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 - Class of 1953

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- vii! .A , 2 ef -it 's :f 'I fl by ff, ,., f ,V M . . iii 93 -Ylaaii i.g53.f1: mm.. ,.,. 4 '- f x. if "Sf -'w Sa ' " ff! - wg? 3 . .51 gy: , ,z . ,4 . :jaw 4 Aimfi we uyg, Q :ffl A -3153211 Sf lib' -'if'-ffl? .-g . Lf'-f 2 .3 '1-T12-: Q V P, . 1, L if 5 Tgew 5, . . 'if3v?.h,-gg 'ieyfip ,SSFA E3 S? .ya . ,gray 11:44, ' .35 -MA.. uf wr. ...vm - X :Qgfg -' 'f ' V, - " THE ANGLE 19 ANGLETON HIGH 504001. ANeLEToN,'rExAs M THE ANGLE STAFF T953 Edttor Asststant Edftors Business Manager Assistant Bustness Manager Boys Sports Editor Girls Sports Editor Layout and Art Snapshot Staff Typlsts Claire Vacula Anna Stockton Barbara Doppelheuer Patsy Atvvell Wanda Wrlpanks Oleta Martin OTHER CONTRIBUTORS FACULTY SPONSORS Shnrley Burrtdge Kay Lee Kaye Ashcratt Ludeen Farris Harriet Sharpe Jerrle Lee Hams Charles Shlver Jean Rae Stephens Betty Arnold Boloby Skunner Norma Slvevvrnght Gwendolyn Amos Mary Ann Tnpton Elaine Mathews Carole Caroon Mtldr d Mo gan Jeannlene Woolems Fern Barron Jesse Mtles Lolita Wells King Coale Jerry Freer Jack Muller James V1CtorBlshop Leo C Stuver f - . . , . THE SENIOR BOYS DEDICATE THIS T953 ANGLE TO THE SENIOR IRIS Hrgh School has wwhessed a Toed IIJETWQGIW The boys and The gIrIQ of Ihe Class of T953 Bm how that The Mme has Come for This group To deparT from Dear Old AhgIeIoh Hugh They have decsded Io bury Ihe hatch I THUS THE SENIOR GIRLS IN TURN DEDICATE THIS ANGIE TO THE SENIOR BOYS ,.I I kj-. This may seem sfrahge, for The past Tour years AhgIeToh U , . Q ' L Q, ww. M 46+ ad' 1. Y ' gsfd 'lr- f QQ! 4' Il Ill rv' -I .5-.4 H MAIN BUILDING ani? STADIUM REAR ENTRANCE OF HIGH SCHOOL BUILDING in. 4 A -Lt.. 'XX H ati' X HOMEMAKING COTTAGE Sponsored by BEN D CANNON INSURANCE AGENCY x -'ij 32 S - ,515 M xi LEO C. STUVER A.A., Westminster College, B!-N, NMA., Sam Houston State Collegeg Graduate Work, University ot Hous- tong Principal. CHARLES M. KELSO BSN M,Ed, University ot Yexas Graduate Work, University of How ton and University ot Mexico, Super intendent of Sctwoois. -mm -1' 'G+' -if Mlss LETA FAE ARNOLD MRS- RUTH ASHE BA., Baylor Universityg Physical Edu- MA., B.S., Texas State College for Canon and Spanish. Women, Counselor. 4:3 'Q is J- W. BATES J. V. BISHOP B.S., Sam Houston State Collegeg B-Aw MAA-, Southwest Texas State Industrial Arts. Teachers College? English and JOUF- nalism. MISS LlLLlE HENRICHS M.A., University of Texasg B.A., Texas State College for Womeng Home- making. MRS. HELEN LEWIS Central State Teachers College, Ed- mund, Oklahomag Secretary to the Superintendent. H. S. MITCHELL B.S., University of Arkansas, Science CHARLES LESTER B.S., Texas A.8-M. Collegeg Agricul- ture. and Speech. MRS. SUE NEILL B.S., Midwestern Universityg Mathe- matics. if M-4-nf 1 4 " " ,-he-"VA .,,...,,-av-"f""" A MM,.,.,..sf-vf' . X ' ' W.-1:-'rwfn' ,f.Wnwvf"""" MM4,,,,-mv" Y Q ,MK M H ' .ww-'w""'K" l. Q.. "0-N ..,, -.., 1 .gf V X . ,,, 1 SENIOR CLASS A Class Officers and Sponsors-Sfanding, lefi' +0 righh Jack Miller, vice-president Jim Bradford, presidenh Kennefh Busby, secrerary. Seafeclz Mr. Sfanley Mi+chell, sponsorg Sherlene Barker, reporferg Mrs. Grace Wallis, sponsor: Clarence Reynolds. freasurer. 'Uma' 45 Vw -Q--ff ff' ff- fv' 'SDS 'Ziggy' ,R Z' fag' 'W CHARLES ADAAAS l'5fli 49: Gun and Rod Celeb 52 Ofqpa, lion Club 52, Gvvemoowm AMOS FHA 50 Sl 52, Llbrar, A.f.'a'c152, .LH 5f: Llbrar, Sfal' 52 53, Anglg Sfgfr 53, Y3TlE' 53 BETTY ARNOLD Clweerleacler 50, 5l, 52, Band Sweetheart 52, Student Council 52, 53, Rice Fesllval Represenraiive 53, MOST Friendly 53, Ta?- ler 50, 51, 52, Wl'1o'S Wlwo Nominee 53, Spanish Club 50, 51. PATSY ATWELL Baskelball 52, 53, FHA 53, Taller 53, Clworal 53: Angle 53, Girls' Foolball 52, CHESLEY BAIN FFA 52 53, Choral Sl 52, Gun ans Rod 52 SHERLENE BARKER Cheerleader 50 51-52 53, MOST Pom, ar 52' 53, C'aSS Favorlre 5l-52-53, Case Oifrcer 53- Most Atlwletlc 53, Band 5Or5', Baskem bal' 5O'5l 5253, Jynlor Play 52, BE-a,r. Nofnlnee. SHERWOOD BARKER Football 50-51-52-535 Basketball 50-51-52- 535 Baseball 525 All District 51-525 Hon. All State 535 Jr. Pres. 525 Wl1o's Who Nom. 52-535 Track 50-515 A Club5 Spanish 50-51. FERN BARRON Class Officer 525 Jr. Play 525 Band 52-535 Annual 52-535 Library 515 Girl's Football 525 Spartisb '51-525 F.H.A. 50-51. JAMES BERGER Class President 50-515 Basketball 50-51-525 Hobby Club 525 Student Council 51. JAMES BRADFORD Football 50-51-52-535 Class Pres. 535 Who's Who Nom. 535 Basketball '51-52-535 Most Popular Boy 505 Class Favorite 50-51-535 A Club 50-515 Annual Staff 525 Gun and Rod Club 52. ERNEST BRINKMAN F,F.A. 525 Conservation Club 52. SHIRLEY BURRIDGE Band 50-51-525 Class Sec. 50-51-525 Stu- dent Council 515 Basketball Mgr. 52-535 Class Favorite 505 Best All Pound 535 Who's Who 535 Girls Football 525 DAR5 An- nual Staff 52-535 Cheerleader 52-535 Span- isb Club 50-51, in-Q ""lm-5, in 5.- 4F""" Wk, 43 -109 "N--mi KENNETH Busav Baskerball 51-52753, Baseball 52: Track 50g Srudent Council Sly Gun and Rod 52: Angle 52g l-lealrlw Club 52g Cheerleader 50-Slg Cboral 52g Spanlsh 5Of5lg Class Officer Sl-52-53, GEORGE CHERRY Football SO-Sl-522 Track 50-5l-52-53g FFA 5l-52g Healtlw Club 527 A Club 52. KING COALE Football 5Of5l'52'53g Basketball 50-51752, 53g Baseball 525 A Club 52g Annual 535 Spanish Club 5Of5lg Senior Play 535 FFA 51-52-53g Junior Play 52, Gun and Rod 52. DINK COOK Foolball 50,51 525 Baskelball 49-50-5lg Basketball Manager 53g A Club 52g Choral 52p Gun and Rod Club Sly Spanish Club 49-50: Girls' Football King Sl. TOMMY DEMENT Football SO-Sl-525 Track 505 FFA 50-51g Clnoral 52f53g A Club 527535 Besi All- Round 53g FHA Beau Slg All Disfric1 Foot- ball 5l. JOHNNY DUNCAN HObb,' Club Sl 52g Science Club Sl-52' Band 505l-52 537 Orchestra 50-Sl-52. Dicic EARHART Gun and Rod Club 52g Conservation Club 52. MARY NELL ENi.ovv Commercial Club 50-51g Class Prophet 535 Spanish Club 50-51-52g District Play 515 Junior Play 525 Speech 515 Student Coun- cil 51-52g Angle Plays 50-51g Band 49-50- 51-52g Tatler 50-51-52. Jifvuvlv Enos Band 49-50-51-525 Football 51-52g One Act Play 517 Hobby Club 51-52g Science Club 51-525 Most Handsome Senior 53. JERRY FREER Basketball 50-51-52-535 Baseball 52, Jun- ior Play 52g Choir 525 Track 507 Annual 53, Tatler 50-51g FFA 52g Football Man- ager 49-5O-Slg One Act Play 51g Con- servation 52. PATRIOA GREENAWALT Choir 52-53g Band A9-50-51-52g One Act Play 50-517 FHA A9-507 Spanish Club 51- 52-53g Literary Club 525 Declamation 51-52. Jo ANN HARRIS Choir 52-53g Angle Play 52g FHA 49-50- 51-525 Annual Staff 51-527 Girls' Football 51-521 One Act Play 50-51g District Typ- ing 52, 'Uh '73- - f fi 3 :QW 'W 'S QW '14-mai his 'kd' 'asm 5 on ""' c 'Win wk, """:z9' 5 'nh Wir" M fm' if Wim. , vu JOWELL HEWITT Football 50-5l-52-535 Wittiest 535 A Club 525 Baseball 525 Football Co-Captain 535 F.F.A. 51-52-535 Tennis 535 Choir 51-52, MICHAEL HlLL Football 50-51-52-535 Honorable Mention for All State 535 A Club 525 Track 5O-5l- 52-535 Baseball 525 Choir 52-535 F.F.A. 50-5lf52. LESLIE JESTER Football 52-535 Literary Club 525 Track 525 Hobby Club 525 Choir 53. THOMAS JONES Football 50-51-525 Basketball 50-5l-525 Track 50-Sl-525 A Club 525 choir 525 Health Club 52. MAX MCGAUGHEY Foofball 50-5l-525 Track 51-52-535 Gun and Rod Club 525 Most Likely to Succeed 535 Friendliest 535 Health Club 52, JAMES MARTIN Health Club 525 Occupation Club 52, MARJORHE MATHEWS choir 50-51-52-535 FHA, 52. BILL MEDLOCK Angleton Hobby Club 525 Science Club 535 Football 515 Literary Club 525 Track 53. EUGENE MERKA Track 5lA525 Baseball 525 F.F.A. 51-52-53. MILDRED MORGAN Band 50-Sl-52-535 Twirler 52-535 Annual Staff 52-535 Trick Twirler 535 Tatler 535 Library Staff 535 F.l-LA, 52-535 One Act Play 535 Brazoria Co. Twirling Champion 53. RUTH Nixorsi Basketball 52.53, F,H.A. Club 525 Chair 52- 53. JACK MILLER Football 52-535 Gun and Rod Club 525 Basketball 52-535 Basketball Co-Captain 535 Student Council 535 Most Popular Boy 535 Class Favorite 52-535 Class Officer 535 Jr. Play 525 Literary Club 52. 4155. 'fin 'M-nv e It . 'G- is it-. 51:1- ll '31 in Or' CLARENCE REYNOLDS Football 50-Sl-525 Track 50-5162-53g Bas- ketball 50-51-52-53g Class Officer 535 FFA 5152-53g A Club 52g Most Athletic 535 Health Club 52, Conservation Club 52. KENNETH RuNkEL Baseball 525 Basketball Slg Cbotr 5lg Gun and Rod Club 52. BARBARA SCOTT HARRIET SHARPE Cheerleader 52A53j Annual Staff 52-53g Junlor Play 52p Class Beauty 535 Choir 52g Spartlslt Club 5O'5lg FHA 50-515 Sec- retarial Club 5lg Library Club 53g Girls' Football 52g All 50. CHARLES SHIVER Football 50 Sl-52g Track 50751-52-53g Base- ball 52g Basketball 50-5l-52-53g Who's Who Nominee 52-53g Annual 53g Annual Play Sly A Club 52g Most Atltletlt 525 Basketball Captain 531 Class Officer 52g Rep State Track Meet 52. NORMA SIVEWRIGHT Hobby Club 525 Annual Staff 53g Tatler 535 literary Club 52, ROBERT SKlNNeR Choir 52-53g Annual Staff 53g Band Sl- 52-53p Cheerleader 539 Tatler Staff 53. ANNA STOCKTON Transfer Science Club 535 Annual Staff 53. MARY ANN TIPTON Basketball 50-51-525 Junior Play 52g One Act Play 527 Band 505 Class Beauty 535 Spanish Club 5l-525 Tatler 513i Girls' Foot- ball 52g GAA 52. CLAIRE VACULA Twirler 50-Sl-52-535 Basketball 50-51-52- 53p FHA 50-51-52-539 WhO's Who Nominee 52g Class Beauty 535 Band and Football Sweetheart 535 One Act Play 53. Wll.DA VINCENT Tafler 53: FHA 50-515 Spanish Club 50751 GAA 52f Choir 50, only Football 524 Jesse WALLER Football 50-51-52-53g Track 50-5l-52,53g Gun and Rod Club 52, A Club 52: Band 50g Health Club 525 Basketball Manager 50, 4 9' 'BV 'TZ QQ 'Qs ,xx M 499 sv, " -L we at 'fb tx T' ,,... "B 'ia W- 'Oils-n.w.a 'tr' ...Q K '15 A-'wr K , fd 'WX l qw -ma 4 'i'f"a'TY lk -gm ij, JACKIE WARREN Girls' Football 52g Choir 50-Sl-521 Secre- tary Club 52g Tatler 50-Sl-52, MARGARET WARRICI4 Cafldidafe fOr May Queen 505 Class Beauty 5Og Volleyball Team 5lg Candidate for Beauty 51-52g Hobby Clubg GAA Club 525 Clworal Club 53g latler Club 53. DOUGLAS WEHRLY Football 505 Basketball 505 Band 50g Foot- ball and Basketball Sl-52g Annual Play 515 Hobby Club Sly Health Club 52p Track 53. NANCY WESSNIAN FHA Slg Cboir Slg Junior Play Slg Girls Football 5lg Annual Staff 52g Cbolr 52. BARBARA WHITE Literary Club 52g Girls' Football 517 Vol' leyball Sl. ROGER WILLIAMS B Football Slg Gun and Rod Club 5lg Valentine King 535 Track 51g One Act Play 53p Clwolr 5lf537 High School Op- eretta 535 Outstanding Woodwork Award 51, JEANNIENE WOOLEMS Choir 52'53p Wittiest 535 Beauty Nominee 535 Hobby Club 52, Literary Club 525 Class Favorite 53, Tatler 535 Secretarial Club 5lg Annual Staff 53. VERNON RAY WRIGHT Track 5l-52p F.F.A. 51-52-53. ALMA CARTWRIGHT F.H.A. 535 Annual Staff 535 Tatler Staff 531 Annual Play 53. SALLY Scnocufvl Band 50-5l-52-535 Twirler 50-51-52-535 One Act Play 525 Junior Play 525 Choir 535 Beauty Nominee 52. 555 'bv '57 'N-f JIRA we! I YN-.l.,.,,,, 'A ,gm ng.. af? mai 'P' AUTOGRAPHS JUNIOR CLASS 1 'Q' M 59" lv. vi Billy Paul Burns Bobby Caldwell Billy Caldwell Carole Caroon Wayne Collins Scott Daugherty '95 -Q Gigi Bobby Alsobrook Carolyn Arnold Kaye Aslwcraff Eugene Badgett James Berryhill Joe Lynn Brinson KaTie Grimes lrwin D. Harnmaclc Gloria Harbin Nelda Harrelson Jerrie Lee Harris Bobby lngrum Arnold Korenek Jacqueline Kyle Kay Lee Jerry Lewis Jack Little Albert Lukasheay Dorothy Jacobsen B. M. Jamison Jimmy Jones John Jones Billy Kadlecek Louis Kacllecek Ernest Luna Tommy Luna Barney Malone Tommy Mathews Donald McGlaun Barbara McKinley .l 45 Jesse Miles Curtis Mowery Charles Pardonner Janelle Parten Dorothy Pieper Jimmy Pilgreen like Janice Seaton James Sides Bobby Simons Glenda Spruce Jean Rae Stephens Dora Trevino 1 Jimmy Mills Ray Drinnon Roberts Annette Rose Betty Runkel Patsy Rush Lousinda Shell Frank Trevino Wanda Wilbanks Joseph Williams Helen Wootton CP, Vs Pat White Joyce Ullrich Charles Vincent Jannelle Ward Sponsored by HUDECK BROTHERS Q v 1 ' 1 . y r . 1 , '.,, , .. ,,I 'f -1. M? A gig, as ' ' .W I 1 as EQ fl ,Q .' QI' l X I M. mmf Q, , 5 ' wsfbf T IV' .WML V f g A Af f 5 r . ,W Q. -mf' V- .f - Af Ae' '- N '41,-,f1gQQ" if 5:95 hw- -ff if , HQ. . I , H ,f 5 , ,fe 7, ,, ,uggf 1, .Q v, 9 f vw . K Wg ,, f N.-...J 3 1 Q.. .faq 5151 I , f L,.w , 5, x, l,,,tR,,, A ip, L 1 Y .ge s 3. 5 3 r ig fM.E'.vq.r v , .. ,, 5 , K .4 ' is ei 55 .3 n H ,a fi ii v 'Q f 'Sw gy, ,ZF gm' 59 4 f 5 H f f wx I rf gf. S , Q , ry nw- " . Q y , 'Wd 3 , ,1g,, f..,,- ' ,Mn , 4 aw' ,, . , . ., mal, TW x ,.. QL Q .dw -r Q ,eg , - Alice Rae Autrey Gearldean Bell Kailwryn Bicknam Darrel Blackwell Paul Bonneau Ronnie Boyd Russell Brown Ross Cartwright George Cauthen Lela Mae Clark James Clements Chris Coale Margie Combs Martene Copley La Vern Crow Lewis Damian Robbie Doppelheur Charlie Drury Jack Dudley Joseph Dudley Dorofhy Duke Robert Fears Glenda Gillen J. B. Goff John Goodson Louise Graham Ruth Greenawalf Jim Griffin Richard Griffin Reuben Grimes Winn! 'CY 'T I? 'in-V Wa 'S '5W '55 ik Don Hamby Marvin Hammond Richard Hammond Tommie Jo Hammonds Howard Hill Carole Holt Gary Hudson Billy Jo Jackson Glenna Jernigan Marie Jester Eddie Pearl Keener Burris Leonard Gibson Lewis Paul Lorraine Tony Losrracco Don Lowe Betty Lulcasheay Frances Macon Doyle Malone Sylvia Manning Elaine Mathews Billy Pat McCormack Merton McDaniel Donald Mclntyre J. W. McWilliams Jeanette Morgan Nancy Elouise Murray Donna Jo Nelson Frankie Jo Nichols Jean Nixon K 5 Q . 'V -if 'Q-nu-gy' 11 1 l ll Georgia Orsak Robert Pool Roger Poole Charlie Rice Albert Larry Robinson Anna Paul Rogers Dorene Rurnfield Charles Russell Donna Lee Rust Jeralyne Ruston Freddie Shanks Edwin Shephard Curtis Smith Gonzalo Soria Poritiro Soria Ben Stricklin David Summers Dorothy Uherek Barbara Van Sickle Alice Villanueva Viola Walcik Catherine Warrick Frances Watts Lolita Wells Jerry Wilbanks Mary Williams sponsored by FIRST NATIONAL BANK Don t cheat em Bev 'Shun you Joll 9 C0171 ee. bdok 8 d uellhon Huff. don In cl then-e for Emo Is this a par-kung lol? Gone -Fnsl-1 n Pereners an U-ae crowd Ro er- stuffng 5-:Ss face' This is a wholesome bunch? Nhat' A bunch gic- 'K Ghrhc IO. U 'i .- Hour glass! If s 'St Idenicdl twnrlg mai .5 W Ng.: 'Q s 1. I 31 1 :- X,,..,v an 4-s 'eff' Charles Davenport A ik Gs Annette Donharn Bartell Donovan Billy Edge J. Ray Gayle Betty Jean Green Margie Green Aaron Guaiardo l-lerrnan Guice James Harnmonds Billy I-iargis Dolan Harris za 4- l' AU, A A ""' Q3 H. a f!l'f Douglas Adams Nancy Arnold Charles Back Glenn Badgetf Beverly Behringer Beverly Bruce Johnny Brune Loretta Clernent Gerald Coale Johnny Collier Ray Collier Wilburn Conley ,vu r - Q ,fe rd, A- ff 4- .. Q Vu Claudia Hensley Mary Lou Herbst Joyce Hill Ginger Hodges Waldene Hunt Jessie Jackson Sam Jernigan Cora Lee Kay Parry Lauzon Billy Lindsey Geannene Lindsey Oleta Martin of 1 L S.-in L I ll . , ,KA V I ll I ii 'i 5 L l 4 4' 5 r f V f x, 'A 'Sd Q 1' T1 134' ff X, George Martinez Shirley McCleney Betty McCormack Wayland McGlaun Ardon McKinley Lois Meyer Nell Miller Ray Moyle Joe Munson Richard Myers Helen Newell William Parker 'E sf Wu-nf qv' 'Y 'QWQY Q' Xf"J Q'-' .I Ruby Stallings Larry Stephens Peggy Thrower Herbert Taylor Nasario Villanera Wilma Wehrly Dorothy Williams Morgan Woolems Judy Reeves Nina Faye Roberts Henry Robinson Patsy Rogers Dale Runkel Georgia Sides Jeraldene Smith Judith Smith Q Sponsored by BOWMANS DEPARTMENT STORE kg 1 ,I Ki" it 32, 32 ff 4 av 5 sa ,, ,ffl I ,, X Q A , f,- , ff ., ,' , ., I f 5 .'1"f'l 7 ' V T555 ,1 s , .41 QI if QL-if E U Ll? V81 tit iii use 4 4 1 2 4 !.1 4',,S! 'ZS' RWM. . X Q.-...E - k Yin' "f 'U Y Tw 7-.w V 1,7 'A Aanv- .in ."""L-JoJ-1 S 5. A, . 4 hr w'xfs ' 3. ' ,, 4 ' wx f. v' Us x n my Y V 5 . Q 'eg' "fn ' 0 bfN'?f' 53 -PJ - HW-- K X 1' iff N B 7' kNikw:la,xv ', s," , v f ,P U V. 1 Q , A J. ' S if Q. Q H' . 1 1 . 4 A x 'ie 'swim '-' tx .kaef -nr, qw.- K df ,il :xx 4-r y O 42 Q . O Q K 1 P . JUNIOR FA ORITE DONALD MCGLAUN JAMES BERRYHILL TEDDY GRIESENBECK KAY LEE Sponsored by BURRIDGE'S RED and WHITE SENIOR FA ORITE JEANNIENE WOOLEMS JACK MILLER JIM BRADFORD SHERLENE BARKER SOPHOMORE FAVORITES CHARLIE RICE BILLYE JO JACKSON JOSEPH DUDLEY ROBBY DOPPELHEUER 3 g, .,,,+,, FRESHMAN FAVORITES NANCY ARNOLD PEGGY THROWER LARRY STEPHENS Sponsored by LANE and LANE 12672 fr SENIOR MOST ATHLETIC SHERLENE BARKER CLARENCE REYNOLDS Sponsored by MASTERSON, WILLIAMS, and SMITH SENIOR BE T ALL AROUND SHIRLEY BURRIDGE TOMMY DEMENT SENICDR MOST LIKELY T0 SUCCEED SENIGR FRIENDLIEST Qti .-"T ,,,asov- SENIOR Rf fl P D.A.R. 1. SHIRLEY BURRIDGE Q 3 gs- Sponsored by FOSTER MOTOR CO. SQ 1 SENIOR ITTIE T KAYO HEWITT JEANNIENE WOOLEMS , Q ,E , p ,,,,1....----'-- ,,,.,..-a-- S L . 'Q Q , T' ...-..---a .mill El ll! . is Q, BETTY ARNOLD Senior CHARLES SHIVER Senior ....,,-QQ ff WHO'S WHO ,,,,..,.----"" JAMES BRADFORD Senior JAMES BERRYHILL Junior SHIRLEY BURRIDGE Senior 1 . fij, '9 :gf BARBARA DOPPELHEUER Junior CHARLES BACK Freshman .55 WHO'S WHO JOSEPH DUDLEY J Jn if 1 JACK DUDLEY Sophomore J. RAY GAYLE Freshman Sophomore WHO'S A WHO NOMIN EES j SHERLENE BARKER JACK LITTLE , . Q5-f -gf V ., 'ir' A flieli N LOUISE GRAHAM -.f-,hs tx"s-xr.. ...wp- ,.,,, W..-f 4-vw-v SH ERWOOD BAR KER -P'-"W DONALD MCGLAUN .nf-""" ,M , .z""4" aff' f L, X0 RICHARD GRIFFEN GERALD COALE HELEN NEWELL Saw si g 'as-snug!! 'HF Sponsored by DELANY'S PHARMACY MAIDS OF HONOR LOLITA WELLS BETTY ANN ARNOLD OTHER BEAUTIES WINNIE FAYE DEMENT LOUISE GRAHAM OTHER BEAUTIES ,H G 11 3' I PATSY ROGERS HARRIET SHARPE Sponsored by BOX BARBER and BEAUTY SHOPS T v',x"f GTHER BEAUTIES CLAIRE VACULA JEANNIENE WOOLEMS Sponsored by ANGLETON FLOWER SHOP F.F.A. SWEETH EA RTS FOCTBALL AND BAND SWEETHEART BRAZORIA CO. FAIR REPRESENTATIVES RICE FESTIVAL REPRESENTATIVE Sponsored by FIRST NATIONAL BANK Member of F.D.I.C. KING AND QUEEN OF HEARTS S GERS Sponsored by BUYS' BASKETBALL SWEETHEART FIRST NATIONAL BANK, Member of F.D.I.C. 1.3 Q- 2 ORGANIZATIONS TUDE'lCOUNCl Head of table, left to right: Berryhill, Vice President, Barker, President, Mr. Kelso, Arnold, Secretary. Left side of table: Miller, McGlaun, Newell, Graham, Rogers, Treasurer. Right side of table: Mr. Stuver, Sponsor, McGlaun, Shiver, Reporter, Back, Poole. ,., 1 I Q i UBRARY Left to right: Cartwright, Morgan, Shape, Amos, Miss Rugeley, Librarian, Wehrly, White, Kay, Bruce Green, Sides. Seated: McCleney, X 5 CHORUS Back row, left to right: Stallings, Hill, White, Wells, Miller, Lukasheay, Jerni- gan, Ray, Hill, Jones, Fairfield, Warrick, Nixon, Wessman, Doppelheuer, Griesenbeck, Afwell, and Bickham. Second row: Meyer, Roberts, Bruce, Clements, Nichols, Copley, Crow, Morgan, Malone, Kadlecek, Daugherty, Holt, Harbin, Spruce, Runkel, Harrelson, Kyle, Graham. Third row: Kay, Arnold, Donham, Ward, Bell, Rogers, Robinson, Lukasheay, Trevino, Nelson, McCleny, Greenwalt, Harris, Warrick, Ublrich. Fourth row: Mr. Joe William- son, Direclorg Lindsey, Jester, Trevino, Woolems, Harris, Murray, and Van Sickle, Pianist. f , 2 V S. Q' XJ, V is MR. JOE WILLIAMSON Choral Director 3 1 1 S sit-fri? at s... v-f ik.-ff' 5-' S-f BA First row Mr Stlles Sponsor Enlow Assistant Drum Malor Wehrly Macon Ashcraft Drum Malor Morgan Truck Twlrler Vacula and Robers Second row Lee Walcuk Reeves Keener Pollock Behnnger Wnlllams Manmng Badger and Duke Thrrd row Caroon Barron Greenawalt Burton Turner Rust Nel son Brune Dudley Townsend and Shephard Fourth row Duncan Newell Kullough Poole Summers Jernigan Williams and Hunt Flfth row Skmner President Thrower Jackson Kay Combs Vincent Colluns Cauthen Snxth row Roberts Jermgan and Berryhnll TWIRLER Left to right: Enlow, Assistant Drum Maiorp Wehrly, Vacula, Ashcraft, Drum Major, Morgan, Trick Twirlery Macon, and Rogers. HEER LE DER Clockwise from bottom: Arnold, Sharpe, Skinner, Matthews, Barker, and Burridge. Sponsored by LEE HEARN Moron COMPANY .f FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA Front row left to nght Marhn Blckham Smnth Hensley Whne Shell Hodges Cartwrnght Second row McK1nley President Stephens Reporter Vacula Morgan Parloamentar aan Green Secretary Pleper Hlstorvan Graham Sgt atArms and Miss Henruchs Sponsor Thlrd row Wulluarns Klllough Afwell Hull Smnh Green Sides Rogers Stallings Watts Walclk Keener Lukasheay and Clark -.Q MISS LILLIE HENRICHS Homemakmg Teacher , .' , . u l 1 S .1 ' YI' 1 ,, S 1 ., 1 W X l ' 1 .9 . 1. , A , v 11 . . K 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - 5 1 I 1 I 1 1 ' F 1 I 1 i 1 -' ' 1 I ' : I I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 - rv .MA f -4. FUTURE F RMERS OF AMERICA Back row, left to right: Wright, McCormack, Dudley, 1. --.,q. 'ns ' V , . X s- :ti-:SL '1'-YNKYF 2 Coale, Guaiardo, Wilbanks, Reynolds, and Sides. Second row: Blackwell, Soria, Hammonds, Harris, Woolems, McWilliams, Myers, Mclntyre, Mowery, Baine, Fairfield, Hill, Coale, President, Mr. Lester, Sponsor. Front row: Lauzon, Moyle, Coale, Munson, Robinson, Dudley, Lostracco, and Shanks. 7 Q EL CLUB ESPA OL Back row, left to right: Rogers, Daugherty, Williams, McWilliams, Adams, Villanueva, Cauthen, and Trevino, Front row- Trevino, Greenawalt, Griffin, Arnold, and Miss Arnold, Sponsor. , fp. 1 5 I l? 5 5 E l , . lejl J B1- NNUALSTAFF Standung left to right Shnver Muller Wessman Stockton Vacula Skunner Barron Caroon Mathews Seaied Freer Slvewrughf Coale Amos Woolems Martm Morgan Seaion Burrndge Lee Sievens Doppelheuer Harris Sharpe Arnold and Ashcraft g-jill' ,fm PAPER TAFF Seated by windows left To right Warruck Woolems Marfun Second row Aiwell Spruce Cartwrlglnt Morgan Thurd row Tpton Slvewruglwf Amos Vacula Mr Brshop standlng Not pucfured Rush Farris 115 4 12 ,f 'qi X c 1. l ., - ip ' A ' A 1 V -., -. 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' ff 'fi ai' i 'gf 4' I fx " ' . Q'-'7 4 2 3 'K Y 41. F4 f 'V ,- -I f T W " 3 S was 27 if uw L M S 3 zz K Mi Rigs. sffgd Q N,- ,J Y A! , 57 -5 , .JJ an ff nl ' rd' 'PW , R . , J.v. 75 g Q! -A Q 3 ,, iz ,vi N Hi? , L 5 ,A . Q 6 ' 0 ? I I -5 1 ,qw . 2' , ' A - K I 1 My ,. X2 Q L-.. q. ' J , , - . , Ji. , . ,l A JK , if ' ,.w: sg? 4 , W x 8 - , .. Hwy X 2 1,8 W . '55 1 iv ., r 5 L 1 . f 2 ' :h .ns x , i QE. V jtx ' V J 9' M d K""' ., .mginnn-'-'7" I 'Q 1' fl H W W I , ! 1 I -,v ' jim I 4 ,, ,Q 'k', " M Wizjkjduk fi Y, ,ix I -1' ' , IW' ,TEE IQICMV 64 1 P ' 'Q :A ,sffyn 35 If lil ll in., 8- -Q SENIOR KID DAY - April 1 .fi 'il' I .., mf. X W' Mn A 'Lani L 10 H Q, 4' Q H4-J, Q? ,ff UQ La..-at THE SATISFIED OYSTER Seven mrllron years ago the long process of evolutron ended for the oyster Hrs hard shell protected hrm from most enemres All he had to do to get food was to hang onto a reef or rock and suck rt out of seawater lf any rrrrtatrng substance got stuck rn hrs flesh he rust surrounded rt wrth a smooth pearl Nature arranged rt so that the satrsfred oyster qurt tryrng to better hrs lot And to thrs day he remarns unchanged lust an oyster Man got a better deal from Nature Nature arranged rt so that the human race housed a strong spark of drssatrsfactron Drssatrsfred wrth ramblrng over the earth for food man developed modern agrrculture Drssatrsfred wrth exposrng hrrnself to the elements man developed modern housrng and clothrng Drssatrsfred wrth lettrng Nature alone heal hrs wounds man developed modern medrcrne Mans acute drssatrsfactron wrth lettrng Nature take rts course made hrm thrnk And hrs thoughts combrned wrth hrs enterprrse gave us modern crvrlrzatron For men wrth rdeas and the energy to make them work gradually began channel rng Nature rnto the course they wanted her to take ln the forefront of such men were the screntrsts of all natrons They prred open the secrets of Nature and put them to work for the benefrt of all mankrnd One secret whrch stared man rn the face from the dawn of trme was seawater rrch rn treasure rf man could only drscover how to get rt out Dr H H Dow who founded our frrm rn T897 was the man who drd rust that Restless energetrc drssatrsfred he compelled the brrne of prehrstorrc seas underlyrng Mrdland Mrchrgan to grve up two of modern man s greatest treasures bromrne and mag nesrum And thus we of Dow are rn Brazorra County today extractrng bromrne and magnesrum from the waters of the Gulf of Mexrco In addrtron rrght here we are makrng scores of other maror products whose secrets the restless drssatrsfactron of men lrke Dr Dow prred open from Nature Our modern rndustrral socrety could not extst wrthout these products all made from rdle overlooked neglected re sources that had small value before lronrcally enough The Dow Chemrcal Company owes Nature a debt for lettrng the oyster remarn unchanged Shells of long dead oysters make excellent lrrne We roast tons of them rn our lrme krlns every day and use them to help us take the magnesrum out of seawater THE DOW CHEMICAL COMPANY Texas Drvrsron FREEPORT , . , . , - . , . , . . . . . , , . . . . . ,, . . ,, . . . . . . . , 1 - 1 1 ,, . . . ,, . . . . . 1 1 , . . 1 ' 1 - 1 1 1 1 ' 1 64 spom' "A" TEAM FOOTBALL Top row: Berryhill, Manager, Poole, Waller, Simons, Miller, Jones, McGlaun, Williams, Lewis, Mr Hamrick, Coach. Second row: Korenek, Jamison, Bradford, Sides, Daugherty, Soria, Miles, Roberts. Bot tom row: Mr. Dozier, Coach, Dement, Jester Barker, Hewitt, Hamrriack, Enos, Reynolds. 3 l QR 4 "B" TEAM FOOTBALL Top row: Lewis, Pilgreen, Boyd, McGaugI'1ey, Little, Griffen, Drury, Mr. Sims, Coach. Bottom row: Clements, Russell, Lostracco, Hill, lngrum, Rice, Coale. Sponsored by CITY CLEANERS COACHES JAMES BERRYHILL, Managerg MR. BROOKS DOZIER, MR. JAMES SIMS, MR. BILL HAMRICK. 914 1 CAPTAINS SHERWOOD BARKER KAYO HEWITT Sponsored by ANGLETON MOTORS INC KAYO HEWITT JAMES BRADFORD SHERWOOD BARKER Senior Senior Senior 3 year Ietterman 3 year Ierterman 4 year letterman Back End Tackle JACK MILLER Senior I year letrerman End W- 'fffff 'ifrbi W -I 7, UV. , ' , , .,' WL. V4 I , - - I . ,, - :A .Mi R I MMP' "f""f" ""'- ,M-me V ' g:""f!""' CHARLES SHIVER Senior 3 year lefterman Back Sponsored by DE BLANC JEWELRY MIKE HILL Senior 2 year Ietferman End JIMMY ENOS Senior I year lerferman Back TOMMY DEMENT JESSIE WALLER Senior Senior 3 year leiterman 3 year Ierterman Back Tackle BOBBY SIMONS Junior I year Ieiferman Guard Kiki? 'I 76: CLARENCE REYNOLDS Cklcklngj Senior 2 year letterman Back Sponsored by ROBERTSON IMPLEMENT COMPANY s ww M Erma.-4. ' af- J. SCOTT DAUGHERTY DONALD MCGLAUN JOSEPH WILLIAMS Junior Junior Junior I year Ietterman i year Ietferman I year letterman Back Guard End ao .r-. I . ky ,,,f' 1 3" -J ef JAMES SIDES Junior year letierman Center 4- A fk 5- ,ea YG Q- M, ,.,a .. nv' ' 'ff is .wwf ., Q - Q 1 1 , ,- V ,qi lb. V, Sponsored by R. F. FACKNEY LUMBER CO. wp W4 ,Lf - J Qfvmri,-if B. M. JAMISON Junior 2 year letferman Guard ROGER POOLE GONZALO SORIA IRWIN HAMMACK Sophomore Sophomore Junior I year Ietterman I year Ietterman I year Ietterman Back Guard Back ARNOLD KORENEK JERRY LEWIS Junior Junior 1 year Ietterman 2 year Ietterman Guard Center Sponsored by BRAZORIA COUNTY ABSTRACT COMPANY BASKETBALL "A" TEAM Left to right: Busby, Daugherty, Freer, Shiver, Barker, Miller, Reynolds, Bradford, lngrum, Brooks Dozier, Coach. L55, 44 X20 t 22 11 BASKETBALL "B" TEAM Top row: Roberts, Jones, McWilliams, Littie, Pilgreen, Back, Manager. Bottom row: Mr. Dozuer, Coach Coale, Bonneau, Matthews, BerryhiIL Cartwright. Sponsored by BRAZORIA COUNTY STATE BANK COACH and CAPTAI NS JACK MILLER MR. BROOKS DOZIER CHARLES SHIVER W, -fd' JAMES BRADFORD SHERWOOD BARKER Senior Senior I year Ietterman 4 year letferman 1 bs. x, f JACK MILLER CHARLES SHIVER Senior Senior 2 year letterman 3 year Ietterman lm.. CLARENCE REYNOLDS Senior 2 year letterman ni all xi "if Ho TRACK TEAM Standing: Reynolds, Hill, W'll' , J l1 Smith. 1 nams ones, S iver, Summers. Sitting: Mr. Hamrick, Coach: Sides, Korenek, ARNOLD KORENEK JOHN JONES Junior Junior fl-4. QI 4 'J , M-S CLARENCE REYNOLDS and MIKE HILL CHARLES SHIVER Seniof Seniors 3 year lefterman 3 year Ieitermen O JOSEPH WILLIAMS and DAVID SUMMERS and JAMES SIDES CURTIS SMITH Juniors Sophornores 2 year leftermeq, OOTBALL BA QUET Back row: Mr. Hamrick, Griffen, Mr. Katrolla, Korenek, Waller, Miller, Williams, Jones, McGlaun Shiver, Mr. Dozier, Simons. Middle row: Jester, Miles, Sides, Lewis, Dement, Hill, Hammack, Roberts Poole, Mr. Sims. Front row: Daugheriy, Jamison, Barker, Bradford, Hewitt, Enos, Coale, Soria, Reynolds Berryhill. Sponsored by JAY MOTOR COMPANY i. 1 . -2. ' Wa" Q . QQ --1 CLARENCE REYNOLDS and MIKE HILL CHARLES SHIVER Senior Seniors 3 year Ietterman 3 year Iettermen I JOSEPH WILLIAMS and DAVID SUMMERS and JAMES SIDES CURTIS SMITH Juniors Sophomores 2 year letfermery FOOTBALL BA QUET Back row: Mr. Hamrick, Griffen, Mr. Katrolla, Korenek, Waller, Miller, Williams, Jones, McGlaun Shiver, Mr. Dozier, Simons. Middle row: Jester, Miles, Sides, Lewis, Dement, Hill, Hammack, Roberts Poole, Mr. Sims. Front row: Daugherty, Jamison, Barker, Bradford, Hewitt, Enos, Coale, Sofia, Reynolds Berryhill. Sponsored by JAY MOTOR COMPANY Fx I f Q 3 ll We K lk 'L ' ' 711,-ine fi Q . 5 YF ! i 3 4 14.2, -,..... uv-. ., I X l I L A f!! -31' fxx wi: 1' . fl' f f 2 I 1 . Virt- . , ,,+-'if' Vl,,g.f W- N ,My ..-W-'-""" A M '- ...f-4' TENNIS Front row left to right Frances Macon Margie Combs Jean Rae tephens Elaine Mathews Grnesenbeck Back row J B Goff James Hammonds Ray Gayle FIRST PLACE DISTRICT 25 A Qi -I'5'f""""' I"' 'ff-M Teddy JEAN RAE STEPHENS ELAINE MATHEWS , ' 2 , ' I 5 I ' , I , I wx ' I j I 5 . I i ,II l , I K .. T Y 'V I it ,V ,Nfl A ll 1 53 fl 'X ,THX ,Q 's . in if ' I W 122,26 ,Wa , , Qt. 1 swf , 'A Mw:55'f'Y' Mv..r,f, ,mi ' L'xLN3,,ax M .wf'Y"' ff' , 51 1 ,f- N40 .Gyn 1 N1 F 'Q 0 . lf X .1 in "Wow W, m I 1 Q r '. TSX V S 1 d . . K I : X f . O . - - - ..y,w,, x , -4-4-A-.......,,, . v"q Y. .' uf: if 1 - nmif ' . Q- , . h I 4' - .Q '. i' f ,Jul f 'Q " 'I YZ I-V 'Q "9 4 . H L I N-.--Q-B . 1 lr Y I H 22" Y I A ',. is ,QD 6 v 'Wi si' .J-' Ha. if! ' -uv Q k , 1 x 1 Q 3 1 + v a .g ,.z :li . X ti' . 15 ,Q HM 1 Q.,,.g?,: h W . ii "'95::q ,A xv . .':?,'n' nk' 1.1, 5- ,4 N ,, T, mf-' f1- ,KJ ,,fq,,i, ,ff A, -. , -... -.. 1 .L 03" 1- SENIOR CLASS HISTORY By HARRIET SHARPE and BETTY ARNOLD In September of T941 eughteen of our present fufty seven senuors started to school as sweet an geluc luttle chuldren under Muss Render and Muss Collins Our favorute games were cops and rob bers lump rope and Red Rover Come Over We were very healthy kuds because each day we had mulk and graham crackers for mud morn ung lunch When MARY ANN TIPTON came the latter part of the furst grade she spulled her rnulk and nearly left school because everyone laughed We had a band and marched each day at recess We were very honored when our band was asked to march un a real luve parade We werent very good huldren so our teachers de vused some means of punushment One was put tung our noses un circles on the blackboard and standing that way for some time Another was even more humuluatung After we got our school puctures we pasted them on a board and every tume a pupul was bad he had to put a black mark day we all looked as uf our puctures had been made un black face We had Iuttle songs for everythung We sang Good Mornung to You to the teacher we sang Happy Burthday to each other and Dullera Doller a ten oclock scholar to the tardy ones Because he kucked a tun can to school JIM BRADFORD was tardy every morn ung After the first few weeks we had to quut sungung the tardy song to hum because he was havung too much fun being tardy SALLY O BAN NON JERRY FREER and MARGIE MATHEWS de cuded that the party was getting too rough so they left us un thus year We finally got through the furst grade and unto the second where we learned the facts of Iufe from the thurd graders wuth whom we had to share our room We were all shocked to learn that there was no Santa Claus or Easter Bunny Muss Luten and Muss Greer were our teachers We had a grocery store lust chock full of empty cans and boxes feven at thus early age they dudnt trust us with any loose foodj The two brauns MARY NELL ENLOW and SHIRLEY BUR RIDGE were the cashuers We were catchung on pretty fast and a few of us Iuttle brownies stayed after school to dust erasers for the teachers Thus year wull be remembered as the year that hush ey and mynase eating gal from Tennessee BETTY ARNOLD came to uoun our Iuttle group In the thurd grade we were so well mannered so quuet and soooo reserved that we made one teacher have a nervous breakdown and funally after wearung out about fuve other teachers we ended up wuth Mrs Sloan and Mrs Hastey We were terrubly thrulled when WE were the only class un grammar school to claim a paur of twuns SHERLENE and SHERWOOD BARKER Two bean poles DORIS CARTER and CHARLES SHIVER also louned us that year In the fourth we had Mrs Yates and Mrs Armstrong for teachers We thought we were regular Mexucanos when we learned to speak a few words un Spanush Thus was the year for two great love affaurs HARRIET SHARPE and CHARLES SHIVER were goung to get marrued but the deal fell through because of the fact that they only had a nickel between them MARGARET WARRICK who uouned us this year was chased each day at recess by all the boys who eagerly awauted a kuss KENNETH BUSBY BARBARA WHITE VER NON WRIGHT and JERRY EREER who lust couldnt stay away from us came unto our happy group The next year we had three teachers unstead of two These fortunate teachers were Mrs Ivy Mrs Gandy and Mrs Arnold One uncudent that wull be remembered durung our fufth grade was SHERWOODS beung whupped out of hus chaur by our chour teacher Mrs Arnold Thus was the first year that we had a separate room for our chour class The reason for thus was that we had been elevated to the fufth and suxth grade Musuc Festu val Chorus JAMES MARTIN was our bug romeo . . , . , . . - . I - . I Q , . ' 1 I . . 1 D 1 1 ' ' . . . ,, H . ' ' 1 ' . , in , ' ' ' - I . 1 . I I I - - . I I C ' 7 - . . . - . . . . I ' 1 1 1 I ' - on the face of his picture. At the end of the first - l I 2 ' 1 1 . . . I 1 ' I A . ' l I ' . - . . - E I I . I I ' 1 1 ' I ' I 1 1 ' 2 . . . , . , . . ' ' , . . . . E . I n a ' . and was fought over by several gurls Addutuons to our class were JIMMY ENOS THOMAS JONES FRANK GRIFFIN and DINK COOK SHIVER de cuded that Houston offered better opportunutues for hus talents so he moved durrng the latter part of thus renowned year We were really bug dogs un the slxth grade be cause not only were we the hughest class un grammar school but we had teachers for each course We learned all about Bug Foot Wallace from Mr Caldwell TOM DEMENT JAMES BER GER JOHNNY DUNCAN and MARY NELL EN LOW got theur hands paddled by Muss Bouue dur ung thus year We got unto more trouble by clumb ung out on the roof to get away from Muss Bouue Thus years romeos were FRANK GRIFFIN and KENNETH BUSBY Newcomers were EARNEST BRINKMAN GEORGE CHERRY KAYO HEWITT who decuded he lrked our class better than the one ahead of us and FERN BARRON who was thought to be an lnduan because she wore a scarf on her head at all tumes In the seventh grade Mrs Exlune taught us that ut was uncorrect to say Aunt unless you say Aunt you shame We had a wholesale cheatung class under Mr Petter because he went to sleeo each day One of our pasttmes was to kuck rotten apples up and down the ausle whule Mr Petter slept The city slucker PATRICIA GREENAWALT and country hucks SALLY OBANNON and FLUSH REYNOLDS uorned our Iuttle group un t us wonderful year For punushment KING COALE and EUGENE MERKA were made to sut under Mrs Exlunes desk nearly every day Also BUSBY was so thun he became a demonstatrng machrne as a human skeleton un our health class under Coach Curtus Mrs Thompson and Mrs Sara Aluce herded our class un the followrng year to eughth grade grad uatuon The Houston cat CHARLES SHIVER moved back to our faur cuty un thus year To prove he was real gone he and THOMAS JONES fought all year When we graduated from the eughth grade SHIRLEY BURRIDGE and JAMES BERGER receuved the Valeductoruan and Salutatoruan med als and MARY NELL ENLOW and FRANK GRIFFIN got the Amerucan Leguon Award Our class songs were Amerrca the Beautuful and Jeanue Wuth the Lught Brown Haur Thus was the flrst year we had a real Junuor Hugh athletuc department Our boys played football and basketball and HAR RIET SHARPE head cheerleader and ANN GOOD SON and SHIRLEY BURRIDGE were three of the furst Junuor Hugh Cheerleaders MARY NELL was the furst Junuor Hugh Drum Malor and twurlers were MARLENE CURRY PATRICIA GREENAWALT SALLY O BANNON SHERLENE BARKER and BAR BARA SIMONS New class members were JES SE WALLER MAX WILBANKS and MIKE HILL Durung our Sophomore Year MILDRED MOR GAN BOBBY SKINNER JACKIE FAULKNER ROGER WILLIAMS and JEANNIENE WOOLEMS unvaded our group Muss Sara Aluce decuded she luked our class so well that she was agaun our sponsor CAlong wuth Seth Hokey We had three Councul un thus year 195051 These members were SHIRLEY BURRIDGE JAMES BERGER and KENNETH BUSBY Our Junuor Year we were fortunate enough to have three very good sponsors Mrs Arnold and Mr and Mrs Hawkuns filled this hugh statuon We sponsored the best Junuor Seruuor Prom to date we had an outstandung Junuor Play Wundell Wulluams coached many of our uunuor boys on hus Bu Drstruct Champuonshup team SHERLENE got Most Popular Gurl Four of the fuve cheerleaders were uunuors four of the twurlers were uunuors BETTY ARNOLD was elected Band Sweetheart DINK COOK was elected Gurls Football Kung SHERLENE and CLAIRE were ele ted to Whos Who We were very fortunate to have a rumor wun a thurd place medal un State for tra k Thus was none other than our Houston cat of long I I I I ' 2 . . . I . ll ' ' ll Il ' ' I - ' I 1 ' 1 a 1 - 1 I - I I . . . . H . 1 I , . i , I I - ' I ' 1 1 ' 1 I ' ' - . I . , , , I I I I ' ' " ' fine representatves to the first A.H.S. Student . , - , E ' I I . , 1 I ' ' ,, ,, . . . . H I I -N., I . I ' I 1 . . . Q . . . - I I I . . . I l ' I . I . . 5 - F , . , , . ' ' , ago CHARLES SHIVER New members of our class were NORMA SIVEWRIGHT LESLIE JESTER MAX MCGAUGHEY and the three Yankees NANCY WESSMAN DICK EAREHART and KEN NETH RUNKEL As we close our Senior year we look back to find that our class officers were JIM BRADFORD President JACK MILLER Vice Prestdent KEN NETH BUSBY Secretary CLARENCE REYNOLDS Treasurer and SHERLENE BARKER Reporter seniors was elected to the high position as Pres :dent of the Student Body ALMA CARTWRIGHT RUTH NIXON and ANNA MARGARET STOCK TON graced the portals of A H S to loin our Sen ior Class SALLY O BANNON and JACKIE FAULK NER finally caught their men and got married at the first of this year Mr Stuver and our spon sors Mr Mitchell and Mrs Wallis put up with lots of senior foolishness, such as playing hookey every time we could slip out of the door minor disagreements in the Senior Class meetings and the problem of spending the cool million In our class treasury SHERLENE and JACK were elected Most Popular Boy and Girl in school CLAIRE got Football and Band Sweetheart SHIRLEY BUR RIDGE got D A R Award and GWEN AMOS was editor of the Tatler These are some of the awards won in our great class Other honors went to CLARENCE and SHERLENE for Most Athletic NIENE and KAYO for Wittiest and MAX and BETTY for Most Friendly To close this marvelous document we the sen iors of 53 leave the impressions of this review of the last twelve wonderful years chock full of memorable occasions to you lower classmen We hope the reading of thus masterpiece will set a goal for you to reach siisizvvooo BARKER, another of our dignified MAX and SHIRLEY for BGS'-All-ROU'1df JEAN- SENIOR CLASS PROPHECY By MARY NELL ENLOW SHIRLEY BURRIDGE and MAX MCGAUGHEY The year ss 1963 We fsnd most of the Sensors of 53 gathered sn Angletons new modern space shsp termsnal They re gosng to take the Sensor Trsp they had to msss way back sn 53 JAMES MARTIN one of the fsrst fly boys to fly a rocket to Mars wsll be our pslot Co pslot ss pal pstatsng PATRICIA GREENAWALT that female flash of the skyways The class ss gosng to ERNEST BRINKMANS swank dude ranch the Flysng Bsr A group of ex sensors are standsng around the rocket shsp admsrsng her sleek Isnes and complex engsnes Theres TOMMY DEMENT top dessgner for the strsp down dsvssson of Ford Motor Com pany and JAMES DIG OUT BERGER who re cently drove hss l949 Dodge sn a thrsllsng thsrteen car race at the lndsanapolss Speedway We re proud of Berger he came sn 12th place The thsrd young man examsnsng the rocket shsp ss BILL MEDLOCK Poor Medlock hss father dssowned hsm because he began sellsng Buscks A few of the more glamorous members of the Sensor Class of 53 are seated sn the spacsous lobby of the termsnal MARY ANN TIPTON and SHIRLEY STRINGBEAN BURRIDGE are chatter sng excstedly by the tscket offsce Mary Ann s the owner of Mary s Modelsng Menagerse whsch has the reputatson of besng able to make a woman look at least ten years younger Yes after lust one lesson at Marv Anns school a woman of forty looks sust Iske a man of thsrty Strsng Bean won the Msss Photoflash of I953 contest and ss now the famous flash bulb tester for one of Houstons leadsng photographers GEORGE CHERRY ss lust about the happsest member of our class He s spendsng all hss tsme on the creek bank at Snspe catchsng catfssh In hss spare tsme he races the noon masl trasn as st comes through hss home town One of these days he msght even let the trasn wsn you never I can tell Here comes LESLIE JESTER Leslse ss worksng on hss Ph D from Rusk He s been studysng dslsgently ever ssnce Mrs Wallss told hsm he d make a fsrst class sdsot sf he worked hard enough Hss o buddy DICK DAMN YANKEE EAREHEART as been up North rasssng a Navy to reopen e Crvsl War A group of the old marrseds are over sn e corner dsscusssng dsshpans and Clsapers JACKIE WARREN ss full of the delsghtful thsngs her Isttle brood of thsrteen have done Yesterday they burned down the house Arent they adorable? BARBARA SCOTT has never had any chsldren Barbar heard that every thsrd baby born snto the world ss Chsnese and shes not gosng to take any chances ALMA CARTWRIGHT ss happsly marrsed to her Bud They have fsve sets of twsns The gsrls arent the only old marrseds sn the crowd Here are some ex sensor boys who were unable to retasn the blsss of bachelorhood DINK COOK fsnally marrsed Patsy after she convsnced hsm that although two cant lsve as cheaply as one they can have a lot more fun CHARLES ADAMS ss another one of the marrsed men of our class He got marrsed the year after Helen grad uated from A H S and now has eleven ksds to prove st no wonder hes almost bald CHES LEY BAIN let some ole gsrl talk hsm snto marry sng her and you can sure tell hes hstched Now he thsnks cars are parked out at the fasr ground because they forgot what nsght the wrestlsng matches are held Here come two old frsends arm sn arm Why they are ROGER WILLIAMS and BOBBY SKINNER Both of these young men started out on thesr famous careers as a dsrect result of the A H S productson of OKLAHOMA A talent scout heard Sksnner ssng the role of Curley and smmedsately I I ' 1 - . . , . - - - , . , . , . . . - - . , , . . . , . , - . ld ' ' ' - ll ll h I 1 - - - , th 1 ,, . . . Th I ' d ll - . . - ' 1 . ' o I ' sf H I I - I A i I . . , . . - - , H - H - - I - I . . . . . , , . H U - , . I . . . . - 1 - 1 - I I l D .- - - - 11 - n ' ' ' . ' ' ll ' ll ' l , . , . . . l ' u . . sl 1, . . 'v sngned hum up Sknnner IS now the famous raduo vonce that crtes Mama get Cook Ktll Rogers role un OKLAHOMA made hum ftrst asslstant to last years graduate Gordon Ollphant who s the director of slnglng at the Salvatlon Army Rog er IS statxoned at the corner of Fannun and Texas Avenue Hts specualty us Love Ltfted Me Another celebrlty of our 1953 graduatung class ts ANNA MARGARET MUTT STOCKTON She IS a world renowned tlght rope walker Her motto IS You never slap but once Maybe thats why JOHNNY DUNCAN keeps followung her around with a large economy snze of Crnsco Two old sweethearts KING COALE and JEAN NIENE WOOLEMS seem to be engaged In a fas cunatlng conversatnon Maybe they re dns ussung Jeanmenes latest honor She was voted Muss Muscles of l963 CShe s also a champlon weight llfterj Poor Innocent Edgar was lust released from prnson Seems he was caught tn a l953 rand on a Waco Hotel Three of the class athletes SHERWOOD BAR KER RUTH NIXON and CHARLES SHIVER are an the coffee shop having a glass of mllk Ruth IS coaching gurls b sketball at M I s s t p pl U Sherwood owns a sportlng goods store He fnnally collected enough football lerseys to go unto busnness for humself Our class also boasts several wrtters who have gained fame and fortune through theur skull wtth pen and Ink JESSE WALLER as re wrltung the Book of Knowledge MARGIE MATHEWS FIPPS wrutes stones of fantasy and fuctton taken from her true tollfe adventures MARY NELL ENLOW IS the successor to Kathleen Wlnsor authoress of FOREVER AMBER Mary Nell Enlow has become famous for her ALWAYS YELLOW The whole class ts terrnbly dlsappounted but two of our members cant be wtth us on our trnp They are PATSY GO GIT EM ATWELL and SALLY O BANNON SCROGUM Poor Patsy ns nn a hospltal wtth three broken legs She got hut by a mule trann from Arkansas Sally cant be wuth us because unfortunately she IS an gall charged with arson Sally fnnally decided It was easter to burn up than clean up her house HARRIET SHARPE JIM BRADFORD and FERN BARRON seem to be Interested tn what SHERLENE BARKER IS showlng them Oh my' Its plllow cases for the hope chest that Gordue gave her for Chrustmas way back In 52 Sherlenes stzll hoplng Harrnet fnnally got her wash She s the flrst woman president of Texas A 8t M Bo Bo IS run nlng a slghtseeung bus down Bourbon Street In New Orleans If you re ever In that cnty be sure to take It because Bo knows all the best places Fern ts happy now shes found a revolutionary non blush face powder Her theory IS that nf you cant see a gurl turn red youll never know she s blushtng So now Fern carefuly splashes red palnt on her face every mornlng Youd be surpnsed how nlce It makes her look Well Well look who lust staggered up Its KAYO HEWITT Kayo has been a member of Alcoholncs Anonymous ever slnce the tume he thought Ludeen was gotng to ltlt htm for CLAR ENCE FLUSH REYNOLDS Incndentally CLAR ENCE was voted Best Dressed Man of I959 That boys really changed hes even gnven up chastng coons and has taken to chasung women Heres a famnllar face tts BETTY ANN ARNOLD Betty made the Brownre Club Troop No 2 unto a natuonal sororlty and IS stall head rung leader Talklng to Betty are WILDA FLAME VINCENT and JIMMY ENOS Wnlda has been pass Ing out cards which say Vuncents Date Bureau for Desperate Females Wnlda duclnt really nn tend to start a date bureau but she had to find some way of getting rld of all her old boy frlends Jummy Enos IS now a famous movie star and has changed has name to Regnnald Trueheart A talent - - 11 . ,, , . , . , , . ' . 1 1 1 1 1 l ' 1 1 f - - 11 - 11 , I . . . . , . - 11 11 - . . . , . , , . - 11 . ,, , . . . . , . , . . 1 ' ' ' . - 11 11 I - . . , . . . , . R , . . N. ' - 1 11 - . ' ' 11 1 - - ' ' ' ' . 1 - 11 11 - r ' ' . . - 1 - . O - - 1 , - 1 1 - 1 1 S' 1 ' , 11 11 - . ' 1 . , 11 11 . . . I I ' , 1 . . . . I ' ' ' I . - - 1 . ' f . . . . ' ' If H . . - - 11 - 1 1 11 - 1 1 - . 1 1 , . - 11 1 11 I 1 . . scout saw Jrmmys Most Handsome Boy prc ture rn the 53 annual and srgned hrm up Hs great desrre rs to play love scenes wrth Lourse Graham but so far they ve only cast Jrmmy wrth Francrs the talkrng mule JACK MILLER rust strolled up Poor Jack He can hardly move The money rn hrs pockets keeps hrm werghted down Hes made mrllrons ever srnce he started manufacturrng beds to frt people over srx feet tall Whos this? Why Its MARGARET WARRICK and CLAIRE VACULA Margaret rs strll wartrng for lngrum to graduate from Angleton Hrgh School so they can get marrred Clarre rs takrng flyrng lessons from Pat Greenawalt rn hopes that she can keep up wrth Charles Ray BARBARA WHITE rs another ex senror who rs keeprng track of her man She went to a lrnemans school so she could go everywhere Jacob went Now shes a frrst class pole vaulter MILDRED MORGAN liked A H S so well she lust stayed there as truant offrcer A school board member was heard to remark as they hrred Mrllre that she had played so much hookey durrng her hrgh school days she ought to know where the krds go VERNON WRIGHT and EUGENE MERKA are the brg game hunters of the Class of 53 They decrded coon huntrng was too tame swapped trouble for a rrfle and took out for Afrrca They re tellrng therr adventures to MR and MRS THOMAS JONES Thomas rs gettrng hrs drploma from Wharton Junror College thrs June Attendrng the graduatrng ceremonres wrll be hrs wrfe the former NORMA SIVERIGHT Norma rs the famous artrst who draws Esqurre calendars for horses Travelrng rs old stuff for NANCY WESSMAN Shes been conductrng summer tours for young ladres for some years now KENNETH BUSBY took trme out from managrng hrs charn of pool halls to come on the trrp It seems that Glover wrlled the Angleton Lrterary and Recreatron Socrety to Busby because he frg ured Kenneth had lost enough money to pay for rt anyway Just a few more mrnutes trl take off trme Here comes JO ANN ENERGY PLUS HARRIS rushrng rnto the termrnal Jo Ann became the frrst rce woman and rt caused a revolutron among the drrty roke wrrters Wrth her rs MAX ANCHORS AWEIGH MCGAUGHEY Max rs the fleet admrral rn the Royal Gulf of Mexrco Navy But dont let the fancy trtle fool you means rs that Max rs the skrpper of the orrgrnal Shrrmp Boat Not far behrnd rs MIKE HILL Poor Mrke rs havrng a trme He s only made two mrllron from the sale of dolls H s usrng hrs rtle prrncess as a model GWEN AMOS KENNETH RUNKLE and JERRY FREER are already at the loadrng statrons They re makrng sure that they wont get left behrnd Kenneth rs runnrng for Congressman hrs wrfe says hes rdrot enough to be one Freer rs another ex senror who rs makrng mrllrons He establrshed the frrst charn of drrve rn football stadrums Gwen rs famous rn her own rrght Her skrll rn combrnrng new recrpes especrally her now famous melted exlax rcrng has grven her the rob of head potato peeler rn the Angleton Hrgh School Cafeterra Worry' Its take off trme and theres one per son mrssrng Wonder where he rs'P Up drrves DOUGLAS WEHRLY rn a cloud of dust Hes at the wheel of hrs metallrc blue Dodge Douglas rs makrng everyone wart whrle he krsses hrs three blondes good bye QBut he strll swears he s gorng to grve up wrmmrnj Now we re all ready to go The powerful mot ors turn and the rocket shrp leaps rnto the arr bearrng the SENIORS OF 53 . , ,, ,, . . . - ' I 1 . 1 ' ' , . . I I - - , . , . - . . 11 11 . . . . ,,. ,, . - I ll ' I 1 . I Il . - ' ' all it . . . . . . . , . . D e, . . ,,I.T - 11 . , I 1 - 1 1 1 . . . , . 1 - . , . . . I 11 - A 11 - - ' T 1 I ' ' 1 . I Q . . 1 - 1 . 1 I . , - 1 - I . I , ' 1 - 1 LAST WILL A D TESTAME T By SHERLENE BARKER and FERN BARRON We the Senuors of 53 attending Angleton Hugh School un the thruvung metropolus of Angleton un the State of Texas beung of sound mund and memory and able body do hereby make publush and declare thus to be our last wull and testament hereby revokung all wulls heretofore made by us Charles Adams leave Helen to the school un hopes that they wull take care of her I Gwendolyn Amos wull my abuluty to play hookey wuthout gettung caught to the unlucky fuve Betty Arnold wull my abuluty to go steady wuthout beung engaged to Ludeen Farrus who us engaged but does not go steady I Patsy Atwell wull to Mary Wulluams my abuluty to Sung Mule Traun Chesley Baun wull my abuluty to play hookey to Jummy Jones I Sherlene Barker wull my abuluty to catch an Oluphant to Louusunda Shell Sherwood Barker wull my abuluty to hold my temper on the basketball court and not get thrown off durung my Senuor Year to Judge I Fern Barron wull my great athletuc abuluty to Jean Rae Stephens because I know ut wull add greatly to her career as an athlete James Berger wull my abuluty to go wuth Blunds wuthout goung to Alvunk luke Wehrly and have Blowouts at the county lune to Jummy Jones I Jum Bradford wull my abuluty to fade quuetly away on Wednesday afternoon to R B TeddyG Ernest Brinkman wull to Roger Poole my abuluty to play the guutar I Shurley Burrudge wull my abuluty to always be un a hurry to Elaune Mathews and my abuluty to lose my car keys to Carole Caroon Kenneth Busby leave my skull un shooting pool to lrwun Hammack I George I Kung Coale do not wull anything to anybody because I need the talents I have I Dunk Cook wull my abuluty to always have my own cigarettes to Bobby Ingrum Tommy Dement wull my abuluty to go to hugh school four years wuthout becoming a wolf to Donald McGIaun I Johnny Duncan wull to Dale Runkel my abuluty to collect freshman gurls un my yellow leepster Ruchard Eareheart wull my love for A H S to James Sudes I Mary Nell Enlow wull my abuluty to duet steaduly and never lose a pound to Red Sums Jummy Enos wull to Jerry Lewus my handsome qualutues I Jerry Freer wull my abuluty to leave wune women and luquor alone to J Ray Gayle Patrucua Greenawalt wull my abuluty to get along wuth Mr Stuver to Jack Luttle I Jo Ann Harrus wull my abuluty to eat constantly and not gaun a pound to Jerrue Lee Harrus Kayo Hewutt wull to B M Jamuson my weught luftung abuluty I Muke Hull w ll Donna Jo to the school for 2 years only because I want her back then Lester Jester wull my collectuon of chalk from Mr Sums room to Jack Luttle I Thomas Jones wull my good looks charmung personality beauty heught and bug feet to Donald McGIaun Max McGaughey wull my place un the Senuor Class to any deservung Junuor I James Martun will a paur of wungs to Arnold Korenek I Maruorue Mathews wull my abuluty to graduate un three years and be engaged two of those years to Nancy Arnold I Bully Medlock wull my physuque to B M Jamuson who I am sure wull apprecuate ut I I . I . . I I . I l . I ll I . . ' I I I, I . .. . . . I . ' I I . . . .. . ,, . ,, I, . I . .. . I I I 'I I . .. . . I I I . , ll I . -- - ,, ,, - . ,, . ,, . , I . .. . II Il I, . I . .. . I I . I ll I . . . . t I Cherry, will to a deserving freshman my track ability. I I ' I . I . .. . I ' I I I, ' , ' . . . ' . , , I, . I . . . . i I I . .. . I I . ' I ,I . . I . .. . . 1 I I I, . I . u ' . . . . .. i I . . I i I, , ' ' . ' ' ' . , I ' I l ' I I - I ll I . . . . I I ' I . . I . .. . l I . I . . . 1 , . LAST WILL A D TESTAMENT Eugene Merka wull my abuluty to have a car that doesnt need roads to go on to James Morgan I Jack Muller leave my basketball abuluty and bug feet to Scott D Muldred Morgan wull my abuluty to be Brazorua County Twurlung Champuon to Kaye Ashcraft I Ruth Nuxon wull my abuluty to play hookey and not get caught to Lousunda Shell and Frances Green Sally OBannon wull my amazung shorthand abuluty to Patsy Rush I Clarence Reynolds wull my abuluty to go to reguonal un track three years to J Ray Gayle Kenneth Runkel wull to Eugene Badgett my abuluty to faul subuects and stull graduate I Barbara Scott wull my abuluty to get marrued and stull graduate to any deservung underclassman Harruet Sharpe wull my abuluty as cheerleader to Arnold Korenek so that he wull be assured of goung to all the football games I Charles Shuver wull to Arnold Korenek my abuluty to hugh lump and run the hurdles I Norma Suvewrught wull my freckles to Katue Grumes because she needs them I Bobby Skunner wull my abuluty to scream Oklahoma at the top of my lungs to Albert Lukasheay I Anna Stockton wull all my freshman boy fruends to Margue Green and my false teeth to Georgua Sudes I Mary Ann Tupton wull my extra 30 pounds to Dorothy Pueper un hopes shell take good care of them Claure Vacula wull my abuluty to be true to one boy to Glorua Harbun I Wulda Vuncent wull to Kaye Ashcraft my abuluty to go wuth a dufferent boy every week Jesse Waller wull my abuluty to get my teeth knocked out to Bobby Sumons and my teeth to the school I Margaret Warruck wull Bobby to Mrs Ashe because I know she wull return hum at the end of the year Douglas Wehrly wull my abuluty to graduate wuthout ever drunkung smokung or havung a desure for blunds to Ruchard Gruffun I Nancy Wessman wull my abuluty to go to Parus where there are Frenchmen and stull come back to Jerrue Lee Harrus Barbara Whute wull to Teddy G my abuluty to be another Dagmar I Roger Wulluams wull my abuluty to resust kussung gurls to any dumb stuff who wants ut I Jeannuene Woolems wull my sweet even temper to Glenda Spruce I Vernon Wrught wull my horse traunung abuluty to Albert Lukasheay I Alma Cartwrught wull my soft well controlled vouce to the freshman gurls un hopes they wull use ut We the Senuors of 53 wull to the Junuors our hugh and mughty posutuon un ole A H S to the Sophomores our abuluty always to have the mauoruty of football and basketball players track members cheerleaders and twurlers from our class and to the Freshmen our strength and courage whuch they wull need to face the next three years I . .. , 1 1 - 1 1 ' I, , - 1 1 I , . , .. 1 1 ' I , . . I, , 1 1 1 I, , - 1 1 1 1 - I - - -- 11 11 1 1 1 - 1 1 . . , I, , - , , . I1 1 1 1 - I, , , , - - 11 11 - - - . - 1 - 1 1 1 1 I, , . . , 1 . 1 1 . , 1 . I I I - 1 1 . . . .. . , 1 1 . . ., I I I ' 1 . 1 "3 In QR! 3 1.6L 6 'Q' 51 4 ? Mt Clarence Reynolds 'awp 'ry 1AKjn'l mud?-sua, Johnnv Duncaw you l bll , nv all Enlow 'Rv f Arnold Clalze Jac l l f Cfna L Panrlcia ureenanalt ilared voruan Z V 'JV Q .E J ' , ' . 1 k V 1 X , . A 1' ' ' - ' V 4 l 'f J ,f QQ,ff4 . K in iff 1' " , . i ' 5 if ,.- ' " . Q A lj xx N, K Vwy, M- M Vxmi 1 M -bf , - 5 f 53 S111 Wlen :par--:er w 'T a ni ll fl ff- l T 1, 2 rw.'oL,d Jar'-1 ' QTL YV Q 9 AV 3 y l ' Y A A 4 5 A x X 1, L ,lv v Ag 'uh J L.- Ili. '1' . ' 55-'fin f f V ' J, K f K H f ' M42 f A, l l Y n Q -A 5 ' A lf ff sl I ' T . . . - .X ., Y L -K hw- , Lxif11.f .f..L . W! 16, all fs ,L W 37 Y X ,r , xv ' ' A Lua.- J fx . 'J 7.1 "3 J, :. "'.. "aj Hi Q . K H:-,I 1 ' 4 jx if Q .Qi . 6 t , . 3 W ' ' v A k .' - lj- A r ., A f 'E l 'L x g " L. - , W ,V deltj . H l l Q xg. . X 1 uf' f ' f- 5, A - ' ,,.- -' , 1524 I , Y 5 ' - , . - f 1 5 4 I xii. m ' K 5. . ' 1 f .nw . 'X I . , , 0 ' V ,l ' l ,b -6, ' 4 Q ff' l l 'al,, 1 axon " H .Q A U U xfgjfxe 3011 L ' 'fl' 5 ' Y ,w -I--rl L s, g 's V If ' f 5 -fu ,, AW, I X . , L .llf vwnwx x lb J ,4 6' 1 YQ. 'T A, .1 Vi-,, X412 J ji, gl I i Um 5. Qx JP 'Q-2 x, . . H 0719 Those faqs .H if X YW R COU le ff drops! -1 "l'1uff'oncl two 'Ueffs' Dag if ?f'0Z7 1 1 -ff., 1- 1' gi a rose on her-, , Oh! Ross you doll 9 1 Strike up Rnd so to sleep agam..- H-pe band! Dorff 3 W cry Joe! Good ! xiii 6- -4 5'-in O -,..,-f N iq , .3 .YM Mk N 1-.V I Q ' aff -.,,. 'av ,fu in .1JB'v' F' Wim MA 'pb' www My Ni' rm. ir' "'3g,t5l"' ,mx sim, Lg 5 L. pw, I .ix y i . wzmxq, ""' 43,1 A .. - .. ,,. , -6-rx, ,apne- n-vf- -W-- H any-gm ""I"9-'-ff-1 Gil 5 Q I - . ,I .Lx lk ood Q'e dq 5? W wi Dot P ck your ouque up I ,, YEARBOOK lL FXA ff A .dfaudrvv mu J If-,AN X 5 9. X DA, 'AS 0 T 3 Q3 . 2 ,

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