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(■ rZN - - Gc 977.202 An4s 1915 3 1833 02463 4104 mM he Annual AjuLci:- st Compiled and Issued by The Senior Class of the Angola High School M D C C C C X V ?8 82 i t PREFACE We, the Class of HUS, put tins book be- irc the public, hopinj; it may meet your earty approval. It is somewhat reduced in e and pru e, due to the fact that it was ed- ed the last month of school. We wish to caitilv thank all those who have helped us put it before the public as a remembi .uu e I the lli-h School ■ear I ' .H, . Z30±5 iriitfatnni: Class ot 1915 dedicat the interest he has si School Course. (ie..r-e L. and Histc IS olunie in us thr Letts, , rv Insti Sbr iFantltii ADOLPH SEIBEI.. Super GEORGE L. LETTS. Principal. History. iRAH POWEI , KEEP, Sciei Uooltkeei)ing. .MAIUE KAIKI ' y , , 1 j 3ffll l§ 4m B H§f c jhB i ' . A,, 4--. 7?eP7?es£ArATiKr , PI g nitnr (ElaBS I ' reskleiit V ' ovd Zimmer VicoPresidcnt Mildred Leiiiiuger gj.|.,-etarv and Ti ' easiiri r Russell Bail ' Historian Constance Williamson l (jj,( Floy Hammond Motto: .l(.i-s- Heil and Klacli. I-Mowor—Red Rose Yell: Katawa! Kataw! Taw! Ta ' Kazula! Ka .aw! Zawl Zaw Seniors! Kah! Rah! Kali! KK (iOOnWIN Although Arleii She is apt to hi )RA STAGH If Ora should a lawyer be, EVA ORWICx with eyes of brown liet and never frown WINIFRED WAI.COTT Whon pronouncing big words, she ' s apt to jkh Especially when George tries to help her out. FLOY HAMMOND Floy, who ' s short and very sedate. Has the Valedictory as her fate. MARTIN Kva ' s great m going on sprees, ■cle rides slie quite agrees MARJORIE KUNKLE Marjorie ' s the girl Slie keeps things li ivhose deportment Is C, •ely and Bays, " Oh Ge«! RUSSELL BAIR Russell, who has never been late. Will bare the Salutatory as blB tate. .AIRA llliCNSON blonde, the baby, lively, awake, and JOYCE MILLKR •Joyce likes bob-loads, and picnics and such, But for school books, she don ' t care much. K.4LPH EI.STON He is the lall.-si Nix on deiJorlme chool, rule. ■ONSTANCE WILLIAMSON ■ Vou with tlip- big feet, " was wluu was yelled At this Senior star when the play was held. Mildred Manage ic IS iiara to stirpas iiftairs of otir class. FORD ZI.MMER Ford, our president, whose temper ' s always steady, Won ' t let us adjourn till he gets good and ready. (Elafia pro (|0rif Wf. the uiuiersigued. in order to bring before the public the future of tlie members of the t ' lass of nineteen hundred and fifteen, do submit the following prophecy, that — I. Ora Stage, a graduate of Angola High School, and also Michigan University, was admitted to the bar in nineteen hun- dred and twenty, and is now a prominent lawyer of New York. He recently became famous by bringing about Iho freedom of Harry K. Thaw. II. Winifred Walcott. once popularly known as a pianist, has juf; li Mill., il j:..iu the European war zone after spending severa; i: i . ;i a Red Cross nurse. She has been help- ing I I i! ' !• Hily plague of typhus, for which a remedy has r. . .Ml 1; I.. .11 iliscovered. III. Constance Williamson, the famous contralto opera singer, is now filling an engagement with the iMetropolitan Opera Company which is at the present time making a tour of Southern Eurolie. IV. Arliue Goodwin, the poi)ular suffrage leader of Cali- fornia, after a strenuous campaign was successful in defeating the male candidate for the olHce of mayor of San Francisco. V. Russel O. Bair has recently been appointed chief en- gineer of the luter-Lake Canal which is to extend from Gary to Toledo. Mr. Bair is a very competent man for this position, which assures success to this great and much needed under- taking. VI. Joyce Miller, a popular leader of the i ' emiuist move- ment, is making a tour of the laiger cities advocating equal rights. VII. Ralph Blston, a recent graduate of Hush Medi 3l School, has attained world fame in discovering a successful remedy for leprosy. This is one of the greatest steps in VIII. Floy Hammond has become very wealthy through the sale of her pictures. She is now president of the Chi- cago Art Institute. IX. Eva Orwig, after teaching iu Oberliu ollege, is now holding the honored position which for many years was held by Ella Klagg Young. So far she has proved to be a very successful person for this place. . . Eva Martin has just published her latest novel which is destined to be a classic of American literature. This vol- ume deals with the greatest problems of sociology. XI. Laura Brunson is a moving picture star. She has been employed in the Vitagraph Company for several years. At present it is thought that she will win in the contest of the moving picture actresses. XII. Ford Zimmer, the president of the Senior Class of nineteen hundred and fifteen, became in nineteen hundred and twenty-five the leader of Kryl ' s Band, after the death of Bohumir Kryl. Mr. Zimmer had been a member of the band for several years and as be proved to be the most competent, succeeded to the leadership. MILDRED LEININGER. BESS COLEMAN. MARJORIE KUNKLE. § ' Dollars 6r Sense 1 To select a bank for your 1 Dollars requires sense. 1 To select a bank where your 1 Dollars will be safe requires 1 Good Sense. = Deposit your Dollars with us where tht-y will be Safe and draw interest while nu = sleep and thereby teach your Dollars iiKir,. = Cents. I fThcirst National Bsnk = ANGOLA, INDIANA :llll!llimilll(|[l(lllllllllllllillllllllllllllfl Films Developed I lOc per roll all sizes | Best up-to-the-minute | system used 1 Best Results Prompt service 1 Cliiie ' s Photograph | Gallery | Ang-ola, Indiana 1 llllllll ' iillllllllllllllillllllllllllllllllllil I I Shoe Repairing | I Give us a Trial = V - S. West Corner Public Square = I It should be I Wm. Skinner | I JOE BROKAW j Propiietoi I HOOSIER TAILOR | = Cleaning, pressing, repairing | IJon t W rite | i and Dry Cleaning | T A f K " 1 = All work guaranteed % = I I HOME TELEPHONE | lllllllllllllllillllillllllllllllllllllilllllllllllililllllllillllllllllllillllllilllllllllllllllll 3)uutnr (Elaaa Phyllis Slade ,t lane Webb d Treasurer Erwin Mast Harold Cain Molt.i: (Elass iRnll Mildred Hanselm; an Hazel Tuttle Marjorie Morgan Lllen Moss Lois Redding 1-yrl Tiffany Anna Wanibaugh rliyllis Slade Gertrude Ingalls Lrwiu Mast Harold Cain li ' lm;; M. ' Clelhin Leo Wibox Dean i;iine Klsie Rinehart Uono Wolfe Daphne (ioodale Bernice Moody Jeanette Pollock Lolabelle Gundrui .Lane Webb (!len Clark Stanley Castcdl Lueile Webb Lois Myers Ana Ireland Ruth Masters Lois Lehman Thoinas Emerson Best Yotter ATTORNEYS x no ' ola Indiana lllllll I Hail to the fair girls of fair I Angola I Where does Miss Cleanliness I Miss Purity meets? I At the GREEK ' S of course I The Palace of Sweets t :• ■• •!• ■ • • • • • • •• • • • • • • • • ♦• •• •I• • • ■ •t I SHELDON COMPANY Hay and Grain i Floui ' , Feed, Beans, Potatoes : Garden and Field Seeds, I Wool and Peppermint Oil illlllllllllllllllllllllll I Angola Fruit Co. P ine California Fruits | Candies and Cigars 1 Ice Cream Sodas Sundaes 1 Sanitary Dishes 1 llllllllllllllllllli ' llllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll SaPHDMD llfiese 1 g ' niplTumnrr QIlaHfi rresi ' leiit Harold Howell Vi e Pr-xie ' il Martha Kankamp Kiuaneiars. ' ,-.-c;uvy . ' .■■ Willa GrinUU llislorian M ' - ' O ' Sde " I Olaude Reese Von l.eaae, " . ' . ' . ' . ' . ' ' . ' . ' . ' . ' ■ ' ■ ' ■ ' . ' ■ ' ■ ' ■ ' ■ ' ■ ' ■ ' ■ ' ■ Lewis Freeman Motto: Labor omnia viiu-il. ( l abor conquers all.) |,-l,,„-,.i---Carniilinii, Cnloi-s - Mavmni and Wliite ell: Soplio-nioro! t opho-niore. Rail, Rah, Rail, Rah! (taster.) Sopho-niore! Sopho-more! ah Rah, Rah. Rah! (still faster.) nph,i-ni..r. ' ! Suphn-ninr.-! YKH!! (Elass i iiU Nina Rittcr I.eatha Rozoll Emily Waugh Ida May Frishi Pearl Johnson Dorothea Clinc Mary Ogden Wilina Johnso Martha Kanka Willa Grittith Kdna Spade Hazel Orton i ' aul Coy Samuel Brooks Harold Howell Leo Ba ir St. C ' lai ,r VanAuV DeLoss Goodale Walter Goodwin Claude Reese , ul)rey Weiss Lewis Freeman Wavne Deller Vergil Kunderd Newt or L Dygert BIG Anniversary Sale NOW GOING ON SAVE 25 to 40% Dry Goods, Ladies ' Ready- to- Wear, Shoes, Men ' s Clothing, Hats and Furnishings Pav Cash and save 10 to 25% on GROCERIES Uhlman Kibby The Store that Saves you Money ANGOLA ' INDIANA KHA TZ Drug Store Always has a large and complete line of all grade and High school text books also supplies. KRATZ Drug Store m (5 President Florence E. Mast Vice President Vera Myers Treasurer and Secretary Pauline Hendry Class Poet Marie Ellis Class Hisloriau Paul Butz Motto: " He second to none. " Coloi-s — Old Cold and Brown. Flonei- — Lily-of-tlie- Valley VeU: Hipety Rip! Hipety Roar! Gold and Brown Forever More! Rickety Ram! Rickety Russ! Cute Lifl Freshies! Thafs US!! (ElasB IHoU VVava Muudy Esther Harmon Elsie Stietel Troas Wells Bertha Johnson Florence Mast Neta Somerlott Vera Myers Hazel Newnam Clarence Chrysler Marie Ellis Rosoe Crissinger Rachel Bohner Leona Williams Robert Denman Enos Parsell Gertrude Orwig Birdie Morrison Mildred Wolfe Wade Libey Ethel GUI Paul Grat Vera Callender Maurice Parsell Grace Stielel Bruce Beyers Grace Berlein irma Garrett Pauline Hendry Hilda Gilbert Bertrice Wilcox Minard Rose Kuth Zabst Ruth Bowles Frank Ti£Eauy Paul Harman Ethel Eckert Paul Neutz L. D. Robert Cole Lillian Taylor Paul Butz Ethel Woodring Leona Hughes Ora Harmon Wayland Seely Dorothy Pence Hobert Fink Robert Douglass Small Accounts Lncouraged I One need not have a large account with a bank in order to enjoy the privileges it confers. Believing that encouragement tends to de- velope the resources of the small depositor it is the policy of this bank to give appreci- ative attention to all who bring their busi- ness here, regardless of the size of their transactions. Your account is invited. I STEUBEN COUNTY I STATE BANK M ANGOLA, INDIANA = J. A. Croxton, Pres. OrviUc Carver, Vice-Prcs. = R. J. Carpenter, Cashier J. E. Robinson, Asst. Cashier I Our San Franciso Slogan I r ' R( xall,Rexall,Rah,Rah,Rah! i Boomer up Advertised | Whoop ' er up Traileiiziid, | I Saw wood, saw wood, saw, saw saw " M I KODAKS at | I A. Frysingcr ' s Drug Store 1 Angola, Indiana IllllllllllllililllllllllllllllllllllllllllllJIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIillllllllllllllllllilllllllllllllllllllllllllll (graft? alrarhrrs Luella Rempis Eighth Grade Ethel Chard Third Grade Angie Utter Seventh Grade Ataude Schoville Second Grade Grace Grain Sixth Grade Nina Coltrin First Grade Oradell Parsell Fitth Grade Erma Kint North Ward Helen Kunkle Fourth Grade fllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllll!llllllllll Angola Bank Trust Co. I ANGOLA, INDIANA | Ciiiin S@irw(i ii® €iil mmd Bmm ms Deposits in this Bank are Insured. Kxra D »clg« ' , So ' ' y. (i. H. Wickwire, Pros. C. H. Douglass, Clerk. J. S. RITTER Dealer in Staple and Fancy Groceries Agents for BOUR ' S Royal Garden Tea and Coffee Phone 139 lllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllllillillllllllilllilllllllllllllilllllllllllllllllllH Athlptira On September 17. 1914, the Athletic Association of the Angola High School was organized under the State rules. The officer.? elected were as follows: President Principal G. I-.. Letts Vice-President Russell O. Bair Secretary Miss Laura Brunson Treasurer Ford Zimiuer After becoming a member of the State Association, work was immediately commenced, by organizing a girls ' basket ball team with Arline Goodwin as captain, and a boys ' team with Ford Zimnier as captain and Tom Emerson as manager. The first practicing was done on the out-door court, where also the first few games were played, but as soon as the gym- nasium was procured work was begun in earnest, and before the sea.son closed a great many successful games had been IJlayed on this floor. The Association was very fortunate this year in securing ilii- services of Mr. Callahan as coach. II takes this opportunity for thanking the Faculty and SrIiDiil Hoard for their co-operation and support, without wliir-li athletics wiiuhl not have been near as successful at it Zimmer — Captain Emerson— Manaser ill. Cain, Cline. Seeley, Williamson Sclieilule vs Pleasant Lake at Angola 27-: vs Hamilton at Hamiltou 8-: vs Orland at Angola 64- vs Pleasant Lake at Pleasant Lake .. 9-: vs A. A. A. Juniors at Angola 34- vs T. S. C. Lightweights at Angola 18-: vs A. A. A. Juniors at Angola 26- vs T. S, C. Lightweights at Angola 24- ' vs Auburn at Auburn 10- vs Auburn at Angola 43- vs T. S. C Lightweights at Angola 17-: vs Coldwater at Coldwater 13- vs Coldwater at Angola 29- vs Reading at Reading 19- vs Reading at Angola 29- vs Defiance at Defiance 10- vs Salem at Pleasant Lake . .17- vs Pleasant Lake at Angola 43- J « ? jii.s --feil 1 f il J i r. y " 5.. , c ' sC; ' p ii You will get what you want And like what you get If you get it of us. We are retailers of everything FROM HEAD TO FOOT at Popular Prices I) K F A R T M E N T STORE |iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiniiiiiiiiiiii I JUNOD Grocery Co. I ' ' | 1 The Home of % Clias, K. Wolls i = I The up-to-date Grocer = i Quality Groceries I f h i e ot Fruits | I When you want the best canned | Vegetables. Co iectionery I Roods to be had call for the | ole Agents for = " Richelieu " brand. I Chase Sanborn ' s Coffee Teas Phone 260 | Try the Club House brand of canned goods M I Ross H. Miller | Priming that Pleases | I FaigM®iinaiMa ¥sinE®ir I ' ' iH ' ' " ' ' J?T. ■ = Dry Cleaning, Pressing % M and Repairing % = 101 ' . West Maumee Street x u x i t = i ANGOLA, INDIANA |bteuDen Kepublicani " ICnat. a Olha iprmt " r 0 3015 CASi ' ( !• 1()ST IMI ' OltiW ' l ' (11 l; TKliS .liifk Abbott Ford Zimraer George Higgins Ralph Elston Fred Lawton Tom Emerson Raymond Fitzhenry Erwin Mast Alice Bennett Marjorie Kunkle Kuth French Constance Williamson Allies Arabella Bates Mildred Leininger i:i;uiche Westcott Lanra Brunson Jl-.njorie Tvndall Joyce Miller Mrs. Higgins Winifred Walcott December eighteenth, nineteen hundred fifteen, the Seniors of the Angola High School presented, at the Croxton Theatre, the play, " Lost, A Chaperon. " which proved to be a thoroughly pleasing performance. The fact that the theatre was well filled when the curtain rose was largely instrumental in encouraging the players to do their best. The audience was appreciative, moreover, and most generous in its ap- plause of the students who took part. The play was exceed- ingly simple in plot and its presentation depended largely upon the abandon and enthusiasm of the cast. Each part was well acted in a delightfully natural manner. It is difficult to select the actors deserving special men- tion, as every character was faithfully portrayed. Alice. Ruth. Agnes and Blanch are enjoying a week-end house party at Marjorie Tyndall ' s cottage at Lake Sherwood. Maine. Mrs. Higgins. the chaperon, fails to arrive at the appointed time and the girls are left to spend the night alone. Marjorie informs the girls that her cousin. George, is in camp just across the lake, and that if necessary his aid can be procured. Ruth. Alice and Agnes, each unknown to the other, go to the bosy ' camp and invite the boys to their camp to frighten the other girls. George, who has unfor- tunately fallen into the river, has no dry clothes to wear and is conliiuMl lo his tent during the visit of each of the girls. .lack would had considerable fun with the girls but for the interruption ol Fred, who " wants to be in on it too. " The boys tell the girls that it will be impossible for them to visit their camp. Nevertheless, that evening they exchange clothes with some lumbermen and go to the girls ' cottage. Not knowing who any of them are. the girls are surprised and terribly fright- ened. The boys order their supper and take full possession of the place until a little later when they, themselves, a-e sur- prised by the real lumbermen, who are college men working in the lumber camps. One of them is Raymond Fitzhenry, a poet and the lover of Agnes. Amid the excitement that follows and just as Raymond embraces Agnes, the chaperon enters. She is very much shocked to find these young ladies entertaining all these young men in the absence of a chaperon. The true state of affairs is soon made known to her and also to the girls, who are very much relieved to learn that, instead of being a raid by real lumbermen, it is only a joke. One of the cleverest of the lighter parts of this pla which was taken by Stirling McClellan. try lad. Other minor that of Zekiel. taken by Floy Ham- id. Bess Coleman. Russel Bair and Ora Stage. That the minor parts were well brought out was one of the ■ the production. This was due to the ui Professor Charles Shank, who directed tli All of the participants, as well as I ' m to be most warmly congratulated on i cleverest and most successful amal u attempted in Angola. The snirmi i goers is also a matter of greai ,r; ' .i ■ ing more representative anrl n The fact that the Angola oi ' i ' " " ool t good musical program betw.. i, ; ' ' asset to the performance. ci i. .si . .M J efforts of if the lated. .M.SON, K@LEB DMIU(SS¥ ' L I WILLIAMSON CO. I p " I AX col, A. INDIANA M m I i ' hone W.) = When in need of Books or I Hardware, stoves, building material, = School SuppHes, remem- ber that KOLB BROS, carry a full line to I ' listdllice I fishing tackle, guns, ammunition, t paints, oils, varnishes, refrigerators, ice cream ireezer s and lawn mowers. = uIIk- O W iawxci ' t (.fioMoral xn■ u l■o = I Kolb Bros, Drug Store ! V. IA. IN AN ' I) SHH THE XKW I QUICK MKAL OIL GASOLINE STOVES Calendar March 27 — April 5 — Spring vacation. April 6 — Senior decide to publish an annual. April 7 — Rain. Measles. April 8 — Juniors go on an experimenting e. pediton. April 9 — " It is just as important to forget as it is to remem- ber. " The Profs, disagree. April 12 — Mr. Letts to Joyce: " When was our national con- stitution made? " Joyce: " Why — y — in 1896. " April i:! — Mr. Hartman: " What are you talking about? " Paul Harman: " Why — I ' ve forgotten. " April 14 — Laura B.; " Mr. Keep, will my hair turn red it I don ' t stay away from the ammonia? " Mr. Keep: " I don ' t know; but if it does it will look better than it does now. " April l. ' i — Seniors take snap-shots. April 16 — Yet more rain — yet more measles. April 19 — Miss Steva, in Music class: " Haven ' t you the right time. Paul? " Paul Neutz: " I don ' t know whether I have the right time or not, but I have a watch. " . ])vU 20 — Rain, rain; go away. Little Freshies want to play, April 21 — There are some rather fresh notes passing between two Freshies. Information bureau: Joyce Miller. Eva Martin, Laura Brunson. April 2 2 — The Juniors have their pictures taken. April 26 — Why was Ford late to school? (Stirling held the key to the ball and chain.) April 27 — Sophomores have their pictures taken. April 28 — Grade cards are out. April 29 — Freshman: " What do you keep in this room? " Mr. Keep: " Most everything in the line of school plies. ' 1 3 — Mr. Keep gives us a talk about Clean-up Day. MAV ?, — Sophomores have their pictures taken again. 4 — In Senior Class meeting tonight, Russel Bair mores to adjourn three time?, but the motion is lost each time for want of a second. ,■) -Tom Emerson has found a new way to display socbs. Wear them iiinned 6 — The Soiihomores have their pictures taken again. 7 — Russel n., in Eng. ' For if ; And if From V A diam to vour coat tail ive hei picli res IV •Don ' t yo will be sweet to g will be sweet neTer hand: and whether he lov diamond. ' " " I don ' t know, Russel: had any experience. " -All Freshies flunked in General Science. " -Same are prepared to give a five minute talk today. —Mr. Letts: " Constance, where is Don Roberts? " Constance W. : " I doi the on ' t know. I guess he Is guess he is beginning to s« " Then please Mr. Letts: " Well, -Faculty reception. -Junior reception. -Baccalaureate. -June 1 — Term examinations. -Commencement. -Parting: We must With Though with these outward forms we pa W( keep each other in our heart. What search hath found a being, where I am not, if that thou be there? I R. E. McGARITY I Watch Repairing I a Specialty Angola Indiana I Make your Dollars I have more Cents I Spend them here I 5-10-25C Variety I Store = Phone o78 Whole Meal 5c Palace Luncli Car C. H. McGrew, Prop. The EAT I Jess Andy Short Orders and | Lunchesat all hours = Northwest Corner Public Siiuare. = SfokfB Miss Steva, (German I:) " Ora. what is tile case of book le sentence, " I have the book? " Ora H.: ' ■Nominative. " Miss Steva: " No. " Ora: " Genitive. " Stev No! Ora: " Dative. " Miss Steva: " Weil I shonUl say not; yo more guess coming, and you can ' t miss it now. " Mr. Seibel: " Now. an animal has great s instance, an elephant can tea- a tree out by the Stanley Castell: " Yes, but who wants tc ■The soiiran Miss Powell: " What three words are n ighten this dark old world. I ' yrl Tiffany Act I. Freshie — Comedy of Errors. Act H. Soph.— Much Ado About Nothii Act III, Junior — As You Like It. Act IV, Senior— All ' s Well that Ends " ? Powell asked tor t ' av man and master of himself. s good; any more? " Mi ■Well. I don ' t like that so well. ' A Freshman was asked to explain the difference between iiimal instinct and human intelligence: " If we had instinct e would know everything we need to know w-ithout learnin.i; , but this way we ve got to reason and so we have to study urselves most blind or be a fool. " Mr. Keep: ■ ' What is the oldest fruit known lo nian ' . ' ' Pyrl T.: " Adam ' s Apple. " Mr. Keep: ' ■No: the fig. becausi- our fiir.-f.ulicr and ether got their first clothes from this tree. Russel Bair ' s definition of a lie: ' ■A misreiin-sentation ' the truth. " Mr. Letts, (in Modern History:) " Well. Pyrl, what was Mr. Letts: " What great book did t ' luii-cliill recenll; Sterling Mc: ■■Within the Bowl. " meaning " The Insidi he Cup. " Mavjorie K.. (spelling Pagopago:) " P-a-g-Ogee I don ' l Miss Powell: ' ■Wayne, why does ■Shiver my timbers? ' " Wayne Deller: " Because he had a A person might go to High School or College year after year and never get an education, yet seldom do you see a person who has gone to school a great deal but what they have a certain fine distinction in regard to clothes. Education recognizes Clothes of Refinement, such as WOOLTEX Coats and Suits for Ladies KUPPENHEIMER Clothes for Men WALKOVER Shoes for Men and Women Patterson ' s Department Store " WHere most well dressed People Trade " Mr. Keep, (Physics:) " Whicli way would a fish look if vished to see the setting sun? " Sterling Mc: (Beginning slowly.) ••Well— well— now depends u|)on the fish. Now, a goggle-eve could Mr. Keep: • ' That will do now! " Steva, (German I:) • ' Paul Harman, Tubby Douglass, |at Wolfe ' s, 11 p. m.:) Mrs. Wolfe: " Come now, Mildred, and go to bed. Tubby: " I guess I ' d better go, too — out the door Lewis Freeman Red Smith: bought my walk in Chicago. " lid " I want to work in an ice cream parlor every one says I can ' t because my hair earn. " Such is life! Mr. Keep: " Tom, what is a magnetic map? " I-eo Wilcox: " Tell him it ' s one that ' s been magneti ind api)lause.) Pyrl: " Now you may sit down and save that or 1 tomorrow. " Mr. Keep, (to a Freshie:) " How does a dog keep Freshie: " By wagging his tail. " Bair: " A woman must marry a man if she gets mart •Not Civics: Mr. Letts says when a woman is getting a pen- in of $12 a month, she had better stay single, for a $12 nsion is better than a man. The pension you can depend and the man you can not. A l tgh rhonl ?Romanre I Ciinipleted hy usinj; the nanifs of the Seniors, the members of the Faculty and the Board of Trustees.) A young man whose name I shall not disclose but which might as well have been Stephen, and whose last name was either Smith or El.sTON, desired a young lady, MARJORIE KUNKLE, (a name which does not fit well into a romance like this, but which would fit excellently into a real one,) to spend a holiday with him. Casting about for something to do they decided to take a trip either by " YOT " or ST. GE. Deciding ui on the former, they hastened to Lake James. At first the water was calm: but soon the wind blew WILDER and WILDER. They were soon going at a terrible rate and could scarcely DODGE the rocks. " We can ' t KEEP this up much longer. LETTS run in to the shore. See there by that little wall, " cried our heroine. They succeeded in landing, but not before the WALL cut a hole in the boat. " This adventure will be a GOOD one to tell to our friends, " said our hero. " O, Steve! STEVA! bunch of friends are meelins at Uncle Tom ' s tonight to discuss LEINING or marking out the tennis court. If our FORD don ' t get unmanageable again and run over the MILLER or COLEMAN, we ' ll get there be- lore the big POW( WOW I ' LL be over. " " Well, if we don ' t get there they ' ll miss WILLIAM Cs) " This trip reminds me, " said our young gallant, " of the trip I made to BRUNSON. Michigan. last Summer, when you wrote me that letter on that HAMMOND typewriter, telling nie about that pet BAIR climbing the pole to get into the MARTIN house and when he came down he clawed his keep- er ' s scalp or WIG off, you didn ' t know which. " " In answer to my tiuestion as to where your affections were, you answered in that letter: ' My HART man Is no t yours as of yet, but you mav -n ' in it if you have a FAIR- FIELD. ' " I Prepared for use at the Faculty ' s reception to the Sen- iors, by the Entertainment Committee, Mr. and Mrs, Seibel and Mr. and Mrs, Fairfield.) ■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■■I ■ 1 ! CLAY LEMMON, Optician ■ EYE-SKiHT SPECIALIST ' S W. Maumee Street Angola. Indiana j ■ B..BBIBBBBBBBBIIflflBBBflBBBflBaaa»» CALL AT ■ Geo. Stoncr ' s : NEWS STAM) B For nil the latest Periodicals ■ and Fine Candies n j B ■ The Leadinii Slvles in ■ ■ are In l)e found at i I Mcnzcnbcrgcr ' s Hat Shop For choice Meats of all kinds Z Home-made Lard and Sausage ■ 1 GO TO a 1 MAST BR05. : ■ I ' h.iiu ' lid Free Delivery B ..................... ,.............B ■ Nycc Ketchum : LAWYERS ■ Auburn Indiana ■ iOBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBlBBBBBBBBBBBBI 1 Chas. M. Cain : PIANO TUNING. VOICING ; ACTION REGULATING { Z I ' hiine 3tM-V. Angola. Ind. iIBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBIBBBBBBBBBBBBBb i Dr. F. H. Iliiiiiphic ys j i IMivsiciiiii S : " IBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBBB.BBaaBBEasaBBBBB ! Save Lather and Work ; I and get your work done at ■ i ADAMS BENDER ' S ; ■ BARBER SHOP i ! B Students are Always Welcome at Get This Book I ' Engraving for College and School Publications " It will save you money in getting out your Annual his iKKik sliouhl b. ' ill Ihc IkiikIs of rvpiy eililor and usineKS manager. It will save you money — prevent ostly mistakes in laying out your work and in buying ngravlngs. It is a book of thorough instruction. Con- lins 164 pages and over 300 illustrations. It covers very phase of the engraving question relating to all ollege and school publications. 11 was prepared at Kieat cost by our stall of engraving i ' i lis dim .ii |i. ;,il! I ill the production of half- ' I ' - ■ " 1 " ! pi.- ' - .11. ■ 1. ! ii s. and designs for col- - ' iii ' l I [■ ■ ' ■• ' ■ ' I ' riiis book is not for sale. Ill I- 1m. Ill,, I, .1- , |..,i,,i I n il,.ge, to the staff of each Wi of S ' Staff ord Lngraving Co Sp.cially. IM)I l i rH£ END.

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