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 - Class of 1954

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Angelo State University - Rambouillet Yearbook (San Angelo, TX) online yearbook collection, 1954 Edition, Cover

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1 . 1 N am gn aK,,.M,, A-X,,,f.?w--.X fb: ' H N 3'-1' Q, X-. "' X J 4X XWXQ, W ff , - . ,. W Y ,, f5f.v.2'w5,v.,X. 'w.z,X. A. W1 x 5 t Y 'Maxis -MLA Y lwmwm .. 0 , ' V , v- ," ,,...,-.- -X--f 1 X.-fifty + " "' . .. X- . ..-.,4v- X.. - A ,.,, .. .X , .M 'X W , 'f .n XX,m,,M,4ov.. ww- W- XA M ,,,,, , ww WW , ,,,,.,WXX-X. Ky M .4 W Q.. ,, W X .M .XX .X:X Xnmww , .M W.. X w , - XL ' J' , if 6 .-,.,Ljiw,35, . XX '34 no ,..,,,q . , ' 0, r, wif, , K? V 1 ,. y "Q-WWE? ,ing . fair ff fx X , g5'.':, A XY f M k ,Y A , f ,U Q-:X , if f ? X' :' W . aff, - Q ' X- X, X1 fy. .X ,',.i,3XLf , ,, i ,m .A 1 A 3 ' k , Q 21e23.iimXXf.:,a.,4,4,. .Ls f' ' 92,1-f M-figmamwia-L A.X'..,,,,g,,ff: MMM Ml 14lQMmLmfiJX,M...,1X M.XX-X-.XX- A-MK X M, --X , 1 F an an . 1. fW,,,Qk , , f f f, .19 H V, K ,K . . hw,-f.,' K fa M W. ,Q,q5g,-fg,, ,png ,-i,,g,qg,w ,M wg. -, 4.1,-1, f ,z-'z,ff,wgs2z,f1f fx w'i2fm'i9,. -' - A U 4 'Q if-.W7fi377l5!f1Q fl Q :W 'L ' ' -' -Er: K . :'.f1msJ,21i wlswfwgrwswl-,ml-4-,wif1 Qffs5g,zQgfg21fvw,mwwfzfmc-fu.wil, rujgil f .'f-ffgvpgwwr, I . pffzz'2re,,: A -,A:g,3m , 3 ., .51 , -7 -, :aw f ' 3 0' K 'nf Q 1 -wiff -i wa -Q W Xgfw., 1: . ,f gfwiqfhfg fa Mm? an :Qwwzl-:'f2az.:f+w, , fwwizw K f t .M L svfw-zvw, - , ,lmlgil-5.w,A,f, Av, L H 5 ' ' . , Li f. - f?Q,gfT5'Qf' 2 1 'KW 4?f5fe2'zf'r-wgf:?2'?E5TS1Q5ifz':f'-Mi ,-,k.,f'g.fs: -wsfwixiggg'f5Q?1?fgSfwQssi?sfffi4ijyfEg5g:f1fEf35Q2g423i4fMilAw'?f'Vzseigvf5?:Qz?5T.ffi'if-1-X':,.-A11 wyxfc- 113- V3 515, f .. fr-IQNEA mi: -vi -vm - w,'rfHs?'f l:l55:.:Qf:'.,: jf. . H: ,g,'.:'A::Uf.' 9 , :A jmywf ,,w:j15t:kz , bZ,2v,,:yQ'l 'J4."3fL gifz-5f1'g3j.fu3j" . - -,5j1gg5g,gj.ggh:'hi'53,975 gy, 'Egg1Vjja'g1f'lhgKfq-1" 3 Qin vQ,.?1VfJg-:IWL Z frm +2 'G 1.15-'5 j5T'i2if:S7f"- ' I ffl ' 3' " ' ' A " ' ' Mfg: ' ,,741S3?S?z41fo1m,,'7,i-2,Jfffg:,n2fiy Hwy, 31:3w5?fe2Q32ffrw,,,z.,5'S?f5Qigs1rigs5,f2fimy gap ..',15fQgwbg:,w51X-gf,x,m 224435221 pf'-5' S X uf 55?-.aww 8 'f K , if 11 S, N, f,,f,:5g1W,A,fl-fy, ,ff,-me Qgifgffff,-w3,w,g,.f,.u,ggqS,p,.f-,uf ,-WZ., :g:w,.W,,f,,k.,,,?gfi, . .k,,?,,,!,.g,,,mf, .ffm w . K . w:QfiQS3s,2e2,--1 1,wH:U5'- v'-212 mf, .fw,-:,f,fff,w. 1 ff x?wff--Qm:,w- - M,-gm.m,:vw .L '1m1r.f,:fw-A 1---1, 1- ' W - M'-M-M fwg?:55v-,,g1,f,ggwz,.'xfff,fw,,.-g - 1-,w,,fQ,ff,i:z5f 7 ,yi-H - -M f ' 'wf'Sf5?5mwvf1 4- L- f f Axlllfifz 4 w Q . f- 411' -'wf sz . o L. X 4 -- -.. ., w N ,-4' ' Q' . a e . . a L' V K, A g A .fs ili f -'iv' 2 ' f- 7 w1m f1 K W ' , M m 14" 55+ Q , m W 555966 ' " .' W - ,WV , .,,, WL L,L W, .r2'P?:fM sm,-f :. m..f,.a' A A W A ' , -"- A ,.., ' ewvmisiwkiiv A A., AH, 4 NM ,vm ..,,...WY .VV V..,.Y.,,..vV-,f.,...,.....v.,VVs Y W , DEDICATICN lntensely loyal to his friends, militantly proud of San Angelo College and what it means in the field of higher education - that's our Mr. Barnes! We affectionately dedicate the 1954 edition of the Rambouillet to him. The Staff, Student Body, and Faculty of San Angelo College. 5 . 5 s 1 F r 2 A M,.M.w.W.,L,..,..n m-WMM N 2 'wk wx an R - f f m 5 , i ' N Q..-x x 2'-'r-fEi if-f-: 4l 1 MW - kf,,.,1Kf4'- Q I N.-, nf N .5 W ,1- ' .J ,2 ,, mf 'A Jf. Q W1 Razz-135 Q 1 'U 'qw x, , A A. ap" '-psafuz.if4,Qfg .Lw..wlL,,.4,am.Q,FA.....A ,QW .gf ..""'A'f ' 'V ,,w,,,4,. ,K ,- . -N .WW 'Mil 'ici-m v,,,,,. , . M F -f-iff,-Lf...' f 1 K M, W .. " . .J A , .K W ,w, x f vi -lb?" wa- Q .ml ' -www-Mxv, f ii, xx vi um lug 5. o- , - 3184 Dr. Johnston, Mrs. Johnston, and Mark are all proud of their new home. Mark s h o ws how his daddy relaxes after a hard day at SAC. Students are always welcome at the Johnston home. Mark l 1 k e s to help his mother in the kitchen. "Crusader Rabbit" enters the president's home, as Mrs. Johns ton reads to Mark. ,4 .13 . N' N 4 5 K mf! V . ,Y i .V Jz. 4' A is ff 33, W ,lfiiw 'fs ' R 'Nw M ,A , ,MW yi ii' .5 Vyklwkff , RY f W, . 5 f-W. 'LY A Q Q 6 n Q we Q 3 Wax f f . sf .3 Xx3Q,i,,fm K , .R 4 1 ' fy' 4 f -2 Q , f"f GRIGINAL SAN ANGELO COLLEGE PRESENT SAN ANGELO COLLEGE if K Lit L.. Lf L Hr qfj L Lim. X- L- It I L' fl -My----1 .L I ' -3 ,tv ,I 'fi 0 4 S 1 CAFETERIA GYMNASIUM MAYER HALL CARR HALL HOME EC COTTAGE NEW ART CENTER 4 Q-sv 1 W .,..- . ,, '75 .,,,,.,, ff 2 fx, yr 5 t X,- . -V i liEY1:imf5,v1-',:pHumw A T 3 5 A i T l l w w l r .M 'elsi f .L jd Standing, left to right: Robert G. Carr, R. O. Sheffield, William D. Taylor, Vice Pres., Bob Sharp, Rex F. Johnston, Sec. and Treas Sitting, left to right: Porter Henderson, President, R. R. Lowrance, Jean S. Johnson. BOARD DF DIRECTORS Porter Henderson, Pres., San Angelo, Texas. Wm. D. Taylor, Vice Pres., San Angelo, Texas. Rex F. Johnston, Sec. and Treas., San Angelo, Texas. Robert G. Carr, member, Son Angelo, Texas. R. R. Lowrance, member, Son Angelo, Texas. Jean S. Johnson, member, Veribest, Texas. Bob Sharp, member, Knickerbocker, Texas. R. O. Sheffield, member, San Angelo, Texas. PORTER HENDERSON PRESIDENT is M Among the many valuable things you have learned at San Angelo College, I hopelyou have come to realize the importance of always doing your best. Develop your talents. 'Have faith in God and in yourself. Strive to glorify God in everything you do. Live as He would have you live, and where there is no way, God will make a way. Please remember me as a personal friend who is always willing to help you. - Cordially yours, Rex F. Johnston President 33??"'1c'::":-Y-Www f . ' ,sm J Congratulations to a wonderful Rambouillet staff and to its sponsor, Mrs. Frances Carter! The growing pains of a first-rate college are challenging to any administrator and to its student body. The ioy of serving for and with the SAC student body is a reward to be coveted. The immediate years ahead are going to mean much to our prospective students and to our alumni. The door to my office is open continuously for the faculty and students alike. anim. Ziff, BURL M. ABEL Dean '12 'lP'd' 4445 13.11 1 STATION SAC PRESENTS ITS FACULTY Harold Barnes director ublic rel t' d , p a sons, an C. R. Roberson, business manager, commemaiors. Y..-wi...-...,v..,...Y-Y Yew...-...eve . Y .7 never. V Y Tvwi ?k Rev. C. E. Bludworth Bible Department Leslie T. Bare Head of Science Department Ethel Brust Music Department Rosa Bludworth English Department Max Bumgardner Athletic Department Head Football Coach Frances Carter Journalism Department Counselor for Girls Glenn Casey Science Dept. Max Coggins Voice Dept. Bill Chambers Social Science J. D. Davis Bo nd Vivian Chenault Speech R. B. Dooley Agriculture Dept. A, ,,,, ,An , ,, t i Lewis Fraser Head Language Department Joe Gabriel Distributive Education Ruth Gray Librarian Philip M. George Athletic Department Basketball Coach Darlene Gartrell Business Department V. R. Gunn Education-Psychology R. D. Hardin Art Department M. B. Inman, Jr. Agriculture Department Tincie Heddins Art Department Donald M. Jones Business Adminstration Dept. George Hunt Math Department Dora Mae Kelley English Department Allen Lawler - Track Coach Athletics Dept. Ralph R. Masterson Head Business Administration Dept. Gerald B. Ogle Head Engineering Dept. l Delbert Tarter i Science Dept. pi x 'Q Margaret Peck i AA V - ' it Ez' Head English Dept Joe Mitchell Social Science Dept. Student Counselor Allena Westerman Head Home Economics FACULTY SHANNQN ISCHOOL NURHNG MISS SADIE GRAY Director of Nurses MISS LOUISE SANDERS Assistant Director of Nurses MISS MARY LEE HECTOR Nursing Arts Instructor OF Q .1 MISS MARY LOU STEVENS Diet Therapy MISS VENITA SUE SMAULEY Obstetrics and Pediatrics MISS EDNA MAE JONES Medical and Surgical S l'l A N N West Texas Memorial Hospital OFFICE FORCE MARY DALLAS Business Office MRS. CLAYTON VERNER Regis1rc1r's Office .IOY JOHNSON Regis1ror's Office VIRGINIA FEIST PresidenI's Secretary I FAMILIAR FACES AROUND THE DORMS ' R adv 6 3 K s- ,aw Judy bosses here Mrs. George Qhdtq uh, , fe 'Se Lmle coach 81 his mother Mrs. Carte s loves V-.TEXAS INTERCOLLEGIATE S PRESS ASSOCIATION A W A R D S THE Em PAGE. SE-ECOXJD place in JR. COLLEGE kXE.b.JST5A9EQS. of Zfze 1954 mmf '7fu2l ealfzq wad iq QQAAEOSQU aflyzeannuafcanaeniian half! al' Mmica 8639 Gallege Mexzca, Dzfrrzto Federal! April 22, I9 fT QR TA Mix Trzomas ?XXAL1TD"',f, Vfesidenz, T, 9. Qifzctar Eleanor Wilson, Secretary fffj S Www f Lffif -" TO S I N G- , r T ii .gt 'S' -gsm M a . The 'Fam Mr L' . . O'Dwye 5 3' - welcome ' X " the grol. Z to M. C. Romantic setting for studying. Anticipation - but it was not better than realization. ,nmmwiwwk Packing to go was But coming back with treasures was another Maybe you can figure it out, Rosie Simple' story. ., ibn" Why, Chester, wot hopponed? Typical Mexican method of carrying luggage. Tired, but oh, so happy! f xi ti W ' Q 'S , m , ,., - .Q .A ' ' it Q t rm, ini ,V 4 K- w '5 fa f t Q21 , , 2 uking a shower. texico City is full of vely monuments E x - president Ale- mcm's statue domi- nates Mexico U. MaximilIian's castle was gorgeous! The bull fight arena was gigon- Where the Rio Salinas flows! 5ZaT:ca,nZi1enc:ftpynimlds re- itic! "Auntie Bea" considers a emp es' new profession! H 1 E A :J1 . 0 i A '. , . . 3 3 M I gMM..,55- um, l A 1 1- 4 Around any corner! Climbing the pyramids! i Mrs. Carter and the pyra- mid to the sun. F an Football stadium-University of Mexico. As modern as tomorrow. What a place to study Patio at Mexico City College. lst in Dorm at Mexico U. Chaperone "Auntie Bea" Paul admires classroor at university. . Ruthie admires McMurry's editor. Banquet at which Ram Page is awarded second state. The beautiful university library .f painted in Mosaics. Univer sity buildings are made chiefly of glass. Eager foursome take in the mountain air. -...QMDM V This is the way we went to school at MG Hotel Regis, our headquarters. Station SAC-TV P 1'e.sse11 ti11fg ' Nc A' wwnwm HOMORES ij 55 QA 1 J h wg' Eff!! I , , . ..... . ,.., .. AAI, .,.,.,.,-,. I ., .... ..,. ..,.,-..-,-4:-.g-5g---::-:::-:-1-.':,Q:1.1,:.g.g.1.1.-.34.51,14.1.1.g.1.g.g.g.g.g.g.g.g.g1.11.,.,.g.g4+,-g-1-g-g-1-1:15,,1ggg1p:.1g4.-.1g-.:.,:.:.1,3.:.:.5.,.,g,gcg.g.g.:.:.g.3.,5.:.:.,5.3.,.:.,,5D.,.,.,.,.,.7,2+PA,.,.,:.,.,.,.,., E.,,,,.., 4lv.' -,A,:,,1,:,:,:,:,:,:,,,:1.1.9,,.,-,NV,-WS,-I-H:+3-I.A,V,lm:-zur:-:QLITM:-iv:TBmb:V-V:w::Q-,IN A'--l V-V- IUGENTHALER, ROBERT L. an Angelo-Pre-Medical ANTA, BILL V. an Angelo-Dentistry ootball, honorable mentio onference center. ATKINSON, CHARLENE Eldorado-Physical Ed. Rodeo Club, Student Council, Press Club Science Club, All-round Cowgirl '53. BAMFORD, BARBARA I. Berkeley, California-Nursing Science Club AUSTIN, STANLEY CLAY Tulia-Industrial Designing Commercial Club, Math and Eng. Club, Student Council, Press Club, Pres., TIPA delegate, Rambouillet staff, Press Club, Yearbook editor '54, best Personality '52- '53, vice-pres. soph. class, Mayor Hall re- porter, Fine Arts Club. f iw 'J' A ,Yi Jfgf' 1 ff? , M ...vs "elm 1 'Life X - 'S ,llie 1 , . 2 fffgf, W. X F E .. BAILEY, JOE ALLEN Ozona-Engineering Basketball '52-'53, Math and Engr club BARNES, LAWRENCE Albion, Nebraska Business-Accounting BELCHER, WILLIAM G. Biloxi, Mississippi Physical Education Football, baseball. Transfer from Perkinston JC, '53. BANTA, BETTY ALDERMAN San Angelo-Business Science Club, Phi Theta Kappa BARNETT, JOAN San Angelo-Business Ramettes, Sigma Alpha Chi, Treas. '52, Pres. '53, Religious council, Student council, Little Theatre. BERGER, EUGENE San Angelo-Business Agriculture BROSIG, E. H., JR. Paint Rock-Animal Husbandry, Concho Aggies 4 M H- in -J r BELCHER, JUBE H. BOEDEKER, AUBREY L. Dallas-P. E. Stamford-Business Football, Baseball BlRD, HELEN ANN Sanco BOLT, JO ELLA Junction-Animal Husbandry Trans. Tarleton State College Rodeo Club, Sec. Concho Agg BROWN, HAZEL Rocksprings-Education Trans. Tarleton State BLUMENTRITT, JAMES L. lraan-Engineering Track BROWN BUCK C BYRD JACK L Aushn Physics San Angelo Pet Engr., Basketball, Baseball, Math and Engr. Club s E, t :f ,f l . 5 1 xl xt ig, V' 5 :lrQ',ifiEiY-ls , C s 211ifQfj2QigEf2f2?1' iff gvgxglzjtiltfrg gfff ., J rlfsikiiikilii ,ii,lff5L'3'?55 If 51,13 ii RLSON, GORDON 1ice, N. Mex.-Accounting nmercial Club, Science Club, lf Team '52 DNNER, WILLIAM SHERMAN ,iles-History CAMPBELL, JAMES CLARK, BETTY ANN San Angelo San Angelo-Business Ramettes '52-'53 French Club, Spanish Club CARR, JOANNE San Angelo-Journalism Freshman Class Reporter, Student Council '52, President and Parliamentarian Little Theatre, Sigma Alpha Chi, Phi Theta Kappa '52-'53, Press Club Vice-Pres., Ram Page Rambouillet Staff, Spanish Club Sec.-Treas. '53 CHANDLER, ALBERT London-Mechanical Engr. Math 81 Engineering Club CUMMINGS, BDBBY E. DURHAM, DUWAIN Temple-Mech. Engr. San Angelo-Electrical Engr. Math 81 Engineering Club Math 81 Engr. Club, Mgr. Basket- ball '53 COGGINS, ERVIS G. San Diego, Calif-Pet. Engr. CUMMINGS, JANET San Angelo Ramettes, Sigma Alpha Chi, Commercial Club, Phi Theta Kappa. , . . -We ---7 - - f- ' l I EDDY RODGERI HARRIS RUTHY Conifer N Y English Eldorado Business Adm EDMOND, ANNE FEUGE, CURTISS San Angelo-Chemistry Science Club San Angelo-Business Science Club, Little Theatre, Math and Engr. Club, Lambda Tau, Phi Theta Kappa, D. E. Club ci-IANEY, E. A., Jn. San Angelo-Agriculture r i i l I I l i 1 1 . l i l L ,, , I Rodeo Club, Concho Aggies ,Nm gsm. I 1 GOLASH, STEVE P. HENDERSON, PORTER., JR. San Angelo-Agriculture Science Club, Vice-Pres., and most outstanding boy, Most out- standing freshman boy, Second national vice-pres. of Phi Theta Kappa, Pres. of student body, '53-'54, Phi Theta Kappa and Concho Aggies HILLYER, WILLIAM L. San Angelo-Business S, l I 5 HARWELL, MALINDA R. San Angelo-Business Sigma Alpha Chi, Little Theat Chorus, Band HESTER, DORA M. Eola-Business Administration Sigma Alpha Chi, Student Col. cil, Ramettes, Pres. Carr Hall ' NCIR, BERRY L. n Angelo-Business Adm. E. Club, Commercial Club, oir, Newman Club AB, Thelma A. e View-Home Economics s. of Lambda Tau, Pres. Home Ec. Club, as. Lambda Tau, Vice-Pres. Student mcil. Miss San Anaelo Colleqe, Band, HOLTON, CHARLES MONROE KING, PEGGY JOE Soperton, Georgia San Angelo-Fine Arts Business Administration Associate editor of the Ram Page '53-54, Press Club, Little Theatre, Choir '52-'53 KELLY, BENJAMIN F. San Angelo-Physical Ed. Transfer from Illinois State, Football, All-Conference 1 2 . ' ' 5335 45544. K ' i s E. 'tl c X f KEY, BILL San Angelo-Accounting Transfer from Texas University 5 -fe. - ,. 1 . . V1 , ' f -we A 'mf ii - , .. if 2 or ff.-:V , fi' , 1' . K' : . YI . -s - 7 . 5. u A riir B A ilss . A W, tisr KNIGHT NOEL 5. San Anaelo-Fine Arts Little Theatre, Band, Chorus LANKFORD, ELMO San Angelo-Doctor of Dental Surgery Science Club, Vice-Pres. Soph. Class '52, Pres. Soph. Class '53, Vice-Pres. Soph. Class '53-'54 Q Association LANGE, HUBERT W. LACY, BETTYE B. Lake View-Physical Ed. San Angelo-Physical Ed. 'mu Basketball 2 yrs, Ram Band, D. E., Baseball MARTINEZ, IDA San Angelo-Business MILFORD, THOMAS Lamesa-P. E. Mr. SAC '53, Basketball Capt., Baseball, Who's Who '52 j 534325 LEWIS, FRANKLIN D. MASSEY, MILTON San Angelo-Pre-Law Paint Rock-Electrical Engineering MASON, JAMES R. San Angelo-Business Adm. MASSEY, JUNE Paint Rock-Business Pres. Carr Hall '53, Phi Theta Kappa, Lambda Tau Sec. '54, Commercial Club McCLURE WAYNE McDANlEL CHARLES E Talpa Ammal Husbandry Robert Lee Pre Med Concho Aggies Rodeo Club Student Council Freshmen Judgmg Team 52 53 MAYFIELD, JAMES W. San Angelo-D. E. Pres. D. E. Club '52-'53 MCCORD, JIMMY W. San Angelo-Business Qk, V I P5- , , I I " J, A . V 7 - - - - . Qi K ,, lg 3 W 4 I , ,gg ,,,,' .' ' K ff , ' 'if 1 ' , I 'ff .V ' I 1 ,V K I Q -, , ,., g. D ' f ' f L- K "Es ' 2 :wif .rfr' . . I ' ,X ,.s gC :-Q, . N . A ,,,-, As-,.4L 7 H W L 51' tg, ,ijirgwr 33-A vig? C , 'Q A 1 trrs - I ",- 3 ' Ig' ' ffsil, : -- tie l A f 2521: 1449, 5 , ,L if " lei " ,5. 1 l kf- 3 . fl, I WW S I 5 'fmfw l 'Sl' ' ' H ' , eff-'I 1 - S ' fa A Exif t ,-,' f ,," ,. '- ,ff l f." ' , Agree' fi alr. 1 A 5 I Ny I .rrt 3:5 fx A Af 1 VE'Wi?w fLJ1lwr' iv H 5 1 ' ?.'lf31:Q V-9 ' Q -ig, if , , ,... .h If tif- 1 I Q. ji g' an X ' , 5' 3 ,sz l lEl.TON, JOYCE :an Angelo-Business ttle Theatre ADDOCK, GAITHER an Angelo-Fine Arts lusic Club, Student Council, oys' Quartet, Madrigal MCLAUGHLIN, DON NORTHCUTT, FRED San Angelo-Business San Angelo-Counciling Phi Theta Kappa Pres. '53-'54 Freshman Class Pres., Math Engr Club Phi Theta Ka a - 1 PP 1 Soph. Class Pres., Most Hand- some Freshman Boy MOORE, THERESA San Angelo-Business Band '52, Choir '52-'53, Sigma Alpha Chi, Sec. Little Theatre, Student Council '53 NANCE, SHERWIN ANN Amarillo-Business Ramettes, Lambda Tau, Cheer- leader, Student Council, Soph. Class Sec., D. E. Club, Press Club, Annual Staff PAULEY, ELDON E. RANKIN, CHARLES Iraan-Business Eden-Business Adm. W. BSB - 1 ODOM, ROBERT H. Silver-Agriculture POGUE, NORRIS Ozona-Commercial Art Press Club ROGERS, JANE San Angelo-Music Ed. Reporter Phi Theta Kappa, Vice-Pres. Sigma Alpha Chip Choir, Science Club SANDUSKY, GERALD Bronte-P. E. Football '52-'53, Basketball '52-'53 -- -- Y wr' - -vw - f-fm' ROBINSON, GLENDA A. San Angelo-Business D. E. Club State Sec. '52, ROGERS, JOHN WESLEY Peacock-Elec. Engr. Basketball, Math 81 Outstanding girl in D. E. '52-'53, Engr. Club Lambda Tau Pres., Candidate for Homecoming Queen, Phi Theta Kappa ROGERS, JUNE San Angelo-Music Ed. Historian Phi Theta Kappa, Reporter Sigma Alpha Chi, Choir, Science Club ROGERS, ALEC LESLIE Peacock-Elec. Engr. Basketball, Math 81 Engr. Club SAI-TER, VICTOR SMITH, JAMES A. San Angelo-Bus. Adm. Sqn Angelo-Geology RUTHERFORD, JOHN San Angelo-History Pres. Religious Council, Pres. Math 81 Engr. Club, Who's W '53, Phi Theta Kappa SIMS, LOU ANN San Angelo-History Lambda Tau ,, MITH, NELSON an Angelo-English eligious, Choir EDFORD, MARLENE an Angelo 'res. H. E. Club, Sigma Alpha Zhi 'K' 'K SMITH, HUGQ TALBET, JACKEY . M . MCKll1l'1eY, Tex.-Med. Tech. Sanderson A Q iii , SPILLER, SANDRA Junction-Int. Design H. E. Club, Rodeo Club, Ramettes . A : V! l f 2521 171-A fl. W4 ,lf-'-' V I yn , JN it' ' I "" QQQ-,QED STEPHENSON, TOM Brownwood-Bus. Adm. Reporter D. E. Club TODD, JEANETTE UNDERWOOD, HAROLD Lake Vl9W-.lOUl'!'I. Miles-Business Cheerleader, Lambda Tau, Student Council Treas., Press Club, Annual Staff, Ramettes. Oh, I fell asleep and forgot to ge into my own section. TURNER, JUNE Water Valley Lambda Tau Home Economics WEBB, JACK WILLIAMS, WANDA NELL WILHELM, ROSEMARY Comanche-Journalism Valentine Queen, Best All-Round Freshman, I Pres. Ramettes, Sec. Student Council, Sec.- Treas. Press Club, Photo. H. E. Club, Pres. Sigma Alpha Chu, Rep. Carr Hall, Co Editor Rambouillet WHITE, JIMMY R. San Angelo-Pet. Engr. Math 81 Engr. Club, Student Council, Phi Theta Kappa WINDMILLER, BETTY San Angelo-Foreign Language Choir, D. E. Club WILLIAMS, ROBERT A. San Angelo-Med. Tech. San Angelo Buble San Angelo Business Basketball, Choir Band, Vice-Pres. Sigma Alpha, Little Theatre, Student Council, BSU WILLIS, JOE Brady-Agriculture Concho Aggies, Rodeo Club WOLFF, WARREN San Angelo-Chem. Engr. Phi Theta Kappa, Math 81 Engr. Club J, .e We mfiilft ,D the , 'BJ ,M ,AM lwenf 6,1001 wooo, CHARLES J fm Q-mg xl igslf I x wrorlq 5 San Angelo-Music S' eg g, ' , 'Eliot' 400 L Band, Choir, Madrigal , "i- if j j 7 i ,z I T Lf: z K t fl. I X X P - 6' .lil fl .- , f ..,f ,I 1,1 s. Pi: r I A f W' " I I ' A " ' at I 'hifi i,c, - I' .eete giiizezs 1 F in E 'K 'tl DUNG, JAMES M. in Angelo-Education ice-Pres. Math 81 Engr. Club, ice-Pres. Phi Theta Kappa ENDERSON, EUGENE Jnora-P. E. ies. 8K Vice-Pres. "R" Assn., aotball, Track WORKMAN, BOB DRISKILL, M. L. Albany, Ore.-Business San Angelo-Engr. Math 8. Engr. Club, Band CARTER, H. c. San Angelo-Engr. Math 8. Engr. Club, Science Club, Press Club, Rodeo Club CROUCH, ROBERT L., Sr. San Angelo-Engr. Math 8. Engr. Club, Science Club HERHANDEZ, ALFONZO HOPKINS, JERRY G. San Angelo-Art San Saba-P. E. Little Theatre Football, Basketball, "R" Assn. FIELDS, DON Robert Lee-Vet. Med. Pres. Little Theatre, Science Club, Concho Aggies, Livestock Judging Team TALLEY, A. C. Taylor-P. E. "R" Assn., Football, Track, BILL BANTA, sophomore, was SAC Ram football captain and a member of the Phi Theta Kappa. PAUL KENT QBUDDYI HORNE, freshman, was elected Mr. SAC and is a three letter athlete. JOAN BARNETT, sophomore, was a member of the Phi Theta Kappa, SAC Student Council, and was elected Sophomore Fa- vorite. She was president of the Sigma Alpha Chi sorority in 1953. LOMAN JONES, freshman, was a member of the Phi Theta Kap- pa, Freshman Favorite, RAM football player, a member of the Little Theater One-Act Play cast and president of Mayer Hall. WHO'S WHO CHESTER BROOKS, freshman, THELMA LAMB, sophomore, was was co-editor of the Ram Page, SAC Home Economics Club Presi- Freshman Reporter, Press Club dent, Student Council Vice-Presi- President, and a member of the dent, T953 Miss SAC and Drum Student Council. Maiorette in 'I953-54. PORTER HENDERSON, sopho- DON MCLAUGHLIN, sophomore, more, was Student Council presi- was president of the SAC Phi dent, Sophomore Favorite, and Theta Kappa Chapter. Phi Theta Kappa National Sec- ond Vice-President. fs"-I FRED NORTHCUTT, sophomore, was president of the 1953 Freshman and 1954 Sophomore Class. He was also Freshman and Sophomore Favorite. JENILEE TATE, freshman, was second semester president of the Freshman Class, a member of the Student Council, Phi Theta Kappa, and Little Theater One- Act Play cast. MARGARET OVERHOSLER, fresh- man, was president of the Lamb- da Tu sorority, Freshman Fa- vorite, and a member of the Phi Theta Kappa. JEAN TRACY, freshman nurse, was a SAC cheerleader and a member of the Phi Theta Kappa. WHO' WHO ANNETTE RAY, freshman, was 1954 editor of the Rambouillet, secretary-treasurer of the Crea- tive Writers' Club and Press Club, and Carr Hall reporter. JOHN RUTHERFORD, sophomore, was Phi Theta Kappa treasurer, Sophomore Favorite, and presi- dent of the SAC Religious Coun- cil. ROSEMARY WILHELM, sopho- more, was 1953 Freshman Fa- vorite and Valentine Queen, a Ramette officer, 1954 Student Council Secretary, and Miss SAC of 1954. The San Angelo College students who were chosen for Who's Who in American Junior Colleges were chosen on the basis of scholastic standing and leader- ship. These students were nominated by the Student Council and elected by the faculty members of the College. i i l l Studious Pals Blue and lonely .-.V Ted Bearden ll WM I it 'Q Qld .4 y y - at J f ,, Q 6 Q . ' t ll' . 'X v . Tom Milford I A y I xf Going Steady? lm Pouting! Ram Room Students New sweaters presented cheerleaders by Athletic Dept. F im' Q05 .fl 2 ' Doc Johnston and Pop Barnes eaf, foo Picnics are fun, also 5' 5 .. f Just water served here Mis. ec k pours! Mrs. Cranford and Mrs. Meyer know how to cook. Appetizingl Aw! We're Pot Ram Room is ., popular place - The cenfer of Aifraefion ff, ' Qs I 4 I O 4305?- , ,YW ,Y , W . ee.,-,.-.YW W, i t x ,A SOCK HOP V J cg 'A cuMAxEs X 'QP " X N TWIRP 3 is f J . 0, N "iuyf5'ix WEEK CP V M9524 A KKQZW4 549523-4 aQ3?i 9594- 9.-W" ' X wGKt Sb X Q 'V 1 X-, . k - - I 3 Girls carry boy friend's Marie pins Corsage on date Shoes are removed-Dancers wear soc s girs pay c per books inch for dates' sock size. ' 2 - s , S 5 4.630 5 . - sg mi' 05, desi is t R ' I . osle P ons G garden Contestants with corsages. iNote Prof. Ta rter'sJ. V J ' Q 01 . K Y t -' 'f f Y' I 4 Ralph's sets a record. Z. ' EU 4' '14 K I' f", 'v" 'X 1.4 . df- A' 'C " ' J ' P .af 'gr' 'R 5 tj 5 16" sf' . t f 4 'Wi I F lv I i -V k YW iff? Xt f k . of fx-W' Lu?" fi .T L. ,.-f fy K I-"W, -'N . f . -f ,. li V 3- I """' ' 3,3 i ' ix 4 Q K 'L 'Jin X ' ' ' W Q K -' f A .F e Q ' S ' ' f r --.. 2 F' I . , . 9 King for a week. lucky cimes' ,, 8510 I , 5- , 0 If 3 9 lit ish J W! 5 ' X1 W C ft 1 X - - Carter awards the winners. The woman pgys. Miss Wool, Kathryn Gromolsky, visits Carr Hall girls. i if E ,Q E Z I l Cowgirl Jo Ellen and Ramette Sherwin Nance enioy Midwc at Fat Stock Show. E X w 'gziw :Q -'f , The Favorite finalists and runners-up - Robby Blackburn, Buddy Horne, Ann Erwin, Dawn Williams, ond Rosemary Wilhelm. 9? -,J Oh, girls! How could you be so bad? Q25 iw .1-f' ffl! if X or 1, .J F- Servicemen ,,,.,-...X fx Billie on the keys EImer's Tune "wil V, 25 inf P , if Y Mr. Barnes hos his finger on the pulse of all activities. gKZ5f1:',', 'vi W' sv f 1 if Why, Porter, where are you going? Fun at M l Carr Hall om-Y 2 N97 52 Q 31'llJlj, f ,X 4 . , lil? ii 'f fl' Barefoot girl! I7, V I V V I 1 MID-TERMERS BRIGGS, FRANK BUBENIK, JO ANN Kermit San Angelo DE GROOT, IDO Parcamcaribo, Surinam PURVIS, JAMES San Angelo Z' 9 if GARNER, SAMMY MARTIN, JERRY Lubbock Lubbock ROSE, JEAN Fort Siockton SMITH, ERWIN San Angelo The Decm's Teom Could this be brain food? Anyone for tennis? Posed? Sfrongwind? ' F REQ .f 1 P 'Q ,A Come on, Stella, let's Q0 Growing on the Ccrnpus Have you ever seen if this crowded? Bunny Hoppers Christmas time in Carr Hall. Singing Christmas songs. , 'C "" Nl, Four Dears f?J .1 I Student Council's Christ- mas' tree in foyer. i The Lambda i Tau land glgma g C 5, . A in l A - T Vi 1 :C L U' 4 Pressntfltionlat . I' r, Christmas Time. T g .V M 'Q' L rii sgi -C i "-. , i ,,,, :im ig 1. i T F? 43 ll 3? V iii A ' ,M 5 ' g 1 fp F' Eiulll 'E "Hn ll ,J f nr.. F' Q A W 2 YRSRHWN fmmw as am, 152- 1' 4 H. in S mwv MARILYN ABBOTT Secreta ry-Treasurer 5 ,JERRY THOMPSON .Ienllee Tate 'lst Semester President 2nd Semester President BOBBY PERRY Student Council Representative :Q ' - 'fr I ,. CHESTER BROOK Reporter MARILYN JOYCE ABBOTT San Angelo ' DONALD MONROE ABEL San Angelo YOLANDO OGAR AGUILAR Alpine DORIS ANN ALCORN Polytechnic MARY LOU ALEXANDER Eldorado TRAVIS G. ALLEN Eola BETTY SUE ALLEN Sonora JOE THOMAS AMASON San Angelo RHODA ANDERSON San Angelo RUTH ANN ARNOLD Roscoe EUGENIA BAEZA Chihuahua, Mexico BILL R. BARKER Olive Hill, Kentucky lah RICHARD A. BARKER Mi I lersview LOYDEAN BATEMAN Lake View JEROME BEACH Miles ROBERT E. BEARD Scan Angelo BEVERLEY BELK Big Spring MAC BENGE Sanderson BARBARA BELL Son Angelo ROBBIE BLACKMAN Sterling City JOHN ANDREW BLOCKER Lubbock STELLA BOLDING Scan Angelo GLEN E. BOLIN Lake View JAMES P. BRADLEY San Angelo WILLIAM H. BRISTER Son Angelo CHESTER HOWARD BROOKS Goldthwoite ROBERT M. BROWN Bronte DIANA FAYE BROZ San Angelo LOMA DELL BRUECHNER Sweetwater RAY B. BUNNELL San Angelo NORMA RAY BURROWS Lake View SHARON KAY BURTON Son Angelo WILLIAM J. BUIS Simon BENNY BOB BYRD Son Angelo DORIS FRANCES CALDWELL Irccm MARVIN CALDWELL, JR. Iroon ,figur- Ns.. E71 RICHARD THORNE CALLAWAY Artesia, N. Mex. PHIL D. CARROLL Tivy H. S. QKerrviIIeJ M. H. CASEY Llano INA JEAN CATO Levelland BILLY J. CHANDLER Ozoncu JOYCE E. CHILDRESS Hobbs, N. Mex. ZETA CHURCHWELL Son Angelo ESTHER FAITH CLARK Rankin CHARLES IPATJ COLE Son Angelo DOUGLAS WAYNE COLE Bollinger GERTIE LOU COLLINS Brookesmith HERSCHEL JOE CONNALLY San Angelo BILL T. CORDANT Scan Angelo HELEN MARIE COX Eden ALTA SUE CROSSLAND Mozelle ROBERT KENT CUMMINGS San Angelo CHARLES LEE CUPP Sweetwater LOIS L. DANIEL Kermit VIRGINIA ANN DANIEL San Angelo LAWRENCE DANNHEIM Eldorado GARLAND E. DAVIS Robert Lee PATSY A. DAVLIN GLORIA M. DEBUS San Angelo CURTIS DEHNEL Sc n Angelo DOROTHY ANN DENTON Son Angelo JOAN MARIE DIEBITSCH Fort Stockton LA VERNE DIERSCHKE Son Angelo RICHARD E. DORRIS San Angelo ROGER DEAN DURHAM Son Angelo HENRY EHRENBURG Sonora PAUL RAY ENGLISH Son Angelo RUTH ANN ERWIN Bollinger WILBURN D. ESSARY SILAS ETHREDGE Eldorado NORMA JO FANT Scan Angelo .IOHN FAUGHT .N Lcmpasos SELDON C. FERRIS Melvin MARY C. FINKS Son Angelo PEGGY JOYCE FRICK Gallup, N. Mex. MARIE FROST Lohn JIMMY GAFFORD Lubbock COYLENE GARRETT Point Rock MARY E. GARRETT Mcl rfo JAMES B. GEORGE Son Angelo JAMES C. GILMORE Son Angelo DAVID M. GIST Son Angelo J ERRY DON GORE Brownwood J. JEANNE GOULD Wichiio North r , , E 1 V i P I i ' ffjff Z5z.z?fg,,,,A.,,,, ,, W. 53? ISN QW' g Aff- Li' :mfw.f5.i1.vy,yg,, - if his 3755 'Yfihf lf.-I I ' :'::':iI! I eww mms , 'J ,Q i vii? 51-If 11 ' ,,.., wr' . -gg? i i?-if -- I ggggms,iii,+g2i 4WgXi5,,11,ii - ,--,f, -,.--.: ' S1K'?M"iA5 f ' .:. 7' .SFU '- 'v?4?3is K '- W "'hi'fi?i?F5' ' ,., ' 1 3 axu3Q ' . . f mam a - A 232' 1432 'ftga -X1 17: -1' Q 'sf,f+'-'-5,3381 w ' --U if f , -35289-Sul 2ff:fPiw , ' siiizfff' 'pfiffeiwf I JIMMY GENE GRAY Bronte WILLIAM J. GREEN Bronte FAIRY LOU GROSSHANS Lake View BARBARA HALL Son Angelo CHARLES LEE HAINES Sonora BENNIE L. HAMBRIGHT Winters KENNETH LLOYD HAMMACK Ropesville FLORENCE HANNAH Junction SIMMIE HARTMAN San Angelo WILLIAM D. HAVINS Robert Lee RUTH ANN HELMERS San Angelo DONALD R. HENRY Irocn . -,Q M . gg A .: is :.- Q, N S. via 'K' 1 was 'r y 4 'Y mi va K ' R7 X2 .K 1 4 " Q , I Q3 S. 3 .9 4 ..o... Q 6331? .as il T, T251 si . s,ffw.S.1,,g gi -lgafiggv ff 3.7.5,-. f, fe ,. f " ii S2 .1 GLENDA HERRINGTON Sweetwater TRUDY HENTSCHEL San Angelo EUGENE A. HIBBARD Sanderson MIDIAN HIDAGO Del Rio CAROL ANN HILL San Angelo JANELLE M. HIRSCHFIELD San Angelo ANDY HOELLE Son Angelo HELEN P. HOGAN Son Angelo PAUL K. LBUDDYI HORN Lohn BETTY J. HORNE Brownwood MARTHA HOWERTON Sc: n Angelo GEORGE T. HUNT San Angelo 1 5 A Aw- . 53. .sy . gs .- ' :W 5 R 5 1 .ii K -amine ,., A s 5 T f, T.. ,R F faux My 1 gig? ,fwm 'EE . f :ga 3,7 Il If I . .if 5. X X. X ,mb JUANITA JACKSON Kermit MARILYN JACKSON San Angelo GLENN E. JETER Son Angelo JAMES JOINER San Angelo LOMAN D. JONES Brownfield O. L. JONES, JR. Lake View JERRY R. JONES San Angelo BASIL JORDAN, JR Luke View STELLA CIA KALAITZES Son Angelo DARLENE E. KAMMER Gallup, N. Mex. FINIS R. KEELE Eolc GLADYS J. KELLERMEIER Eolo lk IRMA BETH KNIGHT Son Angelo PAULA RUTH KNITTEL Sun Angelo MAX W. KNOX Son Angelo V SHIRLEY KRUEGAR Q. ll Miles g. J 1 h w X ffl .X LILLIAN M. KUYKENDALL Ozoncz LILLIAN M. KUYKENDALL San Angelo MARTHA J. LANDIS Middletown, Pcs. CLAUDEEN LANGE Ballinger A. L. LASATER Son Angelo SAUNDRA L. LEDERMAN San Angelo X WILLIAM E. LEEPER ' A -'- ':' ' A Son Angelo RETHA NELL LLOYD Eldorado ,of ,, f wiki ff' Qi X ,ff g .W ,. . 11. ,A me .H ' Y , , .1 -ii ' 'f f All , -1 'Q , :L , 1: C.:-vii' fn f, 1 L.-,ff .2 ' . e3u1gf.k.f, -in .5-'mera' N-A W. ,lg L x Hof fa .mffffff 5 9 aiixfw' 3 ' . I I' ,,.g5,,1f 2'fSi3a?1ffff?u5fzim. I .ff pw -1 M. v u f Llfr.-,f5,'A,5g,. 1 .3441 'l5'9f7:f?f"3 Kiwi' ' ,, 0 ,ff N ' ' -' .wa 5 .,-I V Wi 2 9' K Qgmffws ' I 3,1 J E safe Q , .I I ,,-'W if! QQ Q em 9 M' 3 z I E lv! ff? ' 4 I If Illbgmff f ' ' fir !i15:,f3'7'5f:??5.' f izfiif. niin I eeie ? E I I I ,..,Q 1 1' T5 QQ ! 4, , '-.' , -I eg,-5 - 1, kf.' f 1-413 .V FRED JAMES LOGAN Eldorodo MARIA CONCEPCION LOPEZ Melvin JACK LUCAS Brownfield WANDA MCANGUS Eldorado DONALD McDONALD Co nyon DORTHY ANN MCKINNERY Son Scuba MARILYN McMANUS Son Angelo EDGAR McNEELY Melvin BETTY JEAN McROREY Son Angelo BILLY D. MADDEN Irclcln ALMEE L. MANNER Son Angelo DURVIN G. MARION Eolo JAMES RAY MARSHALL Brody ELMER RAY MAYFIELD Son Angelo GLEN ROSE MIKESKA Scm Angelo HARVEY J. MIKULIK San Angelo DANEE MILLER Son Angelo JACQUELINE MILLER Lake View PAT MILLER La ke View NARCISCO MIRANDA Sem Angelo BOBBY F. MOORE Morgan HELEN J. MORRISON San Angelo CHALLES MOSER Son Angelo JOHN W. MOZINGO San Angelo RALPH MURPHY Son Angelo MORRIS WAYNE NORMAN Son Angelo ROSALIE NICHOLAS Bollinger NELLIE BEA O'REAR Balmorheo MILDRED G. ORTEZ Son Angelo MARGARET OVERHOLSER Son Angelo ANNIE L. OWENS San Angelo BEULAH IPATTYJ PAFFORD Mullin CARLENE PEEK Eden BOBBY PERRY Son Angelo DON B. PITMAN San Angelo GLINDELL A. PETTY Sweetwater BETTY ANN PETTY Zephyr RUTH PHILLIPS Son Angelo ALAN L. PITTS Dollcus FRANCES PONCE Son Angelo SYLVIA NELL PORTER Lake View WILLIAM A. PRESTON Colorado City CONNIE RAE PROBST Loke View HELEN JEAN PROSISE Point Rock ANNETTE RAY Denver City MACLIN S. RAY Eolc: ALVA ROSETTE REDMAN Miles FRANCES REED Colorado City RUTHELMA REED San Angelo KENNETH VANCE REESE San Angelo EDDIE GAIL ROACH Houston JOHN T. RUTHERFORD San Angelo JUANITA SAMARRON San Angelo SYBLE SCHAFFNER Odessa KENNETH LEE SCHARDT San Angelo FRANCES SCHLOERLUKE Rowena 1? has NANCY L SEALE Santa Fe, N. Mex. ' fm Vffi- 3 is MARY ELAINE SEERDON Hoobs, N. Mex. PAT A. SEFCIK San Angeio RAYMOND R. SENTERFITT San Saba aila 3 Eg? 3 JERRY SESSOM Brody WAN DA NELL SEYBOLD Kermit VAN SHAW Lake View WANDA SHOOK Son Angelo MARVIN SIMPSON Robert Lee MARY F. SIMPSON Son Angelo WAN DA SIMS Roto n WANDA SKINNER Christovol PAULA JO SMITH San Angelo JOHNIBETH SNEAD Robert Lee JACK SOMERVILLE Sweetwater TRUETT STANFORD Eldorado PHIL STAPP Junction JIM GLENN STROTHER San Angelo SHIRLEY F. STRUBE San Angelo JANICE SUTTON San Angelo MARY TARBET Odessa .IENILEE TATE San Angelo ROBERT TAYLOR Sa n Angelo- THOMAS TAYLOR Paint Rock G. AZELL TESSON Richland Springs JACK E. THETFORD McCamey SAM H. THOMAS San Angelo A J ERRY LEE THOMPSON Eldorado 9392! 3 135 4. E I I 1 Yfaa I I JERRY RAY THOMPSON Big Lake WILLIAM L. THOMPSON Son Angelo MARILYN THORP NERITA TILL Richland Springs LILLIAN TILLERY Lake View ROBERT W. TOBIN Austin LESLIE J. TRACY Kenedy BUCK TURK Corrizo Springs WADE EARL TURNER Brody HENRY J. URBAN Miles ELIZABETH VALADEZ San Angelo NORMA VALDEZ Son Angelo 7- --r JOAN VICK Son Angelo EDITH CAROL WAGNON San Angelo NAN RO BOLENE WALKER Cherokee TRUETT R. WALLIS Celina ERA LON WARD Snyder FRANCES A. NARD Son Angelo JANES L. WARD Son Sobel HARRIETT WARING Menard DORTHY F. WEASE CLARENCE N. WEBB Bronte PATSY A. WEST San Angelo MARGARET F. WHITE Son Angelo HUBERT WHITLEY San Angelo GLENDA WHITWORTH Mona ha ns DAWN WILLIAMS San Angelo JOHN E. WILLIAMS Brady JACKIE WILSON San Angelo JERRY WIMBERLEY Lake View .IANICE WINFREY Llano MILBURN E. WINK Robert Lee MINNIE M. WISE Hobbs, N. Mex. WANDA YOCHAM Rankin PHIL B. AYLWARD Sewanee Military Academy Tenn. GRAYUM HART Ballinger -- Y -'1-rf f 5? 5 T 50" , X '50 W Qsx -s V00 "'hL 'WK - , X9 at Eau' ydxfb . Q . 'M QA ZI, q.Xc:,x?igyoOsrl ., ,. dx The headaches begin with the first day of registering. nu if s",",x 3 8 if " 4 Q'-na, , 1 Wu , Te-51 si ,i 92: 8'- ilfixh 3,w,i'. K 'F'1"f'a gift.. n . if .Y 19 .Elaine T b effy Gnd . Y Dr. Johnston. Norms P09ue being 0 WQl'ded arf scholarships W. The headaches are over and the money gone. M f,.,,p- 7, f-""ML'5"" fare.. Little Miss Wanda, our TV star A few students counting votes for Student Council officers. wr 7' SAC students watch out-of-town on TV in Carr Hall. ett Look at the different expressions. .Qi v Q' is , If f 60, fu ur favorite dorm girl. Carr HalI's unwelcome vusutor 'Tn J' 1 1-,E P Roommates! Mothers are welcome in the dorm. Watch that wind, girls. , , l N June Massey .,,.' ig,-f ' 1' 'eww Mary Alexander, Betty Allen, Charlene Atkinson, Jo Ella Bolt Lois Daniel, Peggy Friclx, Marie Frost, Coy Garrett Jean Prosnse 2nd Semester, Pres. Y' ""i"' 9 1 : ',f: , Hazel Brown, Ester Clark, Billie Chandler, Helen Cox Ruthy Harris, Glenda Herrington, Shirley Kruger, Claudean Lange "Boots" Hester lst Semester, Pres. I K , si ww? fees ' .E z NK, , K - ., -'ff 7-,,. 1 , ,-- ,r.w:'7f,'- , ,i,1.,,W . , X f lletha Nell lloyd 5 il V E' In Elaine Seerdon Sandra Spiller I, t. 'fa ,Q 55 gi? jr 3 Q I Sherwin Nance 3 -I t Mary Tarbot PINY mfofa Mrs. Frances Carter Ntfili Till C,,4.,., p..i. Dormitory Director .ueamne Todd Alva Redman Glil Reid' CARR HALL Frances Reed, Darlene Kammar, Secretary-Treasurer, Annette '- . ""' llay, Reporter, Wanda Yocham 5' if ,el i' ug Johnibeth Snead, Jean Rose, Vice-President, Janice Winfrey, Student Council Representative, Rosemary Wilhelm l J 4? Pt gn Q -farf- me K ,Y Q H u ,f 1 'fe- . . K ,. ,i , A 'amy f . s - 2 ,f V: -is 4 be 7- . E ,gg -K . 1 ,-us Q . .41 I ' .af . .. .1 -1 :ri-my ' A 'Ei-15 .1-Iii-1' 1f..l5fi'r , 1 egg ,a,,,.1,f', .-mff-,,.tfz... . ,. W, ...W , 1 ,K -new ...,,-, -4 ,' R i 15 : -L - 1 .ee ' ' J' ' Q ,. v-. 1.34-f:.':'..iZQg5i FQ: t If X P A f Ntfv-'. ' ' H K' e lx: f WIT 7.1, . 2 e ec E me Q wa 5,5 WS 1 e ' ' 7- 'R 1 , V- M. i f I 1 we , - .5 U K Z' l 9 X if ,, i 1 ie - , vt '2 3 ' 42 Q if ' S 5 y rt , . U , qt 1,3 ,A I l l . g fix xg A F T vu ' ., Q 4 Q' l .1 ,gf E ,bij is 1 iz lk -4' x f Y A gi X' if li l li 5 iw 1 1 4 i 1 .5 5 ' diff? it 1' , ul' is 'f me elif? V 'I' l gr 51 4' 5 mason Barker Belcher Blocker arker Belcher Benge Blumentritt OFFICERS President .... . . LOMAN JONES Vice-President .. .. BUDDY HORNE Secretary-Treasurer . . RICHARD BURNETT Reporter .. .. .. A. C. TALLEY Student Council Representative . WADE TURNER Wink leffy Pogue Pauley Senterfitt 'ins Preston Ray Simpson I V 2 K , -fV,. A go Q ax A R K ,Q I i t t ' 7 1 B0ed6CkeI' Davis Hambright Coldwell Etheridge Henry Holton Mcclurfa I Home McDanue Lucas McDonald MAYER HALL Tobin Turk Sommerville Stapp Loman Jones President cr' x 'ef N 5 Turner Talbot Stanford Thompson fer, ,S AB f E' H 5 ,Ef :'ff-1 2 W, - it ,ee Y, on , 7:-1 aff S395 ei . , H mm. -x mf fe Q , We 32 f' if if as e 3' e .J 2 3 1 1 Q' Aw? 2 We Madden 19 l l I A ' f221f'?fI?i 1' ' viii i H3535 o w fi . 12. ' ,k, ,f Q -I , e gg 5,5 e is Max Bumgardn 1- it . f., NW e f ee .1 :tt el' Dormitory Director Marshall Odom Thompson Talley Marion 1. I 5 mt 3 - 1 '5 R .2 jf S, it X it if M -le. W' 'X , 1 A W , 3 an Q t , I X 9'ffYZEiig 1 QL. we We 1 , ., 1. 2? L, Xt Second Place Sophomore Class The "Winnchs" Science Club hmm f n 4 2 , lf , fx. .,--K 5 Heavy Consumers All nuts don't grow on trees FALL PICNIC How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I love thee to the depth and breadth and height My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight Forthe ends of being and ideal grace. I love thee to the level of every cIay's Most quiet need, by sun and candlelight. I love thee freely, as men strive for right, D I love thee 'pureIy, as they turn from praise, " I love thee with the passion put to use In my old griefs, and with my childhood faith, I love thee with a love I seemed to lose I With my lost saints-I love thee with the breath, Smiles, tears, of all my lite!--and if God choose, I shall but love thee better after death. AVG J 'K RGSEMARY WILHELM COMANCHE--MISS s.A.c. PAUL qsunovy HORNE L0 --MR. s.A.c. L"' f ,., .A 3 Q W., , M .. . ., J A' , k M . 5 DAWN WILLIAMS SAN ANGELO--RAMBoulLu5T QUEEN fzislawla. waxy ..,L , Z 1555221 M-,Af M.. A 2 YU 2 1 ,gm f 925553: W, s?3:25gg,' Q: , QI i5k eQA Q. . ,Qg" i3-Luk, M 955 S " ,- 'f ff if , 'VV A . .,:',::'-F. IT' 3""x " 'ff'-122195 -477.-.U-'f, ..,,,g1fMn-M.-:,1a-,em.-f:. vf v:.:,.'- .' 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Sfaz...-f V . i m f - -1- -Q ,Ll W K -:mg-' W, , .1 , f ' , ,952 , 5' Q 1? vi ' W' 5,-Eg 7 ,52 " ivy, , V .vigil Nykk , ,, H V, 7 -A qw ,K ,,,k 55331, ,V 56 ,W , 4, L , , ., 2 , -,, zzxialfiffsf- , . .W 2,3 W -- -1 M , 3 Q' ,gf S- f fwvfw W ie- 4 L im?-at 5 TURNER Y--FRESHMAN Ss A Z Q +. ,A A... U . fx y W f Y Q . V mit V 4 - mg, fdfiih ' A-:M L- .., ng! 1 M, MARILYN ABBDTT N ANG-ELO--FRESHMAN FAvoRm5 -, . ,,E..3W. , , gf .,,. k A ' fi W iff:-'17ff7f-'sffi ,f 51 3-. 1 , . ,QM he. Wk' 2 WE -M my -ff. , Mm M52 . 4-ew 3 5 6 fi xfof-ze-awk-1.A.fw, if? fi ww? M 3 5 E i 3 4 2 ,S 2 3 Q3 , pf Q, 3 Q. -g . ' .I 'iw I-if . A ' LLx Z - ' ' fy 6 ,. 4 x- 4 an . Yig , -1 IE: 5 1. E WWW., ,.,. 3 2 31 Z ' if :fi 3:1 ' A .. Ei , : gzgy g, :1.-',,:E.g:fa 4, V 9355? .x SF? -w rp, ,Q , , 1.3 i 5 bfrifzfif Q v4 if fl :g,,x2'fA,-.:'6" Jake Qfifkf' 'Q e f , 1 -s 1, , K K 5 E E A 5 - W 1551 1 'L - 152 ' fmfii ' ,, if ' f'L L " W . -53 2 ? E E E514 4-:ii y Q ORG f. 1, .L gil'-f-f K 1 fl lj ,lf jkkj 7 jf-5. 1.1 k M FIX, fx. i L. ' X Q -: f ,ww , ., jiffizfyia' E if 'fr' z'fGf'23 .Q ' 2595 6 .6 'K' .,i Q' 1 Q X 2? 5 f ,Q 'Z' 2 19 X A X7 o . ,Q X W c if 5 . , Q.. Q, ,,,-. 'si .,:'q:'5xj2-Q 'Y k .EFFY-Q ' Lf-4' ,f f if-ffzfmggfz., 5 "1-If-QM' i Vw: qv 43- - .Q.,,:9n-,:w-.:- ,, -4-31 . , --'fx f . I , . f, ja Q 2: 2 Q42 - 9' Left to Right: June Rogers, Jane Rogers, Joan Barnett, Saundra lederman, Ruth Ann Helmers, Ann Arnold, Jean Tracy, Mary Gar- rett. 2nd Row: Betty Banta, Frances Nord, Diana Broz, Rhoda An- derson, La Verne Dierschke, Alva Redman, Frances Reed, Bar- E s bara Bamford. 3rd Row: Jenilee Tate, Ann Edmond, Ne Porter, Mrs. Bludworth, Wanda Shook, Margaret Overholse Betty Petty, Bill Banta, Frank Manitzas, James Young, Porte Henderson, Harvey Mikulik, Don McLaughlin, Hugo Smith. TH ET KAPPA Oqn B Qree' th Ur,-,eh J e sbe one a ke' Of yhkogers 0 6 ,D . Hd hi Theta lfcizvo glcloughl 1 OFFICERS inner. "' President ..... ................. D ON Mcl.AUGHllN y vice-President .................... JAMES Younc Secretary ..... .. GLENDA ROBINSON, ANNE EDMOND i Treasurer .. .............. JOHN RUTHERFORD Reporter . . . . . .... JANE ROGERS Historian .................. . . . JUNE ROGERS Student Council Representative . . JOAN BARNETT , Parliamentarian ........... i . . CHARLES RANKIN Vice-President of the National Phi Theta Kappa . . . . . PORTER HENDERSON MRS. ROSA BLUDWORTH DEAN BURI. M ABEI. Sponsor Honorary Member V Janet Cummings. NOT SHOWN: Patsy West, William Brister, George Hunt, Virginia Daniel, Basil Jordan, Jackie Miller, Jean Prosise, Joanne Carr, Jerry Bewizk, Dorthea Johnson, James White, Warren Wolff, -, New - sl 'Q 51 ,g,,, ig i .1 LAMBDA TAU SOCIETY rst Row: Anne Edmond, Jeanette Todd, Sherwin Nance, Sistie obinson, Thelma Lamb, June Massey. Second Row: Lillian uydendall, Davye June Joiner, Betty McRorey, Harriet Waring, ail Roach, Barbara Hall, Virginia Daniel, Janice Winfrey, aine Seerdon. Third Row: Lillian Tillery, Jenilee Tate, Miss orc: Mae Kelly, Margaret White, Norma Burrows, Marilyn Mc- v ,. , FIRST SEMESTER OFFICERS " gi l: Vice-President . . . . . . JEANETTE TODD I ' Secretary .... . . . JUNE MASSEY Treasurer ..... . . THELMA LAMB Parliamentarian . . . . LOU ANN SIMS Historian .... . . . LOU ANN SIMS Reporter ....... . . ANNE EDMOND fzii si i I , I I L iili Z I iiii student council .... SHERWIN NANCE ITIE ROBINSON Manus, Stella Kalaitzes, Marilyn Abbott, Martha Howerton, Stella Bolding, Margaret Overholser, Helen Morrison, Ruthelma Reed, Charlene Atkinson, Sue Crossland. Not Shown: Lou Ann Sims, Peggy Frick, Darlene Kammer, Marilyn Jackson, Marian Taylor, Carol Wagnon. Lambda Tau Presentation Dance SECOND SEMESTER OFFICERS Vice-President ...... STELLA BOLDING Secretary . . . Treasurer ...... Parliamentarian Historian ..... Reporter ........ Student Council President Lambda Tau Sponsor BARBARA HALL LILLIAN KUYKENDALL . . . . JENILEE TATE . RUTHELMA REED MARGARET WHITE SHERWIN NANCE MISS DORA MAE KELLY V MARGARET OVERHOLSER President ,Q Lg 5, DAWN WILLIAMS S 2 fl Ev 15' 'lst Row: Loydean Bateman, Sharon Burton, Janet Cummings, Coylene Garrett, Fairy Grosshans, Simmie Hartman. 2nd Row: Melinda Harwell, Boots Hester, Irma Knight, Paula Knittel, Claudeen Lange, Saundra Lederman. 3rd Row: Danee Miller, Jackie Miller, Theresa Moore, Ruth Phillips, Sylvia Nell Porter, Annette Ray. 4th Row: Jane Rogers, June Rogers, Wanda Shook, Rose- mQfywaiheim,wQndQ williams. , . l 2nd Semester, Pres. 1 5 t Q f U5 N: 1 W . M ,-Af. 's ,AEE if1u,.::Q ,.q..4w -+1 we 242. kg .sw ,. ' kg Y - Pisw..,,,,w!.,,m - we-+V.-.-Q-.......,, -X -vmemwwq 1 . IW L' if -.tiismiaz '- ' zzfwf 77 :iz-fifas, Q 1 i ' , t , yi, yi l . . ,S is Q 'Q 5 A A ,t . . . 1" .f fix- . , -. . ,E ' ' f 1 f Hz' 2 'Emi' JOAN BARNETT lst Semester, Pres. MRS. MARGARET PECK Sponsor wi MATH AND ENGINEERING CLUB Front Row, left to right: Jimmy White, Jim Strother, Geo. Hunt, Mr. Hunt. Back Row, left to right: Basil Jordan, Don Hull, La Vaughn Turn, Dwain Durham, Jackie Byrd, and Harvey Mikulik. immy White, Student Council representative, Jim Strother, presi- Ient, Dale Bates, vice-president, puooou MR. HUNT Sponsor RELIGIOUS CDLINCIL iff OFFICERS President . .. . . JOHN RUTHERFORD Reporter . . .............. .... N ELSON SMITH Student Council Representative .. MARILYN McMANUS Sec. 81 Treasurer .................. CHALLES MOSER REV. BLU DWORTH Sponsor The Religious Council representatives and alternated chosen are: i Dawn Williams and Charles McDaniel-Baptist-Mr. Hunt, sponsor Nelson Smith and Challes Moser-Methodist-Mrs. Bludworth, sponsor John Rutherford and Marilyn McManus--Presbyterian-Mrs. Jones, sponsor Joan Barnett and Francis Knight-Church of Christ-Mr. Davis, sponsor Martha Howerton and Lillian Tillery-Christian-Mr. Dooley, sponsor Dorothy Wease and Harvey Mikulik-Catholic-Father Harvey, sponsor Simmie Hartmann and Shirley Krueger-Lutheran-Miss Brust, sponsor Bobby Beard-Episcopal-Mrs. Carter, sponsor Ms, M ' " , . . . , , A si J , :fx . f 'N l fwk1hR,..w gif TQ 5. Gylzlzl X Zun , . ykkkk v L, gn. i J i A ,f ,.. :: x 4 ' f 5 ,wa 1 ,,,, ., Q 7 A 3 xi E Q -1 5, ,M . .1 - . , . ! A , ,R iw' X 4 I rw X 5.5 2 , .if yx . u g,. hMnQ,,,..,m..wWN QM X 1 3 fi " f- W s CN m'f 'WH - , ,sm f A , J A My I 4 2 ff I P Maiorette, Lake View Thelma Lamb So homore Drum Norma Burrows, Freshman Twirler, Lake View I. Thelma 2. Norma 3. Elaine 4. Loma Elaine Seerden, Freshman Twirler, Hobbs, New Mexico Loma Bruckner, Freshman Twirler, Sweetwater Our President ,f-wi" 3 L',A W, FRANCES CARTER Sponsor X PORTER HENDERSON FFICERS DISCUSS PROBLEMS . . . seated, left to right: Jeanette odd-Treasurer, Danee ,Miller-Reporter, Thelma Lamb-Vice- resident, Porter Henderson-President, Rosemary Wilhelm- ecretary Members at regular Council Meeting if -1-'-'M MR. DELBERT TARTER Sponsor STUDENT COUNCIL OFFICERS MEMBERS AND CLUBS REPRESENTED: WAYNE McCLURE-Concho Aggies ROGER TUCKER-Rocleo Club CHARLES RANKIN-Science Club SHERWIN NANCE-Lambda Tau MARY TARBET-D. E. Club SUE CROSSLAND-Home Economics Club JANICE WINFREY-Carr Hall JIMMY WHITE-Math 8. Engineering CHESTER BROOKS-Ram Page STANLEY AUSTIN-Rambouillet GAITHER PADDOCK-Music Dept. BOBBY PERRY-Freshman Class CHARLENE ATKINSON-Sophomore Class PAT MILLER-Press Club YOLANDO AGUILAR-Student Nurses WANDA WILLIAMS-Sigma Alpha Chi GEORGE BOOKOUT-Mayer Hall MILBURN WINK-Little Theater JOAN BARNETT-Phi Theta Kappa DARLINE KAMMER-Ramettes JOHN RUTHERFORD-Religious Council WANDA SHOOK-Modern Languages BILL MADDEN-R-Association J ,l,,lr,,1, 'rf little 4 Members, First Row: Miss Vivian Chenault, sponsor, Nell Porter, Wanda Williams, Shirley Kruger, Melinda HCWWGHI RUfl1el' ma Reed, Jackie Miller, Coy Garrett. 2nd Row: Mrs. Hardin, Bobby Beard, Marie Frost, Noel Knight, Wanda Shook, Jenilee Tate, Paula Knittel, Helen Morrison, Mil- burn Wink, Myra Beth Griffin, Jean Parramore. 3rd Row: OFFICERS Garland Davis, Glen Jetter, Margaret White, Nelson Smitl Harold Seals, Al Hernandez. NOT SHOWN: Rhoda Anderson, Chester Brooks, Joanne Car Don Fields, Jimmy Gilmore, Peggy King, La Juan Lawsor Joyce Melton, Theresa Moore, Joan Vick, Carol Wognor Thelma Lomb. President ..... . . . Wanda Shook .U y M Vice-President .... Garland Davis ' J Reporter ........ Melinda Harwell Miss Chenault gives instructions to Jerry Gore, Jenilee Tate, and Loman Jones before presenting BLACKOUT. Secretary .. Wanda Williams Treasurer ..... .... P eggy Kang Parluamentarian .... Jo Anne Carr 9? e fro '77 '40 9 610 Coffey Fi- X l Mr. Joe Gabriel, D.E. sponsor, tunes in to the State Convention in Galveston, starring Tom Stephenson, Glenda Robinson, Joe Gabriel, sponsor, Betty Hrncir, Anne Edmon, and Stanley Wallace. if E ,xt -ft 1' be in W , 'ie MARY TARBET JUNE TURNER TOM STEPHENSON Stu. Council Rep. Sec.-Treas. Reporter STANLEY WALLACE President DISTRIBUTIVE EDUCATION CLUB Top Row: Mr. Garbriel, Stanley Wallace, Garland Davis, Tom Milford, Phil Alyward, James Gilmore, Benny Byrd, Elmer Mayfield, Tom Stephenson. 2nd Row: A. L. Pitts, Jeanette Todd, Pat Sefcik, June Turner, Anne Edmon, 5l'1eI'Wlf'l NGHC8- lst Row: Bette Lacy, Bettye Windmiller, Stella Bolding, Glenda Robinson, Mary Tarbet, Marilyn Thorp. SQU RE DANCING CLASS my L ,, Left to Right: Retha Nell Lloyd, Virginia Daniels, Carol Hill, Ruth Reed, Wanda Shook, Pat Sefcik, Simmie Hartman. Back Row: Phillips, Marilyn McManus, Annette Ray. 2nd Row: Alva Red- H. C. Carter, Stanley Wallace, Robert Brown, Nelson Smith, Vic man, Claudeen Lange, Shirley Kruger, Marie Frost, Saundra tor Salter, Garland Davis, Don McLaughlin, Franklin Lewis, Jim Lederman, Betty Banta, Jenilee Tate, Paula Knittel, Ruthelma Strother, Marcus Young. H' ' Ms, Q Y X 4, W , V fx vb I f K K 'iv' ' 7 , ' . 4. l H is A Remember, we have this dance! VIRGINIA DANIELS Time out for breathing! ' President ffl f ' A.-f" X QV ff L" DE students visit Standard-Times. lt's a good way to get acquainted! ADULT SPANISH CLASS LETTERING CLASS ADULT EDUCATIGN PROGRAM '51 JOE GABRIEL Dnrecior of Adult Educclhon Program xxx wr-new saw ' A N ff nf ,WN, W W i ,C 29, gig:,W-,f,5g,g,,,5f,p,', I 3? I :awww 1 'Affmgzfvwgw VW x We N. :LW W,,, M -, L ff 1 41, MM U42 5152? 'fjcfm "', "f f' 52722455 W h B , , , ,,Q, , W qi A it ' ' C 'W We Q A ,N 5 vm A. , f T, Q ,-,..,,, YA M if 5 2.2-.J D S ,xv 4? X V fa, gi-i,,,a sM if V 'lggvkf X, my if 2 wi 1 L L35 ' UV ik U Y'i 'f4 9 39 5 A ,'! fig! 1' M11 5 ly. Q 7 Ffh 1' Siege 'Krug M 4- ,J -, fa .rf 1 w ..-,g 9 -7 -ff- me 4 Y 'mg N f. p 'N A Q 'Ns 1 ? KKv Q, W CREATIVE WRITERS Mrs. Margaret Peck Sponsor Left to Right: Pat Cole, Narciso Miranda, Roberto Almarez, Vance Reese, Ben- nie Whitesides. Bottom Row: Barbara Bamford, Dorothy Weese, Glenda Whit- worth, Marilyn Jackson, Patsy West, Annette Ray, Mrs. Margaret Peck. Marilyn Jackson 5 President 1. 1 "I Vjfg, f Q' Dorothy Weese ........ Vice-President f,,','fQQ 53221 Annette Ray ...... Secretary-Treasurer FUTURE TEACH ERS AMERICA Q- 1 x x L Mr. V. R. Gunn, Sponsor, Milburn Wink, James Young, Marilyn Jackson, Saundra Lederman, Frances Reed, Mary Tarbet. Mr. Gunn Sponsor Vice-President . . . . . . Frances Reed Secretary ..... . . . Marilyn Jackson Gargqnd pavi, Treasurer .................... . . . Jim Osbourne President Student Council Representative . . . .. . Joan Bunenik EIPOSITXI HNJESY A ' Tvvf ' "' ' ' ' T ' "t' RQ f' . 1 SJUESTMJQ BETH-IEE SAlli.0.RDl.l.EEE , SNK!-.l.m.1.BI Members: Robert Brown, Travis Allen, Bennie Whiteside, Truett Hambright, Jo Ella Bolt, Glyn Rose Mikeska Bill Cowart J Stanford, Jackie Tankersley, Bobby Beck, Jack Thetford, Mac Willis, Milburn Wink, Milburn Wright, Jerome Beach Her Benge, Wayne Clift, Roger Tucker, Charlie Probandt, Bennie Urban, E. A. Chaney, O. L. Jones. l l 7 , First Place Judging Team: Bottom Left: Wayne McClure, Benny K. Whitesides, Mil b u r n Wright, Jerome Beach, Mr. M. B. lnman,Jr., at right. lf- ,p , ' 4 , . JO ELLA BOLT Concho Aggie Sweetheart ,ey V Q QlEnl:l6rB. INMAN fp 'ty '.l,:l 'ifof-q Q ei e T K li- B Qffliile '-eV ""' 5 - -y aff?- l 4- , lf ' Tam yy ,i,, , is FAT STU'-:K,Qb' Y, 1 I, STOCK eg o tl TEXAS . l . "T B : 5 Q At Q' . Q e X K ,, H I if X gi I lv. L. f f' c I if K .VE ,sl w- ,A 5 W' t x 4 . ,, f i I .ll 7 , g-55 .-ff -Q f "cj , 5 , 'S H V + Nz' :veg eg.: . ,W ,, A4 M - . QI l "' .. . l iw Q, nm ,img , Y A . sz E 1 . 1 55 AN E, l 2 Q 2 H, . . an V W 1- .i,, 4 zir i 5 , The Concho Aggies went to Oklahoma C i t y, Okla. The group, left to right: Nancy Mad- dox, Milburn Wink, Mr. lnman, Benny Whitesides, Jerome Beach, Bill Cowert, Henry Ur- ban, Milburn Wright. gg suv .xmas ,, nousnrou W msmavsnov u, 1 a uvnsrum " mmm . mme cmgrrsr RODEO CLUB R: 1953 A nii io " ' ' f' f. .5 Q W . A QQ ig WE ig . I LNESTEK .li LNESTCK ...UIUC Q 5LlhKIl.B.R.EEl1.E3I SAKAIELBJLCIIJISE ' Left to Right: Joe Willis, E. A. Chaney, Mac Benge, Roger Tucker, John Mozingo, Buddy Baker. Back Row: Sponsor R. B Dooley. Left to Right: Charlene Atkinson, Jo Ella Bolt, Sandra Spiller, Wade Pitts, Sonny Arratt, Wayne Clift, Wayne Mc Clure, Robert Brown. .U f .1r1ffT4f"?' .'., Y fir , y ' A 1 r K' fu' iff' ' if V ' - , fr" ' f Y ' 3 0' ' r ' 1 , ll I Q xx 1' ti 'gf"'5'x J ' fMf"'tffQ3?fq - Wir a ' Tiki sf . KAY!! N9 All J X OFFICERS I953 -4 E t V Q 41 1 f WY-P' I NJ 9' Q" Z ,IX . Jil V ff ' l' - fix .if - .W , ,. K F , -21 JE. ,QV - 3...,.1g- 3 'ie " " 4 x ' Pres. Sonny Arrott, Vice Pres. E. A. Chaney, Reporter Mac Benge, Student Council Rep. Roger Tucker. Sponsor R. B. DOOLEY CDMMERCIAL 'W t " w D X L1 EfhjE5 ..A, gf5Z?5ML TMMW -,FLM-J it -.-,..QLQi?gX Miss Grace Phelan, typing expert demonstrates her ability at SAC program. Bottom Row, Left to Right: Claudeen Lange, Patty Paftord, Jean Prosise, Alva Redman. Second Row: Stella Kalaitzes, Margaret Overholser, Janelle Henschfield, Diana Broz. Third Row: Jimmie Thornton, Laverne Dierschke, Trudy Hent- schel, Joanne Bubenik. Top Row: Seldon Ferris, J. D. Wagner, Wayne Kuykenclall, Mr. Masterson. 7- J-View to tiioe it feeaeemexf E e ' L ette .. ,ff f, if V V - . ALVA REDMAN LA VERNE DIERSCHKE JEAN PROSISE DIANA BROZ NORMA J. FANT MR. MASTERSON President Vice-President Secretory Repo,-,e, Student Council Sponsor Representative Q 1 l Members: Phil Carroll, Bill Madden, Charles McDaniel, Franklin Lewis, Glenda Whitworth, Nancy Seale, Merle Sims, Robbie Blackmon, Narciso Miranda, Sybil Shaffner, Barbara Vaughn, Nell Seybold, Vance Reese, Lou Collins, Carolyn Schott, Connie Probst, Marcus Young. M SCIENC ,Www Jill NWN will 4 is if l ll .il , M BIOLOGY Q .S X 'fr ' 'rl 53' Qxo 7 CLASS be if 5 lla Mil s c t -we lllllli il , lllmlll, - M J v in ' ma, who has been warned f h b ne R. GLENN cAsEY QFFICERS Sponsor r siden ....... ........ . . . l nd hi laliie-President ..... .li slalttylvllzz: Secretary ....... .... N ell Seybold Treasurer ................. .... S yble Schaffner Student Council Representative . . ....... Bill Banta J Student Council Alternate . . . . . Marcus Young K ,m, SPANISH CLUB Left to Right: Saundra Lederman, Noel Knight, Dawn Williams, Carolyn Finks, Peggy King, Marilyn Jackson, Dr. Fraser, Dorothy Cherry, Bette Williams. t ' q , V A I, . ., i Lf W ti, ' I qi v. 453' l -, ' V Aids L' We K . R if -' P' F 2 tariff ri i .,., - . 5 A E " . A l f- fi. If U. - , 4 .S ..: I - A -9.23 on. Lewis FRAZER ,rig .-ff' , g Sponsor 1 yrjgv - V n' -lf -wif' .I , ff' Jo ANN CARR MARILYN JACKSON WANDA SHOOK Sec.-Treas. President Reporter I Almaraz, Roberta Boone, John Brooks, Chester Daniel, Lois Dehnel, Curtis Fields, Phyllis Gill, John Griffin, Myra Beth MR. FRASER Sponsor Gutherie, Allen Hall, Barbara Herrington, Glenda Hill, Carol Kanner, Darline Kennedy, Fred Lewis, Franklin McRory, Betty Miller, Danee Nord, Frances Osborn, Jim Ray, Annette Reed, Ruthelma Rios, Daniel Roach, Gail Shook, Wanda FRENCH CLUB IWW tru Sofge, Roger Stapp, Phil Thompson, Lawrence Wagnon, Carol Wever, Kenneth West, Patsy William, J. E. Wilberley, Jerry OFFICERS President .,.. ........ P atsy West Sec.-Treas. .......... . . . . Glenda Herrington Rep. of Student Council . . . ..... Wanda Shook 'ACN sic ' Acnvm 9169 Rocowl RO' we . 0 see QNG These were our c.0 guests for a supper , 950' given by the home- ofm ec club. 5? Kel Q00 wo 5 Veal O 1. -Kei Csxe - Q 5P- oim ef' V09 of' 0 s oi 0 Xe vivo X Ol SKS boi Qve ool t 'NS' YS X4 Xve Rec R 9 10' C QQXSYGG 69665 , o Vowetegke :nys ol o col H0609 05 - . ooxsivd Darline ond Peggy seem all involved in the con- servation of home life in foreign countries. 42 aff' Janice aids g i v i n g a pr gram for a grol of Brownies 81 Gt Scouts under the Educt tional Programs. V675 Wa PF ' PRESS CLUB Ill WP? 14+ ,fi 'J Q college farm STANLEY AUSTIN lst Semester President W CHESTER BROOKS Ikm P O 2nd Semester President gX SCHOOL Q Q HDV Q D dw - F6 3.2 school activities collisions , , , . ,, ...WH , l 'QW ge lst Row, Left to Right: Joanne Carr, Annette Ray, Don Fields, Margaret White, Don Fields, Margaret White. 2nd Row: Mrs. Frances Carter, Stanley Austin, Ruth Phillips, Danee Miller, Eugenio Baeza Chester Brooks, Peggy King. NOT SHOWN: Fairy Grosshans, Davy Joiner, Elmer Mayfield, Arnolda Priesto, Pat Miller, Sherwin Nance, Jeanette Todd, Clyde Clemmer, Peggy Frick, Darlene Kammar, Jim Beall, Marin Carrillo Lynn Abbott, Ruth Phillips. BARNES Advisor Vice-President . . . . . . DANEE MILLER Secretary-Treasurer .. .. ANNETTE RAY CARTER Sponsor Standing: Arnold Priesto, Eugene Baezo, Davy Joiner, Fairy Grosshans, Margaret White, Annette Ray, Elmer Mayfield. Seated: Don Fields, Danee Miller, Chester Brooks, and Peggy King. THE BAM PAGE Telephone 6220 Room 204 Official Publication of San Angelo Colle San Angelo, Texas Co-Editors .... Chester Brooks - Danee A Associate Editor ............ Peggy Cartoonists ,..,., Don Fields - Norris P Business Mgrs.. .Davy Joiner - Elmer May Sports Editor ................ James Make-up Editor ............. Lynn Al Reporters - Annette Ray, Margaret VN Betty Windmiller, Ruth Phillips, Arnold Pl Eugene Baezo, and Fairy Grosshans. Photographer ........,..... James Yi Advisor ...,..,..,.... Mrs. Frances C Member Texas Intercollegiate Press Association sol RAN! 22 if Q N., w , Q ,ff-.Ny i PAGE ff' Chester Brooks and Danee Miller, Ram Page Co-Editors l l M ' Ill cl In ' " sb il, ' 015.31 Q 'Qg1,x-'Ax 'W . X, VX left: Stanley Austin, Rosemary Wilhelm, First semester editors, Annette Ray, Second semester editor. Middle, left to Right: Pat Miller, Jeanette Todd, Arnold Prieto, Annette Ray, Sherwin Nance, Fairy Grosshans, Margaret White. Seated: Chester Brooks, Rosemary Wilhelm, First semes- ter annual staff. Below left: Jim Beall, Lynn Abbott, Peggy Frick, Ruth Phillips. Additions to annual staff second semester, not shown - Darline Kammer, Sherwin Nance, Jeanette Todd, and Billy Rogers. Below Right: Mrs. Carter, sponsor. his - 1' +5 "'- 'xg s is ,e , kAp.:,l'4jWq so AY gt W: RAMBOUILLET STAFF Sm-r .' ff S. Wax. N 4--u., ,. 1, A WWWQW Runner Up OUR QUEEN' It was hard to pick only one from: Jeanette Todd Thelma Lamb Jenilee Tate Glenda Robinson Florence Hanna Refha Nell Loyd Sharon Burion jA,,,,,,-f" Ns Xu. X! anda Shook, Harold Seals, Melburn Wink, and Garland Davis ok at wedding presents in the play "Father of the Bride." Carolyn Schotts receives award from Dean Abel at Spring Picnic for winning skit. t, .sie 4 K U! iq is iC Sheriff's Posse learns how to peel potatoes for Spring picnic. i 5 5 . 2 I A ,,...-vr 5 l A L.--""""" ,..,.-e rl My A 1 1 , I-,,.i..,....----1 ' . krkk ,ZW ,,,.,, ..-,.... M , .7 in fs.---vf.m...,, ,M my W , . M.- .,,t M ,V -, Q A uwmxx K -.Q , ,:,f if. ' tr S 64555-f - ,Y., 37.5, 'B A 1 : Barker decides not to go along with his horse at SAC Rodeo. Mr. Casey escapes sheriff's posse. af ' f 4 I ! mv? M f-2 f Q wg - ..j'f: W ig,-,MIM mo W X53 I ' , Q' V fi Nfl .55 14 X A 1 A A5 Jf' f k efg:'Q' 4,3225 F 4 - A,,-ig 4 u i in V .wzifl I QEZ4 Y Q M o.ipf, - f Egg pq, s me num ex W I 1 7 Y, J A ., Z Ji? E s 5 ,u Q 4 xg' L I jj! ,f fy A X iff TIIE SKYSOMPER uf-QM W, 1' , S x , , : ', 4, ' M. ,L 1 5 N3 ff' k 1258? Q , M? N WA S . - if, , . .nz , 223. ... 1 N ...uni nun.. . .- A .......... -:IF ' ,X -V .... ...N- .... .. . U... Q .H .... n - - u. v .-z . nun . f .ns v - an - nn nu .nn 'nuns uunu , W. . , Z? Ni no on no an a 0 no no no . soouoonu. -auuunsou unnno , uounuf, .,. - I xnnouuoe nuuaon oooouoouwl . X n.-...fu - N . someone: '- nooouoa o oouooooo oooooooov ooooooo 'V ooo Q ' Qouu. ,nun nn nu au. .uv on uno .nu Q nu , en on Q N nn moo one oo, nu Q Q on no faq - ' Z.Z.""2 F 'V 1 I A xx 5 S.: Q 'Y . .. . v 93' 2 "' Q u n . N ' "" .nu 1 0 n I 222 .. .N nu - ....:::' :5,' -- . , 232: 1 ......: . S, ' no 2... " 5 nf , ,, .. . ... " 4 3: D x ... ff K we 5 .. R ' . fe' , fr- .. .. ... ,, n K Q e . S, 'so 5 . , . ,x 1' . .... O. OO to . .. . ,' .. . .' . b . . . . . S . . ... . . .. . , ' . Inu . . Q 0 , I..f'f,1 . . . - Q . . . . . . . . .... 2 -3 . Q00 0 I Ol l .N in "Oh, little playmate, NJIT out cmd ploy wif' me - - ii-fl' 'WF-V-fyx 'K ,k-,g,i'lI'lI'll'lI'4.y.4 414 it T44 'Ek af' ,w+:+1+:+4 '41 49, 4 41 4 I If 4k,kiI'lI'lI-444 -ki if BIIGS' FLOAT INS FIRST TWO YEARS 'T' IN HOME- COMING PARADE -K if 4-K +1 4 i' 441 41 if ill it-ki' 4444 fit 'kit it " 'I+ FIRST PLACE FIRST PLACE 9 1 9 5 3 I952 'S+ 'I+ 441+ n"1+ "i'1Y+f+r-x-H4 1+ 4 4 ll' tit 4.4 ll' 1+ wr, +'+f+r+:++r44 41+ H W' 1+ 1+ ff, 2+ ff, 4444 ,I+ if w+ 'In 1"+f+rn+1+r444- 4,p+ 'In "1"f+:+r+:+r44+44 449+ 'G+ it 4-'T' t'kf'k-k4r4a.u4z4l44'T444 S ART CLASSES -7 ! is Life Portraits - Mrs. Heddins' class Dean Abel admires art, too. Mr. Hardin's art class ff - "t,l.llll Xo,,4,3gllt'fll" ,iw ' w ti- , 1 "' f .lv1',.,,l,M2ll' Hifi L 1 "fillif'l'?j' .u will ,pu flllllllf 'lil' ,192 ,W'ff,' -ill' milf' fV'Q'l""lll P M lxlgmlmflw . Ol, Z' ,7 ff X l Z Z 1 g Z 44 MRS. HEDDINS Teacher Art is fun! , ff T X Cheerleaders I admire it. g I Mrs. Jack Mowbray and Mrs. Earl Boggus, third semester art students, paint mural for Baptist Church, Silver, Texas. ,....,,mNK ll 51 MR. HARDIN Teacher Rev. Norman Vincent Peale Anne Baxter Tyrone Power fmond Massey Rubenstein ENTERTAINMENT ASSOCIATION presents for 1953-54 the E I J 1' following attractions: Charles Laughton Ana Russel -V:-if-Y "'s. .. Q. . FOOTBALL QM in K ' 'Mil . L ,M , 5, .W , .,., in W 515 as W 3:25 Af , . J? ' K K K we .,ffvfsm., g ' , 'Wm ' ,. , f' 11151L,,w g R wil -QQ? A .fi , 35 U .,'. JANICE WIN FREY--LLANO Ramettes meeting the Senator. I Mfxf D9 Wi fb A ,. Cefe RAMETTES It Q briffes M i Waiting for the parade to start. Betty Allen Janice Winfrey meets United States Senator, Esther Clark and Mary Alexander help during the Oil Show. .a i. lf ze? Q een and Gail Roach during Oil Show. ls-.l Lyndon Johnson. F A FFF "' V OFFICERS OF RAMETTE ORGANIZATION Reading, Left to Right: Gail Roach-reporter, Janice Win- frey-vice-president, Darlene Kammer-Student Council rep., Rosemary Wilhelm-president. Hats off to our future Getting ready for the bunny hop RAMETTES, Left to Right: Gail Roach, Janice Win frey, Joan Barnett, Sandra Spiller, Janet Cum mings, l.ou Alexander, Betty McRory, Darlene Kam mer, Peggy Frick, Jenilee Tate, Ruthelma Reed, Rosemary Wilhelm, Charlene Atkinson, Nerita Till, Martha Howerton, Marilyn Abbot, Esther Clark, Billie Chandler, Boots Hester, Sue Crossland, and Carol Wagner. MRS. FRANCES CARTER- Ramette Sponsor l S. D. DAVIS- Band Director and Coach l... 4, ,,,,, , , , ,.... . TW if 1 sie 3 .n . -r-1- vm '1 COACH PHIL GEORGE Line Coach and Head Basketball Coach sf W '-':.- - u v- -,,..f ig-.. fe,-' ', CJ-.,gf-',, .V , .. .V...f'.,- :, .,--1.1.-. c. . ,f ,ri .:., . . ,pub W,.....Lrl.,,,.,, ite: V . .1',:.,.,h?5E-ge:- - ri- - t rv- -41 - ri-u,. lg 'filly 54" in".'ff,,'-:ky1-g-image. :'1'mZ1vl6jr1'f'- f x lhlik, ' -'-"l-Ni'l?.'-,.f"ifif--1: L im". 7'-C.-flf3"'Slfv,'J"e I S- ' ,ll A x 5 Q . . -' - "j- :' 5,1 'Q' 1 f .+.- NIV. - .3,",,.--.t 'k':.j.. -"fvg'p.'3w.,,.. 1 '1 wi' L M f rr ko 'ff Ram's Football Schedule Date Sei., Sepf. I9 Sal., Sepl. 26 fhurs.. Oni. I inf., Od. I0 Q Opponenl Phoenix College of Phoenix, Arizona Wllarhan College Viclorin College . Ranger Junior College Place .. Sen Angelo . ,San Angelo Vicioria San Angelo Sal.. Od. I7, Compfon College San Angelo Campion. California Thurs., Od. 22, .. Del Mer College ,, Corpus Chrisfi Sal., Od. 3l ,'Arlingfon Shale College San Angelo Sal., Nov. 7 'Tarlehn Shale College Sieplienville Sei.. Nov. I4 Schreiner lnsfifule San Angelo lHomecorningl Sal., Nov. 2l Plris Junior College Paris W., COACH MAX BUMGARDNER Head Football Coach and Athletic Direclor S RT of N53- 549 4-V 'gif-i se COACH ALLEN LAWLER Backfield and Head Track Coach THE RAMS OF '53 , il: " 'W V Q ttf. ' s v-' 6 'Ss , ' p f w lw A " f 1 FOOTBALL THE RAM CODE 1 - Thou shalt not quit 2 - Thou shalt not alibi 3 - Thou Shalt not gloat over winning 4-Thou shalt not be a rotten loser 5 -Thou shalt not take unfair advantage 6 - Thou shalt not ask odds thou art unwilling to give 7 - Thou shalt always be ready to give thine opponent the shade 8 - Thou shalt not underestimate an opponent nor overestimate thyself 9 - Remember that the game is the thing and that he who thinketh otherwise is a mucker and no true sportsman I0 - Honor the game thou playest for he who playeth the game straight and hard wins even when he loses. Alternates Florence Hannah 81 Jean Tracy Cheerleaders make colorful group Our Mascot SZ ' FF .,,,,,b..c..., JAN BUMGARDNER MRS. FRANCES CARTER Sponsor OUR CHEERLEADERS - Left to Right: Florence Hanna, Jan, Jean Tracy, Sharon Burton, Virginia Daniels, Jeanette Todd, Sherwin Nance, and Pat Miller. . we xx xx W K0 Q 00 V-' M oxlfv exec rf " F x J. 'NL -,xx oi I 5 a n X7 Q 'K I fn get 'gl elrl V ,I .-,- High Flyers - Toddy, San, Ginny, Pat. V-...v--Yen . .VVY i...,..-Y , , , ,, ,,,,,, ,,,,,,Y, f , .7 clyde clemmer, 5' 10", 185, 20 yrs. old. Comes from "Big T" town. Co- Captain and two year letterman. Leon Simmons 5' 9", 185, 18 yrs. old. Freshman guard from Wichita Falls, Texas. Y X -,.. W Y Y R if M Bill Madden, 178, 5' 7", 18 years old. Freshman guard from lraan, Texas. Charlie Lewis, 6' 1", 190, 19 yrs. old. Freshman back from San Saba. Dalton Byerley, 5' 10", 205, 19 yrs. old from Midland, Texas. Jimmy Gafford, 5' 10", 175, 18 yrs. old. Freshman guard from Lubbock. 1 Jeff Bues, 6', 200, 19 yrs. old. Fresh-N man tackle from Sinton. 1 1 1 I V 1 X' ! A. C. Talley, 5' 8", 170, 20 yrs. old. 3-yr. letterman guard from "T" town. - 3 3 ,A,. -8 A if S. Q- -Q Mu ' . 3 .. 1 1 is M fi ,ff .Sak . 4 S ' , ga "-1, . 'QM Ms g A fu ef 'L 'X 1 6, .. W 275 . 4, we . .4 f 5 1 1 , Fi fa George Bookouf, 5' 9", .4 175, 19 yrs. old. 3-year lefterman from Wichita Falls. All conference "51." j B 3 Jube Belcher, 5' 10", 173, 19 yrs. old. 2 year letferman from Big "D." All conference "52." Jerry Hopkins, 5' 11", 165, 19 years 571. . . ..2, , ,W T592-.iii -3' 55 nf., Buck Turk, 6' 4M", 180, 18 yrs. old. Freshman end from Del Rio, Texas. h old. 3 year letterman from San Saba, " . Texas. Jerry is also letterman in bas- ,,V, I , I kefba l l . ., lill- 1 1 . , - . . we 1-IQ. .1 . . ..,,. . in Loman Jones, 170, 5' 11", 18 yrs. old. rosh from Brownfield, Texas. 322 Orley Wolfenberger, 195, 6' 2", 18 yrs. old. Frosh from Casa Grande, Arizona. . 4 - 8 X. 7' X fs 5 A V '1 -a . "Q """" 1. -. .-. ,... ,,...,.'2. w Bobby Tobin, 5' 10", 170, 18 yrs. old. Frosh back from Austin, Texas. ' 1 ff- F -... , "'l5lf?!lffl . 1 1' xl Ben Kelley, 5' 11," 195, 22 yrs. old. 1 .. Fullback from San Angelo. .1 f Henderson Clemmer Bookout , we e y p 'W , Ei? ' fl ' 'P fig 553 ' Q4 Qfifff lam . gmw-fs V 4 I egg agar:-: 'ff QQQL f we 1 .M ff? : ' .-7 - , VP, V ':, he Y , A , f5,L,.' f . ',f'.,Qff i ,,'k"'7lV, f - " ' ' . Ag - f z . AI ' I?-if' Mig YV" "V ' ' ' ' 'Hiram F1-'rw'-Rauf? Q Q, .nn Talley Bama Hopkins 1 N, . 52 BILL BANTA, two-year letterman at S.A.C. hails from San Angelo, Tex. 4- year letterman in Navy, 23 yrs., 200 lbs., 6' 3". V. ,., vr: K n? .4 SHANNON SUAREZ, halfback from Bi- loxi, Miss. 19 yrs., 5' 10", 172 lbs. RAMS ...SU JACK LUCAS, freshman cenier from Brownfield, Tex. 17 yrs., 6' 1", 180 lbs. WADE KLITTLE UNJ TURNER, freshman halfback from Brady. 18 yrs., 5' 6", 140 lbs. GENE HENDERSON, 180 lbs., 6'1", 20 yrs., Co-Capt., All-Conference '52, "So- nora Express." JOHN BLOCKER, freshman fullback, 175 lbs., 5' 6", 19 yrs. Hails from Lubbock, Texas. "BULLDOG" BELCHER, center from Biloxi, Miss. 19 yrs., 6', 185 lbs. Fw We 2... 'S' JERRY SESSOM, freshman quarterback from Brady, Tex., married. x "N. .m.. , A. L. PITTS, 5' 9", 175 lbs. Freshman Fullback Dallas, Texas BILLY CRUMPLER Freshman Manager Wichita Falls, Texas BUDDY HORNE, 5' 6", 145 lbs Freshman Halfback Lohn, Texas Another Victory? Coach Max Bumgardner's Rams have . had a fine overall record of 24 wins and 13 defeats. The Rams are twice winners of the Pioneer Conference and winners of one of two bowl games. JERRY SESSOM, 5' 11", 168 lbs Freshman Quarterback Brady, Texas PHIL AYLWARD Freshman Manager Dallas, Texas BILLY CRUMPLER Freshman Manager Wichita Falls, Texas is H' fb MARTHA HOWERTON BASKETBALL SWEETHEART 10,29 W SAC omni wins 'WN 1.1-, r. . mf- ,H , I 511. SSW . - ri' ZW, 12, W, . - PIDIIEEI' Crown L 1 ' Sew f vb 52, N Y 5 it LU., f r! LLL ., , L 2? is Q 1 QM. . ,gggpv M, ,H .V rom Mnronn Co-Captain COACH PHIL GEORGE BILL BARKER Co-Captain EE 20 IS l Pictured is the winning Pioneer basketball team . . and outstanding team in SAC's history. Members are Bill Barker, Tom Milford Jerry Jones, Hubert Lange, Buck Turk, Orlie Wolfenbarger, and Ray Senterfitt, front row. On the back row are Bill Crumpler manager, Buddy Horne, Hubert Whitely, Jack Webb, Ralph Murphy, Donal McDonald. Sam Thomas and Coach Philip George. f eff 7 ,QV few , H t 'rig ' , ialrhri. , W L- ,,ixEEE+xk3,5k.,xv y, .. , l-Captains Milford and Barker present lovely basketball leetheart Martha Howerton a trophy. l The Ram Quints take over. W.: .. ,o E E -or 2 X' , f e ,Q U 1 N Now listen, boys! Buddy keeps it going! He'Il get it! Tit .,' -T , I J A L t f ee A FI si -K,y Y ,-'K.'.. 1 , :X VV 'W 'jg I m f g K, ,,,.,., wg- . :,f is 11 - , 4 -h is W 1, jif yf, , , i t A f L . W 'Q' -J E I I . Lange! is a good long one. 'Q ,J Few Y an gi? W3 1 -s,,,.-ff F t ,Q 1' W l A J nd L hu E Q t lx L webb is Qlwq dependable. TIME OUT! He'll 99' if in! High iumper. Catch it, Romsl t , A , i 60, RAMS, GD! Co-Ccspfcxin Milford Sink it! Peppy Buddy Horne xx Hit the buII's eye. Another score. High stepper! Aim, steady, firel RAMS S TOMP PLOWBCYS F' f 1 X' 5-LI Nl ,1 1 " " H - W, A ,,,,,, 39 Bull smks one W flf lcf C ' " :-: Lyv ,, ' ' our ,C ., .: ' -1 f' -V B A- -- - 7 ' Ji f X ff X v,A: -A f B or , ie B r LS M ,MUN of 'N if or al l Al 3 'E if Q a .X 3 l I ,K ' , 1 , I ff. ' K, K ll A ., A Q X. ll ,ff A x .. ,l . i H l 3 L s I I 1 X l 1 , fi? ,Y C K t ,, ' T fall? I l 'F l ' -. - ,. X X I i Y ff! Q P 4 2 V llga z , I Q gg' 'P r v Q 51 ' 5 U C. 0 X f -A X 3 S J M ' 4 S CKS ,xfg of Sic, I I we fwei, , Y 'W First row, left fo right: Durvin Marion, Herbert Biedermann, Jerry Martin, Jube Belcher, Ted Bearden, Robert Augenthaler, Ton' Milford, Ray Senterfitl. Second row, left to right: Coach George, Bill Leeper, A. C. Talley, Bill Madden, Ben Kelly, Jack Byrd Buddy Horne. . r or flllle -le -.ff A if fig 6 l COACH GEORGE l Bill Madden and .lube Belcher 1' ref!-H S. 4 Kyo"-4' Y Cm' fQ,,,3 Rams Defeat Tarleion Stale 3-2 QA , T l X I 1 131 N X ' To Take Pioneer Loop Honors ' .ex TRACK TEAM ,M A .... J int Row, left to right: Loman Jones, Jeff Buis, Buddy Horne, Don McDonald, Bill Barker, Charles Haines, Jerry Sessom, Robert ebb. Second Row: Jube Belcher, Wade Turner, John Blocker, Robert Taylor, Jimmy White, Bill Crumpler, Orlie Wolfenbarger. ird Row: Phil Aylward, Bobby Perry, Bobby Tobin, Lynn Pitts, Travis Allen, Buck Turk, Gene Henderson, Ben Kelly, Kenneth Weber, om Stephenson. fi, 1" Coach Bumgardner and his wife make interested spectators. CONFERENCE MEET ROBERT TAYLOR-placed 2nd in hurdles-5.8. BILL CRUMPLER-placed 2nd in 440 yd. dash. JERRY SESSOM-placed 2nd in pole vault-l 'l'. Sprint relay team, composed of Wade Turner, John Blocker, Bobby Tobin, Lyn Pitts, placed 2nd in 440 yd. relay. Mile relay team, composed of Billy Crumpler, Bobby Perry, Orlie Wolfenbarger, Buck Turk, placed 'lst in 3.33. The Track team represented SAC in Fort Worth Track and Field Meet, Texas Relays, Triangular Meet with Tarleton and Arlington, and Conference Meet. 1 Q Q eitc timsfzo - 05? Le' 912 V T T ff M 1155 f 5 ' size? R HMS , A .5 ,xg 4 if A 1 'J .fi A r - 1 1. E ' Q? Lf , ' 4-531 15,1 QR, V A L f 'Ez ff Lfgiezf ' 5 .,L:. L V, Q. L, km, , fik Q, 'V gf, 5 Kai' Q 'gr I 4,1- if , X fzgsgg .-xx w ai wa' 3 AR 1 YV! gi f JL? ., ip ,EV yr. .. , fy V ,. 1 , 4 an A , ...:,,N- . , g , Nw .4 Hkx 1 KY A ' .ik wwf? fin" f-,H 0 -4 NN PETTY Club as its Woman SAC GIRLS ENJOY P.E. Tennis stars 'I Couch Phil George Tie ball Hole in one A Tha r' she g0eSl xl Co shocx? ,ic Wler m how Fall is football season' Big Chief MGX sometimes helps! Twenty love 1 1 fl x jx?-'XL' Poor referee! Just practicing Where did it go? is Yeo - Rams! Coach Bumgardner gives ci Pep Talk. Work, Ginny! Pep rally. 1 Let's fire These boys up." School spirit! Waiting for pep rally to begin. Coach Bob Horrel of Son Angelo High School. 'ifat-.vii X X JUNCTION--CO cHo E TfwARf if Aa ff I "--m Under The Mistletoe The Faculty muxes un MISTLETOE BALL WL 5'e0dYf fhefe- May I have thus dance? :R ODEO M A,--vw 5 - ,rm M -nes, '- T. gf ai .' gg Tk .' .ww ,,,, 5 gm. vw -s. .' if W- . '- ,ff yu ,W xg, ,uw f ai. gi, i. x Ati 'Sanur WH 1 - is X M M Wm! ' 2 I g ' an A ,. 5 'M .y -in .rf ES2,JL,?4-.gviifwv X, wvi3if2,, Win H, 5 . A ,hm ,, ff Left to right: Mac Benge, Jo Ella Bolt, Sonny Arrot, Mr, Dooley rides high, Roger Tucker, Wade Pitts. BEST ALL ARCU D COW GIRL--I953 RGDEO T 5 44 . -' 2 fi A R f Q T' 'T V , ' K 1 CHARLENE ATKINSON X i . ., .wmv ZS di 0 f 3213 5, T .2 J if ' H, f . .W ,zz-,Q Tm? X 5, 1, 1 mf , A-.1 Q Q' w ., -ia ., ' v - .- if, Ride 'SWL COWbOyS! Bucking Broncs! Q7 i 1' , , Mr. Inman shows the gateway , uw ' ,L -.A ,- ..gy9g,.Y' ' i f i in .egg-fig:-"'f N V, AA 70 ,A 1 practical training. 6 M - - R251 'V ll nr, 'Mn A . ,. .sz , s 1-1 1 fs - . . A A f ," i', .1 ' gE?5E,f.'vf I ,mu hw, 4, , ,, W . . V 'Mya pff , is K- 5 K Q f,:z4:T'xiw f- S1 if N. i , A x v is l ,L ,- QM "Mg - D- i f K L . af,-:L ky it vw, ' ,,fQtiQ'f'1 I .if ,Qi 3" si' 5:.',3?' .i,Q' I 1. 1, ' V- ' Q 25 fi N If ' fl 'M sl Us 'QA-532 "VT N 'f , VJ " -3118.2 Making hay while the sun shines. if .ff 7 K ,M,,,w Q7-IQ rig., 3' H is We-U Ae, M, .. ,wg San Angelo College Farm saves only the best of its sheep for breeding purposes. R Mr. Dooley says Milo Maize is good as gold. . - . i m--M15 iff , ., , 'f ,V s wmaffwesfffsam-zzs , - - V . -. was ' W- ' 1 - ff fmwgf ssss n .- iy,Qzg1,.f4afy1f:sfs V ssssw 1 . 2, 1' to "' "Wait till Thanksgiving" says Walter Parks. it 7 " A' f gg xw A --ft 1.1 A Fu gr +1 ,M Ev., AKMVN VW, , - -, f fl 'ff' f 1 - ,-W tf aw flw t3Ps,',ii . ' .1 ,, . 5 i gA1,.'Q'-f'!5g?w:-W51 fif kw , gggif 51 Y -' -e . Yi af 1,5 . 5 'Q4 . 'P Q-Q2 1 WZ?-i4w1fsq:,si:.f 2 ' TP A-- si ? rs-'P , Q, mv 'V -.,.q-gs Q ,.. 'p, f.-v:..3.'f.W sg.: 1 ., ' ," . . Y., '-' "' -1' n t ge' ' ",' in r A 1 'f' 15 fam -Qfgk 1. X 1.. .e f lf .Ju The farm grows its own suclagn to fatten up the beef cattle. Pj 1 Q1 . t 1- tm 'Mil' UL 1.--" ,,,e ,I A 1 6 MIf.X',f it Q 1 as Q.. J isi r T Q r, ' if f' " i f -is is rf, , . i ,i V A. JK. TWA . .p :gf .4 ,, vriffqi fri ri f"' al' 5w'j,iQg-1QEl5f4:i- 1 f'?ffSQf'Q'?z,gi-14. .V I Qu, 4 ff 'clit' :z-4 -dy" if ' ' ,-Q ,J ' ' 'i' J' '1..,JF', -3521257 ff! Q42 .H 1 ,- Q - fi aff- wx' is-X' wfv Q-sm--y . Z.. .ff "1 in "H -wh I' V. " " . ' M--f A - K ,fliluivil ,lx 'Qxf 397' ' t" if , ' ' 2-fs gs. ".. A Q-,E Hin s- t' 'qx 9 'R 4. swf ' I -9 :11 " A ' km W' .i l W fic' ,ff 9.1! 'Q A ""1-ki -, ' 5 f- v - -ar . . , - A good maize crop Family Scene V. , HDME EC CQTT GE BUZZES WITH ACTIVITIES I ,. , Q. " 1 ,. 1 M M ,Q A Q I 3 , .. .II -Q, L1 5 I IQIRNV I M, ' xv' Z4 4 I I I I f I 4 1 fe I X' 4 us r D 4 , M if F-Y ' Irene's and Hottie Carnegie's in the making. Thqf'5 how Grandma did if! Future architects at work Make if fit, Gladys! I , EEQI 5, ,MWME I 3 A , , I - -f--,y- ig-I 'Z I I QE I 1 in 3 f M :W 5 I Q":'i'f I ' , , M WI, -R i U X'A'x :1,Llx1-I A S 4' A tgp EIS! ' xxaaf .I:. 1 - f ..,. L ,,,. W V y I Q K I -Y.. H - 5 t A ' I ' X sl f I 5 I ggi A il? I Q5 ' Q M 5 I Well-balanced meals in the offing Cut if up, A. C. M HOME ECONOMICS CLUB Y aemfad' lef'-fo Right: Lillian Tillery, PGT1y Pafford, Refha Nell Lloyd. Standing: Janice Winfrey, Thelma Lamb, Ruthy FCfl':S,ND0l'llI1e Kdmmer, Mrs. A. Westerman, Alva Redman, Sue Crossland, Shirley Krueger. Not Shown: Peggy HC I Orme' BUVVOWS, Deanie Bateman, Shirley Struby, Gladys Kellermeier, Barbara Hall, Sandra Spiller. MRS. A. WESTERMAN Sponsor QS MP as All J . r s Q I ,, A , qv-W' Fm f x'Nv.1xNxc' Q0 412 Q ff oo so 0 4 o O Aix - OFFICERS President-Thelma Lamb Vice-Presideni-Janice Winfrey Secretary-Lillian Tillery Treasurer-Darline Kammer Recorder-Peggy Frick Student Council-Sue Crossland Studying CAN be done anywhere these days. W9 X ki- -21' t Peggy Frick teaches Sandra Spiiler to weave. SACsters enioy the winter weather Oh! That math final!! SAIC Win11 K yah.. AHOTIWSI' mi!6STOf1e PCISSGC!! Porter and June take advantage of Symphony tickets. Overloaded I Washday sf. , ff! M ga..-H ff , ,avg ,iv--'eff' iff we dx OUR HOME AWAY FROM HOME ff! i-fa?" ,1 ., 02,132 0.21611 C!! t You CCP loci. the MGC wofid over I5 y-nuke muah ifxiiiwe-fi to mani- Bu? the air don? some much sweeter Than the kind you breathe or borne! Fm YH: grass somehow iaoics greener Gm your own iamiiiar land Ami iii: fuacs 5004 fvsufh 'mier A5 you shake C2 wcfieknawn ifanfiife FQ: 'Psy wk abou? yOL.' ifcwilies And you oak cihfvut mines, my ' Guess We Lord n 1 did migivy apqemiid K, When he mace fr fm " i l A ' ,Q Hom Poms uni vous 312-ff,,i.Q. Ni if 4, Wei 'es Here's io you and your friends. For your friends are my friends. Pictures on Parade Foursome Concentration 5, Wlshful ihlnkmglll AQ7' 2 1 Sf mm . CGLLEGE BUYS DN THE CAMPUS Must be Sutu rdoy night Our Hero!! Stuclying?????? Sometimes they sleep Sometimes Visions of lollypops, Hurd work 3 New hair styles ff h ' Y 2 I 4 , it A Boqflhg K TN Y 5 Pedestrcins sf ur' ow' coox W -5, Book WOrm 1.Y5i5fS?,5f 5 3 1 14 ' W, rf . , gmwv52g4'+qgvggQf1.m. -2' ' Ywwmw , ,Y-'W ew. w .Quake YXKQWQJ "Legg lk, 3 Q 4 " Q M .W 45 Q Qxirg w 56 ,s ' V diy Q if " '15 Y Jw threw 1 4 LM +- J' 45 F' ' w k his fur 'T Ye old colle buss, F255 A ii ""--. N- XS ESSEX X -i li " ,g lg' U ,ff M A A N 4 :E L:.iL wLi1 L:V,,' 13 SHANNON MEMORIAL HOSPITAL A my f SHANNON NURSES' HOME STUDENT NURSES Wait your turn, girls. 'Q A NU 'he fall picnic - What o day!!! 1 A J C QM f l 4 I V . Nuksfs' DAILY RouTlNE 33 Talking over So what? Let's go. Waiting for 1-rr 11 Love game? How about a date? Better hurry M Goodbye, now! I Umm. Nice! i I don't like you. that www .+' COI'TlfOI'TCIbl6 dressed Up Pals we What's the news? ul f Parking? ps kww ww """---..,-glkni 5""""-W--Q-...M R f 5 7 K' Mlm-Q 'Z.'2,,,"-I-:ww wf' W ff f W ::. 5 if X' A ,A..A. W Ianni in vii E vm ummm' ... m..Q M MAC Romeo KI SANDERSON SUE CRCSSLAND MOZELLE--Mass CHARM--I954 i 'Q Amused Spectator! The Finishing Touch. Y W6 GCC mg. og xY'ix0: 'ooo Yi xx oo o -ui" Slight of Hand. ,J ,wyl i-" ,S yn YES WE HAVE EU The Feminine Rogers Twins furnish music. Parents, Mr. and Mrs. Cox enioy welcoming party Around the Christmas tree. 'U' Jlutocgnazp lux cmcl aorclla XZ W Sherwin Ann Nance Business Manager ,wr Hats 011 :vi l - 5 ff . ' 15' to Olll' f 55? 5 l , gg . 1 i s Q1 if . I X V '.L. H Advertlsers 1 .gi 5 55? 1 , . A fit? A ,V ., ' :T ' ' ' H .f.QQ",ffj''fjjf'f'f:AjffE'Ei f 1.47:1wifi-324-E-sf-si'-is521:-'V'-:-s'.g,-.'.::1:A:::z:q1:1-1. ,A-1.4::4.-.ywr:a-:-:-:-:- -.Fh.,zz-,,:g-37:-1-:-Q-1-'-:-::- 1-:Ir rg- -1-3' .... ss.:-:-.-or4:1:1w:F":-.5""''3:Akki" 1- 151SEIliiiiizfifii-i35iZE51f''- 1' W 2. T . , - 442:1:f:1S,W ' g '- 'r fr'- .444 f ":gQg5:'11::1:f.112 1. 'Y 2'33i"P-351 Q f q i' 5 . 2 M : J ' 7:12 1 -1 " 4, .N,f.s5g. --X- ,msg-'gZ.:.f-ig, 53:1-ggzgrr''4Gf'i':if41.'Q '- . - . " 2 f A - f- tzggsgsza Qf3ff1f2f1V"T XX. .2432 sf 'Q Q if 'W 4 Y I f' xigtwzfqgg,vs-rg, fgcsv- .f .- 5.9,-.g.f,, f4.zff.-offs. f- 'frgyiigfig',.g.j,-tg' .- I ' , ig: .f:f:5v,+t-'-rs fc-.41--tf:ff'f:.-fox:11:22:15Qiwriflr3.':?:7fk1::f5 ' ' ' f- ' ' 1G.iQaseAvw.ssM1e.Ws.W'f4zz.sQxv',,,,1z'M ,4.3,m.:.w.4Z4.f,-.-.',-.WM-ff.',-1s.'vw' The business managers of the 1953-1954 RAMBOUILI are glad to be able to help in presenting this annual to y showing San Angelo College's entrance into the world television. This book has cost much more than the amount which 1 student body has paid for its publication. The rest was ma up by the concerns which carry advertising on the followi pages. They are interested in SACp they are interested in yn they have helped make this book possible. The least we can do is to give them full consideration our buying. We can show our appreciation of this 1953-19 edition of the RAMBOUILLET by trading with the firms tl made it possible. They are worthy of our patronage, for tl' are truly our 'friends . . . Jeanette Todd Business Manager HGLCOMBE IIBLANTGN I-DRINTERY E MANUFACTURING STATIONERS OFFICE OUTFITTERS 6WBc g AcEoTxs BACK THE RAMS SOME MORE IN54 m QHQQQQ Q SQEQLVIIQE, if WHEEL BALANCING WHEEL ALIGNMENT MAYFIELD PAPER co R L BALDWIN O W A h 21444 3515 tCo ho Ph 22459 9 PRINT APPRECIATE ANYTHING ,....l vERY1'mNc 24-2 . aurc ard Dial 161 SAN N L , E A Congratulations , fro wk' y HEADQUARTERS FOR . . , wner i as nc one . ve. A P one Plumbing Contracting RQPGIYIHQ Water Heaters 421 S. Oakes St "Quick Service L Reasonable Rates" Bowen Plumbing Co if? SAN ANGELO choose HOTEL CACTII G21-'IP X ls! CTDIU Q - -ni our choice In West Texas Hotel Cactus m San Angelo greets the traveler mth true Iaospltalxty, unexcelled accommodatlons and the homelike atmosphere that comes of personal attention to every detail of your comfort. AFFILIATED NATIONAL HOTELS CORTEZ PLAZA El Paso La redo ,xxx Xx xx xxx mug xsxixxxxxxxxxtx Phone .3570 Nlght 9216 AFFILIATED NATIONAL HOTELS ALABAMA HOTEL ADMIRAL SEMMES Mobnle HOTEL THOMAS JEFFERSON Blrmlngham DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA HOTEL WASHINGTON INDIANA HOTEL CLAYPOOL LOUISIANA JUNG HOTEL HOTEL DESOTO NEBRASKA HOTEL PAXTON NEW MEXICO HOTEL CLOVIS SOUTH CAROLINA HOTEL WADE HAMPTON TEXAS HOTEL STEPHEN F AUSTIN HOTEL EDSON HOTEL BROWNWOOD HOTEL BAKER HOTEL TRAVIS HOTEL CORTEZ HOTEL GALVEZ HOTEL JEAN LAFITTE CORONADO COURTS MIRAMAR COURT HOTEL CAVALIER HOTEL PLAZA HOTEL LUBBOCK HOTEL FALLS HOTEL CACI US HOTEL MENGER ANGELES COURTS VIRGINIA Washnngton lndnanapolls New Orleans New Orleans Omaha C lovn Col umboo Austm Beaumont ood rownw Dallas Dallas El Faso Galveston Galveston Galveston Galveston Galveston Laredo Lubbock Marlm San Angelo San Antomo San Antomo HUTEL MOUNTAIN LAKE Mountam Lake HOTEL MONTICELLO N0ff9lk 4' 0 Q 1 , . . , - Y Tn , 'x 'tl D V 1 .... . .........-...... Z .... : ' N K ............v. . ' W ., ....... ........-. . .,-...-,. I I 1 - '-- ' r H ......................................... ... V . 3 Y . - - - . . HomBUCCM42at'555::::::::::::::::::::::::::::az.,.,..n , l u ..................................... -X X: ll . '':::iz:::::::::::::::::::::: . .11:1111:1:::::1:::::::::::::::::: l ......... ............ ....... . ........ . . 5 ' ........ 3: ................................... - , ................,...,.............. V Q ''''"'IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII - 3 5, ....... ::::::::::::::: ........... ' A on : 1 xx K . ,- x C 2 -- . . .- I Q.xxxx"'xsxx sg L K ssxsssg - -0 wg., A Compl te D y Cleczmng DEL-TEX NUT C0 A d La nd y Se Whole le Confect S h 1 Suppl 1 Bateman Sporting Goods Store e I . . n u r rvice 515 CADDO mmm sa ions sllv and c oo ies SM, ,W CLEANERS af LAUNDRY 1214 W. Beauregard Phone 3306 1210 W. Beauregard Phone 4545 I 1 O 764' gf' Compliments of at 15 West Beauregard BOCTSI SADDLESI W Stxll Mak Em ByH d ,wif 0 o 'N l 5 4 cg s4f G Kei, Ac: pl shpf Compliments CAFETERIA afdzg I o ,7 1 -Q A6 of ' 'X 'exif f a D. o 4 Q O4 , e o or Smart Westerns Lfangratulatiaus .... To the San Angelo College graduates of 1954 from your West Texas Department Store T "' s..:e:f. efgzg tm fe-at miami, 66,352 S n Angelo s Best Department Store Servzng West Texas Sznce 1913 f Gwraz I - - and you r lawwn by the serwce you grvef' Ind1v1dua1s 11ke bus1nesses are known by the k1nd of S6I'V1C8 they gwe to the1r commun1ty busmess assoc1ates and nat1on For your futures sake be sure the serv1ce you g1VB IS your best' We of your electrrc serv1ce company proud as we are of our serv1ce str1ve constantly to rrnprove serv1ce to our customers and the commun1t1es we serve 1 KYX Elecfrrc Service , Todays WestTexasUt1l1t1eS Blggesl Bargain WWW! Hicks 8. Puckett Hardware lllll. SAVINGS 30:4 S Chadbourne Syfbflftefffo 'L ftggzmf Lou ,bu I.Y pLUVVffFJ 'Y' M19 SOUTH OAK SAN ANGELO TEXAS HERSCHEL at CLAUDINE DAY on NIGHT SUMMERLIN DIAL 7169 FOR GOOD TASTY REFRESHMENTS COME TO Shipman s Drive-In 814 So Chadboumo COLD DRINKS AND SANDWICH!-IS Phono 4664 San Angelo Texas A r I e y G u e s s SBIVICB Stailon 819 S Oakes Phone 6388 STATE FARM INSURANCE COMPANIES AUTO LIFE FIRE WORLD S LARGEST WRITER OF FULL COVERAGE AUTO INSURANCE ALL TYPES OF LIFE INSURANCE CLAUDE LOVETT AGENT 123 W Concho St Phone 659s MADYE S INC Manufacturers of MADYE S CREATIVE FOOTWEAR I5 E Concho Tel 9388 TY SWINDLE TIRE CO. CONCHO AT CAKES PHONE 6563 9' 0 Alhreztnne TIRES, TUBES, HOME AND AUTO SUPPLIES SAN ANGELO,TEXAS olylffg- md Mans S 0 30 W. Beauregard If Q CAMERA SHOP San Angelo Abstract Co. Abstracts and Tltle Insurance "EVERYTHING PHOTOGRAPHICN Alpha Fread, Mgr. 2212 W. Beauregard Tel.. 8360 27 E. Beau. Tel. 4452 U 6 X I rr 1, ll a 1 z we 4-- e z u I . .V MM' -' . j 'fb ' .. Q A nr - I ' I ' I , - I I O I SC 9 99 7 II- . . 'M' System Food Stores, Inc. "Home oi Everyday Low Prices" SIX CONVENIENT LOCATIONS TO SERVE YOU- Harris and Chadbourne 14 West Ave. B. 1402 W. Beauregard 1406 North Chadbourne Freeland G Van Buren Sts 107 Pcnnt Rock Rd We Gave Frontuer Stamps Stop at the Sign of the Flying Red Horse Magnolia Petroleum Co. MOBILGAS MOBILOIL C. L. "CH1NK" TAYLOR Agent y-1 N lloblloll Oakes Cor Sth Tel 9169 G 9160 W 0 0 D S Sea Food Inn On The Banks of The Bedlltlflll Concho 408 SO IRVING ST SAN ANGELO TEXAS OFFICES I C HOLLAND d W IOHNSON' S S KISTLER V 0 D LEE TONS T Y WILMA KIRKPATR A I Se ICK DIRECTORS Houston HARTE 1 1 c HOLLAND 1 w Jomrsou 16 EAST BEAUREGARD P O BOX 749 S S KISTLER ll . II ' 4 II I 1 1 ll . ll 1 H K ' W ff " L , I C. A. FREEZE Presi ent I. . . . . Vice-Pres. ' I ' Fce-Pr s. ' ' .Sec' .- reaf. - - ss. c'y.-Txeas. San Anbelo s Leadmg Store For Men and Boys BLAKE DUNCAN COMPANY Home of Famous Brands 127 S Chadbourne Phone 6404 Well Educated People Always Read a Good Dally Newspaper In West Texas 41609 Famllles Prefer the SAN ANGELO STANDARD TIMES M ornmg Evemng Sunday Weekly Servmg West Texas For Over 50 Years Wholesaler Grocerles Fresh Frunfs and Vegetables San Angelo, Texas En n W1 'Ul4.qmlmE? 5373 5373 l W Be INSURANCE REAL ESTATE LOANS . c, MARTIN GLOVER CO. C. E. HOYT COMPANY . 2 2 . auregord Ave. - San Angelo, Texas N BALDWIN John Deere Pmnos and Organs Farm Equipment McM1l1an MUSIC Store Complete Sales 5: Service Shegafjjfstruments PORTER HENDERSON Agcesggrleg Blll RAGSDALE TIRE COMPANY WHOLESALE and RETAIL PHONE 4254 SAN ANGELO TEXAS www fgiemg me D l 7668 T S Ph 42 I - . es hone A U T H O R I I I D. Chadbourne 61 Harris U 99 ' 11 W t h' g A g 1 T J EWELER 32532 756 Mme of' ANGELO LUGGAGE 126 S. Chad. M'lchell Goren-O ner Dial 5556 MCCLURE S BAKERY Masters an the Art of Baking 1502 W Beauregard Tel 7412 PLAYING DEAD THE DOGWOOD TRAIL TAYLOR PRINT SHOP 303 N Chad Tel 5454 OH! LOMAN' Houston Clary Muslc Store 9 Sie nway and other f e p o s Musical Merchand se Complete Sheet Music Serv ce 'I3 E Twohng Phone 5456 744215613 Www INSURANCE and BONDS D1al3472 20 W Beauregard M HI p ThR Voiels Approve Sclenc The Best In Busmess Trcunmg SAN ANGELO BUSINESS COLLEGE Phone 3660 L SHANNON WEST TEXAS MEMORIAL HOSPITAL SCHOOL OF NURSING attrhated wxth 'I'HE SAN ANGELO IUNIOR COLLEGE offers I-hgh School Graduates a three year course 1n professxonal nursmg Graduates recexve a CBILISICCLG m nursmg and cr dxploma from the San Angelo College For Informatzon Wnte to Dnrector of Nursmg SHANNON WEST TEXAS MEMORIAL HOSPITAL SCHOOL OF NURSING ARMSTRONG COIHPI S fs Of BROTHERS CO INC BUILDING MATERIAL 15 W C Ph 123 D. E. STUDENTS BUILD FLOAT. A im n I-UMBEP1 CU- BAILEY AUTO Dealers In A I . oncho ' SAN ANGELO, TEXAS b FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE CORPORATION SAN ANGELO NATIONAL BANK 201 South Chadbourne Phone 6741 Campus L1fe 1S complete w1th cr Becrut1ful New Convert1b1e from MUSTANG CHEVROLET COMPANY 212 Beauregard Phone 6727 IWW f A gonfqf 51' 1 EW' 63 '73 f SHIRLEY FLORAL COMPANY ,L YW 6 Mi f fy 107W fsemueg d PHONE 91 1 1 SAN ANGELO 9 Cap1tcx1 375 000 00 all Surplus 375 000 00 SA bed p Corpocxt 1 G' A' 7 D 1' LLL. f ' A. I p! X 68 CII' I ' 1 a an ngelo Mem erF eral De osit Insurance r ion 'W' "' W' QW Buy Mead's Fine Bread At Your Favorrte Grocer I8 N Mann San Angelo Texas Buddy Home crowns Janice Wlnfred football sweetheart MAKING PLANS New ofhcers of the Texas Iumor College Teachers As soclatlon dmscuss plans for next years conventlon fol lowmg the closmg sessxon of the groups seventh annual meetmg here From left they are Donald M Iones of San Angelo College treasurer Dr A. C Plerce of Del Mar College presxdent Vxvxan Cobb of Laredo Iumor Col lege secretary and O T Baker of Alvm Iumor Col lege dlrector gm T. U .m mm fan Angela, Texan BEAUREGARD at DAVID DIAL 3113 0 I l X I Q L. A f 'k:,,Aft 1 K , KJ c fi 5 A A fr , . . . ' . :JK V nail, ' I :t1,,m11 ,Y , ,IMlI,1qHM1W.1l1 W H, ll ' , ,W ur .I lun -n X 'Q 'tml MN A . WY H EH '1 VE- 1 Nl lv lt ll Wm: fl' LV L It ll hi t ,,lurH1l3I,1'w,1. ivy A A . fff H0l'f0IlJ INSUQANCI L B HORTON 61' w E YAGGY GORDON KENLEY L B Hon'roN na REAL ESTATE PROPERTY LOANS A M BYR-A-M EZNZNZNZNZNZNZNZNZNZNZNZNZSSZNZ N 2 E N 2 Z N M Z Z as 2 E N Z Z N M Z 3 N Z Z N N Z Z N 2 Z N N Z 2 as N Z Z N N Z Z N 2 Z N N Z Z N N Z Z N N Z Z BS N Z Z N N Z Z N N Z 2 2 ENZHZNZMZMZNZNZNZNZIINZNZMZNZN H0llAND JEWELRY COMPANY Manufacturing Jewelers D1s11nct1ve Jewelry Excluslve G1ftCreat1ons .IEWELERS IN WEST TEXAS FOR SIXTY SIX YEARS SAN ANGELO TEXAS PHONE 5000 R. C. Jones - Oscar T. Filleman Est. 1936 200-10 W. Becru. Phone 4175 SAN ANGELO 9 THE CHADBOURNE BLDG. The Home of FINE DAIRY PRODUCTS GANDY S CREAMERY San Angelo Comphments of alll!! I JP-CK 0 w QZAN P-NGELO N 6 X 'Y X CHANGE MENU 9 ' S x '.H0"is 5, W b ck xhe I RAMS xi 0 eiqe ' I t L , K ROBERT MASSIE C0 For Everythmg 1n Furnlture Dlal 6721 12 W TW0hlg -'gum 'lf-3 INTRAMURAL ALL TOUINAMENY GIRLS-Shown hero ore the proud eight SAC girls who were chosen by thelr fellow Intramural participants to the alltournament basketball team The hoopsters are left to right back row Misses Betty Petty Carolyn Schott and Charlene Atklnson front row Nell Porter Glen Rose Mlkeska Peggy Edgar Connie Probst and Ruth Helmers O I l 9 O . O V ,-f, K Q 'QP . ' g 'G 1 e . 'A : 4 - 3321 L : ' , 1 2 ' . , ' : : I I I I ' The Correct Gift Can Always Be Found AT THE WEDGWOOD 81 SPODE SHOP CALDWELL KEYES Am C"""Ck PAINT 8. GLASS CO We Also Carry Jensen Sterlmg and Watson Sterhng and Frank Smlth Sterllng and Intemat1ona1Sterl1ng and Intematlonal Plated Hollowware 718 N MAIN DIAL 3496 J A CALDWELL and HARVEY KEYES 19 E Twohig Phone 4435 H-mu-na-nu--Q BOY S CONSOLATION TEAM Left to Rxght Bottom Bo Hcnmes Iames Blumentnp Pat Caldwell Henry Ehrenberg and Donald Henry SCHERZ NURSERY Landscape Service Designing - Planting Serving West Texas Since 1927 KILTI s Beauty Kanter 1518 W BEAUREGARD SAN ANGELO TEXAS on your KHAIR FASHION CENTER OF WEST TEXASQ PARKING AIR CONDITIONED PHONE 3622 MBgQigFgggTE REDUCING SALON Channel 8 LOUISE ENGLISH Prop CBS AFFILIATE Reduce II1fe1'C0I1I1eCf9d For prlde s sake and For Health s sake i Ecxtmg and pnmpmg are popular pasumos at SAC It Pays to Play w1th athletlc equlpment from ANGELO SPORTING GOODS Featuring Rawlings Wilson Spalding And a host of other National Advertised Sporting Goods We re Always Happy to See You VILLAGE SHOPPING CENTER The Store of Professional Servzce WESTERN WEEK AT SAC 1954 Best A11 crround Cowboy SONNY ARROTT swecrrs in deputies for Westem Week A trcnler serves as cz jcul for students not at at SAC. 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Suggestions in the Angelo State University - Rambouillet Yearbook (San Angelo, TX) collection:

Angelo State University - Rambouillet Yearbook (San Angelo, TX) online yearbook collection, 1947 Edition, Page 1


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