Angola High School - Key Yearbook (Angola, IN)

 - Class of 1938

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Text from Pages 1 - 76 of the 1938 volume:

essage vom QW Dvirwclpa 9 . wx ,X,--- f - ss ANGULA 4 2' ,- sc:-ocxc1:.s r X Xi W A K1 EA P u s L I cz ,' A - B b K . ...h.. I Vvvn Page riglal 'Mx 5 i fflf ,',, 'i N- .wig " "'5i.Q1,4 y NNh .M p EDXVARD C, KOLB RAY ALNVOOD LELAND EXVERS Prutiilrlzf SL'l'l'L'fl1l'-1' Trvaslzwr SCARED C15 QDUCf4XTlCDN The members of the Angola High School extend their appreciation to the board of education for their help in making this year of school, as well as the years gone by, very pleasant. CN TM! OTMQQ SIDE Across the street lies the Public Library where many of us find daily help in our school Work. We all have pleasant memories of Miss Orewiler, who was always ready to give her service. W CAA1-5 i-i igiw ScinOOi MenfOv9 JOHN L. ESTRIC H Superintendent Plivysivx G. XVENDELL DYGF Mathematics Mzznmzf Tl'tIil1jlIlQ RUBY SHUI TZ Enkqlixlv EMLRY L. DRUCKAMIL HjXf!?l'-X' Plviyxiuzl Eifzfuzfiuzz 136' 36. bo' R 'I' CL,u'TON H. ELLIOTT Principal A.q1'ii'111f11m' ,ili lf-:Eff 3 '1"i:4, ?f EQ, '22, xx X 5- ..i if!! .R l iz fi 5 W 5 as 'sl ' BIARIAN JOHNSON Aff RUSSL L 4 Axm' ixfnsj 1 vliv Sf7t'lIkllI!Lf Eulqlisfv IFR THELMA YEACQLR Biofrzlq-3' Pl7j'XfL'l11 Eifzzmfiwzz - J f 1' 1 i ' J f ,, EL'N1cE REED ' Lzzfm f gfyg, . 7 , F1'uln'lw SARAH J. POWELL Lifmzmrfz fs "F L 1. GEORGE N . 'MBULI if Lys O 3 SS' 16.10. --- sp.. 4'-af' 1-as 4945-f -.y N1ILO K. CERTAIN CflIlIIlIL'I'l'fz11 AIANALYCE ROUIS Hmm' Errzrzmzzirx XVMA ROSE XYVILLIA Ms Sl't'V'L'fl1l'3' I Pagr Him 4 ' J X ERN EasTLRD.-xr ,XYERN PIPES. ' BERT XVILCOX ,KLWJJ " 55 Qehind the Scenes In the janitors, room on the first floor of the Angola school building there is a very efficient heating system, one of the best in Indiana. The steam generated in the furnace room, is carried to the radiators by in- sulated piping. The system is controlled by thermostats in each room. The fresh air is drawn in through the main vent on the top of the school house to the banks of the radiators Where it is heated. Ir is then piped all over the building. The air never grows stale as there is a com- plete change every seven minutes. No heating and Ventilating system, however efficient, could be used Without skilled hands to operate it. Those hands are possessed by our janitors, three untiring friends of everyone in school. Uncle Bert has taken care of the school building for thirty-one years. Wfe see him with his assistant, Vern Fifer, washing ink stains off the stairs, repairing blinds, or trimming the shrubs. Wfhenever we Wish to get into the gym or to get a basketball, Vern Easterday is present to help. School could not go on Without these three. f isnt 1"aCOK'I'1 J -rl ha . ww LIL' -fi waz, ,Ai if Lauaggg . K ac gli 'vfflg 1:1 .gg vldafggf H4-f catch JM - "' 2 .J-441' L-pf LL! I rr, " r Zf'y'974fh-' . 144513, ,. KZM ,, " 5 7f'3'f"'Lif'?J 244 V f'fZQ,L gig, Qffgfffhvgg f , , r lf 112625 5446 . 1? K L ' 'I f ' fgdrffi f dr f if ff .aaa ,aiyii , fiat A' i J ,4,cf?f'A 44114-fd Ya? fi Ffa Nfl Zfgfl ,tfcfgvf ,feta C64 4214! 422753 6456, ' M J" 4 ,.Azfaf.4,Zv 01-ghd 54 4f'?iLz -S21-gcfz 12.1 W ' 'L igmfaed ? 4 fm bl QQ " J 1' QQ f X '51 Top Row-In My Solitudeg Lostg Always and Alwaysg In the Good Ol' Summer Time. Second Row-Goody, Goody: You're 11 Sweetheartg Certain Takes a Holiday: A Study in Brown. Bottom Row-Thrcc's 11 Crowd, Dinkg Block That Kickg Little Bit Independent: Mc, Myself and I. Page lu ull, c SEMQVQS X A f fx WNV L Hu ' ff 7'-11 - ' PM fL.',1': ' . f 4 f' , X Y X ,J '-M45 1 ' !,f, 47, 1 M if f !C4aLdCf1 ZLQLPKAQLL ' 1 mf-wx, f 7',Y-7455 I , Z4 LZ 7u:ffga,,.Uz'e.f S 1 . A I , 7u:1f1Qz,QQ,M4,,',,,,,, 444, .A I Sf, S ' f' 1 , f J KVQCFJMKXJWMV i !,,,xkfHAj,, 1 X f f 4' fl , ff,-4' I ' M'Z!W - -MA ffffafk A X ,f ,. f ffl" f LZ' fXOZ"..i ' Zz M' 4' ' A f A, 7, J? Navi, jflfgqgggdddwdxl DZ, Q ' I I ' ' ,,6lf7'r1J .' . X 5 , I X ff, --71 ff ,f.L,Hm,.,f ,J . -ff . ' ,rj f fan' iff! ZQZZLZ Li AJ! Kffffmviimfa fn 41446 I 1 . "5 I F1 ff X Q S Q Lxw 5 X15 F .QA 1- - 1+ KLSWS S ZS .Q 5- i "gf I Palqv fl'il'ft'L'Il .gy Q 01015 MARY E. BOOTH l"1'i1'11111Y1' fUll't1I'tI' 1111, 111111 1111111- 11111 sz1'1'1'f. ll. ll. II. III., IV, 5112.41-IYL 1'I:1S4 V11'1- I"I'1'4., LMI' IILIITIP 11311111 111'- Ii1-.-1' I. IEXIG. I . 1", I, Ib' 11'1-I11As- 1111 I. A "5 1111-IIly1,I'l111i1' I. II. III1 QIf1111I111117'1i1111q1if III. 11p1'1'1-1' 1:1 ill 51.111101--'?1Yay 11.1111111111--1'. 111.11111 1, IIWBZII. 1-HC1111. 1. II: Km' ,X111111z1I1 111T IV: V111--1111111111 Skits 1. II: 1111511-11-1 1-11.11-111 1, II: .I1111i111'-Se11i'111' I'IilIl1lll"I 1'11111111it- 1111- III. N:1ti1111aI II1111111' S111'i1-ly. 51111. IV. STEPHEN 'D. R SBURG A 1iH11' 1101gd'11'1' E 1fllL','l 111 1'f11'11 I1 1111! 1' 11 'f11"f! 11'11. II -Y .III. , Ice I'1'1-S. IYi V15 11: IULQQS. V. II1111111 II1111111 " , P1-4. '. 8:11- NJ P' : adgke I : St111I1111I 1'1.11111- 11 I 111 III 1 IX 1 111- I' 1' ivy 11111111111 511111 IV: x Ii11N11'11I I I. Judie- 111' I':1t1'11I 1'11111'1 IV 1"I rk 111' 1'11111'1 III Ili ..1:' . W I111111111'111I1-s Stuff II. D1fl1z1111 PIM' II. III. N:1t11'111r1I II1111111' S111-ivty IV. .I1111i11r-Seliiui' Ii:11111111't P11111- 11111111-- III1 Hi-Y I511sk1JtI111Il 'IR111111 IV. 141J111111e11'y' 1'1111t14st Ili S11111111' I:11sk11r1111l1 '1'1-11111 IV, A1111-1-1111111 I,11g11111 AXVLll'1I IV1 I1'11111' Year II1111111' St111I1-111. CLARELLEN GUILFORD A fornz xo f11i1', 117111, Iikr IIJ1' air, 'Tix 11'xx of 1'111'lI1 1111111 l7L'tII'l'll. 1 19. Il. II. III. IV, S1111L1' I.--11111-1' 5 IV. Vlusw 1111-11-141' IV: II111111- II1111111 ,, ., I1IIi1'e1' I. II11? A. l'. I. II, III, IV. S.. 4 11111-1, 111 A 12111111-1111 111.1111 1. 11. 1 11p111'111t:1 I, II.S111'i11g:' I-'1-s111'111 II. III. 3121113111-1111, 1'I1111'11v I. II, III. 3 I-II 1'I11I1 II, K115' .-XIIIIIIQII Stuff . "' IV, V111-11111111111 SI'i1s I. Svllifvl' . 11" I'I:11'1'11111111it11-1-. I B fb-' A 1-. f .gig ,A ,. . ...XT ' R1JHIiI'1T IJJXIIQ LOLIQ KMAGIQNIE HENDERSHOT f1r'111111.1 1111 QI111 111' 1111111711 VU' WIKI- 1111 4711-I1 fbi' 114I'1C'V51 111111111-,. S111' 1'11'11 likm P171111111111. 15111 111111 11111 111111111 XII' 111'11'1' 1: 1: II, IlI.,,IY'. S-111: 111'-11111-1' ' III. V111 I'1'1.-sf IV1 1'I11ss 11fIi1-1-1' ,IH IXI, l11.,1I1111H11,1.Y.I1:1 1l1111.i111- I1 III 11 . ', . ,1. , 1'1- 11-S I'2l L . I1-' II III 11' 111.11 1.1,-.11 1v 1-111 GI 11. 11. III, H1111111 '11 I1 .1 1 I'1'-1 III IL11XIf:1-1111111 1'1I,I+I'IllvI' ll HII1, 11U,.1-111111 I I .II I1 III In 1:1-111,111 I. IIY, III IV 51,11',5,3fI1'1.N111':1I Ill, S1-111111 P111 1,111 I. 11111111 II 11 1111 1'11.,111.1, II 111 1.11 P11111 I II 1'1'111 1 f11.111 1'1.1 1'.,,,,,,,,1, , 141--1 91111111111 :Nt.111 I1..X111I11111111111 I' 1'.1- 1 II III 1'111111111'l1 I V111-'11i1111'1l QIQILQ I 11,13 .XI I-11121512 BUCK l:1.l1I111Il11 1 111 111 1111N II 111111 llclpjw, 111113 1ll!11' ll m1111113 111113 1111 11 1'11 'M 11111114 A1,1J111CH III! 111111'f11'11111'11l Vjflllllg 77111111 1. 1 II 1.1 1 1: 1 1' 1 II 'III - -1 1' III 1' 111111 -.1 3' - ,- , .1 .H V. Z , A, WI In H IH A lllxflf 111111 uf Muff jllllllx 11:11 11 111 II ,-1 -11 1111 .111 .-.1 1111111 1"1-11. 1 I1 III 111 -11:11. 1 11f'11' I 1.11 II I11,1,,1, II141' II III IX II11111 I11111 1g,,.,,, 1' ...Mx I 11lI1111- Ill I y 1111, 111111111111 am' 11111111111 IX 511111111 1111111111 III 1111111 III 1111111.11111 III, I1':11'I-C I1-11111 II. 4' Im XIUENDELL R. ALDRICH A IIHI1' bil' l111x11f111 in fwix zwzy, B111 ob 111-jx' ffJ11l'x ll!! you say. I-li-Y II. III. IV, PI'1'S. , Sec.- Tiw-nx, III: 11 1ss1 V11-11 f'-S. I. II. 'I'1'1f11s. III. ' s. . 119 Ilnom 11I'Ii1'-fi' III '1-tI1z1II II, III: Trai c V: 1.9 1 II. IV. De- I11'lIt' II. S111 1-1 1,'11u111'iI I1 1'11111'11s I 1 Iii 1 IIII I, IIL 4-I-I IIIIII I: if-1' , ll2lI Staif IV3 Mins "I III. I 1Iit111'i11111 Cum- mitt . N11ti1111:1I II1111111- Society IV. llll' Yvaii' II1111111' St111I1f11t: .I1111i1 -Se-11i111' I1:11111111ft 1,'1-111n1it- III H1 X I111 1 LIII 1 ut Leu 1 V Y " L51 '1111i11' - te-Av II. III. IV. BETH BROXVN S!Jl',S 1171 IIItIl1lSfI'IUIlX 11H11' 11155, W'l10'x ZLYIII lIiXfjIIl'ljUH in fJ1'1' 611115. 1' 1' II 111 11' 111- Q IV'1"I'1NQ I'1'1.-s. II: H1111111 ll11 1 1Q'I11111'1111111 I. III. A. C, I. II, I: Lwbate II. III. IV: Iiiw-iissl III. IV: Stu- 1I1.-11t C1111111.-il S1 II: III11'l'111.IZi IV: Se11i1,1r P11 3 vm' .-1111111111 Staff IV. N:1ti111 I 1111111' S111'iety Pres. IV. FIDPIII, '11st,11':1I II, III1 De- I1atP P' ' , IV. I1'11111'Yea1'Ho11- 111' S1111 1 l,:1ti11 1'1111t1-st I: .I1111- i11 . .1' 111' II1lII11ll1'T 1j11111111Ittu1?: X ' 1111111 Skit II: 1'I1111'11s I: S 11t:11111'I1111. JOHN LAXVRENCE OVERLA H11j1j1,1' 11111 Ig I'1'11111 1'111'1' 1,111 fr1'1'. II:1111I I: 1"11111a1i11 S1111-ly Peitrnl I. .l1111i111'-S1-11i111' 1211111111111 0131111- 111itr1.-1- III. ii-.11 I ROBERT L. BENDER A XIIIIIL' for 1111, 11 zz'1'I1'o1111' gI1111', A lnzpjz-1' joz'i11I lL't1-Y ln' f1111f. Ili-Y II IV' I'I11NIi1"II1:1lI III: Ii11suI1:1lI I II T1' 111111 IV. Sufvtg' 1"1f1t1'11I I, F11111111' I'l115' 1'111'11111itt1-1- MARSELLA SHANK Scum' lllink flu' z1'r11'l11' Il'tIX 1111111'1' for fun 11111f frufic' Amf xo do I. 42, Il, II, III, IV, I'I111111A ll1111l11 Ut1'l1'1-1' I. 14, .V C, I, II: U1'1.'l11'-st1'r1 I, II. III, IV, I1il11':11'i1111 IV, .X 1111111115111 1'I111i1' I. II. III, St111I1111t 11111111 ll IX '. Sv11i111' Pl:1y. l'I1111'1,1s I. II, III, IV. S11'i11a Q11111't1--111,- III: K1-V .X111111:1l S1:1!'I' IV: V11111' 11111111 YI t I All I11 t1i1t UI il'3 I. S" '- 1'l11-S1111 Il. IIIAVI1-I 1'I1111'1lN I, II. 511111111 I"1-xI11':1l II. .I11111111'-H'1'11I111' I 111111111-1 1111111111tt1'1- III' II1A"I1 811111111 I"11'lx' 1'111111111111-1-- IX RICHARD M. SMALL H1"x xlzzaff-jzzxf nm' 111 fall, Amf 111111111 Iifcwf by aff. ,NH II11l1111 I11111111 Vi1'1f- I"1'1-Q I' 1'11'- 1l11 I1 II I I 11111 III IX UI ' 1 .'-1' ' 1 'Z 1 . 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III, S1-11I111' I'l11y 1'11111111iIt1-1-. lim' .X111111:1I St:1IT IV. V1-1-a11i111111l L0 LITE? GYM Lng. GERALDINE M. HIGGINS z1'igg11'. Ii, 1:. II 1.11 11' 1-1.111111 11.111111 ARNOLD PEPPLEW' E. LANA ZIMMERMAN lui. 1'I11ws 11fF11-1-r III. II111111- IQ1111111 , 1- - - , 1 V ., 1 '- Sluts I, II. I'1iNt1'i11 1'I1111'11s I, II: tettf- IV: 111+-1-I'I11I1 I, II. Mixvl I11111111'-SH11i111' IIIIIl'IlI1'I 4'111111111t- 'I'1'i11 IV: I'I11ss IT:1sIi1-tI111lI 'IK-11111 11-v III. I"I1:l1 S11I11111l I'z11't5' 1"11111- III. IV. 111i1t111- IV. 1 " , mi . .. wa x rv I v1 1 gui? 51 i 'uni 3 -1-sill JUNE K. KOHL LYLE BRIAN KISER Sl11"x NIU, .1f11"s 12111, 511191 1'1'1'rif11'I H11j1j1'1'-IQ11-I111'kV1', 4f1'1'1' f1'11111 LIL1I'I', ag' IVV HI' 1'11111f111'x nlrnzlq zriffz 11 11111111 :ws S1-1--'I'1'1A:1s4 II: G. A. C'1:'II: 11113 "1'1'l11-ytlu 'LF-P, IV. A'v1'1111111-IIX ' 1ir IT: 9111111-111 W1111111-il I, II, Hi-Y Tl HI ly pmgg 1,m,vI. I'1111'1'1 1.311111-11 III: 91111112 I"15's1iv11l I Il. H,Qm,. 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AIQRRISUTY DONNA NIAE GRIFFIN T1111 if 11 .V1111Q1F. ,111'k11' 11r11'111, 1-111 411'11'11111-T111'1'1' LIIAL' 111111114 11111 ,Of fI11I1IYX. -111111171 g11'1,1. H11 A111121-A1'1' 111111' 111159 A. 1' . v .- if 31-Q " S13 ' 1 4.1 .Ig 'l, '11 -1- XXQ-XRRE N SELLERS ,. 'ii S , '. Spring -' Iv: II IH-11:11-I I'l:1x II I11111 1 N1Ill1l 11111111-'I 4'111111111I11'1A 1113 N-111111' I'I'1x' V11111111111 v-... 111 11111 1111' 111111111111 11111 1111' ILENE M. JACKSON 1111111111 111111 1'1111111'x, 11X 11111 111 111' 11111111111 II XIIIIIIIX111 II x 1-1 III 1111111 III III II! " 11'11 V11111'1'1' 1111111111111 11111. I H1-1'1'1-111 IX. X111'11t11111:1I Skits 'i .par IX. 1I1111'11w I, IX'. S1f11i111- PI:15' 1'111111111lI I II. .l111111.1' II111111- BIz1k1-rs III. 'K 'U 1 --.4 -4. C' 111 111111 'U' R+. 'Y' if gf' 1111. 3-. BETTY -IA NE GOUDY C311 1111111' 1101s X111' z1'f11'1cx 11 111111, B111 X111' 11111 1111111111 1111'111 1111. II, IC II, III, IX':1'I:1Qs S1-1-Y 11 II1111111 IL1111111 1'I1:1i1'111:111 III' 44 A. I' I. II. 1l1'1'I11-st1'11 I, Il. III, IX'. ,X 1211111111111 1'l111i1- I, II, 1IIg 1'I1111'11N I, II. III. IX', -I-II 1'IllI11. II. K1-X' .X111111:1l Sl:1I'l' IX': X'111':1- I1111111I Fklls I. II. .XII Distrivt 1111-I1--N11-'1 II Ivix11-i1'1 1'I11.1'11Q II ROBERT XVENIIELI.. CLARK 011, 1111' 111111111111 1j1111'111111111'x 11 1'.' I1 1 11' 11211 of 1111 ' X' III I ' 11111-1-11:1 I. I 1' I ' M1 -1I I11-1'11sI, IX': 1 11: 'I'11:1111 IX'. S1'111f11' I'I:Ly 1'11111l111ll1-1- K 0- U' gi ,AXUT11 A. cg11L1.13TT l11111'j1111111'111 11111111111 11111' 11111113 1111115 111 111'I' fl'1111 111111 11I1'1'. 42 Ii, II. III, IX' lIf11111- II1111111 MII11---1 I,III,1I1X1' I, II. .X V1111- 111II:14'111111'I, II. III 1111111-lI:1 II, Fl11'111u I"f'Sl1x':1I II .I11111111'-S1111i411' 1.111-11111 4'11111111.111.- III, S1-11i111' "111-1 I'I:1x l'111111111I'-'1- IX',1'l1111'11w I, II, III, IX', Ii--X ,X111111:1I Sl11I'I' IX X1.1,1111.1111IsI411-1 I, IX. Ilw- I111I I'I111111x I, II 86, DARL JOHNS XIH11111 111111111 1 1111 111111 1:13 W111-11 l 1111 so 11111111 111 111111 if? 111.x' II!'I , '1 .-'11- 111. 1V: II111111- IZ1111111 l'I1 IIIIII I, I11f111i11't- -fr II: S1J11i111' - 111' 4'11111111itL1-1-: Y1-II 111-zulvx' II. K1-X' .X111111:1I S1:1I'I', Mi11sL1'eI III. IPI I111111111't11I1-5 SI:1IAI' II. E LAURINE HOSTETLER 51111111 17111 zvilfj' ix .1111', A1111 x111"x 1111111-11x 11111 nf g11'1'. 1I,I1. II, III, IV:C11I111111tIX'11'I:1Ss S--1. IX'L li. .-X, U, II, III, IV: A 1211.111-lI:1 1'I111i1- IIQ S-111i111' 1Y,IllI'l l'I1-11'11N I, II, Ill. Km' .XIIIILIZII SI:1I'l' IX', X'm'11liI111:1l Skils I1 S111'111: I"1-sliX'11l II, I-II: .I1111i1'11'- S1-11i111' IZ:1111111+-1 1'1111111111l1-1- III. DALE E. DAVIS - 1f1'L'I' xo 'J711111 111 xi:1', 11111-11, 11 1111, 111111 11'ix1'. . A . Ilif ' I ' In-I111tv I'I11X' IX':J1111- i11k1- I-'.,'3 1i11S11'1-I III: .I1111i111'- S. I11 IZ:1111l111-1 4'11111111ilI1-1- III: X111 ti111111I SIUIS I. IHIQ 1 1 .V 1' I . -'ER' Wig: A 0.4 1-9 -.... 'x"'.,', , 'T 5 IN '12 .1 .1 CATHERINE N. GRIPFITI-IS SXIIRX 11 1'1'g11f111' 11ff1I1'f1'. A1111' X111111' my My 1'1111'f fn' Imif. II, Il, II, III, IX', 1':1I1I111-I IX'. G, A I'. I, II, III, IX', X'111'fvI1111111I SKIN I, Spring: l"1-si1x11I II, III, IX'. I11 I111111111't:1I1-S Stzxlf IX': 51-11- i111' I'I:1v l'11111111ltl1-11. CHARLINE AICKINIJEY A 111111'f 1111.11 11'1fl1 11 1l1111'f 'II Sf111'1',1 11111 lc1111z1'I1'1l.q1 ' A 1.1. 1'I:1, Q I'1' .' . 111111-111 S1'i1:111-1- 1'I11I1 1 I ' 11111'l11I1-s SI:11't' IX' X1 1 LI 1111111' N111-Q1-ty X'1w- I'1 -R . IJIIIII 1'1111t11sl II, IX'. I'11 1 X1-111' II1111111- bll11Iw11I. X1Ll1-- 1Ii1't111'I1111. S1-11i111' I'I:ax' I'111111111I- 11-1- XVINIFRED RUTH BERLIEN Sfmfj 111111, 11'111'k llf7I'lI -111151 Jo, B11f 1l1111'f forguf 11 qnmf f11111' f1,n. , ,1 N IQ, Il, IX': VIr1111' 111111 511, I. Inv-1114wi1111 IV. -1-Iuestru I.: A, X'1IIPIM'IIil UIEHII' . SHII111' PI' l'I1111'11R I: Lxgy .XIIIIIIAI Slnff , XII I1ist1'i1-U 111'1-I11At1'g1A."I. I1s,I'i1-I I'I1111-us I1 .XILIHIIVIHI C-f1"IiSl I. IP1AI111L1' I'I1lX' IX'. X:IIi1111z'I'I II1111111' S111-iI'lX'2 I1'11111' Y-'i11'yI'I1111111' SKII- 1 1.kf'III. Iv q..-- -.-1 X 1 II1 , ,QW V Q J, Lfi. A BRADLEY J. SWIFT I 1f1111'f l111ffu'1' zrnrk, 711111 xur, A1111 work 11'1111'f fwff11'1' 1111: III-Y II, III. IX'. II111111- ll1111111 IIIII111- I1 I-II 1'I11I1 I1 3I111sI1'1-I III, 'I"1':l1'k 'I'1-11111 II, IX'. 51111111 I'I2IX' 1'11111111itt141-, S1111-IB' I":1l1'11I I. .I1111i111'-S--111111 I3111111111-I I'11111111iI- 11-1- III. MACK B. HOSACK XI"l11'11 jury 111111' 1l11f-1' I'1tIXfl, 1 ff XIIILX 1 , I IX' Lvf 1f11fV1' All 1 , 1,f1. ,' ' III-Y II, III, IC' 'I'+1I1I III IX' I'2.'s1-I111lI 'Bbw 11 S111111+1' "I11X', 1'I V1, FX: I" I" ,X III I111y1 1 III 1X'1 q:11I6111 1 v, 14jg?LJwMinlIIx:7WIw3I IX'I,, ww fw IJ GEORGIA XVELCH H11 l'11iI'1' IIE IYIIIZWQ, ' K Hur fm11'f 1,5u1L1.Q7'1f. IAM 15 IC. ' . X', 12. .X, V, I, II. III Sv1'i-I-JSJIQI ly, 1"I11111L1Q I I-H 111111 I X'11ti111'1I I I 5 1. 1. Syurinc I"1-st1X':1I II Sails . XVADE LAMAR LETTS TX1111' lI'llN 11 1114111 III 11111' f1211'11, 1-I111f Zn' IL'4I.X 111n111f1'1111.1 z1'i,11'. J 111 1 II III IX 111155 111.41-., II II111111- I:1-11111I'111'111.11- III lv-- l1:1I-' II. III I111111111'I,1I1-4 Slilff IX'Q X1'111x 1111111 I11x NI ' ' 1- ' 1 ' .'11,- IIIII1-1 1-111- I--st I, .I11111'11:1If1I:1z1Att1- 5111411112 1111111-NI III, IX. Slillv- I..lIlIl 1 1111- I1-l I Il III IX A 121 sms- Q I -:'1'. V -14" 4 A ROBERT DEVINE 17,1 , 1 1.- A l'I'I'VX' guml pal IX X113 ,vb -' A1111' xf1111'111111 IIA 1'1111 ln: g- Ili-Y 11. III, IX'. 1-:.1S14.11111111 II, ' 1,9 III, 1I1111'11s III. IQ1-y',X1111L1:1ISt11II' ,R 11 IX'. 3Ii11st1'1'I III. .XI::'1-I11'z1 1,'1111- 1 ' I1-wr I, 1I1A1.1111AI1'3' 1'-11111-sl II. V' ,I11111111--S1111111' I11111-111+-t 1'111111111I- , t1-1- III, N:1t1111111I H11111-1' S111'i1-ty. Ill I111111111'I:1I1-S SI:1l'l' IX'. IH-I1:1I1- IX I11R1'11w1-111 IX N11111I II1x 1'11111111itL1-141 I11111 X II II11111 SI111,I-'11t, MARGARET E. CARR Nf- T11 kflflll' lm' 11115 f11 Inu' l7L'I'. --N. 1? IL III, IX. lI111111S I, 4 II 1'I11I1 I II, X'111-:1li111111I Skits I. IX I11111-rr II-11111f M411 . III IX Xvws lit-1111111-1' III, I1--N. 1 IX', H1-11i111' Ilan' 1'11111111itl1-fn DON TI-IQMAS XVEAVER ., ' 'Q-14:9 sp- Ny...- ...R . 1.1, A . 4 , Q Q D11 -111111' fwxf 111111' I1'111'1' flu' 1'1'xfg ii 'Rig XI7'f111f's fln' 11111 of 11'o1'1'-1? sf ' A- ' 1 . ff 1 1 III-X' 11, III, IX'. 1:11R111,-111,111,111 I' , - ' 1- ' X Inv-I111II II, .IXIL AH1'1'Ile5li'Z1 III, 1 , ' .g IX'. I'-111111 II, III. IV? 41111,-rettal .A -" ,,,,,,,a1 Stuff' BI1111:1u.1A1' 'IX'. S1-11i111' I'I:1y 'A Stage 'NI1IDfl2'P1'. Ku-X' .XIIIIIIIII 1 1 5 Slillf' IX, 11111411--I III, 111:11-f ' 1. L311111't+-1112 IV. 'III'll4'Ii I, IX'1 211111 1 ,, :1111I Hr'-I11f-wt1':1 HlI'i1'w1' IX', P11154 4- . I I11sIi1-Il1z1lI T1-11111 III, IX' A ' X .4 X P 1 , 4 i X ' 1' ,. I , , Pulqv x1'11'11f1' Q Q0 Iimntk Imlccn Uwe ' JOHN A. NICEWEN luck ix om' zubrfs IiIuvI IU' :1II, E1'1'11 flwsv Iwfb Inrgr llllll XNHIII. II1-Y IV: Boxing 'I'e:1m IV: S1-11i11r Play t'11111111Itt1-1-, XJ' THELMA M. XVISNER A I1UI7Il' fbollgfyf, tl 1111i1'f zL'11'1' will ll'IlI -1011 IIHIIIJ' f1'i1'mI1 In .1f111'. G, li. IVZ I-lv-Ivatv III lD1'1'I1+-slrzl II. .l1111i01' Play L'11111111itlw' III: I11':1111:1ti1-S PIIIIU II: CI111r11s 1, II: .l'I"'1I' Y1-:lr H1111111' S1111Iv11lL S1211- 1111: I'Iz15', VERNON 1. WAITE 1 NUI foo serious, IIUI foo gay, .9 BIII 11IfogUlIu'1' cl juIIV1' ,qrm1I f1'IInu'. Qi, Iizxsf-I1z'1II IV: 'I'1'1l1'k I, III, .4- IY. St111If-ut Iflusln-lI1:1II BI1111:1g1-1' IV, 1'I:1w I1:1sIi14tI1z1II 'I'1Hz1111 IY. WIA MARY ELLEN BOLINGER I Iiz'0 for fIJ0.w' who Iow' 1110. G. Il, Ill: 11111111- I:1111111 'I'1'11-us. III: 4-H L'I11I1 I, II: V11c:1tio11al Skits I, II, IV: .llminr Home M:1I:v1's Ii'IllIr III: S1'111111- Play, WILLIAM MEYERS Har1I 1c'01'IQir1g, Imrlrxf, ami' IVIIU, A fri1'111I of l'l't'I'j'0IIl' frm. II011111 Iflm.1:11 UI'I'i1'e-1' I. II, III: 11r1'l1est1'a I: I1z1111I I: CID!-'I'EII?L IV! Cllflrlls III, IV1 I". I". A, I. IV, 'I'1'w1s, IV: I-H IIIIIII I, II, III, IV: b'1111i111' Plzlx' 1'11111111iLt1w. NINA PAULINE FRAZIER Higly ix IJU1' rafilzg 111 1'nII1'1' xkufinlq. G. Il. III, I-II 1'I11l1 I: Y111-zl- 1i1111z1I Skit: I, II, IV: .l11ni111' II111111- Blaliew 1'I11I1 III, 'I'1'1-af. III. S111'111: I"1f-vtixul Il: S1-11i111' I'I:1N'. AW "f2".V,.I!, ,. . ..url . . AI '- 'sf 1 j J 1 .. ,: if J 1 X I 1k J Q-l" X' -1 Rx, l 1 ""' QR -gi. '- fi XI -W-ff , V If IXNIILS A. ZLTIIIZR IJHYLLIS B. GREEN III' I1111 1'1'1I f7:IIl', 11f11I Ifzlks 111 Nu! 11 1'1'111I1'1'-11f3I1'11xI1 10IllIAQ Iwi YQIIIQX K 'A Ilf' 11 j111I ffm! 11lII 11I111111 Iml. Nm' 11 1'I11'g1j1-11'11'1'I-fI-9,10 -1111111111 1111 II III. Iv. 11.11.1111 III WWII, -f My M ji .4 MWXHVI HI 42 IC x'IIiI,L'IX'L1!:f11I1v1'l I'I:1YIf'1i1L1- 1111--1-,V 1111:111:I SQIIQ , '. UI. XXX: 1- IQIJSI1 Lyimnu I-'-'xliI1:IHII. .l1111i111- 111-1111- ' ' " ' AI:1lc1-rw f'IIIII IV, II1 MII' 1l111I I11II'1 11f11I MIM. "H" 'W""' NIARCIiI.I.Ii R. CQREENIJIELD SI11"1, gnu1I ill 511051. 5' uf lfII1Ilf17I I11' Inu 1111111 11 I111'1', 1 . - ff 'flw' uf'-Ik! II II 1" 11.1111 11' 11.111111 71 HM, xfblm A , 1 5. 1 111 11 31. 1'1,111 I, II "V1111:111111111I P'Ii.II'r4 I, II, IXZ 1 111 1' 1 1 V1 1 II' III. S111'111: l"1-s1iv:1IvII.1111111111: II1,1111- 1 ', 1: 1fII 1 1111. 1, ll, III, AI-'I'l"I'!N "l11I' IN. I V' -1 11 1t.111,1' f'1,111- X, ' ' ' " II I- fhk 47 JFK f.. . . s , IIIIQXIY vAIiTI5IF2IY f ,Il 4 Tw' 111 1' Qu VI ,nr VlIIII'Il7llI,Q K Y X1f11lI. 1' 1 y,f11'1,1.111111,. Ik' V11 I' I' III lX',I1,. 111 H1 111111 III I'a,ffL' 1'if3I1I1 1111 1, 1A .1 3 'A ' ."' sn... , 1 M ,,,. gig grow Cast oic Class oii B8 Ladies and Gentlemen: I am here this afternoon to broadcast the biggest game of all the season, As you all know, it is between the Angola High School Class of 1938 and the Barriers to Education. The team members who started training at the age of six in the Angola Schools and who are in the starting line-up for the first quarter of the big 1934-1938 game are: Mark Aldrich, Nvendell Aldrich, Robert Lee Bender, Lawrence Beekman, Winifred Berlien, Beth Brown, Jane Buck, Virginia Coe, Robert Clark, Betty Goucly. Phyllis Green, Donna Mae Grifhn, Catherine Grithths, Clarellen Guilford, Emagene Hendershot, Geraldine Higgins, Mack Hosack, Darl Johns, Jack McEwen, Lyle Kiser, June Kohl, Williana Myers, Donald Mo1'rison, Stephen Ransburg, Marsella Shank, Bradley Swift. Georgia XVelch, Alice Elston, Robert Holderness, Kathryn Hutchins, Donald Kope, Harold McKinley, James McNeal, Donald Noragon, Lester Palmer, XVade Letts, and Bernd Gartner. Gther members of the starting line-up for the big game are: Ben Baber, Marguerite Baker, Donald Bolinger, Mary Booth, Esther Brager, Betty Brown, Mary Burkhalter, Margaret Carr, Robert Cary, Dale Cole, Ruth Ann Collett, Robert Devine, Marcelle Greenlaeld, Weir Dick, Stella Elston, Ruth Ernst, Adeline Henry, Laurine Hostetle, Pauline Norman, Harriett Powers, Arnold Pepple, John Overla, Dean Rose, Richard XVyatt, Don Weaver, Vernon XVaite, Freda Suffel, Billy Shull, Betty Allen, Mary Boling- er, D. O. Cool, Pauline Frazier, Paul Hagewood, and Ilene Jackson. The Barriers scored six during the second quarter. The Class of 1938, by the end of the second quarter, had gained Jim Zuber, Charline McKinley, and Clara Mae Bowerman. At the beginning of the third quarter twelve had been lost. Those gained were Violet Ploughe, Richard Small, Jack McEwen, and Mary Ellen Jewel. By the time the fourth quarter started the Barriers had gained sixteen more. The Class of 1938 gained Thelma NVisner and Dale Davis. The game is over! The Class of 1938 have come through to a glorious victory. The Hnal score is S0 for the Class of 1933. just listen to that cheering. Rah! Rah! Class of '3S! WINIFRED BERLTEN. Page fzirzvlezvz VALEDIC l CRY Age Qzzoa' Agia Finish lVb:z1' You Affenzpf We the class of '38, must now draw the curtain down on our high school days. We regret that these happy years must end, but we are happy that we have finished what we, tour years ago, attempted-our high school education. We have been guided very carefully by our teachers, parents, and friends through- out our school life. Soon many of us who seek higher education or some business in this world will come upon obstacles in our path to success. Atalanta, according to Greek tradition. met her obstacle in the form of a golden apple thrown by Hippomenes. Atalanta was the daughter of the king of Greece. She was known far and wide for her remarkable flectness of foot. The king was so proud of her that he allowed no one to become a suitor for hei' hand who could not outdistance her in a foot race. Those who attempted but failed paid with their lives. One day a young man named Hippomenes entered a race with Atalanta to see whether he could win her hand. Early in the race Atalanta saw that she could run faster than Hippomenes and that there could be no doubt about the result of the race, Accordingly, when a shining golden apple rolled across the track in front of her, she stopped to pick it up, knowing that she could make up the time which she lost. Soon a second apple appeared and she seized it as she ran. But a third one was some distance from the track. She wanted the apple very much so she stopped to pick it up. Hippomenes darted ahead and de- feated Atalanta for the first time. We should remember this story and be not sidetracked from what we begin. At the close of this day our lives are placed in our own hands-to do with as we please. We must decide lifels questions by ourselves. Nlanjr times when we start into our life's work we become discouraged and wish we had chosen some other work. But if we do not give up-if we work all the harder -we soon find that we enjoy our work and wouldn't have chosen any other. A young man that I know wished after graduating from high school to become a doctor. His first year in college was very discouraging. It was hard to adapt himself to the new routine of the school: he was far from home and knew very few people. To him, his dream of becoming a doctor had faded, for he was so greatly dissatisfied that he did not want to finish his course. He decided, however, that in order to attain his goal, he must try to like college. So he started making friends. He worked hard at his daily tasks and so kept from being homesick. He soon found that he thoroughly enjoyed his work and the college. He was graduated with very high honors and is now a famous physician. Too many people give up easily. NVe cannot hope for the best results unless we finish what we start, although it may take many years. No task is easy and we cannot er-.pect to get anywhere in life unless we are willing to tackle the obstacles in our path to success. May we remember the story of Atalanta and the simple rule, a few words in which the whole secret of success may be found, "Age Quail Agn," Finish what you attempt. CI-IARLINE MLKINLEY. SALU IA l GRY Here Emfefbg Here Begilzlzeffa This then is the end! W'ho is there that can hear these words and remain unmoved? Nor is it to be wondered at, for the end of anything is often its most impressive mo- ment. The end of a year, the end of an association, the close of a life-these are the most poignant things than the world has to offer. Poignant, because of the memories they call forth-and the regrets. Memories that make us smile, perhaps, and yet catch at our hearts simply because they are memories! Regrets for things we might so easily have done but failed to dog for things we wish undone! Today we stand here and again say "Here Endeth!" Here endeth our high school days. Here endeth companionships than have grown dear with the passing of the years! Here endeth friendly rivalries that have spurred us on to achievement. W'e have traveled together now for four years, knowing the same triumphs and the same defeats, experiencing the same joys and the same disappointments. Together we have looked forward for four years to this day, and now that it is come we say with pleasure-and with sadness, "Here endeth!" Were this only an ending it might well be a day of sorrow and of vain regrets, but every end is in itself a new beginning. The end of every day ushers in the dawn of a new day. The old year going out greets the new year as it comes in. This change for us can be summed up in the words, "Here endeth restraint, here beginneth freedom." Throughout our school days our life has been carefully guarded at home and at school. We have had to abide by certain laws and restrictions laid down for us by our parents and teachers. There have been times for all of us when we have chafed at these limitations. We have thought that the restraining influences placed upon us were too severe. But fortunately, those who have had our lives in their charge did not cast off their responsibility. They had a purpose to accomplish! That purpose was to see that we were prepared to conduct our own lives with individual initiative and independent judgment. Now their job is done! Ours is beginning. W'e are about to be thrown upon our own resources for the first time! Freedom of action will soon be ours to an extent that we have never before known. Here endeth restraint! Physcal freedom is ours without condition. But-if we are to be actually free, we must learn one important lesson: that real freedom never consists in mere release from old restraints. A young robin in his nest might yearn for the freedom of the air, but if all the freedom which the bird seeks is release from the restraint of the nest, he will discover that the only freedom which he has achieved is freedom to fall to the ground. The first step toward real freedom for the bird is to develop and strengthen wings on which he can depend. Today marks for us the end of old laws and restrictions. But what of the free- dom that is beginning? W'ill it lead us into disaster because of our own lack of self- controlg or shall we know the true freedom that comes with a stable sense or values and sound judgment? Here endeth the old! Here beginneth the new! A world lies before us, filled with opportunities. Our life has been placed in our own hands to do with as we will, The choice is ours! BETH BROXVN. u fZL'L'IIf,Y-UI! r LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT We the members of the class of 1938, of Angola High School. residing in the City of Angola, County of Steuben, in the Hoosier State, Indiana. being of grad- uating age and of unsound and indisposing mind and memory, but mindful of the fact that time marches on. do make, publish and declare this to be our last will and testa- ment. hereby revoking and annulling any and all wills by us made heretofore: First: We direct that all our just and unjust debts, I. O. U's., grudges, and administration costs be paid out of our estate as follows: I. Mark Aldrich, do hereby will and bequeath my most prominent freckles to Burton Kolb. I, Xvendell Aldrich. do hereby will and bequeath my broad smile and executive ability to Robert Craig. I. Marguerite Baker, do hereby will and bequeath a comb to keep her hair out of her eyes to Ruth Badger. I, Robert Lee Bender, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to blush when speak- ing to girls to Roscoe Nedele. I, Wfinifred Berlien, do hereby will and bequeath my small pencil with which to write notes to Lucy Ellen Handy. I. Mary Bolinger, do hereby will and bequeath a needle and thread to be used to the best advantage to Virginia Care. I, Mary E. Booth. do hereby will and bequeath my used paint brushes and ideas on art compositions to Esther Ferrier. I. Beth Brown. do hereby will and bequeath my ability to converse with anyone at any time to Rose NViggins. I. Betty Brown. do hereby will and bequeath an interesting collection of dizzy poetry and ideas to Louise Griliiths. I, Jayne Louise Buck, do hereby will and bequeath a large box of giggles and gags to Bettie Bassett. I. Margaret Carr, do hereby will and bequeath my sadly worn out social science book to Eleanor Miller. I, Robert Clark. do hereby will and bequeath my much unused ability to box to Robert XY'hite. I. Dale Cole, do hereby will and bequeath my well used home-run bat of high- powered calibre and efliciency to Morris Whitlock. I, Ruth Collett, do hereby will and bequeath my almost new physics note book and notes to Ruth Blackburn. I, Dale Davis, do hereby will and bequeath a large, sticky wad of gum under my table in library to aid in making lessons "stick" to Calista Creel. I, Robert Devine, do hereby will and bequeath my much worn out, torn, but still usable paper bag to Richard Zeigler. I, Pauline Frazier, do hereby will and bequeath my thimble used in home economics to Maxine Fanning. I, Bernd Gartner, do hereby will and bequeath my long eyebrows and beau-brummel ways to ,Ioe Louis, alias Ora Sierer. I, Betty Goudy, do hereby will and bequeath a much used and frayed "AH string to Barbara Reese. I, Phyllis Green. do hereby will and bequeath my shorthand notes and pencil to Eleanor Mielke. I, Marcelle Greenfield, do hereby will and bequeath a package of gum to be used at any convenient time in Mr. Certain's classes to Betty Mounts. I, Donna Mae Griffin, do hereby will and bequeath a ticket for the Hrst seat of the hrst row in the Strand Theater to Bill Hopkins. I, Catherine Griffiths, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to make people guess 1.-whether I'm sleeping or thinking to Iloris Jarboe. I, Clarellen Guilford, do hereby will and bequeath 11 lock of my naturally curly hair to be used as a pattern to Miriam Simpson. I. Izrnagene Hendershot, do hereby will and bequeath a sneezing patent that should prove to be valuable to Billie Bassett. I. Geraldine Higgins, do hereby will and bequeath my wonderful and unceasing ,eifi of mb to Annette Morse. I, Mack Hosack, do hereby will and bequeath my pillow for the sports bench to Bill Rhinesmith. , I, Laurine Hostetler, do hereby will and bequeath my apron used in the senior play to Martha George. I, Ilene jackson, do hereby will and bequeath a box of paints to Betty Kemmerling. I, Darl Johns, do hereby will and bequeath a comic picture of jerry Higgins to Joe I-Iolderness. At last you,ve got it, Joe. I, Lyle Iiiser, do hereby will and bequeath a useful roadmap to Garrett and Ken- dallville to Dick Bender. I, june Kohl, do hereby will and bequeath my false eyelashes used in the senior play to Ednamae Eastman. I, Wfade Letts, do hereby will and bequeath a long list of contest spelling words to Jeanne Preston. I, Gharline McKinley, do hereby will and bequeath my completed civics notebook to Marcella Eggleston. I, NVilliam Meyers, do hereby will and bequeath a brand new bit for his sheep to Marion Wfallaee. I, Donald Morrison, do hereby will and bequeath some sheets of drawing paper so he won't have to borrow any more to Buck Gray. I, John Overla, do hereby will and bequeath my forsaken health note book to Donald Boyd. I, Arnold Pepple, do hereby will and bequeath a can of axle grease to keep his hair combed to Bob German. I, Stephen Ransburg, do hereby will and bequeath .1 license to argue, signed by Mr. Dygert. to John Harvey. I, Dean Rose, do hereby will and bequeath my rattling good Dodge truck to Duane Rose. I, XVarren Sellers, do hereby will and bequeath my ag. SCLII to promote better think- ing to Jack Green. I, Marsella Shank, do hereby will and bequeath my "Angola hopl' to Robert Meyers, alias Dupey. I, Richard Small, do hereby will and bequeath a box of dog biscuits to be eaten between meals and classes to George Ryan. I, Bradley Swift, do hereby will and bequeath my often used excuse blank to -lack Tucker. I, Vernon XVaite, do hereby will and bequeath a new curry comb for his goats to Ernest Pence. I, Don Xveaver, do hereby will and bequeath a pen with which to write the will next year to Owen Mote. I. Georgia XVelch, do hereby will and bequeath my full shorthand pad to Mary jane Damlos. I, Thelma Wisner, do hereby will and bequeath my contract for a place on the honor roll to Carolyn Forbes. I, Lane Zimmerman, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to be a good soda- jerker to Maryann I-Iicks. I, james Zuber, do hereby will and bequeath my good behavior record to Max Spangle. I, Jack McEwen, do hereby will and bequeath my ability to take a beatng in boxing to jim Morse. In case any of the persons mentioned above marries, moves, disappears or in any way turns up unaccounted for before the fourth Q-ithj of July in the year 1938, his properties are to be turned over to the freshman class, to further their interests through- out the balance of their natural high school life. In testimony whereof we have set our hand and seal, and declare this to be our last will and testament this twenty-seventh Clay of May, in the year one thousand nine hundred Signed: TI-IE SENIOR CLASS Per Don W'eaver XVendell Aldrich, Prwxiifwzl Stephen Ransburg, Vin' Pri'xii1'i'11f Clarellen Guilford, T1'i't1x1m'1' Laurine Hostetler. S:'i'i'i'far1 Pugi' fzwzzlj -fb Pupgrf lu f 2113 -four MY DMVQY CDP 059 Yfiashington, D. C., Jub'20,1959 Dear Diary: W'ent down to my ofiice this morning and, as I walked into the wait- ing room, was very much amazed to see one of my old classmates, june Kohl, sitting there, and I learned that she was private secretary to the President of the United States, "Little,' Bernd Gartner, another member of the class of '38. We at once began dis- cussing the other 47. She informed me that Robert Lee Bender was Foreign Minister to Japan accompanied by jack McEwen, his valet. I had an emergency call which ended our conversation, but we planned to lunch together at noon and continue the discussion. Jub'21,19S9 Dear Diary: Extracted four teeth in the forenoon and then went to lunch at the High-Hat. There I met june and much to our amazement found the proprietor to be none other than Bradley Swift and his better half, Donna Mae Griffin. And our smiling waitress we found to be Pauline Frazier. As we were lunching, the band struck up a lively tune which immediately drew our attention to Arnold Pepple, swinging a mad baton in the Calloway style, the band featuring Dean Rose as a singing utroubadourn. Since it was recess time for the Supreme Court, in walked several of the Justices. We recognized YVade Letts, Stephen Ransburg, and Robert Devine, now Chief Justice of the Court, with his attractive wife Beth Brown, now "Speaker of the House". We left the High-Hat well pleased with our having seen so many of our old classmates. We stepped outside and hailed a taxi only to find Jimmy Zuber at the wheel. As we rode past the Education Building, we noticed a large crowd assembltd. After inquiring of Jimmy, we learned it was the National Teachers' Convention. Looking the crowd over, we recognized Professor Mark Aldrich of Harvard University, and Vfinifred Berlien, now the Dean of Nvomen at Vassar. We then went to my apartment and picking up the evening paper, noticed in headlines, HU. S. Victorious Over Britain in Tennis Tourneyf, The victors were Clarellen Guilford and Catherine Griffiths, with Laurine Hostetler as their manager. We read that now Laurine is also noted as a manager for prize fighters and all Olympic stars. Looking over the sports section, we noticed that dear old A. H. S. is again winner of the National Basket Ball Tourney under the supervision of Mack Hosack and also that since Dale Cole started pitching for the "Cubs.', they had so much power that they had to change the name to the "Bears',. june spent the night with me. July 22. 1959. Dear Diary: This morning I was called to a meeting of doctors in New York City. XVhen stepping into the plane, I was helped by a very attractive stewardess, Marcy Shank, She informed me that the pilot was Dick Small. The plane was beautifully streamlined since it was designed by the famous artist, Betty Brown. I had a very inter- esting talk with Marcy as she had seen some of the old class of '38 since I had. She told me that Marcelle Greenfield and Phyllis Green had started a very successful dance team and that at present they were out in Hollywood working in a new picture under the direction of Don W'eaver, a famous technicolor photographer, She also said that Ifmagene I-Iendershot was a brilliant success on the screen as well as a world famous opera singer. I was told that Marguerite Baker and Mary Bolinger were well known authors-writing on "Advice to the Lovelorn". They also help the movie stars in thinking up new ways to get rid of their husbands, as running off to Reno isn't exciting enough any more. Arriving at the convention, I recognized Dr. Wendell Aldrich, presiding as chair- man. Wendell is now famous for inventing zippers to close the operation incisions instead of the old fashioned way of sewing them shut. Ilene jackson is his secretary. One of the speakers was a noted dietician, Geraldine Higgins. She is noted for her well known diet, "How to Reduce by Eating Moren. While at the meeting I learned many more interesting things. I was informed that Lyle Kiser was now accused of "bigamy". His only excuse was that two girls were in love with him and of course he didn't want to be a cold hearted "heart-breaker", so he married them both. Char- line McKinley, now a famous "Reno" lawyer, is defending him. This is the seventh case ehe has handled for him. I also learned that Betty Goudy and Ruth Collett, who have been on a tour searching for millionaire husbands since they were graduated from high school, are at last successful, although they are both a little gray about the temples. Betty captured the Crown Prince of "Statnonia" and Ruth is now queen of "King Korman's Empire". Mary Booth is a famous interior decorator. She has just returned from England, where she has been redecorating the Buckingham Palace. I spent the night at the Waldorf Astoria. The managers are none other than Darl Johns and Dale Davis. and who should take my bags but our old time mechanic, Bob Clark. July 23, 1959. Dear Diary: Left New York this morning by train and found the engineer to be Donald Morrison and the conductor to be john Overla. johnny and I had a long talk. He said that he had been in Angola several times. He informed me that Lana Zimmer- man was now proprietress of "Christy,s" and that it had been enlarged so that it covered a whole block. He also told me that Thelma Wisner was now superintendent of dear old A. H. S. and that Margaret Carr was a well known beauty operator since she dis- covered a new shade of red for dying hair. Vernon Waite and Warren Sellers are successful farmers. They are raising chickens with purple feathers for ladies' hats. I arrived home late. July 24, 1959. Dear Diary: Didn't go down to the otiice this morning. I noticed in the paper that William Meyers was John L. Lewis's successor and well known for his famous orations. Georgia Welch's picture was on the front page: she was picked as "Miss America". She was the last member of the class about whom I heard. They all seem to be doing well. I decided the class of '38 wasn't such a bunch of "dummies" after all. XVent to bed early. KIAYNE L. BUCK. Most beautiful girl Best looking boy Most popular girl Most popular boy Most pleasing perso Best natured boy Shyest girl Shyest boy Most talkative girl Noisiest boy nality Most Conceited boy Most flirtatious girl Best girl athlete Best boy athlete . Most studious girl Most studious boy Most ambitious girl Most ambitious boy Best liked liked lady teacher Best liked man teacher opo lawaitti Contest Clarellen Guilford Arnold Pepple June Kohl NVendell Aldrich Mary Booth Mark Aldrich Phyllis Green XY'ade Letts jerry Higgins Bradley Swift Lyle Kiser Jayne Buck Catherine Gritiiths Dale Cole Beth Brown Bob Devine XY'inifred Berlien Stephen Ransburg Miss Reed Mr. Certain Page fzreuta LN jaw 'Aw i., '59 1' lu V71 ,I -' ' - af , . Ei jwfai- V vgUffW?Q4W1'793J p, , ,,,, A 5 f ,, 1 1' fit! ,age ,Z in pu J s41,.f'ff?L',jff7"? . .wfff af f?i24Mf't?-Cd-mf A ' 7'1" 'Z' L7 A --1 - ' 52.pZ!L-14,4l!f'Lj ffjg. L0'1..,LZ4y2o', fl a. H. 41 ff .L auazwtzy ,Mm 1441, 144574 L ' ' , , f -,- . " y, ,, Zczacfj .ac Q4fZfc?A'ffr-fic" adyddr' i 9: L1 c,1fffL2f,,4,a ,ZLL an Qffizff. , fcefff-0 , 4 H sySf 4 f foie ffilg' J' X1 , 'fu' cl f ' f aw! Tvs cf. Jug. 44146 4'fZ1t7f7""'j7' ' , . y 5 4 7 . X tg? 2fAzf?zl?7.:1ff.Jzec4i, 14? 15454 G 'I 4 4 'Z afrmfftr .M f'292ryi'f-4 - X , gi -he 5 NSt Xyigmgi .b ,Q fwgyww trace ' ' gfw4S - X me fs , , fgyw xwyi A , t Xsfs Syga if it' 7805 :WW QSQ M53 as S 1 iw JUMGVQS li--11 Iantha Abramson Smiling and good natured Eldon Andrew Model "AH Ruth Badger "The Saucy Little Redhead" Ruth Blackburn W'ith flirtatious looks Donald Boyd Happy-go-lucky Andrew Braxton "Boxer" Harriett Braxton Dean Brooks Katie Lou Bryan Virginia Care Alvena Certain Calista Creel Betty Crothers Mary jane Damlos Lucille Dunham Virginia Dunham Marcella Eggleston Geneva Izisenhour Nla:-:ine lanning Clever-you bet! Small but noisy Her Ford takes her places Pretty and witty "Little Coquetteu Heard before seen She minds her own business "The Lady of the Lake" Salem, yes? Virgene's pal An orchid to you Somebody! sweetheart A country lass Kenneth German Orla German , Virginia Goodrich Max Gray , Lucy Ellen Handy Thomas Hanselman Dayton Hensel Wfynn Hensel Mary E. jackson Doris Jarboe Betty Kemmcrling Delores Liniger Eleanor Miller Lola Miller blames Morse Gwen Mote Robert Myers "Dupey," Roscoe Parrish A Basketball is his joy . Gone but not far .Nimble fingers . . . . "Lambie', , Fingering the ivories Swing that Ford Every girlls shadow Robert Taylor . Wee Willie Winkie Good natured Always ready to help 'A Little Bit Independent" Cupid's delight Her art's her fortune Godys gift to the women "I'm no lady's man" no strings, I'm fancy free Gone but not forgotten l.- 4 .,,, 4,.' ffl xi , , ,. A If ' ' ,QLD 3'7" Betty June Rensch Does she have A cook book? Bill Rhinesmith George Ryan LaMoyne Saul Marian Scoville Estle Shoup Ora Sierer Max Spangle jack Tucker Find Marian Wallace His heart's in the right place A lover of butterflies K-ville or Garrett? Does she care? Library cut up Ice cream bars for sale Kindhearted to all 'em, fool 'em, forget ,em Ag boys' champ '1 , y --r-.1 Twp iw-xx' 15111-in ,kIl4ll'm'NV, Irin- tlil X : A Iilvilxlswil. lmliuld Irliiyil, 1111111 llsirluw-1', In-:lil Ifiwmks, Iizitii- In-ii lZi'y:i1'u. H-ff-i-ii-I i"-xv f Ilolu-Vt Vrziix. lliith lilzu-klii1i'ii. I1i'l11 1l"i'maiii, Mzixiiii- I-Iimiiiiei, 'I'liii'-1 row K+-iiiivlli 421-rniziiu. I-:Atty 1'I':ilIi1'i'f, NYNHH ll: ns- l. Ylrufiiilzi Vanin-, Ifiiiirtll rwxx' Mali. 1511151 Vulislzx Vi-11.11, Huw-il Mull-. Mary .lime lhiiiil-is, .liiiiii M11 fl Lil-ill4 llllllllfllll, 'lf--'lure llyaiii, Mui-4-.-llzl ligilvwl--ii. I ' , . X f lfifllll 1'-vw flilwli--l'l Myers. Vir- uiiiiqi lrumlisim, Ili-si-iv l'1ll'I'lSll, YlI'iIIllli'ii-Ii. Ivzivliiii Hein- xf-I, IE,-LU' .lime liwlusvll l..LMu5'iir- Sniil, Mary I-Ilizxil..-ili .Tn--ksoii. Sixth row' 'I'lii-inns Ilqiiisvlniziii. Lui-5' lill--ii H:inulx', llill llliinv- smith, Iwi-is .liii'l,4,., iryai Si.-fer. Xlvviisi V1-l'l:4ili. M:i1'ivii1 XY:ill:1f":, If--ity limiuiiif-irliiiu, S+-vi-11111 1-HW lfivl-,wr XYliit.-, Il-vlwiw-N lfiii:--i', Blzix Spziiiulf-, I-Ili-:iii-Ii' Milli-ix .Inv-la 'lxl1s'lir'I'. 11--iii-vii l':INPIlll"lIV. 'l'li-mms XYi:- ::iiis. lafllil Milli-r. liiarhtlu i'-.xv Iii-rliaiiwl Zeigler. 1I:il'i1ili Si-uxill-. lliiwl XYi::iI1s, lliilwi-t Zimliu--rmziii. Nzwnii XYis- iier, lieth- Flnillpl Yr-rn Cop.-l Ilziiwivtr lIi'.iv1f.ii, ,f ,1 5 f -,,,, Robert W'hite A persistent youth Rose Wiggins Pleasant and kind Thomas NViggins Always thoughtful Naomi NY'isner Friendly and lovable Richard Zeigler He can make any car go Robert Zimmerman You can't marry ten pretty girls Dale Campbell "Milk Maid's Special" Donna Goff A newcomerf -XJ - Eleanor Mielke Just the quiet kind Page 1l1L'!'lIfj-Xl'1'l'l1 72,1 , i .1 Q14-eL.:M,,fc-filzzf 411 44 14.5445 dc?Q4Li. ffl?-fi' 'def' A .42-Zf,4LZ?4d-Lay - c4f42ffQ df Y' fu 574' 'iihlt L it .,.f,,L-f.mfa,,:471M,ff . 212 704'-7 Lv 5 if J' f if ,SS ,Mo 743 ,eznlfv ,151-C-4 A . . QF' viE2f.zf52,f -wx vine '.,,6f6'14? 62545 ' ,A.f' ,tfxlflabu 4, .ifjdfig-' Jmebdeladlf AMQMWMW .. If , ,. r ffQfffz,' eaepqdxaf' fwbff C lu 11113 -riggfrl X is r .Q Mary E. Agner Bettie Bassett Billie Bassett Donelda Bell Richard Bender -lack Bryan Genevieve Burch Gloria Deller Margaret Fast Esther Ferrier Carolyn Forbes Sue Frazier lillen Green Louise Grifhths David Hall john Harvey Hill Hopkins lueille Hubbell SQDMQ Smiling and graceful That come hither look "Accent on Youth" She's willing to work Pride of the Sophomore class "I'll grow up sometime" Very dependable Full of fun? You bet! Katie's pal Dec's gal friend Another blonde She likes basketball heroes Suzie's side kick "Dark Eyes" California, here I come! Red hair and freckles Leads out the band Small and sweet ,-s - - - A il X, orma Hull . . Iona Huntington , Margaret Imus Virginia Kauffman Betty Keckler Elden Kelly Burton Kolb Marguerite Moor , Max Moore Leland Morrison Betty Lou Mounts Madolynn Myers Robert McKinley An honor student , "Have you seen Wynn?" This year's "deb" , Farm girls are sweet Jeannette MacDonald A pal to all , Freckles become a man "Lady Lilliann , . . A gentleman Oh! Those Junior gals Our amateur actress Truck on down Future aviator Roscoe Nedele Mama! That man's here again Donald Osborne . Tall stories Robert Porter . Seen but not heard jeanne Preston . The sweetheart of Sigma Chi Barbara Reese , , .State cello champion f-wg. . gh gtg 'R , , S- --Q, 5 , - -JY" , T N 17 ,I vi, 4 " 'l V XE" tow - J N r X" 'Pup row Mziry lilixnlnlli A:- . 1 nf-r, IZi'li:ii'4l I1'ii4Ii-r, liwlll-' Iiais- I sm-Il. .' ,y S S4-1'-Iii-I 1'--w liillii- lliwell Imvl-1 II.iIl, 1h-ii-Ax'1.-x-- llnri-li. 'Vliiiwl row ,lm-k l7l'x:in, lmli- i-ldzi llell, ill'-V121 IP--llf-V, l':SIl1"I l4'iri'i1-1', I.i-lziiiil KIu1'1'ls1fli. Sli- lfrzixi--r. lmviil r'.,xi'Ii', I-Ill-fi Iirfffll, I"wili'IIi row .lillill llqirxw x Illini llixntinulviii,'1lli' Hill.- ln-ll. Nnrliizi lliill, lllll llzuiuuiw-I Iillf-li Ilniis, lfllllllilllllll, l-Ilulwn Kvllvx Ilnllkiiw Yii'1in.i I-irvli ruin' li.-IU' li--llil.-1', liilr- lllll lfnllu, lmlllxi- llrillllllw, llwli- vrl All-Kinl--y, In-lu' l,i,,, All-'inn Klux M:---rf-. 1I:ii':l1--ril.- ll-H-r, M:ii'"Al l".iNt Sixth xnxx lil-Hn. , .I-.uiiii-' l'l'1-Ntwii. liulnrl I'-'VI--V. M1141-vl5Il Mx'-rs, Iwi--ii ll.-1 Ni, l':irIux1'.l lim-pw I1-vI.i-V1 S.-ply, I-lx--lin Swami' F1 x'--iitll i-on Imiiwl-l mul. lin , XY:rlin1-tai SI:-'Hip llwrris 'WMI- llwli. -lfulliliw F11--imp, 4'.ii'lli-in UWIIQ, ll:lZ'-I XXX-IIN, 1.l1'4'Ixiu l"il1'lv-ls. I-'i':liiZ XY'-Ik. fs. XXVI K sxl y fiv,-1' s Gx , a .al 'If , 'A .4 f-,.,4ff f ' ,f-. K. 17 Lf? , v . ,, 3' R Y K' x, DeVon Reese SLl7lC'S ex??? Robert Seely Onions taste good but oh! Joanne Shoup Slap bass XVYIILIIICIJ Shoup Listen to her French horn David Sowle A silver tongued orntor Evelyn Stage Swift as .1 deer Carlton NVells A Always out for fun ,X xx. ' J r il ll f ill ia QQ 'gill ,- -V i -4 1 " ,1 iff, Franz XY'ellS l5i5hing is A hobby Hazel XVell5 A friend to .ill orris NY'hi oek Tall, dark and lundsonie . Accordion expert Dorothy Nlielke Another redhead Donn Laird A newcomer from Connersville .f "N, gi., .f ' I . X--'f 1--fi -'.A F- ' K 'vb'-pta' - Page fZl'L'lffj'-Ilflll' T ' 'T l'a f f Y-af ef 5 49 1, I . f 'W f v , , ,f "', f " -fq" e sf L -ni 'Z J - fLJ., 41. ffl. QL I. AV ,., ,-V, Aw, , .,., f ' ' r' -111 ,441 A 3.342 ' , H' We x V, 'Ac' e'.L4!-e ,r -QQ VK ,f 7 'Y 4 ,fn ,isis ,Jig f lfi fp jill! ,' ffg A Q- 'gg,4Zf,...'-AiLQ6 ,f7fQ44f ,x ttf ,tealluf ,L , f no A! Q gran .447 .-140 '- , X0 z r KI ,2f4LLgf ,after dfwfiy 55' rp r 51. L4d!:..fL4!e,Qe2f'e1n.f iss ei X Q -5 - fg1,LDVL-LIJGL' n ,. J ff f fa. ,- 1, i, '. , , ' N, eesztaat ,gi-,V4dz'f.z, ef jffvll Q ,i 5 'fa ' was S , - 2- ,,,L,,g, ,f,.M1al1z4 ,Swv R, ,-:Lage . - A. N , , 2 4, , .,1.,' in ,f f ' f ,fax I7s'L.'fff1,-! ,Ami " ' , f, 'Zia-551-I.,-fe 4 far ' ,, ' :Z ff ' 5'Hwff21f1'7' ,.,er. .Inf N1 ., its , f i . , . - 4, 4, I I A , ,V ..'1ff4?,Q,1,w-:J e Heat! , t.. ,, ter. t, - Lf 'fu' 'I X sf f -gf yfeafscvmwt si. N 'sf X sr N. , ii ,ft X A-efzf ' S W ' 'XXX I., . iii W l L 5 Xxx I ,U my li ixligfx A ij 3 SX Y Q -J i, if W- ing: an X , .liaise . A X Q'- '3 Q if X A . , 'iz h - ,ga Y: 4- ' A ' 1. 19,3 my ,a-J f N g w " 4:41-he 1113? W: .v ,N K- ' 1.1-fav is ,- 5. My V- 4 1 xe 6,"a4' f 'Eile- f U, 1 - , ,Q 1 ,5 lffiilg X W. 1 if X f' Si If ., X Y Walla Beard Ruby Bolinger Elroy Carpenter Harriett Carver Marian Champion Ted Cool Gerald Dellcr Alice Demaline Kimmy Dole Maxine Dunham Fdnamae Eastburn Nancy -Iane liisele .Iohne Erwin Alune Fanning lane Fitrstine Naney Fisher Robert Ifisher Kerger Gartner 'vT,1ril':,i George TRIS Lots of fun Demure little miss A Cowboy "Dutch," Lois's pal Short and sweet So what??? Buzzy-on skates! XVe miss her "The Perfect Specimen" Ah, those eyes "There goes Tessiel' A smile for everyone He has a big heart Full Of fun Always peppy "Giggles" "I love me" Wanna buy a Scotty? Easy on the eyes Evelyn German . Jack Green W'here Roberta Hanna . . Robert Hanselman Lewis Harman Vivian Henry . John Herl . ,. Maryann Hicks Joe Holderness Dawson lekes Lois Kiser Robert Kugler JoAnn London , , Annette Morse Harry Mote . Margaret Munn Betty Myers Inez McBride Doris McKinley , The real :'Diana', fun's concerned, he's there . , . , , Jane's pal . .He asks questions He would rather sleep , . Ask her anything .The second "Gene Autry" "Rockin' in Rhythm" Have you seen Jerry? ,. , ., Apaltoall , Does the Angola hop Always seeking trouble , , , , Witty and wise , Leader of the Freshies Dorft be bnshful!! She never has a worry . Freshman poetess just call her "Blondie" One of us two Dorothy McKinley , Harold Nelson Betty Nisonger , Baxter Oberlin Marian Orewiler ,. Never Paul Orwig Ernest Pence John Pristas Duane Rose Joan Roush Trip row lliiliy Ilnlilium-i', ICI- i'-13' C111-in--iite1'. Hzii'i'ir-I 4':ii'x+Ai', Rl2Ll'lilll Cliuiiipiiili, 'IW--X twill, Maxim' Dunliziiii, S1-4-Ulm 1--iw ,Y 11.-1-zilil Dall.-1-, Aliw- l'w1iiziIiiw, Kimmv Ymlif, ldmliiziiiizle- l':2lSIlvllI'Il, .Inline Iii'- wiu, Num-v lliisi-lv, 'I'hii'fl 1'-'nv - Jima- Fuiiiiiiii, ,lunies lluxve. Jam- Fir-i'sti1i-', Ilwlle-rt l"iwlivi', Nalnvy' l":sl14'i', .lzivk Gi-1-eii. M:i1'thu G--u1'2'1'. Ke-i'g'e-i' Giii't1iwi'. l-Ivrlyn Gei'iimii I4'miii'tIi Hvrl, lmlwr- tu lluniiu, Lewis I1Izi1'iNz11i, Viviiiii l'lv'l'll'X. .I-we Ilivlrlifilie-s, Mui-yziiiii Hiwks, Iifilwi-1 l'l2lI1St-'llHil!'l, J-- ,-Xnn Lf-mimi, Dawg,-ii Ivl-1'-s. Fifth i-iixvf'I.uis Kisur, 111.11-1i't lf!l2'lr'I'. Aiilietle- Mivrsi'-, llvtly 1Iy'1'i's, Betty Nisimgi-1', Hziiwvlil Ni-lsoii. In.-z Mi-1'Ti'ii1eA, Pziul Hi'- wig, .Irunli liulisli. Sixth iwiw-YVillia Er-Iirml, ,Tmlin 1"i'istas. Mzirizli'-et Munn, IfIzi1'l'Y Mull-. liHi1'V'lllX M--Iiiiil-Hy, Diiris Muliiiili-y, Hzixlvi- ijln-i'lin. Mui'- iun Hi--"wil-rig Ernest Iwiii-I-. Sevvnlli IIIXYY--lXvillHKl,3l1 Sli--li, Imam' Ixus.-, Ln--inilai Snpliq-V, llwhert 'I'ilTz1ny, Mirizim Siinpsiiii, Ilaymonil 'I'lmii1psnii. .Iuiiiia XYIiit--. Liavmi XYMIS, live-lyii XX'zllti-in , Balance of us two . . A pleasant lad She never says a word Rubin0ff,s rival worries about her lessons Into mischief, w-e-l-l Freshman mathematician Slow but sure A practical boy Good natured James Rowe . Miriam :Simpson XVilladean Slick , . Lucinda Sopher Raymond Thompson Robert Tiffany Hal May Evelyn Walter Lavon NVells . , Freshman sheik . A swell Freshie She's good in basketball , . She gets high marks He brings the girls apples "Ladies, Man" Bashful-maybe! Give me time lt's the Irish in me June XVhite B0b's sis Darlyene Naskale She came from Ohio sf? ix 5 . J jg U Nj ,Xi Pi K L :gc fl1ir'f-3'-0110 Win v QRS 3 . if ,, At CAA ff-1 N 'fb omenfs Twp kUXXTRlJllklUllNQ ,fXh.1, C,.ll'Ulyl'I Iiorbusfg Ship Ahoy. Hopliimg Oh, Dc.m!g H ufru fmnna Ipw Your ful-XI.1yb:. Suumd Rum-Hx-Y lI1ilI.1lL'SQ I5.11'cfrmt Huy, Bill Nluyursg NVQ' Back NVhcng 4bclowj Nurs-l'f,".111'g Youth X1.11'cl1ux Q3I11H.lbY Ifiwclc, NICCQILIN. .llld Hcndcrshotfg But LMJSLAI1 ls ID Hur Itvcsg liashiulf Ihmi Ii ,XK+f,f,L1LltJIIlHl1 xmnlcsg Swcut Girl CQI'.1LiUClIC, .Iunu XVl1itcg XVcll, Wullsg f fm 'L'L"ilI'A' .VIIUUQ c.h.lI'l1PlUl1 l,l'LlLlx. Iffurrh I!'I'.'1T-.lIIxII1' Tlnnlgg llxurg Hut XY'l1:ru Am l?g Vcrag Dark Iiycsg Smlwbcdfg I s. Thr ,Xll. HMI: Huw,-VIH ww,-:' 'THQ lk-nyc. rua Nimlwlauluursg Scnorit.1 .Nhry lzllcng Inu-wx' lI'lf.lILl.lIiU!1!Q pI'iZC N A 34 , A I -M. As s A W X Xx X K: Y Q -441 , , fd 3 i , ,, Q, ' A,4f,,,w: A ',?,fxE'3, 9, mv xx ACTWWES Y 2 X , Zia 55661 Jay-aff Q VI-L .Val 64244 a 1154444 Q! Page thirty-four This me lgoolq Top 1-nw: XYinil'lwll lie-rlil-n, 1.111111 Zimma-rmgin. .lime Iiolil, I-:vtty Gntldy, In-th 17riiwn. Vlaiiw-llwii 19iiil1'or1l, Maxi-sr-lla Sliunk, S+-----nfl row: XXX-nllvll Alllrivh, Stl-plat-n Ilsiiislviliuf. lluhert In-vine, Dun XY1-zu'-W, lmrl .l--Inns. A lh-Iron: row' Iflliiusem- ll+-'lllll'1'5llUl, tierultliiw 1-Iiggiins, Miss Shultz, Mary Brmtli, Illlill Vollml, 1,dll1'in1- Iltwtt-Ill-r, The first Angola High School annual was published in 1905. It contained a rec- ord of the year's activities, but was then in the form of a booklet and given the name The Sfveffalm'. This issue contained pictures of the eighth grade students as well as those of the high school groups. In 1910 there were nineteen seniors in the graduation class, each was given a separate page in the annual. The copies of the 1911 yearbook contained in addition to the other items the salutatory and valedictory addresses and the class will and the prophecy. ln 1919 the name was changed to The Key, which is still in effect. The "Key" is varied from year to year, but the general make-up has remained the same since 1911. The annual is a record of the year's Work and the members of this year's staff sincerely hope that their efforts may serve to bring back many pleasant memories to future alumni of good old A. H. S. The members of the 1938 Key staff are as follows: Editor in chief, Mary Booth, assistant editor, Beth Brown, business manager, Stephen Ransburgg assistant business manager, Robert Devine, art editor, Lana Zimmermang assistant art editor, Don Weaverg snapshot editor, june Kohl, assistant snapshot editor, Geraldine Higginsg boys' athletics, W'endell Aldrich, girls' athletics, Clarellen Guilford: music, Betty Goudyg calendar, lzmagene Hendershotg alumni, Laurine Hostetlerg dramatics, Winifred Berlieng organi- zations, Ruth Qollettg jokes, Darl -Iohnsg classes, Marsella Shank. ro rn oteies One of the most active organizations in Angola High School for the past six fears has been the student council. It was organized in order that the students should D - b have greater participation in the school government. The aim of this organization is to create a closer co-operation between the students and the faculty, provide opportunities for student self-direction, foster all worthy school activities, provide a forum for discussion of questions of interest to the student body and create and maintain standards of good citizenship in Angola High School. This year the student council has accomplished many things which have been a great beneiit to the school: The selection of cheer leaders, planning of chapel programs, maintenance of information desk, part management of the school patrol, providing means by which the student body could have a part in the school government, and sponsoring school parties. The council members from the various classes were as follows: Seniors-Marsella Shank, Arnold Pepple, Lana Zimmerman, Stephen Ransburgg Juniors-Mary Jane Dam- los, Owen Moteg Sophomores-Marguerite Moor, Leland Morrison, Barbara Reese, Ros- coe Nedele, Louise Griflithsg Freshmen-Marian Champion, Harry Moteg Junior High School-Corrine Saul, Kenneth Bell, Phyllis Folck, Dean Crothers. Kenneth Bell took the place of Duwight Kintner when the latter left Angola. The oiiicers of the organization were: President, Stephen Ransburgg vice president, Roscoe Nedeleg secretary, Lana Zimmermang reporter, Owen Moteg clerk of patrol court, Arnold Pepple. Top row: Harry' Mole. Arnold Pe-pple, Oxven Motif-, Lelzlnd Morrison. Stephen Ilanslrurg', Roscoe Nedele. Set-mul row: Marguerite Moor, Mary Jane- Danilos, Barbara lleese, Lana Zim- merman. Louise Griffiths. Bottom row: Phyllis Voluk, Dr-an C'i-others, Marsella Shank, Corrine Saul, Duwight Kintner, Marian Champion. Pago fbirl-y-fit The Girl Reserve club was first organized in Angola High School in 1927 under the direction of Miss Kathryn Dewees. Each year the membership has increased and the program has expanded. Any girl in the sophomore, junior, or senior class is eli- gible for The were Mr. The early last ference in Elkhart on March 19. membership. theme of this year's Girl Reserve meetings was "You", The outside speakers Estrich. Miss Bertha Clawson, Mrs. Smith, Mrs. Hoke, and Mr. Shank. district conference which many of the members attended was held in Butler fall. Several of the members and club advisers attended a Girl Reserve con- One of the most pleasing social events of the year was the Girl Reserve-Hi-Y party held in February in the recreation room. The members of both clubs, the advisers and other faculty members were present. The annual Pa-Ma-Me banquet was held in the Congregational Church on April 19. The "Dutch Garden" theme was carried out in the decorations and program. Tulips, windmills, and wooden shoes were in evidence everywhere. Emagene Hender- shot gave a vocal solo. The string trio played a selection. Marguerite Moor gave a reading. Beth Brown acted as toastmistress. Mrs. Cushman Hoke was the speaker of the evening. As a part of their charity work the girls took a treat of ice cream bars to the old people at the county farm before Christmas and sang carols for their enjoyment. They also gave Eve dollars to help relieve the suffering in China as a result of the recent war. The officers this year were: President, Beth Browng vice president, Emagene Hen- dershot: secretary, Mary Boothg treasurer, June Kohlg program chairman, Calista Creel: finance chairman. Catherine Griththsg social chairman, Laurine Hostetlerg service chairman. Virginia Goodrich. The club advisers were: Miss Myers. chief adviser: Mrs. Estrich, group chairman: Miss Reed and Mrs. Shank. finance: Mrs. Damlos, membershipg Miss Yeager, socialg Miss Shultz. program: Mrs. Goodrich. service. 'Vogt rfmx' Miss Shultz, Bliss Y--:lub-V, 4':ii'fIl5'n l4'm'Iws, Yiieinizi Fare, Lin-ille' l'llIlllkllTl, U1-tty l'l'o:l14fx's, l-h-tty Kem ':.'1Ir.:. lt-Iljs Ihnifli, .luw K4-lil. Maury .lim-A lmiiilos, l-Zziilvzii-si lim-sv, llillle llnssi-tt, lfietli Brown. lluvy lilli-n lrla-inch lnrrj llr- '.'.'n. Miss Mx"-rs, Miss ll,-V-fl, S-ffiinrl rfiu' lil,-:in-ii' Mill-sr, ll:-ily .lime ll--nsvli, Virginia timnli-i4-li, Mziriun S1--vville, Uailistzi Vret-l. llvtlie Hassett l...' .l, 'l 44 .-lu- ii mrs- MW.,-. Korn-.i llrill. .laynv lniili, Al2lI'2lll'l'lll' linker, XVinitrn-il ltr-rlii--11, live-lyn Stage. Phyllis lil'l-'k'll. I"o1ieltl.1 :iv1,-ri:i-- Grillirlis, l-Illvn 1l1'1--fn Mill r'H'.'.' Al.--iid 'W-1'lni1i, 12+-nr-xzi lilisi-nllfilii', l':Flll"l' l"+-rrii-i', li-'tty' li-vii Mmuits, Mars:-lln Slmnk, lflllll Ann Follett 1- ll--nfl,-isliiv. Marx' ll -i-v rli, .lmiluina Slimxp, Ylruinisi liunlixini, Imrls .l:irli.i, Vlzirellen lillllf4Pl'4l, lilnriii lit-llel l'r:iziil', 'Ulu lilly--. Iliivli Iimlww' "im ri loam lI'1m1n:t1-n.lL14tlx livwltl-'i',Msil'::i1'1-I lillpn lmlis, l':iI1lim- l'.li1lZl1'l'. Maxine I-'aimiingtg flu-lziltliiie s .l..,r,i.f- l'rfsr1,n, M:i-lolynn MN'--rs. Lauxrin-A ll-'st-At'+sr, Marv Iilizaulwlli .Xumeiy Mairvf-llzi liggln-stun, Mairefir--t lf. 'f l.-'ii 2.1-j..+ii, ll-nf. lilfi-ltl.i1i'n. lwviisi- Gritlitlis, Mwry lillzzilwtli ,Im-ltsoii. - mirfilr' r- wiv ll, Iiwfi-I". '?'H-'ii--ma lim-1!i, M:ll.1'l1-ft l'z1i'1', l.ui-ilI.- Iluhlnll, lr--lor.-s lainie'--r, 494-w1':'i:i XY-'lvli ' -' -v 'l' 1 nw XY1swi'. lwlilui 'hill' a., ' " f,N l"a,:,fr llurly -'ix t President, Wfendell Aldrich: "The meeting will please come to orderf, Spirifzml "The vice president, Steve Ransburg, will read from the Biblef' "And now all stand and repeat the Lordls Prayer." The club as a group attends church once a year as a spiritual phase of Hi-Y. Mental President: "I now introduce the speaker of the evening-" Mr. Reid-Interesting Discussion of China and Exhibit of a Brick from the Chinese Wall. Dr. Aldrich-How to Make False Teeth. Rev, XVhitehouse-Thoroughbred Horses of Kentucky. Mr. Oley Olson-Boiled Green Bananas and a Trip Along the Amazon. Dr. Eberhard-Broken Bones. Mr. Alwood-Selling Automobiles. Rev. Humfreys-Religion. These give an idea of the many interesting speakers during the year. A group of Hi-Y boys attended a good will conference at Auburn on March 15. Physical The Hi-Y had its own basketball team. For other members there were gym nights when everyone had a roaring good time. Programs were arranged by the president and the sponsor, Mr. Certain. Secretary, Darl Johns, takes the roll. Sergeant-at-arms, Bill Rhinesmith, stands pat. The annual Father and Son banquet was held at the Christian Church on Novem- ber 15 and there was plenty of rabbit. Dale Cole Won the prize for furnishing the most rabbits, and Mr. Estrich was presented with a toy machine gun for furnishing the least. The speaker of the evening was Ray Willis. At the Halloween carnival the Hi-Y's had charge of a cider booth and a penny toss. Oh, we must not forget the Wbafzgrloodll' and its enlightenment. President Aldrich: "The meeting is now adjourned." Top row: Mr. l':Stl'l4'l'l. l'--x-in lleesw, Leland Mlwrisoii. lIolw1't Zimnif-i'm:in, 'l'lllllllilS Hainselntuu, ll-fnulml Morrison, nliert Lee Belnler, liwlw1'l lvevine. Stephen lianslrul'?1, Dun NYVLIYQ-'l', llwen Mutw-, llulrert MXPVS. Middle row: .lim Mui-sf-, t'ui'ltrvli NYells, .lim Zulier. Dzwtivii Hensvl, l.N'l'- Kisf-1', In-an li-is.-, Mark Alalrieli, Maxx xllllllglt-', Hill llhiuesmitli, lmnzilfl lloyd, Bradley Swift, YV-enllell Alrlrieli, Mr, 1'erL.iin, Rottnni rrww: .Iii--k M:-Ewvii, lrale Davis. Dairl Johns, Roh lY'll1l'l'i, Iauhlovue Saul Inilp Cole, llivlmiwl Z--igler. Max lla ray, .lm-k 'l'ucke1', llolvert Safely, llwliert Porter, lloswsoe Nr-delle. NV1i4lf- In-tits, liurt-in Ku- . ,. X Pugv 1'l1i1'fj'-Suzwl Na s oif Demosthenes Page lfiirlg-rifffvl l i Suerite linker. The Angola debate team made a good showing this year by winning fifty per cent of all its debates. The work in speech provided training which the students will find very valuable in later life. A three-act comedy. "The Tin Hero," was presented in the fall by the debate stu- dents to help finance the year's work. The subject for debate this year was, Resolved: That Indiana should amend its constitution to provide for a unicameral legislature. The members of the varsity team were: Affirmative-Robert Devine, senior, and Robert Craig, juniorg negative-Viiw ginia Care. junior, and Beth Brown, senior. XVinifred Berlien served as alternate. The varsity team attended the invitational tournament at Elkhart. The speakers showed great skill in this tourneyg the affirmative team won all of its debates by de- feating Knox, North Side of Fort XVayne. and Logansport, while the negative lost to Nfentone, Crown Point. and Riley of South Bend. A banquet was held in the Elkhart Y. XV. C. A, for the conference guests. The debaters considered this conference a fine proving ground to test their arguments. In the county tourney the affirma- tive team defeated Pleasant Lake and Hamilton: the negative lost to Or- land and Fremont. Angola placed third in the county. David Sowle served on the negative team due to the illness of Beth Brown. Those who took part in the discus- sion contest were W'inifred Herlien, Robert Devine, Robert Craig, and Beth Brown. Robert Craig represent- ed Steuben Cflllflty in the district con- test held at Fort Whiyne. Nfr. Handy, debate and dramatic tfneh, gave excellent cooperation and L'uid.ince to the students throughout the year. ions presents QM 'Pop i-ow: Lewis Harm in Irvin Ilnrvey. l':i1'lton NYells Dixi Si-wle-, Ilobeit Seely. Seewnil row: XXviHlfl'r:fil BEITICH Lola Miller, Ilolwrt Ileiine Xla Hnsaek, IM-tty' Lou Mr-un X ar Hottom row: Daivid H1 ginia Curt-, R111 Hzindy, Dale 1 vis, Beth Ilroxvn, Iiobflt Cla., ii i XX ndell Aldrich, in D x Stephen Hans- itt n Hinifred Be-rlien, li 1 1 'line McKinley, l-lonoias one-estlu lgmene The highest honor that can be awarded a pupil in Angola High School is member- ship in the National Honor Society. Seven members from the class of 1938 attained that distinctiong they are Wendell Aldrich, Beth Brown, Wfinifred Berlien, Stephen Ransburg, Robert Devine, Charline McKinley, and Mary Booth. The members are selected by the entire faculty. The number to be chosen is de- termined on the percentage basis, fifteen per cent being eligible. The student must have a high rating in scholarship, service, leadership, and character. He must be in the upper third of his class and his school must be a member of the North Central As- sociation of High Schools and Colleges, of which organization Angola High School became a member in 1935. It may be of interest to look back a moment at last year's local chapter of the National Honor Society. Seven seniors were chosen. They Were: Max Tucker, pres- identg Mary Catherine Lippincott. secretary, OreLlana Ewers, Ruth Kiess, James Crankshaw, Donald Elliott, and 'Nlffava Rose Wfilliams. Four are attending college this Vear. The olhcers of this year's organization are as follows: President, Beth Brown, vice esident, Charline McKinley: and secretary, Mary Booth. W A egion wmacls presented The American Legion Citizenship Award is presented each year by the Angola post No. 31 of the American Legion to one senior boy and and senior girl of the Angola High School. These awards have been given for the past six years. The faculty vote on the seniors using the fol- lowing as criteria for measurement: Honor. courage, leadership, and service to the school. The Legion post wishes this year's winners. Stephen Ransburg and W'inifred Berlien, and also each and every senior all the success in the world. May they always Win! 'age forfy liuture ome lxfl J keaes 'Pop row: Iroris Miliiiiley, Phyllis 1ll'0't-'11, Ivoniin Goff, Hazel NY1-flls, 1-Ietty Blye-rS, 15+-in-ui Iiiseiilioiiig Imrotliy Mi-liinlm-Y. Seeoinl row: Ile-no ,Im-ks-iii, Iletty Kviiiim-rliiig, lI2l'l'g2ll'Ql. l"zirr, Miss llouls. Lucille Ifiinliurii, lui--zinor Miller, .loam Ilousli. Ilottoni rows Ellen Hrreii, Iii'-z Mel-!i'i:l1--, Muxini- Dunlmm, Gladys I"rzizier, lluhy I:-iliiizw-i', 1.11:-iiirla h'f.pIie1', Hetty' .Iuiw Ile-nsrh, Miirian l'llfllUl'llUI1. Not in Iviwlliiw-: lim-lyii Gr-rinuii Nancy I-'isln-r, .lane Ifierstinm--, llohert Ilunna, Junt- Ifziniiiiig, M:ii':'zir--l Munn, Mziiwvlli- the-1-iilin-lzl, ldvelyii Stage, Betty Lou Mounts. The -Iunior I-Iomemakers Club was formed in A. H. S. in November, 1936, and is a member of the state organization. Miss Janalyce Rouls is the adviser of the local club. The purpose of the club is to secure higher ideals for home vocations and to promote friendliness. The club's colors are black and whine. The meetings are held once a month. The pledge is as follows: "I pledge not to speak erroneously of another member of our club, to be loyal to the club, to help other members and to conduct myself so as to be a credit to the club and to the school," The motto is: "We Live for Each Other." The club has enjoyed several kinds of programs this year. One of the most out- standing soeial events was .1 Christmas party given for the F. F. A. boys and their adviser, Mr. Elliott. Games were played and refreshments were served. A Mother and Daughter Banquet was held on April 8. The decorations were green and yellow. The invitations were in the form of Easter rabbits and eggs. The favors were miniature Easter rabbits, The speaker was Mrs. S. S. Frazier. Betty June litnsh aeted as toastmistress. Margaret Carr read the welcome address which was an original poem written for the banquet. The orlicers are: President, Margaret Carrg vice president, Lucille Dunhamg seeretary, loan Roushg treasurer, Betty Kemmerlingg and reporter, Eleanor Miller. liultoiee womens Mr. Kenneth Meyers, Valparaiso, Ind. Dear Kenneth: XVe are taking this means to thank you for the line talk you gave at our March meeting on your experiences as a dairy herd tester, And since you do not get to attend our meetings this year. we thought you might be interested to get a letter. XVe still meet on the first Tuesday of each month-this is, usually. Elliott has .1 part-time group of young farmers each Tuesday evening so we had to "move over" for a month or two. XVe didn't like the idea so well, but at least we have shown how to cooperate. Boy, are we testing soil! lt's lots of fun, too. And milk records galore-on about 9U cows or more. Estle figured his lfebruary records for 31 days, then had to do them all over again. That was good. Dale is making a work bench. probably for his dad to work on, though. Dale says he's going to Purdue next year. It isn't so bad to make milk stools. halters. and feeders, but this saw sharpening just about gets us down. Did you have to do that too? XY'e had a s lendid district bane uet at Angola in December. Three of our boys P r- . attended the State Congress at Purdue in January. Dean came back into ag. this semester. Guess he heard we're going to have a girl-friend P.1I'ty. XVe hear you're getting along well in your cow testing work. At-a-boy! An American Farmer would, of course. With best wishes and hoping you can attend some of our meetings, we are YOUR FRIENDS. Marion XVallaee, presidentg Marvin Green, vice president: Mark Crain, secretary: Billy Meyers. treasurerg Harold Meyers. reporter Duane Rose, Dean Rose, Jack Green, Raymond Thompson, black Bryan. NVarren Sellers, Dale Cole. Estle Shoup. Max Moore, Donald Osborne. Ted Cool, Elroy Carpenter, Robert Fisher. John Herl, Edwin XVallaee, Charlie Carr, Tom Crain, Dale Green. XYilIi:iin ll--v.-rs. 'IX-il imiill NX'uri'in Sellers, Mari--n XX':iIl1ii-fs, Iloli I'isIli,'l', .liiliii Il-rl. lziwk Grminl lu-un Iliisi-, Iilstlw Sliiiiili. rllrox 4'ul'p.-111.1-l lnlniii' line'-, llr, lillli-il, NH! Ili lviwtlir.-' Ili lmlil tvsliiwiii-, llziviiiiiiiil T114-iiipsflli, Klux Mo-'iw-, .liiwk l1l'3'-ill. -.f F b il jf. , , J . L f.,. . ff ,,.i.f,gf.'fru.I14,"+ 4 , ' .. , ' 1 ' ' "-av'-'F ' "ir'e1'-"""'iLf5'-3":":"!- .','....A9-ei.. U ' 'CLA Page f0r'Iy-mn Ia f mernonious , --5' 12 i- :nr y, Alxwiizi Certain, Henna Mae Golden. Baxter Ulwrlin, Marcus Dixon, Lucille Hubbell X1..l1ii.I1i Ill ii Hi l C , :irriv-tt ltrzixtun, Virginia Vurv, Phyllis lfolvk, Floyd Smurr, Frank Samlers, Mziryanii Him-ks, lidnainae Easthurn, lwrfftlii' M4- K'-1 l-il.-r NI: Kinl'-V, liiwsrf-ine lliil-bard, Kenneth TVilson. Violas: llnth Blat-khurn, Marsellai Shank, June Kohl, Be tty riziin Siinlwsf-n. V+-ll:-sz Mary June Damlos, Betty Gnudy. Barbara lleese, lilzirguerite Moor, Ruth Shoup. lass X itil. I1 .iyne lfliivk. Virginia Gviiidrii-11, Joanne Shoup, Clarine-ts: Kimmy Lmle, .Iezuinv Preston, Billie Bassett, lett1- Ihissv-tl. .xltn Vlzirineiz Gloria lleller. Trombone: Rielmril Zeigler, XV5'nn Hensi-I, Flute: Calistu Creel, Thom- is Il:inselni:in, Juni- Hiilvlwll. Ulwr-: lliehard Small. Bassoon: Robert Zillllllteflllilll. Corne-ts: Burton Kolb, I-lill Hop- ins. Inaiin lir--inks,LI:i1lnly'nn Myers, Ifreiii-h Hwrns1Dziryl XVilson, YV-Hllllelil Shoup. Tuba: llohert Wliite, Dayton Il'-ns.-1, l"-iw-iissimiz Imn xYl'JlYt'l', XYil1i:i1n Paul Doyle, Eldon Andrew. Mr. Trunihull, flirt--1-tor. The Angola High School Orchestra, maintaining the success it has had for the past few years, won hrst division honors at the National Contest held in Columbus. Ohio, March 13, 14, and 15, 1937. Because of winning this honor the orchestra was barred from competing in the State Contests this year and must wait until next year to attend another National Contest. The activities of the orchestra this year have been pointed largely toward prepara- tion for next ye.1r's contests by extensive sight-reading. The orchestra played for a Parent-Teachers' meeting in the fall, and an assembly program. They gave a concert in February and played a concert at the State Contest in order that they might obtain the benefits of the judges' criticisms. -5 The orchestra has hfty members. The officers are: President, Alvena 1 Certaing vice president, Virginia Goodrich: secretary, Mary Jane Dam- 1 'sv' ffrlg -llc fi losg librarian, Marsella Shankg prop- erty manager, Don Weaver. Jfgjff L11 6 yff of STQNC TWC The String Trio won first place in the district contest at Goshen this year and entered the state competition at Huntington. The members are: Alvena Certain, violing Mary jane Uamlos, cello: and Virginia Goodrich, piano. memonies Clarinets: Kinnny Dole-, Jeanne Preston, Gloria Dellcr, Millie Bassett Bettie I-lassett, Virginia Smith, Willadvne Ilendry, Beverly Hutz, In-otai Gettings, Patricia linker, Dick l,il'2ltt0H, Eugene Ilieilf-, .Int-k Stvtlvi-, Don Hl'001iS. 4701'- net: Burton Knlh, Haxtei' Hherlin, Hill Hopkins, Iilznlolynn Myers, Lynne Garn, Halt- Fainnln-ll, D1-mild Clsboi-ne, Iloliert iidrew, ,lnlin Eyqglestoii, X'ei'lnin Bryan, Allen llnyer, Suzzine thnnly, and XY:lltei' ilit-llaiiwlsoii. Baritone-1 De-nn rooks. Trombone-2 llil'li1ll'fl Z--igleix YY5'nn Hensel. Basses: I-huh XViiite, Dzlytnn II:-nsel. I"1'vm'li Horns: Daryl NYilsnn, 'RUHPIH STIOUD- "lH"'l llil'l12U'll SINHII. BHSSOONI llHl1G'1't Zimmerman, Flute: Thrnnsis Hanselman, Calista Creel, Jun.- I-Iuijiheil, Saxoyilmiivsz Leland BIl'll'1'lSUl1, Eldon .-Xi11li't-W, John lXIt'Hi'ide. Perviissioii: lion XY1-:ix'e1' ,XYillia1n Paul Doyle, Xlvena Certain, Dale Colt-. String Bass: Virginia Grmdri:-I., .Ii-anne Slioiip, Mr. 'l'I'IllI!lllIll, flirevtoiz The Angola High School Band has worked hard this year preparing for the contest and other appearances. XVithin the lirst month of school it had made three public appearances and all during the winter the band played for basketball games and assemblies. The organization won first place at the district contest held at Goshen and entered the state contest at Huntington. The band increased from last year's membership of thirty-three to a membership of forty-nine this year. The otiicers of the band are: President, Thomas Hanselman, vice president, Dick Small, secretary, Robert Zimmerman, librarian. Kimmy Dole: proper- ty manager, Leland Morrison. Bill Hopkins was selected as the drum major. Clarinet umatet The Clarinet Quartet was just organized this year. The members are Jeanne Preston. Gloria Del- ler, Bettie Bassett, and Billie Bassett. They entered the District Contest at Goshen. Ooolwind Quintet A Woodmfind Quintet has been formed this year, consisting of Thomas Hanselman, tluteg Rich- ard Small, oboeg Jeanne Preston, clarinetg Daryl Wilson, French horng and Robert Zimmerman. bas- soon. They played at a concert in February. Page f0i'fy-llJr'vr l-lalleloia The mixed chorus was verv active the first semester of the school year. Besides us sang at two programs, the Christmas carol presenting the operetta, the mixed chor service and the alumni chapel program. The KI-Iallelujah Chorus from The Messiah by Handel won for them much Commendation. There are seventy members of the organization. The oiiicers are: President, Betty GO d.. . , . ' . , . u 5, secretary. Dick Small, treasurer, Norma Hullg sergeant-at-arms, Roscoe Nedele. 'Swag Qtmfef The String Quartet was organized in 1933 but has cha year until the members now are: First violin, Lucy Ellen Handyg second violin, Glenna Mae Golden: viola, Ruth Blaekburng and cello, Barbara Reese. Their first public ap- pearance this year was at :i concert on February 27. They played two selections S rin 1 P g Song by Pmsuti and Burleska by Searlatti. They entered the music contest this spring. nged its members year by 'QUE The Mothers' Club, which was organized in 1935, has been very successful this year. They have made money by sponsoring card parties, and benefit shows by con- ducting candy sales and by paving club dues. The money was used to send the or- chestra and band to the contests this spring. M others The othcers are: President, Mrs. Hubbell, vice president, Mrs. Goldeng secretary, Mrs. Dellerg and treasurer, Mrs. Kolb. The meetings were held on the second Friday of each month nt some mother's home. l':rsr rw.-. Mmimi 4'ln:1inpl-rn, Lnville Hnllln-ll, lileulinr Miller, lb-tty' .lune liens:-li, lix'--lyn th-rlnain, Juni- Fannin ,xl H- If-nmlln-, XYIIIMI.-:in Fllwk, Mzirgurv-I lllllls, Murgurf-L I-Hut, Kiltie Lou lil'B'2lI'l, Maury lilizzrlwlli .X,gIl':'l', Lioiwtlx M1 Kinii-3, .lnnl Whit'-, llvtly Nisnnzf-1', Maxim- lhillllllllg. 5'---'nfl rw,-., Alaruzii'--l Munn, .lunv Ifierstine, llolyzwta llzinnn, XYillu H+-ard, Dui-is Mvliinley, Int-Z Ma,-llride, Nant l'1-1 V-r. lim infln Soy-In-V. li'-Un' liaise.-tt. Nurnisl llull, Iiuth .Xnn 4'oll4-Lt, Mzirsi-llxi Slmnli, lletly' Gmlmly, Mzulnlylin Myers I-.fnnw Vlw--run 'l': iv-l inn' 124-in-A'.'n liis-fnlnlur, Ilene Jai-ks-ln, lluth lllsu-klvnrn, Yii'::inia fViUlHll'll'll, XviI',9,'llll2i Cure, lim-tty Keniinel 1 Alizinun Sung.,-nn, l'vIIy Imn Mounts, .I-lziniiv Shoup. Eve-Iyn XX':iltw-r, lilvelyn Slaitzw-, liZlI'll2il'2l lie:-sv, .-Xlvvna Celwzlill 'I -'ml V.'1snf-r M:1I'L!m-riY-- Mfwr, livlty' K+-vkl-Ar. TMI. linllnr-11 Z--igl.-lg l:i.l..A1-I fully, Iml-.Am XYlnl-A, llnln-11 Zinimi-rinzin, Carlton XXX-lla, Max Spungle, IL- S-Zvfl-Iv lwn:-nl lil-3.11, liill ll'-plains, XVilll:1m M--yr-rs, lilflon .Xrnlrf-W, Leland Blur:-isun, Lani-Lui, liens'-1, Tlnim llw--fln.:iv l:.Ar1.fI 49:u'1n4fr, Alxifk Ilnszlek, lv--:in llusw, llivlniiwl Sinull, .lrlllll llnrvvy, ll.-un llrmiks. Mr, Trulnliull th ll "I, ...I- -4 " do CB. nl .., o n s F' - . ' ' '.'- 1...-. : ' tit' " QF 1-'12 ' N' T , a i s.- 4' , f- '25 "" , , , 1, . ul ,. s , i' q ivplv' If "f ef 4 if ' 4 4, ! K Q O , Ji- A L1 . fm! , -fwfr il l l l r ln Vienna THE ARGUMENT Jonas H. Pennington, an American millionaire pickle manufacturer, with his daugh- ter, June, arrives in Vienna amidst preparations for the annual carnival. To his con- sternation he finds Jones, his advertising expert, advertising Pennington's Peter Piper Pickles too well. An old acquaintance, Lady Vivian, a wealthy English Woman, also arrives in her annual quest of her daughter, who was lost near Vienna at carnival time when a baby. Kinski, the pompous police chief, plots to substitute the lost child of Lady Vivian and marry her for the fortune. A band of Gypsies visits the carnival, led by Jigo, their Chieftain, and his supposed daughter, Ilona. Events lead all to the Gypsy camp where a magic pool reveals the face of Lady Vivian's daughter. Arthur Crefont, a poor artist, Wins recognition of his art and also the hand of June Pennington. Lady Vivian consents to become Mrs. Pen- nington, Kinskiys plot is exposedg Ilona is restored to her mother and Jones is rewarded with success in his campaign for the hand of Ilona. CAST june Pennington, an American heiress , . . . . Jonas H. Pennington, owner of "Peter Piper Pickles" J. Jennison Jones, an advertising expert , Jigo, a Hungarian Gypsy . . Ilona, a Gypsy girl , Arthur Crefont, a young American artist Lady Vivian Delancey, a charnling English widow Peddler . , . , . First Waiter . Second Waiter , Hans Maier, proprietor of the NVurtzelpracter Inn Louisa, a waitress , , . Captain Kinski, chief of Detective Bureau of Vienna Bumski Rumskii Kinski's faithful sleuths Betty Keckler Dean Rose Carlton Wells . Mack Hosack Alvena Certain Dick Small Marguerite Moor Willigini Doyle Kerger Gartner Frank Sanders Bill Hopkins Beth Brown Bernd Gartner IRichard Zeigler if Dean Brooks H111-ami-sg lfllilon Andi---xv, Thomas Iianseliuau, Dziytoii lit-iisel, 1,1-land AIM-1-isoil,,.-,Al g,.,.1y' lm,-yi nil in 1'--li.-1-I Zimmerni aiu. Yin-iinvsv Mziiili-ns: Iivttiv lfiussr-ti, lliitli Iilzii-kliiirn. Raith- Lou lfiwriii. Alia-ia ln-iiiziliiiw, Mzirgzire-t lfqisr, ,I:i1ii- Fier- ,lim,'Nani'y I"iSllt"l',PZYEIYIICirl"1'I1IfU'l, lliiherta I'I1ll1!l2l,XUl'l11l Hull, In.-Z Mi.-IS1'iiI-'-, Iflrdllllil' Miller, XYiIlai-li-:iii Slic-li, he-tty Iam Mounts, BIQIKIUIYIIII Myers, I-ietty' Nisoiigvr, .Il-:inne Iwistoli, Mirizim Siiiipwivil. .loaiiine Sn-nip, Tum-istsg yi,-ginia qagyt-i 43.--lima Iiisi-1ilioiii', .lime Ifuiininat, AIUXIIIH I-'ziliniiigy Luv-3' Iilli-ii Ilziiiily, lIai'uzii'i-L linux, Ilene .Int-ks-iii, Betty Keiiinli-rling, Betty' ,lime Ili.-iisr'li,.Ii1liv IYl1it4-, Nuiinii IYISH.-V, Imimlil Ihiyil, XYi1ligim, llosrm- N.-di-le, Max Spziiiglis. Ilfihifi't XYhitr-, Kianm-tli 1ivl'l11?llI. Gypsy XVHITICIII Mary Elizalwtli Agni-r, Mziririii 1'li:i'ii1wif-ii, I.i1i,-ile Hiilvlwll Iliillx Mi-liilil--is, Iixvlvii Xizillr-in Ifoim- rliy Mt-Kinlei' Mari-gan-t Munn. I2m'lmi-a Ile'-sw, Iixwalrii Staxe, lim-iiiilu Nuplieix Page forf-3'-j'iL KEY Q58 DUEM9J"lG6l Lug five emo? Gays O VWQON0 ig? Sclwoox 'JU 1 I 2 v J fslff' ,' ,"!0f7f2!l'- 4 'J-' ,- . , . , .4 ,,',g,.14f Lb L, -1-L u.J,.,f .'c3L5f.1f'.f +11 , 1-:iff-Li! ,gffxfiy 1 ffika,Z'-'- ,- ' A ,L2Jfg,cf7!4? filfi 11411, llkdf ,, M,61+1,gfJL,4 M4461 ' Jc'1'fZ4J.,L MALL 4 9101! A Mmculaaafdfzi- tifbzfcd- Lf Qp5,dZ,?fz' fxjffi' A ,L , , fr L7 LZ. 1, V f' ,yrz1,?6JfQ142f..7fdfLZ L2-sz JL' ,inf V24 1 1 J a4c,Q4wf,z mf f L 1 . vfdzid fs lfdldfn ' ' I Page one rf furfi i- M-Vhe Whole GWVWXS Talking!! THE CAST The senior class play, "The W'hole Townls Talkingf' was presented in the high school auditorium on April l, 1938. The audience was entertained and amused by the experiences of Chester Binney. Because of a fictitious flirtation with Letty Lythe. Chester finds himself in the midst of a love affair with Ethel Simmons, and in trouble with Donald Swift, Miss Lythe's fiance. Mrs. Simmons causes more trouble by suspect- ing Mr. Simmons of a love affair with young flirtatious Sadie Bloom. Roger Shields is a refined, well bred gentleman from Chicago, who wins the admiration of Mrs. Simmons and Ethel. Annie, an efhcient maid, contributes much amusement to the play. Lila Wilson and Sally Otis. friends of Ethel's, never stop scratching, lisping and giggling. Nirs. jackson and several girls show how quickly gossip travels in a small town. The cast included: Henry Simmons, a manufacturer, James Zuberg Harriet Sim- mons, his wife, Beth Brown, Ethel Simmons, their daughter, Emagene Hendershotg Chester Binney, Simmons' partner, Stephen Ransburgg Letty Lythe, a motion picture star, june Kohl, Donald Swift, .1 motion picture director, Mack I-Iosackg Roger Shields, a young Chicago blood. Richard Small, Lila XVilson, friend of Ethel, NVinifred Berlieng Sally Otis. friend of Ethel. Marsella Shank, Annie, a maid, Laurine Hostetlerg Sadie Bloom, Jayne Buck: taxi driver, Dean Rose, Mrs. jackson, Georgia XVelchg Elbira, Mary Ellen Bolingerg Matilda, Pauline Erazierg Sarie, Thelma NVisnerg Lucindy, Mar- guerite Baker. Much of the credit for the success of the play is due to the splendid cooperation of the committees. They were: Stage manager, Don Wfeaverg lighting, XVilliam Meyers, Robert Clark, business managers, Darl johns, Robert Devine: properties, Ruth Collett, Geraldine Higgins, Bradley Swift, Dale Cole: make up, Clarellen Guilford, Geraldine Higgins, prompter, Phyllis Creeng stage decorations, Mary Booth, Lana Zimmerman. The play was produced under the direction of Charles E. Shank. L'Rflf.f7SQtf, if "Off JL 2 'ffl' , by , J Qffezgg -F ,stag "'Ff'g:g 11:6 . Q30 , ' A :QQ , ffl 5 ,gf + W . 1 -' Lf. +20 x - 'FQ '14 . I IQ Uifgtyff 4 ' ' 0-fjf tiff Q 4 . F xr 173,44 f gag! Y fffwdf x J , X , " 6 A 7, -435, f ,X JE, 4' if ' cliff! -f x ,LV 4 w I , ,Wann s 7 24 L fm + ' V . . f Q1 A " f K . Q Mx ,A Q -XQNQNA I fi,-4 9 , , 3 -- I -4 ff ' "ff il' - ' 3" 1, E A' Lff h X' 'iffy Affaf . -, .L I y fQ -xi 'gg I ix , 1 1 if -111, , f" ,76" ,, Mizdffl EX fi iii ,W 1 , ' ' I 7 , x X xxx mx, W, , A Xxx A 14 -AZ 1 f , . gs 2 lg " , Y ' , 'QZK ' ' 773-.K 4, gl , '6i9f9Qfff4ffQ2, g X lf? f N Nyf, TQQ1 3 QW Q x xv X f f ' x' A I W 3, X ':f'Q0f.f 'lt 1 2 NX 5 ,K 3' ,: Nw , ' , .,.. ' fi- ' 'ZfY'I5.L?2? , xgi x g , 44, . .. Afklgfacg Pu gf forty-SCL fu K. .J QT?- C...i..1H.XI,I. ff' 1 ff W1 71W I 1 , -,, fyffi ,I-fq ,...... ,,,, , ,I,, ,V-,,- ffnth Hall did remarkably i -ali thi- year in building inte ,f you-H full Uioperation and i 'i!T'H'JT'l'Q. The team proved tc l ' lla. gwitl shuts. and excel- ruf hill handlers. Sinee must 0 t, ri ft-in. are underelassmcn 4,11 will la: well represented I .',iI'. IJ 'lm.l,ffl"f1l Gaels Mall Angola was extremely fortunate this year in securing a coach like Burdette Hall. Leaving an enviable record behind him, Mr. Hall came to us from Salem Center and coached our baseball and basketball teams into good records, considering the opponents played. Faced with the task of building a basketball team around one re- maining regular from the previous year, Coach Hall put a formidable five on the floor. Burdette's desire really to do things in Angola produced track and boxing teams and his pleasing personality makes him one of our most popular faculty members. V mmes Dlaued gy! Angola XVolcottville 17 Angola Albion , Angola Butler 17 Angola Ashley Angola Kendallville 43 Angola Auburn , ., Angola New Paris . .41 Angola NVash. of S. B Angola Riley of S. Bd. 38 Angola Bristol . r , Angola Garrett 35 Angola Salem Center Angola Elmhurst Z7 Angola Fremont , Angola W'aterloo 32 Angola Avilla . . Angola LaGrange 29 Angola Butler . lm: lx 1.11 il, 1,1-imgin, Imniilil Ihiail. Mm-li Ilusm-lt, WVXYVII Mote, lliuhiil mn XYwzlx'4-It . Q- 1' v. HX A9 line, thi Ii llzill, l,1ll Illniiismitli, llzili- till-A. lniswm- N 41 I M in-lim Xl-lii.i-'I X-in-in Waite. +1 .1 - -S v . x 1 Tofu Rout ROSCOE NEDELE--Glnlril' "Swartzie" was one of the cleverest ball handlers on the team and a player who was continually scrap- ping for the hall from start to finish. Since he is only a sophomore he should develop into a great player. Roscoe was usually captain of the team. DONALD BOYD-Gmini "Don" was on the varsity team this year for the first time, and he proved himself an excellent guard and a good shot. He will make a valuable player in his remaining year. Junior. DALE COLE-Glmril "Screwy" was one of the scrappiest fighters on the team. He was always next to the ball and was never loafing-a very good guard and a good shot. Senior. ONVEN MOTE--Cvnfcr "Mote" was the key otfensivc man of the team and his spectacular shooting under the basket brought us through many a game. Junior. MAX GRAY-Gimrif "Buck" was a good ball handler, clever passer, good shot and a good guard. He was an all around player who was always fighting for the ball. Junior. "7'57'K' ., -.. f I x l 1 Q - xflfl ",a39'fGiSl l Y .l -x r -f-1 'K ..,- e x- X s Bnffmu Run: RICHARD BENDER-Fnrn tml "Dick" was an outstanding Hornet with his su- perior ball handling, clever guarding, and ability to hit baskets from any spot on the floor. He was a smooth player and always in the center of the fray. Sophomore. KENNETH GERMAN-I"nr1uml "Kenny" was a good ball handler, an accurate shot and an excellent guard-a continual threat on long shooting, Junior. DON XVEAVER-Cw1fi'1' "Weaver" played a good brand of ball for the Hor- nets this year and gave everything he had. XVe are sorry to see him go. Senior. BILL RHINESBIITH-G11i11'if "Toar" was a good ball handler, a continual tighter and a good shot. just watch him next year. junior. MACK HOSACK-Fnrzc'm'J "Hussy" played very good basketball this year and his accurate shooting made him a real threat. He gave everything he had for the game and we are sorry to lose him. Senior. Page forty mm I S0900 9 UI'1'1l'T'10I'1"L3 The Hornets started their search with a pair of wins, coming out victorious over XY'olcottville and Butler by the identical scores of 18 to 17. Angola then bowed to Kendallville, New Paris, Riley of South Bend, and Garrett. The Hornets finally broke their losing streak by defeating Elmhurst in a thrilling overtime. After losing to Waterloo 32 to 19, the Hornets overwhelmed LaGrange and Albion. Ashley, Auburn and Washington of South Bend avenged defeats of last year by trouncing the Purple and Gold. Bristol added to our losing streak with a 45 to 20 victory. The Purple and Gold proved themselves too tough for Salem Center, Fremont and Avilla by defeating them 15 to 12, 24 to 22, and 29 to 28 respectively. Our season's schedule ended with a setback from the Butler Windmills, they avenging an early season defeat. The Hornets worked themselves through a tough bracket in the county tourney, defeating Salem Center, Hamilton, and Fremont. The latter game proved to be the best of the tourney with Angola finishing on the top end of a 30 to 26 score. The Hornets were eliminated in the first rounds of the sectional tournament at Garrett. being defeated by Ashley for the second time during the year. I V1 Q U UT, O V1 0379 FG FT T Bender 36 24-43 96 Mote 42 30-S7 114 Hosack 21 10-23 52 Gray 23 17-32 63 Nedele 15 17-47 47 German 3 7-16 13 Cole 5 S-17 IS Dole 2 1-2 S Rhinesmith O 3-3 3 Xveaver 1 0-0 2 Wffffil- ,, ,- 'Jeierfei Standing-Robert McKinley, Donald Boyd, Morris XX'l1it- lock. Aloe Holder'- ness, Kimmy Dole. Kneeling - .lack Bryan, Iuhn Har- vey, H a rry Mote. lgimea liriwe was n mfml-ner of the team NUI in the picture. Pa ff r' A5 ft fb orinet u-ielers Morris XVliitl-wk, Max ijlilly, lliisi-iw Neileli-, buh- Pole, Marion XVaillaee, .Tuhn Herl, K+-nnetli Ht-riiiziii, lion XVeavt-r. Vi-1'1wii XVitit-', liill lllninesinitli, Hu'-'ii Mote. Dmizilil Boyd, Nzirltiin XVE-Ils, Mnvk llosaek, Vimr-li Hull. The high school baseball team ended its season with a fair record by winning four, losing four, and tying one game. The Hornets started the season with a bang by defeating the tough Metz nine 6 to 1. The next game with Scott Center was called because of darkness with the score tied at 2 all. Scoring heavily in the closing innings, the Hornets Came from behind to whip Orland 5 to 4. In the next two games Flint and Fremont defeated us 2 to 1 and tively. The next week the Purple and Gold pounded the Pleasant unmercifully, collected 16 hits and came home with an 18 to S victory. to Salem Center, we defeated Hamilton in a close game by a 9 to S score. was next to defeat us and there eliminated us from the county tourney. Angola Angola Angola Angola Angola Angola Angola Angola Angola amos Dingo 6 2 S 1 0 IS 2 9 1 ornets on Metz Scott Orland Flint Fremont Pleasant Lake Salem Center Hamilton Scott the Qolii Linh 2 to 0 respec- Lake pitchers After losing Scott Center I 2 4 2 2 i 5 S 6 For the second time in our high school's history we have added golf to our in- creasing line of sports. Tryouts are held in the spring of the year with four boys being chosen as regular players. One alternate player is also chosen. In the latter part of May our team is sent to the state tournament at Indianapolis. Page fifiy-one ornets in the Qing WML 1'-1:1-'li Hull. lliwlwrt Vlairk, .All1ll'b3XY Braxton, llolvert XYllite, ,lat-k MPHWQ-ii, Duane Hose, In-nztl-l Morrisoii. Lyle Kim-r, .lim Mori", lmnzild Boyd. Coach Hall brought something new to A. H. S. when he organized a high school boxing team. This new sport attracted much interest and many boys tried out for practice on the team which was sent to Reading, Mich., to participate in a tournament. Donald Boyd and Lyle Kiser had bouts in the hnals, but were then defeated. The Angola boys made a good showing. considering the fact that many of them had never boxed before. The team members were: Duane Rose, Jack McEwen, Lyle Kiser, Andrew Braxton, Donald Morrison, Robert Clark, Donald Boyd, Robert White, Jim Morse, and Ted Cool. ornets on the -lrrac For the first time in many years Angola has a track team. Since track activities are something new for most A. H. S. boys, a great number of students tried out for them. On March 23 and Zi an inter-class tourney was held. The seniors won by col- lecting 62'3 points. Their nearest rivals were the juniors, who collected 41 points. The sophomores were third with 29'f pointsg the freshmen fourth with 15 points. Vernon White won high scoring honors by making three Firsts for a total of 15 points. NVe hope that track may become one of our permanent sports, since so many boys can participate in it. Page jiflj, -I u ff rv.iwlwn: lifflwrt f'lni'k, .lvilin llzzlwi-Y, llilswm- Neill-lv, .lim Mnrsv. .lair-lc 'l'llL'lU'V, 'lWl'll j,1,.v. I'f,l,iy'1 ,Xl-J.,-.I l:oI.fArv Intl- l1fii:lf'i', Vei'imii XX':iil:-, lliwnllafy H'wll'l, .luv llol-lvrni-ss, lmzi- it All lfxiilf x, Inns: liner, l'n:ir'li llull. Himffl Alwk Ilus.if'k, K1-1141-i' fini-liwr,'fm Hills, .laiwk Mvlflwi-n, Hill llhini-smilli, Qlml 'elflvli M. luili- Vol:-, Imniilrl llflyil, Lyla- Kisvr, llfnln-rt IH-vim-, Morris XYlli1lm-k, lion Y' -.4 11 'liiulil ln-llfl'. -mu- ' ,1 Modern ianas ev 9? as an .-v, I 'lf' 'I'-ip i'-iw: Miss Ymigw-1-. lmii--Ida Ib-ll, Ii:11'Iizir:1 lives.-, Nwrnia Hiill. IZ:-tty' Myers, .I:iin- I:'i4-i's1im-, .lvxiiiiie I"1'--stun. ulillvnii Alu-rs, l'l:iri'llen tiiiilll-i--1, lAllll'll1x-' linetvtlev, Middle iwixv: Loiiist- Grifhtlis. Iietty ICQ---kleiy Murgrirf-t Munn, Aiixifatti- II.-rsv. lmi-is .l21l'luiv4, Luis Kiwr, Hzirrivr I'Y"l' XX'ill:i 1121-cial. Muna-ella I'I:':'Ie-str'-ii. 1'atliei'ii1v 15riff1tliS. limit 1-Ivn ln-'I'll1HH. Mzirinii H1'mvilei', .Tune l'Ill1llllli1', Alice Deiiizili , gm rim: Maryuiiii Hi---ks, Lwliiniiizie liaistl-iirn. Murzziret Iniiis, lit-bf-i'igi Ilzaiiiiai, Mzixiii-A l:':innin:, Iliitli Ilatmlgwq-, . . . . HP It lillitf I-Zgws-Atl. lie-li'-xi:-X": My-llilu-H not in tin- Ihlt'Ill!'e'I lmnlizi 1?-'iff' Divynrliy Mi--llc--, 1':ii'1'lyii Ifnl-i, lhlgip, NASH. I 3. f ith 1':ili'ti Vi' -'I Vleiiinr Nli lk: Vrttx NI ' ' ' 1 s . e , '. ez . -A 4, ,A K' , 4-lliils. Iiilf-en Iirlw. Iaiwiiiila Soi-In-i', G14-rizi Dell'-r, Xziiivv liiwl-. The Girls, Athletic Club was organized the first week of school: Clarellen Guilford was elected president and Catherine Griliiths. secretary. The activities for the year were volley ball. basketball. tumbling, stunts, archery, lawn tennis. table tennis. shuflle board. and deck tennis. Miss Yeager supervised the work. For the Health Day program sponsored by the school on Tuesday. May 3. the Girls' Athletic Club contributed tumbling and pyramid building. Roberta Hanna and Jane Fierstine did the dive over human bodies: and a diflicult shoulder stand. Lucinda Sopher. Catherine Grifhths and joan London did the triple fan. Evelyn German. Genevieve Burch. June Fanning. and Margaret Munn did the head stand. Betty Keckler and Lois Kiser did the sitting balance. and stomach balance. Donna Goff. Donelda Bell. Carolyn Forbes. and Billie Bassett did a kneeling pyramid. Jeanne Preston and Madolynn Meyers did the stomach balance. Dorothy Mielke, Eleanor Mielke. Harriet Carver. Maxine Fanning. Gloria Deller. Bettie Bassett. Maryann Hicks, Annette Morse. and Ednamae Eastburn did a tumble down pyramid. Evelyn Stage did a forward roll over four girls. At the close of the program the girls did a very dirhcult fan pyramid which included all 35 members of the club. Marcella Eggleston reigned as queen during Health Day. All the girls in the organization work for honor points. Lois Kiser was awarded bar and chevron: Ednamae Eastburn. bar: Annette Morse. bar: Lucinda Sopher. bar: Carolyn Forbes, bar: Marcella Eggleston. numerals: Marian Crewiler. bar: Margaret Munn. bar and chevron: Betty Heckler. numerals: Billie Bassett, chevron: Bettie Bassett. bar: Louise Griffiths, chevron: Jane Fierstine. bar and chevron: Roberta Hanna. bar: Harriet Carver. bar: Donna Goff, bar: Evelyn German. bar and chevron: Maryann Hicks. bar: and Clarellen Guilford. an A. H. S. A girl must make 200 points in order to earn a bar: 400 points are required for a chevron: 600 for a numeral: S00 for an A: and 1000 for A, H. S. Page fiffy-Ibn? 1 1 gre "Weis, 5. .-1 - . fi 4, ,. , ' 4 i ' , duh f' , 1 is , . ' ,, . R -s ig Pg' 1 ss. r- gg L 3 5 ., . 'I 5 i "'Z1-li? 5 i '4 If Qalil Qalsl Misnotsxx AlX1:RS, LYLE KISER, JEANNE PRESTON Qals l ga..-.Oi QW Angola High School, Angola High School XY'e are all for you! Let your love of right continue NY'hile your name rings true! Rah! Rah! Rah! Angola High School, Angola High School Let your courage flame Till the nation shouts aloud Your glorious name! School Yells ACA LACA CHEE Aca lata chee, aca laca Chou Aca laca chee Chee, Chou Chou chou Booma laca, booma laea Sis boom baa! Angola High School Rah! Rah! Rah! HIDEHO Hideho, sic sic sec'em! Make some baskets So we can lic'em! AMO AMAS AMAT Amo Amas! Amat! XVe're going to make them trot They'll CRI our dust XVe'll win or bust Amo! Amas! Amat! HORSE AND HOOP Horse and hoof, horse and hoof Hold the floor and raise the roof Razzal. zazzal, zizzle, zip! Yea! Angola, let her rip! Ding Dong This year under the supervision of Mr. Certain a ping pong club was organized. club was composed of about thirty-five boys and became very popular. A tournament was held in February, in which Kimmy Dole and Robert Myers worked their way to the finals, Kimmy finally winning. More of these tournaments have been planned. The A, ,Lilaletf -lrrfophies J' County Baseball Championship 1939-36 Wilson Trophy 1923. Steuben fxfunty Steuben hint in Cfiunty Baseball Kounty pieture: lnterelass Track Steuben lil fill , -fuzn' KJJLIHIY Track and Field Meet 1926. Championship 1931. Track and Field Meet 1927. Meet 1923. Basketball C,h.impionship 1 957-314. 1 .,.f . 1, emlcmqes u ,X "' Xl, - --x W.- ., ' H , 'f'c1H'?'? af?-. - .1.rZ.a"519"'ff" 'Q ,iv l ' m . -gf my pg- 1 13 . " fi Q ' 4 -H-sn -. ,f ' ff' P: Q., f vu . My 1, R I I fi g-2 w hx H, I - - l'Q?z1,lf ' " ' 'wiv 2? u sing: I , ,' '4r',.,z 1 x 35 F Y ,N 556152 xi Nw xS'5E "" aw Jig, ,:f ,l:':Xg-',- Y - 3 - mg- as-S"-Qa 3. fy-ffl?" - v J ' 32, W L.. 4 "ffl I -53 ' X , , . 1 affix , 1 f QQ, -f, ra, ., N Ns 5'F3v39K7" s '19 N' of -W- M-,,.-Y '1 'W 1' X s fi M , ' 2' Wim I PW ffffy-ffl U ,4290 1:24 Mfg- Man if . af Xw 'VJ wh 47 'YEL 7036.410 1' QJZ 7iZf,w,M,,z FALL MV. ,Zf , ,' f . N 'fr VJLLL 5 -ffldaf Wffmfffau' I A' , DED?CAT4QN old hai Dose Top Row-XY'here the gal friends, boys?g Greeniesg just loafin'!g Rough necks. Second Row-Ready, aim. hrelq Look out, Suzie!g XVhere's the other half?g Vfhere to now?: -Iim's ambitious. Third Row-Some future seniorsg Camp life: Dnrleyne, Hal and dogsg Agreed!! gbeloxvj Jeanneqg Evelyn German: XY'here's XY'ynn? Bottom Row-'Smntten Druck?g Junior cosmopolitansq fahovej Time out for Oscar: Romeo .ind Juliet: Giggles! 'i I 3 I I, li 43? f fri ay' fifff, - 11 DAY BY DAY September- 8 School starts-Bang!-204 enrolled. 12 G. R's. hold picnic at Fox Lake. 17 Band plays at P. Lake home-coming. Hornet hurlers tie Scott 2-2. 21 Hornets defeat Orland 5-4. 22 Maurice McClew addresses assembly. October- 2 Key annual staff elected. 4 Hi-Y holds formal initiation. 7 State Fire Marshal gives talk. 9 Mr. Estrich discusses "The Case of Mr. Alcoholf' 12 Debate class presents "The Tin Hero." Lions give replica of Constitution. 15 Ag boys attend Bryan horse show. 18 "Buy a magazine"-campaign started. 23 Warren wins corn husking contest. 27 Lunch room opens. 29 Halloween carnival-"more fun!" November- S We defeat Wolcottw'ille in net opener. I0 Donald Kope victim of hunting accident 12 Hornets defeat Butler-thrills! 15 Hi-Y Father-Son rabbit supper. 17 Tri-State Glee Club entertains. 19 Jubilee Singers here. 25 Operetta "Pickles." 27 Glittering music medals appear. December- 6 Mr. Reid tells Hi-Y of China. 8 Wendell and Bernd talk camp. 10 Prof. Hoke addresses seniors. 13 Skating party at Silver Moon-spills! IS Indiana day at chapel. 21 G. R. Christmas party-gift exchange. 22 Carol service held. 24 Alumni-"home again." January- 8 Debate teams at Elkhart tourney. 9 Davies light opera company here. 10 Miss Clawson talks to G. Rfs. 15 Hornets take county tourney! 24 New semester brings new subjects. Mrs. Smith at G. R. meeting. 26 judge Carlin talks at chapel. 27 Film of George W'ashington Railway. 30 G. R's. attend Congregational Church. February- 2 Rev. Wfhitehouse addresses assembly. 10 Home Ec. girls visit Wfolf and Dessauer's. 11 Hornets defeat Salem 15-12. 12 Debate tourney here-Fremont wins. Basketball-Angola 243 Fremont 22. 14 Orville Stevens talks to Ag boys. 21 Dole wins ping pong tourney. 23 G. R.'s. give chapel program. 25 County Latin contest here. 26 Dramatic Club gives one-act play. Hi-Y - G. R. hop is great success. 27 Orchestra presents concert. March- 2 Miss Truesdale at chapel. Freshman kid party held. 3. 4, S Sectional tourney at Garrett. 7 Latin classes eat Roman style. Dr. Frazier talks to Hi-Y. 9 Mr. Estricli discusses Atlantic City. 10 Betty Goudy D. A. R. representative. 11 Seniors win class tourney. 14 Mrs. Hoke addresses G. R.'s. Ray Alwood at Hi-Y meeting. 15 Hi-Y boys attend Auburn convention. 18 School party-the big apple! 19 G. R's. attend Elkhart conference. 23 Robert Craig wins local discussion. 24 I. U. Glee Club here. 25 Seniors win track meet. Boxing tourney at Reading. ZS Rev. Humfreys talks to G. R. - Hi-Y. April- 1 "The Vfhole Town's Talking" 2 District Latin contest at Fort Wfaync. 8 J. H. M. Mother-Daughter banquet. 13 Faculty-senior volley ball game. 17 Easter vacation! 19 G. R. Pa-Ma-Me banquet-Dutch! 20 Music department concert. 22, 23 District band contest at Goshen. 25 Hi-Y Mother-Son banquet. 27 Tobacco slides at Chapel. 30 Home Ee. Trip to Indianapolis. May-- 3 Health Day program and exhibit. 4 Awards day at chapel! 6, 7 State band and orchestra contest-Hun- tington. 10 G. R. senior swing out. 19, 20, 21 National band contest-Elkhart. 22 Baccalaureate. 26 junior-senior banquet-Hawaiian. 27 Class Day and Commencement! ,.,.. L' 'T 1'- sf-- fd i5V' , X 5 elm ff CE 'GQ Pizgt IJ nz 1 wing ime JUNIOR - SENIOR PRGM Twice during one's high school life he has the thrill of attending the Junior-Senior Prom and Banquet, but only once to the junior class goes the honor of entertaining the seniors at the one last grand and , glorious affair. This year the banquet was held at the Masonic Temple on May 26. I-Iawaiian music and palm trees, a silver moon, and various other decora- tions cast their spell on all who entered this tropical garden, where color and gaiety ran riot. The program was carried out to conform to the Hawaiian theme. Robert Craig, president of the junior class, acted as toastmaster and in his introductory talk discussed the topic, "The Gardener Dreams." A toast to the high school students, entitled "Products of the Islandsf, was given CALISTA CREEL by Winifi'ed Berlien. Naomi XVisner then gave a toast to the school, - . - f A 4, "The Mother Countryf' There followed a toast to the pupils, "The Islandersfl by Mr. Dygert. Virginia Care gave a comedy talk entitled "Volcanic Eruptionsf' NVendell Aldrich gave the last toast, "Exploring the Islands." Calista Creel reigned at the prom as the queen. The remainder of the evening was spent in dancing to the music of Jimmy Bakerys Swing Band. Memories of events like these will always linger on. G. R. - HI-Y I-IOP The G. R. - I-Ii-Y Hop, one of the biggest social events of the year for these two clubs, was held in the recreation room at school building on the evening of February 23. Decorations were of red and white crepe paper streamers, and balloons of various colors furnished merriment during the evening. Music for the dancing was provided bv a nickelodian. Games such as ping pong and hopscotch provided much amusement and at the same time the big apple was in full swing. Refreshments consisted of pop and hot dogs. Ilvcryonc laughed, danced, ate, played games, and had a good time. lildrifl' -f ijjfzl 1 4 .1 1 A 'v 111 11 1.1 'lil 14 when Q W I11115' In-1.5 -. Il11l1 l'l:1l'k 1:1151-X 11 1'111-li. .., .lim Zulu-1' 111 '33, Xll. thus., x11111-14. XYi11if1'1-'11 :11111 .I--1'1'X, 11111' --11111-1' i11 114'l' 5-f111112'w1' 11:11'N. 114111 111111 fm' 1'il11111i11 D. 'ilI1:1111 MX1-lx. 11111111--1114 111111 S11-xv 111111 :1 1-I1.1t. 4111i1i11' I111l1y Higiius. Il11l11111 XYis111-1' l-f:11'11s A. IZ. VB, IIN, Rl:11'k :1111l IQ'--1111, X1'i11i1'1'1-11 -Yr-urs nun? .lZi111 '1-r 1'1111':.'i1'l C'q11'1' 111111 l11'111l11'1' 1'h:11'l1--, l111l1- l1:11'1w :111-s 1'i1l111:, XI:11's1-ll:1 x1'a1t111.-X l111wl1.-, 13 lli 11 ls 121 H11 I1 31 ,1 'NK N1-:11-ml, .I1111.-, xi.-1 11111- wi111 l1111L:+411f- 111 4 .1 I.111ls l'11v11-- XXl1411l tlllw-sw 1 -:1 , 11-1.111 11:11111'1-11 Il XX :1-111 111 IlI'Nl I ll 1111-111111 11:11 :,11'LL'11111'r 4"11'1' I11I Bl ll1x'lli Q 5+-rs l1:1s 11111 - A111 1 ll I'.1'l11cl 1' 11'1111 1l1'1-1111 1'11111s11 --1' 111131 1-11 1111111121 1,11 '1-11 XXI-111'1'1'. z'1I+', 1111-11-, Q1-12 11 11211, 1j:1w14Iy' alias '12 Izlkf-s life fc- eve oomoo img Pzzgv jqffj'-:zine MILS, UAE SDQVQTSMAN They talk about Job's patience. NVell, I am patient too. And if you don't believe me, I'll tell you of a few Of Milo's traits and hobbiesg But then perhaps you too Like hunting, fishing, golfing- They say that most men do. Now April brings spring fever And then for days and days I-Iis rods and reels are scattered In every sort of way. I-Ie'll oil and polish slowly. Oh, hours and hours he'll play, But if I mention housework, "I'm busy." he will say. I wait for warmer weather And then the way seems clear To wash woodwork and windows But all the time I fear Some friend of his will call him To golf again this year. "Oh wellf' I say, "Why worry, He's good help when he's here." XVe struggle through the summer Till hunting season comes. He stores his Hshing tackle And gets out all his guns. Between the smell of rabbit And gun grease by the tons My mind goes 'round in circles Like a drunkard full of rum. In pensive mood I wonder- And think back o'er the year Of hours and hours I've worried And brush an angry tear. But why lament? Iive triumphed O'er all the starry spheres The circle of our homelife Is brighter with him here. -Rrlba Crrfain, Nlll't'lIll7F7 1937 Watch the givjie r Y .,f-...a zgf?2"? i in .4 k Top Row-Driver deluxe .ind hi5 pilg Cainptiw skirtsg Stand up. Korg inopolimn club. Second Row-Arc you winking, hl.ll'gLlCflIC?I School dayxq Come on out. girls Spring feverg "Sweet as .1 song." Third Row-Humorouslv handsome Hensel .ind his lienclinien: Growing .iimlq . e P Hi there, keedlg No boys allowed. Bottom Row-C. O. B. I.: A. H. S's red headed leagueg Playboy Roweg Ain't love grand?g Qbelowl Two more sub-dcdsg XY',s the joke, girls? Sophs-gumsing and gassing. v ' H 'I ,X f ' Q K Q 'Y cr: Uur cow- Ptlgi' si x ij -U rf with -lu fl Class oyc IQISO Evelyn Brown-Working Herbert Brown-At home Raymond Care-Golden Garage Gordon Carey-Tri-State College Aileen Casebeer-Olivet College Xvymond Castner--At home John Duckwall-Cornell College Thomas Dolph-Working Rex Ferris-At home , Betty Gaskill-Hotel Hendry . Lucille Goodrich-Hotel Hendry . Jack Goudy-Tri-State College Marvin Green-At home Velma Griffin-Mrs. W. R. Forbes . Evelyn Hubbell-Ball State Teachers College Carolyn Hull-Government Agricultural OH'ice Evelyn Hutchins-Tri-State College Margaret Jackson-Beautician . . Fort Wayne, . , Angola, . . Angola, , Angola, Ind. Ind. Ind. Ind. . . Olivet, Mich. , Angola, Ind. Mt. Vernon, Iowa Lansing, Mich. Angola, Ind. , Angola, Ind. ,. .. Angola, Ind. Angola, Ind. Angola, Ind. Angola Ind. , , Muncie, Ind. Angola, lnd. , Angola, Ind. Chicago, Ill. Pauline Jackson-Argubright Business College . Battle Max Kemmerling-Hillsdale College . Ilene Kiess-Mrs. Wm. Doughty Irene Kiess-At home Robert Kingery-At home Pauline Kope-Mrs. Roy Shoup Virginia Kohl-At home Viola Lydy-Mrs. KI. Brock Harold Meyers-Working Raymond Mote-Tri-State College Joan Ogden-Mrs. George Reynolds Mary K. Orwig-Miami University Jack Parrish-Working , Margaret Pence-Modern Store Richard Preston-International Business Col Ruth Roberts-At home Edythe Rowe-Tri-State College Gilbert Saunders-Working W'alie Seely-Working Pauline Sellers-Working Wilbur Simpson-Northwestern University LoRrayne Shank-At home Ned Sherrick-Working Miriam Shoup-Shoup Law Oilice Raymond Shoup-Working Virginia Shull-Mrs. Ulmer Charlotte Suflfel-Mrs. Olen Zeigler Edwin Wallace-At home Dean Wilson-Tri-State Haberdashery Evelyn Whitlock-Thomas S 8c 10 Helen Wyatt-Working Olen Zeigler-Working , Phyliss Zimmerman-Mrs. Gayle Fredericks Bill Zubcr-Bcatty's Bakery Harry Zuber-Kroger Store lege Creek, Mich. Hillsdale, Mich. Fort Wayne, Ind. Angola, lnd. Angola. Ind. Bronson, Mich. Angola, Ind. Coldwater, Mich. Angola Ind. Angola Ind. , Beloit, Wis. Oxford, Ohio Angola Ind. , Angola, Ind. Fort Wayne, Ind. Coldwater, Mich. Angola, Ind. Marion, lnd. Angola, Ind. Fort Wayne, Ind. Evanston, Ill. Angola, Ind. Angola, Ind. Angola, Ind. , Angola, Ind. Angola, Ind. Fort Xvayne, Ind. Angola Ind. Angola, Ind. Angola Ind. Angola, Ind. Fort Wayne Ind. . Angola, Ind. Angola, Ind. Angola, Incl. Glass oil IQ37 Gertie Abramson-XVorking Eleanore Balistad-Stevens College Ray Becker-Post Graduate llo Blosser-Ohio Northern College Bill Butz-Tri-State College Viola Butz-Rainbow Beauty Shoppe Gale Carver-University of Whshington Mark Cr.1in-Working james Crankshaw-Hillsdale College Violet Eisenhour-International College Donald Elliott-Beatty's Bakery OreLlana Ewers-Tri-State College Marcella Fanning-Ball State Teachers College Edwin Griffith-XVorking Robert Hall-Post Graduate Louise Helme-Xvarcl-Belmont School Glen Huntington-At home julia Jane jackson-DePauw University Charles Jacobs-NY'orking Ruth Kiess-Cornell College Bob Kolb-Chicago School of Chiropody Mary C. Lippincott-Ball State Teachers College Robert London-Tri-State College Harley Mann-Post Graduate klyle Millikan-Indiana University Margaret Morse-lnternational Business College Leland Nedele-Tri-State College Luella Parker-XVorliing Malinda Pendill-Mrs. Fox Angola, lnd Charles Purdy-Xvorking Coldwater, Mich Dee Reese-Navy Long Beach, Calif lack Ritter-At home Angola lnd Russell Ritter-Xvorking Angola, lnd Roleyn Saul-Ll. C. Penney Co. Angola, lnd junior Sheets-At home Angola, lnd ,lack Shumann-Post Graduate Angola lnd John Stage-At home Angola lnd Ralph Thobe-A. 8: P. Tea Company Angola, lnd Max Tucker-DePauw University Greencastle, lnd james H. Wfatkins-lndiana University Bloomington, lnd Mary W'ells-At home Angola, lnd Josephine Nvhite-Mrs, XVm. Lowe Pleasant Lake, lnd Wava Rose XVilliams-School Oihce Secretary , , . . , Angola, lnd Carroll Zimmerman-Mrs. Jones Los Angeles, Calif V V Battle Creek. Mich. Columbia, Angola, Mo. lnd. Ada, Qhio Angola, lncl Angola, lnd Seattle, Whish Angola, Incl Hillsdale, Mich Fort NVayne, lnd Angola, Incl Angola, lnd Muncie, lnd Angola, lnd Angola, lnd Nashville, Tenn Angola, lnd Greencastle, lnd. Angola, lnd. Mt. Vernon, lowa Chicago, Ill Muncie, lnd Angola, lnd Angola, lnd Bloomington, lnd lfort Xvayne, Ind Angola, lnd Chicago, lll l Y fl ' i - -ffl? ' . . l i I 'I' lli ' 1 K--'rfb I - ...::f.,'p A l , -if.-Iii. ' - 7 ij-L- ,Q . . 5535 X 1 If .-.E-TE - ' fi? sg: 2 f ji i f :E if ,I '.. Q . -:E if ' 25 'f 5 ' 'S 'qv 4 S6 1, 5 il" V 1 E pi 5 2 L ,. M gf, Page si x'f-3'-ffziw' i113-fo e- Appreciate This Telephone ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT: Dad Harter, Goshen, Ind. ATTORNEYS: XY'illis Batchelet 30 G. Kenneth Hubbard 317 Harris NV. Hubbard 64 Maurice B-IcClew 138 H. Lyle Shank 287 Conn H. L. Smith 119 Theodore T. Xvood 1-I-S AUTOMOBILE DEALERS: C. A. Casebeer-Autos and Real Estate Healy Motor Sales . , Helme :SL Alwood Maxton Chevrolet Sales BAKER IES: Be.1tty's Bakery BANKS: Angola State Bank . , Steuben County State Bank BARBERS: Adams 8: Clark Barber Shop Fisher Barber Shop Mote's Barber Shop O. K. Barber Shop Porter 8: Purdy Barber Shop BEAUTY PARLORS: Rainbow Beauty Shoppe BI JOK STORES: The College Book Store BLJTTLERS: Angola Bottling XY'orks IZKJXVLING ALLEYS: lid! Bowling Alleys IQRUKLRS1 joseph B. Kolb IGLQILIJING SL LOAN ASSOCIATIONS: lint Ifederal Savings 81 Loan Assn. IH' 42 98 41 195 188 1 467 398 368 248 46 Telephone CIGAR DEALERS: XVillis W. Love Co. . 256 CLEANERS: Robert Doyle Dry Cleaning 219 McBride Cleaners ,,.., 277 Ross Miller Dry Cleaning 438 CLOTHIERS: jarrard's Toggery 197 Ted's Men's Store Tri-State Haberdasliery 112 COAL DEALERS: Angola Brick 81 Tile Co. 255 Linder Coal Co. 353 COLLEGES: Tri-State College 39 CONDENSERIES: VanCamp Milk Co. . 137 CONEECTIONARIES: Christy's 18 CREAMERIES: Mielke's Produce 162 DENTISTS: S. P. Aldrich 30-lf S. C. SC L. L. W'olfe . . 71 DEPARTMENT STORES: AI. C. Penney Company . 47 DRUGGISTS: Kolb Brom Drug Store 23- Iiratz Drug Store 147 The Modern Store 90 ELECTRIC SHOPS: Butz Electric Shop 306 Field Home Equipment Co, 139 Romero Plumbing, Heating 85 Electric 13 Service . ENGRAVERS: Fort Wllyne Engraving Company, Engravers for this Annual FARM IMPLEMENTS: Cary E. Covell 3 H83 PRINTERS: an Advehti some Telephone FILLING STATIONS: E. C. Baker 8: Son 44 Gafill Oil Company 237 McKinley Gulf Service . 24 U. S. 20 Linco "Doc 81 Abieu 186 FIVE Sl TEN STORES: Haffner's Five 8: Ten Cent Stores YV. R. Thomas Five 81 Ten Cent Stores FLORISTS: George M. Eggleston 310 FLOUR MILLS: XV. NV. Sopher Sl Son 4 FUNERAL DIRECTORS: Klink Funeral Home 562 FURNITURE: Carver Furniture Co. 246 GARAGES: Angola Garage 410 Central Garage-Harley Mann 3 Chas. Griflin Garage Golden's Garage 275 Parsons SL Rhumbaugh 176 GROCERS: Central Market 20 College Grocery 220 IW. P. Harter Kroger Grocery St Baking Co. 73 The Model Food Shop 389 Richardson's Cash Grocery 260 Cleon Wells' Grocery 143 Williams Grocery 100 HARDXVARE DEALERS: Callender Hardware 9 kIackson's Hardware . 72 NVilliamson's Hardware 169 ICE COMPANIES: Steuben Artificial Ice Co. 107-L INSURANCE: Beil Insurance Agency 463 Farmers' Mutual Insurance Co. 205 Harvey E. Shoup Agency 278 Tri-State Improvement Co. , , 51 INTERIOR DECORATORS: Economy Wfall Paper Sc Paint KIEXVELERS: Harry Holderness, Jeweler LUNIBER COMPANIES: Angola Lumber Co. MEAT MARKETS: Mast Bros. Meat Market NEWS STANDS: Mendenhall's News Agency OPTOMETRIST 8: OPTICIAN: Dr. john H. Brineman, O. D. PHOTOGRAPHERS: Cline's Picture Studio PHYSICIAIVS: Dr. S. S. Frazier Steuben Printing Co. RADIO SHOPS: A. D. Schultz Electric Co. Steve's Radio Shop RESTAURANTS: Bassett's Restaurant Beatty's Cafe College Inn Eat Restaurant Unique Cafe SHOE DEALERS: Kyle Shoe Co. SHOE REPAIR SHOPS: R. Otis Yoder THEATERS: Brokaw Theater Strand Theater TINNERS: Cecil XV. Swift UTILITIES: Northern Indiana Public Servi Telephone CO. 272 118 117 400 141 10 207 29 3 75 221 379 386 177 242 ll 63 180-Y ce Co. 62 Page sixfj'-jiz NVWIQICWWQN! MMM XV Mob' W fm aww, , fn a ZZ P ff -lriclqs 0 nd -Iraclqs jane Buck: Dick called up four times before I gave him a date. june Kohl: Whom did he ask for the first three times? jim Zuber Qduring lesson on creationj: But my grandfather says we were once apes. Mr. Elliott: W'e can't talk about your family biology in class. Lyle Kiser: You know you are a very pretty girl. Eileen Erbe: Oh, you'd say so even if you didn't think so. Lyle Kiser: XVell, we're square then. You'd think so even if I didn't say so. Ruth Collett: Can you drive with one arm? Jim Zuber: You bet! Ruth: Okay, have an apple? Dale Cole's Mother: Didn't I hear the clock strike two when you came in last night? Dale Cole: Yes. mother, it was going to strike eleven but I stopped it so it wouldn't wake you up. Mr. Handy: Bernd, why does Missouri stand at the head in mule raising in the United States? inch Bernd Gartner: Because the other end is dangerous. Steve Ransburg: XVhat's a Civil Whir veteran when he rides on Ci street car? Bob Devine: I'll bite. XVhat? Steve: A passenger. Buck Gr.1y: YVe certainly had .1 swell time last night on .1 dime. C.1list.1 Creel: Yes, I wonder how little sister spent it. Xvynn I-Iensel: I'm suffering from pointed toes. Tommy Hanselman: You donlt wear pointed shoes. Xvynn Hensel: I know, but my fatlier-in-law does. Bradley Swift: I hear you're .1 three-letter man, Lyle Kiser: You mean that I excel in three sports? Brad: No. you're always giving friends I. O. U's. Miss Yeager: Do fishes grow fast, Alvena? Alvena Certain: Some of them do. My father caught one Inst year that grows an each time he tells about it. Mr. Dygert: were you copying his paper? john Harvey: No, sir, I was only looking to see if he had mine right. Miss Shultz: Take this sentence: Let the cow be taken out of the lot. Xvhnt mood? Ifreshie Holderness: The cow. QVQWS VfQ:1fL4, .g'ca,1,,y X' iifuf'-F' ill if CMC! ,f77pa,dff.f Ufwlf view , 120771 21fZ,51'l.1fc'r-f f 'N ff' W , f4f, ,QM ff1e Qf5fffff24Wf L ,,ZiQ19'cfl47Afdf FX 4 'O ,Z QS4, f ,LJ fc,rgQQJL6d.f If ,girichfff Q4"LfQffwowfZ M 'if ff ' MJC41' ILA' I . ?5675f42gA.aL? ml' if , ,fry lfv A V 1 ,,,. L, f J Pugr Xu fy-5 UL S- Qememgev M , 4 , , 4 fi Jf f , Y. 2 1 7, 'II' ff I I3 It Q: -12 ?'-Q .Er H "UL NY' 'ff-Q 1--Q12 FL .-sv ' J, v U x L 'X H --.3 f A .V 5'-v A . ' A I . A lm Ai F, 1 LMLR-xlfqig H., I P I, n 1 .. ' ",', . ' ' " - 1 . ., ' '-I , . -V. I . . - '. A .- . I' - W -L 'I K - .. 9 4 F rf in ' - . M, - - b N ' 'Yo I a 5 -in N' A, lin- ".'M Q 13 I Q' T Aw- - l I ,gli , 'Q' , - . ' ',' ,A Q' ,I1 V '. 'QW 1 A Q , I1 I,- I I . :V'l.l, . .bm ,AI I. W li I fi". f w I ' 9 . ' V ' rf 5. 1 ' L 'T -av lf. 'If - H . ? iii - i. i ,V , ,, ?A ., if 6,2 ,. :tl . II, l 1 4 Q - -If 'Q .l lv I. U. U, A v q -Ie-,W .42 JL- b ..JY4T V-I an JG Sz w ,+,'v'L: 1' tug 5 : J! +I 'V eh. ' -fl! mid Y K ,ilsli v F , Y.. 4' rm. r 'H Y . L M af 'iiyqi rv . lr It-1' L . T N, ,ir slfyfi l,- aflu 4,3 if 'JK-nf.: ,f I W V IL Q Af x4 . , Lg' - f , I g VV 1' -I., -I fx - 'ww .' " 4 ' 5 4 u, In V ,I - X I "' v 9 fl" Q ,L ' 4' H ' ' h 9 l'. ,ww -J -1 " C '. 3 ' I H., . hr v, . ' -, -4 . rr, 1 I I . 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This has been part of our laboratory Work preparing us for our great adventure into the World.

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