 tif' ,e fx -Q if -nf NR 55 l ie ,Q :gum r . Z My Lv- our ,ma 1 i' xx mi Q-v ,fl QQ? af W, ui-Wqgak I .,...,4 lst ml' -...qv X S " ' xl 9' :www Q SQ -Fin Of' 4 A if 1 W ,f f' j 5' ' ,wgggwv Q, mar. wx fr ,vile ,z"'4u , i f 1: in . f vs . li, , 1, , . ,SX Q 'Ve x V , ' f ,Q x- J Z.- 'Z my A! a 5-faX,1 A - ' 'S . . JP". 5 ' . ' 1" 5 Rf " I' ' f. .w , .. , f, w 1 'af , -,. f a . xv-0-4 ' 53 A .SQ ut' 4-. X 'gf fg,?XQHY , 7551, xiii' .1 1, Q" , 1 x " A -,'1n -t-:wZ4'12'a2sg:Qf3"5f - 5,61 'R ':-, Y ,V ,fffg X1 P ISSN ggliufi' "gQ's.wx-f' " X 'X .91 1 -mf, ,-M93 ,.2-x,- .nsvrw r V ,, .4 . 5... 4 ibm EXAM XM, ,.. R' ' ' . ' ffnf- A' 5.35 'GYQJ "NI, W 'S'- Q u.f'2?.'-- f -gtk M1 i sa.- 1, ,, X .., -a 1 Fmt nm'-Is :hc xmrcr cold, Sl1.xd1'.1ck'i G-wing swimmxng, M4unic9g Hi, Gil'li+P.lI, 1Bcx',j Bev. Dnnnu .lik BIJFKIEEQ G. R, Pas.. Erbe. n Sccund ww-Hnuw: parlyz Frnslucx' b.1sksrb.1II re.1mg Bcluw-Sinrluy Allan 1 tux' f6.1l'i .lgng irudyxng Imrd Glcnn.1?: Loafing, Bonnie? Thnd ww-Neiglulwlrli-md p.1rry+-IXI.111uc, Dec. PM, Libby .md Fnnkg Proud Aunt: Cub Scuur-Sllccrsg Smxlq pn-ru Mary .Ic.1ng Squeak .Ind L015 on K1 rainy day. 4 H A Fuurifi rf-xx'-S"n'nncr Glmmfur: P.1r .md L.1rry1 10-43 Huuic puny: huilx bc.'LIIlfLlI pxmng mrlsfg bummer pxcmc, Winn vnu Jninu. Dim? P430 Sixty 1-1,5-V' dz 1 1' .,.-- ,.LiI....lA- ' . , Q Xflf.. ' ' -A .. 5, K . 'S ML L' ' 'h .Ui ., , 51... , H. A by -A if: ,A 5'f1n1'c111.v l,f7.I.U' n'.1if'1 flvrnzrxqlv llnn fwr'f.1f.f zzfviff' .vtgzznf bUfIl'c'c'1I flu, flfffj'jl!L' zzmfn' .1m1' flu 1zm'fJ' uf ef1'11u1lZr111. .-If glx1Lf11.11'if111 flu .ffzlirmr fnzfy fm' ffuf fm! fflllu fl7l'Ullgl7 fluff A111114 Maman' ufvjrfv fluix Lf H' fun! fll'c"fI'c' -1 f-.llif Jgff. Tlw' ui!! NIJVE flu L'!f!.l'jl1kQ nf one pn? of Ilwir film' .zmf A111 a1,'1fm1'k11zIg ZIIUOII dif- fflfff 1.111 4 c'1',l'. Page Three Alumni 1942 Ora A. Agner-Kroger Company .... Angola, Ind. Dan Barnes ...... ..,...,......... . .. ,... Army Air Corps Viola C. Benson-Nurses' Training .......,,...,. Indianapolis, Ind. Don Bennett ..................,..,.....,...........,...,,.,... Army Catherine M. Birchman-Mrs. Donald Erns- berger ....i....................,,., ..,..... A ngola, Ind. Bill Benson-At home ...,.. .......... A ngola, Ind. Donna Belle Bowen ...,... . .... ,.... X V. A, C. Max Boyer ........... .,...............................,...... A rmy Beverly j. Butz-Wlorking ........ Fort Wfayne, Ind. Charles Coleman ,.........,......,...,.. Army Air Corps Phyllis R, Care-Mrs. Mark Crain .... Angola, Ind. Marcus Dixon ..................... .... A rmy Air Corps Beverly j. Cook-N. I. P. S. Co. Angola, Ind. William Doyle .....,,..................... Army Air Corps Virginia Crain-V-General Electric .................. Vifayne, Ind. l Ll fi ,L Qplfffi ,P -.. C Q ls i f I . 1 ' V X H 9l4r ' 1 , ,, A , , - A ' . ' Jr ' G E 'ff' . , ' -f... '. Q Q", ,, -v L- . .h + .. T75 .4fI.-Hg 'd Page Si:-:tyfsi ' john Eggleston ........... ..,......,,................,...... N avy Betty Eisenhour-General Electric ........,... Fort Wayne, Ind. joe Elliott-Farming .....,..,......,...... Angola, Ind. Lorraine M. ErbeAGeneral Electric .....,........ ............ ......,................. . . Fort Wayne, Ind. Emerson Imus ...................................,......,..... Army Lila Lee Erwin-Mrs. Archie Allen ,... Angola, Ind. Daryl Kling ...................,.............................. Army Lila E. Kiser-Angola State Bank ,... Angola, Ind. janet Kyle-Working ........................ Elkhart, Ind. jean Maxine Mabie-Mrs. Kenneth German Angola, Ind. Betty Magley-Welfare Dept. .... Elkhart, Ind. Delores E. Nelson-Working ........... Elkhart, Ind. june E. Quas-Dentist OHice .... Elkhart, Ind. john Keckler .........,..,....,.........., ..Army Air Corps Roslyn Reese-Mrs. George Ganovx r.... Angola, Ind. Maxine Rhinesmith-Working .... Bethesda, Md. Mary Rowe-Working ....,..........,....,, Muncik Ind. Virginia E. Scovxlle-Patterson Field ...,........ Dayton, Ohio Raymond Porter ....................................,...... Army Corrine K. Saul-Mrs. Homer Kooman .,.. Fort Wayne, Ind. Donald Morse ,..,..........,.............,........ ..,....... A rmy Ruth E. Shoup--Mrs. William Brubaker ....... . Baltimore, Md. Don Ritter . ..... .............,............ A rmy Air Corps Xvilladeen Sierer-Mrs. Kenneth Hall, Angola, Ind. Frank Sanders ..........................,. Army Air Corps Mary jane Summers ............ Washington, D. C. Marion Smith ...,.......i...... ...........,............ A rmy Violet L. Wells--At home ................ Angola, Ind. Charles Spangle-At home .....,........., Angola, Ind. Suzanne Whitehouse-Ford Hospital ....,..... A Detroit, Mich. Betty Wyatt-Mrs. Ernest Pence .............,.. Havre De Grace, Md. john Strait ............,..,.....,. ......................... Navy Betty Sue Zimmerman-At home .... Angola, Ind. Frank Wiese ..., ,....,...........,........................., A rmy Evelyn Mae Umbaugh-Mrs. Chase .............. Indianapolis, Ind. Alumni 1945 Lou Rose Alwood-Tri-State College .....,...... Angola, Ind. George Anspaugh-At home ....,....... Angola. Ind, Patricia Baker ,,,, ,,,,,,,,,,,,, , ,.Ang0la, Ind. Harliejean Barnes4Model Food Shop .,..,... Angola, Ind. Dan Bakstad ...........................,........,....... Navy Roy E. Bledsoe-Kroger Company '.,.. Angola, Ind. Richard Bratton .....................,............,......... Navy XVarrer1 G. Brown .....,....,................, ,.,......,,.. A rmy lX'ava Brown-X"C'orl-:ing ...,...,.. Fort XY'ayne, Ind. Anna Marie Care-At home ...,.,....,... Angola, Ind. julia Irene Crain-General Electric ..,............. . Fort XVayne, Incl. Phyllis -lavne Creel-Nurses' Training .......,,... Indianapolis, Ind. Dean Thomas Crothers .,,..., ,...,..,.,..,. A rmy Bill Dotson .,........,..... ,...,.....,. ....., N . ivy David F. Emerson ......,,.,....... ,... . .Annapolis Md, Phyllis Iiordyne Folck-Tri-State College.. .,..,...,.,........................ ..,.,,...,.. A ngola, Ind, Mary HeingartnerfAt home .,..........i A ngola, Ind. Curtis Carlin Herl-Farming .........,,, Angola, Ind, Ruth Ann Herl-General Electric... .....,,.,... ,, ,, ,, ,,,,, ,, , Fort Wfzvne, Ind. Imogene M, Hubbard-At home.. Angola, Ind, Donald Holwerda .... ............. . .. .....,.......... Navy -lune Louise Hubbell-Indiana University '.... Bloomington, Ind. Santford Calvin johnson .,.... ...............,..,... N avy -loan Katus--At home ..,.... ....... A ngola, Ind, Robert Kling ..,. . .,...,.................,..... ,........,.. N avy Lillian Loman-Fort Wiayne Bible School Institute , , Fort Xvayne, Ind. Barra Lee Myers-Cicncral Electric , Fort Wlayne, Ind. john McBride ....................... . . .... ........... i army Kathryn ParrishffXY'orking.. ,..,........ Auburn, Ind. Marilyn Payne-XY'orking .... ....,. X Vinchester, Ind. Norma ,lean Preston-XVorking Angola, lnd. Mary .lane Rose-At home . .......... Angola, Ind, 'loan Elvnn Sherlock-Buffalo State Teachers' College ...,. . , , .... ....... , . Butlalo, N. X Virginia Smith-Gamble btore ..,,... Angola, Ind Floyd Smurr ....., .... .,.... ,..........,.,...... , ..... A r n my Carl Marx Sunday ......,,......,,............,...,.,....... Navy Wfinifred Templin-Olivet Nazarene College Kankakee. Ill. Evelyn Tully-XY'orls:ing .,.... ........ A uburn, Ind. Cecil Van XY'agner .......... ............. IN larines Frederick Vescy , ,, , , ,Army Alice Wallace-XY'orking .. .. .,.. Auburn, Ind. Jack XY'l6.1Vt2l' ........,.,,. ,..,..... .....,.. N a vy jack XY'ells ...,......... ,, ......,.............. Army Max Wlhite .. .... ........ ....... .,.. A r m y Air Corps Charles Nvillard-Magnovox Co. Fort XY'avnc, Ind. Le Roy 'Wood .. ......... ., ,... Army Mary Elizabeth Yates-Mrs. Penix ..,. Orland, Ind. Bob Ziegler . ,..,,... ....... . .,,,,. .. .. .. . Navy XY'endell Zimmer-Farming .,.,. Angola, Ind. rt Y . hy 1 Page Sixty-seven CLASSES You can always tell a Senior-- I-Ie's so se-lately dressed. You can always tell a junior By the way he swells his chest. You can always tell a Freshman By his timid looks and such. You can always tell a Sophomore But you can'r tell him much. A STUDY I think that I shall never see. A study so hard as geometry A study made of arcs and angles: That gets my mind all in tanglesg A book that looks at me all day. And shows its pages for dismay, A book that may in summer be In .1 trash box. far from me: If I keep studying geometry In the asylum I soon shall be, Though my teachers as good as can be I-Ie cannot teach a dunce like me. GUESSXVHO? 'xVeknowaguy XY'hont rerstudies XY'honevercheats XY'honevergetslowgrades Andgoestoclassread i ly lX'h Jneverborrowsyourbooks Oryourpen Oryourpaper Oryourproblems Oreraser Andneverpushesyouinthehalls Norspillsyourbooks Norgetsinyourroad Wfhodoesh isworkcleanly Andnevertalksback Norkeepstheclasslaughing Bydumbremarks Norgivesoutcommands Norwritesstutf Lil-:ethis You'x eguessedit I-Iosourjaniror Ia t Si'-Lty-eight Scraps FRESHIE'S PRAYER I I want to be 21 Senior, And with the Seniors standg fountain pen behind my ear, A note book in my hand I wouldn't be a President, I wouldn't be a king, I wouldn't be an angel, For angels love to sing. I want to be a senior And never do a thing. A TUNE - SONNY BOY Wlien there are translations I don't mind the translations You'll pull me through My Pony . Caesar may lose a battle Let him lose a battle I'll depend on you, My Pony. You come from the angels And I know your worth You've made my Latin The easiest thing on earth And then the teacher suspected Took you away from me, I need you so, My Pony. MEDITATIONS OF A SENIOR Now that I'm a Senior I have that carefree wayg I look down upon theothers, And always have my say. My chest has grown three inchesg My hat's too small for meg I walk to school all ego, As if owning all I see. juniors are naught but silly. Sophs but skin and bones, Freshies are nothing at all, Numerous as pebbles and stones. I should be addressed as Mister, And not as jatk or jim, For you see that I'm a Senior The cream and not the skim. Seniors to right of us, Seniors to lcft of us, Seniors in front of us, Hurrah for the Seniors! Yirmr rifw--Drink limk nuw, but ii's Dun X. .uid Ar: H.: Cumc in Sli.ulr.ick. .un -rut .mil pull Chuckie: Ffilcl-i .ii .in ungiyrn iigcg Quick, girls, ir's Curley: Gurss who-yup. llli .mil Aldrich. Sccund ww-Thurs nu bicycle built fur uw, Crystal: Hi. Shirlcyg Girl Smut Camp 19593 VC'hy ifg Englgy ,md Yoder: Chser up. Bev: VC'h4u .1 smile. Donna! Below-Cold, Girls?1 W'herc you going. K.1thic!1 There is nuiliing likc makes, I.-we Iiku 'cmfz Swpli-viiiiirf: glunwur! Third rim-Huyi will ln lwvi--Iulin, Frenchie .ind Bula, Smile pretty. girly ILE Fink .iguing XX'li.1x .1 lmppy lfiwlcing group -il girls Giddy nfs. liursic. g lik, ,N Www, SSX, 'N R. N' 'ff x, i --qi L 55 ltr 1 l l, ,,,, K v ...H i N9 4'S '.:.n 9,1- Angola Merchants Abstracts: Telephone Orville Stevens, Loans, Insurance .... ..... Athletic Equipment: Dad Hatter. Goshen, Ind. Attorneys: XY'illis K. Batchelet .- ,,,,, Gleason 8: Gleason .,.... Harris VU. Hubbard ..,... Kenneth Hubbard ....... Maurice McClew ...... H. Lyle Shank ...... XY'ood 84 Vilood ..... Automobile Dealers: Alwood Motors ..... Bakeries: Angola Baking Company ..,. . Beatty's Bakery ....,.....,........ Banks: - Angola State Bank .,...,........... Steuben County State Bank ,..,.. Barber Shops: Adams 8: Clark Barber Shop Fisher Barber Shop OK Barber Shop Subway Barber Shop Beauty Shops: Rainbow Beauty Shop .,.,, Book Stores: Munn's Book Store .. Bnftlersz Angola Bottling XY'orl-as Cigar Dealers: Willis XV. Love Company Cleaners. McBride Cleaners ..i,...,.. .,.,.,,.. Ross H. Miller Dry Cleaners Coal Companies: Angola Brick K Tile Company ,,.... Linder Coal Company .....,.....,.... Clothiers: jarrards Toggery .......... Owens I-Iaberdashery ..,.. Ted's Mcn's Store ,....,,...... Confectioners: Christyk Sweet Shoppe ,,,. Dentists: Dr. F. Aldrich ....... Dr, Carl IL. Ingalls ...,.. Dr, Wfolfe, DDS .,...,, ' SCXICUL ...lD1 ...375 6-I ...SI7 ...15S ...287 ...14S 98 ...559 M195 ...ISS l .,.-i67 A N54 M256 171 NASH 255 ibut ...l97 ..,ll2 ,..-438 I8 ...Boa 1186-L 7l Dairies: Crone's Guernsey Dairy ...,.. ......... 8 54-I Gaycrest Dairy ..............,. ........ 4 53 Markhue Farms .,.,,. ,...,,r, 9 29- Sunrise Dairy ....... ...426 Department Stores: I. C. Penny Company ...... . Dress Shops: Catherine Shoppe .......,. Ethel Menzenberger .... Angola Dress Shop Druggists: Kolb Bros. Drug Store ....... Kratz Drug Store ............ The Modern Store .......... Engravers: Fort Wayiie Engraving Company Engravers of this annual Farm Implements: C. E. Covell ......... . ....,. ......... Filling Stations: CharIie's Texaco Service U. S. No. 27 Feagler's Mobil Super Service .... Gathll Oil Station Throop's Standard Service ......... NeWnan1's South End Shell ..... . Five Cents to 31.00 Stores: -I7 ...164 ...171 23 ...147 90 89 -I-I-I ..,.....337 355-LI XV. R. Thomas Sc to 51.00 Stores .. . 97 Funeral Directors: W'eicht Funeral Hom: Florists: George M. Eggleston ........ Furniture: Carver Furniture Company Garages: Angola Garage ......... ,........... Golden Auto Parts ,,.............. Gulf Tower Service Station ..... Grocers: A. 8: P. Tea Company Model Food Shop ..... .....,.... Parrish Grocery ............................ 321 ........3lO .....2-46 ........410 .....275 20 ........3S9 . ........ 333 Richardson's Cash Grocery ............ ..... 2 60 Williams Grocery Ek Meat Market Hardwares: Callender Hardware ................,, Williamson Hardware Store ....... Hotels: Hotel Hendry ....... ..........10O ........169 38 He who knows not and knows he Angola Merchants Ice Cream and Sandwich Shops: Gay Barn Insurance Agencies: Brant Insurance Agency ............. 127 Phillip S. johnson ............,........,.... ....... -1 63 Tri-State Improvement Company ..,,........ 51 Frank O. Watkins ...............,.......... ....... 6 1 jewelers: Holderness jewelry Store ..... . 61 Laundries: George Laundry .,..... Lumber Companies: I-12 Angola Lumber Company ..........,,,, ..,.... 1 17 Daniel Shank Lumber Company ..... .,., 2 6 Optometrists: Dr. M. Blough ....,. .......,, ,..,.,... ..,.,., S O 5 Paint Companies: Economy Wfall Paper and Paint Co. .... "1 Photographers: Cline's Picture Shop .,.., 10 Printers: Steuben Printing Company, Printers of this annual ......,.,. Z0 Radio Shops: Lakeland Radio Supply .,... 'O Resorts : Bledsoe's Beach, Lake james .......,.,...... .s37'j Captains Cabin, Crooked Lake .,.......... 829-X Restaurants: Bassett's Restaurant ...... Chuck's Lunch ......... College Inn . ,........., Eat Restaurant ...,.,. Unique Cafeteria ....,.,,........, Savings and Loan Associations: ...alll .....233 .....386 ......,..177 ..,..2-L2 First Federal Savings Ze Loan Assn. of Angola .....,.........,...,............,.,.. . Shoe Companies: Kyle Shoe Company Miller jones Shoe Company Shoe Repair Shops: Angola Shoe Repair Shop Shoyers Shoe Repair Shop Theatres: Brokaw Theatre ..,,,. Strand Theatre ..... Turkey Farms: 46 ll 65 Gold Bar Ranch .,...,.., .,....,.. .........., S S SAR XVholesalers: Steuben County VUholesale Beverage Corp. ...,.,.,,.,........,.....,..,....,.........,..,,........ 16 Jokes Silently, one by one, in the gradebooks of our teachers, blossom the little zeroes. the forget-me nots of the students. Mr. Handy fvery angryjz "Not a person in this class will be given liberty this afternoon." Voice: "Give me liberty or give me death." Mr. Handy: "XVho said that?" Voice: "Patrick Henry." Did you ever wonder whether Mr. Handy knew what all those big words are he uses? "You must find bookkeeping a tiresome course." "Oh, I get exercise running up the columns." Desperate Senior: 'Wfho will shoot me nickel ."' Freshie: "I'll shoot Mr. Certain." Senior: "Heres a dollar. Go shoot the faculty. A pedestrian is a man who has a school. son in high "Guess I've another pupil," said the professor, as his glass eye rolled down the hall. Miss Shultz: "Any questions?" Freshic: 'Yes, what class is this? lf all the students who sleep in placed end to end, they would be comfortable. "I'd have taken that girl to a base if she hadn't said something." 'XY'h.1t did she say?" "She said. 'no"" a freshman-Teach h im. school were much more ketball game knows not is Page Seventy-one Autographs f ve K, A: Mit nl. 712 if if V - .. n A ' q- .Lg-v -' . 1. , ,,' . .. . . , - 1 ', , L 7:56, A vw xv lv , 1. ,. .2 v f .V 4. .1 f -,-- - A X. ',W'l1'x I 1 n 3 ' 1 .- -ws, 4 ,f -y 4. -m x W A k f N ,As , ,Q . , V , V .. ' - ,s 'ff Q' . x 1 ,- - .Q I A ' 1 1 .r-M. ' . ,, , a. f x , , . r L, , .,,, ,, .,?' - , .. I 1 . . . r , x I 'QQ I W p W., . p . , x N Q- - .42 A " ',ms..f1.5 tfigiffi .' .azlzlamw , , , ,s K Q- N fk y X ' . . . gn : -r .X '92 r 'ef ' 'ffl IN APPRECIATION wgnzzlf. Az mal! f1'!L'1ltl7. 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' .-'A 'I M- -, ' ' ' ' A' ' ' ' ' 1. v-:

Suggestions in the Angola High School - Key Yearbook (Angola, IN) collection:

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