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Q ections G l Q51 ' ' ' 'J i xx-,V on Ste en 9 v' x 1 Q CLAYTON ll. lil,I.lOTT PV'flIt'lffill As time marches on it is only natural for people to look for changes in habits, attitudes, and ideals of high school pupils, But is there much actual change? An optimistic defender of modern youth says, "XVell, our pupils are not angels but they don't tear things upside down now with schoolscolor fights as we used to do." Then the skeptic counters with the annoying Holi. no?" .md relates. "XY'hy just the other day I saw-H and then adds, "And didn't you hear about that-?" And so the argument continues. apparently never won. Each side can offer convincing proof. Perhaps high school pupils can be compared to .1 violin string. The whole string vibrates-extreme in each direction, and is easily xisible. This is like the "best" and "worst" pupils-quickly observed by the public but relatively few in number. The string also has numerous, smaller. overtone vibrations which give quality to the sound. These represent the great mass of "ordinai3"' pupils, balancing the ex- treme types and giving the school quality and stability. The vibrations of a string are controlled by the violinist and the sounding board. Teachers are violinists and the community is the sounding board. The IOIIC quality of pupils changes as the others change. The responsibility is .1 challenge to all. -CLAYTON H. lfLl.lL5TT. Mr, Elliott might be said to live a life of service-never refusing to help students. Dean Rose is "it" right now, probably getting some agricul- ture instruction. I' " i7 V Ill!" ' L'Z' l l" .r i1i"l 5' . , - . AF' Q' if! " 7 Y -. 2Y --1---......... .., . ... --.u., ........, ..... -. ....., -,TR...,,.,,,,,,,ul,m,,,,.,,Y ,Q-Q CARY E. COYELL RAY ALXVOOD EDXVARD C. KOLB LEAVQNKD l PADEVQS Students of Angola High School and citizens of the community appreciate the advice and service the members of the board of education have given the Angola Schools this year and throughout previous years. Cary E. Covell, president, is completing his eleventh year with this organization. He was formerly a teacher. Ray Alivood, secretary, is serving his second year. He was appointed to Fill the Xacancy created by the resignation of C. E. Beatty. Edward C. Kolb. treasurer, is serving his seventh year. Mr. Kolb rendered service in the construction of the new school building. ,ea " - ,1 . iff" 0 1' ' fi. 5 .TV 0 7 , -Uwe Lampwigjwfevs GEORGE XV. TRUMBULL Muxiz' JANALYCE ROULS Hmm' Et'IHIUlI1jL'X MARY RUTH RAPP Hmm' El'fIlllJNlilXX PAULINE HAXYLEY AV! 1 'S . -......... M.. .........-U. luwfnmmzn, THELNIA YEAGER Pfwyxiull Efflznlfinlz RUSSELL F. HANDY Hixluriy RUBY SHULTZ Eutqfixlr KIILO K. CERTAIN Cum rzzuwilzl 0 0 6 -Q 3 Q .. ESQ ,Z MQ, J K G. XVENDELL DYGERT EUNICE REED Maflnwzafirx Ltlfill SARAH J. PONVELL EMERY L. DRUQRAMILLER Lil7l'LlP'iA1II H i x fo rj BIARGARET CHASEY XIARGARET NIILLER Engfislw Sm'r1'fam 41 'JJ-f'Jf' A.AA-4.4, ,f mm mnunur.1:nvcmx:m1mw:m-.or'Jrcl:m.'av'u:'.7rn'xrm1:?v'T,? H .ri1Zf - - - - -- --- -- -A -- iw- B-umunslumu-un.vnu.....lqmv v ourdteous Custoolians Vern Easterday Vern Fifer it Bert Wilcox eac ers wee Not what Al-heu eem "Say! Druck! How about going fishing some day?" shouts Milo K. QCertainj. while off duty. S0 otf they go on some holiday and proceed to land all the largest whales in the United States. "Oh, Uncle Bert, will you cut my apple in txvo?,' What grade child h.1sn't uttered that or some similar statement? Angola students can be sincerely proud of their ever faithful janitors. Mr. Handy, who can ever be seen taking little David for long Wallis, is deter- mined to see that he has developed the same manly physique as Upapaf' Ch, we could go on for hours elaborating on the lives of our teachers outside the "port.1lsf' but certainly you can by this time see that teachers are 1I0f always what they seem! "Uncle Bertng Verng Another Vcrng English monitorg Our pal, Margaretg just lost J deb.1te?: XY'hy so serious. Mr. Dygert?g Concentratingg A newcomerg "Druck,'g Music goes round and roundg Milo-to you: Be careful, gentlemen! K' i ,nn ,, ,,,mL,,,,, ....mH..'-n..,..i. ...-.......H ...-..... 1-ii.1T1 Av., GRADUATES ,a:,,,. 4 el.:-.-:rmuuwuuw:. : n AMKEhT0 GW D'34k'l2f Page eleven Z' W messing with the Class oil IQZBYH The great dramatic achievement now showing at the Angola High Theater, depicting the scholastic career of the present senior Class is "Passing with the Class of 1937.9 The main stars of the cast were fourteen timid boys and girls, out of this group of forty-four seniors, who entered the Hrst grade in Angola in 1925. They were: Jack Ritter, James Xvatkins, Ray Becker, Bill Butz, Gale Carver, Louise Helme, Bob Kolb, Harley Mann, Jack Shumann, OreLlana Ewers, Josephine XVhite, Leland Ncdele, Robert London, and Charles Purdy. The first act of this play represents the "Freshman Yearf, which was guided by our faithful companion and leader. Mr. Dygert. This year was the beginning of the 1 Jnliii. Il1imls-im.- p4',inin:iii1i1 Inn-llzig lllii ix 1 in lil: im ni In-i-. RQ 5,09 "V'WWlWMl!'Dl',lfKF'1Yv'4Yi'1'bYlK!w5l"D !lNYl'xP'.'9'v!i'l!i' ibflllfl ' Class of '37 in their advancement in secondary school learning. The one thing most outstanding in the memories of the class concerning this year is the freshman initiation sponsored by the sophomores. The second act takes us to still higher learning, "The Sophomore Yearf, This year our activities were directed by our capable leader, Miss Reed. Though we were staid and steady since we had passed through the freshman notch, the class still needed great assistance which was given by our sponsor. This year we retaliated for past indigni- ties by giving the freshman class a good initiation. At the end of this year we had obtained a steadier grip on the activities of the high school. For act three the scene is laid in the home room 312 and the "junior Class." This year the class had a different sponsor, whom we considered very capable and pleasing, Miss Young. The greatest achievement of the year was the preparation of the junior- senior banquet in honor of the seniors. Since we were considered upper classmen we led the lower classes and told them "what's what." The iinal and most important act is the year as "Dignified Seniors." Plus the fourteen boys and girls that spent .ill twelve years here. there are thirty more to make the total number forty-four. who will end these four wonderful years at Angola High School. Mr. Druckamiller served as director for the last act. Our one great achievement this year was the presentation of the senior class play called "XVhat Happened to Jones." Then came the junior-senior banquet which was given in our honor this year. XVith these activities over and .ill our courses completed. the class is ready for the final day or "finale" whch has now arrived-commencement. -ROBERT HALL. 'i'l'l'v:lsv1I'v!' Sxv:ii'iz". XX'li1i1--has lzilliiiiu' .il-iiiit. boys" llaiiwri-llii ll ii't it's ll-il--yn. .lust s--iii-'rs Yi-'il-pl-.-si-I--ii! llitt--r. li. ll pin-sl-l-fiit. 'IH--fl. I A f Q 6 . ef' ag H sn wr .,. -O W' -..... ..-.g.:,f.'.-----3-,mug-a......,..... I ...vw-nmummmuummu - - , . - ., . ,. ...,, . ,,:.I . . 1 A 63 I'l I OWS MAX TUCKER If-livxf-II by all nmimlens, lIe'1I in-ver S1-IIIT. III- has a smile that won't wear nff. Ili-Y II. III. IV1 Class I5I'I:I1'6I' II. III, IVE Hunie llunwni UIIICPI' I. III. IV: Baslietlanll II. III, IV: lizisvlmll II, IV: I.Ie-luits II: Ilix- VIISYIIIII II: KI'-5' Annual Stalf: Ainlitiwriuin Clflillllllleu Il: Swiiim' Play C-Iininitti-e. Nalinnzil I-Innni' S-II-ii-IB' Pres.: I+'uIll' Vcni' Iiwiwi' Stuxlent: Snllilatni-iziii. ROBERT C. LGNDON IQIIII is a Lruia frin-nmI to evoiwoiie here, lie-spite his cIe1,-yi Vcrivg- lliat rings far and near. III-Y III, IV: Atlulvtiv BIEIIIEIQIEI' IV: III-lIaLIe III: Play IV: Studi.-nt I,'nnnm'il IV. Iuiwls, IV: Senini' Play: ICI-y Annual Staff: MinSI1'L'l A 1 . IX . .lnrlgo nt I-atrnl Court IV. MARY CATHERINE LIPPINCOTT Nui-I' was always runniix ga :Ii-nunil. 5 . A, C 'I'n Iinil ai piani- ,In whiigli slw RIEUS Innlfl yIiIunIl. I II's 5-:isy to III- pl--asant wlion IIU-Is ai smig, I?ul Ilntli I,-an smile wln-n all gnvs n'1-nngr. I5 Il. II, III. IV: l'Iz1igIUiII1'x'l' I. Ilnlllt- I.IIIIin Il1I',IiI'i I. IJ, A. I. III. IV: Lriw-In-strjai IIQ ILII,lV. Man- . .I ix' I I ipp.i'i.i"I'1..m I ii III. ix . opt-wrra II, III: Is. A, IJ. Inn-1-I-Itzi IV: Svnixi' Ii'I:iI': I'lnwi'nQ I. II. III, IIV, Svc-ii-Iai'5' III: I-Il I'lnlI l, Il, III:' lim' Annnzil SIIIIT. I-. Ii. II, III, IX, I,'aIIinvt IX: Vlass SIIIW. II: Iflmne llmini Ufficei' ll. G. A. C, III, IV: Ilelwau- IV: 1Ii'i-livstiwi I, Il, III. IV: Ilanil I, N "" 1.,,,.i.,,H,.,,l Stuff Ty' Mmm,-91 IV: II, III., IV.. Utliflmit I,'nJ14IliCtni' 'f:" PIQVIIIQ Trio- IV, Vin,-:itinnnl Sliits III-, I1'If1'I'I',mII II 3 ,, A I-,flI'I3UIlfI It H1 All IDg,U.i,.l ,,,.,.I,FS1,.n III' Iliwiii' IX. btinlenj L,-Iliiiml I: 4.1, II,-,.I,,.,m-A ,um 1,1m,1 p,,uu,Ig1 UI' A, I., Irps-i'I'ttzl IX: May Iwestival III. AI-wuiiilmiiist National Saxo- plinm- AAvII'llI0l'1 XVmIIlwiml Quin- tm Ill: Swing' Quartet IV: Sv-nior I'l:'iy, Him-lie-sti'a IV: Flinrus IV: Iivy Annual Staff: Km' PI-1'imlic'al IV: IIlIIn1nrtalI-S Smit III: Snln Cixiitvit Ill, IV: Nntinnul Ilnnni' Sn-Iii ty, Sevy: I"IIni' Vvaii' I-lnnni' Stn VIII: VaII1liI't1Ii'ian. III-X II, IM, IXXIII-IIIILII I, II: I:.IniI 1, II, 1, I'g II1'L'I1e-511:11 I. ll. Ill, IV: Stibviil lfniiiir-il I: IIIIIII-I-Iii II: Vqmglwiinl Trim Ili nr imyll J I inn llx IIIII LIIIII I I JAMES HOXVARD ,J III. W. IIIII Ii Qnnwi III: Sax- WATKINS I I 3 gsm' -Play: " I'InIi' ' . l' 3 ' L fd' IIe's :I tip top rliytlnn inastvrl Annnnl,X:' nlT: V-wzuiunnl Rkits Ninn-1' will he fave iIiSasts-r. 'H' "A'w1"h' H' in-Y II. nr, IV: Hunw Ilmnn Htlirei' I, II: Hnskn-IlIalI I, II. III, IV: I-lass-Imil I, II. III, IV: IJQ- luan- II: l'Ii'I-liestra I, II, III, IV: Hand I, II, III, IV: I7IIIt'l'l"II?1 II. III: IVmIclwiml Ti-in I, II, III, IV: . I HIIXUITIIIUIIU Trim I, II. III: IVOUII- wind Qiliiitc-t I, II, III: National Winner S'axfIplIfIne Snln II: Svn- ini' Play: Ifliurns I, II, III, IV: III-'rnian Ifiand I, II, III, IV: Yell In--uclil-1' I: Key Annual Staff: Min- sti-l"I I, II, III: Aiiclitiwiiim Com- inittwg- II: Vuvatinnal Skits I. II, III: All Distric-t Orclwstra I, III: Inslrivt I'Iiui' II: May Festival Ill. IV: 'I'rz1c'k III, IV: Ilrziinaticx II III IV ILO BLOSSER Sin- Iinsllvs almnt fl"'llI ilay tu Il.i5, Ilviiinpa ull liarcl wfwli laid away. rl, Il. II. III, IV, Vnliine-I III, IV. II. A. V. I, II, III, IV: Ilelizitc ll. I'l:i5' II: A Vnppvllzl Vlniir II. III, IV. IIpI'i'vII:i II, III: Il. A. C. Irpvlw-Ilsi IV: May I"I-slivnl III: 1'IiIIl'Ils I. II. III, IV. I-II I'IllII I1 KI-I'.KIm11:Il Stuff: Kay I'e-i'in4liiA:iI SI:II'l' II. Vw-ziliuiizll SI-ills IZ G, IL III':uIn:ItIv I'lIiII III. , , . GJ X Q , 'Q . lu I jffllrlfvfu 'Infiv li Wy'-Hill! ' ' " 1 'f""f . 7f.T"7?""I.'I'f'T'7IfI'HU'IIW"'1IN1KVIMlh'?It?PD'l'lII:III'IfI'IL IIHIIIIIHMFUIIBIIIIIYTIBIKQRIVIIMIIUIIIIII'-' Staff IV: AIOUIIIIUIIIII Sliits I, II, III: All Ifistrivt IkIi'vliPsti'a I. III. . K G. II. IVII'IlIf1'I't'I'II'6' Vim- Piws. IV: BOB L II. A. Il, .-Vltermite: National NVisv in-an with tli-1,4 I- il fl-I wi.-II, II"Il1"' SW'ir'U'i Flllll' YUHI' H"'l'l0l' In fam-t, I ton, -IIIIIIII fuel sn well. SUUIVIII- Q I I I I I I I I I I I I I I I l whence Ieem eve . ROLEYN ELIZABETH SAUL JACK XV. SI-IUMANN A smilv IIIII' IIII. II g'I'I'rtiII: p:I:I-I, I XIIIII xx'II:II I HHH A IIIvIIIIII-, jnlly way SIII- IIIIII. .XIIII llIzIl's :Ill I yum. II. Il. II. III. IV, VIIIIIIII-I IY, III-Y II., IIIr IV. Im-III-stI'II III, IIIIIIIIA IIIIIIIII IIrHI-I-I' I. II, A, I', I, IV: IZIIII-I I. Il. Ill IV. 1'II--rus II1 III-I-IIIJSII-II I. II, III, IV: .I I. IV. I-II 4'IlII'I ,r I:x',4A.I1IIII1+1I I IHIIIIIIIIIQI l'IIoiI' I, II. III, IV: SUI- Stuff. KI I' IH-I'iIIfIII':I SIIIII' IV, A I III'-III IV-IIIII-il IV: VIII-AI-I-IIII II, III: AIIIINII-.Il IV. I l'IIIII'IIf I, II, III. IV. I-II I'IIIII I1 KIA' .-XIIIIIIEII SIIIIT. VIII-:IIiIIII:II SI-ails I. StI'iII2' lII'I-III-stI':I IV. GERTIE M. ABRAMSON gf ,X XIIII gi::II', :I JIII5' IIIISQ, DQNALD EL 'TT XVIIIalfIIx's writ NIVIIIIIIIIIIQ' I4 :I 1 . I Ixs. I IIIII- III-I'I'I' knew. iI',I WIIIII III- .V , ' ,, . IIIIIISJIII, just y,yII:II1IIII- sIIIIu'III - xqtlffmk IVIHIIHI If-,1,l.,,Q .Inst WIIIII IF'II1IIII:IIt. ' HI' Y tl' I gkllg I' H III-Y II, III'IfV2 IIIIIIIII IIIIIIIII MI' 'I' I I ' I'I"'S- II. I'IIzIiI'IIIIIII IAIII: IIIISI-IIIIII I II1 .XI'I-III-ry I'I II III, SIIIIII-III Nur. III1 II--IIIIIINHT, III. IV: IWISI-IIQSIIIII 1 Q W 7 1 1 I, II, IIIYQI-I-III-SII-II I, II., III, II: ME5 II, QJIIANIX5 KIIX. I':IIIII , I, III. IV, UII'II'I1I' III: ' 5 XYIIIIIIWIEIII QIIIIIII-I III: III-IIIII-' .I I..-I-IA.-I-I LIIIIIIII-IIXII .- ,I-ks I'IzIy III. IV1 SIJIIIIII' I'I:II'. IIIIII- IIII- IIIII-I, I'IlIIl I1 K--3' PI-I'iIIcIiI-:II SIIIII' IV. III' IIIIIN IIIII IIII I I Iixws III- .XIIIIIIIIIAIIIIII l'IIIIIIIIItII-I1 I. SI-III IIIIIIX I'IIIIlI-QI III. N:ItiIIII:II IIIIIIIII' SHA , x Y ' I-IIIY. I-'IIIII' YI-:II' II-IIIHI' SIIIII-'III IIVI III I I- I I""S II - I INN I'I'Iw, II , IQ I- IIIIIIIII I'IIgIII'III:III I NI II IIIII II III IX -,. -,. ,, . I"IfI'IIs9I 1 III. IVV. SIIIIIII-III GALE CARVER IWIIIII-III . HIM-I--III.I III. S--IIIIII' I'I:Iy' IIII'IIs II-I. IX. Ixvg .XII- .XlII':Ix's I-IIIIIIIQ IIII- I-IIII'II III' :Irl II'IIlI R 'III AIIIIIIIWI IV- -I"'III"I' ' I IIII IIIIIIIIIIII--I I VIII:IIIIIIIIII N5 'III III-IIJIII' I'I:IV II, III. IV 'VII I-xIII'I'-ss wII1It's III lIIy IIIIIIVI, II Il, II, III. IV, l':IIIIIII-I III. xi IIII.II IIIIIIIII SIII-II-II VII-I- I'I'I'N, IV1 IM-IIAIIH IV. IIHIIII- ILIIIIIII V1-IIN, I'I'II:I':IIII VIIIIIIKIIIIIII I. III, IV. II .X 1' II, III, IV. I'I"'Q II, III X SIIIIII-III VI-IIIII'iI III. SI-IIIIII' III:II'. 4'Il"I'llS I' I-II IIIIIII I. IQIII' ,XII- ' , .' g Q I 1' ' IIII:II SIIIIT AIIIIIIIIVIIIIII 1'IIIIIIIIIIf IIII- Il: RIIIN 1311--'III III I'I'IIIII ' IACLUISS IJIII-I-II III. I'I:Iv I1IIfIIIIIsf AI:I' A III, I'.IIII III I'II.III.IIIIIII4 -III XVI-II LIIIIIIQIII, XVIII IIIQ-II III :III IQI:4Se HIIII'-'I II IIIIIIII IZIIIIIII KEIKFLIANIX EXVWJRS IIIIIIIII' II S-VII-II I'I.II I'--IIIIIIIII.--' ' ' ' IIIIII- I' III. ,II XIII x'.-I-I' t:III IIIII xIII'y NIII:III. IIIII I'1lII'JlIllI sw--I-I :IIIII IIIQIIII III' IIN' .III. II ll, II, III, IV, I'.IIIiIIIII IV. IIIIIIIII IIIIIIIII SI-I'y, Ig IQ ,X I', I, II III IV X l"II'II'II-II'I I'IIIIII' IV AL' PIIQI' III! SIIIII--I" l'I:IIE I'II1lI'IIStI, IV. Ii:-V .XIIIIIIzII SIIIIT. VIII'IIIiIIII:II Sliilx I, IV. IIIIIIII- ICI: l'IIIIs IV: AIIII I"IY-SIIVIIIV Ill: II. ,V lf -'PII-II'--IIII IX. NIIIII-IILII IIIIIIIII' sIII'II'l5'. I Wo, Iv f Iv . I I! f- 1 'I I 1 .I A , . . I ' , I e Us II 3rIlLEi1 xlI!l5L IildMII ' , ,If -ri I: s A-5 'NJ 32 rl. 1 8- 1' -H- title- "' 1 fn .p- xW 4' A- F' fi Y 3 , , Mir, . 1, ' tx 5. Q If , 'fww f. - 'Q' ' - .' - . - ' J QA.,-, ,,,,, 'V ,Q ,Y 5:4-,. ,lxrrf I Q, Mg., , 5 'Q' if 6' - Q, V , ae-,,, ' ' ' A -: ' "sat " . - 11-2 192 M2 ' 2 , . ' . 1? X- - D- ws -' ,' . V R f 5? '5 ,',1 ir' 4, fl?" .iz Q mf U", ' 4- .- H ,Mi ' V ALL ,ii 4245, 6 if Je- . L- Q- '-1 5 . - .Q ,X Q---:'11",.-4-z 'Q if ' --fr - f cw --ay. iff:-'-'-',r-V , , V. 2 ,. , , ,VV M . , 3. ., 47, I yrs, ...Ez -. Q, . . , ,. f , pg- L ., --W K A-23 F V- - --'L .2 .,v HFQ55 1,5 'Q . I hs, ,Q-5 f L F. . g.,,1 . M' , A A-,A 3.9. . s Q' - Ll' , Vw? .uv-f 58:4 r "wi: I J " '54, " ' 21, . 4- 1 ..k - ' 1 ' " '!?h,?f' 'zfim ','fi9S -, y ' ' ".r' 'Q' ' 'il' .,, -. Ay - ' J ggf:'f'ff'F? ' L .' 2, . -- - ' : 1-J " ' 'g .. Qi' ' , qc, J-4 -' ., '15 . 9: ILL f ' ' fb V? .- , . . - -, I ' f . 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THOBE 1Ir1lQiI':11-I-1411111.: .11- 1111- 1111111 I-1 11111-:1.11--1' .1 .-s111-1:'1I.111:4. XX'1xI. AAIiII'14I'C'1. -11'-1'-51131. 1111-.I II11 1111 11,1-111-111' 1.1Ii'+ I-1 xx'11'1gx 'mn' ' III-Y II, III IY,S-f1''111s 19, IL II. III. IV. I3 A 1" III: III II11111.- IL1---11. Y1-b I'1'1x. III 12 .X ".1'1-I-11'-11:1 IX' M111 I-'+-Sti- IM1-Ii--1!1.1II I. II Il11rfI-:1II I. II, 1:11 III 4-II1'I11I- II Y-11111-111111 III lw,I111v- II "V--1'--1111 III FI4I1Ir II 1'I1--1"1A I, Il. III, IY IL11I-.- 1.'I1.1I- I. II. Ill Y111.1!1-1:1.1ISl411s1. CHARLES PURDH Y v XIARR XI. CRAIX VI 11:15 F-1.-1' 5.1 V111---1'1'1'-f :1111I amy, XYI.1s1I111:' 11 IIIII1' A111111 Ilfffi 51.11-kb .1 :111-- 1.111 y-11111 I1k-- 111111 w:1y'. N... 111-1' II. III. 111 1-.-11111-- II, 011- 'I "'.f,j1' I"I1"'I' 'IX -""" "' UI' f1'11:.1 III. ' I1.1f'1.:1II III. IY, 5'III'1l' Play CARO I,11'., xx XI1lI1:1 45 Il. II 1'1-:11111111v-- I' I-' A. II. III. IX. 1-II 1'I11I- 1. II III. 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There is no assurance that what we do will lead to a certain end, but one may plan and enter into this great adventure with hope. Vision is the iirst essential of this great planning. If we are to get any place in the world, we must not wander around spending our time at other things. We must look ahead to what we want and make our goal high enough that when we reach it we are on the top. No one was ever a success in life without some sort of vision of what he wanted to do or what he wanted to be. But having vision, we must also have faith in ourselves. We must be sure that what we are doing is worth doing, and that we can do it well. Vision and faith are not all that are needed, for we must have action in order to progress. A quality necessary to action is courage. We must have the courage to keep going even though our vision fails or our faith is shattered. Having all these qualities is not enoughg we must combine them into one force, energy. Energy is human horse power: it is not a virtue in itself, but the application of virtues. Wie see our goal: we believe that we can reach itg we have the courage to go ahead in the face of ditiiculties-the outcome of all these is our going ahead to attain our goal. The greatest adventure in life is, of course, living. Many of us, who are now fin- ishing our school careers, wish that we might be able to have a second chance. Many of us would do better a second time. XVe think we should do a great deed or Find time to do things which we had plenty of time to do but never did do. A number of things that are not pleasant happen in lifeg we have done things which we are ashamed ofg we are guilty of things unworthy of usg we are the victims of unfortunate circumstances. If we had a second chance all this would be changed. but there have been so many pleasant times, so many nice people, so many satisfactions. These are the things we should like to live over again, not the chance to do better a second time. The threads of opportunities lie broken along the path of our school days. But our joy comes, not in regretting what might have been. but in making the most of what yet may be. During the past twelve years our teachers have guided us and helped us to pick up these opportunities. To them we are grateful. But now we are beyond the jurisdiction of our teachersg we are faced with the task of making our own decisions and Ending our opportunities. W'e regret that we are at the end of one great adventure, our school daysg but we rejoice that we are at the beginning of another great adventure, finding our place in the world. A new world lies before us with numerous opportunities. We must have the vision to see our advancement, faith in our own ability, and courage to carry out our plans, These will make our own success in life-a great adventure. -Mary Catherine Lippincott. SALU PAIORY OPENING DOORS In the past school years we have had placed before us many opportunities which may be interpreted as so many doorsg these may be opened in many different fields of work. The teachers and instructors who have supervised our learning may be called "locksmiths." At first these doors were simple and made up the foundation of the future we are now facing. But as time went on the doors became more complex and elaborate. Now the doors which lie before us are for our own choosing and of course, we must choose the ones through which we are best suited to enter. The first door we must open is the one of opportunity. The head of a world- famous university once said, "The greatest opportunity that can ever come to you will be no greater than your preparation for itf' This statement sums up in a few words what we have been working for all these years. After opportunity comes another doorg namely, the door to a vocation. It opens into a vast room of many professions. The decision of which vocation to choose is a hard one to make. Probably most of us have not decided definitely about this door yet. Another door that has been partially opened for us by the ulocksniithsn is the door to religion. Religion is of major importance not only to us but to everyone. This can- not be stressed enough for sooner or later we must all recognize it. All during our school life we have associated with religious principles and we must carry them through all time to come. Closely related to religion is the door of service. In the various organizations in which we have participated we have had the ideal of service held up before us. XVe cannot evade the fact that this constitutes a primary factor in our adaptation to the future. Of course there have been times when we have forgotten the idea of service but to be successful we must pass through this portal. Along with the others there is a door to be opened called health. We have always been taught the rules of good health and in order to reach our goal those rules must bc followed. In the athletic program of the school we have practiced good health and clean living. To attain the highest achievement we must always seek good. clean living. Another door we shall meet is that of leisure time. XVhen I mention leisure time. this question arises: Are we going to spend this leisure time in a profitable way or are we going to idle it away? XVe were instructed to use it to the best of our advantage. In the I-Ii-Y and Girl Reserve clubs opportunity was given to us to use our leisure time in a profitable way. I feel that we shall carry this habit out into life. Challenging us to open it is .1 door, which in my mind, is considered very im- portant. It is the door that opens into the room of social standing. in other words our associations in society. We aspire to associate with the more responsible people in the community. Shall we always feel this way? Shall we combine this door with others and develop a high Christian character? Our characters will depend upon the "Open- ing of the Doors of Life.', I speak for the whole class when I say that we desire to open all of these and enter into the successful phases of life. I feel sure we shall attain the goals which have been placed before us by the "locksmiths" fthe teachersj in the school. XVe shall try, and I am sure we shall find a place in the world to render the service for which we have been prepared. Thus shall we show our appreciation to the community and to the teachers by whom we have been guided. In conclusion I want to express our happy and sincere welcome to you and to the life we are about to face. -Max Tucker. Page fuinfi om 1 .. . ., .:.f,::-iw .pw ::.'1--n - ': --'--- 'z'-fzffff f' 1 -if3.-111-fra 'f - f z 11 "':5:-1-Q.,- ..., . fair' 1 .s.lz13i':iBi , S DQEAMY DAZE I was sitting in social science class the other day trying to stir up some interest in Congress and the affairs of the government. Finally I gave up and started talking to Bob London about the plans of the seniors after graduation. We completely forgot our surroundings and imagined the time twenty years from now. I asked, "Bob, how are you getting along in the business of calling cattle on Mark Crain's ranch? I always knew you would commercialize on your voice." He said he was paid very well because everyone was in the market for a cowhand with .1 loud voice. "And say.', he said, "Julia is writing an advice to the lovelorn column in the Chicago Tribune. She confided to me that she had just received a letter from Dee Reese asking for some advice. He is in love with two women besides his wife and they are both suing him for breach of promise. James Crankshaw is handling the case for him so he shouldnit be so worried. Malinda Pendill is his private secretary. Jimmy has iust finished writing 'A Thousand Xvays to Spend Your Leisure Timelf' I told Bob I had seen james Nvatkins' Rhythm Band the preceding week in New York and he was really a sensation. Louise Helme is the featured dancer and the fans say she is "tops.', "I hear Donald Elliott is a famous psychologist now. He is at present trying to discover what makes his children so mean," I went on. Bob volunteered. "Jack Shumann has taken up aviation and until yesterday when he knocked Bill Butz off the statue on the mound in Angola, Bill was the champion pole sitter. "Harley Mann is an undertaker but says that business is slow since Junior Sheets, chief of police, started a campaign against fast driving." I asked if he knew what had happened to Gale Carver. He answered, "She has an art studio with Mary XVells and Caroll Zimmerman. They are trying to make a new color for the labels on Bob Kolb's foot medicine. He is a famous specialist, you know, and wants something different. Kolb always was a little different. remember? Ruth Kiess is assisting as his trained nurse." Bob said he wondered if Robert Hall were still interested in golf. I told him that he was always on a golf course. He and John Stage are running a combination golf and bowling club. It makes a good game because it doesn't take so long to play it when you can pick up the ball. Jack Ritter is their personal adviser and coaches Big Ten games as a sideline. "I wonder what's happened to our own dear Angola High School," I continued. "Eddie Griiiith was so fond of it that he decided to take it up as his lifeis work. He is now principal of A. H. S. and is following in Mr. Elliott's footsteps," Bob told me. "Mary Catherine Lippincott is considered the best dancing teacher in the world. It is said that until recently she could make anyone go into the dance. She is afraid that Ray Becker and Ralph Thobe will be the first black marks on her record. "Labor conditions certainly are getting bad. I don't know what will happen if Glen Huntington docsn't stop conducting sit down strikes. It seems that he and Leland Nedele could come to no agreement. Leland just wonit pay his mechanic, Russell Rit ter. enough for putting his Super-Charged Nedeles together. You can't blame Russell's men for wanting better wages, though. "Ilia Blosser is said to have a bad case of writer's cramp since she has gained such a reputation as a journalist. jyle Millikan is her private physician and prescribes a few trips abroadf, "By the way-did Violet Butz ever become the beauty operator she spoke so much about?" I asked. "NX"ell, yes and no." he said. "She has dyed her hair bright red and is one of those operators who says, 'Number pleascf whenever someone lifts the receiver of a telephone. Violet Iiisenhour is selling a new beauty creation which is guaranteed to remove vsrinlzles. 1 urn y lun "Margaret Morse and Orelolana Ewers are still trying to decide upon .1 vocation. W'e should have been taught that in high school, don't you think?" he concluded. "Have you seen any good shows lately," I queried? "Yes," he said. "Roleyn Saul is a hit in 'Golddiggers of 1957,' even if she is get- ting slightly grey around the temples. Max Tucker has taken Robert Taylor's place -the girls just won't let him alone. They say Marcella Fanning came to America just to play chop sticks in the new show. She is a concert pianist at heart. "Charles Jacobs is with Ringling Brothers Circus and has a company of trained ileas. He reports that they have more intelligence than most humans. Gertie Abram- son, Luella Parker, and Josephine XVhite have surpassed all former trapese artists." "Charles Purdy is hunting wild game in Africa," I told him. "He always did go in for that sort of thing. He has hired the great author, Nlfaya Rose XY'iIliams, to write his animal stories for the kiddies' hour when he returns." Bob said, "Remember how you used to kick up your heels and talk about being a ballet dancer?" "Yes, I remember," I answered, "and I hayen't given up yet. Maybe when I get a little older! I'm only thirty-seven, you know. and life begins at forty." "XVhy-ah. XVell, you see-uh, I'm sorry, Mr. Handy, er-a-I didnyt hear the question." ELEANORF BAKSTAD. XVELL ! XVELL ! XVELI. ! ..-Q xxx' .Q , VIP- - 3 V4 .I 'fha' Q 9 Hur 4-illlorf se-yrrcil 3'--:urs :ig--. Il:ii'Iv3' Alnnn wiuild you :ui-ss ill. Xin- kitty---riulil RIIIIIHIIZIII Fit up stisziipalit :intl hue' your iloll, Mui--vllzi, Ili. I'1-ss--i' I-wi-kiii: 1'-iiisiyi-. XYLU' Hose- talking: zi sun bzitli. .lnlizi .l:in-- .lzi-ilisoii. Minn ein-1 lid-lie in ilii- Iirsl grin!--1 Hold .ii Jimma' 4'.Z Smile Hairli-X. .lsivk lliltvi' in his yniliitri-r days. 4ii'eI.l:iiiu "XYIi-- ' ii 3-in mid I were YUlII'lLZ'H. .lose-pliiiiv must iinyi- lil:--il the 4':ili1vi':llii1iii- Noll--e the I-wk in ln-i' Q-yes Page f1l't'llfj'-fl71'L'1' I AGREE! HIE!! .545i!ZiiiExiIi1"t:15j!l meer- mee r We Willinglq and Eequeath Be it remembered that we, the class of 1937. of Angola High School, situated in the Town of Angola, in the County of Steuben, in the State of Indiana, being in our usual unsound state of mind and memory, but umindful of the uncertainty of this life, and our approaching dismemberment, do make, publish and declare this our last will and testament, hereby revoking all former wills by us made. After the payment of all our just debts, funeral charges, grudges, and expenses of administration. we dispose of our estate as follows: To the freshmen we will and bequeath a trust fund of one cent to be invested in the stock of the United Perpetual Motion Machine Manufacturing Company, Inc., and Roscoe Nedele is appointed trustee to administer this fund. It will come in handy later. To the sophomores we leave our best wishes for a basketball team in their senior year, although we are extremely pessimistic in regard to this question. To the juniors we hereby make the following disposition of our personal property: I. Gertie Abramson. do hereby will and bequeath my box of water colors and paint brush to Margaret Carr. I. Eleanore Bakstad, do hereby will and bequeath a much used wad of chewing gum to Lana Zimmerman. I. Ray Becker, do hereby will and bequeath a bottle of valve oil to Burton Kolb for his cornet so he will be able to play first chair cornet next year. I, Ilo Blosser. do hereby will and bequeath my formula for always winning argu- ments in English class to Beth Brown. I. Bill Butz, do hereby will and bequeath this cushion to be used during next year's basketball season to Mack I-Iosack. I, Violet Butz, do hereby will and bequeath two sheets of typing paper to Robert I-Iolderness. I, Gale Carver. do hereby will and bequeath this half finished art picture to Mary Booth. I, Mark Grain, do hereby will and bequeath a baseball with which he can easily throw a curve to Don Weaxfer. I, James Crankshaw, do hereby will and bequeath my extra supply of debate cards to Robert Craig. I. Violet Eisenhour. do hereby will and bequeath my numerous short pencils for writing notes to Phyllis Green. I. Donald Elliott. do hereby will and bequeath my fourth year English notebook to Bradley Swift. I. OreLlana Ewers, do hereby will and bequeath my worn out paint brushes to Mary Ellen Bollinger. I, Marcella Fanning, do hereby will and bequeath my cowgirl neckerchief to Marguerite Baker of Rose Bud, Montana-"Believe it or notf' I. Edwin Griffith, do hereby will and bequeath some trombone notes, slightly off pitch. to Robert Zimmerman. He may be able to use them on his bassoon. I. Robert I-Iall. do hereby will and bequeath a golf ball he can hit to Robert Devine. I. Louise Helme, do hereby will and bequeath my attractive white socks worn in the senior class play, to Emagene Hendershot. I, Glen Huntington, do hereby will and bequeath an unused Health book to Nlark Aldrich. I. ,Iulia ,lane jackson, do hereby will and bequeath a picture of Buck Gray to jerry Higgins. She has been teasing me for it ever since I snapped it. I, Ruth Kiess, do hereby will and bequeath this threadbare A string to June Kohl for any further service it may bring. I. Iiob Kolb, do hereby will and bequeath that squawking oboe to Dick Small. I 1 I our I, Mary Catherine Lippincott, do hereby will and bequeath a much used short- hand tablet to Violet Ploughe. I, Bob London, do hereby will and bequeath this much used excuse blank to Doopy Myers in the hope that it will help him as much as it helped me in the past years, I, Jyle Millikan, do hereby will and bequeath this bottle of hair straightener to Arnold Pepple. I, Margaret Morse, do hereby will and bequeath these hair curlers to Catherine Cwritiiths. They are a great help in getting ready for a Saturday night date. I, Leland Nedele, do hereby will and bequeath this coat button to XVarren Sellers. He can fasten his coat more securely to prevent the winds blowing him away. I, Luella Parker, do hereby will and bequeath .1 box of stationery to Ilene Jackson. I, Malinda Pendill, do hereby will and bequeath a pencil to stick behind her ear to make her look like a "real-for-sure" secretary to Laurine Hostetler. I, Dee Reese, do hereby will and bequeath one of my pairs of stunning socks to XY"ade Letts. They will attract the attention of any artists. I, Jack Ritter, do hereby will and bequeath the formula for my bowling technique to Paul Hagewood. I, Russell Ritter, do hereby will and bequeath my happy-go-lucky face and silly grin to Bob Clark. I, Roleyn Saul, do hereby will and bequeath my chair in orchestra to Ruth Black- burn. I, Junior Sheets, do hereby will and bequeath some ginger to Xvilliam Meyers so he will have plenty of pep in school. I, Charles Purely, do hereby will and bequeath my bashfulness to Donna Mae Griffin. I, Jack Shumann, do hereby will and bequeath this broken clarinet reed to Jeanne Preston so she will have some excuse for all the squeaks she will make in band and orchestra next year. I, John Stage, do hereby will and bequeath .1 road map to Algansee, Mich., to Dale Cole. I, Ralph Thobe. do hereby will and bequeath a can of bear grease for hair slicking to Donald Morrison. I, Max Tucker, do hereby will and bequeath a volume from my library, entitled "How Seniors Acquire Dignityu to Jim Zuber. I, Mary XVells, do hereby will and bequeath a fish pole for catching small fish to Eleanor Miller. I, Josephine XVhite, do hereby will and bequeath a compact to Marcelle Greenfield. I, NVava Rose XVilli.ims, do hereby will and bequeath my little pink comb to use to primp during noon hours to Betty Goudy. I, Caroll Zimmerman, do hereby will and bequeath my worn out art palette and paints to John Overla, I, James H. Watkins, do hereby will and bequeath a lipstick I stole from the girl friend to Aus Aldrich. He may give it to his girl friend or use it in the Hi-Y initia- tion next year. I, Charles Jacobs, do hereby will and bequeath my BEETLE BUG to Mr. Handy so he can travel from class to class faster. In testimony whereof, we hereunto set our hand and seal, and declare this to be our last will and testament this twenty-eighth day of May, in the year one thou- sand nine hundred and thirty-seven. Signed: THE SENIOR CLASS Per Jyle Millikan and Leland Nedele Max Tucker, Preiii1'c11l Jack Ritter, Vin'-Pr'i'5ii1'v11l Wfava Rose Williams, SL'L'!'L'ftll':J' Leland Nedele, Tl't'dSIll'F1' Page firmly-fiife ,., at . t-.n15w.g.q ve :vffwsvxr ' :.,.1.:. 1:47:24 1 l ' 4 1-il. :X -as Tami? : f , A-54 ' 1 If , ,I V , . . V .'. 'y I ' ff' .Q Q ' 4 v f,f"'.y 1 ' -' 1 , 1 ,il " - , '. f'1- "- - - 4 , I 'iff' ' 315 , '- .J ,1f.G'5 . 4 . ,1 .5 .' . ,IV ' .e ' :. V 4 , 1 1 Vliiq' I I ' .' -. - -z- '5 if ' 1 H - , ' an , , ,,,vi, 3 Y I. , Jail., ."'J' 2 . - . Q' ' 5 ,PP 9 'I 1 f, , '4'- . , Q 4- ,M . v . .f - ,, . " 5? ' P 5 ' . . V A-,,. "' . J., '4- 'r f.,, Su-' .44 4 ' . 3 . ' " . - 'A , -uw. f at ra' 'J' Q 'vi 4. Q., Q1 -',' ,2 .1 N 34.11 if H., ,. ' ,- 'Y-1, ,,'.f .vC' iK.1k mam 75 . fl .- . ' "' , "if ,"'? Lui. .-. uw ' 4 : 3,3z'a::s.4h. I Q- :V ng ,uf . . . A .aqhlv as Y .1 A,.: ,Q .q f":.L-: 'Ayc- , '. 'fflyhg-, .fyk , ' f , x :4,l"'f .6552 b : Sl. ef V' ,. .4 ..QE,lZj9g Efnz-J.. 155' un- . .A 9 Y"iCQls' -, an 1 A ,.4': 1-xi , 5.45 ., : ,. N- . .-5... A, , 'Z Y -Hy" gf' ' .4 X1 V-'-5":lf4- F "',"f4LvTQ. if' f ..-iff -fizftr " L "-.P -'if .zu-"i','Rgf:L'?':"t:: ,IQ lf- Lx .- ft' swf. V.-f., . nf.-13, V 'Q' " 'f-A - 1 .JU 3 J I 1 X 1 gc- , M P s X , 1 x Q , l ,. " 'Jud' ' , ,, f V . -4 , L S M . 1 F , , 2 92 V B 1 , fn JJ yj ' , 4 r , 'Q x T-'51 f df f ., fn, ' ' , , , ,K ' 5 'g,:':i'M': Q ,jg - .-. I u M fm' 1 f ' f-.L 1 1 1 - uv W' J' ' e " , ' 3 x .f " - . 43 I 'xx F w QR wa, ' .r 5. V , I , A, J A .7 N 1 . " I' .v " . r' 'ki' , 3 z Yi .- 1 ' ip, lv 4 f' A ' 1 A cf , 4 Q , -.B A My L 1 1-'I V 74, , . ' f ' 1 J " x ' A1 .. Sf I ll. LX 4 I' 2 f, , , .9 . A H 7 1 t', f- ig, 1 1 -. 94. 15' , .,. ' I .I - 1 rvnmfmzaqfmveil ' 'A H5 NAME NICKNAME AMBITION PASTIME RESEMBLANCE ti lu Gertie Abramson Eleanore Bakstad ....... Gertie Toots .,..,,A Beautician .,,,,.,. . ,..,..... .. Ballet dancer ..,,,.., Dentist ...,,,............ Model stenographer Ray Becker e,,,, ee,...,, R ay ,,.,,,..,A, Ilo Blosser ,,,e Ae,,e,.., B lossom .,,,, Bill Butz ,.,,, ,,,,.,,,, B ill ..AA,,,,,,, Congressman ,..,.... Art teacher .... .. Artist ,,,,,,,,,., .. Violet Butz .. ,,,.,,,,, Vi l,,,.l,,,,, A. Gale Carver ,,,,.,,,,,.... Red ,,,,,,,,.r. Mark Crain ,,..,,,,,,,,,, Dutch ,.,,,,, james Crankshaw Violet Eisenhour OreLlana Ewers ,,...,r Marcella Fanning Eddie Griffith ,,,......,. -ffv Hawkshaw Donald Elliott ,,,,,..,,, D on ,,,,...,.., Toots Marcia Eddie IC ..,,. ...... Farmer A ,,,,, Lawyer ,,,,,,,,,,,, ,. Stenographer ,,,.lli,., Psychologist ..,, ,. Dietician ,,,,,,, Virtuoso , ,,,,,,, Painter ,.,,l,....... ..... Professional golfer Robert Hall .rr,,,,,,, Bob ,,,,,r, Louise Helme ,,rr,,,,,,,, Helma Glen Huntington ,.,, Hunny Julia Jane Jackson ,,.. J udy ,,,. Charles Jacobs v,,,,rr,,, Chuck ,,,,, Ruth Kiess .....,i..i.i.... Ruthie ,,,,r Bob Kolb ,,,,,,,,,,,,r,,,,, Bob ,,,,l,,,,r, Mary C. Lippincott Robert London Harley Mann ..,,...,,,.. Mickey ,,,... Bob ,,..,e,.i,, Harley ..... Jyle Millikan .......i.,,. Eddie Margaret Morse Leland Nedele Luella Parker ,,,,....... Meg .,,,,,,,, Schwartz .... Pat ,,,,.,..... Malinda Pendill ,.....,, Linda ,,..... Charles Purdy Farrner's wife .,,... Doctor ,,,,..,., .. Librarian Filling station operatorA. Musician ,,,,,,,,,,,, A ,,,,...,, Chiropodist Teacher ,,,,.. .A ii.. .. Senator ,,.,..... ,.,, A . ., Undertaker ,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, To succeed Beautician Governor Keeper of dog hospital Stenographer ,,,,....iii,..., Chauffeur ....,..,.,,.i,,,,,,, Screen star ......,,,,....,... Curtain puller at Metro. Mechanic .,,,..,,,....,,.. Opera singer ....,.,, ....,.., Dee Reese . ......... Dee ,,ii,..... . jack Ritter ..,,,,.,..,... jake ,,rr,,,,, Russell Ritter ,,...,..,. Russ ,,.....,. Roleyn Saul . ,....,, Saulie ,,,,.. . Junior Sheets ........ Sheetzie ,,... jack Shumann john Stage Ralph Thobe Max Tucker . Harpo! ,,,.. Jones ,,,,,,... Tob .. .,,... .. Carideo ..., james H. VC'atkins .... jim . Mary XVells ,..,. W'ava Rose Williams Caroll Zimmerman 14113-nit Mary .,..,.,. Josephine Wfhite ,,,,,, Aloe ,,,,... Wava Suvie ..,,,,, Farm machinist ,,..,..... Dance band leader ,,,,., Run bowling alley .,.... Hardware store ....i..i.. Surgeon ,...,,...,.,.,,,..,.., Dance band leader Nurse ,v,,,,,,,,,,,,,,rA,,,,,,,, Nurse . ,,,,,, A ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, . Secretary ,,,,,,,,.,i.,,,,,,,,,, Interior decorator Talking to Violet . Dancing ,..,,,r,,,,,,,,,, Driving a car ......, Meeting Henry ,.... Laughing ....,v........, Cooking ,,,, ,,,,.,. Drawing ,.,,,,, ,,,,,,, Farming ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, Talking to Emagene. Dressmaking .,,,....,,. Debating ,i,,, ,,...., Painting ,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,, Playing piano .....,,., Standing in hall ..... Eating A, ,,,, ,,,.r,,,,,,,,, A Talking AAA,.A,,...A..A.A.A Day dreaming ....... Other people Filling station Popular music Playing Indian A,,..., Running around Talking AAAA,,,.......,,A Driving a car ..,.,,A Hunting, .,,,.,,,AA.... . Dancing ,,,,.,,,,,,,A.... Running around Roller skating ......, Dancing .A,,,,,,....AAA., Asking questions Basketball .AAA........... Star gazing ........... Taking things apart.. Working? .,,..,..,..,.A, Walking ...A,....A....... Arguing A,..,............ Looking around .A... Going to Coldwater.. Picture shows ....... Arguing ...A.,A.......... Making aprons ..... Ice skating ............ Doing nothing .....,. Embroidery .......A... Dixie Dugan Cleopatra Skeezix Becky Sharp Harold Teen Minnehaha Myrna Loy Dizzy Dean Anthony Adverse Cozette Donald Laird Celia Queen Victoria Napoleon Gene Sarazen Garbo Kit Carson Martha Raye Barney Oldfield Gracie Allen Martin Johnson Dumb Dora Joe E. Brown Rudy Vallee Daniel Boone Tillie the Toiler Jack Benny Patsy Kelley Cinderella Charley Chaplin Beau Brummel Christopher Columbus Joe Penner Lily Pons Silas McCormick Robert Montgomery Robinson Crusoe Jimmie Braddock Robert Taylor Ben Bernie Little Nell Clara Barton Rosa Bonheur Elizabeth McRae Boykin UNDEVQQQADUATES Page fu filly scum ,M 1. 1,19 s 1. ,+ i:f.i.i' 'isf' -t w-w M H- ' Mums--W auriltii Junnovs J 2' 'l ' - " -J N ' 5? vw- -' ' - , i , Q -- f sr- -A ,s 'V ll, -7 i j L7 -Q X... X X 1 N '. t f ' i "--""f"' .. ,, ' ' l or ! ' 'f 5 ' o if f ,Jw -A , . J :WW Mr- A -D u L l. KV U- P' - L Q R is "' ' r- L'-A X "5 ' ' fp, , . 1 1 - I gg B, ,'. . , . I A I x , 4 5' -J A' , , QBQ,-BA, . YEL- E ' f'h.- lille use dl g Q- V. I X -5 .5 f : ,' Q 1 A ' ef: le ffi ar-1' ' "l 7.4 ' 'Q ' - .1 555. 0 'Sf -.1 l ,' . 5' 5 1 - S I H ,AQ N - A f" tl' ' 'X" MW x F.: fa: - Pg-- . .1 -. ., 51 3, .- is E ,X lr :S cg, -3. ' ' f-- Q h . ' .nt ' r' ' f' ' i ! 4 X ' ,. f' '1 " V Y lg. . f , -f K ,1 . gee, f . 5. i .J . Mi. . Y! -1 ,, A ' '1 7-, 5 P ,, -Y , A -S55 .vi ' , 3 . -'I 5 Q ., ' -. 7, ,' .P -' 3 ' -A "7 "' A 'S "xi x " 1 A 3. .X . - -1' 1 - il its , : , gk of 1 I 1 F5 qt. PE . ' , ,f H i .1 A 1 . l. - we i e , . mi ggi V 'I'-ip row: Mzirk Alflrivli, Ihftly Allfn, XV--iidi--ll Aldriuli, Marp:'ili-1'itv Hiilwr, lA'LYVl'l'llL'6' E'-'krizaih Murjf lllli-ii liiilizizilr, lliirf-lil M4-Kinlr-X, "l:u':1 Mme lluXVcl'llliill. Beth Brown, .liizif-f MVN.-zil, .lziiiv lfiui li. Sw -iiiil 1'-iw: llolwift l'Ill'V, Mziiwgziiw,-1 4.'zii'1', lloln-1't Vlark, Ilutli Ann Us-llvtt, D. O. Pool, ll-'M-rt I'-f'.ii,'-. lifitii l':l'IlNl.. Aiwifilfl IH-ppl:-, Hi-tty 151-lilly, Duiialld A1U1'1'iS4i'l'I, Mars--ll? Shank. Thir-l wiv." lZi':i-ll'-5' Swift, 4':itliei'iiiw Gritlitlis, t"lzii'elle-xi Guilforcl, Paul llfigewmvrl, EfIn.:i:--:i-- ll'-i.-l-141.--1, l:-,li-fi-1 ll-ilil+-iwivss, 1iHrz1l4lln.1 Iligzins, Muvk Hvlsavk, Laurine lflivsv--tl'-r', Imrl .lolinx Lvl-4 lines-fl: Juni- Kiilil. l" 'itll row Imnzil-l Klvlff-. ll'-lly' llrown. 'xVaiflff hells, lXIzu'y lfiimtli, XYilliam Meyers, l".l'ilL:.'- lfrsixirw. .lf-Ein Uv'-i'la, I'2-'rml H:ii'Iiivx', Violet Plunsrlle, Stephen l12lllSlrlll'g. Hzn'i'ie-tt I'-".'.'--ra In-111. lli--w liwtwiii rf-'.'.': l'lif.'llif Giwf-li, XX'zii'i'fAii S1-lli-rs, llivllud Small, 1I8,l't'l'llt' Gre-enrif-lql, " rr XY:iix'. 194--fi-:in Xlldli-li, Ilfvii XY+4:ix'v1', IAlIl!l ZllllIllP'l'lllllU, .lzinies Zllhl'l', Donna Mae fjxitfiii, lfrilf- I'-il'-. ll'-Iii' .liivkswlh Mark Aldrich-Freckles Wkndell Aldrich-Bashful. Betty Allen-Ah, those eyes! Nlarguerite Baker-Sensible I.av.'ri:ne: Beckman-Tuba player Mary Ellen Bolinger-Willing to work Mary E. Booth-lJon's choice Clara Nldc Bowernmn-Wfe miss her lieth l5rm'.'n-Witty and Wise Betty lirm-.'n-Burryk pal ,lane Louise lhiclx-fyolnldiggur of '37 .Nlargnret f,nri'hShe can cook Hrihurt f..iry-ln South Bend liohcrl f,lJrl-1-C JUI' wood CAIFVCI' lmle Cole-Swine il.1y sheriff-nmybe Ptliff' lu f'fl!', -rirgffl Ruth Collett-Second Gracie Allen D. O. Cool-At Hamilton Robert Devine-He gets high marks Ruth Ernst-Earnest in purpose Pauline Frazier-Smile for everyone Bernd Gartner-Slim Summerville Betty Goudy-With flirtatious looks Phyllis Green-Willing to work Marcelle Greenfield-Dependable and sincere Donna Mac Gritlin-Junior worker Catherine Grifhths-An industrious miss Clarellen Guilford-Spring festival queen Paul Hagenwood-A likable person Emagene Hendershot-Junior prima donna Geraldine Higgins-Short and sweet Robert Holderness-Coldwater, we are here! Mack Hosack-Old lronsides Laurine Hostetler-Dave's delight llene ,Iaekson-Chorus Dnrl Johns-Shrimp Lyle Kiser-Cheer leader june Kohl-Prom queen Donald Kope-A country lad XVade Letts-Latin shark James McNeal-His time is occupied Harold Nlcliinley-Our drummer XY'illiam Nleyers-Sanetimonious Donald Morrison-A pleasant lad .x.Ul' t uv' 1 X X i"XNX Ln iw , x .X X, X xW,' alll avx' l XX url, of , -. A: , xv' X r N - . .-wx. A9 Xxx? x . .-yo ,-4 V.. -Q. MIBKKU' john Ovcrla-Our artist Arnold Pepple-Mischief bent-maybe Violet Ploughe-Her smile is sweet llarriett Powers-Still in town Stephen R.1nsburg-Determination Dean Rose-He tells us things XY'arren Sellers-Practical person Nlarsella Shank-She doesn't worry Richard Small-Bing Crosby the second. Bradley Swift-Future Kroger man Don XYiC.'lX'Cl"-Nl.'l.Y he manager of CCC Georgia XY'eleh-Always peppy Rielmrd X'i'yatt-He runs the farm Lana Zimmerman-Christie's soda jerliel' james Zulner-Always into mischief jack Meliwen-Cliampion sneezer Nlary Ellen llewell-A quiet miss Vernon XY'.1ite-Hamlsome is as hand- some does X- xdxlk x ' if , ,qu Nl xx r' ' XV - t ' MDX X .E Xvxx Y ,, QU. or xx xx X x .."iF..L ...:f .JQPTQ Til UJQQLJ Opl'W9 Iantha Abramson-Quiet soul Eldon Andrew-Don Ameche Ruth Badger-Auburn hair and freckles Ruth Blackburn-Connie-so what! Loyal Bowerman-Give me time Andrew Braxton--From Battle Creek Donald Boyd-Glenn's pal Dean Brooks-Gabriel has nothing on him Katie Lou Bryan-She lives at the lake Virginia Care-She knows history Alvena Certain-Ruby Noll and her violin Robert Craig-Einstein Calista Creel-She does things with L1 zest Lillian Crooks-Always pleasant Betty Crothers-Gets her lessons Mary Jane Damlos-Our cello player Lucille Dunham-Somebodfs sweetheart Virginia Dunham-Kind to all Marcella Eggleston-Say it with flowers Geneva Eisenhour--She makes dresses U, ff, "1 , "1 .u,,,'j 112,11 ffjxlul Maxine Fanning-Blondie Edward Fast-Model T Kenneth German-German, the first Orla German-German, the second Robert German-German, the third Virginia Goodrich-She is never still a minute Max Gray-Little Champion Lucy Ellen Handy-Our concert master Thomas Hanselman-Apollo Lulu Henry-Gone but not forgotten Charles Homan-Works in the shop Mary E. Jackson-Little and brunette Doris Jarboe-Interested in Tri-State Betty Kemmerling-G. A. C. Opal May Kope-Tillie, the Toiler Vera Cope-Peppy Eleanor Miller-We like her Lola Miller-Our art student Owen Mote-Adept at basketball Robert Myers-Doopy is right Roscoe Parrish-Minus work Betty June Rensch-Eddie's gal friend I ell-j. "HU N . -4.- .1 i.2L7R s Z ff1f,lllfl,1,,. Jlw K -W1 "'7ll I , . JH tljifnd fe uh. fn.. 111, . ' z,,xjfj1.,., ' " 11, 'll ' I1 'I i' ,1r5ffriZ1'..l. B V N Ulf i0b Ill , V I- 1' if .- 1 ' N , s , ' 'z - :G-J-1 X: ,1-: ':. ,, S -N s-in ' . 'Y' it if 41 1 .Qs ", f iw :-1 4: f f ' 1 V1 . ' 1 3, .Lessig if ,lun it XX 'ar 5? 1' 2. ' f -f -1 -1 1 1 s. f 'Q' . -1 he Yi 1 ' 1 1 ,. ,.,. 1 sw - , ' : ' 1 5. , - -f 'f'i,c' '- Q I I nf! .. 4 q V I 1 V7 -we " laik U Swi ft I ,il ', :-L V t 14 - ' 1 I , -Q ' Q '. .. A -' -3 ... " 'Q ' . , gf. L 1 ff G .4 A R A -l, B' X gif 7-' 5 -ff " "W , tl! 'P ' ' 9 A 14 My K ii 1' ii l 1' ,gs ' iq -"W 1 x ' ' ' -- "' 1 Ti- f."f,'5 1- .1 Y-' . ' ' ' . "Lv-v" 1 ,Ng-192u,f'f ssss fa--:izffrfff L T V f 1 ffu 4 1 A -A X f, 55' i ? Q 1 5 i V. iz I L-i . 1 V .55 Q , . , A -1 A 1 A' if A A '. 9 gi, so '- ' tt .- s . Sl' 1 te , .sd is f ,gl ,Q 2: 41 X .I 6 1-,V 17 5? Q. 4' '33 ' ' W' 'tt ' A ' ,- A: :ti ' ' lx- Y ' 'N .i " N ' if K I 'XJ' ii' 1 4 4 t " ftzfifi ' A . TH11 row: Inntlm Aluxsiiismi, Iflilllil Anllrf-xv, llulli I'illllFl"'l', Lmnzilvl lWvB'rl, lluill lllavk- lfurn, Ile-Lin l'lr-malta Yirgiilizi lfure, Kzltiv l."ll llI'B'2lll, lie-tty K-'nin1erllii:. lltilnert Vraif, Vulism Ui---1-I. Sm--nifl rx-wg Lillian Viwmks. 'l'l1lwma1s XYig:l'in-, Mum' .lame llunilns, lIli'll2ll'1l Z--ig'lei', Virginia llunliam, M:u'wvll:i l'Ig,Ql-Astnii, lin-nn--tlu 1lvl'mzu1. Maxim' l"glnnHi:, limlfliv Fast, .-Xlvenzi l'vi'Iuii1, Hrlzl G1-Vnmn. 'Vliirrl row: lin!-1-rt in-rlllilll. X ll'2llll11 11.-Uni-14-li, Max lQl'1lY. Lin-y 15111.11 Ilgmmly. 'l'lmniuQ l'lllllS"ll'l1ilIl, Lulu llr'llI'X, Vlnsirlt-s llwman, Maury lillzglluetlu .lm-ks-vii, lloris .I:li'l-may llnlvert Mya-rs, Vera Vnpt-. Ifuurtll row: lhvl-i'gv llyan. lil-,lin--lr Rlillvii. Niven Motu Upzxl M:x-- Iiopl-, llnsi-we Pur- X 1-ish, He-tty .Tune llensvli, l-lill llluinesmltli, Gvfin-in Eiwnlwiir, l,zlM"y'n-A Saul, Marian N 1 .' -1 ville, listlr- Sllull 1. l Lust row: Hrs: Sit-rf-r, limlnn Mae S-vinlvr, Mztx S1lui1:Tlv, .luvk 'Film-kvr, Mznriun Xhillavp, lim-tty Crfltlif-rs. I':iill XYy':itt, l,.t1vlllt- Ivmilium, Il-wlwrt Zlllllllt-'l'lll1lll. Imlu Miller. l1"5'i1l li4m'e1'1iin1i, lltlsw- XVig'gins. Bill Rhinesmith-Thor George Ryan-Naturalist LaMoyne Saul-Driver deluxe Marian Scoville-Sophomore beauty Estle Shoup-Paper boy Ora Sierer-Slow but sure Edna Mae Souder-We miss her Max Spangle-Billyls pal jack Tucker-Randolph street? Marion Wallace -F. F. A. Rose Wiggins-Quiet and industrious Thomas W'iggins-Last but not least Paul W'yatt-Another F. F. A. Richard Zeigler-Tall story club member Robert Zimmerman-He plays a bassoon Dayton Hansel-Newcomer in our midst Wfynn Hansel-The girls' delight Robert White-Hails from Ashley Harriett Braxton-Clever artist Page flnirfy-om' c1:a:1':'.ml-r::r.wms:q:.x.1::--::i:..s1:1:: f:::.::: -' A ,W 7- ,. r- v:'i 'f:f.1i'7- -Q 771 3744 .Hiii 1"'f'? Yi: ivflwwh "W - wus-.s. --'iw 1'-Mwrl wif. iw -1. AH' 1.-ii-1-.-J.. f-4:1311 ... ryaii-i, .ii,...:--.1-ii:.i+i,.xt -mm ., -. .' Q . 'Gwen vases oppers Toi- r-iv.: Mary lillimilwili .Xuiivig Ililtliir Iiaisselt. Iiiillii- Hassett, Imlniifl Morrison, l .t K.-fkliviy Iiiiit iii Ii-ill-. .liriniiv 111'--sloii, I1-ilwrt tfraiiii, 1ilii1'iu Deller. 5--,i.y,.i ii--vg l1..tfi-.- Ni -1.11.4 l'Isth.1r I"'-ri-i--i', In-vim 1:4-i-xv, lizirolyii F1irlwS, Genevieve I ri . 'L-iziifl I'-ii-lifff, 'ilmlvs l'1I'.lZlt'l'. liv--lyii llrunklizwt, Liiiiisv Griliiths , 'I' V5 i'ii'.'.' Iizitiil llsill. Iwilwilliy' lliilimii, Morris XYllill1u'li, llllljllf' Hlllilwll, Bill I pk.i,f, N-wifi.: Hull, I--iii. llilllllllllllll, 3l1ll'll-lI'vl lill-An llHllS, L4-tl Kay. I'fi.:vE iw-,v 1lAl'Li2lI'r'l Ifzisl, Izvtty I.iiu Mounts, l'2iili S--vly, Ellen Gi'ei,-ii, 1liil.ie1't NI Kzi 1' Blrii-:ii-1'itv Mi-1-r, Alaix Bloiiiw-, Iluzi-1 Xlkills, B.I:iilulyiiii Mn-rs, I.:i-v l1.,i.'-rt I', Nifrmzi Vliilliyw, liaii-li1ii'i1, Ili-vw, Lyle Ratliliim, Joanne I l li ii XX'iiiii ti Qliiiii Iiiiiilili lill I'1iiif XYills Vit ini1K1uI'fm11i 1 itz. ii, i-1 Z',"2 Mary Elizabeth Agnei'-Giggles Bettie Bassett-One of us "two,' Billie Bassett-Balance of us "two" lionelela Ilell-Likes peanuts Evelyn lirunkhnrt-Candy enter ,Incl-1 Bryan-liowling clmmpion Genevieve liurcli-Always late Robert Crain-Algebra shark Gloria Deller-"Pep" is her middle name Margaret lxist-Likes swimming Izxtlier lcrrier-W'ears a red coat C,2l'0lf'I'l lwirbes-Has blonde tresses Gladys f'rJ7ier-She rides a bicycle lzllen ffrcen--Latin slmrlc Louise Griffiths-lfreslininn bcnuty llavifl ll.ill-llc says it eventually llorotlay lliimrin-Good naturutl 'jf' lfflrly-lun , r, 4 . 1 . Bill Hopkins-Blushing youth Lucille Hubbell-Diminutive but mighty Norma Hull-Eternal smile Iona Huntington-Easy on the eyes Margaret lmus-Full of fun Lee Kay-Going to Tri-State Virginia Kauffman-Likes roller skating Betty Keckler-Student council member Elclen Kelly-Silence is golden Burton Kolb-Seeking trouble Robert McKinley-Basketball enthusiast Marguerite Moor-Gracie Moore the second Max Moore-Popular gentleman Leland Morrison-Tall, dark, and hand- some Betty Lou Mounts-Interested thing Madolynn Myers-Cheer leader Roscoe Neclele-Ladies' man Donald Osborne-Lilies cattle chinery Norma jean Phillips-Choice sophomore boys Robert Porter-A barber-wel Jeanne Preston-Cheer leader two Lyle Rathbun-Future bush in every- and ma- of the l! number grower 0 Barbara Reese-Interested in a senior Devon Reese-Likes Norma Phillips Robert Sealy-Plays n harmonica Joanne Shoup-Bashful miss XVJUHCIJ Shoup-Pensive lass Evelyn Stage-Grins Franz NVells-Bee man Hazel XVells-Home Ecnomics Club member Morris Whitlock-Think's Marguerite's O. K. Gerald Forbes-Champion pin picker upper . rel . YA , . 0-A xv' xxxbaslx will SVC B 1 1 xy . . X U U9-. N,x5YwY yX ,X v xv , n gu- X A ,XXF ' id 'U iv X v.-'YG' X , xr . Q X Aviv lvuiifl Aexf Us Ur- xxx,-x X x N'lVliii" l ' iw .- N N xl . L Viv .X XA . .yr I X -X - .xxx ,fn pc-llxg Xcinuyx' ,rg ix ll Y lb uw ll i iff' 4'- .of Q .V -xii laik? ' WWW Quill .Q-.NU 1X .AX7 su- - .NV . iw' , if N we 'l A ,mr , xi E- V --- " 4-1 -.-nw 5,-1-rf., ..... .,.,..1.. YL.. ,,..,..-. --Y - --2 - --vs.:-mr:-::' :.'.' ' re . .4.,.... ., , ..::,vf,-- - V '- " ' la ' Hur cross the Street Among many stately branches can be seen the public library. During school hours pupils scamper across the street to grasp informa- tion further than can be obtained inside the portals of dear old A. H. S. The cool spray from the fountain in the summer time adds much real beauty to the scene. f, -nu 4. -9 J Y, lj, -four P, .. . . , , U.: , ' I lm . , V Q ' ' I.-4 , : . ACTIVITIES -Y-1-ui Page fbirty-fi 1-il. :X -as Tami? : f , A-54 ' 1 If , ,I V , . . V .'. 'y I ' ff' .Q Q ' 4 v f,f"'.y 1 ' -' 1 , 1 ,il " - , '. f'1- "- - - 4 , I 'iff' ' 315 , '- .J ,1f.G'5 . 4 . ,1 .5 .' . ,IV ' .e ' :. V 4 , 1 1 Vliiq' I I ' .' -. - -z- '5 if ' 1 H - , ' an , , ,,,vi, 3 Y I. , Jail., ."'J' 2 . - . Q' ' 5 ,PP 9 'I 1 f, , '4'- . , Q 4- ,M . v . .f - ,, . " 5? ' P 5 ' . . V A-,,. "' . J., '4- 'r f.,, Su-' .44 4 ' . 3 . ' " . - 'A , -uw. f at ra' 'J' Q 'vi 4. Q., Q1 -',' ,2 .1 N 34.11 if H., ,. ' ,- 'Y-1, ,,'.f .vC' iK.1k mam 75 . fl .- . ' "' , "if ,"'? Lui. .-. uw ' 4 : 3,3z'a::s.4h. I Q- :V ng ,uf . . . A .aqhlv as Y .1 A,.: ,Q .q f":.L-: 'Ayc- , '. 'fflyhg-, .fyk , ' f , x :4,l"'f .6552 b : Sl. ef V' ,. .4 ..QE,lZj9g Efnz-J.. 155' un- . .A 9 Y"iCQls' -, an 1 A ,.4': 1-xi , 5.45 ., : ,. N- . .-5... A, , 'Z Y -Hy" gf' ' .4 X1 V-'-5":lf4- F "',"f4LvTQ. if' f ..-iff -fizftr " L "-.P -'if .zu-"i','Rgf:L'?':"t:: ,IQ lf- Lx .- ft' swf. V.-f., . nf.-13, V 'Q' " 'f-A - 1 .JU 3 J I 1 X 1 gc- , M P s X , 1 x Q , l ,. " 'Jud' ' , ,, f V . -4 , L S M . 1 F , , 2 92 V B 1 , fn JJ yj ' , 4 r , 'Q x T-'51 f df f ., fn, ' ' , , , ,K ' 5 'g,:':i'M': Q ,jg - .-. I u M fm' 1 f ' f-.L 1 1 1 - uv W' J' ' e " , ' 3 x .f " - . 43 I 'xx F w QR wa, ' .r 5. V , I , A, J A .7 N 1 . " I' .v " . r' 'ki' , 3 z Yi .- 1 ' ip, lv 4 f' A ' 1 A cf , 4 Q , -.B A My L 1 1-'I V 74, , . ' f ' 1 J " x ' A1 .. Sf I ll. LX 4 I' 2 f, , , .9 . A H 7 1 t', f- ig, 1 1 -. 94. 15' , .,. ' I .I - 1 rvnmfmzaqfmveil ' 'A H5 Fai? f'E'E"'E-'?f'ff"'T" ' if-lL'?5'ff'1?-'T'l'F5 T Z Lii'7iLfff'ff' midst' nts :-Q' au.2.11s'i1m:.i:: ':-i Qitzu I Qiters Twp row' .I Marx 'l'1.l"kt'l'. O 0 runes YVzitkins, .Ianies t'1'zinksliaw, Jan-k Sliumaim, P1011 London, Bob Kolb. N----'nd row: YY:ix'a Ili'-so XYi11iams, Mary C. Lippilieutt, Czxrfvll Zimmerman, Ruth Ki-fss. 1-Il-:iiiime 1-lakstail. Julia .lane .lii1'kSUI1, f f I:.,ttf-ni row. Miss Shultz. lloleyn Saul, Gale Cai-ver. Ilo Blosser, Ul'c'TJlill1k'l Ewers. 1 ml-t Izisenli--iii, The A. H. S. annual has had a "strange eventful historyf' In 1901 it made its first appearance in the form of a booklet published by the seniors at the end of the year. In 1905 the name "Spn'hzI0r" was given this booklet. Looking closely at the pictures. we notice ribbons in the girls' hair and mustaches worn by the boys. During the W'orld War the annual was smaller. In 1919, the year in which rnost of us 1937 seniors were born. the name "Kv3"' made its debut, and is still in effect. Each senior Hstrutted his stuff" on one whole page. The main editorial of this issue ended thus: "Let everyone boost for the erection of a new school building." The new building came in 1933. Finally. skipping over to the year 1935, we find the annual and periodical were combined in magazine form. ln 1934 a change was made back to the other style. The annual of 1933 was marked by its artistic touch and the one of 1936, by the clever headings on the various pages. Looking over the parade of year books, we do not find two annuals with the same layout-new features are addedg others dropped. May all issues in the future be as entertaining as the former ones. put out by staffs lacking modern equipment. This year's staff is as follows: Editor in chief, Ruth Kiessg assistant editor. Mary C. Lippincott: business manager, Max Tuckerg assistant business manager, Bob Londong JFK editor, Gale Carver, assistant art editor, Caroll Zimmermang snapshot editor, Julia .lane Alacl-tsong assistant snapshot editor, Eleanore Bakstadg boys' athletics, James Watkinsg girls athletics, Violet Eisenhourg music, Yifava Rose Wfilliamsg calendar, Ilo Blosserg alumni. lack Shumanng dramatics, James Crankshawq organizations, OreLlana Ewersg jul-Les, Bob Kolbg classes, Roleyn Saul. Pafjt' lflirly -wif onest l-lonorfs ln 1935 when Angola High School became a member of the North Central Asso- ciation of High Schools and Colleges, the local chapter of the National Honor Society was formed. The highest honor that can be awarded to a pupil in Angola High School is mem- bership in this society. This honor is granted because of a pupills high rating in scholarship, service, leadership, and character. The candidates must be in the upper third of their class and their school must be a member of the North Central Associa- tion of High Schools and Colleges. The number to be chosen is determined on a percentage basis, lifteen per cent of the senior class being eligible, and the members are chosen by the entire high school faculty. Because of the fact that a student must be outstanding in more than one characteristic, election to this society is considered a very great honor. This year there were seven pupils from the graduating class of 1937 who were awarded membership in this society. Those chosen were: James Crankshaw. Donald Elliott. OreLlana Ewers, Ruth Kicss, Mary Catherine Lippincott, Max Tucker, and XVava Rose XVilli.1ms. In 1935 six students were selected for this honor. They were: Thomas Crain, Herschel Eberhard. presidentg planet Elliott, secretary: Robert James, Gerald King, vice- presidentq and Wfillis Roberts. Four are attending college this year. ln 1936 eight students were selected for this honor. They were: Max Kemmerling, president, W'ilbur Simpson, vice-president, Mary Kathryn Orwig, secretary, Aileen Casebeer. john Duckwall, Carolyn Hull, Marvin Green and Margaret Pence. Three are attending college this year. This third chapter was organized on March 30. The oflieers are: Max Tucker, presidentg Mary Catherine Lippincott, secretary, and C. H. Elliott, member of the faculty council, treasurer. '--C-I ':' ,,. NJ' asf" .er I . 'Q 6 uw :qs .,.fvr ...f .1 i1- 'I'-vp row: .Inuit-s llI'1l11l'CQlI2lXY, Imnulil Iillintt. Max TlI1'k9l', I 1"runt row: XYuvu Host' XYilliz'inis, Um-I.lz1iiri lixvf-rs, Mitra' 4'2Hl1"l'lNr' lfllwlliwitt, lin Kiess. Page flvirfy-xi'z'c11 1 ew-ff-eff A H' 'm's ., -e-q s. fsfss----ss-w--4 -e.....s... Q -Q 'iif',..E:- 4 -r g , H, V - f 233' .5.-:12i'i5"-:'. i3g1z'i::..i: 1555 ' "-if wi, X le" 'JM mvkxx ' 'r QAENEST EXECUTWES Five vears ago Angola High School felt there vvas a definite need for student participation in school government as did other progressive high schools. Because of this need Mr. Elliott presented to the student body of the high school a plan for student government. which provided for the student council. The aims of this organization are to promote. in every way possible. the best interest in the high school: to regulate certain matters of student conduct which do not fall under the jurisdiction of the faculty: and to maintain the ideals of the high school by presenting .1 means for the students to express their opinions concerning the management of student aifairs. During the last year the student council has accomplished many things beneficial to the school. Thev are as follows: Selection of cheer leaders, planning of part of chapel programs. urging more supervised study. taking charge of the information desk, part management of patrol court, and providing .1 means by which the student body could have a part in the school government. The constitution requires that the council be made up of two representatives, one girl and one boy, from each home room. The members according to the classes are as follows: Seniors-Roleyn Saul and Robert Londong juniors- Mary Booth, James McNeal. Stephen Ransburg. and Lana Zimmerman: sophomores-Robert Craig, Calista Creel. Thomas Hanselman, and Virginia Care: freshmen-Betty Keckler, Norma Hull. Roscoe Nedele. and Robert Crain: junior high school-Kimsey Dole, Daryl XVilson. Annette Morse, Corrine Saul, john Sanders, and Phyllis Care. The otlicers for this year were: President Robert Londong vice-president, Roleyn Saul: secretaries. Stephen Ransburg and Calista Creelg reporter. Roscoe Nedele. During the vear the student council was given splendid guidance by Miss Recd and Mr. Elliott. ,lk '. an- ,I A-, l XT wi 4524 .,. v -nl! r ' I-I-' li v i -iii, Ili-M-ri Viziiii. lhili lmlifloii, Kimmv Imlv, i Z' vwivhii T-Uiviim Iliill. .Iiilm-f. SDN--nl, 'I'hvim:is lliinsvlmllll, 5 4 w fi: '.ii "vim "Juv-, Vzilicln f'!"'4'l ia. - in i :wil fwiiivi. sliiiil, l'Ii-,llis Vzirw, livltv Kwvlcl-Ai', tl i lffnl , -i 1' ff! 0 MEEQY MQIQCLS 9 Tim r-iw, .Illini-s iwiiiiksiiaiw. ll nal-1 Elliott, llol er: Vrziie, Mr. Hziiiilx .lorries Ziil---r, Iliivid Hull, lliwliiir-I Z.-isler, 131-ltr-in r-iiv. Iliirtoii K--Ili. Mzir:'vi-rite I-Zuker. while 1'1iri'ei'. Iliitii liirf The Angola debate team this year set the best record of all preceding teams in the history of debating in Angola High, By defeating NVarsaw and losing to Elkhart. who went to the state. the debate team placed second in the northeastern district confer- ence. Before being able to enter the district. they won the county contest held at Angola, the hrst county tourney won by Angola in three years, The subject for debate this year was. Resolved: That all electric utilities should be governmentally owned and operated. The members of the varsity team this year were Beth Brown, junior, and Robert Craig. sophomore. affirmative: and Donald Elliott and James Crankshaw. both seniors. negative. Other members of the club who partici- pated in non-decision debates were. Burton Kolb. Ruth Kiess. Gale Carver. David Hall, Mack Hosack. Marguerite Baker. Richard Zeigler. and jim Zuber. The discussion work this year was based on the same subiect as debate. james Crankshaw represented Steuben County in the district meet at Port Nvayne. April 1. taking the negative view of the topic. In order to make possible the trips taken by the debate club. a play. "The Blunder- ing Herd," was given October 19. The threefact play was a side-splitting comedy and proved to be the best ever presented by the debate class. Mack Hosack led the cast as YY'alrus. a real western cowboy. Othsrs in the cast were Don Elliott as Pappyg james Crankshaw. Timothy Tynan: Bob London. Zip: james Watkins. Gordon Rogers: Richard Zeigler. Shoo-Hi: Gale Carver. Peggy Houston: Ruth Kiess, Ruth Bell: lane Buck, Miss Herring: Marguerite Baker and XY'av.i Rose XY'illiams, Sylvia and Mildred. Another production of the debate class was the one-act Christmas play, "A Sign Unto You." Those having roles were james Crankshaw, Bsth Brown, Ruth Riess. Gale Carver, and Robert Craig. During the entire year splendid eo-operation and guidance was given by Mr. Handy in both debate and dramatic work. Pilqi' Mzwk Howl lv ss lieth Ifimyy fliirfy - rim. 117 . .bY2Zi i Fbhbwwfawwxwqgfgvv- .vu w -1 X 'U A '-' Wi- 1'-V 'far . A -- -. . . . . . . - . . - . . 'ss--gs, ' . g -l -5- H yn---ee-ff--., 1: 4.1 "' ga' .',L , 2-:-sw. .4 'Y -"2-.'1'f3!7!'lP'H'1-Q +-'i-'-r- w'-ivofwwixxkmlv 3127.3 -mi 1 we in - A--'S-H -' - - -- -- Y :ae-Ji 11-.Lin .....:.t5.+:c:.a-' .ai MS. '-l:,:3lf.'11'l3iilfl'f'5'v'31'.- .'lI3-Ziaflziriilaiii. ...1LZi1'-Q -. r 4. '- ' I ., l I 'l AIJ 1 un! 11' R Since 1927 the Girl Reserve Club has been active in Angola High School. One of the first meetings of the year was a Weiner and marsh- mallow roast at Fox Lake. Thirty girls enjoyed the organization at the formal initiation on October 12, and they have taken active part in the work during the year. The outstanding topic this year in the Girl Reserve meetings has been the study of "Vocations" Later topics studied were "Youth and XVorld Peaceu and "I-lobbies." Outside speakers were Mrs. Oreon Keeslar. Ed NY'illis, the Reverend john Humfreys, Professor Hoke, Mr. Certain, and Miss Rapp. The district conference was held here this year on October 18. Girls from Garrett, Butler, Kendallville, NVaterloo, and Salem Center attended, making about two hundred in all. The theme, "NVhat's New," formed an interesting program. The stage setting featured various topics for study such as hobbies. music, and fashions. Centerpieces for the luncheon tables were little ships-half cocoanut shells painted black with white sails. The luncheon was held at the Methodist Church. Ilo Blosser gave the talk on "Music" as our part of the forenoon program. Miss Elaine Estrich was the afternoon guest speaker. XVava Rose NVilliams was conference president. Members of the club attended a party given in their honor by the Girl Reserves of Salem Center in December. Games were provided and delicious refreshments served. One of the most enjoyable events of the year was the Girl Reserve-Hi-Y hop which was held in the Armory February 3. The members and advisers of both clubs and the faculty of the high school were present. The annual Pa-Ma-Me Banquet was held at the Angola Christian Church April 20. The circus theme was carried out in decorations and program. Judge Carlin was the guest speaker. The otlicers and cabinet for 1936-37 were: President, Gale Carverg vice-president, Wfive Rose Williams: secretary, Ruth Kiessg treasurer, llo Blosserg Hnance, Louise Helmeg social. Roleyn Saulg service, OreLlana Ewers and program, Julia Jane Jackson. The club advisers were: Miss Myers, chief adviser: Mrs. Kiess and Miss Shultz, program: Mrs. Shank, service: Miss Reed and Mrs. Damlos, financeg Miss Yeager, socialg and Mrs. Estrich, membership. mf. NVQ 15...-.L Mies llxwrs, Pgiiliv-i'iiiH Iii-illltlis, Flax-+-llen Guilford, Iaiiiifiiw 1-Instetler, Gm-i',a'ia XX-l li Doris W Al,i.i ll2'1Yv'l""lI. Vulism Viwwl. .-Xlxwiizi 1'..i'tuin. I7-'IIB' Clwvtlir-i's. Lucille liuiilmm, Mary .lziiie Dunilnx Be tx '- 1 11'-ii--'.:i liis-f1il.1iiii', Iiilliun 1'1'w.lis, Nvlftlillllh fair-1, Luci' lilllen Hui1'lB'. Violet Nutz, Miss Ye e -l X'ii':ini1i Iluiiligini, liiilli Iiaflsf-r, Yi--let l4I1sv1i1wiii', Ui'--Lluim lixvers, Murg'urr-t Morse, Malincli Pin i F-I i- li X"-rzi if-ilw, lil--ziiwr Mill--r, Muriaiii Scfvvillf-, Mary lillvn 1-luliiimvfly Pauline 1-'rnzi-'r, Katie Inu DIN 1 - l.::i--si--:is Vlijfilis lii' -"- ii, Mrirezniw-t l'zi1'r. Mary lilizziln-tli .lzii-list-n. lmlu Miller, Betty Ilrfm 1 Nlllbuellte - Alf- S: mlm . " iw r- In-vi-liiii-A XYliii.-, ilnlu l':ii'x'+-r, llulli Kit-ss. Mary V. l.ippin1-i-Lt. 1Yui'a Iliiso XVilli1ims, lil- 111011 1 llw l li l-zeiiii, 'i--r:1l-liii.- lliluliis, liliizixlflii- Ili-ml--i'::l1nt, Mani-sulln Sliunli, .lime K-ulil, Betty' Gmlzly, xlill o lv +- il, Yi,-ziiiizi 'E---ifirlvli. ltiilli lilu-4lcl+l1i'ii. lluth lirnst, Maxim- lfilllllillg, Marct-11:1 l"annim4'. 1-:iii if-v ii. i-1-rviiw It--rl' ltr-iwn, Ilo Ill-iss--r, Ili min Mau- Iiritliii, laouist- Hvlmf-, Betty' Allin Mui Poo 1 i l 1 -..- unq- Q-U11 -has noi l'.. . ff,-1, Ill -. cf' C if' 1 ,..., MN '-V The Hi-Y Club this year emphasized more than ever the three-fold purpose of the organization, to develop the physical, mental. and spiritual sides of life. The programs during the year were arranged to tit in with these aims. In following the mental side of life there were several vocations carefully presented by men capable in their fields, There were also some interesting and worth while dis- cussions on such items as alcohol and tobacco. To stress the phsysical side several gym nights were arranged for the boys. The spiritual side was developed by a prayer in unison and the reading of the Bible at the meetings. Mr. Handy aided the club by giving the meaning of the scripture reading. The discussions were entered into by all members and helped to give the boys training in leadership. At the annual Halloween festival the club gave a very interesting minstrel show in the auditorium. The boys participating were: Stephen Ransburg, James XVatkins, John Stage, Dee Reese, james Crankshaw, Wendell Aldrich, Lyle Kiser, Don XVeaver, Harley Mann, Bill Butz, Darl Johns, Robert Devine. Bob London, jack Ritter, Robert Hall, Max Spangle, Mark Aldrich, james McNeal, Jack Shumann, and Ray Becker. Mr. Trumbull directed the minstrel. The second outstanding event of the year was the annual father and son banquet held at the College Inn. Dale Cole took the honors for shooting the most rabbits. The speaker for the banquet was Charles E. Shank. The boys entertained their mothers also at a banquet at the College Inn. The three sides of the Hi-Y trangle were described for the mothers by Donald Elliott, W'en- dell Aldrich, and James Crankshaw. The programs were very effectively made out by semesters ahead of time by the inner-circle committee. This was composed of the orlicers of the club and one member from each class. The othcers this year were: President, James Crankshawg vice-presi- dent, Max Tucker, secretary and treasurer, Wendell Aldrich. The members from the classes were: Sophomore, LaMoyne Saul, junior, Darl Johnsg senior, Leland Nedele. Guidance and the sponsoring of the club were vested in Mr. Handy. Trip rum-3 Mr, Handy, llolwrr De-vine, lioliert C11ry', Ralpli Tlinl-V, live Ile.-ev, lmiinlil I-Illiorr, Sy.-plien llaiisliurg. Mark Alilrii-li, lmii NVv1iv--r, Hill l'lliin+-smith, ll-ilvert Myers, uxven Mote, Illlllillll Moi'i'isi.n. Hzirlf-5' BIEIINI, Mr. Elliott. sql.-mul ruxyg lfigu-inlil 31. Ifinlg-yi Lr'lilllLI Nedt-le, Bradley Swift, Imnzil-I Hoy'-l, llol-ei-t Hall, Jai--k Sliumann, Hill Butz, James l'1:iin, Hrlzi Gi-rliiziii. .I-Ilan Stage, Loyal Brnverniaii, llay lim-ks-r, Jzinies Zulw-r, Glen Huntington, Mr. Certain. Bolt'-m row. lloli Kull-, Max Spaingle, Max Tiicker, XVarle Li-tts, lliiliert Vlurlt, limi-i-rt Holwlf-rm-ss, B011 Lonrlon, Janie-s XY:illtius, XXX-iiilvll Alilrivli, Lyle Kisvr, Russell llitter. Ir, 11, nmol, I-Irliliv Ifaist, l"linl'l"s llninaii, -Iileli Tn.-ker, Lahluyiie Saul. Otlier ni.-mln-rs not in the pit-ture: Dale Cole, James Craiiikslniw, Max Grziv, llhlwlit- llrimtli, l'D:irl Johns. ii" I -1 111: 2 Page forty-our cvsicml Moments ergo l 1 111 1 lil 1 hll 11 1111114151 lllllli lsI1+sS, Alvenzi C1-rtziin. YV1i111 llost- 1Yilli:1ms, llolevn Saul. Seeontl violins: 1 11 11 I1 I 1 e ll-lint-, li11XIl-'!'lll1k'l'Ti1'1, Glenna. Mae Golilt-n, Lin-ille 111111111-111 Phyllis Folvl-1, Mary Ann 1 1 1ll11l1 Y-1111111 .lf-:in Phillips, Violas: lintli Hlklvl-il11l1'11, BI2i1'Sf'll21 Shank, Lmrotliy Homan, June 111 iinliws, .I111i11 .lane Jae-ke.-11. Betty H.,-tidy. T5-1l'l+Bl'11 lleesei Rliirgtie-1'1te Moor. String basses: ri 111 Tll k. Mary Bot-111, Marcella Fannins, I-'lnti-sz lfzilistzi Pi'-1+-1. Tlioinns Hanselinan. Ol'109l XX,i1Ikl11F, .Tat-1-t Slinmann, llobi-rt Hull, Kiinse-3' Imle. C'o1'11ets: llav Heel-ter, Burton Kolb, 1 li k 11 11 1 li in 11111111111 Elliotti Daryl 1Vilson, 'l'1'o1n1-ont-, limlie Griffitli, Bassoon: .Robert Z1111111E'!'I11611'l. 1 l ll ll 11 iiiikins, IMI'-,tissii-11: Don XYeaver, W-llllillll lmyli-, llielinrtl Small. The Angola High School orchestra, maintaining the success it has had for the past few years. went to the state contest at Elkhart last year and won in first division, thus becoming eligible for the 1937 National contest which was held in Columbus, Qhio, May 13. 1-1-. and li. This vear we have a new director, George XV. Trumbull, from Port Xvashington, Yfisconsin. who has verv successfully carried on the work of the music department. The required contest piece for this year was Symphony Miniature, No. 2 by John- son. Other favorites were Gvpsv Trail Overture bv Fischel and Selections from Mika- do by Sullivan, A Thanksgiving concert was given November 2-1 and a Sunday concert was pre- sented February 21. Several of our members played for the program of the North- eastern Indiana Teachers' Association last fall. Our orchestra has forty-live members. The officers are: President, James H. NVat- ltinsz secretary, julia plane Jackson: student manager, Mary C. Lippincott: and librarian. Rav Becker. li will be remembered that our orchestral success was launched by Mr. Oakland in 1931-32 when we were victorious in the district contest held at North Side of Fort NY'a1'ne. The following year the orchestra went successfully through the district con- test at Crilunibia City. the state contest at LaPorte and entered the national contest at liliizliiaiwt. Illinois. where we were given the title of the National Champion Class C high stlifiol orchestra. ln 1934 we victoriouslv emerged from the district Contest at Huntington and the state contest at Crawfordsville, but because of the distance we were unable tu enter the national competition. However. in 1935 the orchestra march- cd on to iicmrv in the district competition held at Goshen, the state contest at Evans- ville. and the national contest .it Madison, XVisconsin. I ist year the orchestra under the direction of Mr. Lekvold had success in the ul: tritt and state competition at Peru and Elkhart respectively. I1 'nl 11111 into M osical Memories l Clarinets: James XVatkins, Jack Sliumann, Rolw-rt Hall, Kimsey Imle, Jeanne l'i-esti-n, Gloria Deller, Bettie Bassett, Billie Hnssf-tt, Flutes: Ruth Kiess, Tliomas Hanselman, Bassoon: llolwest Ziininernmu. Oli-'-ez lliil'iel'L Kolb. Saxo- pliones: Leland Morrison, Hzirl-5' Biann, Iilcloii Amlrexv, John Mt'Briclw-. Fren-'li llHl'I'lI Daryl YVils-iii. 4,'1f'I'llQISZ flax' Becker, Burton Kolb. Dean Hlwrrimks, Donald Flsllorue, Madolynn Myers, Xlhiiiietit Shoup, Ti'-niilmiies: Eclflie Griffith, XV5'iin He-nsel. Baritone: Doiizil-,l Elliott, Basses Bill Hopkins. Dayton Hensi-l. P13l't'llSSlLlIlI Don YVeav-er, lYilliam Doyle, liit-liartl Small. String l'-asses: Virginia Goomlricli, Jane Huck, The Angola High School band first entered contest work in 1934, under the direction of Mr. Oakland. In that year the organization was successful in the district contest and won state honors at Crawfordsville. The following year it again placed in first division in the district contest at Goshen and also the state contest held at Evansville. Last year, under the direction of Mr. Lekvold, the district contest at Peru and the state contest at Elkhart were won and the band was recommended for the national contest but was unable to make the trip. This year the band maintained its enviable record by winning first division in the district contest at Columbia City and again the state contest at LaPorte. The com- ments of the judges at the state contest were: "Good MUSIC MEMENTOS tone quality." Good intonation." "Clean cut per- formance." The membership of the band numbered thirty- three. Ray Becker was the president of the organi- zationg Jack Shumann, vice-president: Robert Hall, secretaryg Ruth Kiess, librariang and Burton Kolb. student manager. Jack Shumann was the drum major. The required contest piece was Southern Over- ture. and the selected numbers were Prelude from Suite Ancienne by Hadley and Penora Overture by Holmes. . The band played at every home basketball game and led the pep session. A joint orchestra and band concert was presented April 21. The members made a line showing in their uni- forms which consist of purple capes lined with gold. purple and gold over-seas caps with the high school emblem on the side, purple sweaters, and white slacks. The colors of the drum major's uniform are just the reverse of those of the other uniforms. Page forili'-thin' -- -. 4 4 -- -0 .-K-,.f2.m.m-r,.f.iu2v.- m1..,v.-ui-.-.4---nmuiiiq my - Tl-IE MAQIC VQICES V11-lt i'- xx Iwliisp H--Iiiie, XX'zii':i lliisis XX'illi:iiiis, Bettie I-Ziissi-ti, lliitli Iiiisss, N4-rum Hull, Mai':2Ji1e1'ite Blunt, .Tu i in ,Iniks-iii, Marv 4':itlii-riiie Iaimiiiiwill. I"r1-til iiiw Il-i Illi-wer, 1-jiiiqifi-iw H--iirli-1-sliiits 1Izii'I'eIl3. Ifaiiiiiiiup Ui'--I,l:iiiii I':XYPI'N, Hi-tty Ii:-vkler, liutli .Xiin Vol tt. Mary IIN--Ili. Iilmiyiiii- Milli-ig Migg Uhgigi-y, Hi -fs in-I iii tlii- 1-ii'tui'.- ziiw-1 .Inyiiv Iliiwk. Ilwtty Gotidy, Mary K, Hi-wig, ltiil--yn Siiiil, Mui-sr-llii Sluiiik, GIRLS' GLEE CLUB The Girls' Glee Club is under the direction of Miss Margaret Chasey. The mem- bership numbers nineteen. The hrst public appearance was made at the Sorosis meeting of January 29, when three well arranged numbers were presented. The Glee Club also sang on the Sunday afternoon concert of February 21. The repertoire of the Glee Club includes K'Love's a Merchant," "Lullaby" from "Jocelyn" by Godard, and "Allah's Holiday." Mary C. Lippincott is the chorus pianist. STRING TRIO This year a string trio has been oranized which entered the Competition of the district contest at Columbia City, winning first place and also placing iarst in the state contest held at Lalyorte. The members are piano, Mary C. Lippincottg violin, Alvena Certainq and cello, Mary Jane Damlos. The required contest selection was "Trio in F Major" by Carl Bohm. MQTHERS' CLUB A Mothers' Club was organized in 1935 to assist in iinancing the orchestra and band trips and to enable the music director to meet the mothers. Mrs. G. O. Simpson was the president for two years. The present officers are: President, Mrs. T. Hopkinsg secretary, Mrs. R. Doyleg treasurer, Mrs. Beckerg and publicity chairman, Mrs. C. McBride, The work of this organization has been much appreciated. Pave forlf,-four 1 - 6 LINQEQ CDN MIXED CHORUS The mixed chorus has come into prominence this year under the direction of Mr. Trumbull. It has sixty-one members, who were presented in concerts on December 22 and April 21, and who also appeared on the alumni program. Several of the chorus selections are "Hallelujah Chorus." "Speedwell," and "HarIi 'Tis the Signal." THE STRING QUARTET The String Quartet was hrst organized in 1933. This group has been very active this year, playing for concerts. vespers, banquets. and Parent-Teachers Association. Its membership consists of: Iiirst violin, Alvena Certain: second violin. Ruth Iiiessg xiola. Nlarsella Shank, and cello, Mary ,lane Ihmlos. POINT SYSTEM Two years ago .1 point system whereby orchestra and band members might earn awards was inaugurated in the music department. Points were given for various performances and duties such as participating in contests, playing at public functions. taking private lessons, doing practice work, and playing in church orchestras. A system of demerits for tardiness and unexcused absences was installed and has been very effective in helping to keep discipline. At the close of the year, if a student's total number of points minus the demerits is S00 or more, he is given a purple and white letter. If he is a member of both organ- izations and has earned 1000 or more points, he is given a "double letter," purple and gold, to show active service in both. At the end of the year .1 prize is given to the person earning the greatest number of points, and also to the senior who has rendered the greatest service to the music department. determined at the discretion of the director. ie . - - --. - lim-k row Mr, Triimliull, Mars'-llzi Shrink. lliilli .Xiin 1' II.-tt, Maury IZ--4-Ili, Niiriuai I'IiiIii1-s, 1,-iiiise II.-Im.-, Nom Hull, Mzirgiieritt- Min-r, Ii:irIiui':i Iiw-se, Ilutli liivss, Iliiliiwt Ilzill, .luck Ilitt:-r, Ilziv It.-i-kt-V, Hzirli-3' Alanii, .link S1111 lllllllll, lvw-, nl-1-Llziiin Iiwiws, Mary U. ldlipiiii'-ill, .lu H Kivlil. Virginia Vziiw, lainii Ziiiiuif-rmnii, Iii--lyn Stu, Jziynv- Iiiivk, li--ity Keiiiiuerling, Vlziiwlleii Giiilfi-i'iI, Alzirx' K, nrirwig, Ili' Iiliiscer, Iieiin- liziss-'lil li.-riv Goiiilyy I-jle i inure Iizikstzirl, Alvena Certziiu. l"r4-nt row: Hvtty Iii-1-kler, .lusvlvllllle XYliilw, Iili-:iii-vi' Hiller, Gerzaliliiie I'IIFl2'IlI4, Ilutli Iilaiwkliiirn, IC-il--yn Sal XYzivn Hose XViIliuins, llzilpli Thirlir, ,lumps M--N--gil. Ili'-Iiziril Smzill, Marx Fpangle, .Izinivs II, Xxijlil-illh, Aliiiw--illzi Ifqinnin Lziurini- Ilostf-tlvr, .Iiilizi .Iziue .Iziekson, Iistln-r Iferrl--l', Mail--lynn My'-rs, Iivlty .Iune ll--iiS4'Ii, l1..r--iliy II-iiiigiii, I,ii-'i Hiihhi-II. iltlii-rs not in tlii- pit-turfl are: Mark .Xldrii-li, NIH-iiilirll .X 'i-ii-li, .Inniee Pi-aiiksligiw, Mzii-iwllgi I-Ig-gl.-eyiiii, lhlmnl Grill ner. 'l'liuniais llnuselniuii, lirnageiie lit-ii-I--i'sli-it, Ilviii- .hiitkq-iii, limi? Lou 1:1-yan, William Al.-y.-I-5, l,.-liinil Niile .Ieunne I'i'estuii, Ile-:in Ili-se, .Ioliii Stage-. Page forty-fizi 150 DUEIQQMQJ 51 Semw Qlmg O? A. l-l. S. Amgoxa, 'ng ff 1957 liulture armers X l 1 Q ' . 11.11 to 1iu1.1 111' li11111't, l,y1'- 11:1111I,1111, ll-sl..-rt 1'1'1i111, 114-siiiw Pg11'1'is11. Iluliv-1't Ger- 1 XX'.i1'r-1 4- Ili-rs, I1-111A S11--111-, 3l.i1'1t4'1':1111. 1111 lf'-11.113 1, 11. 1' 1-111111-11-If-. 1.-will flow- -z1..1e1, 51.111141 XY.iII.11', lu-1111 Hose. 111111 Hlliitiiiaft-111. In-iialil tielu-111113 11141-1141 4i:1rt11ei', 1'zt'.:i1 111111 1'i1:1XX x.1it. If-11111111 Is-ilu. A1114114-w11:11113e1', I, 11.1. e1111-14131---. ll 'fi ff11'I', 1 The Future Farmers of America is Il national org.1nizt1tion composed of boys taking x'oc.1tional agriculture in high schools. The Angola chapter was organized seven years Ago. The purposes of this organization .irez 1. To promote vocntion.1l agriculture education. 2. To ere.1te interest in farming o-:ct1p.1tions. 3. To nurture .1 love for rural life. -1. To promote co-opeizitive principles. Y. To develop rur.1l leadership. 6. To encourage thrift. 7. To promote high sehol.1rship. H. To eneour.1ge 1'UCI'ClI1OI1.ll Activities for rural boys. bich YCJI' the Cl1.1lJICl' sets up .1 prograiii of work. A committee is responsible for e.1eh ph.1se in the program. This's program is .is follows: 1. Build up .ln lf. li. A, library. 2. Nlalae tours of .in educ.1tion.1l .ind interesting nature, 3. Study p.1rliamentary procedure. -1. ll1rtieip.1te in public speslsing, S. lfricotirnge coiiservation programs. 6. Sponsor eo-opeixitive activities. 7. Hold pest contest with other chapters. 1-:. llold lfither .ind son banquet. fl, 1'.11g.14i1e in basketball And baseball games with other chapters. The ofhcers for this year are: President, Mark Crain: vice-president, XWVIIFFCII Sellersg seeremry. Txlilfltlli XYl.lll.lCCI treasurer, 1Je,1r1 Rose: reporter, Bernd Gartner. lumls for carrying on chapter activities .ire provided by testing seed corn, :ind uellirig ite trt-.1111 bars .it school. O 9 i-iOi'l'lQl'l1Ot GTS The Junior Homemakers Club, a member of the state organization, was formed in A. H. S. in November, 1936. Miss Mary Ruth Rapp was the instigator of the club in the high school and its adviser until the coming of Miss Janalyce Rouls. The purpose of the club is to secure higher ideals for home vocations and to promote friendliness. The club's colors are black and white. The work is guided by ll written constitution. The meetings are held every two weeks. The pledge is as follows: "I pledge not to speak erroneously of another member of our club, to be loyal to the club, to help other members and to conduct myself so as to be a credit to the club and to the school." The motto is "XVe Live for Each Other." The club had several different kinds of programs. At one meeting Mr. XVillis was the speaker, his topic being "Jobs for Girls." The club members had Ll chili dinner and two pot-luck dinners, one being Il farewell dinner for Miss Rapp. At the Christmas meeting a gift exchange was held. A scandal sheet is read at each meeting. One of the most pleasing social events of the season was the George Wfashington birthday party given to entertain the F. F. A. boys and their adviser, Mr. Elliott. The decorations were red, white, and blue. Different games were played and refreshments were served. Other parties of the season were an April fool party, .1 mother and daughter banquet, and a picnic. The otlicers were: President, Virginia Careg vice-president, Violet Eisenhourg sec- retary, Mary Wells: treasurer, Pauline Frazierg and reporter, Margaret Carr. Funds for carrying on the activities of the organization are provided by the sale of candy bars weekly at school and by the payment of dues. Top row: Yirginizi lf?llli'l'llldl'l, Ielr-tty Juni- liensr-l1, BI21l'1,'E'll1l Eg',:"llsUv1i, Maxine Fan ning, Mary Elizabeth ,lil4jliSUl1. Secrriirl row: .lnservliiiie iVl1i1e, 1'IreLlz1nzi Ewers, Vinlf-t lfiisi-nln-1ir, Geiievzi l':lSt'lllIOlll' Marguerite Baker, Mary Ellen Hfflinger. Thirrl row: Ilene .lat-kson, Lucille Dnnlmni, Mai'g'111'et C2ll'l', Betty Ke111merlinf:.', Haze iYells, Hattie- Lou Bryan. Bottom row: Miss llnpp, Lulu Henry, Mary XVells, 'Virginia Pure. Pauline l?l'?lZit'l'. Other ll'l':'ITllJ6'l'S not in the 1'1it-ture nrei Lillian Crooks, He-tty Kf'1'otl1e1's, Virginia Dunham, Elm-amor Miller. Page fm'ly-rrzwz THE CAST '- ,.,... ,-f-s,-e,-x,a,-e,- -A f-N,.f-an i 1 .T i ,.. ,. I -c ' c c .,-.,c, wtf- -ca KJV, W- The sparkling comedy. "Yi'hat Happened to jones." bv George Broadhurst. was produced by the senior class of 1937. and was based on the adventures of Jones who traveled for a hvmn book company. As he seems the expected bishop in Professor Gooilfs home. the professors wife falls for his line till the climax while his daughters. Minerva and Mariorie. cause some trying moments for the bewildered Jones. Richard Heatnerq' is Mariorie's lover. A rare bit of humor develops when Alvina Starlight makes love to the wrong Bishop of Ballarat. Holder. the policeman. makes his pres- ence very plain as does also the servant girl. Helma. The professor's Ward. Cissj-'. finally' catches up vi-irh -lones. Yfilliam Bigbee amuses the audience with his Indian Drinks. but the keeper of the sanatorium. Henry Fuller. iinallv catches him. The members of the cast were as follows: Jones. blames Crankshaw: Cissv. Elea- :eire Bastszadz Professor Goodlv. Donald Elliott: Mrs. Goodlv. Marv Catherine Lippin- cott: Richard Heatherlv. Dee Reese: Marjorie. Gale Carver: Bishop of Ballarat. James NY atfuns: Alvina Starlight. Julia plane Jackson: Helma. Louise Helme: Thomas Holder. Bob London: William Bigbee. Bob Kolb: Minerva. OreLlana Esvers: and Henry Euller. Harley Mann. Much credit must go to the people backstage who were: Make-up. Caroll Zimmer- man: properties. Mark Crain. klvle Millikan. Charles Jacobs: book-holder, Xvava Rose Lx-lii1lfT'.5I A rogram. Donald Elliott: costumes. OreLlana Evers: business managers. Mr. Estrfcr.. Max Tucker: tickets. Leland Nedele: stage manager. -lack Ritter, Tr.: play '.1,' as der the direction of Charles Edwin Shank and is one to be added ' fi: Qs suc sf: Angola High School. COMEDY IX THE MAKING O ATA 4 A n A n A n A n A n A ri A n A n -X n :X n .-X n gg 'X n 'X n x Ola ola fjlfl 1 -Q on a Ula ala ola ula "Ula Ula Ula lilfl ol .1 ol i ffl i ...coli tIl,'1l1 1 , i lit WI, 1Hnfzfv!:aC51LXtinsS'I4l' a.m!lm1'mmmQH ? GAMES PLAYED JH I9 77 11 Z3 19 W7 IN X5 is 21-4 24 36 -52 Il 12 25 Z1 IU XY'olcottville Butler . Kendallville New Paris Riley of Sout Garrett Nlentone . X'i'aterloo . Iafirange . Albion . Ashley . Salem Auburn Xkushinigton o Bristol Syracuse l remunt Avilla Iiurler h Bend ,, N40 . H17 f South Bend 33 WDVQUCKH Emery Druckamiller, our coach, who for the past nine years has instructed us not only in athletics, but also in the art of clean living and good sportsmanship, was born in Syracuse, Incl. I-Ie Hn- ished high school there and also played on their basketball and base- ball teams. The basketball team Went to the state Hnals in 1921. Druck was selected as one of the A11 State forwards, along with Wil- liams of Anderson, Vandivier of Franklin, Robbins of Rochester, and Nyikos of South Bend. I-Ie entered Indiana University in 1922, and played three years on the varsity basketball and baseball teams. During his college career, "Druck" was a member of the baseball team that won the Big Ten title undisputed. and during his senior year, he rated as the best second baseman ever to play at Indiana U. In 1929, after two years, coaching at Syracuse, Mr. Druckamiller accepted the position of coaching and teaching at the Angola City Schools and has achieved a very fine record. "DRUCK'S" NINE-YEAR RECORD AT ANGOLA Basketball: 1-+3 Games won: 81 lost. 6 County championships. 2 Sectional championships, Defeated live times in finals of sectional. Baseball: 68 Games Won and 11 lost. 4 County championsips. 4 Years undefeated. 25 ...iii.26 YEAH BO YELLERS Hats off to the yell leaders! Much support for our boys has been gained by their snappy directions. They've led the school songs too. . .43 ,, ,,,, , ...BU . .. ...... .. ...44 .. ,. 24 . 30 .. ,. 34 . 19 H24 , 27 39 .23 21 26 . 17 .It-:nluiiv I'l'vsIvm, Iiylv KN.-V, lXl:i41ulyiili B15 M - M ,.., .,.U A , . V. -I., .. .. 1 - I. -i A A sv i i - .- M- H un llnniqi i- i pee ti Ski rigers THE TE AM The team has greatly developed in l A speed in spite of the generally small - stature of the men this season, and as time advanced. they were play- ing a fast and clever brand of ball. Their chances looked promising to win the sectional of which we were hosts this yearg but after the sea- sonal grind and the work leading up to the sectional games, about four hours before the starting whistle, we were informed that through misinterpretation of the rules, we had played too many games. Thus our labors went for I-P naught, and to our disappointment the 1937 squad. live of whom were seniors. were b.n'i'ed from the sec- tional tourney. Stziinlinuz i"i.:ii-li ln-iiilmiiiill.-i-, ll.-I-t-rt llrill. Hweix Mi-I--. lf---- I2---Asi-, liill lintzx, stu di-nt Mgr. llith I.-iniliin. f Sent--il, Maxx 'l'n--li-Ar, Juni--s XY1ilkins, lit-nni-lh Gi-rnxan, Dal-r 1'-ale, Max Gray, l DFI: REESE1GIm,.Lf zilhliiy that th-i lniliixiiize mill .Xsliley :aint-s 'UT U ,, -4 K , k V, K' Q H 1. w-1-if wi-ii llzlll 1ilw.1y's ll'lt-il ti- il.. xvhait li-' Hills , , ,Illini Vu '15 "Wi VI fm. umm slnlliliillh tnl-I .inil wqie in-ry i-,-l1.ili1.- lflr lins l.,.,.,, Ai utr, yi-.xi -,in-l :vw-min--l Iii iliiiiiiixi- uith vii--li akaiine. qu ,MUXUIT TWV. YVMSV Svnilvl. llis sim- snr'-ly li:-ll-Q-il An:-'lan win niaiiy ol -:nr i-li-so eannss. ln-gg i-ntstnnillng li-'i't--1-iii.iii-'-'S ' X", ' 'S C' - xvei-ii in ih-I I.ziGi1iii:e, .xslilt-X. ain-l S--nth lf,-ntl XQXTIXIN , 'mimi 4 U Il 3 giiiiies, lli' has ln-i-n on the vziisilx' tw-I 5'--airs, I ljlllllllHNNt.1sm5-iii-112.1 .giallniiii lliliiiip with it S!,mm,, mush- ig --. Y. s :li 1- ii i-i s i s lnilln--l 4-nl' st-iii-ing this yifair, XX Q- 4-iinl-l EIIXYRIXS BILL BUTZll.'U,.um.d' .-:uint .iii .lini ai- gin- --ver?'tliiiig for his tt-ani. ., Q . I 'lhis ls his tlnr-l yi-:ip on xni's1tB. N-lin-it l-ntx nais one -il thi- 1-li-xerest liaill linntllers iii thi- l"llIll, his passing nniils- niziny' l-nsliets p-issililw llill ha-l ai luiiilivi' nifht LISLXIHNI. An- N Y , hurn, 1-aiesing th--in ilizzily, ll.A was vt-rl' S---irl SINGULAR HQNOR5 nt talking' thi- hull i-nt i-f ai si-i'iiii1iui:1'i-1 this is , his se-'oil-l yi-air on this vilrsity liziril-w-1-Nil. Pl-IYCFS FG PT TOTAL S""l""' But? Forwird '6 "--li 7-l , . .,.,,,, , - -- MAX TUCIXER-Fr1r1z'm'J K- Qcfmtm, FOI-ward, 2 4-9 S 'i'l'llt'lit'l"' was one nt' the most l'4lllSl9Ullll - , 5 - 7 playi-rs. lle had 11 ke-'n :iliilit3' to pick the Phu' Iqorllard 't"" ' ' 1' 1" 'S xxx-tiltiit-sf ofiour ODYWQF-xits.l Iiaivk of hi-ighf was Hogllckh F01-ward Y 1 0-0 2 ai er:-:it inns wap lu . ax, int we eiiui 11 ways , . i---uiit on him to right the full :anim-. Ili- has Tl-1CkCI'. FOI'W.1I'Cl . 56 I9-N9 101 lwi-n inn thi- varsity two yi-airs, Sz'lliul', Blow Center -,6 R3-4- Si , .. .. - . . OXVEN MOTE-Cvnirr Reese, Center ,,,, .. ,, 29 12-26 70 Y "Mi-tv" was the k'Q'j'.l!lllll,Ull Uni' offs-nsv., It AICKNIICY' Guard H 9 3-6 21 uns nriiiin-l Owen Dr:1t't1i':1lly all our plans nvre w- lvlllll. llis :lid :I Very lllltl juli nf nniking tht- Gray, Qyugrd w--,,, 4 2-4 10 plays "i-lii-li", His sp--1-ltilty was Illlilllg the if K 1 . hull --ff thi- but-li limiiwl ln stzirt ai falst l-renk. XXJGXIH5' G1-mrd H ' 20 s9'S'7 119 Mn-Ali -inn ln- i-xp--4-ti-il friini Uwe-n as this is his , ..- rirst v.-:ir nn the vnrsitv, Soplioiiwre, , , , ' ' 13 165-ZS-l N19 ROBERT HALL-F"""""', , These statistics do not include tournevs and "l1iih' plum-il very gmail luisk-at hull ini' An- ' giilzi this vvzir, and it was ilne tu his shooting pertain to first team games only. Page fiffy-om' l ss- -. 1. -,Tag Vid., , C , ..-1... ,.-.-T. ....-. 1-.E 'va mi Q -ai nxuxu.L,- E011 SQSTVSQ 11 111 1 111.-111 311-1x1111,1y, 111-11111 IZP1-511, 111111111 1P11x'11111. 1111111111 H115-11, l11'1:1 111'l'I1Ii11l, 11 1 1..,1.1.- X.,111-1.1, 311-11115 XV11111111-k, 17111 1lI1i111-S11111l1. YV1-11111111 A111111-11. 111111 SEASON'S SUMMARY ANGOLA DOXVNS NVOLCOTTVILLE 'I'11- 11-11111-ls 5121111111 1111- sf-:1N1111 with 3 IWKIUQ' 1j, -1-1111111111: XY1111-1'111ViI111 WI111 xv--1-11 11111 Weal-Z 111 N1--11 11,11 11.1511 H111'111-ts--.X11u11I11 ITN, XY11I1-1111- -111 1' AN ILL WIND BLOXVS 'I'I.1- XY11111111111s 1-f 1211111-1' 1-:1111-1 111 11111' witv 11.-1 1,111--11 11111 1111- H111'111'14111'1111':1 14111211 11z1tI115. 1 . -.1111 111111111 IU. I,:1II1"I' 311. CONIETS FALL ON HORNETS Iv111I.11I'1.1111-, :1 11141111 11111-'11 I:11':'11' 1111111 the 11-'1,11'A, -11'1s1--1 1I,1- 111-1111-ls 1-1 I':11I 2111 "1'111'k- 14 11111 11. 11111-11 1111- 11111'1I :Q111111 111' 1111- 511144011 .X!.:11': QT 1f"111I1111k'i111- 121, NEXY PARIS BOMBARDS ANGOLA 551 1.1. 1211-14 11111-'1w11I 11111 11111111 11111 111.1 11111'111'1Q, ' 1: 1111-111 f-11' 111.1 1111111 5111112111 Ines. T119 A111--111 IT. Nvw 1211115 lI'1. HORNETS TAKEN BY RILEY 1111111111 111111111-11 with 11-111 11v11'-- l111'11' sizv 1 1111111: S1-11111 111-1111, '1'1111' Q:111LL 1111I'1:1L t1'1 111 11111. 1.1' LII. .K.111g1.1:1, 111. 1111--x1 RAILROADERS TOO ROUGH EOR I-IORNETS '111111 1 111-1.-1111-11 .X11411I:1 1-y 11 w1-I1- 111:11'g'111, . 11 14 1X1.:1-1:1! 11151 11-11111-11111'11 111ss. Gal'- 111 11,111 111 11. I1-11-1"xf1111 xx'1111 11111111111'11 111-12111 Z11' .1 111..11I 11111111-If A11:1-1:1 111. 11!ll'I"'11 114, ANGOLA NOSED BY M1-.NTONI1 'I' 1 I1111'1.--'1 111'-11111111 :1 1I11s-- 11111 111 11111 11- 1 ' 1 1-1- 1 1 .1-, 1 : 11--A-111 11111 111 1111- 1'1114il1Lf 1 1- 11! 1-1:1' 'I'111- --111+ .X11::111:1 LI, 111-11- XVATLRLOO BEATS ANGOLA 141-1.1 1111111 -1f1 1 111 s 1-1' 111111 1'1111'111'11111-1- tilt 1111-I 1111, 111-111:11f ---11-11111 N11':1I:111 g':11111-1' :1 1- 1.'1':1111'11111 'III A NGOL.-X NOSES LAGRANGE '11 111111111 111-1111 111111 I11-111: Q11'11:1k 113' 1. 4 1,.1"1'11,x1- 1..1f21':111:1 11-11 1111 111 1111g 1 1. 1111 1 x-.111-11 11,12 1,1-1-1. 111111: 111' 11111 11111 5 1 1-T111 '1'111- -11111 A111111:1 :inf Iii- 131 ANGOLA TROUNCES ALBION I-ly' 111-1111112 111111.-114 Arxgula 1'111o11gl11 11115111 1-1111111111111-.1 N1:11111111g' 111 5111.1 1111-1' 1'r11t.fA11g1111a IN, AIII11111 111 HORNETS STING ASHLEY A11:11I11 111111-111-y1111 111 Ashley 113 d1i1W11 the "li1111 111111 111111-" lmys fur 11 st1'z1igI1t win, The w111'11 .X1IS4'112l IN: .-M1111-5' 34. ANGOLA BEATS COUNTY CHAMPS A111411111 1-1-V1-1131-11 SEIIPIII 113' 1z'1ki11g 1111-111, 11112 1'k'I11f1lll1l1S 11111 11:1x'i11g' 11111112 11111111311 11.1 S1.-11111 :1 1'i1-11111 .XIIQIIIM 21. Sale-111 IT. HORNETS TAKE AUBURN A1121'11:1 111-IW-1111-11 111-.-11' 15111 1'ix':11s 111 111111 11f 11111 I..-Q1 4:11111-5 11f 111.1 s11:1s1111. The I1e11 D1-vils 1111 1111111 111-- 11l11si11f 11111111-111 1111111 A11:11l11 w1111I11 11-11 111- I1--11111-11--A11g'111r1 21111 ,Xll111Il'Il IT. ANGOLA DEEEATED XVASHINGTON 'I'I11- I1.11'11111s ,111111'111:Y1-11 111 91111111 T11-1111 111 111-x1'11 XX11S11111:11111 11lg1'1 W1t11 :1 11ill1g1f,-XIIQUIQI I" II'1N11i11-'t1+11 BRISTOL TURNS BACK HORNETS IL1-111111 I11'11k11 11111 wi1111i11g st1'11:1k 11f A11g11I:1 :11 sm g:111111s '1'111- S1-111'1--A11:'1'+1:1 31. 1'I1'iNl11l 1111. ANGOLA DEEEATED BY SYRACUSE 'I'1111 11lll'lI1-IS Inst :'1 V111-3' 1-1111.211 1'1111111 111 Sj'I'1ll'lI4" this I'4'1I1', Sy1':11:us1: 1141112 Z11111- r11'ef1,-11:56 wI1i1-11 111-1111111 111 !4lI1lf11IE' the H-11'11111s, -,X11gf11l:1 132 S3'1':11'11N11 Ill. HORNETS NOSE EREMONT '1'I11- 11111-11111Q W1-1-11 xw-rx' 111111111 s111'l11'lSe11 113' I-'1'--11111111k s11111I--11 NIPIIVI 111111 11z11'11Iy 1111111 1119 "Il1111-'I'1-1'1'111's". '1'I11- Q1111111- A11Lf11111 3773 F111-1111111t :I ANGOLA 1.osEs TO CONFERENCE CHAMPS. Q .X11:'11I:1 k--111 11z11'1- w1tI1 .AYIIIH 1111111 11111 r'l11S- 11114 1111111111-4, w1111x1 thwir 111-11111 111115111 21111-1111-i A11:111:1 211 ,XYI1111 20. A NGOLA TAKES BUTLER '1'111- l1111'11111s 1111111111 11113 S11:1s1'111 113' 1'l'F1f111g 1711111-1' 1111 1111-i1' 1111111-, 111:1ki11,-I it 1w1'1 11111 nf 1l11'1-11 1.x111' 11111 XI'indn1i11s fm' 1111. s1-z1S11n, T1112 511111-11 .X11u111:1 1311 Ijllltltl' 11, P11 1 1111 111111 1 9 o it random After school h1d taken up but n ftxx xx ttlxs Coach Druelnnuller plclxed hls boys t plmx ln the eounty tourney elxmmltxons the hrst Game AI1Q,Oll dtfuttd Plunnt Llxe m 1 elose t1lt t e SLOIL hung ll to 10 Th1S hung the hrst Dune thot xxert mmv errors mlde along xvxt stxtrl t111t1t ITH5 rnlxcs In the next game Angfoh dropptd a tlost txlt to Fxemont bx the SLOIL ot 1 to U F11 n1ont xx IS more settled m tht tlosm tmmts 1nd 1n trror by Angola xx IS eostlx Th Hof nets then journexed to Fllnt to sxx lmp thtm tmv then' strlde IH thas mme 1nd poundtd sex v.r1l Fhnt p1tchers Angola rallmed 1n then' fouxth mme to d feat Orland 6 to 4 Orland nude SLXLI'll tr rors 111 the closlng mnlngx 1nd lo5t 1 Qup posedly xxon x1ctory Anvola next met tht stxont, Seott mnt xxho dtteated them m the eulv mmngs The Hot nets couldnt ox trt1lxe them 1nd dropped the tcntest S to 4 ln the l1st game durmg th suion Angolx plaxtd xxlth Metz AH'Z,Oll xxtnt out to t1lxe 1 1 to U lead 1nd htld at untml th l1st mmng xx hen Metz shoxtd ICYOSS four runs xxmmng the some and llso l.llITlll'llflI1L, eXngol1 from partnupnnng nn the eountx tournex Anvoli Angola An-vola Angol1 Ang la SCHEDULE AND SCORES Fremont F mt Orland Stott MLIZ ash 9 it 1 .L YA I H V ma- ' 1 :J A' 1 1 5 -- J. - ' m Y V --A r v 0 Nur 1 ,V 1 ' , K - 4 Ly A 1 . ln ' D k 1 - 3. - -.1 A - . .l in L ' ' ' , l'l ' 'I 1' K . , L ' K 3 H K . , M , if ,Q ,-, LAI V- ' K L H 5, YA I A X 1 rw g --A lj . 1 2 - ' ' e - V by the score 22 to 0. Angola seemed to be hit- Angola ..,,,,,,,,,.,,, ,,., 1 1 Pleasant Lake , 10 A I' H' ' '- ' D. oott,,,,tooo..,..,1, 0 - ' , 3 , R ,,,vt,,,,,,,,, M22 -l' to ..,.. 0 ,, A ' 1 it , ,,L ,Z D ' ----ffffff"-'--,--A 6 - fffffff----'-------f 'l . - , V - - V. 1 . 1 k , L , ltoo ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, 1 4 - 1 o...,.......... S Y f , ko ...,,ooo...1.,..ot., 3 or 1 o.a.....o.1o 1. 4 Standing: lion XY-'au-1', Murk Uraiin. llonzxlnl Iiox--I, liill llllll, Iloll l,o11d-111. llnl'-1141 M1'Ki11l+Jy, Hill lll1i11vQn1i1l1, Hxvx-11 llule, .l1llllt'Q XYz1lki Km-1-lin,Lrt llrlu lll'l'lIlilIl, Morris NYl1itlo-'k, l'I1z1rIvs Ilomun, llosww N--flvle, A111 'fllvl-in-I', Max lhwny. Mr. l'I'll4'li2llll'lll"l' -'o'1n'l1 HS. ,Q P1120 flff-3'-ff7l'4'1 Scotchrnen--ln ne au 0 0 O .. I fi In i-irhv, XY--iiih-ll .XIilrieli, .lwliii Stun". limb-fi't Hall, Uwgii NI 1' 1'iNIi1xiiv' Q'llll -.ii 1 This year Angola High School added golf to its sports. Tryouts were held and the four boys with the lowest four-round total represent Angola. The boys who succeeded were: Bob Hall, LaMoyne Saul, XVendell Aldrich, and John Stage, with Owen Mote as alternate. These boys usually play in about the same score with an average of about SZ for eighteen holes. They have played together last year on a Caddy team that had nine wins out of nine games played. A summary of what a golf team goes through is as follows: First, a team is organ- izedg then games are scheduled with other schools nearby to be played during April 1nd the first part of May. On the first or second Saturday in May the State High School Golf Tournament is held. Any school that is registered may enter without any fee. Each team plays 18 holes on the Speedway Course at Indianapolis and the team having the lowest total score wins the tournament. A prize is also given to the boy who has the lowest score. The schedule was: May 6, Auburn there: May 7, Huntington, here: May 11, South Side of Fort XVayne, here: May 12, Huntington, thereg May 13, Auburn hereg May 14, South Side of Fort Wayfne, hereg May 22, State Tourney at Indianapolis. A. H. S. ATHLETICS TROPHIES County Baseball Championship 1934-35 Wfilson Trophy 1923 15-ff' Steuben County Track and Field Meet 1926 County Baseball Championship 1931 Steuben County Track and Field Meet 1927 IH' HYANKI SAN" CAST We The outstanding event of the yearls activity of the Girls' Athletic Club was the spring fes- tival presented April 2, in the high school au- ditorium. One hundred and seven girls took part. The main features of the evening were the crowning of Clarellen Guilford, who reigned as queen of the festival, and the jap- anese operetta, "Yanki San," which was pre- sented by the girls of the club. The stage was a Japanese cherry blossom scene, a blue background with Japanese lan- terns, a lattice work fence, and trees laden with cherry bloom. The throne surmounted all. Miss Yeager was the director of the festival and Lucy Ellen Handy was the pianist. The girls who took part were: Queen of the festival, Clarellen Guilford: First attendant, Catherine Grithths: Second attendant, Laurine Hostetler: Page, Genevieve Burch: XVinter, Margaret Morse: Spring, Ilo Blosser. Characters in the operetta were: Yanki San, QVWUQSS Pmagene Hendershotg San Fan, Ruth Kiess: Princess Toro, Margaret Morse: Prince Toto, Violet Butz: Seven Roses, Marv C. Lippincott, Billie Bassett, Norma Hull, Calista Creel, Jo- anne Shoup, Betty Mounts, Donelda Bell: High Chancellor, OreI.lana Ewers: High Priest, Bet- ty Mounts: Maids in attendance, Betty Keck- ler, Louise Gritliths, Marcella Eggleston, XVava Rose Xvilliams, Jeanne Preston, Madolynn Myers, Norma Phillips: Prince Oto, Alvena Certain: Ambassadors, Mary jane Summers. Mary E. Agner, Margaret Ellen lmus, Norma Phillips: Prince Ton Ton, Beth Brown: Peach Stone, Calista Creelq Peach Blossom, Norma Hull: their maids, Norman Jean Preston and Phyllis Creel. Dances given by the grade girls included the dance of spring, dance of the cherry bloom, dances of the fans, dance of the lan- terns, dance of the butterflies, and dance of the parasols. IMI- r-iwt Billie Iinssi-ll, mini-iii Ill-llf'l', Iiinzimviii- II--iulvl'-Iwi, Ili-ttie llassi-li, Nm-ina Hull, Valisia 1'r..l I liliill iw, Yi--let Iiis--iilwiii-, 43--I-i':i:i XXX-leh. 4--1-will row: Mndnlyiiii Tilyi-rf, Vzitlie-rine Grifhths, Hettv Iiririvn, Ji-aiiiiv Fliollyi, livltv T,-in Mounts, Il-llx IX lnlllsv 1ll'ifl:ltl1N, lYUI'l+'l4l2l In-ll, 1h'iievi.-x'e I-Ziliw-Ii, Maia-Q-llzi I-I:':4lt-stun. Geri--in liis--nliunr, RI:ir:'l1M'It-- Hail-if-11 Nli X1 1 er yznilnm ruwg .Iuziiiiip I'iw5t4iii, Lniirini- lrlfrstv-llm'i', l'l1ll"'llAll Guilford, Juni- Ki-lil, Maury V,'iiiw--tl, XX iii lo l iliaiins. Sem: Ilntli Kit-ss, l'I'4'4.l Yinl-'t Butz, Gulp 1'gii'x'i-V, in-.l,liim1 I-Iwo'-S, Iinih I1l:n1qInii'n, Mar-f-Ili l im ixine I-':innin,SJ. 01' sc as KW' t ,,-.1 ,U .. .A V ...u...v Amt-.cum--1.,A,-.rimnaef ' ' I 5 CDN Tl-IE TM VQESMQLD 'See! oh, see! the dense crowd quivers All along the lengthening line As the boy from out the portal Rushes forth to give the sign!" '-llIlf'I'f7L'IIlll'l1t'l' Bell. Twenty-1'ive years from now many of us will have entirely separated from the old gang inside the portals -some gaining real fortune, others falling into common, everyday life-and we hope much real pleasure can be found in leaflng over this KEY, published when we were just a bunch of pals. Page fifty-six ln Memoriam TEDDY "Old Teddy"-my old pal-is no more. Sometimes it really touches me just thinking of him. I distinctly remember it: One day as I was coming to school, I sud- denly felt a warm creature panting beside me. Looking down-not very far, for after all he really was a large dog-I beheld Teddy just trotting along-trying to make friends with me as he always did with everyone else. "Well, hello, old pal!" was my immediate response to his soul-felt greetings. "How are you today, anyway?" Inside, I could almost hear him give his reply, so human was this creature. Teddy and I walked on for nearly two blocks and- "My wordg here we are, almost at the school house. Look, Teddy! See all the little children out there playing? Dear little things, aren't they?" It was too much for the town's best pal, so away he scrambled to assist the children in a ball game-as well as renew his glorious friendship with them. And such was Teddy-my friend-everyone's friend. 4, 1 I ' - .rx X . f'Il:aNf-A ' PEATU VQES ,.-ff'--Q 1 Pagv fifiy-srl I'f1'f4' fiffa,-frvfzl reats in wing ime JUNIOR-SENIOR PROM The biggest event in the school year for the members of both junior and senior classes is the annual junior-senior banquet and prom. lt is a gala affair at which the girls Wear colorful gowns and the boys -Q R are resplendent in those new spring suits. This year the banquet was held at Potawatomi Inn on May 27. 1 "The Super-fliver' was the theme for the program, decorations, and N in place cards, black and white, the senior class colors being used. Robert Holderness, president of the junior class, acted as toast- master. Xvendell Aldrich gave the welcome, using as his subject "Headlights" Max Tucker, senior president, responded with a toast on "The Horn." "The Engine" was the subject of a toast to the board of education, given by james Crankshaw. "The Transmission" was described in a toast to the faculty by Stephen Ransburg. Mr. Estrich discussed "The Steering Wheel." Beth Brown gave a toast, "The Bumper," to the class sponsors. "A Flat Tiren was the subject of a talk by Miss Shultz. Virginia Goodrich played during the meal. june Kohl reigned as queen of the prom. The Baron of Blues or- chestra provided music for the dancing, the major entertainment of the evening. The event was one long to be remembered by the class of '38 and '37. JUNE KOHL Prom QIILTII ' vfix lf! . ff V A i, J, 1 lx fy x. G. R.-HI-Y HOP One of the big social events in the Hi-Y-Girl Reserve programs is the annual party. This year it was a delightful dance at the Armory Hall. Novelty dances included prize dances and .1 balloon dance, in which every girl tied a balloon around her ankle, and while dancing everyone tried, by hook or by crook, to burst it. The fact that a person has been dancing for years or never before makes no dif- fercnce at the G, R,-Hi-Y hop. Everyone dances!-and enters into the fun! The decorations were of the two clubs' colors, blue and white for the Girl Reserves. and red and black for the Hi-Y. Crepe paper in these colors adorned the three main pillars. The archway was garbed in crepe paper, draped from the center downward to form a large bow on either side. The punch stand was similarly draped in red and white. Music for the occasion was furnished by the Revelers, who played just the type music young people delight in. CDW QW S1-niur girls: Yzlnki Sung In-sn--:+A and Nu1'ln111 VHISL XYIMI :lm-rmluxts yum Eist-nl1o11I'S an-1t"luums. linys, lmn't kid us, girls: All alum-. Vx and 'I'--dzlyg Gul:-1 ".Xin'L love grand?" Svninl' buys, Ilusvm- and Glen: Ihwxn: B'zu'3.' XV:-lls--1lul1't faint, ,Xnntlwr 21111251 Seniol mu-s1d1-nt: Student vuunuil prpsidr-nt: Hi-Y initiutwn 11's Lwylwl Iiuwvrznan, Slnflks Hurley. Page fifty-nim' VIUPW Danny Bakstad: "Ha, ha! I just saw you kiss Sisf' Vfayne Aldrich: "Here, keep still! Put this in your pocket." Danny: "Here is ten cents change. One price to all! That's the way I do business." Guest: "Are you the bridegroom, young man?" Dee Reese: "No, sir. I was eliminated in the semi-Hnalsf' Gruif Father to Son: "Why don't you get out and Hnd a job? When I was your age I was working for S3 a week in a store, and at the end of five years I owned the storef' Son: 'QYou can't do that nowadays. They have cash registersf, Manager Qpointing to cigarette-end on floorj: "Thobe. is this yours?" Thobe qpleasantlyjz "Not at all, sir. You saw it hrstf' Doc: "W'hen did you first suspect that your husband was not all right mentally?" Mrs. Jones: "When he shook the hall tree and began feeling on the floor for apples." The Devil: "W'hat are you laughing at?,' His Assistant: "Oh, I just had a woman locked up in a room with a thousand hats and no mirrors." Mother fto son wandering around roomj: "W'hat are you looking for?" Freshman Nedele: "Nothing.', Mother: "You,ll find it in the box where the candy was." Harley Mann: "Will you be mine?,' Tri-State Co-ed: "Yes, on one conditionf, Harley: "That's all right. I entered the sophomore class on three." UOQPSTS Mother: "Robert, what on earth are you pouring glue into the soup for?" Doopy M.: "So Dad can't say, 'Soup again, eh! Why don't we have something that'll stick to my ribs?' " Ralph Thobe fin churchj: "I'm a stranger here." Lady next to him: "You needn't emphasize the factf' Cy Purdy: "Yes, Miss Powell thinks an awful lot of me." Mr. Handy: "I-Iow do you know?" Cy: "Because I went to sleep in the library and she said she'd lick any kid that woke me up. Crankshaw: "I,m glad to see you at Hi-Y, Mr. Elliott. What do you expect to learn tonight?" Mr. Elliott: "I expect to learn the date of the banquetf, Julia Jane Jackson: i'What's the idea of staying an hour after school tonight? I wouldn't think of doing thatf' Bill Butz: 'iNeither would I think of it. It was Druckls idea when he marked me tardy this noonf' Prof. Hany: "Where is Reno?" Burty Kolb: "Reno is where the cream of society is run through the separator." Emagene: "Where can I put this so I wonlt forget it before I go?" Jimmy: "In front of the mirror." jim Zuber: "They say fish is good for the brain. Can you recommend anything special?" Doctor: "You might begin with a whale." 990 Pa e wily ime arches September 8 Beginning of school. 11 Baseball game-P. Lake 10 Angola 11. 14 G. R. picnic at Fox Lake. IS Baseball game-Flint Og Angola 21. 18 Outdoor faculty party. 22 Baseball game-Orland 3g Angola 6. 23 Talk by Mr. Elliott on "Attitudes.', 24 Northwestern Assembly-Brown and Meneley 25 Junior box social. Z9 Baseball game-Metz 45 Angola 5. 30 Mr. Keeslar talks about his Wfestern trip. October 7 Musical variety program. 14 First edition of the "Crest," Mr. O. Mills of Purdue talks in chapel. 17 Girl Reserve conference. Z0 "The Blundering Herd" given. 21 Rev. N. L. Smith in chapel. 22 Grade cards out. What'll Dad say???? Teachers' Association. 30 Hi-Y Minstrel and Stunt Night. November 1 Mock election held. Republicans win. 3 Northwestern Assembly-J. H. White talks on "China," 4 Mr. Trumbull has chapel program. 6 First basketball game-XVolcottville 25g Angola 33. 24 Orchestra and Glee Club concert. 25 Northwestern Assembly musical program. December 2 Mrs. Keckler talks on "Grand Canyonf' 14 F. F. A. Broadcast. 22 Christmas play, "Little Sunny Jinif' 29 Alumni program. January 12 Mr. Dammon talks on safety. 13 Etiquette skits in chapel. 14 Mark and Bernd attend Purdue Congress. 15 Social usage test. 18 Teddy, our beloved mascot, succumbs. 20 Freshman Home Ee. girls give banquet. 22 Farewell party for Miss Rapp. 2-1 Hornets sting Salem 27-15. 29 "Along Came Julieti' comedy presented. Angola beats Auburn. 30 Wfe "Swingv at the President's ball. February 2 G. R.-Hi-Y hop. 4 Ed. Willis talks to the journalism class. 5 Hornets defeat South Bend. 6 G. R. conference at South Bend. De- baters win in county tourney. 'Nz V1 l 0 1 ssl ' 5 - -.C-Y .M -4- 10 Rev. Snyder talks in chapel. 13 Debaters clinch county championship. Hornets win from Fremont. 17 Scouts skillful in chapel. 18 Ag boys see demonstration at Covell's. 19 Freshmen present "Not Quite Such a Goose." J. H. C. entertains F. F. A.- President of Ohio Northern talks in as- sembly. 21 Orchestra and Glee Club Concert. 22 Rev. Humfreys talks to G. R. 26 Art class goes on tour. Charles Shank gives musical readings. 27 County Latin contest. March 1 Ed. Willis talks to J. H. C. 2 Debaters defeat Wfarsaw. 3 Mr. Estrich describes New Orleans. 4 County Tourney here. NVe were out. Garrett victorious. S Our safe was blown. 8 Mrs. Estrich talks to G. R. 17 Rev. Humfreys talks in chapel on "St, Patrick." . Mr. Keeslar finishes his talk on the "Grand C.1nyon.', Mr. Karnahan talks on "Personalities in This Modern W'orld.', April 5 11 is Players give "Life of Abraham Lincoln. 6 Prof. Ely talks on aviation to the Hi-Y. 9 Prof. Hoke talks to home rooms. 14 B. P. NV. entertain senior girls. 17 District band contest. 20 Girl Reserve Pa-Ma-Me banquet. 21 Music department concert. 27 Skateree. May 1 Xvade wins spelling contest. 3 Girl Reserve seniors swing out. 13-14-15 National orchestra contest at Col- umbus, Ohio 19 Vocational Skits. 23 Baccalaureate. 27 Junior-Senior banquet. 28 Last day of school. Class day and Com- mencement! Page sixfy-one Those lgeiforfe CLASS OF 1936 UQ Evelyn Brown-YVorking .,., ,,,. ,,,,.,.,.A..A,...A....,,,,..,. ..,,,, F o r t Wayine, Herbert Brown-At home ,.,,.A.,,A.A, ...,,,,,,,,, A ngola, Raymond Care-Golden Garage ,,,,,, ...r. A ngola Gordon Cary-Tri-State College ,,,,.. r.,.. A ngola. Aileen Casebeer-At home ,,,,,,,,... ,rr,,.,. A ngola, XVymond Castner-At home ,,,,,,,,,,., ,,,,,,,,,,,r,,, A ngola John Duckwall-Cornell College ,,,,, Thomas Dolph-NVorking ,,,,, ..,,,,, Rex Ferris-At home ,,,,,..,,...,...,, Betty Gasliill-Hotel Hendry .,,,... Lucille Goodrich-Hotel Hendry Ind. Ind. Ind. Ind. Ind. Ind. Mt. Vernon, Iowa Lansing, Mich. Angola, Angola Angola jack Goucly-Tri-State College , ,, Angola, Marvin Green-At home ,,,,,,,, ,,.,,.,,. .,,,, A ngola Velma Griffin-The Eat ,.,,,r,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,...,, ,,,,, A ngola. Evelyn Hubbell-Ball State Teachers College ,,,,,..., .,,,, L Iuncie Carolyn Hull-Farmers' Agricultural Association ,, .,,, ,,,,, A ngola, Evelyn Hutchins-The Eat ,,,,.,,,.,.,....,, ,,,....,.....,,.,,. ,.....,....,,,, A n gola. Margaret Jackson-At home ,,,,,,,,., ,,,, ,,,...,,,,,,,, .,......,.,,,,.... A fl g Ola, Pauline jackson- Argubright Business College . I t e Max Kemmerling-Hillsdale College ,,,, ,,,, Ilene Kiess-Post Irene Kiess-Post Robert Kingery- Graduate ,,,,,,,,.. Graduate ,,,,,,,,,.. At home .,,.,,,,, Pauline Rope-Mrs. Roy Shoup .,..,,, , ,,,, ,,.,,,,, . Ind. Ind. Ind. Ind. Ind. Ind. Ind. Ind. Ind. Ind. Battle Creek, Mich. Hillsdale, Mich. Angola. Ind. Angola. Ind. ,, Angola. Ind. Bronson, Mich. Virginia Kohl-Hillsdale College i Hillsdale, Mich Viola Lydy-Mrs. AI. Brock ,,.,,,,,.,,,,,,,ii,i Coldwater, Mich Harold Meyers-At home ,.............. ,,,,,, A ngola, Ind Raymond More-Tri-State College ,,.. ,.,, A ngola. Ind joan Ogden-At home ,..,,,,,,,,,,,,,,.,, ,,,,, A ngola, Ind Mary K. Orwig-Post Graduate ,,,,,, Angola. Ind Jack Parrish-NVorking ......,,..,,,,,,,,,,,,.., Angola, Ind Margaret Pence-Modern Store .,......,,,,,,,,,,, Angola, Ind Richard Preston-Standard Oil Station ,,,,,,,, Angola, Ind Ruth Roberts-At home .,.,..,,,,,,,.,,........ Coldwater, Mich Edythe Rowe-Tri-State College ,...... .,,,,,,, A ngola. Ind Gilbert Saunders-Marion College ,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,, Marion, Ind Vfalie Seely-Post Graduate ,,,,,,,,,,i,,.,,,,,,,,,,,. Angola, Ind Pauline Sellers-Fort NVayne Business College ,,,.,,.,,,,, Fort XVayne, Ind Wfilbur Simpson-Northwestern University ,..,,,,.,,..., , Evanston. Ill LoRrayne Shank-Ar home ,,,,,,,,, ,Y,, A ngola, Ind Ned Sherrick-Xvorking ,,,.,,i,,,,.,,,,,, ,,,,, A ngola. Ind Miriam Shoup-Shoup Law Office ..... ,,,,i A ngola, Ind Raymond Shoup-At home .......,.. . ........ Angola. Ind ' Virginia Shull-Mrs. Ulmer ,...,,.,....,,,,.,,,,,,,i, Angola, Ind 9 Charlotte Suffel-Mrs. Olen Zeigler ..,,,, Fort Wfayne, Ind Edwin Xvallace-At home .............,.........,,,,, Angola. Ind Dean NY"ilson-Tri-State Haberdashery ,.,,,,,, Angola, Ind Evelyn Xvhitlock-Thomas S Bc 10 ,,,,....,...., Angola, Ind 0 Helen NY"yatt-Fort W'ayne Business College .,.,.....,,, Fort Wfayne, Ind Th ose Belore SK Olen Zeigler-NVorking ,,,,,,,.,.,.....,A,A,,,, Fort XVayne, lnd. Phyliss Zimmerman-International Business College ,,.. Fort XVayne, Ind. Bill Zuber-Kroger Store ,,..,, ,,,l,,,, A ngola Ind. Harry Zuber-Kroger Store ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,, A ngola Ind. lf ' 5 CLASS OF 1935 Noble Allen-'Working ,,,,,,,,,,,,,l.,,,..,,,,, ,,,,,, A ngola, Ind. Herbert Beekman-Angola Garage ,,,,,,,ll,,,,, Angola, Ind. '-N i-QPR Opal Blackburn-Mrs. Douglas Lynch Pittsburgh, Pa. Irene Bodley-Steye's Radio Shop ,,,,,,,i,,AA,,,, Angola Ind, Richard Booth-Tri-State College . ,,,,, Angola, lnd. Billy Chaudoin-At home ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,,, A Angola Ind, Craig Clark-Defiance College , .,,,, Deiiance, Ohio Herschel Clark-Xvorking ,,,.,,,,, , , H Angola Ind. NVayde Cleekner-Kroger Store ,,,,, Garrett, lnd. Thomas Crain-At home i,i, , Eileen Dick-NVorl4ing , . ,,,,,.,,,,,,,, , A Herschel Eberhard-Purdu: University Doloris Eisenhour-lnternational Business College ,,,,.. jack Elliott-Working ,,,,...,.. ,,,, janet Elliott-School of Nurses , Kenneth Fast-Insurance Salesman .,,.., Martha Fisher-At home ,,,,, ,,,, . ,, ,, lnd. ., .. Angola, lnd. jackson. Mich. Port XVayne, lnd. Indianapolis, lnd. Ann Arbor, Mich, Perrysburg, Ohio ,, Angola, lnd. Louise Gettings-Park Construction Co. ,.,.., Angola, lnd. Marguerite Goodrich-Tri-State College , .r,,, Angola, lnd. Thelma Goodrich-Hatfnerls Y X 10 .,,, Russell Guil ford-Wbrking ,,,,rrr,,,,,,,,,,,, Lorine Hanselman-Wlorking Robert James-Northwestern University Gerald King-Indiana University ,,,,,,,,,..,,,,,,,,,. ,....., ,,,,,,,, Dorothy Knisley-Mrs. Rozelle ,,,.,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,....,,,,,,,,, , ,, Angola, lnd. Angola, lnd. , Columbia, Ohio Evanston, lll. Bloomington, lnd. Angola, lnd. Fort Xvayne, Ind. Pauline McElroy-Nurses Training, Methodist Hospital .,,.,. Victor Orwig-Hillsdale College ,,.,.,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,....,,,,,,,,,,,,, Thomas Owens-Hillsdale College r,,,,,,,i,,,r,,,,r,,rr,,r,,,,,,,, Wilnia Parks-Nurses Training, Lutheran Hospital .,.... Virginia Parr-B:1ssett's ,.,,.,.,,r,,,,,,rr,,,r,,,,,,,, ,,,,,,r,, .,,,,, Jean Purdy-At home ...... Ellen Reese-At home ..,.,,.,,,, ...,,,,,.,,,,,, NVymond Ritter-Maxton's ,,,i,,,,.,,,...,.,,, , Wlillis Roberts-Roberts' Furniture Co. ,. ,, Paul Ryder-Tri-State College ..,.,..,.,,....,, .. ,, Ava Shank-Mrs. Russell Linsey ,,,,,.....,.,,,,,,,,,,,,..,...,,, .. Hillsdale, Mich .. Hillsdale, Mich Fort XVayne, lnd Angola, lnd Angola Angola , ,,,, Angola Angola Angola Angola, lnd lnd lnd lnd lnd lnd Mary Ann Wlaller-George Wlashington University ,..... Edgar NVells ,,,,.,,..................,.....,.,,.,,, ., ,.,..,...,,.. Carl XVert-Wforking .,,,.......,..... Monzella XVilson-At home ,,,,, , XVashington, D. C. Deceased Fort XY'ayne, Ind. Angola. Ind. Pug C xixfj'-flu! 197 ATHLETIC EQUIPMENT Dad I-Iarter, Goshen, Ind. Contributors CIGAR DEALERS: Willis W. Love Co. .... . Adams 81 Clark Barber Shop 304 ATTORNEYS: Telephone CLOTHIERSr W'illis K. Batchelet ......... .......,.. 5 0 -lafrardis To-ggery "" 1 A"' G. Kenneth Hubbard -AV'-'- 317 Tri-State Haberdashery . Harris NY". Hubbard ,,,.,,, ....... 6 4 Maurice MeClew .....l,,,, ,...... 1 38 COLLEGES: H- I-Yle Shank e-------A-- ------- 2 87 Tri-State College 4,,,, Conn H. I.. Smith ,..,.,,,. .. .... 119 AUTOMOBILE DEALERS: COAL DEALERS: Angola Brick 8: Tile Co. ..,. .,..... . C. A. Casebeer-Autos and Real Estate Linder Coal Co. ,.,,.,,,., , Healy Motor Sales Steuben Coal Sl Gas Co. .... ....... . Helme Sl Alwood ,....,........ ...,Y.. 9 8 Maxton Chevrolet Sales .... ....... 4 I CQNDENSERIES: Steuben Sales Co. ,,,,......... ....,.. 1 6 Vancamp Milk CO. BAKERIE5: CO-OPERATIVE ASSOCIATIONS: Bf2ffY'S Bakery " """' 195 Farm Bureau Co-Operative ....,........... .. Mid-West C0-Operative Assn. ..,,.. ,,,, . BANKS: Angola State Bank .........,......... .2188 CREAMERIES Steuben County State Bank ..... .,,. 1 Mielkgs Produce U BARBERS: DENTISTS: S. F. Aldrich ,..,,.,,.....,, Fisher Barber Shop Mote's Barber Shop BEAUTY PARLORS: Rainbow Beauty Shoppe .,,. ., .... 467 BOTTLERS: Angola Bottling Xvorks .,,,,,,,,,.,,,,,,,,,,,,,,v 368 BUILDING AND LOAN ASSOCIATIONS: First Federal Savings Sc Loan Association 51 Tri-State Improvement Company, Inc... 51 CLEANERS: Butz Dry Cleaning McBride Cleaners ...,,,..,,...a,, ,,,,,,, 2 77 Ross Miller Dry Cleaning ...... ., .... 438 Page sixty-four S. C. 81 L. L. Wolfe ...... ..,, DEPARTMENT STORES: J. C. Penney Company ..... .... . .. DRUGGISTS: Kolb Bros. Drug Store .. Kratz Drug Store ...,.., The Modern Store ELECTRIC SHOPS: Butz Electric Shop .............. Romero. Plumbing, Heating Electrician, Service ..,............... ........ ENGRAVERS: Fort Way'ne Engraving Company, Engravers of this Annual 256 112 39 255 353 292 137 43 25 162 71 47 23 147 90 306 133 FARM IMPLEMENTS: Cary E. Covell .....,. FILLING STATIONS: Crain's Sinclair Station Keeslar Service Station ,,,,, . FIVE 8: TEN STORES: Elson,s Five and Ten Cent Store 5, 10, 25, 50. 51.00 STORES: H:iffner's Sc to 51.00 Store XV. R. Thomas Sc to 51.00 Store FLORISTS: George M. Eggleston ,,,,.. FLOUR MILLS: XV. NV. Sopher 86 Son ,,,..,. FUNERAL DIRECTORS: Klinkls Funeral Home FURNITURE DEALERS: Carver-Brown Furniture Co. . GARAGES: Golden Auto Parts ...,, Grifiin Bros. Garage GROCERS: College Grocery ,,,.............. Richardson Cash Grocery ,,,, South NVayne Market E. Tuttle 81 Son Grocery ..,,:rr onlmeilnulcoies 83 ,. 2-I' 310 4 36' 246 '75 'Q ,,,,2-0 ,260 ,,......IJ9 Williams Grocery ......,,,,,.,,,, ,,,,,,,, 1 00 HARDNVARE DEALERS: Callender Hardware ....,...,.,, .,.., 9 jackson's Hardware ..,..,..i,,,..,,,,,, .,,,..,. 7 Z Xvilliamson Sl Co. I-Iardware ,,.,,, ,,,,,,,. 1 69 ICE COMPANIES: Steuben Artiicial Ice Co. ,,,,, , 107-J INSURANCE: Farmers Mutual Insurance Harvey E. Shoup Agency JEWELERS: Harry Holderness, Jeweler LADIES' SHOPS: Ethel Menzenberger ,..,,. MEAT MARKETS: Co. ,. .,,,,,,,, 205 ....278 Mast Bros. Meat Market ,,,,, OIL COMPANIES: Sheets Oil Company ,, PHOTOGRAPHERS: Cline's Picture Studio ....,, PHYSICIANS: Dr. S. S. Frazier PRINTERS: Steuben Printing Company RADIO SHOPS: Steve,s Radio Shop .,,, , RESTAURANTS: Beatty's Cafe ,,... College Inn i,,,.,,....,, Doc's Lunch The Eat Restaurant . Unique Cafe ....,,,,.....,, SHOE STORES: K. Bt H. Shoe Store SHOE REPAIR SHOPS: R. Otis Yoder UTILITY COMPANIES: Northern Indiana Public Service Co. ,,.,,11S ,,,,..,,171 ,,,,,,,..-100 66 10 207 .. 29 , 70 379 f .... 386 ,..,.,,.,177 ,...,9-12 62 Page sixty-file DEDKCAWQN "I speak what I sincerely believe to be the truth" seems to be his life motto. Recognized throughout the school by his complete knowledge of all his pupils and much good humor added to all his classes, he is saluted by us, the Class of 1937, and to him we pay our tribute, the dedication of this annual. RUSSELL F. I-IANDY P ,g y-six Ye Umm? w A Q . A . Q A , , ,.... , hg,C6.X,Q' ....., i,.LgL,,ff ,,,..,. Maxi. ,.,.. ,....,,... A ,,,AA,,,.,,,,,,,. .... fin .W ..,.. .,....... ...,.,........,,. L .T ... ...A. .,,... AA . . ....L " A!f..i. ,..... ..... :TM ' . .... ......... I .... 4... . .,., ,,.. ,..A V? ... 641.4-445, .A ,,,, , ...,, ? , .W .. ,-gg ' - " 2? 1 , , ,,,A .. .,,, , .,,., Q...,AQ,A,444,,,,,. ..,.4 .,.., .4.,,, ,,,,,,., . . ...,.. .. .. ,,,,,,,,,,, ,,,,,A, A 4 , ,...... ....' AA.A lg .A. ,,,,,,,,,A,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,A,A,,,,,A,,A ...A.. Q.4, ..,,, . ....... .......... ..... ...,,.. . . .. 44,, ,4,A ,,,44, .,... . . ,. .9 ........ .,,,,,.. ,.,. .,...,,...... E ' .......J1 ....... ............,.... .....,.. , mfa.h,rA , Q f Q r, H3 , A ,,A , ,, , f , , g , , A E I 3 5 E F I 1 I i - H 1 . .Q f +-. 'Sin ' ,iff -, ,,,g-'13 '- f '41 ' +. " 'LY , .lf . 'f ,gr h gf.-. 111-pa, . 61 L' Y, qi V ,N , x .K " .563 ff? w-ia, 'A 1 Fila J--f::"A:.r ' f I-.,:- .1 - iran 1 'zfarif-3'9"-111 -W Q. . -5 , . -ff'-if ' ., 'V' .sf -.,. , ar, , 'ff , . -115. wg, .sa .,qz,,,-Liz, KV - Vg eff- ,. ,iz-I.. ..,.,. Q 1 . ,Q ,. f ,LY ff. Q-,I -f 'Q '. ,ggssfg - tfnf, .nf '- . s--. ,1' ' . . . X f, ... - . . 1 P fl: -T ' - 'V' '- - . J . K 0. , ,Q , 1 , 1, 5-2. J: 1.1, 1, .t:,a-- , I 3-24 J fr .ff t ,aff , gg f' K Hg , wY4!,4.3-.r ' ff- 'gggin iz- 3 l fy " 1-is 4- ' f ,. . ' ,flf-'E ' . . QW: ' A. W, -- ,I , 1. wi? : L. ,ax ,, J. , W ,A , M, '15 -, ', . mtg, J, .z A Www- -amz, TY' - - - -L "" ' - -1 '12 S ff ' if V. -, 412. ' 'L f , ' Q"' , L -,Lg 1-, ', ' 5: 1 Q. - r ff ' 2111 " Qmff u - L ,rf mi . fi, -gf Q?-gp---. 1'-' 1- Vg" ' , e 'pfrgz ffm? 'i 4v.,,:.,r-'j" ". 'Hg'-Jifxb 1 . - - , ff, : .aa , f U- ' f ,iv '3 -94 if .' gf-.4',.-Q51 Q A,. lf ,M ' ,Y - -1 'iff 479- I 'wry A -LW ,ity .ua f - . 4 - -.ff , AMY, Q AL w'12'J' ,fr iii A 1 13' 'i!67:',2l'- D I7 - 9.-2 .Q 'f4'4:.'u.,f.h1 ..- ' f ' "Ju, is . .- KZ" 'mlb , h .HQi1.,.,,5,, N W 'bfirki - .1 .I .5-F ,ia ..iVs if f.- 4 Qi Q 531 , . +3-aw - A. "Yi 'Q' S.-:Qu ' L 1' A v. . ,J 'ii ,., .m "'. 't -1:-4-sg f+ai:?ss--1:g-1w'1v"- if-f N ff. -. -- Q , 1-er,... .,.- mr .Q . 1. -- . -..-- M .- 'S-.Q: 3-,,-.wikx-as - 2- :L Q' 5:5-' - .v2.Pq" ' FWS. Wmwf. SSHS-.5--3-f' 'r-...T-E-NN L,J -,Qfif-.-fwqfzifawi'P'-.jk M'e-..pz:.- K 1 Q -ii-'37-W -5-QM '-2-QW-- -1-.-sg.---M W --gas-2.3-r--vww A '-kg -- -- 1iif5:i:-f..f32.s'4.a 'H-"Q - ,-vf' f. ' vga x. - -I Jar-1. I-Q51 -' E -.QQ - 3?-5355? -23?-,M 15. if, 243-Mg!-Q. -ef g' ' Q25--,fi T1 T5-331-15? l' f- Y. i' 'A -xv: - ". 'gf' " 5- -N33 , 'M YN' q'5':Q1mJi4f 'YU13 Y.'1fK5""r WVE- -' Fi' fi.,5'Si-WJ ,-, '-T' :- N-.A-wmv-?E?. -Q1-ski---Q AE.-ww -- ? .. 1-5 . 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Suggestions in the Angola High School - Key Yearbook (Angola, IN) collection:

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