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 - Class of 1957

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Angelo State University - Rambouillet Yearbook (San Angelo, TX) online yearbook collection, 1957 Edition, Cover

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-- .A .E 2,-va J slfyiwnt. H 1' '5 5 ,-',,, K .14-,, K, L " , 4 .Q lk' HL. va "L1,'f.1mf CQ. 1, .H v km ,.,, 3.x , p ii-Q3 Q X Y .5-if ' X I, ,,...,,:, ,0 F T . 2 'HV' ,fa ' 2i' jA X. - ""' ' r , . 1'3, .f .5 jff .iT7'-14'Qf' .. ., J , .3 ,V ,.:,Q, q5-., ,, ' gi V A L .- , 5 ii-4 F' an 'Vs' f L M - qt -i f 3, ', big- " R, M4 V, ,1 - 'iuivf 3. 1 rf' . 'Vu Yu. , ,JF ' . Rf , - f 1 1 7 ,x , :EVA f .X . 5,1-' '. 'f .V ,-1 A ,A . v 'MZ F3121 ' iv, - . . 'via-9 . iv? lf' ' f K1 Y 4 'Yi q ,. '1 ,, . o 'PK '. ' '1. if , xyf- w, 1 ' .JO .I ,. , 'I 1, O 1- Q 9 ol k ' - wi- ,,, , V A I4 P nl r IH yu!!! 5 nh -g! ,nl ff M , lu! 'EIDE H :na w '-u' f :- na 1,12 !- 1 I gn, , V' J kr ALJ Ili V LJ 1 iq, En iii 4, I- 1. Flu' - Ill pdf: K: ,v,,4, l.--- m-. M5 5' . A IE'- ICH ws' W I -,7l'h Mug um, ,tr-itz. 1551. 'imp Jung- Jury 5575 'vu E' WIDE: "'l'i. wm- , Ima 'umm vlflp. D27 gil F51 az: A l5'5L, 117: llf. IF? ra fn: Il':. , in, - u mn Na lr-' F it iv. fp. 9 fa It Q ll' In 11: Ylr. li" pn lw . BDA le-- IJA. UL IIB' ww DLL nf fl can lu nn gy H' IK I4 IU lm . an lllu ze- . ,4 .. 5 i LN'- Ur' xrf lie I J il--' ' G e. 1 it Q. n 1 I 1 E Inq QQ T 5-i ':.':. 'I V . ,I r 'fi I-., Ill" III' Ill' .nw-L III' lg-I. V . mvf , . ,561 ,I SIM :UH ' 'Jul 'IO . , 'L , . --.L - I1 v I ln: -i , Wvltlui' 1 X55x5XSsN .1 , V 11 Y ,ev--.L-M 'm 'iii 3IllUll!l Q-IIUIIII IIIHIIIII I' liilili TQIIZH lu lillfll . , . Ulll hifi mlb-0 i Q Q- x O w wx J K .A-.' .1' ' -V R ' ' -"" " x . - -' 'nn'4shll"'M" ' ' .,'Y'm,, . , .,,,3,.g.n-Q .- Q...-n..w-Jn kv- - 4 . ' 4"u1,x W J? h d ,,-...., .- -Qliii-' "9""""'Q " A ,.. -0 ' . .Q all X , ,.- . - V-'-4.0,-,-.,. ..W, ivy..-u.. We of the world of books Who toil to make our separate lives more bright, ' Our futures more secure, Are millions too, perhaps our learning might Serve to give this earth a guiding light. 't Millions of glittering stars, Little lamps that glow in the infinity of space, Relieve the- black of the- sky, Cast shadows on the earth of soft, ethereal lace A ' And make this world at night a better place. BY Joan Uherik Sw 4040 Ualfege X. X President's Home On the Campus. -.' tw gglyli' ' ' X , Q K - A X V '. ' 5 iii, i 1 A ' , Q ,. ,. 1, . , X? ' f ,- L Main Building With Flowers in Bloom. 2 New Science Building Completed in 1955. . b QM . is X 5 1 f , 'Rx l . X , Silks' gcsykxg r gs Nkkx gc -AN X .xt x ,c Qc . , so 6. W '-wf'v.',:"1'211 Trees are growing on S A C campus. Gym and Physical Education. The Home Economics cottage in 'Full bloom. 1 sl . , 3 5 . .. v.. 17. . Nz'-'..,:c.c-, - ':fTf -1f""':""qA3"ff" "Q Maas J f fzfxxe M ' wf: 'M' '-N" .w 5 ' rvsgc ' - i 1. ,ff Am ffffa ' Q1 ,122-gixfwnf, HYSXX as ,vm wcxyvw-, ' i fx gSXk.i:.Q,.QiEQiik , i L S9 -..c.c,:i11:.5Zf Y . . S..,l53l.,,,cc, .,.ia, ig A - 1 xxxx QA A 33-li 1 I Ma, Mm' lk. NXNN ,Wg rv. X vim, ,,, .c -fm 'frog .. Wm: if , ,...c A ...M .., X, . . R--s Carr I WU? Hall - '1-X Girls' ug . Dormitory. vnu- -v- 1 Q.. ,-... 'H-Q, : -JJ.. ..,,.. N1 ..b. .gs fi f.'vrj..l- N College Cafeteria fills the inner man. Mayer Hall - Boys' Dormitory. ..- ,.-.... - tr of-nav' Ying 1-.. n1-,,- .--gg '.-. ,.. . ' """u-'4-P-'N ,- , 17' -- , - - :. .V , --5"-M r. , I: , .,, ' ' ,,...l . . - , - -h w as-NN' - rw.. ,, ,. ...A W x A - 2 X .X We . -- M ' 1.-M - :XX r' ,..--.Ne -ss A V v V, N ,-,XX. g, ' , ' V -gr' IRAN., 531-fg:5:,gf,Q.,iwg 'NH f , , . N ll l wllww 'W' XWQXQ , mi? N "M ' I I -uw. - :QX V .:, "r'wm,,, , ,, ,, ' in i ' f X-XX X L - .. Q-on"- V-1 V .,. -, ..l I l f"ww..,MMW,, KL f 553 A fx xxx ll X .. "f 15r,l.,..A :Tatar , , -WW, .mi f V M r :XliXXxXW ani :"4-- :'7:g,.,,-.,.,..f,--,N"A. , , , '-'W A - M.: .- ' . V, -yn j . , X N x X5 - ,,,- -w- X- ...A fy . f X- X X X X -1- , - - f -, . '- - . Y' ., ...M Z W , '-5-'..,,. ,- . ' , - X x XNXXXSTT: -QS - U' S- ,., ML- . . X.-- 2 ' : .,-lm'-.. -17. V ww. 'WV - Q., K. .X .fu ,. X wi X5 . Xfxv W - 3, . ,- , ,,,,..- W. ,.f,.f ' if f, ""'Wx,....,w . h X -f , -1 --Xgl X V .XX :,:,:W:gXQ1x X-, . . ' . -- ' me . .Aw , , Kb . , any , 4. - X.. . X L 5 .XX - , , Xgxmgwf - N wr, HA- H,,, j- "-1,-i-Q : wfwfu Z- i- -...Ng E - . X .. ...,. - - . ws . X' .- ' xi Y.-.... I WW, ,. W ,H ,KM vxs-.Q,,xN" ' XX gg- If,.',fWjj' - , M ?,4,U'f'L7:', ""'NHBdx -M i ' Zia? f .W Q 2: if-fW7 W1 , M aww, S K Mbna oziwzieff if f I r i 'f it "wa is Ti, fl avevi ,? c X 5' 3 4 -S .kg ,X s f .ff 'kr Raymond M. Cavness y Pl'9SlCleflf B.A., Southwest Texas State Teachers Collegeg M.A., Ph.D., The University of Texas: LL.D., Baylor University. More pictures covering a wider range of activities o h n t e part of more and be-tter students! That was the job for the Rambouillet staff and its sponsor this year! San Angelo College has shown a steady and healthy growth for the past few years. The next half dozen years appear now to be a tremendous challenge in the making. It is truly a joy to serve Cl. Won' derful student body and faculty. The campus scenes depicted in this publication, with this year's fellow SACsters will bring lo all of us, we hope, many pleasant recollections in the years ahead. Again, heartiest congratulations! Sincerely yours, R. M. Cavness President Floyd D. Boze B.S., M.S., East Texas State Teachers College, Ed.D., The Uni- versity of Tennessee. As we hurr to look at our new Rambouillet each icture brings memories of a happy occurrence in the lives of our stu- Y 1 the dents and faculty of San Angelo College. However, the trxllle value of this 1957 publication cannot be measured today. As the ew years go on and on its contents mellow, these students, who are pictured, will become famous within their own rights, and the on- book will attain the distinction of being a volumle containing the history of a wonderful period in the lives of the students of I to San Angelo- College. We shall always be grateful to the Rambouillet staff and its sponsor for this contribution. Floyd D. Boze Dean 5. Mr. Porter Henderson, President Board of Trustees Dr. Raymond Cavness, Nir. William D- TUYIOIU President San Angelo College, VICG-PVSSICIGDTI Secretary of Board Boa rd of Trustees ,gd-G!LCd0f7'Ml4LZl6QL, Sm Angela Gallege Mr. Loy Gandy Mr. R. R. Lowrance ,. .,.,s .ww E g . ,,d 5 if ' r i Y A Q ff X 3 Mr. Bob Sharp Mr. R. O. Sheffield Mr. Bill Carpenter, Business Manager, San Angelo College Mr. Jean Johnson 4 aww, , l -1- f1r""' ' T lf in fr Y 1 il 1 l. T. Bare t Science l B.A., Ohio State Universityf M.A., Western Colorado State l t Q l l I Rosa Lyon Bludworth English B.A., Southern Methodist University: M.A., South West Texas Teachers Collegep Ph.D University of Texas S i Bill Carpenter Business Mgr. B.B.A., the University of Texas ' IO 'r C. E. Bludworth Bible B.S., B.D., Southern Methodist University Max Bumgardner Physical Education B.S., M.Ed., the University of Texas Athletic Director Eldon Udell Black Music B.M., M.M.Ed., North Texas State College' 'Fir Frances Carter Journalism-English ' B.A., Rice lnstitutep M.A., University of Texas - ---- - --Y ...un e --- ... . , Glenn Casey Science B.A., Southwest Texas State Teachers College: M.Ed., University of Texas X X Q A ,- N s X . as 3. .. . . . fwwzxpvf , ' Bill Cl1dmb6I'S Vivian Chenault Ruby Cox Social Science Speech Dean of Women B-A-I M-A-I Norlh Texas B-A-1 Trinity University: B.A., Texas State College for STGTS College M.Ed., Texas University Women, M.A., Southwest Texas Hiawatha Crosslin J. D. Davis Health and Physical Ed. Music-Math A.B., Baylor Universityp B.S., B.A., M.Ed., North Texas M.Ed., Ed.D., University of Texas State College R. B. Dooley ' Charles L. Dwyer lewis FFGSGI' Agriculture English 5PU"'l5l1"F'enClT B.S., M.Ed., Agricultural and B.A., Agricultural and Mech. B.A., M.A., North Texas State Mechanical College of Texas College of Texas, M.A., College: Ph-D-, UNVGYSITY of A University of Texas Uldh ll I . 1 E 1 Q E 5 , T j T i l A 1 1 l , . 1 . t 2 T l Director of Retail lnstitute B.A., Southwest Missouri Statep l M.Ed., University of Missouri J Tincie Heddins Art B.A., University of Texas l l l I 4 1 a 4 1 George R. Hunt 5 Pre-Engineering and l Mathematics B.S., M.A., University of New Mexico Joe R, Gabriel Philip Morgan George Physical Education Distributive Education BGSl46fbC1ll C0OCl'I B.S., M.S., University of Texas lonia Martin Hedrick Music B.A., Pomona College, Claremont, Calif., M.M., Eastman School of Music, University of Rochester Don E. Irwin Speech-English B.S., M.F.A., University of Texas Ruth Gray Librarian B.A., University of Texas, B.S. Texas State College for Women M.A., Austin College 'A' 'kl- Dora Mae Kelly English B.A., North Texas State College' M.A., University of Colorado Robert L. Lancaster H. I.. Lowman, Jr. R, R, Mqsterson B Art Director, Evening Program Business Administration -S., . . . . , Omen. B.F.A., University of Texasp B.S., Sam Houston State Collegep B,S,, Southeast Missouri State ' M.A., University of New Mexico M.Ed., Houston Universityp Ed.D. Teachers College, M.B.A., Houston University University of Texas Merial Christopher Stuart Delbert G. Tarter Education-Psychology Science Director of Guidance B.S., East Texas State Teachers B.S., M.S., Ed.D., Texas College: M.B.A., University of Technological College TCXUS H. E. D. walker Allen-H K- Wssfefman M'Hl3:ffY"e 'Min Business Administration H0meC0mm9 h f . . H d' B I B.A., Flora Stone Mat erio e B.S., M.S., East Texas State B S ' Mary cr In GY or Western Reserve University: gljg I Teachers College M.A., University of TeXClS 1 5 . B Milton Rathbone Ru'h penis,-ew NuEncyl,S:"lh ole Director Mayer Hall E I- h ng 'S Assistant Football Coach B,AljgU:iversity of Arkansasy 345: AQJTIV East Texas B.A., Texas Tech M.A., University of Chicago C' e 0 ege Kathleen Earnest vlfglnla scoff . AA. Assismm Registrar Secretary to the President as sf 5-'th-' - iff! ' is Warsl f cz! Mary Dallas E. L. Sutter 0 Z P H B.S. Cashier Bookkeeper Psychology 'Eclmgmizs B.S., West Virginia Wesleyan: B A H d' 5' M.S., Penn State- Ph.D l -V MZAH or In lmmons , ., U University of Texas mverslly 14 'ha - li ', 953 VR r U A Nfl sw' Z. v J J' gig. 3 A Ellllbl Homin 'Om I San A, Medica 5 xQx'UKx f'Nf"'t XX was Elizabeth Landers, R.N., Director of Nurses: Shannon School of Nurs- ing, Post-graduate course, Com- municator Disease Nursing, St. Louis Isolation Hospital, St. Louis, Missouri, Post-graduate study, San Angelo College. sczmzayfv ' - Tol Terrell, Hospital Administrator - ,V a--s --H - M., U , we + Y 4 ff f 1 lungs-Q-v-14" MM., "1 5 . Graydon Payne, Pharmacist: Same as last year, Instructor in Phar- macology. .. 19" ..' : . . 1 , , Y 1... I Y, ,4. C fi LYWE 'fs-Pff 6' ' - 59' v J ' ' Q P V 4 Residence for Shannon School of Nurses. 1 ,. . ff"--N V in iff 1' I I Z2 'll E!- 4,,,4 ll !!. Ns? 'i' Louise Sanders, R.N., A.A., Shan- non School of Nursing, A.A. San Angelo C ol l eg e, Post-graduate study, lncarnate Word College, San Antonio, Instructor in Nurs- ing Arts. Shannon Hospital where nurses take medical training. Elizabeth Jones, R.N., Jane Lamb H0SPital School of Nursing, Clin- TOH, Iowa, Post-graduate Study, san .AUQGIO C0llege, Instructor in Medical and Surgical Nursing. xg, Nancy Nixon, R.N., A.A., Shannon School of Nursing, A.A., San An- gelo College, Post-graduate course, Margaret Hague Maternity Hos- pital, Jersey City, N. J., Instructor in Obstetrical Nursina. Us aff? Sue Smauley Stearns, R.N., A.A., Shannon School of Nursing, A.A., San Angelo College, Instructor in Pediatric Nursing and Assistant Instructor in Nursing Arts. Dorino Anderelo, School Secretary I5 K! I if i 1 Q ' . ig .H W ,-,-:-: 34. Rut E B.A i i i MJ it I 'I i i I i it 1 I 1 t i 1 5 1 ,Q I 1 I i I I Q 1 l i i Dr. Raymond Cavness Dr. Harman Lowman Dr. Floyd Boze President of San Angelo College Director of Adult Education Dean tgf Cgllege ee and Evening Classes ' 4 , r , sm rqngefae r 804451, Dr. louis Fraser Head of Language Department PA. 234 Dr. Hiawatha Crosslin g A Head of Health and Physical Education x , h :M E" I 4 . 1 ,L 4 m .- il' V ' , ,L P . 1' l"'9'1i' A J, xi! , t 3 K l W on'Er::Y Q 'ff v : '31 M ,Y ., lf, fi ' h?f,'i" 'H l l L ' fx. A Q 1' vi 'rig-44 . f 1.214 V . ,,,, , I . ., .Air 4 fur? , Uncut sl ,.1 -v a 1 , 2.7.5 fi -. , Q ri Q ,, I cc csxl ,ix t e e x -AP- A. 1 X ' V Dr. Rosa Bludworth Dr. Merial Stuart 16 it Head of English Depqrfmem, Director of Guidance and Head of Psychology and Education K 2 ,Q A sslin 1 :tion -I I I 1 5. jf , f,4.. -fr.. ' 5 5 i x x 2, W., ,W mv A47 ,h1,.-ff' 4--'7 ,-Y - c ' sw ' nbi- X? JK. Sophomore class officers ure, left to right: Vice president, Bobby Fletcher from Bells, Student council representative, Ruth Brea- zeole from Son Angelo, President, Bobby Joe Walker from Son Angelo, Secretary, Betty Burson from Robert Lee, and Report- er, Ken Schulze from Mason. 8 61644 UWM Joe Gabriel av.-fe Leslie Bu re why 1 QA 'QS X i i 4 S 1,1 .l BUNCH, ELIZABETH LAPP, San Angelo Major: Chemistry, French Club. BUNYARD, MICHAEL LEE, San Angelo Major: Electrical Engineering. BURSON, ELIZABETH L., Robert Lee A Major: Elementary Education, Rep. F.T.A., Soph. Class Sec.- Treas., Hist., W.R.A., Carr Hall Student Council Rep., B.S.U., D.E. Club. CARPENTER, HELEN F., San Angelo Major: Elementary Education, Sec.-Treas., Veteran's Club, Hist., Phi Theta Kappa, F.T.A., Library Asst., Homecoming Queen Candidate. COFFMAN, KENDALL LYNWOOD, San Angelo Major: Animal Husbandry. COWAN, H. A., Levelland Major: Secondary Education, Football, Phi Theta Kappa. CRAIG, JOHN, Abilene Major: Petroleum Engineering. DAUNIS, CHARLES L., San Angelo MGIOr: Geology, Science Club. QQ Q.. I' ' '-'-f.-f. -. . . ' , Xi-.E -:P '-' e Y . .1 ts ABBOTT PEGGY J Water Valley Major Physical Education ADDISON ROBERT PHIL Brownfield Major Agriculture ALLEN LEE Levelland Major: Advertising- Sec.-Treas. D.E. Club Vice-pres Carr Hall House Council Circulation and Advertising Mgr Ram Page Miss D.E. Candidate for Rodeo Queen Editor Ram Page. ANDERSON ROGER KENT San An elo I I g Major: Electrical Engineering, Math 8. Eng. Club, Ram Band Amom, FRED, Austin ATTAWAY, rolvuvw LYNN, Ingleside, rex. Major: Physical Education, F.T.A., Basketball. AUFILL, JACK LAVERLE, Lubbock Major: Agricultural Education. BALCH, GILBERT L., San Angelo Major: Engineering BARNES, EUGENE MARCUS, San Angelo Major: Electrical Engineering BEHRENS, ELVIN T., San Angelo Major: Engineering BEHRENS, JOHN K., EI Paso , Major: Engineering BIGGS, BILL, San Angelo Major: Engineering BOLTON, JOE WILLIAM, Orange Major: B. A. BRANHAM, BARBARA, Winters ' Major: Education, Twirler, Homecoming Duchess, Lambda Tau Sorority. BRATTON, MARY SUE, Brady Major: Elementary Education, Vice-pres., Phi Theta Kappa Student Council Rep., Sec. M.S.M., Sec. Carr Hall, Sec. F T A Rep. Religious Council, Majorette, Who's Who, Most Photo genic Finalist, W.R.A. Scholarship award. BREAZEALE, RUTH GAEL, San Angelo Major: Spanish, Vice-pres. Lambda Tau, Student Council Rep. Soph. Class, Corres. Sec. Phi Theta. Kappa, Ramettes W.R.A. Gia-44 .gg 'E is A-: 1' V .23 ..A.. A I ' . DEBUS, GENEVIEVE, San Angelo I U j Major: Elementary Education: F.T.A., Religious Counctl, W.R.A., Sigma Alpha Chi. DEHNEL MARGARETE L., San Angelo Major: Elementary Education, Freshman Editor Ram Page, Editor Rambouillet, T.l.P.A. Treas., Sigma Alpha Chi Pres., Sec., Rep., Phi Theta Kappa, Press Club, Spanish Club, Pan- hellenic Council, 3rd Most Photogenic, Homecoming Queen Candidate. DEVENPORT, JERRY E., San Angelo DIERSCHKE, MARVIN ALTON, Wall Major: Agriculture: Concho Aggies. DIXON, DAVID EMORY, Rocksprings Major: Pre-Medical. DOVER, TERRY E., San Angelo Major: Law: Spanish Club, Science Club, Football Mgr. DRONES, EFFIE, San Angelo Major: Secretarial Science. DUNCAN, CAROLE JO, Son Angelo Major: Business: Sigma Alpha Chi Parl., B.S.U. DUSEK, DANIEL HENRY, San Angelo Major: Pre-Medical: Science Club, Pres. ESTES, JERRY MICHALL, Wichita, Kans. FAULK, ODIE B., Eldorado Major: History: Phi Theta Kappa, Student Council Rep. Spanish Club, F.T.A. I FERGUSON, TED, San Angelo FILLEMAN, CHARLES S., San Angelo Major: Business Administration: French Club, Spanish Club. FLETCHER, BOBBY GENE, Bells Major: Business: Vice-Pres. Soph. Class, Basketball, Com mercial Club. FOGLE, ELBERT WAYNE, Odessa FOREMAN, CHARLES -R., San Angelo Major: Mechanical Engineering. 41 I is I Q 5- FY g ,P X 1 1. fl IH X P -r 5- u XX :. if .- ' -434.-sm:-. ' A 1 FOSTER, CY ELLIOTT, Sundown FRANKLIN, ROBERT DEAN, Bronte Major: Journalism, Rept. Veterans Assn., Treas. Spanish ' Club. EdiT0r Ram Page, Contest Director T.I.P.A., T.I.P.A. . Awards in Editorials, Sports Writing, Sports Column. ' GRAY, JIMMIE GENE, Robert Lee HAGINS, BERNIE JOE, Snyder HAMILTON, RABY J., odessu HARDENION, NANCY, San Angelo Major: Accounting. HEINZE, LOUIS E., Miles Major: Agriculture Education, Livestock Judging Teqm- HELM, CALVIN H., wingqfe Sec.-Treas. Concho Aggiefn I I0NEs, Fox. 4 5 spanjj JONES, LEE ALLEN, Brownfield SGA' ml KARLssoN, mc:-IARD, sun Angelo Major: Chemistry, Math. 8. Eng. Club, French Club. 0 KEARNEY, .lol-IN wAL1ER, Sweetwater KEILERS, DEE WILL, San Angelo ' Major: Engineering, Math. 8- Eng. Club. KERBY, ROLAND, san Angelo Kino, wALrER, Austin Aggm KlNcAlD, rHoMAs LEE, ozone :who LANDY, Joi-IN srEPHEN, sun Angelo Major: Journalism- Student Council Re . Little Theatre, I P ' "R" Assn., Press Club, Delta Psi Omega. HENSON, MIQUEL WILLIAM, San Angelo HERRING, JOE RAY, Lakeview Major: Business Administration, D.E. HIGGINS, RUBY MODELL, San Angelo HIRSCHFIELD, DAVID LOUIS, San Angelo HIXSON, DONNY RAY, Kermit HOELSCHER, FRANK LEO, Rowena HOMESLEY, RUBY IRENE, San Angelo HRNCIR, ISABELLE MAE, San Angelo Major: Elementary Education, Sigma Club, W.R.A. HURLEY, PHYLLIS JAN, San Angelo ettes, Rodeo Club, Cheerleader, Miss IRISH, EARL DALE, Brady Theta Kappa. JACKSON, JESSIE BELL, San Angelo Major: Business. JEFFCOAT, CLIFFORD DOYLE, Lackney Major: Physical Education. JILES, BILLY EARL, Coushatta, La. JOHNSON, BETTY SU, Lakeview JOHNSON, JOHN ELBERT, San Angelo JOHNSON, VADA MAE, San Angelo Major: Art, West Texas Art Club. Blau Club. Alpha Chi Rept., D.E. Major: Physical Education, Fresh. Rep. Dorm., Vice-Pres., Pres. W.R.A., Student Council Rep., Hist. Lambda Tau, Ram- Charm Candidate. Major: Education, Student Council Rep.,-F.T.A. Pres., Phi Choral Club, Little Major: Elementary Education, F.T.A., Theatre, Treas. Sigma Alpha Chi, Sec. Ramhorns, M.S.M. T? in 5, If I 'fig' if . E . X t I -of .. SX 'Aa A s f - -' 1,-H ,,- - . gf A -egg-'e1,,,,x1 Ti .X 3,1 .- 'far - V -' -ff-A'-1 - s Ui LARIMORE, GLENN COLEMAN, San Angelo LAWSON, ARNOLD DALE, San Angelo LAWTON, ROGER ALLAN, Big Lake Maior: Speech, Little Theatre, Press Club, Veterans Assn., Spanish Club. LEE, COY LEON, Eden Maier: Geology, Baseball. LEEZER, JOHN F., San Angelo . Maior: Physics, Pres. Math 81 Eng. Club, Treas. Phi Theta Kappa, Student Council, Veterans Assn. LEIFESTE, A. ARLENE, Uano Maior, Business Administration, Sec. W.R.A., Pres. Ramettes, Little Theatre, Homecoming Queen Candidate, Tennis, Lambda Tau Sorority. LEIJA, JESSE, San Angelo Major, Architecture, Pres. Spanish Club, Art Club. LOVELESS, HOWARD E., Eden Maior: Agriculture, Concho Aggies, Student Council Rep. LOYD, GERALD LEON LUCKETT, JAMES DALE, Bronte MC CUTCHEN, RITA BETH, Bronte Major: Physical Education, Rept. Ramettes, Sec., Parl. Lambda Tau, Student Council Rep. W.R.A., Rept. Carr Hall, Freshman Favorite, Football Sweetheart, Head Cheerleader. MC MULLAN, RONALD, Ozona Maior: Physics, "R" Assn., Football. MC KEE, AZILE, Lakeview Maior: English, F.T.A., Sigma Alpha Chi. MADDOUX, HOWARD WESTLEY, Big Lake MASSEY, DORIS MARLENE, Paint Rock Major: Business, Vice-Pres. W.R.A., Pres., Sec. Sigma Alpha Chi, Sec., Pres. Commercial Club, Phi Theta Kappa, Treas. Student Council, Pres. Panhellenic Council, Freshman Favorite. MATTHEWS, ALFRED GENE, San Angelo . fx. 1""" 'L 'ii' fi? GR- X MERRITT, DONALD WALKER, Rocksprings MILLIKIN, R. J., Bronte Major: Liberal Arts, Press Club. MIRANDA, ALBERT C., San Angelo Major: Physical Education, Basketball, "B" Co-Capt. MITCHELL, RICHARD FLOYD, San Angelo NANCE, Leon cuNroN, san Angelo Mdior: Animal Husbandry, Rodeo Club. NANCEFWALTER scart, JR., Temple MUIQV1 Geology: Boxing, Track, Veterans Assn. NIBLING, GEORGE WILLIAM, San Angelo Major: Liberal Arts, Pres. M.S.M., Phi Theta Kappa. NICKEL, MILTON LAWRENCE, sen Angelo r l ' I l l scH 5 T scH l y sc sc 1 SC s SE Sl-I T Q Q E ., .j . - V S13 .qi ' ., , . -, -1 .1 ,.., x,.,. . .8 SCHMIDT, BOBBY LOUIS, San Angelo Major: Business Administration: Student Council Rep., D. E. Club. SCHRADE, CARL WILLIAM, San Antonio Major: Business: Student Council Rep., Freshman Class, "R" Assn., Football Team, Dean's Honor Roll. SCHULZE, KEN JOHN, Mason Major: Journalism 8: Speech: Rept. Soph. Class, Feature Editor Ram Page, Rambouillet, Treas. M.S.M., Commercial Club. - SCOTT, KENNETH ROYCE, Bronte SCOTT, SAMUEL PAYTON, Merkel Major: Animal Husbandry: Pres. Concho Aggies, Livestock Judging Team, High Point Individual at Oklahoma City. SEALY, JIM M., Snyder Major: Business: Pres. Rodeo Club, Rodeo Team. SELF, ROBERT D., Miles SHEFFIELD, BILLY CARL, San Angelo .. . 'f . 'r Ria: xx M Trl: M X 4' N 3 Xi : j . . ,.,, ss L e gg: Glu: NISBET, ALEX RICHARD, San Angelo Major: Chemistry: Pres. Phi Theta Kappa, Math 8: Eng. Club, San Angelo Symphony Orch., Band, SACsters, Dixikats, Who's Who. OATMAN, SARAH ELIZABETH, Llano Major: Business: Parl. Lambda Tau, Vice-pres. Student Coun- cil, Ramettes, W.R.A., Little Theatre. PARK, NANCY JEANNE, San Angelo Major: Elementary Education: Pres. Little Theatre, Vice- pres. Sigma Alpha Chi, Leads in "Glass Menagerie," "Amahl 8: the Night Visitors," "Green Grow the Lilacs," Ten Most Photogenic, Panhellenic Council. PARKER, LYNN, Ozona PARSONS, LYNDA KAY, Water Valley Major: Elementary Education: Rept., Vice- pres., Treas. F.T.A., Student Council Rep. Spanish Club: Parl. Phi Theta Kappa: Vice-pres. Religious Council, Flagbearer, Ramettes, W.R.A., B.S.U. PATTON, JOHN ARNOLD, Meadow Major: Physical Education: Freshman Favorite, "R" Assn., F.T.A., Spanish Club. Q PEISER, SANDRA KAYE, Veribest Major: Physical Education: Student Council Rep. Lambda Tau, Little Theatre, W.R.A., Rodeo Club, French Club, Ram- ettes, Cheerleader, Homecoming Duchess, Rodeo Queen. PHILLIPS, ARBIE LEE, Bronte PHILLIPS, CHARLES RAY, Sterling City POPE, ROBBIE MARIE, Miles Major: Business: Little Theatre Treasurer, Commercial Club, Ramette Vice Pres., W.R.A., Carr Hall House Council. RAIBORN, LOUIS MARVIN, JR., San Angelo V Major: Mechanical Engineering. RAMIREZ, ABELARDO HINOJOSA, Del Rio RARDEN, REX ALLEN, McCamey Major: English: Football, Basketball. -' ROBERTS, HELEN LOUISE, San Angelo Major: Business Administration: Little Theatre, W.R.A., Parl., Student Council Rep. Sigma Alpha Chi. ROBINSON, LARUE E., Austin ' 'X ROGERS, LILLYTH ED, Fort McKavett Major: Liberal Arts: Rept. Home Economics, 'Hist., Treas. Lambda Tau, Pres. Carr Hall, Vice-pres. Spanish Club, Ram- ettes, Religious Council, Miss Charm Candidate. E., Q Q 5531: Qsi:-+L SHEPPARD, DOUGLAS VERNON, San Angelo Major: English: Football. SHIRKEY GEORGE ROGERS, Fort Stockton Majlor: Physical Education: Football, Co-Capt., Track. SMITH, JAMES G., Santa Anna Major: English: Veterans Assn. SMITHWICK, DALTON WAYNE, Miles Major: Accounting: Commercial Club. STEPHENS, BARBARA, San Angelo Ma'or- Medical Record Library: B.S.U., Sigma Alpha j . Science Club. TALLEY, DALE, Son AngoIo Major: Business Administration. TANKERSLEY, DALE DEE, Merfzon Major: Business Administration: Science Club. TANKERSLEY, JOHNSYE, San Angelo TREVINO, FRANK PHILLIP, San Angelo TUCKER, G. T., Lubbock Major: Business Administration. TUNNELL, BETSY SARABETH, Lakeview Major: Elementary Education: Vice-pres. Sigma Alpha Little Theatre, Choral Club, Ramettes. UHERIK JOAN ROGERS San An elo Chi, Chi, I f 9 Major: English 8. Journalism: French Club, Press Club, Phi Theta Kappa Rept., Ten Most Photogenic. WACKER, LINDA LOU, San Angelo WALLACE, HOMER DAVID, Garland WARD, DONALD LESTER, Paint Rock WATSON, GARY CASTLE, Tahoka -:W .:., , M tyviw .L,'l. .5 A ,,..,. - -.. Q bqr f . A . . J.. Y 9' 5 V J . : Q f E. if f f. i . . ,T ' I A f3,5Qff:i'71iaTfl.ff Y.. X X NN: QXNMSS xxsn Q, it. X "' 0 .L ii X s: N 'X s TX ss L f 4 ,XX .Q ss 4 . . Sficxsit 'ii'-',, I . . ' -s 355.15 .fri ..-'A v -. Q 911 sew X -I X X 'XX N x Mas, s. ix 'ef' X. J' M My Q' 3' c, X s- . wx. X X Lew' X s XX.- X if M . X c S53 G I 5 I X I NA' t' 2 W' 4? Eg it '2- 'RX j 'W Mft, ft, - . WITH,EjRSPOON, WILLIAM DONALD, San Angelo CUIOQ Physical Education: Pres. Fresh. Class, Pres. Student OUNCII, Pres. F.T.A., Veterans Club Ram Assn., Football H I WEATHERBY, BILLY GERALD, Miles ' .5 :., I is MC1l0r: Agriculture Education: Concho Aggies, Livestock . r Judging Team. H - - . .5 ' WELDY, .BILLY VANCE, Kermit I? f V 1,5 ' Major: Physical Education. j Mg j f. , j THOMAS EUGENE, JR., Sweetwater t -- l I , EN DERRICK Silver z , A j , j , j I K Xp I MGIOVI English: Spanish Club, Rodeo Club, Veterans Assn. -137 l X 3 , . , y ' A if j M ' 'L' ' j I I WILKES, JERRY EDWARD, Silver 'ln Major: Geology, A :N Q A 1 5 gg WIMBERLEY, BILLY JACK, San Angelo 3' 3 J f ,f Q' T' I 1' . MGIOFI Agriculture: Rodeo Club, Concho Aggies. Q 3 jffgji ,I V, ini' WINBURNE, JERRY DEAN, San Angelo I A 1 ' - , LW Melon Ge0I09Y1 Science Club. - j Vzmgx 4.-, . . fi' 1 fp.. Y F rf I i i 4 L i--1.1-1'Q'1' - - - 1 'af ml-4 I I -, V ,fum .L X x - . , awk, . Team' Science Club, Mr. Teacher of Tomorrow. -1 fxxf ' l Q V Ns ,JM V. .fi,.:5f" . 4 X . X Ns stock .SSH- dent lliball if WREN NORMA JEAN San Angelo Maior: Home Economics Ed., Treas., Pres. Home Economics Club, Sec. Phi Theta Kappa, V. Pres. Sigma Alpha Chi, X- Little Theatre, Choir, Ramettes, BSU. 1 w YAGGY, JEAN MABEL, San Angelo Maior: Liberal Arts, Sec. Lambda Tau, Sec. Little Theatre, Sec. . Panhellenic Council, Student Council Rep.,lReligious Council, I A Cappella Choir, Summer Student Council. A YOUNG, PATRICIA GREY, San Angelo M , - Major: Speech, Treas. Fresh. Class, Pres. Summer Student Q Mg. , . Af' 4 . ,. 3 '-fic I 4' f ., I 4. ' S ADAMS, RONALD THOMAS, Brownwood ALEXANDER, NICK, San Angelo AUSTIN, ROBERT, San Angelo BELVIN, MAX DUANE, Sanatorium BEVILL, BOBBY WAYNE, San Angelo BROWN, ROY E., sun Angelo CLARK, JIMAILEEN, Lake View COTTON, GEORGE KENNETH, Lake View CUELLER, JOHN FRANCISCO, San Angelo DODGE, PETE H., Austin DOUGHERTY, GENE JOSEPH, Chandler, Ariz. DYKES, WILLIAM lSpikel, Ballinger EAKIN, ELNITA FRANCES, San An elo EPPERSON, LORETTA BEATY, San Angelo FREEMAN, JACK, San Angelo GIBBS, HAROLD CRAIG, San Angelo GUTHRIE, ORY KENNETH, San Angelo HAMILTON, LAWRENCE M., Estherville, Iowa HAMPTON, L. C., Centre, Ala. HARTGROVE, SHULTZ A., Jr., San Angelo HASTY, KENNETH, San Angelo- HASTY, RICHARD CREED, Sdn Angelo R HATHORN, JACKIE LEE, Port Neches, Texas HILL, EVELYN BARBEE, San Angelo HUFFMAN, WILLIAM WARDEN, McCamey JACKSON,.DEUARD E., San Angelo JOHNSON, CECIL B., San Angelo I LACY, LA GENE, San Angelo -51? Council, V. Pres., Pres. Lambda Tau, Student Council Rep., is , Little Theatre, Rept. MSM, WRA, Panhellenic Council, Cheer- leader, Homecoming Duchess ai' ' X51 ff. R YOUNG, SAM WAYNE, San Angelo Major: Petroleum Eng., Math 8. Eng. Club. Na! P' LOYD, THEODORE REX MC CABE, DOUGLAS TRUITT, Colorado City MC DONALD, FRED E., San Angelo MARTIN, JEWEL REBA, San Angelo MUVDI, HARB GABRIEL, Bethlehem, Jordan NlLssoN, NoEL NED, sun Angelo NlLssoN, WILFRED lBILLl E., sun Angelo POPE, BERNARD QBILLYJ ERNEST, San Angelo PULLMAN, THOMAS E., San Angelo ROBERTS, NORMAN DEAN, Robert Lee SCONIERS, NEAL EDWARD, Iraan SCOTT, ROY DON, Lake View SHIELDS, LEWIS RAY, San Angelo THOMASON, BILL M., Brownfield TINSLEY, PAUL JASPER, San Angelo TOWNSEND, CLARENCE N., Snyder UHERIK, RICHARD FRANK, sun Angelo WALKER, BOBBY JOE, San Angelo WALLACE, JAMES LAWRENCE, San Angelo WALLACE, NANCY ANN, San Angelo WARRICK, MARIE R., Segonia, Texas WEBB, ROBERT DOSS, San Angelo WEBB, WILLIAM LAWRENCE, Stanford WILLIS, HARVARD LEE, Austin WOLFF, CHARLES THOMAS, San Angelo WOLFF, HENRY ERNEST, JR., Ballinger ZSCHACH, PAT, San Angelo Glam R ill I Phi Theta Kappa officers smile. Accounting causes bent backs. 25 Hmm Mary Phillips, Educational Director Mr. l. E. DuBose . . B.S. Abilene Christian College MAE' Unlzelisnybqf ggsggfrgf Nursin M.S. South Dakota State B.S. rom o um ua 9 Shiela Barry Mary Ellen Davenport Bitsy lankforcl Randa lee Nutt San Angelo San Angelo San Angelo San Angelo Sophomore Freshman Sophomore Billy Pope Anna Stoepler Jimmy Sparks Jge Trimble San Angelo Blackwell E I p Sophomore So homor cg e ass san Angelo P 9 Sophomore r . 1 9 Nolan Adams R05el'f Babb Donna R. Brosig ' Bruce Greene Rankin Sdn An9el0 Paint Rock Douglas, Michigan John Gussett Richard Hamby Louis San Migue M I M ' Old Bridle, N. J. Sans Angelo Laredo argsglderoore s me s b James Plagens John Rodriguez Alton Spears Carolyn Spider WGN, Freshman Wall, Freshman San Angelo Eden, Freshman Freshman -nun -isp, Bob Wood Maribel Vogel Jackie Wallin Roger Wiginton Lucy Kate Wilson Brady, Freshman Doole, Texas San Angelo Paint Rock San Angelo Freshman Freshman 5 2 2 A 1 S i ! E 9 1 E 'Pei' """'T'5""""""'l" ,,L...,,.... I A .nr , ,-, I V .....-. Y -- - :.--- -1 ' "1- .z:,:,-I-.,i.p'3 ':.'.',-,-jf," 92312: . 1 ,JE .fs ' , .. 5' 77 ET-. . P' ' .Q.,,.4I-11' , 1: -5' 12:1 133--3 A I , ,uf-' 11,-a,,, .r .1- -.,.. if gt' 4 .. -- .. .- .A :Q ,ai - A ,5 1 . iz J ii ,. 5 Q: 5 -N S: '. ' 'S uf . . rx N I" "fx - - SY NW E .X , " -. ,. a- . '- . -f - Q.. x ' . ' I " .4-:I 'v' -- 2. , . -. -. 1 , -1-.' qv" f. .'v. ' -1' '4..f -. A-..x.. . . agglgfb-pg-3?-f.-yy'-. . ,Q-rue. - wi ' Qvwseweb ' ':- ,' Q 'Q ww-at ..'1'5!" S . H- . 4 . , 5 Q'-, "-. , .,, Q: ..s ? ' Q. , ' ' N. - -1 'izbiziaaszfaa-aleh -- i M ,- 5 . 'ma w Q ' W ' .. an . . -2 f. A 'L "iw, S " "N, Y -ff ' f- N' Nw. . f N-. Hi, 'I' 'Xi 355i-?f+1:fVk?1f3S4 N t .. 'f?-Sg:fM-.'4gtGwS:-":'.s-ww-sail: :Ps Q-.wJg.'5:v6:'o:-23:-f-LQ., : 5 ,Hg3.4..,.,. -' " ,Q .Q - ' v ' ::g f :sg ix s i D :E ' 3 ,TL Al Q5 , fs P 1 I , , ff2:f:f:2:s'-:1:i1f- . 24 9 . . .L 4 K. 'ig-Being, , .gc - 3 . 29 X Billy Nemir-Kneeling, Class President, Jerry Kay Mills, Student Council Representative, and Nikki Langley, Secretary. Bob Henderson, Vice-president Mary Ellen Watkins, Treasurer Mrs. Westerman R. B. Dooley .lacquie Clecker, Reporter .rink H V-g. . - a-n--- '- - ..':'. .M -- - -f"' Anthony, Jesse F. Monahans Armour, John J. J San Angelo Arnold, Audrey Glen Fort Stockton Atkins, Clay Fisk Christoval Attaway, Mary Beth San Angelo Balderas, Marcus San Angelo Baldwin, Ruth Ann San Angelo Beckham, Barbara Sonora Becknell, Helen Ann Big Lake Behrens, Joan LaRue San Angelo Berry, Carol Sue Ballinger Biedermann, Marie San Angelo Bilderback, Barbara San Angelo Binyon, Michael lee San Angelo Bird, T. J., Jr. Merkel, Texas Boggs, Tommy Roger Dallas Bostl H. E., Jf. San Angelo ' is Bowen, Carolyn Joyce Miles . Boyd, Barbara Lynn 4 .ef EQ 'Sf , 1 x Adams, Nolan G., Jr Rankin, Texas Adkins, Donald Glen San Angelo Aillet, Betty San Angelo Alexander, Billy Bronte Alexander, Shearley Faye San Antonio fr 5 is X.. X ww X N R X X R E X ts X .Xe-,E f ix X X XX X , x N X NN XX 1 vi Q se X ' X XX X SX Q X 5 Xe , ,V :Q ia Q S M S xx X XX X XS X V4 9 V 'alia 1 X XSM11 X xx G eview QNYS9 Bradley, Patsy Sue ' 1 Es O e X ,,.,, -Xe 3: . X man X U 1 A r Clawson, Nova Yvonne Comanche Cleckler, Edwin Nicky Roscoe Cleckler, Jacquie L. ' Roscoe Coffee, Bob Milton Snyder Coker, Ted Dwain San Angelo 'W , f ,X t , , - W , ,u l ,flglci nf . if i I , 7 4 4X2 ! Q Brandenberger, Jeanne Mason Brenek, Victor Gary San Angelo Bridges, Sharon Lynne Wall Brown, Betty Jean Rising Star, Texas Brown, Margaret Ann San Angelo Brown, Stanley Ray Rankin Burgin, Barbara Joan Junction Burk, leon Aubrey San Angelo Burson, leora Nell Robert Lee Byrd, James Oran Wingate Calvert, Barbara Anne Odessa Carle, Charles Allen San Angelo Carle, Elizabeth D'Ann Houston Carroll, Susan Menard Charles, Eloise San Angelo Chesshir, Barbara Brownfield Choate, Sharon San Angelo Clark, James Sidney Eldorado Clary, Alfred James Wilson, Texas Clawson, Mary Jo Robert Lee C .WV . C X C Q sscs . X S. ., . Xxx, S xi. N ww ' cc: ff X..xsvX A u X X X X S xx Q X X R xQ X N misc , C XQQ- .5 S - r s X BB X N N Rx X N 'ix -- N ix X 'W Q sc if ss X J ix y vs ,N sq, is ,X F . 5 N -x S Q I Q . x . es S f c s X gs' N N - 2 5 Sv x X X X l x Q S X, X Currie, Charlotte Colorado City Davis, Robert San Angelo Dempsey, Donald Ray Dallas C D'orris,lRobert Clark E San Angelo Duggan, Robert Boyd San Angelo Dunn, Carll Briscoe San Angelo Dusek, Dennis Gene San Angelo ' l Edwards, Helen louise Knickerbocker Edwards, Ronald Douglas Levelland Eggemeyer, Wilbert Gene San Angelo Evans, Dorothy Suzanne San Angelo Farmer, Stephen Andrews Featheringill, Edward Olton, Texas Ferrell, Mary Willette Robert Lee Finlay, James Kent Fife, Texas Flynt, William Harvey Ballinger U V ' Foster, Shirley San Angelo Franklin, Howard Elton Stamford Franklin, Rupert William Bronte Frederickson, Charles H San Angelo Y ii - Q. Q- , , . SV x . 41"f9?', - f ,iff .- iff '1?3l'iiw1'ai., 1 . fs . l 5-Aysggs S my 1- - .X s X on ff , 5: 4 5, 4 X. 1 X me , K -1 Cf., Q, 4 1 W I ,S 'K 4 WW Q 5 f ,Xxx asf' s 2 Q X3 4' ew t TWH , . ' SS gs 3 Q45 , rg ,gr es E' C - , , C sgzmvf -.W :'Qs..,f- ' , ..iae-Wi W, W H , X Rae, , , '.: Y K " wr... . A -,r , e, -:V ' - ' " V ,riffs ,234-3 . Q X wmv- ,C . ' -4 -A ff. Sf? ' ' . , 'iff :fi Coleman, Billy Gene Miles Cook, Wanda Nell Blackwell Cox, Curtis Daniel Abilene Cox, Glenda Sue San Angelo Cryer, Bobby Clyde Houston plum, X fx 'X - - gs , l fu: , wi 1:13 ,, 1! ' 1 . 4 ,Q ,, . .. :,. .953 . Q 4 ,x,- C t 4 l l!l fill - W . D rt .Q 'L ai .1 I' 1' l lg" L . " " l I ia' 1 l f' A ' Hollway, Robert L. San Angelo Holman, Barbara Floe Colorado City Holmes, Doris June Big Lake Horn, Wanda Pearl Lakeview Horner, Ross San Angelo 'CJ' Fuentes, Jimmy San Angelo Fulghum, Donald Paul San Angelo Gailey, Elesynna San Angelo Garvis, Beverly ' San Angelo Gary, Travis Ray Brady Gentry, Eugene Mitchell Bronte Gill, Oscar Finous Lakeview Green, Roy Wayne San Angelo Greenwood, Danna Lee Big Spring . Guess, Arlelle San Angelo Hall, Carolyn Beth Snyder Hambrick, .Beverly Jo McCamey Harris, Dixie Carol Lakeview Harwell, Voleta Mae Robert Lee Hemphill, Kenneth Ray L Pear Valley, Texas Henderson, Bobby Jack Denison Hicks, John Whayne Brady Hipp, Shirrell Don San Angelo Hoelscher, Clifford San Angelo ' Holden, Orbry Dean Lakeview Hunt, .lo Nell Rocksprings Hunter, John Thomas Eolcz Hurn, Herb Rankin Irish, Martha Ann Brady Jacks, Jim Dick Eden Jackson, Leona Joan San Angelo Jacobs, Florence Ellen San Angelo James, Wanda Judy San Angelo Jameson, Carl Everett San Angelo Janek, James Neal San Angelo Jarrott, Ira Earl San Angelo Jernigan, William Kenneth San Angelo Johnson, Jerry Albert San Angelo Johnson, Sidney Wallace Snyder Jones, Roland Clayton Santa Anna Jordan, Carroll Ray San Angelo Kasberg, Leonette Miles Keeton, James W. San Angelo Kennon, lovie D., Jr. San Angelo Key, Sybil Fern Son Angelo Hrbacek, Jimmie Ray Roscoe Hudgens, Zona Ruth San Angelo Huff, Harrell l.ea San Angelo Humphrey, Tommy Dee San Angelo Hunger, Nettie Jo Junction if by v-"4 , X in E' 1 X .xl McCord, Carolyn June Eden McDonald, Kathryn Elgine Miles McDougall, Janet Ann San Angelo McGarrity, John Renice Cdessa McLaughlin, Charles C., Jr Eldorado E4 SX ii f if . X X X vx,. 1-ws., W -N L kfiws wi. . K :rf JJ ' .9 y 5 Z 524-'vgek -X J' J S ' Q XX ii? Xi si il X - My ,ex K 1 X X Q. ,fx E xx K x N X X N . X x N V .Y L ,Ffh in 11"-'If' fini il 'L wigs Kiesling, Herman E. Miles Kincaid, Gwyna Marie Kermit King, Betty Jean San Angelo Kirkham, Edwin Oliver Lakeview Kirkpatrick, Ma rillyn Water Valley Kitchens, Patricia San Angelo Kloesel, Rose Marie Miles Kothmann, Barbara Ann Mason Kothmann, Seth Daniel Menard ' Langley, Nicole Vaea Sanatorium Lay, Duey Edmund Lakeview Leatherwood, Mary Kay San Angelo Lee, Barbara Marie Vick 4 Lefevre, Jefflyn Ann Coleman Lopez, Maria Herlinda Doole Lowrance, Carol Lois Lakeview McAlpine, Harlan Eldorado McBride, Nona B. Water Valley McCIanahan, James Edward San Angelo McCleery, Robert Bryan San Angelo Li, S, ' AXX X X E L X . ,N AX ax Q g ,X .cw ,Q X X X, awww X.. ss A .QNXQL x x Q X N . , ss, , X X SQ X X N S3 X NX N sk X X X N X X 3 X x N X X X S .- X is A XXX X L ' X . X N K s ax XS Q K N LXNSE ,X y L X-of-Nqr X Xxx fi? 1 N S X :QS E .X I Q .AW Ny. McLean, W. T. T. . B"?dY . t K V -Rfiiyl , ya McMillan, Jimmy Dean A f gf " " as ' 'Sli f ,Jeff-f.:1:ffffgV.. San Angelo ' gh, McSpadden, Charlotte Ann C Rankin X 1 f Meekevf Pessv Jeanne x B y 3 I C Martin, Tommy Roy X it 1 2 L af Mason Martin, Eddie Curtis Mertzon Mayes, Thomas Mike Roscoe Melton, Paul Marvin Christoval Menchaca, Elias San Angelo Miller, Robert Bernard San Angelo Mills, Jerre Kay Big Lake Mills, Joel Albert San Angelo Minton, Frank Snyder Minzenmayer, William Winters Mitchell, Paul E., Jr. Lubbock Mittel, Martha Dean Sonora Moore, Charles K., Jr. San Angelo Moore, Norman Dalton Clute, Texas Nail, Jean Adon San Angelo Neeper, Marcia Ann Sweetwater Nemir, Billy Don Roscoe Norcross, Sylvia San Angelo Nossent, Margaret Ruth Big Lake Nowlin, Joyce Jane Placid, Texas Oglesby, Blanks W., Jr. San Angelo A. 4 +?'f:. S me S S " 3 . Q.: N s X ' fi ,nv-X S 3 T.. I C 3.5 yn Q, 53. X X X SA X it -. ' x is W , R Nc RX X X mob- Q .W- N NX , 3 A r 4 2 " .2 . , A' s x-. A f 1 r .C v 4 t 'X' LJ ' 4 1 1 1 A 'fi -e-' .B . X 1 xt E X M. ie A 2 5 2' Jf' f L A l 'S' A 4 as R 4 Schwartz, John Ernest San Angelo Schwartz, Marilyn Scott, Neil Anderson San Angelo Seagler, Everett Dwayne San Angelo San Angelo ff' 7' K s Shahan, Helen Marie McCamey Parmer, Sunny Gail San Angelo Patton, Patty Neal Coleman Petty Glindell A. Sweetwater Petty, Joe Van Ballinger Pfeiffer, Arvid Kay Miles Phillips, George Warner San Angelo Poteet, lewis Stanley Big Lake Prueitt, Harold Don Hamilton Ray, Edwina Christina San Angelo Reece, Esther laverty San Angelo Reed, Frankie Gene Winters Reese, Robert Charles Ballinger Reiff, Dee .lay Mentor, Kansas Robertson, Behrl I.. Lubbock Roche, Van Gordon, Jr. San Angelo Roe, Charles William Snyder N Rogers, Patricia Gail Mason Rowe, Ronnie Byron Balmorhea Sanders, Marvin San Angelo Schoppa, Mary Ann Vernon .1 , ., .fs H f p- xx f X r X Q MX wx v X s X f W Q X X RVN X Smith, Bill Menard Smith, Boyd Wayne San Angelo Smith, Mary Edna Colorado City Stewart, Reuben Dal San Angelo Straach, Barbara Jane Miles - Strother, Carolyn San Angelo Stuart, Carolyn Rae Ozona Sullivan, Mary Kathleen San Angelo Swindoll, H. laVaughn Menard Tankersley, Wm. Charles Mertzon ' Tate, Pauline Snyder Taylor, Helen Kaye Eldorado Taylor, Norma Yvonne Breckenridge Thompson, Alan Dean Sweetwater Tidwell, Nina Carol San Angelo Tounget, Billy Clyde Christoval Tweedle, James Edwin San Angelo Vickrey, Betty Larkin Abilene Wade, Jesse Sidney, Jr. lraan Warner, Joan Colorado City Shelton Charles Ray San Angelo Simmons Horace Donald 1 San Angelo M ,K Simpson Mary l.ou O Donnell P Y San Angelo Slsk Carl Wayne I - . ,gg A 'qw fixup, f flfgj ff i " - I J, '12-if if-' AJ' . Sl e, M rna Ann . Q: f,i - 'TQ 2?-1,1 H W " ' S - 1 f, 1 -A if-.51 545- I 3 fqlm. San Ange o - ,H r -,I ., "- -f "-. .ka Wortham, Glenn Smith Sweetwater Wuemling, Gloria Jean San Angelo YOUNG, Myrtle Irene Uvalde Zedlitz, Virginia Ruth Ballinger Zesch, Ann Larraine Mason Waters, Nila Jean San Angelo Watkins, Mary Ellen McCamey Watkins, William James Llano Watley, Virginia Lee High Point, N. C. Webb, Bobby Clay Bronte Webb, Buster Brown San Angelo Weise, Patricia Annie San Angelo White, Charles Wesley San Angelo White, James Robert San Angelo White, Wimley Sweetwater Whittenberg, Johnnie San Angelo Whittley, Hubert San Angelo Wicker, Priscilla Ann San Angelo Wiginton, Clyde Gail Doole Williamson, Ronald Thos Graham Willis, Don David Brady Willis, Sandra San Angelo Wills, Helen Ruth San Angelo Wilson, Lucy Kate Sweetwater Wink, Jon Donnell San Angelo 71144 '4 Wim K WHO ARE THEY? Not always are they the students 'whose names are constantly in the limelight in school. They are the students who spend much of their time making San Angelo College what it is. They are the students who, though. intent upon getting an educa- tion, take time out of their busy lives- to help break the trail for future students to attain an education. They are the students who lead in school activities, quite often without specific recognition. ' i They have as their qualifications scholarship, leadership, and character. It is people like them who form the foundation of a school, a community, and a great nation. Odie Faulk, Sophomore, Phi Theta Kappa, Dean's Honor Roll, Future Teachers, Spanish Club, Stu- dent Council, Junior Rotarian. I A E - It T . ,Q fy ' 3 g , Yi 1 f V J' I 'xt-l. Betty Burson, Sophomore, Sophomore Class Sec- retary-Treasurer, Future Teachers of America Reporter, Women's Recreation Assn. Historian, Baptist Student Union and Distributive Education Club, Carr Hall House Council, Foster Scholar- ship. 42 ',l ,rl -all Molly Sullivan, Freshman, Phi Theta Kappq, Dean's Honor Roll, San Angelo Symphony Or. chesfral A Cappella Choir, Little Theatre, Creq- tive Writers, Mathematics and Engineering Ramettes. I Frank Trevino, Sophomore, Dean's Honor Roll, Ram Association, Basketball Team, All-Pioneer Conference Basketball Player, only athlete on Dean's Honor Roll. E Lyr Ka I Tre Rel del Fla Spa Rec shi, Pu Eden l ni! Co Ch So KQPPQ nl' Ori re h 1 C Q r Roll, ioneer ate on l Lynda Kay Parsons, Sophomore, Phi Theta Kappa, Dean's Honor Roll, Vice-President and Treasurer of Future Teachers, Vice-President of Religious Council, ,Vice-President of Baptist Stu- dent Union, Carr Hall House Council, Ramettes Flag Bearer, Student Council Representative for Spanish Club, Sophomore Favorite, Women's Recreation Assn., Delta Kappa Gamma Scholar- ship. PM YoUn9f Sophomore, Dean's Honor Roll, Pres- gel? l-dmbda.Tau, Treasurer Freshman Class, m: Sgt Council, Little Theatre, President Sum- V tudent Council Cheerleader Panhellenic Cou ' ' . ' QCII, Women's Recreation Assn., A Cappella gholrf H0mecomirtg Duchess, Carr Scholarship, 0Pl10more Favorite. Sarah Oatman, Sophomore, President of Student C0UnCil, Lambda Tau Parliamentarian and Stu-' dent Council. Representative, Ramettes, Little Theatre, Distributive Education Club, Women's Recreation Assn., Candidate for Homecoming Queen. ' Alex Nisbet, Sophomore, Phi Theta Kappa Pres- ident, Dean's Honor Roll, 3.0 grade average in 55 hours, Treasurer of Spanish Club, Chemistry Lab Assistant, Mathematics and Engineering Club, San Angelo Symphony Orchestra, Ram Horns, Dixie Kats, SACsters, Sophomore Favorite, Bausch-Lomb Scholarship. Margarete Dehnel, Sophomore, Phi Theta Kappa, Dean's Honor Roll, Sigma Alpha Chi President, Texas Intercollegiate Press Assn. Treasurer, Press Club, Women's Recreation Assn., Panhellenic Council, Third Most Photogenic, Nominee for Homecoming Queen and Miss Charm, Rambouil- let Editor, Ram Page Freshman Editor, Newsfoto Scholarship, Best Dressed Girl at SAC. .i Q! Doris Massey, Sophomore, Phi Theta Kappa, Dean's Honor Roll, Ramettes, Panhellenic Coun- cil, Carr Hall Council Historian, Religious Coun- cil President, Women's Recreation Assn. Vice- President and President, C o m m e r cial Club Secretary and President, Sigma Alpha Chi Pres- ident and Secretary, Student Council Treasurer, Freshman Favorite, Miss SAC, Candidate tor Miss Charm, Veteran's Scholarship. W nl Sophomore, Phi Theta Kappa, Elgin: Hoheor Roll, President Home Economics Club, Vice-President Sigma Alphd Chl, A C013- pella Choir, Little Theatre, RUNGHQS, W0m9n5 Recreation Assn., Baptist Student Union. f X ,gifs G -e-' ., J , Pri . kiwi.: 'S lp fl ,. of 3' 'Sf' 525' o n Ken Schulze, Sophomore, Sophomore Class Re- porter, Assistant Dorm Director, Treasurer of Methodist Student Movement, Press Club Presi- dent, Ram Page, Assistant Editor Rambouillet, Commercial Club, Mr. SAC, Massie Scholarship. satire W " .ff'1fs'f?i we .x ex,-.K X -S a 9 I9 Ruth Breazeale, Sophomore, Dean's Honor Roll, Miss Charm, Student Council, Women's Recrea- tion Assn., Ramettes, Spanish Club, Phi Theta Kappa, Sophomore Favorite, Lambda Tau, Pan- hellenic Council. x sfskxkwc X .vx X C N I Nicole Vaea iNikil Langley, Freshman, Dean's Honor Roll, Secretary Freshman Class, President French Club, Sigma Alpha Chi, San Angelo SYmphony, San Angelo Art Club, C r e a t i v e Writers. Peggy Mackey, Freshman, Phi Theta Kappa, Deans Honor Roll, Women's Recreation Assn., Commercial Club, Vice-President and President of Baptist Student Union, Reporter Freshman Class. A Rita Beth McCutchen, Sophomore, Ramette Sec- retary-Treasurer, Lambda Tau Secretary-Treas- urer, .Lambda Tau Secretary, Press Club Secre- tary, Miss Charm Candidate, Rodeo Queen Candidate, Student Council, Carr Hall Reporter, Women's Recreation Assn., Freshman Favorite, Football Sweetheart, Head Cheerleader. The headaches and complications of registration at Jo Fuller, a mid-term transfer student from TCU qi'Y.Q.,',fs,f1:gf,n33-1' Sammye and Bitsy Lankford enter the Main building as registration of new students begins. San Angelo College are demonstrated throug l a After filling out forms in the Registrar's office, Sammye goes to her counsellor in the library. Before getting in line for their registration, S a m m y e and , Bitsy discuss the courses and instructors. After completing the final draft of her schedule, Sam- mye visits Mr. Black to see how much she must pay. Gosh, you'll must think I am a millionaire! l I Every girl must keep her hair combed. Let's get us a coke before we 46 Mr. Don Irwin checks Sam- mye's m a i o r requirements with her tentative schedule. - I hope my estimate is right, I can't afford any more lab fees. You mean that I don't have to pay that much! Why can't that wave stay in place. WhY CGW? People go around bald headed? h the series of p-ictures of Sammye , Sammye contemplates while trying to find a good course to replace the Biology which would not fit into her schedule. Good, I can't get in class with- out my class cards. I e s I sure hope the bookstore has some good used books with all the answers in them, x s P A' I tftffs i gf: - .4-'-, infill 1 .,, - N V ., , '- 'wig 'lc'-N -RTT: I f 1 egg 5 "iff -ZZ" i f L31 ' ' I if e g.-fi. 6 ' tl ' X -' li' 'iuvf wc-i4:+i', 2 'i.5xl'2,'s in 1, . I'S. , I leave. OIWY? Good, you are in my English class. :game I thought I w o u I d never get en' through filling out forms. L" 1'-viltmsan-G-rf Lev :cf--w fjrrfz-r4P:"e .M rn-We hile 'rse lich her rh- JS Nw ss Mrs. R. C. Crawford makes herself a lovely dress for her husband, the Colonel. Jlame Za N mcgzrgsurfvfen Gnd Ruth Breazeale compare material, prices, and colors before they bu to make themselves pretty new dresses for the coming season. 9 frm 'QW' Nell Cook looks lovely in her new dress. ff 'X f She models all in white. I Z yd .Uh wr. P ga 4 . ' is 5 . ,Q I TK 5 L-x lib "wh-,f'i ON A o lk. N if! tg l Af - 45" lf." ,U i . 1' I 'O' A ! J I - 2,-1' t 1' J, s ' . 5 S- sal Three little SAC girls don't know why-but being initiated makes them sigh. Being blindfolded and getting lost, is what happens when Lambda Taus boss. Mary Ellen is having her chest X-rayed with Dr. Crosslin's P.E. classes. She "ain't got nuthin' " but meanness the matter with her. f 1 , QA' N ' lq.!1lxL' kk ' sipfvx-glfifnsilii-gZ"iy ,, l x h Y. l J Q' ,I Av f Robbie takes a sun- , N 3' 'l f bath on a cold De- , if N' ' cember clay. Bitsy Kirkpatrick and Norma Wren take part in a Home Economics style show. They are wearing dresses they de- signed and made themselves. Short sleeves for spring and comfort and long sleeves for winter warmth are shown. The Dean is welcomed at Goodtellow Field. 48 x sses. She f" tx Sororities begin to rush students. 8 lt's really a hard- climb, getting to be a Ramette. "N"N-- X K . sq Y , ,xr . .-..-mksswi XJR ff Being in the band is fun. Sign- ing UP for speech. Watch it, Jan. if l Itfs that special "hair do." J x .-. , 2, -R. .Q -. - gas "Don't fence me in, says first semester Ram Page editor." l Mr. Irwin meets land impressesl new students at President's reception. Write that letter home to "Mom" for boy friendj. J,,5 ,. 'Q . ik ., I' Q .ss 1 f 'Q X 1 l l :Au ,. ,-Y-R-T., ' W ..,... ,,B3r: xc.- 'ifl -13' - --' 17 " U A- " sau 5LNioilRll g!lll""0N JL? lil J X to fff 'Tig l ,Q Egg l fir A Welll Maggie's the boss with the annual. Looks like fun at a ball game. Phil George gives two cigars when it is This little George will grow up to be a great big basketball player. a boy. Q W r l . ga V X8 l , l 1 50 These young ladies were finalists in the Homecoming events. Jefflyn Le- Fevre, Jerre Kay Mills, Barbara Bran- ham, Pat Young, and Patty Patton. 4 Officers of the Ex-Students As- sociation carry out a good pro- gram at the Homecoming. Y 1... Just look at that Aggie dance! B6 To Sa ch0Q naflc M281 GI dev0l featll lege seled subm count feceit the l A minds Publi' clude taste, hair 1 Car comm menfi Sue L Adon na f Dehni garer ... , - .... sis ii2i?sf9i2 4 Best Dressed Girl To Be Picked Today San Angelo College today Chggse- its' "Best Dressed Girl" for national competition in Glamour Magazine. Glamour will feature in an issue devoted entirely to college fashions, featuring the ten "Best Dressed Col- lege Girls in America." They will be selected by Glamour from candidates submitted by colleges all over the country. Each of the ten winners will receive a "Best Dressed" award from the fashion magazine. A few of the points to keep in mind, according the Lucia Depew, publicity manager of Glamour, in- clude a nice figure, neatness, good taste, appropriateness of dress, and hair style. Candidates, chosen by a selection committee of the journalism depart- ment, include: Jeri Kay Mills, Betty Sue johnson, Suzanne Evans, Jean Adon Nail, Sylvia Norcross, Eleysan- na Gailey, Ann Zesch, Margaret BEST-DRESSED GIRL Voting will be by official A I: ballot only and will be void M if not in by noon, Feb 25 ' " S 1 Ballot box outside of journal ism room. CANDIDATES Sylvia Norcross Sylvia Norcross was chosen second best girl. She wears sweaters and pencil fhin skirts. Dehnel, Marily Schwartz, and Mar- garet Brown. Betty Sue Johnson Ann Zesch Jeri Kay Mills Betty Sue Johnson Suzanne Evans Jean Adon Nail Sylvia Norcross Ann 'Zesch Margaret Brown Marilyn Schwartz Margaret Dehnel Eleysanna Galley Marilyn Schwartz Marilyn Schwa rtz was chosen third for her dainty blouses and g i rl is h full skirts. Jerre Kay Mills Jean Adon Nail Elesyanna Gailey Margaret Brown Suzanne Evans v:fg'sf.i'r'? ff Rogers Spanish Club Irene Young Home Economics Ann Zesch Suzanne Evans Helen Wills Ramettes French Club Future Teachers Voleta Harwell Concho Aggies an ff fig 5 L14 Qlaaam !V g Elysanna Galley Pre-Clinical Nurses Ma rgarefe Dehnel Press Club Barbara Lee ' Doris Massey R' e ' M h . . , , U :fa McCutchen Lee Allen at and En9'nee"'n9 5'9mU AlPha Chi Womens Recreation Assn. Disfributive Education M C r C ,L r .Q lil. , ff ke ' '- , , Ai f , 0, - 1' ff V Q , fm, A x x V' ' xv Q 1' .5 X 1 - i Lk..:. . ,YA so ' - lun Officers of the Student Council, seated Don Witherspoon, president. Standing, left to right: Margaret Brown, secretaryp Eddie Kirkhanjf re- i porter Dons Massey treasurer Sarah Oatman vice president. i The Council holds two picnics andf two dances each year. lt also fur- nishes Christmas trees for the dorms and 'mistle- toe ball. Portrayed here is the Carr Hall tree. Magazines h-old down the branches un- til the girls decorate it. MRS. WESTERMAN Sponsor 4 K 2 3 'r , A SPR' N 1 , s. . .ww .ww g 1 ,5- Q s . 1-Q -ss- " X X . --it s-AST' i ' cs ksgw mv ,Q ' sk xx , X ss QS , X . .5 A I , . - s pi j Q52-'Qi xl X f . N Q s M X - 0l ga . . ,. xc f:?b'f:12 +5411 F 4. 71Q 5"-32 'EFT ,Q 27-f1fE'.-Q7-fl , 2-1-f l - R: 7f"'f4f-iii-2? "' ' 1 ,Q ., - Q , ' aw C , ,, I4 - 1 '.-' ,V , 94, ' W' .,,"' Q 'f , +7 "W" W1-,--. , 'f - KM 'X W . r L s lx 'I V m.9gg,3 ,. f: iff K.. . I I, ., J: , 72: 7? f,55" ' 4: ff f..,: .wg -' ,:,.4y'f ,4..1rLw,. J- "gp f f f -v . -5 1 R 3 7 1- Q, my T' V 4 . -, -cf ff, f f y 1, Q E Alex Nisbet Mary Sue Brafton Doris Massey president lst Sem. Vice-Pres. 2nd Sem. Vice-Pres. Q f"'9Pj::y1y',,,y -1 f 1 V, ,,-,qw-...Q 5.--gg. ' iff7ffrJZ3?5g,.,?5!?2wf , fi, Zfgifgje ,J -. 'ffm F4 fy K -. as-fr 49 A - 'M ,' ,fs ,'.1.- f:' :fini-elf , . Q 4:1,.1t'f f 15. ff: Z7 - , 45573-,gf . , 43. ,Z V. A. . ., :,, .::7,?'21Z-,--1 fff f. ,ff ,,, fs. 3' ,.. - , .,., v . - A!"- , v,. 1-Jfjb -'9 """ 4915 . 9 , . 4 x 1' I Norma Wren Recording Secretary .loan Uherik Lynda Parsons Odie Faulk Helen Carpenter Reporter Parliamentarian St. Council Rep. Historian Ruth Breazeale Margarefe Dehnel H- A- Cowan Dr- R050 Bludwoflh em Corresponding Sec. 5P0n50" fn 'DF 'Y -. , . r-A ,. A , F S- f?' Sw KJ 7 K 1 W- I 'N-s... John Leezer Treasurer l .f . 1 , xx x In 'X x , George Nibling All Ada ir I 1 9 3' SPRING INITIATES: John Cuellar, Mary Ellen Davenport, Myrna Sipe, Jo Nell Hunt, Carolyn Hall, Molly Sullivan, PBQQY Mackey, Harrell Huff. N0l Shown: Dennis Dusek, Don Wink, Voleta Harwell, Marilyn Schwartz, Ann Wwkef, Gnd ROQSV Anders X Fr0l1f l B f Rowe, 1. Sill -l . 4 Nowlll E :Q A A if Dr. Merldl Stuart, Sponsor OFFICERS: Sue Cox, vice-president, Helen Wills, reporter, Lynda Kay Parsons, treasurer, Billie Fox, secretary, Mary Sue Bratton, Student Council representative. Not pictured: , ti Earl Irish, president. ' iailmwx ' f , 5 , .4 xr . f le- , I A -fn.-. " ' ,L-.' 1 3 1. X ' A li, Q 1' f ,ff l .1 X' K Front Row, Left to Right: Helen Wills Sue Co B'll' ' B Witherspoon Bob Babb Helen Carbenter I le Fox' Mary Sue Branch' Buck Row' D M ' , , ght, Lynda Kay Parsons Mrs Rub - r, erial Stuart, sponsor Ba b , . , . y Homesleyl Dr. Floyd Boze f F ara Bilderback, Mrs. Marie Warrick, Don 56 5513-.fd UTEP: :redg 'El iglfgl' fi L." f J . F nt Row: Ralph Masterson, sponsor, Doris Massey, Mary Ellen Watkins, Jean N 'l, B b 5 . Rloclwe, Bill Magee. Second Row: Marvin Busker, Voleta Harwell, Rose Kloesel, Elcllhe Mccllsdllalld ll-llllcljfclla lllceeggll Clldlrrolll rlAHnIlZPScl1l llonme pany Rogers. Third Row: Victor Brenek, Carroll Wright, Jeanne Brandenberger, Sharon Bridges, Leonette Kasber PZ GNL iffy anon' Nowlin, Charlotte Currie, Shirley Foster, Dalton Smithwick. ' 9' ggy GC ey' oyce OFFICERS Doris Massey ........ President Barbara Straach ..... Vice-President .lo Nell Hunt ...... S. . . Secretary Ronnie Rowe. . . . . . . . . Treasurer Jean Adon Nail ...... Student Council Mary Ellen Watkins, Bill Magee .......... Reporters Ralph Masterson Sponsor Rliliftg Doris Massey President Q. . . Q Rev. Charles Bludworth Sponsor T7 Front Row: Doris Massey, president, Lynda Kay Parsons, vice-president, Dale Lawson, secretary, Mary Sue Bratton, report- er, Jean Yaggy, Student Council. Second Row: Ross Horner, Jeannie Lacy, Niki Langley, Joan Behrens, Marilyn Schwartz. Back Row: George Nibling, Tommy Wolff, Kenny Moore, Tom Henry, Rev. Bludworth. 57 rf i fi Yi y . calf s - -Cy' -, . - . d OFFICERS, Bob Franklin, mpc,-fer, Helen Carpenter Wright, secretary-treasurer, Bull Webb, president, Cly e Gail Wiginton, vice-president, Mr. Bill Chambers, SPONSOV- 7f '44 Mr. Joe Gabriel, also a sponsor of the Veteran's Association. fr E., ,.,. 3 3 - A, 'f -sdvsl f ,X . Back Row: Ben Cones, Don Witherspoon, Lester North, Franklin Robinson D S' I I D . : W her Nance. 5heff1lH'PP, Chief .leffcoat Gaul Wigunton Tom Hen Jam S h on lmmons ogg wells' Merle Johnson' Gene D0U9l"e"l7'- Mlddle Row a , , ry, es mit , All Th , F . - . - HI Carpenie' Wright, Roger Lawton, Bill Webb, Bill Chambers, sponsor. an ompson mm Row' Bob Fmnklm' Kennelh Hemphlll' Rupen Fmnklm' een 58 c - S., 1. cira x' t f 5 Ei: l fi CSS- t 1 gfclx'-." 3-1 V ra h's ICS. 'fel Little Theatre is an active group on the SAC campus. Three large plays and one or more short ones are produced each year. Don Irwin Sponsor mst ssri 1 ,4.n-f Green Grow the Lil was an outstanding pro- ! S as l l l so Q 5. J r-f Ll"51'. ' duction. Gene Grady talks with Martha Mittel in the show, "Green Grow the Lilacs." ' Cadillac The Solid Gold San Angelo College Theatre Fine Rrts Departmen 1 November l, 2 345 P- M- Faithful secretary lets boss talk on phone. The The Cast, left to Right: Blanks Oglesby, Tom Tucker, Jim Martha Mittel, Don Adkins, Talmadge Williams, Suzanne Evans, Roger Lawton, Ann Wicker, Don Dempsey, Sharon Bridges and Susie Carroll. bgllil. ,gas Just talking over the situation in "Green Grow the Lilacs." Participating in "Green Grow the Lilacs" are the members of the choir. Welch, Tom Kincaid, idle boss was very wealthy-and his secretary was bossy. The secretary takes her exercise with her boss. o '7 P ..,... ,-fix. 3,-,,....-.-.,,,.w. 3. 3. ,, . .... .QU ... ,,,,,A - . - , . . .fs H, . . Y. V 1 ' ,- -if--,:...... l Library Assistants: Edwina Ray, Nell Burson, Helen Carpenter Wright, Rose Marie Kloesel, Elaine McDonald, and Kay Feist with Miss Ruth Gray, Librarian No student can go through San An- gelo College without at one time or another entering the Library - whether to put in a few minutes studying or a few seconds to look for his friends. Term theme time always fills the Ii- brary to overflowing - this shot shows it when the term themes were already in. Lee Allen S. B. Hipp Sylvia Norcross Ken Schulze President aim Joan Behrens Roland Kerby Arnold Patton xl .ll K l . i ' .a..!g, V-4 . U f . Billy Alexander Vice-President J' th-9,1 f Curtis Cox YW!-une Eddie Kirkham if, wa-45 'R .ix X-as S Warner Phillips 'Pls Mary Ellen Davenport Secretary Margarete Deh nel Dale Luckett N , 6,5 'A' ,ch :x . 'L x l , i F3 CS P' B far X , X R. QQ W. XX w f, 'N XX X gs M . X 'scs- X l X i X 5 X ix isis S XX 'li kd Gob Franklin li. X ff X R. J. Millican Robbie Pope Dwayne Seagler Jimaileen Clark Mrs. Frances Carter Treasurer Pam Glad Sponsor Sf 'Ww- ,WI I 4 A y we Ray Shelton George Shirkey Tom Tucker Joan Uherik Chief Jeffcoat , Q- vigil. if Tl-AE. est R s EX Ax QT I1 5 I , 1- am -' ' , A if , Q ,f fjj 'VW g e fi vbtilkfpa fi 1, if Q, blyuk Q , 'E f5ff?,Y,5 el' rter 1 J t f 5 1 t F X X X X X X X 'TSX s Q 9 X M is X X X X Xs X- ,Q E '::. X-X9 X RM .s w iss 'K-S".c v' S XRS + 85X Xgglx X fit. E S ' NS? XX ' ' . A ' , W X YP' NV 4 N S ' 445 ,f F X - X X X ,fa , wr x X 'is X s a .C '-'.' X RH Q Q ab E OFFICIAL PUBLICATION' SAN ANGELO comscz Bob Franklin MUVY Ellen DUVenP0"f l-ee Allen Dale Luckett Editor first semester Co-Editor Editor second semester Cartoomst Jim Sparks ,aux Warner Phillips Feature Editor 2nd semester sports editor i Billy Alexander First Semester Sports Reporter I' Eddie Kirkhan, photographer Busiest person on the campus Gary Watson ,QT .W , .X .. Advertising Mrs. Frances Carter Sponsor i l i i l i l l ll li if li l ,l l r yi ii l ! .rQ:1- XX- X ' L.. L . N .. ' . "z"':-' "' -4 'Q " 'F - w -- ., X I: E gli 'Ji 15' qifvzxapx x 353, H A i x 1 Os ,- . J. - -Sf? Aug' . Q 4-' f . '5 fi i aa. -si sv-, Editor of the Rambouillet for this year, Margarete Dehnel searches for a picture to complete one of the snapshot pages. is X - .115 , 0 , -47.1, xc! Front Boyd, Jernig Assistant Editor, Ken Schulze, did most of the "dirty work" such as finding pictures for the class sections. l y Mrs. Frances Carter, Joan Uherik wrote the poem of Spgnsor ClBdlCG1'lOl't. Don Adkins worked mostly on the Football section. QE . I X La i ,Q l af W t l Ross Horner sold ads this year. Eddie Kirkham was the able stu- dent photographer. F-ws -,ss c:.'m,z,. ..c s., gr Q . . X X Bs Q, K , XX .fx wx N X , x if Front Row, left to Right: Willetta Ferrell, Mary Smith, Frankie Reed, Barbara Stephens, Barbara Holman, Jean Jackson, Edwina Ray, Audrey Arnold, Barbara Bo d Jac uie Cleckler Betty Read Back Row' Mr Glenn Casey, sponsor, Dan Dusek, Pete Dodge, Dennis Dusek, Boyd Smith, Mike Mays, Charles Daunis, Bill Jei?i1ilgan,cSherman Swbfford, Dale.Tankersley,- George Nibling. ' cw WX I MEMBERS of the Science Club looking over "The Tank" in the Science Lab of the new Sclience-Agricsgtulzg BU'ld'n9 Clfe George Nibling, Dan Dusek, Betty Read, Pete Dodge and Dennis Dusek. T IS I5 one l 'Wmerous expensive instructional aids in the Science Building. Y OFFICERS of the Club for '56-'57 are: President ..... Dan Dusek Vice-President . . . Pete Dodge Sec reta ry .... Betty Read Treasurer ..... Barbara Bilderback St. Council Rep ..... L. M. Henderson 65 MM W ,..., 3 G ? 1 12 .M Wife? M. ,, me . 3 . 13 'ses E Q S ew we in 9 f I 5 x , X N -Ns, MJ X s-1 s- an 1 Q 1 1 qqwah, A-mmwmf M.-www, , AIOJ' 'Iliff- ww uv if ...............-n -,...-.4944-Q yr-vain-1.-aww X45 gr YO' -e.,- G5- Q A. be-'Was' Q' J, .ZS Left to right: Don Fulghum, Carl Jameson, Carl Sisk, Gene Eggemeyer, Andy Scott, Dale LGWSOH. Roger Anderson, John Leezer, Sam Young, Harrell Lea Huff, Tommy Wolff, Bolo Duggan, James McClanahan, John Hunter, Barbara Lee, Richard Karlsson, Alex Nlsbet. AT!-I eNGl Sponsor ,iq 1 OFFICERS: James McClanahan, Vice-Pres., Dee Will Keilers, ix ,A program chrmn., John Leezer, President, Barbara Lee, .- Sec.-Treas., Andy Scott, St. Council Rep., George Hunt, " sponsor, Don Fulghum, reporter. l , Afameg Glad PROJ ECTS AND ACTIVITIES Gave United Nations Day Reception Sent Delegates to Texas Home Economics College Clubs' State Workshop on Texas Christian University Campus. Delegates: Norma Wren DAnn Carle Betty Kung Bitsy Kirkpatrick, Helen Edwards. Gave Orientation style show, "Through the Keyhole." Had Mrs Texas of 1956 as a guest of the Department. Gave tea for Home Economists in San Angelo. Marilyn Schwartz Treasurer Irene Young Student Council Rep. 'Uk 5 S Helen Edwards Sybil Key BGNY King l. Served as hostess to Dr Bernice Moore. Gave County Farm Christmas Party Served as hostess to extension groups. Assisted with 4-H contests t l Mrs. Allena Westerman Barbara Chesshlr Sponsor Bitsy Kirkpatrick 4 I 1 +17 1 Club Members Frrst Row Left to Rrght Wayne Fogle Joe Gobnel Sponsor Lee Allen Anna Stoepler Betty Burson Johnme Whrttenberg Cookre Hrncir. Second Row: bb L Sch 'd B'II AI Shernl Hrpp Van Roach Bully Tounget Bobby Webb Ross Horner Al Thompson Third Row Jerry Estes Merle Johnson, Gary Watson, Bo y . mr t, r y ex- Befry Burson says, "l'm only half here today, but enioying m y s elf anyway." stair 15, 'S Q S' 1 gfxf Q-4 left to Right-Front Row: Alex Nisbet, John Leezer, Richard Karlson, Johny Weyerts, L. M. Henderson. Second Row: Betty Jean King, Herb Hurn, Suzanne Evans, Ann Wicker, Joe Chambers, Dr. Fraser. Third Row: Ronald Miller, Niki Langley, Robert Miller, Elizabeth. Bunch, Kenny Moore. Not Shown: Geneva Hardeman, Sandra Peiser, Joan Uherik, Linda Wacker. Zlwwh 1 cc.,c jp ,, Y N, PRES, Niki Lqngley VEEP. Ahh Wltlter R A SECT. Alex Nisbel' SPONSOR Dr. Fraser F 'I W y W y L - H ' B ann" M I I I I I I I I I I n I I I , i I I I I r I I I I ,XM .I', I I , I V I l I I I If 5 li I 2 I I I Q , I . I I I 2 I I I I I I if III Back Row: Glen Wilkes, Kent Finlay, James McLaughlin, Lynn Parker, Frank Travino, Eddie Kirkham, Buddy Gibbs, Bobby Joe Walker, Lee I McKnight, Jim Sealy. Second Row: Dr. Fraser, Susan Carroll, Betty Brown, Jefflyn LeFevre, Jessie Leiia, Pete Dodge, Daniel Dusek, Roy E. I Brown, Gary McElroy, Roger Lawton, Odie Faulk, Sue Cox, Jo Clawson. Front Row: Barbara Bonner, Shirly Alexander, Bob Franklin, Mary I Fil Ellen Davenport, Lee Allen, Jimaileen Clark, Margarete Dehnel. I gf! . Il: . It , r ng. Q o 5 5 I I l I :resident Vice-president esse Leila Lil Rogers I I I I Dr. Lewis Fraser Sponsor I IA J Ii f I I I I I Sec t -T 1 BoI:eF1:3'1kIE:asurer StudentRCouncil eporter Lynda Parsons z 2 ,, ,s. is Y Q Y mnwza Though the art club does not function this year the teachers Here a picture by the well known artist, Mr. Lester, is dis and pupils are busy and they hold many art exhibits. played, Life models are often used as are real properties for still life. The classes visit and paint in- Art is probably the most popular course on the campus for adult students. Many residents of San Angelo study it at SAC and develop worthwhile hobbies, Oils, watercolor, sculpturing, Ceramics, and many other art courses are taught in this department. teresting spots around the campus and the countryside. Mrs. Tincie Hecldings, Art teacher Mr. Robert Lancaster, Head of the Art De partment. r"":-7' I- 7 7 r A-Y' W7 XX ll l f --N . . If . l - 1 . g 9 , y, , 'fp S ' f 1 '.,' ,af 'vc l . . .t . ,..,., ., an -Y' -. S . f, v 'v A .. in XX X1 S ll l I K . l fl x"-- N 47 is CX ... Front Row, Left to Right: Milton Rathbone, Jay Hawley, Milton Nickel, Don Witherspoon, Bobby Smith, Chief Jeffcoat, Arbie Phillips, Bill Thomason, Terry Dover, Ken Scott, Pinkie Gentry, Gary McElroy, and Coach Max Bumgardner. Second Row: Jackie Hathorn, Ed Featheringill, H. A. Cowan, Bernie Hagins, Doug Shep- pard, Ronnie McMullan, Ronald Adams, Gerald Loyd, Spike Dikes, Bill Schrade, Donny Hixson, and Fred Arnold. Back Row: Vonny Brown, Joe Bolton, Bob Hend- erson, Bud Montgomery, Tommy Humphries, Bill Jiles, Bill Webb, Frank Minton, Robert Webb, George Shirkey, and Lee Allen Jones. .i 4 in 1 A 'Q' ,'.,' fffwj Line Coach - Phil George Hec d Coach - Max Bumgardner Backfield Coach - Milton Rathbone -,f,,, ,,,.,. . , ,, 'H 4 'V , ,Cz 5 X . on 2 Z X s W V Sh, 3 N i g .bfi 1 r V i X 1 if it gk? A X23 X .J is , Watch her, Jacquie. T' " N use ,T-7 C, , 'mf will-3333 ' -1-u.L1 . T t .X ' fi, wi C Back Row, left to Right: Cookie Hrncir, Helen Roberts, Jacquie Cleckler, Pat Young, Sandra Peiser. Third Row: Rita McCutchen, Lynda Parsons, Doris Massey, Jo Nell Hunt, Jean Yaggy, Ruthie Breazeale, Dr. Hiawatha Crosslin. Second Row: Peggy Abbott, Nona McBride, Joyce Nowlin, Barbara Chesshir, Jo Clawson, Barbara Beckham. Nettie Jo Hunger Front Row: Nell Burson, Pearl Horn, Jan Hurley, Helen Kay Taylor, Linda Lopez, and Sarah Oatman. Girls play hard, too .-a ,. W A ' ww, Z!! '4 ' 144411. Rita and Peggy are trying to score while Sis and Jacquie guard. A I S It's been fun, now to class . . . Robbie, Joyce, Jan, Peggy, Jacquie and "Little Doc." Dr. Crosslin heads this department. Peggy goes in while Rita guards - 73 l l Seated: Payton Scott, President, Nick Cleckler, Vice- President, Louis Heinze, Treasurer. Standing: R. B. Dooley, Sponsor, John Kearney, Re- rter Howard Loveless Student Council, Bill Weath P0 I 1 erby, Program Chairman. L " flZ'IfiglQ'I"11S1'sf7' , . . .. L l,,.,, W "f IQ, l Concho 1 Aggie 'E Sweetheart ,J X Beverly Ham brick Qancfzarq' fi K fx V N ya' Front Row, Left to Right: Howard Franklin, Howard Loveless Nicky Cleckler B'll C I u I I I Dierschke, Cla en B , A d p' oemq I B b B i r ce ryan rv: fieffer, J. T. Arthur. Back Row: Herman Kiesling,nLoul?s Heilnlkle jglmlrungeglfgrlzg, Bgllzidwelflherliy' Poylon Scan' Marvin ' I U y unt, ravis Gary, R. B. Dooley. 5idneY Johnson Ch0"lie Phillips Sandra Pelser Bull Mmzenmayer Leqn Nance President Johnny Weyerfs Vice-President R. D. Johnson Secretary-Treasurer Ann Becknell R. D. Johnson QS!!! N 054' gills l 1 Q ef 2 I '41 kits! pg: Qqshf- Herman Kiesling Susie Carrol lawrence WUIIUCG Peggy Abbott Sponsor Nona McBride Payton Scott Glen Wilkes Travis Gary Jan Hurley 4. o E 5 xl . 9 1 ,fJ 4 355 sr- Q ', 4 S c ' i 0 . 4, '55, 6991: .3 5 U:-,kr- First Row, left to Right: Mary Beth Attaway, Bitsy Lankford,' Jean Yaggy, Barbara Cummings, Wanda Martindle, Martha Mittle, Carol Tidwell, Betty King, Pat Young Robbie Pope, Carol Lowrance, Norma Taylor. Second Row: Barbara Straach, Arlelle Guess, Molly Sullivan, Dorthy McClusky, Helen Wills, Virginia Zedlitz, Nancy Parks, Jean Adon Nail, Mary Ann Buchanan, Betsy Tunnel, Dixie Harris, Betty Johnson. Third Row: Johnny Weyerts, Kent Finlay, Leon Wright, Gene Grady, Pat Rink, Jim Welch Ross Horner, Alton Spears, Charles Simpson. Back Row: Charles Camp, Dwane Branham, James Plagens, Marvin Sanders, Herbert Massey, John Behren, Homer Wallace Orville Perry, Karl Schoenfield, George Nibling. 4 ' San rqngefa Gaffege Elma The San Angelo Choir, garbed in short evening dresses forthe girls and white dinner iackets for the boys, made a brilliant ap- pearance at the Texas Junior College Teachers Annual Meeting in Dallas, March 21. The meeting was held atgthe Baker Hotel on Friday night. The group made the trip in the college bus, chaperoned by Mr. Black and Miss Kathlean Earnest. The music presented was beautiful and was well received by the group. ' J S Mr. Eldon Black Choir Director ' s L Virginia Zecllitz, accompanist 76 f I I x Nolan Bryan Maru Alex I Left to Right-Top Row: Jeanne Brandenberg- er, Barbara Branham, Barbara Burgin, Mar- cus Barnes, J. D. Davis "director," Charles McLaughlin "drum maiorf' Third Row: Charles Harrison, James Clark, Alex Nisbet, Betty Su Johnson, Bill Flynt, Eddie Aiton. Second Row: Glenn Wortham, Robert Davis, Carol Sue Berry, Jack Hodges, Dee Jay Reiff, Grady Clark. First Row: Jerry Johnson, Nolan Adams, Ray Jordan, Beverly Hambrick, Bryan McCleery, Wendell Harrison. Not Pic- tured: Abel Montelongo, Johnny Lochaby, Alton Ryals, Johnny Olsen. Nolan Adams, Ray Jordan, Beverly Hambrick, Bryan McCleery. Eddie Aiton, Jerry Johnson, Wendell Harrison, Charles Robert Davis, Bill Flynt, Glenn Wortham, Carol Sue Berry. Harrison. Marcus Barnes, Betty Su Johnson, James Clark, The Ram Horns march along' Alex Nisbet. Kam Ham J Band Clit? C J. D. Davis All i f Director of i Ram Horn Band J. D. Davis "director," Jack Hodges, Grady Clark, Dee Jay Reiff. Nail, Elaine McDonald, Ann Wicker, Molly Sullivan, Arlelle Guess. The Ramettes were organized in 1952 under the sponsorship of Mrs. Frances Carter, who, with the assistance of her daughter, once a member of the Texas University Stars, planned the white leather uniforms with blue shirt and shorts and white hat and boots. She also trained the girls that year. The first group was composed of twenty-six lovely SAC girls - and the costumes were donated by Mr. Robert Carr, then a member of the college board of trustees. The Ramettes have been active at all ball games, drawing loud applause from the audiences at halfQtime for their precision drills and dance routines since l956'Ram to Right: Arlene Leifeste, Judy James, Carolyn Hall, Shirley Foster, Irene Young, Ruth Breq. zeale Zona Hudgens, Norma Wren, Jerre Kay Mills, Bitsy Kirkpatrick, Lynda Kay Parsons, Leonette W Kasberg, Sheila Barry, Charlotte Curry, Sarah Oatman, Robbie Pope, Sandra Peiser, Jean Aden left f Joan Cookr LowI'0 fo Right: Barbara Straach, Margaret Nossent, Doris Holmes, D'Ann Ca l , C I S h an Behrens, Florence Jacobs, Barbara Bilderback, Barbara Kothmann, AnheZesc?ll??Jll1andlaolNZll 0 Marilyn Schwartz, Jan McDougall, Lil Rogers, Patty Patton, Patty Rogers, Sue Bradley Carol nce Pat Kitchens, Jo Nell Hunt, Sybil Key, Betty Jean King. I M ufwq- W 'Wp""5 P .lv 'VW N1 Q . E i f 5 E fi f Z ' ,1,, ,. . Q I 4 mx Z t i l imiilii the time of their organization. This year the number has been increased to forty, with Mr. and Mrs. Carr buying new uniforms, replenishing the old, and purchasing new blue coats for all forty girls. . Dean Ruby Cox is now sponsor of the group, and Mr. J. D. Davis, director ofthe band, trains the girls in their dance steps and drills. The girls behave in a manner above reproach, sitting together in the Ramette section during the game, cheering the team on, and living at all times according to the code of the Ramettes. -7957 I III I II. I I x . iI1....I I ,I II 1 2 I I I I i I I I I I l I I I I I I I I I I I II II II 'IV il. ,. II P z II II I I 4 I 'I if I . , .. Ia I . I I II I '.. I I - I III III III II I I I I .I 'I I 'I I II II it I . I A I I l I I ' I III III I . Il I I I I I . 'S ,I I I ,f I If - I I , S . I 'F- cc ,I c I 5- mr- , Z, ifr- I iff .,,,,. . JPN, Barbara Straach, Miles, freshman, Margaret NOSSGHTI B59 Lake' flzeshlmagglllcfgli I I Holmes, San Angelo, freshman, D'Ann Carle, SGH Angelo, fres mc ' Strother, San Angelo, freshman. 1 g ":- 'A ' '1 QE-W,--Y ..,,., .3 M,,, V I Qii-7.--Q Ill? ' F I+ 4 'T iff -f H 4. - I 4 ' .1 , M ' ki-,K-4 - ff- Bifsy Kirkpatrick, Wafer Valley, freshman, Jerre Kay Mills, Big Lake, freshman, Arlene L. E , E., n V- -in ,W '- Norma Wren, San Angelo, sophomore, Zona Hudgens, San Angelo, freshman, poster, S - - , " M I ' Ruth Breazeale, San Angelo, sophomore. . - Wi X U i... ,K 7 !Fl""'I' ings- an 4 Shelia Barry, San Angelo, sophomore, Barbara Bilderback, San Angelo, freshman, Florence Jacobs, San Angelo, freshman, Joan Behrens, San Angelo, freshman. Betty Jean King, San Angelo, freshman, Sybil Key, SGH Angelo: freshmanillg HUM, ROCksprings, freshman, Pat Kitchens, San Angelo, freshmanf Many SCl1WCl'lZ, San Angelo, freshman. i .... Jean Adon Nail, San Angelo freshma - El ' - wicker, San Angelo, freshman: Mollyngulsinzex Mscgronzlcl, qwfliles, freshman, Ann Guess, San Angelo, freshman. ' nge 0' freshman' Arlelle 80 l"'? I-qu.-.- Ir- "1- ,l,., ' I l ?,f I, 'Jo rilyn l l I I 'lf fl?-' 'Q . fr ,,.-- -Qi .w.,...,,.. 3 , ? Arlene Leifeste, Llano, Judy James, San Angelo, Carylon Hall, Eldorado, Shirley Foster, San Angelo, Irene Young, Uvalde. Miss Ruby Cox Sponsor 'TFg::,5g3ggRgf 'P :www 'ET as f?4 X 'n-gm., kk A 4-'v -ci ig -.HA 1 R X mes, V3 ,Ivy C' "' -an fvlugt- -1 W -:T-'..f 4 T ig 4' in Y it i-JLW left Io Righi: Lynda Kay Parsons, Water Valley, Pahy Patton, Coleman, Lil Rogers, Menard, Sue Bradley, Coleman, Carol Lowrance, San Angelo. tgir- A? Nw- wg '-1 S Barbara Kothmann, Mason, Jan McDougall, San Angelo, Nell Cook, Blackwell, Ann Zesch, Mason, Patty Rogers, Mason. 'J :sq 5 l 4 rg Sarah Oatman Llano, Robbie Pope, Miles, Sandra Peiser, Veribest, Charlotte Curry, Colorado City, Leonette Kasberg, Miles- 81 'e' , C . P 9 l Q Susan Carroll, Rita McCutchen, Don Dempsey, Helen 5l'lCIl10f1, Und Pat Young use blue and gold pom poms at pep rally. Front Row: Jan Hurley, Pat Young, Rita McCutch en, Sandra Pleser, and Ann Becknell. Back Row: Peggy Abbot, Don Dempsey, Helen Shahan, and Susan Carroll all tr y out for cheer leaders in September. Dr. Crosslin sponsors the cheer- leaders. Back Row: Su Row: Helen Shahan, and Pat Young really stir uplenthusiasm at the pep rally before the Tarleton game. san Carroll, and Jan Hurley Center' Rita McCutchen. Front' Susan Carroll, Rita McCutchen, Helen Shahan, and Pat Young lead cheers at the Homecoming game. 82 x x 'L J san Carroll, Rita McCut Chen, Don Dempsey, Helen Shahan, and Pat YOUHQ 99' Peppy' -1 S 3 Barbc tice f' Charles bam B The gun ,,. -af Barbara Burgin and Jeanne Brandenberger prac- tice iogether. l A , 3' ' Patty Rogers, Barbara Branharn, and Jeanne Brandenberger wear colorful blue and white costumes. Charles McLaughlin, Jeanne Brandenberger, Bar- bara Burgin, and Barbara Branham pep up for the games. Barbara Burgin, Jeanne Brandenberger, Barbara Bran- ham and Charles McLaughlin make ihe band more colorful. Charles McLaughlin is the drum maior of the band. Sf' thi 1 ,Aff V' !x'l x, :Yr 9 73 ,V ki 'f" JV-s 6 J, '- N r v . f Y :If -1- Gnrgfvgf N., B t!4f1""" Th' 1'vX IW: x 'KN . . . f A , 5-Y' 1' A ,H--'., ' - 7 f-X-. , n N, , ' "V . ' .' 'f ,' ?:' f' YN" .' L' ..": Y "-.'.' ' 1 ,J . ' ,- .. , . ' w'. l ,f.,', , A ' 'Q 12, -..."- ' :'Z?"" ' A but-f 'fn 'W ": m- --. . . .- , A Q - ' - 'u 1 .f B . -S ' X253 - ,. - WF- i'..Z.':! ' ' -, 'ff vi 1:-P4 . 'TA' - , - -- 54: .,Q3,a,.g,f, s my, " 'f Lg.. ' , Q .i New :'.',.- Qaf, 1: 1f'7.c'fg'T .-- M-3, , f,g-'-: -- 7 . ff? - 15,4-'f'r1'1"? A A :fx '-"P-"-5 1 -. ,-1, ,lv - 'I-sv sas -lg' ,- 'lla' '4 W 1-'Lf' . "5 - ' " YJ'-' P'. " -f-f.f-.f.:f,A- 0. - . V' ' 1 f,'f:'-r- 'g C C- X. '- Is?-1.-f- wa s-.-' --',4'lH , - l'U,, -'I 'Y' ,F .. ' 44-' r " ffm- ' xl. 'L ' N. no xk' '- , . bg 1 1 1 'NR ,4 .. N- x X, ,. . Z-7 r. - '-1: 1--,' Qpv- 'BV' fn-..-,-., 2 ' Mfr, w . , , . v A . . 'ff,tQi. X' - - - Q "'f"1 -' " ' "ia . ' A. - .mr J'-A 1. . f .21-W ff... .-'qi' ' 3' '- -J-. ' 'JI f' .' 'EJ '-' f"""'v" ' -'S -5 'll ,1-- FA , ,. 1. ,'.f N 'ft' 4. . . J- C . -F ,,... -1, .Hug ,D J. 't',"'r. ' sf ' . 'Fi x '31, ' ' , '- ' ' - fri, ,-'- ,.. gn tux- ,g - .,,,- :x ' , w .E . ,,..-" 'KP-f g ,g. '1 r- , -f'I1"1' ' T. JL. . , ' ,v W 9. v . K5 0 J qw' 9 'Y -4 ' ',, is , 1 s '32- -qn X x WAI 301 ILA' Q ing' 5' Il V yfy-14 1 -0' Jac 5 7-.4 Fl .1-, ,- 4 ' 'N' 'sa -,- V ' fi 'lgy C' 3 -r y ?y.0o - e.p,,f,,.f-,fe sf, -- -21 .43 . -l. ,.--- Q H . ',' - ' ' -an Patty Rogers substututes for an ab- Q NQx:,xx.3:., Nr - - ,, M A. f-- fjf, .- i QM - ,Q - .,,"fQ0I'e- , .. , - A sem, Twlrler. xg E ,K "n.x, f! X ' fYf,.+-f,.., LLL., f33j,,51gq.,,g3,'gg,,'P'f' 'L , .sk....-' Q- - N153-42? vI.L:zJ?!! R xc X. J ci' J Doris Mqssey Betty Su' Johnson N Park Betsy Tunnell Malglgeglcielrllahnel First glllgl-President Second Vice-President Secretary TFGGSUFSI' Cookie Hrncir Reporter s QQ 1 ' A . N ,Nm 1 ' ' ' ' h Gro i b Z Hudgens Miss Vivian Chenault t Miss Rut y i Stud-Ieerll1?nCoRuoncliInRep. Brest Pledge B lst Semester Sponsor 2nd Semester Sponsor 44,1142 ' T3 E, 4-. J 4 1 . , . ' 'H Members of the Sigma Alpha Chi and their dates at the 'o' is f 5 4 ' 55, V ' 1 i 5 ,Z , 4 I LJ . 4 . ily x ' an fi I int presentat'o f be ' ' Back Row, Left to Right: Richard Wheeler, Mike Mays, Richard Brymer, Jloh1noBerl1?2-lnguznarl liloclrlrcxlve Solzllhon Room of the Town House Hotel on February 9 Jost. Third Row: Niki Langley, Helen Roberts C k' ' , 0 nny Schwartz, Jesse Aldridge James Smith., Roy Don Scott, Emil , oo ie Hmclr, Betty Johnson, N P k, G ' ' . fe Dehnel. Second Row: Marie Bieclermann, Bobbie Bilderback, Joan Behrens, HSE?Edcllkardsenlsslgillilolzibllghciegy Tunnelll Carole Duncanl' Dons Massey' Margate Zona Hudgens. Front Row: Bob Bortoni, Al Thompson, John F' ld ' ' ' 84 arris, Carolyn Strother, Marilyn Schwartz, Helen Wills, le S' Neal 'lanekf Melwn Fl-Ullef, D0n Wink, Ed Featheringill, Harvey Mikulik, Tommy Boggs, Bob Stanford- si vs 'Ss ' .. N xgf - 4 fr- c J i Y , Q5 ge 1 . I: ' A T Q FUR 4' ,W -fk"VEV'? ,ff 5, Gi is ff, - ff uf? 7,1- E i rt 1 - '51 old ui Strgfh, Tuhne Tun B. , M "i?,"?lE:?2751'i-'fr hr-47 -f'-,:-fQf'L.:..-Ap-f ' -V "N 5 2 51 7 'sew' Ni" 'Mig' ' A, , - gf: , .5 ':-12" -viz 'X Q 5 ' ' T-251, 'L-5 , f,f11fj15,. ' M " M +1235 " - ' K 1' in 1 f..-To . , gggefg-11. 'Q' ': ---Q 1 "1 - Q f f "'l' " '35 -' V',, Y ":ii'Qi,, . " V 'Q , ws q Joan M ' - . Behrens Biedgrhian 'Bobble Genevleve Carole Bilclerback Debug Duncan Helen Dixie Pearl Niki Edwards Harris Hom -'ve Azile Langley McKee Marilyn Carolyn Schwartz Strother 'Qs im ,SW l. W1 Helen Wills gr f I U sl rl Sud and new members of the Sigma Alpha Chi Front Row: Marie Biedermann, Bobbie Bilderbock, Joan Behrensb Hele-T Edwardlihfleargalglarrgelggjivlloarlzuiogz sn Oiher, Marilyn Schwartz, Helen Wills, Zona.Huclgens. Buck Row: Niki Langley, Helen Roberts, Cookie Hrncir, etty o nson, Y nel, DOris Massey, Carole Duncan, Margarefe Dehnel, Miss Chenault. ' Jan Hurley sn.. . , - ' si..-..-fi-we -Y-A. .ee - ru gx fig. i - Pat Young Ruth Breazeale .lean Ya99Y President Vice-President Secretary ob fi? Sandra Peiser Student Council Representative Rita McCutchen Historian Parliamentarian First Semester f If tu. sg. E f as ls. 'Lil Rogers Miss Dora Mae Kelly Treasurer Sponsor Sylvia Norcross Reporter Bitsy lankford Historian Second Semester K i 1 e ro Norc ad eff. .fem , . ff 42 f- J Q Left to Right, Front: Dale Bates, Bob Bintord, Sid Farr, R. J. M'll' J h D ' ' - - . . Second Row: Peggy Abbott, D'Ann Carle, Sandra Willis, VoldtdclillrarwzllllJedlloxclciflclltliillflbllgilmlfiffililfgllgllnsgglklllglgk Evals, JoE'MlllSl Huberl Whllleyl l-eh 1oBRo2sl1rll Left to Right, Third Row: Bitsy Lankford, Pot Young, Sandra Peiser, Rita McCutchen, Sarah Oatmcm RuthlB I uissl env mg' Cqrolyn Bowen' Mcrgale ra ki Jimmy Clay, Ronald Miller, Rodney Waggoner, Larry Abbott, Jimmy Watkins, Robert Miller, Steve Landy GgS?gjGHC:,rr3Tn Ya99Y, SYlvla Norcross. left to Right, ac . 86 h Bit me g , ,,,, 7.477 4 Wig A- . . qs l Kfx .ag .i1..4g.-4 Left to Right, Front: Peggy Alabott, D'Ann Carle, Srandra Willis, Voleta Harwell, Jean Aclon Nail, Bitsy Kirkpatrick, Arlelle Guess, Betty King, Carolyn Bowen, Margaret Brown. left to Right, Back: Miss Dora Mae Kelly, Bitsy Lankford, Pat Young, Sandra Peiser, Rita McCutchen, Sarah Oatman, Ruth Breazeale, Jean Yaggy, Sylvia Norcross. -,Q ,sn-.. l. l. Peggy Abbott CUYUIYU Bowen Margaret Brown D'Ann Carle Arlene I.. 'Eathorne .Benicia li 2 Beny King Arlelle Guess Voleta Harwell Best Pledge S r BHSY Kirkpatrick Jan McDougall Jean Adon Nail 50"-'ll' Dufman 5"'dY Willis 97 Wh'I th' nual is not actually dedicated to any one individual person ie is an because the entire faculty, administration, and loyal student body deserve thanks and praise, special mention and space is given these four women who-have c'al and leadership basis. done outstanding club work with students on a so I 'M i l Dr. Rosa Bludworth is sponsor of the honor society-Phi Theta Kappa. Miss Vivian Chenault beca e M M k A S ' resigned as Sig sponsor. m rs or t muh when She L a m b d a Tau social group is an active girls' sorority. The students with high grade points who are good leaders ioin the Phi Theta Kappa. The Sigma Alpha Chi is the other active girls' sorority. Miss Dora Mae Kelly is Lambda Tau sponsor. M' . SA? Il?gIllgr3-"GY UCTS GS Sig sponsor in addition to running the C s. 2 l f 1 J 1 1 1 Yet ag Whe When Whe Peacefn Peac Thou 1 Thoi Yet ag h Whe And in Whf .as- ILLNESS EAT L T FGRME ENGLISH DEPARTMENT HEAD MRS. PECK DIES IN SAN ANTONIO Mrs. Margaret Peck, f o r m e r head of the San Angelo College Eng- lish department, died at her home in San Antonio November 20. gs. l MRS. MARGARET PECK She had been ill ,about one year and had been seriously ill since September. Mrs. Peck was teacher of English at San Angelo College, from 1947 to 1955, and head of the department from 1951 to 1955. At San Angelo College she was sponsor of the Sigma Alpha Chi, sponsor of the Writers' Club, sponsor of the Courtesy Com- mittee, and counselor for girls sev- eral years. father was a ministerial student at Hiram College in Hiram, Ohio. STUDENT HONORS Though active in extracurricular work in high school at Frankfort, Ind., Mrs. Peck graduated in three years - rather than the usual four -as salutatiorian. She later attended Phillips Uni- versity at Enid, Okla., and the Uni- versity of Oklahoma before return- ing to the scene of her birth for her bachelor of arts degree in English and French. Following graduation, she was married to Harry. Peck, a college classmate. Before his death, in 1944, Mr. Peck was superintendent of Ge- neva, Ohio, public schools. . , - f, r , Former Rambouillet Ass't. Editor Dies Dorothy Mitchell, 1956 San An- gelo College graduate, died Oct. 14 of a heart seizure while returning DOROTHY MITCHELL from Dallas with Mr. Ed B. Cole, high school journalism teacher, and Pat Cole, her fiance. While at SAC, Dorothy was as- sistant editor of the Rambouillet, and reporter on The Ram Page. She was elected third mpst photogenic at SAC, and state secretary of the Texas Intercollegiate Press Assn. Cole and Dorothy were to have been married Nov. 10. Pall bearers at the Oct. 16 funeral were Royce Dixon of Texas Uni- versity, 1955 editor of the Ram Page, Bob Franklin, 1956 Ram Page edi- tor, Bobby Cole, brother of Pat Cole, Dale Talley, Vaughn Marshall, Don Yet again we hope to meet thee, When the day of life is fled, When in Heaven in joy to greet thee Where no farewell tears are shed. Peaceful be thy silent slumber, Peaceful in thy grave so low, Thou nomore will iqin our number, Thou no more ourl sorrows know. Yet again we hope to meet thee, ' When the day of life is fled, And in Heaven with ioy to greet thee, Where no farewell tears are shed. Harb Muvdi Harb Muvdi, commonly called "Herb" by his many friends. was a 21-year-old exchange student from Jerusalem majoring in aeuronautical engineering and was taking to Texas like a duck to water when he was killed in an automobile mishap last Dec. 23rd. Herb came to Texas because of the influence of "shoot-em- up" movies. The dark-haired, soft-spoken transfer student was usually seen in levis and sport shirts and loved watching TV, as nt helped him learn the English language. To work for an American company in Jerusalem WGS He-rb'S ambition. He was carrying a sixteen-hour load which included mathematics, analytical geometry, American history, and a physical training course, and was said to be much smarter in mathematics than the average American college sophomore. When asked what he thought of the United States, Herb re- lied "lt is a land of freedom-a kind of freedom that you can't P 1 find outside of this country." Chambers, Billy Roy Daniel. A precious one from us has gone, A voice we loved is stilled, A place is vacant in our school Which never can be filled. God in his wisdom has recalled, The boon his love has given, And though the body slumbers here The soul is safe in Heaven. Dearest Harb, thou has left us, And our loss we deeply feel, But 'tis God that has bereft us, He can all our sorrows heal. 89 Mayer Hall has a home-like living room. Mayer Hall, upper right, is the scene of much college activity. There is an annex in the rear. Don Willis Corky Williams Jimmie Gray Pinky Mitchell Neal Sconiers Sandy McSpadden Louis Raiborn Jim Little James Plagens Jimmy Sparks Bruce Green Richard Daily John Gussett William Gaynor Roswell Wardlow Mayer Hall. yi Milton Rathbone, assistant coach, is director of Boys living in main dormitory. Travis Gary Herb Hurn R. D. Johnson Ned Polk Truitt McCabe C. D. Cox Ken Schulze Banner Swindell Tommy Wideman Walter Nance Dickie Jacks Daniel Kothmann Joe Reina Ronnie Edwards Don Dempsey W. T. McLean Johnny Hicks Eddie Martin Wayne Fogle Jimmie Hrbacek Mike Mayes Joe Petty Pete Cunningham Nolan Adams John Hunter Jackie Wallin Robert Reese Steve Farmer James McLaughlin Clay Atkins Nick Cleckler Kent Finley Ken Williams Wade Wilkinson Johnny Burchett Wes Minton Bobby Henderson Rex Rardon Dale Tankersley Don Merritt Larry Stowell Jimmy Lewis Raymond Martin Charles Holloway Pete Newhouse Rex Nichols Bobby Martinez Charles Schleymer H. A. Cowan Jim Waddel Vonnie Brown Eddie Featherngill James Smith John Kearney Dale Luckett Roland Kerby Spike Dykes Bill Simpson John Mittel David Dixon James Byrd Calvin Helm Coy Lee Don Powell Gene Maddox, Arbie Phillips Al Clarey Jerrel Harman Harvey Williams Dale Smith Bobby Cryer Roy Cloud Freddy Morisey Billy Tankersley Jay Hawley Phil Addison Goose Patton Bill Jiles Don Koonce Q l .NL Q13 .il l ' 4 ll Carol Doris -lerre muriltl qi' li Dorollf Elaine Ann N Jeqn A M0I'Ci4 'l0YCe SGI'qh Lynda AA, Miss Cox Lil Rogers Lee Allen ' Doris Massey Dean of Women President Vice-President Hisforgan Rita McCutchen Betty Burson Repgrfer Student Council Reporter Spacious on the outside. More Residents: Carol Lowrance Doris Massey Jerre Kay Mills Martha Mittel Marylan Moore Dorothy Jean McClu Elaine McDonald Ann McSpadden Jean Adon Nqil Marcia Neeper JOYCS Nowlin Sarah Oatman l-Ynda Kay Parsons sky Robbie Pope Lil Rogers Pat Rogers Helen Shahan Carolyn Spicer Anna Stoepler Barbara Straach Helen Taylor Mary Ellen Watkins Carolyn Whitehead Irene Young Ann Zesch Virginia Zedlitz Residents of Carr Hall Lee Allen Barbara Beckham Ann Baggett Jean Brandenberger Mary Ann Buchanan Betty Burson Nell Burson Gail Busby Susan Carroll Barbara Chessir Charlotte Currie Billie Fox Carolyn Hall Voleta Harwell Beverly Hambrick Nettie Jo Hunger Jo Nell Hunt Leonette Kasberg Bitsy Kirkpatrick Rose Kloesel Niki Langley Barbara Lee Gam Ja!! Comfortable living room .- 1 X 5.- 'V --3,-g,'.g .,x . v.h-- gf, ... pq- ..-Lf. ,4 V,.f.A . f'c,.,' l .,N. -- -Mr, ,. - 4, . X . K , .,, f , X . -' ,lv ' .-v, A , .-R 1. . 1 .E :.,, f. --H. ...z ' . ' ':1. ". A .fy ,.., 1.. W.. . -.,. 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H qt it ii i i 5 5 , 3 i i ii i i ti ii ii, , t i v i 'ii i i 2 ri ii f ii 6 t ii ii :ii vi Q , E.. iff ,,. i a i :U 1 I is i ki ,,., G- 15 L , Q1 .-SGGC".-S' MZ Margarete Dehnel Mclrgarete at school. R fi ,fm ,E px Udo .5 X M ix? is f Margarete in evening attire. -Under the sponsorship of Glamour Magazine, ten SAC girls were nominated for best-dressed. The student body then voted, and they p'Cked.MC"'90"eTe Dehnel. Her pictures have been sent to GIamOUf Magazine for national competition. Margarete goes to church. Wu v 4 OM' V: My vw 0f 1 f V A 3955, f , , 'ff'f?ffj13 . ,f - A " f ' X ai x Munir' W X Q i Aw M N Y M134 fha-fun Ruth Brazeale 7. . V-Vi., is 5.2 Nfl' Q' 14,-21. . ,jg - , 31.32 E ,7 gfxqw .Q Q., .5 , .KH .Q -X 1 s. ffg wf :fy . . Yfgfx v s ,,. 1 ,L .,-. ' 33, x .5-x w K X 'f' f' ay .Queefa Patty Patton -Coleman, Texas , .s . ,- r, 1 , , , V yr. 5, ft. r ' 2:72 3 F' .5 Q ' - ' f- .x A . A qu - .X M ,- , Q bf N xg , x ' ,x -f . g wwngwwkw " f1,., Q - ' Q 3 42 1 f X , ' L Sf? "Mx ff 'a S ' L' fig . 3- ,, . D 5 , X - . - .-5,-. . Q! . "Mr '-Q WMV, xx .iii xl iz . , , ,- " I I I X.x X vm .di-,".. .I iv: - , ' . 0 .. ' , '-' . A -f tin, 1 ' - ,V ,, . i ' , 0 X v v' 4 x c '.- , t.. . 7 w.. 0 A H lv x b I . ' 1 .X ' 0 A Beverly Hcambrick -McCamey, Texas ' r Pat Young, sophomore from San Anaelo, was the nominee of the Lambda Tau Barbara Branham, sophomore from Winters, was also a duchess in 1955. She sorority, of which she is president. She served as president of the summer stu- is one of the three colorful fwirlers with the Rqmhey-ng, SAC band. dent council this year. - f.f' .,l.,l J . ,. I il fs "s ",. Li. i ' W V wg , X :EYE if My ijxc? Q i S. Y 2 5 ,, 2 f' ? an 1' FU VI E au' pzwww 7956 57 Mary Ellen Watkins McCamey, Texas i Junction, Texas Barbara Burgin Secancf Mod! vm amz awww Mcargcsreie Dehnel San Angelo, Texas 35 'G' Nell Cook fx K Blackwell, TSXGS x A lf, 5:21 L5 uf-Fr WV- 5 f+ fg 11' ,ffgzz ,.-c M' 7 f"ffxf'2,'Q- ., v ,.-,525 f '11-nf? , Mig! .J4,.,. , 31 'I f X ', 5, fn I 1 r ,Ll ,wr v, .X .- VN .,l.,j,N A N J, io" Q Mfg"?:I 'Pf 'iii ,ru Y .sg .WK Q x Joan Uherlk San Angelo, Texas - .,. N,-fun, , xy . W pn-u WNV 6 -Aiwa' ,ex "1 'tif ' - - Nancy Park San Angelo, Texas 4' kiv, ve""'Xm 1 1 1 4 1 1 . 1 1 I 1 , , 1 1 1 11 W1 1 I 1 X . 1 N1 154 if 1 1 . 1 1 ,1 1 1 I 1 1 --11 1 1 1'. - 1 1,1-11, 1 1,1f1 1,4 1. 1! 31, 231 Nl 1 'I I ' W1 I , E 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 1 1 1 1 I I I 1 1 1 1 1 I 5 1111 .11 li Patty Patton Coleman, Texas Jefflyn LeFevre Coleman, Texas ffsffk ,ff""""W qaoffaff 5 Rita McCutchen - Bronte wx .f '-4 rf J 1 J A I 4 4 Y N x N . .,.:'N ,,1. .... -, 'r-'. jui--':,' -'.,- -r ' v 1 , , . . . 1 . 9 X .-: -. - If . ,' ,- M... -""f - ,A -.f--:- gy-, .-.'.-4 - T.. 'if f, ,p ,,,r'l'-1.1. . 'g ' --1-1- ,:, .x, . . ., s -,. -J ,,., ..-. -f' --.'.1':'. f- --- - ,- - A - wil- .-'.-' I.-.,. , ' sv. ,.-. v -. C f.414' s'- u :F'-'.' 7131 5 , ,Q an sw. -ux :obj .,.- , -.-. - 1..- ' x W.. '- .. -..,--' L... ,V ,,,--i-':- - - ff,-g -br. Q. .-- 1-: -- -.. ws. z .ff-xv. :.' 5- ,-1.4:--,-, v -- -,-- 5--,Q .3 . -'4'.,v-' .,.,..- j.J:Q--., : . . 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PM Mgr: ff .' :sr i ' vsisgc5f',,i , -5:f.:fl??f1ti' 1 Ramettes on parade Ramhorn Band adds rhythm. 4 to Q swam NNN . xvxgn su hdllml xol 5 ne p,nQe Sqn On September 15th, 1956, the San Angelo College Rams inaugurated play in the new San Angelo High School Stadium with a 'I9-7 thumping of the Hardin-Simmons Freshman team. Prior to the game that afternoon, all San Angelo College ioined in a celebration kicking off the 1956 football season for San Angelo. PM K ,1 H- KE' ' I . pg Q - -7- ' iq,Lx51.w ' W gsgjlf-fv ' f SMF ,1-N - X 4 EL K V u A 5 ,iq f M 1 ' f " ' ., V 5 K Mfr- It 5 -Q , If H ,E Y Q K x X Vr,' 1 .JI ' r ,,f, , Ny ' W ' Vlf x., DR. R.H.C4vNESf PRBUDEIIT -0 "'V11:,f' ' ' F., ,K qu Cd-L Roolers in 'he modern SiYle - V- A E and .rooters from the old days N ...ik RAMS OPEN SEASON ON VICTORY NOTE! .... . . . . . . Jackie Hathorne scored three touchdowns and Bob- by Smith booted one extra point as the San Angelo College Rams opened their T956 season with a 19-7 victory over the Hardin-Simmons University freshmen. Hathorne capped a 68-yard drive with a 20-yard Scoring scamper early in the first quarter for the first TD. Smith then added his extra point. The second score was from 'I'l yards out in the second period and the third was a one-yard plunge in the final stanza. Ramfig KVM Coach Rathbone gives Hathorne a pointer or twol WQ4 Hathorne rips off 15 yards. ik Di.Q.,9i X 'S ' Mi, y P' Kidd pops a Buttonl N7 I i. 3. gil iif i .. -,T Q ,H .. 'i , ,I I e i l . ! i r l 4 l V I ii r. ! i ii li W, i i E. il ll .il ' 4 .i 1 i .l. z S.: 1, Iii ii: ' l X 1 .zi .ii l? .M fs JM ,I fl si' Tl if Eiri li i f li 'ii eil if . if iii 2 lat i li . i 1 9 I 2 i 1 i wil i ip ,4 il it :ESF ri' if i ill l we .W 1. 1-1 i i 5 2 412 San Angelo College Rams VS. Texas Tech Picadors X147 T x TT 23, Jerry Creager, halfback is tripped up by Ram 81, Norman Roberts as he re- turns the Ram 7-0 kickoff to his own 25. With Jackie Hathorne scoring two touchdowns and Donnie Hixon and Bill Schrade getting a marker apiece, the Rams XX downed the Texas Tech Picadors 27-0. The SACmen rolled to X xx ,Rs mi 225 yards on the ground and 'I07 aerial yards to the Junior wi. - SEPT. 21, 1956 7 X ' 8?00 P. M. P 0-QM Raiders' 107 and 45. The victory extended the Ram win streak to nine games. WT Hixson makes like a battering "Ram." ' ll o Hathorne looks for that all important opening through a host of Tech players and Bud Montgomery goes for 8 yards after evading this TT 'freshman Lawrence Bar- 10 ber, 25. Ball went to the TT 37. .Score is still 7-0. SEPT. 29, T956 ff ,216 Pirate puts the grab on Ram's Hixson. XX fa 1 .. ' Phillips plucks a plum. 'b' N gf' f' rj 'A ' vs. X - P' g my is, , 0 ' oria Ciollege l Believe it or not, Roberts caught it! An ex-San Angelo High School Bobcat, Bob "golden toe" Smith, booted three extra points and cn 17-yard field goal to lead the Rams to a narrow 30-28 victory over the Victoria Junior College Pirates. The San Angelo touchdowns were scored on two running plays and two aerials. Bill Thomason and Jackie Hathorne ran two counters over and Arbie Phillips and Norman Roberts each gathered in an aerial for two more TD's. l'lAL.l7'-lFllVi E P .qi ffl? ea , ,,-1-W i X " M lg bblik 52, NMA T. 1 X N24 if Ki m gg-t XX I 'l 0 f f' 1 --- if , , ,. , A 7 -I Il 14? 1, fl A ,A f ff Hp in it W P THESCOLOEN TOEU W' ' 30-.28 ' Ram Blau' R 40'6 Y r -Eff?-I !c rg? .ESsf:'..14s'1Z'i5?a ,J k.,q:,t,q wr. .N m iuyggzf . " Q' 4.12 H. 'e ig-gsgiii --ff r' -' -iznilif , ,-.g,1:' '-+3 -gi:-.,-4 QL - -, 1 ' v-5: Y?-:.g.1x, 5, N-. . - . :J . K K - 'I -:R V, ,.g5zfhf'1?A fi' ' " il . 'K 16. Y' ag'-" .3'vs" 0 ,. - .NJ 1' .,,,, . ,, V .J xc, Q 7 -A A 1 ' Occ 3 . 190921 PK RAMS 40 - RANGER 6 The San Angelo College Rams swamped Ranger 40 to 6 for their 12th straight triumph. The Rams rolled up 351 yards rushing and 93 yards passing, as practically every Rarn back scored. Scott kicked 4 extra points. , ,,-,....... . XX - -'1- eqmehes al. sleepy Time G RAMS 13 - OAKIES 0 The San Angelo College Rams went to the air and shot down the Northeast Oklahoma Aggies by a 13-0 count. Donnie Hixson ran the first Ram score across and Bud Mont- Counting 'he P olnl5- L f Scott flys for yardage. gomery put the grab on a Hathorne pass for the 2nd TD. Scott added the extra point to finish the scoring and help give the Rams their 13th straight victory. Statistically the Rams rolled up 346 yards, 235 of it through the air to 89 yards for the Oakies. Ufzfa. NZM I3-0 9 ' 0 ..,",9.' .Nix 3 , Q ,J , h . Before' ' Affer. 7fuw1p4 RWM REBELS 32 - RAMS 'I3 Arlington's Rebels handed the San Angelo College- Rams their first loss in 15 games in Arlington as the home- town team socked it's way to a 32- 13 win. Calvin Lee was the big sparkplug for the Rebels, running for 4 TD's and kicking 2 extra points. Norman Roberts was a repeated re- cipient of passes from Ram quarter- back Hathorne. The two were out- standing all the way for San Angelo l Roberts, outstanding iob -'k - -- V Q. .,,,,,Y A, Y ,Ann - RAMS 'I4 - WHARTON 13 The legend of Don Larson may be fhe fqlk of the baseball world, but on the SAC campus, Big Bobby Smith has made a legend of his kicking toe. For the second time in eight days, it was Smiflfs fge that meant victory for the Rams, their eleventh in a row. This time it was at the expense of the Wharton County Pioneers. Bob ."Golden Toe" Smith. ef, The Rams run through their plays in preparation for Wharton. Jackie Hathorne tossed to Donnie Hixson for the first Rom score, after which, Smith added the first of two extra points. Following the SAC TD, Wharton came back to score twice with the second extra point try going amiss. ' With the score standing at 'I3 for Wharton, 7 for SAC, Bobby Joe Walker passed to Bud Montgomery for the tying marker. Smith then calmly kicked the winning point of the ball game. Final score, SAC 14, the Wharton County Pioneers 13. I I 63 H J .Y QQ' Al l X Q Q, ,J'f' 1 ARL 5 . I s HC 6-Fame fax ' 4 5 .. 'f If , I' 'V x -'N ,o 1 - . f A ,P 1 x 'Ns' PLOWBCYS VS. RAMS Q Exes on P Homecoming queen cmd escort. 6, . ggln ' i Kes a t wow' me Phillips on a keeper. , J Do C . II7 Qqfon Hathorne on a gainer. A sparse homecoming crowd watched an offense-minded Ram football team defeat the Tarleton Plowboys by a score Of 48-28. lt was the first loss of the season for Tarleton and kept alive Ram hopes for a share of the Pioneer conference Cltflmpionship. Led by San Angelo's Bobby Joe Walker, the Rams rolled to 482 yards total offense, with 221 yards coming via the pass route. Walker passed for two TD's, one to Hixon and another to Phillips. In addition, the former San Angelo High School QB Scored ONCE, and a long pass from Walker to All-American Norman Roberts set up another. The Ram defense allowed the Plowboys 88 yards on the ground and 193 yards through the air. 7aaZez'cw 48-.28 Rwm Glue .S RAMS Walker gains against Mountaineers. .Ae............ , . ..- SCHREINER DEFEAT Tommy "Redbird" Humphrey as Ange- loan was a receiver during season. Co-Captain Adams. 126 ,M RAMS 22 - SCHREINER 0 San Angelo's Bobby Joe Walker led the San Angelo College Rams to their eighth victory in nine' games, to l keep alive SAC's hopes for co-championship of the Pioneer Athletic Conference. Walker, in addition to doing some fine running, passed for two touchdowns, including the longest scoring play for the Rams this year. That was a 61-yard touch- down pass and run from Walker to Bill Welcly. From the Angelo thirty-nine, Walker passed to Weldy on the Schrein- er 30 and SAC scored. The Rams, having finished their regular season, had one week to wait with the Conference championship rid- ing the outcome of the Tarleton-Arlington contest. Jackie Hathorne tosses one. Co-Captain Shirkey le 540 Ram Ga-G Ronald Adams and George Shirkey Co-captained the 1956 San Angelo College Rams as the SACmen rolled to their most successful season. The Rams started things off with a victory over the H-SU freshman team and ended with a triumph over the Schreiner Moun- taineers. San Angelo, Arlington and Tarleton ended up as Co-champions of the Pioneer Conference. George Shlrkey LT Ronald Adams RT Big san webs, center. a Donnie Hixson, hard running back, was too speedy and shitty for opposing team to stop. Donnie Hlxson HalfbOCl4 Bill Thomason Fullback Good faking, hard running and bulldozing power by Bill scored many points. 128 Favorite pass receiver in the Ram backfield, Bill is very fast and hard to cover. L4,ff', lil, .I ,V ' 1' -Views,-c.,1., ..-ir-.-Q ' Bill Schrade Halfback Runs like this made Ram Quarterback Jackie Hathorn a favorite with the fans. 1' if .P-'ii 1 ' -iifyi Li Qc fe, Bronte was always a threat to opposn Fre non d ol ' d . ,F y :Q k . X i lv , l , I a 5, aa. lflx - ' .. M. Y 'E . , . A. A 'UFS . F-fb A " lf' s, - . 1 x - Bobby Joe Walker - Back Always a favorite- Bobby Joe earned honorable-mention All American at quarterback. ed ern Stre lieolw Wade shows lots of hustle Ram and plenty of flght ,, 5 Y , NS: X Si NJ? NW N NQNN 5 X X X X m 31 NX V' .. ,Qsgv . X is VKX? N -irkfgsn SX Q Q x . gs' sets 7 1'Xi,z'1t3s TS ei swf ' -if sq s x l i s', Jff X Kidd from Austin, Jones from Brownfield, and Phillips from Bronte, were stcandouts at half- backs. fs"'S5im4 - BV Y W VN, + A' Elyslve f ll Weldl' , I f Don Witherspoon P eyed rom If UHbC1ck mme. slow defengig One-Punch Cowan and 5Plde" Holden will be back at tackles. 5 1 i l 1 K l , F a a h ,. nw' ' 7? 1 Ah l The C Rex R Noi GAFB Dec Dec D Amzgl get DSI :Jer Bizagt Jan Ian 1 Ian Jan Jan Ian gan A111121 Fel Fel Fel Angel Fel Fel I Fel Fel Jones and n 1 el ltr: ,me .. 1 awe ,, W ff WW f 7 1 f X 4,ma1,. 1-it--1 ' The Champs, Kneeling, Left to Right: Bill Jiles, Milton Nickel, LaRue Robinson, Jay Hawley, Frank Trevino. Standing, left to Right: Billy Tankersley, Albert Miranda, Rex Rarden, Rex Nichols, Arnold "Goose" Patton, Don Koonce, Phil Addison, Phil George, Coach. RAM SCHEDULE Nov. 26-Goodfellow Air Force Base at GAFB Gym Dec. 4-Hardin-Simmons Frosh at Abilene Dec. 6-Howard Payne 'B' at San Angelo Dec. 8-West Texas State 'B' at San Angelo Dec. -Texas Tech Frosh at Lubbock Dec. -Texas Tech Frosh at San Angelo 10 Dec. gg-Howard County at San Angelo 18 Dec. -Odessa at Odessa Ian. 3, 4, 5-Howard County Toumey at Big Spring Ian. 7-Goodfellow at Ram Gym Jan. 9-Ranger at San Angelo Ian. 12-Howard Payne 'B' at San Angelo Jan. 14-Concordia at San Angelo Jan. 15-Howard County at Big Spring Ian. 19-Odessa at San Angelo Jan. 26-Abilene Christian 'B' at Abilene jan. 29-Schreiner at San Angelo Feb. 2-Tarleton at Stephenville Feb. 5-Hardin-Simmons Frosh at San Angelo Feb. 9-Arlington at Arlington Feb. 12-Schreiner at Kerrville Feb. 14-Abilene Christian 'B' at San Angelo Feb. 16-Ranger at San Angelo Feb. 19-Tarleton at San Angelo Feb. 23-Arlington at San Angelo Feb. 25-Texas U. Frosh at Austin K T 1 Coach Phil George coached the Rams to their third conference charnP'0"'5h'P- AS A MATTER OF FACT. . l. San Angelo's Rams were ranked fourth among all the junior college teams in the nation. 2. The Rams won the Pioneer Conference Championship for the third consecutive year. 3 At the end of the season the Rams had a record of 31 wins and two losses and won the Regional tournament in Amarillo, and the National Junior College Champion- ship. 1 v""" V l i 5 . t i l . i . l 1 I f l l- l E l H: i rw fff' Q . WELL WHATTA YA KNOW?-Mqygf H. E. McCulloch and coach Phil George of the National Junior College Cham. pion San Angelo Rams both look Q bit surprised at the way the Rams marched through to the basketball title at Hutchinson, Kan. Mayor MC- Culloch and an estimated 700 other fans were on hand at Mathis Field about ll:lO a.m. the Sunday the tri- umphant Rams disembarked from their return flight from Kansas. SAC defeated Eastern Arizona, 63-51, for the title Saturday night, 'March 23. To Coach George, the one man who never realized that his boys were too short and inexperienced to win a Ng- tional Championship, goes the honor of steering the boys to the top rung on the National Junior College level. The athletic section of this Ram- bouillet is dedicated to Coach Phil George with appreciation for his splendid ' leadership. Ramfifllzln fvebzmlg ' ' Coach is afraid to open his eyes for fear he was only dreaming that his boys won the National basketball championship his teams victory We knew you could do it say Dean Boze and Dr Lowman as they congratulate Coach George on Q-SK L Y' u - 4 Q l .4 GY t w rn. the finals game. .X x L-1 ir., - For a spur-of-the-moment performance the Ramettes sang the school song on the night of Smiling and proud, La Rue Robinson and Jay Hawley show off the beautiful trophy the Rams won in Hutchinson. The crowd in back- ground was at the presentation of the trophy to the City. if. Ram backers at the national tournament yell the Rams on to v'ct . . Travelling to the tournament were .lim Waddell, Smiley Lewis, H, A, C H I cry . . well. WaceY Wright, Karl Schoenfield. owen' al-Vey wllllcms' Larry Slo- 134 UP in the air goes LaRue Robinson shooting one of hiSHWv5:t:niX hook shots and nets for two. Looking on is Ram JOY G ' Bill Jiles is ready to help on the rebound. n d 'l , ,few 'fp G21 PAM 'ff f" ,7 ,R XS-c, R" Q., t ..w Juv r 'lUhio lege I K I l . N is ss., :rits . g 3. , ., . l g ' sf .,,, ks.. 5, ifzf ' 1,53 t ' ew-it ff fi Q ' -Lg, lx lt' -t -. I x ww i ght ol il well-knm gwlelf V 1- . A X Us w'.S'f'F"'N'Xf"'9SSf? V N ...C ns f '. V ". Q' - 'Q'-14" ' ' ,C , ff 0 u '35 uf s. Ky gg .11 '. ALL 'MOST VALUABLE'-Each season, Nathan's Jewelers gives a 'Most Valuable' award to some San Angelo College Ram basketball 'star. This year, with the ,Rams crowned National Junior College champions, it was iust too hard to pick a most valuable. So Nathan's ,decided to name all 'I2 members of the team as most valuable with each receiving a yellow gold Rivera wrist watch. The two coaches,'cage mentor Phil George and athletic director Max Bumgardner, also received watches. Posed in the above picture are, front row, left to righh Rex Rarden, Billy Tankersley, Phil Addison and Bumgardner, second row, left to right, Coach Phil George, LaRue Robinson, Jay Hawley. Nathan Donsky, Milton Nickel, Albert Miranda and Rex Nichols, back row, left to right, Don Koonce, Arnold Patton, Franli"Trevino and Bill Jiles. . ' X . I sts, ix ,X R. .3 Q7 Q XX 3 2' , l S 4 'N' 5 ri We-f-, ,-.. Toss X t ..rif,. ' s- X COACH PHIL GEORGE expresses his views of winning the National Basketball title in Hutch- inson Kansas, March 23, to a crowd of eager by-standers, students, and radio listeners. SAC was dismissed to form the longest parade staged in San Angelo in many years. It also caused a terrific traffic iam. ' l35 Jay Hawley was picked as a member of the 1957 All Star Junior College basketball team by the National Junior Col- lege Athletic Association: H l 1 La Rue Robinson 6'3" Co-Capiaifi Forward 2 years Austin TeXGS 41h leading scorer for most of the season. All-Conference Honorable MenfiOf1- ,, , .v..a.,N-N K Q r gs - x. L .. -S. i S 5 X s . . ' W fawy 1 N is No,-fy 4 " ,N K3 fx Two Odessa players have a Ram cager bottled up under the basket while Frank Trevino moves in to get the ball and La Rue Robinson debates whether to run, hop, or put in his two hands. Milton Nickel 6'1" Co-Captain Guard 2 years Co-Captain San Angelo, Texas 'NL R: Tc T Ran Coll to ' last will ord Bl his with the PICK: msg H 41 s 19-2 T Ran stan Mir: Stret of Sch: L: Pain Nici top Hag addi 3 5. il X EZ F 1 'rank r run, Ram Cagers Topple Schreiner The mighty 'San Angelo College Rams, ranked No. 7 among Junior Colleges in the nation, took a 94 to 76 win over Schreiner Institute last Tuesday night. This win, along with 15 others, gives SAC a 16-1 rec- ord for the season. Bill Jiles seemed to stand out in his effectiveness under the basket with rebounds for the Rams during the first half, keeping almost com- plete control. jiles and LaRue Rob- inson combined to pull the Rams to a 46-37 halftime lead, after trailing 19-21 midway in the first stanza. Things began to look bad for the Rams after the second half had started, but Jay Hawley, Jiles, and Mirando, hitting a high percentage, stretched the margin with the ease of a B-52 in road gear, leaving Schreiner homesick and furious. LaRue Robinson leveled off 24 points for the Rams while Bill Jiles Tipped in 23. Jay Hawley and Milton Nickle ioined,Jiles and Robinson in top scoring for the evening with Hawley collecting 17 and Nickle adding 14 to the scoreboardf Forward Two years San Angelo, Texas All-tournament, Howard County tournament. All-Pioneer Conference, First Team. All-tournament Region V tournament. 144 5 Rams Defeat Buttons Two cold teams, the San A118010 Rams and the Hardin-Simmons fresh- men, met last week with the RBIDS coming out on top with their 18th win of the year. The final score of the slow-scoring game .WHS 68'64' Jay' Hawley was high POW' man for the Rams with 19 P0if1I5- F...kT...... .W AMS CLIP ARLETGN, 99-80 T0 CLAIM THIRD LEAGUE WIN San Angelo's Junior College Rams, hitting on 51 per cent of their first half shots, fought off a persistent Tarleton State crew at Stephenville Saturday night to notch a 99 to 80 Pioneer Conference victory. It was the Rams' third straight league win against no losses and their 17th out of 18 starts this sea- son. The loss dropped Tarleton to a 1-1 record which puts the Plowboys in a 3-way tie with Schreiner and Arlington State. Inxcementing their hold on the top Pioneer spot, the Rams had to come from behind early in the sec- ond half after leading at intermission 47-45. Five Rams scored in the double figures with -Milton Nickel topping the pack with 22 points. Bill Jiles and Larue Robinson each collected 18, Frank Trevino had 15, and jay Hawley claimed 11. Bill Jiles 6'3'A" Center Two Years Coushatta, Louisiana All-Conference Second Team Bob Davis netted 25 to hold the game's high point honors and lead Tarleton's scoring. Starting the Second half with a 4- point lead, the Rams suddenly "iced up" while Tarleton poured in 5 straight points to go up 48-47. Tarleton managed to increase the lead to 3 and 5 points before the. Rams started any consistent offensive punch. SAC made its game-winning bid with about 5 minutes left in the game. SAC - Hawley 3-2-115 Addison 1-4-6g Trevino 7-1-155 Nickel 9-4-223 Miranda O-4-43 Tankersly 1-0-2g Rob- inson 8-2-18g Rarden- 0-3-45 Jiles 5- 8-18. Totals: 34-99. TARLETON - Stockton 9-2-10: Davis 9-7-259 Swafford 4-5-15: Gil- more 3-4-10g Koonce 4-4-12. Totals 29-22-80. Jay Hawley 6'2'A" Forward One Year Austin, Texas Leading Ram scorer Most Valuable Player Howard County Tournament Z' Rams Win Againp Edge Jayhawks Hitting 27 of 31 free shots, the San Angelo College Rams used their accuracy at the charity line to edge the Howard County Jayhawks 75-68. The win was the 13th of the season for the Rams, while they have but one defeat. Led by Jay Hawley's 18 points, four other Ram cagers hit the double figures. Phil Addison hit 15 with Frank Trevino getting 12, Larue Rob- inson 10, and Milton Nickel 10. The Jayhawks were led by Al Kloven who had 16 points. The lead changed hands 12 times during the game with the Rams lead- ing 43-40 at intermission. With eight minutes remaining in the game, the Rams upped their lead to 14 points and were never again behind. The Ram "B" team, led by Tommy Attaway, trounced the Jayhawk "B" team 70-58. Attaway hit 26 points for the Ram team. 138 Albert Miranda 6' Guard Two Years San Angelo, Texas Top defensive player 1 l AMS CLUB DECATUR. CG? H WARD After defeating Wharton and Amarillo, the San Angelo College Rams went on to win the Howard County tourney. The finial win came over the Decatur Baptist in the championship finals. The Rams rolled easily to the victory in walloping the Baptist by a score of 76-55. SAC held a 33-18 margin at intermission, and the final period saw Coach George use all of his reserves. Phil Addison led the Rams in scoring with 16 points, but five more Rams hit the double figures. Jay Hawley had 12, Bill jiles 12, Larue Robinson 10, Milton Nickel 15, and Don Koonce 15. In all, there were ll Rams to make the scoring column. Decatur was paced by Horace Thompson who had 16 points to his credit. Besides the three tourney wins, the Rams also placed two players on the all-tourney team. jay Hawley was chosen outstatlling player of the Billy Tankersley 51911 Guard One Year Mertzon, Texas Phil Addison 5'l0" Guard Two Years Brownfield, Texas MEET tourney while Frank Trevi named to the mythical five QQ was Others being named to the 'team were Carroll, Cone, and McGulvra all of Lon Morris, Clak of Howard County, Davalos of Wharton, Boy- fel? of Amarillo, Klingaman of Schreiner, and Guice of Decatur. Amarillo defeated Schreiner fm- third place, Howard County tgpped Lon Morris for fifth place, and Whanon defeated Odessa for seventh place. -.4.... FW e also- We D illg Kea m Olilcciullfa Hflward ' Bily. man of efilur. relller ntl' to IPlHce, pm lrton for .. g-as Q-s " GEORGE'S CAGERS NAB 3RD Don Koonce 6'3" Forward Two Years Sundown, Texas Arnold Patton 6'6" Center Two Years Meadow, Texas Rex Rarden 6'2" Guard One Year McCamey, Texas PIONEER l00P TITLE "The way this season has turned out has been beyond my wildest dreams," Coach Phil George said after his San Angelo College Rams won the Pioneer Conference basket- ball championship. "l'm really pleased about this," George grinned. "We thought we had possibilities at the start of the season, but nothing like this, nothing like this." This season's victory makes the third cage title for George since coming here in 1950. When asked where to give the credit for his great season, George stated: "Team play, that's what has done it all year. Boys working to- gether and not going point-hungry. Notice how the scoring is always split up among different fellows. That's what makes a team. "That Hawleyg he's All-American," George continued. "And those kids back from last year's team, Bill jiles, Milton Nickel, Frank Trevino, Phil Addison and all the rest. What a remarkable job they have done." The Rams return only two of their 12 players next year and both of them, Billy Tankersley and Rex Nichols, are subs. "We better enjoy this year," grin- ned the tall and happy coach. "We may be awfully hungry next season." -M - -e.-. If W. I l ..- RAMS OUT ARLINGTON STATE WITH 72-62 WIN San Ansclo Collfllfil RW' 5"' mdly nigh, pug 1 big bright bow on the knot they had already' 'lcd 'found the Pioneer Conference bukdblll championship. I With the title in hand, Coach E'hll George's baslteteers uPfnd'd Afhnlf' ton State, 72 to 62 in Ram KYmn'-"' um to finish the conference season unbeaten with an 8-0 record. The Rams had clinched the cham- pionship by beating Tarleton here on Tugrgm, W., . ,saw affair all the way. However. 'hm 'he "NIB were known. lhf-' RUN gmc qu' 'n the fashion of all champs. Wllh I 72-62 victory. Larue Robinson was high point man for the Ram! Wllh zo poinfs Jw H-"sw who ""' bod-,cred with an iniured lcl- 'Vu on mp in the rebounds bracket. Sm Angelo finished stron! I0 dlim 1 57-55 halftime lead. TIN! Rams stayed in control until 7:16 had elapsed in the second half, then the Rebels grabbed a one-point lead 1-5948! on the hooks of Sinclair and Cromer and push shots of Floyd Stone. Tres-ino, ,Addison and Miranda joined forces at this point to shoot SAC back in the lead and the Rams ncvcr relinquished it. San Angelo hit 35.6 per cent of its shots for the game. .1 4 1 4 I 1 1 I '1 xx xx wp, . I' 4, X . Ly . Q NQ: , rv w Axe - X . A .+, -, 1: .Mm -iv y? ' i fh ' ff ':21f.':' . ..M 1? ' X' ' tfi , M .4 . X ,- ,...f5w1- we ,:, ,QS , ., ,ez K "lg t . v "' 1 ll is on is the :Qnn-- wake him d but happy, Jay Hawley, LaRue Robinson, Bill Jiles and Coach George emerge from the Ram bus. it fwu -ur .A,,.,.,.. ,,,.....--.Nw . ff L ffxfg , X..' AXX 4 N xx-- 2 The Rams were proud when they won the Pioneer Conference, but wer -f 'N i i ' N' ' e"'Q,g i NN '.-... f iq . 'N' tv . L ."Nx. i ' . N 'MW N- r ' V W' f . e, Q erro ok l yXKX It oooo , e , ,- -'Q , ' Q. QR A -- N- ,, ...Q Q 5 . K .K K. -Q 'Je' gy- fm a wry" ,Ex si-pipje' 'I 'Xi iff x . .,.,g,,,.xMt. ..,. 2 nw , 1 Q Bi Mari in ff'-X A i3"f:i?fiJ.'.s- ..- ix' Ng? ' oami Il unpacks his bag in front of the victory sign in the gym. rt Vi K br, 1-6 ' e even happier to win o berth in the national tourney. 15 -5. ' r-,- yy-1 -.1-Q1 .,n,fr , ,tg . k M-434' ':"?-:xii ', ,, s',1r.A'ed'4':rz+, ,xnzfm ...L , --- The winning Rams came home to a cheering group. 4 4 Y ff 1 Q 1 5 'l 5' . 1 1 . 1 ' 1 5, 1 Q .5 ,Q lim l 1 1 1' A . . l if .. ll l f l 1 ll jg-2315 4 ' SAC's golf team packs up for another tourney. Jay Mclntosh, Edd' A't , C h B Bobby Joe Walker tie clubs on the station wagon. le I on occ Umgcrdner' Tommy wolf' C ' """'Yk4.':,1,, .ic 122219 L , ..,,,,M -. ,, ,ki- . ' .HX 'X . . I . 3 S xx N . 'E M... . .W , . Q' Rs ef . M35 M532 ,ff w. ,,, NAM-.,:x..,,,.. . is iii I Neil Sconiers was the experienced mainstay of the golf team. V . 1 ' T:-ff ., S b-2 P W ttf' .zfi",,, ' -312,-Six 1:1 h 1 1 F L... 1 l l 1 l 1 l 1 l l l l 1 l 1 1 l l 1 N. RAM BASEBALLERS L , R ll Alton S ears James Byrd Billy Pope, Ronnie heel. 1 . 0 ., Standing: Mickey Rathbone, Coach, Ed Featheringi 1 .P f , ' ,, .I HL - h un9, l to R.: Coy l-ee, Loil Balentine, Billy Alexander, Wes Minton, Jimmy Gray, Emll -loslf Holl'5 Bonner' Sm' ey ewls Green, Charles Slimmer, Payton Scott. 143 -32' -Mi "-s.. -F. v s v 'Q , '77, vfygwxx K B A F x X X g ., A5 R f ff' l - K' - S" 5 3 sf . ' 4 , - YR ,u 0 Il A- ' 'K -.M-' lx . - I--ff'-151 ' TR -. ' ' 4- 5- -1 - - ' --7 f'j',.f:'f. L , -g ,gf-1' 5 1-rf' r-, Q .- 5 -. '- " TT ,' ' ---..4.3,.--, , -j-15--. -:..,' -.-.-- w'-V - V . - .. .,-f---.0-,.. Z . ,,. -.- - ---: ,- -- 1 . - ' - - ' -5.-,--4 -5 - :,,.,,,,.. .3 , -Q A- X , .- ' , . - - . , - I -4.-1-. I-g---,3-.,1 ..-15. ,Ly 1 b-A , x H- G- -3.1 -I . T, . .1 , . , ' J , 1- 5- f--. rl: -' , 1 x -. , - x. 51- ' - , - .' . -.. , -.2 - ' .-Nw, gn---'-N..--... 1.--- . .,-' .- - -- .,.- -..- 1- - .- -,---.---- :...- -X3 --A - .- - - Q -, --51- , --55 -gf:-i-,-kfx-..'f -":4 -1. fi -rq-. --F 3' ' - - ,- ':' 5 '-?,-,'- .. - "--",L-'11-' 5C'.:--.,x',r,- '1-rr. -' ' - '- .3 3 - fx '- ' ' - .f - 'Lf ,.'-11- . -.,1---.s--.--'- -1.-'P -- 1--5. . 5--'--' , .- -. X ,. , . -h jg. -- iz..--gg .--.-3-'15,-,jg --g .bf .ww -N - . , -X--' -j gf - 4 A -' -' , , '--.X ". -,--W:-.Q -...,g'-,g. -.-:.,,f..k,--- .....-:-- .- - -s-w-Y.:T- . - . - --- - . , - '1-...'-f. 1 ,-,S j-43115 fgg.,L-'-71:1 g,j,-,L--1-,ig-,r f A,-rt ,Z my - - . -2 -' u ga. , 1- - , . , . . . .-"Pr--:sw ' . --3, -1 ,g.--L -'-.-5-gl.-Jg.. '-.:1,."r- ,. -I .-iq-"J: ,au 1. 5--,-1 2 ,- .x " ' -Lg' X -Aix - Q .'- . -, , .. - , -A Q ,J ..',1..' 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'ur- :Qf :-.-.f-E -.1 1' 942- .M -1,-fzr--'v -.., - -,--:,2f.9-1-:-53-:-Q-',--P-'2WZ:E?,"'9-. 1-fr' '- -:uw -6'-ar-1.22-y-'J-f2':Q-'1fQ:..2-Q-,-.S-W -, YJ..--Q -' as 12'-5523 -- -14 -- ' 1-Ji.-. ,jg-y3..gfs1'.:P8t2:q1if'f ---- . ' 1 1,-'x-I 31 ffl? 5g-L:gggcl.3-f-f- M -X, --.1 , 51.4317-'L 2-11174 ' ' 4 -4, L K li it xxd Sinn ,sz Q Ely -F "N K t X "vii 'X' Qi'11r:::E, tl 'xr-, ' lu lx' l" :A ,slr -lx e -. in f 4- .. ,e I N . E' Axlvx . -5: , I ' " " x Q. , B ix, :F ci. . Q.-.-Q - 2. gi,,13,' - M, PQ I ' . 9 ll , g,:2, Y l il If tvs? 3? H :Q ' T mlliifliizl '- I l i-w:....'1.GL5,,. gp 'r 1 7 iiiv Reporter for student council and photog- rapher, Eddie Kirk- ham, smiles happy as he and his date rest their feet. President Cavness crowns Jerre Mills, freshman from Big Lake, and Robert Miller, freshman from San Angelo, as Mistletoe Ball Queen and King. Sngs and Lambda Tous have mmahon ball lountly at Town House. Heap big wor dance we whipum Plowboys freol cool that night, tool S if V., 1 i r P , 9 t t t 1 1 i t v .fr s -- -A'WA -1-f ' 5-4-ff A ' 'f 1 --all-'+fJ+1'l4"t s s ' ,' . . , ' s D' zffgggi ,,1 1 ,iiiigfafsiilv1-gsefesaiiiaifiiifgilij.Qliefflfh 42? 'T as ' ' ' 'H' 5 s . . 44'- l l i Q i R35 'Qf Pat doesnt steal all the time. That pavement sure gets hard after the first dozen blocks. ,nur ,Y 1 i we 1. A i t fx Xi Its as simple as 'I 2 3 for Barbara Assignments: to get Betty inside. Agents: Nibling, D. Dusk, D. Dusk, Dodge. they go too slow. Mrs. Texas gives the home Ec some practical pointers. JZ NN? ,. X X 'u ,QQ - School pool experts sink a good shot! Ramettes visit the air show at Goodfellow Air Base. 'G I-1-X Q. I . 5 ,.', . ,Q . ,. A 'Y ,Q 4. - . , i w- t ' 'iw Q f f. .. - 1 D' .'., Q -"l , no-'rf - - , .,. . 14,4 Ag, . . -' N,-typ 5.-. JAP .3515 0 44 ,:- V. - 'Q J .f ' - 'LV' BV'-Y -v '-.'-' K .I gy :lx . .-...A ' ,. .4 .J wit., i"lf.'! . 1 's t- ' . - 2 ., L K :ga . ., .4 .np MT.. -5- WJ . ...nn - ---- 'u-an... L-n t AV V., - - .o-,- s -- ' A ' 1 ,ff 4 ' ' 5. 1. ,' ' -5 4- ,l 5 . 1 Cf -' "i,s . r' I' Sandra Williams and Alfonso Hernandez look at art exhibit. -. 4.-. X Don't park herel i 1 fix 1 ., 1 James Byrd catches and Ronnie Green bots mi" ' for the SAC Baseball team. 149 Math and Engineering Club tour power plant. H the filed" San Angelo College Tl1eGTef and A Cappella Choir December 13-14, l956 Jean Grady leads in the musical male part. Jean Sings lo Martha Mlhel' L . ? X ig. g lx 5- 'filet The girl, NCIHCY Pdfks, says no. Befiy Sue was the frightened next doar neighbor. The traveling salesman appears with grecfffernpfations, llohl pleqsep, he says, ,,Won,f you buy my Wares? uokau Work. 1 gee WK 4. '34, - be "iqlrifi?3f3:si,g1-4-sary' . 4 1-....:y,1?:,, X . ,, E.-fy-. CLE,-2 , r 4-A+ X5 V' f - ., A , erzfeah- "iss sae :Q f V 4.1 'is wg., We G2 m-4 3:2 'ULD wo -'QFEFL1' gif :...,,- FW. su' 4 5 Y H K -,-..,..8- Y' A-A lg-xv i . x. A f,.NX,t , . ' t The Ramettes never quit practicing at least Irene Youn P tt P tt and Susie Carroll dont 9 G Y O on "Ya gotta grin fer the camera when ya git yer picture took." Cheerleader hopefuls Jan Hurley Peggy Abbott Pat Young Don ' Dempsey, Rita McCutcheon, Helen Shahan, Sandra Peiser, Susie Carroll and Helen Becknell So this is Orientation? "I did it all by my l'il ole self . . ." Patty Patton S146 C' ufv. mm, , f Qssxf . Some of the participants are SAC students like Niki Langley, Harb Muvdi, another SAC student, represented his home, who represented Tahiti. Jerusalem, i Dr. Fraser spent many, many hours in locating and corresponding with the participants before the plans for the UN Day could be completed. Representatives from twenty nations, some dressed in native costumes, were :za guests of SAC for the October 19, UN assembly program. A coffee and re- ception for the visitors and students who wished to attend was held in the Home Economics cottage. ' 7? xr"" E if H . K , 0 'X S gi 51 'l ,-S . j j 'Sf 5 A3-flffq, I., K f X Finally the day has come and the participants sign the register. Harb Muvdi, from Jerusalem, Mrs. R. H. MacPherson from Czechoslovakia, Gnd Nicole Langley, formerly Tahiti, take Part in the events. Y T-T 'QM' im-, -A--r-.51 " M EQ? if Oh I -W 1 QU' S, look! These Lambda Taus eat fruit under th ' I t Pol YO'-H19 Served as president of the Lambda Taus. ew on ems' The skull and cross bones. Margarete Dehnel served as president of the Sigs. There are two social groups on the SAC campus just for girls - the Sigma Alpha Chi and Lambda Tau sororities. A Panhellenic coun- cil and the sponsors guide these groups. Girls must maintain pass- ing averages and maintain high moral and social standards. The Loot. Lambda 1-aus - aloha. Climbing to the Crow's Nest. And they blew and they blew, but they did not blow the house down. L - e fe ' .. -,,,. 3' , . l 1- 2 me l if , X ad.. it ' 'W l I Left to Right: Miss Westerman, Student Council Sponsor, Margarete Dehnel, Annual Editor, Miss Cox, Dean of Women, Porter Henderson, President of the Board of Trustees, Mrs. Boze, Mrs. Cavness, President Ccivness, and Pat Young, Summer Student Council President, receive Beverly Garvis, Marilyn Schwartz, and Bobby Moeller, new students. President Cavness Greets New Students President Cavness' reception for new students at San Angelo College was held Thursday night September 14 in the SAC Cafeteria. Students were greeted by Dr. and Mrs. Cav- ness, Dean Cox, Mrs. Boze, fresh- man sponsor Mrs. Westerman, Pat Young, Summer Student Council President, and Margarete Dehnel, Annual Editor. Later, new students had a chance to meet and visit with their teachers, fellow students, and parents around the punch bowl. it-5 Dr. .R. M. Cavness, San Angelo College President, serves punch to three freshmen, Niki Langley of Sanatorium, Carol Lowrance, Lakeview, and Norma Taylor of Breckenridge. I Dil3'N'r HAVE A THING -1-0 WEAR tb -9 JL L James McClanahan and Bobby Moeller give ci toast to the coming year ' Ha l 154 ve some punch, it's good. 9 svi, li ! li- -s . ,, E X at 3 .sr , exp signs- - 'ss' A , . A ,,.., I 4 v1 as Ai, I I I I XX 1 a num? X' 'Y f EAW mr at H ? :C fqiygk Thursday mormng daze. -s.,su, f 7 mf 5 Q N4 5 0 CQ 9 'ham of" , I.. Up, up, and away ?v msn-P 'sou - ' BIN' mg. . L - Q6-' O 4 . m 'I N4 o c co 9 : QNNX NQXXNNSX M- T,-J Le1's go exploring. It looks steep -, .V -,,.v,..... SACsters seem to agree that the wait wasn't too bad, now that they're almost being served. Jerre Kay Mills, Ann Beckell, Bill Schrade, and Don Witherspoon seen above is s 1' My 1, 515 4 I 4 x " ' , HN Yi -'i,4 ' ' A A x X X l x It certainly was a long wait. ' 1 Mc as candidates, serve the student body their lunch of barbecue, beans, and iced pic tea. A second helping, a second helping, my vote for a second helping! I sl" ' is Just call me Kitty Carson. l Ahh. This is more like it. Betty Burson, Lee Allen, Harold Huff, and other SACsters seem to feel much better now. l 'ff l Ekk! It leaks! "Mad dogs and Englishmen." l fi? What do you mean, "What are we doing." This is how we work up an appetite, ... -. ., "' 5 65'- Kgs' 355 Q l ill RAA- X I. I3 I' 1 s X t ff Merry Gt noon lrene Young, lied Humphry, Barbara Chesshir, and Spike Dikes are off for a rude. And they don't have to row! .Jif- Mary Ellen Watkins, picture. st photogenic on SAC campus, discuss plans for annual Merry Christmas! We leave at noon! Median Hidalgo returns from a year's study in Paris. Q. I President and Mrs. Cav ness. bers. 0 1 ' y .a.,, -. 4 Mr. Casey's I Aj, Qgufrg' X . , , "N classes are I '- ' . R X 2 gf! ff 7 "real" 1 ggi? 3 ,-r f 1 planters. .1 A 'qv , C fs.-lx? 'llili 1,351 is X' c hunts j . X J xeft . li 157 Faculty has a white ele- phant party at the home of Phi Theta Kappa honor so- ciety and sponsor, Dr. Blud- worth, install new mem- it 2 it , I fcwe 5 . E X , ll 'S ' ' 1 h I Y ' 'IIFA in l 7 l ,..-our-'P .chilli W ,rs l PPNO F -Q it vnlid. ll The Spanish Club float, depicting a charging bull, won first place in the Homecoming Parade held on Saturday afternoon and which was said to be y the best in the five-year history of San Angelo College Homecoming parades. Gwen v 1 4 i 1 I li 5 . fr f I My ll err: ---1 zzz' 'F 1 l v l ,mfr MW flafmfe A group of San Angelo' businessmen judged the very beautiful floats at the fifth annual parade for the SAC Homecoming. Elqgervers termed the 1956 parade- the prettiest that has been e . , ' K ' , Q l fs, if 44 tx , f . Luk 'H P ' - A y Q f 1 sl 'A ""'1 asia L4 V '. 3 1, g K lx i V 04 X 4 'ss En! .F ' s Q i S X V 1 , . ' l ' : .. 3 . . . 1 ' fl r - I ' ' ' , Q ,C SQ '-, gr, x - ' t .tai 4 .Lf V 31" JZ M fi . C,f:x.f'-,rk"A ' ff "Q .Al . fl".fr4': 'A sf'-f I if 492: X, 1 ii Ll gil! 'J it li his 'Q vi' - . " 7 "J ' C 0" 'il 1 l ' 'g dy 3 MEN Q- ' ' - ni. ?. 'gi f f Y , . ' lil Cf--5 .1-,lip ' '-vi is I sg. isr ui time-C f ste, - i A , 33 -,i e . , '- - X Champs Then Champs Now was the theme of the second place Lambda Tau So- Conc ' - ' . . h A ' - - - - - ' f' rorxty float on which Ruta McCutchen, 'I956 Football Sweetheart, rode. T O gg'-es plowed to C Vlclory and lhwd Place Wllh lhelr float deplc mg l crlelon PUll'n9 Cl plow for the Rams. ,J No' the N Norma Vg of the be Weslefmc slyle shox utiful ning. been Klli . ml ,sy 1 ml -T. C? . ,....... mi M 9. 'Lf Nell Cook serves tea to Mrs. Edwin C. Campbell, Mrs. Texas. Mrs, Campbell folks fg Home Economics Club. O0 OO ...- ..- 5 ' s .- We , ws... . , , U 3, f ,g , V Q , X, mx ff i C is . Q, 1 s ,. e ix - 4 -' 5 1 J'-- if X 1 . Q . . 1 Q. , x Q t D . 1 5 ' 9 , 'F J ,V " . 1 , , . its ' ,... if ' 1 4 5 5 --r -'f s , x 9' -5 , r F171 l E - I Nancy and Norma learn to upholster furniture in addition to making ClOll'105 mol the West Point dress Paradwbut good all the same! From, left to riEl1:x:Z oforlqm Wfeft, D'Ann Carle, and Mrs. Westerman. Norma and .D Ann are U Mrs l 6 beauties who modeled in the st le show at an orientation pf0Q"C'm- ' , Y ,Westerman is sponsor of the Home Making Club, and also sponsored the 5lYle Show. , l li i '1 'w rl! 1 I .i ,l i Frank McHugh of "The Best of Ste' b 'I ductions has played in at least 'l2Snp?cll::reEr?' Hollywood. He generally plays the pcm ofun comedian. - 0 V il ii l, .1 ll ll ll iii Ili Q It , na ll 'il as l i lt Constance Bennett as seen in the November 8, 9 ll production "The.Best of Steinbeck." Miss Bennett was HoIlywood's first woman producer. Robert Strauss, who also appeared in "The Best of Steinbeck," is noted for being one of the most versatile actors of our time. He appeared in thenstage and movie versions of "Stalag 17." l l H X l .l 5.3 l Q! l i .. 5 ,g i l lk Lee Whitney in ,the lead of the February 27 28 fri show "Paloma Game" The Broadwq T I Es ii l song musical score. iii ii e ,sl 160 rg. , - fm ' I fit comedy included such hits as "Hey There!" "git: ' Heat" and "Hernando's Hide-away" in its fourteen- The Phil Ormond its onl.Y 'on fried fp get ll'- P'CTLlre5 5. Perl oft if gl I 1 1 - h' O chestra, conducted by Eugene The PhgaaeiZpfa,eQ here May 29, so, 1957 .n Qrmaln -Flgxas appearance. Both Dallas and Hous- 'ls on Y h ve this orchestra but were unable ,on tried to G 10 gef lf. -, r l 1 The Philadelphia Orchestra conducted by Eugene Ormandy in a Texas appearance May 29, 30, 1957. The technical precision combined with the sensativity of this orchestra has earned it the name of the worId's finest. Mantovani and his new music Nov. 22, 23, 1956. Mantovani's orchestra of 45 takes familiar mel- odies of many lands and transforms them into new patterns of sound. Nu' S ' 1956-57 d h S amsh Ballet COmPUnY Ure' igrileefrgczpcextaculsar Chow March 13, 14, 1957- This colorful group has toured ,Eur0Pe and cp' peared on the Ed Sullivan Show. Lf 4 1 1 1 , 1 l l l 1 1 1 l l 1 i E E E l : 1 l l 1 l tl ll t Q 1. 1 I 1 l ,1 D 1 11 l 1l l li gi g. ll 1 1 1 '1 I 11 1: . 5 1 Q1 1 i 1 l l I l l 1 1 1 1 l I i 1 . i 1 ll X - K, ,i ,Z t nradg. - - -'f-- -f-X' l V Y . .. ""' or """"' ,,--..f . ,asv Y L The Board sits: William D. Taylor and Portor Henderson, members of the Board Dr. Cavness, President of SAC, and Joe Cassel, Superintendent of Lakeview of Trustees, view the scene. Scnoolsf Wave lo llle Crowd- in . SIGS SPIN TO WIN: The RAMS won The Sigs lost S A . S L V as X S X N ' 3 T s .9 sv . T Q -. , N Q Q4 525 , vf NN 1 X A N x - Rx s ss- s s ss Q 1 T X .Q N . s N , N . x S - , . .L A s t . if " 5: V Q ggafe 4 r 1 if 5 v .I K ,gi s I A - Q s svn. K 1 , .F All -1 3-Q 'gg 1,1 yrx .N sws -' , 1 f N1 1 1 if . Sv Q N T Q sy, is tis. . ' , . as ' W. .V A511 iw- Q , ' ww 11313 X wise Mk Q N 'ss 'sits Q , Q X s T 1- ,cle fi, 1, ' Sig? ss ew , Q. g,1sg,1iQ ' A ei -- 1 1 lar wifi? wif: .11.---as-.1-.,ses S 3: ,. whats. X T ,Q f J! ' 0 Mgr Q 'T' Little Theater presents: ln the city T62 the Tarleton Plowboys eww Tarl stay Ta rl who victc Pat elim men celel qi ii , . iff S 1 3 . 1 .13 R, 4 4 , 5, Fif i i J, K 3 ., -is .1-Sf ' if-5 ry A 3 N15- lg: 0 -f T vi f--'- . l ' ,p x 'v ' fi l - f -' sr 'A ...' 3?-5 sm Y 'iew JF' ' Pwds Here is homecoming 1956. Old friends renewed old acquaint- Eances, brought back old memories and watched the Rams beat Tarleton State 48-28. A queen was crowned. San Angelo had to beat Tarleton Plowboys in the contest to stay in contention for the Pioneer Conference football title, and Tarleton sent a train load of boosters to cheer their attackers. Talk around the campus centered about talk of the game and who would be the Homecoming Queen. Patty Patton won Q hard victory over four other finalists: Barbara Branham, Jefflyn Lefevre, Pat Young, and Jerre Kay Mills, after six other candidates were eliminated in an earlier poll. The SAC Ex-Student Association sent invitations to former members of the clan, and a good group did turn out for the celebration. DE Club rings out for victory. nas C aww m-- DALE APPUANC A A parade featuring student organization floats and other noncommercial floats gathered a good crowd as it motored through town at 2:30 p.m. Sat- urday. Exes were invited to the reception that started at 4 p.m. after the parade in the Ram Room. Then they attended the game in a group. Their tickets were provided at student prices. After the game the Exes had a dance at The Town House with Sammy Dulong and Orchestra. The SAC student body had its dance in the Cafeteria. The Rodeo Club sponsored the dance with Bud Hensley and band furnishing music. Rams hook Tarleton to the plow and pushed them all over the gridiron. . , , r 3 Q W" : ' . 1 .. tz. ..., , . 4, input . u I ' I - I . g . C. f : 1355322 'Tiki .ft W M- ' ' ...L s iff' , -v l'll I -'re ' Clfiffifgf if-ig. cz -Y Ili A--'M 4 Ye - l Tv rf.. ty: i ' ' ' ' at ' CQ' . 5 1 rv' 1 '1 x -. . 'T 45395 1. . ' ,F 5 kg ,M if XL R? 1 . i 'Q 8 P' 3,35 .xg .2 tg' .5 , , -, H 1 p Q x Y 54 J 1 I eh. . H-f .V .' '. --l 4. ' 'N ' J 5 N , N , -. . . l'ffrYTP'i'FXl3 :G Egg Tr'3.'Jf' v .. A 4,f'y,rQ.X, ., .Q 2 - . Jtffrfs' - -v , si '--'- 'S-A . , t , . M L'ttle Theater a It got a little chilly for these DE gurls. ore l THAT'S ALL FOLKS!! f .,.' -'--J. 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N Your Dealer John Deere Farm Equipment in Complete Sales 81 Service Porter Henderson Pomiacs Implement Co. Sim? 702-706 s. Oakes Phone bias 1928 xxxgx xqxiiiixikxxxxikigxx xgqqiiiiiqgqxqixqqxxxxxx SSSSSSSSSQXNQXXX W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W N S 'DTT' 'WT- SSSS S Skis l Home of Everyday Low Pnces Cornphrnents of TO SERVE YOU Freeland 6- Ven Buren Sis 15 W Concho Phone 4123 take leading parts in "sand Gold Cadillac" directed by Mr. Irwin. SSSS SSSS iii SSS 5 5 g Q ses Q if SJW Home of Famous Brands BLAKE DUNCAN COMPANY T27 S. C For Men and Boys She's going to look at those Baldwin Pianos and Organs ' al' McMILLAN MUSIC STORE V Sheet Music - Band,-Instruments gdbourne Phone 6404 Accessories I4 E. 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Beauregard - md W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W WllSON'S HOBBIES ' Trains ' Crafts ' Planes ' B9915 13 E. 1425 W. Beauregard SAN ANGELO, TEXAS CLARY MUSIC STORE Steinway and other fine pianos Musical Merchandise Complete Sheet Music Service Twohig Phone 5456 W W W W W W W W W W W Xxgiiiiiixxq XXXQQQQSEESSQSSSSSSSSQ iiiiiiiigi giqqXX SSSSSSSQQNXX 1 X 1 74 , i 3 3 3-3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3 3'f3 3 3 3 3 3 3 333333 3333333 333 333 3 .IIW lg SAN ANGELO choose HOTEL CACTUS Q3 iff? ur eho ee In West Texas Hotel Cactus m San Angelo greets the traveler with true hoop tallty, unexeelled Xxygy aceo modations nd the homelike atmosphere th t comes of personal attention to every detail of your comfort s xxx . .Q AFFILIATED NATIONAL HOTELS CORTEZ ' Pl-All El P so L ado ,. AFFILIATED NATIONAL HOTELS ALAIAMA HOTEL ADMIRAL SEMMES. ........... . ............ HOTEL THOMAS JEFFERSON ............... Birm ..MobiIe ingham DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA HOTEL WASHINGTON .............. ....... W ashington INDIANA HOTEL CLAYPOOI. ................ ..... . .. ..... Indianapolis LOUISIANA JU G HOTEL ......... . ............... ..........Naw Orleans HOTEL DESOTO ................. . .............. New Orleans NEBRASKA HOTEL PAXTON ........ ............. . ........ . .... Omaha NEW MEXICO HOTEL CLOVIS ............. . ...................... ..CIovil SOUTH CAROLINA HOTEL WADE HAMPTON ....................... Columb TEXAS HOTEL STEPHEN F. AUSTIN......... HOTEL BROWNWOOD ...... . ............... ustin A ........Browuwood HOTEL BAKER ............ HOTEL TRAVlS.... ......... HOTEL CORTEZ ......... , ........ ..... . .... .... . .... Dallas aw HOTEL BUCCANEER ..... . ..................... . v t HOTE G EZ ......... .......... . Gavto L ALV . ............. . HOTEL JEAN LAFITTE ................... ......... v ton CORONADO COURTS... . .. ......... vas on MIRAMAR CO RT. . . .. .......... v t n U . . ........ . HOTEL CAVALIER ........ ............. v to HOTELP Z . LA A .. .. . ..... . . HOTEL LUBBOCK .......... . .. HOTEL FALLS ................................ HOTEL CACTUS .... ........... .... ....... HOTEL MENGER ...... ....... ......... ANGELES COURTS ...... .' .............. . VIRGINIA HOTEL MOUNTAIN LAKE . HOTEL MONTICELLO Lbbock .If"Iffff..m - .Mou' . Norfolk W W W L W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W if W W Chase Holland, Jr. I. J. C. Holland HOLLAND JEWELRY 1 X COMPANY , W MANUFACTURING JEWELERS :vV V. I ., Distinctive Jewelry-Exclusive Gift Creations W f . 1 ,,,, , I .,,.....:. I U JEWELERS IN WEST TEXAS 1 Fon Q I , slxrv-NINE YEARS L' f,.,,x ,Q A t.,, M 3 -a W tb Q C -1 0 Q Q 1 U. 'U 5' O 5 ID Cd -a G0 UI ,.,..,f-" Sandra Williams wins national art award. .- I, W W T W W W W W W W . W W W W W W W W W W W ll'333333333,3 3,3xx W33333-333e3'33-3.3-333e3333.3 3 3 3--3 3 333 3-33 .3 3 W S S S S S S Q x x X X A Q .il X i if ii iixgg "SS-Sssiisfpf f?3fS25f?f1?:f:2:Z:f:-:-24.3.5 tl. . , A.. .gigiggfiirzrfrf 5555525rSr5:5:5:3:3:5E3E55rE:5:5:553E535E151?:3:5rgE15131513151555:rir5:5E252I13fE:5:35:5:gi15:5:5:5E5ErE1E:gj15if:+, ...:.-:-:-:4:-:.g.g.g:g:::3:- --5.5:g1g:g:-:-:-:-g-5.1.53-:V:Az-p.1.1:g:::-:-:-S:5:2:Ig:-1-,-1-:MMFwax-:-'I-:-:-f.-s-.'.. .a:1-5:11155-rc, -,,.,.g.:.:,:, --. v- - - o .-:-:.3.5,:.4. 3. --g.g, '::3:':-:-:A:-:-gq.3:::::3:+:-:-:f-''- ""' '4':r::5:-:j:f:f.5,-, :-: :-:A:-g.::-:-:-:-:-.-:-sv.-. Aw 1,255 . ,.-, ., ....... ,. tx if -s:-:2:' -:A -:-:-:?:f-:-:-:'-' sf'.-:4',:-f-:-:-:-:1:f-, ffrfif f' -"""'. -:-:-, rv:-:-3-3-5.5:g:g:5:-:-:-I-:-:-:-A-. ,5?:y5:g:3Q5:,:,:5:2:::g. ,Yx -,3,, , . -: :2:21Ezirigrgrg:5:::5:f:1:I:I:i:f:I:Ig:-:-: 423555151-. '-2f2g:5rgrg:5-1:-1:-:-1.gr5:55:,::f-fl7f2ETE'H'5I,':E. 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' For prompt, efficient, professional service, bring your next prescription herel I WARREN DRUG IN THE VILLAGE Charm School Classes. BUS ,STOP l ANGELO SPORTING GOODS featuring RAWLINGS WILSON SPALDING And o host of other National Advertised Sporting Goods We're Always Happy to See You VILLAGE SHOPPING CENTER "The Store of Professional Service" 0 -I -E195 W3 X Tag 1-5. y 'x X - f - be f 3 -4 l 1124 west f it EXTERMINATORS 'QvcJ,,QixX,.-g'-5- 5238 1- Beauregard "Since 1934" sSSSs S-23,3535 X Q Q Q N S Q 5 g 3 Q S Q x N X S Q N S qqiq SESS xx SS 7 . 5- xxxxxxisi Ssggsigss-S A- Nl The Home of FINE DAIRY PRODUCTS A Q Q- Q i - . . 1 54 'XNNN Fi . R , ig- . , . N -T----'-.s,,1,A T LQ 1 ..---4 ' E , w ell GA DY'S CRE MERY If W Jean Adon Nail, freshman, models in style show, CACTUS OIL CO. Compliments of G. T. Trusler, Mgr. I TRACTOR FUEL 0 GASOLINE 0 KEROSENE 0 DISTILLATE 0 AMALIE PENNSYLVANIA MOTOR OIL 0 CHAMPLIN HI-V-I MOTOR OIL O COLTEX GASOLINE San Antonio Highway Phone 4530 W W W W W! W W W W W W W W W M W W W W W W iiiii S-Signs SSS W Neges-STARTS S is S S S S S I l I l I L I t. l L F Q l l l f 'Y 2 L E i 4 1 30 2 X A 52QSQQ.Q X iigx ,Riggs SQSSSS EM time zfauql live in wwf '7mf4 Now that you have finished college, g We hope you vvill live in West Texas. lt's a great place to live. A land vvith a loig future . . . a land of opportunity. To help keep West Texas great we are always building rnore electric facilities to be sure there is W "plenty of Electric Povver in West Texas.' I 5 g e HI Tv N. un. .,,,,Al3ipt.,. lf.. ll l f umm ltultlNummlWlvlnu1l1w'f ww' Xi' W JW W W W W W ZW W WI IW W A f W 5-V' fl I , qi IM Q. my f' IW ' T2 f T W Q A I In ,.,. -1 W 3,4 f W .ll'wh"' "':.. -rw W 33 W . ' L , 1 W it ffl! .J yy : 4 XZ! W W ,r ,iff lb. fl Il Il ' W V I .. T il 1. W r fl W W W W W W W W W W W W S Xxqiig QQQSESSSSSNXX iiiqxx S.5 S , Q , S iii gxbbiiiiiiiq SSSSSSQISPSSSX - - 5 gl ,A S ax S Q S X is S1 'w'f'X N N Congratulations from QHQEEYSQ . ILCQ Q 3 E, MARK IV AUTOMOTIVE AIR CONDITIONING Complete BRAKE SERVICE WHEEL ALIGNMENT - WHEEL BALANCING R. L. Baldwin - Owner 35 East Concho Avo. Phone 22459 WARNER ON THE EIGHT BALL BENDIX AUTOMATIC LAUNDRY I Fluff Dry or Wet Wash - also - Dry Cleaning and Finished Laundry 1906 W. Beauregard Phone 229142 THE rmst NATIONAL DEAN'S HONOR PARTY looks to have been a sad occasion for those who attended. Dean Boze enjoys being surrounded by pretty girls. SAN ANGELO, TEXAS ' Our Diamond Anniversary Year Member ot Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation S S S S S S it S N X i X X we-X'S, S'S. ' ---- RQ J ge-1'2X..w-. f : -,g.N., ,-- ,,- ,, , . ' ' -' .' if X, Vg- S S S i 3 S R Xf N X 'Q-less'-Q es S -S S S S Elly! I Y 'I ROBERT MASSIE FURNITURE COMPANY San Angelo X Pat Kitchens models cz dark summer CONCO- ARMSTRONG BROTHERS IUNIBER CO. Dealers In BUILDING MATERIALS SAN ANGELO, TEXAS Phone 8I3I 66-70 N. Chudbourne W IW W W W W W W W W W uw ,W W W W W W W M W ' W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W X xxqqq Xxqqggiggxiqx XxxwxssesiiisiisiiSSSSNNQ sSSs'SSSSSXxXX Y, An, ,,...:,.. Nl! eau and deal cawkea Dr. and Mrs. J. Douglas Barry W W W W W W W I W Phi Theta Kappa President greets nurses. Q W W W W W W W W W W HOISUIII SAN ANGEL0. TEXAS iiiSgg . xxgXXxgiRxgixxiigikggg 5 Xxxxeeeeeeeesssssesiis W W W W W W W W W W e W iQ- SSS SS SS. X-' --ig --rg 'gf-,g1f'Q--' .g 5 , ff-AS-4' -:S-Z, wif- S - - , gg-5,5 5-R'-gl 5 g g 5 THE VILLAGE RECORD SHOP 3 So. Taylor Ph 6052 Phono Record Stamps Redeemuble in Merchandise The Dean talks to his Honor Roll group. 'G EW W W W W W W W ' W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W CENTRAL N ATICN AL BANK Capital 375,000.00 Surplus 375,000.00 SAN ANGELO Member Federal Deposit I nsuranee C0rp0rafi0r1 xqgks XiiiiSiii,XiiiiiX .issgssswwexx W W W W W W W W W lf' Sissx i Awln r i x! xii gggS S SEEESSSSSSSSQQ , XXXXX X qqgiggigg SSSESEQSSSQSSSSS qxX E ,IW AY IT Wll-l-l BI' Q00 004, the S band Vt 'G get fi 40 Q I Anllual AIS B VA!W ,. ska, I Advertisers. Qs I ?s.I4 5814 .1 .J 7? 2-wily f' R I Ro ' tbgfd S The correct Gift can Always Be Found City Flower Shop AT THE A th H d, o A r Ur ear ww WEDGWOOD 8. SPODE Prompt Delivery - if Flowers Telegraphed Anywhere 'I27 East Beauregard Phone 9'I'I9 Amie Ccimlck "l-'-' "' ' -" We Also Carry That's what we call real concentration, Niki. Jensen Sterling, and Watson Sterling, and Frank Smith Sterling, and Intemational Sterling, and International Plated Hollowware 718 N. MAIN DIAL 3496 FOR FINE CLEANING- ' CORNELISON BROS. SINCE 1908 A SAM B. AND MARY K. RAY Go Formal- Renting your formal isecrsy on the allowance. No 'needto make-For big out- lay for a big date! Renting formal wear is easy! Tux, dinner jacket, shirt, tie, studs, and cuff links-all you need for a perfect evening. W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W S S S' S A i R R S Q R R 5 S S Q Q Q Q .S S S 5 S S S SSS i 5 S 2 i Q i .E Q Q R A S S E N S S S S S S S S S S S E gi SSSSSS R XSSQSSSSSSS SJW R Wisw M is prow, . 1 1 .K .l 1 . x W W W W W W W W W W W W W WI W W W W W W W SHEPPERSON FURNITURE CO. 151' 'I9-25 WEST TWOHIG SAN ANGELO 19: DIAL 3155 ff! HORTON, YAGGY 8. KEN LEY W ' INSURANCE sAN ANGELO Real Estate . . Properly I-DODS The Chadbourne Bldg. Phone 6734 ' W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W N 2 XXQQSSEESEESSSS XXXQQSSSSSSSQQXX SSSQSSSSQSQSQQX iiiiiiiii li.. ,,,,.'vs I fawi' I taw a putty tat a study- ing my lesson. Sprung Q5 X Sully. "A bond nn the I hand" quoth he. I was a happy purafe lass Iuntil the iournalism class clipped off my nosej. EEK Fever Lazy Days 'K X , x xnxx be --...AM And Back to Work. L Marie Warrick really studies her lessons Gee, some real live paper dolls. ww N515 SS SEdSSfSS5SS2SSLi5Q5qg5QL5XY5xI 5 5 5 5' 5'e5 A55 5 -5 5 5 5 zEN'rNER's STEAK HOUSE f U. S. Choice Steaks X "FAMOUS FOR THE BIGGEST AND BEST STEAK IN THE WBT" "ff 'A '.'4'44 1' M nwnmn- - 3121- " " ' s X f f el a' ll 4 ' tgggb, lm' Za-jk, 'ff' -i. We , A . ' L E I I We Also Serve Fried Chicken E ibfaf 5433 CARl'S ""':::.':'r'::::,'s::: 'O' BARBER 5H0P - Friendly cmd Experienced Service 2715 Sherwood Way X 2714 Sherwood Way I . - ..- Your feet won't hurt in good shoes 44 569 0 60 5 +f-- Q XXQGQOEQ Grace Walker 1063066 CHU' Accent QP 'Cv For the Young at Heart HOWELl.'Sq SHOES 17' W' Beauregard The Deon and Mr. Torter prepare for Swdenf N D t St g C0UnCi'ffiP 0SChC'Pe'0"eS' ext oor o ur GS X55555555555 5 xx 55 Q5 SS Q5 EQ Q5 5g Q5 55 Q5 N5 T5 N5 55555g555555555555555X 5555555 - 5555555 EW W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W V. W "' W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W 1 S XX Nl Students, Faculty, and Faculty Wives admire the things sold by those who advertise in the Rambouillet. 77 L W W W W W W W l ll 5555555555555555555 5222222 5241 t W W W W W W W W W W ,eww I ' Three little lonely nurses no so. CI-IADBOURNE ' 7 f W W W M W W W W W W W W 'Q 7 kia- 7 'ixl if X K 2 - Q is 5 Q Rss. .Mc X -K fa, r 5 sssss as 1 t MJ . glswiiimgr 4 , w-5 'wma-1-s,,, s,..,...,,, . 1 fo 57 wc W 5 cl 2-,.,...- hi --M-N :.A:-NRO, E ::: ::-Eh I Xu NN N' , . . Where the best people eat the Best Food. Parties Welcome Nettie looks out at sea to see. For Reservations Call 7577 W W W W W W W W W W 5.5' SS Li his 5 5 F W 55 is gssssssgssw' S Q Ness --si . sw-gg-.. ,. HM., ?f . X Q Q X -- A .se -S Q' S X Qi R SYS S Qi ii iiiXX exegesis , 5 F, ,, EM I.S you will have to fill footsteps without 7-league boots unless you trade with Rambouillet advertisers Distributive Education courses aid working students at SAC. Student from San An- gelo College is Miss Betty Burson, daughter of the A. L. Bursons of Robert Lee, as she sells a hat to a SAC teacher. The businesses of San Angelo are very eager to help in the growth of San Angelo College. About 90? of SACsters must have work to help them attend college. Local firms give them positions and pay them living wages. Also, these firms assist by buying advertising in the Ram Page, the Rambouillet, and other school publications. Advertisers - We Thank You. " , 'C ...--.. ---- -1 s-.. 5455!- Learning and earning is Ross Horner, son of the Vernie Horners, 520 N. Washingtomfll a local department store where he is trann- ing. The SAC student trying the cout I5 James Mayfield, former D.E. student. . .III 1 I l ft.. Q Shoes to fit the customerslnare found :Z Van G. Roche, Jr., of SAC, trainee in 0 O dry good store. SAC is one of three TCXUS colleges with a D.E. Plan' Vans pmems are Mr. and Mrs. Van G. Roche, Sr., 1215 Spaulding. V. W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W ,W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W xiii Sii SSSSQX S ifiii giiiiiixi SESSSSSSQSX S S- Si 3 T l 1 l 5 f . l l l l t l s I l x E 3 l 4 v 1 v N T87 W up ,,, ,...s..-v-..-we -- -... . iii xqxiiisiiiixg- Ssssssgsxssxrx 55 xXii NNSQSSSSS 35233 SSNSSSSSQ SJW V. an 'gif Green Grow the Lilacs. Let Me Call You Sweetheart. Er1Cl1ClI'1fed ROCk. --iv fl, I W G G . . ' -so b . I J H6lRF0sl'vQn5 A A P' lr- 3'f:T ' fl X HE! For the latest hair styles and fashions Try CLARENCE HAIR FASHICNS 1957 West Beauregard W . MTlHl'PuIumQn1is.f .. G W Q sig re-' 'ZF' 1 . W W W W W W W W W W W Stop at the Sign of the Flying Red Horse C. L. "CHINK" TAYLOR AGENT I Magnolia Petroleum Co. MOBILGAS MOBILOIL Mobil G N. Oakes. Cor. Sth Tel. 9169 6 9160 Dorm Girls Play Games Gust pretendingj. Ready for a midnight snack. W W W W W W W W ! W W W W W W W Wy W W W W W W W W W W W W W W X X S Q S S Q S SMS Q S S 3. 'R 5 i S S 1 S vi i- 1- S Q Q S S R S N S S S S S S: S-its S S W i Si S E Q 2 ixi-,ihih L5 - g W W W PRINCIPAL MARKETS MEIIZI-?ERi W NEW YORK M R W A CHWO srocx IIIIoIIEIIs C ,Rc PRIVATE WIRES TO ALL 6 N I - c A E W MARION J. sco1'1'. LOCAL A F .w ac 'rr E N N PHONES 4220 2.4526 2 4527 FOUNDED BY FRED UHLMANN A W CACTUS I-IDTEI. BUILDING - - W W W """ ' 3 W ..,+ Let's play but safely W I"L fi up Alco of Texas nc W -. I jg ' ."' I f' -' P. o. Box 1302 Alco Building A ' i h 412: 5. A , I f J I 9 ' ' ,e f , P 7 W it J M v SAN ANGELO TEXAS 4 I 6 , , 5 sf Wm., -A -I f ' V A' 'v 1 CSI Local Phone 24511 X 1 X ins xf W W Long Distance Phone 23997 W . W W W W Our sincere appreciation for the privilege given us in making the photographs xxx xssggggggx CI-III: B A CHIC E KANSAS CI Bo D TR E MINNEA ol. c R on E E WINNI-:PEGG E QE KANSAS CITY NEW YORK PR E as 0 NEWYDRK Co EQSUGARE CHAN M -1--i-T- I NEW YORK R I R E CHA GE NI-:w YoRK o XCHANGE DULUTH BoAR OF TRADE MA 1' oR1'I-IG N o ON xcA ' 0 RICHARD uI-II..NANN Mama R E Y RK co o HANG , ME NEW ORL s o o :xc l 1 In f In f ,1 . A? I X J f ff I W fi ijg ertsis I - A 4'3a.....,Q To The Students of San Angelo College W contained in this Abook. W WALLACE STUDIOS W "MAKERS OF FINE PORTRAITS" W SAN ANGELO, TEXAS W W,-.,, ...- W W W W W W W W W W Ap Nl A A' , Kincaid is looking for some0f1e- Pre-clinical on their first day of work. ' ' N XQSS SQESQ SSSQ xiiqixgx fllgxx XXXQSSSQQQXX ISXSSSSSSSSSNNX W SMI ANGELII TEXAS 5" W O MNT: Ti? I-IE ANE F sniff W W W W W W W W W W A 0 I y ,Y Qi Jack Guthrles Barber Shop .Le SIX BARBERS TO SERVE YOU Gives the Latest in College Hair Cuts Serving at Reasonable Prices 1417 W. Beauregard Ph. 21939 1 San Angelo College has splendid night school. W W M W W W W W W I W W W W M M W W W W W W West Texas M ost M odern M otor-Hotel Swimming Pool Restaurant Air-Conditioned Lake Breeze TEJAS MCTGR HOTEL W W W W W W W W W W W S S S 'SLS-AQ-7 se- S. Q- --Q was Q Q if 5- 4 -j, 7' .Q-.g ga . gs. g N i N JSM-5 ,i iv WWW Tfff "X ! 1 . ' , W M' ,ij off 5 , ff X4 1 Z' ., 4, San Angelo s 5555 5555 Suzanne Evans-one of the ladies in SAC's one-act presentation from HMUVYI Queen of scols-H Kent Finlay plays the guard. Jim Welch plays Lord Moray. .Queen Snail" given at Drama Festival in San Antonio l f ,, x A ,, S... i . fx' Tom Kincaid plays the lead- Cafol L0 W f U n C 9 PIGYS MGFY, A W' k I Fl - X M I., - Lord Maitland. Queen of Scots. nn lc er P nys' my emmg. Q:.llclnaE,lllzldll3lel3llllys ,"'w-.W 1 , K J, 4' l Af j 4. 4' c I 'Q .ls-vs l l Discussing important world affairs.. 192 Queen Elizabeth Elizabeth sneers at ,, .. ,N Mary. Mary grieves over situation. ll 4 CT ., SVR! .. ,, -Ttnio LMA 4 11 w ' if yi r-' 9' l. tel plays zbeth. RU S -5 tiki-'ilk -5--x ,AX ,- :i . AS .gi L.-x,,'xg,-. 1 S S Ss- S MS- A S- . - .W V Q.. g Mrs. Mary Morgan and Mrs. Curry-dorm assistants in Carr Hall. A room in Carr Hall. CARR HALL MONTHLY PARTIES Sept. - Soph and Fish party. A - November Family ' Night lNote Ottobor - Halloween li th Q e . Children, Also Hallowoon Christmas - The January PU"fY- and Santa Claus. iXxxxxxx.xxkiX ssssswsxxxxxg . x 5 . , X 4 Q S Q Q Xfx 5 Q sl -.G Q Q g 5 Q X QSSSQQXXX X S g 5 i vi YXXYYXR 5 H S Lee Parks stands in front of the new house built by the college on college land located off the old Big Spring Highway on the north side of the North Concho Lake. The farm is sponsored by the SAC Aggie Department and the Texas Game and Fish Commission. The college, at first not self supporting, now pays its own way. Below is seen the Lee Parks family. --k., M405 '22 This is one of the fine young bull calves born and being raised on the College Farm. The calf feels safe, protected by the larger calf near by, but it raised quite a rumpus posing for the photographer, Eddie Kirkman. WX ' xxxxxqqxxxii sssssggsgsss SAC LIVESTOCK JUDGING TEAM GOES TO OKLAHOMA CITY. 9 , 4 s I , I - A Q... s 2 , r . ' ,, j sv T ui-,iii A. I T Mn A ,g.5':,ZVJ,:i'-Q.. 7 f i' M17 f Iii -T P' 'IM I A Nr' lock low, loft to lights Mr. Edwin Dubose, Sponsor, Howard Loveless, Bill Coleman. Front Row, loft to light: Harmon Kresling, Billy F. Turney, Nick Cleckler. POU LTER ABSTRACT COMPANY, INC. representing Kansas City Title Insurance sAc gm, pray ban. Company Compliments of AZTEC DRY CLEANING and LAUNDRY SERVICE II9 SOUTH IRVING PHONE 3636 See us First tor Prompt, Accurate ancl Courteous Service on Abstracts and Title Insurance on All Acreage and City Property in Tom Green County, Texas. 2l5 South Irving Street San Angelo, Texas P. O. Box ISO Phone 6548 . S E P AA, ,,,, ,-.--..--4 I X Q Q Q Q Q Q Q S Q ji is i 2 E S S E S S S 1 x x fs Y X F v.1.y.-4. 1 v 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 I 1 i 1 1 1 1 i i""Ell"T "rv, Qi 'i ' .-... 15' ng ,s,,., X 1 .l Glenn Wilkes rides as members of Rodeo Club look on. Roby Hamilton rides a bare-back bronco to the finish. Chock Carruth ties his dogie in ample time. an , Week Rodeo for San Angelo College was held May 9, 10, 'Il at the Fairgrounds. Western Week saw all hands who failed to dress appropriately arrested by the Sheriff and his posse members. To. highlight the week, a Queen of the Rodeo was selected ond pre- sented to the student body in Assembly. A successful ride or the ground await bronc riders is is Yxx SS- A Complete Shop for Smart Westez nets' Flower Shop 5 Z5 W' m o F Q 4 'E V S Qfe 4' B00 gr It's M L Leddy 8z Sons for leother Any Kmd Everytlme! School Notebooks Bnllfolds Rndmg equ pment Be ts Purses Novelties HGLCOMBE jlPO3ANT0N p Ammzcl TE NNTKNYTHING lmp Evnlumnnc MANUFACTURING STATIONERS OFFICE OUTFITTBRS 2426 W Bea eg d Dal 4161 SAN ANGELO Trzxfls for then' help g 1 V 5 S11 O P K"San SSS xqiiii QQSKQQQQQQXX SSSSQNXX R iii SSS E .IM V. Compliments Henry s Flower Shop Koberlin 8. Emerick COMPLETE W W W W W W W 22 5, I 43 ,, if-ichx FLORAL sERvlcE DAN KLEINMAN co. A Exclusive Ladies Wear and Accessories ' 2'5vf Phone4141 Ph. 3694 129 S. Chadbourne X SSSSSNSPQ ' 9 ac I ll , KI f fl l A W W IW W TAYLOR'S PRINT SHOP ir PRINTING - RUBBER STAMPS - OFFICE SUPPLIES LETTERPRESS - OFFSET PRINTING 'k . Dial 5454 I 'I09-'II'I N. Chadbourne San An - X FI MI' II, I wilk DIRECT DIAMOND IMPORTERS 433551 5 DI. C- 'Ev eff Q5 2 U5 N E E I .I..i,,...... l ..I. 'ij .... ff!n6L f4 ,, EEE2EEE2EQ3QEQEQ5I5I33232531523 E5If5I5I5f53I25I5f5I5I3 I A ' -:-:g:gzg5:2:i:-:-:-L-L::g::i:2:Q:5.,. ' 'x vu NX , IRI I xl Qxl I RX B H 5 , X 3 I x Q X E -Us 'X Ifugf I .ini X X -Q Em I I 1. ,NZ ERN X J- R x S x - U A . 'S . its S i IXFYWINIIIT 'VI I ge O' Texas 202 s. CHADBOURNE SAN ANGELO, TEXAS W W W W W W W W If W W W W W W W W W W W W You'll Save Time 8 Moneg. Tfffzfeiii M Sw he-Q F ii If F' We em, II, Q Li-Wi A 1 3, LA 7 , .Q H' X MX, - X G ' --'fieiiiee - 1 - L 'v ' -'Y-2-"-' . A 1 I in 5 I I x. A ' Q I. Q 7 I .?, 3-'iii-" c A -. L , ff, Va- , N sie fQ F' I B L 7 A H . f fax ICI L Q-v:X..X.f 2 G I ful XX VI. wvlvl dm? 4. ' K 1 fig N g 95.5, X' :-.fx -5 V f ,. 'in --.- Q 6 ' -T' . ' 1,7 . X, rw' C- 'Mu VJ ' R457 -R I .f'Xx ,x I . x W. , I ,- Ex Xl Mi I In V N . IW 7 I I I - I ' 'u San Angelo Abstract Co. Abstracts and Title Insurance Alpha Freud, Mgr. 27 E. Beau. 1. 4452 IF YOU BUY FROM THE RAMBOUILLET ADVERTISERS Te W W W W W W W W W W xxxxiexssgsesf-if AX S X SV-SAS Shi S S xi SESSSSSSSNX A 1 ,Q . ie J 5 Q: I1 QQ u- 1 7- f .X as 'Q ,551 ,,-R, ,i S S Q F ff' fi , 'lQ'S 'S S 5,5 S SHS -NVN- N Q S S- 'S S. 1s-.Q gpg- -N S1 N S' TTL' Q I1 lil-I -5' . 'U ra QXJNVM N 5 f Q 771. D, 2? V. JIM W W W W W W W ii XQSQQ xqiiiisqi ssssssiwwx X Siii xi g? Xqbiqkbqxx Xi Xiqiiq W W W W W W W W W W W W I W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W! N N 200 S RQQRQ xqiiiiqiqk gxii?i?S?iixiixX EEESSSSSSNQXXX S XXX iii Autographs - courtesy of ,WML-wdl Two locations for your shopping convenience Downtown and Village Shopping Center Sikxvg. XSS-is t S S S S S S SW I n' W IW W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W W If W W W W W W W W W W W W W ' W W W W W W W W e 1 NSXS-Sisoss-SSSS'SSQ 8 1 I I 1 V fi . J is 5: 3 4, 4. V o I in I I , i'2 F3 vi 515 V 5 1 W if W ff 31 . Fr , ali ir if I fa, , v. , 1 f . x s ,xg fin 'TYB . 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