Angier High School - Old Acquaintances Yearbook (Angier, NC)

 - Class of 1959

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Angier High School - Old Acquaintances Yearbook (Angier, NC) online yearbook collection, 1959 Edition, Cover

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- k ' f - V- W ' VHA A1' f - .la '.8dmrQ:sv-.-.14-v-f-1.Wf ,,,.,,.4,f-.- .+..A.........,........,..,,V.....,.,.....,..,,...,..N.,x.,.,,.,....,.,w.,.M.n....,.,,- ,... .,A.,.4M,,.- Y -. WL..-,,LM--- W1-f M ..---V1 Jai ff: - "W 6 ' 1.7, 'fi 3 A,--asf if .47 A.-i 4,77 417 ,- J. .,..:fa a x , , ,,.,,, Q ...U 1 W.. , ww X :pw M ,W M wwf . V. .. .X M, P W x .f-f1'g6f1s -, 4 v . - M ie , imw 1 . f ,xf ,,. . Wu ,iff aan f -gif 4 ..-Y-1-r ,--11' " 1, ,f F V, ., ,Mx H A 1959 OLD ACQUAINTANCES f ,J 1- Q f, . ,A Q Qv f r , 'Ulf' ' iv W . W- . ,V , , . 3, K V ,. Editor-in-chief hirley Weover Volume XV kssistont Editor Angier High School udy Hockodoy Angier, North Corolino is :K TABLE OF CGNTENTS Administration . . . . . . Page 5 Page9... .....Classes... Activities . . .. . . .Page 37 Page 49 .... . . . Features. . . Athletics . . . . . ..Page 65 Page 75 . . . .. . Advertisements. FQREWQRD DEDICATION With great pleasure and sincere hearts, we, the Senior Class of 1959, dedicate this, Volume XV of OLD ACQUAINTANCES, to MISS RUTH JONES. Without her help and guidance the publication of this yearbook would not have been possible . She was always there when we needed her, and she gave her help cheerfully and willingly. She inspired us to do our best toward attaining our goal. She will always be first in our h rt d h friend. ea s an t oughts as an excellent teacher and a wonderful X 'fx MR, R, G, BANKS Pfincipal MRS. L. G, STEPHENSON MR, G. T. PROFFIT Superintendent S e cre tary S' ii ,.,,...., , J!-. sill? 8' 1. SCHOOL BOARD P.T.Ah ICERS Left to Right: L. Og- burn, Mrs. C. Wil- liams, N. Dorman, Mrs. D. Blalock, R. G. Banks. oFF Left to Rig ht: R. G Banks, B. Watkins, K. jackson, S. Og bum, I-I. Wood, H Hall. le f 9 5 ' 7 f' - . , .A ,X Ax .44 f' KX. sr , 'v " .'... , , .:...,- x U-f.,'i..'!Q , 8.4, 15 it , . A , , 'w.r1'x'. .3 3, ,,. wx. - . a - gn.. Ka.. '- -- it '?1fJ xox-J" A p "'!f"'ff-4-mn-.,f.Mw-m.m,f.3v.mmw-mm M .,.. -, ,v.1wi.,.szwsxczsiazfafglf--"'1-1-H --- -v Tir-cfL5"'7:,.:..f2L-.,E-p1:v:.'::i2M "' . . 'r' .1 " ,, f -, --------'----- - - HIGH SCHOOL FACULTY asm Vx ia-:Ulf ' 5 MRS. OZELLA ADAMS MRS. MARY ATKINS MISS PANSIE CAMERON Library, Science and English Home Economics English and Girls' Basketball Coach MR. JOE DOWNING MISS RUTI-IJONES Agriculture Business Education MRS. LEOLA MRS. PEARL-E LASSITER MCCALL Math and Science Science ..,Q. 'LJ' A f-N ., .- MR. CHARLES MCGEE, JR. r MRS. BERTHA PoULsoN MR. ToM ZACHARY Social Studies English and French CO2lCh and Health Page 8 Physical Education yi v Affld Q5 :iff ag Senior Closs Officers MRS. BERTI-IA POULSON Senior Adviser MISS RUTH JONES Senior Adviser ANN JOHNSON Secretary PEGGY EASTWOOD - Vice -Pre side nt HOWARD TAYLOR u ,J-, if - . ff' SEX, -.i 1' Green Carnation President Moscots DONTQEESZTING Colors 1 J Green and White Flower A, - 1 M. I, .NIXY ,ci h rQ x 4 45- 'td' 5 f -" ' , s, , ' ' I '- ' f' k..,.., 0, 5 - Q. .Wu-W1 f 4 .1 1, R mf. of I p ..,....... Jr: ' O? N-1'4" in 'Mp' - h"'f'?'4?Z' f H ', 1? ' x I 1 Motto A RI-IONDA HOWARD STUART BARBOUR "Onward ever, backward never, classmates forever " 1 l l l I i l ! DIANNE RUTH BANKS F HA 1, 25 "An-S co Hi-Lites" 45 S e n i o r Play5 Athletic Club 45 FTA 3, 4, President 45 FBIA 3,45 Beta Club 3,45 Monogram Club 35 Varsity Basketball 1, 2, 3, 45 Cheerleader 45 Storeworker 3, 45 "Yacker" Staff 3. SENIORS EDITH GAIL ADAMS FHA 1, 25 "An-Sco I-li-Lites"45 Athletic Club Representative 45 FBLA 3, 45 Cheer- 1eader45 "Yacker" Staff3,45 Teen-Age Club 45 Senior Superlative. LINDA CAROL ADAMS FI-IA 1,25 "An-Sco I-li-Lites" 45 Senior Play5 Athletic Club 45 FTA 35 FBLA 35 Monogram Club 1, 2, 35 Varsity Basket- ball 1, 2, 3,45 Cheerleader 45 "Yacker" Staff 3 . 'TNQ -in WILLLAM C. BLALOCK FFA 1, 2, 3,45 4-H Club 1, 25 "An-Sco Hi-Lites" 45 Senior Play5 Athletic Club 45 Basketball 45 Senior Superlative5 Teen-Age Club. '25 JANICE MARIE BLALOCK FHA 1, 25 "An-Sco Hi-Lites" 45 Senior Play5 Athletic Club 4, Treasurer5 FTA 35 FBLA 3,4, Vice-President 35 Beta Club 3, 45 Monogram Club 2, 35 Varsity Basketball 2, 3,4, Co-Captain 45 "Yacker" Staff 45 Marshal 3. BARBARA ANN PARTLN BLALOCK F HA 1, 25 "An-S co Hi-Lites" 45 FTA 3, Secretary5 Be t a Club 3,4, President45 Stu- dent Council Repre- sentative 4. -" -, ,.1-- - 'M Q'3l"r'av' DONNA LEE DENNING Class T re asure r 45 FHA 1, 2, Treasurer 15 "An-Sco I-li-Lites" 45 Senior Play5 Athletic Club 45 FTA 35 FBLA 3,45 Beta Club 3,4, Vice-President 35 Monogram Club 2,35 Basketball 1, 2, 3, 4, Co-Captain45 "Yack- er" Staff 35 Senior Superlative5Chief Marshal 3. flhf 4-4 LINDA GREY BUTTS FHA 1, 25 "An-Sco Hi-Lites" 45 Senior Play5 Athletic Club 45 FTA 35 FBLA 3, 4, Secretary 35 Beta Club 3, 45 "Yacker" Staff 35 Senior Superlative. JOHN ORBIE COLLINS FFA 45 4-H Club 15 Senior Play. fb WALLACE HUGH DUNCAN FFA 1, 25 4-H Club 1, 25 Senior Play5 Athletic Club 45 LV. Basketball 1, 25 Teen-Age Club 2, 3, 45 S e nior Super- lative . KENNETH EARL DUPREE Be W gb FFA 1, 2, 3,45 Vice-President 25 4-H Club 1, 25 Senior Play5 Athletic Club 45 Bus Driver 3, 4. BOBBY JOE DORMAN FFA 1, 2,3,4, Secre- tary 2, Treasurer 35 Senior Play5 Athletic Club 45 LV. Basket- ball5 Teen-Age Club 2, 3. ROBERT LEWIS HAYES Glee Club 1, FFA 1, 2, 3, 45 "An-S co Hi- Lites" 4, Senior Play, Monogram Club 29 S e n i o r Superlativeg J.V. Basketball Storeworker 1, Teen-A eClub 2 3 9 7 y 13 25 4. 1 PEGGY JOYCE EASTWOOD Class Vice-President 4, FI-IA 1, 2, "An- Sco Hi-Lites" 4, SeniorPlay, Athletic Club 45 FTA 3, President, FBLA 3,4, Beta Club 3,4, Secretary 3, "Yacker" Staff4, Class Poetess, Senior Superlativeg Teen-Age Club 3. SUE GAIL GASKINS Glee Club 2, "An-Sco Hi-Lites" 4, FTA 4. V 401 JERRY EDISON HOCKADAY O LD ACQUAINTANCES, Circulation Manager 4, Senior P l ay, Athletic Club 4, Monogram Club 35 Baseball 1, 2, 3,45 Football 1, 2, 3,4, Co-Captain 45 J.V. Basketball 1, Teen-Age Club 2, 3,4, Senior Superlative . MARY LOIS JAMES FHA 1, 2, "An-Sco Hi-Lites" 43 Athletic Club 4, FTA 3,4, FBLA 3,4, Student Council Representative 4, "Yacker" Staff 3,4, Teen-Age Club 3,43 Library Worker 4- Storeworker 3 14- Tx GRADY MARSHALL GREGORY FFA 1,2,3,4, "An-Sco Hi-Lites" 45 S e n i o r Play, Athletic Club 4, President, Monogram Club 2, 3, Stude nt Council 1, 3, Football 1, 2, 3, 4, All-Confer- ence First Team 4, Bus Driver 3, 45 Teen- Age Club 3, 4, Basket- ball 4, Scorekeeper 3 . :Q , Li :Lme ::r.7..1.4.gna,4 Tl7W.' !!f!InWg'E.Y9A'iHY f1W'RMT . -7' if -- . . M-:."'i.'5.-.l'2"Z i ar. i -. , , - 1 , , 1 1, ,Nl , , li, .1 . , 1 Ms xi 'fx ,X 1 5 ff PATRICIA LANE JOHNSON Glee Club 1, Fl-lA 1, 2, 4-H Club 1, Song- leader1,"An-Sco Hi-Lites" 4, OLD AC- QUAINTANCES, Busi- ness Manager4, Senior Play, FTA 4, FBLA 3, 4 3 Lunchroom Worker 1, 23 "Yacker" Staff 3, Library Worker 1, 2, 4. ANN CAROLYN JOHNSON Class Secretary 3, 45 FI-IA 1, 2, Secretary 1, 4-I-I Club 15 "An-S co Hi-Lites" 4, Senior Play, FTA 3, FBLA 3,43 Beta Club 3,4, Treasurer 35 Student Council Representative 1, 2, "Yacker" Staff 3, Marshal 3, Home Economics Award 3, Senior Superlativeg Library W orke r 1, Teen-Age Club, Secretary-Treasurer 2. HUEY WEBSTER JOHNSON FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, Senior Play, Athletic Club 43 VarsityFootball 43 Varsity Basketball 3 4, Captain 45 J.V. Basketball 1, 2, , Teen-Age Club 2, 3,4. ala, MAURICE BOYD MANGUM FFA 1, 2,3,4, Presi- dent 3,45 4-I-I Club 1, "An-Sco I-Ii-Lites" 43 Senior Play, Athletic Club 4, Student Coun- cil 2, Basketball 1, 2, Lunchroom W o r k e r, Teen-Age Club 3,45 Senior Superlative. SUS. PATRICIA ANN MASSENGILL DORA PEARL MATTHEWS Glee Club 1, FI-IA 1, "An-Scol-Ii-Litas" 4, Senior Play, FBLA 3,45 Storeworker 4, "Yacker" St aff 25 Music Award 2, Library Worker 2, 3. U5 ff -,f".,,,x RACHEL GRADY OGBURN F I-IA 1, 25 "A n-S co Hi-Lites" 45 Athletic Club45 FTA 3,4, Re- porter 45 FBLA 3,45 Reporter 45 Basketball 3, 45 "Yacker" Staff 35 'Teen-Age Club 35 Senior Superlative . MAE FRANCES MONT AGUE FI-IA 1, 25 "An-S co I-Ii-Lite s" 45 OLD ACQUAINTANCES, Sports Editor 45 Senior Play5 Athletic Club 45 FTA 3,4, Treasurer 45 FBLA 3, 45 Monogram Club 35 Varsity Basketball 1, 2, 3,45 Store- worker 3,45 Teen-Age Club 3,4. GU RNELL SUE MYATT 4-H Club 1, FTA 3,45 Library worker 45 Glee Club 1. GORDON FRANKLIN SARTIN FFA 1, 2, 35 4-H Club 15 S enior Play5 Athletic Club Representative 45 Varsity Baseball 15 Varsity Football 1, 2, 3,4, All-Conference Team 45 Bus Driver 3, FUN 4. LEVONDA STEPHENSON FHA 1, 2, Reporter 25 "An-Sco Hi-Lites" 45 Senior Play5 Athletic Club 45 FBLA 35 Beta Club 3, 45 Student Council, Pres- ident 4, Representative 35 Basketball 15 "Yacker" Staff 35 M arsh al 35 Senior Superlative . MARIE AGNES PARRISH FI-lA 15 4-H Club 15 "An-Sco I-Ii-Lites" 45 Senior Play5 Athletic Club Secretary 45 FTA Vice -President5 FBLA 3, 45 Monogram Club 35 Cheerleader 2, 3, 4, Chief 45 "Yacker" Staff 3, 4, Edit or 45 Teen-Age Club 3, 45 S e n i o r Superlative5 Library Worker 4. af' ----- . .- ..,.,, ..--,,, ,,,...n..... -,,-:',. -:neg-fefaanfv-I-f .. -irc-.C --..--,-JL --,--- 1- .W . HOWARD WILSON TAYLOR Class President 3, 4, Band 1, 2, Athletic Club 4, Monogram Club 3, Basketball 3, 4, Teen-Age Club 2, 3,4, Vice-President 2, 3, Senior Super- lative, j.V. Basket- ball 1, 2, Football Manager 1, 2, 3, Base- ball Scorekeeper 1, 2, 3, 4. SUE CAROLYN STEPHENSON FHA 1, 2, 3, Vice -President 2, President 35 "An-Sco Hi-Lites" 4, S enior Play, FBLA 3, 4, S e cretary 3, President 43 Student Council Se cretary 3, Class Prophetess 4, Teen-Age Club 4, Senior Superlative . LARRY CECIL SURLES FFA 1, 2, 3, 4, Senior Play, Athletic Club 4, Monogram Club 2, 3, VarsityBaseball 4, Varsity F ootb all 1, 2, 3,45 Varsity Basketball3,45 LV. Basketball 1, 2, LV. Baseball 1, Teen-Age Club 2, 3. Q RICHARD RAY TOPPS Glee Club 1, FFA 1, 2, 3,4,4-H Club 1, Hobby Club 2, 35 Senior Superlative, IIIVIMY GARLAND WALTERS FFA 1, 2,4, Secretary 4, S e nior Play, Athletic Club 45 Monogram Club 3,43 Baseball 1, 2,45 Teen-Age Club 3,4. JUDY GARLAND TOPPS FI-IA 1, 25 OLD AC- QUAINTANCES, Pho- tography Editor 4, FBLA 4, Teen-Age Club 3, Assistant Li- brarian 2,33 Senior Supe rlative . si , at NANCY CAROL WIGGINS Glee Club 15 FHA 15 "An-Sco Hi-Lites" Editor 45 FBLA 3,45 Beta Club 354, Re- porter 3 5 Lunchroom Worker 45 "Yacker" Staff45 Marshal35 Li- brary Assistant 2,35 Senior Superlative, OLD ACOUAINT- ANCES, Literary Ed- itor 4. is SHIRLEY ANN WEAVER Buies Creek 1, 2, 35 Class President 35 Glee Club 15 FHA 1, 25 4-H Club 1, 25 "An-Sco I-li-Lites" 45 OLD ACOUAINT- ANCES, Editor 45 FTA 3,45 FBLA 3,4, Representative at National Convention 35 Varsity Basketball 15 Cheerleader 25 Student of the Month 45 Senior Super- lative5 Home Economics Award 2. JACKY MAE WEST FHA 1, 25 "An-S co Hi-Lites"45FTA 3, 45 FBLA 3,45 Lunchroom Worker 15 "Yacker" Staff 45 Library Assistant 1. MILDRED FAYE WILKES Glee Club 1, 25 "An-Soo Hi-Lites" 45 Senior Play5 FTA 3,45 FBLA 4, Vice- President 45 Lunchroom Worker 15 Class . Historian 45 Library Assistant 3. KEMP FERGUSON WILSON FFA 1, 2, 3, President 35 "An-S c o Hi- Lites" 45 Monogram Club 2, 35 Student Council, Vice-President 35 Baseball 1, 2, 3,45 j.V. Basketball 15 T e en-A g e Club 2, 3, 4. IQ- 'll' WILEY ROY WILKERSON FFA 1, 2, 3, 45 4-H Club 1, 25 SeniorPlay5 Athletic Club 45 Monogram Club 2,35 Varsity Baseball45 Varsity Football 1, 2, 3,4, Co-Captain 45 All-Conference First Team 45 Honorable Mention All-State Football Team 45 Honorable Mention All-State Football Te am 45 Honorable Mention All-Confer- ence Football Te am 3 . .,.. ....,,.. Q, .... Page 18 ..: , ...i!E!IZ7',.....' ?'!0??F? ...5g?L 'r V """ - -"l""W'W- 1"' t" - - -Y'-""""" m WILLIAM GREEN WINEBERLY FFA 1, 2, Hobby Club 2,35 Teen-Age Club 2, 3,4. FRANKLIN OGBURN WOODLEY Class Treasurer 3, FFA 1, 2, Senior Play, Athletic Club 45 Monogram Club 3,45 Varsity Baseball 15 Varsity Football 1, 2, 3, 4, ClassTestator 4, Teen-Age Club 2, 3, 4, President 3,45 Senior Superlativeg LV. Basketball 2. NOT PICTURED Billy Ray Gray Class Poem On winged feet these years have passed, And our lives by time and molding hands Have been enriched. Each day with this, our beloved Alma Mater, Has strengthened each purpose, Gladdened each he art. Though it is with sadness we soon shall depart, It is with greater understanding That we look to the future where life awaits us. May our chain of ide als never be broken, And may we each light candles to guide some other feet In the path to eternity. And now the time has come when we each shall embark Upon a separate course of Life- A delving into the unknown. May our knowledge be manifold, Compassion be great. May we walk in paths of righteousness straightway, Till we shall meet The Master, whose loving hand did each create, For final graduation. May the lesson of Life be learned full well and high each mark shall be. And as we stand at the Gates of Heaven, May success and huxnility be borne in the Wake Of the Class of '59. PEGGY EASTWOOD ,l X4 Left to Right: Junior Closs Officers MRS. LEOLA LASSITER. . . . ...... Sponsor WANDRA ADAMS. . . . . . ...... Treasurer LARRY MANGUM ...... . . . . President GLORIA STEPI-IENSON. . . . . . . Vice -President BETTY LOU WOOD. . . . . . . . Secretary MISS PANSIE CAMERON. . . . . . . . . .Sponsor WINTON ADAMS WANDRA ADAMS VONNIE ALLEN BARBARA ALTMAN JERRY ALTMAN JUNIORS Page 19 BUDDY BYRD LOU COLLINS SUE COLLINS JUDY FISH MACK FOWLER MARY GARDNER mf-, 'Fin S. as CS HOWARD AVERY COY BROADWELL DORIS BULLOCK BILLY DUPREE TOMMY DUPREE JUDY ENNIS STUART GARDNER MARTHA GARNER GAIL GILES BENTFYCSRECKDRY' BILLY'CH ECKDR3f LAIlRIFC1RECHDRff 1- i ! 1 N f-1' JUDY HOOKADAY MELVIN I-IUGI-IES JON HUNT ANDY MCLEOD JUDY MOORE UDELL REARDON FNS RUTH HEDOEPETH FAYE HOCKADAY JEAN HOCKADAY 27 'A Y 'f ' V 1 YQ J Jggqfxii 'Rf' , vi 9 'llama'-.uma X QQTQ Wu , RETTiA LAVVRIEJCE IJAIRRff LLATJCHJL4 FAYTZNLATTTHHNS Page 21 '53 ROBERT STANCIL PAYE STANLEY GLORIA STEPHENSON E' BETTY, LOU WOOD DOAN WOOD JOAN YOUNG LINDA SAUIS BETTY SMITH MYRTLE SMITH ,Q BOBBIE STONE RICHARD WEAVER BILLY WILLIAMS NANCY YQUNG NOT PICTURED JERRY SMITH June Hedgepefh SOPHOMORES BOBBY ADAMS LINDA ARNOLD JANICE AVERY DOTTIE BARNES JERRY BOWDEN BOBBY BROWN CHARLES BYRD f I at '57-1 J A. G. CARD ' ' ' Q f f 1 1 fi JUDY COATS A LARRY DENNLNC wr, Q TOMMY DUNCAN A E3 RUBY GILBERT JIMMY GREGORY GINGER GUY PATRICLIX HAYES BOBBY HOCKADAY VICKIE HOLLAND JANET HOWARD JUDY HOWARD SAMMY JACKSON CI-LARLIE JOHNSON MAMIE JOHNSON COY JONES DONNIE DUPREE GLENDA DUPREE JOYCE DUPREE LYNWOOD DUPREE JUNIOR ELLINGTON JOYCE ENNIS MARY GARNER RUTH GARNER . J va , V wks -X tm 40 'Ds .X K W X, Fi" ' x A I l Qi Q X Q f is-4 I' Q 1 I Page 23 . - 6 N Q 7' A I7 T T I A gn , yfkk, ,gglx I O I GLENN PATE GAIL RICI-KEY MARVIN SARTIN JACKIE SMITH ANNE SMITH PERRY SMITH JAMES SPEN CE RAY STEPHEN SON E Q., JEAN MARRY DONNA MANGUM JEAN MATTHEWS JIMMY MATTHEWS PEGGY MCLEOD KATHERINE NORRIS JANICE OGEURN I-'RED OWEN LEE OWEN RICKEY OWEN RONNIE OWEN JOYCE PAGE , we , J St' ' gi A. lj Q- 1 " 'W , E ' 3 'K Kiwi K A R 'N , ' -, , r , Y 'fi f 'ww' -ff I' 'x R I f uv .f I " I Q . ' S 'wr M A I if Q 0' v F Q? 2 If TOMMY STEPI-IENSON BILLY SURLES HILDA TART VIRGINIA TILLEY JEAN UPGHURGH SHELBY WEAVER JOE WEST KATHY UPGHURGH PATTY SUE WILLIAMS DONNIE WOMACK HAROLD WOODALL NOT PICTURED Larry Day Page 24 Dorenda Gregory FRESHMEN ANNE ADAMS GLENDA ADAMS JERRY SUE ADAMS STEVE ADAMS JAY BROADWELL JERRY BULLOCK PATRICIA CAMPBELL PI-IYLLIS COATS DOROTHY DEAN JOY DENNINO DONNA DUPREE BARBARA EARP JOHNNY GILES PATSY GOSS JERRY GREGORY LINDA GRAY ROBERT HALL DONALD HOCKADAY TOM HUMPHRIES JANLE JOHNSON NELL JOHNSON DAVID JONES BRENDA LANGDON JOHNNY MANGUM EAYE MATTHEWS GLENDA MATTHEWS JUDY MATTHEWS ORA MATTHEWS ROBERT MCLEAN PAUL NORDON JANICE NORRIS WILLIAM NUTT BOBBY MAULDIN STEVE OWEN Page 26 JOYCE PARRISH ALICE PARTIN JERRY PARTIN JULIA PEED CARRY PLEASANT JANICE PLEASANT STEVE PLEASANT CHARLIE JOHNSON MARSI-LALL PRICE JOHNNY RAY BILL JOE ROBERTS MOLLY SEAGROVES ALICE SMITH HARRY SMITH GENE SPIVEY SHIRLEY STARLING ANN STEPPLENSON EDDIE STEPHENSON JOHNNY STONE JEAN SURLES JUDY SURLES JUDY UPCHURCH LILLIAN WEAVER JOYCE WEST JUDY WHEELER BRENDA WIGGINS DOROV1' HY WIC-GINS STEVE WILSON NOT PICTURED Lloyd Adams Kenneth Hamm Brenda johnson Junior MCLe an 4 WSI 62' x 'E -av f an fs qv, pi 5 A as -X -, ' ' L A. A D1 ' V' sc ', K' X E 5 F , ll, . I l I , ' I If ,II M , 6 c A I .-' ll S f . 1 Sf kc I .QI K . g ' sh, .4 q.:.Y IUO5 x. If . xakvfxl X 'G Q if I R X '5 ELEMENTARY FACULTY MRS. ADDIE COATS 5th and 6th Grades MRS. IRIS COTTON 2nd Grade MISS ANNIE MAE CROWDER 4th Grade MRS. CECIIIA DENNING 5th Grade MRS. R. G. L. EDWARDS 8th Grade MRS, MARGARET FUQUAY 2nd Grade MRS. DOROTHY GLOVER Sth Grade MRS. MARY GRAHAM lst and 2nd Grades MRS. MARION PENLAND 4th Grade MRS. MARY PERRY 1st Grade MRS, E. R, PERRY 6th Grade MR. E. R. PERRY 6th Grade MR. CHARLES RAMBEAU 7th Grade MRS. IOSEPI-HNE ROBERTS 8th Grade MRS. MARY STEPI-IENSON 7th Grade MRS, AUDRY TALTON 1st Grade MRS. ZULA TUDOR 3rd Grade MRS, MARGARET UPCHURCH 6th Grade MRS. DOROTHY WELLS 3rd Grade EIGHTH GRADE D, ADAMS w. ADAMS w, ASHWORTH T, AVBRY B. BANKS R. BENNET G. BOWDEN L. BUTTS J. BYRD G. GURRIN S. GURRIN B. DAY G. DENNING F. DUNCAN V. DUNCAN C. DUPREE J. DU?REE R. DUPPLEE L. EARP D. FISH K. FISH S. FOWLBR L. GARDNER G. GILBERT M. HAMILTON L. HAMM G, HART G. HAYES M. HOLLAND G. HONEYGUTT F. HOWARD P. HUGHES W. IEFFERIES B. JOHNSON R , LAWRENCE fs 8 -5 ' X rf 5 , S., . I wk , . -SS f, Ts , Q - K X .. I 5- u '..,. L., 'P'- 1 . gf V . 'R X 4 I if 9 ' 5 1 iff Q if it -r - , .ML . 5 N , u I If X . N Ti" X - 'T V Q X 55. ' EIGHTH GRADE B. LEE T. MABRY F. MANGUM T. MANGUM B . MATTHEWS L, M, MATTHEWS L. MATTHEWS R, MATTHEWS R. MATTHEWS E. MCLEAN M. MCLEOD R. OWEN S. OWEN S. PARRISH D. PRINCE S, REAVIS T. RODERICK J. SLOAN J. SLOAN C, SMITH M, SMITH R, SMITH J. SPIVEY L, SPIVEY B. STEPHENS L. STONE E. SURLES S L, SURLES E. TILLEY M. WEAVER R, WHEELER L. WILLIAMS E, WIMBERLY O. YOUNG K. YOUNG Page 29 SEVENTH GRADE Page 30 AUSLEY BA RBOUR BARBOUR BARBOUR BARBOUR BARNES BL ALOCK BLALOCK BENNET CHAMPION CHAMPION CHANDLER CURRIN DORMAN DORM.A.N DUDLEY DUNCAN DUPREE ELLINGTON ENNIS FISH GILBERT G REGO RY HA LL HONEYCUTT HOBS ON HOBS ON . HOLLAND HOWARD HOWARD JACKSON JONES JORDAN MATTHEWS MATTHEWS MATTHEWS MATTHEWS MCLEAN MCLEOD MCLEOD MY ATT NUTT OGBURN OGBURN OWEN PRICE SMI TH STANLEY STANLEY STARLING STEPHENSON STEPHENSON STONE SILVERS TEASLEY TEASLEY WARREN WILBURN WILLIAMS WILKES . WRENN YOUNG 54 ISLAM 'wx K X M ,X XL xx A an I T . J W: i Q -'Q is Q-f, A . f l. k jx yf' - ' In I' V ' J 1 n X A N -5 I X 4' , Z' ' 9 tl Ru x A T W 3 .f-1'-11?-1" 131- 2 21 -, 1.' My ' A ' 'Y L4 -'M' llff 5 ll! 1 5 S Q ,X k I 3 I 2- I fE!."'l"' - , if A m '- .5 'X , . WVR -I ' ' V ',fv . if 5 n, 3 . ,T , -fd "EEE A, I , J' ,f J S. J .A -. A .J - ' ' 'T - in Q' -Z . . Xu. CAI , In - ' - 'Q L 'J E 5? V x f K K S JAM L., I B Ps 1 Tix KFIIMXI. J. ., J' Q T! ' wi -X .Mt T ...T T1 Nm da: "E I A in - Q I K , 1 I Qr"'I' Nav Pictured I 'if A X. X39fn'?. R 'll -f ,.'L 9 , J M Bbw' ,,.g f .fyfi A7 V X 11,1 xx Q , A . J , Y N R RR A . I In Lx A , ' .Y l . ' J Q' A is A ,S 3 U 'QA . '-3 f I 1 I 4' A , x- W. ,.--l 1 U Aw I A XS? A 3' A - . fit X ' A L A U X V ' 3 A' fi 1 N gf" .I ' '-"J--' QR 'S S .. r Q ' . Q' 'Q A 9 L I 5 . A K.. A 5 9 V' Q I A. ad. X .- ,V . ik. 1 Aix . , ,iv nf nf. L 1:4 . E, 1 I '1-I 7 I S S -.. A .5 11 4. 5 Lv y? 'R A A . L w, . fifjw ' , X . A " f A . e A - ' B 1 6- ' R f if " Yi 2- I " 3 , f 9 .S J Q U W' in y ., 5 . T' - . I- is .Q X' . 3 J ,Q i 5 -1 'i .I :xi xrs l ax.. 5 x' . ,, , Y. 2 'Q af, X fi,-. -1 F: yn . .J " Q xg." N J' ,H ' 'N .. , " -,3 1 7, 11211111 X I ' .abil : "' 5"""'-' I ' . M X , H' I 3, 01:13 SIXTH GRADE B. ADAMS B, ADAMS w. ADAMS w. ADAMS R. ARNOLD R. ASHIIY J, AUSLEY s, AUSLEY L. BAKER B. BARNES J. BARBOUR L. BARBOUR J. BLALOCK R. BIALOCK D. BULLOCK J. BYRD B. CAPPS M. CURRJIN w. L. GURREN D. DAY J. DENNENG E. DUNCAN P, DUPREE P. PERRELL B. GARDNER J, GARDNER L, GARDNER P. GARNER D. GREGORY M. GREGORY w. GREGORY L. HAIRE D. HALL R. HAWLEY s, HONEYCUTT P. JOHNSON K, JOHNSON S. JONES J, MABRY S. MABRY G. MANGUM G. MANGUM B. MATTHEWS D. MATTHEWS I. MATTHEWS K, MATTHEWS R. MOKINNEY S. MCLEAN I.. MOLDEN C. MOORE N. MOORE R. MOORE S, NORDON M. NORRIS R. NORRIS B. OWEN J. OWEN I. PAGE J, PAGE R, PARTIN C, PATE L. PATE S. PEED R. PLERCE I. PLEASANT I. PLEASANT M. PLEASANT M. PLEASANT S. POWELL D. PRICE G. PRICE E. SEAGROVES C. SMITH I. M. SMITH S. SMITH M, STANLEY D, STARLING B. STEPHENSON D. SURLES J, RAY D. ROBERTS P. ROBERTS T. TALTON C. TUDOR R. L. WALKER B. WATKINS I. WATIGNS B. I. WEIS F. WESTER A. WILLIAMS W. WILLIAMS H. WILSON M. WOODLEY M. YOUNG Page 31 FIFTH GRADE J. ADAMS J. ADAMS M. ADAMS s. ADAMS S. ADAMS W. ADAMS C. ALTMAN G. ALTMAN J. AUSTIN L. AVERY D. BANKS J. BARBOUP. L. BLALOCK D. BROADWELL L. BROADWELL M. BROWN D. BUTTS K. BUTTS G. BYRD M. CAMPBELL T. CAMPBELL E. CAPPS M. CAPPS E. CHAMPION L. DOPXMAN B. DUPREE G. DUPREE J. DUPPLEE L. FISH J. GARDNER G. GILES W. GILES L. GILBERT M. GREER M. GREER C. GRAY G. HALL J. HOBSON C. HOLLAND C. HORTON B. HUGHES L. JACKSON L, JAMES B. JAMES B. JOHNSON R. JOHNSON T. IANGDON D. MANGUM J. MANGUM E. MATTHEWS R. MATTHEWS S. MCLEAN P. MCLEOD V. MCLEOD C. MILLER L. MILLS A. MOORE L. MOOPLE L. NUTT B. OGBUILN P. OGBUILN B. PARBISH D. PAPIRISH v. PRICE B. BAMBEAU L. SAULS P.. SEAGBOVES D. SMITH J. SMITH L. SMITH R. SMITH L. STANCIL P. STEPHENSON B. STEPHENSON S. STEPHENSON V. STEPHENSON B. STONE W. TEASLEY J. WEST J. WESTER L. WILBURN C. WILLIAMS J. WILLIAMS R. WILLIAMS L. WILLIFORD J. WILKES L. YOUNG Page 32 'P' A I I 1 I if , nf-'fw'l, E5 .1 ,Qi wi " N' Y X""I4 :Q , I I. 5. Ch .5 I '2 J fy 4 -v " I I .LI Q II ww If - I I TNQ! ! g fx J I ' ' x A A l.,,x, ., jfI,,y ., .Q T I I if y 5 1 on A-EA I S B. N. T4 V'-.B 6' 1 E ,lx GJ TILL? IPA ,'1'.IIAfA1' J' II 6 B , , Q . ik- ' .fi gb Y", IIE. ,II IN I W I KN III j A ml Y 4, I I It I I I I . I I J 6' I f A w' A , :B 5 M A r - .. .L its - Cl' A - ' ..-L. ' I IS- ., , ,A - ' - - V' "'7. Q - A PM ' A I IIIISIA . . ' ' f A II ., , L K. It 3 I . I I' "SPY," 1. 'III III IIIISEI 7- ' A ' I II LII X f I I 13, I V I 1 s. ' A , I 1-. I -II 4, .. 1-I W 'sy ,, LN A .W 'I B Q, 'J -5 . J X I: . Ir, ,.:, I , '1' , - Q ' 'PI W- ' .M .'I""N 71:15 Wiliz' I.. II IAHEIIIIIII L-I' I ,, .I IS FI-If .rf 3 ef A A 'I I -Y I I VQH' I , 7.5, il: fiyg llx fgi X I.. hx-Q I. 'kjfti , , .1 - is I I tb , ,I 4 Y . Q79 ' . 154 I , A I! ' A .I S I I T NI I I I A I1 . f I 1 71, I' I ff 3. 2 Q 1 K' . 'L I 'I' -IJ y .A 'A -E - I A I N. I IIA? I I I I I I 'P 'IIE I Hn.: . x , .I . ,,,... , CIIII QCJIXII' ' I ,'v A 2,-I. :.f AFL .- . 4.1. A givin' . ,. .I I I-3' J FOURTH GRADE , ADAMS , ADAMS . ADAMS ADAMS 21.BAKER .BLALOCK .mALocK . BOWLING . BROWN . BRYNELDSON . BULLOCK BYRD , CAPPS , CURRIN DEAL DUPREE ENNIS . FERRELL GARNER . GILBERT GRAY , GRAY GREGORY . GREGORY . HAYES HOLLAND HONEYCUTT HORT ON . HOWARD . HOWARD . HOWARD JACKSON 1ANms .IOH SON JORDON J.LEE . MANGUM . MATTHEWS . MATTHEWS . MCLEOD . MCGEE MILLS MAULDIN MYATT . PATE . PRICE . PRICE . PRINCE . SMITH SMITH SMITH SPIVEY . STANC IL . STANLEY ST EPHEN S ON . TAYLOR THOMPSON . TUDOR UPCHURCH WEST WICKER W ILLIAMS WILKINS WOMACK WOOD WOOD . X 5 'Q- Xv. 4 xx 9 T I f., 5 X i X 1 4 lf 4- :,,- , ,' -1.1 X ax -- s- Y Lis S Nil x 1 c i , J M ., -Q53 , gh, rw' 1' N 4 igf, , f.. U! iwifinwfs 5 fb r ,- .4-1, V .ii-" 4 lb 5 1, he. ' Q me-. - 'A il Ah. ?'?1 Q H Hb ?"" N 1- X I ',. 5 xx: o I X nliig. lMVV'q1LA THIRD GRADE Page 34 R. ADAMS , AUSTIN BAKER BARBOUR BEAL BLALOCK M. BOWLING BROADWELL BULLOC K BULLOC K CAPPS CHANDLER . COATS COLLINS , CURRIN DAY DENNING DORMAN DUNCAN DUPREE , ENNIS FERRELL GARDNER GILBERT GILES HAIRE , HALL HALL HAMILTON HAIVIILTON HARPER HOLLAND HONEYCUTT JOHN SON LOCKAMY MATTHEWS MATTHEWS MATTHEWS C. M, MATTHEWS MATTHEWS MCLEAN MILLS NORDAN NORRIS PLEASANT PLEASANT PLEASANT PRICE RANLBEAU ROBERTS SMITH SMITH I SMITH STANCIL , STEPI-LENS WAT KINS WIGGINS WILBURN WILKES WILLIAMS WILLIFORD WILSON WOODALL YOUN G Q. in is 4. A I I. xi, M . If I 5 ' IE WT A' 5, 5' A pw ,- I I ' e , L Ky .I 'L I , Qi X .,.. , L A .5 if I A Ox 5 I N'-wg, ggggh I7 1- I 1 I sy 'X Q. 6- ' K Q .274 nl G XI I -sa "A fs .AI C I ,fx x-I LINEN IT II I I , is -an A .' ' 9. 1 if I X .fx 6" X If ' -f ON r f F ' I I ' I L I . I SY I -- I ' 1 1, , I, . -4 I - , ' 4. YN ,X ?'X I 'f' 175 .I U ,A 'QI 'f 'fifhzsff--TTI' . I ,K Nj-1 Ig ga A P I' QI "N, Xkvbx? In , III I II M W e g I 926. 0.7 X ' , 4 X h. - 4 9. Q W on -4 " 0 ,. ff ' 1 99 ' vb ,A ' . 4?-J Q, -. f ' . in ig' nh . . ,X X, 1 f WX f. ,I G V f A2 xi 'f X . X K1 5, Q.. Y Y xx. XJ V .0.kib"Qlgl , I . I. 1' YV I K L I I Hg f1'l QIIIQIIIIA. I , -J I ' L ' I W 6 J 'A L u. 5 " l 'P 3 I l .X -- 4 in I ., " 3 ' 5 L - 5 3' S tl xg if . 'ln V xg ' J . L . ' I ' fs P V ' 3- J . j .f ,L ,TIL g ix If 11 wx. J, u K , ' o . ny. "T ! . Aff, z ' J 1 -,f k 1. ' af ,-wk SP5 ' H L ' 4 7 -V if A 4 A I . ,4 , 'X 5... ' " 3 S-M3 I XXXXJJMJA tg gi A ff 'J'- P Liitufff 4- 3' fm' ,J I " 'R 'K 'A' ! , 'dim 3 ' Q I 9 - .J r- ,I 'Y " .M . X LG .Mg Q. R , 55-f. ' fl' W ' ' V--ff' 'N ? ' I , P h A V ' j R ' , . -' If V . ' , I 7, ' ' '. -.31 p "X, - ', I ' ' .AVS-'+ 1I"44:.,' -4' rl I S ,J V' V f-'Pl , A . fu -'N An il A 1 -J 5 'wma :Asia Q A L V ' I 6,4 t X I 'L ., -A i' 1 W ' . A I I' I .L 1. , ' EI I ' Q J xl XA I5i1:' 2' I A A Quiiix ig R T? JW. Ax z XXIXJCX . . K X XV a ev I I 'Q bu. ' .i is . ,. 3 P ibm 'Win f us., , P' -'s - 4 ' A ff-A wr .J A I . S . . E, ,' Mt A I . JJ B ' If III .J X I -s Y 1 J ,an .'4 C . X pw nv G.: 4 H f AA' 'f a Q. EAQQJQID GRADE T. ADAMS D. BAKER R, BAKER B, BUTTS P. BULLOCK P. CAMPBELL P. CAMPBELL J. COLLINS P. COLLIER D, DAY W. DENNING J. DUPREE K. EASON W. EASON D. FULCHER J. GARDNER L. GARDNER P. GEORGIA J. GILES L. HARPER S. HOBSON B. HOLLAND R. HOLLAND E. HORTON K. HOWARD B. JACKSON J. JONES J. JONES L. JONES P. JOHNSON R. JOHNSON T. JOHNSON L, LAWRENCE S. LIPSCOMIB D. MANGUM S. MANGUM B. MATTHEWS D. MATTHEWS P. MOLDEN B. MOORE J. NORRIS P. NORRIS K. OGBURN A. PARRISH J. PARTIN J. PARTIN B. PRICE J. PRICE M. PRICE E. POWELL L. POLLARD P. STANLEY B. STARLING E. SMITH M. SMITH P. SMITH S. SMITH P. STEPHENSON M. STEPI-IBXISON M. TERRY L. THOMPSON D. UPCHURCH J. WALTERS R. WEGNER J. WEST D. WESTER J. -WILLIAMS G. WILLIAMS K. WILLIAMS D. WILLIFORD Page 35 v--....m,..,:,:,,--, ---- .EMY H ....-.:,1,,,.Eug-f...... ,.. ...... :ugh , ,,,, , , FIRST GRADE ADAMS AUSTIN BAKER BA RBOUR BROADWELL , BU RCI-I BUTT S COATS CURRIN DUPREE DUPREE DUPREE EASON , EASON FISH FULNIER GARNER GARDNER GILBERT . GILES GILL GILLMAN GREGORY GRINER HALL I-IAWLEY HIGGINS HUGHES JACKSON JOHNSON JUNKINS KEITH LEE MARLEY MATTHEWS MAT THEWS MCLEOD MOORE NORDON NUTT PARRISH PA RRISH PARTIN PRICE RAMBEAU REARDON S LOAN SMITH SMITH SMITH STEPHENSON STEPI-IENSON STEPHENSON TAYLOR TERRY TUDOR WEGNER WILKINS WILKINS WILS ON WOOD YOUNG Ei M if ' xx. 5 'EXE 5 'D 'fu' XX - I lx TI , 1 Q 1 , P . I . 1 N :J Z 2 I 'ix ii--W4 I I LEQTTQ I I .l ly I , 'V ,T X, lm ' ,I A 1 I I X gp f1,N faT'Tff:sTT vu I. In 'I I 1 W ' I' ' ix 1- . ,R A A 'S' .I K 'I gg? if f i up .1 " 'S ' Ii. Q-5 If 4 A Ni J 1 ff ki. ' - . I I 31 I ' . f ' I . , .fn ,W W xv '-'-T YT' .' 1 lx V'w?mwMEAT,' wmN7Wwf3 QEVNIWT KX . I f S n . L Kfs1rf4!,'fWL T I H - . .E If ' lil n 'E 3 Jn . its DI I I + "T tl ' 'D' T Q, jgjv A ,Y W? 5 I' if ... , -, f . - ' T, inn , wx wi E-T CA M- 1 'IX lf-J qv. me I .. -lu Tx 3 ' ' 'l L K I .1 I kj NIDIIIA 'W 4 ' Hwiff ag EI I 6-A I 115 ,, cv af " ,,.f' - lp. A f, I 5. . ' I V if T ' r ,fgfxi 'L qi. ,Psy . vu A In Ng wh: , j x 1 K ll X., W 'N S i . , . - unr- T545N? fx . 'fwffiif I , , L ,3.. I , N.. , . . ,, . , 4 I - . 55 HM: --un..,,, fm.-. . 05911 ., I, ,ff :,.V ,mga . K, . a ,...m. 3 f Z? M 5 X' 1. 1 , ' f ' M ,Z I," wise:-1 A- Q1 I 511 fgwiw f pz HQ, ff ' v I "wif , wwf 45- f , fffff 4 ,ai-5 2' I 'Mx2'f1 1 i Wfw fwvi . fs" ' 3, I ,, I ' f' L ' mgif ff! 'I' aff f as-"I -2 V 'L , y ,if ff: I, 7 ,v , gf, 2 'af 31 5- ' , fm, Y, jf ,L af: 5- ? IM ffl 'Iii-1 " ' 'ag A "J , , f A ' M' MQW W ,Z ,fy 0. 14 ,,, Q, ,5 Hwy I I I ACTIVITIES X3 C00 l U 'f.f'T'W .' ' HH , Bw' X is mar'-fy of Q '7l1ff1,- ' fr .Cp 'f .1 9. Left to Right: LeVonda Stephenson, President, Billy W illiams, Vice-President, Hilda Tart, Secretary, Buddy Byrd, Treasurer, Mr. Charles McGee, Adviser. 'F' " . , , , ...Ei V 7 - '?. V - . -I ' I JY, -,.. First Row, Left to Right: H. Tart, B. Williams, L. Stephenson, B. By-rd. Second Row: I. johnson, H. Woodall, L. Gardner, J. Altman, P. Nordan, W. Adams, B. Blalock, S. Currin, F. Owen, M. James. C 6 18 Q F. MATTHEWS, Treas. ' Qfil Y . Lf . 1' V 5- 5 '. B. Wood K Miss Pansie f ' -' ' Advi V X , . an 1 s. V 91' 1 -A ' J. Hockaday 'Y ' x B. wiuiams I 1 Sa' x . 5 regory , 'T . x N D. Denning N . ' . asrwood , A. Iolmson n.. AA Hil- , 5 , . W1gg1ns L. Butts I'- IT' 4, gf: 3 E P V E , ' x -G. I. Blalock o '35 5 U' S 2 1 Q v Q. 5 CHARACTWEE First Row, Left to Right: Mr. joe Downing fSponsorj, M. Mangum, T. Dupree, J. Smith, L. Hayes, H. johnson, L. Surles, I. Gregory, G. Gregory, S. Wilson, P. Nordan. Second Row: J. Walters, K. Dupree, H. Woodall, W. Wilkerson, M. Hughes, B. Blalock, B. Hockaday, B. Adams, T. Stephenson. ThirdRoW: R. Weaver, L. Gregory, B. Surles, B. Dorman, L. Mangum, I. Mangum, B. Wimberly, L. Day, R. Stephenson, I. Duncan. Fourth Row: B. Roberts, W. Gardner, I. Bowden, O. Collins, R. Topps, I. Ray, , G. Pleasant, I. Gregory, D. Hocka lay, W. Nutt. Fifth Row: M. Price, I. Giles, S. Owen, I. Mclean. 'U' "., . MR. JOE DOWNING HAROLD WOODALL MAURICE MANGUM KENNETH DUPREE Chapter Adviser Sentinel President Vice -President JIMMY WALTERS P296 40 Secretary JIMMY GREGORY Tre asure r iiiff BOBBY HOCKADAY Re porter FUTURE HOMEMAKERS OF AMERICA First Row, Left to Right: Mrs. Mary Atkins, Advisor, S, Weaver, Treasurer, A. Adams, Song Leade r, L. Arnold, Secretary, D. Wood, President, I. Fish, Vice-President, I. Ennis, Historian, G. Dupree, Parliamentarian, I. Wheeler, Reporter. Second Row: D. Dean, P. Goss, P. Coats, D. Dupree, A. Partin, W, Adams, G. Stephenson, F. Matthews, S. Collins, M. Smith, L. Collins, I. Coats. Third Row: O. Matthews, F. Matthews, J. Surles, N. Johnson, P. Hayes, J. Peed, I-I. Tart, D. Mangum, G. Adams, I. Upchurch. Fourth Row: B.Wiggins, B. Johnson, A. Smith, J. Page, I. Denning, J. Adams, B. Earp, B. Langdon. Fifth Row: I. Johnson, A. Stephenson, I. Upchurch, G. Matthews. The FI-IA strives to promote a g r ow i n g appreciation of t h e joys an d satisfactions of homemaking, that is, to emphasize the importance of w o rt hy h om e membership, to encourage democracy in home and community life, and to wo r k for good home and family life for all. lnstulloilfm Initiation mem ber S Page 41 BUS DRIVERS Left to Right: M. Fowler, I. Smith, G. Sartin, R. Stancil, K. Dupree, T. Dupree, G. Gregory. SAFETY PATROL ""Y""' xxx ' . 4 1-J vw-,,1' R Q , ,My , .nr .1f3, ,.-'Nfl' I C ' U First Row, Left to Right: M. Price, L. Jackson, R. Hawley, W. Currin, M. Smith, F. Duncan, Second Row: E. Stephe11SOn, B. Myatt, D. Ellington, I. Stanley, C. Barbour. -i 'Yi 1 "The teacher is a build- er5 he works with the higher an d finer values of civilization. " First Row, Left to Right: I. West, N. Young QSecretaryj, M. James, G. Giles. Second Row: B. Langdon, A. Adams, S. Weaver fVice-Presidentj, F.Wil.kes, B. Stone, I. Denning, Mrs. Bertha Poulson fSponsorj. Third Row: I. Adams, D. Banks fPresidentj, S. Weaver, P. Johnson. Fourth Row: G. Adams, B. Earp, D. Dean, S. Myatt, F. Montague QTreasurerj, R. Ogburn QReporterj, S. Collins, L. Collins. X ,, . , IX B mm Front of Piano, Aroundto Right: D. Broadwell, P. I-Ioneycutt, C. Adams, T. London, K. Butts, D. Butts, I. Dupree, B. Lee, S. Stephenson, B. Ogburn, M.Woodley, F. Matthews, N. Moore, K. Matthews, D. Roberts, S. Ogburn, N. Silvers, L. Dorman, P. Coats, L. Haire, B. Dupree, L. Broadwell, W. Adams, G. Mangum, J. Ogburn. Page 43 I Officers P 1 R F g fi L. BUTTS JI. Y E F. WILKES T' L A 4 .1 1Z. LV K my Secretary Vice -President . if f ,1,', ,'W S' '- X P .P eAeeeA ,c e,e,. , A T . ' ee e L AAf eeee e ' A A Rjfgr' , G. RICHEY " ,gl J. YOUNG Tre asure r Pt" Historian 4 1' QPWA at ,I H, Future R. OGBURN l.. Re porte r Business Leaders of America I ., BUSINESS MISS RUTH JONES Adviser I installing new chaPter i A I Standing: Sue Stephenson. First Row, Left to Right: Miss jones, R. Ogburn, G. Richey, F. Wilkes, L. Butts. Second Row: I. West, J. Topps, P. Matthews, F. Matthews, M. Smith. Third Row: S. Weaver, D. Wood, J. Fish, W. Adams, G. Stephenson, I. Ennis. Fourth Row: P. Johnson, I. I-Iockaday, N. Young, L. Sauls. Fifth Row: N. Wiggins, B. Wood, F. Montague, I. Blalock, G. Adams, M. Parrish. Sixth Row: P. Eastwood, A. johnson, D. Banks, D. Denning, M. James. The purposes of the FBLA are to he lp students develop business leadership, strengthen the con- fidence of young men and women in themselves and their work, create more interest and Lmderstanding in the b us in e s s field, d e v e lo p character and practice thrift. Our projects for this ye ar have been to install a new FBIA Chapter in I-Iamett Co., to sell coffee at different school activ- ities, send delegates to the State Convention, and sponsor a Val- entine dance . DEPARTMENT M, .. L: 1' M . PA RRISI-I W' ADAMS Editor Yocker Assistant Editor X J HOCKADAY N WIGGINS 3 BLAESCK Typlsts ports ltor Press P MATTHEWS P EASTWOOD I FISH Asslstant Feature Edltor Feature Edltor G ADAMS ASS1St2Df Art Edltor Clrculatlon Managers J WEST F1rst Row, Left to Rlght S Weaver L Butts, M Mangum, D Dennlng, I Blalock, P Art Edltor Matthews Second Row F Montague, A Johnson, K Wllson, J West, P Eastwood, M Parr1sh, R Ogburn Th1TdROW G Gregory, F W1lkes,N W1gg1ns, P johnson, S Stephenson, G Adams Fourth Row B Blalock, D Banks L Adams ,,,,,.,,,..,....-.---f-w- AN-SCO HI LITES Agam tl'1lS year An Sco H1 L1tes" has been a week ly publ1cat1on un de r the sponso1sh1p of the second year typmg class We have covered all school act1v1 t1es 1n order that our parents and the cltrzens of the com mumty w1ll be brought closer to the school The students gamedexperlence 1n Wrltlng, typlng, Cuttlng stenclls and usmg var1ous Off1Ce machlnes Page 45 f - J la .xx C C. . . 0 B, IV Lift! .V Y , IQ. U! I O . . , s , . . ' O ' ' : . , . . . ' . - . : . . . ' - - - . 0 . I 1 Q o . 0 . I ' ' . . : . . , . - ,, 5 50. rr.., . 'V ., ' ' ll - 1 1 if ,L 2 ' 1 - , 1 W . 5' S . . H" ,,, . . I -- ATHLETIC CLUB er-'P' ww--J First Row, Left to Right: Mr. Tom Zachary, Adviser, M. Hughes, Vice-President, 1. Blalock, Treasurer, M. Parrish, Secretary, G. Gregory, President, Second Row: J. Adams, G. Adams, I. Partin, G. Sartin, R. Stancil, G. Stephenson, D. Barnes, Representatives. The Angier School Athletic Club is to prom ot e good sportsmanship, fair play, better school spirit and increase participation in sports. Social events are s po ns ore d from time to time by this club. This club assists the school adrninstration in carrying out the athletic program of Angier High School. 2 I Check those girls in the football uniforms! Winning float of the Homecoming Parade. K n HOMECCDMING QUEEN Q, T X, Q J J: W T, JEAN MATTHEWS wr ' 'M' ex' - i T ,' f . .. 1,V ' iii" me 1 si gg ' 1 A f A A , 1 xvy?-A H 'fx A f T it-f ' A j gk T Xl Rs E -1 2' LX, A N ,N 1 N' wb FQJOYCE DUPREE A X 5 ' A Drum Major ' ' X- Q 4 PAYE MATTHEWS E f A 4 Chief y A A RUBY IEAN GILBERT AND AND MAJCSRETTES df' First Row, Left to Right: M. Stanley, B. Dupree, I. Partin, R. Hall, D. Dupree, B. Byrd, B. Williams, B. Watkins, B Lee, R. Ashley, Mrs. Joyce Brown fBand Directory. Second Row: S. Wicker, F. Duncan, I. Ogbum, F. Howard, B P. Hughes, K. Fish, A. Card, H. Woodall, R. Owen, R. Owen, J. Matthews. Fourth Row: M. Currin, D. Stephens, F T A E ,,,, , GLENDA cURR1N P Nordon M McGee, A Brown X f Y W ACF' is V GINGER GUY JUDY FISH A MYRTLE SMITH ' gs, , 2,101 f "4 gl' inf" Gregory, D. Fish, R. Matthews, S. Adams, J. Broadwell, F. Mangum, B. jackson. Third Row: J. Adams, M. McLeod, ,-:jf ., A - , . Q o F31-K ! , A. W ' AW ,Am 5 1 w , I A fe- QEE-" S .M ' -'A 35" hs' 6.--1 I X Q? ug' I kk so - ,A YQ E' -f flgui' A n . F . XXX, V, - ,,,- ' ,, ., g . 5 4. Q NX V ! ' ' A X A X X 1 A ik A -5.5. gold, bu H our hands T CZ. FEATURES 1959 . .. BEST ALL AROUND Barbara Blalock Howard Taylor MOST POPULAR Linda Adams Page 50 Jerry Hockaday CUTEST Linda Butts Bill Blalock BEST ALL AROUND Understanding, cheerful and gay the clock roundg they're the best that can be found. CUTEST A quick smile for they're so cuteg at a glance, you can see they're saving their loot! MOST POPULAR "True popularity is not the popularity which is follow- ed after, but the popularity which follows after. " l N N W 44 SUPERLATIVES WITTIES T saw "Wit is the salt of conversation, not the food." BEST LOOKING "The shortest and surest way to live with honor in the world, is to be in reality what we would appear to be . " MOST LIKELY TO SUCCEED "The surest Way not to fail is to determine to succeed." WITTIEST Rachel Ogbum Larry Surles .6 ,, ' ss . N N '. . .. 'L ' BESTILOOKING MosT LIKELY TO SUCCEED M9-me Parrish LeVonda Stephenson .lem'Y Hockadal' Howard Taylor Page 51 n-ws-ns-zgwv.zzl1.,.mwammnmsslenN:-c.u.fmunfm, rl- '-'- '1 we ,www -1 1 H- flake- l959c BEST DRESSED Gail Adaxns Maurice Mangum MOST STUDIOUS Nancy Wiggins Page 52 Ray Topps N i 1 FRIENDLIEST Judy Topps Hugh Duncan BEST DRESSED "The body is the shell of the soul, and dress the husk of that shell5 but the husk often tells what the kernel is." F RIEND LIEST l "The only way to have a friend is to be one. " MOST STUDIOUS Hlmpatience of study is the mental disease of the present generation." 1 l 1 1 1 1 ISUPERLATIVES if MOST DEPENDABLE To call on them is no risk, for doing their part they seldom miss. NEATEST f Clothes straight, hair in placeg they're hard to beat, for a neat appearance they always keep. BEST SPORTS Mischievous andgay, they're two of asort, yet they're the best to be found in any port. MOST DEPENDABLE Shirley Weaver Howard Taylor lug ff! ., ., .. NEATEST BEST SPORTS Ann l0h1150T1 Rachel Ogburn Howard TaY10T Lewis Hayes P9-96 53 .'?h",'1g' , 2 1 inn' if M 1 1959 SUPERLATIVES ,.......A BEST PERSONALITY Peggy Eastwood Howard Taylor MOST ATHLETIC Donna Denning Page 54 jerry I-Iockaday MOST ORIGINAL Sue Stephenson Frank Woodley BEST PERSONA LITY "Good personality is the very spice of life, that 1 gives it all its flavor." MOST ORIGINAL "One of the best uses of originality is, to do common things in an uncommon way. MOST ATHLETIC "Although people are accused of not knowing their own weakness, yet pe rhaps a few know their own strength. " I I 4 is. 1-wr f. ' YQ The world almos topped turning that warm, pretty autumn day in 1947 when a large group of dressed-up cry babies - tered the first grade 1. Some couldn't think of letting Mama out of their sight., Without having aj' conception of what our school life was to be, we sailed through grammar school. . We will never et our fourth grade, because it was then that our class went to WCKB in Dunn and gave a program L , ut some of the t gs we had learned in social studies. Howard Taylor was president of our class, Stuart Gardner, Vice- Pr fdent, and Do Denning- was secmretary. With the help of our teachers, Miss Ruth Langdon and Mrs. Zula Tudor, we wo ' 4 trip to Ch M3 Night Program. , . the eig gvgg de we were prepared for the ninth gftiifleibiyalflgs. Evelyn johnson and Mrs. Sadie Byrd. Although the prep tion ot include slipping to Parker's Store, as former students hacfdb'ne,i111anyf0f us ,did just that. , sf ling V ong in the Gulf Stream, the first years of our school life were s udde nly covered withithe foaming Waves. Our ei 't years of s ai lin g had been successful and had provided a background for the knowledge that we were to gain as Y ., S ' 1 4. ff 1 ' L I high sc ol students. On V. ay 28, the earl .fall to 1955, we docked our ship for three months which seemed more like three days. We lifted our aneihors in soon discover we had already acquired the traditional nickname, "Green Freshmen." You ould probably have classed us as being headaches to our teachers, but we tried to be a very promising group, and we acco lished it with the help and guidance of Mr. Thomas Zachary and Mrs. Martha Mincey. 1 After nother three-month vacation, we continued our educational voy ag e by entering the Sophomore clags. Under the guidan 1- of Mrs. Pearle McCall and Mr. Jesse R. Rhue, we lived down our nickname, "Wise Fools, " as best we could. How uld we e ve r forget those surgeries we performed on the frogs, earthworms and cray fish? Mrs. McCill helped us to be a ,ccessful group in that biology course. f With p :,' Q, cil the influencg of CLASS HISTORY and paper serving as a compass we were directed to our third year in high school-our junior year. Under Mr. Charles McGee fcould you be at that, and Mr. Banks, we be g an to see the importance of attaining our goal-toflmake our lives fuller and more worthwhile. Mr. Cyrus Griffin was also one of our sponsors that yeair. With Hograr d Taylor again as President, Stuart Gardner, Vice-President, Ann johnson, Secretary, and Frank Woodley, Treasurer, wdgfound our spirits much higher. T To raisesfxoney that year we h ad many different projects: sponsoring dances, giving a variety show, sponsoring a barbecue supgr Jointly with the Seniors, and picking cotton. The junii'-Senior Banquet, which had been one of our greatly anticipated prog r ams for the year, was given to the Seniors on Map, 9, 1958. Our theme, "Re nde zvous With the Stars, " was a thrilling success. We enjoyed decorating the lunchroom for he banquet almost as much as we did the banquet itself. gf All too s , strive for highf Did some last. Officers 1 Treasurer, wer" The first r mascots In the Our aims, azine campaign The Junior Then cam denly discover We thank As we ex us the right r As the t1 take wit the S , the title, "juniors, " was aging. We sailed on wellsatisfied with our accomplishments, but stifll eager to goals in our final year at Angier High. I I, e say Seniors? Yes, it was true, we had a chie ve d our title and were on our way to reaching iour goal at ward Taylor, President, Peggy Eastwood, Vice -President, Ann I o hns on, Secretary, and Donna Denning, elected. l big event of the year was the re ceiving of our class rings, which hada beautiful green stone withthe Y mal tally, Rhonda Howard and Stuart Barbour were selected to be our mascots for 1958 59 eams and hopes were quite high, therefore, we got down to work' We were fairly successful in our mag e sponsored dances and gave a class play, Headin' For The Hills n1or Banquet was once again prepared, but it was done by the juniors this time in our honor We really he parting cry when we walked down the aisle in our caps and gowns, never to turn back again We sud that we were in a wave rushing ocean of life u Miss Jones and Mrs Poulson, for being so patient and understanding with us me our four historical years, we wish to thank you, the faculty of each year and our parents, for showing to better education, and for making it more meaningful as we look to the future that stretches before us swee out anew, so well we know that our life 1SJ'l1St beginning As we go out sailing once more, we will memorie S 93 1. -. ,, 3 we have gathered at the Halls, of Learmng of Angier!-ligh School f FAYE WILKES Class Historian . . .. . 1 1 - '3i" rg,5' yd.-s. lv ' usual school de n. Then we made the first of the man decisions that we were to rn ake as Seniors-the selection of our enjoyed being ved with such friendly hospitality. Ii., . . . . , V hlbp E . . . . . . . . 7 . - . " A' l" ' ' -' gg ,b . - , - , . I :Qi d- an , N ,. jd... LAST WILL AND TESTAMENT State of North Carolina County of Harnett Town of Angier Angier High School We, the graduating class of nineteen hundred and fifty-nine, being ofsound mind and dull memory, do hereby declare this our last will and testament. thereby re voking all previous wills and other statements concerning distribution of said items . Article Article Article Article Article Article Article Article SECTION 1 To our parents we leave our appreciation and their empty pocketbooks to remind them of our high schooldays. To our sponsors, Miss Ruth Jones and Mrs. Bertha Poulson, we leave our appreciation for their guidance through.- out the year and the peace of mind that can only be after we are gone. SECTION 2 To the faculty we leave nothing 5 for we gave all we had. To Mr. Banks we leave a bottle of aspirin for the headaches we have caused him. SECTION 3 To the Junior Class we leave the title of "Seniors" and hope they will live up to it. To the Sophomore Class we leave a bottle of air refresher to remove the smell of biology. To the Freshman Class we leave our ability to finish high school in four years if they study as hard as we did. SECTION 4 We, the individual members of the Senior Class of '59 leave the following: GAIL ADAMS leaves her cheering ability to Judy Coats and hopes she will use it. LINDA ADAMS leaves her quiet and timid ways to Gail Giles. DIANNE BANKS leaves her nickname, "Speedy, " to anyone who can live up to it. BARBARA BIALOCK leaves her cooking ability to Miss Jones. BILL BLALOCK leaves all his weight to Jerry Partin. JANICE BLALOCK wills her basketball suit to Jerry Sue Adams. LINDA BUTTS leaves her naturally curly hair to Nancy Young. ORBIE COLLINS leaves his ability to go to school and pass to Joyce Parrish. DONNA DENNING leaves her "quiet, ladylike" ways to Doan Wood in hopes that she will use them. BOBBY JOE DORMAN leaves his '52 Ford to anyone who can afford it. HUGH DUNCAN leaves his pepper patch to anyone who needs an FFA project. KENNETH DUPREE leaves everything but himself. PEGGY EASTWOOD leaves her Beta Club pin to James Spence. SUE GAIL GASKINS leaves her height to Judy Surles. BILLY RAY GRAY leaves everything but his diploma. GRADY GREGORY leaves everything but his diploma and Doan. LEWIS I-LAYES leaves his physique to Winton Adams. JERRY I-IOCKADAY wills his ability to skip school to Jerry Altman. MARY LOIS JAMES and GORDON SAR'I'IN leave to go to South Carolina for an unknown reason. ANN JOHNSON leaves her writing ability to Robert Stancil. HUEY JOHNSON leaves everything but Janice and his diploma. PAT JOHNSON leaves her loud talk to Miss Jones in hopes that someday she will tal.k herself into marriage. MAURICE MANGUM leaves his ability to get along with girls to his brother, Larry. PAT MASSENGILL leaves school to continue her marriage. PEARL MATTHEWS wills her ability to get along with girls to her brother, Robert. FRANCES MONTAGUE leaves her ability to drive around the corner on one wheel-the steering wheel-to Jimmy Matthews. SUE MYATT leaves her ability to stay out of trouble to Ruth Hedgepeth. RACHEL OGBURN leaves her mischievous ways to Jerry Altman, hoping that he gains fame. MARIE PARRISH leaves-to learn how to farm. l.EVONDA STEPHENSON leaves to Robert McLean a pack of Juicy Fruit chewing gum for all the gum he has given her. SUE STEPHENSON wills her ability to make a short story long to Joan Young. LARRY SURl.ES leaves his ability to pass biology in three years to Lynwood Dupree. HOWARD TAYLOR leaves Linda, but not to the other boys. JUDY TOPPS leaves to continue her education by getting an MRS. degree. RAY TOPPS leaves ole A. H. S. but not Judy. JIMIMY WALTERS wills his ability to do bookkeeping to anyone who doesn't take itg that way he won't need it. SHIRLEY WEAVER is leaving to join her husband in the Air Force. JACKY WEST wills her ability to make good grades to her brother, Joe. NANCY WIGGINS leaves her ability to get to class on time to her sister, Brenda. WILEY WILKERSON wills his football suit to William Nutt. FAYE WILKES leaves her adaptable voice to anyone who can adjust it as well as she can. CWho dat?J KEMP WILSON leaves his friendlyways and ability to get along with people fincluding girlsj to his brother, Steve, and hopes that he will use them. BILL WIMBERLY leaves his name, William Green, to anyone who wants it. I, FRANK WOODLEY, leave my ability to grow a goatee to anyone who has a beard. In witness thereof, we, the Senior Class, do hereunto set our hands and seal, this first day of June inthe year nlnlhcn hundred and fifty-nine. FRANK WOODLEY Testator CLASS PROPHECY TIME: 1969 PLACE: Moon As I stand here on the Moon and gaze back at the Earth I realize how true.the saying was that the Senior Class of '59 was really out of this world. Ten years later, when the government asked for volunteers for an experimental moon expe- dition, our class met and agreed to go. I have just arrived, but I see that many of my classmates are a lre ady here and settled down. The first one I see is HOWARD TAYLOR, as he comes closer, I see he is we aring a pin that reads "Vote for Taylor." He tells me he is busy trying to defeat FAYE WILKES as president of the Moon Empire. F aye wishes to make history as being the first woman president. Howard said he and Faye aren't the only two politicians in our class since RACHEL OGBURN is busy campaigning to defeat LEWIS HAYES as mayor of Beamgier, the firstjcityestablished on the Moon. However, I don't think the election is going too well since both Rachel and Lewis have 4f'i beenkaccused ofdusiiigfill,ega1 campaign methods. Some say that Rachel gives freelmoonffsh to the voters since Vshetbwnshthe biggest moonfish pond around Beamgier. Others claim that Lewis lets the voters play pool free in Hayes Bialfilard Helly-'liodeated on Stardust Avenue in Beamgier. Now I see BILLY RAY GRA,Y'and BILLYWWHQEBERLY shoveling dirt into a bi1eket,,,,BilIy,tells me that since he and Billy Ray are farmers, they plan tgottest the soil. GORDON SARTIN, ,teacher at Anglow High School, helps them with the ir I see- SUE MYATT busy ta kin 9 notes. She? ,give an interesting report to her biology class at ,Sue is DIANNE BANKS, homeeconomics Ihear Dianne is trying to follow in her father's.,,foQh35QQi3eps,,g11.fiitl becomefprincipal of the first school established on the f Wow! That pretty low, as lands I see my classm at e, getting out. He has become a famous,5'pp,iQisS'roCQlgHriver, he racesfon the Milky Way twice weekly. 'Withij,fg a me.. chanic, who kee f conditiQnL He is proprietor of the only drive-in garage Uh-oh, behind jerry I see air and ORBIE COLLINS, gettingsyout of their is going to have to do out of thisfipredicament. Now Isee an ambulance has GREGORY driving it. I here in case Je rry didn't make a safe landing. Sitting GAIL ADAMS, assistant niirse. , ,Qld 'J Q V, 3. f,' ,jfs 'fp FTQPPS, hefstops to tell me about the reports of the development, 'of the Moon he plans to l1le-,5Egg59E- , Two more of my C lassm ate s, MARY LOIS JAMES, 'lffneytwrite advice to the purple people. on how to savie the purple "'. ' Y- , ,. V. I People i - ,.v'V g As I b more of my classmates, I see bu i l dixf As I walk nearer, Ise Will You Find, For This Is Genuine comes out and I-Ie said this business waspsuch a 'su c c ess on the Moon. .SURLES are Huey's partne rs in the' apple me he is thinking of Bobby and Larry drink up most of the iprofit, ,,,, stand is a hot dog stan , and PAT MASSENGILL. I co okin g I , if S As I WILSON, a famous lawyer. in he Space Gaze Rest Home vs.. home, once a restaurant, gainedif ame as owning tables instead of dining the situation it has been o c at e d next to the recre ation and Pat did operate a re creatidpal d, but they gave if . Wiley's l awy e r, MAURICE ,the rock and roll music pl for the elderly men. LINDA BUTESEQ, gre at help to him in presenting As I seelgifnore of that many have gained fame DONNA DENNING and JANICE B1.A.LpcK are two women to Cross the Big Dipper-in at HUGH DUNCAN holds the world record for the long e st length of time. NANCY a famous Red Cross worker, who sgnds most offfier to the unfortunate moon inhabitants who lili off the steps while get.. ting out of the or fel? into a a pr om i s in g young author, tells me she plans to write Nancy's life FARRISH is a oiftistelevision personality, she is hostess on "The Rocketeers' Review, " a variety show whichfigitelecast back to Earth If h Here comes DUPREE5 he tellsime hiiffeels right at home in this high altitude since he is a space cadet. With Kenneth is FRATQIKQQWOODLEY, football coach atllvfloon State College. Frank tells me he is having difficulty in teaching the Moon inhabitants Qqlplay football since there is no gravity Q11 P139 M99?Uii.W11en the football is kicked, it drifts over the J 90a1P0St each time' n ifllflagff 'Fife' Q' ' Oh! I almost stu and as I ADAMS, and SUE GAIL GASKINS busy gathering rocks. Judy an FfiiilefthatitsjbarklnifasfibrightlyAas the ones they wore on the ir left hands as Seniors in me she plans to put the rocks on exhibit inthe Beamgier Mus e um. Linda and Sue Gail also work at the Muse um. Linda is in charge of the section which displays snakes and other reptiles while Sue Gail is in charge of the section which displays remains of Moon life hundreds of years ago. I see LeVONDA STEPHENSON and PEGGY EASTWOOD coming over now. They are chemistry teachers at Moon State College. I see LeVonda has her hand bandagee-1.up. She tells me she has a "do-it-yourself" chemistry set, but has come to the conclusion she should read the directions before using it. Who is this with the long sad face? Why, it's PEARL MATTHEWS. I asked her why she is so sad and she tells me she has heard of the man in the Moon a.nd is disappointed in not having seen him. You'd think she'd be pleased after working for the YMCA for the past ten years. Well, who were they? I mean those little g re en men with the antennas on their heads, I don't believe they were in our class! SUE STEPHENSON Class Prophetess God.. 1 v, X9 .C-, 1 Q PLEASANT 1 N Avis beg . 6 . r Klan 'bp . Y .gxl S" and W L21 on 44,6 IE 1? S0800 were 1., 71' S ac' L 91111-S ':v'1SJ'i- A much-needed break! ed Se will ' -211 Q' fi-jeb OF ANGIER 'L HIGH Care flll no St MQ, 1et's udents a have I1 cquire knowledge in our o explosions! new library , WY r if I 1 I X , il " pw, , Y 7+ T .-M , ,.,.Q ,M . , ,,.,.i....... , H, V , Q k U23 Left to Right: Mrs. Dupree, Mrs. Duncan, Mrs. Adams, Mrs. Blalock 7 Mrs. Blalock, Mrs. Burch. X J A 'av ,X p ,. Fannie-our custodian and friend. Page 60 vie-who keeps our high S chooi building ' warm and cle an for more enjoyable days. The agriculture boys tackle their projects. MARS HALS 1958 'Qian ee , iff Nancy Wiggms I 7 V if Y iw- 'Z1-Q , "' ,Y 'F X., 6 .Q vi, U, 'lily ., ,,X,.,94 sg -11v!07 , qw X, if y' f, XM W 121. "wh f I 56? WZAQZX T , in Donn LeVo a Dennin Chief mlyggy :- -sgmfixw . ,A ff' Wg. nda Stephenson 9 A Ann Johnson 1 Janice Blalock Eff ' - , Wm 1 ' 9 - 1 4 - , K . ? gh, ' .L F, l .f , , ' f -.. ' f SENIOR FIRST GRADE PICTURES G. Adams L. Adams D. Banks B. Blalock J. Blalock L. Butts O. Collins D . Denning P . Eastwood 4 4 i' .g ' , 'if V355 ,, XM- If ' ni . f"?5 , M , . ' I S. Gaskins G. Gregory L. Hayes I. Hockaday M. James A. Johnson P. Johnson Z 4 'Nos I. 1, 5' V Q ,f fly' ' 1: ,,.hV it fn -.L , Q N - , ' . " A '. f "'. "' .A ,Y X at f A if , J 5 Us I W9 X 11' I ' I 'Zig-II - 1' ' I I ' I I fa I 11, Y A gg , 4: We , my H. A sw' ' . . .-s. . f I 4 V. 'F . Isn. , .5 6 pi I N: gf! -ALL. I - I , L I Iii, .flu I S S .ff , I , 3' Q f IV' , , , . Q , ., F s.. ag- 44 N -'f. . ' dun- X- l 4 Q ' I E K A , , 1 ,446 , l , 'll ' ' '12, S' , j " - N 1 'Q ft f ' 7' I ,., ,fismf f bi . B' Mangum Montague . Parrish Blalock Sartin Stephenson Ste phe nson T aylor Topps Weaver Wiggins Wilkes Wilson Woodley Ogburn Matthews HALLOWEEN ROYALTY 2 Judy Topps f 7, 'x 3, ,Y , J , A 'T jerry Altman ' -,J Art Editor f ' fx J' 4 , I I H :Q "2 1' 5 X "' f.. M , . , v,.x- W an ' Q , ..x- 2 KL, 'yr Nm ' ' Www, ,,,' " ' 1.4-4 4' ' fy .V L,,1 f "v"'7"" NVQ- V g Photography Editor e 3 Sports Editor L f . .ff ,I f-Ai'Z"giff" 1 M , fs- . . ' V 1 ' ,Afzgf '-L 5?"',f+l"f .QQ jfffgfvfi ' ' , xp :ff Q ,Ll iq, In-K - -W-Q' 6.2 SPGNSGRS Miss Ruth jones Mr. Charles McGee Mrs. Leola Lassiter ,Xi Frances Montague ANNUAL STAFF Pat johnson Busmess Manager Judy Hockaday Ass1sta.nt Ed1tor -ax E H- .4945 553' Nancy Wlgg ms X Shirley Weaver Literary Editor Editor-In-Chief Melvln Hughes Sports Ed1tor jerry Hockaday C1rcu1at1on Manager S M., qpflir' I Q E .sv . I 'xxx QQ 3 I f 3 "Q 12--x i 08' 12, 1 4. -yi. Ill! SWG, 1' 15451 ixfixlg i ATHLETICS BULLDOGS With the coming of fall, the Angier High School football boys w e r e looking f o r w a 1' d to the coming season. It was Angier's se cond year in eleven-man ball. The se ason opened with a O-0 score against Fuquay. This was, inde e d, a m or al victory since Fuquay is a Double-A s choo l. Following one-sided victories o v e r C o a ts and Franklinton, Angier pre- pared themselves for the battle with Erwin, the win- ner of which would p r o b a b ly W i n the conference . Erwin proved to be too much 3 they handedthe Bulldogs their first defeat, 19-O. After a 7-7 thrille r with Clayton, Angier defeated Lillington and Benson. To close out t h e season, the Bu l l d o g s battled against Wakelon for the ir second defeat of the season. The season prove d to be successful as A n g i e r finished second in the Mid-Central Conference. The s e a s on was highlighted by the outstanding line play of G. Gregory, B. Williams, R. Stancil, W. Wilkerson, B. Gregory, F. Woodley, W. Adams, L. Surles, M. Hughes, J. Smith and A. McLeod, the quarterbacking of L. M ang um, and the passing ofj, Partin. The running of G. Sartin, K. Hamm, A, G. Card, andl. I-lockaday were vital in each game . The hustle, spirit, and fair play of the team were outstanding throughout the ye ar, and the boys who will be returning are looking forward to ne xt season with a great deal of optimism. ".. . 1 u w:'.i,'I'kl '. Left to Right: jerry Ho cl-caday, Captain, Mr T om Zachary Coach, Grady Gregory, Captain is 5. 'f , !"".V F F1"+ gig 9 'wi A- . , 3 L X I X , K 17 , f 2 if 1 T .J fi X f K ,. . ff .ge ,iff Tiff. Q5 .5 rf! i FWF' sf ii '!fs affix M Yillifff K f .A ff!! , kj ,. "' X 1 y gf. - A i- ' A V' K R! 51' I J E . U- ' 'M' A ' .-'MJ' 'R "J 5 K 5' 'lf 'wi i gxt ri, A I A K x Q X 4 3 tl Af I WM ' . Wg' Qu' . Q 'Y il T- T' an -up """ 32 A Y A ,Y ' ' ll' it ' . f 2 V I l A. tl fa i Q Q "1 . A , ' f f f , .f A 6 2 A lu s' Q p I ' ' E f is K 5 , E , of 2, 1 fr.. . n " ,'f,::.:3:"' gfef aftairgvj '5': ,4 ., , .fl :ii ', ., M A H ff Y! 'vfiirflr A ll' i?3f95'5'r'5 A Y- 'if q ' Y c T f A First Row, Left to Right: B. Gregory, M. Hughes, F.Woodley, G. Gregory. Second Row: R. Owen, Manager, B. Adams, A. Nordong S. Jackson. Third Row: Mr. T om Zachary, Coach, A. Page 66 Hamm, J. Smith. J. Hockaday, W.Wilkerson, H. Johnson, G Sartin, L Surles, G. Card, L. Mangum, R. Gwen, J. Spence B Wllllams, P McLeod, W. Adams, J. Matthews, J. Parting R Stancil K Angier Angier Angier Angier Ang ier Angier Angier Angier SC " Y?- 'o fr sg!! '-5 V! CRES Starting Line Up Lmemen, Left to R1ght A G Card, W Adams, B Gnego R. Stencil, W Wllkerson, B, G Gregory Bac1cE1e1d L Mangum BOYS' BASKETBALL 515125 Grady Gregory ww Seniors Bill Blalock Howard Taylo r Huey Johnson 1 I First Row Left to Right: Mr. Tom Zachary QCoachj, B. Byrd, G. Gregory, F. Owen, H. Taylor, A.G. Card, L. Surles, B 4. , , ' Williams, Lynwood Dupree, Huey Johnson, B. Blalock. Second Row: R. Owen QMzmagerj, R. Stephenson, H. Woodall, J Partin, B. Surles, J. Gregory, T. Stephenson, S. Wilson, S. Jackson. page 69 "L ' ,,..,-'V A 'x f , G V ...,,, .z , 5 ,ggi .A eg-fx . ' bg .Sz-W ' ' '35, "7 .fy 2 5 ,J . 3 3 Gail Richey f f 1 ,f if Iudv -. , 1 X 1 'SS ' A vw' f 1 . -A x ' rj 9 , f , 253 4 Donna Denning ,Q af J, 1 K fs'.4 'Nw L 1 "Ia v fwmn, GIRLS' BASKETBALL ff 1 'f 1.1, f ,,X ' 'fuzzy 'KV arf 1 , L .1- a,fff' my ve in -zQfrv.,',,1 , 1- .4 , V I . lr' f "fp 'su' 3 if it 1 1 Q fwf',..fH, 1 t'w,.f:'4'r,4fo,.. V. ef, f ',f. . " . ' li.1',.,A,v6,- F - . -. '.,f,.-' , ze if A L..'za 'Q . " c ,' ., rw. A L .i.-,f- A- ., ' 4'.Q!i' ' V . 7,1 7.5 1 , AH 4 rnfg, h .'f1.f. ,-f", fl,- e1':'.,5 0. .Fl . YL'4 . ,- 3-W -,y..v .e f+M'M"W"'w' -wo f M .W ,, A, . M f nw, , . A. .- --,'m,,... ,. ' -.',"'." L X-v'f UKA .-.. ,X-A M, I .QN , '.,' U.: x K.. NS' Etk, f p .gg Nfl , WEE, , ' ei gf 4 R f E X, b. -f s Vw. 'QI 173 . ,wa ,XM -v 1 3 , '5 g',a'gz,, 45. 'x, ez any filo 12,731 m, ng olh',: lo gnu - , f . in g. . ,gi X ,3 it 'f,:.wd x4.1v,,,.5 Zxxf fig' Q . i 4-, I ff' - 1 , v i 1 .HRX :Www H . A' u jV'Ls g . ,.3.5,f'.x.-. J, .'.1,x..gL.v N -N,, . ,, , 1 mf. st f of, V-f e x ' ' Q .- .,f4, V ,. r . . ' .V-. 'A .4 MAdamS" ' A' " f' Mvx, L of gm- K 3 -'x-A--. ,f,,"-'-"" Lam. i",-i,x,f x' ..,' ' N' """..f,,-' , J e - xefmvxs U-K "..'+- , L HN - "M -'f " '14 xv in vt s YQ W' u Q,H-, -'-M, ,fag x lwffe ,f,i'."-,. ..'.-'veg' YQ'-f + -1 X -' 1:4 ' xx.-KM-ee x,,."4x,e.'wk-x,, -. g. --,-ef,L,,",, 'Aww ,wufhdf ,k,-EK',,.,ais.y.Zkg'YxN..,w.x.,,-.s,,e. ,,,5,,xM,-M' .M .dvg ,.v,J,J.f Q -. 'lk'--KK QMNQA V-ti 'Y LeM-- . ,v..y ug ,M '-N,,,! ,,44s,d,,-Q Q.--ee N- N- , .ev . J f -v 1 ef .1 .wake'-..'lVe,,-pl'-w.'-v ,, '.',"'..' ',, ',,,,"V 4 fl --1 nlbvxknvxw-xMLX0.w, Ax..,es.", .. M w.m.",, 'N,,,--, ,'JJ".zfvy .51 f, p, .g ,v-s.x.' , ,, 'f -"M" A. ,vj ,-'..,JJ'Jv,6 K -'- KS- '1-uw. L." " '- ,4 ve, ,U -4 A W ., ... -' +. .J J , , V X .. LA .. , sk - gy-, H... ,,'.A,f -.,,d..,,J,. 'L .'.' W- vx .N-f "v..'-' V .1 ,'a 0. . n--., , -. - vw .M , ,J-,, ,',"..,,v -f ., . , 4,-,v', L ,mek-f x. 'u .,s. ef. Rachel Ogburn mm, ' xk ' K. w 2 -.Q -V J'-a,'..-V. 4. a,w-I ff: 44 , . s.,w5omx,su gx .I "'-.,j-vN,f'w.,Lvvx r '-.1 v1.42 . 4 ,, e ' :,. ,fuwh 'Q ., .4 , Y - ,yr-441 h , - ' "W, "-".,-f-I-:'JV-0. . -1 L. -v 5 I -- "" 4 -. , . H V vvwu, ' 1,-4,,Jv'1:'4..J -' ' A.. W , .. X- . , mah, " -" ' '12-5915.-gf-,:.: " ' X 1 wi... ,e"f'.. ef, Q vvv '-.L"x-vw' x-- .Ae :vo -' ..V,,,, u f.. .4 qv -'fa av 4.1 1 usa M 94 N. 6 W , Q, n " s. 'U " ' J' 'of K. L - Q.. L' 4 x L u s ., 4 , Q 5 s, of 4 , e X. ,, v L, L. N- HW- '., -",, L. -' an .M V-Q-- :fu 5, nudge., v , x .., N' . ' "-f v .. , . 2- .. 4 J ex-4 ,",,vvvh""".."',...w"" " -xx n 'Q-N "'v",,",.-V14 N Q, -. Nw., w,. bv' P -- u ' 4-' .X . S Q- ee. I, 3, V, -' 5, N 1 ,, -.4 '44 L 1 ig, ' -9 2' . 4 xv- .. 5' N w. M111 Q, vi, O s in M 1 'wc Z9 N gm, "' v m A .2 V "' "' f'i"fi " ., M v J -. v -r 14. ' L. 1 1 y' U v H ,J ... Sai' - Z w-V..-f ,'v,,+f' VV avi- ' . " .. v .. "'dJ'w Ar' 4 1. ,A 1 .,,.' 1 W L 1, Nw Joyce Page Ann Adams 3 s , X Fr ances Montague Wandra Adams joy Denning Doan W ood fig, x f K ,YL 4' 1 05 g f ' Linda Adams , wi Q ' V 4 2 ,. li ,Q L " V ' ' ' ' ' ' ' 'Q 5 we D A - 11915 GIRLS' BASKETBALL With the retum of eleven lettermen and the addition of five ne w members these being promising freshmen, the girls' basketball te am was off to a slow-moving, but steadily improving season. Superior teamwork and Lmrelenting faith and determination were the major factors in our success. Whether victorious or defeated, we remainedundauntedg forwe were for the sheer enjoyment of the game. At the halfway mark of the season, we were quite happy with a record of six victories and four losses. , four of playing Dianne Banks S E N I 0 R S Rachel ogbum Frances 'M0Hfa Que Janice Blalock Donna De Donna Denning Janice Blalock Co-Captains SCHEDULE OF 1958 59 December 2 Angier vs Lillington December 5 1fAng1er vs Benson December 9 5kAHg1ET vs Boone Trail December 30 XADQICI' vs Lafayette january 1 Angier vs Anderson Creek january 2 Angier vs Benson January 6 '9'Ang1er vs Benhaven january 8 Angier vs Coats january 9 XAHQISY vs. Buies Creek January 13 Angier vs. Erwin January 16 2KAngier vs. Lillington January 23 Angier vs. Boone Trail January 27 'FAngier vs. Coats January 30 Angier vs. Lafayette February 3 Angier vs. Anderson Creek February 6 Angier vs. Benhaven February 10 Angier vs. Buies Creek February 13 fKAngier vs. Ervvin 'FI-Iofxne Games Immg Linda Adams Miss Pansie Came ron, Coachg Mary Gardner, Scorekeeperg M a m i e johnson, Manager. BASEBALL First Row, Left to Right: F. Owen, M. Hughes, B. Surles, I. Partin, J. Hockaday, K. Wilson, S. Jackson, R. Owen, S, Wilson. Second Row: J. Bullock, B. Mauldin, L. Dupree, T. Humphries, B. Adams, I. Walters, S. Owen. Lafayette. . . . . Boone Trail. . . . Erwin........ Lillington. . . . Benhaven. . . , , , Coats......... Anderson Creek. . . . Buies Creek. . .. . . Benson........ Page 72 SCORES BASEBA LL Last year Angier experienceda fine baseball season. The record was nine wins and three losses. This was enough for second place in the Harnett County Conference. Al- though seven players graduated last year, hopes are high for the com ing season. There are eight lettermen re- turning this year. They are as follows: J e rry I-lockaday, Melvin Hughes, Andy McLeod, Fred Owen, Billy Surles, 'Sammy Jackson, Jerry Smith, and Winton Adams. Bobby Mauldin, Bobby Ray Adams, and Jerry Partin are ex- pected to be newcomers to the team. CHEERLEADERS ffdm, J Donna Mangum ,Q-I Mane Parnsh Judy F1sh IK Gaul Adams J dy Upchurch 'Q5"'-35,53 ......-Q 0 FM Alternates Judy Coats Wandra. Adams Ga11 G Llnda Adams Banks des .l Orca av'-i Angiel' a An ief SC in wx 9 hustle for hd EPW Basketball Give them a good substantial yell. It takes team Huexl the ball. Snaps . aan! Work t . does lt 3-Q 0 W111 an garne. Ou r advertiser is c voluoble mon, so puf your money in his hand. ADVERTISEMENTS Page 76 X' 1' I' if ,f'3f" A. B. J. cHEvRoLET, INC Telephone MElrose 9-2303 P.O. Box 246 Angier, North Carolina John R. Byrd Clyde Adams JA? S FIRST CITIZENS BANK AND TRUST CCMPANY Complete Bonking Service Serving Agriculture - Business Commerce Angier Coots Dunn North Corolino Page 77 Page 78 Ly' .KPPRI Fl 1 I IUN ' I L :mv nm u nw mn: mx :ummm mu wx P 5 1 an va M rf., 1.-gr 'V - :M-wi' 1 A .qaum.,....,.f',..-,- my '..-.H::f.--,- ' K 'li IUTWINWS ITU WUC DIUTHFIILRAY IUYUUK! tlarnlkf is i1S-' - hmmm xv-Q., mmkm 1 us umzcuml nm TOMMY BYRNE'S AND ELMO'S Shoes ond Clothing will make o hit with you. Phone: MElrose 9-2530 Angier, Norfh Corolino WIMBERLEY'S FEED MILL For the Advancement of Our Community With Better Milk , Meat, cmd Eggs Angier, North Carol inc: P9 Page 80 BALLENTINES DAIRY Grade A Pasteurizecl Milk For Health, Wealth, and Prosperity MUrray 7-2662 Fuquay Springs North Carol ina BANK OF FUQUAY Phone MU 7-2222 A Good Home For Your Savings" Fuquay Springs Norfh Carol ina ANGIER FARMERS SUPPLY F.C.X. Feeds, Seeds, and Ferfilizers General Farm Supplies Phone MElrose 9-2919 Angier, North Carolina Roy Burr, Manager ELECTRIC SALES 81 SERVICE Phone MElrose 9-4407 Angier, Norfh Carolina Sfafe License F i24 Page 82 TILLY BROTHERS BODY SHOP Front-end Alignment Bear Service Body-Glass - Upholstery Phone MU 7-4338 P.O. Box 7 Fuquay Springs North Carolina HARNETT MILLING CO. Custom Grinding and Mixing Wayne Feeds Phone ME 9-2505 One to grow on . . . Goodehealth is our business. We take a deep personal pride in watching the growth and devel- opment of youngsters raised on Pine State's good. health-giving milk and dairy foods. We feel great satisfaction in the knowledge that we contribute to the growth of the community as we do to the growth ol its citizens. We're proud of the fact that we're growing, too . . . that more and more families are asking for Pine State's pure, delicious milk, ice cream and other fine dairy foods. North Carolinds Choice Since 1919 UMM GIHTE Wino: DR. A. N. JOHNSON Optometrist Office Hours 8:30-5:30 Wednesday 8:30-1:30 MU 7-5303 Fuquay Springs North Carolina .lOHNSON'S DRUG STORE "ln Business for your Health" Phone MU 7-4666 Fuqucly, North Carolina BIG TOP WAREHOUSE Hardware Groceries MEDLIN Sc DORMAN Feeds Fertilizers B Sell Your Tobacco Cotton henson I, At Highest Prices Elecfficql Nm' Cm 'no Appliances zllcllimessooi Phone MU 7-4550 Country T Fuquay, North Carolina Produce BROGDEN PRODUCE CO., INC Wholesale Fruits and Vegetables Serving Angier and Vicinity For Over Fifty Years Raleigh, North Carolina C 8: D INSURANCE SERVICE INC. Complete Insurance Service Phone ME 9-2990 Angier, North Carolina ANG I ER HARDWARE CO. Hardware, Furniture Farm Implements-Building Supplies, Wire Fencing Phone ME 9-2832 Angier, North Carolina HUDSON-BELK CO. Clothing Household Needs Fuquay Springs North Carolina WEIS AND WELLS 5 8 IO Store Quality Merchandise at Dime Store Price Anfgier, North Carolina Compliments of HONEYCUTT FRUIT 8: PRODUCE CO. Raleigh-Durham and Fayetteville Page 83 Page 84 . BOWLING'S 1 ff sr rt A SERV l CE STAT l ON Tires-Batteries "A'- --VA Accessories Phone ME 9-8879 Angler, North Carolina ,if , A ' . , - 7. ' if Q .:..:-1' V I f1"f,,, ' I ttf as., s " V 2 ffl ' N pw.: . ,,, ' . Q .gi ,.,., 3 , ,fy Z. W1 , I L Q- ., 41- an ' 1. 'l m ,V 1 'H Q' L 5 , T gf,4,., ffl- ,. EEK 5' ggfe .. , .Y , f T, NlCKNIGHT'S DRUGSTORE Phone ME 9-2230 Angier, North Carolina B. 8: G. TEXACO SERVICE Texaco Products Phone ME 9-2255 Angier, North Carolina Compliments of NED NlA'l'l'HEWS OIL CO. Wholesale and Retail Phone ME 9-2856 TALTON'S REXALL DRUGS Prescriptions Our Specialty Phone MElrose 9-2929 Angier, North Carolina WOODALL'S DEPT. STORE We See You When You Need Donations, Please See Us When You Need Merchandise! Angier, North Carolina CITY MARKET Quality Meats and Groceries J. Fred Hockaday, Prop. Phone ME 9-232i Angier, North Carolina C. R. FERREL Watches Diamonds Electric Shavers Watch and Jewelry Repair Angler, North Carolina Congratulations INSTITUTIONAL to the Class of '59 FOOD INC. ASHWORTH'S, INC. Clothing for the Men and Boys Shoes for the Family Air-Conditioned Fuquay Springs, North Carolina ELLI OTT' S PHARMACY Drug Service Since I9I4 Phone MU 7-2277 STEPHENS SUPPLY CO. Hardware and Building Supplies Frigidaire Appliances, Avolite and DuPont Paints Varina, North Carolina . . POOLE'S N'9I1I' SUPCIQYS Gnd I'I9I'CI9Y5 Frozen Foods, Canned Foods Call MU 7-4069 and MU 7-4995 p.Q. BOX 387 Fuquay Springs, North Carolina Durham, Norfh Ccrolino WILLIAMS CLEANERS Phone ME 9-2384 Angier, North Carolina "For Better Cleaning go to WILLIAMS" Compliments of W K I X BROADCASTING CO. AM 81 FM Raleigh, North Carolina SEXTON MOTOR SALES Ford Sales and Service Lillington, North Carolina Page 85 Pag COLLINS' GENERAL MDSE. Highway 55, North Phone ME 9-2920 Tires, Batteries, Groc. WEEKS' FISH MARKET Fish, Oysters, Groceries Fresh Daily Angier, North Carolina CompIiments of DEE'S GRILL Angier, North CaroIina POPES 5c - IOC STORE Fuquay, North Carolina THE PLEASANT SHOP Phone ME 9-4455 Angier, North CaroIina Compliments of ANGIER BEAUTY SHOP Angier, North CaroIina We Need Your Head In Our Business PATE'S BARBER SHOP Angier, North CaroIina For Recreation Come to ANGIER BILLIARD HALL N. T. McLean Compliments of ANGIER FLORIST Phone ME 9-2252 Compliments of JOHN SEXTON BI COMPANY NATIONAL WHOLESALE GROC WESTERN AUTO ASSOCIATE STORE P.O. Box I85 Fuquay, North Carolina CURRIN OIL COMPANY Gasoline, Kerosene Day Phone ME 9-2626 Night Phone ME 9-2268 Angier, North Carolina PARRISH MOTOR CO. , INC. Phone MU 7-4005 Benson, North CaroIina WOODLEY'S FLOWER SHOP Flowers for all Occasions Phone ME 9-2522 Angier, North CaroIina APEX .IOBBING COMPANY Variety and Department Store Merchandise Phone MU 7-4005 Fuquay Varina, North Carolina Compliments of ASHLEY'S BARBER SHOP Angier, North CaroIina Compliments of MATTHEWS MOTOR COMPANY Fuquoy, North Carol inc ANOIER CHAMBER OF COMMERCE Angier, North Carolina SUITT'S SERVICE STATION Angier, North Carolina FRED PLEASANT Fuquoy, North Carolina HAROLD E. PARKER Fuquoy, North Corolino WRENN INSURANCE AGENCY TOP QUALITY CLEANERS C0mP'ime"'S of Larry Barnes ADAMS CONCRETE PRODUCTS CO. THQMAS CGUN-I-RY STORE Vorino, North Corolino FUOUAY MOTOR COMPANY, INC. ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Now, as all good things must come to an end, so must we bring ourbwork to a clos e. It has been time and effort-consuming, but we feel it has been worthwhile. We appreciate the he lp of our sponsors, Miss Ruth jones, Mr. C. W. McGee, and Mrs. Leola Lassiter. We're grate ful to the m for their help, understanding, and guidance. They have made our work much more enjoyable. We are indebted to Hunter Publishing C om pany, Mr. Tommy Kilby, the lay-out artist, Mr. Jeff Overby and Mr. John Edwards, the photographers, Lou C ollins, Judy Wheeler and Shelby Weaver for their drafting of the ads, and the Senior Class. We wish to extend our deep gratitude to e a ch one who has con- tributed to the publication of our annual in any way. THE ANNUAL STAFF Page 87 ca Qproduct of V AUTOGRAPHS un'l'er V column 333 INDIANA AVENUE wlNs1oN-SALEM, N.C. Q ..., . 1 1 ..,,+u,, 1 DJ. A Q. 1 Milf' , 14. ' wr ," . , ' P' 1 . . -:Yrs 1 '. in F , 1 . 'lx '4,4.' 'i JCI: X w,'1'9l??1'f . .U I vf'3 'FW T.: 157 m.. 1 H, "'P1a-' "7 I gf' t 1. . , , 4" . . , .. 1 ,X . f n 1-1 V 7 .N .V J, X v 4 ,fi k, 3 "'l"w,", .M , , ' 1 "'f9'4"v v 1 1 W uv-v ,.. f K 1 1 W ' I" -J ' 1 A," v 4 'W 1 L , K 'Wg v V lu. lr A-ji l i L7 I E ax 1 3.-' 5259 Q, mtl Z

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