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 - Class of 1958

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Angelica Central School - Echo Yearbook (Angelica, NY) online yearbook collection, 1958 Edition, Cover

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Text from Pages 1 - 72 of the 1958 volume:

Presented byfthe Senlor Class M ANGELJCA CENTRAL SCHOOL ANGELKM. B Y WE ARE FHL KEYS TO THE FUTURE' DEDICATIO xv A 43 To Mrs Dorothy Jones who as our advlsor and tea Cher has conslstently met our many problems Wlth under standmg and kmdly cons1derat1on we the class of 1958 respectfully ded1cate thls our edltlon of the ECHO ,T l Az K I G? X! , li 0 I 8 J - I I ' ' ' ' I I I ! , . 2 IHGH MR JOHN BAADER Guldance MR CHARLES CHANDLER Agrlculture CHOOL TEACHERS MR CARLETON CAMPBELL SCIGHCG mix MR DONALD FOREMAN Busmess SL Coachmg MRS RUTH CHAMBERLAIN Enghsh 81 C1t1zensh1p Educatlon MRS DOROTHY JONES Home Econormcs 099411 . 2 x N .xy-A . A., . . o 4 t S . ' 'w a a fs 55" di' MRS MARGARET KELLEY lfual Coulwl Ca: "'-' Latln gl Engllsh MRS BERNICE WEIR Enghsh Sn Llbrary DRNER EDUCATIU MR ALBERT LOOS Dr1ver Tralmng 405' 4 MR NELSON SPENCER C1t1zensh1p Educatlon MR JAME S WENSLOW Mathematlcs , M... N , .' ,. 1' h i' "ffm , -,f . ,I f' - . Egg - ' ' ' -' K M ,,,' I' ,, , , 1 14 ff jx I 3 .' ,V .R 5 ' R 1. 131 7 ' 5 ' an ,--,,, R ,s Y W N . 1- 1 35' , ff . ' W. E.,,,,-A, . w A , Q g X -u -. ' Q ' Q 1' ' M? Jk? ' iw v ' n f , 1 ' ff. ,Iwi ' 1- ' . ' A L -tl. I Z' 1 2' gb- NM' ., . . V .2 "1 ' , 'W K , 1 - ' ' f 4 . . - f- 9L'f + 1-- 1 I 1 M A . K, , wg 2 gg E 0 " I U. - ' :.. 4 5 . , 1 ' Q . . fegqgssx SPECIAL 'VIR AVIBROSE DEWEY Physlcal Educatlon MR HAROLD ENOS TEACHERS Muslc Instrumental MISS CATHERINE LEL School Nurse MR DUINCAN MC INTOSH Mus1c Vocal MRS, DOROTHY SMITH Dental Hyglemat 1"! v dll" MRS. BLANCHE SWARFHOUT Xrt ga 'S J Y- 2. ,vi-tl V , Q ug , 1. V--ff 1 f 1, 1 if G E O", -Q ' ' X nw E -1 -f M f" , l . l llo S14 lll 4 Va 'bz S ' . . A f' g,, 0' flnffw Q I "' ' . 1 ' 11, . , 5 I L. Q V " ' E I ' 3' 14 fl, . ' ' 1 Z M TEACHERS MRS ESTELLA ARINOLD Grade 4 Arqfhmefhc MISS BLRNICE BARBER Grade 6 2 Gym mr. I ' We mn? B an T om me mpnmg C G hn01Y We sow ,Sums We sow We ww AQHQIICA MRS MURIEL COOMBS Grade 1 P 71 MRS VIRGINIA CHAMBERLAIIN Grade 4 MRS. HESTER ISAMAN School Momtor r'1'2'1 ' 1, ff 1' I ,M M T X- 53 w I N 3 I :A ,I I 4 AWIV -rf-"""'yf' 5 gi? X gym is . re: ' ef pid I 1 . it A1- MRS RUTH LONGWELL Grade 5 ' Y MISS HELEN NUSBICKEI., Grade 3 MRS ANNE RENWAND Kmdergarten MRS ROSEMARY TYSINGER Grade 5 'Q MRS ESTHER WILLIAMS Grade 2 CLISTODIANS LEFT TO RIGHT 'L'-4 Merel Case Deo Lelear f' Arthur welr R 1' CAFETERI WQRKERS SCHOOL PHYSICIAIN Dr GeorgeW Batt LEFT TO RIGHT Helen Palmer aura Hall D G W Batt Ixatherme Daley Laudlce Case Ethel Weldman Thls page sponsored by GUERNSEY FARMS Cuba N Y bfi' LEFT TO RIGHT Joseph Herdman Jr Leo Shafer Harry Bullock Clayton Crandall Herbert Jermmgs Edward Dowd 2' -, s,. 7 - v '- ,x D I ,P Vw - Q. 7 ll .4 . rj- g fi ' A . - - X o y f , '.- I 1 'If 2 L r 'f f y A , . .A . , W 'Y y K 1 1 X . 'Qx - j 1 l V A ' I 4' A, V, .f i N ' ,,' Q3 an - , D K ' Q . YI 'C - 4 bv -L M,,. , . L .I Vo. I , ., 9 J 1 A ' , J ' 1 SENIGR CLASS GFFICERS R1chard Robmson Presldent Arlene Hoffman V1ce Presldent Lorralne Behrens Secretary Aleta Emery James Llnk Robert Jennmgs Student Councll Representatlves Mr Foreman Mrs Smlth Advlsors Catherine Mull , :Treasurer V SHIRLEX AUbTI1N Secretary F H A Llbrary Club Announcers Club Commerclal Club lNurses Club Junlor Play Senlor Play G1FlS Ensemble Chorus Majorette Cheerleadlng Rlfle Club Press Club Gym Demonstratlon Intramurals BRENDA BALCOM Chorus Ensemble Nurses C lub Senlor Play Vlce Presldent F H A Usher Yearbook Staff' Secretary SL Treasurer L1brary Club LORRAINE BEHRENS Glrls State County Band County Chorus Class Offlcer Jumor Play Senlor Play Speakmg Contest Band Yearbook Staff Llbrary Club Intramurals F H A Presldent F H A Treasurer Co Ed1tor Press Club Plamst Chorus Ensemble 3 r"" EVELYN BROOKS Chorus Ensemble Jumor Play Press Club Llbrary Club Athletlc Treasurer Rlfle Club Nurses Club Speaklng Contest F H A Usher Intramurals MARY CAR TWRIGHT Intramurals Mlxed Chorus F H A Ensemble Llbrary Club Pres1dent Nurses Club Sprmg Fe st1val Press Club GEORGE DERX JR Senlor Play Junlor Play Intramurals Yearbook Staff Class Offlcer 8 and 11 Presldent of L1brary Club Basketball Soccer Baseball Badm1nton JOANNE ELL SE SSOR Junior Play Speaking Contest F. H. A. Ensemble Spring Concert Spring Festival Gym Demonstration Special Dramatics Intramurals Class Officer Rifle Club Chorus Press Club Library Club ALETA EMERY Student Council Secretary Press Club F H A Treasurer Band Chorus Class Officer 10 11 Latin Club President Speaking Contest Nurses Club Rifle Club Intramurals Senior Play Usher Library Club DONNA HALL Chorus Band Junior Play Prompter Senior Play F H A Press Club Treasurer Speaking Contest Latin Club Library Club . . n I 4 Q o ,..f' ARLENE HOFFMAN Semor Play Speaklng Contest Llbrary Club Class Offlcer 7 12 Yearbook Staff Co Edltor of Press Club Sprmg Concert Nurses Club Gym Demonstratlon Cheerleader Chorus Band Sprlng Festlval Intramurals Ensemble Usher ROBERT JENNINGS Class Offlcer F F A Latln Club Vars1ty Basketball Edltor Press Club Student Councll Boys State Speakmg Contest Yearbook Staff Semor Play Jumor Play J V Basketball Llbrary Club ""'1. JAMES LINK Spec1al Dramatlcs Class Representatlve Intramurals Commerclal Club Gym Demonstratlon Usher Sprlng Festlval Sprung Concert 3' Yearbook Staff 1-'17 Mlxed Chorus Boys Chorus Press Club Llbrary Club Rlfle Club Jumor Play Semor Play Treasurer Student Counc1l Secretary F F A Basketball I '. ' LY xx 1 Student Activity Treasurer CATHERINE MULL Llbrary Club Rlfle Club Chorus Press Club Nurses Club Commerc1al Club F H A Vlce Pres1dent Edltor of Yearbook Sen1or Play Usher Class Offlcer Intramurals Band Sprlng Concert Sprmg Festlval Gym Demonstratlon LARAY O HARA Junlor Play Speakmg Contest Commerclal Club Rlfle Club Glrls Sports Sprmg Concert Gym Demonstratlon Speclal Dramatlcs F H A L1brary Club Chorus Press Club Usher Sprlng Festlval Intramurals RICHARD ROBINSON Class Offlcer 9 12 Varslty Basketball J V Basketball Baseball Jumor Play Senlor Play Sports Manager Llbrary Club Special Dramatics Intramurals av--" fl LARRY TUCKER Pre sldent Student Councll Vlce Presldent of Student Councll Class Offlcer 10 Presldent of F F A Baseball Yearbook Staff Basketball Soccer Chorus Junlor Play Stage Manager Sports Manager Llbrary Club Volleyball Intramurals f l sf ' A RIC HARD SPANG LER Property Manager Senlor Play F F A Volleyball Intramurals Llbrary Club Jumor Hlgh Chorus BARBARA TYLER F H A Press Club Chorus Llbrary Club Intramurals Ensemble entr Ford or SENIQR CLASS WILL June Z0 1038 Bemg of sound m1nd and bodv we the class of 1958 of Xngelxca al School do herebx state that th1s lS our f1nalxx1ll We w1ll and bequeath Shlrley s cheerleadmg sult to D1ck Day To the Junlor glrls we leave all of Brenda s boyfrlends l orrame leaves all the plano accompamment Jobs to Gary Arnold We xx 1ll Evey s dancmg methods to B1lly Ballor To Mr Enos Marx xvxlls the pr1v1lege of drlvlng the only new to school George leaves a full t1me Job of plckmg on the glrls to V1c To Dlck Harrmgton we w11l Joanne s blond halr Aleta wllls and bequeaths to next year s drlver tramlng class a badly shaken car We bestow upon Bob Ralyea Donna s hlgh marks and eff1c1ent study hablts 'I o Polly Radley we leave Arlene s box of coughdrops Bob xx 1lls h1s spot on Varslty Basketball to Tom Power To lonme Baker xve bequeath Jlm s ab1l1tw to rock and roll We xxlll Cathermne s qumet sweet manners to Janet 'lucker fmge I left hand Dlek Robmson xx1lls a flrm upper hand as class l'res1dent to Rax l- merx dark We leave R1Cll19 s lncx cle to Tom Hobmson To Maman Behrens vxe leave larry s pretty brown eyes and curlx hair Parbarl xx1lls hex cookmg ab1l1ty to Gen Patterson XM xx ll t Xl Spencer Cljlltllllllllg headaches as next xear s x Q arbook adx 1sor XM declazc thls to be our last xx1ll and testament slggned bx t e xx lLIli ssc s thereof wzwff 6. ,we , u C .' , M' ' ' ' 1 t . , 7 ' , , . . . , 7 v ' ' ' . X, W , . , , Ifpon Mary Burdick, we bestow a likeness of LJaRay's third 4 1 ' 1 ' V, x V x ' 'L , E V' A4 3 v : ' ' ' v 1 I ' 'i , o . V. .' , ' ' ' 1' ' y" " , 2, . . 7' . ' I I Jumor Se-mor Breakfast 1957 Junior Play Junior Varsity of 1956 I JU IORS Raymond Emery . . .... President Gary Arnold . . . . . Vice-President Kay Hurd . . . .... Secretary Bonita Hooker . ..... Treasurer Gary Wilkins .... . . . . Representatives Thomas Robinson ROW ONE, Left to Right: Geneva Patterson, Janet Tucker, Gen Patterson. ROW TWO: Advisor, Mr. Campbellg Bonita Hooker, Marjorie Mull, Pollyanna Radley, Katherine Norton, Sandra Brooks, Marian Behrens, Kay Hurd, Beverly Van Zile, Brenda Benja- min, Wrexie Balcom. ROW THREE: Bruce Fuller, Donald Demick, Bill Bailor, Ray- mond Emery, Gary Wilkins, Gary Arnold, Thomas Robinson, Ted Carleton, Phillip Sortore, Advisor, Mrs. Chamberlain. ABSENT: Ronald Hall, Richard Harrington. SGPHOMORES lb-, 1 Donald Case .... . . ...... .President Bette Anne Wolcott ......,. Vice-President Dorothy Jennings ...... Secretary - Treasurer William Schultz . . ..... Representative 1 , v X HOW ONE, Left to Right: Advisor, Mr. Spencer, .lean Tyler, Dorothy Jennings, Bette Wolcott, Karen Corsaw, Georgia Graham, .lean Almeter, Carol Ellsessor, Kathy Dorsey, Ellen Derx, Ellen Balcom. ROXX TXKO: Melvin Gordon, Larry Clark, David Jones, Eugene Mott, Bill Schultz, Donald Case, Dick Day, Brucelfuller, ClaytonBentley, Benny Demick. ARSENT: Mary Burdick. FRESHME n3v3i2S"' 'flu 4515: Linda Miller . ...... . . . President Leland Emery . . . ..... Vice-President Sandra Fuller . . . . . Secretary - Treasurer Robert Ralyea . . ..... Representative , 1 f'KN'..J 9 x do FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Raymond Spangler, Charlotte Demick, Leland Emery, Raymond Hooker, David Crittenden, Beverly Wilkins, Theda Harding, William Heaney. ROW TWO: Joan Tyler, Sandra Dewey, Judy Farnswdrth, Kathleen Crandall, Anne Duffy, Ellen White, Linda Miller, Judy Shafer, Marjorie Hall, Paul Roberts,'Sandra Fuller. ROW THREE: Terry Fleming, Robert Demick, Victor Stephens, Frederick Fagan, Thomas Power, Robert Ralyea, Jack Harrington, George Cobin, Larry Whitney, Larry Stephens, John Ellsessor, Thomas Barber, William Robinson, Mr. Dewey, Ad- visor. ABSENT: Marguerite Hall. I ski' -42 .-'mi -Sf:-yo-.2,.F5?"' 19 EIGHTH GR DE Edgar Schwartz .... President Carol Benjamin Vice-President Nancilu Arnold .... Secretary Gary Lincoln . ...... Treasurer Ida Hoffman . . . . . . Representative 4 i ROW ONE Left to Right: lda Hoffman, Ophelia Brown, Carol Benjamin 'Nancilu Xr nold Eva Dxke Patty Lyon, Helen Power, Cheryl Roherts, Bettx Fllsessor Carol Xustin Xrlene Olejniczak, James Gallman. ROW TWO: Gary Lincoln Gary Hutchi son David Sahex Bob Fisk, Archie McRae, Thomas Hecker, Eugene XlcCarthx Edgar Sw artz John Jones Leonard Baker, Alfred Tucker, Advisor, Mrs. Jones SEVENTH GR DE Nancy Jennings ..... . ...... President Judy Stephens . . . ...... Vice-President Roger Graham . . . . Secretary-Treasurer William Wilkins . . ..... Representative ,QNAW a ,RWE mn ekafe ROW ONE, Left to Right: David Fleming, Lyla Jean Green, Roger Graham, Sandra Brown, .Tudy Stephens, Phyllis Crittenden, Edna Hecker, LeEtta McRae, Robert Scha- fer, Nancy Jennings, Daniel Fleming. ROW TVN O: Patsy Hall, Thomas Swartout, Donna Speers, David Terwilliger, William Wilkins, Alice Demickg Advisor, Mr. Wenslow. 5 I ,.-wr.. SIXTH GR DE FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Eugene Fagan, Joseph Emery, Paul Tyler, David Austin, Danny Robbins. ROW TWO: Lucille Dibert, Russell Terwilliger, David Guinnip, Thomas Stephens, James Wilkins, Bessie Brooks, Shirley Mott, Marie Schneider, Diane Robin- son, Lorraine Hoffman, Robert Gallman. ROW THREE: Irene Wesche, DianaRoberts, Sharon Graham, Raymond Jorgeson, David Fiegl. Robert Miller, Duane Farnum, Mary Lou Miller, Bette Jennings, Barbara Patterson, Jean Roberts, Miss Barber. ABSENT: Marion Baker, Edith O'Hara, Mary White, Carol LaDue. FIFTH GR DE FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Judy Harris, Jeanne Kelley, Robert Olejniczak, Robert Hamilton, Howard Crittenden, Dennis Barber, Anthony Olejniczak, David Skroch, Gene Austin, Donald Slack, William Beckwith, Donna Swarthout, Anita Child. ROW TWO: Samuel Brown, Robert Jones, Craig Hutchison, Sharon Dewey, Margaret Gordon, William Young, Larry Short, John Schwartz, Marie Claude Jorgeson, Mrs. Longwell. 3 Q-an 0 S.-J hy pkg-Q it HFTH GR DE FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Betty White, Alan Dibert, Frederick Baker, Thomas Ole- jniczak, Julia Hamilton, Barbara Gallman, Janine Rauh, Doreen Benjamin, Lucille Gor- don, Cleon Lawton, Randy Lincoln. ROW TWO: Bobby Cobin, Dean Hanks, David Platt, Richard Demick, Loren Wakefield, John Hecker, Sue Herdman, Concetta Bartela, John Wells, Mrs. Tysinger. ABSENT: Donald Hall, Nancy Short. FOURTHGR DE FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Anne Schutt, Marie Hamilton, Roderick Stephens, Dale Cobin Iklin Emery, David Haggstrom, Lois O'Hara, Clieryl Gosper, Laraine Young, Gertrude Brandes, Onale Brown, Cheryl Lytle. ROW TWO: Larry White, Joan Hooker, Donald Farnum, Robert Budde, James Young, Lawrence Scholes,Alfred Baham, Terry Baker, Mrs V. Chamberlain. ABSENT: Diane Hurd. s. 13- U: 1 gx .ff IJ Si Y ' -Y FCDLIRTH GR DE FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Georgia McRae, Elaine Child, Carol Terwilliger, Chris- tine l,yon, Joanne Cole. ROW TWO: Gerald Crittenden, James Ford, James Rauh, Mary Jones, Jeffrey Feldbauer, Robert Graham, Winston Platt, Carl Hutchison, William Ross, Pete Rockwood, Beverly White, Mrs. Arnold. AHSENT: Terry Ladue, Eugene Wells, Roy Olejniczak, Sarah Hall, Arlene W esche. THIRD GR DE ROW ONE: Ronald Lincoln, Robert Carson, Steve Anderson, Paul Kelley, Arthur Hutton. ROW TWO: David Farnum, Edward Schutt, Charles Dorsey, Cynthia Dowd, Chester Gos- per, Darla Tyler, David Vincent, Glenn Herdman, Gloria McRae, John Rauh, Michael Grastorf, Dale Hutchison, Robert Wilkins. ROW THREE: Miss Nusbickel, Richard Young, Delbert Bartela, Donna Wakefield, Graydon Woodworth, John Heaney, Shirley Gordon, Dennis Fiegl, Gilbert Harding, Ray Swarthout, Diana Gordon, Alan Short.ABSENT: Kathleen Brown, Roger Patterson, Donna Slack. S IPD' ECOND GRADE FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Duane Young, Donna Hall, Richard O'Hara, CarolHurd,Roberta Miller, ROW TWO: Darlene Robbins, MargaretMcRae,JanetGosper, James Cobin, Denise Farnum, Dorothy Schutt, Lee Saxon, Robert Bentley, Delores Hoffman, Joan Dorsey, Jonathan Ford, Sally Anne Jones, Louis George, Charles Dibert, Michael Rochester. ROW THREE: Donna Beckwith, Susan Fuller, Diana Hutchison, Deborah Brandes, Anita Short, Susanne Guinnip, Susan Bartela, Richard Patterson, Timothy Wells, Richard Harding, Susan Feldbauer, Maurice Torrey, Steven Grastorf, Elaine Almeter, Calvin Norton, Mrs. Williams. ABSENT: Linda Hanks, Frances Beckwith. FIRST GRADE FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Elwygn Gordon, Adelbert Reynolds, Jane McRae, James McRae, Arthur Hecker. ROW TWO: Shiela Button, Barbara Beckwith, Darlene Clark, Daniel Patterson, Dennis Dorsey, Susan Wells, Ann Foreman, Shirley lhesche, Richard Schutt, Lorraine Fagan, Larry Barber, Rebecca Brown. ROW THREE: Mrs. Coombs Michael Rockwood, Douglas Vincent, Joseph Herdman Ill, Richard Wilkins, Nancy Rauh Leighton Graham II, Eugene Baker, Carolyn Almeter, Richard Kelley, Lanford Scholes, William Ellsessor, Marie Rochester, Sandra Bannister, Patricia Baham. ABSENT: Harriet Beckwith, Frederic Grusendorf II, Howard Inman. : 1 '96 ,Af 5 s, . . Q4 ,k 4 A , tz NF Q?-kk KI DERG RTE FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Gail Tyler, Wendy Robbins, Jon Bentley, Beverly Dibert Kathy Saxon, Donald Bailor, Bruce White, Diane Lytle, Bobby Dorsey, David Hosmer Roy Benjamin, Jackie Woodworth, Sharon Button, Tommy Rockwood. BACK ROW John Grusendorf, Debbie Bidwell, Roy Young, Sharon Young, David Arnold, Linda Burr Harry Scott, Gloria Bartela, Raymond Miller, Judy Robinson, Betty Beckwith, Ronnie George, Mrs. Renwand. ABSENT: Vernita Slack, Donna Chandler, Candy Young. '5 coMMENcEME T CLASS OF 1969 ,, 1 1 ! 'f H as iii ..' Q,, Y "gf 1 M Q Q1 fi! !QXM"'Fmx?13 l?33x?1e!f33h Wil IFN 'f'fx 8 G sn X L ,Iv 'bl 'K 1 Q fi. 5 , YW -.L Y' - C F A wh, .L ,. .5?. A 6 j n If ua ,sv ' M gm- was nal. A -.. 4 4 Y ' ml ,.s ,Yg.fqf',,', Q 8 Qu. at Z J i' Q't'Liv: r zf, f-:f 'f W Jw We .!.., -. , V.,1maA., 3, ry! gif' yung. . ai fifw I 3 3 H9 ' . me 'Lf QE' Ab 1. 19,33 . warg jfdi- X V, ' ,.- - Q f gi X ff QM 4 Vi , K ' if . M. X ' T4 up A S., 'Q s ' W 5 ? 3 . ,dnt AJ A 11 1 i :E IK-I ' if . 5 '!:' 1 f K ,V 5 f Y Z I ' 1 I 3 f Z I f 'ff W Z . 24 Q E 1 5, si ,fl V eu .19 .3 52 9 'V ,- .3 , i .37 W g 5' vv 'Q' . 3, S' ai F ' ri 1 v 3 A i I 3 ' 55 if . W Q Q tx sw 31 V A i xp: fe 7 .. F W w Ak Vg 5 w f .5 1 2 K f u 7. 1 Q I BOYS' OUARTET LEFT Mott. to RIGHT: Mr. Mclntosh, Gary Wilkins, Phil Sortore, Ray Emery, Eugene This half page sponsored by DON'S RED and WHITE Angelica, N. Y. GIRL ' NSEMBLE ROW ONE, Left to Right: Mr, Mclntosh, Wrexie Balcom, Mary Cartwright, Gen Pat- terson, Geneva Patterson, Janet Hoffman. ROW TWO: Evelyn Brook Sandra Brooks, Donna Hall, Brenda n 1 Q z 3 ! Tucker, Shirley Austin, Joanne Ellsessor, Arlene s, Katherine Norton, Beverly VanZile, Marian Behrens, Benjamin. ABSENT: Lorraine Behrens. V 1 V ' 'f 1 3 OUARTET "Between the 2nd and 3rd acts of the Senior Play." JU IOR HIGH CHORUS FRONT ROW, Left to Right: Lyla Jean Green, Ida Hoffman, Alice Demick, Cheryl Roberts, Patty Lyons, Nancilu Arnold, Betty Ellsessor, Arlene Olejniczak. SECOND ROW: LeEtta McRae, Edna Hecker, Judy Stephens, Phyllis Crittenden, Patsy Hall, Carol Benjamin, Eva Dyke, Helen Power, Ophelia Brown, Carol Austin, Sandra Brown, Nancy Jennings. BACK ROW: David Fleming, Robert Shafer, Edgar Schwartz, William Wilkins, David Terwilliger, Torn Swarthout, Eugene McCarthy, Bob Fisk, Torn Hecker, Gary Hutchison, Alfred Tucker, Gary Lincoln, Roger Graham, Dan Fleming, Jim Gallman, Mr. Mclntosh. g MAJORETTE Beverly Wilkins, Shirley Austin, Bette Wolcott. This page sponsored by WELLSVILLE CHAMBER of COMMERCE Wellsville, N. Y. BAD ROW ONE, Left to Right: William Bailor, Donna Spears, Marjorie Hall, Sandra Fuller, Kay Hurd, Donna Hall, Cheryl Roberts, Brenda Benjamin, Edgar Schwartz, Ray Emery, Larry Stephens, Patty Lyons, Marian Behrens, Gary Wilkins, Eugene Mott, Leland Emery. ROW TWO: Mr. Enos, William Wilkins, David Crittenden, Judy Stephens, Roger Graham, Paul Roberts, Thomas Power, Arlene Hoffman, Pollyanna Radley, Lorraine Behrens, Frederick Fagan. in " s QL v"" - 4 Q0 A :Qi -.xx xs 'y 1' YEAR BOOK STAFF SEATED, Left to Right: Brenda Balcom, Jim Link, Lorraine Behrens, George Derx, Arlene Hoffman, Larry Tucker, Catherine Mull, Bob Jennings. STANDING: Junior Assistants--Marian Behrens, Phil Sortore, Kay Hurd. This page sponsored by ANGELICA CHAMBER OF COMMERCE and PARENT TEACHER'S ASSOCIATION Angelica, N. Y. TUDENT COUNCIL SEATED, Left to Right: Mr. Chandler, Don Case, Phil Sortore, Vice-President: Bob Jennings, Dick Robinson, Larry Tucker, President: Jim Link, Raymond Emery, Gary Wilkins, Tom Robinson, Bill Schultz. STANDING: Edgar Schwartz, Bill Wilkins, Bob Ralyea, Linda Miller, Ida Hoffman, Nancy Jennings. ABSENT: Aleta Emery. lui' r , 4 L54 M96 W y Mm A ,,w..,.,- WWF, X A Y ff 1 "H W. f 7, ., V I , , 'f Av ,3 ...M A .A i M - Vyzv S QTY 1 I ' N 3 . M5 fx-A24 lust' wr- we 1 I I 'Q 3'!, 3 ' ,VJ .. 53, Qi' by I Q 1 3 f' . f f W ZH i?f I 1, A J A f 5 MLS T, Y' 4, A W V , 4. x x if Q ' : f ' 'Q' Q25 Q 3 ..-il , 3 41,1 3 , 4,4 qw 5 '2 if, s, Q, 3' - 2 .,. "xi , v V ' Q 'Sy ,Q J v Z '90, H Jw ' . .am -A-,. - 4,1 I ,J M . Q A QC H A 5 4 his ' Pi , ,, alta K Q. ' 4 4 ' I x .V i E fl vw I J J sh 1 Q .5 L ' ' .x 'n N gy ll, . K' ' 5 mil 1 'f Je ,,,, WE RELAX fr .r .C . Scene taken at the spaghetti dinner given to us by Mr. and Mrs. George Derx and our advisors after the Senior Play, November 2, 1957. PRESS CLUB This page sponsored by ANGELICA COOP. G. L. .F. and BILL THOMAS FORD SALES Angelica, N. Y. ROW ONE, Seated, Left to Right: Mrs. Kelley, Phil Sortore, Robert Jennings, Donna Hall, Mrs. Chamberlain. ROW TWO: Gary Wilkins, Tom Robinson, Don Case, Wrexie Balcom, Bonita Hooker, Marjorie Mull, LaRay O'Hara, Joanne Ellsessor, Gen Patter- son, Janet Tucker, Geneva Patterson, Shirley Austin, Mary Cartwright, Dorothy Jen- nings, Kathleen Dorsey, Karen Corsaw, Bette Wolcott, Georgia Graham. ROW THREE, Standing: Gary Arnold,-Dick Day, Ray Emery, Jim Link, Gene Mott, Carol Ellsessor, Ellen Balcom, Jean Almeter, Brenda Benjamin, Sandra Brooks, Kay Hurd, Pollyanna Radley. ... .,......,,,..v'..-. -...,- ..-4... . .... V--Q. . - Q4 qu. ,,, .... ve ,L- 4 ' . ie"f1f"i':': :Ag-41, , 1:1514 55' wtf, 5 ,ff :+'SL2f'f3A ' 1 Y 13 gf Q... 1-. ... ..+.. .... 4 X as f 3 , J I 5 77,4 vw 9. -iv, . gag, y 50' f fer x -.N-nal l -15 5,1 5 , .wr J. ...M ,, .M I -, -Na .--1 at 1 I I Z?-4 ,. 4 .wifi . J ' y r if: y 21' ma: if 4 "" 1 1 ff A 'WWW 482 nilvlnk ah . -Y if, 1,1 1 F, , 'ff 'QW if 5 . Ei fi EXE!! 1 A , , 5" fd cb '1J,,.- 3- ' , ay va I 'QFQ U 1 ff' M y 5' 2 ,az K Q Vi 'ss Q 'hz "' 5"'..k. A f x5""' 1 f 3, 'Y' L A Q 25" ' .7 ,, 1 i J ' L Q rf f JI H il xf If X s tl if 1 :- f 9 ' Q, N mu, gk,-Q ,, swf 'Exp- Ag W2 'E 5 QQ 5 3 1 H2 3 ,im ' 5 I-- .w,,,'f- 5 ., L:.:,1j,,.,-' ,X .gy Z 5 , , 3 ...V V :LJ L'7W'Ff.,'fl' "mfg-rv Y + , . Y J, .W ,-gfw' 'iff Si'fb1gi'r,' fda' .aff e , . iii' In 5? I Jo Donna I Q-1 Sgr 'Fu Barb 5 1, alta , K x . , t. . - , . Y t iN , . . , , I if .1 . ull.. . . Da f. .Jaan I ,, , Y ,Y ,. ' fr' ' , ' -' 'wg 4 vw , ,. f , .. x' '- ,J 1 29.6 qw , V2-4 4. A L. Q . ,. I 9 R itz? ,. . 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K 4, sv ' 2 ' ,H . 1 ' 5"- ADVISORS Mr, Spencer Yearbook Mrs. Smith Class of 1958 Mr, Foreman Class of 1958 7889 We the class of 1958 w1sh to express our gratltude to our advertlsers and patrons wlthout whose generoslty thls yearbook would not have been posslble It lS our earnest hope and deslre that when the occaslon arlses you w111 ava11 yourself of thelr servlces NAME P TRONS Acme E1ectr1c A McHenry Co , Jewelers Amerlcan Angellca Angellca Angellca I Hotel Advocate Chamber of Commerce op G L Barb s Beauty Shop Belvldere Restaurant ADDRESS Cuba New York 106 Maln St Hornell New York Angellca Ange11ca Angel1ca Angellca Ange11ca Belvldere New York New York New York New York New York New York TELEPHONE 4 7784 7400 7471 7651 B111 Thomas Ford Sales B1umentha1's Sport Store Bullock Garage Crosby's Da1ry Farms Davls Clothlng Co Don s Red and Whlte Dr Homer J Fero East Slde Garage Mr G Mrs E L Eldrldge Florence Electrlc Supply Co Fox s Grocery Fox s Inn Frederlck H McCarty Mr 6 Mrs Robert Graham Guernsey Farms H C Power Hollands Lumber Co Hooker s Soda Bar G Glft Shop John C Serra Real Estate L1nco1n's Grocery 8 Gulf Servlce Long Mfg Co Loohn's Cleaners G Launderers Inc Angellca New York 234 West Unlon St 01ean New York Angellca, New York Hlnsdale New York 154 North Unlon St Olean New York Angellca New York Houghton, New York Belmont New York Angellca, New York Angellca New York Hornell New York Angellca New York Frlendshlp, New York We11sv111e New York Angellca, New York Cuba, New York Angellca New York Hornell, New York Angel1ca, New York Angellca New York Belmont New York Canaseraga New York Ange11ca New York Angellca New York Hornell New York HO 6 HO 6 3257 3369 Flllmore l53F4 7633 H0 6 1805 HO 6 7025 HO 6 1358 HO 6 HO 6 7795 3234 7675 7782 3354 7615 Klngsdale 6431 H0 6 7472 HO 6 7738 1368 . , 4 . . 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Q - J 5- Parent Teachers Assoclatlon Peck Motor Sales Co Inc Press Club I Scott s Gun Shop Shawl s Grocery Standard Equlpment Co Stroehmann s Bread Co Student Counc11 Sulllvan G Murray Sutfln Servlce Thatcher Bros Thatcher s Studlo We11sv111e Chamber of Commerce Whltman s Tavern W11k1n s Repalr Shop Wolcott Funeral Home Angellca New York 90 100 Broadway Hornell New York Ange11ca New York 76 Canlsteo St Hornell New York Belvidere New York 107 N Unlon St Olean New York 01ean New York Angellca New York Olean New York Angel1ca New York Hornell New York We11sv111e New York We11sv1l1e, New York Hornell New York Hornell New York Angellca New York 1331 26820 7423 HO 6 7616 5 911 79 J H0 6 7481 THE BUFFALO GE ERAL HOSPIT L SCHOOL OF URSING CSTATE AND NATIONAL ACCREDITATIOND AdmlSS1OU Requlrements Hlgh School Graduate A e 17 35 Physlcal Fltness Personal and emotlonal f1tness Females Conlyj . Pre Nurslng Test If Lnterested wrlte to: Mrs. Alleen L Carroll Director of Nursing 100 Hlgh Street, Buffalo 3, New York ' , ' , . ,, 27 - , . . The State Bank of Belmont Belmont, New York - 1 . . , . ' 1. ' 2. g - - 3. ' ' 4. ' ' 5. 6 - . C 1 BELMONT CLEANERS BANK OF ANGELICA c 1 COMPTON AND HEARYS pl t h s BELMONT LLIMBER CO Ph 3131 omp iments Of Compliments Belmont, New York Of Men's Dress Trouse For Sale Free Cuffing 9 omp iments Com e e Of Home Furnis ing Friendship, New York Belmont, New York one FRANK A EMERY AND SONS Custom and Productlon Mach1n1ng Experlmental and Development Work Weldlng and Assembly Turret Lathe Products Angellca New York Compl1ments Of HARRIS GROCERY Meats Grocerles Frozen Foods Compllments Of HAGGSTROM HARDWARE Angellca New York for Forty three Years JACK S HANDICRAFT SUPPLIES AND TOYS Texaco Products Wholesale 58 Maln Street Angellca New York Phone HO 6 3219 Hornell New York White Street Phone HO 6-7458 Quality Hardware Pro tek t1ve Shoes 121 Maln Horne11 New York F E LUNN AND SON LUMBER CO Everyth1ng for Bu11d1ng and Remodellng 256 West State Street We11svi11e, New York KOSKIE MUSIC CO Horne11's Leadlng Muslc Store Planos Televlslons F1 Phonographs Radlos Records Sheet Muslc MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS Zenlth Hearlng Alds Sportlng Goods Greetlng Cards Toys and Games Easy Credlt Terms 124 Maln Street Phone Horne11 New York Compllments Of MAIN FURNITURE CGMPANY 37 Seneca Street Phone 2100 Phone 426 Hornell New York Hi- . , I JACOB'S BROS. I ' 131 MR AND MRS FREDERICK ROBERTS WATSON S TRANSIT BRIDGE STORE SPENCER S STATIONERY AND PRINT SHOP Stt S ppl C l WINEBURG AND GLEASON C Ma S B l t N Y k H ll N Y k 9 Compliments a ionery u ies of Greeting Cards Books Phone 202 Hornell, New York Printing Division 30 Seneca St. Angelica, N w York Stationery Divis' 70 Main St. Compliments omp iments Of Of 7 IN. 100 in treet e mon , ew or Orne , ew or When you thlnk of Plctures Thlnk of Thatchers Cecella M Thatcher Plerce L Thatcher Ch11dren's Portralts Famlly Groups Weddlngs THATCHER TUDIO Phone Wellsvllle 911 Wellsvllle New York For a Career 1n Professlonal Nurslng Apply to The Dlrector of Nurslng DEACONESS HOSPITAL SCHOOL OF NURSING 563 Rlley Street Buffalo 8 New York SU 4400 Fine Portraiture is our Specialty 3 AUTOGRAPHS xy INTER COLLEGIATE PRESS FAUOR Kansas Cnty 3, V5 ill OEIHE Puhlwshevs Cover Munufaclurevs Book Bmdevs Y HODM OFFIU VFi!NYEDwv4 U S A

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